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No. 519858

you don’t KNOW that.

No. 519727

mina also works as a prostitute and made money like that while she was with Dasha. that’s what Dasha said. it’s liky since she didn’t have any other income. so now everyone is like who can rely on Dashas word? so here I am. saying that Edwin is like dasha. he is just SAYING she is illegal. we have no proof for that just like Mina selljng her body. just because her grandmother comes to visit doesn’t mean she’s illegal

No. 519725

that doesn’t prove anything? she said before she doesn’t like Germany as much but she also said she will probably visit them for Christmas. this is so hypocritical whenever I say something against Mina y’all be like where the proof at. so agajn: no proof for her being illegal

No. 519691

she probably realized people would twist her words. in other news: NO ONE KNOWS IF SHE ACTUALLY IS ILLEGAL OR NOT

No. 519690

she said even IF. we have no prove she is illegaly here and she is under contract with brands who pay her

No. 519683

Cyr didn’t even gocto court

No. 519682

and? edwin a mexican tells her she shoudl get deported claims shes illegal with no proof which looks bad on his mexican side

No. 519605

and? her and Cyr danced to a hitlermusic video on his stream. as a joke. get over it. it happened a long time ago and doesn’t mean shes a nazi OR racist. you guys are looking for whatever you need to paint her as the devil whileshes living her life

No. 519601

lol shes not racist. you are reaching. pewdiepie would be racist as well and Ian and Tana. what dasha did was mild. if you are celebrating thanksgiving you are actually worse than dasha because you celebrate another ‘holocaust’the genocide of native americans

No. 519600

no actually while Dasha was getting her brows microbladed Mina was still doing short eyebrows and filled them in strangely. Mina has been the copycat lately

No. 519435

all of you give Mina way too much credit. shesjust as manipulative. SHE FAKED AN APOLOGY in order to get back with Cyr or Ian. she wasn’t forced to stay or have sex.

No. 519434

how do you know Dasha pushed anyone to be intimate? Cyr even said Mina told him in the elevatoe she wants to just date and have sex with him

No. 519433

lol they weren’t flirting they are friends. you guys reach too much

No. 519406

and Mina cheated on Cyr with sugardaddies while they were in a monogamous relationship.

No. 519394

so you guys just don’ttake a poly relationship seriously? do you take gay people seriously? they were dating her and thats how it is. Mina cheated get over it

No. 519384

in Edwins v log mina admits to always wanting Edwin. so basically she cheated on Cyr by kissing Edwin and sleeping in his bed as much as Cyr cheated on her

No. 519378

it was on a live stream and he mentioned it for a minute and then moved on? none of yu saw that?

No. 519376

ask him!

No. 519375

there is no tweetz. he may have cheated on Mina although it’s a reach but you can’t prove anything else

No. 519368

cyr said he was never dating taylor. he went on one date with her on which he bought her food because she said she was broke. one date is hardly dating someone

No. 519366

um ok wait. so we are just gonna pretend cyr is the only cheater? mina kissed edwin while they were dating, cyr and dasha friends said they saw them at the coffee shop making out while dasha and cyr were still dating mina and after that mina slept and probably fucked edwin

No. 519358

who else didhe cheat on then? do we have any girls saying he did or are you gonna come at me with “Edwin and onision” claimed that.

No. 519351

and? Dasha explained that too. shes not as evil as yu paint her. She felt bad for Mina so she made him apologize and admit to cheating although it wasn’t true

No. 519298

she actually doesn’t because she posts videos on her Insta in which she looks the same. also in her live streams so I don’t see your point

No. 519296

she actually doesn’t because she posts videos on her Insta in which she looks the saw. also in her live streams so I don’t see your point

No. 519292

that’s what I am saying. i has zero to do with defending anyone. everyone looks different in videos than in pictures

No. 519284

this just proves to me that she looks the same? maybe her jaw is edited but her nose looks the same, her lips, her eyes -her brows have changed which changed someones face shape but also the pic you took it from a video in which she laying DOWN. ? i believe it’s the two girlfriends video Edwin posted. not to whiteknight anyone but I have a major double chin when I am laying down

No. 519278

okay but Mina also looks different and Dasha does look more like her pics in her livestream. anyone can pick an unflattering pic at an unflattering angle

No. 519261

yes they do choose their own products

No. 518900

she said she made him apologize because he hurt her feelings. although it wasn’t cheating she felt bad for Mina

No. 518473

Cyr even said he broke up with Mina before he hd sex with Dasha. he saw her but they weren’t flirting

No. 517965

so we’re sluthshaming now? that’s nit picking. the way she dresses or not dresses isn’t any of your concern

No. 517964

she was memeing

No. 517931

loool I know the site she was on and it’s for paid dates and not for prostitution. lots of IG girls are on there. the website is strict about prostitution being illegal. just because shes on there doesn’t mean she suckes someone off for cash. you don’t have proof for that either

No. 517922

you don’t knownif shes a prostitute. i could make an online profile on a sugardaddy site and use someone elses pictures

No. 517902

yes and we nitpick on all the cows. fact is her boots are ugly and can share my opinion on that

No. 517900

File: 1526181329950.jpeg (873.64 KB, 1242x1437, E52C1449-0C4A-4BC8-981D-D3DE25…)

um yes. she dresses horribly and if you zoom in you can tell she shooped

No. 517887

the boots. wtf

No. 516755

that’s embarrassing. must be hard for edwin to see dasha go lolol. does trisha follow him?

No. 516749

when was edwin begging her to invite him

No. 516736

lol Mina cheated on Cyr before he allegedly cheated on her. her sugardaddies flew her out and she was seeing them while she was with Cyr. he even said that

No. 516722

now that Dasha actually started hanging out with Trisha, Edwin and Mina need to step up their copy game again and make another video on how much Mina loves Trisha

No. 516719

I know plenty of girls who do that hand pose including Yasmina.

No. 516718

dashas harassment lmao. mina only befriended them again to be relevant. faked an apology to get back with Cyr and cheated on both Cyr and dasha with Edwin. thats just as psycho

No. 516715

she always retweets about haters

No. 516695

how is this lurking. you clearly want to feel more important than you are. just because she retweets things like that doesn’t mean it’s directed towards lolcow

No. 516671

everyone knows Cyr is joking about the daddy thing

No. 516661

File: 1525897095414.jpeg (527.41 KB, 1242x1621, 43DE74F7-E5ED-453E-985B-A76AB8…)

No. 516660

so whenever someone speaks reason they are Dasha stans? KEK ur so opinionated. you speak out of hate and not reason

No. 516655

File: 1525896750946.jpeg (129.41 KB, 1242x619, 810055B9-FB1D-4A38-B65D-8914C6…)

wow surprise. seems like the majority - which isn’t you guys - actually gets that pet names and ddlg are two different things. has nothing to do with liking Dasha

No. 516653

File: 1525896603148.jpeg (148.34 KB, 1242x679, 5AEC3855-1B8B-4876-BAAE-AC14FB…)

and Dasha never acted like a toddler or treated Vincent like Mina treats Edwin

No. 516652

File: 1525896555855.jpeg (334.15 KB, 1242x1353, 3C78D849-E053-4B6E-845A-1ABDFB…)

No. 516651

File: 1525896528204.jpeg (143.79 KB, 1242x648, D89DDA5C-3E10-4743-A248-EC9ADF…)

it’s two different things to give someone a pet name and to act like an incapable little child

No. 516649

go through her comments on her second account where she posted about ddlg and people where explaining how its not the same

No. 516643

it’s not white knighting it’s true and she even said that her self. You guys just have no idea about the difference between dominance stuff and ddlg

No. 516635

and? on her Instagram post she said there is a difference between calling someone daddy and acting like a baby.

No. 515879

but that is true because she looks just as shitty in the videos. no one claimed to know something about her without proof

No. 515860

I am not defending dasha. if the same was said about Mina I would demand proof. anyone can come up with a story. how does it even matter? we already know both of them have sugardaddies

No. 515859

no this is LOLCOW. we post proof here and not just random accusations. you can either proof that it’s real or you get the fuck outta here

No. 515856

so obvious that you made the account lmao

No. 515855

still gossip. we don’t know that. anyone can say that they know her

No. 515837

exactly!!! tumblrs are super hard to find so obviously the person who posted it here made it.

No. 515819

you don’t have to promote your own shit here.
also. anyone can make an accusation like that or photoshop a pic. i can say that I saw Dasha fucking a kid or cheating or kissing Edwin. without proof it’s just gossip

No. 515408

she looked so much healthier back then

No. 515240

File: 1525588184801.png (5.57 MB, 1242x2208, 963E0F06-3124-4B62-AB16-B67CBC…)

no one is snapping at that ugly outfit. proves mina can’t ever be herself. now she copies her new friends

No. 515074

he literally acts like her lawyer. he always whiteknights her and speaks for her I hate him

No. 514782

I doubt it. Yasmina Ticemfuck tried triggering her a lot and so did oldwin. no response. seems she has gotten smarter

No. 514610

it’s not. she linked her Amazon wish list in her bio and a fan bought it for her.

No. 514602

File: 1525469760995.jpeg (184.6 KB, 1019x642, A54D1F10-5034-4FB9-B6DF-B7B50B…)

No. 514595

File: 1525467861130.jpeg (324.55 KB, 1242x1766, 460173FE-4609-43CD-B84E-6A9D95…)

Edwin defended Mina about copying under this pic

No. 514593

where did Edwin say Dasha is copying again?

No. 514588

I don’t understand why Mina is so obvious about now copying Dasha?

No. 514583

that corset looks so cheap

No. 514582

she’s trying so hard to be like Marina Joyce and Poppy but then talks shit about Poppy. she’s just obsessed with being “weird and artsy”

No. 514577

I remember dasha talking about wanting to film lookbooks. then Mina did it. I think the reason she won’t upload is because people will assume she copied Mina again

No. 514535

she has the picture on her twitter as well you retard it’s her when she was 15

No. 514529

I think that comment of “why was Foxes in your room” is referring to a singer called foxes. he probably thinks they look alike which they don’t. but Foxes does have black curls

No. 514528

yeah probably just you. on Dashas fb you see her wearing sweaters with foxes on it (I can find the pic it’s from 2014 I believe) and her old dogs are called Fox and Kiwi lmao. Dasha was just as obsessed with foxes

No. 514518

anyone also notice that Dasha did the heart make up before Mina did it?

No. 514393

I personally think it’s much worse that a TSA officer watches “sexy edwin” and apologizes and maybe even helps mina get into the states to also do the same thing as dasha. just to take pics. at least dasha went to uni

No. 514379

what did they say? and the tsa officer? i don’t wanna watch that crap

No. 514348

in Minas latest love stream she said she still can’t come to the US. i am pretty sure they made up that story

No. 514166

lol? I met Mina and Edwin at their fan meet up in London and Mona looked crusty as hell. not thag skinny, horrible make up, bad skin, and a wig that was tangled like theres no tomorrow

No. 514144

File: 1525377912684.jpeg (460.52 KB, 1242x2208, C433E07A-08E8-48B9-B6BE-75CC51…)

but not on her snapchat

No. 514143

File: 1525377882404.jpeg (379.06 KB, 1242x2019, C09CE04C-8FA4-4862-B62F-D66E40…)

lmao Mina shopped herself so hard in this

No. 514136

File: 1525377042787.png (8.5 MB, 1242x2208, FA7575DB-0BA4-4AE2-8B95-15F747…)

look how the wall is bending

No. 514134

File: 1525376832291.jpeg (435.9 KB, 2048x2048, 92A5C6E7-144F-404E-9E53-FE953C…)

Mina is also not the fairest of beauties

No. 514037

who cares? people on here reached out to both Dasha and Mina before so why not ask someone for details who tf cares

No. 514016

anyone tried talking to Leon? He could possibly have some milk

No. 513972

I remember zooming outon the location post. and it was in wimbleton

No. 513898

yes I do post a lot and it’s usually not bullshit like “who is guiltier” or white knighting anyone

No. 513885

another Mina fan

No. 513881

yes we’ve been over this millions of times.
Dasha is a cunt but Mina and Edwin still talk about her. therefor they are more interesting atm

No. 513876

so whenever i point out something that makes sense Imma be called a Dasha stan?

No. 513872

her first post on twitter is just a pic of Johnny Depp

No. 513868

I would love to hear what @gayjpeg has to say about Mina since he hates her now. he shoudl make a video on her. has someone tried getting info out of him before? Dasha said that Edwin reached out to Leon (gayjpeg) and made him delete all the pics he had with Mina on his insta

No. 513865

those fan accounts posted from Wimbleton. Mina said before that she’s from there. Dasha has her address and also confirmed that that is where Mina is from. so how on earth did dasha know where Mina loved back in the day. you are the one who doesn’t make sense. just get comfortable with the fact that Mina makes her own fan acounts cause no one likes her

No. 513864

idk if you know Minas former friend Lettie (missvulgar on Instagram) she openly talks about how Mina stalked Dasha and about how her and Mina met at a johnny depp film premier. she even has photos up from that event and so does Minas friend Niamh. Mina used to be a Johnny Depp fanatic and I think we all know who gets compres to Johnny Depp a lot. also those fan accounts always compared Mina and Cyr to Johnny And winona Ryder…back in 2015

No. 513834

putting her shitty eating behavior on Dasha is a pretty cheap trick. as far as I know Dasha was always very concerned about

No. 513796

you sound like one of her fans. It seems to me you haven’t read any past threats. It’s been proven that Mina s behind those accounts you don’t have to white knight her. Come back when you read all the past threads that provide proof. and yes, Mina is in fact anorexic and anorexic people do look like her.

No. 513693

i honestly prefer Dashas body over Minas body

No. 513686

anyone notice how mina did a Valfre inspired look? considering Dasha shot for them many times

No. 513682

File: 1525288448887.png (7.39 MB, 1242x2208, FE8D953B-EE4A-4AAD-97AA-ED19EB…)

shes just super thin

No. 513671

yes I do believe that. she always gets oddly defensive about it.

No. 513462

I just watched Minas love stream and I seriously hate her. she talks like a retard child. “uwu I look so littol with my bangs i wish papi Edwin was here” I’m gonna throw up

No. 513196

goes to show again that Mina just copies anyone she surrounds herself with. she loosk awfully dirty, sweaty and gross in that picture. she says she has an art school deree but her former gay best friend (@gayjpeg) called her out on dropping out of school and not having education

No. 513171

did anyone watch Minas live stream? the way she acts is so cringy and then she’s dressed like Marie Antoinette. she also mentioned that she can’t come back to America

No. 512839

where does the name Ticembal come from

No. 512837

what do you guys think is going to happen once Edwin breaks up with Mina? do you guys think they’ll ever break up?

No. 512831

lmao I bet Edwin wrote that letter himself to add drama

No. 512825

File: 1525135589581.jpeg (185.22 KB, 1130x887, AAFF6064-5D29-4EF3-AA82-346300…)

you mean this

No. 512818

wtf she looks ugly as fuck

No. 512817

yes I saw a pic of her passport a while ago. Jasmine Ticembel or something foreign

No. 512813

does anyone know Minas real name?

No. 512809

File: 1525132726293.jpeg (155.95 KB, 960x1280, B7126F71-3368-474B-B6CA-B68786…)

lol she defini got something done

No. 512808

File: 1525132661529.jpeg (515.2 KB, 2048x2048, A70A2A12-4A14-4F52-A188-54AE56…)

Mina def got fillers. look at her old pics

No. 512797

also didn’t Dasha do this heart thing first?

No. 512794

File: 1525129520503.jpeg (420.17 KB, 1242x1622, E641F966-838F-489E-BEC2-28B2A3…)

just posted a new pic in the dress Dasha wore before her

No. 512782

Well I’m pretty sure we all know that those accounts are Minas but what was the proof that they are hers again?

No. 512781

why don’t we ask hentaiguy? I’m pretty sure he has a lot of proof

No. 512779

Dasha once posted a screencapture of the fake apology

No. 512778

what did Edwin say when Onision accused him of being an accomplice of abuse

No. 512769

I think one of us should actually start calling Edwin out on his bullshit it’ll be milk and drama which would be fun. and since he’s going to defend himself by accusing dasha of something we might stir up shit

No. 512760

am I the only one here who genuinely thinks that Edwin is worse than Cyr???

No. 512759

how else did Mina support herself while she was in LA? It’s very likely that she did it with Dasha

No. 512757

nope Dasha also said Mina did it with her

No. 512738

Mina doesn’t post as much on insta as she used to. think she might got a job that’s not fucking old guys for money?

No. 512736

File: 1525123584348.jpeg (99.33 KB, 1242x613, 060D2121-4AFD-4813-816D-C55912…)

what kind of vegan doesn’t do actual research on a big brand like that no matter how you got it. lame excuse

No. 512734

Mina isn’t an IG model since half of her following is from apps. i can look and see If I find evidence but I used to go through Minas following and it was always really sketchy user names. not to forget Mina didn’t get a following for having such a “good style” she got it from Cyr and Dasha. lol Edwin is still stuck at 21.1k lmao he didn’t grow at all and neither did Cyr

No. 512696

File: 1525113960081.jpeg (745.51 KB, 2048x2048, BB278D4A-43E7-42EC-A182-943BB9…)

there’s actually a lot of proof Mina copies Dasha as much you just have to look harder
and Dasha also wore this ugly coat before her. i am not saying Dasha is super original. just showing you that Mina is just as stupid

No. 512694

File: 1525113768201.jpeg (383.24 KB, 1242x1388, 910D285A-488C-4DF3-9911-85CF9A…)

have you see this

No. 512693

File: 1525113727430.jpeg (523.33 KB, 2048x2048, 5C4B3C5A-B797-4338-83E6-42E643…)

No. 512692

File: 1525113604647.jpeg (712.23 KB, 2048x2048, DA75F153-0379-40C9-9C7E-901E0A…)

when both of them did that cringy eye contact thing

No. 512691

File: 1525113543339.jpeg (655.29 KB, 2048x2048, 188D3356-EA4B-4068-B053-894C98…)

No. 512690

File: 1525113531442.jpeg (609.02 KB, 2048x2048, 75A382CF-B68A-439A-AC97-E52129…)

No. 512689

File: 1525113439605.jpeg (385.18 KB, 1242x1688, F445AEEE-8D45-46AA-A53C-EAD3F5…)

it looks like this

No. 512688

there actuall is proof Dasha provided with pictures. type in Twitter “itsbabydash victimizing” and there’s a whole thread where dasha shows how mina also copies her. with dates. she posted that way back when mina started whining again about how dasha is so creepy

No. 512318

wait hold on a sec. didn’t Edwin hook up with Mina when she was 20? is that that legal?

No. 512317

I disagree. I find Mina worse than Dasha by now. Dasha might be crazy but she isn’t trying to hide it. after all Mina only started talking to Cyr and Dasha for clout and to get with Ian. I find that much more psychotic. she acts like a child and doesn’t admit to anything.

No. 512316

Dasha mentioned it on a live stream before. idk if it’s true ofc. she just said that Mina would ask him to stop talking to Taylor so they could date. no cheating involved

No. 512192

taylor allard is one of Cyrs ex gfs. dasha said that when Cyr was seeing Mina back in the day Mina wanted to hop into a relationship with him before they met but he said no cause he was seeing Taylor allard. idk what all this mess is about

No. 512190

wtf is that outfit it looks like she got all of that from a halloween store