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File: 1511727700146.png (1.22 MB, 1024x710, bmzdhsP.png)

No. 432327

This thread is dedicated to the 'inner circle' of Onision's Discord chat and its several spin-off groups.

Because the last thread >>>/snow/381380 was full of unintegrated newfags, remember the following or suffer the Farmhands' wrath:
- You must provide context for other users so everyone can follow the events in this thread even without access to the Discord chats
- You must post screenshots with your claims, as snowflakes are prone to deleting posts and Discord allows changing and removing of messages
- You may not reveal the full name or any nude images of people below the age of 18
- You may not call for harassment, announce your own plans to fuck with people, or dox them

I recommend reading the last thread solely for the images and screencap compilations. >>>/snow/381380
Unless noted otherwise, everyone mentioned in this thread is paying Onision to be part of his chat and for other perks. Lolcow links in the person descriptions lead to their leaked content or other relevant info.

Roll call:

GingerBeck (Rebecca Guertin): known for visiting the Onion household and liveposting about clogging their toilet and having to fish the feces out while Lainey posted sad snapchats. made two cringy songs to proclaim her love for Lainey and to apologize for smoking weed. Continues to disappoint Greg who calls her out routinely on his Twitter. Recently announced to increase the amount of money and effort she puts into her 'friendship' with Lainey and Greg to avoid more mental breakdowns about losing them. >>>/pt/467967
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dT4Z6_4XBKQ&feature=youtu.be Video with Onision in which they horse around half naked.

Becca (Rebecca Copper): One of Greg's highest paying patrons, this fat drag queen represents everything Greg claims to hate, yet dominates his streams because he's her moneyslave.

Harley (Eireann Mannion): Mother of 2, ex-anorexic with a feeder and DDLG fetish, hides her Patreon status on Discord because Greg knows she doesn't pay like the others have to.
Admitted to posting on lolcow.

Lt. Lassie (Lestat Lindauer [yes, really]): Ex-mod, owned a Discord server with a nude channel whose contents were leaked on lolcow, used lolcow to pretend to an hero, continued shitposting until a Farmhand outed him.

Maxieboxie (Emily Goldenhersh): Compulsive liar who claims to be a victim of sex trafficking, then went back to being a virgin, but her stories change rapidly and often include getting drugged up.
Her ex was caught using multiple accounts to dox her on KF and has been posting on lolcow.

Analoveslainey (Aileen Adams, but goes by Anastasia Lowell): Obsessive Lainey fan who omitted the existence of her fiancé until her nudes and other activities in Lt. Lassie's discord channel were leaked and they promptly broke up. Is now dating an older Z-list e-celeb who also tolerates her Lainey obsession.
The last thread saw her getting roasted by her aunt and ex-fiancé.

Meowsifer (Amber Clements): Unstable fangirl who tweets titanic "forced meme" sinclair a dozen times a day and recently threatened to an hero so hard Onion called the police on her.

The history of Onioncord:
- Onision creates his official Patron-only Discord server.
- picks a mod team, all is well
- flirts with mod Vix, favors her in a glaringly obvious way
- mod Vix disappears (tin foil theories)
- new girl Gingerbeck catches Greg's attention but seems like a catfish, gets messaged by a weird account trying to find the truth
- Lassie jumps in immediately and alludes to his plan to destroy Greg >>>/snow/416240
- new off brand Onion servers created by new cliques and mods
- moderating Onioncord is now a paid perk so all new mods pay to work for him

PapaMikey's server:
- created to talk to the first core clique of Onioncord
- nudes are shared
- Harley has phone sex with Mikey, later claims to be blackmailed to Greg
- nudes are leaked, distrust everywhere
- Mikey is banned from Onioncord

Lassie's server:
- Called the Abusement Park, Lt. Lassie makes his own circus-themed server
- opens an nsfw channel in his server, prohibiting sharing of nudes to avoid more leaks and drama
- not a day later, nudes are allowed
- after weeks of no leaks, suddenly the nsfw channel is deleted
- a few hours later, massive nude leak
- Lassie continues to post on lolcow, eventually outed by Farmhand

On thread #1:
- after the first leak of nudes, mods Sophs and Miks left Onioncord https://lolcow.farm/res/381380.html#382259

- a link to a list of IPs is posted on LC with shitty papryus font and lack of sage.
this turned out to be an attempt to IP log LC and the entire mod team was in on it- led by Daddy Donald (one of Gregs highest paying Patrons) in turn Donald was doxxed and revealed to be 12 (despite telling his fellow onions he was 17). After this incident Greg demoted the majority of the mod team.

- soon after more nudes got leaked and the poster remains unknown ???
nudes were confirmed to have come from Lt. Lassies server full of Onion and Plainey Patrons

- one of the fangirls, Analoveslainey was revealed to have been enaged to be married while posting her nudes for Lt. Lassie, her entire family ended up finding the thread and her aunt Nikita roasted her for being off her meds.
She got kicked out for her behavior despite living in a dorm in the first place. Poor Ana.
despite all fo this she continues to spend her paycheck on buying spaceprince useless shit

- GingerBeck's nudes were also posted on the second round even though she joked about the fact nothing "serious" had been posted the first time.

- Maxieboxie's nudes were also posted and in turn a creepy ex boyfriend of hers doxxed her on KF

- at one of Laineys streams, Maxieboxie maxed out her credit card and was crying on stream when the minions kept telling her to donate more
- at some point Kittenspace was confirmed to be visiting the Onionmansion and sure enough her tumblr revealed her to be a DDLG fag. Days before her visit her nudes were posted, also stemming from Abusement Park

- a giant mod fight led to Lassie leaving the server and pretending he was kicked, Greg added Lassie back to the server and the entire mod team sperged about it. This led to greg once again demoting the majority of the mod team.

- Farmhands revealed Lassie's self posting and suicide baiting, to not only LC but his fellow Onions lurking the thread. Lassie disappeared after that.

- Greg came for Gingerbeck's passive aggressive comments about how he favored those who shilled best (Lassie and fat Becca for example). Despite the backlash Gingerbeck has decided to UP her pledge and be "a yes man"

- Amber Clements had a breakdown over Onion and Titanic Sinclair and had a suicide spergout until Grease called the police to do a welfare check

- Maxie is currently claiming to be homeless and to have been kicked out of her dorm before thankgiving because… her mother was somehow able to kick her out of her own dorm lol

- Becca is suspected to have self posted in the thread because of a twitter icon in the reply field

- it was revealed Amber scammed a gofundme compaign by pretending to have 3 different cancers at once

No. 432347

And somehow this STILL doesn't feel like the whole situation was covered. Seriously, if you like the sound of this crazy shit, go read the previous thread if you have not.

Good job OP.

No. 432354

Goodwork anon, I would also go as far to tinfoil that FatBecca has had a HUGE hand in most of the discord leaks.

No. 432375

pretty sure the onion discord is FREAKING out that we've started an entirely new page on them. I can hear the autistic screaming outside my window.

No. 432377

Excellent OP anon, especially considering the mess that was the first thread.

No. 432406

File: 1511738618666.png (80.05 KB, 912x684, discord-2.png)

Repost but relevant to his thread. Eli and don are probably some of the youngest patreons in the server and they're planning to pull.

Eli is trans and probbaly realized how anti lgbt Greg really is.

No. 432407

File: 1511738989121.jpg (416.96 KB, 1378x1686, Screenshot_20171126-152755.jpg)

>Greg is being problematic again

This was during his Twitter sperg about women and tits lol

No. 432430

Agreed I believe becca orchestrated getting rid of the OG mods and placing herself on top or at least someone in her clique. It was the plan all along.

No. 432462

i want to thank OP for the thread picture and summary
i missed so much and i read every post on the first thread lol.
you the MVP

and the thread picture, it had destroyed me lmao

No. 432489

Anyone know who the OG mods were ? Any social media ?

No. 432528

I agree the threadpic is A+ and thanks for the detailed summary, I was so lost in the previous thread. Hope this thread will be a bit more structured.

No. 432945

Agreed, Anyone know their names?

No. 433015

File: 1511818227710.bmp (1.85 MB, 549x1177, triest.bmp)

Loyalty sperg out when

No. 433018

Vix was the first mod and had admin powers, along with a girl named cat. They were the first. after Vix and cat vanished is when his entries discord started going to shit. They seemed to be the only ones who attempted to take mod abilities seriously

No. 433022

what happened to vix anyway? i can't fault her for ghosting after greg went batshit insane with his crush on her, but it's odd that we never heard anything about her again after beck showed up

No. 433023

I'm convinced some of the mods tried to push Vix out due to being jelly. I remember there was another mod with red hair which drove Harley insane and she still spergs about the hair to this day like she invented fire hydrant red hair.

No. 433024

tinfoil theory: they were the ones who posted vix on greg's thread and tried to dox her (there were links to her twitch and some other accounts iirc) because they were pissed she got Greg's attention.

No. 433031

Seems pretty damn cut and dry to me, I agree with the tinfoil here, Seems to me that beck and becca and that crew pushed out the original female mod crew due to jealousy, How sad.

Those ex-mods ended up dodging a fucking nuke let alone a bullet.

No. 433133

Rxbootyslayer is ladyflatass from the sh drama days and gurgles had a supposed crush on her.

Sh called her out before and she played both side. there's still a few posts on the drama Tumblr blog about her. Not too interesting though just a big attention whore.

No. 433134

can you speak English please? Post some damn caps

No. 433351

File: 1511833834867.jpeg (31.43 KB, 736x525, 98824BA1-2EAE-4D43-8856-C5704E…)

No. 433368

File: 1511835737167.jpg (Spoiler Image,252.57 KB, 1200x1514, no.jpg)

Just straight up tweeting her nudes at musicians now

No. 433517

File: 1511853667975.png (26.1 KB, 695x181, Screenshot from 2017-11-27 23-…)

No. 433520

File: 1511854104442.jpg (58.24 KB, 1413x592, ladyflatass.jpg)

it's nova
says registered 2016 but I'm seeing tumblr posts talking about video threats towards shiloh back in 2011. She was apparently banned for awhile and i'm not sure if this is even the original account she used to join

new recent account
Familiar face

No. 433522

File: 1511854137257.jpg (41.12 KB, 1412x419, nova.jpg)

this is the newest account (same handle used on patreon and discord)

No. 433534

This tweet claims she was a $250 patreon at some point?

Her social media:
(she appears to follow a few of the discordfags eg, mikey, plungerbeck, fatbecca etc)

No. 433538

File: 1511858405898.png (10.13 KB, 324x329, Screenshot(2).png)

if you want some proof that's who it is, this is on her Reddit post history.


there is a link to a youtube video on it. the username checks out.

No. 433540

of course she follows the discord fags, she is one herself
funny how she joins gregs discord hungry for power even though greg banned her back in the sh era.

She pledged 250 two times? or once (can't be sure). This was in september and the reason she became a moderator in the server before the 3rd reformation

No. 433542

File: 1511858574098.jpg (25.2 KB, 968x204, proana.jpg)

oh look! another pro-anorexic !

>greg saved my life

>greg is the reason i stopped being anachan wtf

No. 433546

File: 1511859373103.jpg (67.82 KB, 1364x633, selfproclaimedmua.jpg)

anti-o blogs discussing ~ladyflatass~

funny ass post right here and it's recent too. I bet she was talking about fatbecca.
Everybody knows lassie and rxnova were best asslickers and becca always had tension with lassie

No. 433549

File: 1511859703010.jpg (60.84 KB, 1443x639, novatumblr.jpg)

https://disasterous-bella.tumblr.com/ her thinspo blog- this is a 25- 26 adult with two kids

matching reddit post
She seems to be dating an onision herself

No. 433595


pretty sure becca thought she was being mensa smart again when she found out Vix was on cc, but the fat cunt equated to her posting on cc as being a mod her or some shit.

the uglies are well jealous of anyone normal.

harley's eyebrows and face make me cringe

No. 433597

when are autist girls going to understand guys like to look yes, but they dont want to touch what everyone else has. acting like attention whores is never going to get you girls settled down with, i'm sorry

No. 433604

File: 1511878088462.png (105.96 KB, 381x419, Screenshot(5).png)

auditing the onion patreons I saw this, thought I would share


No. 433627


Who is paying this bitch $100?

No. 433958

File: 1511909904863.png (60.61 KB, 1071x592, ana.png)

she outed him already, gg Ana.

Her rewards include lewds, sexting, and taking her on a date. She's promoting it via Tinder. Welcome to being a sex worker, Aileen Adams

No. 433983

how do these girls write their CVs? get references for jobs? they are all literal scammers lmao

No. 434039

So basically every single one of onions fangirls is a whore. Yeesh.

No. 434043

File: 1511918579390.png (604.97 KB, 768x4636, zGEnMdX.png)

Try harder at weeding out your server, Anakin. It won't protect you from Gargamel's spergout when he realizes you're all UNLOYAL REEEEE

No. 434050

You realise most the Patreons actually are fans of Lainey's right and not Greg? And that Discord has a lot of people who are just friends and are not Patreons or have anything to do with Gergshite.

No. 434053

So that's why all patreon whores discussed so far donate to grease right ?

And what does lainey do to deserve your shekels ? Absolutely nothing other than crying over her alt teens.

No. 434054

Which one are you?

No. 434055

Hi discordfaggot yeah not buying that shit, Ya'll lick both lainey and gregs cunts.

And compLaineyMcspoiltfoot is just as fucking bad as the grease so fuck off you ain't immune. Kek, Maybe once you fuck off and stop supporting these twats then we might leave you alone.


No. 434062

File: 1511920903108.jpeg (44.9 KB, 750x348, 5E979441-60C3-43D6-94F7-1A487F…)

I found Maxie’s Instagram kek.

No. 434071

you'd only know that if you were in there so good job letting the others know you're a snake, you british slag


No. 434607

lol one of the best things about this thread is when fat becca has no self awareness about her shitty british accent

No. 434655

Could Becca think she actually has a chance with Greg because of his history with Shiloh?
I wonder if she thinks… "Im only a little heavier than Shiloh and I look so much better than her when I cake on my drag queen make up"

No. 434680

File: 1512005193838.png (582.65 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171009-150353.png)

Anas texts to her mom when she was off her meds

No. 434797

not sure if it was mentioned but analoveslainey changed her handle on twitter


No. 434824

"Allie" has also been reading here… still… and responding to our comments with tweets.


Fucking kek.

No. 434826

sage for samefagging. Here is Aileen/Ana/Allie's wishlist:


No. 434832

File: 1512026447545.jpg (729.62 KB, 720x1280, caps1.jpg)

conversations with ana and her mother

No. 434833

File: 1512026497010.jpg (692.82 KB, 720x1280, caps2.jpg)

No. 434834

File: 1512026587899.jpg (694.92 KB, 720x1280, caps3.jpg)

some are out of order but alieen posted these as "proof" her mom was evil scum

No. 434835

File: 1512026628227.jpg (700.77 KB, 720x1280, caps4.jpg)

No. 434836

Nice phone number.

No. 434837

File: 1512026710234.jpg (699.61 KB, 720x1280, capsfix.jpg)

No. 434839

File: 1512026905993.png (111.71 KB, 773x384, unknown.png)

No. 434841

File: 1512027027567.png (Spoiler Image,361.74 KB, 640x1136, ananudes.png)

No. 434843

File: 1512027137522.png (184.66 KB, 1095x626, bootypledge.png)

proof of ladyflatass/megan's donations

No. 434844


just remember someone paid her on patreon to see that

No. 434846

Damn what a cunt.

No. 434848

Damn, Ana really should be on meds, what the hell is wrong with her? I hope none of the weirdo discordfags actually harass her mom

No. 434897

File: 1512047894003.png (263.52 KB, 1080x1310, 20171130_141720.png)

Another one bites the dust

No. 434903

Harley did too, she's harleystiddies now

No. 434915


kek soon all of his top patreons will leave

No. 434921


>tfw your mom can't even spell your name

Must be in the family, with aunt Nikita's sperging in the last thread. Tell me Ana, are you a meth baby?

No. 434936

File: 1512054639165.jpg (104.33 KB, 1920x1080, 24131612_170732996850413_26507…)

No. 434937

File: 1512054659599.jpg (252.83 KB, 1920x1080, 24068630_170731240183922_57452…)

No. 434938

File: 1512054809926.jpg (34.68 KB, 1164x214, 24130073_170774580179588_43568…)

No. 434976

File: 1512060027182.png (436.54 KB, 616x2524, anatit.png)


Ana, honey, we didn't go out of our way to find that pic and implicate you, you did that all on your own because you love attention.

How trashy do you have to be to need Twitter friends to confirm the size of your areola? What a joke.

This girl is so omg obsessed with Lainey and I'M HERE I'M QUEER but her ex was a guy, he new bf that she hasn't even met is a guy… has she ever dated any girl at all? I'm thinking the only bi in you is your bipolar, sis. Go on tweeting your rage at our inaccurate FAXX.

No. 434980

there's that weird older chick spookyuglycoo getting mentioned by a young girl. and the older girl can verify what this young girls body looks like?

why in the fuck are they sending nudes to an older female who clearly has no fucking life??
is she a pedo. is she the elusive female pedo?? becca is up her ass too.

i swear to god those two fat blonde bitches are behind all the leaks

No. 434983

File: 1512060621746.png (881.76 KB, 592x1944, ambertat.png)

It's almost sad to witness that Amber doesn't realize Titanic has her muted. He can follow her without having to see her tweets and she admitted he hasn't replied once since her complete mental breakdown on Twitter after she didn't get a selfie him at the concert she had her deathly ill mother on oxygen drive her to.

Of course the logical reaction to a try-hard internet celeb ignoring your tweets is to get yet another tattoo of him. The A+T for Amber + Titanic puts the cherry on top of this centerpiece of cringe.

Ever since she's deleted all her tweets on Nov 22nd, she has tweeted at him again 177 times (out of 754 tweets), not counting him being tagged in her selfies and other random shit she posts, and still she had to mobilize her friends to tweet her tattoo at him just to get a detached one-word reply. The only reason he hasn't unfollowed her is because she'd completely lose it and probably kill herself.
Pastebin with her recent tweets because it's too much to include in caps: https://pastebin.com/uA2dvUxL

Titanic is sleeping with both eyes open tonight.

No. 434984

File: 1512060722878.webm (1.3 MB, 162x320, rpeIUasS_QQ-VKQO.webm)

It's almost like they don't want to be employable.

No. 434985

lmao these bitches blow my mind, do they legit think stalking people is the best way to make them fall in love

No. 434987

omg i hope no one heard me listening to that. she needs put down

No. 434988

lmao imaging dating a person with someone else's name tatted largely across their chest, and also another tattoo dedicated to them

who even the fuck is this person she's obsessed with? does he actually have traction in music omg. thats on her body for life lmao

No. 434990

It's Poppy's producer. Poppy is a YouTube personality who does plastic pop and tries to act really subversive and edgy but really it's just a forced meme and they're self-promoting on imageboards like fuck all. I remember OG Admin saying in a townhall announcement that he caught Titanic making a thread and posting about Poppy (cause Titanic later DMCA'd it from the same IP address). Embarrassing wannabes for embarrassing wannabes.

No. 434992

i've noticed poppy shilling all over /mu/ a long time ago but i didn't think it was titanic himself. top kek

No. 435084

File: 1512070793471.webm (10.1 MB, 270x360, Me singing blow me.webm)

I fell down the rabbit hole re this glasspacifier cunt and I'm ready for a cringe compilation just about right now. If she wants to be an indie actress so badly… maybe she should start going by a different name to hide all the cringe in her internet history.

No. 435085

File: 1512070853415.webm (2.18 MB, 480x360, a song i wrote to justin biebe…)

~a song to justin bieber~

No. 435087

File: 1512071065278.webm (3.33 MB, 480x360, me eating a cricket.webm)

No. 435106

File: 1512072710657.png (37.46 KB, 473x269, V1KVyOm.png)


No. 435111

lmao this bitch is mental

No. 435112

She's been tweeting Pewdiepie, Cyr, Tomato and fawning over Billie selfies, so he probably kicked her off for that.

No. 435114

she's been saying onion "hates her" for days now. Wonder why it took so long for him drop her(read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 435115

i doubt onion keeps tabs on any of these bitches he prob only keeps tabs on them via LC, it be hilarious if he had them on mute or something

No. 435120

if that was the trigger to kick her out then great job letting greg know he caught the wrong person by confessing here, you fucking moron.

stop namefagging and read the rules.

No. 435121

>you fucking moron
you realize there is a thousand others to choose from, right?

No. 435123

God, Archive Anon, is your urge to brag so strong? You couldn't just shut up and let Greg believe she leaked?

No. 435128

File: 1512073816854.png (849.98 KB, 623x1501, stan.png)

Someone tweeted caps at him about her stanning his many nemeses, so that probably tipped him off.


like other anons told you before, help quietly or don't help at all. don't come around to proclaim your schemes so Greg knows exactly what's up. You also revealed how you get the patreon videos so now everyone who reads it can tip them off so they can fix it. You seriously need to stop showing off, you're on your way to joining the ranks of retarded anti-os who do more harm than good.

No. 435130

is this fatbecca or spookywank? anytime they're brought up they bully the fuck out of amber lmao

No. 435131

i don't think archive anon is posting ITT.

the two fat cunts fatbecca and spookyold stalk the living fuck out of here and probably saw another anon got accused of being becca on tempcow and that anon just went with it for lolz.

anytime there's any type of implication put out towards spookycoo there's leaks to this thread.

again. i reckon spookycoo is a female pedo, she has too many nudes of young girls and doesn't seem to have a life but post gifs on twitter for greg and big up fatbecca

No. 435132

spookywank reminds me of some bitch that had no friends in the early 2000s and seeked solace on messageboards, but her peers prob all got married and had kids and now she's having to hang out with kids and mediate a discord of flamers and pedos

No. 435133

It is Archive Anon, he's been sperging on tempcow and has a distinct writing style.

No. 435135

doubt it, archiveanon active on main thread and uploading the archives

anyway, how can u be so sure? im sure you're one of the two blonde cunts

No. 435137

also archive anon has already spurged and told us how all how to get around the paywall, no need to login.

who ever is leaking actual discord caps is from discord, archive anon has already stated he cant get photosets and discord perks so


No. 435139

nah, it's him, check this post:
>back to my thread

"my thread": https://temp.lolcow.farm/all/19459
note the unsolicited blogging about how his ex-gf died because of onision. he's a cow in the making. mirroring some videos won't change that.

No. 435141

i was anon that was accused of being becca in tempcow and i went with it, i reckon becca saw that and is copycatting, she's done it loads before with her SAGE YOUR SHIT and the fat cunt hasn't even figured out how to yet

No. 435143

that thread hasn't even been active today u fucking idiot

No. 435145

Is it normal for people to know what your tits look like? The only people who know what mine look like are exes, I thought that was the usual thing. This girl is a wreck, she needs to get back on her bipolar meds and stop giving these weirdos ammo to fuck with her life.

No. 435148

why is spookycoo soliciting nudes from young girls is my question?

No. 435149

Stop arguing and accusing each other. Archive Anon, please learn to blend in and maintain your anonymity. You've been advised to keep it on the down low before.

No. 435151

is there anyway to check beccas IPs or Spookycoo? is it the same person leaking the amber stuff?

No. 435154

The 'leaks' come from different sources. We can't confirm if it's Becca or Spookycoo yet.

No. 435156


sometimes I actually feel sorry for her. Does even realise what she's doing? She has to be retarded or something

No. 435158

ok thank you, i remain suspicious kek, but ill keep it off thread… for now dundundun

No. 435163

>onision made my heroin addicted ex have a stroke and die!


No. 435212

File: 1512078272145.png (684.93 KB, 1366x1638, gofundme.png)

Found another bunch of Amber's attempts to squeeze sweet cash out of internet idiots.

I hereby dub thee… Scamber

No. 435213

File: 1512078295556.png (1.22 MB, 1366x2608, screencapture-reddit-user-glas…)

No. 435214

File: 1512078320647.jpg (27.95 KB, 607x124, Screenshot_77.jpg)

No. 435216

File: 1512078356711.jpg (25.43 KB, 325x307, Screenshot_76.jpg)

why are these people so obsessed with doxing themselves? putting your real name and number online doesn't help you become famous.

No. 435217

File: 1512078378331.jpg (75.87 KB, 1070x584, Screenshot_74.jpg)

No. 435222


at least she's self aware.

No. 435227

File: 1512079368279.png (209.82 KB, 1366x1032, screencapture-reddit-user-xmeo…)

Her old Reddit account, confirmed for scamming via 'I got hacked boohoo'.

No. 435228

File: 1512079385987.jpg (79.9 KB, 1043x556, Screenshot_80.jpg)

No. 435232

>indie actress

No. 435257

File: 1512082042261.jpg (92.33 KB, 937x308, Screenshot_81.jpg)

What a heartwarming story

No. 435300

Looks like Jaclyn in SRs music videos…

No. 435306

File: 1512088132526.png (104.7 KB, 430x349, morenudesbooty.png)

I feel bad for kids with mothers like eireann, megan, or taylor.

harley now goes by Harley tortellini tittis
@HarleysTiddies on twitter- previously harleycatpoison lol

No. 435311

LMAO what a desperate bitch. nothing worse than knowing your ma is a whore

No. 435312

also, what a flat ass, show us your belly button harley!! we want to see your stomach since u lost all the weight!! is that why your ass sags lol

No. 435327

File: 1512090289416.png (95.28 KB, 534x438, megansthinspotumblr.png)

really makes you think that all these onion fansgirls have shit boyfriends

No. 435330

File: 1512090395501.png (Spoiler Image,133.36 KB, 325x301, novabob.png)

No. 435448

I think the reason she doesn't want to admit its her is because shes dating an old man and she probably told him her nudes never got posted

No. 435521


Thats not Harley lol check the person who posted it, thats Nova.
I still dont understand why the fuck people posted nudes in a server. You really need that much attention?

No. 435522

Never said it was Harley, I just commented on the fact they're trying to cover their shit up.

So yeah that's ladyflatass/rxbootyslayer megan

No. 435570

File: 1512125119989.jpeg (32.74 KB, 654x345, 3395B203-FADC-4868-9FDA-33B294…)

I don’t know if this is important or not but Maxie’s “ex bf” lied about being her bf kek I got this info from one of her “friends” on discord. Don’t know how much he lied either. They are both fucking liars at this point.

No. 435792

File: 1512155039187.png (68.49 KB, 1170x216, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 1.42…)

LOL, NOPE! You are absolutely/undoubtedly not well-adjusted.

No. 435793

File: 1512155084783.png (51.82 KB, 720x180, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 1.42…)

I would do the same if I was your kid too.

No. 435795

File: 1512155162861.png (57.63 KB, 1068x174, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 11.5…)

and the rationalizations begin to the adult film industry, lol. butnobody would buy her stuff so straight to hooking on the street instead to poor guys, hahaha.

No. 435797

File: 1512155230795.png (527.13 KB, 1170x1116, Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 1.17…)

oh you mean this fake convo between you and yourself that never happened in real life. stop trying to paint george as the fucking villain, you have caused all of your own problems. fuck outta here, ho.

No. 435799

the last 4 posts and this one were by me, sorry 4 samefagging but i couldn't not respond to this mental retardation.

No. 435801

also, this was on Amber's reddit account. why are all these girls such blatant and unapologetic e-whores?

No. 435802

File: 1512155397834.png (97.6 KB, 866x416, Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 4.55…)

here's the pic from the last post, sorry again 4 not following forum rules.

No. 435804

File: 1512155624785.png (1.06 MB, 1144x1630, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 11.5…)

MaxieBoxie definately has daddy issues. look at this F'ing tumbler page. jeez louiz.

DDLG = dominant daddy / little girl
it's a fetish and a weird one at that.

No. 435815


found this on her YT channel, it's literally her most popular video. She sky dives naked and her tits are out the entire time ON YOUTUBE. Mind you her real name is attached to this account. So her family, friends, and anyone important in her life has seen this. man, this girl is in-fucking-sane.
link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh3jhay90AA(ban evasion)

No. 435851

use the youtube field newfag

No. 436024

i didn't understand any of your fucking posts?

No. 436027

oh my sweet jesus. how did this even come about?

i bet when she tells the story of her sky diving naked it sounds cool, but then if you watch it, it's just so unappealing and she looks like she's having a horrible time lmao

No. 436038

This is setting yourself up for insanity… $100 each for unlimited amounts of your time & energy in a sexual way, and you need 30 people to hit your goal… You'd have messages near constantly and it would only take a couple days before a couple of these random guys would get impatient and start sending abuse, or trying to guilt her into doing more for them to make up for it. This is SUCH a bad idea… There's a reason why professional hos offer sexual services in finite amounts.

No. 436091

i still dont understand who titanic is or why they are relevant

No. 436153

>>436091 see

Lurk more

No. 436156

i still dont really get it, but it ultimately doesnt matter

No. 436164

File: 1512198685056.png (351.52 KB, 720x1280, ana1.png)

Was lurking through Ana's twitter and found this hasn't been posted yet

No. 436165

File: 1512198701225.png (565.67 KB, 720x1280, ana2.png)

No. 436166

File: 1512198723225.png (645.56 KB, 720x1280, ana3.png)

No. 436167

File: 1512198740422.png (494.32 KB, 720x1280, ana4.png)

No. 436169

File: 1512198851057.png (476.48 KB, 720x1280, ana5.png)

Apparently it's her mom's bf or something? Gotta say no wonder Ana is crazy af when she has to deal with people like this.

No. 436170


>I don't care about doxxing this cunt

>I didn't post her number it was leaked
>Months ago

>literally posted in the last 3-4 days

I agree, it sounds like the mother's boyfriend (step father? idr) she said molested her.

They're all crazy.

No. 436173

File: 1512199677237.png (Spoiler Image,617.72 KB, 1124x797, tonyfb.png)

her ex-stepdad looks sleazy as fuck tbhh

No. 436178

Damn that is some tweaker lookin' trailer trash right there.
Also what's with the cow tipping? First the cunt from Lainey's stream and now someone calls a discordfags mom?

No. 436181

discord fag told her fellow discord fags to call her mom and encouraged it
this was also a month ago

No. 436183

Ah I hadn't realized that, my bad

No. 436184

File: 1512201010320.jpg (2.91 KB, 204x200, 4452452.jpg)

>leaked from a private conversation
>obviously from discord
>posted it knowing screenshots leak from said discord

No. 436186

didn't see in the server but saw this on twitter https://twitter.com/AllieLovesLain/status/936336526719451136

she's dumb as fuck(read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 436188

post screenshots holy shit all these discord faggots don't even bother to learn how the site works and give themselves away immediately

No. 436189

>post screenshots of the screenshots u posted

No. 436225

calm your tits. even if it were the same screenshots, say so. it there are milk in the comments, post them. there was no context other than a link out on and IMAGE board, so fuck off.

No. 436239

File: 1512213665256.png (629.17 KB, 720x1280, anthonymanning.png)

what a mess- white trash family i hope her mom is ashamed of being a shitstain mom

maybe it's not entirely anas fault she's a stupid bitch who blindly donates to the pedophilic space prince

No. 436308

who is posting this ana shite it's dull for those not in the discord, talk about how shite onion's discord is and how weird you all are in relevant to thinking he's your mate.

screenshots of texts between family members that aren't yours are so fucking dull to read like who the fuck is ana no one cares post about how wet u all get for onion so we can make fun of u

No. 436408

im not the one who posted any of those, i just followed the link because I M A G E B O A R D

at least check before making an ass of urself, is all im sayin

No. 436439

Some of y'all are some stalkers and need a serious mental evaluation. Saying certain ppl are this and that when you made them relevant. Yall realize some ppl posted and then ignore this site for months at a time because this shit here is pathetically petty.(no1curr)

No. 436445

Titanic Sinclair has you muted on Twitter btw

No. 436455

The funny thing is that the thread is entirely ran up by the people discussed in here. Farmers don't care about your shit drama and leaks, so keep pretending we're the bad guys, we're only hosting your playground.

No. 436551

As correctly stated in the opening post, don't submit links without explanation or screenshots. Links expire, Tweets can be deleted. Screenshots are for posterity. It's called an imageboard for a reason.

No. 436572

File: 1512260131153.png (71.38 KB, 630x814, twit.png)

Amber is in the process of finally realizing that the guy she got 2 tattoos for doesn't give a shit about her.

I don't know why these flakes delude themselves into thinking they have a real connection with people like Titanic Sinclair and Greg just because they throw money and attention at them. E-celebs may be more approachable, but their first priority is still their business. They'll play nice for PR and money and even out of genuine appreciation for fans - but that's all you are. A fangirl.

No. 436573

File: 1512260140449.png (791.53 KB, 720x1280, context.png)

how is it dull to prove the same syntax her step-father has on fb while messaging her some awful ass shit? idc if she's a calf I'm just doing due-dilligence

context for the screenshot here >>436239

her mothers reaction to anthony manning hitting on a schoolfriend

and here's the first part of the conversation with proof this was the exact context of the conversation

No. 436576

i have no idea what your first sentence means or who the fuck any of the people are mentioned and how it relates to being an onionsnowflake, please take your boring family issues offline

No. 436577

this isn't that hard to follow anon, stop spamming the thread with your whining if you can't keep up.

This is the man who allegedly molested Ana as a kid and she's trying to call him out.

No. 436579

no one cares about ana releasing her text messages with her ma's number and her step dad fb messaging someone. this is dull and this thread is still suppose to be about onion

if she is looking for sympathy ask for it on discord where she pays to be gregs friend

No. 436580

also her evidence is weak af anon, plz dont clog the thread with attention seeking cows family business

No. 436582

can ana and her family stop self posting in this thread, you are not going to out crazy amber and family feuds between unknowns are not milky.

No. 436583

File: 1512260658032.jpg (104.7 KB, 1024x768, IMG_0021_1024x1024.jpg)

No. 436584

File: 1512260750643.png (5.5 KB, 655x78, 43556.PNG)

>this thread is still suppose to be about onion

Read the OP post for this thread. Theres a reason this is about the snowflakes.
If you want to read about Onion drama only, go to the thread dedicated to Grugly and Footface.

I get the feeling you are someone who doesnt want this girls family business exposed.
Whys that, are you one of the shitty family members?

No. 436586


Stop samefagging with your complaints. Just report posts you find in violation of the rules. The posts you're complaining about are fine and contribute to the thread. Continued derailing about what does or does not belong here will get you banned.

No. 436588

This thread is about the snowflakes that swirl around Onionboi, and the shitty life they have that pushes them to love a narc and hope to be the next Billie
If you want to read about Greg only go here

No. 436589

File: 1512261139905.png (69.26 KB, 877x440, Screenshot from 2017-12-02 16-…)

so ana did complain about anthony to her mom but in her one of her wattpad stories she claims her grandfather was the one who molested her

I am certain anthony did send ana those fb messages calling her a slut since we've already established he types like a retard on facebook. No idea how true her story really is since she is unmedicated and bi-polar proving serious allegations like these need to go to court not your e-friends or twitter.

No. 436594

File: 1512261697437.jpg (333.17 KB, 900x1200, BhgFDrvDdg.jpg)

>stop talking about Ana… why arent you guys talking about me anymore?

No. 436637

Dear "Maxie's ex bf",

since you keep evading your bans to spam threads with your obvious vendetta and in ongoing violation of site rules, I went ahead and compiled an overview of your posts. Don't think that laughing at the same people makes you any less of an idiotic snowflake. If you're wondering why this happened, maybe this is the time for you to finally check out our rules and posting guide.

Known posts made by Maxie's ex-boyfriend

No. 436641

I’m excited af for this

No. 436650

>tfw when your psycho ways are exposed

No. 436661

bless you admin-sama

also major props to OP for putting together that description because i hadn't read the first thread because of what a clusterfuck it became, but seeing it summarized was like OH ok i gotta go read that. never thought id live to see someone get roasted by their family on fucking lolcow of all places

all of these girls need to get off the internet, wew

No. 436671

File: 1512272862454.png (38.17 KB, 1550x635, Screenshot from 2017-12-02 19-…)

notice how maxie meets none of the exceptions listed

No. 436672

File: 1512272908403.png (61.59 KB, 1313x259, Screenshot from 2017-12-02 19-…)

So Emily Goldenhersh? what exactly did you do to get removed off campus

No. 436697

Dude how low are you. You bring up a fucking girls dead father who has nothing to do with this. That’s actually fucked up. Your not a farmer. Your a psychopath obsessed with a girl who rejected you. Also no one wants you here.

No. 436701

Her fathers death has no relation to her being in Onioncord. This is just senseless and intended to cause upset for no reason. Please be respectful of people's grief even if you do not like said person.

No. 436707

I looked up her ex’s name and this picture came up. This is his name and what he looks like. I saw his name in a post at one point. His fault for posting on here.

No. 436757

Holy shit what a smackable fucking face.

She actually looks like a typical school bully, Obviously she still feels like one considering the reason these threads exist were due to her leaking.

If I had her face, I'd hate every other woman on the planet too. Lmao

No. 436788

Who is this?

No. 437073

File: 1512333678464.png (359.03 KB, 647x687, Capture.PNG)

Its "I have to ride the Clydesdale horse because Im so fat" Becca

tldr: its FatBecca

No. 437320

File: 1512349548067.png (50.01 KB, 337x341, unknown.png)

I'm starting to think maxie is jealous of the other patreons and is making shit up for attention. Ana got kicked out and abused, so maxie decided to make up a story about being kicked out bc of ~homophobia~.
maxie the mistake you made was pretending your mother had any say in getting you kicked out of your dorm, ana despite being kicked out has remained at her college dormitory (logically).
Maxie seems to lie about whatever she can to emulate her fellow discordfags
>I don't know my real age
>my parents sold me to "the child sex exploitation ring"

No. 437342

Why are you so obsessed with Maxie? Is it because she rejected you Mark? Your not a farmer. Your a cow yourself being so cunt hungry for her. Why do put out so much vendetta? Because she didn’t want to ride your dick? My god stop posting here Mark and get a life because your just much of a cow than her.

No. 437354


No. 437356

No. 437357

Yes but you posted without marking out her other family out. Did you read the rules? Stop posting family that has nothing to due with the onioncord.

No. 437361

File: 1512354561491.jpg (Spoiler Image,572.67 KB, 2136x3216, Emily_Singing.jpg)

that you emily?
when are you going to address your lies?

No. 437367

File: 1512355193258.png (11.49 KB, 698x156, maxandem.png)

maxie grew up in st.Louis near ana

No. 437373

Kek Mark you wish I was Maxie don’t you? Anyone who calls you out is literally you’re ex to you. God damn get a fucking life you obsessed manchild. Butthurt over a 14 year old boy.

No. 437376

File: 1512356404388.png (250.35 KB, 599x337, BfKSK5fCcAAOA0h.png)

nobody had his last name so who could have posted ? really makes you think

No. 437379

File: 1512356726233.jpeg (109.43 KB, 742x643, 25BC47AA-ECFA-41AD-9BAC-7E6FB6…)

Ummm this anon did. Did you not read most of the first thread?

No. 437383

Maybe she sent that to someone she knew was a farmer. So she could expose you for mental case you are?

No. 437385

File: 1512357276845.png (27.73 KB, 1302x118, Screenshot from 2017-12-03 19-…)


he won't come up with even the most basic search because he doesn't plaster his name everywhere on social media
his twitter profile only has 5 tweets, he's that fucking irrelevant

No. 437400

File: 1512358340290.jpeg (137.24 KB, 750x799, 7F26C291-1A14-415C-B336-9692EC…)

She also posted his name on her twitter. So it’s out there.

No. 438127

File: 1512461389001.png (118.55 KB, 480x854, toiletclogger.png)

rebecca, the onions will take your shekels but they clearly don't want your company.

No. 438128

File: 1512461418398.png (82.65 KB, 480x854, toiletclogger2.png)

No. 438141

File: 1512466619760.jpeg (45.55 KB, 265x275, A3D26F9B-EAA9-4FFE-81EC-3F5D82…)

No. 438180

No. 438196

the only time he has ever been funny. im gonna kms now for laughing at that

No. 438216

The second time, after the "lord of the flies" jab at Lainey. Finding out that the Onion can be funny is unsettling

No. 438913

File: 1512545597483.png (16.97 KB, 555x136, laineyhaircolorchanges.PNG)

I went to her twitter after reading these gems, just to see if there was anything else amusing.
She retweeted this, and I wonder if it was a subtle jab at Footface and her ever changing hair color.

No. 438924

I really don't think it's that deep, this post is circulating around twitter and all the ~woke~ college students are retweeting this.

No. 440112

File: 1512711345250.png (301.26 KB, 1080x1920, mikeyharleyphonesex.png)

No. 440131

The only humor he is capable of is being cruel to others. While entertaining, imagine if anyone talked to him the way he does to them.

No. 440133

i see u mod chan

No. 440647

File: 1512787666378.jpg (214.42 KB, 1188x1714, alcohol.jpg)

Ana keeps working for the privilege to pay for Onion's friendship, unlike Amber who was banned.

No. 440653


Don't you guys find it interesting that even though Amber was banned and (in her own words) Greg hates her now…. but she still follows him, constantly tweets him, and RTs everything he posts?

No. 440662


ohhh my god he's so evil and mean to his fans hahahaha. at least its hysterical because his fans are just as awful.

this the best post in the entire thread and its a greg joke, who would have guessed?

No. 440682


>you don't withdraw from alcohol

Enjoy your DTs, you attention-seeking little ignoramus.

Bearing in mind their Chosen One thinks himself some brainiac, how come they're all so, so stupid? This lot have to be the most banal, dumb bunch online.

No. 440808

File: 1512808760159.jpg (40.15 KB, 911x418, Lolcow Amber..JPG)

Amber now claims that onion boy didn't kick her off patreon and that she left on her own. Sure.

No. 440820

File: 1512812885462.png (170.9 KB, 1080x1920, download.png)

Can't keep her lies straight

No. 440919


I heard this through the grapevine, so take it with a grain of salt, but apparently Greg hasn't even talked to Amber ever since she ""quit"" his patreon, and she's obviously still a fan of his. How the actual fuck do these bitches not realize their ""FRIENDSHIP"" with Greg and Lainey is directly correlates with the amount of money they throw at them? Like, these idiots are throwing HUNDRED to these Greg and Lainey. None of them are employed, where the fuck do they even get this money from?

No. 440926

Why does Beck even follow him? Their stances on drugs and addictions are polar opposites and he won't shut up about it. He won't miss any opportunity to be mean to her >>438128

No. 440943

I might be nitpicking here, but I think 99% of these girls have MAJOR daddy issues, so when they find a male figure who pays them attention, even if that male treats them like shit, they think that's usual and are just glad that they're getting that father figure attention they never had. Just a theory.

No. 440948


Can you send yourself questions on CuriousCat? Because I feel like she is sending herself these questions to make us think she wasn't actually kicked off

No. 441020

You can’t send yourself questions anonymously.

No. 441227


I just did by going into an incognito tab and having it open in my regular browser. That's probably what Amber did.

No. 441231

Hey I would like to talk like normal humans and not get kicked off but no I only use the app and what’s the point of asking me that question when I could just tweet about everything. I honestly would love to just keep all the private I respect that privacy. And if you have any questions please message me I really don’t wanna be apart of this drama anymore I’m honestly done ok please don’t hate me. I’m honestly a good person and I will work with you if you just come to me

No. 441233

>alcoholic parents don't spend money that should go to their children

lmfao is this a joke

even water in excess can kill you, this bitch is just retarded all around. i dont have it in me to mock her beyond the intial point.

No. 441237

>Bearing in mind their Chosen One thinks himself some brainiac, how come they're all so, so stupid?

i think you kind of answered your own question anon

No. 441239

>None of them are employed, where the fuck do they even get this money from?

Their parents, I guess?

That one girl tried selling herself on Patreon tho.

No. 441242


I can't even fathom the idea that their parents would give them that much money, even if they were well off. What parents lets their kids have hundreds a month to throw at a 30yo man? My parents never gave me more than $10 without asking what it was for. I wonder if their parents know. Also, I find it funny that most of these bitches are adults who are asking their mums for money to throw at a married man for his attention

No. 441249

First of all, Don't namefag we hate that shit.
Secondly, If you're gonna come here and want to be left alone give us the deetz, About Grease,Plainey and the discord crew. You know what we want.

Also wake up amber, The onions are nothing but liars that use insecure teens and vulnerable adults for their money, They never give a shit unless they're making bank from you.

Hope this is a lesson for you and this helps you grow. Lurk a little more, Go back through the onion threads and read. Just open your eyes. (and give us the deetz)

No. 441256


Amber, I think above all things, you should open your eyes and see your """"friendship"""" with Greg as what it really was. You were literally throwing money at them and the minute you stopped, they didn't talk to you anymore. Is that not enough evidence that onion doesn't give a FUCK about you or any of his patrons for that matter. You need to get yourself together. (and also give us the deetz)

No. 441259

1. Yea I know my mom even said I shouldn’t pay for a friendship but talking to Greg made me happy I’m sorry and I don’t really have details on anything greg was always nice to me I had nothing against him at all

No. 441271

He made fun of you kid, Don't delude yourself.

No. 441272

What happened to make him kick you out?

No. 441275

We made fun of each other all in fun according to him but every insult I ever said was a joke I never meant anything and I would really like to keep that info private please because I promised privacy and I don’t break that

No. 441276

amber everyone knows you're unstable as fuck and crazy no offense

none of us wants you in our servers anymore btw stop harassing and lewding lainey

No. 441281

If you have any details pertaining to the thread feel free to provide them. If you are only going to bait and self-post like your ex-fellow patreons, begone.

Whatever moral obligations you believe you have ended when you publicly posted here in the first place.

No. 441288

I am crazy not gonna lie but I’m not harressing anyone either ~ bye if you don’t wanna talk

No. 441293

that's not what greg said

No. 441294

Girl, You came on here with nothing to add asking us to leave you alone, Sorry we won't until you give us something.
Also grease wouldn't give a shit about your privacy or the privacy in others, No sense in protecting him.

He and lainey fucking hate your guts.

Don't come on here making demands and giving nothing back, You wanna talk, Talk, But you gotta spill the tea. You're harassing us with your attention seeking right now. Kek.

No. 441295

that's not what you told me amber, why are you lying

No. 441296

Idc what greg said I’m protecting Greg it’s not about GREG I left on my own because of money issues

No. 441297

did you or did you not send lainey nudes?

No. 441299

Lainey confirmed tonight on stream that even if you can't afford to be a patreon after being one, They don't just up and kick you out.

Stop lying.

No. 441303

how was it about money issues when you were banned from patreon for this exact reason
stop attention seeking, get on your meds

No. 441305

BECCA FUCK YOU I know it’s you it’s always been you your always wanting all of Greg’s attention I thought you were my friend well your not go fuck off

No. 441308

hahaha how sad

No. 441309

why are you protecting greg?and what did becca do?

No. 441311

Becca leaked stuff about harley and shit from the very beginning, We kept warning you guys.

Tell us more about her amber

No. 441315

No. 441320

File: 1512875550215.png (14.63 KB, 574x86, PSs8WAD.png)

Looks like this is real, kek

No. 441322

I’m sorry for my outburst tonight Is fucking horrible Becca didn’t do anything all of us in Discord are still friends when I’m mad I blame everyone else and I’m sorry I’m leaving bye Becca is actually very nice(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 441324

Holy shit what a backpeddle. What does becca have on you?

No. 441325

>tfw the discordfags lurk here

why mention becca at all in the first place? out of everyone you point at her?
what do they have on you kid? same shit they did to tall to keep him quiet?

No. 441339

Blink twice if you're in danger

No. 441341

I think you just made it very obvious that becca is blackmailing you.

Jesus christ what is up with these flakes? Ya'll fuck each other over for a slice of that smelly greasy pie.

No. 441345

i guess this basically confirms that amber did lewd lainey and got herself banned from discord

so the story they're using is that amber left because of money problems, i bet you the discord fags reported that amber was posting and thats why she backpeddled. No idea if shes being blackmailed or threatened.

I wonder if becca will end up being lassie 2.0

No. 441357

File: 1512878434139.png (19.65 KB, 376x198, Screenshot from 2017-12-09 19-…)


No. 441367

is amber even legal

No. 441375

File: 1512880640387.jpg (22.97 KB, 500x445, 685462.jpg)

those fags turn on each other real quick

No. 441383



No. 441384


No. 441413

File: 1512887622686.jpg (231.52 KB, 1226x1196, attentionwhoring.jpg)

1st part is Onion thread, 2nd part is this (snowflake) thread. If someone searched, I'm sure you'd find more "Imma be cryptic but still need attention" kind of posts + Lain weeb pic.

Vix claims the recent screenshots weren't her; could be a lie but I wonder how they bribed the mods to do their bidding.

So Vix has been avatar fagging. Onion flakes just can't resist attention. Doesn't that violate the rules? Can we see all her posts now?

No. 441481

Where did she say this

No. 442752

I keep seeing posts about Ana and yall dont know so how about i tell you. Bet u it gets back to her mama and idgaf. Ana had paid for presents to go to her younger siblings since she wont be in state for the holidays. Her mother decided she was going to send them back and be petty. Not the first time. Yall so quick to down ana when u didnt live in that house and donr know her mom who has been petty for over 20 years. After all she let her husband fucking rape her daughter and was show to be uncooperative with police according to reports regarding sexual molestation. The three polygraph tests her step father took well all three came inconclusive and he tested positive for druga other than marijuana. He has stolen from family members and anas mother has lied to protect him and her bs ass perfect image of a family. Her mother had cheated on her biological father and told him he wasnt the father when she was pregnant with ana. Anas fathers fanily wasnt even allowed near her until after tony aka step dad raped her. So her aunt niki wasnt allowed to even know ana until after tony spent nearly a decade raping ana. Mind u her mother always puts the blame for anas actions on her biological father when he wasnt even allowed around her. She has harassed family over ana to the point they lose their jobs she has made ana thw villain when her mother is a controlling petty ass bitch that whored arpund half her life and went thru dna tests to found out anas dad is the one man she fucked over from the start and then made his life hell even when he would buy shit and try to bw in anas life. Police reports where her mother threatened to have her biological killed ao tony aka step dad could adopt thw very child he molested. Word is ana ia moving away ro get away from the toxicity that is her mother. If yall knew rose ud know she chose a drug addict thief over her own mother and child when her mom tried to get tony out of thw house for awhilw and anas mom did nothing and still doea nothinf but lie to CPS about shit when shes rather be at work than be a parent to her chilsren lwaving thwm im thw care of a chils predator. There i said it.(calm down)

No. 442759

File: 1513102503683.png (23.8 KB, 275x274, bait.png)

No. 442806

File: 1513107747670.png (490.6 KB, 793x479, lol.png)

ana should do youtube.

anyway, looks like fatbecca is no where close to being in the trinity. thought daddydonald was outta there

No. 442858

Shut the fuck up.
Ana is a pedophile. She talks about touching her niece's bare ass and brags about it and has been sexualizing other people's children, and tries to take this and get other people called a pedophile. Not sure why she's still relevant anyways, you guys need mental evaluation.
At this point the drama isn't even about onision. It's about some unstable wack of a bitch who should be in a hospital.

No. 442884

File: 1513114018699.jpg (370.68 KB, 1948x1932, kLUi7ov.jpg)

Ana has gone full DDLG now, is no longer in love with Lainey and has a gf in addition to her cringy 30-something bf who talks about love and wife material after a month.

No. 442886

File: 1513114105256.png (13.58 KB, 587x121, xcoiFU3.png)

No. 442888

Aunt Nikki is that u?

No. 443046

sigh, i wish i could get my guy to propose to me if i bought him some flowers

No. 443049

File: 1513128960499.png (169.4 KB, 594x1615, ana_twtter.png)

Barf. This shit stays on the internet forever, you know?

No. 443059

File: 1513130669859.png (1.18 MB, 575x3943, ana_twtter.png)

Maxie is into some gross shit

No. 443068

File: 1513131316300.jpg (22.64 KB, 475x589, fuckingew'.jpg)

My butthole will never come unclenched from cringing at this. My god.

No. 443069

sorry, samefagging to add that Aileen/Ana's new twitter handle is now @AllieLovesPain. It used to be @AnaLovesLainey.

She really has gone full DDLG. Someone hold me.

No. 443074

File: 1513132336850.jpg (52.08 KB, 582x576, Screenshot_97.jpg)

You better got some proof for that :^)

No. 443078

File: 1513132558649.jpeg (66.04 KB, 604x535, F8BB46C7-C7E1-446E-9715-03982C…)

Well he did ask her out at the good young virgin cunt age of 14.

No. 443081

File: 1513132714434.jpg (52.45 KB, 571x621, Screenshot_98.jpg)

can you read?

No. 443085

File: 1513133109054.jpeg (77.03 KB, 735x771, 1C383BD9-817B-49CF-A397-0C4AE6…)

Kek I read the threads more then you obviously.

No. 443086

You obviously don't understand the concept of proof, but that's okay, Autism does not define you.

No. 443087

Kek you said a long ass time ago in the threads you were going to stop posting but, you crave 14 year old boy puss so much that you’re obessed at this point.

No. 443134

I'll be filing a police report first thing in the morning now that you've posted my likeness and name with your libellous statements on your accounts ^_^ sorry not sorry LOLLLLLL

No. 443147

Dude, stop pretending to be me and for clarification, i have not made a single post on this thread since the admin post calling me out (other than the other post where i said i had not been posting). I am literally not posting anything here anymore. i'm following the admin's rules but i would like to make one more statement. i am not a pedophile (we never did anything and the age difference was 3 years and it stopped when i turned 19, so it stopped when she was 16, so i’m sick of these lies). Maxie is lying about this to garner sympathy from you people. If you would like proof of this I will provide it but the admin said I’m banned so I’m just going to listen to him (if given permission, i will write another post proving the pedophilia claim false and stalking “for years” claim false). She is just upset because I’ve essentially ruined her life forever (no chance of meaningful employment, no change of finding a decent partner with this thread out there) so she is making this pedophilia claim up to get back at me. I understand why she feels the need to lie but nevertheless, this is a lie. i barely spend anytime on the internet. i could care less what a webpage on the internet says about me. to anna and maxie who continue to perpetuate this false pedophilia claim, know that i am diligent and i will contact every employer you ever have and make sure they know about your psychotic behavior that is unfit for a work environment. you both will never work reasonable paying jobs. This is not an empty promise.

Once again, if you see someone on this thread pretending to be me. It is not me. it is someone pretending to be me to stir the drama pot. Alright, that’s all I have to say. Proceed to call me all sorts of names if that tickles your fancy. This is my last post unless the farmhands/admin allow me to show undeniable proof that maxie is lying about the pedophilia claim. If allowed, I will post that and that will be my last and final post.

No. 443148

Dude, stop pretending to be me and for clarification, i have not made a single post on this thread since the admin post calling me out (other than the other post where i said i had not been posting). I am literally not posting anything here anymore. i'm following the admin's rules but i would like to make one more statement. i am not a pedophile (we never did anything and the age difference was 3 years and it stopped when i turned 19, so it stopped when she was 16, so i’m sick of these lies). Maxie is lying about this to garner sympathy from you people. If you would like proof of this I will provide it but the admin said I’m banned so I’m just going to listen to him (if given permission, i will write another post proving the pedophilia claim false and stalking “for years” claim false). She is just upset because I’ve essentially ruined her life forever (no chance of meaningful employment, no change of finding a decent partner with this thread out there) so she is making this pedophilia claim up to get back at me. I understand why she feels the need to lie but nevertheless, this is a lie. i barely spend anytime on the internet. i could care less what a webpage on the internet says about me. to anna and maxie who continue to perpetuate this false pedophilia claim, know that i am diligent and i will contact every employer you ever have and make sure they know about your psychotic behavior that is unfit for a work environment. you both will never work reasonable paying jobs. This is not an empty promise.

Once again, if you see someone on this thread pretending to be me. It is not me. it is someone pretending to be me to stir the drama pot. Alright, that’s all I have to say. Proceed to call me all sorts of names if that tickles your fancy. This is my last post unless the farmhands/admin allow me to show undeniable proof that maxie is lying about the pedophilia claim. If allowed, I will post that and that will be my last and final post.

No. 443149

didn't mean to post that twice.

No. 443155

so delete it. you have 30 mins.

No. 443161

You could have just posted your proof along with your wall of text, or better yet, in its place. Please post what you have and get it over with. In turn I can confirm that you haven't posted since the last comment in which you identified yourself.

No. 443170

I know this sounds like an excuse but I can’t do it right now. It will take a couple of days to go through all of our old Facebook convos (yes emily/maxie, i can still access them even though you deactivated your old account) and to create a digital JPEG with all of the information neatly organized with relevant text underlined from our old Facebook convos). This will also prove that we did date for nearly a year, if not more, and that i’m not some crazed stalker that one day decided to start posting bad things about you on the internet for no reason). I’m a bad person but you are honestly a worse person, Maxie, and you deserved to be exposed on this website for the sociopathic/pathological liar you are (and yes, i will be sharing all the sensitive stuff from our Facebook convos that you don’t want people to see, including all the insane lies you told me over the years). i don’t care about you dropping my name on the internet because in actuality, who gives a fuck about all of this besides the discord fags and lolcow.farm? … literally no one. Iol.

Also the reason I didn’t just drop something right now is because I don’t want to shoddily drop something and have people inquire for more evidence. I want to drop one very convincing JPEG that will put the question of whether I am pedophile or not to rest. I will drop this very soon (probably in two to three days).

Also, the reason I stopped posting on here is because my little sister was in a photograph that Emily/Maxie posted on here. it had to be her (or anna by proxy of maxie sharing my picture with her) who posted it, she was the only person who knew what i looked like before >>436707 (this is either Emily/Maxie or Anna’s IP address, you should check to see if they have samefagged under this IP address in either this thread or the last thread). She didn’t even have the decency to crop out my sister’s face which is fucking shameful. I don’t know if this can be done but I would tremendously appreciate it if my sister’s face could be cropped out of that picture, she has nothing to do with and she doesn’t deserve to be on this website. she is a minor js. I don’t mind if my name is dragged through the mud but once you involve my sister, i get very upset. She really is a good person, unlike me.

I just want everyone to know one last thing, me exposing maxie and documenting maxie’s psychotic behavior was instigated by her making a false that I raped her to her boyfriend half-a-year ago (she also claims that he is abusive which is absolutely not true, i’ve spoken to him and he is normal, well-adjusted person. Yet another way that maxie rewrites her past to make herself the victim). That’s what set me off and got me to start exposing her on here. Maxie’s life is ruined beyond repair so i don’t really see the point of continuing my “vendetta” (as one of the mod’s put it). I’m not senselessly hateful. I had a valid reason.

Once again, I will be dropping conclusive evidence that Emily is lying about the pedophilia claim soon but not right now. Please don’t IP bad me so that I can post the proof in a couple days. That will be my post and after that, I will completely stop posting on here. Thank you.

No. 443172

Also, Maxie posted this to Twitter shortly after my last post. I think she knows that she is going to be exposed very badly.

I'll post the proof I promised in 2 to 3 days.

No. 443176

The VPN I’m on right now didn’t let me post the pic but here is the tweet: https://twitter.com/maxieboxie/status/940809505281118208

In case she deletes it, it says “Taking a break from twitter for a while a long while. Goodbye :)”.

She posted this immediately after I made the post on threatening to expose her for lying about me being a pedophile (she knows she won’t be able to lie her way to of this one).

Be be back in 2-3 days with the proof.

No. 443188

The picture showing your sister has been removed as per our rule 4.

No. 443191

File: 1513144143871.png (334.39 KB, 1075x1530, 20171213_064553.png)

Oh shit I wanna see this.

No. 443214

Emily/Maxie texted me 30 minutes ago and this was our conversation.

I can't post it as a screenshot because I'm posting this through a VPN (if someone could reshare this as an image to the board that would be much appreciated). If you guys need more proof, i will gladly provide it but I honestly think this speaks for itself. The convo happened so fast and I’m just now realizing that I should have gotten her to confess to the false rape accusation and the “stalking for years” accusation as well (me leaking her stuff started in November). But this really should really be enough to prove that I am not a pedophile. Thank you farmhands for hearing me out and not instal-banning me.

No. 443220

This means nothing, give us the full proof

No. 443221

That is the entire text conversation, from beginning to end.
How does this mean nothing? She literally confessed to it.
Would you like to take a video of my phone to prove it was
sent to me from her number (which is visible in the JPEG)?

No. 443222

Just post what you originally promised or gtfo

No. 443226

Ok if you insist. I still need some time to organize all the screenshots and evidence so like I said, 2-3 days from now. I shared the phone convo because she probably freaked out that I was going to expose her for lying about the pedophilia and texted me with the intention of trying to talk me out of it. I didn’t let the conversation get to that point though, I just kept it brief and got what I needed out of her (her admitting that i’m not a pedo). I don’t want Maxie in my life (even in the context of a brief text message conversation) so that’s why i didn’t keep the conversation going and just blocked her. I don’t want a toxic person like that in my life for even more than 1 minute. Some people may think I’m toxic but this whole shitposting on lolcow thing is literally the worst thing I’ve ever done in my entire life, believe it or don’t believe it, idc, (the false rape accusation really hurt me, you people have no idea). It made me really hate her as a person, you farmers don’t understand what a false rape accusation can do to a person. But after the big drop of evidence in a couple days, like I said, I’m going to be gone from this website.

No. 443229

he said hes gonna, chill out discord fag.

No. 443288

Proof against false rape allegation: [[LINK REMOVED]] (once again unable to post as an image because the VPN i’m using prevents me from doing so. if someone could post it as an image to the board, i would appreciate it.

*Just a small note to keep in mind after reading the texts: Kevin is 100% absolutely and completely NOT abusive. I know him and he is not an abusive person so please don’t let Emily/Maxie slander another innocent man’s name as she has done with me.

Big update (I know I keep saying I won’t be back until the final post but Emily/Maxie keeps making this 200%-300% easier for me). She contacted me from a different number 2 hours ago. She is claiming that Kevin (I am not including his last name but for context, this is her last ex) made the false rape accusation and not her. The hole in her story is that instead of saying “that’s false, i’ve never made that accusation,” (which if she didn’t know about until know, which is what she is claiming, would be the inevitable/logical response) but instead she immediately jumps to “Kevin made it up and not me”. I never stated Kevin’s name until now and she’s had a lot of boyfriends so for her to immediately jump to Kevin (which is the boyfriend who i’ve spoken to and i would characterize him as well-adjusted and not abusive) made up the story is very coincidental and suspect. It seems like she is trying to push the blame onto her ex-boyfriend she doesn’t like because since they’re not dating anymore, she doesn’t have consideration for his feelings, and has no qualms about pushing the false rape allegation onto his lap because shit, why not?

My theory is that she lied to Kevin about it (along with other people to my understanding) and then he told me, and in order to absolve herself of anything accountability/responsibility for making a false rape accusation, she is pushing the blame onto Kevin and trying to make me and all of us believe that he just randomly made that up when he would have no motivation to do that whatsoever. Regardless of who said what, when, where, and why, these texts from Emily/Maxie make it clear that she is no longer making a rape allegation toward me. If she starts up with the false rape allegation again, simply reference the screenshot in the URL I’ve attached and proceed to laugh at her.

Specifically these txt messages:

1.) “just letting you know that i had no idea what he accused you of until it was brought to my attention.”

2.) “i honest to god had no idea about that allegation” (this one honestly gets me the most upset, because it’s so blatantly dishonest and she doesn’t show any guilt or remorse over her actions, just denial, denial, denial).

3.) “Also that rape accusation was from Kevin himself. I had no idea what he was ever doing on my phone since i was in his control”. (you were never under Kevin’s control, you have free agency as a human being so just quit it with the feel-bad-for-me-im-a-victim-shtick).

I know a lot of you are going to look at these texts and say “jee golly, she seems to sincere and she seems like she means what she is saying. I think she really had no idea”. Don’t buy it. If you read the description of this thread under Maxie’s name, it will explain how she is a “compulsive liar” and very good at bending the truth. There is more to this text conversation but it’s not valuable nor pertinent to me proving that I’m not a rapist nor a pedophile so I won’t be sharing it. If you must know, the rest of the convo was essentially me trying to convince her to stop making poor life decisions and move back to her mom’s house (if she chooses to share the rest of the convo she may and it will reflect my summary of it). She is continuing to claim that the mother is an anti-LGBTQ bigot who will never speak to her again and there is simply no fathomable possibility of reconciliation. it is sad the Maxie pushes everyone out her life with her anti-social and sociopathic behavior.

*i know i’m using the word “sociopathic” a lot when talking about Maxie and when I do, I mean it in the clinical sense, not the colloquial sense. She actually exhibits sociopathic tendencies, such as the inability to feel true empathy. I know this because I have an uncle with sociopathic personality disorder and his and Emily’s demeanors her indistinguishable. Just wanted to clarify that.

When I do the big drop 2-3 days from now, it will mainly be me debunking the “stalking for years” claim (i’ve never made a verbal threat or violent threat over text to her, nor have I ever followed her around town in a car or some shit like that, all i have done is taken screenshots of her childish behavior on twitter, shitpost about her on here, and dox her which is probably the worst thing I’ve done but doxxing isn’t technically illegal if it’s just an address or a legal name and not their social security number). I challenge her to post one, just one, violent/abusive threat I’ve sent via text (if you’re reading this Maxie, go ahead and post it but you won’t because it doesn’t exist). The shitposting started in November (it might have been late October, i’m note really sure). Before that, I didn’t say a single bad thing about her and I challenged her to post one screenshot on here of me talking badly about her before the start of this thread. You won’t Emily/Maxie because it never happened. So much for your “he’s been stalking me for years” claim.

After I disprove the “stalking for years” claim, the only thing I will be guilty of is shitposting about her on here which really isn’t a crime, just a not so nice thing to do. I’m also guilty of extreme samefagging and spamposting, and I apologize for that as it derailed the thread pretty significantly. This really is my last post until the big drop (once again, sorry for saying I’m not going to post on here until the big drop and then posting before then, not trying to agitate people, it’s just that important developments keep arising). Only one more wall of text after this one. Honest.

Once again, I apologize for semi-spam posting this thread with huge ass walls of text. I just want to give everybody the complete truth (which can be extremely lengthy).

No. 443441

Uploaded for poster above, no sage bc the new information probably got lost in his saged TL;DRs

No. 443446

File: 1513205963888.png (473.9 KB, 1388x2016, fU3HOSX.png)

Harley has left Onioncord and her Twitter is gone. I checked if it's just renamed, but it's deleted.

Also, Vix is leaking bigtime on tempcow, turns out Onion did have an obsessive crush on her.

No. 443731

File: 1513243968969.jpeg (135.57 KB, 750x1334, D9009CDC-E587-471E-80AA-D4F0F7…)

You guys right, she so sxc

No. 443736

Can the spergs stop posting unflattering blurry caps of vix to prove "omg she's sew ugly" nobody cares, you sound salty.

No. 443739

I mean she does kinda look like she took a shower in bleach.

No. 443741

It doesn't matter what you think of her looks. Gurgles still wanted to mate with her, that's irrefutable.

No. 443743

She left onion cord, she kicked everybody who is associated with Greg from her server and deleted her Twitter. Wonder if she’s got any milk to share.

Although with Vixmas, I’m pretty satisfied.

No. 443811

Hey becca, You salty grease will never want your yeast factory body?

No. 444145

Two links and images removed for showing contact information.

No. 444153

File: 1513299726398.png (105.75 KB, 740x1318, yawn1.png)

reuploading 1/2

No. 444154

File: 1513299743778.png (135.15 KB, 1094x1254, yawn2.png)

No. 444173

File: 1513300794859.png (13.38 KB, 562x75, LculVCz.png)

>tfw you'd rather give onion your shekels than eat something other than dog food

No. 444229

File: 1513304093952.png (27.83 KB, 579x622, sPx6QqX.png)

Ana claiming her ex-bf (the fiancé she conveniently forgot to mention while pining for Lainey) has locked her phone remotely.

No. 444230

File: 1513304118654.png (14.65 KB, 579x130, D2xQnZR.png)

No. 444318

So maxie and ana basically lied about pedophilia okay cool.

When do the lies end for fucks sake

No. 444410

never lol. What else do these ugly bitches have.
Maybe some day they start loving themselves, leave onions cult and start developing personalities, other then "im a broken sexually/mentally/emotionally abused ddlg snowflake, I lie about everthing and love wasting my money on a "friendship" with a 32yo pedo"

No. 444467

No. 444905

Maxie was threatening to commit suicide the last time we spoke via text if i went through with dropping our FB convos to prove the allegations false (at this point, they’ve already been proven to be false, but I was going to provide more evidence). She was saying things such as “when one life starts another begins” and “don’t come to my funeral” via text, on her twitter profile her location is mark as “dead” and her pinned tweet says “the end is coming”. This person is mentally unstable and I don’t want to push them over the edge. I’ve already cleared my name of the false rape and pedophilia allegations and there’s no need to go further. Proceed to say stupid shit like “i bet he’s not showing it because he doesn’t have the evidence”. That’s retarded and if these accusations ever went to the criminal level, I have more than enough evidence to prove that she was lying about these things (including the supposed stalking charge, I haven’t been around her in two years so it couldn’t possibly be true. Bitch please, I don’t even know where you live or work). Heck, I could probably get her thrown in jail for slander and libel regarding lying about the rape and pedophilia stuff (I have the screenshots and messages to prove it) but I’m not going to pursue it because she’s threatening suicide and I don’t want anything to do with that.

Once again sorry to disappoint but it’s honestly not worth it. She already knows how much of a shitbag she is. Like I promised, I won’t be posting on here anymore. I’ve blocked her on all of the numbers she’s contacted me on after sending her a text 30 minutes ago. I want nothing to do with this compulsive and sociopathic liar. I think she’s learned her lesson and there’s no need to rake her over the coals. But if she starts up with these sick claims about me, I will be here to defend myself.

No. 444918

either you're maxie doing damage control or you wrote all this for nothing. nobody cares unless you bring proof.

No. 444925

This was her twitter profile right after I said that I had proof that she had been lying about the stalking, pedophilia, and rape claims and would be posting our old Facebook convos to prove it (link: https://imgur.com/a/iH5Aw). She was clearly suicidal or trying to make think she was because she knew once all the Facebook convos were out there, there would have been no way for he to keep claiming I did any of those things and all her friends would have know that she was a false rape/pedophilia/stalking accuser. Regardless, I don’t want to push a crazy person off the edge. As I said before, I care very little about what the people on here say about me. Proceed to say whatever you like about me, I honestly don’t care. This is my last post on here. Goodbye.

No. 444926

How many times will you say this is your last post? I'm counting 4 so far.

No. 445008

This is an imageboard, post screenshots.

No. 445410

File: 1513457335438.jpg (38.41 KB, 536x346, Screenshot_107.jpg)

I wish ageplay degenerates would leave the internet

https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/3QE9FOP6I0SAX/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_awwl_xs_--lnAb62EH0Q5(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 447412

Becca and Harley exposed for shittalking Greg >>>/pt/476584

No. 447456

How come it won’t play, is it just me that it’s not working for?

No. 447463

it's a .webm file, you have to view it on a computer or download (for example) the VLC app

No. 447535

>>44741 you just exposed yourself as the leak you idiot.

No. 447548

You should learn how to reply if you want your drivel to be understood

No. 447553

No. 448073

Becca and Harley slamming Lainey >>>/pt/476757

No. 448092

You not busy being sued?

No. 448102

You're not busy panicking bc your samefagging was outed? >>>/pt/476813

No. 448105

For sure samefagging, but I’m not Harley so your admins are embarrassing.

No. 448114

File: 1513733990224.png (189.4 KB, 813x1282, harley.png)

God, just stop, it's you. Your Tempcow posts are just cringy.
Saged for crossposting from /pt/

No. 448118

File: 1513734279120.gif (1.02 MB, 500x208, tumblr_inline_nshk8up3s51sozwx…)

Christmas certainly came early

No. 448119

Oh shit man, I don’t know Harley only said “urm”


No. 448120

Changing to another proxy like you just did won't help either. Take your ban and leave, you need a break.

No. 448128

File: 1513734526828.gif (1.07 MB, 400x224, tenor.gif)

give up, you tried but the game is over.

No. 448134

still not Harley, you sure do have a little teeny rage boner for her though huh? It's sweet really.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 448135

It's funny that newfags don't understand how cookies work, but I'll do you the favor and confirm that you're another discordfag running in to whiteknight, and not Harley herself. Please desist.

No. 448851

File: 1513826189540.png (95.55 KB, 500x1368, meowsifer.png)

New audio in /pt/ and they're talking about Amber and making fun of how retarded she is when homegirl literally got raped the other day

No. 448852

File: 1513826265058.webm (3.05 MB, 426x240, 1513824546764.webm)

No. 448854

even her relatives think its made up? dayum

No. 448862

Yeah this girl is very obviously ill either way but damn if true. Becca and her crew are fucking heartless, Yet cry if greasy doesn't pay them attention

No. 448874

File: 1513830151768.png (38.75 KB, 555x279, unknown[1].png)

no hope left for these girls.

No. 448914


that's the biggest problem with these girls. How the actual fuck can you find a serial abuser, manipulator, and sociopath a positive male role model? Do they have a brother? Dad? Uncle? Teacher? Literally anyone in their life that is a male and is a positive role model? I find it hard to believe Greg is a positive role model to anyone. You're right. There is no hope for them at this point.

No. 448964

File: 1513843715545.jpg (11.53 KB, 500x149, tumblr_inline_oiieov9lVI1tdrw3…)

the discordfags excuse whatever he did to billie and tend to know nothing about shiloh or skye or adrienne
he still treats lainey like shit in 2017 but they turn a blind eye to it

look at spooks, she's a disabled- significantly older woman stuck in her emo days. She pays greg out of her fixed income, therefore supporting him and for what? because she's ultimately a neet with nothing better to do than pay greg for her own job as a mod lol
look at most of the other patreons can anyone honestly name a patreon that isn't mentally ill or a neet loser?
harley was a mother with 2 kids and spent most her time online being anachan and scene while dressing up in diapers. no job or education
ana is bi-polar as her mother confirmed, literally spending her paychecks on shit for lainey and savors any second of attention lainey gives her when she receives bars. you think onions anti-med propaganda contributed to her skipping her meds? she will never be a school teacher
and then there's becca desperately trying to get the attention of a married man like greg thinking they're friends and not realizing he wouldn't talk to her if no money was involved

they're all a mess, take a good look at the demographics majority white females experimenting with sexuality and family issues of all sorts.
pic related - this is exactly the sort of shit his fans forget

No. 454498

File: 1514419803021.png (440.27 KB, 872x592, unknown[1].png)

Another challenger appears!

Megan aka Megan Nyan aka Electroconfuser was first spotted years ago stirring drama with other wannabe aidorus. She first appeared in the onioncord circle to dox Ana to avenge Ana's ex fiancé, whom she knows in real life. She admitted to writing this post >>>/snow/399611 but Ana forgave her. She's been cozying up with the flakes mentioned in this thread ever since. Despite claiming that Ana's ex was abusive, she is still friends with him.

No. 454501

File: 1514419898444.png (33.79 KB, 663x370, unknown[1].png)

George (the ex) confirming Megan still talks to him

No. 454502

File: 1514419952194.png (36.12 KB, 313x644, 1423064414071[1].png)

Drama with Jrcach 1/?

No. 454505

File: 1514419977918.png (27.67 KB, 639x241, 1423630650662[1].png)

No. 454506

File: 1514420003983.png (140.88 KB, 706x656, 1408794834469[1].png)

No. 454508

File: 1514420048737.png (47.28 KB, 707x382, unknown[1].png)

also jrcach

No. 454511

File: 1514420092323.png (110.06 KB, 618x646, 3cXUj9r[1].png)

Drama with Himezawa

No. 454512

File: 1514420123289.png (34.68 KB, 631x191, Tm8P6kt[1].png)

No. 454513

File: 1514420260984.png (36.68 KB, 1306x157, unknown[1].png)

No. 454514

File: 1514420297582.png (14.06 KB, 1312x95, unknown[1].png)

Megan is known for posting on PULL

No. 454515

File: 1514420330241.png (25.24 KB, 1306x113, unknown[1].png)

No. 454516

File: 1514420402661.png (99.83 KB, 541x263, unknown[1].png)

No. 454519

File: 1514420476687.png (229.32 KB, 1333x537, unknown[1].png)

No. 454521

File: 1514420524384.png (Spoiler Image,310.38 KB, 472x642, hOu5lEd.png)

No. 454523

File: 1514420682115.jpg (Spoiler Image,390.52 KB, 1944x2592, oRDfIHv.jpg)

No. 454524

File: 1514420727677.png (Spoiler Image,15.72 KB, 637x230, uynJxiU.png)

someone on 2ch calling her out for being all "uwu no bully" but posting on pull (google translate)

No. 454530

File: 1514421029242.png (673.68 KB, 846x723, vSOymxA.png)

No. 454532

File: 1514421181756.jpg (71.09 KB, 863x584, Screenshot_113.jpg)

No. 454544

File: 1514421760758.jpg (21.87 KB, 345x447, Screenshot_115.jpg)

Deleted most of her lolcord history, but left a few parts

No. 454545

File: 1514421797659.jpg (55.48 KB, 759x520, Screenshot_116.jpg)

First she posted >>>/snow/399611, then she asked for thread locking because it went ~too far~

No. 454548

File: 1514421887021.jpg (35.16 KB, 480x433, Screenshot_117.jpg)

more deleted messages about Ana

No. 454549

File: 1514421918442.jpg (49.99 KB, 710x550, Screenshot_118.jpg)

No. 454550

File: 1514421944279.jpg (41.71 KB, 678x493, Screenshot_119.jpg)

No. 454553

File: 1514421983340.jpg (309.85 KB, 750x1334, KKQmKK2.jpg)

No. 454554

File: 1514421994645.jpg (323.12 KB, 750x1334, mJDOAUa.jpg)

No. 454555

File: 1514422042508.jpg (52.61 KB, 806x526, Screenshot_120.jpg)

No. 454608

lmao that's trashy
posting your sex work shit onto your public IG the crop isn't even fully cutting out the panties

No. 454622

File: 1514425835123.jpg (114.23 KB, 819x859, 8SNimzE.jpg)

what really went down the night amber posted here

No. 454623

File: 1514425923661.jpg (123.94 KB, 821x857, oApvyEx.jpg)

>everyone fucking knows I was told

becca then says greg posted on LC, seriously?

No. 454624

File: 1514426010246.jpg (137.5 KB, 895x853, qtAOPSo.jpg)

then she claims he said it in VC

No. 454627

File: 1514426068560.jpg (143.42 KB, 939x803, QvHFPTu.jpg)

>it was privacy for privacy
what did she mean by this?

No. 454629

File: 1514426160548.png (24.16 KB, 657x381, tilly.png)

The same Tilly as here >>454516

No. 454634

File: 1514426264172.jpg (137.23 KB, 1071x843, v1CaoJB.jpg)

I just find it shady that becca would promise amber privacy on gregs behalf (lol) and then shift the blame onto him when the truth gets out

the only issue with her story is that she leaked ambers details in various conversations that greg wasn't in, meaning becca had leaked ambers secret, not greg

No. 454680

The real Lolcow here is Regina, yes the Regina who was site admin. She posed as a Onionflake herself under the name of Poppy, befriending all of the discordians whilst systematically leaking and trash talking them on here. In fact this thread is only existent because of her constant shit posts and being a creepy as fuck stalker to the girls. The Jrcach and weeb posts of Megan are dated back to when she was 16/17 so she did some major stalking to come across all that - also not a onionflake and has nothing to do with being a Patreon therefore is not relevant. Regina was fuelling hateful posts about Amber when she was suicidal yet to Amber's face was comforting her over the posts she made. She is only making all of these posts because she got outed as being Regina in guise of Poppy and got majorly butt hurt. Regina hun, you should be banned for not giving a shit about rules 4, 4.2 and most obviously 6.(check rule 5 - megan)

No. 454687

so megan why couldn't u like take a new instagram pic u trashy don't crop ur lewds lmao

No. 454688

megan why are you such a trashy hoe?

No. 454698

lmao no one even uses this thread anymore except for the onionfags

No. 454702

File: 1514429609104.png (32.67 KB, 1542x110, calmdown.png)

so are you trying to do damage control after you got caught for vendetta posting against analoveslainey?
you're just as bad as maxies exboyfriend

No. 454704

Ilka, we all know you are a snake Onionfag yourself so settle down.

No. 454713

Because it was a bomb ass picture.

No. 454724

File: 1514430632077.jpg (Spoiler Image,166.07 KB, 1914x1474, mTqYp67.jpg)

ok megan

No. 454727

those chicken scratch attention seeking cuts tho~

No. 454733

why did you block me ;_;

No. 454734

They were about a month healing but okay. I gotta be edgy to stay on brand ygm? On that Sid Vicious punk shit.

No. 454736

I didn't even block you, you blocked me chum. Slide in my DM's if needed.

No. 454737

someone should document Ready To Glare on here

No. 454800

File: 1514433674536.png (1.86 MB, 1616x602, red eyes cause u use dirty bru…)

FatBecca, what's the point? You do drag queen makeup but you're not a drag queen. And if you were, you'd be a shit one because you lack the makeup skills. But you're not a real MUA either, because if you were, this drag queen wanna be shit wouldn't appeall to female costumers (who the fuck would want to look like that for a wedding or whatever?). so you're not a good drag queen and you're not a good female MUA. maybe stick to your biology course or whatever you were doing instead? looking at your mug is sad.

why do you obsess over onision so much? you know he's a dick, you've talk to him. he probably finds you gross.

either way i have no idea what is going on ITT ever since its all discordfag talk. don't see any real farmers dicussing discordfags, just discordfags discussing each other. so boring.


is this thread really that far gone that people are discussing the quality of cutting/cutters? truly insane people posting wtf.

No. 454801

Other than having pledged to onion back then which was weird there's nothing milky about her tbh

No. 454806

What the fuck i only pop in once in a while and everytime someone's nudes are leaked. Or is that old i don't care this thread is all nudes and infighting and doxxing. Onion's discordfags are so fucked up lmao. This would actually be good research material for a psychologist or sociologist

No. 454842

>dem meatflaps
get that fixed pronto

No. 454846

It's like you've never seen real labias before, well groomed and clean, what's to nitpick. Look at DumDolly for example and then complain about vaginas.

No. 455035

File: 1514471933576.png (644.15 KB, 1080x1730, meg.png)

>tfw you whiteknight your vagina and crosspost your blogs to lolcow

No. 455046

…Wait, so who was Megan? ElectroConfuser? I was there when this happened, this is wild

No. 455050

yes she joined as ElectroConfuser

No. 455098

damn that's nasty i don't even know where the opening is

No. 455134

Hi Ana.

No. 455138

I will give a tip to all the discord fags in this thread (because that is essentially everyone). When an anon defends someone on here, it is most likely that someone samefagging as someone else. You're not clever. Half of these posts are by Ana and Megan, maybe a few by Becca and George.

No. 455140

Now which discordfag was this?

No. 455143

Actually, it's probably mostly Becca and Megan and then a few by Ana and the other discord fags.

No. 455145

And all this time I thought Lainey actually wanted a girlfriend. Damn… Greg's brainwashed her so hard.

No. 455159

Wow… first Mystery, now this. Why are flakes so attracted to the lolcord

No. 455297

File: 1514490924580.png (96.04 KB, 1292x803, wtf.png)

Bonding between these flakes aka comparing their rape powerlevels and sharing recordings as if they are spooky bonfire stories

No. 455463

I confined in these girls as I needed support and they were comforting and caring during the beginnings of my police proceedings INCLUDING YOU REGINA. Fuck you for being so sweet to me and lovely and now MOCKING rape and victims wanting support. This was Anas friend server, nothing to do with Onioncord at is point your vendetta posts are just to spite me rather than adding relevant things to the thread.

No. 455485

File: 1514502635257.jpg (270.68 KB, 1397x945, Screenshot_20171228-230416.jpg)

Harvests 'milk' by pretending to be lovely and caring - only to spin my own and other girls trauma into posts to spite us and cause more distress. You're the cow here, that or Satan in disguise.

No. 455639

Says the double crossing cunt bag

No. 456181

I'll only address this once, but you're off your rocker. I wasn't even in the server this shit got leaked from, as you well know. I offered you an ear because I meant it. Don't play the victim because you got caught dramawhoring and being too dumb to hide your own internet footprint. We only met because you were bragging in lolcord about your hatred for Ana. You offered her personal information which wasn't known before and couldn't wait to post it, asking me every day if it was time yet. Keep looking for scapegoats, honeybunches. Your new story about how you only did all this to find and out me or whatever doesn't work considering you claim to have been looking for Regina for yearrrssss despite me only joining lolcow in fall 2016, and you completely forgot who I even was until I sent you that message and apparently reminded you of it. You're full of shit and a hateful little turd whose only claim to fame is how many people you've tried to start shit with. Own it or start a different game. Your faux outrage is hilarious, you're only salty you got caught.

No. 456204

I think the only way to resolve this feud is: A battle of who has the most fapable noods

No. 456362

Youre relevant because for someone who claims to have nothing to do with greg and lainey, you sure seem to have no problem laughing and doxxing a flake. Getting caught and exposed on your end isn't so fun now is it?

No. 456375

jesus christ where's a farmhand when you need one

tbh i feel like this thread is pretty worthless at this point, it's just mentally ill girls shrieking at each other abt like, their daddy issues and getting molested idk

No. 456383

mte they should just make a group chat and shit on each other there

No. 456388

It is but I would just let it be like that, it's funny as hell

No. 456455


Agreed, at this point it just fuels their narcissism and should be banned. Worse than anachan threads

No. 456460

We're not closing it, Megan.

No. 456613

lol your salt is showing megan, Stay mad about REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEgina kek

No. 456753

File: 1514594827934.bmp (822.58 KB, 1105x254, megan.bmp)

an old friend talks about megan

No. 456791

That's how a lot of vaginas look outside of porn. Don't be so nasty.

No. 456933

Yeah bud, not going to lie but that isn't about me. I've never ran hate forums. I was a pull member but for weeby shit and I was a VA fan. Sorry to burst your bubble there.

No. 456937

Believe it or not but I didn't post that - seems other farmers think Regina and Ilka's milk less infighting is boring and autistic too.

No. 457020

Stop bumping this thread to defend yourself with samefagging when your post history goes back years on this site and spans hundreds of contributions.

No. 457035

top kek

No. 457045

File: 1514641930840.png (190.54 KB, 414x312, tumblr_myugurnR4A1rpwx7go1_500…)

>I was a VA fan

That's hard not to notice fam

I think this girl might be the hidden gem in this thread.

>drama community member for years

>yet uses real identity to stir drama
>whiteknights self
>only feuds with fellow embarrassing weebs no1curr about
>probably jelly bc of her own unsuccessful attempts at being an aidoru
>muh tumblr tier sex work
>muh blogposting rape on lolcow


No. 457070

File: 1514644148843.jpg (49.27 KB, 1342x134, megan.jpg)

I see she has been pulling the I am nobody!! This isn't drama!! deflection for years.


No. 457082

Jfc, I only pop into this thread every once in a while, and it's a shitfest. You girls are wild, I hope you all get the help you need. Watching you guys tear each other apart had been fun though.

No. 457320

File: 1514662963052.png (324.37 KB, 455x390, unknown (1).png)

I typically lurk here, but I found an interesting aspect to this uncovering of a potential lolcow.

A user named mirrorballsuit has been posting the onioncalves threads to kiwi. The account was made around the same time the nudes were leaked and only posts in this thread.


When you google electroconfuser, why do you find mirrorball suit cosplays ? Sounds like someone got their inspiration from the mighty boosh.

An attention whore that can't stop frothing at the mouth over more popular girls and cries crocodile tears when someone sees her real face. Googling your username isn't extensive stalking you self important cunt. You're irrelevant, but you're still horny for drama and deserve to be exposed.

No. 457345

So Regina/Poppy made the original flakes thread on Lolcow and Megan/Electroconfuser made the Kiwi thread?

Can you two just get married already?(ban evading)

No. 457355

found on onision's thread


>link: https://twitter.com/AllieLovesPain/status/946512041644191745

>Bragging about having multiple sugar daddies is so white trash I don't even know where to begin with you, Aileen.


>Let's not confuse "hundreds" with thousands. Sure, some desperate beta orbiter will kick you back a couple hundred but a thousand??? Please, Aileen.

>Looks like these discordians are learning how to scam people just like papa gurgle and mama lamey.

No. 457364

where was this posted?

No. 457365

File: 1514666377379.bmp (6.9 MB, 576x4184, ana.bmp)

screenshots for posterity

about her "multiple" sugar daddies, look at how she labels them sugar daddy #4 but the recent message is her asking if he's looking for a sugar baby. so there is no arrangement, she was the last one to message, but she's renaming them to sugar daddy number suchandsuch to brag. pathetic

No. 457367

No. 457385

>>people offer me thousands "just" for my attention.


No. 457388

Damn girl your sugar daddy let you get an avocado roll, a California roll and a spicy tuna? So jealous!!! Where I work that’s one of our lunch specials for $11.95

No. 457405

lmfaoooo i'm ded. bitches out here getting thousand dollar apartments from their sugar daddies, and she bragging about some cheap ass sushi rolls. how embarrassing.

No. 457427

does she look like she shoops her sexwork pictures/body to anyone else? Just curious. her face is really busted.

No. 457783

File: 1514700493749.jpg (100.83 KB, 1260x419, iwsHnkR.jpg)

onisions influence on these girls is very apparent
one day ana announced that she was going on a date (she had a bf at the time) https://twitter.com/thsprsntdrknss though it seems they met online possibly through her patreon, he is 30.
It turns out ana's boyfriend did not know about the date at the time.

No. 457784

File: 1514700548307.jpg (49.04 KB, 1286x253, sSPX5vD.jpg)

No. 457785

File: 1514700622260.jpg (76.14 KB, 1379x503, Jfvi48p.jpg)

>finally getting into porn?

No. 461624

File: 1515080219124.png (27.41 KB, 552x197, Screenshot from 2018-01-04 07-…)

apparently megannyan is still sperging about her own nude leak, looking to point the finger at others as usual
>be friend of george
>hear his bantz about cheating ex fiance
>decide to sabatoge her
>help lolcord doxx her by providing irl info
>enter discord and be-friend said ex
>out another farmer to collect cookiepoints
>delete majority of lolcord history
>pretend to befriend said girl (ana) while still being friends with said aboosive ex

now that's totally not CRAZY is it? this is like maxie's ex bf levels of stalker, I mean she did copy/paste the thread onto kiwifarms afterall (mirrorballgag)

she has to stop this creepy vendetta she has going

No. 461708

File: 1515087880683.jpg (382.45 KB, 1310x856, Screenshot_14.jpg)

She really can't help herself, now she's on crystal cafe trying to convince everyone of her innocence, only nobody there even knows of this thread.

No. 461728

>calls doxxing someone, showing her kinky nudes to her family, calling her ex an abuser and leaking private conversations "making a salty post"
>gets trolls remorse and whiteknights her victim, begs publicly on discord for the thread to be locked
>becomes her victim's friend and remains to be welcomed in their private servers where they share nudes and rape stories
>someone leaks her nudes from a public adult site that didn't require payment or even a login >>454519 which she posted on her own twitter >>454532
>google reveals she's been notorious on PULL V1, PULL, /cgl/, staminarose and lolcow for whiteknighting, namefagging and selfposting
>selfposts on lolcow
>active on PULL to this day
>shares audio of herself getting raped with discord strangers >>455297
>insists she doesn't care but goes on a massive sperg
>farmhand points out her samefagging and lying about muh innocence >>457020
>flees to crystal.cafe to sperg further


No. 461742

>your post history goes back years on this site and spans hundreds of contributions

I'm not really part of this thread or this drama (saw crossposting on CC >>461708 and decided to come here to see what the happening was).

Yet I'm kind of curious and intrigued about what exactly a failed idol, sex worker, two-faced person posts about when she's not busy stirring the pot with people. I know it might be asking a lot to tag her posts a la Mystery.jpg or Spoony, but it would be very interesting. I love seeing the headspaces of these people, or if I've ever replied/argued with them before…

No. 461755

No. 461766

AngelenexDream is her sexwork name

No. 461808

í meant to quote the post asking about the deleted post on cc but it's deleted here too my bad

No. 461834

File: 1515094395939.bmp (1.34 MB, 1228x286, cc.bmp)

I gotchu

No. 462011

Man I'm glad I picked today to be the day I catch up on these threads because you absolutely can not make this shit up. These people seriously need some help.

No. 462056

File: 1515108066240.jpg (603.54 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180104-144454.jpg)

I don't see how the logical thing to do for your best friend is to stalk and harass his ex fiance and post personal fb to get family involved. This isn't normal lmao

No. 462106

>only posted FB and name

May I remind her of what she actually posted since her memory seems foggy…

And the "George" and "Aunt Nikki" posting in the thread were her ex and aunt. "Tilly" is another real life friend. Megan did all this, but sure, it's totally harmless.

No. 462409

We have looked into a certain poster over the last days and decided to lift her anonymity for the following reasons:

>posting about herself in third person


>involving family and friends in the thread


>leading outsiders to the thread


>later whiteknighting her victim and begging staff to remove content Megan herself posted


>excessive nitpicking

>ban evasion
>(all listed in her known post history)

>the mystery.jpg clause aka dont use a gossip site extensively but then complain to staff about being being subjected to the same treatment

>feigning innocence while having 4 pull accounts spanning approximately 1000 posts (Pull V1 and V2 combined) and almost 2000 lolcow posts

Megan Cooper's known post history:

There may be some false positives, however we were able to confirm that all the posts related to her feud with j-idols and the subjects of this thread were definitely made by Megan as she used the same IP and other identifiers for almost every single one of her posts.
We were unsure about including some more personal posts, but found out they were already submitted to other open and publicly accessible social networks verbatim by Megan herself as well.


A previous outing for your reading pleasure because this thread is reaching record levels of selfposting: >>>/snow/419354

No. 462417

File: 1515129129308.png (561.16 KB, 796x457, unknown (2).png)

thanks admin, as soon as i saw her FB while going through onionflakes i knew she'd be insecure enough to be a huge flake

No. 462420

let that be a lesson to you lurking discord fags

No. 462422

File: 1515129236106.gif (79.83 KB, 275x155, 1440687351453.gif)

ehehehe staff is wonderful, thank you admin-sama

No. 462423

So weird seeing all her posts tagged especially ones you actually remember reading/possibly replying to. what’s with most of the spergs being really into the idol girls??

No. 462435

File: 1515129949799.png (5.58 MB, 1268x5024, unknown (3).png)

her hateboner for himezawa is giving me life
i love how she comments on the same features megan also has

whose nose and lack of upper lip will win??

No. 462441

File: 1515130656379.png (1.75 MB, 1268x4548, unknown-7 (1).png)

these are too fun to make i love post outings to much

No. 462460

File: 1515132765403.png (37.77 KB, 727x209, Screenshot from 2018-01-04 22-…)

>it was understandable to out her behavior

oh, the irony

No. 462465

I am so confused as to why she used her real name and a picture of herself on discord, then posted as herself on here. She's been around since 2014 so is by no means a newfag, what the fuck?

No. 462467

She even used her Twitter name as her Discord tag, then changed it to just "Megan" and her selfie, and uses her Megan Nyan "official" sounding name for multiple gossip accounts. wtf

No. 462469

Yeah, I'd be able to forgive if she'd used a random username she uses elsewhere and her shit was found. But she used her own fucking name lmao.

No. 462471

don't forget >>457070 where she even left her email

No. 462477

File: 1515134447753.png (45.44 KB, 731x439, Screenshot from 2018-01-04 22-…)

>I like a good snoop
all the photos she ever posted on discord were copies of photos from her instagram

No. 462480

File: 1515135230527.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.33 KB, 1199x375, megan2.jpg)

No. 462569

File: 1515153937626.png (42.24 KB, 769x253, unknown-9.png)

>tfw you whiteknight Onision on PULL

No. 462584

I don't understand what's going on in this thread. Seems like the only people posting are Megan and the Discord fags.

No. 462636

Tfw the middle one was halloween so is not meant to be attractive and the third I was 17 or 18 and a size ten. Yeah I lost a shit ton of weight as I struggle with eating due to depression. There is a fucking boomerang on my instagram so you can tell what I look like really. bruh.

No. 462641

Because I am a noob and didn't realise my name and photo would change in groups I left kek.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 462740

girl fuck off out here, you're vagina makes u look unisex, go tell lainey maybe she'll date you

No. 462747

it's very telling how you have nothing to say for yourself regarding all of your backstabbing, but you do make the effort to refute every single nitpick comment.


No. 462755

File: 1515178871338.jpg (2.56 MB, 1268x3015, megs.jpg)

No. 462759

File: 1515179191400.jpg (1.11 MB, 1268x2049, m2.jpg)

she wanted a nude competition with Regina I AM WHEEZING


No. 462782

File: 1515181150335.jpg (2.84 MB, 1268x5404, backstabber.jpg)

Ana, Amber, Maxie and Geo should see this

No. 462837

File: 1515184863143.jpg (131.87 KB, 954x960, 15665810_1074075662701757_1869…)

was this on Halloween too?

No. 462871

File: 1515187728596.bmp (353.49 KB, 520x174, Screenshot_2.bmp)

that's it, they're retarded.

No. 462933

Making fun of her makeup? There's no particular way to do makeup, it's a form of art. She can do it however she wants to. You don't have to like it.

Regardless. It's still better than your ratchet face.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 462943

Not the same anon

However I’m a makeup artist (5+) years and girl she looks like an 80s sad housewife looking for some swinger dick

The contour is giving me mad 90s UK party girl vibes

This is just a train wreck

No. 462946

Regina wins by not posting nudes lmao. its a loss for the rest of us

No. 462948

No, you're just retarded. It's okay to admit it.

No. 462964

her vagina shocked me so much i didn't even notice her nipples, are they inverted as well? an outie vagina and inverted nips. girl keep your clothes on

No. 462965

and the fucking cuts omg. there are so many other things u should be focused on than taking nudes for the internet

No. 463021

My friend sugars and she told me $250 is basically chump change. She's a cute/average girl and she was getting $3000 a week from one guy. Go figure.

No. 463429

File: 1515248611122.png (19.48 KB, 687x135, unknown-3.png)

No. 464364

File: 1515356597038.bmp (1.6 MB, 1312x319, laineydm.bmp)

Wait, she was dming Lainey for multiple weeks during Cuddlegate? She wanted to be a mega snake and dox Ana, but doesn't even drop Lainey DMs smh

No. 464395

File: 1515360005779.bmp (1.11 MB, 524x556, Screenshot_5.bmp)

Incredible, they are such cucks. Imagine saying this about the girl who posted this >>>/snow/399611

No. 464396

File: 1515360046256.bmp (223.16 KB, 524x109, Screenshot_4.bmp)

we get it, you're a martyr

No. 464938

>the thread is about hating patreons
maxie's pyscho ex wasn't protected, why should megan be? because she did geo's dirty work?

be mad cuck

No. 465067

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at how proud she is of her stubborn refusal to learn from her mistakes. I hope her self-crucifying uwu tweets will have been worth it when their little group implodes.

No. 465088

this thread is harder to understand than fucking string theory and yet i can't stop coming back for more.

how tf do these people create SO MUCH drama? what do the onions think about it? do they even know? i've got so many questions.

No. 465361

this is your chance at redemption, meganchan

No. 466153

File: 1515524853451.bmp (184.62 KB, 525x90, Screenshot_7.bmp)

Ana/Allie/ Aileen Adams / Anastasia Lowell, thank you very much for reinforcing terrible stereotypes about sexual assault survivors pulling the victim card. Go fuck yourself.

No. 466156

File: 1515524956326.png (3.87 KB, 134x54, megs.png)

of course…

No. 466161

File: 1515525321885.png (11.19 KB, 522x86, Screenshot_1.png)

Amber darling, did you miss the part where Megan was confirmed to post these comments about you?

>Even Maxie knows Amber is retarded.

>She thinks we want to be her mongoloid doughy ass self.

>Would rather be riddled with Cancer and be assfucked by Satans barbed cock until I have an agonising anal prolapse.



No. 467071

File: 1515636851295.png (502.52 KB, 1202x462, Screenshot_2.png)

used contacts for sale…

No. 467095

Right? I’m like who and who? What? Ohh, it’s getting juicy so fuck it lmao

No. 467548

someone actually bought used contacts, ew

No. 467795

File: 1515710734098.png (1.36 MB, 758x1466, ambernolikejustno.png)


She also sells used cosmetics. A lot of it. Which is not only against Depop and Poshmarks rules, but it's also SO unsanitary and fucking nasty. I don't care if you are the most OCD cleanfreak with your makeup. If it is your personal makeup, it is unsafe for other people to use.

No. 467802

is that used mascara?! this is so nasty

No. 467819

Why did 5 people heart the used lipstick? I really don't understand. I mean, it's gross that she's selling them, but it's even more gross that 5 people were interested in buying them…

No. 468077

File: 1515731212097.jpg (586.56 KB, 1232x3680, unused.jpg)

she changed the title of those lipsticks to "not used" but she fails to realise we have eyes and can obviously see those have been used many times

No. 468237

>re-selling used mac lipstick for $18
honey NO

No. 468263

her especially selling used make up is putting me off my lunch

No. 468298


sorry, meant to add the foundations in the bottle right are okay for her to sell because they're brand new. The title said so before anyone brought it up and she started changing the titles.

Also, if you look closely on the image of the lipsticks, the purple one has what looks like a cat hair on it. Ew. Like, even if it was from a fur coat or a rug, still ew.

No. 468464

yeahhh i'm not usually a tattle tale but I had to report it…because it's just wrong

No. 468791


The smeared used make-up artfully displayed fully open on the toilet seat is clearly not in violation of any poshmark/depop t&c's. I mean that exactly how blindness should be sold, nothing to worry about there. Pretty sure that's exactly how it's presented in any high end cosmetics store…

No. 468796


No. 468945


on the bright side, she took them down…or Poshmark did. Whichever. It doesn't matter.

Just gross. The fact people bought any of it to begin with turns my stomach.

No. 469306

File: 1515884420206.png (130.01 KB, 523x335, Screenshot_13.png)

I'm going to dump a few screens of these absolute fucking idiots being complete hypocrites

> victim of rape

> won't believe rape accusations because MUH HUSBANDO

No. 469310

File: 1515884580539.png (232.64 KB, 546x512, megana.png)

Megan claimed she only leaked Ana's stuff because she was friends with Ana's ex was too blind to see his abuse boo hoo, but then why is she still friends with him and they still talk? Which one is the liar, Megan? Ana? Geo? Or you? What does he think about you sucking up to Ana while being his friend?

No. 469311

File: 1515884698150.png (48.12 KB, 519x533, Screenshot_16.png)

>when ur friend leaked ur nudes but it's ok because she tweets compliments at you

No. 469313

File: 1515884778590.png (25.17 KB, 561x202, Screenshot_15.png)

>My ex is making me feel scared for my life
>posts ~sexy~ doublechinned boob pics at him >>469310


No. 469317

File: 1515885003849.png (207.22 KB, 947x543, Screenshot_18.png)

This is Megan's new boyfriend (linked on her twitter), looks like Ana's ex didn't lie when he said they're still friends and she's dating someone he games with.

Geohammer is Ana's ex.

No. 469319

File: 1515885075186.png (141.68 KB, 927x346, Screenshot_19.png)

>tfw you give your friend pep talks on twitter about her rapist ex-bf but you're still friends with the rapist ex-bf

No. 469324

File: 1515885298323.png (355.23 KB, 759x544, Screenshot_20.png)

if I were Ana, I wouldn't believe any of Megan's apologies for leaking her nudes and making those comments about her until she at the very least unfriended my "rapist" and stopped associating with his friends instead of dating them, but I guess Ana is too retarded for rational thought. How long until Megan picks a side? Hint: It won't be you, her friend's random ex who lives on a different continent. It'll be her local friends she's had for years.

No. 469337


Ana's still posting about her ex but he's moved on and got a gf (says on his fb page)…

Megan was with her new boyfriend before she ended things with her ex, or they got together pretty quickly after she ended things with him. Ironic because she posted that Ana was unfaithful to her ex, seems like Megan was too.

No. 469343


I saw this and wanted to mention it but figured I wouldn't. The funny thing is, Amber was the one who jumped on the "Melanie Martinez is a rapist" trend…likely because Onision was too.

I don't know what I was expecting her to say though. I could understand a post like "Hey, I'm not sure if I believe these accusations are legit or based in fact, so I remain heavily skeptical" instead she says "FUCKK U HE'S HOT THEREFORE HE CANT RAPE". I genuinely don't wanna believe anyone is this dumb.

No. 469428

>Megan was with her new boyfriend before she ended things with her ex

how do you know that?

No. 469437

is she wearing a corset in these? that's pretty sad if so since all 3 photos are hyperfocused on her torso…
a bit of second hand embarrassment over this either way.

No. 469496

My ban got lifted (temporarily I imagine).

Please note that Geo is not a rapist, Ana never accused him of being so and if he was a rapist I can tell you now that I would have nothing to do with him.

It is true that I was in fact talking to my current boyfriend whilst still with my previous partner; however it was very innocent and we were good friends and that was all - he made me feel like a person who mattered deserving of love opposed to a meaningless, worthless sex doll/slave like my abusive ex made me feel like. We started dating a week or two after I left him.

I will not contribute to this thread unless absolutely needed to as I would rather move on and be able to carry on using the sites other threads; because I admit I do enjoy using this site and have learned my lesson well to not be a dick in the future.

No. 469509

you were talking to your current boyfriend while you were together with your ex don't backtrack now

No. 469515

Yes because with him along with Geo and the others we played games together daily, there was nothing to it apart from friendly chatter and support.

No. 469528

File: 1515900150416.png (38.07 KB, 672x333, unknown[1].png)

Geo locked Ana's phone the other day, he even admitted it. What's your excuse for sticking with him?

No. 469537

I called him out on this a while ago. Admittedly they both have done shit things to each other. People do things out of anger or spite, and in both of their cases I found their actions forgivable, but certainly childish.

No. 469544

ana says she fears for her life but you call their stuff childish, low blow megan

on a scale from childish to unforgivable, where would you pinpoint something like leaking your friend's ex-fiancee's nudes and detailed rape story on a hate site and leading to her friends and family seeing it?

No. 469548

I have posted some utter bullshit but I didn't leak her rape story, even checking my post history that is evident, I was childish and a cunt and made the posts when farmers gave me the lewds they had of her. I was bitter and blindly sticking up for a friend without thinking of the affect it would have on her. I didn't lead her family to the thread as her ex did that by linking it to her mother.

If Ana did fear for her life that is no laughing matter, but their back and forth jabs at each other can be at times hence why I didn't think it was anything to fall out with either of them about.

No. 469561

Ana posted about her rape/abuse everywhere. Nobody had to leak it, what you did do was laugh and say she had to get over being touched and felt up. In your own words you sociopath

No. 469573

I imagine you are talking about this post: >>401977
I wasn't laughing at the matter in the slightest, just peeved at her constant fighting with Geo and lashing out but of course I didn't fully know her side at that point and realise her being angry was justified. inb4 I should have taken my own advice with that post, I know I was a fucking cow and feels bad man.

No. 469615

It looks more like one of those cheap waist clinchers that you get at either target or Walmart. lol at "muh weight loss". Bitch you're the same exact size. Your lazy ass just went out and bought something to hold back your flabby belly

No. 469804

File: 1515936572274.jpg (24.65 KB, 416x486, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


yeah, corsets are thicker and more noticeable. You can obviously see the boning of it, but it's only on two sides and the middle, so it isn't structured like a corset (from what I can tell) it looks like one of those exercise waist cinchers. Also, OT but, they don't do much. They don't make you look less fat. Most people use them when working out because they think it makes them burn more fat in their stomach area, but in reality, it just makes you sweat off water weight, that you gain right back after drinking some water.

attaching pic of the one i think she's wearing.

No. 469982

Did you apologize to Amber and Maxie for calling them mongoloid and retarded?

No. 469997

Yes I did, I am thankful for their forgiveness (even though tbh I don't deserve it).

No. 482186

File: 1517005121566.jpg (357.13 KB, 612x4113, HJfiOd1.jpg)

Your ex's bitchy friend lurks your private shit and leaks your lewds to everyone including your family? Best friends now, forgive and forget uwu

Someone smokes pot? THEY DESERVE TO BE PUT DOWN.

Kittenn is Amber's new handle, thsprsntdrknss is Allie's bf

No. 482188

File: 1517005263847.png (138.67 KB, 575x598, sNh8dnW.png)

I'm cracking up that she's sucking Megan's clit after she did a terrible but hilarious thing to Allie, but she'll tell her friend to die because she needs the Greg tendies

No. 482270

File: 1517013204184.gif (1.16 MB, 480x358, getsomefuckinghelp.gif)

why do these cows insist on using twitter as a platform for fighting with each other about the most retarded shit? I'm actually impressed by how overdramatic they are.

Also, what kinds of friends talk to each other in such a condescending way? God, these bitches are insane.

No. 482326

File: 1517018168180.jpg (169.35 KB, 750x1334, PBtl2X9.jpg)

I guess this hasn't been posted but
becca threatened maxie over being in tempcord

this makes sense since caps of becca threatening amber too were leaked when she started posting here

No. 482330

This fat fuck trying to intimidate all the broken autistic pieces of shit from the onioncord triggers me so much. You'll get yours one day fat Becca, and you're going to deserve every bit of it.

No. 482375

File: 1517022748702.png (462.89 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2579.PNG)

Maxie recently posted this on her private twitter implying that she smokes too. Whens her public shaming Ana?

No. 482456

ana has always known maxie smokes and vapes!

No. 484237

File: 1517173809041.png (216.48 KB, 1055x245, SmartSelectImage_2018-01-28-15…)

So Amber needs to make up her mind was she raped by her dad or lost her virginity to a heroin addict by her mom or to taylor burt come on now you tell nothing but lies you dumb cunt if your mom is that bad why do you still tag her in everything and live with her

No. 484255

1. My father raped me at 4
2. Taylor never raped me that was consent expect the police didn’t see it that way.
3. I haven’t been associated with any heroine addicts

No. 484257

I apologize for posting here but I wanna get the facts straight

No. 484269

I think that tweet is supposed to be quoting Amber's friend, hence the '- her friend' at the end. She's not talking about herself, she's sharing her friend's first person perspective.

NGL I used to post about Amber on here but now I just feel bad for her. She's cringy but she isn't a total fucking cunt like Ana and the other girls. Amber since you read this, love yourself, go to therapy, focus on friends who won't talk to you like that. Yes everyone fights occasionally but if someone actually cares about you, this is not what fighting looks like. You're not a punching bag for Ana's issues, please take a break.

No. 484278

Yes that tweet was actually wrote by my friend I gave her my phone to write her thoughts down about the situation. And honestly that means a lot thank you very much I really don’t like fighting with you guys or anyone but sometimes it just gets to much and you have to just let out what your thinking to get relief. I’m trying my best to get better also I really am I just wanna be happy and live my life how I want and travel haha but again whoever you are thank you everyone here isn’t bad.

No. 484335

I think all of these girls need help and grow the fuck up I'm edgy and it seems that rape is a big thing for them it's like it's cool to get raped now

No. 484405

Disagree, nobody thinks it is cool or edgy, nor a competition. Just a case of bad luck that many have experienced it.

No. 484415

what a desperate cry for attention, lol.


No. 484420

It was in response to Ana having her moment the other day about drug users, more a jab at her than a cry for attention from other people.

No. 484453

If you look at the captions it’s obviously at jab at Ana’s remarks at drugs.

No. 484473

awho cares if it was a jab or a cry for attention? still retarded to post online.

No. 484486

Stop self posting amber

No. 484489

I only posted the 2 things up top and this nothing more to be said atm

No. 484506

So are u always just sitting here refreshing waiting for someone to drop your name?

No. 484782

File: 1517196836313.png (181.79 KB, 620x782, Screenshot at Jan 29 04-32-44.…)

uh oh

No. 484786

File: 1517196917348.png (98.59 KB, 615x406, Screenshot at Jan 29 04-34-59.…)

No. 484992


Ofc course she does. Pretty much all of them do. They're total attention whores, this is pretty much fact at this point.


>druggie whore

>addict junkie slut

she fucking smoked weed. I don't see how retarded you'd have to be to spam people with shit like this over them smoking weed. And the insults she's throwing her way honestly sound like they were written by a person with the IQ of a breakfast sausage

No. 485140

amber since you obviously lurk here, you need to drop your old friends. Being told to pretty much kill yourself over smoking weed is shitty.
Take a break from the internet and take care of yourself, jfc

No. 485159

>IQ of a breakfast sausage
That's the best insult I have heard in a long time.

No. 485559

Why are the bitches on Twitter fighting over there pill addictions and the only reason titanic sinclair sent Amber her package is so her and her friends would leave him alone Amber are you really that retarded to think any of these people like you haha your a joke the punch line

No. 485933

I think ana is using the victim card to trump ambers. I'm pretty sure ana made up all the stuff about being raped and molested by her grandfather or stepfather, she has mental issues and needs to get back on her meds. how much shit did she make up about geo abusing her like even megan knows ana lied otherwise she wouldnt still be friends so it looks like ana is dishonest #factmachine

No. 485943

File: 1517269998235.jpg (301.28 KB, 604x4472, twitter1.jpg)

All of these bitches need therapy

No. 485949

>I called her a druggie bc I had to call 911 after she almost OD'd on pills
Wasn't that a suicide attempt? that's fucked

No. 485959

File: 1517270448700.jpg (307.7 KB, 604x4589, twitter2.jpg)

pt 2, maxie (druglord) blocked her so ana spammed her with her side accounts

No. 485987

File: 1517270975420.jpg (202.11 KB, 604x3405, twitter3.jpg)

and now Ana is lovebombing her last remaining friend by complaining about Megan's phone being with police for her rape case.

No. 486386

File: 1517283321544.png (70.57 KB, 583x361, Screenshot at Jan 30 04-32-00.…)

No. 486413


>it's none of your fucking business to call the police on me

I'm sorry but it really is. Especially if someone is trying to kill themselves. Who the fuck sees a "friend" claiming they swallowed a whole bottle of pills and is like "that's none of my business". Is Amber retarded? You should be glad someone called the police to make sure you didn't kill yourself over some random guys you've never met muting you on twitter. Come on Amber, why the hell would you be mad someone called the police in an attempt to keep you from killing yourself. Even if you just swallowed a few pills, you said you took a bunch of pills and that you were going to die, of course your friends were concerned. In a way, I kinda want to believe Amber was lying about the suicide attempt for attention because hospitals are supposed to hold you for 72 hours after a suicide attempt. Amber was brought to one apparently and was released shortly after, that doesn't happen.

No. 486440

>"Babe… you live in Myrtle Beach… who you know?"

Aileen, you live in fucking St. Louis and go to shitty Fontbonne University. kek. Who you know?

No. 486481

yeah but the irony in all of this is for ana to say amber deserves to die for trying to OD? but she insists she cares about amber and thats why she called the police? what a walking contradiction

ana is not the brightest crayon in the box, but she sure thinks she is!

No. 486597


I think she did care about Amber enough to make sure she didn't fucking die. I'll never understand why she is so angry at people for doing drugs though. Like, that's not a productive way of being anti-drug use.

Personally I think they're all mentally unhinged and now that they're arguing with eachother they're saying shit like that. They are too fucking retarded to be consistent or rational.

No. 487368

Megan is suicideposting on her twitter. You post 3,000+ hateful messages on PULL and LC… and now you're finally starting to feel bad? Yeah, ok.

No. 487404

File: 1517355170198.png (98.26 KB, 586x467, Screenshot at Jan 31 00-32-22.…)

can u say fairweather friend?

No. 487789

Ana acting like her psycho ass ain't toxic lol. Also, does she not care that Onion himself admitted to being manipulative and abusive?

No. 489000

File: 1517458318550.png (26.7 KB, 577x216, Screenshot at Feb 01 05-10-59.…)

>e-begging with a stoner nickname

No. 489002

File: 1517458423180.png (32.53 KB, 575x113, Screenshot at Feb 01 05-12-54.…)

damn you triggered her.

No. 489004

File: 1517458475882.png (950.23 KB, 1440x3452, screencapture-stltoday-news-lo…)

I assume this is okay to post since Aileen referenced it herself.

No. 489136

there are multiple men listed, ana is a pathological liar and ,megan is still buddies with abooosivee geo I'm not believing her crock of shit
I wouldn't be surprised if she picked out a random name.

No. 491333

Why does she always have to mention being raped and abused? Is it justification for being a crazy bitch? Ana get over yourself, you're not the only girl that's ever been hurt in the world, and you can't hide behind your trauma forever. Keep up with it and you'll be just as miserable as your cunt mom.

No. 491434

File: 1517646152980.jpeg (78.39 KB, 744x451, AFC97A0B-63DB-4E2B-B695-86791B…)

Doesn’t call him out for all his bullshit

No. 501056

File: 1518405768975.jpg (300.77 KB, 750x1334, 0cM9Oaf.jpg)

No. 501057

File: 1518405785476.jpg (381 KB, 750x1334, gKnF4iZ.jpg)

No. 501059

File: 1518405800276.jpg (387.24 KB, 750x1334, 18VO2oZ.jpg)

No. 501060

File: 1518405830519.jpg (374.92 KB, 750x1334, sCjBWXH.jpg)

No. 501061

File: 1518405867736.jpg (809.21 KB, 1080x1920, IFJMFWI.jpg)

No. 501112

>i told you to be ready for cosequences
How do they put up with FatBecca acting like such a cunt? Jesus.

No. 501177

File: 1518414295006.jpg (170.76 KB, 750x1334, GwtoS7E.jpg)

greg is triggered as usual

No. 501178

File: 1518414305062.jpg (86.73 KB, 750x516, YXT5XMf.jpg)

No. 501179

File: 1518414359372.jpg (93.83 KB, 604x586, Zlbju3N.jpg)

>tweets about sending grammar nazis to death
It's so obvious he's targetting beck. Can't wait to see those cucks defend gregs behavior

No. 501194

Hahahahaha, this is freaking hilarious. Too bad that's not how books work.

No. 502333

File: 1518580565926.jpg (131.53 KB, 402x316, V8p2dqg.jpg)

From beccas stream
seems like any comment against greg is now considered "bashing greg"

unless it's a backended "joke" that she approves of, looks like beck won't be allowed to speak out without any backlash

No. 502529

File: 1518603533123.jpg (60.76 KB, 683x354, med_1511906049_image.jpg)

Are we absolutely sure that FatBecca isnt Emilia Farts?

No. 502546

She wishes she were that iconic.

No. 503202

Don’t compare Fatbecca to an icon. She is far from her

No. 507194

Nova…you realize you just outed yourself with this screenshot…?

No. 507800

they never learn

No. 511118

File: 1519268203403.jpg (79.48 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20180222_025208.jpg)

Nova's very elegantly worded message to Allie after she outed herself posting screenshots, as her Discord Mentions were highlighted in them. With an added sprinkle of random accusations pulled out of her ass- because why not go full out mental in a chimp out?

No. 511157

>dms from ana to booty
Well why are you watching this thread so closely ana. Maybe lose some weight and then re-evaluate whoring yourself online?

btw those dms are old and they were actually posted in a discord server before they got reposted here. What took you guys so long to start sperging out ?

No. 511459

File: 1519319984854.png (73.35 KB, 331x485, harleycatpoison.png)

I thought Harley left the oniondom?

No. 513858

Haha Nova you outed yourself.

No. 514192

they all out themselves or each other. They're all fucking stupid.

No. 514344

Hi Nova!

No. 514354

sage this
There is no proof that nova has posted in this thread. Reminder that "hi [cow]" is against the rules.

No. 514666

Here's the stream with discordfag drama
Not the full stream because I can only do so much. It peaks around 20-22 minutes in.

No. 514771

>booty says ana is a pedo
>becca spergs
>they catfight in chat
greg tells them to knock it off and becca says
>here's the thing, don't talk about MY money situation
where bitch?

No. 514777

File: 1519623208615.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot from 2018-02-25 21-…)

spooky was mad that people were being perverts towards the underages and becca called it policing

No. 518622

Did Becca and Spooky fall out? What is Spooky's deal, there are always young girls (compared to her) saying they are her wife/girlfriend talking about threesomes and some of them have sent their nudes to get Spooky approved.

Also Respitt looks old as fuck in his instagrams. And Sylar is some 30+ year old creep too that sits and commands Becca all day on stream. Onion really pulls in the socially awkward pedos

No. 518670

fatbecca isnt becca its a troll

No. 518689

we know. we want to know what happened between becca and spooks

No. 518818

>having a mental illness isnt an excuse to be a pos

>except for me!

No. 519437

they're having a falling out due to moral differences and that's saying alot since spooks doesn't have much

No. 519524

Which patron was asking gerg all the questions for Sam in the discord the other day? The one he muted.

No. 520145

sorry my mistake. i hate that fat cunt so much tho.

No. 521166

Does anyone have links to Sam's instagram?

No. 521170

No. 521173

christ just looking at this you can see the hugbox community of tempfags flocking to her stream has created an ego for her. she goes from 0 instagram likes to double figures since leaving the mansion.

she's going to be attentionseeking for a while lol

No. 521177

She has one post from all of 2016 at the start in January, and the next posts are Oct 2015. There's a photo of her half/step(?) brother from 2015 who I assume belongs to her stepmom she hates (he's POC) so she was living or staying at her Dad's in 2015. Actually all the October posts were posted on the 8th, is this when she got dumped by her first boyfriend?

She literally posted 26 photos on Oct 8th, then nothing, than once in Jan 2016 and then uses instagram again in 2018 for the sake of the Onions?

This girl doesn't seem to have a life other than seeking attention from lads. lol

No. 521185

lol if u go threw sam's likes you can find people that frequent her streams daily like this loser
[removed; not involved in drama]
he was on lainey's younow stream last night trying to troll but got butthurt because someone called sam dull.

All of Sams fans are ugliee boys(samefagging)

No. 521209


The majority of samstans are horribly cringeworthy. The ones who gave her the benefit of the doubt had the scales torn from their eyes, it was always going to end badly, you can't lie to the internet compulsively and expect the very people you lie to, to forget, life doesn't work that way. Sam's original twitter (as archived by based anon) is https://anony.link/https://pastebin.com/Uewtuzdk

edit to add that David is an onion patron..

No. 523572

File: 1520465934447.png (Spoiler Image,847.33 KB, 1440x2800, beccafet1.png)

kek so it looks like FatBecca has a fetlife account too. Wonder why that never got leaked when the others did?

No. 523576

File: 1520466078446.png (Spoiler Image,1.83 MB, 1440x9233, beccafet2.png)

Friends with Harley on there, too.

No. 523581

File: 1520466177209.png (Spoiler Image,791.34 KB, 912x790, beccafet4.png)

No nudes, but one interesting photo caption.

No. 523587

File: 1520466292802.png (Spoiler Image,347.9 KB, 1440x1807, sylarfet1.png)

Daddy being Daddy-Sylar, aka SylartheReaper from Greg's patrons.

No. 523588

File: 1520466326451.png (Spoiler Image,292.04 KB, 1440x1650, sylarfet2.png)

Now the interesting thing about Sylar's fetlife is the account has practically no activity and only interacts with Becca despite being a year old. Wonder if she made it?

No. 523589

File: 1520466402481.png (529.9 KB, 736x476, nTBftjL.png)


Wonderful. I welcome our OTP!

No. 523590


No. 523594

File: 1520466664832.jpg (16.28 KB, 480x318, 5bf.jpg)

No. 523604

if there is a god please let these two be wiped off the face of the planet

No. 523605

This is the best thing since that photo of bruiserbecca riding a horse

No. 523606

Is that really Sylar? Bruh

No. 523611

wonder if greggy knows two of his patrons are cybering kek

>sylar: 31
>becca: 19
ugh no wonder they like him so much

No. 523903


No. 523904

Yes, he posted it on Discord and idk what you would have to look like to claim that's you and not be telling the truth.

No. 523910

Fucking hell.

No. 523934

File: 1520513475094.jpg (93.17 KB, 600x800, X19YzvT.jpg)

No. 524136

Lol imagining this face with the tough guy act sylar puts on. Dudes a fucking incel and becca is a desperate slag. Lmao!

No. 524411

Jesus Christ even a better quality photo doesn't make him look any better. Poor FatBecca being THAT desperate she settles for this incel looking fuck.

No. 524424

Omg!! This thread has some specks of gold. Eww at sylar having mutual masturbation on his profile. I feel sport for the fbi agent that witnesses him and becca

No. 524432

I posted it to /pt when she was actually there, she was bigging up her American tour on her younow. I think I got a ban for it though.

No. 526292

She's already been?? I didn't know it happened, damn.

No. 526646

Fatbecca just said om Greg's twitch chat she hasn't been to America in 3 or 4 years. Is she lying and embarrassed by Sylar?

No. 527361

File: 1520888697273.png (268.72 KB, 587x725, Screenshot at Mar 12 22-04-09.…)

How to handle a friend's pregnancy scare: spam them with abortion techniques and unsafe home remedies.

No. 527382

Eating cinnamon isn't unsafe. I have no idea upon the effectiveness or not of it but it won't harm anyone. Her friend asked her for genuine help and she listed many options, not sure how you see this as awful really.

No. 527392

>they aren't old enough to remember he cinnamon challenge


No. 527396

'Is it safe to have cinnamon during pregnancy' and says that it is unsafe as may induce miscarriage. bitch that's the point of an abortion
Not quite sure what you were getting at here.

No. 527405

That eating too much cinnamon isn't safe. >>527382 like I hope you aren't the same person cause damn.

No. 527454

File: 1520895258148.png (148.07 KB, 1171x734, Screenshot at Mar 12 23-54-07.…)

Another one who can't stay away. She's currently active in his voicechat too.

No. 527462

File: 1520895500329.jpg (109.16 KB, 720x1280, DYC_UqqVMAAM6H9.jpg)

How do you know her friend asked her for help unless you're Ana? Bitches be selfposting until the end of time.

No. 527463

Judging by the screenshots, it looks more like the friend voiced her worries and Ana went straight to listing options, not even giving any meaningful words of support.

No. 532926

File: 1521488317659.jpeg (Spoiler Image,18.68 KB, 226x301, E07E82B8-C157-4AFC-BBB2-0E77FD…)

Girls hold in your lunch.

No. 532955

lol which one is this

No. 532981

It’s Ana the creepy Lainey fan.

No. 533427

Remember when she said this photo >>434841
wasn't her lmao

No. 533438

Let's just add this to the list of Ana's lies

No. 534341

File: 1521592596432.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.4 KB, 570x317, 1490698160_maxresdefault-660x3…)

How ironic that she has those kind of tits that look like cow udders, nipple pointing to the ground.
Shes only in her early 20s right? God damn, the sag-tit is strong with this one.

No. 534818

Not even 20 she’s like 18 or 19 last time I heard she was 18

No. 536994

File: 1521852068555.png (95.2 KB, 609x541, Screenshot at Mar 24 01-39-16.…)

smh this bitch is so messy

No. 536995

File: 1521852088453.png (96.6 KB, 607x492, Screenshot at Mar 24 01-38-16.…)

No. 537466

File: 1521917528559.jpg (Spoiler Image,88.18 KB, 901x1200, sKDXTX3.jpg)

No. 537467

File: 1521917544190.jpg (Spoiler Image,95.14 KB, 901x1200, DdVXtxr.jpg)

No. 537468

File: 1521917556960.jpg (Spoiler Image,94.5 KB, 1200x901, s8fync7.jpg)

No. 537469

File: 1521917570165.jpg (Spoiler Image,110.29 KB, 901x1200, WsSUqwK.jpg)

No. 537514


Wow… Why is she kinda hot though?

No. 537515

That's what happens when you fluctuate so drastically in weight and your breasts are real.

No. 537517

So which of the discord fags are you?

No. 537634

Her breasts are fine though, she has a pretty soft bod.

No. 537681

File: 1521935364065.png (56.11 KB, 628x451, ginger.png)

Guess who's back… posting selfies

No. 537683

Tbh, here I can kind of see it. It's all the filters and angle though. Having seen her in a bikini in Onision's videos, she's rather frumpy, awkward, and maybe "okay" at best.

She'd probably make a decently cute butch lesbian (or fakeboi) though. She's got the body type for it.

No. 538072

Why doesn’t she leave when she knows Gronk will continue to judge everything she does? This is just sad at this point.

No. 538900

This is still ongoing? any updates on maxieboxie/emily? Her Twitter looks to be dead

No. 538947

Fuck off Mark.

No. 539010

Mark? I'm just curious about the whole situation and haven't kept up to date in awhile

No. 540672

File: 1522294181672.png (15.2 KB, 449x173, chronicinmain.PNG)

Looks like we've got a Lainey stan/patreon in the discord.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mrrroh
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfeuf85xR-tu00ZNQ0PZxAQ
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrrroh/
tumblr: http://affairofthepoisons.tumblr.com/

She seems to be a munchie as well as an idiot.

No. 540759

File: 1522304310335.png (364.66 KB, 674x1871, chronicallyretarded.png)

No. 540760

File: 1522304327159.png (497.87 KB, 674x2839, chronicallyretarded-2.png)

No. 540823

File: 1522317974895.png (1.29 MB, 738x1150, thinspiration.png)

In typical snowflake fashion, she has multiple different tumblr accounts that overlap as her need for validation drives her to following herself on all 3, and also reblogging from herself.
My personal favourite is: http://logofmybody.tumblr.com/
However http://lifeaftereatingdisorders.tumblr.com is a fun little jaunt when you keep in mind she looks like pic attached.

No. 541280

that looks like a door, this fucking liar

No. 541343

Well, it looks like she follows this thread considering she re-named some of her tumblrs and privated her Instagram, so why not. This woman is at least 31. And here I thought you only wanted to educate yourself on Greg, Megan, not your fellow discordfags.

Known Instagrams: https://www.instagram.com/mrrroh/

Known Tumblrs: http://lifeaftereatingdisorders.tumblr.com

Known Facebooks: https://www.facebook.com/m.r.osborn.3?fref=nf

Known Twitters: https://twitter.com/mrrroh

Known Projects: http://www.somethingsomethingpress.com

Known GoFundMe Campaigns: https://www.gofundme.com/megans-weight-loss-journey

Known Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SomethingPress

Known Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dogeatconcrete

Known Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/110838002194684919660

Known Flickrs: https://www.flickr.com/photos/poisonaffairphotography/

Known MySpace: https://myspace.com/dogeatconcrete

Suspected Projects: https://thewingnutrva.wordpress.com/

No. 541402

File: 1522402622904.png (494.51 KB, 751x750, Untit3223le2d.png)

Very interesting that all these patreons turn out to be delusional cows by their own right.
We got a batshit insane hillbilly obsessed with titanic Sinclair, a serial cheater who doxxed her own mother and had her family post on LC, a delusional horse faced cunt that larps as a drag super star, willingly believing Greg doesn't think she's obese. and a 31 year old delusional mushroom head ass looking bitch who's only work history includes professional victim.

And I guess there was also that pedophile looking lesbian and the other 2 deadbeat mothers who still lurk here. Also that girl with the awful receeding hairline who wrote pathetic songs and will never be respected by either Greg or Taylor.

What a ride.

No. 541436

Her younow is ChronicallyAlways
She's at least 40, fuck knows where 31 came from.

No. 541831

File: 1522437136646.png (5.54 KB, 631x78, 31confirmed.png)

No. 542053

Hahaaa she lyin'
Seriously she's at least 40, I watched one of her younows and she alluded to her birthday/age. I would go back and look for it but I can't stand the woman.

No. 542136

Beck did an interview with RSN where she changed the course of history. Apparently these two threads appeared out of thin air because of haturz and she and her group of bafoons are totally not responsible for their own actions.
I suppose pinning every nude leak on anyone other then themselves is the easiest way to cope with things. Lassie and becca dindunuthin in lalaland

To add injury to insult beck sits down and feigns ignorance about the nature of the nudes server back from thread #1. The server had multiple minors and one known minor post cp. Beck is really trying to put herself in a good light.

Let's go back to the summer when the messages leaked from beck herself. Lainey will never trust her stupid ass.
those tits tho

No. 542312

File: 1522479333056.jpg (185.28 KB, 1200x558, k2symLw.jpg)

Not only was that "interview" a cringefest with revisionist history, painting herself as the ultimate victim of haturz (and RSN pathetically eating it up ofc) but she's really committing to this narrative in the comments too.

"All I ever did was support Greg, and these hOrRiBlE mOnStErS leaked my noodz and made fun of my gummy smile!!!"

No. 542921

File: 1522548459269.png (133.82 KB, 750x1334, image (31).png)

Maxie and Ana shittalking Amber

No. 542922

File: 1522548503853.png (123.75 KB, 750x1334, image (33).png)

Harley admitting to hanging out in lolcord

No. 542929

File: 1522549027103.png (124.54 KB, 750x1334, image (35).png)

Harley trying to get lolcow v&

No. 542930

File: 1522549093901.png (132.4 KB, 750x1334, image (32).png)

Ana being a liar as always

No. 542932

File: 1522549139266.png (150.54 KB, 750x1334, image (34).png)

>I can handle this on my own

>if I let you 'help' you'd probably realize that I made everything up

No. 543410

File: 1522606906700.png (106.58 KB, 333x593, cluelesslainey1.v1.png)

>I contacted lainey first
It was proven lainey had no idea beck was coming wew. You still wanna lie beck? I'll repost all those texts! The only delusional person here is you. Everyone knows you leaked texts between you lainey and greg. Stop playing victim you stupid cunt.

No. 543455

These delusional bitches. This is thread number 2, thread number 1 debunks everything she is saying. All her nudes posted here have been posted after being viewed on the discords. I reckon every 1/8 poster in this thread is not one of the discordfags themselves.

No. 543521

"me me ME" beck is so extremely self centered, egotistical, and childish. you can tell she thinks of everyone who criticizes greg as one giant entity with all the same opinions and behavior lol. what did she think would happen if she got on some idiot's younow stream to misrepresent people who question greg's motives? a bunch of praise and sympathy? all she had to say was that a few people made fun of the way she looks and adressed a couple of made up rumors literally nobody even talks about anymore because we all know they were just made to troll greg. she's a manipulative liar just like him and that's why he didnt want her in his trinity lol.

No. 543824

Beck is acting like she still stans Greg. let's pretend you aren't dm'ing multiple people about him and how awful he made you feel among other things.

I hope you can try guessing which one of your friends is ratting you out!

No. 548092

File: 1523033734421.jpeg (Spoiler Image,176.51 KB, 1080x1080, 97ED7B59-D50B-437D-B33E-57E943…)

I feel bad for anyone who actually pays money for shitty nudes.

No. 548263

ew what a dirty slag

No. 548543

Wow, that's just sad. She'd be someone's online sex toy promising 'unlimited everything' for comparatively little money. You're underestimating how quickly you'll burn out. Also, good job using your real fucking name plastered on your sex work with your face! Congrats, you're a retard.

No. 548670

File: 1523087197968.jpeg (Spoiler Image,19.2 KB, 400x300, 91265DD5-77EE-4516-A1B8-F691C6…)

If you haven’t eaten yet don’t look because here’s another Allie photo.

No. 549096

everyday we stray further from god

No. 549206

File: 1523144596497.png (Spoiler Image,249.79 KB, 404x381, unknown (2).png)

combine with this BeccaMakeovers look and never sleep again

No. 549229

Thanks anon for that nightmare fueling image.

No. 549884

File: 1523219151421.jpeg (37.68 KB, 480x362, C5B7F050-8D0F-4E8F-89C3-2E9C32…)

Rip my lunch

No. 550279

File: 1523248825219.png (1.96 MB, 1440x5550, screencapture-youtube-watch-20…)

Allie aka Aileen Adams gave an interview to a gossip channel and the comments need to be saved for posterity

No. 552978

File: 1523487619673.png (1.76 MB, 1186x1380, aileenwhy....png)


I know we've already established that Aileen is absolutely bonkers, but one of the most baffling things to me is her insistence on linking her real name to her online actions. I haven't followed this these cows much in the past month or so, but her twitter is insane.

She couldn't even be bothered to black out her full name? Christ, dude. She's effectively doxxed herself; how is she ever supposed to find a job? I recall her going to uni for something related to education. There's absolutely zero chance she'll land a job if even a fraction of her online activity is found.

No. 552980

File: 1523487890090.jpg (436.39 KB, 2576x1932, gdUrQFW.jpg)

Have some Becca hams.

Silly Anon, who needs a job when you can do empowering sex work online?

No. 553088

There goes my dinner.

No. 553106

File: 1523498277017.jpg (5.31 MB, 3888x2800, 092115-miss-piggy-embed-1.jpg)

Those fucking piggy legs LOL!

No. 554889

Jesus Christ those are some full-bodied thighs

No. 558935

File: 1524074079177.png (630.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-04-17-09-23-52…)

If Amber was a man, her constantly sending nudes to friends, strangers, celebrities and random Twitter users would be seen as sexual harassment. Imagine opening your Twitter notifs to dick pics.

Now she's propositioning actors for sex. Just disgusting. Flip the genders and it'd be an outrage.

No. 558936

File: 1524074123333.png (557.47 KB, 713x959, unknown (4).png)

More proof she lied here >>440808 but we already knew that. Imagine being this pathetic

No. 559437

I believe amber think the only way she will be famous if she whores herself out to everyone that bitch has no talent the only thing she will be good at is porn and still then I dont think she can do that right

No. 559576

greg calls this thicc kek

No. 559748


jfc, she's literally fucking insane. Is this email real? Because if it is, that is a level of pathetic very few could achieve.

I also enjoy watching her try to defend that poppy guy she's obsessed with. She literally is pathetic.

I'm not sure why she's like that, where she attaches herself to men and even if they turn out to be terrible people, or flat out tell her to leave them alone, she refuses. Lack of good male figures in her life? probably.

No. 559793

I think amber is going to become the next ricardo lópez over onision and titanic sinclair

No. 559795

Email is legit she has a video talking about sending nudes to them and then she wonders why no one likes her but if you say sorry to her dumb ass she will pay to rejoin the discord all they care about is her money not her haha stupid whore

No. 560536


wouldn't put it past her. She obviously has no sense of when to stop.

Remember when she sat outside Poppy's tour bus waiting for that guy to come out? I know a person was there with her. Apparently Amber was hysterically crying and the person (who told me not to mention their name, so I'm not) felt really bad, so she stayed with her for a while.

She didn't go home until like 3 or 4am. The concert ended at 9.

Any person with a sense of boundaries wouldn't have done that.

I have no reason to believe that she wouldn't do the same for Onision and all the other people she's obsessed with.

I have no fucking idea what goes through that girls head sometimes. I guess since she's a wannabe cam whore with daddy issues, she just thinks sending people nudes and crying for their attention will make guys (who are either GAY or married) like her.

No. 560591

The girl is retarded she blows guys she just meets and she is always trying to kill herself over them she needs to be locked up before she kills them cause they dont love her like she loves them matter of fact all them bitches need to be locked up they are gross whores

No. 560611


I know right! Jesus. It's somewhere between hilarious and pathetic, these girls. Funny how a few years of daddy issues can turn them into THAT. They all need to be in therapy or heavily medicated. They're all kind of crazy, but Amber definitely takes the cake.

Like, the all the people I know who know her are only friends with her because they feel bad for her. There is something genuinely wrong with her. She thinks whoring herself out and showering guys with nudes they never asked for will make them wanna be with her. She has no genuine self-worth or self-respect for that matter. I get her mom is like dying or whatever, but someone shoulda raised that kid to have a sense of self-worth. Even prostitutes have more of a sense of self-worth than her. Because at least you have to pay a prostitute before they show you their tits.

God, I almost feel sorry for her because she has the IQ of a fucking pasta noodle. I doubt she even realizes how pathetic she is. I unironically pray for these girls some time, but I don't even think god can help them at this point. They really should be locked up, because there is no way they could function like normal people.

No. 561063

There are screenshots of this event here:

It's time to stop, Amburr

No. 561275

Well amber is going to england by herself I didn't know they let retards fly alone and if she goes ghost on social media you know what happened

No. 561287


well geez, where did you hear that (this is an image board, provide screenshots)? I can't seem to find what you're talking about. Is it to meet someone from her current obsession? Because I totally need to get some popcorn ready for another live tweeted mental breakdown

No. 561322

She removed the post but she is going to see the gotham cast but how did she get the money is the real question prostitution maybe but waiting on her break down there without mommy being there to help her lol

No. 561330


ah, okay. Makes sense.

She was working somewhere in the mall for a while. Idk if she was fired or quit tbh. Maybe she saved up from selling all her used makeup. Or maybe she begged her mom for her disability check lol.

>I get ur dying mom but like i wanna see the cast of a tv show i literally started watching a few weeks ago, and that is more important than buying your oxygen or whatever

And I would really find it interesting how she'd act without her mom with her. I know her mom was the one who drove her to Nashville, where her last live tweeted mental breakdown took place. I can only imagine what it feels like to have to get up at 4am, and drive from your hotel to an alley behind a concert venue to pick up your hysterical daughter who is sitting by the door of the tour bus waiting for someone (who is obviously either asleep or purposefully ignoring you)to come out.

No. 561331

File: 1524302420625.jpg (21.1 KB, 574x134, hotmess.JPG)

samefagging, I apologize, but I found a post where she mentioned it,

No. 561343

I know her mom paid for some of it and she doesn't work anymore but if I had a kid like her I would kick her ass out on the street talking about her like she is a bad person but paying for her trips and driving her ass around she is a ungrateful cunt

No. 561482

File: 1524328743697.png (30.62 KB, 575x177, Screenshot at Apr 21 18-35-06.…)

Allie changed her mind about weed again.

No. 561557


Yeah, she's an ungrateful cunt. Her (literally dying) mom drove her 500+ miles to a concert and she was telling everyone on twitter that her mom was being a bitch because she didn't wanna pick her up at 4 in the morning.

No. 561597

These girl kill me at the amount of stupid shit they say and do amber no one wants your life we dont need to suck dick for guys to like us haha I know you have an IQ of a gold fish no one like you and the people on the internet doesn't count they just feel sorry for you

No. 561883


amber acts like everyone wants her life as a way to convince herself that she is not indeed pathetic and cringey.

Like how everyone pointing out she had Titanic Sinclair (now known for beating up his ex) name tattooed on her and her reply was "yall are just jelly uwu" no one is jealous of how retarded you are amber

No. 561886

File: 1524363488393.jpeg (427.17 KB, 646x1245, 1A70B114-367C-436D-B19B-69734B…)

Wonder why this was deleted 4 minutes after it was posted?

No. 561957

This is the most mature I've seen Greg be, that's creepy in itself.

No. 561975


>being so ugly that when you flirt with a serial cheating narc who preys on insecure girls with mental illness like greg…he still curves you

he even says that it was gross and he deleted everything immediately. imagine being so wack that you make onision of all people grossed out. find a therapist.

No. 562003

Is Amber deleting a lot of her old tweets? I went back looking for that tweet she made about how she was sad Charles Manson died and how she thought he was hot, and I could only find the replies.

No. 562655

Soon enough I will release Amber's dirty and dark secrets I just waiting until the time is right and I will tell you guys everything so have the popcorn ready

No. 562726

Full post, still had it open in another tab

I've been wanting to not talk about how I know Amber, but you know what, fuck it.

As someone who was friends with Amber for a while in time, I can definitely agree that a good portion of our friendship was me trying to make her better her life and do better, while she constantly ignored my advice and said "no" and "it doesn't matter". I felt terrible for her.

I knew she was prone to doing cringey shit and I remember telling her to private her twitter for a while but she refused to. Her excuse? She was too obsessed with tweeting Titanic Sinclair (who muted her at the time) to want to stop.

I told her not to trust the rest of that weird discord clique and she told me I was wrong and that they would NEVER do anything wrong to her.

Whenever her "friends" were talking shit about her in this thread, she lashed out and started blaming ME, even though I was probably her only genuine friends.

I've consistently tried to be a good friend to her and get her to better herself, but it seems like she chooses the most self-destructive choice possible. There is no fixing Amber. Amber only cares about Amber. Amber literally is in such desperate need of attention that she has been a total bitch to me at times just for giving her advice. She cares more about her current fandom than she does the people who are trying to help her be more positive.

I'm sick of it. We haven't talked in a while and I know she lurks in here literally everyday. So, I know she'll see this. Hey Amber, treat your friends better.

Sorry for sperging out. But I wanted to confirm some shit talked about in this thread.

No. 562777

You are speaking the truth as did try to help her and she turns into bitch mode but she tells me she love me but if that's her way of showing love no wonder she cant stay in a relationship we dated but I couldn't do it she was always mean to me and talked down to me but amber you need to treat people better cause soon you will have no one left to help you

No. 562799

I think because all the people Amber loves treat her like shit, she thinks that the way to show affection is by treating others like shit.

Amber chooses to keep the most toxic people in her life and treat all the people who want to help her like shit. I mean, look at how she treats her mom. Look at how she apparently treats her friends and s/o's.

No. 562818

All her friends treat her good I know that for a fact and care about her she is a spoiled brat cause her friends tell me how she treats them like crap and her mom can be over protective but can you blame her amber cant use her brain

No. 562906

i know amber to for a fact she is a bitch but look at what she gotta deal with? this and her life with her mother they constantly fight and all why dont you kust go talk to her directly then to write shit about her here? she wants this to stop so go tell her what she needs to do to make this stupidty stop. other then that you guys talk like you know her but have no idea ive known her for years and she isnt like that at all so until you see her real self in person quit the lies

No. 563122

File: 1524470609820.jpg (42.32 KB, 571x286, Untitled.jpg)

I might sound like Captain Obvious here, but Amber must really like the attention she gets from being on this thread. No wonder she never took anyone's advice to stop being a cringe factory.

No. 564406

Aww I was going through the old thread and couldn't find Amber's naked skydiving video she must have taken it down it was hilarious. She does not look like she is having a lit time. The naked one was funnier though.

No. 564660

File: 1524607718145.jpg (24.66 KB, 581x127, Untitled.jpg)

Amber, there isn't really much to talk to you about. There is no way to get it through your head that you need to stop being such a tryhard who whores herself out for attention.

You wanna know why everyone else in this thread has barely been talked about in the last few months? Because they aren't being a cringey fucks as much as you are. You might be "nice" but you're not being talked about because you aren't nice. There is nothing we want to talk to you about. I doubt you actually want to not be a part of this thread anymore, since you obviously love the attention, but if you somehow don't, a good start would be…ya know…changing literally everything about yourself. I hate to say that, but there are so many things about you and how you act that make you so fun to watch and laugh at.

No. 564987

Is she one of those people that have orthodonic issues and cant fully close their lips around their jutting teeth?

Close your fucking mouth you dumb cow, its flapping in the wind.

No. 565704

File: 1524698279933.jpg (309.33 KB, 1075x842, SmartSelect_20180425-191309_Tw…)

can you be anymore desperate amber begging everyone to wish you happy birthday

No. 567382

Sadly I must confirm the statements about Amber but I have to ask; is it really fair to beat on her ceaselessly? The poor girls not got the ways to cope. Shes already losing most of her friends; I hope it will be a wakeup call. Wishing her the best truly

No. 567545

Same she means well really. She's honestly a pleasant person.

No. 567825

It's funny all these people defending amber have any of you actually seen her in person ?

No. 567827

She's been livesteaming with RSN since last night and it's pretty tragic. She's said several times that she's doing it to "get famous". That's not.. how this works.
Also got real emo talking about LGH and how close they are, yet ignored questions/comments about whether he'd be so nice if she wasn't paying him.
He's going to drop her like a hot potato when he learns she's been cavorting with the enemy and I guarantee she won't take it well. Girl is a mess.

No. 568347

File: 1524951458689.png (29.65 KB, 581x103, amber.png)

Amber, no…

No. 568365

I thought gurg blocked her after she went all superstalker sending him and lame unsolicited nudes constantly, not to forget the suicide baiting and the discord drama? This girl lives in a complete fantasy world, one that fully grown man is taking huge advantage of, rsn is a creepy thirsty neckbeard.

No. 568890

This is why no one like amber

No. 569857

Shes such a low scale star fucker.
She tried for Onision and Laineybot, that went bust.
She tried that Titanic Sinclair fag, and shes lucky she didnt get a stalking charge put against her.
And I guess shes attempting to fuck the peeps in Gotham now?
Everything went south so now shes hopped on RSN's dick.
OfficialTallVideo is lucky he got out of the game when he did or she'd be flying over there to scream at him from outside his bedroom window.

I hope RSN knows its going to take legal action to get her out of his house once the crazy kicks in.

No. 569859

Nice bait, now fuck off.

No. 569926

Now amber is saying realstream raped her

No. 569929


Also is there any deets on Dev she was brought up in /pt and I'm not aware of her

No. 569930

Go to the realstream thread.

No. 569964


We're screwed as a race. Wth is wrong with people??

No. 570126

File: 1525101875071.png (84.92 KB, 797x650, Screenshot_2018-04-30-16-03-02…)

Welp if gurg hadn't heard of the rsn/amber shitshow organically he's certainly aware of it now.
>This isn't about me.
Makes it about her.

Who involves complete strangers into something as traumatic and personal as an alleged rape? Onionstans. That's who.

No. 570229

File: 1525111032811.png (57.11 KB, 597x242, Screenshot at Apr 30 19-55-54.…)

Leave it to Allie to spin this and make it about Onision critics. Utterly disgusting. Greg has done the same shit, yet you still stan him.

No. 570300

Holy fuck, she was literally getting ready to do interview no2 with rsn as was gingerbeck (as recently as 2 days ago). At least all of the stalker flakes should be incredibly fit because of all the bandwagon jumping (apart from fatbecca obvs). Yet now, they all had a "feeling" about him but nobody thought to tell amber.. Amazing friends right there and here for that matter.

Onionflakes can you say Me Me me meeeeee, it's all about meeee??.

No. 570409

File: 1525123194741.jpg (122.42 KB, 1773x790, 20180430_171807.jpg)

Now to make a note amber did post this to her twitter when she was with rsn

No. 570423

I don't see this, when was it posted?

No. 570447

It was posted here 2 days ago, scroll up.

No. 570462

Amber posted I can sleep with who ever I want then deleted why there is something fishy going on with her and rsn there is more to the story then they are saying

No. 571190

I don't know how anyone who has kept up with the patreonfags drama can believe Amber didn't have ulterior motives in all this.

No. 571290

File: 1525211282733.png (38.95 KB, 573x120, ana.png)

Does this include your BFF Megan and all your other friends who have been proven to post here?

No. 571292

Imagine if RSN was the brotherhood. I'm kidding.

Did Allie confirm Fatbecca and themuns were the leaks

No. 571297

via that logic megan is responsible for ambers rape

No. 571299

Dumb logic.

No. 571308

Exactly. Ana is a retard. The only person responsible for this is RSN.

No. 571325

File: 1525213798742.png (58.91 KB, 621x266, Screenshot at May 02 00-29-10.…)

No. 571331

She is a fucking psycho. The only one to blame is Craig, you crazy fucking bitch. Seek help Allie.

No. 571343

Wtf is this immature, irresponsible, famehungry, onionstan blathering on about?? What leaks??
Do you have to have a low iq to join onions patreon, is that a requirement??

No. 571344

What leaks? How new are you? At least read the fucking OP

No. 571356

Uhhh AllielovesAmber/anastacia w/e you forgot to mention sam, jacklyn glenn, et al. Cuz I can guarantee you three weren't the only girls approached, Oh and for the record you put yourselves online individually, nobody else, just YOU.

No. 571359

Lolcow didn't leak anybodies pictures the idiots did that themselves.

No. 571393

Craig targeted girls that were openly displaying their willingness to trade objectification for attention. The nudes were a symptom of this behavior and RSN realized this as well because it's not exactly rocket science. Lolcow made it easier for him to find everything, but none of the 'leaks' were truly taken from someone via hacking or any of the sort. They were a result of these girls (and some dudes) weighing privacy vs attention and taking the risk even after many photos had been posted with the traitor remaining unknown. Note that none of the photos came from Snapchat or private messaging, all of them were from Discord servers with very loose vetting (as someone who was in most of them) or Fetlife (often not even under a friend lock).

This 'leak' is the equivalent of when dramatic internet illiterates forget to log out on their ex's computer and yell about how they got 'hacked'.

No. 571400

I see point anon, I really do. However the easiest way to protect against potential distressing hacks/leaks is to not take nude photos of yourself that could cause distress and send them to random people on the internet.

No. 571402

That's what I meant….?

No. 571410

Thanks dad. You're advice is the best!

No. 571414

patron nudes were leaked from servers hosted by lt. lassie and sylar. lolcow did not have access to these servers because they were run by the two dudes who asspat onionboy.

all leaks were from other users, some of which were caught self posting by leaving their icon in the screenshot from being logged into their various accounts

No. 571445

File: 1525220946641.png (95.06 KB, 593x251, erfrbrw.png)

This anon has it right, these flakes are dumb if they think he specifically targeted only them. He reached out to anyone and everyone, even Luxymoo. Implying the leaks were responsible for RSN's actions is such a reach anyways.

No. 571479

Yep, they were just the only ones pathetic and desperate enough for male attention to respond to him.

I think >>570409 gives light to Amber's true intentions and desires upon meeting Craig/RSN.

No. 571482

lol yet you are still friends with them like megan and fatbeccs??

No. 571516

Don't forget that Amber allegedly selfposted her nudes here

No. 571602

Disclaimer: I think Amber wasn't able to judge the situation she was in and is a victim here, I have no intent to blame her, I merely want to point out the toxicity in the behavior of these girls. Because they've learned nothing, they just moved to other platforms to continue the same cycle over and over.

Before all of this, I excused their lack of common sense as internet illiteracy, but at this point, I have no more sympathy. We know they lurk. They know we know they lurk. We've been pointing out all of their leaks and mistakes from the start. There is being victimized and then there's learned helplessness and sheer ignorance in the face of potentially life-ruining content when they already know exactly how and why it was collected, and how they can avoid it.

And yet, taking all this into consideration, we have this current situation:

> Ana is selling ageplay fetish porn under her legal name.

> Amber flew out for a hotel sleepover with a dude who was hitting on so many of her female friends and displayed a million red flags from the start.
> Beck went back to Greg after being told she deserves to be in a death camp.
> Becca is moderating a BDSM server that demands selfies with photo ID for verification.
> Harley is in the same server posting nudes and was proactively, enthusiastically flirting and having phone sex with a man who was later banned for inappropriate and 'predatory' behavior, mirroring her story with PapaMikey during the first leak round. (She also got him banned for being predatory)

Not to mention they're all so fickle and ready to throw each other on the bus whenever it's time to jump on the next bandwagon, no questions asked. I give it a few weeks until at least one of them turn on Amber. Whatever comes out when this shitty freakshow explodes won't be pretty.

No. 571622

File: 1525234424333.jpeg (Spoiler Image,46.59 KB, 375x495, C5493BDC-DD17-4E1E-AAD6-D64B21…)

Here’s some photos that BDSM server btw.

No. 571623

File: 1525234453179.jpeg (Spoiler Image,53.68 KB, 442x639, 01CBBDFC-F26E-454A-82CA-D2C47D…)

No. 571625

File: 1525234504816.jpeg (Spoiler Image,56.38 KB, 490x658, B6FF2085-3FC7-4CBA-822D-7CEC50…)

No. 571629

File: 1525234608428.jpeg (376.49 KB, 727x1088, A478D89B-99AD-4A1E-BE51-B6AC81…)

No. 571630

File: 1525234646863.jpeg (231.65 KB, 657x734, A3443A17-5797-4BAA-84F6-65959E…)

No. 571632

File: 1525234698738.jpeg (55.1 KB, 731x264, 068B4077-8D72-4EED-933C-64FDB0…)

No. 571635

>the kids jacket hanging up in the background

Fucking degenerates.

No. 571644

File: 1525235399593.jpg (58.69 KB, 408x510, 9b9.jpg)

>I fucking love a brat, all the more reason to hurt you ^=^

That's not something I want to hear from a mother.

No. 571649

File: 1525235801212.jpg (186.45 KB, 388x386, beccabibrat.jpg)

No. 571650

Now I'm picturing the film Mum & Dad in my head.

No. 571653

File: 1525235941599.jpg (85.15 KB, 402x601, bdsm.jpg)

No. 571654

For someone who boasts about being a rope bunny… I've seen better work from a scout groups first attempt to get their knot badge.

No. 571656

File: 1525236121079.jpg (119.53 KB, 613x596, becca2.jpg)

No. 571658

File: 1525236173044.png (20.79 KB, 585x130, daddy-sylar.png)

No. 571665

Facebook: Megan Rose
Myspace: myspace.com/squaddle_puss
msn: igotsquaresinmypants@hotmail.com

probably all inactive, but heres some old shit

No. 571688

lol is she claiming to have multiple personalities now holy shit

maybe take care of your real "littles", crazy slut

No. 571758

Ok I know this is a body part bc skin.. yet I cannot figure out which fucking bodypart it actually is, I initially thought upper glutes but no thigh tapers down that fast. Wtf is it???

No. 571759

i think its her knee area, and top of pic is going to feet

No. 571760

oh wait i thought it was fatbecca fuck idk i guess its her butt…

No. 571767

My god I remember lady flatass whilst lurking on onion boards in the Shiloh days. Shiloh did not like Flatass’s come-on’s To Gerg and Gerg straight banned her a couple times. He even made a video! Omg so long ago haha. She’s STILL an onion Stan and look what she’s become. A degenerate being disgusting showing her puss online. Lovely. :/

No. 571773

its an ass lol

No. 571794

holy fuck, those cankles

Her ankles are so thick that the velcro straps are barely able to wrap around

No. 571800

Ffs Becca they're the cuffs from the shittiest cheapest online sex-shop in the uk, they're literally £2.99 a pair and as flimsy as fuck.

No. 571804

File: 1525266127926.png (392.62 KB, 800x779, 1525264581466.png)

She changed her name again, probably out of fear of Lainey.

No. 572155

Ahahaha they are too, For someone that spends so much fucking money on a man that will never desire her she sure cheeps out for herself. Good though she does seem like a cheep sloppy slag anyway.

No. 572787

We've redacted the legal name of one of the subjects mentioned in this thread due to an ongoing legal situation.

No. 577473

File: 1525887074388.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 1080x1920, KEK.jpg)

SUP ALLIE you should be more careful who you sell your porn to

No. 577483

That's barely even a nude. You bumped this thread for nothing.

No. 577484

shes riding an ugly guys cock but its not like i can host it on youtube

No. 577508

she's making porn now lol, this bitch

No. 577529

I hope the money was worth it babe

No. 577531

File: 1525894781333.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 1920x1080, KEKKK.jpg)

>>577529(spoiler your shit)

No. 577546

I hope Aunt Nikita doesn't see this. Why are these girls such exhibitionists? Like I thought I had a rough upbringing but I cannot fathom how low their self worth must be.

No. 577563

The censorship is a hint btw have fun

No. 577605

yawn. Just drop what dirt you have before you get banned for attention whoring.

No. 577635

File: 1525902018577.jpg (Spoiler Image,186.32 KB, 1032x581, ALLIENO.jpg)


No. 577645

I still don't know what I'm supposed to be seeing other than Ana being a whore but o.k.

No. 577667

File: 1525905632062.png (313.43 KB, 479x477, b78.png)

CJ? Is that you?

No. 577722

Exactly who are we supposed to think this is? Be straightforward anon, half a face can only tell us so much.

No. 577777

Is that RSN? boke he's gross looking why are these girls all so gross

No. 577779

Nice quints, must be true

No. 577906

File: 1525923104231.png (1.13 MB, 1310x630, whodat.png)

No. 577911

File: 1525923902310.png (401.14 KB, 581x621, Screenshot at May 10 05-44-21.…)

This should be an easy fix if the tattoo is legit. So, Allie, just show us any photo that shows the tattoo, posted before today, and you win.

No. 577913

Because nobody has EVER worn a wig or put makeup on a tattoo before. Especially in porn. It's completely unheard of.

No. 578017

Who the fuck keeps their eyes closed during sex? Come on, Allie, you're pretty retarded but that's really a stretch.

No. 578056

File: 1525945820536.jpg (324.68 KB, 635x775, Screenshot_20180510-104652.jpg)

Tattoo is so faint and the low quality photos of a screen, angle of her arm makes it impossible to see it anyway. Doesn't really matter if it is her or not, but it does seem that way.

No. 578068

File: 1525951317191.jpg (Spoiler Image,799.02 KB, 1200x1200, 1507403785791.jpg)

Ok ana.

Clearly not you..

Why do Onionflakes have such short memories??

No. 578073

File: 1525953069498.png (418.77 KB, 875x561, ither.png)

No. 578113

Ana is actually in Colorado,I have her on Snapchat. Her hair was lighter when she was with that Asian guy. I believe her when she says her eyes close. That's what people do during an orgasm. Plus, glasses are cumbersome. OP, post the original video on vimeo. I'm sure ~someone~ would like to see it.

No. 578117


>I believe her when she says her eyes close. That's what people do during an orgasm

You have to be 18+ to post here

No. 578137

Doesn't have to be the Asian guy, could be anyone. She had that hair not too long ago and anyone can change up their glasses or wear costume ones. The teeth as exactly the same, same nose, same eye colour, same body, same girl. Also, who the fuck keeps their eyes closed throughout the whole time having sex, or an orgasm. Girl you must be a virgin, that or a bizzare sex partner who goes around a whole sesh blind.

No. 578211

You have to understand that everyones introduction to sex is different.
I believe her when she says she closes her eyes during sex.
Think about it, would you want to see your Grandfather all sweaty and redfaced on top of you as he tears your asshole.
Id close my eyes too.

No. 578240

Udders of a 40 yo mother of 5. Ppl pay for that shit?

No. 578261

she was whoring it up for the camera. she sells this shit or are you dismissing all the evidence

No. 578266

File: 1525979072735.png (822.93 KB, 909x497, Untitled.png)

I don't know whodat is, but wouldn't it make more sense to compare mystery white guy to this one. RSN.

No. 578290

File: 1525980893838.jpg (160.8 KB, 490x354, ew.jpg)

The guy in the picture is one of her exes. He's called Ray apparently, the original photo from the first thread is attached. I don't think it's CJ purely because the guy she's fucking has cheekbones (like her ex) whilst RSN looks like his face has been melting for the past 28 years like a shitty camembert. The eyebrows are also different.

No. 578296

Tinfoil: This is RSN trying to discredit rape allegations by showing himself having sex with one of Amber's friends for pay

No. 578317

if you look at the RSN thread someone states it's him. Also his last stream in his grandma's car he looks like the guy in the screenshot.

Her ex does not match that bald dude lol, and she looks younger/thinner too.

No. 578324

How can anyone believe this is Allie with zero proof?? Do you realize how damaging these rumors can be? Jesus. You people need get a hobby or some shit and leave my friends alone. It's obviously not her so move on.

No. 578329

Go tell your friends I called them fat you weird bitch.

Are you going to deny that Little Allie Adams doesn't partake in the taking and distributing of nudes for money. You've some growing up to do.

No. 578332

You can tell Allie none of her excuses add up. The tattoo wouldn't be visible in these stills. Hair and glasses? A paper-thin disguise for porn is not a revolutionary idea.

It's very, very clearly her face and body type.

No. 578336

No-one states it's him lmao. They say it looks like him, but the hair line, eyebrows and cheekbones are different. The guy looks more like her ex than CJ. Also, just because she's "thinner" in the snapchat (lol allie being thin) doesn't mean she fucked him immediately after that was taken lmao.

Haven't you already had your five minutes in the spotlight here on this lil old thread, Megan? Go back to sobbing about your fakeboi shit on tumblr you predator. "It's obviously not her" right, right. Ofcourse not.

No. 578340

Yeah I don't really care who the dude is, I'm just delighting in Ana going downhill so, so fast. I guess she realized selling nudes won't take her far, the next step is full service sex work

No. 578344

Lmao definitely not her ex, he has shoulder length hair and always has done.

No. 578359

You'd know this how?

No. 578372

that you fatbecca?

No. 578378

File: 1525985587157.png (98.26 KB, 2452x364, gammon.png)

If it was her, she's assimilated. I wonder what else she's posted about her friends. The deletion really makes it even more sus.

No. 578380

Sounds like Megan to me.

No. 578381

Samefagging but I mean >>462409 this Megan aka ElectroConfuser, not Chronically Megan

No. 578384

I could get behind that too. The use of Ana made me a little suspicious Megan was posting in here earlier, but I thought they were friends. People predominantly refer to Aileen as Allie now, but Megan seems to have always stuck with Ana.
Are the posts that made me sus.

No. 578403

Let's see

> seasoned imageboard poster, knows how to sage

> refers to Allie as Ana
> british slang

we know Megan is a british slag with a vendetta for Allie who's been posting on 4chan and lolcow for at least a couple of years.

No. 578408

File: 1525987105249.png (26.62 KB, 581x123, Screenshot at May 10 23-18-14.…)

Megan just retweeted this

No. 578411

Actually wasn't. Me and Allie are cool although I personally think the pics look like her. Probably Becca.

No. 578422

No. 578437

We can confirm that while some posts in this thread are Megan Cooper's ( >>578056 >>>/snow/578137 ), the deleted one was not. Now please move on instead of tinfoiling.

No. 578442

File: 1525988351943.png (1.09 MB, 1107x631, Untitled.png)

guy in photo has visible tattoo(s) on arm

No. 578449

File: 1525988510017.png (1.02 MB, 1054x752, 1525199608577.png)

if anyone has clear photo of his arm tattoos could put this to rest

No. 578451

Thanks Farmhand, that's honestly hilarious. Bitches never learn

No. 578456


I wouldn't slag Allie off anymore as we are pals. Sure I speculate like anyone else here about things she says but she's still a fun good person to talk to.

No. 578468

Well the dude in the photo doesn't have stretchers in his ears. I don't think its him.

No. 578489

I just want to point out that Allie has lied about leaked pictures not being her before.


No. 578491

Can a Farmhand at least confirm the geolocation of the person who posted the images?

No. 578497

The posts were most likely sent through a proxy. We permanently banned the user.

No. 578517

File: 1525991018319.png (42.58 KB, 579x153, Screenshot at May 11 00-19-37.…)

Man, she's really not as smart as she thinks she is. Everyone knows these sites are scams, that's why they're full of first-timers wanting to make a quick buck with Snapchat filtered selfies.

>$200 in 5 months

Now that's just pathetic. You can make that on Facebook on a Sunday in 2 hours if you know what you're doing and have as little shame as she does.

Also she's a fucking retard because I looked at their site and they make you confirm a checkbox that you won't try to advertise off-site links or communication. No wonder she got banned. They might be legally entitled to keeping her money because the broke the TOC, too bad so sad

No. 578570

Now that it's confirmed Megan posted this, I really applaud her for still posting here. I'm not kidding. Dis bitch is committed to the drama or she would've stopped posting after being outed the first time. Damn, Megan, if I were one of your friends, I'd never be able to trust you again.

No. 578587

Gotta do something to pass the time.

No. 578588

File: 1525994176626.png (30.84 KB, 571x96, Screenshot at May 11 00-12-28.…)

A job where you earn $200 in 5 months isn't a job.
And don't try to pretend you're making more elsewhere babe, or you wouldn't tweet and rt so much about a scam site <3

No. 578589

You may have deleted the post where you said pounds instead of $ but your timezone is still british, l m a o

No. 578591

So you post about your friends on lolcow? Nothing better to do?

No. 578610

where do you see a timezone?

No. 578635

look at the file name, it's the 11th in the UK already

No. 578638

Oh shit lol Megan just stop

No. 578713

File: 1526002355788.jpg (772.7 KB, 1776x750, legacy.jpg)

How does it feel to know that this is your legacy and will follow you for the rest of your life? Through noone's fault but your own?

If you didn't put your nude shit out there semi-publicly, there'd be nothing to leak. Nothing here has come from DMs or private sources. You can blame haters and anti-os all you want, but this is on you.

No. 578756

you faggots i wasnt rly trying to sell it chill. just wanted to see who emails lol but i dont have the vid all I got was the preview cuz I past on buying this bitch is crazy if she thinks her flaby tits are worth that money ok i'm done here. peace

No. 578772

File: 1526006226606.png (133.3 KB, 593x518, questionmark.png)

Allie has been on a defensive Twitter sperg and is really baiting for the video to be released. Tinfoiling but I think she's going so hard because she knows he doesn't have the clip, it makes sense for her to dare him to post it if it's true that he didn't actually buy it >>578756 and only has the stills.

Why does she keep using the location as a defense when nobody pinpointed the timeframe for the sex, so it doesn't matter where she is at the moment.

No. 578776

all those typos… you sound panicked Allie kek

No. 578784

File: 1526006867940.jpg (94.25 KB, 720x1280, DcCp0BjUwAA7_tk.jpg)

Remember he asked her for videos before

No. 578785

>lol and ur too broke to come out?
>I just paid off my student loans

I bet this was her bragging about the amazing money she makes as a sex worker. We all know you're broke, don't need excuses

No. 578835


this is Allie's BFF who she shares everything with. they're underage but I'm sure they've still seen those trashy lewds. is that legal?

No. 578844

Megan can say she's cool with Allie all she wants, but she's still here helping farmers prove that the porn was indeed Allie with her detective work the Farmhand pointed out. Either she's a really fucking terrible friend or a straight-up bitch that Ana's too dumb to see for who she is.

No. 578880

No it illegal it's a class 3 felony note all of the girls on here have sent nudes or videos to people under 18

No. 579172

Yet again, not me. Yes I still post on lolcow daily but you all point out other people's posts as being mine. Plz stop saying posts are mine as you are all always wrong.

No. 579174

She genuinely does make money aside from adoptabrat. She sells quite a number of photos etc and reaches customers through Kik and even Tindr. She makes enough to not need a job in retail anymore, she does get custom regularly. Good on her really.

No. 579208

Stop cherrypicking comments to reply to and answer about the shit you've been pulling.

No. 579219

Lol I looked at her twitter and she even messaged aunt nikki saying we keep claiming she's where RSN is. None of us know where he is, and we've never once stated where this porn took place how come she knows?

Also if you go back on her twitter you can see her hubble bragging about someone wanting to fuck her in half. Reads like RSN.

We're not saying you fucked RSN after Amber most likely months before. Tell your crackwhore aunt that.

No. 579247

No more shit than yourself or others, because we talk online am I not allowed to think or speculate that she could be fibbing seeming as she has before about a couple of photos? I'm not ripping her to pieces nor insultive towards her, I've even spoke to her about it myself but she denied it was her profusely. We are on good terms none the less even if I am suss.

No. 579255

I'm not her friend, I owe her nothing. She's a right retard for still speaking to you at all after your initial outing and even now after you've proven yourself to still be posting about her and fueling the fire with your little collage… But I guess you two deserve each other for being backstabbing bitches.

No. 581577

File: 1526243424017.png (2.66 MB, 1192x1433, DdGmZJoW4AAdPXa.png)

Damn, that's creepy as hell. Megan, please learn to shoop more convincingly if you want people to forget you actually look like >>462417

No. 583428

So are you still gonna do this or were you just trolling?

No. 597582

File: 1527693054238.jpg (1.08 MB, 858x7392, nova_reddit.jpg)

Lol 'sup Megan, I suppose you don't want your baby daddy's lawyer to see that you're obsessively posting about your eating disorder, drunk escapades, not understanding the absolute basics of medicine, your 'primal anger' and impulse to 'beat the living shit' out of people who make any kind of sudden noise (while having 2 kids) and using benzos to starve yourself.

Jesus fucking christ, this woman is a menace.




No. 597592

Oh damn, the ED stuff is excusable but her wishing death on people all the time and wanting to hurt people for insignificant things is kinda terrifying. Also hiding the fact you have a kid from someone you're dating is bizarre. She needs proper mental help asap.

No. 597617

I agree that the ED stuff isn't that bad except for where she considers using Ambien to restrict. I'd not trust anyone who's on Ambien around children, especially toddlers.

No. 597627

File: 1527695767336.jpeg (113.44 KB, 640x550, 27E863C3-3F55-4E35-A9EB-D5201D…)

No. 597733

>subject matter expert for quality
her continuous adoration of onion proves that wrong kek

No. 597743

Tinfoil that the amber white knight in the onion thread was amber.

No. 597756

Has to be. That was too much

No. 597995

Anons, Amber doesn't know how to write sentences with proper punctuation and spelling.

No. 599588

Exactly my point though, there WAS typos in that person's replies if you go back and look.
The white knighting combined with the grammar.

No. 599619

File: 1527883558977.jpg (43.41 KB, 640x359, o9CmsDW.jpg)

I'll give you three guesses

No. 599656

I'm not familiar with the other patrons, I only really know about fatBecca, gingerbeck and a couple others, I'll get reading. I didnt initially look into any of them because I didn't think it'd be that exciting.

It was definitely not a farmer that defended her though.
Even if a farmer was defending Amber, they wouldn't write it the way those posts were written. Normally, they'd defend her about her alleged rape but that's where the sympathy ends.

>she's a really sweet girl i know her in real life, she's so happy and sweet and obviously not special needs if she can book hotels and buy plane ticketssss

No. 599658

I see Ronald McDonald is still doing charity for special needs kids. How lovely.

No. 599666

I'm deceased, good one.

No. 600096


Oh please, anon. Ron McDon deserves some love.
This is more like Meg McCrap.

No. 600109

Old post is old but holy shit I did not expect Becca to be 19. She looks way older. Either that or she's lying about her age.
Sage for dumbfagging.

No. 604681

File: 1528414670535.jpg (99.09 KB, 263x468, W2iZoTV.jpg)

I guess tracing ur own nudes only takes you so far

No. 604682

File: 1528414711208.jpg (119.91 KB, 1080x809, 3Y6gQrW.jpg)

No. 604684

File: 1528414765080.jpg (45.02 KB, 751x939, f8x2jeV.jpg)

No. 604847

This was never submitted in my university work and the majority of my actual paintings and contemporary pieces are not online. I passed all aspects of my year. I guess it’s a crime to want to earn money and travel.

No. 605108

are you still begging for a farmer role in the lolcord while you're here responding to your thread? kek

No. 608067

File: 1528761164004.png (390.49 KB, 923x548, lul.png)

Truly stellar. The University of East London must be so proud. Good thing they returned your recycling.

#contemporaryart #uelfineart

No. 608075

File: 1528761368832.png (510.48 KB, 828x591, megancooper.png)

Your peer seems quite talented at capturing reality though, please give her my regards.

No. 610199

File: 1528951114181.jpg (111.73 KB, 883x649, DTGnNa4VoAAeKgy.jpg)

what did I do to deserve getting on instagram and seeing this? I wanna wash my eyes out with bleach.

No. 610340


What the hell Amber.
This guy looks like he's in his 50s.
Get some selfrespect.