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File: 1552508892711.jpg (81.47 KB, 750x750, 47690366_1945782345726870_2071…)

No. 39863

So let's have a thread about LovelyLor! She is a twenty something from Burgerland who is currently living in Toronto. She skipped LA in 2016 after learning her ex-bf dumped her following AX 2015 in some sketchy story. Lor is in a relationship with an Amazonian, @_Flynnski who is now getting into lolita. Lor is using her a lot in her videos on YT recently.

YT: https://www.youtube.com/c/lovelylor
IG: https://www.instagram.com/lovelylor/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/loveliestlor
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lovelylorofficial/

No. 39868

Oh come on anon, it's all fine and dandy that you hate her channel, co-ords, her girlfriend and her face, but let's be real, she has no milk whatsoever.

No. 39902

Are you one of those "Lor is a fattychan and secretly a mean bitch" - Tyler stans from /cgl/?

No. 39905

Go back to Pull vendetta-chan.
Lor is not even a little milky.

No. 39910

all i have to say is that they’re both manfaced

No. 39912

i don't care for lor, but there's no milk on her.

No. 39931

I don't like Lor at all but I think they make a cute couple.

No. 39943

She's really offensive looking but beside that…

No. 39945

First a thread on cgl and now here? Smelling a real vendetta. I get not liking Lor but she's not milly in the least. It's time to move on anon.

No. 39947

Milky*, even.
But seriously, that you couldn't even start the thread with any milk says enough. I really think this is the one same anon.

No. 40065

if you have something to say about her keep it in the lolita thread
she's ugly and annoying, but that's about it

No. 58007

I’m interested in seeing how beautiful all the people that are talking about others being ugly are.(kek)

No. 58014

File: 1563660979311.png (225.66 KB, 348x384, beauty.png)


No. 58016

File: 1563661661273.jpg (272.86 KB, 1194x1196, dd0cfe7d5c216ed85ad9c6180847ae…)

Lurk harder, Mary.

No. 58077

Where’s the milk anon?

No. 59640

Is defending the person who flashed her comm and making excuses as to why she was spineless and didn't do anything even though minors were there milk?

No. 59652


No. 59684

No. 59685

I don't think that doing nothing in this situation is milk in itself, I'd be equally weirded out and unsure what to do so I can't blame her for that. However I do think that making excuses for this person and saying things like "I hope they thrive" is… very strange. It's not "mean" to just be truthful and say that what this person did was bizarre, harmful, disgusting, what have you, and the fact she goes out of her way to defend this random degenerate stranger is distasteful imo.

No. 59799

Easy, you use your phone you're already using to take meet photos, you open the call app, dial 911 and when they answer clearly say into the phone "Yes, someone at X address just exposed their genitals to minors, please send the police as fast as possible."
It's that simple. That's how you should respond if something like that happens with your comm.

No. 59801

So you don't have to give her views. TLDW
Comm meet, near halloween, someone enters in halloween store butterfly costume/dress with full face mask. No one knows them, they don't talk to anyone. Sits with legs spread and exposes their genitals to everyone nearby. Here's where the excuses start. Someone has to not wear undergarments to expose themselves, and would feel an obvious draft, it was clearly intentional but Lor starts trying to come up with any excuse to defend the creep. Lor does nothing. Lor wishes the creep well. The creep that exposed themselves to minors. End video.

No. 59964

Lor is actually trash is she's defending that behavior. horrible

No. 60126

She mentioned that she was yelled at and accused of "bullying" when she made a post asking about it in the FB group, so this might just be her attempting to avoid getting that kind of backlash again.
Don't mean to sound like a WK, but I can't really blame her. People in the Lolita community with that whole "Lolitas must be nice to everyone! No bully! >:(" mentality are not only fucking stupid, but blind. Nothing gets through to them once they've marked you as a "bully". She's just saving her ass.

No. 60213

I didnt really see it as her defending him but more just giving him the benefit of the doubt.

No. 63436

People freeze sometimes and don’t react the way they wished they could have reacted. Hindsight is 20/20 (Yes I’m wk)

No. 76945

Surprised this thread even exists bc lor is relatively clean and seems like a very kind, genuinely caring person…
… and I’m just here to complain about her looks. Not that she can help the face she was born with. But I can’t stand how she does her makeup and all. And yes it does offend me. Imagine looking at a girl dressed like a doll and everything is doll-like - hair, personality, etc EXCEPT for the face.(necro)

No. 79151

That’s basically every lolita

No. 89038

i mean sure but lor looks like a lolita yubaba

No. 105462

Not sure where to post about this but I wonder if anyone else is noticing.
Lor doesn't seem to wear her Brand dresses much at all anymore and opts for mainly taobao and western indie. While she's not nearly as big as a lot of the western lolita comm, she has gained a good bit of weight over the last couple years and I wonder if she perhaps no longer fits her brand pieces and has to wear taobao. Thoughts?

No. 126686

Shes known to defend rapists in Toronto. She is trash(necro)

No. 126696

Got any proof, non-saging newb? This is an image board.

No. 126837

Is no one going to call out her clown looks? Her coordinate "tips" which are only talked over and never actually coorded? Her friend Taylor with the skeletons in her closet? Lor's bullshit support for non-white people as if she gives a fuck?

No. 126889

Her clown cords resemble those of r0ttingd0lt’s. They are so bad but she has this OG arrogant attitude of pushing the whole “lolita is strict rules you must follow” but then breaks so many rules herself to make the most hideous outfits and no one dares questions her little echo chamber. Maybe I have watched unfortunate videos but she seems to constantly be cheap and begging for sponsors for outfits to destroy our retinas with and has to drop in ”I’m a film maker hurdur” every 5min. I really liked Tyler but ever since those have been virtually scissoring each other on youtube I can’t stand to watch either of them.

I don’t hate her because she’s ugly, but it sure doesn’t help.

No. 129048

How about the weird "lolita hierarchy" she, puvi and the owners of lolita collective are in?

Ever wondered why you don't get picked to be a model for a brand? If you pissed off one of those people you have your answer.

Without giving myself away I have heard those type of comments from lolita event staff.

No. 129055

fucking puvi. Does she have a thread on here?

No. 130795

I heard Lor liked a nazi's photo on Insta, anyone have caps?

No. 130802

File: 1610004730860.jpeg (751.49 KB, 783x1334, 223E6114-0D4D-4BB3-8F73-EB5093…)

She didn’t like a photo of an actual nazi (everyone’s making it sound like she liked a photo of someone in full SS gear), but a photo of a Trump supporter who participated in the coup at the Capitol. This is a cap from someone’s story, hence the weird sure, Jan sticker.

No. 130808

Isn't this metalclown chick a lolcoe in their own right or at least used to be?
Also it's possible they did this as a photo op to be edgy and don't support trump or maybe they do, either way

No. 130822

File: 1610024411054.jpg (115.46 KB, 750x841, 20210107_195743.jpg)

Her response was weak. How do you accidentally like this >>130802

No. 130826

honestly who gives a shit, who hasn't accidentally liked a photo on instagram?

No. 130859

I think what’s more pathetic is her pussying out and unfollowing them for their political stance over one photo kek. But of course she can’t follow anyone who likes Trump because she’s Lor and she’s lovely uwu

No. 130874

no offense but I don't give a shit about lovely lor, but y'all wrong for this one. who the fuck cares if she liked one photo of an idiot with a trump flag. so many people I know follow trump's twitter just to see what bullshit he'll post, not because they agree with his politics.

if you're going to come after lor, go after something else that's important. this is one fucking photo and people are acting like she killed black people and spit on their mother's grave.

No. 130876

Whatever way you want to spin it, this is still weird as fuck from someone who presents this ~lovely~ image, and her response was weak. There is no way in hell you could see this picture and not know what was going on.

No. 130877

Maybe her dumb canadian ass wasn’t paying attention and assumed the blue, red and white was in fact a clown “lolita” cord. Looks on par with some ita shit she would put together then have the nerve to give anyone fashion advice kek

No. 130883

Lor is American, dumbass.

No. 130921

It’s not that she liked it or whatever, it’s all the apologizing she’s doing which is annoying and seems fake. Me thinks thou dost protest too much

No. 130928

Lor in going overboard pretending to be a "nice girl" while obviously being a salty Regina George shocker

No. 130949

Can we deport Lor back to the US? Her parents BIG Republican donors. They donated money to Trump

No. 130999

Got any caps?

No. 131072

File: 1610113553264.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 27.97 KB, 425x356, 11B2759E-2196-42F4-9C6E-9B6492…)

Yeah, these

No. 131237

Lor is so fake and I’m glad to see it finally exposed. Liking the photo doesn’t irk me as much as her over compensating ‘I will continue to lift up Black Lolitas’!? No you won’t. Girl stop. It’s not even a race thing. America was attacked and she just goes straight to ‘sorry Black people’.

No. 131358

File: 1610203236902.jpeg (269.34 KB, 750x1091, 34B9364C-F35F-4347-B296-B87A52…)

>Sorry black people, it was an accident, I’m still lovely uwu


No. 131359

File: 1610203270440.jpeg (355.45 KB, 750x1188, BCD0F9B9-01B0-4AC9-9260-5E5907…)

No. 131362

File: 1610203369856.jpeg (142.82 KB, 750x556, 4CADAF68-23D4-4B4B-891B-10CBDC…)

No. 131366

File: 1610204264531.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 202.84 KB, 750x749, 1682F7C5-561E-414F-B263-F9E397…)

Samefag but the whole thing gives me this kind of vibe lmao. It’s not a big deal and it’s pathetic how she’s milking it, acting like a martyr, next she will be kissing your POC lolita burando maryjanes and offering wepewations for the hurt caused by her mistake because she’s so woke uwu. If I accidentally liked something I wouldn’t be apologising for days for it, it was a harmless accident, makes me wonder if it actually was an accident or not.

No. 131373

That's because certain black people have been camping in her comments and demanded her to apologize to black people and to tell others to stop defending her super heinous crime of tapping wrong. I wish Lor would finally grow a spine, she's basically a doormat getting bullied into this.

No. 131377

Pathetic. Looking at her comments on IG from black people saying she “should grow and learn from this”. Imagine having to grow and learn from accidentally clicking when scrolling. And why does she specifically owe black people an apology? I’m waiting on the trans apology and one for all the illegal border crossing aliens too…. just kidding this is retarded, they are acting as if she liked a post of a lolita in a white pointed hood captioned “lynch the black lolitas!” and she’s just as retarded playing along with it

No. 131380

Of course it's fake, her whole lovely lor persona radiates fakeness which is why she's trying so hard. She got "caught" do the most excusable and easily explainable thing. Everyone knows IG glitches and likes and follows/unfollows people that you've never interacted with on occasion. She could have said sorry IG is shit I didn't do it but instead she is self-flagellating and getting dragged by people who have been waiting for her to slip up.

She's spent so long courting the ita they/them metal illness lower middle class oppressed white girl woke crowd it's hilarious seeing half of them try and cancel her and the other half trying to defend her using the same played out rhetoric.

No. 131385

Her reaction is so over the top she does make herself look suspicious, but I think she's just that dumb. She could have apologized in a short paragraph and sounded 10x more sincere. That's what gets me, it's so obvious when someone is just pandering and word vomiting what they think people want to hear instead of really believing in it or meaning it. That's why it comes off as incriminating. I can't believe she's making a video too. What a trainwreck.

No. 131389

I can totally understand Lor following someone on IG and not bothering to do hours of research to learn every individual account’s political stances. If you only look at the clown girl’s feed and don’t watch her Stories it’s hard to tell that she’s a Trumper. I’m sure Lor accidentally liked the picture of clown girl at the Trump rally and didn’t notice the flag as she was absentmindedly scrolling through her feed.

That being said, I think it’s hilarious how part of the lolita community is now acting like she’s literally Hitler. This is what happens when you base your entire persona on “uwu just be nice and ~lovely~” and pander to the most retarded 15 year old SJWs. Her giant long apologies are also hilarious to me - it’s like she’s using every possible line from a “how to correctly apologize for racism as a white person” article, yet even after furiously prostrating herself begging for forgiveness, insane hyper-woke cunts like Wonderfinch won’t give Lor a pass because they’re happy to have any excuse to hate on the popular white bitches that they’re secretly jealous of.

No. 131397

In her outfit videos she frequently picks snowflakes: clearly women but HE/HIM!! OR THEY uwu

She's a joke, never gave a flying fuck about non white Lolitas but sinxe it's woke, she does…

No. 131512

I'm calling it now: Tyler is going to make a video defending Lor. Lor's been kissing her ass for years to protect herself from having a video made on her.

No. 131517

I really liked tyler’s content but it went downhill when her and lor began scissoring each other with this whole “don’t do this in lolita unless you’re lor teehhee”. I imagine rottingdolt is cackling in her cesspool over this turn of events, but highly doubt last week lolita news will cancel lor the same.

No. 131544

I used to love Tyler because she was the edgy opposite of Lor, she was a funny representation of how salty the community can be without taking everything too seriously. I don’t mind Lor that much but you can see she has had an effect on Tyler because ever since they became friends she has started to push a slightly more “wholesome” persona and lost the edge that made her stand out in the first place.

No. 131552

Lor is a fucking idiot. Is the vitriol pointless and over the top for her liking a post? Yes, but she signed up to be a social media influencer. If she’s going to pander to the woke crowd and pretend to be kisses and rainbows all the time she has to be on top of her game. It’s exactly like what happened to Ellen, she played the super happy go lucky fun loving talk show host so when dirt came out it looked 10x worse than it actually was.

No. 131619

Idk why she did this apology. IG removed the future where you see users you follow what they liked. I wasn’t aware until she apologized. You live in Canada, you are a low informed in American politics.

No. 131650

I haven’t watched it yet but 5 seconds in and I’m already keking

No. 131654

This is such a bad video. She sounds so robotic and uncaring and how she makes it about herself during the gothic Lolita wigs section shows how much she really cares. Keep being lovely Lor

No. 131656

File: 1610329215960.jpeg (148.64 KB, 1331x685, 69F09B3B-E37B-48E7-A9D1-E6A7E3…)

She’s apologising for photo poses now “culturally appropriating” from black people in jail (not a bit of a racial stereotype don’t you think?) It’s hard to not laugh because it feels like really bad satire. Lor is so lovely. She’s the only person who can be literally bullied for an accident and not be the victim. I’m sure everyone else was so hurt and victimised by a photograph, its not like the Trump supporter got doxed or sent death threats by a bunch of mentally ill SJWs spoiler: she did But hey let’s not talk over the POC, what POC says is correct and we must validate the mental illness.

No. 131658

Jesus Christ she should've just let this non issue die instead of repeatedly grovelling on every platform imaginable for a goddamn misclick. She's said multiple times in her videos that she has a visual processing disorder so any reasonable person wouldn't hold an accidental like against her, especially considering the days events. I don't like Lor but this is just fucking stupid and she shouldn't have bothered to apologise as much as she has, it's just embarrassing for her. A simple 'Sorry I fucked up, won't do it again' comment when people alerted her to it would've sufficed.

Instead she has made a whole video about it for what reason exactly? To please hypocritical sjw itas like wonderfuck who will never be satisfied despite the nazi outfits they have in their own closets. Like her or not, she's probably the most efamous lolita in the west and I'm sure their jealous asses have been waiting for her to slip up like this. Anyone with eyes and an ounce of critical thinking skill can see that Lor isn't a Trumper, just really fucking stupid.

No. 131660

cancel all popular yt lolitas I guess???

No. 131676

is it just me or does this entire incident radiate white savior complex and white guilt?

No. 131677

Of course. Lor never gave a flying fuck about anyone from a minority and until BLM reminded some people Black people have rights, she did not care. Now she's super woke, only uses snowflakes in her "coord" videos and let's Tyler defend her ita like coords.
She should have been called out way sooner.

No. 131680

The hell are you talking about? She has been sjw-ish for years, way before blm. And called out for what? Missclicking and having 0 backbone?

No. 131683

To be completely honest, no one was talking about the photo outside of this site. If she let the issue die, no one would've noticed? if she wanted to apologize just like an 'oopsie!' on an insta story would've been more than sufficient?

No. 131698

If her initial apology on twitter had been at all sincere, this would've been wrapped up days ago.

I don't know if I can sit here and judge her for a supposed misclick, there are loads of other things Lor could be dragged through the mud for, but her handling of the situation is really awful, and making a video response, whether monetised or not, just seems like she's looking for sympathy.

I'm also a bit peeved that she's going through all thsi trouble to apologise for this for fear of getting "cancelled" but is still happy to anonymise and protect predators and scammers.

No. 131707

Wtf is a visual processing disorder? She should have led with that and saved the 1000-word posts and apology videos for liking a photo. I looked at her IG comments and no POC even care about this "issue" it's mostly whities complaining.

t. whitie

No. 131708

File: 1610368018526.jpeg (752.49 KB, 1563x2501, 9FF6BF50-139B-4004-BBB8-D78BEC…)

oh no, the queen of itas hath fallen.

the video was hard to watch, it was pathetic watching her and her “white guilt” apologising for 15 mins and all for what? this is not a sincere apology but a rehearsed “don’t cancel me” monologue, you cannot apologise for something you never did such as like the photo you have no recollection of. Even if she did like the photo, you must be sheltered to be so upset over 1 ig like lmao. People let politics define themselves and others all too much in the last 6 years. Guaranteed the POC are milking it just for the sake of a power trip.

No. 131730

I can only speculate, but I feel like she’s doing all this out of fear of being cancelled because she has ignored and pushed aside so much out of fear it’ll ruin her kawaii feed. I’m sure there are others who reached out to Lor about this or that topic only to have her say something about her viewers don’t want to see that. Before it was a lot harder to call Lor out because everyone mostly loved her and would defend her, but to see her slip up after pretending to care about Black people over the summer is why people are really pushing for this one.

I definitely think a short statement of ‘hey I’m so sorry it was a mistake’ would have been okay but the video makes her look worst. She just read the same stuff she posted to IG and added in a few stuff from when she was called out. I don’t think white people doing the Harlem Shake is that serious. That’s leaning more into ‘you can only enjoy things from your race only forever!’ (In which case everyone should stop wearing Lolita) area.

The end bit about what she’s going to do in the future just sounds like she’s running for school president. All promises she’s most likely not going to keep.

No. 131749


what bothers me is how she talks as if she’s a native-born Canadian which is why she “doesn’t keep up with US current events” when she’s from fucking California

No. 131778

Literally no one has an obligation to follow US politics, especially someone who currently lives in Cananda

No. 131782

I'm so tired of people harping on following politics. I get it, this was a massive thing to have happened, but with time zones and just lazy scrolling IG you'd have almost no way of knowing. I scrolled past a bunch of memes about it before I got out of bed and saw it on the news.

She is under no obligation to follow what's going on in a country she's no longer living in.
But that being said, Lor pandered to the woke crowd for years and they're finally eating her. It was bound to happen.

No. 131784

Even Canadians follow U.S. politics. Much more entertaining if you ask me.

No. 131787

US politics is televised as much as UK politics over here in England. Especially with everything going on today its pretty much impossible to completely ignore US politics. She at least has to have a good level of knowledge on what is happening.

No. 131791


What I meant was that she comes across as someone who has never lived in the States, as if she was born and raised Canadian. It comes off as fake & try-hard. I agree she is under no obligation to follow US politics, it was just an example.

No. 131822

She moved to Canada in 2016. So, not that long ago. Does she have Canadian citizenship?

She still has friends and family in the US, and before COVID she was travelling here for cons and meetups frequently.

The US is also super obnoxious and falling apart the past four years, so I’m sure she’s aware of the trainwreck here.

No. 131952

takes forever to get Canadian citizenship. You can however get permanent residence if you are self employed but only if you meet the requirements of having a degree or a trade.
Found some deets from this article. https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-move-to-canada-36721172

No. 131960

she is a dumb bitch lol. i lost all respect for her when she went to Japan a few years ago and she said in a vlog that she doesn't like history and has no interest to visit historical sites while in Japan… like um what? she's such a retard.

No. 131969

Wasn't she born in Canada, moved to the US then moved back to Canada in 2016? I was always the impression she was born there.

No. 131994

Here, I found a video. She has dual citizenship. She was born in the US, but her parents are from Canada. She lived in Canada at one point when she was very young, but says she was mostly raised in California and a bit in Michigan. She has family in both Canada and CA.

No. 132086

Did she ever appologies for supporting Leighs?

No. 132614


There's so much wrong with her video. Firstly she talks about dd zita who i'd never even heard of before, and yet lor, for all her loveliness, slags her off for wearing some nazi themed shit like some ten fucking years ago or something, so effectively drawing attention to her so she could get bullied by the retards who see themselves as super woke and all that shit.
Then she goes on about a wig company for selling skin whitening products, which they wouldn't be selling in the first place if there wasn't a market for them. so instead of lor questioning why darker skinned people would want them, she blames the company like they're forcing them onto people.

She shows a fucking hilarious pic of herself kneeling or crouching by a statue which made me laugh so much i couldn't even concentrate on what she was saying at that point.

She makes it sound like she's frightened the whole time and someone is stood there behind the scene pointing a gun at her or threatening her family if she didn't read what they wrote on a script.

One of the worse things is how she is ultimately insulting to black people by implying that they'd all be so upset by her liking a picture of someone they might never have even heard of and for reasons of that person being a -shock horror- trump supporter! Well get this bitch, there are black people out there in the real world who fucking are trump supporters! So a bit fucking insulting to them right there.

What a loon. she's lost any credibility she might of had and i don't see how she can claw her way back from this in a hurry without everyone remembering it.

And not defending any of the trash who called her out on it and made her feel pressured enough into doing such a stupid video. some scum called purest maiden was mentioned in the comments on yt who was the one responsible for it all and who has nazi related outfits that she loves or something, so what a fucking hypocrite that piece of shit is for a start if true what they were saying, but whatever, that video and all the resultant comments about it were the funniest thing i've seen all week.

No. 132847

I mean, I don’t care how many years ago you wore a Nazi outfit. If you ever did, then that’s shitty as fuck and I would straight up not trust that person on any level.

Most Black voters didn’t support Trump; a poll in 2019 showed that 85% would vote for ANY democratic candidate over Trump. And I’m sure those numbers went up with all the voter suppression Black voters faced this election.

Also, the attempted coup, which is where the controversial “liked” photo was taken at, featured a noose, Confederate flags, and tons of white supremacy groups, so I get why Lor felt the need to address how she fucked up specifically to her Black followers.

No. 132856

>ultimately insulting to black people by implying that they'd all be so upset by her liking a picture of someone they might never have even heard of and for reasons of that person being a -shock horror- trump supporter!

There's a trend online of white influencers patronizing and infantilizing POC people by treating them all as if they are innocent angel babies without vastly varied opinions and life experiences among them.
Imagine if another race did that to white people, it would look insane. uwu not the perfect innocent angel baby, they must be protected
Along with treating POC criminals as innocent uwu angel babies, like those criminal men were not adults acting from free will when they did those crimes. Treat people as humans, not as some imagined morally pure objects that you need to protect because you still are not seeing POC as individuals when you do that.

No. 132927

File: 1610869617621.jpeg (77.81 KB, 933x696, 11974DB9-ACBC-4B2E-AC12-B9CABB…)

She really didn’t have to apologize for 3 FUCKING DAYS over liking a photo. It’s not the end of the world holy shit. I understand the amount of pressure it’s gotta be when you’re a lolita YouTuber, but fuck she just went full Digornio’s twitter #whyistayed and it honestly just brought more eyes to her…

No. 132931

At least the video got her a nice ammount of views.

No. 132955

That was her end goal kek

No. 132966

tell me how there was such bloodthirst over Lor and yet not the same amount of energy towards cancelling DDZ?

No. 132991


Dunno, except maybe lor is much higher profile and more well known in more circles than just the smaller world of lolita. I don't know much about dee dee except that peeps were saying lor only mentioned her because she wore some nazi themed outfit about ten years ago, which seemed a bit finger pointing and done to egg on the pitchfork wavers to go after dee dee.

If lor was going to mention somebody then why didn't she say something about the shit that launched all this garbage in the first place? That Purest Maiden or whatever she calls herself, maybe lor is afraid of her for some reason.

I don't get why somebody would have to be vilified now just cos they wore something a bit nazi-ish a decade ago, that sort of thing has crept into different fashions for years, and didn't Prince Harry wear something that got the media frothing a few years ago? A swastika armband if I recall that got screaming headlines in some of the gutter press of "Harry the nazi". People still loved him regardless, in spite of the best efforts of the woke brigade.

And yes to the annoyingness of white people acting all affronted on black peoples behalf, and just don't ignore the sizable proportion of black people who support trump, make america great again, all of that shit, lor has really insulted them double.

No. 132993


I didn't see no noose, just a picture of some stupid looking loon standing in front of a parody image of trump. -Posted earlier up here in this thread.

And that alexandra metal clown or whatever she's called, i know shit all about, only that she looks like a trump supporter, like a ton of americans are, so why lor felt the need to go full on groveling for eternity, makes no sense, unless she's been got at.

No. 133000

You’re a shit head if you ever wore a Nazi armband. And yes, people remember that time Harry came to a Halloween party as a Nazi. That recent popular parody show The Windsors brought it up a bunch. There were actual Nazis/people allied with Nazis in his family, so it was esp. shitty that he did that.

And yes, there was a noose (multiple, in fact) at the DC coup. It’s very easy to find pics as the leading image in stories about the event.

That said, I will agree that Lor’s lengthy apology was overkill. But whatever, better a boring too much apology than a defensive apology vid.

No. 133002


I'm waiting to find out about Purest Maiden, the one who set the ball rolling about lor, cos apparently she's done this like some moral crusader, when peeps have said she's got some nazi themed outfits which she admits she loves. The level of hypocrisy there is just really bad if true and you have to ask if she was so bothered by lor liking a picture of that alexandra metal clown at the rally, then first off, she must of been following alexandra herself to even see it cos her account is private and second, why didn't she just send a private dm to lor asking her about it. the whole thing seems a bit fishy and more than just what we're seeing. and it is also like a white person pandering to black people out of some race guilt thing, which is making sure that black people stay as victims that white people have to keep apolgizing to for the whole race and it helps no one, it just keeps it alive in peoples minds and makes people think about race and differences when they might not of ever given it a thought before.

it's all just human beings, who for some reason can never live at peace with one another.

And swastikas were adopted by hitler but is an ancient symbol of light, they're everywhere in japan.

No. 133024

Idk anon, 10 years ago or not I think anyone with a brain would agree that 𝗡𝗮𝘇𝗶’𝘀 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝗯𝗮𝗱. Why doesn’t this Dee Dee whatever the fuck have her own board? Correct me if I’m wrong but it’s confusing when we are talking about two different situations.

No. 133036

Yes, swastika’s can be found on old temples, signage, etc in Japan, but they look quite different than the Nazi one (and they’ve been phased out over decades in signage and other stuff).

So I’m not sure what your point is? When a dumb celeb or influencer sports a swastika armband and fascist-y clothing, I don’t think they’re making a spiritual statement about ancient Buddist or Hindu spiritualism.

No. 133083

It’s called the Manji symbol in Japan.

No. 133181


Probly cos dee dee's relatively unknown, at least to most people outside of lolita, whereas lor's a big name in it, tho it's very amusing to see all the confused comments on her video of people who've never heard of her and wondering why they've been nudged to watch her video, and somebody saying they thought she was a man, kek.

Thing is, lor has been made some sort of scapegoat, by Purest Maiden, apparently, who herself has boasted of how much she loves her nazi gear, when all lor did was accidentaly like a scuzzy pic on ig of alexandra whoever, who also is not having much said about her for being there in the first place, so it's just all a bit puzzling as to why lor has all the attention, it seems this Purest Maiden bitch has her own agenda in wanting to discredit lor.

No. 133183


Let's hope punk rock never makes any real emergence then, lol.

The overloadedness of wokeness nowadays is just so tedious.

They need to cancel the cancel culture.

No. 133195

Has poor Dee Dee been 'cancelled' already by retard bullies going after her because of stupid lor talking about her in her video? I can't find anything on her online now and yet there was plenty there couple days ago.

Lor should of talked about Purest Maiden who is the one who kick started all this shit in the first place, why didn't lor just get her own back by drawing attention to PM's loved nazi outfits?

The whole things so bloody ridiculous anyway, so many woke snowflakes, heaven help them if they have any real bad shit to deal with, poor little precious things.

No. 133206

Punk rockers wore faschist-y getups as a form of protest against fascism and the establishment, which is very different than some dumbass wearing shit like that to be funny or because you they are ignorant and just like the aesthetic. Context is always important and, many decades later, I think people get what punk was trying to do back then.

But I don’t really have a problem with calling out dumb people supporting dumb stuff, accidental or not. I watched Lor’s apology video, it was boring, but she acknowledged shit - more than she needed to, obv - and will move on.

The person she accidentally “lliked” though and whoever this Nazi armband person is sounds like crappy people. It’s not really pearl clutching to think it’s bad that someone was at the Trump coup or that someone wore a symbol universally associated with large-scale genocide…

No. 133309


Well have fun stalking everyone's likes until you find something problematic. Never mind that WF fucking owned nazi shit and got away with a non apology in this world of cancel culture.

No. 133351

>>Punk rockers wore faschist-y getups as a form of protest against fascism and the establishment

You can't talk for a whole generation of punks. I remember reading about how Sid Vicious wore swastikas just cos he liked them and boasted about how he made an old Jewish man cry. (Sid saw he was upset and made the Nazi salute) Siouxie Sioux also wore swastika symbols and admits to liking the Nazi uniform cos she thinks it looks good.

There are still people today into punk and I see people around with swastika tattoos, who are into 'alternative' fashion and some of those people just laugh like crazy loons at the whole idea of wokeness and don't give a shit about what might be fascist or not.

Some people just like the look of something and don't much care about if snowflakes are gonna get mad and cry about it.

As for that Alexandra person, I know fuck all about her except for that one picture posted here and I didn't see her wearing any swastikas and nothings been said about what her views actually are, only that she was there, she could just be a patriotic American, like many are who support trump, even black people who do. Sometimes I think people just see a thing, and run with it cos their minds go into overdrive and enlarge everything into being much more than it actually is, or was.

No. 133413

Cool. Those all sound like shitty racist people. What a bunch of assholes.

It’s really cool that you’re so special that you can see someone wearing a symbol of hate and it’s nbd. What a privelege.

A lot of people see someone wearing something racist and experience fear because they see it as a warning that they could be in legit danger.

No. 133518


Isn't that true of everything though? "A lot of people" isn't the majority and in democratic countries, it seems it's only the majority who count, right or wrong.

And not saying I agree with any particular political group, but just saying. Human beings, by their very nature, kind of suck, or they wouldn't have maybe conquered the whole natural world how they've tried to do, and maybe the environment wouldn't be in such a state, and I wish the whole world could be nice, and kind, and everyone acceptable just the way they are and no one ever discriminated against for anything, and if I had my way, that's how it would be, but sadly others feel differently and so the world is the way it is.

A lot of people can get picked on for reasons other than race alone, like for being quiet and polite at school when their peers aren't and so can live their whole school years in fear of being attacked by vicious bullies, -can speak from experience here, so life is truly hard and frightening, for a lot of people, but there's also a lot of other people who seem to outnumber them and society only seems to really care about the majority, until such time as they get outnumbered by another majority. And picking on someone for something they wore a decade ago even though they have expressed regret over it, while others doing the same have been ignored seems a bit too much and that was really my original point.

No. 133619

So bets on when Lor / Tyler make new videos?

No. 133781

I wouldn't be surprised if Tyler makes a video defending Lor.

No. 133824

Tyler has been quiet since she was picked apart on cgl last month. It's wishful thinking but here's hoping they read the recent threads on them and take time to reevaluate their online presence.

No. 133864

It's quite funny to see Lor play up the uwu innocent Canadian persona. Canadians are known to be just as extremist right-wing like Americans are and after all proud boys was founded in Canada. I wonder what her gf's beliefs are if she's with Lor?

No. 134676

Link? Screen shots?

No. 134757

I'm not sure if this is what anon was talking about, but lovely lor recently made this apology video

>she accidentally liked a photo of a makeup influencer at the trump riots, she spends 4 minutes apologizing for this

>she did a "prison pose" in a photo, was unaware of where it came from, is apologizing for that as well
>apologizes for doing the harlem shake
>apologizes for not being vocal enough against gothic lolita wigs and for working with them
>apologizes because someone asked her to share a post about a school shooting on her old tumblr blog that effected people of color, she denied to because her blog was supposed to be about cute fashion and she didn't want to post things that might be jarring or upsetting to her following
>apologizes because she asked for personal stories from black lolitas on a video she was going to make during black history month, but recieved private messages saying that she might gain followers and subscribers from that video and that there might be nuances to those stories she might not understand, and that she should have been more involved in the black lolita community before 2020
>apologizes for supporting deedee zeta, who has recently been seen wearing nazi regalia, apologizes for ever supporting deedee and says she won't use her as a fashion reference in the future

this is just a brief summary, sorry if I left some things out

No. 134938

Lor is back with a new video "Do I still want my dream dresses from 5-9 years ago?"

Some notable points:
Lor will be deleting her facebook after she downloads all her photos. Is she burying her past posts? Speculation is still up in the air.

Lor had a bad associations with Glass Bottle of Tears due to ddlg. A bit hypocritical as someone who partakes in Dom/Sub bdsm roleplay.

Lor had bad associations with sweet for several years because she felt too old. She sold a lot of her wardrobe and regrets it as she turned 25 and stopped gaf. This explains why her non main pieces are all taobao as she quickly tried to replace her collection of older AP blouses and accessories with devilinspired crap.

Lor sold Musee du Chocolat due to her breakup with her ex. He helped her coord it. Her coords back then were much better than they are now, might have something to do with his influence. He seemed invested in her trying to style in different ways and overall her coords in that time were polished.

Lor currently has no dream dresses and has nothing she longs for. She is complacent with her sponsored wardrobe now.

No. 134957

>a bit hypocritical as someone who partakes in dom/sub bdms roleplay

wait, wat? I had no idea lor was into that

No. 134977

Lmao BDSM my ass. She gets hyper bitchy when the ddlgs tag her AP on insta, yet her slight choking and asspats are BDSM.
Nice try lol

No. 134984

What's hypocritical about DDLG making her uncomfortable? Being into BDSM =/= endorsing sexy toddler larp

No. 135045

So much for taking a break. She needs those YT bux too badly.

No. 135065

She used to reblog some ddlg shops and outfits on her tumblr a few years ago. I think some people pointed it out then and looking at her current tumblr, she doesn't do so publicly anymore since she knows people watch her more closely now.

No. 135228

If anyone was looking for the unlisted LWLN video that Lor told Tyler not to post again; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qmCgf12s9A

No. 135244

That like to dislike ratio, kek.

The video was cringe worthy but the only good part was calling out WF for her hypocrisy. We love to see it.

No. 135281

lol I love Tyler now, absolutely based and her approach to this video is perfect.

No. 135282

Did we watch the same video? All I could hear was
>Lor is lovely, lovely and left, Trump big poopoo and everyone else but Lor is wrong! Lor is too lovely and left and lesbian, I stan my friend because she is lovely and top lolita. Lovely Lesbian Leftist Lolita Lor! uwu

No. 135287

She does a bit of that at the start for context, but the rest of the video is her roasting SJW cancel culture morons and I love it, aha.

No. 135290

maybe you just have brain damage

No. 135293

So not only me noticed? Thank you.
She's hypocritical af.

No. 135309

No. 135316

She basically tried saying that it’s impossible for a lesbian/leftist to do something bad. I hate identity politics, when does identity absolve you of doing anything ?? Tbh I don’t think what lor did was that bad, but this logic is so annoyingly libfem.

Yes Tyler, even a trans disabled brown lesbian can do something bad

No. 135318

File: 1612026991474.jpg (435.1 KB, 972x2267, 20210130_181625.jpg)

Lor left a comment.

No. 135336

God I love Tyler for this. She said everything that needed to be said. It's too bad Lor is too spineless to defend herself but this video made so many good points even outside of things directly related to Lor!

No. 135337

Right? I havent really been a fan of LWLN since the very early days but this video really made me respect Tyler again.

No. 135356

Honestly this put such a bad taste in my mouth with Tyler. This is like what the second or third time Tyler has made a video blatantly stating Lor is actively begging her, as she’s making the video, to not do something that involves her. You can clearly see how uncomfortable this video made her but Tyler’s like lol imma do it anyway. She’s a shitty person for claiming to be such a good friend to Lor and “defend” her (on an issue that pretty much was dead by now) when Lor didn’t want it. I would punched this bitch in the face by now but Lors too much of a pushover..

No. 135357

I agree with what most of Tyler said but I also agree with you, that was one of the few points that rubbed me the wrong way. If I was lor I'd probably would break off this friendship since Tyler keeps disrespecting her wishes whilst pretending she's being a good friend

No. 135361

Lor is just doing a persona, I'm sure she ran this video by Lor, and Lor ran her comment by her before posting. They're kinda the lolita mom and dad/good cop bad cop, Tyler is the tough love one and Lor is the agreeable pandering one. It's all part of the act, except Tyler's persona is a lot more fun and honest.

No. 135363

I was thinking exactly this. Like Tyler probably already agreed beforehand to take the hit by making this video and knew Lor was going to make this comment. I personally like Tylers honesty, I dont always agree with her, but she speaks her mind which is nice for once.

No. 135365

Yeah sorry no I don’t buy that crap, giving these idiots a pass cuz they are just doing a “persona” is stupid. Tyler could have done this whole video with the exact same message without ever mentioning Lor and her drama. And why alway bring up Lor begging her to not do something if their both okay with this nonsense.

No. 135368

because, anon, we must all know how lovely lor is kek

No. 135374

Stop spamming, weeb

No. 135398

Wait, Lor broke up with Holly?

No. 135400

If you're talking about the ex bit, it's probably her last ex that she whined about for months after they split.

No. 135461

File: 1612083568152.png (2.45 MB, 750x1334, 46E26D83-8B0E-4216-8C36-9355FB…)

From Hollys Insta story

No. 135462

File: 1612083614266.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, 382E023C-C10A-423C-846C-3BA71D…)

No. 135479

Lor has no spine whatsoever and needs her wife Tyler to drag her out of the shit, yet again.
Jesus non-Whites are not angels, they are not feeling their ancestor's pain nor do I need to feel bad for not being ~black enough~.
I get, it's woke and all. Yet the apology was so unnecessary, I can't.
POC are still facing a shitton of problems nowadays, especially women. An apology won't give them access to higher education; nor avoid police brutality; nor anything else and your gf's or ex's White guilt is stupid. DO something for POC instead of creeping up their asses.

No. 135484

Holly shared this to her story. Have a feeling Tyler is not friends with Holly and Lor anymore.


No. 135501

Screenshot, this is an imageboard

No. 135547


Exactly. Tyler was fucking right, even if it was shitty to disrespect the wishes of her friends. Bending over backwards for people who want to feel morally superior because they feel entitled to scrutinize every single action and bully anyone and everyone who is "yt" is NOT being "accountable." Tyler nailed it as abuse. It's just not a woke take, but it's the take we all need to hear for the sake of sanity, and here we are.

No. 135552

Lor, holly, and Tyler herself in the beginning of the video, have all stated that Tyler did the video even when lor told her not to. like why bring up a dead topic and make everyone talk about it again?? Truly shot herself (and lor) in the foot. Why does she have the compulsion to white knight for lor? She’s a big girl

practically everyone (including the black Lolita group) forgave Lor as soon as they found out it was an accident. I’m noticing that most of the ppl that are still pissed are white blue-haired libs, so why even address them weeks later? Tyler bringing this shit back up is just making things worse, like stop addressing a few ppl??

No. 135553

Lor isn't just Tyler's friend but also a makes public videos, I think it's pretty unfair to expect Tyler to just shut up about it just because Lor is "uncomfortable". Apologizing about something like this in such a way and make it WAY more dramatic than it was isn't only completely unnecessary, it also seems shady.

No. 135558

>immediately butchers Japanese
>some fat weeb early twenty something that lives with her parents who buy her everything
>14min long ig video of IM ANGRY POC AND I AM YELLING
>yells about how she mad
>angry about ppl who only put BLM in their profile or ONE SQUARE
>bitches about how this is a week before "Black History Month" oh lawd
>promotes kawaii jo

She said she watched the video twice and all she got from it was "black and brown ppl, FUCK your feelings, stop bullying my friend."

Did everyone who feels this way actually watch it without multitasking? Or are they actually retarded? The whole point was cancel culture and having unrealistic expectations or penalties for small MISTAKES.

>all comments are licking her asshole

We need a new online comm.

No. 135630

File: 1612139487071.jpeg (679.81 KB, 1563x1950, 4013564B-55F3-475E-A52C-4304AF…)

>Konnichiwa mina-san
I noped the fuck out.

Lor and the amazonian are pathetic ass kissers.

No. 135636

File: 1612139958760.jpeg (33.82 KB, 750x330, EA0D3685-E6ED-403C-8024-E511E4…)

I have noticed on IG Holly is not following Tyler. Tyler is following Holly and is still mutuals with Lor.

No. 135691

nta but it's a link to a video on IG, so screenshots would be pointless. maybe you should actually click the link to check next time

also, how tall is lor's gf actually? everyone keeps calling her amazonian but in pictures she doesnt look that much taller than lor who I didn't think was that tall

No. 135703

I wonder if Holly was involved in how excessively seriously Lor took this all, since she is now chiming in despite being irrelevant to everything.

No. 135722

She strikes me as some super twitter liberal SJW just based on the stuff she shares and how she's shoving herself into the situation when she's only relevant to the lolita comm because of Lor. Wouldn't be surprised if she scripted things.

No. 135728

File: 1612166554098.png (359.67 KB, 1440x1412, tfw you call your own girlfrie…)

Checking out her Twitter, she really thought she did something here. Maybe calling your own girlfriend a racist for accidentally liking an Instagram photo is not the move.

No. 135734

File: 1612168181316.jpeg (312.1 KB, 827x1520, EtIJW9QUwAEhaf4.jpeg)

Holly's out here retweeting posts by purestmaiden.

No. 135735


I think that possibly she's referring to the appropriation that Lor was accused of. But when emotions run high you don't always pick the best words.

No. 135736

File: 1612168240513.jpeg (520.21 KB, 827x1518, EtIJW9RU4AAevLP.jpeg)

No. 135737

File: 1612168337926.jpeg (336.39 KB, 828x1523, EtIJW9RUYAA6Pq8.jpeg)

No. 135738

Isn't retweeting a hypocrite a little stupid on Holly's part?

No. 135745

nah, shes way in too over her head. People follow her and parrot her vendetta because anyone that doesn't gets cancelled and harassed for days. Literally no one else cares to this genuine extent but her. Masking her vendetta and harassment as social commentary.

No. 135785

Holly is publicly supporting the person who led a bullying crusade against Lor. Fucked up that Lor's own girlfriend doesn't have her back.

No. 135827

Honestly, mad respect to Tyler for making this vid even though Lor tried to talk her out of it.
I remember being very annoyed when Lor first started referencing ScarfingScarves in her videos. She always did those long disclaimers how Tuler is edgy, please don't be offended, but if you are then I am so sorry. It sounded like Tyler was some embarrassing special needs relative, don't listen to silly things she days, haha, she doesn't realy mean it.
Sorry Lor, but not everybody is willing to throw their friends and their beliefs under the bus just to appease the woke crowd. You can be lovely, but have at least some semblance of a spine.

No. 135834

Welp, Holly is now a confirmed cow.

It's fucked up she thinks what Lor did is racist and the bullying nazi "Purist"maiden is correct.

Lor should dump her.

No. 135835

Plus the fact that like, Tyler's whole shctick since day one has been to talk about drama and updates in lolita/jfashion, and give her unfiltered opinion on it. Is she supposed to make exceptions because one of the more well-known lolitas in the community is her friend? That'd be shitty, biased, and untrue to herself. It's so garbage for Lor and Holly to act all disappointed in her when all she's done, is what she's always done. Lor is the one who handled this poorly in the first place and made one small mistake into a shitshow.

No. 135852

i don't think she genuinely thinks that. The only thing holly and lor can do now is bow down to wf and appease her in any way possible, even if it means self sabotage.

No. 135894

From everything I've seen, Holly has not supported Lor, made her feel like she had to make all those ridiculous apologies, and is why Lor reacted the way she did to Tyler's video. Tyler was right, this did cut her off from her support network, especially if Holly wasn't supporting her. I feel like Holly is the real cow in this situation, maybe next thread should be a Lor/Holly thread?

No. 135927

Tyler has been more supportive of Lor than Holly in this entire situation.

That speaks volumes.

No. 135976

Holly absolutely cares more about how Lor's "controversy" affects herself, not how it's affecting Lor. She's also making herself look like the better person of the two since she didn't do anything racist but here she is being such a woke ally. Way to go Holly, dating Lor is finally giving you a platform of your own.

No. 135977

Hearing her end all arguments with "like" and "nd shit" completely throws any validity her arguments could've had out the window.

No. 135996

>konnichiwa minasan
what the fuck

No. 136020

The way she's acting is just a bizarre way for someone to treat their partner, why act like it's her job to put her gf in her place in some way for upsetting people on social media? That seems really unhealthy

No. 136029

Agreed with all you anons, it's honestly really concerning to see her girlfriend behaving like this. The one person who should have your back is agreeing and siding with your bully? Now I realize Tyler's comparison between the online abuse and an abusive, gaslighting relationship was likely not a coincidental choice of words.
Lor is so lucky to have a friend like Tyler, she's literally in the midst of being abused and gaslit by her own girlfriend and the internet for liking one goddamn Instagram post. The other stuff about squatting the wrong way was debunked in Tyler's video, so that's Lor's one "crime."

It's starting to remind me of gaslit and cucked Kevin from the Lori thread, like this is not ok.

No. 136038

I’m just tired of people including Holly and Lor not realizing that just because Lor was made an example of and is the basis for what the video was responding to doesn’t mean this video is 100% only about Lor’s specific situation. This is bigger than Lor, and if she and Holly can’t handle criticism even in their defense, perhaps they should not be public figures.

Tyler’s video said more than most of the responses to it like >>135484 …it’s ok to be mad and it’s ok to express that but do you really not see a problem with Lor apologizing profusely for doing a Harlem Shake meme at its height or accidentally double tapping on Instagram? You can be mad she did it and also mad at the response. Also, I get being mad that Tyler betwayed hew fwiend uwu or whatever but like, who else was going to talk about this topic on mainstream lolita comms but Tyler? I cannot imagine she did not express her opinions with Lor first. Tyler is the only one actually in her corner IMO.

No. 136040

>who else was going to talk about this topic on mainstream lolita comms

how about…no one

lor's an idiot for giving wf& co's bullshit any airtime beyond a simple and straightforward apology, and those who didnt want to accept it could keep their screeching to their own screechy corners of the internet. it would have died. and despite lor platforming the screechers it was still dying. tyler fucked that up. she should have let it die.

No. 136043

it was incredibly weird that lor apologized for the harlem shake because I haven't seen any proof that that was something people were talking about. NOBODY in the black lolita comm claimed it was black culture?? or that participating in the trend was offensive?? i've tried term searching in the comm, twitter, youtube comments, and I can't find any mention of it.

Like where did she get that??

No. 136045

I’m so confused about the Harlem Shake thing too anon. A lot of apologizing about it seems to be coming out from others too. Did she do black face or something? Is it because it’s called “Harlem” Shake?

No. 136047

It is exactly as Tyler said. There is a dance move called the Harlem Shake (whether or not doing that as a non black person is offensive is probably up for debate), and there’s the Harlem Shake meme (so called because the song is called “Harlem Shake”), but they are both completely different things with the same name and Lor apologized for doing the one that is a Filthy Frank meme, not the dance move.

No. 136049

File: 1612287281255.png (1.28 MB, 1440x1368, Moron compilation.png)

One of the morons identified in Tyler's video appeared spouting more garbage in Lor's Tweet replies, spoiler she's neither black nor a lolita

No. 136050

File: 1612287928479.png (3.72 MB, 1440x2035, Happy Halloween.png)

My bad, she is a lolita but her coords look like a halloween costume.

No. 136051

But why should she have let it die? How is this different from her making videos about other drama? There was a thing that happened in her community she felt strongly about, she made a commentary video about it, like she always does.
If she just ignored the issue or made a vague video which danced around the topic it would contradict everything she stood for in the past. Why should Lor's feelings be more important than Tyler's feelings? Yeah, it sucks for Lor, but hey, I bet it sucked for Kelly Eden too.

No. 136136

Who cares about a literal nobody

No. 136139

watch Pearliecute's video

No. 136161

File: 1612312108081.png (384.52 KB, 1440x1602, Twitter.png)

She's a nobody but she was still (and is still) one of the voices harassing Lor and acting like she committed literal murder because she accidentally liked an image on Instagram. Writing "this is life and death" is absolutely deranged, and clearly just an excuse to get the boot in to someone with a large platform.

Pic related, someone else in the comments pointing out there was no evidence this girl was a Trumper until that day.

No. 136204

I can't help but draw parallels between this series of overdramatic videos and the kelly eden videos both Tyler and Lor made. In the video Lor made about that situation. I rewatched the videos and I don't understand why Lor didn't have essentially the same reaction to Tylers recent video as she did to the kelly eden video.
Is it because the video was about herself and she didn't was just angry that Tyler said anything at all? Is it because she has Holly now who apparently agrees with WF?

No. 136212

Imo the Kelly Eden videos were simply gatekeeping the lolita community, and it worked since Kelly dropped it. Kelly's "crime" was also miniscule (being rude to shop employees by buying and returning lolita dress in Japan)

I think the lolita community has generally shot itself in the foot, by over gatekeeping itself and over policing its members behavior. I think at the point Tyler made that recent video the horse had already bolted, it's too late, you now have a community where if you breathe the wrong way people feel valid to tell you this is life or death and you're killing their friends like the moron screenshot above.

No. 136289


I bet lor wishes she had never made that stupid apology video. If she doesn't, then she should, she just made herself look like an idiot, plus pouring shade on other lolitas who she named in her pathetic video.
Would of been better all round if she'd never said anything in the first place, a lot of stupid fuss about nothing, liking a dumb picture of someone at a rally, so what? tf is wrong with people?

No. 136293


Are there any pics anywhere of PurestMaiden in any of her nazi gear?

No. 136295

I actually liked tyler's take on the video as an avid watcher of both it was very sweet as a friend to defend her friend from idiots. I personally couldnt even finish lor's apology video because even as a black person i felt like she was groveling for no reason. it actually warmed my heart to see other black creators tell her that she shouldn't have to apologize for this small ass mistake. Lor is one of the few creators i've seen that still actively shout outs black lolitas in the community even when it's not "en vogue" to do it anymore. Its really refreshing. It honestly makes me sad that Tyler did this as a good friend and is getting assblasted by Lor and her girlfriend. Going on here and seeing Holly basically shame Lor for this small ass mistake rubbed me the wrong way. Tyler was right she shouldn't have to apologize so profusely over something she did on ACCIDENT. With the way the apology video was set up I really thought she was about to be exposed for wearing black face or something else egregious. But the harlem shake really? This shit pisses me off because now it just seems like black people are a bunch of babies who get upset at the slightest mishap all because some teenagers want to be the most mega woke. I saw so many nonblack people getting angry for us. Like for what??? this whole thing is dumb to me.

No. 136356

I agree with the other anons about Holly, she gives off toxic vibes.

No. 136358

Just saw Kimbuucha is featuring Holly on her channel soon. Holly wasn't even into lolita before she started dating Lor, now she is making videos on how to dress and giving shit lolita/pol opinions no one asked for? wtf is even going on, Holly has barely been in the fashion and is already full of gross behavior.

No. 136372

Is this in relation to Lor's Likegate? And why Kimbucha's channel? She gives off wannabe fake influencer vibes so this might be a desperate grab for relevance.

No. 136464


If Lor had any sense, she'd kick that bitch to the kerb. Imagine being so desperate to hang onto someone that you'll put up with them publicly criticizing you. And for something so trivial.

Tyler is the best friend Lor has got but she's too cowed and intimidated by that toxic bitch she's with to allow herself to realize that.

No. 136465


This. These woke white people being outraged on black peoples' behalf is so intensely irritating, and can't they see it's just another form of racism? Babying people for no other reason than their ethnicity, it's an insult. There are good bad and indifferent everywhere and none of that should be anything to do with whether someone is black or white or anything else, it should only be about what sort of person they are and how they treat others, plenty of black people running businesses and leading very successful lives, more so than the prissy, woke white people who seek to 'defend' them.

No. 136531

I have an idea for Cimone N.
Maybe she should stop her bullshit witch hunts before somebody gets sick of them and finds and archives her entire old thinspo tumblr full of problematic posts.
All those ana girls and even a white woman with a native headdress reblogged.. did she ever apologize for liking that? Even in 2010 we knew that wasn't ok!
Just a thought.

No. 136538

Did anyone else cringe when they saw Holly wearing Lor's original release Honey Cake as a skirt? She had the bodice stretched out and wrinkled around her waist.

No. 136604


Wrong Holly, idiots.

No. 136682

File: 1612546504781.jpg (519.67 KB, 479x592, cqt1HYH.jpg)

Lor was in the comments saying "Casual lolita is valid". Honey (cake) if this is casual lolita then wearing any skirt with a petticoat is lolita

No. 136687


Seeing this image, I kinda wish that Lolita had stayed in Japan. The style usually looks cute on Japanese girls, but on others not so.

No. 136691

Japanese girls can be ita too, fetishist. Holly just sucks and has to be 3edgy5me about everything. Then again this is probably just bait. oh well.

No. 136695

I hate the outfit. Some parts match fine but the pumpkin pokemon keychain doesn't fit the theme.

No. 136713


Not all Japanese girls are going to look good, it's true, but usually they look a darn sight cuter than this. This is just ugly. Not the fashion or the style, but her hairstyle and even more, her face, and attitude. Ugly.(no one cares)

No. 136719

It's insane how shitty holly dresses, she is like another flavor of lor with that big mouth clown face, terf bangs, and eyesore of an outfit.

No. 136857

itas are itas, doesn't matter where they're from. Holly is an ita, that's all the more you need to say. Let's stop race derailing now.
None of this looks good, its all such a strange mix. The facial expression, the blue hair, the pokemon clips, the tied up shirt, its all bad. If she wasn't Lors gf no one would know or care about her.

No. 136936


Except, Lor looks beautiful compared to this. and let's face it, Lor is not at all beautiful, especially without her make up.

No. 136937


Imagine having to look at that face every day! Especially when you've just woken up, You'd think you were in the middle of a nightmare.
No wonder Lor's losing the plot.

The sooner she gets away from this freaking ugly shitfaced hag, the better she'll be.

No. 137553

File: 1612997175835.jpeg (256.65 KB, 750x1016, 67D65D66-A304-4971-833D-A709A6…)

Holly looked better with the goth aesthetic and short dark hair

No. 137852

Anon lor is ugly as fuck. They're both ugly.

No. 137934


Still an ugly hard faced bitch. I bet she's the dominant one in that relationship. Poor Lor.

No. 137935


Well true, but at least Lor makes herself look good with makeup sometimes and does seem a genuinely nicer, if naive, person.

No. 138607

So I guess Tyler and Lor aren't friends anymore? what a clusterfuck

No. 138612

Please post caps, this is an imageboard.

No. 138613

they aren’t following each other anymore

No. 138614

IMAGEBOARD should I spell it for you

No. 138627

File: 1613515516858.jpeg (420.74 KB, 3605x3605, 18AE46EB-3888-4C9E-82FB-B9CADB…)

Jesus Christ anon ill do it for you. I guess you mean on Instagram. I don’t follow either so I don’t know if they were once following each other but they’re not now.

No. 138670

wow i didnt realize tyler had lost so many followers. she had over 12k at one point. a bunch of them are likely wf and co, but i wonder how many people are just unfollowing trying to avoid being called out/canceled themselves since neorococo likes to screenshot people who interact with "canceled" people to cancel them by proxy

No. 138761


These people are sad specimens of humanity and need to get a life. The only people who need cancelling are the ones who constantly try to cancel others. In fact the whole concept of cancel culture needs to be cancelled. Permanently.

No. 139127

they were following eachother before. I wonder how the fall out actually happened behind closed doors and who unfollowed who first kek. I’m glad to be honest. Tyler actually has nice cords where as Lor is a massive ita and I don’t know why she gave her a free pass for so long

No. 139132


Are you on drugs? Tyler's coords are just as bad - if not worse.

No. 139160

Did anyone see her new video about some type of Rilakkuma game? Her recent content is questionable or she has run out of ideas.

No. 139275

She’s going for the most boring and sterile content to avoid making her sjw viewers lose their shit again.

No. 139277

Tyler's coords are forever stuck in 2014

No. 139326

Tyler just has a lot of spending money, her coords are boring and outdated.

No. 139329

…and in every video she wears the same ita bunny ears with a blue blouse and a pink dress. Her outfits are staple boring.

No. 139546

Didn’t tyler used to hate animal ears with coords? Or was it only cat ears?
And Tyler’s boyfriend is more entertaining than she is

No. 139854

File: 1614616090405.png (2.45 MB, 1334x750, 6BC3401A-6E69-4A0A-974B-64815C…)

The dress she got in her new video is the ugliest dress I’ve seen in quite a while, not helped by her shitty coords.

No. 139865

Not really a criticism of Lor but Fluffy Tori is one of those “western Kawaii” brands that misses the mark. I can’t explain what it is but there’s something about western kawaii art that looks cheap when translated to something like a dress. I guess not just western, I see similar stuff in Chinese brands.

No. 139921

She looks haggard here. I wonder which boring uninteresting topic she's talking about in this video.

No. 139941

Shitty indie brand again, it’d be nice if she actually talked about an indie brand that’s not taobao or one of her friends for once (Korean brand possibly?) or actually talked about Japanese brands that aren’t AP.

No. 139979

The prints remind me of Kid Pix.

No. 139980

She only cares about indie brands that give her shit for free sadly so it looks like that won't be happening anytime soon.

No. 139982

I was just about to comment this. She either got this for free or begged for it.

No. 139992

I'll never understand why she does her makeup like that. It's so harsh, it would look better with a goth outfit than in sweet lolita.

No. 140124

File: 1614743368375.png (25.26 KB, 588x275, hmmm.PNG)

okay but aren't you the one who cut her off?
not saying tyler was right, but you unadded her, so

No. 140129

technically none of us know that. unfollowing someone isn’t the same as ending a friendship.

No. 140132

She said she needed time to process though, how was tyler supposed to know when to reach out? I hate when people make the other person the bad guy when all they do is give the person the space - that they asked for!!

No. 140141

how do you know whats happening behind the scenes, don't assume

No. 140144

no, Lor literally said that

No. 140151

she doesnt share all her private conversations public, you don't know if they have talked since

No. 140152

Lor has always been willing to do stupid things for attention, I'm also not surprised at this with how she treated her ex.

No. 140153

Did you read >>140124 ? they haven't talked, that's the whole point

No. 140155

do you think that it is possible Lor reached out and was blocked? Everyone here and cgl thinks so black and white with no nuance

No. 140156

You were the one saying we don't know what goes on in private, so why are you wildly guessing now?
You're defending lor so hard, what's your deal?

No. 140157

Why defend Tyler?

No. 140158

Lor continues to be a moron, I hope one day she looks back on Tyler's video and realizes what a brilliant friend she was being + that clapback for cancel culture was so needed. Lor's still busy cowing and bowing to anyone who screams "racist" because she hit like on an Instagram pic.

No. 140160

I literally said Tyler wasn't right, the fuck is wrong with you

No. 140161

where did you say that, you are probably tyler you annoying cunt(hi cow)

No. 140163

>not saying tyler was right
in my first post, stfu already

No. 140197

File: 1614775087409.jpg (142.81 KB, 800x800, sweet-chocolate-journey-op.jpg)

What I noticed:
- really saturated colors everywhere
- no details or 'find the x' you get with major brands
- dresses are aweful materialwise
- the print repeats itself but is so blocky it looks unfinished
- absolutely border-heavy, no repeating of the theme on top
- it's tacky.

I really don't know how they expect her store to work.

No. 140208

File: 1614789741582.gif (296.83 KB, 1013x1000, A699A454-FBD3-424F-82DB-6E1741…)

Thanks anon for posting this! Just as comparison a btssb print. I think you can already tell there is real artwork behind this.

No. 140227

File: 1614799384086.jpg (151.14 KB, 828x519, 0d7lLoK.jpg)

Not sure if I should sage because its holly but still milky

No. 140228

File: 1614799469752.jpg (60.07 KB, 828x232, Iva3Slb.jpg)

Can the next thread include holly because she is worse than lor is, look at how she's making this all about her

No. 140229

Is she trying to say Tyler hurt her by standing up for Lor (unlike her, Lor's girlfriend, who sided with the bullies) and by comparing cancel culture bullshit to an abusive relationship briefly in her video? There is no way this is about her unless she really is a gaslighting piece of shit after all, and was actually a major player in how badly this all went down.

No. 140240

why is this triggering my disgust reaction
also agree, this can be the two clown lolita gf's thread

No. 140243

Agree that Holly is a cow too and probably orchestrated how extremely Lor reacted to this whole thing. I find it hard to believe that Lor who is apparently too dyslexic to understand how imageboards work and such a ~delicate souffle uwu~ managed to write a zillion apologies, statements and that long ass comment on Tyler's video by herself. Lor on her own has a history of sweeping things under the rug (see GLW fiasco) or being as non confrontational as possible (see my lolita dress fiasco) so I don't doubt that without Holly's influence she would've just let this die.

I wouldn't be surprised if the reason Holly is making this Tyler breakup thing all about her is because she was the one writing half this shit and took Tyler's insults more personally than Lor did. Now that she's trying to be a twitch streamer and run a shitty indie brand I'd say it's fair game to talk about her.

No. 140252

I'm sorry, I'm putting my hat on;
What if Holly was jealous of Tyler and this happened to be a convenient opportunity to make Lor friend-dump her

No. 140259

The btssb is also a more delicate design where the western design feels more clunky /chunky

No. 140260

looks like a mobile game

No. 140264

Lor seems to enjoy being a victim if they ended their relationship behind the scenes why does she feel the need to post vague info about it like this, same with the youtube comment she left I wonder if she ever sent Tyler an actual dm about the whole situation.

No. 140277

She dramatizes all her friendship and relationship breakups so she can make herself the victim. It's all for validation.

No. 140281


Never forget when she broke down because a stranger hung out with her friends for a video and she was insulted and betrayed she wasn't invited. She even says Miss Darcei doesn't know her so why would be included? She comes off as super entitled about the whole thing.(link)

No. 140282

File: 1614838052066.jpeg (28.88 KB, 720x574, 7F3D0206-6AAC-4929-B436-C68554…)

Speaking of Holly’s indie brand, why did she even bother making one? I get that it’s trendy right now but everything they’ve released thus far either doesn’t look like lolita (like this top which looks more like it was made for a child) or looks extremely generic and not all that well made for the price.
I think it’s possibly because they chose a company that’s used to doing petticoats for children’s dance and Holly being Holly just assumed they could also make lolita appropriate pieces despite the two having nothing in common.

No. 140283

Idk, not to whiteknight, but this shirt could work well under a jsk, it's simple and nice enough for a casual thing

No. 140284

this print is so ugly, worse than taobao shit

No. 140286

File: 1614840095238.jpeg (96.17 KB, 720x574, 4CC3E011-0A8B-462D-9B63-439AF8…)

I could see it paired with a skirt in casual, but even in the sample pics the blouse is barely showing under the JSK, it’s too low cut, the only time you could see the full detail was with the underbust dress.

No. 140289

Hmm, that's so unfortunate. I was thinking more of a thinner strap jsk though, but a skirt might be ideal

No. 140297

It doesn't look horrible. Imo it could be easily marketed to a different demographic, all the y2k-thrifty zoomers live for frilly tops to pair with frumpy bottoms. It's admittedly too generic for anal retentive lolita perfectionists.

No. 140304

to be fair to the shirt, lor is kind of chunky and has poor taste.
the fit looks wonky because of her size and the jsk choice is stupid. paired with something that isn't an old-school jsk (seriously how was that a good idea) it would look less bad.

No. 140315

Honestly, I've kind of been suspecting this the whole time anon

No. 140325

Seconding this. Tyler is Lor's only friend who would call out Holly on her bullshit, and Holly probably felt threatened by that. I wouldn't be surprised if Holly was the one who
made Lor publicly apologize and dump Tyler because she didn't want to fuck up her brand's sales. Sage for speculation.

No. 140341

do those people know ANYTHING about colour theory? so much (although not everything) could've been salvaged by simply going for softer and less contrasting colours that actually match, but that's probably too much effort already.

No. 140527

Tyler was right that the ppl attacking Lor are nuts, but she was definitely not being a good friend. She was profiting off Lor's drama, against Lor's wishes.

No. 140546

No. 140686

File: 1615177324080.png (1.01 MB, 1164x751, girl no.png)

Happy birthday Lor, I hope you stop with the spider lashes now

No. 140811

forget the lashes, her fucking clown kink is destroying my mental health
the fuck is the neck on that blouse? I recognize it as the one that fat girl blew out the back of, and it looks even shittier here

No. 140821

How old is she again?

No. 140837

31, iirc

No. 140871

Unfortunate that she looks like a late 40s MTF troon

No. 140909

Sage 4 nitpick but that wig looks so cheap and shitty, like you can tell it's a wig just from looking at it

No. 140977

All her wigs are cheap and shitty. This is one of her better ones if anything.

No. 140983

fucking hell are you serious? and people see lor as a uwu soft bullied victim in all of this how? man fuck lor

No. 140990

Why did she decide to make her (self-admitted) vulnerable reaction public when she had already resolved this with her friends? It opened them up to unnecessary vitriol and accusations. Was this in the name of “authenticity”? She should have just refilmed that section if she was really over it

No. 141509

>You don't need to put so much emphasis on this girl, she and assume that only girls are wearing this
Oh fuck off Lor, no one cares about your SJW they/them shitlets.

No. 141536

jesus christ, shut up lor
we really need to go all out no boys allowed

No. 141556

God she's insufferable, what a people pleaser

Sage 4 no contribution

No. 141575

Oh shut the fuck up.
I can't even say I'm into cis women without people like Lor coming after me for being transphobic.

No. 141577

File: 1615938671210.png (27.78 KB, 732x218, Capture.PNG)

She knows she's basically welcoming sissies in with welcome arms by posting shit like this right?

No. 141578

I hate how she just rolled over to the fetishists when lolitas have worked so hard to keep sissies out.

No. 141579

This is her problem, she's a walking contradiction. She talks about how she wants to keep sissies out but then posts shit like this that welcomes them in, it's the same as how she goes on about how lolita isn't dolly or how she's not wearing a costume yet is fine with literal clown makeup.

No. 141586

File: 1615943021511.png (190.95 KB, 1868x340, reveal yourself.PNG)

I've been wondering for a week who's comm this is from, my bet is now placed on Lor's
and if it's not hers, it's her fault anyway

No. 141587

Nah, pretty sure it wasn't SOL. They haven't had any sort of sissy activity in a while.

No. 141616

I feel like this is another petty jab at Tyler since Tyler makes it clear Lolita is non-sexual and fetishists can GTFO.
Lor continues to let everyone down by being such a wet blanket.

No. 141695

Tbh I think of lolita as a costume/ special occasion especially ott

No. 142397

Lor just has to wear those frilled collars ugh

No. 142398

Another ruffled collar, they look so bad why

No. 142411

I really hate this blouse, I dont know what it is because I can enjoy iridescent items in lolita and I do enjoy high colors. But the cut + shininess gives me HUGE sissy vibes.

The color is kind of weird but at least this blouse is nice quality

No. 142412

Looks like its from some unicorn or holo theme release/piece. Not necessarily lolita, but the type of shiny look thats popular right now again due to ethots going hard into pastel goth again.

No. 142414

I thought this coord was actually pretty decent, the blouse isn't horrible honestly.
This one is god awful though, I don't think this blouse could work in anything besides clown core shit.

No. 142465

Is it possible for her to review brands she likes and not just stuff she's sent for free?

No. 142467

that would require her to actually buy things.

No. 142504

wasn't Miss Danger under fire last year for not keeping up with the orders?

No. 143650

Starts off telling people "if you don't want to watch because of the bad audio its okay!"
Then takes until 3:30 to tell people that she's revamping the fixing coords series. She still somehow thinks she is qualified to fix coords though.

No. 143651

how is this milk?

No. 143681

She actually looks nice in this thumbnail, no clashing colors or clown collars.

No. 143716

Sounds like she's scared of whiny uggos making call out posts and canceling her again because the mildest criticisms hurt their feelings. Lor is pathetic as usual.

No. 143740

The nitpickery.

No. 144015

This is legit the worst video she’s ever made. I don’t get her obsession with hugboxing and basically inviting kinksters in.
She basically insinuates that giving people criticism is the same as being homophobic.

No. 144021

She wants sexy baby to flaunt his sexy baby self

No. 144037

It feels like such a vendetta video
who hurt you lor? Was it Tyler?
The homophobia talks just felt so out of place

No. 144054

Is anyone else clocking the troons in the video? kek

No. 144085

Does anyone know what the black OP she's wearing in this video is?

No. 144248

It’s from sweet Mildred, she also did an unboxing video of that one https://www.etsy.com/shop/sweetmildred

No. 144271

This video is just Lor accidentally roasting herself, being angry shes a huge ita so she got concrit, and comparing concrit to homophobia?

No. 144412

File: 1617920245563.jpg (312.04 KB, 720x923, 20210407_163918.jpg)

>silly bandz
bitch you were 20 when those came out, how did you fuck that up

No. 144426

Not to wk but I’m sure she’s not 40. She would be pre-teen to early teens

No. 144434

She was absolutely ~20 when silly bands were popular/everywhere. She's a few years older than me and I was 17-18 when they were everywhere. sage for off topic.

No. 144442

File: 1617929573156.png (565.51 KB, 1080x805, Screenshot_20210408-175037~2.p…)

I think she meant to use the different colored gel or silicone bands (pic rel) which were popular during Y2K and not silly bands. Tbh they are kinda similar just one came out ~10 years later

No. 144443

Silly Bandz were ~2011. Maybe you’re thinking of those jelly bracelets that the urban legend was they were “sex bracelets?”

No. 144448

this coord is so bad that I'm afraid to say k8 did it sadly better

No. 144454

If she's 31ish now, then in 2011 when silly bandz were being sold, she was 21ish
I'm honestly willing to believe this, but they look and feel so much different I'm still surprised, they looked completely different, aside from both being usually brightly colored synthetic bands, and both had very different gimmicks

No. 144460

She literally looks like an ageplayer here…

No. 145172

File: 1618345995276.jpeg (494.19 KB, 1366x2048, 076D5F2B-DDE8-48D8-944D-7813FA…)

Imagine paying money for a test tube baby only for it to look like this when it grows up.

No. 145189

She looks better than usual here in my opinion, granted she didn't make the coord (Rose Nocturnalia did) but this looks a lot better when compared to her usual costumey clown vomit.

No. 145228

No petticoat? Hasn't she been given some for free?

No. 145255

I'd almost say main problem of this photo is posing. She creates bulk around her waist by holding her arms like that. Same goes for the wig - it conceals her neck and isn't adding anything anyway

No. 145439

Even the title makes it obvious that she’s out of ideas. People get bored of fashion and fandoms and want to try out new shit Lor, this doesn’t need a 20 minute video.

No. 145466

>I have so much old footage I wanted to use because I'm a FILMMAKER GUYZ!! (and enbies UWU)
>people leave Lolita fashion because of the money (if you need to sell dresses to get by don't fucking buy them)
>people grow out of it
>being banned from comms (why tf is sexy baby still in there)
>people get bullied it's soo bad
>soo much racism!! transphobia!! ageism!!! protect trans kids!!
>calls herself the 'ceo of being ridiculed on the internet'(maybe stop wearing clown bullshit, have scammy sponsors and allow fezishists in our comm)
>if you see leaving lolita posts, message the seller about how sorry you are, offer your help when getting back (wtf)
>in between random crying because twansphobia so sawd
>end halleluja

No. 145769

She definitely still lurks here and CGL. I wish she would actually listen to the advice there, because she just keeps perpetuating this idea that “Lolitas should be lovelies” and invites creeps into our communities while telling us we are awful if we call a spade a spade

No. 146036

she'll feel bad when she and her puppeteer break up

No. 146078

What I don’t understand is that CGL and Lolcow are Lolita STAPLES. You’d think after years of cautionary tales she’d see the criticisms, adapt to them, then use them as a good influence. These forums aren’t always hateful, and it would be very wise of her to even acknowledge the existence, understand the concerns, and stop being a dumb ass. We are grown now Lor.

No. 146130

>if you see leaving lolita posts, message the seller about how sorry you are

wtf?! if somebody leaves lolita it's their own decision and it might not even be a bad reason (i.e. moving overseas, wanting to have a baby, etc.) if someone messaged me with supportive uwu bullshit if i made a leaving lolita sale i'd be so fucking put off

No. 146265

This! Nobody cares about how sorry you are for their choice. They’re just trying to make sales.

The new blouses Cream and Sugar is coming out with look so cheap and bad. Lor really doesn’t care about anything anymore.

No. 146378

Maybe she wants to stop making “lolita how to” videos, tired of all the backlash

No. 146591

File: 1619161774513.jpeg (201.19 KB, 660x880, EE5F5210-B11B-47C1-8F0F-A8EA53…)

Maybe she should get off YouTube.

No. 147422

File: 1619535788965.jpeg (52.87 KB, 690x367, DBBE5741-5B4F-4D6C-B802-65DADE…)

Lor yet again jumping the gun and has either deleted or got her comment removed from of herbs and alters video

No. 147462

God she’s so spineless.

No. 147502


I like how this retard caters to Dorian's "L word" censor to be all 'uwu so lovely' but immediately forgets at the end of her post.


No. 147507

Did lor delete or unlisted a video? Bc I'm seeing negative views on her SB analytics from Sunday

No. 147525

I feel like Lor doesn’t want to wear or participate in the lolita community at all, but she knows no one gives a fuck about her other content as it’s boring as fuck and she’d never last talking about shit like Tamagotchis.

No. 147530

The only content she's posted in the past two years is random Tamagotchi/kid games no one cares about or reviewing items she was given for free. Oh and her apology. She should consider switching her channel to something other than lolita.

No. 147668

File: 1619643511802.png (513.22 KB, 802x599, xport000617.png)

Can Lor just stop making videos? She's only just making things worse in this community

No. 147670

File: 1619643649393.png (43.06 KB, 744x167, xport0000615.png)

No. 147678

God i can’t even hate watch her because she’s so ugly and insufferable. I mean who does she think she is talking like a fashion style invented in japan. Why does she think her opinion counts.

No. 147705

Since she’s no longer friends with Tyler, is she trying to copy Tyler’s style of salt and be “edgy” like she’s ‘not playing by anyone’s rules now’ but also friendly since she had to stay “lovely”!

No. 147743

>Write my video information for me so I can make money off your free labor

No. 147746

That seems to be the majority of her lolita content, it’s either
>getting sent free shit and ‘reviewing’ it
>making shitty reaction videos and crying on camera
>or ‘reading’ fan submissions or Lolita rule books from 2006

No. 147985

That was quick

No. 147992

File: 1619793435052.jpeg (371.2 KB, 640x611, 0D42CD11-DFDC-43AB-86B3-E51A6A…)

Lor interviews fat gender special autist, scraping the bottom of the barrel for these woke lolita creators to engage with

No. 148035

If someone clearly looking like a woman throws he/him they/them stargender pronouns at me, I'll laugh and gtfo of there. What a joke.

No. 148043

lmao Lor not knowing how to pronounce this person's fucking name but sperging on their uwu pronouns. Google exists for a reason

No. 148045

$10 bucks says the alois fakeboi name is from black butler and they've done some sort of shitty black butler cosplay at some point

No. 148049

Oh absolutely

No. 148050

I fucking hate her makeup holy fuck. Her brows are too thick, dewy skin makes her face wider, that blush is horrible, those lashes are too much, that white underline eyeliner looks like shes from 2008, that lip color doesnt suit her. Fucking hell. Sweet lolita doesnt mean you have to do clown makeup. You dont look like a doll you look like a fat greasy clown thats stuck in 2008

No. 148051

Forgot to mention her nose contour makes her look like squidward

No. 148083

This .gif she used is creepy. Why did she think posting this was ok?

No. 148089

Her blush straight up makes her look sunburned

No. 148090

Yep, they drew him on their Instagram.

No. 148129

not only that but she's really let herself go on multiple fronts

her clothes don't fit right, her makeup doesn't sit right, nothing about her is an example of well executed fashion or styling

her 'representing' anything is a joke

No. 148133

This is quite a naive take. You can't separate lolcow and cgl from what they are - anonymous sites that more often than not have shit advice and are riddled with larpers/newbies talking above their skill level.

The 20% decent advice is not useful enough to read through the 80% of bullshit, especially if you're a youtuber who has been treated like shit by them. If Lor said "go to cgl, it's not all bad", her audience would see the trolling/derogatory stuff and not be able to quantify it.

cgl isn't even a good place to keep up with releases, not really.

No. 148185

Not a sweet but most of those indie dresses were way more awful than the AP one, it’s pretty obvious she just likes indie and taobao shit because she gets it for free.

No. 148306

>still only onesize
she likes indie and taobao because it's all she's able to fit into, she sized herself out of AP and has to act like it's bad ie sour grapes fallacy

No. 148336

more than half of those indie examples are garbage too

No. 148792


lor is fucking annoying and is defs joining in just to make a point against tyler, but ngl I just did not understand tyler's level of anger. I thought we were done with getting our fee fees hurt and sending a cancel army when someone gets the most commonly misunderstood fashion wrong and even admits to it.

No. 148897

I doubt Tyler was genuinely this angry, it's more of being in-character. Being angry about stuff is a big part of her content.
And it's not like she send a troll army towards some tiny creator, Dorian has significantly more subscribers. Furthermore, comments were already full of unhappy lolitas before lwln came out.
Dorian should have just ignored it, honestly. It's not like frilly police would come or something

No. 148906

It's obvious the submission in this vid refers to Lor's "concrit" vid, Tyler pretends she didn't watch the video the submission refers to. She makes good points imo

No. 148929

File: 1620313656772.png (108.76 KB, 281x268, xy0747392438232024.png)

Her look is a mess

No. 148932

File: 1620314476343.png (3.69 MB, 1334x750, 59D37D5D-048F-48C5-99AD-F4E84D…)

Puvithel is honestly so hideous, it’s clear that as per most of the indie brands she shills it’s because they gave her free shit. Like what is this over cluttered shit design meant to be?

Saged puvithel rant

No. 149013

Wasn't she renaming or rebranding this series? So much for that.

No. 149022

It's weird how just a clothing pattern can make the wearer look learning disabled but somehow this brand manages it.

No. 149084

I don't understand why so many lolitas shill this shit, I thought they were supposed to care about colour matching, fabric quality and fit. It's all so ugly.

No. 150924

Did she whiten her face? She's already pale as it is.

No. 150927

File: 1621547571296.jpg (24.16 KB, 512x298, wtf.jpg)

She literally looks like 'What ever happened to baby Jane'. Holyshit

No. 150930

File: 1621547856757.jpg (351.35 KB, 720x1018, tumblr_oximjiU6Ji1w8d8svo2_128…)

Watching the video right now, I feel like she could have summed up the 'lolita cosplay' vs 'character coord' with a brand collab over the kinda crappy 'crossover' pics that she posted…

A lot of the time it just comes down to how good the quality of the outfit is (generally lolita collab outfits are meant to be worn regularly while cosplay versions are meant to be worn only to cons/photoshoots and such), on top of that love nikki isn't really a character, it's just an avatar's in game outfit so it's about as much of a cosplay as wearing in game clothing irl.

No. 150941

Petition for farmhands to start deleting these sad troll posts, amusing only to the virgin who lurks on /w and posts them in every thread

No. 150943

In all fairness, mods do delete the cringy wojak posts most of the time if you report them

No. 150959

This was such a nonsense video. She just blathers on forever about cosplay vs lolita and that should have been a separate video. It just felt like she was trying to add more minutes.
She also needs to stop recording from such a high angle. Especially when the point of the video is to shoe off what she’s wearing. As someone who goes on about going to film school or whatever this seems like a poor choice in camera angle.

No. 150960

The weird angle is to make her appear slimmer.

No. 150980

love nikki also has a lot of lolita insp'd outfits in game.. so it makes sense for them to be translated into actual coords. the video also could have been way way shorter then it was

No. 150993

because a black person owns it, its like commenting on a retarded kid's photo that they are beautiful. Everyone knows you're just trying to make the disabled kid feel nice.

Lor is getting beaten by Holly, isn't she? That clown makeup is highly pigmented and weird enough that it would cover a black eye extremely well.

No. 150994

in all fairness, she went to Ryerson.

No. 150995

Throwing in domestic violence isn't funny nor quirky, sis, it's fucking horrible

No. 150999

Maybe 10-15 years ago but most lolitas nowadays don’t care about quality and fit at all, just look at the popularity of gimmicky taobao brands. If it has bright colours or a certain print they’ll buy it, even if it’s obviously made in a sweatshop from low quality polyester and will fall apart after a few washes.

Isn’t Puvithel Indian?

Honestly it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Holly were abusive, not necessarily physically but emotionally. Their relationship looks pretty toxic from the outside.

No. 151060

File: 1621625627768.jpeg (16.45 KB, 480x360, iu-56.jpeg)

The thumbnail reminds me of this

No. 151109


Emotional and verbal abuse tends to be a precursor to physical abuse.

Well we all know she is getting verbally/emotionally abused by Holly. I wouldn't be surprised if Lor had to cover up her physical abuse as well.

It's not a joke, it's serious concern.

No. 151133


No. 153466

File: 1622311726128.jpeg (306.5 KB, 1693x1284, 38F95C1B-2289-4A16-9C87-D4F00C…)

Sage because I know this isn’t milk but I really can’t believe how shit she looks these past few years. She literally looks like a 50 year old male sissy. Her coords were never anything special but most of them were at least passable as meh, but now she’s flat out ita. And her face was always ugly but when she was thin it was apparent that she was female but with her pushing 200lbs now she just looks like an ugly old man.

No. 153549

Im not a lolita but why is her blush like that? Is that a style? It looks god awful, imo

No. 153890

File: 1622583851389.jpg (227.01 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20210601-163525_You…)

Why is she still going on about Nabokov's lolita and the fashion not being related? Like….no shit?
Is she just out of ideas or what?

No. 153961

because lor's audience isn't lolitas

No. 153965

gotta try to one-up tyler

No. 153987

have you never been on tiktok before??? youre so fucking stupid, shes explaining this to not lolitas or people who are new to the fashion. the majority of her audience on this platform finds her randomly, thats how tiktok works. can we have actual milk instead?

No. 153988

File: 1622622819781.jpg (12.38 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

this joke has been done to death but my god

No. 154201

>I like my coords to be balanced
Ah yes nothing says balanced like cheap free taobao hime blouses with brand.
I'm not looking forward to her wearing shit from cream and sugar to try and shill the indie brand again, since this stuff isn't even lolita adjacent.

No. 154203

Even a fair amount of normies know what lolita fashion is. If someone is on her channel chances are that they know the difference, even if they're a gross fetishist who doesn't WANT them to be different.

No. 154241

she always sounds so out of breath in her videos now

No. 154256

That’s because she’s obese

No. 154276

I really don't get why she keeps talking about that.
Lolita is literally the silhouette, modest looks and elegance. That's something tennis shoes and daddy chokers are not going to achieve. She's not a guidebook and her looks are horrendous.

No. 154278

Did Holly and Lor break up?

No. 154309

Someone go watch the pattern video she posted telling us what happened
But was probably a death in the family since she went to one relative’s house to clean it out or something

No. 154331

File: 1622772397923.jpg (89.57 KB, 1002x614, Answering_VERY_SPECIFIC_Questi…)

She looks fucking ghastly.

No. 154336

Baby Jane looking head ass

No. 154349

No, her grandfather whom she seemed to be close with died.

But let's hope some grief will make her reflect on life and ditch the cloutchasing, manipulative parasite that is Holly.

No. 154437

You still haven't shown ANY proof of Holly being abusive.
I hate Lor, yet why would you spread crap about her that isn't backed up? She does so many aweful things and you keep saying her gf is the worst

No. 154476

>She does so many awful things
Lol like what, being an ugly pushover?

No. 154601

maybe it’s just me but her blush looks less clown-ish then in some of her previous videos. i wouldn’t be surprised if she was lurking here.

No. 154650

I think part of the problem is her bangs. They aren’t flattering for her face shape. Plus again with the terrible angles. It’s ok if you’ve gained weight Lor.

No. 154660

It’s not ok she needs to lose weight. She’s definitely obese and that isn’t healthy

No. 154698

It was a hard year for everyone. There’s no reason to fat shame

No. 154708

Nigga youre in lolcow

No. 154709

She always looks fucking ugly i hate her videos just exist to destroy any kind of guideline for lolita.
lets be honest, all these autistic itas aren’t experienced enough to even break the rules. Why doesnt she just quit? YEARS AGO she didnt look this fucking bad. What the fuck even happened?

No. 154756

File: 1623000313248.jpg (466.44 KB, 1280x1878, 49299a04dcea39af90a54eb52f161e…)

There's so much factoring into it, imo. The bangs, the general fit of the wig, her obsession now with painting her face white? I legitimately don't get why she's lightening her face so much, if she was doing it for, like, old school gothic to give the Mana flair, that makes sense, but for the coords she's pairing it with, it looks really odd, and then pale white face + no real contour or anything + bright red lips and wonky brows, it's just all over a complete mess.

Also she just looks uncomfortable with how stretched the dress is.

No. 154837

i think shes going for clown makeup, but more wearable and toned down. it’d be cool if she wore more pieces with clown/circus motifs, but rn it just looks tacky.

No. 155013

Not saying this to WK, but I think the reason why Lor seems so unfortunate looking is because she’s awkward in front of the camera and doesn’t know her angles. I met her and ALB two years ago at a con, and I was shocked how much cuter she was in person. Seeing her photos and knowing how she looks irl feels knot tragic.

No. 156311

File: 1623978856410.png (170.45 KB, 727x625, god fuck off.PNG)

You'd think someone who's been into the fashion for over 10 years would know that brand collabs are a thing.

No. 157207

sage for shitting on AP instead of lor, but jesus christ this dress looks like fucking garbage, I've literally seen better Halloween costumes

No. 157455

File: 1624745525436.png (4.37 MB, 1334x750, A6DCE247-BD7D-4808-876E-F402D6…)

Why does she keep trying to mi substyles so hard? Not only does this dress look like a trash bag but it’s not even going for a scene theme, it’s going for that edgy tumblr girl gang garbage.
I swear to god Lor is actively trying to create bad coords.

No. 157456

Also link to new vid

No. 157465

That dress is a monstrosity

No. 157562

I cringed when I saw that, I hate that she’s really trying to promote this too with the “tag me in your coords!”

No. 157564

Sorry forgot to sage

No. 157575

She got it for free, ofc she wouldn't bash it.

No. 159290

I'm happy Tyler is dunking on devilinspired since Lor shills it all the time despite it being a total scam.

No. 161296

She's so shady in this video. She's taking shots at Tyler, and at everyone criticizing her for shilling devilinspired

No. 161342

the queen of positiveness who usually grovels whenever she offended somebody is being shady…?
dare we assume it's because she's actually bitter about being so much uglier than taylor (and everybody else)? kek

No. 161363

That video was kinda cringe. First, it’s several years old. Second, Taylor was a model for years who often selectively took lolita gigs. And she basically lived in lolita.

And it kinda makes sense she would focus on makeup. A lot of Taylor’s lolita reality was doing her makeup a certain way and putting on huge contacts.

Taylor also used to refer to her look as living doll. I get why some lolitas might not like that, but Taylor was fine calling her look that, and as someone who modeled lolita, made YouTube vids on lolita, and dressed lolita most of the time during that moment in her life… then I don’t see the problem with her using that term for herself.

She also probably didn’t want to spend a grand on a goth lolita look that was only in the video for several seconds… she probably wanted to do a dark makeup look, and couched it in a buzzy fashion trend for seo. It’s not that deep…

Ps - not a Taylor fan either, but c’mon.

No. 161547

Lor's female jealousy coming through, see also: that Kelly Eden video.

Sorry Taylor is prettier than you boo

No. 161556

Kelly Eden was wrong though… and not good at lolita fashion.

No. 161557

I'm not a fan of Taylor or her outfit in that video but Lor who shills shitty devilinspired trying to critique someone who modelled for JetJ is giving me secondhand embarrassment.

A reaction/commentary on Taylor's lolita modelling vlogs would've probably been far more interesting content for Lor but she picked this particular video where Taylor is dressed badly so she could be petty and take some kind of high ground. It reeks of Lor trying to take indirect swipes at Tyler and the herbs and alters situation, by framing Taylor's video as a similar situation when it wasn't. Taylor made a one off video in a bad outfit to meet a sponsorship quota amongst other videos where she represented the fashion well, whereas Dorian dressed like shit, misrepresented the fashion and acted like an ass.

Not to mention the obvious which is Lor just not wanting to show someone pretty and good at makeup such as Taylor actually trying at lolita, because that would blow her shitty clown coords out of the water.

No. 161698

Agreed, she's trying to get the same views Tyler did with the Herbs and Alters video, while acting as though Tyler did something wrong with her video and Lor is doing it in such a "lovely" way. Even though Taylor has much better, more relevant content to react to and the videos aren't alike anyway.

No. 161796

this video sucks because shes trying to critique it when taylor literally states in her video shes based her look on the game that sponsored her video and shes not well versed in the fashion. also the very obvious jabs at tylers video, what a petty bitch. get over yourself lor, she has and always will be what people think of when they refer to western lolitas being ugly and fat

No. 161866

there are a gazillion of pics and videos misrepresenting lolita, either it's innocent girls who simply don't know any better or it's degenerates who try to turn it into something kinky (or straight up sissies), lor herself is uggo, fat and wears chinese knockoffs, and all those get a pass, only taylor somehow deserves an "unlovely" reaction…
even most strict lolitas aren't bothered much by harmless yt videos about "lolita" makeup, it's very difficult to not accuse her of simply being jealous here.

No. 162140

Weird how Lor didn't react to this Lolita video where Taylor does a photoshoot in beautiful sets and clothes. We'll go for one where she was trying to look like a specific sponsored game character and complain about it.

No. 162156

She pretty rarely reacts to people who are actually well dressed, and when they are (like in the CupofTJ video) she finds stupid shit to complain about like how she's saying girls to refer to people into lolita fashion…a fashion basically made entirely for women.

Part of me thinks that she does this to feel better about herself.

No. 162158

The coords she gave as 'examples of gothic coords with colored hair that are balanced better' at the end look just as bad if not worse than the Taylor R outfit.

No. 162515

Lor has the audacity to talk about Taylor when she styles the way she does, hypes up others who dress poorly, and then skips past the make-up part (she could really learn from). This video came across as she's just trying to roast Taylor (in a 2-year-old video no less) while still "staying lovely". It must be exhausting to constantly pretend you're a nice person on camera. Lor didn't mention that this was based on a game on purpose to make it seem like Taylor was interested in Gothic Lolita when she's not. Taylor just tries different things either for fun or in this case sponsored. Lor is really scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas these days.

No. 162706

She literally struggles to make videos if she's not being given free shit by crappy indie brands or devilinspired.

No. 163137

She looks like a sissy here.

No. 164238

File: 1627315863619.png (1.97 MB, 1182x637, bizarre hat lor.PNG)

Not a single one of these coords even remotely looked decent, I'm not a sweet myself but the dress she's wearing looked like pretty thick fabric but everything she paired with it is shitty devil inspired blouses.
One thing Lor really needs to invest in is some brand blouses and not shit wigs. Most of her coords would improve tenfold if she didn't use sissy blouses or cheap devilinspired shill blouses.

No. 164239

Link to the new video itself.

No. 164248

File: 1627322388492.jpg (144.6 KB, 1195x645, The_Story_Behind_Angelic_Prett…)

She seriously ballooned up.

No. 164249

How does she manage to look so bland yet so bizarre at the same time? Every single blouse in this video looks like it was made out of tissue paper.

No. 164252

Her completely flat, pasty John Wayne Gacy makeup is absolutely ghastly to look at in the first place, and then paired with these dollar store Easter accessories… Why do people treat her as an authority again?

No. 164254

Most hated… back in 2013. Since then, a lot more recent prints have been hated more. She loves outdated information…

No. 164257

Radioactive cupcake is such a busy print on its own, then she pairs it with the OTT makeup and awful wigs. The best coords of this print have always been ones that keep everything simple.

No. 164265

File: 1627326997752.jpg (77.4 KB, 327x600, INgVzje.jpg)

She's said on video multiple times that she gets the majority of her accessories at costume shops.
Honestly half of her wardrobe looks way worse, I've seen radioactive cupcakes coorded very cutely. It's weird since she owns GLBs from the 2010 sweet time period but she just can't be bothered to actually create a coord similar to that era due to her insistence on shilling overpriced devilinspired garbage.

No. 164269

She's tacky and broke af, combined it explains why she looks like hot garbage. Covid isolation hasn't helped, with her ballooning and not being able to see how actual lolitas wear and style things well in person. People should be asking her to review brand blouses or get a makeover from a friend or makeup counter if we ever want to see her improve, because she sure as hell not going to do it for her own sake.

No. 164270

i don't even
just why
>ochre yellow well into ur tear trough
>blush eating the sides of ur face to the point that it is indistinguishable from eyeshadow
>symmetry indicates makeup applied while drunk

it is truly sad that Lor is the most popular lolita youtuber out there, there is such an opportunity for improvement and I hate that this is your average newbie's introduction to the ~fAsHuNn~. Anyone thinking lolita was about elegance sees Lor & is like, 'oh, never mind - this is clearly some kind of weird baby kawaii clown aesthetic and not what I thought it was'

No. 164271

why she decided She was the one to try styling this dress in a good way I have no idea but I had the exact same thought watching the video. why does she not own a single brand blouse… for a dress from this era you'd think she'd at least try investing in a blouse from the same time. it's not like they're very expensive either

No. 164272

File: 1627328302993.jpg (259.08 KB, 1124x231, Screenshot (169)_LI.jpg)

Do you think Lor will go after ModernGurlz next? Considering the fact that she went after Taylor after an old video where it was perfectly reasonable for her to not pay hundreds of dollars for a gothic lolita dress, then I wouldn't put it past her to go after ModernGurlz for a 5 second clip. She shows some degree of interest in this idea in the comments

No. 164274

vid rel in ModernGurlz's video. She talks about it in 12:48

No. 164275

This wasn't that bad honestly, only real problem is them grouping in lolita with like larme which to be fair on 2010s tumblr they were grouped together a fair bit.

No. 164281

>>164238 That is so badly coorded I wouldn't even call it lolita. How does this ita keep getting away with this?

No. 164294

She legitimately looks like she's trying to be Pixielocks.

No. 164319

Unpopular opinion maybe but the whole "going after" normies for not knowing lolita comes off as unhinged. I appreciated the milk from when it happened to Dorian but some random fashion youtuber making a single lolita reference doesn't really warrant a response.

No. 164327

I agree. Also ModernGurlz doesn't even call it lolita, she just claims the aesthetic 'came from lolita' (it didn't). However, calling it 'kawaii fashion' is uh…it's technically not inaccurate? so I have zero idea how Lor would manage to milk that for the duration of a 5-10 minute video.

No. 164335

Not trying to WK but her wig actually works here for once. the side pieces cover up her really unfortunate face shape vs the usual ones she wears. Coord is garbage though otherwise

No. 166493

File: 1628283714124.jpeg (243.66 KB, 750x1009, A9A7163A-B591-4096-9D36-B845FA…)

I hate anime onlys for visual novels franchises.
When did Lor start cosplaying anyway? I’m no expert on it but considering that she thought wearing a love nikki taobao dress was cosplay she doesn’t seem to know much about it either.

No. 166495

I mean she is cosplaying a cringey clown every time she gets on camera.

No. 166512

Kek of course her favorite character is fucking Sayaka of all of them, literally the personality of a selfish card board cut-out

No. 166518

I think she means Junko since Sayaka doesn't die in the first episode of the anime, and would explain the "overcosplayed" thing

sage for useless weeb shit

No. 166868

She’s talking about Mami in Madoka and Junko in DR. Mami is super popular even though she dies the minute she’s introduced.

No. 167168

I'm surprised she doesn't cosplay, she wears Lolita the same way a mediocre cosplayer would.

No. 167339

File: 1628794109590.jpeg (1.16 MB, 828x1555, 23463E98-5E35-4D9C-9153-3523B5…)

Now she’s telling newbies that not wearing blouses is a stand against internalized misogyny, sorry can’t seem to upload the whole video

No. 167343

is she even a lolita anymore? like for real?

No. 167344

Wtf?? Sounds just an excuse for being either too far or too poor kek

No. 167358

Is just the lighting or is her foundation 2 shades lighter than she is.

No. 167371

Why would anyone take serious advice from her when she looks like a clown?

No. 167372

She must be over 200lbs by now approaching 250. I’m astounded by just how much she’s let herself go. Her coords used to be meh-to-average like a decade ago but now they are ALL ita. She clearly doesn’t give a shit about lolita anymore and is just clinging onto it for her audience composed of lolitas at heart

No. 167373

When is she just going to leave the fashion already. What she wears is so far removed from what lolita actually is. I'd respect her a lot more if she just did her own thing instead of giving newbies shitty advice and shitting up the western comm in general.

No. 167461

That is the most unfortunate potato shaped face I've ever seen. She normally looks haggard but in that clip she somehow looks 10x worse.

No. 167665

Wtf is going on here. This foundation base was not always her go to, in fact she use to wear decently cute or paired well makeup. Is this her attempt at shironuri? Because that’s not a style you can do half way or mix well.

No. 167927

She just straight up isn't a lolita anymore but can't let go due to branding and personal attachment. It's really time for her to officially "leave" and stop calling herself a lolita because she simply isn't one anymore and it's unfair to the people who actually wear lolita and care about the style.

No. 167976

Oh whoops wrong link, I posted the one she had linked in her description on accident.

No. 168222

She pretends to know about sweet lolita every day, so I don’t see how this is any different

No. 168405

File: 1629377731582.webm (5.71 MB, 576x1024, loriblousetiktok.webm)

here, I downloaded it for you.
she's actually stupid.

No. 169558

Why would she bring "internalized sexism" into this?
I too cringe when western lolitas sperg about rules because jp oldschool lolitas are known to skip on blouses and still make perfectly fine coords - but that has absolutely nothing to do with politics or human rights.

No. 171284

How the fuck does her makeup get worse every video?

No. 171392

at least this time she literally embraced the clown look.

No. 171410

the fact that she only use to get shampoos and conditions that were on sale is annoying.

Why are there so many lolitas who will not work on the baseline level of beauty management, like hair, skin and nails?? Thousands of dollars spent on clothes, yet she is just now connecting the dots between her greasy hair/burning scalp to having a bad hair care regimen…

No. 171420

Lolita looks like a shortcut to instant "beauty" that otherwise poorly dressed people seem to gravitate toward because the dresses themselves are extravagant. Nevermind all the supporting things like maintenance, understanding of fit, coord balancing, etc. that it requires for it to actually look good. So it's not shocking that there are a bunch of people who've never otherwise thought of taking care of themselves properly using it as a way to "feel pretty".

No. 175132

New vid up, probably the most decent coords Lor has done in a while but the print of the dress is kind of ugly it would be better as a solid piece or one without the boarder print.

No. 175136

Dollbe’s prints always just seem to be missing some thing. They’re just a little too flat or need more shading or color.

No. 175161

Great, more free shit for her to hoard in her hovel.

No. 175315

Not that Lor doesnt have some ugly as sin coords, but her biggest problem is her makeup. Its always harsh as hell and the wrong colors for her. In this instance its the pinks being way too red for her, the blush matching her crease color, all is harshly blended, her blunt brows, the fuchsia lipstick is horrible and would have looked better on her if she softened the edges like the lollipop trend, heavy ebay tier top lashes that have not been trimmed in any capacity, her under eyes are blank and it looks like she didnt even apply mascara to her lower lashes.
Its like shes allergic to the word “soft” when putting makeup on and reminds me of most of the weeb content creators you see today from ethots to jfash.

No. 178232

Apparently Tyler hasn't updated Patreon or been to any local meets lately https://www.reddit.com/r/Lolita/comments/qd89ei/does_anyone_know_if_tyler_willis_is_ok/

No. 178260

Quite concerning, and shoutout to boldfag drama queen in the replies on reddit. I'm sure boldfag uses cgl or here since she absolutely lives for drama and has no concern when a very online person goes AWOL for months.
Probably personal issues for Tyler, it's a while since the actual drama happened so the timing suggests that isn't the cause.
Maybe a breakup or death in the family. Due to the cannibalism of online communities she can't even post about said issues without tone deaf drama mongers like boldfag attacking her, so she just went silent.

No. 178302

God what a mess! Also looks like Boldfag could use some of Tyler’s advice.

No. 178303

File: 1634993313997.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1125x1960, FAA96325-E24A-4B66-B784-63C9FA…)

Dropped image and forgot to sage like an idiot

No. 178306

Oh, so she's up Lor's ass which is why she thinks it's appropriate to make statements like "she steamrolled over POC voices!!!!" when people are showing genuine concern over a public figure going silent even towards her own comm.
As a POC voice it's really fucking annoying when white people get to decide that one deranged ita represents all POC voices and her insanity needs to be taken as the gospel truth or you're the real racist.

No. 178400

Even Tyler's local comm seem to have moved on why is this literal who from the other side of the world so bitter and obsessed over drama from February?

Imagine OP being genuinely concerned wanting to know if Tyler's okay and getting that whole essay in response about how Tyler is totally so evil and racist and completely undeserving of any empathy, rehashing old drama that you most likely already knew of and weren't even asking about in the first place.

No. 178402

>>178260 "The whole outfit was sponsored and not actually H&A's choice, which led to Tyler's fans doxxing and bullying" I don't recall doxxing happening unless I just missed that, but Dorian literally called lolita a slutty fashion and then threw a bunch of tantrums on instagram about how lolitas are sooo mean and so stubborn but dorian will cry about people not taking goth seriously for the same shit lol. They didn't know shit clearly. this person is absolutely nuts
>>178303 oh god is this the commenter? Let's see… Lovelylorvideo, CONFETTICLUB???? yikes ahahaha

No. 182227

>more shilling for overpriced indie brands
I don’t even buy the ‘Lor is too poor for brand’ meme since she can easily afford second hand pieces, the dress in question being on the same level as modern AP quality isn’t a great compliment anyway since modern AP is trash.

No. 182331

Imo her content just became a bit stale. The novelty of "kawaii host rips itas/drama/sissies apart" wore off fast, and it's exhausting to watch yet another verbose, 10-min long "weirdos are trying to ruin the fashion" video. Her ScarfingScarves LWLN persona became very grating and unfunny, and she started to come across as bitter and nasty instead of sharp or witty.

I still think that her defending LovelyLor for a non-issue that had already blown over probably made her rethink a lot of her content. Are they even still friends now?

No. 182437

If anything Tyler’s boyfriend is more entertaining than she is. I’d rather watch more “ man vs kawaii “

No. 182604


Tbh I think novelty was all she had, i don’t get how her (and tbh her boyfriend’s ) autism didn’t annoy people? The mannerisms, verbiage, tone of voice, it’s kinda just all cringey.

Lor is also cringey but also tame. Sometimes I forget how cowish this fashion can be with who it attracts.

No. 182765

Most of the sane people in this fashion have normal jobs and don't do stupid shit online, but boy oh boy are the loud and obnoxious ever loud

No. 182819

Agree that her LWLN persona was tired. Also the way newbies would very obviously tried to emulate her salty persona not realising it was for comedy and posting 'I'm telling Tyler' 'wait till Tyler hears about this' on every single slightly controversial thing that happened in the western community got annoying fast.

Having said that I always found her more unscripted videos gushing over her dresses really sweet. You can tell she really genuinely loves the fashion and it means a lot to her. Like her or not, she has a pretty impressive wardrobe that she's obviously spent a lot of time collecting and it's cute to watch her talk about how happy it makes her. If she ever did come back and just made videos about her wardrobe instead of drama I'd watch them.

Yeah it's stale content too and not exactly special but she already has a big platform and experience in the fashion compared to most of the smaller youtubers or even someone like Lor who has a bigger platform and has been in the fashion for just as long but only has like 10 ugly taobao dresses she got for free.

No. 183104

File: 1637189169834.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1146x1294, 2D1A2DB8-E06D-48FE-98A4-BDDC97…)

No. 183105

File: 1637189209887.jpeg (260.16 KB, 1154x1284, ACC813A3-EB88-4639-AB16-FEB859…)

No. 183106

File: 1637189245458.jpeg (950.56 KB, 1143x1317, A51E5496-4260-4926-AFCA-364940…)

No. 183117

Thank the lord, the way Holly sided with Lor's petty attackers during like-gate rubbed me the wrong way. You should be standing up for your girlfriend in a situation like that, not joining the attackers.

No. 183122

Kek. I say holly ran fast away from lor at the right moment

No. 183126

I wonder if Holly will keep wearing lolita after this? She was already getting involved in Lor's likegate drama and then trying to make a shitty indie brand, but without being attached to Lor she's just another ita.

No. 183156

Yeah, that incident makes me think this is probably for the best too. Not a fan of Lor but that was just weird and seemed really inappropriate for a girlfriend to do.

No. 183375

Was Holly even popular/known before dating Lor? Seems she only sided with the majority to save her own Ita brand/ online image.

No. 183397

I don't think she was. If you go back a bit on her instagram it's just a regular personal account with posts of her life and friends. Iirc she was just one of Lor's normie viewers before they started dating and only in the past year or two did she start her ita brand and twitch streams.

I also totally agree that she sided with Lor's attackers just so she wouldn't get cancelled by association. Probably the same reason that they both cut ties with Tyler.

No. 183441

Honestly this is good, Holly was pretty awful to Lor during the whole Instagram debacle.(sage)

No. 183776


Agreed. Lor is better off without her.

No. 186463

Sorry for not being up to date but what’s the Lor likegate situation? Was it the whole Trump thing or something else?(asking to be spoonfed)

No. 186469

yeah she accidentally liked a photo of a stylist(?) i believe who came out in support of trump. Then the wokies attacked inclulding her own gf and called her a racist and that she needs to apologize or face the guillotine. Tyler defends her after Lor told her not to and they stop following each other and being friends in a nutshell.

No. 186479

Was gonna link her apology video but she deleted it or unlisted it? I wonder why. Tyler's video is a decent recap

No. 186490

I think it’s stupid that Tyler and Lor are no longer friends since Tyler was defending her friend. More than her gf did

No. 186502

Lor's gf sucks
I mean all three of them suck, but like she seems like a shitty enough gf to bitch Lor into un-friending someone

No. 186536

i kinda hope Lor and Tyler become friends again. I always thought their opposite personalities worked well together. Holly can fuck off for wedging herself in(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 186547

Sorry if tinfoil but I still don't buy the "accidentally". The picture was so obviously at a trump rally and her first reaction was "uhhh I can like what I want!!". You shouldn't have to vet who you follow or ever like you leave online but the only two possibilities I can get on board with are that she didn't care OR she was just liking everything in her feed without even looking.
I hate how people mollycoddled Lor when this happened against the "" wokies"" who just wanted to know what the fuck was going through Lor's head, she's not a child.

No. 186548

Haven't you ever read or looked at something online and parsed it as different than it was? I often will read a different word on the first try and then realize what it really says on the second reading, I can understand someone just seeing interesting makeup or whatever and parsing that without context. Not everyone has a robocop brain that scans everything for potential inflammatory meanings before interacting with it, and as she said in her video she just followed the girl for her makeup looks and didn't realize she was a trumper.
Trying to read evil secret motives!! into people's activity says more about the person reading into it than anything imo.

No. 186549

You don't need a robocop brain to see that someone is at a trump rally lmao

No. 186586

The point is she responded like a brat. Lor is a huge cunt who is putting on an act. She has a lot of bad "youtuber" traits in general. But her feigning innocence after digging her heels like a child is kind of telling.

No. 186630

That and her OTT apology and general literal clown antics are just not cute to me. Like find Tyler's persona grating all you want, that is valid, but at least she still participated in the actual fashion and brands and didn't just jump on the dick of ScamInspired for an easy buck.

I could easily see someone as wishy washy as Lor liking a photo at an attempt to overthrow a government and then folding herself in half to apologize and no actually and apologize for a million other things that don't demand a public apology. I feel like it's more insulting to muh POC to do that much performative backbending.
Tyler was just being real about the absurdity of the whole situation and that seemed to cost her everything. I will choose a sometimes hamfistedly sjw tendency Tyler over someone like Lor any day if we can only have 1 lolita youtuber with noteriety. Tyler could make a strong comeback if she focused on frock talk new releases type content and her reviews, thoughts, and history of her wardrobe.

No. 186639

I don’t have a vendetta against Lor but my God is she hard to look at. Her lisp makes her videos hard to sit through too.

No. 186660

Agree anon. Tyler needs to come back and focus on her self. I hope Tyler rejects lor’s apologies for throwing her under the bus to benefit her own image. I really did like the two of them together but a friend doesn’t backstab their own

No. 186681


Lor's DevilInspired shilling is one of the biggest red flags as to why she seems fake. She's willing to rip apart a Taobao reseller (My Lolita Dress) in one of her "horror story" videos, but similarly scammy DevilInspired gets a pass? Hypocrite. When Tyler came for DevilInspired in a more recent video, it felt legit good to see shade thrown on the same exact platform where Lor kisses their sweatshop egirl ass, and it really felt almost like an indirect dig towards Lor for selling out to them.

No. 186727

In what video does Tyler shade DI? I'd love to see that lol

No. 186730

here ya go!

No. 187159

>>186681 DI is so overpriced I cannot believe despite all sorts of backlash Lor still shills them. I understand youtube doesn't pay shit but damn there are much better sponsors

No. 187889

I honest to God think Holly is a narcissist based on the behavior talked about her and her behaviour in Lor's videos.

No. 187892

Lovely lor unlisted apology video >>186479


No. 189138

File: 1639862717324.png (1.35 MB, 1794x665, Capture.PNG)

Anyone think Lor is pretty bored of lolita? She seems to just sell most of her pieces she worked hard to get now and just accept indie stuff because she gets it for free.

No. 189140

Those fucking sneakers make me want to a-log

No. 189142

I think she doesn’t fit in them and wants to capitalize on the used market while accepting free stuff.

No. 189143

The backpack not matching the colours though? Glad the butch sells her stuff

No. 189169

Couldn't even use a stock image, she had to show off that it was worn by the Lovely Lor kek.

No. 189194


Seconding other anon, it's more likely that she's just too fat for her old wardrobe these days. Might as well make some cash

No. 189222

Why the randoseru? It's creepy when weebs wear them because they're for children ffs.

No. 189274

They make them for adults as well, you know.

No. 190605

lor is dressing up her mom now

No. 190642

Lol why her mom look better even with the clashing shoes and Lor makeup?

No. 190644

The legwear and princess sleeves are a choice, why do her mom dirty like that

No. 190660

Has Lor lost weight since breaking up with Holly, or is it just that she’s wearing a more flattering dress? Her make up is still clown tier though and I wish she styled her mum better.

No. 190774

File: 1640662656579.png (183.62 KB, 287x318, linemeup.png)

Did she really try to do eyeliner wings on her mom and it ended up looking like random ass lines??

No. 190912

She looks like a kawaii corpse. Lor learn some basic contouring jc

No. 191643

>20 something
Isnt bitch almost 40. No way she’s in her 20s. And I thought I was an ex stan.

No. 191791

When the board was made she was probably late twenties

No. 191811

She's mentioned being in high school around '07-'09ish IIRC so she's late twenties/early thirties

No. 191924

File: 1641521982347.png (638.14 KB, 487x760, pale lor.PNG)

Goddamn her makeup ages her like 15 years.

No. 191938

ngl thought this was the troon thread for a second

No. 192846

Did lor move back home?

No. 195042

new video, Lor remains cringe

>such spicy opinions

>wow ctp is so overrated!!!
>can't pronounce demonias
>can't pronounce qi
>wishy washy "I'm too white to have an opinion and don't want to get cancelled again"-opinion on qi lolita(learn2embed)

No. 195099

There's a field for youtube…

No. 195195

File: 1643305384458.png (1.85 MB, 1334x750, 5D53B405-1F0F-4AC0-BD52-DD7629…)

Her make up looks decent. If she could do more make up like this it would be so much better

No. 195237


So she's admitting she doesn't like qi but doesn't have the balls to do it.

No. 195658

>>195195 if it weren't for the blouse i'd say this is her best look in years

No. 197587

File: 1644985109359.jpeg (721.71 KB, 828x1181, ACD72F40-3AA4-4E30-A65C-C7A213…)

Oh lor…

No. 197589

sometimes it's extremely obvious that she's posting…

No. 197596

What happened to her dyslexia? I thought she avoided cgl because of that. I guess not since she knows all about the types of posters there.

No. 197610

like i said >>197589 she posts on /cgl/ pretty regularly.

No. 197613

No. 197624

I have to agree with her on this.

No. 197643

that's because she's not saying anything other than what everyone else is. i think she's been poaching /cgl/ for content.

No. 197661

I haven't watched a video of hers in ages, yes she is correct but the constant shilling of western indie brands or even taobao acting like it's better than "going through the stress" of buying japanese brands was pretty insufferable to me, even more when you see she's sponsored.

No. 197684

This. She's just parroting the common opinion but the fact that she always has something to shill makes it disingenuous coming from her.

I've noticed a lot of lor watchers just write off japanese brand completely for some reason, either under the guise of it not being inclusive enough or too expensive, but they will gladly overpay for regretsy tier western indie stuff because she shills it. It's really strange.

No. 197706

>Compares pink house looking dress to bodyline
>Compares old school inspired dress to bodyline
>Compares dress with teacups on it to dress with 60s manga on it
I get that modern AP’s quality is known for not being the best, but Lor comparing everything that’s more simple to a bodyline or basic sewing pattern annoys me.

No. 197728

File: 1645070735550.png (31.8 KB, 1023x192, ew.PNG)

I'm moreso grossed out by this old scrote commenting on "inclusivity" of a Japanese women's brand.
Stay the fuck out of women's fashion

No. 197765

AP is already so big that it’s baggy on average-sized Japanese and Chinese women, aka their main customer base, but god forbid it’s still not big enough for adult Western males. If AP ever wants to kill off their brand for good they should definitely try catering to creepy men.

No. 197771

Crazy that women's clothing is too small for a man, we must cater to him at once!

No. 198203

>>197684 its hilarious cause BTSSB and Meta are also revered for having multiple size and they're japanese brands. But cause it's not AP it doesn't matter, time to buy taobao and indie! Absolutely laughable. Meta has surprisingly released some really nice prints and rereleases but again, not AP so it doesn't matter lolol

No. 198204

>>197684 its hilarious cause BTSSB and Meta are revered for having multiple sizes and they're japanese brands. But cause it's not AP it doesn't matter, time to buy taobao and indie! Absolutely laughable. Meta has surprisingly released some really nice prints and rereleases but again, not AP so it doesn't matter lolol

No. 198206

>>198204 same anon, sorry didn't realize that posted twice. My bad

No. 199741

No. 199760

Imagine going through IVF and putting the kid in private education only for her to turn out so dumb.

No. 199774

lor will never not look like a man. she also needs to learn how to wear wigs. i know she has a 5head but it's close to falling off.

No. 199833

This was just such a boring try hard video. I couldn’t get through it

No. 199890

What is she trying to accomplish with the whole "yuk yuk yuk, I'm hideously horesefaced AND a moron!" act? It's not abnormal to forget some dress names if you have a big collection or have been in the fashion as long as she has, she's acting like she had a traumatic brain injury or several.

No. 200127

I would have preferred a wardrobe video, I think she should have just done whatever she wanted rather than worry about people calling her spoiled or whatever it was. Who cares what people say.

No. 200682

No. 200860

No. 205572

New vid up, can’t say I’m a big fan.
>likes lolita mixed with drag elements and is fine with some dude in drag flashing his petti yet for some reason would rather the dress have been non printed to be less recognizable to her as a lolita? Honestly makes no sense to me and my best guess is that Lor is just admitting she doesn’t know or care about solids
>proceeds to rag on Jessica Simpson for doing the same shit as the drag queen, only difference is that she was in a fashion show for it, audience doesn’t even seem to care despite that but Lor believes ‘SHE’S NOT TAKING IT SERIOUSLY’
>A fuck ton of random trigger warnings everywhere

No. 205575

tinfoil but maybe she's trying to push sissies and grown ass men wearing lolita so people dont make fun of her more manly features and her makeup that if we're gonna be honest reads more like 'stereotypical sissy' makeup than anything else.

No. 205604

Or she and Tyler are just trying to out woke each other, this isn't that far after Tyler pulled the 'men should have beards in lolita' shit.

No. 205761

Ignoring the fact she is now promoting sissies
>song is called puppet
>dresses in lolita
I thought it was a big no no taboo to mix up “doll” and lolita, enough to be ferociously wacked with a AP parasol.

No. 205834

It's fine if someone Lor likes does it.

No. 205963

Lor is such a good example of why wokeness and "being nice" without limits is actually really hurtful, especially to women. She has gone backwards to accept AGP sex pests into the lolita community and doesn't see an issue with it. I'm showing her to my female friends as a cautionary example.

No. 206414

File: 1649638278699.png (2.05 MB, 750x1334, BC8AC0DA-F726-40EE-BD15-B3AB50…)

You don’t have to be invited to a convention to go to a convention and I hate how efamous people think they’re too good to just go to a con normally

No. 206416

it seems pretty reasonable to not want to travel to a different country for a con without being invited as a guest

No. 206419

Guests get to attend for free when they're invited though. The convention covers the cost of the hotel, travel, even food and gifts. Ofc she could pay to attend the ones she wanted but I guess it's smarter to just wait for the chance to go for free.
t. former convention events staff

No. 206421

Really!? I’m pretty sure the style was just referred to basically as doll clothes before Mana coined/used the term Lolita. Surely doll associations should be less bothersome than the pedo misconception?

No. 206422

nta but the living doll trend of the 2010s made it a faux pas.

No. 206425

iirc she's been living in the US since she and Holly broke up

No. 206511

there's no proof that mana coined the term

in her last AP vid (seeing what ap is up to or whatever) she stated she moved to a different place but is still living in canada

No. 207177

New vid up, Lor finally sort of mentions devilinspired but ignores all the shady shit they do like never refunding people for items they don’t send instead she just pretends that browsing taobao is ‘oh so hard’
Honestly, it’s so clear she doesn’t want care about lolita anymore and would rather just get free shit to pay the bills which at least she did admit she mainly talks about DI because they pay her.

No. 207187

File: 1650040194519.jpg (124.38 KB, 892x1200, DaGJzUNUQAErC5l.jpg)

It's BEEN clear she doesn't care about lolita anymore from the way she styles herself and does her makeup. Declare your own pathetic style at this point so lolitas don't have to be associated with your Mr. Cellophane looking ass.

No. 207194

The uwu I just don't know about buying directly from taobao shit is so weak. Like Lot we know you're a pushing forty clown trainwreck, please get a real profession and stop shilling taobao to newlitas, it's pathetic.

No. 207279

File: 1650079974856.jpeg (553.63 KB, 828x1222, CF5910EF-7C0D-489C-ADB0-A50C68…)

No. 207304

I'm glad that LGBT+ people can now feel a little more comfortable but I do wish that some of them would not push their sexuality/beliefs down everyone's throat. I can imagine them correcting others on a print name now. A bit like how there was that whole argument on fb about Shimotsuma Monogatari being a lesbian movie and lesbians would fight anyone who would tell them otherwise.

No. 207305

Not forgetting Meta's violet print

No. 207331

she's virtue signaling so hard to try and stay relevant

No. 207792

trans lor when kek

No. 208290

File: 1650568078986.jpeg (474.85 KB, 1125x1401, FF1D6525-194B-4080-98F2-47078C…)

Did I just really find out via the end of Lor’s new video that she’s hentai obsessed and apparently talks about it on Twitter all the time?? sage if this is old news

No. 208450

sa, time stamp 14:20 when she starts talking about being a “hentai Queen.” I’m confused as to how she hasn’t been shamed for this, and she wears hentai merch shirts in public??? What happened to consent being sexy?

No. 208452

so disgusting. people like her do not belong in lolita fashion. no wonder she caps for sissy trannies all the time. everything thats wrong with modern lolitas.

No. 208473

this is so gross, she’s aware most of her audience are kids yet she’s calling herself the hentai queen and posting hentai on her Twitter?

No. 208482

File: 1650653193174.jpeg (158.46 KB, 1242x986, 3A7EF499-FBA9-4067-B8CF-AA6D13…)

sa, but I can’t help but find more stuff. Like how was this missed. And it’s not just the “echi face” shirt she wears in public, there’s also a video of her wearing a “hentai 69” jersey.

Pic is also just weird, like how is that even a question??

No. 208498

i hate girls who like hentai in general, but i hate edgy lolitas who do even more! they're just so much more cringe about it for some reason. like lor seems to think it's cool or something? probably because she has zero personality.

No. 208518

I swear back on tumblr she posted about her dildos and condoms when she wa moving to Canada

No. 208533

Wait, so she walks on eggshells about everything under the sun but is ok with publicly tweeting coomer shit?

For real, it kind of all makes sense now

No. 208545

She has always been a degenerate and posted shit like this. It's disgusting that she doesn't at least do it on a separate account from her lolita following that is full of minors.

Like >>207187 said, it's time for her to quit lolita and declare her own style and leave the community alone. She barely even wears lolita anymore and whenever she does it's an ita mess. She needs to get a real job instead of shitting up the community by taking shitty sponsorships, giving terrible advice and holding the door open for predators to join a fashion community full of minors under the guise of being uwu so lovely

No. 208640

this hentai addiction is really weird and gross. this the sort of thing you keep to yourself, not post publicly on twitter. i wonder how her ex girlfriend felt about it, unless they were both coomers. I feel sick seeing that hentai panel, literally dick out on display for fans of all ages to see, disgusting.
yep, she's posted stuff like this for a long time. i remember her tumblr years ago (maybe 2016) where she would reblog ddlg shit and coomer clothing.

No. 208729

How has she not been cancelled as a lolita influencer after reblogging DDLG shit? Is it because the usual cancel mob types are fans of hers? IIRC people came after that Peachy girl for less. I’ve never liked Lor or understood why anyone watches her, so I genuinely don’t know. Does she pander hard enough to general SJW issues that it somehow makes up for being a DDLG coomer?

No. 208732

I feel like that shit must be accessible/found somehow right?? DDLG is straight p*do shit, especially to people in the Lolita community. It’s usually the one cancelable offense. Tyler should have never defended her, not just because she didn’t deserve it, but because clearly lor was never in danger from the start, because how has this shit been flying?

No. 208751

File: 1650785864814.jpeg (381.66 KB, 1125x1700, B643E9C4-375E-486D-9C9A-01F11C…)


Back and yup she most definitely did like and follow ddlg posts/accts in 2017-2018, on her MAIN tumblr. Not to mention collision of the cows kek, she followed dolly matel and micky moon when they posted ddlg, she liked some of their posts.

Worst of all, she liked a really REALLY creepy post directly from the acct that reblogged it (@thebumblingninny), which either means she was following the acct or she looked it up/was following an interest associated with the account. The post lor liked is just a cute anime baby, but the tags associated with the account that reblogged it are “porn/ddlg/bdsm.” It’s numbered 1 and 2 in red.

There were other posts from accts that also were ddlg that she liked, but the accounts got deactivated and the posts were removed due to the 2017 porn ban.

No. 208815

I KNEW it! I wasn’t misremembering! Even a year ago >>135065 I mentioned this, but I couldn’t find any proof because I guess she deleted the majority of it, or Tumblr’s search engine is shit.
When I looked at her Tumblr those years ago and saw these posts (that were very frequent), I was surprised that she hadn’t been cancelled for it yet. I vaguely remember Lor responding to an ask addressing why she reblogged ddlg outfits (she made an excuse and denied it), but that was all I saw of anyone speaking about it. I assumed people just looked away when she did these things.
Lor used to be “untouchable” and had a lot of rabid fans around 2015-2018. I guess better late than never that this is coming out, but sucks it took this long for people to care. This explains a lot why she has been defending pedophiles infiltrating lolita comms, and that flashing incident where she didn’t do anything and gave the guy the “benefit of the doubt”.

Also, MickeyMoon was literally a minor in some of the pictures and videos she uploaded (still 15 or 16). And she’s been called out many times for reblogging and liking loli hentai and art. So if Lori followed Mickey, she was definitely looking at pedo shit.

No. 208822

File: 1650826111590.jpg (730.65 KB, 1272x1780, b4Ky8TU.jpg)

Crappy collage, but here's one anon calling her out on her posting porn. As we have seen on Lor's Tumblr and Twitter, she has always posted this stuff on main. If she was really concerned about people looking in her "liked" section, she would have privated it.

Lor's response is such a huge difference here vs the groveling she did for that Instagram like mishap.

No. 208823

File: 1650826586920.jpg (349.82 KB, 636x1640, UGNtwGf.jpg)

On her main posts, asking her followers to participate in a "kink bingo" that she made.

No. 208826

Even if the ddlg wasn’t a problem (which it is) she’s completely skipping over the fact that she has a young audience, and influencers who specifically cultivated young audiences are expected to hide their sexual shit. Yes lor, you’re a grown women and can be a coomer freely, but this shit shouldn’t be allowed on their dash. Likes pop up in peoples algorithms, suggested posts, and it’s accessible.

Mickey would’ve been 19-20 in 2017i-2018, but I’ve heard she did age herself down on purpose and lie about her age to attract lolicon lovers.

No. 208832

File: 1650828173590.jpeg (466.03 KB, 1242x1991, 3C1F38DF-84BD-439A-8D7C-CDB0FD…)

Also for those who are confused on how to find her blog, you’re better off using mobile.

She has her blog in an unsearchable setting, which is why finding her blog was probably hard for >>208815. I was only able to get to her blog on mobile by clicking on an @link a fan left. If you scroll through the lovelylor tag, you should be able to find one.

On a desktop/laptop, a direct link will only get you to a “blog view” setting and you can’t see her likes, which is typical of blogs that have been set to not being searchable. Pic related is how it should look.

No. 208834

asking her minor followers to participate and submit her a list of kinks…gross.

No. 208836

Fucking sick, you know she was getting off on this.

No. 208838

File: 1650830013098.jpeg (397.66 KB, 1242x1955, 5F08A0AA-BD71-4391-9D86-01012B…)

back, and fuck there’s more and I’m sure I’m missing so much. she really followed dolly’s ddlg antics. She liked so many of her posts.

Second pic incoming, big letters on the post stating “THE STONED SCHOOL GIRL

There are other posts that are innocent on face but the tags all have “age regression, ageplaycore, age play, daddy,” or some other ddlg configuration. And again, direct likes, so she definitely had to be following those accounts.

No. 208839

File: 1650830035724.jpeg (506.33 KB, 1241x1967, 064A9140-D18D-4EF9-A6AE-0CF346…)

No. 208846

Seeing Shaynus’ old room gives me nostalgia kek. Lor is such a degenerate for getting off to Shay of all people. I wonder if she still follows Shay from the shadows??

No. 208873

Well that was an unexpected crossover, ew

No. 208880

Whenever her degeneracy was brought up, her and her orbiters brushed it off or gave excuses about Lor being an adult. She posted overly sexual lesbian things after her breakup with the last male she dated, which was also waved away. Some of us tried calling her out, believe me.

No. 208903

Maybe this time it would hurt her now? I think Lor’s fans in the current climate would be harsher with her now, judging by that Instagram fiasco a year ago.
Lor really needs to officially step away from the lolita community. She’s not an “ambassador” anymore. She rarely wears lolita anymore and when she does, it’s an ugly clown mess. She makes the fashion look like a costume, which used to be a no-no since it made other legit lolitas look bad. She makes the community look bad. I feel bad for beginner lolitas that are learning from her, being taught to buy from scam sites and being told to be nice to blatant fetish cross dressers because they’re “valid”.

No. 208916

Ya but if she gave up lolita she’d have to get a real job. A YouTubers worst nightmare

No. 208926

I also remember her posting overtly sexual things (involving dildos?) on her main account after breaking up with that guy before Holly, and being brushed off when I questioned it because “she’s an adult who’s going through a breakup, this is completely normal don’t be a prude”.

I don’t understand coomers, but I especially don’t understand coomers who do this shit on main with a connection to their real identity. How hard is it to at least make a side account for your nasty porn shit?

No. 209016

Now that I think about it I really wonder where she's actually making her living? Her youtube views are garbage, sponsorships cant be THAT high with the low views and then her patreon is probably her highest income.

No. 209027

I wonder that too but she does hint that she's practically poor or at least not living too "comfortably"

No. 209162

IIRC she's now living in a house she inherited from her Grandfather, which would mean she doesn't have to pay rent anymore

No. 209300

A holly conrad type I see kek.

Yeah but even the traction of this thread speaks to the limitations of how much she can really be dragged at the moment. She hasn’t even turned off her likes being open on her tumblr, so she probs doesn’t check here and no one close enough to her has let her know.

Some of the tags on the posts she liked are so so fucking bad. Like Lor interacted and enjoyed DDLG content and it should be known. Most of the actual egregious content can’t really be seen because of the tumblr ban.

No. 209422

Dunno if some of you are just new or what but basically openly liking hentai was a thing with weebs on tumblr back in the day. This was back when anime wasn’t wide spread and before the ahegao shirts became a thing.

No. 209423

Samefag but not trying to defend lor btw
But I just forgot how that the general attitude towards this stuff has changed, and I’m glad to see more people point out how harmful coomer shit is. Especially to the lolita community.

No. 209468


That sounds like the circles you ran in. DDLG was controversial as early as 2015, it always was. People would casually say “daddy” but actually pretending to be a kid or underage was never it. There were “DDLG dni!” for quite some time in people’s bios, especially in the Lolita community. Conversations on DDLG’s problematicness was practically always way ahead in Lolita spaces. Lolitas hated this shit first.

Also the ahegao hoodie/hentai shirts in public (started 2015-17 iirc) was absolutely controversial too. Liking hentai openly online? Not really the problem. If it was your Twitter/tumblr account, then it was your space to do so as you please. But there were conversations on creators with young audiences needing to have separate accounts. Which is common fucking sense, using “sin bingo submissions” like projared is weird.

Also, wearing hentai merch? It wasn’t normal if you weren’t a coomer man. Anybody who was in enough feminist spaces saw the arguments on why it crossed public consent and that it was inappropriate. Spaces I have a hard time believing she wasn’t connected to.

No. 209641

I could understand that, but I just can't believe she liked Shayna's grimy ddlg shit

No. 209720


Lot of prudes about.

No. 209721


I wonder if the porn will come back now that Musk owns Twitter?

No. 209724


Well if she's hiding it, then what's the problem? Not everybody is going to go delving into things purposely to look for things they can complain about. Far too much fuss about nothing at all really.

No. 209726


I mean, because some of us have never even touched ourselves, you know, (whisper -down there) because it's so ewww, gross and dissgussting and only for sick perverts to do.

No. 209730

File: 1651199267514.jpg (39.73 KB, 877x390, a.JPG)

Not surprised she follows Venus, I bet she subs to her OnlyFans too.

No. 209731

File: 1651199372444.jpg (146.82 KB, 808x821, Lor.JPG)

I haven't kept up with Lor for ages, I'm surprised how fat she looks in her latest IG post.

No. 209756

Coomlor defence force, activate!

No. 209864

Nothing you say will change that she was following Shayna during her some of her peak ddlg content output in 2017-18, and even liked her shit.

No. 209982


I don't know who Shayna is. I've only ever followed Lor sporadically, I prefer Princess Peachie for the Lolita thing, but she seems to have disappeared.

No. 210099

Shayna is another cow. She’s in /snow/. I don’t follow her thread, but from what I’ve seen, she’s gross, grimy, and caters to pedophiles.
As for Princess Peachie, she left lolita years ago. She didn’t like the fashion anymore and started dressing in fairy kei instead. I stopped watching her when all she uploaded for months was footage from the same Japan trip. I think just like lolita, she grew tired of YouTube. She’s hidden a lot of her early lolita videos, like any makeup ones.

No. 210136

Regarding Peachie, I heard she has a proper job now and just doesn't have time for YT like she used to

No. 210199


It was a bit odd though, that she was in the middle of uploading her Japan trip videos that she had filmed with her boyfriend and at the end of the last one she referenced the next one that would be coming up soon after, and then nothing. Never heard another word. And that seems so unlike her, to just disappear like that with no explanation, especially when she had already had the videos made ready to be uploaded. I did wonder if maybe the boyfriend had left her and she was too upset to continue uploading the videos because he was in them.

No. 210297

I have a mutual friend with her so I sometimes see things from her personal FB and I've seen zero evidence that she's had relationship trouble. It looks like she's still very active on twitter but she mostly posts about gaming stuff there.

No. 211574

File: 1652023642872.jpeg (210.89 KB, 828x834, E90A2646-64F1-4169-83DD-C0B62D…)

someone made an inappropriate comment, but she replied to it? Why???

No. 211588

I don’t see anything wrong with her replying to it? If you miss Holly here she is. She kind of over explained, but also she’s not wrong. Nobody is gonna get back together because a fan wants it to happen.

No. 211598

People acting like they're characters in a show and not real people, I agree her reply is fine.

No. 211628

i agree it's a little harsh. that poster seems like a kid. could have said that more nicely, but this is lor.

No. 211631

How is this harsh?

No. 211634

found the passive aggressive anons

No. 211642

Lor was right with this one though. I’m also not sure how what she said was problematic. I see this happen to other youtubers and streamers and it probably gets really annoying to hear it.

No. 211654

no she wasn't. she's on the internet because she wants attention, but she can't deal with comments she doesn't like. if she wants people to stay out of her personal business she should get off the internet and stop trying to become a low tier celebrity. people do this kind of shit with anyone who markets themselves as an internet personality, it comes with the territory. and lor put their entire relationship and breakup on display herself. she's basically a character to people.

No. 211656

Okay anon. Some of us don’t think of real people as characters. I don’t care for Lor but I don’t blame anyone who gets annoyed with that kind of stuff.

No. 211660

can you read? she did it to herself. maybe she should stop being chronically online if she didn't want her life to be like some shitty reality tv show.

No. 211663

The mask is slipping. She has said many times she is tired of You Tube and is posting more comments that annoy her to her Instagram Stories. It really is time to stop You Tube, girl.

No. 213424

Is she talking about this thread posting her kink shit? She mentioned deleting videos and exaggerated about getting doxxed

The video is timestamped at 6:08

No. 213425

File: 1652901447337.png (434.27 KB, 814x475, lor rant 1.png)

Heres lors sperging

No. 213427

File: 1652901516750.png (464.27 KB, 841x444, lor rant 2.png)

No. 213428

File: 1652901545991.png (459.24 KB, 862x431, lor rant 3.png)

No. 213429

File: 1652901681336.png (395.54 KB, 854x433, lor rant 4.png)

No. 213451

can she learn to cut her wig bangs holy shit

No. 213452

Ironic she's talking about what lolita is and isn't when she dresses in clown costumes. Besides, she was/is a part of that "lolita" ddlg community herself, so she's being a real hypocrite denouncing it here. >>208751

>I highly recommend not talking about kink
>I tried to keep it neutral
She forgot to mention she was essentially promoting kink to her fans, which included minors, and wanted them to participate in it >>208823
>It's sad we can't explore it
Well that "bingo" is a pretty gross way to explore it, and why do you want to know and discuss your fan's kinks. And being involved in lolita for so many years, Lor should already know by now that the lolita community doesn't want to be mixed with DDLG.
>No one wants to see, hear, or talk about it!
No one wants to see your gross hentai photos or hear about you masturbating on your main account, keep it to yourself Lor. Or just finally make a separate private account

No. 213640

>Lor should already know by now that the lolita community doesn't want to be mixed with DDLG
This. Yes, Lor, lolitas do not want to see, hear, or talk about gross kinkshit because they have spent years trying to distance their comms from sissies and fetishists who think they are ageplayers. None of them are as excited to welcome perverts into their ranks as you are. If you want to be surrounded by pornsick degens all day then pick a new hobby or community to grift off of besides lolita, join a kinkster community or something.

No. 213705


I don't keep up with lor much these days and don't know what video she was talking about earlier in this thread.

If she's into porn that is entirely her own business and I don't know why people moan about that. I'm always seeing her name liking Venus Angelic's posts on Insta and Venus is heavily into porn, but also dolly and cute, so obviously Lor sees nothing wrong with it or she wouldn't like Venus.

I'm not interested in porn but then I'm asexual but if other people are then that is up to them, they're not hurting anyone or forcing it onto anyone who isn't interested, what people do or watch in their own homes shouldn't bother anyone else.

No. 213825

Anons are talking about her interacting and reposting porn accounts on her public tumblr, therefore no longer her personal business, and at odds with her public ties to Lolita which tries to distance itself from sexual topics to dissuade perverts and sissies from joining

No. 213827


I don't think she's talking about this thread at all, but I think she's bringing up this stuff up to act as some kind of cushion for her behavior outed in this thread. She's referring to some kind of specific incident/video.

I have zero memory of her making a video on kink and lolita that allegedly got huge huge backlash. If she was really saying what she says she was saying in the video that got backlash, why would she get so much hate? Literally so many lolita content creators talk about how lolita =/= kink. She's not giving the full picture, I think she was a little more than just "neutral" on ddlg like she says in the vid. She was probably semi-pro or "don't kinkshame others even if you don't like it!"

and tbh, being neutral on ddlg is still fucking weird.

No. 213835


There's all kinds of weird kinks in the world though. Men who like to dress like babies and people who get turned on by peoples feet, it all seems odd to those of us who aren't into it, but I prefer not to dwell on things I'm not interested in so don't really give it much thought. Most people have some interest in sexual things, it's just human nature, if people have kinks and fetishes, it's not hurting people if they are only dressing up or looking at pictures of videos, if they were forcing other people to do something against their will, that would be different, but everyone has a choice, people don't have to be into something if they don't want to be.

No. 213836


*pictures or videos

No. 213848

This is a bad take when people ARE being hurt by the kinks. Women are being hurt when men come into their spaces to sexualize them. Children are being hurt when they're exposed to pornographic material. It's never just "looking at pictures or videos", those don't exist in a vacuum. ddlg is extremely closely linked with pedophilia and sexual abuse of minors, plenty of kink material wasn't made consensually. Think of a pedophile who has never touched a child but gets off on sexual pictures of children, his consumption encourages more of those pictures to be produced, and so him "just looking at picturtes and videos" literally leads to more children being sexually abused to produce more of it.

No. 213856


I can recall when I was 11 yrs old, a woman teacher handed out books for us to read about sex education, it was sort of unofficial, she just did it off her own bat thinking it would be useful. I had never heard of bestiality and pedophilia and necrophilia and sadism and masochism until I read about it in that book, I found it all really interesting and wasn't traumatised or harmed by learning about it. Kids don't need to be kept in the dark about sexual matters, that does more harm in the long run.

I heard about a man in California who bought an adult sex doll, but customs saw it and thought it looked "too young" for his age range, over fifty, and they took him to court over it, even though he wasn't into kids at all and had nothing to show he was. That is just wrong, but it's getting like this more as the world becomes more puritan. It will go from one extreme to the other if people aren't careful.

No. 213858


I don't believe that everybody into Lolita fashion never has sex or never has any fetishes or kinks, Lolitas are still people, and people have sex drives. To hear how some people go on, you'd think that Lolitas have no sex urges and nothing to do with anything remotely sexual. That can't be right or they wouldn't even be human.

No. 213943

anon that’s absolutely sick and vile, giving a book to an 11 year old about sadism, pedophilia, or other weird shit is not ok without warning or parental consent. hell, what if a kid in that class was a victim of that shit? how is that even sex education? can’t tell if ur a fucking troll or if the lor defense squad is grasping at straws

No. 213953

We should teach kids about sadism and bestiality, and old men buying child sex dolls are victims. Cool take!

No. 214148

I think it’s just one dumbass “asexual” anon from tumblr defending Lor. All of the posts have the same bad grammar and typing. No point in relying to them, they have no idea what the hell they are talking about and obviously haven’t seen any of the Lor posts, because she HAS been flaunting her ddlg and gross porn shit in public. Lolitas aren’t “puritans”, we just try to keep lolita and kink separate because when you don’t, you get freaks and predators in comms. Doubt anon has even participated in lolita.

No. 214199


He bought an adult doll. As was made perfectly plain in my post.

No. 214200


Obviously things are different today with the woke mob making the whole word paranoid about just about everything imaginable.

Learning about this stuff in a factual manner in a non sensationalist way was helpful and useful to me and certainly did me no harm, just educated me in what some things adults are into. None of the kids felt the need to talk about it to each other afterwards, I doubt they all read the chapters as avidly as some did anyway and I never heard of even one of those kids growing up maladjusted or with any problems of note.

I always had an interest in psychology and the type of things discussed in the book was about deviancy and probably fell under the remit of psychology anyway. Kids today are so sheltered and growing up terrified of everything and seeing danger everywhere and that is not helping anyone, just making them paranoid. I was groped more than once by an old man when I was 12, I soon learnt to avoid going to where he was, it didn't traumatise me or make me feel I needed therapy or anything like that, I didn't like it, but then I'm asexual anyway so wouldn't have liked it even if it had been someone young and attractive, it just amazes me to see how freaked out kids are nowadays, especially in America where it seems this sort of paranoid fear is much worse than in other countries.

That teacher was younger than most of the others, who were mainly older men, and she was someone I always knew I'd be able to trust and could go to if ever I felt the need, she just gave out that kind of inner confidence, but I never felt the need to confide in her even though my home life was difficult with a bullying mother and a father who was even worse whenever he came to visit. I grew up reasonably well balanced and decent anyway, and not afraid of my own shadow, but still have a good instinct for who to avoid.

I'd hate to be a young kid now, ridiculously sheltered and then subsequently unprepared and then alarmed by things that they could have been pre-warned about by proper education.


Not on tumblr and don't even particularly like Lor, the ddlg crap is stupid, but just because lor might be into porn does not make it the crime of the century. I may not be into it myself but I would still defend someone else's right to be into it if it brings them pleasure. As for people buying sex dolls, why would anyone think that was bad? It would benefit sad and lonely people and satisfy potential predators so they would not feel the need to look for a real person if they had one of those life size doll things to derive comfort from, why deny them that? Doesn't everyone have a right to some love and comfort, even if they can only get it by buying a love doll?(sperg)

No. 214209

File: 1653185408899.jpeg (68.78 KB, 600x663, 114A26BF-1956-4FE5-887A-D61AB4…)

No. 214326

You seem like you lack a lot of context and information to make these judgements, having a libfem attitude about porn when it is decimating people's minds, relationships, childhoods, futures. This is going offtopic from Lor so we should stop derailing here but I promise you the sex industry is so much more insidious than merely people 'watching videos and looking at pictures'

No. 216354

Lor's sponsorships are awful and it seems they don't pay her much considering how she mentions she poor a lot.

No. 216369

>I would still defend someone else's right to be into it if it brings them pleasure
Porn isn't a right, and even if lolitas have sex drives because they are people, no normal people have "kinks" and desensitizing oneself to kinkshit is not compulsory to have a sex drive. Hope this helps.

No. 216643

>I was groped more than once by an old man when I was 12, I soon learnt to avoid going to where he was, it didn't traumatise me or make me feel I needed therapy or anything like that, I didn't like it, but then I'm asexual anyway so wouldn't have liked it even if it had been someone young and attractive

Jfc I need a shower after reading that.

You sound like a POS pedo apologist with zero empathy for children or adults who were once children who were exposed to and harmed by predators and pedos. Please fuck off to literally anywhere else with your autistic essays you repulsive freak.

No. 216868

Yeah that part doesn’t help anon’s case. Also saying
>I’m asexual anyway so I wouldn’t have liked it even if it had been someone young and attractive
So anyone who isn’t asexual is just supposed to enjoy being groped by any random person? What fucking shit.

No. 217024

nta but the idea that you would enjoy being nonconsensually groped if the person was attractive is absolutely fucked, consent is not about attractiveness. Plenty of attractive men are rapey as fuck.

Also anon clearly hasn't examined the possible link between pedo groping and asexuality/sex aversion, because I promise there is one. Anyway this is your mind on woke teenage media I guess because anyone with life experience wouldn't be like uwu I support porn use in all cases!

No. 219554

Is Lor really a man? Or did she used to be one? It doesn't matter if she is or was, I was just wondering as she does look like that.

No. 219580

Nah she’s just ugly anon

No. 220234


I can't believe what I'm reading here.

So according to you, someone who had been groped by an old man when they were a child, but who didn't become traumatized and needing lifelong therapy is a piece of shit and pedo apologist.

Plenty of people have had similar to put up with, sometimes within their own family, I know of more than one example of that, yet all those people went on to have normal lives and one girl actually laughed about it what her older brother used to do to her and some of her friends and he was considered an upright religious person who was well respected and still is by everyone in the community, he also used to take out a girl of 13 who was in love with him to look at different churches, and kiss her passionately, so she thought they would get married, an old fashioned type of girl, but he married someone else instead and she stayed single, but seems happy and well adjusted nonetheless.

Nearly everyone goes through some shit growing up, but some people don't get anything happen but someone only has to jump out at them and go boo and they need lifelong therapy.

Should people who have been through shit but not ended up traumatized and needing therapy be somehow blamed and hated for the fact? Because that is the angle I'm getting from this.

No. 220236


Please tell me you're not saying that all asexual people must be former victims of abuse.

No. 220883

>Lor comparing lolitas to furries
Just ignore that furries fuck animals while lolitas just wear clothes I guess…

No. 220886

jesus fucking christ. she does know that furries understand and even accept that half (even more so) of their participants ARE into furry culture in a sexual way right?? no angles of lolita accepts sexualization or fetishization. they are not comparable whatsoever. People that are furries who also like it in a sexual way are by far the most common. i bet you can go on pornhub and find an entire category dedicated to furries with billions of views. wtf is she smoking?

No. 220890

Ffs can she stop acting like she is a lolita God and talking for the whole community

No. 220891

What has a fashion got to do with furries that are practically cosplaying/roleplaying?

No. 220897

She’s just trolling the lolita community at this point

No. 220937

nta but laughing about sexual abuse is being a pedo apologist, your whole group of friends sound nuts
>abused his sister and her friends
>dated a 13 year old
>still respected by the community

No. 221297

Where did she say or imply she's laughing about sexual abuse?

No. 221317


She didn't, but some anons will just see what they want to see according to how their own thought patterns work.

No. 221319

True. I notice that a lot in /snow/ as well. You write A, they see B, and pretend you wrote C so they have something to attack you with, it's very annoying.

No. 221332


It is. I don't know why they do it. It destroys any proper chance of a fair and reasoned, and reasonable discussion. Worse still is when they start a fight and then call for who they started it with to be banned. I see that a lot on lolcow.

No. 221479

The person in her story did
>one girl actually laughed about it what her older brother used to do to her
So that person is a pedo apologist, op acts like this is all perfectly normal in her post which suggests op is also a pedo apologist.

No. 221907


So in other words, anyone who suffered abuse themselves, so much they got used to it maybe, but nevertheless turned out not traumatized or needing lifelong therapy, just has to be a "pedo apologist" but anyone who let it destroy their lives and never got over it, isn't. 'kay. Just so we're clear.

No. 222368

Can you get a life outside of trolling CSA survivors you sick fuck? Why are the mods ok with this? Who the fuck is like, “some people are molested and it 1000% does not affect them in any way, why are you so triggered?”

No. 222398


Survivor myself, you asshole. But I didn't let it define me and cry and bleat about it everywhere. Like was said earlier, some people can't bear the fact that some of us went through hell growing up but didn't end up in therapy and forever damaged and always and forever going on about it. It must be an american thing.

And as was said >>221319 and >>221332! Anyone who doesn't fit with your echo chamber of perpetual sad victimhood rather than moving on and living their lives has to be attacked and then the mods called for to shut them up, You're pathetic, were you even ever abused yourself or are just on a self serving virtue signalling crusade. Well some of us "victims" out here don't need the likes of you suffering on our behalf or speaking up for us, because if we want to, we are perfectly capable of doing it for ourselves. Thank you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 222402

No one is speaking for you asshole. If you had a spread of empathy and a brain capable of critical thinking, you maybe wouldn’t be making blanket statements about child abuse survivors for being pathetic for being affected my formative traumatic memories, and it’s DEFINITELY not an ~American thing~ to have your sexual trauma taken seriously. But glad you got touched by a relative and it didn’t cause your family to fall apart and abandon you, that doesn’t mean your experience is the norm. It’s inherently dismissive to say that something that ruins lives is not a big deal because you and random people you claim to know are just fine. Like let’s get rid of abortions too while we’re at it because some women are happy to be mothers and go through pregnancy just fine! If you can’t handle your entire life changing because of some singular event, you must be pathetic right? I don’t care if I catch a ban, people like you are the fucking worst.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 222500


Yes, as stated earlier, anyone who went through abuse but did not let it affect their entire lives is to be hated, only someone who went through much less but let that affect them for evermore is given any sympathy and understanding. It's double standard hypocrites like you who are the worst!

No. 222502


Abortion is, or should be, a choice, for those who want it. But by your criteria, only those who seek it are goodie goodies, those who choose not to have one are the devil incarnate. Why should survivors be expected to seek therapy and if not they will be called pedo apologists? You're disgusting and so is anyone with that attitude. I never told anyone in my family what happened to me, because if I had, I would have been blamed for it, or disbelieved and then got more abuse piled on, I learnt to keep things to myself to protect myself. When I grew up I found other people had had abuse but didn't even regard it as such as they had no media telling them they should regard themselves as victims, they just get on with their lives as in certain areas and societies, it happens, and it's how things are, and people just get on with lives, why should everyone have to be affected because just some of those people want to talk about it, therapy should only be there for those who want it, not everyone expected to have it or be called pedo apologist just for not wanting past abuse to affect them forever, and as for the sweeping comment earlier in this thread that states anyone asexual is obviously a victim of abuse is ridiculous, there are very many asexuals, they can't all be abuse survivors and it is a stupid ignorant remark.

No. 224098

>thinking asexuality is a valid and real sexuality

No. 224461

Maybe you're just autistic

No. 227809

File: 1657417858386.jpg (164.78 KB, 1070x620, lor1.jpg)

She really didn't even think to disable her sex mods before recording a video for her audience of minors? https://wickedwhimsmod.com/features

No. 227810

File: 1657418007162.jpg (179 KB, 1060x607, lor2.jpg)

Also kek at her having this installed, so much for "living dolls" giving the community a bad reputation.

No. 227829

her makeup looks like a rash

No. 227831

Holy shit… Not only is she a degenerate coomer, she also fetishizes lolita. Disgusting.

No. 227861

This is the same person who spoke openly about sex toys on her twitter account with a big following of minors. I'm not at all surprised.

Nobody really gives a fuck about what she does in her spare time but not disabling the mod is just sloppy and careless. Sometimes I wonder if she does shit like that hoping that someone will notice, for the thrill or whatever.

No. 227867

Yeah I think Lor, being the degenerate that she is (she probably likes being called that ew), likely has some sort of exhibition fetish, and/or some sort of sick fetish to expose minors to kinks. We saw that damn “kink bingo” she posted on her Tumblr, and anybody could have submitted her something (don’t even think she asked her followers to be 18+ to participate in that). This shit has happened for years, and I don’t believe she was that careless not to disable mods. It’s got to be on purpose, she’s just trying to do it more on the “down-low” now that she got caught and got comments about her behavior. Tbh Lor seems like one of those gross people that advocate for kink at Pride to “help the kids learn”, she already freely lets perverts and sissification fetishists into the Lolita community and defends them.

No. 227896

this is just a huge reach. she probably doesn't give a fuck whether minors can see or not because she probably looked at weird shit as a minor herself. i agree that she's degen af but your hot take is stupid.

No. 227945

Oh look, another one of her tumblr stans has crawled out from the gutter to defend Lor. Just shut the fuck up already and stop trying to derail with your retarded infighting. No one cares what you think. You’re braindead if you don’t think she doesn’t get off on showing off her ecchi/sex tools/etc. online. Your Twitter lingo is fucking cringe.

No. 228010

She coddles sissies and kinksters in the fashion, don't be dense.

No. 228084

i didn't defend her you retard. it's just a huge reach to think she has some weird kink towards minors, rather than simply being tone deaf.

No. 228131

You are by ignoring to acknowledge Lor’s behavior and downplaying it, dumbass. Saying “that’s not happening! what a huuuge reach and dumb hot take hurrdurr!” is defending her. It’s not a “huge reach” to think that she gets off on exposing minors to kinks or sex. She was even into damn DDLG if you even bothered to read the rest of Lor’s thread.
>weird kink towards minors
>DDLG = daddy dom little girl
You literally roleplay as a minor, you dense retard. Just stop posting and learn some critical thinking.

No. 228179

i think exhibition is a likely category for any degenerate to be in, so i wouldn't be surprised if she likes that, but to say she explicitly likes exposing interests/herself to minors needs huge proof.

Tinfoils are a thing, you can't say anything with certainty. many ddlg coomrags like the idea of "being" the "baby," (vomit) and that seems to be her thing.

No. 228183

File: 1657500347053.jpeg (419.82 KB, 1242x2040, lorew.jpeg)

like what >>227831 said, she definitely fetishises lolita on the low. i mean this is a lolita sim.

stole this from the old lolita lolcow thread, but in her "assumptions lolitas make about you, based on your favorite brand" tiktok, she says
"Lolitas that like Angelic Pretty seem like the type to enjoy being called “princess” or “daddy" ???

She then says it's not "necessarily in a kinky way," but there is a literal playboy bunny in the background as she says this. AP lolitas are probably the most subjected to sexualization/nabokov assumptions, and this isn't fucking helping

No. 228190

None of that was said explicitly as fact, but is a high possibility, given her history.
I think this is just more proof. Like >>227861
said, I think she gets some sort of thrill out of doing this shit. Or maybe she's just got brainrot from consuming too much porn, and thinks talking about anything sex-related, all the time, even in the presence of minors, is "normal". She's definitely a porn addict at the least, that's for sure.

No. 228200

my point was that having an exhibitionist kink doesn't mean it has anything to do with minors. only weird chronically online sjws from twitter would think that since they're obsessed with pedos and being "literally children" at age 20.

No. 228208

Exhibition is a wide spectrum. Exposing unsuspecting people (including teens) can be part of it. Remember when a creep showed up at Lor’s comm meetup and flashed the lolitas there, including minors? Lor still decided to give that guy the “benefit of the doubt” and didn’t defend anyone, call security, or ask him to leave. She made a whole video on it.
> only weird chronically online sjws from twitter would think that since they're obsessed with pedos and being "literally children" at age 20.
What the hell are you blabbering about? You make absolutely no sense. Lor has watched Shayna porn where she pretended to be a High Schooler. High schoolers are under 18. Teenagers are minors and technically children, dumbass, even if they can have sex. She has plenty of fans, many of who are minors, that she doesn’t care about exposing to her public porn feed. No one mentioned people in their 20s, schizo.

No. 228234

>twitter lingo
NTA but spotted the summerfag,
that's 4chan lingo silly.

No. 228240

you're fucking retarded and you're one of those "literally children" people i was talking about.

No. 228242

not involved in any of this, but is this about the word “reach” ?? that’s definitely not 4chan specific lingo kek, nor did it start there. definitely first started hearing it in urban settings a decade or so back, i’m assuming that’s why >>227945 called it twitter lingo

No. 228243

no, she called it that so she could disregard what i was saying. reach is used on here (and /cgl/ all the time).

No. 228246

yes, "reach" and "hot take" aren't exactly 4chan specific. i see it used the most by zoomers on tiktok or twitter.
kek ok you braindead schizo, keep thinking teens can't be minors.

No. 228251

that word being used here is not an indicator of it being from board culture. it’s very much so from irl slang first.

and again, lor’s antics are pretty typical of coom brain-rot, where they become completely desensitized to what is normal behavior or information to exhibit and share.

being into exhibition specifically at minors looks a lot more direct, seeing as the reaction is part of it for them (again, ew)

No. 228253

no one said that, learn to read. you're fucking insane to think lor has some kind of minor grooming agenda.

No. 228258

And I didn’t say people in their 20s were “literally kids”, that she was a groomer, and all the other shit you pulled out of your ass, you dense fucking sped. And it’s not that far out there as you think, obviously she enjoys over-sharing her fetishes and posting hentai panels, and doesn’t care who sees. Anyways I’m done arguing about a post that was only a highly likely tinfoil.

No. 228276

i don't think people in their 20s are kid lmao. do you know what quotes mean you retard? or how to read at all?

No. 228285

>they're obsessed with pedos and being "literally children" at age 20.
> you're one of those "literally children" people i was talking about
For fucks sake, do you have a 5 second memory? Or were you high last night and don’t remember typing this shit? You were the one accusing me of that, when I didn’t say that at all.
>I didn’t say people in their 20s were “literally kids”
That was my last reply. I wasn’t accusing you of “20s are kid”, as you so stupidly put it, anywhere in that post. You’re the one that needs to learn to read, and write. Fuck off and take your meds, you’re looking dumber by the minute.(infighting)

No. 228303

calm down, jesus. are you autistic?(infighting)

No. 228306

samefag but i understand now, you don't understand hyperbole, my bad. didn't realize that you were mentally challenged.

No. 233746

Gotta love how both Lor and Tyler are equally ignorant about lolita the novel…

No. 233798

Considering Lor's coomer bg I'm surprised she isn't into the book. At least surface level what she thinks it is.

No. 233860

It's not a porn book anon. It really feels like 99% of people in this fashion never actually read it despite the fact that it's classic literature. It was literally assigned reading in one of my college classes, IDK how people avoid reading it in school if nothing else?

No. 233873

the new zoomer attitude is that anything that mentions x is x. so anything referencing pedos is pedophilia. despite the fact that the book is actually antipedo, that doesn't matter. a lot of people already hate the book because it makes them uncomfortable (no shit) but for some reason zoomers are extremely pro censorship.

No. 233950

Did you read the book at all? Its never, once, says what Humbert does is okay. You have no idea about the book at all besides what you assume is in the pages. The whole thing is depicted through rose colored lenses. Outside of it, you see how terrorized the girl is. Even Humbert sees what he can become at the end bc of the old impotent fucker in the end. Your fake outrage really shows. Kids shouldn't be on this site. Go back to school or do any real research at all.

No. 233952

Not only that, but it's one of the most beautifully written books in the English language.

No. 233972

Nta, but I wouldn't say that in the least bit. Its not a romance and is very tongue-in-cheek.

No. 234047

I wasn't trying to imply it was a romance, something can be beautifully written without having a beautiful story. Nabokov's use of English is absolutely magical, there's so much wordplay and so many gorgeous turns of phrase. That book is like a love letter to the English language.

No. 234662


this. also tyler's video was not only just a huge misinformation campaign on a pretty widely analyzed book, but she outright lied at some points saying Nabokov never denounced humbert. I genuinely think tyler is the type to think Light is being portrayed as the good guy in Deathnote just because it's told from his perspective.

literature rant incoming:
the author fucking named the man "Humbert Humbert" a widely known unattractive name even for the time, so even without the ending it takes barely any analytical skills to see how he's portrayed as being desperate, disgusting, and delusional. nabokov's only listed inspiration was when he read a newspaper article about how a gorilla was forced to draw in a cage, when he finally was able to draw, he drew the bars in front of him.

sorry to sperg, but that video really showed her autism levels.

No. 234894

I don't believe the people that read the book and have a negative take from it can actually comprehensively read. They don't know how to analyze reading. I can't imagine missing the entire thing being don't from his perspective and not once realizing between the pages how Delores runs from him and only goes along with things when she's finally comfortable to be selfish. She even says she will report him as a threat to get what SHE wants, which is to get away from him. Anons probably don't know about how she saved money and hid it in the Treasure Island book. She earned the money for favors. She always wanted to get away.

I'm interested to see just how Lori completely ignores everything actually important to the storyline and instead focuses on stuff like "HE WROTE HER AS PROMISCUOUS SEE!! GROOMER HER INTO A PROSTITUTE" which is literally all the idiots who argue this book is bad do. Even in the second movie, Jeremy Irons, he was really careful and constantly checked in with the actress of Delores to make sure no scenes were uncomfortable. Anon needs to listen to a podcast or something. I'm wondering if Lori is even going to look at another perspective except her own regarding the book. I swear if she fucking cliff notes this shit, I'm going to lose it.

No. 235909

Not that anything you're saying is wrong but just here to point out you called her Lori twice

No. 236243

kek i was gonna say, who is that? took me a moment.

for two prominent lolitas to completely miss the mark on the most commonly understood analysis of a classic book, is dumbfounding. it was even more interesting to see how many people in Tyler's comment section disagreed with her.

lor probably thinks this helps "distance" the book from the fashion, but discrediting and mislabelling what academic interpretations that have been held up for decades is fucking stupid and irresponsible. there is more to life than this fashion.

No. 239560

TBH nobody thinks about sex kinks more than teens. They're at the age when their hormones are urging them to mate because Nature and all. It's not like teenagers are little children with no awareness or interest in anything like that. They are worse than older people in many ways.

No. 239563

Isnt that shit meant to be really young kids though, not teenagers.
It's seems daft, and unrealistic to lump young adults - which is what teenagers are when alls said and done - into the same category as young children. Teenagers are not little kids.

No. 239566

Beleive it or not, there are some weirdoes out there who want people seen as 'children' until they're 25 yrs old!

No. 239567

I've never read the book but it was so stupid and quite amusing that it was prominently displayed in my local library but the staff told me if you searched for it on the library computers it was blocked.
I'm curious to know where this whole anything even remotely sexual is disgusting and perverted and just absolute filth and we need therapy now because even that little three letter word with a nasty x in it traumatizes us snowflakes actually started from, and why. Or maybe its radical muslims secretly working behind the scenes in their agenda of world domination.

No. 240820

If Lor really wanted to discuss a book that fetishized and agrees with grooming, she might as well read "This Song Will Save Your Life" instead of "Lolita" because that book actually doesn't do anything "Lolita" does in concept of it actually portraying the grooming as bad or the age gap as being an issue.

"Lolita" actually addresses everything throughout the whole book and if you didn't get the subtext in the book, at least the ending with the old man should be blatant enough to clear up any miscommunication about "Lolita".

No. 240855

>TBH nobody thinks about sex kinks more than teens.
Um yeah totally not even fully grown adults in kink communities think about kink stuff more than kids with limited knowledge and experience of sex!

>Isnt that shit meant to be really young kids though, not teenagers.
It's seems daft, and unrealistic to lump young adults - which is what teenagers are when alls said and done - into the same category as young children. Teenagers are not little kids.

Your goalpost shifting makes it clear you don't actually care about the kids being exposed to this shit unless they are like good goo gaga toddlers. Which is weird and creepy! Exposing teenagers to sexual content is still grooming behavior!

>Beleive it or not, there are some weirdoes out there who want people seen as 'children' until they're 25 yrs old!
A handful of people on twitter clutching their pearls when they want to win an internet fight does not mean this is a common mindset at all.

Creepy ass Lor fans gtfo the internet and stop trying to normalize exposing teenagers to sexual content challenge? The gaslighting in this thread is insane. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same posters upthread who were like "getting molested is fine actually! It's actually more problematic to make it a big deal and make victims feel like victims!" Nasty ass fanbase of a nasty ass pervert.

No. 240885

Just chiming in to say I agree with you 100%

No. 241651


Yes, anything even remotely kink related is dissgussting and should never be allowed. Anything that even hints at anything sexual should be banned. The idea that any teenagers would ever be thinking of or have any interest in sex is preposterous and dangerous and anyone who suggests otherwise is s creepy prrvert who should be invesstigated by the fbi.

No. 241994

Always makes me lol to see lolitas have a hateboner for Nabokav's Lolita while at the same time loving Alice in Wonderland, which was written by a legit real life pedo.

No. 241996

File: 1661228692738.png (1.42 MB, 1898x1290, 1630727593107.png)

kek The Alice story itself is harmless. I don't know why you think this is some kind of gotcha

No. 242546

er, the alice story is about how she shouldn't listen to people and just stay youthful and cute…by a pedo

No. 242690

The author was a legit pedo and Alice is named after a little girl he groomed and took nude photos of. So yeah it is contradictory to be against Lolita, which is pure fiction and the author never hurt anyone, yet be ok with Alice in Wonderland where the author was a pedo who groomed IRL children.

No. 244038

If anything the reserve should be happening. Lolita's should actually read 'Lolita' and realize just how dumb they sound when they assert its about IRL grooming with super cool How-Tos which isn't the case at all. Whereas Alice, especially the OG story, is fucking batshit crazy.

No. 244510

File: 1662146762077.png (610.66 KB, 494x494, beneaththebowspost.PNG)

sage for unrelated, but this beneath the bows post perfectly reflects what's been going on with lor and many sweet lolitas who slowly become degens..

their general style becomes very costumey, hair becomes unkept, and their makeup skills somehow diminishes. it's like all of their styling is based on getting that one selfie to look sexy. but the overall appearance looks cheap and dishevelled.

lor didn't just gain weight, her hair, makeup, and style selection became worse.

No. 244511

File: 1662147097226.png (5.14 MB, 2048x2048, lorbeforeandafter.png)

same anon, but how did she go from right to left??

No. 244525

Blogposts go in /ot/

No. 244587

She got older. It happens. People don't look as good when they:re nearer 30 than 20. Well not unless theyre Japanese and can look young and cute at 45 and beyond. Lor is Caucasian, of course she's not going to look as good as she did a few years ago. She's never been a looker anyway, so there's that too.(racesperging)

No. 244592

I think it's less about her aging and more about how her outfit coordination and makeup choices has gone off the deep end

No. 244602

Agreed, Lor's style has gotten so bad. Honestly if your style/makeup inspiration are literal clowns there's no way it could be flattering. Ironically her being scared of breaking lolita rules made her look so much better.
>Well not unless theyre Japanese and can look young and cute at 45 and beyond
Imagine actually believing this, cringe

No. 244630

not really. at all actually. just poor styling.

exactly. also different angles, one is an unflattering mid-sentence screenshot in horrid lighting the other is from an angled smiling selfie with circle lenses.

she has a long face with a huge beak and is also chunky, lolita is always going to make her look atrocious if she isn't careful. kind of the risk you take when you take up that whole style. otherwise what's the point? if you're not ready to serve you're gonna look like left pic. lolita is unforgiving that way.

No. 244647

>Well not unless theyre Japanese and can look young and cute at 45 and beyond.
Have you seen the candids of Misako these last couple years? With the eye bags and nasolabial folds. Aging happens regardless of race

No. 244695

No idea who Misako is, I only follow Lor. Thing is though that even though aging happens, white race do age worse than Asian or black. It's not being critical to say so, it's just fact.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 244709


No. 244714

Because a lot of shitty ita zoomers clung onto Lor because she’s always been a fence sitting, people pleaser.
She panders so hard to newfag itas and it felt like she has to look as shitty as them to keep her only remaining audience left as she’s irrelevant otherwise

No. 244741

File: 1662223912962.png (298.87 KB, 445x450, 1475392869975.png)

what kind of newfaggotry is this

No. 244742

You must be new. But the second part is actually true for a lot of Asian and black people. The scientific stuff is kinda long but I believe it was something to do with melanin and the general make up of the skin etc.

No. 244746

Blacks and other dark-skinned people yes, Asians no. All you have to do is look at middle aged Asian men to see it's not true that they "naturally" age well. The women use tons of products and surgery/fillers to achieve that. They have to put tons of effort into it, it's not just "natural."

No. 244765

not even close, also i think there’s only 3 year difference between those pics, but i could be wrong. the entire application of her makeup sucks, it’s not just wrinkles or something ??

No. 244778

it's collagen not melanin.

No. 244799

Racespergs go away.

No. 244959

Does a face pic exist maybe from the past of Lors bf twiztedcosplay?

No. 245062

melanin specifically protects against UV ray damage which makes up the majority of our causes for wrinkles. those pics of truck drivers who drive with one side facing the sun are the most common examples of UV related wrinkles. idk if black or asian ppl necessarily have a more sustainable collagen turnover rate?

anyways, lor is still pretty young, it’s her makeup/styling skills, not her skin

No. 259065

>if you can afford it, it’s better to go with ethically made pieces of clothing
>proceeds to buy a ton of garbage from spirit Halloween
I think I’d get her point more if she admitted that not everyone’s perfect, and sometimes you will buy fast fashion even if you’re against it (it’s pretty much the main option for bras, underwear and shoes even if your clothes aren’t fast fashion/secondhand) but instead she just kind of buys whatever and the video accidentally gets framed more as ‘fast fashion is fine as long as you buy the right stuff!’ also those coords at the end…yeeeesh….

No. 261654

File: 1666868714938.jpg (122.91 KB, 1080x421, Screenshot_2022-10-27-12-04-04…)

Ah yes, my minor audience should definitely see this thread!
Could she just not make a private account?

No. 261657

Wtf make an nsfw account for that horny posting

No. 261986

I also came to post this bc what a dumpster fire

No. 262228

She's never going to come out with the Lolita breakdown video, is she? Maybe she realized the book actually had nothing to do with celebrating pedos and she's embarrassed.

No. 262230

Its in her likes and she isn't a minor though. Lolita content isn't automatically child content.

No. 262501

But because she liked it, it's spread to her entire fanbase, including minors. That's the problem here.

It's not like she states she's nsfw or 18+, she should just make a private account for that shit so it isn't shared with the world

No. 262513

No. You can't blame people for going through her likes and if they are minors, that's not her problem. Stop blaming kids for willingly participating or looking at things adults post. She doesn't pander to children and her content isn't first and foremost for children. It's not her fault minors like lolita too, but blaming her is stupid as hell. You don't have to have a NSFW twitter to a bit 18+ emoji to be an adult and like and RT adult content. Kids shouldn't be following adults anyway. Blame parents. They should be going through the phones and making sure kids aren't following adults the same way they should make sure adults aren't following their kids.

No. 262521

Tempted to look up Lor in the #seagulls archive too see who shows up with the same samefaggotry.
Probably the same racists who witch hunted toast

The anons here are just pissed Lor Isnt milky anymore since leaving her gf and becoming mentally stable

No. 262576

do you not understand how Twitter works? You don't need to "go through someone's likes" to see the things they liked. It is automatically recommended on your timeline. Everyone knows and sees this, so everyone is careful about the things they like

No. 262606

How many years has it been since you went on Twitter anon? The reason the top of the tweet says "Lor liked this" is because it's on their timeline, not Lors profile.

If you went through her likes it wouldn't say that at the top because you're literally going through her likes – not them showing up on her timeline.

No. 262651

And? How does this change the point?

No. 262699

Just not hard to keep that shit to yourself on a private account, I'm pretty sure most people following Lor don't want literal porn on their feed.

No. 262741

I hate Lor's thinly veiled ddlg posting too but this "think of the children" pearl clutching is cringe. This is a gossip forum, not bible study.

No. 262743

i agree but the lolita comm is full of sjws now. unless you're marketing yourself to kids explicitly, no one should have to censor their social media just because those kid's parents aren't monitoring their online presence. stop making kids everyone else's problems. parents need more accountability. the real issue is lolita and sexual shit shouldn't be on the same account because it attracts daddy dom faggots and makes lolita seem related to ddlg.

No. 262753

As a lolita lurker (not in any comms, just like the fashion) the nitpicking lor for (gasp) accidentally liking a photo and now (gasp) liking a Tweet is very funny considering the massive garbagefire that is discordgate and all the unmitigated, messy as fuck drama between all the smaller lolitas

No. 262768

That's because some of the main people in this thread and ontop of Lor all the time are the faggots from Discordgate

No. 262794

Oh for sure, it's a very "glass houses" situation here kek. The fact they tried to make out like she was the devil incarnate when all that shit was going on among themselves, whew

No. 262807

>lolita lurker
Oh you mean a lolita at heart? Fuck off back to twitter.

No. 262824

As if all this recent shit wasn't the best evidence that people should just enjoy the fashion and stay out of the social side

No. 262840

I don't even participate and as an outside lurker, it's massively stupid of them.

No. 277591

anyone saw that patreon stalker video?(namefagging)

No. 280324

Lor addresses the Instagram liking fiasco in this video. Blaming it on that she liked everything she saw without even paying attention to what she was liking

No. 280343

File: 1675633179316.png (2.43 MB, 1452x1308, Capture d’écran 2023-02-05 à…)


Bruh the coord she has…is it even a coord ? or even lolita ?? All I know is that I hate it :moyai:

No. 280349

according to her, anything is lolita as long as it can host a bell-shaped petticoat.
pogo the clown wants his coord back.

No. 280357

File: 1675639804755.png (Spoiler Image, 521.24 KB, 892x670, why.PNG)

>that time Lor posted hardcore hentai on her channel
Lor, if you're going to mainly market your content to kids and teens you could at least go through and delete some of your old videos.

No. 280358

Still not over her comparing someone spreading private nudes on the internet to getting posted on a ita thread.

No. 280370

File: 1675642435168.jpg (299.4 KB, 782x533, tMpc7M4.jpg)

spotted at hot topic
her makeup looks decent here. the purposefully bad makeup really is for attention.

No. 280400

Wasn't this already 2-3 years ago now?

No. 280401

you have stockholm syndrome.

No. 280422

does anyone have a tl;dw for this? I don't want to sit through an almost 40 minute video full of her most likely terrible takes and even more terrible excuses for coords.

No. 280501

there you go, saved you 40 minutes.

No. 280558

This was the most toothless video I've ever seen. I'm not going to say it was all bad, but I do think it's impossible to demand some kind of consensus of introspection when we now know that the people at the center of most of the drama literally RUN most of the lolita spaces afforded online.

No. 280577

She's never going to make that Lolita deep dive is she? IHeart Radio already did a really good deep dive and discussion on it by Jamie Loftus. Lori can't top that.

No. 280674

This. It will never change until those people leave the fashion or lose power but even then at least they do a modicum of gatekeeping which we desperately, need not Lor's "lolita can be anything" mentality.

No. 280768

>>280324 how did she post this with audio you can barely hear for most of it jfc

No. 280864

I think it's funny she tried to make herself relatable in how she "admitted to making secrets" on BTB but 2 out of the 3 were literally nothing. But the one about the dead lolita she made, was that about katzixx? If so damn, what a cunt

No. 282018

File: 1676522758721.jpeg (267.02 KB, 828x1210, 1EDED7A5-D5F3-48AD-94CF-EDC594…)

There she’s goes ass licking furry degenerates

No. 282019

File: 1676522804053.jpeg (647.59 KB, 828x1358, DBB06D29-389B-44FF-9A8F-F9F634…)

No. 282045

Maybe get offline then? I wish that reply just said snakething. She doesn't see the "judement" because she doesn't know their social cues or heirarchy. If you want to be less scrutinized, make your prescence smaller and share less personal garbage. If she is trying to claim that we should ignore sex p[est behavior, she's got another thing coming.

No. 282092

God she is so fucking stupid, literally the worst thing lolitas do is be bitchy meanwhile furries rape animals, destroy hotels and let before mentioned sex offenders at their conventions
It's not even like they don't also infight, but because they're mostly scrotes they're seen as automatically loving (which in reality is just them being sex pests to each other)

No. 282159

not to defend her, obviously, but i think she's getting her current view of furries from tiktok. there are autistic girl furries on tiktok defending it to death even though 80% of the community is exactly what you described.

No. 282897

File: 1676987200460.jpeg (456.25 KB, 828x635, C6069DC2-575D-4A6D-B928-745845…)

Lovely lor and her fans

No. 282956

Exactly how I expected them to look.

No. 282992

Will she ever learn to stop groveling at the feet of everyone who points out her mistakes? It’s so cringe and masochistic in the same way likegate was.

No. 299657

click bait title, saying simplicity patterns bought an ap dress and then made a pattern from it but it's all hearsay that even she admits. the only thing ripped off was using someone's spoonflower print for advertising without permission and then some accessories were bought and knocked off to make patterns

"cult leader" was a failed marketing attempt by heycutsew who learned they mistake and went to japan to actually see jfashion

No. 299662

File: 1686153788845.jpg (122.56 KB, 945x725, hcs1.JPG)

they tried to be accountable for what they did, so Lor bringing this up is such old drama from early 2020, get some new material Lor

No. 299668

why is lor even covering drama? doesn't that go against her uwu lovely image.

No. 299902

Lori is never going to do that retrospective on Lolita, is she? Probably because she realized she's completely wrong about the encouragement of pedophilia she thought the book was about.

No. 299922

File: 1686260534360.png (3.83 MB, 1300x2048, egl1.png)

I don't know the full ins and outs of this drama, but did this girl seriously decide a trip to Japan made more sense than actually doing more research into the fashion like reading magazines or following j-fashion blogs? I saw ads for these patterns all over Pinterest a while back and honestly thought they were another Chinese brand cause it felt pretty inauthentic. Maybe it was a bad assumption clouded by the sea of dropshipping but the patterns mostly look like they'd come out looking quite knock-off or ita looking. The gothic Lolita photo looks kinda tragic imo

No. 300031

This looks like a pattern drafted by someone who has been told about lolita but has never seen it worn properly. This is exactly the sort of thing you’d see in ye olden days when teenagers who couldn’t shop online would ask their grandma to make them a lolita dress.

No. 300200

The book is disgusting and so is anyone who reads it. It's blatant pedophilia anon

No. 300219

Really can't tell if you're serious or not.

No. 300439

Please at least just read the last chapter. Only pedophiles (or idiots who do not understand that the story is from the perspective on an unreliable - pedo - narrator) don't read the last chapter as a damming display showing the pedo had no love for Lolita and only wanted her because she was a child. It's only pedos who can read the last chapter and go "oh yes what a tragedy for this man he wasn't able to get the girl before she expired past 17" instead of "ah yes now we have certainty this unreliable narrator is an unrepenting pedoshit and his whole spiel about it actually being true love were obviously lies to himself or he wouldn't be ranting like a madman about having lost her to age at 17"

No. 300445

idk nonnie if something is giving strong pedo vibes in the first chapter I'm not gonna keep reading it…. you do you though I guess.

No. 300474

Nta, but don't worry about reading it. You clearly wouldn't understand it anyway.

No. 300482

Anon… this is considered a classic piece of literature that is often taught in college lit courses. You are completely misunderstanding it lol

No. 300486

Probably just low effort bait.

No. 300836

Cause the narrator is a pedo and you're reading it from his perspective, the book demonizes him for it. Are you over 18? Cause if so I think public (burger I presume) school failed you and you should probably pick up and read an adult novel

No. 304534

>back to the clown makeup and garbage bag blouse
Christ Lor…
Also pixielocks mention in the new video.

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