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No. 455876

She is the one that started spreading the rumour Josh was a Pedo. She is from Scotland. @glesga_lassie

No. 455871

Found this one. this is the other girl that was harrassing the josh there is a bunch on twitter check

No. 455867

this is [[REDACTED]]
facebook archive

No. 455865

thanks I smell bs too. I'm not saying The Josh is not guilty of pretending to have commited suicide but these people seem to push too much 1 clear agenda against him

No. 455863

ok give me a minute. I'll see what I can find about her mother. I smell bullshit on this thread. Someone is too involved into slandering this man. time we bring light to this

No. 455858

Right. What about her friends. Does anyone have her friend's address? I don't believe The Josh for a second but I'm not gonna believe anyone of the people involved in this shit either.

No. 455855

This is the girl that was after the josh. that onision fan something

Can you get us her mother's criminal record? I remember she was the daughter of a scam artist herself

No. 455853


[address removed by staff]

No. 455851

True. Noone knows about The Josh / Maurice / whoever the fuck he is's life. We are here cuz we have nothing to do

No. 455845

Good point

No. 455843

We know that already. Where's Kuckian's address?

No. 455841

I don't know anything about his life nwither do you FUCKING MORON

No. 455840

Someone posted this on twitter yesterday
[address removed by staff]

No. 455834

I don't. I THINK they are involved. Read my fucking messages

No. 455832

Mate this is [[REDACTED]] or John Kuckian. Someone posted their addresses on twitter.

No. 455829

"CLEARLY NOT DEAD" where is your proof?
I dont give a fuck but "CLEARLY NOT DEAD" shows how childish you are. Wearing your magic hat?

No. 455826

Well said mate

No. 455821

Are you John Kuckian? Joy Sparkle? [[REDACTED]]? Greg?
I think The Josh and whoever you are smell of crap a mile away

No. 455818

Yes we read it. You are pushing your agenda down our throats. knock it off. We know Josh used different accounts for something dated to 2008. Who fucking cares. I want to know whether he is alive today because I used to make fun of him and I feel guilty

No. 455813

I say whatever I fuck I want. If I want to say he was a shoe fetish I just say it. Fuck you.

No. 455812

Chill dude! We are all here for fun. We know nothing about him. Go ask Ready to Glare to give you a chill pill _ love from Greece

No. 455810

I don't trust anyone anymore
The fucking Josh was not a fraud but he was sick
You are making shit up just like Onion boi and The Josh

No. 455805

what do you have against her? She is fine.

No. 455803

Keep an eye on Ready to Glare my ass. That bitch is not normal either. She is pill user.

No. 455801

still proves nothing but thanks

No. 455800

you are fos
I think Kuckian is behind this.

No. 455795

Unless he used an actor - thejosh

No. 455794

He probably created that Neal Century crap years ago. Calling him a fraud for that is a bit too much. Yes, he did some shady things but nothing criminal. I'm glad he is gone though.

No. 455792

I think Onision is behind it all. We know Greg pays "actors" to be part of his show. Wasn't that Billie paid? Think about it. Onision has changed and he is less hated now.

No. 455784

It could really be any of the things we think until we have solid proofs.

No. 455781

People thought The Josh was just Onision's publicity stunt. This might explain his sudden take off. Or Kuckian?

No. 455775

If you inform twitter of someone's passing they take it down. It looks like all you are doing is making conspiracy theories.

No. 455767

everything seems weird

No. 455766

could be his family

No. 454836

there is no xmas in japan

No. 454690

you are assuming too much. I just hope he is ok. Personally I think what you have done here is evil. I don't want to get involved so wish you good luck

No. 454683

i'm just saying this could be real. if it is you could be responsible for his death. you are playing with fire. bs like this could have real consequences in real life. but you are free to do whatever you want. he created a few fake account on wikipedia big deal. i think you should seriously think about your actions

No. 454676

IF this is true you are going to prison. you really fucked up big times. I pray for your souls josh is not dead.

No. 454671

you really fucked up people whoever this is