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File: 1702139131875.jpg (1.31 MB, 4096x3072, GAnnRAEWYAAsxYm.jpg)

No. 1940552

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No. 1940554

File: 1702139363947.png (302.35 KB, 833x855, GA5yg-fWoAAOEfV.png)

No. 1940561

Next OP, please go back to the peaking material content instead of the subreddits list content. It's not hard to find the subreddits.

No. 1940585

File: 1702143975936.png (123.19 KB, 801x910, Screenshot 2023.png)


Is this the same tranny from a couple months ago?

No. 1940587

No. 1940597

She commits suicide and he changes his name to hers to "honor" her.

No. 1940600

File: 1702145141339.png (85.98 KB, 751x743, e.png)

I have equal, if not stronger, hatred for the disingenuous mind-rotted apologist slime engaging in baby's first head games whenever these crimes are reported. And braindead conservative boomer types take the bait, every fucking time.

No. 1940604

Thank you nonna for the new thread ! That pic kek.

That or he straight up murders her. Looks like trannies seem to have murder fantasies of the women they skin walk.
Nta who made the thread but I'd rather have the subreddit at the top for quick references and scan content, or at least keep them in the OP somewhere. And yes add the rest of the links too would be great.

No. 1940623

No. 1940668

File: 1702155605529.webp (Spoiler Image,103.9 KB, 1170x2532, 5j5c56tdr75c1.webp)

Stinkditch warning. Looks like a dog's anus.

No. 1940680

File: 1702156628568.mp4 (9.61 MB, 608x1080, to all terfs.mp4)

No. 1940681

it's a zero depth one too kek. at least the troon isn't delusional about it and realizes he has been fucked over

No. 1940690

This is the most mentally ill thing I've seen (so far) today, what the fuck. I hate troons so much

No. 1940700

Ah yes, women's genitals are nothing but a hole to put things in. Genuinely THE most misogynist thing anyone could say and they don't fucking get it. Astounding, really. And I bet everything I own his coom was much better when he still had a dick and he's just coping hard kek

No. 1940702

neovagina monologues

No. 1940710

why the overly vulgar and sexual language? it's just so offputting
seems like he's on drugs too, it's like a shitty open mic night

No. 1940716

>why the overly vulgar and sexual language?
because he is a mouth-breathing pervert

No. 1940721

File: 1702164091149.png (443.09 KB, 1080x1441, Screenshot_20231209-232107.png)

based lady

No. 1940729

No older woman talks like that. They love to complain that older women are so transphobic but that really sounds like just some typical middle age guy

No. 1940730

File: 1702165193095.png (391.32 KB, 540x557, thesun.png)

at least he will be sent to a male prison (unlike if it was in scotland)
>predatory woman
fuck off BBC.
he had some puff pieces back in 2015 (his full name was changed to Morgan Naomi Obrien) about his transition and aspirations to become a model. meanwhile he was engaging in "age play" on his Only Fans.

No. 1940734


Yeah, it is the same person. He teaches a course on abnormal child psychology at my university. I nearly had him as a prof until I googled his name, saw it was a tranny, and immediately switched to another section.

No. 1940741

File: 1702167322561.png (67.45 KB, 597x416, wiseheart.png)

holy shit, he did it again. it's extra sinister when these men don't even have the shame to stop invading women and girl's spaces even after they've expressed extreme discomfort. the fact the law allows this (a grown fucking man to undress in front of young girls, even when they state they're uncomfortable) is so INSANE.

No. 1940752

ugh yes. i suspect a lot of them are just too happy to be able to say "see?? women also do it!!"


No. 1940754

>if it swallows fingers like a cunt
moid thinking the vagina is only a fuck hole part seventy bajillion

No. 1940781

At what stage do you call the police and tell them to come pick up the pedo creeping on tiny girls ? Like fuck I would let him in. I would so go berserk on his arse if it were my kid. Wtf!

No. 1940785

I truly hate troons with my entire being. This man is repulsive in every single way and it’s insane we have to put up with such nonsense.

No. 1940815

do the surgeons who do these just botch people on purpose or what.

No. 1940822

No. 1940829

grs surgeons must be the most transphobic people on earth because not even the most notorious terf has ever mutilated a troon like this

No. 1940862

File: 1702201535128.jpg (1.3 MB, 2560x1920, 23-12-09-20-50-14-160_deco.jpg)

It's so hard not to a-log

No. 1940863

What is it with anime profile pics and trannies?

No. 1940884

File: 1702207512705.jpeg (603.94 KB, 1171x1697, poulton.jpeg)

the bbc have just given a sympathetic interview with this bloke
>running as a green party MP under the name of Melissa Poulton and describes himself as a "proud lesbian"
>literally a couple of years ago was running as a conservative MP under his real name Matthew Viner
>Poulton is his EX-wife's maiden name that he stole
surely that's harassment?
they don't even have to go to any effort now. you can be a conservative man one minute, put on a terrible wig and dress the next minute and the liberal media will bend over backwards to kiss your arse.

No. 1940886

File: 1702207700623.mp4 (597.71 KB, 480x360, mp.mp4)

samefag to share vidrel - the interview with BBC because his voice is just the icing on the cake.

No. 1940887

>I love that my identity is a joke to these women!
so do I.
they will clap like seals seeing a man in drag wearing huge fake tits reading to kids but lose their shit if a woman wears a fake dick. and to prevent her from being attacked too.
every single time

No. 1940890

Why do troons have the shittiest taste in music? 100 Gecs has to be one of the worst acts to ever achieve a notable fanbase.

No. 1940891

I love it when men wear wigs because you can SEE how theyre not human. That is not the face of a person. That's a gorilla demon. No homo sapien has a maxilla that big. It is literally a hideous alien being and I can't read it's emotions. My face resembles a CAT'S face more closely than this bloke. Holy shit men are BEASTS. He's so ugly I want to kill him with a rock

No. 1940899

you made me chuckle a lot nonnie
you really need to spoiler this. barf.

No. 1940900

File: 1702210784887.jpg (Spoiler Image,407.41 KB, 1080x1439, Screenshot_20231210-221516_Gal…)

Sorry my internet is fucking up, I deleted it as soon as it posted so I could spoil. It's deleted for me, maybe refresh so it disappears for you.
I was cleaning out my screenshots on my phone and found this gem. I found it on some post op tranny subreddit.
Surely the surgeon is trolling lmao.
I almost feel bad for them, the Dr just folded and stitched his cock down.

No. 1940902

Ironed penis, kek.

No. 1940903

File: 1702211240312.jpg (Spoiler Image,272.79 KB, 1080x1410, Screenshot_20231210-222813_Gal…)

It's very bizarre

No. 1940907


you put the quote marks in the wrong place BBC

No. 1940910

File: 1702213089377.gif (3.51 MB, 498x356, snow-white.gif)

I'm late but yikes threadpic troon looks disgusting. Snow White deserves better.

No. 1940923

Oh but guys really can’t tell when they’re fucking these gorgeous queens. Lmao it’s so funny how they all pretend their rot pockets are exactly the same as a real vagina/vulva. I know men are stupid but they can definitely tell an inverted penis from a vagina.

My favourite cope is “designer pussy is better than natural pussy”

No. 1940924

That tranny was so retarded. Enjoy your rot hole retard(no contribution, not saged)

No. 1940926

kek so there's quite a few trannies that got their dick stitched behind their ballsack like that because of some surgeon out there. If you lurk in one of the transsurgery subs these people pop up once in a while asking for help. But that sub is full of botches surgeries anyways

No. 1940927

This is the worst one I’ve ever seen. Did they even try? It’s just a permanently tucked cock.

No. 1940931

It's weird seeing upperarms and forearms being the same size

No. 1940935

File: 1702218394800.jpeg (183.19 KB, 828x824, IMG_4441.jpeg)

80k for some guy to change his entire face and Starbucks paid for it. Why is this allowed?

No. 1940938

Who put a wig on Violator?

No. 1940942

Omg. This dude has so much silicone in his face… he's gonna age horribly wrong and probably faster than the average person. Watch out for all these pockets of silicone sagging once that happens, his bone density drops and the skin can no longer hold it all in one place.

No. 1940943

he wasn't even bad looking, I guess he started using skincare/meds against the acne because that doesn't get fixed with surgery. I assume he was an incel with an anime/porn addiction that made him troon out.

No. 1940944

Samefag sorry but also his Adam apple is still there, his neck is eerily large and his jaw still very male looking kek. Methinks some filters are being heavily abused there

No. 1940950

80K and yet the giant hands will still give him away

It's sad because he looks like he could have been cute if he wasn't a porn addict and the acne calmed down

No. 1940959

That is weird. Why are they like that?

No. 1940967

This is why i boycott starbucks. I used to work there from 2020-2022 and the amount of trannies I sadly had to work with are insane. this is not saving lives, this is paying for someone's fetish. i hate this shit so much. there's no way this tranny looks like this irl without heavy photoshop. Why cant women get life saving breast reduction surgery for their backs but this moid can larp as a woman? i hate it

No. 1940968

>18 years old
Why do these men always troon out so young. Definitely an anime/porn addiction.

No. 1940970

I was thinking feminine HSTS with teen acne. Agree that he should've just started using photoshop/skincare sooner.

No. 1940979

The troon on the right in threadpic just cracks me up, i heard bells and evil cackles as soon as i saw him. I feel like he's going to put a spell on me before running back to his den of magical dwarves

I thought the same, he looks HSTS

No. 1940984

All pics are edited heavily, though. He's even edited his eye colour. They never post candids or pics beside other women because of this.

No. 1940996

File: 1702226556912.png (203.81 KB, 241x464, redditroon.png)

>Starbucks paid for it
but this isn't incentivising anything… right?
definitely HSTS and they always pass better, especially when they naturally have a smaller frame. this is him in picrel. could have just been a cute gay man but now he'll probably be bogpilled with multiple health issues by the time he's 25.
ironically if a woman wanted breast reduction surgery due to back problems, she would have a better chance if she pretended to be a TIF.

No. 1941000

So he is the delulu type who thinks he can date straight men now?

No. 1941001

File: 1702227226782.png (323.59 KB, 730x818, 31.png)

It's good that the west is being eradicated.

No. 1941006

Kekkk what the fuck that's the funniest thing I've ever seen in this thread, hope they all get that sweet designer pussy, males 100% cannot tell it's a troon lmao

No. 1941010

They make a huge point of transitioning as early as possible so they don't get masculinized by testosterone during puberty

No. 1941013

already posted here >>1940884 but that bit about the female mp - he said she was "gaslighting" people by calling him a man. i mean… how is that gaslighting when he is the one gaslighting women? is this another DARVO tactic? he is so sinister.

No. 1941014

He looks anorexic, which is unsurprisingly common for autist troons

No. 1941016

Made me kek
For real tho, it's so amazing how brain dead these men are that they post their terrible surgery results and expect people to fawn over them and say it looks "cis". Troon ideology can't ever win in the long run, they're too blind to their own delusions.

No. 1941019

Yeah this is heavy filter abuse. Those deep acne scars don't just disappear and even lazers can't give you an entirely new skin surface. He looks nothing like that IRL. He's a crater faced, large necked, hulking man and filters will never change that.

No. 1941025

File: 1702230671648.jpg (624.98 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231210_125114_Red…)

All that's changed is he shaved off the tip of his hook nose. He still looks like an ugly gay.

No. 1941026

File: 1702230934016.png (51.39 KB, 747x342, su.png)

O, yeah missed that entirely. The fact parliamentarians are using reddit-isms like "gaslighting", too… just lol.
Latest twatter drama.

No. 1941034

am I the only one who thinks he looks like shadman? not getting pretty boy vibes from him at all, literally just a porn addict

No. 1941035

>Negative Legend is on hormones now.
Nooooooooooooo! I am utterly heartbroken, repulsed, and infuriated. It's driving me insane!, he was such a good looking moid and now he's gonna ruin himself and be ugly tranny number #9172428.

No. 1941036

When trannies talk about "older women" they mean women above the age of 18.

No. 1941041

>he was such a good looking moid
Lol I'm not sure about that Nonna, he looked like a faggot before but I'd rather have more fags than trannies

No. 1941043

We need to stop allowing males to have opinions on things.

No. 1941048

They're autistic perverts and their waifus are their transition goals.

No. 1941049

Who put a dress on a pig and taught it how to walk on its hind legs?

No. 1941050

>Face caked in a thick layer of horrible yellowy clown foundation
How are people still managing to fuck up their foundation shade in current year? There are literally people at the store who will match it for you.

No. 1941061

Tras are retards who need to peak already. Men do not care about women. troons think women are goals and objects, not people

No. 1941062

I'll take things that never happened for $50, Tom. Also, not to mention I love how hurt he is. Boo hoo. You wouldnt last a day in the real world as a woman. I highly doubt someone's grandma called him a fag.

No. 1941067

Which is crazy because biology wins every time. You can always tell a man from a woman instantly.

No. 1941070

Why does BBC love trannies? fuck, i hate that country rebels against this. this is disgusting
>stole his ex wife's last name

No. 1941075

Oh god he looks like if someone drew a purposely insulting caricature of Brittney Venti. The gross shark mouth, the weird vague lumpiness, that armadillo textured skin, the mouth breathing, the bulging reverse nasolabial folds. I swear I'm not a shaynafag or something that normally analyzes peoples' appearances this much, he is just particularly repulsive to me, like my brain screams that I gotta get away from that thing or it'll bite me and go into a blood frenzy.

No. 1941078

This is what Onision's son Trot is gonna look like in a few years

No. 1941080

I wouldn't say he is good-looking. I looked him up and gay right? He's certainly unusual though, maybe that ugly-hot thing?

No. 1941085

File: 1702238569906.jpeg (198.64 KB, 1080x1365, matthew viner aka poulton.jpeg)

samefag but someone found his pinterest profile where he shares sissy porn shit. unsurprising and revolting.

No. 1941088

File: 1702239239363.png (265.84 KB, 839x855, correctedthequotemarks.png)

If the news told the truth.

No. 1941092

>sitting like a girl
So in other words, like a normal person that doesn't fucking manspread like a douchebag? lol

No. 1941094

File: 1702240017366.jpg (181.36 KB, 1416x1894, GA8u50vbUAAHIiG.jpg)

When you have autism this obvious its blaring out when you have your pic taken, I never understand why youre allowed to get hormones and surgeries and shit

No. 1941096

kek at that pic

No. 1941099

There is absolutely no gatekeeping for accessing hormones.

No. 1941102

File: 1702240976365.jpeg (198.33 KB, 1200x675, autism badge.jpeg)

why do like 80% of the autistic males i've ever met have this exact same face? it's uncanny.
>I never understand why youre allowed to get hormones and surgeries and shit
not only are doctors looking at these mentally ill blokes and ignoring that there are clearly other issues that need addressing, but they're also looking at these 6ft tall muscle-y emotionally-unstable men and giving them access to women's spaces.
i had to look at this guy's profile and it's one of the funniest i've seen. all his outfits are so bad and he has a giant badge with his pronouns

No. 1941105

Holy shit, that pronoun button pic. If you put a fedora on him, he would look like your typical 2010s anime nerd/male feminist.

I guess "male feminists" in 2023 literally ARE troons now because they couldn't handle supporting women without wanting to be women themselves.

No. 1941132

No. 1941144

I used to watch him a few years back and I’m surprised he wasn’t on hormones already, he really seems like the type of guy to transition for attention

No. 1941149

…are those handcuffs

No. 1941151

File: 1702247912521.png (1.75 MB, 1600x900, Screenshot.png)

>good looking
on what planet nonna?

No. 1941153

He looks like Onision but somehow worse

No. 1941154


No. 1941156

where were you when I posted him like a year ago

No. 1941162

He's been on hormones for a bit now. The fag making doll series content to drag queen/troon pipeline is realized yet again. Could have seen this coming if anyone actually cared enough to endure his nonbinary video from last year.

No. 1941168

He looks like if Onision had impregnated Billie (ugh that poor girl) in an alternate timeline and this is the resulting offspring

No. 1941172

He looks like Onision and Fredrik Knudsen's mutant fivehead baby.

No. 1941185

Yeah, he's a very pretty guy, though definitely anorexic (and probably already on the photoshop; one leg is wider than the other).
Also there are women who've lied that they're TIFs to get hysterectomies for PCOS. Their cased weren't 'important' enough when it was just crippling pain rme.
Probably, and that he doesn't have to deal with the stigma of being a feminine man. Weak.

No. 1941205

File: 1702256305807.jpeg (248.89 KB, 1290x1335, IMG_2334.jpeg)

As someone with severe tuberous breasts this honestly kind of enraged me lmfao you chose to take the hormones, retard!

No. 1941226

Literally no tranny has ever grown 'qt breasts', they just get fucking gyno. Do they trick each other into thinking their boob jobs are naturally grown from HRT?

No. 1941232

If it's that miserable then he should feel free to save up or grift for surgery like every other man with gyno and deal with it like a grownup. They act like they're the only people to have ever suffered. If he paid attention he'd notice that his fellow troids all have the exact same problem because they're not growing female breasts with cooper's ligaments and lots of lobules, they're developing gynecomastia, which is caused by a hormone imbalance. Because they are men with a hormone imbalance. The amount of medical misinformation in the trans community is outrageous.

No. 1941245

Incredible how he manages to look super faggoty and like a neanderthal at the same time. It's like what happens when your designing a face in the Sims and hit "randomize."

No. 1941246

>Wahhh I don't wake up with anime mommy milkers
Idk why they always assume becoming a woman you'll be a beautiful perfect girl especially since they're a man. Majority of women are insecure about their breasts so welcome to womanhood

No. 1941248

Fwiw anon I guarantee you that your tits still look better than a troon's. Boobs of any shape look bizarre on a male torso. Your breasts don't look out-of-place because they're on a female body with other female features.

No. 1941261

code lyoko looking ass

No. 1941269

Can't get repairative surgery for the life-altering, painful deformation of my parts that prevents me from having children or going a day without dribbling piss, thanks to a moid jamming himself in there without my consent; my tax dollars pay for troons to get experimental axe wounds that have poop mucous drooling out of them.

Oh, or my favorite, women having to put off cancer surgery during covid, but gendie doctors bravely continued their "lifesaving surgeries."

No. 1941277

He has/had a girlfriend and they were really cute together.

No. 1941290

File: 1702267678653.png (475.31 KB, 591x875, Screenshot 2023-12-10 220346.p…)

Holy shit they're actually trying to appropriate tifs now as well literal male kikomi…

No. 1941293

KEK this is hilarious, these troons out here proving they don't see ftms as men either what sacks of literal shit

No. 1941297

Will Poulter if he was more inbred

No. 1941298


No. 1941300

Not beating the "only Trans women are valid and all ftms are just women" allegations

No. 1941307

This is how I’m going to peak a few people I’ll tell you that much. Holy fucking shit, just admitting it now kek. They fetishize ANY real women and that includes you, TIFs

No. 1941308

it’s actually crazy how they just gaslight everyone else and themselves into believing the surgery changed anything in a meaningful way. like, even after spending tens of thousands of dollars on surgery, they still have to spend all their time photoshopping and face tuning each selfie so they look less manly. and their fellow trannies eat that shit up!! it’s another perfect example of just how male these retards truly are. any woman that spends any time on social media could tell you the original before/after photos are altered. meanwhile you show that shit to a TiM and he’s scheduling a date with a surgeon to shave off his crimson chin before you can even say “autogynephile.” men really will believe anything another man says without a second thought

No. 1941309

i’m also a tubernonnie and it just makes me laugh when they finally realize that taking hormones won’t turn you into a sexy animu girl. they seem to think that they’d be soo much hotter as a female and don’t consider that they might have had something like tuberous breasts (which wouldn’t be nearly as noticeable and awful looking if he hadn’t trooned out.) being a woman isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, especially if you don’t have a porn star’s body, who knew?
It’ll probably be way easier for him to get insurance coverage for bolt-ons anyway while we tubernonnies have to fight for it.

No. 1941316

File: 1702270431526.png (50.18 KB, 144x181, Screenshot 2023-12-10 234827.p…)

threadpic troon looks a bit familiar

No. 1941318


Pretty sure this is a ftm with naturally small breasts? Probably still counts as insensitive to other ftms though

@CapeGloam if you want to decide for yourself

No. 1941322

No. 1941325

someone in the TiF thread posted screenshots of him saying he’s “amab” so, no. this is a male. the TiFs are seething over it pretty heavily kek

No. 1941332


Ayart - thank you for the additional info. Guess I should never underestimate the depths men will go to skin walk…

No. 1941352

Women with breast deformities have to fight arm and leg for surgery just for nothing to happen yet a moid can decide to be a woman and get free bolt ons, strangers online funding a place to live if they've been kicked out by "transphobe parents" and spa trips. It's fucking tragic

No. 1941380

Holy shit, I can't believe this is real. This is incredibly bizarre even by troon standards. And of course he's wearing a fuckin dog collar kek

No. 1941386

not surprising. i know a portion of tim 'butches' aren't just lazy moids with BDD, they talk about 'binding' their mantits and rehash female genderspecial rants. think about how excited they get when they're mistaken for tifs (even the ones who try to be feminine). there isn't a female out there they won't try to skinwalk

No. 1941392

Remember when they threw a shitfit at that one OF girl who put a dildo in her pants because "REEEEEEEEE SHE'S FAKE-MTF"? Lmao

No. 1941403

File: 1702293242133.jpeg (343.38 KB, 1536x2048, paul-dano.jpeg)

I was one of the Nonas who she/her'd this freak in the TIF thread before it was revealed that he was a TIM, despite his doughy fridge body and literal dog collar. It's probably safe to say that the only two reasons anyone here was tricked were because of how strange this particular LARP seems, and because his face (picrel kek) wasn't in the picture. In retrospect, though, a man LARPing as a TIF might not be much more outlandish than a man LARPing as a regular woman. It certainly seems easier for a TIM to pass as a TIF rather than a normal woman, at least, given that taking T does make TIF's bodies ever so slightly more ambiguous, and TIFs all seem to share a limited set of hyperspecific interests and aesthetics with each other.

No. 1941405

lookin fresh in the psych ward i see

No. 1941421

File: 1702298348997.png (1.87 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_4492.png)

I hate these trans faggots who makes things about themselves

No. 1941422

Grug just a little bit fruity

No. 1941423

>"Woman-only" service is tranny inclusive, rendering it not actually woman-only
>Still not good enough for troons
They're literally never happy.

No. 1941425

File: 1702299944134.jpeg (50.38 KB, 680x383, pinknews.jpeg)

Pink News being aggressively stupid again. in an article they posted today they claim TIMs have periods too because of muh synthetic estrogen side effects. got nothin' to do with having a uterus and the lining shedding causing bleeding and pain. and nothin' to do with ovaries and naturally producing hormones that create a cycle (ie. not a consistent amount of one hormone).
it's also funny cos many women take HRT to STOP their periods. yet we have to pretend that men deliberately giving themselves a hormone imbalance experience the same thing.
>And for any TERFs still reading – no, just because trans-feminine individuals don’t bleed doesn’t invalidate the factual things that are happening to their bodies.
thanks for mansplaining how periods work, "Amelia". No one is saying you don't get diarrhea or emotionally instability or whatever the fuck these men experience - we're just saying that is not a period. TIMs are so creepily obsessed with appropriating women's pain and oppression. Instead of admitting they are different to women, they will straight up change the definition of what a period even is so that it still fits into something a man can experience.

No. 1941426

File: 1702300233333.jpeg (390.97 KB, 1200x1600, mattieviner.jpeg)

#BlokeInAWig is trending on X and I spotted these kek

No. 1941427

wish it was a little moidish but still funny.

No. 1941430

male autists all have this same fucking pose

No. 1941431

it really shows how tifs are all the same, because he could easily emulate their typing style. i call it tumblr typing style.

No. 1941432

I only knew of him via from other monster high fans and saw it coming. stopped watching his channel months ago. he was already a themlet which I found annoying but let it slide for a bit, but the troonery is too much and his opinions are kinda shit the more I think about it

No. 1941441

No. 1941480

Makes me mad, because "periods" are the less "crass" way to refer to menstruation, nobody wanted to say the gross word for a woman's monthly uterine shed so here we are with men arguing that they have periods too just bc they can list off some generic symptoms that also occur during our cycles. Euphemisms water down definitions and allow this stupidity to have a comfortable place to grow. Either you slough off uterine lining through your vagina or it's not a period.

No. 1941482

It's doubletrans so it's definitely more gooder and ultraoppressed to be a man skinwalking a mentally ill, traumatized woman. Plus it probably cooms better that way.

No. 1941483

Is that little hole just where his pee comes out? What's the point of all that? Omg what happens when he gets a boner? Hope it rips away from where they stapled it down.

No. 1941485

I recently learned from a detrans youtuber called Alexander L that even after getting the chop they still get erections and they can be painful. He stopped taking testosterone because of it.

No. 1941499

ah geez, i wonder why would men have symptoms of hormonal imbalances after messing with their hormones and inducing hormonal imbalances in themselves! and i also wonder if maybe there is a better term for that than period? like, like, maybe men's hormones fluctuate over time as well and taking HRT screws them up even more, but these are real AMAB women we're talking about, heh! wellll we shouldn't invalidate these brave queens! words don't really mean anything anymore and cis women are so ungrateful, hoarding all their AFAB-exclusive issues to themselves!

No. 1941506

File: 1702316161668.png (17.32 KB, 600x800, 188.png)

No. 1941544


No. 1941558

File: 1702327183605.jpg (1.7 MB, 810x4327, Screenshot_20231211-153612_Red…)

Has anyone else noticed how proana the trans community is?

No. 1941562

Those legs look more terrifying than most extreme pro ana edits. I dont know why TIMs are sometimes ana-kuns, fat is supposed to soften your body and feminize it.

No. 1941565

i don't see anything pro ana here, just badly edited tranny selfies. selfpost perhaps?

No. 1941566

They do it to feel delicate. That's a big thing, despite how knobby and profoundly male it makes them look, even tho fat troons generally pass better, and even knowing that fat stores estrogen, FEELING waiflike is preferable to them.

Tifs often experience orthorexia for kinda the same reason, they want to feel strong (usually specifically in the arms), and I guarantee if you see a straight troon couple, if one has that kind of dysmorphia, the opposite sex partner does too.

It's really hard to do research on this, and in treatment you can't touch bodily incongruity as effecting gender. It's frustrating, and doesn't help that there's a massive drug problem in the community, especially in HSTS.

No. 1941567

kek at the limp wrist with those giant man hands.
apparently a lot of edtwt women are so sick of the amount of troons in those pro-ana spaces that they're going TERF. honestly i hope they end up taking on board some of the radfem ideas too, not just the trans-exlusionary part, because that is part of what helped me with my ED.
it's because they want to look child-like and "weak" (but really they just end up demonstrating how fucked up the male skeleton looks in a dress). also they see eating disorders as a "girl thing" because so many teenage girls go through it. so they want to larp

No. 1941575

File: 1702329620860.jpeg (269.25 KB, 1284x1251, IMG_7521.jpeg)

more of niche lc fave, everly “chin” brodie ft. “becca” who looks like the scarecrow from the wizard of oz. i feel like “everly” is about 7 ft tall

No. 1941579

File: 1702329903965.jpeg (925.64 KB, 3024x4032, IMG_7525.jpeg)

some bonus slack content.

i don’t know whether i should laugh or cry.

No. 1941581

Good, nobody wants that things child.

No. 1941582

2 men put a mirror on a wall. are we meant to be impressed?
confirming that when people call him she/her, they're participating in his fetish and making him coom.

No. 1941585

File: 1702331220274.png (31.95 KB, 742x246, 1.png)

Least deranged furry tranny subhuman.

No. 1941586

File: 1702331257646.png (33.97 KB, 743x230, 2.png)

Reminder that they walk among you.

No. 1941591

File: 1702332621198.png (36.92 KB, 732x246, 3.png)

No. 1941595

>male name
>beard that hasn't shaved in a week
>autistic male haircut that he hasn't combed
>jacket that tries to be feminine but is obviously a mens jacket with floral embroidery
>male film major glasses
>hair dye fading due to lack of proper upkeep and piss poor hygeine
>absolutely vile chest hair
>donating sperm
but yeah totally a stunning and brave authentic woman. eat shit and die tranny

No. 1941597

Kek I thought the same. They are making it too easy.

No. 1941605

File: 1702333874998.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x1080, 1683107505209.jpg)

I love how it's not only rude but DEVASTATING not to call a traditionally non-conforming male a girl. I'm an oldfag ok, I'm in my 30s, and it feels like just a few years ago (many of you might've been in middle school) that scrotes didn't call each other girls and faggots when they wore eyeliner or had long hair.

I don't understand how anyone feels liberated by this shit, I hope they realize how embarrassing and regressive they're being, and I hope everyone in their lives laughs at them while secretly hoping no one they love end up like that. I hope their chins and knobby knees and brow ridges grow in perpetuity, and if they get it shaved down, I hope it comes back. I hope they keep this shit up, and get louder and more prominent, and I hope everyone, personally, has to deal w these unhinged perverts shrieking and shitting their pants bc their fragile fantasy can only continue when everyone else takes the knee.

No. 1941606

I'm so sorry Nonna, hope you're doing better.
I am fucking begging YT to stop giving me pro-transition video reccs every time I watch something on here. It doesn't happen when I'm on the actual website.
Richie Tulip iirc (or maybe ShapeShifter?) said the same thing; apparently the 'stump' on the inside is still there, and they can feel it get hard/twitching. Vile.

No. 1941612

File: 1702335180446.jpeg (64.25 KB, 945x1465, lyft.jpeg)

the new lyft service is insulting enough as an idea but this is what it looks like in action
>women want female-only service for safety reasons
absolutely! here is your pink barbie car! now you can chew gum and feel like a feminine princess!

No. 1941622

File: 1702336200947.png (311.47 KB, 579x572, charitygob.png)

jamie lee curtis' autistic coomer son is now selling body pillows. didn't think he could get anymore creepy but i was wrong.

No. 1941624

File: 1702336540187.png (353.61 KB, 562x595, ssfsdg.png)

also he shared picrel
>feminism is meaningless if it isn't focused on men
because feminism was meaningless until men came along and started equating our existence to pornified femininity.

No. 1941627

He was a top donator to LowTierGod, who is a kiwifag megacow. A complete stereotype gamertroon

No. 1941629

File: 1702338080494.png (168.92 KB, 2400x1390, image_2023-12-12_004211093.png)

seeing them say shit like this always makes me think of picrel
do u think any of them passed 8th grade biology?

No. 1941632

I really think that someone out there should try to get breast reduction/breast lift covered under insurance as gender affirming surgery, and then start a lawsuit when she’s inevitably denied.

>Gender-affirming surgery includes procedures that help people transition physically and functionally to their self-identified gender. It can take the form of facial surgery, Adam’s apple reduction, body contouring, voice feminization surgery, top surgery (focusing on the chest area) and bottom surgery (focusing on the genital area).

Okay, hypothetically, I, a female, decide to identify as “non-binary”. That is a gender other than my own. I want a blepharoplasty, neck contouring, and a breast lift to alleviate my feelings of gender dysphoria.

Would I have a case for discrimination if they deny these procedures?

No. 1941640

File: 1702339560722.png (1.43 MB, 1635x1030, youtube.png)

Got this creature in my youtube recs


>thinks he's two people "andrea" and "andrew"
>his backstory for dressing like a woman is he's super horny for women

No. 1941656

File: 1702343517301.jpeg (533.9 KB, 1290x1178, IMG_4635.jpeg)

they’re so clockable everywhere they go holy shit. I'm not saying women aren’t into those things but the need to add porn to it is an instant giveaway. checked his profile and constantly posts on r/transguns lmao

No. 1941662

I think you would tbh. I’m not a lawyer but any halfway decent lawyer could say “if Tim’s can keep their dicks and claim to be women who says this lovely nonna can’t get those proceedurea and be a heckin uwu enby”

No. 1941684


No. 1941685

File: 1702347928349.jpeg (456.63 KB, 2048x2048, 44F53EC7-5403-45BD-A75D-673162…)

Sorry for shitty collage but on a post about the drastic rate of femicide in Brazil (these were just the murders for the first week of December btw) we have a fucking troon going ‘uwu this is why I’m scared to walk alone :(‘

Christ anons shit like this makes me so mad. It’s the little things- we have a literal fucking man, the cause of the actual problem, inserting himself in a post about violence against women with his little anecdote implying that wearing a temu skirt and thigh highs somehow makes navigating the world hard for him. I checked its profile too, over half a mil karma to give you an idea of how it spends it’s time when not fapping

No. 1941688

In burgerland, they don't teach what your chart says at all. Males never learn about menstruation in school, and females only get a bare bones explanation with some free pads. PCOS, PMDD, testosterone being highest right before you menstruate, endometriosis: these are all things I had to learn about from feminists online. The obsession with abstinence doesn't just eclipse sex, it eclipses most reproductive health discussion in the classroom.

No. 1941689

Who is this merch of? His oc? Himself? Because he doesn't look like that. The guy looks like Uncle Fester wearing a wig made out of hair someone pulled out of their shower drain.

No. 1941692

Hentai isn't a hyperfixation, that's just a common vice disgusting moids have. It's like calling alcoholism a hyperfixation.

No. 1941709

And doctors can't be bothered to give women education basics on those disorders. I know so many women with PCOS and endo who just get thrown on BC. A lot of them didn't even know about laproscopies until someone said something

No. 1941715

It's actually depressing how common this is. Women can't get hardly any medical help without jumping through hoops and clapping like a seal for YEARS sometimes, meanwhile moids use their Starbucks dollars for free body mutilation with no pushback.

No. 1941722

Wonder how they're going to justify working for Starbucks now since that boycott, tbh we all know coom trumps everything else though.

No. 1941724

File: 1702352660866.jpg (60.06 KB, 1168x466, 1000008613.jpg)

not really milky but found it ironic. it's the same picture with gender and yet.

No. 1941747

>terrified of walking alone late as a tranny
Oh yeah, fucking bullshit. I am from Brazil and my mom came back home the other day telling me how 2 giant hons tried to start shit with her when she was coming back home late night by purposely bumping onto her and calling her names as if it was her fault. She thinks they just wanted a reason to beat her up but she didn't give any and just walked away. Just typical male behavior, you see normal men doing that with other men but these were two hulking males doing it to a woman half of their size and probably double their ages. That shit scared the hell out of me, she was lucky they didn't follow her. These men are like all the others, they are part of the problem, the only thing different about them is the reason why they hate us. Straight men want us as a product to be used and discarded, these hsts want to wear us, our existence remind them of what they will never achieve.
I know people love to talk about the poor brazilian tranny prostitutes but I have no sympathy anymore when I've seen cases of them being violent with women, and sometimes even beating up men too. So much for that genocide huh, like they aren't killed for being involved with drugs or just plain old homophobia, what would they call what is happening to women in south america? Or every other part of the world? We don't need to put ourselves purposely into dangerous situations to be at risk of male violence, they love to pretend the same is happening with them when it's not true. Shit drives me nuts.

No. 1941766

>So much for that genocide huh, like they aren't killed for being involved with drugs or just plain old homophobia

Another Brazilian with insomnia here. You forgot to mention that the "the country that kills the most troons" and the "life expectancy of 30 years" claims are bullshit too. I find it funny when I see some nonnas citing trannies from here as an example of the kind they empathize with, when in fact Bostil is more woke than it seems. Remember the retarded proposal to give out free tucking underwear in our publicly funded health care system that more than 17 thousand people signed?

No. 1941770

I was just about to bring this up. I wonder how troons and TRAs who flocked to Starbucks jobs feel now that it's verboten to shop there if you're a Good Liberal™. Realistically, trannies are probably exempt, like they are from all criticism. A tranny murdered a black lesbian family and there were crickets from the left, so I doubt they give a fuck about this.

No. 1941781

This is so scary, I'm really sorry for your mom. Are there really so many men like this out and about?

No. 1941796

>A person's race is determined by genetics and biological characteristics
So is sex? The physiological differences between the sexes are way larger.

No. 1941797

same! after leaving Starbucks, I’ll never ever go there again, but it has nothing to do with Israel kek. so many incompetent unwashed porn-addled troons looking for free surgeries.remember when they tried to get us to wear pronoun pins, then that wasn’t good enough, so they had to make xe/zir/faers pins?

No. 1941806

Been boycotting for a while. Plus I don’t like coffee and their tea lattes are shit

No. 1941821

sorry but genetically and biologically transracial will always be more absurd and preposterous for me than transsexual that the attempt to compare them always feels weak. every couple has a 50/50 chance of conceiving a male or female child. the code needed for either x or y is carried in any given couples various eggs and sperm and it's just a matter of chance which ones come together that determine the xx or xy sex when fertilized. but a white couple will always have a white child. they don't have a handful of eggs or sperm with black DNA that could by chance combine and be fertilized. changing nothing about your parents, there was always a chance you could have been born a boy or girl. there was never a chance you might be born a different race. your parents don't pick out a white name or a black name before your birth. they pick out a boy and girl name. like idk to me the transracial thing is in a league of its own it's even more out of left field and outside the realm of human possibility that for me it doesn't do much to help an argument. it just makes transsexual look logical in comparison(derailing)

No. 1941828

Brain dead take. Race differences are only skin deep. Meanwhile women and males have literally different internal organs, different skeletal structure, different hormonal make up etc. Almost none of these can be changed with modern medicine.

No. 1941837

B-but they need their "life saving" surgery! Rules for thee, not for me.

No. 1941838

Agreed this is a dumb take. Transracial is not real but lines are far, far more blurred when it comes to race. People can be mixed race, pass for other races their entire lives, be adopted into families of other races and raised in their culture, the entire concept of race isn't even well defined to begin with. Male and female are clearly defined and self evident, you are one or the other and not a mix except in medical anomalies. It doesn't matter if it's a 50/50 chance to begin with, once your sex is decided it's immutable.

No. 1941839

kekkk nonna i see it!

what kind of mental gymnastics is this.. becoming female when you're male or becoming black when you're white are both impossible things. your chance of being male/female or black/white before conception is irrelevant. saying "ok you're male but you had a 50% chance of being female so transsexualism kinda makes sense" is like saying "ok your parents are both white but you could have had one black parent so transracialism kinda makes sense". would you really say that there is more difference between a black female and a white female than between a male and a female? obviously no. you can be mixed when it comes to race, not when it comes to sex, so race is much more of a spectrum than sex (sex is not a spectrum at all). plus, all that shit about "identifying" with being a woman or a man purely refers to stereotypes and roles that women have been forced into, and it could definitely be transposed to culture/language. at the end of the day, while both are retarded, transracialism is less retarded and illogical.

No. 1941841

Im sure they'll justify it by something along the lines of
>well we're actually really just using them for the free surgeries and we're entitled to those so it's okay for us

No. 1941842

I don't think troons realize that for people who genuinely hate trans people their absolute best tactic to see them get hurt is to fully support their medical transition. Troons want unnecessary cosmetic surgery, and transphobes want to see deranged men get permanently mutilated, there's a clear common goal there!

No. 1941843

10TB of hentai… so all the hentai? jfc.
tbh the first clue was it's a reddit group for autistic women.

No. 1941844

I have zero sympathy for troons like this, even the gay ones. Just put your trousers back on. Boom, transphobia solved. Effeminate gay men might get beaten up by other men but that’s homophobia, not transphobia. “Transphobia” is 100% self-inflicted and their insistence on crossdressing anyway only proves that they don’t fear for their lives at all.

No. 1941850

Nonnas, has anyone found if there's any updates surrounding the oregon middle school attack? With the TIM who threw a girl to the ground and started hitting her? All I see online are old reports, but I wondered if nonnas closer to rhe area knew if any justice has been served.
I saw that video earlier and couldn't hold back my tears. That poor girl's scared little face. I wish there were more protections to keep us safe.

No. 1941874

Can you share the link, nona? I Brazilian and got interested in the post but google search sucks now and I can't find it

No. 1941877

File: 1702381573399.png (58.73 KB, 279x206, brazilliantim.png)

nta but it's here https://www.reddit.com/r/MorbidReality/comments/18f5x1b/welcome_to_the_first_third_of_december_in_brazil/ i found it when i looked up the TIM's profile. porn and anime-obsessed creep - zero surprise.

No. 1941878

File: 1702383182141.jpg (191.11 KB, 922x1860, first-time-trying-a-crop-top-t…)

wow his profile picture looks so much like him!!

No. 1941879

Thanks, nona! I am dumb because there is his username right there but I missed that. Of course in thread there are about a bunch of moids saying "what about men" besides the troon trying to take out experiences
Off topic, but if any nona is interested in reading about how the anti feminicide laws started in Brazil, read about Maria da Penha, it is very horrifying.
I am glad your mom is safe, noninha. What was the bullshit excuse they were trying to say to go after your mom? Is she very pretty or very feminine?
I find very ironic that I discovered that ANTRA's "life expectancy of a troon is 30 years" false statistic was a massive lie was through the posts of a TIF kek

No. 1941881

File: 1702383820856.png (Spoiler Image,101.71 KB, 609x465, sae.png)

now i'm 100% certain he was typing that thing about being "terrified of men" with one hand. they're always like this. spoiler for gross deranged coomer shit.

No. 1941886

Men are so braindead these days, jfc

No. 1941900

Imagine being a waitress and on top to deal with angry customers, you have to deal with this TIM.

No. 1941904

(deleted because i replied to the wrong post) I wouldn't say you're 'braindead' but i think the reason you and many people (including TRAs) feel this is more absurd is because transrace includes men, and we are raised to think offending men is worse than walking all over women(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1941906

check his thread nona >>>/snow/1927025 the only good thing about this guy is that he must have peaked most of the women who've interacted with him.

No. 1941916

File: 1702392102828.jpeg (234.37 KB, 750x799, IMG_3371.jpeg)

what a horrible day to be literate.

No. 1941931

so their logic goes
>genital preference = transphobic. genitals don't matter! lesbians should suck cock!
>but they need to refer to their own penis as a "pussy" in order to feel "feminine"
so how does that work? if by their logic being a woman is not based on biology and lesbianism is not based on sex-based attraction, then why should they feel the need to get surgery or refer to their dicks as "pussysticks"?
if we're just "people with vaginas" because we have a vagina, then what is it about pretending to have a "pussy" that makes them feel more like a woman? i wonder…

No. 1941938

"It hurts like a stab in the heart" said the big man with a huge grin on his face, knowing he can now shame and blame a waitress and make her apologize to him on camera. He surely doesn't take any pleasure in belittling random working people everyday, it's deeply painful for him you see.

No. 1941939

File: 1702393853200.gif (2.38 MB, 498x373, laughing-tom-and-jerry.gif)

And call the manager nonetheless. I bet this is the whole restaurant service reading the review of "I was being missgendered by this terf".

No. 1941953

My mom has short hair, doesn't wear makeup, won't even dress fancy unless it's special, she is just a normal woman. It was a dark bridge, they just bumped onto her pretending they were going somewhere but she said she saw them from afar and they were just there waiting, my guess is they were going to meet someone, there are lots of prostitutes in that area. I don't know what they said exactly cus my mom didn't want to repeat it word for word but she said it was like aggressive catcalling mixed with insults. Guess we can imagine. She said they tried to make it look like she was at fault for bumping onto them, like expecting her to argue back, but she just apologized and kept walking.
It's Brazil, 3 women dying everyday due to femicide, and let's not count the rapes happening recently by men picking up random women on the streets. You can't walk late night and you have to keep your guard up all times because of random criminals during the day that target women because women usually don't fight back and when they do it's easy to overpower.
I don't even remember that, was it even on the news? I'm sure Globo wouldn't talk about it, they only show homophobic "heartwarming" type of stories of hsts and absurd claims of persecution. I knew the 30 years was false though, it's funny how all the troons I saw on the media talking about it were like 40 year old hons kek yeah, life is hard when you lived over 30 years as a male and suddenly decided to wear a dress, what an example of perseverance.

No. 1941977

The fake 30 year life expectancy statistic is especially hilarious when it crops up in places where the average TIM is a 50 year old AGP undergoing a midlife crisis. Any time people talk about low life expectancy in history there’s someone who points out that this statistic is skewed by high infant mortality, and that the average lifespan of people who survive infancy is really much higher. Do people assume that one third of the TIM population dies before age 2? How else are they rationalising the 30 year statistic with the average age of the TIMs they see?

No. 1941979

File: 1702403272269.jpg (374.29 KB, 934x947, Screenshot_20231212_174725_Chr…)

On a supposedly 'women only private Facebook group that sadly accepts troons. The group is about smoking weed. Not anything to do with fashion, so what the fuck is this tranny doing?! Of course the comments are full of handmaidens kissing his ass.

No. 1941986

THAT JAW. my sides

No. 1941991

File: 1702405263024.gif (57.36 KB, 498x337, peepo-laugh-point.gif)

Robbie rotten looking retard. I would get kicked out of that group so quickly

No. 1942003

File: 1702406668647.png (132.83 KB, 948x843, sq.png)

No. 1942004

File: 1702406719799.jpg (187.54 KB, 1290x1726, GBJ9ulxXwAAIQa-.jpg)

Nope. Next question.

No. 1942008

I've always wondered what would happen if someone commented on one of these random irrelevant troon selfie posts with "What does this have to do with [insert the actual subject of the group]?"
I'm guessing they'd get banned for transphobia

No. 1942013

That's so short you can almost see his dick. And he probably wears this in public. Yikes.

No. 1942019

No. 1942021

pedophile alert. one shoulder shrug away from exposing his dick. gross.

No. 1942026

Only one way to find out

No. 1942034

I want men like this to get the shit beat out of them. It's the only thing other men are good for.

No. 1942056

File: 1702416856220.jpg (151.85 KB, 1280x720, iasip0127161280jpg-0d7729_160w…)

No. 1942086

File: 1702420635901.jpg (279.51 KB, 1290x1772, GBLYv2JXcAEXpW6.jpg)

You give off aggressive male vibes

No. 1942089

File: 1702420788848.jpg (224.3 KB, 1090x2048, GBJ8yMNXUAAIr2M.jpg)

Anime girl eyes?? You look like a serial killer from an analog horror short

No. 1942092

Retarded manchild

No. 1942093

The way this mfer looks like he sends children on Twitter Amazon gift cards in exchange for nudes while working part time at the local supermarket. Seconding him getting his ass whooped.

No. 1942097

>I never understand why youre allowed to get hormones and surgeries
Easy, they want these people chemically castrated so they don't reproduce.

No. 1942103

File: 1702421736150.jpeg (72.22 KB, 283x352, IMG_7228.jpeg)

No. 1942107

I can't imagine that this guy has gotten even a tiny fraction of the hate that's been piled on women who went viral as Karens. Also, anyone who says misgendering feels like they're being stabbed has clearly experienced very little physical or emotional pain in their life. What a charmed existence that must be.

No. 1942108

That page must be a laughriot.

No. 1942109

adam lanza trooned out?

No. 1942114

File: 1702422992081.jpeg (77.77 KB, 1200x900, IMG_3715.jpeg)

I immediately thought of him too kek

No. 1942117

The kind of vibe that makes any woman in the vicinity flee.

No. 1942144

Kek my thoughts exactly.

No. 1942149

File: 1702430426453.jpeg (36.17 KB, 422x409, Sabrinão.jpeg)

> I don't even remember that, was it even on the news?
It was this legislative idea here: https://www12.senado.leg.br/ecidadania/visualizacaoideia?id=172673

At the time, a OiSakura (twitch tradthot) called Alina Durso (annoying sjw troon “influencer”) "senhorita veveco" (“miss tranny”), and said that we live in a bumfuck country so our tax money should be better used, generating turmoil on Twitter. The icing on the cake was when Sabrinoca (twitch tranny) posted picrel's mantrum. Just one month later he appeared on a video laughing at misogyny directed at Anitta.

No. 1942156

File: 1702431208114.png (Spoiler Image,2.68 MB, 1493x2154, png_20230909_013429_0000.png)

Samefagging, I discovered a (brazilian) online store that sells lingerie and swimwear for troons and they sells for kids too, yuck.

No. 1942160

Kekk what kind of pathetic argument is that, basically
>you're a woman and thus can be a femicide victim any day
>but instead of fighting for us you choose to go against us
>you should be beaten by a tranny
Lmao that doesn't look good, how can he expect to convince anyone being this rabid? I guess I'm glad I have no idea who all these people are, but the tranny argument is hilarious, basically recognize he is not a woman and will never be

This pic weird. Trannies need to stay away from kids.

You reminded me of that story of the two gay dudes Fantástico interviewed some time ago who have a trans "daughter". They realized the boy was trans cus he didn't want to cut his long hair and liked disney princesses. The whole thing was about the kid being forced to compete figure skating against other boys instead of against the girls like they wanted. I just thought it was so weird they saw all these stuff as signs the kid is not a boy when chances are he might grow up to be gay as well.

No. 1942163

A "you don't belong in the women's locker room" vibe.

No. 1942170

File: 1702433071536.jpg (29.49 KB, 445x503, 65e.jpg)


No. 1942174

File: 1702433468438.jpg (281.7 KB, 1379x2047, ahahahahahahaha.jpg)

the tim who got this tattoo just posted this and another vomit inducing poem he wrote on twitter

No. 1942199

Wasn't in Fantástico that Drauzio Varela interviewed that troon in women's prison to talk about female inmate loneliness in prison? The troon cried and put on a sob story of how no one visited in prison, that his family abandoned him and Drauzio even hugged him, only for people to discover why the troon was left by his family: He was a pedo who raped a little kid (he did murder the kid too? Not sure, I don't remember that part but I remember the rape)

No. 1942207

this sounds like that one throwing quesadillas around poem

No. 1942218

Is this satire? If not post more of this poetry, it's like a trainwreck I cant look away from

No. 1942226

File: 1702440335437.jpg (315.04 KB, 1527x2047, 3.jpg)

this is the other one he posted on his twitter account @capegloam

No. 1942228

This genuinely unsettled me. It reads like a combination of a creepy DM a predatory man would send a girl shortly after her 18th birthday and something an misogynistic man might say to his girlfriend if she asked him to be more affectionate.

No. 1942230


No. 1942231

Was just about to mention that, but also his figures of speech suck ass, "bigger than Texas' upper stem," "words like blood from my tonsils"

No. 1942233

File: 1702441056063.jpg (14.92 KB, 733x418, disgusting pig.jpg)

Yes. His name is "Suzy" de Oliveira aka Rafael Tadeu de Oliveira Santos and he raped and murdered a 9 year old boy and hid his body. I think Globo and Drauzio apologized for that but the left leaning circles online didn't want to talk much when that happened, their priorities are completely skewed, it was all about respecting pronouns and doubting the accusations, what the fuck happened to "kill all rapists" people used to shout not long ago? That guy got 30 years and said in 8 years he didn't get any visits. Who stays in prison for that long if not for a heinous crime? Even his family hate him, but people talked as if it could be fake news just cus the retarded right was talking about it first, and even when they were forced to agree it is true they'd talk in a very weird way as if trying to not look like they agree with right leaning people. I don't understand what is so bad in agreeing a rapist doesn't deserve visits nor hugs nor freedom just cus the right thinks the same. Imagine if they find out Hitler liked dogs or something, you might be a literal nazi for agreeing with Hitler that labs are cute.

No. 1942241

>poem like a womb
>failures discarded monthly
Menstrual blood isn't "discarded failures," unless you want to call any other type of human waste "discarded failures." He's blatantly influenced by misogynistic "menstruation is God's punishment for women and girls who have the audacity to not get pregnant at every opportunity" rhetoric.

No. 1942246

File: 1702443441377.mp4 (18.93 MB, 1702403027774.mp4)

Reposting from the Fandom thread.
A "lesbian TIM" claiming authors JK Rowling and Christie Golden have the same view of women as Ted Bundy, his porn addiction and fetishization of lesbians really jump out in the end, cause even he's allegedly making fun of Incels, his fetish has to include lesbians in it. and it would be one thing if this man wasn't take seriously but he was for a brief period and that author Christie Golden had to publicly apologize for stuff she never did and later on, had to include a trans-character in one of her works, so she wouldn't be considered transphobic.

No. 1942254

Was this actually published???

No. 1942276

>Calls his genitals 'penis' and not something vulgar like chose or dick
>Calls female body parts 'cunt'

Moids give more respect to the male body parts they claim to hate so much than a hypothetical vagina. It's almost like theyre misogynist and porn sick moids hmmmMmmmmm

No. 1942301

File: 1702461854844.png (616.87 KB, 600x775, vadg4eg.png)

From ugly to uglier.

No. 1942320

I can't watch this it genuinely makes me feel violated

No. 1942322

not only is it extremely pretentious it’s also hard to read without cringing

No. 1942325

From what I’ve seen the initial commenter doesn’t necessarily get banned right away (though if it’s a woman she’ll probably be told to “be nice”) but the original post will soon be followed by another post from the troon asking if ‘trans girls’ are welcome in the group because he’s already experienced so much negativity. Anyone who replies with anything less welcoming than “yasss gurl you’re beautiful and we love you!!” will get banned for transphobia. They always follow this pattern so closely that I’ve wondered if they plan it in advance or if it’s some kind of predatory instinct they all share.

>even when they were forced to agree it is true they'd talk in a very weird way as if trying to not look like they agree with right leaning people.
I’m in Europe and this is a huge issue with left wing people in my country too. A right wing person can say something that is objectively true and “good” leftists will fall all over themselves to distance themselves from that statement even if they agreed with it ten seconds ago. I’m convinced that if the right collectively started campaigning against climate change and pollution then the left would suddenly start denying there is such a thing.
>Those so-called trash islands in the Great Pacific are a right wing dog whistle (but also a good thing actually?)! Disabled BIPOC trans women of colour need single-use plastics to live and by campaigning against them you’re guilty of genocide! #Iloveplastic #TWAW #nodebate

No. 1942330

late but kek

No. 1942335

File: 1702477469194.png (1.34 MB, 601x3473, f6MOjwS.png)

"Imagine your identity being so pathetically fragile that you have to physically threaten people in order to make them comply with your delusions. Also, Ben Shapiro is a moron. If you can't even outsmart him in a debate, then yeah, you're nothing more than a low-IQ idiot

No. 1942341

"I'll use my hulking rape ape moid rage strenght to beat up anyone who calls me a man, that will show them I'm a woman"

No. 1942343

the tolerant left everyone, the sweet kind accepting TRAs everyone! they would never hurt a fly.

No. 1942348

You can self publish through Amazon which leads to lots of garbage like this

No. 1942362

This reads like the kind of "poetry" a fiftenn-year-old would post on Tumblr.

No. 1942370

Aside from all the other bullshit at play here
It’s always the name of a girl they wanted to (or Jesus Christ I just thought of this actually DID) molest/assault/groom/rape/“date” etc. I hate when the names sound extra young too, like Zoe makes me thing of a very young girl and makes my hackles raise when a troon is calling himself that. Same with every like “Bailey/Taylor/Skyla” rapehon looking ass. We know you stole the name of your niece or your sister or some poor child next door, freak.

No. 1942375

File: 1702485170765.png (296.39 KB, 524x379, bloke.png)

another update on #BlokeInAWig. his step son spoke to DM. this guy taking his mum's maiden name is so fucked up. they are well rid.
>'We don't speak to this person and my mum doesn't want to have anything to do with them. They don't exist as far as we're concerned.'
> 'It's 2023 and you have to get over it, but we don't speak about this person and are not interested in what they're getting up to. It's hit Hailie particularly hard because this was her father, and he was living here with her and mum.'

No. 1942382

why do they always wear their wigs so forward like that, kek.

No. 1942384

File: 1702486162672.png (81.21 KB, 503x156, ew.png)

Isn't he a man too? what the fuck is this? I'm malding

No. 1942385

is this about james somerton? kind of on the nose for this to come out right after hbomberguy's 4 hour video on plagiarism

No. 1942398

I'm guessing it must be about him. From Todd's video i presume that a lot of breadtubers must have sat together and been wanting to call out James for a while. I think it's ironic because i doubt he says anything you wouldn't find in any other generic bread tube video. His also directly stole hontra's whole aesthetic, one he has cultivated since he was just a fruity man. I find it so funny he would call someone out of copying in that regard.

No. 1942407

No it's about men taking credit for women's work in general but it's very ironic that a literal man is making this point

No. 1942417

>>1942384 philosophytube complaining about plagiarism is rich considering his entire identity is a rip off of someone else lmfao

No. 1942423

His skinwalking of Contrapoints is so hilarious to me. I hope it makes him very, very uncomfortable.

No. 1942424

how much you wanna bet hontra wants to complain about it but cant

No. 1942426

File: 1702491714046.jpg (58.99 KB, 639x960, vbn91y8wi9n41.jpg)

No. 1942435

File: 1702494324332.png (53.38 KB, 1464x220, Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 19.04…)

>defending using the n word
>well adjusted

No. 1942458

First, a correction, Ben didn't sounds scared, his reply was pretty comically deadpan.

Second, funny story about that troon: he detransitioned ages ago. He said that the trans industry/military took advantage of his fragile mental state to fuck up his body and use him as a poster boy. Somebody tell the giddy troons KEK.

No. 1942502

I wanted to talk about this, because this is the only place that I can really.

A few years ago in college I was finally able to sign up for a feminist literature class which I was super excited for. Usually those classes get filled up pretty quickly. Anyway, so i signed up for it and the professor is non-binary. Ok whatever, I didn’t really care because she obviously knows what it’s like to live as a woman. That was until none of the subjects we were talking about were female focused issues at all. We didn’t talk about the female experience, discrimination, any of that. We did talk about why there are a lot of black men in prisons, which I was like how the fuck is that even relevant?

She also gave me my first F on an essay I’ve ever had in my life, and I could tell she barely read my paper at all because there was very little written down and what was written down made no sense. Let me tell you, I can write. It’s about the only thing im actually great at, so I was pissed off and dropped the class. I was so disappointed.

She also talked about her poly relationship, which was somehow also relevant idefk why. I don’t have hate in my heart for trans people like many people here do, I really don’t. But that made me so mad. I felt cheated.(not your personal blog/sage your shit)

No. 1942505

so a fraud showed up to your class to regurgitate a half-assed manifesto she ripped off of tumblr cliffnotes and got paid for it? you shouldve complained. what country was this in?

No. 1942509


U.S.. Eh, I could have. If we weren’t gonna talk about the female experience in literature then I would’ve liked the class title to be changed at least. I seriously thought we were gonna read Austen or the Bronte sisters or Shelley, you know? I got anything but that, let me tell you.(not your personal blog/sage your shit)

No. 1942510

i dont think this is the right thread for this but also you should hate trans people. They already hate you more than you ever could. fuck them.

No. 1942513

at least get her ass on ratemyprofessor.

No. 1942514

Oh ok sorry, I wasn’t sure so I guessed(emoji)

No. 1942518

nta but there is a rant thread on 2X nona

No. 1942520

Nona I’m saying this with the most respect for you, I don’t think this is the place for you or at least learn to integrate a bit more.
Good luck with the professor, make a complaint to the school as they listen to paying students.

No. 1942521

My b, im a noob :<(:<)

No. 1942524

File: 1702504415021.png (537.52 KB, 511x661, rdt.png)

>posts on r/sissies
>4 months later he is a real and true woman
definitely not a fetish!

No. 1942525

File: 1702504609858.jpg (447.13 KB, 810x1386, Screenshot_20231212-151411_Red…)

This is insane. Bardfinn's insane. He's the troon who successfully campaigned to get all the gender critical and radfem subs banned a few years ago:

No. 1942528

File: 1702504867946.png (301.19 KB, 555x633, lw.png)

FFS another violent pedo being pandered to by the media. even on the official police website, where they are warning the public to be careful around him, they don't mention the fact he is male.

No. 1942529

when will these fat fucks realize that a calorie deficit will make more changes than a ratty old wig ever will

No. 1942536

omg is this the guy who beat his wife?

No. 1942585

How do they even feel comfortable admitting this stuff? And why is it so common?

No. 1942610

File: 1702511275185.jpg (939.31 KB, 810x3780, Screenshot_20231213-180308_Chr…)

Incel pipeline still thriving!:

No. 1942628

File: 1702512829103.png (1.8 MB, 1080x2703, Screenshot_20231214-001325-278…)

No. 1942636

File: 1702513414168.png (170.06 KB, 1266x754, Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 00.23…)

these comments. man.

No. 1942638

File: 1702513463540.png (81.09 KB, 1300x324, Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 00.24…)

>wished I had as femme of a face

No. 1942662

why was he released if he was found in possession of child porn? And if he was so dangerous?

No. 1942679

File: 1702516656006.jpg (399.86 KB, 1080x2121, Screenshot_20231213_201517_Red…)

Posted in my cities sub. As if I couldn't hate this place more, leave it to a tranny to make a low tier sexual assault comeback.

No. 1942689

File: 1702517319207.jpeg (302.75 KB, 1334x750, IMG_6109.jpeg)

It’s truly sad and fucking funny that there are handmaidens out there coddling Schafer as if he isn’t the type of scrote to get off on the fact men will view him that way. I’m pretty sure he would have no problem with it all.

No. 1942691

I'm from Edmonton and can tell you that Canada's justice system is fucked. They let out murderers who have mental problems too. "not criminally responsible so lets release them into the public"

No. 1942693

File: 1702517837321.webm (6.95 MB, 640x360, gwzC7z7d-NBRKOrk.webm)


Oh god I saw this on my tl today. Try not to barf.

No. 1942701


No. 1942703

doesn't reddit cares automatically go to certain posts including certain topics? Back when I used reddit I got reddit cares for so many benign posts.

No. 1942725

Ten years ago, this would have been considered comedy.

No. 1942741

there are troons absolutely fucking everywhere now but what also boggles me is they're all clones of each other.
There's this massive gigahon that's manager for a large second hand shop and he's the stereotypical package. Wears mask still to cover face and pronouns pin, bright hair despite no matching personality for it so it's obviously skinwalking, leers over the (mostly young) female cashiers and young shoppers, bought massive boobs or wears breastplast, barely tries to raise his voice higher, etc. Then literally down the road is his younger more autistic clone at a hairdresser's just less fat, no work pin, and more honestly gnc but in the agp autist way where he could be a bi t4t at best. This close together and yet this is a primarily conservative, ethnic area. it's much worse if you go up into the hip parts of town. Then you get into the gay scene and the new hsts's are basically all low rent drag queens.

No. 1942744

His twitter's still under the name "Zoey Tur" and I couldn't find any articles saying he's detransing … where'd you hear about this?

No. 1942747

Give it up for the Red Hot Child Predators!

No. 1942752

File: 1702527408690.jpg (35.93 KB, 551x500, 4atp7y.jpg)

Almost spitted out my drink when I heard his voice

No. 1942765

Getting pregnant is roleplay to men, creating an entire life is a game kek, men are so retarded. Also I like how he clarified that waking up as a young beautiful woman is every mans dream, just straight up admitting it’s a fetish to them.

No. 1942769

Fucking kek. I can't unsee this as an SNL sketch with Adam Sandler singing. I almost can't believe this is real

No. 1942771

File: 1702531825866.png (2.78 MB, 730x2000, agf19zd.png)

This is genuinely the most pathetic and delusional thing I've seen all year.

No. 1942789

He looks like a teenage knacker/chav/criminal/hooligan type, not attractive at all and his face and body language is so offputting, I'm glad his weird, rapey, misogynistic (and vore too) manifesto went viral on Twitter though. Many people peaked that day.

No. 1942795

File: 1702540364421.jpeg (120.2 KB, 960x276, IMG_9335.jpeg)

No. 1942797

the jealousy of women never ends

No. 1942804

Does he actually think that women post that sort of shot because they find it pleasurable? They're promoting their OnlyFans accounts, trying to make money of off coombrain moids like him. This is like seeing a woman milking a cow and thinking she's doing it because she's into beastiality.

No. 1942805

These look like wikihow drawings made by someone who watches too much porn.

No. 1942806

Who put that wig on Rich Evans?

No. 1942807

looked him up and it looks the artist has been drawing "femboy robin"(the underage one) porn since the 2000's.

No. 1942810

>a man plagiarized my work
Said the man who runs around skinwalking the guy he molested

No. 1942821

File: 1702545219029.png (1.58 MB, 1486x930, aa.png)

Always laugh when I see one one on /r/glowups that would fit better if the pics were reversed.

No. 1942824

Yeah, I totally trust the man who abused his wife and don't pay child support

No. 1942828

File: 1702547105821.png (813.87 KB, 1440x2018, Screenshot_20231214-023331.png)

Uhg, I've bitched so much on these threads about troons invading music scenes. Especially punk, goth, and industrial/noise. I've seen other nonas complain about them in those scenes and in extreme metal scenes too. Really hate every female fronted punk band list is littered with tranny fronted bands. Wow, men in hardcore how fucking progressive.

Anyway, I saw someone I follow post about this band, so I checked out their post about the incident. I'm wondering what really happened, because their stories really don't match up with how the fight started. Also kek at them begging for money because some dudes called them trannies and punched them. "Need money for aftercare", fuck off.


No. 1942829

File: 1702547149006.png (788.71 KB, 1440x2115, Screenshot_20231214-023410.png)

No. 1942830

File: 1702547194835.png (821.71 KB, 1439x1931, Screenshot_20231214-023439.png)

Sorry I didn't know how to make a collage on mobile.

No. 1942831

File: 1702547261159.png (618.97 KB, 1440x2093, Screenshot_20231214-023501.png)

No. 1942834

File: 1702548992547.png (2.01 MB, 1440x2078, Screenshot_20231214-023546.png)

No. 1942835

File: 1702549208829.png (850.36 KB, 1440x2135, Screenshot_20231214-023521.png)

My bad this slide was supposed to be 5

No. 1942836

File: 1702549272734.png (1014.97 KB, 1440x2126, Screenshot_20231214-023617.png)

No. 1942840

men should just take estrogen to become prettier and not under this delusion of being a "woman"

No. 1942841

It's so obvious they made the story up to beg for cash. Trannies are such effing grifters

No. 1942842

Maybe don't come at a drunk guy for 'misgendering you' as soon he enters and as he leaves a toilet fucking morons. They're the ones who escalated it. The way these queers are emboldened to make their feelings other peoples problems is really not good for society

No. 1942847

the whole story sounds too on the nose for me to believe it. starting with the “trans folx”

No. 1942866

nonna, no.

No. 1942871

But estrogen doesn't make them prettier. It makes them flabby, fat, with thinning gross hair, it gives them an ugly shinked dick and it doesn't even get rid of the ape hair. Oh and paper bones with mood swings from all the wrong hormones. Tranny/castrated males look awful, don't fall for the meme that it makes them cute femboys.

No. 1942873

File: 1702555790210.png (152.5 KB, 1079x399, 1000004424.png)

I think most people, but particularly trannies, don't understand what AGP actually is.

No. 1942874

Oh no not the downwithtrans bus! The horror!

No. 1942879

i know someone who does boudoir photography and most of their clients are wives who give the photos to their moids as a gift. either way it's a product designed for the male gaze not to arouse themselves or other women

No. 1942880

No way, a group of drunk moids chimped out at one another and got into a stupid spat at a live music venue. This is literally unique violence that proves an ever worsening trans genocide in the US, folx. A minute of silence for our bravest tranny soldiers

No. 1942883

Hark! It is a faggot!

No. 1942885

kek, that one got me

No. 1942886

How do they not get that it’s impossible for women to be agp? It’s a purely male phenomenon because it relies on them desperately wanting to be something they aren’t, in this case, a woman. It’s like saying a woman masturbating at all is agp because she’s getting herself off. It’s stupid.

No. 1942887

this sounds like your own personal fetish. stop

No. 1942888

File: 1702558841067.jpg (116.75 KB, 719x585, hark.jpg)

No. 1942895

File: 1702561013202.png (187.3 KB, 724x334, bardfinn.png)

>beats his child
>beats his wife
>doesn't pay child support
>2 divorces
>channels all his energy into destroying feminism as an outlet for his misogyny, using the only power he has: being a reddit mod
>the only way to do it without showing his obvious raging hatred for women, is to pretend to be one himself, and cloak his sexism in SJW language
these men think if they make "cis" and white women the problematic oppressors (whilst they - usually abusive white men - larp as victims) and any feminist who isn't fully indoctrinated in gender ideology a "fascist" then they're enabled to treat us like vermin. Punishing women for wrong-think, with them being the judge. You just know he gets off on it, but reddit doesn't care and it will never do anything about this unhinged behaviour from a domestic abuser.

No. 1942897

i love you anonymous, this made me laugh so much i dribbled

No. 1942909

Nothing more pretty than a man whose muscles and ligaments have ceased to function (btw this is actually what happens if you are on estrogen for decades, a troon I follow who hasn't posted for at least a year now has various crippling undiagnosed muscle issues clearly due to transitioning decades ago.) Also it doesn't make you prettier, they just throw on filters, angles and makeup for their "after" because tricking people into trooning out is a fetish in itself (transformation/bimbofication)

No. 1942933

This, it's not just finding yourself hot, it's specifically being turned on by the concept of you being female. Find me a single woman who gets turned on by starting her period because it means she's female, or who gets turned on by existing in a women's locker room because that place is for women and she's a woman.

No. 1942935

The art style reminds me of those gay game ads on MyReadingManga.

No. 1942937

File: 1702570602904.jpg (776.17 KB, 1080x2723, Aygs7vT.jpg)

Apparently the term afab triggers mfts now.

No. 1942946

they're deliberately misunderstanding what AGP means. and trying to conflate it with being autoeroticism or being autosexual.
everyone knows, and always has known, that men who get boners and jack off whilst wearing women's underwear have a fetish. it's not some new idea that needs explaining and it's not something a woman can experience, because we are women and don't need to imagine ourselves as women. it's very clear and it's very at odds with the idea that TIMs are "real" women, or are safe to be around women, which is why they have to dismiss it as something women experience too. It's nonsensical and stupid, like everything they spout.
kek i'm noticing a lot more of this. they completely took away the ability for us to refer to ourselves as a sex class (which is the only meaningful classification for females as a whole group) and get mad when we adapt to their set of demands.
I hope women start creating "AFAB only" groups

No. 1942950

>afab only groups
This is what triggered all this afab discourse. Enbies were putting afab only on housing posts and mtfs have been bitching about it online.

No. 1942968

This story sounds so overstated. I'm in the area and from time to time in those scenes. They coddle troons extremely heavily, especially here of all places. It's gotten to the point where I avoid them in the crowds because I don't want to look at them the wrong way and have them claim I screamed "fuck trans people" or something. They're bullies. Most of all, this is such victim mentality; they should know that troon or not, going out at night here you're bound to run into drunk retarded/violent scrotes who want to pick a fight, and it's got nothing to do with their stunning+brave identity in particular. But count on them to make it about themselves.
>We said, "Trans rights, am I right?"
my sides

No. 1942973

File: 1702573309874.jpg (757.67 KB, 1078x1660, Screenshot_20231214-164749.jpg)

I don't remember daria having a 5 o'clock shadow

No. 1942974

his skin looks like something from the kays cooking youtube channel

No. 1942976

Notice how they hate the term AFAB because it excludes them and reminds them they're still not female (even though it's troons who made everyone use those terms in the first place), but 'TME' is still fine. If anyone doesn't know it stands for 'trans misogyny exempt' or something and groups together normal men and all females as being a privileged group over TIMs. Predictably it's almost exclusively used to bully aidens and female NBs into submission though. I've seen several putting it in their bio and it's probably one of the most handmaiden things I've seen.

No. 1942977

in a year or so they'll get mad at the term tme too lol. although tims are nothing if not known for their victim complex so i might be wrong

No. 1942978

I think aidens should start claiming they also face trans misogyny so the term is exclusionary/invalid, same way TIMs are claiming they never had male privilege. I always see them trying to police the ~AFABs~ on what they can/can't do and would love to see them get a taste of their own medicine. Unlikely though bc gendie women would never stand up to them.

No. 1942982

yeah fat chance. ive seen aidens since 2016 claim 'transandrophobia' and that tims speak over tifs (where have i seen this before?) and it always gets ignored at best or rebutted with 'but youre a man and im a true and honest woman so ackshually im the oppressed one here'. in fact, any implication that a tim might be speaking over an aiden gets them dogpiled. how this doesnt peak anyone is beyond me. apparently killing yourself makes anyone similar to you shielded from any and all criticism forever.

No. 1942983

I've seen detrans women pull a smart move and say they do experience transmisogyny despite being "AFAB" because they're mistaken for male and are technically trying to pass as female again after physical changes. It's regular misogyny since they're female, but I think they should keep saying it's because they're mistaken for TIMs, it makes actual TIMs massively seethe. Seeing them complain about detransitioners only makes them dig their own grave further as it looks like they're coming after apostates, which is very telling.

No. 1942986

Women still face "transmisogyny" if we're not conventionally pretty by pornhub standards and sexually available enough to moids. If I had a nickel every time I've been told ynbaw by seething scrotes for saying no to them, I could buy my own house. All the "transmisogyny" troons complain about is like 1/10th the normal female experience (violence against us by scrotes, being compared to scrotes if we don't pander to their impossible standards). tme is such a meaningless term.

No. 1942995

Assuming this happened at all, the wife only asked about the guy's gender because she was confused when she saw what was obviously a male dressed in a bad wig and women's clothes. If it were self-evident, she wouldn't have asked at all. Also, people generally don't call women faggots outside of imageboards. The husband saw a man dressed like a woman and assumed he was gay.

No. 1942997

>I saw a person expressing their gender ideology today and I need to virtue signal about it
Reddit moment

No. 1943004

>fuck trans people
Yes, because thugs who beat up troons are well known for their polite usage of the label 'trans people' rather than 'trannies', fags' etc when heckling them lmao. I can't for the fucking life of me imagine a group of men phrasing it that way, you can tell how fake it is because this person assumes everyone is as online and scared of slurs as them.

No. 1943019

File: 1702579638562.png (223.89 KB, 827x827, WDVM0nr.png)

this was posted in another thread, but it explains really why punk rock communities got infested with both TIFs and TIMs


>The punk “look” is intentionally hostile: loud, sharp, aposematic, offensive. The music is much the same – loud and bold, with an unpolished, raw edge. It’s the emblem of an ideology, but more importantly a lifestyle – moshing at basement shows, sleeping on friends’ couches, binge drinking, fighting, vandalism, protest. Life “on the edge.”
>But what happens when these signals are divorced from the lifestyle they represent? They become online status symbols, markers of “genuine” dedication – yet ultimately ring hollow. The culture moves from dive bars and record stores to TikToks and Twitter threads. “Punk” spirals into a completely new concept, one without real-world grounding.
>However, unlike traditionalist movements or historical revivalism, this is a cargo-cult of a culture that existed within living memory. For that reason it provides an interesting case study of how the online intersects with the real — and in this case, subsumes it.
>Understanding this transformation requires a short history of punk rock. Once a thriving genre and “scene” in the 1970s and ‘80s, punk declined in liveliness through the ‘90s and had its final cultural moment in the early 2000s. At that point, all of the scene’s novelty splintered into different genres: pop punk, metalcore, math rock, etc.
>This phenomenon extended beyond music: these niche “scenes” became evolving social networks, with constantly-shifting norms and ingroup signals. Today, they exist online alongside “punk,” but without the same signaling and stagnation. They were born in the internet age, and still present the possibility of novelty. Punk, however, faded into irrelevance, becoming not a social scene but an archetype, an older model of the Current Thing.
>However, this splintering was not the end for punk. Recently, on social networks like TikTok, #punk has gained the appearance of liveliness. A revival effort is underway. In fact, if one’s only exposure to the subculture was online, one might assume that it is a thriving and active lifestyle in constant flux. The scene is highly visible, and engages in constant debates over such things as “moshpit etiquette,” “lace code,” “gatekeeping.” These lively arguments create the illusion of motion, of development – in reality, they are mere entropy.
>The same flux has been suspended for months, if not years. Arguments over “gatekeeping” hinge on caricatures and social norms that haven’t existed for years; the subculture is no longer niche, hidden, and thus gatekept. Similarly, lace code was a system of political identification that faded from prominence in the 1980s. Today, having strong opinions on it is an empty social signal, akin to arguing between favored models of typewriters.
>What this looks like in practice is often odd. Young TikTokers talk about how they will make sure to “punch anyone wearing white laces” (an outdated far-right skinhead signal). Meanwhile, right-wing punks have not meaningfully existed for decades, and absolutely nobody ladder-laces their Doc Martens to show affiliation anymore. More likely than not, this would result in an attack on some poor kid who thought the contrast looked cool. Or, even likelier, nothing of the sort will happen… because the culture is not in-person anymore.
>These online signaling debates are the culture.

>It is often said that young people lack a genuine countercultural movement. This is true, but of course it does not stop the search for subversiveness – and as a result, hyper-online youths attach themselves to these older subcultures, in a bottomless search for “real dissent.” But by moving online, this outdated brand of counterculture has not been revived, but merely frozen in time.

>The movement of a subculture to the cloud does not only affect its online character; it goes on to shift the character of real-world events, which become mere accessories to the online world. This is particularly visible in punk. At punk-adjacent concerts and bars, the culture is permeated by signaling and simulacra rather than genuine participation. Everyone watches themselves in the third person; “look at me, I’m moshing!” rather than being swept up in the violent frenzy of a dark room and blaring guitars. Outfits and patches are of high concern; an imagined sense of “purity” is expected.
>Punk, then, serves as a fascinating case study of the online fully conquering the real. As real-world activities are subsumed into online social signals, they lose their potency, and participation becomes a form of this signaling rather than a genuine activity.
>In this way, punk has become a set of tropes that one participates in rather than a living culture. The “living culture” takes place in comment sections, forever rehashing debates over the ambiguities still left between these popular tropes. The archetypes are already defined and known, the actions well-corralled and restricted, the musical canon forever frozen in time.
>The internet allows for this sort of social cryostasis, in which participants in a dead culture aim to rehash its glory days while insisting that those glory days are still alive. This type of suspended animation is a distinct feature of the new global hivemind. We tend to associate the internet with rapid progress, or at least change… but it can also create the opposite. Stagnation, entropy, cargo-cultism. The oppositional nature of social media creates a veneer of aliveness through constant debate – but this debate ultimately goes nowhere, and with each passing day becomes further divorced from the real world. In this way, a living, in-person culture can be reduced to a dizzying (yet meaningless) mix of online symbols and social signals.
>Over the past few months, some have expressed concerns that AI language models will create a sense of stagnation on the internet, as they simply rearrange ideas that have already experienced their day in the sun. While this may be true, it is not a new phenomenon, or merely a feature of new technology. It has already happened to dozens of subcultures, entirely populated by “real people” (at least insofar as online personas are real). The result is a sort of unwitting human AI, as social media users merely rearrange the words that have been circulating in their “scene” for eons.
>This phenomenon is entirely created by social media, as discourse-based platforms are uniquely capable of using mere entropy as a façade of liveliness and progress. Any subculture or movement, removed far enough from its in-person roots, runs the risk of falling into this suspended animation.

No. 1943020

God I hate incel moids who think society coddles women and allows us to express ourselves freely and pursue our dreams instead of taking jobs we don't care about. I'm sure all these leftist troons still think that, they just specify that it only applies to "cis" women now.

No. 1943037

this guy is one of the creepiest tiktok troons
>doing laundry and sobbing uncontrollably is gender euphoric!
glad to see lots of women calling him out in the comments this time.

No. 1943046

>what is girlier than sobbing uncontrollably
women be hysterical am i right haha

No. 1943048

File: 1702583258507.jpg (56.68 KB, 1024x895, E-OSFvNWEAYtco3.jpg)

I want to alog so bad

No. 1943051

File: 1702583506153.png (8.29 KB, 445x85, quirky.png)

Guys isn't he so quirky and relatable. I hate it when I internalize stereotypes towards groups I'm not even apart of.

No. 1943054

File: 1702583723001.png (49.91 KB, 389x480, tiktokcomments.png)

so many comments calling him out (love to see it) but instead of feeling any shame, he interprets this as internalised misogyny. oopsy hehe silly girly brain! fuck right off, Zach.

No. 1943055

the amount of foundation he slathers on his 5 o'clock shadow & adams apple is absolutely sending me

No. 1943056

it literally looks like some sort of a blond beard kek

No. 1943057


the comments are ripping him and his tattoo of a 5oclock shadow apart. ive lost my need to alog. let him keep posting and tear his own image down, like males always do

No. 1943060

Ayrt. Notice how his list seems fake >>1943037
. Like fire and the wind flowing through his hair is something a troon would say to make women think he is more innocent than he really is. I imagine the true list is more like:
>sitting down to pee
>using women only facilities
>acting stupid
>having the door opened for you or something dumb like that
>wearing makeup, dresses, panties
Like he tried to sugarcoat it but not enough cause everyone called him out kek. Anyways, apology tiktok when (if ever)?

No. 1943066

File: 1702585198369.jpg (932.85 KB, 1068x2311, Screenshot_20231214_201918_Red…)

The OP deserves better good lord. Starting with wearing heals screams freak.

No. 1943067

yes! i was trying to find a way to put that into words. it's like he is trying to be all libfem and yasskween about it by mentioning the wind and fire, but failing miserably. it made me laugh that a TIF in the comments said fire gave her gender euphoric too because it's "masculine" to her kek. it's all so retarded. but the bar is so low for him, it's so easy - all he has to do is not compare being a woman to doing obvious sexist shit and handmaidens will worship him. but he can't even manage that.

No. 1943075

female social conditioning is so strong. her own father is making her participate in his fetish and she still just sees this as a cry for help and drops her discomfort in order to support him. did HE support HER whilst she has been having mental health issues, which she mentions in the post? or was he just wearing his wife's underwear and cooming? does he give a shit how this makes his daughter feel? obviously not. i feel bad for her and hope she peaks soon. i have a feeling she will.

No. 1943085

You can tell it's already started muttering in the back of her brain, but she still thinks she's wrong and is feeling guilty about these commonsense things. It's probably a matter of survival for her than it is women who aren't trapped in a home w their coomer dads, good lord. I couldn't imagine, I'm still traumatized by glimpses of my dad's vascular turkey legs in his swimsuit. That poor babe.

No. 1943094

File: 1702588490106.jpeg (202.65 KB, 1170x1728, ramcoomer.jpeg)

i swear some of these TIMs just transition so they can have a make believe enemy they can arm themselves again and feel justified in their obsession with guns and violence. it's like porn and violent video game addictions combined.

No. 1943095

Kek at him almost destroying the plate when he moidishly stood.

No. 1943103

He posted this like TiMs haven’t murdered lesbian couples in the past and don’t spend their every waking moment seething about lesbians not sucking the filthy useless dick they ruined with horse piss moid roids

No. 1943118

What’s the video?

No. 1943122

if TERFs are white supremacists why do i keep seeing women of color and more specifically black women be prominent parts of the movement? They love to project their horrible ideals onto groups they hate.
I can’t list off how many trannies i’ve seen confessing to being really “bigoted” prior to trooning and ofcourse by bigoted they mean borderline nazis

No. 1943129

File: 1702592987908.jpeg (61.25 KB, 828x773, whitefeminism.jpeg)

it's insane. radical feminism is the default feminism around the world because it recognises sex-based oppression which is…. reality. they will ignore why women across the globe are fighting for sex segregation, safe spaces from men, don't recognise TIMs as women, are anti-porn, anti-sex work, anti-surrogacy etc. why would that be if it's "white feminism"? why would women of any culture or race support a "feminism" that centres men's fetishes, is pro porn, sex work, surrogacy and other things that harm women, pro-genital mutilation and thinks sex-based reality is either non-existent or irrelevant? only the most privileged and protected women don't have to worry about sex-based oppression, and even then it still exists for them.

No. 1943130

the sticker that says big tim energy

No. 1943132

This fucking cardigan coomer resembles Daria 0%.

No. 1943138

Canada has some of the worst legal polices

No. 1943143

File: 1702593828698.png (5.6 MB, 1668x2224, 82774D50-37AC-4412-8010-9DBDCF…)

He looks like he’s cosplaying a 12 year old girl. Fucking awful.

No. 1943145

The wig is so obvious ewww

No. 1943148

as is the 5 o'clock shadow

No. 1943150

Ottawa is such a cucked city. Compared to Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, they're the ugly sibling with nothing to offer. Scared of appearing conservative, they become the wokest city in the country. Egg on their face as always

No. 1943151

Right wing men fantasize about being able to shoot black people in a race war, or they fantasize about being able to fight back against government agents trying to seize their guns, a la the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. Left wing men fantasize about being able to kill rich people in a communist revolution, and troon men fantasize about being able to shoot transphobes (although for some reason they get more excited at the prospect of killing “TERFs”, rather than the violent right wing men who would actually try to shoot them back - I wonder why that is???).

Basically there are moids with violent fantasies all across the political spectrum, they just use different ideologies to justify why it would be OK for them to kill the people who they think “deserve it”.

No. 1943152

File: 1702595656467.mp4 (1.59 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_731011608426958365…)

ugly blokes are not 'butch lesbians'

No. 1943163

File: 1702597031546.png (97.43 KB, 1160x553, badphoenix.png)

yeah no

No. 1943166

This is the guy from the Lama-ranch?

No. 1943170

File: 1702597914785.png (391.99 KB, 566x585, racooom.png)

no i think he just looks like that guy. this is his twitter profile in picrel. unsurprisingly a porn obsessed misogynist dick worshipper.

No. 1943173

>Sir, yes sir!

No. 1943174

kek ty nonnie

No. 1943176

God this is so retarded. That outfit screams "little boy's pajamas" not butch lesbian. Even a woman wearing that outfit would just look like a normie wearing PJs. I'm so tired of dudes calling any outfit that's not full face makeup, dress, and heels "tomboyish" or "butch."

No. 1943178

Jesus christ that face is a jumpscare

No. 1943185

What he means is sometimes he feels like indulging his fetish, and other times he's a discord mod and/or trying to get his coworker at Walmart fired for quietly leaving the bathroom when he entered

No. 1943190

it's fascinating how troons are unable to choose between a) "we are like other women and there's no valid basis on which we can be excluded" or b) "everything we live is unique and specific to the troon experience, we are the most oppressed, nobody is on the same level". like, you'd think they would claim to experience "misogyny" like women but no, they just have to add the trans prefix to make sure the focus is entirely on them, even though being clocked as a male troon in women's clothes is obviously incompatible with experiencing misogyny

the sub name contains "debates" but it doesn't seem like any dissenting opinion would be tolerated? unhinged word salad otherwise, and i'm surprised to see he writes "white" with an upper case w kek, wasn't this a whole debate in the woke community

No. 1943203

File: 1702602167621.jpg (232.92 KB, 1077x1973, GBU_bHgWgAIFUWO.jpg)

Thanks for the laugh

No. 1943205

i saw this earlier and it was ridiculous how long it took to find comments calling this what it is: autogynephilia. this behavior should be treated the same as a moid family member masturbating or watching porn in front of others. blatant fetishry

No. 1943206

All trannies are ugly men in wigs, they don't deserve compliments.

No. 1943218

he's fucking rich but cant afford decent artists?

No. 1943221

this is what polution does to sea life, handsome squidward trooned out

No. 1943224

funny how no one calls out this guy for doing sexualized cosplays of 14yo girls, but female weebs get called out for even daring to like a male character under 30

No. 1943230

File: 1702605838690.png (262.88 KB, 739x871, Zach.png)

this is what 5 years (and a waste of money) as a tranny gets you lol

No. 1943241

man, males really have giant orangutan skulls, don't they.

No. 1943244

File: 1702608286358.png (505.69 KB, 527x679, viking.png)

dude looks like he's about to go raze a village with his fellow berserkers

No. 1943246

Shayna in two years

No. 1943270

Shayna might be fucked up, but she will never be on the same level of a sexually depraved agp who is probably a threat to women and children.

No. 1943277

You're right but she will still look like that soon kek

No. 1943284

File: 1702612925459.mp4 (8.07 MB, yropACs0OREIn_Dv.mp4)

No. 1943290

File: 1702614573433.jpg (23.48 KB, 362x362, E2yCeBsXEAE-h47.jpg)


pete hogwallop lookin ass

No. 1943294

>practice voice, makeup, the way you move your body
But I thought trans women were women because they identify as such and they dont owe anybody femininity? They really can't decide if transitioning means doing anything (and if so, what) or just calling yourself a woman and doing nothing. Also lol because no real woman has to do any of this shit just to be a woman.
They had a thread on this in r/edmonton and it got closed because of misgendering, they had to make a 2nd thread. Calling a predator out is ok, but don't you dare not call her a woman. Really tackled the priorities there. Then again, maybe she's not a true trans person because this never happens…

No. 1943295

File: 1702616740020.jpeg (1.11 MB, 4096x2730, CFD80C61-EFF9-49D1-9544-DC38E9…)

God troons are delusional. The dentist and the staff weren’t being genuine. Likely feigning compliments because laughing at a 65yo hulking man will probably result in a chimp out and they’d rather not end up in a daily mail article

No. 1943296

I don’t remember this episode of Modern Family. Cam doesn’t suit blonde

No. 1943297

As a former handmaiden I’m actually loving how many under 30s women/girls are starting to reject troons and being more unashamed in calling them for what they are.

No. 1943298

File: 1702617331512.png (899.48 KB, 1080x1799, Screenshot_gg44357.png)

The comments giving him shit are making me so happy. Also this particular line of comments is sending me rn.

No. 1943299

>But that would be appropriating trans culture
fucking kek this is great

No. 1943320

fucking KEK you love to see it

No. 1943336

They also claim to have experienced misogyny and that they weren’t socialised as male while growing up because everyone around them subconsciously recognised their ~feminine essence~, yet they have to study and copy our mannerisms to “pass”. Which is it?


Honestly I wish people would stop humouring the trans suicide thing even as a joke, because it’s simply not true. It’s purely a manipulation tactic. The people making the jokes might know this but a lot of onlookers won’t, and will be taken in by the lie. If abusive men started trying to force a narrative about being at risk for suicide if their girlfriend leaves them we wouldn’t be perpetuating that either, and this is basically the same thing.

No. 1943342

Projared’s lookin rough

No. 1943357

Does he know that the Gorlock is too a troon like him? Kek

No. 1943362

File: 1702639664118.jpg (127.16 KB, 1392x783, TATE-DRAGESET-1392x783.jpg)

>a volleyball player from California is reportedly set to become the first known male recipient of a women’s Division 1 (D1) athletic scholarship. Tate Drageset, 17, has verbally committed to the University of Washington, and, if the offer is signed next fall, he would be seizing one of only twelve D1 volleyball scholarships available for females at the University.

No. 1943363

The whole pictures screams pedo and predator and I can't explain exactly why

No. 1943367

He looks like he's about to grab a pitchfork to kill the local swamp ogre

No. 1943371

Some women do act like this, they think it's like playing harmless dressup so it's important to inform these women of AGP and how it's a fetish they're partaking in because these women really don't know it's even a thing. When you tell them you can literally see a light bulb go off in their head when they finally get that the man gets off on it.

No. 1943393

File: 1702647934891.jpg (364.65 KB, 1781x1643, transexual110810jpg-5db0ad477b…)

>Linda Hayes
>Hayes, born Steven Joseph Hayes[66] was first convicted for an offense as an adult in 1980 at age 16. She was paroled in 1982 but violated her parole conditions seven weeks later. During the time between this incident and the Cheshire murders, Hayes was arrested nearly 30 times and spent most of this time incarcerated.

>Hayes said in her confession that while she was raping Hawke-Petit on the living room floor, Komisarjevsky entered and announced that William had escaped. Hayes then strangled Hawke-Petit. Hayes and Komisarjevsky doused her lifeless body and parts of the house, including the daughters' bedrooms and daughters themselves, with gasoline. Investigators would later find the accelerant on the Petit sisters' beds and on the clothing they were wearing. Hayes and Komisarjevsky started a fire and fled the scene. Hayley and Michaela both died of smoke inhalation. Hayley managed to escape her restraints and run out of her bedroom and into the hallway where she collapsed and died.


>But Hayes said he’s faced challenges undergoing the gender transition process while in lockup. “There’s a lot of problems with the presentation as a female,” Hayes said. “I mean a lot people accept it, but this facility here, you have a lot of racist and bigot [sic] staff and they’re not happy.”

No. 1943396

Why is their fanfiction always so middle school autist, “then everyone stood up and clapped” level? I mean, do they really think this is believable?

No. 1943401

He's thinking of white laces.

No. 1943402

What an absolute monster, oh my god.

No. 1943404

a whole family was raped and murdered but people are bigoted toward him

No. 1943413

Yep, this is what finally peaked me. Blogpost but my next door neighbour started whatsapping me through the local community group chat,'confessing' that he was really a woman and sending me pics of his outfits. He told me this was in secret and please not to mention it to anyone on the street. I was sympathetic at first until he started trying to make the conversations sexual and send me dick pics of him dressed as a woman.I told my friend about it and she made me realise a 'woman' wouldn't do that and now i kick myself for going along with his sick delusion.

No. 1943417

Don't blame yourself. These freaks take advantage of your socialisation and kindness. They're sick and twisted and know how to get what they want out of people. Basically, they're men, as you discovered. But please don't beat yourself up over that.

No. 1943425

Thanks nonna. This was two years ago and I've moved away now. I'm glad it happened in a way because it opened my eyes to what was going on as before I was fully in the TWAW camp. I'd never even heard of AGP before.

No. 1943427

Must be, never heard of the red laces thing, but white is still a thing with the neo neazis and pretty much everyone older than zoomie knows.

Ah yes, "punk" trannies and zoomers. Two groups that love to control others speech. Crying about pronouns is so punk rock, over consumerism (but hey, look at my vegan doc martens), following others blindly, never questioning anything other trannies says, online activism, taking 9999999 selfies, adhering a very specific type of look that is mainstream nowadays is totally counterculture.
Trannies really love to get themselves into groups that don't align with their actual beliefs, it's even weirder when you remember most tims were neo nazis or entertained the idea at some point before trooning out and are in a completely different reality where they think having a nazi past is totally normal experience and probably #justgirlythings

No. 1943428

File: 1702653951281.jpg (317.42 KB, 1200x2208, 23-mtf-finally-decided-on-the-…)

>headphones in soft pastel colours usually only used by young girls
>middle schooler eye makeup
>creepy ahego-ish face with tongue stuck out is sexually suggestive but the peace sign is meant to soften it and make it seem silly and innocent
>stubby predator fingers
>pictures of a skeleton and amanita mushrooms in the background along with a black and white photo of what looks like some serial killer but is probably just a relative
>facial hair contrasting sharply with eye makeup, hairstyle, and headphones
>headphones and his clothing don't match
>he's dressed like a teacher's assistant suggesting he aims to spend time around kids
>has a blank look in his eyes that says he could commit any act and feel nothing
>his idea of a feminine outfit is a comically sexualized schoolgirl outfit with extremely large fake boobs

narcissists are always the victim in their heads

No. 1943435

File: 1702655787839.jpeg (90.44 KB, 1280x549, IMG_2900.jpeg)

It’s almost as if trannies want people to hate them.

> An athlete from California is in talks to potentially become the first biologically male athlete to receive a women’s Division I scholarship.

>Tate Drageset, 17, has committed to the University of Washington to earn one of the twelve D1 volleyball scholarships designated for female players at the university,
>Drageset won national titles with USA Volleyball teams in different age groups, earning MVP honors at the Girls Junior National Championships, and was named the California Interscholastic Federation’s Division 5 Player of the Year for 2022-23.
> As a 12-year-old, Drageset competed against girls two years older, a move seen as an attempt to balance the athletic edge.
>“You could tell even back then that he was different from the girls,” the parent from SCVA said. “As he got older, it became more obvious that something was off. Anytime the subject of [Drageset] would come up EVERY PARENT from any SCVA team already knew about him. Parents look around before they speak in hushed tones.”
> The Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS) said that many athletes and their families are unaware of competing against a male athlete, leading to potential unfairness and safety concerns.
>“We know many of the girls he’s playing against do not know that they are competing against a male,” ICONS representative Marshi Smith said. “There has been no consideration from his family to tell female athletes or coaches the truth. They have not been transparent, so girls are repeatedly and unknowingly put at a disadvantage and not given the chance to opt out over increased safety risks.”


No. 1943437

It’s what peaked me, too. Men like this are very common in the lolita fashion community and most women and girls play along out of naivety or to virtue signal. Everyone gives him the benefit of the doubt until he slips up past the point of plausible deniability and is kicked out. Then the next one shows up and the cycle starts anew, with everyone acting surprised when the new sissy reveals himself to be a sex pest too. Who could have possibly predicted it?????
The most frustrating ones are the men who are clearly getting off on it but aren’t stupid enough to send dick pics or whatever, so they’re allowed to get away with it for years. And if a woman points out it’s a fetish for him she gets shouted down and accused of being a pervert herself DARVO style. The only way to recognise a fetishist is if you’re a fetishist yourself! Pattern recognition? Never heard of her.

No. 1943438

It's not that complicated punk music attracts pretentious people who see themselves as outcasts which is what most tifs/tims are, 90% of indie bands are literally rich zoomers on trustfunds

No. 1943449

God I hate this porn artstyle so fucking much and he probably thinks he looks like that. Makes me wanna vomit every time I see pornified art. Had to leave twitter because you can't escape the troon artists and that god awful style

No. 1943507

>putting the drag in Drageset
nice nominative determinism you've got there, Tate

No. 1943518

No. 1943522

File: 1702669918776.png (1.07 MB, 1244x812, jRX4WHj.png)

Where the hell do troons get these ideas about lesbians from? I don't know a single lesbian involved in a poly relationship! also this isn't the first time I've seen TIMs use "comphet" to claim most women are naturally lesbians and attracted to women(including TIMs) and any sort of attraction towards attractive men is just cause of the patriarchy and it's just maddening cause it's using feminism to justify the worst form of inceldom and misogyny.

No. 1943539

the poly "lesbians" are just troons larping as poly lesbians

No. 1943581

I met a biological female lesbian who was into BDSM and polyamory. Apparently she was so abusive and crazy that it caused one of her exes to become a TIF when they broke up - the ex decided to become a “man” to spite her because lesbians are not attracted to men.

Another woman who the BDSM poly lesbian dated got arrested for trying to steal a cop car during a BPD manic episode.

There are a lot of fucked up, mentally ill, broken people out there, unfortunately. And they tend to date each other because normal people can sense their crazy vibes from a mile away.

No. 1943593

File: 1702678759122.png (223.72 KB, 493x639, mysticalwonders.png)

this TIM posts shitty comics about being trans to reddit, usually about being a "lesbian" and this one was especially creepy to me. why is the dream literally him with a child on his lap? at first i thought his dream was to have a trans child but the comments made it clear it's meant to be romantic. even if it's clearly meant to be a woman (and he is acknowledging sexual dimorphism) then it's still weirdly infantilising.
i also feel like this is used as a cover for pedophiles and creeps

No. 1943598

Some women can have boobs like this, no?

No. 1943602

The difference is those breasts are still the breasts of actual women.

No. 1943613

it's okay to post art and just say "this loser's art is hilariously dumb and ugly, let's all laugh." you don't need to pretend that the terrible ms paint squiggles are "literally him with a child on his lap" to make fun of them.

No. 1943618

Did this get deleted? I can’t find it. Wanted to know if people were being reasonable in the comments.

No. 1943620

The only thing he was correct about was saying that he looks like a 90s stoner.

No. 1943622

File: 1702683121229.png (50.37 KB, 949x696, autogynephilia-is-not-a-fetish…)

the thread was deleted by the user but the comments are still available. theyre… something kek

No. 1943626

>It’s purely a manipulation tactic.
This is one of the things I don’t get at all. Any healthy person will tell you that someone threatening suicide to get what they want is abusive, but for some reason it’s okay in this case only.

No. 1943627

>you might want to tuck that back in
Interesting choice of words there

No. 1943640

File: 1702685781510.png (399.99 KB, 463x602, Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 16-40…)

I had to be jump-scared by this thing and I wanted you all to share in my misery.

No. 1943641

File: 1702685895598.jpg (58.37 KB, 458x504, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1943652

I think it's a shame that sleep paralysis demons are having their jobs replaced by ai.

No. 1943658

The worst part is that 'small and cute' was a lyric to a song he was singing about himself.

No. 1943685

bruh that head to shoulder ratio

No. 1943689

Why are criminals allowed to transition while in prison? Hope someone does the world a favor.

No. 1943694

does this mean he's an ace pilot?

No. 1943703

This POS makes me want to a-log. The husband/father was the only survivor whom I’ve met several times.

No. 1943704

File: 1702697295006.jpeg (582.44 KB, 750x1238, IMG_3439.jpeg)

moid hands don’t lie.

No. 1943705

Idk but one locked my pregnant friend in a room for hours before shooting her execution-style, and now I get to follow his transition thru those inmate profiles prison websites keep. And the day he gets sent to a women's prison, the women around him are probably going to be punished for so much as complaining about having a gross, tweaky paralysis demon in their spaces bc scrotes don't have to be in adseg in female prison.

No. 1943711

You might be getting Zoey Tur confused with former troon Chris "Kristin" Beck. Tur was never in the military, he was a reporter who's claim to fame is filming the OJ Simpson white bronco chase. Tur is still a tranny. Tur's daughter Katy Tur is also a reporter. Last year Katy released a memoir where she discussed her father's violent outburst during her childhood.

> "When my dad was transitioning, she said that everything would be better because the rage would be gone, because the rage was all because she wasn't herself," she recalled. "And she told me, 'Bob Tur is dead. Bob Tur is dead.'"But, said, Katy, "I wasn't ready to bury Bob Tur. I wanted to talk about all of the rage and the violence and the scary moments because I felt like, 'If you want to transition into a new person, I'm all there for you — I'm with you, let's do it. But let's talk about what we need to talk about so we can all move forward, so we can clean the slate."

No. 1943713

He's trying so hard look at his clothes kek, the fucking fat rolls under the crop tops. I'm surprised the comment are siding against him

No. 1943721

>This is not autogynephilia, and even if it was, i-it's totally valid and not a fetish!!

No. 1943727

also what woman trying to conceive and making a post about infertility would say "i am a girl"? trannies are retarded and their larp is disgusting

No. 1943732

He tilted the camera to give his fingers a foreshortened effect and pulled the sleeve of his sweater down and genuinely thinks it's convincing kek. This species of male only sees the world in symbols.

No. 1943746

Anon, that's really fucked up that that happened to your friend. I really hope you can get therapy or whatever you need to cope with that. I hope she's resting easy now.

No. 1943762

File: 1702713456329.jpg (1.22 MB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20231216-024613_Red…)

Troon goes on a date wearing only a negligee:

No. 1943783

Next threadpic pls

No. 1943784

>a deep ominous rumbling startles distant birds from the trees
>a sound nearly imperceptible except wavelength sets the windowpanes to vibrating uneasily in the sills
>several women grazing nearby, their heads shoot up and they simultaneously bound off into the treeline as the baritone rumbling gets nearer and deeper

"She/They, it's She/They ACKchully" booms across the deserted plain

>Lilly releases a whistling roar of frustration, when he sees no prey on the hunting ground

>The waiters are trembling, trying to hold their breath as he stomps around
>The women steadfastly hold their ground, they can feel the seismic vibrations of Lilly's size 13 feet as it moves away, seeking it's prey

A car alarm abruptly goes off in the distance, but the women and waiters are slowly returning to the feeding ground. The ecosystem will achieve balance again, eventually.

No. 1943786

Nailed it

No. 1943797

Oh, I must be. Thanks for the correction, nonnie!
I'm so sorry anon. They truly are the most heinous people.

No. 1943809

File: 1702729439751.png (226.72 KB, 897x650, Screenshot.png)

This has been a phenomenon in the far-left of the Western world for the past 75+ years, where men have typically insinuated themselves into progressive circles and exploit and distort the original doctrines to justify their perverse and abusive behaviors. Back in the 70s, anarchist movements were overrun by pedophiles, and one of the most influential American anarchists was an openly professed pedophile who wrote for NAMBLA.

No. 1943846

I've never seen another group of people (except religious fundamendtalists) with such an incessant need to shove their ideology down your throat every day

No. 1943852

He has a whole thread dedicated to him kek. I love how his receding hairline is very much on display but of course he doesn't realise or has the usual overconfidence of every tranny ever.

No. 1943853

Fuckin jerk these gigantic thighs…

No. 1943854

Um, why is he assuming the pronouns of the waiters? What if they're actually stealth trannies that are hoping to be called "she" by their fellow trannies?

No. 1943856

File: 1702742487689.png (20.54 KB, 870x117, Rapist Pedophile Transferred T…)

No. 1943867

>Group of violent degenerates larping as "leftists"
>Degenerate group compares themselves to gay people, tries forced teaming with the gay rights movement
>Gay people disavow the degenerate group and correctly state that there's no actual connection between homosexuality and degeneracy
>Degenerate group tries to bury any dissent, especially from the truly oppressed people they were attempting to force political teaming onto
>"…there was an almost uniform resistance to any discussion."
>"This has been explained in different ways, including that the problem was imaginary; that it would be too controversial and disruptive; that it was no more than a personal attack, and therefore without merit."
>"The internet has been more open to the subject, but the general response is consistent."
>Degenerate group also claims any opposition to them is an attempt at "censorship"
>"…they are generally unable to discuss the ethical ramifications of (an abusive "leftist" man)'s use of (appropriated leftist ideological terminology) to justify something that is exploitative and predatory"
>Those who censor dissent to the degenerate group often already know they're degenerates, but cover for them regardless
Nothing has actually changed, wtf.

No. 1943884

File: 1702746691141.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.5 MB, 1170x1975, F6C3A38E-DE67-40BD-8277-404E37…)

spoilered for gross tranny thirst-trapping. F1NNSTER is being gnawed on for co-opting the “trans woman aesthetic” as a means of pimping his sissy humiliation shit out on Twitter. apparently the sharks are what is pissing off the trooners and pooners. a fair number of deluded commenters have recognized this as the pot calling the kettle black even with a hand down their pants

No. 1943887

File: 1702746980535.jpeg (707.94 KB, 1170x1997, 1BF21D12-C948-4BE7-8E85-29CC69…)

No. 1943907

I liked how he was pissing off troons initially, but knowing he hangs out with a pedophile groomer made me realize he's likely a degen as well.

No. 1943910

I’m guessing he’s trying to argue that it’s offensive for a feminine man (“femboy”) to ~appropriate~ trans shit, but then he implies that femboys ARE a type of trans
>i have news about femboys that will blow ur mind
Or is he making a distinction between femboys and sissies, where femboys are under the trans umbrella but sissies are evil appropriators or something? Can someone who speaks troon translate this please

No. 1943911

twitter trannies have a funny habit of trying to classify themselves as 'true and honest real women' when people line finnster/femboys become a hot topic even to go as far as 'appropriating trans girl (culture)' and then their logic conveniently stops when they get called out for saying they suffer from pcos/pmdd/etc. appropriate has become such a dumb word to use that it basically has no meaning anymore anyway, but even just a whisper of implication that trannies steal women's culture and all the moids get defensive.
>rules for thee but not for me

No. 1943912

yeah, it was sorta "refreshing" for a minute that he didn't immediately become a full-on troon, but he clearly is a coomer just like the rest of them and it grosses me out more and more when men thirst over "femboys" or crossdressers with their pornified view of femininity. His popularity makes me lose hope for humankind, or at least men. Idk if many women follow him.

No. 1943913

File: 1702751190151.png (Spoiler Image,2.65 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_3641.png)

r/findpadsandpanties subreddit I had the misfortune of stumbling upon through google images. Most of the posts are from mixed or gender-neutral restrooms. Just another wonderful possibility of inclusive bathrooms! But it's important to let males into our restrooms in case their feelings get hurt right?

The second pic in this post is him squeezing one of the pads with his fingers to show the freshness of it.

No. 1943915

That shark thing is absolutely retarded. There's this one comfy streamer I like to have on in the background sometimes and apparently one other streamer from his circle trooned out officially, which he announced in chat (literally "I am a girl now", dude you are a grown-ass man). Immediately people were like "do you have the IKEA shark???" and apparently he already got sent a couple. Troons are seriously so brain dead and do nothing but copy each other and meme themselves into doing stupid things.

No. 1943925

wtf is even this sub readdit ?? people just post pads they found ?? I know men have fetishes for EVERYTHING but this has to be a joke !

No. 1943927

this subreddit has been popping up every now and again, but it is a thing lol

No. 1943928

please can you explain to me exactly what it is ? i refuse to check this website

No. 1943931

theyre just collecting pads and tampons because their degeneracy has led them to fetishize menstruation. theres also trannies on fetlife that have made popsicles out of v8 or any other dark red substance to stick up their assholes to "simulate" a "period". i dont know much beyond that and i dont think either of us need to, the bottom line is these men should kill themselves (in minecraft)

No. 1943936

What happens if one of these appropriating femboys declares himself trans? Is everything forgiven, or does he have to prove himself somehow? I’m curious to know where they draw the line between trootrans and faker without constantly stepping on each other’s toes.

No. 1943937

Here's the full article if you're interested. It's mostly about Peter Lamborn Wilson(who converted Islam and became Hakim Bey), but it's also about the general history of pedophilia and the anarchist movement (going back for over 100 years now)

No. 1943938

they make some bullshit up about gender roles being elastic enough to bend, men always forgive other men lol

No. 1943953

File: 1702755295112.png (244.95 KB, 256x400, Sdz4ihb.png)

samefag and sage for OT, I feel I should mention that it was Wilson who popularized the idea of Pirates as rebels against society and Governments of the world, who WERE championing freedom and equality, brushing away the active slavery and raiding, as well as the fact that most pirates, including both Europeans and North African pirates, usually retired to the nation that offered the most wealth and land. But his ideas went on to influence pirate literature, media, and academic concepts about pirates, from Pirates of the Carribean to our Flag means death and every single twitter post about how pirates were "queer" and egalitarian stemmed from a single weird pedophile.

No. 1943954

File: 1702755354532.jpg (Spoiler Image,821.37 KB, 922x2591, 1598564418434.jpg)

Tragically it for sure isn't a joke. One of the most nauseating things I ever saw/discovered about tranny degeneracy was picrel.

No. 1943960

File: 1702756444732.png (1.28 MB, 1623x955, Screenshot 20.png)

entitled man pretending he's a woman gets mad because a woman stood up for herself.

No. 1943974

The real joke is that this subreddit is allowed to exist while r/gender critical was wiped out. One of the posts is "my nephew’s girlfriend used pads at my Sister and Brother-in-law’s house bathroom". And one of the comments asks how old she is.

Honestly if a woman is posting her own used pads for freaks to salivate over, then that's fucking disgusting but whatever. It's the taking of used pads from unknowing women that truly makes me feel ill.

No. 1943976

Are they using crossdresser as a synonym for transgender here or do he actually think men dressing in women's clothes for sexual gratification should be allowed into women's restrooms?

No. 1943981

I fully thought this was Bretman Rock

No. 1943985

I hate him and troons so fuck both of them. Disgusting degenerates
Also he used to hang with that pedo

No. 1943991

Don’t expect consistent logic from crazy people. Tranny logic boils down to “stuff that makes my pp hard = good” and “stuff that makes me personally upset = bad, awful, evil, transphobic” and that’s about it.

No. 1943993

File: 1702760778491.jpg (281.23 KB, 1080x1897, GBCM4TBaoAAsNfC.jpg)

>sissy fetish
in the end femboys and trannies are all disgusting men who need to commit sudoku. Especially when finn and co are all tra's who accuse JK Rowling and normal women of """transphboia""" for not believing their "womanly soul" bs.

No. 1943994

Those are both the same thing.

No. 1943996

>The men in question.

No. 1944000

Is this on Pinterest? Nonnies, report this shit whenever you see it. Moids seem to think Pinterest is a place to collect their porn and fetish shit.

No. 1944001

I had seen this video before but just went to this guy's tiktok to see what other content he has posted and omg he looks like Destiny in a wige

No. 1944026

This is so fucking disgusting, especially the one post where he targets a specific woman. I know it probably happens rarely but this makes me want to make fake bloody tampons like fill them with glass bits or some shit and put them in random restroom bins

No. 1944033

File: 1702767536884.jpg (239.96 KB, 1080x963, Screenshot_20231216_235644_Chr…)

The thing that crossed this handmaiden's limit…

No. 1944039

Men truly fetishize everything. Never thought men would actually steal used tampons to jam up their ass, but of course I feel foolish again for underestimating how depraved they are. I actually felt queasy reading some of this.

No. 1944045

File: 1702769408286.png (384.2 KB, 473x562, handmaidens.png)

No. 1944048

File: 1702769782767.jpg (669.76 KB, 1635x1635, GA1-44qagAAafrf.jpg)

No. 1944062

>i have to be super brave when i enter the women's toilet and not the women who're disturbed to see me in there

No. 1944070

They always have the changing tables down as if they are laying on them themselves or like, pressing their greasy faces to the plastic to try and inhale the remaining molecules of a real child that may once have laid on it. I hate not knowing what toilet may have been used by a troon.

No. 1944094

She was awesome

No. 1944099

It is. Pinterest used to have tons of porn but they went scorched earth a few years back iirc because men were using it to trade cp. they can’t really do anything about this because it’s technically sfw but they allow radfem and terf content so i think if it as a win

No. 1944101


the tranny that wrote this "great" article detransitioned apparently.

https://twitter.com/RayAlexWilliams(this is an image board. post caps)

No. 1944108

File: 1702783317346.png (461.73 KB, 748x993, Screenshot 2023.png)

Merry Christmas nonnies

No. 1944110

File: 1702783689217.png (709.09 KB, 729x1102, Screenshot.png)

How much do you want to be Monty wrote this? LOL

No. 1944115

He probably did write this to make terves look bad but this looks like a great way to filter troon and chaser men. If a scrote brings up/capes for trannies, simply ghost him kek

No. 1944124

I don't think anything about him is refreshing. It's incredibly creepy how easily he was coerced to do more fem shit. I don't know if coerced is the right word anymore since it's sexually gratifying to him. I don't even think he was entirely a coomer beforehand since it turned from a once and done crossdressing gag, to full on estrogen and hair extensions and sex toys and fucking porn stars.
>Idk if many women follow him.
I don't think women were ever the majority but it feels like before the coomer shit he definitely had a good amount of young girls watching him, since he was friends with those Minecraft Youtuber boys. You can see his older vods being spammed with all caps singular words, or asking for his friends, kind of incoherent spam about the stream or Minecraft which I attribute to younger viewers. To his recent streams having fully articulated sentences in the chats asking how wide he's going to spread his ass or discussing trans shit. Just so creepy to think about how many innocent young stream viewers watched his descent like this, his original Twitch content was very much geared towards youth (Minecraft prison servers)

No. 1944130

File: 1702790019586.png (320.26 KB, 515x403, that thumbnail was a choice.pn…)

No. 1944134

their whole life is coom, they can’t be raped

No. 1944136

his moobs looks like those plastic ones trannies buy

No. 1944142

File: 1702793219075.jpeg (262.38 KB, 1124x1565, IMG_6289.jpeg)

Late but just saw this. You just know Kojima is totally tranny brainrotted from all the American media he consumes.

No. 1944166

glad to hear the tide is turning

No. 1944171

tumblr porn addict

No. 1944179

>Terrible framing that cuts off part of his head just so he can show off his bolt-ons
>In a video about sexual assault

No. 1944180

Imagine your whole world surrounding the coom and posting about sexual assault whilst getting your boobs out. Could you imagine a real woman doing this? She’d be laughed and told it was all her fault.

No. 1944181

This shit is just pedophilic. Honestly I don’t believe anyone who gets off to or participates in this “aesthetic” has a clean hard drive. This isn’t tranny aesthetic it’s just sexualising children and sexual servitude. There is no way that an adult can justify this.

No. 1944182

The refreshing part was only that in a sea of trannies he didn't claim to be a woman and it made them mad that he was still better at "passing". And it's not like everyone knows he was paid to do it in the beginning. But even if he was not entirely pornsick once, he quickly degenerated, be it because he liked it or for money. Now he is depressed and pays for Ketamine therapy, but probably is all #noragrets.

No. 1944188

File: 1702807468066.jpg (177.24 KB, 1080x1616, hunter-schafer-the-star-of-hid…)

I got curious of the sketch Hunter was holding, damn the artist is forgiving, even Stefanie Joosten/Quiet sketch has more details up close and visible resemblance

No. 1944190

Yoo, what the fuck is up with his crows feet?

No. 1944191

Male coddling fellow male's feelings

No. 1944193

maybe I'm tripping but I smell a botched nose job. His nose didn't look this broken before. Can we do a photo comparison?

No. 1944198

File: 1702808781481.jpg (210.15 KB, 1080x881, IMG_20231217_132257.jpg)

Look at the bridge, he definitely had a nosejob. He should do something about his wrinkles now. Insurance already covers his plastic surgeries so he has no excuse to be this frumpy. Why is his hair green?

No. 1944199

File: 1702809133006.jpg (408.77 KB, 1080x862, IMG_20231217_133155.jpg)

Even his nostrils are downturned now. It's extremely obviously a nosejob, how didn't anyone point this out before? If an actress changed her face this dramatically it would be all over the place.

No. 1944201

I've said this, but he just look like a 15 year old boy in drag, men who admit that they are attracted to him are just pedophiles who would likely molest their nephews and nieces if given the opportunity.

No. 1944202

>>1943393 The use of female pronouns for him here is literally making me gag. What a despicable crime for him to commit, and how dare anyone affirm him in that way

No. 1944203

File: 1702811120375.jpg (288.86 KB, 1080x1299, IMG_20231217_140442.jpg)

And THIS is why you never see his side profile. It's giving "Contrapoints" and definitely not young boy.

No. 1944204

File: 1702811342084.jpg (562.68 KB, 1080x1996, IMG_20231217_140913.jpg)

No. 1944205

File: 1702811493264.jpg (312.88 KB, 1080x996, haha.jpg)

I love seeing troons hurt each other with the extreme envy and bitterness they cultivate. I just wonder if they think it's weird to say these things about actual women or if they just feel sorry for themselves.

Troons don't have a coherent opinion of femboys, just a bundle of conflicting feelings. On one hand they're often 'attractive' young men so they can be openly co-opted by troons (unlike sissies). But the fact that they are young, attractive and get lots of attention breeds resentment which causes troons to say femboys are evil appropriators.

No. 1944207

Why are trans people so proud about being “girls” but never women, they never want to act like adults only pornsick dogs

No. 1944219

File: 1702816951546.jpg (139.4 KB, 922x1273, GBeB8iGXkAAQW0h.jpg)

And on the top of the Things That Never Happened, this has happened the least
>Terfisthenewtrend username
>Tinder men caring about gendies
>Calling "herself" Terf in real life.
They don't even try to make it sound realistic.
They love love LOVE scenarios where they are the victim. It's almost gasp! It's a fetish.

No. 1944221

File: 1702818300809.jpeg (458.79 KB, 1094x1192, IMG_8026.jpeg)

Every time I see a picture of this guy I just see pic related in my mind lmao. Cut off his hair and this is what you’re left with.

No. 1944227

File: 1702820107761.png (317.49 KB, 1068x996, Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 13.34…)

holy fuck

No. 1944228

File: 1702820801359.png (228.68 KB, 1080x715, 1000037831.png)


No. 1944230

Trannies are pedophiles, they know they will never be able to have sex with a child so they become the child they want to have sex with. The best example is that one tranny that skinwalks an 8 years old girl he met as a child and who surely rejected his advances back then, now he wears her name and probably her looks from back then.

No. 1944231

File: 1702821911019.jpg (192.18 KB, 594x679, cd24f2b9-07f6-434a-a674-ebacae…)

Apparently he's married to a detrans (now GC) woman. I appreciate people being open and apologetic about having been wrong (such as picrel).

No. 1944232

Think moids like this are going to start coming out of the woodwork pretty soon. You see the same sorts of attention-seeking behavior from all male detransitioners, it's just another flavor of the same thing. Being trans doesn't command the same social capital it once did, it's becoming passé' in the same way being gay was by 2014 and being an atheist was by 2010. It isn't yet, but cluster Bs are attune to this kind of thing and are buying in early to what their instincts tell them is the new meta. If you listen to any of the "good ones" or "trutrans" the entirety of their contention with recent trans activism is "I cut off my dick before it was cool."

No. 1944250

Internet safety for women is always important, even if they weren't terfs, it's not like they can just trust any fucking Rando that comes in with some flimsy she/her excuse
These tranny fuckers can't think of anyone but themselves and it's so gross

No. 1944270

>wish their body was like mine
yes your fridge body is very enviable
only moids

No. 1944271

here's the thread btw (op never replied to anything in the thread fyi)

No. 1944273

File: 1702831064012.png (699.72 KB, 748x826, Screenshot (2).png)


No. 1944274

Shiftymine is looking rough

No. 1944277

Link doesn't work

No. 1944280

He's so ugly and doughy on his lives how's. His face looks swollen with his tiny eyes, he really doesn't pass and just looks like a filler faced gay dude who chases troons…which he is.

No. 1944282

Nta but if you edit the link and write "terf" at the end it will come up

No. 1944283

NTA, yes. When it comes to straight moids who stopped being TRAs, their goals aren't even that different from troons. It simply shifted from 'it's she/her, you must accept my lesbian girlcock' to 'ok i may have AGP but i can still be a fetishist in public if i say the right things about women's sports'

No. 1944289

>trans girl aesthetics
meaning fetish gear and ugly amazon clothes

No. 1944299

>we approached this [drunk] man [we already had a negative confrontation with] once he exited the porta-potty
shit that women would never ever do. men are retarded. trannies want to be an oppressed group so badly but never act like one.
a bunch of men got into a fight. this is somehow news. please send us money!

No. 1944302

File: 1702836111629.jpg (Spoiler Image,321.42 KB, 1536x1710, GBOHeVZXUAAqNGy.jpg)


No. 1944304

Sounds milky, do you have anymore details on this?

No. 1944308

kek I thought this was Shayna

No. 1944309

File: 1702837576750.jpg (1.53 MB, 798x1320, 7BU44Mv.jpg)

Pretty sure nona is just talking about Erin Reed

No. 1944310

Late reply I know, but god, this is what f1nnster is up to these days? I haven't been keeping up with him but has he really spiraled this much?

No. 1944312

the moobs

No. 1944317

Was about to comment the same kekk imagine going out like this

No. 1944338

women can be your worst enemy at times….

No. 1944343

>scrote is a domestic abuser
>also apparently concerned enough with radical feminism to say things like "TERF is a slur for people that tell the truth"
Something's not adding up here.

No. 1944351

should have been sent straight to war after this picture was taken

No. 1944353

I wanna al-log this freak, god help the women who can't escape

No. 1944379

File: 1702846423656.jpeg (116.94 KB, 828x585, CC0F47B4-17BC-4A95-980F-4FD735…)

Does it surprise anyone that these Japanese men love young white bishonen? It should be taken as the black pill that he doesn’t pass if Kojima is into him.

No. 1944380

She’s saying something that will garner the most support, she knows men and troons only care about transphobia

No. 1944391

holy shit is that the linus tech tips tranny?

No. 1944462

File: 1702860691762.mp4 (1.55 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_727145075105287709…)

never happening

No. 1944474

Getting some serious serial killer vibes from this.

No. 1944481

File: 1702863980930.jpg (99.28 KB, 576x1024, 1702860691762.jpg)

memba AGP doesn't exist according to trannies.

No. 1944491

File: 1702865215954.png (236.94 KB, 489x534, smirk.png)

classic agp smirk after the most disgusting pornsick response possible
he doesn't even say he's glad he could have kids with a man he loves
he just phrases it as a gross kink thing and he knows nobody can give him shit without being called a bigot

No. 1944494

Also, many pirates were formerly privateers, which are basically state-sponsored pirates. Piracy (the nautical kind) is just another type of organized crime. Pirates also weren't always anti-authoritarian rebels, either. Blackbeard named his flagship after Queen Anne Stuart, because he served in her Navy during the War of the Spanish Succession. It was a slave ship, and when he captured it, he didn't free the slaves aboard, he simply sold them. Sure, he was more principled in that he generally refused to kill people, but he was still a criminal who prioritized his own personal wealth.

No. 1944532

File: 1702872127853.mp4 (18.86 MB, 993ee710-f0bb-469a-8329-3e6dc2…)

I was going to post this yesterday but I forgot. I think this guy was posted on a previous thread (adorable_rainbowfist) and I stumbled across his live yesterday. Him and his handmaiden went out to challenge people about proving him wrong about being a woman. I clipped a part of him talking about genitalia.

No. 1944541

File: 1702875635844.png (40.55 KB, 751x297, Screenshot 2023 (2).png)

> He went through an entirely female puberty
do these tra's know what blockers are and how they work? How could this get 52k likes?

No. 1944545

It's like he was flipping through a thesaurus when typing out this word vomit. So fucking pretentious.

No. 1944546

LOL a troon AND engine on top of that. What a winning combo.(Racebait)

No. 1944549


> dating a troon whose username is Big_Icky and whose name is “Ashley”

> their ship name is F1nnicky and they have been dating 5(?) months and live together
> a lot of f1nns streams include icky and a lot of icky’s TikToks include f1nn It’s hard to separate them
> icky is a troon so ofc he’s an onlyfans model. he’s is top 0.8% onlyfans and 0.9% fansly. posts free porn on Reddit
> f1nn still posts on onlyfans but only thirst traps. Dating icky will speed up his degeneration. Icky talked about getting him a cock cage.
> i predict penis and asshole pictures in the new year.
> LOTS of thirst traps on Twitter
> working with/being sponsored by gamersupps and made an official f1nn5ster femboy cup. Picture on the cup is f1nn drawn in an anime style in typical gamergirl clothes and the cup has “bussy” written in Japanese
> ofc he promoted the cup with an ass pic of him in thigh highs
> trying to get a nose job to fix a deviated septum definitely an excuse for facial feminization surgery
> trying to find a therapist for his depression but failing

Probably other stuff and some info might be wrong but that’s all I can think of off the top of my head

No. 1944551

Why are you typing like a retard

No. 1944552

Japan has a really strange obsession with children and considering growing up to be doomed beauty(which is beyond fucked up), I still maintain he looks more like an underage boy more then anything.

No. 1944561

This. Nation of pedophiles

No. 1944580

>"female puberty = a male with an absence of male puberty"
what century are we in again? 1500s?

No. 1944582

A satire skit from the 2000s,it has been deleted twice from YouTube, deleted my first post cause I got retarded on the link

No. 1944591

I won't say that, but they have do have really fucked up standards of beauty and romance.

No. 1944592

File: 1702890688578.png (1.65 MB, 647x1278, Capture.PNG)

Has anyone who has played the semantics game with trannies ever tried a definition of womanhood based around or including how acceptable it would be to insultingly call someone a man?

It's kind of an interesting paradox I'm not sure I've ever seen brought up. The harder they push, the greater this difference between women and tims becomes. It's either fine to call tims men, or a defining feature of womanhood is that you CAN be called one.

No. 1944598

There are pretty high sexual assualt and rape stats on mental hospitals in the UK as it is, him putting his office on their dorms is really really creepy and obvious
I mean this sounds like the kind of thing you'd say if your client turned up in drag so it's believable in that sense, but dentists offices are usually quiet and serious, maybe a personal shopper or makeup artist would be more inclined to react this way.
Who the hell even remembers kids from when they were 8 never mind revolves their life around them
This is odd, I think they are just fiahing for terf usernames from that forum so they can stalk and harass whoever replied to it.

No. 1944601

A reply:
>Is this thread for real? It sounds like someone trolling for screenshots. As if men believe this stuff outside a small circle of tedious ex-nerd wannabe hipsters who probably have very little interest in women!
Exactly what I thought, there are absolutely leftie TRA men but they fit that description and are unlikely to be people you would seek to date. The replies seem to be phrasing things very carefully (only read the first ten so far) so hopefully people didn't fall for the bait

No. 1944603

I can't screenshot on this phone but here's another reply that made me kek
>14/12/2023 21:02
>Online is riddled with weirdos though I was talking to someone who apparently believed that men could give birth now apparently he was willing to give it a go for the right person if I was willing (how kind) I said no I didn't want anymore children (being diplomatic and trying not to anger a weirdo) he flipped I blocked and reported i got a generic message saying they would look into it and "personality clashes were normal" then I had a message saying they had been removed from the site then another message making sure I hadn't given out my address I think he freaked out the admin

No. 1944605

File: 1702896299994.jpg (218.81 KB, 1436x1985, GBldhyTawAAiOrC.jpg)

T4T couples are always hilarious

No. 1944606

heterosexuality with extra steps.

No. 1944609

Female puberty is when the balls don’t drop.

No. 1944611

Also, what woman refers to herself as "female"?

No. 1944616

the refusal of reality is so fucking funny."Typically" and "I did not transition into a woman!!1!" how delusional can you get

No. 1944617

File: 1702900730220.png (400.61 KB, 816x487, Screenshots_2023-12-18-14-58-4…)

"decimate your fapping addiction"

No. 1944620

fucking hell was this prophetic, especially the childlike outfit and shitty wig (except for the fact the he hides he has a penis, transbians cant go 2 fucking seconds without shouting about their shenis)

No. 1944639

>curvy body
men can't grow curves. fat is not curves.
deflated cones. look nothing like women's tits and never will.
>feminine facial features
are moids seriously so retarded they think your bones will change shape?

No. 1944646

File: 1702909089634.png (685.61 KB, 720x547, hhfsCzV.png)

samefag, I'll also mention that similar things happen in the west too, and it's being pushed in both media and academia, James Cantor is clinical psychologist and sexologist, he is listed on the "Virtuous Pedophiles" site as an ally. He's claimed that sex between children and adults can be healthy for both parties and fear mongering about pedophiles only further stigmatizes them and to no one's surprise is now advocating for the rights and freedoms of "trans kids".

No. 1944651

I genuinely wonder how anyone can listen to a word out of the mouth of someone who really thinks adults raping children can be healthy for the child like. I want to a-log so bad, so violently. My children will never see a male healthcare professional of any kind I promise you that! Including psychiatrists if they ever need one!

No. 1944657

>ditch your angry masculine mannerisms
that part seems impossible. hormones and castration can't beat the domineering rapist inside them.

No. 1944677

File: 1702915121783.png (322.47 KB, 1080x866, Screenshot_20231218-155851.png)

totally normal behaviour

No. 1944680

Sad part is, these kinds of images are used to groom young boys. I've met men that were groomed like that and now are embarrassed they ever falled for that shit and pretty traumatized too. Happens a lot on discord and twitter and no one gives a shit and if you say anything, you are twansphobic. Ugh.

No. 1944683

Damn, SO prophetic.
Men generally grow hair faster and thicker though…
Yeah, and the femboy grooming ring on Reddit. Totally wild.

No. 1944698

>others make bulge
can they try to be less revolting holy shit

No. 1944707

File: 1702921617898.jpg (103.35 KB, 665x812, the-beauty-of-the-male-body.jp…)

Fascinating how he only mentions undergarments that women don't typically wear when they're alone at home. It's almost as if those are of particular importance to him, for some reason. We all know why.
Nona, see picrel.

No. 1944752

Look at that giant melon, jesus christ

No. 1944783

Thanks fellow nona, but I meant more when they're young. We all know they age like milk.

No. 1944802

File: 1702937653944.jpg (145.67 KB, 1019x1080, Screenshot_20231218_140740_You…)

Sorry for the low image quality youtube was having issues, but that tranny from Mr.Beasts team was in the latest episode wearing a dress. I can't believe they all go along with this. Or I suppose in the public eye they don't have a choice. Him next to an actual woman is hilarious

No. 1944803

File: 1702937688349.jpg (150.04 KB, 1093x1079, Screenshot_20231218_140938_You…)

Just a man in a dress

No. 1944805

this looks straight out of a found footage horror movie

No. 1944808

not-so-slender man

No. 1944811

>ability to wear adorable clothes
you can do this as a male

No. 1944818

File: 1702941217295.png (1.67 MB, 1074x1275, Screenshot_20231218-171134~2.p…)

Sage for nitpicking
Speaking of Chris,look at his extremely huge monkey grippers,ew.his hairline tho

No. 1944823

File: 1702941882977.jpg (4.13 MB, 4096x5120, InCollage_20231219_002533950.j…)

No. 1944828

No. 1944833

thisss 100%

yup, bleak af

No. 1944844

notice its always the undergarments? Never plain socks or a tank top or tshirt

No. 1944847

File: 1702947500037.png (400.62 KB, 748x664, oger in action.png)

Some smart woman stuck this to a pole in Vancouver; man in a dress, Oger, is mad.

No. 1944852


Not based on fact my arse(this is an image board. post caps)

No. 1944858

Oh wow I remember watching this on youtube with 100k plus views and comments.

No. 1944865

>in countries that matter to ME
>lists only white majority countries

No. 1944866

File: 1702950579490.png (34.64 KB, 748x297, Screenshot (3).png)

Another day another retarded tweet from Colon.

No. 1944869

Men are allowed to look however the fuck they want, huh? You would never see a women this ugly out in the open.

No. 1944870

Monty just wants the attention he gets from terfs because he has nothing else going on in his life.

No. 1944871

Honestly I can’t wait to watch trannie’s uterus transplants rot and send them into septic shock.

No. 1944886

test on the moids, use the tech on women. It would be a benefit, but i do feel bad for some of the transed gay moids though. the last thing someone like Jazz Jennings needs is someone telling him about the "uterus fairy" being necessary or he'd die growing up

No. 1944896

Good choice Nonna. Blogpost but I'm in medical school and so many of my male classmates are sex pests. I'm terrified.

No. 1944900

ot but this reminds me of the time I found a guy on YikYak who was requesting a gloryhole and a BDSM sub female partner. While catfishing him, he revealed himself as some fat Indian guy who was also a medical student at my campus.

No. 1944920

File: 1702961393928.jpg (246.64 KB, 1080x1565, GBpHHM7aoAE3dUX.jpg)

No. 1944922

File: 1702961475626.jpg (67.96 KB, 686x684, F4uq5TsXAAA8U4j.jpg)

No. 1944924

File: 1702961903942.png (26.22 KB, 748x267, Screenshot 2023.png)

lol cis supremacist

No. 1944925

At this point they should just go back at calling us feminazi, we know they want to.

No. 1944935

I genuinely gasped in horror when I zoomed in. These trannies seem to look halfway normal when far away or the picture is zoomed out but look horrific when up close. Maybe that's the true tragedy. These loser troons will never form connections because no one can get close without having their retinas burned off.

No. 1944950

File: 1702967157612.png (130.15 KB, 647x523, Dworkin.png)

The fact that there are still people who maintain that Dworkin wouldn't support troonism if she were alive today confuses the hell out of me, her entire work essentially advocating that transition is the best and only option for men, also the hard to ignore the fact that everyone she's associated are TRAs as well.(sage your shit)

No. 1944974

It's easy to say things like that when you aren't actually surrounded by the TRA nonsense we are and are just hypothesizing. She probably could never fathom it getting this bad, and since she is not a complete drooling retard I think it's a fair assumption she would see the blatant seething misogyny of troons and TRAs, the censorship and deplatforming of any dissenting woman, the hypersexualization of every aspect of troonism, the self loathing of TIFs, the horrific mutilations/medical interventions being performed on young people, and change her mind.

No. 1944976

Thanks for reminding me to never ever deal with male doctors again.

No. 1944980

The attempt at being punk is making me writhe inside. Can we ban trannies from punk? Their ideology is the opposite of punk, it's so ridiculous

No. 1944987

I remember an article like this was big back on tumblr, but the couple divorced soon after because women can only take so much before they catch on to the level of skinwalking coom their husbands have turned into

No. 1945018

And Catharine MacKinnon and Robin Morgan, who were her friends and collaborators, they also support transgderism, are they not smart enough to see troon misogyny according to you.

No. 1945022

File: 1702983047679.jpeg (8.33 KB, 147x343, download.jpeg)

I immediately saw this

No. 1945025

i hope the girl hes talking about never sees this, imagine a grow man posting that he wanted to be you and now he is. vomit inducing

even if theoretically this was possible, you know 100% of this kids would suffer from neglect, men barely know how to raise children especially troons who seem to live in a dream porn world that doesn't involve showering. they would end up ditching their child to play videogames and it would suffocate/die of neglect.

the girl theyre talking to sounds so young?? but its so stupid to claim "i have always be female and now im female and trans" like do you know what transition means?? you had to be something else before you were "female"?? delusional. i believe that theyre are some actual trans people out there, with severe gender dysphoria but this guy doesn't have that clearly which is why hes so uncomfortable with the basic facts.

No. 1945034

But troons aren’t even doing what Dworkin advocates here. They don’t give up their rapey self-centered sex pest moid ways, they just keep them and insist they’re “real” women anyway. What she’s describing is a utopian fantasy of a world where women can finally be safe. It will never exist, because moids will never stop being moids, and a few of them trooning out makes no difference.

No. 1945035

I hate when people say "you don't know/understand the meaning of XYZ lmfaooo" without explanation like it's a winning argument. Especially troons who redefine new words every morning. Spell it out, you think that differentiating between "woman" and "girl" on the basis of age is the ultimate gotcha but it isn't. Girls grow up to be women, all women have been girls. Not remotely the same thing as allowing trannies of the male sex to become a "category of women" and the center of feminist conversations, and it's obviously what this line is getting at (personally never read it tho).

No. 1945039

File: 1702989501320.png (335.35 KB, 655x311, gigahon.png)

Good Irish Prime Time segment on the fuckery around child transition, including new whistle blowers from those clinics. Seems they've been trying to shut it down since at least 2018, but they cite WPATH having undue influence again.
All the people defending it are the most brick-faced hons with ugly AGP smirks.

No. 1945042

File: 1702990399932.jpg (163.33 KB, 976x1220, GBr3KyAb0AAytZm.jpg)

Based coworker found an HR loophole

No. 1945045

MacKinnon is more professional and closer to power than Dworkin ever was. She has a vested interest in being hypocritical about TRAs.

No. 1945046

The hissy fits are not even about misgendering and this proves it. They just want to control the way people talk.

No. 1945050

This is an excellent way to avoid reinforcing their fetish, seems totally innocuous and makes the troon seem like the troublemaker for complaining, 10/10

No. 1945056

Kek, this is golden, using these neutral terms is definitely a great idea to avoid being part of these retards' fetish plays.

No. 1945061

File: 1702995327430.png (305.95 KB, 850x400, tan3O0q.png)

I think it's a fundamental issue with radical-feminism in general, RF seem to believe they can fight biology and change it. for e.g regarding Dworkin's take on sex, it's a physical act, no matter what gets projected upon it. changing your attitude or altering egos won't enable you to feel sexual pleasure differently. A biological male simply can never experience sex as a woman does(and vice versa), even if he truly wanted to, even if he removed his "inner maleness" or whatever. and right now there is movement full of biologically males who insist that they experience sexuality as women and we all know how that's turning out.

No. 1945063

He feels unsafe because he can't control other people's language, hahahaha. I wish I had the same problems men have.

No. 1945064

I have never seen any radical feminist say you can change your sex. Quite the opposite.

No. 1945067

Looks just like every other straight photo where the girl (tif in this case) looks like she genuinely enjoys her nigel's company and said nigel has a fucked up "I'm gonna kill you" smirk.

No. 1945069

File: 1702998332952.png (1018.24 KB, 726x1097, Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 15-00…)

No. 1945072

no radfems believe you can change your sex, radical feminist is a materialist ideology not a postmodernist one
kekk every single day you see a tra proving that their idea of gender is literally just clothes

No. 1945081

File: 1703000722094.png (691.92 KB, 665x456, ava0mY1.png)

I really like cobain's music, but I think he would have identified as enby or something if he was alive today. He greatly resented his father, he was also into some pseudo-intellectual crap and mentioned in an interview that he casually watched porn. It's fucked up to admit, but I believe it's better that he died young.
picrel is a comic he made in college.

No. 1945083

I've been doing something similar whenever someone talks about trans people to me and uses their pronouns. I'll just say "that person" or some other neutral term.

The retards transing him in their head are funny but I also find the cognitive dissonance of some of the trans people under that post amusing. Like they'll say stop making anyone gnc trans, but then fail to realize being trans in itself as a concept is nothing but gender stereotypes and being unable to cope with gender non conformity to begin with

No. 1945089

File: 1703001635183.jpg (16.61 KB, 308x308, listen -clap- when -clap- a -c…)

Meanwhile, on terf island…

The principle of biological sex is real. Schools and Colleges have specific legal duties that are framed by a child's biological sex.

Sex is not “assigned” at birth

It is OBSERVED at birth and schools need to be aware of this.

Gender stereotypes do NOT define sex.


No. 1945095

Why do they keep stealing clothes of relatives, holy shit. TIFs never say they stole their dad's or brother's boxers, but TIMs always say they steal their mother's and sister's and aunt's underwear

No. 1945100

it's called voyeurism

No. 1945103

File: 1703004847323.jpeg (701.85 KB, 828x1538, IMG_3987.jpeg)

A woman is when bbl

No. 1945104

He was very open about disliking macho gender norms for white American males, but at no point did he identify as anything other than male and it’s pretty insulting to assign an identity to a dead person when troons existed at the time. Men can be GNC and criticize gender norms and still be men, period.

No. 1945106

wow you guys are some of the most pathetic people on the internet, haven't you ever considered getting a life(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1945126

That male torso is so fucking tragic, no BBL surgery will fix that lol

No. 1945130

I almost hate their stupidity more than their porn addiction jfc. The way he clearly has a t shirt and cut off jeans on too lol

No. 1945131

File: 1703009253209.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1284x2256, IMG_9960.jpeg)

No. 1945132

You're doing the same thing trannies do when they appropriate a dead person's will by deciding if they would have been pro or against the Current Thing.

No. 1945137

isnt this the flipside of people silencing women for being upset with the term 'people who can get pregnant'/'people with uteruses'?

No. 1945138

the mods deleted this, so at least some lesbian subs arent encouraging the bullshit.

No. 1945139

He was nicknamed piss girl and admittedly jealous of Courtney’s pregnant body and baby. He checked all the tranny boxes decades before it went mainstream. Truly a trendsetter

No. 1945140

>why don't cis people have to disclose their genital status to other cis/trans people?
Man I don't even know. Maybe because everything is obvious for both cis and trans? Nah lol

No. 1945143

Did they change the definition of cis woman now too? Keeek nothing they say makes any sense whatsoever

No. 1945146

>"I feel much more at home in this vessel"
I'm sick of this "my body is just a customizable vehicle" line of thinking that troons have and promote. All it does is increase rates of BDD and depersonalization.

No. 1945150

Read the full post. He wasn't being literal in the first couple of paragraphs, he was trying to make a (retarded) point against "I'm not interested in dating trans women unless they've gotten SRS" sentiments. What's funny is that he's accusing people who say that of being rigid and exclusionary, when they're naively being way too inclusive. A neohole is nothing like an actual vagina, after all.

No. 1945165

I did read it, I was just being sarcastic. I think his point is irrelevant because the analogy is beyond retarded. To have a working analogy you must find similarity between two different things, but in this case the similarity is downright impossible by his own definition. Sorry for the autism.

No. 1945169

Kurt was a mentally ill drug addict who probably would have turned to estrogen instead of (or maybe in addition to) heroin if he'd been born in 2000. It's sad that so many talented creative people are also the people who tend to be extremely fucked up and crazy.

No. 1945172

He just looks like a barrel bodied bottom

No. 1945199

File: 1703018827065.png (43.46 KB, 953x396, absolute-retard.png)

kek did this moron forget that anyone can look at his post history? why are these retards like this

No. 1945206

It's so funny when they try to "own" us like this. Nobody cares if you are a weird fetishist, women can live without you lusting over them. If all troons would go t4t and left women alone we would live in a better world.

No. 1945224

his 'gotcha' and comparing it to racism and misogyny doesn't even make sense since it's not racist or misogynistic to not want to fuck a black person or a woman if that's not your preference. only a seething incel who thinks everyone owes them sex and considers it oppression when others aren't attracted to them would think like this

No. 1945229

it’s the classic “how dare you compare the oppression of women to real oppression!”

No. 1945233

how do men manage to violate inanimate objects made to literally collect blood and waste, seeing these pictures made me feel sad for those pads and tampons jesus christ

No. 1945265

Can a nonna give me a rundown on why actually it is so hard for people to take women’s oppression seriously?

No. 1945267

1) what is even the point of posting a gotcha like that if it's not even true 2) he proposes a world where the doctor looks at a baby's body and then checks its chromosomes before saying 'it's a girl' or 'it's a boy'?

No. 1945273

I can only speculate but I think it’s because it’s the oldest form of oppression and deeply entrenched into all aspects of culture (no matter what society you’re looking at). You cannot get rid of patriarchy without also turning your back on all the worlds major religions, most traditional historic customs, etc.
It is also the only form of oppression that requires the oppressed to love and give birth to their own oppressors. It’s a lot harder to view men as the enemy and your ultimate oppressor when that man is your husband or brother or son.
Plus, we make up half the population. It’s extremely difficult mobilize literally billions of people into revolutionary change that will upend all institutions in a given society. That’s why it’s so easy to sow division among us along racial, religious, cultural, economic, etc lines. It’s easier to identify with and team up with smaller groups vs a very large one.

No. 1945274

Womens liberation is the only social justice movement that won't benefit men in any way. I don't remember who said it but theres a quote that goes "The only thing all men can agree on is their hatred of women". x

No. 1945304

Love how the gaudy chunky heels he's wearing are clearly intended for drag queens. They don't make normal, tasteful women's shoes in moid sizes.

No. 1945305

So glad I don't have a son, jfc.

No. 1945356

File: 1703058732375.jpg (339.5 KB, 1080x1158, Screenshot_20231220-023141_Chr…)

TIM's insurance payed out over $1 million USD on his genital mutilation surgeries:
Archive shit like this when you come across it, nonnas:

No. 1945365

File: 1703061027767.jpg (142.53 KB, 1080x599, Screenshot_20231220-032635_Chr…)

Literal transvestic fetishism. But don't call them transvestites kek

No. 1945370

Sounds like BS even in burgerland. There are procedures way more elaborate that cost a fraction if that. Most organ transplants aren't even that expensive. He's lying, either to make his crotch-hole sound fancier somehow, to make other troons jealous of his insurance, or just because tyranny redditors are compulsive liars.

No. 1945376

It really must suck to be so lost that you have to project this onto a dead man just because he wore a dress a few times on stage for attention. I dont even think Kurt Cobain would be an enby. He'd be an old dude in and out of rehab with his own host of problems that doesnt give a shit about things so arbitrary. He was 27 when he died, not 20. Dave Grohl also wore drag jokingly to several shows and shoots. It was popular at the time in counterculture.

No. 1945378

I was never a "fan" of his but I thought some of his videos were kinda nice in the sense of nostalgia for things I grew up with but I remember the nonbinary video and that is when I slowly stopped watching because I just can't with thembies just as much as I can't with troons. I knew it was only a matter of time before he started heading down the troon path since he doesn't have friends or family who will give him a smackdown of reality that he's not a themby or a woman and that he'll never "pass" neither.

I don't think he's hot or anything and I agree that he has a very odd looking face but I dunno, I think he looked kinda cute before he grew his hair out and is subtly trying (and failing) to look like a woman. With the right makeup he could have an interesting ethereal beauty look to him.

No. 1945379

I was in a twitter thread where gay men were talking about how they'd search for their straight roommates underwear when they weren't home and there were so many "you're so real for this" "omg me" replies to it. Men are just degens and violating someone else's privacy or items is apparently normal to then.

No. 1945380

Oh wow, I've seen this guy before, he goes by the name "Ramada The Femme". He's not trans-identified from what I've seen but I definitely can see this guy trooning out at some point. Unfortunately looking through his channel, he just comes across as another fetishist who doesn't know the first thing about women and just boils women down to looking like "sissy sluts" for male attention. Only difference is that he's not old but I dunno, I get creeped out by crossdressers like this and it doesn't help that he feels entitled to using women's restrooms.

No. 1945381

They do this to Paul Stanley and the other members of kiss too. People say that because he wore stage makeup and flashy outfits he’s a closet case. Any sign of gender non conformity (or even just individuality at this point) is proof that someone is a true and honest tranny.

No. 1945385

By that logic they should consider alice cooper and marilyn manson as trannies too and many many more.

No. 1945398

File: 1703068749738.jpeg (493.43 KB, 828x850, IMG_4364.jpeg)

Oh look another degenerate coomer who is skinwalking women they jack off to. Seriously these men fucking repulse me.

No. 1945400

Why does the mask look like old worn underwear refashioned into a mask

No. 1945402

Oh christ

No. 1945405

Ayrt but the twitter freaks specifically attacked Paul Stanley because he said giving lupron to kids is bad. But yeah they should but Manson isn’t cool anymore despite the fact he would fit right in seeing as he’s a major sex pest

No. 1945407

File: 1703071565013.jpeg (391.33 KB, 1242x1542, 455C19EF-CC19-4611-B024-F78358…)

This Troon lives in the same city as me and legitimately walks around in frilly socks and tutus with his hulking elderly man flab and balls hanging out.

It’s disgusting that he fetishes the harassment women go through we all have to accept it otherwise we’re “mean bullies” who don’t want to see “women” thrive

No. 1945408

Alice Cooper also spoke against kids transitoning. Also I'm willing to bet that if Marilyn Manson came out as trans he'd get some sort of redemption. Even my handmaiden friends who themselves have been in abusive relationships are still listening to his music for some reason.

No. 1945409

This could apply to any male in rock/pop from the 70s-2000s. Atsushi Sakurai was a man but had long hair and wore makeup, suddenly he’s a woman (RIP to him though)

Kurt was an edgy junkie who wanted to make a scene, he wore the dress because it’s what people did back then when they wanted to “be different”. I doubt he was actually a closet troon.

No. 1945411

Something about Atsushi rubs me the wrong way. The fact that he was pro incest for one.. I feel like he would've trooned out too if it was more acceptable in japan and he wasn't so old. His more feminine presentation at his old age was not a good look either in my opinion. Nothing wrong being gnc as a man but he gave me more pervy vibes rather than elegant and goth by the end.

No. 1945412

>they went scorched earth a few years back iirc because men were using it to trade cp.
What a male tradition

No. 1945419

I work with teenagers and they don’t dress like this anymore. Occasionally you will see an adult woman who dresses like this (like Jasmine from 90 Day Fiance), but those women usually have issues with exhibitionism, cluster B stuff, etc. The current day version of exhibitionism is women and teenage girls who walk around in very tight lululemon or alo yoga leggings and sports bras, which trannies don’t wear because their male bodies and crotch bulges are easily clocked.

No. 1945428

Men are so embarrassing and every day I’m glad I’m not a slave to my sex drive. The rational sex my ass.

No. 1945429

>I want to be perved on by strangers
Fucking disgusting. They get off on so many experiences that traumatize us.

No. 1945436

did idubbbz come to this wedding at least?

No. 1945445

they want to be subjected to sexual harassment from moids because they see it as a validation of their fetishes and delusions. they are envious of the fact that countless women and girls around this shitty world live in fear of something that they covet yet will never receive. it's one of the many reasons they hate us.

No. 1945492

>the fact that countless women and girls around this shitty world live in fear of something that they covet yet will never receive
holy fucking SHIT. EXACTLY

No. 1945499

File: 1703093381585.jpg (66.29 KB, 1200x807, url.jpg)

These guys spent their whole career defying gender norms because it was fun and subversive. It makes sense that they'd dislike the idea of pathologizing gender non-conformity when they represent the normalization of it. In the 80s, a teenage boy who grew his hair put and wore makeup was just doing what his favorite rock stars did. Today, a teenager who does the same thing would be convinced by a bunch of deranged adults that he should castrate himself. As time goes on, trans ideology seems more and more like a pretext for sterilizing GNC, gay, and autistic people. They call GCs eugenicists, but they're the ones actually practicing eugenics and pretending it's progressive.

No. 1945503

I'm too lazy to find it, but I remember seeing a Tumblr post that compiled pictures of famous rock stars in dresses. One of the guys from fucking AC/DC was in it. It wasn't gender expression, they were just trying to shock the Tipper Gores of the world because they thought it was funny to get a rise out of puritans.

No. 1945504

A lot of teenage girls just copy Billie Eilish, who typically wears super baggy clothes that are like five sizes too big. Even AGPs who lust after Eilish would never dress that way, because it's decidedly not sexualized.

No. 1945516

'Trans' is not real. 'Gender dysphoria' is not real. Pure mental illness mixed with autism and porn addiction.

No. 1945533

File: 1703097250404.png (564.65 KB, 1080x1262, 20231220_132954.png)

TiMs always tend to have these misogynistic fetishes. My guess is because they see womanhood as nothing more than a submissive fetish. This particular post from this one troon (who's Twitter is fucking littered with coomershit) also plays into the TiF's self-hating and internalized misogyny. Isn't it great how troons always inadvertently display that troonism is nothing but a misogynistic fetish?

No. 1945535

That's what I never get. It's just straight up body dysmorphia. What's the difference between a hulking 6'4" man with BDD wanting to be an anime girl, and a 5'2" Stacy with BDD botching herself trying to look like a Barbie doll? Imagine if you as an actual woman went to a therapist and said "I'm just so ugly, I can't even bear to look at myself in the mirror, I wish I could wake up and be someone else" and instead of treating you for body dysmorphia and depression, they immediately said "well lipo and facial feminization surgery would help, definitely a nose job, a boob job, and a labioplasty, and we'll see if insurance covers the bbl too". Like that's absolutely insane. It makes you terrified to get treatment for depression when even the therapists are drinking this Kool aid

No. 1945548

File: 1703098321078.png (1.03 MB, 592x692, 37e38a_5534c385c5bb450ba725058…)

Whenever this is pointed out and they say "who cares" "let them dream" etc its like… but you're literally reducing something you claim to fight for into being about wearing a dress or skirt. You're saying being a woman is wearing a dress or skirt. You never see them say the same thing about Dave Grohl despite him obviously feeling the fantasy too. Or Anthony kiedis, lisping teenage girl enjoyer who did the same thing. Kurt Cobain didn't kill himself because he was trans, he killed himself because he was a troubled shut-in with a heroin addiction that was constantly hit with a barrage of expectations and a baby mama that was also a drug addicted psycho. He is a selfish man who failed his daughter and subsequently put his own vices before her. End of, grow up and stop iconigraphying dead men for something so pointless and exaggerated.

No. 1945550

File: 1703098431884.jpg (34.13 KB, 406x612, gettyimages-75399166-612x612.j…)

Like seriously, they only say it because hes dead.

No. 1945564

They’re male. Men believe sexual harassment is flattering and a compliment; that’s what they tell women every time we dare to complain about it. So of course they want to receive it too, in their perverted minds there’s nothing wrong with it. They probably think they’re doing womanhood better than us since they appreciate getting catcalled, unlike us frigid bitches.

No. 1945567

This is why there’s no point in pandering to them. Even if you’re polite and respectful, they’ll still call it “veiled transphobia” if you don’t 100% reinforce their delusions. And even if you do, they still complain about people “using their pronouns just to humor them.” It’s all projection, in the back of their minds they know they’re delusional and everyone else knows it too. Just look at the monstrosities on this thread. They’re insane, but I don’t believe any of them are insane enough to look in the mirror and honestly believe anyone sees a biological woman.

No. 1945599

File: 1703108279103.png (808.15 KB, 1080x2193, Screenshot_20231220-162359-905…)

>Walking across the hall I realized that the back of my nightshirt was damp and I had some of his cum running down my legs
Least revolting troon

No. 1945600

thathappened.jpg written onehandedly.

No. 1945608

>”nursing and during a dress fitting”
Nursing? Either this tranny had access to an infant or he is legit jerking off over every disgusting aspect of this disgusting fictional tale.

No. 1945612

File: 1703110395617.jpeg (549.98 KB, 1170x1251, IMG_5840.jpeg)

There’s discussion of a ban of trans women in community sports in New Zealand, this is what the male cyclist who started dominating women’s competitions after transitioning had to say about it. Funny how the defence is that “even if it’s unfair for us to compete, sports is unfair anyway” as if that’s not something that we should try to change instead of making it even worse.

No. 1945613

File: 1703110493895.jpeg (37.71 KB, 739x415, IMG_5841.jpeg)

“ Weatherly's sudden arrival on the women's downhill scene in January came as a surprise to some in mountain biking - until the end of last year she'd been known as Anton and raced men.

She'd quietly let a few of the other women know she was making the switch and they seemed supportive. But when she won an event in Rotorua by more than 30 seconds, it set off a firestorm of online discussion and calls for her to be excluded.”

No. 1945622

It almost sounds like he's fetishizing the situation. Creepy

No. 1945624

If sports is inherently unfair then why can’t trannies go in the men’s sports? Because THEY disable THEMSELVES with horse piss? Typical troon argument of: this doesn’t happen and even if it does happen then it’s not our problem.

No. 1945641


The simple answer would be to have them compete against their own selves i.e TiM vs TiM sports, TiF vs TiF sports. But they'd never go for that because nobody would watch the Troonlympics lmao

No. 1945644

This is so fucking annoying, especially in the case of MTB. It’s already such an elitist and bro-y culture. But no let’s go ahead and make it even harder for women to get involved in the sport! You can’t even argue that there’s no major difference between males and females in cycling because many women have to use bikes specifically made for women (shorter stack, narrower handle bars, etc). It’s not necessary if you’re tall enough for men’s bikes but many women aren’t. Even inches can make a big difference in your performance and comfort on the bike. Not to mention he’s already much more likely to have significantly more experience than the female cyclists as little girls are not encouraged to join the sport the same way little boys are. Most women I know got into it as adults and typically had a male friend/relative/boyfriend teach them. As a woman, it can be really hard to get into if you don’t have a supportive community around you. It’s just such a slap in the face of women who put up with so much bullshit from men just to engage in the sport they love.

No. 1945650

>sports are unfair therefore we should make them even MORE unfair
Because obviously 'creating communities' and 'developing relationships' with trannies is vitally important to female athletes, but competing at a high level on an equal playing field with other women is not.

No. 1945651

>>1945599 this is supposedly a "non-op transwoman" so the clit he's claiming his mom saw is just his disgusting dick. how do they get away with this. comments full of other disgusting fetishists saying teehee mom was young once too don't worry wink wink

No. 1945653

File: 1703119156451.png (613.2 KB, 748x901, Screenshot 2023 (2).png)


No. 1945654

love seeing black women speak out!

No. 1945655

it's a boundary violation fetish. The thrill comes from doing something you know you're not supposed to do

No. 1945663

File: 1703121227516.png (1.13 MB, 1043x1291, Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 16-03…)

Kemi Badenoch is an absolute QUEEN
There was some whiny gay guy in commons saying how he felt 'boohoo unsafe' because of her mean words, and she shut that shit right down.

No. 1945667

File: 1703121560169.png (23.35 KB, 598x334, brianna.png)

So do you remember that AGP TIM that was killed? Today his case was closed and it seems it's not "enough". They want the names of the killers for "revenge".

No. 1945673

The perps were never going to have their names revealed, no idea why this person bothered listing that cause they were minors when it happened. The UK is quite famous for hiding the names of minors who commit crimes kek. Also love how they have to cling to the deadname thing cause the police made double sure to debunk this being a hate crime. "The next trans kid to die", they are absolutely salivating for their child martyrs but it took them this long to get this one kid for totally unrelated to trans reasons. They're not getting their genocide no matter how much they want true victimhood

No. 1945674

Oh, they are still insisting this was a hate crime, despite all evidence to the contrary.

No. 1945677

Countries don't usually release the name of criminals if they're under 18 no?

No. 1945688

File: 1703125669449.png (1.34 MB, 1174x2445, euphoria.png)

real neckbeard energy

No. 1945692

Yeah I’ve never heard of a country releasing the names of minors. I’ve always heard it’s because lots of the kids are involved with gang activity and it’s supposed to protect the families but it’s why the monsters involved with the junko furuta case pretty much got away with it. They were minors at the time

No. 1945697

File: 1703128603134.png (43.74 KB, 795x337, Screenshot.png)

wtf? Only in Britbong

No. 1945698

File: 1703128818381.png (1.98 MB, 1792x828, IMG_4629.png)

Also in the killers little “plan” to kill him they use “her” pronouns and yet troons are trying to push the narrative he was killed BECAUSE he’s a troon. It’s clearly not true. I remember reading that they had a different victim planned at first, but it changed to him. Of course the alphabet cult have to twist it to suit their narrative, it’s always the same.

No. 1945699

The names aren't revealed either because they can be under rehabilitation or to protect the families. Still, I'm against murder even for trannies, but I hope the law never release their names, TRAs have proven tons of times they can be dangerous, imagine beating two kids in the name of a TIM with a fetish.

No. 1945700

So they wanted to kill him just because and TRAs think he was killed for being a troon? No wonder why the numbers about Trans Killing is so confusing, not many times is due hate crime yet they want to paint it as such.

No. 1945702

File: 1703129316172.png (3.1 MB, 1792x828, IMG_4631.png)

Sorry here’s a better example of how they even ‘respected’ his pronouns while planning his murder. Clearly it wasn’t because he was a troon. I watched a news report and they confirmed the killers were planning to kill other kids as well, but if you judged the case just by the protests and outcry alone you would 100% believe it’s was a “hate crime” because he’s trans.

No. 1945703

File: 1703129618215.jpeg (88.47 KB, 988x644, IMG_4630.jpeg)

Yeah, I don’t trust the (already low) numbers at all. They try to paint the picture as if terfs and transphobes are going around shanking troons, it’s just not true.

Also interesting how they use the same few pictures of him in articles, wonder why they don’t use pic related at all? Maybe because without the clever angles and camera trickery it’s obvious he looks (and was) a young man ?

No. 1945710

File: 1703131306077.jpg (880.47 KB, 1080x1837, 1000007450.jpg)

No. 1945711

File: 1703131353393.jpg (648.57 KB, 1078x1689, 1000007452.jpg)

The cope is un fucking real.

No. 1945712

File: 1703131451128.jpg (93.64 KB, 736x610, Definitely_Chunibyo.jpg)

>We experience, and seek out, the simple, feminine joys that they have snuffed out in their own minds.
Ah yes, the simple, feminine joys of burning your nipple off with nair, getting choked, boyscout bondage, and jerking off on the toilet. The terfs are angry because they can't allow themselves to seek out the beautiful euphoric experiences that he is reveling in.

No. 1945714

File: 1703131837822.jpg (442.14 KB, 1542x2048, 1000007459.jpg)

Imagining this big broad fag in his filth cave seeing renaissance paintings and going OMG ME!!

No. 1945715

File: 1703131966014.png (395.99 KB, 932x524, kek.png)

>"The slightly broader bodies of trans women would be much more ideal for giving birth"
Linebacker shoulders have no benefit in the process of pregnancy or birth. This isn't relevant to TIMs regardless, because they could never be pregnant or give birth to begin with.

No. 1945716

astronomical cope when they say we’re just bad at being female, totally missing that the reason why there’s any sadness surrounding being female is because of people like them

No. 1945719

>anime pics in the background

Kek also aren’t those covers for the music done by that one racist tranny sewerslvt?

No. 1945720

why did the "skinnier and daintier" sound pedophilic lol like they can't imagine a woman being a woman without looking like a teen so they compare her to a transwoman

No. 1945723

IIRC his Instagram videos where he act like an AGP in a women bathroom and photos were removed as well. Probably from the parents so it didn't look he was doing it for fetishism.

No. 1945727

File: 1703133802659.png (377.52 KB, 500x499, 3aun8i.png)

It happens also with some old sculptures. Most of the time they have broad shoulders and narrow hips for the lack of women references.
>Be me
>Artist in the middle age.
>Finding references for women is hard since you cannot see a dead woman and learn from her body, so you have to use a dead man body instead and ignore the broad shoulders and narrow hips.
>"meh I'll add some tits and that is, people will say is a woman for her face".
>MFW In the 21th men dressing as women think I'm drawing men rather than drawing a woman.

No. 1945729

God they're so fucking stupid. Broader shoulders (the depicted woman has just average shoulders) = man now? Again with the obvious stereotype reinforcing lmao. >>1945711 WE aren't narrowing the definition of femineity, they are with their retarded takes.

No. 1945740

They’re so fucking retarded, the average woman could have shoulders 8 feet wide and it still wouldn’t make men able to give birth. The cope is off thr charts, as is tradition.

No. 1945742

It’s giving James Charles Flashback meme

No. 1945744

She’s right though, I see so many people Troon out because they’d rather be “straight” than admit they’re a gay guy as well as they associate liking traditionally feminine things with being a woman.

What happened to the whole lib thing “men can wear dresses to and paint their nails” now it’s “that man in a dress is actually a woman, she’s more beautiful than a cis woman with her designer rotpocket hehe”

No. 1945745

Even in the court stuff released they spend time talking about how both the killers were autists who just wanted to kill someone and he wasn’t even their first target lmao. It’s not even about being trans.

No. 1945777

If men could start having babies on their own there’s gonna be an absolute epidemic of secret, undocumented children kept as sex slaves in men’s basements.

No. 1945778

am i tripping or does the >>1945710 painting doesn't even remotely look masculine? I hook up with women and this is literally just what most skinny women look like naked

No. 1945782

File: 1703145266492.jpg (165.34 KB, 991x548, Screenshot_20231220-234514_Fac…)

Interesting comment from a self-proclaimed "hermaphrodite" who was decidedly male at birth.
>just be nice and accept it
If I had a dollar for every time I heard "just be nice" when it comes to convincing people to play into trans-delusion, I'd be rich.
>cuz if not then I am shaped like a body builder
So basically he's using the existence of TIMs to cope with the fact that he's a predominantly male intersex person who now wants to be female. Love how trans people will do the same, use intersex people as a way to cope and justify their "brain gender."
True intersex conditions are extremely rare, and have nothing to do with being trans. Intersex people are born that way and trans people just FEEL that way. To compare them at all is one big cope.

No. 1945783

Kek at him threatening to beat us if we aren't nice. A perfect illustration of trannies

No. 1945785

I've also started to notice trans people identifying themselves as intersex because they have a "different gendered brain", which is a spit in the face to true intersex conditions.

No. 1945786

I honestly suspect that this is the case for all of the ones under 12 years old. The vast majority of the time, GNC kids grow up to be gay. But transitioning socially discourages them from desisting because of the social pressure and suggestibility involved. It's hard to look at a "trans kid" and not just think that the parents either prefer a trans kid to a gay one because they're plain homophobic, or are so eager to look like ~good liberals~ that they'll happily castrate their gay child if it makes them look virtuous.

No. 1945788

You're not tripping, I thought the same thing. It's an average female body with no male characteristics. They are full on hallucinating and have bizarre and broken perceptions of women.

No. 1945796

>good thing I'm a former boy scout with a thing for bondage
Two concepts that shouldn't be in the same sentence.
>Q: Why are you transgender?
>A: I wanna jerk off on the toilet
Hashtag just girly things?
This man WILL be masturbating in public toilets to kids and women. >>1945688 Then he has the nuts to tell women they don't know how to be women and that we are jealous of his euphoria derived from pedophilia, choking kinks, and women's restroom masturbation.
"Just be nice" to them though and hand them all your rights! Because they are the exact same as women! Let him cum to you and your kids while watching you through the crack in the stall!

No. 1945799

Kek could you imagine if someone posted this on Twitter with something along the lines of "estrogen could have saved them uwu."

No. 1945802

i think he means it like “i was in boy scouts, so i know how to tie knots”, a lot of guys say that kind of thing if you bring up the subject of rope bondage (presumably with someone you’re dating though, not on a public forum like reddit)

No. 1945804

They can still play in private leagues, open categories, and men's leagues. No one is stopping troons from playing sports, they're just stopping troons from cheating and injuring women. Also, half of the reason this backlash is happening is because trannies alienated people with their absurd language policing and trying to gaslight people into thinking sexual dimorphism doesn't exist. If it had actually just been about "wanting to pee" and not all that other nonsense, normals wouldn't be turning on them like this. They have no one but themselves to blame.

No. 1945805

It's like he applied the whole tube of concealer all at once, jfc.

No. 1945808

File: 1703149756325.jpg (167.29 KB, 900x806, peter-paul-rubens-venus-and-ad…)

It was only a handful of artists (most notably Michelangelo) who did this. I assure you, most baroque and Renaissance painters knew the difference between male and female. If anything, people were drawn more sexually dimorphic in those days. Michelangelo actually had a few sketches of women that actually looked like women, which indicates that the man-with-boobs thing was an intentional artistic choice. He was sexually attracted to men, after all, and female nude models were somewhat taboo (just not as much as people today think it was.)

No. 1945814

File: 1703150401047.jpg (585.42 KB, 810x1581, Screenshot_20231221-041258_Red…)

They just can't help themselves:

No. 1945816

>i also have penis trauma because I was born with one
jesus christ theyre so stupid. empathizing with women is just impossible for them atp

No. 1945817

>rapists have feelings too

In the tranny community you're allowed to talk openly about any kind of vile kink (paedophilia, bestiality, incest etc) and people are proud of it but god forbid a woman says she doesn't want to touch an unwashed penis. This might hurt the feelings of some poor rapist with a fetish for lesbians. Dicks must always come first.

No. 1945818

I agree, it doesn't look like a man even a bit. That tranny probably saw the woman's happy trail and just went "women are barbie dolls with no body hair so that must be a man." Also painting is literally called "worship of the female form" which must have hurt his ego as well, so he coped the only way he knew how

No. 1945819

>Forbidding lesbians from talking about lesbianism in a community ostensibly centered around lesbianism
>"What we are asking for is a space where we're free to talk about our sexuality without being constantly othered."

No. 1945822

I don’t see it either. She looks like a completely normal woman and her shoulders aren’t even particularly broad. Are these men so pornsick that they see a woman who’s not shaped like a porny anime girl and think she looks male?

I don’t believe any TIM who claims to have a DSD, especially if they use the term hermaphrodite. It’s just another fetish. They use intersex/hermaphroditism to mean a female body with a penis aka futa, which is a porn category and not a real thing. Any time a TIM says he’s “intersex” but can’t name the actual medical condition he has (e.g. Klinefelter’s) it means he’s a normally developed man with a futa fetish who’s trying to rope you into his sexual fantasy.

No. 1945828

Yeah, I see so many gender specials claiming to be intersex. But they're also trying to claim people with hormonal issues are also intersex even if they have 100% female or male anatomy and zero anatomy of the opposite sex

No. 1945829

Apparently having an "outtie" vagina makes women men now!
no one can convince me at this point of lot of this is centered around making girls and women insecure

No. 1945832

Maybe people are misunderstanding or misusing this, but it's explicitly about genital development in cases of individuals with androgen insensitivity syndrome. So it's always about men (meaning, XY chromosome havers) who due to AIS develop genitalia based on this scale, which might be phenotypically female. It does not judge XX females' genitalia.

No. 1945839

>the slightly broader bodies of trans women would be much more ideal for giving birth
Giving birth?! Lmaooo this is some industrial strength cope.

Those aren’t outtie vaginas hon, those are dicks. It’s for measuring the genitals of intersex males.

Zero point in welcoming them into our spaces because they never fail to sperg out and make everything about their dicks. Men are incapable of integrating into women’s spaces, just look at the moids who try here.

No. 1945840

they're just admitting they've never seen a natural woman's body out of porn oe out of rigid beauty standards and they think it's such a gotcha moment i can't breathe

No. 1945842

File: 1703161361070.jpg (168.24 KB, 720x1338, Screenshot_20231221_231319_Ins…)

>implying disabled women are inherently privileged to receive help in public and not just easy targets for unwanted moid attention
>unironically thinking you pass whilst dressing like a poor man's ghibli background character
The audacity of these troons, honestly.


No. 1945845

File: 1703161802203.jpg (2.58 MB, 4096x4096, MTXX_PT20231221_232708291.jpg)

Here's another predictable take. the retard thinks troons have it worse and men don't rape of trains/in public places.

No. 1945848

File: 1703162175139.jpeg (30.57 KB, 452x678, images (4) (9).jpeg)

No. 1945851

Imagine seeing this written out about an oppressed racial minority or something. It’s only okay when it’s women.

No. 1945854

So confused. This looks like the majority of natal women who are of average body type.

No. 1945858

very funny that he limited replies and put "it's a joke" in the description. too bad he didn't post this on tiktok where he'd get shredded

No. 1945865

File: 1703166805959.jpg (27.74 KB, 550x309, 016dacf3-ea37-4fd7-af13-bc4115…)


Wasn't the "gendered brain" shattered over and over?

No. 1945866

>What's the difference between a hulking 6'4" man with BDD wanting to be an anime girl, and a 5'2" Stacy with BDD botching herself trying to look like a Barbie doll?
One has a fetish and the other has insecurities with her body caused by society wanting her to look a certain way, they are not comparable.

No. 1945881

It's the same energy as someone from a rich gated community telling someone in the projects "just smile at the police, that's what I do!" You wouldn't "enjoy womanhood" if you weren't a spoiled moid. Narcissists don't understand that other people have different lives.

No. 1945888

My point is that they're both mentally ill and yet one doesn't get treated like is. The girl who hurts no one but herself is viewed as obviously just mental illness and our society has always known the girl trying to turn herself into a Barbie is a freakshow, but even our mental health professionals yaasss kween the hulking troon who wants to be a Barbie. The fact they throw surgeries out like candy to people with "gender" dysphoria because somehow it's magically different than regular dysmorphia makes them complicit. We already know what happens when you give people with body dysmorphia a bunch of surgery, which is it doesn't fix their insecurity and they get more and more work done chasing the dragon. No sane doctor would ever propose plastic surgery as the treatment for BDD, but it's somehow the lifesaving treatment for "gender dysphoria". That's my point, not that girls with BDD are similar to troons in any other way

No. 1945889

File: 1703173833092.png (22.76 KB, 814x163, fffffffffffff.PNG)

These trannies are so delusional, no one thinks about them as much as themselves.

No. 1945891

File: 1703173967219.jpeg (97.29 KB, 455x640, GBuqRReXsAAI8FV.jpeg)

This is statistically true. Around 80% of 'gender dysphoric' kids grow up to be gay, if left alone. And there was a time not long ago where we all knew a feminine little boy would probably grow up to be gay, it's fucked up. Even Mermaids knew that before that homophobe took over and changed everything (picrel).
Kek it's because they used male models. But that one doesn't look remotely male at all, wtf? They literally have no idea what women look like.
Apparently they now WILL be revealing their names. Hm.

No. 1945894

File: 1703174291632.png (Spoiler Image,975.29 KB, 1014x729, fffffffffffff.PNG)

Just looking for some cute lingerie and stumbled upon this faggot who tried to be cute (vomits), ywnbaw. Spoiler because nsfl

No. 1945895

File: 1703174365021.jpg (Spoiler Image,134.22 KB, 1080x1440, WmG9x1FkR_mid.jpg)

No. 1945896

File: 1703174486773.jpg (Spoiler Image,148.03 KB, 1080x1440, 70fNO4_vWE_mid.jpg)

No. 1945902

This is so retarded. Women aren't depicted like this anymore because media demands increasingly sexified depictions of women. Libfems thing being a bimbo sex symbol is empowering and men think any media that isn't actively sucking their dick is woke femanist garbage.
They blame it on the narrowing definition of womanhood gee I wonder what's causing that >>1945894

No. 1945908

Is this is moeflavor…? It look like one of their sets. The troons love them and it’s sad

No. 1945912

It is moeflavor nonna, the troons liked them? I didn't know… what a shame

No. 1945917

File: 1703179291877.jpg (427.17 KB, 1536x2048, GB1_55uXIAAQlLb.jpg)

Their houses are always the same, disgusting

No. 1945918

I know this person irl unfortunately, and it's a TiF not a TiM. She pretends to be disabled to a higher degree than she actually is kek

No. 1945921

you'd think they'd clean more given how sexist they are and that they think that's a woman's job, if anything it should give them euphoria

No. 1945926

File: 1703180628491.png (15.22 KB, 596x104, waifu lingerie.png)

I think this brand is made for them kek. if not they've leaned into perfect marketing for troons
wtf? but what about jon vernables? he's protected to the tune of millions of dollars a year isn't he? he has more reason to be listed than these two by a mile

No. 1945927

I searched the brand and I am not surprised it is not catnip to troons, it has all themes they love in anime and hentai: overpriced cheap latex and polyester "catgirl", "maid", "succubus", "bunny", "cow" lingerie sets, the measurements part has a drawing of anime girl as an example, the reviews has lot of women posting themselves in said lingerie so they can skinwalk them
How It is different than lingerie sold in Shein?

No. 1945945

File: 1703186834225.jpg (75.82 KB, 786x1024, GB2XobSbcAA0u4R.jpg)

I always love when they spend all this time on coom and not on improving their health and loosing weight

No. 1945950

No idea, but I would hazard a guess that the power of the gendies made this happen. They're probably wanting to search through the killers' social media in a desperate attempt to 'prove' the murder was motivated by transphobia.
He captioned the tweet 'lesbians are so messy'. Rude fucker.

No. 1945957

do you guys remember that alpaca tranny ranch?

apparently some tifs joined (lmao) and afterwards retold the harrowing experience, one detail which was that the tims sat on their asses doing nothing, letting the alpacas die and the tifs did nearly all of the housework. what a fucking joke these people are.

No. 1945958

her name isn't (wasn't?) ophelia is it?

No. 1945961

File: 1703191071878.jpg (462.19 KB, 1620x1620, april_2023-12-21-15-36-38-347.…)

Of course it's a fetishist tranny. He's probably jacking off to all the bs validating replies he's getting. I wouldn't talk to my brother again either if they forced their fetish on innocent people at a funeral. This is a sicknessssss of the highest orda.

No. 1945963

what is it with troons hating their family?

No. 1945966

Kek at him assuming the reason why people were asking "where the other brother was" was because he passed as a woman. He doesn't pass at all, and the other guests more than likely just didn't assume the random tranny present at the funeral was him because they couldn't fathom the concept of a dead man's son using his dad's funeral as an opportunity to reveal himself as a tranny.

No. 1945970

Nude models are available during the times that art is made although rare but not impossible, you can Google it, they show the different shapes of women's bodies during that era, lumpy space trannies thinking they look like the model is just reverse body dysmorphia bruh

No. 1945972

Oh god I hate this troon, I once clicked on one of his vids unknowingly and he turned around in his chair to face the camera and I screamed.

No. 1945992


The munchies are ruining it for everyone. At this point I assume 95% of wheelchair users on Instagram or TikTok are faking it for attention and/or the grift


Transfeeeeeeemale. They insist they're women but just can't leave the moidery behind

No. 1946008

File: 1703201724831.jpeg (696.82 KB, 750x1246, IMG_3528.jpeg)

this is him.

No. 1946009

File: 1703202041550.jpeg (84.21 KB, 1280x720, IMG_2934.jpeg)

Jesse, what the fuck are you talking about

No. 1946018

File: 1703205361827.jpeg (307.4 KB, 750x799, IMG_3532.jpeg)


No. 1946020

>This isn't meant to imply the thing that I definitely just implied
Very convincing.

No. 1946023

File: 1703206498292.png (437.65 KB, 600x700, YUTPqE7.png)

So in the first post, the argument is that if you have a disgusting vagina fetish, it's your responsibility to disclose it because it's othering to expect them to disclose it. But in the second post, the brogrammer in a dress who looks like his name is Josh The Pervert >>1946008 argues that you should never mention that you like vaginas anywhere because it's also othering when you disclose that vagina fetish. Glad we have that covered so we can go back to business as usual: ignoring the creepy trannies who can't be trusted with adult conversation and laughing at them behind their backs

No. 1946026

File: 1703206686919.png (27.63 KB, 973x173, JlBvlFN.png)

bonus kek

No. 1946031

Reading the comments really does cement that men are the retarded yet entitled sex that see no irony in reeing about women not wanting to fuck them while they harass lesbians in the gay sub that they took over because of their pornsickness and desperate attempt to avoid their failmale status in a heirarchy they themselves created. I have no sympathy for men.

No. 1946036

This is exactly how they took over every wlw sub on Reddit. Constantly screaming about girldick and vagina fetishes until all the actual lesbians who don’t want talk about penis 24/7 quietly leave, and then it becomes an echo chamber of troons posting gross anime loli memes. Or if any women dare to push back against the invasion, it just gets banned. R/actuallesbiansover25 was one of the last holdouts and you can witness its slow destruction in real-time now. Moids ruin everything they touch.

No. 1946043

File: 1703211174419.jpg (2.36 MB, 3072x4096, MTXX_PT20231222_131251188.jpg)

Holy shit you're telling me this is just an ugly woman? Testosterone absolutely did a number on her wow.

No. 1946066

I think you're just very bad at clocking, you should sit this out

No. 1946069

Sorry anon hopefully one day I'll be as good as you kek

No. 1946073

Their narrow hips say otherwise. They're broad in all the wrong places because they're men

No. 1946074

File: 1703217139904.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1182x1930, IMG_1633.jpeg)

jfc this is rough

No. 1946086

$20,000 for some delulu.

No. 1946102

File: 1703222037609.jpeg (49.33 KB, 495x619, IMG_4646.jpeg)

I looked up moeflavor on Google images just out of curiosity and saw this after scrolling down a little. They are everywhere, ruining everything with their gross maleness.

No. 1946103

These kinds of practices really do just prey on the insecure.

No. 1946104

i’ve watched Eden the Doll’s voice surgery journey vlogs. it literally does nothing and they can’t speak for like weeks. i swear these surgeons make up surgeries for these idiots.

No. 1946127

communismkills has really changed since her tumblr days

No. 1946130

File: 1703227832256.jpeg (297.23 KB, 828x1512, IMG_4648.jpeg)

His Instagram is exactly how you’d imagine it to be

No. 1946131

File: 1703228556805.png (68.72 KB, 940x324, Screenshot_20231222-020252.png)

Yes there is, you're just jealous you'll never know what it's like

No. 1946134

Went by Miu (sp?) when I was around and changed it later to some retarded name from Bleach.
Yes. Destroyed her body with hormones, a shit diet and cheap ass phallioplasty and fried off her hair by bleaching it every other week. She's so mental and runs more than 10 "influencer" accounts that I'm honestly surprised this specimen didn't show up here earlier kek

No. 1946138

File: 1703229893663.png (55.84 KB, 739x637, pokevomit.png)

Pokemon Infinite Fusions is unfortunately riddled with troons (mostly FtM but a few scrotes, too), the good news is they can't sprite for shit.

No. 1946139

This is why I will never listen to britbongers trying to tell me how great the UK is compared to the US.

No. 1946141

File: 1703231105605.jpg (549.25 KB, 678x2286, Utrecht_Ida_Ploennies_crop01.j…)

>Finding references for women is hard since you cannot see a dead woman and learn from her body, so you have to use a dead man body instead and ignore the broad shoulders and narrow hips.
Kek slightly wrong. Artists in the middle ages and the Renaissance could work from live models… they just had to be MALE models. Using nude female models was a big no-no, if not outright banned. So they had to make do and use male models for women, just make sure to "modify" them in their paintings.

No. 1946142

Not a single one of these fags ever took an art history course and it shows. The Ancient Greeks believed the ideal male form was a kouros: a beautiful male youth with long hair, a willowy body, and in good shape. Yet not one of these fucks mentions that.

No. 1946143

No. 1946144

Greeks was pedophiles

No. 1946146

Their parents kept telling them to turn off the porn and come down to dinner. That’s abuse!

I’ve never met a trans-identifying person who didn’t claim their parents were abusive but the only “abuse” they can point to is just their parents not indulging their raging narcissism 24/7. I’m sure there are some TIP out there, especially TIFs, with genuinely abusive parents but they’re being overshadowed by the narcs.
I’m so glad I don’t have sons. Imagine sacrificing everything to raise your baby boy to be a decent person only to have him fall into porn addiction and turn up to your husband’s funeral in fetish gear.

No. 1946147

Nitpick but this ogrish man needs to learn how to dress if he doesn't want to look like a cartoonish stereotype of a crossdresser, sleeveless tops/dresses are probably the worst thing you can wear if you have massive man shoulders like that. Men are always so retarded and blind

No. 1946149

I don't think any bong is going to be telling you that now, people actively die in hospitals receiving treatment now, including giving birth.

No. 1946161

File: 1703240033120.jpg (390.36 KB, 1080x2123, IMG_20231222_171401.jpg)

Those poor coworkers who had to deal with this troon perversions…

No. 1946163

Someone should make a normie friendly "AGP guide" brochure to be easily printed and handed out to normie offices. They don't get that these men aren't just "quirky and odd" but actually actively making them all take part in his fetish

No. 1946167

More like when the trans girls are armed, the lesbians will be raped

No. 1946170

if a woman showed up to work wearing this she would get fired for being unprofessional

No. 1946171

i hope troons appropiate and make lingerie cringe to women so we can finally get rid of that evil, gross

No. 1946182

File: 1703245020444.jpg (2.37 MB, 810x6745, Screenshot_20231222-062902_Red…)

Porn, porn, porn!:

No. 1946183

>the fucking goon cap
they cant help but tell on themselves that its all a fetish

No. 1946185

>If you end up embracing a female identity r/actuallesbians is very gender-affirming and welcoing to "transbians".
For christs sake leave lesbians alone, I hate them I hate them I hate them I hate them I hate th-

No. 1946206

I mean you say males ruined it, but these outfits are male (porn fantasy) af. The creeps can have them afaic.
>It's not a fetish, it's a kink

No. 1946214

File: 1703251846396.png (54.41 KB, 835x312, Screenshot 2023-12-22 133155.p…)

Yes, the BBC article says they had a list of 5 other kids they were planning to kill. it's clear the murderers were just violent, fucked up kids with no clear motive

No. 1946230

File: 1703255452877.png (100.97 KB, 600x765, Screenshot.png)

troon seething is always funny to witness, and at least he's half honest.

No. 1946232

"yes op you're not trans, but give the trans grooming subreddit a try anyway! and it's okay to jack off to porn that tells you you're trans"
this has to be a psyop kek

No. 1946233

And misogynists.

I still remember when an artist used the audio of a poetry that was written by a "trans woman" for the Women's day and he received tons of backlashes because it felt like a slap in the face. That bro "laments" not being born as a woman in an era where women were treated as trash.

No. 1946234

File: 1703256080757.jpg (1.14 MB, 3000x3000, mrLsFct.jpg)

After all of the angry male chimpouts, tranny mod banned posts saying you won't take dick from yet another lesbian subreddit, kek. All the real women in the comments are unhappy, so it's just going to become yet another subreddit that becomes a ghost town after the real women leave and the trannies get bored of posting amongst themselves.

No. 1946241

File: 1703257841507.png (63.07 KB, 725x531, whataboutme.png)

The "what about me?"ism in these comments are over 9000

No. 1946245

File: 1703258047906.jpeg (77.49 KB, 450x578, IMG_5652.jpeg)

>looking like an unhinged clown was the goal the whole time I swear

Depicted: r/ActualLesbiansOver25 in the very near future

Yes that is what everyone is saying thanks for understanding.

No. 1946251

I don't fucking understand WHY women even still use reddit these days. Have they not seen the writing on the wall? Seen how other women-only (supposedly, anyway) subreddits have been infested with troons? I feel like you have to be grade-A delusional to keep using that sewer of a site.

No. 1946254

He is so ugly, I’m sick of YouTube showing me commercials with him in it. He had a massive, Dorito shaped body and his face looks like a rat, it’s so pathetic to see him peddling perfume or whatever.

No. 1946255

>agp smirk
>dresses like a sexualized middle schooler
>goth meme
>public bathroom selfie

No. 1946256

File: 1703261833550.jpeg (1022.29 KB, 1125x1928, IMG_5654.jpeg)

They look like cryptids when you come across one unexpectedly in a crowd of women. Why is his skull so big? Why is his neck so thick?
(I selected to see women’s clothes only so that shirt is not meant to be unisex.)