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File: 1441738148039.jpg (330.35 KB, 800x600, webcam-toy-photo9.jpg)

No. 23707

(The poster and the subject of this thread are the same person. For more information, please see >>48816.)
(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)


i have a truth blog about Luna Eden on tumblr but im trying to get more people to view her how i do so check out my new thread and give me potential new info or your thoughts and feelings!

cheers guys

(terrible thread)
(underage ban)

No. 23709

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)


whats her tumblr URL? wanna do some stalking

No. 23710

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)


its spewyy.co.vu

(she's such a snowflake that she had to change it from "tumblr.com") wow

No. 23712

>cute blog
>pretty face
Where's the dramu? Deets? I'm not seeing anything interesting.
Might even follow her blog for the content tbh

No. 23714

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

hi luna

no but seriously all you have to do is go through the tags "luna eden" "eboni eden" "ketamai" and "vodket" and you'll know what the fuss is about

even looking through her selfies you can see they're all photoshop

also check out unacceptablexbehaviour.tumblr.com

they have lots of content dedicated to her snowflakeyness

No. 23715


> pretty face

LOL no?? i came into this thread just from that comment, in OP picture she looks like a weird drug user
the nose ring makes her look chunky

No. 23716

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)


hahahahahaha yes omg, the funny thing is that she IS a weird drug user… pretty sure she's a coke addict lol

No. 23717

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

i think she's calmed down on the photoshop now but her old pics were riddled with it

No. 23718

No. 23719

Nice samefag.
Different strokes m8

No. 23720

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

why y'all ganging up on this girl? she seems sweet, leave her past IN THE PAST.

No. 23721

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

furthermore, her relationship with ember whann means nothing, keep your hatred aimed at ember if you must

No. 23722

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

oh dont be so sjw, this girl isnt a sweet angel, she isnt just embers pet either, she's basically her right hand snowflake, more needs to be told about this girl so that people know what she's truly like >>23720

No. 23723

I was surprised by her newest pics, she's actually getting pretty so I feel bad for the road she's taken

No. 23724

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

she's as ugly as sin are you all blind? or maybe its just her personality that makes me see her as a 1/10

No. 23725

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)


i think she's gorgeous aesthetically tbh, its just her spoiled brat, 7 year old persona i dont like

No. 23726

The samefag is strong in this thread.

No. 23727

So what I'm getting from the blog you linked is
>she has an ED and calls herself fat sometimes for attention
>she sends herself asks
>she does drugs
>she sends herself anons sometimes
>she had dreadlocks at some point
>her parents buy her stuff
She's just some boring basic scene bitch. There are a hundred more like her. How is she a snowflake? Where are the photos of her clipped armpit hair? Where are the period blood paintings? Where is the autism? I'm not entertained. Even Libbypunk was more kekworthy than her. Fucking Libbypunk.
I'm willing to bet the maker of that blog and the person who posted this thread are literally one person with a vendetta because I can't find any reason to give a fuck about this bitch unless you got into some shit with her IRL.
If that's the case, spill deets on what she did and maybe things will get more interesting. Until then, shit thread + shit content. You might as well have posted about water m8

No. 23728

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

pretty sure she ran a hate blog with ember on tumblr at one point, she admitted to me she helped her run one of them but nikki took the fall for it, i cant remember the name tho does anyone know? oh and also luna and libby are like best friends ahaha

No. 23729

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)


i wish you had been on this drama when the "lunaslies" blog was active


No. 23730

File: 1441741405291.jpg (8.87 KB, 225x225, madotsukipuke.jpg)

Another irrelevant bitch. I see some people on Tumblr whinge because she's "pro anaaaa" but she's plain as fuck. Who cares and who takes the time to look at her social media?
Literally who
PULL really has invaded if a thread like this can exist, holy fuck.

No. 23731

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

WAIT A MINUTE, was luna the girl who messaged theproserpina trying to get into her pants? please tell me she was im sure i saw an ask she sent

No. 23733

File: 1441741563627.jpg (38.01 KB, 400x300, tumblr_ns60v45qPz1ucp2n6o1_400…)

No. 23734

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

this was so obviously made by Ember… bitch when will you stop you attention hungry whore? stop trying to make us hate your "friends" who are less problematic than you and actually have people who like them…

No. 23735

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

lmao ember is a queen, why would she concern herself with this ugly twat?

No. 23736

File: 1441742159796.png (2.86 KB, 203x210, 1401171596649.png)

No. 23737

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)


actually im the one who said she looked chunky with that god awful nose ring but thats the only post i made, im just lurking as of right now

No. 23738

Could you be any more obvious?

No. 23739

Forgot to add this to the list >>23735
OP is a faggot, and I really do mean that.

You're not fooling anyone, just give it up and pretend this shit thread never happened.

No. 23741

no I'm just >>23715

No. 23743

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

i made the post about her horrific nose ring making her look chunky but other than that ive been lurking, idk who's writing all these shitstorm posts though lol

No. 23744

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

lmao luna wishes she was ember, unlucky she's a fat whore though

No. 23745

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

wish ourdoughnut was here to see this, she usually has lots of input on this girl

No. 23751

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

nah i think junky would be better at dragging this girl, not OD

No. 23774

>her nose ring makes her look chunky

Are you serious?

No. 23788

Luna you're a fucking idiot, you uploaded your original fucking picture. You can see the fucking file name.

No. 23794

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

hey OP here! actually i saved her picture from tumblr and then uploaded it, hence the file name, sorry for the confusion guys

No. 23795

?? You're still going with this?

When you save a pic from tumblr it saves as a tumblr url.

No. 23796

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

it never saves as a tumblr url on my laptop? hhm are you sure its meant to do that ive not seen that before?

OP is it the same for you?

No. 23797

how fucking dumb are you, OD refused to talk about luna/eboni like point blank. it didn't matter how many times she was asked she would always say she isn't going to discuss her.

No. 23798

ember pls

No. 23799

Nice try

No. 23807

Lmfao rofl
Op, you are confused as fuck if you think this place is for callouts. We are here for the milk. We don't give a shit about OD and Heather's self important attitude and judgment calls.
Provide milk or gtfo.

No. 23811

File: 1441766336869.jpg (116.08 KB, 800x600, tumblr_nt2zkuuGpw1ub2c1ko2_128…)

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

tfw you're 17 but constantly act like a child..

also notice anything fishy? photoshopped???

10 points to whomever guesses

No. 23812

File: 1441766415646.jpg (92.8 KB, 760x511, tumblr_nt2zkuuGpw1ub2c1ko1_128…)

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

she wrote a post a while back saying how she was purposely going to act like a child since all the truth bloggers talked about was how young she was… i never realised she was that pathetic until that moment omg

No. 23824

Well you, if she's 17 and still lives in the US, why not act like a child? She is legally sort of, and I'm pretty sure this a phase in Tumblr period..
But then again, idk her.
Basic, but I think she's cute tho, phtoshop or not.

No. 23830

Ember you turd twat just stop. You've been drawn and quartered already don't make it any worse on your snaggle toothed self

No. 23832

Why does most of this thread sound like one person talking to themselves?

No. 23833

Because it is, I only posted about Luna forgetting that posting shit will use the original file name.

In her case, the website she used to edit the picture and save from.

No. 23853

No. 23856

Luna probably made this thread not ember

No. 23857

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)


definitely luna, ember is above all this shit

she got better stuff to do

No. 23882

Now this sounds like ember.

No. 23887

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)


its not ember jesus christ

No. 23919

You're so transparent holy shit, how do you not see that???

No. 23923

File: 1441820628645.png (52.71 KB, 1042x590, AHAHAHA.png)

Omg this is definitely just Eboni/"Luna" self posting hahahaha. She would post about her self all the time in ember whann thread but no one paid her any attention, so she made herself her very own thread lmfao.

Just look at these pathetic self posts:



And lol @ this terrible shoop job she did on her picture to make herself look skinnier.


Bitch is really fat as fuck though. Totally lolcow worthy.

No. 23924

Oh and picture is just of how many times her name/url pops up in ember's thread. Bitch is a nobody which makes it obvious that she is posting about herself.

No. 23925

File: 1441820981121.jpg (29.08 KB, 800x600, webcam-toy-photo1.jpg)

She used this website to take that picture of herself: https://webcamtoy.com/app/ and whenever you save the image, it puts the file name as "webcam-toy-photo#" and she uploaded that image straight from her computer, to this thread.

Obvious self post is obvious.

(Picture related - I went to the website, snapped a picture, then saved it which further proves that this bitch is an attention seeking self poster.)

No. 23926

man, i fucking love cringey ass threads like these. idk why but attention seekers like this make me laugh my ass off.

and luna, please keep self posting. it's hilarious. we love it.

No. 23927


Nice samefag!!! Totally not catching on!

No. 23928

omg eboni stahp

No. 23929


There's only like four people in here lol. Eboni, JB, me, and you.

No. 23930


Ember would make a thread about herself before she ever posted about someone else lmao.

No. 23943

Omg JB if you're here, i miss you dude.

No. 23956

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

shes an attention seeker but not fat, no need to lie

No. 23959

nah she's definitely a fatty. she just photoshops her pics to be more like her queen ~ember~

No. 23974

File: 1441833237119.jpg (54.96 KB, 960x720, 11051779_1811526109071510_9796…)

No. 23980

File: 1441833911477.png (205.61 KB, 789x1143, 2121212.png)

No. 23981

File: 1441834046424.png (369.03 KB, 908x846, 2121212.png)

And another… just look at that gut!!

Remember, this photo was taken less than a month ago. She's just another wannerexic like Ember.

No. 23982

Ugly, seems boring, dumblr, fat. Who thought this girl was worth posting?

No. 23984

This thread is a self post. The chick in the photo >>23707
is the one who created this thread.

No. 23986

i guess people are really dragging her now which isnt what she expected. she probably thought she would gain followers and positive attention, as if this site was full of white knights or some shit.

No. 23990

Brush your fucking hair

No. 23995

File: 1441835962858.jpg (99.68 KB, 960x720, 10420139_1859278404296280_8853…)

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

she doesnt look fat but she doesnt look twig thin either, id say she just looks average

No. 23996

where is this image from? link?

No. 23997

No. 23998

yeah, i'm unable to see the picture because i assume you are friend's with this chick.. meaning you are probably eboni self posting yet again.

No. 23999

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

her profile is on public? i can see it and im not even her friend

No. 24001

Pic's working for me too. What error you getting?

No. 24002

File: 1441836487553.png (28.77 KB, 1018x304, 3.png)

idk it just isnt working. what is the girl's actual profile link?

No. 24003

File: 1441836657888.png (8.75 KB, 463x186, l.png)

Found an old post where Eboni is shitting on anti-pro anas

No. 24004

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)


surely thats her shitting on pro-anas not anti pro-anas?

No. 24006

you right. sorry i mistyped.

No. 24007

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

probably why Ember doesnt like her that much, she isnt a pro ana like her

No. 24009

File: 1441837017742.png (32.2 KB, 1491x735, l.png)

eboni's old tumblr url was mudflesh lmfao

No. 24010

the top part is a message she received and she replied with >>^^^^ love you

No. 24012

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)


have you considered she might have blocked you?

No. 24013

i'm just a random person though, i dont even have a blog. there's no way she would know who i am lol

just a farmer wanting to lurk this trainwreck's life.

No. 24016

File: 1441838597563.jpg (81.81 KB, 640x844, image.jpg)

Is she trying to say that's her actual hair? That's a wig??

No. 24021

who cares what this bitch says lmao this whole thread is pathetic.

eboni stop self posting already ffs

No. 24022

this photo is old as shit. she lost weight but then blew the fuck up again. these photos >>23981
>>23980 are super recent and shows how fat she really is lol.

No. 24060

What the hell is with these crazy hoes posting themselves on lolcow recently?

No. 24178

It's because they chimp out when tumblrinas refuse to discuss them so they self post here, and then the same tumblrinas that exhaled them form their shitty community start discussing them here and directing newfags to pt clogging up the threads with shit posts.

No. 24180


No. 24181

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

so lets all just abandon this thread then?

No. 24186

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

if luna is here (which she clearly is) then all this hate should just motivate her to lose some weight

No. 24190

No. 24235

Yeah yeah no1curr not OD reams people for linking to or mentioning lolcow. She did it to me months ago for mentioning Ash's thread. Heather has been pied-pipering tumblrinas here ever since junky-business got deleted.

This thread is hilarious though, i love this cringy moron's retarded devotion to Ember.

No. 24863

I love threads that end up being pathetic self posts hahah.

We need more of these but at the same time, we really don't.

No. 30006

yeah, like exposing minors to thinspo and pro-anorexia bullshit on IG. ember has WAY better things to do!

No. 32591

i wish this thread had really took off, would have been funny to sit back and watch the lulz

No. 33695

File: 1442617111940.jpg (342.91 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-09-18-15-57-37…)

Lmao she's sucking in so hard it's kind of sad tbh. Also good job pandering to pedos.

No. 33757


i dont think she's sucking in, more arching her back in a way that makes her look skinnier if ygm

No. 33758


but at the same time who cares about a fucking costume? she is over the legal age of consent and its not actually showing anything of a sexual nature

No. 46492

File: 1445204538871.png (435.75 KB, 730x742, v.png)

it is. her real hair is diarrhea green and piss yellow.

these pics are only a couple weeks old.

No. 48816

This user has posted 2 threads about herself, including this one, and has frequently brought herself up in unrelated threads to garner attention.

All of her posts across all boards have been marked as "Eboni Violet Aurora Solar Astral Crystal Luna Skye Princess of Eden vi Britannia, XVIII" "Eboni". You can CTRL+F "Posted by Eboni" in threads to see her posts.

She has also been permanently banned for being under 18.

>Global Rule 8. Do not post threads about yourself in /pt/ or /snow/.

Threads she's made:


Other threads she's posted in:


No. 48979


No. 49032

Lol at this thread.

Was this Admin/a mod posting on anon or is OP just a master at detecting samefagging?

No. 49099

I can't fucking beliebe how accurate you were, holy shit!!! Every single one of those posts were created by the same person, Eboni. AKA the topic of the thread lmfao.

No. 49102

>creating multiple threads about yourself

>filling those threads with samefagging


No. 49110

File: 1445808043754.gif (1.33 MB, 355x200, BCDYv.gif)

Legendary thread time!

No. 49113

File: 1445808809151.png (25.74 KB, 165x115, 1440198614301.png)

Roasting the ebin bread

No. 49123

That anon has some serious samefag radar going on please teach me

No. 49127

File: 1445811610081.png (57.31 KB, 1060x634, fs1111.png)


I just told this "morrasea" girl on Tumblr that Eboni was pretending to be her in Ember's old thread for the lulz.

No. 49173

Why does this random tumblerina want negative attention so bad? Is it an attention whore thing? I'm genuinely curious.

No. 49194

Because most tumblr twats get ~e-famous~ By being problematic and usually they are too daft to realize how they're being offensive. Ember, eboni, and Emily stir shit on purpose, knowing that they'll get called out by one of the shitty truth blogs with larger followings, or get put on ECeleb confession blogs.
Negative attention is still attention.

No. 49209

This was a regular poster. Staff never call out samefags or otherwise take advantage of IP or report knowledge while posting as anon. And when we do do such things with staff capcodes, it's only after a major global rule violation.

Her posts are pretty easy to spot.

No. 49231

File: 1445822633657.jpeg (79.9 KB, 640x751, image.jpeg)

Wow that pathetic bitch is really desperate for attention if she's seeking it on lolcow.

Still, a nice kek has been had.

No. 49237

File: 1445823613043.jpg (15.4 KB, 450x253, wtf.jpg)

>tfw Eboni mindfucked you when you were really high
I'm so glad all of these posts are marked now

No. 49248

>"hope you drink a glass of bleach newfag" are you serious? all because im new to imageboards??

this needs to be a banner. preferably next to Eboni's face.

No. 51412

Seconding this.

No. 51586

Fuck you, Eboni.

I liked you. I thought you were being a genuinely nice and honest person when you said you'd never dream I'm posting here. I should've known you'd be as fake as Ember. You made the biggest mistake coming to my domain and letting your ignorance show so much that we all knew which posts were yours without the admin even labelling them yet.

You're fucking pathetic and you're a silly little lying girl who needs more attention from teachers and parents than from random people on the Internet. what did you intend to gain from insulting yourself anyway? what was your end goal, Eboni? because all you've accomplished is infamy for fucking up hardcore.

No. 51627


My comment was totally worth it.

No. 51636

File: 1446026237305.gif (188.02 KB, 300x100, banner2.gif)

>over 0.75 hours in Paintbrush

No. 51637


hi lol its Luna, idec that gif is funny as shit im laughing, pahaha

No. 51645

File: 1446034463745.jpeg (43.58 KB, 640x674, T7lDqjsB.jpeg)

>idec that gif is funny as shit im laughing, pahaha

No. 51648


i literally cant cry with the medication im on try again(underage)

No. 51697

gurl bye

No. 51814

I finally looked at her tumblr and it's nothing but edgelord shit like gore and drugs and childporn. Was it always like this? Or did she edge it up now that her posts are tagged?

No. 51872

Why are you asking when you can literally go to her archive and check for yourself

No. 51890

I scrolled through a ton of shit in the past month and it was nothing but her trying to be edgy. earlier someone said her profile was "cute" … is everyone on here into that shit? At no point did I find her tumblr cute or charming or innocent. It seems like she was always a shit.

No. 51905

I'm that anon. Notice how all those posts have the same typing style, and that she almost always makes a space right after quoting the post number she's replying to? There aren't that many unique posters who type exactly like that on this site, from what I've seen.
Also, she was posting rather consistently and trying to shill herself really, really hard even though no one was showing any interest.
Samefags are pretty easy to detect as long as they have a specific enough syntax going on.

No. 51957

wow, much edge

No. 51971

Nvm getting my wannarexics mixed up.

No. 51976

File: 1446083795592.png (298.87 KB, 445x450, most embarrassing.png)

>Doxxing yourself on lolcow

It's mind-blowing how low these tumblrinas will stoop for a little attention. They must not get enough from mommy and daddy.

No. 52054

Hey Eboni, when Ember was going around calling you fat and ugly on anon to all the truthblogs, were you in on that too? Or are you just dumb and "forgiving" enough to still want to be her friend, anyway?

No. 52071

She was definitely was in on it.

I don't have if any of you are on Tumblr, but there's been a lot of anonymous messages sticking up for Eboni ever since she got called out on here.

No. 52083

I love girls like this who are so desperate they samefag their threads to death. Why do they want cow fame so badly?

No. 52263

File: 1446150821169.png (322.23 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2015-10-29-16-31-05…)



No. 52913

Okay so iv'e never head of this site before until i got an ask regarding some things that had been said about me on here. I do not in any way want to be associated with 'e-celebs'or any of the drama that involves these people. I don't even share my blog about, i don't care for followers or attention, i use my blog to vent and pass time. Iv'e come on here just to state that i would like my name to be kept out of so called drama and would like to be left alone since im still receiving asks about it. Thank you.

No. 52917

Didnt you have a pro-ember truth blog lol

No. 52918


No. 52930

Tell that to your friend Eboni. If you hadn't noticed, she's the one who brought you into all this by pretending to be you.

No. 52935

You're either a complete moron or desperate for attention.

No. 52949

This thread has been dead for a while, chances are the person messaging you is Eboni. Block her for two or three days and see if you get anymore messages, if you don't, then it was probably her doing it. Also, just curious, how old are you?

No. 52952

No one was even talking about you lol

No. 52969

People clearly have been since im still receiving asks, i came on here just to say i want no part in this since i keep getting dragged into shit when i don't even know any of the people involved. and its not her sending them, i have statcounter aha i don't know who it is. I'm nearly 20 years old, i have enough problems in my life, i don't need people adding more. I couldn't give less of a fuck about attention i just want to be left alone.

No. 52974

You're really making it worse for yourself by coming here and trying to make yourself seem like a victim. If you don't want trolls sending you asks, then turn off anon and ignore everyone else. It's not that fucking hard, holy shit, you're just being dumb.

No. 52975

No im not hahaha i wanted to come here to say how i feel about all this bullshit, which i have a right to? since people seem to think its okay to bring my name into things? and why should i turn off anon. Iv'e spoke to luna and shes been nothing but lovely to me and she always has been. I don't believe it was her for a second. And no, you're fucking dumb if this is how you spend your free time. get a hobby or something? Bye :~)

No. 52977

Jesus Christ you sound like 12

No. 52979

Could admin put this shitty thread on auto-sage? I'm tired of these tumblr retards looking for attention

No. 52980

Weren't you the one who started a blog on tumblr starting all this drama with Luna and starting shit? You're obviously only here for more attention and what sense does it make to post your URL on your comments while saying "stop posting my URL on this forum" lol

No. 52982

you seem like one of those that follows all the drama and aches to be a part of it, clearly, or you wouldn't spend your days on here. No, that was not me, but believe what you want sweetie. I don't care anymore, fed up of pathetic cunts like you lot ^^ there is a world outside the internet, you know.

No. 52986

hahahah aren't you the girl that tried to comment on my weight once when you're a fucking heffalump that resembles squidward. I blocked you on tumblr for a reason. weird bitch.

No. 52987


No. 52995

How are you still posting on here? Don't you have at least a little dignity left that you want to keep? You're just as bad for posting here still after what happened. If you din't self post then don't come here and keep posting, makes it look bad.

>why would I take anon off
because you are getting annoying anon messages? So why continue to allow it? let alone whine about it if you aren't going to turn it off? God yall are dumb. Like, can you guys not just walk away from the computer for 2 fucking seconds?


No. 53006

How's bein a thirsty hoe treatin' you? Why so quick to delete your blog?

No. 53260


No. 53569

File: 1446504345524.jpg (46.74 KB, 897x669, raven.jpg)

You da best

No. 54575

i laugh everytime i look at this thread, it fails so hard

No. 54603

this is more embarrassing than anything kristen did at least kristen apologised but oh no eboni is just pretending it didnt happen

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