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File: 1700666799518.png (577.63 KB, 1186x666, 1699574147718.png)

No. 1932085

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No. 1932087

Hope I did this correctly
Previous thread :

No. 1932115

A couple of the previous threads don't have links in the OP. Otherwise, it's fine.

No. 1932137

File: 1700675047826.jpg (256.31 KB, 1080x762, Screenshot_20231122_184448_Chr…)

The retardation continues

No. 1932143

I could understand applying in spite of the question if it only listed the standard pronouns as options, but are you really so desperate that you're willing to apply to a job that volunteers neopronoun options upon application? The job market really is in complete shambles.
Telling people your pronouns are "hu/hu" sounds like literally telling people to laugh at you kek.

No. 1932146

>Anime girls
-drawn/written/designed by men
-created for and by men
>cool female protagonists in video games
-(sadly) again, mostly written/designed by men

No. 1932153

File: 1700676635271.png (15.55 KB, 496x102, buffalobill.png)

Kek don't they realise they sound like Buffalo Bill?

No. 1932161

File: 1700677684518.png (75.32 KB, 1338x452, Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 18.27…)

oh his brain is so cooked

No. 1932166

It's so fucking autistic how they try to make their lives into the goddamn woman olympics with their poor wives, over the weirdest shit like this. The worse your ability to tolerate cold, the more of a woman you are, right guise?? Guarantee this man was making fun of those "air conditioning is sexist" ragebait articles from 10 years ago or so.

They make it sound like as soon as they start taking HRT, their lives become this unlivable hell of "period cramps," endlessly sobbing from cute dog pictures, being too weak to lift anything, and apparently being frozen at normal temperatures. Maybe these aren't signs of womanhood and it turns out that taking cross-sex hormones is just really bad for your health??

No. 1932183

File: 1700679860266.jpg (202.31 KB, 1080x733, Screenshot_20231122_200312_Chr…)

I think that trannie has been featured previously. You just know he got a boner from forcing a poor woman to pat him down. So vile and repulsive.

No. 1932185


No. 1932186

File: 1700680025463.jpeg (40.95 KB, 900x483, whos-on-first-vaudeville-comed…)

I would choose those pronouns just to have my own personal remake of the Who's On First? routine.
>Anon has joined our company today, let's welcome her!
>Yes, hu is Anon.
>She's the new lady starting today…

No. 1932187

File: 1700680391110.jpeg (631.93 KB, 750x1294, 7D8746CE-412A-4E09-B1CB-0F4AB6…)

TIMs love to put women down whenever they get the opportunity.

No. 1932188

File: 1700680604324.jpg (1.86 MB, 1079x6224, Screenshot_20231122_200905_Chr…)

Kek this one is so fucking wild. It's a textbook seething trannie bingo
>Definitely did something to make his coworkers uncomfortable to get himself fired yet he's the victim
>Bashes other girls for "being older" yeah right dude kek
>Trannies in the comments advise vendetta, despite the fact that it would put the women working there at risk
You just know dude was creeping on his coworkers and they are definitely not "older". Even if they were, it wouldn't justify him being a creep. If he was making really making money to his jerk of a boss, I'm sure the jerk would have pocketted the money - I see no reason for him to fire the trannie.

No. 1932189

File: 1700680634317.jpg (449.77 KB, 1080x1401, Screenshot_20231122_133534_Red…)

No. 1932190

now post one without 3 filters stacked on top, faggot

No. 1932192

And the shape wear/corset.

No. 1932193

Disgusting, gross, revolting, etc etc. I also have IBS and wasn't aware that it was a disability, where is my sweet sweet government money?

No. 1932195

>I am her butch
Either another TiM or a woman that is definitely not butch nor a lesbian

No. 1932196

>gender is a game

Someone played “drop the baby on its head” with you as a kid

No. 1932197

Only a scrote could be this obliviously gross and self-satisfied

No. 1932198

I mean, it's hard to be offended when the person trying to offend looks like this. You know it's time to reassess your life when you think Michael Jackson nose, bee-stung lips and a chocker look good.

No. 1932200

kek and you know he doesnt even look like that irl either

No. 1932210

>"my pimp sees me as a product"
Wtf did he expect? Prostitution literally is selling yourself as a product. This is why the vast majority of prostitutes only do "sex work" because they were desperate, coerced, or outright forced to, and it's also why almost all of them want to stop being prostitutes. I bet none of the actual women at that brothel were working there anywhere near as willingly as he was.

No. 1932212

They ignore women they don't consider fuckable, and this is the result ig.
Who? Hu!
Literally just man face/head with weirdly-spaced bolt-ons. Also KEK that he 'keeps people guessing'. Sir, I don't need to 'guess' what your chromosomes are…
Yeees my screencap (with nonny's amazing editing) made the post image. Day made lol.

No. 1932218

File: 1700683234114.mp4 (8 MB, theneonrequiem - 1725419690871…)

Not a troon technically (he's an AGP 'activist' and doesn't identify as trans), but it's still fun watching a based gay guy verbally curbstomp him for being a total creep.

No. 1932225

>You don't give effeminate vibes […] You give serial killer vibes
Nonna my sides he really killed it with his answer kek. Bless based gay guy. Do you have the link or title of the video?

No. 1932229

kek he wasnt wrong either, hes got the same hairline and face as buffalo bill

No. 1932235

Here's the full vid nonny! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eC3nDRFhng He didn't hold back kek.
The gay guy doesn't have vids on his own channel, but he's on Twitter @theneonrequiem (which is where I saw the clip version).
The Buffalo Bill bit slayed me lmao.

No. 1932246

Thank you nonna. Yeah Rudy really delivered that Buffalo Bill punch. Excellent.

No. 1932258

File: 1700686153558.jpeg (294.11 KB, 828x1456, IMG_9455.jpeg)

this is so refreshing

sage for non-milk, but hsts tim on reddit discovers homosexuality. it’s ironic because when tras realize that lesbians exclusively date normal women and tifs all the time while still identifying as lesbians, that’s transphobia

No. 1932272

File: 1700687013689.png (1.14 MB, 810x3651, wehaveourownpriorities.png)

>"If you won’t welcome us in we’ll take our place by force"

No. 1932295

File: 1700688270900.jpg (279.33 KB, 1080x1512, Screenshot_20231121_143937_Chr…)

I suppose we have now established that with the trannie cult, TERF = biological women who won't pander to mentally ill men in dresses. So, these "TERF" were probably talking about actual stats, not the made up ones from the trannie delulu world. Picrel found on ovarit (I think) breaking down actual numbers of assault on women vs trannies in the UK. Glad to report trannies are safe. If that's any indication of trannies' safety worldwide, the only man in the room of that WN can indeed take a seat back and seethe in silence, and accept that the whole world doesn't revolve around his precious self for two sec. Mayhaps the 200 actual women can have priority over a male in Women's Network meeting?

No. 1932296

I am so sick of them shitting on suffragettes for not being woke enough. Black men had the right to vote before white women but they never get criticized for it.

No. 1932299

Makes me wanna flip a table. These fucking degenerates are not minority women.

No. 1932300

Sounds like a fallacious argument (the suffragette one). They also said something like "this is like saying ~all lives matter muh~". They love conflating unrelated issues to try and "upstage" actual minorities' issues. A white male choosing to live in an ill-fitted dress and horrid makeup is not oppressed, he is the epitome of entitled and privileged. Their lack of self-awareness is both unsurprising and hilarious.

No. 1932304

File: 1700689096960.png (46 KB, 604x462, antiwomen.png)

Won't someone think in poor moids feels when gay moids are misogynists???

No. 1932311

Like this faggot wouldn't kill to be able to have a baby the way any "ugly" cis woman can. A stone butch lesbian is a woman no matter how "masc" she is by virtue of being born with a uterus. An HSTS that trooned as a kid is just a lifelong medical patient.

I'd be curious to see candids of this one. Botched HSTSes who LARP as Regina George never actually look like their doctored photos and videos.

No. 1932317

Also important to point out that when a black man voted (in the UK) there was no major outcry. When a woman voted there most definitely was, to the point where women voting was explicitly banned, beginning the suffragette movement. The suffragettes not making the vote a racial thing was completely fair, as it was never a racial problem.

No. 1932319

Screeching about how not all women have vaginas is like saying that the phrase "high five" is bad because not everybody has five fingers. Even if you assume that TiMs are women (they aren't) they're outliers. We don't change language to accommodate outliers that represent less than one percent of the group being described. It's absurd.

No. 1932323

File: 1700690782006.png (251.54 KB, 536x523, roman emperor .png)

A museum is reclassifying Elagabalus as a "trans woman" because of some of his documented fetish behaviours. tbf he would have identified as trans today probably, because he was a huge pervert and hated women.
>clearing out the brothels so he could become the prostitute and prostituting himself in the streets
he wanted to be a sex object and that's what women were to him
>dressed in women's clothes sometimes
>one piece of text where he says "call me not Lord, for I am a Lady"
the context was he asked to be brought men with huge penises and this was his response to one of them (again he wanted to be a sex object for them)
he also raped women in public and threw orgies every night

No. 1932324

A perfect representation of trannies, by all accounts.

No. 1932335

The problem with Elagabalus is that the only surviving accounts of him were written by his detractors. It's unclear how true the stories about his degeneracy actually are. I think there's some credence to the claims that he was a shitty emperor and was basically part of a cult, but I have my doubts about the specifics. In any case, he's not exactly someone you'd want to claim as representing your movement. At least the historical figures believed to have been homosexual are people who actually did important things, like Michelangelo, Oscar Wilde, and King James I.

No. 1932338

I think what she meant by "we have our own stats" was "women have their own problems with victimization to deal with." There are so many goddamn LGBT organizations and "civil rights" charities happy to prostrate themselves before trannies, yet they always choose to pester the handful of groups who don't yield to their nonsense. It's not about "finding support" it's about keeping everyone in line so none of them can object to your delusions. They want any group who opposes them to be shamed, shut down and prosecuted.

No. 1932344

>a disgusting rapist coomer who thinks women are just sex objects must have actually been a tranny
Well that sounds spot on to me, nonnies!

No. 1932372

File: 1700695993319.gif (1.6 MB, 228x180, 1505523200514.gif)

>imagine trying to find representation in antique civilization and finding it right in the spot.

No. 1932379

kek needed this laugh today thanks nonna

No. 1932380

Does he not realize it’s uncomfortable for anyone who has to go through this? No one likes having a random TSA agent do this.

No. 1932381

Women who are built like linebackers are hot tbh

No. 1932386

File: 1700698157813.jpg (22.62 KB, 603x271, agp.jpg)

but its not a fetish, right?

No. 1932410

That's Rudy. I met him at a gathering earlier this year, nice guy and hates troons

No. 1932436

its nice to see another scottish troon (mind the pun) hater

No. 1932452

Does he have socials? Would like to follow his work.

No. 1932453

king kek. and he is totally correct

No. 1932454

he's talking about suing them though, so i think that thankfully he was pat down by a man. he thinks it was uncomfortable for the tsa agent because he passes when in fact it was uncomfortable because he's a sexual deviant open about it

No. 1932472

File: 1700713253406.png (1020 KB, 1080x1459, Screenshot_20231122-160719_1.p…)

I love when reddit trannies say they pass because if you click their profiles and scroll down you almost always find a selfie showing they do not in fact pass.

No. 1932477

his entire profile is insulting women all day and yet women still support him and his delusions. Imagine is a tif just whined about men all day while demanding to identify as one

No. 1932493

retarded coomer troon realizes that the sex trade doesn’t value it’s participants and is dehumanizing.

No. 1932496

If this is the one I'm thinking of, he spent the night w my roommate once (platonically, they are gamer autists) and I immediately pinned him for a furry. Like to the point of pointing and going "FURRY" before he even gets a "hello" out. Didn't let him use the bathroom bc I just cleaned it, and told him he's responsible for any hair left on the couch, and that I would BILL HIM if he stank it up so much I had to rent a steam cleaner. I am like 70% sure this is him.

No. 1932504

There are layers to this post.

No. 1932511

i like how he went from "trying women's clothing for the first time!1" while sporting a beard, to "i pass" in 15 days. and how retarded do you have to be to come to the conclusion that you pass because someone saw your ID indicating male but still called you "ma'am" upon noticing the AGP gear?? he literally got clocked as a tranny! idgi. male logic

No. 1932518

Oh my god, a pimp views prostitutes as a product he is selling and holds them to strict beauty standards in order to make more money. This isn't heckin validating sex work at all!!!

No. 1932521

thank you nonnie. this creep always bugged me (his book isn't even that informative, i can't figure how he keeps worming his way into serious discussions). there's this subset of AGP moids who will go as far as LARPing as feminists to indulge in their emasculation fetish, to be the one inferior man in an assembly of manhating women. i'm tired of willfully naive GCs/feminists not seeing it for what it is. He was condescending during the entire video but that one line shut him up because it is terribly true.

No. 1932523

>becomes emperor at 14 years old only because he looks like the previous assassinated emperor
>takes an eternity to reach Rome because he decides to take wih him his giant pet rock supposed to be the god of the sun from Syria
>pisses off every men because he is a litteral child and takes his mom with him everywhere
>makes his dumb rock the new and only god of Rome
>dies only 4 years after starting his new job because Rome is falling and at this point it's a tradition to kill emperors
>gets damnatio memoriae, removed from history, to legitimise his successor
>anonymous roman troll writes fanfiction about previous emperors that almost no scholars take seriously
>2023, idiotic scholars use poorly written fanfiction to justify transgenderism

No. 1932534

Ah yes the two things trannies love, rewriting history and transing those who are underage.

No. 1932539

>Implying that IBS is a disability
Also how much of a fucking baby is the TiM that he needs validation for having diarrhea?

No. 1932540

You know, why do troons always claim the worst people….that reminds me of the time everyone tried to say that "Chris Chan might be a rapist, but that's no excuse to disrespect her pronouns"…if I wanted my movement to be taken seriously, I'd avoid defending obvious degenerates.

No. 1932556

We know next to nothing about Elagabalus because he was damnatio memoriae, removed from history. Almost everything that could have informed us about his life was destroyed. They aren't claiming a terrible person. They are writing fanfiction as if it was history. Like they did with Marsha P. Johnson. The text that they are trying to pass as an historical source, Historia Augusta, is basically roman emperors written as lolcows.
>From the sixth century to the end of the 19th century, historians had recognized that the Historia Augusta was a flawed and not a particularly reliable source, and since the 20th century modern scholars have tended to treat it with extreme caution.

No. 1932633

>They are writing fanfiction as if it was history. Like they did with Marsha P. Johnson.
Not related to Elagabalus, but the Marsha P. Johnson thing is so difficult to understand when both he and other people who knew him said he was a gay man.

No. 1932657

>obese ogre baseball mitt hands
>5 o'clock shadow

im not sure what's worse

No. 1932666

Nonna, I already linked his social here! >>1932235

Yeah I'm familiar with him, I've like to see him in more things.

Yeah, agreed. The video happened because he went to an anti-gender ideology event in his dress, and many TERFs/GCs on Twitter weren't happy, but a detrans girl started cussing people out in the comments to defend him. Mess.

No. 1932673

File: 1700760277585.jpeg (274.5 KB, 1170x1864, IMG_2743.jpeg)

saw this on tiktok and all of the comments are complaining that the video misgendered her. lmao
heres the link if anyone wants www.tiktok.com/@vicenews/video/7304356745139277088

No. 1932675

File: 1700760678732.png (436.17 KB, 1049x937, wearher.png)

No. 1932689


No. 1932690

How many Buffalo Bill moments are in these threads? It's like whenever I take a peak I see/read some Silence of the Lambs tier shit. I hate this tranny earth.

No. 1932691

File: 1700764587099.png (335.86 KB, 640x1198, Screenshot 2023-11-23 at 18.36…)

wtf happened here

No. 1932692

File: 1700764765065.jpeg (1.05 MB, 3508x2480, IMG_9472.jpeg)

>why don’t my female coworkers want to use the changing room with me???

No. 1932693

File: 1700764792848.jpeg (67.45 KB, 828x365, IMG_9471.jpeg)

>because they’re bigots!!!

No. 1932697

Not only was Malcolm Johnson a drag queen instead of trans, but he showed up like three hours after the riot started. Sylvia Rivera was never even there that night. Then you get retards like Michael Hobbes equivocating and acknowledging that the Marsha P Johnson thing is misinformation but saying that it doesn't matter because it's okay to lie about history if you think it's for the greater good. He basically says that Johnson "spiritually" threw the first brick.

No. 1932699

File: 1700766700524.png (Spoiler Image,1.75 MB, 1622x2048, slutty_princessxxx.png)

>"My wife left me"
I wonder why!

No. 1932700

File: 1700766700964.jpg (257.25 KB, 1403x1084, F_o8Mv7bEAEtdWG.jpg)

No. 1932703

File: 1700766796144.jpg (143.01 KB, 510x680, {88D9A816-245E-463A-8B52-B9DDF…)

You can't use modern terms to refer to people in the past because it wouldn't apply to them as things were different back then and they're dead. If "being a trans woman" is what TIFs and TIMs claim it is, aka gender is something only an individual can choose, how can you say a dead person is trans? How can you choose for him?
Please don't let history and science in general be bastardized by politics. It reminds me how in the past the church was against science because it was "against the will of god". That's what's happening right now, with people trying to change the turn of events in order to feel validated. Their bias clouds their judgement and sets science back. It annoys me.
Who the fuck cares about misgendering? He's gone. He can't hear you. And since when does a single museum making a decision mean that everyone else should agree with it? Does that make them authority in all history ever? It's a single museum not all museums in the world.

No. 1932707

File: 1700767870359.mp4 (3.26 MB, 920x720, ajlieshere - 16052978134824550…)

Lmao did they not realise they need to change accounts between each reply…?
Once more (vidrel) for the archive. It's peak TRA to take what a lesbian did and change it to a tranny (who wasn't even a tranny).

No. 1932712


In no way does estrogen make pre cum into vaginal fluids. I cannot begin to talk about how medically wrong this is. I can't with these dumb ass coombrains.

No. 1932727

kek good for her

No. 1932728

His word salad is hard to decipher but I love that his coworkers simply refused to use the same changing room as this degenerate. I have a feeling he's lying about another woman changing with him, it sounds too much like the usual tranny fanfic.

No. 1932747

Ugh I listened to this whole thing the other day and Phil Illy is so fucking annoying. The audacity to claim that AGP is a sexual orientation and that he's being discriminated against for it is unbelievable. It is a paraphilia. Maybe it's in a special category of fetishes but it is still a fetish. I cannot stand how he lumps in homosexuality with not only AGP but also pedophilia and beastiality and then acts like he doesn't get why it's offensive because he's autistic. No excuses for that shit. His beliefs are way more offensive than his dress (which is terrible but ultimately idgaf what people wear as long as they're covered up). I don't think gender critical people should indulge his ideas because they'll lose support from the LGB community rapidly and end up basically on the same side as the trans activists.

No. 1932749

File: 1700774517429.jpg (331.19 KB, 888x1528, Clipboard03.jpg)

No. 1932757

KEK what a stacy that doctor is

No. 1932760

File: 1700775923590.png (553.64 KB, 902x1218, oras4J2.png)

To no one's surprise, it was all TIMs.

No. 1932777

File: 1700777138386.png (382.14 KB, 578x423, maray.png)

ugh this horse furry TIM is a nightmare. could not be more of a degenerate if he tried.

No. 1932780

>I'm wearing make up and retarded earrings
>I thought I passed
Kek my sides, my poor dude

No. 1932781

File: 1700777570846.png (Spoiler Image,5.12 MB, 2369x3615, iwouldbesuchaslutifiwasagirl.p…)

Because women get to be sluts and sex workers!:

No. 1932785

File: 1700778571934.jpg (19.7 KB, 240x240, avatars-000894638827-qr5jsd-t2…)

Punchable face
Literally looking like Lord Farquaad

No. 1932786

I've seen this freak's suit before and just knew it was a degen male in there. The fact that he's a troon makes so much sense

No. 1932790

These obviously fictional stories would be so sad if I weren’t so disgusted.

No. 1932791

if that ogre was my husband I’d be asexual too tf

No. 1932803

okay i’ve never went out of my way that hard to find out, but i’ve been dying to know what this freak looked like inside the suit. i knew it would be a tranny. what a disgusting fucking freak. this is absolute peaking material if anybody would just think critically about it for 10 seconds

No. 1932812

File: 1700782389080.jpeg (343.99 KB, 1536x2048, maraytim.jpeg)

another one of him being revolting

No. 1932817

I get the suspicion this neanderthal is some secret zoophile just by looking at him.

No. 1932822

secret??? i think his fur suit screams it for all the world to hear

No. 1932826

Looking like a malnourished silverback gorilla.

No. 1932829

I mean he has three furry pride flags on the wall lol.

No. 1932833

Lmao it’s like these people want to be hated. No other minority group activity tries to be hated like the troon community.

No. 1932834

File: 1700785765928.jpg (469.54 KB, 1078x1618, Screenshot_20231123_192844_Tum…)

I fucking hate them but this post is full of tranny cope. Anna is just armenian kek she doesn't look like a man.

No. 1932836

i dont know who either of those people are tbh

No. 1932837

It's the women from the Red Scare podcast. Anna Khachiyan and Dasha Nekrasova.

No. 1932838

I always love it when troons launch into rants like this that prove that they see being a woman as nothing more than adhering to made-up gender stereotypes. A woman has a more angular jawline and thick eyebrows and doesn't look like a prepubescent anime girl? Not feminine enough! Even though they're still instantly recognizable as female, more so than any post-facial feminization surgery TIM I've ever seen.

No. 1932839

is he trying to argue that fetal alcohol syndrome makes a woman look like a man

No. 1932840

I’ve never heard the podcast before but heard the memes about them acting like mean girls who think they’re coquettes, gotta agree that doesn’t match their appearance at all

No. 1932850

What the fuck is wrong with his face? Also, that outfit is hilarious on him, the exaggerated shading doesn't line up with where his actual body is. I hope gwen is trans so more of them will try wearing it.

No. 1932851

so we've gone from the classic hsts cope of 'women are jealous we're stealing the straight men from them' to 'women are jealous we're stealing the closeted gay men from them'

No. 1932861

File: 1700789521897.png (839.08 KB, 1082x1854, chrome_screenshot_24 Nov 2023 …)

wtf is that chin?

No. 1932868

This one might actually be able to pass were it not for his absurdly long midface. I wonder if he's already had work done, because 90% of the time, FFS just makes the midface look even longer by shaving the chin down.

No. 1932876

Being ugly doesn't make a woman male, it just makes her an ugly woman. It's the same logic so many TiFs use, thinking that not being conventionally attractive means that they'd look better as men. Also of course there's going to be overlap between their fanbase and Hontra, they both cater to pretentious, pseudo-intellectual scrotes.

No. 1932877

Holy shit, the Sanbaddy one is lying so blatantly. How can they post such hideous looking pictures and then claim to pass perfectly and fuck lesbians? It's like they have no shame or self-awareness whatsoever.

No. 1932880

Lmao they always have those cheap flags hanging up with the folds in it that they didn’t bother to iron out. Extremely male behavior

No. 1932887

im betting it’s the body that’s the most clockable. dude probably has linebacker shoulders and a long torso. probably like 6’2 as well.

No. 1932915

File: 1700802767006.jpg (38.79 KB, 978x640, F1M6YNsaUAE00w6.jpg)

what the hell of type of TIMs are these, like do they pretend to be "bimbo animals" and except to be taken seriously?

No. 1932922

>she is solely to blame for leaving me instead of staying with me as I devote my life to coom
I hope she tells everyone

No. 1932933

The entitlement of man. Women would understand if another woman didn't want to undress before them for any reason. Women wouldn't force other women to undress before them. In school some of the girls might even change in the locker room bathrooms because they're insecure and don't want to be unclothed in front of other girls, I've never seen another girl flip over that like they'd be entitled to see them change. Like wtf that is beyond creepy. And some schools apparently let boys in girls locker rooms if they report having gender feelings and I don't understand how and why they think that's ok. This shit is maddening. Leave women and girls alone.

No. 1932953

Their podcast is just them saying whatever they think of, and I don’t think they are serious.

No. 1932956

File: 1700812420674.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1182x1834, 14BE01E6-CD9A-4F50-A7DF-E844B8…)

No. 1932963

queen lol

No. 1932995

He really doesn't pass. Totally a trannie retarded face.

No. 1933009

>deciding that porn addiction is a real issue actually
kek. his dick is out of order from the pills so now hes picking apart the looks of two actual women to stroke the only thing thats left (his ego). people see these women as women, the only reason why you struggle is because of your porn addiction and hugbox mentality. he sneakily admitted to being so poisoned in the brain that his delusions MUST be the true answers. ffs.


No. 1933018

the front door to my building was broken and when i tried to leave i was confronted by an overweight greasy haired troon wearing cat ears blocking the doorway, watching the repair man fix the door
what is it with the cat ears, i remember seeing some at uni walking around with cat ears on

No. 1933019

they want to be 'catgirls'. if you ever wonder the root cause of something, always assume its anime or porn, although its usually both with these creatures.

No. 1933042

Exactly. I remember in our middle school locker room we had a small number of stalls in the changing rooms, and girls would rush to be the first ones in them so they could have privacy. These idiot men think if we’re not all showering together and making out in a changing room, we’re transphobic. Most women just want to get it over with and not be gawked at even by other women.

No. 1933064

Well most of them say it's lesbian porn that made them realize they're women, so…

No. 1933081

as an actual lesbian, I would always change in the corner facing the wall or in the bathroom stalls because I was so terrified of making other girls uncomfortable if they were to somehow find out about my sexuality. of course now, my female friends all know and changing together is not a big deal in the slightest. but males sexualize and objectify the women’s body always so they can never be normal about it. it just fuels their fetish

No. 1933088

This is part of why straight TIMs insisting it's "lesbophobic" to not want to change around them is so infuriating. Lesbians are very aware of the potential to make other women uncomfortable to the point of being paranoid. Lesbians don't demand straight women get naked in front of them and call them bigots for refusing. It's male brained as fuck, I'm sick of TIMs pretending they know what lesbians are like. Besides, most straight women are okay with changing around lesbians because we are actual women. The same reason lesbians are considerate of other women and go out of our way to make sure they feel safe when vulnerable–because we are women and empathize with other women. Something they can never do.

No. 1933096

File: 1700849958180.jpg (90.93 KB, 1446x1062, F_trnRUbwAAzM8n.jpg)

Theyre so disgusting and coom brained jesus
"Masturbating like a girl" by fondling your PENIS lol

No. 1933097

Also not all of us do it that way, kek. He got this from porn

No. 1933098

porn truly has ruined a whole generation of men (and more)

No. 1933109

rubbing your penis and balls is the womanly way to masturbate now, huh? gotta take notes, i've been doing it wrong this whole time

No. 1933110

File: 1700851517796.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1284x2272, IMG_9665.jpeg)

It’s always so awkward to see men talking amongst themselves in lesbian spaces.

No. 1933113

One hundred percent. There’s a reason so many lesbians are afraid of being seen as predatory, and it’s due to not wanting to come off like men. A lot of us understand what it’s like to be predated on by men regardless of our sexuality. The fact that lesbian women even have this level of consideration and men do not speaks volumes.

No. 1933114

File: 1700851734979.png (958.17 KB, 1656x1052, lmfao.png)

LMAO the jokes just make themselves

No. 1933118

Anime or porn, or anime porn.
My thinking with it has always been that, because I'm a woman myself, random women's bodies don't have the same 'novelty' to me as they would to a heterosexual man. Plus, again as a woman myself, I wouldn't want to objectify other women like that.

No. 1933121

You wouldn't even have to iron it. Hanging it up in the bathroom while you shower will remove the wrinkles because of the steam. These people are a bunch of spoiled, lazy moids who never learned even the most basic household tasks because their mommies and/or long-suffering girlfriends do everything for them.

No. 1933124

File: 1700853293217.jpg (33.37 KB, 399x534, unnamed.jpg)

No woman with a face (and body) like that would be a successful model. Yuck.

No. 1933131

File: 1700854182816.png (34.7 KB, 500x259, tumblr_07036cec416e2802ffa4ddb…)

No. 1933159

File: 1700858427013.jpeg (325 KB, 426x1123, ABDE3727-412F-47F7-B739-F6367D…)

Baeddelist MtF on Twitter who has an entire account dedicated solely to shit talking FtMs

No. 1933172

These men cannot comprehend of anything that doesn't center them. They have no understanding of how TIFs long to be men to evade misogyny that they themselves proliferate. They have no idea about how THEY THEMSELVES are attempting to opt out of a privileged position (most likely white hetero male) into a fake simulacra of oppression: the trans """female""" experience. They will never know the suffering of women and they will never care because of their overwhelming selfishness.

No. 1933179

File: 1700860726986.jpeg (1.04 MB, 3000x3000, IMG_9482.jpeg)

>prison gay transbian

No. 1933184

Feeling almost sorry for that victim tranny rn.

No. 1933185

I wish handmaidens knew this. It doesn't matter how much you compliment them, even their own sacred caste gets seethingly jealous and wants to wear each other's skin

No. 1933186

I just opened TV to watch a program about women's rights after news of women getting killed by their husbands. I closed as I saw an entitled troon saying "we, trans women, don't have spaces and men are rude to us". I heard the voice from other room and it sounded obviously male with no effort. I can't fucking stand leftists pandering these men in dresses. Do these people really think that a man becomes a woman when he says he's one?(blog)

No. 1933192

Honestly his criticisms of TIFs are correct, but those same criticisms are twice as accurate when applied to TIMs. TIMs are misogynistic degenerates who are incapable of creating meaningful art, mostly don't get major "gender affirming" surgeries, and uphold the patriarchal system rather than "uprooting" it. Necause of this hypocrisy, he just comes across as a seething misogynist, himself.

No. 1933194

KEK. Forget about "cis" male violence against trannies, I bet tranny on tranny violence is more common than "cis woman" on tranny violence.

No. 1933203

They actually do, and they are so stupid that I will never be able to pity the suffering that they incur as a result of their own moronic opposition to any form of critical thinking. Let them suffer and die with their predatory moids, oh wait i mean…."""""trans women""""""

No. 1933213

kek his index and pinky reach his thighs because he has giant man hands. i wouldnt be able to do that with my hand. then again i dont copy everything i see in porn

No. 1933223

I have never EVER come accross any credible story of a so called "cis" woman over a trannie. Plenty of evidence of the contrary (the ape in them is always present). Yet of course they are seething and want to beat up and kill women, not the other males actually killing them.

Nonna, it's a shame the message got cut at the border. KEK at this nightmare tranny, as someone else said, you would almost feel sorry for the other tranny.
>too ugly for cis girls/hate other trannies/acknowledges they all look like freaks and are disgustingly ugly
So much insight, fucking kek, so rare for a tranny to be this self-aware. Dude…just be a normal average gross dude. It will always be better than being a weird disgusting troon freak.

No. 1933225

Why do they all sport the same retarded vague stare? He looks so strange and gross at the same time.

No. 1933231

newfag OP here, sorry for the terrible crop. here’s the 4chan link for easier reading:

No. 1933236

File: 1700870750010.png (1.77 MB, 1284x3665, IMG_9676.png)

Remember when we didn’t take men who said this kind of shit seriously and could rightfully tell them off or at least mock them behind their backs for being fetishizing assholes?

No. 1933237

Kek i check his account once in a while out of morbid curiosity. I'm always amazed by how bitter he is. I presume it's because he can tell TiFs are still more feminine in him in ways he can't attain, aside from the blatant womanhating

No. 1933242

>"I'm attracted to women like lesbians are attracted to women"
AGPs say this, but they're pretty uniformly into the same shit any other straight man would like, just with more fetishes added on. I could never resonate with what transbians considered attractive even before I peaked, but it's always been pretty easy for me to connect with other actual lesbians on what we find attractive, even if we don't have the same tastes.

No. 1933255

how does this not peak every handmaiden on that sub (assuming there are any real women and lesbians left)? god, so close to a-logging

No. 1933286

I don't think there are any cis women in that sub or any other female oriented sub on reddit. All the mods are trannys and have purposefully forced women out of the spaces. It's not an exaggeration. That's what's beginning to happen in real life too because no one is stopping them, just calling them "brave" because they'll be socially ruined if they speak up and advocate for women and truth in general

No. 1933314

This would be a good life hack for people who actually shower

No. 1933317

File: 1700885729007.png (49.88 KB, 1353x360, mtfs.png)

The majority is TIMs

No. 1933330

File: 1700891397880.jpg (255.04 KB, 1080x1154, Screenshot_20231125-003031_Chr…)

Troons and diapers. Name a more iconic duo.
Luckily someone archived it before mods removed it. Gotta protect the troonbians:

No. 1933331

I am of the opinion that many of them are this self aware, they would just rather pretend in more mixed sex spaces. 4chan is the perfect place for them to talk about all the nasty shit in their heads that they think they're hiding from us. Also, I think they don't respect women enough to leave us alone. Many of them are desperate enough to try even if they're ugly because they don't respect woman as people.

No. 1933334

File: 1700892552221.jpg (318.28 KB, 1079x1113, Screenshot_20231125_120727_Chr…)

Holy shit this failed nashville copycat is so DEMENTED
Even though it's daily fail the story seems legit based on the court documents

No. 1933338

File: 1700893295656.png (2.01 MB, 1622x1741, ArcaneOverride.png)

So you castrated yourself so you could march with women. My take from this at least kek.

No. 1933341

File: 1700893558409.png (634.86 KB, 1080x2118, masturbatinginfemalefamilymemb…)

But don't call them transvestites!:

No. 1933342

Least deranged tranny

No. 1933373

>>8 years old and masturbating
I really hope he's lying for fetish reasons

No. 1933374

Oh no Edmonton whyyyyyyy

No. 1933378

File: 1700900770702.jpg (444.75 KB, 1080x1433, Screenshot_20231125_092107_Chr…)

He looks so fucking gross I'm gonna barf. Like, so very ugly. Honest to god, never seen someone with a face so strange and disgusting.

Holy fucking shit he's beyond deranged. Interesting that he got arrested, so many trannies are advocating violence, hope they are on some sort of terror watchlist

No. 1933380

File: 1700900829683.jpg (118.85 KB, 1080x466, Screenshot_20231125_092352_Chr…)

Also, based comments as usual with Dailymail

No. 1933388

File: 1700901848599.jpg (174.29 KB, 800x1631, 800px-Mr-Punch-by-Guy-Higgins.…)

No. 1933401

He talks about raping little girls in the women's room, then pulling their intestines out of their vaginas, which is a way women have been murdered irl in shitholes like Latin America and India.

He was initially arrested, but released on a $0 bail in Oct, I think.

Fuck this guy, he LOOKS like he smells like stale cigarette smoke and wet carpet, and keeps his porn connection in the living room where everyone can see it. He looks like a true crime video thumbnail. He looks like that uncle you're not allowed to be alone with. Everything bad and stinky in the world is this absolute scrote.

No. 1933415

>literally named willie

No. 1933416

it reminds me of that story about the troon being jealous that his college roommate passed better so he swapped his roommates estorgen for testosterone

No. 1933417

File: 1700910200885.jpeg (164.33 KB, 1392x783, 9850AE19-5D45-47AF-A98D-D5E977…)

Weird that they didn’t include a photo of him, and only Audrey Hale pictures. Picrel is the Alf-looking pedo

No. 1933420

kek someone pointed it out in the comments of the article too.
he looks so repulsive, no surprise. I guess porn-fried moid could never be with any women so now he's just a full-fledged tranny pedo. What a life.

No. 1933425

File: 1700910890210.png (94.23 KB, 892x577, trn.png)

Once again, trannies and racism go together like 5 and 6.

No. 1933435

File: 1700911846300.png (311.16 KB, 1111x835, Screenshot 2023-11-25 at 11-28…)

I gotchu nonny, clearer cap attached.
Important cropped context:
>go around telling every patron in the cafe she’s a tranny
Also first reply:
>queen shit
>you did the right thing
>what would be even better is if you chose a better time to out her but that would require you to bide your time like a situation that would cause physical harm

They even go psycho on each other…

No. 1933438

They say they wanted to 'love women in a gay way', Tiffanies say they wanted to 'date men as a man'…
I miss when people hated us (gays) tbh, it was better than this weird obsessive lunacy.

No. 1933449

Do they know girls and women don’t do these things to get off? This is a purely male phenomenon.

This is the only part that isn’t strange to me. Children do masturbate sometimes, but usually don’t understand what they’re doing, only that it feels good. Not trying to sound gross or weird, it is just a reality of kids if you have them or have been around them for extended periods. However, I wouldn’t doubt that some of these men specifically were exposed to porn use early on, especially since that seems to be happening to boys earlier and earlier.

No. 1933451

batshit insane motherfucker,needs to be euthanized
and they tell it's le ebil trves who make people hate tims, of course not tims themselves

No. 1933452

some good examples of men who have broken records by switching to the womens category
and why it is unfair for men to enter as 'women'

No. 1933453

>pepsi with milk is malebrained

but yeah this post alone is why i literally will never, ever interact with mtf dudes. it's misogyny classic mixed with extreme hatred of self and the world. it's like approaching an animal with rabies. leave it to someone with a gun to shoot it or put it down

No. 1933455

File: 1700915492746.png (436.21 KB, 605x651, mtffashion.png)

>just trying to be me
sir, you are neither a cat nor a girl

No. 1933462

Looks like a gangly ass castrated gorilla

No. 1933488

Why do they spam gore? Do they learn it from 4chan or is it a part of male psyche

No. 1933520

The thing that freaks me out the most about these men is their rage and anger. They don’t know what oppression feels like. They don’t know how it feels to constantly be treated like meat since the day of your birth. I hold extreme anger in my body from how I’ve been treated by men throughout my life on the basis of my sex. I have screamed and cried in the walls of my home over things that have happened to me. But never in my life have I considered making threats of rape or murder, especially so flippantly like those acts are nothing. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with men?

No. 1933523

it always makes me chuckle how they think the choker/ fetish collar hides their adams apple

No. 1933527

I get a chuckle out of them always always going for the egirl look. I'm 100% sure he eyefucks himself in the mirror.

No. 1933528

it pisses me off that they're comparing him to audrey hale, calling him a "copycat" of her just because he admired what she did. she was unspeakably evil but this is a grown man threatening to rape and murder children in the most explicit terms. he is openly a pedophile predator. it's a uniquely male sickness that should be reported in its own right instead of being buried among pictures of audrey.

No. 1933537

Oh, the fucking timeless teenage drama where "being yourself" is dressing up like every other faddish retard on the planet but it's soooo important. Better cut your dick off over it. Better take pills for it. Better humiliate yourself on the internet and irl because there's nothing more important than Being Yourself™, a conspicuous consumer of whatever bullshit is currently popular but not too popular that it's uncool. Fuck sake with these cat eared bastards.

No. 1933541

I absolutely remember when this ugly bastard got arrested the first time, and I cannot find it ANYWHERE anymore, despite checking the small town news site I saw it on. Reminder to archive everything because people can just delete the news as they see fit. I'm kicking myself. At least the feds got him now so pansy-ass Illinois won't just keep letting him free until he kills or rapes.

No. 1933542


>I've had extreme monthly mood swings

Average aggressive MALE behaviour.

>marching until the end despite my feet being in agony (I have fibromyalgia)

You literally don't, fibromyalgia isn't real. But I guess that cuts into the munchie-lady-LARP. Your feet hurt because you're a morbidly obese basement-dwelling moid who barely gets 300 steps on an average day.

Going to the women's march was probably the most exercise he'd had in years and his cankles couldn't handle it.

No. 1933553

on this subject, i also tried googling and I even put "reduxx" in the search prompt because I knew they covered him before and it didn't come up. google has blocked the site completely now (at least in the UK it seems).

No. 1933556

Try duckduckgo.com

No. 1933558

I do use duckduckgo and presearch but the point is that google seems to have blacklisted them completely.

No. 1933561

Same from the US. It shows reduxx's twitter but absolutely nothing from the site. Ridiculous.

No. 1933567

They're all so absolutely captured, fucking scrotes in tech. You can't even do meaningful research on shit like the number of tifs who have been trafficked or raped, it all goes to the many gov pages about how the twanswammen is victimized.

No. 1933571

Late but it's probably due to youth, this one just hasn't hit twink death yet

No. 1933576

File: 1700937825678.jpeg (227.69 KB, 1000x1749, mtf.jpeg)

we don't know how good we have it, according to men

No. 1933579

Privilege, the scrote calls it. Like these guys sexualizing literally everything about us, to the point that they'll dig through restroom trash for our pads and tampons, steal our dirty socks and underwear, stalk, murder, rape, and just generally creep on us from birth onward is something to be desired. Eugh. Men are retarded.

No. 1933580

They make me want to a-log so bad

No. 1933583

Fucking hell but they are deeply retarded. It will never get old to point out how their view of womanhood through the prism of their porn-fried brain cells is ironically the malest thing they could possibly express. It's so fucking funny they are not aware of it at all. They are basically seeing women as a fetish, a thing that absolutely no women would ever do. At the same time, you have got to be oblivious it you are a tranny. If they had an ounce of self-awareness, they would realise just how fucking stupid they are, and how gross, freaky and vile they look.

No. 1933584

There were so many posts in the last thread like >>1931564 and >>1926246 along the lines of, "a male friend of mine got SRS even though I warned him not to!" "A transbian friend of mine is getting surgery to get his penis cut off, I'm trying to convince him not to" WHY? Are you stealth handmaidens? That's the best possible outcome for rapey straight TIMs, why would you - if you're gender critical enough to be in this thread - trying to dissuade that? What is wrong with you? And why are you friends with male perverts? I had a friend who trooned out and immediately stopped talking to him, because that told me what kind of person he was. I can't imagine continuing to interact with a straight male pervert who wants to rape lesbians and going to the length of trying to dissuade him from cutting his dick off. Handmaiden behaviour.

No. 1933591

white troons see women with ethnic features and immediately call them men kek

No. 1933613

I honestly think that it’s better to just encourage them to get the rot hole installed, the less moids out there with penises the better for women and children tbh, because once a moid begins getting an erection while thinking about being a woman, it’s just a lost cause.

No. 1933614

File: 1700941921649.png (1.54 MB, 816x1410, Screenshots_2023-11-25-22-48-4…)

Has anyone talked about this specific tiktok troon? Goes by Adora. All he does is sit on tiktok lives in little girl clothes and getting the same three people to glaze his precious identity kek. Someone actually started sobbing over their friend being trans and not knowing how to "help"on that live once, I wish I'd recorded it.

No. 1933623

Hard agree. Any adult male who entertains the thought of getting his dick chopped off can just go ahead and castrate himself asap. Makes it a little safer for the rest of us, at least they can't rape with their nasty dicks and maybe it'll kill their sex drive some and make them big sad AND funniest of all let all women they encounter in the future know they're fucking perverted freaks who chose to chop off their dongs lol

No. 1933626

We women are socialized to be empathetic and forgiving. Give them time Nonna, don't be harsh. We all have our journey to full peakdom

No. 1933648

File: 1700946477093.png (1.88 MB, 1400x1556, magic.png)


No. 1933653

Do you ever think that maybe someday they will notice how estrogen does literally nothing to their bodies? Like, I get FtMs using testosterone because they get facial hair, frog voice and get more violent and shit, but with MtFs nothing that drastic happens, their voices never change, they don’t get, idk, wide hips or hair, if anything, estrogen only fucks up their bodies making them go bald faster and killing their libidos.

No. 1933654

Those tragic eyebrows
The second tranny is especially repulsive with his small manly lips, textured skin and gigantic chin. He didn't look good as a moid but at least he did not look like an outright freak. Who the fuck wears purple lipstick? Like, with a face like this, you can't pull it off. How is that not obvious?

No. 1933658

They are persuaded of the contrary kek. Despite overwhelming evidence against this, they swear up and down that they get "fat redistribution" to get wider hip lmao. Some even believed it made them tinier (as in, loosing a few inches kekekek) or that their gross manly feet get smaller. There is not end to the cheer stupidity and retardation of their claims. Oh, but they get "weaker", "cold" and "emotional" like real wiminli wimin ~uhu~

No. 1933661

File: 1700947544426.jpg (279.31 KB, 1080x834, Screenshot_20231125_222614_Chr…)

Samefag sorry, prime retardation on this topic right there

No. 1933665

they just grow weird moobs and get doughier. even the ones who take it during/before puberty and actually do get more feminine fat distribution still end up getting a giant male beer gut when they turn 30 (which we already knew would happen because castratos existed and led tortured lives, castrated gorillas become weird freaks of nature, yet still go through with sex reassignment surgery on children)

No. 1933677

It always astonishes me how they seem to think that bones can reshape themselves.

No. 1933684

File: 1700952738660.jpeg (618.7 KB, 1290x1457, IMG_4032.jpeg)

why tf is femcelgrippysockjail and other self proclaimed ‘crazy’ women groups infested with tranners?? I saw the word moid and other stuff like that mentioned so I thought maybe not but it’s full of porn addicted TIMs. The lack of self awareness is insane

No. 1933686

Basically assume that any female dedicated sub is infested with trannies. I saw a sub - can't remember what but something about female health on Reddit. The first mod I encountered had a weird/sus name. Checked the profile and sure enough, it's a trannie. I noped out of there so fast. They are everywhere on Reddit.

No. 1933687

its reddit, what did you expect. Femcel basically became another porn term to moids, so ofcourse a femcel group is going to attract trannies.

No. 1933688

That particular subreddit name sounds like something an AGP would make up, so I can't say I'm surprised it's full of trannies.

No. 1933690

File: 1700954221268.png (44.26 KB, 429x471, poll.png)

kek most of the men aren't even pretending. so less than 25% are even women according to this, probably much less. men lurking and fetishising "crazy" chicks, what a surprise. a lot of the content is psycho-sexual so it figures.

No. 1933702

File: 1700955726358.jpeg (461.21 KB, 1415x2266, 76FBFA12-9BB2-4DE0-8F65-A2DDA4…)

>”being unfunny is the most gender affirming trait i have”

No. 1933705

samefag but the mod is a degenerate troon who also runs porn sub, anime girl sub and promotes r/BimboLobotomyClinic in the sidebar. it's one of the most gross male subreddits imaginable.
classic transcel behaviour

No. 1933713

That sub sounds like it was for troons from day one so I would be actually surprised if there are real women using it

No. 1933715

I mean, I wouldn’t trust any poll like anon’s pic related.
Because some moids love to say that they’re actually real women.

No. 1933718

File: 1700960768172.mp4 (2.82 MB, 640x360, 3Cv4nsBaMyLeS7bI.mp4)

No. 1933720


Ayrt tbh I didn’t pick up on that. Is there a space for ND women to post w/o trannies anywhere anymore. Specially autism spaces are the worst

No. 1933722

What the fuck is he talking about? Anna and Dasha aren’t even really transphobic from what I remember.

No. 1933745

It would be a shame if other troons believe in this, get really sad when their feet don't magically shrink, and join the 41% club. That would be awful.

No. 1933747

slightly OT, and I don't mean this in a mean way, but has anyone else noticed the increased volume in newly peaked anons here? Did something happen recently to shift the tides?

No. 1933757

I don't think something new happened so much as the tide has been slowly and steadily changing for a few years now. More and more anons are peaking because it's getting harder to ignore and excuse.

No. 1933759

a lot of girls on tumblr who were handmaidens were peaked by the ethel cain situation from last thread and made posts saying they were disgusted and tired of defending troons who would spew misogynistic bs 24/7. not sure if thats it but its what came to mind

No. 1933760

File: 1700969171358.jpg (382.15 KB, 1080x1280, Screenshot_20231126_042547_Chr…)

Can't wait to see all the lawsuits a few years from now from all the retarded trannies. Pumping your body full of the wrong hormones will guarantee cheer damage to your body.

No. 1933761

File: 1700969378486.jpg (329.29 KB, 1080x955, Screenshot_20231126_042924_Chr…)

I've never ever heard of being tested for periods prior to surgery. He's not even trying, kek. So fucking retarded.

No. 1933764

File: 1700969703338.jpg (1.23 MB, 1079x3531, Screenshot_20231126_043225_Chr…)

What a fucking retard. He definitely gave himself gynaecomastia, she was stating the facts, but let's burn the evil witch that dishes out the science facts. The whole post reeks of double-digit IQ energy. That trannie is a nightmare.

No. 1933766

File: 1700970215467.jpg (468.7 KB, 2880x2880, 20231126_044133.jpg)

>I pass pretty well
>I'm 1.85m
>Definitely did not disclose he was trans
>"He wants to make out"
Dude, you're a full grown-ass freakishly tall gigantic dude. You're not 14 in middle school ffs.
>Guy on tinder wants to meet
Congrats, you are both gay

No. 1933769

What type of check ups are they going to where having periods or not matter so much? Answer: they're lying
Also UTIs and breast cancer effect moids too (albeit one comes from being dirty and the other is rarer) so it makes no sense for the "transphobic" medical staff (who are both women too) to not provide care for it. Transfiction at its finest.

No. 1933770

Crabs in a bucket.

No. 1933771

File: 1700972782009.jpeg (246.88 KB, 828x1015, IMG_9504.jpeg)

kek how long before the husband troons out and destroys his marriage?

No. 1933772

lmao i saw this post too. why are scrotes into femdom like this? why is it always sissy shit?

No. 1933777

The reddit post seems fake to me. What sort of person would insist on knowing about a new acquaintance's sex life while simultaneously hating degeneracy?

No. 1933782

100% fake I'd bet my savings on it. None of this reads as remotely plausible or realistically written

No. 1933786

Yeah, and what are the chances this evil puritan is also familiar with the terms 'femboy' and 'manlet', which you know reddit love.

No. 1933787

Glad you exist. I want to be friends with you.

No. 1933792

because they think femininity is humiliating & weak.

No. 1933811

I don't think all troons are rapey scrotes. They all have some degree of sexism but those of them who aren't rapists are depressed, mentally ill or gay. I'm not going to pretend the whole trans shit isn't a cult that's managing to gaslight both its followers and those who support it and like all cults not everyone who fell for it is a rapist.
Honestly I also find genital mutilation horrifying so I don't blame those nonas for being worried, it's basically a ticket to suicide and their friends are so deep into their cult shit they think it's not. Feeling bad about it is normal human behaviour not being a handmaiden or an oversensitive woman still suffering from female socialization.
Also being critical of gender ideology doesn't mean you're going to be okay with it. In fact I would argue that most people who are GC are against unnecessary and unethical grotesque surgeries like dick mutilation. I've read enough from detrans men to be absolutely horrified by it, that kind of thing should simply not be done in a humane society and the more it's allowed to exist the more other women will have to suffer under gender ideology.

I want to be clear: I'm not defending troons who play stupid games and win shitty prizes. I'm just saying that pretending to support it or being happy that these idiots castrate themselves is part of the problem. Ideologically it also influences the lives of those women who are still inside the cult and further gives everyone the idea that the vagina is just a hole you can make.
I don't know how some posters just think that these things don't hold power over women. An Aiden can and will believe they can opt out of having a vagina and part of it is seeing how much Roxy actually totes wanted to get one ripped into himself.
The rapists trannies also are not going to get rotpockets, they keep their dick intact and are absolutely happy about it.

No. 1933831

Kek, no women would ever write like that or talk like that, so many clues to the larping:
>My lady friend
>Women you barely seem to know asks about your sex life : sure jantran
>Snaps out of the blue
Kek, he's not even trying.

No. 1933836

File: 1700992269709.jpg (62.66 KB, 900x491, 25d50b8c-6b2f-5bde-9885-9eb9f0…)

Stolen from ovarit. As a millennial I can absolutely say than an angel gets its wings every time a porn addicted scrote turns 40 unmarried and childless, troon or not troon. If they dated at all, they left a trail of emotionally devastated women. And then they want a family once they're old and bald.

No. 1933838

I spy a genital preference! BIGOT! FASCIST! GENITAL FETISHIST!

No. 1933864

Reddit is now more than ever, run by trannies. You get banned for saying biology is real or that JKR did nothing wrong. I got a strike on my entire account just for saying JKR is a true feminist. The female subs are overrun by trannies, and there's plenty of female degradation porn subreddits that run rampant. Reddit is a disgusting moid site, always has been. It's a cesspool

No. 1933867

>higher estrogen = hormonally female
these are the people who claim we're the ignorant ones in biology lmao

No. 1933868

File: 1701002886852.jpeg (298.52 KB, 992x1314, rosie duffield.jpeg)

Rosie Duffield (labour MP) has been omitted from the Labour Party’s approved list of candidates to stand at the next general election, for liking a Graham Linehan tweet in picrel. The executive committee deemed it "antisemitic". The third photo in picrel is one of the many photos from Nazi germany showing cross-dressing german soldiers. Eddie Izzard seems to think he would be personally targeted for doing the same thing. https://www.spiegel.de/geschichte/wehrmacht-und-crossdressing-soldaten-in-frauenkleidern-a-1238147.html

No. 1933874

Because putting the wrong number on a shoe is something that never happened before.

No. 1933876

i noticed this too.

i think this primarily comes from the fetishization of mentally ill women, and so, mentally ill men/troons want to eroticize and fetishize themselves in the most scrotelike way possible. because yandere gf is so hot amirite guys-i mean gals?

i scrolled over it a few months back and felt immediately repulsed. you can so obviously tell its a bunch of overweight tryhard faggots trying to attract a guy who thinks 'crazy women are so hot'. they deserve one another though so idgaf. just another cesspit of males masquerading (badly) as women.(redditspacing)

No. 1933877

What the fuck does "loving women in a gay way" even mean?

No. 1933881

The stuff they see in anime and their made for men lesbian porn, nothing but delusions.

No. 1933894

You know, nonna, it’s when you love a woman and there’s roses and lilies blooming on the background, then you boobiely booble your boobs towards her and her nipples perk, her breasts get hard and both of you blush and scream “eeeeek I can’t open this jar of pickles ugüu” while crying because you’re so emotional, so you hug because you’re also too cold, and everyone knows how women need to cuddle or we die, and that’s when you grasp the opportunity to have lesbian sex like in the porn movies with unts unts unts music on the background and 500 orgasms per second.

No. 1933906

what exactly is antisemitic about this? troons are the actual antisemites because they keep trying to make the holocaust about them. like the lies about how nazis specifically targeted trannies and "queers" when raiding the institute for sexualwissenschaft and how they totally burned the holy grail of gender medicine. it's a fact that crossdressing trannies could go live out their fetish with the approval of the government (transvestitenschein) and as long as they weren't actually gay or chimping out in public, they were not persecuted at all.

No. 1933913

What is he even talking about

No. 1933915

I was thinking the same thing. Been existing in this world as a woman for 30+ years and never had an interaction like this in my life. The wording also tipped me off because it just feels so male.

No. 1933933

Why is his left leg so much wider than the right

No. 1933934

its means nothing, but i think it gives a good insight into tifs/tims' minds. everything ricochets back to them and their identity. when you like someone, you just like them as they are, you don't really bounce back and analyze what it says about YOU. and then ofc theres the added layer of porn addiction/fetishizing women & lesbians and voila!

No. 1933935

They look like they are wearing someone else’s face kek

No. 1933936

Holy bolt ons Batman

No. 1933954

I'd be willing to bet money that he didn't actually go to any protests, and that he's just writing tranfiction.

No. 1933958

MtO: Male to Oompa Loompa.

No. 1933966


"blood work to test for a period"? testing for pregnancy is standard but if you need to know if a patient is on her period (unlikely) the nurses would literally just ask. why are these men always posting the most ridiculous lies? nurses aren't going to ask if you're on your period when your medical chart has "SAY'S HE'S A WOMAN - HAS A COCK AND BALLS" printed across the top in massive red letters

No. 1933973

shit like this peaked me. I hope troons continue being racist

No. 1934024

never been much of a sports chick, but holy fuck this is evil. Like what is the end goal?

No. 1934028

File: 1701032634079.mp4 (15.01 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_729688117324095825…)

mad tranny

No. 1934037

ayy lmao why does he have serial killer music on in the background?

No. 1934047

nona, please… my sides… they can't take this. did anyone else have an autistic classmate in highschool who would always, without fail, respond to bullies' low effort jabs with a massive edgy spergout thinking they were being so witty and really sticking it to them, somehow not realising that they were just performing the hilarious reaction that was the whole reason people made fun of them in the first place? i'm getting flashbacks. 'have the day you deserve' goddamn, you really got 'em with that one, buddy. let's get you back to your wrangler.

No. 1934059

keep yelling, tranny. so feminine. do you guys think he punched a hole in his wall after recording this?

No. 1934067

Fucking kek nona, that's exactly what it's like.

No. 1934070

She's openly a TERF and is one of the only ones defending women's rights. This is a total stitch-up, wtf.

No. 1934080

New copypasta just dropped! It almost sounds like a tranny version of the YWNBA one lol

No. 1934095

i know the type you're talking about and it's also the unexpressive dead eyes with all the anger concentrated in the mouth and jaw. over enunciated rage.

No. 1934106

>retarded vague stare
It's their sexy face.

No. 1934114

>"the male gender is broken"
>immediately close tab
Anyone want to watch this hours long, whiny, self-pitying incel nonsense?(spoonfeeding request)

No. 1934119

How many times has this video been posted now? Four times?

No. 1934128

I didn't see it itt, sorry.

No. 1934151


it really puts my back up when men get so worked up and aggressive that you can see every single one of their teeth with every syllable. stop yelling and put your little chiclet teeth away you fucking psycho

No. 1934158

It's getting recommended everywhere on youtube.

No. 1934169

NTA but it's starting to get annoying and it's always with the same talking points

No. 1934173

I get you. What I'm saying is that it's getting pushed hard by the algorhythm.
I'd love to hear someone tear it down ngl, I never got to read a post criticizing it just regular posts saying it's (rightfully) retarded.

No. 1934182

why does he look like badger from breaking bad

No. 1934189

File: 1701059930526.jpg (153.14 KB, 763x708, Tumblr_l_322811817795448.jpg)

Trans delusion dump incoming

No. 1934190

File: 1701060005064.jpg (699.84 KB, 786x816, Tumblr_l_323007630391308.jpg)

With the way he is talking about himself you would think he looked like a Victoria's Secret angel but he just fucking looks like this kek

No. 1934192

Obviously everything shrank and got daintier, he lost like 60 pounds between each pic

No. 1934193

File: 1701060726175.jpg (86.46 KB, 756x490, Tumblr_l_323015103505342.jpg)

And here he admits it's just because he lost weight. There's more to this thread of him jerking over his Transsexual Succubus Transformation if anyone wants to see

No. 1934204

File: 1701064113461.jpeg (807.32 KB, 750x1280, 01EF1295-2138-4A0A-876C-5AE0ED…)

Sorry nonas if he’s already been posted but “paper-mario-wiki” recently trooned out and he looks so ugly kek

No. 1934205

he also posted this… Disgusting.(this is an imageboard, post screenshots when you link offsite)

No. 1934242

File: 1701075502242.png (2.39 MB, 1378x1204, 600DDA8D-4929-416F-8D5F-A9FD6D…)

guy used to say he was gay. why do they always suddenly become "lesbians"?

No. 1934251

File: 1701076675700.png (335.17 KB, 816x1026, Screenshots_2023-11-27-12-16-5…)

god forbid you install subway surfers and they make you play as jake! so oppressed!

No. 1934255

They just keep proving that their "dysphoria" is really because they're fat, ugly, and gross losers.

No. 1934259

File: 1701078302766.jpg (211.04 KB, 1401x1154, F_53UsUbAAAHHqt.jpg)

Giving your dying grandpa a mental breakdown because you HAVE to bring your fetish to thanksgiving

No. 1934261

Still his monkey brain can only specify "color" learning hues or tone will never be gender affirming

No. 1934263

File: 1701080022990.jpg (540.22 KB, 991x1594, Screenshot_20231127-015609_Fac…)

A handmaiden's candid story of being sexually harassed by a TIM. During the story, she even feels the need to specify that she thought he was "beautiful" in order stand her ground as a handmaiden and prevent being labeled a terf. After being harassed, she didn't want to say anything because she's afraid she'll be labeled as discriminatory. So depressing to see women scared into compliancy.

No. 1934265

This is so sad. The part about how it's the first and only time he's ever seen his grandpa cry shows that his grandpa cares about him, granted Gramps probably should have shown it more growing up. But men need to support eachothers masculinity more. It's okay to cry and it's okay to be a man.

>Is there a way to get him to accept me before he dies?

What a disgusting a self centered thing to say. He's more concerned about making his dying grandpa play along "before he dies", rather than trying to make his final days happy, calm, and comfortable.

No. 1934266

Everything about this story is so heartbreaking, but it's a complete whoosh. Starting to actually hate male autists.

It's so gd unhealthy to live in the fantasy world where you see yourself as a cute, slender anime gorl when you're a hiking behemoth. I'm of the exceedingly generous belief that most people can look good, even if they're not attractive, by being realistic and dressing and grooming themselves in a way that suits them and brings out their positive attributes.

These low-effort fagets live in a fantasy world that exists only online instead of using the millions of free articles explaining how to find your colors, how to shape your brows and hair for your face shape, how to find clothes that fit. But that would take effort, so they live vicariously through the internet and vapid, empty praise from people who feel sorry for them. It's so stupid, I can't stand it. Most of them wouldn't have even trooned out if they had an actual offline hobby and had learned how to shape the reddit neckbeards they all had pre-pandemic.

No. 1934268

I'm gonna go ahead and guess because now it's socially acceptable to harass lesbians and coerce them to have sex with men.

No. 1934269

He talks about him like he's an object, talking about how he magically remembered his name and shit. It's so disrespectful and tone deaf, treating that poor man like a pet the family used to love, but has gotten old and stinky, so they treat it like anything worth loving about it is already dead. Just waiting for him to die.

No. 1934270

It's always yuri, I am convinced that all yurifags will troon out or at least is highly likely they will do

No. 1934271

This narcissistic asshole infuriates me. I sincerely hope he gets the rotpocket, has bad complications and regrets it because it made him realize he's just a loser coomer. Then I want him to think about his grandpa and if he's alive, go apologize.

No. 1934273

File: 1701082449469.jpg (125.38 KB, 1392x783, michelle-blessent-1392x783.jpg)

Oh look, another one.
>A trans-identified male from Bloomington, Illinois, is facing trial on eight counts of sexually abusing a child under the age of 13. Michelle Blessent, born James, was charged with five counts of predatory sexual assault earlier this year but is now facing three more in light of new evidence.

No. 1934278

He has a more feminine shape because he lost 100+ pounds and is stuffing all the new excess skin under his clothes or into shapewear and calling it "fat redistribution". All the lols.

No. 1934282

I saw a thing on the BBC a couple years ago wondering why there's a sudden increase in female pedos, but weirdly, they only named two. All these graphs and numbers about how much of a mystery it is, but they only featured two cases, and they were just regular women acting on behalf of men they met online.

It's almost like there's a new subset of women being included in these statistics, and, hear me out on this… they have male offending behavior.

I can only assume that criminologists and sociologists are working feverishly to uncover the secret behind this phenomenon.(redditspacing)

No. 1934283

>this isnt what i fought for
has me fuckin dying. poor gramps though. people really treat dementia sufferers like stupid animals, of course your grandson who you watched grow up and have fond though hazy memories of showing up as disgusting hulking 35y/o tranny is going to shock the bejesus out of you as a poor 90 something year old fuck. such a cruel and nightmarish deception to subject someone already going through one of the most harrowing illnesses imaginable to.
the first principle of the tranny or more generally the autistic moid arguably any moid is always pure selfishness.

No. 1934286

the level of delusion is insane

>dont have the same nose

he does
>feet and hands shrank
impossible to loose length, he must mean width-wise and this would be from weight loss, also interesting that he hides his hands behind his head and hides the raised foot behind the leg
>pelvis rotated
the moid changed his posture
>skin changes
looks the same in the pictures but maybe he just adopted skincare unlike most other moids
>thinner nails
malnutrition, overusing polish or acrylics
>neck narrowed
yeah its called loosing some fucking weight
>shoulders narrowed
yeah loosing weight also again funny how the shoulders are covered by a loose cardigan
>BLOSSOMED breast growth
some gynocomastia, has not 'blossomed'
weight loss

No. 1934291

don't know him but if he's actually gay then he probably means fellow male trannies. dylan mulvaney who's obviously gay suddenly claimed to also like women after trooning out.

No. 1934300

File: 1701091271801.webm (4.03 MB, 720x1280, 03790134.webm)

thought you might find this funny, nonnas.

No. 1934310

>don’t tell the cisfolk we can shapeshift, because then they’ll realize we’re all witches
Can’t even be original. Has to steal a line from a real woman.

No. 1934311

>cis people don’t really have much experience being completely uncomfortable with what society expects of their gender
I was going to a-log but just had to laugh because this is the most male-brained, moid-entitled thing I’ve ever read.

No. 1934314

Holy fuck, this is harrowing to read. How self-obsessed do you have to be?

No. 1934317

When will mods learn what reddit spacing is?
Reddit spacing is not leaving one space between some paragraphs, it's leaving two spaces after the number of the post you're quoting or after a short paragraph. That's because (apparently) you need to press enter twice to leave a single space in reddit formatting. It's a term user by 4chan tinfoils who don't realize 70% of their userbase posts on reddit even if they don't use retarded post formatting choices.
If you're forcing imageboard users to throw away spacing altogether, you know nothing of imageboard culture.

Most people who make long posts use spacing. Why aren't you slapping the wrist of every user who does? There's not even a rule on spacing.
I refuse it to call it reddit spacing because that's not what it is.(take it to /meta/)

No. 1934324

Agreed, that's a stupid and arbitrary punishment. Are we just supposed to not have any paragraph formatting??(take it to /meta/)

No. 1934330

All the troons are going to need to be on thyroid medication for life when they detrans. Thyroid medicine that contains t3 is now designated as a biologic which will restrict who can manufacture it. AbbieVie is going to be the only company making it, so now the pritzkers can make money selling the hormones destroying men and women and making money with the bandaid solution.

No. 1934351

terminally online tumblr neckbeard troons out, water is wet, more news at 11

No. 1934359

Steve Brule if he was into ABDL.

No. 1934365


Democrats are the political arm of big pharma at this point. Jennifer pritzker runs the drug company and his relatives get elected for political positions to create policy to create drug monopolies and make people sick so they can profit.(imageboard)

No. 1934369

File: 1701098225977.jpeg (178.89 KB, 1536x850, rapestats.jpeg)

Yup, it's massively skewing our crime stats.

No. 1934380

Source ?

No. 1934381

nta but it says there:
>derived from: His Majesty's Prison Service Data
I would assume that's the source

No. 1934383

File: 1701101092641.jpg (Spoiler Image,335.03 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20231127_080334_Red…)

got a vaginaplasty and still requests to be called HE/HIM. then mental illness is absurd

No. 1934384

File: 1701101150164.jpg (Spoiler Image,364.18 KB, 1079x1742, Screenshot_20231127_080341_Red…)

and here's his (rot pocket)

No. 1934385

File: 1701101215847.jpg (Spoiler Image,443.95 KB, 1080x1423, Screenshot_20231127_080347_Red…)

and the healing which he considers to be going well WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE. I honestly feel like it's akin to nazi surgical experimentation

No. 1934388

Honestly we should encourage this. Anyone that’s willing to chop their genitals off and stuff it inside of them, to dilate and repeat, is a medical anomaly, and should absolutely be studied. Can’t wait to see the results of this fad after 20, 30 years.

No. 1934395

File: 1701103690954.png (Spoiler Image,610.97 KB, 1080x810, NSFL.png)

Holy shit, I went to the original post and saw you left out how his rot pocket fucking exploded. I am truly shocked, hopefully this isn't too graphic to post here. All nonas be very wary of unspoilering. It's crazy he talks about it like it's just a normal thing that happens and there are commenters acting like it's no biggie. Never seen anything like this, is it common? Original post is here. https://www.reddit.com/r/Transgender_Surgeries/comments/184vh6e/102423_vaginoplasty_w_dr_praful_ramineni_45_weeks/

No. 1934396

There needs to be a spoiler for a spoiler wtf

No. 1934399

Imagine having to shove a dilator in there multiple times every single day

No. 1934405

omg that fake clitoris…. looks like a fat wart…. what an embarrassment

No. 1934406

File: 1701106335129.mp4 (6.2 MB, 576x1024, lyft.mp4)

Lyft has a new feature Women+ Connect that "matches women and nonbinary drivers with more women and nonbinary riders" which is meant to be safer, despite allowing men. Vidrel is one of the promo vids with a HSTS passenger. it's so cringe and insulting.

No. 1934413

File: 1701107157805.jpeg (912.56 KB, 3508x2480, IMG_9513.jpeg)

there are hundreds of posts like this on /mtf. troons sexualize teenage girls so much because of all the underage hentai and “barely legal” porn they consume. they have no idea what it’s like to be a girl or a women. you are not a “slutty goth” girl, you are an ugly middle aged man! even goth teenage girls do NOT act like this

No. 1934415

File: 1701107371555.jpeg (2.73 MB, 3400x3400, k1CpjA8.jpeg)

This is genuinely one of the most insulting and stereotypical things I've ever seen, I literally can't believe this is a real ad made in current year. Reminds me of this scene from the office, picrel.

Literally just makes it sound like they're pandering exclusively to troons so they can sexually harrass female drivers. If it were marketed to cis women, it would be an ad emphasizing that you can get a rideshare without fearing getting raped or assaulted. This makes it look like they're simply offering you the choice to drive in the lavender-scented makeupmobile instead of the stinky man cave on wheels.

No. 1934416

>got a vaginaplasty and still requests to be called HE/HIM.
better than thinking it makes him a woman.

No. 1934417

Thanks nonny! Yes, that and ONS (main data collection for the UK) is the source.
I'm definitely seeing more of these guys who are open about just being men who want ''vaginas''. And we still can't call it a fetish LOL.
Nazi doctors did the first child 'sex change' (forcibly ofc), so yes, it very much is like that.

No. 1934418

File: 1701107461775.jpg (457.31 KB, 1101x2487, ov7lryHQ1D1vfecm0o_1280.jpg)

every time I have to read about "women drivers" for cabs, I am reminded of Bojack Horseman and how the cab business with the same base idea turns into "sexy women drivers for everyone". Also, I'm sure that Bojack would be massively woke and annoying if it was airing now.

No. 1934419

>enjoy all the sex I didn't have as a girl in my younger years
trannies not being pedophiles challenge: impossible

No. 1934422

File: 1701107747693.jpg (500.51 KB, 1533x1010, Collage_2023-11-27_12_53_37.jp…)

OP dates a man who calls her taking basic care of her daughter "feeding the enemy" and wonders why her daughter doesn't like or respect her.

No. 1934424

File: 1701107857385.jpeg (332.36 KB, 991x647, 40AF79C9-CE28-473D-B1B9-68BF18…)

jfc I’ve seen some bad rot pockets on here, but these pics are particular heinous

No. 1934425

What part of that outfit is supposed to be goth? Wearing a fucking black beanie???? And of course he's got a ring on his left ring finger, I'm guessing he negged his poor suffering wife into opening up their marriage so he can cheat on her to get to feel like a true and honest "slut."

No. 1934428

this genuinely makes me sad. this girl is clearly being abused by both of her parents and they label her as a “bigot” to justify it. good for her for doing well in school and getting a scholarship in spite of everything. I hope her parents realize realize how badly they fucked up when their daughter goes NC after enduring years of walking on eggshells around a mental ill, perverted man and his enabling handmaiden wife

No. 1934432

File: 1701108894724.png (129.03 KB, 1465x869, Screenshot (17).png)

The Brianna Ghey murder trial started today. For those nonnas who have forgot Ghey was the 16 year old TiM that was found dead in a British park back in February. Two teens, a boy and girl, are on trial. It appears that Ghey wasn't murdered for being trans but rather because he was easy to lure into a trap. These 2 teens are murderous sociopaths who had planned to kill 6 other people as well as Ghey. In fact the female defendant, referred to as X in the recap, was dumbstruck by Ghey and called him pretty. The female defendant also used she/her pronouns whereas the male defendant called Ghey "it"

Here's the link to the recap. The male defendant is referred to as Y and the other children mentioned are referred to with single letters as well.

No. 1934434

This reads so weird to me, frankly I find it weird they are glossing over the fact her daughter obviously having had a rough upbringing if she's legally mandated to get her therapy AND she can't readily switch therapists because no one wants to take her case and then lamenting the daughter being around 'terfs' should definitely be at the bottom rung of her priorities..it also sounds like the troon is a step parent and classically trying to drive a wedge between the mom and her daughter.

No. 1934435

File: 1701109058265.png (169.32 KB, 1596x880, Screenshot (18).png)

No. 1934436

>looking like a secretary kind of
cant even hide his weird fetish holy shit.

No. 1934437

God there are so many red flags in this post
>calling normal teenage behavior (ignoring/disliking parents) "hate" and "bigotry"
>court-ordered therapy
>weird lesbophobic comment about her daughter dating her best friend
>dad wants to alienate her from her family, friends, therapist, and church community
>fear about the girl going "back into care"
>implication that the girl will be out on her ass at 18
These monsters are abusing what is likely their foster daughter. It sounds like this girl is already so fragile and unstable already, I can't imagine how hard it must have been to have her father figure become an overt fetishist and start resenting his legal and moral duty to care for her.

No. 1934442

No. 1934444

literally doesnt know how to mimic the girls hes attempting to skinwalk and looks like a fat junkie 3d version of double d from edd ed and eddy

No. 1934454

File: 1701111069021.png (413.96 KB, 848x1034, Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 18.50…)

lol and lmao

No. 1934455

File: 1701111083283.png (417.19 KB, 816x879, Screenshots_2023-11-27-12-26-2…)

why do they always project onto this particular anime girl

No. 1934456

kek the delusion

No. 1934459

this is what he sounds like, his vtuber persona is a succubus and all he makes is sex jokes. i cannot imagine a sadder existence.

No. 1934461

Her name is menhera chan and they find it very "womanlike" to project unto a mentally ill woman cuz after all we all are just a cosplay

No. 1934466

File: 1701111795876.png (492.57 KB, 816x1543, Screenshots_2023-11-27-22-01-5…)

i opened this meme and already knew what the comments would be, of course they're kinksters

No. 1934467

none of them look like this and they know it

No. 1934473

This is worse than just useless, it's actively making the app less safe for women. Any bad actor can now set their gender to nonbinary to guarantee getting a woman alone in their car. You'd probably be better off on average with any random moid than someone who opted to be in the woman+ pool.

No. 1934476

Jessie did this with the Handmaid’s Tale too. My demographic isn’t catered to so it’s bad!!1!1!1!!!1! I know the criticism goes beyond that but they always make it about themselves first

No. 1934482

they get pandered to more than woman. You are more likely to see a troon nowadays in media than a GNC woman.

No. 1934484

I feel like women would be safer with normal men as drivers than with those AGPs

No. 1934487

Absolutely sickening read. I hope the daughter never sees them again once she can finally get away

No. 1934490

It sounds like she's her daughter, or she would've been kicked to the curb for the agp earlier.

No. 1934499

File: 1701116313916.png (802.43 KB, 810x2790, iamafabbecauseisaidso.png)

TIM claims he's AFAB because "he says so":

No. 1934502

Massive kek, my sides are obliterated. They hate the "biological" thing because it's reality and they can't cope with it. Cope, seethe and dilate, tranny.

No. 1934510

>I’m entitled to pap smears
fucking KEK

No. 1934511


No. 1934512

Fucking kek at all of it seriously. So with trannies, when the name is dead, the brains follow, it that it?

No. 1934514

They say that but do you all remember when they were losing their shit over a 'AFAB run buisness' sign?

No. 1934517

File: 1701118403705.jpg (13.99 KB, 236x225, 1579058427071.jpg)

Why would anyone, anywhere, EVER post this shit online? What possesses people to think this is anything but the most horrific, disgusting thing anybody could possibly do to themselves? If THIS is what you need to be happy then I'm sorry you are just mentally ill beyond anything I can possibly comprehend. And they wonder why people hate trans people, it's because they want to normalize THIS fucking insanity.

No. 1934518

I am not being dramatic but this almost made me VOMIT

No. 1934520

File: 1701118745918.jpg (Spoiler Image,169.48 KB, 862x1024, wp5743481-3676939271.jpg)

Where is this character from? I only know the Menhera-chan in picrel. Spoilered for being completely irrelevant to the thread.

No. 1934522

File: 1701118949165.jpg (66.64 KB, 933x753, 1662870135969457.jpg)

I hate, hate, hate that in [current year] we are no longer allowed to have spaces that are only for women. Troons can have their exclusionary spaces, of course, but normal women can't because that might hurt the feelings of a middle-aged man in a dress. You can't even say that cis-women exclusive spaces have a safety purpose without some deranged psychopath that thinks being a woman means going "HEEY GUUUURL" 24/7 chiming in and talking about how bad trans people have it, and that's why men need to be allowed into women's shelters. Absolute fucking clown world.

No. 1934523

The brown haired girl is Menhera's normal form, she turns into the pink haired magical girl version when she self harms.

No. 1934526

The only thing I hate more than fake little girl v-tuber voices is men that think that they can make fake little girl v-tuber voices. This actually makes me want to vomit.

No. 1934528

the glances at what i assume is a script every couple seconds makes this even funnier

No. 1934529

>"If the men find out we can shapeshift, they're going to tell the church." -Jahkara Smith
Not only did this white man steal this joke from a woman of color who told the original joke six years ago and has openly spoken about how she doesn't want her content stolen, but he butchered the delivery. What makes this more offensive is that the original joke wasn't about being cool or aspirational, it was explicitly about misogynistic beauty standards, and how women are socially pressured into constant self-policing and self-objectifying for the benefit of men. He quite literally fetishwashed a joke about women's experiences with internalized misogyny.

No. 1934531

They hate that reality goes against their delusional fetish. I have more respect for diaper fetishists than them, at least diaper fetishists know they're not LITERAL babies, unlike these freaks.

No. 1934534

I didnt expect it to actually look exploded and I was wrong for that

No. 1934541

File: 1701121779449.gif (315.26 KB, 400x224, bjh.gif)

kek I thought of that episode too. "it started out as a safe space for women. then it became a safe space for women and men. now it's a safe…..ish space for women and a really safe space for men to look at women."

No. 1934542

It looks like it was put in the microwave for too long.

No. 1934554

i agree. a random man off the street has a better chance of being less creepy than any man who goes out of his way to demand access to women's spaces. that is predator behaviour right away. even with the HSTS types - they are misogynists with a paraphilia / mental illness but we're meant to feel "safer"?
>women want women-only services to feel safer
but I guess men's feelings is more important. so instead we get a service that not only caters to and encourages delusional fetishist men, but frames this option to partake in their fetish as a service for us. it's more important that we get yassified car journeys that stroke TIM's egos.

No. 1934556

I always thought it was just some reddit meme and not from a series. why do trannies have to co-opt everything

No. 1934565

File: 1701124486029.jpg (1.63 MB, 810x4322, Screenshot_20231127-144728_Red…)

Holy shit, his reddit bio:
>"My kinks & Fetishes: CNC, piss, petplay, Misogynophilia (misogyny is sexually arousing), objectification, etc."

No. 1934567

buffalo bill: origins

No. 1934575

File: 1701124851614.png (207.27 KB, 581x588, Porsgrunn.png)

A TIM has murdered a TIF in Norway.
They were a couple and the media is reporting it as "Young Woman Charged with Murder in Porsgrunn" instead of yet another man killing his girlfriend.
Their trans identities were confirmed by public register but not much else is known yet https://reduxx.info/norway-trans-identified-male-murders-trans-identified-female-police-and-media-report-that-a-woman-murdered-a-man

No. 1934597

watch this man slowly skinwalk his wife. and of course he starts (or restarts) his transition after she gives birth to their child.

No. 1934601

Omg you weren't exaggerating, he even changed his hair style when she did….

No. 1934603

this is just a really awful and sad story. upsetting to read.

No. 1934604

The fact that he started hrt early in her pregnancy and restarted it once the child was born is upsetting

No. 1934608

File: 1701128408400.png (38.69 KB, 570x176, Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 23.39…)

one of the comments kek

No. 1934609

File: 1701128413139.png (344.9 KB, 585x634, notafetish.png)

Not a fetish at all guys.

No. 1934610

File: 1701128497789.png (955.6 KB, 704x940, Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 23.39…)

serial killer eyes

No. 1934611

File: 1701128532812.jpg (156.14 KB, 2000x1250, edna-mode1-2000.jpg)

I was waiting for it to get to the point, until I heard "we" in reference to trans women, and turned it off. I thought this was an actual look at how troons demonstrate a TON of the same rhetoric and misogyny as incels do, that being a woman boils down to looks and clothing and being as fuckable and sexy as possible, but nope it's just another troon throwing a pity-party about how hard being a troon is, and of course the reference material is fucking manga and anime LIKE IT ALWAYS IS.
I have to admit I was fooled by the voice at first, but then I never guessed Linda Belcher in Bob's Burgers or Edna Mode were voiced by men either, so I probably am just bad at identifying voices.

No. 1934613

File: 1701128655053.png (Spoiler Image,764.45 KB, 709x867, jesse.PNG)

KEK I thought this was a troon I know personally, picrel. Why do they all look like this?
Spoiler for the hentai shirt

No. 1934617

File: 1701129424687.jpeg (41.68 KB, 540x720, gugd7lj8vgi61.jpeg)

i couldn't get through it either. i wonder why this guy can empathise so much with misogynistic incel AGPs?

No. 1934618

Ones like this freak me out the most. He looked like such a normie before. You truly are taking a gamble with marrying any moid. Do they typically show signs beforehand or do they just drop it on their wives all at once out of nowhere?

No. 1934619

im guessing its at all out of nowhere. the porn, the agp, everything builds up and explodes when she gets pregnant/gives birth.

No. 1934622

File: 1701129997865.png (313.45 KB, 366x557, screenshot 2023.png)

samefag to share a screenshot of another video she posted of her husband. the clown feet are hurting my sides
>can you, a woman, imagine how unsafe i, a man, feel going outside??

No. 1934624

Kek, I feel so silly for laughing out loud to this.

No. 1934626

File: 1701130471426.jpg (145.11 KB, 1600x800, 1569195160275.jpg)

Holy shit he actually looks like the protag of the manga from the video. Seeing yourself as a badass edgy coolguy martial arts master from a manga like most weebs do is cringe enough, but seeing yourself in the loser that gets isekai'd into a highschool girl's body is so, so, so much worse on so many fucking levels. I hate this planet.

No. 1934629

File: 1701130819110.jpeg (564.9 KB, 960x1710, IMG_9124.jpeg)

i need something permanent to happen to this oxygen stealing faggot

No. 1934630

If The Simpsons ever have a live action, now we know who we can hire to play Sideshow Bob kek

No. 1934631

my god I know some of it is due to lens distortion but are you absolutely sure you didn't accidentally Photoshop his hands and feet to be three times their normal size?

No. 1934632

No. 1934633

i tried listening to the thing the whole way through.

only interesting part is that he correctly identifies the incel-to-trans pipeline that exists, which most people are too scared to talk about/consider too niche to mention. If the similarities being pointed out were being made by a woman, they'd immediately be attacked as a hateful, twansphobic TERF. Since the author here is a TIM, though, they get algorithm boosted.
We live in hell.

There's a point in the video in which the guy talks about his own experience getting transbrained, tho, and it's only remarkable for how textbook of an example of AGP fodder it is. The comment section ate it up, they're so many men down there going 'omg she's just like me fr' and none of them realize they're only exposing themselves as people with untreated childhood trauma and self-esteem complexes.

No. 1934634

File: 1701131062429.jpeg (507.85 KB, 960x1243, IMG_9125.jpeg)

No. 1934638

File: 1701132119068.jpg (28.47 KB, 563x616, clownfeet.jpg)

No. 1934669

>Can you imagine not feeling safe every time you leave your house,?
Yes, you ape-looking freak. I'm a woman. I don't have to imagine it, it's my everyday life.

No. 1934678

didn't this guy get a ton of face surgery too? or were all the fundraisers just scams?

No. 1934688

He looks identical to Bo Burnham.

No. 1934690

This was definitely written by the stepdad

No. 1934697

OP admits that she lost custody and regained custody, albeit shared with grandma, who presumably cares for the kid while the OP had no custody. She claims that CPS getting involved had "nothing to do" with her or the tranny stepfather. Either she's lying and abused the kid, or a scrote she was in a previous relationship with abused the kid, because it doesn't make sense for OP to have lost custody if she "did nothing wrong."

No. 1934702

>I get pap smears […] because I'm female
Thank Christ I don't have an account on Leddit. Otherwise I would've felt tempted to touch the poop and ask this retard what the fuck he's getting a pap smear on when he doesn't have a cervix. It's literally the process of collecting cells from the cervix?

No. 1934732

AYRT, thanks anon!

No. 1934765

File: 1701170156815.png (1.11 MB, 816x1305, Screenshots_2023-11-28-14-13-4…)

They've gone full mask off now, either that or this is just god awful satire kek

No. 1934767

Males can also kys, highly recommended.

No. 1934772

Imagine being a gyno and having to shove your fingers/tools into a delusional man's ass to search for cervix cancer, or doing an ultrasound to find ovaries on a man. Bleak.
Also of sex is a construct then how are they trans in any way?

No. 1934777

so a genital preference is normal and acceptable when it’s a man having it for a penis, but it’s transphobic, bigoted and unacceptable when it’s a woman having a preference for vaginas, got it.

No. 1934778

"Men can be lesbians" has been a thing for a while now. They could be referring to TiFs who are lesbians that trooned out but still keep close ties with the lesbian community or just regular moids who claim to love women in a "sapphic way". Lesbian no longer means homosexual woman to the gender cult.

No. 1934780

The pattern of 'trooning after birth' reminds me of DV often starting right after the first child is born. When a woman is highly dependent on external support and 'locked' into her marriage. I think this vulnerability plays a large part into why they choose to troon then, since their wives are less likely to go 'nope, i'm out'

No. 1934782

>Do they typically show signs beforehand
A year or two ago Null did a MATI special for Pride Month were he read post form r/mypartneristrans. Towards the end Null noticed that most of those TiMs revealed to their wives before or shortly after they started dating that they were bisexual or liked to cross dress.

No. 1934787

File: 1701179082891.jpeg (162.52 KB, 828x842, IMG_4105.jpeg)

His switch from “gay” to “lesbian” was so easy because was e-dating a tif for the longest. I guess he wants women that actually call themselves women now.

No. 1934794

fucking kek nonna, thanks for making me laugh, I was almost a-logging a troon in a lesbian subreddit an hour ago and I needed it. Anyone who says that women are not funny certainly has never met the ladies here on lc

No. 1934805

Who is she, nonna? I suppose this video is from tiktok (?), I don't even have a tiktok acc but I'd like to see hers, she's so funny and cute

No. 1934806

the semi popular tumblr account know for audio shitposts trooned out? disappointed but not unexpected for tumblr

No. 1934807

This is a different tumblr troon to peteseeger right?? Why do all of them on that site look like bulldogs

No. 1934810

I'd rather a themlet he/him than him insisting he be treated as a woman, that's the bare minimum. it's for the best he got the rotpocket kek

No. 1934812

a quick mini rant but I loathe with corporations do the whole "woman and nonbinary" thing because according to gendies, being nonbinary means whatever the fuck the person wants it to mean. it's a self inflicted titled much like being a TiM. any run of the mill guy can be nonbinary and change nothing about his appearance. yet they're treated like a marginalized gender alongside actual women. appealing to gendies is doing more harm to women's safety now ever than before.

No. 1934830

nta but she is thepoliticalmixster and part of gays against groomers (i hate GAG tbh but i agree she is cute and funny)

No. 1934839

why do you hate them if you dont mind me asking?

No. 1934870

I know we all agree half of these guys are agp but I've always been wierded out by how pedo like this shit is. Honestly more people should call it out.

No. 1934874

I love how they NEVER provide pictures whenever they make claims like this. They say their shoulders shrunk, they say their feet got smaller, they say their skin cleared up from acne, they say their body got more curvy but don’t provide a picture of the after let alone a before and after when making these claims. Are they trying to lie to themselves or others?

No. 1934877

I wouldn't doubt that they get smaller, but what would cinch it would be before-after pictures of their full body, with their hair up. See if they have a hump from osteoporosis, which is ironically the only thing remotely feminine about them.

No. 1934905

We've come full circle where stupid Youtube cartoons from 10+ years ago are now part of actual LGBT discourse. I'm getting more and more convinced that the world ended in 2012 and we've been stuck in hell ever since.

No. 1934949

File: 1701206662871.jpg (112.55 KB, 1200x1200, GABho8BWEAALntb.jpg)

get these creeps out

No. 1934962

File: 1701207387873.jpg (1.87 MB, 1920x2560, 23-11-28-21-35-23-367_deco.jpg)

Tranny is mad that he can't watch women try on bras at Victoria's Secret

No. 1934964

File: 1701207410028.jpeg (86.02 KB, 961x577, C1DDB1BE-58EC-456D-B77C-3076CF…)

critical support to ftms cheating on their mtf boyfriends

No. 1934966

File: 1701207634766.png (364.81 KB, 2277x1742, male.png)

>family estranged from troon
>invite him to wedding out of politeness, clearly do not want him to go
>want man to stop being delusional and attention-seeking for a single day
>waaaaah waaaaaah memememe MY FEELINGS
I bet they're going to be relieved when he doesn't go.

No. 1934972

File: 1701208497675.jpeg (Spoiler Image,166.71 KB, 750x782, microdragon.jpeg)

i went to see if Victoria Secret responded and someone based replied with picrel (spoiler for ugly nude troon) i really hope the customer service person who speaks to him saw the photo. they'll probably send him a free bra and create a new troon-coddling changing room system anyway.

No. 1934973

This sicko is a fucking serial killer in the making.

No. 1934976

i like that there are very vocal groups of gay people pushing back on gender shit, and i like that they've peaked a lot of people but it's just personal taste - i really don't like or respect that tacky, brash and overly political approach. plus there are so many dramas with GAG and jaimee, most of them sound kinda nuts. works for some though.

No. 1934978

the woman gatekeeping the VS dressing rooms was a hero

No. 1934996

Geez, I wonder why women wouldn’t feel comfortable in the changing room with this creep

No. 1935008

File: 1701212704868.mp4 (3.28 MB, 1280x720, german mp.mp4)

this is a german green party politician "Tessa" Ganserer, showing his bra to an official committee. imagine a woman doing this. her professional career would be over.

No. 1935009

File: 1701212778931.jpeg (123.52 KB, 1456x1048, ganserer.jpeg)

samefag to show him before transition. cos it makes me kek

No. 1935015

File: 1701213527865.png (1.38 MB, 940x1392, Clipboard03.png)

not a fetish though

No. 1935022

File: 1701214409434.jpg (9.44 KB, 220x217, 220px-PSM_V36_D704_Facial_expr…)

I don't even hide my disdain when I see this shit anymore. I'm not afraid of their public chimpouts anymore, I crave them, and would love to see Cumshirt peak an entire walmart by shrieking at some poor woman looking at him twice.

No. 1935027

it’s like they want people to know they’re men

No. 1935032

i practice a particular lip snarl and nose crinkle that i use whenever i see a tranny in public so i can maximize ruining their self-esteem. the looks on their faces is hilarious, especially when you can tell they think they were passing/"slaying"

No. 1935033

leftists learn how to say no to these wreckers!

No. 1935045

Hellll yeah. They always obsess about it on reddit afterward but irl they can't deal with it. They don't have the mastery of microexpressions we do, their male rage and entitlement gives them zero poise or subtlety.
"Why are you screaming?"

No. 1935049

File: 1701218391103.png (540.92 KB, 553x628, reddit.png)

a fetishist who competes in women's races. gross.

No. 1935060

File: 1701219687645.jpeg (627.12 KB, 1000x2248, pronoun meltdown.jpeg)

this one really made me laugh but it was rambly as fuck so i tried my best to condense it
>TIM goes to a yoga class
>gets he/him'd by the male instructor
>the instructor apologies but in a way that was too bro-y for TIM's taste (fist bumping)
>got called "man" earlier that day too, even though his "tits were on full display and full face of make up"
>starts crying in class
>instructor tries to amend his "faux pas" by calling him they instead
>TIM cries even harder
>instructor fist bumps him again
>TIM makes such a fuss over it that he makes the instructor cry
>instructor profusely apologises and writes him a sorry message but TIM is of course ungracious about it because he's a narc.

No. 1935069

Men saying they’re lesbians is a bad joke that is probably older than you.

No. 1935071

This actually horrifies me.

No. 1935073

Can women not wear pantsuits?

No. 1935074

I find it so annoying how troons are allowed to be upset by neutral pronouns but if you're a more "masculine" woman with short hair it's okay for gendies to incessantly they/them you because inclusion or whatever. Even if you respond to pronoun questions in the socially approved "she/her" way, all gender nonconformity is immediately met the not-so-subtle implication that you can't possibly be a woman while not following stereotypes, and the "they" this and "them" that continues. Not trying to blog but I encounter this bullshit almost every day.

No. 1935076

Yes, that is EXACTLY the description of a fucking predator. I read this out loud and my partner was in the room and he looked completely horrified and repulsed. How can someone even post this publicly?

No. 1935083

If it makes you feel any better, in my area of the world that was the case for me up until recently. It's like suddenly everyone remembers that androgyny exists. The tide is definitely turning, I just hope it doesn't go too crazy reactionary in the other direction. Can't win kek

No. 1935088

Have these retards ever heard of “don’t feed the trolls”? Why do trannies feel the need to make a 5 minute response to an anonymous meanie kek.

No. 1935094

>school officials let tranny play women’s vollyball(flashbacks to when that vollyball tranny broke a girls neck)

>trannies in women sports is illegal in Florida
>principle and other officials resign
>students upset and stage a trans rights walkout

Normally i would rage and kek but for some reason i feel sad. Honestly, i feel bad for the students, especially the girls. They seem young and like they are trying to do what they think is the right thing. I was retarded like this too when i was a teen ignorant to the horrors of troonism. Trannies are expert groomers, and this is the consequence of that.

No. 1935109

>>1933018 it's them being lil porn addict freaks. Watched too much hentai now they want to be the uwu~ catgirl being screwed. I'll have to try to get a pic but there's a tranny in my city who works at Whataburger and literally has Whataburger themed cat ears to wear with his uniform lmao

No. 1935112

File: 1701230044829.mp4 (3.15 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.App 730328678263900087…)

>authentic women that we are

No. 1935115

>Whataburger themed cat ears
A troon wearing whataburger cat ears is the ultimate consoomer identity crossover.

No. 1935125

File: 1701232041269.mp4 (1.04 MB, 576x1024, B8075D4B-93DA-4622-878C-0A8DC8…)

Slightly OT but I saw this video on instagram and had to share!

No. 1935128

He wants to wear something tight and revealing.

No. 1935132

almost any troon on tiktok has an account with like 500+ videos alone if them making video responses to comments and basically sending an army to attack them

the worse ones are basically the ones who bait the opponent into saying something that can be taken out of context, then use that one comment to run around and scream "LOOK HOW TWANSPHOBIC THEY ARE REE" banking on the fact no one would be bothered to go back and read the entire argument of them instigating everything

No. 1935160

Omg yes! Pics! Also, I want those ears.
I used to work at a pawn shop, and every once in a while a furry troon would come in. Long, greasy hair, lanky body, disgustingly like… cigarette smoke stained homemade fox tail and ears. They looked grimy like when you go into somebody's house and the walls are covered with this yellow, gray staining. He smelled like mildew, body odor, and stale cigarette smoke. I'd talk to him sometimes bc it was my first time experiencing this in the wild and he was like experiencing cwc organically, observing this insane example of humanity.

No. 1935164

please post more. this is hilarious.

No. 1935174

I don't like sharing videos of kids in this thread.

No. 1935186

I agree. It seems inappropriate, and potentially dangerous for the kids. There's nothing that nona can do now, though, since the 30 minute window for deletion has long since closed.

No. 1935221

File: 1701267777647.png (1.52 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_0556.png)

VS made a statement a while back that they weren’t going to be woke (in marketing) anymore. Sad to see that didn’t apply to customer service.

No. 1935238

holy fuck and i thought the first picture was disgusting, how can people see this and still go ahead and get this surgery baffles me. This is true body horror

No. 1935240

Does this just mean they'll stop selling plus sized clothes or what? "Woke" barely means anything

No. 1935253

I just can't with that fucking HSTS tranny niki or whatever in 90 day fiance. The fucking aggression, the pissiness about not being eaten out by the hetero dude who literally admits he has to gaslight himself into even being able to have sex with that fucking tranny. This is nothing but fucking gross and disgusting grooming. "we're not having enough sex, I hate it" dude, you never told him you were a tranny, it took him two years to get over the fact that he was raped by deception. This entire relationship is so fucked, but I can seriously see it peaking people.

No. 1935256

>but I can seriously see it peaking people.
Even on r/90dayfiance redditors are calling Nikki out for not disclosing and traumatizing Igor.

No. 1935262

It's fucking disgusting. He was literally raped. He was a virgin and didn't know the difference between a rotpocket and a real woman and was taken advantage of and Nikki acts like it's all a big joke. Not that I'm gonna cape for scrotes but I feel bad for the dude because you can sense he feels trapped. I hope it peaks every normie watching.

No. 1935280

Hope he uses “Nikki” for every dollar he has.

No. 1935292

You get me. As fucking disgusting as all this is, I hope he gets his green card and then drops that rapist and calls him out.
I saw the thread it was brilliant. People weren't having none of the trannies shit. I'm so glad people notice how truly, and utterly fucked up this entire relationship is. I pray he's just using the dude for the green card and money. >>1935262
I didn't even know he was a virgin, how much fucking worse. In every conversation he talks about still suffering, still feeling weird, having trouble not thinking about him actually being a fucking man bc he can't get it up if he does.. That's conversion therapy with actual rape and sexual coercion. It's mental. And you can see how manipulative the HSTS constantly is, how damn aggressive. Asks random friends he just met this night why he won't eat their rot pocket out anymore?
Dude better scam the fuck out of that tranny and get what he's owed.

No. 1935298

He's a heterosexual man and even if the HSTS looks like a woman or he tries his best to see a woman in him, every fiber of his being can tell that that's a man and of course he feels horrible. Literal conversion therapy, except he's not even having sex with a normal man, he's having sex with a mutilated man with severe mental issues.

No. 1935305

most men aren't original, if they're on the internet then spamming gore is pretty much all they do if they're not in a position to send cp.
how did putting a tranny or plus sized model on the VS runway result in actual women no longer buying their shitty, overpriced lingerie? Most women I know bought it cause it was one of like two options pre-internet or cause they just like mall shopping. I'm pretty sure no normie woman or girl even knows what's up on their runway and those who are that into fashion probably knew of better options to begin with. Sure there was an article or two back in the day, but I'd argue most women buying lingerie there only did it due to a lack of options so they sucked it up like most do about walmart. This sounds like a cope to explain away the inevitable demise of their company.
>He was a virgin
fuck me that's so evil. I'm guessing the show's "therapists" are helping to gaslight the guy too? If nothing else I hope this guy gets the green card and helps peak people in a greater good sort of way cause this is outright horrific but also the legitimate future trannies want. Including the ones that keep their dicks and "top" as oxymoronic as that is for a tranny. It'd be one thing if they were still a subsect of the gay community, but the ones growing up now honestly want and expect straight men like this guy and are validated on this nonsense

No. 1935311

I remember someone saying they purposely flopped on designs/photoshoots so that way when people complain about it they will just cry "ok we will stop being woke"

No. 1935319

wouldn't surprise me. trannys are probably horrible to work with and especially male designers can't be arsed to design things that look good on more than the one bodytype they like

No. 1935334

Everything was so hilariously unflattering that I cannot imagine a different reason. And now they can just say they tried but nobody wants it when in reality they didn't try at all.

No. 1935344

File: 1701293312052.gif (5.31 MB, 640x520, keke.gif)

who he? me make he new lols pet

No. 1935346

This sicko would've washed out the instant he realized you're required to attend class in business professional, no fetish wear allowed. The women in suits would absolutely crush his ego and little shrivelled estrogen balls, and do it with a polite smile on their tastefully, natural made up faces.

I would not allow this freak anywhere near dead bodies.

No. 1935351

File: 1701294955105.jpeg (138.65 KB, 876x876, yasmin finney.jpeg)

can't believe we were supposed to buy this 20 year old man as a 15 year old school girl character on Doctor Who. even considering the character was written as trans, we are still looking at a grown man trying to look like a young girl. it's so absurd.

No. 1935361

I'm not up to date with Dr who but what the everliving AI fuckery am I looking at? Please someone tell me that's AI it looks so damn creepy even when clearly airbrushed to fucking hell

No. 1935362

that neck… and his character is supposed to be 15? lmao. if i remember correctly, he is in heartstopper too and aren't the characters there also 16/17-year-old teenagers? i didn't watch it, but i assume he doesn't pass as a teenage girl there either.

No. 1935372

File: 1701297091124.png (9.53 MB, 2316x3088, Untitled-1.png)


No. 1935374

Nah he can pass as a hs boy, but you have to imagine just the face without the hair. Maybe I just mentally clock girls as looking younger for their age.

No. 1935377

Russel davies wrote a tv show about a 30 something guy and a 15 year old schoolboy back in the late '90s (when the world was different) so it's safe to say this '20 year old man is a 15 year old schoolgirl' gaslighting is fetish shit and nonce grooming for little kids watching a kid's show.

No. 1935390

he just looks like rose's bf mickey in a wig

No. 1935423

the character scolds the doctor for calling an alien a 'he'as the doctor is asuming the alien's pronouns

No. 1935425

"Delulu is not a solulu" indeed. He went from a high pitched voice to someone's voice after smoking 50 cigarette packs.

No. 1935428

Every example of VFS I've seen comes out exactly like this, insane people are willing to spend 20 grand for someone to destroy their voice when there are random men trolling on call of duty that sound more convincing.

No. 1935438

File: 1701308289411.png (30.28 KB, 749x209, faye.png)

this tranny is claiming he's intersex now

No. 1935443

That's why you haven't seen one troon saying he has genes of a woman because of chimerism and he totally has a different hair colored streak just like Rogue kek

No. 1935444

Is he trying to claim XX Male Syndrome? People with it are still men, just infertile. Most don't realize it until tested because everything else tends to be normal.

No. 1935446

File: 1701309550447.png (43.71 KB, 763x332, Screenshot 2023.png)

No. 1935453

>fully male body
If he's not lying he's a literal textbook case of xx male syndrome. Some XX guys are unfortunate enough to get a micropenis or ambiguous genitals. And it's funny that he says he doesn't have a Y chromosome when just a bit of googling will tell you that XX is caused by the Y chromosomes SRY gene. I mean technically he doesn't have one, but the Y chromosome was there at some point to cause an SRY-positive X chromosome

No. 1935456

File: 1701310445667.png (432.63 KB, 743x932, men.png)

>just shut up and sit down while we ruin everything for women.

No. 1935457

File: 1701310499727.png (Spoiler Image,573.61 KB, 748x996, men 2.png)

how woman-ly of him

No. 1935460

Thought the dick was poop when I first entered the website and wasn’t surprised in the slightest

No. 1935461

if your brain is so porn-rotted that you, as a man, tattoo a bra on your disgusting obese moobs, you should be drawn and quartered

No. 1935465

>least repulsive least mentally ill Russian moid

No. 1935468

Who tf approved this tattoo? I’m picturing some poor apprentice drawing this after his boss yelled at him to and then going home to kill himself. Or maybe it was some chainsmoking bum who lives under a bridge that did it for five dollars.

No. 1935501

I worry about a lot of things i my future but never did I think I'd have to worry about a man being a sissy and ruining at chance at normalcy, especially if he is a white guy.

Aside from bisexuality and lefty politics, what are other ways I can sue to avoid this from ever happening to me?

No. 1935506

probably another porn sick freak with a tattoo gun. A tattoo gun is about 40-150 usd on amazon so its not like they're these terribly rare objects

No. 1935516

File: 1701318041123.jpg (238.01 KB, 1284x2778, RDT_20231130_12210910613386065…)

No. 1935518

File: 1701318451604.jpg (253.33 KB, 1284x2778, RDT_20231130_12212060912051499…)

I like that the first top comments are bringing up the fact that women's league for sports are put up not just for opportunity for women but also from the social pressure and consequences they'd face and win against the opposite sex. Tims always cling on to stereotypes which is ironic considering theyre transiting to the gender they degrade and hate to the core.

No. 1935526

TRAs always assume that the only reason why there are female-only chess leagues is because people think women are dumb. It shows a lack of empathy for women, and comes across as projection of their own misogyny.

No. 1935528

Hence we have the trannyplaining from them about our periods, illness and more.

Uh no, thanks.

No. 1935534

Anyone else notice trannies have the same exact reply every time to this? And it makes them look like they can't read or understand because nowhere does Riley say that women don't want trannies because we're dumber.

Where's the funny Mr. Comedian? Go back to posting about how your family cut you off after wearing dresses.

No. 1935540

>98 percent of that comment thread is caping for trannies
Sad world we live in.

No. 1935546

I feel like this is a litmus test. If a man's first reaction to female chess tournaments is to assume we're dumb then they should be thrown out like the men whose first reaction to "women deserve equality" is to make the smart ass retort that now they can smack us around if we're equal showing us what's on their minds in regards to women

No. 1935547

Tbf i didnt read most of the comments because its reddit and trannies always flock to anything they can insert themselves to regardless if its relevant to them or not. But im glad theres people silently upvoting some neutral or even terfy/gc takes.

No. 1935570

the left would rather die than give up trannyism, look elsewhere

No. 1935617

i wonder if hillary clinton is correct that the american left will lose the next election becuase of trans rights

No. 1935643

Without a doubt. Fuck women's rights, fuck abortion, fuck the environment, fuck healthcare and education, fuck every other homosexual and their rights, troons wanted what they want when they want it and everyone else gets to suffer for it.

No. 1935645

Nicely put.

No. 1935647

I assume by "left" you mean Democrats and by "election" you mean the presidential election, in which case: very unlikely. Incumbents have a strong advantage and there's not much of an organized campaign for anyone else.

No. 1935651

File: 1701352945541.mp4 (10.53 MB, -vz3vapMXtXJo97D.mp4)

Feel like non-athletic competitive pursuits need sex segregation even more than sports do. The guys who play sports are way less likely to troon out than the ones into chess or videogames. Trannies have been allowed into women's sports leagues forever and it's only just now becoming an issue because of sheer quantity, but trannies have been ruining women's esports leagues for as long as they've been a thing. It used to be just one or two narcissists joining every event just to stomp, but now they're practically tranny leagues. There was a women's streetfighter tournament a few months ago where 7 of the top 8 were trannies, it's farcical.

I wouldn't even mind them so much if they were all HSTS, but you can't join a girlgamer discord anymore without getting talked over by "lesbians" who think an anime avatar and pronouns mean they can't be creeps.

No. 1935655

File: 1701353403013.jpg (712.9 KB, 2880x2880, 20231130_141046.jpg)

No. 1935659

Big trolling for lesbians on the Her app energy.

No. 1935663

>'women and other marginalised genders'

So…women? This video was obnoxious. Men invading women's shit has become way more prolific and open the past year. Sincerely. We can't have anything to ourselves.

No. 1935667

File: 1701355321108.png (43.55 KB, 482x232, brit.png)

yeah, it's not all about ability. even with things like picrel, it's not that the male artists are more talented, it's that males make up most of these industries. i don't give a shit about the brit awards but it's a funny example of what happens when you remove the women's categories. when there are three times the amount of men in the top 100 then the odds are against a woman being nominated.

when men are overrepresented in esports and so are trannies (8-10% apparently, compared to the supposed 1% overall population) and women are underrepresented (despite being half the population and almost half the gaming population) then the same thing is gonna happen. paired with how they've been socialised and encouraged, socially and women have been alienated and mocked for doing the exact same thing. of course TIMs aren't gonna empathise. I've heard the most loyal and adoring handmaiden gamers complain about how many TIMs are on their gaming discord or stack or whatever.

No. 1935674

She said that? Source please? Hell yeah Hilary if so

No. 1935684

File: 1701357445572.png (2 MB, 1469x671, girl power apparently.png)

>Feel like non-athletic competitive pursuits need sex segregation even more than sports do
Seriously, any "women's" team in a nerdy hobby like gaming, tabletop games or RP games like D&D, or TCG's are completely infested with trannies. I could never join any local communities because you're forced to accept them or else you get banned from competing

No. 1935688

File: 1701357722419.png (813.7 KB, 1014x648, contra and clintons.png)

nta but she has said that women have "legitimate concerns" about trans rights and that trans talking points shouldn't be a priority during debates in the elections. but doesn't mean she is a full-blown TERF, she is just seeing which way the wind is blowing. she would still cheer on trannies if she thought it won her a place in the white house (but it just so happens she knows it won't). picrel of her visiting Contrapoints' house, because it makes me laugh to look at him towering over hilary and chelsea with his limp wrist.

No. 1935719

Yeah, Hilary isn't a TERF but she is a career politician. She's criticized the Democratic party for pandering to niche idpol issues like trans rights that only impact a few people, instead of focusing on larger issues that impact the whole population like education, jobs, health care, abortion etc. The Republicans are amassing large coalitions of different factions to overturn Roe and roll back women's rights while the Democrats are bogged down debating "what is a woman?" and other irrelevant bullshit. She's 100% right imo /burgerfag

No. 1935735

I remember a polish nonna who often vents about the retarded state of the left-wing parties in her own nation and how comically unlikeable they make themselves.

No. 1935737

File: 1701364432389.png (59.12 KB, 1000x728, womenchess.png)

In the case of chess, it's a matter of numbers and misogyny. Even in my shitty third world nation, there are still 9000 registered male chess players, while the number of female players is around 500. More men compete against each other, gaining more experience and it's in general harder for women to progress. That's why almost all the female grandmasters tend to be Russian, as Russians in general play chess far more. The same applies to gaming, where there are probably way more men into games like League of Legends than women. However, Pokemon is a strange case because the majority of the casual player base tends to be women and children, while the hardcore pro-players obsessed with meta are autistic men.

No. 1935743

he NAMED the dude a new name, as if troons aren't screaming about how their names are so important yet he named a whole ass Igor fucking Justin

No. 1935750

File: 1701366086648.png (164.78 KB, 1080x748, Screenshot_20231130-144120-338…)

Today on "Things that never happened" also it's always a girl being weird to them never a moid

No. 1935757

Probably a fetish of them to prove how womanly and better they are than actual women because if it were a man they would be into it also kek at the porny scenario

No. 1935763

what woman would be into ladyboys? or even use the term ladyboys like that? that's a gay thing.

No. 1935766

Kek they got tired of trying to find the mythical female chasers they keep insisting totally exist and had to invent some to prove woman are totally fetishizing and objectifying them.

No. 1935767

>always a girl
yes, girl - not even a grown woman in their fantasies.
such a ridiculous made up scenario, trying to make a young woman sound creepy whilst only managing to reveal himself to be the creep.

No. 1935781

It's a problem everywhere, we have the same problem here in Germany (maybe not as bad). I am sure Italy/Gb/France are not different.There is a reason why more and more right wing partys are winning

No. 1935782

File: 1701373765331.png (1.27 MB, 1280x961, agp.png)

Schaffer’s schizo journal is making the rounds on twitter, and I’m seeing in real time the new cope for the AGP phenomenon. It’s now “feminist theory”.
There’s a difference between a woman struggling her whole life with misogyny and objectification which was forced on her. A woman, who should be expected to tackle and overcome the damage men have done to her self image.
Compared to a male who perpetuates misogyny, sees women’s mistreatment, and finds it so titillating that he wants to experience it himself.

“A woman is a hole to be raped” said by a radfem is a critique on misogyny and the male mindset with the implication that it should be addressed and opposed.
“A woman is a hole to be raped” is a phrase that could also be found in sissy caption porn.

It’s literally because of males and their fixation on dehumanizing women that feminists talk about this at all. Hunter and men like him is the source of this misogyny not a critique of it.

No. 1935783

Did I get this right, it's now basically ok to want other people's oppression according to twitter people?

No. 1935792

we are never ever escaping patriarchy, i am so tired. I understand those trutran TIFs like buck angel now.

No. 1935793

If you can’t define women by our biology then it seems the answer is for women to be defined by being subordinates to, objectified by, and sexually consumed by men. Basically women are inferiors and men are superiors. The constraints of masculinity/femininity and patriarchy rebranded as progressive because if suits the fetishistic identity of a small percentage of men (and women, tifs, who think they can identify their way out of oppression)

No. 1935800

They’re going to start calling manosphere podcast bros profound radfem theorists for calling women subhuman cock slaves here very soon.

No. 1935811

dumb fag

No. 1935817

Just came out a public bathroom and almost ran into a disgusting tranny that was hobbling around in high heels that he obviously couldn't walk in at all. He had a beergut sticking out some skintight slip dress and he gave me an AGP smirk. I just looked at him disgusting and confused. Vile.

No. 1935826

File: 1701378933387.mp4 (14.29 MB, 1080x1920, Troon-Has-Complete-MELTDOWN-Ov…)

Tranny flips out over being misgendered, while his handmaiden panics in fear of his moid rage.

No. 1935832

twittertards will continue to say "female socialization doesn't exist!!" when this video exists. The women, while both upset, calmly speak to each other about how they disagree while the man throws a temper tantrum and yells about Nazis before storming off because everyone isn't catering to him specifically. Spectacular vid

No. 1935833

this is so depressing. Hunter being male, witnesses how men treat women negatively and is attracted to that (fetishising) and says this is a reason for his transition. The narcissism and lack of empathy where you can witness accounts of women being raped and abused and coming away wishing it was you… And then comparing your cruel fetish to the trauma some women experience where they also desire abuse because of how they've been raised/treated in the past. It's sick to point to those traumatised woman and say that makes it OK for a man to say the same thing.
Is there any other possible example where the oppressor class can pretend to be the oppressed class, and even state they are sexually aroused by the idea of the oppression, and that be OK? (rhetorical question obviously - we know the answer is no).

No. 1935835

imagine if that other woman wasn't there to stop him.

No. 1935839

Apparently the new Doctor is gunna be a they/them too KEK

No. 1935850

>this is as good as it's gonna get


No. 1935885

File: 1701386431168.jpg (108.53 KB, 1000x1035, sir.jpg)

pure unadulterated seethe over the fact that he cannot physically assault a woman for saying a word

No. 1935889

The handmaiden looks so tired. Can't imagine dedicating my precious time and energy to serving women's rights to reject men on a platter for no sensical reason.

No. 1935893

Calling this "real femanism" jfc. So femanism isn't the shirking of gender expectations anymore, it's just full on giving in to the sexualization = empowerment lie and somehow suffering from the psychotic need to be "eaten by men" is REAL femanism. I guarantee if a woman or man made this people would call it out for being schizophrenic and sexist, but because it's made by a man who adopts the gender stereotypes they and twist themselves in knots to justify it. Libfems need stop digging us deeper into equating our oppression as an inherent and empowering part of womanhood.

No. 1935900

After crushing the bottle, it looked like his hands were literally shaking with rage?? The handmaiden is acting like an abused wife desperately trying to placate her violent, abusive husband.

No. 1935902

"If you want to be anything more than an object to be consumed, you're not really a woman" is not the progressive take they think it is

No. 1935903

This is exactly what none of these libfems are mentioning. It’s the fact he’s an outsider identifying into an oppressed class of people because the idea of being oppressed arouses him. Yes, many women experience internalized misogyny and have incorrectly assigned their value through a male lens, it’s quite literally what you’re instructed to do as a female. But it’s something else entirely when a male perpetrator of this misogyny wants to embody it himself.
Imagine a white person racially transitioning into an oppressed minority group and saying they get pleasure and affirmation through racism. No one would have sympathy for them. Yet people are willingly accepting the categorization of women as lessers to affirm someone’s identity (and even calling it profound), ironically, because they’ve been conditioned to do just that their entire lives.
One branch of very malignant libfeminism I have noticed is not even the rejection or recontextualization (ie, ‘empowerment’) of objectification… it’s the admission that women are in fact objects and lessers and their objective is to somehow convince men to respect that. I see it most commonly in bdsm/cnc/sex-pozzy spaces, where the idea of women’s submission is their natural role and it’s men’s responsibility to handle it with grace and discretion. That same rhetoric is leaking into more mainstream libfeminism. Acceptable feminism is becoming more and more male-serving every year that goes by.

No. 1935910

with regard to your second point I think that sort of nasty libfem rhetoric explains the meteoric rise in TIFs, at least partly. those types are usually marinated in libfem ideology (which is essentially becoming an inverted form of MRA ideology) and as a result see "becoming" a man as the only way out. goddamn it's so depressing to witness, it really feels like there is no way forward for women/feminism sometimes. I don't even know what can be done about it, besides making sure that all of the women in my life don't fall for libfem snake oil.

No. 1935912

kek, $20k worth of mcdonalds chicken nuggets would have unironically been a better deal. All the surgeon did was put him to sleep and blow on his neck.

No. 1935913

File: 1701392062554.jpg (885.44 KB, 1074x2347, Screenshot_20231130_195326_Red…)

Tranny posting on r/insaneparents. Nonna's, what would one say to a deluded tranny bringing up the medical degree argument?

No. 1935916

his tattoo is in italian…. crying but if he is italian with the general psychology of italian scrotes it somehow doesnt surprise me

No. 1935917

Does anyone have an update on the tranny that was naked in front of their foster kid on video?

No. 1935918

I neglected to mention tifs in my analysis and I do agree, when mainstream feminism supports the idea that male/female is akin to subject/object (since biology is necessarily thrown out the window to make sense of transexualism). Women who reject the idea that they are lessers are encouraged to believe that they are, in fact, men. The only way to escape being an object in a society that has redefined women as a class of objects is to become a man.
It’s easier to become a man and be perceived the way you want to be perceived (a human being), than it is to confront the depressing reality that you’re fighting an uphill battle to be seen as a human being in a society where women are deemed to be things.
I wonder where all of this will lead. Sometimes I think it’s just the nature of men to dehumanize women and, since they largely govern society, there will always be an eternal struggle for women to break free from it. Many women just aren’t strong enough to confront it and just end up playing by their rules. It is unfair that women are subjected to this treatment, and I believe that in a vacuum, no woman would inherently view herself as lesser. It takes a lifetime of conditioning.
I wish the best for women, and it makes me incredibly sad that they are so mentally abused they can listen to agp screeds about desiring to be caniballized and raped as “radically feminist”.

No. 1935920

>how come all these doctors, endocrinologists, surgeons, and therapists are agreeing with me to live my life on expensive medication and surgeries if I’m not on the right side of history huh mom?
Troons would keel over from all the meds ruining their livers/kidneys if it wasn’t for 41% getting to them first

No. 1935923

kek this pic rules, should be a part of a threadpic collage
KEK drs are literally forced on pain of termination by medical institutions (universities, hospitals) to be "trans affirming". drs involved directly with/specialising in "trans healthcare" profit immensely and often are tied to pharma corps. his doctors misgender him at drinks with their colleagues i guarantee it

No. 1935934

File: 1701395525895.jpg (397.87 KB, 1670x848, US holocaust memorial museum.j…)

Sigh. Please don't let troons rewrite history when it comes to the Holocaust as well, please.

No. 1935938

This is why liberals defend prostitution, forced hijab, domestic violence, etc. They believe women exist to suffer. Please Being and Being Bought by Kajsa Ekis Ekman

No. 1935940

I used to like watching 90 Day Fiance as a guilty pleasure, but I can’t even bring myself to watch this season due to that disturbing pedophile HSTS. By his own math that guy was underage when he started grooming him, changed his name, and brought him to another country under false pretenses. Coming from a conservative culture, I’m sure the kid was very sheltered and had no idea what a troon was. I’m amazed troons aren’t protesting this show because it makes them look so abusive & predatory, then again they’re probably online grooming teenagers as we speak.

No. 1935941

I like the way you write nonnie, you articulate yourself very well and the points you make are A+

No. 1935942

Libfems are just bargaining, because over nearly a century of feminist theory hasn’t fundamentally changed the male species. They didn’t go through the cycle themselves but the movement itself has, and they embody the current iteration of it. It’s like an abusive relationship, actually, it literally is. You’ll never get men to respect you so it’s easier trying to reframe your abuse.
Your husband beats you and uses you and that will never end no matter how you behave, so their solution is to somehow rationalize it as not really abuse, in fact, it’s even empowering.
It’s easier for them to see a male philosophizing his misogynistic fetishes (be they AGP, ‘cnc’, or any other of the million flavors of male debauchery at the expense of women) as “radical feminism” than it is to admit that misogyny is a problem and seemingly endemic to males.
I understand it. It’s like confronting a brick wall, and it’s demoralizing. It’s better to trick yourself like you have an iota of control and pretend like submitting to male mistreatment as your own decision.

No. 1935956

Being “eaten by men” is no longer seen as the issue insofar as men desire to eat you. It’s seen as an issue if you react negatively towards it. It has become implicit, you are an object to be consumed, the pathology has become your rejection of this premise. It is not “feminist” any longer to critique men who desire to objectify and consume, it’s not “feminist” to critique women who willingly submit themselves to inferior treatment.

This issue for modern libfems is the refusal to be consumed, the issue for libfems is anger over the idea you are expected to be consumed. The “feminist” solution they present is “empowerment”. To submit to consumption by somehow “claiming” it. By convincing yourself that existing for the titillation of men, to form yourself into an object of male desire, was actually your own decision. You are “feminist” when you play male games, so long as you come up with a 12 paragraph caveat over how your life has improved because of it. The footnote here is the only permissible “feminist theory” allowed before accusations of unjust misandry start flying.

The women who choose not to partake in their own sexualization are, at best, written off as making a neutral, free choice. So long as they don’t rock the boat, so long as they shut up about any uncomfortable reason why they came to that decision. You’re only allowed to not participate in male games if your decision not to do so was as simple and reductive as a coin flip.

In the end, the male perspective is prioritized, as it has always been. Libfems twist their brains every which way to rationalize male pandering as female liberation. They’re spinning their minds hard now that male degeneracy and misogyny has increased in visibility and unashamedness exponentially in the internet age. For every braindead gooner and rabid misogynist (and TiMs are often an ungodly combination of both), there’s a libfem narrative fabricating a regurgitatation of everything they say with either a “girlboss”, “divine feminine” sticker slapped over it.

I just falsely believed that AGP ruminations on cannibalism and rape would be too extreme and unpalatable to be reframed as “feminist”. I thought they would be self-aware enough to ignore such a blatant, evil interpretation of womanhood. But no. I sadly expect to see sissy-porn captions being spread like Dworkin quote infographs in the near future.

No. 1935983

I agree nona. You see the exact same thing with tradthots. They very much believe they are the other to all ‘stupid, liberal, feminist’ women and spend their entire lives begging for virtual asspats from bottom of the barrel tier scrotes. FTMs just take the not like other girls mindset to the extreme.

No. 1935988

File: 1701406645702.jpeg (152.71 KB, 828x359, IMG_9538.jpeg)

skinwalker moment

No. 1935989

File: 1701406779940.jpeg (72.8 KB, 828x255, IMG_9539.jpeg)

so cute!

No. 1936023

File: 1701413677521.png (163.94 KB, 601x714, Screenshot.png)

There were 30 murders of "trans-people" in the US btw, more then half of them were related to sex-work issues.

No. 1936024

She's like shaking and clearly trying to not panic. Poor woman.

No. 1936029

Kek his seething face is so funny. Truly a male moment, shaking in rage, trying to police what women say, trying to make her shut up and then storming off when the two women don't instantly kiss his ass.

No. 1936031

someone make this the next thread pic.

No. 1936044

I thought I was going crazy seeing all those handmaidens cape for that misogynistic faggot and trying to paint it as a true and honest radical feminist. Like, girls, he's totally more of a feminist than us! As for the ones who said they related so much to this, they missed the point entirely.

Let's keep in mind though that no one outside of internet bubbles would see this and not think this was a schizo rambling about their weird fixations on femininity.

No. 1936045

>White American polyam AGP who claims he works as a writer
>"I am lucky, I almost perished on the climb too."
How overdramatic. I doubt this man has ever had any actual problems, beyond narcissistic injury so no real problems at all.

No. 1936068

File: 1701428636045.jpg (76.14 KB, 633x474, We are never making it out.jpg)

One of the responses defending Shaffer’s misogyny fetish.
Troon handmaidens are becoming indistinguishable from incels at this point. How long have radfems been saying the gendie shit is regressive and reinforcing harmful gender stereotypes? Modern feminism is just incel apologia.

No. 1936070

In what world is this even true. Radfems and even stupid libfems hated those books. They were popular with older normie women

No. 1936071

>radfems are older
>Therefore they must be a part of the same demographic into 50 shades
>Also the same people who ree about radfems being manhating feminazis

No. 1936083

I knew Linda was voiced by a man, but not Edna. Interesting to know. The narrator's voice also fooled me.

No. 1936084

It's one of those special circumstances where a troon manages to sound close to a woman.

No. 1936085

A transwoman said she wanted to be raped and eaten and she’s sooo valid because cis women love rape too! Because yaoi and 50 shades of grey.

Sometimes I wish women were as ruthless as males when it comes to policing embarrassing behavior. Normal males get their manly-man-card revoked if they so much as look at a woman without utter contempt. Yet here women are prostrating and calling themselves less than animals so a fetishistic troon feels validated.

They’re just like incels in that they believe radfems are an amalgamation of every type of woman they hate, regardless of whether it aligns with reality or even makes logical sense.
Replace radfem accusations with feminazi accusations, give them anime girl pfps, and take the words “internalized” and “empowering” out of their vocabulary and they become indistinguishable from incels.

No. 1936089

Sadly, I don't know. Even if he hates TIMs, he might change his mind later on.

No. 1936098

File: 1701434832749.png (908.79 KB, 654x707, melodie wiseheart.png)

looks like the last update was police and social services being notified. the police say he is not breaking any law and they won't intervene.
i was also wondering about melody wiseheart (the 50 year old TIM who swam against 13 year old girls) and someone posted this picture. I've blurred the girls faces but they all look 10-15yo wtf. it looks like he is the coach but he isn't. anyway, apparently he has gone AWOL now and hasn't turned up for any further races.

No. 1936100

File: 1701435025760.jpg (Spoiler Image,407.82 KB, 1836x1034, 20220911171125_1.jpg)

in what world is noncon popular? i consume a lot of female aimed romance and this type of content is niche-niche-niche, there's stuff that's a bit eyebrow raising in terms of content (looking at you toma cage kun from amnesia and rhysand from acotar) but only the freakiest weirdos are reading actual rape sex scenes, in fact the women who like "dark romance" always whine about how they are ostracized by other romance readers.

No. 1936107

>"Women enjoy rape and degredation"
Yet another instance of TRAs unknowingly regurgitating right-wing perspectives on gender and sexuality.

No. 1936111

File: 1701438246299.png (60.87 KB, 600x546, screenshot.png)


A bunch of trannies on twitter are relating to this schizo's misogynistic fetish rant.

No. 1936113

File: 1701438673969.gif (1.25 MB, 300x100, 79.gif)

sorry it's kind of OT but this is my favorite banner i've ever seen on here lmao

No. 1936114


No. 1936118

>incredibly annoyed that in order to be a "real man" I needed to adhere to patriarchal and misogynist standards
always with the "failed man" complex. how about just be a man and don't treat women like shit?
but instead they still see women as the very thing they claim they are challenging. so much so that they think putting on heels and lipstick MAKES them a woman. and their desire to be seen as that is because they see women as weak and vulnerable little sex objects. they have no idea how fucking strong women have to be in this world. how much energy that takes and how much pressure we face. they think they can just let go of all these pathetic male egoisms of what it means to be a man and enjoy a life of twirly skirts and girly giggles. and then think that is some kind of feminist act. holy shit.
it also annoys me because they are complaining about a harmful gender stereotype (masculinity = "real man") but then shove female gender stereotypes in our face, whilst experiencing none of the oppressive reality it creates for women.

No. 1936119

thank you nona, reading your comments was like a soothing sane tonic after looking at that tweet
jfc i hadn't spotted that

No. 1936121

I think noncon and other misogynistic/abusive "fetishes" are sadly popular in erotic/romantic material made by and for women, but I don't think it's because women naturally desire to be raped. There's a lot of scientific speculation on this topic, and iirc the general consensus is that it's likely that women who fetishize things like being raped or abused are doing so as a method of coping with the constant threat of male violence. There's no decided upon explanation on how this operates, but the primary explanation I see is that the psychology of it is similar to the psychology of self-depreciation. That is to say, it's a self-destructive attempt to reduce what they belive to be inevitable suffering by taking some level of agency over it.
This obviously doesn't apply to TIMs, though, because they don't face misogyny unless they choose to, and even then it's not actual misogyny because they have no "gyn" to "mis". It's just a farce that they can opt out of at any time.

No. 1936122

Chess literally has an insane sexual abuse problem, it’s hard to convey how insane this was to people who don’t follow chess, but Alejandro Ramirez, probably the most famous chess commentator at one of the most prestigious/trusted chess clubs in the world was revealed to have been sexually assaulting both his coworkers and students as young as 15 for years, and it was covered up by the club and US Chess. The female field is so much smaller already so at GM level you’ll end up playing open tournaments anyway out of necessity - and not to powerlevel but I know personally at least 2 female GMs retired young and got normal jobs because the concentration of insane creepy men is so unreal (further narrowing the field), we have literally every reason to want to be away from men and chrannies at all costs, they destroy the game for the other 50% of the population ffs

No. 1936124

File: 1701440745900.jpeg (512.41 KB, 1170x1926, C052F2B0-5009-4303-8A9C-1CF31A…)

No. 1936127

File: 1701440900972.jpg (93.76 KB, 533x741, 062836.jpg)

No. 1936132

I love how all the cope replies/qrts to this are purposefully misunderstanding, like, "What, because there's no tall cis women?"
It's not because he's tall and you know it.

No. 1936141

>Sometimes I wish women were as ruthless as males when it comes to policing embarrassing behavior.
I get you but also i feel they are lenient with them because they're males. Women are really good at ruthless policing, unless they come across a moid, then their standards suddendly drop. The burden of being the perfect Nice moral woman (but not too much morals! It's rigid and unfeminine) is exclusive to us. Pretty ironic that they will treat troons like the males they are without even realizing it

No. 1936155

I know this troon, he's local bay area DJ. He's alright as far as troons go because he's like 50 so he's not constantly hawking gender ideology, but this voice surgery was a mistake. I almost felt bad for him because he used to sing and now he can barely talk. The surgeons willing to do this shit are scary

No. 1936158

They have voice feminization surgery now? Between this, hrt, breast implants, grs, ffs, bbls the medical industrial complex is making bank off of troons. A few years ago I saw a Forbes article that said a trans person will spend up to $150k facilitating their transition. I'm starting to think it's more than that.

On the new voice his just sounds more hoarse. Just like ffs there's either no change or it gets worse.

No. 1936163

Lol just got banned from reddit for saying "the left leaves no room for people who don't buy into gender ideology so don't be surprised when people switch sides" the ban message was "lying fascist" lmfao they're so predictable. Anything I don't agree with is fascism!!!(blogposting/derailing)

No. 1936169

so they called you a liar while proving your point?

No. 1936173

File: 1701449025686.jpg (145.69 KB, 943x1200, GAQQhdmbQAAFOU8.jpg)

No outrage of the race-switching as long as its a troon doing it

No. 1936174

Ding ding ding! I've always voted democrat and will continue to do so but I hope the left gets it shit together. This is exactly what I mean lol.

No. 1936175

File: 1701449079654.jpg (203.75 KB, 1112x1532, GAQOmq8bkAAg0sX.jpg)

No. 1936182

File: 1701450904346.jpeg (193.47 KB, 1080x1261, rogers.jpeg)

>white man mocks and fetishises black women
>"no white supremacy on my profile thanks!"
it's too late, man

No. 1936183

these always love calling themselves bitches jfc

No. 1936216

You're completely right but it's also nice to keep in mind that most women with a so-called "rape kink" are really just into the concept of ravishment rather than actual rape (that is, the man being so horny that he's rough). If you think about it it would be impossible for a woman to have a rape kink because a woman's sexual fantasy (not talking about intrusive thoughts from trauma here) is always wanted and she's always in control in her scenarios, and that makes it not rape. No woman is getting off to actual rape.
On the other hand rape kink is extremely harmful when it comes to males, because males are actually imagining and getting off to someone not consenting, because they're the rapists in their fantasies. And seeing as they're so attracted by real violence and death, chances are most of them really want to hurt their partner.

No. 1936218

File: 1701457592557.png (647.12 KB, 640x707, xJ9Y9zM.png)

This reminded me a lot of Andrea Long Chu's "females". It's what happens when you cross sissy porn with the scum manifesto through a filter of academic pretentiousness. This is not at all an exaggeration. Chu was an academic with an sissy porn addiction and fascination with Valerie Solanas' SCUM Manifesto. Specifically, the end part where men are forced to dress as drag queens and serve women. He expands on those aspects in his book. Now, I haven't read the book, but the excerpts really spoke for themselves. There's one excerpt I saw on Twitter that imagines a utopia where boys are locked in chastity at birth and girls are given strap-ons to have sex with boys. this book won a Pulitzer Prize btw.

No. 1936222

I read one fucking sentence "at the center of sissy porn lies the asshole, a universal kind of vagina through which femaleness can be accessed"
So femaleness, a reproductive classification, isn't about our actual genitals, it's purely about penetration and giving sexual pleasure. I'm not going to read anymore cause I'm already about to a-log

No. 1936242

>what are other ways I can sue to avoid this from ever happening to me?
My advise is to pick a guy who's not too liberal or too conservative. Find a moid with basic bitch hobbies, nothing too nerdy or too macho. A good sign is if he knows little about trannies, such as thinking 'transwomen' means TiF.

No. 1936257

File: 1701463438925.jpg (Spoiler Image,598.9 KB, 810x1586, Screenshot_20231201-070241_Red…)

This is such a textbook male response:

No. 1936262

File: 1701464125836.png (136.88 KB, 1765x509, reallynigga.png)

>no male gaze
>made for queer women
>female only space
>posting your cock? totally fine :)
we are in hell

No. 1936265

File: 1701464509941.jpg (249.96 KB, 1080x838, Screenshot_20231201-090225_Chr…)

TIM believes AGPs transitioning benefits women

No. 1936272

>taking themselves out of the potential rapist category
no?? why would them having a specific paraphilia mean they're not going to rape someone?
>they wouldn't be objectifying other [sic] women
how is it not objectifying women to think of them as a thing you can put on or become for sexual gratification?

No. 1936278

So I have discussed this before, but in fandom spaces, you encounter these 'woke AGP' types a lot. It's honestly mind-boggling to see perhaps the most openly misogynistic and fetishistic types of males who are blatantly open about all their fetishes and kinks, yet they are given essentially an elevated space in fandom simply because of their trans-identity. One thing that is universal with these types of AGP is their hatred against men. However, it is not at all like how women hate men, because their hatred stems from fear and envy against men, which is why so many of their fantasies and fiction involves not just men getting killed, but also humiliated and feminized in some way, as a form of comeuppance against them. Even the most extreme man-hating radfem doesn't have any weird sexual revenge fantasies against men, but for these types of AGP, it's a prerequisite.

No. 1936285

File: 1701467666559.jpg (460.15 KB, 810x1664, Screenshot_20231201-164719_Chr…)

Reddit moment kek:

No. 1936286

I'm switching sides exactly because of that too. Watch our support plummet with the lack of action on the left.

Kek at these gorilla hands and giga American dad chin.

Wtf is he even saying. No you fucktard Simon, "women" did not all love 50 shades. But sure, shame them for a bit of harmless light BDSM while you enjoy actual rape videos and violent porn. We're the one to be ashamed. FFS. What an absolute abysmal level of retardation.

Why the fuck is he mocking black women? Wtf is he even trying to achieve? They should rip him to pieces honestly

No. 1936287

So…a couple of gay nerdy neckbeard guys, with matching greasy hair and level of autism

No. 1936290

File: 1701468279692.png (456.21 KB, 807x600, paraphilias.png)

>taking themselves out of the potential rapist category
is he trying to suggest TIMs/ AGPs are less likely to be rapists? preaching to the choir here since these threads are basically dedicated to documenting how they are a threat, but paraphilias are linked to violent behaviour - that used to be a given. so many AGPs that have raped and murdered women (some that have transitioned after prison and some that were cross-dressers before prison) these threads are full of these accounts, but even many of the famous cases of serial killers and rapists have been noted to be AGP or cross dressers.
Serial killers, pedos and rapists who are turned on by wearing women's clothing is so common that it's a meme at this point. if you were to think of a stereotypical creepy unhinged criminal character, you wouldn't be surprised if they were an AGP.
they're just coping and trying to attempt damage control because they know how many people are now aware of what autogynephilia is. so their next move is "yeah so what?"
and I suppose being an AGP = woman but actually being a woman means nothing in this hell world. womanhood can only be defined by things a man can feel and acquire, but not the things he can't.

No. 1936292

I may be missing context here, but is this commenter assuming that AGPs all get the surgery? I'm pretty sure the vast majority of them are happy to keep their equipment intact.

No. 1936294

i hate this moid so much, i resent that anyone with this blatant of a fetish for misogyny can get work let alone word proclaimed prizes. technically the disgusting "females" didn't win him a pulitzer, his book reviews for various outlets won. knowing he was able to get to where he is today by monetizing his fetish and playing a uwuw trans victim makes me want to alog though

No. 1936300

File: 1701470134017.jpeg (715.14 KB, 1500x3000, pisstaker.jpeg)

>TIM wins 1st at women's half marathon
>"'Embarrassingly slow. Very out of shape. I'll take the win though."
Riley Gaines calls him out and he responds with this
>"'This is so dumb, I ran a 71-minute half marathon pre-estrogen, less than two weeks after a marathon. For this totally fresh half, I ran 84 minutes. I've become way slower – like 18%, my body is physiologically a woman's body now."
then whines about transphobia. surely he shouldn't be "embarrassed" about being slightly weaker uwu, that should be totally gender euphoric right!? even more disturbing that he is a medical student.

No. 1936311

The 2023 equivalent to a guy flashing you on the subway in a trenchcoat, I s2g. At least the trenchcoat flasher guy could get arrested. This guy gets handmaidens seal clapping him and telling him he's so stunning and valid queen. So glad that degenerate males have been able to crack the code of how to get away with being a disgusting pervert in the age of feminism.

Almost as much as TIFs love to call themselves faggots.

No. 1936323

i think hes talking about suicide

No. 1936331

they’re assuming that AGPs are only aroused by themselves being women and as such, pose no sexually violent threat to women. which of course is total bullshit.

No. 1936334

Comes across as “Radfems are women who like what libfem dislike”
ironically libfems are the ones that claim “feminism is for men too.” The whole “He hurts me but it’s okay because he was traumatized and I can make him better.” Screams libfem babying of their Nigels.
I hate when they confuse Radfems with right wing women too. Some boomer woman who loved 50s shades in 2012 is not automatically a radfem because she hates gender ideology. So annoying.

No. 1936336

plenty of narcissists become doctors/surgeons for the prestige and social capital. this guy is obviously one of them

No. 1936338

File: 1701473847947.jpg (113.59 KB, 1080x1230, Screenshot_20231201.jpg)

Fucking Reddit. He also only posted in this subreddit once before this and this is his most upvoted post. The looming threat of TERF allegations is apparently enough to get him the attention he wanted. He never says shit like this in any other subreddit, but rushes to shame lesbians for not wanting to see his dick. So brave.

No. 1936343

I just know that the one on the left has a crazy amount of tartar built up on his teeth. I can smell his breath from here.

No. 1936346

File: 1701474906696.jpg (352.46 KB, 1536x2048, Alice Caldwell-Kelly.jpg)

The fake muslim tranny has this tattooed on his leg. 'Always a woman' my arse

No. 1936347

File: 1701475003412.jpg (47.38 KB, 1024x576, 1.Cover-Image-1024x576-2.jpg)

The left one looks like Rebecca Sugar lol

No. 1936348

File: 1701475028548.png (39.38 KB, 748x358, tranny.png)

Tranny pretending to be a woman thinks he can actually speak for us.

No. 1936350

You just know he wanted to beat that woman to a bloody pulp because she stood up for herself.
These men are truly dangerous to be this emotionally unstable.

No. 1936353

Ramblings of a porn-addled moid. And he gets praised for this shit.

No. 1936356

Child transitioners generate $2m in their lifetime, and that's before revisions.

No. 1936367

Can't wait to see all the lawsuits in the near future when lots of them are rotting from the inside, having various cancers and other degeneration because of they had done.

No. 1936370

File: 1701478065702.png (657.28 KB, 1080x2497, Screenshot_20231202-004752-748…)


No. 1936373

>you are all beautiful no matter what
why not say that beauty doesn't really matter, rather than trying to pretend everyone is beautiful?

No. 1936374

File: 1701479056321.png (396.42 KB, 1080x1138, Screenshot_20231202-010404.png)

No. 1936389

File: 1701480917716.png (55.33 KB, 748x452, tranny 2.png)

No. 1936391

literally makes zero sense. maybe for a woman like lauren boebert or pearl, they want women to be submissive to men. but that has nothing to do with trannies.

No. 1936392

..what? Fucking lol, no, we see them as men. I wouldn't even care so much if they were just men minding their own business and wearing skirts or whatever, but the fact that they're not only shoving us out of our own spaces, but using our safe spaces to hurt and rape us is what pisses me off the most

No. 1936399

No we see y’all as men actually

No. 1936405

why would anybody even need to ask this…? big surprise, it is in fact bad that you jack off to misogyny, especially as a man pretending to be a woman because it makes you feel 'euphoric'!(sage your shit)

No. 1936410

I'm so sick of seeing nonsensical pseudo woke word salad to 'explain' the existence of women who understand that biological sex is real and exists. It forces completely sane, normal women with sane, normal opinions to waste time and energy defending ourselves over shit we never said or did or thought.

I guess that's their ultimate goal though, women going insane from having to justify believing that men and women are different sexes don't have time to fight for real feminist goals. They have to divert their efforts away to a completely artificial (but still materially damaging and serious) issue that was conveniently invented just as we were almost getting somewhere with feminism. It's fucking infuriating.

No. 1936421

Exactly. Misogyny and rates of violent crime against women are sky high all over the world, but we must “acknowledge our cis privilege” because the men killing us occasionally kill a troon as well. Fuck that.

No. 1936426

File: 1701488596005.png (11.02 KB, 957x99, scum.png)

>>1936218 Spot on. This type of troon isn't even hard to come by if you look into spaces populated by feminist theory nerds. This has been a thing since Solanas was alive herself. You can easily tell HSTS and AGP Solanas fanboys apart by what they value in her writing (scathing wit or femdom fantasy)

No. 1936436

I haven't watched the full video yet, only got about a minute in and had to stop and save for later because I'm not ready to sit and listen to handmaiden BS with troons. Anyway I thought I'd share this here for any animation fans lol

I just had to laugh when she said that Family Guy misses the ball with "trans" when this character is a great example of HSTS ridiculousness. Essentially Peter and Lois's first interaction about the character where they said Ida was gay was pretty spot on kek.

No. 1936439

I'd put money on the fact most man hating women want to get away from men, even the one's with more misandrist fantasies still know there's not much they can do, it's delusional men with perverted to fantasies who would be attracted to this type of stuff.

No. 1936448

Eugh what's wrong with his dick? It's crooked, small, and weirdly shaped. Jfc pick a struggle.

No. 1936449

I doubt the retards who gave the book an award actually read it. They probably just saw that a tranny wrote it and decided to give it to him to virtue-signal.

No. 1936451

File: 1701492495175.png (137.44 KB, 664x614, avtr3g2ca.png)

I don't trust straight men with children, so yeah, I don't think in any context troons should be allowed near children and babies.

No. 1936452

I hate the idea of single dads too. I don’t think any single male should be able to adopt a child no matter how old said youth is.

No. 1936453

Sometimes I feel like that, and then I remember there is nothing for me on the right. The best I can hope for is becoming successful enough that politics doesn’t matter to me. But that’s a long way off.

No. 1936454

Most black people would gladly mock him. Mockery is the only tool that works

No. 1936456

shit like this makes me want to go full dictator

No. 1936457

Ginger male market fail

No. 1936462

not dictator, but I'm starting to think obscenity laws should be a thing again.

No. 1936463

"TERFs are such meanies because they say making a woman go through a long painful 9 months carrying a child for money even though they're risking serious long term health effects for both the woman and the child and then giving this child to mentally ill men is bad!!!!"
I mean they shouldn't even adopt, especially consider that one TIM that exposes his rot pocket to his foster childern.

No. 1936466

The Republicans decided to turn this into a wedge issue and the left fell right into it. They're banking on this crap alienating people from the Democrats; the more time the left wastes on gender shit and other idpol, the less they're able to talk about shit voters actually care about, like jobs, the environment and housing. I'm still going to vote for Democrats, because at the end of the day, I agree with the majority of their positions outside of troon shit. But I worry about moderates, particularly ones over the age of forty. My boomer parents are lifelong Democrats, but they hate all the gender nonsense and how much collective headspace it takes up. They hate being asked to state their pronouns, and they don't give a rat's ass about men who want to chop their cocks off. They just want a stable economy to retire in. The tranny stuff is also really unpopular with blacks and Latinos, who the Democrats have lost a few percentage points with in certain areas recently.

No. 1936467

File: 1701493852395.png (737.71 KB, 656x999, scg2g2.png)

The jokes write themselves

No. 1936470

I'm fine with barren or gay couples having kids, I just think they should adopt or foster instead of using a woman's body like a purchasable commodity. Trannies should never be allowed around children though, particularly AGPs. No one who thinks shit like >>1936218 should be allowed within 500 yards of an elementary school.

No. 1936471

Any radfem could explain exactly why they consider it entitlement to women's bodies. For example, it's entitled to expect a woman being to go through 9 months of discomfort and hours of pain, with massive risks including death and chronic health issues, just because you have the money to coerce her into it.

No. 1936472

Trannies have been skin walking Ramona for like a decade now, and it makes so much sense given that she's a manic pixie dream bippie created by a scrote. (She's written a little better in the new show, but that's neither here nor there.) They will never be Ramona, not only because they're fugly as hell, but also because she's a figment of a male's imagination.

No. 1936475

I don't think a single moid would want to adopt a kid to begin with, setting aside how unlikely single males are to be approved in the first place. Straight moids rarely care for their own actual biological children. For instance, women get custody in divorces most of the time because moids seldom seek it. They usually just settle for visitation. That's not the behavior of a group of people who actually want to be around children.

At least with some gay moids, the super femmey ones like the idea of playing house-husband or whatever. But most men are mediocre parents at best, in part because of biology, but mostly because our culture frames selflessness and caring as "girly" (and therefore bad in men's eyes) behaviors.

No. 1936478

Frankly, I don't trust any moid who claims to like the SCUM manifesto. I can't imagine a male reading it without getting off on it, unfortunately. That's part of why I'm not super fond of it myself, I think Solanas unintentionally indulged some males' fetishes.

No. 1936479

I wouldn't call him a fuckhole, but he's definitely a fuckhead.

No. 1936484

Why do I get the feeling they're part of a polycule

No. 1936506

File: 1701498780412.png (1.16 MB, 637x960, Mf8u856.png)

It's the same reason self flagellating male feminists just give off(excuse the zoomer term) an "ick" feeling, this goes into the "woke" agp I posted about >>1936278 their hatred of men doesn't stem from any of the actual evil men commit but rather pure jealously against regular men and attractive men especially(the jocks and chads).

No. 1936549

I wanna say no one cares you're in a straight relationship bro

No. 1936551

Actual, pure schizophrenia. He couldn’t be more wrong. Unless he is talking about right wing tradthot ‘terfs’ who are not feminist at all. think women belong in the kitchen and are anti tranny simply because they’re repulsed by feminine men, then yeah. But most terfs are not fucking tradthots or right wing, like at all.

No. 1936552

Imagine the smell.

No. 1936575

File: 1701511828922.png (1.99 MB, 1622x2825, being-a-woman-is-easier.png)

In today's episode of MRA or TRA:

No. 1936581

File: 1701513572118.gif (42.55 KB, 220x165, 1000003352.gif)

What a receding hairline does to a moid. He looks like picrel

No. 1936585

Oh my fucking god, I'm trying not to alog because of that stupid statement about women's mental health.
Women who do attempt suicide are often looked at as attention seeking hysterical manipulative bitches, and most suicidal women will try to find a way that causes the least amount of harm to others, and ultimately won't attempt because they feel guilty for being so "selfish". Meanwhile men will blow their own brains out in front of their family or take said family and random strangers out with them over the slightest shit and suddenly everyone is oh so sympathetic about it.

No. 1936591

It's the illusion of choice the issue. The same example can be brought up in many circumstances. Let's say somebody is getting robbed, is at gunpoint and the guy with the gun says "Give me x or I'll kill you", does this person really have much of a choice here? This person will either die or do whatever the robber says and most people, I'm sure, would be overtaken by their survival instincts. It's also the reason why people who drink or do drugs aren't forced to make choices. It's not consent if someone's life is threatened, if someone's not on her/his right mind. Say the same is true for surrogates, you pay them a huge amount of money and they carry a pregnancy for you. There might be some people who genuinely want to do it but if someone is in need of the money (this is the case where their lives are threatened, albeit not directly, but because without money people can't live) then what can she do?

No. 1936592

File: 1701518355277.jpg (3.24 MB, 810x8126, Screenshot_20231202-065746_Red…)

Never disappointed whenever I click on a troon's user profile

No. 1936594

adams family ass looking mfker

No. 1936596

File: 1701518977609.png (22.19 KB, 92x104, smirk.png)

that AGP smirk tho. for some reason this is the most common type of TIM in the town where I live (50yo+ men trying to dress like little girls, but sexualised of course) so I feel like most women around here are just automatically peaked as a result. Just seeing them IRL and how terrifying and disturbing they are, then realising women and girls have to share intimate spaces with them is enough to peak anyone.

No. 1936597

Women are actually more likely to attempt suicide, but because of the methods we choose (overdosing) we usually survive. Males are less likely to attempt, but because they typically use guns, they make up a way higher percentage of suicide deaths. Men are also more known for "impulse" suicides; these are attempts precipitated not by depression, but by some kind of emotional trauma, and the impulse usually passes after ten to fifteen minutes. The availability of guns makes it way easier for someone to successfully kill themselves in that short time span. Statistically, if you own a gun, you're more likely to use it on yourself than on anyone else. This is why moids who hoard guns are so profoundly retarded.

No. 1936599

Also murder suicides are included in suicide statistics.

No. 1936607

Yeah they never do pass. Unfortunately the average person is not as good as telling these creatures apart as women and men like they claim they are, and unfortunately the average person retardedly thinks long hair = female. It’s so funny when these creatures mistake people’s closemindedness and ignorance to the fact that men have long hair as them “passing” and get off of from it.

No. 1936608

File: 1701521073408.png (29.06 KB, 678x251, 1701397014458448.png)

are we all exited for the next gender afirming surgery troons will be getting

No. 1936611

Faggot you are a homosexual fail-man ladyboy. Do nonpeaked women actually let twinks like this disrespect them like this? If it was any other gay boy queue the “HUWHYTE GAY MEN are saur fucking misojinistik wahhh!!!1!1” whining.

No. 1936613

>Should TERFs have the right to exist?
Who wants who dead now hm? It's really horrible how troons are allowed to wish death upon women over women not wanting to share their spaces with them smh

No. 1936616

God this is so funny. Troon Rachel dolezal I can't

No. 1936617

>Trannies have been allowed into women's sports leagues forever and it's only just now becoming an issue because of sheer quantity

It should be noted the increase in TiMs in women's sports is due to the International Olympic Committee's policy revision in 2015. Before 2015 TiMs were required to have undergone grs to compete in women's Olympic events. The new policy allows them to compete fully intact with only a year of being on hrt. As we know the majority of TiMs keep their penis, so the old policy effectively kept them out of women's sports. The IOC policies only apply to Olympic events but their police decisions trickle down and other sports organizers follow them which resulted in you not seeing TiMs in women's collegiate and below events before 2015. I believe Renee Richards was the only TiM in women's elite events before 2015 when he competed in the Women's US Open in the 1970s.

No. 1936620

I believe it. I think back to Jazz Jennings. Jazz had the puberty blocker implant which is in the 5 figures range. Poor Jazz had to undergo 2 or 3 revision surgeries after the initial vaginoplasty. Jazz's parents(or TLC) lined the pockets of Marci Bowers and Jess Ting. Then there's the pills, TiMs are taking anti-depressants and the post-ops would be pain meds too. A couple of years ago it was revealed Jazz takes 17 pills a day, he's only 23.

No. 1936621

That's a lot of pills holy fuck! I'd love to know what they're all for.

No. 1936627

Gosh when is he going to die? This is no way for a human to live. Do you think if they took him off everything he’d go into some sort of violent withdrawal seizure shock and drop dead on the spot?

No. 1936648

so lucky we don't have any TIMs in my comm I would have preferred to be a lonelita instead of having to indulge in some sick tranny scrote's fetish and delusions

No. 1936658

I hate when they include tradthots or anyone very right-wing like that as TERFs. The “radical feminist” part of the acronym is there for a reason. It always just goes to show they don’t even understand what they’re arguing against.

No. 1936659

And you always just know they were the same type of asshole as Scott circa 2012 or whatever. It embarrasses me for them.

On this note, is anyone else starting to get highly irritated at how so many men claim oppression now because they don’t usually get custody? MRAs seem to always bring it up despite the fact that most men do the absolute bare minimum for their children and don’t even want to be around them.

No. 1936668

>On this note, is anyone else starting to get highly irritated at how so many men claim oppression now because they don’t usually get custody?
It's a lie. Men get custody when they go to court. And if a woman accuses a man of abuse, of her and/or her children, it makes her more likely to lose custody. Most men don't have custody because they don't want it. Most custody decisions are decided out of court with the mother and father agreeing to give the mother majority custody time.

No. 1936690

Miffy isn’t trans. She was raped by a TIM and in her vulnerable state, the trans community descended upon her like hungry vultures to reprogram her into being their stronger handmaiden.

No. 1936695

Lawsuits are already happen, there's even a law firm been set up just for this. I hope they get sued into oblivion.
I'm not American so I can't vote any which way, but 'the gender shit' is literally obliterating women's rights and erasing homosexuality, so if it takes a pendulum swing in the other direction to curb it, then I'll take it.

No. 1936699

File: 1701534167431.jpg (305.31 KB, 1550x3150, catgirl.jpg)

Math/gaming youtuber. Judging from his drawings and avatar, he is not just a catgirl but has, in fact, ascended to cat furry. He also owns 3 cats. Dating another troon, of course.

No. 1936703

>the last screenshot
>I'm open to being a wife and I know I'll be better than my ex because im a sissy submissive gurl
These are the kind of men that TRA's are defending

No. 1936705

If Jazz hadn't had has child brain nuked with puberty blockers, he could probably single handedly shut the tranny movement down. All of his abuse is chronicled in video, hours of evidence that he has been manipulated since age two and mutilated by his own family. He's morbidly obese and miserable, his mom threatens to force him to dilate because she can't stand the idea of his rotten wound hole closing. Everything they say "never happens" happens on TLC. Jazz needs a Gypsy Rose arc

No. 1936706

File: 1701535256029.png (398.53 KB, 800x450, Screenshot23.png)

Great outfit to wear to a presentation

No. 1936708

Anyone watched Lady Ballers yet?

No. 1936712

File: 1701535691174.png (164.46 KB, 700x393, Dildo.png)

my sleep paralysis demon

No. 1936713

is that fong-jones? what does his shirt say?

No. 1936714

looks cringe

No. 1936715

File: 1701535890997.png (253.67 KB, 343x560, Screenshot.png)

Yeah it's no-dong

No. 1936716

File: 1701536038897.jpeg (222.06 KB, 1581x1221, IMG_1623.jpeg)

No. 1936722

these guys were terrifying freaks invading cons in '04 and they're still as horrifying today, maybe even more so because everyone is trying to normalize and excuse this behavior. i used to think that these guys were normal as kids and young adults and grew into their perversion, but seeing young troons behavior online it really seems like they are degenerate autistic coomers from birth.

No. 1936725

i hate that retarded people have a platform and capital to subject us to their psychotic whims. can't wait for tech people to automate themselves out of jobs and for salary of the field to plummet.

No. 1936732

It does but at least they're doing the work

No. 1936738

File: 1701538944952.jpg (84.41 KB, 1281x713, GAVU6vTW0AAqQQl.jpg)

No. 1936745

File: 1701540164433.png (1.47 MB, 1504x1062, a.png)

Something I always find funny is that no matter how accepting people are of trannies, it's obvious no one actually views them as women, people just know they aren't supposed to criticize them. If trannies got their wish and people actually started treating them like women and holding them to the same standards of presentation none of them could take it.

His clothes do not fit him, he's spilling out of his shorts, his nipples are poking out, and he undoubtedly missed hairs shaving his exposed arms/legs. Even if they fit, these aren't flattering choices for him, he doesn't look put together, and it's ridiculously inappropriate for a work presentation in December. Here are the first two female presenters I found from the same conference for a comparison.

No. 1936747

Because elves and orcs actually exist. Sure.

No. 1936754

Honestly I don’t usually refer to fantasy races as men or women, but I’m not sure why. I say “male orc”, “female elf”, “male goblin” or similar.

No. 1936757

ah yes humanizing fictional creatures this is a very good point indeed.
>someone that defines their identity in relation to the gender
associated with the female sex.
I thought they claimed it was anyone who just claimed to be one? they just keep changing the goalposts with these definitions

No. 1936759

matt walsh, ben shapiro and ted cruz are just "doing the work" for themselves, they don't give a shit about women's sports. and they're seriously unfunny. it's not gonna peak anyone who isn't already trained to clap like a seal at anything retardedly anti-woke

No. 1936768

Uhhh of course they don't care about the sports lmfao, they're pointing out how unfair and pants on head retarded it is that society is letting the situation occur, duh. I don't give a fucking shit about women's sports either, what I care about is that we're being made to go along with these delusions and actively punished and socially ostracized for dissenting.

No. 1936783

Looks like a bunch of men making a joke about women’s oppression. i thought it was an SNL skit or something when I saw the trailer

No. 1936786

why do they always choose goddess' names, it just screams narcissism

No. 1936796

File: 1701545880701.jpeg (717.02 KB, 828x1234, IMG_9696.jpeg)

manitoba is passing a law that covers breast augmentation for mtf individuals and not actual women. the cope in this Reddit thread is pathetic.

No. 1936800

If I rolled my eyes any farther, they would pop out of my head

No. 1936801

yeah, i have never heard it used that way either

No. 1936802

Hallway medicine is now completely accepted and normalized in Canada because "muh costs!! just be grateful you have a hospital to go to!!" but we're wasting money on breast implants for men. Fucking retarded.

No. 1936807

i dont understand. this is just getting worse and worse. why arent women outraged? protesting? do we need to start killing ourselves like moids to make a point? oh nevermind, they wouldnt care

No. 1936810

>just be grateful you have a hospital to go to
Where you get the privilege of waiting for hours (days, even!) just to be seen because our healthcare system is just shit wrapped in a pretty box.

No. 1936812

Men are dying because they can't get plastic in their moobs to pretend they're women?

I mean having breast augmentation is bad for a woman's body so I wouldn't advocate for women getting them anyways. If it does make a few trannies sick in the process tho..

No. 1936817

The only thing we can do is start advocating more loudly and terf-ing all the women you know.

My co workers are all women and they all hate trannies. We even talk about them behind their backs when we see one and its so freeing seeing that people hate them irl too.

It's just that the people who can do anything about the laws that are written either can't say anything because of the outrage or they are TRA's.

No. 1936840

If this scrote had any guts he'd post this question on TwoX or another subreddit with actual females on it. He knows that asking a bunch of males is going to result in all of them gushing about how his fetish is hecking wholesome and valid. It feels "euphoria inducing" because he doesn't want to be a woman, he wants to be a "fuckhole." Absolutely nauseating.

No. 1936842

I seriously hope that when the tide turns, everyone that was batshit crazy defending troons will have to apologize and pull their heads out of their asses to enjoy the shame for accepting and encouraging all the shit that keeps happening.

No. 1936844

Just pirated it to watch shortly. I'm excited, idgaf lol.

No. 1936845

Men are so pathetic and weak it makes me sick. Wahh wahh no one compliments me! No one wants to hear me moan about my sad feefees! I hate the crushing burden of adult responsibility so much I had to murder my wife and then kill myself!!!

I also hate this line they all repeat that "when women cry for help, it's taken seriously." Since when??? If by "taken seriously" you mean "call her crazy and assissinate her character" then maybe, but in my experience it's the exact opposite. Men act like women cry and get upset over the littlest things, so they don't take us seriously AT ALL. I've had dudes cheat on me and then call ME manipulative because I cried about it. Meanwhile, the whole world is supposed to stop when a man cries because boohoo he's been ~staying strong for so long~ or whatever.

No. 1936846

doughy body kek
which tranny? i especially hate the muslim converts because im 100% sure its because they fetishize our pain under islam.
kek her boyfriend is upset he cant recreate the lesbian porn hes been obsessively and ceaselessly watching. sure girl, a meme will soothe that wound.
you're absolutely right that he'd get way more criticism on twoX/etc (even though i imagine some brainwashed handmaidens would still defend him). these men come on r/mt"f" not for actual reassurance that will reflect in reality, but coddling and hugboxing. by their 'logic', you pass if you have a permanent 5 oclock shadow and you're definitely oppressed if you fetishize misogyny and rape. men are retarded creatures.

No. 1936848

But I thought HRT turned you into a bodacious womanly woman with tiny feet, porcelain skin, mile-wide hips and DDDDD boobs? Why would they need surgery when taking hormones totally makes you physiologically female?

No. 1936853

Is this a law an actual majority of people voted for, or did representatives put it through? This just strikes me as being an incredible unpopular initiative, especially in a country with socialized health care. I think if Americans were told that their tax dollars were going to bolt-ons for troons, the politicians who sponsored such a measure would get annihilated in the next election cycle. It's too far even for liberal normies.

No. 1936856

Any one who pushes back would be banned regardless of where he posted it. All of the LGBT and female subs have been completely captured by tranny power mods.

No. 1936864

So his definition of woman is… people who identify with the stereotypes assigned to the female sex. Not only is he implying that trannies are the product of gender roles, but also that the female sex exists. He's clearly not up on his TRA talking points, because according to them it has zero to do with stereotypes, and also anyone who "identifies" as female is and has always been a member of the female sex. Your definition of woman has to include both norm female human beings as well as "butch transbian" AGPs, otherwise it's not woke enough.
A woman is an adult female person. A female is a member of the sex which possesses the physiology associated with the production of large gametes. There's no ambiguity or contradiction there.

No. 1936866

He's a textbook Munchausen by proxy case, and it's so frustrating that no one else sees it. The fact that his mom prevented him from attending Harvard after he was accepted because he was too depressed or sick or whatever speaks to that. She wants him to be her little puppet and attention-magnet forever.

No. 1936875

Please report back, I don't have a way to watch it.

No. 1936890

Not that it's important, since elves and orcs don't actually exist, but plenty of people refer to female characters of fictional human-adjacent species as women. This is because fictional races like those are abstractions of humans. If they have human-like intelligence, female and male sexual dimorphism, physical forms based upon humans (even if only partially), then we can understand them as being abstractions of humans, which means that adult female elves can be understood as "being women" because it is self-evident that that they, as fictional entities, are based upon women.
I understand that trannies might say "it's self-evident that transwomen base themselves upon (what they associate with) women too", but the abstraction argument doesn't work in the context of real life. Think of it this way: You probably wouldn't think twice if someone referred to Pikachu as a mouse, but you'd likely assume someone is either insane or a scammer if they glued a string onto the tail of a hamster and called it a mouse.

No. 1936895

healthcare industry pushing it to gobble up endless government money, and if it hurts people you can make money trying to fix it, paid for by the government again or if they can't be fixed, MAID them away on the government's dime

No. 1936905

not only that but there’s a set list of “special people” who tend to get preferential treatment by the government of Canada—at least the liberal government. there’s a pretty big minority who are completely against the entire trans thing though that are definitely vocal. the only downside (and probably what hurts them from reaching more ears) is that it’s led by a misogynistic islamist and has a habit of campaigning against any form of modern education (not just the gender ideology shit)

No. 1936906

File: 1701558847069.jpg (20.67 KB, 1271x146, b723dhj5.JPG)


pic from under one of his other nude spam posts. so many women out there thinking they're married to straight men when they're really married to closeted gay men trawling reddit for tranny dick in their ass. men are so foul.

No. 1936911

File: 1701560206355.jpg (94.74 KB, 1500x500, 1500x500.jpg)

Alice Caldwell-Kelly

the dude on the left, apparently he got a hair transplant and that's why he was pretending to be a Muslim to hide his surgery.

No. 1936914

File: 1701560589195.jpg (190.25 KB, 1216x2048, GAX1cBwW8AAFQZ0.jpg)


No. 1936915

File: 1701560634142.jpg (25.93 KB, 480x556, bc63d2626292457d950a4838e4f050…)

sage for OT and rant, but I hate when men compare their assholes to women's vaginas, An asshole is merely a functional organ for eliminating liquid waste from the body, whereas a vagina is fundamental to the existence of every human being, past and future. Comparing your asshole to a vagina is not only insulting but also deeply offensive to all women and humankind.

No. 1936919

File: 1701561261371.jpg (96.73 KB, 614x426, ummm.jpg)

sage for nothing new but just wanted to compare Chris Tyson from MrBeast a few years ago to what he looks like in the video released today. I just love knowing that females are a cheap costume you can put on at any point when you're going through hard times as a man. Will this shit ever end?

No. 1936923

File: 1701561810284.png (1.59 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2023-12-03-00h03m42s57…)

I just finished it! Mostly it was good, stupid fun. Not the most amazing thing I've ever seen, and there's some things I'd change, but generally I really enjoyed it and it was very clear on the message that men in women's sports is unfair, absurd, and unsafe. It also got surprisingly heartfelt on the issue towards the end, and (only admitting this because I'm anon, y'all can make fun of me) a couple of the scenes got me right in the feels.
Also it was very cool to see Riley Gaines' cameo.

No. 1936927

Just when I thought the erasure of women from language couldn't get more offensive, Teen Vogue goes and combines it with the standard "I swear anal will feel good for you too" bullshit that creepy moids who only want to do anal because women don't naturally get pleasure from it say to coerce women into trying it.

No. 1936929

Christ this is worse than the "non-male" thing.

No. 1936933

Does this phrase even makes sense? Because it sounds dumb being a "non-prostate owner", at least "uterus-haver" makes sense even though it's retarded, now how can I own something I don't have? Sounds like it's incomplete. Maybe I'm the dumb one but that is driving me nuts.
>because you have a vagina
Huh, how do they know that? I thought sex was a spectrum. How do they know I don't have dick and balls? Because I'm a "non-prostate owner"? Since when is not having a prostate tied with not having a dick?
Worse, how do Teen Vogue knows their readers have a vagina? What makes them assume that? Forget the Bermuda Triangle, that's a fucking mystery right there.

No. 1936946

kek this implies men who’ve had their prostates removed due to cancer now have a uterus.

No. 1936964

Maybe in another 30 years, when the cultural tides have turned on transgenderism, we’ll get a dramatized miniseries about Jazz’s life, similar to Hulu’s show “The Act” about Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Or maybe we’ll get a documentary about the horrors behind the scenes of Jazz’s reality show, similar to Amazon’s “Shiny Happy People” series about the Duggar Family (and their show 19 Kids and Counting).

No. 1936971

Thanks for reporting Nonna, I figured as much. Looks funny,not fantastic, but does the job of making important social commentary

No. 1936975

File: 1701569892129.png (678.44 KB, 940x2784, No Teen Vogue the backlash to …)

No. 1937034

File: 1701581851315.png (1.28 MB, 1568x1098, absolutely terrifying.png)

found this disgusting creature posting in r/lolita and knew it was a man from his typing style and icon. he is a 39 year old unhinged troon who makes cringeworthy reddit blogposts frequently since he started hrt. of course he has zero sense of fashion, appears to not brush/groom his hair, and goes to fetish events. he also complains nobody will date him and that he has no friends. dude acts like he is posting for an audience but nobody likes/comments on anything of his kek and his posts all read as emotionless and flat. his reddit name is meadowco if you want to have a laugh at his autistic blogposts or be jumpscared by his disheveled appearance.

No. 1937035

File: 1701581911186.png (999.45 KB, 1518x1280, this man should not be allowed…)

he also works as a teacher for little children because of fucking course.

No. 1937038

File: 1701582276583.png (577.21 KB, 755x902, Screenshot.png)

what's the difference?

No. 1937039

>Openly degenerate moid teaching preschoolers
>School system fully supports his misogynistic coomer LARP
Sometimes it takes a lot of strength not to a-log. This leniency towards paraphilic and narcissistic men will result in increased rates of child abuse.

No. 1937042

File: 1701582343312.png (2.42 MB, 990x1237, chris.png)

Not as bad as this outfit

No. 1937044

He learned to shave in 2 years

No. 1937045

and he changed his wig too!

No. 1937048

He shaved his beard, put on eyeliner, and learned to crop his selfies to hide his giant head and man chest. None of these "changes" are meaningful, nor are they caused by supplementary estrogen.
I think it might be the same cheap wig in a different color kek.

No. 1937052

Every woman in this thread has probably played therapist to at least one man in her life, if not the vast majority of them. Did this person make a strong effort to comfort other men, hug them, ask them about their feelings, when they still identified as a man? Or did they just wait for women to take care of them?

No. 1937080

File: 1701587476004.webm (3.77 MB, 480x852, poor dress.webm)

that poor dress

No. 1937081

File: 1701587540550.jpg (819.58 KB, 1440x1800, F9KqharXgAA4d-v.jpg)

him and his tif

No. 1937138

Men checking out of manhood after marrying a woman and having a child with her will always be insidious to me. There are so many years between meeting, dating, proposing, planning marriage, planning kids, pregnancy, birth, childcare and becoming a father you had fucking hundreds of days and opportunities to rethink your manhood at every point in that process. Yet you go through it all and then publicly become a deviant and pretend you were a "woman" all along despite the decades of life as a man, and many life milestones crossed before suddenly deciding to check out of manhood. Scum, all of them.

No. 1937159

right when the woman gets the most attention and the responsibilities really start to kick in. Also when she's most likely to feel trapped and stay for the sake of the child or some other trappy reason he was aware of when he sprung his desire to coom 24/7 on her

No. 1937208

File: 1701613171853.jpg (564.28 KB, 1196x1046, PxwNy7e.jpg)

Someone has, unintentionally, drawn Ramona as Kikomi
Sage for obvious reasons

No. 1937224

This better be a personal cow instead of a self-post, but the sheer irrelevance of OP on all social media doesn't inspire confidence.

No. 1937243

The idea of wearing something after an AGP has had it on makes my skin crawl.

No. 1937262

Some troon talks about their AGP in a ridiculously long and tedious blogpost as if being a coomer needs any explanation. Btw "child vore" is mentioned in the post, because every troon is into the most degen shit imaginable. There is always, and I do mean always, a fetishistic aspect to troonism. Whether it be fetishistic undertones or overtones.(imageboard)

No. 1937279

File: 1701622277481.png (142.06 KB, 394x288, GreatScotts.png)

yup men found out turning into a tranny is the easiest way to get rid of your responsibilities.

No. 1937280

File: 1701622399416.jpg (205.48 KB, 704x1280, GAXRAyKasAA0LGu.jpg)

Try not to throw up challenge

No. 1937285

File: 1701622898091.jpeg (254.46 KB, 1170x525, IMG_1880.jpeg)

Even better (worse) here is him replying to the post of a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD asking in a goth subreddit about wearing a dog collar style choker (and wether it would be inappropriate).
He isnt even goth in any way it seems? Why is he interacting with teenagers on a goth subreddit? Gross.


No. 1937299

"It leaves more trans people dying"
It would be awesome if it would be actually true. Not directly dying as a person but dying as trans and realize how much of a scam that is.

No. 1937301

I know that the poop absolutely should not be touched, but this shit is scary. He is going to end up hurting a child. He needs to be reported.

No. 1937316

Troon Twitter is the absolute worst. Totally shameless in the fact they're all coomers with the grossest fetishes imaginable. I haven't seen a single troon twitter page that didn't have at least one sexual element to it.

No. 1937318

File: 1701626732831.png (584.35 KB, 970x884, Screen Shot 2023-12-03 at 10.0…)

Kek, he's right. Lady Ballers looks dumb but I also kind of want to see it


No. 1937321

Looks like Chris Chan's long lost uncle or some shit.

No. 1937325

Matt Walsh may be a boring faggot but he can be right sometimes

No. 1937334

because male coomers have an unhealthy obsession with goth women, especially the ones involved in fetish communities, it doesn't matter what age they are they're all the same i stg

No. 1937344

So I'm guessing these people really don't have any clue about group socializing works… Do they think we go to changing rooms and fondle eachother? Have naked pillow fights? Tell eachother our life stories in bathroom stalls and shit? They are clueless about life, not just women.

No. 1937370

How did this nightmare get 321 upvotes? I thought LongDistance was a more "traditional" sub and didn't like anything even remotely LGB"T"-related because every other post I see that's about an F/F relationship or F/"afab nb" gets terribly downvoted and ignored. Perhaps they just really hate women as most Reddit users kek

No. 1937374

>Even the most extreme man-hating radfem doesn't have any weird sexual revenge fantasies against men
It's because using sex as punishment is exclusively a male thing. Only moids have such a perverse mentality. Radfems usually just want men to leave women alone because of how much men want (and do) to hurt us. The most extreme man-hating ones probably would love the Y chromosome to stop existing to make Earth a mostly peaceful place, but they wouldn't think about sexually torturing men in the process. Again, that's a Y chromosome thing. Ew.

No. 1937381

retarded coomer.

No. 1937390

the bar is so low for these guys though. retarded unfunny moids going "haha tranny bad" is not very original, interesting or brave coming from them. it's barely entertaining. he is just pointing out the stupidity but many many many women have already pointed out the stupidity, in more eloquent and funny ways - along with highlighting the serious issues - and have been shut down for it. he only cares about upholding traditional gender roles (ie. his ideas on gender are almost as bad for women as TRAs) and getting cheap reactions from his equally retarded audience who think women should be baby-making housewives. the only thing we agree on is that men aren't women. sorry call me a snob or whatever but i wince anytime nonas applaud him on here, for doing the laziest takes imaginable.

No. 1937415

You're not a snob and you shouldn't apologize. Everything you said in that post is correct. Women who find these men to be intelligent or funny are precisely as embarrassing as women who find TIMs to be intelligent or funny, because right-wing men and left-wing men are just two sides of the same coin. They're all retarded misogynists.

No. 1937423

i think it's supposed to be a comment on how often she dyes her hair to the point of her not having hair anymore, but yes she totally looks like kikomi lol

No. 1937432

It could also possibly be because a lot of us are not American and don't really know Matt Walsh outside of his anti-trannie videos.

No. 1937445

Hideous outfit, hideous car.

Love how the plus-size mannequin is both skinnier and curvier than him, lmao.

No. 1937447

ayrt i'm not american either but I can see that in the same videos + posts where he bashes trannies, he will also bash feminism, including radical feminism. he has way more in common with a TRA than with a GC feminist, like >>1937415 said - they're two sides of the same horrid coin.

No. 1937456

File: 1701641359806.jpeg (54.85 KB, 584x680, hanson.jpeg)

i looked at this guys profile and you could literally see the timeline of
>him just being a normal guy
>photo of his newborn child
>next fucking photo is him wearing a pink wig
>immediate decline into degeneracy
it's staggering how common this is. seriously wtf? as if carrying a child is not terrifying enough without having to worry about your boyfriend/husband trooning out

No. 1937469

File: 1701642745098.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.96 KB, 552x828, 1517456735207.jpg)

the dirt under the fingernails(spoiler that shit)

No. 1937470

this. supporting matt walsh is just like supporting any gross misogynist TIM

No. 1937472

spoiler this

No. 1937482

File: 1701644477790.jpg (316.56 KB, 900x600, Airplane-Land.jpg)

No. 1937490

File: 1701646557160.png (208.79 KB, 500x281, Tetsuo_webp.png)

dat 5head tho

No. 1937491

my god, the hypothetical sixhead is real

No. 1937522

The course, balding man hair. The hairline and the way its parted over his ginormous forehead. Even his hair looks violently male. If you used a snipping tool and isolated just his hair, it would be clockable enough.

No. 1937526

Projared is looking a little rough

No. 1937530

You're missing the point. Them being as big as they are and making this movie helps our cause. Yes they're stupid and want tradwife women blah blah blah, but the point of the matter is we're just peasant feminist nobody Nonnas on an image board, these are famous dudes with gigantic traction. Them making this movie is helping our cause. They can be both retarded republican, and have created and funded something that helps start a trend if publicly mocking this tranny shit that needed to happen ages ago, that the left isn't going to do. How are you missing the point?

No. 1937543

File: 1701655034878.png (55.19 KB, 904x235, KEKW.png)

Google my bro slipped up

No. 1937550

They do a lot more to harm our "cause" than help it. You are a tree begging for a red axe instead of a blue one because it's prettier.

No. 1937552

>Tranny trying to tell women and men what they actually experience
there's tons of passing tifs always talking about how easier it is to be a man. I wonder why they never get talked about

No. 1937566

Cool, no one speak up about trannies except the right people. If the right people don't say anything, we should just have everyone say nothing at all

No. 1937571

tbh I also get sick of right wing moids being praised for lukewarm retarded anti tranny fuckery because they usually only say it because they want women barefoot pregnant and in the kitchen. It hurts the credibility of not retarded anti trans fuckery people when the main ones speaking out against it are the equally retarded far right movement people.

No. 1937613

File: 1701664398240.png (72.76 KB, 724x536, Screenshot.png)

Based Japanese people

No. 1937624

What book?

No. 1937626

irreversible damage

No. 1937655

NTA but this is like praising red pill semen retention retards because they aren't watching porn. You can't look to right-wing men to help our cause when their reasons and alternatives further reinforce gender binary and come with a side of misogyny.

No. 1937664

The JP edition?

No. 1937667

good i am glad troons are autofiltering themselves out of my hobby they have ruined anime with their shitty americunt politics

No. 1937674

Do ‘normal’ people still know the difference between mtfs and actual women? Every once in a while I see online in a fandom server I’m in people discussing groomers/sex pests/rapists and refer to them as “she”.
Every single time without any aberration it’s a “transwoman”
Do normal people fucking see this at all? Does it register for them? Do they not care? They must know it’s not a coincidence and just typical male pattern behavior, right?

No. 1937676

The few videos I've seen of him, he was just bashing trannies, nothing more. He was not talking about women other than to say "dude, you're not a woman". So there's that. Probably the only common ground I'll find with him though.

No. 1937705

very well said, so true and so bleak

>again again again please remember that terfs totally see us as women! everyone sees us as women even the transphobes who say they don't!! please don't think otherwise! nobody actually disagrees with us!
trannies' funniest cope to date.

very good explanation nonna

No. 1937707

I agree nonna. I don't agree with MW on most other things, but like he said, I'd rather 'join hands on this issue and go back to fighting each other later'. He wants kids to not be sterilised and mutilated, I want kids to not be sterilised and mutilated. I'm not gunna shun the help just because I wouldn't support him on other issues. This film and WIAW? are gunna do far more to help the cause than I ever could, and that's my priority, not political purity.
LOL that's one of biggest manga publishers/anime distributors. There's no chance these weebs are gunna drop them.

No. 1937709

File: 1701687818354.jpeg (127.98 KB, 720x1092, A06F3D5C-4852-46FB-A2E1-302FE9…)

Poor granny is probably too scared to divorce her moid husband who’s now a bald “flourishing polyamorous transbian”

No. 1937711

Nice adam's apple on the new "girlfriend".

No. 1937712

makes me feel sick, dirty old man taking advantage of his wife. She should divorce him and take all his money and leave him to his degeneracy

No. 1937713

nta but i'm wondering why anons have this attitude only when something from a conservative source is posted, and not from a liberal one? i'm not from the us but it was my understanding that both sides are shit considering that the right promotes strict gender roles, religion and is against abortion, while the left promotes strict gender roles, pedophilia and is against sex segregated spaces. at this point we have to pick the least harmful side for each individual issue, and we have to get information from whichever side agrees to relay a particular piece of information that the other side may try to hide/censor. we may have to side with "abortion for all ~pregnant people~" leftards on the topic of abortion, and with conservatards on the topic of sex segregated spaces and how men cannot be women.

No. 1937714

Right? Poor woman needs to get out while she can. I hope that woman has supportive family or something. Her moid has a head tattoo and claims to be a lesbian. That’s an elderly crisis if ever

No. 1937738

Glad you guys get the point I'm trying to make. We can condemn them for their other stances while being glad they're helping one of ours

No. 1937749

File: 1701694908575.jpeg (419.31 KB, 1170x1258, 4982E5F9-302B-4A5A-958E-098F71…)

God, the retardation of a mentally ill man is something to be studied

No. 1937754

Troon acquaintance told me he lied about getting electrolysis downstairs and just got the surgery anyway. The doctors didn't even check. He chose this willfully, he's going to have hair growing in the Frankenstein canal!!

No. 1937756

Words mean nothing and trannies are entitled to lie to everyone, got it

No. 1937772

Your understanding of politics is very online, that's why you don't get it.

No. 1937775

It's funny you say that, as it's you with the retardedly online take.

No. 1937776

>it was my understanding that both sides are shit
yep, that's what we're saying. and liberals get shit on all the time in this thread too… so not sure why you think there is a bias. unfortunately it needs to be pointed out that conservitard men who just happen to be anti-tranny aren't "on our side" when it comes to being gender critical. their views are closer to libtard TRAs.
>they're helping
agree to disagree. if anything i think he is just fanning a backlash, making it a left vs right issue and eliciting sympathy for trannies because of that approach. people like him are just preaching to their own choir and not peaking anyone outside it, mostly turning people off from what I can tell because they now think gender critical = gender traditional.
i do get the point you're trying to make, that it's ok to join forces on a single issue - and I don't disagree with that in itself but i'm also not gonna applaud a man for this low-bar shock jock shit that i think does more harm than good.
Riley Gaines (who also a cameo in that film i believe?) is someone who is actually making real changes and inspiring women to peak across the political spectrum, as a contrast.

No. 1937779

This is when they aren't releasing disgusting, tasteless, misogynistic gorn, mind you (looking at you, Uziga Waita).(sage)

No. 1937783

What he deserves then. God, troons are retarded with their "don't trust doctors" approach while going to these same doctors to get butchered.

No. 1937798

No ones asking you to applaud them dumbass, and if you don't think it won't peak more people and even better,bpeople more emboldened to speak out, you are exceptionally uniformed about the psychology of it all.

No. 1937800

feel free to explain then. eager to hear why the right thing to do when you have an in-depth understanding of politics is siding with one political party/media and stay loyal to them regardless of the harmful shit they promote.

No. 1937801

You really are retarded, it's been explained but you are too dense to catch the meaning and clearly intend to keep misinterpreting. Sucks to be you

No. 1937802

NTA but I doubt there are that many people who know that Matt Walsh even exists but don't already have settled opinions on tranny shit. But this is all just a derail, really.

No. 1937804

…yeah, based on your first reply i guessed you would have no explanation and just middle school tier comebacks to offer.

No. 1937809

Here's a piece of guidance aa a final offering: go back and read the comments already posted, if you can't understand the context, there's no amount of explaining going it to you that is going to help as you're clearly willfully misinterpreting it, or stupid(infight)

No. 1937814

if you're referring to the comments saying that matt walsh is a misogynistic retard who's wrong about everything except men not being women, then nothing in my first post contradicts them. at this point you're projecting your reading comprehension issues. don't bother replying when you have nothing to add to the discussion.(derail)

No. 1937830

File: 1701708519772.jpg (368.54 KB, 1224x1284, Collage_2023-12-04_09_54_42.jp…)

A tranny in a mental health group I'm in was kicked out of a sober house for making people uncomfortable. Sorry if this is too bloggy, but it surprised me in a good way and I wanted to share. A ray of hope nonnas, some women's spaces still aren't allowing these people in. Picrel his meltdown. Pics on the right is his "little alter" typing, and his problems with pissing himself in his sleep. I feel bad for him, but I'm glad the women's safety was prioritized.

No. 1937833

Ew God, I don't believe the man at all he's probably just doing some gross larp

No. 1937834

>why should transphobes feelings take priority?
>tranny talks about pissing the bed and then crytypes like a retard
Bro if you wanna kill yourself so bad do it

No. 1937843

No actual child would type "pees" over and over like that to convey genuine fear or distress. Most children don't want to admit to wetting themselves to their literal parents, even when it's necessary for the sake of cleaning the mess up, so telling people on the internet who can't help and have no responsibility to them would be borderline unthinkable. This definitely sounds like an autopedo rp thing.

No. 1937851

I think it's babyspeak for "please."

No. 1937853

They always claim they get kicked out of these programs “just for being trans uwu” but it’s bullshit. Most of these programs are terrified of losing funding, getting attacked by SJWs or hit with a discrimination lawsuit. Most likely he was doing antisocial shit like harassing women, acting insane or literally pissing himself. Even in “TWAW” friendly spaces, they’re incapable of blending in with normal women and constantly pull autistic stunts for attention.

No. 1937854

he sounds completely unhinged and mentally unstable. Glad he was kicked out. Clearly has issues this shelter could not deal with, he needs to be on some psych ward.

No. 1937862

File: 1701712362296.jpg (461.22 KB, 917x1315, Screenshot_20231204_125115_Dis…)

Same guy. See, this wouldn't happen if trannies were banned from these places by default… but this "never happens", right?

No. 1937868

Many years ago I had a TIM friend who was taking estrogen, and he started having pain in his chest. So he made a doctor’s appointment for the pain, but told me he didn’t plan to tell the doctor he was on estrogen because he was afraid of “muh transphobia” and “muh hatecrimes”. At the time I was still a handmaiden attempting to be supportive, and this was one of the things that led to me eventually peaking - things just didn’t add up. Like, he was determined enough to alter his body (and trusting enough of the medical establishment) to take a drug, but when that drug was most likely causing him pain, he couldn’t be honest with a doctor about it? Maybe he was worried the doctor would tell him to quit the estrogen, and then he’d have to sacrifice his dream of becoming a big titty anime waifu to get some pain relief.

Moids, and especially tranny moids, are retarded when it comes to their health. It’s probably a good thing that the trans fad is weeding so many weak moids out of the gene pool. Part of me feels bad that so many depressed mentally ill men are being led astray by this cult that memes them into cutting their own balls and dicks off, but also fuck them - if I told the troons in my life (a coworker and a family member) not to cut their dicks off they’d just call me a TERF and a bigot.(blog)

No. 1937872

can i identify as a 70 year old?
i know i dont fit the definition
but it represents the triumph of human desire over definitions

i deserve my state pension, its my human right

No. 1937873

>it was a man pretending to be trans
kek he was probably just talking to his reflection

No. 1937876

>so many depressed mentally ill men are being led astray by this cult that memes them into cutting their own balls and dicks off, but also fuck them - if I told the troons in my life (a coworker and a family member) not to cut their dicks off they’d just call me a TERF and a bigot
Risking taking a ban for a-logging but I must say: if only most of them were, indeed, cutting them dicks off… sigh. Every violent psychotic moid should be castrated, that would help women be safer since we're being forced to accept them in female-only spaces.

No. 1937896

I’m gonna say I identify as a retiree and start demanding senior discounts everywhere I go. If they say no, I’m suing for discrimination against marginalized transage identities.

No. 1937904

File: 1701717695171.jpeg (229.88 KB, 828x1116, IMG_9588.jpeg)

top comment is, of course, just straight up misogyny

No. 1937909

chris is a personal favorite cow of mine, even if he doesn’t sperg on socials as much as other cows. he was young, rich, married to a beautiful wife, and had a healthy son, living the american dream, and yet he lost most of it to the coom. sure, he still has his career, but for how long? he’s a ticking time bomb. he went from a country, decently attractive american dude that appeals to mr beast’s mainstream audience to an ugly tim that will never pass, regardless of how much he can afford to spend. massive kek

No. 1937910

Based friend. Trannies are so fun to neg

No. 1937911

No. 1937915


Thankfully I don't think he works as a teacher anymore, I can no longer find his profile on the school website. A few days ago he posted about "going to work at 4am" so clearly not teaching. Wonder if something happened.

No. 1937922

Based friend.
No amount of costuming and body language can imitate a real friendship between two women.

No. 1937925

Interview with Ritchie Herron who went viral on twitter for his thread about his botched reassignment surgery. The vid is long and sad, here's the summary:
>Ritchie is a gay man with UPD and OCD who transitioned in his late 20s
>lost a significant amount of blood during and after the surgery, had a terrible recovery and immediate regret when the sedation wore off
>talks about how he was ill informed before the surgery, how everyone expected him to be educated about the ins and outs because he was trans and trans people talk to each other
>said he experienced numbness in the genital area which is something most of his friends who got the inversion also experienced
>was required to do therapy for years beforehand but it was gender therapy which was as effective for his other underlying mental issues as telling an atheist to go to church
>his wound fused and he had two separate holes, was told beforehand how 'all vaginas are different' and 'not all women like their vaginas' so he believed his horror was a natural response
>was gaslit by his surgical team when he expressed dissatisfaction w the results, told that was his UPD and OCD talking
>surgeon was 72 years old when he was operated on (did not know this before the surgery), many people had botched jobs and tried to sue but the surgeon died last year
>he has another issue in his genital area that can only be worked on by a urologist but no urologist will go near it because it's a neovagina and tell him to go back to his (now dead) surgeon
>he describes being trans as a fantasy you have to constantly delude yourself into believing and says this is why so many tims are into anime. Because the world is awful right now and it's easier to pretend to be a happy anime girl than a sad man
>started getting a grasp on reality even before the surgery when every straight man would reject him only after he told them he was trans
Ritchie is currently suing the NHS for his botched surgery.

No. 1937946

>suing the NHS
I fucking hate troons so much, working in the NHS I hear these dipshits moan to me all day about how if they don't get xys surgery they will literally kill themselves, how the waiting list is too long, how they definitely deserve hormones at such young ages etc. The demand is overwhelming, and so many nurses and drs are scared to voice any real concern or attempt to talk patients out of it as the transphobia accusation can mean the end of their careers. Fuck yourself, reap what you sow rotpocket.

No. 1937949

Do you mean EUPD/BPD or something else?

No. 1937950

I meant EUPD, I hadn't heard of unstable personality disorder until this vid so I didn't realize that was the abbreviation. Sorry about that

No. 1937953

>it's easier to pretend to be a happy anime girl than a sad man
Funny how troons also believe real-life women live happy anime girl lives, so let's become transgirls to live life on easy mode, never have to work for anything, get tons of free stuff from men, and have your fee-fees taken seriously. Now, for real, my ability to feel empathy for troons died years ago. Even HSTS moids don't get my empathy anymore, they're usually just as misogynistic as AGPs, invade female-only spaces just the same, appropriate lesbianism just the same, and then go cry to women when they realize they have completely killed their ability to feel sexual pleasure and no man will take care of their suffering. (So now evil TERFs aren't that bad anymore, huh?) That is, they never leave the trans ship out of empathy for women, but only when they're thinking about themselves, just as they were doing when they were trying to be us. Fuck them all. Let them cope alone and take it like a man.

No. 1937957

I don't know if this helps but I tried having a convo with two normies at a bar the other night by mistake. It literally seemed to be an inteligence and empathy thing with a side of over individualism. I spelled out child transitioning, suicide rates going up, gay conversion, AGP vs HSTS, etc and one guy was eating it all up mildly horrified while the other guy literally couldn't get passed the concept of "but why do you care if a tranny cuts off his dick" even after explaining multiple times that children, women, autists, and gays were suffering and that many don't actually cut their dicks off. He also didn't care about sports because "it's just sports" (despite him gushing about hockey earlier) no matter what scholarships and points of fairness got brought up and even when confronted with stats and facts, he refused to actually absorb anything that made the situation more complex than "let people do what they want" vs the other guy who could engage with more than two brain cells (also the second guy did crossfit and knew of Hubbard + lia thomas already). I think it's just a culture of ignorance and not caring what others do unless it affects you. It's hurting a "couple of" women "over there" so he doesn't need to learn how and why because he doesn't know them. I think that's just a huge portion of these people. At least in leafland I think the general pop hillbilly retards learned to keep out of things they don't understand like gay marriage and mental health stuffs (to another detriment but whatever) but now are taking it too far because they don't want to be wrong or mean again + the culture of do what you want as long as it doesn't hurt (let's be real) men.

No. 1937960

Nonnies you don't understand, he was just a poor wittle 30 year old boy. He just wasn't mature enough to understand the surgeries he strong-armed them into having to provide and that he signed every waiver for would ruin his coom. He has the BPD and couldn't possibly make that kind of decision, that makes him a victim. Not just a victim, but a double victim because he was trans and now he's detrans, that makes him a triple victim so he deserves all of your sympathy. You're going be feeling really sorry when he stops getting attention for this and retransitions or jumps on another bandwagon and becomes a quadruple victim.

Funny how him and Isaac are the exact same person on different sides of the planet.

No. 1937962

EUPD is just the Bong name for BPD.

No. 1937975

File: 1701727919479.jpg (766.36 KB, 1080x2225, Screenshot_20231204_231208_Chr…)

You guys, looks like they're catching up, kek
If you don't like the dick, you're a terf. Are we good?

No. 1938001

It’s because in the usa, politics are so divided right now that anything posted from right wing people just further pushes lefties to blindly support trannies. Because “oh a REPUBLICAN said this? Must be wrong then!” and if we want any progress we need more leftwing people to actually say something. Because of the blind “my side good and your side evil”. Only right wingers ever publicly say anything. But honestly, i get why. In leftwing spaces it can be social and career suicide. Because for some reason saying that you don’t want penises around somehow means you are literally genociding the trannies. I will say though, I lean leftwing and the close left wing friends I’ve talked to about trannies actually secretly hate them just as much as I do. And some didn’t actually know that the majority of mtfs don’t even want surgery, didnt know that they are much more likely to commit sexual crimes than the regular population, etc. All of them are vehemently against children transitioning too. It’s worth noting, it really makes people start to think about when “gender confused” children want hormone blockers everything is fine snd good and no worry about side effects. But when a “cis” child would need hormone blockers for say a premature puberty, there are risks to taking them that need to be considered. What makes cis children have side effects than trans children are exempt from? Questions like that can peak people who normally just blindly follow the support without stopping and thinking about it.

No. 1938003

File: 1701732195709.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1500x3000, poulton .jpeg)

lmao the state of the green party

No. 1938005

Moids crave a selfish, individualistic society bc they can do what the fuck they want for coom and money, in that order. They can't even imagine why the sex that relies on laws to keep them safe bc human decency has failed us for eons wouldn't want a libertarian utopia.

No. 1938024

theyre not catching up, that rapey rhetoric has been trending more and more all the way since around 2014 and shortly after gay marriage got legalized.so many leftists were thrilled to finally be able to stop pretending they didn't hate gays lesbians and bis
t. lesbian that watched it all happen in real time

No. 1938028


It's not a "gun". It's a machine, you retard. Wash your box.(seething moid)

No. 1938030

What's with the seething? Kek.

No. 1938031

>theyre not catching up
Nah…you think?
That has got to be the apex of autistic tranny form. What in the ever loving fuck is that thing and why is it staring at us with serial killer eyes

No. 1938032

I'll never get over troids constantly posting about how being in female/lesbian spaces makes them feel like unwelcome predators, but somehow never having so much as a brush with self-awareness and always managing to arrive at the conclusion that akshually they ARE welcome, cis bitches!! So we'd better get to work accommodating them!! Troons, like all scrotes, have a rapist's mentality: they're always most eager to be where they're least wanted.

No. 1938033

Which ironically is so very fucking male of them. They have 0 self-awareness

No. 1938056

File: 1701738739547.jpeg (Spoiler Image,687.56 KB, 3222x2417, IMG_8620.jpeg)

local face-tuning photoshopping self-proclaimed “transsexual” just posted these today. he’s a manager at starbucks and used to be a music teacher at an elementary school, but on a podcast interview he said that he was called down to the principal’s office 1-3 times every week for either a) wearing revealing clothes or b) students finding his social media which he made 0 effort to keep private. he definitely doesn’t live in los angeles idk why he uses that as his location

also, i think that scar on one of his bolt-ons was from having it fixed because he was walking around with one deflated boob for like a year kek

No. 1938085

File: 1701740968445.jpeg (374.25 KB, 1170x1958, IMG_8247.jpeg)


No. 1938087

So if I call him a man because he doesn't fit the definition of a woman, will he still complain?

No. 1938088