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File: 1514067615972.jpg (53.19 KB, 663x367, nHW84sOA.jpg)

No. 451148

TheJosh's post history on lolcow.farm: Click here

TheJosh / Maurice Yandiorio / Neal Century / Mauro Furia / Family of Two / Chef Fanatic / Kolla / Tsunami / OWJ News / Mikado Shimbun / Josh Mori / Josh Ek

Live/Off-Topic Thread:

Basic outline:
> TheJoshVlog (TheJosh for short) is most widely known for his videos criticizing Onision and jumping on to any bandwagon possible to push himself higher in views and social standing.

> Has a history of plagiarism, harassment, sockpuppet accounts, vanity, threatening multiple parties with false lawsuits, and blatant scamming.

> Can’t provide proof for any of his claims against Onision (tracked down and physically assaulted a “hater”, kissed a minor on a plane, raped a minor in Scotland)

> Claims to be able to trace IPs through twitter and obtain GPS location from said IPs (while showing zero proof)

> Claims to be a part of British MENSA and went to Cambridge University.

> Self posts on lolcow, reddit, etc, wrote his own Youtube Wikia page as well as attempted to write several other ACTUAL wiki pages chronicling his previous failed career paths before they were deleted for being too unknown.

> Suspected of using bot followers on multiple social networks for his various “personal projects”, but most notably on the Facebook page for his English cooking channel Chef Fanatic.

>Claims to have unlimited resources/boasts of being a millionaire yet begs people to pledge to his Patreon account. This same Patreon page is where he makes the ridiculous claim of having 10 MILLION followers.

>Has a habit of getting random twitter users to do his research/dirty work for him without pay while also claiming to have 30 employees at his "business".

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvpLNF7DQC5XtyS7AjpciZw (TheJosh/main channel)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9LlfovXXDCsx1Nd9KK74Zg (Family of Two)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOCobt8MBtcecP6vCQFcsXA (Kolla)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP6CTueYmwjf8a61UHa_BlA (Tsunami)


No. 451150

File: 1514067760110.jpg (51.91 KB, 599x456, image (3).jpg)

Neal Century:

https://open.spotify.com/artist/4lz82Ub19Ydt3I5N1buSaP / https://open.spotify.com/album/49R0KbtztRmovmVXY8YuvL

“Neal Century” is The Josh’s (legal name Maurice Yandiorio) previous failed music career. He considers himself as famous as Queen as is shown in the attempts to plagiarize almost exact quotes from Freddie Mercury's own Wiki. “Neal Century” is also infamous for plagiarizing song lyrics. “Neal Century” never became notable or famous enough to garner a wikipedia article, which caused Josh to create one himself. After the page was deleted, Josh continued harassing multiple users in attempts to put the page back up, ending with a series of legal threats against Wikipedia.

No. 451155

File: 1514068049938.png (109.89 KB, 1294x618, stolen.png)

“People Helping People” includes stolen lyrics from the band America’s song “Lonely People”


He added these lyrics to his song “People Helping People” which has a staggering 6 lines (half of which are plagiarized).

No. 451158

File: 1514068116934.png (49.69 KB, 895x635, Capture4.PNG)

TheJosh originally uploaded “5 in the morning” under Neal Century

He liked this song so much he also uploaded it under his new music YouTube channel Kolla:

No. 451160

File: 1514068203735.png (57.85 KB, 1155x459, Capture11.PNG)

Due to Neal Century’s lack of notability, his wikipedia articles were constantly up for deletion:


The deletion of his own wikipedia page lead to a massive spergout, and ended in empty legal threats.

No. 451162

File: 1514068344383.png (98.77 KB, 1082x607, Capture7.PNG)

Spergout caps. Includes ALL CAPS yelling at wiki staff for deleting his precious article.

No. 451163

File: 1514068404560.png (96.29 KB, 1110x632, Capture9.PNG)

Vanity, hoax, idiocy, and sockpuppets~

No. 451164

File: 1514068491805.png (24.79 KB, 1065x172, Capture8.PNG)

He actually made two fake accounts to defend himself against the wiki users voting to delete his article. His accounts have been slashed out in this cap.

No. 451165

No. 451168

File: 1514068635692.png (23.7 KB, 1111x139, Capture6.PNG)

Wiki image of Neal Century (2007) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Neal_Century.jpg
The account that uploaded this photo was blocked for harassment and abusing multiple accounts.

No. 451170

File: 1514068691097.jpg (102.13 KB, 309x1024, neal.jpg)

Due to the deletion of the Neal Century wikipedia page, Maurice threatens to sue Wikipedia.

No. 451171

File: 1514068791855.png (82.11 KB, 915x365, Capture10.PNG)

Misc. cap found on a Russian website. Maurice likens himself to Queen/Freddie Mercury a lot.

No. 451174

File: 1514068928017.jpg (415.81 KB, 996x2047, image.jpg)

The Neal Century wiki page included many stolen quotes from Freddie Mercury.

No. 451177

File: 1514068980883.jpg (314.68 KB, 996x2047, image (1).jpg)

More blatantly stolen quotes.

No. 451178

File: 1514069056658.jpg (379.66 KB, 996x2047, image (2).jpg)

Another weird addition to Neal Century's wikipedia page was a section entirely devoted to pointing out how NOT GAY Maurice is. He even quotes a made up friend to reinforce MAURICE AIN'T GAY.

No. 451180

File: 1514069279390.png (141.63 KB, 338x511, Capture12.PNG)

Maurice also tends to insert himself into random famous singers’ biographies on obscure music listening platforms. Delusions of grandeur much?

No. 451181

File: 1514069394662.jpg (2.76 KB, 149x100, Neal_Century.jpg)

Maurice wrote a history of his music career that was deleted from Wikipedia but reposted on this site http://speedydeletion.wikia.com/wiki/Work_(band)_(deleted_23_May_2008_at_00:29)

He referrers to his band, Work (formerly known as Stop and go) sometimes within the article he refers to them as Queen.

“In 2001, after a series of delays, Queen released their first e-album, a self-titled internet-project influenced by the Rock'n'Roll and progressive rock of the day. The album was received well by critics. All the album is signed by Neal Century”

“By 2003, Queen were back in the studio, where they recorded several tracks and worked on the Cappella Project named Stop&Go, recalling their first band. It borrowed the name of an old project, and its covers were similar to the original versions, but all made with voices only.”

No. 451183

An article on Maurice Yandiorio that was deleted: http://deletionpedia.dbatley.com/w/index.php?title=Neal_Century_(deleted_23_May_2008_at_00:04)
“2007 he appeared in "Secret Depressive Life ", a documentary on bipolar disorder, where he spoke publicly about his own experiences with depression”

Maurice threatened Wikipedia for putting his article up for deletion:

Argued with Wikipedia over his article:https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?s=Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Neal_Century&diff=prev&oldid=213293590

Maurice also likes using a new website he may have written for: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Dc0ab16446345039fec8ad261b1b9b83

No. 451189

File: 1514069865761.png (64.4 KB, 1288x438, stolen2.png)

Maurice has also been known to dabble in journalism, as we all know by now, but did you know he was a news analyst for OWJ? He also shamelessly self-promoted his work as Tom Motto.

Maurice ran a English news organization in Japan called OWJ News (One Way Japan News) as another of his “personal projects.” Why is this interesting? Because the OWJ News logo is a blatant rip off of the BBC logo. Same color and everything.

No. 451192

File: 1514070071427.png (240.78 KB, 453x418, Capture13.PNG)

Receipt of Maurice stealing a woman's photo for an article without crediting her.

No. 451194

File: 1514070360838.png (94.38 KB, 924x480, Capture14.PNG)


More evidence of Maurice's sockpuppets accounts. In this cap he's using his Tom Matto account to promote his Mikado Shimbun account along with his main account (Maurice Yandiorio).

No. 451197

File: 1514070549468.png (132.11 KB, 910x609, Capture15.PNG)

A user pointing out that OWJ News is NOT a reliable source.

>both the YouTube video and the OWJ News site do not seem to be reliable sources. So please pay attention to what you enter. If you are in possession of other more reliable sources (for example, the most well-known newspaper articles like Japan Times, Asahi Shinbun, Yomiuri Shinbun, etc.), we can discuss the topic.

No. 451199

File: 1514070911522.png (84.09 KB, 1142x548, Capture16.PNG)

Josh, as Maurice Yandiorio, also seems to have helped with the promotion of a pizza emporium for a man by the name of Salvatore Cuomo.


Essentially, Maurice used his sock puppet account Tom Matto to vandalize the wiki article for this chef, then hopped on his Maurice account to discredit all of Tom's additions in hopes that wiki would delete the article.

No. 451201

File: 1514071065167.png (91.74 KB, 1154x524, unknown (1).png)

He then follows this up with ratting out his other two sock puppet accounts to make his comments as Maurice seem more valid. Dude literally snitched on himself.

No. 451202

File: 1514071188054.png (42 KB, 354x439, Capture17.PNG)

And as a result, his MauriceYandiorio account was being permanently terminated.

No. 451203

File: 1514071504438.png (301.67 KB, 635x524, Capture18.PNG)

So not only is Maurice a failed musician AND a failed journalist, he also had a short stint doing photography for this pizza restaurant.

No. 451204

File: 1514071656187.png (659.49 KB, 625x467, Capture19.PNG)

Maurice lurking in the shadows but you can spot that fedora tipper from a mile away.

No. 451206

File: 1514071838449.png (199.43 KB, 386x435, Capture20.PNG)

On the Facebook page for Maurice’s English cooking channel, Chef Fanatic!, he has amassed an apparent following of 950,000+ users and 960,000+ likes.
To be clear, the Chef Fanatic! YouTube channel only has about 2,000 subscribers. It is quite odd that a page with so little activity could have such a large following. Very indicative that Maurice abuses bot follower services IMO.

No. 451212

The most cringe of all thought is his "Family of Two" youtube channel where he gets to whore out his daughter for pedo views. Most disturbing is his highest views video "FATHER CHANGiNG POOPY DiAPER and GETTiNG SiCK ( E.13 )" with 80k views. For comparison, his other videos receive about 200-500 views each.

This video includes Maurice having zero idea how to change his 2.5 year old daughters diaper, wiping her own shit into her vagina, then repeating "do not get the poopoo in the vagina" over and over again.

Comments have since been disabled because most were criticizing Maurice for exposing his young daughter to the wrong kind of audience (pedophiles), for having his daughter still in diapers despite her age and size, and finally for wiping literal shit into his daughters vagina.

No. 451213

File: 1514072495323.png (1.03 MB, 1423x1227, lies.png)

Maurice previously had a wife, and while she remains mostly a mystery, Maurice likes to change his story about what happened to her frequently. Between his fandom wikia and his own patreon, he can't seem to remember what year his wife "left", or even if she left him or died. Also his daughter somehow ages 2 years between 2015-2016. This dude just can't keep his lies straight.

No. 451216

Oh he’s the guy who went on younow with Eugenia Cooney and asked her invasive questions about her weight lol

No. 451228

I hated this guy as it was from his endless self-posting in the Onion threads, but this is just absolutely disgusting. He knows what he's doing and who he's catering to. Fuck this piece of shit.

No. 451312

what the fuck? who even thinks to put this shit on youtube? that poor girl is going to be traumatize when she gets older and sees this

No. 451325

Amazing thread OP, I'm going down this rabbit hole. Why are Anti-Os so nuts?

No. 451334

when you're a hateable person you're going to be hated by everyone starting from smart sane folks to batshit crazy nutcases

No. 451398

Out of all the anti Os i think he's the most lolworthy

From the fedora to his drama alert setup, his man looks straight outta a Scooby doo cartoon

No. 451504

File: 1514110794670.png (66.33 KB, 1210x596, Screen_Shot_2017-12-18_at_12[1…)

He's the epitome of "I know your manager"

No. 451505


A list of domains he owns.

at one point maurice owned salvatorecuomo.com
NOT salvatore-cuomo.com
i am unsure but it's possible he was trying to impersonate him or profit off of his name. he did the same for another japanese-italian chef.


here he complained about a picture he uploaded of salvatore being removed
in 2014
one of his sockpuppets: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Contributions/5cd18e29fe5e18ce849a45e87867d5ce&offset=&limit=500&target=5cd18e29fe5e18ce849a45e87867d5ce
here we can see he actually created the salvatore cuomo wiki page
and he lists salvatore's website as salvatorecuomo.com

more discussion with other wiki users/staff about salvatore https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=User_talk:MatthewVanitas&diff=prev&oldid=612185867
now check this

Index.php?title=User talk:MatthewVanitas&diff=prev&oldid=612185867
Index.php?title=Talk:Salvatore Cuomo&oldid=749895431
now check the discussion section of the italian article for salvatore

posted november 16 2016, same day as the other
with google translate:
>Today I went to eat in a Salvatore Cuomo restaurant. Then I checked on wikipedia and I was intrigued. Above all because everything is article is false. Salvatore Cuomo is the name of a restaurant chain in Japan. But he personally did nothing of the one mentioned here. Just search quickly on google and you'll understand. VIP Chef ??? It's not a VIP just for nothing. Sorry, who wrote this article? Threecharlie, the person who made this page ONLY contributed to this page. Probably it is some employee of Salvatore Cuomo. Beware of fakes. Anyway, if I can help you … ask. - "Cuomo is credited by Japanese media as the one who popularized Neapolitan pizza in Japan" there is not record anywhere on this thing. - "During the nineties and early 2000s he made numerous appearances in Japanese television programs such as Iron Chef and Buona Sera, a WOWOW program on Italian cuisine." So, there's no record of any television program about he was a part of. Nobody. There's an Iron Chef, but it was a competition that he lost and he came home the same evening. Appeared on television for 30 minutes. On any other channel .. nothing. The WOWOW program is a youtube channel with 300 views. Nothing important, very rudimentary. Nothing professional. - "Always in 2014 opens its first restaurant in Taiwan that, according to the TVBS, would give new impetus to the

>This is a completely invented article and I do not understand why it's on Wikipedia.

so we see starting around 2014, he supposedly took a photo of this guy, created a wikipedia page for him, claimed to have written about him in a newspaper, and gotten permission to use his photos, and also registered salvatorecuomo.com
domain was registered february 5 2014
then from 2015 to 2016 he's still contributing to and maintaining the salvatore page
then suddenly, on november 16 he goes on a massive sockpuppet sperg campaign on the english and italian wiki pages for salvatore and various wiki editors' discussion pages
claiming the article is a fraud and needs to be removed, pointing to his own past edits
my theory is maybe he did have some sort of minor relationship with him and then salvatore pissed him off somehow right around november 16
orrrrrrr they never had a relationship and he was stalking him or trying to profit off of him in some way
or he made the guy up entirely???
but i think he's real…

No. 451670

File: 1514142182002.jpeg (457.6 KB, 750x1231, 9F61A627-7B36-4621-B774-D6906B…)

apparently Josh tried getting TheBlargh to promote his videos

No. 453730

File: 1514316908506.jpeg (427.73 KB, 750x1048, 3ECC6F1A-FB49-4469-90E4-6D1C82…)

Josh updated his Patreon because he can’t keep his lies straight kek

No. 453763

I feel like watching this video put me on a list

No. 453769

File: 1514319716427.png (313.47 KB, 1066x1179, SmartSelectImage_2017-12-26-14…)

if you're so poor, why are you paying youtubers so much money for doing promos?

No. 453781

File: 1514320417468.png (95.62 KB, 820x850, D03D10C5-980E-41B2-9152-870CFD…)

It’s funny how he says he’s poor on this channel, yet in the caps on his website he says he has “unlimited resources”. I’m also wondering why someone with unlimited resources would need a Patreon? Sus.

No. 453782

File: 1514320464053.png (95.43 KB, 819x849, 18C3F565-9DDF-45E2-B4C6-062DB8…)

And in this cap he says he would personally fund a lawsuit for Greg. So “poor”.

No. 453787

Extremely recently The Josh Vlog deleted his music channel Kolla along with the video for his song "5 in the morning." Luckily I had it saved and have uploaded it unlisted on youtube.

No. 453789

Extremely recently The Josh Vlog deleted his music channel Kolla along with the video for his song "5 in the morning." Luckily I had it saved and have uploaded it unlisted on youtube.

No. 453807


Delete your double post and when you post do not type anything in the email and fields unless sage.


No. 453808

File: 1514323039179.jpg (361.6 KB, 810x1791, Screenshot_20171226-151011.jpg)

Why does he need a pateron if he's so rich and has unlimited resources? Why not just hire a woman himself, rather than asking patrons to do it for him?

No. 454120

File: 1514372687066.jpeg (132.72 KB, 640x859, D9E6A128-7532-4725-8CDB-4A6055…)

No. 454134

Oh shut the FUCK up Maurice. You knew exactly what you were doing subjecting your child to those 14 minutes of exposure or however long that video was (which is of course down now). You're disgusting.

No. 454135

He must have seen the thread. What a victim complex. How does this make it dangerous for your kid? You weren't thinking about that when you were putting her poopy diapers on your YouTube channel.

No. 454137

Haha! He took down the poopoo in the vagina video? Now I'm sure he's seen his thread.

No. 454146

Yep! Took it down. After all his self posting here too, he finally gets what he wants and can't even take the heat for a full day before he starts this victim complex an hero shit. I don't know what he expected trying to advertise himself HERE of all places, especially with that pedo video up.

No. 454147

He was working on a video about John Kuckian, so people are going to assume it's John's fault that Josh deleted his channel.

No. 454152

File: 1514384537890.png (45.34 KB, 1063x354, SmartSelectImage_2017-12-27-08…)

His website is down too.

No. 454168

he wishes john kuckian knew who the hell he was so that he could be exposed like some martyr. newsflash, maurice: no one big actually gives a crap about you. beeteedubs, who accused you of being a pedo? why did they accuse you of being a pedo? after being accused of pedophilia, did you think it was an intelligent idea to make a video of you exposing your daughter's genitals and then wipe her butt? did you think you were being smart when you filmed her peeing on the toilet it another video? did you think it was safe or sane to interview an actual pedophile just to get a leg up on onion? no one here is coming after your daughter. you are the only who ever put her in considerable danger by filming and uploading videos of your daughter at her most vulnerable state. you shouldn't have taken down the video because of lolcow. you should have taken down the video when you saw all of those weirdos making weird comments about your daughter, but you didn't. you chose to ignore the criticism in the comments and those perverted remarks. you only deleted the video when you were publicly called out for it. you're a creep, maurice.

No. 454172

Are you out of your mind? Most people want Kuckian off the Internet, kultmember

No. 454174

Who said anything in defense of John? Kukian is a cow too.

No. 454188

File: 1514389752170.jpeg (55.21 KB, 750x1285, 99326228-A6BB-4CE3-A699-FD4259…)

Just checked and yep he deleted all his channels.

No. 454190

Damn I wonder if he's got something more to hide

No. 454201

he's a creepy compulsive liar desperate for attention but calling him a pedo is a stretch. the videos of his daughter probably did attract pedos but he wasn't doing anything that weird in them and wasn't intentionally baiting pedos or something. the diaper changing video was gross but isn't enough to think he's a pedo

No. 454203

File: 1514391083852.jpeg (72.13 KB, 896x1024, F4F19277-E351-4C96-81F2-2AE18E…)

he put his goodbye message behind a paywall on his patreon

No. 454208

i don't think anyone is calling him a pedo, but he definitely knew pedophiles were watching. he filmed his daughter on the toilet and then the diaper changing video. he didn't give any tutorial in the video either, he was filming her for no educational purposes.

No. 454209

For someone as concerned about kids as he pretends to be, he wasn't that concerned about his daughter. Why did that video have so many views? It had 80k last time I checked before he removed it. The rest of his videos had like 200-300.

Why did so many people want to watch a hairy armed bauld Italian change his daughter's nappy?

No. 454224

File: 1514392708197.jpg (6.56 KB, 336x150, good night charlie brown.jpg)

Cya Maurice, you won't be missed.

No. 454231

Holy shit. I remember asking in the Onision threads a few months back of anyone noticed something weird besides his self posting because I noticed weird comments on most of his videos. It was when he had only a handful and I was seeing people saying how he was the best channel on YouTube and did the best research and that obviously seemed way off. It was the time he had many 1500 subs on his main page. So, I went through about 5 videos and 70% of his comments were these raving reviews that he would reply to and EVERY SINGLE ONE had the page created date of Aug. 2017. Literally everyone. And most of the names were not repeat names from video to video. I remember that I left a comment on one video exposing all this and I'm pretty sure he deleted or just no-one cared because I never had any activity on it and honestly forgot about it. I'm wasn't sure what to look for next or what I was even looking for so I forgot all about it.

No. 454233

File: 1514394427234.jpg (307.39 KB, 1080x797, Screenshot_20171226-153003.jpg)

Yeah he also has so many Twitter followers. I bet he buys comments and followers. He wants fame any way he can get it

No. 454256

File: 1514398294477.jpeg (78.23 KB, 1112x816, 7123BE05-4C5F-4C9C-90A2-52EDBD…)

this breaks the man

No. 454259

>>By the time you'll read this message, I'll be gone.

Did he an hero or something?

No. 454264

I noticed that as well but when I did an twit audit it had like 90% real. I never bought his "team of people" bs. I mean he was saying that with barely any views or followers. He even claimed to have a lawyers in staff and everything. He clearly wasn't large enough to employ all these people for videos that barely hit 1000 views. I also think I checked and he created all his channel around the same time, it was a long time ago so I could be misremebering that part.

Did anyone download any of the videos before he deleted them all?

People on Twitter are saying "we know that your innocent, we know you didn't do this." HOW WOULD YOU IDIOTS KNOW?!?!? Lol. They know nothing about this man, they just like his videos. They aren't even good or well researched. I even saw him "call out" Philly D on Twitter saying "if you claim your patreon money isn't donations then why do people get t-shirts and rewards??" Uh, that's literally the opposite of a donation lol.

It sucks that he deleted everything because he's definelty hiding something and I knew for awhile something was up.

No. 454266

Both of the cheffantic websites are gone as well as the Facebook page.. I'm going through the rest now. He's literally deleting everything.

No. 454268

I remember hearing him talk about his employees and assistant and lawyers too. Who'd pay someone to make videos on onision? And the things he claimed onion did had no receipts. He never had any solid proof.

No. 454281

I have a copy of the diaper video (where he puts shit in his daughters vagina) but I’m out of town atm.

No. 454297

Good on this anon for saving that video. And I don't think he himself is a pedo but I think he knew exactly what pedo audience he had for that particular video. I mean come on, no one is naive enough to think that's just a wholesome family video. This wink wink shit with YouTube about the pedophilia videos is getting really old. Anyway I digress… the fact that he deleted everything is definitely suspicious as hell. Maybe he did have more to hide. Either way I hope anons can dig up more stuff on this piece of crap.

No. 454306

Yeah I always saw it as bs. Plus the videos weren't even that well researched and he would always just make vague "hints" about big news or things he supposedly uncovered but never revealing it. It was so obvious he was just bluffing. He

>>454281Good Job, Anon. I've seen it but I'm just glad someone saved it. Idk if he's was pandering to paedophiles or if he was just dumb but it seems he will do anything for fame so it's a bad situation for his daughter either way. Plus, South Korea is a known sex trafficking and paedophile hotbed.

No. 454309

This thread started 4 days ago and most of the posts are about his crazy sock accounts and wiki shit. The first mention of that video and everything gets deleted? He's guilty of something. There are already some great Anons here to dig this stuff up. He hopefully can't hide forever.

No. 454327

File: 1514404319326.png (375.56 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20171227-144702.png)

No. 454330


Clearly another self post on wiki by the shit spelling. Japan Today wiki page, it only has the about and this. I wonder if he created the whole page..

No. 454346

I'm willing to bet it has something to do with his wife. He updated his pateron a few days ago with the date she left him. And why does he put left in quotes? On wikia, he said she left in 2015.

No. 454358

i think by left he means she died, which he has said before. but if i remember right he said she died in 2015 and then said she left in 2016? his stories never make sense.

No. 454360

File: 1514408954188.jpg (48.6 KB, 530x344, whathappened.jpg)

I noticed the "left" in quotations, what's up with that?

But if she died why not just say so? Being a widower with a child is a tragic and could make him more sympathetic. It's not common for a woman to leave her child behind completely when she leaves her husband.

No. 454364

Yeah that's weird. If your wife died, you'd think youd remember what year it was. Maybe he's hiding something to do with his kid.

No. 454373

File: 1514410228160.jpg (388.38 KB, 1080x1323, Screenshot_20171227-132942.jpg)


No. 454375

Samefag, that was posted in the John Kuckian thread.

No. 454377

File: 1514410368934.jpg (77.99 KB, 575x1024, joshevidence6.jpg)

Now that the self-proclaimed millionaire took down his Patreon, where the hell is the money he made off a dead little girl's money going to? He said that it was supposed to go to charity, but that he also hadn't reached his goal yet. Pretty sure any charity will accept whatever money you can afford to give, just in case you're reading this, Maurice.

No. 454382

If anyone has Josh's Snaps that would be appreciated, because for now that's just gossip. I'd like some hard evidence because I've seen the rumor floating around ever since this shitstorm stirred up.

No. 454388

as far as i know josh never had a snapchat, doubt the old mans tech savvy enough for it. got no idea where the rumor originated from but its definitely bullshit, i bet a dollar Kuckian doesn't even know who josh is. his fans are just a couple chromosomes away from downs syndrome and will believe anything.

No. 454397

Let's not even get started on those braindead tinfoil hat morons. They don't like to to believe the hard facts when it's presented to them, but are willing to throw out baseless rumors to satisfy their Poopoo in Vagina lord, Josh. They have no evidence that John Kuckian is behind any of this. I'd bet eighteen dollars that the dude doesn't have a clue who Josh is. When they shovel out some proof Kuckian's dug up this shit on Josh, then I'll believe it. Doesn't mean that Josh isn't a plagiarizing, pedophile-pandering, ladder-climbing, fake journalist with a hero complex.

No. 454399

people have been skeptical of josh way before the kuckian shit. a lot of anti onision people were having doubts about him, so it was only a matter of time before someone found real dirt on him. what a scumbag.

No. 454400

It's probably Maurice himself self posting to try to throw us off. Lord knows he loves posting here.

No. 454406

Even if Kuckian is responsible, why should Maurice be forgiven for stealing peoples work, crediting it as his own, exposing his daughter to an audience of perverts, and made enough money to buy a nice dinner at Chili's off a dead girl's fatal brain cancer? This is not the hero Gotham deserves.

No. 454419

He shouldn't. I'm almost positive that post was Josh himself trying to garner sympathy. How pathetic, this grown man with a daughter posting on a gossip site for girls trying to gain fans by any means possible. Who was that other crazy anti-O who was like the female version of this guy minus the perverted shit? She self posted here too, stole other peoples work, was a nutcase, talked herself up, etc… Jamie Leigh Fischer! Why are these people all so batshit?

No. 454444

I have the video about an anti o blackmailing him

No. 454496

>anti o blackmailing him

this is another thing he has never given proof for, he promised he would but never did. i believe he was just trying to look like a victim for views as usual.

No. 454551

File: 1514421953180.png (417.39 KB, 820x678, SmartSelectImage_2017-12-27-18…)

Oh now he's trying to fake his own death.

No. 454559

File: 1514422317614.png (818.4 KB, 750x1334, D3D7009B-BE01-4959-8389-AC4F12…)

Readytoglare is on stream bawling her eyes out over Josh’s “death”. The email most likely came from Josh himself to feign his own death, how pathetic.

Also here is the name of the “counselor” that emailed her.

No. 454567

what? why would a counselor contact a random person josh knew on the internet or break a confidentiality agreement at the risk of being fired? that doesn't add up.

No. 454573

OMG he went directly to the Raven internet drama playbook!

Why would a counselor of all people be the one to immediately contact internet acquaintances?

No. 454574

File: 1514423490709.jpg (44.35 KB, 477x477, JOYSUS.jpg)

Ugh, Joy entered her younow chat and now she's guesting. I feel bad for this girl she's upset and is trying to reach out to people who might know more and now there's Joy talking about herself!

No. 454576


If he does go to this place and didn't just google it, it's a homeopathy quack.

No. 454582

she and others are pretty darn retarded to believe this shit. i hope they find out josh is behind this.

No. 454583

samefag, And now that Joy is no longer guesting she has left her stream. She HAD to talk about him trying to get "favors" from her and making an exposing documentary on her! Gotta make it about her and her gripes always.

No. 454588

She even mentioned the email being in broken English, it’s deffs Josh behind it kek

No. 454593

I feel kind of bad that Maurice has the nerve to take advantage of the people that care about them and fake his suicide. That's sickening. I hope she realizes the counselor was most likely Josh. She could just google the name of the counselor anyway and see which results pop up.

No. 454594

She killed herself

No. 454595

i don't see how joy was making it about herself? the chick chose to guest joy even though she didn't have to. sharing experience =/= making it about oneself.
lets keep the thread on topic with maurice pl0x

No. 454598

Where is this info, anon?

Also if his wife an hero’d the least he could do is remember the year it happened. Josh can’t decide if it was 2015 or 2016.

No. 454613

Who even is she and why would a counselor contact her of all people? Let me guess the counselor emailed her from counselorzRus@hotmail.com

No. 454618

it was @doctor.com kekekekek

No. 454626

>>454613 She talks to him on a regular basis but yes, why would a counselor send her that? but what would a troll get out of it?

No. 454636

Probably Josh/Maurice trying to fake his death to get someone (debt collectors? Family members? Ex wife? Chupacabra) Off his tail.

No. 454645

Failed musician. Failed journalist. Failed Youtuber. Can't even fake his suicide right. I bet he's reading the thread over a bowl of "chocolate cereals" and crying his eyes out. why would anyone believe he actually killed himself when he's been exposed as a lying pos?

No. 454646

because his fans barely have brain cells, anon.

No. 454668

RTG is genuinely a really nice girl and also smart enough not to fall for something as dodgy as this. She might be blindsided right now but she'll wise up and probably be enraged. Assuming this is fake, I mean. I can't jump on the stream or anything, is she just upset or is she questioning it at all?
I've been eyeing this thread all day and did not fucking expect whatever the fuck is going on right now

No. 454670

mostly questioning things and understandably being really confused. i hope she realizes its josh playing with her and others' emotions.

No. 454671

you really fucked up people whoever this is

No. 454675

File: 1514428376557.jpg (429.73 KB, 1080x1324, Screenshot_20171228-023058.jpg)

Samefag from >>454668

Back to post pic related.

Also @ anon above…wat

No. 454676

IF this is true you are going to prison. you really fucked up big times. I pray for your souls josh is not dead.

No. 454677

I legit don't understand you at all. I haven't done anything but show support for readytoglare when she's clearly being fucked with. BUT IM GOING TO PRISON LMAOOOOO
Also sage your shit

No. 454679

if you genuinely believe that is a troll and not josh you are honestly retarded and i pray for you.

No. 454681

No one here told Maurice to kill himself. Poor dude just couldn't handle being exposed, so he had to fake his suicide. Lololol. Save your prayers. Maurice has down the whole legal song and dance with Wikipedia before, remember?

No. 454683

i'm just saying this could be real. if it is you could be responsible for his death. you are playing with fire. bs like this could have real consequences in real life. but you are free to do whatever you want. he created a few fake account on wikipedia big deal. i think you should seriously think about your actions

No. 454689

Ok if it's not a big deal that he samefagged Wikipedia, why an hero? If he was hiding his identity from someone why put his face and his kids face on the internet?

No. 454690

you are assuming too much. I just hope he is ok. Personally I think what you have done here is evil. I don't want to get involved so wish you good luck

No. 454691

If you think making multiple wiki accounts is his only transgression, you obviously haven’t read the entire thread. gtfo Josh stan. He’s trying to make himself a martyr by faking his own suicide.

No. 454692

he plagiarized legitimate song artists and exploited his daughter's privacy for views. that is no one's fault but his own. those were his choices.

No. 454696

Holy shit guys it's Josh, back from the grave same fagging his own thread.

No. 454697

Somehow we are assuming too much BUT assuming he killed himself is perfectly fine.

No. 454703

ok, but why the video wasn't flagged or taken down earlier?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 454705

What we have seen: Josh filmed his daughter on the toilet, Josh wiping his daughter's ass, Josh plagiarizing the hard work of other people, Josh spread rumors without a scrap of hard evidence, Josh self-posting, Josh creating lie after lie of his life's story.

What we haven't seen: proof that Kuckian is linked to this thread, proof that Josh is swimming with the fishes.

Why is it okay for you Josh stans to jump to conclusions without any facts given, but the facts supplied here are somehow invalidated? Learn how to think for yourselves.

No. 454720

File: 1514430527617.jpeg (263.38 KB, 750x701, 6F7EC83D-52EE-4153-8471-B41DBB…)

RTG is convinced it’s real, when in reality it’s most likely Josh feeding her lies. Fuck this guy.

No. 454722

She's an idiot. She used to pay onision money. I'm pretty sure this is fake.

No. 454723

How did Josh's counselor get her email to begin with? Did Josh make her his emergency contact or something? Huhhh?

No. 454729

Yeah I forgot that- I always suspected she was a long time reader here or something, and for someone like her to conveniently not know about onion at all and pledge to him when he is blatantly not the type of person she meshes with just to pull out for screenshots of a convo with him…. now that was fairly transparent view grabbing imo. I know she's smarter than this so I'm getting a bit concerned by her not stepping back here, it's similarly sus.

No. 454730

They misspelled counselor the same way John kuckian does tf

No. 454731

kek she's so desperate to be relevant when in reality she'll fall flat on her face because she's too ugly to get the kind of support sh0e does. She tried to start as a storytime vlogger and that failed, I really don't trust her at all.

No. 454732

File: 1514430962005.jpg (426.31 KB, 1080x1442, Screenshot_20171228-031456.jpg)

Dropped pic

No. 454799

File: 1514433581747.jpg (588.42 KB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20171228-035827.jpg)


Lmao found our sperg, bugging the shit out of RTG even though the majority of us think she's fine

No. 454802

Eat a dick Susan hayes

No. 454829

This is fishy as all hell. Didn't he allegedly just move to South Korea a few days ago? How could he have gotten established with a new "counsellor" that quickly, and how could that "counsellor" known to have contact randos on the internet to tell them he died? If it's his "counsellor" from Japan, how would they have found out so quickly? Not to mention the strict medical privacy laws in both countries.

No. 454834

Yeah he tweeted that he moved on xmas. Who moves on xmas?

No. 454869

File: 1514442615232.jpg (45.37 KB, 750x498, joshwave.jpg)

In josh-woshie's own words, it's okay to talk about any piece of information as long as it's public. from what i can tell, there was no s00per haxing or doxing involved. so for the josh white knights, get over it. dude wants to be a hero so badly, but heroes don't give up and commit suicide (or in his case fake suicide probs) when their real identities are revealed. i don't understand how josh can get on his moral high horse about onion, kuckian, sr, philly d, etc., and then run away like a lil bitch. it doesn't really matter who the op is. could be kuckian, could be onion. who gives a shit? it doesn't make up for the shit he did in the past and it doesn't make anyone responsible for his alleged suicide. all he had to do was own up to it, but naw. josh wanted to take credit for exposing everyone. should've been able to take it as much as he can dish it out.

No. 454990

File: 1514460758456.png (25.84 KB, 541x464, screenshot.png)

If this is him, he's not dead.

No. 454994

he's clearly writing from the afterlife

No. 455002

A counselor will not reach out to an internet acquaintance due to confidentiality and well blatant professionalism! Sorry had to speak up on that as reading the thread was making me cringe seeing how some believe a counselor would actually do that … it’s not real and you can now know that

No. 455036


Please familiarize yourself with the posting guide.

No. 455069

File: 1514475131512.png (250.77 KB, 589x337, TheJosh18.png)

No. 455108

File: 1514478193974.png (443.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-12-28-11-26-42…)

Another sockpuppet of his. Compare >>451201
>busting my balls

No. 455109

File: 1514478233136.png (399.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-12-28-11-27-03…)

No. 455115

So, is he pretending someone else is behind this by this post?

A counselor couldn't contact her unless she was on his legal documents as next of kin, wtf. Also, they would need more than an email. Of all people he choose her? Nope. Josh wanted her to tweet this to continue his pity party.

If he did end up offing himself then that's on him. He doesn't care at all about "exposing" everyone else on YouTube but when it's done to him people are giving him pity and it's anons fault? If he's that selfish to that to his daughter then she is much better off. No-one made him exploit his daughter for pedo views. If these josh stans think this is just about his wiki pages then why would he delete everything? No-one even confronted him personally, he participated on many threads so he can't cry victim when Anons uncover his shit. If he killed himself he's got alot more than pedo views to be ashamed of.

No. 455118

I think he's speaking from his sockpuppet's point of view, apologizing for what he did to thejosh. He's trying to make it look like Maurice and Josh aren't the same person.

No. 455127

File: 1514479396835.png (683 KB, 1072x1706, SmartSelectImage_2017-12-28-10…)

"I dox people" [about him posting jsbs' address online]

"i hope they all go to prison" - about the info ITT. Ok but op never posted Maurice's address.

No. 455144

Can someone tell Josh to keep his story straight? First, he was saying it was all Kuckian's fault. Now, it's all Maurice's fault, even though we all know Maurice is totally him? Bro needs to stop covering up his lies with more lies. It's pathetic.

No. 455153

File: 1514480732966.png (412.84 KB, 1070x1765, SmartSelectImage_2017-12-28-11…)

He can't hide that he's Neal Century who is Maurice's stage name

No. 455157

jfc. how long has he been wearing that same, dumb hat?

soz, maurice. you and yours stanners have threatened doxxing, have actually doxxed people, spread around malicious rumors, all to satisfy your fragile egos. this thread has given you the courtesy of not putting down your exact location and using facts you forgot to scrub off the internet to expose your shit.

No. 455203

File: 1514483697355.png (142.95 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20171228-125159.png)

"Former Man" kek. It was obviously just created, either he's working hard on his English or someone else wrote it. Also, they are clearly reading the thread but are still so blinded by the fact that he hates the same people as them. Who cares about his daughter right? You know nothing about this man but are so willing to white knight for him all over the internet.

No. 455204

File: 1514483739580.png (263.06 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20171228-125211.png)

Sorry, forgot second SS.

No. 455249

It sounds like he's admitting to a crime.

No. 455254

Is he admitting to being a home wrecker and pushing his wife to suicide? Why be so cryptic. He knows he’s fucked up, better to just admit to it, but he rather fake his own death instead.

No. 455263

"First day as a free man." ???
It sounds like he's "mourning" Josh. Like Josh and him are two different people. It sounds like he's making it look like "Maurice" had something to do with why "Josh" left. Especially since this wasn't on Facebook yesterday. He's trying to cover his story. Hey, Maurice, I know you're lurking here as usually, it's not working. But hey, you fooled enough of those Twitter stans. Hope your daughters innocence was worth it. I still can't get past the grammar and English though. Then again we have been posting for 5 days about how we can tell his spelling from a mile away. Did you really think you could hide everything in your past when you come on YouTube and claim to be someone that's going to expose everyone? Or that people would see the videos in your sub box?

No. 455266

The nerve of people looking through his public videos and criticizing his actions?! Lawd have mercy on our souls for sending Moron… er, I mean, Maurice, to his grave! I hope he's finally rocking out like the fake Freddie Mercury fanboy with the Choir Invisible.

No. 455271

File: 1514488882636.jpeg (452.32 KB, 750x1004, 3805C922-0377-4449-BBF0-C8A7B2…)

Update from RTG. Maurice really is a sicko for making everyone distraught over his suicide baiting.

No. 455280

File: 1514489291647.png (63.12 KB, 750x1209, IMG_3386.PNG)

Our boi Maurice has an Instagram account now too. No followers, but one post…

No. 455281

Good thing for Maurice that Kuckian's around to be his scapegoat. Yeehaw.

No. 455290

I don't know who RTG is, and yes, something like this might shake one up a bit … but come the fuck on. His counselor emailing anyone within hours of the supposed event to tell them about it because … reasons? Obvious bait is painfully obvious.

No. 455374

I know right? And wouldn't it be the police or something? Why a counselor? How would they even know? Someone already debunked the counselor thing upthread, it's some homeopathic quack anyway.

No. 455382

these dodo brains are blinded by their hatred of kuckian and will just excuse maurice's crap without questioning any of these things for themselves. must be nice not having to think for yourself.

No. 455410

Believe it or not, there are some of us who came here, read everything about this guy, and have changed our minds. I've been trying to disseminate this information, and have sent people here to read for themselves. I've gotten through to a few others, and I hope more will come around. Of course there will always be those who won't believe anything, and for those people, there's no hope. My hatred of Kuckian does not blind me to this asshole's iniquity. This is clearly my first post, so I hope I haven't broken any rules.

No. 455415

I just read this for the first time. Idk why I didn’t think thejoshfag didn’t have a thread, HOLY FUCKING SHIT! We have a real big fat psycho cow here with this one, that’s for sure! What an eye opener, and somehow I am not in the least bit surprised at all. He is repulsive, and quite possibly very equal to Joy fucking sparkle, but just a tad more psycho. I feel bad for these people that are scared about his welfare, but then again will those people may even be sock puppets themselves… if I didn’t know any better I would even think he created that whole younow stream himself by creating a whole production. Hopefully these idiots know enough to read from the top once they find there way in here and finally know why he disappeared… all 36374646 of him. Kek. What a fucking hypocrite pussy, this is lower than his buddy Onion boy. I can’t stop laughing at you Josh, or Yamashirokiko, or Josh ray cirus. Hahahaha fuck you!

No. 455429

Wouldn't say that. She seems pretty authentic - and she's new. It takes people tame to descend into fakery….

The more I see on this thread the more I think Josh faked the whole story. I just think Readytoglare didn't deserve to deal with his shit.

No. 455433

>>455002 If that's you Josh, go to hell.

No. 455437

I'm honestly glad you have. I wasn't the anon from that post but I have written post about how blinded by hate some people are being in this situation. Obviously, we don't me all of the people on Twitter that are caught up in this situation but some people are so quick to claim his innocence when they don't know what is even happening or who this man even is. His tweets were clear to day that he was trying to garner sympathy to clear his name. The fact that he deleted literally everything and is trying to cover his tracks with these "Maurice" posts and creating these accounts I think he has alot more to hide. He could of deleted everything and went silent, he lives in South Korea and clearly has no friends there or no friends that know about his YouTube channel. He thinks he's going to get into REAL trouble I think.

No. 455455

The entire thread is incredible. I think if you aren't willing to read things that are critical about those you admire, you set yourself up to be taken advantage of in some way or another.

I'm glad that someone has been tracking this guy. If he's doing things like these publicly for years and years, people deserve to know. After you know who he is "behind the scenes," you can make better judgements about what he says to your face.

And while none of us are perfect, he's doing the very things he condemns people of doing in his videos, and that makes him a deceitful bastard, amongst other things. Gratitude to the op here.

No. 455462

Yeah I think she genuinely believes it. She had others going off on her on Twitter because they said she was spreading rumors. I think she was just worried. Someone already made a video blasting her for posting it but they already took it down. It was one of those Truthfully Trisha haters that are just as crazy as she claiming she was "real friends" with Josh because they have talked in DMs.

These people claim to be real friends but don't watch any videos on his 4 other channels and see what he was doing with his daughter? Ok. People should really reevaluate what hill they want to die on when they want to defend people over the internet. Josh wanted this whole shit show for sympathy. That's why he emailed a YouTuber. I wish she would release it because we could see what it said and verify it was him.

Maybe she will decide to scroll through this before she ruins her own reputation and career defending a creep.

No. 455476

It's great work, I agree. The OP Anons did some great work with this one and connecting all the dots.
It's a shame that this one has only been up for 5 days and he already decided to run for the hills. He's clearly hiding something huge. Onision has one almost a decade it seems and he hasn't even tried to run and hide.
I always knew something was off with him and he was much prouder of these videos he did that really didn't have any new info or any evidence to back up the things he kept claiming. I know he has a bunch of sockaccounts that I mentioned yesterday that I noticed in his YT comments but some people on Twitter are real and think he is just the greatest thing and I don't get it. Do they really like anyone that bashes who they hate? I literally had someone tell me on YT that "It didn't matter if the claims against Josh were true or not because it's all Kuckian digging up his past". So exploiting your daughter doesn't matter?! I would bet a months salary that John doesn't even know who he is. He barely gets any views if John has the balls to make a video lying about Peter why would he shy away from making one showing the truth about Josh?

No. 455493

Josh would be the least of JK's issues, and it was super convenient that this ordeal with Peter and John happened at the same time that this thread began. Josh's tweets inferred it was JK's doing without saying so explicitly, but Josh knew without a doubt people would happily add it to John's resume, thus shifting blame.

I've responded to people on Twitter, too, and have seen people say some unbelievably stupid things about it all. I'm not sure what the issue is. This guy is a TOTAL STRANGER to every single one of us, so why these people are so invested confuses the hell out of me. I'm CERTAIN at least one of these accounts is Josh. There are a few dissenting voices, though. It seems the more people are pointed to this thread, the more people are switching sides, so to speak.

The stuff with his daughter is so vile. I don't think he's a pedophile or anything, but it does seem like he was probably exploiting her for sick views.

The stuff with his wife is… I don't even know. There's a story there, for sure.

No. 455514

File: 1514504064760.jpeg (169.54 KB, 620x1021, 8D290A8C-8B60-47FC-8047-2C0AEC…)

I was going through the links in this post to see how much he’s baleeted so far and noticed something interesting.
His profile engine account seems to have been updated very recently. It’s latest update is Dec 29th, 2017, and it’s technically the 29th in Korea. Is this proof this hack isn’t really dead?


No. 455533

They don't because bots don't have any ^^

No. 455561

File: 1514505614421.gif (1.29 MB, 608x480, gifeditor_20171227_212724.gif)

He's baleeting things from beyond the grave

No. 455586

Sid’s Brain seems to be best buddies. Strange that neither are following each other.

No. 455619

File: 1514508103411.jpg (318.17 KB, 1080x1787, Screenshot_20171228-183847.jpg)

He also deleted his Spotify pic. He's trying to scrub the internet of Neal Century.

No. 455623

Nick Snider seems to be going live in a few minutes with the subject being "The 'JOSH' Channel VS John Kuckian." Not sure what this is about.

No. 455660

>lolcow has EVERYTHING on this guy

No. 455674

Here for the Tea posted about the Josh Show.

No. 455706

File: 1514514754729.png (514.69 KB, 803x1046, SmartSelectImage_2017-12-28-20…)

This was posted on Josh's pateron on 12/19
Pt 1

No. 455708

File: 1514514784787.png (728.42 KB, 403x1659, SmartSelectImage_2017-12-28-20…)

No. 455711

"I've never used medicines" perhaps the homeopathic quack really is good dr.

No. 455716

Yeah I deleted I was using dual screen on my phone. About to repost.

That's what I get for calling out newfags for the same..

No. 455729

Nicks stream
>doesn't believes josh suicide
>Thinks its all for attention
>counselor wouldn't contact RTG and email was only 3 hrs after "death"
>Told people to check thread;"knows nothing about lolcow or validity"
>Suspicious he deleted all channels and SM except his Twitter with cryptic tweets
>He mentioned everything in thread EXCEPT the daughter videos
>He just moved to Seoul how did he already have a counselor?
>Chat mentioned the videos
>Chat seemed to believe Nick and agree with his assessment on the suicide.
>Nick didn't believe JK was invloved.

Deleted first rundown for sage

Didn't Josh say on Patreon he was a stay at home dad? And also a business owner in his videos? Who is the "boss" that JK supposedly call? How did the boss calling rumour get started? Josh didn't have a snap, so was it him on sock accounts on Twitter claiming this? Anyone have SS or know who it was that started the snapchat rumor?

No. 455734

Was he planning to run and hide before or just looking for sympathy, I wonder. This looks like a JSBS post.

No. 455737

File: 1514516180000.png (171.93 KB, 797x426, SmartSelectImage_2017-12-27-16…)

This is who started the snap chat rumor.

No. 455759

File: 1514517160336.jpeg (65.86 KB, 1071x1030, 99B2A5F6-3D8C-47CC-B164-053FB2…)

He just deleted his twitter ummm thought you were dead, Maurice

No. 455760

Now his twitter is bawwleeted.

No. 455766

could be his family

No. 455767

everything seems weird

No. 455769

I still have his Twitter up, should I screenshot? Not sure if it's needed, but thought I'd ask.

No. 455771

Might as well? He’s obviously trying to hide it.

No. 455773


No. 455775

If you inform twitter of someone's passing they take it down. It looks like all you are doing is making conspiracy theories.

No. 455779

You don't think Onision has something to do with Maurice's "disappearance" do you?

No. 455781

People thought The Josh was just Onision's publicity stunt. This might explain his sudden take off. Or Kuckian?

No. 455782

>>455775 it took twitter 3 days to remove obvious cp. & If it was family don't you think they'd want to read through his dms & tweets to make sense of all this? Nah this is just more of Maurice trying to cover his ass.

No. 455784

It could really be any of the things we think until we have solid proofs.

No. 455785

Nah, nothing points to onion boi having anything to do with this. Greg would have been braging incessantly if he were in any way involved.

No. 455787

His "Neal Century" myspace is still up.

No. 455792

I think Onision is behind it all. We know Greg pays "actors" to be part of his show. Wasn't that Billie paid? Think about it. Onision has changed and he is less hated now.

No. 455794

He probably created that Neal Century crap years ago. Calling him a fraud for that is a bit too much. Yes, he did some shady things but nothing criminal. I'm glad he is gone though.

No. 455795

Unless he used an actor - thejosh

No. 455798

File: 1514518943182.png (3.74 MB, 1349x8757, Josh Twitter Capture.png)

Deleted it because I'm an idiot. Here's the screenshot for record keeping.

No. 455800

you are fos
I think Kuckian is behind this.

No. 455801

still proves nothing but thanks

No. 455803

Keep an eye on Ready to Glare my ass. That bitch is not normal either. She is pill user.

No. 455805

what do you have against her? She is fine.

No. 455806

Am I the only one who's kind of confused why he "disappeared" all of the sudden? He was gaining a popular Youtube following, he was growing views, then all of the sudden he leaves?

No. 455807

I just wanted to make sure there was a copy here. I'm sure it's quite useless, but might as well be thorough!

No. 455810

I don't trust anyone anymore
The fucking Josh was not a fraud but he was sick
You are making shit up just like Onion boi and The Josh

No. 455812

Chill dude! We are all here for fun. We know nothing about him. Go ask Ready to Glare to give you a chill pill _ love from Greece

No. 455813

I say whatever I fuck I want. If I want to say he was a shoe fetish I just say it. Fuck you.

No. 455814

Try reading the thread.

No. 455815

as if he'd even do that. he'd tweet it.

this is like that girl chel saying she helped peep write lyrics. it's a lie but no-one can verify it.

No. 455817

>>455810 Either read the thread or shush with your "Josh was not a fraud". The thread is littered with proof of Maurice being a fraud journalist, chef, and musician. Pay attention.

No. 455818

Yes we read it. You are pushing your agenda down our throats. knock it off. We know Josh used different accounts for something dated to 2008. Who fucking cares. I want to know whether he is alive today because I used to make fun of him and I feel guilty

No. 455821

>>455817Are you John Kuckian? Joy Sparkle? [REDACTED]? Greg? I think The Josh and whoever you are smell of crap a mile away

No. 455823

>>455818 Wah wah wah. No one here cares about your guilt. Go feel sorry for yourself somewhere else. Josh is clearly not dead. End of story.

No. 455826

Well said mate

No. 455827

Joshshowvlog twitter page deleted…

No. 455829

"CLEARLY NOT DEAD" where is your proof?
I dont give a fuck but "CLEARLY NOT DEAD" shows how childish you are. Wearing your magic hat?

No. 455830

Kek kek kek. Would you like to show anyone here proof that JK, JS, or Onion have posted to this thread? Do you have anything to show for your baseless accusations, dickbag?

No. 455831

Seems like he got really spooked by this thread. I wonder what else he didn't want found out?

No. 455832

>>455829Mate this is [REDACTED] or John Kuckian. Someone posted their addresses on twitter.

No. 455834

I don't. I THINK they are involved. Read my fucking messages

No. 455835

>>455832 Proof, mate?

No. 455836

Unless Twitter would delete his page for some reason.. I'd say he is alive.

No. 455837

First Kuckian is out to get him and now Onision? It takes a grandiose worldview to support such delusion.

No. 455838

What agenda??? Why are you so entranced by this guy? You don't know him in real life, yet you've become overly enamored with him; that speaks to YOUR credibility. You've become so stuck on this guy that when you see a huge amount of data that supports the fact that this man is untrustworthy, you decide to err on his side. Perhaps you should seriously reevaluate why this man means so much to you.

No. 455841

I don't know anything about his life nwither do you FUCKING MORON

No. 455843

We know that already. Where's Kuckian's address?

No. 455845

Good point

No. 455847

You know nothing about his life, yet you support him? That's even worse. Perhaps you should tuck yourself into bed and go sleepy?

No. 455851

True. Noone knows about The Josh / Maurice / whoever the fuck he is's life. We are here cuz we have nothing to do

No. 455854

Kaitlyn Abercrombie was the girl who was supposedly "blackmailing" TheJosh. Why are people posting her address on twitter? Are they saying this is all her fault now?

No. 455855

This is the girl that was after the josh. that onision fan something

Can you get us her mother's criminal record? I remember she was the daughter of a scam artist herself

No. 455858

Right. What about her friends. Does anyone have her friend's address? I don't believe The Josh for a second but I'm not gonna believe anyone of the people involved in this shit either.

No. 455862


No. 455863

ok give me a minute. I'll see what I can find about her mother. I smell bullshit on this thread. Someone is too involved into slandering this man. time we bring light to this

(ok josh)

No. 455865

thanks I smell bs too. I'm not saying The Josh is not guilty of pretending to have commited suicide but these people seem to push too much 1 clear agenda against him


No. 455869

Please tell me I'm not the only one that thinks her face looks like Eureeka from that 90s nick show Eureeka's Castle

No. 455877


4.1 Don't post personal information that leads to real life harassment. No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media.

No. 455885

Y'all are literally trying to dox people just because the Josh had some shady accounts and work ethics? Christ you people are sick. Don't dox people, period, end of story. You people are taking shit WAY too far.

No. 455888

It's cute how Josh stanners are batshit crazy. Doxxing is criminal activity. It's harassment and stalking. But the information obtained on Maurice was public information that anyone could have found. Research and having opinions is going to far for these losers, but doxing is just fine? Gtfo. You should be ashamed of yourselves for being just as bad as JK, Onion, and Maurice.

No. 455892

>josh stanners
what do you think the odds are that any of the posts in this thread defending him aren't from him?

No. 455897

Very, very low.

No. 455899

I'll bet $18 they're all him. The farm hands can just look into the poster's ip and tell us if it's him samefagging. He pulled the same shit on Wikipedia but he can't sue lolcow or the "I'm dead" schtick will be up

No. 455901

It has to be him.

No. 455903

His stans think he really is dead and that Twitter deleted his account out of respect for the deceased. I fucking can't with these people. They are as delusional as JSBS's stans.

No. 455905

Josh's weird text speech is easy to spot. I can tell at least one of them is Josh.

No. 455906

>>455903 You would think you would have to have PROOF that he is dead.You would think with that proof they would tell the stans he is dead. He is not dead.

No. 455911

Dear stanners, pls post a pic of Maurice in a body bag, his funeral, his gravestone. "In loving memory of Maurice, or was it Neal? Idk. This Freddie Mercury wannabe. RIP." kthanx

No. 455921

OT but this dude turned out milky as fuck haha

No. 455926

Does anyone want to make predictions about what his next alias and failed occupation will be?

No. 455941

Eric Universe- origami instructor

No. 455951

None of his stans even know his full name or his nationality. They're contacting the police locally and various embassies in South Korea, including the US embassy.

>Hi US embassy? My internet friend Josh died, maybe by suicide. His Japanese counsellor emailed this girl online that I know and said so. Can you pls do a welfare check? thx

No. 455995

Nick Galaxy will return.

No. 456071

File: 1514533002270.png (337.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171229-172840.png)

Stumbled upon this. Not incriminating but may offer a few more leads.

No. 456077

Josh is dat u

No. 456124

this isn't a private message system, sis.



No. 456131

Learn how to post, you simpering idiot

No. 456134

Man, imagine if admins revealed all his posts. That’s be a sigh to see, he posts constantly on here, even though the diaper thing with onion was funny, he kept posting all his receipts for the diapers bragging about it when it was CLEARLY him bc he put it in his video, man this is suppose to be anon strictly, he first came here to complain about some shit on reddit. And the mofo is ALWAYS in /meta/ and constantly bragging he has “unlimited resources” with his “team” and “a warehouse of servers in LA” BEGGING lolcow, even in discord and /pt/ literally begging admins to host and store data on HIS servers. Is one of his alias’s Joshua moon by chance? kek

No. 456135

so was he "archive anon", is that what you mean?

No. 456136

It's one of his sock puppets. Had an argument with it after Josh blocked me on twitter. I found other accounts that seemed to be puppets and god knows how many more he had/has

No. 456137

This might be Joshy samefagging the thread. The guy's lurking here. Fuck off to hell, Josh.

No. 456139

2nd samefag in a row:

I think it'd be a good idea if a farmhand had a look at the IPs in this thread. Any Josh stans are suspect, but I think he's switched to Josh-hater somewhere in the thread to assimilate. I'll have a second look later and report the obvious stuff at least.

No. 456140

Does anyone know when Maurice moved to Japan?

No. 456144

I think josh is trying to turn this thread into a kuckian thread and it isn't working. Lol but we already have a kuckian thread

No. 456165

Facebook account gone?

Cute, teabag has arrived. Someone make up a stable for the cow.

No. 456171

Oh, that's for sure Josh.

No. 456177

He sounds like he has a made up illness. You don't go to a surgeon for medicines. Surgeons don't rx anything. They do surgery. I'm willing to bet old Maurice was scamming his patrons too by acting like he had some mystery illness for sympathy.

No. 456178

>>455941 you've just given me the strength I needed to get out of bed this morning with that comment. Thank you.

No. 456179


Does anyone know the extradition laws between Japan and South Korea? His Christmas move looked like he he was running from something and needed to get out quick.

No. 456183

I'm not really buying that, she doesn't seem that stupid. The person replying wants to be noticed but the name seems to be one they just made up, it's associated with a real person but not one that would know about any of this. I think Josh is just arguing with himself throughout the thread.

No. 456189

Hahaha I can’t believe old Nick has only just now visited here…
I just saw a bunch of comments to check over here so ding ding ding’…

No. 456190

Uh, let’s not. The josh is scum. Make sure you report that in your “tea talk” shitshow.

No. 456191


Japan and SK have extradition treaties; if he was running it probably wasn't from the law lol

No. 456193

Milk delivering itself, always a treat.

No. 456194

The beauty/drama squad are honing in on this due to the claimed Kuckian involvement. So while it's probably fake, you never know how inept people can be.

No. 456213

maurice is really dumb. when you fake your own suicide you should leave your youtube channel up. your views will increase and so will your money.

look at other youtubers who have actually died (not faking their death). they have so many views on their videos. maurice doesnt know how to spin this at all. his perception is one dimensional and predictable.

No. 456217

He's trying to make this a Kuckian thread and spread around that Kucky called his employer because he's trying to latch onto his "fame" and get the support of the anti-Kucks, so basically everyone. He latches on to anti groups.

Also, I'm extremely skeptical of any of his "friends'" accounts or any of his "acquaintances". His sockpuppets go deeper than we've ever seen with any cow. He clearly devotes a disgusting amount of time to creating a fan base that doesn't exist. Creating a life he doesn't have.

I'm starting to question if I'm Maurice.

I'm genuinely glad I could help, I need a boost myself…

No. 456223

i only started watching thejoshshow about ~3 months ago (when he made a video about jacylyn glenn's breakup from richie). he was completely new to me, he had posted videos about onision and socialrepose… just from watching his videos he made me believe there was a production team behind his youtube, i thought he had an editor and a translator and a researcher… i was actually a "fan" of him and i thought i belonged to a very big & very sane fanbase! today i googled him and found this page. i feel betrayed and honestly i am ashamed to have been a supportive & gullible fan. i honestly believe there are real people who support this man and are his friends, having no idea who he really is.

No. 456234

Lol see, I even have my suspicions about you being Josh. I just don't see how he had any real fans in the first place.

No. 456246

Already made a video about Kuckian and Josh. Already out as a lurker and swiper of information to use in videos. Generally acting like an usher, cheerleader and JFC in the whole shitshow on twitter. Self-important enough to type a name in and stroll into the farm like feudal landlord.

Could be anyone.

No. 456250

i think its because of him being foreign, i thought he was smarter than he was letting on. i was a real fan, and i can verify myself if needed. i like following drama channels like blargh and repzion. joshshow added to that list.

No. 456251

Well they did sage, and josh is known to frequent the threads, lol… who knows. If the person is genuine then thank god lolcow came in handy once again to expose the truth and lies of all cows. You know an anon mentioned that he has created such a path of sock puppets, fake profiles, fake profiles that fan the sock puppets that fan the fake profiles and that is the worst case ever on lolcow and I have to agree actually. So far to date I’ve not known of any bigger cows in that regard. Anyone agree w me, if not who has been worse than this? Holy F Cow. Joshthecow I hope you realize just how hypocritical and lame you are, and although your hard on for the Onion is warented I hope he actually gets A kick out of finding out about your retarded antics. You and sparkle should get married since you are of the same ilk buddy.

No. 456254

I used to be a fan, too. He seemed pretty charming! He was incredibly well spoken, and because he was anti-Onionboy, I guess I ignored some of the shady stuff he did? Like, the stuff he'd claim on and never present facts for. It puzzled me a bit, but I let it slide because when he DID present something (the plane tickets, for example), it was pretty well done. This thread has definitely changed my opinion, though, so there's that lol

No. 456257

Correct me if I’m wrong but I live in a Jewish neighborhood and his accent is spot on with an Israeli accent. In many of his bs self posts he claims to be Italian. I would bet money he is from the Middle East due to that accent. Be it Muslim or Jewish the accent speaks loud. Is there anything at all about this idiot that is real? Anything? Besides of course his being a liar?

No. 456268

Don't be hard on yourself, the dude is apparently an expert in this shit. There are still Josh fans refusing to look at this thread. Even ones who believe his social media has been taken over by John Kuckian, Joy, Onision, aliens. At least you read it and applied some critical thinking.

No. 456280

It bemuses and entertains me how people can get so invested in YouTuber's to the degree that they can't see the truth when it's kicking them in the skull. Twitter is sperging out with his retarded stans, ochams razor you bunch of fools. There's no big conspiracy, Maurice has removed himself and faked his own death.
The guy is a fraud. Get over it.

No. 456290

I also enjoyed his videos for the most part, but as of today, after reading all of this, if he hadn't of deleted his channel I would have unsubscribed. I don't really understand why he would go to all of this effort to do whatever it is that he is trying to do. Haha, what is he trying to do? There were certain videos that made me question his morals, but I would have never of suspected all of this shit. How did you guys even find out all of this?

No. 456299

File: 1514564236792.png (131.12 KB, 898x378, SmartSelectImage_2017-12-29-10…)

The orgins of Maurice have always been a question. In his wikia fandom page, he writes that "mr ek is believed to be a Swedish citizen"
Here's the link to the original draft of the page:http://youtube.wikia.com/wiki/The_Josh?diff=335985&oldid=335984
I'm pretty certain that this was written by him because most of the info was added by Torriattetorriatte, one of Maurice's fav handles. He used Torratte on Wikipedia to write his page on himself as Neal/Maurice

No. 456302

I find it funny that the "beauty/drama" community report on Drama all the time but know nothing about lolcow. They obviously don't search too hard for their info, although most of the beauty channels aren't really cows here but how do you not know about lolcow while claiming to check all facts and receipts on someone? Most of these Twitter stans think this is just an entire blog created for him and that's all the website is. At this point I don't even care really that they want to blindly defend someone they don't know at all, most would be potential cows themselves. Is interesting everyone is so concerned about how Josh is and no-one seems to care about his daughter that supposedly already lost her mother sometime between 2015 and 2016, depends which lie Maurice is telling. I get some are skeptical about the videos with her because he deleted everything but I saw those videos myself after I felt like something was off with him and looked through his channels. But,I know people have downloaded it so Maurice, you can't hide forever. I noticed that the Twitter account that reported the snapchat rant is gone now as Well. It was definelty Josh, caps locks, grammar all match.

No. 456308

I believe you're referring to what I said. I would also love to know of another cow who created a more elaborate web of sockpuppets and shit. We just keep peeling back the layers.

No. 456310

Hmm, didn't he say in his Neal Century wiki he was born in Italy? Also, on the music biography for "Dalia" where he added his name in he says he was born in Milan. I searched the name of the sister he wrote about in that music bio and she is a real jazz singer in Italy but not too big and couldn't find anything about her bio or family. Also, he listed a grandfather that I couldn't find his name connected to in any way. In the Facebook for "Maurice yandiorio" that was created yesterday it said he was in Cairo, Egypt. I always thought his accent was Spanish or middle eastern and he claimed to speak 10 languages but I've never heard him speak another.
So we have:
- Japan
-South Korea

Any more I'm forgetting?

No. 456311

File: 1514565183012.png (86.92 KB, 1012x156, SmartSelectImage_2017-12-29-10…)

If you read deeper into his fandom wiki page, he says that his father died of HIV when he was 13. Someone told me he had alluded to this in a dm that he had some personal experience with HIV.

No. 456312

a snowflake telling lies will eventually unravel itself. you dont have to be a detective to find out this shit. its only a matter of time before people start feeling deceived and start looking for someone's online footprint. maurice has blatantly lied and contradicted himself many times.

No. 456320

i wouldnt be surprised if his name is not even maurice yandiorio. i bet he has been under a fake name from the very beginning of his online presence, purely because he planned this far ahead and never wanted his true identity to be doxxed. he is so fake he believes in his own character.

No. 456321

Sage for possible dead end but does he have a Naples connection? Surname Iandiorio; could he have swapped out the I for a Y along the way?

No. 456323

Fair enough. Like I wrote, there were times when I thought there was something off about him. I should probably trust my instincts more often. Going by what is shown on here, it's almost as if he was projecting his own shady shit onto other people when he would expose them. There was an onision video where he accused him of lurking through forums under fake accounts.

No. 456324

File: 1514566276510.png (5.51 KB, 293x134, mauricebirth1.png)

http://www.freeforumzone.com/discussione.aspx?idd=4960048&p=18 This website lists peoples' birthdays. Scroll down to October 10th, 1982.

No. 456327

File: 1514566799711.jpg (44.76 KB, 811x309, mauricebirth.jpg)

And here's a screenshot from his Neal Century deleted wikipedia. I wouldn't believe anything this mofo says, though. Can't keep his origins straight.

No. 456329

Nearly shout?

tf kinda nickname is that? reads like an engrish t shirt kek

No. 456335

If he was of Italian decent the Y would be an I on his last name, the way it’s spelled now it is of Spain’s Spanish decent but yet it has a definite Middle East, North Africa accent. My personal hypothesis is that he is either from Morocco, Egypt, Or Libya. All three countries are next door to each other and most inhabited with Muslim and or Jewish. Morocco has some French Jews. I think he’s for sure from one of those countries, and if he speaks French my gues is he’s a Moroccan Jew. Not that it makes a difference. Because in the end if we find about who he really is, it’s just going to be a boring find. The only thing he is hiding from is his own shame and embarrassment of being such a psychopath. Meanwhile the morons on Twitter are STILL acting like retards. Wow.

No. 456354

File: 1514569096768.png (136.68 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3401.PNG)

Speaking of HIV relating to him. He was apparently going to release a video on it December 1st. Possibly talking about his parents?

No. 456359

Are there any Japanese speaking anons here? I wonder if there's anything worth finding if you google his name/alias' in japanese.

No. 456360

Oh! If you search in google chrome it gives you the option of translataing the page!

No. 456371

File: 1514570879024.png (88.92 KB, 890x212, SmartSelectImage_2017-12-29-12…)

On the same deleted wiki page, he mentions that he's Egyptian Italian on his father's side & Persian American on his mum's.

This guy lies so much and about simple things I'm not even sure that Maurice is his real name. Something made him freak out and try to baleet everything.

No. 456372

Samefag. It should be noted that his Wikipedia has a lot of things that are very close, if not completely stolen from Freddie Mercury. So he might not be Persian American at all.

No. 456376

File: 1514571262105.png (315.18 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20171229-125053.png)

Went in the way back machine and this was the only screenshot that would come up. He had 6 or 7 other dates that you could view but it was only coding

No. 456380

Careful. All this research is gonna make Maurice slit his Chewbacca arms.

No. 456381

File: 1514571595034.png (555.53 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20171229-125951.png)

This is from his teespring store, of course the window to buy closed a long time ago. I'm not sure how these work if Teespring keeps them up at all times or if the creator has to take it down.

No. 456382

I thought he already an hero'd? Once you cry wolf, no one will believe you anymore.

No. 456384

He's been assumed to be Italian, Spanish, German, British, Swedish, French, and now Egyptian?? Why would he lie about where his descent and keep changing it?

No. 456385

To the Twitter stans that are lurking here and bragging about it:
We don't doxx people here, we only have public information. If anyone was doxxed it was done by these Twitter stans that decided to hop on to tell us his "death" was on our hands(apparently we forced him to use his daughter for pedos to get off on) and aren't reading the rules before posting. Especially the one that sperged out on here yesterday and likes to spread misinformation on Twitter and freaking out about your screenshots being on here. It's public info idiot. How about you try reading the whole thread first before whiteknighting for a creep.

No. 456387

Wow that sucks I liked thejosh videos on onision. I could never stay subscribed now tho. Oh well. Hope he’s not dead though.

No. 456389

Anyone remember the video Josh posted of when he was in hospital and he said he had a heart condition?

No. 456391

>>456389 Don't lie to us, anon. People who fake their own suicide don't have hearts. ;3

No. 456398

There are mirrors of some of his Onision videos by one of his fans/friends on YT. One was his "proving Onision wrong" by simply showing screenshots of DMs from Josh and one of his employees, like that proves and anything and he blacks out the Twitter handle of his employee. Why would you have to hide the Twitter account of your researchers? Also, he again claims they work for him so how did someone call his "boss"? Also hes defending his video where claims Greg kissed a 14 year old girl on a plane by claiming he was only "reacting" to another video that made that claim when he clearly lied about having proof and evidence. I remember when it came out and knew it was bullshit and that he was sketch. I really don't get how people fell for his crap, just because they wanted to believe what he was saying and he never showed proof. I remember Greg reacting to the video where he claimed Greg kissed the girl on the plane, wonder if that reaction is still up?

No. 456401

Was that on his main channel? I don't remember one if him anywhere besides in his "office" setup on his main and the ones in his house on his others..

No. 456402

I think this is really on the money here.

No. 456407

File: 1514573883522.png (417.75 KB, 789x536, joshonion.png)

No. 456409

"I think Kuckian is behind this"
Can you fucking morons get over you conspiracy theories that someone on YT is trying to "take down" this creep? None of those people created lolcow and most are cows themselves. Why don't you spergs understand that Kuckian most likely didnt know shit about Josh. Most of his Twitter followers had to be bots if you look at his likes/retweets. His videos got barely any views if you compare it to the other videos and tweets by larger youtubers but THIS was the one that scared Kuckian. This man that makes grandiose claims without backing them up, and interviews "paedophiles" on his channel to answer questions everyone already knew. They are all cows.

No. 456412

No I haven't seen that one, it looks like it's been deleted I'm sure someone on the O threads have it downloaded. It was when his channel was behind a paywall and he made this video public because of what Josh was claming was so outrageous.

No. 456416

I believe it was called "I WILL NOT DELETE THIS VIDEO" and of course its Greg so I think it's deleted. Kek

No. 456418

Don't forget that he was offering money to people if they'd make bogus allegations against Onision. Also, he had contacted Sarah when she was living there and tried to offer her money to spill the beans. He's a fucking conman.

No. 456425

File: 1514575314293.png (914.9 KB, 482x822, IMG_3417.PNG)

Semi-unrelated but I felt like this was appropriate.

No. 456426

It's still there. It's on his Onision Speaks channel.

No. 456445

https://youtu.be/SE62vLb1iaY The vid everyone's talking about.

No. 456465

An anon mentioned before you that josh had an Israeli accent, so probably from Israel then. His accent def. wasn't Arabian.

No. 456474

samefag: All hail the Blargh: RTG and Joy discussing Joshy's supposed demise.


No. 456493


I love when people just link lolcow or PULL when they get into drama lmao. I'm surprised Here for the Tea covered this however, so use to her covering makeup drama.

No. 456502

File: 1514582257457.jpeg (200.73 KB, 750x1289, 1514580740479.jpeg)


No. 456507

No. 456508

File: 1514582637010.jpg (1.03 MB, 1150x2000, josh1.jpg)

TheJosh has sent us numerous emails and reports under different identities concerning this thread. Not only has he personally threatened to kill himself, he also explained the background of the mysterious stalker whose harassment is powerful enough to drive his wife to suicide, but not enough for TheJosh to stop YouTube or put someone else in front of the camera to narrate his videos. He doesn't even bother to use a different name for his profiles.

He reported this thread both as Josh Ek and another time claiming to be Mauro Furia with no relation to anyone in the thread. Additionally, he emailed us from an email address identifying him as Toriattetoriatte.

His posts in this thread have been labeled and can also be found here: https://lolcow.farm/thejosh.html. We have not yet found evidence that he posted in any other threads.

We are lifting his anonymity due to him breaking the following site rules:

- Posting about himself from a third person perspective (Rule 5.1)
- Attempting to dox a perceived 'hater' (Rules 4.1 and 6)
- Threatening staff by suicide baiting (Rule 1 & 'Anonymity' caveat)

New users are already flooding this thread, but I'll be doing my best to keep it clean. This means that if new users don't follow the rules and posting guide, then they will meet a lengthy ban to give them the opportunity to lurk more.



You can start by using the Youtube field, it's not for decoration.

You quote by clicking the post number.

Bonus info: instead of posting multiple times in a row, you can copy your comment, delete it, and post it again with your new info added.

No. 456509

that label is amazing

No. 456514

You are the best. did his IP put him in Japan or South Korea?

No. 456515

It's in Japan.

No. 456518

Incredible!! Are you going to mark his posts too?

No. 456520

They are marked, please refresh the thread.

No. 456522

Thank you a ton, Admin! The milk is great!

No. 456525

God I love when this happens, thank you based admin. Did he frequent any other threads?

No. 456527

I knew many of those were his, and I'm a total and complete newcomer to this site. I'm not even exceptionally bright, but so many of those posts screamed his name.

No. 456528

Josh, you're really going to leave your kid to a childhood without a father because of your own shady BS. No. You don't get to go and try to LITERALLY DOX [Redacted] (and Kuckian) and call yourself the "good guy" in all this. Go and fucking apologize to ReadyToGlare and all the other people you freaked the fuck out. We all know you're reading this and that might be your one fucking shot at redemption.

No. 456529

Here for the tea is only covering this because of alleged rumors of John kuckians involvement. If she had the chance she would directly implicate John for this.

I doubt any youtubers know how demented josh / Maurice really is

No. 456530

I knew his sudden move to Korea was a fake, so obvious.
As for threatening suicide he is an idiot, his daughter needs to be taken care of properly.
Josh EK since you quite clearly read this thread please tell me why you uploaded a video of you changing your daughters nappy?
Also why go online if you are in hiding from a murderer and stalker?

No. 456531

>I would also love to know of another cow who created a more elaborate web of sockpuppets and shit.

Come on tho, no one beats Mira, hands down.

No. 456538

If I could kiss you right now I would, swear to god. Someone needs to compile a list or at least a nice collage…. but’ll probably be too long kek

No. 456542

We have not yet found evidence that he posted in any other threads.

No. 456544

I'm really surprised he wasn't all over the Onision thread.

No. 456545

If you see a post you suspect was made by him, please report it and we will look into it.

No. 456546

And the JK thread. I’m disappoint. Thank you for the confirmation though!

No. 456547

I guess it goes to show who he really cares about more than anyone in the world…

No. 456591

Josh loves himself too much to off himself, so I guess Melody doesn't have to worry about being an orphan for awhile.

No. 456612


Hell yeah, thx Admin!

No. 456629

File: 1514589683497.png (283.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171229-171121.png)

Guess who's talking to himself again?

No. 456631

File: 1514589719150.png (365.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171229-171127.png)

No. 456634

File: 1514589748331.png (288.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171229-171137.png)

No. 456635

File: 1514589785669.png (312.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171229-171143.png)

No. 456637


Josh you goddamned a**hole… going for RTG after what you made her go through.

No. 456638

File: 1514589824660.png (315.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171229-171148.png)

No. 456640

File: 1514589859959.png (322.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171229-171155.png)

No. 456641

File: 1514589896881.png (302.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171229-171204.png)

No. 456642

Maurice Yandiorio is unlikely to be his real name but nevertheless I checked Ancestry and their was no Maurice Yandiorio. I only know about UK and US records, so cannot confirm the extent of Ancestry's birth records for the other countries included in the search, i.e Sweden,Israel etc
Even the surname Yandiorio only resulted in 2 matches.
New York City, Marriage License Indexes, 1907-1995
New York, New York, Death Index, 1862-1948. I do not have paid membership so was not able to check the details of the Marriage, but doubt that it would have anything to do with "Maurice"

No. 456643

But what? Josh posted the receipts of his diaper bullshit prank all over the onion threads, and including it in his YT vids. And other really sus shit. I’m so confused.

No. 456644

File: 1514589931157.png (316.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171229-171228.png)

No. 456645

File: 1514589966216.png (456.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171229-171234.png)

No. 456650

Does he really have a daughter??? A 2-3 year old takes a TON of work. He's posting CONSTANTLY. He either "borrowed" a child for those videos, or he's extraordinarily neglectful. I would believe either scenario.

No. 456653

This is saged, sry, I don't know where to ask else: what does it mean when "Anonymous" is in green letters? I've looked through the rules and didn't find out. This is the first time I've seen this, and I haven't been posting very long.

No. 456654


It means the post wasn't saged.

No. 456660


Creamy, creamy milk…. you blessed anon….

also: why in hell's name doesn't that guy learn? I haven't seen anyone yet who was so willing to ruin his name for our entertainment. Holy shit.

No, srsly, I'm speechless. And I'm getting slightly worried for the little kid.

No. 456673

Been wondering about that, too, considering the ton of lies he's been heaping up. I haven't seen the controversial videos from his "family of two" channel, but I'd be happy if that toddler wasn't really his. On the other hand, if he "borrowed" her, that's a sky high level of creepy.

No. 456677

In one video he said his mother did his Youtube research, and that if he set up a Patreon he would use it to pay her for the work she did. I saw recently [I think on his Patreon] That he was keen to employ a researcher and he would like the job to go to a single mother as many have a hard time. Which seemed weird and pointless BS to spin. All round a very odd individual.

No. 456692

>>456677 Maurice claimed to have thirty employees, and on his Patreon he was trying to raise money in order to hire a woman to be his editor or something, but why? Why didn't have hire a woman to fill one of the thirty positions he apparently had under his wing?

No. 456704

I hate to state the obvious but, what company did people "call" when he is the boss and/or a single father? How would people get his company phone number when we can't even find where what "company" he works for. No-one on here has called him a pedo, just that he exploits his daughter for them. He didn't care about telling the world his location and sharing his home and daughter on tv from this stalker? His wife committing suicide doesn't explain why he can't remember the year, and how is the man in prison for 12 years and stalk his family and cause sleep with his wife in 2015-2016? Also, he says it's hurting him looking for employment and that he already has a company? Who would know Japanese to call a company in Japan? If these Josh stans are falling for this crap they have no hope. So, I'm guessing he's claming his stalker is Maurice since he posted that Facebook status "First day as a Free man" but again, the 12 years story doesn't add up.

No. 456717


I think he meant that this "stalker" had previously been in prison for 12 years, and was released before meeting/sleeping with Josh's wife.

I mean, it's all bullshit anyway, but…

No. 456722

Damn really Josh?!? You use Ready to Glare as your pawn to make the world think you killed yours because of Kuckian and then come on here and accuse her of being on pills?? For those lurking and reporting back to Twitter all those post with his in memory marker are confirmed to be from his IP address. Do you idiots see it now? Maurice, serious question, you know what Anons already found out about you so why are you still trying? Most knew it was you just from the language. What is it that you don't want found out, Maurice?

No. 456728

I realized that after but then he acted like Maurice just got out again yesterday on his Facebook post. Kek. You are still an internet persona Josh, especially when you are still giving us that milk!

No. 456729

If I fled with my young kid to avoid detection I would also start a channel plastering my face and hers across the internet and try to get YouTube famous.

FOH you fedora wearing fool.

No. 456730

Josh, if this is real, which it 99% seems like as of now, I hope you realize what you've done.

No. 456736

I'm so sorry that he took advantage of your emotions that way, RTG. Christ that's just cruel.

No. 456738

To be fair, I was stupid to believe it. It was just the timing that had me shaken. First depressed DM then the email… Perfect timing. But I'm an idiot lmfao.

No. 456741


I'm so sorry he used you for this. You had good intentions at heart. NONE of this was your fault.

No. 456744

Josh was your friend and he preyed on the fact you cared about him, then took advantage of you. You might have been a little gullible, but you were in an emotional state because someone you cared about was in trouble. You were not wrong for caring about Josh; Josh was wrong for taking advantage of that, then turning on you. I'm sorry he put you through that.

No. 456751


It's absolutely normal to care about someone who's hurting, especially if that person is a friend; it is absolutely fine to worry. You're not an idiot.

You know what's not fine, though? Lying to friends about committing suicide, scaring them half to death, and just in general being a huge jerk to people who care dearly for you. That's what he did; at least now it's all coming together and light is getting shed on this.

No. 456752

It's real fucking unfair and sick that he did that to you to use you as a pawn to get the news out of his "suicide" RTG. You weren't stupid for believing, it's really shocking news and you guys were friends, anyone would have been initially shocked/scared/sad

No. 456772

No. 456789

File: 1514612638979.jpg (887.44 KB, 810x3913, Screenshot_20171229-200332.jpg)

Did anyone notice that his pateron changed

No. 456806

As I posted on the Temp thread, there was a video that went viral on facebook of a dad changing his kids diaper (it was a funny video) and I think this guy was just riding that wave as he is a fame whore. I honestly think people here are overreacting and don't get that the guy honestly was trying to probably mimic that viral Facebook video and go viral himself….some people here just don't use common sense apparently.
Im not saying all the other stuff isn't valid, but you people are reaching with the diaper thing…..

No. 456810

Most people have lives and since these lolcow threads are cancer to the eyes and have no proper organization, most people don't want to read through a million hours of text for ONE thing…….

No. 456828

I remember in his social repose response video, he said he had cheated on his partner before. But all of a sudden his wife is the cheater and even though she’s dead, her lover is stalking him? And also he’s a millionaire who is a secret agent and totes didn’t have a problem being extremely public up until a boogeyman called up his own company that he owns to say he was something he had never been accused of (but had previously baited YTers to come at him, stating he wasn’t afraid, had lawyers, and could handle them) but pussies out, threatens suicide, deletes all social media including his entire YT channel, pretends to be his therapist and emails readytoglare saying he was dead (while hours later shit talked her on here, saying she was a pill popper), while resurrecting to sperg and beg admins to delete his thread, offering the deletion of his social media. I’ve never heard a more fake bullshit story in my entire life. It makes me so suspicious how he kept offering to host and store lolcows data on his private servers. It’s like that scrambling desperate pleading and bullshiting when your caught in a corner and are grabbing at every straw possible bc all the lies are falling apart. Str8 desperation

What web of lies we weave.

No. 456839

There has to be a site like Don't Date Him Girl that this guy is on. I wouldn't be surprised if he was a serial womanizer.

No. 456842

In this first email he says Mr. Yandiorio was a French national and that Mr. Furia was an Eqyptian national. But, why did Maurice yandioro's Facebook say that HE was the one in Eqypt.
Obviously, we knew it was bs but again he can't even keep his story straight.

No. 456843

I remember a video he filmed of himself on a hospital cot and he was sticking up for Joy Sparkles saying she wasn't lying. He was vague and didn't say what it was that he was suffering from but it's been awhile since I watched it.

No. 456846

I don't think it was necessarily the video itself that people were upset by. Some of the people in thread said that they saw some semi if not directly perverted comments about Maurice's daughter (which he did NOT take down). I think people are just saying that he could've handled it better. I know I'd freak out if I even thought a pedo might be getting off to my kid because of a video. I think people assumed he wasn't so niiave because he interveiwed an actual pedofile on his channel and knew extactly what they looked for.

No. 456852

It only took me about 20 minutes to read through it in its entirety. It was fairly clear what was going on, and when I initially read it, it was my very first "attempt" at reading a thread organized as such. Not sure why you're having such problems with its structure.

No. 456853

Where is the link to the video that supposedly shows his pedophilic moments?

No. 456855

Yes I did see it and thought it was VERY weird and creepy. I couldn't watch the whole thing it made me so uncomfortable. And like… HE COULDN'T EVEN WIPE THE RIGHT DIRECTION? It's FRONT to BACK MAURICE. IF YOU'RE GETTING SHIT IN HER VAGINA YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG AND PROBABLY GOING TO GIVE HER AN INFECTION.

No. 456856

Did you see the video? Because I did. The issue wasn't him changing her diaper. It was how long he did it, how he wiped poop in her vagina and let it sit there and the fact that people TOLD him in the comments that it was a weird video and pervs were also commenting and he kept the video up and just disabled comments.(when I saw it last they were there but I saw an anon say they were disabled, not sure) Also, then fact that the video had 80k views while the rest had about 300. Also, he had another video showing her peeing on the toilet. He showed way too much and knew where those views were coming from.

No. 456858

He deleted all his channels and videos today. Not sure if anyone saved and or reuploaded it.

No. 456860

Someone said on the day when He deleted everything that they had it downloaded but they were out of town at the time.

This one :>>454281

No. 456863

So, he's admitting he's "failing" his daughter by staying up all night editing? Does that mean she's unattended while he sleeps during the day? You'd think there would be undivided loyalty: if the YT "job" is causing him to be a poor, perhaps even neglectful, father, find a different job. Also, he can't find a daycare for her?! Right.

No. 456877

Gross why do you want that

No. 456880


he failed his daughter by showing her three year old vagina to the entirety of youtube. he knew what he was doing.

No. 456886

Anyone have a picture of Josh without the fedora?

No. 456887

I know some Anons don't think the video is that big of a deal but as a mother of a 3 year old when I saw it, it infuriated me. I don't think he did it with ill intentions, but that after the views and comments came in he knew what was happening and I think he basically sold her off for views. I agree with the idea that he did it trying to copy an already viral video, I think that's why he wiped poop in her vagina actually. Because he wanted it to be gross and have a "freak out". Not to mention that a 2.5 year old should of been potty trained long before that. He also did a video showing her potty training and showing her peeing. He can't be that dumb when he was making the claims he was against Onision. His reaction to this was way off though. He's trying to hide something, no-one called him a pedo and he could of played off the "oh, I didn't know it was bad" but he had some real guilt there. He could be using the pedo angle to try and frame Kuckian, and we all know that tweet about the snapchat was Josh. But, it seems like he's really focused on this "pedo angle"

No. 456899

I know I'm late, but did anyone else find it kinda shitty how one of the posts marked by an admin as being by The Josh smeared RTG as a "pill user"? I know he obviously didn't want people to think it was him but come on… They were supposed to be friends and she cried her poor heart out when she thought the faker offed himself. I couldn't say that about a friend even if I was trying to conceal my identity

No. 456902

If he quit his job to be a full time Youtuber, then who would Kuckian call to accuse Maurice of being a pedo? That blows a hole through that unfounded rumor.

I wonder what his visa situation is? Immigration won't accept $50 a month earnings from his Youtube videos to get a working visa. Japan would sooner give his daughter to his "dead wife's" family and ship him and his fedora back to wherever he came from.

Curiouser and curiouser.

No. 456907

Maybe he was leading double lives we don't know about? He lies about big things, who's to say he wouldn't lie about something trivial like making YT a full time career? Could be one of those things where he thought he'd appear more dedicated to his "fan base"
Though it did seem like a fairly decent amount of time went into his videos. Just a blind guess really

No. 456909

Josh Ek Maurice Yandiorio / Neal Century / Mauro Furia has HIV

No. 456911

This was told to me by someone who talks to him almost daily. It may be a lie but who knows??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 456913

Last comment I think that he lied about having HIV for sympathy from this person he has been talking to daily.

No. 456916

Thats very possible, wouldn't put it past him at this point. Hasn't he claimed before that both his parents have/had HIV though? If thats true then it would make sense that Maurice had it also. But again, could just be another lie.

No. 456920


He said his father does; not sure if he said his father gave it to his mother (although I am leaning towards yes). He hasn't made explicitly clear if that was before he was born or not, to my knowledge.

It would make sense, re: a recent post he made about seeing a doctor to address some symptoms of an illness that operates in stages of severity (sounded like cancer but could be HIV/AIDS).

No. 456922

He's trying really hard to hide these names:
Salvatore Cuomo
Tom Motto
Maurice Yandiorio

He literally stole people's music, lyrics, photography, and LIFE STORIES..

No. 456926

Is that you Josh?
I'm glad someone has the video SAVED of him showing his daughter's privates and doing inappropriate things while "cleaning her diaper"..

No. 456931

YEA! He called his so called "friend" RTG a pill user. While she's crying desperately looking for this guy. horrible person.

No. 456934

Just shows how committed he is to his own bullshit if he's willing to drag her. Does anyone know of any possible illnesses linked to leading multiple lives built on deception?

No. 456943


>>Does anyone know of any possible illnesses linked to leading multiple lives built on deception?


No. 456947

Do you think he has something wrong with him? I haven't seen any of his videos besides the poo one unfortunately so I don't really know how he acts, but did he seem possibly… autistic or anything?

I really feel like he lied about the HIV thing completely and just pulled that out of his ass because of his Freddie Mercury obsession. I think if anything he's staying in his mom's basement, and she's alive and well begging him to get a real job.

Yes! That made me fucking sick. That poor girl. I'm sure he made it up because what doesn't he lie about but RTG if you're reading this and it was true please don't feel bad or embarrassed about it getting out. I've been there with drugs myself. Fuck Maurice, he needs to take some drugs. Maybe he'd realize he's a disgusting coward faking his death because of a girls gossip site digging up his past kek. Meanwhile he has an 80k view pedo vid up. I mean really what did he expect?

No. 456948

Samefag but wow we both basically asked about his mental state at the same time lol

No. 456954

Sort of Factitious Disorder, but not so illness-baed (but also he does have the illness theme).

Video related, docu about a man who is a serial imposter.

No. 456956

Um, yeah. He's a pervert. And a liar.
Autistic people aren't liars. They are (generally) super fact based with a solid foundation of following rules of right and wrong. They can be easily lead into doing wrong things, but only if they believe they are doing what is "right" or for the right reasons.

I came to read up on this Josh shit show but I am too grossed out just reading the last few posts. What the fuck man. Josh is 100xs worse than Joy. Why do these people keep showing up to fuck up Onision, only to embarrass us when they turn out to be total lunatics? Goddamnit.

No. 456960

Don't you start speaking in languages that you don't know when you get that?

No. 456964

A histrionic personality disorder perhaps? Correct me if I'm wrong but from what I know, sufferers often become compulsive or pathological liars and go to extreme lengths to gain recognition without first assessing the consequences

No. 456971

No, that's a neurological disorder you're thinking of. This is mental/personality disorder.

No. 456979

No, histrionics are super emotionally charged. Josh is the opposite, way cool, calm and collected.

No. 456981

Maybe he's a high functioning narc? He hates himself so much that he pretends he's like seven other people and he's already exploiting his kid for money.

No. 456984

Pretty sure it's way over seven kek js

No. 456985

I think he might have mythomania aka he's a pathological liar guys.

No. 456988

simple but the most likley

No. 456990

>Sufferers have also shown above average verbal skills as opposed to performance abilities.
Is this why he's a shit singer?

No. 456994

He seems like he would be a shitty dancer for sure.

No. 457018

Didn't he himself try to describe it as "flamboyant"? Then go on about how not gay he is but he'll sleep with a man to save someone's life? I just picture him rotating his hips very femininly and wide with maybe a tambourine from a made up company he owns with 15 different domains he all owns under 5 different names.

No. 457030

Usually those who viciously go after pedos are pedos themselves, or those constantly declaring their heterosexuality .. are often closeted homosexuals.

No. 457036

Does anyone have the screenshots of his posts on here, dragging RTG along with the other posts that got his IP traced and banned?(lurk moar)

No. 457041

What exactly is stopping you from scrolling up yourself and getting them? It's not like you have to scroll through the Onion threads, this would take 2 minutes.

No. 457054

scroll up baby.

No. 457055

I'm not…..I was replying for the person that was and stating that it doesn't surprise me because compared to most sites out there, this site is ridiculously unorganized as there is no structure…..its not rocket science. The thread is like one giant run on sentence and doesn't even go by page, so yes, it is cancer to the eyes…….thus why that one person was having a hard time.

No. 457059

Do you know him in person? How do you know he is "cool, calm, and collected"? You do realize someone can appear "cool, calm, and collected" in a 10 min video and not be in real life right?

No. 457060


What exactly is stopping YOU from NOT being an ass? If you aren't going to help the person then don't respond….JFC, its like a bunch of morons in here, its painful to read. I know you get to hide behind a bunch of anon accounts (which is why this site is a bunch of pussies), but calm your mother fucking tits anon.

No. 457061

please stay on topic. You probably are josh / maurice trying to derail the thread.

No. 457069

To the people saying "Don't bring the NOOBS here Oh maaa gaahhh"
Are you fucking serious? You have to be a special kind of moron to think that there is some sort of achievement and experience level to use a fucking forum. Besides you were also new here once you fucking morons. It will take someone.2 seconds to figure stuff out, they may ask a question or two and thats it…..its not that traumatizing, I promise. The fact you refer to a new forum user as a "noob" just shows how ridiculously "special snowflake" you are trying to be. It doesn't take skill to use a forum my dudes/dudettes and its certainly not something I would be bragging about, it makes it look like you have no hobbies. Now back to The Josh Show topic……(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 457073

You do realize its cringe as fuck to accuse everyone who thinks you are a retarded moron of being The Crazy Josh Show Maurice right? You do realize that mods can see IPs right? Get the fuck over yourself, you rude as fuck losers need to be put in your place. I don't mean rude to the cows, I mean rude to other forum users, its fucking annoying.

No. 457075

The thread link got posted to a bunch of spergs by the beauty drama channel cows. R.I.P

No. 457078

Something tells me this isn't over just yet. We'll see more of crazy, old Maurice soon enough.

No. 457079

they seem so retarded about drama for such a dramatic community. maybe if we frame it to them in the style of a palette scandal they will be able to follow.

No. 457086


"Lurking moar" and getting a feel for the vibe before posting is just basic image board etiquette. People not following the rules disrupt what tend to be pretty chaotic discussions to begin with.

No. 457087

If we bring anyone in it should be people who actually do stuff. No one was doing anything about the Elsagate stuff on youtube for years but toy freaks is gone now. This drama is like something you'd see on a true crime show but worse because Josh/Maurice whatever could be a sex tourist. This will just end up with the next Josh/Maurice rising up to take on the undefeated Onion. Then they'll be another pocket of overly dramatic assholes on youtube trying to be more mentally ill then the next while trying to e-beg while some kid has to suffer.

No. 457117

this is a gossip board, we don't "bring people in".

No. 457147

Show me a correlation between accusers usually being peados themselves. I've not seen any emprical evidence
As for the beauty community spergs they'll soon head back to the comment section of YouTube videos, its their natural habitat

No. 457151

Oh, he has something wrong with him alright, it's called being Fame hungry. He wants to be famous so bad he will make up his fame and exploit his family. Idk if he just wants to be "known" or if he does it for the money but it's not some mental disorder, he knows what he is doing. He's already trying to blame depression for his actions, wouldn't be surprised if he does try to claim so other mental disorder to swerve accountability.

No. 457153

It's literally only one page. It's actually very clear compared to other threads, just scroll up. If you are looking for posts made by him then just scroll and look for his marker, very easy.

No. 457158

It's not about a special accomplishment to post but clearly it derails the thread when people post and don't read the rules. Especially when you aren't even saging your post becaue it bumps the thread when it's not new milk. So, people who know how to read the page and how to follow the guidelines it gets a little frustrating.
Yeah, it takes 2 seconds to read the rules also..
>"it doesn't take experience to use a fucking forum"– doesn't sage post.

No. 457173

Oh there's something clearly fucked up with the dude, that's clear as day!
I can't pin point any variant of personality disorder that covers all the shit he's done.
My disagnosis is he's a pathological lying cunt..source = life.
Those who do suffer genuinely serious
mental health, when in the grips of their illness don't have the wherewithal to orcistrate the shit show Josh/Maurice has created
Fuck him I hope anons find much more on him, it's the least he deserves. The only concern I have is if that child is really his, her welfare.

No. 457182

Jesus Fucking Christ, I know you Josh stanners are a slice of bread being short of a sandwich, but absolutely no one in this thread ever accused Josh of being a pedophile. Scroll all the way back up to the top of the thread and work your way down - you won't find a single comment of anyone calling him a pedo. What you will find are people questioning how a father could film his toddler in a compromising position for fourteen minutes straight, wipe shit into her vagina, expose her to the wrong audience, and then only delete the video after he made up a bullshit story about being called a pedo. Josh should have deleted the video long before lolcow called him out. Forget the stupid stalker story. Forget the fact he was being criticized. Josh's first priority should have always been to protect his daughter no matter what. Once he saw that pedophiles were saying shit like, "Oh your daughter is so beautiful. I wanna meet her," or "She's so cute…" Josh shouldn't have disabled the comments. He should have deleted the video at that very moment.

No. 457210

Here for the tea tweeted that someone is impersonating her in here. That it is not her commenting

No. 457211

>>457210 Tell her to contact an admin and see if they can get the comment taken down.

No. 457212

I wish we knew more about his wife. Maybe I’ve watched too many crime shows but at this point I can’t help but be really sis about that suicide…

No. 457216

>>457212 Well, really, what man would have their wife commit suicide, and then fake his own suicide? If he actually went through losing someone he loved, the mother of his child ffs, Maurice would know suicide is not something honest, moral, mentally reputable people do.

No. 457227

I have a hard time believing he even had a wife that died in the first place, as messed up as that may seem, why should we believe him?

No. 457228

File: 1514657072870.jpg (Spoiler Image, 369.2 KB, 1680x1050, B9QtR.jpg)

No. 457231

I tried to link an imgur image but I'm not sure if it loaded correctly. My apologies.(lurk moar)

No. 457234

Can't help but wonder if he planned this. Anyone remember how in one of his last videos he encouraged people to re-upload his videos. Almost seems like he was prepping to delete his channel/twitter.
>>457227 Same, gotta question everything now that's he's lied

No. 457235

Think you got the wrong one? Very pretty but not relevant to Maurice lol

No. 457244

No, we don't need people to "do stuff" it sounds like you are talking about cow-tipping to me which would get Anons banned. It's a gossip forum to gather milk and follow cows antics. This wasn't created for Josh, he's just another cow. It's already established and moderated and we should respect the mods and rules especially when they give us such good milk like they have!

No. 457262

File: 1514659383583.jpeg (103.9 KB, 602x1024, CCC5109F-F99D-4B83-9152-F9B4B8…)

Here is a cap of the diaper video before it got deleted. It includes the description where Maurice describes his daughter’s warm poop, and there’s a dead link to her “channel” so at one point he had another channel that belonged to her so to speak. Her image and name are obviously censored.

No. 457264

He really is something else. He pimps out his "dead wife" whenever he gets a chance, too. What a class act.

No. 457266

What the eve loving fuck, it's like he was trying to bandwagon off the popularity all the weird diaper videos in Elsagate had
God that decription is sick, don't expose your toddler to pander to weird pedo's for views Josh wtf

No. 457277

AMEN. very good, TRUE comment!

No. 457279

that is so sick and just wrong. Why does youtube let children get exposed like this to begin with? and he says he wants to kill himself which means leaving his supposed daughter alone? what a pussy

No. 457280

The description of the poop is how I imagine EL James would hamfistedly describe a scat scene. Creepy MF.

No. 457281

Is there any way someone can PIN the proof to the top? that this scumbag is still alive, making poor friends cry by pretending to be a counselor breaking the news of his suicide, and of course the E-MAILS he sent "threatening" suicide to the lolcow admins if they don't remove this POST!

No. 457282

the PROOF for the new drama channel lurkers..

No. 457284

File: 1514660679565.jpeg (244.93 KB, 750x814, 158FD84F-6F22-44C4-AFE1-206EF8…)

And here is one of the comments I caught. There were many others criticizing him, and a slew of people infatuated with his daughter begging to “meet” her. Truly vile.

No. 457291

This comment just made it click for me why he was lying about his daughter's age. He knew 3 was too old and would raise eyebrows regarding her still using diapers, plus the pedos probably wanted the 2 year old. More views for him!

No. 457299

Unbelievable! Sicko.. she is 3 1/2 years old and can TALK + operate an ipad / mobile..

No. 457303

This guy is not the type to commit suicide.. more like the type to run away to a different country, or hide forever. He's lurking this thread. Poor guy probably hasn't slept.. he's been glued to this thread. Hi Josh / Neal!

No. 457310

I fucking hope he's been glued to this thread, he made a lot of people worried about nothing and is acting like a 12-year-old girl.
Josh if your reading this, you dun goofed and you've destroyed any credibility you had. Have fun in Korea.

No. 457314

I believe admins said his IP is still coming from Japan. He lied about moving, too.

No. 457325

I do remember That he would often post photos on Twitter of like skylines and highways I guess and say "meeting in Seoul, South Korea today" which he's always full of shit but I'm guessing Seoul where he claimed to move to is somewhat close to where he was in Japan. He has never spoke about when his daughters birthday was so I wonder if he is lying about her age. If she was 2 when the mother killed herself she would of surely started potty training even if they were late on it and the daughter would be wearing pull ups at least and not diapers.

No. 457328

Also, in general, girls are potty trained earlier than boys. That child should not have been in baby diapers, definitely pull ups at the least. She only knows how to use an iPad because he must have used it as a babysitter.

No. 457330

Did he trade in the fedora in this video for a do-rag? Or is it the angle? Man, he will hide that baldness to no end won't He? You'd think he could shave his arm hair off and make a wig or something. I picture him being born wearing a fedora. That must be where he hides his true identity.

No. 457333

You know he must have back hair GALORE. He could replant that, and make a delightful pelt for his head. His head would look like a giant hairy penis.

No. 457366


I'm sorry in advance.. but how exactly are the posts that were made by Maurice [TheJosh / whatever his damn name is / asshole] marked any differently? I am sorry for all the 'noob' action and can imagine it's annoying for ya'll regular posters, I'd really appreciate the insight, though! From the posts I could see that were worded in his manner [hopefully I've done this correctly so it links that post number] there wasn't any particular difference between it and the other posts, to me; of course, there obviously is and I'm missing it, and again I am sorry, but.. kinda why I'm asking what it is I'm overlooking - if those are even the ones confirmed by the admins as being from his IP address.

Just give it a few more days and all the idiots like myself will have wandered back off! Thanks in advance / apologies for another noobie annoyance.

No. 457369

I understand you're new but please just read the thread. The Admin post was just recently linked.


No. 457375


Yes, thanks for linking me back to it; again, sorry for my stupidity but that post is why I was curious.. it says they've lifted his anonymity and I have reread each post twice without seeing a single difference between any of them. If we have gotten ya'll past your annoyance limit, no worries, I was just curious! Thanks for the response!

No. 457377

File: 1514667086170.jpg (30.69 KB, 593x218, Screenshot_3.jpg)

Do you not see the large graphic on each of them? That's the added post marker.

No. 457381

Fuck me, so he uses RTG as a pawn, his alleged friend, and then in this very thread posts that she's a pill popper. Josh is fucking disgusting. :/


No. 457383

does this say memery? fucking kek

No. 457386

He also emailed RTG pretending to be a councilor saying he had killed himself. I mean I don't know for sure if he did, but with all that's happened, I'm fairly certain he would stoop that low. RTG was worried af, luckily I think she clued on that he was just lying and has moved past this bullshit.
Not cool how he was so ready to throw her under the bus, even though he fits under there a hell of a lot better.

No. 457389


she saw the thread. she even posted here.


No. 457391


Ah, okay, that makes sense.. I just thought that was an optional, added in little tag from his hardcore stans that were trying to make the forum feel at fault for him 'killing himself' with it being used days ago.. I thought he'd only recently been published.
Really, I am so sorry, but I greatly appreciate your patience with me!

No. 457432

I'm sorry. It wasn't loading the page properly for me on mobile. But since I switched to the computer, I saw it. Thanks. I'm pretty sad that he would say that about his own friends. :/ He's so disturbing. His obsession with onion boy is what turned me away.

No. 457451

That's odd, I saw a different video of him cleaning his daughters privates whilst both on the sofa. So that's two videos of him changing her nappy and one of her on a toilet. No one can tell me that's normal behavior.

No. 457469

I've followed family vloggers a handfull of times and I've never seen a single one film the process of changing diapers. It's just common sense not to expose your kids genitals on the internet where literally anyone can see and do with that footage what they want.

No. 457485

As he always wore wrist bands I assumed he had cut his wrists and wore them to hide his scars. If my assumption is then he may have actually told the truth when he said that he suffered from depression.

No. 457491

File: 1514677036613.jpeg (88.85 KB, 762x701, 1514671291858.jpeg)

Speaking of his family of two videos, I accidentally left a tab open on my computer before his channel was deleted and lo and behold the page was still there. I took screenshots of everything relating to the family of two channel as I could. Also, before anyone asks, the reason the background of these are black and not white is because YouTube was on night mode at the time. Also I'm censoring her face because I don't think she needs to be dragged into anything else. Just trying to keep the kiddo safe.

No. 457494

File: 1514677088056.jpeg (38.19 KB, 750x200, 1514671279507.jpeg)

No. 457495

Holy cow mate, just integrate yourself.

No. 457496

File: 1514677115596.jpeg (63.26 KB, 750x363, 1514671113505.jpeg)

No. 457499

>>457485 Depression doesn't give anyone the right to jerk around peoples emotions and make fun of them. Many people have depression, but they don't use it as an excuse to deflect responsibility for their actions.

No. 457503

File: 1514677505784.jpg (43.36 KB, 671x358, IMG_3446.JPG)

Comments on this diaper video included. >>457491

No. 457504

This so much.

"I'm trying to protect my kid, I'm desperate" is also NO EXCUSE to do what he did. If he had just vanished off the net then none of this would have happened. But no, he has to go and email people posing as someone else and say that he is dead.

No. 457505

File: 1514677539504.jpg (13.06 KB, 369x124, IMG_3448.JPG)

As well as

No. 457525

>>457499 I totally agree and my post >>457485 was not implying that either depression or a possible historic suicide attempt excused any of his behaviour.

No. 457526

"I miss my wife" isn't that a little odd to say after she cheated on him with a criminal and put thier lives in danger?

I'm not buying what he says about his wife. I want to know what the real story is.

No. 457527

File: 1514678456981.jpeg (46.63 KB, 420x386, 9066FB5B-CCF6-43A2-BD15-8C7770…)


No. 457530

Nah. He showed his wrists pretty clearly in his chef channel. We're talking about a guy who unironically wears a Fedora. It's just Maurice's shitty taste in fashion

No. 457533

Yeah, I don't buy the stalker thing either. You wouldn't be showing your face and your KID online if you legit had a stalker. He probably cheated on her, she couldn't handle it and the pressure of taking care of tiny femele Maurice and offed herself. He's now feeling guilty as hell about the whole thing and is trying desperately not to put the blame of her death on himself.

No. 457534

>>457526 Is it possible Maurice and Maurice Female are separated and have joint custody of their daughter? Maybe all of this "I miss my wife" and "My wife killed herself for xyz reasons" are there to garner sympathy points. She may still be alive, and may have no idea her husband/former husband is/was putting their kid online.

No. 457538

That's definitely possible however, the one thing I don't understand is why isn't his kid potty trained? Between the two of them, you'd think she'd use a toilet. It's possible that mrs Y is as bad as Maurice too.

No. 457539

>>457538 Yeah. It's definitely a possibility she is just as bad as Josh as a person and/or as a parent, or maybe she was in the process of potty-training their daughter still while Josh would put her back into diapers if she wasn't quite grasping the concept yet?

No. 457542

he could have at least kept up his chef channel his lasanga looked good as hell

No. 457581


I can see the names, if they did have anything to do with him the dates of the records are in the 30s and 40s so they'd be grandparents at best.

No. 457624

He sure was stuck on that dirty diaper theme wasn't He? Also "single father brushing hair". Kek. It's brushing her hair, not French braiding or anything complicated and he wants to act so inept as a "poor pitiful single father" that he doesn't even know how to brush hair? It's clear he was trying to make it like a pity party but it just made him look like a shit dad. I mean he choose a picture of his daughter on the potty for the thumbnail. He's so deluded and fame obsessed.

No. 457628

Are replies missing on this? Are they some of the comments he deleted of ones you just couldn't see since he deleted The channel?

No. 457634

>"A single father changing a diaper or nappy is always a great view"
W.T.F. ?!?

No. 457639

I was wondering the same damn thing. What does that even MEAN? I hope it's not literal. He's quite frightening, and should not be a parent.

No. 457651

It's shit like >>457624 that convinces me he's a malignant narc or not the actual biological father.

No. 457655

>>457651 Thankfully for baby girl Maurice, she doesn't look a thing like Big, Bald Maurice so far.

No. 457671

File: 1514688578811.png (134.63 KB, 926x632, Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 8.47…)

There are replies missing but here is the full comment list ( there were only 7 on the SINGLE FATHER CHANGES DiEPAR NAPPY video). The "someone has to help that poor kid" comment was directly under the rest I just couldn't get it all in one screencap.

No. 457688

File: 1514689881651.png (466.15 KB, 1064x1208, SmartSelectImage_2017-12-30-21…)

>>457671 this comment was left on his diaper video

No. 457689


No. 457700

Clean that Virgina throughly, Maurice

No. 457748

Just a thought after seeing this. "Changing a diaper or nappy is always a great view" … even with his shitty broken english, that would make no sense whatsoever. This is so when some disgusting man types "changing diaper great view" etc. in the search - he gets this! Also… the fact that he also had his daughter showing pain and pulling her hair. I feel disgusting even typing it. Pedos enjoy seeing children in compromising situations. Everything about it is just wrong.

No. 457822

I'm lowkey kind of convinced that his kid is some kid he stole as an infant and fled the country with, as absurd as that sounds but there's just something really unnerving about his whole gig.

Also pretty sure he's been back samefagging in the thread again, this time calling himself a sicko and shit, look for any post with weird misuse of semicolons and spaces between slashes, it's a weird punctuation thing he does, plus not contracting terms like "we are" to "we're," etc. The slash thing is a dead giveaway though.

No. 457827


he hasn't been IP banned?

No. 457832

Yeah, i've been pretty convinced he's been posting in here again re-reading certain replies.

No. 457834

Something had to have spooked him for him to delete everything, especially his channels.

No. 457860

Pretty disgusted about all this
I supported his channel and genuinely thought he was a nice guy struggling to raise a little girl on his own
All this is disturbing and shocking
Fake suicides,accusing people of being on pills,weird pedo wording for views
I never saw the poopy virgina vid but did wonder at the toilet training one and then just put it down to him being innocent of the web
I was naive and stupid.
I feel kinda sick.

No. 457865

he reacted hyper-sensitively to the pedo-catering allegations. he's either hiding something with that (something worse than the exploitative videos) or there's some shady shit going on with this wife-and-daughter-story. he's got something major to hide, why else would he freak like that.

No. 457873

This. Being outed as an attention seeking, BSing fame whore is embarrassing but his reaction was over the top. He's either one of the internet's cringiest stunt queens or there's more.

No. 457878


I'm convinced there's more to this and that it has to do with the daughter-wife story. He's just shady as fuck, like the fact nobody seems to know his real legal name or where he's originally from, and the fact he keeps lying about his daughter's age. He said she was 2 when his wife died in 2015, but when people were calling him out in the comments of that poop video he said she was 3, and that was 9 months ago. He also said in that video where he cashed in on that dead little girl who had brain cancer that his daughter was 3, and that video was two or three months ago. The fuck ain't your kid aging, Maurice? And how the fuck did he end up in Japan of all places?

But I digress, and I'm totally tinfoiling right now but I'm also of the mind that he's middle eastern, and I don't think his wife is dead at all. I have this weird gross feeling his marriage has broken down and he's taken his daughter and skipped the country, perhaps he was allowed to do so because he comes from a country where men tend to get custody rights or something. That or that she could possibly be a niece or other relative like that. Either way I don't feel like that child is supposed to be with him, and not just because he smears feces in her vagina and is clearly incompetent as a father.

There's something really dark going on here if you ask me, maybe it's just because he gives me the fuckin' heebie jeebies but I'm 110% convinced his wife is alive somewhere without her daughter, and the truth lies with figuring out his legal name and ethnicity.

Sage for pedogate tier tinfoiling but Maurice is gross and lil Maurica needs a new dad tbh.

No. 457879

Well, allegedly there was a video or photo showing that she was born in a Japanese hospital, and that she had Japanese features as a newborn, so it's safe to say that he likely had a child with a native Japanese woman. How he ended up with custody of her when Japan always favors the Japanese parent is still a mystery, however.

I have found old posts in Japanese that have his name as Maurice/Mauro Yandiorio and his birthplace as Milan, Italy, and that he is a UK citizen. However, he is listed as an American youtuber on the youtube wikia.

No. 457881

Can confirm the baby was born in a hospital staffed by asians
I watched it

No. 457883

Also adding that as a supporter of his channel he was frequently asked where he came from and what his origins were and simply never answered
He looks Egyptian/Jewish but who knows.
All very sad to the people who genuinely came to care for the guy especially after his hospital 'scare'.
If you are reading this josh/maurice whatver your actual name is then shame on you.
People actually cared about you.
This is how you choose to repay them?

No. 457884

File: 1514715641577.png (381.09 KB, 750x1334, B68FE599-7B63-4280-A2EA-CA9A1C…)

I was stalking through the thread on GG and found this quite disturbing idk if you guys have seen this yet

No. 457899

File: 1514720545265.png (116.22 KB, 750x1104, IMG_4520.PNG)

As a point of reference to other anons, you can see his use of lowercase 'i' in his nappy change video.
Saged for potential tinfoil peadogate

No. 457901

uh oh, Maurice, what have you done?

if she truly passed away, that makes sense.

just musing but his wording around her passing is pretty strange, just the fact that he brings up the murder of a woman specifically (when referring to her 'stalker'), conflating this with her suicide. he's a fucking odd man, that much is sure. congrats to the anon who had the good sense to launch this thread.

No. 457909

Hmm you don't think the lowercase K mattered? I don't know but I have a feeling you're onto something. He's not er, fun and hip enough to be typing like Riff Raff just for shits and giggles.

No. 457912

He used to do this with his drama videos, too.

No. 457917

Absolutely! Going through YouTube briefly there's some disturbing comment sections on videos that use a lowercase letter in a capitalised word. I've the afternoon to myself so I'm going to go do some digging see what I can find in reference to Maurice's style of writing and any correlation to peado codes. If I find anything I'll post it here. Search still seems to be saturated with pizzagate and the symbols identified. But saying that the search in YouTube certainly does suggest there's something in it. Wish me luck I'm going to need to be dipped in dettol after this!

I've never watched his drama videos but it's interesting it's a style he's adopted throughout

No. 457939

this is real pizzagate tinfoiling here

No. 457942

Maybe Joshy was pizzagate tinfoiling himself and did the lowercase thing intentionally…

He'd have the mental capacity do this, I think. Or lack thereof

No. 458088

>>457942 Dear lord. If Maurice was pizzagating with his daughter, he really is a despicable humanoid with a Tommy Wiseau complex. If Maurice was just copying a style he thought was hip with the kids, he's just a fucking moron. It's lose/lose for him, really.

No. 458100

I'd like to think that TheJoshCow somehow has his heart in the right place where his kid is concerned. But he has shown such a lack of concience when he accused other youtubers of vile stuff without proof and when he lied to RTG - I really don't know if exploiting kids would be an absolute no go for him.

I didn't watch the familyoftwo, but I saw him mention his child in a couple of JoshShow vids - and it was always in a tear jerking kind of context. Like virtue signaling that his motives were pure, and that he has the moral highground when smearing other creators.

So my theory is that Josh may have been stupid enough to believe the pizzagate tinfoil, and sly enough to try and sneak views from a certain type of audience cough vomit.

No. 458108

>>458100 I watched a few of his Family of Two videos. There were many mukbangs, running errands, and playing with toy videos. Those were all innocent enough, and if Maurice wasn't such a weirdie, I might have enjoyed some of those videos, but I also watched the Poopoo in Vagina video and the video where he was potty training tiny baby Maurice. Basically, I think he genuinely loves the kid, but he tends to exploit her for views by following certain trends and garners sympathy points every time he mentions Dead Mrs. Maurice. I'm not certain what's going on there, but I hope the kid isn't in danger. I don't think he'd deliberately do that to her.

Then again, this is the same man who claimed to have been followed by a stalker, yet put himself and his daughter out there on the internet.

No. 458113

Yeah it's weird. Maybe he tried walking a fine line there - or maybe it was sheer stupidity to add those two inappropriate vids to the normal stuff.

Either way, he's done enough to prove how desperate he is for views and subs. I'm just wondering what the story of the wife is. I think he made up the whole stalker thing and that the real story's pretty mundane.

No. 458115

There was most likely cheating or he gave her a disease, that is if the aids story is real. He cried in his jaclyn video but fake cried in a video of a girl talking about her dead sister.

No. 458154

How old did his daughter appear in the Family of Two vids? In the picture earlier in the thread; were she is having her hair brushed, she seems very big for three or four but photos can be deceptive. So those who saw the vid how old would you think she was?

No. 458218

Pretty sure they're just a newb who can't into chanboard format. They're complaining about the lack of comment threads and nesting - the fact that posts are in time order rather than post -> reply -> reply to that reply etc. not that the thread is disorganised compared to other threads on here.

Id report anyone complaining about it, obvious newfag who needs to lurk more.

No. 458245

File: 1514765370115.png (597.25 KB, 1080x2220, 20171231_190409.png)

Someone posted these on GG. It's from a website called poptalk where they feature music artist. It seems like 2 women
, Joanna and Maria were upset that they didn't have enough Neal Century information and said practically the same things that Josh was to wiki staff. I didn't see these posted yet. Also, "worked with George Michaels". Kek

I blurred the bottom pics for relevance.

No. 458248

File: 1514765515377.png (724.2 KB, 1080x2220, 20171231_191107.png)

2nd pic and the website is "popflock".

No. 458264

>>458245 Those posts wreak of Baldie's delusions of grandeur. Maurice worked with George Michael? Proof, Maurice. You can't just expect to take your word for it when you've been caught lying in the past.

No. 458268

HIV is treatable now so if he gave her HIV or has it himself, there is no reason to die from it.

No. 458275

File: 1514768834289.png (145.11 KB, 648x1152, unnamed.png)

I found an old blog thingy from a person ( Japanese musician)under the username masaruhighway 61 (band name : the mantle brothers )that collaborated with Maurice. This blog dates Nov 2012… Its kinda irrelevant but it does talk about his nationality, ethnicity and some other things. The blog has been translated by google to English from Japanese. Sorry if this post has been already discussed or redundant.

No. 458278

File: 1514768892469.png (245.02 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171231-185949.png)

2nd Pic

No. 458286

I am sure that one of you smarty pants have done this by now.. but did anybody search wanted/on the run people for the areas that he has allegedly lived? I just wonder if something completely crazy happened that he freaked when those other names started coming up. Maybe not afraid of a stalker, but police?

No. 458296

I'm not sure if he actually does, I think he claims that his father died from HIV when typically people die when it actually turns into Aids and people with the disease definelty know the difference. He even called dec.1st "world HIV day" when He claimed he was gonna post an emotional video when I'm pretty sure it's world Aids day. Like I said, people with the disease know the difference.

No. 458303

I wouldn't doubt that Maurice wrote that himself, we've seen where he likes to add himself in with real musicians profiles and work. I wonder if this man had any more blog posts or if he's even a legit musician? May be another famous person that he is trying to impersonate online.

No. 458328

It does seem like this guy is real, I found the blog myself now, it's attached to his Facebook. His name is Masaru Yakushijin, and he doesn't seem to huge, doesn't really get many comments or likes on his posts. Highway 61 was another band name that Masaru was in.

No. 458385

File: 1514777316260.jpg (373.05 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20171231-222124.jpg)

Sock puppet youtube channel?

No. 458390

I found out about all the lies through one of this person's YT videos. It had a lot of the information from this thread. If it's a sockpuppet, he's outing himself.

No. 458391

File: 1514777924754.png (192.25 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4996.PNG)


Found this comment. The OP has no content on their channel - is Flare a sock for TheJoshCon?

No. 458393

Now that looks like his work.

No. 458398

Yes I noticed that discrepancy in his naming of the condition too. His father (if the story is true) died of AIDS (or complications from AIDS). Odd that he does not distinguish. So many people with HIV in his stories.

No. 458399

File: 1514778471067.png (288.8 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4998.PNG)

Another one from Flare My Life, this time on a video from someone called VampFaye concerned for his whereabouts and saying the community needs to stand by him.

No. 458400

damn it must be exhausting to create all those fake accounts here and there. "Hope you go to jail" kek we can all see right through you. I know lurk here you sick fuck, using lower case i on your titles, you should be the one imprisoned you piece of shit. I laughed my ass off reading your samefag comments on this thread.

No. 458405

That woman is what Billie from the Onion threads WISHED she looked like

Sage for OT

No. 458409

That's him for sure.

No. 458416

oh, totally a sockpuppet

No. 458419

She says she's spoken to him, and blah blah blah.

No. 458432

This is Lainey in 10 yrs

No. 458434

I'm pretty sure this is a mirror of a mirror, lol. A channel called cmarieparody that claimed to be josh's friend had videos of his mirrored and would put those transition slides talking about how he was the greatest thing and that rigby snide also posted the threads in a video I believe so I don't think that rigby person is a sock especially with the description

No. 458437

>>458434 Maurice is an idiot, but he's not idiotic enough to call himself a pedo-baiter (or in his own words, an outright pedo).

No. 458442

So, basically it's all his depressions fault and this lady is falling for the same script he fed to RTG, he only called her because RTG wouldn't buy his bs. Sad, you would of thought that the younger more naieve girl would of fell for his shit before prehistoric Billie did.

No. 458450

>mental health care isn't covered by most insurances in Japan
>they approach it holistically
>Japanese people don't take pills

This is 100% bullshit. Has this old crone lived there or is she regurgitating what Maurice fed her?

No. 458457

Exactly! Didn't he have a video of him in the hospital? And he made a long patreon post about dealing with "some condition"? It's just what he's feeding her.

Also, she buys the "blackmail" bs. Is she talking about that 16 year old or whatever that he made a video about but didn't show any bit of blackmailing evidence? Then she blames lolcow for the blackmailer being able to find more info, dude you put your location, and daughter public on all social media. I don't think that 16 year old is coming to Japan. Is it a stalker in Japan, or a blackmailer from YouTube? Hmm

No. 458465

Since you read here, Maurice, go see an actual mental health professional, not someone who specialises in woo.


They speak English and take kokuho. Stop making up excuses and go get your head examined.

No. 458481

I don't think doctors have invented any remedies for I'm-Dead-Mourn-Me-Or-I'll-Samefag-Asshole Syndrome yet.

No. 458497

One of the mirrors was a video was about Onision forum.
"Nothing. Nothing. Is ever deleted on the Internet"- Josh
Top kek

No. 458500

>>458497 Mournrice is gonna get obese from eating his own words.

No. 458539

Why are all his biggest stans 40-60 yo women?

No. 458566

Those things are women? Human women? Are you sure? I thought they were Jabba the Hut's sperm failures.

No. 458572

So is he dead or not? I'm confused ( it's been a long night, kek ). I personally think he's simply baiting. TBH, this whole thing ( and how quickly it escalated, like in a matter of a few days ) is weird as fuck.

No. 458578

No he's dead and his ghooooost is samefagging from beyond the grave and haunting lolcow for calling him out for samefagging.

No. 458591

No he's alive. >>456508 Admin outed his for posting after RTG was informed of his "death".

But yeah this was a stunning escalation for having 1 little thread over here. The overreaction makes me suspect there is more to be found out about him.

No. 458598

Too bad he deleted everything. I've been looking and am having Trouble finding anything that isn't already posted.

No. 458600

That fucking description is giving me pedo vibes
"a soft bunny diaper filled with creamy and warm poop"
What the fuck
No regular father would write that, foreign or not thats just downright creepy and sounds like hes fetishizing his babys diapers. He knew what he was doing with that video, I wouldn't be surprised if he fled and deleted everything because there is worse stuff out there not on youtube and he got spooked the internet would dig it up. I bet he makes all kind of weird pedo bait videos with that poor kid to make money. He might be resurfacing now because hes convinced since no one found it yet it wont be found. Or he realized he made himself even more suspicious.

No. 458602

Could an Admin confirm whether he's actually in Japan or wherever? Like I'm not asking for them to dox him just confirm that his IP is coming from over that way

No. 458604

Admin confirmed the IP was from Japan:


No. 458606

Thank you for pointing me to that post, anon - I do intend to read the whole thread tomorrow, because I did miss out of several hours. It just got super confusing for a moment.
>The overreaction makes me suspect there is more to be found out about him.
I really agree. I do only follow a handful of cows here - and briefly read about others - but you rarely see someone getting called out and then that person completely pissing off in such a dramatic way within a matter of days.
There's definitely more dirt there - it's simply too weird of a reaction.

& Thanks for being the first one to make me kek hard in 2018.

No. 458612

Someone said here for the tea talked to him on the phone and he said this was all “an organized publicity stunt and a joke” (nick snider I think) wtf lol if that’s true it’s pathetic as shit and like the last ditch effort to save his ass “…..it was all a joke guize….ha ha….ha ha…..believe me I swear funny jokez!”

No. 458621

Want to bet how long it takes Maurice to return to youtube. He's obviously very hungry for fame and a cow like him can't stay gone for long.

No. 458632

Nick may have been referring to the video posted here. I saw him say that 'TheJosh phoned someone and is ok', if we are thinking of the same stream.

No. 458635


Oh he'll be back in a couple of weeks with some bullshit video being like "lolcow are evil and have smeared my many names I dindu nuffin it was my stalker my wife killed herself with aids Im being blackmailed I swear also I'm dead but lolcow are meanies and isn't Onision a bad man"

No. 458636

I'm pretty sure he tried to run the same line on GG that Anons posted above. Trying to make it sound he planned all this to make John Kuckian "famous" and "expose his evil ways"

I saw another video on yt by someone named sids brain adventure I think. I can't link right now but it's ridiculous. Lol
Basically some lady calling out lolcow essentially and saying Josh had to leave because he was harassed and "linked to pedos" and that he was a good man. Even claimed to "hack servers" and knows who all the fake accounts are and that people hide behind sock accounts (yeah lady, Josh does) and even showed screenshots of the thread of people posting peoples pictures which was actually josh's posts. Lol

No. 458641

I mean, what other way is a pathological liar going to get out of this mess? pile more crazy lies on top.

No. 458644

I saw that too

>>Claims to be a hacker

>>Takes pictures of her computer screen.

No. 458647

He probably has a new identity already.

No. 458649

File: 1514789833612.jpeg (71.82 KB, 640x569, 8E481B79-F513-4AB8-8793-6ADB05…)

I think it was festivus stream? He said everyone had been calling Maurice, and randomly he answered here for the tea’s call and that he was okay and that this was all a “joke” that he organized bc he thought it was funny and wanted attention/views, was a publicity stunt. And nick was like “so he’s okay….I’m not really going to talk about it…..but it’s pretty messed up”. Which makes ZERO sense bc he deleted his YT channel and social media so how would he get views or publicity?! And then emailing admins at the same time offering to delete them in exchange for the thread to be deleted, even confirming he had deleted them so they should now delete his thread.
He’s now basically trying to pretend this was a whole big publicity stunt and that we were soooo in on it, in a last ditch effort to save his career on YouTube, friendships with YTers, money, etc. bc he realized how badly he fucked up. And it’s all his fault bc none of this would have happened if he hadn’t pretended JK called his “work” to say he was a pedo and posted about it and deleted everything and the fake suicide. Even if a thread had been made here on him, it would have died and been buried if he had just ignored it and pretended everything was normal. Cows ALWAYS inadvertently bump their own threads with their reactions. Fucking autist.

>this whole shitshow is so similar to pic related

No. 458658

>>I'm from the 70's and in the 80's I was a hacker..
Yeah lady, it's exactly the same now. No technology upgrades or anything. You looked at lolcow and Google searched. That isn't hacking. Kek.

She also brought up the "blackmail" girl (never proved blackmail, just that she recorded a phone call) and said it was because Josh angered her and it was all about the "anti-O community". That still wouldn't explain all his lies about a stalker before YouTube or his sock accounts, or His contradicting statements, or anything. At. All.

If anyone could link it, it's a little long but is a great laugh.

No. 458659

File: 1514790435187.jpeg (271.92 KB, 747x1513, 880AC097-33D3-4945-9FF5-34EF80…)

No. 458660

File: 1514790535910.jpeg (437.63 KB, 1242x1625, DA372A6D-972C-4C25-93B3-E17A96…)

Apologies for dump in advance

No. 458661

File: 1514790559950.jpeg (431.67 KB, 1242x1762, D2227509-169A-4CA1-9D21-92275D…)

No. 458662

File: 1514790579148.jpeg (415.77 KB, 1242x1671, 42217613-D510-4E85-8563-8148F5…)

No. 458663

File: 1514790601088.jpeg (319.74 KB, 1242x1269, 1BCEBB9F-EB2C-425D-A85F-820C1D…)

No. 458665

I went back to watch some of his older videos and read his older tweets, and it's crazy how Yandizero seemed to foresee his own downfall with each one of his criticisms about Greg, Buzzfeed, and the like.

I don't understand how he is trying to pass all of this off as a joke, because that would mean he ended up accusing himself as pedophilia, and pretended to an hero when his wife supposedly killed herself. Fucking what are you on about, Kneel Centaur? And even if it was a set up to bait Kuckian, uhhh, what could he have possibly have to gain from that? Did he want Kuckian to admit to a crime he didn't commit, the same thing he tried to do with Greg? Josh, muh dude, you don't have to set these people up to be asshole. They're already assholes. Let their actual crimes speak for themselves. Fuck, what am I saying? Of course Mo-Mo can't figure that out for himself. He thinks fedoras are cool.

No. 458666

File: 1514790927762.jpeg (214.13 KB, 1242x975, 43396F5B-63F9-425A-8CBF-636503…)

No. 458668

File: 1514790968881.jpeg (294.72 KB, 1242x1442, 96FDBBB4-5576-4762-9337-C96759…)

No. 458669

File: 1514790991529.jpeg (246.74 KB, 1072x1807, 652CDDD9-B887-4E4B-893A-D5513B…)

No. 458672

File: 1514791071893.jpeg (242.13 KB, 1231x990, 51428C40-902B-4FB2-825A-27CF3B…)

I don’t know if this was posted previously, so forgive me as your news years resolution if it has

No. 458679

That was the Twitter that posted that other video defending Josh.
Basically, she buys his bs hook, line and sinker. Seems like an anon was right that all these older women seem to fall for his crap. They probably sympathize with the "single father" crap he was using with his patreons and his channels.

No. 458681

I wonder how he even got to YouTube? Why did he suddenly start and start about 5 channels all at once? I guess for money but as a Japan citizen who doesn't look to have any ties to the US why did it start mainly English channels, and how did he know about Onision drama? It's kind of a target market for anti onision videos. It just seems strange.
I remember some of his family of two videos and his daughter spoke only English from what I remember. She could be bi-lingual but I never heard her speak in a different language, and for a child of that age it's possible but they would be more dominant in one language and considering he could barely make out a single sentence in English it seems odd. Especially if her mother was from Japan.

Also, why did he only promote his drama videos on his Twitter? If he wanted more views why would he promote all his videos on his Twitter with over 40k followers. (Most likely bots but still) if he wasn't doing anything with malice on those channels why not promote them to your fans when you are already getting some attention from your drama videos.?

No. 458685

Link? Or know the title? Pweety pweaze

No. 458687

nayrt but here. she sounds like a 60 year old heavy smoker.

No. 458688

"Its everyone's responsibility to report people who are believed to be doing weird stuff"
>Gets a thread created on lolcow and fakes his own death. Lol

No. 458689


His other channels were always linked in his underbar. He just never mentioned them.

One interesting thing i noticed that his Twitter @thejoshvlog was made in 2012. Whyd he change his online name to Josh back then? He apparently wasn't running from a stalker unil 2015-2016.

He also alluded in the email to the admins he used to have 2 kids but one died. I don't have the screen shot anymore but i remember him sperging on Twitter and mentioning he should be with his wife and TWO kids but his wife and mystery child died.
Yet on his family of two channel he mentions that two is a good number, three is perfect. If he had a dead child before Maurice jr, why say "three is the perfect number".

No. 458690

THANK YOU, ANON! I couldn't get the link up atm but I though the farmers would enjoy!

No. 458693

For cerals why are all his most dedicated followers Haggard 60 yo edgelord lesbos?

No. 458694

Interesting observation, he just started his videos like 9 months ago or so..

I think in the email when he said his wife and child (2 then) that he meant the daughter was 2 then because we've discussed the inconsistency of her age when he mentioned it. I could be misreading, orcourse.

No. 458695

Thank you sweet anon, you’re just the bees knees! I was super curious about this shit, oc cringe quality

No. 458696

Pretty sure he renamed the account @owjnews to @thejoshvlog

No. 458699

Wait no, not a sock puppet. I'm Rigby Snide also known as lady_adalade or adalade_sama on twitter.

No. 458700

His dads dead (hiv)
His mothers dead/his mother is alive with hiv
His wife is dead/wife committed suicide/wife divorced him for cheating (with his best friends wife?)
His child died/he has only one alive child
His stalker is a murderer
He committed suicide

Wtf is up with this everyone is dead, committed suicide, they died, she’s dead, he’s dead shit?!

A lot of pathological liars kill off people or claim so-and-so is dead/died to cover up lies, sympathy, or when caught, so I really doubt almost anything Maurice says without evidence saying otherwise.

No. 458701

No i saw him sperging on twitter and he mentioned having two kids and a wife but now only has one.

No. 458702

When you search owj news on Twitter the first one has someone replying to his Josh vlog Twitter and the others have the owj news @..

No. 458703

Let's consolidate all the tragedy that has befallen Josh/Maurice.

>>Father died of HIV and his mom also has it

>>Wife cheats on him

>>Murderous stalker ex-lover stalks Josh

>>Had to go into hiding and move

>>Wife an hero'd because she got sick and couldn't deal with stalker

>>Some where in that time frame one of his children dies

>>Quits his job as president of a Japanese company

>>Becomes a yter only to get "blackmailed" and harassed by Cyberbullies

>>Has some mystery disease that he decides not to meditate and suffers more

>>Sufffers from depression, ibs and Gilbert's disease.

>>Has a thread on lolcow and suddenly fake an heros and gets called out for samefagging

No. 458704

All that tragedy and he couldn't handle one lolcow thread..

No. 458705

So this Sid's Brain hag is threatening to dox a bunch of people if everyone doesn't hold hands and sing kumbayah together. Who the fuck does she think she is?

No. 458706

Not the anon you’re responding to, but why are you reuploading thejoshshow videos? Is it just bc they’re onision related? How did you get permission from Maurice? Jw.

nice compilation on the shady behavior screenshot vid btw

No. 458707

File: 1514794087190.png (566.14 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180101-025802.png)

Meant to add pic for context

No. 458708

>>458701 Josh can't even remember what year his wife died. You can't expect him to remember how many kids he's supposed to have. Dude can't keep any of his stories straight.

No. 458710

Honestly because I could and because in some of them he was just making claims (like he always does) without any evidence. I thought it was important to keep them around, that's all. I'm in no way a fan. Thank you btw! I'm glad you enjoyed my video!

No. 458712

Oh! And at one point on his twitter he said that anyone could reupload his videos as long as they gave him credit, wich I did in the title of each video. I did not monitize any of them though.

No. 458713

File: 1514794541726.jpeg (85.52 KB, 1144x317, F938448E-1142-4B5A-9CF1-7D470E…)

In this I thought it ment he got fired from his business, due to “hurting his best friend and destroying his family” which I alluded to him sleeping with his best friends wife?? Idk if it’s too much tinfoil, but he’s supposed to own his own company, be his own boss, and have a whole “team” and warehouses of servers and multi-millions of dollars behind him right? Kek

His “stalker” is probably a guy who called 3 times and Maurice was like “I am being stalked I must move countries, change my name and start a YouTube drama channel”, he’s such a pussy.

No. 458714

Ahh gotcha m8, thanks for answering, I was just wondering. Your doing God’s work. Appreciate the archieving, happy new year!

No. 458715

Thanks m8 lol Happy New Year to you as well!

No. 458732

oh thanks, I missed a lot of that one. what I saw must have been him answering comments.

No. 458736

let me guess… child "died of HIV"

No. 458781

HONESTLY “SIDS brain amusement park, or what the fuck your bizarre trip is” you got a lot of nerve putting ANY blame at all on lolcow hun, if you bothered to read the whole fucking thread on this whack job you would see, with proof and “receipts” that in no way did any of lolcow, nor any new person even so much allude to Josh actually BEING A PEDOPHILE! As you can plainly see that the only correlation between “thejoshass(or any other of his bullshit personas, even his sock puppet malarkey” and the word “pedophile” are connected together are because of allegations of pedophiles making comments, and lurking, on HIS are fucking re-fucking- tarded diapper changing video, that he possibly made, in order to go viral, which obviously would appeal to pedos-…. but he just didn’t care, OR HOWBOUT THE FACT THAT HE TIED PEDO TO HIS NAME WHEN HE STARTED MAKING ALLEGATIONS HIMSELF ON WHO HE DEEMED WAS BEING AN ACTUAL PEDO in his “EXPOSES” videos he was making and threatening people with, ever think of THAT? You stupid fucking moron, it’s maybe best that you delete your online presence because it sound like to most of us that you are just another cow, begging to get milked, since you try to protect a sociopaths “huwt feewings” dumbshit. All you did was admit that you are a lying conniving bitch and I really hopyou get banned for cow tipping. Furthermore if you want to continue to white knight a psychopath, WHO CLEARLY TRIED TO DO EXACTLY WHAT KUCKIAN TRIED TO DO TO PETER MONN, WITH ALL HIS LIES- you need to take your own advice and gtfo the internet. You are way tooo involved in other people’s shit, you don’t belong there, and need to get but yet even MORE MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENT NOW! Quit makin excuses for another whack jobs actions! What you did was wrong with a capital “W”!!!!!!!!! Be gone from here….(calm down)

No. 458811

I had said that I believe he is talking to Maurice as Josh in that post. Saying he destroyed himself? I don't know. Old Neal needs help. And I sincerely hope he gets it because he is responsible for an innocent human being.

No. 458826


It is Josh, acting as if Maurice is not his real name, (which I believe he has admitted to) but his murderous stalkers name. He is acting as if he is now free from prison or some shit and apologizing for causing wife to "kill herself". I'm sure he was going to try to fit it into his story some how, but was called out on his shit before he could.

No. 458831

Sock puppet, it's been mentioned before in this thread.

No. 458834

Also, I would like to point out that it is extremely obvious which posts are from Josh, by the mere way he speaks broken English and how he types broken English exactly how he speaks it. So if you think it’s him, IT IS HIM. Josh just can’t seem to “bullete” himself off the Internet. “Maybe Onision hire actors to do this to josh” “Josh may be idiot but he’s not stupid to call himself idiot” you know - sentences like those. Hey Josh “ IT OBVIOUS IT YOU”! “ Maybe Josh so sick he needed help from doctors for brain cancer, why he would do this. He need help and understanding not bullying. You people may be responsible for a life if he dies” Josh the only way this will stop is if you stop completely and let the threads die off which will only happen in time. Look at your dumbshit buddy Joy Bullshit- her threads stopped as soon as she disappeared and then as soon as she opened her diariah mouth, the threads starts up agagain n with a vengeance. Perhaps you should learn from that. You seem to be so ego meniacle that you just can’t seem to help yourself. That is really too bad for your daughter, if it even is your daughter. How embarrassing for her. At least the Onion keeps his kids off videos…

No. 458837

>>458834 It is obvious, but at the same time some get WAY too paranoid. I came and posted and because I put a space after a dash someone said I was him. Turns out I just needed a grammar lesson.

No. 458847


I love you. That is all.

No. 458850

Anon, in future please
>do this
when you want to quote something, and use paragraphs or line breaks. It makes your posts much easier to read, and most people are probably just going to report your posts for being massive walls of text that are really difficult to read.

No. 458858

>>458781 You can't expect much integrity or common sense from people who stan Maurice. They hang off every word he says still, even though he has been caught in numerous lies. They lack the mental capacity to question him.

What bothers me the most about Sid is just retarded she really is. She questions the validity of the criticisms she gets when a person addresses her from an anonymous account, even though she herself admitted that Sid is not her real name and that people attacked her other account with her real name within her own hypocritical ear ache of a video. Did being harassed teach her nothing? Is she actually that dense? Or does she not hold herself to the same standard she holds everyone else? Wouldn't a self-proclaimed hacker know that people don't give their private information all willy nilly because they want their information to stay private, so shitbrains like her don't fucking dox them?

I just… If there is a God, why didn't he give Sid an actual brain so she can think about any of the things she said in that video. "I'm not a drama channel!" makes videos of internet drama Piss off, Sid.

No. 458863

I think poor Sid has never had any attention in their life so thrives off of inserting their self into other people business, not very bright at all. Also defending a guy who used their kid to make videos which attract attention from pedos,which he was FULLY AWARE OF… yet she tries to take the moral high ground? Where do these dumb fucks come from? Noone harrassed or bullied Sid, she wishes they did so she could use it to boost her victim complex. I can't recall anyone saying Maurice was a pedo, All people said was his videos were attracting attention for the wrong reasons.

Noone harrassed you Sid, you were the one doing the harrasing, and threatening to dox. Screenshots are a wonderful thing, and I mean ACTUAL screenshots, not photos of your PC monitor dumbass.

No. 458871

She stated she would not go back to her real social media, and then called out everyone who isn't using their real names.

She also claimed that "all anonymous account" are run by 1 or 2 people? No, honey. That's Josh that had numerous sock accounts.

Claiming to know the identity of all these Twitter accounts, and threatens to dox them if they don't abide by her made up rules for the Internet.

If she knew who all these accounts belonged to she would know most of the accounts she would know most Twitter accounts are run by like 16 or 17 year olds. So, we doxxing kids now because they don't buy Josh's bullshit?
She thinks very highly of herself!

No. 458884

Makes me believe his "wife's" suicide is fake too

No. 458893

Comedy has always been her thing? Could have fooled me! Who is she even speaking to? She goes from Josh to Onion to JSbullshit… she's gonna change the world!! lol

No. 458921

lol @ this josh stan for claiming to be a hacker but they don’t even know how to take a screencap. of course such a blatant liar would support josh.

No. 458953


She took photos of her monitor.

Pay attention, sage your shit, and don't use emojis.

No. 458955


What does saging do? I'm not the same anon btw, just new to this site

No. 458965

It keeps the thread from being bumped for the people who only want to look at the new milk and not people rehashing old milk.

Just write sage in the email bar, and the rules are posted at the top.

No. 458966

Read rules before you post. It takes five minutes and your questions will be answered.

No. 458967

I personally feel that Sid is Josh. The comments that were left on the lol cow video, which Sid deleted, take in detail of how it is to wipe a slanted vajayjay.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 458969

Old Joshy boy just put a privacy complaint on my last video-in which I used his fake name. Guy is a piece of work.

No. 458970

Didn’t he give permission to anyone and everyone to go ahead and use his videos all you want? Just tell them you have his permission and send that info in…

No. 458989

File: 1514834627881.png (108.27 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3478.PNG)

He put a privacy complaint on my entire video lol.

No. 458993

Sid isn't Josh. She's posted a few videos with her voice,. She's just one of his patrons

No. 458994

File: 1514834795035.jpeg (344.29 KB, 750x970, BC00A9F1-6E12-4429-964E-F951D5…)

He’s dishing out privacy complaints to everyone it seems.

No. 458996

I see you've been threatened with being reported to the FBI.
Saged for adding nothing to the thread

No. 458997

Careful mr snide, Josh might call the fbi and Interpol on you .

No. 458999

File: 1514834934469.jpeg (132.26 KB, 639x1095, 3313BD77-D155-4EAC-99E9-64EEDE…)

Oilwife was EXTREMELY fair to him as well, so slapping her with a privacy complaint seems insulting.

No. 459000

Ms. Snide actually kek and I'm shaking in my wee wittle boots. Whatever will I do?

No. 459002

Kek. It’s most likely Josh making the FBI threats, he also threatened to call interpol over his wiki being deleted.

No. 459004

File: 1514835220935.jpeg (477.2 KB, 750x991, CC024F17-F6BF-4FF4-B41F-972518…)

Too bad we all know he’s too much of a pussy to actually reach out to her though.

No. 459015


"Emily Harris"

No. 459031

With every passing moment I get more suspicious. WHY is he so hellbent on being wiped completely clean from the internet? This guy went from scheming every way possible to gain popularity, to privacy striking entire videos for mentioning his alias name. Seriously.. what gives?

No. 459036

Ok, sit down because I'm gonna tinfoil a bit.

1. He doesn't want someone to know he's in Japan, hence the fake move on the 25th. Could be his wife, debt collector, who knows. I have no idea why he wanted internet fame if he was hiding from someone but cows rarely think about the consquences of thier own actions.

2. He thinks if he's not a public figure the lolcow thread will be removed because it would break the rules. He really shouldn't have samefagged and faked his death then because that's super milky and drew more attention to his thread.

3. There's something in the videos he's trying to hide. There's still some tidbit of info that we haven't found yet.

No. 459088

Gonna sage but just clicked on a video about this in youtube and this woman keeps calling this site "laugh out loud cow" I mean I know thats what lol stands for but I just assumed this site is pronounced lolcow.

No. 459098

Lmao that's hilarious, link?

No. 459100

That would be me! A lovely anon let me know shortly after the video was uploaded. People seem to be getting over it after a very brief period of confusion. Sorry if it was distracting to you.

No. 459102

Share the tinfoil anon, I'm with you on no.3

No. 459113

Here is the video anon
Cant tell if you are being sarcastic or not but if not it wasn't distracting at all just seemed a bit of a mouthful for you to say lol :)

No. 459115

I think he's trying to hide from someone or something buy I 100% do not buy that it's some stalker or blackmailer. That could explain why he was doing English or American topics on his YouTube when he could barely speak English. I think he's either scammed someone or was trying to scam people with his YouTube. I think something in his past is hiding something big, and he got too confident or cocky with gaining relevance that with his ability to "have it all". He wanted the fame and acknowledgement and he wanted to hide his past life or discrecions.

No. 459120

I know. I was being sarcastic and projecting my embarrassment. I guess I assumed it was "laugh-out-loud" cow because we put stuff up that generally makes people laugh at the cows. I'm old.

No. 459126

It's difficult for we novices to come into their playground and try to integrate. I've read all the rules, and have tried to not step on toes, and people have been nice. You're doing well (in my stupid opinion).

To all the regulars: please let us know if we're fucking things up for you, and/or you would rather us just get the hell out of here.

No. 459129

I think you're doing fine. I mostly lurk but just make sure to sage (in the email field) & don't infight.

No. 459133

Don't be sarcastic if people are just trying to help you out, you will come across as being a bitch. Apart from that you should not have any problems here.

No. 459159

>>459133 You guys are great. I love the humor in here as well as the info. Don't know why people give you a bad rep. I quite enjoy it.(namefagging)

No. 459167

I am so curious what is actually going on with Maurice to the point where I'm kind of fascinated about his overreaction to the pedo-baiting criticisms. What was the point of upgrading to full on pedo allegations? Was it really because he wanted to make himself famous via Kuckian or was there actual truth in the pedo-baiting complaint?

Maurice has money. It's impossible to say how much, but he has enough to waste on interviews. I know I'm tin-foiling here, but could he be pulling a Tasha Mama?

No. 459173

Why do you say he has money though?

No. 459177

>>459173 Because he's able to pay people to interviews, he often takes flights to and from Seoul (although, that could very be bull shit) for "meetings, etc. I get this gut feeling Josh thinks very highly of himself and thinks he can hide in plain sight, such as the lowercase i's, how he calls Kuckie and Onion out on the same shit he pulls, and makes so many sock accounts but doesn't think anyone will catch on.

No. 459182

He's doing complete shit at hiding himself. He's really just bringing more attention to himself. He couldn't even fake his suicide longer and he keeps reaching out to people or trying to guilt trip them.

No. 459188

here's my tinfoil theory

1. he faked his move on the 25th because the lolcow thread was made on the 23rd and it contained his real name and embarrassing past

2. he faked his death to escape the shame and hopefully get his thread removed

3. his videos are secretly hiding the fact that they're all shoddily-made attempts at making ad revenue and nothing more

No. 459204

Why would he fake a move because of an lolcow thread? Especially when he frequently talked about going to business trips to Seoul so it was a location he was already linked to.
Moving doesn't affect the thread.

He definelty has somrthing he's hiding.

No. 459209

I haven't put my finger on it just yet, but I feel like an idea will click into place once the right theory is reached. Or maybe it's a combination of some of the ones suggested. Maurice is hiding something. He knew about it early on, which was probably why he faked his move, but he didn't freak out until information on the pedo-baiting allegations started rolling in. In the beginning, he was worried the page was going to dox him. Now he's scared shitless about something else.

No. 459212

lmao sorry if I'm just dumb, but what's with the lowercase i's?

No. 459217

Basically, it's means of pedophiles or people who make content for pedophiles to lowkey code what they're up to.

No. 459218

I'm thinking there must be a way that the information we already have leads to things he doesn't want seen. Either it points to something on another site that was uploaded by him or it can be used to prove something else on the net is his, we just haven't figured it out yet. It's probably something to do with his daughter - either something he's done or something he's hiding; like not being her actual legal guardian for example. Part of me is leaning towards him having borrowed this kid - by babysitting or something - and he doesn't want the real parents to see the shit he's put online of her. This is my number one working theory.

As you all say, none of this makes sense given his attention seeking behaviour previously.

People are saying it's secret peado (not josh just a brit) code - but this doesn't make sense to me unless youtube search fields are case sensitive, which to my knowledge they aren't? Maybe we should ask pizzagate pol for help on this?

No. 459221

>>459218 I have a guess of what Maurice is up to or what he's hiding, and it's something to do with his daughter. Maybe he's protecting her? But I doubt it.

No. 459223

Do you think that he took his daughter from another Country and ran? He never mentioned his daughters grandparents, from either side. You would think that if his wife died some part of their family would want to step in and help him out.

Especially if the daughter really was born in Japan and had a Japanese mother then the mothers parents would want to help raise the child and help keep her heritage because Japan is really big on that.

It may also explain why his daughter speaks English on his channels. May be she really from the UK? He does have links to London..

No. 459226

Do we know without a doubt that he truly did anything before he started the family of two channel, or is it just what he put out there about himself and we are going off of it. Every time I find something it always leads back to a page written by Josh himself.

This is seriously intriguing. I feel like once we figure out the wife and/or mother we are going to find out some shady shit.

No. 459229

I think his name may be a combination of or contain one of his alias names that have been posted. I do not believe that Maurice Yandiorio is his real name.

No. 459232

>>459223 His daughter seems to speak multiple language. I've heard her speaking Japanese in a few videos and it's much better than Josh's. But whenever she spoke English, I heard an Italian accent, which means she's been around Josh for awhile or at least long enough to pick it up. Personally, I believe he was deliberately pedo-baiting or at the very least baiting shit fetishists , and perhaps was doing it on different websites under different aliases maybe and probably scrambled to delete all of the evidence in case anyone found them. Granted, I can't outright accuse him, because it's just a tinfoil and I don't have the means to fully investigate that.

No. 459233


He had a video of her being born and was in the delivery room with her. It's possible she could be a relative but I think baby Maurice is actually his. So that's probably not it.

No. 459236

We do that he has either impersonated or made websites to profit off of already famous people. Also, his names seem to either be stolen from another person or an altered version inspired by another's name. So, if we can find his connection to these people he's taking credit, artwork, and names from we can maybe narrow it down. The only reason I think Maurice yandioro might be his true name is because of his connection to that restaurant and that picture of him in the background. Then again, I don't know how Japan verifys people for employment.

No. 459237

Josh seemed to go after pedos and child exploiters on youtube (daddyO5, onion, etc…) is it possible he was using his own child to bait pedos so he'd have material for his channel? Sick and fucked up thought but my tinfoil is on and I honestly don't know what Josh is capable of.

No. 459239

You think he was projecting at DO5 and Onion?

No. 459241

Is it really obvious she's the same baby as in the birthing video? I haven't seen it so can't compare. If not I think it could be that he split from his wife and she's not actually dead, has their kid, and the kid he's using for his vids is someone elses.

No. 459242

Agreed, his choice of description wording is absolutely intended for fetish views. He is a sick fuck.

No. 459246

Maybe, I remember him doing an interview with a pedo, maybe that's how he found the guy. I can't say for certain but it's definitely fishy that Josh had one channel directed at exposing people who exploit children and minors and another in which he exploits his own child (or someones child for all we know)

No. 459247

>As you all say, none of this makes sense given his attention seeking behaviour previously.

i think it makes sense. he wants attention directed towards his social media, not his personal life. now that his personal life is out there, he's trying to disappear. cows posted here have done stuff like this before. usually not to the extent of faking their own deaths, but maurice has plenty to be embarrassed about and seems to be a huge narcissist to boot.

it's definitely possible there's something else tied to his real name that he wants to hide, but the fear of lolcow knowing his real name and internet past also seems sufficient. he basically tried to be a drama steward and is probably the target of many vendettas due to videos he's made, and now all of those people know his info and dirt.

my guess is that if he's trying to hide anything else, it's maybe some scam or fraud tied to one of the names he's used. his network of fake/shell companies and websites is suspicious.

No. 459254

File: 1514858595603.png (557.29 KB, 1312x591, Screenshot (106).png)

Do we already have this anywhere? Salvatore Cuomo was a name that I believe he mentioned in his Wiki bragging… this man is Italian/Asian I believe. And pizza… Just tin foiling over here. This is the link to the page in the ss http://www.pizzanelmondo.org/en/salvatore-cuomo-supports-pizzaunesco/

No. 459257

File: 1514859122543.png (427.15 KB, 1080x2220, 20180101_211134.png)

So, his old account on Reddit is still up but it's all post from 2 years ago. None of his posts or comments give and real insight but this on was 2 years ago and and he said he just had a baby, no mentions of wife in ANY. He had about 2 pages (look at all these posts and you can see it was for sure him

No. 459260

File: 1514859217351.png (787.32 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180101-210301.png)

I did notice he had was sharing recipes from his cheffantic website, and Salvatore Cuomo too and this one other one that he may have a connection to since we know how he self posts. (Pic incoming)

No. 459261

File: 1514859250647.png (841.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180101-210347.png)

No. 459263

File: 1514859329973.png (335.8 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180101-210530.png)

So he had the cheffantic domain 2 years ago but I think the YouTube with the same name just started this year.

No. 459266

Also, he seems to confirm he was 32 2 years ago so we may be close to a birth year

No. 459307

File: 1514864652851.jpg (66.07 KB, 792x852, josh.jpg)

He has deleted it.

No. 459335

File: 1514866476190.png (88.32 KB, 1303x517, 2.PNG)

From Josh/Maurice's Family of Two channel, he already had a video removed for violating guidelines. And you can see he made a few of his earlier videos private. I highly doubt he was unaware of the "content" he was creating considering he already got a strike. He knowingly exploited his daughter… ew.

No. 459342

Considering the recently exposed pedo videos on youtube which have certain themes and the descriptions of some of josh's videos up thread I would not be surprised (to be exact a lot of pedo baiting videos were of kids playing in their poo/pee and ugh makes me sick thinking about it)

In regards to some things also previously mentioned about john kuckian and the josh show-after the shit storm he created on youtube and social media even people who hate john kuckian for what he did to peter monn are suspect about josh's/maurice blaming john kuckian for his breakdown and pedo alligations as a well timed stunt. Its incredible when lolcows collide.

No. 459351

Damnnnnn, I literally just took all those right before I posted them. Too bad Josh, I took pictures of literally everything, I just didn't post them all because they weren't relevant and basically just your broken English talking non sense about news stories you know nothing about. Kek.

No. 459354

>single father talks about homosexuality with his daughter

Excuse me, what? She's 2.5.

Maybes he's just telling her "not gay" he is and that he would only sleep with a guy to save his life. Lol

No. 459357

He's definelty here because I was just on his reddit before he deleted it. I guess he doesn't realize how that proves even more it's one of his sock accounts. Too bad I'm not as sloppy as you Josh and took pics of everything before I posted any.

No. 459358

Wonder if this guy has just been sitting in a dark room crying while reading everything in here.

No. 459361

File: 1514868314002.png (226.35 KB, 433x540, Josh Twitter Gay.png)

This was on his now-defunct Twitter account. He again reiterates how totally un-gay he is!

No. 459369

Wouldn't be surprised. Would even pay a few $ to see what he actually thinks about all of this deep down. Not because he's all that relevant, but because he had one of the weirdest reactions to this whole thing considering he's not some hormonal teen.
I finally got around to reading his samefagging posts and was both shocked, cringed out and laughing.
IK, I'm preaching to the choir by saying how bizarre all of this is, though.

No. 459373

I’m kind of hoping for some sort of lengthy reply to all this, honestly. I feel like I’m reading some crazy novel and we’re building up to the final few chapters.

Yo, Josh! Spill all the juicy deetz once and for all.

No. 459390

Wow, it's almost like one gay person doesn't know every single other member of the LGBT community. The community can't fucking do anything if they don't know what's going on.

Once the shit hit the fan with Kuckian, LGBT community members came out in defense of Peter specifically because this is an issue that affects the community too. We didn't ask for your help Josh/Maurice/whateverthefuck.

sage for slightly ot

No. 459441

File: 1514877198589.png (498.92 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180102-010646.png)

I think i may have found his birthday…assuming that its true

No. 459442

File: 1514877240925.png (462.72 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180102-011111.png)

Pic 2

No. 459446

OML he called Read To glare a pill popper? After she was crying worried about him? What a piece of trash!!!! Has anyone sent this to her?

No. 459456

She already knows and has addressed it on twitter. Screenshots have been posted here already about it here >>458659 and >>458663

No. 459464

Oh come on, stop it!! All of these fucking peopel were "noobs" at one point or another. You don't need to kiss anyones ass in here. Just stick to the rules and you are just as welcome here as any of the other people in here that claim to "not be able to stand noobs"….oh please, they were all new once honestly. Also places like lolcow get a bad rep because they are hypocrites (not all, but some). They "expose" people who deserve it, but they also REALLY reach in other cases and "expose" people and ruin people who don't….thats why random people in their basements shouldn't play detective, but thats just my humble opinion……(you clearly didn't read the rules)

No. 459465

no1curr, Sid. Sage your bullshit.

No. 459486

I keep hearing of this HIV thing what is that about

No. 459489

Also fucking love how josh says shit like "greetings from Greece" after his long rants on his posts here

No. 459513

Kek I know, the one was like "maybe you should take one of RTG's pills! Greetings from Greece!"

I'm just wondering what we would have dug up if he didn't have a thread and didn't have time to delete things right away. Obviously hiding something for some reason.

No. 459519


Control+F HIV.

Lurk more.

No. 459558

So basically.. This man is a sad story of recognition thirst - All the way back to mid 90's. Since then he had been trying to gain a voice. Eventually saw drama channels as an opporunity. Played hypocrisy with pedophilia claims against other youtubers - while clearly having a background in the deal of youtube borderline pedophilic kid exploitation.

At the end it seems like the ones who create drama and accuse others of being something bad, are that exact same thing they're pearching against. Why

No. 459628

What if he used a surrogate?
Totally "not gay" people sometimes do that too!

No. 459631

>>459628 I think Josh is bisexual to be honest, or perhaps a pervert on general.
>>459558 Right? I don't understand how we're evil for criticizing him on his past and then questioning his morality for the shit he pulled with his kid. Since when is having an opinions and caring about a child's safety immoral? Especially since the man himself claimed they were being stalked. If there was even a sprinkle of truth in that, why put their faces out there on the internet?

No. 459647

Why did he moved to Japan in the first place? Has this been answered? If not, I think we should start off from there

No. 459649

I might be wrong but I thought he moved to Japan for work

No. 459653

What exact work? His "company" ? What tf is his actual profession? Besides his failed music and youtube career? How an Italian guy ends up in Japan out of all places? He's defo running away from something. And it may be something disturbing

No. 459658

He will try, or already tries to set off this behavior as stalkerish on purpose, so people will not lose interest in him and also back him up. I go as far as saying I would not trust any accounts that give out information about him due to the fact he had so many personalities onlines purpesly gaining him attention(like that youtube channel that posted lolcows thread..)
I personally don't even see any problem with posting this person's adress (not that I have it) not to talk about his weirdass youtube vidoes. Someone who makes false claims of pedophilia, with no amount of actual proof deserves his name to be out there.
Though, his little girl doesn't deserve it one bit.

This all seems like a sad attempt to boost his music career tbh… Weird

No. 459673

How would any of this help with his music career if he never mentioned a music career and didn't go by the same name (Neal Century)?
I understand your thought process but I'm just not sure how a youtube channel about exposing people would help boost a music career that is almost non-existent and is under a different name and wasn't mentioned in any of his youtube channels?

No. 459674

IIRC it was to further his music "career". But somehow in the process he became the president of a japanese company? and quit that to do youtube full time? his lies never add up

No. 459676

We're not an exposé or truth site. You're thinking of PULL. We don't care about our legitimacy or credibility - we're literally here to laugh at people. Nothing else. Interfering is against the rules.

No. 459681

None of this makes any sense. If he was trying to run away from something why broadcast yourself on youtube? If he was trying to boost his music "career" why didn't he just make a youtube channel for his music or mention it at all in any of his other channels? Either he's stupid and fucked up hard or he's smarter then we think and is up to something more.

No. 459695

He did start getting other youtubers to "collab" in his videos (RTG, mikenactor, tim hatten, etc…) Maybe it would be useful to contact them and ask what info they have on Josh. I feel like he was doing those "collabs" to get a bigger audience and maybe that would help his channel grow.

No. 459700

He thinks he's oh so smart but in reality he has an IQ of a water bottle. Maybe he thought that the internet was sooo big that no one would find him? Hence the many online identities? To not concetrate the attention he got only to one identity? He's looney. I can't follow his thought processes

No. 459705

Anyone who chooses to collab with mikenactor deserves to be ridiculed till the day they die

No. 459709

Did he delete his music under the name Neal Century? I wanted to give it a listen but can't find it anywhere. Anyone have a link or did he ditch that persona too?

No. 459716

>>459700 Water bottles don't deserve to be insulted like this.

>>459674 Lol. Josh entered the YouTube scene with his drama channel back when the Adpocalypse was still going strong. Why would anyone leave a stable job when they have a daughter at home? He said it was because he wanted to be a stay at home father, but I don't think he understands the irresponsibility of his actions. Do they not have daycares or schools in Japan?

No. 459747

You don't fucking post anyone's address on here, no matter how much you hate the cow.

The last several posts absolutely REEK of Maurice. If you're self posting again, why don't you explain yourself. If you're so damn distraught that you were called out and earned a thread on lolcow, explain to us why you freaked the fuck out like you did so the rumors can be squashed. What are you hiding?

I think a farmhand needs to check the last several posts IPs.

No. 459748


Is he samefagging himself?

No. 459749

Report the posts if you really think it might be him. The farmhands will look into it then.

No. 459750

Easy, get enough "recognition", disappear - make a fuss of it, "dig" your own shitty music mp3 records and publish them (as that youtube channel did), people listen to it - he doesn't care that someone thinks he's a pedo as long as it doesn't get to the people who are living around him. And now because he disappeared - every little detail he will publish, the ones who followed him, other youtube drama channels will be interested in that. Even shitty music lyrics. Not that it was his intent from the start - but he might use that

No. 459753

There is no proof hes a pedo or that his daughter was abused in anyway. Was the video distasteful? I haven't seen it but it sounds like it.
Any claims of pedo rings and child abuse are just speculation
I understand hes dodgy but wheres the proof? The 'milk'?
There is none.
These constant and baseless accusations speak more to the character of those posting and obsessing about this possibility than they do to anything this bloke has done.
Its all getting a bit sick.
Keywords and codes?
Thats your proof?
I thought this site was a tad better than this.
Speculation and sock puppet accounts does not make him a pedophile.
Can we stick with the facts.

No. 459754

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Im rigby Snide. My twitter is @Adalade_sama formerly @Lady_Adalade. Rigby Snide is not Josh.(shilling)

No. 459756

Again, no-one has claimed he was a pedo. Posts talking about keywords and phrases are clear speculation hence why they are saged and most label it as tinfoiling.

No. 459757


I can assure you I'm not him lol. I'm the one who asked why he moved to Japan and his work. Not sure who that answered me tho! I was just curious on why he chose that country, how did he end up there in the first place. Seems suspicious to me.

No. 459759

top kek that was too funny

Probably. Anyway that anon need to sage their shit

No. 459760

>>459753 It's all been speculation. No one here has claimed to have any proof about what's been speculated on. I'm pretty sure people have the right to discuss seemingly nefarious situations with each other, especially since no one has outright accused him of these crimes. Thinking is not a crime. Thinking out loud is not a crime. Thinking with others is not a crime. Making actual allegations are if they are unfounded. Now, please, fuck off.

No. 459767

This is not thinking outloud.
Some of you seem quite unwell and you are rather rude.
You can tinfoil it all you like.
The accusations are here in black and white and really show how disturbing your train of thought is.
Now you can fuck off back to your trawling for keywords
Hope your net is being monitored while you do so.
Creepy freaks.

No. 459775

I'd suggest that if you don't like the train of thought folks are having about his diaper changing videos that you kindly leave. You're not contributing anything. You're not going to stop anything. You're just insulting people for speculating about Josh's intent and actions. I don't think this is the site for you, sweetheart,

No. 459784

There is no train of thought.
Baseless accusations seem to be the go here.
At least stick with facts.
And you are probably right.
This hiding behind anonymity and slinging mud has gotten creepy and at some stage there will be repercussions.

No. 459788


Oh shut up and leave already if it is bothering you THAT much. Why are you so pressed? Are you TheHoudini?(sage)

No. 459789

Stop giving this person attention. They're probably refreshing the page every second and getting an orgasm every time they get a reply.

No. 459817

>>459767 If you think it's alright to wipe shit into your daughter's vagina and then broadcast it on the internet - where, yes, many pedophiles lurk - is acceptable and we're the weird ones for being concerned for a child, then I hope you're barren and failed security checks when you apply for adoption. Your ignorance is overwhelming and children deserve parents who consider their safety before anything else. You obviously lack intelligence, integrity, and self-awareness.

No. 459847

Maurice seems to really want to scrub anything that has to do with Neal Century off the internet. For someone who was proud of his music, this is really odd behavior.

Also, i bet he's really pissed he deleted his yt after the Logan Paul thing. He's in Japan and lived there for a long time I'm sure he would have loved to get views from that video.

No. 459958

You mean it wasn't Maurice that Logan found in the forest? Odd.

No. 460067

File: 1514938400840.png (255.38 KB, 713x400, Screenshot (111).png)

I am sure that all of these names are just made up. Hadn't seen ss posted yet so figured I'd grab them. It is an alleged convo between him and a coworker, and he mentions a couple of other names also. Probably nothing but, never know. (images incoming)

No. 460068

File: 1514938411031.png (186.21 KB, 718x408, Screenshot (112).png)

No. 460069

File: 1514938417424.png (204.02 KB, 712x403, Screenshot (113).png)

No. 460070

File: 1514938423744.png (202.18 KB, 704x401, Screenshot (114).png)

No. 460071

File: 1514938431271.png (199.41 KB, 707x401, Screenshot (115).png)

No. 460091

So are we thinking that maybe Tomoko is also a sock account or these screenies are shooped? The way they interact doesn't seem like a natural conversation to me.


No. 460097

These are so obviously faked by him trying to act like he has all kinds of resources and shit. It's literally him talking to himself, I guarantee that. Everything with him is.

No. 460100

It has to be a sock, because there isn't any account with the name "Watanabe Tomoko" that has the same profile picture. Even if it was changed, none of them fit.


No. 460105

I always wondered why none of his employees were listed as sources in his videos. Like, surely they would want credit for their contributions, right? But now it totally makes sense that they never existed. What hasn't this dude lied about?

No. 460143

>>460071 I'm questioning whether or not is real. On the one hand, I find it hard to believe Maurice has friends. Is this person a lesbian Crypt Keeper like good, old Sid the Sleuth? I suppose he have used a Twitter generator to fake those screenshots. On the other hand, if this person is reporting that the Katie Duncan story wasn't real, why did Josh go ahead and make that video where he accused Onision of kissing her? If his employee is confirming it's fake news, what was the point of scripting, filming, editing, and uploading that video?

Really, Josh outright accuses Greg of pedophilia WITHOUT PROOF. That's fine. But if we call him a possible pedo-baiter, based on a video that could reasonably raise a few brows, that's too fucking far. Okay.

No. 460145

"Tell everyone I'll buy dinner today" KEK

No. 460166


I saw this video when his channel was still active and was honestly confused by these screenshots. Why would Josh's Japanese assistant in Japan be using mostly English? Why doesn't she sound like someone who is participating in a conversation? She literally just sends him c+p responses she's receiving on his Twitter account… Can't he just log in and see them himself?

No. 460170

I saw this video and it's his reaction to Onision reacting to his video where he claims Greg kissed a 15 year old fan and alludes to some interaction with "Katie Duncan" so.. genius Josh tries to investigate and guess who he decides to try and get info on Greg from. Sarah. Aka the Lainey best friend. He put this convo because Greg said in his video that Josh offered Sarah 500 dollars for an interview which Sarah agreed to the interview, gave Josh no info and Josh refused to pay. So, Josh lied to get Sarah to spill info on made up shit, and Greg was exposing him for lying to a 17 year old.

No. 460173

>>460166 Is Josh really retarded enough to deny himself that the Katie Duncan rumor was fake, but still upload a video where he accused Onision of kissing her? He knows that's illegal, right?

No. 460174

This whole convo was to "prove" that he knew the Katie story was fake the whole time. But, of course this was all after he made a video stating it was fact and got called out by Greg. When you make Onision look good or right, you have to be a complete idiot. He was saying that he "knew all along it was fake and only made the video to get attention from Greg." Basically the "I planned it all along" speil that he's trying to say to claim now with his fake suicide shit.

No. 460186


lololol now the video where he sperged out about "claims" and "proofs" makes sense

No. 460192

>>460174 Josh should consider himself blessed that Greg never thought he was relevant enough or worth the effort of suing. According to himself, he could really use the extra dough.

No. 460262

This entire thread is starting to make me question MY OWN existence!!

No. 460330

Sorry if I missed this but was it ever confirmed he was "archive anon"?
I saw stuff about that mentioned but I also remember AA posted in tempcow about his ex gf killing herself and was influenced by onion, supposedly.

No. 460377


To continue tinfoiling here, since he didn't really freak the fuck out until the 'FoT' videos were brought up and questioned it definitely has me thinking that little Maurice was the trigger. I don't think it was anything about 'protecting' her or any of that nonsense, he left the videos and the creepy pervert comments that were on them up for fuck's sake, but with his name being here it would then link anyone who searched that last name to the evidence of her being online. What are the odds that's some family member's kid? Possibly even a girlfriend or a one night stand who he's 'manning' up to take care of the baby..? She could actually be his and the mother is alive, too; it's just hard to go that route with how much he's lied.

He could have exploited her on other sites, but it could be as simple as him accelerating the pedo baiting talk to actual pedophile in hopes everyone would be sympathetic since Peter Monn got that sympathy because he wanted it removed before some brother or friend could find their kid online and beat his ass. If that's the case, he truly is an idiot because deleting all his socials means the first thing now popping up when 'thejoshvlog' is googled is this forum, kek.

No. 460379


You hit the nail on the head, this is exactly what I've been thinking this whole time. That that wasn't his kid.

No. 460385


It could have just been coincidence and him jumping on it to get the forum deleted, but he was already going into overdrive and as soon as she was mentioned he put the petal to the metal; there has to be something to that.

He bought so many followers and was finally getting some subscribers, and therefore money, so even with that ego he has to be dodging something to throw all that away.

No. 460575

Maurice didn't give a shit about protecting his daughter before, not from their supposed stalker, because Maurice himself was the one who posted their faces on the internet. He wanted to remain willfully ignorant when he disabled the comment section in that Poopoo in Vagina video when he should have taken it down. Throughout this entire ordeal, Maurice has been using Baby Marsha as shield to deflect responsibility. "Oh, I can't be called a pedophile! My life will be ruined!" which I don't understand why he didn't do his normal song and dance of threatening to take legal action or boo-hoo-hooing to his audience of poorly aging lesbian perverts. Why would he kill himself? Something about mentioning the kid gave Josh the runs in every sense of the word.

No. 460583

But why?? Is he that scared of losing her over the allegations? I just don't understand why the videos did not come down until the lolcow page went up. Anybody could view them anytime they wanted to and start asking questions. You would think if there was something he considered incriminating that he never would have wanted them up in the first place.

No. 460589

>>460583 Think about it like this - Maurice can disable comments on YouTube. He can't do the same with Lolcow. I 100% guarantee he is egotistical enough to have returned to YouTube if his threats of suicide had convinced the mods to take down his page. But since that hasn't worked and are still speculating, he's terrified. He thought he could be reckless with his own daughter. He thought he could use her as a cash cow for his FoT channel. He thought he could hide behind her when he threatened to commit suicide.

No. 460594

Something that should also be taken into consideration: the comment section of his "TheJoshShow" was HEAVILY moderated. He would delete negative comments almost instantly.

But when it came to the channel focused on his daughter, he kept ALL the creepy comments. I think that alone speaks for itself. There's no doubt in my mind he was purposely exploiting her.

No. 460629

At this point what makes the most sense to me is that is not Josh's child.
First of all, Josh said his wife died two years ago right? (please correct me if i'm wrong) That child is not 2 years old, being able to speak multiple languages for a 2 year old isn't common. Josh tried to make her seem younger (i.e lying about her age, changing her diaper, etc). The child is either a family member or a friends child which would make sense why as a single father he had so much free time while caring for a two-year-old AND holding down a full-time job. He either was using the child to gain sympathy or maybe as pedo bait, but for whatever reason he was using this child he didn't want to get caught for (presumably he didn't want to get caught by the childs actual parents).
Like anon mentioned, he can delete youtube comments but he can't delete comments here so he probably thought his one hope of not being caught was to take down his thread.
I don't think he planned this from the beginning, I think he got cocky and his stupid plan unraveled it's self.

No. 460631

It's just all so bizarre. So strange that it is this hard to find information past a few years back. Frustrating to say the least. There is something we're just not getting right.

No. 460701

File: 1515003660781.jpg (44.19 KB, 658x324, Screenshot_10.jpg)

we did it kids

No. 460711

File: 1515004304956.jpg (90.79 KB, 856x368, Screenshot_11.jpg)

He wrote the 'criticism' section in this article to defend himself.

>randomly capitalized words (Analyst)

>missing words (Maurica Yandiorio told that the newspaper…)

No. 460714

File: 1515004507453.jpg (220.28 KB, 1050x635, Screenshot_12.jpg)

>Poorly written, incorrectly sourced, messy and defamatory


No. 460719

File: 1515004658484.jpg (111.71 KB, 785x383, Screenshot_13.jpg)

No. 460721

File: 1515004740151.png (197.78 KB, 1366x914, screencapture-en-wikipedia-org…)

One more example of him threatening Wikipedia


No. 460794

Idk I wasn’t sure if AA and Maurice were the same one. I think AA was actually doing good work. All I know is Maurice would post/day in his vids how he had all these servers in LA and would offer to host and store lolcows data on them. He would always mention “racks of servers in LAsbd another city” and his “tech team” that could “trace anyone’s ip, even on Twitter”

Just more baseless, Un-carried out bullshit. But they might be 2 different people. In your last part of your post, did you say AA was in tempcow talking about their own ex gf dying? Or Maurice’s? I’m confused, this whole scandal is a trip.

No. 460841

Here's some tinfoil- but I wonder if he's bold enough to put this stuff on his youtube, what he is possibly doing behind the scenes in japan…where child porn and pedophiles are a fairly big problem

No. 460866

Archive Anon's writing style was significantly different from TheJosh's typing quirks. We were also able to confirm his location. In none of our conversations did he ever give me any reason to suspect he was TheJosh, related to TheJosh, or anyone other than who he claimed to be. There appears to be no link between them.

No. 460979

File: 1515025861859.png (363.37 KB, 1079x1474, SmartSelectImage_2018-01-03-18…)

His pateron got removed

No. 461002

File: 1515026771522.jpg (127.22 KB, 1024x768, RiuzBhU.jpg)

Good, hopefully they banned him from making another one.

No. 461080

That's a relief. I thought AA seemed decent enough and was doing a good service with the hosting while it was maintained.
His own gf. I guess that's a coincidence. I do feel for anyone who's lost someone in that manner.
Any idea which guideline(s) in particular it didn't comply with?

No. 461158

File: 1515036422482.png (173.69 KB, 1077x897, SmartSelectImage_2018-01-03-21…)

Huh would you look at that. His wikitubia is gone

No. 461216

>>461080 Here are Patreon's guidelines. https://www.patreon.com/guidelines My guess is that good, old Maurice was caught doxing or threatening to, or spamming. Maybe both.

You're lurking here, aren't you, Josh? Tell us why even Patreon rejected you. :c

No. 461235

I would probably say because he couldn't meet the rewards he promised to give because he didn't have a YouTube channel any longer. I wouldn't think he would care since it's only like 30 bucks and he ditched his entire social media presence in minutes.

Tinfoil here but, maybe this all had to do with his sexuality? Maybe it was him that actually cheated on his wife, with a man? Maybe the link to his true identity shows he actually has a boyfriend? Maybe his wife did kill herself because he was sleeping with a man? He is clearly trying to prove so hard how "not gay" he was. Why would he make a video telling his 3 year old child about homosexual relationships when she doesn't know about relationships in general. Usually only LGBT would find it important or appropriate to tell a child that young about gay couples.

No. 461318

File: 1515045743623.jpg (102.08 KB, 641x740, nickpatreon.jpg)

I pledged $1 to his Patreon last week to see his goodbye message. I just received this email today…I assume he used one of his sock accounts to report himself as dead.

No. 461345

I wonder what, if any, proof has to be given for them to delete it? Surely they wouldn't just read one email and delete it, right?

No. 461391


It's great that Maurice doesn't know about the Streisand effect. His mass deletion of everything, and the fake suicide has gotten me real interested now.

No. 461404

Well, he sounds like a faggot. Wouldn’t be shocked, really.

No. 461474

I'm surprised they don't need hard proof i.e. a death certificate. Any random can get someone's account closed then?

No. 461475

>being gay is enough to run yourself off the internet
yeah, nah. it's going to be something to do with his version of the wife and child story.

No. 461577

I'm of the same mindset.. kinda expect him to make his next crazy move when the right theory gets brought up. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to it.

KEK, fucking hell, Maurice; what a way to make sure nobody saw the forum!

No. 461642

>>461577 Maurice flipped shit when he was accused of pedo-baiting. He felt the need to upgrade the accusation to all of us calling him an actual pedophile, faked an hero'd himself, fucked off his social media accounts, and self-posted her. Maybe we were more on the nose of accusing of pedo-baiting than we initially thought? Maybe we even hit the nail on the head. I don't know how he's going to outdo himself in the crazy department (prediction, though: Josh is going to claim "Maurice" found him and little Joshina, murdered them, and from beyond the grave, he'll find a way to blame lolcow). Something had Maurice running with his tail between his legs. It's just a matter of how close the thread was in criticizing his actions.

Or maybe Maurice is just a yellow-bellied, brown-nosing coward, and can't handle any criticism whatsoever. Everyone should be talking about how perfect he is.

No. 461752

What about his Visa? How is he allowed in Japan? If it's a work visa, he's definitely not living in Japan legally since he stated on his now deleted pateron he couldn't find child care for his daughter.

The first thing he did was fake move to Korea. There's gotta be a reason this was first in his priority list.

No. 461764


He said somewhere he had "weekly meetings" in south Korea, tweeted a photo of himself sitting in traffic in a car on one of his trips not long ago. Also he said his last meeting in South Korea was with YouTube executives to discuss him single handedly stopping ALL of the bullying and harrasment within the YouTube community, and that they were working alongside him to achieve this.

Why would YouTube chose someone with so little subs to do this? I would imagine his trips to Seoul were for visa issues, maybe he has a South Korean Visa? It's a hell of a long way to travel once a wee, he could he afford it? Flights, car hire? More porkies?

No. 461780

File: 1515092311270.png (180.73 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3521.PNG)

RTG isn't buying his BS again, thank goodness.

No. 461788

>Or maybe Maurice is just a yellow-bellied, brown-nosing coward, and can't handle any criticism whatsoever. Everyone should be talking about how perfect he is.

Nah, he wouldn't have gotten into all those wiki flamewars and threaten to sue if he couldn't handle criticism. He faked his suicide because he's scared of something. He must've thought we'd feel bad and stop talking about him if he did but he is too much of an attentionwhore to actually stay dead for more than a day.

No. 461790

I can't believe that his patreons actually think he is dead when he called RTG on the phone and also called other youtubers. He's talked to about 3 of them now since his "death". They said his passing was last week so I'm sure he just emailed them last week and it took until now to shut the patreon down. It's odd that she is saying she got a voicemail from the "counselor" who she obviously doesn't think is Josh so i wonder who he got to call for him?

No. 461798

Again Josh, I showed photos from your reddit sock account about 2 days ago and you deleted it less than an hour later so you really need to be less sloppy about faking your death. We aren't buying it, and most other people aren't either anymore.

In the images from his wiki account as Tommotto where he was talking offering to make articles on Mikado Shimbun and Maurice Yandiorio, He says that he isn't fluent in Italian. So, if he is from Italy why is he not fluent in Italian? Has he always lived in Japan? It's clear he isn't fluent in English either. In his "Neal Century" wikis he claimed to be from Italy and The UK.

No. 461809

File: 1515093881342.jpg (98.65 KB, 1200x1200, Joshborgarmy.jpg)

Remember the Borg Army that was doxing Greg and Lainey awhile back, basically trying to endanger the lives of their children? There was some speculation it was Maurice. So here comes a screenshot dump, and I'll let everyone decide for themselves.

So, first of all: the Borg Army was known as Wavevlog. (Wavevlog. Joshvlog. Not very subtle, dude). Wavevlog was a big fan of all the Anti-O channels, Jaclynn Glenn, Social Repose, Mikenactor, JoySparkle BS, and of course Josh.

No. 461811

File: 1515093965198.jpg (47.56 KB, 600x679, JoshBorg1.jpg)

Josh eventually contacted WhatAmI, probably the most well-known Onion stanner, and thought he was Greg. WhatAmI basically told Josh to piss off. Here are his screenshots.

No. 461813

File: 1515093993800.jpg (57.02 KB, 600x678, JoshBorg2.jpg)

No. 461815

File: 1515094016573.jpg (49.02 KB, 600x673, JoshBorg3.jpg)

No. 461818

File: 1515094037077.jpg (46.68 KB, 600x675, JoshBorg4.jpg)

No. 461819


But he's fluent in six languages, didn't you know?

I saw the comment about his Italian not being good, nothing he says made any sense

No. 461820

File: 1515094089714.jpg (49.52 KB, 599x673, JoshBorg6.jpg)

No. 461821

File: 1515094114522.jpg (73.6 KB, 600x674, JoshBorg7.jpg)

No. 461823

File: 1515094136989.jpg (53.17 KB, 599x676, JoshBorg8.jpg)

No. 461824

File: 1515094178388.jpg (40.27 KB, 599x687, JoshBorg9.jpg)

No. 461827

File: 1515094198379.jpg (38.88 KB, 599x713, JoshBorg10.jpg)

No. 461828

File: 1515094216193.jpg (41.07 KB, 600x683, JoshBorg11.jpg)

No. 461830

File: 1515094243014.jpg (37.95 KB, 599x678, JoshBorg12.jpg)

No. 461843

I emailed Patreon today to ask if they require any type of actual proof of death before removing a page. Surely they are supposed to… what if some pissed off Stan decided to tell Patreon that a creator died just to get their page taken down and make them lose pledges? I'm not saying that is a normal occurrence. I just feel like they would require proof in case of an incident like that.. especially when they are returning pledges. To cover their own ass if nothing else. Just thinking out loud… still confused.

No. 461885

Josh, this is ridiculous now. Just stop it. Your rabbit hole of douchbaggery isn’t getting deeper, you are just confirming you are a large size asshat and you have made sure that the only dead you are is “social media dead”. You are physically alive so just swallow your asshat and realize no one believes you. This thread should have been dead days ago and now it really is just retarded that it keeps going. What more can be said. You faked a suicide and were proven to be alive. Now go dig a hole and disappear.

No. 461886

I remember the interview being referenced in these caps, it was of a supposed mother of a girl who posted on Onision’s forum. Tbh it did sound very scripted… like she didn’t understand the words she was saying. She also had a weird thick accent like Josh, you could tell English wasn’t her native tongue. They mainly focused on saying the forum was creepy (duh) and how she would punish her daughter.

Even when it came out I was on the edge of disbelief. Most of Greg’s fans are American, so where did this weird foreign mom even come from?

No. 461915

You think it could be the same person who left that "he's dead" vm to RTG?

No. 461929

Unless RTG releases the voicemail, we won’t know. The woman sounded very old too, almost elderly. It was just another thing that stood out, she sounded way too old to have a young teenage daughter. I’ll tinfoil a bit and say I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Josh’s mom. IIRC someone said he said his mom helps with videos right? Or did she die from HIV? Who knows.

No. 462040

This is so sad and pathetic. Kek. He is so obvious he is just talking out of his ass. He never talked to anyone and never "proved" anything about a 14 year old and eventually had to say it wasn't true because Greg called him out. He then tried to claim he never thought it was real.
Also, Josh is it many employees or just one? I thought you left your company to raise your daughter and then you "discovered how much you like recording videos with her" like you said on your FoT page.

>I run YouTube channels for other clients.

Ultimate kek. Okay Josh! You're lies are so sad, I knew something was just so off with him when I first watched him.

I wonder if The woman in the Onision video was his wife and she knows all about this and they were pretending she died as a marketing scam? Maybe he's afraid we will find out that she's alive and he lied about everything just for $$

No. 462054

File: 1515107893772.png (533.18 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180104-181521.png)

Don't know who this is but check the date.. Nov. 15. The borg army and wavelog are both deleted accounts. Wonder how she knew this?

No. 462069

File: 1515108543337.png (464.19 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180104-182458.png)

I think shes a friend of the girl Josh claimed he was getting blackmailed by.. her friends account is on private though

No. 462070

File: 1515108567698.png (1.04 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180104-182430.png)

No. 462071

File: 1515108596675.png (1.08 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180104-182427.png)

No. 462073

File: 1515108674089.png (546.56 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180104-182352.png)

No. 462076

File: 1515108713623.png (1.01 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180104-182357.png)

Sorry they are out of order but I think you can get it

No. 462078

File: 1515108759294.png (1.1 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180104-182205.png)

Looks like sid has been working with Josh and trying to dox people for awhile

No. 462079

File: 1515108782394.png (670.77 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180104-182254.png)

No. 462084

"Wavevlog" was theborgarmy.

You can see ops showing that above when you search "wavevlog" it came up as the borg army.
Mauriceice was the only one to respond to the "borgarmy" positively.
Maurice had a 360° vlogging channel called "tsunami" a "wavevlog". Yeah it's him, duh.

No. 462091


you'd think sockpuppeteers would be less obvious than this

No. 462094


"People should not dox"? Tell your friend Sid that, Maurice.

No. 462096

Holy kek, he couldn’t have made it more obvious. I wonder what Queen song he’ll rip for a new sock account name.

No. 462112

File: 1515111923025.png (901.49 KB, 1038x1157, SmartSelectImage_2017-11-15-16…)

Josh's reaction to the Borg stuff made it obvious it was him or he knew who it was.

No. 462114

>>462054 The account was active in November, so it doesn't require a genius to put two and two together, especially when the Borg Army was following all of the Anti-O's and the Wavevlog suddenly had a name change.

No. 462116

did maurice really expect lainey to leave greg over a dox? wew. love how he blames greg for all this too.

No. 462122

"It's all Greg's fault for being doxed. It's not like I had choice in whether or not to spread his info." "It's all Greg's fault for me accusing him of kissing a fourteen year-old girl without any proof. "It's all Kuckian's fault I an hero'd myself." Shut the fuck up, you bald, 13-Reasons-Why, fedora-tipping, Snoke-looking, man-child. When are you ever going to take responsibility for your own actions? How about you stop deleting all of your accounts as soon as your caught doing others harm and ball up?

No. 462144

Can somebody please explain doxxing to me? Is it just when somebody puts your address online? Can't you get pretty much anyone's adress for .99 nowadays anyway?

No. 462155

>>462144 Doxxing means to put out anyone's personal, private information with malicious intent. For instance, if someone put out your private information withe the intent of harassing you - like sending bugs to your house or calling you non-stop. It's just like how anyone can just come to your house at any time, just because it's there. Most people will leave you alone, unless you invite them of course. But there are also crazy people who will want to hurt you, especially on the internet. Some people just want to take advantage of others and harm them.

No. 462189

He also had bots on that Twitter as well.

What was the true story behind what happened him and that girl that he accused of blackmail and then later doxxed on here? I don't want to put her name again because I think she's underage but I know one of the people exposing this on Twitter at the time is the "rigby snide" YT channel.

Also, old Sid was part of the doxxing and threatening of this girl as well I believe because people accused her of being the Josh at the time.. She's been trying to doxx kids again on Twitter

No. 462199

>>462189 his thread is not about exposing the OP or digging up information the people who interacted with Josh and his goons. It's against the rules. Please stick to the Josh topic.

No. 462220

Which onision video are you talking about? I don't ever remember seeing a woman.

No. 462224

one of his very first videos where he called a woman and talks to her about her daughter's use of onision's forum

No. 462226

I meant the story behind Josh claiming he was blackmailed…

No. 462241

File: 1515118573647.png (89.69 KB, 914x289, SmartSelectImage_2018-01-04-20…)

done a bit of digging and noticed that Maurice made another page for "Carol Johnson" and says she's "rumored" to be his sister

No. 462261

File: 1515119296974.png (412.82 KB, 929x793, SmartSelectImage_2018-01-04-20…)

Then I found this. Read the last line. Who says "broken in" instead of raped?

No. 462270

Something about the way he talks reminds me of those guys at kiosks at the mall trying to sell you dead sea scrub and rubbing lotion on your hands. It was like he was trying to sell you on his personality tho

No. 462285

Mao's portrait as in a portrait of Maurice, or Mao's Portrait the actual portrait? The latter I'm certain Carol Joshson and Tanja had nothing to do with.

No. 462335

His life is just one gigantic sob story. Father dead of HIV, mother probably dead of HIV too, sister raped, wife an hero'd, stalking and blackmail, his serious illness, etc. Literally no one has this tragic of a fucking life.

No. 462355

Surely he is speaking to SOMEBODY. I am very eager to get a reply from Patreon on whether or not they require proof of death before deleting a page, returning pledges, and notifying fans of the death. It seems so strange to me that they would do all that… without knowing for sure that the person is deceased. Am I the only one who feels that way? I know Josh only had like 8 patrons but imagine a mistake being made with a creator who has hundreds or thousands of patrons. Again, I realize that this isn't something that happens or would ever happen but I really feel like they would require proof to cover their asses.

It's just all so bizarre. From begging for any and all attention to completely disappearing. I don't get it.

No. 462363


No, I'm really confused by that too. I mean, that's putting people through a lot of emotional distress with (probably) no proof.

No. 462379

>>462363 Essqueeze me. I think you mean "proofs," which Marco Ritz always has. 'Memeber that time he took a tip from Tallvideos about Onision kissing a fourteen year-old or that time he said Lolcow called him a creepy pedobear? He had all the "proofs"…

Whoops. Sorry. I meant he had none.

No. 462511

File: 1515141189226.png (751.8 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180105-022550.png)

I think his sister (assuming that Tania Furia is) is the one is korea. She is featured in some k.pop related songs. And a site in korean had some of her music… maybe the josh doesnt have business trips to korea, but family trips. Maybe his sister lives there..

No. 462514

File: 1515141227371.png (433.78 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180105-022800.png)


No. 462527

Found another family link perhaps… this chick is the cousin of his grandfather( i skimmed over this so correct me if im wrong) and his grandfather is Attilio Notaro

No. 462528

File: 1515142575808.png (711.67 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180105-025017.png)

Forgot to include pics

No. 462531


If anybody was curious about the site…

No. 462534

Apperently he also goes by the name Furia Mauro

No. 462706

File: 1515173041165.jpg (118.79 KB, 582x1077, MerryCWCmas.jpg)


I'm not a regular here but came here especially looking for this thread. I just wanna say good job, you guys have more dirt on him than a god damn broom.

I used to be subbed to this guy for the Onision drama and it sucks that he lied about certain "FAAAAX". Like Greg having raped someone, or kissing underage kids on a plane.

I say good riddance to bad garbage, and thanks to you guys for getting the truth out. It just sucks being misinformed about lolcows. Its not the end of the world, but you wanna stay updated on their shenanigans.

In the words of Josh himself:

"YOU'VE JUST BEEN UPDATED!!!!" (add bad Italian accent)

So yeah, thnx, and keep on trucking.

No. 462714

I think this article is bullshit for the "Attilio Notaro of Tiriolo" part. Dalida is very famous here in France and I have never heard of that, + no information found on internet about this (just one or two blogs that evocate it). To me it's romance in order to put his (falses) names/identities somewhere (Dalida, seriously Josh ?).

By the way, I used to think that Josh was french because of his accent, he speaks english like a french person would, I was so sure that I left a comment in french once, but he never responded to me (I was thinking at that moment that maybe he didn't want this to be known LOL).

Just my opinion, I may be wrong for both.

No. 462716

Someone up thread said they were positive it was an Israeli accent because they were from a primarily Jewish area or something? It's definitely not Italian haha.

No. 462721

I always thought his accent was Romanian tbh, but you know, I'm probably terribly wrong lol

No. 462726

Perhaps. For me he is Moroccan or Algerian speaking French or born in France (no matter). I never thought he could be Italian. We will may know the truth someday.

No. 462728

He is absolutely not swedish,that´s for sure. I am swedish and that´s not the way we speak english with an accent at all. I have no idea why he even thought it was plausible to insinuate being swedish.

No. 462731

My best guess is he's either French, Israelian, Egyptian or maybe Italian. Whatever it is I imagine he doesn't like his actual nationality, why else would someone go to such lengths to disguise their heritage?

No. 462732


I've noticed as another anon said earlier in the thread that Maurice seems to like to attach himself with famous/semi famous people. Daldia, Freddie Mercury and Cuomo. iI can't find the link between him and Tania, however. I have found a bit of her music and videos of her performing live so Tania Furia is her actual name.

He seemed very concerned about mauro Furia and Maurice Yandiorio being on this thread. There has to be a reason for that and I don't think it's because of his Wikipedia nonsense.

Another thing is I've looked through his history on Wikipedia that was archived by deletionpedia and under Torratte, he only made 3 Wikipedia pages. One for his rockstar persona, one for his band and one for "Carol Johnson" aka Tania. I'm trying to find another account of his relationship with Tania is.

No. 462841

So, I tried going through some of Maurice's old aliases, trying to see if maybe his wife had a Twitter at some point and tweeted at him, or if there were any congratulations given to him on the birth of fetus Maurice, but nadda. But I did find that Neal Century was a part of his OWJ days as well as his Maurice Yandiorio and Mikado Shimbun personas. And Neal Century seemed popularish. There were tons of people thanking him for the follow, appreciating his blogposts, complimenting his shitty music. Lots and lots of ass-kissers. So, what gives, Josh?
Why did you feel the need to create all these personas for OWJ and then abandon them?
What exactly did you do?

No. 462950

Did you go through to make sure the ass kissers weren't him also? Kek it sounds ridiculous but you just never know with this dude.

No. 462960

File: 1515192384497.jpg (110.79 KB, 800x610, IMG_20180105_224349.jpg)


Different anon here,I done this today on a couple of his twitter handles, took a while but couldn't find anything. Did find these tho…

No. 462961

File: 1515192440654.jpg (85.33 KB, 569x972, IMG_20180105_224421.jpg)

This guy has a really high impression of himself.

No. 462997

Being European myself I'd say the lad is definitely Italian.
His hairiness also sorta gives that away.

I could be wrong, of course.

No. 463008


Born in “Europe”.

There he goes again with the quotations, what a guy?

No. 463031

>>463008 Hmm… When his wife "left" him in 2016, it was code for she died in 2015. "Europe" must be code for some alien planet.

No. 463040

File: 1515199618112.png (548.66 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180105-184156.png)

So I looked into Tania Furia and did a search to see if she ever popped up with Neal Century on anything that wasn't for sure written by Josh/Maurice.

I found this site:http://laverdi.webhat.it/english/bio_furia.php

It mentions her working with Neal Century.

No. 463068

Well, I tried to play the music by "Neil Century" by logging in with my facebook account but it says the site is a "test-version" and I need to log in as an administrator. He made that page himself. There is no trace of his music anywhere. Sooo, I guess his "music career" got lost somewhere in "Europe"… What a moron…

No. 463072


This page isn´t legit either. He made that too. If you click the links to get directed to the members, foundations, press office etc it says "something is broken" and "404 not found". He made that crap himself and tried to make it look like someone other than him made it.

Is there anything on the internet that he didn´t make himself? He wants to be connected to Tania Furia and he has made this page himself, it´s not legit at all. How does he have time to make 100 0000 00000 billion fake sites about himself?

No. 463103

What the fuck is this shit, Maurice? Did you actually get into a studio with these other artists or are you ripping off people that are way more talented than you could dream to be? Did you replace your crap music and put in different files?


No. 463118

Well, Php (People Helping People) is Depeche Mode´s "People are People". I guess he put in some weird noises in the beginning, but it´s the same song. I looooved Depeche growing up, there´s no way he could have made an album using their song, he hasn´t even bothered to let someone else sing.

No. 463120

He just put a Depeche Mode song as his own. I will see if I can find the original artists from the other songs from his "album". What a god damn moron…

No. 463123

Couldn´t that be reported somehow, you can´t steal Depeche songs like that… I can´t believe he´s this stupid!!

No. 463134

Gotta figure out his true identity to report him.

No. 463143

So, the song he´s calling "Simple Song" is actually called Simple Song but it´s by a group called Avail. He hasn´t changed that one either. It´s fantastic, he is both Depeche Mode And Avail! It´s actually VERY retarded to put up well known songs as your own.

No. 463152

He hasn´t made any music ever, he has just stolen hits from various artists and slapped his name on them. He must be very mentally ill believing he could get away with pretending to be Depeche Mode… People aren´t that stupid Josh/ Maurio whatever…

No. 463193

“People Helping People” includes stolen lyrics from the band America’s song “Lonely People”

No. 463338

"This is the Last Time" is actually by The National.

Old Dry Road is Old Dirt Road by John Lennon.

What was this dumbass thinking? None of these songs sound remotely similar, and the vocalist sounds different on every one. If you're gonna try to pass off other artists' work as your own, at least stick with the same vocalist, holy shit

No. 463348

Didn't Margo do this with Venus before? It likely is a ploy to siphon money off people, between that and the fantasy family tree he has.

No. 463370

Its obvious Maurice made that website, none of the links work and the director's name at the top links back to the page about Tania.

No. 463406

Holy shit he doesn't have an original bone in his body. Who even thinks to try copying artists like John Lennon? Like no one's gonna catch on?

I haven't been able to listen to the songs, do they sound similar to the stolen ones too? Or did he just steal the lyrics?

No. 463407

He isn't even covering them. He just uploads the original artist's song and says it's by him.

No. 463413

File: 1515243642018.png (113.89 KB, 1100x570, DusX7AI - Imgur.png)

He even said he has worked with George Michael kek I saw it on guru gossip someone posted screenshots of it, it was on a site about music. He is fuckin delusional he was speaking to himself again as Joanna and Maria

No. 463457

It's not an Israeli accent for sure. Though he might be of Jewish descent.
His last name (if it wasn't eniterly made up, or maybe taken from a relative of his) Yandiorio, could be pronounced I believe as Iandiorio or Andiorio. Maybe he adeed the Y as a japanese thing/ mask his actual last name . Iandiorio/Andiorio - Italian/English/Italian-American descent (From what I gathered, not sure)
Now from one of his music account (Delted probably) he has been a part of some groups. One was London and the other was - Sedriano (Metropolitan City of Milan, and he mentioned in one of his profiles he was from Milan). Sedriano is a comune, very small.

But The only Yandiorio I did find was from Venezuela. Could it possibly be that his accent is venezuelan accent?
Then I searched his name just in spanish advance - Came out on a biography site, date of birth - 1982, as the other ones. There was a picture and I searched image - Another source for his authorish pizza events http://www.biographies.net/people//en/maurice_yandiorio

No. 463526

lol, he must have deleted it already. Still lurking the thread, Maurice?

No. 463535

All of the mp3s have been blocked too, lmfao.

No. 463539

Since we have your attention, Maurice, would you like to explain to us why you thought it was okay to wipe shit into your kid's vagina on camera? Or how you thought it was ethical to accuse Onision of pedophilia via the Katie Duncan story when you put out a screenshot of an employee telling you the story was false? On a scale of 1 - 10, how retarded actually are you?

No. 463545

Just think about all the people you've lied to, people who had your back like RTG, Tim Hatten, and your fans who gave you money and supported you. Do you just not care? You've already ruined your reputation, what else do you have to lose?

No. 463547

>>463545 No one would have ever found out about this thread if you had kept your mouth closed, Maurice. Hell, you're more popular now than you ever were before. How does it feel knowing you could have had all that YouTube and Patreon money if you chosen to be smart about this entire thing? But nah, ya went and killed yourself. Now everybody knows you're nothing but a sham. Are you sure you're not little Joshina's mother?

No. 463557


Kek for days!!

No. 463618

File: 1515271154037.png (1.14 MB, 1078x1482, SmartSelectImage_2018-01-06-14…)

>>Are you sure you're not little Joshina's mother?

No. 463715

Does anyone recall how he got in contact with that "non-offending" pedophile he interviewed?

No. 463720

>>463715 I believe it was through RTG.

No. 463723

Thanks. That whole video rubbed me the wrong way. I hadn't seen many of his videos before that one, but trying to make pedophilia less evil by implying there are a few who don't offend really seemed like a strange stance to take. I know he made it clear that he "hated" the guy, but he has also made it clear how completely not gay he is, too. By giving this guy a platform he seemed to try and normalize something that should not be normalized. I immediately unsubbed after watching it, and he went on my "This guy is definitely a creep" list. I'm not saying he's a pedo, I'm saying he's creepy as hell.

No. 463728

>>463723 Yeah, I agree. The fact Maurice searched for a pedophile to call Greg out on his forum to confirm things anyone with an ounce of common sense already knows is hypocritical and gross. He didn't have to track down a pedophile. He could have contacted a YouTube psychologist to interview and review Greg's side. How much more ethical would that have been? Whether he likes it or not, whether he is one or not, Maurice now has a sticky past with a pedophile.

No. 463734

It definitely would have made more sense to talk to a professional who dealt with the topic, but would it have brought in the same views? Pairing that interview with the things we all know about the video where he changes his kid's diaper makes me very uncomfortable.

No. 463745

Agree. It doesn’t take a genius to see a forum full of scantily-clad teenagers as a honeypot. Getting a pedo’s opinion was very unnecessary. Josh also bragged about paying the individuals he interviews, so he paid a pedophile to denounce Greg’s site? Seriously?

Not to mention he also profited off a little girl dying from brain cancer from a video criticizing Greg. I remember seeing 3 ads on that and feeling sick to my stomach. What a money-hungry psycho.

No. 463759

When clicked on and enlarged this photo shows
the oddness of his eyebrows. Given his facial and body hair his eybrows look as if they have been altered. I notice this on his videos but this image shows it well. In his youtube vidios he allways choose to film himsellf from quite a distance. I have never seen another vlogger do this. It is probably irrelevant but was noticable

No. 463778


can any anons remember what thejoshs' tagline was, for some strange reason I'm remembering it as almost identical to the farms…. Apologies if this has already been mentioned but it's seems somehow pertinent.
Also I think I need to step slowly away from the computer.. I'm far too invested in a nonentity for no actual reason at this point…

No. 463780

The problem is, there's some strange punchline coming. We're all waiting for it, so it's hard to look away.

No. 463789


The farms is "The lolcows posted here are, shockingly, not works of fiction or falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as false.

His strap line was "The stories posted here are, shockingly, works of fiction. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."

Or an equally eerily close descriptor.

Genuinley seems orchestrated at this point. Saged for tinfoil about "social experiments" yet again..

No. 463808

That's what's so amusing about this whole debacle.. had Joshie not tried to an hero himself, nobody would have even cared about this forum [most anyway, at least most of his subs] and it would have been buried in the google searches. Since he's went this crazy train route, he's got all kinds of us over here and interested as hell! What ARE you creeping the thread and trying to hide, Maurice? At this point, all you CAN do is be that honest person you portrayed and man the fuck up, own it all, and hope for the best; I'm sure those old ladies who've fallen for the single father nonsense will still be right there waiting to comfort you from this entire, terrible, ordeal that you've endured.

There's so many people [myself included] who'd never have seen this all here, who are now highly fucking amused and just waiting for the next stunt, KEK.

Joshie / Maurice, dude, you done fucked yourself hard and dry with this; totally not in a gay way, though!

No. 463844

Okay, but why does Maurice try so hard to convince everyone how he's the least gay person or that he's not a pedophile? I'm not saying he's either of those two things, but the levels he goes to convince people are weird. He blathers on about how not gay he is in a rip-off article of Freddie Mercury, and then he an heroes himself to escape pedophile allegations that he essentially accused himself of. Methinks he doth protest too much, and that makes him look even more sus.

No. 463968

When it happened people on anti-O Tumblr said he found him on pedo Tumblr blogs.

Before he aired the episode he was hyping it up as some "special celebrity guest" and I believe he even said in a community post on YouTube(he did those stupid YT posts alot to claim he had found out big exposing claims he was running through his legal but of course nothing ever came of it) that it was a famous pedo that was released from prison..

I do remember him even framing the title of the episode or the hype before as if this pedo was on Onision's forum and had access to these girls because of the forum

No. 464186

I got a niggling suspicion this goes way deeper then embarrassment over self promotion with fictional people and the plagiarising of famous songs
There's something that he's desperately trying to conceal, his 'suicide' shows that.
I have total faith that anons will unearth what his deepest darkest secrets are. Till then it's very difficult to look away
Saged for adding fuck all

No. 464320

>>464186 When Josh's Kolla channel was still up, I think 5 in the Morning still up, and it sounded nothing like the link found in that mp3 site. His singing sounds like dog shit, so I think he must have replaced or updated the files before lolcow discovered it.

How about it, Moronreese? Did you?

No. 464337

It was reupped here

No. 464340

>>464337 Yeah, his song and the one on the mp3 song sounded nothing alike.

No. 464542

So this one is actually him?

Sage for confusion

No. 464891

Yes anon that's Maurice

No. 464971

File: 1515414154946.png (30.19 KB, 1069x701, Things Change Lyrics.PNG)

May have discovered one of Maurice's aliases. Either that or a fan who has terrible tastes in music. There's also official lyrics for three of his "songs", two of which are blatant rip-offs.

No. 464972

No. 464980

There's a UK version, too.
Anyone willing to buy this album to let us know how awful it is?

I also came across this:
Not much information besides a few more song title…

No. 464982

No. 465045

>>464971 Maybe it's because Maurice is a fraud with all the talent of fingernails scratching a chalkboard and has way too much time on his hands ,and all data found on him link back to him being a grown ass man with a very young Marsha baby to take care of, but I doubt Neal Century ever had a single fan.

No. 465048

File: 1515428173628.jpg (365.5 KB, 2046x996, 20180108_101010.jpg)

I just remembered I had this. In the video where Maurice is potty training little mauricia, he lets her put stickers on a door.

Only the door is just a door that's off the hinges. He has two. He says that the doors came from his old house that "we had to sell."

Except that doesn't make sense, it should be "I had to sell" because mrs maurice had already died before he had to sell his house by his own admission in the email he sent to the admin.

No. 465182

What’s with the eyebrows!?

No. 465192

File: 1515442209666.png (230.38 KB, 937x699, Maomaomao.PNG)

I found yet an