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File: 1447452661928.jpg (31.02 KB, 400x300, tumblr_nso2ybaywW1ub2c1ko2_400…)

No. 58498

[Self-thread. >>60093]

okay "Luna" you wanted a thread made about you? here we go, this girl is utter trash, she is just a drug abusing, psychotic mess and at only 17, she used to post photoshopped thinspo images but im unsure as to whether she still does, she plays on her drug addiction for attention and well… she's best friends with Ember Whann, what more need i say?(eboni / underage / ban evasion)

No. 58501

doesnt she abuse Valium constantly? no wonder her mind has turned to mush, ew

No. 58502

wow deja you've reached a new low

No. 58503

kristen is this really you

No. 58507

File: 1447454287143.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.8 KB, 640x430, tub girl.jpg)

No one cares about your boring tumblr drama

You faggots need to be perma banned

No. 58508


ive been made to state my full name in the box otherwise i get banned from the website yes, its annoying but this girl is beyond low, i know she wont be able to respond either because she's banned so unlucky for her

No. 58509


Uhhhhh you forgot to write Kristen's name in, Eboni.

No. 58512

no actually im just testing the waters as to whether i can actually stay anonymous or not, it would be comical if this was a self post but unfortunately the little rodent has been banned from here

No. 58514

I was so thankful I had forgotten about tub girl. Fuck.

No. 58515

We don't need a new fucking thread for every anorexic piece of shit. Keep it to the snowflakes/Ember thread holee shit.

No. 58516

deja what the fuck are you trying to achieve from this thread? we get that you dont like her but she's banned anyway so she's not exactly gonna see you shit posting about her anyway… whats your end game here?

No. 58517

Update your Tumblr and I will believe you are not Eboni.

No. 58518

she's not anorexic, just naturally slim, personally i think she is just a psychotic mess

No. 58519

im not going back to my tumblr, its not a safe place for me anymore, ive made my apologies and thats final

No. 58520

Delete this photo off of your blog and that will prove you are not Eboni.

Otherwise, you can fuck off with your self posts.

No. 58521

You don't even have to post. Just delete that image.

No. 58522

No. 58524

i know you believe this isnt me but i still want to be part of the lolcow community i sent eboni asks multiple times about whether she could post in here anymore anyway and she said she'd been banned so if you dont believe its truly me then you can put the spotlight on someone else

No. 58525

File: 1447454987303.gif (3.04 MB, 640x357, giphy.gif)

So, you will go on Tumblr to message Eboni but you won't just delete that fucking post?

Okaaaay, whatever you say "Kristen".

No. 58526


she deserves to have this post made about her, she is scum, she plays on her drug addictions and posts gore to intentionally trigger people, i admit ive done bad stuff in my time but this girl is just UGHHH i hate her

No. 58527

>whine about needing a safe place
>post on lolcow

Fuck you tumblrfags and your triggers

No. 58528


>I've done bad stuff but nevar #triggered anyone!!!1

No. 58529

File: 1447455176548.png (12.19 KB, 564x223, 2.png)

You are so pathetic, Eboni.

Self posting on lolcow while also sending yourself asks on Tumblr. How sad it must be to need attention this bad.

>>sage all around

No. 58530

kristen how old are you? have you noticed you're picking on a 17 year old girl who is still finding herself in life? i know a lot of the stuff she posts can be triggering and i dont agree with it one bit but did you feel it absolutely necessary to post a thread about her???

No. 58531

It's not Kristin, but you're Eboni too kek.

No. 58533

Kristen you forgot to put your name in the box btw :) you call her psychotic and a drug addict (which i mainly agree with) but then you send her asks on tumblr TELLING her you're posting about her, are you that autistic???

No. 58534

unfortunately eboni is banned from lolcow, i wish she wasnt though, i would have loved to see her trying to defend herself over anon

No. 58535


No. 58536

File: 1447455491903.png (Spoiler Image, 240.49 KB, 558x455, 2.png)

kristen didn't make this thread. the person who is claiming to be "kristen" won't even prove they are her by deleting a post from kristen's blog but will log on to send "Luna" (real name Eboni) messages about lolcow. it's so fake, not to mention Eboni has steadily updating her blog all day long. She just reblogged this photo of a dead baby lol. aint it cute? (:

No. 58538

can the admins please confirm that she is banned? because im like 99% sure she is

No. 58539

felice fawn did it better

No. 58541

Baby's First Proxy

No. 58542

felice fawn was a goddess (a bad influence godess) but a goddess none the less

No. 58543

File: 1447455790697.gif (788.73 KB, 500x278, giphy (1).gif)


I just wanted to say that I follow Kristen's instagram and she posted a photo of herself earlier today, so to the person who keeps saying they're her, post another photo on your account real fast. I will turn on your post notifications so you can post it then delete it and i will still be able to view it.

If you don't do this, then "Kristen" has to be Eboni and we can all abandon this thread lmao.

>me waiting.

No. 58545

okay you caught me im not kristen, but i do have a personal vendetta against this piece of shit "Luna" im someone she knows irl but yeah, id really appreciate it if the admins would prove that eboni is banned from this website because i dont want her taking some credit and having the attention she so craves

No. 58546

God how is it possible for one person to be so goddamn pathetic? (If this is eboni) like seriously have some fucking dignity.

No. 58547

Shut the fuck up Eboni.

No. 58548


>>I'm not Eboni, I just live in her house and sleep in her bed, and walk around in her skin!!!

No. 58549

how many times do i need to tell you shes banned from this website hahah how the fuck do i call the admins in to prove to you she cant even see this shit we're posting about her

No. 58550

jfc why is there so much personal vendetta/self post shit in the past couple of days. take it back to insta or whatever you fucking morons.

No. 58553

because she's a college drop out with no job who sits at home smoking weed and eating strips of valium everyday and in all honesty shes just a psycho mess who needs to be removed from the internet

No. 58555

please log off Eboni

No. 58556

>>just naturally slim

eboni you are a WHALE

No. 58557

SHES BANNED FROM THIS WEBSITE THE ADMINS EVEN SAID SO. she was banned for being underage and for self posting and to my knowledge she always uses the exact same IP from liverpool

its fine that you think im eboni bc fuck knows what would happen if you found out my true identity

No. 58563

You should use a trip code if you plan to go by A* (this way you won't be inpersonated)
Just before you post, enter A*#123 into the name field.

After you do this, your name will become a very set of digits, check out my name for example.

No. 58564

a very unique** set of digits

No. 58567


No. 58569

How do you know what IP addresses she uses?

No. 58570

The worst part about these self post/personal vendetta threads is that there are NEVER ANY FUCKING LINKS.

Because they are Eboni and she knows that she cant post while using a certain IP, so she figured out a way to evade the ban like the skeezeball she is.

No. 58571

It was discussed in a town hall meeting. Her ip is from Warrington.

No. 58572


okay you want a link i'll go find you some links to prove she is valium abusing dirt

No. 58573

File: 1447457485375.png (22.27 KB, 689x163, drugs.PNG)

part 1

No. 58574

Prove you're not Eboni first.

No. 58575

File: 1447457510207.png (34.22 KB, 663x267, drugs 2.PNG)

part 2

No. 58576

File: 1447457547612.png (20.78 KB, 673x135, drugs 3.PNG)

how do i prove that to you?

No. 58577

File: 1447457581036.png (1.32 MB, 1122x1192, 32.png)

Eboni you purposely sent yourself asks about drugs and filled your blog with what you consider "edgy" before making another thread about yourself.

>>i need to follow more gore blogs

kek try not to cut yourself on all that edge hun

No. 58578

>idgaf what u thin, come off anon you absolute pussy, id cut your genitals off and feed it to my pigs you worthless tramp, im sane, im sane.


No. 58580


>>Crops out the "edit" buttons a the bottom of her posts before self submitting

No. 58581

literally nobody cares except for you, go outside ffs

No. 58582

Dat some good croppin'.

No. 58583

So let's pretend you're not Eboni whining for attention for a second. What has she done aside from ~*posting triggering goree*~ and ~*doin som droogs*~ that is so bad?

No. 58584

I like how they were all screencapped from the dashboard too. These were posted hours ago but A* found like in a heartbeat lollll yeah okay.

No. 58585


she posts thinspo, calls people fat even though she apparently has an ED, she is rude to all her followers and has a massive ego complex

No. 58586

Haha she sends herself tons of obvious self asks too. Eboni gtfo.

No. 58587


No. 58588

Okay, but you know her in real life. Why are you personally here posting a thread about her? What has she done to -you- to make -you- not like her?

No. 58589

>>calls people fat

Did you not see the threads where all people do is fat shame on your way in or….

No. 58592

Libby is this you, you little fat pig

No. 58594

File: 1447458234528.png (5.48 KB, 254x141, nowhosethatlolnotmeeeehsorandu…)

Yes it's totally ~*LIBBY*~

No. 58595

File: 1447458285181.png (45.38 KB, 542x508, 32.png)

I love how A stops posting at 6:34pm and then Eboni replies to this self sent ask at 6:36pm and then A starts posting again at 3:38 >>58585

And Eboni wants us to believe that she didn't make this thread hahah

No. 58596

Luna's ip is from Leeds.

No. 58597

She always does that !!! thing too. This is painful.

No. 58600


libby is almost as laughable as eboni her self, i think someone needs to make a thread about libby shes a lolcow

No. 58601

I hacked into lolcow and discovered that this person is located somewhere in Russia, it's not Eboni. I'll check again though. Yep I checked, definitely Russia.

No. 58602

Too young

No. 58603

No. 58604


I love this


No. 58608

File: 1447458679036.jpg (73.76 KB, 627x463, image.jpg)

what has become of us

No. 58609

I'd be willing to bet that Luna has never touched an actual drug in her life

No. 58610

>>inb4 A comes out of the woodwork with more cropped shots

No. 58611


i visited her once actually, we met online, we went to her friend rens house, as soon as i walked in there was lines of cocaine on the side, bags of mdma, strips of valium and bags of ketamine, it was fucking disgusting. her and her friend live in a fucking drug den. safe to say i never went back to that place again

No. 58613

File: 1447458922472.jpg (4.87 KB, 101x101, images.jpg)

No. 58614

File: 1447458934018.jpg (20.73 KB, 200x200, image.jpg)

>hacked into lolcow
>I just want to be part of the lolcow community!!!!1
>this girl deserves a thread!!!1 she's so ugly and fat!!!1

I can't even keep track of all the cancer in this thread

No. 58615

I Believe it even more now than you mentioned ketamine lol right

No. 58616

File: 1447459262807.jpg (208.87 KB, 682x600, lol.jpg)

>I hacked into lolcow

No. 58619

Lmao yeah fucking right

Who tf has "bags" of ketamine just chillin

You've never seen any of those drugs in your life you lying piece of shit self posting faggot

Please kill yourself

No. 58620

File: 1447459531408.png (1.65 MB, 1062x1184, 32.png)

Dude I just realized something.

Eboni is obsessed over this sickups/Aimee girl on Tumblr. They supposedly live near each other or something and I recall Eboni bitching about her on eceleb confession blogs waaaaaay back when but I really don't know much about the drama between the two girls.

Just just look at the name the OP is using.


The first initial of that sickups girl's name. Looks like Eboni is subtly trying to make it seem like she is sickups… and (Eboni) somebody already (self) posted in Ember's thread just a little bit ago, saying she "suspect it might be her" >>58559

Man, the level of cringe with this girl… Eboni just stop. You will NEVER be as pretty, talented, or as thin as Aimee. No matter how fucking hard you try.

No. 58621

File: 1447459837492.png (1.15 MB, 986x1142, 32.png)

Example number one of Eboni copying Aimee.

No. 58624

Sage for OT but I really want a box like that. I didn't know they existed!

No. 58625

They sell them in every head shop I've ever seen in the UK

No. 58627

File: 1447461619109.png (400.17 KB, 1404x554, 32.png)

Okay so all I know now is that Eboni started dating Aimee's ex boyfriend but idk if that was before or after Eboni started to obsess over the girl.

Probably after tbh.

>>screenshots are from eboni's ask.fm


No. 58631

now shes saying she going to kill herself, hhhm okay

No. 58632

File: 1447462832960.png (37.43 KB, 559x607, l.png)

this reminds me of how ember reacted when she was caught self posting on lolcow

No. 58633

File: 1447462867252.png (40.74 KB, 170x252, w0t.png)

cute fake party story

No. 58635

lmao, this is hilarious.

how old is she again? please don't tell me she's over 16. how embarrassing.

No. 58636

Uhm this is actually Deja/Kristen and I swear to god I did not post this thread and I want to be left out of this I don't even care about Luna please admin check the ip and tell them I have nothing to do with this thread I haven't even posted on here since the situation with me went down

No. 58638

The Admin will not check your IP on demand.

Also, it's funny because I can tell it is you in this post because of your utter lack of punctuation.

No. 58639

Can someone let her know tumblr 2011 came and went? It's time to let the gauges and pastel hair go.

But seriously more backstory to her please. So far it sounds like we're talking about some average tumblr white girl bffs with a wannarexic..

No. 58641

Oh my godddd eboni small child GET OFF THE INTERNET.
don't you have school to go to?

No. 58642

>pretty sure you can't get meth here

lmao oh my god

No. 58643

she actually college age in the UK, but she dropped out hahah

No. 58645

she has such a LONG history of being this attention starved annoying piece of shit, i'll try to dig up some links for you.

No. 58646

Is there anyway I can prove I didn't make this thread because I don't want to be involved in this seriously I'm off tumblr and haven't been posting on this site anymore for a reason. I don't even care about eboni and if I was gonna try to make a thread on here again don't you think I wouldn't sit here posting my name?? Like why would I even come back on a site that hates me and post about a girl idc about

No. 58647

We believe you now shut the fuck up.

No. 58648

I can't even stand to read your whole comment, it's obvious you're Kristen. You can gtfo now.

No. 58650

She's currently live blogging a suicide attempt right now. Apparently there is, an I quote, 'so much blood everywhere'

Cos y'know when people bleed so much that it's 'everywhere' they still retain the ablity to type.

No. 58651

Until I can find links, check out her previous thread (which she also made) >>>/snow/23707

No. 58766

Oh my god how cringey can one person get jesus fucking christ she's so desperate for attention that it's painful to watch.

No. 58767

File: 1447465506821.jpg (309.04 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-13-17-43-47…)

No. 58768

File: 1447465512624.png (841.66 KB, 906x988, l.png)

Eboni has been going off about how her SSRIs make her "shaky" and now I see why she has been saying that lmfao. She loves copying Aimee.

No. 58769

File: 1447465547876.jpg (238.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-13-17-44-07…)

…..ok eboni

No. 58771

File: 1447465678586.png (189.09 KB, 334x355, l.png)

No. 58772


You can't mistake the look and feel of crystal meth.

And it is very very rare in the uk so that means incredibly fucking expensive so no one would leave it out.

No. 58773

Kristen definitely didn't make this lol it's so obvious she didn't.

No. 58774

This girl is a wreck. She probably snorted baby powder. What a cunt.

No. 58776


Okay, thank you. So far to me from what I've caught on to… She's posted a thread about herself? She's 17… so why is she on this site…? She's currently live blogging a suicide (While posting on here)…? She knows Ember..?

(is my newfag status revealing enough?)

No. 58778

File: 1447466004138.png (331.39 KB, 542x756, haha.png)

No. 58779

She's supposed to be banned and was but i think she's using a proxy.

No. 58780

File: 1447466281091.png (38.96 KB, 561x365, 12.png)

Eboni also self submits to this http://epeopleconfessions.tumblr.com/ blog (you can tell it's her because no one else refers to her as "Luna" rofl) and I was just gonna post these links


so you all can see the shit she says about herself, when I found this message (the screenshot) lmfao.

There wouldn't be any confessions of her on that blog if she wasn't the one sending them.

No. 58781

There are ways to get around an IP ban but I don't want to explain how for obvious reasons

No. 58783

Careful, don't cut yourself on that edge.
But honestly this girl is so nuts and attention-whorey. I actually talked to her a few times on tumblr before all this shit happened and i literally did not know she had this kind of crazy in her.

No. 58785

The cringe is unbelievable. Eboni, holy shit kid. Holy shit.

No. 58794

She 'sliced her arm open' apparentltly yet is STILL continuing to type and even reblogging 'fanart' of her…

That's some skills. She must have sliced very specifically, avoiding veins and nerve endings and someone managed to stop the blood flow while STILL updating her tumblr all night.

Oh wait…it's just bullshit. Never mind :)

No. 58796

Yo Luna post a picture of ur arms with "hello lolcow" written next to ur cut.

No. 58797


No. 58806

My Instagram has been deactivated for two weeks now idk if you're making this up or you're following a fake account but if you're being serious can you send me the link because I don't have an Instagram anymore or have posted on there so that's not me…..

No. 58815

File: 1447474609838.png (8.52 KB, 501x198, sickups.png)

She wants to be sickups so bad lmao.

No. 58816

Neither of these people are relevant.

Both those are your basic tumblr "idkhowtohtml" themes.

No. 58817

>neither of these people are relevant

That's why I saged it. I'm really just talking to Eboni at this point. I'm pointing out that Eboni even copies the way sickups talks with her "big bear" shit.

No. 58818

You don't have to green text shit you're replying to 2 lines, who the fuck cares about this shit.

I'm guessing you're the bitch who's being copied, because nobody else would give 2 fucks.

No. 58819

Yup, I'm sickups all right.

No. 58822

Either way she'll have a new personality in a month.

No. 58846

The second I mentioned how obsessed Eboni is with Aimee/sickups, the threads OP (went by kristen then A) immediately stopped posting here and then Eboni starting posting all this suicidal guilt trippy bs on her blog. Odd, right? (lol)

and I still have no idea what her deal is with sickups but from I can tell, Eboni is just a jealous fatty.
Us discussing this fact is probably making her feel all sorts of negative ways.

No. 58847

I know Eboni has copied Aimee a lot more than this so any help with compiling this list would be very appreciated. Thanks you those who have contributed so far!

No. 58849

Who fucking cares who is copying who this thread is so annoying. Besides the fact I'm being framed for it now I'm being framed for a dumb as fuck thread that's clearly a personal vendetta. Can't the admin at least look up the ip who posted this thread and find out if it's Eboni self posting again. She's probably using a friend's ip to post off of which would be in the same area as hers.

No. 58852

Shhhh. Shhhh. There there.

No. 58854

Which is why we are all saging it. Stop bumping it if you hate it so much, dumbass.

No. 58855

File: 1447481872480.png (521.23 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1447481568290.png)

Eboni posted the bottom screenshot the day after sickups posted the top screenshot

No. 58857

Why the fuck do they need to both talk like they're in the middle of having an epileptic fit? Never mind lmao I remember. Fucking people on tumblr and their "elhp i m havnig a panic atackk stop "

No. 58858

I have no idea wtf is up with sickups but eboni is just copying her lol

No. 58859

My comment was clearly to the person whining about Eboni copying sickups who isn't saging the thread at all and continuing to bump it. I was telling THEM to stop posting because they're just continuing to talk to themselves and post links/screenshots no one cares about.

No. 58860

Abloo abloo

Go back to swimming in the ocean you fat whale

No. 58861


>who cares about eboni look at me

>me me me me me

No. 58863

File: 1447483938223.png (721.7 KB, 799x599, lolselfharm.png)

Looks like she self harms about as much as she does drugs.


Look at all that self harm on her arms.

No. 58864

Stfu and stop shit posting you whiny baby. Nobody here thinks you created this thread because we all know your incoherent and autistic structure of expressing yourself. You also already blew it with your fag ass truth blog friends, so if this were to actually blow you in your face, w/e they already hate your pathetic fat ass.
This isn't tumblr where you fucking regards scream IP at the top of your lungs over every damn little thing someone does. You're all too fucking stupid to be internet sleuths. Nobody is interested in you nor helping you maintain your innocence. Please fuck off.

No. 58866

I wouldn't be back here if someone(Eboni) wasn't sitting here posting threads pretending to be me. I literally want no attention, to be talked about, or be in this community or the truth blog community anymore that's why I locked all of my social networks. It's so irritating that even after I keep myself out of this someone still has to drag me in. I'm done posting tho I just came on to defend myself that I had nothing to do with this thread. If you want to sit here talking about yourself Eboni don't do it under my name. I still think the admins should look to see if she made this thread and post that she did so my name can be dropped from this. Or expose the person who did make this thread since impersonating someone is somewhat against the global rule of trying to mislead the admins imo.

No. 58867

Then. Go. Away. Stop posting. Go outside.

No. 58868

Literally nobody thinks you made this thread. We all know it was Eboni.

No. 58869

I was bringing up the ip so there was proof I wasn't involved because I don't want to be blamed. If you all know I didn't do it now than that's all I care about and I'm leaving and won't respond anymore.

No. 58870

File: 1447484408706.gif (24.93 KB, 300x100, confirmedip.gif)

k bye

No. 58871

We literally don't give a shit if you started this thread or not

Fuck the hell off to the nearest macdonalds lardball

No. 58872

Banner added.

No. 58873

File: 1447485544833.jpg (17.68 KB, 275x206, image.jpg)

Deja if you even put half the energy into working out as you do on trying to whore yourself out for scraps of attention online, you'd be a lot fitter.

No. 58877

oh my fucking god
this pathetic cunt

No. 58879

She's just like ember lmao. Just a mediocre plain-looking white girl with no personality who wants to have "problems" because she thinks it'll make her look more "intetesting".

No. 58880

Girls like this drive me absolutely up the fucking wall. I've had a series of mental issues that I won't go into but these girls that fake mental illness to look "interesting" really get my dick in a knot. At the end of the day, they can "turn it off" and go back to normal life. They don't have to worry about passing any mental problems down to their kids or being a burden on their family. They don't have to worry about money for therapy or if the new meds are going to make you sick. It just pisses me off idk sage for ot wahwah blog entry blurgh

No. 58884

Hey man I feel you. I so desperately want to feel normal but I have so many friends that pull this stupid card and are fine all the time. Its so tiring.


No. 58885

can we please just let this thread die? its pointless anyway

No. 58891

I can smell the selfpost from ten lightyears away.

No. 58902

File: 1447508739820.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 2048x1099, PhotoGrid_1447508521781-1.png)

This dumb bitch made herself another thread and proceeded to cover her arm in (fake) cuts because of it kek. What an attention whore, 10 points to whoever can find the source for her *~self harm~* photo.

No. 58904


>>bitches about people bumping the thread

>>continues to bump thread

You're quite the idiot, huh?

No. 58907

>I literally want no attention, to be talked about, or be in this community or the truth blog community anymore

Haha wow. No one was paying your ugly ass any attention until you started to self post about yourself >>32689
Do you really expect us to just stop ragging on your cringey ass behavior everytime you make an appearance here? Your thread is dead for a reason. No one gives a shit about you yet you keep coming back, rambling on about yourself. It was immediately figured out you didn't make this thread and OP even confirmed it >>58545 so why did you still feel the need to post so damn much about your IP? Oh thats right, you love being talked about.

No. 58908

No. 58916

ehy… amoxicillin could kill if given to the wrong person! So it's edgy!

no i've got an allergy to penicillin and other -cillin antibiotics and could die if I took these, but I still think it's funny as hell that she's trying to pass these off as "edgy" meds… unless they're edgy because they're a treatment for her VD or smth.

No. 58919

hi this is Luna, im having to use my mothers computer to type this message, i did NOT make this thread, this thread has cause me much distress since ive been told about it, im begging the admins to take it down, i know i shouldnt post this as i am underage but this is the ONLY post i will be making in this thread, whoever made this, i hope you're happy, i was 3 months clean of self harm until last night, be proud, i literally need stitches

No. 58922

UM when you were first "told about it" you didn't get upset at all. You continued to reblog photos, answer asks, and shit and the second someone pointed out your creepy obsession with Aimee/sickups, you started talking about how you were going to kill yourself lmfao.

But it isn't like I believe you didn't make this thread because you did hahaha.

No. 58923

just go outside and get some fresh air or something this is humiliating to watch

No. 58925


i couldnt give two shits about aimee, we had a long talk last night and we're completely civil now, also i look nothing like her and have adopted NONE of her look so um yeah suk out

No. 58926

Reported for underage. Stop being so pathetic and just delete yourself off the internet. It's embarrassing.

No. 58928



No. 58930

Then stop being something worth making a thread about. As if you didn't make this thread yourself, anyway.

No. 58938

You obviously look nothing like her because she is actually skinny and you outweigh her by 50lbs, at LEAST, but that's besides the point. You literally copy her style of writing, bought shit from that doll artist just like she did, dated the same guy she dated, and takes photos just like hers and even uses the same caption as her.

You're fucking weird. Don't you know her IRL?

No. 58939

The person (who totally isnt eboni) who made this thread said they know you IRL and described your house. Doesn't this concern you?

No. 58942

Hey Eboni, post more photos of your super brutal cuts!

No. 58945

File: 1447516201229.png (700.32 KB, 1817x1456, PhotoGrid_1447515552163-1.png)

Here's the shit Eboni was posting while she was apperently punching herself and slicing her arm up KeK.

And I believe that is her in that photo with the cut up arm and if she really did do that to herself because of a thread that SHE MADE FOR HERSELF then someone call me an ambulance because I am going to die from laughter.

The attention whoring is strong with this one.

No. 58946


yes it does concern me, im terrified tbh that someone knows where i live

No. 58947

The photo of her cuts could be old since her hair is brown with ugly yellow highlights and her most recent photos, she has white hair. >>58902

No. 58948


no thats my natural hair, i wear wigs, and my fringe is actually green

No. 58950

Post another picture

No. 58951

File: 1447516849734.png (1.54 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1447516783274.png)

ahahahahaha bish where

No. 58956


LMAOOO what happened to "she's banned I swear ask an admin"
way to out yourself eboni
Is it possible for anyone to be any more try hard and pathetic? Like genuinely curious because I am embarrassed for you right now
How do you have so little going on in your life that you feel the need to seek attention like this

No. 58957

File: 1447517247454.png (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 2048x1762, PhotoGrid_1447517039748-1.png)

Look what I found on her ex boyfriend's Tumblr


Looks like she is just as bad IRL.

No. 58965


thats not my ex boyfriend, we're back together lol

No. 58966

File: 1447519351597.jpg (53.1 KB, 800x600, webcam-toy-photo3.jpg)



No. 58967

And you did this all over a thread you made? lmao this is gold, post more photos hahah

No. 58968


i didnt make the thread!!!! i swear someone has a personal fucking vendetta against me, i dont like drawing negative attention to myself as im already in the lowest state of mind possible, please just leave me be, im on the edge

No. 58969

He said this about you though lmfao

>avoid this girl, she is a a Harlot and the worst kind off lying, repulsive, cheating fucking slag!

Awww what a cute daddy you have n.n He treats you sooooo good, doesn't he? You repulsive, cheating whore.

No. 58970

You literally already made 2 threads about yourself and you really think we will believe that you didn't make this one?

Never gonna happen.

No. 58971


we both made mistakes in that relationship, he cheated on me twice before i even thought of doing it back to him, we've both grown up and im on medication for my head now so our relationship is perfect :))

No. 58972


and no, i want whoever created this thread to fucking delete it, i dont want to be a part of this shit anymore

No. 58973

Jesus christ eboni…like please please just get off the computer and take care of yourself and stop doing all these dumb things for attention okay? Because honestly it's just backfiring and hurting you in the end.

No. 58974

File: 1447520295970.png (819.22 KB, 1955x1587, PhotoGrid_1447520092282-1.png)

Eboni you have the best daddy ever!!!!! am so jealous

>Go die you stupid bitch, you literally make your self out to be so innocent, my friends are dirt, you didnt seem to mind when you where fucking them.

>I couldnt care less, you where messaging me telling me you loved me today, sort it out man, make up your mind, and stop chatting shit about me as well, i have all the reasons to think your a cunt, yet you act like you did fuck all! unbelievable really mate

No. 58975


its all in the past, he's my daddy and i love him dearly, please dont bring him into this :)))

No. 58976


also my daddy is cute asf so leave him da fuck out lol

No. 58977

File: 1447520991075.png (1.34 MB, 2048x1067, PhotoGrid_1447520835644-1.png)

hahahahah ahahahaha I would feel bad for Eboni if this didn't crack me up so much.

She cheated on this guy so he went off and called her a shit ton of names and is only dating her to get his dick wet. Damn Eboni, you live one sad life hahahahah. Please post more photos of your cuts!

>Get a load of her hunky daddy lmfao

No. 58978

my name is luna not eboni, ive had it legally changed to luna labelle, well done dickwads

No. 58979

Damn Eboni, you let his friends run a train on you?

You nasty and he nasty for going after their sloppy seconds.

No. 58980


we all make mistakes deary

No. 58981

That girl doesn't love herself like….???? God this is a trainwreck.

No. 58983


oh dear this girl is an absolute mess, i thought ember was bad for cheating but im pretty sure eboni cheated on this billy guy like 5 times

No. 58984

Whatever you say, Eboni.

No. 58985


my name isnt eboni, sorry my name is luna, i dont know anyone called eboni you must have the wrong person :)))

No. 58986

File: 1447521605590.jpg (28.17 KB, 600x600, 10991119_10200212007180414_639…)

oh what a daddy!1!!!!one!! i can see why he makes you so drippy ^n^ probs delivers the best cummies a baby bear could Eva dream 4 !! !!! eboni u lucky little pixie!!1!

No. 58987


i dont see how he looks ugly in that picture at all? (btw this isnt eboni you can check my ip) but lets just bash eboni, her boyfriend hasnt done anything wrong to anyone really

No. 58989

he looks like he smells like bacon grease. yaaas bacon grease daddy!! whip me with a beef jerky belt!!

No. 58990

File: 1447522047774.jpg (38.99 KB, 800x600, 24643_3780090918350_1224789341…)



No. 58991

daddy daddy your patchy pubescent facial hair tickles me tehehehe

No. 58992

File: 1447522187584.png (405.53 KB, 949x777, Screenshot_2015-11-14-12-28-50…)

No. 58994

Fuck back where you came from you piece of shit

No. 58995

yes daddy!! listen to black veil brides with me and buy me some save the boobies bracelets! choke me with your oily skin grease!!

No. 58997

File: 1447522402404.png (873.94 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2015-11-14-12-30-33…)

OHHH so Sid, Aimee's ex boyfriend, used to be friends with Billy until Eboni decided to fuck Sid and Billy at the same time hahahah. This is really starting to come together now.

>pic related - these 2 were friends until they both gave Eboni a good ol' poke

No. 58998

ugh daddy kinks are so disgusting, did anyone catch a glimpse of what she wrote last night while she was having a psycho breakdown haha???

No. 58999

File: 1447522679537.png (732.15 KB, 938x1525, Screenshot_2015-11-14-12-34-29…)

Yeah but it's all an act. She is only acting like this because of Aimee. She is jealous of her so Eb is copying every fucking thing she does while also sending her anon hate.

>i can't get enough of eboni's sexy daddy

No. 59001


fyi, ive had a daddy kink since i lost my virginity, i was 15, and i didnt know who the fuck aimee was then so um no lol

No. 59002

Luna, Eboni whatever your name is… you said that you were only ging to post once in this thread yet you've posted way more then one….

Time to get off you're under 17. I think we should find out how to contact her parents and show them all of this so they can help this pooor girl out.. It's kinda awful for a girl to be doing all of this stuff for negative attention.

Let's get this trainwreck some help asap.

No. 59005


already in therapy, already on meds, my mum doesnt give a fuck, do it for all i care, im merely stating that i want the person who made this thread to take it down, or at least the admins

No. 59010

You're literally stalking this thread. You fucking love that it's up. You're probably refreshing three times a minute. We fucking get Eboni you love it but won't admit it to us.

(Kind of insulting our intelligence tbh)

No. 59014


no im stalking it in hopes that it will be taken down soon, I DONT WANT THIS ATTENTION ANYMORE. h=whoever made this thread is disgusting, i left the edrama, i apologised to who i needed to and left it at that, leave me alone

No. 59019

since when was your name luna labelle? hahaha first "eboni robinson" then "eboni eden" then "luna eden" now this

identity crisis my dear? pahaha

No. 59020

Eboni is the definition of a try hard. She looks like a bloated beached whale carcass about to explode but ~starves~, can't cut because of scar tissue where there are no scars, cuts little chicken scratches into her arm for attention, pretends to do drugs but probably smokes pot twice a week at the most.

I would say she was trying to be a troll but she's too much of a dumb shit to pull it off convincingly.

No. 59023


her scars are on the outer side of her arm because shes too much of a pussy to slash her wrists

No. 59034

Hahahaha no bitch you literally just started doing this weird start a few months back. None of your blogs were this level of cringe. You even said that you were going to purposely act like this to piss off truth bloggers.

No. 59036

no i said if they were gonna treat me like a child then i would act like one, but recently ive been doin it all the time, i cabnt stop i feel 7 years old (i am 7 years old) and bleh im sane im sane

No. 59039

im sane, im sane, im sane
so sane, im sane

No. 59041

File: 1447527185724.png (1.9 MB, 1813x1558, PhotoGrid_1447526929510-1-1.pn…)

What do you have against Aimee/Willow?

You keep throwing underhanded shade at her but copy everything she does.


No. 59043

>says she can't stop acting like a 7 year old
>except when posting on facebook

No. 59044

The good news is, Sickups knows you're copying her and doesn't care because you're not well and that's the whole reason for your creepy fucking behavior.

No. 59045

i hav her blocked on fb how the fuck was i supposed 2 no she made that picture?????

No. 59046

Do you have her blocked so she can't see how hardcore you're copying her? Are you shaa ahahaking and cuddling your bii iii gg bee a r r Eboni?

No. 59047

THEN STOP REPLYING JESUS CHRISTTTTT. the only reason it keeps getting bumped is because you keep popping in to defend yourself JUST GO
Is this so hard to understand??????

No. 59048


heheheheh my cuts r getting infected!!!ihope they amnputate, i hope i get infections 2 my heart, i hope she finally kills me heheheheh

No. 59049

File: 1447527823328.png (1.18 MB, 2048x1453, PhotoGrid_1447527360462-1.png)

Here's another example of you (Eboni) copying Aimee.

Her old facebook profile picture is Eboni's current Tumblr icon.

No. 59050


my "friend"sloth told me to use it as an icon, blam him, hes a meanie!!!

No. 59051

wowee u guise! muh cuts r infected!! hue hue hue hue im sane im sane !!! i hope it goes to my heart!! oh the voices are talking agin, the voices are so loud !!! i hear them, they are beginning to take controll of me!! theres nothing i can do !! im going to go crazy!! im going to take all this valium!!im going to drink a ketamine smoothie with ground genitals!! just you wait, just you wait and see !!! img oing to grind you up!! im gomg to grind myself up. i hope yo utdie today. i hope you die. im sane im sane.

No. 59052

im sane
everything is just fine

No. 59053

im going to labotomize you and i am goung to vivisect ur mom

No. 59054


y use my name istead of "anon" ???? ahahah tumblr lolcow ppl make me giggle, i do have voices but they only whisper to me at night, i would mutilate you all if i could, but i love aimee she is a kind soul and we talked all night last night

No. 59055

stop using my namne!!!!!!!!!!!!! my name is sacred, angels told me to use it

No. 59056

Please just drop the "uwu fucked up gore bbydoll wuvs drugs" act, okay? Like I've talked to you before, and either some shit happened to you, or I dont know, but I know you're smarter and better than this. Please just step back from the computer, take care of yourself and stop caring so much about what people on the internet say about you.

No. 59057

im giggling right now. the voices only come out and hey are friendly voices. i named one snafu. snafu snafu my dear snafu

No. 59058

snafu sounds like a meanie, but friendly voices are nice, not when they shout tho

No. 59062

File: 1447528394845.gif (197.12 KB, 300x100, banner3.gif)

This thread is a hot mess.

Here, "Luna," this is UUUU.

No. 59066



I don't think anyone is pretending to be you but if you don't use a trip code, you're a fucking idiot.

No. 59068

File: 1447528965115.png (8.46 KB, 499x191, spewyy.png)

Here's your free pass to keep acting like this, Eboni.

PS: Has anyone noticed the parallels between Luna Lee Skwisgaar and Luna Labelle? I think there's something genuinely fucked with any girl that calls themselves "Luna".

No. 59071

10 TRAMADOL DOWN, 30 TO GO!!!!!! eeep cant wait for dreamland

No. 59072

no my petal x

No. 59074

I think its probably just chicks who want to sound special and ditzy-quirky like luna lovegood or something.

No. 59079

those cuts don't need stitches. not even slightly.

No. 59082

Worst that happens to them is they dont heal up right and she gets keloids. But tbh they dont even look deep enough for that.

No. 59085


my mum wants me 2 get stitches bc when u look close you can see the ffat under my arm idk i think shes being stupid

No. 59087

File: 1447530294598.jpg (86.58 KB, 536x600, image.jpg)

Dear Eboni/Luna/Whatever,

I know you're going to reply to me in whatever unintelligible fake "mentally ill" text speak your decided to adopt, but I really hope you listen to me.

I've been in your situation before. Not exactly, but I've been a self-harmer (on a level you couldn't comprehend) and I've covered it up with drugs. I've cheated before as well. I'm not trying to be judge mental, but what you're doing is completely disgusting. You do realize that you are just trying to draw attention to yourself, right? That all of this, every single thing, would go away if you just deleted your tumblr, made your Facebook private, and stepped off the internet?

I really think you need to do something more meaningful in your life than pretend to be something that you're not on the internet for attention. You need to get out, go to school, read books, learn a language, get a job, just do something constructive that allows you to grow, instead of wasting away on your blog.

You can grow. Your mental illness doesn't have to control you. Whatever you're doing, it has to stop, it's exceedingly embarrassing and unhealthy.

Get off tumblr. Go outside. Read a book not written for teenagers. And please, stop doing this to yourself.

No. 59090

You don't need stitches for those cat scratches. You need to turn off your computer and go outside.

No. 59092

i just cant stop, my mind isnt right, i cant do anything, im worthless, i wanna leave life not just the interent but thank you 4 bein understandin

No. 59094

Show us, faggot.

No. 59095

ok lemme get webcam up

No. 59096

>>im sane im sane im sane
>>my mind isn't right

Wow, amazing breakthrough you had in the past 30 minutes hahahah. Incredible self awareness. You definitely are NOT faking any of this.

No. 59098

you clearly no nothing about my mental illness!!!!! ahahaha by meanie panrts!!!

No. 59099

i think she's trying to copy rottinggirlsrestingplace on tumblr by acting "childish"

No. 59100

I agree with all of this except with what you said about Eboni being mentally ill.

She isn't. It's all an act. I 100% guarantee it. Even her boyfriend confirmed she is a "repulsive liar".

No. 59101

Dude there are a lot of people who are trying to give you good advice and who don't want you to end up an embarrassing trainwreck here like???
This isn't good for you, Luna. Like just seriously this shit doesn't bother us, we're just watching you being a mess. But you're the one who ends up with the bad feelings in the end. This is so self destructive argh.

No. 59102

YEAHHHH that's who she reminded me of!!

No. 59103

File: 1447530935203.jpg (67.07 KB, 600x1063, 61633LFpDXL.jpg)

Mental illness is not an excuse. You can literally do anything you want to. You have four limbs, two eyes, you can hear, you can speak, you can obviously interpret the world around you. Stop using mental illness as an excuse to not get better. That's not how the world works.

You would be a whole lot better if you got off the internet. Do you think you're the only one who wants to die? Almost everyone I know has wanted to die at some point. Most of the people I know still do. But you know what? They keep going. I keep going. Because if you were born with the ability to live a meaningful life, you fucking do it.

Please read this book. It helped me be less of a self-absorbed teenie cunt. Maybe it will help you. Read more books and delete your tumblr.

I think she is a compulsive liar or a compulsive attention seeker, so I that's why I say she's mentally ill.

No. 59104

I follow her and she seriously I'd mentally ill. Like she was brutally raped as a small child and it fucking shows but anyways, Eboni is also copying her too. It's disturbing.

She is pretending to act like a girl who was raped by a grown man when she was a toddler.

No. 59105

That's disgusting.

No. 59106


i have never said i was raped as a toddler thats disgusting

No. 59107

File: 1447531022837.jpg (71.72 KB, 800x600, webcam-toy-photo6.jpg)

No. 59108

Hahaha okay you are speaking to be a person who actually takes SSRI and has attended OP programs for their mental illness. But yeah, keep saying you are 7 years old (:

No. 59109

Different anon, but I'm also going to try to be nice here instead of just taking the piss out of you (although it's so fucking easy and tempting because of all of your flailing around here). IMO, your parents should send you to some sort of inpatient or residential psych facility for a while so you wouldn't have access to the internet, you'd have to go to groups and learn coping skills, and you'd be focused on developing yourself as a person. I don't know what mental illness(es) and/or factitious disorder(s) you do or don't have, but your "crazy" attention-seeking behavior is going to become increasingly unacceptable the older you get, and it's going to get harder and harder for you to sort out your life. I've known women in their 30s who still act like "psycho" emo middle-schoolers, and that shit ain't cute. Step away from the internet and breathe in some fresh air. I know you probably don't want to, but I can almost promise you that it would benefit you to detach yourself from the internet, especially social networking sites. Read some books. Work on yourself.

You posted this while I was typing, and I agree 100%.

No. 59110

go deeper

these look fake

No. 59111



No. 59112

You're mimicking someone else's behavior that was caused by actual, awful trauma because you want attention. That is disgusting, honestly.

No. 59114

give it 20 mins!!! i took about 30 trammies now, bye, will miss t=da ppl who actually supported me

No. 59115

You will get no sympathy nor pity here with those. No one gives a shit. You must not understand 'chan-culture'; people are just going to ridicule you and tell you to cut deeper, because you're being an obnoxious attention whore by posting 'babby's first self harm' pictures on here.

Just fucking stop, you piece of shit.

No. 59116

No but you are imitating someone who was raped as a toddler.

I seriously thought "the real luna labelle" was trolling until I saw this post. You are really something wiv all your baby talk and pretend head voices.

No. 59117

please kill yourself for the lulz

No. 59118

the room is spinny woooooo

No. 59119


i dont pretend 2 hear voices, sure i dont hear them constantly but i hear whisperings of my name and it frightens me, another reason i dont wanna be alive

No. 59120


Oh, shut up. You're a liar and an attention seeker and no one is going to care that you're pretending to hurt yourself.

If you're going to kill yourself, at least set up a livestream so we can laugh at your pathetic attempt.

No. 59121

Do they whisper "Luna" or "Eboni"?

No. 59122

You realize that overdoses have the lowest rate of success out of everything you can do to commit suicide? Actually, I'm sure you know that. You don't want to die, but you want the attention you'll get from being "suicidal".

No. 59123

that post wasnt me

No. 59124

fine ill slash my wrists open, idc just leave me alone i cant take this anymore!!!!!!!!

No. 59125

You should be in an in-patient facility.


No. 59126

File: 1447531362899.gif (3.85 MB, 200x200, 200w.gif)

imagine how much attention you would get if you killed yourself

No. 59127

i was literally about to ask haha

this is so embarrassing but at the same time i can't look away

No. 59128

You are insulting people with real psychotic illnesses with all this bullshit.

No. 59129

File: 1447531457116.gif (205.79 KB, 500x500, 1421879366949.gif)

Lol, do it faggot.

No. 59130

Bleeding out takes longer than you think and someone will find you before you ACTUALLY die. So. There's that.

No. 59131

Hey, what happened to the original creator of this thread? Seems like she disappeared as soon as Lunatic arrived.

No. 59132

What a coincidence…

No. 59133

am sorry,pls tho, i cant take this, it hurts my head, it hurts them, i really do have issues and if you really think i dont then you can message me privately on tumblr nd i will discuss them wiv u, before i leave this earth

No. 59134

What I don't get is why you'd want to change a very unique and quirky name like Eboni to something extremely overdone and weeby like Luna. Can you explain your choices behind dis???!!!111

No. 59135

Yeeeee that's my tumblr lmao the time she posted that I was on that medicine for strep throat and I was like hmm this looks familiar. Turns out I was right lol

No. 59136


my birth name is eboni eden robinson, i have some personal issues with my father and seeing my birthname hurts me, so i changed it completely

No. 59137

Why Luna?

No. 59138

Tramadol are like tylenol jesus fucking Christ on a stick at least take a shitton of benzos and drink alcohol if ur gonna pretend to OD

No. 59139

Where is the admin??? If that's Luna & she's underage, shouldn't she be banned?

No. 59140


idk thought it was cute

No. 59141

Oh. Well, okay.

No. 59142

Sorry, but we aren't faggots with tumblrs so you can't pull that card.

I thought you were ~~overdosing~~?


No. 59143

The OP didn't disappear, they changed their name to Luna Labelle.

No. 59145

im drinking tequila too dont worry

No. 59147

nice brows though eboni

No. 59149


cheers pal

No. 59150

Straight tequila?

No. 59151

as disgusting as it tastes, yes

No. 59152

>the real luna labelle
>21 minutes ago
give it 20 mins!!! i took about 30 trammies now, bye, will miss t=da ppl who actually supported me

So… how are you still typing and coherent? Oh yeah, that's right– It's because you're a fucking liar.

No. 59153

Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn.

No. 59154


still waitin 4 dem 2 kick in, only feel woozy rn, might rinh an ambulance but i dont want help

No. 59156

Yah tbh your eyebrows got a lot better from the last time i saw u
I think ember's terrible eyebrows are contagious.

No. 59157

>might call an ambulance

Then you don't want to die, you just want attention from an anonymous website.

Stop pretending. We all know you're not serious.

No. 59158


it was billy whi threatened 2 call an ambulance so i tolf him i stopped

No. 59159

Lmao i like how her writing got immediately incoherent as soon as someone pointed it out. Damn that's convenient.

No. 59160

Billy doesn't give a fuck about you, you cheating whore. He's not your big bear.

No. 59161


damn ur probs a fay whore agagag

No. 59162

Oh I see, you told another person about your fake suicide attempt and then denied help when they offered it because you know you didn't actually do anything to yourself.

Fuck off and die.

No. 59163

im tryih

No. 59164

whooPS!! i frogot to fake my overdose tpyign again let mme fix ththat so i can provoe im REALLY committing suciide.. .. im sane im sane im sane

No. 59165

U wot m8?

No. 59166



No. 59167



No. 59168

I love you anon, perfect.

Yeah fucking right.

No. 59169

brb guuiz !! gotta go textt my hot bacong rease daddy so hec an give me hte cummies one last time. … ^.^

No. 59170

i had an internet friend ones who simply implied commmiting suicide, and i called the cops right away. if any friend of yours were to look at your tumblr right now they would call the cops, unleess they know its not true.

No. 59171

like, she probably does this "i'm killing myself!!!!" shit to her friends on a bi-weekly basis. i've had a friend like that before. it's like 'the basic tryhard tumblrite who cried "i'm kms!"' or something.

No. 59174

im sane ur not nananana

No. 59175

yeah but writing "im killing myself!!" is one thing, to write out exactly how you are doing it and live updating about it must be worrying? i honestly feel sad for her, but i sent her an ask asking if she wanted to talk to someone but she just replied nonsense like she writes here…

No. 59179

i had friends who said that too. they'd take pictures of the pills they'd allegedly overdose on, and then they'd type gibberish, log off for a few hours, and then come back on and say "i'm okay."

it's all fake, dude.

No. 59180

Don't worry 'Luna'. I've called the West Yorkshire Police (I'm from Leeds too!) and informed them that you're currently overdosing as well as being in posession of a number of illegally obtained prescription and non-prescription drugs.

I've made sure to give them your current name as well as your previous names. Hopefully they'll find your address and take you to the LGI or St James Hospital and you can get the help you need.

No. 59181

Oh good. I was really worried that she was going to commit suicide with all the drugs she has in her house. Thank you for saving her.

No. 59182

File: 1447533895189.gif (617.76 KB, 250x229, 54839238425423].gif)

thank you, anon!

No. 59184


you're an angel, anon. <3

No. 59185


she doesnt live in leeds anymore

No. 59186

incoming "dont worry guys im actually ok!! :-)" in 3…2…

No. 59188

Thank god. She needs some help, even if it's just the police showing up and scaring her and her parents taking away her computer

No. 59194

inb4 she magically appears again

No. 59197

lol she's talking aboutt going into a coma on tumblr. I'd screenshot but I'm using my s/o's mac and screenshotting on these things is a pain in the wang.

No. 59198

what even is this thread…..

I leave for two hours and come back to all of this… what.

No. 59204

This is really stupid and sad. It's pathetic of you to mock mental illness in such a way, it's really disgusting.

No. 59206

File: 1447536337042.png (125.11 KB, 618x624, Skärmavbild 2015-11-14 kl. 22…)

nothing suprising. this is from before >>59180

No. 59207

File: 1447536427212.png (327.24 KB, 629x578, Skärmavbild 2015-11-14 kl. 22…)

the "goodbye" is a few minutes after this post >>59180 was posted but then the picture of the face was reblogged quite a few minutes later so she didnt log off or anything.

No. 59215

Oh lord, please tell me those are all of the pills she took, that would be fucking rich. Are those 2mg Xanax bars? If so, FYI, the acute oral LD50 of Xanax in rats is 331-2171 mg/kg, sooooooooo

I mean, benzos and/or opiates and alcohol = bad mix, but…10 mg of Xanax is NOT going to kill you. Not even close.

Not encouraging anyone to try to OD or anything. Just stating facts.

No. 59220

I think that was a reblog

No. 59223

Ah, well, I still doubt she took enough pills for it to be lethal. It's not nearly as easy to OD like that as some people seem to think.

No. 59277

shes not been online for a while, prob dead lol

No. 59285

Yeah, the body will try to get rid of the pills first, usually by throwing up.

No. 59288

Yes she does, she just visited my blog and it's the same Leeds ip it's always been.

No. 59292

File: 1447544670669.jpg (13.43 KB, 263x94, aw shucks.JPG)

No. 59298

Hahahahah ahahahaha sure she did.

No. 59302


>leave me alone I'm on the edge

>I'm in therapy now and on meds and have a perfect relationship

Make up your mind eboni

No. 59303

I only found out about her yesterday and now it's all so predictable. Yawn. Pretentious. next lolcow please.

No. 59312

Don't worry Luna, didn't really call the police :) just wanted to watch your inevitable backpedalling. You didn't disappoint! :)

No. 59316

I did the same shit. I lied when I said I was following Kristen because I wanted to watch her dumbass try to lie hahah >>58543

Works everytime.

No. 59319

It seemed to stop her posting on here. Was getting sick of her shooped arm cuts and stupid on purpose typos because of the 'voices' or whatever bullshit reason it was and yet another bloody suicide liveblog.

No. 59354

She is the epitome of spoiled attention seeking white privilege.

No. 59356

>>trammies and xanax
pft okay. As someone who's taken then for years you'd need like 100+ of Tramadol that usually comes in 50 mg pills and the 1mg Xanax you'd need like 50 to OD even slightly.

Tramadol isn't even an opioid, it's a false one they give to addicts to help curve their addiction to ops.

No. 59373

Lol, yeah fucking right.

No. 59403

>Tramadol isn't even an opioid, it's a false one they give to addicts to help curve their addiction to ops.

It's a partial opioid receptor agonist so not a "full" opioid in that sense, but it does have abuse/addiction potential. It's very popular as a recreational drug in Egypt.

No. 59424

File: 1447558387195.png (621.23 KB, 2048x1064, PhotoGrid_1447556629708-1.png)

Even people Eboni knows in real life calls her bullshit out hahaha.

How humiliating.

No. 59455

>da toilet bowl

For some reason it pisses me off that she's not only lying about a suicide attempt, but that she's still typing wiv her creepydoll n_n stylee. It makes such a mockery of suicide and mental illness.

No. 59456

And what does she expect us to think happened? Her mum made her throw up and then she was magically all better? That's… that's not how it works.

No. 59467

Honey the night this thread was made she live blogged a fake suicide attempt saying, " there's so much blood. " while commenting on here.

it didn't happen. Regardless, what she says it didn't happen. It's attention seeking behavior. She loves this thread don't believe her.

No. 59486

File: 1447583018137.jpg (337.79 KB, 1242x2208, image.jpg)

How can a raw vegan still be so fat? Her wannabe """"thinspo"""" poses are so embarrassing. Or maybe it actually works because now I'm motivated to go work out in case my legs get as flabby as hers

No. 59488

File: 1447583405140.jpg (362.82 KB, 1242x2208, image.jpg)


No. 59498


Actually it's pretty easy to get fat on raw foods if you don't watch it. Dates, nuts, coconut butter… not exactly low calorie stuff.

No. 59517

Very true. My friend has gained A LOT in the past few months being like that. Those legs don't look that big tbh. At least compared to my friends.

No. 59522

These look like regular legs. Ana much?

No. 59525

Not ana

Just don't like my legs doughy and soft with no muscle tone

No. 59561

Dat dollar store wig.

No. 59636

File: 1447638096742.png (537.24 KB, 940x437, Screenshot_2015-11-15-20-38-40…)

Some anon posted in this thread that Eboni should get rid of all of her accounts and then leave the internet for a bit but instead, she deleted her Facebook and asked this chick if anyone gave a shit lmfao

>>Jenna, come on. don't lie to the girl lol


but noo, Eboni isn't doing none of this shit for attention rofl

No. 59669


your friend is def doing something wrong if she's raw vegan and gained. i stopped being raw because it was too difficult to get enough calories, do you know what she was actually eating? o_o

No. 59672


its jenda not jenna

No. 59674


forgot to add this bit but didnt she used to be called ren/lauren or whatever

what is it with all of ebonis friends changing their names hahah

No. 59676

Is this for fucking real? Her "daddy" looks like a neckless 13-year-old.

No. 59678


i dont get why she calls him daddy? did she get touched up as a child or something hahaha

No. 59679

Does he have a condition?

No. 59680

File: 1447649360638.png (33.96 KB, 662x322, what the actual fuck.PNG)

um what

No. 59681

File: 1447649708195.jpg (89.24 KB, 640x640, scratchyy.jpg)

Did Daddy tattoo her?

No. 59682


"mcket burger"


No. 59684

File: 1447650421404.png (19.59 KB, 659x325, this crazy bitch.PNG)

i cant even read half of this omg what is this crazy bitch

No. 59685

It's a white girl who is actually a third grade drop out not mentally ill. Someone forgot to tell her before dropping out going through adolescence isn't a mental illness nor should you feign mental illness.

No. 59686


third grade? shes english? she did drop out of college though to my knowledge

No. 59688

She reminds me of randum xD invader zim kids in 2002.

No. 59689


who? sounds juicy

No. 59690

Oh, there were a lot of them. A lot of us. I must hang my head in shame and say that I was one of those kids back then. Thank fucking god it was in the pre-ubiquitous-smartphone era, pre-Instagram, etc. No one in my real life, except my immediate family, knows of my shameful mall-edgelord lolsorandum middle school self.

No. 59691


i myself am from canada so im not aware of this trend haha, sounds like shes trying to become queen of the edge-lords though

im glad you got out of that phase friend ;)

No. 59693


her tits are pretty nice, how old is she?

No. 59695

lmao she's 17
17 trying to act like a mentally ill 7 year old

No. 59697


is there such a thing as age dysphoria or age regression? perhaps something traumatic happened to her and this is her way of coping, god knows she cant survive as an adult thats for sure

No. 59699

I'm this anon >>59688 and I'm from Canada too. We had them everywhere.

No. 59700

Yes and no, nothing traumatic happened to her except puberty.

No. 59705

Nah dude ive talked to her before around like the beginning of this year or so. Back when she was still friends with ember. Sh was just another cocky teenager who wanted to look cool and act tough. All of this "daddy uwu i am not sane" crap is an act.

No. 59706

yep, same. in private conversations, she spoke normally and lucidly. there was some inkling that she knew about this place too and may have been posting months before anyone even suspected her.

No. 59722

She just started acting this way a couple months back and stated she was doing it to piss off people on Tumblr.

So, she is just doing this shit for attention but it's just so.. awkward and forced.

No. 59723

File: 1447671979600.png (841.47 KB, 1377x1696, PhotoGrid_1447671586009-1.png)

If you want to see how Eboni really acts (when she thinks she is anonymous), just go to her old thread. It is full of posts by her, where she isn't pretending to be like a "7 year old" but instead, shit talks herself for acting like that >>>/snow/23707 hahaha

>i think she's gorgeous aesthetically tbh, its just her spoiled brat, 7 year old persona i dont like

No one else likes it either, ya dumbshit.

No. 59725

File: 1447672504561.png (1.48 MB, 1738x1255, PhotoGrid_1447672155177-1.png)

Check out these screenshots from her old thread. She confirmed this was all an act back in September. The cringe never ends with this girl >>>/snow/23812

>she wrote a post a while back saying how she was purposely going to act like a child

Shows over. We can all go home now. This bitch is nothing more than an overfed troll.

No. 59727

File: 1447673700779.png (1.33 MB, 1905x1256, PhotoGrid_1447673379286-1.png)

I love how when Eboni was called a fattie in her other thread (which she made), her immediate reaction was to disagree and then start posting images of herself doing her lil ~*ana*~ poses hahaha.

But she definitely has had a super duper crippling eating disorder for the past 2 years now!! u.u

No. 59728



No. 59730

File: 1447674218010.jpeg (117.26 KB, 640x960, image.jpeg)

Eboni trying to interact with robyn, the girl who's personality she's trying to steal

No. 59731

File: 1447674538874.jpeg (49.91 KB, 640x715, image.jpeg)

Found this in her tumblr tag lol. Is any part of her actually original?

No. 59732

I want to message Robyn and let her know because it just grosses me out, knowing Eboni is pretending to be a sick, mentally regressed girl when she was acting completely normal a month ago.

Robyn needs to teach this piece of shit a lesson. Let her know how fucked up she is she lying about this.

No. 59734

File: 1447674978437.png (753.47 KB, 2048x1362, 2015-11-14 23.17.22.png)

I asked Aimee if she knew Eboni and then sent her the link to this thread.

These are her replies.

No. 59735

File: 1447675033695.jpeg (102.86 KB, 640x877, image.jpeg)

Yeah. I doubt Robyn has ever spoke to her before but there's a chance, I don't know if it's worth it though and we'd just be getting her unecessarily involved. If Robyn doesn't know who she is then let it stay that way. I think Robyn is smart enough to see how much of a twat she is, I've followed Robyn for a while.

also going through her tag still sorry for spamming haha, last one - I see 0 difference and absolutely no contouring???

No. 59736

Weeeew that's embarrassing… and super creepy…
Honestly I hope Eboni learns from this and starts growing the fuck up and developing a personality of her own soon.

No. 59740


she's still finding herself, she's only 17

No. 59741

File: 1447676915852.png (257.67 KB, 1080x1375, Screenshot_2015-11-16-07-23-49…)

For once, Eboni is 100% correct.

We will all forget about her and the dumb shit she did but unfortunately for her, there will always be an archive of her creepy behavior. Her threads will continue to exist even if the memory of her fades.

Seriously though, the way she is fetishizing child molestation makes me want to vomit. I wouldn't trust her around children. No telling what she will do to them.

No. 59742


i babysit for my godparents all the time, their daughter megan is 8 years old and shes the light of my life, i would never hurt her, you people are sick in the head

No. 59745

If she were 13-15, I would agree with you but she will be 18 next year? lmfao I don't care if she is "soul searching", she has been a major attention whore for ages now. She popped up around the same time as Ember but we just never payed any attention to her because we all thought she was just a retarded kid doing dumb stuff for attention. And she was but she has only gotten worse since then.

Though I don't think she actually is worth discussing like Aly/Vic/etc and if Eboni didn't make all of her own threads, I would have never mentioned her. But if she is going to waltz her fat ass into our line of sight, then I might as well rip on her while I have the chance.

I do wish the admin would turn on auto-sage for this thread though. Pretty sure the rest of the lolcow community are sick of seeing Eboni's ugly face.

No. 59747

File: 1447677772397.jpg (186.52 KB, 600x600, Pedo-Bear-Seal-Of-Approval-ped…)

If only they knew the risk at which they were putting their child.

Eboni, you are the scum of the Earth. God help any child who has to be in your presence.

No. 59749


im actually only attracted 2 older men but okay ahahah, dont see why id wanna touch my god-"cousin" ??? idk the term for it

No. 59750

File: 1447678493735.png (214 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2015-11-16-07-44-50…)

You post photos of lolicon (drawings of kids being raped), talk about "kidnapping" fanasties, reblog images of babies and kiddie toys in between porn and other nsfw content, pretend that you are a seven year old child while talking about how your "dada" has sex with you and you seriously want me to believe that you don't fetishize child molestation?????

You are disgusting.

No. 59757

File: 1447679528034.png (3.52 MB, 2048x1806, PhotoGrid_1447679052714-1.png)

Just look at all of the shit you reblogged.

We all know you are faking all of this >>59725 since you did confirm it for yourself, so the fact that you're reblogging photos of dead babies and drawings of young children being raped makes me sick to my stomach.

You think people like Robyn and the horrific shit she went through is cute and glamorous???? Do you wish you were molested???? What the fuck is wrong with you. Why are you forcing this shit so hard? Is it Billy? Is he the one who is the pedo, since he likes to have sex with your retarded ass while you pretend to be a 2nd grader? Or do you just get off to the idea of a grown man having sex with a 7 year old?

Like what the fuck is wrong with you two? Why are you both so into diddling 7 year olds?

No. 59759


ugh she probably has some messed up childhood trauma

No. 59760

She wishes lmao.

No. 59762

Lol no, she said this was all be act. It's FAKE. She is pretending.

Why do we have to keep saying this.

She acts normal on Facebook and in private conversations but on Tumblr and in here, she is just a lil 7 y/o baby and we are all meanies!!!

Nothing happened to her when she was a kid, she is just a pedophilic attention whore who thinks it cute that her dada diddles her while she acts seven year old.


No. 59764


lots of people have that blog aesthetic, why dont you attack every single one of them who reblogged those posts too? lmao

No. 59765


i dont wish to speak about my childhood on here, please you can slate me all you want but i dont want that bringing up okay

No. 59768

Because Eboni self posted here and proceeded flood this thread with comments about how she is a 7 year old lmfao.

She has been the only person to self pist here who also reblogs photos like that and then act the way she did hahahah.

No. 59769

Because you came on here and literally started shoving your grossness in our faces. Like we wouldn't have given a single shit about you otherwise?? Like you want attention, well okay.

No. 59771

delete the thread then, thats all im asking, im just defending myself here, i DID NOT make this thread and i want whoever did to take it down ffs, i dont wanna be a part of this bullshit anymore, yes i admit the first thread i ever made was a self post but i learned from that dumb ass mistake, i wanna be left alone ffs

No. 59772

ffs please don't post your disturbing made up fanasty about you getting touched as a kid. no one cares to read about that shit anyways.

seriously, don't conjure up some disgusting/fake story about molestation. it'll just confirm your pedo status even more.

No. 59773


i said im not talking about my childhood, can i not make that any clearer???

No. 59774


No. 59776

no none fucking wants you too?

No. 59777


idc who believes me or not, just i want whoever made this to fucking delete it, i dont wanna be in your dumb spotlight anymore

No. 59778

I'm just telling you not to make up some fake story about getting molested bc we know it'll be fake and the fact that you even have a fanasty like that will literally confirm that you are a pedophile.

Just please leaveeee. you're making everyone feel uncomfortable. We all too old for you anyways!! You sick fuck.

No. 59779

"Defending yourself" is like the excuse that literally every attention-seeking person tries to use to justify repeatedly self-posting. Oh, i dont want attention, i was defending myself!! Like you really want us to ignore you, just stop posting now, take your toys and go home. And for your own peace of mind, stop checking this board.

No. 59780

You shouldn't have made this thread then. you reap what you sow.

No. 59781

Nobody wants you to, jeez. You're the one who brought it up.

No. 59783


okay bye, just know ive contacted the admin to take this down

No. 59784

File: 1447681002381.jpg (48.43 KB, 600x600, MY-GIRLFRIEND-SAYS-I39M-A-PEDO…)

Look it's Billy! Eboni's daddy (:

No. 59785

Sure ya have… but that's not how it works. Some pictures might be removed, not the whole thread.

No. 59787


ive never acted 7 during sex with billy :) it was sid who made me act young

No. 59788

This girl is so pathetic coming in here to stir the pot more.

No. 59789


billy aint no pedo lol

No. 59791

Dude, i thought you were leaving?? Come on now.

No. 59792


get your tits out again lol

No. 60044

>>it was sid who made me act young
>>made me act young
>>made me act

damn gurl, i thought you said you weren't acting?

No. 60045


imagine if billy and aimee got together to spite eboni, how funny would that be?

No. 60046

how was it sid who made you "act" young? didn't you just say you "act" this way because of some "childhood trauma"???

>you people are absolutely fucking disgusting, ive spoken to this girl before, and never once have i said i was raped as a toddler, thats sick and disturbing, ive had my fair share of child hood traumas but nothing compared to that, never accuse me of saying that because i havent, my therapist said my newly found behaviours is a result of not being able to handle criticism and regressing to a child like state, im not trying to be anyone just leave me the fuck alone !!!!!!!!

damn seems like ember is better at lying than you lmao

No. 60047

it would be ironic because only eboni would do something like that

No. 60048


yes he did make me act young, he played on my inner innocence, my need to be protected, i left him for that reason because it brought back a lot of memories for me, hence i keep acting this way, i can speak coherently most times but when i regress sometimes i cant even speak, can only point at things, i dont know whats wrong with me

No. 60049

Thought you said you had a daddy kink before that, doesn't that contradict this?

No. 60050


daddy kinks and age play are two separate things!!!!

No. 60051


>>fyi, ive had a daddy kink since i lost my virginity, i was 15, and i didnt know who the fuck aimee was then so um no lol


>>yes [sid] did make me act young

God damn, if you're gonna lie, read the shit you already posted beforehand so you don't contradict yourself. Aimee said that she didn't even know who you were until you started dating her ex boyfriend, Sid.

No. 60052

Children call their fathers daddy. Feels like age play to me.

No. 60053


she did know who i was cause i saw her at a few raves and spoke to her lol

and omg how many times do i have to explain age play and daddy kinks are two separate things you fucking spastics leave me alone

No. 60054

look into daddy kinks, its not always about age

No. 60055

Aimee said she only met you once >>59734

No. 60056


we met twice but i guess it doesnt really matter

No. 60057


and her name is willow, she had it legally changed and she wants people to respect that

No. 60058

Ageplay is a fetish that involves some amount of roleplaying, it's very similar to pet play in the sense that you're acting out specific roles.

You pretend to be a 7 year old, call your boyfriend "dada" and "big bear", and talk about how there are "monsters under your bed".

That's ageplay, honey.

No. 60059


yes but you can have more than one kink :)))) i mainly have a daddy kink bc the age play thing was more forced upon me, id never tried age play before sid

No. 60060

If it was forced on you and the reason you left him, why are you now forcing your pedo-ish behavior on billy?

No. 60061

>>leave me alone
Well, you're the one who keeps coming back and posting about irrelevant shit literally just go

No. 60062

That's not how it works. esp not online smh

No. 60064

File: 1447732021323.jpg (82.11 KB, 450x300, kid.jpg)

Isn't weird how Eboni sometimes regresses back to a 7 year old but somehow is able to retain all of her knowledge about computers?

No. 60065

she's trying sooooo hard to be rottinggirlsrestingplace here, it's almost painful

No. 60066


No. 60067

File: 1447732065268.png (42.91 KB, 540x364, 121.png)

eboni swears she is dating billy but he told me that she is still his ex


No. 60068


hi whismical

No. 60069

i just looked on her amazon wishlist and it has a face mask on it similar to one robyn wears for bdd????

No. 60070

I'm mutuals with Robyn. Never really interacted with her but she seems pretty nice, hope nothing bad happens because of this Eboni chick.

No. 60072

What a goofy bitch.

No. 60073


i think if Luna wants us to believe that she is back with billy she should show us proof????

No. 60074


whims we all know this is you give it up

No. 60075

No1curr if it's Whimsical or anyone else, newfag.

No. 60076

>how are you anywayy
>where are you from

Kek it also kind of looks like he was trying to crack on to you in typical fuckboi fashion as well

No. 60077


nice boyfriend ya get there luna

No. 60078

eboni better watch out before whism steals her man

No. 60079


at least whism doesnt have a potato nose hahaha

No. 60080


ROBYN - IF YOU EVER FIND YOUR WAY HERE, PLEASE KNOW THAT WE ALL WANT NOTHING BUT THE BEST FOR YOU. Also, we are sorry if anything negative comes out of this.

No. 60081

eboni shut up already and go and do something productive

No. 60082


why? why do people like this bitch enough to do fan art of her, ugh shes not even remotely attrative, shes got like the tiniest eyes ever, her ear stretcher is disgustingly big and her nose is crooked as fuck from snorting too much coke, i hate her ugh

No. 60083

are you kidding me? people made fan art for ember's ugly ass and you're shocked eboni had someone draw her too? eboni is prettier than ember imo anyways

No. 60084


ember is so much more beautiful than eboni stfu

No. 60085

Eboni it's so obvious this is you shit talking yourself just give up already

No. 60088

[restored post Eboni deleted]


i dont like eboni one bit but i know she means no harm for robyn, eboni confessed to me what happened in her childhood but she wanted me to keep it confident, im unsure whether to post it or not???

either way she says shes just a fan of robyn

No. 60093

Well, this thread is a mess. I've locked >>23707 so that this is the only thread about her.

A few things:

- Yes, Eboni (obviously) made this thread and many of the posts in it, just like the previous thread she made about herself. She used Hola VPN this time, to try to mask her IP.

- She sent me several reports and an email regarding the thread, claiming she didn't make it and asking that I delete it. Again, normally I do not reveal private reports, not even necessarily of someone who has previously violated serious rules, but that combined with the blatant attempt at tricking me is so absurd I kind of have no choice.

>i admit whole heartedly that the first thread about me was indeed created by myself but this second thread that was made was made by someone else, and i believe as a minor, i should not be posted about, im 15, soon to be 16 in december, these threads are very distressing to me and im pleeing for them to be removed, they started shit talking about my boyfriend and bringing up old triggering memories of my past, as i said i am very distressed by this, so please if you could, have them deleted, best wishes, luna labelle x

If you're harassing yourself (and also lying about your age), then asking me to delete your own self-harassment, I don't have a ton of sympathy for you.

- I missed numerous posts she made a while ago when I initially revealed which posts were hers. She posted >>32772 and a lot of the posts in it. She also just made >>>/pt/204689 today for some reason, and many other posts between the prior exposure and now.

Eboni deleted the thread earlier today, and I wasn't able to fully restore everything. A few pictures are missing and some post numbers are misaligned, so some quotes are wrong and won't link properly, but otherwise all text content was fully recovered.

I'm not actually going to reveal any of her other posts at the moment, partly because they're pretty obvious and easy to spot yourself. But also because she can't seem to keep away from this site.

Eboni, the minimum age to post is 18. Minors posting here adds unnecessary liability for me. If you post on this site again, I will have no choice but to explicitly reveal all of your other posts, as well as contact your mother on Facebook, explain the situation, and ensure she keeps you off of the website.

No. 60098

Based admin. You are the best. Much love from the farmers, thank you for taking the time to wrangle this mad cow.

>incoming suicide threat from Eboni in three… two…

No. 60101

File: 1447735421402.png (228.77 KB, 500x376, usagi.png)

>contact your mother on Facebook, explain the situation, and ensure she keeps you off of the website

Oh god someone pls do this and post caps

No. 60102

For the record, I'd like to politely request no one does this unless she actually does start posting here again, or threatens to kill herself again (in which case it'd be the moral thing to do). Though obviously, I have no real way of stopping anyone if they do.

No. 60110

You're the best, thanks for restoring this disaster.

No. 60113

I'm just glad she's gone. She makes me ashamed to be British.

No. 60115

>she used Hola VPN

Have fun with that Eboni

No. 60117

File: 1447737274716.png (275.07 KB, 1025x505, youdonot.png)

Eboni, you do not have BPD.

No. 60118

File: 1447737347530.png (1.53 KB, 264x31, youdonot2.png)

You also didn't black out and post this thread. ;))

No. 60133

Mmm how would social services feel if I send them caps from your blog clearly showing your sick pretend child fetish and tell them you are constantly alone with a child? :)

No. 60146

based on the images I've seen, it is worth doing.

No. 60148

That could be terrible for her mother so we should leave things like social services out.

No. 60150

Agreed. Contacting her mother and asking her to keep her daughter on a leash is a good idea, but potentially actually ruining her family's lives just because Luna is a loopy bitch is too much.

No. 60178

Goddamn. This thread is like a fucking bombsite.

No. 60201

Do not contact her mother unless you think Eboni or a child are in real danger.

No. 60396


No. 60433

File: 1447822139715.png (109.01 KB, 951x334, Screenshot_2015-11-17-23-47-19…)

kek ok

No. 60737

This thread is dumb asf, just let it die

No. 60791

says the dumbass who just bumped it

No. 60793

Shut the fuck up Eboni.

No. 60795

File: 1447974261127.png (70.56 KB, 1080x493, Screenshot_2015-11-19-18-02-05…)

lol what did you do eboni, show them your blog?

>tfw you realize ember said the same shit when she was 17

No. 61201

I wouldn't be surprised if she had BPD at all considering most if not all people with BPD are notorious attention whores.

No. 74187

Threads about anorexic/ED/wannabe-anorexic people should now all go into one single /snow/ thread. The only exceptions are Ashley and Aly. Ashley's thread will remain in /pt/, and Aly's will remain in /snow/.

Please move all discussion to >>44088.

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