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File: 1692996873815.jpg (38.31 KB, 500x625, 7wyxxq.jpg)

No. 1888313

Peak material:

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No. 1888314

hope i made this thread right!

No. 1888316

Wait who is the tranny in OP image? Did he die?

No. 1888321

Think he was the guy who made github, he died a few days ago.

No. 1888322

i thought that looks like that one comic tranny what's his name. made some retarded lesbian comic about two women with the same name. thought all these idiots look the same

No. 1888330

last thread link is incorrect

No. 1888331

File: 1693000315211.jpg (52.7 KB, 750x385, aeeb87e86_b93aa1c7_1280.jpg)

good riddance

No. 1888333

File: 1693000465618.png (963.46 KB, 875x1090, 2year.png)

>I'm not sure if this dude is gay but if he is
Laura Hobbs/Commiedickgurl is a heterosexual incel-to-tranny. Here's a pic of him pre-transitioned. He has a thread on the other farms.

No. 1888336

Noooo why did he pick my name for his tranny name? I thought troons only picked stripper names like crystal or diamond…(sage)

No. 1888341

Love the thread pic, I don't wanna go to kf, was it really a Mountain he fell off of?
sage your weak self doxxes, nona!

No. 1888342

File: 1693001399467.jpeg (23.63 KB, 174x290, IMG_2228.jpeg)

No. 1888344

he was part of github. died while climbing a mountain

sorry. last thread link >>>/snow/1879658

No. 1888346

I see you shiver with antici-

No. 1888355

Just "rest in horsepiss" would have been snappier

No. 1888361

It's "horsepiss hormones" because estrogen used to come from the piss of pregnant horses

No. 1888370

>out of shape
>hmmm i wonder why i feel bad about my body
>i know! i should be a woman!
dude looks like one of the guys who couldn't get a gf so he became the gf he wanted

No. 1888397

File: 1693008215863.jpeg (498.46 KB, 2282x1948, 95AEA08F-105E-4470-BDDF-D03DF9…)

There’s a man face filter trend going viral on tiktok right now and I’ve seen some troons complaining that it’s transphobic lol. I hope it triggers their dysphoria. I think even libfem normies have had enough and are sly digging on troons too now.

No. 1888402

no shit anon. it just doesnt roll off the tongue well.

No. 1888416

say it fucking say it

No. 1888435

How twansphobic of him to think that "kill all men" includes stunning and bwave twanswimmin! Looks like somebody forgot the TWAW mantra.

No. 1888442

We know, you autist. Everyone knows "horsepiss" on its own is slang for HRT.

No. 1888465

File: 1693016420249.gif (961.88 KB, 498x250, SHNBgIp.gif)

No. 1888469

File: 1693016645167.jpg (286.01 KB, 1080x1817, Acceptable openended philosoph…)

Did they drop all charges?

No. 1888476

Yes. Likely Barb did not want to testify against him so without a witness they can not get him for rape and he already served more time that he would get for an incest charge.

No. 1888477

horrifying. I am glad that he's a walking red flag, but i still fear for every woman in close vecinity.

No. 1888481

File: 1693019101141.png (375.79 KB, 748x661, X.png)

oh god

No. 1888484

not to defend the rapist, but if a kid is raping other kids at 12 they're probably being sexually abused and the adults close to them need to be investigated too

No. 1888487

sageing because this is more of a short rant than milk or anything else, but i hate how inescapable online troonery is in the current year. even on facebook of all places, i can’t escape troons and their “jokes.” that are literally just about their “girldicks.” i miss when these people were in hiding, out of shame and fear

No. 1888489

Sadly with the rise of porn this might not be the case, kid might be fucked up all o his own

No. 1888492

love you nonnie

No. 1888509

I doubt Barb even knows what planet she's on at this point. Fucking vile. He should have remained in some sort of psychiatric home for life.

No. 1888516

He was just a Github senior engineer, he was not any of the founders. Only open source tech geeks would know of him.

No. 1888517

File: 1693026352594.jpeg (870.78 KB, 1170x1956, 165900AE-50A8-4CF3-BD05-ACD80B…)


There was a NYT article earlier this month about a school district that covered up a sexual assault because they had just changed their bathroom policy to be troon-inclusive. The guy, who had assaulted a young girl, was wearing a skirt and the district wasn’t sure of his gender identity and didn’t want it to be proof that their policy was fucked.
The article is pretty centrist/leaning-liberal, but it’s a pretty interesting read.

No. 1888538

I clicked around and he worked for github, streamed and it seemed died in a climbing accident. His website said he doesn't talk about gender and nothing I could see was REEing about trans rights, not sure he deserves to be a thread image since it's just a nobody who died while climbing, not a cow.

Imo he probably weakened his body from taking hormones and misjudged something, hence the accident. I saw his twin brother in the comments to a post asking for more information/access to the body, it seemed a bit weird like the guy's tranny friends were withholding the body from the actual family. The guy's friends made some cold reply like "we'll keep you updated" to his twin brother, idk there was something going on there.
But unless someone finds some Tweets of him wishing death to all terfs or being a pedophile or something I think the thread should be remade with a different image.

No. 1888546

File: 1693033981504.jpg (105.93 KB, 750x1022, hhxvm8r8d6kb1.jpg)

Troonsanity in a college town. You can't go into a coffee shop or retail establishment in Davis without seeing all flavors of troons, enbies, and other associated retards, but this takes it to another level. The woman speaking simply refused to change her language and insisted on referring to male-bodied people as such, which is of course, LiTeRaL vIoLeNcE. After Riley Gaines posted about the speaker being shut down by the library, some right wing lunatic called in a fucking bomb threat, and the Troon squad on reddit is having an absolute field day being all smug and self-righteous about how awful twans genocide is and how unsafe they feel uwu. In one of the most Troon-friendly places ever of all time.

They've chased other actual conservative speakers out of town before, including recent riots which saw unique sculptures defaced (see: https://www.kcra.com/article/2-arrested-building-vandalized-uc-davis-event-conservative-activist/43326784) Just to get some idea of how hostile the university town is to any "wrong think"
It was a boomer male librarian that shut the speaker down this time, though, which isn't surprising if you understand that it's scrotes protecting other scrotes- hoping this will help some people peak but based on the local politics I'm not optimistic

No. 1888563

Kek i see it

No. 1888570

kek he looks like the hon meme in that thumbnail

No. 1888573

File: 1693037729804.jpg (112.26 KB, 707x900, F4XIgwsakAAYRJL.jpg)

When will they stop with this nonsense? YOU DO NOT EXPERIENCE PERIOD SYMPTOMS!!

No. 1888582

Fucking ewww. Either they're ignoring the entire biological purpose of a period/ignorantant as fuck (as men tend to be) and think LARPing period symptoms so they can totes be a real girlie girl or they're trying to play into their pregnancy/egg laying etc. fetish, or a mix of both. Fucking disgusting.

No. 1888586

It's very telling that they always post pictures of "how much better I became when I disguised myself as a woman". These are men who hate themselves, so instead of improving who they are, they want to become someone who is NOT them. So they become what they like, and what they like is women.
Someone should tell them that inside they're still the rotten, despicable people nobody loves and everyone is creeped out of.

No. 1888587

What's the next biologically impossible thing they'll claim? Experiencing miscarriage? They do not even understand what estrogen does, and that it's not the only hormone in existence.

No. 1888605

>currently experiencing all symptoms of a miscarriage except for being previously pregnant and bleeding

i can imagine it becoming real nonna

No. 1888608

What makes them think in any way that ovulation is painful and not just a spike in libido? So now every part of the cycle is painful? Are these males just in pain 24/7 and instead of coming to the fair conclusion that it's due to fucking with their hormones, they just think it's a female menstruation cycle? He doesn't even seem to be mixing up ovulating versus menstruating either, since he mentions PMS.

No. 1888612

File: 1693046444861.jpg (1000.84 KB, 810x3560, Screenshot_20230826-063621_Chr…)

Yet another case of the tranny swamp dick:

No. 1888619

File: 1693047979824.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1125x2037, IMG_4439.jpeg)

I keep coming across troon models while I’m trying to shop for work clothes and I hate it. Even if it’s something I would’ve liked otherwise I don’t want it anymore after seeing a man wear it, so good job, whoever hired these dudes!

No. 1888621

File: 1693048128384.jpeg (328.35 KB, 1125x1662, IMG_4906.jpeg)

Do you think someone told him to make this face or was that his own creative input?

No. 1888622

File: 1693048668323.png (626.56 KB, 1272x694, 06FB70B1-12B8-4169-BCED-7ED7C5…)

It’s funny because high estrogen males (tranny unrelated it’s been established prior to the craze) have lots of gastric issues as a symptoms, hormones regulate gut bacteria afterall
Also depression and anxiety so when they get their periods they’re simply making themselves sick bodily as well as mentally
Plus most troonsters don’t take care of themselves which makes everything worse
I am glad they do that instead of making children though kek

No. 1888624

Kek nona pls don't dox yourself and learn how to sage but I do understand the feeling. I have a classic and very feminine name, so much that I have thought it didn't suit me, but seeing a photo of an ugly troon using my name felt upsetting too and I wanted to a-log kek

No. 1888628

File: 1693050094738.jpg (716.96 KB, 810x2377, Screenshot_20230826-073506_Chr…)

Troons see women as fully-capable human beings challenge

No. 1888642

As a woman it gives me real joy to see these males rendering themselves infertile, mutilated, and even more useless & retarded than usual in a weak attempt to not even become us, but the pornbrained stereotypes they stupidly think we are. I hope even more women get university degrees and take over the world while these freaks sit at home going “uwu me dumb bimbo, ooga booga me can’t car” and think anyone believes their dumb larp kek

No. 1888646

I admire your sympathy but every troon is a cow.

No. 1888647

Ovulation can be somewhat painful if you have endo or cysts, but sometimes even healthy women do have a bit of bleeding and like a day of little pinching, but the thing is that these are goddamn men. What the fuck is he supposedly ovulating? Dude has some internal issues, not an ovulation ffs

No. 1888648

File: 1693052752873.jpg (2.4 MB, 1801x2600, 3a9e1826ecf14de4bb520d75814555…)

nonna,the backside picture is even more off-putting

No. 1888650

He was part of the #dropkiwifarms bullshit censorship so no, he wasn’t just some do-no-harm nice tranny. Everyone involved in that movement has turned out to be a nonce so far.

No. 1888651

File: 1693053844090.jpeg (89.47 KB, 1080x1101, 11E063A3-0F50-49AF-BC42-BB7582…)

Fr i wish shame was more present in our culture. Maybe then people would stop enabling eachother into insane degeneracy >>1888573
I’m fucking dying over those dumb ass motherfuckers, they don’t even remotely know anything about females yet claim to be them.. ovulation is when an egg is released!!! The only possible symptoms for it is clearer vagina mucus and rise of bodily temp (conservative bc like calendar method often uses temp to track where you are in the cycle for those that don’t know) and maybe some others but they don’t know the difference between a period, menstruation and ovulation. I kek every time

No. 1888660

He admitted to assault. Is it possible to dox him and report him? Why did you censor his username?(cowtipping)

No. 1888670

>and then everybody clapped

No. 1888671

Listen, I'm not saying painful ovulation does not exist but I'd say a majority of women only know they are ovulating due to:
1. Egg white discharge
2. Increased libido and hormones

So yet again, troons assuming side effects from horse piss is somehow causing their body to do impossible things. Your back hurts because you have terrible posture, moid.

No. 1888673

Implantation is when pain in pubes? God these retards have jerked themselves brain dead. To experience implantation pain you actually need a uterus and eggs, suggesting that’s the sensation he’s feeling is just pure fetishism. This experience literally requires a whole ass organ he doesn’t have. Chances are what he’s feeling is an std or pain from jerking it to thoughts of women ovulating or, if he has one, just his rot pockets infection spreading (we can only hope).

No. 1888674

I'm so sad HRT doesn't actually kill these men. I truly, genuinely, wish they all would just die. Earth would definitely become a better place without them.

No. 1888677

At least their constant presence and vulgarity seems to peak people.

No. 1888679

I actually tend to have sharp ovulation pains and it definitely happens nowhere near the pube region. Its also not something I think twice about because it’s merely a twinge of pain and that’s it before I move on with my day. It’s extremely specific though imo, how is this guy thinking he could have a pain he has none of the parts for?

No. 1888680

The way men talk about things is so disgusting.

No. 1888682

He's buddies with Liz wang face, that's enough to hate him lol

No. 1888683

Looking like a serf about to toil the land, only with slightly better groomed eyebrows than you’d expect.

I’ve never seen bring up women without using stereotypes or tropes. It’s really weird and it always feels sexual. They really don’t see us as multifaceted beings at all. It’s always them choosing from categories like “big tiddy goth gf” or “sexy librarian” or “cutesy princess”.

No. 1888698


His twin brother actually died in 2019, so if someone was pretending to be him, that's kind of sick.

No. 1888702

It wasn’t even a right-winger, it was a tranny false flag. Any time you see “right wing bomb threat” it’s usually a tranny.

No. 1888713

File: 1693067946031.jpeg (434.08 KB, 828x810, IMG_1102.jpeg)

>A Self Defense Study Guide for Trans Women and Gender Non-Conforming / Nonbinary AMAB Folks
found this zine made by males for males, because the world is so scary for them and they need to learn to protect themselves from the evil terfs and children who get confused about their hideous looks


No. 1888715

>Cis-women gropers
Kek, they wish.

No. 1888720

If you're going to make shit up to get upboats at least make it believable, Christ. A woman wouldn't start an argument while she's alone with a strange man, that's just basic self-preservation.

No. 1888728

File: 1693069497536.jpg (194.22 KB, 1080x1080, TransSelfDefense_Page_14.jpg)

what is even happening here?

No. 1888744

That makes sense, I guess there's no low these people won't sink to.

No. 1888745

lol yeah a big burly tranny is really going to be scared of women.

No. 1888754

this reads like a bait

No. 1888758

lol is the pic trying to imply that tims are being sexually harassed by women? and that they couldn't just easily shove them away?

No. 1888767

She's back!

No. 1888780

IRL kikomi is back

No. 1888800

No no, he deserves it. And he didnt die because of his body weakening, although that likely didnt help, he died because he went climbing on some super tall mountain WITHOUT using any rope. That's how delusional he was. The day before or something, he was on stream talking about how great he felt doing climbing and bragging about how he doesnt even have to use a rope anymore and that doing it without the rope made him feel more alive.

Unironically, this tranny died because he didnt rope.
In typical tranny fashion, he considered himself to be so special and above all rules that he unsafely climbed without the necessary climbing gear-something that even professionals never do. Only stunt people do what he did, and they do it knowing full well that it's one literally one slip up and they die. It's that fart-huffing arrogance that they all inevitably get that killed him.

No. 1888834

What a male way to die lmfao

No. 1888842

I like that it’s not “don’t hit someone because it’s wrong and you’re an adult”, it’s “don’t hit someone because you will lose in court”. Absolutely psychotic way of thinking.

No. 1888843

>Unironically, this tranny died because he didnt rope.
kek nonny

No. 1888880

Peak trans, and 41% via not roping. This may be the most comedic way a troon could die.

No. 1888881

File: 1693084502012.jpg (207.95 KB, 1080x1080, TransSelfDefense_Page_16.jpg)

>stop touching me
>is clearly not being touched by an elderly old man with a walker

No. 1888886

>assume a man is the aggressor
Well they got one thing right

No. 1888897

Imagine hearing a hormone modified voice screaming those lines kek

No. 1888898

File: 1693086410648.gif (1.03 MB, 474x360, bobbyhill-kingofthehill.gif)

>Stop touching my boob!I don't know you!

No. 1888911

why did the artist draw all the "harassers" looking confused and really far away from the "victims"? Like others said, the illustrations don't show anyone being threatened or touched. This looks like a clever way to suggest false reporting and is very damaging to women who are assaulted & aren't believed.

No. 1888913

This stinks like MRA. They keep depicting the sexual harassers as women and conveniently ignore that men are more dangerous and make up 99% of sexual harassment. This is like if there was an info graphic "what to do if there is an aggressive dog near you" and kept depicting how to avoid a pug attack, then completely ignored what to do if you're cornered by a pitbull

No. 1888936

Not all, child on child rape and sexual abuse cases have skyrocketed in the past few years and child abuse experts have even said they believe it’s mostly because of porn. Kids are just re-enacting what they see there was a 10 year old in my country who raped his 5 year old sister after watching a porn clip that was on his dads computer.

A little scrotelet called Paris Bennett who was 13 at the time also molested and murdered his 4 year old sister after watching porn videos (and his mom still sympathizes with him and regularly visits him in jail)

No. 1888943

File: 1693095467514.jpg (535.37 KB, 810x2069, Screenshot_20230826-201531_Chr…)

TIM has an abortion kink:

No. 1888949

Abortions are stressful and often painful. They’re a necessity but I’ve never heard of a woman liking having to get one. Enbies are bizarre

No. 1888952

This reads like bait tbh

No. 1888953

File: 1693096491283.jpeg (8.17 KB, 200x214, 1680220676986.jpeg)

Holy kek, this is gold. They literally believe being called Sir is the same as legitimate physical assault.
Some prize bits:

>REMEMBER: Bystanders will NOT actually intervene.

>Using aggressive body language will open the door for them to use their power to "justifiably" punish you. Try victim body language instead.
>If bystander don't know you're trans yet, using your voice might get you into more trouble.
>Running "scenarios" with real-world language can be too triggering to do repetitively.
>REAL TALK: Bystanders and crowds almost always side AGAINST trans women, especially if the crowd is white and the trans woman is not.
>For people you can talk back to without repercussion, do it!!
>"Are you even from the bay?"
>Cry, scream, say you're contagious. Who cares?
>Judges, juries, HR departments, and peer groups are very likely to rule against a trans woman.

>This does limit a trans woman's ability to use a weapon , or to claim being sexually assaulted was their reason for defending themselves.
Man it's almost as if everyone secretly knows that they are moids who like to chimp out.
>Imagine shooting literal icy daggers from your eyes.
>Raising the stakes as a de-escalation strategy.

Holy kek they are suggesting challenging moids to a physical fight? What about muh weak delicate twans?
>Try eye raking, grabbing fingers, whatever seems like it would hurt (dirty fighting). Don't worry about winning fairly.
>Try attaching yourself to tougher or fiercer people.
>Make yourself useful by doing small favors.
>WARNING: Try to make sure your "allies" also know you have teeth, so they don't start bullying you themselves.
>WARNING: Don't expect your allies to actually step in. They're a tool for you to bluff with, nothing more.

What a loving way to talk about friendship.

>Question: Do you rely on your intimate partners for other things besides sex? [HINTS: Money, housing, security]

No. 1888954

I love her.

No. 1888961

>child on child rape and sexual abuse cases have skyrocketed in the past few years and child abuse experts have even said they believe it’s mostly because of porn
I believe you, but sauce?

No. 1888962

Kind of makes me wonder if this "guide" is just an elaborate way to trick trannies into having public freakouts and humiliating themselves. The artwork even shows trannies yelling at paraplegics and old people with walkers, kek.

No. 1888965

File: 1693097977350.jpg (159.76 KB, 1080x1080, TransSelfDefense_Page_39.jpg)

this feels like it was written by an alien or a sociopath or is just bait
none of this is good self defense advice, and the group photo at the end looks like an anime convention

No. 1888976

It's written like a cult writes guides and other material kek

No. 1888979

Use the contact section to tell these businesses why they lost a sale. Hit them in the wallet and make it known why, that is the only way to make a business heel.(cowtipping request)

No. 1888994

It doesn't have to be physical absuse either. Just exposing a child to pornographic content falls under the category which leads to horror stories like >>1888936,

No. 1889021

They're based out of Oakland, sadly I believe they are serious

No. 1889033

kek omg they're wearing kigurumi for a defense demo what?

No. 1889036

Pictured: Area special ed class prepares for wrestling event in upcoming Special Olympics

No. 1889037

kek for real

No. 1889040

File: 1693111456510.png (439.07 KB, 470x736, Screen Shot 2023-08-26 at 9.41…)

kek i've never seen her before, I hope she's a farmer among us. This had me dying

No. 1889041

File: 1693112174872.jpeg (888.1 KB, 828x1427, A40647FE-F51C-4399-99F3-ECDF13…)

came across this and it literally made me physically recoil. what the fuck is he wearing and his gross coomer voice. totally agp hes wearing like the most stereotypical 2000s feminine form fitting outfit that you see with crossdressers. yuck
none of the comments are even about the freakshow

No. 1889058

>Queer Bash
If language can kill like the TQA+ suggests it can, what does that say about how casually they joke about homophobia like this? They did this with "gay panic," too.

No. 1889060

File: 1693120747384.jpeg (913.7 KB, 1170x1797, IMG_1185.jpeg)

Something about this post just seemed off to me. I searched the comments a bit more, and sure enough OP is a tranny.
Good to see him getting downvoted for fishing for compliments and reassurance like this that he is just a "poor confused little girl" and not a man in the womens bathroom.

No. 1889062

Same anon here, forgot to mention that this was on r/TwoXChromosomes kek

No. 1889073

always a shame when these types don't have a picture uploaded of themselves because you just know an mtf describing himself as "baby faced" and "girly looking" is going to look like an abomination from hell

No. 1889092

>I have the opppsite of resting bitch face
so creepy AGP smile, got it
>combing my hair in the women's bathroom
>Is that not expected to happen there?
If you were a woman you'd know, most women brush their hair at home, not in a public bathroom. And I already know what his hair looked like too based on countless images posted here, greasy and lanky and needs a lot more than a comb

No. 1889093

It seemed like a real person, where did you read his brother died? If that's true this is very weird, could be a kiwifarms person doing a trolling/doxing attempt.

No. 1889096

File: 1693131637529.png (1.4 MB, 810x3390, KeepItASecretok.png)

Transcel believes women have become more standoffish towards him because they're resentful and view him as competition kek:

No. 1889099

>I was combing my hair in the women's bathroom
>just combing my hair… in the women's bathroom…
>A woman combing her hair in the women's bathroom?
Jfc I'm sure he passes IRL just as he does online which is to say not at all. No woman would write like this and obsess about being a woman in the women's restroom. Also no woman would ask "is combing your hair not expected there???" because when you've reached adulthood you've already been using the restroom for two decades, you know what happens in there and what's ok to do. Ridiculous trannies

No. 1889102

>specifying the WOMEN's bathroom instead of just saying public bathroom
>specifying that two WOMEN came into the WOMEN's bathroom
>and that the poster is also a WOMAN in the WOMEN's bathroom
>weirdly specific age range
why does this remind me of poorly written erotica where the author keeps repeating the same word or phrase over and over again, and includes specific details?

No. 1889104

nta but how tf is this cow tipping wtf

No. 1889106

if you don't know how this is cowtipping you're obviously new

No. 1889108


jfc I didn’t realize silver sprocket bicycle club (prev a label/distro known as springman records) had gotten this cringe but I should have anticipated

No. 1889111

Nta but anon was just advising other anon to complain to the business whose service she's dissatisfied with. The comment wasn't even specific to troons or about a specific website. Kind of a reach to say that it was brigading, harassment or an attempt to lead the business to lc.

No. 1889118

I agree, this isn't cowtipping at all. It's not cowtipping to tell a business that their decision to push transwomen instead of actual women has caused them to lose a customer. People wrote to Ulta after Dylan Mulvaney and that other adult male were presented as experts on "girlhood."

No. 1889119

You're using lc as a platform to brigade anons towards contacting a company and leaving reviews. If you want to do this shit keep it to yourselves and maybe you won't get banned next time.

No. 1889123

Kek I thought misgendering someone was the worst crime you could ever commit to them, but I guess that is not the truth when it comes to the le ebil cissies

No. 1889125

Delusion aside, I thought trannies wanted the full woman experince? Because all women are catty and insane after all.

No. 1889138

You say that as if anyone should actually care about getting banned kek

No. 1889141

File: 1693145195620.jpeg (426.58 KB, 750x985, IMG_6994.jpeg)

Reddit trannies in particular are so vile, why?

No. 1889142

File: 1693145248557.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1125x2026, 0DD2BC20-2E78-44E2-B45D-21D065…)

I’m so tired nonnas. This sub is specifically for women trying to escape comphet yet they still can’t get away from the male bulge & smirk.

No. 1889143

How does anyone look at this and not get peaked

No. 1889145

Scrolling by I gagged. One of the worst male body types, disgusting bulging gut and small, scrawny not muscular legs. He should just khs tbh, “becoming a wahmen” is not it lmao. God I hate failmales and I hate trannies I’m filled with hatred toward all males today happy Sunday god bless

No. 1889146

>Tim Walker
fucking kek

No. 1889147

How does he go outside dressed like that? I'd rather die than dress like that.

No. 1889148

Because males have zero shame, especially trannies. There are literal gorgeous women with amazing bodies who wouldn’t feel comfortable dressing like that in public for various reasons; trannies don’t care. They see the female clothing on themselves and get turned on and think everyone else will too. Delusion of the highest order.

No. 1889150

This has to be a troll.

No. 1889151

Legitimately, how does someone develop an abortion kink? I’m very pro-choice but knowing that’s a thing disgusts me on a visceral level because of how traumatic the process is for so many women.

No. 1889153

I think you have to be a man for that.

No. 1889154

Objectively false. 8 year olds who've never been abused before have been observed to sexually assault their classmates. That little rape ape needs to be shot in the face(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1889156

This. Sage for mild blog but a cousin of mine was raped at age four by the son of her dad’s friend who was seven. This was in the mid ‘90s, before porn was as easily accessible as it is now. His brother is totally normal. That kid went on to be a complete psycho who has been in and out of jail, abused multiple women and may or may not have killed his own daughter. They can’t be fixed when they’re that bad that young.

No. 1889160

I looked at his profile. Definitely not a troll. I'd never even think he was one. This insanity and entitlement looks completely normal for them. All his posts are par for the course for a troon. If you wanna know the depths of this man's delusion, entitlement and face/body blindness. He posted this same ugly photo in FemmeLesbians.

Does anyone know where tf Kiwi Farms is now? The .pl website doesn't work anymore. Their tranny threads are indispensable.

No. 1889165

who wants to bet this was taken in his sister’s room?

No. 1889166

I think the argument is that easy access to extreme porn is making this kinda thing more common. And this is personal observation and reports from other female frens having to deal with moids in the dating world, but men are so pornbroken now that they do shit like choking and butthole stuff without any kind of discussion taking place, the entitled creeps just assume it's a normal part of sex.

No. 1889184

Or else it’s mommy’s house, I’ve never seen a troon with a place that clean. Also the women on that sub post selfies and none of them dress like that, that outfit is 100% intended to force lesbians to look at his girlcock.

No. 1889186

Is there somewhere we can talk about our peakenings without it being a blogpost? I can't vent to anyone irl about this, but I had a big fight with a tranny "friend" that has completely peaked me and I'm still not over the betrayal. I don't want to be labeled a bigot by anyone I know irl, but I know what I experienced and I was fighting with a MAN.

No. 1889188

File: 1693157340294.jpeg (722.3 KB, 1125x1117, AC8C92CD-4D64-4C8B-A95C-0D1C5D…)

Same guy. Ahh yes, behold the face of…uhh, happiness

No. 1889190

Try the vent post on /ot/

No. 1889191

my mum is going through the menopause and is struggling immensely because of a hrt shortage so whenever I see trannies like this >>1889188 I get so angry and have to close lolcow for a while

No. 1889192

So, happiness is changing your shirt? lol
Good to know I don't need to take a scrote-pill for that.

No. 1889193

slightly ot but why tf do men take selfies that somehow look completely candid? like are they incapable of recognizing themselves in the camera? pic on the left looks like someone took his photo a second before he burped lol.

No. 1889194

everyone on hrt immediately succumbs to this slack-jawed face

I kid but then I think about exulansic’s videos about jazz where she points out his odd jaw postures, maybe it’s actually a thing and not just a pornsick attempt at making a sexy face

No. 1889195

Probably a combination of gore hentai and pedophilia. They like the idea of breeding a woman and then that woman murdering her baby. Obviously abortion isn't murder, but that's the extension they're giving it in their head so they can fulfill multiple fetishes at once. My abortion was the most traumatic and painful experience of my life, and I could literally feel the life inside of me dying, and that's with me 100% not wanting that kid. Imagine if his one woman friend found out she confided with him about her abortion and he immediately ran off to make coom posts about it on reddit.

No. 1889197

there’s the hidden board; replace the word snow with 2X

No. 1889198

This is why you should never tell moids about your trauma, especially if it relates to sexuality or reproduction. They will use it to manipulate you and some will actively get off on it.

No. 1889199

Crazy to me that moids are like this but then turn around and say women expect too much because of romance-oriented media. Both that and porn clearly work on fantasy but men can’t accept that their fantasy leads to sexual assault and rape. Or maybe they do accept it and they just don’t give a fuck because they let their penises rule them.

No. 1889213

kiwifarms.st. .pl got confiscated by some random German registrar.

No. 1889218

Or steal the story and use it to catfish. So gross.

No. 1889221

Thank you! Every time I feel like checking in on some loony troons, it's gone somewhere.

No. 1889226

i told a tranny at work that he couldn't wear flowy clothing and jewelry on the floor around 5 months ago. he complained and laptop caste hr reprimanded me + sensitivity training. yesterday his blouse got dragged into machinery and his hand and arm was degloved and shredded. i feel bad, trannies + their supporters really are their own worst enemies.

No. 1889228

amazing nonnie. but imagine if a woman operating machinery insisted on wearing such clothes. the scrotes would eat her alive and probably fire her on the spot. what i "love" about troons is that they, like the men they are, get away with all kinds of temper tantrums.

No. 1889231

Degloved as in his fucking skin was stripped off?
The idea of breaking safety code for the sake of muh dysphoria is crazy, nobody needs a fucking blouse in the workplace, particularly with machinery. Grisly.

No. 1889238

Sorry if this is stupid but if he’s breaking dress code Why did HR get you in trouble?

No. 1889242

wait, so he actually lost his arm?

No. 1889245

Play stupid games win stupid prizes. I can’t imagine that HR person to keep their job, this was a preventable incident that now will cost money for the company.

No. 1889255

I hope you have documented everything, nonnie, knowing how narcissistic troons and TRAs are probably they will try to put the blame on you, especially the HR worker if this means saving the job and avoiding a lawsuit.

No. 1889263

the entire thing was nonsensical.
when the medics took him, the arm and hand were still attached, just shredded. dunno if he'll end up losing it, wouldn't shock me.
yeah. he's going to sue and he's going to win big i imagine.
thank you, i have a paper trail. i told them i would continue to enforce the dress code outlined in written company policy. they moved me to a different section shortly after. the shift leads of the tranny's section are probably fucked.

No. 1889264

File: 1693169984695.webm (5.58 MB, 576x1024, Download - 2023-07-31T202856.5…)

top notch acting

No. 1889266

damn nonny I wish you all the best.

No. 1889275

holy shit PLEASE keep us up to date, I'm so curious about how this will end

I agree with you, I think you'll be fine, but I feel bad for the new manager of the guy

No. 1889277

This looks like one of those nature documentaries where they put a mirror somewhere in the wild and then film monkeys checking themselves out.

No. 1889291

Don't feel bad. Safety policies are in place for a reason. Even religious accommodations can't apply when it affects safety. The manager should have enforced the dress code.
I'd love to be updated too. I'm curious what the company's response would be to why they didn't enforce it. It would be really cool if this went mainstream to show how ridiculous and dangerous prioritizing "dysphoria" is.

No. 1889298

Yes please update. This sounds wild.

Fr, rules about not wearing loose clothing/accessories/hair are there for a reason. If you’re working around machinery it’s fucking retarded to disregard those safety standards, sounds like that moid was even dumber than he looked.

No. 1889302

File: 1693174383818.jpg (251.74 KB, 1422x561, F4fQRQDXUAA-loj.jpg)

The mental illness parade

No. 1889306

It's like a horde of zombies coming at you but zombies look better.

No. 1889309

File: 1693175026382.png (56.64 KB, 761x425, Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 00-20…)

How this woman is not full on peaking and calling him a him yet I don't know.

No. 1889312

i think the leftmost wheelchair-bound is a tif, middle is a tim, rightmost obvi a tif. agree?

No. 1889319

File: 1693176073666.jpeg (550.28 KB, 750x1111, 8BFF5571-D01E-463F-BE30-9D7BE3…)

I think this is how.

No. 1889320

How are there so many of them. It's like locusts.

No. 1889334

kek why are so many of them in wheelchairs? there are four in this pic alone.

No. 1889337

I think it's bc some wheelchair users have a poor self image and feel out of their bodies. That and also being online more.

No. 1889341

nta also a lot of them fetishize being disabled and their hugboxes encourage really unhealthy lifestyles (cross sex hormones are really unhealthy aswell) which makes them more likely to develop diabetes and a lot of other crap. I think because of this they are also more likely to develop something that makes them need a wheelchair and they are more willing to use a wheelchair even if they could do without it for the victim points

No. 1889348

I don't think that's proportionate. They probably asked people in wheelchairs to come up front so they seem more helpless than they actually are.

No. 1889354

Reminds me of that tranny that was in a wheelchair and jumped out of it and stood to attack someone in a video posted awhile back.

No. 1889355

A tranny is an incel? I am truly shocked.

No. 1889366

Is there any archive version or even more screenshots of this? I've found the original post, but as I deleted my Reddit account last month I can't open the thread since it's mature content. I'm really curious about the comments or if the post has been deleted already (women can never say anything on Reddit, you know).
Anyway, thanks in advance.

No. 1889368

what a fucking freakshow. They make old 80s/90s prides look classy in comparison.

No. 1889369

it's not that interesting. the mods sticked a comment saying even predators deserve correct pronouns and they'll ban any transphobia. other than that, just women telling her to immediately run.

No. 1889371

Thank you for posting this, nonnie. I needed a good laugh kek. I doubt I'll see anything more pathetic than this this week

No. 1889372

What exactly is the first creature on the left kek?

No. 1889373

Thanks, nonna! That's what I was expecting but damn, stuff like "even predators deserve correct pronouns" makes me rageful. How can people be this brainwashed tf

No. 1889394

If she ever goes on it, make sure she tapers off after a few years. Conjugated estrogen drugs are dangerous, especially for older people. They increase the risk of stroke and blood clots.

No. 1889396

Deep-seated hatred of women.

No. 1889398

A male ignoring a woman's advice even if it's for his own safety? Tell me something I don't know. I'd say that he learned his lesson, but realistically, he probably didn't, and in his mind he's probably blaming the incident on someone else.

No. 1889406

Seconding this. That crowd is almost entirely white (with like, one Asian) so they asked the munchies to roll their wheelchairs at the front to make the group seem more diverse. The shirtless TiFblob on the left is the only one who looks like she can't actually use her legs, based on how scrawny they are. The hamplanet behind the dude in sandals (who I'm 90% sure is the Hershey bar faggot) probably relies the wheelchair because walking a few city blocks would give him/her a coronary.

No. 1889414

Munchausen's. Even the one missing a leg could be a Munchie— It wouldn't be the first time lolcow has seen someone so delusional that they damage their own legs to the point of needing amputation, and medical transition follows the same "imagining a problem and then making it reality through self-harm" pattern anyways. If not that, I'm sure some disabled people feel disconnected from their bodies and socially alienated enough to be desperate for a simple "cure" to those complicated issues.

No. 1889432

Hard drugs are also known to cause muscular problems resulting in amputation. Coke, meth, opioids all cause blood clots and other circulation issues. Not to mention how many disgusting needles are shared at these events. ..
But If they were on astronomical amounts of unregulated, mind altering substances we’d definitely see it reflected in they’re behaviors and appearances… so it’s probably something else!

No. 1889433

File: 1693197661401.jpeg (259.66 KB, 2048x1536, A62AA9C4-D467-4269-95BF-2C82A8…)


No. 1889448

Nightmare scenario. Being stuck in a lease with a creep who asks you for sexual favours. I'd rather live in a tent than be in the same house as a predator

No. 1889453

I read this and immediately imagined it from the point of view of a man, even without seeing the context of your comment first kek

No. 1889459

That poster was a tranny himself though >>1889319
Also I you can see mature posts, post histories and subreddits if you change the url from www.reddit.com to old.reddit.com

No. 1889465

The most punchable face on the planet

No. 1889466

File: 1693206560779.png (189.24 KB, 1202x393, DBAE30DE-12A4-4281-B5FE-8104D6…)

Because people who don’t do much tend to get stupid ideas nd since their whole movement is a pity party they get attracted to it.. most trannies aren’t employed and live in welfare states or get by via prostitution
It’s esp funny to me cus a very lovely former patient of mine who’s disabled since birth and has no kidneys + has a variety of dwarfism and other stuff used to be super cool and spiritual and made a pretty good impression all things considered (aside being very unorderly and kinda dirty but considering that he only had functioning hands understandable)
He started playing ff14 (final fantasy mmorpg with cute girl characters to play as and self insert) and now he’s fully trooned out because of it. He got tons of attention on discord bc he played a catgirl bard and his voice is pitched because of his dwarfism so ppl assumed that he’s female.. guess he got tired of correcting and enjoyed it. It’s unfortunate to be that disabled from birth sure but the attention that they crave (understandably most ppl pity or ignore cripples) is often times enough for them to trans. He actually got a boyfriend and moved out of the care home last I heard so even though it’s fucked good for him lol

Unrelated but I wanted to share this horror with you nonnies

No. 1889469

>I literally have an abortion kink
>but I can't get pregnant…
He says that like the kink is good and not being able to act out his horrifying fetish in real life is bad

No. 1889474

It's the concept of pornotopia, where appendages go into orifices ad infinitum. There's no refractory period or limit. The sex can never end. Moid erotica is basically: "And then we did it and then we did it again and then we did it but then another woman was there and we did it too…". But because media portrays women as 100% disinterested in sex during pregnancy, in pornotopia she has an abortion so the process can immediately start over again. Someone with total pornrot will be aroused during every part of the fantasy. Autogynephilia is a fetish where the subject and object become one, so he now fantasizes about himself in that role.
Troons are Munchies with fetishes, hence they demand attention and any "care" they want. If you see a troon with a cane that's not a recognized mobility aid (canes for disabilities must be stabilized), it's a cheap prop or a weapon.

No. 1889477

https://youtu.be/pRGK4v8NGCI?si=vutl6DJftXO03mh9 Unrelated, but how crazy are the parallels in this for medicine pushed on children for mental issues, compared to trans individuals for the same thing. How big will the pushback be in a decade? Imagine the timeline where you are considered a bigot for trying to encourage someone to be happy in their natural born skin .(learn2embed)

No. 1889499

File: 1693215049575.jpg (24.65 KB, 324x510, 1693193062247233.jpg)

Lmao look at the current state of Tim Petras. Those knobbly ass man knees

No. 1889507

lol Can you link the video please

No. 1889508

Omg, his neck rolls are crazy

No. 1889510

File: 1693217311128.jpeg (25.72 KB, 203x152, IMG_6036.jpeg)

He’s turning into Vicky Pollard kek

No. 1889513

oh no you're right lmao

No. 1889514

I'd like to see statistics on how many kids put on puberty blockers end up obese. Even while being a somewhat known "pop star" Petras has a chubby male pattern beer belly now, he should be able to get access to good trainers and dietitians to stay fit for his job. Jazz is huge too, and I've seen a couple of fat detransitioner ex-trans kids who are now adults and they fit the pattern too. It seems to happen even when the rest of the family is average/slim

No. 1889515

Just one of the lads enjoying a cold one down at the pub.

IIRC this actor apologised for his “transphobic” characters in Little Britain but the other one stood his ground, so good for him.

No. 1889517

They’re basically modern day eunuchs and eunuchs were known for getting very fat, with big round torsos and relatively long limbs.

No. 1889524

His legs look so skinny compared with his torso, why is that? It looks like someone glued different bodies together

No. 1889528

Men will apologize for being "transphobic" but not for mocking actual women. Such typical male behaviour huh

No. 1889531

It's like the legs of a skinny old man mixed with the torso of an alcoholic basement weeb kek and he's supposed to be a "celebrity"? lol Males often don't age well but it's even more prevalent in trannies, it must be the experiments with hormones kek

No. 1889534

Five, actually. Look between the scary naked TIM at the far left's legs and the girl(?) next to him. More wheels.

No. 1889549

I would write an email to HR and management that you warned this person and that you got a warning for it and sensitivity training and now they have a shredded hand. Demand the people in HR be fired or reprimanded themselves. As much as this is the troons own fault, they should not have treated you like this.

No. 1889557

Literally a eunuch body. Reminds me of when zoos were castrating male gorillas and they grew up looking like bipedal spiders lol so creepy

No. 1889645

Why are they all stuck in 2011 Oblivion era? I’m so sick of the dazed nose ring

No. 1889662

I chuckled out loud for about half a minute over this comment holy fuck

No. 1889674

im so sick of it too. in 2011 a septum ring was the choice for girls who wanted to look alt in a soft way, convenient too because with horseshoe jewelry you could flip it up to hide it for fancy occasions or work. It could be a cute little unexpected edge, tasteful even. I think TIMs remember seeing tasteful ones on pretty hipster girls for the first time a decade ago and are trying to replicate that feel. (Except the ones who think they're goff, that's a whole nother story)

No. 1889684

File: 1693246035808.jpg (112.35 KB, 1170x1004, 20230828_130837.jpg)

slight OT but I love when women do stuff like this because it makes troons pissed at
not seeing the irony of it all

No. 1889697

Men are always scoffing at things women are currently doing and then doing the exact same shit ten years later acting like they invented it. I hate the current y2k revival trannies are doing where the only thing they added was coomer shit. Fruits magazine but with big tits and cum! Everything men are doing in fashion sucks, the diy piece work asspizza is doing ironically to hide that he is a novice to fabric and construction. The mindless one-up-manship of flexing culture over who can buy the most expensive, dumbest piece. I sewed a McDonald’s wrapper on a Rick owens piece! Um drippy?? So fucking stupid, men make a mockery of everything they touch and it is a death-knell a hobby or a cool trend if men are into it.

No. 1889698

nonitas i agree with you so heavily. i’m a decently tattooed and pierced woman, have been for years. seeing my favourite piercing be associated with troondom makes me want to take all of them out. never seen a troon pull it off though kek

No. 1889710

File: 1693250698061.png (620.74 KB, 1184x1221, man.png)

man calling himself a lesbian wants to see less butch women

No. 1889727

>”Lesbians I want to watch have sex and jerk my flaccid micro girl suck to is what I want to see more of.”
FTFY, tranny. God I hate them so much. Fellow lesbianonnas, my exhaustion is limitless.

No. 1889728

Samefag *girldick. Autocorrect was trying to save me from typing it kek

No. 1889768

Please point me in the direction of these butch lesbians in media, I'd love to see them! No doubt "butch" to him means short hair, minimal makeup and comfortable/non-revealing clothes. Probably the type of dude to call Ruby Rose butch.

No. 1889783

I feel like there's 0 butch lesbian couples in the media he consumes though (cartoons) like, name three. Name one, even.

No. 1889796

imagine how much more atrocious he would look sans surgery and hair lol
i love that he was just destined to look like this because hes a biological man, theres literally nothing special about him except the world encouraging him to troon when he was a kid

No. 1889874

I tried to think about at least one gnc female character in current cartoons, not even butches to widen the search pool and couldn't even think of Lois Lane and that is only because she has short hair kekk
That troon is crying fake tears

No. 1889886

kikomi irl

No. 1889887

PETAH griffin chin

No. 1889889

File: 1693274520330.png (243.2 KB, 755x1003, Holly Grayle on X.png)

willy having a bad day today

No. 1889895

Why is misery in the same sentence as hairy legs and cats? Is it if you aren't a feminine woman you must be a lonely cat woman? It's like they can't interpret womanhood beyond the superficial traits, like they think when we say "women aren't dresses" they assume we mean women are some other stereotype. Women aren't anything specific that's the point

No. 1889923

Woman is when magazines and reality TV. If a woman is not consooming enough, she must be a hairy cat lady and therefore miserable, because to be comfortable and love animals is not intrinsically pleasing to men and therefor Not Woman.

No. 1889926

File: 1693281401161.jpg (72.62 KB, 750x750, tumblr_e82aa37ab09f6753a72eadd…)

Literally femme/femme lesbians are all there is though, because normies and straight men dislike butch women, and queerio media critics think it's stereotyping to show a butch gay woman. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to see lesbian rep either way, but to act like male-gaze-approved femme/femme is underrepresented? Pure scrote logic.

No. 1889930

Remember that these are the kind of results people believe justify putting kids on a cocktail of drugs they don't need.

No. 1889944

It's Reddit, that's how

No. 1889952

File: 1693286299400.jpeg (315.88 KB, 750x1281, IMG_8263.jpeg)

Such men children.

No. 1889953

File: 1693286336775.jpeg (319.34 KB, 750x1223, IMG_8262.jpeg)

From you might be a terf:

Bro, cope and seethe.

No. 1889954

wtf is he on about

No. 1889957

Here’s the link: https://www.transadvocate.com/you-might-be-a-terf-if_n_10226.htm

Fucking ridiculous

No. 1889958

Men are insane. Paragraphs on a straw man about women phenotype themselves on vaginal odor?

Like I get that this is a reference to calling out how gross rot-pockets are but I've never seen a woman talk about her "smelly vagina" as a mark of womanhood. Just say you're a juvenile man who thinks menstruation is gross and move on.

No. 1889959

I can sense the seething in this paragraph lol

No. 1889961

And whoever said their axe wounds don't smell? they all do because it can't clean itself.

No. 1889962

he probably thinks catra is butch

No. 1889963

i highly doubt a woman has ever killed a tim lmao, pretty sure thats mostly men buddy!

No. 1889964

they live in such a delusional mental state, there have been actual cases of women getting killed by tims(at least 2 i can remember) if there was one case of a tim getting murdered by a terf they wouldnt stop spamming it everywhere as a gotcha.

No. 1889965

they nuked it already lmao did anyone archive?

No. 1889966

File: 1693288770147.jpeg (90.69 KB, 316x316, IMG_7840.jpeg)

It’s genuinely hilarious how much he has to photoshop himself, like look at that image compared to one of his album covers kek
The monkey’s paw of a TiM, you can have your fantasy porn-fueled woman larp online, yet in the real world where there are no filters you’ll always be clocked as a creepy fat man

No. 1889971

>"TERF's have been the direct and indirect cause of many deaths in the trans community"
Genuine question, can anyone name a single TERF that has ever directly killed a trans person? It's easy to pull up names of convicted trans murderers, rapists and pedos (which according to them doesn't happen at all because all trans people are innocent no matter what) but despite there being a "trans genocide" currently going on and TERFs being their no.1 enemy I still haven't seen a single instance of a TERF killing a trans person. How is that supposed to add up?

No. 1889972

right? i know wikipedia isnt terribly reputable but none of the crimes on this page were committed by a woman and i can find literally nothing

No. 1889982

It's not nuked. The link is just incorrect. Copy paste the full thing.

No. 1889983

They just mean men who hate trannies the same way they hate gay people. They try to lump feminists in because the same men transitioning are the same ones who reed about the 'feminazis'. Terf just means feminazi because it became harder and harder for men to ree about feminism the more progressive things became. They want to try and lump mens actions with women to try and stop them like they used to without being hated for being incels.

No. 1889984

Girls there's a fucking troon in my class in college this semester and he's so fucking ugly and desses like a little girl, if I ever see him in the restroom I am going to die. He's fucking derranged too, today he fucking YELLED so loud at the teacher for getting his name wrong, like he called him "Alicia" instead of "Alice". He told the teacher that you can't get his name wrong, he pays his tuition like everyone else and called the teacher idiot. I am still in shock of the the entitlement, I have never seen a troon snaps irl now I am scared kek next semester I am moving to the other class so I will be troon free at least, but it disgusts me to have this creature around. (my college is small there's probably 800 students at most and he's the only troon I have seen)

No. 1889986

The fact that he can just insult a profesor like it's nothing is wild. I think if that happened where i'm from he'd be kicked out no matter the money. Children don't belong to universiry, that's what they would tell him.

No. 1889990

File: 1693294838229.jpg (913.76 KB, 1564x1564, Apocalypto.jpg)

It's the male manner of walking for me

No. 1890000

File: 1693297547847.jpg (167.73 KB, 1640x1826, F4lyWl1b0AAeSNi.jpg)

The fuck is that hair sir

No. 1890005

Men who crossdress get counted as transwomen when they’re the victims of crime. If we also count all crossdressing men as transwomen when they commit crime then you could easily find hundreds of cases of women getting murdered by TIMs. The first prisoner to transition in prison in the US was Richard Speck who killed 8 women. Many serial killers crossdress. I’ve also come across plenty of cases where men kill their wife after she finds out about his crossdressing and tries to divorce him. And all of that’s BEFORE trans became a get-out-of-consequences-free card.

No. 1890020

woah thanks for introducing that concept. ive never read about pornotopia before really, your explanation is really good
disgusting so spoiler but i kind of disagree with you about the mechanism of fetishism though. i think all moids inherently are uncomfortable with abortion because they view it as death or destruction of themselves (projecting onto a potential son). but this conception of abortion as akin to a murder paradoxically gets them off because moid sexuality is infected with death drive. nothing turns scrotes on like destruction, thats why pornrotted, dopamine-burnout moids follow the same patterns of increasing sexual depravity. as in, as they consume more pornography and become more desensitised to "normal" erotic stimulus they INEVITABLY, always, start incorporating various forms of increasingly severe violence into their sexual identity. abortion fetishism is just another example of a moid being aroused by (what they see as) death and destruction. agree about what you said about agp tho

No. 1890023

It's funny he couldn't think of two other negative things that come with being a woman, like, idk, period cramps and misogyny? But no, the worst thing that could happen to a woman is having Hairy Legs.

No. 1890026

geriatric troon quads

No. 1890037

>period cramps and misogyny
He will never suffer due to either of those things. Since he's a tranny that must mean it's not a part of being a woman because womanhood must only include things that he can relate to. That's why we can talk about our breasts and occasionally vaginas but never our wombs. Unless of course he fetishises it, then it gives him euphoria kek.

No. 1890041

Contact whoever is in charge (you can do it anonymously) and say it scares you that the male person who screams at teachers over honest mistakes is allowed in female restrooms etc.
The reason troons get their way is because they loudly scream and make women stay scared in silence, the least we can do is socially roast them behind their backs in the shadows. Getting even a single "hey that was actually a bad decision to let men into female spaces" to the people in charge can help push them to peak or to do something different

No. 1890042

it's like there's a troon phenotype they all fit

No. 1890052

I have a dear friend of mine who worked as a teacher in a very expensive and prestigious private school. Once one of her students, a very spoiled teen boy, wanted to argue with her about his grades on an assignment or other homework, don't remember and he said to her that he was the one who paid her wage. So she was so fed up with his bullshit that she calculated how much his share would pay her wage and it was less than $10 in our currency, she took a 10 bill out of her purse, paid him and said "here it is what you pay to me, you can keep the change" in front of everyone and after that he never said that in her class again. Sadly, short after that she got fired for different reasons but she is glad that she doesn't have to deal with those entitled pricks anymore. Your professor should do the same.

No. 1890059

File: 1693312559875.gif (764.22 KB, 498x371, qforce-deb.gif)

the only other time I've seen a butch4butch couple represented in media at all was Q-force.the show that was universally hated when the first trailer dropped, has better rep showing two butch women than anything out there. but the TiM complains fem4fem is underrepresented….

No. 1890064

When men say butch they just mean tomboy or 'outspoken'. They're retarded.

No. 1890071

It’s literally such a moid take. The same exact shit men have always said about women who don’t kowtow to them, like they can’t even come up with new insults. And anyway, cats and hairy legs are based.

No. 1890072

The only thing I smell wafting off of this is truckloads of misogyny.

No. 1890082

Troons are nearly always killed by “gay panic” moids. Their argument is that TERFs make these men feel empowered to kill troons. Wouldn’t it be nice if that were true, and moids politely refrained from being violent unhinged rape apes unless a woman gave them permission?

No. 1890084

Unsurprising move by Bezos to troon out

No. 1890085

File: 1693317342309.jpg (183.46 KB, 720x710, 3xmorelikely.jpg)

This is your brain on troon farts
>trans people don't commit that many other crimes therefore sexual offences would be the highest

No. 1890086

It never works because most women associate cats with happiness and a lot of us associate hairy legs with having more leisure time. They say "die alone with your cats" and I say "don't threaten me with a good time".

No. 1890087

As if that makes it better kek. Iʼd rather be in the same room with a junkie or even a murderer than a tranny sex offender.

No. 1890091

File: 1693317793010.png (160.98 KB, 861x1523, My mom cut me off for being ho…)

>My mom is not ok with me being lesbian but she's ok being supportive of my agp brother.

>No, this is a terf fiction.

No. 1890092

Can they really not dress appropriately for any situation?

No. 1890101

In other words, women are not people. Woman = what makes pp hard

No. 1890103

TIMs, however, have killed (and raped) many women hehe

No. 1890105

This is so pathetic. How many years separate these two pics?

No. 1890112

When mtfs say women 'kill them', they mean in the narcissist male way, they mean a women disobeyed them causing ego death and rage and they must pay/it's as worse a crime as murder.

No. 1890122

Their personality disorders won't let them. I saw some really old tim on a bike with his short wide skirt flying up this week leaving nothing to the imagination.

No. 1890125

File: 1693322623646.png (4.99 KB, 224x225, IMG_9482.png)

I feel you nonna. My academic advisor is a troon (they/them moid in lipstick for now but I fear the worst). We’ll get through this together

No. 1890128

File: 1693322903639.png (2.25 MB, 1920x1080, cmpunktransrights.png)

>Trans rights are man rights

Based screencap.

No. 1890130

>CM Punk posing with that sign

Good try, bro. You're still a drama queen behind the scenes.

No. 1890141

holy shit, that's the Nadia Comăneci of mental gymnastics

No. 1890165

File: 1693326224566.webm (1.55 MB, 456x270, RH1GRkAsiJ4NBjSa.webm)

sage for technically not being about troons, Has anyone seen Iggy Azalea's new MV? I know female rap is, you know… female rap, but was this directed by a AGP troon? This is such a blatant AGP fantasy.

No. 1890171

The final form of the boymom

No. 1890176

File: 1693327188743.jpg (379.7 KB, 810x1707, Screenshot_20230829-104431_Chr…)

They're so delusional

No. 1890198

I hope a bunch of troons do get their wish and then die from sepsis.

No. 1890201

>throws tantrum like a little kid
>dresses like a little kid
>is entitled
>disobeys the rules
common tranny traits

No. 1890202

anon what did the teacher say/do? if she/he did nothing istg..

No. 1890205

The trannies hoping to render women irrelevant once doctors figure out how to enable men to give birth are the final step in MGTOW (men going their own way) evolution.

No. 1890207

File: 1693331541341.png (666.82 KB, 978x498, Screenshot 2023-08-29 135105.p…)

This guy "Lou Baby" has been going viral lately on tiktok for his insanely creepy videos showing his "Dora" collection. He has like hundreds of Dora dolls. He also makes creepy baby animations of himself.

No. 1890225

Is that you nonescu?

No. 1890244

It’s just so funny to me how troons always need to bring up their TERF seething. We really live in their heads rent free

No. 1890256

That’s from an album he released in 2022

No. 1890275

…wtf. I thought maybe you were one of those "every celebrity is a tranny" conspiracy theorists, but this really does seem like something straight out of bimbofication transformation porn made by a man whose main hobby is video games.

No. 1890287

Unfortunately men still wont go their own way, because they still need women to take care of their kids for them.

No. 1890294

That's the whole sad joke about the MGTOW "movement" - they never actually GO anywhere. It's like stomping your feet in your bosses office, saying "You can't fire me because I QUIT!" but then never actually walking out the door.

Anyway, trannies who think that men will ever be able to give birth to a live human are delusional. It will literally never become a reality and I laugh at their misery.

No. 1890301

Forget caring for the kids after birth— How many men would actually be willing to be pregnant, to begin with? How many of them would stay willing after learning everything they need fo do to carry the baby full term and keep it healthy? How many would follow the rules and restrictions, as laid out by their doctors? How many of them would be willing to go through the whole process more than once? Even if uterine and ovarian transplant into a human male body were made possible and sustainable to the point of giving men the ability to become pregnant without female involvement, men would never "go their own way" because it's more convenient for them to have women do the labor of pregnancy and childbirth for them.

No. 1890306

no and i don't know who that is, sorry

No. 1890313

please post them sounds insane

No. 1890314

someone tell him that most rape/sa is not reported

No. 1890315

No. 1890317

everytime i think about TIMs who want to get pregnant my mind instantly gets a vietnam flashback to a sex offender couple of gay moids who were trying to kidnap a pregnant woman so she can birth sex slaves for them. I am glad they will never be able to birth children.

No. 1890328

File: 1693345211984.jpg (516.62 KB, 1829x3313, khww9y71efpa1.jpg)

lol just clicking on any random poster in that thread to see what they look like is hilarious
this is some guy and his "girlfriend" before going to their poor sister's wedding

No. 1890329

I mean, there are also men who loudly proclaim their desire to get eaten and then shat out by a sexy dragon lady with FF cup titties. These men know it will never ever happen in real life so they don't think about how actually painful and unpleasant it would be if it were real - they just focus on how much the fantasy makes them coom.

No. 1890340

I honestly question if the person on that album even is "Kim," or if it's an entirely different person who has a somewhat similar nose or something. Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish are dumpy in candids, but they still facially resemble the photoshopped versions of themselves; you'd still recognize them if you saw them on the street. However, Petras is completely unrecognizable in his candids. He looks like a preteen boy with the Downs playing dress-up as Trisha Paytas.

No. 1890342

File: 1693346127145.jpeg (668.48 KB, 828x1343, 3D9D2939-723D-412E-9687-F81CAA…)

>pregnant goddess
gross, and the lactation part. in other posts he talks about being agp, so theres that.

exactly what i did nona lol this place is a goldmine

No. 1890345

I'd like to see his sources for this. The only time smell comes up here is when a tranny says that he's a woman his taint/inverted smells like rotting fish. Newsflash: "neo-vaginas" have way more fecal coliform bacteria than actual vaginas do, and a strong vaginal odor is usually an indicator of infection or pH imbalance. Trannies are the ones who imply that vaginas have a strong smell, often as an expression of both misogyny and their own terrible hygiene.

No. 1890357

The exclusive focus on late-term pregnancy and his claim that he doesn't just want to be a parent but a "mom" specifically is what really speaks to this being a fetish for him. A father could theoretically care for a child in literally all the same ways as a mother except for breastfeeding and pregnancy itself (though men usually choose not to because they're worthless pricks) but noooo, he's just gotta be a mom specifically to be fulfilled. It's so obvious that he doesn't actually want to raise children, he just jerks off the idea of women being pregnant or in labor. Nasty. I hope no child ever ends up in his care.

>Childbirth is extremely painful but I don't care.


No. 1890360

It's LC's fault. Links break when they contain a redlisted word. Honestly retarded.

No. 1890367

None of them. I think plenty of troons would get pregnant for the fetish, get bored before nine months are up, get a 'sexy~' abortion or miscarriage for le ultimate sexy female experience, get bored and then kill themselves.

No. 1890375

File: 1693350238059.png (2.41 MB, 1752x1054, nightmare.png)

> A federal judge in Wyoming has dismissed a lawsuit brought by six sorority sisters at the University of Wyoming who wanted the court to kick out a transgender member of the sorority, Artemis Langford, because the sisters believed that transgender women should be excluded from the organization.

> Wyoming U.S. District Judge Alan Jonson ruled in favor of the transgender sister's motion to dismiss, writing that it was inappropriate for the court to impose the plaintiff’s definition of a woman when the sorority’s bylaws are more expansive in their wording, the Associated Press reports.

> The plaintiffs alleged in the lawsuit that Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority’s rules actually prohibit transgender women from joining the sorority. Langford, the suit claimed, should be expelled from the sorority.

> The judge decided that, at the end of the day, he could not overrule the parameters that the private, voluntary organization had set forth for the definition of a woman.

the mtf in question was an initiated member - meaning that while he could get kicked out, he'd still be a kappa for life - and was ogling women in the house with erections, asking questions about vaginas and breasts, etc. fortunately most panhel sororities have single-sex policies in place, but some - kappa included - just say whoever ~identifies as a woman~ can join. darkest timeline.

No. 1890376

File: 1693350543199.png (2.74 MB, 2350x1286, artemis langford.png)

samefag - the sorority subreddit's overwhelmingly positive response. the fact that ftms are scared to join fraternities, and ESPECIALLY scared to live in house, should make them think, but some people are willfully blind. this is a stain on greek life.

No. 1890379

File: 1693350768414.jpg (218.4 KB, 1080x941, 0230830_0et.jpg)

Idk why this made me recoil so hard, I'm so jaded I'm pretty much immune to even the most sick, degenerate shit trannies say and do, but this fucker got to me.

No. 1890382

That is the tim? What is happening in Wyoming? Or are southern standards just too strict, because he would have spend all of rush being told to leave.

No. 1890384

yep, that's the tim. i'm confident he did COB/spring informal (so he was likely just choosing the hot houses to go to) but i can't find the article amidst all the trial updates.

No. 1890389

I have no idea what their chapter advisors were thinking with this. I know sororities range in selectiveness based on the school and chapter but rush just happened at my school and girls got dropped for so so much less (grades, not having enough hs involvement, ig posts with alc) that I can't see how this abomination got a bid, especially considering that the house had to vote to give him a bid, unless their nationals forced them to…

No. 1890390

Of course it’s some disgusting fat scrote who used trannyism to get close in proximity to girls who would never give him the time of day except probably to insult him or make a disgusted face. This is horrible and I’m tired. The thought of this creature in a college girl’s private personal space with a boner is horrifying. He looks like a guaranteed rapist.

No. 1890391

>Transwomen are female
So, now they're female, too? But also:

>Gender and sex are not the same thing

So, not female, retarded.

>Having an erection

>I'm a lesbian and have some hot sorority sisters
No lesbian could ever have an erection because lesbians are female and females do not have gross dicks. Leave us lesbians alone, mf

No. 1890392

I think we need to stop saying we don't want "transwomen" because things are for women and just start saying "only those we want"/ I never tell trannies that I don't date trans people, I just say I don't find them individually attractive. It hurts more.

Lets stop making them part of bigger groups and see how long they can take people being honest about them as specific individuals. They cant sue is for thinking they are ugly and unlikable.

No. 1890394

Based and I agree. Especially the part about it hurting them more kek

No. 1890395

File: 1693352330446.jpg (227.89 KB, 949x678, 1618537272331.jpg)

I'm so sick of this clown world.

>Swyer Syndrome

This is an incredibly rare disease ffs. Why are women so die hard with defending trannies? I genuinely do not understand it sometimes. Moids I understand only because they're chasers/gay themselves and see trannies as a free hole, but women have literally nothing to gain and everything to lose. It's depressing.

No. 1890398

I swear every time moids like this open their fucking mouths I want to vomit. FFS how can people allow such absurdity to happen? A male talking about his sex organ and saying he can't control it and still wanting to be treated as female?????

>that doesn't mean I'm going to act inappropriately towards them

said the moid who invades female-only spaces with a fully functional intact penis, shows off his erection to not consenting women, and demands women to stop complaining. Fucking rapist rhetoric. I hate this world we're living

No. 1890414

It’s insane to me that they will post about their fetishes while also posting pics of their faces on the same account.

No. 1890419

Their jealousy of women knows no bounds. This is why I can never take their comments about how “cis women are sooo jealous” seriously, because they so freely admit to their own jealousy all the time and it’s always projection. Then they turn around and always think because a handmaiden gave them a pity compliment on any subreddit they’ve overtaken it means women are the jealous ones.

No. 1890436

Isn’t this what they complain about though? They’ve successfully browbeaten most lesbians & women into claiming “transwomen are women” and being terrified to say anything “terfy” in public, but these women are still mostly not dating or fucking them on an individual basis and it makes them seethe.

No. 1890440

Also they never explain why women would be “jealous” of men who are trying to become women. That’s like saying NBA players are jealous of kids playing basketball in the park. We’re what you’re trying to become, so why would we compare ourselves to you?

No. 1890445

File: 1693356132939.jpg (1.14 MB, 810x3273, Screenshot_20230829-204134_Boo…)

His poor son

No. 1890446

Ovarie transplants arent even a thing for biological women. The medicine you have to take to keep foreign organs in your body make it really hard to have kids.

But beyond that, hes a fucking MAN. His body would never be able to create all the hormones they would need to even keep the thing alive, let alone to thrive. Geezus fuck i cant wait for these tards to chop their dicks off, regret the decision, and 41% themselves.

No. 1890468

scary to think that you could get in a relationship with a good looking guy, have kids together, only for him to troon out destroy your family and fuck up your kids without you having had any way of knowing. nightmare fuel

No. 1890469

File: 1693357176702.jpg (668.28 KB, 1080x1673, Screenshot_20230829-205746_Chr…)

>53 y/o
>"hot girl look"

No. 1890471

The thing is their power is in making themselves an oppressed group. Their legal power is being an oppressed group. They take "lesbians don't like me", which any normal human would say is allowed, and make it "lesbians exclude transwomen". They twist the subtext to make you a bigot.

Making it more explicitly individual takes away the group shield and makes it all just pettiness. Plus men are so willing to throw each other under the bus they're less quick to defend each other as individuals because they think they are each special so not liking one tranny, to them, doesn't mean disliking them all. Because they are all such unique and brave individuals.

No. 1890474

"She's" pretty cute for an old person. I think you might be racist.

No. 1890475

Sage your shit, for starters.
Second, how the hell is this racist?

No. 1890488

It’s “racist” now if you don’t find delusional troons cute, get with the program nonna!

No. 1890489

I think you might be retarded.

No. 1890490

File: 1693358208199.jpg (230.88 KB, 1536x2048, F4qJp0cX0AA_fnK.jpg)

This guys hairline makes me laugh every time

No. 1890499

File: 1693359092619.png (1.48 MB, 2000x1600, kek.png)

love to see it

No. 1890502

The ones saying this are either referring to overfiltered, plastic troons who trans'd early but aren't pot-bellied, lanky eunuchs yet, and their assumptions that we're homely geriatrics, or they're the ones who blow random guys behind the dumpsters at Dennys and are therefore catching mad bodies. In either case, womanhood is defined by male arousal.

No. 1890514

File: 1693360507251.png (498.49 KB, 746x909, Peter Tatchell on X.png)

No. 1890517

This is still going to piss troons off because it acknowledges biological sex exists and “gender identity” doesn’t make you a biological woman.

No. 1890523

These "do I pass" posts must be just an excuse to post their agp pics. No one would be retarded enough (I suppose) to look at such pics and genuinely think it looks like a real woman.

>love to see it

same nona, same kek. Troon didn't even get the usual role-playing approval from other trannies lol

No. 1890535

>overfilled, plastic troons
I still don’t get the jealousy claim bc even if a woman idolized the plastic bimbo look, there are still plenty of biological women who pull that look off way better than any troon. Women may envy other women, but they’ll never envy men who mutilate their bodies to look like women. That’s what troons don’t get - it doesn’t matter how they look. Young “hot” troons look like sad parodies of young hot women, and old homely troons look like sad parodies of old homely women, because they’re all MEN.

No. 1890539

I hate this so much. My heart goes out to those poor girls who have to be in the same vulnerable space as this perverted tranny. The collective gaslighting and dismissing women's safety concerns is really making me go insane. Fuck this troon earth.

No. 1890547

What kind of shitty sorority has a subreddit anyway? That's like a non-co-ed frat having a Tumblr.

No. 1890551

Or he develops/reveals he has a porn addiction. Or he abuses you. Or he cheats on you. Or he loses his job and becomes a "househusband" who just leeches off of you without doing any housework. Or he molests your kids. Statistically, you're more likely to end up with a reprobate than with a decent spouse, so just don't bother. Women need to stand up against this shit and stop marrying scrotes until they prove that they can learn to be decent human beings.

No. 1890563

She's probably prettier than u guys.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1890572

File: 1693367058993.png (81.09 KB, 624x628, 590.png)

No. 1890576

File: 1693367318368.png (798.89 KB, 1218x1024, Screenshot.png)

I get what you mean, I checked the QRTs and even troon were talking about how this was like "one of their TG transformation porn". I think for some reason the music industry has an over representation of degenerates and comers.

No. 1890589

This is so unsettling. I already knew that women in the entertainment industry were basically just meat puppets that served to represent male fantasies, but it really sinks in when I see porn-addicted men responding to the final product with "Yes, this is just like my paraphilic fetish!" and I can't even disagree with them. Between the "instant transformation" device, the fact it's a gun, the use of force on unwilling recipients, and the fact that all the men become sex-crazed, porn-bodied, and seemingly part of some sort of hivemind with the collective goal of infecting other men, it feels too similar to be coincidental.
I hate this sort of thing, since it's so insane that acknowledging it makes me feel insane. I guess that's what they call "refuge in audacity."

No. 1890591

the industry is out of ideas and we've reached the inevitable conclusion of "sex sells"

No. 1890600

can't say what I want to say because of muh racism but YOU KNOW these types have it on easy mode anyway when it comes to androgyny(racebait)

No. 1890603

File: 1693369212856.jpg (192.23 KB, 1080x660, Screenshot_20230830-001542_Boo…)

These are your true allies, trannies. MRAs and incels. You're both cut from the exact same cloth:

No. 1890607

>muh upper-middle class white cis straight women
The most oppressed women are often the biggest tranny haters, and the most privileged woman is still more oppressed than her male equivalent. Regardless of initial intent, "Karen" has just become a shorthand for the MRA concept of women "living on easy mode" and being completely out of touch with reality as a result. Men of all walks of life and political ideologies all agree with each other on the evils of "Karen," not because of her actual privileges, but because of the ones they imagine her to have by nature of being female.

No. 1890615

new kikomi vid just dropped

No. 1890616

I really hope this happens, moids and particularly TiMs have the worst hygiene so I hope the uterus rots inside them a la the radiological accident in Yanango

No. 1890627

I saw that thread too, they hate women so much there, even by Reddit standards
"mEn aRe BeTtEr tHaN wOmEn At EvErYtHiNg, iNcLuDiNG bEiNg WoMen"
Good luck with that whole womb implant thing then. Oh and can you keep being better at committing suicide? Lets get those numbers up, boys.
Thanks and sorry for alogging.
On the other hand, I look forward to calling Sen. Hunt a sore loser when she gets absolutely schooled by the GOP.

No. 1890635

And most fucked up part is that it's the only place on reddit you can actually talk about troons and the damage they cause.

No. 1890637

outside of radfem spaces you can only talk about it with misogynistic men who hates troons for very different reasons than we do. it sucks.

No. 1890647

Yeah, wouldn't she be turning them into sexy male models or taking their clothes off to reveal nice male bodies instead of naked women? I guess her videos are just to appeal to a male audience but I agree, this feels more troonish than your average male fantasy

No. 1890660

File: 1693385281832.jpg (130.27 KB, 925x1200, F4rh6w9b0AAcCri.jpg)

Whenever I feel ugly I just look at pics of random trannies and realize im gonna be okay

No. 1890663


No. 1890665

The law has failed us. Violence is the only solution now

No. 1890666

I'm no longer an organ donor due to this exact reason. Get fucked faggots

No. 1890668

honestly same kek I think a lot of handmaidens secretly like troons because of this reason
If you're an ugly to average woman you'll be self conscious about it, but if you accept these ugly ogre men as women too you're suddenly not as ugly! Compared to them you're feminine, cute, beautiful. Just by accepting them you become a solid 9-10 and the troons are now the ugly undesirable "women" instead of you.

No. 1890670

He's gonna peak eventually. He's accepted the fact (troons commit more rape than other crimes) and is now trying to find ways to justify it. But he doesn't deny that those troons committed those crimes. His mistake was starting to accept facts instead of staying purely delusional. He's far away (several years most likely) from peaking now, but once you've started to accept the facts you can't really go back.

No. 1890681

What I read is that they were forced to vote openly and non-anonymously, under supervision of their governing body (whatever that is, sorry I know nothing about sorority stuff) unlike the more local and private anonymous votes they take for normal applicants. So basically everyone could tell if they voted for or against him and I’m sure there were implicit threats of repercussions for anyone who voted against.

Named after the goddess who got a man killed because he spied on her while she was bathing. This moid knows exactly what he’s doing.

No. 1890683


>arm degloved

First time I’ve heard of a MtF getting a FtM surgery

No. 1890687

>sororities when racism happens: I sleep
>a troon sexually assault members and the members want him out: real shit

No. 1890688

fucking kek nonnie

No. 1890719

Jesus that is one of the ugliest troons I've ever seen

No. 1890723

the guy in question didn't even meet the grade criteria but they let him in anyway

I'm so sorry kikomi can you stop shilling these? If I wanted updates I'd subscribe

They had to use a Google poll rather than the usual omega software for voting, making it non-anonymous. Apparently people on the school's board pushed it through. There's a reddit thread where they talk about the details
There was a lot of special treatment to get this person in in the first place, idk wtf they were thinking obviously it was going to go bad

No. 1890727

honestly a bit too vulgar and went on too long.

No. 1890729

This weirdly reminded me off SCUM manifesto where it was declared the few remaining men who hadn’t been killed by S.C.U.M army would be allowed to spend their last days on earth high on drugs, dressed up as women and to be used merely as maids and personal servants for women. the whole thing always felt like this bizarre femdom fetish piece rather then even a misandrist text.

No. 1890730

They always choose a goddess name or something including "Moon/Luna". I think they're too retarded to read a fucking folklore book to learn how Moon goddesses used to be associated with menstruation and birthing, and those being the main reasons they used to protect females/women kek

No. 1890734

>Named after the goddess who got a man killed because he spied on her while she was bathing.
Based goddess.

>This moid knows exactly what he’s doing.

I wish there were actual goddesses to protect women so they could come to Earth to kill these moids

No. 1890737

>the guy in question didn't even meet the grade criteria but they let him in anyway
troons never need to meet any criteria to get everything handed to them - they just need to throw a tranny tantrum that they get all the rights, even the right to expose their dicks to little girls. As some other nona has said, fuck this troon world.

No. 1890769

File: 1693406821397.jpg (88.12 KB, 828x954, FvlX_3LXsAA0SB0.jpg)

Totally not fetishistic

No. 1890770

Exactly lol. I try not to compare myself to anyone, but when I mess up and do, it’s to women I admire who have their shit together and not to some random man with so much womb envy it’s overtaken his very existence.

No. 1890771

I believe the first half about the tranny ruining his sister's wedding (because it happens a lot), and I believe that the mother is homophobic, but the second half about their childhood reads like creative writing.

No. 1890773

This is honestly the kind of stuff I would have agreed with back in my handmaiden days because it isn’t trying to imply that men are actually biological women. I’m surprised he got away with posting this, what with the way the ideology currently stands.

No. 1890775

I don’t think they’re too retarded to know this. I think they just like colonizing womanhood and conquering the things that have historically been for women.

No. 1890781

Exulansic reckoned that the way puberty blockers interact with the hypothalamus simulates patterns found in Prader-Willi syndrome. An insatiable appetite, poor muscle tone, etc. There defo needs to be more studies and literature on this.

No. 1890783

i firmly believe the troons in these kind of pictures are always looking at their own cleavage at the phone screen

No. 1890822

Like the septum rings and Fruits magazine mentions upthread, I think they also saw the boom of women doing witchcraft both as hobby and aesthetic on tumblr years ago and saw it was yet another feminine thing they could easily colonize.

No. 1890824

Could you elaborate, this is an interesting interpretation. Haven’t read my copy yet but afaik while the book is serious about misandry it is tongue in cheek for the most part and I think the weird humiliation aspects is a satirization of female humiliation under patriarchy

No. 1890826

one of the screen names I picked was a goddess specifically known for her refusal of men who desired her and now troons use it to sound sexy and magical woman! She wasn't even lesbian either, just had bigger things to do than deal with men

No. 1890827


>while the book is serious about misandry it is tongue in cheek for the most part and I think the weird humiliation aspects is a satirization of female humiliation under patriarchy

not that anon but i agree with this reading, like it's real misandry but is also supposed to be humorous in its outlandishness. Plus valerie solanas was also actually mentally ill, like disconnected from reality enough that I think she thought that shooting andy warhol was a funny joke.

No. 1890830

File: 1693415877475.png (433.72 KB, 967x861, taratoma.png)

Why are all these pedophiles always involved in the creative industry or writers? These retards are too weak and stupid to cope with modern life and they never want to grow up so the only people they can ever relate to or want to fuck are kids and they're too delicate to work a real job.

No. 1890834

It's been a while since I read it, but as I said according to the Scum Manifesto, men who don't submit themselves to women will all be killed. The idea is that if women simply refuse to submit to the patriarchy, they can collectively defeat men. The belief that women are weaker than men is a great lie. And men who do submit will have to dress in drag and become personal maids to women. Women, in turn, will take charge of fixing all the world's issues. I think she worked as a dominatrix, which could explain this.
I also remember a comment from her lawyer where she said that that solanas used to talk like she was some inner city street smart black guy, when she was actually from a middle class family in the suburbs
funilly enough she missed 3 direct shots at him despite being at point black range, one just ricocheted and just hit his kidney

No. 1890835

Ew, who tf writes something like that with no remorse and face attached.

No. 1890840

Problematic fav to be sure. She was pants on head insane.

I can picture her waving a gun around like “lol kill all men lol watch me I shoot at Andy lmao” barely realizing that she was committing an offense and not just making fun NYC art party memories until Andy went down and she got cuffed

No. 1890845

Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, but she is also goddess of young women, nature, and childbirth (specifically midwifery). The Greek pantheon has three virgin goddesses, of whom completely abstain from sex with and marriage, at least to males. She is one of those three, and she is also known for having an entourage completely comprised of capable women. Because of this, Artemis can be used as an icon of female separatism, or even lesbianism, if you choose to read "virgin" as it likely originally meant (which is to say, a woman or girl who has not had sex with or been married to a male). Artemis is also associated with the moon, which relates her to the connection between the lunar cycle and the female reproductive system, particularly through the menstrual cycle and childbirth. Like with all TIMs that choose to appropriate names of goddesses for their womansonas, he clearly chose the name Artemis because Artemis is indicative of everything he is not. She is representative of the female body, the empowerment of women, female solidarity, and a connection to and respect for nature. Most of all, Artemis is a figure that women and girls, particularly feminists and lesbians, relate to and respect. He is none of these things, and never could be any of these things. As such, his choice in name is blatantly fueled by a deep envy and resentment for women.

No. 1890850

NGL shooting Warhol was pretty funny. I hope we get a take two of this with Azealia Banks and Elon Musk.

No. 1890855


Literally thought about comparing her to Azaelia in a previous comment, you are brilliant Nona and that would be a laugh riot

No. 1890865

she also had a on-again/off-again Jewish boyfriend and would sometimes use his relatives experience in the Holocaust as her own, she really would have right in modern radblr and radtwt

No. 1890866

Brad Dourif has a son who trooned?

No. 1890875

File: 1693422513664.jpg (892.72 KB, 2500x1904, collage 1.jpg)

Enjoy this autistic ugly bottle-pissing troon who was “medically retired” from the army just to end up making nearly US$120k working a remote desk job for the feds. Divorced his wife of 25 years, somehow got a handmaiden girlfriend, and is now discovering that he’s actually just gay.

No. 1890876

File: 1693422570685.jpg (679.62 KB, 2500x1904, collage 2.jpg)

Boobs, bullies, bathrooms, and his “jealous” sister make appearances. Of course, his ex-wife was “toxic” and the autism a misdiagnosis. The transition also isn’t a sexual thing, although it did somehow magically cure his limp dick problems.

No. 1890881

>6'2", 310 lbs
He's going to get all that surgery, and he's still never going to look even remotely female. A fool's errand.

No. 1890887

File: 1693424336078.jpg (772.67 KB, 1080x1810, Screenshot_20230830_223746.jpg)

Oh my god what a fucking retard
People didn't go to see the movie just because it featured a tim actor kek

No. 1890892

the massive cope in that screenshot. one film grossed higher than one film out of an absolutely gargantuan IP. lol. lmao even. yet another gay twink going to bat for these people but we all know he wouldn't date em

No. 1890895

File: 1693425554477.jpg (388.56 KB, 1080x1726, Screenshot_20230830_122702_Tum…)

Pretty much no mention of what progress this is for women, only how it could potentially benefit trannies in the "future".

No. 1890897

File: 1693425731980.jpg (191.01 KB, 1080x562, Screenshot_20230830_122721_Tum…)

>The procedure hasn't been attempted on trans women, apparently because of a lack of research on how to conduct the procedure
The reply to this post kek What happened to trans icon hero Lili Elbe who had the first uterus transplant? Very brave.

No. 1890898

Rent free. Women must always be at competition to them. I’m sure Rowling is more than ok with her massively successful creative franchise and all the income from books, movies, theme parks etc etc.

No. 1890913

The wording really annoys me. The medical triumph cannot be for women, it has to be a step to serve men.

No. 1890932

It sounds like being fucked in the ass by men cured his limp dick more than the crossdressing. Sort of unusual for an HSTS type to have the hyper-masculine military past.

No. 1890944

Aside from what's already been brought up ITT regarding how stupid it is to try to compare the profit of a single movie in a series of eight, which is itself based on a series of seven books, to the profit of a single stand-alone movie, I'm not even sure this is true, especially not if we're accounting for inflation. The math isn't checking out for me no matter how I look at it.
Profit dick-measuring aside, I think the actual question should be who spends their profits in a more humanitarian way: Rowling, or Mattel? Hell, even just Rowling vs Nef would be interesting to see get compared, in terms of philanthropy. Money is money, but if the TRAs and libfems want to pretend that they are the ones who care about human rights, I would like to see them prove it.

No. 1890963

File: 1693436168665.jpeg (418.91 KB, 944x4515, IMG_1740.jpeg)

The body that governs competitive cycling has recommended a suspension for Rhys McKinnon/Veronica Ivy due to abusive language directed towards the organization over their rules regarding trans woman athletes. I am glad to see someone meeting consequences for this kind of threatening behavior.

No. 1890964

Why would anyone be "freaking out" about this? It's already been performed on numerous over the past several years. It's retarded and a waste of resources, but it doesn't mean anything beyond that. Only a Mengele-esque madman would try to stick a uterus in a male, and each successive transplant to a normal woman doesn't make that gross violation of the Hippocratic oath any more likely. Also (and trannies ALWAYS leave this out) the uterus is typically removed after the woman gives birth, because it's served it's purpose.

My only thought each time I read about this case is, "Wow, another rich woman who will move heaven and earth to raise a baby that's 100% genetically hers when there are millions of homeless children. What a bitch."

No. 1890965

File: 1693436280165.png (245.66 KB, 963x676, xD.png)

>i-it's just innocent memes
and then you see his nick
at this point i can't tell if TIMs simply lack self-awareness or are gaslighting everyone around them

No. 1890967

>who will move heaven and earth to raise a baby that's 100% genetically hers when there are millions of homeless children.
Now that you mention this, it’s so weird to me how no one just tells trannies to just adopt a baby (please don’t let trannies adopt babies) if they want to have children that badly. But of course all trannies give a fuck about it the fetishized idea of pregnancy, sometimes abortion and periods, and is it me? Or does everyone just knows this?

No. 1890980

Well, in trannies' cases, they're either sex offenders who wouldn't get approved for adoption, or they have existing children (with an ex) they already don't take care of. Or both kek. Stealing a dead woman's organs is their only hope of fulfilling their pregnancy fetish and indoctrinating a kid into their ideology from birth.

No. 1890985

Thank god, I am so tired of this psycho moid in particular

No. 1890994

even if I would give my brother my uterus it wouldn't work because his body is very different to any female body. There has never been any case where a female uterus was successfully transplanted into a male body, not between siblings, not between relatives, never and as far as I understand the progress of transplantation, I don't think it will ever be possible without extreme risks for the male body and for a possible child. And I don't understand the reason behind all this, I don't even understand it among women, why is the need to experience a pregnancy and birthing a child so important that you take the extreme health risk of a foreign organ? There are so many children out there, perfectly healthy that would need parents, why not take one of those and give them an amazing life without wasting your money on stupid experiments? And why don't those scientist do research on curing cancer or new medicine for diabetes or something like that, more people would need that than a transplanted uterus.

No. 1890997

Could have joined the military as a closeted gay man to prove his masculinity. I knew of a couple of mildly effeminate men in the 00s who overcompensated for it by forcing themselves into being jocks and going nuts with misogynistic+homophobic language so they'd feel more "masc". Nothing more fragile than masculinity kek
victory for the twans! movie studio owns sole movie rights to two massive ips and currently surpassed themselves on the charts as all umbrella corps hope to do. The Mattel toy corporation doing a joint money scheme with Warner bros who don't want to be making many - if any - original ips this decade (like all the other big movie studios) to make entertaining advertisements for toy products is a victory for the future anarcho-communist society trannies are fighting for

No. 1891025

I was thinking the same thing kek. So many supposed anarchists, communists, socialists, anti-capitalists, and feminists amidst the trans crowd, but they really seem to love Misogynistic Brand Advertisement: The Movie. Honestly this feels like it goes past champagne socialism. We've entered the era of Funko Pop socialists.

No. 1891040

trans is the ultimate consoomer move, it's a money pit

No. 1891044

It's so satisfying to see his smug ass BTFO. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy

No. 1891046

It would be easier to give a transman the ability to fertilise an egg. But they're women so their desires are ignored meanwhile everyone is bending over backwards to move mountains for moids.

No. 1891048

It's ego-driven.

They want to be able to do something that only women can do. They don't like seeing women being proud mothers and bonding over pregnancy related things that they have never and will never have any personal experience with. They've been able to appropriate breasts, vaginas, periods, lesbianism, etc. Pregnancy/fertility is the one thing in their minds that separates us from them and it makes them absolutely crazy with envy and resentment. They think it's the final frontier of womanhood for them to conquer and thus claim ownership over.

No. 1891049

File: 1693447291652.jpg (189.94 KB, 922x2048, F4ytBRjXoAAnOGf.jpg)

It's starting..

No. 1891054

Don't want to get too deep into it as I find it very depressing (isn't all this tranny talk after all? kek), but 10 years ago I got interested in Wicca because it was a place where I could express my love for folklore and yet learn a form of spirituality that actually valued women. It turns out that I ended up finding it too restrictive for me particularly and I don't really enjoy having any religion, however, I'm still interested in learning about different Goddesses (mostly the ones who protect women and nature) and mythology, matriarchal traditions, and female spirituality. The first book I read about Wicca was "The Spiral Dance" by StarHawk. That book was particularly important for me at the time (mid-2000s) as I grew up feeling very disconnected from the mainstream "empowering" feminism, as a young lesbian that avoided using revealing clothes because I fucking hated the creepy old men's attention (which young girl doesn't, regardless of sexual orientation?), that would tell me that acting "slutty" was empowering for women. I felt in my bones it was NOT true power, but I had anyone to talk to. I neither wanted to be seen as anti-feminist nor a pick me. So when I read StarHawk's words, about how in the 70s she and other feminists burnt porn magazines (during a ritual or a protest, I don't remember) to symbolize how porn is hate against women, wow, that blew my mind. I felt understood for the first time.

Sadly, recently I realized StarHawk supports twanswomen in female spirituality. That did disappoint me. Fortunately, though, StarHawk introduced me to Zsuzsanna Budapest, who founded the first women-only witches' coven and the female-only type of Dianic Wicca. And she's still standing up for female-only spiritual spaces and refusing to accept trannies.

Anyway, sorry for the blog post, nonas, kek. I just get really mad every time I see trannies trying to colonize every aspect of female traditions, even our spirituality and our Goddesses. But fuck them, no Goddess who protects women would ever accept a penis-haver among her followers. They know the wisdom of nature, and nature will always know the differences between males and females.(blogpost)

No. 1891055

SA meant to say "more than 10 years ago". Sorry, it's very late here and I'm sleepy lol

No. 1891059

Well, it was expected, sigh. Don't trannies claim full ownership of all female bodies? After all, refusing to have sex with girldick is already bigotry, so I suppose not giving our organs away to them is bigotry as well. At this point, these degenerates might be already writing fiction in which they punish TERFy lesbians by raping them, then killing them to steal their organs According to the things I've seen them posting on Reddit, I'm sure a lot of them fantasize about such things (sorry if the spoiler tag didn't work, I'm new here)

No. 1891065

File: 1693449128672.jpg (1.79 MB, 1558x1968, F4rtCkUasAATLRG.jpg)

No. 1891075

soo gross
around 15:34 onwards its especially disgusting.
warning for pedo shite

No. 1891076

They've already written fiction precisely like what you listed as a hypothetical. Hell, they've written much worse than that. The retard who calls himself "Porpentine Heartscape" comes to mind. Sorry you had to learn about this instead of being able to live in blissful ignorance.
I wish I could go back to a time when I didn't see this thumbnail, and somehow ensure I never would see it.

No. 1891083

File: 1693452784498.jpg (1.18 MB, 4080x1792, IMG_20230830_222157508.jpg)

Sigh. I wouldn't have gone to this show if I knew that Vis Crom of absu trooned out and was part of crosspitter and sacramentum. I was so excited for sacramentum because only USA tour, but now I'm ripping their patches off everything. Still looks like a gigantic man with rock hard implants and women's clothes + perm. Still manly stage grimace, hulking. When I asked for more women in metal, this ain't what I wanted. Fuck off vis crom you big ugly scrote. Guess I'm not using the bathroom tonight either.
41% and get out my music SIR

No. 1891089

File: 1693453225076.jpg (2.42 MB, 4080x1792, IMG_20230830_213618573.jpg)

Vis crom AKA """"Melissa Moore """
Plays in Cockshitter and Sacrescrotum. (Crosspitter and sacrementum) Go head and use the ladies room, I made this for youuuu

No. 1891090

Omg giggling in bed at this hate crime

No. 1891092

Kek based.

No. 1891097

File: 1693454522556.jpg (1.15 MB, 4080x1792, IMG_20230830_230119800.jpg)

"""wOmEn iN HeAvy MeTal""*

No. 1891104

File: 1693455158952.jpeg (70.2 KB, 2040x896, received_862914598601755.jpeg)

Anonymous 3 minutes ago No. 1891103

Me n five other ladies walked out n threw our sacrementum patches in the dirt after cutting them off our vests. Hope they have to listen to him cry all the way to the next gig.(lrn2post)

No. 1891105

File: 1693455824377.jpg (391.17 KB, 810x1643, Screenshot_20230831-000253_Chr…)

Troon believes rot pockets are indistinguishable from vaginas:

No. 1891111

real vaginas don’t close up if you don’t shove a plastic rod in them twice a day dude

No. 1891112

You can taste the disdain lmao.

>squeeze out a baby

Your rot pocket can't change size and expand or contract, something that's important and pleasurable for straight sex. They really think their glorified belly button is just as good as a functional muscle.

No. 1891118

Trannies will say
>b-b-but cis women get vaginismus
Yeah vaginismus is an anxiety induced condition that can be cured with therapy and anxiety reducing exercises. A real woman clamping up down there due to anxiety is not the same as an impending and inevitable implosion of a surgically created nightmare

No. 1891124

nonna ily
what an absolute hulk of a moid. men with gigantic jaws just don't compare with women with strong jaws. His face looks like buffalo bill

No. 1891126

as a vaginismus-chan i can confirm that you barely even notice you have it until you try to insert something in your vagina. A rotpocket on the other hand will give a moid all kinds of nasty infections on it's own.

A real vag cleans itself whenever you're not cleaning it, meanwhile rot pockets leak shit

No. 1891132

Kek this is so pathetic. If my male crush told me 'i like u but I prefer my women trans' I'd thank my lucky stars he found this bout of honesty within himself (rare for a man), and fuck him off.

AHH sorry I'd be like 'why won't he fuck meeee' and cry on Reddit like a real girlie amirite hehe

No. 1891134

File: 1693462042647.jpeg (789.5 KB, 2500x1904, IMG_2957.jpeg)

No. 1891148

File: 1693468223289.png (1.09 MB, 1331x990, IMG_20230831_004640_769.png)

Diapertran babyfur/nonce picnic in chaz/chop park this upcoming Sunday. Idk which thread to even post this in as the organizer appears to be pulling a Kikomi completely unironically, judging by this tweet and others

No. 1891150

reminds of that article a few years back, about how goth cultures androgyny but commitment to binary sex was offensive towards trans and non-binary people.

No. 1891158

I think it’s interesting that 20th century androgynous celebs are almost all opposed to trannies. Boy George and Marilyn also made anti-troon statements. Even the creator of Rocky Horror, who’s obviously AGP himself, said that trannies will never be real women.

No. 1891159

File: 1693474482606.png (280.55 KB, 1439x2177, Screenshot_20230831-033549.png)

Alice Cooper is based.

No. 1891163

>Vis crom AKA """"Melissa Moore """
I googled his new name and a porn star of the same name came up, what a coincidence!

No. 1891164

Glad to see an old rocker not reveal himself to be a pandering fetishist like so many have. Nick Cave writes excellent blog posts and he wrote a great response to someone's tranny bait question recently, basically saying he loves a his fans equally in their uniqueness. I think either a broad response like that, or a straightforward one like Alice Cooper here kek, is good. The ones rushing to shit on women and crawl up tranny ass look like coomer fetishists and womanhaters and give me serious sideye

No. 1891165

>Marilyn also made anti-troon statements
One might think with how obsessed he is with being ‘heterosexual’ he’d want to pretend TIMs are actually women but guess not kek
>Alice Cooper is based.
Alice Cooper isn’t “based” he’s just an old scrote who either doesn’t have the self awareness or doesn’t care.
>The ones rushing to shit on women and crawl up tranny ass look like coomer fetishists and womanhaters
Seeing their lyrics and interviews and the fact that most of them have some type of allegations they hate women by default, the true distinction imo is if they fuck TIMs and if they want to pretend they’re totes straight about it.

No. 1891168

Vis Crom used to play in Absu, trooned out, and the rest of the band wanted nothing to do with him, so they renamed and carried on.

No. 1891173

File: 1693480284518.jpg (565.01 KB, 1080x1616, Screenshot_20230831-070629_Chr…)

Investing thousands of dollars in malignant narcissists has got to be a terrible business strategy kek:

No. 1891174

File: 1693480577244.jpeg (141.28 KB, 828x1126, FEFCB058-61F3-4E7A-93FA-7ECF86…)

kek bro you will never be a heavy metal leather babe.

No. 1891175

what a wonderful day to claim myself non-binary and how convenient that non-binary people don’t owe anyone androgyny according to their own flimsy rules

No. 1891176

Watching this rn and this man is the most degenerate fetishist I've had the displeasure of hearing about. Not trying to alog but this guy should be burned alive

No. 1891177

>his hand and arm was degloved and shredded
I'm esl so I don't really understand what "degloved" means here but that may be a blessing in disguise.

No. 1891178

>"In the future everyone will be bisexual"
>Randomly brings up AI when it has nothing to do with the topic
He's right about troonery being a sexist fad that men will take advantage of to harm women and children (they already have), but everything else in this is actually retarded.

No. 1891181

Degloved means the skin ripped off, like taking off a glove but the 'material' is your skin.

No. 1891183

I wouldn't suggest looking it up, if only to avoid pictures. The visual of it is truly disgusting. It's precisely what it sounds like, though.

No. 1891186

I hate how worldwide this nonsense is.

No. 1891191

I thought TIMs could have totally valid and true biological ”pussies” installed that do everything “cis” vaginas do, though? This tweet is so transmisogynist fam I don’t feel safe
(Meanwhile I don’t think I’ve ever seen a TIF claim her rotdog is indistinguishable from a real dick so fair enough there)

Was that the one about Jaden Smith, or a different one?

No. 1891200

That was a different one, it was shared on here a few years back

No. 1891201

kek this is borderline illegible but good for this batty old moid i guess? these old ass druggies really need handlers for interviews and shit.
wtf im nonbinary now

No. 1891209

>Alice Cooper loses deal after stating facts and expressing his opinion that did not attack or demean any individual or group
Clown world

No. 1891218

File: 1693486961538.png (39.9 KB, 698x65, Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 2.04.…)

But I thought 'trans women are women'? How is that not an open category?

No. 1891220

Hmmm I wonder why women aren't volunteering to participate against men. If one woman joins, would that make him happy? This could be a real opportunity for a TRA to do some activism.

No. 1891254

File: 1693496697569.jpeg (86.21 KB, 398x582, IMG_4880.jpeg)

AGP/repressor mangaka and his unhinged misogynistic coomer rant. Bleak seeing the hundreds of troons saying it’s exactly how they feel.

No. 1891255

File: 1693496718389.jpeg (225.22 KB, 1051x1501, IMG_4881.jpeg)

No. 1891257

File: 1693496816551.jpeg (182.51 KB, 869x1300, IMG_4882.jpeg)

No. 1891258

File: 1693496928001.jpeg (183.56 KB, 869x1300, IMG_4883.jpeg)


Twitter post full of troons telling on themselves:


No. 1891262

I find it utterly terrifying to read this as a woman. This reminds me of the Euphoria troon’s diary, the way it describes women as a collection of fetishized body parts. Or as dolls, literal inanimate objects. It reminds me of serial killer writings too. It’s violent in a weirdly intimate way that makes my skin crawl. I don’t know how any woman could read the innermost thoughts of AGPs and not immediately identify them as dangerous males.

No. 1891263

I’ve been looking for any troon trying to explain how this revulsion is unjustified. I can’t, just a bunch of anime pfp troons calling women who are made uncomfortable by dehumanization “stupid TERFs”. 0 empathy all around, only unchecked sexual perversion and self pity.

No. 1891266

File: 1693497703489.jpg (66.91 KB, 265x376, Inside_Mari_volume_1_cover.jpg)

>Shuzo Oshimi
Makes sense, he wrote an AGP fantasy manga called "Inside Mari" where a college dropout wakes up inside the body of a high school girl and it got fucking banned from Kinokuniya stores in Australia I think because of child porn laws. TIMs went crazy for it but it was predictably creepy. Oshimi writes women like some unknowable mystical malevolent force, the troons saying it feels like he "gets it" really are telling on themselves.

No. 1891272

I think he does “get it” in the sense that he articulates the AGP experience well. It’s just that it’s very different from women’s experiences, so they need to stop pretending to be “just like us” and admit that their experience and understanding of womanhood comes from a male perspective. Women aren’t reading pedophilic mangas going “ooh slay kween, he really gets me!”

No. 1891280

Evopsych evaluation moment but I feel a lot of these agp troons are deeply disturbed by their own sexualities. Not that they feel any shame or guilt over dehumanizing women, moreso they are frustrated with their incessant covetousness over female bodies. They want to become women to free themselves of the burden of being failed men. The burden itself being the bottomless urge to chase and obsess over women and girls. They simultaneously see women as non-human items for their consumption, as well as fully actualized for beings free of the male sex drive. Ironically, the more they naval-gaze over wishing they were something they aren’t, the more their male-brained degeneracy consumes them. The ultimate expression of bottomless male covetousness over female bodies is wanting to have and possess a female body himself.
The y-chromosomes are parasites by design, the pinnacle of parasitism is to become the host itself (because becoming a non-parasite is completely impossible and unthinkable to the make sex). They wish to be simultaneously the subject and the object. But sadly, not even that is good enough for them. All they want is to have been born the privilege of not ever having been a man. They will toil, self-pity, and goon themselves to death. What a sad existence it is to be born a male. My biggest complaint is how they view and treat actual women and make them suffer, all because of their inferior parasite mentality.

No. 1891284

File: 1693499511528.jpg (525.68 KB, 810x2034, Screenshot_20230831-120403_Chr…)

Forget about having a worthwhile discussion about TIMs in women's sports anywhere on preddit. It's even more unbearable now without access to pushshift which at least let us see what got removed. Looks like the sub's resident tranny janny (The Mx title in his username is your clue here) went on a powertrip removing comments and banning users for wrongthink:

No. 1891286

I remember an episode of redfem where they talked about this, men who see themselves as losers and failures and think to themselves "well I guess I failed as a man, I must be a woman then" like I'm sorry you were bullied or didn't fit in, that doesn't make you a woman, just get a hobby or something.

No. 1891304

>>1891258 to >>1891254
A breakdown of what he said:
>"I cannot become a girl because I would still have a man's mind and lust"
>"I am addicted to anime and porn, and masturbated to the point of dysfunction"
>"I felt inferior compared to other men, and thought that made me closer to being a girl"
>The implication that being "pathetic and weak" are female traits
>"I believed that I would be safer from male violence if I were a girl"
>"My porn addiction and insecurity led to sexual dysfunction, which I blamed on the fact I couldn't live my fetish"
>"I hate feminism for acknowledging misogyny and male violence because it makes me feel bad about being a man"
>"I believe that the only way I could stop being a misogynistic coomer is if I had never been born (male) to begin with"
>"My misogyny hurts my feelings, too, so please pretty please don't criticize me"
The fact that I felt some small amount of relief when this creep admitted he could never be a woman shows that the bar isn't on the ground, it's subterranean. TIMs always insist they don't think shit like this when confronted on it, but then openly admit to it being true when it's not being framed as a reason why they're not women and shouldn't have access to female-only spaces or terms. They're just a bunch of liars who will say anything to get what they want, just like men usually do.
I read this all the way through, it's really weird. It turns out that the main character isn't a man who was body-swapped with the high school girl he's creepy about, but rather, the opposite—The girl was stalking the man, who barely knew she existed at all, as a way of mentally escaping her life, and she had a breakdown and assumed the personality of her imagined version of him when he no longer matched her idea of him and moved away. You'd all be very unsurprised to know that Mari's primary life trauma is that her mom is strict and mean. It feels very distinctly like an AGP fantasy turned AGP's rendition of the TIF experience with remaining AGP fantasy elements.

No. 1891308

At least the other jannies discovered the powertripping and lifted the ban. Things like that just peak more people. The idea that you're not allowed to question males in women's sport are bizarre to most normies.

No. 1891314

Wow, I never finished the manga because it was so creepy I dropped it but that's almost even worse. Why are AGPs so caught up on the fantasy that beautiful women are secretly obsessed with pathetic loser NEETs? Although taking that and making her actually want to skinwalk one is a very weird TIF flair that I didn't expect.

No. 1891327

>when there are millions of homeless children
Sage for off topic but while I fully agree with you, this is simply not true. There's no such thing as an easy adoption (which is a good thing but still) and those in foster care rarely end up getting put up for adoption.

No. 1891334

File: 1693506751350.jpg (2.47 MB, 888x6975, tranny.jpg)

No. 1891338

No. 1891339

File: 1693507322101.webm (2.6 MB, 608x1080, Ssstwitter.Com 1693507255251.w…)

the car…

No. 1891345

You just know this disgusting creature got off on doing this and that he’d absolutely have hurt her if he thought he could get away with it. I hope someone cuts his dick off and sets him on fire and I’ll take my ban if that counts as a-logging.

No. 1891355

>Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky
my sides

No. 1891359

File: 1693509401543.jpeg (411.38 KB, 828x828, IMG_0992.jpeg)

A women was venting on r/women about her discomfort in a guy she likes following belle delphine and how it disgusted her.

I scrolled down to find other women telling her to trust her gut but saw a comment basically saying all men like porn and giving empathy towards the guy. Oh and of cause it was a Troon.

No. 1891363

There are over 100k children in the US available for adoption from foster care right now, and it's free to adopt from foster care. It's only hard to adopt if you're overly picky about race and age.

No. 1891366

File: 1693510397012.jpg (117.29 KB, 1280x960, url.jpg)


No. 1891367

Hes right all men do like porn. I didn’t see him sympathizing with her coom addicted bf tho, he said she should set boundaries.

No. 1891387

Funny how that's most of what happens to men when they go stating their opinions on trans issues huh? I remember Paul Stanley from Kiss also recently saying something on trans stuff on his instagram, something in the sense "let kids be kids" and people just said "well he is an old out of touch dude he doesn't know what he is talking about; he is stupid and should get off the internet! I'm disappointed; oh he never said anything about hormones, might not even be talking about trans kids!" like, everyone knows what that guy was talking about but there was barely any reaction, like, I am yet to see a male celeb that gets treated like JKR got after standing their ground (which they rarely do, fucking cowards).
So many cases of women being cancelled for the same statements or just by being related in some way to the woman who made said statements, like being a nobody that likes Harry Potter… it just tires me to death that men can have opinions and get a slap on the wrist but women have to stay quiet or else they face severe consequences for the most mild stuff like saying men can rape women and girls, and that children cannot consent.
This treatment of women after they express their opinions was what made me side with them and stop being a retarded handmaid, what made me see TIMs for the mysoginystic pigs they've always been. It's just sad that we have to see women continuously being treated like shit by men who claim to be just like us before we fucking wake up to see what a joke this is.

No. 1891395

>men who see themselves as losers and failures and think to themselves "well I guess I failed as a man, I must be a woman then"
This is so revolting. They're apparently not aware that's what they're doing but they often admit that they see the idea that "men better than women" as the truth, and they're too weak to fight other men either to escalate in the male hierarchy or to try to destroy it. So they decide to run away as the huge cowards they are to try to be better somewhere else: in this case, be better at being women than actual women. Gross.

No. 1891396

> They want to become women to free themselves of the burden of being failed men.

Absolutely perfect summary of AGP, nonna. I’ve never seen anyone put it so succinctly.

No. 1891400

File: 1693514640407.jpg (226.14 KB, 1050x491, 1jEsYib.jpg)


No. 1891402

almost as good as goonclown’s last name being passmore

No. 1891405

>I didn’t see him sympathizing with her coom addicted bf tho, he said she should set boundaries.
but he also said:

>It's a very reasonable boundary to have as a woman, but it makes dating a lot harder.

which I find very manipulative coming from a troon. Might be my bias, but it gives me the "you're allowed to have a genital preference, but not dating an amazing girl just because she has a dick is a bit silly" vibes. Everything trannies say about sex always sounds rapey imo.

No. 1891408

>I am yet to see a male celeb that gets treated like JKR got after standing their ground (which they rarely do, fucking cowards)
>it just tires me to death that men can have opinions and get a slap on the wrist but women have to stay quiet or else they face severe consequences for the most mild stuff like saying men can rape women and girls, and that children cannot consent.
Nothing makes men more mad than a woman not being kind, nurturing, and the good doormat she was born to be. Sadly, plenty of women will also throw bricks at other women while blindly protecting their precious males. I already expect such behaviour from both sides, but the betrayal of other women hurts the most.

No. 1891419

good news for this guy specifically: I'm sure that before it even goes that far most people are peacing out because of what's not in your pants (your fat fucking gut)

No. 1891423

With the context that the author is blatantly AGP, I'm honestly not sure what to make of it. Maybe it was a fantasy about realizing he was never actually a man to begin with, but a distressed girl's idea of a man? It would make sense, considering he wishes he could be a girl to the point of "having a girl's brain" and "never having had a man's brain/lust."
I think it's worth mentioning that one of the major reveals of the manga was that the man Mari was stalking because she viewed him as being more free than she was (he was a horny NEET, and she was expected to be a model student and perfect daughter) actually had problems of his own and didn't like his life. I guess this was supposed to make the idea of a girl envying the freedom of a man seem naive and ignorant, since their issues are framed as being equally troubling, and Mari is depicted as immature in her assumption that a man who lazes around and jacks off all day might have it better than her. IIRC the manga ends with Mari accepting who she truly is and moving on with her life after making peace with her past, illustrated as her walking away hand-in-hand with her fictional version of the man and her child self (who she tried to repress). It's been awhile since I read it, so I might be forgetting or misremembering some things.
The same guy who wrote this also wrote Blood On The Tracks (a story about a boy's weird relationship with his mentally ill mother, still ongoing), Flowers of Evil (manga about a boy who is in love with a mentally ill girl who blackmails him, beats him, and generally ruins his life—also he gets raped by a different girl after he rejects her in favor of the crazy girl), and Happiness (I think this one was about a boy who gets spirited away by a vampire girl who looks his age but is much older). Most of his work contains themes of psychosexual fixations, abuse, women and girls having control over men and boys, women and girls abusing men and boys, and finding freedom through degeneracy. I don't imagine any of this is surprising to any of you, though.

No. 1891429

Samefag, there was one reoccurring theme I forgot to mention: The main character always has a female companion who either obsessively cares for him, or somehow takes complete control over his life. This also applies to Mari, even though that protagonist is technically a girl. Often, both show up. Mari's caretaker was her friend and the woman who controlled her life was her mother, the protagonist of Blood on the Tracks had exactly the same thing, Flowers of Evil's protagonist had a female friend who was his caretaker and a crush who was the one who controlled him (but sometimes they changed roles between the two, since the crush was framed as giving him freedom, and the friend is the one who raped him). Make of this what you will.

No. 1891434

its like they think women have an undeserved higher status than """failed men"", but since they are men that they are inherently superior to women and therefore can ""defeat them" by being better women than women… it's just a tangled and bizarre perspective looping in on itself ad infinitum

No. 1891470

Thank you. I didn't want to derail but I hate when people say "why not just adopt? There are millions of homeless children!" This isn't true, most people don't just give up their children to strangers. There aren't that many kids up for adoption, and most are older children with severe special needs that would be very difficult for first-time parents to handle. Adoption is also way more complex and expensive than it used to be, precisely because all those "just adopt, it's easy!" rich people created a black market for baby trafficking which most countries absolutely don't want. So no, it's not that easy and people just show their cluelessness when they claim that.(derailing)

No. 1891511

Being a failed man means being a failed human, being a woman means being an object. They want to be high status objects because it satisfies their ego. The failed male specimen is acutely aware of his undesirability, and wants nothing more to be desired, even if that means being non-human. He fashions himself into the object of his own desire. Instead of overcoming his insatiable male lust, he deems it appropriate to remove his humanity. Men are absolutely pathetic. If women revolt against being dehumanized, men revolt against being humanized. How entitled is that? They’re detestable creatures, truly.

No. 1891520

>I remember an episode of redfem where they talked about this
care to post a link?

No. 1891522

File: 1693530817323.png (439.88 KB, 756x778, Ethan Davies on X.png)

No. 1891527

maybe trannies could just mind their own business?
>‘men are men’ and ‘women are women’ and there’s no in between.
literally the mildest shit ever, cry me a river

No. 1891528

I hope she sues him for a new car

No. 1891533

File: 1693531708498.png (493.14 KB, 746x1085, Joanna Cuddle on X.png)

Speaking of the most mildest thing ever…

No. 1891538

She's already been pilloried and made to apologize

No. 1891553

I mean I've always been more on the tech and mechanical side of STEM, but the baby wouldn't be theirs correct?

Womb =/= eggs. And we haven't reliable been able to turn male stem cells into functional/fertilizable eggs. So if they implant the woman's entire reproductive system into a man, the baby would genetically be HER kids still right? Because they would be using what is in her Fallopian tubes?

If so another great reason to take yourself off the register. I'll burn the Earth before I let a troon raise my children.

No. 1891567

That is correct. All our eggs are already made when we are in utero. So a mother also in a way carries her grandchildren. So it would be the donor's children not the troons.

No. 1891591

kek, wow a 'reckless conversation' at a Manchester hotel! whatever will the trannies do? After all, there is no greater threat to their existence than anything less than complete and total acquiescence and an absolute female armistice!
How tf did I miss that Toby Huss trooned out?

No. 1891609

File: 1693542047983.webm (13.01 MB, 576x1024, cinminroll9.webm)

tranny gets a rot pocket installed and is crying that his mother won't be his personal slave
>doesn't like the tv on at night because she can't sleep
totally unreasonable

No. 1891610

File: 1693542098418.webm (1.79 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.App 727096244746353387…)

No. 1891632

least selfish troon

No. 1891637

This is so disgusting to read. It's like the only way for these porn addict failmalds to not be useless, worthless, non-functioning porn addicts is to call themselves women. It would be good if they just chemically castrated themselves in the privacy of their own home but they have to bring down other women with them too.

No. 1891651

its hard to tell because of the filter, but i'm fairly certain i never saw a single tear actually shed despite how much effort he put into his manipulative, narcissistic charade.

No. 1891666

File: 1693554608923.png (63.73 KB, 687x352, comrade legasov you are guilty…)

No. 1891679

mommy won't do her job, wow, the absolute nerve of this adult man living at home mad that mommy isn't bending over backwards for him. you can tell he felt a little weird saying it too about her not "doing her job" like justified it afterwards that she signed up for being his caretaker, ladies this is your wake up call to never have male children, the instance of you having to mommy them until you die is too high to accept the risk.

No. 1891683

File: 1693559573691.webm (2.07 MB, 480x270, Bz-CcOBKjiZVduI3.webm)

>Josie Romero, born Joseph Romero. “Josie” was diagnosed by a quack doctor in Japan with gender identity disorder and his parents started transitioning him by 6.
> in this video at age 10 he voices his doubts to his mother.
>“Sometimes I think I’m a boy kinda… Will you love me if I’m a boy?"
>his mother then reassures him that he's actually just a normal girl
This is just beyond messed up.

No. 1891689

this looks old… what happened to "Josie"?

No. 1891690

Its from 2011, Josie wiped off his social media around 2018 and no one knows what happened, I really feel for the children who had this happen to them.

No. 1891691

I tried looking this up, and someone on reddit said his instagram is now @sadie_croft. I can't access instagram, can another anon take a look? My related searches also pair the two names together, but that could be from the reddit post.

No. 1891701

File: 1693563420513.jpeg (653.68 KB, 828x1436, IMG_7973.jpeg)

yes it is him

No. 1891718

Very telling how he doesn't post his face unless it's filtered to hell and back, no matter how early they start hormone therapy a boy will always grow up to be a man

No. 1891744

This is the face of a modern eunuch.

No. 1891751

File: 1693572435637.jpg (477.64 KB, 1080x1381, Screenshot_20230901_084605.jpg)

the initial video is about people freaking out when getting a piercing.

No. 1891753

jfc how narcissistic do you have to be to complain about the use of an abbreviation in the context of something that has NOTHING to do with you

No. 1891770

>This is the first time the mother has claimed to have her "daughter" express doubts about being a girl
I have a feeling this is the first time he expressed doubts…. on camera….

No. 1891796

File: 1693577743801.jpg (78.59 KB, 685x900, F40yrzyawAAjviV.jpg)

If youre depressed and think your life sucks, remember at least youre not this guy

No. 1891802

this comment in response to the overfiltered pic made me think of that deviantart artist who drew eunuchs/mtfs as extremely attractive women and actual women as really plain kek

No. 1891806

nonna you are so eloquent, exactly

No. 1891815

File: 1693579440143.jpg (379.04 KB, 810x1609, Screenshot_20230901-104317_Chr…)

You hear that? Sexism is good for trans people.

No. 1891822

Also the fucking reach to act like this is such a misogynistic statement that his mom "went off" on his dad for saying that. It's literally a gimmick in sitcoms to this day. I can tell this male 100% thinks that women are exaggerating/overreacting to misogynistic comments, he thinks that we're all worked up about insignificant shit like this.

No. 1891823

Something I've realized is that I notice that transbian couples don't last very long. Take the public figure troons for example: Keffals tweets about a new "girlfriend" every couple of months and Contrapoints mentions a new "girlfriend" every so often when he uploads a video. I give it one year tops before Tony and Zack break off their engagements. It's males dating other males so no surprises that it's completely dysfunctional kek. Troons either die alone or cope being in a polycule.

No. 1891826

quality peaking material right here, i don't know how any self-respecting woman could see trannies saying "sexism and misogyny is good" and try to defend it.

No. 1891827

Kek, he looks so ugly and stereotypical. The kind of tranny I’d expect people to post as a wojak hanging himself.

No. 1891828

As a lesbian, I would literally rather fuck a man than a “girl” with a dick. Do these people not understand what the uncanny valley is?

No. 1891831

I didn't think I'd ever watch a video of a person crying and feel absolutely no empathy. What a vile, repulsive, entitled pissbaby.

No. 1891833

File: 1693581911317.webm (14.68 MB, 482x270, 2REBiqiJEHVnqw_J.webm)

This is genuinely dystopian, how the fuck did society become like this?

No. 1891843

Faghags but dialed up to 11.

No. 1891849

Is it possible to search for such short words on twitter? If so he probably searches for “ts” regularly and gets pissy when he gets tweets that are unrelated to his fetish.

Yes, please keep saying the quiet bit out loud.

How long has Rhys McKinnon / Veronica Ivy been with his boyfriend? It feels like the only troon-troon and troon-chaser relationships I’ve seen last more than a few months involve at least one pedophile.

No. 1891864

>I was having a little trouble figuring out what to wear
Even this is the mf pretending he knows what means to be a woman, FFS they're so fucking shallow and misogynistic

No. 1891866

>Contrapoints mentions a new "girlfriend"
I know it's no news but it's so fucking pathetic how Contrapoints shot a ~1 hour-long video making a disgusting parody of what actual lesbians go through just to say he hooked up with another troon. Does anyone know if he's bisexual or just a gay guy?

No. 1891867

Ain’t it funny how trans exclusive feminism is literal genocide while trans inclusive misogyny is a pillar of validation?

No. 1891872

I believe he currently only dates ciswomen and his homosexual phase was pseudo homosexuality that most agps go through to validate his fetish.

No. 1891880

Holy shit. I was a libfem at one point, too, but I can't imagine what sort of neurosis it takes to stand outside in a dirty allyway just for your chance to be graced by being in the presence of a TIM whose claim to fame is making TikTok videos LARPing as a bimbo crossed with a pedophilic man's idea of what a little girl acts like. What does this guy even do for them to justify this shit? "Be visible"? Other minorities don't get fandoms like this simply for openly existing, and they don't want them, either.

No. 1891888

Liz Fong Jones has also been married for a while I think but that's cause some gay couples are able to settle down and I feel like his transition was for him and his asian husband to larp as straight. It seems the dedicated true bisexual chasers (not porn-rotten straights or barely bisexuals who want kids someday interested in an experiment) and the internalised homophobic gay couples can last enough if they are the type happy with one fetish recepticle and/or can sustain the straight larp without harming the relationship itself which works if the femme just acts like a cross-dresser without big surgeries. The penile surgery always starts a timer to the end of the relationship no matter how long the couple's time together since they're always botched plus the top wants to look down and see a penis, not a weird rip in the mound and they don't always seem to realise that visual aspect is important before it's gone even if the bottom never tops. my town had a 30 year gay marriage (they did a private ceremony prior to legalization) between a gay dude and drag queen-turned-tranny that lasted right until a couple years after the crotch botch despite how in love and supportive the other guy clearly seemed with the tranny. The whole transition was fine as the dude was basically in drag 24/7 before identifying as a tranny anyways, but the surgery just killed it
Prison trans also seem to last longer I think, but that's just out of the desperation since they spend lots of time before settling trying to get a real woman and stay begrudgingly because they realize they don't have other options but are always on the lookout for a tif or traumatized woman as a replacement. These relationships will inevitably breakdown due to both parties being straight and miserable pretending otherwise, the anger that the other party isn't actually a woman eventually totally overcomes the "benefits" of the t4t cope. They'll usually go poly in a last ditch attempt to prolong the relationship but it's a death rattle as they're all men yet again (unless they can find a tif or lone handmaiden) and the validation masturbation train only goes so far as the fetish doesn't really replace sex just takes over it and they still need a woman to for real sex.

No. 1891897

File: 1693590245061.jpg (579.29 KB, 996x1023, a74542aee3e8cec57b2b5209ded9aa…)

No. 1891900

Meh, I feel like he shouldn't be allowed to teach at all after that dumbass breasts stunt he pulled. They need to keep him away from children but Tranada is a stupid country

No. 1891905

>I believe he currently only dates ciswomen and his homosexual phase was pseudo homosexuality that most agps go through to validate his fetish.
So he's also a fucking predator who wants lesbians to suck his girldick. Gross. I wonder what type of desperate, mentally ill women date him… I remember reading a post on his Instagram playing the victim because "cis" lesbians consider transbians predators and bc of it he was lonely or something. Well, that's what they fucking are, so

No. 1891910

Omg I love that guy, he’s such an unhinged cow with his eunuch fixation

No. 1891914

>dad says something sexist
>mom pushes back
>son thinks she’s overreacting and it’s fine actually
This checks out completely.

No. 1891927

jesus christ, these parents are beyond comprehension. I know we all talk about it a lot but any nona who has been around children knows they say crazy shit all the time. "Only you know the answer to that", it is sickening to put that weight on a child at that age. Son, you've expressed a lot of interest in becoming a firefighter, so I am signing you up for rigorous classes every week so that when you are 18 you can qualify as a firefighter immediately and pass as one. Do you feel like a firefighter on the inside? Remember, only you can possibly answer that. Are you a firefighter, or a veterinarian?

No. 1891928

Believe it or not, I think that's a Russian chick. She does a lot of Orthodox works, right? If we're thinking of the same one, yes, she's unhinged and I love her insane art

No. 1891947

File: 1693594624606.jpeg (133.8 KB, 937x541, IMG_7601.jpeg)

becoming a docile doormat wont protect you from male violence. when will they learn?

No. 1891975

>Correct me if I'm wrong.
You're wrong. And retarded.

No. 1891976

File: 1693597329987.jpg (23.08 KB, 640x398, 2e269bfe9fe913ca42592dcd85b821…)

No. 1891980

>P-pwese don't call me a TERF
Jesus Christ, grow a fucking spine. It's just a word, and it's used so loosely that it's basically meaningless. I've seen trannies accuse other trannies of being TERFs. Tired of people literally compromising their own principles because they're afraid of a retarded label.

No. 1891982

>Fear and hate.
Yeah, of your nasty penis. Because that's part of being a lesbian, and/or a rape survivor. Hope that helps.

No. 1891985

>Waaah first-time parents can't raise disabled kids
You do realize that like. Plenty of parents' biological first-borns are disabled too, right? Just say you view older orphans as "damaged goods" and go. That's what it always boils down to with IVF people. They want a white, able-bodied, neurotypical newborn because nothing else is "worthy" in their eyes.(derailing, infighting)

No. 1892001

Perhaps I read you wrong but you said about liz fong Jones and his "Asian husband" larping as straight? Doing Gone married a fellow tranny who is white. The otherkin guy who thinks he is a snake? There are ugly wedding photos om kiwifarms. Forgive me if i misunderstand

No. 1892004

This take started semi reasonable and then ended up in Twitter racebait batshittery. Yeah no shit Nona if a couple is going through IVF, they are going to want a healthy, non-handicapped child. If you are in any sort of control over an extremely expensive process like IVF, why in the world would you want to willingly have a child who isn't mentally healthy and not physically handicapped? The ethical implication alone is a no brainer but then again, so is your take on it.

No. 1892005

Exactly. At this point terf just means a normal person, its getting to the point even antifeminists want to be called terf bc it pisses off the troons and doesnt hold the power they want it to.

No. 1892015

>“Sometimes I think I’m a boy kinda… Will you love me if I’m a boy?"
>his mother then reassures him that he's actually just a normal girl
Your summary of the video is pretty dishonest. She replies to him to say "of course. I would love you no matter what" and then the video ends there.

No. 1892018

You don’t have to say “cis” here.

No. 1892024

Anon, you should see the insane paragraphs of diatribe that trannies and tranny sympathizers are posting on Reddit about her, it’s actually absurd.

No. 1892066

Yup no I'm an idiot and for some reason had it in my head that f-j was a white dude with an asian husband instead of the other way around. I think I mixed him with a personal cow who is larping straight

No. 1892086

please post local news article

No. 1892094

can't be in that much pain if he filmed himself for this long STANDING UP, could've cooked some eggs or something during that time and arrange his meds himself. Fucking weasel.

No. 1892098

women could say the same thing about them calling endocrinologists just endo even though endo is mostly used for endometriosis

No. 1892103

paid actors lol

No. 1892104

Before the tranny shit, I never cared much for sororities, or beauty pageants or sports in general. But seeing these slimy boundary violating freaks win, it makes me sick. And then they have the nerve to compare themselves to lesbians or black women.

No. 1892110

he's a man and they're allowed to be honest

No. 1892152

Adoption is never the first option when fostering. The goal is always parent-child reunification.
Leave it to men’s news desk to feel awful about the “transphobia” against a “trans woman”.

No. 1892180

File: 1693630081569.png (282.9 KB, 708x1150, naming yourself after someone …)

I'm trying to figure out if they can't themselves tell the difference between their skinwalking and being truly inspired by someone or if they're all just gaslighting us

No. 1892196

It's ironic how they don't realize how creepy that sounds. If he was really genuine he would mention how this one professor made a positive impact on his life, or how she was a role model, or something. Instead he just mentions this woman's personality in the most impersonal way and how much he liked the subject. It's like they're just taking on these womansonas. Very very creepy.

No. 1892206

File: 1693634049710.png (307.88 KB, 591x635, Screenshot 2023-09-01 225638.p…)

No. 1892208

Just fucking burn the ACLU down to the ground already, jesus christ. How badly are they infested with troons these days to keep pulling this insane horseshit?

No. 1892222

File: 1693638364705.png (350.56 KB, 447x595, YAAN82b.png)

Man, Tony is gaslighting HIMSELF AND us. He said "I wished I was her". It went beyond liking the name. A little girl wearing a flower crown "inspired" him to grow up into a whole ass grown man, take her name, wear a flower crown and tell the story like it was inspirational.

>here I am, finally becoming the little girl I always dreamt of being!

Freak shit. Not normal.

No. 1892223

>sweet and quirky

Oh so it was some magic pixie dream girl (in his mind) he likely thought was hot, not a grey-haired, wrinkled professor. Notice it's never some 80 year old grandma named Agatha or Virginia that they name themselves after. It's always women (or little girls) they are attracted to or were once attracted to. Hence, autogynephilia.

No. 1892227

They’re always so open about trooning out to skinwalk specific girls & women in their lives. Creepy.

No. 1892228

this! also it seems like in the other tweet he tried to make it sound like he picked the name of his ""friend"" and became a troon in 1999 when he was also a kid, but it's an obvious lie, he went on to have the average male lifestyle and appearance for decades. maybe the story is partially or completely made up because we all know AGPs lie about being GNC children, and it would be telling that while crafting his little story he didn't notice how creepy that would sound for the average person

No. 1892253

File: 1693646913688.jpg (387.63 KB, 810x1617, Screenshot_20230902-045542_Chr…)

Mods quickly removed this post and he went to whine about it on r/twoX where his post was again quickly removed. Easy way to deal with them I guess, lol.

No. 1892255

File: 1693647955422.jpg (531.68 KB, 1635x1635, F42BroBaEAA48DP.jpg)

God imagine not leaving when your husband troons out, those poor kids

No. 1892256

how is he confused by the rules when there aren't any (at least on old.reddit, besides the anti-surrogacy policy) + his post makes zero sense, looks like he's just hunting down all the subs that don't revolve around sucking trannies' dicks. i'm surprised twoX deleted his post though, aren't they super pro tranny?
>being perceived as female by the general population
kek, delusional as per usual

No. 1892258

File: 1693648883536.png (60.14 KB, 710x474, Capture d’écran 2023-09-02 à…)


It takes a second to check the rules

No. 1892259

>we would surely face the same societal struggles as AFAB people
what the fuck is he on? hopefully this sub won't get b& because muh twansphobia since the rules seem like a "terf dogwhistle" to them. this is a based sub, too based for plebbit even. antinatalist women should congregate somewhere safer.
absolutely enormous high-testosterone high-hgh moid troons out, nothing new

No. 1892267

Omg the way she is standing. This makes me so sad. It’s so fucked when men decide to use women as beards and incubators and when she is already attached they drop the bomb that they are trans. So beyond evil. Why I’m terrified of ever committing to a man they are liars and will ruin your life to better theirs every single time.

No. 1892270

>And of course trans lesbians can have biological children with cis women
I'm going to vomit. Once a tranny hit on me, and I don't know if was autistic or what, but right away he kinda bragged to me that he was a lesbian that could have biological kids with other lesbians. I think he was trying to put his sexy lesbian qualities on the table kek. So fucking gross, I left almost every single lesbian space, online and irl, because of these rapists.

No. 1892271

You mean the presence of an erect penis and the risk of pregnancy aren't your fave parts of lesbian sex? Terf scum

No. 1892272

>looks like he's just hunting down all the subs that don't revolve around sucking trannies' dicks
They always do that. Like most men, they can't accept rejection, but many trannies behave in a passive-aggressive manner because they don't want to be perceived as male. The thing is, they can't escape their maleness lol. When they post these ridiculous things, they're passive-aggressively trying to abuse women's empathy so they can start sucking their girldicks right away. Abusive, manipulative, and fucking desperate

>i'm surprised twoX deleted his post though, aren't they super pro tranny?

When I was still on Reddit, yes they were. Women couldn't even talk about fearing male violence without a troop of looney troons invading the thread to vomit their misogyny sperging about how estrogen made them such fragile, weak, dumb women

No. 1892273

I don't know what to say about this woman (you know, the actual one). Either she's suffering from Stockholm syndrome or she's just retarded. I hate so much when women don't respect themselves and let moids use them as doormats

No. 1892274

In jail? Yes.

No. 1892275

you're so right. As a good doormat, I should go examine my bigoted genital preference and educate myself about how this bio essensialism is just a byproduct of white colonialism and Eurocentric beauty standards. After all, girldicks don't function like men's dick, they're just like big clits. (Ok, now I'm genuinely going to vomit. How can they be so gross and use this many buzzwords to try to justify that they want to rape lesbians?)

No. 1892276

>Luckily for me, Atsuko is a beautiful person and backed my transition completely. We still live together, we got through this together, but we're no longer in a romantic relationship,' she said.

At least she ain't fucking this behemoth anymore

No. 1892277

I'm sure he read the rules very well. But trannies are used to never get "no" as an answer and to get everything they want by throwing a passive-aggressive male tantrum and yelling muh twasphobia

No. 1892278

>but we're no longer in a romantic relationship
Oh, so they're not together any longer. Good for her. I feel for the kids, tho. That must be very traumatic to have such a disturbed, pornsick man as a father. Anyway, it seems quite common with these older troons, they will appear pos transition in pics with ex-wives for the media, as if they were still together, but when you actually read the article, you discover they're not together anymore (it's always implied it was because she left him) or they still married but not getting sexual any longer and in a "open relationship" kek, sounds pretty misleading, I mean, these photos

No. 1892280


I wouldn't downplay the very real possibility her support comes under the duress of financial reliance, or incentive of future windfall. It's a lot harder to express open contempt for a person when they control the purse strings while having access to your children, and easier to play nice in promo photos if a fat inheritance is promised down the line.

No. 1892283

Most people I know think it’s weird to name a baby after someone in the parents’ social circle who 1) is still alive and 2) isn’t a relative with a name that traditionally runs in the family. So why would these guys think it’s okay to name yourself after another person? Oh right, they don’t see women and girls as real people. To them it’s like naming themselves after a favourite fictional character.

Openly expressing contempt for the father of the children is very risky in general for custody reasons. The man could be a confirmed domestic abuser and violent alcoholic but if he’s got a decent lawyer he can turn any negativity expressed by his ex-wife into a parental alienation charge, even if everything she says is 100% objectively true.

No. 1892290

I guess you have no idea how psychotic men can be when it comes to separation. It’s weekly I read about them chimping out and killing their (ex) spouses, daily just regular beatings or stalking. A troon is a text book example of a deranged man.

No. 1892301

File: 1693658661524.webm (5.36 MB, 480x856, RPReplay_Final1693538751.webm)


this is the video the comment was on btw. it seems every single comment under it is a tranny or a handmaiden agreeing with this theory that was halfbaked in a crack pipe. since when was 'womanhood gatekept behind misogyny'?? womanhood is womanhood. i was female before the first time i ever got catcalled and sexually harassed (at 11). validation means nothing.

also nonas i cannot get over the doughy midsection, the hair and the voice.

No. 1892306

I will never understand how troons can find misogyny validating, especially catcalling. When I was a teen I've had guys follow me home in cars, threaten me and call me stupid bitches when I ignored them, one guy was even stalking me at the bus stop. Like it's genuinely terrifying…

No. 1892308

they know they can fall back on their brute male force if they have to. even the ones that claim they 'cant even open a pickle jar' suddenly drop the act and go along with the fact that trans women beat actual women in sports because male puberty allows them to. they're not actually scared of street harassment, because finally their porn fantasy is bleeding into their daily lives.

No. 1892316

Ex best friend of nearly 9 years called himself my name (plus one letter so it's different obvs),I completely ghosted immediately and started posting about how much I love harry potter lmao

No. 1892318

>started posting about how much I love harry potter lmao
Based. (And I feel for you, nona. It must be awful, creepy, and revolting dealing with such a psycho.)

No. 1892319

You have too much faith in humanity. There's a subset of quasi-faghags out there who trip over each other to give asspats to troons because they view it as an act of charity and want everyone else to see how virtuous and open-minded they are.

No. 1892323

To be fair this sounds like actually a good decision. You can keep a close eye on the troon because of the kids and you can document easily when gets more deranged so you can eventually keep your kids away legally. Otherwise the courts give them time with your kids you can't supervise.

No. 1892326

jfc nona I'm so sorry. and I love you endlessly for hyping hp immediately it's their fucking kryptonite lmao I hope he is SEETHING the girl he skinwalks is the antithesis of himself. beautifully done
start shitposting luna lovegood memes too cause they are all weirdly obsessed with her and BIG MAD JK took away their best girl.
makes it even better luna's actress in the movies came out in support of JK let's fucken go
if you haven't listened to The Witch Trials of JK Rowling I think it's free on audible? please do nonas she is so eloquent and graceful about the whole shitshow, and so RIGHT

No. 1892329

These moids are literally allowed on every other subreddit and constantly get defended one subreddit excludes them now it's bad?

Also he could have easily just pretended to be woman and as long as if he didn't make his entire personality about being trans or act blatantly male no one would even notice. Just look how far Nikki tutorials went with no one questioning

No. 1892335

I think it’s really all about control and making women submit to their fantasies. Yes, they could attempt to more accurately roleplay as women in female-oriented subs if they wanted, but they don’t want that because then they wouldn’t get the attention they crave. They want capitulation. They know they have male privilege and they know how to manipulate women (or at least those who are handmaidens) into validating their fantasy. It almost seems like a game where they win when they can get the subs that are specifically meant for discussion around the biological reality of being female to do their bidding or ban women who actually need to be able to discuss the issues at hand. It’s absolutely vile.

No. 1892339

>but were the naked girls I saw there objects of my sexual desire? I think not
>so anyway, I started masturbating

No. 1892342


It's a tranny hobby to find women-only stuff and loudly ask whether beskirted men are allowed. They don't want to integrate or be women (it's the internet, just say you're a woman and no one would know otherwise),they want to crawl into our shit and run the narrative.

No one should interact with self-centered, attention-seeking posts like this, they should just get deleted and ignored lol.

No. 1892343

File: 1693666643308.png (493.07 KB, 749x1121, Chanel Pfahl on X.png)


No. 1892347

I won't be surprised if this subreddit gets deleted

No. 1892349

Anyone else think this guys voice sounds like Goofy?

Saying you love JK/HP is a good troon filter tbh, I use it on my profile to scare away troons so they won't talk to me, lol.

No. 1892350

File: 1693667599344.jpg (1.26 MB, 2554x1894, F4_wokCagAAT84c.jpg)

we're have to allow these freaks into our bathrooms/safe spaces when they all act like this pic related

No. 1892351

Because theyʼre not women lol… Itʼs just a fantasy for them and they donʼt actually get hurt.

No. 1892355

just gynecomastia
no, just obesity
>long hair
i guess
and a boner, of course

No. 1892358

pull out the illegal gun I own and the rest would be considered a-logging

No. 1892360

Has this moid ever asked let alone thought about the girl he took his name from? How she feels about the situation? If a guy that I was friends with in childhood came up in a tank top and skirt and said "I named myself after you because I wanted to be you" I'd literally consider filing a restraining order straight up. His whole entire story in this never even brings up the whole ass person he ripped his name and persona from. They never think of anyone but themselves.

No. 1892366

I rolled my eyes so hard they fell out of my head

No. 1892367

The answer is forever, because it never happens. Also you can hear his poor mom in the back cleaning or cooking while she has to hear and see (and smell) her son doing that.

No. 1892368

What's his TikTok handle, nonna?

No. 1892369

>fake crying
>fake voice
>braces (teen larp for the coom)
>lives with exhausted probably long suffering mother
>cut off his own dick, now she doesn't get grandkids and her own kid is a pedo coomer cul-de-sac of a waste
>cries in discord
>doesn't look at the camera once, only at his grotesque reflection
>flipping hair back over shoulders LIKE THE GORLS DO while eyefucking self

nonas who wants to gofund this fellow lady? she's suffered so much!

No. 1892370

File: 1693670453359.jpeg (780.29 KB, 960x1465, IMG_7630.jpeg)


its @literallynonbinary. i forgot to mention he also fakes tourettes and DID. he apparently advertises his OF on twitter @avacutie0

hes like the ugly forgotten offspring of chris chan and quasimodo that somehow survived the abortion

No. 1892371

Kekkkk omg what an ogre

No. 1892373

>"I'm confused why you would specify female-only in this sub about pregnancy?"
The fact that he brought up "muh experiences are similar" tells me he's just malding that there are still remaining female-only spaces, and that they have good justification for being female-only. He knows that the reason he's not allowed in there is because he could never become pregnant. I know he'd bring up infertile women if he was told that, but female infertility can be treated and fertility restored in up to 90% of cases. The infertile women who can't have their fertility restored still have all the parts involved in pregnancy, don't grow up knowing they're infertile, and are still impacted by systemic misogyny, which targets female people on the basis of being female. This is just a man seething over evidence that he's not a woman.
Two X probably removed it because they imagined it was "transphobic bait" with the intent of peaking people. Either that, or they'd claim they thought that, but actually knew it was real and didn't care because they knew it would peak people.

No. 1892379

Jesus Christ I had to hide this horrid fucker’s face.

No. 1892381

KEK. Honestly, though, I can never tell if men are deliberately gaslighting or just genuinely delusional when it comes to their denial of when sexuality or paraphilia are involved in their views and decisions. I wish they were just stupid, but I suspect it's an attempt to get women and girls to second-guess themselves and give men the benefit of the doubt when they display clear degenerate or predator behavior.

No. 1892392

Don’t they harass you over it? All my hobbies are infested with TRAs and handmaidens who will harass any woman who mentions HP in any way, and will also go after anyone who follows her with “friendly reminders” that OP is problematic. Even when she denounces JKR in the same breath it isn’t enough, she has to post a lengthy grovelling apology and proof that she donated money to a trans charity (often Mermaids) before the community deigns to forgive her. As much as I’d love to be able to put something on my profiles that acts as troon-repellant it seems like that sort of thing only attracts more of them and turns them rabid to boot.

No. 1892393

Seriously. The ENTIRE four pages are about sex. When a guy says “no it’s more than that, it’s deeper, it’s my whole identity and life, it’s who I truly am as a person in my soul” he means “it makes me coom” because apparently, for guys, there is nothing more to life.

No. 1892411

I know it comes from a place of not wanting to be treated like a degenerate by normal people (mostly women and girls) while wanting to continue being a degenerate and not wanting to change in the slightest, I just can't tell if it's conscious or not. I guess it doesn't matter that much, though, since the consequences are the same regardless and men like this should be put down either way.

No. 1892412

File: 1693676095519.png (115.71 KB, 1064x426, Screenshot 2023-09-02 at 18.34…)

some aiden on twitter is losing her marbles on twitter because a bar branded themselves as 'afab owned' so now it's below a sports bar where you'd be guaranteed to get sexually harassed, if not worse. all because tims aren't at the forefront of their business.

the bar owners also wrote that they are 'queer operated' and 'connect with local artists' but apparently it's worse to be female than anything else on this planet. christ.

No. 1892423

How dare women acknowledge that it's worth mentioning when a person who is female runs/owns an establishment! It's almost as if they think there's something unique about people who are female owning property or running businesses! Surely there are no cultural or historic reasons why "female-owned" would be seen as noteworthy, nor are there any possible reasons why anyone might prefer an establishment run by people who are female rather than male. This is unacceptable, because it might hurt the feelings of males who are bitterly envious of female people.

No. 1892427

that tongue tho…..
what's with trannies and atrocious hygiene?

No. 1892432

I never know who they're trying to attract with these pics. As a lesbian, I find it beyond repulsive, of course. I would find it even if I weren't (tragically) seeing his dick. And although it's not my experience at all, I can't really see why any heterosexual woman would go for it when there are plenty of men out there who know they're male and don't have moobs. I don't know, it must be autism or a completely fucked up pornsick brain, I suppose kek

No. 1892433

For context, Hans Bellmer was a surrealist artist who basically used his art as a way to express his pedophilic obsession with preteen girls. As you can imagine, he's popular in Japan.

No. 1892438

this is a prime example of how male their brains are. a woman would never post a photo of themselves where their tongue looks that fucking disgusting - and yet, this male sees absolutely nothing wrong with it. didn’t even think twice. in fact, he clearly thinks he looks uwu cute! i’m shuddering at the thought of what his breath smells like. these motherfuckers can’t even clean their tongue properly, what makes them think they can keep a gaping flesh wound (read: rotpocket) clean? so fucking foul it makes me mad

No. 1892444

I just looked him up, and Jesus Christ his work is disturbing. It reminds me of the fragmented misogynistic scribblings from that one Hunter Schafer journal entry. How common does male fixation on young girls, dismemberment of the female body, and sexual abuse of women and girls have to be before we can agree that the Y chromosome is broken beyond repair and act accordingly?

No. 1892452

I do think this wave of MtF 'transitions' has everything to do with women having options besides marrying the first male who can take care of her and relying solely on his livelihood to exist. Males are absolutely obsessed with women, and it starts from the womb forward and never stops. I don't know so much about gay scrotes, so I can't speak to them specifically but heterosexual/bisexual males, I estimate, spend 85% of their lives concerned with whether or not a woman is noticing them. Now if they can't have us, they become us. I think a lot of handmaidens even realize this, but they know once they start pulling that string, the entire fabric of male/female relationships absolutely falls apart. So they just don't, and pretend they don't know.

No. 1892459

File: 1693681177461.png (949.65 KB, 640x862, IMG_6069.png)

this is what they decide is worth shitting their pants over. they are such fucking crybabies, it enrages me

No. 1892469

They even used the right terminology, but she hates being a woman so much that she can't even tolerate reminders that there are non-mtf, actual women out there making accomplishments

No. 1892471

thats what gets to me. they're clearly on your side, retard, put down the 4chan level misogyny down for a second. the owners couldve written 'woman owned' and some other idiot would go on a tirade on twitter. damned if they do, damned if they dont.

No. 1892474

workout lines for days

No. 1892477

I get what you mean, but I was talking about Hans Bellmer, who was born in Poland in 1902 and died in France in 1975. He wasn't a tranny, just a male. The mangaka with tranny thoughts who said he was taken by Bellmer's work isn't a tranny, either, even though he has all the same deranged desires and misogynistic views. He's just a paraphilic Japanese man. Both of these men have (well, had, in Bellmer's case) wives.

No. 1892478

And look at that dopey shadow, wtf kind of haircut is she rolling with

No. 1892481

you know how Asian women are about their white husbands…(racebait)

No. 1892482

These morons are calling him 'she' in their replies, one said "I hope she finds peace" and I laughed so hard it startled my pets

No. 1892483

File: 1693682351869.jpg (66.13 KB, 735x646, b0897f8d079693747530c39a201a2e…)

I think there are two things at play here: first, the double standard against women in this discourse and in general, which you mentioned. Second however, there's the issue of demographic. Kiss peaked in the mid-to-late seventies, though they had some modest peaks periodically in subsequent decades. The people who grew up with Kiss are in their sixties and fifties now; they don't give a fuck about tranny discourse. However, people who grew up with Harry Potter are in their twenties and thirties right now, and we're in college five-to-ten years ago: they were hit directly by the first wave of internet social justice. They love trannies and they probably don't give a shit about Kiss. Think of a musician more nostalgic to them: they'd probably riot in the streets if the Owl City guy or one of MCR said something troonphobic.

No. 1892485

File: 1693682806231.jpg (179.33 KB, 1200x900, fiddle-dee-dam-you-call-me-maa…)

No. 1892488

File: 1693683522206.jpeg (85.93 KB, 400x401, 391CB16A-9410-44A5-8ED8-6EC82B…)

The fact that not only are we not allowed to use "female" anymore, but we're not even allowed to use their retarded made-up term for female now. Bleak

No. 1892490

File: 1693683528185.jpeg (4.37 KB, 259x194, shetheed.jpeg)

This one

No. 1892495

File: 1693683781840.png (95.73 KB, 760x402, Screenshot 2023-09-02 at 20.45…)

is it that bad enough to hulk out over jeez

No. 1892505

why do they complain about "hating" transwomen specifically when there are also "amab" (male) enbies?
some "afabs" (women) feel extremely uncomfortable due to trauma related to moids and reasonably want to avoid the moid even in "qweer" spaces. you could very well say that this gayden is being ableist against traumatised people (fight them with their own weapons).

No. 1892509

reminds me of the scary meth goblin in true detective
wouldnt work. trauma like rape/domestic violence/abuse is boring and kind of terfy because cringe women experience it. the only trauma that really matters is being misgendered + trans gorls being psychologically raped by lesbians saying theyre not interested sexually.

No. 1892511

Right. So now we can't be women and we can't be female either. We also can't be mothers. Oh, and we can't be female homosexuals/lesbians, too. And we also can't be this fucking "AFAB" term they gave us. What are we now? Vagina owners, menstruators, and birthing people? I very much doubt it, since they also hate us for having a biology they will never have. So what's left? Are we still allowed to be people?

No. 1892513

TRAs have alreasy repeatedly made it clear that "AFAB trauma around AMABs" is something they believe to be a flaw that "AFABs" need to work on and resolve by themselves without ever having any distance from "AMABs," so this wouldn't work. Male feelings are sacred, female acknowledgement is a sin.

No. 1892515

I can’t tell either. It reminds me of that Metalocalypse scene where they say if they could suck their own dicks, they wouldn’t do anything else in life because everything they do is in pursuit of getting someone else to do that for them.

No. 1892516

I've been in favor of using their language to discuss these subjects myself. They can't argue with the fact that AMAB people commit something like 98% of sexual offenses. If they want to niggle on what a man is or a woman, okay, but we're not going to dispute what you were assigned at birth. And what they were assigned at birth correlates to the likelihood of them being a threat in a woman's bathroom.

No. 1892518

>trauma like rape/domestic violence/abuse is boring and kind of terfy
Indeed. Once I saw a tranny in a subreddit bullying a bisexual woman and calling her a bigot because she said she was never going to date anyone with a penis again bc of her trauma (she had been raped by her ex-husband). That was beyond revolting and evil. The trannies in the sub were completely gaslighting her trauma and playing the victim cause "b-b-but is not fair to make trans women pay for what cis men do, it's not like our penises is the same as cis men's". Utterly disgusting.

No. 1892519

>TRAs have alreasy repeatedly made it clear that "AFAB trauma around AMABs" is something they believe to be a flaw that "AFABs" need to work on and resolve by themselves without ever having any distance from "AMABs"
They do speak like genuine MRAs and male rapists, don't they? Tale as old as time but make it fucking woke to get a free pass

No. 1892520

They're already working on banning such conversations as well. On r/actuallesbians and other "lesbian" subs (read tranny subs) they don't allow comments/posts bringing up "AGAB" anymore.

No. 1892521

its pretty much happening in the entire culture online, mentions of AGAB are automatically bioessentialist and therefore not worth listening to, apparently.

No. 1892522

We're allowed to be people (though less respected than males), but only if we never distinguish ourselves from males in any way. The anger here is born of the implicit recognition that "woman-owned" (or any variants) is significant for a number of reasons relating to female oppression, which serves as a reminder that "gender" is a social construct built around the material reality of sex as a part of sex-based oppression of women, which consequently reminds them that a man can never become a woman or truly understand what is like to be female, and vice versa.
I disagree, but they've made it borderline impossible to talk about these sorts of things without using their newspeak, so it's not like we have much choice. Unless I annoyingly write a disclaimer that I'm using "woman" to mean "adult human female who was born as female, regardless of gender identity, fertility status, or cosmetic surgeries obtained" every time I write on the matter, the topic would be derailed by them asserting their own made-up, circular definition of "woman" disproves whatever I've said.

No. 1892530

What the sign says
>A woman owns this buisiness
How a scrote-brain reads the sign
>We hate men, kill all men

No. 1892532

>disclaimer that I'm using "woman" to mean "adult human female who was born as female, regardless of gender identity, fertility status, or cosmetic surgeries obtained"
that'll just anger them more:
>why are you using "woman" only in the terf sense of this word? fascist bigot literally hitler

No. 1892535

File: 1693687010771.png (300.21 KB, 552x918, 235467.png)

No. 1892538

File: 1693687700531.png (12.35 KB, 590x105, 4134577811.png)

Not milk but this reply sent me.

No. 1892541

File: 1693688083877.png (11.91 KB, 589x89, mccarthyism 2.0.png)

Crabs in a bucket

No. 1892556

ah yes, as non binary gender is very radical feminist by nature, of course
remember words having meanings? me neither

No. 1892557

And so the revolution devours its children.

No. 1892559

They already caught on to this strategy and have moved on to vilifying people for using "AGAB." On Tumblr especially you'll be flayed alive for your evil bioessentialism for "treating AGAB as a meaningful immutable signifier" and other word salad. I don't think they're even worth considering or trying to reach at this point, they will move goalposts all over the field unless you capitulate 100%.

No. 1892560

They're going to be furious no matter how we word it, it may as well be the most honest and direct way we can. Their goal is to make it so difficult to talk about sex that any mention of it is so incomprehensible that it stops meaning anything, or make us simply give up on trying to acknowledge or articulate the existence or relevance of sex altogether.

No. 1892566

with their logic, what are they even transitioning from? why take pills and injections and gels and undergo intense surgery and parrot online about how completely trans-formed they have been only to fuck with the logic entirely and say 'lol we dont need to differentiate anyway die terf'. yeah you mangled your weeping flaccid dick to go from girl to girlier girl. totally

No. 1892567

>The traumatized ones don’t see me as an oppressed lil lady and are scared of my gurl dick
>The narcissistic ones won’t prostrate themselves before a sloppy, hulking, beast in a wig and crooked guyliner

No. 1892570

File: 1693690328019.png (93.39 KB, 473x595, Screenshot 2023-09-02.png)

You can't even talk about medical misogyny without TIMs and handmaidens shrieking about transmisogyny and rambling about "stative adjectives," the goal absolutely is to no longer be allowed to differentiate sexes at all.

No. 1892571

File: 1693690552114.jpg (118.27 KB, 1084x1200, E3jKMXkWQAM3Hfd.jpg)

way to go and derail a point about medical misogyny and made it about males. hmm. an awful lot like MRAs, is it not?

No. 1892572

Y'all they just ruin everything. I can't even vote to preserve my reproductive rights anymore, these fucking less than useless idiots stand in the way of anything that might even accidentally benefit women

No. 1892582

Ntayrt but meh, what else was she supposed to say while on camera? we have no idea what she's saying to him behind closed doors.

No. 1892583

Damn better tell my uterus to calm down with the cancer then cause it's transphobic

No. 1892584

Weird twox would remove this given how that sub is run by handmaidens screeching about terfs all the time. Would be funny if they got labelled as that after this action.

No. 1892591

You can tell just by the way he's standing and eyefucking the camera that he doesn't give a SHIT about the adorable little girl he's holding. Just about looking like a ~sexy woman~. Those poor girls, having to grow up 100% in the shadow of one man's rank fetish. The man who was supposed to support them and be there for them. Unfortunately I'm straight and want to have children of my own some day, but it scares me to much to think that no matter how much I vet a guy before I settle down with him, he might troon out as soon as the attention goes off him and onto my babies. Vile.

No. 1892596

because they fetishize women being terrified, and then convince themselves that it's not a fetish but actually their true selves. They project the excitement they get from seeing women be scared, threatened, degraded, and abused, and say that it's "validating" when it happens to them because they think they get to experience "the other side" of how they treat women. I hate reading all those gushing reddit posts about how thrilling and euphoric and exciting it was to be catcalled or harrassed, only to throw in a halfassed "but it was so misogynistic and terrible uwu" at the end. They are predators getting off on imagining what was going on in the minds of their prey.

No. 1892599

Misogyny is only validating for them when it's sexy. Being systematically deprived educational and vocational opportunities and advancement for no other reason than your sex? Can't coom to that. Imagining yourself as a women being threatened, scared, harassed, stalked, in danger, abused, raped? I love being catcalled, it's sooooo validating ~~~

No. 1892601

I'm so sorry you're going through that nona. Peace and strength and healing to you.

No. 1892607

What kind of totalitarian hell-hole hobbies are you involved in?

No. 1892619

Thank you nonna only way out is through

No. 1892627

Troons have already vilified the white cis gays and the genital fetishist TERF lesbians - I guess enbies are next on the chopping block.

No. 1892629

They are so cringe. I can tell he's purposefully standing pigeon toed in an attempt to conceal that he still has a dick. It's super awkwar looking.

No. 1892633

File: 1693697668869.jpg (180.06 KB, 1169x1731, F4788iOXwAAqlT_.jpg)

No. 1892636

Imagine how badly their little rotted brains would explode if they knew how many “hot Stacy” type women are terfs kek. But the way they want to make anything that isn’t a woman dressing for the male gaze into “see this is how all terfs look” is funny as fuck to me. Bc guess what Troondia: those women whose FOOTWEAR you are scrotishly mocking are still women, and you will never be one.

No. 1892637

File: 1693697992324.jpg (260.18 KB, 1300x948, anti-suffragette-cartoon-about…)

Familiar and extremely moidish way of thinking

No. 1892638

File: 1693698064494.jpg (100.45 KB, 828x1273, F5AMX6JXQAAR1rc.jpg)

I hope they're secret terfs and just used AFAB to signal the other lesbians kek

No. 1892639

maybe he's mad because women dont need to give up comfort to be seen as feminine? whereas his body is probably fucked from wearing high heels and still being called Himdia

No. 1892640

The wife looks so embarassed. Her arms couldn't be more straight to their sides trying to present decency. she looks like my mom trying to pretend everything is fine right after I broke something in a store as a child kek. The poor kids though, despite the tenseness the mom is at least trying to smile for the photo meanwhile dad of the year over here is eyefucking himself trying to look sexy while holding his young daughter. It looks like he's holding her weird or too hard for his tight pose too. Not a care in the world for your own daughters over a damn fetish
such men lol, "gosh these women don't like stripper heels so they're wrong and have bad fashion even if it's all objective at the end of the day". Not to mention the fact that your average woman just…wears shoes and no not every shoe is "pretty", sometimes they're just shoes

No. 1892645

File: 1693699390595.jpg (143.44 KB, 1000x950, 1605276543045.jpg)

I bet this is a tranny

No. 1892647

Mandia is just jelly we can where whatever we want and still be women, and he'll wear the "sexiest" clothes and still look like an old man.

No. 1892649

File: 1693699746441.png (742.48 KB, 1172x743, Screenshot.png)

No. 1892651

thank you nona for not showing the rest of that comment or else i'd have no choice but to alog

No. 1892654

Scrotes defending sexual harassment. Some libfem types think these men are totes real women/belong in womens spaces because they mistakenly believe that they have empathy for women, they don't. They're the usual scrote just trying to pretend they're different so you let your guard down/can't stop them without fear of ostracization.

No. 1892659

Keking at the grammar the tranny used suggesting that tranny dicks are more of a turn off (they're always a turn off though)

No. 1892663

>"But my dickpics are sexy!"
Men just love thinking up reasons why their creepy behavior is totally different from when other men act creepy in the exact same way. It's not. No one wants to see your nasty penis.

No. 1892665

You can tell that tims are men based on the fact that no one has demanded unconditional emotional labour from them and demonised and threatened them if they don't comply. No one has asked them to prioritise others at their own expense. There aren't moralfags holding them to insane standards (of which the goalpost is constantly moving). It shows that no one is buying this crap. I knew a tif that volunteered in a womens shelter but there are never tims getting involved in things that would improve women's lives.

No. 1892681

> 'Don't you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that can ever be needed, will be expressed by exactly one word, with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten.’

-George Orwell, “1984”

No. 1892685

>nonsensical gendie euphemism for male/female that doesn’t bruise their delusional sensibilities
>troid actually deconstructing the linguistic carnage as if anyone believed ~gender~ manifests at birth and doctors have to shoot a random legally binding guess
poor retarded zoomer women thought they could adapt

No. 1892687

to be fair, would you want a tim anywhere near a woman's shelter?

No. 1892688

>female haircut
where did he hide the female? im getting scared

No. 1892694

>I never know who they're trying to attract with these pics

No. 1892701

Haha no. They are men and therefore not expected to be selfless was my point. I anticipated that someone would say that and deleted my old post. I rephrased it as:
>getting involved in things that would improve women's lives

No. 1892704

we should ask them if they think that "AFABs" can be transwomen and watch them short-circuit. bc they're gonna have to pick a side between "we should never distinguish whether people are AFAB/AMAB" and "'cis' women cannot be transwomen, it's a mockery and appropriation!!1"

No. 1892714

I've seen a few irl Kikomis doing exactly this, but they're all cows in of themselves. That sort of trolling is effective, though. TIMs throw stomping tantrums when they see it.

No. 1892722

File: 1693714044754.png (3.48 MB, 2228x708, oh hunty.png)

spot the male, at the canadian parliament no less. Hes part of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council.

of course his voice is autistic, coomery and gross.


No. 1892723

i've thought about this too. I have pcos so according to the troons themselves we're the same. Maybe I'll start doing this to piss off the sex pests on campus irl and take their resources as revenge.

No. 1892737

Sandals and wedge heels are troonphobic now. We hand them out at the secret TERF lodge every Thursday. True and Honest allies only wear closed-toe shoes. Only a bigoted hussy would allow her toes to be visible.

No. 1892738

File: 1693715751608.jpg (31.84 KB, 959x650, 960x0.jpg)

He sounds like picrel kek
I'm rolling my eyes as I listen to his speech. They really want to feel oppressed so bad

No. 1892739

Nobody wants to randomly see a stranger's penis you retarded scrote. Why is that so fucking hard for males to understand?

No. 1892742

File: 1693717030571.jpeg (540.59 KB, 1170x1067, E55EFCCC-1699-46A8-AA9C-98BD11…)

why are they always so delusional? you’ll never grow “big boobs”, you’ll grow deformed moobs

No. 1892746

literally all the things he listed could very well be the reason for medical issues, unless being female, this is so retarded. is he even quoting someone or just arguing with himself?

>Just cunt.

No. 1892747

cunt is used by queer/tiktok/zoomers as like ‘thats hot’
for example ‘serving cunt’

No. 1892760

I am so tired of misogynistic drag-speak.

No. 1892761

File: 1693720516242.jpg (72.61 KB, 910x232, 1693327188743.jpg)

Just like Dworkin she was a retarded degenerate and any feminists who think either of these morons had anything relevant to say just proves how Idiotic they are, both would have 100% supported troons if they were alive today.

No. 1892764

The funniest thing is that she's a woman ('CAFAB'), and not even slightly GNC. At this point self-hating TIFs and handmaidens do most of the heavy lifting for them kek.

No. 1892769

I hope the hijabi misgenders him in private

No. 1892772

File: 1693722852870.jpg (56.15 KB, 860x108, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1892776

Scum manifesto calls out trannys for what they are. I have it translated so cant insert the english quote but any woman who doesnt enjoy the scum manifesto just hasnt read it.

No. 1892778

File: 1693726143186.png (463.03 KB, 1590x1090, CAPTURE.png)

She was a psych major(specifically a Freudian) and no offence to psych-majors, but it's an entire field of Idiots who have convinced themselves they're smart. For example, parts of the book about how men become 'trash' is literally just Freud's Oedipus complex with a 'feminist' twist, which doesn't change the fact that the theory is fundamentally flawed. However, she treated it as fact and disregards the fact that it was something made up by a drugged-out pretentious pedophile. There's another section where she claims that men to rape women, not for pleasure or domination, but for deeply intrinsic desire to bond with the maternal object(Freud again) and naturally would be drag queens if it weren't for patriarchy.

No. 1892782

File: 1693728565357.png (4.96 MB, 3340x1804, vomit.png)

Why are they like this

No. 1892790

They have intense autism and their parents never helped them manage it so they spend all their time online instead

No. 1892806

Could not stand more than half a dozen words coming from his male mouth. The oppression game they play is so pathetic.

No. 1892812

its like this guy read all the comments on the nerd thread on /g/ abuout nonnas lamenting the loss of cute nerds to the tranny cult and decided to spit in their face

No. 1892816

>"'cis' women cannot be transwomen, it's a mockery and appropriation!!1"
They can say it and yet we can't say transwomen is a mockery of "cis" women. Hmm. But I wonder if banning talking about "AGAB" altogether would erase transwomen as well. I guess not because they always have the nonsensical argument (and louder male voices) to have whatever privilege they want anytime they want it. When this shit was just starting, they would say "sex and gender is not the same thing", so to manipulate more people to be sympathetic with them ("well, they're kinda reasonable", people would say). Yet none of this retarded coomers had a single actual argument to say it was twansphobic from JK Rowling to say "if sex is not real so there's no same-sex attraction". A bit later they started saying that genitals are not sex-based organs, so they could invade female-only spaces to expose their penises to unconsenting women and little girls, and try to rape lesbians. Now it's not even "assigned sex at birth", it's "assigned gender at birth". And it's pretty clear that the future is to never ever be allowed to mention "AGAB" under any circumstance no matter if you're terrified a "woman" is trying to put "her" dick inside you or if you are a doctor - they're all equally twansphobic be it for not wanting to be raped or for treating each type of biology medically. I don't know, or society will have a mass peak in the next years or I'll go crazy with this fucking male, rapist insanity.

No. 1892817

And that's the only right answer.

No. 1892820

File: 1693737377601.jpeg (174.66 KB, 600x782, ECAB02E9-F1ED-4403-A6D4-42F0F2…)

Why does he look like duff mckagan kek

No. 1892821

These men don't even bother hiding the bulge, but I thought muh dysphoria uwu

No. 1892834

what the fuck is that autism stance and why would he wear a skirt like that when he knows he will be up there talking? fucking kink shit

No. 1892842

This, kek. All the terfs I personally know are either pretty Stacys or the TIM kryptonite nerdy alt/goth girls. The tides are turning. Even quirky handmaidens I know are starting to question shit

No. 1892848

Staceys and alt girls are the main skinwalked groups by trannies (aka the most fetishised) so it makes sense they are the ones who would be the terfiest. Seeing someone dress up as a mocking, sexualised version of yourself is definite peaking material.

No. 1892850

They want us to know how euphoric they are that we’re being forced/coerced into witnessing their only socially acceptable paraphilia.

No. 1892870

File: 1693749959296.jpg (279.33 KB, 1920x1200, F487ff_WYAA2UW_.jpg)

These fits would be fine if he wasn't pretending to be a woman.

No. 1892871

File: 1693750082798.png (642.34 KB, 755x1014, Screenshot.png)


No. 1892872

Yeah, same. I even see TERFs/radfems using it.

No. 1892887

File: 1693752318478.png (123.31 KB, 1080x560, Screenshot_20230903-104636-537…)

From an article on Reduxx about yet another tranny getting away with having CSAM

No. 1892888

kek, underrated, ty nona

No. 1892897

kek, i love malicious compliance

No. 1892898

Hey. Seems like those women act exactly like TIMs, them! Truly beautiful trans women. Stop oppressing trans trans women, they can't be trans women like you!!! Imagine not having 5'o clock shadow to validate your gender… wretched.

No. 1892912


Autard with a wedgie fetish/fixation.

No. 1892920

File: 1693754852615.jpg (306.77 KB, 1080x1471, Screenshot_20230902-170119_Chr…)

This post led to a huge r/JustUnsubbed post kek:

No. 1892921

File: 1693754889038.jpg (356.16 KB, 1079x1460, Screenshot_20230903_102848_Chr…)

This popped up when I was looking at that article about the bazooka tits shop teacher- elderly lady is questioned by police for taking a pic of a terf sticker. Is the UK really that fucked? Wonder how the police feel being tasked with such idiocy.

No. 1892925

No. 1892926

there are multiple posts on /justunsubbed just to complain about /actuallesbians. it seems everyone, not just those of us who are tired, jokes that AL is predominantly (and predatorily) male kek
apparently trying to force women to like dick only makes you look more like a rapist, who knew??

No. 1892927

kek all the comments under the AL posts are troons as well. is it even encouragement anymore? its literally just an echo chamber.

No. 1892931

i wish they'd do a poll to see how women and troons visit. I guarantee troons somewhat outnumber women on /actuallesbians and other lebsian subreddits, but i want to know if it's over 75~80%, that'd be an eye opening joke if it was

No. 1892938

File: 1693757541863.png (1.52 MB, 2224x1668, IMG_5838.png)

Males fetishizing lesbians, who knew.

No. 1892945

It's very clear that Tims fantasize about women being obsessed with and jealous of them. You see it in their sexual fantasies sometimes, as well as with how often they lie about women "preying on them". Women don't want troons, but troons project their own predatory sexual feelings onto real women. They can only imagine that these women are secretly obsessed with them, because they are narcissists and need to feel validated constantly. They can never be in the wrong, but they also can't just be a boring old victim. They have to also be the secret object of everyone's desires. Narcissist scrotes are a disease.

No. 1892947

honestly yeah, it should be a simple thought exercise to go "alright, if anyone can be a woman then women aren't a protected class" and "if anyone can get pregnant then you can't really claim abortion bans affect a protected class (and therefore are discriminatory)" but this is apparently too much thought for tratards

No. 1892950

>as well as with how often they lie about women "preying on them". Women don't want troons, but troons project their own predatory sexual feelings onto real women.
MRA textbook in a nutshell. I wonder why hehe

No. 1892952

samefag, I meant to say that the men's rights bros are always trying to change the narrative to convince society that women rape more or just as much as men do. yes dudes, of course.

No. 1892953

>All the terfs I personally know are either pretty Stacys or the TIM kryptonite nerdy alt/goth girls
I can confirm that, I'm a nerdy metalhead and a very proud TERF lol

No. 1892955

>I get that trans lesbians exist
Hasn't she 100% peaked yet or she's just trying not to be banned from predditor? I hope it's the latter. AL is enough to peak anyone, let alone a lesbian lol

No. 1892960

They also think women would go after them in the same way men would, which is just not how it works. It’s like they just project male behavior onto women and it’s really weird.

No. 1892961

The comments on the AL post are so gross, just a bunch of men trying to roleplay with headpat and uwu shit or talking about “organic straps”. Such a gross, rapey moid-created concept.

No. 1892962

I am surprised they did not shit on us bisexuals yet kek

No. 1892963

No. 1892968

>"a suuuper weird construction grammatically"
Ugh I hate this style of writing so much

No. 1892977

File: 1693764740989.jpg (302.43 KB, 1280x1344, tumblr_37f00886de3f6a2c0b42910…)

something i really hate about trannies is that they truly think they are being "hardcore" or "anti-establishment" by doing their silly little mental gymnastics. picrel is a heterosexual couple, if you remove the gender trappings. how is that revolutionary? males with mental illnesses have been marrying females for centuries. if people are pissed off then it isn't because you are ackshully lesbians it is because you are so narcissistic as to think following the status quo makes you cool, interesting, etc. just die already

No. 1892979

Love how their epic owns are always the "owned" person doing literally nothing. Their fantasies are so unrealistic they can't even imagine what would happen so they picture absolutely nothing

No. 1892981

"Owning" the system while actual lesbian/gay couples can't. So fucking revolutionary.

No. 1892982

File: 1693766160745.png (119.35 KB, 501x500, 7do2id.png)

trannies remain clockable by syntax forever

No. 1892984

Her posts always do nothing but meander and well-actually their way to a point. I wish people who criticize her over there did it more for how little substance she gives, she likes to say it's the "big words" that people fear and not the pedantic stupidity of a 2009 redditor.

No. 1892986

Does anyone else remember that Russian couple between a woman and TIM where they acted like they BTFO the Russian government by having a "gay marriage" that was legal? Many such cases. They genuinely think that getting sour looks at the courthouse as a result of being a couple that involves at least one evident degenerate is comparable to homophobia, but no one's stopping them from getting married, because they're still hetero. The only time they're stopped is when they choose to legally change their own sex, which is literally them stopping themselves. It's like someone straight claiming they face homophobia because they called themselves a faggot and a few people went along with it.

No. 1893001

you don't happen to be in crafting hobbies do you nona? sounds similar to my experiences with TRA rhetoric in hobby spaces

No. 1893014

Feign ignorance, demand receipts. They can't produce any, so they'll give up if you keep insisting they prove what they're saying is true.

No. 1893015

File: 1693770909062.jpg (1.03 MB, 1281x1227, F4_25SzaoAAublt.jpg)

No put you definitely set off many other alarms

No. 1893017

>It's like someone straight claiming they face homophobia because they called themselves a faggot and a few people went along with it.
tifs do this all the time

No. 1893025

late but im so afraid someday ill see one with my name. fortunately, its a very old-fashioned name and not very popular. but i wonder…

No. 1893031

What on the fucking Earth…
Also, what's that "she/her" arm tattoo? lol Does he think that will make people think "oh that person is definitely female"? Only in their fucking dreams kek. Please nona, tell this monstrosity got downvoted into oblivion. I know LA is pretty pro-tranny, but when I was still on predditor I would still see some brave TERFs trying to protect what should be a dick-free space.

No. 1893039

Is this really true? I'm alt myself and it feels like a lot of the other alt girls I come across tend to be huge handmaidens. I must be in the wrong spaces kek

No. 1893042

Wishing you goodwill and vibes of protection so no tranny steals your name, nongelina. I still have not seen anyone with mine, it’s a pretty uncommon Slavic name even though it doesn’t sound uncommon necessarily. If I ever do see one with it I’ll cry, same with my daughters’ names sadkek.

No. 1893045

Mine got taken by one of the worst ones years ago. It's too late for me kek

No. 1893046

Thank you.

No. 1893048

>I must be in the wrong spaces
I'm really sorry for you, nona. It must definitely be the fandoms you're in (they seem to be in most fandoms anyway). Most of my nerd hobbies have been taken over by trannies and enbies/fakebois as well: boardgames, retro gaming, card games, cosplay, LARP, you name it. However, I don't see it too much when I engage with other metalheads. I'm mostly into folk/symphonic/power metal, and most people (women and men) I know who are into it just completely ignore the existence of gender ideology. I wonder if it's because the bands we listen to don't shove pronouns and don't talk about it, so the fandoms remain mostly away from this nonsense. Sadly, the more goth/vk or emo/screamo you go, the worse it gets. Goth and emo girls on TikTok seem to be huge handmaidens and spicy straights who call themselves lesbians bc they're dating a moid who wears makeup. But again, bands like MCR and Bring Me The Horizon (not to mention scrotes like Yungblud, he's basically a gender identity ambassador) push this gender nonsense like crazy, so it's no wonder that alt girls that listen to stuff like this are crazy TRAs. I'm always terrified that one of these days some metal musician I like will say TWAW and it will ruin the entire fandom, sigh.

No. 1893050

They see me rollin
They hatin

No. 1893070

I think alogging should be allowed if it's about furries. Paraphilic cesspit of a fandom.

No. 1893074

kek I saw this on twitter the other day and reading the comments so many gendies were actually affirming the OP post, saying they can understand and as women they've felt like this. They're really beginning to eat themselves alive.

No. 1893087

>However, I don't see it too much when I engage with other metalheads. I'm mostly into folk/symphonic/power metal
Shit I wish I lived where you do because whenever I go to a power or symphonic metal concert every other man is a tranny. I however don't see any trannies at death metal shows lol

No. 1893089

Thankfully I think the waves are rolling back, and I doubt we'll get a furry acceptance movement.

No. 1893095

"your birth sex doesn't define you as a person" has simultaneously come to mean that you are not allowed be proud of or feel joy in having been born female because microaggressions something something

No. 1893097

kek anyone seen this yet?

No. 1893104

A fellow Veronica? I had just gotten used to loving my long, old-fashioned name (rather than going by something like Ronnie) when trannies took it over

No. 1893106

File: 1693788180973.jpg (305.03 KB, 1080x1008, Screenshot_20230903-203619_Chr…)

Future Elliot Rodger, yikes!

No. 1893108

And they wonder why women are afraid of being hurt by them, jesus fucking christ.

No. 1893119

i have a very specific name that i personally do not know anyone else w and i’m so scared it’s going to become some weird trannys name

No. 1893120

They do that intentionally, like vampires or skinwalkers. They want your name bc it's your identity, they get more than just a new thing to put on their driver's license, they also get the way you rub your neck when you're nervous, or how you get quiet when you're angry. These are examples ofc, but the way these troons move their hands or pose in the mirror is the result of studying a particular woman and aping her mannerisms, her perfume, her style, only degrading it to its base, sexual, components.

Had a troon do it to me once and felt like I was having a weird black magic put on me. He wanted to sexualize me, so he did, by taking my name and little habits and turning himself into the wanton slut he wanted me and a few other girls in our friend group to be.

I fucking hate them so much.

No. 1893124

My name is rarer for actual women to have, but trannies have stolen it in great quantities. Most people I've seen with my name are TIMs. It's a nightmare. It feels like I'm being told "the name your mother gave you is nothing but a male's fetish."

No. 1893128

My heart hurts for you nonnas. I hate them so much, too. I cannot imagine how sickening it must be especially to be skinwalked by someone you know like that, they are disgusting beyond belief and I wish the trans genocide they’re always screeching about was real.

No. 1893129

File: 1693793666195.png (646.88 KB, 1125x1102, oh hunty.png)

nonas, theyre giving him a platform. out of all those lovely youths, especially the woc this is the voice they choose to amplify

No. 1893130

Oh, a white man? How fucking revolutionary.

No. 1893135

File: 1693794715193.jpg (1.7 MB, 1440x4523, Screenshot_20230903-220732_Chr…)

>"Cis women's problems are very much minor compared to trans women's problems."

No. 1893138

>women are seen as women by all of society
and are treated like shit for it
>don't have body dysphoria
is dysmorphia or general body issues/eating disorders/bdd any better?
>got to experience girlhood
more girls are raped than boys
>don't have to spend time, money, and pain on physical transition
nope instead all of that is spent being a woman
>don't risk getting murdered every time they leave the house
>can travel outside of liberal enclaves
so can trannies
>don't have to worry about not being accepted by their families
>don't have to endure people calling them rapists or pedophiles
stop raping and being pedophiles

how can someone be so out of touch with women while claiming to be/want to be one

No. 1893140

I’m going to alog I don’t care I hope they all fucking die miserable and painful this shit is so disgusting. They do not see ANY of a woman’s pain or struggle they cannot they are incapable and what they do see they fetishize and coom to. “Getting to be a little girl” is not usually a fun time for most of us. I am going to go for a walk I am just absolutely filled with hatred when I see this kind of shit. Have a blessed night, noniannas.

No. 1893141

What a fascinating coincidence that the white penis-haver whose primary platform is "women and girls shouldn't be able to say no to penis-havers, nor should they have spaces away from penis-havers" was deemed just as valuable and competent as all the women and POC who focus on relevant issues (such as sex or race inequality, immigration, or civil rights for native populations) among the Prime Minister's youth council, if not more so! This clearly carries no unpleasant implications about the Canadian government's values.

No. 1893142

You know it's bad when even other troons are calling you an incel kek

No. 1893144

Ask them anonymously and the college people would probably respond differently lol. When I graduate I'm going to end up in a super liberal position in academia or some academia-adjacent space, and I'm hyper-aware about keeping my digital footprint squeaky clean. Of course if this guy approached me I would decline to be filmed period but if I had to answer I know I'd be sticking to the script too.

No. 1893148

>Demon picrew icon
>Malds when correctly compared to an incel
It's funny how clockable it is when they're people with no actual problems. I'm sure he thinks that people being rightfully disgusted with him for being a porn addicted misogynist counts as "oppression." Also kek at every time reddit trannies claim to be "totally for real at risk of being murdered at all times" and that "cis women don't face even half the oppression transwomen face." I doubt the gay tranny prostitutes from the global south that make up the entirety of those murder stats they hold so near and dear are spending very much time malding over how "femoids have it easy" on reddit. He's probably part of the group that's at the statistical lowest risk of being murdered. Of course, he'll never admit to that. It's either way too important to his victimhood complex/humiliation fetish, or it's too valuable to him as an excuse for why no one should ever be able to criticize him, and why he should get everything he wants.
That aside, is anyone here brave enough to go check this retard's post history?

No. 1893149

all of his other retarded takes aside (which i’m going to ignore bc they make me want to alog), why are tims always so obsessed with this idea of “girlhood” in which every woman ever has experienced the same perfect, fairytale-esque, ultra-feminine childhood or w/e. what even constitutes as “girlhood” in their eyes? sorry for blog but the only times i was aware of being female as a little girl was when boys and men made sexist/objectifying jokes or when i got ostracized and laughed at by classmates for going through puberty. outside of that i didn’t care. so what’s so desirable to troons about growing up as a girl? i’m genuinely curious because it just reeks of pedophilia when they talk about it

No. 1893161

Malding bc there are expectations that society puts on adults even tho he's a very special boy

No. 1893162

>Insane transcel gets downvoted to hell
Is nature healing?

No. 1893167

There are three possibilities IMO:
The first is recognition of the fact that neither being, nor being seen as female in their childhood is an evident sign of the fact that they aren't actually women, and can never be women. The lack of a female childhood means they lack a fundamental part of the female experience that cannot be manufactured. This undeniable reality crushes their fantasy of "becoming a true woman" completely, which they find unacceptable. Because of this, they try to forcibly create a consumable version of "girlhood" that they can partake in as adult men to compensate, usually by employing stereotypical interests such as princesses, tea parties, stuffed animals, dresses, and the color pink. Through this, they hope to divorce themselves entirely from what they wrongfully believe is the only thing separating them from actual women.
The second is a genuine belief that girls live in greater states of luxury and privilege than boys do. They envy the idealized version of what being a young girl is like that only exists in their minds. Primarily, they believe that all girls are profoundly well-liked, that their emotions are cared for, that physical harm rarely ever comes to them, and that if they are harmed, they are coddled and their attacker is harshly punished, regardless of the context. Most of all, they envy the image of a young girl surrounded by other young girls who are unconditionally affectionate towards her, and entirely unafraid of her. They wish girls had treated them like that in their childhoods, and that women (and often girls) treated them like that now. Of course, none of this is an accurate depiction of what girlhood is like, but that hardly matters to the men fantasizing about it. There are many men without gender identities who believe that this is an accurate description of the average childhood of a girl, after all.
The third is just straight up pedophilia. AGP desire is largely built upon a desire for control over the targets of their sexual desire. If a man can become a woman, he can control every aspect of that woman's existence. Similarly, pedophiles are interested in children primarily because a child's weakness and innocence makes them easier to control. In this way, it's not surprising that many AGPs are pedophiles, or have even developed autopedophilia.
Sometimes there is overlap between these three possibilities.

No. 1893169

File: 1693801498145.png (22.62 KB, 857x314, eat worms.png)

I'm definitely going to steal the last person's comeback about worms the next time a tranny asks why lesbians like dildos but not nasty diseased dick.

No. 1893174

Damn anon, what did Duff Mckagan do to you?

No. 1893180

is it just me or are trannies more vicious towards lesbians who don't want to date them than they are towards men?
i feel like i barely ever hear a thing about men not wanting them, but then they'll cry transphobia and its not fair if it's lesbians

No. 1893181

okay this is bothering me. dysphoria means the opposite of euphoria. it's a matter of having a feeling of unease, unhappiness, discomfort. it exists apart from GENDER dysphoria, which is merely one kind of dysphoria. it doesn't imply you do or don't have a valid reason for these feelings, merely is a descriptor for said feelings.

dysmorphia means you feel strongly uneasy or unhappy with your physical body, in part or in whole, like it's inherently wrong somehow. it exists apart from GENDER dysmorphia, which is merely one kind of dysmorphia. it doesn't imply you do or don't have a valid reason for these feelings, it's simply a descriptor for said feelings. you can be delusional in your feelings or rational, and it's still dysmorphia. BDD is a common dysmorphia diagnosis that's well known. another obvious example of an illness that is psychologically defined by both (dysphoria and dysmorphia) would be something like eating disorders, particularly restrictive types.

the "differences" this person claimed are just pulled out of his ass to try to dismiss the reality, which is that tims aren't special compared to women in feeling shitty about themselves. "nobody knows my suffering" teenage-level insanity. how can he not understand the most BASIC shit about what his whole life seems to revolve around? and he acts pompous with his baseless "um actually" AND isn't corrected by anyone somehow. sorry for the slight sperg, just seriously how? like I wouldn't even call it a sperg that's how fucking 101 this is.

No. 1893183

yeah it's a pretty well-known manifestation at this point, I think. makes sense if you think about it. the ones who are into men just skinwalk as a weird predator among wolves, and of course wolves don't bother to question it. but imagine skinwalking like this among actual sheep who know you're a wolf. ouch. AND imagine you're desperately wanting those you're skinwalking as to not only pretend you're one of them and everything is fine, but for them to desire you as the farce you are. if dudes don't want you, it's because they just don't get the complexity of women or something. you can't cope the same when lesbians don't want you.

No. 1893185

>Are men more antagonistic towards women than they are to other men?
>Do straight men feel more entitled to women than gay men do to men?
>Do straight men feel more entitled to women than straight women do to men?
>Is homophobia more common and vicious than "heterophobia"?
>Are men more predatory than women?

No. 1893196

I forgot that man was even still alive

No. 1893199

File: 1693812582875.png (3.46 MB, 1622x3831, Furry_Isadora.png)

TIM says he's leaving his "unsupportive" wife after she called him a misogynist kek:

No. 1893202

It's because they know, deep down, that girls grow up to be women and boys grow up to be men. Girlhood is something they fundamentally cannot experience or even pretend to experience, and we know how they feel about things they can't have. It's as unobtainable to them as being able to give birth, so they're obsessed with it and perceive it as a "privilege" and mythologize it to the extreme. And plenty of them are of course just pedophiles.

No. 1893211

they think girlhood is cute and fluffly and carefree like in their animu

No. 1893213

File: 1693819728672.jpeg (29.09 KB, 314x393, IMG_0513.jpeg)

Porn addled

No. 1893215

this man isn't even able to fucking orgasm, why the fuck is he doing this shit

No. 1893216

No, a Jessica (taken by Jessica Yaniv). Commiserations, sister!

No. 1893218

Hoping to stay relevant to pornsick abuser moids.

No. 1893220

Do we know that for sure? Has he spoken about it? I don’t follow him that closely so I had no idea lol

No. 1893221

Not really true for most academics much less some random students. And the problems will come more from your colleagues, as you willing create an environment where predating on dissent, no matter how mild, is encouraged and advantageous. You don't need to do what the exclusively white women in the video did, which is immediately jump to empty words/cliches to support anything tranny 100% without reservation or reason. When they could in fact just sit on a faux nuanced middle position that isn't supportive but that no one would find offensive (including almost all troons) since it doesn't refute trannyism outright. That way nothing will come of it and you aren't aggressively supporting tranny ideology and sex pests.

I say this because most the people posting in this thread used to support trannies and behave in the same manner.

No. 1893225

He never went through puberty, so no he can’t orgasm

No. 1893235

Lmao good for her

No. 1893239

Nonnies, if you live in Scotland, be warned

No. 1893240

>the kids
Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more depressing

No. 1893241

That's true, they talk openly about taking their friends, partners and family member's names, clothes, mannerisms, hobbies, often they stare and observe women in streets and try to copy them, it is like serial killer shit, kinda like that scene in Silence of the Lambs where Buffalo Bill tries to imitate the girl's scream

No. 1893245

who/what is this creature?

No. 1893248

And the fact that he automatically assumes his wife will be their main caregiver. What a male way to think.

No. 1893249

File: 1693835936113.webm (2.61 MB, 360x270, WVDP59jRQcj4hQJx.webm)

Is it wrong to say that most men who support troons, seem like paedophiles majority of the time

No. 1893252

Yay sterilizing GNC children who most likely would either grow out of it or grow up gay, great idea. Go suck a horse cock, Vaush.

No. 1893254

vaush is 100% a pedo

No. 1893256

Honestly surprised he hasn't trooned out

No. 1893258

How do they just say this shit with no remorse and why are moids so obsessed with taking out their anger on other people through physical assault? Just one of the many reasons he will never be female.

No. 1893261

Why do they always act like girlhood is a magical time of endless sleepovers and not a period during which you’re being forced to learn how to be domestic while your brothers aren’t and while you’re also learning how to take on everyone else’s emotional labor from a young age? This doesn’t even include the more abhorrent forms of abuse girls are likely to be subjected to.

No. 1893265

that would require them to see girls and women as human. as people with emotions and feelings. not sentient vessels to project their degeneracy upon.

No. 1893269

Tbh, moids think that all of the negative aspects of being a woman are hot. If you’re being told that you should clean up after your brothers that’s hot, if you get abused by a family member, teacher or friend, that’s hot, if you’re told that you can’t wear pants and that you also have to be mindful of your body parts, that’s also hot and totally not absolutely miserable.
Like, most porn (the only thing that moids seem to actively consume daily) have scenarios like those, so instead of thinking that it’s quite fucked up how girls can’t act like girls and are always disciplined and humiliated for the sake of letting the boys be boys, they think it’s quite hot how they’re disciplined because they never had to get truly disciplined. Like, some people and moids tend to somehow fetishize the shit they didn’t experience, like sexual abuse or corporal punishments, because they will never truly understand what is it like to go through such things.
So in the end, yeah, trannies are just not only turning everything into a fantasyland, they’re also turning it into a sick fetishization of things that just shouldn’t happen at all.

No. 1893270

File: 1693843413749.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.38 KB, 793x1034, m6mujhy8szta1.jpg)

>i know me doing things in a rush is a trauma response
>denies being misogynistic
>chastises his daughter for playing with her brother because her makeup came off
>username has "furry" in it
>posted art he made like picrel
those poor children are going to be better off without this creep in their life.

No. 1893273

File: 1693844384169.png (1.04 MB, 1855x918, 767.png)

What is it with troons calling themselves "girls"? It's never "women". (Or if they do, it's "I'm a womEn"). Every time I see someone on Reddit say they're a girl it sets off my troon alarm. Saw another one this morning and OF COURSE all of his posts are full of aggressively male language, trans-defending, and his gross moid face in a shit wig.

No. 1893278

Just by the sounds of it… the kids are better off anyhow.. unfortunately

No. 1893279

>Blames everything he does on muh ADHD and depression
>"My wife doesn't want me to LARP my misogynistic paraphilia in day-to-day life. Is she abusive (Please say yes)?"
>"I went ahead and rushed into that major life decision my wife told me she didn't want me to, and she still disagrees with it. What a bitch!"
>Literally leaves her before she can leave him, meaning he was more prepared to leave than her, making him a hypocrite
>Doesn't even argue against the misogyny accusation
>Has a daughter at rough housing age who is already wearing makeup and concerned about it coming off in a home setting
>Gives the little girl an ultimatum of wearing makeup or being active while demonstrating that he thinks makeup = girl in front of her
>Slips up and refers to himself as a father
Why does it feellike the "father who trooned out on his wife and kids" type has a default setting they never meaningfully deviate from?
>"I feel like you're not listening to me. Let's try this again."
I know Vaush's listeners will assume "calm means smart, angry means dumb," and the other guy's repeated use of "liberals" makes him sound like an unhinged conservative (even as a leftist who agrees with him and also hates modern libleftists), but this perfectly demonstrates a TRA tactic I hate. They say something as if it's not a big deal, often leaving the more severe parts up to implication, but when someone openly acknowledges the implications and reality of what they're saying, they act as if the counterpoint is deranged and entirely fabricated. "Kids with persistent gender dysphoria are taken to specialists" obviously could never mean "parents who think their child is too GNC can take their child to the conversion clinic," and "not accepting trans people who identify as the gender you're attracted to on the basis of being trans is transphobic" could never mean "refusing to date or have sex with someone you're not attracted to is something you should be condemned for, if that person believes you should be attracted to them."
Pedophilia, misogyny ("women are supposed to be young and pretty"), or a humiliation fetish (to them, both "child" and "female" are humiliating characteristics, so "female child" is the most humiliating).

No. 1893280

ive only seen clips of this ogre but have you ever noticed he is the epitome of calm talking to rw moids or reactionaries but the moment a woman is his adversary vaush gets incredibly angry and disrespectful?? tbh ive never seen a more blatant misogynist on left wing youtube

No. 1893281

fucking hate it here nonnas

No. 1893284

File: 1693849440131.png (219.04 KB, 349x403, Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 18-11…)


No. 1893286

>Or if they do, it's "I'm a womEn"
I'm pretty sure they've learnt it in the MRA spaces they would go before trooning out (now they have turned every female-only online space into an MRA space). I really don't know why, but Men's Rights moids always say "a women". Always. I've always wondered why. I can only suppose it's some other way to try dehumanizing us.

No. 1893288

This makes me want to post more stickers

No. 1893291

The old transwoman has more common sense than the college girls, it's so obvious he's speaking from his own experience while the college girls are parroting things they've read or heard online. 99% sure most of these girls wouldn't answer like this if it were an anonymous survey, they have too much to risk by saying they're not attracted to trannies in public before their careers even start.

No. 1893292

File: 1693851983211.webm (1.33 MB, 576x1024, Download - 2023-09-02T215135.2…)

No. 1893293

File: 1693852496693.gif (622.45 KB, 300x224, 1544357946770.gif)

So he has adhd/mdd when having responsibilities relating to his wife and taking care of the house but not for putting on make up and acting like a tranny?

No. 1893297

Are we listening to a horse fucker now?

No. 1893299

the irony

No. 1893303

File: 1693853098582.png (36.38 KB, 790x184, Natural my ass.png)

The responses to the OPs post are all calling the wife abusive because she doesn't want her husband of 10 years and father of three to ruin his life by becoming a tranny..I can't imagine her pain.
Then's there's these creepos..

No. 1893304

>call women babies when white men like these call anything that hurts their fee fees, transphobic

No. 1893309

File: 1693854849270.webm (3.45 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.App 725386451964086199…)

you will never be lesbian, ugly gross toad

No. 1893310

literally celebrating for her while reading the whole post until he reveals casually innthe last line that the poor woman reproduced with him.

No. 1893312

File: 1693856151809.png (341.14 KB, 758x1094, lol supporting the taliban app…)

Another day of JK making trannies mad at nothing.

No. 1893315

this is so funny. go ahead and rewrite your past so that the girls who only tolerated your fat creepy presence as a GBF secretly had sexual tension with you.

No. 1893317

The most disheartening thing is how the news doesn't say shit about them murdering us unless it's Fox News, and then it's all disingenuous blabbering about how feminism did this.

No. 1893319

I'm just going to take the opportunity to remind everyone here that:
1) Paraphilias often come in clusters.
2) AGP is a paraphilia.
3) There is such a thing as paraphilic infantilism (AB/DL).
and 4) There is a not unsubstantial overlap between AGPs and men who are into AB/DL.
I'm certain this stunning and brave specimen's "joke" is completely unrelated to anything we might find in his browser history, though! Transwimmin aren't paraphilic predators with obsessive psychosexual hatred of women, after all!

No. 1893320

File: 1693858750750.png (913.82 KB, 738x1203, ivy on X.png)

Unhinged trannies

No. 1893323

This is so weird, like couldn’t someone be equally taking a picture just to mock it or show it to people in a negative light? The fuck is up with that.

No. 1893326

did anyone else see the last episode of how to with john wilson and see that castrated male alcor employee and think about how many people are going to be just like him and have the same story in only a few decades? it seemed like he was so disgusted by his burgeoning male sexuality that he castrated himself to get away from it. but he was in such emotional pain even at his advanced age. his spinal deformity was so bad, he looked like his head grew but his body withered. i felt like he was pouring his time and money in cryogenics in the hopes that he could have some sort of do-over if he was ever revived.

No. 1893333

There was a guy like this who lingered around my friend group when I was in school, even though none of us liked him. Fat, ugly, no social skills, and frequently got asked if he was gay, even though he was blatantly heterosexual and creepy to all the girls he knew. A lot of the girls in that group were closeted gay girls, myself included. I can speak with a fair amount of confidence when I say we all hated that boy and found him creepy, and if we found out he was rewriting his history with us to include "unrealized lesbian sexual tension" between us and him, we would all be revolted.

No. 1893337

File: 1693863879660.jpeg (400.69 KB, 834x1645, IMG_4067.jpeg)

of fucking course he was wearing cat ears to the doctor’s office

No. 1893346

Sorry to the kid of that handmaiden whose innocence will surely one day be horrifically broken because their mother thinks antisocial pornsick men are harmless. Notice how he deliberately didn't gender the child. He was already sizing the poor kid up as a potential grooming target—I mean "egg."

No. 1893350

>afab tells me nothing about the owners
kek. they wish so hard that it was impossible to tell real women apart from trannies. plus, you know the sign was written by some theythem who doesn't even identify as a woman and just uses afab as a neutral fact about herself instead of a big bad boogieman word to avoid. they just don't want anyone to ever acknowledge being born with a vagina and being female from birth in a way that they can't latch onto themselves.

No. 1893353

Meanwhile, when my toddler girls (usually loudly) ask “Mama why is that man wearing a tutu?” when we see one at fucking Target or wherever, I fully encourage and reenforce to them that they are MEN and those men are especially not safe in terms of stranger danger! It’s the little things hehe (god I hate these troons)

No. 1893362

>"Remember, sweetie, stranger danger applies double for men, and double for adults who dress like children or wear strange clothes, so that man is four times more dangerous than a normal stranger!"
Carry pepper spray.

No. 1893367

>a quiet refusal to play along with someone else’s bullshit
how ironic

No. 1893370

I keep wondering, as more legislative repercussions are coming (and unfortunately they're also coming for women and same sex-attracted people who won't be able to just do the act), and lawsuits force hospitals to stop throwing experimental coom surgeries to artists, what's going to happen to these birth certificates with an altered gender. Will they be bygones of a weirder time? Be changed back to reflect biological truth?

I've taken up smoking again, sometimes I just sit and chain smoke w other women, strangers from the gas station or down the street, and no matter what race or age they are, these beleaguered smokers are also down to cackle at a tranny w me. Really makes me wonder how many of us have started smoking, or picked up the kicked habit, so we can get away from these freaks at work for just a couple minutes.

No. 1893373

Lol yup. Apparently it was some new hire they/them that wrote the sign. The owner is actually a woman in her 50s/60s who doesn't even know what AFAB means.

No. 1893374

>complaining about white people
brown men do the same shit

No. 1893379

Based nonna.

No. 1893404

Nta but I don't think she was saying that it was specific to one group of men, I think she was more trying to point out that the subset of men who have it the easiest are the most fragile.

No. 1893406

Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way

No. 1893407

File: 1693880100442.jpg (427.45 KB, 2560x1703, DYK_7492-scaled.jpg)

can you guys even imagine gay men making space for tifs at their rallies in the way women do for tims? i can't

No. 1893408

Was just thinking about this earlier

No. 1893409

i wish women could be meaner. i wish we could ignore or straight-up talk disgustedly about tims in the way gay men are allowed to talk about how much they hate vaginas but we can't because we get death threats.

No. 1893410

Lmao how long ago do you think the eighties were, anon? It's not like these guys are sitting around in nursing homes.

No. 1893413

I don't think it's that deep anon. They're probably just retards and ESLs who can't spell for shit. I occasionally see anons here make the same mistake.

No. 1893414

Children have zero tact, I imagine they'd "misgender" troons more often than not. Blog but one time when my brother was around four, he got scared because he saw a midget at the grocery store. He hid behind my mom and asked her, "why does that kid have tattoos and a beard?"

No. 1893415

>Apparently it was some new hire they/them who wrote the sign.
And yet they all thought it was a TERF. I'm not even remotely surprised. They've gotten so paranoid that they're turning on their own and accusing TiFs and genderspecials of being TERFs. Now I imagine the bar getting review-bombed by retards who don't have anything more important to worry about.

No. 1893418

sage for blogposting, but i couldn't help but empathize with that guy. i've always struggled with my sexuality because of my abuse, and i fantasized a lot about being chemically castrated as a teenager because feeling any sort of arousal disgusted me.

A lot of TIMs troon out from coombrain and they don't feel any regret or shame towards their perversions, but I can definitely see some in the future regretting their surgeries after their libido dies down and realizing they now have to live in some medically deformed frankenstein body.

No. 1893424

KEK I think I would bust a gut if a stranger's child innocently said something as brutal as that about me, though.

No. 1893438

when my 4 year old sister saw a black toy babydoll she asked "why is that baby so dirty" even tho she knew of the existence of black people lmfao(bait)

No. 1893443

AYRT and you got it, I'm actually a part of the goth/post-punk scene and I have yet to come across other goth women who aren't huge handmaidens or gender-tards. I've honestly stopped interacting with other goths because I don't want to deal with the stupidity.

I'm not much of a metalhead, I like a few symphonic/gothic metal bands but not as much as I like goth post-punk so I never really interacted with the metal scene but it's cool that it hasn't been overrun by troons yet and I hope for you and the metal community as a whole never has to deal with it because it truly sucks.

>I however don't see any trannies at death metal shows lol
That's very interesting to hear. Perhaps it's because that genre has so much emphasis on aggressive masculinity? kek

No. 1893445

File: 1693895665648.jpg (701.88 KB, 1080x1789, Screenshot_2023-09-05-09-34-41…)

Retards in comments are telling him he looks so feminine they thought he was a ftm KEK
Also even tiktok filter can't hide his gigahon jaw

No. 1893455

File: 1693897948155.png (64.94 KB, 425x593, ok.png)

Love when you clock a tranny just from the insane shit they say

No. 1893465

File: 1693904848441.jpeg (491.05 KB, 750x1167, IMG_1978.jpeg)

This made me curious about whether any cultures are truly nude, and it led me to a reddit post by someone ranting about why there aren’t any truly nude societies and how that’s so fucked up. I check their profiles and, of course, it’s a tranny.

No. 1893466

File: 1693905006863.jpeg (293.63 KB, 750x1029, IMG_1977.jpeg)

What’s even funnier is he posted this just a few months ago. The hilarity of a tim complaining about men drawing women, he’s really just telling on himself.

No. 1893472

the only other time i heard someone boasting about nudity bein