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File: 1697915091124.png (1.73 MB, 1080x1554, 1697851417986.png)

No. 1917235

Peak material:

Notable MtF-related subreddits:

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No. 1917249

Hooray new thread! Would anyone be interested if I redid the notable links?

No. 1917252

File: 1697916577566.jpg (179.73 KB, 1080x1132, F89yT78XUAECQWW.jpg)

No. 1917253

Booooo AI threadpic booooo

No. 1917255

sure. what you got nona?

No. 1917257

Troons don't deserve real art.

No. 1917259

Sage because old milk, but Kristin Chirico and her troon husband were mentioned last thread. I watched vid related for the first time and I just have to share the sad story so here are the highlights:
>husband followed many troons on twitter, uses "egg" terminology (so definitely deep in the coomer AGP terminally online space)
>he says he can't transition alone and he needs to do it with Kristin
>came out at the most stressful and important time in her life when she was shooting a pilot
>when she talks about how his timing was horrible, he just gives examples of how his timing could have been worse, so it wasn't that bad
>she was upset about him being trans for years until she realized "marriage wasn't all about her"
>they say the term "trans widow" is a form of violence
>he would buy purses for himself and then lie that he bought them for her
>she once got upset that he was wearing her pajama set, but he claims he just happened to buy the exact same set for himself (she believes that BS)
>his trooning caused her to have constant panic attacks and it ruined their big trip to Disneyworld that was planned a year ahead
>they say outright he was leaning 100% on her and she wasn't getting any support from him, but it was of course her fault because she didn't ask/open up
>she left him at one point and moved in with a friend, but she eventually went back (girl was so close to being free!)
>she almost starts crying while talking about how she can't display their wedding photos anymore because it would be disrespectful to him

No. 1917260

File: 1697917873361.png (86.12 KB, 544x432, Kek.png)

Not even the theybies want their narcisistic asses

No. 1917262

men would rather do all this cope instead of admitting they're a little fruity

No. 1917263

File: 1697918040493.png (76.22 KB, 552x407, Troon chimps out.png)

A dainty girly fragile girl encounters the ebil cis female and chimps out in a gay bar kek

No. 1917264

kekkkkk countering a dude "coming out" as trans with yourself "coming out" as poly and wanting to see other people is gold. I hope she has already found a new dude and leaves.

No. 1917265

>"they said my degenerate fetish is exhausting to have to deal with but i've had to listen to them complain about the process of getting a higher education!!11"

this is exactly what your partner (probably female) is talking about, dude. kick the bucket.

No. 1917269

Def links to reduxx and maybe some articles for when debating. But I figured other nonnas might want to include things I haven’t thought of

No. 1917270

>real art
another threat of violence, where are the moids that take the "woman" larp to the fullest and beat themselves into complete submission, as patriarchy dictates? never seen them. even in tranny spaces it's always only the tims that are allowed to be violent.

No. 1917274

Voting yes too please and thank you !

No. 1917277

>pressed her cold drink into my chest
Clubbing nonnas what does this mean? Is this a common thing to do?

No. 1917279

File: 1697920282702.png (12.39 KB, 601x157, stealth.png)

lmao at the concept of "stealth". I thought at first it meant they were in the closet and boymode or whatever. No way in hell any of them are fooling anyone. They are so retarded and delusional that they really think people avoiding the elephant in the room means they actually pass. What are the best ways to burst their bubble without outing yourself as a terf and making them chimpout? I am afraid "misgendering" them will cause a gamestop "it's ma'am" freakout. What about innocently asking them if they are trans?

No. 1917283

That will also get you a freak out tbh, the best way to make them feel like shit is to ignore their asses and live your best life. Mostly because if you talk to them and try to pretend that they’re the opposite sex, they will think that they “pass”; if you make fun of them or call them trannies and shit, they will freak out and create a “karensona” by turning your mild and quick interaction into this evil crusade against trannies.
If you have a big group of friends, maybe you could make fun of the moid in a dress, since those are very violent beasts, but they also know how to pick their fights so maybe they wouldn’t try to harm you.

No. 1917284

Who wants to bet none of this happened the way he described it ? They are the most paranoid narcissistic fuckers ever

No. 1917285

>I'm straight, I just like sucking his penis and you're a bigot transphobe if you refer to his anatomy and my sexuality correctly!

No. 1917286

File: 1697920882299.jpg (183.48 KB, 1080x1350, XX.jpg)

just doodled up some cringe vent art

No. 1917288

File: 1697920988848.jpeg (144.88 KB, 900x1000, good lord.jpeg)

sage for mini rant. this has always bothered me so much. their creepy obsession with "good girl"
it's something women hate because it's infantilising and condescending, but they wouldn't know anything about what women experience. it's paedophilic and weird, especially for a grown MAN to want to hear this jfc. and you know it's sexual for them, the only context where someone would say "good girl" to a man in a dress is to cater to his fetish. it's absolutely revolting and makes my skin crawl every time i see them sperging over these words.
>when another woman pats you on the head and says good girl
wtaf no women would ever do this to another woman, unless it was a mother to her female child or as an actual joke to a friend. i'm guessing this is another TIM or a handmaiden working overtime to appease him.

No. 1917303

it's always another man.

No. 1917307

This mentality is rampant with gen z; sucking "girldick" and putting your penis inside of a "bussy" being totally hetero is emblematic of inherent male zoomer mind-rot.

No. 1917308

It's like we are back in ancient greece where it's not gay as long as you're on top and it's a young boy

No. 1917309

great art nonna, i feel your pain and we're in this fight together

No. 1917311

File: 1697922509191.png (584.26 KB, 604x655, maid-dragon-ep9-praise.png)

If a moid is talking about wanting head pats, that means he's a lolicon or he has a mommy fetish (or both kek). He's fantasizing about being treated like an underage anime girl. Picrel, I remember first seeing 'head pat' memes whenever that pedo dragon show aired.

No. 1917315

Fellas, is it gay to enjoy sucking cock?

No. 1917317

>I recently realized that I have sex-related abandonment issues
Their levels of incel moidness are off the charts.

Yeah, it's 100% an anime thing. They're so transparent.

No. 1917319

The headpat thing is a synthesis of autists thinking anime is real and scrotes' understanding of women coming from TV. I think I speak for most women when I say the absolute last thing I want is for someone to fuck up my hair with their greasy hand. I didn't even like it when I was a kid and other kids asked to braid my hair. Fuck off, I don't know where your hands have been, or the last time you washed them.

No. 1917323

File: 1697923879963.jpg (42.47 KB, 600x422, 40x9fwceoibz.jpg)

Whenever you see posts like this on troon or "lesbian" subs, it's picrel.

No. 1917328

Nice but it belongs in 2X, not here. It's not milk.

No. 1917330

Ask them their pronouns. They get big mad because they know they've been clocked, but you won't get in trouble because asking pronouns is considered PC by everyone else.

No. 1917331

I was at work when I posted this originally but my shift ended so heres what I have so far. Im working on archiving all of these sites but if anyone wants to add anything feel free!

News sites/Studies/Notable Accounts
https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/18973/pdf/ (TiM violent crime stats)
https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0016885#pone.0016885.s002 (relation between committing a violent sexual crime and srs)
https://www.chimamanda.com/ (Writings of Chimamanda Ngozi, a South African gender critical feminist)
https://www.jkrowling.com/opinions/j-k-rowling-writes-about-her-reasons-for-speaking-out-on-sex-and-gender-issues/ (JK Rowling's essay)

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cOANC_ykPxL_TZGnkxZCb4HNc-2tvfuK (vile comments made by TRAs)
https://odysee.com/@Skirt_Go_Spinny:7 (documentaries about TiMs and Trans activism)
https://web.archive.org/web/20231021212912/https://www.tumblr.com/chlorinatedpopsicle/654101574490161152/new-and-improved-not-our-crimes-this-never (Violent crimes by TiMs)

No. 1917333

What happened is that she bumped into him drink first. But he's crazy and thinks she touched him with her drink on purpose.

No. 1917337

The very best way is to wait until they confess that they are trans to you, and then say "I know." And it will absolutely burst their bubble plus hopefully install some paranoia about everyone lying to them. They will still freak out over this and try to get back at you in some way, so make sure the people at work/in your social circle aren't handmaidens who will support him and just regular normies who will be like "yeah, we all knew too. what's the big deal?"

No. 1917338

what an absolute trainwreck. no woman deserves this, i hope she escapes eventually.

No. 1917339

thank you. also want to add to that jennifer bilek's blog https://www.the11thhourblog.com/ which focuses more on big pharma, corporations and specific people profiting from the push of gender ideology and transhumanism, from a feminist angle. the pinned article about the pritzker family is a must-read.

No. 1917342

can we link ovarit under peak material? is that a bad idea?

No. 1917345

No. 1917348

https://4w.pub/ Is another news site!

No. 1917355

Around the time Kristin's husband trooned out, she started identifying as a she/theyfab and said she wanted to dress more masculine. I thought it was her way of passively-aggressively telling her husband to fuck off because he skinwalks her and he's a troonsbian. Since her 'coming out' video she has only made one video about being nonbinary and she never mentions being nonbinary on any social media (even though she mentions being bi and gay every other minute).
Her videos with Brian come off as very performative and I don't think she's in a happy relationship with him but she won't leave because she's too insecure.

No. 1917359

Wears a backward baseball cap once and thinks it makes her not a woman

No. 1917366

Your man sucks ass now? There are only two options in the 2020s: They/Them pronoun Time or Open The Relationship.

No. 1917367

I also wonder if any of them have felt pressured by their husbands to look less feminine so as not to "outshine" them or make them dysphoric. It's crazy how consistent it is across the board, though I don't really see it happening to women that purposefully seek out mtf boyfriends, just the ones that have it sprung on them.

No. 1917375

Once you have the full list, make sure you post it again when the thread is almost full so hopefully the next OP remembers to include it. Otherwise we might get a repeat of the "we should truncate the past threads list" thing kek

No. 1917377

why doesn't he make any effort to make his voice sound feminine?
why is he wearing a fancy looking velvet robe with like weird girl-aged looking hair pins?
and why the choker? who wears chokers at his age, let alone at his weight?
he sounds like any other autistic man in how he talks, not even like any feminine cadence or anything
>says he's gay
>is married to a woman
what a fucking trainwreck
>describes his therapy as not sufficient
what does he need therapy for, dude needs a treadmill or a bicycle and it'd do far more than having some poor handmaiden therapist blow smoke up his ass for 50 minutes
>larp name is Brie
dude is so fat he can't even pick a name without thinking of food
>being hurt by your partner lying to you and trooning out is VIOLENCE
>buying a purse means you are a woman
>dude characterizes his wife saying he took her clothes as "weird" when trannies do it all the time
>man was leaning 100% on the woman while not supporting her at all
it's depressing that people like this exist, and consider their current situation to be something worth celebrating. i really hope she can wake up before wasting too much more time

No. 1917384

File: 1697930831422.png (138.91 KB, 555x498, lesbian action group australia…)

sorry if this was already posted in the last thread. australian lesbians are forbidden from not including TIMs in their events.
>The verdict read: “The commissioner submits that the word ‘sex’ is not a biological concept referring to whether a person at birth had male or female physical traits. Nor is it a binary concept, limited to the ‘male’ or ‘female’ sex."
bleak af.

No. 1917392

i don't really think it's a good site to have a link to, while she has a few good points (like that making lifelong medical patients is an insane thing to do), it reeks of conservatism, anti-feminism and pro-natalism with its obsessive fixation on sexual dimorphism as a good thing instead of what women are shamed for and our weaknesses, being knocked up is a weakness and a curse and not a blessing, no matter the tradthot copes.
and it uses tifs and not tims as "shock" to provoke pro-breeder (mammary glands are used for breastfeeding only) mentality, that a woman is somehow "mutilated" if she has her breasts removed (wonder what she has to say about breast cancer patients?), just because she will never be able to breastfeed anymore.
also, lots of "muh childrun, think about da childrun" - common tradcon manipulation tactic.
this is certainly not how trannyism should be fought, you will only attract trad "allies" and not normal people.

No. 1917393

OMFG can we please get back to reality ??? The fact that at the moment, everwhere, we have to actually confirm what sex, biology and science say - or in this fucking case, just straight up deny it- is bananas. Can the world please take its pills and stop acting like a raving deluded tranny lunatic

No. 1917398

https://transcrimeuk.com/ is a good one for receipts.

No. 1917405

File: 1697932607286.gif (2.59 MB, 360x202, Troons.gif)

The hardest reality for them to swallow.

No. 1917406

Lesbians in Australia are more often beaten and sexually assaulted in places like Melbourne and Adelaide so of course allowing men into their events isn't yet another massive slap in the face.

No. 1917407

um aktshually "DNA" is a colonialist eurocentric phrase and doesn't really mean anything in reality, because native peoples of colour have been oppressed because of so-called "DNA" which is a totally arbitrary concept made up by white men to solidify their white superiority in fake "science" using the "scientific method" (another tool of white supremacy) and "rigorous peer reviewed studies".

If you cite DNA then you are literally a neonazi white sumpremacist who is actively murdering brown people, so think twice about that before defining "women" based on things like "biology" or "reality", bigot

No. 1917409

interesting. i didn't get that vibe as strongly from her. i think it's a good resource but understand how your points could be off-putting. https://womensdeclaration.com/documents/117/Hellwomon_Bodies2Identities_Script.pdf this is another good overview (although it does reference jennifer's research)
i do think pointing out who is profiting from all of this is super important but it's not discussed as much. and it answers a big part of WHY we are where we are. anyway, don't want to derail.

No. 1917429

and reduxx

No. 1917433

Why the fuck did the group even ask for "permission" in the first place? They're associated with the LGB alliance, troons should implicitly know that the event isn't for them in the first place. Also, it's fucking ridiculous that any minority advocacy organization can be persecuted for "discrimination." In my opinion, it's permissible for minority-based organizations to restrict membership to those with that status. What do these women have to do to have their needs met if they aren't allowed to refer to sex or gender? Call themselves Lesbians-born-with-uteruses Action Group?

Burgerland is backwards as hell in many ways, but a ruling like this would never have happened here. That's why American trannies have deputized themselves as vigilantes and just get people fired or dox them instead.

No. 1917436

Slightly OT, but I've never seen a relationship recover after the couple decides to "open up" to outside sex. It's such a cowardly, lazy move. Just break up at that point, especially if you aren't even married. Also, I'd be willing to bet money that the "enby" is female. Making everything revolve around themselves in a relationship is something TiMs tend to do with women whose self esteem they've worn down.

No. 1917437

File: 1697937466774.jpeg (649.4 KB, 1345x859, IMG_3139.jpeg)

Lunatic berates his employees and starts sobbing over a picture of his daughter. Why you may ask? PMS of course.

No. 1917438

>it ruined their big trip to Disneyworld that was planned a year
These two are the exact sort of people I picture when I think about childless adults obsessed with Disneyworld. Just a pair of morbidly obese, overgrown children with a deteriorating marriage and terrible finances.

No. 1917453

File: 1697940318901.jpeg (120.55 KB, 750x1000, IMG_1128.jpeg)

When the troon Wendy’s employee rants about “being misgendered,” don’t forget to reply:

No. 1917454

File: 1697940667279.jpg (757.51 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20231021-220858_Red…)

Fucking psycho

No. 1917457

File: 1697940869190.jpg (231.91 KB, 1080x846, Screenshot_20231021-195448_Chr…)

Just two men pretending to have periods together. Totally sane!:

No. 1917462

File: 1697941404756.png (1.68 MB, 1302x1435, 648763598.png)

I scrolled through this guy's post history and not surprisingly he's a degenerate self-hating faggot who started out into cuckoldry and chastity. He looks like an ex-military giga-hon, so I assumed he'd be an AGP transbian, but it seems like he might actually be HSTS. All his posts are about thirsting over men and he claims the only woman he's attracted to is his wife, who he lives vicariously through as he watches her fuck other men. Imagine being the daughter. How mortifying.

No. 1917465

Fear must be contagious because this picture made me extremely scared of makeup

No. 1917468

I love how not a single transwoman in the entire world has ever asked an actual woman about their life experiences, and instead emulates shallow, stereotypical film and tv characters written by men, thus performing "femininity" in such a manner the only people who would approve of and understand it is other men. Just a male circlejerk cult like every other male interest.

No. 1917473

Sounds like he wants to be pegged every night and refuses PIV as well as any kind of foreplay or pleasure for her.
And discussing college is definitely on the same level of emotionally devastating as someone attempting to change every facet of their appearane, name, behaviour, and the way you are supposed to treat them (penalty of being cancelled, fired, or worse if you get this wrong btw), overnight, what a great comparison!!

No. 1917484

File: 1697944938625.jpg (615.24 KB, 810x2198, Screenshot_20231021-231301_Chr…)

>"You may find that you have in fact started your cycle…. Unlike cis women we don't get any confirmation from a period starting after we're done feeling everything so intensely for a few days. That can make imposter syndrome rear up… but talk to any cis friends you have and describe how you feel. It's incredibly validating when multiple people are just like 'yeah no you're pmsing.'"

No. 1917491

First troon I’ve ever seen who knows PMS happens before the period. What a feat.

No. 1917495

File: 1697947389353.jpg (250.62 KB, 1080x798, Screenshot_20231021-234229_Red…)

>Vehemently deny male socialization
>Find misogyny and sexual harassment euphoric and validating
Pick one troons:

No. 1917511

Tbf I don’t think anyone socialized men to be degeneroos, that part is just built-in.

No. 1917518

How many times do these retards need to be told that a woman's estrogen is at its lowest and her testosterone at its highest at the onset of menstruation (i.e. when PMS would occur.) The testosterone, or more accurately a higher amount of a hormone the system is not used to, is causing the mood problems. This is why you don't indefinitely dump a ton of one sex's hormone into a body of the opposite sex.

No. 1917519

Unless he's a super plastic HSTS, this is pure tranfiction. Honestly vile that he's likely fantasizing about being sexually harassed.

No. 1917522

If he was straight he’d be with a woman, Jake is based.(sage your shit)

No. 1917530

finding pornsick degeneracy from fellow moids validating is the most male thing conveivable

It's extremely weird for someone to cross that kind of boundary to begin with. not being repulsed by this kind of thing shows us how male lapses in judgment continue to fuel STI pandemics among them. tragic

No. 1917542

File: 1697959332640.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x2289, IMG_9986.jpeg)

He is not. Picrel is him also, not adding the pic but his nipples are just two giant brown circles

No. 1917552

Nobody was sexually harassing this ogre lol. Just another AGP scrote hallucinating a fake rape fantasy to wank to.

No. 1917558

TIMs are more feminine than all men thats why they troon out(unsaged retard/bait)

No. 1917563

nice try troon, you're the most masculine hulking cavemen of all men.(taking the bait)

No. 1917564

dont respond to bait retard

No. 1917577

File: 1697968285102.png (413.46 KB, 1081x956, 45345343453453.png)

No. 1917586

Most rational, sane tranny.
>Eastern European
Imagine my shock, all Slavic moids are violent Neanderthals.

No. 1917600

Seconded. Extremely useful for charting the big money behind the whole movement (BlackRock, the Pritzker, etc).

>pro-breeder mentality
What's this language choice

>troons should implicitly know that the event isn't for them in the first place
Come on, they LIVE for forcing their way into places they're not wanted lol. Most likely they kicked a TiM out and he sued, so it went to court (that's what happened in Ireland).

No. 1917604

They kept referring to him as a a woman in every article too. Took weeks to figure out it was a Troon at all. I'm so pissed of with our media. Truly trying to control narratives, and then pika faces all around when we still end up hating troons. Fucking hell I want out

No. 1917608

ugh sometimes i forget some these sick fucks have daughters, i hope every troon without a child gets the chance of castrating himself with horse piss so he can’t reproduce to potentially create more mentally ill specimens or make his kids suffer

No. 1917621

Even worse it's usually one-sided so it's literally suddenly telling your 'partner' that you're going to cheat on them whether they like it or not, and either force them to initiate the break up (which they don't wan to do) or cope for a time.

No. 1917651

Don't give them ideas nonna this is 100% something they would start claiming if it came from one of their "thinkers". The whole "science is a tool of white supremacy" is already something that some actually say.

He's happy when his wife has sex with other men because he doesn't have to "pretend to be something he isn't" yet she was worried about him not being attracted to her anymore upon taking estrogen? How isn't she aware that he's gay by now??

No. 1917653

If Kristen won't leave because she thinks she can't do better than an obese skinwalker troon with a fat fetish… then she is correct. She is one of the most unfortunate looking women I've ever seen, with a personality to match.

No. 1917657

File: 1697982278835.jpg (36.98 KB, 680x373, F9C8FubWkAExEJM.jpg)

Its not your parents genes fault youre lazy and eat too much, these people always try to blame something else than themselves for literally anything. Also why the fuck would estrogen make you thinner? If anything its gonna give you more moobs

No. 1917665

Weight sperg incoming but I cannot STAND people who blame anything other than their own laziness and bad eating habits for being fat. Especially men. Yeah totally, estrogen is gonna “thin you out”. Put down the fucking junk food you fat piece of shit. Anyone who doesn’t want to work for the body they want doesn’t deserve to have a nice body. Also troons don’t deserve to have anything nice period kek

No. 1917666

Is he retarded? Men naturally have less fat than women. Why would estrogen thin him out? On the contrary, most trannies are pudgier after taking estrogen.

No. 1917667

More “women live life in easy mode”, “they look good because they won the genetic lottery” and not because we’re shamed into not overeating and taught (and actually expected to) have proper higiene. No, it must be because those lucky bitches l have everything handed out to them. Incel ass.

No. 1917683

Thanks nonna, can we get https://terfisaslur.com/ back in the op?

No. 1917685

something tells me he isn't going to come out as gay until he can claim the estrogen "turned him into a straight woman"

No. 1917690

Men straight up loose weight way easier then women do, yet somehow he thinks estrogen will make him slimmer?

No. 1917702

How are they meant to be cycling when they take a steady dose of the same hormone regularly? I’m sure some of them fuck with it to try and get this to happen, but fucking with literally any hormonal medicine can lead to some weird body consequences occurring. That doesn’t mean it’s a period.

No. 1917713

File: 1697989504089.jpeg (110.81 KB, 1000x563, KQED.jpeg)

KQED published a sympathetic piece on a TIM 'Syiaah Skylit' (Johnathan Robertson), in prison for armed robbery. he was also accused of rape in the woman's prison he was moved to, but still remains the victim.
>"Skylit is a slight 5 feet, 5 inches tall with a big, dimpled smile. As a teen and living as a boy, she was bullied for being a flashy dresser, for the way she carried herself."
see picrel lol
>KQED argue that its common for female inmates to lie about sexual assault and rape, and that TIM inmates are often the target.
>They also argue that female inmates have approached TIMs for sex, and falsely accuse them of rape if their advances are rejected.
the propaganda and bending over backwards to make it seem like TIMs in women's prisons are delicate little flowers who need protecting from evil terf inmates (who try to rape THEM) and prison guards. good lord.

No. 1917731

File: 1697991825774.png (1.42 MB, 1980x651, HELP.png)

No. 1917732

File: 1697991953658.png (44.33 KB, 386x407, F9DB583WAAAVi6e.png)

This moid typing like a 13 year old on msn in 2007

No. 1917733

kill him

No. 1917743

This is why you should never trust anyone who likes NPR, they WILL cry for this man in their Prius and then come into work and refer to the women as They/Them. Men especially who like NPR are big tranny loving woman haters. If you pay attention you'll see the pattern

No. 1917744

File: 1697993053925.jpg (291.99 KB, 1465x1892, F87L23fbYAAgbHH.jpg)

You do not. Next

No. 1917747

Holy shit. How can someone possibly be that fucking ugly? He looks like some eldritch abomination or something from a crude political cartoon.

No. 1917748

>I feel like I can’t please my partner in any way, shape, or form
You said it, buddy.
Oh no, the scrote felt objectified. Be still my heart… you know he jerked off about it the second he got back to his parents house later that night.

No. 1917753

what librarian pissed you off?

No. 1917755

All of them

No. 1917758

KEK literally looks like a photo of ted cruz put through a face app filter

No. 1917761

File: 1697994991481.jpeg (747.67 KB, 1200x1239, IMG_6921.jpeg)

>electrolysis is like bdsm!

Everything is a fetish to them.

No. 1917765

File: 1697995330826.png (1.04 MB, 960x914, z3pmmzvsb5vb1.png)

I looked this up for the source and ended up on his subreddit… but the whole thing is just devoted to mocking him kek. Found more material right at the top.

No. 1917769

>good girls take the pain nice and calm

No. 1917770

What does he mean “by gravity”?

No. 1917774

File: 1697997086686.png (24.33 KB, 370x329, F9DB-OrXMAAX2fF.png)

No. 1917779

File: 1697997404279.jpg (242.21 KB, 1079x1485, F9DkbduXYAAVE8V.jpg)

This gotta be a troll, are you transitioning into an 80 year old grandma?

No. 1917780

The worst thing about this is that he’s forcing the technician doing the electrolysis to participate in his fetishization of the experience, I’m gonna hurl:

No. 1917781

Discussion time: why are they so obsessed on "passing"? Don't they understand this means they KNOW they're not women?

The whole culture of "passing" digusts me. First, because it has them pretty much admit they're not women (or men, in transmen's case). "To pass as"….. "to look like something you're not". They keep using this term, constantly, thus outing themselves as knowing they're not the other sex.

Second: because focusing so much on "passing" means that what's important to them is not being the other sex, but LOOKING like the other sex. They don't want to be women (or men, if transmen). They just want to deceive everyone. What's important is not being, what's imporant is appearing.

Bunch of insufferable idiots.

No. 1917785

Of course they enjoy the attention. It's because they can opt out of it any time. Not to mention they know they would be physically on par with the potential assaulter.

No. 1917787

File: 1697998139714.jpeg (577.99 KB, 1170x2022, IMG_9990.jpeg)

This is him btw

No. 1917789

Another man with low testosterone. Next.

No. 1917808

Their idea of passing is just looking like a bimbofied pornstar

No. 1917815

I’ve noticed a lot of AGPs will go so far as getting a vaginoplasty, but they rarely ever get lip filler. Why is that? I’d think a lot of them would be into it because they are into the whole bimbofication tf shit. And it’s way less invasive than a surgery.

No. 1917831

File: 1698006424565.jpg (242.8 KB, 1080x1403, F9CyWEPXUAAD77J.jpg)

Yes you are embarrasing to be seen around and your wife needs to gtfo

No. 1917836

now why would his wife say that? he doesn't even need a costume kek he would fit right in

No. 1917841

"According to the Bureau of Prisons (BoP), almost 50% of trans-identified male federal inmates are in custody for sex offenses, compared to just 11% of the general male population. In California, 33.8% of trans-identified males seeking transfer to women’s prisons are registered sex offenders.”

But they want to welcome these rape-apes into women's prisons with no challenge? No documented dysphoria, nothing. Just a request was enough to get them into women's prison.

No. 1917843

Most trannies don't want to give up their male privilege, they know if they don't change anything about their face they can "boymode" and live safely in society (despite all the screeching about muh trans genocide) it seems like only gay guys with boyfriends will go as far as lipfillers/actually trying to pass. The straight ones are always ten minutes away from passing as a straight male since all they do is throw on a wig and bad 90s fashion to "girlmode", most don't get srs either but that might be why very male looking ones get seemingly pointless srs
Men stop involving unconsenting strange women in your fetishes challenge (impossible)

No. 1917857


Wow, he did his laundry. Somebody get this fella a medal. Too bad he looks like he still reeks of musty clothes.

No. 1917859


Lamo this reminds me of the work troon walking by and one of the people I take care of loudly asking if that was his Halloween costume. Tis the season for YWNBAW and everyone assuming you're dressing like an idiot on purpose. Hope his wife has a nice night with her normie friends and coworkers.

No. 1917861

Truth. Card-carrying bisexual here, I’m attracted to hot men and beautiful women. I (and every other bisexual woman I know) wouldn’t touch these ratty, greasy, mentally ill, muppet-voiced autogynephiliac neckbeards in dresses with a 10 foot pole.

No. 1917866

File: 1698010983345.png (702.91 KB, 984x750, IMG_6403.png)

Apparently 18-month-old BABIES can “identify as trans” now. How the hell does anyone NOT see this as grooming? When I was little I wanted to hang out with the Ninja Turtles and be a Ninja Turtle. Somehow, for some reason, my parents and teachers didn’t bend over backwards to tell me that I was born as a ninja turtle and tell everyone else to treat me like one for the rest of our lives. Maybe I’m just a mean, bitter TERF because I’m missing out on my Ninja Turtlephoria. Absolute clownery

No. 1917868

TRAs will insist that the majority of those cases are the result of wrongful incarnation or bigotry. They'll use the classic "peeing in public is counted as indecent exposure" MRA point, as well as bringing up actual instances of prejudice in law enforcement, such as sodomy laws being used against consenting gay men, masquerade laws being used against gay and GNC people, and even comparing it to disproportionate arrests of POC. They'd freeze up if they knew how many of these TIMs were arrested for things like rape or possession of CP, though.

No. 1917869

Even when it’s called out, they’ll pull the mental illness card and cry “BUH-buh-buh-buht they only did that because they were ABUSED themselves and OPPRESSED, how can you expect these poor innocent sweet cinnamon rolls to know how to behave in this transphobic society!!!11”

No. 1917876

Jesus Christ. I guess my female cousin who wanted to be Ash Ketchum in the late 90s must have been twans too! These people need to be stopped. It’s all so pedophilic.

No. 1917877

This is 150% driven by pedophilia and misogyny, I'm dear certain of it.

No. 1917880

Agreed. The pic of him with his parents where he’s looking over his shoulder at the camera and pouting is…it’s giving me a horror chill. It looks like a young child who has been trained (groomed and molested) to know how to look “come hither” or pouty. It’s sickening.

No. 1917881


That's what I was thinking as well. These pictures clearly show the kid is being sexualized. People who trans kids are complete degenerates.

No. 1917882

File: 1698012273961.jpeg (1007.76 KB, 1170x1822, IMG_6402.jpeg)

Seriously. Jesus Christ

No. 1917884

holy shit. i don't even want to post this photo here cos it's disturbing but look at this from his instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CwbB6aPpnV1/ the overarched back and sexualised expression. kids don't just act like this, it's learned. think about what kind of people they're taking these photos for… huge huge red flags.

No. 1917885

I'm sure everyone's seen that video of the "11 year old trans-girl who just wants to exist" that went viral a few years back, apparently that kid now does porn and it's not surprising, he was turned into a fetish object by his parents and for most adult men who support "trans-kids" this is what this is about actually, wanting accesses to feminized young boys who look younger for longer periods.

No. 1917887

Those pictures are foul. There's also a hyper slow-motion video of him jumping in a bouncy castle in a little dress, and at the end his underwear is fully exposed.

Paedophilia is without a doubt a huge part of this movement; when you look at the fiction those freaks at The Eunuch Archives were posting, the central fetish was chemically (or literally) castrating children so they remained prepubescent forever, and then sexually abusing them when they were fully dependent on them (and also incapable of experiencing sexual desire/pleasure of their own).

No. 1917889

>fiction those freaks at The Eunuch Archives were posting, the central fetish was chemically (or literally) castrating children so they remained prepubescent forever
What the Hell, who are these freaks.

No. 1917890


I'm trying to report the account for sexual exploitation of children, but I don't think it's working. wtf Instagram If anyone else can, please do. Not that it wouldn't respawn, even if it was removed(sage your shit)

No. 1917891

there are also lots of feet pictures and swim suit pictures (again with the arched back and pout). there are plenty of unmoderated comments from men openly drooling over a child. i don't know what to say. i hope this kid has at least one sane adult in his life that is looking out for his safety and wellbeing, but it doesn't seem to be the case. now i'm depressed.

No. 1917892

Holy hell. That is NOT how little kids naturally pose or act. I could almost give it a pass if he was just standing there with hands on hips and smiling (remember “posing” with your hands on your hips as a kid? Like someone says “Okay now pose like a movie star!” And you do a goofy “glamorous” pose and it looks funny because you’re a kid being silly?) But no, this kid is mimicking and being coached how to look at the camera with a doe-eyed, demure expression. It’s not just a kid innocently playing and being cute and funny, there’s a sexual aspect behind it and I refuse to believe otherwise.

No. 1917894

File: 1698013134177.png (Spoiler Image,902.84 KB, 1091x800, Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 16-33…)

Reduxx covered it all here: https://reduxx.info/nhs-scotland-apologizes-for-eunuch-gender-identity-document-leak/
WPATH has had members from there (many are senior academics etc) speaking at their events, and they had them consult on a new 'eunuch gender' identity. It's really fucked up.

I ran into a kid like that in the wild. Doing only fans, and he looks like a 12 year old girl with a little boy's penis. Comments all saying how perfect he is.

No. 1917896

And there are still libfems who think this is somehow beautiful and will be calling us perverts for wanting a child be protected from the actual pedophiles openly lusting after a child.

No. 1917897

File: 1698013306836.gif (912.09 KB, 640x360, 2022-06-16-21-25-51_Trim.gif)

No. 1917906

File: 1698015201757.mp4 (Spoiler Image,3.4 MB, 1034x576, 13 year old boy Drag Queen per…)

It's giving me flashbacks of the 13 year 'drag queen' boy who was dancing at events. They were trying to defend it then too.
(Probably been linked/posted before, but another mirror doesn't hurt.)

I'll report too, nonnie.

No. 1917924

They aren’t even trying to hide how disgusting this is. Clearly the pedos get off on how these boys don’t age normal, and specifically their genitals don’t. I’m beyond horrified at the posted links, this is so bleak.

No. 1917929

I regret asking.

No. 1917930

kek it’s like he was going through a list of stereotypes associated with periods while writing this and tried to get them all in

No. 1917938

File: 1698020179235.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1211, 5C119F5A-AB49-4ABC-9EED-EB16AC…)

this pic genuinely frightens me

No. 1917940

>with parents
narc on the left and pedophile on the right, obviously groomed "stage kid" in the middle acting in whatever way gets them attention and praise. It's unfortunate that MAGA trad retards are the same people publicly against the tranny pedo agenda, like lefties are too much cowards and too afraid to be seen as "mean" to see and speak the truth. This is really blatant and if the word trans wasn't involved even lefties could tell you this seems fucked up

No. 1917944

Kids don't pose like that with their parents, when I was that age it's just dad with his hand over your shoulder while you smile at the camera not whatever that is, and the fact he doesn't seem uncomfortable about it makes me believe something is going on. Also why is he posing with the dad and not the mom?

I've seen people twist themselves in pretzels to justify this as "it's not sexual! You see more skin at the beach!" And I fucking hate the deliberate ignorance. It's just a tactic to avoid addressing this because somehow attacking THIS is the same as attacking the gender stuff as a whole. Ridiculous

No. 1917947

Everytime I hear about their relationship, it's against my will.

Honestly I can't see any self respecting woman electing to stay with someone so… gross. How can you see your husband skinwalking you this hard and not be creeped out by it?

No. 1917948

The look on the father’s face says it all to me. He’s smug as fuck bc he is getting off on trooning out his child and almost definitely is molesting this poor kid it’s Liev Schreiber vibes.

No. 1917949

TY. Bisexual means attracted to women & men, not gender-confused people mutilating themselves for a fetish.

No. 1917971

Huehue I will def be keeping this in mind. Good tip nonny

No. 1917972

18-month olds have zero grounded sense of "gender identity" and this is terrifying. Hell, even 18-year olds are hardly grounded in their personalities yet.

No. 1917973

They don’t even have their motor skills developed enough to figure out which hand to pick as a dominant hand.

No. 1918009

I presume these parents see their kid being GNC and then feel the need to troon them instead of letting the child explore without judgement. Your son wanting to wear pink dresses as a 2 year old does not mean you should chemically castrate him and cut his penis off because you're embarrassed of boys that are gay or feminine.

No. 1918021

File: 1698035271849.jpeg (601.05 KB, 828x2106, IMG_3562.jpeg)

A local tranny punk band

No. 1918022

Are they seriously called the groomers?

No. 1918023

File: 1698035713863.png (1.51 MB, 1622x1502, oktroomer.png)

Remember, it's hate speech to call them groomers!:

No. 1918024

Yes kek I saw the name on a poster and had to look them up, they look exactly how I expected

No. 1918026

Maybe they didn’t say anything to avoid being assaulted by the troon? I literally am a “TERF”, yet at my college i “respect” the obvious trannie’s pronouns irl so i don’t get murdered by the most aggressive subspecies of male.

No. 1918027

More like major kek.

No. 1918028

His dick flopped out? Fucking lol, lmao

No. 1918029

That poor woman.

No. 1918035

>many are senior academics etc
of course there were, western academic since the end of WW2 has been infested with essentially pretentious pedophiles.

No. 1918038

Is the one in black pants an actual woman?

No. 1918041

Yeah, it’s jarring how different the trannys look next to her

No. 1918064

File: 1698047638138.png (288 KB, 848x676, sure.png)

This happened in the UK this summer.
>two "women" sexually assault teenage boy in broad daylight
>those heights

No. 1918067

Poor kid.

No. 1918071

Jesus Christ I hate the UK a call the, what they are fucking gay men in women’s clothes

No. 1918077

The 5'9 one could be an actual woman since I have never seen a tranny with "very long white blonde hair" (unless it was a wig) - they usually have awful hair, but 6'3 as a height for a woman is incredibly rare so that is 100% bonafide male specimen

No. 1918087

This was 5 minutes away from my house. I was horrified, I can't believe it happened so close, the town here isn't talking about it. It seems everyone is too scared about being seen as a transphobe, but these apes horrifically attacked a fucking child. I'm moving asap ladies. I'm just so sad about it.

No. 1918088

think they meant threat to minors

No. 1918103

File: 1698056647994.png (4.23 MB, 2212x1480, aggro.png)

troons trying to police our brain waves now

No. 1918109

Can you point out the pro-natalism? Most people aren't actually informed of the consequences of transitioning or thin that's a problem for the future. If anything, sexual dimorphism isn't a bad thing and shouldn't be hated by feminists. There's two types, natural and cultural. Natural dimorphism is neutral, a matter of biology no matter what ideology. Feminists push back on cultural dimprohism because it's often arbitrary and unhealthy (bimbo culture).

No. 1918111

File: 1698058857076.png (245.74 KB, 507x312, men.png)

to anyone who doesn't already know (or hasn't guessed) @feminist is run by two men in picrel https://therevivalzine.wordpress.com/2020/10/26/the-truth-behind-instagram-account-feminist/
>you need to stop thinking
>you need to go further
we've gone far enough. glad to see there are women calling this out in the comments, even if they're being met with even more gaslighting

No. 1918112

File: 1698058904003.jpg (299.56 KB, 1389x1356, F867dw_bQAAnmD4.jpg)

You are right, you are inferior to real women because you are not one. The math isnt hard. Grow the fuck up and get a life not dedicated to coom

No. 1918117

My first thought was a (very cheap) wig.

No. 1918118

An 18 month old can’t even put two words together, how tf do they “id as trans”?? These lgbtabcefghi whatever the fuck liberals are more regressive and conservative and misogynistic than the far right, ironically. They literally think a boy can’t play with a doll or point at a pink shirt or it must mean they’re not a boy. Fuckwads. Are they so daft they can’t see how that’s literally playing into the most 1950’s sexist stereotypes ever and that’s what their whole ideology is based on?

No. 1918123

File: 1698062004019.mp4 (Spoiler Image,9.41 MB, 576x1024, 13y.old.started.at.8.vile.mp4)

Same. Only one mainstream news outlet picked up the story, and it was quite a while after Reduxx broke it. And yeah, it's not hidden at all; there are a few 'preview' stories on the website that you can look at before signing up, and the peado shit is right there.

Current mainstream leftists are a joke. Absolutely zero ethics, logic or morality as long as it fits into the 'woke' agenda.

This is what I'm saying. There's just no 'line' anymore. The little boy (who started age 8 and is being coached by a known predator, btw) is ~in drag or ~trans or whatever, so the transparent exploitation is totally fine.
Added the other vid I have of them (performing at a concert) for archival purposes.

I read something about a lot of peados being 'in place' from the last major attempt to push this shit (80s?), though I can't remember the source.

No. 1918129

I remember libfems(and gay men) genuinely trying to spin this as empowering, saying that kids get exposed to porn and gore everyday and here he's just enjoying himself and being happy.

No. 1918132

At least this one kind of realises what male socialisation means and doesn't just go 'i'm a woman so that means i was obviously socialised as one!'
The bar is in hell though.

No. 1918133

File: 1698064057543.jpeg (457.73 KB, 1170x858, IMG_0998.jpeg)

i fucking hate this man and also hate the way faggots online try to insert him into every indie women discussion when his music is mediocre af. like we as a society wouldn’t let a woman get away with such shit music and be considered cool and hip. He also puts down women at first opportunity in such troon fashion. Like, only a scrote would type something like this. “Having body hair on your genitals makes you manlike so that means men are women” suuuure boy.(repost; lurk more)

No. 1918134

lurk more

No. 1918135

Surprising self-awareness there. Cue the deluded hugbox stream of comments huh.

No. 1918136

last thread.

No. 1918137

Shouldn't it be law that they lose their pronoun privileges as soon as shit like that occur? It's important to correctly gender attackers. Why are we complying with their delusions even in case of such a horrible assault ?

No. 1918139

File: 1698064445320.png (45.88 KB, 393x185, amanda abbington.png)

the fact people can't even push back on the sexualisation of children, because it's "transphobic" is one of the biggest peaking elements. i think a lot of people are understandably uncomfortable watching something like the video you posted, and become isolated for feeling this way. i know someone who was bullied out of their organisation for raising safeguarding concerns around a trans child. literally the only person looking out for this child's welfare being labelled the villain.

also on the subject of that particular video, Amanda Abbington (actress from Sherlock and Mr Selfridge) complained about it (picrel) and has been getting dogpiled ever since. she is currently on Strictly Come Dancing and TRAs are trying to get her kicked off. i'm sure if most people could see that video they would understand her concern, but the narrative that she is hateful is already set in place, so less and less people are going to speak up when they see child abuse.

No. 1918142

File: 1698065270326.png (484.02 KB, 294x693, lol..PNG)

such a #sexy womyn

No. 1918148

The extremes of both sides are unironically touching to make a circle. We went full retard with conversion therapy back around into gender ideology and trooning out kids because they like the colour pink.

No. 1918151

Ok ladiesput your answers in!
How much do you want to bet one or all of them have:
A)Talked to an underage girl
B) Was a psysical/emotional abuser in a relationship
C) Committed a sex crime
D)All of the above beacuse let's be real, punk scotes are a plague

the one second left in actually looks like a woman but whatever

No. 1918158

File: 1698070975861.png (118.42 KB, 720x895, Screenshot_20231018-053826~2.p…)

I couldn't help but laugh while reading this but than I went to his profile and his photos make it even more humorous for me kek

No. 1918159

File: 1698071056426.png (607.46 KB, 655x640, groomers.png)

all of them except for the one female (the one with the mullet i assume is a TIF or NB), who was probably the recipient of such behaviour.
picrel and the other men really want to be the "punk girl" and idolise these 70s and 80s bands but don't realise that women in punk were deliberately rejecting femininity and gender stereotypes. but this TIM cannot hide his fetish, he doesn't even try.

No. 1918160

File: 1698071107330.png (843.67 KB, 720x712, Screenshot_20231023-101137~2.p…)


Here he is

No. 1918164

Top right in pic #1 is the handmaiden, right?

I feel mildly sorry for the one holding the PBR in pic #2 because of his "if only you knew how bad things really are" facial expression. Like he just wants to play in a punk band and is low key uncomfortable with being in a group called The Groomers even though he can't admit it.

No. 1918170


shit like this always makes me feel terrible for the one handmaiden / tim / thembie in groups like these. you can tell how low her self esteem is bc there is genuinely no way to connect with moids who see women as a costume to put on and sploink their doink to. hope she gets out soon.

No. 1918176

(You meant TIF, right? if you’re referring to a female, I mean, then that’s a TIF=female who identifies as trans)

No. 1918190


same anon, yes! i meant tif.

No. 1918197

File: 1698079092614.jpg (1.39 MB, 1440x4683, Screenshot_20231015_075231_Fir…)

No. 1918198

File: 1698079212742.jpg (469.71 KB, 1440x1347, Screenshot_20231015_075221_Fir…)

No. 1918200

Do we know that this is not a tran on tran crime? MTFs would probably have more reason to attack an FTM than an actual boy

No. 1918207

I legit gagged reading this. Eradicate them all. I wish I could prove to stupid handmaidens that THIS IS HOW THEY ALL THINK. Also topkek at him thinking 7.5 is big and that he ever was 7.5 inches. Vomiting at his “fat pad” vomiting at this whole thing tbh.

No. 1918221

It was a sexual assault, as well as beating/physical assault. The sexual element was omitted from this partiular piece. Almost certainly two predatory nonce faggots attacking a (male) minor.

No. 1918222

That dude's message reads like the deluded rant of a deranged lunatic who is two step away from becoming a fully-fledged serial killer ready to start offing random women in the streets at night. Give him enough time and you will find the head of someone in his freezer. Fucking hell.

No. 1918224

It is so creepy that they describe women as both being overgrown children and being sex-addicted. Also his own post disproves his idea that males are fully-fledged humans and that women are the sex-addicts and not moids. Again, it's all just projection. Hope he kills himself.

No. 1918226

>men are superior in every sense, the world only exists because of men!
>completely porn addicted and coom brained, could probably not survive a day without masturbating

they all need to kill themselves asap

No. 1918227

Yeah it's revolting. This shit would peak a lot of handmaidens, I know male TRAs are beyond help but at least the stupid pick me's would come to their senses. Too bad they wouldn't look at it anyways because those creeps are exceptions in their minds.

No. 1918236

i was thinking "i wish i could show this to every handmaiden i know" but it's not the kind of thing you show someone casually.

No. 1918251

>men are fully fledged humans
>spends the next several paragraphs talking about his dick and cooming

No. 1918253

File: 1698085299751.png (72.24 KB, 144x277, hopeless male.png)

>in his 30s. checks all the boxes for being a narcissist and sociopath porn addict
noooo it's the women who are sex obsessed sociopaths who need to grow up!

No. 1918262

File: 1698086163973.jpg (365.9 KB, 1469x2048, F9ItFjXX0AAPlE1.jpg)

The truth always slips out in moments of anger

No. 1918263

he says not "on HER" but "in HER." they literally can't help themselves

No. 1918264

no but seriously why do they always say women instead of woman? is there an actual reason?

No. 1918265

men are able to goad each other into ruining their lives to eliminate competition because they wrongly implicitly trust each other

No. 1918266

moids are retarded and bad at spelling or anything involving basic grammar and literacy

No. 1918268

>”humanity only exists because of men”
>a woman scarified 9 months of her life and health to birth him
his mother needs to abort him

No. 1918279

>”I know he didn’t mean to say it!”
Except he did lmao the schadenfreude is exquisite

No. 1918282

Men are unironically so much drama and for the most retarded reasons KEK
The fact that so many of them actively try and sabotage other moids is also so petty.

No. 1918288

seeing this happen to a friend of mine, and it’s wild

she’s choosing getting laid over her spouse & kid

No. 1918289

>le rational sex, thinking from pure reason
>life revolves around getting high and watching porn
>schizo delusions about penis shrinking, simultaneously disturbed and aroused by said delusions
The life of a true alpha male

No. 1918307

moid obsession with dick size and thinking having a small dick = female needs to be clinically studied at this point. how many stories of moids trooning out because they have micro dicks have been posted itt? How about they save themselves the time and medical resources and just off themselves instead of transitioning. Saves them from passing on their genes too.

No. 1918308

File: 1698091849928.jpeg (154.88 KB, 800x800, failed men.jpeg)

>incel teenager looks into limb lengthening surgery
>2 weeks later considers just trooning out instead because short man = woman

No. 1918310

Since when is 5ft8 something to get a complex about? Men are destroying themselves on the internet with their porn addictions and red pill victim mentality.

No. 1918313

>transition or death
well… both are synonyms

No. 1918316

File: 1698092305036.png (68.01 KB, 211x244, 1651706043557.png)

fucking this… 5'8 is literally fucking fine holy shit you do not have to be 7'5 ffs
what did the comments say? I hope they called him a retard

No. 1918318

File: 1698092421039.png (29.68 KB, 561x111, average height .png)

he is literally one inch shorter than the average man in the US. but i guess because he isn't a 6 ft 5 chad with naturally bulging muscles, he will have to troon out.
the comments are telling him to try being a femboy first. "if you can't handle being a femboy then you can't handle being a woman."

No. 1918319

can a nonnie with a reddit account give him a reality check?(cowtipping request)

No. 1918323

File: 1698093381848.png (32.1 KB, 870x362, cringe.png)

I joined the Pokemon Infinite Fusion server to download the game and, surprise surprise, it was full of troons. I highly doubt there is a single actual woman in it, and if there is one she probably is trans too.
Unsurprisingly the emote for their she/her role (a cringe ass concept to begin with) is the troon pokemon sylveon.
No other group of people has been erased from nerd communities as much as women (unless they make the scrotes coom of course).

No. 1918325

File: 1698093484440.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1620x1275, E14F5DBB-09C5-4049-8E2D-4C2896…)

Reminds me of how men always claim women are hysterical and unprofessional, meanwhile female doctors have less patient deaths than males, and moids are so irrational and overemotional they crash planes into mountains killing hundreds of people in their suicide attempt and try to shut off the engines mid flight.

No. 1918327

Moids are stupid primitive animals who can only understand masculinity in terms of how large something is. That’s why they all worship big stronk roided muscle daddies.

No. 1918328

Oh and also why they think about big penises 24/7 like a bunch of fags.

No. 1918333

The Pokemon fandom is one of the trooniest out there. It's also vastly dominated by millenials, so any time there's some sort of Pokemon event at a game shop or something, there will be a few little kids getting into Pokemon, and then a bunch of greasy balding middle-aged men and hentai-brained TIMs. It's actually so sketchy.

No. 1918339

File: 1698095173963.jpg (84.93 KB, 500x578, DqhEULRXgAAAo-p~2.jpg)

There were articles proudly saying 'Kink should be at Pride, and I want my kids to see it'. They've decided Kink=LGBT (which is offensive af), and therefore it has to be defended in just the same way smh.

Nah the loonies say that their 'identity' isn't predicated on good behaviour and must always be respected. Just look at the shit with Chris Chan (picrel).

Ugh. It's always like that; I remember Julie Bindel talking about a female aid worker who was ostracised for objecting to her male colleagues paying child prostitutes for sex- they called her 'whorephobic'.

No. 1918340

File: 1698095214280.jpeg (561.11 KB, 828x2321, IMG_3569.jpeg)

Female lifeguard, totally jealous of overweight tranny and his hot 6’6 blue eyed Viking boyfriend, looks under his skirt and touches his dick

No. 1918349

Kek I'm sorry but anyone else sees these posts as complete fantasy ? Like, why on earth would that poor woman wants to touch your gross body ? What mum calls her fully grown-ass son "child" or need to bring them to the pool like they can't go on their own??? Also, the "dick-haver" obese basement dweller has a 6.6 bf that looks like a Viking ? My sides, pleassssse, have merci, trannies

No. 1918364

Yeah as soon as it got halfway through I realized that this is a totally embellished story. It's quite literally some powerplay horny roleplay fantasy, where the "evil real woman is a sexual predator and wants to touch me and ogle my boyfriend, but it ends with justice because I'm a bootlicker and desperately want the authorities to save me from any negative social interaction!" Seriously, trannies live with their finger on 911 just waiting to report any woman for any little thing. This was written with his dick in one hand.

No. 1918378

File: 1698099292807.png (230.4 KB, 590x485, amanda.png)

>woman says she "feels like a woman" again whilst being on dancing show, after feeling invisible during her middle age
>man wonders why he can't say the same thing without it sounding like he has a fetish
because you are a fucking MAN. why is it so hard to understand? jfc
it's funny to me because although i find the wording "feel like a woman" a bit cringe (thank you Shania Twain for that) it's a reference to a woman's sexuality and being in touch with herself as a sexual being - that sex being female. a woman. but TIMs will use this saying as proof that it's a feeling they can own, and we're just "gatekeeping" it. of course he thinks it means she just loves twirling around in a pretty spinny dress and sparkles teehee and that makes her feel like a woman.

No. 1918384

File: 1698100519358.jpg (482.25 KB, 533x1122, we all gotta get les fucked up…)

This self-described very fat trans woman feels shamed for not having a big enough girl dick. Comments include this gem:
>One of the best things about coming out as trans is connecting with a whole group of people who are unashamed to talk about their dicks.

No. 1918391

How's penis envy tied to misogyny?

No. 1918398

notice how he excluded ftms from this big dick/small dick discourse even though "enlarged clits = smaller dicks" is a common thing with them lol. buddy sides more with other men before he could ever relate to an actual woman who happens to be transitioning.

No. 1918400

Troons are so painfully un-self-aware. They don't realize that the way they paint "TERFs" and "GCs" is exactly the way that Abbington is saying dancing made her feel liberated from. Moids dehumanize women who they can't coom to, and so tranny moids ree about terfs because they envision them as middle aged women. Notice how they never suspect that hot young women are terfs, when I guarantee a huge amount of us on this board are so far out of the league of all the troons that get posted here. When you only value women for their fuckability, if they become no longer fuckable to you, they are literally nothing. Tons of women experience this when they age. Older women reclaiming their sexuality is based and stacypilled and this moid is just proving that trannies do not experience female socialization.

No. 1918407

Omg. I just noticed the heart-shaped glasses. Barf

No. 1918409

whats the significance with heart shaped glasses?

No. 1918411

heart-shaped sunglasses were (in)famously featured on the poster for kubrick's adaptation of lolita

No. 1918433

>Notice how they never suspect that hot young women are terfs, when I guarantee a huge amount of us on this board are so far out of the league of all the troons that get posted here.
This is hilarious and so true. I personally started peaking because trannies kept hitting on me and trying to skin walk me, and I was eventually sexually harassed by one.

No. 1918436

File: 1698109032450.png (107.46 KB, 1056x368, Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 01.56…)

wtf is going on any more

No. 1918443

I hate this retarded child pageantry as much as anyone else, but come the hell on. Heart-shaped novelty sunglasses are very common, especially in the kid's section.

No. 1918446

Wow, a trans widower instead of a trans widow. Even gay men are having to deal with trannies ruining their marriages now.

No. 1918449

Sounds more like a chaser to me

No. 1918450

I have polycystic ovaries but NOT the syndrome (and none of the symptoms) so it makes sense to me that they’re not necessarily linked. Perhaps it’s more of a symptom than a defining factor.
It will be interesting to see how much more funding/attention this gets now it effects men too, with less serious or disruptive symptoms.

No. 1918452

File: 1698111593685.jpg (53.3 KB, 900x602, fd5a290bc0c76e7c2dda7ac5f3cf44…)

Committing 90% of violent crimes is totally the behavior of a rational, logical group of people. Super stable to seethe with anger and jizz in your pants every time you see a random woman on the street, then go home to your goon cave and cry on 4chan about how you want someone to love you and take care of you. Holy projection, Batman.

No. 1918454

He says something about being fat, so yeah, his dick probably "shrank" from gaining weight after the shaft became embedded in the blubber. Gross but true.

No. 1918455

PCOS? in what ovaries? Can I claim testicular cancer with no cancer or testicles? What about a brain tumor with no tumor or symptoms? What the hell is going on?

No. 1918459

Tiffany and the Hons, playing soon at a furry convention near you!

No. 1918463

Why is a 'cis' woman suddenly a tiffany lmaoo

No. 1918465

File: 1698113350983.png (1.7 MB, 1579x891, backstreet1.png)

Japanese portrayals of tims doesnt seem to trigger the western lgbtq cult… i wonder why and how

No. 1918466

They think glorious enlightened nippon can do no wrong and write essays defending why it's akshually empowering. Except for when a male character crossdresses as a joke, then it's offensive.

No. 1918468

Whats with troons obsessions with trying to masculinize women with PCOS?

No. 1918470

Right sister, japan makes so many panels of crossdressing men without troons anywhere and the tifs love-hate the concept of it

No. 1918471

Its to 'level' the playing field so they would continue to cope

No. 1918478

How do you know she's cis? Given the fashion sense and the fact that her friends are all troons, more likely than not she's at least a themby.

No. 1918484

from the caption:
> The Groomers! Valorie, Britt, Jynx, and Valerie.

Valorie is the blond guy and Valerie is the pbr guy. Kek You just know that there's simmering hatred over them having the same name. I bet that's why Mr. Valerie looks so dour, Mr. Valorie probably calls the shots in that band and is a real bastard about it.

No. 1918485

File: 1698115621923.jpg (456.67 KB, 1600x1600, cul-keke-palmer.jpg)

Do they understand how many women have PCOS, a lot of which don't even know that they have it? I'd say it's likely so they can say that men who fuck women with PCOS might as well be fucking troons so same thing right? At the same time it only ever seems to be to strip women of their femininity who shouldn't be feeling dysphoric in the first place. I guess rewriting biology to suit their comfort is okay until it's time to rewrite biology to make women with PCOS feel bad

No. 1918486

Stop calling every other ugly woman Tif/Tiffany unless it's explicitly proven. And no, don't derail.

No. 1918499

they love talking about "research" without ever linking to it (because it doesn't exist). pcos is an exclusively female condition. no man has pcos.

No. 1918507

File: 1698120698987.jpg (38.88 KB, 519x680, FnMDGC2aAAAQXxq.jpg)

>sex addicted
Literally telling on himself that the only time he engages with any female driven content is porn. Of course the rest of the post does this in more explicit ternms too.
Granted some women are narcs, it's not a word i'd use to describe a collective of people who definitely have problematic people pleasing issues.

They really need to start putting lethal doses in titty skittles. I find it hilarious men feel the need to throw around the men invented everything excuse for their supposed claim of superiority when most modern men are utterly useless and waste their admittedly superior physiology (in reference to their strength and ability to build muscle) being morbidly obese or skinny fat. Most men today contribute absolutely nothing of value to this earth, they don't fight their little wars like they used (at least in the west), they aren't breadwinners or providers or fathers and if they, they can't be arsed to do the bare minimum. Any moid trying to take the efforts of the 1% of men and women who have changed the world for the better deserves to feel the wrath of god for failing to use their life in any meaningful capacity.

No. 1918514

Tifs with PCOS often get groomed into trooning out because "even your body knew you were a man" when in reality I feel like it's easier to just troon out embarrassing symptoms of extreme cases of PCOS than it is to seek help for them because healthcare dismisses looking for confidence until it's for trooning

No. 1918515

i love how they paint women gettin put in the second place of importance over the research (despite how valid and whoever retard is conducting the research is) of a disease that’s literally named after a female specific body part as something progressive when it’s the exact opposite. Also the fact that there isn’t a proper solution for PCOS shows me how little they care about women in the medical field

No. 1918529

File: 1698125785075.jpg (1.18 MB, 3464x3464, mindfuck.jpg)

>Tifs with PCOS often get groomed into trooning out because "even your body knew you were a man".
True. And then TRAs say things like picrel in some roundabout attempt to prove a point. It's like they want to give every woman gender dysphoria. I've been seeing this rhetoric parroted a LOT lately. Literally no TERF says this, they are just making things up at this point in attempt to distract and mindfuck people.

No. 1918556

You can't be that naive. Especially given the context. Come on

No. 1918557

Not trannies rewriting biology and science to bend it over backwards to suit their delusions ? Color me shocked

No. 1918558

I fucking hate these stupid hypocritical arguments from the picrel. Just one word : chromosome. A women has two Xs, your ugly Y is showing. That's it.

No. 1918564

Post-menopausal women don't menstruate and at no point in history have they ever not been considered women. Girls aren't women yet and can menstruate, even before that they're of course still female.
"Only females can menstruate" does not equal "every female menstruates". The female kids they cruelly groomed into sterilization through puberty blockers and wrong harmful hormones won't menstruate, just another example.

No. 1918571

Trooning out is an entire physiosychological process of removal of secondary and primary sex organs assisted by doctors and meds. For TIFs they believe if they cannot menstruate it means that there is no proof/one less tell or sign of being female, which they aim to destroy everything on the full list.

No. 1918574

When a TIM wants to pass as an outlier/exception of a woman you all start to kek and accuse him of cope

No. 1918575

Gee, I guess eunuchs and men with erectile dysfunction aren't men anymore? Yeah, go to some steroid-filled gymbro, or some middle-aged man and say this to them. What about soldiers who had their penis blown off, aren't they men anymore? Hey, trannies, find this people and tell them that they aren't men anymore.

No. 1918582

I pray a man tells me about his vasectomy so I can say "oh so you're a woman now?" cause it's the same fucking logic they're functioning on. deludium and cope.
not going to alog and seethe about having PMDD yet again but the actual BALLS on these hulking men to say shit like this with their whole (breastless, useless) chests

No. 1918584

>so I can say "oh so you're a woman now?"
don't give them ideas nona kek

my response to "oh so a woman who has had a hysterectomy is no longer a woman?" after the obvious "no one is saying that" is that ONLY women can get hysterectomies. only women can be menopausal. only women can have gyencological or congenital conditions that make their ovaries, uterus or vaginas absent or non-functional. only women can lose their period.

whilst there does seem to be some validity to this (research is finding that PCOS may merely effect the ovaries and not be closely tied as previously thought) it still effects women in a very different way. infertility, pain, depression vs … male pattern baldness. I worry about the merging of conditions, women's symptoms are overlooked enough as it is. and i can't help but feel like there is a deliberate agenda to blur the lines between men and women through reframing of these conditions. there was also talk of "male menopause" (andropause) which thankfully everyone shot down, but the fact they even tried to make it a thing is the problem.

No. 1918589

pfffff I didn't think of how affirming that could be even though I just called them deluded kek nice catch nona. unironically that would probably "affirm" some coomer right into euphoria.
and there definitely is a deliberate agenda not only to blur the lines but get us all medicalized. I'm thankful I've only heard of "andropause" rn because it's so absurd if it was considered real I think we were living in that giant rat utopia experiment.
I know men didn't get birth control cause awww poor babies too many side effect like HEADACHES, but seriously at 15 my friends were handed BC for their "acne" or "hormones" with 0 tests and no side effects stated. that was over a decade ago and there's been 0 progress on male bc? it's cause they're coomers who don't want it, and now they are the ones throwing around "breeders" "breedable" "getting bred" talking about each other as XY's. and now claiming to have pcos?

No. 1918590


It seems the most concerning thing isn't just blur the lines etc but eradicate any mention of women from medical literature, and it has already happened. Just go to any NHS page about a female problem and you'll see the deluded use of "chest feeders", "uterus haver" etc. It's bonkers. As you said, women are overlooked enough as is in the medical field, but nothing would make a tranny happier than to never read the word "woman" again in a medical setting except if it's used to designate them which is the ultimate hypocrisy kek.

No. 1918592

bongland nonita? TERF island really is a misnomer when it's the opposite. what there's JK rowling compared to every india willowguy and rapist inmate in a female prison.
the NHS sounds like an absolute clusterfuck of a letdown before all the troon shit. the first I heard about HRT shortages was when my poor mum couldn't get her normal dosage because of the uptick in troons literally taking it recreationally.
the fact they're replacing the words now with "uterus-haver" and "chest-feeder" when the general population doesn't believe it or is too scared to speak up makes me so scared ngl. if it can happen in great crown bongland what's gonna happen to the rest of the commonwealth? don't look at canada or australia and nz they don't count!!!
so sick of it. bogun kids here saying uwu when they should be riding a tractor. I spit.

No. 1918593

the eradication of the word women is all part of the line-blurring though. of course it's sexist and pandering too but there is a bigger picture. now we're all just people with mix and match body parts. and each body part needs addressing separately. so that medically speaking, and biologically speaking there are no men and women - that leaves gender stereotypes and identity as the sole signifier of who is a man and who is a woman. identity is number 1 and our fleshy meat sacks are just customisable skins!

No. 1918594

the fuck are you on about, those things listed aren't even outliers. ALL women were once girls. If they live long enough they'll hit menopause. TIMs aren't outliers of women because… they are men. A chihuahua is not an outlier of a cat becasue it's a fucking dog. You can pretend your chihuahua meows all you want but it's not gonna change reality, it's equally dog as a labrador just like how TIMs are men like all other men.

No. 1918595

File: 1698145412650.jpeg (225.09 KB, 828x1092, IMG_3385.jpeg)

I think it so funny how troons give themselves away every single time they put their hands on their “hips”, since they don’t actually have any and so they put their hands so far down and it just looks hilariously male. Pic related, he looks like an uncanny valley plastic surgery mess which screams troon already but the male stance is so fucking funny. Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever seen bolt-ons this ugly?

No. 1918596


The fact that someone is able to have menstruation problems makes them female, kek.

No. 1918597

File: 1698146221759.png (61 KB, 317x428, sapphic guilt.png)

he knows he is a creep. and he is 100% thinking more than "omg she is hot" to feel that sense of shame. some of my favourite replies
>I don’t feel guilty, because I recognise it as Gender Envy and given that I am Demisexual, I am pretty sure it’s not objectifying.
>Hanging out on lesbian and Sapphic subreddits really helped me with that worry. Helped me to see how other women were expressing their attraction, and there's a fair amount that would probably fall under the "male gaze-y" description
women lusting after other women is male-gaze-y now.
>I know what you mean, I still worry that I like women in a "guy way" and not in a sapphic way
so mentally ill. their brains are so broken.

No. 1918600

This doesn't work if you recognize that even women on testosterone with mastectomies are female and women. These are men stuck in the boy logic of "basketball shoes make you jump higher" it's just so stupid it's not worth thinking about

No. 1918611

>"I was encouraged to be attracted to women and to objectify them because I was born as a heterosexual male"
>"Sometimes I feel guilty for continuing to objectify women"
>"This is a lesbian experience I shouldn't feel ashamed of, right?"
>Posted on r/MtF
He might as well have written a post saying "I believe it's okay that I objectify women, and I want reassurance of this from my fellow misogynistic males".

No. 1918613

Pictures like that one are crazy, of course we can see through moids’ shit because we’re not thinking about cooming every waking hour of our lives, but the moment the average moid sees that thing, he will have a pavlovian response because: skin = coom.
Like, at first you think “what is going on here?” And then you begin to notice how the bolt ons are just situated weirdly, how his manly pectorals are just right there, how he has weird as fuck proportions, where his hands are situated in the same way that an old man puts them when he looks at the fish swimming on a lake, how forced everything is because he’s trying to hide his manly features really hard, specially his flapping huge ass shoulders and shovel hands. It’s crazy.

No. 1918615

File: 1698151475465.jpg (105.65 KB, 1080x881, F9KAt40W4AAhV0s.jpg)

Fucking disgusting, he immediately had to compare it to cum these people make me want to barf
Also blood coming out sounds totally normal and totally not worth going to the doctor to, instead go directly to reddit to brag about your cum nips

No. 1918617

i'm going to hurl
>sweet salty
so he actually tasted it. of course he did.

No. 1918618

He will die in a year, that’s breast cancer.

No. 1918621

File: 1698152878642.png (937.8 KB, 1080x1589, Screenshot_20231024-104647.png)

Casting a man to play a girl who is bullied for getting her first period, how disgusting

No. 1918624

This makes me want to throw up. I shuddered with anger. But I think it may just be a bait article or some trannys dream casting

No. 1918625

But obviously wimmins aren't the most oppressed by religion anymore so Carrie must now be about a heckin valid stunning and brave twansgurl getting her revenge against da ebil turfs!!!

Stephen King, I know you are all about getting your money and that's fair, but don't let them butcher Carrie like that.

No. 1918626

it always makes me smile when they say “men built everything and are leaders” as if they share in that in any capacity, when in the next sentence show how worthless they are in their daily lives

No. 1918627

The movie isn’t that old? Why do a remake? It’s like disney doing a remake of Frozen or some shit.

No. 1918628

The response to this is "all those male leaders had to be born first."

No. 1918630

Yeah the most recent Carrie was 2013. So dumb. I don’t care about a remake, it is the casting which is anger inducing

No. 1918631

Carrie? well it's a 70s film. they've remade way more modern films than that. i agree they don't need to but it's a joke at this point how many remakes are being made that no one wants.

No. 1918637

>I love being a man men built everything
the ratio of men who "built things" to subhuman apes? don't ask about that silly foid, it's totally worth it
me personally? no I haven't built or invented anything but I still deserve to take credit by proxy
>men are full-fledged humans, w-women are the narcissistic, sex-obsessed shallow rib people
like all moids can't control himself around women, sense of morality entirely contingent on not having an erection at the time, needs women and resents that he does, would rather die than not coom
>women think only with emotion
cutting off my cock because of special gender feelings is so ~logical and rational~ obviously
etc etc they're all the same, I feel silly for even responding

No. 1918640

>>Hanging out on lesbian and Sapphic subreddits really helped me with that worry. Helped me to see how other women were expressing their attraction, and there's a fair amount that would probably fall under the "male gaze-y" description
I lol'd at this. Dude is hanging out in actuallesbians where the actual lesbians are banned its its just troons and handmaidens with a lot of internalised misogyny. Thinks he's not a creep because he's surrounded by creeps.

No. 1918641

Nonnie they remade it in 2013 with Chloë Grace Moretz and Julienne Moore as actresses. There was also a carrie 2 in 1999.

No. 1918645

File: 1698157807740.jpg (Spoiler Image,188.1 KB, 857x1017, 1694051210567.jpg)

Lmao that's the picture his FAN chose? Where he looks male af? Handmaidens are so delusional.

Oof, those are definitely bad. I've seen worse though (picrel).

No. 1918647

lmao wtf kek

No. 1918648

File: 1698158238070.png (Spoiler Image,155.81 KB, 262x371, hunter.png)

on the subject of hunter and terrible moob jobs, a reminder of his hexagonal bolt ons

No. 1918653

Lmaooo that's hilarious. I'm sure they try to laugh it off like it's so funny they have the same name but they're secretly both seething about it. Slight blog but I have an old-fashioned, very feminine name that's very popular with trannies, I kind of love it. There's one in my class with my name (never met him before this class so I don't think he stole it from me) but I'm pretty gnc so it cracks me up to be the effortlessly more feminine of the two of us when he's doing the absolute most to look like an uwu princess girly girl with caked-on shitty makeup and wrinkled ham-colored shein tennis skirts and I'm just vibing in a sweatshirt and jeans.

No. 1918655

File: 1698158858288.png (246.61 KB, 500x283, IMG_0014.png)

No. 1918656

the image for ants you posted shows off his 5 oclock shadow gloriously. nice psyop antics nona!! (the psyop where we photoshop them to look worse instead of blaming themselves for "not passing" by their own retarded rules)
the bolt ons look painful, and as another nona pointed out earlier men have no organic waist to put their hands on so they put them way lower down on their hips??
these faggots who emulate women and are the biggest misogynists can't figure out where hips are? you didn't try and skinwalk your mother and sister enough by now?
they're all so cringe I can't believe they've taken over society.

No. 1918658

>his hands are situated in the same way that an old man puts them when he looks at the fish swimming on a lake

No. 1918659

Exactly. Sometimes I will be in one of the other lesbian subs and see a commenter who is being vulgar or objectifying, and 95% of the time when I go look at their profile, they also post in mtf subs. Men are so obvious all of the time. They just don’t understand how women interact with one another or how lesbians specifically experience and show attraction.

No. 1918669

File: 1698159897111.jpg (35.69 KB, 284x286, ew.jpg)

…leting these freaks in the lgb movement was a mistake

No. 1918677

>women are vapid and sex obsessed
>I masturbate for several hours every day
If these men were ever cursed with even a modicum of self awareness they'd kill themselves out of embarrassment

No. 1918690

File: 1698161607230.jpeg (441.83 KB, 1283x2060, IMG_6433.jpeg)

what will happen when they find out that this is all psychosomatic and they’re just misogynists?

No. 1918691

File: 1698161707813.jpeg (377.09 KB, 1283x1518, IMG_6434.jpeg)

also, this dudes superman chin cracks me up

No. 1918695

everything moids say about women is projection

No. 1918696

These retarded scrotes don't realize that the reason women do this is that they are socialized to be people pleasers. When someone shoves a photo of their ugly baby in your face you're supposed to go "aww how cute," otherwise you're seen as a bitter bitch. Also notice how they're still calling the purportedly feminine behavior "very embarrassing" and "absurd" - even when they're appropriating female stereotypes they still feel the need to communicate to their fellow moids that they find that behavior inappropriate and bad. Also, I never understood the "my ovaries are exploding" language, it always seemed like gross coomer breeding fetish talk.
Wtf, it looks like his chin was photoshopped onto a normal man's face lmaooo. Also why are his eyebrows 6 miles long. Also his smile does not reach his eyes AT ALL, it's literally scary to me. Looks like a chimpanzee begging for its life by baring its teeth. Also
>muscle mommy

No. 1918699

Saw the chin on the front page and couldn't stop laughing. They're so male yet so clockable as troons, you see the ugliest looking male and you just know he's a pornsick freak who calls himself she

No. 1918702

File: 1698163284268.png (35.16 KB, 665x291, Screenshot 2023-10-24 115944.p…)

I find it fascinating that people now assume that MtF trannies are attracted to women. It used to be that normies assumed mtfs were just harmless gays. It must sting bc no one just tacitly assumes a real woman is a lesbian unless she's very obviously butch or something. Glad to see people are waking up?

No. 1918703

>I hate having to conform to standards of masculinity and I want to be a female instead
spoken like a true autist who cannot fathom that women have to deal with a whole lot more bullshit than men ever have to. If conforming to masculinity is hard just imagine if troons were actually forced to take part in femininity rituals.

No. 1918705

What about those of us who don’t feel anything when seeing babies or puppies? Kittens are pretty cute though. But are we not real women?

No. 1918706

Is it me or is the bikini just like… photoshopped on, especially the bottom part (to hide his dick or rot pocket, obviously)

No. 1918707

Same. His title should be Megachin male not Muscle mommy.

No. 1918715

Sorry nona I have to take away your woman card. Don't you know all true, real women instinctively can't help but immediately scream, shit themselves, and have their ovaries spontaneously combust when presented with a picture of a baby or puppy? It's the ~female brain~ (according to men in dresses)

No. 1918716

sry, nonna, if you don't want to eat a baby alive because it's so damn cute the first moment you see one, you aren't a woman. We don't make the rules here. If men say that crying, being too weak to open a jar, finding things overwhelming cute, wearing spinning skirts, enjoying being sexualised and eating a bucket of ice cream while on your period, as that's the only real symptom of PMS, is what makes a woman a woman, we have to accept that and behave like that. Please try to act like a real woman in the future.

No. 1918718

She left the show. It's such a fucking shame because I've been watching it and her dancing was solidly improving, and she could've gotten a lot further but nooooo men have to ruin everything.

No. 1918727

File: 1698166640396.jpg (247.12 KB, 1080x966, Screenshot_20231024-095256_Chr…)

Don't count on it, Stephen King is a virtue signaling moron who had a public spat with JK Rowling. He claims to believe that trans women are women. He never took the time to understand what her opinion even was, shown by his quote saying "or whatever problem she has with it". None of these TRAs have ever taken the time to fully listen to or understand a woman's point of view.
He then goes on to say "if she believes those things, she has a right to". But could you imagine if a woman said that? She would be instantly labeled a threat.

No. 1918728

even shayna's boobs look less inflamed. he has so much chemical inflammation his upper arm and wrist are the same size

No. 1918731

How can these be the words of Stephen King? He wrote some excellent books in the past, which gave me the idea he genuinely understood women. Was I wrong?

No. 1918732

i can't believe moids hire these people. i would pay extra in taxes to never have to interact with this retarded person daily

No. 1918733

he's so jealous of her

No. 1918734

>JKR blocks him on social media
"Jo canceled me"
and that creepy gaslighting language that we're all so used to. making out like she is a crazy conspiracy theorist for mainstream, grounded-in-reality views.

No. 1918736

File: 1698167881029.jpeg (478.87 KB, 1284x1153, 25A032BB-CE9D-4526-A663-EA5496…)

Yes, you were wrong. In his book ‘It’, King wrote about an orgy between Beverly and the other kids in the sewer. Also, I can’t remember where it happened in the book, but he was describing her nipples too. His excuse was that it was a plot point. I don’t trust a moid that writes pedo fodder to be supportive of women. He’s in line with predator troons.

No. 1918741

And here I thought they couldn't butcher Carrie anymore like with that horrendous 2013 movie, I was wrong
I hope they really don't do it, even that awful remake is barely 10 years old

No. 1918742

File: 1698168400096.png (232.61 KB, 738x568, fucker.png)

I know this is a TIF but my god, they always make everything about themselves, even other people's death. Sakurai Atsushi wasn't a tranny, bro was just androgynous and at most a fag/bi. Let the dude RIP

No. 1918746

This is the rethoric of people who never read a Stephen King novel in their life but heard the pearl-clutching story of "kids having an orgy in It"!! Yes, and King also wrote about an old woman showing her vagina to kids, a man raping another man with a gun, a boy masturbating with a toy, a woman raped by an obese creepy incel, a man trapped in a literal pile of shit, a teenager shooting in his school…… You have never read his novels isn't it?

No. 1918748

NTA but especially after reading your list of examples, now I REALLY don't care for Stephen King.

No. 1918749

Nta and I actually do like some of his books, but I don’t think you’re really helping his or your case with those examples lol

No. 1918750

No and I don’t care to, especially after those examples you listed. You’re not helping his case kek

No. 1918751


No. 1918753

King is a freakin weirdo. Authors like him and GRR Martin (Game of Thrones) are creeps.

Not a man mansplaining to Jo what she truly thinks and distorting her words. OMG. Males will be males no matter what huh.

No. 1918762

The fucking audacity. But they've been designating Yoshiki and Malice Mizer 'trans' too, so I'm not surprised they'd try to claim him, both the TiMs and the TiFs.

No. 1918764

I think anyone who writes a single one of those for a story should be sent a labor camp.

No. 1918768

Then you'd fit right on with the tranny brigade. Same puritan, repressive, black-and-white way of thinking.

No. 1918770

Having read both authors: King never really struck me as a creep. He certainly had a religious upbringing (who didn't in USA? asking as a foreigner), but he never felt like a creep. And yes, even when he writes about that weird stuff. I like writing weird unsettling stuff too: I'm not a creep either.
Martin, however, struck me as a full incel creep from the beginning. He's like one of those weirdo Reddit moids, except he's blessed with being good at writing.

Both are good writers anyway. I've got to be honest.
Still, King actually writes women really well, so much I used to often wonder if sometimes it was his wife actually coming up with the idea.

No. 1918774

Youʼre just as bad as trannies if you like reading that stuff.

No. 1918779

kek they’re so obsessed with having “perky bewbz!” that their bolt-ons look like someone put tennis balls under their skin

No. 1918780

>man willing to sterilize himself because he's autistic and slightly shorter than average
is this darwinism?

No. 1918781

Moids think porn is an accurate representation of female sexuality when all it reveals is their own depravity kek, that’s why they’re so obsessed with the idea of women cheating or only being attracted to chad or whoring themselves out

No. 1918782

don't forget the woman pissing and shitting herself to dissuade a rapist in rose madder!

No. 1918795

File: 1698176016894.jpg (508.84 KB, 1920x1920, F1NnZWUAAAWzW.jpg)

It's literally picrel.

No. 1918800

File: 1698177288221.png (262.63 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2023-10-24-15-41-10…)

It was NPR that helped me discover Cat Bohannon's new book, Eve. They did an interview about her book beginning of this month and both women (Cat and the interviewer) were super based on the "I can't overtly say I'm sick of penis havers taking over women's spaces but seriously fuck men". I'm only about halfway through, but it's very informative about the differences between xx and xy bodies and how a person is socialized is the main reason for "gender" (she talks about sex vs gender). Definitely give it a read to give yourself good scientific basis behind the reasons why TIM's are sexist.
Here's where I downloaded it


No. 1918801

i’m gonna kill someone, i really hope it’s bait. he could be cast as school shooter based on his psycho diary, dylan klebold’s biopic or something

No. 1918802

File: 1698177388857.png (196.41 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2023-10-24-15-33-33…)

Love footnote 41 about how synced periods are a myth

No. 1918804

File: 1698178451574.jpeg (390.54 KB, 828x953, IMG_4578.jpeg)

“trans rage coded” kekkkk

No. 1918806

I saw this book at the bookstore recently and it looked interesting but had no time to find out whether it's full of gender nonsense. Good to know that it isn't, maybe I'll check it out now!

No. 1918807

Me and a few people I know went through something similar but I guess we were all secretly males the whole time.

No. 1918813

File: 1698180180449.gif (441.24 KB, 320x173, 4dd78ee755ae704f776cc09c1d9b4e…)

I couldn't care less about Stephen King being a pervert and all the despicable things he may have written. However, Carrie meant the world to me as a bullying victim with religious parents. I still watch the movie every few months, and if they hand over that story, which resonated with me and countless women, to a damn troon, It would be my 13th reason.(unsaged movie blog)

No. 1918815


Thank you nona! I have this book downloading on my kindle rn. It looks right up my alley.

No. 1918817

You’re not alone. Somehow this is peaking me worse than when a tranny that smelled like literal rotting dog shit so bad it made me vomit showed up at a party I was at.

No. 1918819


Gosh, that's just a shiddy doodle comic and it still just fucking tears me up to see the little cartoon baby and mother getting ripped apart. I could see myself falling for doing surrogacy when I was younger, and I can remember feeling so instinctually, animalistically maternal and connected to baby after childbirth- and just damn, I wonder what it feels like when the postpartum feelings really hit and you have to cope with selling your body and your child. Dark. It's a nasty fucking practice and we're supposed to feel good and happy about buying and selling babies.

No. 1918826

File: 1698182581442.jpg (323.54 KB, 1080x1128, Screenshot_20231024_232223_Chr…)

Or maybe people see a deranged man in a dress and don't want to poke the bear kek

No. 1918828


No. 1918832

Right on, a lot of their stories just read like the "things that never happened for $500, Alex" meme

No. 1918837

wait, how is that even going to work? the scene with Carrie having her period for the first time and being confused is iconic. a tranny can’t do that scene.

No. 1918838

Someone didn't get the memo that trannies are real wimin and get periods too !!

No. 1918840

he will get horrible mood swings and crave chocolate! only terfs think that periods need bleeding.

No. 1918844

Maybe it will be about a tranny having his crotch hole surgery and that scene would be him finding cheese shards inside after never cleaning the hole.

No. 1918846

How would they even make Carrie work with a tranny? Would they dump a bunch of pig jizz on him after he got a boner while watching girls change?

No. 1918848

sage for OT, but there was literally a gay male couple that aborted something like 12 baby girls and a few boys cause they specifically wanted a set of male twins. I would bet my life troons who sterilize themselves would probably peruse surrogacy as well.

No. 1918855

If she hasn't publicly dismissed trans ideology and just circled around the topic, I won't trust her to lecture me on biology.
and this >>1918802 just confirms she might just be a libfem.

No. 1918859

Even though I think forcibly trooning children is evil, surrogacy is misogynistic exploitation, and selective abortion motivated by misogyny is something only people who should never be parents at all would do, I can tell the person who made this comic has very different reasons for thinking those things than I do. It reeks of "the gay agenda" fear mongering and classic "gays are all pedophiles" homophobia. Most people who use surrogates are straight, most people who forcibly troon their kids are straight, selective abortion is mostly perpetuated by straight people, and the TQA+ is almost entirely comprised of homophobic straight people. Surrogacy is still evil when gay men use it, and forced trooning of infants would still be evil if anyone could find an example of a gay couple doing that to a kid, but it's mostly straight people doing all of this.

No. 1918861

Posts like this make me so mad. I hate the underlying implication that being treated as a woman means everyone's nice to you and you get everything handed to you just because you are a woman.

No. 1918862


People are polite to him the same way people are polite to anyone else who is visibly off. None of these dudes understand social interactions at all, and they don't realize people are avoiding confrontation with them or laughing in the evening about the dippy retard they saw on the bus today. In the very best case scenario, normal people are using their brief interactions with him to get brownie points for being kind to freaks in public. So wow mang people are polite to you because they want to look like they're "good" and "with it", and that's somehow therapeutic for your gender ID problems? Sounds more narcissistic than anything. Do you want to be lookef at with pity? Be used as some slactivist's virtue signal? It's insane, it's retarded, and it's goddamn embarrassing. And it doesn't matter bc you'll never be a woman or even remotely close to one anyways.

No. 1918871

carrie was originally a fat girl, like come the fuck on with this shit

No. 1918873

they really make it out like:
>pops a few estrogen pills
>world around them suddenly turns into a happy magical cartoon world where everything is pink and unicorns are real
>everyone is suddenly nice to them because they're a girl!
>easy mode unlocked uwu
>this must be what all women experience
meanwhile people either feel sorry for them (oh no poor autistic tranny needs to be coddled) or are scared to be seen as transphobic.

No. 1918874

>criticizes pedo male
>”tranny puriten!!!1!”

No. 1918887

you're missing the fact that he didn't have some 3deep5u reasoning behind all that. he was on coke benders, lol.

No. 1918894

>one year old baby made my ovaries explode
Not what that means, moid

No. 1918896

File: 1698195383865.jpg (287.45 KB, 1728x1544, l23kj423;.jpg)

what if he knows what it means and is using it correctly

No. 1918897

I'm still deeply invested in my headcanon that PBR Valerie doesn't really want to be there

>Steve, we really need you as a bass player but this is a transgender band so you gotta pick a girl's name

>Uh… okay… how about Valerie

No. 1918900

File: 1698196189426.jpg (846.11 KB, 1079x2289, Screenshot_20231024_210840_Ins…)

I hope the "terfs" do show up, in hoardes. If any of you brave Nonna's are in the area and would like to show support.

No. 1918902

My question is have YOU ever read Stephen King and his terrible characterizations of women? It's disgusting. Not only IT where Beverly's coming of age is nothing but pedophilia. He describes her barely teenage body with so much detail that you can tell he checked out minors on the regular. Let's not forget The Stand, where the heroine's point of view is so cringy, it could only be "bounced boobily down the stairs" meme. She talks about how it's the end of the world and she needs a man dammit! The character that's meant to be the bride of the antichrist pretty much devolves (because she loses the hero) into a whore who seduces the Judas of the group with anal sex. Even describes how she only does anal to save her purity for the the villain. The black woman is of course King's favorite mythical negro. The lesbian badass of the group does a covert mission where despite her toughness, SEDUCES a lackey. The character even describes a woman's body in a very AGP way. Admiring her body laying flat on it's back and how sexy it is. Its been years since I read King and I like many aspects of his writing, but his female characters are one dimensional objects to prop up the hero's journey.

No. 1918904

Gotta love how you don’t even have to make trannies look psychopathic and unhinged, they do all that by themselves, based troon redpilling more women into becoming radfems

No. 1918905

Stephen King is a pedo and a shit writer.

No. 1918906

This is so vile kek. Also exploding ovaries was a sexual term coined by livejournal nonas like 15 years ago, fucking scrote morons showing their ass as usual

No. 1918909

File: 1698197402150.png (246.23 KB, 640x480, furret & wigglytuff.png)

Excuse the autism, but the emote in the she/her role looks like a fusion between Furret and Wigglytuff. Still hate that troons have overtaken Sylveon though.

No. 1918914

She=pink and weak, he=toughness and imposing. Trans ideology is regressive and sexist.

No. 1918927

Troons co-opt anything adorable. I'm perpetually offended they think they have a monopoly on the combination of pastel blue and pink. Probably why they think they own Sylveon too. Anything hyper-feminine which is the absolute antithesis of them.

No. 1918947

It's one of the things I hate the most about them, they ruin everything that's wholesome and cute

No. 1918948

File: 1698203755650.png (783.37 KB, 1080x1060, IMG_4969.png)

No. 1918950

This just a typical agp scenario. I truly believe that a lot of autogynephilic men are bisexuals who grew up around homophobia. I disagree with Blanchard that they are heterosexual. It's well documented that sexual repression causes sexual masochism in a lot of people.

No. 1918962

its so disgusting how moids belly buttons are up so high

No. 1918986

So many tifs try to skinwalk him on his prime, the delulu is unfatomable. You know casually just imagining they look like the peak male form when not even other moids can do that. RIP

No. 1918989

Women should collectively start gaslighting troons about period symptoms. Like "my urine smells like hibiscus, I must be starting soon!" or "the worst part about periods is all the skin peeling!" so then they can start claiming those symptoms and sound even crazier to normies. Kek.

No. 1919029

A lot of them used to be bronies, so it's right on brand.

No. 1919030

I fully approve of this

No. 1919034

File: 1698232312758.png (356.85 KB, 670x841, 7EA7CB09-8819-4CB8-9BAC-60DD0F…)

Japanese yuri mangaka, author of I’m in Love With the Villainess outs himself as a tranny.
…why are tranny authors always coasting off the most popular things they see no matter what country they’re from?

No. 1919040

Now it ocurred me, how that scene would work with a troon as a Carrie? I haven't read the book or watched the OG movie in years but from what I remember they pick red paint because she has her first period in school, no? There is even the scene where they throw tampons at her and everything

No. 1919043

I am retard it was pig blood

No. 1919044

All the bullies are evil terfs and throw tampons at our poor wilting wallflower because he can't have periods.

No. 1919045

Isn't "I'm In Love With The Villainess" the one that compares incest to same-sex attraction and has a woman rape one of her maids? If so, the author being an AGP moid makes a lot of sense.

No. 1919047

Glad I didn't pick this trash to read, I was curious because I never gave a chance to yuri only read yaoi, but I feel like the fandom is troon infested kek

No. 1919048

Love the world salad to not refer to himself as male. Also "pure woman" is the disgustingly fetishistic version of "cis woman".

No. 1919052

sorry anon is that your SS? what font is that? it looks like what I had on my blackberry in 2011.

No. 1919053

Yeah her period is what triggers her powers anyway iirc

No. 1919056

So dude is pretending to behead someone, poses with a knife and a replica of their head, and then…nothing happens ?
It boggles the mind the reach the troons seem to have in entertainment. Why the fuck? How the fuck?

No. 1919059

File: 1698234933909.png (178.17 KB, 682x1080, 1687115162-2306b-19-015-q-wegf…)

I'm honestly surprised that Dan Shive hasn't trooned out yet. Cause he ticks every box. He had an anime-inspired webcomic from the 2010s that served as nothing more than a vessel for his personal fetishes (which, is still ongoing). Not only does he excessively fetishize lesbians, but it seems like every female character in his series is either confirmed to be a lesbian or has engaged in one-off bisexual relationships, but two of his three main male characters are basically bi-gender and switch between male and female (which I thought was weird even as a kid). But he insists that his work has nothing to do with transgender themes and that he doesn't want to transition.

No. 1919070

File: 1698236564936.jpeg (77.57 KB, 750x256, IMG_7670.jpeg)

Nothing makes me want to a-log more than pro-life troons. This one, a minor politics Twitter e-celeb from Turkey is especially grating.

No. 1919071

File: 1698236639419.jpg (141.28 KB, 1062x468, Screenshot_2023-10-25-14-23-31…)

I'll always be amused by troons sighing about the relative lack of female chasers. They keep fawning about the concept, how it should be encouraged as if they could will them into existence. It's just another flavor of male whining about how female sexuality is inconvenient and why-aren't-women-horny-like-i-am.

( >>1919047
it is infested, but they're relatively easy to avoid. They're just really vocal, when actually the female to male ratio is close to 50/50)

No. 1919072

>>1919070 kekkkkk i'm glad you posted this, he's a fascinating specimen. my friend (male politics autist) brought him up irl as an example of online insanity and he never fails to deliver. Thank you for reminding me of his existence

No. 1919073

99% of the time female chasers are just bisexual and straight they/thems who want to date a man while being able to say that they're in a lesbian relationship

No. 1919074

File: 1698237580838.webm (6.72 MB, 720x1280, spinnyX3.webm)

Torso molded by testosterone? Check
Jawline angled at 90°? Check
Unwashed humongous feet? Check
Room resembling your average backrooms level? Check
Skirt? Check
Clothes autistically paired with said skirt? Check

The result? Total obliteration of nonnas' sides across the farmlands

No. 1919076

The fucking gangly, uncoordinated movements. I've seen women missing limbs pole dance more gracefully.

No. 1919077

imagine filming this, watching it and then thinking you look so hot you just have to upload it for the world to see

No. 1919078

KEK my sides I'm dead. Thank you nonna. That description was gold

The video is worst than the promise kek. This absolutely empty, autistic stare, unforgiving beer-belly and total absence of grace in his moves…this is tragic

No. 1919079

that's unearned male confidence for you. I'm endlessly surprised at how much confidence the average scrote has when it is completely unjustifiable kek. Since I peaked I started to notice that more and more - even among non-troons. Males just seem to believe they are truly better than they really are, whereas women tend to put themselves down even when they are obviously great. It's insane.

No. 1919080

File: 1698238725260.jpeg (18.73 KB, 288x175, IMG_7671.jpeg)

My favourite thing about him is that the troon identity doesn’t even make sense in light of his conservative religious views. Given that he converted to Protestantism while being raised atheist in a country where less than 0.1% of the population is Protestant I’d guess he just has a terminal need for attention.

No. 1919083

He looks like a giant monkey swinging around in his enclosure

No. 1919086

>he doesnt want to transition
Of course, he is that Assigned Male artist after all. Accurate portrayals of tims though because they're all men. Don't necessarily need to troon out to self insert.

No. 1919087

>standard female counterpart
Its over for all troons around the globe, Japanese moids who simply live as women are better trannies than standard trannies.

No. 1919089

completely different guy.

No. 1919091

one of the funniest posts i've seen on here in a while. the way he turns his wrists out, as if that's what women do. i cackled.

No. 1919102

File: 1698242507124.png (281.67 KB, 528x232, WTF WTF WTF.png)

this is terrifying. raw body horror type of terrifying.

No. 1919112


No. 1919118

>my cis girl friends will talk about women's ass and titties like men do


Do you have any source/stats showing that trooning out is more promoted in conservative/homophobic families than others in Western countries?

No. 1919130

never read it but i hear on the grapevine that book carrie was quite fat and often bullied for a piggish appearance, hence the pigs blood. tho it may be that in both versions her powers started up after her period and she was bullied for having a period and not knowing what it was. so it seemed like the pigs blood always has a menstruation symbolism, with additional meanings in the book to target her weight as well

No. 1919131

I never read it but the character designs and the overall premise always reminded me of another manga about a villainess called “ Akuyaku Reijou no Naka no Hito author” (i think roughly translates to The Person Inside The Villainess but it’s a different thing depending on where you’re looking) which imo has much better art judging by the few panels of IFTV I’ve seen. The illustrator describes it as a story about a villainess taking revenge for the reincarnated girl she loves, so if you’re interested in a story about a villainess I recommend it

No. 1919141

benefit of the doubt for language translation: does anyone know if "pure woman" is just an off the cuff descriptor this guy decided to use? or is it a rough translation or slang of cis woman? like how in english "straight" means straight and narrow or morally aligned in origin but it really just means heterosexual. i can imagine there being pre-existing slang in japanese for women who aren't trans and the word is something like pure woman or natural woman. kind of like how fujoshi means "rotten girl". on pure principle I try to account for when the language itself is misogynistic and not the persons word choice. not a white knight for the guy but because the sociology is interesting

No. 1919145

Troonism aside, what is wrong with him? Like that’s not a normal neck and his skin is horrific to a point where nothing could help.

No. 1919158

honestly even a lot of pro-choice women oppose the idea that abortions are only "ok actually" in the case of a disabled fetus. because it implies abortion of a healthy baby is wrong in some way. the combination of restricting and putting moral judgement on womens abortions while also promoting woman's abortions when the fetus has downs is very controlling of womens autonomy with a dash of eugenics. which together is very right wing.

the pro-choice argument goes that if abortion is freely accessible and the mother chooses to abort for any reason including disability that's fine. but if abortion is restricted or shamed and only allowed or morally correct when the fetus has down's syndrome, that's misogynistic. the quote tweet seems to be agreeing with the pro-choice sentiment

No. 1919170

I hate it when my index fingers itch 2 days before my periods

No. 1919172

I'm thinking it's a very extreme case of Cushing's(sage your shit)

No. 1919179

Retarded right-wing bait. This isn't /pol/. The vast majority of surrogate users and MBP parents trooning their kids are straight couples.

No. 1919183

kek why is he wearing such a conservative actual school uniform looking skirt with a neon green crop top?

No. 1919184

Tell me you never read his novels without telling me you never read his novels.

No. 1919194

If he didn't have a skirt you wouldn't know he's a girl uwu thats how you learn 2 recognize the good girl gender!

No. 1919198

Kek I didn't even know it was allegedly 'written by a woman' - I already knew from a glance that it was created by a moid.

No. 1919208

I can't stop laughing at that video kek. I must have watched it 2 dozen times. Thank you so much nonna, bless you. That's the best laugh I've had in ages.

No. 1919218

File: 1698258570875.jpg (98.02 KB, 594x595, 93584381-8664-4a43-9c86-dda394…)

(sage this shit)

No. 1919220

I've never cried when I've seen something cute, that's retarded. My response when I see a puppy or hamster or something is just so say that it's cute and pet it, maybe take a picture. That's how most people react to cute things regardless of gender. Human beings are programmed to want to protect and be affectionate with things that visually remind us of babies, it's not a sex-specific thing. Some men (like military bro AGPs) just pretend they don't think that way because they're retarded and insecure about their masculinity. Either that or they're the type of psychos who enjoy killing animals for fun.

No. 1919228

should read "people of all genders need to be aborted" so us normal "agender" people can live in peace from their bs

No. 1919229

wrong! you can't be inferior to a woman if you aren't one in the first place! you are an inferior human being though, hope this helps(sage your shit)

No. 1919233

It's really icky how a lot of these trannies imply they had the emotional range of a teaspoon before getting hormones.

No. 1919251

Is he one of these grifters who never ever touched an otome game, never heard of Angelique and yet writes a shitty parody of Angelique if the rival (not even a villainess) was the main character? Why am I not surprised by any of this? The wording is strange though, if it weren't for the whole trans fad I would have assumed it's someone describing being intersex and trying to describe their health issues in a very simplified way out of context.

No. 1919252

It’s creepy as fuck, but also shows how many trannies are usually autistic, sociopaths or literal schizos. But hey, it’s okay, doctors are making a ton of money.

No. 1919259

It's a referencing a real case of a gay male couple who aborted tons of baby girls, just so they could have two twin boys.

No. 1919272

Probably all of them, knowing just how out of touch male writers tend to be with female-oriented stuff.
When I think of Kirara manga, which is often associated with yuri, it is very obvious to me that most of the better stuff is written by women, and what I’ve actually liked from the moid authors usually overlaps with other genres strongly.(learn to sage)

No. 1919274

File: 1698266861364.jpg (472.71 KB, 1079x2115, Screenshot_20231025_224635_Chr…)

>Biological sex is on a spectrum
My fucking world, with this level of delusion, this is a lost cause. We truly live in a post-truth reality

No. 1919281

The milk they drink with their cookies is made by a spectrum of cows. Their piss pills also come for a spectrum of horses. Females are just an idea nonnies. Their insane jealousy of women is just an illusion.

No. 1919282

Biology hurts them so bad. If sex is a spectrum why are they doing everything in their power to be considered female then? The medical binary applies when they want free breast implants but goes away when they want to claim women with PCOS are actually men

No. 1919301

File: 1698270057668.png (103.04 KB, 568x410, in this house we trust the sci…)

>sex is on a spectrum
unfortunately this idea is everywhere now, including in the latest issue of Scientific American.
see highlighted text in picrel from https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-theory-that-men-evolved-to-hunt-and-women-evolved-to-gather-is-wrong1/
i know they're a complete joke but people do see them as an authority, and they're not the only ones pushing this ""science""

No. 1919315

I see this illogical thought process a lot from male trannies, does he not realise that the guy beside him might naturally have the same hormones that this fella is achieving by using whatever unholy piss he's taking? Like, he's just becoming the same as a weaker male. It breaks my will

No. 1919325

This has unfortunately taken hold even in biology. The stupid lib profs and grad students will wax on at length about how sex is a spectrum/social construct, usually using non-human examples as evidence that sex doesn’t exist in humans. And then of course they go right back to using binary sex when it actually comes down to practically researching and talking about species. Like in one breath they will say “sex is a spectrum, there aren’t males and females!” And then in the next breath go “this is a male mallard, it’s male because it inherited ZZ chromosomes, you can tell because of its plumage/call/behavior, inter and intrasexual selection have selected for male mallards to differ from females in xyz ways, etc.” It makes me really despondent that this has infected my field in this way.

No. 1919331

Sadly, it seems like a few trannies have developed a career in science and the medical field. Not surprisingly, they push their agenda everywhere.

No. 1919350

File: 1698278526036.png (486.74 KB, 654x512, japan trans laws.png)

Japan has now welcomed self ID. surgery/sterilisation is no longer required.

No. 1919360

Well we can kiss the women only train cars goodbye. Damn.

No. 1919373

Exactly why Asia should shut itself off from the cancerous west before it gets any worse, wherever Americans go this woke tranny bullshit follows

No. 1919394

Kekkk nona I didn't know fridges could dance

No. 1919397

File: 1698289022771.png (11.9 KB, 355x253, 1036110-blank-355.png)

surely this wont make the train molestation cases worse now would it! wow wonder what will happen to this already misogynistic country where womens mental health and rape cases arent taken seriously but you want to troon out? thats ok? fucking clown world

No. 1919403

File: 1698289750227.jpeg (712.93 KB, 1170x3430, 7A815B15-99D0-4F5C-9EE7-4F94E6…)

It just means troons aren’t forcibly sterilized. Still an L, but idk why nona is saying they’re doing self-ID now

>Legal gender change in Japan requires a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, being at least 18 years of age, being unmarried and having no underage children.

>It also requires the person to have no functional reproductive glands. And it requires that the person's genitals resemble "those of the opposite gender."
>The court stopped short of issuing a decision on that last requirement, and requested a lower court to give the issue additional deliberation.

It was based to have them sterilized, but it could only last so long because it was a “human rights violation”

No. 1919415


Troons are mentally ill. Mental health care is piss-poor in Japan. How this is not then being seen as mental illness is beyond me.
Japan has become really retarded over the last few years.

No. 1919418


I have yet to meet a TIM with non-sociopathic political views. They all fantasize rape and murder. Some just more openly than others.(learn to sage)

No. 1919450

File: 1698298803483.jpg (454.21 KB, 810x2013, Screenshot_20231026-010709_Chr…)

We don't call them rapehonbians for nothing:

No. 1919451

these moids are just gay

No. 1919454

File: 1698300101696.jpg (566.36 KB, 1080x2209, Screenshot_20231025_230047_Red…)

right because that's what being a woman is, just being desired by men. what the fuck is this delusion they all have

No. 1919457

File: 1698300834635.jpeg (86.97 KB, 534x885, BA0D6D4A-02DA-4E1E-B296-50A625…)

Scrotes will never be our allies on the tranny issue, even straight men are all tranny porn addicts. Mens definition of a woman is anything they find sexy and fuckable. A bimbofied bogged tranny is more of a woman than an ugly or overweight cis ‘dog’ in their eyes, It’s always some damaged teenage boy with cheap surgery and a creepy predatory pigjuice scrote chaser.

No. 1919458

I remember my right wing, Christian bf admitting he had a tranny porn phase in his youth, a year into our relationship, but that he’d managed to overcome it. He got triggered when I told him it was disgusting and his defense was ‘Well, every man is intrigued by trannies, I was only being honest’ I wanted to vomit and broke up with him on the spot.

No. 1919471

These two are porn actors btw and are promoting their the porn studio they work for.

No. 1919472

>having less pressure to do all the providing in the home
They all think being a woman is "easy mode", even the HSTSs. You know I recently saw a meme about some scrote saying "how can women be homeless when they got an ATM between their legs", and my first thought was same mindset as troons.

No. 1919474

Makes me want to alog. Men also “have an ATM between their legs”. They should shut up and go sell their ass. Dumbfucks.

No. 1919475

xD so many "xtian right wing" fellers are INSANE porn addicts. most of the recent catholic and ortho converts do it an in attempt to chase aesthetics and forgiveness, never coming close to giving up their addictions(xD)

No. 1919480

File: 1698306894922.jpg (633.07 KB, 810x2295, Screenshot_20231026-035308_Chr…)

This is too hilarious kek:

No. 1919482

Literally everything he listed at the bottom are things he can experience as a man.
He can be beautiful, just take care of yourself physically and try working the fuck out. Being the object of a man's desire, just join tinder. Men have incredibly low standards and you'll find one to objectify and desire you. Having kids, YOU ALREADY HAVE THREE. Less pressure to do all the providing, have you tried talking to your wife about it? Or about ANY of this for that matter? Experiencing physical intimacy with a female body, YOU HAVE A WIFE. Appreciate HER body for the autonomous woman she is instead of fantasizing about switching brains with her as if she's something to try on. Fucking FREAK. This is why I'm terrified to ever marry, no man can be trusted.

No. 1919490

File: 1698308327860.png (1.6 MB, 810x3117, meatypaws.png)

Those meaty paws, lmao

No. 1919498

Ah ok nonnie, that doesn't sound as bad. apologies for the sensationalism, i should have looked into it more. I guess the fear is they are moving towards self ID but glad it's not the case… yet. human rights orgs are always moving the goal post on trans issues.

No. 1919499

yes to all this anon but omfg !!!! I want to absolutely rip their eyes out when they have the nerves of talking about "less pressure to provide" EXCUSE ME ??? a/ most women do work and provide even though they work for free at least a month a year with wage gap AND b/ WE ARE THE MAIN PROVIDERS IN THE HOUSE !!!! Emotional workload, cleaning up, cooking, taking care of the kids, taking care of your fucking man-child, impact on our career because pregnancies ??? PARDON ??? This is STILL not an equal world for us !!! OMFG I'm so irate when men dare to talk about us playing life on easy mode which just proves they have no fucking idea what being a woman is truly like !!!! You're not the one being sexually harassed by a stranger at night on a deserted parking lot with heavy grocery bags in hands because your fucking provider couldn't be home in time to pick up the fucking slack! You're not the one fearing for your literal fucking life when said stranger insists heavily to get your number when you are obviously not interested and busy, and just want to go home safely to your family. and of course, trannies will never experience any of the above or understand it because they are still MALES ! I fucking hate scrotes. They just will never get it. Rant over, sorry about that

No. 1919510

Moonscorched villager from Fear and Hunger looking ass

No. 1919511

File: 1698313086190.png (3.73 MB, 1625x2782, bigthurb.png)

Gigahon in the comments believes he passes 99% to 100% of the time

No. 1919512

File: 1698313123275.jpg (Spoiler Image,468.16 KB, 1080x1247, Screenshot_20231026-052730_Chr…)

NSFL bonus

No. 1919517

And the rotten teeth

No. 1919526

Why is his skin looking so gross like orange peel all over ? what's wrong with him, barf. I love how these fucktards will cry about how this surgery is "totally not a fetish" and "life-saving" kek and then they take these types of pictures, but a woman who is actually suffering from any related problems with her breasts can't get the same free treatment. Of course the fucking males get it for free.

autistic dead-looking eyes : check

kek, again, that magical unearned male confidence, endlessly fascinating. Repeat after me, nonnies : I'll never lack confidence in y own appearance again

No. 1919528

Not only are those experiences not exclusive to womanhood, they're not inherent to womanhood, either. They're not even things women naturally want or aspire to. He literally just described womanhood as being a glorified fuckdoll and broodmare for men. Where does that leave women who don't want to fuck men, don't want to partner with men, don't want male attention, don't want kids, don't care about fashion, don't care about "looking good" by modern conventional standards, aren't attractive (no shame, beauty isn't a virtue), aren't popular/well-liked, and so on? Are they no longer considered women, because they don't match this man's idea of what a woman is or "should be"? It's all just so misogynistic.

No. 1919542

I didn't think Putin would go through such extreme measures to avoid getting arrested in West

No. 1919554

I talked about this in a previous thread, but they basically got pressured by iirc the USA to do so or else they wouldn't continue to ally/negotiate w/them. Japanese women are speaking up, which is great, but hearing Japanese moids use 'misgendering' spoken in Engrish is agonising.

Yeah but they're being pushed to/considering removing the requirement for surgery too. Also not sure how one can have 'no functional reproductive glands' and not be sterilised…?

>granted they're all trans women
Lmao. Would be nice if they'd just keep to themselves.

No. 1919556

File: 1698321219908.jpg (94.63 KB, 1057x407, dep.jpg)

Yeah it was some tranny saying it ofc. But also, it's literally just recycled MRA rhetoric (picrel, sorry for ant size). That's all any of this is.

No. 1919559

these moids really just watch 24/7 violent and degrading porn and think that's what women are really like, because they've never (and never will) get to know a woman IRL. and at this point, they shouldn't be allowed to.

No. 1919570

Even when they are married, they still think of us as objects. See >>1919454 for reference. The dude is married with kids but women to him are just coom objects…their brains really are fried with porn.

No. 1919572

reminds me of Andy "Lilly" Wachowski (one of the troon siblings who made The Matrix) talking about how his inspiration for transitioning was watching pornography, and wanting to be an object of desire. can't find the clip right now. i honestly don't know what more it takes for handmaidens to take this personally. womanhood = being an OBJECT of desire. we are simply porn dolls that porn sick men want to become because they have maxed out every other avenue of coom.

No. 1919589

At least they’re admitting now that the only “lesbians” they know or communicate with are men.

No. 1919593

File: 1698327394338.jpeg (61.14 KB, 213x275, 1658951155311.jpeg)

kek underrated comment

No. 1919638

That comment was next level insane because who does he think is taking care of the kids and house? It sure as hell isn't him and he still somehow thinks his wife is doing LESS housework than him? Actually delusional

No. 1919642

I don't think these men are actually being catcalled in "girlmode" I think men are jeering at them and they misinterpret it as catcalling. I was with my dad in the car and we passed by an obvious tranny waiting at the bus stop and my dad was actually retarded enough to roll down the window and yell "looking sexy!" and drove away laughing his ass off. So 1: men are actually retarded enough to say that shit, and 2: this is probably what actually happens when "girlmoding" troids get "catcalled".

No. 1919643

kekk nonna my sides, i cannot stop laughing at this for some reason
>Your new stick-figure family decal has arrived!
>"That's literally a picture of a girl with a mustache"

No. 1919644

ayrt, thank you, exactly! It's so funny that most comments on this are males, and they all without fail either share his gross fantasy or are trannies trying to convince him to join them kek. What a world…the dude is 31, not that old but still a porn-fried brain scrote lmao.

No. 1919645

kek so based and undoubtedly, so deserved. Some people are very creative. Also, kek at the people telling him "tHiS is hArasSment" they don't know the meaning of the word of course, but also they realised he actually can't do anything about it.

No. 1919649

whats with troons on here getting implants then claiming they didn't? at least when some cis women do it the BAs dont look as hard/obvious as they do on moids

No. 1919652

File: 1698332694488.mp4 (2.09 MB, 624x352, it crowd roy lipstick.mp4)

kek this is exactly what i think too, and i've witnessed it before. makes me think of vidrel - a scene from IT crowd where Roy doesn't realise he is wearing lipstick and gets stared at and catcalled by men who are taking the piss out of him.
i can totally imagine a car full of young lads shouting out sarcastic obscenities at a tranny walking on the street and the TIM taking it as a compliment, because they're that deluded. that is if they haven't made the entire thing up in the first place.

No. 1919677

My fucking sides, those googly boobs paired with the shocked o navel. I don't know who was more taken aback when that picture loaded, me or those tiddays

No. 1919680

ew gross wtf is happening with his navel ???? And yes you are right the work is so obvious like come on

No. 1919683

GOD they're gullible

No. 1919692

kek the blonde guy looks more mannish than his "before" pic. 2 men giving their pre-transition photos a funeral before the blonde guy gets ffs surgery, which he is having as we speak. the levels of narcissism displayed here is unreal.

No. 1919693

The corset being so low is comical, it would be half way down a real woman's thigh if worn like that kek

No. 1919708

The blond one looks like that wizard from dungeons and dragons

No. 1919715

>cis women
Ew. Go back.

No. 1919731

File: 1698342250840.jpg (76.63 KB, 563x551, gl4.jpg)

Yup, pretty much this. Even better knowing the show's written by a bestselling transphobe kek.

No. 1919738

He should've called it "TERF Crowd" kek

No. 1919739

>friend group discord server
>has a lot of friend-of-friends people
>someone troons out
>says retarded shit like “i think i am trans but the idea of growing old as a woman is so scary”
>immediately changes pfp to an anime girl
>only ever talks about themselves and their video game obsessions
>gets a bunch of gross supportive messages
>can’t say anything due to not wanting to cause chaos in the server or potentially fight with my friends

No. 1919740

File: 1698342892820.jpg (132.01 KB, 1242x1135, muhbras.jpg)

Shamelessly stolen from Ovarit, troon wonders why real women hate bras while he loves wearing them

No. 1919746

Omg you're so right lol.

No. 1919747

Solution: Your pfp is your naturally, effortlessly female face. Invite other female friends and friends of friends to amazing girls night shit, post pictures, talk about it, enjoy your life while he seethes in his gooner den

No. 1919748

File: 1698343204642.png (84.38 KB, 631x347, gem.png)

Plus this troon making a weird comment about feminism

No. 1919753

This sounds like a deranged TIF who hates her body due to internalized misogyny. Many such cases.

No. 1919760

>"I'm assuming in the past women didn't have deformed pendulous weights."
Troons hate women so much. TIFs, TIMs, and TRAs are some of the most misogynistic groups to exist.

No. 1919784

File: 1698345364737.jpeg (Spoiler Image,10.97 KB, 270x160, vampire.jpeg)

oh my god he literally looks like the main vampire in 30 days of night fucking KEK MY SIDES

No. 1919789

Honestly I think it's because most bras are uncomfy. I used to shell out for the fancy VC ones and those things were always awful but as a teen I thought more expensive = better and also didn't know how to size a wire bra. Now I just wear a comfy loose sports bra and I love them, just a little support so they don't bounce and no wire to dig inside
Borderline schizophrenic ravings wtf are they even talking about

No. 1919801

Hear hear nonna. Wires digging into your breasts are the worst. I had a few which kept getting the wires loose and cut me under the boob, horrible.

They truly can't wrap their head around the fact that we are not walking fetishes.

No. 1919806

File: 1698347528164.jpeg (230.25 KB, 750x526, IMG_5512.jpeg)

Eugh, what the hell, I’m looking at this guys profile and it’s so gross. Posting about wearing his mother’s underwear, “sissy porn”, castration, wearing diapers… It’s incredible how many TIMs are like this. A lot of his posts are just gross fetish shit which I will not subject you to but the “i wore panties to cope with stress” is making me laugh.

No. 1919813

Wtfuuuuuuuck. They are all deeply deranged. Not that it's a surprise but still.

No. 1919819

File: 1698349076620.jpeg (531.14 KB, 730x1120, IMG_5513.jpeg)

It uh.. gets to serial killer levels. I think he may need to be locked away from society.

No. 1919822

>now she loves when I need to relax and we have a girls day together
this gave me flashbacks to being in an abusive relationship and absolutely relishing the moments where he was relaxed, because it gave me a break and i knew things were safe. this troon thinks it means she is accepting his identity but she is probably just terrified and exhausted and feels trapped. i hope she leaves for good asap. this guy is a ticking time bomb.

No. 1919823


Omg omg picturing someone behaving like that is… horror movie fodder. How do people deal with that level of nuts in their lives, in their beds, even? He does that shit to his wife. Eeuuugh.

No. 1919826

that is what he meant by "trans brothers" though

No. 1919832

File: 1698350223947.jpeg (104.03 KB, 1000x500, pedo swimmer.jpeg)

i am about to vomit
50 year old man was allowed to compete in a swimming race with 13 year old girls (and use the female changing room) in canada

No. 1919833

i wish other countries would call the USA's bluff, the US is spread so thin trying to control everyone this issue in reality is so low priority compared to ukraine and israel

No. 1919837

This cannot be real. This cannot fucking be real. I would love to see TRAs and handmaidens try to tell me why this is actually a good thing and “gender affirming uwu” I want to alog so bad.

No. 1919838

Oh barf. Please let it be a fake.

No. 1919849

File: 1698352091695.jpeg (57.71 KB, 675x675, sandi.jpeg)

i think the swimming club's excuse is that there was no age limit, and that it just so happened all the girls were teenagers except for the 50 year old TIM. and he is registered as female legally and in the swimming club registration.
>real name Nicholas J. Cepeda
>picrel is him with his wife
>professor at York university / phd in psychology
it just boggles my mind that not only would a grown man find it appropriate for himself to race and change with those young girls, if he were not a pedo but that the parents and other adults at that race allowed it to happen… we've really lost the ability to point out obvious dodgy behaviour

No. 1919852

why does it have to be with young girls and shit wtf

No. 1919860

File: 1698353531910.jpeg (99.66 KB, 1000x500, cepedo.jpeg)

samefag posting screenshots of an interview of him and his wife in 2014
>took ballet
of course he did. i'm sure there were plenty of 13 year old girls in that class too.

No. 1919868

File: 1698355222232.jpg (193.11 KB, 1080x2092, Screenshot_20231026_231345_Chr…)

Soooooo….what ???? Wtf??? He rages and is violent with his wife unless he is allowed to dress as a woman ?? Anyone feels like he's forcing her to take part or else ?? Terrifying. Certifiable tranny insanity.

People on Reddit have started reacting and did not disappoint kek. But some were pointing out that no "serious" media had reported on that story aside from the PM and Infowars. So I dug a little bit and found "Melody Wiseheart" (fucking kek my sides ouch) official swimming profile here :


No. 1919871

But transgenderism totally isn't based on sexist, unnatural, and overly-restrictive gender stereotypes. Also lol there are literally people alive right now who are decades older than the entirely manufactured idea that "pink is a girl's color", which was introduced in the west in the 1940s at the earliest.

No. 1919874

File: 1698355959894.jpg (359.14 KB, 1080x2336, Screenshot_20231026_233218_Sti…)

Found the above comment on his YouTube video and had to check and kek yeah brutal

No. 1919882

Wow he's good at dancing for a male, the high heel trick was kinda impressive. It's absolutely disgusting how pervy the routine is though. I just think more boys should prioritize dancing over boring schoolwork. Female doctors/engineers/pilots are better anyway

No. 1919887

>phd in psychology
clearly not doing him any good

No. 1919891

>People on Reddit have started reacting and did not disappoint kek.
Which subs?

No. 1919892

kek even his score under his old name, before he trooned out is low, so it can't just be "transphobia". there are people saying he made them feel uncomfortable.
ugh when you look at the swim team, it lists their year of birth. everyone else is 2000s and he is 1973

No. 1919894

File: 1698357697469.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 2266x3058, goodwiddlegirl ummm....jpg)

No. 1919896

File: 1698357728244.jpg (210.13 KB, 1080x969, Screenshot_20231026_223519_Chr…)

Fucking gross yikes. He could be a grandad. The grandad of these girls actually

>kek even his score under his old name, before he trooned out is low
Kek, no surprise.

Some chosen commentaries in picrel, here it is :

No. 1919897

nooooooo why does it look dirty ??
Somebody bleach my eyes please

No. 1919904

You can literally see the shitty incision around his nipple
But yeah, it's perfectly acceptable for moids to get implants to larp as women, at least it's understandable when a woman lies about having implants because it's typically taboo or she's regarded as unattractive for it. Most people attracted to troons like implants

No. 1919909

File: 1698359083300.png (48.41 KB, 580x209, wiseheart tweet.png)

samefag found a parent complain about him back in May (she was replying to a riley gaines tweet about girls boycotting races with TIMs)

No. 1919913

File: 1698359440171.jpeg (Spoiler Image,322.51 KB, 2000x1400, F1_TvHtX0AI_xrH.jpeg)

No. 1919916

Diaperfags are subhumans

No. 1919919

Imagine being a young girl and you find out not only do you have to let males into your part of a sport but literally a male old enough to be your grandfather. This is disgusting and I keep waiting for the world to wake up but it feels so hopeless.

No. 1919921

Huh. 18 years-old him really has that serial killer vibe going on

No. 1919928

It’s weird how so many of them become obsessed with a particular article of clothing. Makes me think of the self-proclaimed sissies who used to be really into tights and stockings. I’ve never seen women do this kind of thing.

No. 1919929

walt jr

No. 1919941

As someone said in that thread, scrote will pervert anything nice and wholesome. Tights are nice, with a dress in winter or skirt or whatever. A nice bra that hold everything in place is nice, it looks cute, I'm happy, or it doesn't but is comfy and functional, it's great. But with these fucking animals, it all turns to ashes. It suddenly becomes something weird, disgusting, a fetish etc. That's when reality hits that for most scrotes, we are just sexual objects here to satisfy their porn-fried brains.

No. 1919944

This is so viscerally disgusting that my immediate subconscious reaction was to try to find evidence that it’s photoshopped or AI. My brain wanted to believe “diaper trannies aren’t real, they can’t hurt you” so bad.

No. 1919945

They want to be the cute animu girls japanese pedos draw, and because they're male autists and therefore sexual sociopaths, they cram their hairy, unwashed bodies into whatever polyester weeb shit they can get with disability buxx. You can't look at cute shit without troons in the reviews showing their gross, dead eyed stares, and we're supposed to celebrate these monsters.

No. 1919946

File: 1698364456520.jpg (204.03 KB, 717x1266, MTXX_MH20231027_105058043.jpg)

>small Asian woman in uber
>inappropriate personal question from the man driving her
>please wont somebody think of the troons?!
I wonder what it's like to be constantly engaging in the victim Olympics like this?

No. 1919947

File: 1698364938501.jpg (1.93 MB, 4096x3072, Crymoar.jpg)

The comment section is as expected

No. 1919952

Fucking morons seriously think troons are murdered the way women are: just for existing.

No. 1919954

It's literally the while comment section. I'm starting to subscribe to dead Internet theory because clearly all these people have to be bots


No. 1919962

File: 1698367819020.jpg (49.34 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault_1507313641916_11…)


This is monster world and I am not enjoying myself.

No. 1919964

I suspect troons are simply 99% terminally online so will brigade anything even remotely connected to their agenda

I think every woman can sympathise and understand what it's like to have a depraved driver leering at you. We've all heard stories of girl getting assaulted and raped by an Uber driver. But of course it's all about the trannies.

No. 1919965

“ That's a slippery slope too, cuz trans people
have been killed for being trans” yeah because women aren’t know for being at a high risk of getting raped, killed, then raped again before getting ditched on the side of the road?

No. 1919969

Was listening to some true crime podcast and heard the horrific story of a case in France where a woman's car was attacked by a bunch of men, she was dragged out of it, raped, assaulted and her body burnt and dumped It's the second such case I heard like that, in between litteral children getting assaulted, women being routinely assaulted and killed everyday, or vanishing off the surface of the earth (and there's usually an incel scrote in the picture). That's just standard everywhere for women, which is deeply fucked up. Troons are nowhere near these statistics.

No. 1919981

It really is just whatever clothing items are imprinted on them from porn. That’s why the boomer sissies/fetish crossdressers were obsessed with pantyhose and heels, and the new transbians are obsessed with school girl skirts and thigh highs.

No. 1919984

I'm sorry but I keked really hard at this

No. 1920011

JP here. The sterilization requirement was definitely dropped due to pressure about human rights. I cant see the surgery requirement being dropped. Most politicians don’t want to be the one to say it however.

If self ID was adopted, it might severely impact public baths and onsens, many of which are still struggling after covid. The news would have a field day with all the “penis in the women’s baths” reports though kek.

No. 1920013

There's some kiwifarms drama going down and from what I can tell if it goes wrong then troons will win the internet war.(sage your kiwifag autism)

No. 1920024

Insane, they literally can't understand women as people, who want to live with dignity

No. 1920025

we don't count as women, that's why those freaks try to push us out

they're wiggers with political clout and they will fail

No. 1920032

typical loser male

No. 1920037

1:40 in and i want to a-log. it constantly blows my mind how aggressively they refuse to understand or empathize with the female experience. no female is worried about some troon "just taking a piss" in the restroom; we're worried about a man placing hidden cameras while disguising himself as a woman, recording himself jerking off in the mirror of a public restroom with a woman directly behind him while disguising himself as a woman, sexually assaulting or raping us in one of the few socially constructed refuges we have while disguising himself as a woman. this does not exist in male spaces unless its coming from other men. TIFs are not doing these things. moids need to get their own bullshit in order and allow these faggot moids into their own spaces. its not our fucking problem. i hate them all so much its unreal.

No. 1920038

>says he would get 'hate crimed'if he went into the mens washroom
>him as himself was the nicest and the woman he played were all 'bitchy'
his choice to use the womens washroom literally doesn't make sense, just like using our washroom when you're a gay man calling yourself nb.

No. 1920039

a transwoman is a man that claims to be a woman right? how is a woman saying shes a man "pretending to be trans" that makes no sense, transwomen don't tell people they're men

No. 1920051

I have a horrible feeling they will invert it into the girls making fun of him for having a penis, which…is unrealistic as hell. In all the real world cases of locker room drama at schools, the girls who are opposed to the troon flaunting his dick just avoid him because they are uncomfortable or they privately complain to their parents who then reach out to the principal etc. I've literally never heard of case of girls actively bullying a troon, especially not physically and especially not in the literal locker room. But I could see them portraying it that way regardless because the hip thing is to turn troons into innocent little victims and martyrs.

No. 1920055

Kek at how hard he's trying (and failing) to replicate the thumbnail style of actual female Youtubers. That expression is so unnatural, he looks like an alien wearing a human skinsuit for the first time and trying to figure out how face muscles work.

No. 1920086

late but this just goes to show how men are only complicit in tranny shit when they think it won’t affect them. all of his normie male coworkers just assume he’s just another pornsick straight moid, so they don’t care that he runs around in skirts and caked on makeup with a mickey mouse voice. but when they he likes men, now they (seem to) care.

No. 1920092

File: 1698395780741.jpeg (367.71 KB, 828x1226, IMG_2978.jpeg)

it’s funny because his previous post was a kek-worthy suicide bait literally about how he’s actually a lazy piece of shit and his wife is ambitious, intelligent, and hard working. he’s literally just trying to flesh out a woe-is-me troon origin story via reddit posts

No. 1920093

Typical male not understanding the cryptic and silent nature of female interpersonal relationships. They absolutely did not do that to him, only another retard male would believe it.

T. bullied schoolgirl, kek

No. 1920101

Can't believe no one has posted this!

There was a debate last night between a TIM and Helen Joyce. The TIM was drunk and even pissed off her own side.

Can't say im surprised….


No. 1920113

Crazy how you can clock by clothing choice alone

No. 1920114

File: 1698399943733.jpeg (51.08 KB, 744x333, IMG_3433.jpeg)

>HEAVY breathing the entire time
>snacks lips each time he downs wine
>is drunk
>wearing fishnets and flashes his ballsack/ass halfway through the panel pic related
>can’t stop his sexist adlibs such as how Helen “talks too much” even though he won’t shut the hell up and allow her to speak uninterrupted
>glares at Helen and even ~subtly~ gives the middle finger to the audience at one point pic related
>talks about how he fucks men with his “feminine penis” and how men fuck him and how everyone sexualizes him lmao
>won’t stop insisting everyone else in the world calls him ma’am or miss, despite clearing looking like a man in a dress

Sometimes you don’t even have to do or say anything, they just make themselves look bad by showing up and being their “true selves” . That being said, Helen Joyce did amazing as per usual and has a lot more patience than I.

No. 1920125

No. 1920126

Imagine calling that a "her", even by mistake.

No. 1920146


"Her" there clearly refers to Helen Joyce

No. 1920147

Fred us such a vile troon. I hope he gets asked to more bigger debates. If that doesn't peak people I don't know what will.

No. 1920148

Jesus what a fucking monster(sage your shit)

No. 1920151

troon go spinny

No. 1920158

>research is finding that PCOS may merely effect the ovaries and not be closely tied as previously thought
Can someone explain this? I don't understand this sentence at all. And how do you have ovarian cysts without ovaries?

No. 1920164

Right like I don’t…get what the fuck that’s supposed to mean kek. Ovary means only women. Or are we calling balls ovaries now too?

No. 1920176

I've heard PCOS can result in bowel issues bc scar tissue connecting different organs? Maybe it's something like that?

No. 1920181

Isn't that endo? I thought PCOS only caused cysts in ovaries while endo makes your uterine tissue grow wherever it wants in your bowels.

No. 1920187

File: 1698418811268.png (106.75 KB, 622x424, trustmebro.png)

How we nonnies will ever recover knowing that tranny is "better" and "hotter" than us all? Kekkk

No. 1920191

That is endometriosis. PCOS can make your period more painful but it doesn’t spread to other organs (such as your bowel) like endo does

No. 1920196

File: 1698419818353.png (65.51 KB, 758x404, pcos.png)

ayrt. recent research has suggested that it's a genetic condition that disrupts hormones in both women and men.
obviously the female manifestation is worse and effects the ovaries, which is why it was considered an ovarian syndrome. I personally have polycystic ovaries but do not have the syndrome (or any of the symptoms) so I can definitely see how the two are not necessarily linked.
but some positives if this turns out to be true 1) the condition will get taken WAY more seriously (because it makes men bald, which is far more important to research than women's health..) and 2) troons can no longer conflate PCOS with transgenderism, because it's something that effects both sexes.

No. 1920200

>troons can no longer conflate PCOS with transgenderism, because it's something that effects both sexes.
Anon… that's a beautiful dream, but TiMs are probably just going to claim HRT made them capable of getting PCOS. Or they'll say it's further proof sex doesn't really exist

No. 1920202

samefag, also worth pointing out that some women with PCOS do not have cysts at all, but are still diagnosed based on their hormone levels and symptoms.

No. 1920203

By this logic do we all become intersex/troons on our period because our testosterone raises while our female hormones lower? Why are they so desperate to masculinize women with PCOS?

No. 1920204

no. only troons are saying that. pcos is chronically elevated luteinising hormone and insulin which leads to increased androgen and causes horrible symptoms in women. i don't see this research as alarming tbh, anything that gets a better understanding of the root cause will be positive. it may be weaponised by idiots but that's no reason to ignore important research that could help women.

No. 1920208

> I also have better style than women
> I'm in my 40s and hotter than actual women my age
> Had to have hair transplant

Oh here goes my rib kek.

No. 1920210

Painting women with PCOS as men would be a troon victory royal because the way they seethe at the idea of real biological women having high testosterone, an inability to get pregnant, and dark coarse facial/chest hair still being recognised as real biological women

No. 1920212

Most women with PCOS don't even have these symptoms except in extremely rare cases.even so, a woman with PCOS hormone level isn't remotely close to a man's. Imagine troons trying to give women a gender complex/dysphoria over minor PCOS

No. 1920213

Ayrt I know they don't but that's the troon understanding of what pcos is. A troon can not comprehend that pcos is a complex problem involving hormones, their brain highlights the words "facial hair" and "testosterone" but can not conceive of the fact that even having pcos is proof alone that a woman is a woman since you need to be a capable of having it. It really does boil down to "oh so she can have 5 dark chin hairs and be a woman but you all want me dead because of my beard?"

No. 1920214

File: 1698423288846.png (212.77 KB, 590x720, Screenshot 2023-10-27 090439.p…)

"She/they" swallowed like 30 acid tabs yesterday, last activity was liking a tweet 2 minutes after the video was posted

No. 1920215

File: 1698423330781.mp4 (1.56 MB, 720x1280, dedgrllastacidtrip.mp4)

No. 1920218

Lord please send your most lethal and efficent overdose to eradicate this freak

No. 1920224

I mean it's not really possible to die from 30 tabs of acid though?

No. 1920226

Yeah the LD50 of acid is impossibly high, the best we can hope for is that it activated a latent predisposition for schizophrenia and he spends the rest of his life in psychosis hell, not that he seems too far from that as it is kek

No. 1920240

kek did you warn your dad that that guy is prob typing about that one handed on r/ewphoria? it’s so funny that if a male interacts with them they almost always immediately interpret it as if they’re being hit on and feel uwu so validated, but if women are speaking anywhere in the same building as them, they cry to reddit because they’re POSITIVE the women were ebil terfs plotting genocide. are they actually that delusional or is it just an extension of their ‘women are horrible and need to be silent sex objects and donate their uteruses to me in penance’ shtick?

No. 1920242

Retarded cockbag should have livestreamed the whole trip kek.

No. 1920246

Can't imagine doing heroic doses with that degree of mental illness

No. 1920254

Probably blanks

No. 1920274

File: 1698431325906.jpg (52.87 KB, 720x778, based polly.jpg)

No. 1920278

File: 1698431648344.jpg (22.79 KB, 755x425, (alternatively)KILL.jpg)

>"they want to be hot (…) like they were able to do during puberty"

No. 1920281

belongs in 2x. but it is one of my favourite memes so thanks for reminding me of it kek

No. 1920285

This is either the most narcissistic or cope thing I’ve ever read. Maybe a bit of both.

No. 1920286

OP image makes me think this is a sam hyde thread at first glance

No. 1920289

File: 1698433106570.png (291.75 KB, 694x500, GQ.png)

GQ just posted picrel and it's the insane narcissistic drivel you'd expect
wtf? i clearly don't lurk here enough because i've not come across them referring to themselves as dolls yet (even though it's obvious that's how they perceive women). very creepy. he uses the word throughout the article.
some of these rules
>"Don’t lead a woman on in any relationship—but you’ll need to be extra sure about your intentions with trans girls"
>"Reinforce her femininity. Don’t assume that she relates to male interests just because of her assignment at birth"
>gross details about tops and bottoms and prostate = "g-spot"
>"Deal with your own masculinity." "This doesn’t mean you should be ready to brawl, but you should be man enough to stand up for your woman."
>Discuss if you want kids "many a doll has, under the advice of their endocrinologist, frozen sperm from before beginning their medical transition, and surrogacy is increasingly popular in the queer community."

No. 1920291

>they want to be hot without any effort like they were able to do under 30
the tranny male-rotted brain spewing "BITCHES HIT THE WALL MAN"

No. 1920301

It's a drag/old-school tranny thing.

No. 1920302

>wtf? i clearly don't lurk here enough because i've not come across them referring to themselves as dolls yet (even though it's obvious that's how they perceive women). very creepy. he uses the word throughout the article.
Damn you anon for making me look into this. I'd never heard the term either, despite being steeped in GC politics for years, so I looked into it.'Doll' is not a term used online much, it is mostly used in trans!twitter. It comes from 80s black drag/trans ball culture in NYC and is still mostly used offline. It's supposed to mean a 'straight' hyper feminine trans woman.

Nicky Alcenat is a black gay man who spent his childhood in California and moved close to NYC, in the 2000s, around his freshman year of high school and was obsessed with being feminine and fashion and having 'girlfriends'. So no wonder he fell in with the type of troons who use 'doll.' He had an article in Vogue in May about how his love for high heels helped him with his 'transgender womanhood' and admitted to wearing his mothers shoes as a boy, but we all know he wore more than that. And there is another article from him in April on some site called Guest of Guest about the bars he goes to meet guys. So looks like he managed to worm his way into the magazine scene in NYC this year.

No. 1920304

It never fails to make me laugh how malleable male sexuality is.
>> Wear mom’s shoes once
>> become gay from shoes
>> actually a woman because of shoes
>> entire identity now shoes & cooming

No. 1920312

a bunch of twitter trannies use "doll" in their handle to mean hsts troon. it basically means toxic mimic of a porn stereotype that wants to prey on straight guys

No. 1920322

File: 1698437474782.jpg (57.97 KB, 2115x253, Screenshot 2023-10-27 150956.j…)

thank god for the sanity in the comments

No. 1920332

>and surrogacy is increasingly popular in the queer community
I want to murder

No. 1920344

me too, nona. me too.

No. 1920345

>HEAVY breathing the entire time
misophonia intensifies
hearing these noises whilst having to look at his pasty fridge body bound up in leather is absolutely revolting, i can't deal with it. the visceral autonomic response to vomit is too strong.

No. 1920346

File: 1698439882272.jpg (479.59 KB, 1080x1879, The fuck.jpg)

On the rare occasion, I find the strangest twitter accounts. I don't know if this person is a chaser and/or a tranny, but the typing style and tweets about protecting trannies and commenting about how divine they are makes him sound like one. It's all so disgusting.

No. 1920349

File: 1698440246679.jpeg (379.93 KB, 828x813, IMG_3014.jpeg)

hari nef, is that you?

No. 1920362


What the actual fuuuuuuuck why is the world so broken I want to get off

No. 1920368

File: 1698442589494.mp4 (1.06 MB, 320x568, pedoman.mp4)

Caption: "my biggest fantasy had come true - I was on show as an ultra sissy baby girl for all to see only a few miles from where I live."
>calls himself Baby Julie
>likes to ask women who work in shops to help him, declaring himself a "sissy girl", including asking them to fit him for a bra.
>he stealthily videos these interactions and posts them online. he thinks a lot of these women are "so nice!" to him but if you listen to the recordings these woman are just shit-scared and trying to placate him.
and yes, of course he is wearing a nappy/diaper underneath that dress, which he exposed and took photos of in public.
TRAs have created a boundary-free playground for these men to impose their fetishes on anyone, and people have to smile and cater to them. not that many years ago, you'd be able to call security on this guy without issue.

No. 1920375

I'm having flashbacks to that nonce who had a youtube channel pretending to be a toddler, that man looks like a slighlty less disheveled version of him.

No. 1920387

“Doll” has recently been adopted by twitter AGPs. Kevin Gibes and his ilk use it all the time now. They love it because they are all into bimbofication, dollification, dronification, etc.

No. 1920389

You're thinking of that Stefonknee degenerate.

No. 1920397

Can't women who were forced to interact with that thing and filmed without their consent prosecute him or something ? This is so deeply fucked up

No. 1920418

the outfit. old man dressing like he thinks he's the next dollskill model. fucking cumbrained waste of life.

No. 1920419

this happened to me when i worked at a makeup store. i was helping someone dressed very weird, i tried my best to be customer servicing, but i was stunned that he asked me to take a photo for him so he could show his wife and her boyfriend as proof that they are "sissifying him"…(learn to sage)

No. 1920460

lol, the HSTS troons must be pissed.

No. 1920479

Completely disgusting to force random retail workers to participate in your fetish

No. 1920491

File: 1698455435491.jpg (178.53 KB, 640x530, Tumblr_l_131888904617663.jpg)

I am so sick of these fucking males.

No. 1920498

Yeah because they aren’t gay and want to date a girl. Even nerdy or unconventional looking gals with glaring physical flaws can get a boyfriend and it’s because they are actual girls. What is not to get?

No. 1920499

Samefag but the anime profile picture. Every. fucking. time.

No. 1920532

whats their username tho? i want to see the replies lol

No. 1920549

I don't know it sorry nona, the place I saved the image from had the name marked out like that originally for some reason

No. 1920557

File: 1698460394949.png (3.02 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4704.png)

No. 1920562

Already posted lurk more

No. 1920573

File: 1698462385877.mp4 (3.13 MB, 640x1384, 6ca254bfae5de217807cd28abd62b1…)

NTAYRT but his account is zhoesty; hes since deleted the tweet, but i managed to find a screen recording of someone scrolling through the comments (ive reposted it now without the obnoxious zoomer bullshit playing in the background). its pretty fast tho.
link to the same tranny in the video replying to the deleted comment: https://twitter.com/PaigeChristineR/status/1508672860243603461

No. 1920574

What did you do after that nonna?

No. 1920599

File: 1698465556601.jpg (Spoiler Image,736.46 KB, 810x1822, Screenshot_20231027-233229_Chr…)

>"and if I could fuck myself I absolutely would":
Totally not a fetish!:

No. 1920601

Jesus Christ. Why did I open that?

No. 1920603

It must be exhausting constantly thinking about sex. Why are turbo-autists always so porn-addled? I personally have a really hard time understanding why these degenerates are so fixated on it. I mean, sex is fine and all, but there are tons of other things in this world that are a lot better than sex.

No. 1920604

>whats their username tho? i want to see the replies lol
I got you covered anon:

No. 1920605

It’s because you’re a woman and our minds have more variety inside. For men they really are biologically wired to center ejaculating as their main goal. Sometimes they get lost in the blind pursuit of that goal and wind up in diapers or women’s underwear or both. It seems like a sad way to live.

No. 1920608

>late bloomer
>started at 18
Jesus fucking christ can this movement get any more predatory?

No. 1920636

File: 1698472719299.png (18.9 KB, 588x146, Screenshot 2023-10-27 225608.p…)

No. 1920638

Yeah. Sometimes I think life would be easier as a man then I realise my whole brain would be psychotically warped around cooming at all costs and it evens out.

No. 1920648

Maybe if scrotes didn't make the fandoms for those things so toxic, women would be more willing to share their interest in those things. The fanbase for metal was more 60-40 male-female in the eighties, but as the genre splintered and changed, so did the fanbase. Prospects aren't much better for straight women who like metal: metalhead scrotes these days are all either coomers, redditfags, or future/current troons. They're undatable for the same reasons most other types of scrote are. Men suck to begin with, but the internet ruined what few redeeming qualities they once had. At least guys in the seventies or whatever just beat off to softcore nudie mags and vanilla (by today's standards) porn tapes. Now it seems like every male has a bunch of bizarre fetishes he acquired from constantly looking at hardcore porn on the internet. And that's before you even factor in shit like video game addiction, extremist groups online, parasocial relationships, etc.

No. 1920652

Probably no blots

No. 1920673

File: 1698484957194.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 1170x1878, IMG_1928.jpeg)

i’m genuinely crying. mf looks like a blow up sex doll w all the facetune but he forgot to fix his hairy moid arms.

No. 1920675

File: 1698485726018.png (Spoiler Image,2.56 MB, 1074x1432, Screen Shot 2023-10-28 at 11.2…)

I don't know how these prison gays can post pictures of themselves destroying their lives (on top of showing the only other people willing to touch them with a pole are other desperate troons) publicly and think they're cool for it. They're so painfully cluster B, I can't imagine the dose of antidepressants their parents have to be on to live with the fact this is the son they sacrificed their freedom and finances to raise. What is the blood even for?
If they think no employer or random online actor can ever trace it back to them when they'll snap out of it, try (and fail) to DFE and all try to get jobs, they're in for a speedy 41%.

No. 1920677

File: 1698486329532.jpg (Spoiler Image,77.62 KB, 741x900, F9ThEO8XsAA-QVm.jpg)

This "transformation" took you a whole year my guy?

No. 1920681

I need to know how old he is. The arms and feet tell me "older than fifty", but the variety of terms he used as tags is throwing me for a loop.

No. 1920683

Spoiler this disgusting shit, barf

No. 1920685

It was a bold choice on your part to not hide this cottage cheese man's nudes behind a spoiler.

No. 1920695


"My biggest fantasy has come true, I creeped out everyone in a mall and forced them all to unwillingly participate in my voyeuristic humiliation fetish." I think I heard a kid in the background there towards the end, the balls on this guy. And if some angry person came up and told him off for being a pervert in public, it'd be transphobia.

No. 1920711

Was there really a need for this? I thought one of their biggest complaints was that no one wants to date them apart from creepy chasers who won’t be seen with them in public.

No. 1920712

File: 1698491969380.png (38.26 KB, 577x183, don't fetishise us but DO indu…)

>Was there really a need for this?
the answer is always no, nonnie. but the article does talk about chasers too. he almost sounds like he is bragging when he says it's the 4th most searched thing on porn hub. they claim they don't want to be fetishised but expect a man to indulge them in THEIR fetish of pretending to be a woman.

No. 1920714

File: 1698493412593.jpg (89.8 KB, 900x830, 0a7ld1wy5nub1.jpg)

Anyone watch 90 day fiance and caught that trans woman misleading some Moldovan dude years ago? Had been intimate multiple times, until the Tim finally admitted he was trans. (there seems to be some parts of the conversation where Moldovan was explaining all this missing. I do wonder what he said in those..) Moldovan had a melt down, packed his shit and left. His friends dropped him when he tried to talk to them about it. Took him 3 years to work on that by mediation and shit, because he wasn't sure what it meant about him. But Tim kept sending memes and staying in contact and now like a decade later he wants to give it another try. Dude still looks like a fucking dude, just absolutely mangled by surgeries. I have no idea why I watch trash in the background

No. 1920718

Middle-aged kewpie doll fucker

No. 1920720

Small dick energy confirmed. Also ew

No. 1920722

Is this another degenerate that performed his own orchiectomy?

No. 1920724

Congrats dude. You got slightly bigger moobs and had to move house.

No. 1920727

File: 1698496002503.jpeg (50.07 KB, 640x637, IMG_1086.jpeg)

bump, don’t scroll nonnies cp on front page. Wish I didn’t stumble onto it and see that as I’m scarred/triggered right now. Hopefully this means no one else will have to either…

No. 1920728

That was one of the worst I have seen too. That will play on my mind for ages I want to cry

No. 1920730

I’ve never seen any until that photo and I could have happily went my whole life without seeing that…I’m absolutely traumatised and am holding back the urge to vomit…what is wrong with scrotes, the Y chromosome was a mistake(sage your shit)

No. 1920732

File: 1698497087342.mp4 (1.33 MB, 640x360, mafs.mp4)

i love TLC trash but haven't caught up on this one yet. sounds very selfish of the troon to get back in contact when he knows he fucked that guy up mentally/emotionally. but thats how narcissists are.
there is a TIM on uk's Married At First Sight who told the groom he was trans after they got married. but the groom was "pansexual" and said it was cool. however, he couldn't say he fancied the TIM kek (see vidrel) and it's clear he would have just preferred a non-deluded gay man.
they're so bogpilled though holy shit. i looked up that 90 day fiance guy and he can barely move his face it's so creepy. regardless of your sexuality, how can you be attracted to this? and how can you not know they are trans?

No. 1920733

There is absolutely no attention to detail here whatsoever.

No. 1920734

Just a run of the mill attention-seeker regularly tweeting pics of himself cutting and doing drugs with his other troon friends from a sort of puppy sex cult. These are the people being lobbied for as perfectly able and mentally well enough to make irreversible decisions about their own bodies by the way

No. 1920739

Didn't watch that, but caught some yt videos about it. Such manipulators and narcissists. Do have to say, apparently the Tim is now the Moldovans guys sugar daddy apparently, paying for surgeries and botox. It's hilarious.

No. 1920746

>one of their biggest complaints was that no one wants to date them apart from creepy chasers who won’t be seen with them in public.
The article was cope for that by trying to pretend that there was a huge amount of non-chasers into troons and it was a sad attempt to convince chasers to not act like chasers.

No. 1920755

This feels like one of those pictures where nothing looks right because it’s simulating a stroke

No. 1920758

aw nonnies so sorry you saw that. i saw one on a previous cp spam and it took me about 3-4 weeks to get back to normal. very upsetting. take a break and watch or do something nice/comforting if you can.

No. 1920771

I feel like I've already seen Musk troon out before in one of these threads kek.

No. 1920780

I always wonder if they post shit they just happen to have, or if they look for the most upsetting sewerslVt tier child harm to prove their point about how gosh darn mean roasties are

Male boards don't get this, it's here and the other female only board that get scat and cp spam. I wish we could ask reduxx or something to cover it but you know that would just result in a deluge of moids doing it

No. 1920781

hoping and pretending it’s all ai. i think one i saw awhile ago was definitely ai, at least.. moids are sick

No. 1920794

I don’t get what they think it accomplishes in terms of proving we’re the bad ones? Or if it’s just the fact they get off/get satisfaction knowing they are traumatizing any one of us who sees that vile evil shit. Imagine being so dead and rotten inside you get off on ANY CSA images. I have seen only the “tamer” stuff they’ve spammed (still awful) along with the gore of dead adult women (also fucking awful) but I really don’t want to see a child actively being hurt so I always check /meta/ before going to any of the other boards when I come to LC to scroll. It’s saved me a few times. Sage for OT.

No. 1920802

it's the latter

No. 1920813

They are so vile that they think they are doing the right thing by spamming CP. They did it to r/detrans too. The admin and the mods had to see CP and it seriously messed with their mental health. They want women to be disgusted and afraid of using lolcow.

No. 1920817

They are so vacuous and devoid of humanity that they regard csa and gore as just ordinary pictures. They want to silence us, control us. This gives them satisfaction and pleasure. But we won’t give it to them.

No. 1920824


I want to see an article where they track those fkrs down and give them prison time. But yeah I worry any media about it will embolden moids to do it more. Reeks of the "making women see it" fetish that these tranners all seem to have, upsetting women is gratifying for them. Horrible monster freaks.

No. 1920839

I used to work for a company that looked through moderated comment spaces on Twitter and Facebook, and for some reason the Lego website to read the messages little kids send each other. This was when there was a gender fluid pervert on Big Brother UK, and posters talking about how gross he was would get deluged with cp and gore. It's like they're mentally incapable of dealing with life outside of 4chan.

No. 1920861

In men's most fervent dreams, we're just like them. We like the same shit, we're as deviant, sexually motivated, insane, lustful and obsessive. It enrages them to think that we're actually the less volatile, less emotional sex. Trying to upset us is the next logical step to the failmale troons when they realize they can't seduce or deceive us into loving them. As long as they're rustling a woman's heart, they feel they've won somehow. truly a pathetic, craven subspecies.

No. 1920865


I’ve been watching and it’s insane - how could he not tell what was going on in between this guys legs for 2 years I’m sure that neovag is just as botched as the rest of him

No. 1920869

It's just further evidence that they're some of the most sickest psycho moids out there, who want to harm women and children.

No. 1920874

Thanks for the heads up, I have catalog view for the boards I go on saved so that helps avoid it and makes getting to threads quicker

No. 1920889

Somehow I never realised they do the same spam cp and gore routine outside of imageboards, which only serves to prove people right in being cautious since the injured party is the one sending the horrible content. Like way to remove the last sliver of sympathy anyone might have.
Sorry to nonnies who saw that.

No. 1920964


Lol at pretending that HER isn’t just another tranny hugbox. I’m sure some actual lesbians were talking about something normal and he came in and started sperging about girldick and got butt hurt when they told him to STFU.

The platform literally has sections for TIFs and TIMs for godsake. The final straw that made me delete the app was some tranny intern sending out a push notification that was just “this app doesn’t like TERFs” so I took his advice and now the miserable trannies around me have one less actual woman creep on.

No. 1921004

File: 1698539664317.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1242x2109, IMG_6402.jpeg)

this self harming camwhore tranny on twitter claims to have cut his finger off due to mental illness kek. the filthy fucking mirror really adds flavor to the overall stench of this one.

No. 1921013

> how could he not tell what was going on in between this guys legs for 2 years
The Moldovan guy was very young when he met the TiM, like possibly under 18 while the TiM was 30. He probably didn't have much or any experience with women. I can see a late teens virgin male not finding anything off when presented with a rotpocket. And if the Moldavian guy got suspicious the TiM probably told him the weirdness has to do with being a older woman.

No. 1921020

I watched a bit of it while flipping channels and it was disturbing. The troon looks frightening and whatever surgeon mangled him deserves to lose their license. His whole appearance and demeanor scream low self-worth and mental illness, and the Moldovan guy gives extreme scammer vibes. You can tell he’s not attracted to the pedo frankentroon at all and just wants to be on TV or maybe get a green card. It was so bleak I couldn’t keep watching.

No. 1921022

The HER controversy just shows there’s zero benefit in capitulating to troons. The staff of that app bent over backwards to be trans-inclusive and kick all the TERFs off the platform, yet they’re still claiming “discrimination.” What’s the point? Give them their own troon-only dating platform where they don’t have to run into any evil TERFs at all. But we all know no troons would join that kek

No. 1921025

extremely weird fat distribution

No. 1921026

I believe they got back together to be on TV. The TiM has been on other TV shows like Maury, Jerseylicious and got kicked off Botched. The preview for tomorrows episode show the Moldavian being apprehensive about sleeping with the tranny.


No. 1921027

that paw gripping the phone looks AI generated kek. Why do men have the most fucked up hands?

No. 1921054

my parents obsessively watch 90 day fiance and I overheard them saying "that's a guy isn't it?" or "he's a transgender". wasn't in the living room with them so I didn't see what he looked like until now jfc

No. 1921056

Considering how SRS are usually botched horror shows. Diminishing the demand for them maybe is a positive for human rights.
Also, the protections for wives and children against being turned into a transwidow or transorphan looks very good.

No. 1921078

Aside from the obvious disgust with this dude's ugly doughy body, is that seriously all he managed to grow in way of hair in an entire fucking YEAR? That's so comically, pathetically sad.

No. 1921110

File: 1698559135737.jpeg (342.44 KB, 1164x1036, IMG_2514.jpeg)

ugly couple discovers hair dye.

No. 1921112

>wife now has side shave
Every fucking time. I want to study this phenomenon.

No. 1921132

File: 1698562450047.jpg (2.65 MB, 4096x2304, Spot the agp.jpg)

Found this cretin looking for attention on a 90's nostalgia page. They really do all have the same flavour of degenerate don't they?

No. 1921161

They think this is the official lesbian hairstyle and they are lesbians because their husband now has a pair of moobs, many such cases

No. 1921162

>The final straw that made me delete the app was some tranny intern sending out a push notification that was just “this app doesn’t like TERFs”
That is actually hilarious to receive as a push notification, every time you see that shit you know a woman offended a specific male by saying she doesn't like dick or male periods aren't thing. The word is meaningless now, I don't even think normies read TERF as a negative anymore because 99% of public trannies are openly (as in their last ten Tweets will contain this content, you don't even have to dig) fetishists, sex offenders and pedophiles and it makes it difficult to sympathise.

No. 1921163

The gormless expression he makes in every photo, even twinks don't go that far, they really make it obvious how little respect they have for women because they genuinely think acting as dumb as possible makes them pass. Guarantee he has a long internet and irl record of saying the most vile things about women.

No. 1921165

Man describes woman but actually describes men, I love how every list any man makes of a woman's "negative" traits is just a list of common male traits. I see straight men all over instagram complaining about how women are all heartless, loveless, unromantic, unfaithful, only care about appearances, money hungry schemers etc etc like keep telling on yourselves

No. 1921166

Considering some mass shooters have less deranged things than this on their feeds than this I think you're right.
Fucking hours spent every day on his fetishes and seething hatred of women, revolting psycho behaviour.

No. 1921198

File: 1698592201668.jpg (2.56 MB, 4096x3072, 23-10-29-10-04-42-057_deco.jpg)

Joined a discord server for a friend and fucking ew. Disgusting scrote. Time to leave this server.

No. 1921202

Ofcourse he's dressed as a joker/batman freak. Scrotes love the joker movie so much and he's destroying the batman character by mixing them up. It's almost ironic

No. 1921204

>don't mind giving people something to look at
yes, we know you enjoy forcing your fetish onto other people. that was already evident, without having to explicitly talk about your intentions. fucking gross.
did anyone respond to this or is this kind of thing just normalised now?

No. 1921210

No idea. I was so disgusted that I just bounced.

No. 1921211

"ooh i finally have something to contribute to the conversation because i know how girls get dressed since i'm a girl teehee" every woman who wears skirts learned how to move in them without showing everyone your ass because we were corrected our entire lives. i dont need 'girly tips' from a fucking man you cumbrained genetic malfunction

No. 1921248

I'm so fucking bothered. Sage for blogpost venting. I've peaked, but I'm still quiet about it, and not in a way where I hate all of them. It's probably going to happen soon though.

I still have a trans friend. Someone I've known for 5+ years now and I feel awful to just drop them. I've tried to help here and there with they tiniest tips on how to pass better, just girl things no one told me, but suggestions are almost always met with a complaint about having to put forth some effort. Basically any effort on his part is too much.
Yesterday's was kind of the final straw and I'm not going to do it any more. I said you can make the scent of body sprays and perfumes last longer if you put your lotion on first. The response? "That sounds like too much effort."
BITCH. IT IS NOT EVEN THE BARE MINIMUM. No new tasks, you should already be wearing moisturizer and fragrance if you want to appear & smell feminine.. you just change the order of operations ever so slightly but I guess he can't even do that because he's not doing it at all.
I had to try so fucking hard to not just blurt out, "are you SURE you want to be a woman???" Because if everything, even LOTION, is too much effort, idk what else to say. Pretty women put forth effort to look and smell nice. I don't know why this is such a hard concept to grasp.
All I could say was, "smelling like a woman takes a tiny bit of effort and there's no way around it."
No more easy help here. I cannot help if deep down you know you're not a woman and you don't want to be one.(blog)

No. 1921254

Prison gay

No. 1921258

Hi nonnie, you know how there’s /snow/ and /pt/? Put /2X/ in your browser, your vent is welcome there!

No. 1921261

They don't even try, they think moobs + hair + cat eyeliner + skirt and thigh socks = woman bc they are autistic and have face blindness. In fact, if it can't be seen in the 12million daily heavily filtered selfies, they don't even bother bc what's the point if their hugbox on the internet can't see it. Very few troons these days don't smell of ammonia from the cat piss in their unventilated basement apartments and skunky weed.

No. 1921262

the bare minimum (and also the maximum requirement) is just being born a woman. that is it. you can be a smelly woman with bad hygiene and fashion but you will still be a woman. and he can put in all the effort in the world and "smell like a woman" (ew) but will still be a man, always. no matter what effort he wants to put into passing, it doesn't matter.

No. 1921268

It's still not relevant to this thread, and I looked for quite a while and couldn't find anything remotely like what you're talking about. Closest thing I got was a situation where a woman carrying a baby for a gay couple had to have a late term abortion because she got cancer.

No. 1921298

I sympathize with your plight nonnie but you really need to untangle your perception of womanhood from gendered expectations society has. Being a woman has nothing to do with moisturizer or perfume but everything to do with the XX chromosomes you’re either born with or not. To conflate the two like you’re doing is just falling victim to the same rhetoric trannies use.

You sound really frustrated with what you have to go through to be perceived as worthy in society as a woman but let me assure you that going out and about with no makeup and just enough hygiene to not be stinky is really freeing and doesn’t make you less of a woman or have any less value. Anyone who tells you otherwise can shove it.

No. 1921309

>>has a tranny friend for 5 years
>>has such bad self-hating misogynistic expectations that feels the need to push them even onto trannies that made oneself "peak"
birds of a feather flock together, no wonder you're still friends and can't drop someone; you both fucking hate yourselves KEK

No. 1921359

you know you don't convince people to hate trannies as much as you by being a cunt to them, right?

No. 1921360

Oh please, the ayrt was absolutely right. I've never worn perfume, so I've never heard of the thing where you put lotion on first, and that makes me no less of a woman. Calling perfume nona out on her misogynistic bullshit is being a cunt? Go back to licking tranny dick, y'all deserve each other.

No. 1921361

So you're saying you're a stinky cunt, and liking to smell pretty is misogynistic. Got it.(infighting)

No. 1921380

nona, if you're a stinky cunt without perfume perhaps you should reevaluate your hygiene habits(derailing)

No. 1921389

Tbf I never wear perfume in my life and I don't lotion my body unless it's dry. Why is it unhygienic if a woman doesn't wear perfume but normal if a man doesn't, is there additional requirements to being "clean" as a woman?
Her version of femaninity is hyperperformative and honestly the tranny is right, that does sound fucking exhausting

No. 1921390

Lmao fyi my moid loves smelling my "stinky" (see: based natural scented) cunt, cope and seethe(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1921401

Rubbing lotion on your body every so often and spritzing a bottle a couple times is exhausting to you?? Wtf?
Wearing perfume is not about performing anything. It's not mandatory. Maybe some people just like to smell nice for long periods of time???? I do??? I wear my perfume because I like the smell. It smells expensive, and that makes me happy because I earned it. I couldn't give two shits what anyone else thinks about it, but I certainly don't mind being told I smell nice. It makes me feel good.
I'm legitimately amazed some people here are gonna get so fucking heated about liking to wear fragrance. Holy shit. Get a grip.

Nobody cares what your disgusting drooling moid enjoys.(infighting)

No. 1921409

Ntayrt but you're being a cunt for no reason and told a woman who's recently peaked and does the performative femininity shit that she's stupid for falling for it so long. You think we fall out of our mothers feminist? It's usually a long, painful road for women, which why fucking consciousness raising is a thing, you petty prick.

"Duh duh duh you've been a victim of female socialization your whole life and are only recently discovering female spaces? What an idiot!"

Scumbag, feminism is for all women, but it's especially for women who need it. Suck my natty pussy and stop being an idiot.(infighting)

No. 1921411

"My man loves my pussy more than he'd love your pussy" isn't the feminist slamdunk you think it is

No. 1921414

File: 1698625487467.png (672.05 KB, 594x838, 852e1b96096feeb9c53b4ae0a6b290…)

no, you're still an annoying gay male like the rest

No. 1921416

>you think we fall out of our mothers feminist?
Unironically yes.

No. 1921418

Fyi moids literally put their cocks and mouths on feces and horse genitalia, your stinky vagina is not special and nobody cares about your moid who’s statistically likely to fuck your family dog, beat you up, and leave you.(infighting)

No. 1921443

Yeah it does sound exhausting because you know it doesn't end with just the perfume. Also do not know why you are going on about perfume idgas if you wear it, I am saying he wouldn't have been more of a woman just because he was willing to do the whole lotion thing aka put up the female performance. I don't want to be expected to have a "femanine scent", the expectation that women smell like artifical crap is annoying. You know it is an expectation because in high-school girls would steal guys sweatshirt, spritz it with bbw spray before giving it back.

No. 1921458

File: 1698633430988.jpg (698.2 KB, 810x2019, Screenshot_20231029-215900_Red…)

This is one of the most AGP things I've ever read:

No. 1921459

File: 1698633494428.jpg (2.25 MB, 810x6941, Screenshot_20231029-222331_Chr…)

No. 1921463

I too think your brain is toast. Burnt toast that belongs in the fucking trash. Also, him just moaning in the shower? Because that's what we do, right ladies?

No. 1921465

>sex fantasies at work
Why are men alive at all?

No. 1921467

>All I could say was, "smelling like a woman takes a tiny bit of effort
I was gonna respond to this but after seeing your insane replies I realise you're a trutrans transwoman and not a cis woman, like how are you resorting to calling women slurs immediately. Btw women smell sweet without any lotion or perfume, it's just our hormones and soft skin. I didn't understand why you thought we needed lotion and perfume but realising you're a trutrans male explains everything kek. YWNBAW

No. 1921468

Yes, this, this whole "smell like a woman" stuff is so weird? Wonder how much money trutrans spends on perfume every month kek

No. 1921469

>women smell sweet without any lotion or perfume, it's just our hormones and soft skin
Nta but how can you accuse someone of sounding like a tranny and then immediately turn around and say something like this? Female BO still smells like BO, retard. Estrogen doesn't make women smell "sweet," the fuck? We just smell better than men because men have terrible hygiene. Stop spreading tranny myths about female biology.

No. 1921472

I kinda get it? Like, even pussy that's only washed with water smells good when it's clean and you're attracted to women. Unlike scrote lol it's always scrotey

No. 1921477

stop derailing with discussion of "feminine"/vaginal odor. bans will be issued if it continues.

No. 1921490

If this isn't a banner, I'm going to personally tell you every day the current state of my vaginal flora until it is.

No. 1921493

kek i get it but honestly i think its best not to discuss it in the tranny thread of all places.. they literally come here to jack off from our experiences.

No. 1921497

True that, sorry fam

Back on topic, y'all ever hear anything from autism advocacy groups about this shit? I remember they used to mention how common it is to have this torturous puberty and not feel connected to your sex, but last I heard that, it was on those Wrong Planet forums and got shut down pretty quick.

No. 1921505

Researchers in Europe actually found that female BO smells like onions and male BO smells like cheese. So women with BO smell like onions. Vulvas also smell like natural yogurt in my experience, it's not a bad smell at all.

No. 1921514

That rapehound needs to be put down, Jesus christ. He is his own dense ecosystem of autism. There's too much creep shit in this manifesto to unpack

No. 1921519

this post is so packed with autism it almost reads like satire lol. also wtf is with
>primary school friend whom she just proposed to
what did he mean by that? he calls her his "wife" so they must be married right? or did he mean she invited the friend into their creepy polycule but he just worded it really autistically?

No. 1921524

His "wife" apparently has 3 other "wives" so I'm assuming its a prison gay polycule where none of them actually fuck each other.

No. 1921533

Vaginal microbiome varies by race too. White women have overwhelmingly common strains of lactobacillus in their vaginas which is a ‘good bacteria’. Black women have all kinds of different bacteria some of which scientists haven’t even named yet, same as Asian and Latina women.

No. 1921537

File: 1698652920222.png (28.21 KB, 401x459, wendy.PNG)

I keep seeing this troon pop up in the subs r/actuallybutch and r/actuallylesbian. Both subs are crypto-terfy and this one is catching on. He spends most of his time calling posters bigots and misogynists and has a bi wife, kek. If you look at a lot of his comments in these subs, they're heavily downvoted. I'll post the pinned comment at the top of his profile in a mo.

No. 1921538

File: 1698652970816.png (139.67 KB, 942x843, wendy2.PNG)

No. 1921539

File: 1698653088743.png (25.19 KB, 926x252, wendy3.PNG)

No. 1921540

File: 1698653230566.png (69.46 KB, 827x609, wendy4.PNG)

ok I'll finish my dump now, he just says a lot of stupid shit.

No. 1921544

I agree with parts of this actually
>"passing requires a lack of knowledge of whether or not someone is trans"
No matter how good a troon is at mimicking a woman, if you know they're really a man they can NEVER pass to you. Even some (half-peaked) women will say a few HSTS troons pass, some say Blaire White passes for example, but if you know he's a man he simply doesn't pass - because you factually know he isn't a woman. So you don't "think he's a woman" the way passing implies. There isn't a single famous/known trans person who passes, because if they actually passed we wouldn't even know they were trans. Being openly out as trans and passing aren't compatible.

No. 1921545

>y'all ever hear anything from autism advocacy groups about this shit?
I wish there were autism groups against gender ideology the same way there are LGB without the T groups, since autists are actively targeted/groomed on purpose to go down the path to harm and sterilize themselves - yet every second detrans person is an autist now. There needs to be some kind of support specifically to protect autists from this cult because they take it literally when they're told "you can become the opposite sex" and don't get that other troons are lying about it all

No. 1921555

I have no idea why the tifs continue to put up with this shit, they're literally second class citizens in their own movement.

No. 1921559

Oh ffs. I don't wear perfume or anything like that, but nonnie doesn't deserve all this vitriol because she does. Obviously her (hopefully soon ex-) friend would need tips that 'go the extra mile', since he's a whole-ass man. Sorry you got this ott reaction, nonnie!

Isn't top left a homophobic FTM too? Kek.

Personally offended by the reference to one of my most beloved anime. And the rest of it is mind-blowingly deranged - it perfectly hits that troon balance of juvenile af and sex obsessed.

No. 1921563

I watch it and I was seeing on the uncensored sub the maldovian guy is totally the sugar baby. Video has surfaced of him trying to pimp himself out in SS fetish uniforms, I’m pretty sure he’s an escort. He’s probably sweating to get out of Eastern Europe with Russia and all. Men will do anything but work job.

No. 1921564

Kekkk imagine working with that guy ans having to deal with his moans every time he does something stupid or drop something

No. 1921569

I remember reading the original post before that he told the wife thing is an internal joke
But I suspect that a great deal of it is fanfic or they are really pornsick troons.
The part of him guessing the mom's bra size was pretty gross though.

No. 1921572

It kills me that no matter how feminist women pretend to be, their whole existence and source of validation revolves around what moids like. A moid liking u over the next woman isnt the feminist own u think it is. Thinking that you should or shouldn’t do x because moids like it that way is stupid af.

No. 1921579

If this is in response to the nonnas who announce that their moid finds [insert body part or feature] sexy, nobody thinks that's feminist kek(derailing)

No. 1921580

File: 1698665544819.png (413 KB, 1052x1044, Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 11.30…)

No. 1921581

File: 1698665652263.png (50.6 KB, 1066x166, Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 11.32…)

No. 1921587

Ah, that makes sense nona.

To me it reads more like a turbo autist with little to no experience of social interaction before being accepted/groomed into a troon troupe.

But it could go either way tbh, that level of weird detail can be a sign of fanfic or just massive autism kek.

No. 1921592

I want to be someone who advocates for this. I'm autistic as they come and I've never questioned that I'm not a woman, not even during puberty, and it makes me royally seethe that autism = trans now.

No. 1921599

>"Biological female" is vague and often used by bigots.

> Arguably many transgender women are

biological females. It depends on what biology you're talking about!

why the fuck do so many of them say this unironically? a woman biologically isn't male by very definition. lemme guess he's one of those people who goes "um ackshully, biology is composed of many different things so-". no matter how much horsepiss he takes or cosmetic surgeries he gets, the male body stays male and can't change to female. all "transitioning" does is making them males with pseudo DSDs

No. 1921608

how are you sounding like a blackpill yet siding with the anon advising her tranny friend to put lotion and perfume to get closer to being a woman kek. like I agree that there's no reason to be rude to her but it's not a very GC reasoning either.

No. 1921613

File: 1698672236697.jpg (3.13 MB, 3974x3056, HG.jpg)

So, a Trans comic writer (not the one from the previous thread) named Jadzia Axelrod (because of course) depicted a trans alien in the HawkGirl comics he's writing. This isn't a fantasy equivalent; it's just the human equivalent of a trans person. The creator said something about how transness would exist in outer space as well.

No. 1921617

Come on nonnie… Finding moid lover anon dumb=/='siding' with the handmaiden. It's not two teams.

No. 1921619

Why is the article worded like that? Feels weird. And of course he has a bimbotification fetish.

No. 1921624

why couldn't he have make it an allegory with an alien wanting to be human kek. not that it would matter anyways but I find it funny any fictional depiction of being trans is just exactly how it is in real life. they can't even be creative about it

No. 1921638

I have this longstanding theory that mtfs prove every day with these surgeries: bimbofication/any cosmetic surgery aiming to make women look more "porny" intentionally makes them look like men. Mtfs who get these surgeries look male no matter what however when a woman gets them she starts to look more and more like an mtf. It's very strange how that works there has to be something to that

No. 1921646

It’s called pattern recognition and cosmetic surgery distorts it. The most front and center patients of cosmetic surgery we used to see were once older women, that’s why all the “jokes” about hitting the wall, but now it’s delusional men who think they’re women. So your brain has done the smart thing and patterned cosmetic surgery results to read as something dangerous delusional men do, so now women who get cosmetic surgery ping that pattern too.

No. 1921653

File: 1698680410280.jpg (323.17 KB, 1080x1837, Wife.jpg)

It's amusing how easily clockable trannies are. I could tell it's the guy on the right from a glance. The cherry on top is the fact that he calls himself tranny barbie. Wow, no shame.

No. 1921664

We are here and I have been making sprites. The community sucks but I love it and won't stop

No. 1921678

lol the armpit hair crawling over the dress, "barbie" kek

No. 1921696

Disgusted that they've got a woman wearing a 'DYKE' top dating the alien tranny. But also, she looks like a woke querido, so it's extremely true to life.

No. 1921699

File: 1698687098227.png (47.96 KB, 1077x207, vgv.png)

Also, weirdly, among women who douche, there's reportedly no significant difference by race

No. 1921701

I'm so sick of the way Twitter refugees have decided this is website you go to be really really mean to everyone with no consequences. The most benign posts get hyper-aggressively dogpiled by people getting out all their cryptoterf rage, and it's got all the oldfags snappy and on edge too. I also got what nonny was trying to say; not that women inherently have to be perfumed, but that troons whine about how exhausting it is to be "amab", but women are expected to do so much more maintenance than men and troons are too lazy and expecting of ass pats to even do step 1 of what is required to be considered a hot girl by most of society. They would snap under the pressure if they were forced for a single week to shower every day, wash and style their hair every day, shave/wax their whole body, do their makeup AND wash it off at the end of the day. Obviously none of these things are inherent to being a woman, nor is a woman who doesn't do them not a woman, but it's still the expectation looming over us and a man would 41% under the constant pressure we had to grow up under. Anyways nonnie congrats on your peakening, hope the /2X/ girls gave you a better welcome

No. 1921704

File: 1698687965121.png (51.13 KB, 677x492, Screenshot 2023-10-30 134247.p…)

Here we see a local creep momentarily experiencing healthy shame at his desire to overstep boundaries with his female friends and pressure them into unwanted physical contact. Rather than adjust his conduct accordingly, he instead flees to his hugbox so that other creeps can rid him of the uncomfortable feeling of empathizing with women.

No. 1921711

>The most benign posts get hyper-aggressively dogpiled by people getting out all their cryptoterf rage
Not to derail but actually twitter refugees have spent forever reading tweets from troons saying stuff like "bash a terfs head in with a trans flag baseball bat if they give you side or" so tbh I think it's healthy and justified to let refugees sperg out a bit. It's annoying yeah but if they can't get it put of their system here, one of the last bastions of the internet where a woman can express these things and have people who understand, then where can they do it?

No. 1921712

there's something so interesting in the pattern of posts made on reddit by men and women. most if not all posts made by women on reddit detail some kind of imbalance in which they're the victim, but they still minimize the problem and blame themselves.
this guy sees himself as a woman and still wants other men to reassure him that its okay to be the sleazy slimeball nice guy because he has an amazon skirt on now (something all women famously wear)

No. 1921731

File: 1698692161586.png (149.87 KB, 500x268, gcautistics.png)

in the UK there is https://twitter.com/GCAutistic they seem quite organised and have submitted evidence to parliament. there is also Isla Mac who is a gc autism advocate (here she is interviewing another woman who set up a gender critical FB group https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgOV2aIeTzY) I'm sure there are others if you search. but a lot of them do seem to be terf island dwellers. the autism conversation is very different here too, compared to the US.

No. 1921737

Back on twitter where the troons attacking them are tbh. Don't take your moid rage out on unsuspecting innocent women, the fuck?

No. 1921752

Do they think we get in cuddle piles or something? If my best friend asked to cuddle I'd think she was fucking nuts. Who cuddles with their friends?

No. 1921766

This is what happens when the moid mind is overexposed to porn and anime. They start projecting their anime fantasies onto real women and boo hoo about crossing boundaries while cross dressing. No, women don't cuddle with their girl friends.

No. 1921773

you mean you don't cuddle with all your gal pals whilst you sit around in your underwear on pink fluffy pillows, patting each other's heads and calling each other "good girl"??
i hope he posts an update of his failed attempt at not be a fucking creep

No. 1921813

You know how it is girlies. You just want feel up your fellow female friends without openly coming off as a creep.

No. 1921837


>the thought of even asking makes me feel like some slimeball "nice guy" trying to get something from them

You're trying to get a boner so yeah, you should feel like a creep. Because you're a creep.

I thought at first maybe he meant hugging but he absolutely thinks women lie around snuggling on each other. Nobody does that. I'll HUG my friends if we're saying goodbye after hanging out or something. Cuddling? They'd think I'd lost my mind.

No. 1921845

Sometimes my friends and I will put our feet on each other's lap, or sit in each other or whatever, but that's not what he's talking about? Jesus this touch-starved autist is seconds away from being groomed into a polycule in the middle of the desert, where his disability checks will be cashed but he'll never be heard from again

No. 1921851

I have ONE friend who in our college years always wanted to cuddle when she was drunk or high but she was deeply traumatized and had reasons for it. She liked me to big spoon her/hold her like a child bc I’m tall and she’s very small. It was a VERY special circumstance tho, nothing like what every trooncel and incel apparently imagines we all do. They are all anime porn rotted like the other anon said

No. 1921908

Seconded. This doesn't just apply to the mtf thread either. Most newfags just use this place to play out their mean girl fantasies and it's almost always disproportionately aggressive to what they're reacting to.

No. 1921927

>How many times have you had someone spit on you in the street?
>Shove you into the pavement?
>Show you their genitals?
Ironically things TiM’s do to women, especially women who speak up.

No. 1921929

Why handmaidens keep coddling them?

No. 1921941

Especially if they're middle - old aged women peacefully protesting for their rights for the sake of their daughters and granddaughters.

No. 1922002

I’ve noticed I can always clock trannies by their knees. Men have massive knobby knees. I mean there are a million ways to clock them but the knees are such a tell, once I noticed I couldn’t stop noticing.

No. 1922008

Biological women who can put up with a TIM are worse than pickmes

No. 1922015

File: 1698731718639.jpeg (56.9 KB, 828x267, IMG_3496.jpeg)

Why are they so often polyamorous…

No. 1922043

>Offering free massages to the people her tranny husband openly cheats on her with
Wtf does she even get from this? She's going to give herself a concussion by prostrating that intensely.

No. 1922045

File: 1698737667376.jpeg (594.03 KB, 1125x1189, IMG_3019.jpeg)

IIRC there are some FFXIV anons here so:
Susan Calloway was canceled by a tranny for liking „transphobic“ and „islamophobic“ posts.
(From what I saw it was posts against puberty blockers for 3 year olds, trannys in women’s sport and hamas terror. Interesting how that is considered hate.)

The tranny who canceled her (but it’s not cancelling bc Susan is a bigot uwu)


No. 1922054

File: 1698739811365.jpg (116.79 KB, 1500x1000, fish smelling gay men.jpg)

A bit late but one of the 90 fiance spinoffs (other way around? before 90 days?) had a tranny Cleo from Italy/London who said "I'm serving the fish, tehee cos real women vagina smell like fish am I right guiiiis?" and fuck it pisses me off.
Also fuck all handmaidens defending these smelly men.

No. 1922057

tbh anon also really quickly resorted to calling other posters 'cunts' so I wouldn't feel too sorry to her

No. 1922063

Reddit adores this tranny just as they worship the 2 faggots with one being 30 years older and hunting for a surrogate like he's online shopping.

The trannies and fags are given the most airtime with the most lukewarm boring events.

No. 1922068

the old MRA argument about women having tons of people throwing themselves at them to help them and poor depressed moids having no one just bcuz the world hates males. also, if tims experiencing treatment that feminine and gay men face is some kind of misogyny (think of the meme with a guy saying 'i found out women get called faggot a lot'), are dangers trans men are prone to (sexual assault etc.) result of misogyny too or is it the 'transandrophobia' most tims love to dismiss?

No. 1922069

I watched this the troon seemed like such a sad incel freak with a nasal voice and his chaser came across like a dead inside psychopath with the thousand coom stare

No. 1922072

I never heard of this guy, so I decided to look up some random news article. Initially he didn't want to go through surgery, but now he is having financial struggles and is going through with it? Tranny rabbithole.

No. 1922079

They ARE pickmes, lbr.

Disgusting. I recently got 'cancelled' for liking a tweet sending condolences for the terror attack too; the woke thought police are really in full-force on that one. What were the comments like on the announcement? I can't deal with looking at that much stupidity rn.

Admittedly I didn't make that connection when I first defended her (I'm not the nonny you're quoting ftr).

No. 1922085

File: 1698748208825.jpeg (203.58 KB, 1125x346, IMG_3023.jpeg)

I haven’t looked at all the comments, but there are quite a few calling out how ridiculous the convention and witch-hunters are behaving.

No. 1922091

because they are sex addicted degenerates kek

No. 1922094

Before I read your comment, I thought the person in the cap was being serious. The people behind 'cancellations' like this are so pathetic that I'd believe it.

No. 1922102

>Do they think we get in cuddle piles or something? If my best friend asked to cuddle I'd think she was fucking nuts. Who cuddles with their friends?
He makes the comparison to a SO after that, possibly men think if they transition then all their female friends become their harem and do everything a wife does. Many trannies are poly and there was this bizarre post >>1921459
so I guess it's some anime-addled harem fetish they are expecting to play out as soon as they go by she/her

No. 1922109

File: 1698756074666.png (945.19 KB, 599x599, z.PNG)

The reaction to this is just insane to me, is this a generational gap? She didn't even say anything, just liked the wrong posts. I know it's so much of a cliche to invoke 1984, that even jokingly invoking 1984 is now a cliche, but jesus christ. Even if you're trans, even if you have all the "correct" opinions presently, I don't know how you can look at something like this with anything other than dread. How long until you can get in trouble just for viewing too much of the wrong content, or maybe even not enough of the right stuff. Do they really think they'll always be on the right side of everything, especially when half of them openly admit to being misogynists and nazis before cutting their dicks off? Wish a solar flare would hit this planet, the internet was a mistake.

How much of a loser do you have to be anyway to through some ultra minor personality's likes in hopes of finding something objectionable enough to be worth posting about. Do they go through literally anyone's or was he just stalking this woman in particular? How does no one view that as deranged?

No. 1922116

XIV Twitter is full of troons just like this always looking for someone to cancel. There's new drama every day it seems. Susan Calloway hasn't even been involved in the game lately, she was a vocalist from the first two expansions but the amount of crying makes it sound like she killed somebody. It's so goddamn frustrating. This troon in particular is exceptionally annoying, he stirs up drama literally every day and then when he gets backlash he complains and does the "why's everybody so mad at me I just wanna play my game in peace :(" Couple days ago he said he was going to take a Twitter break for mental health after starting another bout of discourse, he was "offline" for 3 hours. Then he went and did this. I'm so sick of seeing him on my for you page, I don't understand why he has so much influence. Never wanted someone to log off more badly

No. 1922124

The tranny is also a '''model''' kek

No. 1922126

whose that in picrel did you post?

No. 1922137

File: 1698759009201.jpg (88.66 KB, 260x384, Bill_iconic_scene.jpg)

No. 1922140

File: 1698759057833.png (622.04 KB, 960x540, Bahamut_Emerges.png)

By the power vested in Allag I'm gonna cause another Calamity to wipe out every tranny

No. 1922143

despite trannies being only the 3% of the population, they manage to ruin 100% of hobbies

No. 1922146

File: 1698759654044.jpeg (761.19 KB, 1125x1842, IMG_3024.jpeg)

I don’t know much about FFXIV twitter but looking at that guys page I wonder how he‘s not blocked by the whole community yet.
As to your question about wether he stalked her, my guess is he followed her and her likes popped up on his fy page.

No. 1922149

I'm a complete nobody on Twitter <1k, and I've been cancelled twice entirely over likes, rme. These people need to get hobbies, instead of ruining everyone else's hobbies.

No. 1922167

File: 1698763427699.jpeg (299.25 KB, 1620x980, IMG_4243.jpeg)

They’re always so obsessed with women’s only spas

No. 1922169

File: 1698763638470.png (306.2 KB, 680x383, 1693716414550.png)

Grow a fucking spine, Jenny.
And he knows full-well that women will be uncomfortable, it's not like asking one person's permission would change that. Gross.

No. 1922171

i mean, unironically calling anon stinky because she doesn't use lotion/perfume is kinda agreeing with the other anon but yeah


No. 1922173

>unironically calling anon stinky
Moid anon called herself stinky too, get a grip

No. 1922177

Nta but
>"stinky" (see:based neutral scent)
She called herself neutral scent

No. 1922205

kinda based tbh

No. 1922223

Yup and the most feminine scent you can have are your own pheromones. Not something any troon can replicate out of a bottle.

No. 1922235

File: 1698777318336.jpeg (62.83 KB, 836x635, F9yQYRWXkAAsYZW.jpeg)

No. 1922243

File: 1698778316275.png (621.58 KB, 1768x1178, 1000019054.png)

Sure, you're not into men, kek.

No. 1922251

Tbf a lot of us just like smelling that shit. I love perfume, cologne, etc and it feels like moids barely notice it, and the only time my chick friends and I ever talk about how scrotes feel about how we smell is when one of us wears bergamot and gets leg humped by a dog.

I think Newly Peaked Anon was realizing how troons only want the performative femininity, then are too autistic, lazy, and coombrained to use the advice well meaning friends give them. It's a lesson in that unfair double standard there is where troons are lauded as ril wammen despite not even doing the bare minimums we're groomed into believing are mandatory.

Anyway, I'm not mad, and wish the best for new anon. I'll be patting my basic bitch body moisturizer spraying Creed for Men on my hairy ass female body, in the meantime from now on. Y'all teach me something new and crazy every day

No. 1922262

>I'm not gay
>Seeing rock hard penis makes me coom
Hmm… I wonder what men highly attracted to penis (an exclusively male organ) are called… surely not gay, that's gross…

No. 1922273


"I want to be fucked in the arse by a rock hard penis but I am 100% NOT GAY, ok? Just getting pounded up the arse by a dick in a totally straight way."

Do these people listen to themselves at all?

No. 1922283

Sex with a man < sex with a man in a wig and cat ears. The logic is astounding.

No. 1922288

It’s giving “Mac’s banging a tranny” tbh. Just say you’re gay and go.

No. 1922290

File: 1698788780751.jpeg (819.05 KB, 3222x1611, IMG_7751.jpeg)

holy fucking shit nonnas, strap in for this one. i opened tik tok and the second video on my feed was some random fuck’s “notes app apology” and at first i thought it was a joke so i started reading it. imagine my surprise. of course he deleted the video, so i searched his username and someone took screenshots which i’ll post next

No. 1922291

File: 1698788888931.jpeg (1.55 MB, 2910x4365, IMG_7750.jpeg)

thankfully a lot of the comments on his video are saying stuff like “you’ll never be a real woman” LMAO he’s so mad about it too. this is great peaking material - women are just a costume to them, even murdered ones. i hope this man experiences nothing but deep sorrow and pain for the rest of his disgusting existence

No. 1922294

That's it. Men are cancelled. It's over. We need to put them on the moon or whatever. Not space, it's already full of trash. The sun maybe?

No. 1922295

File: 1698789556727.jpeg (288.75 KB, 1170x1563, IMG_7753.jpeg)

oh but nonna he’s acknowledging that he did something wrong!! we should all be praising him for the simple act of knowing he did something wrong!

No. 1922297


stupid faggot thinks blaming his 'mentulz' = accountability. watch him try to rebrand soon afterwards.

No. 1922299

File: 1698790312305.jpg (499.94 KB, 2448x3264, 20230819_134136.jpg)

I can't believe he thinks he looks feminine…

No. 1922300

LOL because the wokeys are well known for being oh so forgiving when someone apologises.
Also, he didn't 'know he did something wrong', he 'KNEW' he was doing something wrong when he did it. Also, 'labia costume'??

No. 1922301

kek at him blaming his mental illness, males are so typical

No. 1922305

File: 1698791648428.webm (13.23 MB, tiktok video kys.webm)

No. 1922308

File: 1698792012668.jpeg (63.47 KB, 884x960, F9yP_vFW0AAjbGi.jpeg)

No. 1922324

File: 1698794392637.mp4 (7.27 MB, 576x1024, tino.mp4)

hilarious. i just wish it was longer, i could watch hours of it.

found another video of his where he is approached by young men in masks making fun of him and he has the audacity to confront a young woman about why she didn't STEP IN and defend him kekk. the delusion. he just outs her as a based terf.
>they called me a pedophile
they actually didn't though? he is just projecting that. and he implies she is a liar for saying she didn't hear them say that.

No. 1922325

It would be awful if this is what pushes him over the edge and he 41's himself. Just awful.

No. 1922327

Typed a massive thing and then deleted it as to not a-log.

No. 1922328

Holy shit is he just going into restaurants with foreign workers specifically to get misgendered and tell them it's like being stabbed in the heart? This has to peak a bunch of people, he is insufferable and manly.

No. 1922332

Typical male apology not taking responsibility at all. Blaming “oh not on meds!” And saying “it was commentary!” Etc etc. absolutely vile. This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen short of actual heinous crimes being committed against women/children. He should be shouted off the internet. Nobody should ever let him have peace again for this. Absolutely fucking foul. They all hate women, faggots or incels.

No. 1922333

File: 1698795748104.png (762.35 KB, 974x874, lilly contino merch.png)

I was about to alog for similar reasons to >>1922328 but then I went snooping and he has merch so I had a kek instead

No. 1922336

Thank you, I was the one to post the initial vent in the wrong place, I am newly peaked, and you 100% explained what I was trying to say. I didn't mean to stir up shit or make anyone upset for not adhering to societal expectations. I was purely just annoyed by that troon crying about any effort, and now I know to not put that here. That really crumbled into some stupid shit.

No. 1922343

Honey you're fine, it's all just part of imgboard culture. In the meantime, please check out ovarit and reduxx. You have a lot of catching up to do, but we're here for you, even if we're cunty~

No. 1922353

File: 1698800383903.png (394.54 KB, 546x864, Lilly Contino streaming.png)

ohh r/tiktokdrama hates him

No. 1922354

I'm still cringing to over how obsessively pro troon reddit can be because no way can any sane person call that thing "she" if they weren't handmaidens. at least they admit he's insufferable

No. 1922358

File: 1698801785825.jpeg (252.88 KB, 1125x372, IMG_6353.jpeg)

This killed me kek

No. 1922362

File: 1698802680660.png (444.28 KB, 765x746, Lillytino's real name is Nick …)


I found out that there is a whole snark subreddit for this idiot moid. The redditors have to respect his pronouns or whatever because reddit ig but they think he is gross, rude, and a grifter. Also I found out that his real name is Nick Contino because he's on a zillion shitty blogs being a glutton for SEO and wework's blog deadnamed him KEK. As a bonus he is a thinly veiled cryptobro. Ryu Games is some kind of mobile game web3.0 grift.


No. 1922376

Interesting how the OPs aren't jumping at the chance to call him a Karen, despite him being white and (according to them) a "woman". Actual women get treated way worse than this for having any standards or boundaries, but if a man acts like a smug pig and treats service workers maliciously, suddenly critics learn how to be much more civil and constructive.

No. 1922389

Despite the Karens in most viral vids being the target of harassment, irl stalking, and threats to their livelihoods, the thing is that you have to have the privileged position of white woman. Bc nothing bad ever happens to them at the hands of troons and black teenagers.(racebait)

No. 1922411

On the 90 day fiance subs, they keep calling him gorgeous when he has bulbous eyes and a stoned frog like face. If he wasn't a troon, they'd all call him ugly. The fish comments were mostly excused as a "it's a gay/drag thing". When will the handmaiden learn that it's not only "white cishet men" but all male that are the problem and hold misogynistic views?

No. 1922422

Good luck to you nonnie. I peaked the same way as you, a troon "friend" who'd ask me for advice, and when I'd give him well-intentioned and practical advice, he'd ignore it to launch into pity party suicide baiting. They're emotional vampires
This one makes me feel the closest to chimp moid rage I've ever felt. I want to a-log so bad. He knows damn well he wasn't making commentary on anything except his jealousy of pregnant woman

No. 1922438

File: 1698814949913.jpg (647.17 KB, 1080x1762, Screenshot_20231101_030324_Red…)

was looking for art of a cute lesbian ship i like and got jumpscared by this thing. luckily the only one i came across but highly uncomfortable to look at. and yes, pretty much all of the comments is uwu hugboxing, from other moids i assume. nothing is sacred. yes they were written by a man, but i truly doubt this was what toby fox had in mind

No. 1922461

Wtf is that weight distribution? His face and neck are fat, but his limbs are scrawny. It's unsettling.

No. 1922468

File: 1698819065501.png (319.75 KB, 618x616, boy chat.png)

Surprise surprise, Men who obsess over "Trans kids" are nothing more than pedophiles, who are just drawn to feminized young boys or males who have delayed puberty.

No. 1922469

Ew what in god’s name is that pinky nail?

No. 1922472

File: 1698819430346.jpeg (463.27 KB, 1700x854, IMG_3513.jpeg)

moid moment lmfao

No. 1922475

the autismo radiates like the heat of the sun

No. 1922490

I think maybe the difficulty he had fitting into that dress had very little to do with the size of his moobs. Also kek at him thinking he looks "feminine".

No. 1922511

Kek at him calling himself feminine while looking like that one bald actor that was always portrayed as a creep in 2010's comedy shows

No. 1922521

dunno why this is surprising considering the amount of mtf noelle headcanon content i've seen on my end. speaking of, mtf berdly is quite popular for reason (and shows an exceeding lack of self-awareness)

No. 1922522

File: 1698829639638.jpg (118.91 KB, 1024x534, martin.jpg)

I don't know if this is suitable for this thread, but tranny kingpin Martin Rothblatt (TiM) has a biotech company that killed its second patient by surgically implanting a genetically modified pigs heart into him.
News article on 20th October:
>One month after an experimental procedure to transplant the heart of a genetically modified pig into a patient with end-stage heart disease, doctors say the heart is functioning on its own and shows no signs of rejection.
>The pig heart used came from a genetically modified pig from Revivcor, a subsidiary the United Therapeutics Corporation.
Follow up 2 weeks later

From wiki:
>United Therapeutics was founded in 1996 by Martine Rothblatt
He's some culty freak:
>In 2004, Rothblatt launched the Terasem Movement, a transhumanist school of thought focused on promoting joy, diversity, and the prospect of technological immortality via mind uploading and geoethical nanotechnology.

No. 1922529

i had no idea this was a popular headcanon, i guess i must have avoided it due to only interacting with the fandom on a very surface level. but that is really annoying, of course they'd pick a nerdy timid/awkward lesbian to try and bastardise, im sure it fits right into their fetishes. also kek at the berdly thing

No. 1922531

File: 1698832091162.jpeg (88.41 KB, 750x501, F9yNKB6X0AAzoDm.jpeg)

I kekd so hard

No. 1922543

Hate how so many of you are nerds unironically using terms like headcanon and fandom

No. 1922545

The headcanon exists partly because she has horns, and TRAs don't realize that both sexes of reindeer have horns. It's really funny that they accidentally acknowledged sexual dimorphism while showing that they don't know as much about biology as they claim to with just a single headcanon, though. Less funny is how obvious it is that TRAs were at least partly motivated to interpret Noelle as being a TIM because of the fact that she has only canonically shown romantic interest in another girl. The misogyny and homophobia of it all is really sickening.

No. 1922546

NTA but what words would you use to replace them? Would 'a collective of people who are sometimes normal but mostly unhinged in some way who really like/orbit media' and 'imaginary situations or ideas situated about imaginary people' be better?

No. 1922549

I was about to ask the same thing. Maybe nona thinks it's embarrassing to use shorthand or be concise kek.

No. 1922552

ah i see, what a bunch of dumbasses. what's funny to me is the lengths they'll go to when trying to justify this kind of shit, it makes it even more obvious how absurd it is

No. 1922554

Nonny if you only want to hang with the cool kids, this probably isn't the right place for you.

No. 1922556

>hasn't seen the state of /m/
>if you call it a headcanon doesn't mean you cope and seethe about retarded fanon
think it through nonna

No. 1922575

This is so needlessly cruel and nasty, how are you mocking a pregnant murder victim? What a disgusting, sick fucker he is, tell us again about twans rights and twans genocide while you do this shit.

No. 1922576

File: 1698843360156.png (68.89 KB, 1028x579, Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 13-48…)

There is another thread about him where they call all these poor waiters transphobes. It's never a mistake no they hate this dude because of the way he looks. In reality they will hate this dude because he's a prick.

No. 1922579

This is so disgusting holy fuck. Trannies try not to be deranged misogynists with a fetish for violence towards real women challenge.

No. 1922586

It's not their goal to 'pass' or even hormonally transition… and yet the only reason that someone would call a whole-ass man 'sir' is due to twansphobia. Wtf do they expect everyone to be psychic?

No. 1922592

Bro like what does he want them to say?? Sorry? Does this moid really expect people to look at his gargantuan form and be like she. He's asking the world to call the sky green. It's just not happening. I love videos like this because nothing gives a more sour taste to the public than assholes telling off service staff.

No. 1922624

File: 1698851836744.png (4.47 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4720.png)

Why do they make the terf look more badass?

No. 1922637

what does this even mean? troons cant meme

No. 1922638

why is he wearing a monster high vest… did he steal it from his sister’s closet or was he browsing the section made for teenager girls/kids at the mall kek

No. 1922639

treating specifically waiters, many who seem foreign, in this rude ass entitled way to prove what a victim you are of someone who's on their feet all day running around after customers sat on their asses while trying to be polite from muscle memory by saying sir to you is such undeniable macho behaviour. the super progressive bros and handmaidens supporting these men would quickly call a woman a karen for this power playing, feigned victimhood, attention seeking behaviour even if she had a legitimate concern

No. 1922645

It's so regressive, any man with long hair is MA'AM