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File: 1679832306408.jpg (115.05 KB, 679x960, 1678932182139(1).jpg)

No. 1795385

No. 1795388

Let women peak, indeed

No. 1795434

File: 1679839037104.png (21.78 KB, 697x342, ..her.. tescicles.PNG)

No. 1795438

best MtF threadpic so far. bravo whoever made it

No. 1795444

File: 1679839639571.png (99.94 KB, 402x583, victim.png)

>punched her in the testicles and 'yelled at me for having a penis'
based if true but sounds like bollocks (pun intended). my guess is he lied about being a woman and this female security agent was then forced to frisk a man against her will which made her upset.

No. 1795457

Nonnies I am hopeful my country (Netherlands) is peaking. An online new source posted an article on the banning of trannies in athletics, and like 90% of the comments were celebrating this. Any TRA's and handmaidens were responded to with facts about the biological difference between males and females

No. 1795459

Wonder if the so called punched testicle was just the TSA agent bumping it when they grabbed up and down the leg, something they can obviously do more rigorously on a real woman. A TSA agent can't punch the testicles of "cis" men who harass them, how are we supposed to believe they'd punch the nut of a tranny? And if they did there would have been security all over that woman and the tranny would have been escorted out cause airports don't allow any of this shit and take a policy of "everyone involved gets removed" for safety

No. 1795461

Yeah, she has a right to be upset because what he did is essentially sexual harassment. He could have been up front and stated that he had male genitalia so that a male could have done the search instead. I have zero sympathy, this woman shouldn’t have to put up with this.

No. 1795462

exactly what I was thinking. and the way he paints his as a random attack from security (and oppression from an ebil powerful TERF) with no details of how it got to that point is very telling.

No. 1795464

File: 1679842693315.jpg (312.18 KB, 810x1761, 20230326_085759.jpg)

This moid looks so uncanny kek

No. 1795471

He looks like chicken little.

No. 1795475

File: 1679843401148.png (1.11 MB, 1168x2411, 0E4A805E-BDDE-4120-86A6-A23330…)

thanks i hate it

No. 1795487

as someone who has had their crotch touched by TSA they actually make sure to inform you what’s going on. Nobody is getting their crotch grabbed without telling you first.

No. 1795497

A nonnie was asking on the last thread for a "this never happens" website that's not the tumblr, and I think she might have meant this list:
In any case, it's good peaking material.

No. 1795502

it's clearly a female TSA doing the usual vigorous leg pats which isn't a problem for women and unknowingly hitting him in the balls (or "violently punching him" in TRA speak), then telling him he should have declared he was male so he could have had a male pat down ("yelling at him for having a penis"). she must have been pissed that she was put in that position, there is a reason it's sex separated. the idea that she would just randomly attack him for no reason when she is on CCTV and would risk losing her job or worse, is fantasy.

No. 1795503

File: 1679844584662.jpg (25.85 KB, 304x480, 20795db511420.jpg)

so butch

No. 1795511

reading this is extremely depressing

No. 1795512

ferris bueller?

No. 1795513

This sounds like some classic male hysteric.

Also does anyone know what the "gender settings from their scanner" is?

No. 1795514

File: 1679845891160.png (12.31 KB, 601x291, c71cf274-9f6e-402d-95e6-c6c840…)

And of course, he tried to get her in trouble. I hope she files for sexual harassment.

No. 1795516

Lol, she probably went to the bathroom to pee with another coworker and talked about how weird the dude was for being in the wrong section.

No. 1795519

When you're going through security, I believe TSA will look at you, then mark you as male or female on their scanner before you go through it. In this case, the TSA agent saw the troon as female and marked him as such, then the scanner detected something in his pants that isn't supposed to be there, and alerted it as such.

No. 1795526

ayrt, this is a really good resource, but I swear there was a site with an updating collage of TiM offenders. Might have been the tumblr in the OP while it was still active, might have been wishfull thinking on my part. Thanks for providing though.

No. 1795533

Exactly. He’s being vague on purpose to play the victim, but I’m guessing he claimed to be a woman, she accidentally hit his penis while frisking him, he complained about it and she then got upset with him for not informing her he had male genitalia. TSA can be jerks but I’ve never heard of anyone getting punched in the genitals and yelled at for no reason.

No. 1795542

>classic male hysterics
I love hearing things like this or “testerical” and seeing the shit men have tried to call us turned back around on them. They’re so used to getting everything they want handed to them on a silver platter and go nuts if something doesn’t go their way. Calling out men being emotional for no reason is something I want to do more often.

No. 1795543

White man trying to get a black woman in trouble and proclaim black woman angry. What else is new.

No. 1795555

>lesbian sword pin
"A Longsword Lesbian (LSL) is an exclusionary lesbian fighting against what they claim to be "lesbian erasure". It is an autonym for those who believe the label of "lesbian" has been eroded or diminished by non-binary, pronoun non-conforming, and multisexual-spectrum lesbians."

No. 1795558

I’m amazed he didn’t try the classic troon ploy that she should’ve sympathized with him because she’s black, which means she’s basically a man with testicles herself kek

No. 1795562

When did idubbbz troon out

No. 1795564

The op image, topkek

No. 1795585

File: 1679853511575.jpeg (55.62 KB, 336x523, 6B3FA2F7-69D9-4513-AB78-36E863…)

Saw this posted on radblr yesterday. Hmm, I wonder why everyone is so nice to the guy who is probably terrifying to behold at a time when it’s basically social suicide if you are even slightly rude to troons irl. Even in “red” cities. Big cities in red states are still full of handmaidens and nobody anywhere gives a fuck about the daily misogyny that real women encounter. This is one of the most peaking posts I’ve read and I’m kind of wondering if it’s bait… Men are such insufferable trash.

No. 1795593

This is one of those posts that really shows how privileged they are because like you said, no one is allowed to be anything other than painfully fake to them or you risk getting fired or social exile, and if you’re a woman then you also risk violence by these men like we’ve seen now at so many protests where they outright physically attack women for not bowing down to them. It reminds me of how in a lot spaces for women TiMs get treated with extra soft kid gloves and have handmaidens tripping over themselves to say “omg yes slay you’re so beautiful and stunning of course you’re welcome here” and the men in question don’t realize it’s female socialization and pity at play because in so many cases if another woman posted the same thing, they’d get criticized or ignored completely. These are the same men who think not fawning over them and wanting to suck “gock” is genocide.

No. 1795597

If he was actually a woman, he’d see that existing in the world as a female IS often periods, sexual harassment, and mansplaining. There’s a reason these topics are so prevalent in female spaces. Such a dipshit.

No. 1795628

File: 1679856382038.jpg (41.34 KB, 702x298, a334jfhcm692.JPG)

found the thread myself and wanted to post some of my favorite comments

let's start with:
>women ignore the good stuff about being a woman just to cry more about all the bad stuff

No. 1795629

File: 1679856476568.jpg (55.04 KB, 890x499, mujer_acusa_musica_clasista.jp…)

>A TIM complained a gym is "classism" because he cannot play "Reggaeton" in the gym because is forbidden to play music without headphones.

The cojones of this mf

No. 1795630

File: 1679856536094.jpg (10.7 KB, 713x96, a334jfhcm692dd3mj.JPG)

>sexism women face is bad but gender dysphoria is worse

No. 1795635

This is top tier a-logging material wtf. They’re so full of shit. Trannies will never experience “both sides”. It’s just life as a normal incel man and life as an estrogen-filled clown that everyone is forced to treat with the same gentleness as someone with Downs Syndrome

No. 1795644

File: 1679857631564.png (127.09 KB, 2237x2540, 4chanShitpost.png)

Presented without comment(sage your shit)

No. 1795645

Sorry, is he stupid? That’s why sexism is so much worse, it infects every facet of society and inspires laws and violence against women. You can get therapy and medication for your mental disorders. Women have to live with sexism every time we step outside the house (and many times inside of it as well from any men we live with or from what we’ve internalized).

No. 1795650

>Lovely Ladybug
>On my lolcow
Who let you out?

No. 1795655

File: 1679858416339.png (285.14 KB, 720x1122, Screenshot_20230326-141748~2.p…)

No. 1795657

honestly I'd bet this post is mra trolling (although responses could go either way). plenty of trannies hate women and buy the life on easy mode line but when men larp as either kind of tranny to make these "I've lived as a man and a woman and being a woman is sooooooooo much easier guys, I've found out the world is actually super sexist against men" posts, there are always weird tells that it's men larping. for ex this guy says he's "implicitly trusted" by all these women "and still respected at work, too!" which are both abstract statements he makes with no proof, and the only actual example of being treated differently is the dumb cliche "compliments" thing that rw men are obsessed with lately.

No. 1795662

Dutch anon, you should watch this video. It describes just how fucked up your media and medical establishment has been about troons. It should be good peaking material. It's also a podcast if you need just the audio.

No. 1795666

I still remember when a radfem said "this flag represent the trans people hiding behind the lgb poc" and canno unsee it.

No. 1795672

File: 1679860588631.jpeg (56.38 KB, 1080x712, 3E126C9A-4F5E-4571-9FD3-62F9CD…)

No. 1795677

File: 1679861146846.jpeg (205.24 KB, 828x1597, FE9162AA-D987-4911-8BD7-16CA5E…)

No. 1795679

pls say syke right now

No. 1795683

File: 1679861640478.jpg (17.63 KB, 1196x236, XkT3a37.jpg)

You can't spell "tyranny" without "tranny"

No. 1795689

how about troons stay out of women only spaces?

No. 1795700

Starvation is terrible, but my panic attacks are worse?
I love them explaining how we've had it all wrong all these years, ladies! Why are we complaining? 3 months on HRT and everyone is super nice when you're suddenly a protected class and you wear your mental illness on display. So fellow ladies, how come we've all missed out on the joys of womanhood? Because we were too overpowered with our "born with a vagina" privilege? I can't believe we've got it so wrong. I'm glad a former man can explain it to me. I just needed to love vapid shallow compliments more because what would I do being born a man and not have someone say "your shoes look really cute today!"

No. 1795705

Ikr it always comes off as rabid mansplaining like we as women haven’t lived our entire fucking lives having to navigate how we get treated within a society that favors and has always favored men. None of our complaints are valid because Lilith or Alice or whoever put on a pair of panties one day, got a boner, and declared himself a True and Honest female. It’s actually ludicrous and enraging because they’ll never get it yet they act like they’re in a position to speak over us on any issue that affects us. Male through and through.

No. 1795711

let's say even if he did pass flawlessly - and putting actual experiences of being a woman aside for a moment - he would presumably be turning up the performative femininity to 100% like acting dumb and cutesy, right? also presumably would enjoy any and all attention, even if it was sexually inappropriate or misogynistic. because he has the physical security of being in a man's body, so there is less threat, and he isn't offended by female stereotyping because he isn't a female. they love female stereotypes.

so… yeah, if you act like a dumb bimbo, guys will show interest and be """nice"""" to you so they can fuck you. until you want to be treated like an actual human. but these men don't, they want to be treated like sluts because that's how they see women.

women are generally more comfortable (and therefore seemingly friendlier) around other women because of the lack of threat. not sure how this would be called "privilege" though.

this doesn't apply to him of course because it sounds like he is an obvious troon being pandered to, but even BEST case scenario for a passing troon - the experiences are incomparable.

No. 1795712

File: 1679864231026.jpeg (34.38 KB, 350x708, 7AC40CBB-8091-4646-AE13-EC6A5B…)

No. 1795715

No. 1795716

Plus, because they're so oblivious and autistic (they have to be to believe women see them as less threatening) they don't understand that women suffer from trauma, actual events, not just the way he minimizes our experiences to "women just gotta be bitchin about something." Lol +100 male Alpha points for saying we just complain about our periods. He thinks we just hate when a construction worker whistles at us when the real story is women complain about a boyfriend raping them, being abused as a child or your boss getting super creepy with you. These are fucked up events that crush your self esteem and independence. Love that this fucking faggot expects us to be handmaidens worshiping his experiences while he thinks ours are a joke. Women are slightly annoyed by dudes hitting on them, what we actually complain about is when a guy starts getting possessive or aggressive if rejected. Being a woman is about navigating through fear. He will never feel that fear because his little tranny middle class life puts him in safe place and violence against trannies that aren't prostitutes is next to done compared to the every day reality of most women.

No. 1795729

File: 1679866626993.png (1.3 MB, 1080x719, bonqyq5p9ioa1.png)

I'll never understand why scrotes with Chad chins and/or caveman brows troon out.

No. 1795731

I hope this isnt real, imagine getting some intense autism sperm

No. 1795749

Did crystal castles troon out

No. 1795752

the few sperm who have stuck around after thousands of masturbation sessions just probably swim around in circles chasing their own tail

No. 1795757

File: 1679868919979.png (20.94 KB, 598x298, Screenshot 2023-03-26 5.12.31 …)

I'm catching up on the last thread and browsing through the Reddit posts of the MtF who was obsessed with being too fat for lesbians and sperging about Jenna Ortega and I'm cracking up at some of this shit, it sounds like a copypasta. "Ponderous pulsating pachyderm"

No. 1795767

File: 1679870059933.jpeg (20.96 KB, 206x275, B6CD722C-1232-4D6A-9B86-F7F44F…)

kek saving this for later ty

No. 1795769

God, I hope Jenny Ortega doesn't ever cross paths with this troon because he absolutely will murder her if he gets the chance.

No. 1795775

Samefag, I am a retard, it's Jenna. But still he would wear her skin if he got the chance.

No. 1795776

Another interpretations is that white agps just want to be allies for "agps of colour".
She is THE female celebrity of the moment for scrotes, I wouldn't doubt we will see some more troons on reddit boasting about looking like her or saying she is transition goals.

No. 1795779

without looking properly i thought this was illustrations of Dylan, cos of that thousand-toothed grin.

No. 1795783

>"posts from transmen talking about much more cold and depressing the world is when you're perceived as a many by society"

damn trannies and redpilled/incels are 2 sides of the same coin; even tho they'd never admit it.
Both are lonely social losers, typically autistic white men.
They're creepy sexually deviant men, and women can intuitively detect this out and automatically rejected them.
Depending which internet rabbit they go down, it's either redpill or tranny.
Then the transwoman lesbian demands a relationship with lesbians and says it's not far that women don't want them. And also the incel redpiller demands a relationship with women and cries that it's not fair that they're not wanted.
At the end of the day these retarded men share more similarities than differences, and women are the victims. Except trannies get the social woke sympathy.

No. 1795786

File: 1679872532873.jpg (167.79 KB, 768x1020, 23-03-26-16-13-10-576_deco.jpg)

No. 1795795

now that you mention it, yes, it's very interesting. this is the last sentence on the already short article:
>However, the use of these transvestite certificates did not end when the Nazis came to power in 1933 and the Institute for Sexual Science was destroyed on May 6, 1933.[citation needed]
>[citation needed]

No. 1795809

that unhinged jenna ortega hateboner troon genuinely seems like he will murder his own family and stalk jenna at some point.

No. 1795814

No woman wants to hang around on your agp reddit gooncaves.
Oh wait, you mean women's spaces that you've systematically taken over.

No. 1795818

File: 1679876676092.jpg (48.97 KB, 600x531, no.jpg)

(between these two screen caps, he says that in the uk you have to wait 1 year to get HRT)
the top comment was asking what happens if he stops taking estrogen and all the answers were retarded but someone said that it causes early menopause… and it was upvoted. whenever this troon pops up in my reels, he's either talking about his inverted penis or trying to get a visa. i guess he finally got it and he's already acting so entitled.

No. 1795824

The hrt shortage should go to women who need it first not troons with stinkditches.

No. 1795825

File: 1679877361459.png (11.78 KB, 665x346, on Twitter.png)

They find the dumbest excuses to hate on JK

No. 1795826

File: 1679877388570.png (248.35 KB, 678x875, twitter23.png)

No. 1795827

File: 1679877425323.png (40.52 KB, 719x1015, J.K. Rowling on Twitter.png)

No. 1795829

"I await your answers with the liveliest interest" she cleared them per usual

No. 1795830

so considering he got srs (yikes) he likely has no balls thus limited sex hormones aka testorone in his body. he is at higher risk for bone density issues with or without estrogen. he will not die without estrogen, if anything the estrogen just makes him prone to clotting and other cardiovascular issues plus bone problems

i hate this shit of "x didnt tweet about y therefore they didnt care" like jk rowling fucking anonymously saved 100s of female lawyers from afghanistan. oh right, but she didnt tweet about it so she doesnt care! idiots. also sorry but it rarely makes a dent to give 'thoughts and prayers' for every tragic event that occurs. just because i dont tweet in support or in critique of every bad thing that happens doesnt mean i didnt care nor put resources in to helping those affected.

No. 1795831

File: 1679878073579.png (48.1 KB, 600x489, FsFaLhHWwAEmCb-.png)

No. 1795832

File: 1679878138271.jpg (328.06 KB, 2044x1581, Fr0pb9XX0AEKyqm.jpg)

he's dressed as Bridget ( trans character from GG)

No. 1795834

File: 1679878271650.png (132.03 KB, 611x825, Twitter.png)

No. 1795835

File: 1679878458394.png (Spoiler Image,147.26 KB, 672x1086, Trans Pregnancy L's on Twitter…)

don't open if you don't want to puke.

No. 1795836

File: 1679878671650.jpg (82.94 KB, 1080x987, FsFeyqWXgAIivkC.jpg)

not a fetish by the way

No. 1795840

thanks for the explanation anon. and i agree with the second part of your comment completely, ot but it's so stupid how celebrities/content creators are expected to tweet about x event that happened in the world that specific day to show that they care. even if they do tweet about it, they still have a high chance of getting criticized because they need to 'do better' and 'educate themselves'.

bleak af.

No. 1795841


Disgusting monsters

No. 1795843

>Bridget ( trans character from GG)
That is absolutely a shitty retcon that you should never accept as canon.

/knows literally nothing about Bridget accept this

No. 1795847

Bridget is not trans. He's a boy forced to cross dressing for a myth in his town. That's why he was always called a "trap".

No. 1795850

File: 1679880350915.png (12.71 KB, 639x209, jdsf8435435.png)

they trooned him out last year

No. 1795867

Castrate the ones who do this shit tbh

No. 1795868

File: 1679882683371.webm (3.23 MB, 320x568, 84923.webm)

troon talking about bills being passed or whatever and it's almost like satire at this point. the greasy estrogen curls. the tattoo. the comparison to nazis. fucking kek

No. 1795871

I'm so sick of being lumped in with these fucking retards

No. 1795873

File: 1679884549989.jpeg (257.68 KB, 1430x2048, 2B3DEA5D-174E-494F-988C-E1108C…)

Tfw I queefed and faeces leaked out(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1795874

I know, but IIRC that ending is a bad ending after all? Like giving up and "embrace" what he was being brainwashed to think? He didn't transition because he felt he was a girl, he was told to behave like a girl so he wouldn't be killed because he has a twin.

Why people would want that as "trans representation", no idea.

No. 1795875

Bridget being trans rep in the legitimate bad ending seems like poetry to the fanbase whoring him out all these years but I hate how they fucked over his character growth for it

No. 1795879

Totally. The character you less would think for a "good trans representation" is a kid being raised by nuns as a girl because the town is stupid as fuck thinking if a pair of twins are born, the world is over. But then again, we are talking about grown ass men talking how they're so "soft and cute girls".

No. 1795880

File: 1679885425318.png (58.93 KB, 1156x584, JFC.png)

autist complains about getting in trouble for wearing his sister's makeup, completely glosses over the fact that he wore her bra

No. 1795887

File: 1679886124273.jpeg (77.24 KB, 750x637, 54BFFDDE-7CA4-4DD8-8880-60D5A2…)

that happened.

No. 1795888

What really happened: The woman stared at him and ran away.

I always take my pads with me, but no once I had a woman asking me for one.

No. 1795891

File: 1679886493063.jpeg (149.57 KB, 750x1145, F2AF99EF-38CB-4447-969A-A964BD…)

>I thought this woman whom I consider bottom of the barrel trash would have a low enough self-esteem to put up with my retarded bullshit, but it turns out she’s smart.

No. 1795903

Psycho moid was probably trying to use the stripper as a therapist… Why else would he disclose this info to her if he's not even sure he’s trans? Glad she shut him down.

No. 1795911

she probably asked as a covert way to confirm that this was indeed a troon

No. 1795913

>i might be a troon which means that despite being male i pretend i'm female and expect people to play along
>i dUnNo what's there not to believe in
really, you don't know? and yeah his "reasoning" regarding why he thought she'd be okay with it says a lot

No. 1795916

this is really their ultimate fantasy huh. yikes. virtually no one asks a stranger for this, except maybe in high school. also she tapped him on the back? isn't it weird, why would you touch a random person just to ask them something. it also seems unnatural to me that she would call him "ma'am" but i'm an eslfag so this part might be normal idk

No. 1795923

they say they never fit in with how threatening men are to the point of changing their identities, and then say we're ungrateful for focusing on it?

No. 1795927

Yeah this really has all the stereotypes of a typical troon fantasy.
>carry around pads for in anticipation of some poor woman asking him for one
>pass enough that a woman would actually ask
>Women’s bathroom
>voice passing he could talk to someone normally
>carrying around a purse and dressing terribly

No. 1795928

i don't get it. i've literally never experienced this in my life, in either direction. it creeps me out the level of thought they put into it more than everything else, like they think about my period more than i do.

No. 1795935

It's so creepy how in these rejection stories, they always make sure to mention that these women are bi/lesbian and therefore should be fine with whatever lunacy these greasy losers fling at them. "She's a lesbian so why won't she sleep with me", "she's bi so why doesn't she support me", as if women are required to dispense validation on command.

No. 1795940

Literally no one does this. No one. Because women learn EARLY on to always carry a backup when you're close to your period. I fucking hate how troons think that periods are sooo spontaneous and of course a woman would be too brain dead to notice the OBVIOUS signs her body is screaming at her that the blood moon is nigh. These fucking psychos are so self absorbed they don't realize we've been dealing with this body cycle for YEARS. We know how to prep for it and handle our own shit. Even women with unpredictable cycles are well prepared. This is just…. so fucking insulting and blantant proof that troons only fetishize being a woman, they don't know shit about actually being one and never will. Cope and seethe, degens.

No. 1795955

The comments on this thread are depressing
"Tons of kids dress up and perform all the time! Have you ever watched an elementary school play?"

Its a boy dressed up in a strappy low cut black dress and thigh high boots, if this was a girl performing at any other event would be losing their minds. Watching it, it's pretty obvious something is wrong, but people will just go full denial to keep the narrative going. It's on the level of Cuties but its drag so automatically it's immune to criticism

No. 1795962

I guarantee he has a sissy fetish and he was expecting the stripper to help sissify him, that's why he brought it up out of nowhere and why he kept at it after the stripper told him she didn't want to talk about it.

No. 1795968

right, how come women don't experience this but trannies do one year into their "transition"? could it be a collective delusion and a fetish?

exactly thissss, wish it could be posted on their subs anytime they fantasize about giving tampons to women. just to burst their bubble and make them realize how stupid and ignorant they sound.

No. 1795978

i was just going to say that, like how does it escalate from "i don't care" to "delete my number" lmao

No. 1795991

File: 1679901263299.jpeg (40.69 KB, 750x405, C56D26DD-3628-47FD-B6F1-00B906…)

girls don’t send rape threats or get turned on by their own titties bouncing.

No. 1795996

Would have been entirely avoidable if he had been honest about being male from the start. No one else should have to play into his personal delusions about his own body, he has male genitalia on a male body and tried to pass it off as a natal female body in a security setting so of course it's gonna go badly for him.

No. 1795997

I love this as a word to explain males having aggressively male freak outs

No. 1796002

“Girls don’t act like rapey men.”
>man puts on a skirt
>acts like a rapey man
>”See, girls DO act like rapey men! Checkmate, feminazis!”

No. 1796003

According to trans ideology you CAN just identify out of dysphoria. That's the basis for why they transition in the first place, to escape dysphoria, which they claim gets better/goes away when they change their identity to trans (although let's be real in 99.9% cases it seems to make them all more dysphoric and mentally ill kek). That's a trans privilege, "cis" women can't identify out of sexism.

No. 1796005

I always wonder if they're trying to make more incels ruin their lives through transition. It takes out weak men from the gene pool and competition, and is a very visible signal to women around them that they're undatable

No. 1796007

File: 1679904435831.jpeg (95.96 KB, 605x1071, 88FB93AF-49AB-4CFF-90EF-0E2735…)

I stumbled upon this bizarre interaction on a horny tumblr account that’s supposed to be for lesbians… the kreamy bunny person claims to be a cis lesbian but everything on their blog screams otherwise. The only other option is a bisexual handmaiden with a sissy fetish (I’ve seen some of those on tumblr). I just don’t understand why they are so obsessed with calling themselves lesbian…

No. 1796009

He might aswell rope at that point, nobody would miss him

No. 1796013

I love this meme, it fully showcases how ridiculous they look and why their treatment as a "woman" is in no way even close to a genuine female experience but is actually a male-only experience

No. 1796014

I thought they did mental health checks for donors, they shouldn't allow someone with autism. Unless it's some dodgy queer donation place

No. 1796023

I dont believe it, that looks like a dude and I'm willing to bet his voice is male. If it did I
'm willing to bet she didn't "punch" him, she probably roughly thrust her hand up during the pat down because she was pissed off she had to give it to a man.

"I thought womanhood sucked because women always complain about periods sexual assault and mansplaining"
>has to deal with none of those
"Wtf this is great what were those women complaining about"

Hot guys trooning out is such a tragedy. I guess they were coomers anyway but still

He didn't need the make up to be scary

No. 1796032

>"I get a lot of attention as a hot guy, If I become a hot girl I'll get even more attention"

No. 1796045

However these troons think this happens so commonly that every troon will encounter this in their short trooning-period. I've never ever had anyone ask me for tampon/pad in women's bathrooms in 26 years.

No. 1796047

Bi women don't owe trannies shit, I wish they learned that. Most "bi" handmaidens are spicy hets at best, the overwhelming majority of bi women want to date sane people with intact genitals. Idk why that's so shocking to literally anyone.

No. 1796061

>My sisters are supposed to accept me
Yeah, fuck us for having free will, right?

No. 1796062

It's gay men wanting to extend their sexual partner possibilities to include a greater a number of people, and since most people are straight and men are coom obsessed, they larp as the opposite sex in hopes of achieving coom.

No. 1796063

>excuse me ma'am
kek it's already an obvious lie from the first sentence. why would a woman be so overly formal, as if she is addressing an elderly customer, in this context? and like other nonas have already said - this never happens. why do they fucking obsess over this? it blows my mind. it's something they cannot claim they have anything to do with whatsoever, but still try to make it their business. gross.

No. 1796066

The only times I got asked for tampons was by women I knew for more than a few months, never on the toilet, never by a stranger. Most women I know are also very quiet and careful about unwrapping their stuff in a public toilet so no one hears it. It's been years of being shamed for having your period, your period considered as being dirty and disgusting, that made women carefully with whom they talk about stuff like that. But how should a man know about all that?

And the ma'am part, well, I would only use that for an older woman and I mean, so old that I wouldn't assume her even having her period anymore. If this happend (and it didn't happen) it just sounds that the woman instantly clocked the troon.

No. 1796071

File: 1679916653780.jpeg (219.03 KB, 828x1432, A7A1F6E5-8CA0-4DD9-A066-74BB2F…)

The screencap is from a subreddit made for people who need to find volunteer sperm donors to cum in a plastic bag for them before leaving their house because they don't want to pay the insane prices of getting AI at a sperm bank. Unfortunately the sub is full of desperate scrotes with an impreg kink who state it's no deal unless they can fuck the woman trying to get pregnant, picrel (sadge because not a troon). Surprisingly the one trans donor was less creepy than many others.

No. 1796074

Ahhhh, wat hou ik van de nuchtere en gebaseerde Nederlanders! Chapeau.

No. 1796080

I refuse to believe there are actual women who use that sub, let alone ones who get pregnant this way. It’s just too bleak.

No. 1796083

File: 1679918333213.jpg (54.41 KB, 1080x735, Fr_xFx1XoAARGBY.jpg)

No. 1796085

File: 1679918455802.jpg (76.95 KB, 680x606, Fr3Mw1LXwAANVuE.jpg)

How about you MOVE OUT of your parents house?? If youre old enough to get hormones on your own maybe its time to get your own life

No. 1796088

So many of these people feel entitled to complete unquestioning parental acceptance and prioritise the fetish over literal survival and so will willingly become homeless.

This goes against human survival instincts and then of course they e beg and expect others to foot the bill.

No. 1796090

File: 1679919006433.png (67.3 KB, 1164x1221, Clipboard02.png)

>You’ve come into our havens
meanwhile you're literally invading our 'havens', ratty haired tranny.

No. 1796092

trannism is unintentionally a eugenicist movement that removes incels and retards from the gene pool, but they think muh genocide is when peen sad kek. The sperm donor tranny is onto something, unfortunately.

No. 1796093

File: 1679919591118.jpg (95.63 KB, 1060x740, FrA1CLeWAAAF-BK.jpg)

Check out this Chad that scared on twitter this morning

No. 1796096

i love our autistic nonas, but autistic men are destroying society and they absolutely shouldn’t be allowed to donate sperm.

No. 1796099

because it’s a fetish, there’s no rhyme or reason to it besides the coom.

No. 1796103

This and even if you don’t have a backup, you often make do with rolled up toilet paper or paper towels or whatever else until you can actually get home (I know it’s not the best option, just saying most women would do that before asking someone else unless it was like, an emergency). They don’t get women really don’t like inconveniencing other people.

No. 1796105

ah yes, throwing up while a troon holds your hair up in a gay club. such a relatable experience for most women, and a very appropriate comparison with men peeing and parading naked in women's toilets and changing rooms. is that really all they have? also, if that was indeed an "invasion" of troon spaces (at least they admit that they belong in clubs for gay men), how are they justifying invading women's spaces now?

No. 1796106

This. Wads of toilet paper are always plan B. Because unless you know her, asking another woman for a sanitary napkin is actually quite rude considering how expensive they are these days.

No. 1796108

why do I have an exact picture of this moid in my head, must be that my neighbour fits that description completely, except his English would be worse. And as sad as it is, I believe there are women using those offers.

No. 1796118

jesus this is so creepy. looked at the sub and most posts seem to be like this ("want to breed a milf", "interested in natural donation" etc). i highly doubt any woman actually uses this, let alone to have a child. how can men think for one second that this is appealing to women in the slightest?

No. 1796121

File: 1679923333786.jpg (187.24 KB, 1298x797, FsGfaigWYA.jpg)

So I guess "TERFs" are in the mainstream and now they can't even ignore us

No. 1796124

File: 1679923592090.jpeg (74.57 KB, 651x802, DEE6B7C4-F913-482B-91BA-DBFEE0…)

Troon hypocrisy from the worst of the britbong troons Katy Montgomerie

No. 1796128

love her

No. 1796131

Trying to think up a slogan that makes terfs out to be evil unreasonable nazis and the best they can come up with is "destroy pedos"

No. 1796138

Think it has to do with that one recent pic of the group of neo-nazis in similar clothing doing their autistic salute and holding up a large tarp that said "ban pedos" or something similar. I saw it on Twitter somewhat recently and the person who posted the image claimed the neo-nazis in the pic had showed up to a radical feminist event in support of their tranny hatred, saying "when nazis show up to your protests to support you, that's a sign you may want to change your views". Unfortunately I did not read the comments or qrt's so I didn't see proof nor disproof that the group of spergs were anywhere close to radical feminists since in the photo their group was standing isolated in the middle of a road and their sign only mentioned banning pedos without mentioning or symbolizing trannies.

No. 1796140

>destroy pedo freaks
>with the conservatives
So, are we going to talk about it or am I tinfoiling again?
Like seriously, I wouldn’t mind if they have added a Muslim moid or something, hell, add a Muslim woman, some of them are actually conservative and not the uwu sad minority they like to think they are.
But it’s telling when these moids automatically assume that tranny = pedophile, like why not make the dude wear something like “destroy tranny freaks” or the sorts? It just activates my almonds.

No. 1796141

File: 1679926312072.webm (1.06 MB, 484x270, Ls19Tfuhbu_g1E2C.webm)

people on twitter were calling UFC fighter Holly Holm a fascist for saying the increasing the sexualization of children is wrong, they are at a point of no return at this point.

No. 1796154

troons and their allies can't understand that sexualization doesn't equate to sexuality but rather the perversion of children in compromising and sexual situations. kids can express themselves however they want, it's the rampant gross sexual undertones that people are pushing them to do in the name of gender expression. and to the extent drag, since this is a heated topic rn.

they can make drag child friendly as possible but it will always be a provocative activity engaged by adults for adults. and i can't comprehend why they're pushing drag to children when millennials and the gen zs are pushing for weddings and other normal events to be child-free as possible. and yet drag is presented as an inclusive thing for all ages.

No. 1796157

File: 1679929230565.jpeg (115.38 KB, 1080x985, B6B95339-F4E5-4350-80A1-9CBEF2…)


No. 1796160

buddy I think all you can do is contribute to the statistics and 41%

No. 1796169

Isn't that image like, years old or something? Didn't an anon here say that image is from 2015? Why would you trust the tweet of a random troon? Also nazi larpers were in ANTIFA when that was relevant, it's the same men wearing the same black clothes and masks except they decided to protest elsewhere. In that image there isn't even anyone else, and no women. Also it's funny that trannies willingly align themselves with pedophiles.
Oh, well, case in point. They are just all pedophiles.

No. 1796173

Totally the kind of mentally stable person to raise a child… Yep. Jesus Christ

No. 1796175

Had no idea who she was but now I think she's such a badass.

No. 1796181

File: 1679933557865.png (46.67 KB, 541x673, 9AA204D5-46D9-409A-B142-23F5C4…)

No. 1796185

This. It’s probably just filled with roleplaying scrotes. No real woman would respond to something like this. Who the fuck wants to meet with a stranger so he can enact all of his fetishes on her? Psychopathic behavior.

No. 1796188

Best case scenario it inspires some fascinating femme fatale stories

No. 1796190

I am nearly 40 and I have never in my life been asked by a stranger for a pad/tampon, and I have never asked a stranger for one; the same goes for every woman I have ever known. Where do these creeps get this delusion from? Don't they know most women are smart enough to just fold up some TP or paper towel? Hell, most of us don't even have a heavy enough flow to need that!

The woman depicted here has actually stated she's NOT a feminist; but Heaven forbid they do their research before they smear her. And shouldn't all the conservatives be INSIDE the Trojan horse? Do these people not know how a Trojan horse is supposed to work?

No. 1796210

the best part about this is that bridget literally got groomed to present as a girl due to the lore of the place he was born in.
something like female twins bring luck and mixed ones bring terror (dont quote me on that im not a ggs sperg)
so they are literally reinforcing the belief of grooming and forcing people into things fucks with their identity long term

No. 1796216

File: 1679936692981.jpg (215.75 KB, 1079x1717, Screenshot_20230327_130518_Tik…)

for some reason I feel particularly enraged by this tiktok troon. Gotta be some dirt on them somewhere.

No. 1796219

I hope that's true and kids are being openly transphobic at schools

No. 1796223

File: 1679937616125.png (129.92 KB, 652x1258, Screenshot 35.png)

It's literally cause she used the phrase "protect children" which twitter libs try to connect to far-right/anti-gay circles.

No. 1796230

I swear to God this is a natal woman with a savior complex and sexual trauma, unless someone can prove me otherwise. I looked through her Instagram and before she went full libtard, she was soft libtard with art school type friends, she's just awkward.

No. 1796238

Its not a woman its a tranny, this was a huge debate on tiktok before and he admitted he is trans

No. 1796239

Idk why this moid fools even the most transphobique of farmers…He sounds like a typical man using falsetto when he talks

No. 1796242

Are you sure it isn't a gotcha? Like she thinks she's special for "being" a trans woman, but is just a woman who purposely over lines her lipstick, cakes on her makeup, and is a ginger? It's the perfect attention getter. I've known a handful of women like this. She could say she's trans all she wants because she's following their mantra of what cis means, which being female doesn't mean you can't be a trans woman.

No. 1796246

File: 1679941142473.jpeg (82.28 KB, 828x1041, 65A5C300-76C9-4560-8921-DAD527…)

Rumors online now this shooter was MTF. MRAs are never gonna let it go down if there was an actual female shooter

No. 1796260

So they didn't even really freak out or instantly throw him out? He is hopeless and dead inside because his mother wasn't overfilled with joy the same second she found out her son is trans?

These people are just so fucking weak.

No. 1796263

I was just thinking this. Like oh great, now incel losers have an example of 1 single female shooter to "prove" this type of thing isnt a male problem. Very curious to see what the rhetoric will be if it is a troon. Because you'll still hear this person cited in those same arguments but you won't be able to point out that the only female mass shooter is technically male without being called transphobic. Assuming it is a tranny that is. I'd be shocked to hear about an actual teenage girl doing something like this. But with the US going to shit as quickly and horribly as it is and violence escalating across the country, I guess nothing should shock me anymore.

No. 1796266

now they are saying it was a 28 year old btw not a teenager

No. 1796270


100% a troon since they talk about dialating and having a hemorrhage… if they are lying, they'd have the entire internet up in arms at them. It looks like a man too… idk how ya'll could be fooled like this

No. 1796271

sure if you mean his jawline lol other than that he has nasty thin lips and a beak nose

No. 1796272

File: 1679942937224.jpg (68.8 KB, 608x603, Clipboard01.jpg)

No. 1796275

File: 1679943077641.webm (7.26 MB, 576x1024, male.webm)

did you see the video that screenshot is from?

No. 1796278

Remember that troon last thread saying radfems are actually rapists who want to blame men for rape? Prepare for that argument but with shooters and abusers. When Amber heard lost the Johnny depp case all of these retarded men pretended that the majority of domestic abuse cases were poor men

No. 1796280

To be fair there was that one crazy youtuber chick Nasim Aghdam.. so they already have their one example… I just find it curious how no name has been released yet but we know the age and gender(¿)…

No. 1796283

this kid sounds like he got groomed into it

No. 1796290

File: 1679944308625.png (228.75 KB, 729x679, Screenshot 2023-03-27 8.12.13 …)

No. 1796293

To be fair, I've seen it happen quite a few times thorough the years but it was always while on the job. I work in a nightclub and we have backup tampons for the staff to use, so if a customer needs one we can help her out. I don't think it's that weird. That being said the tranny larp about menstruation is definitely unsettling like we can take care of ourselves leave us alone you weirdo scrotes.

No. 1796296

File: 1679944752095.jpeg (290.28 KB, 3000x1500, cchan.jpeg)

Chris Chan is free. some people have received safety notifications as a result

No. 1796298

No. 1796302

t4t girls amirite

No. 1796306

That one is also a man lol

No. 1796309

Who the fuck is that black lady? Damn shame whatever happened to her for her to end up there.

No. 1796312

no she wasnt

No. 1796317

pol figured it out, it’s an Aidan

No. 1796326

Latefag but top tier threadpic nonny

No. 1796330

No. 1796331

>no she wasn't

According to whom? They were Persian, the country that literally forces gay men to transition.

No. 1796333

pol's source is a commentator for fox news's tweeting about it. not saying you're wrong but tread carefully, don't want another sam hyde situation

No. 1796334

they are oppressive but have savior complexes, it's the same savior fantasies that white people have of like standing up to racists on behalf of black people for headpats instead of just acting normal towards other people in their day to day lives

No. 1796336

She could be dilating for vaginismus and pretending she's "one of the guys" our good cow Nemu bragged about it all the time.

No. 1796338

File: 1679948099362.jpeg (37.03 KB, 500x551, 80A2C5E8-C24B-40E9-A378-A00200…)

NTA but according to literally everyone? The mainstream media had no incentive to protect her birth sex. There are pics of her as a kid and she has slender womanly wrists and shoulders. Tin foiling about shit like that only makes all of us look dumb or like those embarrassing Qanon people who insist Michelle Obama is a man.

No. 1796339

School shooter is suspected to be Aiden Hale who recently went by Audrey Hale. Troonspiracy.

No. 1796340

Was gonna discuss it here but it seems like the other anons already got to it before me. I'm 90% convinced the shooter is a troon, most likely a TIM but i also feel like somewhere as conservative as tennessee wouldn't protect the persons chosen gender.

Kek, where did you hear about this? Or is it just random bullshitting.

No. 1796342

she's a woman but she didn't kill anyone

No. 1796346

gay men literally pee on groups of women trying to party in their clubs at berghain, nobody is holding anyone's hair you poser

No. 1796349

think it might be FtM (maybe she thought that being a school shooter would be gender euphoric?) as the suspected profiles show he/him in the bio. nothing confirmed yet though of course.

No. 1796350

Honestly true, they're the types to cling to Columbine yaoi fanfics

No. 1796354

File: 1679949795547.jpg (687 KB, 1768x2048, FsM-9wUWIAE7ct4.jpg)

A totally mentally sane individuals room

No. 1796355

The Aiden thread must be losing their minds rn

No. 1796357

they're talking out their ass, the instagram that is linked by "Audrey Hale" that is going around is someone unrelated. They just made a post 8 minutes ago saying it wasn't them. Considering the shooter is dead, I'd say that tracks.

No. 1796361

What does some drunk dude being rude at a club have to do with anything? If a feminist had poured a drink on him at a trans rights rally there'd be a point here, but I somehow doubt this random moid had feminist motivations.

No. 1796365

Shayna would fit in here perfectly

No. 1796367

The only way they can get anywhere is by grouping people into demographics and assigning traits to the entire group. That's why I am a hypocrit, because all women who are terfs also frequented gay clubs, and all queer people are the homogenous group, and he takes credit for a gay man holding back hair despite, I guarantee, him never taking part in an action like that. Trans people tack themselves onto LBG and suddenly they are a homogenous group with them, all their actions are representative of their group, and all actions of not LBGT are representative of that group.
I should be surprised though their ideology is centered around this. They turn women into a demographic that can be characterized by dresses, make up, some kind of an invisible feeling, so they can adopt these traits therefore becoming the demographic itself. Their ideology is that you can larp your way into becoming a sex. Years ago I agreed with this, I didn't think there was any problem with men larping, but now they're claiming the larp makes them biologically equal and it just doesn't.

No. 1796374

No it isn't. The whole point of having a sex is reproduction, being between sexes is a disorder that compromises the ability to reproduce. It's purely a physical abnormality though, it's not going to make you want to wear make up. But anyway, I guarantee this guy doesn't have any kind of intersection disorder so I don't know why he's bringing it up in relation to himself.

It's fucked up what people will say when they don't have to feign empathy.

I've gotta be missing context there's no way

No. 1796392

File: 1679952474403.jpg (12.48 KB, 1534x92, aXlLkCY.jpg)

Nasim said in one of their own videos that they are transgender and "born a boy". That whole story died quickly because they were concerned about copycats and so didn't want Nasim getting attention, it wasn't about protecting their sex.

No. 1796404

News outlets are now openly referring to Audrey Hale as the shooter, but have changed all the pronouns used to describe the shooter as "they" now. Apparently they also found a manifesto and map of the school.

No. 1796405

samefag but https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/nashville-christian-school-shooter-appears-former-student-police-chief-rcna76876

"The shooter was identified as Audrey Hale, 28, of Nashville, according to the chief, who said she identifies as transgender."

No. 1796416

No. 1796422

Holy fuck I knew this thread would be poppin' the second I saw the news, FINALLY A TROON IS A SHOOTER AHHAHAHAHAHAHA

No. 1796435

three children are dead nonnie

No. 1796445

so basically, elliot rodger if he was born two years later. the y chromosome is a mistake.

No. 1796446

I usually don’t like this thread because it’s “transphobic” (trans people are still people imo) but y’all see this school shooter and everyone saying it’s a women? Statistics are all gonna be messed up, and meaningless in the near future to protect adult’s feelings. Even if their a child killer. Fuck man. We can treat trans people like people, but why do we have to lie to ourselves. Pretend their isn’t a violent factor and they are not born as men? They can still rape us, and then you get told a “women” raped you. I’ll take my ban like a champ, sorry for my Ted talk. I just can’t believe how much the media and society goes out of the way to protect a killer, and to ignore facts.

No. 1796449

It's fucked up especially because it was someone so much older hurting younger people, but we can also acknowledge the shooter seperately. Crazy how the news keeps misgendering them, you know if it was a TiM they wouldn't DARE. I'm also waiting for them to start making memorials and heroizing her because she was "pushed" to it by "alt-right facists"

No. 1796450

transphobia isn't real because "transness" is an invented category of person meant to relocate entitlements back to men as a backlash to the gains made by feminism

No. 1796456

Oh well I don’t know, I hear that word all the time on campus. I just think it’s all so crazy. Protecting a school shooter who killed children and staff.

No. 1796462

post a pic of them, there are men actually named aiden believe it or not and they probably presented as their birth sex on their linkedin, if the one going around is even the real suspect

No. 1796465

>I usually don’t like this thread because it’s “transphobic” (trans people are still people imo)
what the fuck do you think goes on in this thread lmao… It's just discussion that's exactly like the rest of your post. You're transphobic too, sorry to break it to you.

No. 1796471

no need to be so rude. every nona peaks at some point

No. 1796483

Finally? There have been like at least 2 already in school shootings

No. 1796484

The fact that she’s here and not insulting anyone is a show of progress nona. Just give it some time and chill out.

No. 1796485

File: 1679959178243.jpg (226.8 KB, 1080x1665, Screenshot_20230327_185635_Gal…)

Pic of the shooter troon. Ya'll were so right its scary. I feel ill.

No. 1796487

File: 1679959228857.jpg (28.57 KB, 376x318, nashvilleshooter.jpg)

Of course it was a troon.

No. 1796488

she's a TiF, she belongs in the TiF thread, try to keep up nona

No. 1796489

Nasim Aghdam wasn't transgender, just like Salvador Ramos wasn't. Those were rumors started by /pol/tards. Don't believe everything you see on the internet.

No. 1796491

Someone said to post a pic so I obliged - the tif thread is a lot harder to find than this one.

No. 1796492

it's not like it's the top post on snow right now or anything

No. 1796497

Another ftm shooter lol

No. 1796501

It’s a columbiner aiden ftm
Though I think there’s a legitimate >50% chance we get an actual AGP shooting up a planned parenthood or something this year.

No. 1796503

nonas in this thread are so cringe its painful, read a news article, she's a woman who identifies as a man

No. 1796504

It's a TIF, not a TIM.

No. 1796506

File: 1679960750841.gif (578.38 KB, 220x127, C6D69C68-906D-426B-AF4B-8A6E7C…)

I somehow knew it was a troon before even the name dropped; though i expected a mtf not a ftm. I hope theres milk on her especially in the manifesto.

No. 1796527

Colin getting clocked by some random drunk guy is really funny. Love that this shattered his delusional self perception. He loves to brag about how stealth he is, how no one irl has clocked him in years, only trolls online could possibly misgender him etc

No. 1796544

File: 1679963839009.png (87.86 KB, 673x857, Adult Human Male on Twitter.pn…)

fake ass crying kek

No. 1796550

trans people aren't people, they're a bunch of freaks nonnie

No. 1796571

File: 1679965748898.jpg (516.25 KB, 1536x2048, Fr7SmA9WAAUgAZA.jpg)

This is under the tag on twitter; from weeb to beautiful woman.

No. 1796604

File: 1679968137126.jpg (192.53 KB, 2048x1366, Fr2IACIXwAEyFzg.jpg)

what is it about trannies that you could just tell they're moids just from looking at their faces alone? This one tries covering half his face…

No. 1796607

>pathetic baby
this is what they think women are.

No. 1796609

it's about them being men and these kind of posts always feel like self posting to me tbh

No. 1796613

File: 1679968618077.png (428.02 KB, 677x828, based.png)

Don't be /pol/ tier nonnie I'm just making fun of this faget.

No. 1796615

A combo of male brow bone and that adam's apple.

No. 1796617

File: 1679968719690.jpg (160.1 KB, 1080x1110, Screenshot_20230327_215705_Ins…)

I remember reporting this to Instagram and they didn't do shit. This is the wispa mtf troon for anyone whos unfamiliar. Clearly a sick individual deliberately encouraging gun violence.

No. 1796640

File: 1679969849013.png (337.61 KB, 750x1334, F6058AA1-D282-4FE9-BA32-169E66…)

I love the female rage trend, for so long woman have been scolded for showing any negative emotions and now women are finding joy in their anger, yet somehow men have to find a way to insert themselves in the conversation like the fucking narcissists they are. Cope and seethe male

No. 1796643

that would be the second aiden school shooter. i don’t even think it’s the testosterone necessarily, trannies cut off their balls and they’re still violent and testerical. aidens are mentally ill girls trying to be manly, and what’s manlier than shooting innocent people? flawless troon logic.

No. 1796648

File: 1679970367691.jpeg (108.89 KB, 1446x771, 9D5693CA-60F8-4EDA-B718-6683DE…)

CBC news is also the only publication that has stated the adult that killed children in a school was actually a male.

No. 1796649

Arent they're just using the opportunity to say it's a trans identified female without fear of repercussions because nobody fears repercussions from women, even the kind that kill children.

No. 1796650

Never mind, I scrolled the thread. Weird how they don’t care about women’s feelings, but if we misgender a serial rapist that’s a TIM, we belong in hell

No. 1796652

I’m truly shocked the mask has come off for even liberal news sources about this. Seeing the image of her, she’s clearly a TIF.

No. 1796655

you cant "hit back" against words, thats assault…

No. 1796657

File: 1679970805986.jpg (107.41 KB, 640x480, FsRXQc7WwAYKXIX.jpg)

Reportedly one of the guns used. Note the "Aiden"

No. 1796659

where'd you find this?

No. 1796661

It's the Breaking911 account on Twitter. Not sure of the veracity, though.

No. 1796662

No. 1796663

This shit is weird. Severely autistic person groomed by the Cia again I swear to God

No. 1796664

File: 1679971043447.jpg (102.03 KB, 640x480, FsRXRzHXoAAB0KY.jpg)

No. 1796666

Can one of you conspiracytards link the posts about how young white basement dwellers are groomed by glowies painstakingly to commit mass shootings

No. 1796667

What do they need "trans female rage" for? They're always angry and violent and no one tells them to suck it up and behave like they tell actual woman. Besides, this is just male rage and male rage is normalized, mens problems are everyone else's problems.

No. 1796669

File: 1679971214798.jpg (102.57 KB, 640x480, FsRXO9HXgAUDAOe.jpg)

No. 1796675

>decorated guns
Wtf is this omgggg

No. 1796676

but they ARE angry, perverted, aggressive men. most didn’t get the memo they were supposed to be diplomatic.

No. 1796684

Stickers on a gun is fucking incel-tier pathetic.

No. 1796754

There's a captain america shield hidden there.

No. 1796755

I never understood why many of those who are trans, make it out as ‘trans first, gender second’. Like, if it’s something ‘political’ I get it, but even being around a few they want everyone to know that they’re trans and not the gender they want to be- if that makes sense

No. 1796772

maybe because your "trans female rage" includes sending rape threats to women

No. 1796787

>no matter how passable we are, how diplomatic we are with our rage, once we raise our voice or hit back we are just "angry men"
if you hit people and they call you an angry man, you don't pass and you're not being diplomatic. male aggression is right, but also male retardation.

No. 1796843

stop assuming the best from scrotes lmfao they have rape fetishes

No. 1796875

How DARE they misgender a trans man!!! Just because HE killed a bunch of innocent children doesn't mean they get to misgender HIM, that's just as bad if not worse of a crime than what HE did!!!!

Oh wait, is the trans community not keeping the energy up when it's not a biological man they're protecting? I sure wonder why.

No. 1796879

>I usually don’t like this thread because it’s “transphobic”
I usually like this thread because it is transphobic

No. 1796905

File: 1680000775359.png (141.21 KB, 705x1108, Screenshot_20230325-132438~2.p…)

No. 1796926


No. 1796943

uhhh this makes me wanna a-log. trannies know they can overpower and scare most women hence the "we will keep using your bathrooms and if you're not happy, don't use them hehehe kiss emoji". then they have the nerve to whine about being scared of using the men's bathrooms. basically doing to women what they're """scared""" of experiencing. how surprising.

No. 1796961

Extremely punchable face.

No. 1796970

File: 1680006088595.jpg (171.99 KB, 1125x1223, FsRmWHbX0AEvp8u.jpg)

If its because trans people are oppressed and have "their rights taken away" why the fuck did the shooter kill little kids then?? Did those kids write the bills?? Writing shit like this is fucking evil, murdering random people is not rebellion against the system its just evil

No. 1796980

>Reporting on MTF killing children: >this FEMALE WOMAN did a violence! Checkmate people who know 99.9999% of crime is committed by men! Any incidents of misgendering the killer will land you in prison where you will subsequently meet the killer herself (she's going to rape you with her girly penis)
>Reporting on FTM killing children: >woman kills children
Notice how men never get the blame.

No. 1796985

Yet no women killers despite women being shit on by moids for years and even American women getting their reproductive rights fucked with.
Yeah kek. It's so obvious tranny shit is just to pander to moids. In this instance, to pretend men are less violent then they are by adding mens statistics to womens to muddy them and make them appear less violent. It is the movement of pornsickness and rapists.

No. 1796986

*women killers as in killing for that reason

No. 1796992

it's especially stark when it's like 'female woman RAPES woman with HER PENIS' - you know, a thing women are physically incapable of doing, but then a FtM shoots up a school, which is one of the most male things she could do, and she is still a woman. originally reported as a teenage girl in fact.

No. 1797004

>Men thinking they are oppressed for being told to not be pornsick coomers harassing lesbians.

No. 1797023

File: 1680009997346.jpeg (133.71 KB, 750x1123, E25C7CF1-F648-4561-A552-08B51E…)

Hey nonnas, who needs a housemate?

No. 1797027

>northern suburbs
BET. i swear to god ive met this disgusting mf

No. 1797038

Holy shit I hope he's on a watch list and people actually are looking at him at all times

No. 1797041

Sorry for autist nitpicking but Why do these retarded journalist keep calling her a "trans women"??? It's confusing the fuck out of me because it made me think she was a MtF.

No. 1797042

its truly a lost cause kek

No. 1797045

wait, i’m confused. is this a TIF or TIM? i thought since they kept calling them a woman at first and then revealed they were trans that it was a TIM.

No. 1797047

I don't think it's a bad thing. Men are insisting to be referred to as transwomen so so if normies see the headline "trans woman" they'll associate the term with school shooters.

No. 1797054

Shooter was a bio woman, claimed to be male. The news/social media fucked up the labeling of her so a lot people got confused. But no one seems to be taking her transgenderism serious anymore right now. So far most media, even cnn, is just calling her 'she' kek

No. 1797056

File: 1680013593422.jpg (122.5 KB, 1200x1148, FsQUCjqXwAAENzf.jpg)

The shooter is a TiF. Journalists and normies who are not familiar with the terms "trans woman" and "trans man" use them incorrectly. The Nashville Police Chief when asked by reporters also called the shooter a trans woman.

No. 1797057

definite TIF. anyone who wants to sperg over it go to the fakeboi thread >>>/snow/1793310

No. 1797061

oh man, TIMs are gonna hang out TIFs out to dry for this. i can’t wait for TIFs to realize that TIMs never gave a fuck about them.

No. 1797066

they already are, barely any tim is defending tifs on twitter right now.
But when something happens to a tim, then all tifs speak up in defense….its really telling that even tims view tifs as women. Many tims also hate tifs, i remember all the horrible hate threads tims would make about tifs on their male sites.0

No. 1797073

>if you have a problem, stay out of them
Um. No. That’s my bathroom. Luckily I live in a place where they’ll haul your male ass out if I call security or police.

No. 1797094

File: 1680016244590.png (178.25 KB, 732x920, Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 9.09…)

Funny how the "Trans Day of Vengeance" violent fantasy posts are all quietly disappearing.

No. 1797096

File: 1680016315971.png (166.91 KB, 1230x932, Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 9.07…)

JK JK not like that !

No. 1797113

i hate that trannies feed directly into the right’s mindset of being a victim of wokeness. because then they think they’re also right about reproductive rights, book banning, toxic feminism, etc.

No. 1797133

Watch how all impassioned posts about how the killer was driven by being a victim of "transphobia" and hatred will be completely revoked and deleted now that its likely that it was a female troon. tims will either stay silent or have a field day with tifs everywhere. Funny how that works. Everyone thought it was a male and thus were in immediate coddling and defending mode

No. 1797216

Can’t wait for all women to stop using bathrooms and it’s just gonna be TiM’s.

No. 1797225

Best to use the "family" restroom so you don't have to share a room with any weirdos in the women's room.

No. 1797249

man the 'lesbian transgender' people drive me up the fuckin' wall. had a recent encounter and i need to write an essay, sorry nonnies.

if you say you 'feel like a woman' then you would think that INHERENTLY that includes attraction to men. Reproduction for the sake of continuing the species is kind of the point, so if you so desperately crave a female body, logically, some part of that feeling would be like, 'gee, the vagina that was designed to be fucked by a penis; that's something I want'. How does this not make people's heads explode when they try to accept it?
it is literally just heterosexual men who either can't get pussy any other way, or they can't accept their cross-dressing fetish. Women worked for decades to break away from the 'pink and dainty' stereotype only to see men double down on it and call it an unquestionable identity, because certainly that's all women are, just makeup and tits and long hair. it's a goddamn parody and they are replacing us in areas of achievement and recognition but oh no! someone trans might anhero if you question their identity, you monster, as if threatening to unalive yourself unless someone else does what you want isn't the most toxic trait imaginable and totally unacceptable when CIS men do it. Real, biological women are being killed every fucking day and nobody fights for them HALF as hard or even TALKS about it but GOD FORBID a transperson get hit by a bus or something or we're allowing hate crimes to happen and it's the fault of society for not unquestionably accepting the TWAW declaration. If you really feel like a woman, fight for us, but no - the only people or causes they care about are their own. Their own feelings. Not the people's lives, not anybody else's discomfort, not how reproductive rights have been revoked and it is causing immeasurable pain, not the girls in Afghanistan who can't even go to school anymore, not the women in Iran who are being beaten and imprisoned and killed by the regime, not the real lesbians in Uganda where being gay is now punishable by death, only their own 'issues'. Just like the normal, biological men that they swear they're not like at all.

tl;dr: it's just heterosexuality with extra steps. I hate that I'm not allowed to say any of this to them irl.

No. 1797298

File: 1680031607813.jpeg (60.21 KB, 750x595, 0D02A181-A677-4DD2-94E9-FCA1D1…)

ha ha very funny.

No. 1797311

take this to the tif thread nonnie

No. 1797325

File: 1680033893534.jpeg (69.69 KB, 750x703, 84F8B291-665A-4697-A0A2-DB1C90…)

King Cunt is bored of kids getting shot

No. 1797362

Katy here is missing the real connection - they're all mentally ill degenerates.

No. 1797397

I wonder what he'd say about TiMs being sexual predators way more often than men. Hm, nothing I suppose. All just predictable and boring, right?

No. 1797401

Having identity issues is a sign of mental illness which is known to be a precursor for this kind of violence. It’s funny that people act like being transgender isn’t a dysfunctional choice made by the mentally ill and terminally online

No. 1797414

"Guys my rotting wound is just as real and valid as a ciswomans vagina!
Stop saying it smells because you are just saying ciswomens vaginas smell!
It doesn't matter that I have to dilate and douche to keep the fecal bacteria out because fish and slugs exist with hermaphrodism therefore sex is not binary but a spectrum and my neovagina is that of a REAL WOMANS!!!!!!!!!!"

No. 1797457

File: 1680040329018.jpeg (94.22 KB, 1169x1176, C9040E89-74CE-4132-B878-28B75D…)

Got this ad, looks familiar

No. 1797522

File: 1680043300876.png (56.98 KB, 743x594, paint.png)

They never fucking stop

No. 1797553

>men who either can't get pussy
Trannies and redpilled men are the same at the core. A long time ago trannies were mostly cosplaying as "cis women" but the sharp increase in autistic trend trannies are now "lesbians". They both cry that women don't want them and women owe them a relationship. Women can never escape men. In modern countries, women have enjoyed being independent and kinda safe from men for a short time, but now that's coming to an end because sex degenerate men can troon out and enter women spaces because of tranny rights.
>'pink and dainty'
Redpilled men cry women are no longer 'feminine' and trannies fetishize femininity.
Women can't escape these freaks.

No. 1797639

File: 1680050388867.jpg (305.77 KB, 2042x1402, FsRqhepaIAIZekJ.jpg)

One too many Monty

No. 1797651

File: 1680051093963.png (197.94 KB, 677x661, drag queen.png)

No. 1797667

File: 1680051849394.jpg (233.26 KB, 735x2048, FsRggqVWcAAB3J7.jpg)

No. 1797669

File: 1680051879554.png (93.87 KB, 678x579, End Wokeness on Twitter.png)

No. 1797683

I agree. It's annoying how many of these autistic troons can be very easily detransed if somebody sat down with them and talked some sense with them, he would probably move onto something else if somebody plugged out his internet.

No. 1797690

I find it funny how they think this shooting is what is making them look bad when the very reddit they post this in is even better at incriminating than an incident that can be deemed as a one off.

No. 1797701

>I am a psychopath and I don't like this dehumanizing language
Big kek

No. 1797758

Maybe then all these TiMs posting pictures of themselves holding guns while threatening "to fuck up some TERFs" will finally shut the fuck up

No. 1797777

come on nona you're not this stupid

No. 1797780

File: 1680056952430.png (55.39 KB, 679x613, (estrogen angel) on Twitter.pn…)

oh you poor thing.

No. 1797783

No. 1797785

Something about this self described psycho co-opting the language of anti-ableism is so fucking funny

No. 1797787

because it's fucking LibsofTikTok, the ultimate trad-wife-I'm-not-like-other-girls and drag queens, while gross and cringe, are gay men who don't claim to be women and they don't belong as new content in a TiM thread.

No. 1797818

I mean true except one of these are also straight white men kek

No. 1797822

Do drag queens not belong in the tim thread suddenly? Did I miss a memo somewhere that states "Drag Queens and gay men in womanface aren't considered TIM thread material?"

No. 1797832

stop being so new. Drags are shitty people too, they do not need to be anywhere near children.

No. 1797835

This idiot doesn’t seem to notice that the narrative for the straight cis white man is literally the narrative they pull for their revered mass murdering troons; “society failed them by not using the right pronouns/sucking their dicks/playing into their delusions!” Yeah no shit, it’s the same fucking picture.
It’s almost like telling someone that they are owed something and if they don’t get it they are justified in killing people in retribution will ultimately lead to unstable lunatics doing exactly that.

No. 1797839

Do you know what TiM means? Trans-Identified Male. Drag Queens are just fat gross gay men who still go by "he" and don't claim to be women and most of them hate TiFs who claim to be gay men.

they're shitty but they're not TiMs, if you want to post drag queens being disgusting it would take over the whole thread. go make a thread to cry about drag queens if you must

No. 1797845

DQ's still call themselves women and are represented under the T's. None of the mods have complained about them being included in this thread, so they will continue to be included.

No. 1797846

wonder what they scribbled over to insert themselves lol

No. 1797848

not from the us but even i know that school shooting is considered a white ppl thing due to the stats. and christians are also stigmatized, it's not just muslims. there's one trans shooter, orgs are quick to publish statements defending her and ""trans rights"", and yet these people still feel particularly targeted? so fucking weak istg

yeah, people refer to drag queens as "she", they call themselves girls/women a lot of the time, and some end up trooning out so. lately they definitely seem to be used to push the gender ideology agenda

No. 1797849

File: 1680059677225.png (193.24 KB, 501x1198, 2023.png)

trannies included themselves twice kek

No. 1797855

christians arent stigmatized, they just have huge victim complexes too, and i say this as someone who defends christians to cringe athiests. almost every single politician and person with power in this country is christian.

No. 1797863

yeah my bad, i meant that you often hear that christians are pedos and freaks in the same way that you would hear that muslims are terrorists ime. the OP troon is acting like the trans shooter is treated particularly bad by the media when it doesn't seem to be the case, and no one denies that most school shooters are white men.

No. 1797867

Would troons even be posting about this if it didn't involve one of their own?

No. 1797873

no, they would ignore it just like everyone here except parents and anti gun people do because sadly they happen so much that in my experience most mass shootings only get talked about in passing for a couple days maybe a week if there are special circumstances (like uvalde and how horrendously the police handled that) and then get forgotten about.

No. 1797896

File: 1680062920152.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.3 MB, 3023x3307, AD655910-BB82-41A7-94BC-EAD2A2…)

I really just wanna know, why? Why willingly upload this to a site full of strangers?

I cropped out his face for courtesy in case he chooses to turn his life around.

No. 1797908

I don’t know, nonnie, I doubt someone so mentally ill could possibly turn his life around.

No. 1797916

File: 1680064646547.jpeg (188.99 KB, 750x1118, 52FBD814-C9B3-4339-A7FF-6AA561…)

>people saying they don’t wanna fuck gross greasy trannies like me is taking a toll on my mental health! whaaaaahhh

No. 1797920

those are such superficial cuts. if you wanna be a girl you need to grow a spine and do it deeper like the rest of us.

No. 1797925

Sadly, pictures like this remind me of why people were sent away to looney bin insane asylums. Pretending to be the opposite sex, pumping his body full of artificial hormones, self mutilating his entire torso, sitting on a floor with visible trash around, then taking an erotic picture of all the damage for strangers to jack off to. Like genuinely what are you supposed to do to help someone like this, this picture feels like something you would find in a tragic documentary.

No. 1797927

It doesn't matter anyways, he will 41% before the age of 35.
It's almost they trooned out for the explicit purpose of wanting sexual attention and now want to throw a tantrum when they went through all the effort and failed.

No. 1797929

File: 1680066285460.jpg (47.14 KB, 600x681, Shooters-600x681.jpg)

This was the original.

No. 1797935

This literally proves trans are more likely to be shooters though. Despite being .004% of the population they take up .001% of shootings, where as the average cis person is only like .000008% likely to shoot up a school

No. 1797938

Btw this means if you get together about 250 trannys at least one of them is going to be a mass shooter, where as you'd have to gather literal thousands of cis people to even remotely raise that chance that 1! Of them will be a shooter

No. 1797939

is that seriously a bottle of lube next to him
yet another case of playing oppression olympics with black people. why the fuck do they do this so often?

No. 1797942

They do it with women too. They're usually the first ones to shut down women for no reason right after spoiled mommy's boys
Despite ~oppression~ tranny's typically surround themselves by allies and people who seem to never hold them accountable for their actions, which is probably why there's a weird uprising in trans people who are racist, misogynistic, ableist, etc. Even after people were still running their mouth about boolying and how it's boolies faults that some fakeboi decided to shoot little kids who had nothing to do with that and are likely supportive of troons anyway knowing gen z and millennial parents

No. 1797970

I was literally screaming at him putting medical tape on these cat scratches. Most of these wouldn’t even need a bandaid

No. 1797982

idk if it's because i engaged in this thread but this pop on my recommendation page.

No. 1797988

File: 1680077328891.png (49.44 KB, 528x570, sdfh.PNG)

the original flag was already inclusive but you troons dont care since jk rowling badddd

No. 1797991

File: 1680077570060.png (90.11 KB, 527x578, lol.PNG)

way to miss the point

No. 1797994

>"How dare she kill innocent children like this when it's going to reflect badly on the rest of us transwomen!"
>"oh it's a tif? Well it's still going to reflect badly on transwomen specifically because we are the biggest victims in this"
Children died you fuckwit, and the rest are most likely traumatized for life. But I guess that doesn't matter to the trans community because they were likely straight white cis kids, who according to them are kinky and capable of consent. God these people are disgusting.

No. 1797996

File: 1680078259604.png (5.86 KB, 524x162, 34.PNG)

No. 1798002

this is peak retardation

No. 1798003

are you okay nonna?

No. 1798009

People who call out transfakers are based even when they're generally supporting troons. You want to be a woman yet you want to look and act like a man? Make it make sense. Ofc course they're going to try to claim it's because of butch lesbians but seriously? Everyone who just happens to have a woman's brain in a man's body also happens to be a masc lesbian which is already very rare in women? Sure

No. 1798011

I wouldn't call it based that men think they're really women based on how good their disguise is, but having "trutrans" opinions is usually one step closer to actually peaking so it's slightly better.

No. 1798019

this is so creepy and very selfish to spread your mentally ill autistic seed around, i feel bad for the people getting his sperm because it’s free and they can’t afford a better donor

No. 1798020

If they can't avoid a better donor then they can't afford pregnancy, birth, or children.

No. 1798038

That's only micellar water, thankfully.

No. 1798039

kek, those were my exact first thoughts and before some asks, yes, I'm okay, just have seen too many women with way worse wounds in my life who weren't seeking attention for it

No. 1798044

No. 1798060

File: 1680097045120.jpeg (57.1 KB, 454x782, 860CF4D5-8C50-4F64-B25C-957A93…)

Willoughby badly misunderstanding this cruel and outdated Chinese practice of preventing girls feet from growing properly. Fucking idiot thinks this will shrink his man-sized feet. All so he can squeeze into these boots that he’s too old and too manly for anyway. Dude’s a walking/limping maniac.

No. 1798063

File: 1680097404533.jpeg (443.1 KB, 1284x2583, 59742BDC-E00B-40E7-AD52-B3C4CE…)

Saw this on ovarit and wasn’t going to post until I got to this section documenting this man’s behavior. He was allowed to join a sorority out of fear of bigotry, only to end up being sexually predatory towards the women there. Several women are now trying to sue said sorority to void his membership.


No. 1798066

Wait, is he joking? That practice would disable women for life, why would someone do it willingly in modern day? Is there some kind of tiktok variation or something? If he’s not joking, that’s still so fucked up. One of the reasons it eventually ended was because many parents vowed not to bind their daughters feet or let their sons marry girls with bound feet. Interestingly, this type of action to diminish the practice is also currently happening in various places where FGM is prevalent. Why are these dudes always drawn to items or practices that have been used to demoralize or endanger women?

No. 1798067

kek at the steristrips. how is bro gonna close "wounds" that were never open to begin with. moids are such attention seeking wimps

No. 1798073

Willyboy being a racist, sexist piece of shit as usual. he is clearly joking but is an insensitive gobshite for bringing up that practice and comparing to the suffering of men not being able to wear some styles of women's shoes.

No. 1798078

File: 1680099995714.jpeg (91.32 KB, 679x1240, 85018481-6A4B-4B56-8B89-44AE83…)

Yes, right next to the kleenex kek. Abort all male fetuses

No. 1798100

File: 1680103722211.jpg (53.14 KB, 696x392, Untitled-design-12.remini-enha…)

just saw on reduxx. he is such a creep holy shit
>university allowed man to join sorority
>he won by majority vote, but barely and many women were uncomfortable. it was meant to be anonymous but the ones who voted against were revealed online and were intimidated
>young women say Langford had been voyeuristically peeping on them while they were in intimate situations, and, in at least one occasion, had a visible erection while doing so.
>took photographs of the women while at a sorority slumber party, where he also is said to have made inappropriate comments.
>repeatedly questioned the women about what vaginas look like, breast cup size, whether women were considering breast reductions and birth control
>stood silently in the corner of the room while watching other pledges change out of their sleeping garments.
>appeared sexually aroused during this incident. It was claimed that Langford stood with “his hands over his genitals,”
>sat in the back of a sorority yoga class for an hour and watched the assembled young women flex their bodies.

No. 1798104

Nasim is a woman, dumb retard. stop posting, you're making us look fucking stupid when it's obvious she's female.

No. 1798110

Honestly I really wonder; what do these girls expect? It is a university though, and universities are mass-brainwashed into thinking trannies are True and Honest.

No. 1798111

I hate them so fucking much, I was always insecure because I have large feet for a woman, as a teenager there weren't many cute shoes in my size and I mostly wore sneakers because of that. Today I don't care anymore, still there are a lot younger girls out there hating having larger feet. As if a woman isn't a woman because she doesn't have a fucking shoe size 38. And than the take that foot binding was something healthy and nice women would go through happily, without being disabled for life. Even if it is a joke, hope he goes through with shit like that and can't walk without pain ever again.

No. 1798117

I was looking at the ICD-11 for their criteria for gender dysphoria or as the call it gender incongruence and could not find it for the life of me. Isn't that a but odd considering they have a dedicated page for trans and their special issues made for the public? Yet no mention of actual classification?

No. 1798121

I was looking at the ICD-11 for their criteria for gender dysphoria or as the call it gender incongruence and could not find it for the life of me. Isn't that a but odd considering they have a dedicated page for trans and their special issues made for the public? Yet no mention of actual classification?

No. 1798129

File: 1680107044451.png (12.37 KB, 405x255, 1680045484788884.png)

No. 1798137

im mildly shocked by him posting this because ive always assumed this faggot was comparetively mild mannered and sensible. tranny class consciousness is so airtight that they dont even care if one of them commits mass murder against toddlers as long as it doesnt reflect badly on them, which is funny because agps are constantly posting csam with their full names and pronouns attached anyway

No. 1798150

>women vote moid into female only space
>are surprised hes a freak and acts like one

No. 1798151

afaik many were against it but were told their only option was the leave the sorority if they had a problem with him. i also think a lot of them were peer pressured into voting to allow him in, and with good reason since the votes were made public afterwards.
retarded university rules + female socialisation = lets allow a peeping tom come to our slumber party and watch us undress

No. 1798157

Idiotic but they’re young, and on the bright side it will peak women who otherwise might not have peaked. They have firsthand experience now. Hopefully they will learn from it.

No. 1798169

It's not "don't do heinous crimes." Just "If you do, make sure it doesn't make us look bad."


No. 1798174

>>“An adult human male does not become a woman just because he tells others that he has a female ‘gender identity’ and behaves in what he believes to be a stereotypically female manner,” reads the legal complaint, filed on Monday in the U.S. District Court for Wyoming.

No. 1798185

No. 1798187

90% sure this is just his wank fantasy and not actually true.

No. 1798193

me too, he seemed like one of the only relatively harmless trannies I could think of. was a fan in my faghag days, never again. HSTS are just as big of narcissists as AGPs, but I guess everyone‘s already realized that since dylan mulvaney got famous

No. 1798195

File: 1680115760847.png (9.96 KB, 608x372, FA0AE479-70B5-49DF-BA7D-191795…)

Ah yes, suggesting acid attacks on women. Would love to hear his opinion on this as it happens to women in third world countries. They’re the good guys though!

No. 1798197

pleasee the fat retard autist next to the pretty thin sorority girls is hilarious. those poor girls though.

No. 1798215

Those poor girls. Imagine being forced to pretend this 260 pound lump of autism wasn't a weirdo.

>The complaint also says that Langford had a 1.9 cumulative grade point average in the autumn of 2022, which is below the required 2.7 GPA for sorority applicants.

They couldn't even disqualify him for academic reasons, they bent the rules so his feelings were protected.

No. 1798220

He calls himself Artemis. Fucking shut up.
You have all these slender young women wearing the same shirt, showing solidarity, and then this huge blob of man dough wearing a (probably stained) unmatching shirt and cheap looking, too small beanie, hulking over them. Bleak. He looks like an overfilled basketball. I sincerely hope they've all peaked past the stratosphere.

No. 1798235

If this was real, it’s deleted now

No. 1798236

kek someone on ovarit pointed out the irony in this man choosing that name when the Artemis of mythology killed a man for watching her bathe.

No. 1798239

>1.9 GPA
There's no greater privilege than assuming you can just fail through life and come out OK. I cannot imagine getting into a fancy college, even a community college, and then fucking around and not doing any work. So many men are just complete losers, and ofc the bigger the loser the higher the sex drive.

No. 1798242

education is wasted on men

No. 1798253

File: 1680120247357.jpeg (100.23 KB, 640x587, peeping tom.jpeg)

you can't make this shit up

No. 1798255

I don't normally lament the loss os scrotes to this cult because they're all mentally unwell porn addicts, but this is actually tragic. This legitimately cute grunge guy turned into a creepy hon, probably because he's a fag who wants to date straight guys (not that trooning out will help achieve that end at all.)

As an uggo it's genuinely destabilizing to watch attractive GNC girls and square-jawed chads totally ruin themselves like this. They're never attractive post troon out; they end up with pube beards, bald spots, tube moobs, razor burn, and frog voices. Attractiveness isn't the end-all-be-all, but as someone who never had it, it's frustrating to watch people throw it away.

No. 1798257

Based Artemis

No. 1798259

no thats not what im talking about its lube >>1798078 these people seriously make me want to never have a son.
how is this not a troll fucking kek a womens FIVE? i hope he did it right and broke all his toes, wont help how long they are though.
when are they going to start facing legal consequences for attacking people? does anyone know what happened to the guy who punched that old woman in the face?

No. 1798270

It's spelled "sage," Sadge-chan.

No. 1798276

File: 1680123442276.png (172.39 KB, 948x536, Screenshot_20230329-215730.png)

>Woman jailed after stabbing and falsely imprisoning partner in Halifax


No mention of what prison this disgusting moid will be sent to yet

No. 1798281

There's an entire other thread specifically for drag queens.

No. 1798282

>does anyone know what happened to the guy who punched that old woman in the face?
Hopefully he will be identified so she can press charges. I’m pretty sure that one guy who spat on someone at a woman’s conference was eventually found and arrested.

No. 1798286

File: 1680124213238.jpg (292.05 KB, 1080x1660, Screenshot_20230329_170805_Chr…)

of course the group calling themselves dykes that aren't actually dykes (or female, for that matter) would appropriate and co-opt an iconic quote by and for actual lesbians for their MRA cause

No. 1798293

File: 1680124695672.png (289.32 KB, 593x433, twitter.png)

his face has been identified here and sent onto the police. whether they've done anything about it yet (or ever will) is another story.
also FYI that old lady officially has a skull fracture as a result of the attack.

No. 1798294

They love stealing slogans from other movements. “Women’s Rights are Human Rights”, “Black (Trans) Lives Matter”, “The Future is Trans” from “The Future is Female”, “Transexual Menace” from “Lavender Menace”. People have been talking about the event you posted recently because a man who films protests and police stations to keep an eye on police showed up, not even knowing what the protest was about. TRAs there kept calling him a fascist and yelling at him to stop filming until they eventually knocked his phone out of his hand. He posted the entire thing to youtube and by the end their behavior had caused him to peak out of confusion and anger. It’s nearly an hour long but all of what happened was documented. They were protesting a lesbian meeting, and the contrast between the protestors and the lesbians who calmly left the meeting was funny, one of them wasn’t surprised at all that the filmer got attacked by the protestors, since it seems to happen every time. Posting the video in case anyone is curious.

No. 1798295

I truly miss the days before troons took over everything. If every straight male in a skirt 41%ed tomorrow, I wouldn't shed a tear.

No. 1798298

File: 1680125307293.jpeg (192.48 KB, 1242x1427, A3FAF2EB-D650-41EB-A81F-4205D3…)

Can’t believe people are upvoting these retarded takes. Infantilizing a woman (Evanna Lynch) and trying to act like she’s being blackmailed or guilted into pretending to agree with JKR. Maybe she’s just not a fucking NPC who can’t think for herself? This was in the fauxmoi sub, the only place on Reddit that took Amber Heard’s side over Depp yet they still manage to be one of the most misogynistic communities I’ve ever seen.

No. 1798299

File: 1680125404102.png (25.63 KB, 598x769, 99EACA93-22D8-45FA-8BBF-E87DE3…)

They are now trying to push the narrative that he is a neonazi. I had never heard of this man until a couple of days ago, nor do I care about him in particular, but it was clear from the video that he had no idea what was happening. The rest of his videos just seem to be documenting police behavior and he never even approached any of the protestors. They were the ones who acted aggressive to him for no reason.

No. 1798300

i wish troons would get acid attacked, truly vile moids inside and out

No. 1798301

Evanna grew up suffering enormously because of the pressures heaped upon girls. Not that surprising she is authentically noticing that there is a difference between female and male socialization and experiences and that pointing out that distinction can be important.

No. 1798304

I've noticed that fresh newspeak recently dropped. All these shit stains are "counter-protestors" when they show up and shit up somebody else's event, no matter what. There can't be a "counter protest" if the event they're threatening to riot at isn't a "protest" in the first place. Scrotes just have to newspeak their way out of admitting that they are the protestors and political rioters when they crash women's events.

No. 1798357

Well that seems to be what they're best at, creating new language to obfuscate reality.

No. 1798369

File: 1680130746457.jpeg (95.25 KB, 750x1057, 46584103-867B-4CE6-B6B2-9842F9…)

Try hard faggot with shitty tumblr username

No. 1798375

the way he's posing, i can see all the bony wretched maleness of his body he's trying to hide

No. 1798382

kek how is he gonna alter this much about his fashion and appearance but keep his rectangle nerd boy glasses

No. 1798393

File: 1680132042701.png (27.54 KB, 2048x2048, 1535874192801.png)

I bet it was all men who voted for this ugly tub of lard to be included in the sorority.

No. 1798402

File: 1680132462024.jpeg (32.16 KB, 720x524, 1680128994463.jpeg)

No. 1798405

File: 1680132506987.png (15.96 KB, 308x90, misogyny.png)

>goth girl fetish
>misogynistic slurs
>ugly as fucking sin
tired of men

No. 1798415

File: 1680133263373.jpeg (33.98 KB, 1393x776, 7F49493A-DB74-40A6-9F6A-985F36…)

Good fucking riddance

No. 1798430

The sorority girls are the ones who voted but they were blackmailed into it so the school could get woke points

No. 1798433

always finding a way to blame white guys, lol

No. 1798476

Sorry to be clear I might the higher ups.

No. 1798478

This is what we need. There is no way in a court of law this can be disputed. This better win and set a precedent for future legal cases.

No. 1798480

File: 1680139322200.jpeg (85.38 KB, 750x759, 520B675C-EB05-4068-AC03-D704BA…)

How comes Colon Mangormless gets thousands of likes on nearly every tweet he makes lately when his pinned tweets promoting his shitty YouTube series TerfWars barely makes it past 100?

I mean I know nobody, not even his borderline retarded followers, wants to watch hour long videos every week of him boring everyone with his bollocking on about various tweets, but don’t his shit dribbling followers at least try to pretend to like his content?

Why has this not been ratioed to fuck by now either?

No. 1798563

the Keffals way, botting lol

No. 1798568

Most troons are white men, especially the degenerate ones. Cope and seethe about moids being hedonist degenerates who prioritize coom over reason.

No. 1798571

Yes, white mens actions are white mens responsibility. Take responsibility for your actions.

No. 1798574

yes i'm okay anon, thanks for the concern. i used to cut, though. like >>1798039 said.

No. 1798575

who didn't

No. 1798611

Go complain to the most aggressive & unhinged troons who are nearly all white men then? It’s not like any of us here told you scrotes to behave this way, go collect your bros Brad kek

No. 1798631

did… you not read the conversation? anon asked if i was okay, she was being nice.

No. 1798648

some people are so quick to be mean for no reason lol

No. 1798706

>mild mannered and sensible
From his appearance on I Am Jazz he appears to be one of those "genital preferences are transphobic" types.

No. 1798714

Be careful what you wish for, I bet they'd just get gender euphoria like they do from being catcalled and harassed.

No. 1798725

Not to turn it into a race thing, but we have seen that the vast majority of trans people are upper/middle class white people. It's not about race per se, but it seems to be a class/economic issue. They have it too "good" to be distracted by more pressing real world problems, and they don't have clear directions in life because their class status makes them free enough to do whatever they want, so they just get lost because they don't know what they want and end up doing nothing.

No. 1798736

My personal tinfoil is that at least half of all white troons are more ashamed of being white than they are dysphoric about their gender. Can’t change race, but you can become trans and suddenly your whiteness is immaterial. Cheat code to go from privilege to most oppressed of all and untouchable.

No. 1798739

File: 1680169797186.jpeg (45.18 KB, 597x521, 5B550305-96DB-49C5-8CE5-B3CE96…)

Not sure what thread this is best for but I’m getting pretty annoyed by so many people misusing TERF. Like does nobody know what it means or did it lose its original meaning? These are just 2 examples I saw within a few minutes of each other of people clearly not knowing what a radfem is. Kek at the conservative moid putting it on his bio but it’s really irritating to me

No. 1798750

Ikr just because you hate trannies doesnt mean youre a terf. Its specifically for radfems who are critical of trans (aka all radfems) aka only WOMEN. If youre a man who is critical of gender ideology then good for you, we need more men to take a stand against this bullshit, but youre not a radfem and youre definitely not a terf.
I know terf is supposed to be a slur but I really dont care anymore, call me a terf if you want to it doesnt change a thing for me. Unlike TRA I dont get bothered over petty words

No. 1798762

ayrt and wow, thank you for posting the video. I'm American and not in relevant spaces enough to keep up with this sort of thing so seeing this was crazy. about halfway through a man can be heard on a megaphone calling the guy recording a fascist–apparently fash-shouter was the UK's longest serving tranny inmate, having served 30 years for murder

No. 1798780

it's because they use terf as a slur to insult women

No. 1798781

>My personal tinfoil is that at least half of all white troons are more ashamed of being white than they are dysphoric about their gender.
I think this is only true for tifs, for tims it's all about the coom

No. 1798823

File: 1680183497863.jpg (44.06 KB, 1080x400, Screenshot_2023-03-30-16-29-52…)

Handmaidens literally never interact with troons. If they spend a minute on a trannie's account they would peak immediately. Imagine seeing this and still belive the "it's not a fetish" bullshit. Too bad mtfs only get exposure among other troons and coomers, and normies only get to see the asexual gays like Dylan.

No. 1798835

It's not a very good slur. It's like calling a Christian a "Jesus worshipper" who in the world would take offense

No. 1798844

Ayrt, yw and I remember someone saying there was a murderer there, never realized it was the megaphone guy. Scary.

No. 1798845

If TRAs had an inch of self-awareness, they'd see this video and realize this is how they come across to the general public- and it's really fucking bad. I don't know this guys political views, he COULD be a fucking neo-nazi for all I know- but the point is, THEY DON'T KNOW IT EITHER. He's just some dude walking around, filming a public protest and chatting with people. He even says, to multiple people, he has no problem with troons and they/thems, yet multiple people call him fascist completely unprompted, mob him with signs, chant at him and literally punch his phone out of his hands. The cops and TRAs tell him to 'stop antagonizing' and to 'walk away'… but he's literally just a random member of the public coming across their public protest and wondering what's going on?? Absolutely ridiculous.

Also, why are so many of them wearing masks, outside, in 2023?

No. 1798860

File: 1680190002972.png (6.94 KB, 510x233, cry about it.PNG)

No. 1798862

File: 1680190423231.png (51.56 KB, 578x513, cpb.png)

UK's communist party has come out as GC. this has thrown a massive spanner in the works for all the TRAs calling TERFs nazis and are throwing a wobbly over it. picrel as example.
the party came out as saying
>Gender as an ideological construct should not be confused or conflated with the material reality of biological sex.
>Gender is the vehicle through which misogyny is enacted and normalised.
>Gender identity ideology is well- suited to the needs of the capitalist class, focusing as it does on individual as opposed to collective rights, enabling and supporting the super-exploitation of women.
>For these reasons, the Communist Party rejects gender self-ID as the basis for sex- based entitlements in law to women’s single-sex rights, spaces and facilities.
however they will also continue to improve resources for trans people and all in all were very rational and true to their roots.
I'm not a communist but this is based and find this not only encouraging in terms of turning the right vs left rhetoric on it's head, but also the entertainment value of watching troons be mad that communism won't obey their demands.

No. 1798865

it's funny because the majority of people that want to cut off the troons from lgb spaces are bisexuals who feel pressured into fucking their wounds and meat tubes because "a bisexual likes whatever you have in the pants."
Bisexual people don't want troons and the people fucking them are deranged chaser lol

No. 1798867

File: 1680190694430.jpg (15.91 KB, 500x500, 9XiTIaZ.jpg)

>Gender as an ideological construct should not be confused or conflated with the material reality of biological sex.
>Gender is the vehicle through which misogyny is enacted and normalised.
>Gender identity ideology is well- suited to the needs of the capitalist class, focusing as it does on individual as opposed to collective rights, enabling and supporting the super-exploitation of women.

I need that on merch; very succinct and hilarious because so many trannies love communism without understanding any of it.

No. 1798869

File: 1680191071446.jpeg (Spoiler Image,113.87 KB, 828x1347, 1A949A0E-49AB-4FD9-879C-C51C1D…)

apologies in advance for the sperg
I have been lurking for a long time, mostly for entertainment but it’s getting to a point where I seriously cannot stand these faggots anymore. The cropped Lee shirt, the hot pink running shorts, are you fucking serious? How delusional do you have to be to think this looks good. & the fact they are CONVINCED they need to be “armed” in “defense.” Fucking please. Get over yourself. Most of these moids are privileged western porn addicts whose parents pay for their one bedroom high rise apartments.

Please let this shit come to an end after the trans shooter debacle, I don’t understand how 99% of normies haven’t peaked by now.

No. 1798874

File: 1680191510758.jpeg (Spoiler Image,218.96 KB, 750x2278, 22DA4BA0-5DFF-413B-B56C-44662E…)

>normie lesbian
sir, you’re neither normal or a lesbian.

No. 1798876

"Im not sexual enough to relate to other trans, I relate to cis lesbians more"
>post naked selfies on reddit
>reddit name is nyanfuta

Yeah right

No. 1798879

the worst thing is is that he might actually be right. Obviously by normal standarts hes a nasty degenerate but by trans standarts, if youre not a zoophile or pedophile youre not as "sexual" as the majority of them. Maybe hes saying this because hes never molested a toddler

No. 1798894

idk i thinks shes onto something. a lot of men will troon out or become nonbinary after being outed for abusing women.
i hate the word queer so much t. bisexual

No. 1798944

Obviously he’s not non-sexual enough to not be an exhibitionist on Reddit, but these assholes need to learn even if a man doesn’t care about sex as much as other men, it doesn’t make him a woman.

No. 1798950

File: 1680196910471.jpeg (180 KB, 1314x1359, 74B7DD7F-3473-4804-B311-6988DD…)

Some good news. Imagine assaulting someone then complaining about how you’re receiving death threats. Maybe you should have had some self control, no?

No. 1798955

File: 1680197146886.png (467.96 KB, 715x951, 887676878678678.png)

No. 1798958

You know if the opposite thing happened with a terf attacking a TRA (which I’ve never heard of happening, it’s always men attacking women at peaceful protests), they’d be losing their minds and probably calling for her death.

No. 1798996

File: 1680201192935.png (74.12 KB, 1188x706, furfagendorsingviolence.png)

Do these MTFs not realize how utterly disgusting they're being about the whole situation?
archive of tweets as well because I feel like it's somewhat important to keep on hand as peaking points/proof.

No. 1799008

File: 1680202830547.jpeg (55.41 KB, 828x509, 8A82D3C3-4FBA-46B7-B1B8-A0777B…)

Imagine saying this after refusing to codify Roe. I truly hate this catholic pos

No. 1799021

He’s not wrong. It’s just our soul is a retarded narcissist

No. 1799026

My thoughts exactly kek

No. 1799037

Yea no shit tims find this situation hilarious and empowering. Tifs are the ones quaking in their boots and these ghouls are celebrating and encouraging even more displays of violence against ""transphobes"". Also amazon banning trans shit is a straight up lie

No. 1799041

Nothing screams "TIM with a violence fetishism" than… Whatever this guy tried to do. The fact it is on Spotify, Bandcamp and YouTube and people listen to it is quite sad.

Warning: flash lighting because it looks like graphic design is his passion too.

No. 1799068

It's just the new word for 'feminazi'. It's the same men who called women feminazis using it. It's why they ree terfs are nazis kek. It's just the new incel MRA vocab update.

No. 1799071

They're like tradwives. They are pickmes for uwu sad outcast men, usually because they consider themselves either outcasts, or are seeking popularity at the risk of other womens safety and do so by coddling outcasts.

No. 1799078

>the house bunny poster

Of course he would love a movie made by Playboy.

No. 1799083

tranny owns woman from the 'House Of Feminization'

No. 1799200

File: 1680219403303.png (221.71 KB, 884x1450, Clipboard02.png)

No. 1799204

The word to explain this phenomenon is "gestalt" if anyone wondered

No. 1799207

??? Gestalt is an art theory. How is that connected to the fact that this dude is ugly?

No. 1799210

File: 1680220668882.png (Spoiler Image,535.29 KB, 908x1735, hot.png)

human pig hybrid

No. 1799214

Gestalt refers to the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. It's used in a lot of things, not just your special interest.

No. 1799218

File: 1680221261400.jpg (155.46 KB, 1070x830, DDDeRuHUQAEsChQ.jpg)

He's dressed like a 70's dickhead. Considering how regressive the whole trans shit it, I'd say he's dressed for the occasion.

No. 1799220

He forgot boobs were supposed to be on the front not under his armpits

No. 1799230

>They call bisexuals a fraud
They probably mean spicy straights kek

No. 1799232

File: 1680222849268.jpg (229.75 KB, 1079x1246, Gottem.jpg)

No. 1799235

File: 1680223243144.jpeg (275.71 KB, 750x1800, C1ADBD89-9ED0-4257-B182-A6199E…)

no one hates trannies more than themselves kek

No. 1799236

There is a clip somewhere where you can see the troon seething.

No. 1799237

Either self-ID is always valid and unquestionable, so much so that we should structure LAWS around it, or its meaningless and unreliable. Can't have it all ways. Just kidding, I know they want it all ways.

No. 1799241

lmao did blaire white write this

No. 1799252

kek i bet. this is literally the south park episode come to life. i bet it's where that guy got the idea.

No. 1799275

File: 1680226719424.jpeg (24.31 KB, 400x240, 1620581206852.jpeg)


No. 1799279

File: 1680227168001.jpg (195.49 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


No. 1799322

File: 1680229688329.jpg (82.75 KB, 873x759, retardedtrannyfreak.JPG)

Good thing. Let's hope this brings attention to this dumb rule but even if it doesn't, I'm just glad that the dumbass troon in picrel won't be the one holding the title anymore. In one video he's casually wondering why women's bench is so bad while admitting that he doesn't count because he's a tranny and also making fun of someone else. Why are trannies so retarded and entitled is the real mystery here

No. 1799323

File: 1680229691965.jpg (242.98 KB, 1076x1889, typicaldayonactuallesbians.jpg)

No. 1799327

File: 1680229847236.jpg (204.09 KB, 1080x1470, inceltotroonpipeline.jpg)

No. 1799329

They're always mediocre when competing against other males, funny thing huh?

No. 1799330

omfg this may be the biggest cope to date. "the girls i liked were always less attracted to me once they got to know me" and it's totally because i'm a woman on the inside guyss, and not because i'm a coombrained creep!!!1 also why are they mentioning personality now? is this their latest theory, sexual orientation is based on personality?

No. 1799392

"am i the problem? ….no it must be my gender."

No. 1799419

File: 1680236809162.png (28.15 KB, 598x672, lolno.png)

Your 9 year old son is crying more for the fearmongering you're causing him than a random writer answering to her haters. You would use her as sample of "ignore the trolls on Internet" rather than… Whatever you're trying to.

No. 1799424

why is your 9 year old on twitter..

No. 1799426

"Kiddo, JK Rowling is doing something I don't agree with! Leave the legos aside and cry for daddy, please".

No. 1799434

jfc i hope this is just some troll and not an actual parent because imagine having a child and being this terminally online, retarded, and cringe…

No. 1799436

File: 1680240613766.jpeg (57.09 KB, 1242x377, IMG_0001.jpeg)

>see Reddit post in a women’s sub that mentions periods
>I bet there’s a troon in the comments
They just. Can’t help themselves. At least this one isn’t trying to claim he has periods but like. We truly don’t give a fuck about your diarrhea, boy

No. 1799437

it's also an issue that sets them apart from the conservative whites, the "deplorables"

No. 1799438

File: 1680240830453.jpg (40.79 KB, 680x680, Fqo2mqfXwAQhn9d.jpg)

He says these stuff like if women cannot experience irritability, diarrhea, gut pain, insomnia and headaches that do not involve periods. These are no stuff you get with periods unless there's a heavy problem with your ovary.

No. 1799444

>TERFs secretly want to fuck us!1!!1
For people who purport to be women, they really don't understand how women think. Wanting to fuck something you hate is exclusively a male behavior.

Only chasers find stink ditches, shriveled ED microdicks, and tube moobs appealing. I cannot think of anything less arousing, and I honestly avoid browsing this thread while I'm eating because it makes me nauseous. Trooning out also instantly makes otherwise normal-looking guys repulsive, because narcissism and mental illness are inherently repellent.

No. 1799448

File: 1680242087650.jpg (7.83 KB, 300x262, 300px-Surprised_Pikachu.jpg)

>Trannies who don't read Marx's writings when they find out that he viewed homosexuality as bourgeoisie overindulgence

No. 1799449

Damn she has got sarcastic shitposting down to a science now

No. 1799450

Aren’t men who hate trannies just conservatives?

No. 1799451

Kinda hot on normal scrotes like those, though. Would ride the one in the red shirt tbh.

No. 1799454

Trannies really think the law shouldn't apply to them. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. You don't get a free pass to assault someone just because they offended you.

And yes, any kind of unwanted, hostile physical contact qualifies as assault, at least in Burgerland. That includes spitting and throwing things on someone.

No. 1799457

If a "lesbian" is crushing on a guy, she isn't a lesbian in the first place. Simple as.

No. 1799459

Because he pulled that story out of his ass. He probably doesn't even have a kid.

No. 1799465

I tried to find that part of his writings but i just found Engels hate for Indians, can you link me it nonnie? I have a bi commie friend that I’m sure might trans out soon I’d like to send that to him kek

No. 1799466

how else are you supposed to make him trans

No. 1799484

He probably heard/saw memes about "period poops" (which I never get personally so not a universal period symptom), and was like I HAVE EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA! I'M ONE OF THE GIRLS

No. 1799487

Kind of rare but there are some who are normal. For example I don't think Dave Chappelle is conservative. Same with some men i know irl. They just usually aren't vocal because hardly anything trannies do affects them

No. 1799488

>Gender as an ideological construct should not be confused or conflated with the material reality of biological sex.
Why is it a good thing to cede ground in seperating gender and sex? This is a massive L. I see no useful reason in terms of communication to seperate the terms? Separating them enables a massive chunk of trans and 'identifying' logic

No. 1799514

No. 1799523

it's a convenient way to differentiate between what's grounded in reality (anatomy etc) and what's mostly culture/stereotypes (women do X, women wear Y etc). when a tranny wears women's clothing and makeup, he is not anywhere closer to the female sex. he is however doing something that society associates with women. but i guess it could just be called gender stereotypes as in sex stereotypes without acting like "gender" is a thing because it's true that it supports the idea that people have/perform a "gender"? idk

No. 1799524

Robert Webb

No. 1799532

I agree with you nona. I used to buy into the idea that TRAs push about gender, but if you think about it for more than 2 seconds it makes no sense. Their idea of gender is basically just personality traits and preferences. So call them personality traits and preferences. It needs to be far removed from the conversation of gender as in male or female.

No. 1799558

Ok but the same sex can have different personality traits and preferences so why perpetuate associating a particular set of them according to sex by ceding the separation of sex and gender which are always going to be inescapably linked anyways. It just enables people to 'identify' as a sexist trope. Aren't gross researchers like John Money responsible for the conceptualizing the separation in the first place?(take it to 2x non sage-chan)

No. 1799569


I posted about this piece of shit a few times. Hes been on my radar. 100% advocates for violence and is a flaming misogynist. I cant imagine having the balls to promote an album called "ak47's for transgender teens" after the shooting we just had. A pathetic excuse for a human.

No. 1799580

I'm pretty sure they wear the masks to hide their identity because they like to pretend they're the protagonists of a 2013 YA dystopian novel rebelling against an oppressive regime. They wear the masks because if their identity was known they'd be hunted down for being part of the rebellion!!! In reality though they gotta wear masks because they literally cannot stop assaulting and harassing anyone that so much as looks in the direction of a troon protest and they don't want to get arrested if their face is caught on camera. That video made me so angry, I can't stand watching these stupid insurrectionist larps coming from one of the least self aware groups around, young people in 1st world countries with the time to kill to stand around for a few hours and feel special about themselves.
Stuff like this >>1797639 is so disgusting and is exactly what I'm talking about with their stupid "resistance" larp. TIFs love it because they feel like they're katniss, or whatever badass morally gray character was in the content they consumed when they were teens. On the other hand, TIMs like it because they can openly fantasize about and/or engage in violence without their peers reporting them to security. At the end of the day these larps are great though because they don't realize how bad they look pretending to be anything but the cash cows of the pharmaceutical industry pandered to by major corporations, universities, and politicians, all while physically attacking random people and making everything about themselves

No. 1799586

File: 1680261644734.jpg (154.02 KB, 1080x1742, Screenshot_20230331_071948_Red…)

No. 1799588

File: 1680262196019.jpeg (112.03 KB, 1878x492, 64C84076-899F-4136-97B6-39C075…)

No. 1799593

>Only 17
Suuuuuuure. He doesn't even know by then you're probably done growing.

No. 1799603

Sometimes I'll be reading through troon subreddits only to discover reoccurring characters lmao, I clicked on a heinous comment in this >>1799588 thread and recognized it as a troon from a previous TIM thread here someone posted his post about white discharge coming from his gross estrogen "boobs" It's kinda fun to be scrolling through the comments and a reoccurring character pops up and it's like "oh emily_anime_girl_47 and TRAIN-FAN1973 are fighting about autism diagnoses in the comments of a post about lesbian wiccans." sorry for ot it's just slightly amusing and makes the troon subreddits a little less bleak

No. 1799615

Kek I love it.

No. 1799617

I'm starting to wonder… Since there was just a school shooting committed by a tranny barely a few days ago, and since I believe he must know about the "Trans Day of Vengeance" rhetoric roaring on social media, to set a new troon-focused day so soon and in such torrid waters is very very questionable. Are they waiting for, or trying to encourage something else to happen? I can't help but wonder, conspiracisty though it might sound. Or are they maybe trying to repair and bolster general opinion towards the tranny, as if the public having to hear more about them would in any way work in their favor?

No. 1799619

File: 1680268532144.png (213.57 KB, 808x2872, rfu2.png)

In case anyone was wondering about how the trans stuff is being pushed in Japan (translation in pic related).
>entire clip is Japane MtFs and FtMs mostly talking about how gender norms were forced on them as kids, parents wouldn't let them wear what they wanted, etc
>it's "all okay" because they grew up and trooned out to try to better fit the opposite sex's gender norms
>this is meant to be a message of hope to their younger selves (and more broadly, probably all gender nonconforming children in Japan)
It is interesting that Japan has entire bars just for FtMs, though. I wonder if they're adjacent to the lesbian bars some white MtF was trying to invade.

No. 1799622

Why is Anne Andres mad? Can't you see Avi felt like a woman at the time?

No. 1799629

main char of celeste and bridget from GG both have double jumps and are the main tranny representaion in games rn so they are latching onto it ig?

No. 1799635

The universal truth is that trannies are still mad that their parents didn't 100% bend over backwards to their every whim at all times. No wonder they kill themselves, you can't sustain a happy future or life through fashion alone.

No. 1799637

File: 1680271807751.jpg (218.82 KB, 1242x1825, FsfMtxdWYA8EaH0.jpg)

they're so pathetic

No. 1799638

Obesity is so bad we protest by laying down now

No. 1799643

AGAGAGAGAGA look at that JAW

No. 1799644

File: 1680273717807.jpeg (78.18 KB, 1158x621, EAFDCCE5-16F5-4028-B47F-4BFD95…)

I’m not sure if anyone has read the book Vox, but it’s about the government making it so women can only speak 100 words a day. Apparently there was talk about making it into a film, but they were going to turn a lesbian character from the novel into a TiM. The author said no. I know she’s not incredibly well-known, but I’m going to be watching to see if she ends up being attacked for this. Apparently she used to lean more into the TRA thing so I wonder what peaked her?


No. 1799651

They are just terminal gamers, this video by based Aunt Bibby explains it perfectly.

No. 1799655

Now if only there was a steamroller or some stampede to trample them.
Also, not sure how recent this “protest” is, but having people pretending to be dead wearing fake blood-splatter shirts after the trans shooting is very insensitive. Trannies are always narcissists.

No. 1799656

File: 1680274887299.jpg (142.92 KB, 1080x1236, reddit.jpg)

I like that the sub triggers other trannies

No. 1799658

File: 1680275119591.jpg (410.07 KB, 1128x1116, rToAtPj.jpg)

Saging because not milky and is probably old enough to be rancid yogurt by now but I keep seeing this stupid fucking "meme" on social media

No. 1799660

not at all. in fact, radical feminism itself pushes for the differentiation of gender and sex. sex is biological and immutable. gender is the arbitrary way in which society describes sex.

what trannies do is take on traditionally female gender characteristics (wear dresses) and claim this makes them actually, biologically female. this is incorrect. men can do whatever they want, but whatever they do their biological sex won't be affected. because that's not something you can change. that's why it's important to understand the difference between sex and gender.

No. 1799661

If we want to do away with the false and sexist cultural concept of gender, it first needs to be separated from the biological fact of sex. The idea of transexuality doesn't work if we get rid of the idea of gender.

No. 1799667

And the fact he's not sorry at all and keep continuing calling his shitty "album music" like that makes me think he's enjoying all the bad press he is doing on his own.

No. 1799669

Of course parents let kids being kids, but also they expect to change back and start a family and seek for a job. Gay people in Japan have that problem in not being taken seriously about their sexual preference, do foreigners really think trannies won't?

No. 1799671

>everyone who doesn't share my opinions is a covert terf fake trans
Kek, I have a feeling most people in that sub are tifs that got bad experiences with tims and would see a male is a male after all if they weren't so deep in trans ideology

No. 1799678

On the one hand the clear internalized homophobia and/or fetishism is extremely depressing to see, on the other taking the "it gets better" tack is highly preferable to everywhere else's TRA groups saying "you will kill yourself or be murdered". Small mercies, I guess.

No. 1799696

AYRT I literally agreed with you and said exactly what you said kek. don’t be retarded nona

No. 1799717

File: 1680280578130.jpeg (276.51 KB, 1242x2387, IMG_0003.jpeg)

Did anyone see this Teen Vogue propaganda reel going around? It has a bunch of celebrities like Ellen Page and Bella Ramsey saying feel good stuff to encourage troon kids. And you know I have nothing against the kids bc at the end of the day it’s their parents. The video starts off with a trooned out 12 yo TIM crying about how he had to move across the country with only whatever fit in their car and leave his life behind to be in a safer state for trans people… Err his mom did that. It’s not that serious like if you want to move you can do it normally instead of traumatizing your kid and telling them you have to leave ASAP because people are going to genocide them. Deranged. The reel is on the teen vogue Instagram if you want to watch it

No. 1799722

File: 1680280720293.png (181.81 KB, 499x343, god made him ugly.png)

Charles Clymer on a news segment in the wake of the Nashville shooting. He tries to come across all pious and caring when we know he is an abusive piece of shit who only cares about himself and his own agenda.

No. 1799736

Is that ts Madison? Kek literally a Troon pornstars (who threatened a woman years ago because she called him what he was an angry scrote). Why is he constantly being brought into the trans kid convo? I remember when he was constantly being homophobic and I remember when some woman got beat to death, then people were saying it was a Troon not a real woman doing it (it was a biological woman) and he was like, "that was one of yall, (biological woman)not one of us(trans). So it's very weird to me how he's on trans kid train, I have my assumption. I notice a bunch of old school troons/gay men constantly groomed younger men. So whenever I see a old school degen like Ts Madison, I wonder if there's some kind of tweet or proof of him dating a man freshly 18.

No. 1799758

Nikki just continues to globe out everytime I see him. Absolute unit in face, body and size.

No. 1799760

A lot of them are. So many TiFs have bad experiences with them. I’ve seen them talk about how TiMs are dismissive of their experiences, speak over them, even send creepy and sexual DMs. Almost like they’re still men. Idk how so many TiFs will notice this then continue on the same path. I think some of them do end up peaking, but not as many as you’d think even despite the misogynistic behavior directed towards them.

No. 1799770

Imagine if society had this same energy for women. Or don't, if you don't want to become suicidally depressed and/or homicidally enraged.

No. 1799782

Women’s oppression is the oldest form of oppression, going way back before even racial, religious, and class-based oppression. Even if it’s acknowledged, it’s too normalized in the human psyche to seem important. Virtue signalers and bleeding hearts only benefit from caring about whatever the hot new oppression is, sadly.
This video is so cringe though it reminds me of the Imagine video from Covid except people were allowed to publicly criticize that one.

No. 1799785

File: 1680284450901.jpeg (98.76 KB, 1049x591, 74E08764-6ACD-46F4-B487-686607…)

Is he even on HRT? Even the most bricked of hons try harder than this.

No. 1799789

I’m sure the country that elected Shinzo Abe four times in a row will have no issue with 6’5 soldier gigahons going into their bars.

No. 1799800

File: 1680285944149.jpeg (120.82 KB, 828x1034, 17DAB13C-4FAE-46D0-ADFA-F73746…)

This is so embarrassing

No. 1799802

In comes up in several of the letters exchanged between Marx and Engels, particularly from Engels' end. Here's a quick rundown:
Your friend will probably write it off because the bulk of it is found in personal letters between Marx and Engels. However, the point here isn't "Marxism bad because homophobia," it's that Marx and Engels were flawed human beings and shouldn't be deified.

It's interesting to be that Marx's theories have been re-applied to embattled identities outside of women. Modern identity politics are heavily predicated on American individualism, which the UK Communist Party alluded to in their statement about women's rights. Unfortunately, diversity and collectivism are often diametrically opposed; it's not impossible for a culture to be diverse and collectivist, but it's rare and ultimately unsustainable long-term. Marxist models are really only feasible in strongly collectivist cultures. Trannies' obsession with personal identity and their senses of self are fundamentally incompatible with Marxist thought.

No. 1799805

>Three children, two women, and one black person killed in shooting
>B-b-but what about the poor twannies?!?!
Then they act surprised when the public opinion turns against them.

No. 1799806

File: 1680286616825.png (100.44 KB, 607x1058, 1680274679022.png)

No. 1799808

Didn’t Engels write a bunch about women being the most oppressed proletariat or something? I haven’t read much Marxist literature

No. 1799809

What about when they claim gender dysphoria makes them want to transition to pass as the female sex through hormones and facial feminization surgery

No. 1799810

I doubt he is, and he clearly hasn't had surgery either. His lipstick and earrings are basically his armour to shut down women who call him out on his misogyny and bullshit. Not to mention further his career.
Also just found out he is only 36 kek he looks late 40s

No. 1799813

"When I was a kid" and proceeds to call himself a girl in present tense

No. 1799814

Has Biden, any politician, or news like CNN said any kind words for the victims of the shooting? It's all about public opinion turning on trannies when some of the most vulnerable members of our society (children and elders) were targeted for some type of martyr revenge shit.
It's like the victims never existed.

No. 1799821

gotta get them votes

No. 1799825

File: 1680288651090.png (272 KB, 720x1732, Ss.png)

No. 1799826

File: 1680288826072.jpg (240.44 KB, 1080x1765, Screenshot_20230331_145019_Tik…)

Why do these troons subject themselves to so much trolling? Is it really just any attention is good attention? What an ugly moid

No. 1799837

I don't get it, is this a psyop?

No. 1799843

it’s being entirely sidestepped. I’m only seeing Trump indictment stuff now.

No. 1799848

It's dutch show to expose kids to different bodies. The show is supposed to show kids how bodies can look to counteract tiktok and media and what not, which doesn't seem like a bad idea. However, they did have one troon episode, which you've linked, (I've heard this was the only one that had troons) and that ep is totally a psyop.

No. 1799850

File: 1680290349855.jpg (907.95 KB, 2999x1757, charles.jpg)

No. 1799865

Tinfoil but that’s probably why he was indicted, as a distraction.

No. 1799868

I don’t understand, is this show for children who never leave their house, or have caregivers of any kind? Why do kids need to be exposed to different types of bodies on tv? Tbh i think it is all a pretense to show them tranny bodies.

No. 1799873

a show to expose kids to different naked adult bodies?

No. 1799879

>to counteract tiktok and media and what not
that doesn't explain the nude aspect. just looking at people IRL would do the trick… this is really creepy. just seems like it would attract pedos.

No. 1799880

File: 1680292201654.png (44.57 KB, 478x361, charles.png)

kek the reply that was cut off at the end in picrel

No. 1799885

I also think all this stuff is partially to distract from the fact that he gave false hope to people about their student loans and it’s all about to get shut down. When loan payments are resumed people are going to suffer greatly. Obviously it’s conservatives fault for blocking it but Biden hasn’t said shit about it afaik. Sorry for OT but it’s just frustrating how much of a disappointment he is when the expectations were already low.

No. 1799896

Satan phenotype.

No. 1799900

Not to get OT but what the fuck does he think is going to happen other than mass default? It’s amazing how much he sucks as a president

No. 1799901

Nona please explain why children need to see random strangers' cock, balls and saggy skin?

No. 1799902

Sleep paralysis demon

No. 1799923

They SERIOUSLY have got to stfu. Democrats’ nonstop pandering to troon “issues” really shows how out of touch they are with common American issues. Troonism is a fake bourgeoisie identity for the narcissistic cross dressing male and the mentally ill teenage girl. Their refusal to address the real issues will definitely be part of the reason why the Republicans will win the next election unfortunately. They think the Republicans are so crazy that it guarantees a win, it doesn’t. People are bitter and fed up.

No. 1799925

there it is

No. 1799933

Not surprising from the same thing that taught to teens how to have anal sex.

I muted the hashtag #transdayofvisibility and I still got RTs from my mutuals. Twitter is a mistake.

No. 1799941

I don't even have twitter and I still got hit with the trans day of visibility shit. I swear trannies infested everywhere.

No. 1799951

File: 1680299512796.png (17.9 KB, 588x595, Christina Dalcher.png)

>Pretends to be shocked.

No. 1799963

File: 1680300459249.png (518.14 KB, 720x1064, Screenshot_20230331-180156~2.p…)

No. 1799967

I saw this. Trans “lesbians” were done in Sense8 and Euphoria, so maybe studios wanted to prove they were super progressive. I haven’t seen much backlash to her because I don’t think she’s that well known, reviews of the book would certainly mention how “cissexist” the author was if they checked her Twitter.

No. 1799969

Dysphoria is mental illness and should be solved at the mental root rather than through physical appearance. So many people hate their bodies and their physical appearance. FFS and hormones isn't changing your sex. If a man hates his face, he can get plastic surgery but it won't make him any less of a man and won't make him look like a woman.
You can apply the same to any other mental illness. Someone with body dysphoria won't be cured if they get a nose job to affirm their mental distress. The same goes for an anorexic person not being happy until they get their perfect body or telling a schizophrenic person their hallucinations and delusions are real and valid and it is indeed their job to save the world from secret spies.
Then they'll say hormones and FFS are life saving healthcare. If their method of death is suicide, anything can be life saving. It's like a 4 year old who will hold their breath until they get the piece of candy they want. I can say a Porsche is a life saving car if I kill myself if I don't get it.

No. 1799974

Scrotes age like warm milk on a summer day, kek.

No. 1799975

If the book is about silencing women, my bets are on the "female socialization doesn't exist" discourse or the "first woman to (do something) is actually a male" or any other type of female erasure done by tims. I know shit like this was what pushed me closer to peaking and I was trans myself very deep into handmaidenry.

No. 1799977

File: 1680302257638.png (210.12 KB, 704x973, Wokely Correct Comics on Twitt…)

No. 1799980

Why are they always fantasizing about women asking them for tampons in public bathrooms? I've been a woman for 30 years and this has never happened to me nor have I ever asked a stranger for a tampon.

No. 1799984

I'm tempted to make a wario edit of this (he would not kiss the girl though)

No. 1799986

File: 1680303100221.jpg (413.42 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-03-31-23-49-04…)

So so sorry that it's a daily mail link it just came up on my phone's news thing, this has to be fake how do they consistently be like this


No. 1799988

Not fake; in fact there's more about it

No. 1800004

File: 1680304305188.jpg (138.33 KB, 1218x1020, Fsar6AYWAAAHZ8h.jpg)

Same. At least I try to use toiler paper in the meantime before to ask another woman, less another troon.

She got suddenly followed by JR Rowling so there's a little backslash because "terf writers do not want tim representation" despise she listed the reason why is lesbian and women erasure.

No. 1800021

TWAW bullshit is so exhausting. They say that shit as if they believe it is true and yet they are unable to see themselves in our stories. They're the ones to other themselves first asking for representation all while saying they are exact the same as us. If TWAW why a story about a woman is never enough? Why do they always have to turn them trans? The experiences are exactly the same or are they not? A trans woman is no different from an actual woman or not? Why can't female actors get transwomen character roles if trans actors get womens roles? I thought TWAW and they were indistinguishable from actual women, then why are our words not enough? Why we do not represent them if they believe we're the same?
Why always tampons though? I never use tampons.. and you'd think if they believe that crap about them menstruating, they'd get pads and not tampons because at least these they could be able to "use". Fucking nasty all of them.

No. 1800024

File: 1680306518456.png (58.58 KB, 677x516, twitter.png)

No. 1800028

did anyone read this? Sounds kinda interesting

No. 1800029

File: 1680306985269.png (20.97 KB, 624x631, 316570F4-7BDF-4156-B03B-2CD777…)

No. 1800030

disgusting moid rage

No. 1800031

Posted earlier >>1799644

No. 1800032

he looks like the moscow killer guy

No. 1800034

>engaging in genocidal rhetoric
is this “genocidal rhetoric” in the room with us right now? Also wait till he finds out most people he interacts with thinks he’s inhuman

No. 1800035

And then they say they’re the ones getting genocided when they’re the ones dehumanizing and threatening random women. Like, do these retards even know any actual terf irl? And not someone who just has common sense and calls them out, or a normie that has no idea of what the fuck is going on.
These moids post shit like this 24/7, I know, but it’s annoying how they keep regurgitating the same takes, and every time it gets more and more unhinged.

No. 1800037

drag bullshit aside $900 for a summer camp? I cannot even fathom how you would spend that much for three days of activities

No. 1800038

File: 1680308516657.png (83.48 KB, 598x807, Pink.png)

If you were in a room with a nazi, a terf, a gun and two bullets, you would fail in shooting both the nazi and the terf.

No. 1800039

The hell? Does anyone else ever feel like it's purposely inflammatory? Like they're trying to fuel the hate? It's crazy

No. 1800047

What is the pink peep holding in it's hand? What does the sign mean? Trans guns are bad? All guns? All trans? Just trans guns? Wouldn't it make more sense to already have the yellow peep in a Nazi hat based on the dialogue? Hearing the shooter was trans suddenly made him a Nazi even though he already hated Marxist liberals? Help you guys I don't get what the point is

No. 1800053

>(he would not kiss the girl though)
Why not? Because he's gay for Waluigi?

No. 1800061

File: 1680310430814.png (84.13 KB, 598x636, aylmao.png)

It has came to a point that any woman that misgender them or tell them that's not how women bodies work is a terf, so they would shoot any woman and claim she was an evil terf.

No. 1800089

Is he not the one spouting genocidal rhetoric? Most people are terfs by their standards

No. 1800169

File: 1680313575903.webm (470.79 KB, 320x568, himdia willyboy.webm)

edit of Willoughby singing nonsense. I giggled

No. 1800184

He does not care about love or sex at all. Simple as. He only loves money and treasures.

No. 1800209

File: 1680315504564.png (223.85 KB, 485x537, england athletics ban.png)

but of course Pink News have to frame it as though TIMs are banned from sports altogether. they literally can still compete, just not alongside women. it's pathetic.

No. 1800211

This guy is far too comically retarded to be real. And Jesus Christ, those disgusting triangular man tits flopping over that gelatinous fupa are hard to look away from.

No. 1800223

Hmm, maybe we shouldn't let people permanently disfigure children? Maybe also don't sexually assault us women? Oh, and maybe permanently maiming yourself for the coom is actually a mental illness?
>reee you genocidal TERF, dieeee

No. 1800253

Looks like a phone

No. 1800260

You just know this true and honest womxn is at home on Reddit telling the story of how he clapped back valiantly at some evil terf at work. And everyone clapped. He posts his epic tale right before he cries himself to sleep, of course.

No. 1800286

i cant speak on it in any detail because i havent read the primary sources, but i know that marx said that hierarchical class structures naturally evolved out of hierarchical family structures. im pretty sure thats were the "destroy the nuclear family" tenet that a lot of leftist groups now claim, from BLM to dem socs.
engels took it a step farther and said that women probably were the only ones to benefit from inheritance back in the day and were generally free of male influence (ignoring individual assaults, more like in the entire arc of their lives) as men had no way of establishing paternity. i think he also identified the advent of agriculture and the introduction of land ownership (and therefore resource hoarding) as when things started to break bad for us, as men now had economic leverage to confine us to one place to "ensure" their bloodline.
the fact that a lot of TRA commie types seem to really dig the "destroy the nuclear family" thing but ignore the basis of that idea (female means of production being seized by patriarchs) is that most of them just pick their politics based on what an imaginary normie in their heads might find shocking.
sorry for the essay and im not a marxist but its revealing how much these losers love the idea of a social structure that allows them to continue consooming but this time no guilt because apparently in a world with no slave labor there will still somehow be nedriods and thigh highs and mental health days and what ever the hell else. and since they dont live in that world now, and theres "no ethical consumption under capitalism" anyways, its actually completely fine for them to continue to suck up resources from the global south, from minorities, from the concept of womanhood itself. because theyre self aware. and have a stupid little rose or hammer in their twitter pfp.

No. 1800306

This happened to me for the first time in my life yesterday, and I’m in my 30’s. A woman who was new to my gym asked me if i had one and i told her I didn’t but there were some for free in the locker room.

Literally the first time in my entire life.

No. 1800310

So he has a gun and the firt thing he'd do with it is to kill the people around him… cool very female. A normal person would probably shoot at the door so they can all get out but that's just my stupid terf nazi idea…

No. 1800318

It's so weird how moids think that breasts become bigger with age (long after puberty is over), like they'd draw highschoolers all with small breasts, young adults with medium and mature women with huge ones. You can tell it's a porn/hentai thing. I wonder how do they think that would work.

No. 1800325

File: 1680334121942.webm (6.75 MB, 1080x1920, Dn5u-Nbre Ok9v2i.webm)

trannies in hollywood

No. 1800334

File: 1680336933927.png (23.06 KB, 702x291, screensho2023.png)

No. 1800340

Genuine question; has there been any marginalized community that has gotten even a fraction of the public praise and just full support from those in high places compared to the trans community?

No. 1800347

Do the Jews count? And the Ukrainian refugees maybe

No. 1800350

i find it so strange that there’s a show where adults get naked in front of kids trans or not… is this a normal approach to teach kids about their bodies? I imagine it would fuck with the kid’s heads more when the bodies are trans

No. 1800368

Jews are treated decently overall, but I wouldn’t say they are treated like trannies are. Most non-Jews aren’t interested in them and you rarely see them posting about supporting Jews or hosting/attending pro-Judaism events, even when there’s a bunch of antisemitism in the news. When you see that stuff it’s almost always done by other Jews. With trannies every “cis” TRA runs to be their defenders at even the tiniest whiff of transphobia. They give them women’s day, trans day, all of pride month is tranny month now. Might as well give them every holiday at this point. Maybe Mother’s Day could be for TIMs now! It’s sickening.

No. 1800377

Kekd so hard

No. 1800383

File: 1680347363146.webm (12.4 MB, 360x640, being a woman is being girly t…)

sorry if this was already posted. i feel like i'm losing my mind watching this and wondering how it doesn't peak all the women who watch it.

>"women are more than makeup"

>goes on to list other stereotypes that are just as offensive
he really thinks this shit makes him a woman. I actually didn't relate to a single thing he listed and his justification at the end is "we all go through triumphs and tribulations every single day".. how the fuck does that make him a woman? that's just a human thing.

>being excited when a dress has pockets

nitpicking but has anyone else noticed how troons latch onto this, because they heard women complaining about it all the time? yeah… it's because fashion designers didn't start to give a shit about the comfort and practicality of women's clothing until recently. it's not a "cute" "fun" thing that makes us girlies!

No. 1800386

lmao that faggy voice such a hsts.

No. 1800388

in his early videos he has a girlfriend, and they both trooned out during the pandemic. not sure if he is closet gay or is one of those men that act like gay men thinking they're acting like women. but he does give Dylan vibes so idk.

No. 1800393

he somehow looks more masculine than the old moid in a suit next to him

No. 1800411

oh wow thats so useful now i can be a real woman i guess

No. 1800412

maybe im reading too much into it but something about his mannerism reminds me of dylan.
Also I don't do the majority of the things that he calls womanhood guess I'm no longer a woman then. Why did we as a society allow men to mansplain womanhood. Why is this seen as progressive

No. 1800424

if it weren't for the glaring lack of self awareness (that only men seem to have) I wouldn't hesitate to think that this video is intentionally absurd. the sheer untapped peaking material… my good god.

No. 1800427

File: 1680351499836.png (8.78 KB, 505x197, girly football.png)

samefag but one of the comments in picrel. he doesn't fucking get that women don't have to be validated by being called "girly" and often try to distance themselves from those stereotypes which are harmful. also he ignores how this picks apart his non-logic. only a couple of women pointed this out, and the rest were fawning handmaidens.

No. 1800463

>if it weren't for the glaring lack of self awareness I wouldn't hesitate to think that this video is intentionally absurd.
I feel so sorry for the tween girls on tiktok who are bombarded with all these cutesy family friendly troons. I initially was going to sperg about his ridiculous list being like a parody. Honestly getting girls or women to eat it up isn't hard when you consider a stressed 12 year old going through puberty or an insecure "adulting" adult, I could see how they'd like content with someone listing simple, recognizable female tropes when they're insecure with their own state of being female. Lord knows how popular mbti/horoscopes/personality quizzes are, we just like pattern recognition and labeling

No. 1800467

File: 1680357575491.jpg (54.13 KB, 375x224, bAmYnit.jpg)

Troons always screeching they're really truly women and that we all have to support each other as women, and yet where were they when the US lost abortion rights? Women show up to support troons when various states are taking back their free HRT and surgeries, but where were the troons when women lost their fucking access to abortion?? (Rhetorical question, I know they were all too busy fapping to the news.)

No. 1800468

They were too busy tweeting how if you call abortion women’s rights then you’re a TERF and TERFs should die. They show literally zero effort or solidarity towards women.

No. 1800474

No and it’s because trans rights activism was astroturfed with an insane amount of money for the purpose of making people believe this is the big thing they need to go out and fervently support at all costs, with one of the goals being pharmaceutical profits. Rich old white men who profit off pharmaceutical companies funded it. That’s why gay rights didn’t get nearly this amount of speedy traction and support and huge donations.

No. 1800475

>we all have to support each other as women, and yet where were they when the US lost abortion rights?
honestly, some of them very well were marching and protesting for abortion rights but it has absolutely no bearing on whether they are women or understand women's experiences beyond whatever faux feminist policial activism is trendy at the time. they won't listen to women who raise concerns unless it's something that benefits them or gives them an opportunity to virtue signal. liberal feminism is a part of what is enabling them so they are happy to support issues within that scope.

No. 1800482

it has to be. the spectrum they're referring to is just masculinity and femininity. men can be feminine, woman can be masculine, everyone can be both. but those aren't genders nor create newer ones. they also like to bring up "but intersex", even though those are extremely rare and intersex is more of a misnomer since people born with those conditions are still quite literally male/female. they're the ones who keep repeating "sex and gender are different" yet bring up sex when talking about gender anyways.

No. 1800483

The ones who I saw going to protests or talking about it were talking about it in relation to how it would affect THEM. They were obsessed with the implications that taking away abortion rights had for bodily autonomy in general and related it to them being able to get their hormones. Not saying it’s not fair to consider more bodily autonomy issues, but TRAs (male ones at least) never actually cared about the abortion issue or women at all, once again it was all about them. And female TRAs were obsessed with policing the semantics of the entire thing. Because how dare someone use the term “women’s health care” or use female symbology on their protest posters amiright. Because that’s so much more important than actually showing solidarity for women and everything. God these people are so insufferable sometimes.

No. 1800487

At my abortion protest I had a black TIM who was a special speaker and he ended up yelling about how all cis white women were his enemies and oppressors. It was incredibly awkward and I remember everyone just kind of nodding as if he was saying something profound, but there were no screams of support like the other speakers. This was before the repeal of roe vs Wade but it feels like a slap in the face to think about it. All of us there were worried about roe vs Wade (for good reason) and the word abortion did not ever leave his mouth while on stage in front of hundreds of women. Even when TIMs marched with us before they never, ever did it in allyship, it was only about them stealing the moment.

No. 1800506

Mother/Father's day always have the "friendly reminder that not all mothers are women/fathers are men, yadda yadda yadda". At this point, even Christmas will have a lore that some elfs working for Santa Claus are genderless so please treat them as their preferred pronouns or else you'll get coal.

No. 1800514

File: 1680366454224.png (95.18 KB, 604x463, 1543280758995.png)

This should be peaking women and men, people shouldn't be fawning over this piece of crap.

No. 1800532

File: 1680368855172.webm (8.55 MB, 1280x720, Pyh1ayag-Cpfw2tm.webm)

No. 1800533

> I could see how they'd like content with someone listing simple, recognizable female tropes
that could be true for many girls, it might give them a superficial sense of solidarity. i think that combined with the soft happy music and his "be kind" tone (which I actually find very creepy and passive aggressive) it gives the impression that he must be a sweet person, spreading love and joy. and that can never be a bad thing!
I also think many young girls are growing up online, so disconnected with their physical bodies, and have yet to experience what the real world has in store so can't possibly see the harm in things like this. but when their experience with material reality ultimately doesn't match up to the persona they've cultivated online, it's gonna be very confusing.

No. 1800534

This is so fucked up. Why do they claim to be women but then don’t even stand up for us when OUR rights are at stake? Oh right. Because they’re males and it benefits them to keep women underfoot.

No. 1800535

Why is the first thing he mentions related to being afraid walking home at night? They’re obsessed with thrill of potentially being sexually assaulted, it’s so disturbing.

No. 1800536

yeah you have a right to be alive, but not in women's spaces lmao

No. 1800537

lol all the tifs are fat and the tims are lanky as hell

No. 1800538

It was some weird whiplash
> being a woman is having grooves between your fingers from carrying your keys tightly
> teehee being a woman is someone fixing your bra and skirts with pockets!

No. 1800539

i knoooow and then he mentions "pulling someone's hair out of the way to fasten their bra" wtff?? does he think all women just hang out putting each others bras on? it's such a coom-brain thing.

No. 1800545

Only a man would think it's a universal that women have hair long enough to reach their back-closure bra. Shoulder length hair and front hook closures probably don't even exist in his mind. Men have very limited creativity based on their limited understandings.

No. 1800546

nta but good observation. It’s like the only women they think exist are ones who are stereotypically feminine or who they’re attracted to.

No. 1800550

I love how you can change the signs for vegan ones and is the same bullcrap of "humans are stupid af".

No. 1800561

i still don't understand what rights they want to have? they have all the basic rights that all humans have (and more), so what do they mean with "trans rights" and "we have a right to exist"??!!?!? i feel like they don't even know what they want themselves…

No. 1800562

Right? It seems so informed by porn to me. Like I've had long hair and in no way have I ever cognitively acknowledged how my hair has interacted with my bra?? Truly a take only a moid could have.

No. 1800572

Stop doing this.

No. 1800578

File: 1680374577375.jpeg (207.51 KB, 1242x1155, IMG_0015.jpeg)

Some retardation I saw on insta. What stood out most to me is their use of “grooming children to be cis”. Trannies really don’t like it when they are referred to as groomers, so they’re subtly using that language against everyone else. How does one groom a kid to be cis? By telling them to love and accept themselves as they were born without need to change? Sure, that’s grooming and child abuse now I guess.

No. 1800580

Pregnancy and other hormonal changes can affect breast size, but not aging by itself. Aging can however affect connective tissue which results in changes to breast shape.

No. 1800594

They don't want rights, they want privileges. They want the government to require insurance companies to cover cosmetic surgery for them. They want to be able to change the name and sex on their birth certificates for free and as often as they want. They want the government to require that MtF criminals (most of whom are serving time for sex crimes) be housed with women. They want it to be legally required for all sports organizations to put MtFs on women's teams. They want all children to be put on blockers until they "decide" what their gender is. They want anyone who questions them to be arrested for hate speech. They want to normalize language that dehumanizes women, like "birth-giver," and "uterus-havers." They can't literally mind-control everyone else into sharing their delusions, so they'll just do the next best thing and have it codified in the law. It's fucking dystopian.

Then they have the audacity to call resistance to this "genocide," while a real genocide is happening to Uyghurs right now, but the western news cycle cares way more about trannies losing their access to horse piss. Fucking clown fiesta.

No. 1800595

>Taking pictures of random people and posting it here
The whole point of lolcows is that they overshare, retard. A photo of a random boring troon you saw at Trader Joe's isn't milk, it's just touching the poop.

No. 1800598

>Fix your heart or die
>Embrace our true selves or we'll step on you
Saying the quiet part out loud. I don't recall signs at gay rights demonstrations being this threatening.

No. 1800604

This, a random ugly TiM isn’t interesting or milky imo. I am much more interested in seeing their violent moid freakouts or shitty takes because that’s better peaking material. Plus, we don’t actually have to do anything because they say this crazy shit on their own.

No. 1800605

> i think he also identified the advent of agriculture and the introduction of land ownership (and therefore resource hoarding) as when things started to break bad for us, as men now had economic leverage to confine us to one place to "ensure" their bloodline.
I'm not a Marxist either, but he's absolutely correct about that. Systemic misogyny was invented when land was passed down through inheritance, so controlling women meant having control of your progeny and therefore the land. Humans were matrilineal before farming was invented. Misogyny has everything to do with women being the sex who give birth, and all the other roles and stereotypes are just shit mean heaped on top of that to maintain control.

No. 1800606

>tifs are fat and the tims are lanky
Fat girls turn into tifs because they think if they can't be "pretty" as women, then they would make a decent fat guy. That, and the T makes them even bigger. When tims transition they starve themselves thinking it makes them look more like women, but completely forget they still have male bone structure kek.

No. 1800607

File: 1680380411286.jpg (246.47 KB, 1482x1782, Screenshot_20230401_131617_Ado…)

Any one else hate-watch Jesse Gender?

No. 1800611

I was literally just hate-watching his latest video kek. he mentions 'trans genocide' in the first few seconds.

No. 1800615

you're not reaching, he has a tiktok video dedicated to fanboying over dylan while larping as him and it's extremely creepy

No. 1800617

File: 1680381722291.png (260.19 KB, 335x475, dylan and james.png)

the twins become triplets… imagine these three in the same room holy shit

No. 1800645

>send trans folks money
of course. I wonder how long till they start demanding reparations?

No. 1800659

i don't care about any of these things. guess i'm not a real woman

No. 1800696

Telling "men stuff are for men, women stuff are for women", of course. That's why most TIM use women stuff or claim women body illness like a fetishism.

No. 1800701

File: 1680391742346.jpeg (82.1 KB, 574x680, Fsj00fkWAAIZye2.jpeg)

or perhaps a pizza? they just invent ways for them to be given things kek it's madness.

No. 1800720

File: 1680393742371.jpg (746.5 KB, 640x640, OrZX7cQ.jpg)

Translation: return of the urinary leash for women who are uncomfortable with men demanding to be let into spaces where women are vulnerable and need privacy

No. 1800729

File: 1680394540205.gif (398.63 KB, 480x360, KfL_qQ6dHKT3eabVKxmkk4X7SK4=.g…)


>Me each time I see these chossing beggers asking for money/pizza/stuff/rent only for being trans.

No. 1800746

i think it’s the opposite. trannies are fat because reduced testosterone makes them gain weight, and they’re lazy fucks. aidens tend to be anorexic and body dysmorphic.

No. 1800752

My husband hates troons. He's an anarchist like me. He never liked troons, even before he met me. I there's plenty of normie men, centrist/apolitical, and leftist moids who hate troons. But most of them aren't vocal about it because "trans rights" don't affect them like it does us

No. 1800760

congrats about your anarchist moid husband overshare-anon

No. 1800773

I was thinking recently about how nothing really happens to non-conservative guys who don’t like tranny ideology. People can make sense of conservatives who are anti-tranny because they just arrive there from a place of homophobia, but nobody knows what to do with a regular guy who arrives at an opposing stance by realizing (usually with the help of a woman) that the trans movement is fundamentally based in misogyny and recognizing the harm it does/can do to children. I assume if a guy like this spoke up then people would just try to discredit him by telling him he’s an egg or a repper or whatever.

No. 1800777

correct. i don’t know the full conspiracy, but everything points to big pharma funding leftist politicians’ campaigns. that’s why they’re all sucking tranny dick like their lives depend on it.

No. 1800780

File: 1680401863312.jpg (208.47 KB, 1196x1671, monty's hall problem.jpg)

No. 1800782

A reminder to everyone that r/thelesbianproject is gone- banned within days.

No. 1800790

This is a really bad example. Stupid conservatard.

Men also do the same picture comparisions of feminists.
they are a troon but i have to agree that they are right on this. Many men who rage at ellen for transing are also the ones who explicitly lusted after her when she was a teenager….

Ironically enough its because of conservatard trad moids why ellen transitioned in the first place because she saw how actresses over a certain age are treated and that she received most fame as a teenager.
Ellen herself said that she rather age as a man than as a woman and we all know why.

No. 1800804

I can never see a photo of Ellen now without being shocked at how terrible she looks. Not in like a “she’s ugly” way but like a “she looks like she’s on the brink of death” way. Is she sick other than the gender thing?

No. 1800814

i'm 99% sure that she has an ed

No. 1800822

File: 1680411807369.jpg (133.72 KB, 1440x957, Screenshot_2023-03-30-22-17-31…)


No. 1800823

File: 1680411950175.png (2.9 MB, 1110x1384, F7E057F9-8394-472B-92B7-50B70E…)

can someone explain what’s happening in his crotch area? is he wearing a diaper?

No. 1800824

File: 1680412073987.jpeg (105.44 KB, 828x1124, A4C10068-A0DE-460D-BC16-BF6137…)

soo girly

No. 1800825

kek @ the doctor referring him to a gynaecologist

No. 1800830

File: 1680412463126.png (4.67 KB, 471x69, firefox_goN9luYWdn.png)


No. 1800831

File: 1680412556011.jpeg (187.58 KB, 828x1420, 30E96F56-6280-444F-8700-113671…)

dat hairline

No. 1800832

File: 1680412616086.jpeg (77.37 KB, 828x881, C9A6A60E-EF52-4585-AF00-C11667…)

No. 1800851

Jesus it's like he's wearing a kitchen apron shirtless kek

No. 1800854

you can treat hyper granulation with hydrocortisone and salt water tf does he mean "left for dead"

No. 1800855

Vile. He doesn’t even look human anymore. god how I hate his short, wide teeth

No. 1800867

Who could have guessed that going through multiple pointless surgeries and cosplaying as a "girl" wouldn't have made this attention seeking, moron happy. He thought that this was a way to kick start his failed acting career.

As time goes on and he becomes less relevant I think he will kill himself.

No. 1800878

Looks like the overly saggy fupa of a gastric bypass patient. You can see he's got a weirdly disproportionate fat torso compared to his stick arms and legs.

No. 1800879

Fuck. He looks like one of those aggressive apes baring their teeth right before they tear your face off. It gives me the shivers.

No. 1800880

Because without the totally indistinguishable from a cis woman vagina of his dreams he's gonna kill himself, of course

No. 1800888

Both are retarded. I hate the tranny but I also hate how a lot of men and women push the “women aren’t attracted to men’s looks in a sexual way” shit, like we’re some saints who only look at their personality. No.

No. 1800892

Babylon Bee is a right wing satire newspaper like the conservative version of the Onion you tards he didn't say this

No. 1800909

File: 1680422031410.jpg (20.03 KB, 500x500, avatars-000508438197-q95uk9-t5…)


No. 1800910

lol idk how to explain it but he has the manliest fucking smile. only men smile like this

No. 1800911

kek. i love how the girls are inching away from the gorilla behind them in this pic

No. 1800912

Is this yet another brand deal? He has to be an industry plant.

No. 1800919

That Twitter account is “notthebee” though, similar to the subreddit r/nottheonion. Basically to showcase ridiculous headlines or sound bites that sound satirical, but they aren’t. Apparently he did say that in a video and they mention it in this daily mail article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11917063/The-lonely-life-trans-influencer-Dylan-Mulvaney.html

No. 1800924

r/cislezlife is still up (probably cos they use the word cis) but the posts are pretty based

No. 1800925

No. 1800929

if you develop testes you're male; ovaries you're female. the amount of people who have both ovarian and testicular tissue is so rare it's best to treat it as a fluke of nature.

No. 1800931

Bump because CP. Dont scroll

No. 1800949

It's eating disorders, both ends of the spectrum. Which also fits in the sense that a lot of aidens are ND because those with neuro developmental disorders are more likely to develop an eating disorder, same for those with any kind of body issue in the first place.

No. 1800975

File: 1680443554394.png (39.58 KB, 413x853, troonscaryfantasy.png)

A tranny writes a disturbing fantasy about a coworker over a "do you feel gender dysphoria/envy over female childhood?" post on r/MTF

No. 1800976

Yeah eating disorders are extremely common among both tims and aidens. Most of the time, gender dysphoria is nothing more than an unhealthy cope for body dysmorphia (coupled with narcissism and sexism, obviously).
Also I've noticed that a lot of pre-HRT tims are convinced the "fat redistribution" and gynecomastia caused by HRT alone will make their bodies look 1000x better, like it will turn their disgusting belly fat into nice tits and ass. Yet another hilarious delusion.

No. 1800977

File: 1680443691599.png (80.22 KB, 1198x1130, evilterf.png)

This is so sad. Sidenote despite admitting this, OP calls herself a radfem but is still "trans inclusive" and constantly misinterprets basic radfem ideology on her twitter. I just feel sorry for her and it seems like cognitive dissonance/social pressure from other retards on there. Anyways I hope he gets put in fucking prison someday

you can read the thread pinned on her main twitter if you want, its worse than i originally expected https://twitter.com/femicidevictim

No. 1800982

File: 1680444472658.jpg (303.18 KB, 1402x1701, A24536ZBGF768.jpg)

trans twitter is such a nightmare

No. 1800983

File: 1680444494469.png (376.41 KB, 720x1138, Screenshot_20230317-222038_2.p…)

No. 1800986

God men suck at makeup, theyre always caked in foundation and think its a look

No. 1800988

File: 1680445214745.jpg (235.62 KB, 1179x1982, FsqDXL5WYAgrxG9.jpg)

Sage because I know he has his own thread, but imagine being the face of budlight for nothing else than being a tranny?? Like what has he done for anything to get these huge sponsors?? America is a joke

No. 1800989

What beer swigging man is going to look at this and give a shit. In fact I bet people will avoid buying such a scary and ugly can of beer.
>cheers to 365 days of being a girl
>one year of being a girl
>ugly scary man
Normies will be so confused.

No. 1800990

File: 1680445379148.png (373.34 KB, 690x801, Twitter.png)

No. 1800993

I think they just subconsciously see them as gay men.

No. 1800995

The graphic designer really just slapped on that photoshop posterize filter and didn't even try to make it look nice or downplay the wrinkles, huh?

No. 1800997

File: 1680445695647.png (443.83 KB, 679x534, 45 Twitter.png)

No. 1800998

I was a dangerous man when I was younger. If I wasn't de radicalized I may be behind bars. I will never forget the night I aimed my gun at that gas station clerk. He said "what the fuck are you doing you idiot white boy?" I wanted to shoot him but in that moment I considered someone elses humanity and ran home with my tail (dick)between my legs. Isn't it so cool I almost killed and robbed this man, but didn't? I know most people don't even think about these things, and even less get as far as I did, but wow I am so great for holding back and not doing my violent male urges. I thought about someone else's suffering from something I did to them, and now I'm suffering. My desire to cause pain is causing me so much pain. Please clap.

No. 1801000

File: 1680446106528.png (394.27 KB, 628x418, riley football.png)

based Reduxx for figuring out who Daily Mail was reporting on. feel so bad for these young girls having to play with this 30 year old disgusting rape-y man. the girls' parents are right to be pissed.

No. 1801023

I’m assuming they just made it for Dylan and it’s not actually a design they’d be selling, right?

No. 1801047

The art director and the designer probably could not have given less of a shit about this project.

No. 1801054

This is so disgusting. I can't believe i cannot agree with the right sometimes on trannys.

No. 1801063

Oh this fucking guy, one of my all time fave troon freaks.

No. 1801066

when i was a handmaiden the only trannies i would somewhat trust were the homosexual transsexuals, the self proclaimed transbians always seemed somewhat off to me. I now realize that was because i saw the “straight” mtfs as nothing but gay men

No. 1801077

>riley dennis
now that’s one I haven’t heard of in a while.

No. 1801078

They're an artist, not a miracle worker, anon.

No. 1801079

It's Australia, it's an Orwellian nightmare over there. Of course they let a man do what he wants over there, between this and the covid camps I'm not surprised.

No. 1801088

His profile photo is such a catfish
I noticed in the screenshot of men leering at some girl's onlyfans on stream >>1798389
that men have this predatory grin combined with blank eyes. You never see that expression on a woman, except maybe serial killer/psychos but it's just a default male expression. Almost like they dissociate when they're happy, who knows what's going on in their heads, but it's almost reptilian

No. 1801090

That's really stupid tinfoil, anon. The indictment has been coming down the pike for a long time.

No. 1801094

>Rapist troons out to evade accountability
Tale as old as time

No. 1801104

File: 1680460158272.jpeg (253.96 KB, 1170x1957, 74D642AE-6F91-4C3D-8D07-F22923…)

No. 1801107

File: 1680460296266.jpeg (50.84 KB, 1170x470, 6EF7D538-00D8-4A32-9B04-E575A2…)

ah yes lying abt your sex makes you the victim and totally not a sex offender

if they don’t want ur dick or rot pocket they don’t want ur dick or rot pocket, they deserve to know ur not a bio woman so they don’t waste their time on someone they’re not attracted to

a sane person said what the troon is doing is wrong on so many levels and ofc u have troons and pickmes under her comment saying the plastic man is more attractive than her and she’s just jEaLoUs

No. 1801112

ffs person is literally looking out for the man's best interests, even though he is a selfish moron. are we meant to ignore that men have and will assault another man for being gay and/or for deceiving them? it's risky af. depressing that anything but 100% positive encouragement in every scenario is deemed hateful when it comes to trans shit.

No. 1801114

I don't get why people say anything to concern troll.This scrote knows the type of danger he is putting himself in. I never get the "omg this is dangerous! It's rape by deception! You can be hurt" Yeah, they know.
Also 9/10 these motherfuckers don't pass so the scrote knows and just doesn't care. Very rarely are they tricked into sex. Yes maybe into a date if they meet online but not sex, unless they are drunk, high or mentally retarded.
He barely passes as a real person in the picture, no doubt be looks like a drag queen irl.
I don't care if scrotes want to fuck other scrotes and don't tell them, people need to realize these mentally ill gay men will put their life on the line to get fucked in the ass. Not my problem

No. 1801115

File: 1680460877032.png (354.98 KB, 588x686, Screenshot 21.png)

Honestly waste of a decent Jawline

No. 1801118

File: 1680460994881.png (81.7 KB, 267x205, Adea Danielle.png)

he has a youtube channel and he got a botched rot pocket

No. 1801120

isn't he just a crossdresser though? not claiming to be an actual woman?

No. 1801121

File: 1680461192172.jpg (60.05 KB, 688x882, 4a997kjvzxwe34i.JPG)

TiM posted on reddit about how they are an uwu trans homeless woman and that they saved up enough cash for rent. They expected asspats but the thread was locked and they got absolutely shit on.

Full post:

Full post with removed comments:

It was an entertaining read for sure. The TiM admitted they and their partners both have jobs and aren't actually homeless at all and the comments (save for a few handmaidens) weren't having it. Why are TiMs always trying to throw a pity party for themselves?

No. 1801125

File: 1680461310484.jpg (268.39 KB, 760x2048, FrMhc6WXgAEHb0F.jpg)

No. 1801126

File: 1680461340097.jpg (66.65 KB, 712x766, 4a997kjvzxwe34i.JPG)

No. 1801127

File: 1680461408930.jpg (86.33 KB, 600x848, FrVAMr3WcAAvtvR.jpg)

does it matter, he's a degenerate who draws "headswap" fetish porn

No. 1801129

God I wish women would start reacting to trannies the way all the males in the comments did. Why is it always women running to asspat and coddle them. If theres a single thing to learn from males its when to say didnt ask dont care

No. 1801130

interesting how he is now referring to it as a cavity

No. 1801131

cos this is an MtF thread, and a lot of nonas here don't care if men wear women's clothes, even though it's creepy and fetishistic most of the time. this is more just a moid being gross. honestly not trying to nitpick but a big part of the stupidity of the trans movement is clothes does not equal man or woman. so to whilst he is a disgusting coomer, i don't begrudge him the right to wear skirts and dresses. personally i would encourage more people to crossdress (in non-fetish gear) to wind up trannies.

No. 1801132

lmao what was he thinking? r/mademesmile is always some self-congratulating narc who wants karma. pisses me off every time i see it appear.

No. 1801133

it really takes a lot for narcs to kill themselves, like avoiding serious punishment/jailtime. i think he'll cling to life and drain the one or two people who will stick around into old age like in sunset boulevard

No. 1801136

samefag but this is also one of the things that really separates conservatives and radfems. the former wants traditional gender roles to return - women in dresses in the kitchen and men in suits in the office, and the latter thinks gender roles are bullshit altogether. Prager U hate trannies the same way they hate gender non-conforming people.

No. 1801138

i actually want a can to keep for posterity when they memory-hole this whole thing. it's like the commercial mammy products they sold in the jim crow era

No. 1801142

i don't understand the porn sick women who indulge in this bullshit

No. 1801143

honestly you're right. reminds me upthread of that anon reposting libsoftiktok of drag queens and people arguing they belong in the mtf thread when there's a thread for drag queens. they're not radfems in any way and honestly it's weird how they're swaying other nonas in these threads into agreeing with them.

No. 1801151

i like this hairstyle. would love to see it on a woman, mia goth would be cute in it.

No. 1801155

Yeah I’d be really fucking shocked if this was a retail release and not just a single commission for a specific influencer person

No. 1801158

Maybe it's like how big comic publishers will let people pay to create variant covers, if an artist is willing to buy all the issues with their covers then they can do a cover.

No. 1801161

Give it a few years and he won't have to.

No. 1801178

Maybe it’s an April fool’s joke, but they did release a post malone can

No. 1801182

File: 1680470708755.jpg (1.31 MB, 4032x3024, 20230402_172221.jpg)

Just came across this doc on Crave. Heavily debating watching it.. these kids are so young.

No. 1801195

File: 1680472663946.jpeg (175.77 KB, 1170x1263, FC5D4EC1-450E-4892-8061-705A66…)

Not milky but kek this faggot made fun of a voice actress and is now backpedaling. He’s just jealous he’ll never sound like a woman.

No. 1801200

File: 1680472868963.jpg (284.76 KB, 1196x1570, shut up.jpg)

Saging because slightly OT but the handmaidens are going hard trying to convince the world these mentally ill men are in fact woman. Got one item from this company but never again in a way glad when these companies out themselves its good to know who to avoid buying from.

No. 1801228

File: 1680477406956.png (8.96 KB, 625x165, Fsd_Z_QXwAAvF34.png)

a teen moidlet spent $800 & took time off of school to compete in a pokemon TCG tournament the other day. he was disqualified for nervously laughing after being asked his pronouns, with which he complied and said "he/him"). apparently he made a grown man "feel unsafe" kek. kid claims this situation made him suicidal–links to his Twitter/statement in the story–while in the same breath he asks his audience to not be twansphobic:
(apologies if this isn't the right thread to post this in but I figured it was the best option since it's about a male troon)

No. 1801240

File: 1680478432729.jpeg (153.51 KB, 750x1038, CE0FE968-0117-4D6E-AA3F-C2C4BF…)

bad news for trannies are good news for women!

No. 1801249

Tried to report that "precious child" man with his horrible cd record and Twitter just told me to "block him, he hasn't break the rules". Twitter once again showing their priorities right.

No. 1801251

An account I follow on insta for positive, uplifting posts posted a video today talking about love and peace and taking care of yourself and includes the troon flag and "trans rights" on the flag, yet didn't SAY anything about the flag. Some people spoke out and I'm glad to see that happen. I'd like to think more people (particularly women) are sick of this shit being shoved down their throats so they're becoming more outspoken and disagreeing with the tranny narrative.

No. 1801254

File: 1680479904652.png (58.92 KB, 598x774, bawwww.png)

"I know I bullied her too but I am apologizing and asking to my fans to not to bully her on my behalf! am I a good person now?".

No. 1801257

Kek @ your downvote nona. I would have done the same

No. 1801262

how pathetic. virtue signaling to trannies amounts to dick sucking but more degrading.

No. 1801308

Holy shit apparently she deleted all her social media because of harassment. I fucking hate men.

No. 1801318

I agree with your sentiment, especially the not my problem bit kek, but men are faceblind and not to mention retards. when I still dated men I had an ex who couldn't tell certain drag queens were men.

No. 1801338

which nona had the grift how-to for posing as a tranny for money? We need to divert all funds away from trannies

No. 1801339

I'm shocked no nonnies have posted this. New jubilee vid ft sam luxe. I don't recognise anyone else to be honest.

No. 1801355

how feminine of them to possess and post child porn with people that they disagree with. if disagreeing with troons was literally genocide then they wouldn't be posting kid dicks, just further proof that trannies aren't scared or intimidated by us; they know we can literally do no harm to them except remind them of their reality.

No. 1801385

And the fact he has the audacity and nerve to call himself the "victim" when he was the one that made the callout. He's a bully and no amount of "apologies" is going to delete that.

No. 1801387

Is like when people tried to post cp in /b/ because "lol I'm an anon" and they do not expect that mods are willing to send their IP track to the FBI to get them caught for CP possession.

Once again these moids showing they have no neurons and that their IP can be registered, so they shouldn't be crying for using CP to "scare us" when they were the ones posting it.

No. 1801389

And the lack of self-awareness that a real woman would never do nor interested in such degenerate shit is beyond me. They can pump themselves with estrogen, cut their dicks off, barely fit into our clothing but their brains and souls are still perverted men kek

No. 1801391

I saw him posting on trans Twitter and couldn’t find my old screenshots so thank you for posting this nonna, will be making a call out post on him if I can find his new account again.

No. 1801393

They can cry the "We have women brain" shit too, but they still act like perverted men… Almost like they know exactly what they're doing and isn't something "feminine".

No. 1801427

File: 1680495178996.jpeg (150.4 KB, 1242x867, IMG_0027.jpeg)

One of the worst analogies I’ve ever seen. It’s the minimizing and gaslighting for me

No. 1801429

being trans is like saying “i’m a cat. i have hair on my body, i have two ears, i like to lay around and do nothing. i’m clearly a cat and you must refer to me as a cat.” and then when cats are visibly uncomfortable with a grown ass man purring on all fours near them, it’s “why aren’t you accepting me? i’m a cat. you don’t have any evidence that i’m not. being a cat is a spectrum.” while mainstream media goes “this just in, a cat raped and murdered a 5 year old girl.”

No. 1801434

File: 1680496087811.jpeg (73.63 KB, 499x630, IMG_0028.jpeg)

Much better analogy. Basically this.

No. 1801435

It basically is like a tattoo, yes. It's a permanent, cosmetic alteration that shouldn't be performed on minors. Yet nobody demands that insurance pay for tattoos, people with tattoos aren't a protected class, and they don't require that legal documents be changed. When all that shit is at play, yes, you need to fucking prove that it's medically necessary (not that it ever is, but that's beside the point.)

No. 1801436

File: 1680496892652.jpeg (167.79 KB, 750x1107, 78604880-B845-424B-8ABA-8BCFA9…)

> why didn’t i cripple my body with exogenous hormones young enough to look like a little boy with long hair and a micropenis? now i have to look like a man, which i am with every fiber of my being and beyond.

No. 1801438

File: 1680497147881.jpg (71.85 KB, 1080x369, 1650339095430.jpg)

"SPOKANE SISSY" on YouTube uses pictures of children for his fantasy stories about them having sex with teenage boys.

Here's the article where I heard about him: https://4w.pub/trans-identified-man-fictional-child-porn/

His channel and blog are still active and have not yet been deleted

No. 1801440

File: 1680497699757.png (114.55 KB, 1080x2118, Screenshot_20230403-005244.png)

one of our national news outlets is currently running this article. I did read it, but it offers zero insight (or even acknowledgement) that this number seems to be rising with trans awareness/acceptance. would be very curious about the correlation there.

(link for anyone interested https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/femicides-on-the-rise-as-report-indicates-a-woman-or-girl-is-killed-every-48-hours-in-canada-1.6339213 )

No. 1801441

samefagging for clarification sorry nonas;
I mean to say that in addition to more "female identitying individuals" being murdered (troon or not) there's also a rise in woman-on-woman killing, which is why I want to know how many of the violence-perpetrators were MtF.

No. 1801442

File: 1680498854592.jpg (25.84 KB, 250x609, 4950948-a7d27aa5cfa6cbfbf67349…)

No. 1801446

File: 1680499945175.jpg (101.73 KB, 1080x795, 1650339412244.jpg)

Christ WTF

No. 1801448

File: 1680500479236.jpg (18.03 KB, 809x250, 4943377-681595eeeeceb0a92e36c7…)

Written by a troon of course

No. 1801464

File: 1680503754112.jpg (392.2 KB, 1079x1515, Screenshot_20230403_021418_Ins…)

Lia Thomas's boyfriend (a social worker that just got breast implants) posted this horrendous art of them together kek

No. 1801466

Buddy, it was already too late when you were a zygote.

No. 1801468

Translation: Is not OUR fault that CIS athletes are whinnies losers.

No. 1801473

interesting that this is in Canada, I remember seeing a tweet about a month ago from some trans person saying how surprised they were to see the trans population there be so large compared to what had been estimated in the past (a very small %) and joking about "doing their part" to raise the numbers or whatever.

googled it and apparently Canada is the first country to include gender identity in their census, although its still estimated to be underreported

also interesting how Canada seems to be so "progressive" about this stuff while simultaneously being notorious for responding so shittily(or not at all) to missing/murdered females, like your article mentions

No. 1801474


Jesus the person on the left has the most feminine face ever.

No. 1801481


sry for being dumb was replying to >>1801440

No. 1801491

oh my god nonna this thread is what made me truly peak, reading this poor woman’s experiences then finding out there was multiple women he raped made me sick to my stomach. The part that bothered me the most is, people seemed to still respect the rapist’s identity, calling him a “she” and a woman. Inhuman freak

No. 1801495

Thanks for linking this nonny it was a delight to read kek

No. 1801497

File: 1680509254824.jpeg (83.96 KB, 750x740, E2B9D2A0-3CB6-424E-869F-89EFBF…)

>man with genderswap fetish thinks he’s a woman

No. 1801499

File: 1680510534914.jpg (Spoiler Image,77.27 KB, 2077x1036, RDT_20230403_10232115006818075…)

This is him claiming he has C size cups. They're delusional. He just had a wide man chest.
I don't get how scrotes will call any woman even with small-medium sized breasts flat but will look at themselves or other trannies and call their actually flat moobs C-F size.

No. 1801502

Indistinguishable from incels saying women are “lucky” for being born female and living life in easy mode, whereas men are cursed and stuck with an low value existence. Being born a woman is a ‘miracle’ that no sane person would ever want to give up. Who would answer “no” to being a privileged lucky girl?

No. 1801504

exactly, like why are these people always so concerned with using "correct" pronouns for actual rapists (specifically MtFs who have assaulted women) Its possible he pushed a girl to suicide. just why

better yet why pander to them when they are clearly not that "moral" or "kind" to begin with. it shouldn't matter if someone misgenders him or not, any decent person should have empathy for the victim(s) regardless

but i guess thats the reality when this is your social circle and labelling women as terfy for wrongthink comes before shaming creeps like this, somehow

No. 1801508

File: 1680513068804.png (94.98 KB, 1383x523, Screenshot 3.png)

>NPR Claims ‘Limited Scientific Evidence’ Men Have ‘Physical Advantage’ over Women in Sport

Why is this the hill mainstream libs want to die on?

No. 1801511

Holy shit Sam is so insufferable, he's angry from the start and won't even let that woman finish her sentence. Very male behavior but I'm not surprised.

No. 1801517

He doesn't even have the gynecomastic moobs most troons have, this is just a fat male chest. Also, of course he only took photos of his ass and moobs to show how "womanlike" he is, because women are just walking assess and tits to trannies.

No. 1801518

He doesn't even have the gynecomastic moobs most troons have, this is just a fat male chest. Also, of course he only took photos of his ass and moobs to show how "womanlike" he is, because women are just walking assess and tits to trannies.

No. 1801519

He doesn't even have the gynecomastic moobs most troons have, this is just a fat male chest. Also, of course he only took photos of his ass and moobs to show how "womanlike" he is, because women are just walking assess and tits to trannies.

No. 1801527

Because they need to prove that there are no physical differences between trans women and women for their ideology to hold water. If we can show that trans women and women aren't indistinguishable from one another the motto "TWAW" doesn't hold and we can motivate separate treatment for TIMs and biological women.

No. 1801555

>OF models
what an interesting choice of words

No. 1801559

Everything is about porn with them. Remember, AGPs basically wanna be able to jerk it to themselves in the mirror so I’m not surprised he wants to look like a OF troon

No. 1801587

oh no that poor man doesn't have severe osteoporosis how sad for him

No. 1801593

So interesting how they are only ever able to focus on things that relate back to sex. This post has a sprinkle of pedophilia to it as well. Every time.

No. 1801596

Maybe we should be discussing how it’s only men who are winning against women and how much rarer it is to see FtMs competing in the men’s leagues. Maybe there’s a reason to the discomfort people (read: women) have when women had to fight tooth and nail to even get their own leagues to begin with. Being a member of the class that has historically oppressed women then bulldozing over them or you’ll throw a hissy fit isn’t the good look you think it is, “Kayleigh”.

No. 1801598

I don’t get how this would even prove transness to them. I honestly find it hard to believe anyone wouldn’t push a button just to see what it felt like to be the opposite sex for a moment, especially if they could just push it again to go back. Not an indicator of transness, just human curiosity. I wonder if these men actually did this they’d start to feel how shitty it actually is existing as a female when the world seeks to constantly tear women apart, but they’d probably be too busy masturbating to their own reflections to ever leave the house.

No. 1801599

File: 1680533145931.jpg (1.21 MB, 4096x2730, GridArt_20230403_104441928.jpg)

The shit school staff has to deal with nowadays. I wonder how common troonism actually is in the Philippines?

No. 1801600

The other HSTS was annoying as fuck too and seemed like he lives permanently on twitter. You know, it was interesting watching that and noticing how the only people who actually showed any empathy were the women, even the TiFs. The one with the glasses and tattoos was especially kind to the detransitioners. Meanwhile Sam and the man with the awful wig (not Shapeshifter, the other one) were so up their own asses it wasn’t even worth conversing with them.

No. 1801602


Its really quite ironic. Multiple people have reported him at this point and nothing. It'll take someone big to expose them and their little pro trans violence community. Even if Blaire White covered it, Id be okay with that. That troon needs to go.

No. 1801606

Very common. Lots of young GNC men get into it. but the population still acknowledges that theyre male biologically kek

No. 1801618

Men>women in trannying themselves up. Nothing to be offended by.

Kikomi as the opposite gender would be portraying a TIF who calls herself a trap/femboy while orig. Kikomi portrays a TIM who calls himself girl.

You need communism to fix this issue, natyushkas.(learn2sage)

No. 1801619

It’s actually some weird thought experiment /question that trans people use to “crack their eggs”. The question is “would you push a button to permanently change your gender” and if you hesitate or think about it then you’re trans. It’s stupid as it sounds

No. 1801621



No. 1801626

Blogpost but my brother is a TIM. He kept accusing I treated him as if he is "becoming someone else", and see our other brother as "him, but male/more male" and starts to mald when he gets to do more of the "man"ly work than the other brother.

Other brother got a girlfriend not long ago, and then when TIM brother gets questioned by relatives if he should get a girlfriend anytime soon, he hated it and started calling other brother a fag/faggot/sissy/crip. And accusing other brother for being too gay to be pressured.

Any mention of saying to him "if you're female, you get x differently" he got mad and "wanted to slice that b*(sic, cuz i hate the way he says that)'s throat" and "who's that b* you're calling me! i'm already a woman aint i?"

He would smile for a bit when he hears "what if [other brother] was a woman, she'd…", but gets extremely mad about the hypothetical probability the other brother would troon out, implying they're the same gender.

TIMs are the worst breed of biological brothers. I think mine is especially unhinged.

No. 1801627

Oh, and he tries to look like HSTS.

No. 1801636

Incels do love to get jealous of even their own family members

No. 1801643

File: 1680539726863.jpg (66.36 KB, 1187x780, egg lookin ass.JPG)

Always got weird vibes from BDG but he's definitely gonna troon soon.

No. 1801668

Is it just me or this wall of text is mental illness?

No. 1801671

File: 1680545377126.jpeg (108.91 KB, 1356x945, 9DF3A152-F92F-41C4-AAC1-1F1830…)

This same nasty freak literally is a textbook autogynephile who masturbates to fake periods. Hell can’t come fast enough for these degenerates

No. 1801672

File: 1680545455873.jpeg (277.73 KB, 2138x1295, C93BDD0E-EB21-4B91-BBFA-3ACAA5…)

A little more degeneracy when he basically fully describes agp

No. 1801678

I would be mentally ill with a troon brother like that too

No. 1801679

File: 1680546416007.jpg (255.99 KB, 936x2048, FsvwZpqXoAEncjb.jpg)

ALWAYS nazis and holocaust with these people

No. 1801680

File: 1680546516939.jpg (170.29 KB, 1080x1849, FsvwahrWwAEZVEO.jpg)

No. 1801681

Ffs when TIFs are still stuck being degenerate communists

No. 1801683

>Other brother got a girlfriend not long ago, and then when TIM brother gets questioned by relatives if he should get a girlfriend anytime soon, he hated it and started calling other brother a fag/faggot/sissy/crip. And accusing other brother for being too gay to be pressured.

True and honest inkwell moment

No. 1801692

this is literally what they look like hahha

No. 1801696

To add, he thinks he's not like other troons, he too happens to have a "genderswap fetish" in a way that makes the genderswap a moid like our other brother, while TIM brother asserts hes a woman (as "more proof"/cope). They dont get along, he is the cain to the other brother's abel. He wants to be "the girl" compared to the other brother, and gets downright murderous when someone gives a hypothesis that the other brother can become a TIM too by following his footsteps just because he is also a moid. TIM is the older brother in this case.

No. 1801697

File: 1680548482868.png (130.41 KB, 720x670, Screenshot_20230403-143528~2.p…)

Found this tweet earlier and just had to share it here.

No. 1801700

"No harm" meanwhile the only gay in my village has his dick removed.

No. 1801704

i know this is old as fuck but holy shit nonnie, you're so smart, ily

No. 1801705

File: 1680550292635.png (39.04 KB, 729x355, countess.png)

so pompous of him to speak for Ireland when most people are against it. It's undemocratic.
>majority are in favour of single sex spaces
>majority say no to self ID
>women more likely to be against it than men
>no one voted for this

and picrel we see the same patterns as the UK and US. barbie kardashian being Ireland's most famous example of the harm he claims hasn't been caused.

No. 1801708

>Trannies' obsession with personal identity and their senses of self are fundamentally incompatible with Marxist thought.
it never ceases to baffle me how many TRA self-proclaimed marxists there are. they identify as communism like they identify with womanhood.

No. 1801712

File: 1680551248104.png (104.03 KB, 567x652, Gill.png)

A man basks in glory of Australian Women’s Classic win. Sick of this shit. Another woman losing out on prize money and a well-earned win. This is how professional golfers make money (we're talking $$$$$s for a win like this) so it's not just unfair in the spirit of fair competition but it's financial theft.

No. 1801715

>I feel less female post nut but I think that’s normal for even cis women

The amount of shit these degenerates make up about women to feel less like the disgusting degenerates they are is incredible to me.

No. 1801745

File: 1680553672199.jpeg (162.92 KB, 1170x1144, 48584738-ABC1-490D-801B-0CA5AC…)

Even when people pander, it’s never enough. Exhausting

No. 1801749

File: 1680554655066.jpeg (142.38 KB, 689x1200, EF92E278-D9FE-4CFA-B707-72FA28…)

“It’s okay for men to creep on women as long as they have untreated gender dysphoria you guys”

No. 1801750

oh god that is someone's grandpa

No. 1801751

nonnas should look up the dossier on dylan mulvaney that someone at the website of a realist portrait painter who shares his first name with the jazz musician davis and his last with 'chances are' singer johnny recently posted, i tried to post a link but i show up as banned when i link directly to his site. it confirms what people here have known all along, but he's definitely an op. i'd say along with most of the other big name mtf absurdities.

No. 1801753

File: 1680555036257.jpg (127.84 KB, 676x900, FskEUsgWAAU89C4.jpg)

kek this is him

No. 1801754

>you need to recognise [trans] people beyond the value of money
my sides kek
@ing a brand on twitter to ask them not to just treat you as consumers. fucking hell were they just born yesterday? this is also amazing because it shows that whilst companies are becoming more personal and trying to be friends with people online - they are opening the door to morons expecting the things they expect from real life relationships from them. as if they're not cold, lifeless corporations that only have one goal which is to bleed people dry and make as much money as possible. delusional.

No. 1801755

not sure what you're talking about but you can post screenshots in the dylan thread >>>/snow/1801450

No. 1801760

Why are you soeaking like a schizo LSA font. Just put the dots in parentheses and post it.

No. 1801774

I feel so bad for teachers, they already have to put up with terrible behavior from children for the fear of having parents make a complaint. This shit happens so much and primarily affects women. One of my friends got stalked by a guy and the school didn't do anything because he was in counseling for threatening suicide and they didn't want to make him distressed. Anecdotally, there's a lot of stories from girls who were nice to special ed kids or even just weird loners who ended up facing completely inappropriate behavior from them, but nothing would be done at the risk of upsetting parents. The trans shit is just one more disgusting layer, because unlike with the weird kids or dangerous situations like my friend's, where the teachers or school would maybe kinda move things around as much as they could "off the books" (like rearranging seating or letting someone swap classes or groups), trans people are seen as "normal" and protected.

Cue the post where the trans student is basically flashing the entire student body and staff of the school and is presumably using the women's restroom (which is even more disgusting when you consider the fact that it's a school, these could be 13 year old girls forced to see a dude's junk). Not to mention the fact that if the skirt was as short as the teacher describes, it would probably become a hygiene issue of someone's underwear on a chair. Absolutely disgusting. It's so unthinkable that teachers can and do get in trouble for trying to fairly enforce rules for all students, but here we are with the new protected class.

No. 1801776

Lolcow is banning me inconsistently not sure what's up, anyway here's proof this has all been the exact ruling class troll it feels like

No. 1801786

"If I just cry and make myself a victim, I can keep flashing girls and making them uncomfortable! Those bitches deserve it bc I'm the real victim here!"
The little freak needs taken out back and shot

No. 1801798

File: 1680558643996.png (56.79 KB, 471x400, Screenshot 2023-04-03 2.44.38 …)

I saw this on Twitter and I thought it was real until I looked at the account and realized it was a weird self-hating self-proclaimed "HSTS" TIM who had downloaded pics of some random teenage TIF on the internet to make fun of them. The amount of TIMs who openly hate TIFs is crazy. Just search "theyfab" on Twitter if you don't believe me. It's like they see TIFs as a socially acceptable target for their misogyny ("they're part of my community therefore it's okay") because they know that TERFs would come for their throats if they mocked "cis" women like this.

No. 1801811

File: 1680559724257.jpg (48.05 KB, 589x409, 20230403_170700.jpg)

They literally dont see the invasion of women's privacy as endangering their safety. They dont care to admit this stuff bc they believe that in the end they "did no harm" since they didnt do anything physically to these women and girls. The panty pooper reads like something a fucking jock in a schlocky college movie would do "as a joke". Proof that they dont see women as people because they give no actual shit that they invade women's spaces just to get their jollies off.
Men always screech about how women invade their privacy online if a woman gets suspicious of infidelity and starts investigating. But yet breaking into a womans room to jizz in her underwear is just another story to share with "the girls". This is why they also openly admit to jerking in women's bathrooms now or going in there expressly to listen to women urinate. They genuinely dont see it as a predatory thing bc in their minds predator equates to direct violence to a person.

No. 1801816

It just makes me laugh whenever tifs are talking about being in community with tims or having their backs. Or when they always show up at the frontlines to fight tims battles. The delusion is real. These men see them as not only fuckholes, but failed fuckholes at that because they're not sufficiently performing femininity. Add blinding narc time rage and jealously on top of that too. I once heard a troon say he dislikes tifs because he didn't understand why they'd reject their boobs and vaginas. I'm surprised there's not more tim on tif violence because it's that mix of disgust, jealousy, rage and lust tims have for tifs that's deadly

No. 1801834

sorry if this has already been posted. Loren Perkins speaking against the anti-drag bills in texas and wasting his 2 minutes with a narcissistic ramble then going 40 seconds over time and blocking other people from speaking.
>insanely entitled
>compares lawmakers to hitler
>talks about how he is a victim because he had to spend ages getting ready
>claims he isn't afforded human rights like everyone else
>overdramatic and theatrical throughout

No. 1801837

There is a huge amount of violence in the community along with rape. When I was a TIF, most of the tifs I knew were victims of rape by tims. We just aren’t allowed to talk about it, even if the activists are TIM rapists with largely TIF victims.

No. 1801838

He’s probably referring to the lack of interest most people get post-orgasm but I have no idea why he referred to it that way. I guess because he thinks being sexually aroused at the idea of himself as a woman is the height of femininity.

No. 1801844

People in the comments defended this saying "they said they were at risk of homelessness because they're trans, trans women are disproportionately homeless"
Correlation doesn't not mean causation. They aren't homeless because they're trans, they've probably got mental or personality problems that make them more likely to be both trans and homeless.

No. 1801847

I’ve noticed this before. I’ve seen TiFs try to actually bring up the issues they have with misogyny and violence from TiMs only to be met with pure male rage and entitlement every time. It makes me so angry for them and a little annoyed with them for continuing to defend these creeps.

No. 1801853

File: 1680564501149.png (64.49 KB, 250x188, 250px-Leslie_Swisher.png)

Right out of the Simpsons

No. 1801859

genuinely hope somehow, someway all the trannies actively posting on 4chan and reddit boards for /tttt/ collectively die at once. The way the are trying to justify their insane, criminal and predatory behaviors as “we all make mistakes” is fucking crazy. These men don’t deserve to walk amongst rest of the population let alone get into women’s spaces. Genuinely can’t believe how someone who admitted to wearing girls’ panties and masturbating in them could admit to being trans in the same breath without seeing the gross irony and the implications. Pure retardation, the world would be a better place with them dead and buried

No. 1801865

this got crossposted in /r/trans and they are coping and seething about how everyone wants them dead and being a transwoman is just sOoOoO hard

No. 1801866

ok first off i know trannies are creeps but secondly… panties in peoples' PE lockers? huh???

No. 1801871

File: 1680566688909.jpeg (156.18 KB, 1218x854, IMG_0041.jpeg)

Retarded tranny post in autism sub actually has some sanity in the form of appropriate upvotes and downvotes. Ofc mods locked the post kek. Is nature healing? Hopefully this made the troons feel “unsafe” so they can leave us alone.

No. 1801877

Yup I just discovered “theyfab” recently after lurking on r/4tran for a while… the AGP cesspit where troons go to show off their mental illness. If you ever want to peak someone send them screenshots from that sub!

No. 1801884


The people who enable bad behavior in kids really need to know this story.

No. 1801887

>>1801599 usually hsts though. i only saw one agp from my previous company, dude wore an ankle-length dress with a long slit to his thighs, shitty and mangled hair in a ponytail with a clear man voice as he speaks. kinda weird for him to dress like that when women, including me, heck even hsts, opt for comfort then there's the moid wanting to look like he belongs in a nightclub or a formal dinner party.

No. 1801901

Every single thing they mock tifs for they would throw an absolute shitfit over if it was ever said about tw

No. 1801902

How can he even make a statement like this… it's almost like he's goading people to bring up that he doesn't get a period. "Actually many trans people experience periods" I don't care, you don't bleed from a vagina, so there.

No. 1801917

kek the comments on this video

No. 1801918

I was also on this thread lol. I made sure do downvote these retardeds too. They can't help but try and invade every fucking female space on the internet, giving their shit takes that no one asked for.

No. 1801925

The poster literally responds to naysayers by posting the bills created regulating transgender issues and paints them as if they are so fascist and evil where anyone with a working mind can see that they are just trying to protect children and other vulnerable people. Not really making much of a case for yourself if you openly admit you dont want any of that shit regulated, especiallymedical malpractice you fool. I hope they keep whining more and more bills get passed.

No. 1801930

"I experience period symptoms but not the most important one that defines a period, bleeding"

No. 1801937

Not many non-autistic people are aware of this, but it’s estimated that something like 92% of autistic women suffer from PMDD. Which is a life-altering condition to have on top of autism. I doubt trannies know this at all. So specifically with autism, biology does in fact make a huge difference! Sick of seeing these troons like “well I mask all the time and have a hard time getting diagnosed so I have the same experience as any autistic woman”. Wrong. Anyway I brought up the PMDD thing bc I had the idea to make a sub specifically for autistic women with PMDD but I have a feeling it would get found and inhabited by fake period bros. Not even worth the energy.

No. 1801960

Damn, I didn't know this was a thing. I'm autistic and my pre-period depression is fucking awful, my mood is usually pretty good most of the month and then a week before my period I'll get this awful heart-pounding anxiety, horribly depressed, its just extremely uncomfortable. I'm always relieved when I actually do get my period and it goes away it's actually the worst part. I noticed this before I even knew PMS was supposed to come BEFORE your period not during. Of course trans always claim they get stomach cramps and mood swings DURING their period (a myth) and the fucking stereotypes like wanting chocolate. it's not cute, it sucks. They don't realize it's an entire cycle, I can tell when I'm ovulating because I'll be friskier and in a better mood. To them periods are just this cute little time of the month where you get to whine and eat ice cream and get babied, I fucking hate it.

No. 1801969

Moids have more political freedom than us

No. 1801974

>it’s estimated that something like 92% of autistic women suffer from PMDD
source on that? sounds pulled out of an ass. haver here that's only ever heard that around under half of us have comorbid adhd, never heard of this autism statistic whatsoever

No. 1801994

AYRT, It's the first result that comes up if you google "autism pmdd". The article cites this study but I don't know if it's any good tbh. 92% is really high!


No. 1802005

File: 1680585487010.png (91.48 KB, 649x558, vq4gad.png)

tims try not be pedophilic challenge(impossible)

No. 1802019

also its just a historical artifact that all kids would wear dresses for convenience. fucking idiot

No. 1802020

File: 1680589461765.jpeg (296.71 KB, 2000x1333, sNn06Fv.jpeg)

It wasn't considered feminine either, pashtun men wear eyeliner and keep their hair long, they don't consider that feminine or girly and back then having young boys wear skirts wasn't considered genderbending or queer, it was just something they did cause diapers weren't a thing yet and it was easier to change napies in skirts rather then pants

No. 1802027

File: 1680590597280.jpg (228.65 KB, 1536x1495, german farmers volunteering to…)

bring back flowers adorning men

No. 1802029

drag queens aren't just GNC men though. they're often pretty gender conforming in their daily lives but sometimes make a mockery of women by performing an exaggeration of femininity and being referred to as women and "she/her" while they're at it. also, people obviously make a connection between them and "gender identity" BS recently, otherwise they wouldn't invite them on LGBTQ related days. i agree they're not the exact same thing as trannies but come on, finding drag offensive doesn't mean you're in favor of strict gender norms.

No. 1802038

File: 1680595136215.jpeg (59.19 KB, 828x781, 66BFA23D-925A-4DD4-A925-545D90…)

Anyone else ever run into Andrea long chu? I really really hate this person. Constantly re-purposes radfem writers into saying they were secretly trans. He wrote an entire book about how they understand women more than women because they’re aroused by their autogynephilia (srs)

No. 1802070

omg kekkk

No. 1802071

Woah Stav trooned out lol

No. 1802077

Isn't he the ''porn made me realise I was actually a woman'' guy? I know all AGPs are like this but I remember seeing a picture of a text written by him talking about very openly about some fetish with a photo of him attached next to it. He looked nasty.

No. 1802080

ew I remember that as well, something along the lines of "womanhood is a gaping asshole and an empty, blank stare" Absolutely disgusting

No. 1802091

File: 1680608142687.jpg (28.04 KB, 719x953, gross.jpg)

No. 1802094

> Talking to other women, specifically listening to real women's experiences
wow he looks slightly better than othe-
>helps me mourn the loss of childhood I never had
retard, he did have a childhood, he just didn't get to be a kawaii loli he jerks off to
>taking sexy pictures
>paying with his "breasts" moobs
>and other stereotypical shit
I mean, who in the modern world even believes a woman's life consists solely of makeup and skirt go spinny? Troons literally have a 1950s mindset when it comes to gender roles.

No. 1802095

Before the first world war female and male children were dressed the same way, it doesn't mean all boys who lived back then wanted to be castrated

No. 1802098

moids gonna moid

No. 1802101

File: 1680610408755.png (36.14 KB, 183x267, elizabethan .png)

I love that they're implying this child had a say in how their hair looked or what clothes they wore, not to mention how this wasn't typical of the time. even if they're just joking, this is basically still their logic.
the lack of education or understanding of other cultures or times in history is bizarre. i guess 18th century aristocratic men and boys were all trans too? and ancient Egyptian men or 6th century Korean warriors? men of course 70s/80s glam rock stars should definitely have been put on HRT too.

No. 1802110

im a girl and I look like him, its ogre

No. 1802112

it's "just" a pokémon tournament (poor kid though) but it really illustrates how trannies and their ~allies~ can now disqualify people/get people fired for "making them feel uncomfortable" i.e. not sharing their beliefs and playing the pronoun game. crazy.


No. 1802113

File: 1680611480033.jpeg (151.17 KB, 618x1432, 4C197B1D-B456-4E82-8063-400892…)

Is this a troll? There was one pretty much exactly like this but the woman was Japanese/Swedish. Not sure if it was posted earlier in the thread so I’m posting it again.

No. 1802115

File: 1680611664589.jpeg (215.84 KB, 1000x1457, E7E8064E-6C82-4058-A6CC-8EDD7A…)

Tranny identity politics sucks, androgyny rocks.
I wish we could go back to when it was acceptable for men to be dandyish and femme and women to be butch and masc, without all the stupid tranny melodrama that goes with it.

No. 1802119

I know it's a joke, but Jesus H Christ. He died of a stroke.

No. 1802124

That's what I thought when I saw it. Could also be some troon's made up coom fantasy he keeps reposting. iirc he also said he "literally wanted to wear her."

No. 1802131

File: 1680616316881.png (739.91 KB, 1206x3665, 1630000551198.png)

Reminded me of this. Sick shit.

No. 1802134

File: 1680617374166.webm (4.64 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1680616772519.webm)

Saw this faggot on my fyp stitching a video from a woman mocking people who say we need to gender the trans shooter correctly. Saying "see this don't do this" and the comment section was acting like he was so "based" for it. He is genuinely so fucking pretentious too. Saying the woman was not goth she was skater??? This fag is not either of those things. The sanrio shit is just the cherry on the sex offender top.

No. 1802135

Whatever makes you feel better anon

No. 1802136

samefag should have clarified that this video I put was from February and the video I was talking about was from last week. He popped up on my FYP twice for some reason. I have never seen his content before today.

No. 1802137

they will literally never understand what it is like to be female. they will never fucking understand what it is like to still be a child in a changing body as grown men start to creep on you, to be taught that your bodies are shameful and inappropriate and 'distracting'. that you can't even talk about periods because it's 'gross'. not to mention we are barely even taught about what's going to happen when you get it, unless your lucky to have a good mom. my middle school growing up didn't even have trash cans to throw out menstrual products.

they might know what it is like to be seen as a woman, maybe, if they are part of the lucky few that somewhat pass. most likely their negative treatment is due to coming across as a feminine gay man or a crossdresser. but they will never ever know what it is actually like to be a woman. there are so many experiences they will never have - that even women without periods and infertile women understand (since they like to use them as a cop out, subtly insinuating that being infertile makes them less of a woman).

throughout history there have always been points where people are weird about gender. i feel like that's why troon stuff has taken off so much in the west. society as a whole thinks feminine = women, masculine = man. butch women and flamboyant gay men used to get compared to the opposite sex as an insult. obviously that still happens but now if you feel ostracized from your birth sex it turns out you were actually in the wrong body and need extensive medical treatment to conform.

No. 1802146

man who thinks hr is a woman gets mad at a goth for being a poser

No. 1802152

Then there'd be another group of troons who hate this (supposdly) and want to stand out to get a pass for being the first in line for the butchering genital mutilation before anyone else does.

No. 1802157

They don't understand, and as men with no empathy, they think nothing we say is true and it's all just whining. They believe they would be happy to have men comment on their growing bodies, they think we are ungrateful. That's the worst part of all this, realizing they get boners over being dehumanized, and them linking that love of dehumanization to be a sign they are women.

No. 1802161

The same people who get jealous of ftms, or tifs and non-binaroids(female).

Guess their utopia: Making the world a "lady" land so it wouldn't come to their attention if they get clocked lmao