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One more time!!! XD!!!

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Emzotic is IN THE HOUSE!!
(Can you feel the lactation?)

As I will likely get put out to pasture for crashing the party and being a naughty moo moo, I’ll try and make this post as comprehensive as I can.
First of all, I know this thread is divided into three categories.
1) People with genuine concerns about pet care standards.
2) Pet YouTubers posting anonymously.
3) People with overactive imaginations, sharp tongues and dreams of becoming pet detectives, with an unhealthy passion for recreational MILK. MMMIILLLKKKK!!!!

For those with genuine concerns about pet care on the animal side of YouTube. We (collectively) hear you. I appreciate you and acknowledge you sincerely. You’ve pointed out valid issues in my videos which I have either removed so as not to profit from, or have apologised for.
No amount of experience, age or training makes us flawless, but I am truly appreciative that you’ve shared your concerns here in the hopes that I would see. I see you. I need you.

With regards to my privacy, I will never be able to give you what I want. I will always protect my home and family from people (cyber and real world) who would seek to disrupt our haven. I am sorry that I cannot satisfy your interest, but my first and most firm loyalty is to my home. You can think whatever you like about this, and all I can say is that you will understand when you have mancubs of your own to think about.

To the PetTubers who post here anonymously to support each other - Good for you. You know we have a great community in private even if we ARE Tyler’s Harem. Even if Maddie is irrelevant and Pickles IS convenient. snicker.

To the PetTubers who pick fights with each other anonymously or try to create drama - grow up and go edit a video. You know you’re just procrastinating!

To those with overactive imaginations and a need for milk - I’ve got some right here for you, and it’s udderly delicious, so lap it up, farmhands.

Animal YouTubers are real people. We’re flawed. We’re also a billon times more courageous than you because we don’t hide in the valley of the shadows of the anons. We know you want milk, so thanks for tuning in weekly to come and suckle. Keep talking about me. It boosts my huge ego. Here’s a secret - my ego is what sank the Titanic. I know, right? That’s like, so fetch. Put that in your Burn Book.

And now I can almost anticipate the responses. But Em! WHY aren’t you calling people oooouuuuttt!???!!! COWARD!!

I’ll tell you why. Because I’m no hypocrite. If I point a finger publicly, I deserve a million more back at me. And if I point a finger at a creator, as I have done with certain individuals who I have personal history with, it’s for reasons you can’t even begin to fathom. The rabbit hole goes deep with those I have a dislike for.

But EM! Your fiancé was mean to Taylor!! You’re a mean hypocrite!!! You hate her!
Yeah you’re right. He was mean. Last year I had NO concept of YouTube and the way YouTube works. I didn’t care about Taylor AT ALL because she wasn’t a real person to me. Just a face behind a screen. Danny made that video for his channel in the same tone he has made plenty of other videos. In truth I didn’t know he made it until I started getting a ton of hate. Was it nice or right? No. Danny removed the video but to this day is not a fan of PetTube or a particular friend to anyone. He stays in his own world elsewhere. I’ve decided to stay on YouTube and I swallowed the bitter aftertaste of that video even though it was not my creation. I emailed Taylor an apology and her email reply was gracious to say the least. That first wave of hate gave me so much more appreciation for other creators, and unless I have a deeply negative and personal issue with someone I have zero interest in picking other PetTubers apart. We’re all vituperous. We’re all flawed. Every. Single. One. In our little ‘clique’, we stick together because of groups like this, and we have healthy respect for one another because we’ve become more than allies. We’re friends. We’ve spent that time to get to know one another and worked through the internal dramas that nobody on Lolcow can begin to pretend they’re aware of. And guess what? Friends look out for each other. Elitist? Maybe. But thats life in many places, so you just have to square with that. Does that mean there aren’t issues? Nope. We consult each other daily and fix things behind the scenes like adults.

Am I jealous of Taylor’s following - Hell yes!! Who isn’t!? Are other YouTubers jealous of my numbers - yes! Is Taylor jealous of megatubers numbers? Yes! But jealousy doesn’t mean you can’t be supportive and happy for one another. Think about that.

And yes. I CAN be mean. Especially when people are unduly rude or try to speak with authority on matters they can’t begin to comprehend from behind a screen. I’m not always nice and I don’t pretend to be, so don’t paint me that way because I will only disappoint you.
If you’re upset about Centipede - I cannot help you. I don’t care either that you don’t like the script or content. It wasn’t made for you, princess.
I make movies for myself and I will happily say that I’m a selfish actress. I don’t aspire to win oscars or actively pursue a career in acting. I act for fun and take only the roles I think I’ll find challenging or interesting. If you’re upset by Centipede, lord help your opinion for my films to come! And remember, when I do ANYTHING, it’s for me, and I will continue to do everything I want to do because I do not give a ferrets fart about anyone else’s opinion on my life choices.

In the wise words of Eminem - I am
Whatever you say I am.

Make us (PetTubers) out to be whateeeeever you like. Really. We’re still standing here, creating our content, pursuing our dreams, and laughing (together) about how redundant this entire site is.
But thanks for the memories.
Thanks for the laughs.
And thanks to those who genuinely had something constructive to say. Even if it’s like sour milk for me to swallow when you pick a true fault in my care, I will swallow it nonetheless!

Ps: There’s plenty of quotes here for the next header picture. I want centre stage. Throw in a fake Oscar while you’re at it and give me shrivelled udders.

Peace out, moo-ther f*ckers!


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Sounds like a PetTuber showed up. Damn. I wanted to see a show.

No. 623928

Because nobody is perfect and everyone will make mistakes at every level. But it is our similarities and our shared experiences with each other which forges a loyal friendship, or at the least, a loyal understanding of each other. If we have issues with each other, we speak to each other privately. It’s far more proactive and communicative than doing cheesy call out videos.

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It’s obvios DIY doesn’t know much about anything except 4 how to title and tag a video. There aren’t any other late middle aged guys on YouTube in the animal scene so it’s natural that they team up together.

No. 623906

It got people talking though and it’s known. Least she made a name for herself there and again on Youtube. Same with the other PetTubers. They’re actually doing stuff and being known for it. What have you done for humanity or even yourself recently? What are u known for? Nothing. An anon with a chip on their shoulder. This thread was so much better when there was actual milk.

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That’s where this thread is. Degrading women because of rape, movie roles and being married to DIY assholes. Everyone who posts here is a joke.

No. 623827

Maybe watch another 30 seconds in. She literally talks about her respect for sexual assault ‘survivors’ and corrects herself on calling them victims. Go and watch wnd educate yourself rather than assuming what you want to believe, and take your own sop storys with you. Nobody here cares.

No. 623780

5:22 seconds in.
Check your facts anon. And stop detailing from problematic milk

No. 623778

Typical Lolcow doesn’t check the facts. She has a interviews where she went on forums to discuss rape with survivors for discussing rape for entertainment value. The forums said they didn’t mind as long as it wasn’t portrayed comical. Wait a sec there’s a link somwer

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It’s a viewer age thing. It’s mostlu kids in YouTube who watch people and to them it’s all about quantity. MORE fish. BIGGER fish. Most EXPENSIVE fish. It’s so fucking sad.

No. 623714

Wait a second. No stand here AT ALL but I eat meat and I don’t think it’s hypocritical at all?? Those necklaces are saving forests so at least she’s not plugging some shitty app. And so what if she gave up meat? She won’t be true vegan until she only keeps vegan animals. Sit down anon. You’re drunk on vegantardness.

No. 623710

He doesn’t give a crap. He’s morphing into Brian 2.0, but with fish. I

No. 623709

So what? They probably know it but just by having pics with Taylor the effort is worth it. They’re being strategic by organizing this event. They small ones will grow.

No. 623708

This comment makes you sound like an idiot. Are you a crazy vegan who hates anyone keeping any animals? Makes sense if u are. Stop detailing this thread with your thoughts in veganism because no one gives a shit about your distaste for animals being food - which taste good btw - or people’s make up or career choices. Problematic animal husbandry or gtfo

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File: 1530214973567.jpeg (796.02 KB, 750x1123, E5DB8343-6208-4353-A53D-AB5C39…)

Full pic from twitter

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File: 1530214945195.jpeg (332.55 KB, 750x617, 837C1097-61F5-4A61-B51F-5BEF45…)


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File: 1530214826586.jpeg (222.7 KB, 750x424, DB4657E1-F3D6-4DCA-AB0C-DC3D19…)

She worked in an actual zoo. She has tweeted pics from her days as a keeper and has a whole video about her career path. Centipede is hilarious though. What’s your issue with being an actress?? Loads of Youtubers have done acting and stage school. It’s literally a platform for performers.

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I’m calling it and I’m just gonna say it. No way Emzotic isn’t on cocaine. She’s way too animated to not be. I just got a headache from watching her Kookaburra video. She’s 100% drugged. Also her nose is narrow and she has one nostril bigger than the other.
Sage for speculation.

No. 622052

Don’t hate the players. Hate the game.

No. 621643

THat moment you realize you’re at a party nobody gives a shit about.

No. 621642

Someone missed out on detective school. Sherlock Holmes, ladies and gentlemen.

No. 621640

I’m not petyoutuber I’m a viewer but I think it’s obvious they don’t turn on each other because they’re friends. Duh. What part of that is confusing to you? Every community has clicks its to be expected. Sorry to burst your idealistic ‘PetTubers need to hate each other and call everyone out’ bubble.

No. 621567

They ganged up on two people with truly shit care. Who else did they gang up on??

No. 621544

She’s honest at least

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File: 1529958404017.jpeg (634.77 KB, 750x1071, 0EF9A57D-1DBD-41E5-9C95-371D96…)

Parading death around like a toy. Bitch. Have some respect.

No. 618846

Everything about Taylor’s face! It’s like she’s two people!? It’s shocking to see her without facetune

No. 618645

She’s not a drinker either. That’s helps a lot. Alcohol can ruin you in like 2 years. Trust me!! I’ve seen people who were soooo pretty drink a shit ton and then only a few years later they’re facially bloated and haggard. Taylor already has that bloated chipmunk face from too much soda and alcohol.

No. 618591

File: 1529713939036.jpeg (509.61 KB, 1800x1800, 0B48C6EA-18CD-4892-B37E-999D6A…)

Pettubers IRL. All pics taken in the last 24hrs with fans. What’s wrong with TNDs face??

No. 618589

File: 1529713847899.jpeg (509.61 KB, 1800x1800, 5445F23D-3AB8-4525-AAAD-C29784…)

Pettubers IRL. TD is hideous without facetune and IG filters. Em n Ty look normal. Tyler’s smile looks genuine and Em looks good for 30’s lol

No. 616386

No she doesn’t have him. It’s actyally sad. She spoke about it in a YN/YT livestream and showed the post mortem which showed no illnesses. She said she filmed the video a month before he died and he was the same age as Ka so like 10 years old. The stuck shed isn’t strange for bloods because I have 2 and they’re so heavy bodied that they don’t shed in one piece but she did say it was more than usual amount he usually had stuck and that she felt she missed a chance to get blood tests done.

No. 616032

Emsotic if you read here do more of this and less of the Pettube stuff. It’s actually quite good and the tips on safety and courtesy were excellent. You shouldn’t have shown off that snake in distress and musking but I guess it makes a point. Do more of the informational stuff.

No. 614936

I saw that. I think Grinch and doves share the same space most of the time and I think I saw a video where they were hanging out together already. It might not be ok for the baby doves immune system (I couldn’t see it in the video) but I don’t think it would cause any disease to spread. He’s looking good but I feel like he’s a different bird. It’s s bit suspicious that he’s suddenly ok with Em picking him up. Maybe original Grinchy died and she replaced?
Sage for speculation.

No. 614929

File: 1529411999938.jpeg (643.94 KB, 750x1094, 5258759C-3DC3-4A23-9C99-796ABD…)

Emzotic allowing Grinchy in the dove cage. Very irresponsible for cross contamination.

No. 614678

BecUse people love to watch a train wreck. Loads of people subscribe to channels where the host is an idiot because it makes them laugh and feel good that they’re watching a completely useless tool make a huge, public fuckup. No one likes to watch someone who has it all together.

No. 614134

Wtf is this crap!!??
Cataleah - grow up and make enough money to support your own animals! You’re encouraging people to think it’s ok to ask subscribers to buy you animals and supplies. If your videos aren’t making u enough money, think WHY.
This is a new low for PetTube.

No. 613857

File: 1529299967258.jpeg (448.12 KB, 1800x1800, D706E432-7CE7-4A3B-AB56-5ADD0F…)

Stolen from the TND thread. What even is this pose?

No. 613855

File: 1529299433420.jpeg (448.12 KB, 1800x1800, 265B5EBB-8580-4037-A9BA-716C75…)

Untalented thot pose
This MariaNicole girl is automatically cancelled for trying to copy the copy of a literal sack of shit. Actually, shit has substance. Let’s not insult shit.

No. 611958

That’s bullshit. Just because she made it it doesn’t mean Em didn’t instruct her where. She probably told Maddie to put her up higher

No. 611819

File: 1529098041984.jpeg (549.29 KB, 750x913, 5A5E08DB-A37D-4490-88DE-361793…)

HT is so cringe
Are people actually paying for these things!?

No. 611791

LOL she obviously thinks she’s above the rest. Or someone else photoshopped it and maybe it’s just a coincidence.

No. 611270

File: 1529037794893.jpeg (294.86 KB, 750x808, 36F3BE9F-AA0E-4FA4-9A09-71F754…)

Is this safe for the fish? I feel bad :/

No. 611269

She doesn’t touch it though so it’s not exactly pestering. Looks like he just went at the nearest heat source while in predator mode.

No. 611266

File: 1529037082203.jpeg (271.73 KB, 1800x1800, EBF44A41-E764-4F60-81D9-DC89BF…)

Took the pic on the left from the general Youtubers thread and compared her to before. For sake of reference she was mentioned as throwing shade at Emzotic in her most recent vid.
Seriously, how do u even mess up your face this much in a year????

No. 611260

File: 1529036730063.jpeg (217.45 KB, 750x407, 08272D0E-7A6B-4654-B215-223D5E…)

“Educational videos are boring”

lol at TND throwing shade at Emzotic

No. 610265

Ok maybe it was childish but she freaking infuriates me with how FAKE she is. Like, oh I’m so perfect and intelligent (not) and my life is so “blessed”. I swear she is the most overrated piece of garbage with shit animal care. There isn’t a single video which is useful or informative and is 100% accurate.

No. 610246

Why is this even here? This isn’t milk. If you don’t have anything real to share don’t bother. The calci sand is an issue if it’s still in with her Dragon, but the rest is just a rant about nothing??
Also I don’t think she’s trying to promote women as weak. If anything she tries too hard the other way to be all woman empowerment. If she was empowered she wouldn’t have a man, period.

No. 610236

File: 1528954513361.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 333.2 KB, 750x793, 958D79D7-1B2F-4A88-B879-7747ED…)

Yeah whatever Em. You can’t even open a door so how are you looking after animals? Get over yourself. She’s probably just marrying him for an easy visa. Nobody else would touch her fiancé he’s like 40! I smell easy visa or Daddy issueS. I’m so sick of her parading her relationship. Like, get over yourself. If you’re truly happy you don’t flaunt your relationship. Just stfu and go away and take your miscarriage sob stories and cali sand with you. Idiot

No. 610230

File: 1528954216981.jpeg (571.96 KB, 750x1023, A05AD8A5-132D-4C1E-B44D-56727B…)

I don’t think Emzotic should be promoting this. Is so stupid. So what if Danny opens doors for her? Not every girl feels the need to have shit done for them. Grow a pair of biceps and open your damn doors yourself you idiot

No. 610105

File: 1528942318447.jpeg (201.34 KB, 750x306, 13AF7EAC-9A5A-4233-9651-790882…)

$6000 on a piece of metal and it’s already all scratched up

No. 609877

Lol now there’s no way you can mix up Emma Samson with TND. They used to look similar but now TND looks like a baboons ass.

No. 609281

Why are her boobs around her waist area? They should be higher at 21 year old!

No. 609214

Either total shade about Taylor usually showing off her body, or she’s actually trying to give a hint that maybe she doesn’t have to show as much skin to look good. I don’t know. Could be either.

No. 608841

File: 1528832176498.jpeg (589.87 KB, 1800x1800, D2909EDD-4636-4726-A67A-2331A2…)

This is why this thread is shit. I literally showed someone who is exploiting animals without shame (more exMples below) and yall still only want to bitch about the girls. And FYI pickles don’t look like a boy and fuck off is em anywhere near fat.

Footlocker paid for this Tarzan to aggravate this snake???
And why the fuck does he let his barber cut his hair with a razor while a snake is in around his neck??

None of yAll are going to even care about this but imagine if it was taylor or em or anyone else. You’d be slut shaming.

But this post will get ignored and forgotten because you can’t relate to it because you don’t have penises and only want to tear the women down

No. 608819

BecAsue all his buddies BYB breed and sell Exotics including him

No. 608817

worse than hitler.

No. 608814

But watch how nobody gives a shit because he’s a guy. He literally does worse attention seeking shit than any pet Youtuber

No. 608812

File: 1528831295033.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 447.95 KB, 1200x1800, 548F062F-609F-473C-B098-4D5A08…)

This cunt needs a thread of his own. Check his reticulated Python video in his insta - literally sells them as ‘Man eaters’.
He breeds all kinds of Exotics like monkeys and reptiles and yet he’s always travelling (so who looks after them??) and is basically trying to be a model but uses animals to sell his body to make it more interesting. 1M followers and a Youtube channel called The Real Tarzan. Even the name makes me want to die

No. 608794

I don’t see Pickeles or emzotic in any dramas though?? You’re literally hating on them for the smallest things. I like Pickles and em. They are more mature than the others and I think they have good intentions.

No. 608773

Nail on the head.

Tyler is hardly discussed here. Meghan, Emma, Emzotic, Maddie, Taylor, Steff J and Pickles are all talked about here.

What about brave wildnernsss literally harassing the shit out of animals? He has NO qualifications and calls himself an expert. He inspires kids to get bitten and copycat his videos, and he basically pays for his own show which is a YT glorified animal planet show.

Brian Barczyk is literally the most cuntish asshole aho profits from dead and dying animals and has numberous sexual misconducts against him from female employees. He has thousands of hoarded animals and genuinely doesn’t give a shot about their care. His own wife can’t even tell if a skink is alive of dead and he snuck an alligator into Playlist.

Kenan is another asshole with a smuggling past who everyone likes and he’s only relevant because he is friends with Prehistoric Pets (another old man creep) and Brian.

And King of DIY hoardes fish and promotes keeping wild caught animals which aren’t sustainable.

Afro Herp Keeper literally took his animals from the wild (Tegu etc) I don’t know if he had a permit for this??

Nobody talks at length about these guys bevuse they must have more brains than a woman? Or becuse they’re older they just more knowledgable to younger audiences? Wake up. This is just a hate fest for females who have pets because none of yall can stand to see anyone like you but more confident do something with their lives and make money

No. 608759

BYB isn’t always a bad thing. There are good BYB too. Just because it’s not a corporation. I breed rare ducks and they have amazing care. So what if I back yard breed???

No. 606550

Yeah she’s there with Danny

No. 606522

File: 1528600983663.jpeg (560.02 KB, 750x1031, 069872E1-C413-4CBB-B3B6-A27CAD…)

Isn’t this we’re Emzotic is??

No. 606462

Boohoo for not feeling welcome!? The biggest pettubers interact every day. Tyler has been talking to Taylor from the beginning even if he does copy her they’re probably actually friends and Tyler and Maddie are obviously real friends and probably then Maddie is friends with Taylor by default and Em isn’t a threat to any other pet tuber because she’s basically chill with everyone and sort of in the click but not clicky, and the smaller pet tubers are all making and effort with each other and the big pet tubers. Why would leopard gecko feel she’s entitled to attention when she doesn’t talk to anyone?

No. 606451

I don’t think that means anything. I can’t see Ht or Emzotic following each other on Twitter. If anything I think Em generally stays neutral on a lot of things and I guess the other PT’s know it and accept it?

No. 606275

Sitting on the fence shouldn’t be allowed on YT. EmZotic should use her platform to call out Taylor. But she won’t She won’t call out anyone because she’s either playing chess and wants to look nice when she’s probably the biggest b**ch, or maybe because she’s older she just doesn’t care abt the drama.

No. 606264

Taylor looks like a freaking 45 year old.

No. 606257

This seems false. I’ve never seen Emz and HT interact. Are there collabs or screenshots to backup your statement?

No. 599202

File: 1527828696373.jpeg (465.83 KB, 750x946, A22008FC-A102-4798-8E8B-2CC7E5…)

Sly dig at Taylor being an emotional wreck or just a cocky post?
Sage for speculation.

No. 599144

Still be worth it ;)

No. 599129

Screen shot it and I will send it with all the screenshots of her f*cked up Twitter. They deserve to know she’s filth.

No. 599120

They don’t leave the house because it’s classic codependency.
100% they stay in bed all day playing video games, having mediocre s*x, staring at their phones and eating. That’s what amoeba do when they’re together.

No. 599117

I’m gonna message Blue Apron and tell them not to sponsor her. She needs freaking rehab and a release from JC. Not more money to blow on him. There are other better channels at the same size they can sponsor where people actually eat the food.

No. 599113

She’ll always have money. She has boobs and she isn’t afraid of letting filthy men into her body. She’ll be fine without youtube.

No. 599108

There’s different top tier YouTubers. The intelligent ones like Shane D and Bunny and then there’s the trailer trash like Tana and Paul bros. She’s better off at the trailer trash end. The good YouTubers won’t want to jeopardise their images by giving Taylor a hand up. There’s plenty of other better PetTubers who deserve a bigger following and which are actually intelligent and not as cheap.

No. 599103

Taylor doesn’t get Bunny. Bunny won’t want to complicate her life with Taylor. Bunny has actual intelligence. I’m a huge bunny fan so if taylor Starts to cozy up to Bunny I will tweet nonstop about Taylor’s druggy boyfriend and Make a ton of noise. Swamp fam doesn’t need her taint. Bunny is pure.

No. 599098

Lol graveyard girl follows Emzotic. They’ve been tweeting back and forward for a while. And wtf with that ass shot??

No. 599075

File: 1527822378048.jpeg (287.9 KB, 750x544, 7944E894-2F89-4D36-95A4-F2C08E…)

HT should stick to gaming and get rid of her animals. She’s better at the gaming side of YT than PetTube. Her account is Firelilly

No. 599071

Stop derailing anon. This isn’t about boobs. Go to TND JC thread for that.

No. 599069

The clothes are on because she’s flat as an ironing board. Zero boobs. Asian genes.

No. 599068

Noone here is anyone’s stan! There’s something wrong with U if you can’t stand some chill discussion. If you hate her that much that’s not constructive criticism. What actual neglect? You make it sound like she beats her f*cking ferrets.
Her setups aren’t amazing but I don’t see anything cruelty level. The only thing I really hated was the beta and she separated them.

No. 598980

It’s actually refreshing. She has only been on youtube for a year. I say give it time and she’ll share more. I’m still excited to see what she’s going to do. I think she will end up doing an actual show. I could see her being mainstream tv

No. 598867

What planet are you even on?
She has step kids which no other pet Youtuber has. You know what that means? That means she’s a stepmom and their BIO mom probably doesn’t want to allow the kids or environment to be seen online. It’s probably part of the original separation/divorce court order. I don’t think Em’s wrong to hide her home and stepkids from the world. So many YouTubers have had problems with stalkers and people coming to their home and that’s probably even more stressful when you have kids. I get you’re frustrated and want to see more but I can tell you’re probably not at the age where you think about the legalities of being a YOutuber with a family.

No. 598861

I think she’s hiding things and I don’t like being lied to. That’s why I unsubbed her. She’s not giving enough. Like, if you’re gonna be on YTube you have to play the game. That means room tours, house tours, etc.

No. 598858

File: 1527805084157.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 6CCF0544-63DF-48C7-A3EF-DC3623…)

She updated about her frog Porg on 05/04
It’s in a bioactive. Looks fine. I don’t get why she’s hide it if it’s in a good setup?? Maybe the other animals are ok and she’s just saving time/hassle on making videos?

No. 598844

She answered a YT comment about the crabs - let me see if I can find it - she’s not wanting to support the sale of wild crabs anymore so they’re not being featured.

No. 598837

Fair enough but unless I see evidence that it’s actually small, I don’t care

No. 598836

Well it looks small to me. I’m not being rude about it but unless I see EVIDENSE that it’s bigger, im not buying it.

No. 598835

No no we won’t see the house. She said she’s very paranoid about security. I actually do trust her because she has to get inspected by the state for her work permits. If there was an issue the state wouldn’t allow them to work. It could be that they’re kept minimal but it would still be legal. I want to see what she does with showing the setups of her animals in the all my pets. She said we’d see everything so maybe the reptile room tour or something similar.

No. 598824

I don’t know about that. We don’t get to see the rest of the house like bedrooms and stuff so we can’t say the house is small. That’s all just speculation. I don’t think we are ever going to see the whole house.

No. 598820

File: 1527803619256.jpeg (130.38 KB, 750x401, 57062AA2-DC7A-4586-B634-B39FF7…)

?? Supreme being? I don’t get that vibe. She disclaimers the sh*t out of her videos and openly said shes not an expert or tryna preach. I think it’s good ems not showing everything. Aside from the privacy which she’s said from as far back as I’ve been watching (which I get because of the kids i think she said she has) its good not to make it normal on YT and encourage people to buy so many pets. I liked the all my pets even if I wanted to see more of the animals. Her subs have been asking forever and she’s giving them what they want in the way she said she was comfortable to do it. And in her description - attached - she said she’s going to show others in others ways just not maybe focusing on them as pets.
Ps I’m not a stan but her presenting style doesn’t bother me like it’s patronizing. She was a kids educator before youtube. What do u expect? Also agree above. That’s not a rat. None of my thawed rats look like that and even if it was, as long as it’s a ft rat the only issue would have been hygiene.

No. 598811

File: 1527803094146.jpeg (334.66 KB, 1080x1920, EF9CAE4B-D322-44EA-A5A1-70DC01…)

Here. You can see the shape when you adjust the light. The filter she used did make it look like a rat tho.

No. 598802

Fake tea. That’s not a dead rat. It’s a green scarf. It was there in the last livestream.

No. 598304

I want to write to all of the companies who hire her 4 sponsorships on her YT channel. I bet they don’t even know that they’re allowing some druggy rapist to shoot up on their dollar. Maybe Taylor will reconsider her position on social media when companies don’t hire her for round 2 and the money dries up. Then she’ll have no choice but to clean up her act. And Johnny will leave because there’s no more money. It’s a win win situation.

Also Taylor’s an idiot if she thinks that Johnny won’t try to sue her for her money when the relationship finally ends. He’ll try and take whatever money she has left by using screen shots from these threads and claiming for false allegations or w/e his lawyer says.

He’s got new teeth, more followers, a place to stay and a chick desperate to be b**ed. He won’t allow her to walk away for good anytime soon. At least, not until he has a new girl and knows taylor has enough money in the bank to be worth leaving and suing.

What is taylor getting?
Wake up girl

No. 597590

100% he’s not with her right now because the money has run out or is limited.

No. 597588

Wow she might have actually saved her career if she had some balls and actually spoke out.
Even when this train wreck of an abusive relationship ends, I can just see how nobody is going to give a shit anymore. She’s spineless. Maybe that’s the truth behind her physical pain.

No. 596377

I feel like she’s ruined her life because of Johnny. No respectable boyfriend is going to want to touch her when she’s proven that she will allow that filth into her body. Like, if I were a guy, I’d be like:
Johnny Craig?
Nah, bye.
Or Johnny Craig?
AIDS test first.


No. 596339

I used to like Taylor. If she broke it off with Johnny it’s still too late. When you choose some abusive asshole over your fans it’s hard to come back from. She’ll just do it again next time she has a boyfriend - which won’t take long because girls like her always keep one eye scanning the room so that they’re not alone. I wish she put in the effort she’s putting in now with her channel for the past few months. I just can’t forgive it. RIP

No. 595946

File: 1527524699151.jpeg (291.81 KB, 750x804, C62E34F1-B9F8-4E73-9836-3ECD3E…)

130K views only? Damn. What happened?

No. 595723

File: 1527490491392.jpeg (111.26 KB, 750x209, 6CEE1128-D600-4F4D-9E57-33E137…)

What is with all these new Pettubers who look/try to look like Taylor Dean? Seriously, if you put this one, Emma and Taylor in a room I would only tell the difference by the hair. They look so cloney and unoriginal. I’d hate it if my face was just like everyone else.

No. 593392

File: 1527225850656.jpeg (331.83 KB, 750x1151, 89849014-35E7-4E94-8E08-D8E73E…)

No. 589501

It doesn’t stick up for him. It just isn’t bothered because he’s a guy. Guys don’t get nearly as much hate on here as the girls. Girls love to hate other girls. If this thread had guys on it they’d drag the King Of DIY saying how much he loooooves Brian Barfczyk and wants to collab and be friends with him, rather than laughing when he doesn’t even say he won’t collab with Taylor. But no.

No. 588939

File: 1526780714259.jpeg (592.28 KB, 750x954, D4DB7BE4-2F79-4BBC-A930-84A4EE…)

She’s breeding and selling animals!? Doesn’t she need a permit for this kind of thing?? Now I get why her and Happy Tails are friends. Who is Sully??

No. 586215

Nah I don’t like Zoe. The cool enclosures are at her friends house, not hers, and she just got 5 new animals for her sanctuary. She’s going to be just like everyone else.

No. 585473

File: 1526512620690.jpeg (350.16 KB, 1200x1800, DCF7AF5D-BA1A-4CAA-B134-24861D…)

That awkward moment when the girl 10 years older than you looks younger. Don’t do drugs, kids. Nah seriously they both look cute but I thought it was off that they both posted short hair looks. Do they both wear extensions??

No. 583232

File: 1526359714114.jpeg (141.46 KB, 750x417, FE6234F4-2313-43C7-A6E6-440A9C…)

This one is so desperate for attention. Taylor shut her down yesterday via Twitter, so today she’s after Tyler’s attention. I had high hopes for Emma back when she did her own thing, but now it’s obvious she’s playing the popularity game, and losing. She’s literally only relevant because she’s a cheap clone who tries to be funny and fails. The sooner she goes to college the better. She’s annoying AF.

No. 581352

File: 1526230446682.jpeg (554.14 KB, 750x1243, B7978DBC-4D79-4245-855F-6A6C5C…)

Leopardgecko throwing open shade at TND. If she wasn’t a small channel i would think it’s out of concern but because it’s taken her this long to call her out and because her views are so small I think it’s to do with wanting more views and spicing up her channel. I smell a rat.
I bet other PetTubers are going to cast her out soon. They protect each other and now there’s someone rocking the boat. RIP Leopardgecko.

No. 580419

I’m actually disappointed. All that money and she spends it on the average that a blue tongue should have. I was hoping for customs. If she spends $6000 for her bracelet on her wrist and $7000 on a few standard enclosures I feel cheated.

No. 580415

She’s a wannabe. She’s trying to build her image on being responsible and relatable but she comes off as preachy and annoying. You want be the better Taylor. Great. Maybe you’d be more credible if you stop throwing shade at Taylor and tagging her, hoping for her to give you attention and twitter followers. Pathetic, transparent clone.

No. 580411

File: 1526144688136.jpeg (201.9 KB, 750x541, B6E5EB19-1FC4-42D2-897D-7E2719…)

Emma, it’s all well and good to build your own, but you don’t crap on other people’s money to make yourself seem relatable and virtuous. Get over yourself.

No. 580033

Face it. She ‘drives you up the wall’ because she’s at least got the guts to upload and keep going despite knowing she’s being watched. I didn’t like her Betta video at all but I think it speaks volumes that she removed it and apologized. As for the bearded dragon video, it’s widely boycotted to use the substrates she used, but in the EU forums it seems lots of people use wood chip bark or similar. I mean, give the girl a break. It’s not easy to move country and learn a different set of rules. She’s no freaking saint and I think she’s got a lot of growing to do, but I like her over a lot of the other pet channels. Her creature features are good. Also - Obviously she does things for money because it’s her job. Heck, I’m surprised she hasn’t sold out more. Her marketing potential is mega (marketing is what I study) and I see more good in her channel than bad. I don’t see abuse. I see room for improvement (but all the channels have room for it) but there’s not cruelty.

No. 579572

There’s a comment she replied to on that video where she said she would cover the topic in her ‘skunks as pets’ video. I think I’m another I saw she said she would give differences between USA and uk because the laws are somehow different ?

No. 576410

File: 1525747449685.jpeg (365.76 KB, 750x766, 14E94262-DE29-4A2A-B5F1-AA8412…)


No. 576118

Of course she’s replying. The cow can’t stop waving her udders at us to milk. She’s practically begging for it becuse JC doesn’t pay her attention. She’s addicted to getting attention.

No. 576116

I feel you, but life’s full of injustices. The biggest that good, hardworking people don’t get what they deserve.
The thing is that idiotic people who get rich get rich quick actually lose it just as quick.

They’re only making money for people who actually understand investment and how to manage wealth. $15,000 is nothing if you blow (or snort) it all.
She’s probably never stopped to think about
saving for tax. That’s when shit will hit her. When she forgets to put away 17-20% of what she’s earning and realizes she has to work hard to pay the IRS - and they’re not going to care about her YouTube fame. In fact, nobody is by then.
Hold onto the Cartier bracelet and box, Taylor. You’re going to need those when you have to re-sell to pay your tax bill.

No. 576092

She wants to be crlebrated for being nothing. A literal nothing but someone with animals.
Almost all the other Youtuber and PetTubers have other jobs, qualifications, side hustles, campaigns or something else they work on, but Taylor is happy just to be praised for nothing.
One look at the Instagram accounts she follows clearly shows her one track mind. Girls who wear trendy clothes and look nonchalant about life with massive lips. That’s what she wants. Attention, money and being praised for being a trooper through her fake illnesses. In a way, it’s smart, because her stans are just like her - average, nobody.
They like to believe that if she rose from the dump to be queen of the dump then there’s hope for them. There’s not. Way more famous and rich people have ended up making millions and losing it all. Let her make her money. Let her flash it while she can because she herself is a flash in the pan to has to latch on to men for some form of self worth. In 10 years time she’ll be less than she was when she started. Literally any other Youtuber has long term marketability. Taylor does not. She was first to market and got lucky. She’s thicker than cow shit… And she knows it. There’s only so long she can repeat the cycle of ‘love me because I’m no one, but I have animals and am sick but have a notorious boyfriend’.

Even the other animal YouTubers AE interacting with her less, and are supporting the newer generation of PetTube.
Her tweets get half the likes they used to. Her growth is slower than many other channels of a similar size.

My prediction: she’s going to come out with a suicide story or claim that she’s so depressed that she tried to take her own life. Or, she’ll split with JC and do a kiss and tell and hope that people rally behind her.
They won’t, Taylor.
You’re a coward with a low IQ and you sell the idea that it’s ok to wallow in self adoration and self pity.

Do you ever even feel happy when you look in the mirror? When you think about the cash cow for corporations you’ve become? You’re not a person. You’re a product. And a cheap one at that.

No. 575810

For a YouTuber with that many subscribers and given that she was growing fast at the time with a high viewership on her videos, $15,000 is a low fee. Still, when you come from trash I suppose any money is exciting.

Hey Taylor, try to have some class and quit casually dropping in money to your tweets. That’s a Johnny move and we all know he’s broke AF. It’s no good trying to make it rain and bragging about it when there’s a boyfriend drain under your feet!

No. 575056

File: 1525618536947.jpeg (352.34 KB, 750x703, 07C8EEDA-FB77-4013-BFFE-07AB69…)

So get off the internet if you can’t deal with people wanting you to do your job. You should have prefilmed and uploaded as a scheduled video.

No. 573274

Just being a decent human here.. I don’t feel comfortable talking about Ems (maybe) pregnancy. What if she can’t actually have a baby and she reads this??
Fair enough we talk about her pets but let’s not talk about babies.

No. 573191

File: 1525394765020.jpeg (4.29 MB, 3992x1847, 55D0C605-F5A6-40D1-BDC1-93B4B7…)

K least she admitted it. Don’t do it again Em. Wake the F up.

No. 573184

And they wear Crocs. Unforgivable.

No. 573156

So why don’t you just tweet her and tell her she’s disappointing AF?
Her handle is @emzoticofficial - go tell her and get some damn closure on why she kisses Taylor’s ass. Then share it here.

No. 573154

File: 1525393028537.jpeg (372.24 KB, 750x761, AC8211DC-E6D8-4A81-A16C-66D1B9…)

Nah I don’t think she’s talking to lolcow people here.

No. 573084

I can forgive a stillborn because it’s normal for a few in a litter to perish, but it’s worrying that she can’t tell that it’s dead. Maybe BHB thinks they have more live animals than they actually have!

No. 573001

File: 1525384974160.jpeg (257.44 KB, 750x537, E3B2BF68-5DFD-43A5-ACCF-AF95F4…)

When you can’t even tell that a skink is dead and you flip it around on camera and show it off. Ffs if it were alive you still shouldn’t pick it up. I hope she removed the body and realized it was dead.
Also no uv, no water and no greens. Just dry dog food.

No. 572997

File: 1525384864927.jpeg (257.44 KB, 750x537, B4BAED38-CC7F-42A0-872C-C6C1A3…)

When you don’t even know a skunk is dead and you coo over it to the camera. The rest of the babies look ok and are hiding like they should. I hope they’re being fed greens and not just dry dog food. Where is the UV!?