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File: 1445059841394.jpg (53.31 KB, 500x500, annie.jpg)

No. 2


Annie is a formerly prolific /cgl/ tripfag who attempted to convince me to delete a thread that mentioned her. She sent me an email claiming some people in the thread were stalking her, and to further pursuade me that this was serious stalking, she used a proxy to make a post threatening herself with rape.

>If I ever see you at mcm again I can and will rape you

Annie was also one of the most active lolcow posters about British /cgl/ users up until this incident. >>>/pt/135859

The details were publicly revealed due to violation of this global rule:

>Do not try to evade bans or intentionally deceive or manipulate lolcowchan staff.

No. 19

Holy shit, she told me she was 'famous' in /cgl/. No idea she was like this but to be honest I ain't surprised.

Probably unrelated but last year or so I saw photos of her in a bodyline tea party with the Yan man; I got invited but was too busy that day.

No. 21

i used to be friend with her when i was 13 but she shitted on me and i unfriended her

No. 42

Whats with those eyebrows haha why do girls who look like men try to pull of this style?

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