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File: 1503899234991.png (2.93 MB, 2208x1242, 26F4F9E4-5214-43A6-BC33-18458D…)

No. 381380

Onisions patrons and patron mods/admins have been proven before to have been snakes/cows/etc, But damn is onion the gift that keeps on giving. The admins and mods on his discord regularly gets switched out due to them all attacking each other so a compiled list of their names and socials may not all be on here now but will be updated. The people who run his discord not only are leeches for attention (looking at lolcow for their names) but also are believed to be working together to expose greg which.. they aren’t doing a good job at the plunger isn’t getting a trip back to that 5.6er
(They turned off mod and admin names on their discord to be ~private~)

GingerBeck - http://instagram.com/gingerbeckgirl And basically known as the same username on everything else. She is known for her not only line backer swim body from her whip cream video but for being a pot head that onision turned down when she was flown out to the McMansion for ~patreon perks~ got her crotch slammed in gregs face and lainey cried in a corner. Also pays a shit ton on Younow for gregs attention- heLL all of them do. Gingers name is on her SoundCloud which can be found here https://soundcloud.com/rebecca-guertin-281113698/a-like-song-for-lainey-1

Becca- the one who ate Bambi, the drag king.
Rebecca copper cooper whatever.
A catfish at its.. well not so finest.

Very very private but as will be posted later In the thread has posts that can be found on her social media’s that would go against gregs rules of being a decent human being

Rages over farmers being in the discord or anywhere basically, not much milk on this one for now.

She’s terrified of anything being mentioned about her at all but she seems a quiet one but still she’s there…paying for gregs attention

And last but not least the best milk to come
(Besides Becca and Plunger)

Posted on a thread defending her mommy status and non proana stance while she doesn’t realize the profiles she has put there still. It’s a shame.

There’s more mods but the rest are quiet,
Will update if needed.

No. 381393

File: 1503900765986.png (436.07 KB, 1242x2126, harleyproana.png)

>I'm not pro ana you retard

No. 381395


That ad tho lol

No. 381400

File: 1503902071037.jpeg (415.68 KB, 1242x2124, BB53A958-E5A8-4D4D-A0FF-48A024…)


Her profile which has nudes on it.
Also definitely isn’t proana

No. 381409

having a creepy kink to feed another person into obesity doesn't mean she isn't promoting eating disorders on her spare time

I know these creepy fucks too. Some even try getting their partners to gain weight without their consent by upping their cals without knowing

No. 381453

File: 1503911754491.png (291.76 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2552.PNG)

No. 381468

She is a mother? embarassing

No. 381474

need an account to even look at the profile

No. 381648

i just can't believe there are people over 18 PAYING to be his mods lol

No. 381710

How do you cunts have this much free time? Roasting the onion king is one thing, but at this point you're just cyber stalking his fans.

If you really think they're this retarded then quit picking on the retards, its like beating on a kid with downes because a douchey jock was nice to them once in high school.

Fuck sake, just go back to roasting greg on /pt/ and stop scrolling through teenaged girl's instagram photos… it's sad.. and a little creepy(sage this)

No. 381715

shouldnt you be taking care of your kid?

No. 381716



Why do I get the feeling your one of 'those' moms whose kids run around half naked in a dirty ass house and the minute someone brings that up to your attention you cry, 'muh depression!' ?

No. 381722


put your cocks away boys, not even harley

No. 381726

You do realize farmhand told us to make this threat, right?

No. 381729

thread** >>381726

No. 381732


Yea, I know. The discord fags tried to derail main thread, but you scared off half the minicows. They're all catching wind and leaving or deleting their socials now cause "m'feels hurt"

No. 381735

Post caps of them saying they were leaving? cause all of their accounts provided are still up.

No. 381736

Post moar fuck these people this dramu is good

No. 381737


half those accounts are private or deleted now.


you need cows for milk, dont spook the herd too bad

No. 381738

I think they blocked you cause only 3 of the accounts provided are private.

No. 381739


that feeder account for harley is gone
and 3/6 insta accounts is half the fucking insta accounts kek

No. 381740

that were already private to begin with

No. 381744


fair enough, have at it anon

No. 381746

Stop fighting about the point of this thread.
For the users contributing, remember to screenshot for posterity.

No. 381749

Did we ever have bait/ death confirmed for sgt. suicide? farmhand called it b8 but I was still hoping obituary anon would return with caps

No. 381758

He isn't dead I've seen him active it was bait

No. 381786

who in the absolute fuck even knows how to differentiate between all these obese cows let alone want to individually post about them.

lol. patron mustn't be worth the money amirite u fags

No. 381787

I have the pictures of harley even if she deleted the feeder account.

Right now they’re fighting in the discord because some girls server is being ~bullied~ when no one knows who she even is and also they cleared the chat on the whole discord apparently a mod quit either last night or a while back

I don’t know if nudes are allowed I’ve never really seen them because I always look at the onion thread and there’s none there

No. 381791

nudes are allowed afaik as long as it's 18+ and not revenge porn

No. 381793

the two northern irish girls, sophs and harley, need to move out of the west clearly, there's fuck all to do out there you sad sad girls. u wanting social housing with onion boy lol

No. 381794

The feeder account is gone but the images were saved harley should have gone by her daddy onions “don’t post nudes” logic. Her dating site accounts both says she’s 25 might post the nudes

No. 381812

File: 1503951064460.png (2.74 KB, 365x78, Untitled.png)


nudes are fine, as long as you click the little "Spoiler Image" box when posting.

No. 381815

File: 1503951268326.jpg (Spoiler Image, 199.01 KB, 1744x1242, P35CxPA.jpg)

~for daddy onion~

No. 381817

These photos are old and sad, looking at the feeder profile, it's old an irrelevant. Not even a mod anymore, who cares?

No. 381819

the profile said it had been up for 7 years along with recent posts up and or activity of 6 days ago.

Stop trying

No. 381822

How old is that photo specifically?

No. 381825

it was the most recently posted photo on the profile.
the old ones with the rope are screenshoted also Harley

No. 381827

Oh hell no. This bitch wearing crotchless pantyhose like it's a shirt.

No. 381834

all of you patrons can comment all you want at least reply to the post correctly.
let me teach you.
>click the no.39494939 or whatever it is and then MAGICALLY it gets put in as a direct reply.
can not wait til greggle gets on and sees your mods dwindling down

No. 381838

lmao holy shit!!

No. 381840

come on if you can delete okcupid, redo your plenty of fish bio and others you can at least tell your friends to click the number to reply

No. 381852

File: 1503953556577.gif (1.15 MB, 320x218, tenor.gif)

No. 381853

Ew jesus christ I wish I didn't click. She actually thought this looks good?

No. 381862

File: 1503954478988.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.86 KB, 500x375, Ri9Sg7X.jpg)

daddy didnt love her so she got the green hair her lover grease always wanted

No. 381866

File: 1503954681269.png (Spoiler Image, 42.58 KB, 200x300, Q5tk82Q.png)

~Daddys little monster~

No. 381868

File: 1503954927139.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.31 KB, 1242x2208, yB2ROmZ.jpg)

just to change some things up im ~trying~ here

No. 381869

Funny how grease is fine with his patreons being ana-chans and not eugenia

No. 381871

esp when harley was on feeder which sadly i have no saves of but was gloating about eating 4000 calories a day. posting pics of her unbuttoned and expanding stomach. she posted her goal weight is 85 at the height of 5'3

No. 381872

File: 1503955121588.png (346.59 KB, 472x250, 754200020.png)

Totally not ana guise!!1

You know deleting accounts doesn't actually mean we didn't screenshot first, right?

No. 381886

File: 1503956968852.jpg (89.73 KB, 806x846, Capture.JPG)

Awhile back she told onion that Eugenia "triggered" her

No. 381897

>I look at you when I'm hungry

She admits she purposely watches Eugenia's videos or looks at her photos and gets upset she triggers herself? The retardation, my god.

No. 381903

i love donalds voice changer just now getting called out

No. 381908

so it's eugenia's fault/problem that harley looks at her photos and wants to look like that, but harley isn't pro-ana when she posts her own ana pics and links ana accounts. got it.

No. 381917

seems like all of his mods and admins are either anorexic, or druggies…

No. 381920

whos the ex mod greg talked about?

No. 381932

File: 1503961424022.png (42.56 KB, 248x422, 0KdkLoJ.png)

trying to decide who to post screenshots on next….

Spookycoo? Better dig through your accounts ;)

No. 381945

Two sides can play at this game

No. 381950

ok bambi

No. 381951

No. 381953

we arent vix lol

No. 381955


I don't understand the point of this post.

No. 381957

what part of this being an image board and not a link board do none of you retards understand?

No. 381960

We know that you know but does greg? Soon he will

No. 381962

oh yes go talk to greg in private messages
isnt like we were not in the server at any point

No. 381967

This literally means nothing to us you assclown

No. 381968


Vix used throw away accounts and discarded them all well over a month ago. She is completely irrelevant now.

She is also a member or Crystal.Cafe which is not lolcow. You're not hurting anyone here by bringing this to onion's attention I can assure you.

Still waiting for the point of this post.

No. 381969

Crystal cafe is not lolcow buddy

No. 381972

Your darling Lassie was in Repzion's discord server so does that mean he was part of the raid that happened? Or are you just going after any little thing possibly lolcow related you can get your fat hands on, Becca?

No. 381978

hows keele uni treating ya?

No. 381986

wait the lassie person that posted in greases thread?

No. 381991

yup, really makes you think about who else in their inner circle might have been there huh?

No. 381992

Vix is on a forum that comes from lolcow what could it mean?

No. 381993

ctrl + f lassie..

No. 381998

CC isn't lolcow.
CC has been posted to reddit and Tumblr, it doesn't mean she found it here, she could have used the other sites it's been advertised on.

No. 381999


you're on actual lolcow actively posting and namefagging.

not a single person here cares. nobody posts personal information so you have nothing to go on.

No. 382000

One and the same. Considering he was at one point very good friends with Becca, Beck, Harley, etc. it does make you wonder who else came from there.

The fat's taking over your brain, Becca. Crystal.cafe is a board for talking about girly shit. Maybe you should become a member yourself so you can do your makeup better.

No. 382001

Becca, no matter how much money you give them you'll still be fat and insecure.

No. 382003

File: 1503964636284.png (103.65 KB, 385x392, beccca.png)

You realize that even if gorgles didn't even have his fans heck even lainey, He still wouldn't fuck you. I bet you schlick your swollen yeasty swampmonster to him every night eh big bruiser?

No. 382007

File: 1503964901285.png (34.64 KB, 246x372, FYF6Fjk.png)

well i thought spooky was gonna be next but….

No. 382009

File: 1503964997073.jpg (32.52 KB, 602x419, fat.jpg)

neverforget HI BECCA

No. 382010

File: 1503965007656.jpg (33.35 KB, 681x419, fat2.jpg)

No. 382012

If vix is really a farmer then where is the milk

I'm kinda hoping she is but cc is supposed to be the opposite of LC so

No. 382019

File: 1503965519369.jpg (86.54 KB, 866x867, ew.JPG)

Harley submitted to Lainey's tweet where Lainey asked people to submit pics to her for a 'would I date you' video. I smell the desperation already.

No. 382020

File: 1503965577206.jpg (38.26 KB, 854x310, 1.JPG)

the tweet for ref

No. 382021

She looks so dirty and her hair is ratty as fuck, She should be insecure she looks horrendous

No. 382022

this thread is a mess will u faggots post content for those who arent paying to be in a discord, this is hard to follow

No. 382023

and give your spergings context jfc

No. 382024

daaaammmn u want another nood?

No. 382025

Mod mickey was bullied out because of beck telling Greg he was no longer a patreon

Mod hina was an annoying cunt that kept having mental breakdowns and disappeared never to be missed
Mod cat disappeared too but I think she was bullied out by other mods for some reason new beck/lassie crew didn't like her

Mod vix went off grid and nobody knows why but we have our suspicions. I wonder if she somehow posted all those caps but I think she left before becks came so I think it was lassie butthurt the mod team kicked him.
Becca and sylar became mods after old mods were pruned and they only became mods because of becks recommendation….

No. 382026

no, i have no idea why people are exposing publically posted nudes about nobodies

No. 382028


yeah i don't mind the weird chat going on but would love if you guys could post discord caps for those of us not paying to suck onion dick.

No. 382032

Please provide enough information and context so farmers outside of these Discord servers can follow what is happening. This is not a chatroom for semi-private shit slinging.

No. 382034

so please can the mad discord patrons of gregs give context instead of being angry and posting "uninteresting" every other second

No. 382041

or expose greg, plz make some use of yourselves since u have invaded our heavenly home

No. 382050

File: 1503967691576.jpg (79.46 KB, 852x939, Capture.JPG)

Hi harley! enjoying your lurking?

No. 382055

you guys have been lurking on this site long enough can you please get the terminology right?

Cows would be the people posted on the site (like this thread of y'all)

Farmers are the people who use the site

No. 382057


No. 382058

File: 1503968064110.jpg (55.96 KB, 797x449, 2.JPG)

more harley sperg

No. 382062

Bitch you look old.

No. 382064

what the fuck is she even saying

No. 382068

File: 1503968526787.png (Spoiler Image, 193.72 KB, 383x505, T63slFn.png)

harley keep going off on twitter

No. 382069

Harley maybe you should eat eggs instead of calling yourself one lmao

No. 382071

File: 1503968693007.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.61 KB, 400x300, QejkTCi.jpg)

going to drop them all at once

No. 382075

context for those not in the discord

>harleycatpoisons account was found on feeder fantasy and on multiple accounts with nudes and theyre all public and she was on discord freaking and now twitter freaking

No. 382077


No. 382078

File: 1503969190242.jpg (47.12 KB, 846x659, 3.JPG)

apparently these are underage photos.

No. 382079

File: 1503969237716.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.8 KB, 400x301, toZbNIj.jpg)

one more and done

No. 382080

File: 1503969277964.png (Spoiler Image, 78.08 KB, 168x301, i8Yyy35.png)

might want to comb through your snapchat too while your at it harley

No. 382082

I call bullshit, can anyone find the exif metadata on when they were taken?

No. 382083

File: 1503969335117.png (Spoiler Image, 91.92 KB, 236x419, Ohgoodness.png)

Oh hello poopbeck

No. 382084

they are not underage, she joined the account 6 years ago she is currently 25. that equals 19

No. 382086

fuck I didn't realize my avatar was in there. I changed it anyway so just ignore it.

No. 382088

Her tits look huge now that shes lost weight but god damn I can imagine they hang to her knees with that weight loss.

No. 382089

File: 1503969417588.png (Spoiler Image, 87.63 KB, 235x419, Tuttut.png)

:) Not so innocent now eh poopy

No. 382092

File: 1503969526005.png (Spoiler Image, 67.58 KB, 238x419, harleysloverboy.png)

Hey harley that phone sex with ex-admin mikey must have been filled with regrets for you all to suddenly push him out after you schlicked with him

No. 382093

File: 1503969638239.jpg (23.37 KB, 796x142, cap.JPG)

Harley posted them herself online. Don't post your nudes online if you don't want them to be leaked.

No. 382094

I think she's just saying that yo try getting the photos taken down. If she was underaged why did she upload her own cp on accounts she's been active on for some time.

Doesn't make sense and sounds like damage control. Nobody hacked her all of the photos were public

No. 382097

Yup if anything, She uploaded them to the public, If she was 17 she could be prosecuted for distributing.

No. 382099

Definitely damage control. I hope it gives harley some comfort to know her nudes were brought to attention (and lets be real, undoubtedly saved by a few people goodluck) due to her affiliation and asslicking of gregma. I hope yall discord cows are learning a valueable lesson about how the internet works today.

No. 382100

Why did she even post a her pic to twitter when veiney asked for pics on snapchat? I bet her biggest fear is candid pics kek

No. 382101

File: 1503970523606.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1358, 20170829_113411.png)

Was this when her ana chan shit started? I kinda wanna watch these episodes.


No. 382112

File: 1503971147189.jpg (38.63 KB, 797x292, Capture.JPG)

Harley just can't help herself! you can tell it's really bothering her cause she's watching the thread like a hawk. I thought you were going to bed, girl

No. 382114

Harley has no self control duh, as evidence you can look at how fat she was. ;) just like with eating lolcow isn't ALL or STARVE it's best used in moderation.

No. 382116

Why doesn't she mention the other stuff posted? Tell your followers about us posting your pro ana posts or feeder profile? Tut tut Harley, you're so transparent.

No. 382117


also why doesnt she mention her drug use admitted in her dating profiles greggle would not like that would he

No. 382118

This girl seems plain crazy and not entertaining.

No. 382137

She turned 18 in 2009? Or 2010? She's 25?! Jesus christ. I feel the upmost sympathy for her crotch demon, I've got visions of her pushing it aside with her foot because she's too busy frothing at the mouth over Lolcow & pleasing papa onyun

No. 382140

File: 1503974760629.gif (1.76 MB, 403x554, kek.gif)

No. 382142

Hina is always in greases and laineys stream acting sad as fuck its truly pathetic to witness

No. 382180


Ew no wonder she went all pro-ana, bitch looks nasty and dirty af and I feel sorry for the desperate losers who slept with her to produce her crotch-fruit spawn.

No. 382183

the thing is eugenia is ill but she has NEVER EVER EVER EVER once glamorized this shit or promoted it. She shouldn't have to hide her body if billy the fridge or dozens of other obese people don't

No. 382184

Hina was a whiny piss baby from what I saw. Waaah so triggered, no wonder she's not in there anymore.

No. 382188

To all the blatantly new users in here, read https://lolcow.farm/info before posting. Follow the guide or get banned.

No. 382196

File: 1503981337561.jpg (46.23 KB, 888x704, harleyvideo2012.jpg)

Harley is claiming that she's underaged in the photos. The sceneie weenie hair here matches the mirror selfie >>382071

The date on this is from 2012 5 years ago.
Either Harley can't do the math or she's being incredibly ~d i s h o n e s t~

No. 382199


In other words, we're in the clear.

And no Harley, we're not taking your no0dz down you dirty, dirty slut. :)

No. 382200

Jesus her youtube is an ocean of cringe. What is her accent? She fluctuates between a normal NI accent and an american one. Is this a normal thing cause of americanised TV being so popular in NI or is she just autistic?

She also admits in her latest video she has 0 friends. 0.

No. 382204

Our current information indicates she was not a minor when the pictures were taken.

If there is any definitive proof she was underage in any image, please email us and it will be dealt with immediately. Thank you.

No. 382226

>helps guilt eugenia
>helps greg on his witch hunt for eugenia
"I don't want greg to know I had pro ana accounts reeee btw I'm not pro ana"

Harley, you aren't being judged for being mentally ill. You're being judged for picking on someone as sick on you while being a complete hypocrite posting body checks on my pro ana. Something eugenia never did in her entire e-career.
The promotion and glamorization of eating disorders is NOWHERE in the DSM-5, it is literally not a symptom.
You're just a scummy person. How many kids looked at your album to encourage themselves to skip dinner? Yet you have the audacity to try getting eugenia to apologize for her mental illness.

Greg got that poor girl harassed and humiliated around the world claiming she was encouraging anorexia for nothing other than the way she looks. Where has eugenia tried sharing diet tips? Body posts trying to deliberately make herself look thinner?
Oh but YOU did. Hypocrite.
Go cry about how you were outed in front of greg. Just exposes greg cared about the views at the expense of a mentally ill girl.

No. 382237

File: 1503984864097.jpg (351.49 KB, 1440x1142, spookyforumvc.jpg)

I find it ironic that grease's own mods like to discuss how fucking creepy it is for underaged kids to be half naked on his forums. Of course they would probably never say it to his face.
Paying to do onions work for him consists of scrubbing away any evidence that would incriminate grease (which means acknowledging the creep factor) and invalidating the suicidal cries of emo kids.

It's a common consensus in onioncord that 99% of cries for help are just for attention so it's perfectly okay to nitpick a childs suicide note as a trusted mod.

No. 382243

You retard. Crystal.cafe has been posted all over on reddit, it has a facebook, it's been posted on twitter etc… Lolcow is one of the dozen Places it has been advertised on. Lolcow =|= Crystal.cafe

Couldn't you guys afford a single moderator with a three digit iq? Is that why you pay to do it?

No. 382245

File: 1503986189224.jpeg (197.77 KB, 1242x1098, ED9B95D5-AD11-4D2D-BDEA-EDAFDF…)

lol all the rules are from this admin
Very intimidating

No. 382250

File: 1503986781555.jpg (16.15 KB, 574x281, vixbillbong.jpg)

Vix hasn't really been discussed but she's literally the female version of "emo mom". If vix was really 26 then this is cringey. Grease goes for manic pixie scene girls that all look the same. Compare billie and that macandcheese fairy girl. They all got those lowkey "not like the other emo girl vibes"

At least billie and mac are like barley legal. This woman is almost 30.

No. 382259

File: 1503988177421.jpeg (438.65 KB, 1242x1601, B4AEC999-3F86-4BC9-8AAF-5FE81C…)

Another one gone

No. 382262

mel?? has she even been mentioned?

No. 382265

Yes she is a quiet mod admin or whatever she was. She left her info is at the top of the thread

No. 382279

Aww Mikki was the nice one

No. 382280

MEL is Mikkihor, she changed her handle

No. 382281

What about the old admins? PapaMikey for example, what you got on him?

No. 382285

She's inconsistent abt how old the pics are on her twitter. They're 8 years old, 7, 9… All trying to claim she's underage so we have to take them down. But here's the thing. The picture she admitted from when she just turned 18 has clearly virgin red natural hair. Her holds all have died hair. Anyone with half a brain can see through her logic. She's acting like she doesn't care but her twitter just reeks of regret and desperation.

No. 382287

File: 1503992061892.gif (1.28 MB, 500x281, shook.gif)

>Finally…I don't think Greg is as horrible as he seems, but why I ever thought it's smart to financially support a man who bullied and released extremely personal information about his ex girlfriend (Billie), honestly I have no justification.
wew lad

No. 382300

and who the fuck are you supposed to be. why do none of you fucks know what context or sage means

No. 382309

Good question, what has anyone got on PapaMikey? He seems a bit too private, even though he's left, i'm kinda interested

No. 382310


Wasn't Mike the one who got caught liking an anti-o Tumblr post?

No. 382311

File: 1503994412829.png (9.3 KB, 545x133, lassiereplie2.png)

look at the date and compare his claims that he's never heard of daniel

No. 382312

File: 1503994434953.jpg (122.08 KB, 720x1238, Screenshot_20170811-085643.jpg)

No. 382313

Nah, I know something about phone sex with Harley ands all the admins and mods backstabbing him or something, well everyone except original admins

No. 382316

will try finding caps rumor is harley accused mickey of pressuring her for nudes or some bullshit even though he's 19 and she's 25 and she willingly engaged in it?
sage for speculation since I don't have caps atm

No. 382318

Papa seems like a chill dude, doesn't seem like the kind of guy to do that so I reckon that's bullshit

No. 382322

Papa seems to be the only one that was chill in that shithole, other than Tomato but it seems he's barely there

No. 382326


Please stop self posting dude, it's obvious.

No. 382327

the fuck are you talking about dude?

No. 382328


Sage your shit retard

No. 382330

You're late. He's been kicked for awhile now as in literally not in the server anymore so sage your shit and lurk moar

No. 382332

I'll show you screencaps Papa has sent me if you really want (after I finish work though)

No. 382336

Okay I'm here now, muh nigga Leonard showed me this. I may be a newfag on here but I've only just discovered this so what do you want to know?

No. 382341

File: 1503997733849.png (379.18 KB, 600x558, b53.png)


>Gets called out for pathetic selfposting


wat r roolz?

No. 382343


This is an imageboard, post caps or piss off, don't pull the whole "I can post them If U rEaLlY wAnT"

No. 382345

Why did you get kicked and is it true it had something to do with nudes ?
Any other deets on mods or greg you want to share ?

No. 382347

I've been banned apparantly, but I'll spill the beans when I'm home

No. 382349

I don't bring my phone to work so I can't screenshot anything, but don't worry, you'll have your info

No. 382350

read this guide before you post again: https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 382351

this is not an open mic for all the shit tier drama cunts to get their 60 seconds of fame.

if you have real milk and wish to be a tripfag please email the mods so they can verify you.

otherwise you'll get a ban. it's in the rules.

No. 382352

Post when you actually have something worthy of sharing

No. 382358

What's their email?

No. 382360



No. 382382

Yes. We went over this already. Read the post man.

No. 382386

who are the audience for these pics, who in the right frame of mind thinks this is sexy omg

No. 382387

No. 382393


No wonder this humongous cow became "anorexic" with that dough body.

What the actual fuck is wrong with all these mods on the discord, they look like inbred rejects and act like it, too.

No. 382411

File: 1504010991980.png (51.64 KB, 230x419, ByebyeBigfatSophs.png)

And another, Are any of greases mods actually fans of his at all? Lmao

No. 382412

Either post deets or fuck off, Also sage your fucking shit

No. 382430

lmao people out west get spooked so easily

No. 382431

sophs family in the ra confirmed

No. 382432



No. 382434

he looks like a matt g reject

No. 382438

more like a johnnie Guillbert reject

No. 382439

a reject all the less

No. 382440

No. 382448

LMAO spot on, isn't discord a public chat though? Why would he post that so blatantly?

No. 382466

wonder how happy onionboy is going to be that his lolcows massive mods are losing him money

greg, you're going to have to ban beck from your patron

she's pissed u exposed her disgusting body in a video and is coming for blood and wants to kill smol lainey

No. 382471

>Giving him money
>I never supported him or his antics

Are these people literally retarded or what?

No. 382474

i think they're all delusional loners

No. 382477

i bet beck was the one that posted harley's nudes, wanting to expose her dough body before onion flies her out kek

No. 382493

Becks been the one orchestrating all of this from the start.
Damn bitch is super fucking salty she didn't get oniondick and is now known as the poopclogger. Guess she needs to get rid of all competition.

No. 382504

Settle down Harley no ones gonna be passing the blame now.
Beck posted her and Lainey's convo and fucked up. You meanwhile set off a witch hunt on the rest of your mods because of your big ana ego. Some advice for you and hopefully your crotch demon to consider.
Walk away, don't feed the farmers/bullies however you wanna phrase it, act like a damn adult and don't get in a petty fight over every little insult.
And learn how the damn board works

No. 382509

File: 1504020745082.jpeg (120.39 KB, 1242x471, 5279E12C-728C-49C3-8C0B-C0ECD0…)

Stop trying to leech for their new mod heads fuck off

No. 382515

emm i'm an actual farmer that hasn't just found out about lolcow Beck away and practice ur selfie techniques u ugly girl. you've no gall to sperg out about lainey's lips look at the state of yours in your provocative photos, learn to pose

No. 382518

They browse lolcow more than some farmers do. Do they want us to like them? Or are they trying to be cool by "taking hate so well"?

No. 382519


English please.

No. 382520

don't respond to gay bait like this.
plz only give them negative attention

No. 382521

if you're english comprehension skills failed to understand that you're not old enough to be posting here.

you're accusing I of being Harley trying to pass the blame on to Beck. Now ask yourself this you stupid faggot, why in the fuck would any lolcow farmer give a fuck about Harley and Beck infighting. You are all a joke to us.

No. 382522

I bet dollars to donuts that gurgle is going to make a video about these threads causing patrons to pull out

No. 382523


also your lips here are fucking horrible looking

No. 382524

uhhh r u tarded? Try typing that out in proper english

No. 382525

i hope so, maybe a farmer needs to inbox onion some screenshots of his precious moomoo milkymods are spooking the others into leaving cuz of muh privacy!!!

No. 382526

fucking hell retard, put a period at the end of lolcow. Beck starts a new sentence. And gall: If you say that someone has the gall to do something, you are criticizing them for behaving in a rude or disrespectful way.

Rude of you to constantly berate Lainey's looks on here when you look worse, and Lainey never had to pay Greg for attention.

No. 382532

Stop with the constant accusing, all it does is start fighting. Farmhands are keeping an eye on this thread.
If you have suspicions of self-posting or other bannable offenses, report it and don't start arguments with other farmers.

No. 382540


>the cows

No. 382541

they're seriously all fucking retarded.

harley is posting about us on her twitter, she thinks the person who thinks Beck is posting her, thinks it's her.

all the ana-chans have fucked up mental developments i swear to god

No. 382542

File: 1504022587212.jpeg (171.89 KB, 1242x1223, 0167867B-60DD-451E-A785-C64675…)

Xmeowsifterx made a petition. aww how sweet

No. 382548

File: 1504023020092.jpeg (365.24 KB, 1242x1700, B9E5B45F-F796-46F0-8929-0CDB05…)

Hmm a bdsm modeling Instagram amber?
Maybe harley would like to join you.

No. 382566

File: 1504024352267.png (91.5 KB, 574x406, download (7).png)

even onion sick of his mods ignorance lol

No. 382568

File: 1504024401825.png (48.51 KB, 571x293, download (8).png)

lol how pathetic is she

No. 382569

Beck are… are you certified retard? Screenshotting this when it only has one like, from yourself? Or is this a farmer who's just a bit unhinged?

No. 382572

These kids are changing their social media names because they’re scared of a leak.

We don’t care about you, we care about the mod team lol
Just don’t act all hard

No. 382573


Hi Beck.

No. 382574

was it scary that greg sided with a farmer over u and that daft redhead

No. 382575

File: 1504024905905.jpg (297.24 KB, 1242x2102, A85343D9-657C-405F-9867-EBBA15…)

No. 382577

I wanted to warn a farmer that they outed themselves by posting a tweet with just their own one like, but it's even more retarded, it's Beck
what an idiot.

No. 382578

becks, just remember who your plane ticket was really for, you were always an after thought

No. 382579

>Peep that one liked tweet
Yes how pathetic you are beck, I'm actually embarrassed for you, You're posting to make yourself look like we're picking on you.

No. 382582

my twitter is anon anyway, who the fuck uses a twitter as a diary these days

No. 382583

Hilarious. What a genuine idiot

No. 382584

i liked the tweet onion wrote to them telling them to stop participating here with all their selfposting

beck liked it afterwards cause she's a fucking idiot that hasn't released her use by date is well past with onion

No. 382585

File: 1504025327170.png (105.79 KB, 586x625, download (9).png)

they're both so fucking cringey i wish they would stop @ ing me

No. 382593

File: 1504025603739.jpg (77.62 KB, 827x833, cap.JPG)

Isn't she like 25? go outside or some shit instead of sitting on gurgle's discord all day.I love how not even their precious onion san will protect them.

No. 382595

why did it say one like then? And that like was Becks? made it seem like Beck posted a screenshot about herself

No. 382600

File: 1504025993126.png (117.41 KB, 615x663, download (10).png)

go look at the actual tweet, my account liked his tweet first because it sided with us, she liked it after the fact, that's just the way it comes up in my notification feed

No. 382603

File: 1504026370589.jpg (87.87 KB, 697x463, 1495771960291.jpg)



I always believed in Beck's talent as an attention/drama whore. Only an absolute professional would shitbomb the toilet in Gerg's house AND liveblog it for the world to see! Impeccable performance so far.

No. 382605

File: 1504026632798.jpg (165.14 KB, 1000x663, 20170829_110751.jpg)

Lol. The wording in Beck's Tweet looks very similar to my post in the onion thread from 2 days ago, when the discord idiots infested it.

No. 382606

why is this thread not autosaged and the Anisa one is. there's little to no milk and theres a bunch of accusing which sometimes leads to in fighting if we got autosaged this thread should get autosaged as well.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 382610

she's not very creative or smart, i bet it took greg about 5 mins to get her to be essentially nude in one of his videos. i bet mama is so proud

No. 382673

hey discordfags, how many mods have we made ragequit now?

No. 382676

That Amber person… is trying to be Yuno? The fuck? I only figured it out because of the cliche knife. What a nasty and inaccurate wig. Ratty as Harley's hair.
How does she not realize how shitty her hair looks? Look at the rat's nest by bottom right kek. 0/10 would delete this selfie

No. 382681

Samefag but forgot to say
If a farmer really did screenshot and post this, that's pretty damn fast at 26s. Can farmhands investigate please?

No. 382696

You're getting yourself away with the typing style, give up!

No. 382742

File: 1504037790317.jpeg (263.61 KB, 1242x1932, E0EEF2AA-B93E-4D95-8B12-E2C2D5…)

They never stop talking about us

No. 382750

It seems they enjoy lolcow huh. Maybe they should introspect a bit.

Also gross that onion's discord has that eggplant grabbing emoji. vomittttt

No. 382755

File: 1504039863374.jpeg (240.8 KB, 1242x1027, CE7DBE4E-03F3-4D4C-A8CA-35B742…)

sylar also known as vape daddy or god or whatever.
Is fighting with a girl about her stalker
They’re getting low

No. 382765

>like I shouldn't have to explain myself, this is ridiculous

They all sound so entitled and whiny. I can't stand it when someone starts their sentence with "like". Why are all his discord dummies "alternative" looking fatties?

No. 382770

lmao she sounds like such a cunt. i bet she thinks it's all because FARMERS, if it's even true that is.

No. 382778

beck do you ever learn?
You just outed yourself kek
2 mods and 1 admin
nova is a patreon who legit had a stalker she's been talking about for months. l33t hackor sylar just cannot comprehend what it's like to have a life outside of playing csgo

No. 382815

File: 1504044541285.jpeg (312.16 KB, 1242x1639, 9E63951C-C3B0-455B-915B-7C9311…)


No. 382818


thanks for the caps anon

No. 382880

File: 1504057815038.jpeg (42.33 KB, 1242x238, 00311F7A-1184-46A9-890B-CA69B8…)

Why isn’t this cuck banned? Didn’t he leak shit

No. 382887

I hope lassie becomes a mod again so that he and beck can continue to give us keks

No. 382891

From his profile picture no way this person is male. Jfc that's a fake boi, does anyone have any more pictures?

No. 382899


yeah looks like a fat lesbian to me as well.

No. 382904

File: 1504059779384.jpg (3.47 MB, 810x16544, Screenshot_20170829-200909.jpg)

From Lainey's discord

No. 382914

File: 1504060875994.png (555.11 KB, 1242x2208, 14D99E1D-5C80-4CA7-91A1-A591D2…)

Here’s the lesbians twitter photo

No. 382918

Harley pulled her pledge?

He is a she.

No. 382925

Fucking kek at that person boasting about going to Fiji, the tact is unreal.

No. 382927

kek I wonder if that Pegasus girl is trolling on the discord? Can you imagine Lainey having to listen to one of her pledges brag on the discord chat about vacationing in Fiji? Like fuck. These people are paying to talk to her but they are still having more of a life then she ever will stuck with Greg

No. 382932


Lol why is this bitch lying? Of course she reads the damn thread(s), we're on to you Doormat!

No. 382936

File: 1504063834475.jpg (197.79 KB, 1296x1296, 14917219_1132214266863515_5928…)

No he's definitely a man and most likely an autistic neck beard like the rest of repcord

No. 382937

File: 1504063852829.jpg (43.84 KB, 719x718, 18010661_1299821310102809_7898…)

No. 382938

Pegasus girl is definitely either a troll or just really stupid. /r/iamverysmart is for people who brag about how intelligent they are and what a burden it is, not for actually smart people.

No. 382941

Exactly. It's isn't a good thing to be on there. That being said Gregma should be posted all over that thread.

No. 382943

She is clearly throwing shade at Harley, saying later on she has a PhD, so she knows what it is like to be smart. She is obviously callig Harley out that she is deluded and retarded. That girl was the autist who got Gingerbeck to leave Laineycord. Pegasus is clearly shading the shit out of them. It seems that most of Laineycord dislikes the Onioncord mods and shade them. That is why Lainey doesn't stop them, because she dislikes the onioncord mods too.

Wouldnt be surprised if it is Sarah's or Lainey's alt, since she doesn't get banned and keeps on fucking only with onionmods.

No. 382946


Wait, why is someone with a fucking phd hanging around with these bozos? That Pegasus chick clearly hasn't outgrown her autism to realize who the real freaks are.

No. 382949

A shitposter, autist, troll, could be anything really. I have a feeling they are there to fuck with people, or are really bored. They don't seem to be a farmer, I talked with them at some point, and they said they don't follow Onion shit and don't give a fuck about lolcow.

Maybe a Kiwi? Or it's an Alt of Sarah or Lainey, would explain a lot.

No. 382966

I guess she doesn't get that hating people requires energy and that "pretending to give a shit." While crying over discord isn't pretending. What a grade A idiot.

No. 382970

She doesn't have PhD, it's obvious she is just trolling Harley. She asks her to post her shit on r/iamverysmart, mentions her PhD (did Harley even finish high school?), and later says how she is going to FIJI, and her boyfriend is free and up to it.

I like her

No. 382973

>when you're such a low-testosterone neck beard you have no beard

No. 383019

sage for OT

but for the love of god, will you idiots stop conspiring about simple things, I posted those screenshots of twitter. I am not Beck or Harley.

The download names are picked by my chromebook automatically, i use onenote to do screenshots because you can't on a chrome. This is not rocket science. You are all retards.

No. 383021


please see


how in the absolute fuck is saving shit in chronological order outing myself? i took a screenshot of my notifications, then Beck literally liked the onision twitter after me, i still have notifications from his other mods liking his tweet etc.

I am not Beck or Harley. I was conversing with both of the idiots on my twitter which is why I was able to screenshot it. This is not hard to follow. You guys make mountains out of molehills but I wasn't going to say anything because even the patronfags are arguing over it.

jeez, it's really easy for one person to come between all these idiots

No. 383041

Are you virgins ever going to leave these people alone?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 383057

sorry i am sagittarius

No. 383058

i thought it was more virginlike behaviour paying to be a part a discord of rejects who clearly have a hard time socialising IRL

No. 383066

Yeah and we use this site for free which is exponentially less pathetic than paying someone to be our friend

No. 383087

I don't pay and me and Greg are still bois so what's good beta fags?

No. 383088

that's so cool boi, i bet ur up to your nuts in autistic pussy! if only greg could get some too!!!

No. 383093

At least I'm getting some then I suppose, you melts would marry your hand if you could kek

No. 383099

1) most users here are females
2) i've been in several long term relationships, currently in one, yes we have had sex, multiple times :o

No. 383102

>most users here are females

I find that quite hard to believe

No. 383104

why do you think we can differentiate all you onionfags for, you're all immature slurs or matt g rejects or TallVideos

No. 383105

I can read Lamo's lines with her monotone voice in my head. So not only she talks like that, she also types like that. "She pulled her pledge" "I'm doing ok", she's so robotic and empty I can't wrap my head around how anyone would want to put up with her.
Also, lol @ "nobodies", because she's famooz

No. 383106

how do you expect us girls to talk <3333 /idiot

No. 383107

kek this thread is more cancerous than tumblr feminism

No. 383133

Why are seasoned anons getting baited so easily by a single discuck?

No. 383142

No. 383228


I'm a Leo actually, so no.

No. 383276

Can we add TallVideos to this thread? I know he isn't a mod anymore and is now "anti O" but he is as much of a cow as Beck, he went from licking Onions ass for 5 years to full on raging at him all over being called out… it only took Greg personally saying something against himself for him to realise Greg is a prick, he is also extremely arrogant, he attacked someone, calling them a cunt, for arguing with him regarding Greg only having 2 kids after Tall tried to tell everyone he has 3, he raged hard saying he KNEW for a fact he has 3 since he spoke to him personally on Discord (as if Greg would never lie or deceive his loyal asslickers).. every video he has made about Greg has titles speaking about his situations in third fucking person just like Greg does.. "Onision tries to sue 16 year old fan", "Onision BLOCKS One Of His Most Prominent Supporters Because He Didn't Agree With EVERYTHING He Said"

He also flat out made shit up about Greg, recently posting a video were he implies Greg intentionally had all of his 2 million subs charged the $1 for the new paid channel when we all know when he made it a paid channel it clearly stated it would delete all his subs (not sticking up for him, just pointing it out) it seems to of been since deleted.. anyway, TallVideos deserves to be a cow!

No. 383281

Ok hina Senpai

No. 383285

to be honest, I agree

No. 383288

Shit why not,
Tallvideos is an ex mod
We are talking about ex mods in here too.
I don’t see why he can’t be mentioned.
Can we also bring up the fact that he claimed gregs kids have twitters

No. 383289

u also the fag that sad true on a nonsensical 'sick burn' fuck off.

tallvideos has failed to deliver on any of his shit. if you want to sperg out about discord members go to your discord chat what are you paying for i mean really

No. 383290

stop self-posting!

No. 383292

hey newfags, if something is relevant to a thread you don't need to keep shitting it up and asking permission to post

but don't just spam autistic rants about these losers, it reeks of self-posting and attention seeking

No. 383294

post caps or gtfo

No. 383359

Alot of the mods and discord fags are self posting and furiously lurking despite of gregs advice not to.

No. 383439

lel they should be like Onion and Lainey and just have friends stalk the page to report back to them so they don't have to.

No. 383441

Lol it's all just one big shitfest. There's not been a sperg-out like this with cows throwing each other under the bus since the pro ana threads. Suppose the munchie threads maybe, but this is spectacular. It's telling that there's not new fags leaking into other threads (excluding grease's), shows just how self absorbed they all are.

No. 383501

This thread has gotten unbelievably quiet , surprised there's no spergouts from the distards as of now.

Guess they finally fucked off for once.

No. 383580



Saved for future reference

No. 383584

Daddy donald thought his voice changer would save him kek

No. 383585

Fuck off A-log. No one gives a fuck about Cow's IP's
But, gotta give it to you
>Daddy Donald
vid related is me right now.

No. 383586

checked that harley nude chicks ip location, matches up with what it says on Twitter fking awesome

No. 383594

it seems to have gotten deleted >>>/snow/383288

No. 383598

File: 1504161506037.jpeg (55.92 KB, 1231x308, A963FEFE-760B-4392-81D5-00CBA9…)

Lassies ass is acting like a mod telling a girl to go to a different server section when she’s sad

No. 383601

Do not open this. It's a Grabify IP logger link. Nice try though.

No. 383602


No. 383605

Ffs what's going on here

No. 383606

It's a mess.

No. 383607

one of the cows discussed "leaked" all of their IP's through an IP logger to become the great victims of the evil lolcow.
tldr they're trying to grab the farmers IP's

No. 383608

What's the point of trying to grab IP addresses of anonymous users?

>I know one of you lives in bumfuck city alabama, be afraid hurrr

No. 383612

File: 1504164123810.jpg (73.35 KB, 813x278, hah.jpg)

Took him three attempts to get it juuust right lmao

No. 383613

File: 1504164366584.jpg (38.48 KB, 661x346, whywouldyoudeletethat.jpg)

No. 383615

because "Delete the Discord or we'll send more kek" is so convincing.

No. 383632

Its not even that. Ill bet dollars to doughy-bodied harleys, most of the IPs they "grabbed" were proxies.

Good Game

No. 383637

it was fake, ip said gingerbeck was in boston and she's really in MA

She was in on the whole thing with daddydonald

No. 383639

File: 1504168249272.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.51 KB, 300x300, img_3513.jpg)

No. 383640

File: 1504168347026.jpg (615.13 KB, 1440x2110, 20170831_013105.jpg)

Hey Greg look at what your entire staff team was in on !

They're nuking the history because they don't want daddy onion to know what they did

No. 383642

File: 1504168625912.png (510.01 KB, 1440x2004, 20170831_013416.png)

Now time to analyze toiletclogger and dolands A+ acting skills

Really makes you wonder about her fake sorrys to space prince for leaking their convos kek

No. 383644

File: 1504168732002.png (740.12 KB, 1440x2123, 20170831_013502.png)

No. 383645

File: 1504168767043.png (507.79 KB, 1440x1938, 20170831_013539.png)

Look how scripted the whole thing is

No. 383646

Its like having to sit through an elementary school play
The feigned shock - WTF WHY Do they have me?
The banging of the head on the keyboard in dismay - difywoirnweoignwiefahdojfhlgfhwdlk

No. 383647

That is because it was orchestrated by an elementary schooler. Donald is actually, quite literally, I swear I'm not lying, 12.

It sounds like an elementary school play, because it is one. We actually had a 12-year old scriptkid grace us with his smug kippah presence.

Donaald! I won't post your shit, but I will email and call your mum! I found where daddy is too, he is not going to be happy you have another daddy in his life! LEET HACKORS UNITE, AMIRITE XD LOL KEK FUKKEN REKT 1337 PRAISE THE KEK!

No. 383653

File: 1504170424622.jpg (168.16 KB, 960x540, 6758764774.jpg)

>Donald is actually, quite literally, I swear I'm not lying, 12.

The need for that voice changer is finally revealed, LOL!

No. 383656

File: 1504171188651.jpg (512.81 KB, 1440x1536, 20170831_021625.jpg)

Nobody really believes he's 17

His balls haven't dropped. Not even 14 but if you're watching donald you better stop using mummys credit card for your $250 dollar patreon donation

You wouldn't want her taking away your Minecraft now ;((((

No. 383896

File: 1504208098218.jpg (41.01 KB, 797x372, grease.JPG)

Think onion is talking about Harley? she's not private on her twitter probably after someone ""leaked"" her nudes.

No. 383897

File: 1504208111925.png (144.65 KB, 1054x734, 20170831_123123.png)

Daddy donald was completely demodded and given a fancy role to avoid a spergout
Beck is now a fireblazer essentially meaning greg demodded her kek

No. 383903

File: 1504208442139.jpg (592.63 KB, 1440x2270, 20170831_123916.jpg)

Becca was wrong, turns out onion kept her as mod but was tired of toiletcloggers shit, literally.

No. 383905

Don't forget before that he said pro life tips don't take nudes

No. 383913

>attempt some kind of doxxing with IP grabber
>fail miserably
>Daddy Grugly publicly spanks you and demotes you to janitor

Didn't work out the way you planned huh?

No. 384079

And we are back…


>Greg sent Becca his YouTube plaque and she hits her face with it everytime she’s on stream like it’s a beauty blender.

Oh and she got a “modeling” deal
>beck is a literal plunger that people barely use and casually says in discord that she wants to fuck dudes
> harley is still sucking for attention on the discord and on her twitter making anorexia comments.
>lassie is posting on lolcow although greg said on stream he doesn’t like talking or dealing with the site. He’s posting memes from here and posting pictures of blue watermelon he made

They seem to think that lolcow is going to get them followers and attention. It isn’t, you won’t be remembered. No one will remember you. You will be but a speck of dust in the onision/drama world. No one cares about you and your 80 followers.

Just like greg said to Becca one day when she said she was making a YouTube channel and getting equipment for videos (lights camera etc)
You can have skill but you have to have personality, a good one atleast… which none of you guys have.

No. 384080

File: 1504985056558.jpg (41.21 KB, 799x292, youarentamodel.JPG)

They all love pretending to be models…. kek… Harley… All your 'angles' still make you look like an ugly cunt.

No. 384146

>>384080 Is that not what she is saying with the tweet Anon?

No. 384261

>literal plunger
what does this mean?

No. 384347

File: 1505031995603.png (1.67 MB, 1392x1781, 20170910_012513.png)

What is she talking about ? Her makeup is terrible and she always uses excessive lighting.

She had two kids but does nothing all day but flick her saggy bean and collect disability checks while her mom probably raises her own kids.

No. 384350

Yooo I'm really sorry for making a shitpost but can someone tell me wtf happened to the anisa thread(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 384356

She plunged a toilet with her bare hands.

No. 384366

>>384347 I think you guys are slightly retarded, she was clearly saying those things sarcastically.
Also LOL you over exposed that image to prove a point? I have the OG saved on my laptop from her sad POF, how obsessed are you Anon?

No. 384367

File: 1505040230067.jpg (42.74 KB, 540x960, LULZ.jpg)

>>384347 Care to explain yourself?

No. 384375

>I have the OG saved on my laptop from her sad POF
sure Harley
literally no one but you would waste time defending your selfies or whatever on here, you make your posts so obvious to spot it's embarrassing.

No. 384376

no one cares though - about either image

look in the caralog

No. 384377


No. 384381

File: 1505042941057.png (1.64 MB, 1403x2449, 20170910_042822.png)

It's from her Instagram

No. 384382

Why all the old selfies? 2013? THOSE EYEBROWS.

No. 384385

personal vendetta, I think, someone from Discord for sure. They argue all the time. No farmer care about her that much. And Harley herself is also posting

I hope this thread gets autosaged, there's no milk, only discordfags. Sage it, they're too retarded to find it so they won't shit here anymore, and will go back to backstabbing themselves on their discord instead of here.

No. 384387

My thoughts exactly. Harley wouldnt post on here I dont think, Greg publicly spanked her and Beck on twitter. Anyways, old selfies are boring.

No. 384512

-transporting from the onion main thread-
This may be kind of weird but semi related to tomato did anybody see tomato talk to euginea cooneys middle aged fan zorkmid? He visited his younow and was talking about onion highly and all https://youtu.be/KviUcmVZpcU warning tho zorkmid can be a bit cringe

No. 384523

They were all shitposting on the temp Onion thread. Autosaged or not they're still going to come on here.

No. 384661

Honestly, can we just have a banner for them, (like with kaka) just to end this fucking stupidness

No. 384751

They all admitted to posting especially lassie donald and harley

No. 384857

Why do yall only tlk bout d girls in discord? Kinda like you might be insecure little girls yourselves?

No. 384865

uh, another discordfag… this isn't even entertaining anymore, I vote bans for them without mercy, easy to spot their posts. pls

No. 384880

>beck is a literal plunger that people barely use

He meant that Beck is a plunger. You buy it, stick in in the back of the toilet for just in case, but its mostly forgotten, gathering dush and cobwebs.
Greg brought Beck over to collab and make his sad-feels-feels go away after Vix realized what a creeper he was and dumped him. After he got what he needed he put Beck back behind the toilet and forgot about her.

No. 384996

File: 1505147836606.png (183.85 KB, 1038x742, patreonsturning.png)

Already posted this in Onions thread.
This thread seems like the more appropriate place.
Happy IRS day.

No. 384997

File: 1505147863323.png (24.1 KB, 510x308, patreonsturning2.png)

No. 391778

File: 1506224324333.jpg (507.15 KB, 1931x2413, image-39.jpg)

No. 391805

funny how onion goes on and on about how he "saved" girls from their EDs but there's harley the anorexic with a feeder fetish.

No. 391820

What kind of piece of shit home does she live in?
The walls look like one of those slum apartments where they just keep painting over the blood splatter and graffiti until its lumpy and 1/4 thick.
And the carpet is that industrial low pile shit you see in offices and high traffic shops. You dont put that in a home.

No. 391833


her body is weird. It looks like she has a lot of loose skin shes tucking into her shorts. Also, her boobs are big/saggy. Did she used to be obese?

No. 391843

apple shaped, fat torso and chicken legs

No. 391882

is this shooped or is that doorframe on the left melting

No. 392100

File: 1506293331023.jpg (336.18 KB, 1080x1920, Snapchat-20746535302-1.jpg)

That lip line kek

I guess they're going to becca for makeup tips

No. 392366

>>392100 posts pictures of hot girls OMG THEY'RE SO UGLY.

Unless you have milk, move along.

No. 392369

File: 1506354430956.jpg (11.87 KB, 266x474, discordfags2.jpg)

No. 392370

File: 1506354618890.png (137.21 KB, 266x474, discordfags3.png)

No. 392371

How much of a piece of shit do you have to be to pay actual money to a disgusting human been whose job is to create drama and thrives of making feel people (especially young girls) miserable.

No. 392372

>>392371 harley doesnt pay money, but you guys REFUSE to acknowledge that as clearly somebody from discord is out for blood when it comes to her. You guys released her fat old saggy noods and she left and publicly derailed onions little rant on twitter and STILL somebody has some sort of sad boner for Harley, fucking discord fags turning on each other.

No. 392377

Fat, lol ok Anachan.

No. 392381

Calling a girl with an ED fat? No better than Onion in here lately.

No. 392385

same fag? Hi harley. Take Lassies advice sometime.

No. 392389

File: 1506357787887.jpg (13.01 KB, 1046x53, harleysperg.jpg)

Harley, you go cry to lassie over your photos again while the thread is bumped.The timeline fits in perfectly.
Stop pretending you can't ban evade by using data (like lassie once said).

No. 392390

File: 1506358847236.png (11.4 KB, 670x52, RAGEQUIT.png)

>>392389 She funny, she does'nt know how to ban evade.

No. 392438

Is it just me or does harleys photos being randomly dumped on what has essentially been a dead thread and then making this statement seem terribly fishy?

No. 392463

half of this thread is probably them posting about each other considering how much they lurk here

No. 392466

This whole thread seems to be one displeased discordfag that Harley has fucked with in some way.

No. 392526

Or it could be them fucking each other over while trying to pin it all on one person.
It reeks of vendetta posting from the discord faggots alone in here.

No. 392579

They've turned on Harley it seems. HAH.

No. 392583

Who cares? I'd bet its fucking harley posting her own pictures here to garner some sympathy and to throw someone under the bus. I'm betting thats whats happening because this thread pretty much died out until random harley pictures were posted with nothing milky except for the fact she an ana-chan.

No. 392661

Harley posted her own photos today, can confirm.

No. 392665

surely without receipts everyone will believe you anon.

No. 392674

The first photo was posted 3 days ago, as I witnessed her spergout live on discord there were multiple new posts in this thread. The other 2 photos had been posted at the same time.(I only posted 1 of the 3 photos to the original set)

She's also very desperate to prove that she is banned from posting despite lurking in real time.

But we all know how the site looks when you're banned right ? She wouldn't be able to lurk properly. Lindeaur has BRAGGED about ban evasion with beck and crew before "I just use mobile data" During donaldgate.

Harley may not know about dynamic ips but you can bet your ass she isn't banned anymore and the only reason to keep insisting that she is because she doesn't want people to know she's been posting on here.

You can also analyze how similar the keywords are to the spergout in this thread today

No. 392712

I agree she's posted herself but why? Getting attention here is never a good thing

No. 392749


Anon just confirmed they posted first photo, why post a photo with no caption to a dead thread?

No. 392892

File: 1506438154713.jpg (31.63 KB, 540x540, FB_IMG_1506437144406.jpg)

Anastasia is the most annoying fuck I ever came across. Here are some deets:
- Real name Aileen Adams (18? years old)
- Lives in St. Louis Missouri
- Is Engaged to someone dude across the other side of the world from Nottingham, England (20 years old)
- Well know Greg bootstrap licker and takes pride in boasting about being spoke out on LC on Discord servers ALL the DAMN time aside from being extremely obnoxious and an utter annoying cunt.

No. 392923

She's looks downy as fuck.

No. 393027

Aren't all Grease worshippers?

No. 393071

File: 1506455193971.jpg (124.82 KB, 720x720, IMG_frq6j3.jpg)

Anastasia is a total cunt. She gets so excited when gurg calls her cute. They're both so ugly I wouldn't be surprised if they burned their own eyes looking in the mirror.

No. 393080

File: 1506455900430.jpg (38.57 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1506455761703.jpg)

She's not cute at all. Fucking filters make even Gollum look semi normal looking. She's greaser than Grease's back boils.

No. 393084

Is she a nod now? I thought she was pretty irrelevant tbh. No milk here.

No. 393085

Why are you selfposting, Anastasia? No one cares about you. You're worthless to us.

No. 393091

File: 1506456665770.jpg (86.83 KB, 720x960, IMG_20170926_150849.jpg)

Her teeth are so slanted? She looks like she eats rocks.

No. 393099

Whats with the very apparent self posting in this thread? Harley just posted the other day with her pics that have no relevance at all and now this bitch? Who is anastasia is she a mod or something? Why is she relevant? I'm just gonna tinfoil and say that its the discord fags self posting to gain sympathy and asspats from each other while posting shit on each other at the same time.

No. 393101

she's nobody. she's just desperate for the attention harley and becca got. it's really pathetic.

No. 393185

Let's not post about Anastasia or any other small fish. It's just not Molly enough.

No. 393190


Safe your shit next time Megan. Yes, i know who you are bitch. How would you like for me to shove my foot so far up your ass your grandkids can taste my leather boot you fucking gross cunt -Ana.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 393280

Wow Onion sure picks his minions well. What an 'edgy' fucker kek.

No. 393390

that isn't even her and she might be a retard but isn't milk worthy like toiletclogger or saggy tits feeder harley

No. 393427

Definitely her.

No. 393442

Anon confirmed she posted 1 of the pics, Harley might be a stupid saggy titted feeder but shes desperate for this thread to forget about her.

No. 393443

Until we get actual milk , we wont forget her. Poor Harley. She left the server I've been lurking in because she wants to get away from lolcow.

No. 393449

Ana, I really do not understand why you are self posting, you're irrelvant, nobody gives a fuck about your busted face and your downs looking boyfriend.

No. 393485

If she wants to get off the radar then she should stop self posting her pictures.

I feel like some of them started doing it just so they can asspat each other and whinge together in perpetual victimhood.

No. 393530

>>393485 Still find it kinda milky/interesting that an Anon confirmed posting the first picture with no caption and nothing to say. Clearly a discordfag has it in for Harley, maybe another Mikey, some phone sex shit again? Tell us Harley, been whoring?

No. 393788

>harley doesnt pay money, but you guys REFUSE to acknowledge that as clearly somebody from discord is out for blood when it comes to her

>This whole thread seems to be one displeased discordfag that Harley has fucked with in some way.

>Still find it kinda milky/interesting that an Anon confirmed posting the first picture with no caption and nothing to say. Clearly a discordfag has it in for Harley, maybe another Mikey, some phone sex shit again? Tell us Harley, been whoring?

I keep seeing this theory of some discord person having it in for harley but who? Who are you guys talking about?

No. 393811

My guess is Ana seeming as she is Lolcow Lurker.

No. 393931

could be mikey, could be lassie, could just be harley making shit up for attention like the moron she is. any of them are likely considering how much they were shitting up the onion thread on the temp site.

No. 394072

The theory that Harley is doing it herself is just to bait her at this point, obviously unless shes retarded as fuck, which i suppose is still up for debate, shes not posting her photos here, I think she comes on here to defend her photos because she cant stand the ego hit but other than that it makes no sense. An anon confirmed they posted the first photo, then dissapeared, my guess its Ana as she is in the same server I am in, shes more active and posted the photo around the same time that Harley posted the original in the server. (I didnt think any of Harleys photos were milky so didnt post) I think once Ana started getting the "doxxing" and negative attention herself she fucked off cause she cant handle what she so despertely wanted in the first place. Or it could be Lassie cause he desperately wants to bang Harley nd shes having none of it. Whoever it is though, what a naught little snake. Turning on your own "friends" just for a widdle bit of attention from farmers?

No. 394280

No, it's a legitimate theory she self posts. It's an easy way to make us look like horrible stalkers so she can be pitied. Same reason Ana was probably selfposting - they're all starved for attention.

No. 395057

if harley doesn't pay then why is she in discord? mods constantly harass retarded onion fans over whether or not they shill for him but harley is an exception? HM

No. 395156

Don't really know why shes an exception, she left and subsequently pulled her pledge. Gurg, knowing she had pulled her pledge (as Lainey confirmed it in her server) asked her back and made her a mod straight away after coming back. I personally think shes lurking in his discord. I've heard her whilst lurking on vc (idiots just sperg out without even checking who is in there) talking about how much she dislikes Onions behaviour recently. Now you get it Harley??

No. 398386

Let us marvel at the length these obsessive disciples go to when they want to be the next Billie..

No. 398633

Originally Onion didn't give a shit if anyone was in there who didn't pay, it was the retarded new mods who started the witch hunt against non-patrons.

No. 398658

File: 1507246625045.jpeg (178.89 KB, 750x1017, 9501DC61-4F5E-4D61-8D3D-7E592F…)

Is it braindead? Full on autismo? One will never know

No. 399338

File: 1507344576431.jpg (1.32 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_2039.jpg)

(1/2) From her Snapchat story.

No. 399339

File: 1507344628069.jpg (1.35 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_2040.jpg)


This is some next level obsession. Jesus.

No. 399398

Thats true, the day harley came back fucking onion cord went spaz and all the mods were pressuring her to post proof of her 5 dollar patronage, so she stayed unmembered. (which means she couldnt participate in any of the VC chats) Until Gurg came on and made her a mod straight away, he even said on vc "I'm just gonna go make Harley a mod" Why he decided to announce that to everybody I have no idea but yeah, Gurg doesnt seem to care about the paying or whatever, it seems to be the discord kewl crew that get buthurt because they pay TOP DOLLA for Gurgs attention. Which is probably why discord cunts have started a witch hunt on Harley.

Translation "Unless he personally attack me, I dont care because I'm blind to his bullshit until he hurts MY feels" All his minions are the same, loyal until Gerg says something they dont like and then they come here to self post and cry.

No. 399609

After the old mods were pruned becca and Harley became mods

Even vix was a mod…

No. 399611

File: 1507403785791.jpg (Spoiler Image, 799.02 KB, 1200x1200, Untitled-1.jpg)

Here is  'Anastasia Lowell' aka Aileen Adams.

~ L I N K S ~
Real Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aileen.adamsmanning
Fake Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anastasia.lowell.56
Twitter: https://twitter.com/analoveslainey
IG: https://www.instagram.com/fananalow/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZle_LeZ9CVXvpL39_XVDnw
Tumblr: https://fantasticana.tumblr.com

Lainey Obsession Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/Fananalow-244301419359142/
Fanfiction interests & writing: https://www.wattpad.com/user/FanAnaLow
>tfw she reads Onion fanfiction
>also wrote a fic about a characters named Lainey and Greg

Aileen Adams (who either goes by Anastasia Lowell or FanAnaLow) volunteers as tribute to be Billie 2.0 and be Grainey's next plaything.

Short of literally offing herself, Aileen will stop at nothing to catch Onion or Plainey's attention; despite the fact that Aileen has been engaged to her boyfriend— who lives in England— for over a year. (They broke up a few days ago, but we’ll get to that later.) She has multiple accounts dedicated entirely to her love for Lainey; she also writes and sings songs about her obsession, not to forget fanfiction also.

Aileen has also taken a liking to posting her n00ds and lewds to Onion discords in an unfortunate attempt to give us all ocular cancer as well as garnering the attention of anyone who can stand to look at her for more than two seconds.
Aileen’s fiance didn’t know about her Lainey obsession until she was posted on lc. She went to him for support after being ~ bullied and doxxed uwu ~ on lc… only to out herself to him as a mentally unhinged stalker of someone else’s wife. Ultimately, she decided to break up with her fiancé for Plum Boi, and we can only surmise that she continues to sensually stroke her nipple tassels while masturbating to pictures of her one true love.

Her fiance did not have any idea that she was posting nudes of herself online. He was absolutely devastated when she ended their relationship— which had spanned more than 5 years—  for our dear Pastel Womyn.

>Brags on multiple Discord servers about people threatening to doxx her on Lolcow.

>It is discovered that nobody once talked about her, let alone threatened her.
>Gets posted in Lolcow thread because people are fed up with her lying brags.
>Cries to boyfriend even though she has the attention and drama she wanted so badly in the first place.
>Says Lolcow is giving her death threats against her and calling her little brother retarded
>Nobody once threatened her or insulted her brother.
>Caught in her web of lies by friends and BF.
>Boyfriend finds the Lainey dedicated accounts and confronts her via interwebz.
>She breaks off the engagement even though he still wants to be with her.
>Chooses They/Them over Fiancé.
>Acts like he never existed and continues harrassing Grease and Plainey.

No. 399612

File: 1507403858331.jpg (998.88 KB, 1200x1500, dontcheatonyourboyfriend.jpg)

Different anon but here are some other pics of her for posterity. I don't doubt she'll make her social media private.

No. 399616

File: 1507403931513.jpg (630.35 KB, 1200x723, snapchat.jpg)

sage for samefag but these are on her snap story right now~

No. 399627

File: 1507405001737.png (Spoiler Image, 4.9 MB, 2000x1752, doxgCLZ.png)

Amber Clement / meowcifer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/meowsifer
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amberclements1997
"Acting": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VZuvBrUGbo&sns=fb
IG: https://www.instagram.com/xmeowsiferx/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm1Uir4iWf1fSjGygcXvq8Q

>posted nudes and masturbation videos

>has Titanic Sinclair's signature tattooed on her collarbone
>is "friends with him" and will meet Poppy and him in November

No. 399630

>waa the internet is so mean I am an innocent victim.
>Go kill yourself and die alone, I don't appreciate you caring!!

No. 399631


LMAO lainey has never acknowladge this bitch. i can't believe that she's apperantly being buying her love. maybe the reason why lainey never states the name of her "crushes" on YouKnow is so that crazies like this can still believe that they have a chance with her if they give her $$$$.

No. 399633

Yo, if she is going to post her flaps on the web, she should at least shave.

No. 399634

>desperately wants in the mcmansion
>fiance gets upset, she breaks up with him
she's a special one

No. 399637

I would be embarrassed too if I had a nutter like that lusting after me and wrecking her real life for a delusion.

No. 399638


i always wondered, who the hell is still watching onision on 2017? now its clear: fatties (and former fatties) with super low self esteem that need some sort of validation. like seriously? they're ALL fat and they ALL have nudes everywhere???? and they're all into edgy alt emo shit??? onision doesn't have anyyy fans with like a phd and some mental health? why am i not surprised?

No. 399649

File: 1507406610026.png (Spoiler Image, 4.83 MB, 2000x2000, fk7M4z3.png)

Harley, mother of two, enjoys DD/LG and SecondLife tranny roleplay

Has been posted over and over and yet will not learn

Uses her real name for social media


No. 399651

Well, they made some semi-Onion-related discord (i.e. they met via the original Onioncord) with like ~30 members and posted noodz/lewds there for each other. top kek

No. 399654

File: 1507406693968.png (1.14 MB, 1366x6026, screencapture-fetlife-users-17…)

No. 399657

File: 1507406729449.png (6.39 MB, 1366x6574, NPxIKbJ.png)

No. 399659

File: 1507406753198.png (2.45 MB, 1366x2902, GmzCM5c.png)

No. 399660

File: 1507406780050.png (3.53 MB, 1366x5728, hkdTdoo.png)

No. 399661

kek her fat fetish explains why she likes becca at least

No. 399665

Oh my god I hope those aren't her CHILDREN'S pacifiers

No. 399676

File: 1507407319317.png (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 1974x1184, hyZ6d4H.png)

An old friend named Becks appears

No. 399681

File: 1507407451460.png (31.41 KB, 777x165, crO630O.png)

Proof Harley selfposted

No. 399688

All of these chicks are so out of shape.

No. 399689

What server is this

No. 399700

>harley self posted the remaining 2 photos a few day after OG leaked dropped them
>ana self posted those highschool photos before anyone gave a fuck about her pathetic orbiting

No. 399701


why can't onision stans keep their clothes on for like two minutes?

No. 399705

File: 1507408342725.jpg (35.83 KB, 251x251, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…)

Holy shit lmao! They're all desperate fucking whores

No. 399713


>Due to severe insecuritys i stray away from bisexuals, i see the irony as i myself am bisexual, however i would not persue a relationship with a bisexual due to past experiences.

BITCH WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN. You couldn't proof-read that shit? Maybe actually explain what you mean?

Is she trying to say that she's bisexual but she wouldn't date bisexual women? Cause if that's the case, chances are… you're not bisexual. Or is she trying to say she's bisexual but she wouldn't date bisexual men? Cause if that's the case, chances are… you are one low-self esteem hypocrite bitch.

No. 399716

Why the fuck would you post your real school and class onto her 'online persona' accounts? It's like she is asking to be tracked down and someone set her straight.

No. 399720

File: 1507408796270.png (470.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170930-000722.png)

Babe Onion won't stand for you if you tolerate or consider da Ganja. That Tinder profile is painful.

No. 399722

>Prefers Netflix to nudes
Well I don't see you posting show or film suggestions in Discord - only your sad Orangutan tits.

No. 399735

heres some stuff from Anas FanAnaLow wattpad

> What if i told the truth

a life story from her where she was molested if you want to read that story go on ahead.

>has a thread of stories shes read consisting of gerg fanfics, 1D fanfics, DDLG stories , obsessed with tate from AHS and that spoiled kid from the show too (freak show)

>wrote stories about anorexia, lainey having seizures and her blood issues apparently a vampire fanfic,and a whole bunch of overdose an angel stuff in one stupid story too.

No. 399737

can we talk about how becca thinks she actually has good vocal training and a voice?

she sounds like a oxygen deprived cat thats morbidly obese

No. 399744

Is she Autistic?
Also Aileen has very clearly never had Anorexia as she is a fucking heifer.

No. 399745

Where is a link of her singing?

No. 399749

>be onion
>send presents to the wife of a neet man who has plenty of money exploiting people on YouTube
>skip dinner once
>yeah so I recovered from anorexia

No. 399751

>Eats all the Twinkies in the pack but one.
>Ah man I am restricting so hard, jeez I am starvingggg.

No. 399753

No. 399757

She isn't too awful to be honest, nothing special though. A hundredfold better than Ana's singing though kek.

No. 399758

File: 1507410308555.png (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 1089x779, ryY3Mpw.png)

Some lesser attention whores.
Poppy has a boyfriend but posts nudes and flirts with everyone and everything

No. 399759

Both her and Ana disrespect their partners by whoring around. Damn Onion girls are unfaithful af.

No. 399760

both. she's bi and won't date another bi person. wonder if that would change if they fit her fat tranny fetish?

what the fuck is with these girls whoring themselves out while they have a s/o?

No. 399762

Is that onioncord? Why post your nudes there, of all places?

No. 399764

File: 1507411053600.jpg (515.28 KB, 1242x2208, meowsiferstears.jpg)

captioned "me atm"

No. 399771

Why do all these chicks look like Princess Fiona after her Ogre transformation?

No. 399773

File: 1507411638114.png (Spoiler Image, 2.38 MB, 2000x1001, 46tqwzR.png)

Maxie is a jailbait-looking attention whore claiming to be a victim of sex trafficking while flinging her tits around

No. 399776

Is this a 14yo boy in a wig?

No. 399793

holy shit im g o n e lmao u guys are ruthless

No. 399799


this legit looks like a trap dude oh my god! somebody please introduce this girl to makeup, she needs it. this thread gets sadder and sadder with each post, jesus.

just when you think you've seen ugly, they hit you with…this

No. 399804

File: 1507413998760.jpg (28.57 KB, 680x440, pnznkqgsrgw4tx0qdpxr.jpg)

whoever is digging around and finding all this embarrassing nudes on this girls… damn, i appreciate your commitment.

they deserve it too, considering they thought it was okay to send a bunch of their "friends" their nudes for no reason.

No. 399810


if this girls are the only onion fans left, i can understand why onision hasn't dumped lainey yet. billie was one in a million for him.

No. 399832

File: 1507416511536.jpg (1.31 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_2044.jpg)

I can't imagine why a parent would act like that when you

> post nudes in an Onioncord for 29 strangers to see

> post so much personal information on the internet that you're basically asking to be doxxed
> continually lust after someone else's speshul agender waifu/husbando
> virtually cheat on your fiancé, whom you've known for over five years

poor bby :c

No. 399856

File: 1507419219336.png (35.9 KB, 285x366, unknown.png)


That's what happens when you slag your own mother off to Onion boy and jump in joy at his agreeing comments of her being a 'Trash' Mom just because she likes to smoke da bud.

No. 399857

File: 1507419228663.jpeg (310.17 KB, 1242x1950, 8DD52DD0-4D98-4430-85C6-A8ACD3…)

No. 399861

guess that makes his mother trash too considering how big of a pothead she was and currently is

No. 399871

You can change your name, Aileen, but your nudes and proof of emotional infidelity are here forever.

No. 399883

Awww she pulled her pledge from greg….
But not from lainey.
Lainey will never love you aileen

No. 400062

File: 1507444438137.png (303.26 KB, 1439x1639, 20171008_072829.png)

Swear they are all retarded. Them fake joking about it only shows their butthurt. We all know they be crying that nobody thinks they are ~speshul and sexy~ because they're buttfuck ugly lardasses.

No. 400067

File: 1507445292949.jpg (1008.03 KB, 1439x1584, OrthodontistsNightmare.jpg)

Is this meant to be alluring? Maybe that's why she wants to be a Special Ed teacher because she relates to having an extra chromosome.

No. 400232

Do as your Oh So holy Gurg says Patreon hoes. Damn even this dumb fuck talks sense sometimes.

No. 400269

I think becca is the one leaking all of them, She seems to have this attitude about her that everyone should run everything by her, She can dish like all hell but don't you dare criticize her. I noticed that whoever has her approval stays and who doesn't or who she's intimidated by gets thrown out. Its fucking obvious at this point that beccas obssesion for getting as close to grease as much as possible means ruining any and all girls that could threaten her. I think lassie helps her with this as well with the side servers that he invites mostly onion fangirls too. Even the big grease himself has said he doesn't respect any person that gives nudes out, So I find it weird how becca being a big ol' part of this all has barely had shit leaked about her.

Make of this what you will but personally, Becca you sad huge fucking cow you deserve a thread of your own for being so insane over an already insane sociopathic cuntbag.

No. 400300


she's ugly jfc its painful to look at. that was seriously the best profile pic you could take? how sad.

either way, no one cares, onion is never going to notice you so… enjoy your three posts of attention lol

No. 400302

Can we just marvel at how gross her greasy ass is and how irritating she is. Greg is clearly fed up with her shit.

No. 400303


yeah… i found it really odd that there was milk out of everyone in the chat except becca. especially since most anons hate becca. pretty suspicious, but i'm still drinking the milk.

No. 400304

No. 400306

Yeah I find it odd there's nudes of everyone except her, but hey maybe she's just too insecure to take nudes kek.

No. 400308


oh god trigger warning/nsfl for that shit! its even worse in motion holy fuck. i had to clic off after a few seconds her mug was too much.

girl if you're reading this (we know you are) get some bangs, get a better haircolor, and go to sephora ASAP.

No. 400311

Dude, even jumping in the shower would do favours.

No. 400312

File: 1507485640669.jpg (72.83 KB, 606x455, 54a4fc5e045b6cf0f4c52a4c58b508…)


>tfw this is what onision fanbase looks like

No. 400315

>tfw that's what Onision looks like.

No. 400317


out of all the shitty nudes posted itt, i think this is the grossest post of all.

No. 400322

is she autistic?

No. 400324

Aren't they all?

No. 400325

well, yeah of course but there's no way this one really isn't

No. 400327

I am so amazed that two of these uggos live/go to school only minutes away from where I live. I hope I can see one in the wild. kek

No. 400330

File: 1507486668107.jpg (1.17 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_1853.JPG)

Oops dropped pic and accidentally saged. This is on her Snapchat right now~

No. 400332

Hunt them down and get them sectioned would be the best bet.

No. 400341

her teeth look like a busted picket fence.

No. 400348

File: 1507488552280.png (1.5 MB, 1440x2560, Analmao.png)

No. 400363

Looks like a trailer hick
Someone tell this bitch to wash her ass

No. 400371

Mouth full of gravel.

No. 400377

>The slickness between her buttcheeks in the one with the green-ish shirt

No. 400379

Fucking Jesus, this is hilarious. Oh so edgy. Looks like a before and after drug campaign.

No. 400381

Man, why did you have to point that out. Her sweaty ass crack haunts me now.

No. 400391

That is some "welcome to my twisted mind" 2003 myspace type shit.

No. 400393


fucking KEK. this is so embarrassing

No. 400397


anons have some mercy, seeing her face was torment enough.

man, she tooks pics of her sweaty ass and now its never going to be gone off the internet. i'd kms.

No. 400437

she got mad in voice chat yesterday because someone talked over her. shes on a rampage shes pissed

No. 400440

File: 1507492295928.png (81.58 KB, 755x246, yourwritingsucksiread1chaptery…)


No. 400441

File: 1507492348408.png (39.73 KB, 741x235, nowherewegowither.png)


No. 400442

File: 1507492372421.png (60.13 KB, 770x286, jfcwhyareyousohurt.png)


No. 400446

File: 1507492544086.png (83.83 KB, 775x436, wowsoactiveonthethread.png)

if you do not want it out, do not talk about it.
do not post it.

No. 400455

So she got mad yesterday then theres a sudden drop of peoples nudes and info?

I'm calling it now, This has been becca from the start trying to get rid of all competition while holding herself up as top dog among them.

tl;dr becca is onion levels of insane, gurgle better watch out before the bitch expects "more" lmao

No. 400461

File: 1507492803615.png (92.28 KB, 581x861, WiseWayToSpendYoMonies.png)

Oh diggity damn you sure showed us Aileen.

No. 400463

ana apparently knows who is taking a photo of her snapchat because of the views.

honey someone viewing you snapchat is not a crime. someone posting it is not either. all you can do is block them

No. 400466

someone talked over her because I think they were worried about it then becca left voice chat or just muted herself and then was just mad in the chat

No. 400467

Kek, I was the one taking pics of her snap. I didn't know she could see my snap name, but that's okay because it isn't connected to literally any personal information.

btw: Maxie's real name is Emily, and she goes to Lynn University in Bota Raton, Florida.

No. 400469

She seems like a massive stuck up bitch that gets easily threatened, I'm willing to bet she behind it all with lassie in getting rid of the old mods as well.

No. 400470

File: 1507493142266.png (69.66 KB, 771x420, bambismad.png)

No. 400471

File: 1507493158715.png (64.58 KB, 802x278, itsallahugefight.png)

No. 400472

lassie posted photos on the temp site of his dyed watermelon..he posted the same photos in the chat also…lassie is in on shit and so his donald but we can not talk about him since hes le 12

No. 400473

Look at this sucking up, The heifer talks over everyone else relentlessly from what we've seen on younow. Jfc how can they let this literal bull, bully them like this? lmao ya'll getting played by this bitch.

No. 400476

Makes sense time-wise as well, Lassie and becca joined at the same time, The server besides it being well onions and besides tall videos being a shit seemed to be an okay place and drama didn't really start until they both arrived. Jfc you gotta question the mental status of these two if they are willing to go this far just to be close to greckles of all people. I'm kinda not shocked that someone like becca who lusts after the greasestain would go to this extent just to be the closest patreon/contributor to him. Pathetic.

No. 400480

File: 1507494045340.png (498.29 KB, 866x642, idonegotdoxxedonlolcow.png)

"so i had to delete my personal fb page because i done got doxxed on lolcow these people have no life" -ana
her friend in photo -
"because shes the hottest mother fucker on earth and no one wants to accept it'

No. 400481

Her ex is literally the sweetest, loveliest, loyal person. He never blackmailed her, all he did was try to get her to put the Onion shit behind her and for them to have a happy relationship. He didn't want all this to ruin it between them - but she chose otherwise. She is the abusive one, I have multiple sources who know her who say she is vile towards him even when they were together. I have heard evil voice clips she left him. She is playing the victim so hard, he is seriously a lovely guy and she is pinning her bad karma onto him because she can't face up to her awful actions.

No. 400484

File: 1507494132324.gif (957.16 KB, 177x205, mp.gif)

>wants to have control over her own life
>refuses to privatize any and all social media that reveals her age, school, and location


No. 400489

fuck, becca's a cunt. must be why she bankrolls the onion, she gets attention and thinks his little discordians have to lick her asshole for it.

No. 400491

File: 1507494253613.png (226.4 KB, 871x581, beck2.0.png)

beck made a song to get flown out to mcmansion.

ana this isnt going to work for you

admit to smoking weed then make a weed apology song also
you are almost there…just a few more steps dye your hair blue also

No. 400497

>'I wake up to your snapchat storiessss'
Oh how romantic, such powerful lyrics.

No. 400498


Ten minutes later on twitter : fuck the lolcow haters we totally don't care if we get posted there!!

No. 400499

but she was on younow yesterday talking to people and guesting arabs randomly but also talked about if people knew the struggle of financial loans and stuff for college.
becca said on gregs younow a few weeks back when asked with all her money she could pay gregs irs debt but she said her 350k plus is to be used on college.
she doesnt have money.
she has student loans, a part time job doing shit makeup that is poorly blended but says laineys makeup is okay. oh and also she does vocals as a side job too.

No. 400500


who is this one again?

No. 400502

LOL wtf is this thread. I've looked at Onion's thread, but this is the first time I've been on this one and holy shit Onion's entire fanbase is just neckbeards and their female equivalent. Only neckbeards don't put nearly as many naked pictures of themselves on the internet as these people. Truly the fans Onion deserves.

No. 400503

ill dig some.
seems like no one just a random mod or something

No. 400504


i think its her too. you know what that means? onision flakes part 2: now with the flakes fighting each other! can't wait!

No. 400505


Nice. Now we know her name and that she doesn't wash her ass.

No. 400506

Maxie judging by the '14yo boy in a wig' comment.

No. 400507


i legit thought the emily chick was like 14 too… she's at Uni? damn…

No. 400511


yup. its her. she seems mental.

No. 400512


>"because shes the hottest mother fucker on earth and no one wants to accept it'

jesus. i want to say something but it feels like bullying a retarded child. they both look inbred.

No. 400516

still can't get over that user being a fucking twelve year old. he's literally the meme.

No. 400517


ana-chan lainey and oni-"i like my girls to look 12"-sion would never look at you twice. grow up. we know you're reading this. look at a pic of billie and then look at yourself. its never going to happen.

No. 400518


12 year olds and depressed fatties are all of onisions demographic though. but yeah still weird that he would be allowed there.

No. 400519

File: 1507495089228.png (24.69 KB, 619x240, YouAreInACult.png)

No. 400524

for someone who's so hellbent on people not being dishonest, gerg sure seems okay to bend the rules when it benefits him. you have to be at least 13 to sign up and use discord. guess him using mommy's money gets him a pass.

No. 400528

File: 1507495662599.png (114.84 KB, 303x401, whatisthis.png)

ready for a random bit of something until something pops off?

Heres Gerianne Lee Hing
aka XxBlasianxX aka Blasian

her location, full name and everything can be found in the links im going to provide. along with a few screengrabs.

twitter : https://twitter.com/XxBlasianxX

vampire freaks : http://vampirefreaks.com/XxBlasianxX

art thing : https://xxblasianxx.deviantart.com/

random music page? : http://forums.harmonixmusic.com/profile/xxblasianxx



No. 400529

File: 1507495677971.png (440.21 KB, 971x563, blasain1.png)

No. 400530

Is she a Patreon?

No. 400534

so what did she do

No. 400537

close with the mods she may even be one i do not know

No. 400542

File: 1507496066147.png (15.21 KB, 717x57, wreckuslol.png)

ok here we go

No. 400546

So were they all posting nudes in onioncord? Does anyone know what the context of this is?

No. 400548

Tough words for such a pathetic mess, You do realize its becca that posted all your shit right? We're just sitting back spectating and laughing at this shit.

No. 400550

This is physically painful to read. The embodiment of NOTBOTHEREDNOTBOTHERED.

I've always wondered who in their right mind and over the age of 15 would watch Onision, now I know. It's fucking depressing.

Who even is this? No need to post random doxx.

No. 400553

Yea, I have this same question. I only occasionally check this thread, so I'm slightly curious. They were all just talking about gurgs and suddenly decided to show each other their noodz and now someone in that group is posting them here?

sage for my own autism / lack of understanding these flakes

No. 400556

No. 400558

File: 1507496662147.png (46.33 KB, 731x211, itscalledselfpostinggirl.png)

self posting is not allowed girlie

No. 400560

File: 1507496754679.png (16.1 KB, 728x64, okand.png)

still doesnt make up for all of you guys shit personalities

No. 400561

File: 1507496836814.png (77.57 KB, 776x319, ohno.png)

oh no a block.

No. 400562

Bahaha thats laughable "Hurr I'm prettier btw" ohh girrrl your insecurity is PEAKIN you rat lookin sad ass.

No. 400564

you realize all of this information is public.
no one is going to compromise your children, hell if someone was going to do that gregs children would have been posted already.

no one is going to be threatened

No. 400565

Bitch is gonna get the shock of her life when she finds out its gasp becca and lassie.

Dumbasses, All of them.

No. 400579

So? Deets on her or gtfo.

Kek,did she just admit to trying to post on lolcow?
>Calling onioncord her "safe haven"
>Calling these people her "real friends" when one of them is probably the leaker

You gotta go outside girl. Make some actual friends.

No. 400581

They didn't post these to the official Onioncord; they were posted to a different server that branched off from the original Onioncord after the drama.

No. 400582

Just to show each other for shitz and gigglz?

No. 400583

im digging for stuff, will do. she went offline. im posting mainly the screenshots on the other girls rn so they are more of a priority i just posted blasian for some side stuff incase something didnt happen for a bit…then something happened so basically everyone can ignore the xxblasianxx girls stuff if wanted just wanted to throw in some filler

No. 400585


please, do go ahead and find that person. the more milk the better

No. 400587


even if that were true, you're still an onision stan so you'd still be below us lol.

No. 400593


right? how insecure like… straight girls showing nudes to each other fishing for compliments? lmao why? go on tinder or something, get a real boyfriend for gods sake. its beyond pathetic (and super weird)

No. 400595

Call me a prude but why would you show your friends/fleeting internet acquaintances your nudes? I wouldn't want to see any of my friends' assholes. Especially the one's with boyfriends, just send it to him.

No. 400604

File: 1507498796053.gif (1000.56 KB, 500x500, kikikikikikiki.gif)

Yeah, there was a channel on their server that was created just so they could post nsfw shit.

No. 400605

Whos server was it?

No. 400631

File: 1507502507364.jpg (402.58 KB, 900x440, 1746293.jpg)

It's not just your fault, don't worry: it's everyone's fault for posting nudes on the internet.

No. 400645


>but its okay bc laineybot exists

bitch, lainey likes hot petite 18 year old girls girls. i mean, she doesn't, but that's what she pretends to like anyway. she is neeeeeever ever ever ever ever going to care about your fat ass. get a job you creepy stalker

No. 400647


>all of my friends are hurting right now

b-but but i thought they totally didn't care? >>400560 >>400440 >>400442 >>400062 oh… you guys are actually crying to each other right now? why am i not surprised… don't send your nudes to groupchats you dense fucks

No. 400703

>Gets kicked out of her home for publicly humiliating her mom online countless times
>Sad frumpy lard noods out in the open and everyone ripping her to shreads
>Overwhelming guilt for being an asshole to ex
>'Oh it's all good guiz! Lainey exists so all bad in the world doesn't matter!'

No. 400709

File: 1507513745484.jpg (188.92 KB, 1431x823, Screenshot_20171009-023859.jpg)

All these dumbfucks think they are so edgy and not to be messed with. *~Oooh scary~*

No. 400710

File: 1507513884948.jpg (212.22 KB, 1432x666, Screenshot_20171009-023955.jpg)

When you have displeased your God and beg for forgiveness. Get in the fucking bin you wet bastards.

No. 400717


>onision gonna open that message and be like "who is this?"

No. 400723

She thinks he gives a shit about any of them.
Girl, Kardashian's make public apologies. You have no audience to apologise too. Nobody cares.

No. 400729

File: 1507516784454.jpg (1.18 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171009_033137.jpg)

She thinks we want to be her mongoloid doughy ass self.

>Would rather be riddled with Cancer and be assfucked by Satans barbed cock until I have an agonising anal prolapse.

No. 400731


Nice summary. Crazy that this bitch ruined her entire life over some ugly fakeboi like plainey.

No. 400733


Lmao this white trash bitch thinks too highly of herself. Go to your trailer and stay there, inbred thot.

No. 400737

Bitch doesn't even see it as her wrong doing. She blames her Mom, Ex and other OnionCord tards for the backlash and leaks.

No. 400740

Late af but what kind of teen movie bullshit mentality even is this. What "sweet and caring" person vows to destroy someone over reposting information and dumb/degenerate shit they've made easily accessible? Your kids didn't mean shit when you were busting it open for perfect strangers over the Internet, jackass.

Who sees someone sabotage long-running relationships of infinitely more value than a married heterosexual e-"celeb" being paid to acknowledge you and go yeah, I'll die on this hill? I'll ride or die for this person who clearly appreciates people! Jesus christ.

I'd rather be someone with some fucking Windex. And hips. Bitch is shaped like a map marker.

No. 400741

File: 1507517891458.jpg (422.75 KB, 1436x1033, Screenshot_20171009-035435.jpg)

Is she legit crying and running to Grainey for asspats? Goddamn she is TWENTY YEARS OLD.
p.s they don't give a shit about you, stop harassing them. They don't owe you shit nor are they your friends.

No. 400751


If lurking hurts your feelings this much, STOP LURKING. Dont pretend that you dont care if you're refreshing this page and reading every reply. And your fantasy that onion and lainey will love you remains fake. When was the last time they invited you to their house? Oh yeah, never, cause you're ugly. Even Becks, who looks like a retired teacher, got to meet them. When did you? Its not going to happen. Youre wasting your time. Thats what we meant by life ruined. But c'mon, do keep wasting your life over e-celebs who wont notice you.

No. 400762


That reply wasn't even about you lol. Learn 2 read. hillbilly looking ass.

No. 400908

>I'm you and Lainey's friend ily :(
Bitch, what the fuck? Paying someone money to have occasional interactions with them on discord or Twitter doesn't make you their "friend".

I can't believe these are adults, they act like emotionally stunted teenagers. Fucking hell.

No. 401064

File: 1507579588300.jpg (1.63 MB, 1894x3264, LEAVEBRITNEYALONE.jpg)

more from snapchat.
>Leave my friend Amber Clement /meowcifer alone!!!!!

also pls note the fact that this girl owns and is wearing an Onion shirt

No. 401074


you paid 20+ bucks for an onision t-shirt. congrats, you've failed at life. how old is this bitch? she has one of those fat faces where you can't tell if she's 12 or 35.

No. 401087

according to her social media, she's a freshman in college.

No. 401117

She is 18.

No. 401120

File: 1507584752716.png (509.72 KB, 578x600, GotUsGudThere.png)

You do realise we refer to spastics like you as the cows right?

No. 401142


your nudes are still here Emily. calling us cows doesn't change that lol. take the L and move on with your life.

No. 401148


18????? why her body looks so rough? that's a mom body if i ever seen one, damn. >>399611 these girls are so young to be doing this shit.

No. 401170

Too many McDonalds. Bitch was even in their adverts when she was younger.

No. 401204

File: 1507590480916.jpg (88.48 KB, 600x608, IMG_2790.JPG)

was she actually? did she play grimaces stunt double?

No. 401244

Yes she was genuinely in some, she had a YT vid about it.

No. 401251

File: 1507595920345.jpg (244.4 KB, 1428x681, Screenshot_20171010-013511.jpg)

But 6'0 in width and judging from your videos and repulsive nudes, you are ever becoming the 'bigger person' by your constant weight gain.

No. 401269

File: 1507598886106.jpg (307.75 KB, 1152x394, 1213756.jpg)

No. 401270

File: 1507598924305.jpg (196.43 KB, 450x600, stoptrollinglolcow.jpg)

bonus: hi, Aileen!

No. 401276

For the love of God, Aileen please close your mouth in photos.

No. 401277

If someone got me that for Christmas; I would shove it up their ass for giving me such a shit T-shirt.

No. 401280

That's what really kills me about the snap.

>"Someone else got it for me. Stop trolling and making fun of me, because I didn't buy it."

Arguably worse. It means that when thinking of what to get you for Christmas, they thought that an Onion shirt was appropriate. Top kek.

No. 401281


you're admitting that buying an onision t-shirt when you're an adult is embarrassing. that's why you felt the need to clarify that it was a gift… okay, weirdo. you still pay for lainey's attention, so you're still embarrassing and straight up pathetic.

No. 401283

File: 1507600658391.jpg (71.9 KB, 537x399, qJFr0qe.jpg)


hey Aileen. theres a new hack on lolcow! this is how it works: if you don't like getting dragged here… you can close the window! Crazy, i know, but you clearly need us to tell you.

y'all too.


No. 401292

Do any of you guys know what Anas ex boyfriends first name is? I could’ve sworn I saw him post in a Facebook group I’m in about their break up

No. 401300

these girls are so delusional

>Onision is honest I know he wouldn't lie

>I can feel beautiful bc he called me beautiful

No. 401301

File: 1507603027541.jpg (234.27 KB, 1437x829, Screenshot_20171010-033244.jpg)

I'm assuming this is him.

No. 401305


girl u ugly.

onision and lainey are too busy jerking off to billie's pictures. they don't remember you. you don't matter to them.

you don't even matter in this thread either. there are better cows else where. you don't need to release a statement video, legit no one cares.

No. 401306

Is that why she is so convinced she is 'perfect' and that 'everyone is jealous' of her? Because Gurg lied and didn't want to diss his Patreon and have her stop paying him?

No. 401308

No. 401311

File: 1507604853529.gif (827.7 KB, 450x280, killme.gif)

Dropped caption like an idiot.

>"Greg is going through a hard time."

>"I would fucking do anything for you– and Lainey."
>"I'm trying so hard to be a part of their lives… he makes me so fucking happy."
>"Me and the other people on Discord who actually communicate with Greg can tell you that he is a fucking sweetheart."
>is crying throughout
>"I am not obsessed."

I can't make it through this video, anons. saged.

No. 401314

wtf is wrong with all these low self esteem girls? Crying for a married psycopath man, damn.

No. 401332

It looks like her right eye is trying to escape from her face, yeesh

No. 401339

It has had enough of looking at Ana's whale bod everyday and wants out.

No. 401507

15 seconds in and I'm already cringing into the next dimension.

Your mom is fucking right girl, he is lying.
>B-but mom, we can't question lord onion! He's a human FAXmachine!
>I consider myself a friend, not a fan!

I almost feel sorry for her. Imagine being this fucked up that you're on the internet sobbing about a complete stranger who doesn't care about you.

Also classic
>He's never been mean to ME, so all of the extremely obvious evidence to the contrary is meaningless!!

No. 401508

File: 1507648463339.png (286.2 KB, 1439x1147, 20171010_161308.png)

Yeah fam we will send you nice texts.
Even Maxie knows Amber is retarded.

No. 401512


how desperate for attention can you be ? fridge body girl needs some real friends

No. 401513

If you'd like your call to go through, make sure you dial 1 and not 3 for that first number

No. 401636

File: 1507663564272.jpg (136.58 KB, 961x1000, patreons.jpg)

the highest paying patreon fags are dropping like flies, all this witch-hunting is definitely working lol

in just 2 weeks 4 of the most prominent contributors are gone from the end slates on his videos.

No. 401674

When you complain about being "stalked" and targeted by lolcow but then post your own phone number on Twitter

No. 401724

she's so stupid if you google the number her facebook page comes up. This idiot really put her actual number up.

No. 401771

File: 1507682335729.jpg (187.26 KB, 1407x737, Screenshot_20171011-002347.jpg)

Yeah and taking the piss out of you and your assembly of Onion ass lickers is our sustenance.

No. 401773

here are some of Aileen's snaps.

>doesn't care so much that she uploads a ton of videos on her sc

>claims that she owns two of the same Onion shirt




No. 401776

File: 1507683247751.jpg (160.8 KB, 490x354, reeeeeeeeeee.jpg)

No. 401783

Already on a mission to find a new dude to slide into her greasy fupa.

No. 401787

Fucking hell Aileen wash your god damn hair. Looks like you dunked it in a fat fryer.
>Obviously do care, way to much.

No. 401800


oh dear, that's a tweaker.

ps. if you have to "prove" that you have friends, you probably ain't got no friends.

No. 401838

Okay Ive had enough. I hope to the fucking gods you read this too. Aileen wtf is your issue? George iant gay and he wasnt your best friemd. He was your fiamce, you know? The one you said yes to? the one you keep lying to? Back track. Quit lying on social media. You have student loans and a part time job. You got kicked out because once again you lied on your mom. I dare yoi to tell Dave about me poatong because guess what, ypur bio dad has the link to your bs. Let me guess.. off meds again? these ppl are dragging your ass on here. Posting nudes when you were engaged? wtf. you said some bs and your mom called me over it. Last time yoi got caught in lies you hated me for months. I didmt lie for you then I wont now. Your mom isnt a pot head, I am but then agaim I live where its legal and work and take care of mine. You downed yoir mom when without your mom you wouldnt have shit not when a student loan because she cosigned. i saw the lie where you saod your little brother was yours and your mom took him… lies again. youre spoiled and think youre entitled. and before you slip trying to down me too, I have nothing to hide. i dont do fake pages. if anybody here wants to know who i am. im her fucking aunt that lives im colorado with my army vet husband and two kids. her bio dad is my brother. aileen this attention seeking bs you pull every fucking year has gotten old. you wanna keep playing this game youll lose everything. you complain and complain but that phone ur on.. your mom pays the bill. your clothes… your mom bought them until you finally got a job. instead of being on social media, go do your homework because i already know your grades are slipping.
… your fucking aunt Nikita
(now who wanna bet im the next one ahe tries to talk shit on)

No. 401843

sorry for the grammar and spelling. im pissed off. yall carry on.

No. 401848


i love you aunt nikita.

No. 401849


aunt Nikita is the real MVP right now

No. 401852

Aileen, I love you my dear niece, I do, but youre fucking up. Tony and Dave both know. You posted a lot of shit that was bs. You need to be back on meds. Youve had such a hard life but your mom has done everything for you and then some. Hate to say it, but if you were my child I wouldve just beat your ass for the shit you have pulled over the years. You always try to pull the woe is me my life is so hard and no one loves me act. I watched family members try the same shit and its annoying as fuck. Is this the example you wanted to set for your siblings and little cousins? I know for damn sure Im not perfect but Im also not posting inappropriate pics especially since im in a committed relationship. I gave you an offer to move in with me, but now I publicly denounce that invitation after what I have seen and read. I dont want that behavior influencing my ten yr old daughter. instead of posting in my fb messenger take responsibility for your own shit

No. 401859


Aunt Nikita is the aunt we need but dont deserve

No. 401860

>instead of posting in my fb messenger take responsibility for your own shit

wrekt. listen to your auntie, aileen.

No. 401877

>getting dragged to hell by your aunt on lolcow.farm
I want to believe

No. 401899

I wish you were my aunt.

No. 401904

I love yall too.
im 30 yrs old. im one of the youngest of her aunts and uncles.
before u judge too harshly let me give u perspective.
i grew up with a hard life, beatings, rape,former stripper turned college grad. yeah that kind of story.
aileen didnt get to kmowe until sje was a teenager. her mom and bro never saw eye to eye. he failed paying child support. hell hes a felon and got paid under the table
but he did buy her things which her mom amd step dad rejected. dave has never got to be aeound her, not when she was sick or when she was molested. he wasnt allowed around her. she likes to writw fictiom ita her escape.i get it. her execution im not a fan of. as much as we all liked george she didnt want to bw with him for awhile ans felt forced to be with him. i know because she speaka to me. yeah i got angry and posted about little lies. as i wont lie for her i wont lie to her. i wont lie to yall either. since someone here sent the link to her mom then i shouldnt be hard to find if you have questions or comments. yall gonna do what yall want but understand my niece has been troubled for awhile. shes kept it hidden until now. yall have a great day.
xoxo Aunt Niki

No. 401906

File: 1507722463046.jpg (108.64 KB, 434x300, 1284.jpg)

Aileen saw your posts, Aunt Niki, judging by her snap story. I don't know if she blames you for anything, but it seems like she might. "I was right." What does that mean?

I genuinely appreciate your perspective here. If you don't mind and are still hanging around here, I have a question.

In your opinion as her family member and as someone who truly knows Aileen, do you feel that her mental illness is a valid excuse for her actions? In other words, do you think Aileen would have done all of this– posting nudes, making up lies about her boyfriend, lying about her family– if she were not mentally ill? Do you think there is any hope for her if she cannot take responsibility?

Also, @ Aileen, since I know you're reading: do you have a response? I'm pissed mostly because of what you did to your fiancé, and this is a form of internet justice. Kek. Do you have a side to your story other than "LOL IT'S NOT MY FAULT MY FAM IS ABUSIVE REEEE"?

Thanks, and have a good day, Aileen and Aunt Niki~

No. 401920

See, I don't think her actions are justified at all by Bipolar.
She chose to come off her meds, she has full control and conciousness when doing what she does. I know a handful of Bipolar people and myself have Borderline Personality Disorder - and yet have full control over how we treat others and ourselves. You can have these conditions and still be a respectful, good person. At this point she is pinning her mistakes and foul behaviour on BP and others around her; all whilst being smug and loving her new found attention. Sad really.

No. 401947

Aileen. Unblock me and talk to me please I'm trying to help I didn't want any of this. If you ignore me I have no choice but to fly out there next week between work

No. 401950

my profession is a forenaic paychologist. as a professional amd not just a family member, shws not just bipolar. ahe had erythmecwmia which is rapid cycling bipolar and ptsd. shes lashing out. those lewds were from a fb chat amomgat girls sje thought she trusted i will say this not everything ahe said was a lie. in fact ive been messenging her. she made up some shit because many dont believe her truth. i say her truth because theres shit that was said family dont believe whilw others do.
George. hun… shes 18. not much Rose can do to her but kick her out and cut off the phone.
btw with rapid cycling bipolar meds only do so much. she needs an outlet. i know because i did to…my artwork is my outlet. her writing is hers. she already admitted her faults amd right now is working thru a lot of shit.
so yall have a deeper peespective 70% of what she said is actually true but thats brutal honesty from her end that many in the family amd friends dont wanna see.

No. 401957

I did what I had to. My only choices were to fly out or message someone close to her with what I knew. I didn't anticipate her mom to react like that. And I wish I didn't.

No. 401959

borderlime personality runs hand in hand with bipolar. it means ur known for toxic relationships and have an addictive personality. ita great u can control your. some ppl are more severe.
how would u react if your step dad stole money from everyone and was on drugs, your mom didnt believe you. you didnt know who your bio dad was for years bevause ur mom banned him from seeing you because he didnt pay child support, your grandfather molested u for years without anyone batting an eye, and the family that understands is miles away. imagine being aileen who for awjilw felt like nothing because after school shed babysit her little brother because mom had to work and step dad was always ignoring everyone while he did drugs. while i know amd understand her moms aide, i understand Aileen. i also lived with them for a short time to see it, after i left a toxic abusive relationship by the hands of an addict. some ppl cope better than others. my husband is an army combat vet who spent damn near 15 yrs in. he copes by gaming. i cope by paimtimg and drawing. aileen copes by expressing stories. its actually commom to make up shit when coping to not deal with truth head on. i see patients do it all the time especially when meds hinder them so they lash out with stories amd little lies to hide. some even are so damaged theyre psyche splits resulting in multiple personalities. Aileen isnt splintered. shes coping. think what you want, you will anyways.
george i wouldnt catch a flight unless ahe invites you. she may not want to see you.

No. 401962

Aileen's snapchat right now: I can't screenshot because I don't have another device on me, but here is what she posted:

SNAP 1: For ya'll that care: my ex was a pos that regularly emotionally abused me. Every time I broke up with him he threatened suicide or becoming an invalid. I genuinely cared about him and his family so I stayed.

SNAP 2: HE cheated on ME. Like legitimately physically cheated on me earlier on in the relationship, not nudes to internet friends, dick in vag cheated. I stayed bc i was 14 and I genuinely believed that he was the only person that would ever care about me.

SNAP 3: His own mother begged me to stay with him so he would get and keep a job and grow up. (He's 20 btw) this essentially charged (then 16 YO) me to take care of him.

SNAP 4: My mother was NEVER lied about. Enough fucking said.

SNAP 5: And as for my aunt Nikki. She didn't even know e until I was SIXTEEN. She has NO CLUE what I've been through with my parents. I didn't even know about my bio father until mark (my abuser) told me.

SNAP 6: I don't fault Nikki for the posts. It's hard to really care about someone you don't know anything about.

SNAP 7: As for the "meds" I was prescribed tegretol, olanzipine, and cymbals. I was never diagnosed with BP. I was depressed and have PTSD. I took the medication I was forced on for all of 2 months before i refused them (this was in 2015 btw).

SNAP 8: I was prescribed medication after a suicide attempt because I believed no one cared about me. My mother let my stepfather get away with drugs in the house, even if she didn't at the time know about the molestation.

SNAP 9: [Just a black screen]

SNAP 10: So I drank some drain fluid, attempted to slit my wrists (couldn't get a deep enough cut the knife was too dull) and i eventually cried myself to sleep in a cold tub of water.

SNAP 11: My suicide note had everything my stepfather had done to me in it. And yet, when I came home from the hospital, he was still in the house. My mom explained it was because a polygraph had proven him truthful."

SNAP 12: Any self respecting law inforcement [sic] would tell you polygraphs are not reliable. I told her to take me to one. She never answered me. She just stared angrily.

SNAP 13: Ask George about that situation. I fucking dare you all. He knows what happened.

SNAP 14: As for posting lewd's [sic], yeah I know that was dumb ngl. I wanted validation from people online because I never got any from the people around me. Not gonna say that wasn't the dumbest decision I ever made.

SNAP 15: Mistakes: I have made a few however "foul bahavior"? [sic] You can fuck all the way off with that shit. You know what these people have done. I will not apologize for responding to them to [sic] way I have.

SNAP 16: I never said anything about you Nikki, because you didn't deserve it. I never said anything about Melissa or Ricky or Even Dianne for that matter. Even though they fucking knew and tried to hide it all with Mark. You most of all did not deserve it.

SNAP 17: Think about that. I never shaded the peopl [sic] who covered up my molestation because they were not the ones who were supposed to protect me. Rosemary was. She was my fucking mother for Christ sake.

SNAP 18: When I refused prescribed medication: she encouraged me to smoke weed to "balance me out" she justifyd it by saying that's what Tony did. She used a litteral [sic] dope addict as an example of proper behavior.

SNAP 19: [A bunch of hearts spelling out "why tho"]

No. 401963

george theres others besides her mom hun. if you knew everything you wouldmt be quick to get someone else involved. she truated a group of femalea and rhey were all swnsing lewds back.and forth to each other. i seen the messages. i hate she did it but i prefer lewds over her becoming a stripper like i did at her age. she doesmt do drugs or drink. she doesmt smoke cigs or weed. she kmows she fucked up by trusting that group of girls.
amd so ypu know Georgw, her bio daf Dave is dying from cancer and wjile u went to her mom over this her mom is blaming dave once again for aileen when he had nothing to do with it. hes disappointed in his daughter for what she did endangering herself like that, but thats him wanting her safe.
you know her moms side of the family. you dont know aileens puerto rican italian and samoan family (her bio dads side).
theres a lot you and everyone else doesnt know.

No. 401964

I feel like this situation has become a little suspicious, any way to confirm the Aunt is really here, and George too?

No. 401968

yeah sure.. my ugly ass mug lmao. Nikita Hall formerly.Nikita Diaz. colorado springs co. born july 27 1987
2 kids samora and vinnie.

No. 401970

Believe what you want to. I hate this site. Wish there was a way to prove what I have and haven't posted. As for the snaps I'd like to clarify. Yes I cheated. If you class a kiss as cheating. It was the first year. I only went to see this girl because she used self harming against me. What I did was wrong but we did not have sex. I told Aileen I wasent a virgin from a few years before that. Before we even met.

No. 401971

File: 1507734088325.png (326.64 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_20171011-090053.png)

No. 401972

Why is it she is claiming you were cheating with having sex specifically though? Anything that could have made her believe this?

No. 401974

Dude what the fucks happening in this thread

No. 401975

Thanks for the proof, Aunt Niki

No. 401977

Honestly still no excuse to be a grade A dickhead to people. I've been through daily rape as a child and even was sexually abused by my current partner. Shit happens, gotta take those bad experiences and dealings with awful people and make sure YOURSELF doesn't turn into a shit person who hurts people too.

No. 401980

Shit is wack.

No. 401984

I hate this site and I'm regretting posting on here. I had to say something because this whole situation is killing me.i didn't want any of this. And a few of you on here. I wish I could nerve (ending) this shit. (Look it up it's a movie)

No. 401988

some ppl cope differently. i admittwd i wasnt an angel. before i found a different way to cope i was a complete utter cunt to ppl over rape and abuse. i was on coke from when i was 13-19 when i found out about being pregnant with my oldest. my son is a rape child. how u or someome else copes is up to that person. for awhile i didnt cope healthily either. you think ahes bad, i was a fucking tyrant amd thats why her mom reached out to me after ahe went to the hospital. i didmt meet her until she was going on 16 and she found out about Daves side of the family. for almost 16 years she didnt know who we were all while she waa going thru bs at home
ppl cope differently.

No. 401991

for anons who don't want to look it up; I took this from Wiki:

"Tommy and his hackers modify Nerve's source code to decrypt the watcher's code names and send them a message: 'You are an accessory to murder'."

No. 401992

as weird as this was, i have a meeting at the courts in 20min. yall take care and have a good day.
xoxo Aunt Niki

No. 401993

Saying you want to nerve this shit is a bit extreme, don't you think?
No one is forcing you to read here. If you are as shitty as your ex claims then just do her a favor and leave her alone.

No. 401995

Was more referring to the part they reveal all of the anons names. And one by one they try to hide

No. 401996

Most of us haven't done stupid stuff we want to hide however.

No. 401998

Your right but some people here have said some disgusting things. I don't care how you try to defend yourselfs.

I'm only here because I was sick of being said. Aileen blocked me on everything and I was sat here watching an soaking the pain of my minor actions. Not to mention I work 12 hour night shift barely talking to anyone. You have no idea how shit messes with you when your left to stew with your own thoughts on your own for 12 hours

No. 402001

Yeah… none of us have anything to hide. I'm sorry you're hurting, dude, but jfc, these flakes did this to themselves by putting so much personal info on the internet.

Also… she literally just lied in her snap and said that you "dick in vag" cheated…. so….

Have a good day at work.

No. 402004

I can confirm that it IS Geo, assuming the same about the Aunt too. ~ Geo’s bestfriend.

No. 402011

well i never thought this thread would get anymore autistic, but here we are.

sage for non-contribution

No. 402012

All this shit reminds me of the new South Park Season where Cartman lies that his girlfriend is mental/abusive and threatening to kill herself, and Heidi confirmed it was Eric threatening to kill himself if she broke up with him.

Aileen is Cartman.

No. 402027

If we can get a couple of other family members or another ex in here we could basically have us a solid white trash episode of jerry springer. I hope Aileen is enjoying all her attention and she makes me seriously glad I never did anything dumb on the internet. also does her face remind anyone of Jessie slaughter?

No. 402076

wait who is geo?
and assuming shit isnt always a good thing. i didnt know about this site until it got brought to my attention by her mother.
I seriously take offense to the white trash comment as I am not white. Im a fucking mixed bitch and proud of it. Some of yall act like you dont have disfunction in your families.
Whatever beef Aileen has with Rose has been building for years same with her shit with George.
So quick to say shit and accuse, but everyone here is behind a screen.
Wanting other famoly members on here for what? So you can down a whole family because you think your life is perfect?
I accepted my flaws and turned my life around, got my degrees, and Im pretty sure Aileen will do the same. So once you all get from behind your perfect screens and face your own reality, maybe you will too. This much negativity can kill you.

oh side note: cyberbullying and harassment has been considered a federal crime thanks to Megans Law. IP tracking does exist regardless on whether you post anonymous or not. with that, enjoy the fbi tag on this site. have a great day.

No. 402078

Geo is her ex-fiance.

Also: no one is "harassing" Aileen. She has her social media public– her Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.– for anyone to access. She does not have to come here. I sure as hell am NOT sending her messages or harassing her.

No one can be "tracked" or "arrested" for being mean. If we were somehow able to illicitly access her social media through nefarious means, or if someone were legitimately stalking her, then there
would be a problem. But she does NOT have to come here, and she can likely avoid further comments by privatizing her social media.

Helpful advice. I can't speak for anyone else here, I guess, but I certainly don't want anything bad to happen to Aileen. I simply think it's funny to call her out on being a psycho.

No. 402081

>enjoy the FBI tag on this site
Fucking kek

No. 402082

I don't mind exposing myself to you however this is an anon website so…we can't all parade around names. I didn't say you were white trash however your niece is. Look at her, look at what she's doing. As far as family distinction everyone has it but not everyone broadcasts it. She is making a show out of herself and loving every minute of it. She admits this. As far as turning her life around goes? I think she's set herself up for failure already with her attitude towards everything and we much as I'd like to see this poor ugly girl do well with what she has, I have a feeling she's too far gone haha.

No. 402090

Also before you throw stones maybe you should check out these people she's ~in love with are

No. 402091

File: 1507742388380.jpg (492.89 KB, 1440x1590, Screenshot_20171008-220322.jpg)

She lied to you, the nudes she posted were from a discord server created by onision fans.

This is the kind of thing your niece writes about the people in the server.

No. 402098

Who the fuck is Tilly? Why should I believe any of these fucks?

No. 402100

File: 1507743135843.jpg (43.48 KB, 640x496, 8c3.jpg)

So first you come here and shittalk your young niece, THEN we are the boolies? Sure, talk to the FBI loonie, make them laugh like you're making us. Also I appreciate how you corrected your whack typing after it was pointed out in the discord.
Hope you enjoyed lurking, though

No. 402101

please tell me you have more of this lestat/Aileen romance fic. this is so embarrassing, why would she write this? what was the context? honestly I'd be less mortified if she would have wrote herself having sex with greg or lainey. at least they're *~"celebs" lassie is just a short fat v

No. 402103

You posted way more bullying info than anyone here Auntie ha

No. 402106

Also it wasn't just a group of females, there were men too. One was a mod for the onision server. Funny that's what's she's spinning it as though.

Why don't you research who onision is

No. 402108

File: 1507743298641.jpg (527.37 KB, 1440x1823, Screenshot_20171008-215942.jpg)

No. 402109

File: 1507743345109.jpg (481.82 KB, 1440x1805, Screenshot_20171008-220427.jpg)

She writes about amber and maxie in these stories too

No. 402110

File: 1507743364782.jpg (229.75 KB, 1440x2240, Screenshot_20171008-220404.jpg)

No. 402111

File: 1507743427348.jpg (502.55 KB, 1440x1821, Screenshot_20171008-215752.jpg)

No. 402119

these are pathetic, literally writing fan fiction about average real people. the mark of a crazy for sure.

No. 402129


you're a strong woman Nikita. Having a rape child isn't easy. You are a good person for reaching out to her in a way you know she'll read and respond. She's lucky to have an aunt that cares that much about her, honestly.

have a good day and come back soon <3

No. 402151

Get yourself one of those fbi tags ~ then since you were trashing your niece on here a few hours ago kek

No. 402163

I read this as
>Amber…she lived for Plain

Writing a story about one of your friends being a sex slave seems very out of balance to me.

No. 402236

Guys I was molested uwu
>acts like a thot online

No. 402253

That isn't something to joke about. Someone who has gone through sexual abuse has every right to take charge of their sexuality. Sure posting in Discord wasn't the smartest, however dude that isn't the best to laugh over.

No. 402256


go back to onioncord faggot.

>step 1: act like thot

>step 2: get exposed
>step 3: cry raep
>step 4: ???
>step 5: profit!!

No. 402270

Sage for tinfoil, is it possible Ana played the role of her aunt and george in this thread? It all seems a bit… nuts. Can we get a mod to have a look at this?

No. 402275

>admits she posted nudes for validation
>gets groomed by creepy ex onion mod lassie into posting nudes
>anti medication and doctor beliefs by onision encourage this girl to go off her meds
She totally took charge

No. 402287

Ana is legit IP banned and doesn't know how to evade the ban. I spoke to her.

No. 402289

Still, it is a raw subject to mock.

No. 402293

sorry you got molested anon but unless a farmhand or admin-sama tells us to not bring it up, stop telling people what to do

No. 402314


Why is your vagina so sandy? Assuming you're >>402256, acting like a "thot" doesn't invalidate that she was abused and wants to talk about it. Ana is an idiot for her own reasons, but you're a real piece of shit edgelord for trying to put down others for their discomfort. You're not better than anyone else here, so knock it off.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 402343

>That isn't something to joke about.
you're not my aunt, so fuck off about telling us what to do

No. 402370

gee, I could only wish for such a loving aunt, someone who admitted themselves they went through their own rough patch and acted out.

No. 402380

I guess banned for infighting - however I agree with the post.
This thread is derailing from the topic of the patreons lulzy obsession with Onision to their very personal private matters and sexual abuse.

No. 402449

Sage for being a retard who can't find it in old threads, but was Ana/Aileen the one behind the cringy-ass "love you through the stratosphere" tweet to Plainey? I remember a 2-part Discord screencap, but not the name.

No. 402475

Yeah the edginess about the sexual abuse is getting annoying, she's an idiot but still a human. Aileen go get some help and trust me, obsessing over someone like onision especially as a rape victim will just drain you and get you nowhere.

No. 402608

This. Being a flake doesn't mean you haven't been through shit.

Onision doesn't care about rape victims and is one step removed from being a rapist himself (considering he said he doesn't take no for an answer), so if you're hoping for support from him and plank, you're never gonna get it.

No. 402786

File: 1507856052150.png (319.8 KB, 1039x427, passive aggo.png)

lol, "You look healthy!" is not a compliment when it comes from someone with anorexia

No. 404589


I thought my ex was only being discussed on KiwiFarms. I just found this one too.

Someone in this thread mentioned that they were taking pics of her snapchat. Can you tell me her Snapchat username?

No. 404593

You shat up the KF thread under two usernames and the mods had to merge your accounts. First, you tried to delete your posts doxxing her; then you created an alternate account to continue doxxing her. What are you trying to prove? There's no milk. She's ugly, obsessed with Onion, and posted her nasty self on the internet… but that's all we've got. There's nothing left to discuss atm.

Why are you parading around like you're proud to have dated a girl who looks like Sloth from "The Goonies"?

No. 404600

You're right, bro. Imma just let it go. After this leak, I've realized she has no redeeming qualities. I honestly wanted to get back together with her because of how she used to be (not attractive but at least a decent human being) but after reading the disgusting things she said in that Discord chat and seeing the leaked nudes, she's clearly become a degenerate over the past two years (around the time we stopped dating). That's why I decided to burn the final bridge a couple days ago and just full-on dox her. I really couldn't care less about her at this point. Don't really know what happened in her life that made her turn out like this but I'm disappointed.

No. 404617


whatever faggot, you got threadbanned and cant glean attention and sympathy from KF so you come back here namefagging because you totally dont care. and dont parade the fact you full on doxed her because you baleted your posts because you had a change of heart and bitched when KF mods reversed it. youre as much a lolcow as these onioncord thots

No. 404671

kek. Also lol at them calling me "bro" as if the majority of us are men on here.

We're women, retard.

No. 404705


>the bmi scale is a load of nonsense

oh yeah, i'm sure you guys are bodybuilders and shit so its totally not helpful.

fucking ana fags celebrating other ana fags. it makes me sick too because onion outed billie as someone with an eating disorder. and now lainey is all into this ana shit and the dumb flakes are supporting it.

also this harley chick has some huuuuuuuge self esteem issues from the shit itt. i wouldn't want a compliment from her ever.

No. 404712

File: 1508186306122.jpg (17 KB, 246x246, tumblr_ox5h61j9E81sa6715o2_250…)


whats with all the dumb name fagging ITT? someone tell Anastasia (or whoever the fuck) that instead of roleplaying and shit, she should worry about the nudes leaked. take that shit to your wattpad

the flakes should be worrying about the person who leaked all that shit here (becca btw) instead of coming into the thread pretending to be farmers. one of your friends leaked your nudes for no reason, worry about that.

No. 404726

File: 1508188414547.jpg (50.37 KB, 960x960, 16939324_201007300382042_20609…)

@MaxieBoxie AKA Emily Goldenhersh's last boyfriend. Not from the Discord but lol'worthy.

No. 404729

Ha this kid got banned from the thread on KF so comes here. How pathetic that you're still obsessed with someone that is up Onisions ass. Get over it kid.

No. 404730

File: 1508188719945.png (480.36 KB, 852x1390, Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 4.41…)

Just checked out her Twitter (twitter.com/maxieboxie)

LMAO! Another lying thot BTFO'd.
What we do without screenshots?

No. 404733

File: 1508188880616.png (1.21 MB, 968x1000, Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 5.06…)

ummm, this Maxie girl needs help.

No. 404734

More dirt on her… I'm opening the floodgates.

No. 404735

File: 1508189045278.png (205.34 KB, 1098x1108, Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 5.23…)

This girl is a pathological liar. She lies about everything.

No. 404738

Hey Emily, you look like a retard when you're vaping.

No. 404740

File: 1508189236532.png (929.67 KB, 1000x1436, Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 5.26…)

No. 404744

File: 1508189535424.png (433.66 KB, 1164x1176, Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 10.0…)

170 tweets to Onision??? Why do these whores like Onision so much? THESE CHICKS ARE BUTT UGLY! THE FUCKKK?

No. 404749

Maxie's ex is going to spam this thread until he's banned here as well. Sage if you're going to post nonstop.

No. 404751

Nah, I'm done. That's all I had.
Could you "sage it for me? I don't know what that means.

No. 404782

Surprised none of these girls have gone into DFE mode.(read the rules)

No. 404792

Holy FUCK you are a retard. Stop namefagging and trying to assert your ~ uwu male dominance ~ like you actually have any "dirt" to offer (spoiler: you don't). Learning to sage takes about ten seconds of clicking around this website, btw.

It's no wonder you dated Gollum's cousin; you're just as much of an insufferable moron as she is.

No. 404851

So they are released their own nudes…….

No. 404923

Today Emily learned a valuable lesson. You maxed out your credit card buying pretend gold bars for an internet D-star who will only care about you if you can provide her with money via YouNow checks.

No amount of goldbars spent on Lameo will bring back the sister you accidentally drowned.

No. 404930

File: 1508215530345.png (413.1 KB, 394x503, doit.png)

you said you were done at KF too but you kept going back like the waterhead you are until you were kicked out. take a hint.

No. 404937

I'm pretty sure the bf said the sisters death was a lie as well before he removed all the decent milk in his KF post.

No. 404954

File: 1508218577139.png (269.1 KB, 1011x1574, exbf1.png)

if anyone was wanting context to the KF shit on maxiesexbf here ya go (1/3)

No. 404955

File: 1508218602553.png (359.37 KB, 1005x1555, exbf2.png)


No. 404956

File: 1508218635475.png (104.11 KB, 992x692, exbf3.png)

obviously not a well person

No. 405082

Just to make it clear, all the posts after he "regretted" doxxing her were made by another account he made which was later found out and merged with the original account. This loser is as mentally ill as all these girls

No. 405282

File: 1508285412217.png (323.14 KB, 899x424, Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 8.07…)

Emily on suciide watch.

No. 405283

That Meowsifer chick is tweeting about breaking up with a long distance gf. Connection maybe?

No. 405284

i think we broke her. not that she was in good shape to begin with.

No. 405286

Looks like she went private, we milked this cow dry. LOL xd(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 405354

File: 1508298334709.jpg (181.36 KB, 1080x1080, ashlyn.jpg)

Macncheesefairy is self posting over in the /pt/ thread. Seems she's suddenly decided she doesn't want to be a stan anymore. Thoughts anons?

No. 405381

she never gave them money and was never in the discord.

No. 405391

yeah thats weak stan status if she never gave them nickels on younow patreon

She didnt give them money but it sounds like (from the dms) grugly made multiple requests for her to fly down and work as his camera person, even though she had no experience at it. Greg said he'd "teach her"

No. 405422

The "I didn't know what I was doing I'm naive uwu" is such obvious bullshit, but farmers are eating it up and attacking anyone who dares question her. She obv knew what she was doing with the "I'm barely legal" and "uwu lainey dye your hair yellow" shit.

No. 405426

Oh but anon, even though she follows Billie she never looked!

Ridiculous, but she got the attention payoff she wanted. The screencaps were good but the "AMA" was vapid.

No. 405432

she looks like she has downs

No. 405457

File: 1508331788281.png (319.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171018-094353.png)

Harley uploaded a pic with long blonde hair and then this happened. Harley straight up called Becca fat.

No. 405465

"Straight up called her fat" Where though?
Bore me with skimmed milk.

No. 405501

File: 1508340778788.jpeg (189.6 KB, 960x1280, DKOWN04WkAAI3OK-1.jpg-large.jp…)

Found this on her Twitter b4 she went priv8 yesterday.

No. 405504

I don't think she's missing just a chromosome. I don't think she has any at all.

No. 405507

File: 1508341193781.png (1.8 MB, 1172x1206, Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 11.3…)

>unprotects tweets
>posts pic
>re-protects tweets

Yep uh-huh hunny, sure you're happy.
Why do these LOLCOWs always try so hard to pretend like we don't get under their skin? It's not like if you stop caring but you keep doing dumb stuff on the internet that we'll stop caring. No, we'll stop caring when you stop being retarded.

Stop being a tard, Emily.

No. 405509

File: 1508341294366.png (419.81 KB, 536x786, Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 11.4…)

Also bio update:


No. 405513

File: 1508341751349.png (55.95 KB, 1166x168, Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 11.4…)

>Looks like unprotected her tweets again

Also "okay" with not being hot. Yeah, keep telling urself that hunny.

No. 405517

Exactly? like who follows everyone Onision hates? especially claiming to be a naive fan girl. She also unfollowed SR like seconds after onision got told in a twitch stream. There is no way in hell she didn't know Billie's hair was yellow considering she follows Billie on instagram… aka… a place where you follow people to see their pictures… She also did not answer any of the questions I asked her except for saying she is a naive fangirl. I speculate she is trying to "expose" greaselord for the attention she knows she will get from this.

No. 405520

File: 1508342566617.jpg (46.71 KB, 475x667, cap.JPG)

Can you imagine being this creepy? Sorry ana! Lainey would never want you.

No. 405522

It's creepy as hell and you'd have to suffer some sexual abuse as a child to be this messed up in the head. I believe them when they say were molested as kids.

No. 405548

go away, thought you said you were done here.

No. 405558

File: 1508352947708.gif (88.71 KB, 625x353, 1498432478496.gif)


nah i think they're just naive as hell - maaybe autistic. but really, some people are weird for no reason. >>405520 anastasia is probably sheltered or something. i think she made the whole thing up because she wanted us to like her. or more attention, since she's clearly loving being featured here >>401776. i was abused as a kid, and imho her story sounds fake. i don't buy it. she's not "troubled" in the way you're suggesting.

i mean, she has a wattpadd account and posts regularly. so…she's mentally 12 and lies about pointless stuff. never expect anything else from someone who watches onision. it happens. probably didn't have any friends growing up and doesn't know any better.

No. 405571

Confirmation on the autism suspicion. Emily is diagnosed bipolar disorder, somewhere on the spectrum (not sure if it's specifically autism), and has been to the mental hospital at least two times. Mental illness is definitely playing a role.

No. 405605

File: 1508359755476.png (160.12 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171018-154821.png)

No. 405606

File: 1508359781762.png (140.12 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171018-154827.png)

No. 405607

File: 1508359801778.png (97.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171018-154830.png)

No. 405612

Bitch scoliosis doesn't work like that…
Sorry to blogpost but I wore a brace in my teen years for it and my mother had her spine fused due to scoliosis. This is a bunch of bullshit. It's like saying "I lived in a state where it snows in the winter and now I have permanent frostbite".

These girls will go to any length just to get his attention or an asspat.

No. 405614

Samefagging but typically you don't win a substantial amount in young pagents. It's typically $200+-, the emphasis is on the crown and the ability to advance

No. 405653

File: 1508367277549.png (21.31 KB, 404x245, Screenshot (1).png)


No. 405670


No. 406249

>current partner

:( why?

No. 406372

these girls must have such awkward convos. Imagine explaining to ppl what you do on the internet in you free time.

So yeah, I'm part of a group of girls that essentially cyberstalks Onision and his wife b/c I desperately want him / her / it / they / cat / dog / fence / spaceship to fuck me.

And you know they're all paying at least $100/month

No. 406373

samefagging but i wanted to add to that last post "through Patron".

No. 406377

File: 1508514894933.jpeg (95 KB, 1241x754, DMjOOugXcAA3m-w.jpg-large.jpeg)

Looks like Ana has at least some self-awareness.

No. 406381

https://twitter.com/maxieboxie/status/921217115134275585 lol RANDUMMM XD so funny ;-) hehehe
:crying, laughing, shocked emoji face: :3

Imagining opening your door in this hallway at 1 in the morning after being woken up by some autistic girl dressed in a chicken costume blasting chicken sounds from her cellphone. No wonder most ppl move off campus after the first year.

No. 406545

Don't wanna be mean but all those discord girls are so fucking ugly. I still cannot believe Maxie is a girl even tho I've seen her nudes…

No. 406657

maybe theres a freaky story behind Maxie birth-
>there was a horrible accident when we attempted a new laser circumcision technique. You and your husband will have to discuss your son living as a male with no penis, or we could do a sex reassignment surgery and have lil Maxwell live as a girl with a newly made vagina.

She is rough looking for a female.

No. 407489

>lil Maxwell
lmao I am dead

No. 407549

LOL @ the salty BF for sticking his dick in that.

No. 407561

File: 1508684041999.png (64.24 KB, 864x366, Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 10.5…)

Maxie is a biological male confirmed.

No. 407563

File: 1508684563718.png (87.34 KB, 868x450, Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 10.5…)

Same poster.
Imagine having your nudes just leak and laughing off comments about your deshelved appearance.

I was reading through some of the posts on the KiwiFarms thread and she posted a lot of shit to "the bully project".
Found this: "here's a night staff at my boarding school that calls me an Ugly child and a nasty little girl cause I have a hard time cleaning my room in the morning" [and she probably rarely takes showers too judging by her face acne].

TAKE A SHOWER, MAXIE. I don't think much can be done about your fetal alcohol syndrome face but I think a shower everyday would go a long way. I mean holy shit, how hard is it to turn on the water facet and got underneath the shower head 5 minutes everyday? Get on it.

No. 408215

File: 1508777430389.png (26.69 KB, 588x208, Capture.PNG)

You sure Aileen?

No. 408216

Top Kek

No. 408702

File: 1508835504706.png (Spoiler Image, 405.33 KB, 658x490, Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 4.57…)

I've never a sadder looking ass.(learn 2 sage)

No. 408703


KEK. You're on LC, you're social media is being watched perpetually now. Your boyfriend could never post on here every again and we'll continue to call out your creepy Onision stalking internet behavior.

No. 408706

File: 1508836072638.jpeg (403.67 KB, 2048x1978, DM4IsgtXkAAmnrZ.jpg-large.jpeg)

>Nah, the only time Onision thinks about you every month is when he takes your money. Your dreams of being Greg+Lainey's Billie 2.0 will never happen.

No. 408710

File: 1508836825693.png (1.61 MB, 1166x1258, Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 5.19…)

>yeah, you win the i'm-going-to-puke-cuz-u-ugly-as-shit contest. Congrats, m8.

No. 408711

File: 1508836879571.jpeg (157.86 KB, 960x1280, DMlmvztWkAAVRqs-1.jpg-large.jp…)


No. 408713

Maxieboxie (AKA, Emily): "I like regular fucking".

>Yeah right,

as if anyone is fucking you.

What is it with internet girls thinking their ten times hotter than they actually are?

No. 408750

I think that's a top notch ass tbh

No. 408753

What? Her acne isn’t even that bad?

No. 408811

You have very low standards then. That ass is indistinguishable from a prepubescent boy's ass.
I mean unless you like that, anon.

No. 408813

Show me your ass and I'll make a comparison, how many boys asses have you seen? It's big and curvy in all the right places.

No. 408819

Hi Maxie. Come to graze?

No. 408822

Not Maxie just a heterosexual male that enjoys a good ass.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 408864

Did this anon just get banned for liking Maxies ass, proper bannable offense. How insecure are you girls?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 408867

You seem retarded, is it that hard to read the rules?

No. 408975

I said acne.. not ass.

No. 408977

Sorry for samefagging but I’m not Maxie.

No. 409014

Well she did expose what a creep he was tbh i don't think it had anything to do with attention, I mean look at all the other calfs.
Out of all his dick sucking patreons he chooses a rando billie looking clone. The girl never gave him a single cent.
Tomato fag gives like 1k and only gets a forced collab.

No. 409044

Gtfo Maccheesy, begging for his attention is worse than paying him 5 dollars a month. Fluffing up his ego and once he said no, you need in through lainey and then lainey rejected your fucked up face, you come here and start a self posting pity party.(learn 2 sage)

No. 409232

if u weren't Maxie, u wouldn't keep telling us over and over how you weren't. A normal person would just move in with their day because it doesn't matter to them. You've already been banned from what? 2 IP address in the last 24 hours? You were already caught pretending to be someone here (mods can see your IP, dumbass) >>408864
No one thinks you're hot, Maxie. Everybody else in this thread who has seen your nasty naked body has concurred how gross it is. Coming on here and pretending to be "just a heterosexual male that enjoys a good ass" (like who even says that? You fuckin' suck at lying.) isn't going to magically make you hot. You have to actually be hot for society to regard you as hot. Judging from the bullying project entries, your dishonest exchanges with your psycho ex on twitter, and the fact that you're idol Onision is pathological liar, you're really good at lying to yourself to the point of mental retardation. fuck off you disgusting, little piglet.(learn 2 sage)

No. 409302

I'm NOT Maxie.

No. 409303

will you stop shitting up the thread with accusations and 'ree i'm not her' posts? we don't care. give us milk on these calves.

No. 409304


God knows I am trying…(learn 2 sage)

No. 409424

Idgaf who you are, sage your shit my dude

No. 409767

"(learn to sage)"
nigga idgaf about your gay internet forum.(k)

No. 409942

Excuse me? I’m a different anon..

No. 410397

File: 1509128815666.png (4.68 MB, 3358x2100, Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 9.33…)

No. 410838

wow this thread is a mess, I only come here every other week but all I see is red text kek

Does this thread to 90% consist of discordfags themselves?

he didn't say no, she said no when he tried to fly her in. at least she learned what a dick he is before it was too late and the milk was hilarious

No. 410929

Lol @ all the samefagging in this thread. GTFO, Maxie.

No. 411056

>Does this thread to 90% consist of discordfags themselves?

I'm almost certain this is the case. This thread was made as a containment thread. I think most anons rarely check on this thread, the discordfags are a bunch of Onion worshippers that don't matter to anyone. They are either self posting for pity, or they are posting each other to make the others look bad. They are hoping that this will somehow get Greggle's attention. Sadly they still don't realize that he doesn't give a fuck about them, and that they are just piggy banks.

No. 412187

File: 1509415076149.png (Spoiler Image, 605.36 KB, 488x1184, kittenspace.png)

Too late for that

No. 412243

i'm bipolar and do a LOT of dumb shit without realizing how bad it is - I come to this thread to really meditate on how even though I do wack shit I will never ever ever be paying-insane-amounts-of-money-to-be-financially-dominated-by-onision levels of fucked up.

i just wanted to thank these dumb assholes for putting their lives on the internet for me to exploit exclusively for my benefit, much like Onion boy.

No. 412257

I have a feeling this one is edgy enough to really get with Greg.

No. 412284

File: 1509430022291.gif (1.89 MB, 340x347, 76753478956.gif)

This thread right now lmao. I never have a clue what is going in this thread either and it got boring pretty fast but it's clearly mostly Onion's discordfags roleplaying as farmers.

Shows what a bunch of vile, catty bitches they are, paying to compete for Grease's microdick and whining about haters while it's all themselves talking shit, doxxing and posting eachother's nudes.

No. 412286

posting twice?

No. 412291

Is there an unwritten rule that they must all share nudes?

No. 412295

i'd bet this has been posted by a jealous discord fag. i almost feel bad. almost

No. 412317

Dat gut

No. 412330

and tattoo "I'm a liar" above their ass.

No. 412382

I can't believe these girls are willing to share their nudes for a chance at getting a smidge of attention from Gregma and Lamp. Like it's not bad enough to throw money at them.. you have to exploit yourself. It's so pathetic.

No. 412576

lol I come to lolcow for feeling better about myself too

your last sentence sums it up so perfectly, all the info, nude leaks and stuff comes from within discord because farmers don't care enough to dig for that shit, we only come to laugh at how pathetic they are.

So can someone please explain the thing with the website I heard about where discordfags post their nudes? What is the purpose?

No. 413239

Is it just me or is it not even entertaining to watch these discordfags tear apart their own friendships over Gregma and Plainy anymore? This thread has devolved into a bunch of irrelevant children leaking eachothers shitty nudes to get back at the other children leaking shitty nudes.

Dear Patronfags: trying to dox yourselves isnt the way to Grease's heart. Youd have a better chance by just shoving your unfortunate crotches into his face like GingerShits tried this summer.

No. 413240

The best part ? Rebecca clogged the toilet on purpose to be funny, meanwhile on voice chat dramatically pretending it was an accident whole asking lame for help.

At the same time her messages got leaked and we found out Greg doesn't respect Taylor enough to let her know when he's bringing over young pussy

And yes Rebecca, you purposely flushed multiple baby wipes down :^)

>I actually don't like lainey she was shit talking me the whole time she's totally different in person uwu

No. 414298

Ana's BPD is acting up again.

No. 414299

File: 1509726049648.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.13 KB, 1200x900, DNrMIEaWsAI1oF4.jpg)

No. 414301

File: 1509726058600.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.44 KB, 1024x768, DNrP6vVWsAEpb5V.jpg)

No. 414302

Damn, Maxie is a really mental case.

No. 414340

Damn these girls are so fucking pathetic, the only people more fucked up than them are tweakers lol. These girls need to do some self-evaluating. I'd be so fucking embarrassed if I was any of them. Bunch of desperate losers

No. 414680

File: 1509758467491.png (136.24 KB, 299x431, Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 9.11…)

All I really have to say about Maxie's latest bio update.


They are retarded and they should k_ll th_ms__ves.

"poly" (which is short for polyamorous)

LOL @ the idea of her thinking anybody would want to be in her relationship with her retarded behavior and would be comfortable with her fucking other dudes/girls on the side. Straight up delusional thinking right there.

No. 414685

She seems like a complete and utter nutcase.

No. 414741


Her overbite in this photo made me laugh out loud.

No. 414855

File: 1509780264505.png (27.93 KB, 699x221, harleylewdrewards.png)


>when you have no skills or talent so you have to stick close to greg to get retarded fans to buy your nasty ass $25 nudes.

No. 414856

File: 1509780382425.jpg (77.19 KB, 1702x718, patreonviolation.jpg)

No. 415030


kinda catchy

No. 415598

File: 1509847068802.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.72 KB, 548x273, ykuxs.jpg)

No. 415607

Not today satan

No. 415609

who the fuck is this now?

No. 415669

Dont encourage this shit.
Just report and move on.
If this photo had some kind of relevance to the thread topic they would of added some context… not just post a photo, hoping people would beg for information.

No. 415678

File: 1509853649548.jpg (Spoiler Image, 249.85 KB, 526x492, popechode.jpg)

No. 415687

It's definitely someone in their discord server, see >>399676

KEK but seriously which of them is this?

No. 415690

File: 1509854319270.jpg (27.38 KB, 480x424, Screenshot_10.jpg)

It's Lassie, the owner of the server all the leaks came from

No. 415691

File: 1509854335046.jpg (51.08 KB, 755x460, Screenshot_11.jpg)

something went down today

No. 415697

File: 1509854731766.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.3 KB, 1342x125, b8.jpg)

Better info on lindauer, also known as lassie that assie ;)

It's likely he suicide baited, he was active at the time this post was made in the previous onion threads.

tl;dr lassie faked the suicide rumors to all his fellow onion discord members while his personal cam whores/ mods knew about it the whole time.

No. 415705

File: 1509855156712.png (166.42 KB, 1221x273, thespergout.png)

This post is what caused lassie to sperg, note the lack of sage again

No. 415711

File: 1509855590073.jpg (47.06 KB, 1440x137, Screenshot_20171104-211745.jpg)

This is why lassie sperged out in his super secret server, his suicide baiting was called out and he was angry someone inside knew about it :((

No. 415715

File: 1509855995822.png (66.95 KB, 1204x455, fakenooz.png)

tfw lassie faked his own suicide

No. 415738

File: 1509858256511.jpeg (141.12 KB, 943x1178, 34617547-519A-4ADE-9E28-41997D…)

~he left he was demoted~

No he’s still there.

No. 415741

File: 1509858503050.jpeg (160.38 KB, 1242x950, A464F0FB-BEF5-4B59-B7BA-AFF4AD…)


No. 415742

File: 1509858540537.jpeg (215.54 KB, 1242x1074, 166B213C-5E2B-4184-98FC-0434F4…)

Let’s see how long that lasts donald.

No. 415744

1) to the Maxie or whoever said “they obviously are on euro time” I’m in the US, you’re fucking dumb.
2) donald you aren’t telling anyone to go away by posting a screenshot from here onto the server. You lasted 1 minute gg

No. 415747

File: 1509859190277.jpeg (913.2 KB, 1242x1867, 3A159534-A6A9-4BE7-8638-63FCE8…)

*marked up and edited so I can post when everything is gathered.

Katy, deleting messages won’t do shit when there’s dozens of ss

No. 415757

File: 1509859633472.png (40.24 KB, 838x222, db1e1e97978dd293eed90d1ae9f13f…)

well that's unfortunate

No. 415762

File: 1509859751613.png (339.06 KB, 1439x2277, Capture_2017-11-04-22-12-51.pn…)

BeccaCopsicle -Greg's Nemesis
so you lied to greg nice
cacesh -
BeccaCopsicle -Greg's Nemesis -
LieutenantLassie -
4 hours actually and because Greg asked me back :smiley:

No. 415774

Tons of SS tonight.

Tldr: Becca and lassie hate each other
Donald was kicked and came back
Harley keeps saying to go to dm but engages in the drama also. Apparently also lassie is a manipulative asshole.
They keep deleting messages but there’s a lot of people taking screenshots as they happen.

So guys, including Donnie tell them not to worry about deleting- it’s to late for that. It’s all out ;)

No. 415819

Tinfoil: becca is the one who demodded lassie

I'm actually curious as to who is leaking all if this but reading back it seems lassie is a possible infiltrator ? I mean the leaking started with toiletclogger and the only connection to all of the events up to now is lassie.

No. 416044

gtfo lassie, nobody cares about your small pecker. You discord cult are so fucking pathetic.

No. 416234

File: 1509994382808.png (10.84 KB, 351x122, B2PZr54.png)

in august i messaged lassie about the situation because i suspected he and gingerbeck were infiltrators. he confirmed in vc to use her

No. 416235

File: 1509994403587.png (14.2 KB, 595x142, DAnpyn7.png)

No. 416237

File: 1509994418238.png (25.31 KB, 572x220, v18m5tu.png)

No. 416239

File: 1509994432856.png (30.24 KB, 592x179, fTi1zxj.png)

No. 416240

File: 1509994458186.png (12.29 KB, 279x124, LmJ75Bi.png)

>why are you trying to call out a fake fan

No. 416246


greg thinks its funny and not a big deal that there are creeps in the server

No. 416288

Wow he changes his entire stance on "honesty" the second you bring in that these losers pay him. Greg is such scum lol

No. 416296

Why do all of his supporters not only look but also sound mentally challenged?

No. 416312

File: 1509998745335.png (35.31 KB, 277x365, 5rkYy5x.png)

>implying IPs haven't changed since August
>what are dynamic IPs

I really want to see what you're gonna do with 22 random IPs, though. Please do go ahead.

No. 416315

File: 1509998894466.png (273.21 KB, 629x564, laineycrush.png)

Unrelated to pedo-lassie: quick repost from tempcow of one of Billie's new skinwalkers. Lainey's active these days - Sarah, then Kitten, and now this. Trinity auditions when

No. 416638

File: 1510021586207.jpg (25.44 KB, 649x371, 23167905_164537077470005_48516…)

LOL @ Lainey's roommate being super uncomfortable with Ana freaking out in her room. I genuinely feel bad for her roommates.

No. 416639

File: 1510021656019.jpg (12.41 KB, 602x120, 23172795_164710890785957_19441…)

And then the entire classroom gave a standing ovation. Jesus Christ Ana, at least make up believable lies.

No. 416659

File: 1510023170095.jpg (27.75 KB, 652x255, 23231595_164720747451638_66162…)

Less of a lolcow moment, more of a self-awareness moment

No. 416662

File: 1510023327677.jpg (42.35 KB, 631x744, 23231293_164710910785955_79632…)

which one of you girls was this, lol?

No. 416716


i believe this too. i don't understand who keeps posting and bumping this shit. theres no real milk. its just girls who hate each other fighting on lolcow. why?? none of you are gonna get the onion dick anyway


>This whole server was a family

then why did you leak your friends nudes, becca?


ana-chan, that girl's body looks normal/average. relax, we don't care.


this is actually really funny like… i can't imagine having a roommate so greasy and gross like this bitch. and trying to make a convo with her must be hell, she probably spews juvenile shit about onion and lainey 24/7. i'd rather be roommates with a damn corpse.

No. 416726

We think it was Lassie, not Becca, leaking the nudes and yeah being roommates with Ana must be a nightmare.

No. 417262

Lmao "O-grease-ion" I'm stealing that

No. 417265

I think it was a collaborative effort between lassie and becca, They joined the discord at the same time and were already friends. Shits fishy as fuck but it explains why becca was so hellbent on getting anyone that could be competition due to having actual self esteem out of the running for gurgles attention.

No. 417283

I talked to a user named "mirrorballsuit" on KF about the discord fiasco and he (he identified himself as a male) said a female friend was sending him the nudes. I might have been talking to Lassie and he may have been talking about Becca or I may have been talking to another dude who was getting nudes from Becca. Becca may be involved. She's the only super fan girl whose nudes haven't been leaked so that does seem suspicious as fuck.

No. 417305

sage for a fag history lesson

lassie likely came in with a repcord raid a few months before becca joined

not tinfoil. can confirm becca demodded lindor

someone please make an "o-grease-ion" end card with gremas old jingle

No. 417314

samefag but patrons, please learn to sage so this thread dies already.

No. 417348

It's so funny hwo everyone knows that Lassie is the one leaking everything but because he is one of Onision's pay pigs, Onision will keep letting him be a mod regardless of his sneakiness.

No. 417350

Goes to show that Onision doesn't care about any of these ugly girls. They're just checkbooks to them, especially Maxie who maxed out her credit card gibbing shekels to Lainey.

No. 417417

Obviously hes got some objective but hes in too deep to give a shit about leaking a few whore's nudes. our boy is smart enough to be going for the head honcho so i dont think any of these petty leaks are him.

No. 417482

File: 1510086477259.png (304.19 KB, 636x1264, Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 3.23…)

It's muh body and can't take n00d pics of it!!!1! … destroying any possibility of employability in the future. I'm going to laugh so hard when HR at any job she applies for looks her up on google for a background check and sees this shitstorm. Oh man. You're so insane, Emily. Top kek!

No. 417485

File: 1510086669695.png (63.72 KB, 584x265, Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 3.29…)

Keep bringing the MILK.

No. 417486

that fat bitch becca governs the cunts and prob releases nudes on a powertrip. heh i thought lassie was a dyke the more you know

No. 417488

girl needs to understand the term flaunt before using it to describe her sack of a body. more like a science lesson

No. 417495

It's kool to be a slut, amirite? This is a shitsplosion.

No. 417542

Hi Emily, this is mrs. crystal (you're 2nd grade special education arts and craft teacher)

Do you remember that talk we have about keeping our clothes on in class? :-)

i HOPE all is well

-Ann Crystal

No. 417555

File: 1510088709877.png (21.49 KB, 463x82, Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 4.04…)

It was a joke. Forgot you had autism.

No. 417619

This is just sad. How often do these discord fags lurk this thread? Every day? Multiple times a day? Is it a permanent open tab on their browser?

No. 417633

They're Onion fags, they are helplessly addicted to drama and attention whoring. They'll complain how much they hate this thread but the truth is we give them more attention than Onision or any other man gives them IRL so they secretly enjoy it. Very sick.

No. 417826

She's not on PHub, don't know why she lied about that. That's like lying about doing crack? Very strange, Maxie.

No. 417856

Jfc, Emily.

No. 417956

File: 1510103662500.png (777.43 KB, 1418x1588, 20171107_171339.png)

They actually do though

No. 417974

haha wow, so these bitches can't defend themselves with ignorance for liking greg and giving him money

girls you are pure scum and a fucking drain on the economy i hope yall go broke for life

No. 417980

imagine how fucked in the head they must be. to keep tabs open on a place that only has negative things to state about u

i dread to imagine what their headspace is like and their fucking dreams. omg. i'm cringing so hard

No. 417986

I take things pretty literally and I even could tell anon was fucking with you. LOLOLOL
-Mr. Crystal (happily married husband of Ms. Crystal for 20 years)

No. 417994

who the fuck r u? I have so many questions. Can you PM my private account on KF?

No. 418059

No. 418542

>gets nudes leaked
>"HAHA, jokes on you. I already posted pornos of myself online.
>turns out to be false and even if it was true, how would that make her look any better?

These girls are playing checkers without the X's.

No. 418546

dreams shattered

No. 418552

>Fakes suicide attempt by posting anonymously to get Lolcow off his back.
>No point on continuing to speculate if it was him if he's dead, right?
>Can't keep his mouth shut for more than a couple days.
>Entire plan backfires.

U fucking retard.

No. 418554

I'm 95% sure it's Lassie at this point. Not that it matters. As long as he keeps gibbing shekels to Onion, Onion couldn't care less what is happening in that discord server.

No. 418578

"because shes the hottest mother fucker on earth and no one wants to accept it"

If no one thinks you're hot, are you actually or just a crazy person?

No. 418582

I'm convinced 90% of the posters on this thread are discord fags pretending to be regular anon's on this site to say things they couldn't otherwise say to their "friends'" faces.

No. 418776

that's my take on this thread. like literally no one apart from discordfags care about these people. i scroll by and notice it sometimes and anytime i check in theres people roleplaying as family members, posting nudes no self respecting person needs to see, and bitching about mod status on a discord you have to pay to be on.

you guys are losers omg

No. 419022

Yeah it definitely deserves to be autosaged tbh lol

No. 419034

yes please

No. 419354

There is some samefagging in this thread, we are doing our best to discourage and punish it.

We can confirm that the suicide announcement as well as several comments asking about it and defending Lt. Lassie have been posted from the same device and browser cookie, including comments in which Lt. Lassie identified himself. Your proxy did nothing.

Some of Lt. Lassie's known posts:
>>>/pt/429093 (suicide bait)
>>>/pt/429310 (more suicide bait)

But wait, there's more!

>>>/snow/381749 (more suicide bait)

Global rule 5.1: Do not deceptively post about yourself in the third person for any reason.

Lolcow.farm is not your private chatroom to drag out personal vendetta.

No. 419472

Fuck you Lassie FUCK. YOU. I trusted you and believed you you lying peice of shit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 419510

hahahaha thanks farmhand!

my personal favs are
>Unpopular opinion: lassie actually seems like a pretty decent guy who just fell into the grease trap. Most of the stuff ive seen about him in here is bullshit. Im glad he got out of the shitshow and hope he can clear his head of gregma enough to leak some good milk

>cant say i blame the guy for giving up on onion if poop girl and the drag queen want to cause drama over nothing every week

>How do you cunts have this much free time? Roasting the onion king is one thing, but at this point you're just cyber stalking his fans.

If you really think they're this retarded then quit picking on the retards, its like beating on a kid with downes because a douchey jock was nice to them once in high school.

Fuck sake, just go back to roasting greg on /pt/ and stop scrolling through teenaged girl's instagram photos… it's sad.. and a little creepy
(sage this)

>Obviously hes got some objective but hes in too deep to give a shit about leaking a few whore's nudes. our boy is smart enough to be going for the head honcho so i dont think any of these petty leaks are him.

so think it's safe to say all these insecure assholes hate each other and becca is top bitch like always suspected. haha


No. 419526


No. 419527

Since you've been outed @Lt_Lassie. Can you please confirm whther or not you are mirrorballsuit on KF. Please man. We need to know.

No. 419532


No. 419534

Learn to quote comments that you're replying to, you assmad Lass

No. 419619

No. 419625

File: 1510252076350.png (70.6 KB, 603x584, capture_002_09112017_102448.pn…)

No. 419662


There is no "try," only do.

or alternatively,

If at first you don't succeed,
Try, try again

No. 419663


Is that you, Ana Chan?

No. 419673

This is an imageboard. Post screenshots. Final warning before bans are handed out.

No. 419681

I recognize some of those and I'm very sure I'm not lassie.

No. 419691

so what's your excuse

No. 419703

You are still posting from the same IP in Nevada, with the same device and browser cookie you've been using all along, and even the browser proxy you used is irrevocably tied to you thanks to your comment in which you posted a screenshot of a ban given to one of your non-proxy IPs. Your proxy posts were made from the same phone and browser you used before. It's time to stop.

No. 419722

I think lassie is her lapdog but now she might get heat as well and shes been distancing herself from him.

Its very sus that nothing has been posted about becca at all and yet she is one of the head honchos and pretty much took over the discord, While throwing some of the old mods under the bus.

Her and lassie were in cahoots the whole time I'm calling it now, But since lassie has been outed I'll bet she plays the victim as well lmao.

No. 419725

File: 1510259630514.webm (3.18 MB, 514x518, twitter.webm)

Lassie can't even hide his contempt for these girls, it's embarrassing to watch.

No. 419726

File: 1510259650575.png (72.09 KB, 628x522, InztcDq.png)

His reply

No. 419734


WAHHH feel bad for me Pt. 2.

No. 419735

File: 1510260123413.png (122.8 KB, 304x330, Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 3.40…)

same fagging but meant to attach the screenshot to the last post.

No. 419740

File: 1510260565156.png (3.02 MB, 1824x3376, titnic.png)

Onion sure knows how to pick them, this girl >>399627
is having a fucking meltdown over a meet & greet with Titanic Sinclair


No. 419745

lmao he prob saw the photo of all those dweebs waiting and was like, nope

No. 419757

Holy fucking shit this bitch is insane!

No. 419820

1 down, 1 to go. It won't be long b4 Becca gets exposed. I'm in a group chat on KF and we've gather a ton of intel on Becca. Deets coming soon.

No. 419840


my dying mom on oxygen drives me around for days and days

she's also a bitch

No. 419859

File: 1510269990373.jpg (408.52 KB, 1157x772, 1508902051666.jpg)

Beccas the biggest fucking cow out of all of them, Literally and figuratively. GIVE US THE DEETS.
Fuck you becca you big obeast walking yeast infection abuse enabling bull.

No. 419960

I'll do it just 4 u, Lassie

No. 420331

File: 1510326542904.png (Spoiler Image, 448.26 KB, 603x767, Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 10.0…)

You forgot to post this milk, anon.
She looks like a 3.5/10 (which is good4 her) at this angle, ROFL.

No. 420333

No. 421300

File: 1510442247121.png (72.4 KB, 1208x252, Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 6.13…)

What is Becca's real name btw?

No. 421308

File: 1510442880583.png (60.75 KB, 770x286, 1507492372421.png)

I don't know if this was already posted here but this is Maxie's/Emily's first reaction to finding out about the lolcow situation. #memories

No. 421312

File: 1510443047779.png (319.75 KB, 916x858, Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 6.30…)

creepy as shit

No. 421313

File: 1510443155560.png (47.46 KB, 1044x452, Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 6.31…)

if u post crazy shit on Tumblr, it makes no difference to us, we'll screenshot that shitand post it on here too.

No. 421349

Desperate stalker /10

No. 421360


>video starts off with her popping a pimple on her boob or something

>singing "spooky scary skeletons"
>"my mom's trying to sue me"

jesus CHRIST she's fucking pathetic.

No. 421362

samefagging, sorry:

>live streaming while friends are in the room

>friends have to ask what she's doing
>"I make about 10 dollars a month doing this"

No. 421365


No. 421368

also she has so many cut marks on her wrists. lol. i'm hoping to see more

No. 421372

"I will bang anybody who buys me tickets to LaineyBot's house".
1.) you can't get a ticket to that. >Not sure you know how tickets work.
>The amount of money it would take to get "tickets' to Greg and Lame-y's is ten times more than anybody would spend to fuck you.
>future pornstar Maxie makes a cameo at the end.

No. 421374

File: 1510450124274.png (1.52 MB, 1138x1136, Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 8.26…)

samefagging, forgot to up the pic i was talking about.

No. 421377

The ironic part is she probably spends tons of mommy's and daddy's money to pay Greg and Lamey's living expenses.

No. 421390

File: 1510451768486.png (70.74 KB, 1168x244, Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 8.52…)

Yeah sorry, u don't pay the Onion man enough.

No. 421418


posted already and you're confirming that the people leaking the convos are the discord flakes themselves. just tell us why becca did this pls

No. 421426

All I can say is Becca is not innocent as she pretends to be in the chat. She is a two-faced snake.

No. 421620

Why are you hoping to see more cuts or scars? Fucking weirdo.

No. 421661

maybe it is about u, we will find out sooner or later. Kiwi posters are the biggest LOLCOWS of all.

No. 421662

File: 1510499897116.png (96.06 KB, 1686x530, Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 10.1…)

No. 421667

File: 1510500426944.png (326.46 KB, 958x1182, Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 10.2…)

…seems like Maxie went to the psych ward yesterday.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 421681


Stop samefagging/spamposting, learn how to not drop your images, and learn how to sage. Also a-logging (>>421368) and nitpicking (>>421365) is unnecessary.

No. 421720

that isn't her lmao
Rebecca Copper and sage your shit

No. 421954


It means failing to or forgetting to upload images, like


No. 422851

Quick Ana update. Apparently, those aren't cuts on her wrist. She's just so fat that it looked like.
Milk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmKoeCvOviY
this entire thing is so cringey to watch
>"I'm a fucking narcissist , i'm not even going to lie about it"
we never doubted that, Ana
>"Someone said i look fat sitting down. Here's where your wrong bucko, i look fat all the fucking time"
>"if you could stop staring at pics of Maxie that would be great, i know you want her dick really badly but it's just not worth it, bud"
don't call us "bud". we're like 90% ladies, here. fuck off with that. also no one wants to see Maxie's dick (confirming once again she is a 14 year old boy in a wig >>400506 399776).
>"and now back to your regularly scheduling suffering"
and now back to Ana's regularly scheduled mental breakdowns

No. 422852

File: 1510593100420.png (52.36 KB, 1200x208, i could have him.png)

no you couldn't, you're too poor and already have two kids.

you're all used up, Harley

No. 422858

milking the government for welfare bucks i see

anybody know this discord girl's name?

No. 422868

It's in the OP, lurk more and learn how to imageboard (as in post caps and not just links)

No. 422872

Holy shit. This video is seriously one of the cringiest things I've ever seen. She tries so hard to sound like a badass who doesn't care, but she contradicts herself constantly.
>I peruse lolcow once in a while
>I go on there all the time

Which is it? (Just kidding– we all know the answer.)

Is this the same person who samefagged before? Chill.

No. 423746

File: 1510678742950.png (106.42 KB, 534x351, 326744.PNG)

she might want to look into getting some braces
teeth are majorly fucked
even her jaw looks misaligned

Ive heard that a fucked up jaw can cause migraines and all kinds of problems. Maybe thats whats causing her cunt attitude.
Get some orthodontic work done, become less cunty.

No. 424914

Aileen is probably one of my favorite flakes because of how utterly sad she is. She comes from trailer trash, lusts after a woman she can never have– Lainey– and gives money to Onion. Her family disowned her; she broke up with her fiancé; and she doesn't even have intelligence or physical appeal to make up for it. I know it sounds like I'm just trying to destroy her here, but her online presence truly is depressingly hilarious.

> "I have ptsd"
> "most common ptsd is found within soldiers who have seen war"
> "I don't want to liken myself to those soldiers because… I've never had to clean my friend's blood off of my hands."
>proceeds to liken herself to those soldiers by saying, "I have had to clean my own blood off of my hands."
>talks about her being a victim of sexual assault from the ages of 4-12
>assailants were her stepfather and her stepfather's mother's boyfriend
pretty fucked up tbh

>all makeup is shit she got on Wish for free
> "contours" her face at 3:05. Absolutely hilarious and worth the 30 second watch from 3:05-3:35
>applies concealer, contour, and powder foundation with the same beauty blender that has likely never been washed
>drenches face in highlighter with eyeshadow brush
>uses same eyeshadow brush to "fill in brows" with brown eyeshadow

No. 425258

File: 1510812500404.png (77 KB, 1150x248, Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 9.31…)

No. 425297

Then move out, you dumb cunt. Damn what a doormat.

No. 426240

File: 1510898827188.png (1.36 MB, 1096x3672, meow.png)


This girl is fucking insane, these aren't even all her tweets from the last 24 hours, just the more desperate mentions

No. 427802

File: 1511112780978.png (315.48 KB, 1174x1260, Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 2.51…)

things aren't going good 4 maxie.

No. 427803

File: 1511112896061.png (1.52 MB, 1192x1236, Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 10.0…)

just read the comments on this thread. gg

No. 427809

File: 1511113320308.png (261.39 KB, 1224x1384, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 8.40…)

Not true, Emily. You left because of mental health issues. You didn't "decide" to leave, your parents yanked you out. You didn't take take "muh noble stand against wacism". You're just saying this now because you got "bullied" there (not really bullying, you were probably getting treated the same way you treat other, like shit so more like fair treatment). When will the lying stop?

No. 427819

Also, her mom IS NOT kicking her out for coming out as bi. She might be kicking her out but not for that reason. I haven't talked to her mom but i know for a fact the mom isn't like that. After all the shit Emily has done, coming out as bi wouldn't be a problem at all. Emily is making up a false story to gain sympathy and position herself as the victim in her and her friend's minds. I'm 90% she got "kicked out of her mom's house" (which doesn't make sense because she doesn't even live with her mom right now) for her reckless and deranged behavior since starting college. The weird thing is she said she "had to" leave the university before 5pm yesterday. Usually the way it works is that even if you withdraw from/fail all your classes, you can still live in your dorm until the end of the semester (the end of the semester is in mid-December and it's only mid/late November) which makes me thinks that she was kicked out of the university for doing something, possibly illegal, and that is why she has to leave right now. My other theory is that her mom and her are on good terms, she's still living in the dorms, and this is a huge attention grab (she's desperately hoping Onision will invite her to his house out of pity). This will not happen because all Onision/Lainey care about is her money and if Emily's mom has cut her off than she won't be able to pay for Onision's patreon anymore and will cease to be relevant in his life. I suspect my first theory is true and part of the second theory is true. I'm not entirely sure. This is a huge mystery. I really wish I had access to the discord. If our discord leaker could share more details of what is going on with Emily, that would be tremendously helpful.

But also, what kind of sociopath throws their own mom under the bus like that (by claiming she is an intolerant bigot who wouldn't accept her own daughter's sexuality)? That's pretty sociopathic…

No. 427822

Wait, what? How is her mother kicking her out of campus housing? Even if she was the one paying for it, it wouldn't happen that fast. Someone's screaming for attention. Most families don't even react like that these days to a child coming out.

No. 427824

Samefag;; Okay, that makes much more sense. I didn't see that when I posted mine. I knew it didn't add up.

No. 427825

File: 1511114935323.png (171.35 KB, 1252x864, Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 8.36…)

to clarify,
she has been "kicked out her mom's house"
she has had to Lynn University's campus.

Her mom can't force her off the college campus since she's an adult so she must have gotten in trouble with the university.

No. 427896

File: 1511124900559.png (1.49 MB, 1160x1238, Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 3.54…)

hey maxie, how'd u afford that hotel room?

No. 427897

Probably the credit card she maxxed out for plainey

No. 427903

File: 1511125938185.png (2.05 MB, 2356x1636, Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 4.11…)

everyone make sure to open your wallets for this very important cause.

No. 427915

Where is she going that she needs $1000 for it, can't she just pick her up?? A flight to Japan costs like £450/$600, so to go across America would only cost a couple hundred dollars

No. 428068

lmao I bet you she got kicked out for having no job and maxing out her credit card on Foot.

No. 428116

And then banned from watching her bisexual idol live stream every day or paying the Gurgles family any more money.

No. 428129

maxie is slowly becoming a fem-NEET.

No. 428174

Slowly is grossly underestimating the extreme autism. She is there and more

No. 428355

This is the same girl that says her parents sold her to the "child sex trafficking ring " and claims to have been adopted or something ? She even said she was roofied once in lassies server.

So what is the truth

No. 428372

That she's a histrionic compulsive liar?

No. 428469

she was adopted, the child sex trafficking ring claim is false, and i don't know if she's ever been roofied.

No. 428470

also jfc, you didn't even last one semester in college. gg

No. 428592

File: 1511206232607.png (550.65 KB, 2960x3136, gurl.png)

Excuse my autism but Amber (meowsifer/glasspacifier) is insane.

I went into her last 3000 tweets:

- 404 mentions of @titanicsinclair, he replied 11 times (both usernames)

- 85 mentions of @poppy, zero replies (both usernames)

- 396 mentions of @Onision, he replied 27 times to @meowsifer (no hits for glasspacifier yet)

Girl, get a therapist

No. 428595

File: 1511206378362.png (176.07 KB, 1268x932, Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 2.30…)

Srs question, Emily. Can you not control it?
Do you feel like you have to lie?
Compulsive/pathological lying is a thing.

No. 428879

some schools give you 3 days after your classes cease or if you left on your own you need to leave same day or make arrangements. in her case she would just go down to the office and talk to them. ive heard of people given 3 weeks. if she really got kicked out its probably due to her not meeting them and ignoring everything to play online. having wrote that. classes are paid in advance in the usa or you pay for the classes and they will roll the fees and you pay it later. even if she was on a payment plan which some universities have it wouldn't happen this fast. so lets say her mother didn't pay her half yet. they either would've kicked her out in September early October. and dorm fees are different. she should be paid up until decemeber. unless they gave her a special program which I doubt. could her school start in august? if anything she freaked out about school and channeled everything into Lainey and greg. if I was lg I would kick her $500 back. even if its fake. shes been too loyal to not be rewarded. if greg was a man he would read her tweets and tell her to go talk to a counselor.

No. 428954

she didn't leave Lynn because of money issues (which is becoming evidently apparent now). another possibility, is she did something that got her expelled, the mom stopped talking to her because of said thing, and in order to get revenge on her mom, she's painting her an anti-lgbtq parent. wrong on sooo many levels.

No. 428956

File: 1511232944406.png (285.39 KB, 1180x1078, Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 9.54…)

Weird how maxie is supposedly homeless but has a wifi connection and is more concerned with discussing the merits/complexities of fucking than scavenging for food and warmth. Almost like she was never really at risk of being homeless. huh?

No. 429295

just come clean, maxie, ffs.

No. 429313

File: 1511282542279.png (95.52 KB, 626x266, Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 11.3…)


also really convenient that the day she was kicked out is the first day of thanksgiving break for Lynn. Huh, what a coincidence???

No. 429318

Stop bumping this thread with your vendetta, "Maxie's ex bf".

No. 429609

File: 1511307509089.png (72.38 KB, 565x610, becca.png)

Greg doesn't have irl friends for a reason what makes any patreon sluts think he'll love them

No. 429640

You either unliked those tweets or you're kittenspace. Which is it anon?

No. 429700

Yah Becca… we can see your icon by the reply text box. You just outed yourself slagging off your friends. Sad.

No. 429705



No. 429706

Becca is the only person who would've cared long enough. Becca's probably been bumping this thread for weeks.

No. 429710

Becca is the only person who would've cared long enough. Mecca confirmed as the discord leaker.

No. 429711

Sorry, fucked up my reply

No. 429725

Becca liked the tweets and unless you're blind you can see her icon. bustedddd

No. 429727

My fucking sides !
I can totally see bambi lurking but I don't think she's smart enough to have orchestrated all the leaks tbh

No. 429728


and for what…? these screenshots weren't even juicy smh, outed yourself for nothing.

lose weight and stop obsessing on this shit becca

No. 429890

LMAO thank god, that fat bitch is infuriating

No. 430034

nice try samefagging becca,
we know it was you doing all the leaks you stupid giant-headed cow.

No. 430051

If youre going to be backstabbing snakes, at least be smart and SAGE YOUR SHIT, its so obvious its pathetic.

No. 430059


Urg who would shop a screenshot just to fuck with Becca lol, Becca is from the UK, time stamp is PST time zone.

No. 430069

hi becca, more samefagging i see?

No. 430076

File: 1511372984385.png (51.97 KB, 665x595, becca is fat and dumb.png)