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No. 1834336

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No. 1834340

File: 1685037406171.jpeg (225.53 KB, 1286x1756, Fw1Eq9jaIAEVFxy.jpeg)

Seen several troons posting this. Guess stealing is okay as long as you have a cheap plastic wig while stealing.

No. 1834342

File: 1685037500681.jpeg (216.89 KB, 1125x1621, 1A38AEEC-EA8D-48B9-8368-26B9ED…)

The pony shirt, bro? Mf couldn’t even do a plain t shirt, it had to be the pony shirt lol

No. 1834351

File: 1685038867546.jpg (166.33 KB, 1080x1195, Fw_gNlaXwAAhFiT.jpg)

I love when the coomers ruin their own ability to coom

No. 1834354

>Smash capitalism
Lord Christ, shoplifting doesn't affect businesses a tinge at all. Of course troons will go the delusional route of "sneakily" tearing down a concept when the reality is the only effect is that it hurts the ones at the bottom.

No. 1834356

File: 1685039432977.jpg (224.22 KB, 2048x1152, Fw_WKtJXsAs2DYo.jpg)

The delusion grip HRT has on these moids

No. 1834363


I wish they would stop posting this kind of stuff everywhere that does any kind of labor advocacy. On top of the fact that you can tell probably 80% of them don't work it just makes us look like clowns. I don't even care about shoplifters and never try to catch or report them at work, but it's not a political cause.

No. 1834372

The OP linked the wrong previous thread. Here's the actual previous thread:

No. 1834384

File: 1685042114456.jpeg (95.16 KB, 1290x1042, 1685035557145.jpeg)

That's why most of them are "communists", for the "free shit without the labor".

pic from the prior thread: This is what paranoia looks like. If they're so scared of USA, they should go to Middle Asia, since is a "trans paradise" there.

No. 1834397

in the end it's good if they dress like that, you can clearly see what is wrong with them and avoid them. And it's funny how even his chin looks male, kek.

No. 1834405

File: 1685044784812.jpg (364.91 KB, 810x3377, Screenshot_20230525-152146_Chr…)

The projection, lmao:

No. 1834410

It's less "gender expression" and more mental state expression.

No. 1834413

I wish this were true. Imagine if you could just pick one of those based states to live in and never had to meet a single tranny.

No. 1834421

They never understand how much they play into conservative ideology when they say shit like playing video games all day and shoplifting is somehow dismantling the capitalist state and not directly strengthening it.

No. 1834440

Love how this man is still so straight he cannot fathom taking another plunge into his ass to find the prostate after the frankenwound attempt didn't work. He could only ever do it for one night of experimentation I guess kek
In all likelihood it's actually probably shrunk to nothing seeing as he's been on testosterone blockers and shit long enough for the big chop and stab

No. 1834444


Do they really not get that they were the ones who made this a big issue? What do they think all the awareness drives were for?

No. 1834448

Agreed, I personally have always preferred the retarded fashion sense because it's a giant warning/danger signal.

No. 1834477

File: 1685052501635.gif (Spoiler Image, 147.89 KB, 220x168, tenor-742089761.gif)

I want a vagina and I want it now! NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!

No. 1834489

Plenty of people have avoided whole ass states in the us lonnnnng before troons were even relevant. Do they think they are special? Jim crow, fucking most of the south banning abortion. Do you think I as a women have the ability to travel anywhere I want without fear of assault and rape? Boohoo, people look at me weird when I trespass the women's bathroom. Cry me a river, moids.

No. 1834490

The contradiction of 'why is everyone so obsessed with genitals?!?!' and 'I NEED to have a vagina RIGHT NOW, and NOT having it RIGHT THIS SECOND fills me with inexplicable RAGE' is so goddamn creepy and horrific

No. 1834495

This is why I love living in Florida. DeSantis is based and I seriously hope he becomes president.

No. 1834512

Except for banning abortion, which also directly causes women’s deaths and lack of independence in life. You don’t have to praise a republican man and want him to be a leader just because he thinks a man in a dress is gross. Conservatives are not on our side, also the issues of them hating poors and denying any financial assistance to the lower class. Seriously, I fucking hate Biden but I know it would be so much worse with a Republican in office.

No. 1834516

If only. I live in one and still have to see them all the time. Mostly TiFs, but TiMs abound as well.

No. 1834528

Well maybe if penises weren't constantly being used to rape women, we wouldn't have to sex-segregate in the first place. Sorry, the safety of 50% of the population is more important than the feelings of like .001% of it. Or at least it ought to be.

No. 1834530

Gtfo moid. Banning TIMs is great but De Santis wants to enslave women. Fuck off.

No. 1834540

A woman was forcibly removed by a male cop from a restroom for being butch and then threatened with genital inspection from said male. Shut the fuck up.

No. 1834546

I don't see the big deal about abortion. If you don't have sex with moids then your chances of needing an abortion are basically nill.

No. 1834550

Women should have unrestricted access to their own healthcare, no matter what other people’s morality about it is. It’s not about having sex with moids, it’s about women having control over their own bodies.

No. 1834553

Even if no one consensually slept with a moid ever again there'd still be a ton of women needing abortions. Moids aren't exactly known for respecting women's boundaries.

No. 1834555

File: 1685061126041.jpeg (276.62 KB, 1080x1800, E3bKps5UYAUiTtd.jpeg)

This troon works at google and also 'breastfed' his child and said he got off on it btw

No. 1834562

What is that even supposed to mean? It sounds like he literally wants to come in and gaze at women through the doors or something. Like who says that?

No. 1834575

does maynard james keenan have potential troon vibes to anyone else? I’m a perfect circle (and admittedly, tool) fan, and I can’t help but feel if maynard was 20 something he would troon out

No. 1834594

Mods ban this moid

No. 1834610

File: 1685065484030.jpg (234.43 KB, 812x1333, cow.jpg)

Did we already talk about the lactation fetishist porn guy who wants to breastfeed a real baby?

No. 1834612

michael cera after watching too much anime porn

No. 1834613

File: 1685065586363.jpg (98.78 KB, 1080x756, Fw_i_x7XsAAdY3g.jpg)

yes check out the previous thread.

No. 1834615

File: 1685065651155.jpg (120.29 KB, 944x892, Fw_UtYaXsAwQhgh.jpg)

No. 1834619

File: 1685065890157.jpg (167.41 KB, 1079x1416, Fw-vlyPaYAEMSkP.jpg)

No. 1834621

I hope the fuck no one ever tells that kid what they did to it, imagine being 15 and wondering why you've been sickly your whole life only to find out it's because your dad with the sagging moobs who has to sit down to pee was more dedicated to his fetishes back in the day and he made you eat his secretions so he could get off on being a real life mommymilker hucow euphoric woMAN

No. 1834623

File: 1685065923435.jpg (324.92 KB, 1227x1440, hari-nef-chanel-2016.jpg)

Even high budget troons are ugly as shit.

No. 1834625

File: 1685065959815.png (611.77 KB, 793x852, Screenshot Capture.png)

No. 1834629

Oh no how will the kids survive without sex clowns reading books to them?

No. 1834631

>A woman was forcibly removed by a male cop from a restroom

No. 1834634

File: 1685066414104.jpg (144.51 KB, 1080x1075, Fw7f_vMXoAA1W_T.jpg)

No. 1834637

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GXIaHjZ-Ok&ab_channel=TheYoungTurks i can't find anything with just the video itself(learn2embed)

No. 1834641

I get that the whole point of the drag story time events is for liberal parents to virtue signal about how they're "teaching acceptance" to their kids, but as someone who's worked with kids I feel like children would find this terrifying? Drag queens have very clownish, often uncanny valley make-up, and kids are generally creeped out by clowns. Hell, I was even afraid of mall Santas as a kid. These people don't give a fuck about their kids' feelings, they just want to show how "open-minded" they are in a very public, attention-grabbing way. Normal people just teach their kids about diversity and respecting differences by sitting down and having a conversation about it like normal human beings.

No. 1834642

They're called farmhands, and there's a report button. Integrate.

No. 1834649

File: 1685067886215.png (106.41 KB, 796x661, Screenshot Capture - 2023-.png)

>trannies breastfeeding for 100s of years
>only 2 case studies coming out in 2021
The part he quoted only mentions one study. He conveniently leaves out the link to the study he quoted, could anyone find it? I tried google and it does not come up.

No. 1834652

In 9 months he went from living in some kind of facility to living in an unfinished garage or shed full of junk.

No. 1834657

Maybe he thinks 1985 was the Victorian era.

No. 1834660

File: 1685068987631.png (32.29 KB, 830x489, Screenshot Capture - 2023.png)

>tells lie
>gets mad when people mock him for that

No. 1834668

oh god, so he does have a baby??

No. 1834670

What a fucking retard. Sorry to a-log but I read one of those 2 studies and it’s extremely biased throughout the paper constantly shilling pro-tranny propaganda first of all, and that tranny had to take a shit load of anti-androgens to even produce a tiny bit of milk and it was concluded that it wasn’t nearly enough to feed a child. They have to do so much for a fraction of our power

No. 1834677

This shit was 7 years ago and in North Carolina not Florida. Thanks for posting the Young Turks coverage though. It's funny seeing Ana Kasparian clap for troons in this when she is now considered a terf for not wanting to be called a birthing person.

No. 1834678

>Nearly 100 years
Forget elementary biology, this guy needs to retake elementary math. How does a study from 1985 prove the truth of the matter asserted, which is that this nonsense has apparently been happening for a century?

No. 1834680

Learn2embed. Jfc, these threads attract so many newfags.

No. 1834681

Yes, and he posts pictures of it in the same Twitter account he uses to shill his lactation porn.

No. 1834682

the baby is from a woman he just met two months ago (more info in the prev thread)

No. 1834683

Post where he said he got off on breastfeeding, that's so gross(emoji)

No. 1834685

How come there aren't any more studies coming out? The last one was in 2018 or so.

No. 1834687

>What if they report as them using the child as a prop on a sexual account
Won't do any good as the troon isn't posting the baby on a pornographic site. Remember TiMs are a protected class now.

No. 1834690

clocked him in the Barbie trailer as soon as he reared his manly head kek. if it weren’t that it would’ve definitely been the Mickey Mouse voice. directors please stop shoehorning troons into media, you’re going to look dumb as fuck when even libfems finally stop going along with their delusions in 15-20 years.

No. 1834691

The one I’m referring to is actually from 2021.

No. 1834692

File: 1685072037099.jpeg (175.92 KB, 750x1145, IMG_8690.jpeg)

there are two types of men having sex with trannies: the chasers pretending not to clock them, and the guys getting raped by deception. most people in most situations can tell, but that doesn’t mean the occasional moid won’t get wasted and have sex with a tranny in a dark place thinking it’s a woman.

No. 1834693

How it started
>gender is different from sex
>hsts are the good troons
>start getting tax payer covered surgeries that women can't even get
>trannies aren't harming anyone
>trannies take over the rainbow flag
>drag queens are considered a protected class
>they start includimg children in their stripping routine
>women lose their spaces bathrooms, invading shelters and sports
>women lose their sex specific language
>now cis is used because women are considered a subsect of their own class to appease the troons
>troons wound holes are just like real vaginas!!
>changes definition of women and lesbians
>now trannies are trying to take over breastfeeding children with peer reviewed papers clearly having a bias towards catering to trannies
>everything centers around trannies now gays and lesbians are secluded

What's next? Will it just keep getting worse and worse?

No. 1834695

Okay fine: we can tell 98% of the time, but if given the chance, 100% of those would keep up with their rape by deception fantasies

No. 1834697

The two doctors that wrote that study are still resident doctors who started their schooling in 2019. I wouldn't trust anything that comes from them lol.

Another thing is this study didn't test the breastmilk on a baby. And they also didn't test the milk to see if it had the proper nutrients to feed a baby (neither did the other articles). Yeah these articles smell fishy.

No. 1834700

does tranny barbie come with a dilator and a douche, and his sister’s underwear?

No. 1834701

Holy shit. NTA but I haven’t been actively reading the posts in this thread but I saw those pics and just assumed it was a baby he had with a desperate handmaiden. If he’s not the father I wonder what the bio father thinks about his baby daughter suckling a strange man’s nipples?? The fact that it happens at all makes me think nobody in this kids life even cares

No. 1834705

File: 1685073312250.jpg (65.95 KB, 1080x1177, moowu.jpg)

The really weird thing is that his cis girlfriend (the mother of the baby girl) encourages him.

No. 1834706

> The use of language surrounding fertility and breastfeeding remains heterogendered, meaning that people who breastfeed are assumed to be straight and identify as women. This minimizes the experiences of people outside of society’s binary classification of gender (6). The use of misgendering language has a negative impact on the mental health, self-esteem, and social identify of those who identify as nonbinary

Yeah this part^ which is right at the beginning made me disregard the whole thing. They have an agenda and they’re not shy about it

No. 1834721

i don't get it personally, how is "drag queens coming in to read books to children" the first thing they came up with to "teach acceptance"? acceptance of what exactly? i don't think that DQ are representative of GNC people (or GNC at all), they're just men parodying women for fun/work, it looks like a costume and i doubt children will understand gender norms/diversity/sexual orientations better due to that.

No. 1834722

Man discovers how to shave in 9 months

No. 1834728

"I pass, I don't disclose and men can't tell!!" and "I'm scared of getting beat up by transphobic men on dates and in the restroom" are also mutually exclusive, dumbass troon.

No. 1834729

I'm sorry but what fucking parent experiments on their child based on one, maybe two positive studies? Especially ones that don't seem to give any form of nutritional profile.
There's no explanation except the Troon getting off to it as mothers who don't produce milk just suck it up and give formula instead and go to therapy if they have any personal problems with that
This is sketch as shit and not enough to even remotely claim it's truly safe for kids let alone nutritious. Parents going from worrying about hormones in meat to stuffing their kids with hormones from the day they're born

No. 1834747

isn't the eli troon that posted this also a rapist?

No. 1834749

Yeah that one

No. 1834757

You know that women are actually more likely to supper banning abortion that moids right? Anyways I think trannies are way more of a big deal than abortion rights. I don’t really see myself needing an abortion in the future.

No. 1834760

File: 1685078385531.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 70.19 KB, 750x937, IMG_8691.jpeg)

he’s so fucking gross.

No. 1834761

Go back to 4chan.

No. 1834765

If you don’t understand why abortion issues are more important than tranny faggotry just because you don’t personally care then you’re just another window licking tard

No. 1834772

It's not your baby you retarded faggot, it's your girlfriend's, and you've only been dating her for a few months. Who the fuck does that? Imagine if a guy started calling his girlfriend's son or daughter "my kid" after dating her for two months. Absurd. Fuck that retarded handmaiden he's dating for enabling this and putting the kid in danger just so she can look woke online.

No. 1834775

The kid's real father is probably a deadbeat, if the trailer trash mother even knows who it is. The kid is screwed however you slice it; even if its retarded mother dumps the tranny, she'll just rebound onto some other kind of predator or psycho.

No. 1834776

>If it doesn't apply to me personally, it doesn't matter

No. 1834779

File: 1685080756747.jpeg (164.58 KB, 750x930, IMG_8693.jpeg)

I'm a tranny moid in a tranny world
It’s patriarchy, now in panties!
I can flash my dick, harass you everywhere
Fetishization, is female erasure
Come on, Blanchard, let's go party!

I'm a dumb AGP in a pornsick sad world
Play dress up, steal your clothes, I’m a pervert.
I take pills, HRT, get installed a stink ditch,
It was botched, looks like shit, it’s infected…
Please fuck me, it’s my right, if you don’t, I’ll ruin your life.

You can scream and complain, I will destroy your sports.
I will act like a douche, I will send you rape threats
Come jump in, transcel friends, let us do it again,
Punch a terf, groom some kids, let's go batshit
If you dare call me sir, then I’ll scream "It is Ma’am!”

No. 1834789

File: 1685082093574.png (377.3 KB, 1455x1092, 21 sin título_20230526022224.p…)

Some new updates from pedo milk puss troon

No. 1834792

SOMEONE TAKE THE BABY AWAY.this is definitely a fetish for him fucking creep moid

No. 1834793

Jesus Christian I clicked on a YouTube video and it was about that stupid bitch Kelly ronahan… damn that girl had fuckin problems…. makes me happy to just be an escort and a drug addict…. hahaha dumb cunt…..

No. 1834794

Wtaf is this bullshit about "chestfeeding"? It's breastfeeding you fucking idiots…(tranny)

No. 1834815

looks like a literal gorilla with that browbone.

No. 1834817

wait. so the baby is already on formula, but this tranny wants to start ”producing milk” JUST to switch to the moobcheese? beyond fucked up

No. 1834824

Literal pedophile out in the open talking about his fetish, search his hard drive already

No. 1834828

Nona NO ONE sees themselves needing abortions, it's not something women plan for because they want it. A troon could enter the women's restroom, rape you and get you pregnant. Even a cis man could accuse you of being a transphobe and get you jailed, come out as trans and commit a crime himself to be locked up in women's prison with you to rape you and get you pregnant in jail. Abortions is a female human right.

No. 1834846

I hope this peaks the world but I know better by now

No. 1834854

I'm really hoping the attention these two sick freaks have brought upon themselves results in some action to protect that poor baby.

No. 1834886

How brainrotted does someone who is supposed to be an expert in women's healthcare have to be to support this? MALE BREASTS DO NOT HAVE MILK DUCTS. He's secreting something from his nipples, but it cannot be nutritionally equivalent to real breastmilk.

No. 1834892

Knew it. I saw him for a SECOND in the Barbie trailer and he stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the other women. I had to double take because I was 100 percent sure it was a man face at first glance.

They really cannot hope to ever pass. They still read male with a bunch of make up and hair pieced and whatever the fuck.

No. 1834893

KEKKKKKKK I used to think he was a passoid when he was younger, holy fuck aging is rough on these scrotes
exactly this, i have no idea how anyone on the "serious" left (like in certain high academia/political communist circles) can even pretend to care about this shit lmao. literally who fucking cares, even if youre dumb enough to deny the sexualised nature of drag it just not an issue
I would laugh at how pitiful and suspect this "study" is if it wasnt so fucking grim

No. 1834914

I had no idea who this was but watching the trailer made me do a double take because his face was so strange and off, that deep voice was so jarring too, I went back to replay the flat foot line because I was confused. Took me a second and then alarm bells went off, of course it’s a fucking troon. It’s crazy how much they stick out, especially when surrounded by actual women, even with their disguise.

No. 1834918

Seriously consider a different website if you're going to massage the balls of a misogynist moid at the expense of women because they have more sex than you and it appeases your single pet issue. Devastatingly retarded post. Go back to 4chan like the other anon said. The moidy, reactionary stench of your posts would fit in perfectly there.

No. 1834919

Wow what the fuck, I meant to reply to this, >>1834495

No. 1834925

"going out" outfit? that's the kind of slop most women throw on to quickly run to the grocery store or smth

No. 1834933

File: 1685108306257.jpeg (79.26 KB, 1449x728, IMG_6177.jpeg)

the decision to make him scream with his deep unmistakably male voice was so strange it’s almost like they wanted to play him being a tranny for laughs? I’m so disappointed in this movie though, I was looking forward to it but they have to include these pornsick bastards in everything now. They are invading every female dominated space -fictional or not- like insects

No. 1834934

File: 1685108332152.jpg (34.31 KB, 1080x425, FxDGGP0WIAI5voA.jpg)

Normally this would 100% be a troll but troons really are this level of gross

No. 1834935

It's just an excuse to swipe stuff while still claiming to be morally superior. You know they're just going to steal a bunch of nailpolishes and eyeliner anyway. Some of the most anti-capitalist people I've met have also been the biggest consumers, they have to buy some "aesthetic" and hoard material goods. If you really want to fight capitalism then stop buying so much useless shit, all stealing is going to do is drive up the prices for those who buy and make Walmart move out of the area, so now the only options are higher priced establishments.

No. 1834936

I knew it was going to be shit after they revealed Ken was going to be an ugly bastard. Didn’t watch, feels good to be right about everything.

No. 1834938

Stop. I don't like the abortion thing either but using hyperbole is super annoying. It's the same shit "terfs are literally nazis!!!" Like just say you disagree with his policies and calm down

No. 1834943

Said no female ever. It’s funny how troons manage to be grosser and more puerile than both gay and straight moids, yet expect anyone on earth to believe they’re women. Even teenage boys aren’t as sex-obsessed as troons.

No. 1834946

Feminism has nothing to do with nazism. Men have denied women's rights for millenniums and to this day girls and women are abused and killed every day for being born female. You are an idiot.

No. 1834947

Meatball Ron is a literal Guantanamo torturer anon, I wouldn’t put a fucking thing past him. The enemies of our enemies are not our friends.

No. 1834953

>me clicking all the replies in confusion
>reading the next post down
All is explained kek

No. 1834957

File: 1685112135188.jpg (112.01 KB, 880x1262, Fww4dy2WwAUZ0Xn.jpg)

Psycho moid texts this to his dying mother and then tries to run away from the backlash

No. 1834962

>Girl clothes
>Stole them from my sister's room
I want to a-log so bad.

No. 1834963

If this is real I feel terrible for the mother. she didn’t deserve that shit from her own stupid fucking son, RIP

No. 1834971

There was a ton of talk about him last thread if you want to read more thoughts.

No. 1834978

File: 1685116513838.jpg (60.53 KB, 570x428, jabba.jpg)

He should cosplay as this.

No. 1834981

The only thing I've seen this dude in is a short film about a creepy transbian using witchcraft to do some weird time travel shit to entrap his ex and make her fall in love with him again. To this day I have no clue they cast him intentionally as a giggle or if it was solely for diversity points.

No. 1834993

kek i’m pretty sure that movie was created by sam levinson, also after a quick look at his filmography through google, he seems to be in the idol. no wonder an industry tranny is friends with the creepiest director who basically makes soft core porn that sexualized young women to no end

No. 1834995

File: 1685118555296.jpeg (157.2 KB, 750x1055, IMG_3516.jpeg)

>hour glass, cutesy very feminine voice, slim, fit, aesthetically pretty face, look young for my age, etc
Couldn’t resist jerking himself off in a fake story

No. 1834996

File: 1685118913555.jpg (201 KB, 810x2155, Screenshot_20230526-122727_Boo…)

>You must be 100% supportive of the tranny agenda!
Lol, every reddit thread about this is already locked, removed, or heavily censored. And it sucks we can no longer see what's been censored since reddit permanently blocked pushshift from accessing their API.

No. 1835020

>Turns out she was heading into the bathroom to change her tampon.
Fucking degenerate coomers and their fake ass stories.

No. 1835029

File: 1685121864622.jpg (47.85 KB, 640x632, bun4b82cc_7510296f_640.jpg)

I wish they'd avoid the US all together

No. 1835045

Kek what woman goes to the bathroom specifically to change a tampon? Why would you need to give a reason why you were in the bathroom anyway? Troons are such bad liars

No. 1835060

>My baby
Unhinged. If the crazy handmaiden ever decides to leave his delusional ass, this troid would probably kidnap the baby.

No. 1835067

File: 1685124814191.jpeg (262.5 KB, 1170x1954, AC5BB874-12E6-4E0D-9C14-C09C5C…)

Dumb tranny on twitter tried to use this tranny getting beaten by police as a gotcha to transphobes…

No. 1835071

File: 1685124973801.jpeg (199.34 KB, 1170x1950, D7857491-CB22-43B7-8011-4D943D…)

…only to be fact checked by twitter itself. The Italian man getting beat was found to be flashing his penis at children. Now twitter troon is sperging pretending that the sources are wrong and it really is trans discrimination.

No. 1835073

Of course tech workers don’t believe in privacy.

No. 1835076

He has never not looked like the gay male he is

No. 1835081

It’s still worth the attempt. Their protected status can be revoked with enough of this pedophilic evidence

No. 1835093

No. I'm also a fan and the guy is your typical rock star. I've known a woman that dated a guy that was friends with the band and he's just your typical rock star moid who sleeps with fans. The 90s weren't about trooning (claims that Kurt Cobain would troon), they were about shock value, destroying norms and cynical apathy. A lot of the dudes wearing dresses or cynical apathy. Trent Reznor also had that feminine gender non-confirming shit during the 90s, then roided out for a few years when he got old and eventually married some woman half his age. Manson definitely seemed like he would have trooned, but he just became a fat rapist.

No. 1835102

would have been funny if you stuck to the one line but it's cringe and way too long and you can't write. C-

No. 1835104

File: 1685126523216.jpeg (64.74 KB, 1242x461, IMG_1209.jpeg)

Of course taking estrogen makes your penis smell like vagina. Tranny logic defies all reason.

No. 1835106

Yes there are other women out their whose lives revolve around making other women just as miserable as they are and they get a scrap of attention from men for doing their bidding

No. 1835176

Null covered the breastfeeding tranny in detail on his podcast today, was pretty interesting. He went over the different studies.

Starts around 27:20

No. 1835187

He transitioned to Ben shapiro

No. 1835200

File: 1685137553856.jpg (78.24 KB, 1080x585, FxFQr0NXgAAM2vl.jpg)

No you are not normal pedo

No. 1835207

Straight women have exposed themselves to Ru Paul TV until they intertwined their sexuality with it, the same way moids do gross ass anime and porn. Now they can't see anything objectionable with dumping it on children, because anything sexual in there seems okay and normal to them.

No. 1835229

Josh fanboys gtfo

No. 1835243

Even if it is a troll post, looking at upvote count reveals a lot(sage your shit)

No. 1835251

File: 1685142630637.png (160.74 KB, 793x668, 2023-.png)

First step to trannies getting their own category I hope.

No. 1835257

This is not milk but just a song that I felt was awesome and wanted to share.

No. 1835258

Most people believe that the moon phases are caused by the shadow of the earth hitting the moon, but that doesn't make it true. The majority of human beings are idiots, and most female idiots are handmaidens and/or pickmes.

No. 1835259

And once you finish that, here's a follow-up.
Again sorry, I just feel that these songs are great for those of us who see right through these delusions men.

No. 1835261

Can't take it away if it isn't his in the first place. His retarded girlfriend of two months is just letting him borrow the baby to pose for pictures.

No. 1835263

Twink death hits HSTSes like a load of bricks, lmao.

No. 1835266

Lmao I wish I could've seen the shit storm. Also she isn't a lifelong medical patient if she only had cancer for the last few months/years of her life. Trannies suck at comebacks.

No. 1835272

Why would he know about this and how the fuck is it even relevant to the story? Is he turned on by the idea of Albert Einstein here getting arrested on her period?

No. 1835273

I wish they'd all move to a remote island somewhere and leave everyone else the fuck alone.

No. 1835276

No one cares.

No. 1835285

sometimes i like to torment myself by listening to these long-winded tranny video blogs, but i gotta hand it to this one for making me want to blow my brains out as much as i want to now. his constant usage of kate beaton's comic, ducks, in comparison to his male experience offends me to my fucking core. after 3 days i finally finished the first video, the 2nd part is almost an hour longer, and he immediately opens with a cringe ducks narration i wouldn't doubt is voiced by some TIM he hired off fiver like quite a few of the narrations he had in the first video.
anyway, idk if i'm going to be able to make it through this one kek.

No. 1835288

As an italian: good.
People are already screaming at OMG, Queer Genocide! But I don't care. He passed days in front of a school, urinating and screaming he had aids, then he molested children. If he wasn't wearing women clothes, libs would've come for his head.
Once arrested, he faked being passed out and once in the police car, he kicked the officer and escaped. After that and only AFTER escaping and kicking the police officer (one of which has to stay at home dor 7 days due to the harm that mentally ill person did to him), they ran and beaten him.

No. 1835289

He kind of resembles Mr. Bean, lol

No. 1835310

Same, I have a connection to Maynard Keenan and he seems like a pretty normie masculine moid apart from his edgy stage persona. Definitely no troon vibes that I’ve noticed.

No. 1835312

I support her 100% but I wish this music was better haha. We need an all girl terfy punk band

No. 1835314

I was on ground zero when the kurt troon claims originated and the person who started that is a legit schizophrenic. It’s unfortunate that it kind of blew up and got latched onto by some other troons but it’s literally based on mentally ill delusion

No. 1835316


his video reminds me of the nonnas in the animation thread talking about how media is deteriorating because now it's regurgitating older media and bypassing reality as the primary reference point. except with these youtube videos it's 3 hour diatribes from people whose reference point is the study of society and not society itself. everything is framed through tired academic narratives because he honestly doesn't know much about the internal lives of either modern men or women, but is at the same time too educated to stop.

No. 1835322

File: 1685149851867.jpeg (79.63 KB, 688x997, IMG_4147.jpeg)

BPD "comedian" doesn't know how much a Barbie costs, accuses everyone who liked their Barbies of being rich and spergs out about not being able to go on vacations as a kid. Deletes the original tweets, made a thread (here: https://twitter.com/aedison/status/1662260600674697217) amounting to "actually I think I did nothing wrong, I'm sorry you feel that way tho" Mental. Side note: this person got famous because he was caught having overstayed a visa at the Canadian border and was detained at a men's facility.

No. 1835323

Retard doesn't know that cheap-ass discount stores carry, and have carried, Barbie dolls for years. There are very cheap Barbie dolls at dollar stores. There are also Barbie dolls in thrift stores. This is such a terminally retarded tweet, but that's trannies for you.

No. 1835335

Good god who cares

What a pretentious dickhead

No. 1835342

Not knowing that barbie has always had a cheap range which is affordable to any family is not very female brained of him.
This retarded take makes me think he has been fabricating reasons to be jealous of women since he was a child. Truly pathetic.
As a reference point, even now in 2023 the cheapest range of barbie at RRP is £8 in the uk, next prices are around £15. There's a lot of playsets and dolls under £20, that has always been the case. Why would the biggest toy manufacturer's most famous product be a luxury item? Literally every girl has at least one barbie, not just this total fabrication of it being rich girls.
Am yet to see a troon have an opinion that even borders on correct, or appears to have existed and occupied the same dimension as the rest of us at any point. They just sit in an insane hugbox circlejerk troonland of nonsense they literally just invented

No. 1835344

Nonna beat me to it, he was never a little girl so he probably wouldn't know much about how ubiquitous barbie dolls were or how much they cost. Just another male speaking on facets of girlhood without ever having experienced it firsthand and then getting mad when actual women correct him about it.

No. 1835346

File: 1685153028523.jpeg (98.68 KB, 1125x864, IMG_2249.jpeg)

>micro eceleb youtuber takes months long break for their "mental health"
>comes back looking like this
Every fucking time.
I mean he hasn't confirmed anything but cmon, that thumbnail…

No. 1835349

KEK naturally milan, i was wondering where this was, anon mentioned it in the last thread.
omg he was my dark horse bet for trooning out

No. 1835353

File: 1685153813050.jpg (216.55 KB, 1037x1743, FxF7OnkXwAAIt4M.jpg)

No. 1835367

File: 1685157256199.png (13.57 KB, 723x302, Screenshot Capture.png)

No. 1835369

Holy shit, that got a legit kek outta me

No. 1835372

>This retarded take makes me think he has been fabricating reasons to be jealous of women since he was a child. Truly pathetic.
This. It's just another variation of insisting that every woman and girl has always been treated "like a princess" by her family. Middle class scrotes will date women who grew up poor, and inflict this jealousy on them at the very same time that they're smugly looking down on the women for growing up poor.

No. 1835380

File: 1685158451058.png (554.92 KB, 845x750, Screenshot Capture 03.png)

Damn I never saw a pre transition picture of this Gollum, Dobby is cuter than him.

No. 1835397

We were so poor I slept in a twin sized bed with my mom until I was 5 and I still had like 20 Barbies lol. It’s just cope and mental gymnastics to not acknowledge he was a boy because then he’ll have to confront that he grew into a man.

No. 1835412

File: 1685163983130.jpg (433.32 KB, 1080x2015, Screenshot_20230523_222909_Ins…)

>i, a gay man, have two gay dads

No. 1835420

trailer alone and its clear he cant act.

No. 1835425

How is this milk? The overwhelming majority of troons have straight parents.

No. 1835426

How does he look more like Michael Cera after trooning out? He kinda looked like a fat TiF beforehand. Wack how they pass less the more "femme" they try to present.

No. 1835428

File: 1685167600191.jpeg (64.11 KB, 828x833, IMG_1695.jpeg)

This is so autistic it hurts

No. 1835430

My mother grew up in actual poverty and was one of six children, but she still had a dollhouse and Barbies. The bougie thing for a little girl to have would have been an American Girl doll, which you could only get by mail order back in the day.

No. 1835438

Groomed by his pedophile kidnappers.

No. 1835441

lol because the 99 cent store, dollar tree, toy drives, and thrift shops don’t exist. poor people make it work sir stop larping. he must be seething at barbie being an exclusively a female thing and cant reclaim her whatsoever.

No. 1835442

Smells like the same retard DeSantis-posting to make posters here seem right wing. I think troons do this on occasion to make it seem like we can all be easily written off as conservatives.

none of us here are right wing enough to automatically conflate gay people with pedophilia so unless this troon was trooned as a minor we wouldn’t be jumping to this conclusion. Gay men being misogynists, hateful of effeminate men, and allowing their HSTS son to believe womanhood is his to co-opt is not surprising in the slightest anyway

No. 1835448

he grew up without women in his immediate vicinity

No. 1835450

makes me feel like they treated their kid as a dress up doll growing up

No. 1835451

Though this is true and based if the TIMs won't twist her words to their agenda into
>Because femoids want to be us
and TIMs might start to gatekeep.

No. 1835452

Because proper noun for "transwomen" is troon.

No. 1835453

Theres a TIM i know irl why although spergs at being called a man he is strangely okay with "TIM" and also his reaction to "only men can be transwomen" was a "gotcha you females wanna be us"

No. 1835466

File: 1685178096741.jpg (231.23 KB, 800x1069, MsNL02.jpg)

Old singaporean newspaper cutting about post-op regret (dated 2001).

No. 1835468

File: 1685178355332.jpg (65.81 KB, 1280x720, mr bean in room 426.jpg)

"Room 426, please"

No. 1835469

>i am a transwoman(technically intersexed but raised as a boy)
just being a short-dicked manlet isn't an intersex disorder

No. 1835472

Singapore used to be some "sex change harbor" some two decades ago. They completely phased out even mental healthcare (Gender clinics in SG closed) as of now.

No. 1835473

Are you a singaporean nona?

No. 1835476

Are you a super retard? Not heard of rape? Even birth control isn’t 100% effective.

No. 1835480

Woman presumably held tampon, troon gets everything in his head regarding her holding of the tampon.

No. 1835489

imagine if sam levinson troons out. i'm like 99% sure he's a chaser due to the fact that he has included them in several of his projects and they're always transbians.

No. 1835494

File: 1685181779555.jpg (197.96 KB, 975x1801, FxF7OaaWYAEVHG3.jpg)

This troon posted this pic of his cat to his social media with absolutely zero thought put into the fact everyone would freak out the cat is living in absolute filth

No. 1835501

Hope his cat is taken away from him.

No. 1835503

These I fucked your mom ”jokes” are so girly uwu

No. 1835504

Eternal adolescence.

No. 1835508

cites one article and thinks his job is done educating people. These fuckers are so dangerous.(sage goes in the email field)

No. 1835517

Filthy fucks like that guy are part of the reason why rent is so expensive even for such shitty properties. Somebody is going to have to scrub food off the walls before priming the stains and repainting all of it, and probably replace some of the floor vinyl. And then he'll just go to the next apartment and shit it up, too.

No. 1835534

Troon doesn’t know that lots of girls got hand-me-down Barbies from their moms and older siblings, constructed their own dollhouses, even made clothes for them out of common household materials like tissue paper. Girls can be incredibly resourceful and creative and this troon will never understand.

No. 1835539

File: 1685192657372.png (40.96 KB, 1080x700, Screenshot_20230527-080305.png)

The HRT is working. Full retardation and him doubling down many hours later on victimizing himself, not accepting his own mistake of making a dumb statement.

No. 1835547

They can’t even fathom the concept of some kids having to wait for a birthday or Christmas to get something new as a gift.

No. 1835549

most people making fun of him probably don't even know he's trans

No. 1835553

Reminder that galactorrhea is (as far as we know) usually caused by hormonal imbalances naturally and can be induced through the use of drugs. All of them from what I gathered is safe for breastfeeding, however considering inducing galactorrhea on a regular basis like what this weirdo usually means upping the dose, this increases the chances of more amounts of said drugs to appear in the milk. These drugs include opioids, SRIs, antipsychotics and antiandrogens. It affects both females (5-32%) and males (5.5%). So it's very unlikely these moids are lactating mainly because genetic factors and are straight up endangering children by feeding them their junkie chestwater. Gathered all this info from an hour of reading wikipedia and medical articles from nih, etc.. Not a med professional at all but considering normal people are typically wary when it comes to what you're feeding your child and this fuck does this shit anyway despite the fact skimming for an hour tells you you shouldn't probably do it is telling. Sage for autism.

No. 1835555

Was supposed to reply to this >>1835553

No. 1835562

it pisses me off that women get shamed for having a can of diet coke while pregnant or breastfeeding but these men can have infants drinking their hormonal cocktail nipple discharge and they get fawned over

No. 1835565

File: 1685197590245.jpg (179.79 KB, 1124x1595, lady problems.jpg)

> Man is when can play vidya game for hours
> Woman is when vidya game make hands ouchie

I found this troon agreeing with someone saying that oppressive traditional gender roles are what radicalized them, go to their twitter and find this bullshit; fucking irony.

No. 1835569

Rent went up 30% in a year because of maybe 3 hours of cleaning work? He could get this apartment cleaned for probably $150 total kek. Don't simp for parasites.

No. 1835572

Nta but nonna was clearly being hyperbolic. Also cat urine and urine smell in general is hard to get out of anything and usually requires completely replacing things which can drive up prices.

No. 1835575

File: 1685199203388.jpg (41.33 KB, 1080x347, Screenshot_20230527-204944_Tum…)

as if troons are represented better in one piece. kek, oda showed the worse of trannies, multiple times in his manga, than jk had ever attempted with her tweets.

No. 1835585

Don’t say that. Even though it’s meant to be an insult about their mental/emotional state, they’d probably take it as a compliment and get off on it.

No. 1835586

File: 1685200441652.jpeg (151.39 KB, 1280x720, IMG_1680.jpeg)

That’s what I was thinking. Why do they like OP so much when this exists in it?

No. 1835587

Why is it always cats? Males are such psychos, even as kids they enjoy killing and torturing animals.

No. 1835590

File: 1685200841223.png (501.97 KB, 748x962, Screenshot Capture.png)

No. 1835593

why does this look ai generated kek

No. 1835608

So a man got to experience the lies of men. This used to happen in olden times and it still happens in communities where premarital sex is forbidden. No, honey, we're going to be married there's no point in waiting, nobody's gonna know, we can have sex. Then when she gets pregnant he swears he never touched her, he gets off scot free and she gets branded a slut.

This was quite a sad read. What I don't get is what exactly the scumbag stood to win by letting this guy chop his dick off. My only assumption is they tried to have sex and it wasn't like sex with a real woman so he dumped him. And why does he pay for the "beauty" treatments? So he won't get sued? Or is his way of showing the guilt? Men do that and think it clears them of any misdoings.

No. 1835610

they never get the idea that the stuff they inject is doing harm to their body because it isn't meant to be there. But sure, woman can't open jars or play video games for more than 1 hour a day, it's completely female to be weak and feel pain all the time.

No. 1835617

This is going to sound tinfoily probably, but I think it seriously has something to do with how men typically view cats as more "feminine". Hence why so many men who think they're masculine or alpha gravitate towards dogs or shit on cats for having boundaries (much like they shit on women for having boundaries). Many men who went on to kill women also started by killing animals, and cats/kittens are unfortunately notable for being common victims. It wouldn't surprise me if in some cases, men like this who live pathetic existences where they so desperately want to be women think owning at cat is a way to have ownership over some sort of perceived femininity, if that makes sense. Like I said my idea is a tinfoil but it's also pretty true that cats have been associated with women for a very long time throughout history (Bastet, witches, etc.). Maybe some of them genuinely like cats, but I feel like if someone genuinely likes cats they'll probably actually take care of them.

No. 1835622

Because it is.

No. 1835629

File: 1685207264210.jpg (103.19 KB, 946x616, FxJWJuQWYAQS9WU.jpg)

Autistic men really live in such a delusional fantasy world, we need to raise autistic men to be a bit more realistic about life instead of letting them run wild on the internet

No. 1835635

Well men are known to be extremely sensitive to criticism so I'm not surprised tims think they're being crucified every time they get made fun of for a stupid ass take like this one.

No. 1835639

Because they were retarded weebs before trooning and remain retarded weebs after trooning. Plus they get to crow about dunking on mean ol' JKR, a big ol' huff of cope for their shitty little selves.

No. 1835649

>I used to routinely play video games for 18 hours straight and now I have hand pain. Surely the cause of this hand pain is unrelated medication and not any psycho neet behavior that could have inflicted injury or overuse strain upon my hands somehow….

>It feels like… I should just let one of the last dreams I still hold on to die.
I was just skimming the post, but wow, what a tragic thought! What a poetic, pitiable lament! I bet it was about something really romantic and heartfelt. Now, time to go back and see what that dream was:

No. 1835653

We need to stop raising autistic men at all and bring back leaving disabled infants in the woods for predators to eat.

No. 1835661

Alright hear me out. Is it possible we are so far in the ai matrix that these TiMs are actually all generated deep fakes to keep people busy with the next movement/outrage? I just…. don't see how any of this is real. I can't see how this happened entirely organically without curation of information by advanced tech from an industry leader/politician owner. This whole….thing…. it just isnt real. It cant be. Right? I peaked a while ago but I feel like I am super cycling through all the stages of grief mourning a sane world…over and over.

No. 1835662

File: 1685209420794.jpg (116.6 KB, 1080x909, FxIY8gBWcAIlyR1.jpg)

Once again, HRT does absolutely nothing

No. 1835666

I've always said they should just give them sugar pills, they're already delusional so they'd get the full placebo effect without the long term health consequences of horsepiss. Though on the other hand I'm also all for retarded scrotes ending up with blood clots and brain tumors so what the hell.

No. 1835668

Well what are the odds of that?? Lmao. I can't believe they actually let gay men adopt in the US. Denying a child a mother is the most evil thing in the world. Plus gay men only adopt kids to make more gays. There is a reason they never want to adopt girl babies.

No. 1835669

This is why it's impossible to compare autistic men to autistic women. I've not yet met an autistic man that wasn't babied and told his actions were fine, while autistic women are forced to mask and adapt to society.

No. 1835671

>We need to stop raising men at all.
Fixed that for you.

No. 1835674

AYRT, I feel you anon lol I don't mind R&B music but rock is my preferred genre and it'd be great to see some punk rock terfy songs but sadly I haven't come across any yet. I'll definitely post it if I do though kek.

No. 1835677

File: 1685211351147.jpg (23.81 KB, 452x348, lisa.jpg)

>just being a short-dicked manlet isn't an intersex disorder
KEK, I'm going to steal this to use it on these sad (ball)sacks from now on
Holy fuck, this is so hilarious. Love the horrified expression on the crawling dude on the right and the perv troon stares. Going to have to watch this now

No. 1835687

File: 1685213137917.jpg (256.32 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230527_134644_Twi…)

I just went to check, the community note is now gone. Any other nonnies on Twitter to confirm?

No. 1835690

iirc, this happened the other day with another tweet too: apparently if they report it enough the note will go away

No. 1835702

File: 1685215109605.jpeg (137.5 KB, 1080x1320, sportsdiff.jpeg)

Re: troons in sports, found a helpful infographic, kind of shocked at how high some of the percentages are, but then again. The idea that this could be reversed through a few years of HRT is ludicrous.

From https://macdonaldlaurier.ca/files/pdf/Dec2021_Fair_game_Pike_Hilton_Howe_PAPER_FWeb.pdf

No. 1835705

Yamato knows she's a woman, you uncultured swine! She calls herself a "man" because she idolizes Oden and she wants to be as good as he is. Besides no one in One Piece is a "terf", why would you westernize something like that?

No. 1835732

sage for blogpost but I love this comment. My sister and I used to beg our grandpa for his old handkerchiefs and we would sew dresses for our Barbies from them. Meanwhile our brother who ended up trooning out wouldn't play with anything unless it was Spiderman themed. Moids will never understand female ingenuity and creativity.

No. 1835737

More evidence for women engineering and tool making to be biologically innate to me

No. 1835747

He is 100% a chaser as well as a pedophile sex pest. I don’t think he’ll troon out but continue to make disgusting content for men like himself to jerk off to under the guise of “edgy art”.

No. 1835752

File: 1685224437694.png (536.1 KB, 565x676, 8F6448BC-B4F8-426F-A80D-E85A63…)

This post is so funny to me because his pain may be related to the fact that high E in scrotes causes bone brittleness and other joint and bone related issues, so there’s a very high possibility that he nuked his scary testosterone (no test weakens your muscles) and is getting pain from HRT effects.
Oh and their periods are GI tract issues and their ED/mental issues due to test blockers makes them suicidal.
In time my lovely nonny sisters we will have those trash scrotes have more and more illnesses due to HRT and they sterilize themselves on top of that. The less of those insane scrotes the better, hope to live to see it.

No. 1835763

Josh paid for the article that the breastfeeding tranny (timestamp is 32:30) is citing, if you're interested he discuses on his last livestream. And to no ones surprise it's not what the tranny claims.

No. 1835764

File: 1685226331865.jpeg (190.87 KB, 741x891, rentfree.jpeg)

This is true

No. 1835766

Already posted this and got yelled at for it, kek.

No. 1835769

Nonnies acting like they don't go on KF lol. It's a necessary evil, I don't get the problem. Josh paid for the article, I sure wasn't going to waste 30 bucks on troon shit.

No. 1835777

File: 1685228659985.jpg (206.56 KB, 1284x1323, FxIpuqgaYAEHNoC.jpg)

It's Always fyi

No. 1835801

as a classic troll, i just like seeing salt and people cry. this one is certainly an emotional hag.

trannies trigger people so much that sometimes i borrow their shtick because it makes people SO emotional.

and the opposite is true, i can act like a TERF and make an entire discord channel flip tables.

the past several years of this has been nothing but delicious entertainment for me. back in the day you had to do more work and involve deeper politics to make people cry this much over nothing, today it so easy and now with chatGPT i can shit out any amount of trolling i want about the culture wars with no effort.

josh is a little bitch, jizz dong-jones is a faggot crossdresser little bitch. also fuck every alphabet agency within the government (though i gotta admit glowies can really kick the hornets nest sometimes and it is fucking hilarious)

fuck everyone lol, primate evolution was a mistake but it sure is entertaining.(sperg)

No. 1835811

>bodies with female sex organs
Utterly revolting language, you know it's (male) trannies and not tifs who asked for this too. Who is it who thinks of women as "bodies" because it isn't women. May as well just call us cunts and roasties and be done with it.

No. 1835825


Disagree, I think "female sex organs" would raise a lot of TiMs' hackles; my own interpretation is that it's the company's befuddled attempt at clinging to what they actually mean, ultimately pleasing no one.

No. 1835841

Most kids had barbies around, they were battle-hardened naked sharpie-emblazoned relics of the 80s and 90s with a pixie cut standing straight on end. That was just childhood. Daycare, sisters rooms, cousins houses etc. They were sold at garage sells for a dollar or even less. Such a weird thing to craft to be upset about.

No. 1835842

File: 1685237300143.png (1.57 MB, 1080x2001, Screenshot_20230527_182442_Tik…)

not sure what he expected here

No. 1835845

>Bodies with female sex organs
So….females? What brand is this?

No. 1835846

okay now take the filter off tranny.

No. 1835847

When people started saying black bodies it was rightfully dogpiledby people who have common sense and see this as belittling and dehumanizing. This is just as ridiculous.

No. 1835848

I doubt he’s on the spectrum. He’s probably self-diagnosed because Munchhausen’s behavior isn’t uncommon in intersectionality activists.

No. 1835854

File: 1685238511140.jpg (148.18 KB, 720x1258, 1685238109220245.jpg)

Update on the lactation pedo: CPS won't protect the baby.

No. 1835856

File: 1685238799821.jpg (255.3 KB, 810x1962, Screenshot_20230527-214647_Red…)

Fucking incels. All of them. Wish people would see it.

No. 1835863

File: 1685240665858.png (1.12 MB, 860x862, takeelomonosho.png)

roasted torkey
salamooy(sage your autism)

No. 1835864

"Protect kids from predators, not from Transwomen" my ass.

No. 1835866

Yeah I didn't expect much from them.


No. 1835867

File: 1685240853168.jpg (114.04 KB, 1200x700, spoony_troony_house.jpg)

i found a photo of the house he "takes care of" while his wife works

No. 1835870

Not to mention that even if a family could not afford even a cheaper new toy: secondhand stores, hand-me-downs, and gifts from friends/family all exist.
All the tiny ways these moids out themselves as not having had a female childhood never fails to amuse.

No. 1835875

>guess who just got a subscription to AI and wants you to know they hate vaginas

No. 1835881

File: 1685243580455.jpg (Spoiler Image, 248.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220707-091950_Red…)

Kek, I remember this hideous goblin. I had saved some posts he's since deleted:

No. 1835883

File: 1685244050795.jpeg (754.73 KB, 3465x3465, AF3CE755-19EE-443A-A9E1-BBA494…)

Sage for skim milk but this is so fucking funny tbh

No. 1835894

what a beak. holy shit.

No. 1835895

>Denying a child a mother is the most evil thing in the world
Maybe the biological parents who gave the child away should have thought about that first lol.
>Plus gay men only adopt kids to make more gays
1.5/10 made me chuckle.

No. 1835899

I suspect they would if people keep reporting. This is sick, wrong, and abusive to that infant. They just don't want tranny backlash. We need to start being louder and more insistent than trannies its the only way to succeed.

No. 1835900

if gypsy rose was a creepy hon

No. 1835916

nonitas why do mtfs always have bad hair? its always really greasy, or their curls are brushed out, or its a god awful side shave or some other unspecified crime against my eyes i cant be bothered to list. drives me up a wall

No. 1835918

men suck at basic hygiene let along taking care of long hair.
the awful side shave styles are just in fashion for kweers and people trying to look quirky

No. 1835920

So these faggots just want to mooch off of a woman while she does all the work both in her job and at home. Moids are such parasites.

No. 1835923

thank FUCK for this hero

No. 1835924

the beak is bigger than the prick!

No. 1835927

I never wanted to a log so bad before this moment

No. 1835928

kek i'm so gutted, meanwhile the best you faggots could hope for is a festering wound that you have to dilate several hours per day.

No. 1835929

File: 1685252984760.jpeg (88.75 KB, 1125x900, IMG_4517.jpeg)

the stereotypical moid in a dress saying this about someone who’s obviously a woman…

No. 1835930

saying a woman "looks trans" aka "doesn't pass" is such a bizarre self-own they always do.

No. 1835936

"Looking trans" is inherently not possible for anyone but a trans person. It's some sort of bizarre cope. "TERFs are just as ugly as us!"

No. 1835943

Disappointed but not surprised, it's pretty rare for CPS to investigate people based on random internet people's reports. For any actual investigation to take place the report usually has to come from someone who actually knows them irl.

No. 1835952

File: 1685257221237.jpg (71.05 KB, 1080x574, Screenshot_20230528-024249_Chr…)

Stop saying things I don't like!

No. 1835957

Estrogen causes neurological issues such as migraines. Unsurprised by his mystery vision loss and headaches.

No. 1835961

hmm i've never been called sir or mister in my life even if i don't look like a neotenous anime blow up doll because sexual dimorphism is a thing and any person with eyeballs can tell the difference between an estrogenized man and an actual female. these ogres are running off copium fumes at this point.

No. 1835966

TRAs are the ones who use that rhetoric to be like “hurr durr women getting fake boobs and vaginoplasty is gender affirming” to refute criticism about their own surgeries. As if getting those surgeries for any reason that isn’t medically necessary isn’t actually fucked up if you think about it for more than 2 seconds

No. 1835974

Because troons think long hair = feminine. Doesn't matter how shit it looks. They don't realize the effort it takes, hell they already only shower once a week. I've noticed men who have long hair (mostly) take care of it and treat it well because they WANT long hair and like it. Trannies just think growing out their hair automatically makes them a cute anime girl and then they can get gender euphoria by dying it with the cheapest box they can find at walgreens.

No. 1835975

File: 1685261683391.png (27.34 KB, 1180x233, odd.png)

weird, i thought older women were "clocky cishons" according to troons. how can these trannies tell actual women are clocking them and giving them glares of death?

No. 1835978

Kek not sure about the "making more gays" bit but it's true that gay males are always shit parents and there's a good chance they're pedophiles because two men unchecked with a child and several fetishes (as gays are often hypersexual) will absolutely try to do weird shit.

No. 1835979

reminder that OP, Eli Erlick, is a confessed rapist by his own admission

No. 1835983

A lot of kids are up for adoption because they are orphans or their parents are unable to care for them even tho they would WANT to! That doesn't mean that the kid doesn't deserve a mother to love them. You sound like a gay moid, piss off. You'd never understand the bond between mother and child.

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