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No. 586400

Fatbecca has been shitting up that onionflakes thread with her vendetta against booty since she got kicked from onioncord. She's definitely lurking but no one cares about her enough to post about her. She's a sad idiot. Kek

No. 583299

Those are just traffic violations and something about a debt?

No. 582489

File: 1538295731270.png (553.33 KB, 1080x1511, Screenshot_20180930-031948~2.p…)

If you go back in his likes he liked a tit pic of this uggo. He's gotta be love bombing hard to make up for all of these boob girls he's on to right now.

No. 694937

There's really no milk coming from fatbecca or pedosylar after they were given the banhammer from onioncord?

No. 693821

There's no "actually" about it. I know for a fact he was/is under age at the time of the sexual relationship. If you're wking for Eireanne I'd have inclination to believe you're one of the people who knows and is subsequently trying to cover up the aforementioned illegal act.

No. 693801

Kid's name is Ryan she follows him on Twitter @cloud_floof, this happened in the fetish server that Becca was also in.

No. 693796

Add: had a sexual relationship with a 14 year old child online to Eireannes list.

No. 690481

Anon, that's a screenshot from Ana's perspective not bootys.

No. 690014


I did digging, this is the thread. https://boards.4chan.org/r9k/thread/48147046

The same person who posted here with the vendetta also for some reason posted to r9k.

I think this is still some kind of boring vendetta. Nothing interesting even happens with this chick. She's a boring nobody who probably pissed fatbecca off. In the pt thread becca got demodded along with sylar. They are probably trying to throw her(bbooty) under the bus cause onion doesn't want that loose fat pussy. kek

No. 689320

The last chunk of posts seems like a lot of samefagging vendetta. Yikes.

No. 570555

File: 1536020902805.png (560.03 KB, 949x547, Screenshot_20180903-192633~2.p…)

Social repose transformation is complete.

No. 570554

Social repose transformation is complete.

No. 677114

File: 1535722313954.png (341.81 KB, 1080x918, Screenshot_20180831-082415~2.p…)

You think it was her who doxxed onion flake bootyslayer in the onionflakes thread? Whoever it is keeps pushing for CPS to be called on the chick and has a similar timeline with the other calls for CPS on these other people. Calling CPS with no evidence takes up time of actual cases of abuse.

No. 675979

Sage because tinfoil bullshit.

But has this grown woman always been known to seek people with families out and get CPS called on those respective families?

I just have a sneaking suspicion she's also targeting smaller parties with kids and trying to dox/get CPS called on them (for association with people she has beef with).

It's something I noticed before she came back. I get fucking with people for the keks but getting kids taken away without proof of abuse is some sinister shit.

How long until she's in jail for false allegations?

No. 562963

I feel like if I walked by her she would smell of cigarettes, piss and b.o.

No. 665947

File: 1534390049874.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20180815-222410~2.p…)

Is it just me or is her face starting to look really thin?

Honey you won't get LGH to like you by being anachan. You see how much he despises Eugenia. Tinfoil but I think if she continues to lose weight she'll be the next to be called out by onion boy for being too thin.

No. 663429

File: 1534140803332.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1731, Screenshot_20180813-010845~2.p…)

She hides her crazy better than others. I'm sure she was super upset. Probably just as upset when she realizes LGH likes her hideous mug on Twitter for more $$$

She seems to have found someone just as "humble" looking as her though, this might be bad news for the onions income. Doesn't she pay like $250 a month?

No. 560464

Is he smoking in this video?

I can't tell it's super old but it looks like he's smoking a blunt


No. 662456

She did say when she was 19, what is she like 29 now? I think it was a "hey I was doing this dumb shit too". but still…the potato nose that no amount of makeup could fix. Ouch. Maybe instead of patreon she should put her precious onion dollars into a nose job kek.

No. 662333

This is so unflattering to her big schnoz. She should stick to normal make up and practice this in private until she can stop embarrassing herself. No self awareness

No. 559756

File: 1533873681319.png (222.52 KB, 1080x1290, Screenshot_20180809-230017~2.p…)

How can you see the tweets on onion prime? Why are you paying him that much money Anon? You can't see tweets/replies unless he accepted your follow. Anything juicy though?

No. 559040

He's still following all of his "top" patreons and even recently liked a topless picture of one of the potato nosed one. He will do anything for their money.

No. 657557

She seriously has two nipples from two different people. It always throws me off

No. 650789

She's lurked for forever, she got caught posting in first thread. She's a retard, boring and not even relevant to onion anymore. This has self posting written all over it. Let this thread die since some people arent smart enough to post about current flakes.

No. 554314

That is pretty sad, she's gonna be in for a rude awakening once Sarah is legal. I wonder how she'll be treated once that happens. Milk may be coming in hot soon if booty goes off the deep end with DatBooty-gate

No. 554310

No that wasn't my question, I apologise.
I was asking who he's trying to bait because no one believes that she is his type.

No. 554305

File: 1532669897407.png (Spoiler Image, 481.62 KB, 1080x1529, Screenshot_20180726-181601~3.p…)

On the other booty topic, have we figured out who he is trying to bait? Is it us? Or Lainey?

He liked a picture of booty the person talking about how they want to get their hair pulled. He's such a creep.

No. 552476

No, there is an area at the base of her neck that meets with her shoulders on both sides that is always a gross brown orange color, and it's always present. I know she gets skanky hickeys but this is different, it never goes away.

No. 552468

She can wash her hair daily but not her neck apparently. Does anyone else notice the discoloration around the sides of her neck? Sorry if nitpick, never comment on her appearance really ever; but the dark area around her neck reminds me of either dirt or the discoloration around that part of the neck people get from having diabetes.(yes that is a symptom of diabetes)

No. 551137

Is the person who knows Hanas every move just stalking her or is it selfposting?

I wish I could sage

No. 545639

Well, in the last 24 hours he did like about 12 of booty's tweets including her ugly mug. I'd post screenshot but it's too many tweets and I'm on mobile.

No. 628173

Definitely not lighting, she needs to get to a doctor.

No. 624622


Jeez, what did this girl do to piss so many people off? Kek

It's like every friend she has outs her dumb ass here.

No. 624020

Deadbeat father? Do you have screenshots or are people going to just keep sharing shitty personal opinions on an image board?

You Allie stans sure are going hard after she got caught tweeting about abusing her boyfriend's children for likes on the internet. That deflection is strong.

No. 623927


Sorry Allie stan but in my time following this train wreck I've never even witnessed booty acknowledge her. I don't even get the connection between the two. all we know is she's(Allie) obviously using someone's relatively boring personal issues to excuse abusive behavior towards her boyfriend's children and a reason to fake an eating disorder so she(Allie) can go, "oh woa is me people are being mEaN on the lolscows".

No. 623915

Sorry Allie stan but in my time following this train wreck I've never even witnessed booty acknowledge her. I don't even get the connection between the two. all we know is she's obviously using someone's relatively boring personal issues to excuse abusive behavior towards her boyfriend's children and a reason to fake an eating disorder so she(Allie) can go, "oh woa is me people are being mEaN on the lolscows".

No. 623896

She's never defended booty, she's defended Megan Cooper though. Both their names happen to be Megan.

People keep getting them mixed up and it's confusing. But basically Allie wanted CPS called on booty because of the eating disorder issue. She has some kind of weird vendetta against this booty/nova.

No. 623804

and she's in this thread trying to get CPS called on someone with no evidence. Allie is fucking disgusting. You don't treat other people's kids like that.

She's trying to throw other people under the bus to excuse her shitty abusive behavior and pretend to have an eating disorder for one week.

No. 535008

File: 1529825265649.jpeg (145.96 KB, 803x1024, 42-28885793_1024x1024.jpeg)

Girl lookin like a friar

No. 618091


This smells of an Allie vendetta post, a screenshot of her tweet was taken 43 SECONDS after being posted.
Sure this person in question is awful for liking onion and posting on proana forums, but saying CPS should be called is a problem. There are no posts about her children being mistreated.

No. 528820

So they probably had sex, she didn't clean out his nasty white devil's liquid out of her smelly taco and now we've got to stare at the stuff leaking through her man panties?

That's so nasty, besides for good vaginal care you should clean up right after and change your underwear. But it's lainey so I don't know what I expect. Kek

File: 1528151339572.jpg (92 KB, 600x686, tvowvi9uhn901.jpg)

No. 256268[Reply]

You've got a cow you have tinfoil speculation about? Use this handy dandy thread for your crazy alien-esque tinfoils regarding your favorite cow/snowflake.

Please link this thread if you feel you need to direct someone to the appropriate place for tinfoil.

Have fun!

No. 520195

She did say she was intending to make cyr suicidal to break him at one point.

I think it's been known for a while that the girl is very mentally ill. She needs help.

No. 582420

How does she get away with eating this shit almost every day? She's going to balloon here real quick in the coming months and make it worse on herself.

What an idiot.

No. 570990

Yes, though amber had her credit card blocked from LGHs patreon so she doesn't pay him. He was probably Forced to make a video because she contacted him or Allie contacted lainey to guilt trip them. Amber did this before with a faked suicide attempt to get attention from LGH(happened around the time she sent him and lainey nudes). No one talks about it though. Wouldn't put it past them(allie, amber, Beck, plankie)to use this situation as a ploy to get more attention.

No. 570770

These girls aren't even liked or accepted in the onision community. Telling you all right now, half the people who are active in that community thinks they're a joke(including LGH), attention whoring slags and no one likes them or talks to them.
They circle jerk each other to Oblivion. Absolutely no one likes them. It's a mystery as to why they still call themselves fans when they're all social rejects.

No. 512294

Uh oh
Would be a shame if LGH found out his number one ca$h_slag Dev is posting here.

No. 508525

Ilu ty anony I'm crying

No. 508516

Ilu ty anony I'm crying

No. 508483

Someone please Photoshop those as turds in a toilet. They look like brown logs pasted on her face.

No. 504848

Do we have any medical anons here?
Does this spot look suspicious? It seems to have grown in such a short time. Not trying to imply cancer but that's such a strange looking mark that has appeared within the last 2 years.

No. 501986

Why are there Tampons in their household if no "women" live there. If Lainey is so ashamed of being a female, why do "they" let "their" husband show off "their" tampons.

No. 488590

File: 1518994843632.png (445.86 KB, 813x826, Screenshot_20180218-165754~2.p…)

This is from REALstream news YouTube video about Lameo addressing the stolen goods. Why does her chin muscle migrate upwards?

No. 476533

How does someone have this long of a face? What the fuck.

No. 442858

Shut the fuck up.
Ana is a pedophile. She talks about touching her niece's bare ass and brags about it and has been sexualizing other people's children, and tries to take this and get other people called a pedophile. Not sure why she's still relevant anyways, you guys need mental evaluation.
At this point the drama isn't even about onision. It's about some unstable wack of a bitch who should be in a hospital.

No. 433133

Rxbootyslayer is ladyflatass from the sh drama days and gurgles had a supposed crush on her.

Sh called her out before and she played both side. there's still a few posts on the drama Tumblr blog about her. Not too interesting though just a big attention whore.

No. 430827

File: 1511467731641.png (244.55 KB, 1080x1073, Screenshot_20171123-140529.png)


Nope. After skimming through I found ourselves another poster. So this gives us Becca, Lassie AND Harley?

She didn't edit out her Twitter activity like big fat Becca.

The milk just keeps flowing. Fucking idiots.

No. 430355

The Becca screenshot where she self posted is true.
She changed her phone timezone to match that of lt Lassie or did it on her account to frame him (why? I don't know since he's not relevant anymore, nor is anyone else).
The photo with the military time is inaccurate, you can't have military time on Twitter.
Font on the time displayed is too big for the app/desktop versions, very very sloppy.
Own up to it, Greg will find out and I hope he kicks you from his life you dishonest slag.