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File: 1686161837281.jpeg (433.27 KB, 2048x2048, D0309667-5625-484C-BB3D-5B43B0…)

No. 1842433

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No. 1842435

OMG kek nonna megamoid

No. 1842436

File: 1686162649058.jpg (277.87 KB, 1166x1735, FyCA_q3XsAMtSJO.jpg)

I mean do some of these moids even try?? They dont even shave and go "how am I doing" i mean real fucking bad my guy??

No. 1842438

File: 1686162955960.jpeg (Spoiler Image,345.59 KB, 1638x2048, FyB_pfhXsAAeOvU.jpeg)

Warning rot pocket
One of the worst ones ive seen holy hell

No. 1842447

>heart choker in troon colors
>miku and pusheen lanyard
>the rattiest fucking t-shirt that most people would only use to wipe their bathroom
>horrible skin
>dead eyes
this is just more hilarious than anything
he's on the bus in that pic, he did do a good job of passing as the average meth user you see on public transit

No. 1842452

File: 1686165233137.jpeg (53.21 KB, 750x567, IMG_8958.jpeg)

girls don’t cough, we don’t have bodily functions.

No. 1842453

I like the aesthetic of worn down clothes and wear stuff like that myself, but he looks like the normal homeless drug addict I have to share public transport with daily. If I would see him, I wouldn't sit next to him and stand the whole bus ride. But the answer to his question, he looks like he will drop dead in a month or two.

No. 1842455

honestly, I never cough, I never sneeze, I don't have to use the toilet ever and most important, I don't do drugs, that's not very feminine and someone should tell him.

No. 1842457

Holy fuck

No. 1842462

One month on HRT more like six months on meth

No. 1842464

Literally looks like a drug addict on the streets

No. 1842468

Encountered a specimen at the grocery store. Tall and lanky as fuck with a school plaid skirt and pastel Tshirt with a design I didn't look long enough to make out.
What I notice the most is that nearly all troons I see are all still wearing masks. I've seen dudes post on Twitter bemoaning having to show their face again because somehow it's not the fact they're fridgeshaped that gets them clocked

No. 1842473

File: 1686168048531.jpeg (177.32 KB, 1170x1605, IMG_3613.jpeg)

The first google result when you search for that post is this cancerous video. Jesus christ trannies are a blight. Women are when stereotype of anime girl amirite fellow uterus havers?

No. 1842516

where's the "vagina"? is it the one at the bottom? because i'm seeing three holes in this picture

No. 1842520

File: 1686174077747.png (3.12 MB, 5119x1771, Untitled28_20230607173725.png)

Based. We have pick me handmaiden's posting their onlyfans in the replies, mtf's acting like the catty gay men they are, coomers unironically believing in men pretending to be women having the ability to have a pregnancy, etc.

No. 1842526

File: 1686174461694.png (Spoiler Image,1.55 MB, 828x1160, IMG_8960.png)


No. 1842528

File: 1686174694758.jpeg (52.06 KB, 750x616, IMG_8961.jpeg)


No. 1842529

10-15 years is a long time, by then this fad will have died out

No. 1842530

File: 1686174978762.jpeg (95.19 KB, 750x1212, IMG_8962.jpeg)

monster oblong fake tits.

No. 1842531

Thank you for spoilering that mess! You can tell the dude in this photo was aroused by the swelling where the shaft is left…. Im gagging at the thought of these dudes getting praised, when a real woman would get burned at the stake with a bush THAT unkempt!!!

No. 1842532

the bush is almost as bad as the mutilated dick.

No. 1842545

Yeah, that crescent shaped opening at the bottom is the "vagina", the mangled looking middle one is where he now pisses out of.

No. 1842554

I agree with the meme on the left though. What weird thing to tweet.

No. 1842556

that is so fucking foul

No. 1842562

File: 1686178937187.png (27.77 KB, 1366x438, groomers.png)

Assuming this isn't just a larp, what are the odds that a chaser moid dating a troon happens to have a gay 14 year old troon son too? Utter fridge horror

No. 1842568

troons are seriously mental

No. 1842570

old man body in a one piece swimsuit. Horrific. Why do old men always turn into dr. eggman? it's scary looking.

No. 1842571

I prefer the rotting ones. Jesus christ that's some fucking HP Lovecraft.

No. 1842573

Definitely grooming involved if not fake. My cousin is a TIF who was groomed by her TIF mom. Normalizing it in the home is a great way to create a troon.

No. 1842574

Looks like a hairy prolapsed asshole

No. 1842576

File: 1686181307327.jpeg (Spoiler Image,108.23 KB, 675x900, FyCwodrX0BkPNOP.jpeg)

Warning another rot pocket
Looks like a bomb exploded

No. 1842577

File: 1686181437319.jpg (172.64 KB, 1080x1189, FyDDlEnXsAER89y.jpg)

No. 1842579

>if they say no, I'm ending it all
Someone should contact the authorities because I wouldn't be suprised if he is thinking of his "awful" parents that probably house him rent free

No. 1842580

if by ending it all he means angrily typing up another vent post to reddit loaded with f bombs and crying to his discord mod friends about how mean his parents are then sure i believe it.
these people always tell on themselves lmao talking about how they're 18/19/20 and their parents still treat them like a child when they're living under the same roof – literally nothing stopping any of these guys from getting a job & saving to move out if they feel like they're getting such a raw deal

No. 1842581

>nobody would fucking know im a fucking girl if i wasnt wearing a fucking skirt
Kek, that's just his version of wearing a trans pin except less straight to the point. He needs everyone to see a man in a skirt and adjust accordingly

No. 1842585

File: 1686182061019.jpg (287.91 KB, 1090x2048, FyDkLFnWIAA9pAY.jpg)

fucking kek
Dylan is a "they" again

No. 1842586

god help us. the homeless tweakers are trooning out

No. 1842589

he's an adult so his parents should let him wear it out. it's better for us too because ppl see the red flag and ignore him.

No. 1842590

File: 1686182774132.png (411.84 KB, 825x764, Screenshot.png)

fuck I hate troons

No. 1842595

??? I can't tell what anything happening there is supposed to be. besides the pus. this shit is falling apart at the seams
thanks I hate it

No. 1842600

He’s trying to get ahead of the female minstrelsy allegations by saying he’s just doing non-binary things

No. 1842602

Lmao a suit how groundbreaking. God you can tell the bud light fiasco really got to him. People are gonna identify Dylan as the guy who helped torpedo an almost 200 year old beer company right into the ground kek

No. 1842603

"I used to wear one type of clothes, but now I wear two types of clothes. >:3c"

No. 1842605

I should've known better than to open this one, but how can someone exist like this?? Like, I get it's for someone's pipe-dream little fetish, but there's not enough drugs/indoctrination to make me think mutilating my crotch is going to end well.
Especially w the list of troons chimping out on reddit over their axe wounds.

Lord, idk what I'd do if I came face to face w that manlet in a spa. They're probably the same greasy fucker that think you go to those types of spas for an easy hookup keke

No. 1842606

is he detransitioning? is the tranny grift not lucrative anymore?

No. 1842608

love that for him.

No. 1842609

Really hope this doesn't happen to my local Korean spa. The last thing I need to see in the women's spa room is some floppy tube moobs and a shriveled up dick.

No. 1842612

I think this stuff just makes them even more clockable because it sounds so fake and forced.

No. 1842614

time to cash those checks and move to cosplaying Brian molko ig

No. 1842617

Fucking great. Not like a large chunk of these sex offenders aren't particularly into asian women as a fetish or anything. Great job, Seattle. Enjoy your rape culture.

No. 1842623

why do they always go for the businesses and spas run by immigrant women???

No. 1842625

why do they keep insisting that puberty blockers are safe and reversible. it’s not like there’s a preponderance of evidence that the drugs are harmless, and there’s enough evidence that they’re bad, or at least not enough evidence that it’s OKAY, that sensible people should balk. I know a TIF who i otherwise think is nice and not stupid but she keeps fucking pushing this line and it’s just mind boggling to me, especially considering the sincerely admirable work she does eith underprivileged children, I would think she cared more about children’s welfare and not using these kinds of fucked up drugs on them. I think it must come from self hatred and the feeling that her natural puberty was “harmful” to her. or something. Or maybe she’s a gross sex freak and I just haven’t been able to pick up on that for some reason.

No. 1842626

They count on immigrant women to not be able to fight back as effectively.

No. 1842629

Wonder which beer company he's planning to destroy this time.

No. 1842633

I heard somewhere that not only is he a they, but he now is 'sexually attracted to women'

No. 1842639

Is there any data on how transgender crime rates compare to those of the general population? I want to see if MTFs commit crimes similar to cis males.

No. 1842644

File: 1686191284234.jpg (79.99 KB, 828x889, FyDTvcuWwAEgcQM.jpg)

The worst part is that it's not just a spa, it's a nude spa. This troon 100% just wants to see ass and titties.

No. 1842650

File: 1686192985478.jpg (183.46 KB, 1080x1546, vagina.jpg)

Kek, this study counts penis/neovagina microbiome as vagina microbiome

No. 1842653

what's the point of the study then if it allows troons?

No. 1842655

I hope they secretly discard the tranny samples.

No. 1842661

File: 1686194396875.png (391.12 KB, 818x809, troon.png)

The poor woman I hope she's ok.

No. 1842665

she's probably fine bc it's in The Daily Mail so we know this literally didnt happen.

it's the wackiest tabloid in the uk they will just post anything. i heard bigfoot was there in the bathroom too

No. 1842666

The article is switching up who was the bus driver this is fake as hell

No. 1842667

>because it's the daily mail it's not real
The Guardian says unreal shit like men are women and women who don't think so are evil. The source of the information does not make the information untrue.

No. 1842668

I think they both are, the bottom line refers to one as a bus operator and the other as a driver. It was in a locker room so presumably it happened at the bus depot rather than randomly in public.

Confused me too at first though.

No. 1842671

File: 1686196390473.png (8.76 KB, 532x206, 5143194-88322b1d5a6ca33c7bafc9…)

Her detractors genuinely think you need to get men in drag to teach you how to apply expensive colored sand on your face to be a real woman kek.

No. 1842673

File: 1686196610007.png (175.27 KB, 828x1792, C59BAE79-7D0F-4357-A0E0-0AF7B8…)

No. 1842678

right but all journalism has political discourse you might not agree with. the daily mail will fabricate entire specific events that actually did not happen. they are not the same. you are not this dumb

No. 1842679

>calling post dumb for pointing out the source of the info does not make the info untrue and all papers hold a political bias and report wrong info
No, but you seem to be. No one said the daily mail didn't have a bias. You seemed to imply it was incorrect because of that bias though, rather than the validity of the information.

No. 1842681

No. 1842682

Samefag, but claiming it's untrue because it's the daily mail is dumb and what was being referred to. Especially considering the story is about an MTF, a group of men more likely to hold sexual perversions and be predators then the average man (and men already are more likely to be predators, so the likelihood of it being true is doubled). There's a reason MTFs are mostly in prison for sex based crimes, male transitioning is majorly fetish-motivated now it is no longer only homosexual men doing it (even then some gay men are fetish motivated like their straight counterparts, they just have more variety and have a lesser chance of it being fetish motivated). It's like saying don't believe a crime occurred because of who's claiming it happened.

No. 1842685

kek i love the smug expression on her face. she’s everything they wish they could be that’s why they’re seething so hard.

No. 1842688

File: 1686201569722.jpeg (65.7 KB, 750x780, IMG_8969.jpeg)

the shit trannies who larp as lesbians post is so fucking predatory.

No. 1842695

it's not like it's the first thing she did after learning the news, she can make a joke 5 months into her pregnancy i think

No. 1842705

No. 1842715

File: 1686210413365.jpg (14.68 KB, 1042x104, Clipboard01.jpg)

No. 1842716

File: 1686210583716.jpg (43.88 KB, 318x600, Farrow1.jpg)

No. 1842729

File: 1686213005841.jpg (177.82 KB, 1430x1444, bb1.jpg)

No. 1842730

File: 1686213153653.jpg (79.35 KB, 706x1224, bb2.jpg)

No. 1842731

File: 1686213260464.jpg (286.87 KB, 1214x1272, b.jpg)

that dude's txt
"aggressive staring" yeah they are checking you out kek

No. 1842732

File: 1686213332101.jpeg (161.82 KB, 737x1075, IMG_8976.jpeg)

>makes me wanna become an actress
op is a tranny. ofc he thinks he can make better “lesbian” porn.

No. 1842733

File: 1686213476848.jpg (162.52 KB, 1408x1400, aa.jpg)

No. 1842734

they're clocking him. even them finding excuses to talk to him is because they want to hear his voice to confirm he's a troon.

No. 1842735

File: 1686213625656.jpg (93.7 KB, 1222x362, a.jpg)

No. 1842736

That's an anus

No. 1842741

Welcome to the world of "girlhood", tranny.
I'm honestly surprised this happened so soon. I knew he was going to detrans eventually, but damn lol. Never bothering to change his name was a dead giveaway

No. 1842744

Kek I'm no makeup artist but it's even more hilarious that they can't tell it's intentional smudged eyeliner on her lower lashline and not mascara "fallout". Fallout refers to when eyeshadow particles fall onto your cheeks, mascara can't do that. Tranny Dunning-Kruger in full effect.

No. 1842746

File: 1686216767632.jpg (Spoiler Image,180.68 KB, 1768x1414, 1686214872012.jpg)

The lips on this one. Must have been sucking on a steering wheel.

No. 1842750

That actually made me almost throw up IRL.

No. 1842752

It's always the same thing with these "I'm treated like a woman now" posts. People are nicer to you because they view you as mentally ill and potentially threatening. And you receive more sexual attention because you're literally presenting as a pervert.

No. 1842753

File: 1686219046049.webm (Spoiler Image,1.96 MB, 400x590, 1686149434689430.webm)

totally not a fetish you guys, just girly things done by mature women that mean no harm
dont unspoiler if you dont want to see indecent exposure to an innocent min wage worker

No. 1842755

okay, that's it, I'm done with the human race and will move into the forest where I live among squirrels and wood pigeons.
Didn't even blur out the face of that delivery guy.

No. 1842756

omg i hope they can ban his adress so next time this retard calls he gets nothing and gets yelled at for being a pig.

No. 1842757

File: 1686220640254.jpeg (224.55 KB, 2002x889, IMG_3637.jpeg)

Galaxy brain moid take - sexual harassment don’t real because women can just opt out through “cut their boobs, womb, doing not makeup, keeping short hair.” Note all this shit is for the most part superficial, because to troons womanhood is entirely surface level (it has to be for it to be attainable).

He also posts in sissy subs and has many posts about stuff like anal sex and trying as many women’s leggings on in lululemon stores as possible (because of fucking course, men cannot leave women’s spaces alone even when they’re “hsts”).


No. 1842760

>Women must accept sex-based violence because it's natural muh
Men were a mistake.

No. 1842764

File: 1686223073158.jpg (155.83 KB, 1080x1414, Fx9Jg5XXgAAA7dw.jpg)

Are there ANY actual lesbians left in the lesbian reddit threads at this point?

No. 1842766

File: 1686223522435.jpg (203.11 KB, 810x2475, Screenshot_20230608-003030_Chr…)

I applaud the mods for leaving this comment up

No. 1842773

I fucking hate "trans butch".

No. 1842775

These weirdos ask because by coughing it makes those relatively passable ones out themselves as male.

No. 1842780

File: 1686225665367.png (231.92 KB, 655x3655, Screenshot.png)

Some especially awful tweets the twitter thread, personally I do find her irritating. But the fact that the replies to this post are just vitriolic misogyny from leftist men, libfem women and troons really highlights the notion that men view misogyny as an acceptable response to women with differing opinions. It's as if they believe certain women deserve it if they hold the wrong opinions

No. 1842783

What does "pus" mean? Sorry I dont speak twittertrannytard

No. 1842785

I never heard of her and what I've read, she wouldn't be a person I would befriend, but her comment was spot on and the replies she gets are horrible. The amount of time the word "girl" is used would make me scream, why are grown women always girls? It's just another possibility to belittle women and their opinions and I hate it so much.

No. 1842787

Pus is that stinky yellowish fluid that comes out of infected wounds.

No. 1842788

File: 1686228287705.jpg (167.89 KB, 1920x1080, 05115450.jpg)

>Try to end the cough higher than where you start.
That's the goal, yes.

No. 1842789

No. 1842791

The first episode of Sandi's UK tour "accompanied by the nation's most fascinating women" includes a trip to ROI with a man lmfao. Are they trolling us?

No. 1842793

File: 1686229537409.jpg (81.66 KB, 1080x1091, 20221025_172241.jpg)

No. 1842794

so he totally passes but terfs still clock him… that's just called not passing

No. 1842799

>Implies women online don't get random rape/death threats

No. 1842800

omg, I love that picture, I want that in every language as a sticker in better quality, so I can put it in every public toilet I visit

No. 1842801

File: 1686230384050.jpeg (74.4 KB, 812x839, 9DA8A8B1-74CE-4B08-B77D-5244F4…)

I hate how twitterfags make sure to mention race to criticise trannies because just saying “transgenders are gross” is politically incorrect. They know that the majority of transgenders are degenerates, but westerners are such pathetic moralists they force themselves to tolerate them because “”they’re not actually hurting anyone!!!!””.

No. 1842802

No. 1842803

so are they comparing pregnancy to wounds or something?

No. 1842804

It’s a age old leftist tactic, they will say the most misogynistic thing but put white in front of it but they really mean all women they just need to specify to virtue signall.

No. 1842806

I see this often when twittertards refer to white TIFs

No. 1842807

Boomercons are so annoying. They resort to ragebait instead of actual productive discussion. Left wing radical feminists are the ones who made most women realise how disgusting trannies are, not snarky QRTS on twitter. On another side, normies can see how mentally ill their demographic is by reading the death threats she received

No. 1842808

Her sweatshirt says pus on it

No. 1842813

I'm sorry but are you dumb? her hair covers the other letters, it clearly doesn't just say "PUS" come on anon

No. 1842816

>I'm sorry but are you dumb?
Yes I know her hair is covering it, I'm telling you the troon was just pointing that out and it wasn't that deep

No. 1842818

I still don't get it. Is that supposed to be an own? Pus? As in pussy? Men are so fucking unfunny and immature they giggle at the letters PUS?

No. 1842824

how the tables have turned, sorry for being a bitch nona

No. 1842828

>the main naked lady spa
Fucking weird how he had to point it out/word it this way.

No. 1842835

Haha nonna

No. 1842839

I didn’t have Macaulay Culkin trooning out on my 2023 bingo card.

No. 1842881

Jesus christ what the fuck. How does this not automatically get you put on the sex offense playlist?

No. 1842882

Nonnies my brain farted because of how upset that video made me. Sex offender registry*

No. 1842886

Service workers don't have the time or money for suing so their opinions don't count, obviously.

>naked lady spa
>don't need the chop to get in
Sounds to me like he's signaling his bros that a hunt is afoot.

No. 1842891

idk it's always mildly fun imo when people post selfies and their partially covered shirt spells out something that would never be on a shirt. it's a nothing comment. people will sometimes point it out even when they agree with you and are just being silly to lighten the mood. is so it's harmless shit to me especially compared to the other replies. not even misogynistic like most of these other comments.

No. 1842895

more importantly (literally irrelevant), what do you think the shirt is supposed to say? like what are the letters under the hair? im dumb sorry im stumped on what brand or university has p u s in the middle.

No. 1842898

It says tpusa, turning point usa

No. 1842908

File: 1686249115836.png (20.7 KB, 598x707, right.png)

>this is not a 'scam', this is someone phishing for the addresses of vulnerable transwomen so they can SWAT/stalk/In Minecraft them.

>vulnerable transwomen

No. 1842913


I think they're jealous, either of the son getting attention or being attracted to someone else… there is slightly odd vibes happening here. Neither of child's bio parents are involved and starting hormones at 13… this is a skeevy situation

All this back and forth, guys going through some kind of midlife twink crisis I have never seen the likes of

No. 1842934

>this product may increase testosterone production

No. 1842949

File: 1686254264931.jpg (193.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230608-154630_Red…)

The AGPsmirk on this one

No. 1842970

I don’t think it’s that deep. It’s just that most TERFs on twitter are actually POC women and most of the weird weeb troons are white. They aren’t trying to be politically correct it’s just observation

No. 1842974

No why would they stay in spaces full of fetishists who speak over them and silence them? The women who remain and encourage the men probably aren’t even lesbians

No. 1843027

I just watched the mini documentary from skirt_go_spinny on twitter and it evoked such a strong emotional response, it was so harrowing. I guess I'm newly peaked (am I using that word right). How do you guys deal with knowing all this stuff is going on? I'm actually so angry.

No. 1843064

Something bugs the fuck out of me: If troons are so distwessed irl, why don't they resort to 24/7 catfish for their online presence? Why must tell the world they're trans(read: a man of some sort)?
Sick of this clown world.

No. 1843070

Just go on as normal with the exception that you make sure your social spaces are just women. If you like nerd hobbies just create a cozy enclave because moids in that scene will eventually troons out. These fucks crave female validation and hate women being happy so the best thing you can do is live comfortably with them trying to lick the windows.
Hard, but working great for me so far in the clown world of the Bay area.

No. 1843072

File: 1686264509830.jpeg (79.88 KB, 827x902, IMG_0283.jpeg)

the troons have gone full delusional in the qrts. sad!

No. 1843076

File: 1686264781546.jpg (415.56 KB, 1918x1922, 4qzd85.jpg)

Because if no one knows they're trannie, they cannot ask for donations/gofundme/butt pats, even if that means becoming in the gov's public enemy.

No. 1843078

Kek they gonna lose their minds when it doesn't happen. Imagine making men able to give birth instead of focusing on solving infertility issues on women and pregnancy related complications. Waste of time and money, complete butchery, that's not science anymore, that's the equivalent of the weird ass experiments people did years ago that did absolutely nothing but cause unnecessary pain and suffering to people and animals, well, the only difference here is that it's very hard to feel sorry for the future victims of this stupidity.

No. 1843080

Sex offender playlist is so based

No. 1843083

>learn how to apply mascara
>the fall out
You know, the famous mascara fall out. Happens to everyone

No. 1843100

File: 1686267327195.gif (2.54 MB, 480x360, happyworld.gif)

>trans women knowing how to apply mascara.

You hear it, nonnies. You have to ask to a trans woman how to do something quite simple like brushing your eyelashes with the mascara brush and wait until it dries. What would we live without trans women's ego?

>something like picrel

you know, that's something that have been irking me. Women pain/issues have been ignored, gaslighted, under malpractice and a big etc. But suddenly men want to have baaaaabieeees via pregnancy and want to move heaven and earth with science so men can be able to get a healthy uterus inside? That's stupid as fuck and one again showing that women's health is nothing.

No. 1843197

Should make a youtube playlist with only trans artists on it called sex offender playlist kek.

No. 1843198

this just makes me think of the mouse experiment that always gets brought up here. do you think they dont know the female mouse had to be kept alive and attached for the uterus to function or that they just dont care and want to do literal nazi level experiments on women? i guess the third option is just that theyre so delusional they think within 10 years scientists will somehow miraculously solve that one. apparently youre not even supposed to do organ transplants between people of opposite sexes if you can avoid it.

No. 1843210

why why whyyyy do they do this!! Do they think someone is going to eventually fuck them or something. What the fuck.

No. 1843211

Come on nona, we all know these tranny birth fantasies are gonna turn out exactly like their tranny vagina fantasies.

Surgeons can’t even do bottom surgery without it turning into a septic stoma wound that permanently leaks fetid pus and reeks of shit, you really think they’re gonna transplant whole ass wombs into their moid beer bellies and give birth out of their shit laden bacterial crotch wounds after 9 months? Kek.

No. 1843213

Jesus Christ that side profile I am howling
I nearly spit out my water at your comment thanks nona

No. 1843214

I’m actually gonna do this too kek

No. 1843215

It’s funny that the only time troons can remotely pass as women is when trying to larp as 70 year old ugly fat menopausal ladies with no estrogen left in their systems. I wonder why that is.

No. 1843218

i said want to, something like that would never be allowed to happen no matter how many people push for it and insist its viable. i just have this need to understand insane people lol.

No. 1843219

Is like that twitter video where it shows a different pelvis from a woman and a man and how male pelvis aren't made for pregnancy. It was full of TRAs and handmaidens saying "but there's cesarean!", "so women with narrow hips cannot be pregnant neither?" and many bullshit again.

I know is a fetish for them and they would enjoy it, but if they're willing to be pregnant for 9 months while having their pain/health ignored, I say "let them".

No. 1843232

I hope he gets reported

No. 1843242

He never started hormones either, wonder if the whole grift was just his convoluted way of justifying getting a facelift and nosejob.

No. 1843256

File: 1686281003923.jpeg (Spoiler Image,167.07 KB, 828x1536, IMG_0287.jpeg)

i let my curiosity win and went to see his account and what the fuck is this creature. the way the bolt-ons are connected in the middle, he looks a state. such beautiful houses in the background and then there’s this monstrosity ruining it all

No. 1843272

File: 1686282610914.jpg (45.42 KB, 540x360, 360_F_191041259_anPAz1waCYJGWS…)

>MFW I clicked that

We should open a poll: What's worst? TIFs with horrible scar chests or TIM with badly placed implants?

No. 1843277

‘Them’ is the name of the site doing the reporting, he’s not de transitioning or being a ‘they’. He still has she/they on his profiles as he always did.

No. 1843306

I think that's a silicone chest plate, still looks retarded

No. 1843314

File: 1686287353572.jpeg (Spoiler Image,118.52 KB, 1267x794, IMG_0298.jpeg)

Nope, he really got bolt-ons that look this fake and gross, which I think was what he wanted. If you look at his account (which I disavow) you can see it better. There are videos of him trying to make them bounce but they just remain in one place, it’s grotesque. Sorry for more pictures but it’s like a morbid curiosity, a repulsive spectacle I can’t look away from. Also it’s kind of hilarious to see these two plastic balls just shoved onto a male body, imagine being so mentally ill you actually pay to look like this.

No. 1843331

What an ugly fucking dress. And face.

No. 1843333

File: 1686290606137.png (Spoiler Image,2.74 MB, 1620x2314, GoddessPurpleFrost.png)

Your feminism isn't feminism if it excludes diapered trannies

No. 1843334

Can you link the documentary pls?

No. 1843344

File: 1686297507908.png (99.91 KB, 616x631, 1686247371904328.png)

i cant wait for some slimy indian (not being racist they are known for this) surgeon hook up tons of tranners with ovaries (likely either donated by desperate women or taken from dead ones) for big bucks and have them die shortly after from complications. and then watch the whole community see them as heroes in the name of progress kekeke
as you all should know, its impossible to attach an uterus even to a male mouse without a live female mouse also be attached to the male one. it will never work, and if it will then only very temporarily till they die or have it removed.
its gonna be such a pharma cashcow, think about it. all the anti organ rejection meds, all the supporting meds, the aftercare spent in a hospital and then last but not least the end of life treatment. i bet pharma executives are drooling at this idea
it has been an ongoing issue where very select shady indian surgeons preform an eye color surgery to implant blue lenses into peoples eyes and they go perma blind for it cus the retina cant open and retract at all and they get away with it.
play retarded games get retarded results

No. 1843349

File: 1686298623108.webm (3.89 MB, 576x1024, Download.webm)

i doubt it, food delivery people are often foreigners without a good understanding of the law and if the place would sue him or whatever i bet trannies would try to cancel it for being bigoted. really went from not wanting to bake cakes to this huh
also i found a video about the transplant thing kek

No. 1843351

File: 1686298747914.jpg (89.55 KB, 774x1024, 0vwhwafj514b1.jpg)

Why are TIMs like this?

No. 1843354

Jeff the Killer lookin ass

No. 1843357

File: 1686302187654.png (570.05 KB, 2300x3500, 1678116528720168~2.png)

Pic related is the family(male)

No. 1843359

File: 1686302575850.png (134.2 KB, 835x834, I wonder why.png)

I wonder how people in his life can tell he's trans even if he meets them post-transition…

No. 1843362

>Is laying down and spreading your legs a competitive sport nowadays?
And similar comments are such a cope, they're pretending they don't care about pregnancy when they're obsessed with the idea of womb transplants and breastfeeding. Also kek @ the comments about her mascara, her roots (??) and the cleanliness of her sweatshirt.. they really have nothing yet want to make it clear they're seething

No. 1843367

this looks like Doug Funnie in a wig getting ready to go to a Beets concert(sage your shit)

No. 1843368

first funny gayop in a long time.

No. 1843371

I wish men could actually get raped

No. 1843376


It was very interesting to see something a bit like Walsh's documentary but put together by a woman. I think the female perspective is what really drove this video home for me.

No. 1843389

Full thing says TPUSA (turning point USA)

No. 1843390

>In Minecraft them
Huh? Is this code for something?

No. 1843395

It's a meme to say you're going to kill/hurt/bomb/etc a person or place "in Minecraft" so it doesn't look like a credible threat

No. 1843407

omg thanks nonna
ngl this doc is a million times better and probably would be more convincing to normies than Matt Walsh's doc kek
At least she explained things better and gave evidence of these perverted pedos' degeneracy unlike Matt just awkwardly asking people 'what is a woman?" to various people

No. 1843412

File: 1686313153537.png (232.77 KB, 1056x4086, V2.png)

Average Coomer leftist response to real feminism.

No. 1843414

>It's clear you never saw me as the sex I am.
No one, literally no one, sees you as a woman, sex you are NOT.
How can he be so delusional thinking people who are playing along, for whatever reason, actually see him as a woman. Ugly fat old man with a wig, disgusting.

No. 1843417

Tradthots vs trannies are always an interesting fight to watch since they both hate women but also hate each other

Is he addicted to stealing womens luggage wtf

No. 1843421

File: 1686314619635.jpeg (139.94 KB, 1600x899, IMG_5447.jpeg)

Omg this is the best passing TIM I’ve ever seen! It’s uncanny, just like Voldemort.

No. 1843449

File: 1686318707602.jpg (226.13 KB, 793x1495, 1.jpg)

tldr some scam account put up ashwagandha as an estrogen HRT alternative on twitter, troons fell for it, ended up buying supplements that only boost your naturally produced hormones. will find product pictures (1/2)

No. 1843450

File: 1686318826422.jpg (77.94 KB, 793x823, 2.jpg)


No. 1843451

File: 1686318958649.jpg (463.31 KB, 2880x2880, 3.jpg)

the "tummy pills" (gag) are laxatives. they really knew who they should market to, this shit is indistinguishable from that gray market hrt producer

No. 1843456

Its so pathetic that I can't even laugh.

No. 1843460

I mean, they always get male pattern baldness.

No. 1843462

I dont doubt that some take laxatives and other weird substances but this looks heavily photoshopped and like it is rage bait imo

No. 1843465

File: 1686320122326.png (366.1 KB, 1080x529, webparanoid.png)

sorry for shit quality, idk how to find it on wayback so this is the only og screenshot of the site i have. it's real, they probably just marketed it as thinly veiled ragebait so people could be mad about it after they already grew a jungle of arm/leg/back hair. also had product links on their twitter and insta but those are suspended now

No. 1843475

File: 1686321493255.jpg (85.14 KB, 828x887, FyHuJYqaYAUukoj.jpg)

Saw this on twitter, this isnt Dylan right? It doesnt look like him at all or am i trippin?

No. 1843476

I think it’s actually just a great picture of him where he’s not grinning like a maniac for once and crinkling up his whole face. The blonde eyebrows also make him look different but you can tell it’s him from the legs.

No. 1843492

>>1843475 he looks so uncanny like a haunted doll it's genuinely terrifying. I thought he would look better without a serial killer expression but a demonic entity is a demonic entity regardless.

No. 1843495

https://web.archive.org/web/20230000000000*/http://estrolabs.com/ There you go. You can check the two last screencaps on june 8th for the post-troll site, and previous captures show what the site was like when it tried to pass (lol) as genuine. They had a shit ton of products.

No. 1843505

File: 1686324780394.jpg (20.66 KB, 421x362, uncanny.JPG)

i was thinking the same thing. reminds me of picrel. makes me think they should start casting trannies as the robots in tv/movies where there's hyper-realistic humanoid robots.

No. 1843516

He looks like those flash photos of Disney animatronics in the dark lmao

No. 1843521

File: 1686326147030.jpg (27.77 KB, 325x499, 51hZCokB7nL._SX323_BO1,204,203…)

>you know, that's something that have been irking me. Women pain/issues have been ignored, gaslighted, under malpractice and a big etc. But suddenly men want to have baaaaabieeees via pregnancy and want to move heaven and earth with science so men can be able to get a healthy uterus inside? That's stupid as fuck and one again showing that women's health is nothing
I posted this in the previous thread, but but radical feminist activist and biologist Renate Klein talked about going as far back as the late 1970s, male scientists and researchers, who were well funded by backers with questionable motives, invested millions of dollars and years of resources in trying to create an artificial womb, essentially going against nature itself. They did this Instead of focusing on research to make natural births easier and safer for women. Klein also suggests that these fruitless attempts were driven by envy towards women to create life.

No. 1843526


kek, slap an underage animu character on anything and mtfs will buy it

No. 1843540

Holy kekkkkkkk this is spot on

No. 1843566

Anon who doubted you here- I take it back, unrelated to the source posted by anonther nonnie itt I came across sources on kf as well and its legit, they stole pics from r/transtimelines holy fuck I cant believe this is real wtf is going on this is really just…i dont have any words at all…im not sure how to process this.

No. 1843569

Same anon the founders of the supplements were actually anti trans and it was a fat gotcha to fuck with all the troons who bought it kek supplements are notoriously under regulated in the us, fast one got pulled on troons

No. 1843573

Holy kek nona brilliant thread pic

No. 1843578

File: 1686330635646.jpg (22.55 KB, 390x220, 9066a317bfb12dce0a595a73eeee69…)

Louie Anderson in Baskets was the most convincing woman-face performance ever, troons should take note

No. 1843579

Mutilated tifs are sadder because they're self hating women. Tims with bad implants are funny and they deserve it.

No. 1843588

I don't like the other guy. This naomi retard is so annoying though, I'm tired of seeing his face. Him making a joke about the n-word immediately is so on brand for an white autistic troon. White male trannies are allowed to make jokes at the expense of other minority groups, but you're not allowed to make fun of them or they get violent. The opening statement is hilarious

No. 1843602


No. 1843604

absolutely off topic, but Louie was war buddies and good pals with some very close family friends we had growing up. His Baskets performance seemed like such an homage to the warm & well meaning, but nutty Midwestern momma. I have always secretly wondered if part of the character was based on our family friends wife, but you know, that sounds crazy so I've never said it out loud lol. The only woman face I will ever love and truly support!

No. 1843622

Lmao I only think his race is relevant because that group dishes it out but can't handle it. I do think on average white troons are worse because they're all autistic as shit. Or are you saying he's not white because he's jewish? I'm retarded

No. 1843624

nta but its very obvious she meant the latter.

No. 1843629

do they not realize there was a troon who got an attempted uterus implant and literally died?

No. 1843634

Rip Louie. He understood the middle aged female flamboyant trickster archetype well since his mom taught him everything he knew.

No. 1843639

yep. "Lili" Elbe. when you bring this up to any of them you get a whole litany of reasons why it'd totally work today, most of which boil down to "b-bu-but that was the TWENTIES, science is BETTER now"

No. 1843642

If we were able to give men uteruses, we'd also be at a stage where we could stick wings on people so they could fly and most everyone thinks the whole latter is just a fantasy, So why not think it would be possible with uteruses?

No. 1843649

File: 1686338401520.jpg (157.55 KB, 600x1058, Einar Wegener at his most pass…)

If it were just a fantasy and accepted as such we'd not have this whole thread….

Picrel- "Ms. Elbe" himself - didn't attach to my earlier reply somehow, whoops.

No. 1843650

And the doctor who performed the surgery was seen as pivotal to transgender surgery. Unsurprisingly enough, the doctor went on to do hypothermia experiments in concentration camps. He was an actual nazi.

No. 1843653

File: 1686338663000.jpg (2.61 MB, 2976x4400, Lili_Elbe_1926.jpg)

I remember when a nonna gave quotes from his Journals, where he describes how men looked at him with lust and women with envy, and then in his actual photos he just looks like a dude who lost a bet

No. 1843658

Troons haven't changed these past 100 years.

No. 1843660

AFAIK there was a second, recent attempt somewhere in Brazil or India and it went just about as well as this. Modern medicine cannot as yet recreate real reproductive organs, and to install a womb into a male and have him give birth seems to me infinitely more complicated than that, with a very high chance that something fucks up during the process and you will end up with an Eraserhead baby. Insane to think that this might be "on the horizon."

No. 1843662

they don't seem to understand basic biology. It's hard enough to transplant an uterus into a woman, even between blood relatives, it's also still hard to transplant any other organ, so why do they think that this will happen in the future. Their body is so different to the female body, there is no space for a fucking uterus inside of them. And where do they even think they would get the uterus from? I don't want children but I would never donate my uterus to anyone. Why don't they support science and research that is more important and could save the life of many people, like a real cure for cancer or a way to stop wildfires the moment you spot them? They are just selfish pricks that would do anything to nourish their fetish. They can't even get a working vagina, kek, no way they will ever be able to get pregnant and every scientist researching anything like that is wasting brain mass and money into a lost cause.

No. 1843673

i can’t imagine how strong the immunosuppressants would have to be so a male body doesn’t reject an exclusively female organ. they’ll have the same immune system as a late stage AIDS patient.

No. 1843682

AYRT that's actually really interesting! You can definitely tell the character is based on someone he knew, I assumed he was acting as his own grandmother. The character felt so real.

No. 1843702

Nonni, Christianity is based on the idea that a man can create life. Men have been dumb for ages.

No. 1843703

Men have a much weaker immune system by default. Having an infant developing within an immune system that wrecked would be horrific. Back in the olden days a woman getting sick with strep throat or measles would fuck a fetus up; in this instance the common cold might do it.

No. 1843714

back to /pol/ with u

No. 1843724

welp, time to go vomit. The sissy shit is so fucking horrifying

No. 1843733

File: 1686348472240.webm (11.01 MB, 576x1024, Download (22).webm)

troonshine. totally safe i'm sure.

No. 1843749

Yeah and they call that a success story kek

No. 1843750

This is a fucking jumpscare

No. 1843752

skelly b gone

No. 1843754

File: 1686350063425.png (26.79 KB, 724x361, wtfff.png)

The NHS is now saying you can't refuse to be treated by a transgender medic if you want same-sex treatment. They will even 'challenge' dementia patients if they are 'discriminatory'. Hell-hole country.

No. 1843755

File: 1686350108873.png (44.17 KB, 229x247, ewdog.png)

Denial is rocket fuel, I guess.

No. 1843758


What troons + handmaidens fail to acknowledge (IMO) is it's not as simple as popping a uterus out of one being and plopping it into another. There is a massive amount of blood supply + nerves supplying the uterus/cervix. Does a male even have the branches off nerves needed to innervate the cervix for the feedback loop to contribute to uterine contractions? Hormone fluctuations can be manipulated/induced, but the nervous system is harder to re-design in my humble opinion. You can't implant/graft nerves as far as I'm concerned.

No. 1843761

nothing like yelling bigot at grandma who thinks she’s 5 years old and it’s 1939

No. 1843762

Hope the intramuscular abscesses are worth it

No. 1843768

File: 1686351479541.jpg (199.95 KB, 1080x1606, scrote.jpg)

r/lesbianfashionadvice should be added to the list of subreddits, it's a goldmine.

No. 1843770

File: 1686351790128.png (48.31 KB, 1121x633, Untitled-3.png)

No. 1843794

The "sex offender playlist" already exists.
Its called the Billboard Hot 100

No. 1843801

>women staring because you look a fool
>women staring because they’ve clocked you and they’re creeped out
>women looking at you with disgust
>women watching you because it’s going to be fun to gossip and laugh about you with her friends later
troon: huh, they must be so jealous!!!!

it seems moids never change

No. 1843807

They don’t care about having a healthy baby, their capability as a parent, or any of the logistics. This would go as well as the experiment with the two headed dog. Their concern is attention and avoiding accountability.

No. 1843809

sage for medical sperging, but earlier today i saw a tumblr post where a they/themmie cries about how these supplements were in a high enough dose to cause serotonin syndrome, of course with no sources whatsoever. cue thousands of notes of uncritical belief. except none of this is remotely true, because ashwagandha is thought to act similarly to drugs that interfere with the GABA pathway, like benzos, for example…benzos being a primary treatment for serotonin syndrome, not a cause. but i guess that doesn't fit their "genocide" narrative. i'll link the post later, the melodramatics are hilarious. these are grown adult men buying random supplements without doing their research but they act like they're one night away from being rounded up into camps.

No. 1843820

File: 1686358624900.jpeg (385.54 KB, 750x2603, IMG_9030.jpeg)

now they’re saying this shit can kill them. as much as i think the world would be a better place if every tranny dropped dead, i’d hate for them to have any reason to think their prophecy of genocide is real, or validate any of their delusions. at this point, just sell them whatever they want over the counter, and cut their dicks for free. no one wants to ruin trannies’ lives more than themselves, so why bother selling them poison when the “medicine” they want is already poison.

No. 1843825

>"we have Mick Jagger at home"
>the Mick Jagger at home

No. 1843830

>their address is the Iceland Penis Museum
That's genius.

No. 1843832

diy hrt that someone made in their dirty home and you inject into your muscles is MUCH safer than plant pills that support your hormone production. people take ashwagandha all the time, its literally fine.

No. 1843833

He should do PBR next kek.

No. 1843841

File: 1686360500874.jpg (26.74 KB, 512x384, lel.jpg)

nice one, anon

No. 1843844

same nona who explained ashwagandha above, and yeah, you're 100% right. in fairness, usually people take it in lower doses, but it's been used in indian medicine for a very long time with no storied history of serotonin syndrome. you'd think at least one person would have "overdosed" and had that problem by now, but nope. and again with the ZERO sources—but people just believe it anyway, because it fits their persecution complex, and males like them can't conceive of the idea that they might be wrong. it's the same song and dance as always.

No. 1843848

AYRT, it has been the drink of hipsters for years, and hipsters all turned out to be sex pests. Let's do it. Who should we pick to be their new "mascot"?

No. 1843849

File: 1686360835452.jpg (176.36 KB, 788x1080, harry.jpg)

No. 1843857

File: 1686361301010.jpg (31.73 KB, 600x600, 76314341740.jpg)

wow i can't believe walgreens carries tranny death powder, we should protest about this dangerous, transphobic herb

No. 1843865

hipsters drink pbr? is that part of their poverty larp?

No. 1843867

File: 1686362854105.jpeg (86.77 KB, 750x891, IMG_9032.jpeg)

the army should draft these retards already, they’re clearly meant to be cannon fodder.

No. 1843870

maybe a war with russia or china would be good for this country

No. 1843876

File: 1686364481510.jpeg (91.61 KB, 750x938, IMG_9037.jpeg)

> lilith, luna, lily
every. single. time.

No. 1843891

Shit like this makes me yearn for forced conscription. If moids wanna LARP against women, they can do it on the battlefield against other men.

No. 1843910

File: 1686370355356.png (29.9 KB, 775x696, firefox_rnfVaaLdaH.png)

i know this is really old but i remembered someone concerned about troons claiming to have pmdd so i looked up trans on the subreddit and found this lmfao. how the fuck do you have pmdd if your hormone levels are strictly artificially regulated. this is so stupid, like maybe if youre so sensitive to hormones you shouldnt be taking them. everyone in the replies is of course like "of course you have pmdd, not a single other thing it could be!" only a few women stood up for themselves and got bullied into submission for saying its not pmdd.

No. 1843913

His therapist is definitely another tranny

No. 1843916

I hate the way he stupidly opens his mouth.

No. 1843918

File: 1686372062335.png (394.21 KB, 1764x913, 7B4BC878-C468-4FAC-8E40-55C485…)


No. 1843925

File: 1686373575318.png (453.91 KB, 563x638, what is sexual dimorphism.PNG)

For twenty points on your Biology test: What is sexual dimorphism, and how is it expressed in the human species?

No. 1843930

She married Mrs. Doubtfire.

No. 1843931

Saw this and vomited out my breakfast. I need to bleach my eyes and brain.

No. 1843936

Ooh I know, men have massive fucking skulls! I wouldn't have noticed if not for trannies helpfully demonstrating it every time they pose next to a woman.

No. 1843938

No. 1843939

Isnt Rothblatt one of the billionaire transhumanists paying for these troon agendas to continue?

No. 1843940

Yep. Also most likely a huge fraud like theranos and musk

No. 1843947

No. 1843949


Like in his photo on his own Sir Troonalot could look like any plain looking middle aged woman with an unfortunately big shnozz but these single "do I pass" photos leave out that when put next to a real woman (TM) they are like the fucking Incredible Hulk.

Annoyingly you might get some fine-bnoned troon standing next to a heavy-set woman with a "jokes on you cissies!" caption, but when an equally petite example of the female species is brought up, the skinny troon becomes a linebacker with an extra ten inches of height and double the forehead

No. 1843955

No. 1843970

Oh my god, that poor woman could do so much better. Why is she settling for troon Randy Quaid ten years her senior? Straight women really need to raise their standards, good lord.

No. 1843971

I think it's just changing trends. It used to be a redneck thing, then it briefly turned into a hipster thing before hipsters moved on to microbrews.

No. 1843979

File: 1686386561282.jpeg (75.4 KB, 590x805, FyKIxuoXwAAhrQE.jpeg)

Another view of this creature

No. 1843986

he is actually terrifying. looks like an absolute villain

No. 1843991

As much as I loathe him he looks kinda cool with dark hair and suited up. Why doesn't he go back to being an androgynous gay boy and stfu?

No. 1843996

File: 1686391947904.jpeg (114.11 KB, 1170x1090, IMG_3682.jpeg)

Men have become so goddamn emboldened. No actual lesbian would even give this guy the time of day irl but because “lesbian” subreddits are majority men and straight/bi women who larp as lesbians, and because there are overbearing jannies on every mainstream site who remove any shred of wrongthink, moids see no problem with smugly entering supposed women’s spaces and extorting asspats because any opposition is swiftly dealt with for them by willing volunteers.

The women playing into this are partially to blame imo as without them there is no incentive for men to be doing this. Ofc the men are ultimately the main villains but it drives me insane how men have not just been let into women’s spaces, but had the door held open for them by actual women and even in some cases been given lock and key. I know there are retarded women who do actually buy into this shit because they believe in muh gendered souls but there are plenty more who don’t and are too scared to say otherwise and in their attempt to just “go with the flow” decide to go ham sucking the girldique. ffs I wish these other women would just NOT. If you get banned and posts deleted for dissenting then just don’t comment on moid posts at all. Men feed off this shit, even the blandest barely-compliments still play into his fetish. The simpering “omg how do you manage to look so femme1!!1!1!!!!” comments make me genuinely ashamed to read. Your ingenuity isn’t obfuscated at all, the only end result is more moids learn they can get their jollies this way because they don’t care whether you actually mean it or not, they just care that you’re looking at their disgusting fetish shit the same way the moid flasher freak on the metro gets off by you noticing him. You politely looking away or being disgusted doesn’t make one iota of difference.

Sage for OT but fucking hell I am so sick of handmaidens.

No. 1844001

File: 1686392770405.jpg (206.88 KB, 1280x720, 334e057f5c714be7d37572646be24b…)


No. 1844003

File: 1686392905018.jpeg (196.86 KB, 741x891, IMG_3685.jpeg)

>implying trannies pay rent anywhere
Anyhow, people can have reddit accounts to hecking downdoot things for reasons other than tranny seething, nonna.

No. 1844008

I think the retard women see trannies as outcast men, and since they feel they were outcasts, support them. Issue is, outcast men aren't like women due to the whole being male thing, and as such are not more open and accepting of difference, but degenerates same as the popular moids.

No. 1844009

go back to 4chan tranny inbred

No. 1844012

I think it thinks trannies and troons are two different things and it is 'one of the good ones', not realising all trannies are troons as all are delusional.

No. 1844024

File: 1686395514602.png (770.65 KB, 928x734, 6254b6bb-e964-4e07-9058-e6291b…)

>complaining about terminally online autists on a lolcow image board
Literally where do you think you are?

Anyways this stuff isn’t exactly relegated just to online especially if you’re a lesbian or a woman, though I agree touching grass is always helpful for gaining perspective. But trannies have objectively made the world a shittier place to live in and continue to do so.

A simple example is stuff like Her, where mtfs overtook a dating app meant for lesbians and quickly ran it into the ground while demonizing lesbians for wanting actual women and not men injected with horse piss. This is more or less what’s happened to every lesbian space (online and irl) and it sucks ass. Consider that troonery has also invaded a fair number of irl things that affect normie daily life - medicine being a big one, but also law and education - and I think a little seething is justified. I’m not saying the troonpocalypse is nigh but it’s stupid to pretend this is limited to redditors in their mom’s basements and that alone is the scope of their influence.

No. 1844025

A female celeb in this eyesore of an outfit would have been mocked to hell and back. And what's with the ugly wig and glued down brows ? Ew. Men get praised for doing the bare minimum, but this is well below that.

No. 1844026

Anon, you are responding to the tranny currently spamming their nikocado porn. Ignore the coping degenerate and report it, even though you’re right.

No. 1844027

>you know if you touched grass u would realize troons don't actually exist irl
Man I fucking wish that was true. Go into any school class and at least half of them are trans and if you question it you lose your job. It's a religion, doesn't matter that there is no god because everyone is so hellbent on pleasing him anyway that he might as well be lurking around every corner to hound you for your sins and people will take it upon themselves to do it for him

No. 1844035

File: 1686398510520.jpeg (233.89 KB, 990x2375, Image.jpeg)

My bad, you’re absolutely right.

Back to content, endless tranny delusion. His “egg cracked” about a year ago apparently, but since then he was posting on mtf subs regularly. Fun facts - he started taking horse piss pills ~5 months ago, he’s 300lbs, he lives in PA but goes to uni in FL. Of course he named himself “Athena”.

Post history is typical for mtfs: weirdly incesty shit about female relatives, the stupid ikea shark, euphoria boner cope, face app posts, being “poly” and having multiple troon gfs, “male-failing” despite looking like any other dude with longer hair, etc.

No. 1844043

It brings me endless amusement that scrotes made up these dumb social hierarchies and rules that says a man who sleeps with a lot of women is more respectable than those who haven't and judge each other for it, leading to the bottom of the barrel loser men dating other men pretending to be women to try and scramble a higher place on the made up hierarchy that they made up. It's like pottery.

No. 1844065

I have to see these fail males in ugle ass outfits every time I go downtown. The only lesbian bar now 40% trannies and 10% "non-binary" dudes. They aren't an internet boogyman they are irl cancer.

No. 1844080

File: 1686405617777.png (72.69 KB, 1080x1295, Screenshot_20230407-091456.png)

The obsession with children and children's bodies is so fucking creepy. It can't all 100% be pedophilia for every single one of them. Is it the fear of impending Twink death where they will become the hons they hate for a depraved sort of altruism (all moods will age like hons. No amount of surgery or horse piss at the age of two minutes will change that)? Or is it a shared misery cycle where they know they fucked up and can't backpedal so they are trying to main as many as possible before they 41%?

No. 1844081


It became kind of trendy after Blue Velvet (the movie) came out in the late 1980s. Very much linked to Dennis Hopper's character saying, "Heineken? FUCK THAT SHIT! Pabst Blue Ribbon!"

No. 1844088

File: 1686407332809.jpg (184.01 KB, 1080x1496, FyMl4uUWAAAt7Te.jpg)

Another ugly autistic man lost to the trannies

No. 1844098

What is he trying to say I don’t get it. Is he trying to say being against puberty blockers is pedophilic somehow? Because… wanting children to go through puberty at the right time and not later means you want young kids to become sexually active? Do I need to have some warped pedo brain to understand this.

No. 1844099

KEK nonna

No. 1844104

>all this shit is for the most part superficial, because to troons womanhood is entirely surface level (it has to be for it to be attainable).
This is very true and well said.

No. 1844114

Troons understand that accusing your opponents of being evil trumps reality. This is just one saying the quiet part out loud. The scientist with the cure for ligma is a terf block and move on stay safe.

No. 1844118

Some of those idiots really think that they’re saving children’s lives by injecting them with cross-sex hormones. Because the cult made them believe that that’s the only way to be saved, don’t you notice how the age for looking 100% like the other sex and never getting their identities questioned, gets younger and younger? And it’s perfect because their cope is that
>If only I’ve gotten puberty blockers while in the womb, I wouldn’t look like the monster that I look like right now
So now they want kids to take hormones, either to show that they will never look like the opposite sex, or to show that they can actually look at the opposite sex, like “Look at this child, he got his cross-sex hormones injected into him in the womb, and the nut-cracking surgery when he was 1 year old, and now he looks like a woman!! That’s what I needed to do!!!”
Of course, that’s surely the minority because the other 98% wants children to always look young and to engage in sexually explicit things like drag shows, sex in general and such, as a way to exploit them while also being told that they’re heroes for letting the kids twerk on stage and wear fake boobs at school.
I honestly can’t find anything right now about it, but when was the first time that you all started noticing the whole “sex work is real work” stuff and being poly and shit? Because that kind of goes hand in hand with the whole tranny shit.

No. 1844123

Ok so I think I’ve figured out his point. Being against any gender affirming care for children = being against puberty blockers = letting children go through an early/precocious puberty = grooming (young) children into being sexually active. Because puberty is a big bad groomer, everyone knows the moment you hit puberty you’re having sex.

It’s an incredibly stupid gotcha point, his argument doesn’t make me uncomfortable because it’s retarded and would be like if he said “you’re against top surgery on FTMs? that means you’re against mastectomies for breast cancer patients!”. You can be for puberty blockers for precocious puberty because it’s something children shouldn’t have to go through while also being against puberty blockers being used to stop a NORMAL puberty because the child has (or is actually groomed into having) confusion about their sex. I remember hearing about puberty blockers years and years ago and it was for kids starting puberty too young, in these recent years trannies are the ones pushing so hard for them to be used to trans kids. If people want to ban them for any use it’s troons fault for making them be associated with their grooming schemes.

No. 1844125

What the fuck did he do to his eyebrows? Holy shit, he somehow looks even more terrifying than he did before, like if Jeffree Star and a space alien had some kind of unholy lovechild.

No. 1844127

It's a combination of virtue signalling, pity, and fag hagging. They're nice to trannies because they feel like it's an act of charity that makes them morally superior.

No. 1844128

They live vicariously through the "youngshits." They wrongfully believe that trooning as adults is the reason they don't pass, and they project their desire to have trooned younger onto kids. The reality is that transitioning young only slightly helps with "passing," which isn't a fair tradeoff for all the damage it does to a kid's body and all the complications it creates for SRS.

No. 1844130

saying for non milk but this got me thinking, how would they actually know if some children would suffer intense gender dysphoria if they go through their natal puberty? majority of "trans" children's understanding of gender is surface level stereotypes they see in every day life. a lot of children also get anxious or scared of puberty because it's a time where they're bodies mature, but will eventually go away once they actually go through with it. by their own logic, every kid should be on blockers so they can have time to truly "explore their gender identities". of course all of this is a terrible idea but TRAs constantly say how gender is fluid so going by that logic there's no way in telling a kid is 100% "cis" or "trans".

No. 1844143

sage but I fucking wish I had the choice to stop my progesterone at will
> t. PMDD

No. 1844147

not to burst your bubble anon but that's exactly what a lot of them believe

No. 1844150

He should be glad that his fucked up hormones make him shit his pants, in lieu of 41%-ing himself. I know a lot of women with it including myself get suicidal ideation and debilitating fatigue/cramps that make it hard to function for HALF OF EVERY MONTH because it of how extreme it is, I wish idiots would be honest and not let them delude themselves. Sorry for the blogpost I know no1curr but it makes me so angry because I’ve tried everything to get rid of mine, meanwhile troons are wishing they could have it and asking handmaidens to ignore biological reality to save their fee fees. I’m so done

No. 1844152

Isn't this a parody of that brazillian dude who was selling bathtub estrogen? Oto something? I can't recall the name.

No. 1844155

dude you’re bipolar, fuck off

No. 1844158

are you talking about otokonoko pharmaceuticals? I'd figured it was another variation of it

No. 1844164

Yes! that's the one. I completely forgot about it, but the last time I recall, someone alerted customs and the dude pulled the plug.

No. 1844168

i hate how they make these posts asking "am i welcome here? :(" while knowing that any woman commenting anything to the contrary is going to get banned

No. 1844169

File: 1686416986414.jpg (168.52 KB, 1290x1608, FyDQninWYAUW5F9.jpg)

A nonna in the FTM thread said it best, we don't have to do or say anything to discredit troon ideology, they do it to themselves.

No. 1844175

i want to say that those are real only bc those are horiffically tiny male looking nipples. it looks like he had the implant pocket tear resulting in monomoob from putting in implants far too big. he would need to have surgery to fix it, and i hope it continues to go wrong for him

No. 1844181

File: 1686418250184.jpg (25.5 KB, 525x507, 20230322_201931.jpg)

oh… of course they would believe that

No. 1844194

He sort of passes in the sense that he looks like an unwashed "7 years on T" tif.

No. 1844197

The issue here is that trannies really think they're special, because they have absolutely no curiosity outside of themselves. They suffer from terminal uniqueness. It's not a trait exclusive only to trannies. These people consume popular media and take it as reality. They believe everyone is as they appear on the outside, they have no clue that even perfect beautiful people who "have it all" can have problems.
They're the unpopular loser high school kids who think they have it the worst. They see Cheerleader Becky and all her friends and assume she never suffers. Meanwhile Cheerleader Becky also hates herself, is bulimic, cuts, gets beaten at home, etc etc. Someone giving them a dirty look for their bad outfits is oppression, because they never see this happen to Becky. It's the self important narcissism of the terminal loser

No. 1844211

File: 1686422288618.jpeg (20.67 KB, 360x288, 2ba6397f28bb1264c12544f5252203…)

So he's moved on from skinwalking Audrey Hepburn to Marge Simpson.

No. 1844225

File: 1686424192533.jpg (264.09 KB, 1387x1063, FyR29zDagAEuRSv.jpg)

Poor family

No. 1844227

This pregnancy shit is the one thing that especially makes my skin crawl, because it perfectly sums up the delusion of the trans ideology, and the immorality of the doctors enabling it. If your understanding of human biology is this delusional, then you should be automatically denied any sort of "treatment". If you seriously think medical science can eventually make men give birth, then you are not able to give consent to have your balls chopped off.

No. 1844228

File: 1686424627940.jpg (63.42 KB, 780x838, Screenshot 2023-06-10 131825.j…)

OMG I loved you in Tangled

No. 1844235

File: 1686425434900.png (1.89 MB, 1080x2102, smartest-tra.png)

picrel just to further support what >>1844147 said

No. 1844236

>But a non-binary medic can refuse to treat a patient, with the advice stating they “should not be forced to deliver care if this would cause undue distress or invalidate their lived experience of gender”.
Aren't non-white medics still required to treat a patient even if they're virulently racist? Kek, nice to see gendies getting special treatment whille still claiming ultimate victimhood (as usual).

No. 1844243

I mean, actually, all doctors should treat patients regardless of their worldviews because that’s kind of what the code of ethics says.
If anything, that particular paragraph makes the whole ordeal retarded, because a medic should treat whoever is in need for their services. Sure, some medics can just dodge a ball and pass it to another medic, but in reality they should always be ready to do their job regardless of who enters their office.
I just don’t understand the need to make the ill and actually vulnerable people get the shit end of the stick, what do they even gain from this? Specially knowing how 1. Moids in dresses are insane and willing to hurt whoever isn’t constantly sucking their dicks. 2. Girls with short hair can be violent as fuck because of the testosterone and are kind of dying by self-induced cancer/osteoporosis.

No. 1844252

I personally wouldn't want to treat someone who wouldn't spit on me if I was on fire, especially when it comes to things like misogyny and racism.

No. 1844254

Nonna this is so true, and to add: troons are incels who think women (even the outcast, ugly, fat, retarded girl) have no soul and live charmed lives.

No. 1844257

File: 1686428347987.jpg (70.2 KB, 940x788, Tumblr_l_1234367964907059.jpg)

Same anon but image didn't attach.

No. 1844266

I know, and I know of doctors that avoid treating weird ass fuckers (moids) and pass them to other doctors that are willing to treat them.
But it’s part of the code of ethics for healthcare workers, I’m just pointing that out because enby doctors should just suck it up and do their job because that’s what they studied medicine for, if they want to be selective and not treat an old lady that calls her/him beautiful/handsome, and probably thinks that this person in a funny long white coat is her long lost second cousin, then maybe they should’ve stuck to working in a morgue or laboratory or should’ve picked another career that won’t make them have to talk to people at all.

No. 1844270

cryptid looking ass

No. 1844286

File: 1686433253577.jpg (71.69 KB, 700x736, 1669822335040.jpg)

Whos willing to bet that in a few years' time, these troons or tim will eventually de-trans? It feels like being trans is a trend nowadays for people who are just uncomfortable with their bodies or degenerates who wants to cosplay as women but not the troubles that comes with it. Troons are everywhere and tbf i'm sick of it, these cunts force their ideologies down people's throat and expect people to understand in the nastiest way possible.
At first, I tried my best to understand and respect them but as time went on these troons had proven themselves not worthy of that. As a woman, I am really tired of their antics and how they treated real woman as a stool to feel better about their botched and manly faces while shiting on real women saying that they are better than us (the only thing they are better is being mentally ill). I hope these gender things eventually go away soon, I think I'm gonna throw up seeing another transmasc/transfemme in their bio.

No. 1844287

lol, because someone actually suggested that and he insisted that he has been evaluated for it and doesnt have it but im pretty sure he does because she said you dont have a euphoric period with pmdd and that hes just experiencing mania.
yep. ive seen one say that forcing someone to go through the "wrong puberty" is violence. like, even putting my self in the shoes of the most liberal parent i would need my child to be at least 16 and thinking that theyre trans for a minimum of 3 years to even consider hrt. not that it really matters because in my state you can get your own medical care behind your parents back at that age but i sure as hell would not want to be feeding my 14 year old estrogen pills when they barely even know who they are as a person and are barely halfway to a fully developed frontal lobe.

No. 1844293

File: 1686435252273.jpeg (72.06 KB, 720x718, IMG_2478.jpeg)

Preach, nonnie.

No. 1844294

I don't think their life expectancy is that long…

No. 1844295

How would you if you can’t even define what’s a woman without a circular definition?

No. 1844301

I will see more detrans women that detrans men. Is a fetish for them, of course they're going to stay as trans, specially when most of the people licking their feet.


You're still a man.

No. 1844302

i don't have to dilate a festering wound, sir.

No. 1844306

No they should not be challenging patients with dementia lol that's like rule one, go along to get along (within reason) and the people who work with them have to understand that. Nobody should be hectoring a literal demented septugenarian over the "gender identity" of the person providing them care. Not to mention loneliness is a huge issue among the elderly, with their relatives usually being their only advocates, and these people are threatening to remove their family members if they don't want their ailing mother's care being done by a man? Insane.

No. 1844334

I don't think many of the incoming wave of detransitioners will be TIMs. It'll all be TIFs and female NBs. Only women troon out due to low self-esteem or discomfort with their bodies; TIMs do it almost exclusively for the AGP coom.
The TIF cycle is
>troon to escape trauma
>realize it's inescapable
While the TIM cycle is
>troon to coom
>coom ad infinitum

No. 1844373

It's actually this for half of TIMs


>snip dick off
>can't coom

No. 1844383

fucking kek

No. 1844392

Don't tell me people actually inject this concoction made by some rando in his house into their body

No. 1844413

he passes as Edward Nortons incel son maybe

No. 1844436

File: 1686447007311.jpg (43.94 KB, 540x381, HAHAHAHAH.jpg)

I just found this screencap, this whole scam thing is going around tumblr now. Kek which one of you nonnas did this shit.

No. 1844437

File: 1686447267367.jpg (48.47 KB, 527x363, kekw.JPG)

Samefagging but I found more of this histrionic bullshit. Kek as if whatever troll came up with this is going to send a literal death squad to your house.

No. 1844444

ashwagandha is a GABA receptor. it doesn't cause anxiety at all.

No. 1844446

What happened to wanting smaller "feminine" penises and "female" orgasms? They're just straight up admitting to having male insecurities at this point if they can't take jokes about ED and microdicks.

No. 1844449

Yeah, an anxiolytic is an ANTI anxiety drug. These people are absolute retards.

No. 1844451

File: 1686449175204.jpg (130.07 KB, 1080x970, FyS7VJAWwAECxzl.jpg)

>mistakes his anus for his vagina
please lord this NEEDS to be a troll

No. 1844455

TIMs will never go back to being just a no personality cooming male, they adore the asspats too much. Without their trans status they can't call women bitches and infringe on their rights.

No. 1844493

This is honestly disgusting because reporting people as pedos who don't have any proof of being one/probably aren't one takes away resources for children who are actually being hurt. I seriously hope he's not actually doing this and is just trying to get asspats.(sage your shit)

No. 1844499

>>If only I’ve gotten puberty blockers while in the womb, I wouldn’t look like the monster that I look like right now
This is actually a scary thought because i feel like troons will eventually start to believe something like this completely unironically. and then they'll start to push for injecting fetuses with cross-sex hormones so they develop genitals of the wrong sex. Trannies already believe virtually everyone is trans, and that all children should be put on puberty blockers because they all question their own identity at some point. Trans doesn't mean anything anymore.
> when was the first time that you all started noticing the whole “sex work is real work” stuff and being poly and shit? Because that kind of goes hand in hand with the whole tranny shit.
yeah no shit. porn, prostitution, etc. is all related to tranny shit. they claim watching porn at a young age or being addicted to loli hentai is a good thing because it helps "figure out your sexuality and gender identity". they support the normalization and legalization of prostitution and kink, as well as the de-pathologization of pedophilia, decriminalization of CP possession. and in turn this is why the sex industry supports trannies, because they benefit it financially. being trans is a symptom of being a degenerate, and you cannot support trannies without supporting their degeneracy too, so both things started to become popular around the same time. TRAs think if you don't support their disgusting misogynistic fetishes you're a bigot so they have no choice but to support those things if they don't want to be shunned by their woke peers.

No. 1844537

File: 1686462646500.jpeg (116.79 KB, 750x936, IMG_9079.jpeg)

not only are they spicy straights, now they’re “neurospicy”.

No. 1844546

With a non-zero amount of male troons loudly inserting themselves into female spaces centered around stuff like ADHD or autism, do you think most of the troons are legit in having the disorder? Or are they in these spaces for a attention, asspats and validation? Or are disorders like autism and ADHD just somehow related to the coom, like some odd fetish?

No. 1844554

There is no doubt that autists almost exclusively get into that tranny shit. Social ineptitude mixed with chronic online-ness and the propensity to obsess over shit, especially that which gives boners. They also at the same time believe they are not accountable for their own actions due to retardation status and being coddled by their genetically-defective parents.

No. 1844555

I was one of the pmdd anons the hair tearing-out one and this would make me seethe more if I didn't feel biologically, mentally and emotionally superior to these sad coomers. they're cutting their dicks off, I feel like that's a nice bit of revenge right there.

No. 1844593

neurodivergent already means neurospicy though, it's for people whose brains "work differently" (NLOB) so an ~umbrella term~ which people love because you don't need to actually say what you have/are, you can just claim that you're part of the community and people have to take your word for it. i assume that people who claim to be neurodivergent instead of saying that they have been diagnosed with autism/adhd/whatever are just bullshitting, like even more blatantly than those who lie about a specific condition.

this omg. the second someone disagree with their presence (or even just their opinion) they will report, censor and brigade but still they ask and victimize themselves. they are manipulative, whiny and hypocritical in everything they do.

No. 1844600

we been knew

No. 1844607

oh no, the many times I put my tampon in my anus because I couldn't tell a difference and it felt the same.

His reddit posts are amazing, he is getting his period, doesn't know the difference between vagina and anus but has a period…

No. 1844610

Yeah I have also troubles figuring out if I am bleeding from my prison wallet or barbie pouch uwuu aren’t we so girly. How are these fit to live outside of an institution.

No. 1844618

File: 1686482737389.jpeg (164.82 KB, 828x1279, IMG_7246.jpeg)

No. 1844621

and angels aren't real, just like women with dicks

No. 1844628

How do you argue against people that seem to think that transrights are a human right and that you MUST accept them no matter what? I tried arguing against a male redditor that is an extreme lefty and I just couldn't get through him. According to him eveyone should be able to identify as the other gender at any time and without diagnosis because only the person feeling like it would know how its like to feel the other gender. After asking how these people would even know what its like to feel female since its not an emotion he just said that he trusts people enough to know it best themselves. He thinks that getting a diagnose is also inhumane as people should just do whatever they want and no one should make the decision for you since you know it yourself best. According to him children should also get hormone treatment as early as 10 years old because it would be inhumane and a torture to let them go through puberty when they know that they are trans. When I told him that children especially are vulnerable, naive and can't process such diffuclt decisions he said that detransitioner rates are extremely low and its very unlikely to regret such decision???? What can I even say against such a retarded argumentation? He dismissed everything I said because black sheeps exist in every category and that these are just extreme cases.(sage your shit, not your personal blog)

No. 1844631

There's no use arguing with someone who just makes shit up anon kek. The fact is that female and male are physical sexes and no male can know what it feels like to be female because he just isn't physically (and mentally, since it's all the same thing and the brain is male as well). But every time they will parrot that somehow their "feelings" (fetishes) are totally right and they need to be trusted and on top of that it's your fault if you don't entertain their delusions. Yes, someone can totally tell themselves that they are x when they are y, but it's absolutely not their right to force everyone around them to nod along their mental illness. It's not a human right to force people to participate in your delusion/fetish/sexual roleplay.

No. 1844635

>Towering Jewess
wow lol

No. 1844638

If sexual dysmorphism was a photo, it would be that one

No. 1844645

Just post “lol no, you’re wrong” and then log off Reddit and do something fun IRL, like go for a hike or hang out with a friend. There’s no point in arguing with these cult members, just let them be wrong and miserable while making the most of your own life. Troon shit will eventually become unpopular and come to be regarded for the self-harming fad that is is in due time. Troons are attempting to fight reality itself (men obviously can’t become women in any sense of the word) and reality always wins in the long run.

No. 1844648

Just wanted to add that this happened in person and know each other from uni. I would never debate with a retarded redditor on reddit itself kek(sage your shit)

No. 1844662

>reality always wins in the long run.
I think we've already crested the hill. I think the catalyst was the timely death of trans-enjoyer Ricardo "Lopez" Kyanka.

No. 1844673

Agree with other saying to drop it but when moids and handmaidens say shit like "I trust people are what they say they are" they better keep that same fucking energy for racefakers and transage weirdos. It's either all or nothing. 'Dysphoria' can exist from anytbiny and if you are suddenly saying nooooo it's different when it comes to any aspect besides sex you are just a straight misogynist

No. 1844681

Ask him what are trans rights. Ask him why trans rights prevail over other human rights (children's and women's rights). Ask him what does he make of consent (for children's transitions, especially since according to him "no one should make the decision for you since you know it yourself best"). As the other anon pointed out, what do we make of transage and transrace, do they also know themselves best? Honestly asking questions and pointing out all the holes and contradictions in their theories is probably easier than to make them actually listen to your arguments. But if he really dismisses everything you say, don't hesitate to point it out and say that you're stopping the discussion here because of it.

No. 1844686

Being autistic is almost a prerequisite for men trooning out. Sure, there are the super pornsick who jumped on the trend now, but non autistic AGPs would just wear their family members clothes before going back to their normal life when they got off.
Autistics have that black and white thinking which propelled the whole thing from, "I like pretending to be a woman because it gets me off." To "I am a woman because it gets me off." Trying to find a troon that isn't autistic is like searching for wasps in a bees nest.

No. 1844691

it's also borderline personality disoder. They don't have a sense of self so they jump on the latest thing and the cluster b makes them dramatic and basically children that you have to say yes to, unless they get violent.
Mental illness is really hell.

No. 1844700

Back to cloud 9 with U. Good luck addressing a problem if you're gonna bury your head in the sand whenever the root cause gets mentioned. Magnus hirschfield, John money…What do these "innovators" have in common? Their whiteness of course! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯(emoji)

No. 1844701

look, I don't strictly disagree with you, but read the room.

No. 1844702

look, I don't strictly disagree with you, but read the room.

No. 1844715

File: 1686503291483.jpg (87.63 KB, 828x1117, FyWzorbaYAA6SQC.jpg)

They truly have zero sense of fashion do they

No. 1844720

Tell him that all of this individualistic rhetoric makes him sound like a libertarian and that tranny shit could only exist under the paradigm of capitalism because it is based on becoming a forever-customer of big pharma/the medical-industrial complex, not to mention it encourages reckless consumerism in that you have to buy makeup/clothes/etc. to fit your "new" gender

No. 1844738

Male autists are the worse so I believe it without a doubt. Most of them have gotten coddled their entire life and unlike women with autism didn't have to learn how to behave like a normal human being. So they always end up being the absolute biggest man babies around.

No. 1844761

File: 1686509337798.jpg (339.25 KB, 960x1280, FyTbx15akAAIEqK.jpg)

Just two very mentally stable people having a baby

No. 1844764

File: 1686509816378.jpg (196.75 KB, 771x1800, Troonabomber.jpg)

these people are never beating the groomer and AGP allegations

No. 1844767


No. 1844769

I feel so bad for these kids. It's like being born into a religious cult.

No. 1844770

The fact that these people always just end up being straight again is so fucking funny

No. 1844772

Slight derail but just would like to point out, the ""root problem"" is male degeneracy and the Y chromosome, not an entire ethnoreligious group, pol retard. I don't even know if I fully disagree with you that there's a trend but ignoring MALES as the root problem of the clown world we live in is crazy

No. 1844773

What if we created a class of stupid people to milk money out of forever

No. 1844774

she has "theybie" written on the baby bump, that poor baby is going to be bullied for the rest of it's life the moment it's convinced.

No. 1844788

In this sad situation you can guarantee this degenerate will be stuffing his mouldy moob into that poor infant's mouth with full backing from the autismo mom

No. 1844798

Ironically that kids upbringing is going to be so strict…

No. 1844808

File: 1686518692541.jpg (198.44 KB, 1080x1329, 917381881.jpg)

Not trying to defend this sicko moid, but Ted Kaczynski actually realized he was just a gross coomer and got mad at the psychiatrist, which is something current year AGPs seem incapable of doing. I honestly think it's due to the easier access to much more fucked up porn nowadays.

No. 1844811

Leave it to incel trannies to fanboy literal serial killers

No. 1844812

probably late for this but wtf

No. 1844813

File: 1686519328719.jpg (88.16 KB, 764x1663, FyWxU1gX0AAsXwy.jpg)

No. 1844818

She looks depressed.

No. 1844854

Wow bad… I actually thought he looked good sometimes with the brown hair, there was a kind of nice style going if he dressed 60s. The ice blonde hair on his pale skin is weirdly uncanny, and combine it with his kind of off-putting mannerisms, hoo boy. He's doing a lot of switching up lately with the suit stunt and this. I seriously think he's on a mental spiral and I give it 3 months before the guy's in the news for something.

Of course it is…
Not really related but it's weird how men always dress up in clothes that might look sexy on a woman and then you see it on them and its… its not even aesthetically good from a non-sexual element. It's like purposefully wearing the most unflattering make up possible. This is why I think men can't really see themselves sometimes. If I see a good piece if clothing on another woman I might try to buy it, realize it looks bad on me, and go for a different style. Men don't seem to have that ability to see something that works on someone else might not work on them.

No. 1844861

it's good he knew it would've been a terrible idea but modern day troons are convinced "transitioning would've saved her" and he would live a happy life and not become a killer but that's a massive doubt. doesn't help that many unironically are in support of transition fueled by porn and AGP, despite claiming AGP isn't a thing

No. 1844895

File: 1686529492067.jpeg (118.61 KB, 828x1382, IMG_0762.jpeg)

And I thank the world everyday for that.

No. 1844960

When my sister was a teenager in 2012 she would get harassed by this unknown scrotes sockpuppet accounts, rape threats, calling her a slut etc. I checked one of her old posts that still had his account on it, lo and behold it’s a woman’s name with an anime pfp now.

No. 1844961

Kid's definitely going to rebel against them and go conservative once it hits college age. I'd bet money on it. People with fundie, hippie, crunchy, or other kinds of extremist parents rarely end up in the lifestyle they were raised in. Also these retards are so adamant that kids not be "assigned" a gender at birth, yet here they are, deciding that the baby's a "they" before it's even born. Hypocrites.

No. 1844962

it’s because he’s a man

No. 1844963

I think I speak for most of the autists here when I say I'd literally rather be called "sperg" than "neurospicy."

No. 1844964

Which pee guy, the one who pissed on a car in public, or the one who poured piss on himself in front of a government building?

No. 1844972

r/196 and r/traaa, both linchpins in zoomer mtf communities, are permanently shut down.

wonder where the refugees will go?(post screencaps when you make claims like this )

No. 1845000

I don’t doubt they’ll be back within a couple days. They can’t live without attention.

No. 1845003

I doubt it, tons of subreddits are going private to protest a change that reddit is implementing (idk any details beyond that) so I highly doubt that they are gone gone.

No. 1845017

>troons are convinced "transitioning would've saved her" and he would live a happy life and not become a killer but that's a massive doubt.
uh yeah because doesn't he have a whole manifesto about a completely different topic? why do they think that this alone would have "saved" him? it's not like we've never seen killers/rapists crossdressing or identifying as trans, if anything they're getting more and more common

nta but it cracks me up how that argument (and its variations) always comes up for that one specific group, very rarely for other religions or races

No. 1845050

File: 1686558416122.jpeg (239.11 KB, 1092x1174, BE8B0314-87E1-4060-80E2-A7EB01…)

Im genuinely sick of seeing women getting attacked by scrotes from all sides. If it isn’t edgy redpill scrotes campaigning to have our rights taken away or coomers trying to rape us, it’s fucking smug trannies trying to humiliate us. Please can a scientist just invent a virus that wipes out people with the Y chromosome or something, I’m absolutely sick of scrotes.

No. 1845051

Average east coast male

No. 1845055

It really does feel like there’s an attack on women. I also feel like I’m getting tradtok and Andrew Tate videos constantly pushed at me by the YouTube algorithm and it’s fucking creepy. It like they’re trying to scare women into submission and sending some kind of ‘resistance is futile, slavery is happiness’ message, I don’t know who is pushing this shit or what their endgame is but it’s forced and creepy as hell.

No. 1845056

he's being pretty transphobic by saying transwomen can't get pregnant, women have ben cancelled for saying less

No. 1845057

Nonas in all seriousness what do you think the tranny endgame is? Why are they pushing the ‘moids can be women and give birth’ agenda so hard?

No. 1845058

for the blogging anons, there's a trans vent thread in 2X where you can freely talk about it or ask for advice

sure hope she isn't on T to fuck up the baby before it's even born like tifs are known to do

No. 1845062

Imo, look at how many trannys spent the last decade as incels. They think they’re punishing women and have this idea that they can cut women out of the equation entirely.

No. 1845063

Omg same….like constantly getting bombarded by fresh and fit scrotes and adjacent content . Plus general male audacity and hatred of women has also increased, I am pretty sure youtube knows I am a young women..then why keep bombarding me with intel tier content…????????

No. 1845067

What even are these subreddits. just gathering places for retarded tranny teenagers?

No. 1845070

File: 1686560592900.jpg (77.78 KB, 749x753, FyS9XvqWYAEhMfT.jpg)

Yes im sure that happened

No. 1845071

File: 1686560704071.jpg (94.68 KB, 720x960, FyS9XvrWcAE-8Ly.jpg)

This is the scrote

No. 1845081

Some of the biggest funders of trans shit are transhumanists, so probably deconstructing the concept of the physical body entirely.

No. 1845099

every tranny is an autist, but not every autist is a tranny

No. 1845104

I wonder if r/jailbait would be going dark if it was still the #1 subreddit

No. 1845115

File: 1686570066392.png (370.89 KB, 2232x1528, real.png)

same op, should've given caps, my bad. given the api changes, r/196 held a poll asking how long they should shut down for in protest of those changes. long story short, the result chosen was indefinitely. since reddit is probably not rolling back these changes, qed, if they stick to their guns, which might happen, theyre not coming back on reddit.


r/traaa are also going too. note the restricted submissions.

correct. i have no idea if it will actually be indefinite given these people cant be off reddit for more than 5 minutes, but its still something of note.

basically. 196 was originally a general meme sub before being hijacked by troon rhetoric, and traaa is just what it says on the tin. theyre where a lot of the skirt go spinny anime catgirl fringe lefty political belief types hang out.

No. 1845161

This sub is such dogshit I wonder if most of the votes to keep it locked indefinitely were just from people tired of the troon posting

No. 1845163

There’s no coherent “endgame”, it’s just a bunch of sad lonely porn-addicted incels getting high off of cooming to the thought of themselves as a sexy lady, and a bunch of venture capitalists/insurance agencies/hospitals/clothing brands profiting off of selling drugs, surgeries, and rainbow flags to these losers.

No. 1845193

File: 1686580886922.jpg (417.12 KB, 1079x2148, Screenshot_2023-06-07-10-52-27…)

Everything they say sounds perverted

No. 1845194

This has been posted before.

No. 1845226

Why would mainstream media be pushing it so hard?

No. 1845228

Reddit is absolutely full of coomers, pedos and literal shit eating degenerates. Some of the stuff I’ve read on the scat subreddit would make 4chan users wince.

No. 1845232

If these were my parents I’d put myself up for adoption.

No. 1845233


Men have more spending power, that doesn't go away when they troon out; so most media is aimed at men.

No. 1845254

Because one is a natural process and the other is literally taking poison? I don't understand why this is a discussion.

No. 1845255

Why does the little avatar even look so trans

No. 1845279

It looks like that Wachowski brother. The same arched eyebrow "please desire me, it's my right as a man" psycho look

No. 1845280

I’m convinced by this point. The Heard trial, the demonization of women in media or stirring up conflict between them over petty shit and capitalizing on it (Selena vs Hailey)… I also constantly get Andrew Tate types or misogynistic dating bullshit while browsing shorts, despite never subsribing to this content.

No. 1845283

aaaandddd of course he's a pervert, what's new. troon handmaidens are fucking braindead

No. 1845289

File: 1686589258662.png (21.84 KB, 744x734, lol rip.png)

Managed to get this screencap before r/196 closed, like oh no, what will trannies do without their echo chamber???

No. 1845291

>the ONLY queer safe space
My fucking sides, these people cannot be real.

No. 1845295

They'll create a bunk in discord

No. 1845302

File: 1686589956081.png (15.33 KB, 932x576, 196-Apartment-of-awesome.png)

You joke Nona but they actually did that kek

No. 1845303

Right and left wing politicians and the mainstream media (who are all members of/controlled by the wealthy class) like to keep us peasants fighting a culture war amongst ourselves so that we don’t unite against the rich and wage a class war. The more time us peasants spend arguing over drag queen story time and pronouns, the less time we spend challenging our elected leaders about labor rights, wealth inequality, and halting climate change.

No. 1845323

Tinfoil but I bet some of the groomers are happy with this development. A large chunk of users suddenly dumped onto discord where messages don't last and they're already there thinking it's one of the last places left safe for them so they're less likely to "cause a fuss" which might collapse the space. Especially considering it's the reddit tranny jannies making these communities, reddit is known for hiring pedophiles after all…

No. 1845348

Why do they always go from
>Reddit is literally a cesspool full of anti-trans people!!!
>Reddit is literally the only place that’s sage for queer and trans people!!!!!!!
I really hope they shut down all of the tranny Reddit subs, it wouldn’t mean shit, if anything, I think it would reduce the amount of milk and ragemilk, but it would be nice to know that such a huge bunch of people wouldn’t have such easy access to children and mentally Ill adults.

No. 1845350


lmao Null btfo

No. 1845365

Rather they do it on Reddit where there are at least some public eyes on it instead of Discord. Nothing good happens in tranny Discords.
If anything this will be spun as a targeted attack (although it has nothing to do with troons) to further fuel the persecution complex.

No. 1845369

I like to think just by the sheer coincidence that most TiM redditors are in tech fields mean they wont use something unless they can use their custom api app branch that their friends made. So maybe reddit is actually pulling a 4D chess move and driving the troons away by depriving them of their autistic programs.

No. 1845375


every once in awhile i check back in and it's kinda crazy to see people still tolerating this. when the gendies first showed up they would throw fits all the time whenever someone tried to organize politically and claim it was hurting trans people. at first i didn't really get why people kept saying they were an op, but you really do notice after awhile the way they keep showing up to wreck things when there is no reason for it.

No. 1845385

It's everywhere. When you start to notice that any bargaining for something like maternity care gets torpedoed by demands for titty sprinkles and cock chops it gets hard to stop noticing.

No. 1845390

It sucks too for any community regarding stuff like mental health. Every single one of them is filled with self-diagnosed genderspecials, and if it's female specific it'll be filled with guys going "omg is it okay for me to be here as a sad poor transwoman?" every single day.

No. 1845391

They are also trying to colonize r/197. We'll see how that goes.

No. 1845402

Probably random but still related, but, is this "trans craze" exclusive to the US/Anglosphere countries?
Am I going on insane or are Americans of all sides of the political spectrum OBSESSED with talking about trans children, puberty blockers, flags, pronouns, bathrooms, and so on?
I come from South America and we're still culturally behind the US.
We still call trans people "transvestites" or "transsexuals", and the concept of trans children just does not exist and is not even considered by the most batshit insane progressives in the country because they still care about optics.
MTFs in Anglo countries unironically believe that they are THE SAME THING as biological women and chromosomes do not matter. Meanwhile over here, they don't even try to sugarcoat it. They just know that they "used" (still are) to be male and they just prefer to hang out among other trans people.

Also, the only people who talk about "alternate identities" such as "fae/faer" are those city slickers who are heavily Westernized who have been to the US once or twice.

I don't want to go full schizo but I think it's weird.

No. 1845405

File: 1686599969194.png (39.22 KB, 732x677, why the elites are adamant abo…)

North America and Anglosphere countries are absolutely the epicentre of this insanity, and I think it's because consumerism and individualism rules everything here. Another nonny shared picrel several threads back and I think it's topical here.

No. 1845422

that baby doesn’t stand a chance

No. 1845429


not fully related, but this reminds me of how before the matrix the wachowskis made a really fetishy lesbian movie that got completely memory holed called "bound". it's not even a bad movie, but it stuck out me because it's an extremely male movie. there's not even a hint of a lesbian or a woman's internal perspective to the thing, it's more like the feel you get from the original tomb raider stuff.

it just seems like the missing piece whenever people talk about the wachowski's stuff. like they both initially married women. they both fell down a rabbit hole of BDSM, porn, and fetish stuff once their careers took off. they are the prototype for so much of what ended up happening. maybe the first modern troons.

No. 1845438

File: 1686603748132.jpg (76.95 KB, 828x859, FycyceWaEAAm9AQ.jpg)

This is an adult man dressing and typing like this

No. 1845441

File: 1686604194023.jpg (96.31 KB, 442x699, FycGG0PaAAAsuIl.jpg)

Play stupid games win stupid prizes

No. 1845460

File: 1686607660373.png (360.45 KB, 926x1227, eww.png)

No. 1845485

File: 1686609622346.jpeg (152.34 KB, 1125x1312, IMG_4566.jpeg)

it’s not even comparable?

No. 1845491

File: 1686610259047.jpg (53.39 KB, 720x424, 5c9268909661e597f293e90d8c163e…)

He reminds me of this character lol

No. 1845521

Looks like a skinny long haired Trump. Looks like he is wearing a MAGA hat and all kek

No. 1845544

Sorry for being retarded but I don't get it

No. 1845546

messages do last in discord, there's private channels where admins save them all and also they are saved on the backend

No. 1845551

is it because the poll ended or did they really have only two options being 2 days and ""indeffinately""? kek
they'll probably come back though especially if everyone is asking for it on discord

i don't think it's a new phenomenon, ime idpol are always born in the US and they slowly export to other countries

No. 1845569

It's never out of the ordinary to see a troon that thinks it's a lesbian, but especially since it's a 4tran dweller, it should alog. ASAP.
The women in that sub are asking to be rated based on how good they look with or without makeup (I believe). The quote is comparing this to troons asking if they pass or not. It's a stupid comparison because males are going to struggle mimicking the other sex because they are male, and women will always "pass" at looking like women because they are women, makeup or no.

No. 1845591

File: 1686620748019.jpg (106.12 KB, 1080x1080, FyaupIcXgAEEevL.jpg)

>non men for lesbians

No. 1845594

File: 1686620775199.jpg (202.68 KB, 757x2048, FyXCcVcXsAA1xiB.jpg)

No. 1845601

File: 1686621504426.jpg (97.31 KB, 777x1280, ew.jpg)

they repulse me when they try to make what they think are cute girly gestures

No. 1845604

why is the gay man description not "a non-woman attracted to non-women"? Why is the man allowed to stay a man and the woman has to become a non-man?
They all want inclusive language until it's about men.

No. 1845634

File: 1686625923833.png (204.01 KB, 289x446, IMG_0425.png)

troon is invited to the White House pride event and of course he has to get his bolt-ons out (and of course they look hideous and barely move)


No. 1845642

Jesus Christ I've seen cleaner hobos than this filthy degenerate

No. 1845643

File: 1686626844847.jpg (267.08 KB, 1162x1248, Clipboard.jpg)

No. 1845665

My God he looks like Luka Magnotta, the cat killer guy

No. 1845676

This man fr has down syndrome you can not convince me otherwise holy fuck lmao

No. 1845687

Seems like it coulda been incompetence. Imagine if someone had actual ill intent. I still can't believe the naivety of injecting something into your body from some internet rando. People are going to get killed eventually I can just feel it.

No. 1845720

you can just tell they get tips on how to be “cute and girly” from mimicking anime girls

No. 1845736

Ah yes, it's the "undercover transphobes" and the "evil terfs" poisoning you. It's certainly not you being a fucking idiot and injecting unknown substances and hormones not meant for you because you want to look like an anime girl. Fucking retard.

No. 1845745

File: 1686647381639.png (331.13 KB, 1080x2214, Screenshot_20230613-110701.png)

wait until you find out what crime he's been convicted of

No. 1845749

Being a pedo? Exposing himself in public? Assaulting a woman?

No. 1845752

it's like this because gay moids don't fuck with theyfabs, TiFs, or other female gendies. plus they just view the male theymabs as quirky fem twinks

No. 1845753

File: 1686649668350.png (24.44 KB, 1080x480, Screenshot_20230613-110710~2.p…)

how could you possibly know, nonnie

No. 1845754

Why tf is this pedo allowed a padlock? Even in special ladyboy sex-offender prison, that seems retarded

No. 1845789

File: 1686659597763.png (86.64 KB, 1080x1559, Screenshot_20230613-083236.png)

Random misogyny to start the day 1/2

No. 1845791

File: 1686659649054.png (144.35 KB, 1080x1821, Screenshot_20230613-083312.png)


"Misgendering is fine actually!"

No. 1845798

File: 1686660854094.jpg (960.01 KB, 4952x1668, 3leBW0LdbXTOe.jpg)

Why do Troons seem to hate children so much? like I have seen visceral hatred of literal toddlers and "edgy" child-rape jokes coming from troon accounts

No. 1845800

I mean, he also killed, dismembered and shipped out body parts of someone, but yeah a cat killer.

No. 1845803

Probably because a little child "misgendered" these moids and they're super salty about it. Also because they're joyless bastards.

No. 1845815

File: 1686662164385.png (1.02 MB, 648x1751, Screenshot 1.png)

tbf pretty much all of leftist Twitter was making fun of this kid. They viewed this attack on a child like they view everything: through terminally online parxies, wherea white racist ho was gentrifying the neighborhood was "owned". Funnily enough, the kid is half Middle Eastern and half Chinese and even if he was white, it would still never be alright


No. 1845826

proving time and time again that the “be kind” community is full of hypocrites. trannies are allowed to make fun of everyone and everything, but get their stolen panties in a twist when you make fun of them

No. 1845827

Trannies, like most ugly busted white men, love being racist towards Asians and Middle Eastern people any chance they get.

No. 1845835

I don't understand why transfags keep bringing this up as a point. Ted K clearly went there out of desperation.

There's a clear parallel to the nerd/incel-to-tranny pipeline that they haven't, or don't want to, grasped. Difference being that Ted realised that it was an insane solution and went to live in the woods.

No. 1845836

Most people think the kid is white though and again it shouldn't matter.

No. 1845838

jealousy, they miss the role of the child where they are being coddled and catered to, many are pedos who self insert as the child and are jealous of a sexual rival stealing attention from them

No. 1845842

>Why do Troons seem to hate children so much?
Because they're paedophiles.

No. 1845878

What that poor kid did to get the ire of troons? I am not american so I don't get what's wrong with his outfit, it looks goofy if anything.
That boy surely doesn't hold the means of production and he is a kid. "Be kind", my ass, troons really are hypocritical.

No. 1845885

this. a lot of the people who senselessly hate children are 1) extremely self-absorbed and/or 2) resentful of the reminder that they can’t be the widdle baby anymore. Troons check both boxes

No. 1845909

Sorry for slightly ot but, why is it that men will bend over backwards to insist an average to ugly young looking man dressed as a woman is the sexiest thing alive, yet insist on harshly judging women's appearances like they're a catty gay man?

No. 1845910

File: 1686673510764.png (55.8 KB, 569x486, Screenshot_399.png)

ew i wonder if thats a reference to this meme

No. 1845915

Misogyny, cope, and autistic face blindness.
A fun game to play is find one of those "transphobes are all hideous" threads, post a tranny with any caption like "oh, you really think so?", and then watch them rip into their own.

No. 1845923

Because the vast majority of men have homosexual/homoromantic tendencies and they will always value a fellow male over a woman. So women need to be judged and treated like scum, but males in dresses are still male so they treat them as their equal and validate them.

No. 1845925

File: 1686675271681.png (234.62 KB, 2320x856, FIRST DEGREE MURDER.png)


anon… you inspired me to go down a rabbit hole

No. 1845949

given his age most likely

No. 1845956

because beauty and being able to give birth are the only things they allowed women to have. Now they want to take that away too. They hate women so much they can't take women being better in anything even if its a category they themselfes reduced us to.

No. 1845965

File: 1686679938451.png (Spoiler Image,171.5 KB, 828x1792, IMG_6396.png)

Newfag on mobile, but I’m so sick of this ugly ass troon being everywhere and being celebrated for being a talentless nobody. I’m glad he’s ruined his hair though. Hope his weak male hair doesn’t do well with the bleach.

No. 1845969

File: 1686680823251.jpg (54.24 KB, 602x482, ew.jpg)

Hes the reason annorexia was trending on twitter yesterday over here, last thing we need is anachans giving this oxygen thief propped up.

No. 1845972

I honestly think he looks better with the blonde hair especially the eyebrows. it makes him look more alien which is the only kind of aesthetic troons can go for imo

No. 1845974

Really does look like Lauren Southern desu

No. 1845994

This has been said many times but he's a plant or a character of some kind, his whole rise to fame is very sus especially with how unlikable he is. It just looks like he switched roles from 'deranged brunette' with the insane wide eyes and smile, to 'demure blonde' more of a rich housewife stereotype. Both as fake as the other, nobody changes persona that fast without the whole thing being an act

No. 1845995

>describe him in three words
Sleep paralysis demon.

No. 1845997

Is this guy faceblind? It's literally just uglier eyebrows and a different hair color. Same crazy eyes, same neanderthal brow ridge, same emaciated corpse body.

No. 1845998

as someone with natural nearly invisible eyebrows I want to tell him that his eyebrows are orange and look horrible. I still can't believe how old he looks, with the new hair colour he looks well into his 50s.

No. 1846002

File: 1686684358294.png (442 KB, 579x700, 564645564654645645.png)

I hate Matt Walsh misogynistic ass but this is the truth, people are licking Dylans ass when he photoshops the ever living fuck out of his photos, we all know he actually looks like >>1843475

No. 1846019

Holy shit what the actual fuck

Actual nightmare fuel

No. 1846026

i think the only way to stop this is giving them what they want. free mutilation surgeries, over the counter hormones. let them destroy themselves.

No. 1846029

That only works if the handmaidens stop entertaining them and they're left to have to scissor each other's rot pockets.

No. 1846031

biden has to be a chaser. why does he keep inviting trannies to the white house?

No. 1846034

The only good thing about HSTS is how angry and defensive they make men. They have coomed to shit surgery for so long they struggle to clock em kek. No matter how much they deny it, the fake tranny-lite aesthetic appeals to men, it's been the look for 'whores' since forever. I wonder if beauty standards will swing back to wholesome, natural beauty to counteract this.

No. 1846035

He looks terminally ill

No. 1846037

File: 1686687456532.jpeg (26.55 KB, 275x275, IMG_6270.jpeg)

I hate you for putting that image in my head

No. 1846038

I'm not sure if he specifically invited the trans people that arrived this time or whatever but besides all that , Montoya , the mtf who flashed his chest , actually got banned from the white house. Thank god.(sage your shit)

No. 1846059

Tbh these are all very edited, he looks the same as before without the editing, just weirder, there's an unedited pic up in the thread. Notice how his wrinkles suddenky all disappeared in the edits, he still had them even after botox before.

No. 1846067

can someone clearly explain to me why men with fake boobs have their chests censored if flashed in public the same as actual women? I know off topic but it reminds me of that one episode of botched where a guy loses a bet and gets breast implants and when they showed the aftermath, his chest was suddenly blurred out on TV when it wasn't before. so is it specifically the way they're shaped that gets it censored out even if its on a male body? I seriously don't get it. doesn't help that TiMs see this as validating either

No. 1846113

for the same reason drawings of boobs get censored? anything that represents women’s breasts must be covered because it’s considered pornographic.

No. 1846145

Why are troons so obsessed with calling themselves sapphic now? Whenever I see that term I get so annoyed because I know they’re talking about transbians and not actual women. They’re so pathetic and their jealousy makes me deeply uncomfortable

No. 1846146

File: 1686698920826.png (22.01 KB, 1922x480, Screen Shot 2023-06-13 at 5.26…)

imagine being such a degenerate that you have to jiggle your fake tits on the WHITE HOUSE lawn fuck. big time hooker vibes off this one.

No. 1846173

Because like with anything, troons see or hear of a thing thats exclusively for women and feel the immediate compulsion to rub their rot pocket scrotum exudate all over it.

No. 1846174

Probably has AIDs and is on a myriad of MK ultra drugs his handlers feed him. He looks gay and raped.

No. 1846206

File: 1686705102364.jpg (46.42 KB, 828x400, FyfFk-LWAAIfEo8.jpg)

gawd what a fucking arsehole

No. 1846207

File: 1686705368053.jpeg (27.48 KB, 400x400, IMG_1775.jpeg)

if y’all ever see a male in your rape crisis centers or women’s shelters, you can thank this man

No. 1846210

File: 1686705701780.png (156.38 KB, 1807x750, CBC guest says children know t…)

No. 1846216

File: 1686706118000.png (174.8 KB, 1428x815, Trans-Identified Male Takes MA…)

when are we going to ban these bastards

No. 1846250

They are also resentful of anyone being a productive member of society and not on autism bucks, or leeching off their parents or spouse.

No. 1846287

Don’t know who this is but his last name is fitting kek. Part of what peaked me and I know peaks others is troons pushing the boundaries of reality and no longer acknowledging birth sex. And if anyone else ever brings up their birth sex it’s a hate crime or something. So what’s even the point of gender then? Was it a Trojan horse perhaps? Pathetic

No. 1846296

Cats are more important any day.

No. 1846311

OT but the qrts annihilated my faith in humanity. It's almost entirely either liberals victim-blaming him for his dorky clothing or alt-righters making it about race. No one seems to give a fuck about the actual kid himself. Twitter addiction turns people into sociopaths, prove me wrong.

No. 1846313

Let's start calling males "non-women."

No. 1846321

Agreed especially in regards to troons.

No. 1846349

He looks so fine when he's in androgynous Twink mode kek

No. 1846350

are you blind? are we looking at the same goblin ass creature?

No. 1846352

He looks like Ben Shapiro (another qt) if he was thinner and more androgynous. Total babe. Hate that we are losing twink kings to this whole trans thing

No. 1846377

Gay moids like you really have shit taste.

No. 1846379

File: 1686734996141.gif (2.58 MB, 480x270, IMG_1555.gif)

Girl you know that pic is photoshopped to hell. To me he has absolutely zero sex appeal unless you have a fetish for shrill anorexic grown up theater kids

No. 1846382

File: 1686735877992.png (Spoiler Image,314.04 KB, 388x593, hhh.PNG)

diaper warning

No. 1846383

>Was it a trojan horse perhaps?

That's such an interesting way to put it. The first time I heard about all this gender stuff was back in 2014 on Tumblr. At the time everybody was like, "gender and sex aren't the same thing! of course trans women aren't biologically female, we never said so!"

I'm actually starting to believe in the slippery slope argument… How did we go from "born in the wrong body" to "my penis is female" in just 10 years?

No. 1846384

File: 1686736023262.jpeg (256.57 KB, 750x1733, IMG_9163.jpeg)


No. 1846385

Surely "failed transition" is a transphobic concept to begin with, SHE and all non-passing troons are all brave and stunning and it's nazi racism to insist they should all look like an Eurocentric ideal white woman. Can't believe SHE is being such an evil bigot spewing her evil ideals!

No. 1846391

He looks mentally ill, I actually laughed at his appearance

No. 1846392

Troons always strive to become more disgusting by the day huh? This shit should be illegal

No. 1846398

Social media in general does that tbh, I think we should start banning social media and never let kids have phones or internet access until they're 18. Maybe that would fix the world.

No. 1846408

File: 1686740737881.png (4.4 MB, 1620x3149, Jackninja5.png)

Every fucking time!

No. 1846411

Ewww dont zoom on those disgusting plaque caked rotten chompers

No. 1846412

File: 1686741192594.jpg (Spoiler Image,289.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230515-175940_Red…)

Foreshadowing?, lol

No. 1846415

I looked up this guys account and he was still "boymoding" and hadn't started HRT in august of 2021. Yet less than two years later he's already had his dick inverted, and is now apparently regretting it. Baffling.

No. 1846416

Obvious misogyny aside, it's wild that he can't even hide it in his language. "GC women," not GC people. This nitpick pisses me off so much because he can't get it through his dumb skull how misogynistic he is. It's always the heavily autisitic tims (and moids) I hate the most because they have no introspection or respect for boundaries

No. 1846427

File: 1686744837836.jpeg (154.81 KB, 828x910, IMG_6356.jpeg)

So I was looking for the YWNBAW copypasta and found this massive cops in the comments kek

No. 1846428

Samefag cope not cops

No. 1846446

friends and family doesnt even matter to these dangerous freaks. as if a fetishist cares about whether or not people laugh at this jokes or find him lovable. everything here should be deleted ecept "girls envy you" because thats the one thing theyre really about

No. 1846452

File: 1686748941638.gif (1.67 MB, 640x480, andtheneverybodyclapped.gif)

>they'll congratulate you on your hard journey…
kek, he wants to be a woman, so he shall be a woman and no one ever will congratulate him to any hard labour or events he had to endure

No. 1846455

>girls envy you
Even in this "be Kind" bullshit edit of the copy pasta they can't tone down their misogyny

No. 1846460

>Eventually, it'll be perfect for you - you'll (…) finally be your ideal self
Interesting how I have never once seen this happen and they are always still dissatisfied after all the plastic surgeries

No. 1846464

sorry in advance for blog, but does this thread make anyone else feel like.. they're even more thankful to be a woman?
like sure i'm not the most feminine or good looking person, but it's nice to know i can wake up and not have to dilate or go through 1000 surgerys just to mimic even 1% of a woman. i grew up being almost ashamed of having to be a girl but now seeing how much these people will go through just to replicate our livelihoods gives me some hope

No. 1846465

It is absolutely insane to me that someone can get approved for all these procedures in such a short time. I'm not saying you should feel bad for him, but honestly that's just straight up medical neglect from the professionals.

No. 1846477

Same, but only a little. I don’t really enjoy being a woman, in fact I trooned out for a bit when I was younger (am autist). But I do have a newfound appreciation for being a woman after coming here.
Not to blog but I have a disorder that troons and handmaidens use as a gotcha “s-see! Cis women do that too!” It makes me mad to be compared to them. But I take solace in the fact that it is a uniquely female problem, in a weird way.

No. 1846494

Not making those deranged serial killer faces does make a big difference.

No. 1846504

Not really. If I was a boy I wouldn't have been raped as a child. Teachers would have given me the attention I needed in school, and I wouldn't have lost a job I loved to a sexist boss who wanted male employees only. What am I supposed to love about being a woman again? Ruining the bedsheet with blood because my pad got squished in my sleep?

No. 1846511

not really. I only associate woman with physical sex. there's nothing inherently amazing about being a woman. its just the sex class we're born in. nothing more nothing less. anything bad that comes with it is due to social aspects unfortunately

No. 1846518

File: 1686756200249.jpg (205.49 KB, 810x2358, Screenshot_20230614-043141_Chr…)

TIMs discuss their phantom vaginas

No. 1846521

The trans "character" in this video gets bound and gagged even though its supposed to be a serious political message KEK. They can't stop themselves from being fetishistic. A retard in the comments suggested that he should "genuinely, submit this to a film festival"?

No. 1846522

Can someone please translate the OP? I don’t speak troon

No. 1846524

I've always loved being female but troons have made me appreciate women-only social spaces more. Nothing changed for toilets, changing-rooms, showers, wards etc because I understood their importance and was grateful for them to begin with, but I had a weaker preference for socialising with women solely (though I've always preferred women and girls) and now I understand how crucial it is that we have spaces (real and internet) without men.

No. 1846525

>girls envy you
Ah yes, the quintessential part of womanhood. Being envied by other women. I sincerely hate how much they push this shit. I think the last time I felt any kind of mean girls thing I was maybe fourteen and now it’s twenty years later and my relationships with other women are my most treasured ones. Not that there aren’t catty women in the world, but I fucking hate how men push it like women are unable to have cherished friendships or relate to one another in a way that doesn’t go back to being fuckable for men. Any hole in the dirt is fuckable to men, so it’s really not a compliment or the end all be all.

No. 1846526

I can’t even comprehend what he’s saying.

Yes and no. It’s made me appreciate my biological functions more, for instance, I have learned to appreciate my period and the shape of my body and things like that. These threads have made me realize how absolutely pathetic these men are, so it makes me happy knowing they’ll never have what they want so badly. It gives me this sense of schadenfreude because tims are some of the most misogynistic men I’ve ever seen, so it’s like watching them receive karma for that.

No. 1846527

>I think the last time I felt any kind of mean girls thing I was maybe fourteen
Well that’s just it, anon. They literally want to be teenage girls. The extent of their knowledge of being female comes from the Stacy’s that rejected them in middle/high school and porn actresses acting like high schoolers. That’s why they always use the term “girl(s)” over “woman/women”. Though they try to pass it off as some kind of age regression thing like Dylan’s whole schtick.

No. 1846530

It's a retarded male fantasy. They like the thought that women are more loyal to them than to each other, so to them it's reality. It doesn't help that woman-hating pick mes gleefully reinforce this belief at every opportunity, whereas normal women don't really talk about the nuances of their healthy female friendships with random men.
Reddit TRA dorks especially don't care about the inner lives of females. We're validation dispensers or catty villains.

No. 1846540

The way men gas each other up online is insane

No. 1846553

>boys love you, girls envy you
>Men absolutely love you
Lmao and then some. This reeks of coping HSTS who's mad because he could never steal Chad from Stacy.

No. 1846555

Yes. Because I know who I am and no one can take that from me or change it. You could call me every name in the book and I will laugh it off, because I know deep down in my core who I am and no one can knock that off balance because I'm not living a lie. Even the hardships I've had to endure don't make me any less grateful, they merely cement my reality and make me stronger and more sure of who and what I am. Life is extremely painful but I'm not a tranny and that makes me smile.

No. 1846584

File: 1686769785272.jpg (26.66 KB, 590x350, The-Idol-talia-actress-hari-ne…)

I'm genuinely and shamelessly enjoying The Idol but Hari Nef's froglike moid voice makes me want to kms. Does Sam Levinson have a tranny fetish or what

No. 1846587

He should submit it to afestival so more people can see what troons are really up to. The more exposure troons get the more people see them for what they are kek

No. 1846591

Why are you enjoying that shitshow

No. 1846595

let me guess, you also think Euphoria is an accurate insight to teenager life.

No. 1846605

Lol I'm enjoying it because it's completely ridiculous and campy not because I think it's true to life. Why would someone watch a pop star drama for the realism

No. 1846616

Got scared and thought Sophie came back to life and got ffs.
Also sick of seeing levinsons “work” everywhere. My sister is hate watching The Idol and from her descriptions of the show there’s no way that that moid doesn’t molest his actresses and troon actors. Impatiently awaiting his downfall.

No. 1846624

i want to see barbie movie but not this troid ruining it, why is he stuffed into so many girls and gays shows, put him in moid shit we don't want him

No. 1846640

>estradiol widens hips
is this why theyre convinced they can totally give birth? i have to laugh.
what the fuck is a beak and wattle.

No. 1846647

Hate-watching the show and one thing that always makes me roll my eyes when troons are in media is that nobody ever acts realistically around them. In TV everyone effortlessly always treats them exactly as if they're a real woman who has always been a woman, but irl it's either handmaidens yass-queening everything they say, or regular people who feel like they're walking on eggshells and avoid eye contact. And they made this character have weird sexual tension with some twink so you know they're going to add a gross sex scene at some point.

No. 1846653

I remember clocking him in You. He does not pass well. Funniest part was he said that he was a model in japan because they thought his hair was unique, when it's a fake wig and he has regular guy hair kek.

No. 1846655

from trap houses to hormone houses

No. 1846663

dumb question but what are the drains in the top of the wound for? i know the central one is a urinary catheter.

No. 1846669

thank god i was born with an actual vagina

No. 1846674

I guarantee sam Levinson has an addiction to femboy tranny porn. He wrote Honter out of Euphoria when he finished going through male puberty and got a thick neck and caveman brow ridge. Maybe if Harry Nonce shaves enough of his skull down he can stay employed

No. 1846681

sam levinson is 100% an egg.

No. 1846683

File: 1686783382871.jpg (470.12 KB, 1564x1564, PoopWound_20230614_185625.jpg)

He's pissed because his rot pocket got clocked by a chaser.

No. 1846687

File: 1686783674572.jpeg (Spoiler Image,99.8 KB, 828x1115, IMG_6461.jpeg)

New cryptid unlocked. What should we name it?

No. 1846691

probably just to drain fluid and pus, similar ones are used after top surgery for the same thing.
this whole story sounds fake as fuck.

No. 1846697

File: 1686785565296.png (420.53 KB, 1948x968, Screen Shot 2023-06-14 at 5.34…)

I didn't even recognize him at first but he was instantly clockable when he came on the screen. then he spoke. his voice is terrible. he's had SO MUCH surgery, and he still doesn't pass.

No. 1846699

eugh their longs feet look like hocks on an animal

No. 1846713

Same here lol and I was in disbelief that they were trying to pass him off as a completely normal woman because it was so obvious.

No. 1846727

>>1846687 This image would fit seamlessly to accompany a creepypasta or something

No. 1846730

The Fresno skincrawler or whatever city he’s in

No. 1846734

>>1846730 LA skincrawler

No. 1846739

it's a cope and they'll say the exact opposite depending on the context. one day it's "women are so catty and superficial, their friendships are fake!!", the other "men are so lonely in adulthood, they have no one to turn to, noticed how women still have friends but men don't?" kek

No. 1846743

File: 1686791827708.jpg (Spoiler Image,139.78 KB, 1125x2001, FyesltWagAUOX8K.jpg)

let moids use the women's bathrooms they said

No. 1846753

Poopacabra(sage your shit)

No. 1846754

“We just want to pee!”

No. 1846771

File: 1686796365489.png (2.76 MB, 810x2986, roxi_richter.png)

Tell me you're a troon just by your fashion choices

No. 1846777

File: 1686797516225.png (3.2 MB, 1785x1280, massive.png)

The photo speaks for itself, truly horrifying

No. 1846779

KEK! Nonna, Why is that a real human?

No. 1846790

Like a fucking cryptid.

No. 1846796

Oh my sides! Nonna, you win the internet for today. I was actually thinking troonafish myself.(sage your shit)

No. 1846803

File: 1686800393265.png (549.17 KB, 1768x1630, 57326357.png)

June is wild cryptid season.

No. 1846805

how is someone so ugly and talentless getting acting roles and modeling gigs? it makes no sense, unless he’s a nepo baby.

No. 1846843

File: 1686805963116.jpg (63.34 KB, 500x500, tumblr_oktwkoSDX41sidfiqo2_500…)

Womb envy is real.

No. 1846844

why does everything have to be "unisex and gender neutral" just in case your child is trans? this enforcing of gender stereotypes is so disturbing. if they think gender isnt real then how are names or colours gendered anyway? besides the fact that someone isnt going to remember if their nursery was pink or blue anyway.

No. 1846856

>How to make your wife's traumatic biological experience all about you!

No. 1846860

the fact that the center tranny has a pillow makes me assume that he'll put it under his shirt and pretend it's a pregnancy belly for his fetish.

No. 1846875

the subtle transphobia in making the males have weird wonky face shapes and flat chests while the one real woman in the back has a cute oval face and female curves kek

No. 1846879

>"you must have heard transphobes calling a neovagina a poopwound"
I'm terfy as all hell and I've never heard that specific term lmao thank you troon, I shall add it to my list.
It's well documented that neovaginas smell like literal shit, at least the colon ones, to the point that it's in actual scientific research papers because they felt they need to mention the foul smell from neovaginas so I fully buy someone being clocked in a millisecond on the stink alone.

It's pretty tragic that these gay men already have exactly what they want, a dating pool of gay men who love their natural male bodies, who are willing to pretend to be straight and love that the troons pretend to be women and dress in feminine clothes - yet the troons get their dick chopped off to alienate this one single group that actually wants them. I don't feel bad for them, but it is tragic.

No. 1846890

congratulations to Paul Dano for trooning out i guess

No. 1846893

I also think its funny they think "estradiol widens hips" like the meds actually go in and widen your actual bone structure. If you get "wider hips" (weve all seen troons that doesnt happen anyway) its because you gain more fat in those areas

No. 1846909

File: 1686822553767.png (53.69 KB, 1063x1112, Screenshot.png)

I feel for Intersex people, their entire existence is used by Troons and TRAs to justify their fetishes and intrusions.

No. 1846910

File: 1686822702169.jpg (200.84 KB, 1080x1560, Screenshot_20230615-055227_Chr…)

Been awhile since I checked in on Trans Girl Next Door/Kylie Summer Wu. Turns out he's been battling porn addiction and drawing NoFap comics kek

No. 1846912

File: 1686823122627.jpeg (66.39 KB, 828x960, IMG_7531.jpeg)

tranny concerned about men’s needs

No. 1846922

He drew a couple of them but seems to have disappeared from social media.

No. 1846923

You weren’t a “based, internet feminist” the moment you trooned I’m ‘fraid. I’ve noticed that tims and tifs alike can’t stop from general whining about “men’s needs”.

No. 1846928

The vibe is predator

No. 1846936

File: 1686828271546.jpg (111.73 KB, 1080x1455, Screenshot_20230615-002007_Red…)

Nothing pedophilic about referring to your dick as prepubescent:

No. 1846937

File: 1686828350984.jpg (183.72 KB, 810x1492, Screenshot_20230615-003056_Red…)

"Intersex Lesbian"

No. 1846959

File: 1686832901625.jpeg (52.85 KB, 500x499, IMG_8175.jpeg)

you just have a microdick, richard

No. 1846962


No. 1846971

that O. Diana Shaw quote in the beginning is so good

No. 1846976

He’s never been anything but just another debased internet meninist.

No. 1846977

Some of these motherfuckers look like they've taken these pictures with the panorama or some shit on because they look so messed up posing and everything. Speechless at this one.

No. 1846978

File: 1686835729205.jpg (221.65 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230615_093008_Chr…)

>that author
hey I know him, he wrote this piece that was instrumental in my peaking

No. 1846979

>Trains, Funkos, and decorative film cameras
It's like he bought his entire personality on shein

No. 1846984

Why do men ruin everything? The bathroom is supposed to be my one space free from their sexual bullshit.

No. 1846986

They literally make no sense. I’ve never heard of a terf saying intersex people shouldn’t have accommodations or be taken seriously, and it’s not problematic to state that people with DSDs are outliers with regards to what is normal in human development. That isn’t being cruel, it’s just the reality of it. If anything, intersex people should have more attention brought to them rather than these assholes who try to co-op the things they go through.

No. 1846990

File: 1686838200219.webm (843.97 KB, 576x1024, Download (18).webm)

No. 1846992

Why are you so much more upset about people making fun of a kid on Twitter (which the kid will never see) than about his parents exploiting him for social media clout?

No. 1847008

Average orthodox jew has more impressive sedeburns.

No. 1847021

i’m grateful to be a woman because trannies have shown me that males are inherently depraved and violent. it’s not socialization, it’s their nature. they can teach themselves morals and self-control, but most choose to do the exact opposite.

No. 1847024

It’s possible to be angry at both parties, you know that right? It’s not a guarantee that the kid may never see it.

No. 1847036

File: 1686845030576.jpeg (60.51 KB, 750x592, IMG_9202.jpeg)

moobs in a bra are still moobs.

No. 1847041

File: 1686845255376.png (95.14 KB, 1063x639, Screenshot 1.png)

This is genuinely one of the most confusing MTF posts I have yet seen, like what the fuck is he trying to say?

No. 1847042

kek they're arguing whether Herc is a tim or tif

No. 1847043

Tits? Do these gross fat faggots think that pecs are tits and males can't have built thighs and asses? Have they ever worked out in their lives?

No. 1847045

File: 1686846086569.jpeg (139.38 KB, 960x1525, IMG_6249.jpeg)

lmfao. do they genuinely still believe women chasers exist?

No. 1847047

samefag to add that the replies are either “ive never came across one” or also wanting to meet one.

No. 1847048

File: 1686846315645.jpg (Spoiler Image,94.87 KB, 720x1380, 1625164856406.jpg)

So, I think I understand what's happening here. It's a little complicated, but essentially there is a subset of TIMs who have trap/femboy fetishes and so they seek out Yaoi with feminine pseudo-male characters to indulgence in that fetish and from what I've seen they actually end up absorbing some fujo quirks, and this is just a result of the overlap between those spaces, because fujos don't know how muscles work, they depict muscles like their natural female curves, which has an unreal effect.

No. 1847049

>How could this man be able to tell that the surgically made hole in between my legs made out of penis skin and no muscle (and is in the wrong place) wasn't a real vagina???
The story is fake but trannies really think like this kek

No. 1847053

This is so funny because that manhunt book moid claims that terfs are just self repressing chasers as if any level headed woman would touch an ugly ass troon. It's always projection. When it comes to any fetish moids are always the one chasing. When's the last time you saw a woman spamming a disabled mans comments asking him to message him because she's some sort of devotee? Where are the women hitting up big beautiful men's Instagrams because they are chubby chasers? Dare I ask, who are the main consumers of troon porn?? Fucking men. Not to say these instances of female chasers are impossible, just quite rare. Literally these men don't understand the patterns of female sexuality AT ALL and it shows.

No. 1847084

I don’t believe there are women chasers who go out of their way to find troons but there are opportunist handmaidens who will latch onto one who approaches them for virtue signaling points. A good example is that pathetic mother who gave her baby to her boyfriend so he could practice breast feeding. I don’t think a woman could willingly date or fuck a troon and still have any self-esteem or sanity.

No. 1847099

File: 1686854939589.webm (2.92 MB, 1280x720, jazzandamir.webm)

Every time I see more from I Am Jazz, I laugh. The mix of tragedy and comedy is always sublime.
Want to make moves on a guy you like during a date? Bring up how fucked up your inverted penis is.

No. 1847102

Does Dylan Mulvaney have his own thread on here or…?(sage your shit and search catalog, don't ask to be spoonfed)

No. 1847103

I think we know the answer to that question.

No. 1847104

Nona I beg of you no more

That was a level of cringe that if I experience again, I might just shrivel up and die

No. 1847108

This is honestly so sad holy shit. I have nothing but pity for Jazz. He can't even enjoy sex because his narc mom wouldn't just accept she had a feminine and gay son.

No. 1847128

We don't even know if he would have been a feminine and gay guy. He was trooned out at 3 it could have easily just been a phase or even just the mom/parents pushing it on him from the start

No. 1847130

the only female chasers are ugly they/she handmaidens desperate for attention and mediocre dick.

No. 1847170

It’s like every time he gets something surgically reduce a new feature becomes big in comparison, now he has huge dumbo ears on the right picture

No. 1847171

The doctors probably thought a fecal smelling “vagina” would entice the gay male chaser

No. 1847218

On that botched show they say the chest muscle can lift sometimes when the implants are placed under the muscle causing this molded barbie boob look. Its especially common with large implants. I think his surgery was just botched and now he gets to live with what looks like a silicone chest plate on his chest.

No. 1847244

Oh my gosh I knew there was this look to him. He looks like a slightly more feminine version of trump holy shit.

No. 1847307

>The way men gas each other up online is insane
Men always complain no one compliments them and they recall the one time 15 years ago some lady said she liked their jacket or something…but they pretend to be women in order to be supportive of and compliment another pretend woman kek wtf is happening.

No. 1847314

I didn’t sage this because it is news, but the Royal Women’s Hospital in Australia performed their first successful uterus transplant in a woman earlier this year! But you know what that means… they are also interested in uterus transplants for “other parties”, meaning, trannies. This makes my skin crawl, I can’t get the full article but a handful of media outlets did mention it. This is terrifying to me, makes me so anxious. Thoughts?(this is an imageboard)

No. 1847315


Can you share the links or info nonna? Or anyone else who has it.

No. 1847323

>Men always complain no one compliments them and they recall the one time 15 years ago some lady said she liked their jacket or something…
ot but omg, the number of times i've read this on reddit. and in the same breath they mock how women hype each other up too much on their instagram posts or whatever. truly retarded

No. 1847330

Saw one saying their "period cramps" were as bad as endometriosis.
Waiting for someone legit claim they actually HAVE endometriosis.
PMDD anon here too- I think I mentioned before, I know a guy in a mutual friend discord group that would say he had PMDD too, we got into an argument. Thankfully mf fucked right off recently.

No. 1847337

Out of all the creepy shit you could post this is legitimately not pedophilic. Intention is always important.

No. 1847368

I honestly believe it will be decades before the medical establishment ever figure out how to do a womb transplant on men or many troons will willingly die when it actually gets to the point where some plastic surgeons just shoves ones they stole from an aiden they botched into one of these agps and they die of sepsis. Nonetheless, if these womb transplants prove to be effect in women and become the norm, i will savour the amount of seething the troons will do when they are denied them.

No. 1847377

kek also on reddit they complain no one cares about men's feelings, but most normies are 100% supportive of men going to therapy since talking to their male friends is out of the question. But then on the manosphere subreddits the scrotes complain "YOU don't get it, therapy DOESN'T work for US". They want a girlfriend to be their therapist, which often happens to nice sweet girls. They literally cause their own problems but blame women.

Maybe it's just me, but I doubt a full functioning womb transplant into men will be something we'll see in our lifetime. At best, maybe they can't get one in without it rotting away, but they're still struggling with neovaginas, which are still just rotting molding pockets. But for it to even carry life and a healthy life… nah. A healthy uterus to support the placenta to provide xyz to a fetus/baby just seems unlikely imo.

No. 1847384


Hi! Sorry if I sound strange, but I really appreciate your commentary. I guess then, why do you think a women’s hospital would say this? It is australia though and I don’t think they’re known for having sensible rights or ideas in place as far as my knowledge goes. i’ve also noticed that these transplants only seem to be most successful between women who are biologically tied to one another because it lowers rejection. do you think they are saying this for social points? the “top doctors” rose the flag on it recently, whatever that means, i can’t get behind the paywall to see it. sorry if i’m all over the place

No. 1847406

I've been in there several times recently. They have trans flags and signs up saying they respect all "gender expressions". About 1/4 of the nurses wear scrubs from Dangerfield (favoured pronoun pin supplier for Aidens). Despite the ideological capture of the hospital admin and staff, the researchers probably meant women not related to the donor but were told not to say "other women" due to guidelines. It would be impossible to hook up a womb to a man because they don't have the necessary blood vessels to sustain it.

No. 1847417

The only way they could get it working with rats was to have a living female surgically attached to the male to provide her fucking blood. It will never happen. It is not physiologically possible. They say this shit for social credit points. Anyone seriously engaging in this research is either scamming research funds or out of their fucking minds.

No. 1847424

kekkkkk i always severely side eye nurses/doctors in dangerfield or gorman scrubs. im quite close with a lot of people in high level medical research here though, and among doctors at least there is a loooooooot of discomfort with tranny shit, but no one can say anything because administrators WILL fire you (if youre clinical) or cockblock your career (if youre academic) for the rest of time if you step out of line, no matter your seniority.

No. 1847436

File: 1686909869410.jpg (549.87 KB, 810x4836, Screenshot_20230616-055744_Chr…)

We perpetrate patriarchal violence against transwomen kek

No. 1847449

File: 1686911436751.jpg (16.94 KB, 412x295, 8a5f521453dd80f2934d38b32d8405…)

no woman wants to rape you bro

No. 1847452

I've heard about this too! I'm happy for the woman. Obviously there's no fucking way this would work on a male, even if somehow they manage to not make the patient die from rejection and sepsis, a male body and brain won't know what the fuck to do with a uterus. It can't even physically sustain it.

No. 1847455

File: 1686913440425.jpg (23.64 KB, 355x476, r0_0_355_476_w356_h477_fmax - …)

It's nice to know there's discomfort here but it's too late for Victoria. Labor will never back pedal on this after flying the misogyny flag. The abc is pushing this shit every day. Have you seen the transbian on Better Date Than Never? picrel

No. 1847466

File: 1686916477087.jpg (94.21 KB, 1080x741, FypY4joXgAMs_Np.jpg)

When you dont turn into the hot anime waifu you imagined in your head

No. 1847470

File: 1686917220262.jpeg (104.06 KB, 1034x868, IMG_1998.jpeg)

Another bs stereotype dropped nonnies

No. 1847471

fellas uh I mean ladies. How do you cope with not becoming a 5 year old hentai girl with tits bigger than a watermelon?

No. 1847495

How can anyone not see the reaching that troons do and not immediately think "mentally ill"?

No. 1847504

What does he mean he was prepared to live as a man? I thought it would be equal to genocide.

No. 1847518

i only hope he gets the chop before he desists

No. 1847528

always enjoy seeing Sam Pritchard’s “one of a kind” brain on this thread, even though he’s become less interesting than ever since trooning cuz they all fixate on the same retarded shit. He looks truly monstrous and pig-like with his bloated HRT body and disfigured skull. I pray he goes all the way and gets his dick cut off

No. 1847529

>among doctors at least there is a loooooooot of discomfort with tranny shit
This is comforting to me, at least. I really wish I knew how to get into the minds of serious medical professionals to know their true stance on it. This feels worse than the nurses who are against vaccines. I am uncomfortble being treated by a medical professional who doesn't trust the science. I rarely hear about antivax doctors, only nurses, and was wondering if the transgender support would be the the same.

No. 1847545

"Women are raping us VIA men!!" Absolving men of responsibility and blaming women for their actions, then making sweeping statements about how women think (aka projecting). Moid thinking. Proof they don't have a "female brain".

Healthy natal women already struggle with fertility, and yet they think a fucking transplanted womb is going to be viable?! No grip on reality

I like how I don't have to click that link to know "men's needs" translates to "sexual entitlement"

No. 1847552

NTA but how not? How does someone talking about their dick returning to “default settings before puberty” not raise a red flag for you? So much of what these men say and think has a pedophilic undertone to it, it wouldn’t be shocking if he meant it that way.

No. 1847555

>Healthy natal women already struggle with fertility, and yet they think a fucking transplanted womb is going to be viable?! No grip on reality
Actually that's a really good point: why should any TIM receive a donated womb when there will never be enough donated wombs for all the women who need one? It would be like putting donated human kidneys into pet dogs while there are still human people on the kidney waitlist.

No. 1847557

They TRULY do not understand how women think. First off, no woman “gleefully” thinks about rape or wishes for it to happen to someone else, not even these guys. Secondly, I can’t count the amount of times women in these threads or over GC spaces have spoken about not even trusting GC men. Most terfs hate doing so because usually the men have some other reason for feeling that way, like they’re extremely conservative or want attention. Very few men actually stand with radical feminism or understand it at all.

No. 1847558

Oh no so sad a man not living up to female beauty standards set by men.

No. 1847559

Is this a thing lol? Imagine getting validation from mosquito bites. I don’t understand nonnas.

No. 1847568

File: 1686928546809.jpeg (33.25 KB, 828x1032, IMG_6494.jpeg)

Wonder how many of these basement dwellers are gonna 41% now that their favorite echo chambers are DFE? I know egg_irl shut down too. I don’t really understand the Reddit drama atm, I’m pretty sure everything’s gonna be fine and they’re overreacting per usual. Kinda upset that they’ll likely start infecting other communities tho.

No. 1847575

File: 1686929411897.jpeg (330.81 KB, 1152x2048, FwB1mNHaQAArXJl.jpeg)

>He looks truly monstrous and pig-like with his bloated HRT body and disfigured skull.
You're not kidding about him looking pig-like. His Twitter is also full of surgery gore from his recent FFS.

No. 1847582

>boys love you

But you want lesbian women to love you because you're straight.

>Girls envy you

Only other trans women. Women irl do not care about you and find humorous how much you try to mimic us.

No. 1847585

The OP was simply about how men are less patient and harmless regarding the tranny bullshit, which trannies clearly acknowledge by claiming that they're safer in female spaces even when they don't pass. Acting like this was some sort of rape threat is crazy, the amount of gaslighting and manipulation is insane.

No. 1847586

kek I guess my dad is a woman then and my mom a man

No. 1847613

File: 1686933201789.jpg (259.71 KB, 810x2443, Screenshot_20230616-120611_Chr…)

TRAs are celebrating getting Bailey's recent ROGD study retracted. Bailey said he's not even that upset about it because their outrage has only given the article even more attention, lol.

No. 1847618

Boys love them so much that they beat the shit out of them when they find out they’re trannies.
Unrelated, maybe it’s bc I’m not a narc but does the YAAAS QUEENing type of compliments not annoy them? Like do they really feel good about the obvious saccharine pandering? They have to know that it’s insincere. If I were a troon I’d take it as a sign that I’m not passing and need to put more effort into my appearance.

No. 1847628

The envious women thing is always weird to me because outside of picking apart the stupid shit they say online in the thread sometimes, I don’t even think about these people. I never get what we are supposed to be jealous of because if I’m going to experience any jealousy at all it will be towards real women who have lives I actually admire or want to work towards, not mentally ill misogynists who can’t even dress themselves properly. They aren’t even on the radar for that kind of thing.

No. 1847636

File: 1686936984090.jpeg (33.34 KB, 1242x315, IMG_1564.jpeg)

It’s pure projection/copium. I’ve seen some of them straight up say that because they don’t have periods or health issues related to female anatomy, that they’re like some highly evolved form of women. Absolutely insane levels of misogyny.

No. 1847648

If they didn't actually delete the subreddit, it's not actually DFE. It's just lame whining. There is a reason they went to private instead of deleting the entire sub. They'll be back.

No. 1847651

Damn I should’ve known. They were acting like it’s gone forever.

No. 1847658

File: 1686941096514.png (78.76 KB, 564x575, Screenshot .png)

No. 1847664

He won't do shit, but not surprised to see a man advocate for violence.

No. 1847666

File: 1686941578189.jpg (343.34 KB, 2560x1920, 23-06-16-19-00-00-873_deco.jpg)

Another pfp vs reality kek

No. 1847676

>conflates outrage for blatant threat of violence to "insecurity"
ngl this logic checks out being misgendered is akin to genocide to these retards

No. 1847701

>least deranged troon

No. 1847729

the actual outcome of this shirt is that people will avoid talking to him at all.

No. 1847747

Rodney Dangerfield trooned out.

No. 1847785

File: 1686957405062.jpg (310.88 KB, 1080x2306, Screenshot_20230617-021724_Red…)

Sorry for the deleted post, in my retardation I didn't realize you could only upload one image at a time. But lmfao, that totally happened

No. 1847790

This troon is SO fucking ugly, his presence on that show is genuinely grating, and what is up with that bob?? It does nothing for his hulk frame and thick neck.

No. 1847793

File: 1686957978202.png (7.31 KB, 979x182, fandomsecrets.png)

From fandomsecrets re: transwomen in women sports. Is always the TEsTOsTeROne and not about muscular gain, bones and strength.

No. 1847803

This is true, men have absolutely no eye for fashion or subtlety. It's another thing I think might be exclusively female and it doesn't help that it's very hard to dress an ogre male body in feminine fashion. TIFs are lucky because women can do masculine fashion effortlessly (they're still clockable as women, but this is besides the point, I'm talking strictly fashion), but men live in this delusion that anything that looks good on a woman has to look good on their deformed gigantic bodies too. I think it takes a certain face and body structure in a moid to be able to pull of femininity (and some have it, like Brian Molko, for example; or visual kei guys, or Mana Sama). Most TIMs have hulk genetics therefore can't and won't have that, and even those who are blessed with softer features refuse to make these clothes and aesthetics work for them in any way.

No. 1847810

sage because this isn't milk but someone is standing on the front steps of my apartment smoking. all i can see is a pleated skirt and thigh highs and i was like haha, probably a troon. he just started speaking into his phone and kek i was right. how can you not even pass with 1/5 of your body showing.

No. 1847816

These people are so retarded, a woman with elevated testosterone will NEVER equate to a moid who went through full moid puberty. This can get super dangerous especially in combat sports and the like, but these moids have never worked out in their life, let alone played any sport professionally, so how could they know?

No. 1847818

"So intersex people cannot compete in Olympics?" I STG these TRAs cannot gasp that is not the same a man claiming he's a woman than a woman with a natural elevated testosterone (and even then, IIRC the one way you could get a penalty fee is for steroids, no for testosterone).

No. 1847820

Samefag, I didn't mean "professionally" I meant "competitively", had a brain fart

No. 1847823

File: 1686960991935.png (7.09 KB, 919x154, fandomsecrets.png)

Because yes, women are so fragile and fought for centuries to find men whining that they want their same space.

No. 1847825

sage for mega schizo tinfoil but moids in womens sports is just a cover story for men who want to assault and physically harm women. 90% of the sports they want to be in are contact sports. the other ten percent is just pure fetish fuel (dance costumes, locker rooms, swim suits, etc). I just think its funny how you never hear about trannies in golf or archery which are solo sports which focus on accuracy and skill

No. 1847833

I genuinely don't understand how twitter activist troons can still deny the existence of AGP when half of the likes on their tweets are coming from forced feminization fetish accounts

I wonder if they truly believe it doesn't exist or they just know they need to pretend it doesn't if they want their movement to look legitimate

No. 1847836

troons know nothing but projection

No. 1847837

I remember a Native man complaining that his "girlfriend" wasn't allowed to enter to the women category in a pow bow dancing because he was a man and was ranting "how natives are taking the bad stuff from white people". No, your own culture told them that feminine men and masculine women are still their own sex, no trans at all.

No. 1847841

Based Injuns.

No. 1847844

Do you ever think about how absolutely disgusting it is Gen Z has normalized ironic racism, ironic misogyny and podcast culture like red scare and cum town promoting incels, yet trannies are the sacred ground the young trad right won’t touch? It’s so disturbing to me that literally nobody I know under 28 questions tranny politics. Even Nazis like trannies. Hatred of women is being normalized at an increasing rate. I would hate to see how scrotes being born today raise their future children.

No. 1847845

But I thought they were being genocided in mens bathrooms…

No. 1847858

File: 1686963956497.jpg (16.75 KB, 650x390, Twospirit-flag-1.jpg)

What a dumbass. That 2S shit is based on colonists not understanding some western tribes having gender non-conforming homosexuals and documenting them from a Christian perspective, which was obviously homophobic and misogynist due to the times. They embrace it bc it's pushed in our schools, no matter your tribe. My tribe has diametrically opposing views to this shit, women have strength and intuition that men don't. Women are the holders of wisdom, the heads of the family. Then troons invade that.

I had to stop going to local Missing Murdered Indigenous Women meetings bc it's changed to People. Bc troons, who aren't faced with continued femicide and need included, demand it, and their hideous Native progress flags in our community centers.

Moar based injuns pls I'm begging you

No. 1847863

He looks like a albino. Some people with naturally dark hair shouldn't bleach it.

> this ugly ass troon being everywhere and being celebrated for being a talentless nobody

Is it accurate to say Dylan is the trans Kim Kardashian?

No. 1847869

>never hear about trannies in golf or archery which are solo sports
I'm suddenly very aware of this. Thanks, nonna!
I don't think I could contain my rage if I was there. It's not a game of suffering Olympics, but holy shit could they not try to jump on a sex based violence crisis like this? Troons love to either downplay or skinwalk women's suffering. Tweeting about how women live on easy mode with one hand, and jacking off to their sisters rape with the other.

No. 1847874

I still remember it was just a memorial for women and girls that were raped, beaten and murdered. Not idea where it became "oh 2 spirits too! We must care about trannies to not be like our oppressors".

No. 1847880

it's the 50's the 60's and the 70's all over again. the progressive 90's was a blip in history and most women don't understand how all it takes is a poor economy for men to rip the rug out from under women as a class. only until men's needs are taken care of (and they never are, because even if there's enough money to go around and share, there is never enough prestige or social status, men's envy can never be sated) then and only then is it possible for women have a crumb of security, wealth, and freedom.

No. 1847881

Yep, there's a bunch of fat ugly and/or old chaser scrotes, who spend all day being edgy but pander/thrist after troons.
>tipster- Fat ass gross disgusting looking retard who was whining about that troon breastfeeding that child, "Cis women can do it but it's problem when transwomen do it!!!" , also thrists after Keffals.
>Augie- Weird troon ass kisser
>Nick Deoreo- Commentary fat retard troon ass kisser
>Turkey Tom- Respects troons pronouns but watches Josh "null" owner of kiwifarms streams, donates to him and has an video with him, even though Josh is extremely racist/homophobic (but only gets hate for his transphobia)
>Destiny- troon fucker/ass kisser, but constantly making edgy jokes ALSO did a stream with Josh
>Cecil Mcfly- Pronoun respecter also watches Josh's streams
Isn't that Peppa V-chat girl also a pronoun respecter, even though she panders to racists kiwimoids?

Mind you most these scrotes defend troons/or are constantly in weird twitter fights with them, yet their jokes target minorities or women. A lot of them are grown men, who say retard, probably have said the N-word, joke about pedophile shit and openly hate women. Yet I bet every single one of them would call for you to be cancelled if you call Keffals a he.
It's a lot more acceptable to hate women/be racist, because the people pretending to care about those topics who'd whine, no longer exist or are as big, the people actually suffering racism/women aren't cool to pander to anymore outside of the groups actually harmed. Even commentary channels that are safe, will be chill with weird "edgy" people but will act like transphobia is a crime that so undeniably crazy their mind cannot compute it. Whats sad is I don't think they will ever stop defending troons but shitting on everyone else.
There's a lot of conservatives who are super racist sex pest who also defend troons or at the very least will be nice to the ones they want to fuck or "Deserve" to be called a woman.
Notice most of these people I mention are men, who get something out of defending troons. Women do it and make one wrong move and troons will cancel you.

No. 1847882

>when are we going to ban these bastards
The governing body for cycling in the UK, British Cycling, banned TiMs from the women's category a few weeks ago. I guess all the British TiMs are going to head to Ireland now.

No. 1847887

File: 1686965906485.jpg (10.91 KB, 237x213, archer.jpg)

> you never hear about trannies in golf or archery
Sorry, nona, These fucks are in every women's sport. There was a TiM archer in the women's category at the 2021 summer olympics.

Then there's the tranny who's won 4 women's disc golf competition and is currently in a court battle with the Professional Disc Golf Association.

No. 1847890

Because almost all of them have at least one retarded friend in their group who twirls around in skirts now, but still screeches racial slurs over voice chat with them. They don’t challenge their views past “I have a penis, but I’m a gurl! Call me Luna teehee!”. Meanwhile, their minority and female “friends” who wouldn’t tolerate dehumanization would always “mysteriously” fall out with them. Zoomers are terrified of real confrontation.

No. 1847895

Not only does this dumbass deny that men and women have different bodies and physical strengths, but they imply that if we recognize this difference, we must also admit that men and women have different intellectual capacities. It's so retarded and sexist, but of course they act like they're the feminist here. I know on reddit they loved to share this website where boys' athletic performances are compared to the performances of professional female athletes, maybe something like that would shut these people up.

No. 1847898

True. Trannyism is the sign of a degenerate scrote, so scrotes who are supposedly anti sjw still suck tranny dick because they are the trannies.

No. 1847900

File: 1686968045149.png (24.95 KB, 979x573, fandomsecrets.png)

>First they're going for trannies, then for LGB people and then women!

Some places have always gone against LGB people and women, trannies just want to join the "victim" card too.

No. 1847901

File: 1686968316544.png (149.73 KB, 587x751, Untitled.png)

He raped and murdered a 14 year old babysitter and 38 year old mother, but he's got ladybrain, soooo ACLU is mad he didn't get a rotpocket.

No. 1847908

File: 1686970136459.jpg (27.22 KB, 517x484, Fyydjv7agAEn4SA.jpg)

We laugh at your rot pocket because you paid to get disfigured kek. How would you know what a vagina feels like if you have never had one?

No. 1847911

Funny, is always the opposite irl

No. 1847920

this man has no idea what "objectively" means. also kek at him singling out women, what is his explanation when it's other men calling his genitals a rotpocket?

No. 1847922

kek, what even is there to be jealous of? most actual women don't have to spend thousands to get a butchered hole that sometimes vaguely resembles a vagina, so i'd say we're doing okay for ourselves. typical moid projection, and typical moid view of women as perpetually jealous creatures. we literally don't care how "happy" you pretend to be. cope and dilate knowing you'll never be a woman.

No. 1847924

I wish moids could just fuck trannies, and that trannies could just fuck each other. But here we are, moids and trannies still being obsessed with women and wishing we gave a fuck about their asses.

No. 1847926

File: 1686972320912.jpg (193.84 KB, 1046x1800, what is a man.jpg)

someone tell him the tricky wordplay isn't working here

No. 1847927

>omg they banned this [unfair thing growing increasingly popular] even though it happened only fifteen times?? i don't understand!! unfair but uncommon things should be allowed!

No. 1847936

did anyone find the “recent” failed uterus transplant in brazil/india yet?? i looked but it could be my browser ig? is it buried because i knew about the indian surgeon proposing it last year but was it the same guy?

No. 1847940


No. 1847945

why do they immediately jump to their rape fantasies unrelated to the original post. as if the whole issue they have isn't that no one wants to have sex with them. and if they could solve that they wouldn't be whining.(sage your shit)

No. 1847946

Google has a weird algorithm, it's hard to come to any inclusion except intentional curating of results. I use duckduckgo when searching anything troon-related

No. 1847961

>gender utopia

No. 1847962

Saying "we're a type woman" is just so uncanny sounding, like they're an alien trying to present themselves to others for approval. There is no "type of woman". You are a woman or you're not a woman.

Also kek at that harsh, harsh filter. Look at the pixels on the jawline.

No. 1847974

File: 1686982075578.jpeg (294.66 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_7661.jpeg)

i can’t remember what his twitter was but me and my friend used to make fun of him

No. 1847977

The lack of self-awareness is amazing. And they just gas each other up and never impotence improve bc the constructive criticism women give each other, especially friends, is handled by an autistic meltdown and a gofundme lol

No. 1847980

lmao is he wearing two collars on top of each other?

No. 1847982

>Defending a homicidal rapist's right to free cosmetic surgeries
Glad the ACLU has their priorities straight.

No. 1847984

I can't remember who posted it or where (maybe in the pride month or spicy straight thread in /ot/?) but a while back an anon replied to me with an article that basically blows the lid off the whole 2S thing and reveals it to basically be the pet project of two gay "historians" from the 80s (with ties to NAMBLA, of course) who basically just wanted to project their modern sensibilities onto other cultures and pretend that the noble savages worshiped gay men. This isn't to say there weren't same-sex attracted people in indigenous tribes; they just weren't given any kind of special treatment; it was basically either ignored, a form a prostitution, or it was a taboo. Most tribes never had a special "third gender" for gay men, and there's little evidence to support the few that supposedly did. Also, this should go without saying, but the "historians'" take on gender is horrifically sexist; they basically believed that gay men are savants because they can do "women's work" better than women, whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean.

Here's the article. It's an amazing read.

TL;DR 2S is a bunch of baloney cooked up by a pair of narcissistic white fags who wanted to make it seem like indigenous peoples worshiped them.

No. 1847988

Blanchard has dedicated decades to studying trans shit (generally from a favorable perspective) and his typologies existed back when Colin was a fucking fetus. Political animus is not the reason he devised the typology. Also
>politically motivated pseudoscience
is rich coming from the people who were proven in a court of law to have NO DATA about whether hormone blockers are beneficial long-term.

No. 1847994

>suddenly the slippery slope is real

No. 1848016

Yeah, it's based on an extremely derogatory observation of gnc Lakota men. It became a what would today be considered a slur, was buried, them evolved into whatever this mess is.

The term exists in some western tribes,I think Lakota or Dakota? I could be misremembering and apologize if I am, I'm going off old memories of elders talking about two-spirited people back in the day, and they're clearly just talking about gay men.

Every tribe's different, even tribes from the same region that used to be one but split up relatively recently can have vastly different historical treatment of homosexuality, but this day and age individual Indian families tend to be socially conservative. Men might've had male lovers in the past, especially if they had a polygamous culture, and lesbians mightve been OK, but the church and residential schools have been too influential for too long for us to be cool with it now. Which is retarded and dumb, but also creates a culture of internal homophobia that when combined with the rainbow washing and troon charities going to our schools, has resulted in kids in state care trooning out in absurd numbers. It's like they chose a dismantled culture and dropped an atomic bomb on the remains over some fucked up confusing power trip.

No. 1848033

they're immediate comeback is its the same as saying black woman, tall woman, blonde woman, etc. issue is "trans" can't be used as an adjective the same way because it makes it seem that a woman can be biologically male. what Kelly is doing is basically the TWAW slogan remixed

No. 1848056


I do think this will be a big problem. Not really the trans stuff specifically, but the whole US system where you have what are basically regional parties and it's winner take all even if you only get 51% of the vote. Like the national dem party is responsible for all this, but the red staters instantly lose the entire issue and end up worse off than if the trans movement never existed. Then because the minority vote share party in these places is often a paper tiger there is no path forward for the people stuck there. The national party is never going to send the resources to do anything.

No. 1848064

File: 1687004881318.jpeg (109.52 KB, 1098x1174, 69BF5FF5-CD91-4A5B-A524-47C49C…)

Yea, he’s a “lesbian” now. Cheers to all the nonnas on earlier threads who correctly identified him as an AGP masquerading as an HSTS.


No. 1848068

Ah yes, spending thousands of dollars to surgically mutilate a deranged killer before you fucking fry him. Very medically necessary, such sensible use of US taxpayers’ money.

No. 1848082

File: 1687009583519.jpg (888.61 KB, 1200x879, fOeMqR5.jpg)

They're a type of woman the way dairy/meat alternatives are a type of dairy/meat; i.e. an imitation that some people are willing to tolerate, but that no one actually believes is anything like the real thing.

No. 1848084


Same. With ROGD they don't even have an alternate explanation. People point out stuff like their middle schooler suddenly having half a dozen trans classmates isn't statistically possible and all you get is "NANANA don't look at this, don't study this!" Sometimes they remind me of the people in depression groups who had gotten so used to it they didn't really want to get better because they were scared of being in any other mental state.

No. 1848085

any man who says TWAW should be forced to fuck trannies only and leave women alone.

No. 1848094


I have a theory about this that they are trying to protect themselves from mental illness hurting their class status. ie the people in the circles you describe can't\don't want to make any kind physical contribution to society whether that is manual labor or something else. Their value is tied entirely to their mental ability and this causes anxiety as more and more people realize a lot of these people shouldn't be in charge of anything. They are more educated than working class people, but less mentally capable.

Gender ideology is like the trojan horse to get people to accept that "Yes, I am insane. I do not not have useful skills or experience. Many of my views are harmful to most people. I do not know what I'm doing, but my credentials none the less say I am in charge and you have to do what I say." It's like the last bridge for that part of Gen Z to have what their parents had.

No. 1848107

I don’t eat dairy or meat, but I don’t tolerate trannies either. Checkmate, nonny

No. 1848121

File: 1687014695585.jpg (13.21 KB, 500x301, uLjo5Xt.jpg)

No. 1848132

I was joking lmfao I understood your point. Don’t worry

No. 1848137

File: 1687016086048.jpg (615.25 KB, 1279x550, 76OmqNs.jpg)

I thought that might be the case but also I'm very dumb, thanks for clarifying and I apologize for my salt.

No. 1848141

File: 1687016499028.webm (3.61 MB, 320x412, JebraFaushay_status_1652885499…)


Thanks for rubbing your genitals all over the clothes.

No. 1848142

Yes keep defending more trannies like this, it will surely get people on your side!

No. 1848147

File: 1687017038522.jpg (121.82 KB, 610x1005, Fy1OgL-XgAELpcY.jpg)

At least it got note'd

No. 1848155

Why does it have a womanly body but horrific face. I feel like most of these moids focus on changing their body loads with surgery but ignore their gross faces.

No. 1848165

Of course a moid doesn't know to leave his underwear on when trying on swimsuits …

He doesn't have a womanly body, he's just hiking the swimsuits up to create the illusion of a waist.

No. 1848170

File: 1687018693437.png (122.58 KB, 748x873, based.png)

No. 1848179

File: 1687020327433.jpg (63.56 KB, 1080x695, Fy0lslNXoAIafCE.jpg)


No. 1848184

Isn’t pink news very trans friendly? Even so, are people so stupid they can’t understand some studies might not pertain to TRAs and might only pertain to SSA individuals? They’re so dense.

No. 1848185

File: 1687021425644.png (315.34 KB, 1274x862, tickle chan.png)

this name, i cannot

No. 1848193

File: 1687022151009.jpeg (123.19 KB, 1170x1704, Fy1uJsOXoAAFrGu.jpeg)

>Serious problems affect a part of peo-

No. 1848196

File: 1687022292480.png (800.46 KB, 1080x1677, Screenshot_20230617-101714.png)

More than an hour before the Dodgers game started on Friday night, there was a strong police presence inside and outside the stadium.

The response from law enforcement came after several weeks of outrage leading up to the team's 10th annual Pride Night at Dodger Stadium. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence receive a Community Hero Award well before the first pitch of the game was thrown, and long before most of the fans made it to their seats.


Last month, three-time Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw announced that the team will relaunch its Christian Faith and Family Day. The veteran pitcher said it was in response to the organization's decision to honor the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

"I think we were always going to do Christian Faith Day this year, but I think the timing of our announcement was sped up," Kershaw told the Los Angeles Times on Monday. "Picking a date and doing those different things was part of it as well. Yes, it was in response to the highlighting of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence [by the Dodgers]."

No. 1848198

File: 1687022326046.png (240.67 KB, 598x489, basedchina.png)

It is, and now I'm just seeing their twitter with trans news, probably to cover that article, which shows once again that if trannies are not happy, no one can.

No. 1848200

womanly body?! kek

No. 1848204

File: 1687022596724.jpg (133.68 KB, 978x650, LDN-L-SISTERS-SR-01-2.jpg)

> "The Dodgers community hero award goes to an organization reaching the LGBTQ+ community, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, LA chapter," stadium announcer Todd Leitz said. "Please join us in recognizing the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for their outstanding service to the LGBTQ+ community."

Samefag to add. Outstanding is one way to put it

No. 1848205

So is he straight or does he prefer men in dresses pretending to be women?

No. 1848206


How do they feel about tranny uterus implants? Since it’s not even a “transplant” as they never had one, it’s something being put there that’s foreign. I hope they think it’s psycho.

No. 1848237

File: 1687026433182.png (2.48 MB, 1080x2999, StitchIt_20231706020620_676.pn…)

I know we're all used to and fed up with these moids calling themselves lesbians, to the point where it feels mundane, but jfc. I hate them so much. so viscerally disgusting on every level. the audacity as a near-40 straight man to call yourself a late bloomer lesbian

No. 1848245

LMAO the full two-second pause where the lad shiftily eyes the exits and tries to decide if he can make a run for it now, or if the camera crew will chase him down like a runner on Maury.

No. 1848259

File: 1687029914006.jpg (232.43 KB, 1200x1600, 035796.jpg)

(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1848263

>2 years into transition
Full man body, not even an atrophied dick or moobs. But gendies say saying no to this is transphobia. Not that the rot pocket and horse piss makes a moid a woman obviously but these idiots won't even stick to some bare minimum goalpost for their woman-face
I guess he really was just metrosexual. They were known for faking (or implying) gayness and getting close to girls only to spring their real sexuality on them in a vulnerable moment. Guess this is the new way to do it while also funding various cosmetic surgeries. I hope the women in his life start trusting him less after this. They liked him because they thought he was a harmless gay, I wonder how that bimbo girl feels now

No. 1848276

Fucked up situation… can they even feel horniness? With how messed up their hormones are, puberty blockers, + entire genital region being destroyed. I've been revved up before but never that forward with a guy, it's almost like he's acting that way because it's expected, like playing out sexual desire rather than feeling it. I feel like jazz would have lived a much happier life as a gay man…

No. 1848304

>how effed up my rot pocket is
even Jazz admits to it looking bad

No. 1848310


> Flag

So flag as in “this is stupid” or flag as in “let’s look into it”
If anyone gets past the wall please share what it says(this is an imageboard)

No. 1848339

This is from March he already changed his mind and is just a regular fag

No. 1848359

File: 1687042965492.webm (11.4 MB, 576x1024, Download (3).webm)

truly hysterical. why assume somebody with a master's degree would know your culty terminology?

No. 1848373

File: 1687044893063.png (2.58 MB, 1499x1166, moids.png)

Moids have such high STD rates. Women don't deserve having to put up with that gross sack of shit trying on their more intimate clothing.

Does anyone have anymore information about this scrote named "Grant Sikes/grantelisikes"? Would be fun to figure out where he lives and figure out the mall this likely happened in. Anti-trans sentiment in America is at a fever pitch right now and all it'd take is the mall's address, department he was in, and the moids real name to potentially shut it all down kek. I just can't tolerate this pig smearing his shitstains all over women's swimsuits. He's practically telling everyone where he's graduated from on instagram.

No. 1848378

it's not the shop's fault that he's a gross pig with no social etiquette.

No. 1848382

Yes, it actually is. I don’t know where you live, but in American malls you have to talk to someone to go back and try on these items. So someone absolutely let him into the woman’s changing department and there’s proof of him trying on clothes with his dirty naked asshole and dick on womens swimsuits. Would you want to shop at a clothing department that allows this?

No. 1848390

Nona, how on earth would the staff know he'd try on all the swimsuits naked?? Anyone normie would assume he wouldn't rub his smegma and ass juices on the bottoms. Wanting potentially dozens of innocent people to lose their jobs over a situation they had no control over is pretty fucked up. The troon is the one who should be banned from all stores in his area.

No. 1848401

Does anybody else think that they specifically only called out lgb because insisting that post transition troons would somehow be a win for the ebil terfs? Usually when troons are approved their transition, stuff like depression and anxiety is completely ignored because there is an expectation that trooning out will completely heal them.

No. 1848404

>The troon is the one who should be banned from all stores in his area.
They're a protected class. You have to do these razed earth approaches or nothing happens.

No. 1848412

The only type of woman troons are is "not woman"

No. 1848413

Ngl, I never expected to hear shit like that. Like, I'm not shocked, but these ppl really have no shame in trying to co-op some shit like this. Like some troon getting killed because he couldn't help himself from trying to stick his dick in crazy is miles different than the literal, systematic sanctioning of women and literal children being sex trafficked or prayed on by literal serial killers. But, fuck me, these ppl would shit themselves if they actually were treated like women. We all know they'd flip script and go back to being Daniel in a heartbeat.

No. 1848415

File: 1687050321732.jpeg (113.1 KB, 750x1089, IMG_9274.jpeg)

> Android camera settings auto-identify closeup vaginas as "food."
that’s only because your mutilated junk looks like a chicken carcass kek

No. 1848417

File: 1687050633342.jpeg (218.24 KB, 750x1418, IMG_9277.jpeg)

> some trans people are batshit crazy and/or pedophiles, but… the same goes for any group?
no, it’s just trannies.

No. 1848422

Even if all gay people were batshit crazy, it wouldn't change a damn thing because same sex attraction is a real thing and the world doesn't have to go along with an absurd lie for homosexuality to exist

No. 1848423

I'm glad that locally, the bands near me are normal, but I know canadian tribes have to pander now. I visted BC and there was a edutainment thing playing at a museum and one of the videos was this whiteass hsts talking about how being 2S is an integral part of native culture. he seemed to group all of us into one collective hivemind, and i've noticed that non-indigenous assume every tribe has two spirits.

No. 1848429

HSTS can be and often are AGP as well. He's still a gay man and this is all for show.

No. 1848433

No. Jazz has admitted that he has never orgasmed (pre or post op) and iirc has indicated something to the effect of thinking that he'll suddenly experience sexual attraction when he falls in love… but all this says is that by his pre-pubertile medical transition he has not only been rendered infertile but also effectively a eunach unable to experience sexual desire.
Once that window of puberty has passed, it's gone. Even with cross sex hormones to go through a "criss sex puberty" it doesn't seem to trigger the same changes as actual puberty.
That means no sexual attraction, no desire, no horniness, no orgasm, no proper brain or bone developments as all of these occur during puberty.
As a result child troons have this plastic, immature, emotionally undeveloped, sexless quality to them.
You can see the same effect in Kim petras despite the bimbo posturing as of late.
It's quite sad because the kids couldn't consent to this and once it's done it's done. Ruins any chance of any actual normal sexual or romantic relationships, a huge part of many people's lives just gone.
The only thing left is them acting how they think horny, sexually normal, people act.

No. 1848439

He looks like he got hip implants which look absolutely terrible like the shape of a plastic soda bottle with legs

No. 1848444

Why can't niggas just be gay?!?

No. 1848448

Because they wanna fuck straight men w/out being called a fag or the only fag.

No. 1848460

american malls are privately owned and have private security, and used to have crazy rules in the 2000s. you could get kicked out for wearing a marylin manson t-shirt despite being able to buy said shirt at the mall because it's their rules, now these places won't even kick out perverts

No. 1848464

Do you think Jazz began binge eating because he feels a lack of pleasure in general? He said it was because he was in pain and not feeling well, but if you literally deleted someone's capability to feel sex or any type of horniness and were in perpetual medical pain from your open wound, food would be one of the last pleasures available to you.

I used to really hate Jazz and how openly trans he was but it's clear he's a victim and his mother is a monster. I hope he can escape her and find some kind of peace in life just being a gentle, sexless male.

No. 1848476

What a pig. Everyone knows that when you try on swimwear you always wear underwear underneath

No. 1848481

I'm grateful they'll never bulldoze sports like women's gymnastics because they simply don't have the grace for it or the body structure.

No. 1848482

The ACLU will always be shit in my eyes for disgusting takes like this

No. 1848493

Dylan is a narcissist, he loves himself and no one else. He's self-sexual lmao, which is probably for the best because not even chasers would fuck him.

No. 1848494

why does he seem more upset that a colleague didn't know what deadnaming meant more than the actual deadnaming

No. 1848499

He and his mother are both shitheads as far as I'm concerned. It's sad that she exploited him the way she did, but she did it because she's a narcissist, and narcissism is often inherited. Jazz basically feels entitled to use his sister as a surrogate, for one, like he just took it as a given that she'd agree to it someday. The way he talks about women's bodies is also very chauvinistic and gross in general. And if his mother hadn't neutered him, he'd still be entitled and misogynistic, so what difference does it make?

No. 1848500

>And where do they even think they would get the uterus from?
Are you an organ donor?

No. 1848501

Nta but just so anons know, you can specify which organs you're okay with donating in your will and to the person you gave medical power of attorney. I'm signed up to be an organ donor, but I have exceptions in place for my reproductive organs, skin, and face.

No. 1848502

>Eating bran and drinking prune juice
What does this have to do with dilating? Is he sticking in his ass? Does he have a fistula?

No. 1848503

This is why you wash shit after you buy it. You don't know what kind of chemicals they treat it with at the factory, or what kind of dirty weirdo tried it on.

No. 1848505

You can indeed do that. But how many donors really stop to consider that their organs might be used in some mad science shit?

I'm certain that they've already tried to do this using cadavers.

No. 1848509

the wig, the teeth, the 5 o'clock shadow, the voice, the mannerisms…of course your colleague "deadnamed" you, you look like a neanderthal-shaped raisin kek why are moids always so ugly AND so delusional

No. 1848563

File: 1687080248255.jpg (352.11 KB, 810x3409, Screenshot_20230618-050808_Chr…)

Overconfident troon gets put in his place by sugarbabies, lol:

No. 1848587

Very much just speculation, but these boys who were abused as kids by being put on puberty blockers without their consent (because kids can't consent) may have the slightest sliver of hope of gaining some sexual feelings if they stop cross sex hormone and are put on their proper sex hormones. They typically had their balls removed and can't produce their own testosterone, but it's perhaps possible artifical hormones could give them SOME sensation back. I don't think we've seen any of these abused boys detransition yet and while it's likely it's simply too late for them, we don't know yet how they'd react to testosterone. I think Jazz will end up detransitioning one day, but he might not have the confidence to do it until his mom has passed away.

No. 1848593

File: 1687087679585.jpg (512.45 KB, 1682x2048, Fyw9ZuQaUAErc0N.jpg)

Profile pics vs reality

No. 1848599

No way in hell this troon is 25 wtf

No. 1848600

The sailormoon shirt being worn by a troon gave me depression

No. 1848609

File: 1687090883875.jpg (179.72 KB, 1280x960, sailor_senshi-assemble.jpg)

All of the sailor senshi would hate troons without exception. Trannies or moids will never understand or appreciate sailor moon, they coom to the transformation sequences and like the aesthetics, that's it.

No. 1848624

I've had this conversation so many times lmfao. They're absolutely terfs. Tims could never.

No. 1848626

so glad this was made before gendie bullshit; only possible gender benders are butch lesbians and it’s great

No. 1848633

They rarely even take heart/lung/liver unless the deceased specifically requested research on a known pathology.
Organ donation as the masses sign up for it are generally skin and corneas, so calm your tits.

Cadaver donation (the individual has 100% themselves specifically signed over their rights for medical science research) is costly and relatively rare.

Tl;Dr stop scaremongering, there aren't evil trans mortuary attendants out here ripping women's sex organs left and right because you've got a little heart on your driver's license.
The majority of us are women, and most of us terfs

No. 1848644

>there aren't evil trans mortuary attendants out here ripping women's sex organs left and right
More realistically you should be scared as to why men make terrible morticians.
I know there was the male troon larping as a mortician on Tumblr, but has any idiot given one of them the job for real? They all seem to be Tifs.

No. 1848647

File: 1687097828528.png (131.53 KB, 610x642, Untitled.png)

The study didn't specify sex / gender, so they can't talk ab
out it.


I've seen beauty store diy wigs that look better than this. Genuinely confused / fearful of whatever that parting is. Picrel, $30 wig. I don't get it! Like, would they be less disgusting if they looked less disgusting? No. But… why would someone want to look like a monstrosity? Why can't they go on youtube and search $20 wig, $10 wig, cheap quickweave, whatever!

No. 1848671

File: 1687101226737.jpg (408.3 KB, 1536x1536, Fx9EdJ5XsAMg08r.jpg)

No. 1848673

File: 1687101279104.png (87.6 KB, 598x679, FwUvNUyWAAAkDiw.png)

I didn't have to pay to get my sex changed Mandia

No. 1848674

File: 1687101339378.png (168.6 KB, 741x1147, GJ on Twitter.png)

No. 1848678

All I know is he was the one who was getting heat a while back for doing rush to get into a sorority at the University of Alabama and wasn’t allowed in, then he tried to hop on the Dylan train by making tiktoks acting ditzy. There was one that went viral where he stupidly talked about tampons, but I don’t have time to find it atm.

No. 1848684

File: 1687102655312.jpg (295.42 KB, 1039x1957, Screenshot_20230618_113649_Tik…)

Looks like people are finally starting to get it

No. 1848699

File: 1687104442664.png (2.29 MB, 810x4019, GenesForLife.png)

r/AskFeminists is such a farce:

No. 1848706

jazz will never detransition. he’s too brainwashed, he owes his fame and money to the trans cult, and his IQ is nonexistent.

No. 1848708

next thread pic!

No. 1848714


No. 1848715

Why is he dressed like the joker?

No. 1848726

Can confirm, the hyper-online nazi in my zoomer cousin’s friend group has recently trooned out. It makes sense if you think about the 4chan /pol/fag to tranny pipeline and “femboy” culture originating on 4chan. Right-wing online men and boys have always been sexual degenerates, it’s just that transition is more accessible and visible as an option for their next step to take in their porn addict journey now

No. 1848730

Good job LGB people, keep doing it. The more trans people get annoyed and complain about LGB the more apparent it will be that the groups don't belong together at all.

No. 1848736

I think one day Jazz will realize he's always been a guy but take the easy road out and identify as non-binary instead since he can't regrow his dick. But for it to happen he has to realize his mom is abusive and cut ties with his family, which is unlikely but not impossible.

No. 1848739

Reddit only represents the most male pandering libfem opinions, anything that doesn't benefit men gets down voted or banned. Ask femanists is more like ask men. Only femanist opinions that men like get updoots so you'll see crap like "sex work as empowering" (despite redditors calling any other form of work "exploitative", somehow sex work is female empowering despite men owning the production companies, directing the films, owning the websites, and making money off of women who face the brunt of the consequences), meanwhile suggesting that doesn't pander to men's genitals is banned or downvoted. Try pointing out how women's self expression is increasingly pressured to be sexual and male-gazey via algorithms, (bimbo, e-girl, goth (goth is now basically dark bimbo), women with less sexual or extravagant aesthetics are called basic and boring. Redditors don't like hearing that because it points out women's beauty standards are only increasing in cost, effort, and exploitation.

No. 1848741

Based nonna I love you. Screenshotting this

No. 1848744

Same-fag adding on troons push the beauty standards into even more capitalistic territory by saying femininity is ONLY represented via the surface level stuff you can buy (dresses, clothes and make up, boob jobs, "designer" pussies, medical intervention") while using women with disabilities to invalidate the femininity of anything they physically can't partake in (fertility and birth, bleeding and periods). Pretty soon femininity is going to be a dlc you have to buy into otherwise you're not as "femanine" as the people wearing bimbo goth boob job looks.

No. 1848745

the irony in the tranny posting sexual content in a subreddit for lesbians who discovered their sexuality later in life, generally posting simple selfies or marriage pics

No. 1848746

That's true , I don't know anyone who was put on puberty blockers and detransitioned later so no one can say what would happen then. But given the issues with bone and IQ from lupron use in precocious puberty were (iirc) seen years and years after stopping, possibly lifelong, it doesn't give me a lot of hope about the severity of damage being done to these children.

No. 1848747

File: 1687109565974.jpeg (161.23 KB, 828x1300, IMG_7751.jpeg)

always the cheap party city wig

No. 1848752

Someone should have told him even men can wear wigs

No. 1848753

Every fucking time in any lesbian-oriented space. Can’t just have a supportive subreddit to talk about confusion or sexual/religious trauma or repression without a moid having to force his fetish into the space.

No. 1848758

And to add, the only person who commented on it was another tim. Repulsive.

No. 1848763

Sailor Moon is one of my favorite anime series but unfortunately the fandom tends to be TRAs. The gendies in the fandom love to claim Fish Eye and the Sailor Star Lights are trans.

Interestingly, back in the 90s the Western fandom attempting to sort of troon out Haruka/Sailor Uranus. There was a rumor circling among Western Sailor Moon fans that the reason Haruka and Michiru are a couple is because Haruka is the reincarnation of Sailor Uranus's twin brother Prince Uranus who was Sailor Neptune's lover during the Moon Kingdom.

In 1998 at a San Diego Comic Con Naoko put a end to the rumor and the question of Haruka's sex/gender by stating Haruka is a woman.
>"In yet another question of gender, Naoko-san also came clean by saying that Haruka (Uranus) always has been and always will be a girl, dispelling long held rumors of hermaphroditism or that Haruka "had been a Prince in another lifetime."

No. 1848786

File: 1687113359124.png (31.94 KB, 507x937, fed up with trannies.png)

KEK I just found this in the wild and it makes me so refreshed seeing people online being so open about trannies

No. 1848795

sailor moon was big in the first "men are trash" wave from 2010-2014. it's just moids colonizing what they couldn't handle back then

No. 1848799

is seems like very hard right wingers are always boy loving pedos

No. 1848813

It’s men in general. From the modern liberal blueprints of foucault to 4chan right wing pedophiles and figures like josh duggar. when men are given any sort of power they will use it to abuse children

No. 1848821

>you wanna know how I got these scars

No. 1848824

Remember the troon who crashed his car that was covered in gross loli Sailor Moon fan art decals?

No. 1848833

File: 1687116877454.png (426.5 KB, 888x1052, 529526021495.png)

Not really much milk but am I the only one who doubts this

No. 1848836

He looks disabled.

No. 1848849


Man hands, man face, man beard, man hairstyle (or lack of style). What level of coddling is afforded to this brick by the retards in his life that he thinks No One Knows?

No. 1848863

they all have thin lips, greasy hair, huge noses, dead eyes, and weird eyebrows. it's like they are mass produced in a factory

No. 1848867

File: 1687120505369.jpg (188.84 KB, 1309x1343, FxcJ5WWWAAU2QuD.jpg)

I like that troons use the strongest filters when trying to make this point.

No. 1848874

File: 1687121012536.jpg (245.72 KB, 1284x1488, Fy34BMzaMAA9mqr.jpg)

guess who lied

No. 1848882

If a scrote is going to lie about his gender then why wouldn’t he lie about everything else too? Trannies are inherently dishonest.

No. 1848886

Lol what comments section is this?

No. 1848899

it was on a short about bra choice and comfort over looks

No. 1848911

because trannies think that unless someone walks up to them and directly says "i noticed that you are trans" that they pass perfectly. they don't realize that they pass as transwomen, not women–people see a man with long hair and thigh highs and go oop, that's a tranny, gotta use the right pronouns or he'll have a meltdown. so when they hear some random cashier say "ma'am" they assume it means everyone thinks they're female, when no one feels comfortable enough to bring up the fact that they're male before they do, they assume everyone thinks they're female. meanwhile it's just to dangerous and awkward to address the giant tranny elephant in the room kek.

No. 1848912

File: 1687126369288.png (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 1170x1528, IMG_4436.png)

I think if Keith could see this, he’d probably spin in his grave fast enough to power a small city.

No. 1848917

I thought it was Kimmy Schmidt at first but it is just an overly photoshopped tranny

No. 1848941

It's like 4Kids trying to make Haruka/Michiru being "cousins" to uncover their love relationship enough. Now trannies want Haruka or Sailor Stars as trans representation.

No. 1848944

i was at the local micro center the other day and there were at least two troons in the building during the duration of my time there. both of them were wearing masks and it was so fucking obvious they were male. they don't have to say shit and we all know.

No. 1848947

Why does it feel like there are more of these posts than normal? Seeing one in the wild and coming to blog about it doesn’t really offer anything to the conversation and I wish mods would start redtexting these.

No. 1848964

File: 1687134500063.png (41.91 KB, 496x418, Screenshot_20230618-182838.png)

The title is misleading, but the troon potentially perjured himself. In his filing, he claims he "went" to the spa and was denied service, but when it was revealed that he had never actually set foot on the property, he backpedaled and said he had called the spa, which is a pretty expansive definition of "went to." He also conveniently didn't say what day he supposedly made the call, so they can't check the phone records. I'm guarantee you he never actually contacted them at all, and just went straight to the HRC because he wanted to publicly pillory a business with sex-specific rules, to scare other businesses away from protecting women.

I honestly think he perjured himself when he said on record that he went there, but we'll see what the judge says when the case is re-tried.

No. 1848967

Dress for the job you want

No. 1848971

OT, but have they ever made you put women's makeup on a troon's corpse for a viewing?

No. 1848979

File: 1687136690909.png (24.94 KB, 1080x423, Screenshot_20230618-180442.png)

> both of them were wearing masks

No. 1848982

File: 1687137137974.png (91.62 KB, 545x627, Screenshot 2023-06-18 9.11.11 …)

My fucking god you have to be kidding me. IT'S BECAUSE YOU ARE A MAN HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO TELL YOU RETARDS?

No. 1848983

File: 1687137186792.png (9.06 KB, 540x159, Screenshot 2023-06-18 9.11.51 …)

second part

No. 1849000


i don't know if it's because so many of them are young or just don't care about consistency but it's weird how they forget what happened in the immediate past. the performative theory of gender is their creation. they made it as an alternative to AGP and it wasn't that long ago contrapoints was discussing and promoting it.

they don't realize a lot of what's happening now isn't even terfs, it's just people who are 5 minutes behind whatever the internet has decided is the new paradigm

No. 1849023

>Men aren't allowed to explore their masculinity

No. 1849025

File: 1687141644797.jpg (29.63 KB, 600x400, yellowjackets_202_2474_r.jpg)

I don't know if this is the right thread, but I recently started watching Yellowjackets, and there's a character named Lisa who's introduced in the second season… I couldn't quite put my finger on it at first, but something felt off. I finally googled the actor's name today and found out he's a troon. I'm willing to admit he passes better than most troons, and most normies would never give him a second glance, but something about him rubbed me wrong. Sure enough, it's because he tickled my terfy senses.

I hate the new Hollywood trend of pretending like troon actors aren't troons. They're doing it with the Barbie movie, they did it with that show You, and they're doing it with Yellowjackets. Just to name a few.

Anyway, his parents are completely to blame, naturally https://archive.ph/O8dDd

No. 1849030

if anyone wants to torture themselves tonight. Nasally voice + ebegging in the comments + that fucking ikea shark for your troon whining bingo card

No. 1849034

No, but now I want to kek at him so please share

No. 1849045

willy wonka looking ass

No. 1849051

If the writers acknowledged Lisa is a troon and that was the reason he latched onto cults, at least it would make sense. The show is trying hard to increase their allyship. The actress who plays young Van is a they/them kek

The Church of England deserves a schism for pushing this on their members. They'll happily sanctify same sex marriage if one member is a troon but not an openly gay marriage, so they definitely support transing the gay away. Then there's the "Jesus was trans" matter. Why don't they just leave and become Unitarians so they can suck the girl cock every week?

No. 1849066

File: 1687146573788.jpg (184.9 KB, 1080x1205, Screenshot_20230618_234833_Twi…)

I came here to post something super similiar. This is straight up cult shit

No. 1849070

File: 1687147055693.webm (579.15 KB, 576x1024, Snaptik_7238979803427261738_om…)

No. 1849084

The actress is very annoying. Made a big deal out of saying she had top surgery and got pissy when Lottie's actress tried to talk about the strong WOMEN on the show in the same interview lmao.

He was probably inspired by the lovely Jessica aka Johnathan Yaniv saga

No. 1849094

They'd probably lecture Keith Haring about how it's transphobic for a gay man to like cock.

Why are they always either furries or weebs?

No. 1849097

So if it isn't physiological sex traits, and it's not "presentation," what the fuck is it, exactly? Just your pronouns? Just words? Vague vibes or feelings? If that's all it is, why have surgery? The concept of ladybrains is long-debunked pseudoscience, so we can rule that out. At a certain point, gendershit is going to be so confusing and functionally meaningless that we'll be back at square one, and sex will be all that actually matters.

No. 1849100

File: 1687151300325.jpg (19.63 KB, 356x367, Napoleon_dynamite.jpg)

So so sorry I'm a latefag but goddamn this dude looks just like Napoleon Dynamite kek

No. 1849113

Both use masks to hide their horrifying visage

No. 1849116

very very good point nonna! idk what was their reasoning here, but at some point they'll have to decide if trannies are the most depressed/prone to suicide of all, or if they're mentally sane and ~saved~ by "transitioning"

he is quite obviously gay and he was out of the closet long before his tiktok series though.. maybe he just meant to include gay men in dresses like him. orrr he's bi but that would be surprising

wtf is this lmao, can't they cope in less obvious ways? they're the ones obsessed with women and trying to "pass"

No. 1849118

nta but I think its this troon, you can briefly see the stickers on his car at the end. he used to have a car instagram too. volume warning because he is screaming and yelling at his rescuers the whole video

No. 1849124

File: 1687155828640.jpg (110.75 KB, 1596x875, lol.jpg)

I can't with their expressions as he says "You are the worst people"

No. 1849154

I didn't recognize it was Dylan or even an attempt to look female, I thought this was just some "punky" guy with eye makeup. Goes to show you how much he hates the thought of having a female looking body, he always did want his bulge to show and his chest to be twinky flat - he loves his gay male body too much and it was always the clothes that did all the "feminizing" work for him. HS-AGP is it's own category.

No. 1849161


No. 1849162

oh god he sounds like a parody of troons, the voice cracks, the nasal voice, the shrieking like a loon and immediately playing victim, calling people who saved him “the worst people”… also the poor woman holding this hunk up, they should’ve left him to scream like an animal until he couldn’t anymore

No. 1849192

Aren't they helping him though? lol

No. 1849240

File: 1687173667689.png (11.18 KB, 644x349, (4328).png)

I hate libfems so much its unreal.

No. 1849243

using her reasoning you could argue against sex categories entirely, which would result in barely any women at all being able to participate in elite sports

No. 1849245

Imagine footstooling this hard. Scratch a libfem and a pickme bleeds.

No. 1849247

What’s weird is I could actually somewhat come to a peace agreement with trannies if they were consistent in being lefties/libs. But so many of them are toxic, ableist, racist, fashy, sexist pieces of shit (surprise surprise considering that they’re still white scrotes at the end of the day, and often terminally online 4chan addicted ones at that) that they are so repulsive in an ideological way as well as every other way, it’s impossible for me to like them or see eye to eye with them at all.

No. 1849248

is she aware that sports are segregated even between the same sexes, there are weight-classes, pro and armature levels and even some age-exclusive leagues as most people are aware that a 35 year old can't match a fit a 20 year old.

No. 1849258

File: 1687176996696.png (105.03 KB, 319x276, All Smiles.png)

This is my favorite at 1:16 where the troon is wailing like a banshee and the first aid responder is laughing at how ridiculous he's being

No. 1849262

K but when people say being trans is a cult then they're turbo hitler?

No. 1849275

Why they always have to invent new concepts like trans joy and gender euphoria? It’s just regular ass emotions that everyone experiences differently. And I always see these little drawings of TIMs and TIFs together but almost never see them associate irl or even online.

No. 1849280

File: 1687179794345.jpg (217.85 KB, 1568x927, media_Fy9pR9AaYAEF1Dc.jpg)

No. 1849281

File: 1687179911576.jpg (Spoiler Image,165.92 KB, 1385x1827, media_Fy9pR9waIAAIF0O.jpg)

No. 1849286

This must be a joke right?


>Yeah I still bleed 4 years post op, it's normal!
>That foul smelling green liquid? It's normal, so it's totally fine it stinks!

No. 1849290

He’s describing the necessity of a breakfast filled with natural laxatives and plenty of fiber, since his genitals are now held together with a bit of thread and a prayer. One strain could destroy the whole thing.

No. 1849291

Spoiler this shit ffs

No. 1849293

I feel bad for anybody shaking hands with this tranny and not knowing he put his fingers in his foul pus filled rot pocket.

No. 1849303

Yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck

No. 1849309

I don't give two shits what a tranny's politics is. Make peace? No.

No. 1849310

What was the reason why he was screaming at them? I remember in a past thread was because the first respondents misgendered him or was it something else?

No. 1849311

>I wish Sweden would follow in other nations footsteps and give transgender people assisted suicide
for once i can agree with a troon lol

No. 1849315

File: 1687186990465.webm (5.2 MB, 576x1024, Download (7).webm)

he admits that real women are his enemies

No. 1849320

hi(unsaged newfag)

No. 1849321

No. 1849326

legitimately retarded

No. 1849330

File: 1687188873504.jpg (111.98 KB, 828x927, Fy_XJ0vacAAS5N4.jpg)

Look at the profile pic compared to how crusty he is

No. 1849335

File: 1687189022445.png (78.57 KB, 1036x1669, woman is when feeling.png)

>"TERFs" point out that women are on average physically weaker then men air aiding the patriarchy
The fuck kinda logic is this

No. 1849341

KEK oogly boogly, bitch! Wait til he hears about how much black women and Latinas hate troons too.

No. 1849349

File: 1687191090404.jpg (126.62 KB, 1110x986, Clipboard02.jpg)

No. 1849351

File: 1687191240155.jpg (144.6 KB, 1110x1262, Clipboard04.jpg)

No. 1849354

he looks like just a regular gay guy.

No. 1849357

File: 1687192156157.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.14 KB, 640x853, 1ghz8a4env6b1.jpg)

The most disgusting moobs I've seen