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No. 64

Thread 1: >>>/pt/182101
Thread 2: >>>/pt/185580

Kenzie ("Princess Doll") is a wannabe aidoru who posted several threads and over 400 posts about herself in /pt/ in an attempt to attain e-fame from this site. Even the negative attention from being considered a lolcow seemed sufficient for her.

All of her posts in the first thread are marked in pink.

The details were publicly revealed due to violation of this global rule:

>Do not post threads about yourself in /pt/ or /snow/.

No. 66


Several months after this event, PD came into one of the townhall chats with the name "nekoni", and the same IP she used both when posting the thread, and when posting as "herself" with the Princess Doll name.

She finally admitted to making all the posts (despite non-stop denying in the months prior), and apologized. I am only posting the chat logs here because it appears she is denying this occurred:

[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:01:54] <nekoni> people have low self esteem admin sometimes they express it weird

[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:08:33] <nekoni> i dont want you guys to hate me by the way,. I honestly just want good honest advice and people to talk to
[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:08:39] <nekoni> x.x cuz im lame
[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:08:43] <nekoni> and nobody likes me of course

[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:19:49] <nekoni> im sorry for making the thread too, btw. I was just honestly bored in school.
[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:20:27] <nekoni> i mean it was just something for me to laugh at
[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:20:35] <nekoni> and gather critisicm
[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:20:41] <nekoni> that was definitely helpful

[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:22:30] <nekoni> it was great entertainment for a while
[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:22:33] <nekoni> some good exposure
[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:22:41] <nekoni> i actually got some people who ended up liking my stuff
[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:22:49] <nekoni> kinda worth the social suicide

[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:36:46] <nekoni> tbh after i got on a new meds im more lucid and calm af so its easier to just admit it now. im ok with it
[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:36:53] <nekoni> its like oh well
[Sat Oct 24 2015 21:36:56] <nekoni> you guys knew anyway

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