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File: 1695681779341.jpg (543.37 KB, 1500x994, 1695640271729 (1).jpg)

No. 1904264

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No. 1904266

mods pls delete if someone else made this thread already

No. 1904281

File: 1695684468687.jpeg (67.96 KB, 878x878, F6uCZSnWEAA2XwT.jpeg)

Thanks nonnie!

Thought I'd contribute a new pic of TikTok fav, Dylan.

No. 1904295

>scuffed hairline, glazed sunken eyes, gurning wildly with a blunt object
Luv this for him

No. 1904296

Never have I seen someone his age look so absolutely ancient and also terrifying. His hideousness fascinates and horrifies me. Imagine how scary he’ll be when he’s 30 kek

No. 1904301

>Thick Gelatinous Coochie Cream
Why do they insist on being SO DISGUSTING

No. 1904305

I genuinely thought dildo was mid 30s when he first popped up on tiktok. All those sponsorships and he still can't get some decent moisturizer

No. 1904313

File: 1695686840536.jpeg (658.59 KB, 1170x2080, 2AA26C6A-2A7B-4720-AEFD-2C7908…)

Saw a cute tiktok about a girl meeting her deaf gf at pride - had a visceral reaction when I saw her “gf”. Also, “older” but I wonder how old for her to not disclose the age? The girl’s 20.

No. 1904318

Just more young girls being groomed into romanticizing “older” men to be in relationships with. Some things never change. The fucking brainwashing that happens via social media to be able to brag about that scary man being super hot.

No. 1904335

If trannies left their hugboxes for five seconds, they'd discover that marginalized people aren't a big harmonious rainbow coalition. Different groups experience different kinds of discrimination, who'da thunk. Black voters are overwhelmingly Democrat, but they make up a growing share of evangelicals. Latino voters are also more likely to be Democrats, but they're often devout Catholics. Sheltered suburban troons often buy into the myth that "religious" equals Republican, and that any majority-Democrat group is secular or socially liberal. Nope, a lot of otherwise conservative POC vote for Democrats because it's the marginally less racist option, not because they're on board with all the gender nonsense.

No. 1904337

Straight woman really need to get some standards, it's honestly pathetic at this point.

No. 1904346

He looks like a prison skinhead who's about to shank you over a glass of pruno.

No. 1904355

File: 1695694181691.jpeg (76.91 KB, 720x960, 1662519871904.jpeg)

The misogyny of this really comes into sharp focus when you realize that they never apply this logic anywhere else. I've never seen this line of thinking used to "prove" that a TiF is and True and Honest Man, presumably because a) they don't give a fuck about TiFs and b) they view a man's sexuality as more "immutable" than a woman's.
You could just as easily apply this rationale in the opposite direction. Men who self-identify as gay are more likely to consider having sex with a TiM than men who self-identify as straight. By their own logic, wouldn't the fact that gay men are aroused by them be "proof" that TiMs are men? The same applies to lesbians and TiFs; gay women are the demographic most likely to be sexually attracted to TiFs. If attraction is your litmus test for identity, that would mean that TiFs are women. But all of this supposes that these wankers have an iota of respect for the sexuality of people who aren't straight men when they clearly don't. They're just grasping at straws for why women are anything other than people born with vaginas, and in true moid fashion, they're immediately reaching for the most misogynistic argument possible.

No. 1904358

Why are his bottom teeth misaligned like that? He looks like he's about to unhinge his jaw and eat a rat whole.

No. 1904363

File: 1695694854005.jpeg (30.62 KB, 700x467, 5F952E9A-7F7B-42D2-8E73-B7DAA8…)

>He looks like he's about to unhinge his jaw and eat a rat whole.
Nonnie my sides.

No. 1904367

not the straight people LARPing as lesbians again

No. 1904373

It's the cocaine nonnas
When he's 30 he'll either be bogged beyond humanity like Pete Burns or else hiding in obscurity somewhere

No. 1904376

>super hot alt girl
The way he is literally none of those things.

No. 1904383

Back in my day old perverts were kicked out of Lolita comms

No. 1904389

File: 1695701276106.png (428.89 KB, 525x575, CFDDFDF5-D271-4206-A09B-002D82…)

I’m so fucking tired of Lolita comms allowing these disgusting things in. I’m so angry that so many Lolitas are pro sex work gendie libfems and think it’s progressive to let them in and defend obvious fetishists.

No. 1904424

I don't get how the Marsha P. Johnson myth persists when we have recorded evidence of the druggy himself saying he didn't get to Stonewall till after the riots started. The Stonewall Inn was one of those gay bars not frequent by men of color. In the few pics of the riots I've seen there's no Marsha or men of color.

No. 1904439

kek I've seen people saying his transition made him actually pass but that face literally just reads like the male face it is even with all the plastic surgery he had done

No. 1904461

slenderman looking ass moid

No. 1904489

shit like this would get you kicked out back then because if it was clear you werent into egl for the fashion and were instead using it for kinks, you were gone. the community fought hard to avoid kinky connotations because of the book. guess the trannies won in the end

No. 1904491

Thanks for the mental image nonna

No. 1904493

File: 1695733005932.png (559.69 KB, 675x2777, Screenshot 2023-08-09 at 23-00…)

Learning that Tumblr created and perpetuated that stupid myth was the most 'of course they did' moment for me.

No. 1904517

File: 1695737068759.jpg (47.76 KB, 1080x717, FB_IMG_1695736825346.jpg)

Moids cannot get their holes clean and free of infections. Do these women really think they'll keep a healthy uterus inside of them if the body doesn't kill it first??

No. 1904525

>Uterus, I don't need you
Once again I am begging other women to stop buying the misogynistic, objectifying lie that their bodies are just a collection of arbitrarily assembled fleshy Mrs Potato Head pieces that are completely useless for anything other than childbirth or child-rearing. I sincerely doubt any of these women would actually prefer 4.6x higher risk of vaginal prolapse over having periods or potentially getting pregnant if they have unprotected sex with males, and that's only one of many side effects of hysterectomy.

No. 1904549


YES. Women are actually more than just broodmares and our reproductive system isn't an optional part we should decline if we don't want kids. Tired of it.

No. 1904583

File: 1695747740843.jpg (74.71 KB, 1080x690, F658-2rWMAAb0vT.jpg)

All the trannies on reddit who are addicted to porn are gonna give such great advice for this insanely dumb coomer question

No. 1904601

I hope there's an update where the woman either decided not to go through with it, or told him that whatever weird fetish shit his fellow AGPs suggested is gross and off-putting.

No. 1904610

Doubt he actually wants advice. This is an autistic attempt at a humblebrag.

No. 1904627

I think a woman smiled and made a nice comment to him and now he thinks she wants him.

No. 1904644

But shouldn't he already know how to behave like a woman if he's been one deep down all his life? Kek breaking the larp there mate

No. 1904645

>German quotation marks
>Speaking about sex as if it's scheduled class
>Doesn't say what his relationship with his soon-to-be sexual partner is
>Claims to have been "experimenting" with "partners" (plural)
>Doesn't elaborate on his relationship with these "partners", either
>Doesn't elaborate on time between these encounters
What are the odds this is a John?

No. 1904646

I need to see the responses to this

No. 1904658

File: 1695754530965.png (80.53 KB, 963x805, troons are gross.png)

The responses are exactly what you would expect

No. 1904659

File: 1695754592993.png (63.42 KB, 955x697, troons are gross 2.png)

The one that comments about the fake orgasme is ofcourse a TIF

No. 1904664

File: 1695754934572.jpeg (454.19 KB, 750x1160, IMG_2033.jpeg)

There’s so much I want to rant about and I don’t even know where to start

No. 1904666

File: 1695755066693.jpeg (406.79 KB, 750x808, IMG_2034.jpeg)

Better not ever cuddle your boyfriend or else he might enjoy it and realize that means he’s actually a woman

No. 1904667

File: 1695755133621.jpeg (89.49 KB, 750x493, IMG_2038.jpeg)

No. 1904671

All of these could easily have been sarcastic joke replies by Nonas here making the point that TIMs are retarded men with no understanding of women, but they're just saying that shit on their own and actually meaning it. They're literally parodies of themselves.

No. 1904682

and ofc you'll never see a male tranny say his dick and balls are "useless" and that he'd happily donate them to some aiden. at best it's a "body swap" fantasy because it has to benefit the male as well for him to even consider it

No. 1904700

You will never have lesbian sex because you will never be a lesbian! Have fun! (I’m screaming into my pillow right now)

No. 1904739

I don’t know why the moaning comment is pissing me off to this degree, but it is. Moaning isn’t a woman thing. Men are so warped from porn made to cater to them where the women have to make exaggerated, fake noises and the men have to be completely silent or else it will kill the boners of the male viewers. Has it ever occurred to them that women are also turned on by hearing men in bed, and it’s just a normal form of nonverbal communication meaning “this feels good”? No, they never consider that letting their voices out would actually make it more enjoyable for the woman because they either don’t care or are too retarded. I’ve heard the excuse so many times that “men are so used to masturbating quietly that they trained themselves to be quiet during sex.” So what do they think us women have been doing, moaning so the whole house can hear us when we masturbate?? No, they probably think we have been having sex with “Chad” since we were 12 so we never even had a chance to masturbate. I’ve seen multiple discussions online where women will say “it’s hot when men moan” and men will respond with “no it’s not, it’s gay and beta, you don’t know what you’re talking about and men won’t be able to keep a woman if they listen to you.” Meanwhile they completely ignore the fact that one of the most popular forms of erotic media for women is literally nothing but a black screen and male whimpering and moaning audio.

No. 1904802

men gaslight women about what we like all the time. plenty of women gush about how they love slim men with handsome faces (see: boybands, YA protagonists, anime bishounen). Meanwhile men whine that's all gay, that we don't know what we're talking about, that we actually want "REAL MEN" while they inject themselves with steroids to become gross, acne riddled muscle monsters.

No. 1904828

One time when I was discussing the Hawkeye Initiative with a few other people, back when it was more popular, every single one of those people insisted that it was stupid because "male comic book characters are already objectified for the female gaze, because women love big buff men". Oddly, this group included one woman, whose taste I knew was not like that at all. It didn't matter if I pointed out that buff comic book men are rarely ever posed or framed in objectifying ways, that they're a power fantasy for their male audience, or that content made for female audiences generally doesn't have male characters that look like they're roided up and made of concrete. I don't think I'll ever figure out whether this came from a place of denial, or just genuine stupidity leading to the belief that the heterosexual male gaze is the default, even for women (just with the target of attraction and target of aspiration flipped on the axis of sex with no other changes).

No. 1904845

The masc lesbian thing is pissing me off so much. Fetishizing lesbians and assuming butches take the role of the man. Idiots.

No. 1904861

File: 1695776100902.png (458.46 KB, 1160x1404, Screen Shot 2023-09-27 at 10.4…)

They're all so close to getting it, and yet so far away…

No. 1904891


Damn fine sleuthing, think you're right. Yuck. Poor prostitute.

No. 1904927

>I don't use my penis at all
>most of the transwomen I fuck are strict bottoms

wait, how is he fucking them then??

No. 1904940

File: 1695783135094.jpeg (195.3 KB, 828x1384, IMG_1972.jpeg)

women in texas literally can’t get abortions, but yeah, greg abbott’s most heinous crime is that this piece of shit doesn’t have photoshop-smooth shaves. i’m sure the latter will get more of a protest.

No. 1904941

File: 1695783177016.png (232.49 KB, 588x441, c6627ff5-daef-4289-b87f-742eb8…)

>Mrs Potato Head
ahem I think you mean Mx Potato Head

No. 1904947

Kekkkk he really thinks that isn't the norm for everyone? He thinks women just erase their hair follicles through shaving? All this says is that he's never been that close to a real woman's legs before.

No. 1904952

First they came for the evil TERF lesbians, and I did not speak out.
Then they came for the white cis gays, and I did not speak out.
Then they came for the tucute enbies, and I did not speak out.
Then they came for me.

No. 1904971

everyone knows women don't have hair follicles

No. 1905017

File: 1695795172583.jpg (208.96 KB, 720x1240, Coypiso.jpg)

Few new pics of Chris.

No. 1905027

I love it when they infight. Tifs love to acknowledge that TIMs are shitty to them(and they are) but don't want to say why. Deep down they know though.

No. 1905134

File: 1695817575450.jpg (117.84 KB, 828x637, ablooboooftheday.JPG)

Adding the link because this and the comment section is the epitome of that "I am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me?" bird meme.


No. 1905143

This shit is so beyond insulting that I actually can’t think of any more words to get into how sickened it makes me.

No. 1905146

File: 1695819168187.jpg (44.78 KB, 753x255, Снимок.JPG)

>I am a woman

lmao then why he calls himself a feminist, if they focus on some unknow category "non-men"

No. 1905147

It’s probably a mix of both. I imagine it’s easier for men who don’t fit that power fantasy to just blame their lack of dates on women’s taste instead of bettering themselves personality-wise, plus I think they’re incapable of seeing anything outside of their own pov, so they really think those gross juiced-up men are appealing to women in the same way the women who are displayed in unrealistic and impractical poses and clothing are appealing to them.

No. 1905150

This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. How do they know so little about women but claim to be us? Do they even think we’re human? I’m in awe at the stupidity.

No. 1905151

Doesn’t understand how women have it objectively worse than men and insists on calling himself a “girl” instead of a woman. I don’t think most women are denying that toxic masculinity affects men too, but we’re sick as fuck having it used as a gotcha when women’s issues are the things being discussed. Plus, the fact that “boys can’t cry” is something that is perpetuated way more by other men than it is by women. They need to clean their own house.

No. 1905157

File: 1695821299637.jpg (339.43 KB, 1079x604, Screenshot_20230927_152802_Gal…)

No. 1905158

Not to mention that boys absolutely can cry, and are allowed to express their emotions in way more elaborate ways. If a transwoman starts crying he will be coddled and protected while a woman is called a "Karen" and told her tears are manipulative.

No. 1905160

He's two steps away from telling us about "female privilege".

No. 1905163

How do they all look so uniquely goblinoid. Literal boogiemen inhuman creatures.

No. 1905170

I'm crying how they all look like the crimson chin jumpscares except for the one on the far left that just looks like Jaba the Hut>>1905157(sage your shit)

No. 1905171

That's typically basement dweller incels that have never had sex and only watch porn. It has to be. I refuse to believe any normal, adjusted man doesn't know them grunting and moaning is a turn on. Wtf

No. 1905174


All women with dark hair have those, but he doesn't know that because the only thing he knows about women is porn and maybe anime. Wretched loser. They don't want to be women, they want to be sexualized children.

No. 1905176

The OP image makes it look like the troons (?) are supposed to be ugly terfs

No. 1905181

delusional self-hating white people are gonna march us into a another fascist uprising. I'll never understand this mentality

No. 1905185

I couldn't articulate my feelings on this matter without going on a tangent, but you accurately addressed part of it, so thank you. I'm almost certain that everything men say they suffer from under patriarchy is something women and girls face much more, on top of the things women go through that men never have to experience in any form. How many of us here were scolded, even as children, for "crying crocodile tears" when we were genuinely upset, for example? Or if we're not "lying manipulative bitches", we're "weak" or "controlled by our emotions". We're also expected to be perfect, but we're never supposed to be good enough at anything that men want to do, lest we make men feel challenged or inferior. Even if we perfectly accomplish everything they ask of us and don't do anything that they don't want us to do, we never get praise or recognition like men do when they do well at things they chose to do on their own. And don't even get me started on "male victims are never believed", because there's way too much to say about that one for me to meaningfully cover without writing an essay.
They want to hang on to some delusion of even the tiniest "female privileges", because to accept the reality that there are none makes them feel guilty, inadequate, and insignificant. There's nothing more unacceptable to a man than that.

No. 1905193

intersectional "feminists" end up being the biggest advocates of cultural relativism. In fear of making their black/brown men look bad, they censor all discussion, including talks on femicide.You can't hold men countable if you're scared of making them look bad. I mostly blame bell hooks and her insipid fans for this

No. 1905208

And that, right here, is the reason why they are still quintessentially males. Can't take accountability for their shitty behaviour, will never be an ally to women, and it's all about them them them, not about "non-men" (barf). Also love how some immediately jump from feminism = TERF. Wtf.tiresome. and yes the comments are even worst than the post. Still a man underneath it all.

No. 1905219

non-men. okay, thats a new one for me.

No. 1905228

File: 1695829656842.png (2.07 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1403.png)


No. 1905236

>Guilty Gear -Strive-
Kek of course it's that game.

No. 1905238

File: 1695830589808.jpg (98.69 KB, 1066x448, Screenshot_20230927-090216_Sam…)

>"I- I'm not a misogynist, I just think women are stupid!"

No. 1905239

these stupid fucks really make me want to alog. its really hard to give a shit about crossdressers when women are actually living in fear and not just on the internet

No. 1905242

>"female feminism"
>Feminists who only care about female people are stupid
>What about meeeee

No. 1905244

File: 1695831239596.jpg (219.12 KB, 1079x1455, F69zacdWYAABYDN.jpg)

I really hope this is a fake troll post somebody put on a troon selfie but you never know with these freaks

No. 1905259

File: 1695832819794.jpg (106.12 KB, 1080x1080, non men misogyny.jpg)

Are you new around here?

No. 1905273

No, it's like trying to mix chess pieces with checkers and getting mad that you got kicked out of the chess tournament. Feminists study and write about women, not men in dresses.

No. 1905274

This seems like it's a reference to some particular drama (over a TIF instead of a TIM serving as the "trans representation" on a committee, or something like that.) Any idea what it is?

No. 1905280

no. non men is a retarded way to refer to women.

No. 1905286

Funny how they can't help but…be men, heh ? It's like there is no magic pill to become a woman, and boobs don't automatically qualify you either. Funny that, no ?

No. 1905288

That Nona wasn't promoting use of the term non-men. She was just showing that it has been in use as a term for awhile now, as bleak as it is.
Johns Hopkins defining people as either "man" or "other" in the present day remains absolute nightmare fuel, btw, especially with the additional factor of the term "non-men" being used specifically to erase the meaning of the term "lesbian". God forbid women have the words to describe themselves or their experiences.

No. 1905289


Lol even if it's fake, same energy as all these other entitled dudes who think life is all the NPCs giving them whatever they want. Who tf would sacrifice their single girlfriends to some attention-craved "suicidal" freak?

No. 1905293

I can't wait for Christmas. My fave time of the year :)(:))

No. 1905308

Not really because gendies will use “non-men” to refer to trans-woMen, or “Nonbinary amabs” too. Even though those are most definitely men.

No. 1905314

It would be so funny if this was real, kek.

No. 1905317

this is how all my male friends react when i talk about feminism with them ''wah wah men die in wars wah wah'' they are so fucking male, at this point i think it's impossible for men to truly understand female struggles without deflecting and trying to be the victims

No. 1905322

They're truly retarded then. Women die in wars or get trafficked. Look at the Ukraine situation with the Ukrainian women being trafficked to other countries. And when towns get invaded the women and female children are treated as the "spoils of war" and are violently abused and tortured to death. Women literally have it worse than men in war and unfortunately we have a lot of documented instances of that.

No. 1905335

as if any sane person would date a person threatening suicide about shit like being single. Suicide baiting is one of the least attractive trait in humans and mostly a sign of some serious mental illness. If this is not fake, I wish him an amazing lonely Christmas Eve, I don't celebrate Christmas, but this year I might.

No. 1905348

>I constantly feel like if I say the wrong thing I'll have my womanhood revoked
Who's fault is that, retard? Maybe if you didn't want your gender to feel like an endless, exhausting, elaborate charade, you shouldn't go around insisting that gender is simply a performance and that people can change sex simply by changing their clothes.

No. 1905349

>I still poop and sweat and grow hair?! Damn you male puberty!!!!

No. 1905388

Find more radfem spaces, nona. Real intersectional feminism is about listening to black women when they talk about black men hurting them, Mexican women being beaten and facing reproductive abuse, etc. I got kicked out off a space in my community for rightly criticizing how sexually aggressive homeless men are, and how Native men beat us like it's their right and tribal "reparative justice" is just about keeping native men out of jail for beating their partners.

When you see this shit, turn it around on them, they're the racists for silencing minority women who are statistically more at risk of violence by men in their own communities. We have to shove these facts in their face, make them look stupid in public, have facts ready. We won't let them goose step all over us.

God I'm a faggot, but I saw a homeless guy on crack get handled with kid gloves while he screamed in an er waiting room for HOURS touching little kids on top their heads, and the person I was there with being a moody bitch bc they didn't like how the innocent vagrant crackhead was yelled at by the cops.

No. 1905390

File: 1695850037318.jpeg (101.96 KB, 1080x973, IMG_8719.jpeg)

Briana Wu’s groupchat where him and other troons talk shit about their fellow men and gender specials leaked.

No. 1905391

File: 1695850083761.jpeg (87.65 KB, 1080x603, IMG_8718.jpeg)

No. 1905393

File: 1695850235360.jpeg (87.78 KB, 1080x596, IMG_8721.jpeg)

No. 1905400

>when I say "I used to be a boy and that's how I know that being a man kinda sucks" my personal history is valid
>when you say "I grew up as a girl and that's how I know that being a woman kinda sucks" it's because you're a dismissive cis bitch. how dare you think that I didn't acquire exactly as much knowledge as you in the 15 days I've spent wearing a dress.

No. 1905410

File: 1695851397628.mp4 (7.83 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_717042164554123191…)

No. 1905413

File: 1695851525523.jpg (308.56 KB, 1080x742, Screenshot_20230927_235022_Gal…)

Got this abomination from r/egg_irl. I don't know what it means and I don't want to know.

No. 1905421

>does this look like a dude to you
>i'm constantly being misgendered
are they just unable to put two and two together

No. 1905439

Really makes you wonder how they find it so fucking hard to empathize with women while saying they are women.

No. 1905441

I don’t understand how they can want us to understand how their experiences are unique but won’t do the same thing for us. When did it become so wrong to say experiences can be different? I think that’s when they started really losing the narrative.

No. 1905447

File: 1695855344880.mp4 (1.59 MB, 672x556, thelastpreciouschild.mp4)

peaceful movement

No. 1905450

who/what/where is this retardation

No. 1905453

some troon playing his awful techno at folsom street fair

No. 1905454

Damn, this is great. Who leaked them?

No. 1905457

they should change it to "nonmasculinism".

No. 1905466

now that chris chan himself has finally landed a boyfriend free girl i figured some of the others may start throwing in the towel. huzzah

No. 1905468

>I wear pronoun badges going through the drive-thru and I still get misgendered, so tell me again how my life is easy
Fucking kek, he really thought this was a mic drop moment

No. 1905476

interesting when this is how it felt being told to drop "female/female oppression" and the vagina monologues and seeing it go too far. i'm not even anti trans i just have no patience with those in total denial of female oppression and going around being misogynistic about vaginas and shit

No. 1905481

I know, I used to hang on on radblr an that were the first women-only space I could be honest. Most libfems love to call themselves intersectional, especially after 2020 and BLM. Usually those women are upper class and dislike it when real normal women burst their bubble. Such is life.

No. 1905487

File: 1695861870710.jpg (283.93 KB, 1329x664, Untitled.jpg)

an obsession with anime girls and trying to be cute like them won't hide the big man hands

No. 1905492

>I have had sex with 20 women and over 1000 men
things only lesbians say

No. 1905494

Considering most of his post is about his experience having sex with TIMs, how many of those 20 were actual women? Zero?

No. 1905498

small off topic rant but zoomers have been trying to redefine lesbian as "non-man attracted to non-man" lately to not offend the tifs who don't want to be called women but still call themselves lesbians. in short women and women (tm). it's pointless and ultimately makes it seem like men are the default gender.

No. 1905520

File: 1695865870209.jpeg (694.9 KB, 1620x1526, 578AFBF1-22A9-47C4-A481-28BFE9…)

Moment of silence for all the 50+ women (and young early menopausal women) suffering from depression, arthritis pain, UTIs, increased risk of heart attacks and other malaise because they can’t get HRT. Sorry ladies, Todd watched too much tentacle hentai and decided he wanted to become a woman one day.

No. 1905521

File: 1695865960760.jpeg (383.15 KB, 1620x563, 6A67DE90-0B51-4381-AEA1-83F302…)

Sorry women, you can’t have estrogen for a genuine medical condition. Scrotums with a sexual AGP fetish need to be prioritised over you.

No. 1905522

I approve of unwashed loser men bothering other unwashed loser men instead of women kek. Now only if they stayed out of our bathrooms etc. and stopped calling themselves lesbians.

No. 1905523

Jfc I hate men so much.

No. 1905525

File: 1695866677278.png (253.2 KB, 471x484, 70B7C93E-383B-4AC8-849B-486579…)

I actually found this post/picture randomly on Facebook a couple years ago and posted it on Twitter questioning the pendant. I surprised it’s making the rounds now lol. Glad awareness is being spread.

No. 1905528

File: 1695867086502.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1620x1508, BFA0C120-C753-42A7-8995-F0CD0C…)

The world ended in 2012

No. 1905530

File: 1695867291690.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1620x1726, 6AB1DA0F-24B8-43AC-B581-E70626…)

I love how these freaks can’t even attempt to hide their sexual fetish. Male pattern and stealing your siblings underwear, amirite, fellow women?

No. 1905532


No. 1905534

File: 1695867462264.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1620x1981, A7100CCD-187E-410B-A830-DB1FAD…)


No. 1905542

>”you’d never do that to me, would you?”
>”well actually, I do”
Actual nightmare. And then she gave him over a decade more of her life for their kids’ sake, so I understand why she felt like she needed to stay, but god I just want to tell any woman to run far far away as soon as they catch any sign of their man being an AGP. There should be a way to explicitly write it in the marriage contract that you can leave with everything if they try to pull that shit on you.

No. 1905546

What a horrific moid. Imagine catching your 20-something BROTHER in your lingerie drawer.

No. 1905549

His poor fucking wife and sister. Both just treated like npcs in this delusional moid's main character fetish arc.

No. 1905550

File: 1695869126203.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1808, Screenshot_20230928-034308.png)

No. 1905561

the cringe is off the charts with this one. I'm sure he believes he looks cool and edgy in his cheap ugly amazon-tier fast fashion getup kek.

No. 1905565

File: 1695871276986.png (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1082x2349, chrome_screenshot_28 Sept 2023…)

poop in your stinkditch. just girly things.

No. 1905576

Those are serial killer's eyes

No. 1905602

File: 1695875916063.png (88.03 KB, 1049x522, Screenshot.png)

The absolute state of 'feminist' academics, she's basically saying feminists shouldn't care about women's sports being discriminated and disrespected because they inherently support male hierarchy and patriarchy in the first place.

No. 1905603

Same woman who brags about her entitlement to stand on a patch of grass. Totally nuts.

No. 1905606

This is the problem with academia representing entire social groups, just because you personally don't enjoy sports doesn't mean the average women doesn't either. Hell your social attitudes and preferences align more with white male academics than with everyday women.

No. 1905627

This is one of those academia takes where any criticism would be framed as coming from a place of "misinterpreting" what was said, isn't it?

No. 1905642

I also have no idea what this means in context, but shit-smearing by children above toddler age is a sign of severe abuse in most cases.

No. 1905651

File: 1695890711914.jpeg (47.1 KB, 828x234, IMG_1724.jpeg)

can't make this shit up, this retard openly admits the misogynistic incel to troon pipeline is real and that he's part of it. not to mention he's posting in a sub meant for women too and giving his unwanted male opinion on feminism.

No. 1905654

Honestly that is a great idea. It can be put in prenuptial agreements.

No. 1905656

Neutering yourself doesn't make you a feminist, pal.

No. 1905660

Saged as it's a little O/T but there's this Virgin Airlines ad airing a lot here about celebrating our differences etc etc and one of these unique spirits is a trans woman. Except how do they make sure the audience knows it's meant to be a trans woman? They choose this lumbering caveman guy to play 'her'. Accidental own goal during diversity marketing. You love to see it.

(quite near the start of the video)

No. 1905669

Producers: How woke do you want to go?
Virgin: Yes.

Spectacular level of cringe in 2 min. New record for sure.

No. 1905678

I have this agreement with my nigel

No. 1905687

I love that they all think it will reverse their baldness. May they all end up with cyraxx skullets. This is so vile, boys stealing the underwear and clothing of their family members to coom in/to should be SEVERELY punished and I mean like, shamed as fuck.

No. 1905704

Why did they include a little Asian girl in an ad full of lgbt tranny freaks

No. 1905741

Lgb aren't freaks, that's just the tqa+.

No. 1905750

I'm 99.9% sure this guy is a paedophile

No. 1905771

whats more insulting is that they think this is a normal thing to admit. yes, WithersChat, women are going to bend over backwards to include you in their circle and even line up to fuck you now that you allegedly see us as equals. degenerate.

No. 1905818

File: 1695917430933.mp4 (2.45 MB, 662x360, QfnshwnhX5b5WW0U.mp4)

vidrel trooned out his kid when he was only 3 years old.

No. 1905824

>My kids mental health is more important than your [daughters] trophy
The male entitlement is strong

No. 1905825

Even at nine years old, the child looks male

No. 1905838

reminiscent of how jazz jennings is permastuck with the voice and face of a pre-pubescent boy

No. 1905856

He’s complaining because he choose to be “oppressed”, he can just take that fuck ass purple lipstick off and cut his hair a few inches to go back to living his normal life, it’s so ironic how these man babies cry and weep about oppression and transphobia due to them wanting to become a woman when they can literally put on their old clothes and go back to their easy going lives where their biggest worries are not getting their dick wet whereas we as women have to go outside and live our lives with the potential danger of causal harassment and even worse assault or murder that happens literally on the streets. I can’t take it seriously when they put themselves in front of a camera and cry about how a 40 year old man calling them a tranny or a sissy made their male heart ache from pain when women get murdered on the streets for simply being born female and nothing else

No. 1905859

I actually hate the whole “muh children look androgynous” thing, it’s a lie, anyone who has had to spend more than 5 days surrounded by children of different ages, can notice that boys look like boys and girls look like girls. Only babies are truly androgynous, but the moment they’re like 5 years old you can notice the physical differences between a boy and a girl in their faces.

No. 1905862

That guy looks like the exact sort of person who'd troon out his kid. He looks like he has a Twitter with his degrees listed in the bio where he lectures everyone else about how problematic they are. Pure soy.

No. 1905867

I think the real vocal point is delayed youth rather then looking male, Kim Petras doesn't look like a woman he looks like a 15 year old boy in drag and that's a point, paedophiles love that as a concept.

No. 1905882

File: 1695924479346.jpg (118.88 KB, 1080x742, F7F2yoFWoAAQ-x8.jpg)

Sometimes the trash takes itself out

No. 1905894


A middle school girl in Oregon got beaten up by a violent tranny boy. He comes up behind her to grab her backpack and throws her backward at full might, pulls her around by the hair aggressively with both hands, then starts smacking her on the head like the shitty violent moid he is. It’s absolutely horrifying that males in this day and age feel bold enough and are supported to be able to assault girls. I hope she can get justice somehow and he never steps a foot near her again, I bet her handmaiden classmates are cheering this fucker on though.(imageboard)

No. 1905895

Apparently this is a FTM. Maybe this utter sociopath became a sex pest knowing that sexual violence like this is predominantly perpetrated by men, and seeing it as an opportunity for "gender affirmation". The details of this case and that quote attributed to her, in particular, make me wish that hell were real.

No. 1905898

Fucking right? The way they talk so nonchalantly about being MRAs or having “nazi phases” like it’s some cutesy thing is absolutely insane. They’re the worst of the worst males.

No. 1905900

They're seriously convinced they're so clockable as internally trans that they're in danger kek, even if they detransitioned. I talked to a dude Ive known since highschool (so like 10 years ago) who trooned out within the past year, and he was so insistent that he was in danger back in highschool and that at any moment he could face violence in the men's bathroom for not being masculine enough. Dude was just a typical skinny guy who liked Neon Genesis Evangelion, he wasn't in any danger and he didn't act like it at the time, but now he's memed himself into thinking he was being terrorized for not fitting the mold, and being a woman is his only option to escape the violence of being a failmale. He wasn't even bullied at the time, but he seriously tried to tell me he was afraid a jock would kick his head in at the urinal. They all feed each other's paranoia, it's delusional

No. 1905912

preach, nonas. all of this is completely accurate.

No. 1905913

What the actual fuck. What is the context? Why are there so many people filming like they knew it was gonna happen? What the hell is wrong with people?

No. 1905930

nerdy dudes have the worst fucking chip on their shoulders about not being "chad jocks" or whatever

No. 1905950

Muffing maybe? I've heard a few toons say that they get ~euphoria~ from that.

No. 1905954


I'd argue that nuturing coomers to ensure they don't procreate is the most feminist thing they can do kek

No. 1905956

File: 1695934396471.mp4 (15.31 MB, 576x1024, amyth3gr8.mp4)


No. 1905966

File: 1695935805286.mp4 (1.11 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_727583739855719965…)

>tranny comedy

No. 1905973

File: 1695937192523.jpg (1.25 MB, 1799x1670, Untitled101.jpg)

fucking kek at this balding troon who keeps popping up on my for you page. his comments are full of handmaidens calling him a Real Beautiful Woman, unsuprisingly.. why do we put up with this shit? lmfao

No. 1905974

There's definitely a trend of women shooting up T and committing horrific, male-pattern crimes…

No. 1905975

"why are terfs jealous of us trans women?"
he's so delusional if he thinks any real woman is jealous of him when he looks like that.

No. 1905977

>will it fool a lesbian in a blind taste test?

barf. how do they get away with this rapey shit?

No. 1905983

File: 1695938388091.jpg (18.17 KB, 423x274, Ee0oC06X0AAfpL9.jpg)

Do women get jealous of him?

No. 1905991

Everything about this is so self-centered. Assuming for a second that this story isn’t totally fictional and the guy wasn’t staring out of disgust, this troon is bragging online about how it’s “hilarious” that some other girl’s boyfriend is oggling him in front of her. And the troon is just eating it up and savoring the attention giddily, while his poor wife is right there with him. Does he not understand or care about how that would make his wife and the other lady feel? And how bad it makes him look to brag about it on the internet? If a woman did this, it would be seen as a bitch move. What are his socials? I want to see what other retarded shit he posts.

No. 1905992

File: 1695939923060.png (2 MB, 1399x985, 92647167.png)

>and are these "terfs" in the room with us right now?

No. 1906016

jesus fuck christ. actual jump scare moment from uncle fester here.

i hope all the women reading this feel fucking great about themselves today. because even if you don’t feel your best today, at least you’re not an ugly troon on tiktok live begging for people to lie to your face about your appearance just so you don’t succumb to the internal thoughts of joining the statistics.
let that be the skip in your step you need today

No. 1906022

Saged bc not sure if relevant but this clip of a TIM middle schooler beating up some girl is going viral. It's pretty gnarly. Apparently this isn't his first time and the school Apparently doesn't suspend kids bc they think they'll shoot up schools if they do. https://x.com/ReduxxMag/status/1707517915296071778?s=20

No. 1906025

may the thug who beat this poor girl, the kids laughing and recording the victim, and the administration at Hazelbrook Middle School who enable this violence all get what's coming to them.

No. 1906030

This is an imageboard, anon.

No. 1906032

File: 1695944846630.mp4 (1.88 MB, 480x640, Tranny assulting girl.mp4)

You guys need to remember to archive. The video is terrible and you can see the trannie's moid strength come in.

No. 1906039

Samefag but I feel so bad for her. At the end she repeatedly says she can't breathe and those bitches around her knew what was going to happen and enabled the tranny.
They're seriously afraid to punish him because he'd come back and shoot up thew school? like lmao that doesn't sound very female of him

No. 1906040

oh my god, poor girl. i really hope karma comes for this shitty scrote(and i hope you learn to sage eventually)

No. 1906042

Evil ugly little rape ape in girl’s clothes. My heart hurts rn this is a CHILD who was just physically assaulted while her peers filmed and watched and didn’t care. Where was any adult? What on earth could she have done to deserve this? No mercy. I am sick and fucking tired. If some little scrote in makeup did this to my daughter I would raise HELL. He would fear to leave his house. This girl is gonna be traumatized now smh

No. 1906043

File: 1695945896341.mp4 (1.08 MB, 320x530, Tranny_strikes again.mp4)

Wow this isn't the first time either, here's another video of him assaulting two other girls. This tranny is fucking violent.

No. 1906045

Sowz newfag

No. 1906046

File: 1695946241250.jpg (510.49 KB, 1079x1447, Screenshot_20230928_191023.jpg)

Ugh at the end of the video you can see how scared and freakednout her friend in the orange is. They need to lock that freak up.

No. 1906047

Why do AGPs in particular have such terrible skin? Even if he’s in his 30s or 40s, those forehead wrinkles and the dryness are disastrous.

No. 1906050

males are unhygienic

No. 1906051

This little limp-wristed HSTS freak needs to understand what it's like to fight someone his own sex. Hoping one of these girls has a dad, brother, or boyfriend willing to give him that experience.

No. 1906054

they need to leak this tranny's full government name. there should be article after article coming up when future employers look him up. why even bother wearing girl's clothes when he acts more male than his counterparts

No. 1906058

he probably gets his own ass beat by his dad at home so he's looking for easy targets to vent his failson moid rage

No. 1906059

File: 1695948425942.jpg (142.56 KB, 1080x1080, F7JtsB1akAAhH0D.jpg)

the mother of the girl in the first vid outed his name (idk how to find the unredacted post) but we know his first name is juan. apparently the school does NOT have a no tolerance policy on violence, meaning no consequences were given to this degenerate.

No. 1906060

Of course moid would do a fucking dirty surprise attack, worthless mf should square up properly against another dude and see what happens when he can’t pull hair and smack someone on the ground. Forcefully making someone fall backward can kill them btw, males are so retarded and I bet this boy will face minimal consequences because schools, parents and staff are progressive apologists now. Shit should be on a permanent record at least.

No. 1906069

I think it's a bit telling on how the school is handling the TIM, there is videograhpical evidence of him beating up girls on different days doubt he would change his outfit at school on school grounds along with the fact that apperantly the parents of the girls didn't hear about it from the school but rather from their daughter or from the videos.
And the fact that it was caught on camera just shows that people know that he's going to do something and want to record his behaviour

No. 1906079

this is horrible and the school reaction is exactly what I've learned myself being bullied. Not in the US, so no one was afraid someone might shoot up the school, but adults and many peers just don't care as long as they aren't the victims themselves. I wish that girls would learn that yes, sometimes violence is the right answer and if they stick together boys would have no chance at all. Hope they find him and he gets what he deserves, he sure as hell isn't mentally stable and should be locked away until he is sane again.

No. 1906081

>Andy Ngo
Glad the trash took itself out but why get this info from rightoid faggots?

No. 1906086

File: 1695951837411.png (267.17 KB, 591x536, 597813244.png)

The new episode of Fionna and Cake featured a horrifically out-of-place song in it with terrible autotune, and even through all of the voice filters I suspected the singer was a troon. I looked him up, and the first fucking thing I see on his Twitter tl is a retweet from a diaper furry account, jfc. His album covers are all of his retarded fursona. I listened to audio of his voice unfiltered, and it's so male. Not even trying to sound like a woman, just a geeky guy voice. A listened to a handful of his other songs, and most of them have a shitload of distortion and such to conceal the male vocals. There's no way this faggot's song was included for merit; it's probably a combination of him knowing someone and him allowing them to use the song for free. This faggot gets a full song, but Donald Glover hardly got to sing. Bullshit.
I'm still supporting the show because I want to see more female-centric fantasy, but were it not for that, I probably would've dropped it for all the tranny nepotism. There are several trannies on the show who go their jobs either because they were friends with staff or were "influencers." The only troon who does a decent job is the one who plays the villain, because they at least had the sense to assign his male ass to a male character.

No. 1906087

File: 1695952097189.jpg (172.58 KB, 1143x1349, EuDp78XVcAUhzMq.jpg)

The musician's friend "poochie" draws tranny porn of Blue's Clues. Picrel was the least disgusting picture on his timeline.

No. 1906088

I want whoever who drew this to hang themselves

No. 1906089

Wait what, which episode? I just finished the series and all I remember was the Rebecca Sugar song.

No. 1906090

Troons are never funny. Those are definitely a few handmaidens "I'm going to polite laugh" chuckles.

No. 1906091

It's the song at the end of episode ten where the characters are rebuilding the city.

No. 1906092

gay people are usually depicted as gender non-conforming. even tho plenty of gay people have a very mainstream sense of style, it's generally the way to signal a character as gay using just visuals. no need to assume this is or isn't trans. and the little girl kinda depicts how when you're young, seeing people being themselves and dress in a wide variety of ways is generally very inspiring and uplifting to children. thought it was a cute ad tbh

No. 1906094

Ohh I see now. I also had no idea Scarab was voiced by a troon. What other gendies worked on it? I know Hunter is voiced by an enbie woman and they replayed Roiland with a drag queen or something.

No. 1906098

Between Amber "Danny" Craig, three VAs, and the furry musician, at least five. Probably more. That's quite a lot when you consider how small the show's crew is. As far as I can tell, Scarab Guy (don't know his actual name and I'm sure as shit not going to call him "Kaleigh") and the troon musician are the only TiMs, the rest are TiFs. I would have tolerated this a lot more if the only trannies on the project were TiFs, because at least that's still technically employing women.

No. 1906100

Straight men think it's gay to wear sunscreen and lotion.

No. 1906102

File: 1695953634860.jpg (1.37 MB, 1440x2396, Screenshot_20230928_211112_Red…)

No. 1906105

Fucking two-faced shitheads. They pay lip service to this destructive ideology knowing it's complete bullshit just for the sake of clout. You just know that if a woman said any of of the things posted in that chat, one of these faggots would happily join in on dogpiling her. The level of preference falsification going on with trans ideology is completely unsustainable.

No. 1906106

>I’m a little lass
Kek this is like when tifs describe themselves as “goofy little guys”.

No. 1906109

nitpick but i think it would be more accurate to say some kids 5-12 genuinely do look androgynous or like the opposite sex, and others or most just clearly look like boys or girls. i had a female friend who got called a "he" by a substitute teacher, as she did have a very boyish face at that age and liked baggier clothes. felt really bad for her. she was obviously heartbroken, but she did look like your average boy then, even in her face and even in her body shape. maybe its less common but some pre-pubescent kids are just unfortunate like that. but hey that "ugly duckling" stage can build good character at least

No. 1906112

youre right, next time she should wait to listen to the news until it comes from an Approved Person! thank you for reminding us comrade

No. 1906133

File: 1695957909074.png (1.95 MB, 2065x1386, DhammaFlow.png)

Fucking degenerate

No. 1906138

Goddam, this is the dumbest shit I’ve ever read.

No. 1906142

I have a female coworker who is very intelligent and self-confident, not online at all, and not at all male-centered in her life. I always felt she would probably be sympathetic to radical feminist views, but I have been worried to talk to her about it because she is also on the younger-side-of-millenial age and therefore could be deep in the TRA nonsense even if I wasn't aware of it. We started getting closer over unrelated topics and are getting to be pretty good work friends.
After like a whole year of working with her I finally expressed some really soft anti-trans opinions to her and she didn't seem offended, possibly even sympathetic, so I was hopeful.
Another year passes and today another conversation happens (about pronouns), and I say something along the lines of "well you know how I feel about all of the transgender stuff, very misogynistic, sexist." and she actually told me she agreed (although admitted she probably didn't feel quite as strongly as me about it). We then had like a 30 minute conversation about freakish male troons and how fucked up it is to give kids hormones and surgery over "gender identity."

I didn't think I could ever feel this kind of relief nonnies… I am not out about my views at all due to working for an EXTREMELY woke company, and I feel like I've been hiding such a huge aspect of my personality/convictions by not being able to talk about this stuff with other women. It has actually destroyed my ability to make female friends, I'm just so disgusted to find all of them sucking the metaphorical troon dick that I don't even want to associate. I feel like I have a chance at a genuine connection with another woman in real life for the first time in like 13 years. I can't believe how damaging tranny shit has been for female to female networking.
Anyways we are hanging out outside of work soon and she wants to talk more about and learn more about radical feminism. Feels amazing.(blogpost)

No. 1906143

This sounds amazing nonnie! Make sure to check out the 2X board.

No. 1906144

I have been a lot more outspoken in my views of late and thankfully it seems that the general consensus about these freaks is at best " don't care what people do but they will never be women" actually not met anyone who didn't agree. People just don't talk about it.

No. 1906152

I'd say it goes even further depending on when puberty started. I was a year into it at age 15, had short hair/dressed masculinely and people routinely mistook me for a boy or asked me if my passport/bus pass is my sister's.

No. 1906154

They hear women say our lives are in danger because they genuinely are, assume we're just being overdramatic, and go "I was in danger for not being a typical man! I was facing violence and assault at every turn!" it's part of their larp to exaggerate because that's what they think women do

No. 1906156

File: 1695964464194.jpeg (240.62 KB, 828x1398, 3711044C-3108-4BC0-B772-17C043…)

meanwhile on twitter a TIM is offended that there was no trans representation in a LESBIAN movie. Only….. there was. but the trans representation wasn’t good enough because the TIM in the movie didn’t look male enough. Apparently passing too much is also a crime.

No. 1906158

It's so fucked up how they're never held to the standards of actual women. If a real woman posted all gleefully about how another girl's boyfriend checked her out in front of the gf, the same handmaiden clucking "yas qween slay" to this tranny would drive her off the app for being a pick me and "not being a girl's girl"

No. 1906161

Nothing says "sexy" like a fucking literal pile of trash in the back of your picture. At least crop that shit out.(sage your shit)

No. 1906162

please tell me this man doesn't actually have a daughter

No. 1906165

Never thought I'd witness mini faghags letting a manlet beat up other girls.

No. 1906170

Blaine fantasizes about doing this

No. 1906174

I'm a pcos fatty irl i would easily beat the pump out of this tranny if this was me, more women need to react and try to hurt these freaks.

No. 1906181

I definitely think in this situation they could have grouped together to beat him up, but let's also put into consideration that girls angering a scrote puts them in danger. He might be able to get to them in private to assault or kill them. In the video he was hitting that girl so hard he could have caused actual brain damage or permanent injuries, even death. It's the boys and especially the adults who are at fault here. They're risking these girls' lives every single day by allowing the boy to keep coming to school. It's also really telling that they only allow him at school because of a mix of progressivism and a fear he would shoot up the school. If it's a possibility he could shoot up the school, then his violent offenses should be treated as a criminal matter. They should lock him up (away from girls), maybe even charge him as an adult. They're basically admitting that it's fine he is beating up girls and at risk of sexually abusing or killing them because the school just doesn't want to deal with him. It's the school's fault and these girls have been completely failed by everyone around them. It's terrifying to stand up to a male bully because you don't want to get his attention on you, because if you're a girl that puts you in very serious danger. Anyway I hope this deranged little freak gets locked up for the entirety of his youth.

No. 1906193

the blame is solely on the scrote

No. 1906194

I’m sorry but this is 100% a product of western egalitarianism. Ideally society should have spaces where women and men are segregated but in the west men and women are treated as equals which means that trannies are enabled and women have no spaces to themselves, whether it’s in schools, bathrooms, changing rooms, hospitals etc. The west maintains its veneer of false civility when the act is most moids are violent shitheads who shouldn’t be allowed near women on a daily basis.

No. 1906195

I'm still not over this post, this is peak hilarity. He ignorantly chooses to blame some guy, and his 'male' puberty (which he definitely only discovered trannyism as an adult) on something that's normal for the majority of women. Just shows that these men don't actually pay any attention to the women around them, only smoothed legged anime girls and porn stars.(no1curr)

No. 1906196

maybe moids should learn to be civilised, just a thought.

No. 1906197

You would probably get sued for a hate crime nona. Women shouldn’t have to be prepared to physically fight moids who attack them and it’s depressing that women now need to be paranoid about such random acts of violence by troons as well as just regular moids, it’s so fucking sad. Libfems enabled all this shit, radfems always warned about the troon menace. The reason more young women are becoming anti feminist is really just because they’re anti liberal feminism. They don’t realize that radical feminism is the best option.

No. 1906198

At this point why are they even allowing y chromosoids to come to school? It was like that when I was in school too. These beasts can barely even read or do basic math all they do in school is beat up girls and the teachers do nothing as if the girls purpose is to be their punching bag. Now that girls are dominating in school and universities it's only going to get worse. The rape beasts can't handle the fact that we're intellectually superior. At the end these low iq brutes only have their fists.

No. 1906199

Moids will never ever learn to be civilized. It’s not in their dna. It’s time for women to admit moids are violent chimps by nature and stop pretending they are capable of being peaceful normal human beings like women. Every day moids are just suppressing their natural instincts to rape and beat and murder.

No. 1906200

No I agree nona. Males are more akin to beasts/animals than human beings, this is why I’m so glad I went to an all girls school (sadly last time I checked they converted my former high school into a coed and now it’s full of moid shitheads too) all women should be given the option of female only spaces, it’s tragic that women are expected to share their daily space with these feral animals.

No. 1906210

Notice how he walked up with a couple girl friends and the girls on the left immediately smiled and started filming because they know what’s coming, they probably asked him to do it for them, gross

No. 1906212

File: 1695971267730.png (1.09 MB, 945x2048, full name.png)

here it is

No. 1906214

>You would probably get sued for a hate crime nona
You're right, we cant ever win can we i'm just so tired of them getting away with everything they do to us, thankfully more women are slowly waking up to the troon madness ever since that one teacher with the implants went viral, that's why it's important to share things like this around.

No. 1906215

It's so sad how no one even goes to help the girl up afterward. That video has really gotten to me.

No. 1906216

I guess some of them stood shell shocked, still fucking gruelling to watch.

No. 1906217

That was my thought also. Where are their friends? I had a tiny friend who got threatened at a middle school dance and myself and another tall ass girl blocked the bully's path and they stood down.

Notice this loser picks petite girls to attack. I wish a tall jock girl could cut in and give him a taste of his own medicine.

No. 1906218

That friend of the girl who got attacked in the second video was really wonderful and brave to stand up for her friend, but it unfortunately got her beat up really badly as well. Just horrible.

No. 1906219

File: 1695972001127.jpeg (37.61 KB, 680x661, F7KF5NpXYAEEZys.jpeg)

Someone called him on his retardation and he responded with "joking" misogyny, like clockwork.

No. 1906221

If they ever peak I hope they feel guilty for a long time. It's twisted. One behind her was recording, three on the right with two recording, and idk if that girl in the black shirt is a teacher or a student behind the girl in the orange pants but she looks like she knew it was coming too. fuck. She was surrounded. Fuck all of them and that tranny mainly.

No. 1906224

I hope that little tranny is terrified and in tears wherever he's hiding. Ruin his life.

No. 1906230

Why tf are you laying blame for this violent scrote's actions on some retarded pickme libfems? They may encourage him, but there's proof ITT that he's a repeat offender who targets girls. He was going to do this with or without them. They're still evil and braindead class traitors, but his rape-ape tendancies are the result of his own maleness, not the result of command by a couple of morons who don't realize they may be his next targets.

No. 1906231

Because leftist media won't cover it? The only reason they might cover this one is to cry about the poor innocent tranny who killed themselves.

No. 1906232

I can't say what I hope for, because it may constitute as a-logging. God he deserves it, though.

No. 1906233

That video just ruined my morning too.

No. 1906235

People with lots of friends don’t get bullied lol.

No. 1906237

I had a nightmare about violent troons last night (wouldn't admit it if I wasn't anon lol) so I guess watching it yesterday got me too. Surely this must peak some people? And there's multiple videos like this one too…

No. 1906240

This video was mild compared to what happened in my school tbh. Girls got gangraped in the bathrooms at my public school. Nothing phases me anymore.

No. 1906243

nta but this isn't a pissing contest

No. 1906247

And you did nothing about it? What did you enjoy watching your female peers get gang raped? You where just complacent your entire education about this huh?(bad bait)

No. 1906250

Baiting tranny moment.

No. 1906261

Wtf is this situation, why has he assaulted multiple girls and why can’t the police find him? The fact this is middle schoolers really surprised me too, little moidlets can get away with anything they want even more than ever now.
I fucking hate how they always lump in LGB people into this shit or “queers” as they call us. I fucking hate all the LGB people that go along with this fetish nonsense to be woke or for muh queer history shit, fucking let them say a gay person is comparable to a tranny who shits in diapers in public and if you even raise an eyebrow at that you’re a bigot. I’m just so tired of the dumbass slippery slope shit having more fuel, we can’t even speak up publicly or it’s hate speech.

No. 1906278

And then he grows up and shoots the school and every adult in that school and community acts all shocked and keep saying "this came out of nowhere! We never though he could do such a thing! Oh, poor us!" yeah

No. 1906282

File: 1695981113852.jpg (614.71 KB, 810x3099, Screenshot_20230928-211842_Chr…)

Speaking of future mass shooters, TIMs threatening another mass shooting on preddit:

No. 1906290

File: 1695982221946.png (1.55 MB, 810x4092, MissDaphneAlice.png)

TIM's profile nothing but literal MRA posting:

No. 1906296

may all trannies rot in hell.

No. 1906297

>gay men and trans women get the shit end

No. 1906310

>men men men make it all about men and how men feel and men men men don’t get enough care attention empathy sympathy men MEN MEN MEN WAH MEN MENNNNNNNN MEN SUFFER THE MOST
I fucking hate it here. I want to tattoo MISANDRIST & PROUD on my arm real big.

No. 1906316

Dollars to donuts these are the same people who say they're moving to Canada every election year. They won't do shit, as long as they have door dash and internet porn. They'll forget all about the debates when they load up their sissy hypno videos

No. 1906319

File: 1695987490563.jpg (996.92 KB, 1080x1639, IMG_20230929_143539.jpg)

Why is everything an "act of violence" for them?

No. 1906327

Men have always been desperate to find a way to turn "women aren't blindly obedient to me and sometimes say things I dislike" into a punishable offense. In the past, they were more straightforward about it and just outright banned women from doing pretty much anything, but the advancements made in women's rights (as recent, limited, and fragile as they might be) have made it so that most of males feel that it's more advantageous to take a more underhanded approach.

No. 1906339

Every thing is violence except punching 14 year old girls.

No. 1906341

youd be fine if you called yourself "brolita" though, because they were rare and novel. handmaidens who wanted to be uwu inclusive have always been a thing, i'm talking 10+ years ago. we've had two of those types in my comm who eventually trooned out when the novelty wore off

No. 1906342

That freak must have his mother's body in the freezer. No sane person has this many wigs if they don't work in theatre or TV.

No. 1906344

not a myth! they are instantly clockable!

No. 1906348

File: 1695992677260.jpg (579.72 KB, 810x1950, Screenshot_20230929-085831_Chr…)

Slightly OT, but a bunch of TIMs apparently took over a woman's conference. Post is an absolute shitshow:

No. 1906349

You don't even have to try to clock trannies most of the time, it just happens automatically because humans are sexually dimorphic and we're wired to be able to tell the difference between males and females. And yes you can absolutely clock them from their voices, it's actually one of the easiest ways.

No. 1906355

Our "transisters" are still male ffs. For real???? They were male before so already ahead in tech!! They did not need more help. Do trannies also take a pay cut and work for free from November to december like other women in tech ? Do they take a 20% hit on their take home pay like us ? Didn't think so.

No. 1906358

Kek at how this was written by a gendie who's mad that "cis" men claiming to be trans/nb to take opportunities from women. I thought they said this never happened? And weren't they saying "anyone who says they're trans is trans" and "when someone tells you who they are, believe them the first time"? Trans ideology is such a joke. It would be funnier if it weren't hurting actual women and gay people, though.

No. 1906359

but there's literally no requirements to "identify as a woman". you don't have to change anything about yourself, not even your pronouns, you simply declare it so and it is so. how does she know they are "cis men" and not deeply closeted stunning amd brave transwomen? trans women can have beards and go by he/him!!!!

No. 1906364

That entire thread is a joke. And the handmaidens falling over themselves trying to not sound terfy "but not the real transwomen" makes it even more pathetic. At least this will peak some more women or at least give them enough to think about how this whole gender thing is misogynistic bullshit. If I were a business there I would accept every male resume and blacklist them.

No. 1906367

back before elon fucked twitter i used to dm info like this to reduxx and other accounts and now i cant do that. i wish there was a way to get this out. i searched his name on twitter and its not gaining much traction and i assume articles - the very few that were written - will protect his identity anyway.

No. 1906375

The only reddit thread I could find was trannies defending him. It's hopeless.

No. 1906376

Reminds me of this frankly awful display by TRA protesting against young girl objecting to troons in women's spoorts.

No. 1906378

holy shit link? or screenshot. it should be archived in some way

No. 1906379

Nona, they're on mumsnet, I've talked to them a few times on there, and other women will definitely boost your signal.

No. 1906381

why even bother transitioning if you have this big of a victim complex over being a man

No. 1906383

Let me guess: Did they assume, without any real proof, that every single girl he that had assaulted was a "vitriolic TERF" who provoked him first and/or threatened his life (somehow), and therefore "deserved to get beaten"? Is there also talk about how "it's transphobic to claim trans women have male strength or male-pattern propensity for violence (especially towards women/girls)"?

No. 1906384

File: 1695995748142.png (283.87 KB, 1400x1116, Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 14.54…)

not sure if this is that thread but i went and searched and found this one. theres also a slew of comments acting bewildered that anyone could clock that hulking manlet as male. as if the behavior and voice alone aren't enough. 'haha did you check their chromosomes' these people are truly fucked and been rendered retarded.

No. 1906385

File: 1695995833253.png (118.23 KB, 1408x524, Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 14.56…)

No. 1906386

>member of a disenfranchised group suplexing someone
meanwhile it's a moidlet suplexing a young girl

No. 1906387

moids are essentially identical if not weaker than women the moment they start to 'feel like it' but also deserve the notoriety they get when their strength very obviously comes through in these moments. they can never just stick to one narrative lol

No. 1906390

>lol if we arrested everyone for beating others to the ground we would be arresting all elementary school kids
Either this retard lives in a manwha, or he must be pulling a muscle or two reaching that hard. This very visibly wasn't just a couple weak hits between equal parties, nor was it a single strike from someone too young to do any harm or know any better.

No. 1906398

i work with elementary school-aged kids and while fights happen they're not anywhere near as bad as the one in that video. also it's usually two boys fighting, not a boy attacking a girl like that.

No. 1906401

that girl had trouble breathing afterwards, so someone was seriously hurt, besides the psychological damage being attacked like that does to a person. And all the time this shitty victim blaming if someone at school gets bullied. Next up we will read from his parents what a nice child he is and that he wasn't allowed to a female restroom and that's the reason he attacked those girls, because every female member of the school bullied him. It's never the fault of the attacker/the bully, there is always something triggering him and he can't act any different.

No. 1906411

You can still email people. Set up a burner one and email it out.

No. 1906418

Like Uh are women and girls not a disenfranchised group as well? TRAs are so fucking retarded. They jump through hoops to defend all these violent men

No. 1906437

File: 1696003330528.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1089, 1695987490563.png)

No. 1906444

Remember metoo ? Where were the men in these discussions when women, including those in their very lives, talked about being assaulted and raped ? Either crickets or fiercely defending the violent offenders. That's who they are.

No. 1906446

school shootings happen because the public education system enables this violence, rewards aggressors or leaves them a slap on the wrists, and only punishes the victims. but those in power are unwilling to have this conversation or even admit it.

No. 1906460

ntayrt but PREACH
You will NEVER ever see a moid care about violence against us and our issues (unless it appeases his agenda in one way or another) as much as women care about Johnny Wife Beater Depp or trannies who wanna rape and kill them. We literally only have each other.

No. 1906473

Rude of them to assume they're not all stunning and brave he/him male women!!!

Believe all (trans) women.

No. 1906483

More like
>believe all men
Don't call these fuckers women

No. 1906488

No one asked, NRA-chan.

No. 1906489

And then you've got the other end of the spectrum, little boys who seem to come out of the womb with a man face. My mother's friend has a son who was incredibly ugly as a baby, everyone who saw him would say 'he really looks like a boy!' because they couldn't think of anything nice kek

No. 1906492

Holy cognitive dissonance, Batman.

No. 1906494

Even the most retarded uggo knows this is beyond degenerate.

No. 1906497

others have said my point more eloquently: public school admins are responsible for their own problems. they said they don't want to punish the violent scroteling because they're afraid of the school getting shot up, but the lack of punishment is exactly why they go for it. "zero tolerance" policies only help these future criminals. but why am i replying to an obvious boymom who thinks violence is ok kek

No. 1906508


No. 1906544

any human being born with a penis should be locked up in a labor camp on an island until we decide they're fit and safe for society

No. 1906549

Well my joke was more that 'believe all women' has become 'believe all trans women'.
Which yes, is ofc men.

No. 1906556

File: 1696021802384.mp4 (402.63 KB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_684238665202794829…)

No. 1906558

File: 1696022027944.webm (2.06 MB, 288x512, Snaptik.App 715968961168040273…)

No. 1906559


Lol. Hope it peaks them into not being stupid enough to believe nonbinary is a thing that matters.

No. 1906561

File: 1696022340919.png (654.25 KB, 722x1106, Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 22.17…)

>let me show you what you're missing

No. 1906565

never thought I'd see a Lille Jean Trueman skinwalker

No. 1906567

Imagine how much worse he looks without all those filters.

No. 1906568

File: 1696023227304.jpg (127.08 KB, 1080x1080, F7NV9uZW8AAx6uC.jpg)

Things are getting hotter. Calling in a bomb threats seems to be the new tactic of TRAs. When Target pulled it's Pride Month merchandise from their store fronts they got a bomb threat. Not too long ago Riley Gaines spoke at a venue that later received a bomb threat.

No. 1906569

File: 1696023728328.png (296.04 KB, 804x319, ywnbaw.png)

I didn't see anyone else bring this up anywhere online, probably because the content is so shocking, but look at what the moid is wearing. That violent troon is wearing a super sexed up outfit. (lol at his fat midget male anatomy and castrati weight problems already) Are they just pumping up little boys on hormones, letting them go to school in bras and croptops, and assaulting little girls? Real girls are not allowed to wear outfits like that and usually there's some kind of dress code or policy forced on especially girls so they "don't distract boys". What the fuck is going on in Oregon?

No. 1906572

i think he's just fat but its really interesting actually, considering girls at schools are way more scrutinized for innocent clothes and he's walking around in a bralette.

No. 1906573

I honestly don’t even watch the video, but it’s really weird how he’s allowed to go to school wearing a bralette when girls aren’t supposed to even show too much arm. It’s kind of funny, the school doesn’t consider him a girl after all, they just know that he’s a pornsick retard from an early age, and that they can’t do anything about it ir they will get sued or some shit.

No. 1906575

TiMs are the new priest class. Dress codes do not apply to them. Reminds of the breastplate teacher in Canada. It looks like this chubby moid is also wearing a unfasten kimono or haori. He probably got the idea from a anime girl.

No. 1906578

File: 1696025021033.png (825.44 KB, 826x862, combat troon.png)

There is not one cliché they will not exceed but this one takes the cake

No. 1906579

File: 1696025022347.png (405.83 KB, 511x500, 1665908924250.png)

No. 1906580

>watch vid rel
>youtuber keeps refeering to the groomer as a ''she''
>think it's weird
>look for videos of the ''she'' talking
>it's a troon
ALWAYS, at this point every single time some retard makes a video calling out a groomed and adressing it as a ''she'' there is a 100% chance it's a fucking man, but people will refuse to see the pattern.

No. 1906581

I remember seeing a vid of a 'trans kid' who was basically wearing lingerie to school, but it was allowed because it was 'gender affirming' rme

No. 1906586

File: 1696025925346.jpg (213.93 KB, 1079x604, Screenshot_20230929_171004_Chr…)


Omg omg I took this screenshot early on and the comments got even dumber as they went on. Nobody has an answer as to how to keep men out of women's events because they're too scared to tell some men they aren't women.

No. 1906594

Lol?? Is this supposed to show the mean old lesbians?

No. 1906595

This is such a scrote tactic. It’s really disgusting that they do it at the drop of a hat, too.

No. 1906598

These women are seriously dumb as fuck. The whole point is that women in tech are few and far between, we're outnumbered in this industry. A scrote in a skirt has started their career in pants and with a huge advantage by sole virtue of being born male. They're automatically promoted and paid better than we are just because they're male. Why the fuck would they need this event even if they are trannies ? Just do your own fucking "degenerates in tech" and call it a day and stop fucking take all the space and oxygen from actual struggling professional women ffs.

No. 1906600

File: 1696028356227.png (1.34 MB, 1082x1712, chrome_screenshot_29 Sept 2023…)

the state of that mirror

No. 1906604

File: 1696028828180.png (33.57 KB, 495x390, ashley.png)

What the fuck is Combat Evolved? I have personally never met a woman who's played Halo. I wouldn't have been able to tell this "woman" had a video game name. It's almost like it's a reference for other Redditor men to get, not women.
Also really interesting how male brained the whole name is. Having a scrotey term like "combat", which is associated with war and super masculine. Also, traditionally, Ashley is a male name lol. You better not tell all the troon Ashley's that.

No. 1906607

Anon, plenty of women have played Halo, and I'm one of them. I also know what Combat Evolved is. You need to meet more people in your gender.

No. 1906610

Barf. Wtf has been splashed on it ? Some questions are better left unanswered.

No. 1906611

I just looked it up and it says 5.5% of the Halo playberbase is female. That's pretty abysmal. Who knows how much of that are troons. Assuming you're not a troon yourself, it still wouldn't change the fact he gave himself a stupid name only men will get the reference to.

No. 1906614

I love Halo, but I hate having to share the fandom with guys like that. OT, but I wish there were more female Halo fans. I think the story and characters of the campaigns would really appeal to a lot of women, but all people see is the toxic and male-dominated online multiplayer, which is basically like a whole different game.

No. 1906655

File: 1696034481490.mp4 (16.54 MB, transvalkrie.mp4)

lmao as if they've never seen a troon in miami. so childish

No. 1906670

How the fuck is blaming gun violence on the accessibility of guns "boymom" rhetoric? I don't even have kids you schizo.

No. 1906671

my god, he's repulsive

No. 1906674

imagine if a woman posted a video announcing her location for anyone on the internet to see.

No. 1906679

He's so terrified he's giving out his location on the internet and willing to meet strangers. No women ever has done this. Pathetic scrote.

No. 1906707

I hate how troons are all over r/oldhagfashion I hate their fashion

Sage for dumbass Reddit rant

No. 1906717

Not even when I was in the deepest state of depression was my hair that filthy. It needs to be shaved off.
Anyways, what a stupid scrote, if he was "terrified" for his life why can't he just get one of his friends to meet him halfway? And why would being called a pedophile in front of children be such a concern unless you are actively seeking to be near kids?

No. 1906719

File: 1696042628346.jpeg (277.09 KB, 750x818, DF31BAC6-AEE7-4FCD-AABC-FC8DBD…)

Twitter losing it over the fact that a man sounds like a man. Kayleigh Mckee is a tim.

No. 1906720

File: 1696042741968.jpg (462.05 KB, 1080x1259, Screenshot_20230929_195419_Gal…)

the post

No. 1906721

I thought I posted something about his outfit but I guess I didn't kek. My first thought was the bralette. My friend's little sister got sent to detention for having jeans torn at the knee, and they aren't allowed to wear shorts period, only knee-length or longer capris. We live in an extremely hot state. Girls when I went to school school weren't allowed to wear thick-banded tanktops if our armpits were visible because it "was a distraction for the other students". But I guess chimplets grabbing scrawny little girls and yanking them to the floor isn't a distraction for the other students? If this little girl had her skull or nose smashed in would it be a distraction? Moids need to have behavioral euthanasia like bad dogs and be put down, expeditiously.

No. 1906722

File: 1696042842125.jpg (448.11 KB, 1247x1663, aa0cee512d525874.jpg)

the unclockable troon

No. 1906723

File: 1696042950518.jpeg (509.64 KB, 1247x1663, 20666eaaab19f7ea.jpeg)

The amount of eyeliner is insane, racoon eyes

No. 1906724

She was insulting him and he's uber retarded to not realize that.
Isn't this that wolfkin dude? He looks like autism incarnate.

No. 1906725

isnt that the 'on all levels except physical i am a wolf' guy from that vine?

No. 1906728

Plenty of women play Halo and if they don’t they have at least heard of it. It’s one of the most popular video game franchises in the world. Just because you live under a rock doesn’t mean the rest of us do.

No. 1906729

They can never pick up back handed compliments can they?

No. 1906731

he opened the video burping like nothing just like my moid friends do, didnt even say ''oops sorry'', so fembrained

No. 1906733

those are some of the deadest eyes I've yet to see.

No. 1906736

File: 1696045803648.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1192x1917, E55B76AC-9A17-443F-992C-48AA52…)

there’s always at least one at every lolita meet-up and you can instantly clock them right away, these moids always look super self conscious and jealous because they’re always the most ugly masc and burly in the room with lank thin tranny hair and cheap coords and they make the whole atmosphere awkward, so annoying, get the fuck out of my comm already troons

No. 1906737

Brolitas were a mistake

No. 1906738

90 day fiance big ed build

No. 1906739

Thousand coom stare, all troons have it. Watching CP disminishes their soul.

No. 1906747

oh my bad you're one of the lurking troons looking to infight. mass shootings are a male violence problem, and if guns were banned they will simply make bombs, use other weapons or access guns more illegally. hope this helps.

No. 1906751

NTA but I'm from a country with pretty strict gun laws and the violent crime rate % is way lower than it is in burgerland. I can partially agree with you however, as moids here are more likely to beat someone to death here with their bare hands.

No. 1906753

My european country has barely any guns and used to be known for its very low crime rates but nowadays I just don't know anymore. We've had a few incel terrorist incidents over the past few years and its clear there's a growing powder keg of angry butthurt moids lurking beneath out society that is just waiting to explode. The newer generations of scrotes are just getting more and more pornsick hateful and violent and I'm so tired of it. I don't think anywhere is safe anymore.

No. 1906754

ayrt. men also commit acid attacks to permanently disfigure women and misogynistic hate crimes are generally underreported. more restrictions on guns or weapons in general would be helpful in most cases, but it is impractical in a country whose constitution put gun rights immediately after free speech.

No. 1906758

All that eyeliner and there's still a gap between the eyelashes and the makeup…

No. 1906759

File: 1696052207812.png (74.63 KB, 375x468, 435115674153.png)

Steal his look

No. 1906761

thought this would've been a based video but it's just a troon glazing creepy genderbending manga and trying to justify the incel to tranny pipeline. i'm tired

No. 1906762

File: 1696052479412.png (412.54 KB, 612x335, aaaaaaaa.PNG)

Males literally have a larger vocal range than females. Literally just praising him for being a man, talking in a man-voice, and lying that he's a woman. Wish his character could've died a brutal painful death instead of being spared. The murdered little BMO on-screen, but the two-dimensional cookie-cutter bad guy voice by a tranny gets to live? Fuck off.

No. 1906763

Halo is boring and sucks, that's why. Men are retarded apes who get a trickle of dopamine from clicking on a thing with their pixelated gun and it dies.

No. 1906765

samefag, maybe i should have seen it coming. i'm a bit naive and got excited to listen to someone talk about it. i'm tired of them trying to make a creepy manga into a beautiful sad narrative for them. fuck off

No. 1906777

File: 1696055630347.mp4 (4.77 MB, 480x600, ch5wzKzstpoVr2bq (1).mp4)

Sage because this video isn't new but it's been trending lately. A mtf decided to get physical with two girls. Apparently the issue was he was harassing these girls, and others, in the bathroom and lockers. The story made national news at one point https://nypost.com/2023/05/04/high-schooler-slams-california-school-district-over-trans-policy/

No. 1906784

Damn that's just a straight-up grown man at that point

No. 1906785

I'm glad her friend and some men stepped in at least

No. 1906786

at least 2 other moids stepped in

No. 1906788

I want to see this rape ape in the ring with that female mma fighter who dominated her fight against a troon

No. 1906790

I want a bully beatdown but with mma women figthers beating trannies up

No. 1906792

Knife crime rates in the UK are abysmal. Not to mention burgerland is too far gone and has more guns than people. If a buy back was initiated too many guns would still remain in the hands of psychos. I don't imagine anyone but law abiding citizens register their firearms accordingly or would hand them in if needed.

No. 1906794

jeez, if a male puts his face above you like that you jump and bite his nose off, they never expect that. Learned that from my granny's dog kek

No. 1906796

Many of them would genuinely enjoy that because they're degenerates kek

No. 1906798

The girl in the white is amazing, you can tell she was READY. The way he looms above her multiple times and she refuses to back down, gets thrown like a ragdoll multiple times with her back into the table and still gets up to push him back. He's the one who keeps escalating things and she handles it so well and doesn't let herself get pushed around without fighting back.

No. 1906801

I almost posted this myself, I thought the same thing from the title but I had to stop halfway through because of the defense of the "autogynophilia scene". No, a 30 year old man molesting the body of a teenage girl isn't really that deep. No, the male character oggling the teenage girl classmates and being aroused by their intimacy isn't some "gotcha" about how actually "th-the viewer is sexualizing them!" this is just the same basic male gaze that has always existed. No, I don't feel bad for men who feel uncomfortable expressing intimacy and tenderness as men, it's their own problem that isn't actually solved by wearing panties and jacking off in women's spaces.

No. 1906805

AYRT, we had a buy back due to the Port Arthur shooting and majority (except for farmers who live in butt nowhere but that's expected) seemed to be fine participating in it. However, yes, burgerland seems too fucked to be able to do that and the benefits can be pretty small when compared to other things moids will do, but it does prevent access to weapons for implusive moids who just want to shoot up a mall because they had a slightly bad day.

No. 1906817

File: 1696065242204.jpeg (498.3 KB, 828x914, IMG_2963.jpeg)

guys this is the wolf tranny kek

No. 1906819

He's an interesting case to point to because everyone laughed at his delusions when he said he's a wolf, despite even saying he's "not physically" a wolf. But the second the same delusional man says he's a woman everyone just affirms him in his delusion and calls him brave and stunning.

No. 1906822

can you share the names or a link? I tried finding it on my own but to no avail and I’d love to see that

No. 1906823

Clever terfing, I never thought about pretending that I can't tell they're men and then proceed to ask terfy questions like that. It puts the troon in the situation where they think they pass so they don't really want to out themselves as trans and they think they're undercover. I imagine that woman later going to the others laughing about the guy actually thinking he wasn't obviously a troon

No. 1906826

the boy can't fight

No. 1906827

Okami is japanese for wolf…

No. 1906837

Love how instead of just looking at the situation face value they have to create some narrative so that the tranny is in the right and somehow justified and the girls are just mean bullies. Very male behaviour. And even if the girls had said something about the troon it doesn’t excuse a physical attack, but of course they have to try to make it the girls fault, it’s not like men are just more violent and angry or anything.

No. 1906838

Such an underrated comment, I couldn’t let this go ignored. You’re so right, based nonnie. I see you. Much love.

No. 1906840

Holly hell how on earth is he "a GuRL" wtfuuuuuck
We really are in the degenerate timeline aren't we?

No. 1906842

Lmao yes it is. His weeb surname literally means 'wolf' (but misspelt, because he doesn't actually know Japanese. Sad.)

No. 1906850

File: 1696072919779.jpg (218.31 KB, 1283x1674, 6y9fcjbwv05a1.jpg)

Disgusting, of course they think this would be funny.

No. 1906852

File: 1696073020955.jpg (119.26 KB, 1080x770, F7KOBPJWYAAVEq5.jpg)

I love how they always try to say the reason their partner broke is because "she wasnt into girls/wasnt bi" when we all know its because she didnt want to stay with a fetish freak who is obsessed with himself

No. 1906853

What a fucking ape.

No. 1906854

The spelling is actually correct.

No. 1906865

I’d wager most bi people are not attracted to trannies of either sex. The cross sex hormones and mutilating surgeries makes them generally unattractive and uncanny looking. You can just tell instinctually something is wrong and unhealthy.

No. 1906866

Damn… didn't know it will have a tranny in it. Why is lesbian content always coupled up with trannies, now when I skip it it will count as "audiences not interested in lesbian movies" when it's really "lesbians not interested in watching predatory moids in skirts".(sage your shit)

No. 1906868

File: 1696076896040.png (1.62 MB, 816x1063, bernie.png)

And to think, some people actually think HSTSs and drag queens gone tranny somehow pass better kek. Effeminate males are still males, especially by 40.
There's a reason only gay men find them even remotely attractive (and even then not all of them, some won't fuck their "cis" drag partners until they totally de-drag). You can be an early transitioning male with all the surgeries, makeup, and hormones in the world but age will always reveal the man (if the surgeries even ever worked in the first place for irl passing)

No. 1906877

how repulsive, specially if she had a son and he was underage

No. 1906883

Ok, I admit it did make me laugh. And he is right men should be used as toilets.

No. 1906887

Let me guess, you think HSTS should be allowed in women's spaces as well?

No. 1906902

File: 1696083269924.jpg (75.31 KB, 1080x712, F7IL8W7WwAAJT2-.jpg)

No. 1906904

based mom

No. 1906908

Inside Mari is literally made by a man with AGP though. See the content around >>>/snow/1891254 or search in MTF #117 for "Inside Mari" and look at the surrounding posts

No. 1906909

No. 1906911

the mum is real af for this lmfaooo(learn2sage)

No. 1906913

Your mum is a TERF lmao

No. 1906914

KEK. Underrated post, nona.

No. 1906948

File: 1696090079432.mp4 (1.36 MB, 640x360, S7Fvr0JM5MlWcUpg.mp4)

>Lily Wachowski explains that trans porn made him trans.

No. 1906951

how can all these people keep a straight face and take all this bullshit serious? I would leave the stage laughing and would never be seen again.
So his only reason wanting to be a woman is that he wanted to be desired and loved because people in porn are desired and loved and not just a piece of meat some people jerk off to.

No. 1906955

>Watched porn (filmed rape) of trannies and thought that it was a display of "beautiful women being desired and loved"
>Wanted this feeling of being "beautiful, desired, and loved" for himself
>Married his wife in 1991
>Trooned out in 2016
>Has apparently dated multiple people since coming out despite still being married to his wife
So basically he's a sex-crazed, misogynistic pervert who thinks that women are emotionally catered to or valued by society in a way men aren't? Trannies are all the same.

No. 1906962

So he's basically admitting to being a transcel. He was a hideous fugly man even before he botched his body, and thought that trooning out would somehow magically make him attractive, which to him can only mean looking like a woman. God men are so retarded, this is just more proof they evolved to die at 30. Once they get older than that, they become so insecure and image-obsessed, and project their insecurities of no longer being a strapping virile young man onto the women they abuse. We all have things we're insecure about, but only a truly unhinged narcissist would ruin their bodies in pursuit of the unachievable beauty standards in their warped and porn-addled mind.

No. 1906973

Pretty sure the two scrotes who broke up the fight are both staff and are required to step in. Not a single male peer tried to protect them. Supposedly the stunning and brave grown man who was beating on girls half his size was expelled, which is something at least. Wondering if cup checking a TIM during an altercation would get you labeled as transphobic by the school for hitting them in the testicles.

No. 1906977

We need to start wearing those sharp hair pins again, especially UK girlies who can't carry self-defense items. Women back in the day did, to protect themselves from scrotes.

There's enough plausible deniability too, bc it has a function that isn't jabbing moids trying to ragdoll us.

No. 1907022

File: 1696101619936.jpg (103.8 KB, 1079x882, F7RmtOtWMAA8Vdq.jpg)

Hope it doesnt

No. 1907027

Should be two o's.(狼/おおかみ)

No woman will fuck them, so they make themselves into a 'woman' they themselves would fuck (because lbr they'd fuck any woman they could).

Kek no it won't.

No. 1907035

lol, there is no hair growth on scar tissue, sorry troon, that hair won't grow back. Hope he paid for that surgery himself and not through health insurance

No. 1907041

The man in the video has been married to a woman for 30 years and has dated at least one woman (FTM though) in that same time frame. Males are just fundamentally broken.

No. 1907048

What the fuck? How does that hellish surgery even works? Do they like, cut the whole face out like a mask and put it back on or something? Idk, I didn’t know they had to cut so behind, I thought it was only the hairline.
But kek, he will have to wear wigs from now on, which it’s surprising he hasn’t been doing so already based on how disgustingly greasy and thin his hair looks like.

No. 1907065

It looks like a reversed cross too. Demonic af

No. 1907072

It's cut open and pulled down to reduce the male five fivehead, so sometimes, uh… this happens. But since when have troons let baldness stop them from living their best lives?

Maybe he'll hair fiber like Chantal.

No. 1907081

it is two o's, in hepburn transliteration system. the bar above the o indicates a long vowel

No. 1907092

File: 1696110117957.jpg (110.58 KB, 1080x843, F7TVZrJWEAAQ9_l.jpg)

They always think women only have these earth shatteringly amazing full body orgasms, because theyre addicted to watching porn and hentai where its completely overplayed in such a ridiculous way no moron would actually believe it to be even remotely similar to an actual female experience. They really think a woman just moan every time her body is touched even slightly. Who wanna bet this man screams "iku" loudly when he jizzes

No. 1907102

File: 1696111463566.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 2208x2944, IMG_1920.jpeg)

No. 1907108

These retards truly can't conceptualize women as distinct from either misogynistic stereotypes or porn tropes.

No. 1907112

For those too scared to look, it's a shirtless elderly man with extremely lopsided manboobs, two belly buttons, and a thousand yard stare. He has a Mickey Mouse tattoo on his right shoulder, and I think a Minion tattoo on his left shoulder.

No. 1907114

Sure hon then everyone clapped.

No. 1907116

File: 1696112496070.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1284x2174, IMG_8932.jpeg)

Isn’t Goldfinger the lesbian bar that some TiM tried to get shut down? It’s so insulting to see a man saying “support lesbian bars” while he would be enraged if it was actually exclusive to lesbians.

No. 1907117

Even that mask can’t hide his subway footlong face hiding underneath(sage your shit)

No. 1907127

Someone please scrub my eyes with bleach

No. 1907128

Yeah it is. I thought the owner did end up closing it due to harassment and vandalism, so unless I'm misremembering, it must be an old pic.

No. 1907130

Buffalo Bill

No. 1907134

>"Support lesbian bars!"
>Is the exact type of person who gets these places shut down

No. 1907135

This shit is so embarrassing for these men. It always reveals their porn addiction.

No. 1907148

Lmfao I wish this was true, then why would there be an orgasm gap if women are so often cumming dramatically and moaning in pleasure at every touch and motion. Sensitive chest? KEK Women are humans who sometimes have amazing orgasms and sometimes have subdued mediocre ones (or none at all if you have the misfortune of fucking most men), you know, like regular human people. Porn is literal brainwashing for these retarded moids who have no human contact with women irl.

No. 1907152

The bar is still open, also they apparently are women only on just Saturdays (not sure if that's new because of the incident or if it has always been that way.) Ofc the person who tried to shut it down was a white guy lmao.

No. 1907153

Samefag but looking at their staff insta, they seem welcoming towards Tifs as one posted on their staff account literally several days ago, which is really funny to me.

No. 1907156

They always allowed TiFs. They excluded TiMs and some expat AGP threw a hissy fit.

No. 1907177

File: 1696128698923.png (782.87 KB, 982x1004, Screenshot_20230930-214639-476…)

If it's real he needs to start a prison romance with Ms. Taylor Schabusiness. She's perfect for him.

No. 1907178

Did he also have a tummy tuck or something done? There's a weird line above his belly button.

No. 1907183

Laproscopic surgery. There's another scar above and to the right where they inserted the tools.

No. 1907189


I can't stand foreigners who try to impose Western identity politics on Japan. They tend to be nothing but Weebtards that can't see a world outside of the West. Fortunately most Japanese people are apolitical, plus too xenophobic to let McTards boss them around, so it will never work.

No. 1907208

>Fortunately most Japanese people are apolitical
I actually see this being their downfall. They value conformity and cohesion so much that if there’s a significant push for troonism as being PC, they will go along with it without fighting back.

No. 1907216


>I actually see this being their downfall. They value conformity and cohesion so much that if there’s a significant push for troonism as being PC, they will go along with it without fighting back.

Unfortunately, there's that too. There's already multiple prominent Japanese people, like singers and manga artists, that have come out as enbies. Being non-binary there is taking off.

Plus it's way more sexist there, so I can see TIMs spreading just as an excuse to push women around even more. It might even spread just because of repressed homosexuality, like what's going on with gender clinics in China - parents sending their gay children to ones just because even being TIM is seen as more preferable to being gay.

Due to rigid social norms, I'd like to think at the very least it would lead to a society of TIMs on better behavior. That means no Kayla Lemieuxs. No Jessica Yanivs. No assaulting and beating women in public. Probably not even talking about their troonism in public, because that's how homosexuality supposedly is treated there (In a "Don't ask, don't tell" kind of thing, even if no one cares).
Even if they spread, it might be in a way they don't interfere with your day to day life and job. (And they definitely couldn't fire you in Japan, because it has life-time employment. lul)

No. 1907219


Oh also, they'd probably get serious shit for trying to doxx you or anything there too, because privacy is taken very seriously in Japan. That's another reason why I think the typical evil modus operandi of Western troons won't work there. It's harder for a troon to violate your boundaries in a country where being conscious of others around you is so stressed and peer-pressured from childhood.

No. 1907233

File: 1696145798210.jpg (233.32 KB, 1080x918, 20231001_002255.jpg)

So excited to share his delusional fantasy he admits he isn't a woman.

No. 1907235

Ew wtf. They wish.

No. 1907236

Do you think his username is referencing how sunken his eyes are?

No. 1907242

lmao what an ape

No. 1907256

File: 1696154722662.jpeg (741.17 KB, 2047x1561, F6tW2STbUAAZfWO3.jpeg)

You're right, I'm thinking of the French bar that shut down. The Saturday thing was always the case, yeah, but ofc men can't stand being excluded for one whole day rme.

Unfortunately it's already spreading, because Western activist groups are pressuring the government to accept self-ID laws etc. I saw a talk from a Japanese author who wrote about all the gender ideology shit, and she got blacklisted just like what happens in the West. Upside is that opposition has spread to there too. They had a small march last week.

No. 1907271

File: 1696158932291.png (338.18 KB, 574x535, image_2023-10-01_221530885.png)

Clocked immediately, ew

No. 1907277

Tranny or metal fag could be a game in those circles

No. 1907278

In Japan men aren’t allowed to enter many businesses that are targeted towards women, including trannies. There are cafes, subway carriages, beauty salons etc that literally don’t let men come past the front door. Which is based as fuck, the west could never with its retarded equality at all costs policy.

No. 1907285

>man buys female theatrics thus proving he is a man
What a retard

No. 1907289

File: 1696163351381.jpg (1.21 MB, 1070x4605, Screenshot_20231001_142715_Chr…)

Yet another pedo Troon
The video is in the link. Absolutely vile.

No. 1907291

For all the wild misogyny in Japan that manifests itself in the most despicable ways I will never understand how they're the only country that has adopted this as a cultural norm. There must be something about Japanese society that makes them immune to manipulation, the whole "well you better treat us like women or we'll kill ourselves" strategy just never worked on the Japanese

No. 1907292

Japanese culture revolves around shame and fear of “losing face”. Troons have absolutely no shame or embarrassment, and society tells us to kiss their asses instead of shunning them like the creeps they are

No. 1907293

>tell me how its easy
>(deep voice) tell me how its easy

No. 1907296

the way it cut with the music to his value village fit made me cackle lmao yeah im sureeee hes look at you bc your hot and not horribly grotesque, buddy lmao

No. 1907305

File: 1696167647333.jpg (87.48 KB, 1080x1087, F7SMN2eWgAA0MXL.jpg)

Just another day on "actual lesbians"

No. 1907306

There was a guy/tranny who was getting in to female onsen (wearing a towel) and tweeting about how it was 'boob heaven' (said with gross baby-speak). Idt they'd have let him in if he was an obvious guy though.

No. 1907314

The "racist pedophile transgender" specification is so funny, they know that "transgender pedophile" is a protected class but if you say he's also racist he's definitely bad

No. 1907320

I love that these articles are always like "a trans girl" and then the picture is the fattest ugliest malest brute you've ever seen in your life

No. 1907324

In the video, this ape says "I don't do anything with minors anymore" wtfuuck what ? I hope he gets locked up. He's a fucking predator.

No. 1907331

Something I’ve noticed from lurking is that even AGPs are upset that AL is 90% trans at this point. Majority trans spaces are not validating (or arousing) anymore so they’ll spread out to others and the cycle will repeat over and over until every actual woman has fled “female”/“lesbian” subreddits.

No. 1907341

Crazy how Britain had all these islands, a few of them under their patronage still, yet they refuse to ship their pedo troons there.

No. 1907345


>the whole "well you better treat us like women or we'll kill ourselves" strategy just never worked on the Japanese

That's because they're Japanese. They'll kill themselves anyway. (Going to hell for that one kek)


Japan's sexually repressive culture gives rise to alot of perverted men. I could def see trooning out enabling a bunch of AGPs. Hope we don't get vidrel.

No. 1907349

can you share the Japanese author you mentioned, would be interested in her work.

No. 1907353

perverts in Japan are a special kind of insidious with stalkerish tendencies and that's why these women-only spaces exist.

>the whole "well you better treat us like women or we'll kill ourselves" strategy just never worked on the Japanese

Yeah because the idea of self-sacrifice for the sake of public cohesion is more prevalent there than our definition of personal freedom which is really just "the right to shit all over everyone else without consequences". If you don't care about others' wellness they won't care about you, any nuisance can go die in the corner. I remember some years ago a japanese artist I was following went on a rant in broken english about how unempathetic westerners are for complaining all the time on social media and not keeping their audience's feelings in mind when they post, kek

No. 1907363

Why do these idiots never have the police with them? Oh no, a camera, but you have no power to arrest or detain them. It's the same sad story every single time.

No. 1907376

File: 1696183939924.jpeg (77.49 KB, 450x578, IMG_5149.jpeg)

Really? I couldn’t even tell he was trans!
By which I mean he looks like such a regular (greasy) dude that I couldn’t tell he’s supposed to be a “woman” lmao. I bet a good deal of “I had no idea you were trans” situations go like this, and the rest are people lying through their teeth out of pity or fear.

Pic related

No. 1907418

Sure thing, nonnie! Her name is Shono Yoriko, and the talk I mentioned is archived here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSiyvdymh-k

No. 1907419

File: 1696188225562.jpg (168.69 KB, 1080x1254, F7W17EFWgAMebzD.jpg)

Trust me, they all knew you were trans. They just pretended they didnt because they wanted to fuck, thats how men work

No. 1907434

That's delusional level 99 lmao. Dude, they know you're a man because you are. No need to play detective omfg. Also I'm dead at the mention he doesn't look like his pics, no shit, filters don't apply irl

No. 1907481


Tf is he whining about anyways? What was rude in that situation, besides his catfishing with unrealistic photos and not disclosing his sex? "I took my purse and left" lol larp harder, idiot.

No. 1907497

File: 1696201061584.png (173.5 KB, 1082x1503, chrome_screenshot_1 Oct 2023 2…)


No. 1907500

>is literally the oldest form of misogyny in the world

No. 1907502

File: 1696201729041.jpeg (31.46 KB, 463x662, IMG_3108.jpeg)

I bleed out of my vagina because I was born the sex you’re trying to become by castrating yourself, you ooze pus out of your inverted dick generously labeled a “neo-vagina” because it’s an infected open wound that is the result of a surgery that always ends up looking botched we are not the same, sir

No. 1907505

They're such delusionally cumbrained neets they don't even realize a retail worker would be fired for sexual harassment ASAP if they were talking to customers about not wearing panties wtf

No. 1907507

None of these are clever lmao it just shows how stupid they are
Also again with this fantasy that they would ever shut up a terf and then everyone clapped bullshit
Idk what is more insane, that a random ebil terven would say anything to their face unprovoked, as if we'd take our chances with a hulking male clearly deranged in a skirt, or that they'd not resort to violence like we've seen so many times before…
No one can convince me some of these fuckers aren't purposely putting themselves in situations that'd force women to say something just so they can drag them on the internet or say their stupid bullshit and play the victim.

No. 1907517

I bleed from my vagina because it's a completely normal process that gives me the ability to create life if I so choose. My uterus builds a lining and cleanly sheds it month after month to keep healthy processes going as they should. All the while my vagina also self cleaned and fends off infection with its natural acidity.
You only bleed from where your cock and balls once were because you mutilated yourself in some desperate facsimile of the beauty that is female. You bleed from dilation to keep that facsimile going even as it shrivels up your body wrapping it in scar tissue in a last ditch effort to protect itself against your male hubris. Infection and sepsis is a constantly looming threat. You can bring no life. You only take from others, and bring rot, pus, and necrotizing flesh into the world. The rot of your own actions.
I bleed in natural resilience and health.
You bleed in ugliness and perversion.
Cope seethe and dilate.

No. 1907519

They literally wish they could menstruate kek. I don't have to stick plastic crap inside my vagina to keep it from healing closed, nor do I have to worry about hairballs and fistulas.

No. 1907522

Reminds me of that boomer “don’t trust someone who bleeds for x amount of days without dying” thing. The shedding of the uterine lining is not comparable to their festering wounds. Moids thinking periods are icky and using it to insult women is not shocking to me at all.

No. 1907525

TERF told me YWNBAW so I told her ligma big chungus r/whoosh keanu reeves wholesome updoot moment, and everyone clapped.

No. 1907529

Once a Reddit scrote, always a Reddit scrote.

No. 1907530

How is it a clever comeback when they’re literally going under the knife to try and wear us? It’s ultimate cope is what it is.

No. 1907544

beautiful and true nonnie

No. 1907611

The absolute state of libfems

No. 1907613

samefag, this woman is a bit of a personal cow of mine, she grew up upper middle class white a republican black dad and white mom and so she went the complete opposite direction trying to overcompensate with her blackness but still trying to shoe horn in every political issue.

No. 1907614


No. 1907623

File: 1696226591454.jpg (123.01 KB, 1080x602, Screenshot_20231002-014710_Boo…)

>Living as a sex slave was so gender affirming:

No. 1907627

she's a bit of a dork but her story about being abused by her superior officer in the military was devastating and hit in some deeply horrific ways. I can't help but root for her after all that. shes not a patriotic pro military nut by any stretch just was kinda a naive 18 year old with a super conservative family that made the army out to be a normal goal they pushed her to since day 1 like how most parents push going to college. at worst she's overly into marvel movies and other basic interests lol

No. 1907631

props to her for saying cis does not mean or lesser woman it literally just means (or should mean) not trans. course if you reject trans wholesale one can argue all day that a word like cis is not necessary. but a libfem doesnt reject trans stuff obviously, so i like to see her standing firm that she is not diminished in her importance, not diminished in her womanhood and refuses to be diminished for not being trans. she's focused on having different issues than others, rather than parroting the misogynistic takes often hurled by TRAs about how (cis) women shouldn't self advocate for our own bodies and female anatomy and healthcare. the co-exist vibes is some improvement on the performative groveling and self depreciation you often see

No. 1907634

>clue that I was trans
>my mom's school photo
>animal crossing
makes me wanna puke and cry
I can't believe I used to have a crush on him during youtube's golden age, there is nothing sacred and pure in this godforsaken world

No. 1907638

the fact that he looked way more feminine before transing, that unsufferable smirk… kek they are all the same, they all got the same symptoms, it's a literal mental illness(sage your shit )

No. 1907660

Why are you caping so hard for this handmaiden in this thread? No one cares you have bad taste in youtube content.

No. 1907663

File: 1696238028249.jpg (482.37 KB, 1080x1909, Screenshot_20231002_111302_Chr…)

Apparently, there's a prevalence of mental illnesses in the trans community, unsurprisingly. Not sure what pubmed is worth but here we are
Why do they always wear these feckin chockers

No. 1907667

Pubmed is generally unbiased in what it allows on the database (there's a entire sperg about dreams and insects on there kek) but I could be wrong

No. 1907668

Still retained his very male voice omfg. At least make an effort

No. 1907669

There seem to be a huge prevalence of autism in them as well. I don't have exact data but reading through all the subreddit linked in the OP, it's crazy the number of them that say they are autistic.

No. 1907676

Being trans is just a symptom of autism, not its own diagnosis

No. 1907679

you know they’d claim it was because of muHH tRanSphObia and not an integral part of being a tranny

No. 1907684

File: 1696244037116.jpg (332.56 KB, 1110x636, Charlie-Mcdonnell-exclusive-ho…)

this is basically like saying that there's a prevalence of speech impairment in the deaf community, it's almost like transgenderism IS a mental illness!

I'm not sure if that would be worse, I'd say at least there is something he's not faking, too bad he actually talks differently now. That insufferable trans voice, that kind of creepy softer tone. of course, cause women = uwu delicate speech and pink dresses (serial killer vibes)

picrel he used to look like an ftm now he looks like this kek

No. 1907685

kek why are moids unable to take care of themselves? they all age like milk in the sun

No. 1907689

>this is basically like saying that there's a prevalence of speech impairment in the deaf community, it's almost like transgenderism IS a mental illness!

But you can't say that otherwise yOu'Re aTErf TrAnSphobe kek

No. 1907694

I mean twink-death was gonna hit Charlie regardless of him trooning out, but he doesnt look remotely like a woman

No. 1907695

File: 1696246717164.jpg (714.05 KB, 960x1333, image.jpg)

the fact that he is straight and has always dated women is the biggest red flag, textbook autogynophile.
also he looks like jonah hill in drag lol

No. 1907702

dude looks like 2011 skrillex

No. 1907704

What are you smoking? She diminished her womanhood by the simple fact that she agrees she is a subsection in her own sex class. She agrees she is demoted to a side kick of the men larping as sexist stereotypes of women. She's a rich privileged champagne socialist telling women who got actual problems that they shouldn't be upset with the troon in the bed next to them in the rape or homeless women's shelter.

No. 1907709

Nonna, just no. the word "cis" implies women are a subcategory of their own sex class. it makes it seem like there are two types of women, one born female and one born male. a male woman is an oxymoron and doesn't exist because a male human will always be a boy/man. thats why we have TIM (trans identified male) to accurately describe them. terms like cis are not just meant to be words to describe anyone who isn't trans identifying like heterosexual is defined as anyone not gay or bisexual, because the word subscribes to the notion of having a gender identity or gendered soul that can either match or mismatch your actual sex. using it or defending others who use it makes it seem you actually believe in that nonsense

No. 1907710

Being misogynistic isn't a mental illness.

No. 1907720

Amen to all the above. It's tiresome to go through anything and read stuff like "cis women" - just no. That plus all the shitty "person who birth/birthing people/ chest feeders" just, barf and gtfo with that vocabulary. Only women give birth, end of story. Erasing women from medical litterature or language at a time when we fought so fucking hard to be visible ? Fuck that shit.

No. 1907722

File: 1696250797013.png (397.83 KB, 1088x657, Gigigorgeous.png)

Gigi Gorgeous (mtf) and his wife (ftm) managed to get three embryos via IVF, I wonder how fucked up the baby's gonna be. I'm guessing Nat Getty isn't going to be carrying it so they'll have to use a surrogate to gestate and birth their frankenbaby.

No. 1907724

There's a real hilarious pic of them, Gigi in a full make-up wearing lingere and Nats in this super masculine role. but he's larger than her in every category and it just looks comical.

No. 1907737

File: 1696253780567.jpg (122.95 KB, 1500x1769, gigi-gorgeous-2-1956e928a63141…)

No. 1907742

"Too cliche"?(learn2sage)

No. 1907745

that's not the one, it was one of their Instagram pics, super eidted and farmed which made it all the more hilarious.

No. 1907746

>He's larger than her in every category

I've seen this dude IRL and he was larger than every woman that came near him, his shoulders and head and everything are truly massive kek

No. 1907749

File: 1696257375303.jpeg (223.95 KB, 828x1441, IMG_2886.jpeg)

I just hate everything about this

No. 1907750

racist white "woman"

No. 1907751

Growing out of your neo nazi phase #justgirlthings

No. 1907752

Oh my god, I thought the TIF was Ellen

No. 1907761

The flippancy with which they dismiss being nazis online is actually baffling. They know the vast majority of people DON'T have a nazi phase, right? There is absolutely nothing normal about this

No. 1907763

Making a Monty Python reference is about the most stereotypically millennial male nerd thing I can think of.

Lol the last time I saw those 'Gor' novels mentioned was by Reddit MRAs. So nothing's changed.

No. 1907774

How come you can meme straight men into gay sex just from saying "trans women are real women with totally real vags" (not talking about chasers who seek out pre-op on purpose because they know they want dick), but gay men can't be tricked into having sex with tifs, they just go "lol no, girl bye". As a baseline you'd think men of all sexualities would be deranged enough to "fuck anything" but the two camps react differently

No. 1907778

Because those gay men are gay, and those "straight" men you're talking about are actually bisexual and looking for permission

No. 1907781

File: 1696264756653.jpg (153 KB, 1080x585, Screenshot_20231002_183850_Chr…)

No. 1907783

They can look as 'feminine' as they like, they'll never look female.

No. 1907784

I think there are straight men too, but those woke TRA men who end up fucking a troon quickly realize it's not a woman at all but they can now never walk back on troonism because it would mean they had gay sex. They'd rather fight tooth and nail over it having been straight sex than admit to it, even to themselves

No. 1907787

No. 1907788

If this was true and troons looked more feminine we all know the troons would be seething while trying to look less feminine so they can look more like real women. They don't usually actually want femininity, they want to pass as women

No. 1907795

How do they not realize how misogynistic this sounds

No. 1907806

Omg they love to have their cake and eat it too. They simultaneously are going to kill themselves for never having experienced a magical girl childhood to teach them how to girl, AND they're so much better at understanding and performing femininity than the real women

No. 1907809

The Holy Grail especially. I enjoy Monty Python but god do I hate men who quote Holy Grail. Yelling “Ni!” in a crowded room should be punishable by law.

Feminine is when makeup and miniskirts.
He’s not entirely wrong, either. TIMs have to work harder at “femininity” by slathering themselves in makeup, squishing their moobs into push-up bras, wearing porny clothes and acting like bimbos because that’s the only way they can signal to the world that they’re trying to be women. Real women just have to exist to be recognised as women so the vast majority of us don’t try as hard, or at all. This makes them seethe like crazy.

No. 1907818

File: 1696268878948.jpg (74.61 KB, 720x540, Freaks .jpg)

I hate that the vtuber community is full of these fuckers since its mostly a female oriented space

No. 1907819

Wtf is a girl childhood supposed to be anyway ? What they describe in general sound like what you see in some American movies (girls slumber parties or whatever else)…like…did we all have these ? Or where we supposed to ?

No. 1907820

friendly reminder that adrew tate say fucking trannies is less gay than fucking a masculine women, men are just retarded

No. 1907821

File: 1696269072990.jpg (76.11 KB, 1080x540, F7crvlmX0AQpYSb.jpg)

So youre a gay man who was always a gay man but you couldnt come to terms with being a gay man so you had to troon out, a classic

No. 1907822

its funny how even with voice filters and big titty avatars they still get clocked on the vtuber community

No. 1907823

They're not wrong. Too bad "femininity" as he's defining it is a concept by and for men, and so in a way perfecting a feminine look down to a T is the most male thing they could do. I love being gnc and making trannies seethe just by existing as an undeniable woman in basketball shorts and no makeup kek

No. 1907826

i genuinely dont understand men's perception of femininity, they think a man wearing a skirt is gay unless its some irish chad with a 6pack then its the manlies thing ever, same for gay say, its gay unless the man puts on a dress then ''its no homo bro''

No. 1907827

According to trannies, we have all had these universal experiences as girls:
>sleepovers where we all wear cute satin pajamas and stay up all night practicing kissing each other
>our moms taking us to buy thongs and pushup bras and telling us if we look hot in them or not
>never having to lift a finger around the house, just spending all day playing with dolls and doing our hair
>going to the bathroom in packs where we giggle and gossip and share tampons with each other
>changing in front of one another constantly, jealously comparing boob sizes
>having a mom or older sister teach us how to do makeup
>men constantly showering us with gifts and genuine praise
If you didn't have these experiences, you will be forever irreparably harmed and left out of the magical sisterhood of women!!!

No. 1907836

Wait what?! This guy is a troon? I've seen a few of his videos and I wasn't getting troon vibes at all, I just thought he was a metalhead That is really unfortunate. Like why can't these dudes just accept themselves as men who like to have long hair?

No. 1907840

File: 1696271330163.mp4 (1.67 MB, 576x1024, Download - 2023-10-02T192806.8…)

No. 1907851

File: 1696272863995.jpg (173.04 KB, 1049x689, Screenshot_20231002_205303_Chr…)

>Just play pretend with me or else

No. 1907852

thank you, nonna. Very sad that her work wasn't translated in other languages so far, might really have to finally learn Japanese, kek.

No. 1907855

I think the "girly sleepover" fantasy comes from moe anime about groups of (girl)friends. The jealousy and catty behavior fantasies comes from a mix of Hollywood movies like Mean Girls and autism making them unable to understand actual bullies subtle behavior. The mom and older sister fantasies are from popular porn categories. There's no way those trannies actually want to be a teenaged girl and have their mom make invasive comments about their bodies. It doesn't actually feel "euphoric", things like that actually causes dysphoria to people

No. 1907856

i thought "trans acceptance" meant accepting that people are trans, not pretending that they aren't. Men shifting the goalposts of emotional labor because not even the most doting handmaiden in the world can satisfy the black hole of their emotional demands, more news at 11

No. 1907857

Nayrt but I think she's saying she thought he was just a metalhead instead of claiming troonhood
So fucking creepy. You just know he's revisiting moments in old relationships and pornifying them. It's so creepy knowing moids still think about and get off to their exes as if hold ownership over them.

No. 1907867

>not sure if that's new because of the incident
It was always like that iirc, which is why it was obvious this tranny tried to start shit with the bar owners on purpose. The other days anyone can come in and there's a day for FTM customers specifically I think.

No. 1907873

>its mostly a female oriented space
Is it? I always thought it was mainly to pander to coomer men.

No. 1907884

mostly the western vtuber community is you can always tell thought they always have the god awful coomer designs

No. 1907885

File: 1696278869095.png (42.67 KB, 977x421, totalmoiddeath.png)

found on a post about how uwu validating mansplaining is to them. they really give away their biological maleness by caping for fellow scrotes like this
>b-but what about the evil TIFs mansplaining to fit in better!! guize pls don't be mean to le cis men, even though I'm totally not one anymore I still get so pressed when they're even mildly criticized online!!

No. 1907899

>I think the "girly sleepover" fantasy comes from moe anime about groups of (girl)friends
it doesnt, it's literally a porn trope family guy did a gag about it, they are no different than quagmire which is funny

No. 1907902

Probably just tranfiction.

No. 1907905

File: 1696282468146.mp4 (12.49 MB, Snaptik.App 726321878496033514…)

>deep lesbian yearning

No. 1907907

t. faceblind autist who relies on clothing to identify people

No. 1907921

Lmao a not like the other boys tranny. (I know there’s many but this just made me laugh) He thinks his crushes were so much deeper than other scrotes

No. 1907973

File: 1696290916929.png (716.36 KB, 1080x1437, Screenshot_20231002-164902.png)

>tranny admits they gaslight normal people

No. 1907974

File: 1696290994427.jpeg (343.71 KB, 1345x2048, F7dox4DbAAAOaU3.jpeg)


No. 1907995

Who's willing to bet that his "deep lesbian yearning" was just stalkerish tendencies and him getting off on violating girl's boundaries?

No. 1907999

It’s funny too when they say we’re being manly or masculine when we don’t wear makeup or shave or whatever else. Like can they sound more fucking male just based on that? Women don’t exist to perform, we just exist. Existing without catering to men doesn’t make us less female.

No. 1908001

I would love VTubers who actually catered to women. I want someone cozy to listen to who doesn’t pander to moids.

No. 1908004

Every fucking time. I’m glad some tifs are waking up to this misogynistic shit. I’ve seen them complain about how they get treated by trans women. I hope they keep working it out.

No. 1908005

That wasn't your experience? Huh, guess you're just not as feminine as me and my girl friends' tampon swapping parties.

No. 1908019

File: 1696297541309.jpg (393.4 KB, 1080x1518, Screenshot_20231002-213544_Chr…)

Can we blacklist these opportunistic scrotes or something?:

No. 1908035

File: 1696300393285.jpg (367.67 KB, 1080x1176, Screenshot_20231002-170208_Boo…)

TIM foaming at the mouth for an "excuse" to assault somebody

No. 1908039

>it’s super easy to get away with violent crimes these days
What did he mean by this?

No. 1908044

I looked at his account and, surprise surprise, the position he's thinking of applying for is at a tech company. Does anyone have an estimate of what percentage of the comments are telling this ghoul to go for it because "all trans people are equally as oppressed as women, if not more oppressed (especially if they're AMAB!), so you deserve that opportunity just as much and totally won't be unfairly prioritized over the actual cis women applying for it"?

No. 1908048

File: 1696303391195.jpg (499.72 KB, 1080x2199, Screenshot_20231002_231618_X.j…)

I was shocked by the amount of pushback this post got. I suppose this made it to a different part of twitter.

No. 1908050

The unspoken part understood by each and every one of them is that the only "transphobes" this cretin will be assaulting will be female, preferably elderly.

No. 1908051

File: 1696303630822.jpg (1004.02 KB, 1079x3588, Screenshot_20231002_232525_X.j…)

Double post, sorry, but here is a notable reply to the thread above. Again, very surprised.

No. 1908058

Sorry, a bit of a blogpost, but I just found out that an old classmate of mine has trooned out. The guy is clearly autistic, very into games and anime and has a crippling porn addiction. His reddit posting history is all about his porn addiction, how he is injecting himself with DIY hormones and his tranny "girlfriend". Seems he fully got groomed into this by that other man or something. I almost feel bad for him, but he is also just another hideously stereotypical porn addicted moid who wants to larp an anime hentai girl IRL. How sick in the head do you have to be to inject yourself with a random liquid you order online just to fullfill a weird misogynistic fetish?(unsaged blogpost)

No. 1908069

i wish i could scream from the rafters how foreign these media depictions of girlhood almost always feels to people who actually had a girlhood/female adolescence. i remember feeling a sense of longing for these fantasy blissful versions of girlhood i saw on tv and in magazines and thought other normal girls were living. for me the trans assumption that we actually lived this while they missed out is so frustrating and insulting. we were literally longing for this way before any of you and let go of it when we realized its not real life or who we are anyway. we all "missed out" on this because it wasn't real.

and autistic girls especially did not do this shit and routinely report feeling separated from girly rituals as children. youd think they could respect that as autists that there are girl autists too. if they had been born a cis girl theyd be an autistic girl, with her own version of girlhood thats often even further from the tim mythologized girlhood stereotype. they think if they'd been born cis girls they would be little popular normal girls with lots of friends for some reason? you're being born a girl on the spectrum your early years are going to still be very lonely and disconnected you stupid moid. at least your retardation got early intervention diagnosis. if you had been born an autistic girl doctors would ignore the signs because autism is "uncommon in girls", and you'd be even more fucked growing up then the autistic moids.

group trips to the bathroom is especially not something autistic girls did in grade school, even if some neurotypical girls did. i'm not even autistic just a smidge of the tism and i genuinely remember feeling baffled and confused why other girls in high school invited each other to the bathroom. like don't you just want a moment of peace alone? most women on the spectrum don't have many experiences like this until adulthood as she gets more socially adjusted, like going to the bathroom with female friends while out drinking and having that little gossip and compliment powwow for the first time. so if anything she's actually on the journey of self discovery as a young adult woman having a bit of a second adolescence the the tim thinks he invented. and even if a few items on this list are true for a small number of girls, like having a supportive mom or a close friend group with lots of sleepovers, the rest of this stereotyped fantasy is literally fully made up product of old media written by men anyways

No. 1908075

samefag but ew sorry why did that come out so long. tldr i find it funny autistic moids who long to be born cis girls and experience girlhood don't realize they would be autistic cis girls. like the stereotyped media version of girlhood is way off for all girls. but probably even further off from what most autistic girls experience. these girls are very disconnected and isolated. hate how they're still convinced autism is a male experience

No. 1908076

>it’s super easy to get away with violent crimes these days
t. scrawny neckbeard who's never thrown a punch and never leaves his house

No. 1908091

Skip to 1:00:00 and listen to what he says. Have they gotten more comfortable nonsensically comparing their retarded woes to the historical struggles of woc? Hearing that argument more often than ever before. I hope it's peaking people

No. 1908093

Here's the link. Sorry farmhands I'm retarded

No. 1908101

>like going to the bathroom with female friends while out drinking and having that little gossip and compliment powwow for the first time.
I’ve still never had this. Feels bad. But great post nonna, I never thought about it in those terms and it’s so true.

No. 1908129

He's done this for some time now, I remember in a video about the giggle app, He went on a rant about how skull measurements, used to study differences between sexes and races, are false science and inherently racist. This culminated in a final mid-rant about how the concept of 'womanhood' was created by colonizing nations and POCs were beyond those regressive concepts. One thing I remember that just proved to me how much of a moron he was, was when he claimed that anthropologist Samuel George Morton's studies were about how all non-white people were inferior due to skull measurements and needed to be colonized. But all of that is untrue. Morton was an abolitionist who measured skulls to study human variation, as part of his inquiry into whether God had created the human races separately. His goal was to prove that humans are more similar than different, and that we all came from God.

No. 1908133

File: 1696321640062.jpg (422.13 KB, 2768x1448, 20231003_040610.jpg)

They've not only stolen the experiences of woc, they attempt to claim that they are the uber opressed. Every experience pales in comparison to their own. I have witnessed them hijack entire conversations to make it about themselves and when called out about it, they scream and cry transphobia.

Pic related. The ACLU attempted to claim that trans people are entitled to special protections under the constitution beyond other marginalized groups. To do this, they had to claim that they are more politically and socially powerless thus the need for such privileges and protections. The court went off on them and the pic is their response. The ruling, btw, was the court upholding the ban against gender affirming care for minors.

No. 1908139

As a woman in tech, I'm so fucking deeply tired of this. Do they also accept the pay cut that comes with being "female presenting" ? like, dude, gtfo. Currently enrolled in a woman in tech program and I'm one of the only actual woman here.

No. 1908140

>we're biologically female!
i can tell you're male just by looking at you, clownish looking freak.

No. 1908142

Ah I saw something on TikTok about this today. It was a video of a TIM with a Stuart from MadTV sounding voice asking “what stage of fascism is this?” and then explaining the proceedings

No. 1908143

Massive kek at the mental gymnastics going on here to try and shoehorn what is essentially his opinions. It's as if trannies don't believe in science.

No. 1908150

File: 1696325900982.jpeg (105.39 KB, 787x359, IMG_2905.jpeg)

(sorry for the shitty quality)
stumbled upon a great example of the average troon. hope he gets a visit from the police but let’s be real, uk police won’t do anything but pat him on the back

No. 1908157

wants to blow up random healthcare workers, admits he can't control his behavior and emotions, is a porn addict lolicon - he sounds like a ticking time bomb.

No. 1908161

Hands off, degenerate. If you were an actual woman, your name would be something boring, like Emily or Hannah.

No. 1908162

File: 1696327412621.png (52.72 KB, 716x368, notafetishtho.png)

Its not a fetish tho guys

No. 1908163

File: 1696327904524.png (584.88 KB, 744x856, hmm.png)

What did he mean by this

No. 1908164

As if I could peak any more (freshly peaked, hello), calling Caster Semenaya a cis woman is some fucking bullshit.

No. 1908169

File: 1696329252997.jpg (817.06 KB, 810x3463, Screenshot_20231001-210243_Chr…)

Kek I never got around to sharing some of the replies to this post:

No. 1908170

The fact that their very concept of a woman is “to be used for pleasure” is so soul-vomitingly disgusting I want to commit Crimes against troons whenever I see shit like this.

No. 1908171

File: 1696329868667.png (46.21 KB, 688x295, Fn4G1CmaYAAbrTX.png)

I'm convinced they're all deviants.I remember seeing the results of that taboo fetish survey and wasn't shocked when I saw that trans people are double the score of cis people. This is largely a sex thing for them and I cannot be unconvinced.

No. 1908173

I don't usually have a weak stomach, but I had to stop reading midway through the second comment. It's almost fascinating how the way pornsick men approach their sexualities and talk about it manages to be just as disgusting as the grusome side effects of their hormone abuse and cosmetic butcheries.

No. 1908174

>"Cis" females polled as slightly more likely to have taboo fetishes than "cis" males
There's no way this is legitimate. I don't doubt that trannies are far, far more paraphilic than normal people, but I don't trust this specific study at all.

No. 1908185

I love how they call this "female orgasms" when theyre stimulating their prostates through their assholes lol, literally the opposite of a female experience

No. 1908193

File: 1696334841626.jpg (371.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20231003_140550_Tik…)

Yes, your "girlfriend"… lesbian spaces are legit being erased by straight people

No. 1908194

File: 1696335019127.jpg (405.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20231003_140921_Tik…)

The fucking audacity of her posting this

No. 1908195

I would like every person who's ever seriously said 'cummies' to be thrown in a giant blender.

No. 1908196

The straight woman doth protest too much

No. 1908197

yikes, that’s the most unfortunate case of being hit with the ugly stick i’ve seen in a long while… genuinely i can’t tell if it’s 19 or 91. no wonder it’s stuck with a tranny, with this current unflattering look, it’s the best she’s gonna do

No. 1908201

Ah yes, the very lesbian response of sending your boyfriend to solve all your problems through intimidation against smaller (aka weaker/"lower") males

No. 1908202

How am I supposed to even have a libido after reading this.

No. 1908208

File: 1696337553379.jpg (505.2 KB, 715x2340, Screenshot_20231003_144616_Gal…)

No. 1908214

Fuck. He looks like an ogre looming in the background.

No. 1908216

File: 1696339532008.png (2.05 MB, 1084x2648, dont be trans.png)

this made me laugh today

No. 1908220

Fucking hell he has the manliest face ever like dude….sound advice in the comment kek

No. 1908226

File: 1696341147682.jpg (1014.88 KB, 1080x2480, Screenshot_20231003_155140_Chr…)

Girls need to learn to take a stand and refuse to compete when a boy decides he is entitled to infiltrate their competition. Just let him run on his own ffs.

No. 1908238

As a lesbian who prefers to top, the way men conceptualize female sexuality is so deluded and disgusting that sometimes I just have to laugh. Everything that comes out of their mouth about women and sex is so fucking male-oriented and porn-inspired that it just makes me embarrassed for them.

No. 1908240

>Make him run on his own
>Lose potential scholarships among other things because you did an oopsie
>Get suspended by your school because you did an wrong think
Girls cannot win, woman cannot win. We got to destroy men. Make them face the wall.

No. 1908241

How can someone have this much cognitive dissonance? Seriously.

No. 1908250

The girls would get punished if they raised any stink about this, that's what's so fucked up about it

No. 1908255

Yes it's true it's fucking annoying. He did get booed and shamed by a few people in the crowd though.

No. 1908256

Nonna women can be degenerates too. Just because women are less likely to express it doesn't mean it's not there.

No. 1908259

lmao Aellas survey
We all know that paraphilias come in clusters, so because of this trannies are biggest degenerates.
But I suggest all of you to take this survey with a biggest grain of salt.

No. 1908260

i think that eventually one of these troons is going to actually go through with a bombing/shooting threat and that is what will start mass peaking

No. 1908261

File: 1696346184928.jpeg (163.63 KB, 629x838, IMG_4876.jpeg)

Wasn’t the pro-troon march just a response to the massive backlash some government officials took for talking about self ID laws? TRA shit is so saturated with foreigners and autistic males that it’s never going to go anywhere. It’s really not a serious worry like some of the anons in these threads like to catastrophize it as. If the government allowed for self ID, they’d be throwing an incredible number of businesses under the bus. Any business that relies heavily on sex segregation (like onsen) would simply lose all customers and go under if they complied.

Even that new building in Kabukicho that opened earlier this year saw the effects of having a “gender free” toilet instead of a women’s toilet in a matter of days. Picrel. Fortunately they trashed it and renovated it into a women’s room after a few months.

No. 1908262

What part of that did you gather "women can't ever be degenerates" from? The statement being made was "I don't believe there are more female degenerate coomers than male degenerate coomers", not "only men are capable of being degenerate coomers".

No. 1908264

Already happened but it was a TIF.

No. 1908265

Was that survey done by a TRA on Twitter?

No. 1908266

Sorry nona, I’m retarded and misread. I thought you said it was a TRA march. I still think that the only real TRA shit you see is isolated to online and certain academic circles though.

No. 1908267

File: 1696346653378.png (48.1 KB, 622x622, ce6.png)


No. 1908268

No, Aella is a woman. I don't remember this survey, but all of her other surveys are made indeed on twitter and have very questionable quality.
She actually have two threads here, in snow and on kiwifarms!

No. 1908275

Women can be TRAs, but she seems to be a retarded sexpest without the additional characteristic of being a TRA. Either way, it's no wonder the results comparing men and women don't seem to reflect reality. Only degenerates and farmers would follow someone like this, so her results are going to be extremely biased. That said, I still do believe the link between trans identity and increased perversion is real, I just don't trust this data to be completely accurate.

No. 1908278

>Women can be TRAs
oh, I'm sorry. I misread in my mind tra as trannies, not activists.
>I still do believe the link between trans identity and increased perversion is real
This actually true. Somewhere on the internet are studies that shows that paraphilias/kinks/fetishism come in clusters so trannies are indeed scientifically proven sexual deviants.

No. 1908298

File: 1696352557640.jpeg (316.68 KB, 2048x1514, 0472D105-9E82-4533-84CF-47CA2C…)

No. 1908304

Reminds me of a YouTuber whose videos I used to watch as background noise (before I think she got too tryhard). In one of her videos, she claimed that many pirates were also queer because pirates are all about freedom. I found that statement so utterly retarded. Yes, Pirates fought against the governments of the world, but they were also murderers, rapists, and slave traders. That's a fact she forgots.

No. 1908306

I mean… there were probably plenty of pirates who had gay sex with each other on long voyages at sea because men are horny beasts who will fuck other men if there are no women present because they just need to fuck something (see prison gay). But this YouTuber probably just watched Our Flag Means Death one too many times.

No. 1908307

She's actually an anime youtuber. whose "queer"(bisexual)

No. 1908309

Oh my dude. Tragic sense of style.

No. 1908312

In that case she probably OD’d on One Piece yaoi fanfics.

No. 1908318

Example #178,553,934 of troons equating being on the “bottom” and “used for pleasure” with being female. If this was a transbian, they would say the exact same while also including some variation of being a “pillow princess”.

No. 1908330

Kek, I suggest nonnas here and who recently peaked check out the nofap/moid porn addict thread on here. Lots of moids are addicted to tranny pornography and are struggling with their sexuality and wanting to transition. A good number of them are “straight” and have gfs/wives. It’s not only limited to ugly, incel moids who can’t find gfs.

No. 1908336

she's a "not like fujoshis" and disguises it under a layer of irony, but she is a fujo who is super into One Piece, this is the video where she talks about "queer" pirates, its at 7:45 where she makes that statement.

No. 1908351

I'm having trouble imagining a subtitle that would comparably awful to this, since the last time this many straights adamantly used that term for anyone they deemed to "appear gay", a lot of gay people did die. Quite painfully, at that. I know she thinks what she's saying is empowering, but it just comes across as wildly insensitive.

No. 1908406

she's hitting on that fact that stuff like fictionalized, romantically mythologized trope versions of once-real things like 1700s pirates and robin hood outlaws can make for great backdrops for gay fictional characters or fantasy love stories. as they do live on the fringes of society in a free and celebratory way in these story traditions.

its kinda pointless to insist real pirates from history were gay or not. imo "pirates" can just mean the mythological creature that exists in fantasy and fairytales alongside mermaids and unicorns. especially in the effeminate or gay coded performances seen in like captain hook through the years that has become very integral to the whole pirate image. (not even gritty realistic pirate image but that kids costume that comes from myths and stories than anything rooted in reality. rooted mainly in old stage performances of peter pan.)

one piece seems to interprets pirate stuff the same way you could approach elves or fairies or knights tbh

No. 1908414

maybe this is more a reflection of how things women find appealing are more likely to be made socially taboo? cant let pesky things like womens libido, high standards and sexual pleasure get in the way of her future role as wife and breeding stock.

other than that sure I can imagine many people are lying about their actual birth sex because for many MtF self IDing as a cis woman is more fun and sexy in this context?

No. 1908420

that's exactly what it is. I have seen one of these studies and blowjobs are ranked as less socially taboo than cunnilingus for example. It's just sexism

No. 1908422

OMG!, this troon's voice

No. 1908509

File: 1696382800266.jpg (526.69 KB, 810x1900, Screenshot_20231003-211942_Chr…)

TIM so brave for buying eye shadow in the face of literal violence kek

No. 1908512

Why is the Hill tranny skinwalking Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds kek

No. 1908515

Lmao @ the tranny making it about him. Let’s say hypothetically that trannies were oppressed. Objectively a very visible and in public trans politician would face more “transphobia” than a scraggly scrote in eyeshadow but he still has to give his two cents. They’re all so narcissistic fucking hell

No. 1908521

File: 1696385263557.png (589.42 KB, 720x1330, Screenshot_20231003-220138~2.p…)

On HRT since 2016 and yet you look like that. Straight up , he doesn't look any different from all the other generic nerdy guys…. with terrible hygiene.

No. 1908523

man, i'm pale but these people look fucking sickly

No. 1908532

you just know if any well meaning handmaidens try to give him advice he'll just whine that it's too complicated

No. 1908538

Yep. And authorities decided to not release the manifesto. I'm convinced it's because it would peak people to hear a tranny say all the quiet parts out loud. As a result, they've succeeded in memory-holing a tranny shooting, for the most part.

No. 1908541

also happened with a tranny, randy stair, although he didnt troon out but he commited the shooting because he though he was going to reincarnate as a lesbian ghost girl

No. 1908554

File: 1696389924962.jpg (1.99 MB, 1440x4401, Screenshot_20231003-231636_Chr…)

>"I am a trans woman, and I built this community along with my cis friends, and you will not stop us from being successful. We will ban you, and I will enjoy it."
Women's sub, TIM moderator(s), every fucking time!:

No. 1908560

File: 1696391123491.jpeg (2.1 MB, 2880x3464, 456692C5-F9D3-46F8-9D87-77AB55…)

Ayesha Erotica, A HSTS musician that zoomers on tiktok love is back on social media. Following mostly HSTS porn stars and most of his family has cut him off. He was living with his parents before his comeback. His new song is being used to promote his friend’s new porno. Even though it’s not his fault, most of his fans are underage. His music was raunchy but not as bad as it is now

No. 1908576

>His music was raunchy but not as bad as it is now
Nah, "Gangbang" made me so uncomfortable before he was ever outed as trans, easily one of if not the most lyrically graphic and violent sexual songs I can think of in "pop".

No. 1908580

True, but I can’t remember a time where he started putting his music in actual pornos and collaborating with porn stars

No. 1908582

God, it's so disgusting, and you can't even talk shit about them bc they're all disgusting, gross creeps and get off on humiliation. I fucking hate them so much, bullshit clown world where you can't even point out the obvious without them destroying your life.

No. 1908583

all reddit porn sub users should be penalized by death by firing squad, who cares? i'm glad scrotoids are forced to look at ugly trannies if they want to see their pathetic fucking reddit porn

No. 1908600

god i'm sick and tired of men dissecting women and over analyzing every piece of us. Trannies do it to women's bodies and their loser brothers in the manosphere/redpill do it womens psyche because they're obsessed on why women wont date them. Trannies are trying to find tiny loophole for them fit into because they'll never have a real uterus, a period, and their fake pussy is nothing but a rotting fleshlight

No. 1908610

They still don't get that HRT is not a magic pill that will transform your chromosomes in double Xs. Some of them are so delusional they are persuaded it will reduce their height (as in, losing 5 inches kek) or the size of their gigantic hands and feet kek.

As soon as they are out of their hugboxes they freak out, better delete everyone who doesn't agree with me. I'm that close to create a subreddit dedicated to women with all trannies secretly banned (invite only)

No. 1908618

File: 1696404562787.jpg (420.6 KB, 810x1541, Screenshot_20231004-032031_Chr…)

Textbook misogyny with 26 upvotes:

No. 1908622

If anyone should never attack a woman about her physical appearance, it's trannies, kek. Hard to feel offended when it's coming from people walking around with a litteral rotting wound all day

No. 1908639

Kek nonna I think that’s a sub about women in tech. But of course if it was made by trannies they would give it a name based on something gross and porny.

No. 1908643

File: 1696411351272.jpg (68.25 KB, 489x900, F7cVpwWXIAAKMtX.jpg)

Grandma aint taking it

No. 1908645

Grandma spittin' straight facts

No. 1908647

>please stop those meds you are a male and you have a girlfriend [shrug emoji] those meds are ridiculous and that doctor is a quack for giving them to you

Kek based grandma, based nonna

No. 1908686

File: 1696415610336.jpg (633.33 KB, 810x2752, Screenshot_20231004-062149_Chr…)

TIMs boasting about having to hide their AGP boners from family members:

No. 1908709

File: 1696417547428.jpeg (172.51 KB, 648x1146, Fxkg5JdaAAEZnZ9.jpeg)

All these ones too.

No. 1908712

File: 1696417801534.jpg (311.01 KB, 1080x1062, Screenshot_20231004-070421_Red…)

Hmmmm…I wonder why that might be kek:

No. 1908719

mostly AGP porn addicted men who are overly online? that said non-white TIM spaces(which are mostly HSST) are annoying in a different way.

No. 1908724

Saying the Colorado one was non binary is in such bad faith it defeats the entire point the meme is making

No. 1908730

Eh, it's only the last panel that's in bad faith with it being a confirmed hoax. The first panel just exposes the hypocrisy of self-id.

No. 1908742

Of course trans people are going to tell the lesbian to shup up and stop pointing out the misogyny men spread. It will be hard for celebs like Radcliffe to walk back from the trans ideology but I hope one day they do.

No. 1908757

File: 1696423719943.jpeg (787.76 KB, 4096x2048, IMG_5831.jpeg)


No. 1908760

Ah causally getting erections prompted by family members accidentally being complicit in their fetish. There's something extremely incestual about that but who's surprised when most of them raid their mother/sister's underwear draws.

No. 1908763

Matt Lucas noooo

No. 1908765

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, indeed.

No. 1908773

What's the counter argument to "you're sexist if you want separated sport categories for males and females because you're saying that women are weaker than men."?

No. 1908777

There isn’t one, that’s a checkmate. Also sage your shit.

No. 1908780

I'd respond that denying our anabolic and skeletal differences is the same logic forcing women to have to fight for our own categories in the first place, then show how easily researched male vs female averages are when it comes to sports. Imma be honest though, every single person making that argument is either a willfully disingenuous reddit autist, or too retarded to function in society.

No. 1908783

There isn't one.
Reality is that men are stronger than women and have an obvious physical advantage over women. That's why men can abuse and kill women. No amount of estrogen will level the playing field for men and women.

No. 1908792

In many (though not all) sports, "men's" category is actually technically "open" category, and there's a reason why females don't place.

No. 1908796

oh lol oops i skimmed it but yeah still gross

No. 1908797

lmao is this a slack screenshot?

No. 1908802

It’s only bad faith bc they show the wrong shooter. The 16 year old was a non-binary TiF who did have a ton of gendie shit in her trial

No. 1908804

But I thought everyone had a nazi phase at some point, as displayed from a tweet upthread, why are they so suprised? Transmisogynist ableist scum

No. 1908805

File: 1696428419355.mp4 (3.31 MB, 576x1024, v09044g40000cgvr7fbc77uenjjfj6…)

No. 1908806

My bad, I didn't make it and I'm not familiar with all the cases. Entirely possible whoever made it added the last one before it was known to be a hoax, but idk.

No. 1908811

absolute stacy.

No. 1908812

yeah lol

No. 1908827

Women are the physically weaker sex, that is an empirical fact. It is not sexist to acknowledge an empirical fact. The actual counter argument is that sports should be separated because judging solely the resulting output will always put men at the advantage - their starting strength, weight, power is larger, so the output will always be larger. What is fucking sexist is throwing another glass ceiling over women and telling us to accept it, rather than allowing women to engage with our our bodies and test the limits of our sex athletically and be celebrated for it like men have been for centuries. It's an awful thing to do to female athletes to pretend that physical difference isn't real, and that saying otherwise is sexist. GOD it really makes me angry.(sage your shit)

No. 1908841

Ha, congrats! Can I ask what peaked you? I'm just curious. I'm sure we all have a "last straw" story here.

No. 1908845

File: 1696436389484.jpg (101.55 KB, 687x841, poc-is-speaking-shut-up-and-li…)

Based Rishi informs lesbians that they no longer have to fellate girldicks

No. 1908854

#ToriesGainingWomen ? Kek

No. 1908857

What they’re doing isn’t competing, they’re creating a spectacle of the sport and themselves. They are reducing womens sports to a spectacle where the audience is meant to enjoy watching woman be humiliated or harmed.
Where’s the competition? You know what women do when they can out compete their female counterparts? They challenge men. You know what men do when they dominate a field? They handicap themselves to make it more of a challenge. To intentionally insert yourself in a league that is beneath your ability isn’t competitive, it’s just spectacle and there’s no value in it to any of the “competitors”.

No. 1908863

Ok Rishi, if you believe that then repeal the gender recognition act. Put words into action.

No. 1908864

File: 1696438596765.png (348.27 KB, 587x539, swimming world open.png)

sage for non-milk but surprise, surprise… turns out they didn't "just want to compete" after all. the Swimming World Cup has had to scrap the 'open' category cos of no entries. turns out it's not worth it if they can't cheat and invade women's sports.

also kek at the article image.

No. 1908870

Love that they deleted all comments that were even slightly negative about how they handled the situation. Also that the real issue was TERFs and not the fact the subreddit was linked in the mainly male cs majors subreddit.

(Also I’m new sorry if I fucked up)

No. 1908881

What the hell happened to shooters? They used to have well-defined motives until Rodgers appeared on the scene.(sage your shit)

No. 1908883

File: 1696442931329.jpg (82.7 KB, 1073x733, F7mQhVfWAAAAij9.jpg)

Literally looks exactly the same

No. 1908884

just looks like a run of the mill metalhead. god why can't moids just grow their hair long without going full troon anymore. slight blog but it's especially annoying to me because my husband has really long hair so people tend to assume he's a genderspecial and it pisses me off. another example of how trannies only solidify gender stereotypes. long hair? must be a girl

No. 1908887

I bet he googled "how to smile like a girl" and got the same results as that hersheys tranny

No. 1908888

That’s just a man with long hair and yellow teeth

Yup everyone knew this

No. 1908890

By no means am I trying to side with TRAs here, but I doubt this is part of a larger pattern. There are a couple hundred mass shooters now, statistically at least a handful would be troons. The overwhelming majority of shooters are scrotes, and that includes the TiMs in your post. Most gun-owners (regardless of "identity") are more likely to turn the guns on themselves than on others.

No. 1908892

File: 1696444816800.jpeg (980.38 KB, 828x1315, 87A724FA-5F0F-4A48-9D21-7C024F…)

It’s those little things these guys do that make them stand out so hard no matter how hard they try to hide their manly features and ways. Posting the exact same selfie with identical poses and autistic blank facial expression (or even worse the pout) is one of my favourite subtle give always.

No. 1908893

I know what you mean, I got terrified when my brother was keeping his hair long, turns out he was just doing it for his girlfriend who liked long-hair on him, but I hate that troons have ruined long hair on men for me and other women.

No. 1908894

Tbf Elliot wrote a 250page manifesto and posted a YT video. It was gibberish, but 'blah blah the mean women won't fuck me' was still pretty clearly communicated.

No. 1908896

File: 1696445226042.jpg (108.41 KB, 1080x775, F7hhKXRW0AEkCWW.jpg)

Do they not tell you that erectile dysfunction is a normal thing to happen when you take hormones?? Why are so many of them so surprised their dick stops working when they try to drown out the hormones making you able to get a boner. Theres no way the doctor didnt explain this

No. 1908898

File: 1696445441641.jpeg (178.89 KB, 1536x850, rapestats.jpeg)

Yeah ia, I was just specifically responding to the idea that a trans mass shooter would be enough to peak people.

They do still have some very damning stats though, even when accounting for population size.

No. 1908905

>Athletics are based on physical capabilities, and male and female physical capabilities are different
>Men have higher peak strength and sprint speed, while women have higher peak flexibility, balance, and endurance
>Comparing men and women's physical capabilities would be like comparing the skills of herding dogs and hunting dogs (they're each better at completely different things)
>Claiming that "women have lower peak strength and sprint speed than men" means "women are physically inferior to men, or inferior to men in general" is misogynistic, because it shows you view male capabilities as superior and female capabilities as either inferior or irrelevant
>Claiming that "women have lower peak strength and sprint speed than men" means "women are incapable of being strong or fast" is misogynistic because it uses men as a baseline, rather than judging women's skills independently of men's
>To make it clear why the assertion being criticized in the above point is misogynistic, imagine if someone said "Usain Bolt's sprint speed is less than half of that of a cheetah's, which means he's slow!"
>Most sports created under patriarchy are designed around male physical strengths rather than female ones, so judging women's worth by comparing their performance in these sports to men's performance in the same sports carries inherent misogynistic bias
>Misogynistic bias leads to female athletes being treated less favorably by judges, audiences, and sponsors, which creates artificial inequality through lack of support and funding
>Women and girls are more discouraged from participating in athletics than men and boys are, so providing spaces in which women and girls, specifically, are encouraged to participate in athletics is valuable for combating the effects of societal misogyny
>Even if there was no difference in physical capabilities (outside of roles in the process of reproduction), women would be less likely to want to involve themselves in athletics if their only option was to compete alongside men, as the misogyny from their male colleagues and opponents would discourage them from participating
>The above point is proven by looking at female participation rates in activities based around intellectual capabilities (think chess or science olympiad), in which women are often equally skilled at as men, when given only co-ed options vs when given female-only options
>Not providing women with access to female-only spaces actively makes participating in society a more hostile experience for them, resulting in greater amounts of women participating less in society, contributing to female erasure and oppression

No. 1908907

This shit annoys me on the other side too. I have set my sights on becoming a long-haired butch because being assumed to be a genderspecial all the time is really annoying.

No. 1908908

File: 1696447545175.jpg (552.95 KB, 1079x2154, Screenshot_20231004_212511_Chr…)

In a reddit thread related to that debate kek. That escalated quickly

No. 1908913

File: 1696448204115.png (42.63 KB, 439x221, screenshot2023.png)

lol the hysteria. I tried searching reddit for discussion but all the threads I found were removed by moderators. Except for the one in r/transgender (see picrel).
are they seriously saying that TIFs would have an advantage over them? the delusion. obviously just scared to compete against them cos we'll see how much advantage they have over them too, and how close they are to "cis" men in athletic ability.
also I love how they see "unfair advantages" but only when they think it applies to them, otherwise there are no differences between men and women.

No. 1908914

and here we go again, with Nazi Germany, yes, yes, everything that isn't pro troon is something Nazis said before, except it isn't and they should finally post some sources where they get that stuff from…

No. 1908930

File: 1696451911000.mp4 (2.8 MB, 480x852, willyboy.mp4)

On the subject of Literally Nazi Germany, here is Himdia responding to the banning of TIMs from female-only hospital wards in the UK. He is referring to this case: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/03/17/hospital-told-police-patient-not-raped-alleged-attacker-transgender/ where there is actual CCTV evidence of the woman being raped.
(Sorry about the quality this is the only version I could find - I think he deleted the original, as he always does)

No. 1908937

so if a born woman would rape another woman, that wouldn't be rape because women can't rape each other? I know, it's very unlikely to happen, but still, rape is rape, no matter the gender or the gender identity. I wish they would stop with the Nazi comparisons, nothing those troons ever experienced is as horrible as a Jew experienced getting kicked out of his house at 3am to be transported to a concentration camp and die there. The only thing these troons do is making people so annoyed about the woke stuff that they will vote for far-right parties and no one wants that, because that will hurt everyone, not only the troons. That India guy should just shut up for some months (or for forever), he has never said anything that is valuable for humanity.

No. 1908939

in the UK, rape is only legally considered rape if it's a man because he has a penis. This is yet another reason why sex data matters.

No. 1908941

It did happen and mr filter there is the one gaslighting. The hospital is fucked up because they claimed rape was impossible because 'no male' was there. The technicality is that the specific crime of rape in England has to involve a penis. Everything else is (serious) sexual assault. That's not to say the troon didn't have an intact dick but hospitals like to cover up all kinds of shit so he probably did.

No. 1908942

Considering how he tried to assault a man on Big Brother, he’d know all about sexual assault.

No. 1908943


The NHS are scum. They have scrubbed all mentions of women in their articles pertaining to maternity and female health such as ovarian cancer and menopause. We are now "birthing people", "chest feeders" (barf) and "people with ovaries". I'm sure the health pages pertaining to scrotes do not mention "people with penises" but with their lunacy, who knows ?

No. 1908947

thank you nonnie, you explained it perfectly

No. 1908948

File: 1696455145663.jpg (287.09 KB, 1049x1022, Screenshot_20231004_232952_Chr…)

On this same topic re the raped woman on the NHS ward, it's fucking terrifying. They're pretty much all bending over backwards to accommodate a sexual predator and not a fucking care for the victim.

No. 1908949

It's almost comical how thick his neck is and broad his shoulders are while demanding he's a woman, but then I remember he's taking opportunities away from women in sports and it's no longer funny just rage inducing.

No. 1908950


Got damn, the neck on that thing! Can't believe they fucked over young women to let this obv man excel. And ofc they don't enter the open, it'd be with other menwomen so they wouldn't be special or guaranteed to win.

No. 1908953

Holy fucking shit, imagine being such a scumbag you're going to patronize and gaslight a woman into demanding she sees her rapist as a woman. "Yeah that penis that assaulted you? That's a woman's penis." Jfc dark times

No. 1908954


So how does that work with trans men who are raping women? Do they not call it rape anymore? Or is it rape bc "she" has a penis?

No. 1908955

I didn't know that about the UK, had to look it up for my own country and they only mention "penetration", so I would assume a broom or a girldick would also count as penetration to be able to call it rape.

as if anyone ever cares about the female victims of rape. We have judges in my country that have said on television that they wouldn't recommend their own daughters to report rape or sexual assault, because you always have to prove that it happend and in most cases no one believes you. Which makes the NHS ward case even more disgusting, you have proof, you have a video and they talk about transphobia? I hope that they will get through with the ban of troons on women-only wards and every country will take an example on that.

No. 1908957

It is kind of fucked up that the UK doesn't acknowledge rape using a foreign object as rape. This is a common thing done by rapists to their victims, especially if the rapist has erectile dysfunction.

No. 1908958

I just go off on them now. They're accusing an obvious if not conventionally gender conforming woman of being a man, which every gnc person around from the 00s and earlier can remember being a misogynistic, homophobic insult.

Something like "EXCUSE me, this isn't CONSERVATIVE FUNDAMENTALIST COMMUNITY, women are allowed to have short hair and dress how we want now."

I've broken zoomers down to tears about this, a couple others freak tf out at being called fundies and the public flipping out is surely enough to peak bystanders lmfao

Remember: Peak smarter, not harder

No. 1908961

File: 1696456149797.jpg (745.17 KB, 1078x2545, Screenshot_20231004_234824_Chr…)

Remember that this sorry excuse of a human was not only below average in male competitions, Riley Gaines tied with him in the race. For all his competitive advantages, she kicked his sorry ugly arse. And she didn't even get to have the well-deserved recognition for it - he stole that too.
Apparently, he's also unsurprisingly a sick bdsm porn fetishist.

No. 1908969

File: 1696457536067.png (398.31 KB, 573x695, zhv6p0zggsqb1.png)


i am vomit

No. 1908972

Samefag, one correction:
>female participation rates in activities based around intellectual capabilities (…), in which women are often equally skilled at as men
should instead be
>female participation rates in activities based around intellectual capabilities (…), in which women are equally skilled at as men
The post was long, so there was bound to be something articulated less-than-ideally. It was probably that point specifically because I was trying not to sperg about women being intellectually superior, as not to write arguments the opposing side (who are the ones who actually believe men are superior to women) would dismiss outright from a place of emotion kek.

No. 1908974

File: 1696458224492.png (287.92 KB, 924x685, 103647608536055.png)

The cope

No. 1908983

File: 1696459310753.jpg (471.31 KB, 2880x2880, 20231005_004143.jpg)

It's hard to feel offended when most of them look like blobs with receding hairlines and gigantic feet and hands.

No. 1909006

jesus christ, i hate men

No. 1909012

The average American male is over 200lbs at 5ft9

No. 1909015

Lmao you just know they’re translucent skinny fats as if that were any better than being a fatty

No. 1909018

It's awful but there just isn't the space a lot of the time. Last time I was constantly woken up by an old guy opening the curtains around my bed, in the night "looking for his slippers" (probably demented but still unnerving for me). The fact you're so vulnerable and anyone can walk in.
https://www.reading.ac.uk/news/2023/Research-News/6500-hospital-sexual-assaults-in-four-years-according-to-new-report No wonder there have been so many rapes and assaults, this doesn't surprise me sadly.

Sex is medically relevant, gender is not. The fact this has to be explained to anyone, let alone medically trained professionals, is troubling.(imageboard)

No. 1909032

Imagine taking a nice stroll through the woods and coming across a half naked troon holding a sword, I'd shit my goddamn pants kek

No. 1909035

I love when they think we're competing with them appearance wise kek

No. 1909038

Do they not know how averages work?

No. 1909039

Oh my god no one is fucking forcing them to compete with men. They're not even being barred from athletics. They can literally just stop entering competitions meant for women and stop stealing from women. It would also be real nice if they'd stop threatening women with the same violence they claim to be oh so afraid of from other moids. How fucking entitled can you be to demand special treatment that tramples over everyone else just so that everything can be centered around you? Male narcissism is a plague like no other. I'm not even into sports but I'm malding for the women who are. Imagine having to deal with those screaming entitled manbabies who don't even put in anywhere near the effort you do. Honestly the troon sports debate was one of my first steps to peaking because it was so grossly entitled. Most people can never play pro sports no matter what. Life isn't fair and professional sports is just about the last place meant for equality and catering to everyone's wants. It's literally separating and ranking people by their physical capabilities. These troons should be fucking grateful they can even play sports at all. Not everyone gets lucky enough to have full use of their body. They only want more more more without even being grateful for everything they have. They have incredibly easy lives compared to most and it's infuriating to see how ungrateful they all are.

No. 1909044

Help the bear

No. 1909045

I thought this was an ai video of genderbent Trumpu-sama

No. 1909046

Bleak that they think you should accommodate people who commit rape and sexual assault. If you commit murder (non self-defense), rape, sexual assault, are a pedophile etc. that is revoked from you. I don't care what you identify as. You are a harm and danger to other people and you don't care who you hurt, so no one should have to give you the courtesy. It skews data immensely and tip toeing around actual rapists is fucking crazy

No. 1909051

He looks like if someone took one of those gender-bender filters trannies love so much and applied it to a picture of Trump.

No. 1909063

File: 1696473791665.png (2.54 MB, 1892x2462, Wolfgear098.png)

More like dad bod kek

No. 1909064

File: 1696473997732.jpg (913.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20231004-211347_Red…)

Super fucking creepy:

No. 1909071

You are just repeating exactly what I said with more words

No. 1909073

Seeing this image immediately sent a chill down my spine. AI-obsessed TIMs who make weird inhuman images of their girlsonas and TIMs who fixate on formative periods in their life (especially fetishizing the underaged girls they saw in that time) both already tend to come across as possible serial killers, but this man is both at once, which is way more ominous than if he had just been one or the other. Do you think he trained the AI on his classmates' photos?

No. 1909076

Jfc… why do they think being a hot prom queen and having sleepovers is some universal female experience, let alone one they would have been a part of. You wouldn't be a different person if you were born a woman, you'd be the same person but theres increased scrutiny over your appearance, you're treated with a little less respect, and you have to watch society treat men as the "default" setting while society holds you to expensive and time consuming secondary standards. Women don't get some special and unique experience, if you spent your high-school years playing steam games and jerking off to hentai, you'd do the same as a women but it'd be fanfiction. Fuck off "lost high-school years" lost to what, wanting to be the perception of a woman? Like most women don't lose their high-school years to agonizing over their breast size and feeling like their value depends on how men see them

No. 1909085

File: 1696478234362.jpg (130.26 KB, 874x889, gross.jpg)

personal cow post
came out with a big apology on how horribly they treated all their previous partners and then came out as trans to absolve them of their sins from being a scrote.
super autistic and used to pride himself on wearing suits and being such a gentleman but refers to themselves as a princess now

No. 1909087

you can tell he used both teen and big boobs on the tags, which is pretty disgusting honestly

No. 1909090

Don't you know anon? The horsepiss gave them ladybrain and made them bad at math!

No. 1909091

Talk about arrested development. Why the fuck would you devote so much energy to a false memory of highschool after leaving it? Thas mento ilness, luv

No. 1909097

File: 1696481974886.mp4 (6.65 MB, SaveTube.App-we can always tel…)

so much bs. you don't have a 'female brain' alan

No. 1909098

AI and associated filters have destroyed these faggots.

No. 1909102

File: 1696485348890.png (268.67 KB, 1082x1257, chrome_screenshot_5 Oct 2023 0…)

No. 1909103


KEK. Based old man doesn’t give a shit.

No. 1909104

Please say this one's posted selfies

No. 1909106

The 'female brain' thing is so fucking retarded, even if we did assume that there were major differences between male and female brains (which there aren't) how the fuck did a female brain get inside of a body that is 100% male in every other aspect?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1909108

File: 1696486427920.png (483.92 KB, 600x1166, Screenshot.png)

Its funny how it seems like whenever a culture has “third genders” it always turns out to be men raping young boys with extra steps.

No. 1909110

File: 1696487340794.jpg (376.44 KB, 810x1695, Screenshot_20231005-022407_Chr…)

Of all places to make it all about themselves:

No. 1909113

Every damn time. I love when people bring up how progressive and pro-trans India of all fucking places is. The "third gender" they're always referring to are young boys/men that are the lowest of low on the cast system, referred to as untouchables. The only job they can get is prostituting themselves under the cover of darkness so that they're able to survive. Of course if troons admitted this they'd probably claim their predicament is gender affirming or some deranged shit.

No. 1909119

File: 1696489562782.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2895, Screenshot_20231005_090350_Chr…)

I don't know if this was posted here before but this whole thread was a hot dumpster fire. Troons got out en masse to downvote the obvious YTA but the consensus still landed on ESH.

Love the response kek.

No. 1909122

I wonder what he was in court for

No. 1909124

The word we use for them is "khusra/hijra" which is literally a corruption of an Arabic term meaning "to remove".

No. 1909131

Kek I did not even think of that omg.

No. 1909133

File: 1696493557357.jpg (381.77 KB, 1080x1344, Screenshot_20231004-212441_Chr…)

They deserve to be publicly ridiculed for taking themselves so seriously:

No. 1909135

File: 1696493760722.png (210.25 KB, 422x846, yikes.png)

Looked them up, this is from a year ago.
Also he tried to be an Australian emo rap artist

No. 1909138

File: 1696494155319.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x3557, Screenshot_20231005_101251_Chr…)

>Where aRe tHe gUrLy gIrl sKiRt uwu
>Why are people scared of a creepy dude creeping around in the girl clothes section

No. 1909168

File: 1696496492441.jpg (269.43 KB, 1080x934, Screenshot_20231005_110055_Chr…)

Literally not what mansplaining is but can't blame a Troon for not knowing what it actually is

No. 1909180

It's not just the fact a male is being a retard trying on skirts in the changing room, it's the fact many before him have filmed themselves doing sexual acts in women's bathrooms/changing rooms. She probably thought he was taking so long because he was jacking off to himself wearing the skirt and filming it. I can't blame her.

No. 1909181

Why does he get so hung up on being treated this way when moids in close circles do ot to each other?
Sorry for my lack of humor im a fact kind of person

No. 1909189

Proving yet again males have no real concept of the word trauma. I hope the employees laughed at him after he was gone. I can only imagine how ugly he was too.

No. 1909191

All I can think is that that poor shopkeeper lady. She must have seen some disgusting shit with troons jizzing all over the women's clothes.

No. 1909193

Men live life on easy mode. They think not getting told they are pretty by scary creeps is them having it worse. The worst thing that ever happens to them is being laughed at or being treated like the creeps they are. It's honestly quite normal that the troon squad thinks words are violence because that is all they have to worry about.

No. 1909199

Omg I would LOVE to see that.

>I want to take advantage of my identity for financial benefits
I feel like they mean 'being a woman' rather than a troon; typical MRA shit that women have life on easy mode because sexual desirability is everything.

No. 1909220

I mean, winter is in the corner, I really doubt he will find any frilly skirts any sooner. And based staff, I’m glad they referred to him as a moid and were cautious about what he was doing, I wouldn’t be surprised if there have been moments in which they got chewed out for letting moids return shit to the racks with literal cum stains.
Plus peep at the “it was too big uwu” anakunning of him, this dude is a mess kek.

No. 1909234

This just reads like she thought he was a shop lifter.

No. 1909235

>being able to spot a tranny is like being able to spot a liar!

No. 1909247

one piece is literally a kid's manga, they have tie-ins with mcdonalds to sell happy meals and everything

No. 1909253

Recruiters are such useless people. They never know anything about the field they're trying to recruit in and they guzzle corporate kool-aid all day. They think they are helping but actually they are just another obstacle for people who are trying to find a job.

No. 1909257

Porn destroyed them, AI enables them.

No. 1909263

File: 1696517837467.jpg (153.6 KB, 1079x1359, F7rnfv8bsAA4fLW.jpg)


No. 1909266

Looks like one of those emo guy pics you'd see on tumblr in 2010

No. 1909274

Paul Dano.

No. 1909280

Ayrt and yep I used to always have pixie cuts but getting lumped in with the the gendies became too much. Just random ass people asking my pronouns, I even had a car of frat bros drive past me and yell TRUUUUUUUMP at me assumedly because they thought I could be easily triggered based on my hair? Then because of my hair looking like that + my husband having long hair and clean-shaven face I could tell people thought we were some troon couple and I hated it. Now i just have really long unstyled hair and wear long-sleeved metal shirts so people tend to just think we're two metalhead dudes which is much more preferable lmao(no1curr)

No. 1909286

That subreddit is a delusional hugbox kek

No. 1909297

How do they expect to ever learn anything about women when talking among scrotes ? Not that any girl in their right mind would ever help their larping fetish but my god. Every time a troon tries to question whether they're not super biased and should try and ask non-troon people about their delusional "passing" (kek) they are viciously attacked, downvoted to oblivion and punished for challenging the status quo.

Again, it's not just the manly troon face but no sane woman would ever wear these unironically, smh

No. 1909318

File: 1696527819411.jpg (138.37 KB, 1080x912, F7q2RuUWkAAT-K9.jpg)

No. 1909322

Lmfao. Would be hilarious if the comments are telling him to sue.

No. 1909323

But seriously, being an attention whore doesn't make you female.

No. 1909328

File: 1696528698943.jpg (211.62 KB, 1079x1226, F7rJ-vAXwAAPcf5.jpg)

Alot of these moids are so blaringly autistic its almost painful, if you cant hear loud noises or have a change in schedule without having a full meltdown, how are you able to get hormones and surgeries?

No. 1909329

One month HRT kek. He probably looked like a disgusting basement gremlin in a skirt and his mother's lipstick. Did he expect applause?

No. 1909330

Rich Evans troons out

No. 1909331

it's so over for hons(sage your shit)

No. 1909334

File: 1696530094455.gif (3.79 MB, 446x324, AJReuT0.gif)

Don't you dare do our birthday dick dirty like that.

No. 1909352

This fat misogynistic loser deserves to be compared to troons. He would probably be one if he were born twenty years later.

No. 1909356

43… he is 43… how can you look like 65 while you are 43? And what is the light bulb doing in the second picture? Why is it hanging there like it killed itself 3.5 years ago?

No. 1909366

Men just age like milk.

No. 1909404

File: 1696537422650.jpg (351.26 KB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20231005_001529_Tik…)

Try alittle harder buddy

No. 1909411

The ugly bangs that start from the middle of his head probably and still not hiding that huge ass forehead kek

No. 1909413

"Feminizing makeup" Aye yai yai dude

No. 1909451

male to frank reynolds transformation

No. 1909469

This is an autism one-upping competition kek

No. 1909475

File: 1696546449373.png (599.09 KB, 720x1214, Screenshot_20231005-184733~2.p…)

I don't know which subreddit this was originally from but I thought it would be amusing for everyone else to see as well kek

No. 1909480

I'm gonna guess that was on r/actuallesbians. he probably saw ONE post talking about an actual lesbian experience and flipped out, cos the rest of that sub is "girl dick" talk and autistic anime memes.

No. 1909484

No, we can’t. Fuck you. Women have to deal with dick imagery and jokes everywhere we go since elementary school. If you can’t handle lesbians making vagina jokes or posting vulva-related art or anything like that, maybe it’s a sign to get out.

No. 1909486

File: 1696547457821.jpeg (630.45 KB, 1404x1182, IMG_1808.jpeg)

Here’s the original post link. Love that women were standing up for themselves in the comments.


No. 1909487

File: 1696547485355.jpg (62.98 KB, 1080x611, FVIbCK8XEAESgM1.jpg)

No. 1909489

File: 1696547559167.jpg (141.15 KB, 1412x545, Capture.JPG)

He couldn't hide his moid rage, none of them ever can

No. 1909492

Dude was unhinged. I can’t imagine this flying in any other space where a person who is part of a historically oppressive group of people comes in and screams at the group who has and still faces legit oppression. Sorry to sound like I’m from twitter, but it’s really insane that straight men feel entitled enough to pull this shit.

No. 1909496

I’ve been seeing more Tims identify as t4t over explicitly wanting to date women. Do you guys think they’re giving up on trying to get lesbians to suck their dicks? Maybe I’m being too optimistic.

No. 1909497

Prison gay. And they understand that fellow tims are a lot more willing to entertain their extreme and often pedophilic fetishes. They're still attracted to women though and will immediately try to have sex with an actual woman because they're not actually gay they're just ravenous sex pigs with zero respect for basic decency.

No. 1909498

the same account has posted this like 3 or 4 times already

No. 1909504

of course he only feels sorry for himself and not that poor female employee who probably has had to deal with perverts leaving hidden cameras and jizzing all over the clothes before

No. 1909525

I think it's a weird knew form of HSTS. Like, they find their homosexuality easier to swallow if they imagine themselves as women (as in classic HSTS), but then they want to larp as lesbians with other gay men, rather than wanting to hook a typically masculine/ straight passing man.

No. 1909527

Wow I didn't know that, very insightful thanks Indian anon.

No. 1909530

Nah, an HSTS will date a same-sex attracted man or TiF before they date another HSTS. HSTS transition because they want masculine men. These t4t TiMs are just prison gay. If a real lesbian showed interest they'll leave their TiM partner in a heart beat.

No. 1909533

VICE News finally released their documentary on the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch. It's a total fluff piece with mentions of sex workers for some reason. Of course VICE didn't bother to do a follow up before it's release. Most of the comments are about the alpacas that died from neglect.

No. 1909536

File: 1696556439162.png (141.35 KB, 1168x1252, image_2023-10-05_214032180.png)

i hate trannies so much… gawd i hate them…

No. 1909538

Is this the place that did surgeries in their barn? Or am I getting it confused with somewhere else

No. 1909544

File: 1696557272726.jpg (251.53 KB, 1136x852, 62ff73a2ec781d001868cf48.jpg)

>Is this the place that did surgeries in their barn?
No, that's a different place/story. The Tenacious Unicorn Ranch was a bunch of trannies trying to live off the grid in the middle of nowhere while financially supporting themselves by raising alpacas and selling their fur. The farm went tits up and the crew abandoned it at the end of last year. One of the founders, also a troon, who had long left revealed he had help buried over a 100 alpacas on the farm. Kiwifarms has a thread on them, it's really wild.

No. 1909546

Irks me that they made a huge deal out of donating fucking mittens to the Navajo school whilst bilking god knows how much money from donations. Trannies leaving native communities alone challenge difficulty level impossible

I'm also salty that they didn't talk about shit like aiming at random passerby, eating poop and wearing diapers, or the literal clown prostitute. An old-fashioned gonzo style documentary about that pit would've ruled.

No. 1909547


Why do they all have to mess with kids? They just can’t stop themselves from creating more medically-enslaved, crippled perverts.

No. 1909549

File: 1696557837967.mp4 (6.91 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_726318308469729207…)

No. 1909550


Quack mother enables the delusions of VISIBLY autistic son. Incredible, I can hear the train sets and screeching just from seeing his face. And always the fucking headphones with these autistic moids.

No. 1909569

I always think they can't get any worse then I read shit like this

No. 1909570

File: 1696562943195.jpg (5.31 MB, 4096x5791, GridArt_20231005_232751504.jpg)

I live for seeing the trannies seethe on r/insaneparents

No. 1909575

Both the child and the parent are insane in very different, but strangely similar, ways. Many such cases.

No. 1909577

Like how the presence of a real woman was able to totally collapse the trans alpaca ranch when one of the cofounders left his husband to run away with her kek

No. 1909592

These assholes never learned to read the fucking room did they? Any actual lesbian would get the joke. Do they imagine a world where all lesbians are men? That's just being a gay man without all the extra steps. The shame really did a number on these dudes. They're gay but they hate homosexuals. They want to be lesbian women because they're not gay but they have a penis! Boohoo.

No. 1909607

This is the pattern I see with a lot of trannies. I usually feel sympathy for their parents, but then when I see what they are like, they are usually fucked up and abusive in some way or another. It makes sense that most troons would have bad parents that contributed to their brain damage.

No. 1909661

I imagine being a troon in Australia anywhere outside the ultra liberal cities is nightmare mode

No. 1909671

File: 1696582664607.jpg (1.19 MB, 1248x995, 1696580717240.jpg)

Love seeing them get reminded of what they really are kek:

No. 1909672

Oppressive to bitches with fat pussy disorder wow

No. 1909676

File: 1696583503188.jpg (15.17 KB, 186x271, images.jpeg-49.jpg)

Saw a troon hark about the Romans having a transgender emperor so decided to research it better but have to say this troonperor does come close to the modern day tyranny here's some of the shit he did
>whored himself out at brothels while he was 14 and threatened to kill anyone who refused
>made a god of a rock and made the people worship or you'll get your head cut out
>sacrificed children for it especially young boys
>killed a woman's husband because she didn't want to marry him
>raped children too
>castrated himself in the senate
>wanted a vagina inserted in him
>raped alot of women
>forced a gladiator to fuck him
>he was so hated he was behead mutilated and thrown in the sewers
But hey troon pride no?

No. 1909677

I mean trannyism is a literal mental disorder, so why is it any surprise that it has comorbidity with other mentally unhinged behaviors and disorders? There’s a reason so many rapists, pedos and murderers troons out or express troon tendencies, it’s part of a bigger network of mental illness.

No. 1909679

File: 1696584127101.jpeg (498.01 KB, 1098x1001, EBDB2B47-F36F-41EE-996A-ACCAD2…)

The NHS is a disgrace, if it’s not baby killing nurses, trannies walking in on womens vaginal exams to watch, or random old men yanking girls curtains open while they’re getting changed, then it’s ward rapists murdering old ladies.

No. 1909680

We should have biological female only wards, hospitals, schools, transport, walkways, restaurants, cafes etc. I’m not joking, we literally need gender segregation at this point, I hate scrotes so much it’s unreal.

No. 1909683

Kek are there really troons out there willing to claim Elagabalus? Even wikipedia doesn’t mention transgenderism and uses he/him pronouns. He’s the perfect example of a “historical trans person” though.

No. 1909685

>one chance at life
>born woman
>straight at that
i hate this timeline, i hate men

No. 1909688

Female heterosexuality really is a curse, I hate that I’m programmed to be attracted to XY subhumans simply because they can punch someone and kill animals for food better than I can.

No. 1909689

File: 1696586548284.jpg (362.35 KB, 1624x2048, F7r7-elXoAAp3oX.jpg)

Yes my advice is to stop

No. 1909694

File: 1696588083868.jpeg (161.43 KB, 1080x1592, FxSzcopWAAITXYq.jpeg)

I can't even tell which ones are larping as women. Is it all of them??

No. 1909695

I found the thirst post comment a bit off so I looked and that's another troon. Probably pissed off another troon wants to take his wank material away.

No. 1909700

File: 1696588688924.png (317.61 KB, 863x617, Screenshot_20231006-122541.png)

Please, please let me write something here about Elagabalus because I can't do it publicly myself.

The troons going on about this cannot read or interpret the sources in any way. They probably don't even know the languages of the sources. They read what they want to read into all this crazy shit. They all need historiography 101.

Elagabalus was an incompetent degenerate perv, even for ancient Rome. His degeneracy was surely exaggerated by subsequent biographers because it provided fun scandalous reading material and shitting on the previous emperor was an excellent way to implicitly magnify the current one. All of the stuff about Elagabalus wanting to be called a woman and wanting a vagina is from Cassius Dio, who was best buddies with Severus Alexander, Elagabalus' cousin, who became emperor after Elagabalus' assassination.

Great to know that one single (probably completely fictional) source is enough for academics in this field to start pondering that Elagabalus wanted sex reassignment. Dio doesn't even say he wanted to chop off his penis. I really hate the world, I really do. It's like no one understands the purpose of these "historical accounts," not even historians, whose job it is to fucking understand propaganda, rhetoric, agenda, and nuance. They are all blinded by the troon sun, just like Elagabalus and his holy sun rock.

Everything about the attached excerpt from Cassius Dio characterizes Elagabalus as a gay bottom, which was a pathetic thing in ancient Rome and not what you want an emperor to be.

No. 1909701

Didn't they also turned that farm into a dustbowl? you can see it from space. It's a speck of nothing in a lush area. Those poor animals.

No. 1909703

And a straight man who can't get dates will sooner see a prostitute or shoot up a school than suck dick. If these men are looking to take it up the ass, they are either bisexual or gay.

So creepy, they are always some of the most violent moids despite claiming to be ~female brained~, this autist is fuming in front of his computer just because some (based) women online politely refused to indulge him.

No. 1909709

Yes it’s all of them lol. There was only ever one “cis” guy part of the Tranch (not pictured there), but he later became agender or gendervoid or some shit.

No. 1909712

I feel like t4t agps are pornsexual. Like they aren’t straight, bi, or gay. Their brains have been so warped by porn that they don’t have an actual sexuality anymore. They are attracted to anything, as long as it’s extreme. And that often includes children and animals.

No. 1909713

No. 1909724

Samefag, but I’ll also add: t4t bed death is real. None of them want to admit it, but if you follow any of them closely enough, you’ll see all their bragging about their “hot sexy lesbians t4t polycule orgies” actually translates to sending “omg babe blushes hgghsfhrhdh” on twitter/discord to someone who doesn’t even live in the same country. Take >>1909544 for example. The three on the left are “nesting partners”. They all share a single disgusting bed. Yet they never actually have sex. Kevin, the leftmost guy, doesn’t like anal and got a stinkditch installed that closed up and doesn’t work. Jen, top, also has a stinkditch, with supposedly less complications, but is asexual. Their dommy mommy Phil on the bottom still has a penis, but is asexual. So I believe a lot of AGPs are basically former straight men who became pornsexual and are prisongay larping with other AGPs, but would deep down prefer an actual woman if they could get one (and if their porn abuse, hrt, and castration didn’t remove their ability to coom in the first place). So AGPs aren’t straight or gay or bi even, they are just nothings. Completely destroyed sexualities of what were probably formerly straight men.

No. 1909726

File: 1696591987352.png (231.97 KB, 549x361, tur.png)

Is he trying to transition into an alpaca?

No. 1909728

File: 1696592327591.png (309.88 KB, 799x513, we are tenacious 2023.png)

Looks like they have another documentary coming out next week 'We Are Tenacious'. Couldn't download the trailer to embed but it's here: https://watch.eventive.org/sfgreenfest2023/play/64f0de399f648900b8262486

They left the ranch in an absolute state (including leaving behind one lone alpaca). It's over. Why are they still getting puff pieces and documentaries?

No. 1909729

That's honestly a great theory. We know the hormones destroy their ability to use their dicks and their sexual drives. When you wrote it out like that it all makes perfect sense. Lia Thomas left his girlfriend for another troon and a sex dungeon wall.

No. 1909730

>because they can punch someone and kill animals for food better than I can.
Nonna, women used to hunt to. You just want that y chromosome to have offspring.

>Of the foraging communities assessed, 79% contained women who were hunters, and their hunting status didn't shift once they became mothers. […] Furthermore, female hunters weren't hunting and trapping only small game, such as birds and rabbits. Rather, they were equal to male hunters when it came to big-game hunting in the Americas, making up roughly 50% of hunters targeting large animals such as deer and moose, according to the study.


No. 1909738

>wanted a vagina inserted in him
KEKKK what? I can't stop laughing this isn't a typo right?

No. 1909757

that's a fucking brilliant analysis nonna. The best they can all do it chop their genitals and definitely castrate themselves and I hope to god they don't get to adopt kids easily. They shouldn't reproduce or be in charge of any children.

No. 1909758

File: 1696598483633.jpg (65.42 KB, 1080x629, F7wY5HvXUAAEyQK.jpg)

Your parents dont understand your weird fetish larp and never will

No. 1909759

File: 1696598517503.jpg (156.5 KB, 1080x1348, F7wM-NkXQAAU30q.jpg)

The most soulless eyes ive ever seen, is he on drugs??

No. 1909763

I don't imagine trooning out in WA outside of Perth would be a good idea. But unfortunately it feels like the whole of my state loves troons, it's not just the major city.

No. 1909764

I kek’d. Wouldn’t mind if he follows the same fate as those poor alpacas.

No. 1909765

>is a pedophile
I can see why they think they've got a lot in common with him

No. 1909766

File: 1696599256569.png (31.34 KB, 601x248, IMG_2110.png)

I want to alog

No. 1909767

Women, whatever you do, DO NOT SIGN UP TO DONATE YOUR ORGANS.

No. 1909768

this post stinks of y chromosome. there is nothing that stops females from hunting. In fact many women still hunt to feed their families in rural communities.

No. 1909769

For anyone not familiar with the ranch I wanna point out this guy literally eats shit.

No. 1909770

Yes, suicide. Rope is cheap.(a-logging)

No. 1909773

kevin gibes got donor skin transplanted into his inside-out dick? is this new? i haven't kept up with him and the others at tranranch in a couple years.

No. 1909774

How does it stink as anything, a lot of women still believe in the stereotype that hunters and gatherers were comprised of male hunters and female gatherers and that these were the original "roles" of the two sexes. It was taught in like every school.

No. 1909775

It happened a while back now but I think he's also just had another revision because it closed up (there's horrific photos of him dilating and it looks like two slabs of meat stapled together). He's also getting a boob job soon.

No. 1909777

If women's vaginal cannals truly are being harvested after death only to end up as an abomination stapled inside a festering wound, we really are in hell.

No. 1909778

Yeah he got a revision using alloderm (corpse skin matrix)

No. 1909781

god, i hope it all falls out of him soon. rotten mess of a male.

No. 1909787

It's not that they're interested in dicks. They just want to see women they find attractive or fetishize talking about dicks, because it makes them feel attractive and wanted by the people they're attracted to and want. The only ones that don't want the women they're interested in to talk about dick (like the one >>1909695 pointed out) are voyeurs.

No. 1909793

You can hardly claim that men's sexual deviance is the result of "mental health issues" and not like…moid genes and moid sexuality. AGPs exist not because of amorphous mental illness but b/c those men are so preoccupied with their sexual gratification and their objectification of women that they become obsessed with being a woman.

The horrific, human rights abuse laden porn industry doesn't cater to scrotes a,most exclusively for no reason.

No. 1909796

Moid pathological self centeredness at work. Get women to talk about sexual shit b/c it makes them uncomfortable and that gives moids a sense of power over said women, get women to want to pander to moid sexuality for validation, etc. It's all a power play at it's foundation.

No. 1909803

File: 1696602112638.jpg (100.85 KB, 1080x571, Screenshot_20231006_162113_com…)

I can't believe that hasn't been locked yet. You can see people conversing about it in the comments, all stealth like to avoid the ban hammer and getting harassed. I'd find it funny, if it wasn't so damn fucking sad.

No. 1909808

Probably ok because it's an opportunity for men on reddit to circlejerk about how much stronger and superior they are to women

No. 1909821

A bunch of lesbians and women too from what I'm reading. Like the big secret of reddit is that you're not allowed to talk about transgender issues in a negative light. I'm mostly curious about how many people know and are aware, therefore trying to police their words. A particularly funny post I saw was "save to say in a particular sub the patriarchy won". Just nice seeing people peak and their first few months of a fawn like terf experience until they eventually lose their shit and peak higher than the himalayas with no shits left to give.

No. 1909826

File: 1696603763859.jpg (275.09 KB, 800x972, Screenshot_20231006_104821_Fir…)

You'd be surprised to know that using dead women's body parts is the most ethical option, tbf. Currently, living women in the global South are basically exploited, and have their skin/tissue sliced off and sold to be used for grafts and for neovag extentions.

No. 1909831

File: 1696604375423.png (1.34 MB, 1176x1448, PNG.png)


TiFs realizing TiMs act like degenerate men, almost as if they are degenerate men…? TiMs pulling out the “cringe afab steven universe fujoshi” card. kek I love seeing them at each other’s throats. I hope these TiFs start connecting the dots and become TERFs soon.

No. 1909839

>"I'd shove that up my clit"
Sentences thought up by the truly enlightened trans folx who understand "advanced biology" in ways incomprehensible to us ignorant cis plebeians.

No. 1909847

i find it funny that she is ignorantly making the argument that there are differences between the biological sexes and even after transitioning they retain their stereotypical sensibilities.

No. 1909850

If it smells like shit everywhere you go, maybe you stepped in dog poop. Also half this shit either sounds like girly has a victim complex and just made it up or like she's greatly exaggerating

No. 1909853

Actually, this genuinely represents how many TRAs use the defense of the troons in women's sports. "Men are simply scared of losing to women, which is why they created women's sports in the first place." This argument has been made by feminist academics like >>1905602 and some women's studies professor in a previous thread. now we can't speculate about people's live, but I can say with centinity that most feminist academics neither play sports nor watch them in any capacity.

No. 1909855

This is why I don't understand why TiFs defend TiMs so much. They're creepy as fuck, even towards TiFs and yet TiFs worship these degenerates as if they're any different to men who aren't trans. I have a TiF friend who is friends with multiple TiMs and not one of them hasn't said some creepy shit and made her feel uncomfortable. She was literally telling me today about how a TiM was making advances towards her even after she told him she wasn't interested and he wouldn't stop. Yet she still insists that trans women are women. I hope she wakes the fuck up and realises these men don't care about her, the trans community prioritises men so much and doesn't even acknowledge TiFs and the issues they face.(sage your shit)

No. 1909860

The most ethical is for these moids to get a bullet to the brain, not harvesting dead women to make frankenwounds

No. 1909866

the eyes of a man that has at least one porn tab open at all times

No. 1909873

saw a comment that said "Biology despises any binary, and its rules are loose." redditors are so fucking stupid.

No. 1909879

Alright, anyone got hands on that study showing that trans folk are more likely to commit suicide after the chop or hormones?

No. 1909882


No. 1909883

File: 1696611444586.jpg (154.31 KB, 1080x1393, F7wqvVRWUAA-tTY.jpg)

No. 1909887

File: 1696611750022.jpg (212.34 KB, 1080x1277, F7wniQIWMAABAPS.jpg)

Imagine living your life trying this hard to become a fantasy and being depressed it cant ever become real, instead of facing your reality and become at peace with it? No wonder theyre all so depressed when theyre so focused on the impossible for zero reason other than their larp porn fantasies. Grow the fuck up

No. 1909890

This one's outfit looks suspiciously fine like he's skinwalking or copying someone else…or a woman dressed him

No. 1909897

Has this been posted before ?

14 years old Belfast teenager wrote this poem, I Am Not A Dress, after refusing to partake in a week-long brainwash of pro-trans oriented agenda.

No. 1909900

>And they understand that fellow tims are a lot more willing to entertain their extreme and often pedophilic fetishes
This is the most common reason for t4t aside from prison gay honestly. Women are willing to put up with a lot of abuse but draw the line when the moid indicates they want to harm a child. Amongst other men the worst they can expect from a friend who isn't also a pedo is a shrug and a "well I hope he doesn't hurt a child but I'm not going to bother making sure or remembering this conversation". Men support their friends even if they want to do heinous shit.
And if the pedo manages to find a fellow pedo they can enjoy acting out and fantasizing together. Men love mutual masturbating for whatever reason even if they're straight. They'll exchange fantasies the moment they're in male-only spaces (see half of 4chan's threads), share pictures of their partners for others to get off to if they can't share their partner, encourage and get off to each other's sexual exploits, etc. But beyond that, this isn't about sex but paraphilias so as long as they get off the fix has been satisfied. They can roleplay their sick desires together. At least until they need stronger and stronger fixes and welp, now we've got a duo male couple adopting a child to rape.

No. 1909903

>”socially I would be a mother”
No you fucking wouldn’t. It makes me burn with absolute fury when these freaks try to steal and appropriate motherhood. You will never be a mother you fucking disgusting FREAKSSSS

No. 1909906

This, and see how they lose their absolute shit when women don’t want to play their stupid games.

No. 1909916

>partake in a week-long brainwash of pro-trans oriented agenda.
do liberals everywhere just wanna lose every major election, cause shit like this is how alienate but a handful of overly woke preciousness academics and journalists.

No. 1909921

File: 1696616332401.jpeg (109.08 KB, 636x900, FxzTQgVWcAEbz56.jpeg)

The poem in written form for those who prefer to read.

No. 1909924

Because TIF's hate women. They are those people in the middle ages that opened a gate of the castle at night so that invaders could sneak in and kill everyone. I don't understand the empathy for TIFs on lolcow sometimes.

No. 1909935

Good on her for her strength. I hope she's safe from any potential backlash from moids and moid-panderers.

No. 1909939

File: 1696619501950.jpg (88.08 KB, 1080x413, retard.jpg)

The OP of that post is having a meltdown because everyone is calling his reddit pumpkin 'jokes' unfunny. He also believes women fuck cucumbers and joke about it. Totally not a fetish btw.

No. 1909948

Literally never even met one woman who has used a fucking vegetable to masturbate I hate men

No. 1909952

the way i've only ever seen men joke about women using cucumbers to masturbate with.(sage your shit)

No. 1909955

i do agree with you that tifs are misogynistic, and i do find them annoying but like any woman with internalised misogyny i also feel bad for them.(learn to sage)

No. 1909957

Same, I remember when 50 shades of grey came out this redditor moid posted in all seriousness that he worked at a movie theatre and after the movie ended he found dozens of ‘wet cucumbers’ all over the seats after every single showing, as if women actually do shit like that irl. God. Porn rotted isn’t even the term.

No. 1909959

LMAO WHAT I shouldn’t even be remotely surprised but I hate men especially when they fantasize so ridiculously and pretend it’s fact

No. 1909961

lmfao how do they think female masturbation works? Even in a dark theater I'm pretty sure people will notice you spreading your legs and shoving a cucumber up in there. It doesn't even make sense, if a woman wanted to masturbate to the movie in theaters she'd use some form of discreet vibrator.

The only time a woman would do something like that is if she's too young to buy a sex toy on her own. Moids and their pedo tendencies yet again. Grown women know all that stuff throws off your PH so they wouldn't do it, a teenager or pre-teen? Not so much.

No. 1909963

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. They're a bunch of sheltered white suburbanites who've bought into the false equivalence between the civil rights movement and transgenderism. They truly believe that twans wimmin are the most oppressed people in America, killing themselves or being killed constantly. They want so badly to be "on the right side of history," that they're not even stopping to think critically for half a second.

No. 1909965

Even teens I feel like don’t really do that, at least I didn’t and nobody I knew did. It was fingers or shower heads or electric toothbrushes if you were fancy lmao GOD I repeat, I hate men

No. 1909966

Cucumbers are lumpy and irregularly shaped, too. That shit would hurt even with a condom on it. I put the handle-end of a brush in myself once when I was like 12? But that's the only instance of a household object I can recall. No grown ass adult would resort to that shit unless they had some kind of weird religious opposition to owning a sex toy. Bizarre.

No. 1909970

They think their amholes are exactly like real vaginas, and they watch too much cartoon porn, so they think the vagina is on the front of the body like a penis is lmao

No. 1909975

File: 1696622092790.jpg (122.21 KB, 983x1351, F7xbn8IWMAAz4oW.jpg)

This legit made me laugh

No. 1909976

Realistically, the donor probably didn't care one way or the other about troon shit and died from an overdose or car crash, but go off, you fucking faggot. I can't believe tissue banks are even allowed to supply materials for cosmetic surgery. Seriously, how the fuck is that legal? No one on this green earth would agree to their donated organs/tissue being used for boob jobs and stink ditches.

No. 1909985


Oh barf. If I had a son like that I'd move to a different state and disappear.

No. 1909993

Imagine seeing this in the bathroom mirror at a club. Shit, did I say bloody marty three times?

No. 1910011

Everything he's wearing looks like it's from a Halloween party supply store. How is it these guys spend thousands on surgeries and meds but always choose the absolute cheapest AliExpress clothing and accessories?

No. 1910025


A woman gave him tissues from her body as a dying gift and this prick fantasizes that it is some kind of pwn to her. Serial killer fuck.

No. 1910048

Yet another instance where women give and give while men endlessly take without a second thought. Socialization is designed to keep women subservient to ungrateful men, pisses me off.

No. 1910049

Not sure about more likely, but I've seen multiple studies say that it literally does nothing to reduce suicidality. Incredible that people and insurance companies can waste thousands on sawing their cocks off only for it to have absolutely zero effect on the thing it's supposed to "fix."

No. 1910050

>it must suck for them to have to be represented by these people
They reaped what they sowed by enabling this shit. Maybe don't troon out of you don't want to be lumped in with the kind of pervert who gets off on LARPing as a little girl.

No. 1910052

More evidence it's all about invading women's boundaries. This is supposedly "live saving" surgery to affirm his gender, and all he can do is fantasise about the potential non-consent of his donor. and of course it's fetishised because it was an intimate part of her that he now "owns". It's hideous. Truly deranged.