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File: 1699735333054.jpeg (1.19 MB, 2400x3000, contino.jpeg)

No. 1927025

Nick "Lilly" Contino is a former drug addict and video game developer turned MtF TikTok grifter who films himself being misgendered in restaurants, which he says feels like a "knife to the heart". He often claims to call ahead to request not to be called Sir, and complains when it inevitably happens. He is known for his innovative approach to table manners, combining the sophistication of a wannabe food critic with the primal instincts of a grunting neanderthal and spends half his videos with food hanging out of his mouth. His only dinner companion is his dog 'Nugget' who understandably looks traumatised. Despite being a man in his 30s, Contino likes to refer to himself as a "girl" and is often seen sporting pigtails and dungarees. He offers 1-2-1 "counselling: (?) services on his website, along with other services and merch, in addition to his live stream earnings.


Snark subreddit

"News" articles
https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/transgender-woman-harassed-cheesecake-factory-tiktok-b2299906.html (the incident that made him go viral)

No. 1927036

File: 1699736834377.png (423 KB, 968x517, finn.png)

So I guess Finn died?

No. 1927040

File: 1699737097205.png (114.3 KB, 241x203, nugget.png)

hmmm that's a good question. this was only 2020 and it says Finn was a puppy. WHERE IS FINN?
the way he handles Nugget makes me so uncomfortable…

No. 1927051

You ended up going with a great threadpic nonnie, really good job. Hope this thread takes off because the reddit snark is too worried about "m-muh transphobia, no gorilla emojis allowed!"

No. 1927055

More things he does:
>gets stuck in an elevator, posts elevator operator "misgendering" him even though he's stuck in an elevator and the operator can't see him
>asks restaurants to turn their music off because of his "misophonia", tells service workers that "2500 people are watching this live right now" so they had better comply
>walks out of restaurant without paying for his drinks because they turned the music down but not enough
>loudly talks about sex and details about surgeries in restaurants but calls staff over to ask other restaurant guests to talk quieter
>berates non-English person for smoking a cigarette in an outdoor area, calls staff over to berate staff about the outdoor customer smoking a cigarette, demands to speak to a manager, shows manager's face on stream, and demands free food
>sends food back three or four times during a single meal, demands free dessert for the inconvenience, then says the dessert is terrible and sends it back also
>pets his white dog in his lap while eating food, finds white dog hair in his food and demands it be sent back and comped, insists it's "too thin" to be his own dogs hair while he aggressively pets it over his food
>brings dog to indoor restaurant seating and lets it slobber all over the table, somehow always finds hair in his food and so must have it comped
I'll try to find the specific videos to post here kek, there's a lot of milk with this dude

No. 1927056

this guy triggers my fight or flight response more than most troons, there's something about him that creeps me the fuck out. i feel like he wouldn't hesitate to physically assault a woman and then play the victim

No. 1927063

>asks restaurants to turn their music off because of his "misophonia"
this one is crazy to me because i get really bad misophonia and the only thing that helps cover the eating noises is background music and general restaurant noise (ie. a quiet restaurant is the absolute worst thing). on the subject of which, watching him eat makes me feel so stressed kek. imagine having to sit opposite him at a dinner table UGH

No. 1927068

thanks nona. it's funny watching the people on the subreddit tip toe carefully around his gender and appearance. every post is "not all trans people" as if being an AGP is a rarity amongst TIMs. but at least they won't get banned.

No. 1927069

Good new horrorcow addition

No. 1927079

File: 1699742847085.jpeg (111.71 KB, 800x1200, shark.jpeg)

picrel with his "trans sisters" from his linkedin
>shark plushie
every fucking time. the bingo card is full.

No. 1927089

From his linkedin ?? He posted that on LinkedIn ? Omg

No. 1927093

File: 1699745888883.png (116.4 KB, 473x576, linkedin.png)

kek i know. he posts pictures of himself in fishnets and a bra for no reason to his professional colleagues and then cries "transphobia!" when they ask why they are seeing it on their work feed.
i get the impression he also reported a few comments to their managers because he got one DM from a person apologising for a comment from their colleague.

No. 1927102

File: 1699746508964.jpg (670.15 KB, 2880x2880, 20231112_004623.jpg)

Kek anon, my sides. What a trainwreck.
Found these on his linkedin too. All the Photoshop, filters, make up, angles and magic of a pro photographer could not save that sorry scrote face. What he truly looks like on pic # 2. Moid's crazy confidence will always be a mystery to me

No. 1927114

>Trapped in an elevator
>accidentally called sir by the person trying to save him who can only hear his voice
>I was called sir and I am trapped in an elevator in that order.
I'm retarded and can't figure out embedding tiktoks sorry(figure it out )

No. 1927120

File: 1699749052777.mp4 (1.87 MB, 576x1024, Download (3).mp4)

the AGP really jumps out in this one. like it's right there, undeniably
>they bounce
the only thing bouncing are his bollocks and it's disgusting.
the link doesn't work nonnie. i was having trouble posting tiktok videos too for some reason.

No. 1927121

I'm HOH and can't hear people talking if the music is too loud, so I just avoid bars and places with loud music or too many people. You just can't make the world conform to your requirements, but this troon is hooked on the narcissist hit from getting people to change their behaviour/surroundings for him.

What's the thing on his choker in all the pictures too? A wireless microphone? Has misophonia but wants us all to hear his gross chewing noises? Thanks for that.

No. 1927123

> equating being trans with shoving half dressed and sexualised content into everyone's faces whatever the venue

He's saying the quiet parts out loud eh

No. 1927124

the skirt doesn't cover his dick omg

No. 1927125

oh my fucking god thats him?! kek i always found his part on the ''what is a woman'' video where the editor syncs his ball bounce to the song lollipop to be the funniest

No. 1927130

File: 1699749846997.mp4 (15.72 MB, 576x1024, tranny stuck in elevator.mp4)

wont let me embbed either but here i dl the video

No. 1927132

I love being a woman because if someone somehow mistakes me for a man, it doesn’t fucking matter. I don’t need anyone to believe I’m a woman or call me a woman in order to be a woman, because I just am. “Lilly” on the other hand… the male ego is so, so fragile.

No. 1927136

if god was real, he'd make the elevator bounce to the ground and give him a permanent neck brace

No. 1927154

File: 1699754458772.png (1.51 MB, 1136x1448, Screenshot 2023-11-11 at 8.52.…)

he’s been trans for like a year and has already set up a business doing “consultations” and “counseling”.

autogynephelia + grift + male entitlement + ?????? = PROFIT

No. 1927156

File: 1699754508693.mp4 (259.66 KB, 576x1024, sex pest screamer.mp4)

it looks like a serial killer trying to wear the skin of the women he killed

No. 1927159

Holy shit, he looked so good before he trooned out. Absolute waste of a human.

No. 1927160

Actually, I take that back. He looked good in the thread pic but not in that one with his dog.

Usually I expect trannies to be disgusting, unwashed autists so my standards are very low.

No. 1927165

Why do they ALWAYS look so old for their ages? I'm only a year younger than him but he looks like he could be my dad. It's the same with Dylan Mulvaney or whatever his name is, apparently he is only 25 but he looks 40.

No. 1927168

Hooray! Thank you for the thread, anon.

No. 1927169

File: 1699757779861.png (307.03 KB, 1330x1332, Screenshot 2023-11-11 at 9.51.…)

it appears he doesn’t have a real job anymore, anyone know what happened? also, WHERE IS FINN?

No. 1927170

>he looked so good before he trooned out.
moid's beauty standars are below the ground level

No. 1927171

File: 1699758117667.png (1.62 MB, 1412x1334, Screenshot 2023-11-11 at 10.01…)

he renamed himself Lillly after his WoW character. picrel, because there definitely aren’t enough trans women fighting for inclusivity in gaming: https://www.wework.com/ideas/community-stories/member-spotlight/the-trans-woman-advocating-for-inclusivity-in-gaming

also this:
>Recently, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, she was accused of stealing her name badge because the name on her government-issued ID card did not match the name she registered with.
>“Maybe if I were someone who didn’t have a platform, or weren’t as persistent, I might have rolled over and waited for the situation to blow over,” she says. But that’s not who Contino is. Not anymore, at least.
>“I went to the top of the food chain and made sure that everyone understood what happened,” she says, explaining that she alerted event leadership to what had happened and prompted them to ensure that security teams were educated going forward. Her confidence and ability to act, she says, is a sign that her honesty about her own experience is now having ripple effects. Others, she knows, will see themselves represented in her experience and feel more safe announcing who they are, as well.
>“The explosion of my posts has enabled me to make a difference. And even though I’m just one human, it is very fulfilling for me to be able to help people in this way,” Contino says.

>I refuse to put in the bare fucking minimum and people STILL won’t cater to my whims and fetishes! WHY ME?

No. 1927175

File: 1699758414123.jpg (52.11 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (4).jpg)

he doesn't go outside looking like that right
and he goes to restaurants? if i owned a restaurant he came to i'd kick him out just because he'd ruin the other customers' appetites

emily howard looking motherfucker

No. 1927177

No. 1927182

Sky news is full blown far right now ?
The formulation of the article has a bit of a trolling quality if these are direct quotes. As if the writer basically says "this is what he thinks he's doing" rather than "Lilly the delulu is now a figure of trans right blah blah blah"
>“The explosion of my posts"
He has about a hundred likes on average, the vast majority of which are other trannies kek. He also has no demonstrable track record of doing business with any client in his "tranny in the workplace" bullshit consulting practice from what I can see.

No. 1927183

Nonnie, he looks like a serial killer.

No. 1927189

File: 1699759651919.jpeg (176.44 KB, 1687x1650, Ep88qNjWwAAtOHI.jpeg)

look at him in his little bowtie. who could have known?

No. 1927191

Surely he's lying about his age ? He looks like in his 40s.

No. 1927194

File: 1699760366543.jpg (132.22 KB, 634x988, 65489841-11528353-By_December_…)

No. 1927202

Ol’ Buffalo Bill looking ass looking motherfucker

No. 1927224

Kek he must lurk lolcow, he just went private

No. 1927225

He's 30.

No. 1927228

Jewish girlies will know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that finding out he’s not only a white male, but a white Jewish male, makes his entitlement and victim complex make so much sense.

No. 1927230

That’s because “transgender consultant” isn’t a job. Companies may hire a DEI consultant, but that’s an actual job with specialized training. And they’d be reviewing the company’s handbook & hiring policies to make sure they’re generally inclusive and compliant with federal anti-discrimination laws. No one is hiring a consultant to make their policies “trans-inclusive” specifically because no one cares about troons that much.

No. 1927234

This is such a perfect metaphor for his life I can't believe he didn't see it. He's told the elevator doesn't work, enters anyway, and then acts like he's a victim.
It wasn't private just now when I blocked him.

No. 1927237

he was definitely private for a little while. I wonder what he was deleting.

No. 1927243

I wasn’t getting fellow chosen-people vibes from him but the attitude is stronger than the phenotype here. I wonder if there’s a failed marriage in the closet, or a smothering mommy.

No. 1927249

File: 1699770479887.jpeg (26.91 KB, 640x350, IMG_3503.jpeg)

I love that he has a crusty little buffalo bull dog

No. 1927282

Idk nonna, the white shiksa moids act just like this too though…

No. 1927289

Is there such a thing as body dysmorphia but you’re so delusional you think you look good? I feel like he thinks he looks good.

No. 1927290

It's called having the confidence of a man.

No. 1927299

Mocking troons and wokies makes you far-right now? Guess we're all far-right, nonas!
That and AGP!

No. 1927311

This. Men are absolutely fucking oblivious and give themselves so much more credit than they objectively deserve. It's always funny how trannies do stuff like that, that are so quintessentially male, that women would not ever do, not in a million years.
Come on nonna, don't play stupid. You could find his videos literally anywhere else but you chose this one, where 2/3rd of the video is not even about him or troons. Talking about "climate cult" is retarded, it's not "mocking wokies".

No. 1927313

File: 1699789106162.png (522.68 KB, 756x505, lindalauhuges.png)

this reminded me of an episode of Gimme Gimme Gimme where Linda was diagnosed with Reverse Body Dysmorphic Disorder in hospital, because the doctors were so flummoxed that she had such a high opinion of her appearance.
But I just googled it it's a "real" diagnosable thing kek. Maybe reverse BDD + porn = AGP
it's perfect. "it calls the sir 'Ma'am' or it gets the complaint"

No. 1927318

Linda LaHughes is an icon, though.
As for the "reverse body dysmorphia", it's just autism and/or narcissism. Autistic men are so faceblind they don't recognise when they're still obviously men because to them woman is when dress and lipstick.

No. 1927340

Kek the funny part is Linda looks like Grace Kelly next to this hulking King Kong-looking moid

No. 1927376

File: 1699801032835.png (311.4 KB, 590x330, women in games.png)

so he transitioned in 2022 and immediately gets signed up for Women in Games mentorship program. one day he is the 95% of men in gaming/esport careers, and then magically the next day he has faced all this hardship and been overlooked for career opportunities like women have and gets to speak on behalf of women, and what it's like for them working in a male-dominated industry.
ot but i love that james dreyfus (tom) is very vocal about being gender critical now.

No. 1927379

He's probably like Kathy in the sense that he thinks his online content is activism and his posts are educating people, so that's his job/contribution to society.

No. 1927384

I love how his whole thing is filming himself eating, but he has the table manners of a moid. learn to chew with your mouth closed and quit talking with food in your mouth, you fucking goon.

No. 1927390

Nonna, I beg you to get better taste in moids. this is embarrassing for you

No. 1927405

Did any restaurant ever kick him out for his behavior? It seems like it's going to eventually happen at some point.

No. 1927418

File: 1699807281974.png (287.51 KB, 346x486, dog licking plate.png)

i'm guessing they don't want to kick him out in front of the camera. i would love to see it though. if not for his behaviour then surely for something like picrel. this is SO unhygenic and has to be some health code violation, surely?? people eat off those plates ffs.

No. 1927421

File: 1699807488551.png (30.91 KB, 450x247, health code violation.png)

samefag. yep just looked it up and he could get that restaurant in trouble (picrel is a similar example)

No. 1927422

That's disgusting. If I ever saw something like this going on in a restaurant I would warn all my friends so they can avoid it next time they want to eat outside.

No. 1927429

They’re too scared of being cancelled/brigaded. One of the restaurants he ate at that called him sir had their online reviews raided by handmaidens about twnasphobic staff

No. 1927440

good point. I’m dying to know this one’s backstory. all I’m finding is that he was a depressed gamer who decided one day to buy a dress and wig (to jerk off in no doubt) and suddenly “realized” he’s been a woman all along.

urgh. obviously the restaurants should get in trouble for letting this shit fly but it irks me that they would get in trouble over this entitled fucking freak.

No. 1927484

File: 1699818784184.jpeg (129.76 KB, 1000x1000, patreon contino.jpeg)

I'm dying at the jump from $75 (which is already ridiculous) to $750 a month. the only difference is you get his "undying love and gratitude" in addition. of course he also has "spicy" photos of his moobs if you sign up. the narcissism is off the scale.

No. 1927517

so he has moobs

No. 1927562

I'm more comfortable with the dog licking the plate than the tranny. Hot water and bleach just doesn't seem like enough, the waiters should just smash that shit to the ground right after he's done eating.

You want SuperAIDS? Because that's how you get SuperAIDS.

No. 1927598

Kek nonna. I get where you’re coming from though, I was a bit surpised by how “normal” he looked in his pre-trooning videos. I usually expect them to be debilitatingly autistic, looking like they just walked out of a MTG convention and haven't showered in weeks. He seemed like the kind of guy who would have been able to trick women into dating him and probably had several girlfriends in the past, unfortunately. Then again, even Kevin Gibes managed to have an actual fiance before he trooned out, which is horrifying. But he probably got lucky finding one depressed/mentally ill woman that he could manipulate and latch onto, while this guy seems like he could have more easily convinced normie women to be with him.

No. 1927847

I feel like he brings his dog everywhere so people don't openly give him negative attention or yell at him. It's harder to confront someone or call them out when they have an innocent animal or child with them.

No. 1927881

File: 1699887433411.png (391.98 KB, 586x782, lillytino_AGP.png)

here's the full pic of the costume on the right that he says sparked his his AGP awakening

No. 1927988

File: 1699907251631.png (1.03 MB, 822x754, Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 3.24.…)

he’s live on TikTok right now https://www.tiktok.com/@lillytino_

I just watched him move around a restaurant because of his “misophonia" and then leave anyway because he felt misgendered. here’s the clip: https://www.reddit.com/r/Lillytino_snarkk/comments/17ujt21/lilly_leaving_bc_the_server_had_things_to_say/

now he’s trying to figure out which server’s day to ruin next

No. 1927997

Imagine getting to name yourself and still spelling it wrong. Moid moment.

No. 1928002

File: 1699909267193.png (783.17 KB, 858x642, Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 4.01.…)

he is currently sitting in his FOURTH restaurant. the other two, he walked in and immediately told them to turn down the music, but it wasn’t enough. he kept blaming his misphonia and even told the server that’s the problem, but then asking the chat, “what do you think? is this okay? should i go?” like?????? i thought it was YOUR misophonia, not the chat’s?

someone keeps making him into a cowboy kek

No. 1928010

Fourth in one stream?! He has to be notorious amongst kitchen/service staff at this point.

No. 1928012

if his misophonia is so bad why doesn't he carry earplugs? i always have some in my bag in case someone near me starts eating or if i end up eating at a restaurant, the little orange squishy ones are cheap and take up like no space

No. 1928016

He is saying that he cannot naturally produce testosterone and that he has to supplement himself with estrogen and that growing boobs ('growing things on my body' gesturing at breasts) feels really good to him, better than being a hairy beast, and that means he's a 'girl'. The comments are not supportive but there are some people who give this dude money, it seems. Males, of course.

No. 1928018

he actually has those loop earplugs IN his ears and put headphones OVER his ears. then claimed the server misgendered him but asked the chat “did he misgender me? I’m wearing two ear coverings so I couldn’t hear” …. but muh misophonia

“growing things on my body, growing two girls on my body”
now he’s claiming he understands women with PCOS.

No. 1928024

>chat goes to sub only mode
>look at his subs
>mostly children (girls)
>a few pedo looking males
>people literally pay an unemployed gigahon to eat massive meals and harass workers
God I wish I were an ugly ass male, my life would be so much easier. He ate an entire fucking pizza.

No. 1928028

File: 1699912509389.png (2.56 MB, 1080x2262, Screenshot_20231113_135124_Gal…)

not only did he eat a whole pizza, but he also ate a whole massive salad before that as well after saying he was going to "go light today". i didn't grab a screenshot but when he was handed his salad someone in the chat asked him how he "could eat so much but still stay so fit" ???? in what world is this man considered "fit"????

No. 1928045

A few reasons, mainly that males age faster. The other one is that maleness/virilization is innately "aged" phenotypically. There's a reason "twinkhon" is a thing - you can take a male who's 19 and immediately make him look 45 by putting him in drag. The feminine context immediately makes their rate of biological aging jarring and impossible to ignore.

The other side of this is female troons who pass as males only passing as prepubescent ones.

No. 1928047

His chat is full of trolls when it's not sub-only. I mean, of course it is, everyone hates him

No. 1928050

same nona. and the difference is, we are covering up the noise of eating. he is trying to cover up the noise that would cover the noise of eating. it makes no sense. he just hates music or wants to hear himself talk.
sorry but anyone with misophonia would not film themselves eating so disgustingly and let their dog lick a plate in front of them. i call bullshit.

No. 1928052

I would say that we should all just stream our normal work days and try to get paid for it, but actual women have to worry about harassment and stalkers. No one wants to stalk this moid unless it's to mock him from far away

No. 1928119

If he didn't ask to lower the music then his phone might not record him being called "sir" and it would be pointless to film.

No. 1928123

>some weird pronoun stuff happened with that guy
>we're gonna have to watch the replay on that
the man literally said "you wan't me to call you ma'am? ok that's no problem!" but explained that it wasn't something he automatically checked with people. despite being polite and gracious, he didn't bend over backwards to coddle nick.
that's exactly it. he wants the restaurant to not only accommodate his woman-appropriating fetish but adapt to his video-recording requirements too.

No. 1928138

Oh my god, he’s such an anti-social weirdo on so many levels.
>AGP incel gamer
>”i demand the manager” but make it tranny
>filming strangers in public without consent for content
>ITS MA’AM… and that’s like the whole schtick
God bless the nonnie who made this thread!

No. 1928182

if he was a woman making such a scandal over such minimal shit he would be called a karen, doxxed and harassed but since he's a brave and stunning tranny he gets paypiggies who defend his disgusting ass

No. 1928351

Even the worst Karen wouldn’t be this entitled or have table manners this disgusting. Chewing and talking with his mouth open, letting his fucking dog eat off the plate, harassing the staff incessantly - truly a horror cow.

No. 1928372

File: 1699980669014.png (201.7 KB, 470x332, can i speak to the manager.png)

and the thing that made him go viral was being "threatened by a TERF Karen" (a 70 year old mentally ill woman) but in that same video he was the one who asked to speak to the manager kek

No. 1928598

No healthy / normal woman would gorge on food like that. A quantity only a male would eat.

No. 1928877

His audience consists of trolls and Slaton-tier genderspecials who also eat a whole pizza as a light snack. He's the picture of borderline anorexia as far as they're concerned.
He's peaking half the people who watch this disgusting shit, let's not downplay his contributions to the gender critical movement

No. 1930056

Every fucking time why is this kek

No. 1930873

I meant he looked more average than I expected him too. He’s wasn’t attractive or anything. Hell, I’m not even attracted to moids.

No. 1931823

File: 1700614760017.png (182.24 KB, 255x375, sdfsd8g8udk.png)

letting nugget eat from the restaurant's plates again…

No. 1931860

lily in japanese is yuri is which also the name of a genre of manga that's basically lesbian romance written by men for men essentially as porn. the characters are often children too, like in the troon favorite Madoka Magika

No. 1931901

it's a common feminine english name. also a common feminine japanese name obviously based on english, as is the meaning of the flower (purity) which is where the genre name comes from.(sage)

No. 1931903

File: 1700626072608.jpeg (205.97 KB, 637x1380, IMG_5529.jpeg)

From Twitter: “AI is a TERF

No. 1932046

The tiny sliver of disgust is poetic.

No. 1932191

Yaoi contains more pedo crap and rape. At least most of yuri is made by women for women.(bait/derailing)

No. 1932207

It's a popular name for girls born in the last decade (note they rarely go for Samantha or Brittany or anything popular in their year of birth), and maybe also inspired by Lily Wachowski.

No. 1932211

File: 1700682643201.jpeg (647.11 KB, 1450x2048, licensed-image.jpeg)

the original AGP TIM was called Lili (Elbe, the guy that The Danish Girl story was based on) the name is a meme at this stage

No. 1932617

I don't think TIMs are smart enough to figure that out nonna, men are lazy fucks so they just copy each others' names.

Why are so many American Jews prone to trooning out? If this trans epidemic reaches Sephardic Jews I'm jumping off a bridge.

No. 1932722

90% of yuri is about school girls. Most yaoi is about grown men.

No. 1932724

>At least most of yuri is made by women for women
This is the biggest lie in this thread.

No. 1932726

a million keks

No. 1934651

File: 1701133414889.jpeg (450.42 KB, 1200x1200, gassy hairy pervert.jpeg)

>horned up 24/7
>"pillow princess"
constantly horny but wants this imaginary suitor to do all the work whilst he lies back and farts, burps and sheds hair all over the pillow
>clean freak
what? his apartment looks like a pigsty and he has the worst eating hygiene i've seen

No. 1934712

he has the worst cast of greassy hair i have ever seen. Does he not shower?

No. 1934763

>>1934651 shouldn't the shedding be the "clean freak"'s responsibility?

No. 1935293

>sheds hair
Sir you're balding

No. 1943114

File: 1702590483551.jpeg (60.16 KB, 465x1007, tino.jpeg)

eww his dating profile
>mommy energy
>be a good girl
i'm gonna hurl

No. 1943141

tiktok is from july, but this video had me rolling, holy kek. him saying "I am not sir" in his man voice. this is some "it's ma'am" type shit

how is he trying to larp as a submissive pillow princess and a dominatrix at the same time

No. 1943168

Why does this 6'1" 200lbs man need a skinny little woman to protect him from 4 teenage boys? Did he think she was going to risk getting jumped? That's the thing, women can see the danger in this situation because we've been conditioned to avoid it.

No. 1943175

i love that waitress, she seems based, beautiful and i hope she enjoys browsing his snark subreddit. i feel bad that he had to share her face everywhere and try to get her harassed and fired though.
>Why does this 6'1" 200lbs man need a skinny little woman to protect him from 4 teenage boys?
and why does he give her a harder time than the boys? he towers over her and interrogates her, as if she could do anything in that situation. he is just showing how clueless he is about what it's like being a woman. and is furious that a a woman wouldn't be his handmaiden and wouldn't be a literal human shield for him.
>submissive pillow princess and a dominatrix at the same time
because porn

No. 1943177

File: 1702598515771.mp4 (5.67 MB, 576x1280, m2-res_1280p.mp4)

lmao the audacity for him to share his "routine" when it's literally just applying an insane amount of grease to his hair and shaping it into a dog turd on top of his head. he is so disgusting i wanna be sick watching him

No. 1943181

this troon has one of the grossest troon hairs i have ever seen, and the competition in that category is pretty fierce.

No. 1943196

He’s working so hard to disguise the balding hair pattern.

No. 1943255

Troons are notorious for looking for women they are jealous of to push down. 9/10 terfs are typically extremely beautiful girls over moids who are more likely to harm them than cute petite women

No. 1943269

Tying your hair up like that soaking wet is a recipe for seborrheic dermatitis. lmaoo at the male pattern baldness.

No. 1943281

That is one masculine face. Kek “you can’t tell” crowd is quiet on this one

No. 1943303

Kek love that it cuts out just as it reveals his disgusting ageplay overalls outfit. Why tf do so many handmaidens pretend to not know just what these troons are doing?

No. 1943316

Ms. Frizzle I am so sorry.

No. 1943345

I love how these moids heard that curly hair can require alittle more product to keep shape and just began DROWNING their 7 strands of hair in leave-in conditioner. Also not even drying your hair at all before you put it up into a bun lol, sir youre not doing your balding any favours

No. 1943397

>2 types of leave in conditioners
>a man-handful of each
>brushing hair forward to disguise balding
>product literally oozing out of the hair as it's being brushed
>all this product only to shove it in a bun (while wet)
>time-skip to autopedo outfit
>thinks this is worth making a video over despite not actually saying anything about the products nor how the work
oh this is going to be such a greasy, crunchy mess by the time it dries. I bet he yanks shit tons of his hair out daily when putting the hair up and down but he can't afford to lose any of it

No. 1943544

File: 1702672399027.png (42.69 KB, 156x123, sfjs09d.png)

>yanks shit tons of hair out daily
he already admits he "sheds" a lot of hair >>1934651 so you would think he might be a bit more delicate with the few strands he has remaining. but we know he is incapable of being delicate, just look at those gorilla fists

No. 1943677

OT What's wrong with tying your hair while wet, never heard anything about it

No. 1943839

Wet hair is just more prone to breakage, if youre pulling and yanking too much on wet hair it will break easier. And you also risk scalp fungus like seborrheic dermatitis if you put your hair in a tight hairstyle while wet

No. 1950000

File: 1704242092822.png (402.68 KB, 354x604, emily.png)

does anyone know what the deal with this Emily woman is? 'tino gives the impression they're going on dates but her instagram profile suggests she is engaged to a different man. plus she seems way too cute for him (any woman is too good for him). maybe she is just hanging out with him for the instagram attention idk

No. 1950013

it'll ruin your curl pattern too. no wonder his looks like shit.

No. 1950023

Why didn't this get closed for being a shit thread? There's already a thread for trannies, why does this one need a thread?
The state of this place.(unsaged minimoding retard)

No. 1950026

No. 1950057

Hilarious that you can immediately tell this is who he skinwalks.

No. 1950310

File: 1704304994982.jpg (32.14 KB, 735x542, 8379cd91b4229f44d50bd41bea78a5…)

Why does he look like Michael Rooker?

No. 1950313

He's got a point.

No. 1950885

funny but not the right thread for this. post on 2X

No. 1950886

i hadn't noticed that until you pointed it out. now i'm laughing at her immaculately applied lipstick next to his joker mouth

No. 1953455

File: 1704921385076.png (67.02 KB, 490x202, tino.png)

Buffallo Grill is asking his followers to donate $7k to fund his 3 day trip to disneyland, and is even asking for connections on LinkedIn (and looks like a few handmaidens are using their connections to help him). this guy has the audacity to have a $750pm tier on his patreon and is constantly begging for donations and charging for stupid shit, but can't afford a trip to disneyland?

No. 1953457

The sheer audacity it took for him to ask for this.

No. 1953458

Big scene on disneyland restaurants incoming?

No. 1953479

i just knooow he's going to pose next to the princesses and try to make them pander to his delusions while the poor actresses try their best to contain their fight or flight insticts when they see a grown greasy man in little girl's clothes approaching

No. 1953575

there's no way he's not going to try and find a way to make a lawsuit out of this
disney has so much money and he's probably going to try and get some of it by way of wailing about transphobia because he thinks they don't want the negative attention
without realizing he is a literal nobody who lacks the social weight to do anything to disney

No. 1953593

> $750pm tier on his patreon
I actually had to go on his Patreon myself to check that number, because I was 100% sure you had just made a typo. But nope, there it is. $750 tier.

No. 1953614

Don’t do madoka like that(sage your shit)

No. 1953739

File: 1704987881571.png (Spoiler Image,495.64 KB, 530x675, lilytinosnarkk.png)

spoilered picrel that i stole from the snarkk sub. looking like a terrifying disney villain and poor nugget his unwilling accomplice.
oh god imagine the childish outfits. i'm gonna bet he wears his greasy pigtails and dungarees at some point on the trip.

No. 1954429

We’re at least lucky that there’s a rule against adults dressing as Disney characters because he would for sure destroy any person’s perception of a Disney princess. I hope he doesn’t know this rule and dresses up as one anyone and gets kicked out of the park. Ofc he would blame it on transphobia instead of his own choices because rules never apply to them

No. 1954551

The only good thing about seeing these grifters is reveling in the idea that they'll be destitute the second their e-fame dries up because they're horrible at managing their money. None of these wackos ever stick the money they get into 401ks or index funds like sensible people, they always just blow it on plastic crap, junk food, and trips to Disney or Japan.

No. 1956668

Nick claims Kurt Cobain was trans and that's probably why he killed himself (not the first TIM to claim this of course). Thankfully he's getting piled on in the comments.

No. 1956673

At this point he’s just generating rage bait to force engagement and what not.

No. 1956762

absolutely deranged thinking

No. 1956763

if the jeebus lore exists, you simply cannot convince me that this isn't satan himself

No. 1956789

>referring to Kurt Cobain with they/them pronouns
I really don't think that man would ride this wave and ive thought about it seriously without bias. His only pronouns were her/oin.

No. 1956839

true. he seems like the kind of sociopath who thrives off attention, even if negative.
he was subversive by nature. that wouldn't mean following the trans/NB trend.

No. 1957011

Yup, she follows a bunch of poly accounts on ig

No. 1958061

It's somehow satisfying to see other gender confused people (granted, most are TIFs or NB women) giving Contino shit over this. If he didn't already get his balls cut off, I would have assumed this was an elaborate stunt just to make money and profit off of Dylan Mulvaney's womanface. At the same time, he has to be doing some of this stuff for fetishists, right? The way he eats, the disgusting gut hanging out?

No. 1958168

File: 1705919528049.png (44.27 KB, 1300x160, Screenshot 2024-01-22 103304.p…)

From the snark subreddit… they're so close to getting it

No. 1960275

kek i went to see the comment, which was surprisingly not deleted. it's ok for them to say stuff like this as long as it's framed as "it's actually harmful to the trans community!" like… yeah it's harmful to the trans community because it's showing us how misogynistic and narcissistic it is.

the only different between Nick and other trans tiktok grifters is that he is more negative and rude to the wrong people, which is off-putting. grifters like Dylan get away with their schtick by aggressively smiling and saying "be kind". other TIMs will reserve their misogynistic outbursts for the right people ("TERFs" and "Karens"). But their AGP selfies and narc-y opportunism is no different than 'Tinos.

No. 1977002

File: 1710636290597.jpg (64.13 KB, 725x578, Screenshot 2024-03-16 174431.j…)

Since he now has a date set for bottom surgery next month, he took a poll on livestream to see how many people wanted a mold of his soon-to-be-gone dick. 92 votes in favor, 291 votes against: "about what I expected"

No. 1977008

Normally i hate for anyone to get bottom surgery, but i'm foaming at the mouth of him getting complications from a rot pocket. He deserves it.

No. 1977015

Genuinely how does this greasy moid have such a huge ego.. can’t wait for him to get the chop and regret it

No. 1977052

the disappointment in his eyes lmao

No. 1983854

Non-con but can you imagine any restaurant googling this guy after getting that email requesting a comped meal, looking at some of the tik toks, seeing how he treats the wait staff and does nothing but complain, then going "Oh yes please do come and take up a 4-person table and have our food for free".

What. A. Cretin.

No. 1984159

File: 1712711383479.png (800.54 KB, 1280x1204, 1000012507.png)

anon is referring to this which was posted on the snark reddit the other day

No. 1984183

Yes, sorry! Should have referred back to the source.

No. 1984187

Nick should ask the restaurant if they're willing to call him sir so he can get a chance to yell at the server.

No. 1984192

Kek given his appearance and voice, he probably doesn't have to ask. I'm sure a lot of the ESL servers who work at the restaurants he plagues just see him and assume that he's a flaming fag male.

No. 1984336

He really loves haranguing underpaid foreign busboys struggling with language barriers who aren’t up-to date on TRA wokeshit for “misgendering” him. You can practically see the euphoria boner as he finally gets to win those sweet Oppression Olympics points. If he gets them fired, even better. No wonder so many pampered white American failmales are trooning out, it’s a great way to wield social power while still feeling morally righteous.

No. 1994805

File: 1715829687467.jpeg (Spoiler Image,119.11 KB, 592x1120, IMG_7657.jpeg)

he has an onlyfans now and it’s as gross and male as one might expect. spoiler even though these are clearly male nipples.

No. 1994806

File: 1715829712509.jpeg (Spoiler Image,193.79 KB, 1170x1920, IMG_7658.jpeg)

No. 1994807

File: 1715829766126.jpeg (Spoiler Image,238.51 KB, 1170x2106, IMG_7659.jpeg)

No. 1994835

The lone like is probably him liking it. He’s not even a remotely attractive Troon. I doubt even the fetishists would enjoy this. He just looks retarded

No. 1994838

who took the photo? his dog?

No. 1994844

I don't know why i wasn't expecting this, but this is so gross.

No. 1994857

who is this for? who is this supposed to appeal to? he literally looks like the fucking troll face came to life

No. 1994870

maybe his mom, he loves being inappropriate and gross around her

No. 1994982

File: 1715888170960.jpg (2.19 MB, 1284x2268, ynwbaw.jpg)

No. 1994983

File: 1715888199234.png (583.32 KB, 975x2372, noncetino.png)

his discord

No. 1994988

>chubby man in a crop top and short shorts
>visibly receding hairline and bulge in shorts
>childish pose, crop top mentioning kids, skimpy outfit at a kids park
kek at the poor woman in the back trying to avert her eyes while having a snack. Her expression says it all.

Right under a section for NSFW photos too of course.

No. 1994993

Looks like Will Ferrel’s SPED pedo cousin.

No. 1995001

File: 1715891122187.jpeg (841.47 KB, 828x1696, IMG_7668.jpeg)

No. 1995019

>her penis
never change daily fail
also he's most likely stalling because he's not actually gonna go through with it in actuality(sage your shit)

No. 1995022

wtaf i hope no one has been retarded enough to post their kids in there

No. 1995028

this will never be normal.

No. 1995032

Idk, maybe he should ask the man to the right if the estrogen really did it's job. Fuck disney for allowing this man to prance around half naked in front of everyone when a woman in the same outfit would have gotten told to change.

No. 1995049

File: 1715902114107.png (174.65 KB, 642x642, of.png)

don't get me wrong i'm glad these aren't more explicit because I was preparing myself for an absolute horror show, but it's also typical entitled and delusional behaviour that he would charge $12.99 a month to literally just show male nipples.

No. 1995079

How soon before this freak has a scandal involving minors. All the signs are there.

No. 1995084

Who's to say it hasn't already happened? I am sure any one who has been groomed will inform the snark subreddit in good detail.

No. 1995093

File: 1715920038053.png (512.28 KB, 864x1462, 1000013148.png)

he is currently throwing a shit fit

hey lilly, your nudes are disgusting, everyone hates you, and you will never be a woman ♥

No. 1995098

I bet this moid leaked his own photos. He probably dropped them on here.

No. 1995100

There is no crime in leaking OF content, it is a Product, after all. Therefore you are always completely fine leaking it, as long as you are """"reviewing""" said product. It's like any other commodity, right? It just so happens that all the reviews of his product are disgusted and hate seeing this hulking moid in play pretend sexualy, barring us excitedly cheering his future mangled castration. Can't wait to //review/// the gouged and punched lasagna he will end up with, maybe other people will chime in with their reviews as well.

No. 1995102

File: 1715922340152.png (151.44 KB, 863x459, 1000012644.png)

i posted them from KF, and that poster said they grabbed them from reddit. but i still wouldn’t put it past him to leak them himself. how many unsolicited dick pics do you reckon this obvious sex pest has sent to actual women, just since trooning out? cry moar, moid.

btw lilly is posting on a new reddit account u/the_real_lilly_ because his last one u/fuckpomegranates was him being a fucking creep, laughing at blackface, period shaming his roommate, all the hits!

No. 1995105

No. 1995106

File: 1715922774501.png (354.9 KB, 795x529, Screen Shot 2024-04-19 at 1.37…)

>help, am i a woman because i’m flamboyant, use female avatars in video games, and jerk it to tranny porn?

No. 1995108

File: 1715922859760.jpeg (214.17 KB, 828x594, IMG_7684.jpeg)

>transgender consultant, godmother, counselor, advocate, speaker, educator

No. 1995131

Y'all better watch out! He might trace your IP too! kek

Do you have receipts tying this to him or his new accounts? These are pretty damning caps if so.

No. 1995135

File: 1715935220299.jpeg (68.79 KB, 250x504, nickwork.jpeg)

and reminder that he was a teacher, worked at a kids camp and has 'childcare' listed as a skill on one of his old CVs.

No. 1995144

The snark subreddit confirmed this was his account, I don’t have the screen caps, but he also posted pictures of himself to this account.

I’m just lazy, but I’ve been following this troon for a while, it’s real.

No. 1995148

File: 1715938999640.mp4 (15.71 MB, 1080x1920, snark.mp4)

see vidrel. someone made a tiktok video of some of the awful posts from his reddit

No. 1995169

Agree completely. Disney has a dress code. I would have 100% complained to a cast member. But the little slimey freak chose that shirt on purpose so if a CM tried to say anything he could screech discrimination. so they didn't.

No. 1995186

File: 1715948837678.png (1.24 MB, 596x1080, barrelchest.png)


No. 1995190

If he joined the military he could work as debris on a trench.

No. 1995197

File: 1715951015357.png (873.7 KB, 1080x756, Screenshot_20240517-075519~2.p…)

He's right, what he is going through being yelled at on stream by trolls is JUST like what innocent citizens of color lived through for decades (if not centuries) in America due solely to the color of their skin. The situations are identical. Keep fighting the power, my brave Jewish Queen!

No. 1995219

File: 1715958039454.jpg (95.14 KB, 659x779, 1000013150.jpg)

cute male pattern baldness, sis!

No. 1995223

Love the scraggly high ponytail to try to cover up his bald spot. Of course he's dressed like shayna too. Is the majority of his wardrobe short shorts, crop tops, and bralettes?

No. 1995287

File: 1715974266265.jpg (13.53 KB, 441x302, WHEEZE.jpg)

>If he joined the military he could work as debris on a trench.

No. 1995346

Fuck but he's built like a fridge

No. 1995365

File: 1715988839018.jpeg (914.19 KB, 828x1619, IMG_7693.jpeg)

he’s 6’0” and >200 lbs. here he is looking for a bmi calculator that will lie to him: that he’s pretty princess instead of a hulking overweight beast of a MAN three points away from clinical obesity. even if he’s lost weight since then, we can see with our eyes that he’s still fat and disgusting. his “job” is to sit and eat for feeders (men) and chasers (men).

you can find his reddit posts here, just press ‘search’ https://search.pullpush.io/?kind=submission&author=fuckpomegranates

No. 1995376

File: 1715990669102.jpg (833.62 KB, 2243x3437, 1000016271.jpg)

"BMI calculator for transgirl" kek. Thanks nonna, I'm whizzing. The whole superposition of pictures is chef's kiss. He's almost a caricature. Picrel he looks especially retarded. Also he looks like he is in his 40s, yet says 'girl'? Trannies are really covert pedos huh

No. 1995377

If the squid game doll was a troon.

No. 1995395

Lmao BMI calculators don't even take gender into consideration, just height and weight. How much does he think his moobs weigh?

No. 1995419

File: 1715998226544.jpg (55.28 KB, 462x959, 1714543403214.jpg)

Let's enhance!

No. 1995421

File: 1715998666216.jpeg (435.93 KB, 1170x2150, IMG_1845.jpeg)

From other farms. Apparently Nick went to Disneyland with the sad green hair oompa loompa lady from the failed willy wonka experience.

No. 1995422

ewww is his fly down?

No. 1995423

KEK did he get dress coded?

No. 1995425

he said he was 29 in 2022
so lets say he turned 30 in 2023
that means he's either 30 or 31 right now

No. 1995449

I didn't even notice kek he probably did. That doesn't seem like merch that would be sold in the giftshops there.

No. 1995451

between this and >>1995421 he definitely got told by staff to wear something less offensive, I bet he bitched and moaned and had to go to a gift shop like >>1995449 said

No. 1995499

File: 1716025998018.png (1.56 MB, 1038x1050, scottishoompaloompa.png)

kek found this on scottishoompaloompa's instagram too. why the fuck were they together… some kind of instagram influencer trip?

No. 1995500

File: 1716026828973.png (1.95 MB, 1600x1442, fuckpomegranates.png)

his posts and comments are typical sexist coomer bro shit, then he goes through drug withdrawal and suddenly re-writes his history as always being super feminine uwu

No. 1995517


No. 1995556

Scrotes and especially troons truly age like milk or raisins. He doesn't look a day under 40. Wtf

No. 1995561

>stray period clot on the curtain
he has no idea how women work at all, holy shit. what's the point of making up such a gross lie other than "hurr women's body yucky."

No. 1995585

Tbh, I am surprised he didn't use his Jewish heritage to victimize himself or make any allusions to the Holocaust

No. 1995619

Between his mommy & ageplay fetishes, the fact he wants his Discord fans to post “kiddo photos”, and that disgusting sexual fantasy about a 3yo girl, he is 100000% no question a pedophile. The FBI needs to check his hard drive yesterday.

No. 1995649

Extremely semitic behavior(back to /pol/)

No. 1995653

He's right though
>The constant righteous indignation
>Attacking people while pretending to be the victim
>Delighting in his hideous appearance and unpleasant anti-social behavior

All extremely Jewish characteristics(ban evasion, samefagging)

No. 1995692

it’s just male behavior. see also: his blatant misogyny, the way he discovered he was trans and then immediately became the expert, the way he takes up as much space as possible both physically and metaphorically, the sex pest behavior, the way he bosses his own mom around. on and on and on.

he used to be a youth camp counselor and claims he was also some kind of teacher. scary.

No. 1995761

absolutely correct but the retard you're replying to is a male, they aren't known for being self aware kek
definitely agree. his reddit post sounds more like a fantasy and an excuse for him to type about assaulting a three year old

No. 1995795

i really hope it's a fantasy, as fucked up as that is, because child-on-child sexual assault like that is definitely real. the perpetrators often don't feel bad at all and consider it a funny story or kids being kids while the victim gets perma fucked up for life. i don't think we should jump to assuming it's a fantasy though. that gives him too much credit. it's just as likely he molested a little girl for real.

No. 1995802

Nick made it to the australian news!! (sky news, but still)

No. 1995831

>lefties losing it!

No. 1995876

the whole show is cringe agreed, but it means some normies are learning about his antics and one thing they hate is pedo behaviour

No. 1995936

lmao not normies, just lonely old racists. that's their demographic as an "entertainment" channel

No. 1995952

File: 1716143276702.png (1.39 MB, 1424x1424, snark subrredit comments.png)

sage for slightly ot rant but i get so depressed looking on the snark subreddit sometimes. seems like a lot of women there are so close to getting it, what 'tino represents and how it mocks women, but then they just completely miss the mark.
picrel is from two separate posts i noticed recently.
>lily reduces womanhood to vaginas
umm what? he has already stated that he thinks woman = anyone who says they are.
>the political, the spiritual elements
it's shit like this that leads men like him to believe they could "become" a woman in the first place
>to be a woman you have to love women
and "this includes cis women". so cis women aren't women if they don't love other women? and if Nick simply loved women more, he could magically become a real woman.
the way they have to tiptoe around reality and get tangled up in knots that make women sound like mystical fairy creatures, in order to spare the feelings of transvestite males. and i know they have to avoid the ban, so there can't be any real discussion but wish they'd steer clear this subject altogether and just focus on the snark instead. it's pathetic to witness.

No. 1996900

the snark subreddits are all like this, they feel like bizarre defanged versions of Kiwifarms and here. I hate it. Why even bother discussing these kinds of freaks if the really crazy and fucked up part of them is the part you're supposed to not mention kek

No. 1997651

File: 1716668865283.jpeg (9.43 KB, 458x250, scottishoompaloompa.jpeg)

kirsty aka scottishoompaloompa and 'tino are no longer instagram friends. kirsty deleted all the photos of nick from her page, but nick still has all the ones of her up on his.
maybe a delayed reaction to how obviously creepy af he is?

No. 1997692

He probably quickly crossed some kind of boundary with her given how openly creepy he is. Handmaidens will always learn the hard way. Hope she peaks.

No. 1997706

File: 1716681469029.jpg (26.59 KB, 332x363, mfw.jpg)

>mfw I'm the tranny

No. 1997779

Just need to get these normies on KF or here & it will start their peaking journey. That’s what happened to me.

No. 1997842

File: 1716736114970.png (Spoiler Image,918.68 KB, 1200x691, dogsbody.png)

LMAO nick shared this on his story. he modelled nude for a TIF sculptor… and this is the end result.it ended up breaking into pieces after being fired (based kiln)

No. 1997850

when is he going to finally lop off his dick?

No. 1997852

he said he had a definite date for April, but then came up with an excuse why he couldn't have it. he will never get it. as long as insane people are donating money to him for this imaginary surgery, he will keep the grift going for as long as possible.

No. 1998492

File: 1716939294903.mp4 (10.88 MB, 480x854, 2B2D7FB3-3893-42C9-8DC2-A7EF60…)

this fucking guy

No. 1998506

The sculptor was so accurate with the way she sculpted his ugly dog-like face.

No. 1998533

I already replied to this in the MtF thread so I'll link it here: >>1998491

No. 1998611

File: 1716977195556.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 1284x1931, IMG_6892.jpeg)

spoiler for tiny bulge.
the head was the only part that bears a resemblance. she tried to give him an hour glass figure and definitely was generous with other areas (picrel is a screenshot from one of his live vids where you can see the outline of his micro dick)

No. 1998612

samefag but reminder that he refers to himself as a "clean freak" >>1934651 and his place always looks like shit

No. 1998672

File: 1716997767761.jpg (265.8 KB, 841x826, instutional capture.jpg)

Classic tranny rage bait. Where are all these so-called scientific studies showing that their moob sludge is "healthy?" I found ONE in picrel, but it seems flimsy and clearly in service of affirming the pervert's fetish. The study mentions the macronutrient content but elides what else is there and the dangers of exposing a newborn to a hormonal chemical cocktail. Most charitably, you could conclude that more research is needed but fuck that. Women are given a litany of caution and recommendations on the foods and substances to consume or avoid when breastfeeding, but hormone-riddled male gunk is fine? Fuck off

No. 1999839

File: 1717287515933.jpg (447.11 KB, 1080x1920, 1000016649.jpg)

Yeah this has been debunked in the MtF thread. The gunk they produce is not milk, not to mention that the milk mothers produce is unique and geared for each specific babies they will have, truly providing nutrients and immunity benefits, amazingly tailored for each. This thing that was attempted is gross, instead of helping women who are in pain and struggle to produce milk, we coddle fetishists to realise their perverse kink with no benefit for the infant. One of these freaks had a few articles written on him and spoke of having "intense sensations" (read : orgasm) when "feeding" his baby. He was taking HIV medication or something so it was also a huge risk for the baby. It was a newborn so there was no need for him to forcefeed his gunk to the baby. The baby's mother could feed him.
It's fucking insane. Woman's health has no importance at all but trust men to give a freak 1 million $ to entertain men's degenerate fetish for ~science~.

Feel free to read the attached to have a comprehensive debunk of that circus.
By the way, the moob gunk discharge has a name, galactorrhoea, which sounds like diarrhea of the moobs, kek.


No. 2001762

File: 1717710811428.png (4.31 MB, 1846x1222, so spicy you get indigestion j…)

Nick has a new "spicy" ig page and it's everything you would expect
>AGP smirk
>messy af room in the background of every shot
>atrocious and pedophilic style choices
>sopping greasing wet hair planted to his forehead
>that pose where he thinks pushing his pelvis forward makes him look curvy


No. 2001772

i can’t believe he’s serious. these just look like a dude dressing in drag on halloween and taking joke pics to send to his friends.

No. 2001784

I hate that he usually never wears a bra, but the last pic is sending me as it’s so low down on his manly chest

No. 2001797

It's giving buffalo bill from the silence of the lambs.

No. 2001814

His giant moid head and linebacker body is sending me.

No. 2001893

Well hating trannies is the only legit way I can hate crackers

No. 2001910

I know nonnas ITT did bring it up but holy shit his AGP guise just to hide behind the victim "anyone who dislikes me are transphobic!!" card is so bizarre… and some retards on TikTok comment sections disregard any of the degenerate, grifting shit he has done and eat that shit up. Why are we defending this moid's pronouns? Why do we have to respect the retard who is publicly fetishizing this shit? It's disappointing and an insult to womanhood. You know Tino's a sick retard when even MtF trannoids are calling him out on his shit too

No. 2001968

Gawd he's so gross.

No. 2002018

he looks so gross and the way he talks in public about getting botched makes me think it's a fetish, he has horrorcow potential

No. 2002126

File: 1717796169508.jpeg (105.93 KB, 640x482, IMG_0293.jpeg)

no hiding from that Y chromosome

No. 2002132

aside from how absolutely disgusting it looks, how can it not FEEL awful to have those greasy strands of hair dangling in front of your eyes all day? this guy is a psycho for this alone.

No. 2002764


There's a lot of yaoi about teenage boys. The first books in the 70s were also that. Yuri is split about 50% between female readership and writers/artists. Most of it isn't pornographic either. I lived in Japan for years so IDK where American/UK raddies get this from

No. 2003557

File: 1718140819049.png (65.79 KB, 1086x406, yall.png)

Nick is having a meltdown and posting on the snarkk subreddit dedicated to him. There is a lot going on so will try to summarise quickly
>he attempted to dox the woman who leaked his OF account (posted a name and facebook profile)
>replying to all the posts about him pretending to find them "hilarious"
>Emily (or Nick pretending to be Emily) is also replying
>lots of drama about his discord and trans men being targeted. i honestly don't understand whats going on here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Lillytino_snarkk/comments/1dd3d68/hello_its_parker/

No. 2003558

File: 1718140891872.png (73.55 KB, 892x426, hamster dick.png)

samefag but this is Emily's account: https://www.reddit.com/user/strawberry_kawaiikat/ and picrel is her defending nick's micropenis

No. 2003563

File: 1718141717498.png (928.86 KB, 750x1176, screenshot 1.png)

Also Nick just promoted Emily's alt ig account, referring to her as his girlfriend

No. 2003597

thats a girl?

No. 2003635

Is that armpit hair?

No. 2003660

yes, she's a "she/they" type and hangs around troons such as Tino for clout

No. 2003777

File: 1718220907599.gif (4.04 MB, 220x216, feral Will.gif)

the way he ambles about like a wild ape, with his linebacker shoulders hunched over (take from his recent live video where he celebrates a milestone of followers)

No. 2003792

I thought he was some fat downie boy kek

No. 2003806

I see he's practicing for when he 41%'s.

No. 2005290

File: 1718579859114.webm (10.27 MB, 1280x720, nick.webm)

I just came across this rapey af vidrel, which he made when him and emily first started dating. he describes their sex life on stream after 2 months of dating.
>emily is apparently on the "ace" spectrum
>calls her a "brat"
>nick says he likes to pin down women during sex and make them submit
>he likes to call women who submit to him "good girl"
>admits his arms are stronger than hers and she can't move
>tries to suggest they are "evenly matched" because she has strong legs
i don't know what is wrong with this emily woman or her cuck husband/fiance but i hope she gets some kind of trauma therapy

No. 2005310

>feral will
if this is bc he looks like will ferrel

No. 2005327

No. 2006279

File: 1718841820146.jpg (446.72 KB, 1080x2036, 1000001114.jpg)

Nick just doubled down on the whole catering to kids shtick by dressing up as Ms. Rachel to talk about being trans. Even other teams people were turning against him after the Disney bottom surgery video, and the controversy is making him enough money that he decided to dress up as a woman making videos for literal babies. Idiot is peaking so many people for a quick buck.

No. 2006280

trans* people

No. 2006284

I literally thought he was going to commit anhero

No. 2006375

I hope he gets a cease and desist for this lmao

No. 2006432

When those nasty, crunchy bangs aren't in his face, the male pattern baldness is so apparent. No wonder he wears his hair like that even if it's disgusting.

No. 2006438

i don’t understand why these moids will go to such lengths as chopping off their own dicks (not that this one will ever cut off his micropenis), but won’t even bother learning how to do their makeup. everything about this man screams “failure.”

No. 2006441

File: 1718906844704.mp4 (16.59 MB, 592x1280, rof5z5bzvk7d1.mp4)

Being a tranny is definitely like living as a black person during segregation or a Polish Jew in the holocaust.

No. 2006446

women pointing out male predator behaviour = oppressors

No. 2006480

>do you have a house? you're never home

No. 2006486

talking shit online (telling men the truth) is definitely exactly the same as lynching or gassing them

No. 2006610

made me kek. I'd love to caption this or the original >>1995499 and make it into a proper meme somehow but idk what would be funny.

No. 2006734

his teeth look like the little stubs they shave down before they install veneers

No. 2006743

File: 1718999286233.mp4 (12.23 MB, 4c7n7t63ms7d1.mp4)

Nick talking about passing and how it isn't his goal (like he could even if he tried kek). He says he doesn't want to "give people the satisfaction" what a psychopath. He just wants to continue harassing people for correctly observing his sex.

No. 2006779

these AGP men who pretend it's about "not giving the satisfaction" are really telling on themselves. it reminds me of Grayson Perry talking about his crossdressing fetish, quite openly. He talks about how his goal is not to look exactly like a woman because that would be no fun, but to look like a man dressed like a woman. that's the specific fetish, and part of the attention seeking thrill.
The only difference is now there is an umbrella which gives these fetishistic men a free pass to not only parade their fetish more but to even be applauded for it and have more people partake in it, unwittingly.

No. 2006865

Damn that filter is doing some heavy lifting lmao

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