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File: 1703722845925.jpg (410.24 KB, 2048x1322, GCWnz8yXcAAh7yH.jpg)

No. 1947937

News sites/Studies:
https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/18973/pdf/ (TiM violent crime stats)
https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0016885#pone.0016885.s002 (relation between committing a violent sexual crime and srs)

Gender Critical Writings and Websites:
https://www.chimamanda.com/ (Writings of Chimamanda Ngozi, a Nigerian gender critical feminist)
https://www.jkrowling.com/opinions/j-k-rowling-writes-about-her-reasons-for-speaking-out-on-sex-and-gender-issues/ (JK Rowling's essay)

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cOANC_ykPxL_TZGnkxZCb4HNc-2tvfuK (vile comments made by TRAs)
https://odysee.com/@Skirt_Go_Spinny:7 (documentaries about TiMs and Trans activism)
https://web.archive.org/web/20231021212912/https://www.tumblr.com/chlorinatedpopsicle/654101574490161152/new-and-improved-not-our-crimes-this-never (Violent crimes by TiMs)

Notable MtF-related subreddits:

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No. 1947941

File: 1703723235508.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1793, 1000002467.png)

This "lesbian"

No. 1947942

File: 1703723261466.png (182.26 KB, 1080x1856, 1000002469.png)

No. 1947953

Who made the thread pic? That shit is horrifyingly accurate kek

No. 1947961

>tranny flag
of course

No. 1947962

Great thread, OP!

No. 1947974

spoiler that shit op

No. 1947976

sorry if it's a repost, I didn't see this posted yet. Tommy Dorfman got shut down by a Delta employee after accusing them of "misgendering" him. You're a man named Tommy that looks and sounds like a man.

No. 1947985

Being a complete asshole 3 days before Christmas, of course

No. 1947989

Lmao! Troons need to stick to abusing restaurant staff and GameStop cashiers, they’re NOT READY to play with airline employees. Those people deal with crazies all day, they don’t give a fuck about your problems, and they’re more than happy to put you on a no-fly list while you rant about being “misgendered” to the airport police dragging you away. I’m shocked he even tried that mess with them, honey nooo kek

No. 1948000

All tims I know tend to be either only children or later-borns, save for one firstborn tim brother in my male friend's family.

Why is it always the retardation of AGP tims who think following their older sister's (traditionally feminine) footsteps makes them a troo and honest wamman?

No. 1948019

it was posted and discussed last thread nonna: >>1947619

No. 1948032

He always seemed insufferable so him trooning out was just a matter of time. They loooove doing the victim act, especially with minorities and people in service positions

No. 1948036

I'm pretty sure these filters don't use AI and are just randomly chosen images nonna, which makes it funnier when these guys chimp out over getting men.

No. 1948042

File: 1703757917681.png (926.01 KB, 611x791, hMKofGC.png)

Anyone remember seeing these "TG comics" on deviantart like a decade back? this is where I first came across troonism and remember being creeped out.

No. 1948061

Woman is mindless complimenting

No. 1948066

I'm a big fan of horror films and this little "cute" comic is creeping me out more than watching a thousand fictional tortures.

It's just something about the existential horror you feel when you see the author of this comic doesn't see women as real people.

No. 1948069

File: 1703770656410.jpeg (203.77 KB, 1242x1122, 6926579C-74F3-46D4-AC73-512AC5…)

Delusional Troon (I posted him here before) thinks a closeted gay man is something to brag about and forgets his boner is just a regular male boner

No. 1948075

love the way he just goes "okay" when the employee doesn't back down. we NEED to stand up to these people. they're just narc bullies.

No. 1948084

File: 1703774699894.png (3.06 MB, 7038x2943, EqA6Mfg.png)

I first discovered this shit when I was a kid and really into Sonic, so there were a bunch of these Sonic TGF comics for some goddam reason.

No. 1948085

>for some goddam reason
autism, it always is

No. 1948087

this comic had a separate illustrator and colourist, if you can believe it

No. 1948113

How exciting to be some closeted's booty call while he is vacationing!

No. 1948123

I really, really hope we see more of this going forward. The only way to stop it is if we stop feeding their delusions and standing up.

No. 1948125

File: 1703788921308.png (694.67 KB, 718x658, things are fine.png)

No. 1948127

File: 1703789102852.png (199.08 KB, 761x854, rolls eyes.png)

Troons are already degenerate, the fetish they have for breastfeeding/lactating is just the shit on top of a shit sandwich.

No. 1948130

At least he flaired himself as trans. On Baddoo I get liked by troons of which half of them don't disclose. Dating as a lesbian is the worst

No. 1948132

… do men actually think women instantly lactate at the sight of a baby?

No. 1948148

porn-poisoned incels do kek

No. 1948149

Of course not, nonnie, everyone knows that woman touching baby automatically changes her brain wiring and turns into a mom who loves babies, her forever boyfriend and leaks milk from her mysterious breasts, also, the womb secretes hormones after the woman touches the baby, telling her that it's part of her inherent nature to take care of the baby, because that's how womanly women with boobly boobs do.

No. 1948150

I just hope that troon goes through with the surgery and instantly realize how much he fucked up, just like everyone other troon.

No. 1948151

I’ve met men retarded enough to think that all women within a certain age range can breastfeed a baby, yes. Like it’s just something we can turn on and off when necessary.

No. 1948156

Vile. Absolutely vile.

No. 1948162

File: 1703794290341.png (91.19 KB, 1172x544, Screenshot 2023-12-28 at 20.10…)

No. 1948163

I really hope the fag develops breast cancer from whatever hormone cocktail he's taking.

No. 1948171

makes me think about how long he can keep the guy in his videos…

No. 1948174

File: 1703798805191.jpeg (569 KB, 1170x2118, IMG_9145.jpeg)

some inbred retard attempted to post this thread and it’s so funny because it’s clearly a tranny who stumbled across this website somehow. shit like this is the MOST male behavior to me. they see a website where women are “talking shit” about other women and immediately assume they can just post people they know and that others will be receptive to it. you can’t even pass on an imageboard kek just 41% already

No. 1948175

>Male only accepting rejection if it's by another male
I see how it is.

No. 1948176

They never even think to post in the personal cows thread first. Embarrassing.

No. 1948177

Half of his face and you can already tell it's a man

No. 1948184

File: 1703802006310.png (Spoiler Image,2.39 MB, 1600x1286, R1l0mMN.png)

This reminded me of a turkish lolcow "MissPhase", he's spent about a decade drawing nothing but female Sonic the Hedgehog porn. That's all he ever makes, and to the surprise of no one, he's also a troon.

No. 1948187

Not to be crass but if you jerk off to Sonic but with giant breasts, you're a massive faggot.

No. 1948190

It's the opposite for TiFs, who are often oldest daughters.

No. 1948208

File: 1703807775701.mp4 (2.95 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_729207041979489002…)

ok dude who still uses teenage boy humour

No. 1948212

File: 1703808700062.mp4 (996.93 KB, 480x600, bp4Pz5p17ipKY_U0.mp4)

love how none of this shit matters beyond twitter

No. 1948214

File: 1703809088494.png (152.27 KB, 1448x588, Screen Shot 2023-12-28 at 7.18…)

Kek casually admitting that he knows women don't have penises

No. 1948218

the audience doesn't seem very enthused, kek

No. 1948228

>forced vocal fry
>long, boring and cyclical “rebuttal”
>unfunny punchline
>forced condescending chuckle

I bet Jakey punched a very dainty hole in the wall before he calmed down enough to make this video.

No. 1948233

is surburian mine lady on tik tok a troon? Cause I get that vibe but my radar has been wrong before. what do you guys think?(learn to sage)

No. 1948275

why, I don't see it

No. 1948328

Men often act like this on image boards. They’ll create a whole new shitty thread for their topic or question and completely ignore the existing threads where their post would’ve belonged. It doesn’t even occur to them to look through the catalog first, and if someone does link them to the appropriate thread instead of spoonfeeding them directly they’re often rude in response.

It’s only “cis” women who must overcome their trauma and train their brain to love girldick. Troons can demand real women only because muh dysphoria. I hope he never manages to coerce any woman to put her mouth to his festering crotch wound.

No. 1948336

File: 1703854175588.jpg (339.02 KB, 2048x932, GCdwhmJaIAAjah5.jpg)


No. 1948337

>the crying and heart emojis
Kek. Funny how he expects others to play pretend but won't do it himself, eh?

No. 1948342

That thing that no actual woman would ever accept : a potential killer sliding in your DMs to date-rape you on his way to Perth. Yay! Such a womanly answer to that!

No. 1948344

File: 1703855538361.jpg (68.64 KB, 543x546, the fucking irony.jpg)

…..i really dont want to alog..

No. 1948352

not a fetish

No. 1948355

If that druggie never fell off that ledge none of these people would have ever heard of him. These people fetishize death

No. 1948356

Mr. Beast is gonna be fucked if he ever dares to fire him now, because you bet Chris will pull the transphobia card if that happens. Sucks that his young impressionable audience will be exposed to that freak for at least a while.

No. 1948357

is that the infamous transgender sewer slide?

No. 1948358

No. 1948371

I got the same vibe, but I think it might just be autism. Wearing a dress on the “construction site” is a pretty weird thing to do, tho

No. 1948376

File: 1703863752667.jpg (646.09 KB, 1080x1722, Screenshot_20231229_102132_Red…)

This guy thinks he's sub 20% BMI. 1/2

No. 1948377

File: 1703863793287.jpg (844.77 KB, 1080x2185, Screenshot_20231229_102334_Red…)


No. 1948378

File: 1703863828970.jpg (612.54 KB, 1080x1741, Screenshot_20231229_101937_Red…)

Bonus pic. He's also a veteran. Shocker.

No. 1948379

No. 1948384

Please just cut your own damn dick off, all the girlies are doing it these days and it gives you better girl coomies than the kind you do under anesthetic with medical professionals

No. 1948386

I love that the music choice makes this look like a bad thing

No. 1948389

File: 1703867839333.jpeg (272.51 KB, 1170x1373, E7102ABF-599A-410F-AA7D-D988D6…)

This man is trying to tell women forced pregnancy doesn't matter. Why do TIRFs still put up with these men?

No. 1948394


Is that a fucking bedspread of the sinking Titanic?!
What the hell is wrong with these people ?

No. 1948396


No. 1948397

What the fuck is with that song choice lol

No. 1948400

File: 1703870787374.jpeg (788.61 KB, 750x1207, IMG_3657.jpeg)

histrionic tranny cries on tik tok because he got rejected by a straight dude. surprised pikachu face.

No. 1948402

Men can't get raped. No amount of crying and throwing hissy fists will make it rape. No man has ever gotten raped in the history of humanity. Any attempt to "gender neutralise" rape will be met with this response. I say it in real life too. Everyone has agreed with me so far or kept quiet. As it should be.(derailing)

No. 1948407

genuine question for nonas who know about makeup, why does it look so weird on them even when they do it "well"? i've seen makeup look good on guys but mtfs always look like clowns. do they just actually suck at it, or are they picking a style that complements feminine features and hence looks really jarring on their male face?

No. 1948408

rape has to involve a penis or an object, or an intoxicated victim. men can’t be raped by women, unless they’ve been drugged and the perpetrator is sober.(derailing)

No. 1948410

the makeup that was popular around 2016 looked like shit on women because it was basically drag makeup. now it’s all about that clean girl look and men don’t have the soft facial features to pull it off.

No. 1948413

I keked in such a womanly fashion at this that my bosoms boobed boobily, nonna.

teehee, even

No. 1948414

The latter. They do makeup for the face they want instead of the face they have, regardless of skill. That’s why, for all its faults, decently applied drag makeup tends to look more deliberate. It’s made for male faces.

No. 1948415

File: 1703873488811.png (392.59 KB, 594x684, v3kfant.png)

Just say your a pedophile and go directly to jail.

No. 1948427

>I wonder if having my crotchwound licked will feel as good as my porn-addled mind imagines cunnilingus feels

No. 1948428

Men can absolutely be raped. Men rape other men all the time.
The difference is that for a woman it's an even worse experience with much deeper consequences.(derailing)

No. 1948447

File: 1703881757845.jpg (1.46 MB, 2560x1920, 23-12-25-15-13-26-833_deco.jpg)

Trannies are so delusional

No. 1948448

His face is literally the one on the right kek

No. 1948449

God, I fucking wish I had the self-confidence of a troon. I can barely look at myself in the mirror but they can unironically post shit like that. I'm almost amazed.

No. 1948450

how did he manage to maintain a double chin in that pose

No. 1948452

Welcome to the double whammy of autism and the culture of parents pampering and babying autistic boys. They get told they're mommy's little angel and they run that into thinking that makes them the prettiest, most special anime-lesbian on the planet.

No. 1948456

Because only a man could be delusional enough to think he looks like a supermodel prettier than almost all women while having a double chin and a 5 o'clock shadow kek

No. 1948469

his username is “WeeGeeTime0” kek peak male autism

No. 1948470

File: 1703885373104.png (492.66 KB, 763x834, oof.png)

We need to be meaner so trannies can stop being so confident when they have no right to be. They are all ugly as heck.

It got deleted by the way, I bet the comment section was filled with these kinds of comparisons lol.

No. 1948472

That shit is 100% a fetish thing. Now the ppl who make those comics are actually trooning out and pretending it isn't a fetish.

No. 1948473

File: 1703885693748.jpg (141.43 KB, 1439x1067, Chris in two years.jpg)

speaking of pedo trannies

No. 1948480

Paging Jamie-Lee Curtis…

No. 1948489

is that the breast feeding guy? I feel like his massive nose looks familiar

No. 1948490

hes the tranny that said 'cow achievement' when he claimed that he was able to successfully induce lactation

No. 1948509

File: 1703893399216.mp4 (10.39 MB, blazeclark.mp4)

predator-catchers indianapolis caught a tranny, "Alice" Blaze Clark, who thought he was meeting up with a 13 year old girl. he also admitted to being sexually attracted to infants

No. 1948519

I feel a sort of schadenfreude at knowing they will never experience it the way women do.

No. 1948520

I feel bad for laughing at this but I would have never noticed if you didn’t point it out. Reminds me of this autistic kid I knew in grade school who was obsessed with the Titanic. Maybe that’s him now.

No. 1948526

>admits to wanting to rape toddlers
>”there’s gray areas to it”
I wish tarring and feathering was still a thing. This faggot deserves nothing short of an agonizing and long end. A-log over.

No. 1948582

Of fucking course this waste of oxygen, depraved pedophile subhuman identifies as a lolicon. Basement dwelling anime losers who waste their non-porn using free time arguing about it online with the deflection of "it's just fiction you're just butthurt uwu", when they make Twitter accounts to groom children into cybersex and try to sexually abuse them in person too. Absolute scum of the earth. Wish child predator catchers would film these freaks getting their asses whooped too, the public shaming just isn't enough.

No. 1948589


Considering how desperate TIMs are to fuck women, we know they would say this.

No. 1948597

File: 1703918140939.mp4 (7.9 MB, AlottaMalotta.mp4)

And this is why I have no sympathy for AGP "feminists". Wanting to mutilate the bodies of children, because you, a grown man, wishes he looked like a woman, is really creepy. And acting like feminists have no compassion because they don’t agree, is simply disgusting.

No. 1948598

The only grey area I want to see is the space between his ears splattered on a wall.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1948609

Such a womanly hairline. Glad they made him remove the shitty wig, if only for the lols.

No. 1948610

The absolute autism coming from this video is astonishing

No. 1948636

Even if this was true, who the fuck cares? The wojak on the right is still the only woman regardless of how fuckable she is to them

No. 1948638

always found it so weird how moids define 'woman' as some criteria of fuckability and not a sex

No. 1948656

and this is why I judge people based on media what they consume.

No. 1948663

File: 1703941106514.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3000x3000, aaron.jpeg)

samefag to add that he met this decoy child (who he thought was 13) on HER app.
more of them should be forced to explain their fascination with loli. this guy basically cannot justify it as anything other than pedophilia and lo and behold - he's a pedophile.

No. 1948667

What's the deal with ex military being trannies

No. 1948668

At their best, troons have that plastic-y, synthetic barbie doll look. just look at "elena" genevinne, a troon who does a coomer-ish podcast.

No. 1948670

The US military has been scraping the bottom of the barrel for decades. It's pretty much all retards and autistics at this point.

No. 1948673

File: 1703943527706.png (525.44 KB, 1994x559, lNx73qS.png)

speaking of troons and pedophilia, I remember reading somewhere that a not insignificant percentage of the "trans-kids" were the children of registered sex offenders.

No. 1948674

That Her app should also face legal consequences. They allowed a pedo to groom a child.

No. 1948676

probably a mixture of ptsd triggering an existing paraphilia but also mentally unstable narcs and no-hopers being attracted to careers in the military in the first place.
a 2015 transgender study suggested that 21% were ex-military (2 x the rate of the US population) and i remember reading one stupid reasoning for this being "trans women desperately trying to deny their womanhood by trying to become more masculine in the military" kek. i don't know how anyone can take them seriously.

No. 1948687

its a low iq moid career choice

No. 1948695

File: 1703950156176.jpg (115.9 KB, 1242x1236, GCkGvrsbgAAW9D8.jpg)

Im so glad alot of these goblin autistic men's genes are dying out because NOTHING good could come of breeding with quasimodos ugly cousin

No. 1948696

This is how Gerard Way looks to me especially in those gross women’s costumes he wore on stage a year or so ago

No. 1948700

so this is off-topic, but the vast majority of US soldiers don't go to combat zones, most "US soldiers" are just glorified government workers, I have so many relatives in military and they just join for benefits.

No. 1948701

do these men genuinely think that people won’t notice they’re faking this so-called “improvement” by sucking in their cheeks? his weirdly pursed lips are a dead giveaway. also how retarded does one have to be to think a face could change that much after 18 DAYS?

No. 1948702

you’re so brave for saying this on this site. for some reason anons love current blob-shaped gerard way.

No. 1948706

Didnt the HER app make a big deal about how theyd rather have trannies than actual lesbians who dont want trannies? what a shocking turn of events.

No. 1948707

Some of the men posted in these threads are so offensively ugly that I feel like I should be financially compensated for having to look at them

No. 1948710

He looks like those horribly inbred French bulldogs

No. 1948737

I CHOKED NONNA you are 1000% right

No. 1948738

>feminized men
i believe the correct term is prepubescent boys
maybe the troons are right, chemically castrating these creatures is the best thing for society

No. 1948743

What an annoying autistic and breathy voice. I couldn't bear to listen to more of this moid suck on air to sound like a gasping fish out of water.

No. 1948753

no one loves blob shaped Gerard Way here kek what are you talking about? We rip him to shreds in the Celbricows thread whenever his gross fat cross dressing body is posted there.

No. 1948772

File: 1703961363268.jpg (461.01 KB, 1080x1538, Tavistock.jpg)

>I remember reading somewhere that a not insignificant percentage of the "trans-kids" were the children of registered sex offenders.
Apparently they're 10x more likely than the national average to have a registered sex offender as a parent. This whole thing has set up a paradise for paedophiles.

No. 1948777

It's hilarious that his first celebrity looks match is the actor of Harry Potter, kek he must be seething.

No. 1948778

why are pedophiles allowed to have kids in the first place?

No. 1948781

>children referred were 10 x more likely than average to have a registered sex offender as a parent
one of the most peak-worthy sentences i've read. even 2 x as likely would be suspicious but TEN TIMES, that's a screaming red flag come on.

No. 1948791

kek so true bestie
the thing that really depresses me is that if this case gets any mainstream notoriety the reporting will refer to him as a woman and namedrop her as a "lesbian dating app" and lesbians will take the cultural fallout, in no small part because of how her advertises itself as a lesbian dating app but allows the worst type of perverted men free reign while shafting their actual female homosexual users
the first thing a civilised society should do to a man convicted of pedophilia related crimes is castrate him.

No. 1948800

Probably because they weren’t outed as pedos until the kids were already here

No. 1948808

File: 1703970777352.png (29.82 KB, 594x311, vafava.png)

I have noticed compared to HSTS and AGPS, the latter seem to push for womb transplants and think they are even possible, that pedo-tranny Andrea-Long Chu in his glorified "force-fem" mastrubatory book, talked about how great it would be if men were the one's forced to give birth(somehow) it's always felt creepy, disgusting and extremely pedophilic

No. 1948811

it's always always about the pregnancy and breast feeding. it's never about the child or whats best for the child. and it never answers the question of … why? if being a woman is NOTHING to do with biology and woman aren't the only ones who can get pregnant, then why this desperate need to have a womb? if men can supposedly have wombs too then why is a trans "woman" so desperate to have one? (answer: because of his fetish)

No. 1948814

Jfc. We're in these badass human bodies, perfectly suited to toil and build/create/grow/do things and breathe fresh air and bask in the light of the sun and this guy's just over here looking like he's eaten enough mcnuggets to take on some of their DNA. I rage at the waste of life and purpose these dudes exemplify. Coom lyfe. Go breathe tailpipe, pasty useless fuck.

No. 1948815

File: 1703972235902.jpg (163.58 KB, 644x837, nope.jpg)

Imagine being to overtaken by coom, it clouds your own sensibilities.

No. 1948816

File: 1703972349434.png (625.29 KB, 748x875, bbill.png)

No. 1948818

File: 1703972716570.png (667.55 KB, 767x977, Screenshot 34.png)

This happened in 2007 but it's crazy this was allowed even back then, wearing a fucking strap on to a childrens cancer fund raising event

No. 1948819

File: 1703972788626.png (569.43 KB, 598x1078, vaasw.png)

totally not a fetish though.

No. 1948821

eww putting your disgusting face under someone art

No. 1948823

File: 1703973763824.png (450.01 KB, 621x335, grayson.png)

Holy shit. I'm surprised I have never seen this before. Grayson Perry has always been one of those upfront AGPs - maintaining that he couldn't possibly know what it's like to be a woman (quote from him in picrel) but just likes the thrill and taboo of crossdressing. A perv but at least he acknowledged it and doesn't push trans ideology. He kind of got away with it because he's an artist and its part of his performance. But this is unacceptable wtf. He admits this is his fetish and then displays it at a children's charity event…

Did anyone else start off being pretty much OK with crossdressers and drag and now changed your mind? I figured that men should be able to wear whatever (sans BDSM shit publicly) and didn't like the idea of "woman face" because it implies a woman's identity is wrapped up in makeup and dresses and that any man who wears a dress is trying to become a woman. However, I'm actually yet to find a case where a man dresses like a woman and hasn't turned out to be a perv, pedo or raging misogynist. And I'm not talking about gender-benders like David Bowie, but men who deliberately dress like women. I'd like to say men should wear what they want but they seem incapable of making it into a fetish, so… I'm done defending that.

No. 1948829

Wouldn't they need more than a womb just to get pregnant? Like the ovaries and uterus? They'd need to gut the entire reproductive system of a woman to allow for a man to get pregnant. I don't think even tifs would want to go through a procedure that invasive.

No. 1948833

i get what you mean, i used to be really attracted to the idea of men in lingerie or dresses, but in a way that was very female gaze, if that makes sense. no makeup, since male skin and features dont look particularly good with anything but some eyeliner,no foppish/ faux-feminine mannerisms. the clothes would actually enhance his masculine features by contrast, but also represent a sort of submission to the idea that my enthusiastic attraction is important. i thought it could theoretically be a sweet moment between two people in a hetero relationship.
the fantasy of the sissy, however, has nothing to do with pleasing a woman. quite the opposite. its about the feminine as humiliation, and my taking to role as some sort of sneering dominatrix/ "top"/ mommy figure… its tiresome. now the very idea of a man in pretty clothes is a turn off, because it wouldn't be my partner gifting me something, it would be yet another act that centers his gratification.
these people suck the erotic and sensual out of everything they touch. its just dumb, brutish, animal sexuality. even the most passing gay TIM, the most naturally beautiful bimbo, the most sex positive OF creator is as sexy as blowup doll.(blogpost)

No. 1948834

even if it was at all possible, which its not, it would involve major abdominal surgery with constant risk of infection and organ rejection, constant need for perfect balance of artificial hormones to simulate pregnancy and then abdominal surgery to remove the baby. what part of this do they think sounds wonderful? not to mention the risk it would put on that poor child. thankfully it will never happen but even the thought is so disgusting. it really shows their lack of knowledge about how actual female bodies work.

No. 1948841

File: 1703977660230.jpeg (258.24 KB, 1080x1854, labourlosingwomen.jpeg)

another female Labour MP has spoken up and is being swarmed by misogynists in dresses. the responses are so insane I don't know where to begin, but you can always count on Himdia Willyboy to be on top of things. here he is being a disgusting lesbophobe as per usual.

No. 1948844

I get the sentiment but does this rhetoric even make sense? By that logic lesbians should not be allowed and gay TiMs should be,

No. 1948846

That's exactly what he's saying

No. 1948847

that's what he is suggesting, as a gay man. he thinks women should be less threatened by him (because he is attracted to men) than a lesbian, completely missing the point of single sex spaces. he just really hates women, especially lesbians. also the mp's post didn't mention anything about sexual assault - just that it's not men's place to give away women's spaces and he immediately seethes and chimps out.

No. 1948850

It’s not even only that, they need structural integrity too. What are any of these organs going to attach to? They can’t just float in space carrying the weight of a growing fetus.

No. 1948852

Why do they attach sex to everything? Most women in completely female space are not constantly preoccupied by sex or ogling. Most lesbians I know are terrified of coming off as weird or predatory. And female only spaces don’t just include changing rooms or bathrooms or anything, but things like support groups and career-focused programs, all kinds of shit. Their brains always just go to sex.

No. 1948858

the eyes… horrifying. why do they always have that serial killer kubrick stare?

No. 1948868

Why is his nose so short? Like it's too small and too high up on his face. FAS maybe?

No. 1948872

>47k likes on a post implying that attractiveness determines who is right or wrong
Misogyny is alive and well, I see. Turns out that the idea women are meant to be seen and not heard isn't unique to conservatives.

No. 1948876

The irony of this troon calling to 'stab all transphobes' and wearing a Palestinian badge as if a majority muslim state would even acknowledge his identity let alone affirm him, he is calling to kill the same people he claims to support. dELUSIONAL

No. 1948878

File: 1703984838166.png (2.21 MB, 1080x3321, Screenshot_20231231-010653-643…)

now why wouldn't we want these ugly freaks in lesbian spaces?

No. 1948886

Looking over her account, there are a lot of malding trannies and handmaidens on various posts of hers crying over "transphobia" and how trannies are being excluded. These people are delirious and need to log off for a long period of time. They are not wanted there, they are porn addicted narcs that need to piss off to their t4t "lesbian" goon caves. Nasty men.

No. 1948887

That never matters to them. They believe deep down that these people are just ignorant and weren't taught the truth. I just wonder if they think there will be some type of awakening. That's their logic for it.

No. 1948888

File: 1703985834658.png (1017.6 KB, 1080x1710, 1000002566.png)

They all dress the same. That goth gf larp tinfoil must be true

No. 1948901

File: 1703988426923.png (647.6 KB, 946x2048, IMG_9487.png)


No. 1948902

File: 1703988530899.png (762.47 KB, 946x2048, IMG_9488.png)

No. 1948905

She is incredibly well-spoken and concise with her struggles and the distinction between her and the tranny. Trannies keep trying to inch their way into any women-related issue, as parasitic and narcissistic as they are, without thinking critically for once that they aren't comparable nor welcomed there.

No. 1948907

Ugh I can't stand how they try to elbow their way into things that definitionally don't apply to them. Tell me what the O in PCOS stands for! It's the same thing when they claim to have period symptoms. You're PMS-ing? You mean you're premenstrual? You have cramps? You mean your uterus is contracting? That's crazy sounds like big strides have been made in sex reassignment surgery!

No. 1948908

File: 1703990742436.jpeg (97.49 KB, 750x830, EF61008F-A077-4CE6-9B0A-2E96B0…)

You missed the best part when it’s revealed he’s been a woman for a whopping 3 months

No. 1948910

File: 1703990885640.jpeg (181.85 KB, 750x789, 030514B9-C18E-4CBC-885B-FD0261…)

Aaand cue the crying about transphobia and casting them aside once he realises he won’t get sympathy for larping their disorder

No. 1948912

link? lmao

No. 1948919

File: 1703991618448.png (386.08 KB, 594x1130, ddr tournament.PNG)

Trannies got mad that a women's DDR tournament's phrasing was not inclusive enough, the organizers caved and changed the phrasing. By the way, the last few women's only tournaments have been won by TiM's. Women in dance gaming have been threatened for years. But the entire community caters to trannies, so nobody has the guts to say anything about it

No. 1948923

KEK like clockwork. Tranny comes to a sub, women calmly express distinctions with facts and logic, the tranny who has been larping as a woman for 3 months malds and cries over women being meanies. Wah. Why does the world hate them so much? It doesn't make any sense, nonas.

No. 1948934

>Andrea Long Chu
Daily reminder that somehow that degenerate skinwalker AGP won a Pulitzer

No. 1948935

File: 1703994682714.jpg (842.06 KB, 1080x1797, Screenshot_20231230_225025_Thr…)

Hope all you nonnas had a very Merry Christmas…and on that note, the threads app is absolutely infested with troons. Instant delete.

No. 1948937

ew its chris chans fatter cousin

No. 1948938

Literally Rick Berwick in a dress

No. 1948940

File: 1703994935456.jpg (95.73 KB, 1080x417, Shocking.jpg)

This isn't news, but it's retarded how trannies can't face reality and decide that becoming a woman is a safer, easier option.

No. 1948942

Troons always go into places determined to offend and call out anyone who doesn't like them.

No. 1948947

>sorry if this is offensive i'm just ignorant and i don't know much
he knows it is offensive and not remotely the same thing, that's why he's adding this disclaimer. and how old is he, 14? whats up with the "uwuu i'm just ignorant" bullshit, just look it up on google retard


unfortunately for him, threads is gendies' safe haven so he won't offend anyone there. he will receive all the compliments he wants from people who pity him

No. 1948948

kek sheldon cooper in a cardigan and wig

No. 1948949

The long philtrum is an obvious giveaway for FAS, yes.

No. 1948961

File: 1703999171936.png (641.03 KB, 559x2500, 62151511.png)

Where to even fucking begin with this garbage? Menstrual leave is a retarded, misogynistic concept because it assumes (like the retarded tranny at the bottom says) that female workers are literally rendered less competent by their periods. Unless someone has some kind of serious, secondary medical issue caused by their period, they can go to fucking work. The issue with this is not that it will probably be abused by trannies, it's that it will discourage businesses from hiring women in the first place.

I have no words for how much I despise the Eric-Idle-looking faggot who said the things about dentists and bus drivers. What the fuck does this chauvinist pig think, that female bus drivers and dentists are running around crashing cars and breaking jawbones because they got period cramps? Also, he's yet another troon who thinks that his psychosomatic "symptoms" and/or diarrhea is a period. No! You don't have a uterus, you stupid faggot! Periods happen when estrogen is at its lowest and testosterone at its highest in normal women. The cramps are coming from the cervix, not the bowels. Jesus Christ I fucking hate men, and even moreso I hate tranny "writers," and "journalists" and "poets" and "online activists" and all other underemployed failmales who think that masturbatory word-vomit on the internet is a "career."

No. 1948962

Nta but here's a link:
Most of the responses are refreshingly sane. It warmed my cold, dead heart to see his retarded post get downvoted to hell.

No. 1948967

Someone come get their gas-station-brand Frank-n-Furter and tell him to clean his room.

No. 1948968

I sorry that women have to deal with retarded trannys like this(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1948969

>I could just get myself pregnant
Incorrect. They would have no ovaries with which to produce eggs.

No. 1948970

samefag but not to mention, I'm pretty sure if this was possible, it'd have incredibly negative effects on the child, like having a baby with your sibling but much worse.
There'd be such a high chance of the child inheriting 2 disastrous recessive genes if both of their parents were the SAME PERSON. This is one reason why incest is generally seen as a bad thing.
(mathwise: Imagine if 1 in 1,000 people in a population carry a recessive gene. It's incredibly unlikely that a baby will have 2 copies of that gene. But if your mom has that recessive gene, you have 1/4 chance of having it, as does your sibling. So it's 1/1000^2 vs. 1/4^2. Hope this makes sense. Sorry I'm a biology anon.)

No. 1948975

Not to disrupt your calculations, but a tranny is incapable of producing an egg to inseminate with their own degenerate sperm in the first place 'womb transplant' or not.

No. 1948976

The amount of physical changes a woman goes through for pregnancy means a womb transplant will never ever be viable in my eyes. I am not a biology anon so you may know more than me. But I just can't fathom buttchiefing progesterone and estrogen would ever make a man's body, let's say, move his diaphragm up and cause the lungs to work overtime to make room for a hypothetical baby in a womb. Those synthetic hormones can't even make their adams apple go away. These men just have a fetish and have no clue how much women go through for pregnancy. If pregnancy was merely down to chemicals that could be mixed in a bathtub, then many infertile women who want to be pregnant, could have babies…

No. 1948985

Sorry, my post above >>1948969 acknowledged that. I was just having a biology moment.

I'm not an expert on organ transplants but afaik, it's a pretty huge undertaking on the body. Like, you might need to be on immunosuppressants for life, so your own immune system doesn't attack the new organ. But less immune system = less resistance to various diseases, some of which cause devastating congenital infections (think mental disabilties, limb disfigurements, heart problems, and such) I think also for the reasons you listed, it's just a generally bad idea, even IF it was possible within a few decades.

No. 1948986

can someone point out the "transphobia" in that poster?

No. 1948987

File: 1704005009520.jpeg (742.54 KB, 1295x1821, IMG_0125.jpeg)

Trannys on twitter are mad that a lesbian account called them cross dressers

No. 1948991

I got curious and typed his name into YouTube, there are a bunch of interviews and videos from before he trooned out. He is an utterly insufferable very camp gay man, pretty much a walking stereotype, but yeah now he wants to be a girl lmao. It’s so surreal seeing all these videos of him standing next to actual women and there he is, a hulking mass, zero curves, deep voice, male mannerisms, wearing an ugly dress and bad make up, and I’m supposed to cheer for him? Fuck this gay world.

No. 1948992

I'm sorry you don't know how to sage.

No. 1948993

Sounds to me like this one was just terrified of the idea of becoming a responsible adult and decided to troon because he thinks women just get to live on "easy mode."

No. 1948996

I'm not familiar with this drama, but based on context clues it seems like the troons were upset about the policies, not the promotional material.

>the last few women's only tournaments have been won by TiM's. Women in dance gaming have been threatened for years.
Huh, who'da thunk having larger lungs, larger hearts, and a higher percentage of body muscle would allow men to outperform women in physically demanding competitions! Who could've known that having a ~feminine soul~ and taking horse piss would fail to cancel those advantages out? I guess it's time for trannies to bust out the age old argument that women lose because they suck and don't try hard enough uwu.

No. 1949004

It's just the commitee virtue-signaling. They'd give a prize to a ham sandwich if it made them look like they were "uplifting the most marginalized voices" or whatever. I doubt the committee even read his disgusting book. They just saw that a tranny wrote it and remembered that trannies are the hip new minority for liberals to crow about. Remember that Otto Tolischus won a Pulitzer in 1940 for an article where he claimed that Poland attacked Germany, and gave an award to Nikole Hannah Jones for an article full of nonsense about the Revolutionary War that was widely debunked by historians. They aren't the best judges of quality.

No. 1949007

I really wish the trans genocide these apes claim is happening, was actually happening

No. 1949013

You’re right. Pregnancy involves a woman’s entire body. From our skin, to our musculature, to our skeleton, to every internal organ, down to the bone marrow. A man probably wouldn’t even be able to supply the enormous increase in blood volume in the first trimester. Their skin and abdominal muscles would rip open and their organs would fail. They wouldn’t be able to walk. People think that women are just weaker men with an inbuilt babymaking sack (fuck you too Aristotle) but the only reason male bodies can allocate all their resources to short-term muscle power is because they don’t have to worry about the immense strain of pregnancy. Women’s bodies are actually more resilient, better at endurance sport, surviving famine, disease etc. but women are considered “weak” because men decided that brute strength, which is the only thing they’ve uniquely got going for them, is the only metric that counts.

For a male pregnancy to be even remotely viable and not kill the man they’d have to hook his bloodstream up to that of a pregnant woman like they did with those mice, and remove any surviving fetus by c-section at like 22 weeks to place in an artificial womb. The man would probably be crippled afterwards and the survival rate for the fetus would be minuscule. It’s just not feasible, and I’m baffled that anyone is entertaining this insanity when humanity has so many actual problems to solve.

No. 1949014

Chu did not win the Pulitzer for his gross book but for Criticism (his book reviews).

No. 1949025

File: 1704016829689.jpg (1.23 MB, 2560x1920, 23-12-31-09-27-54-490_deco.jpg)

How are we supposed to believe trannies are women when they have absolutely no empathy for us? The original post is about how women are treated unfairly by the criminal justice system when they are rape victims and of course the tranny can't resist replying with an 'urrm ackchyually…'

No. 1949036

You just made me realize that every person who repeats that nonsense is someone who places the fuckability of a child over their health. That's so fucked up! Like why do they care if they "pass better"? They're gonna have health problems out the wazoo, but their appearance is more important than a shortened healthspan. Nasty pervs. That's just so evil. Every human's value is based on their fuckability, except the ugly mofos who make videos repeating this fucked up message ofc. They can be anthropomorphic sewer rats.

No. 1949042

most AGPs just can't help projecting their desires and bitterness on young men/boys. Reminds me of 'Anne Lawrence' (that one AGP pseudo-scholar who's buddies with Bailey) saying teenage AGPs should castrate themselves in an interview with GC youtubers, creeping them out. Whatever principles they may have just melt in the face of advocating for intervention on kids.

No. 1949043

File: 1704024833067.png (1.22 MB, 2566x2648, 1692466168515.png)

'Sex offender' doesn't necessarily mean paedophiles (not that I would want a rapist to have a kid either). But also, I don't think there's anything stopping them from procreating?
I think it's just part of the constant 'gotcha' of changing language and warping reality so that we're not allowed to make any meaningful distinctions between sexes.
>Did anyone else start off being pretty much OK with crossdressers and drag and now changed your mind?
Yes. Used to be a big Drag Race fan, went to live shows etc, but there's no way I'd ever watch it now.
Picrel. Also they did once whack a random 'floating' ovary into a tranny; it killed him.

No. 1949046

File: 1704026338858.png (85.91 KB, 729x680, homeofles.png)

That thread has been hilarious. The absolute uggos posting their selfies, imagining they look good. I can't imagine having such a faulty self-image. (Annoyingly can't find the thread rn, but here's a flavour of the seething going on in picrel).
This looks so much like a guy I used to know, who is top on my 'people who might have now trooned out' list. Reaaaally hope it's not though.

No. 1949053

File: 1704027019330.jpg (693.75 KB, 810x2353, Screenshot_20231231-073838_Red…)

We don't call them transcels for nothing

No. 1949054

holy shit. I was really worried to go through the comments, expecting some handmaidens but thankfully they were pretty based
>it doesn’t hurt to educate yourself on women’s issues
I love how she both implies woman's reproductive organs = woman's issue (correct) and that he also has no idea about woman's issues (correct)
>we are not biological men
>How do y'all always find a way to make EVERYTHING about yourselves?
>insane that a bio male can come into this forum and claim to have similar experiences to us… it’s so insulting
at least he probably peaked a few more women

No. 1949055

If there's one community I wish every troon would 41% themselves out of, it's rhythm games. I want to enjoy my autistic hobby again.

No. 1949056

File: 1704028406821.jpg (730.25 KB, 810x2275, Screenshot_20231231-081125_Chr…)

More from u/JeezyBreezy12. Nothing but regressive gender stereotypes

No. 1949059

Pay attention to the whole "try and relate to men". Dude can't easily befriend men, and thinks that makes him a non-man.

He does not realize he likely finds it hard to relate to men BECAUSE he is a man.
I know when I was a young girl I thought I had a "male brain" because I befriended dudes more easily than other girls. Growing up I realized I befriended dudes more easily because I'm not a dude myself. I struggled with girls because I'm a girl myself so that triggered the typical competition.

No. 1949060

did this retard make consuming starbucks a gendered activity? i havent had starbucks in years, guess im a man now nonas.

No. 1949061

Me too; I don't even paint my nails. Sad times.

No. 1949062

File: 1704031027525.png (67.29 KB, 1174x294, Screenshot 2023-12-31 at 13.56…)

>gets off on abusing insecure women
lol. male behavior.

No. 1949063

File: 1704031390849.png (840.5 KB, 568x1020, Screenshot 2023-12-31 at 14.03…)

he looks like this btw

No. 1949086

File: 1704037825499.png (21.51 KB, 552x181, delusional.png)

I know troons don't live in the real world but the idea that the general public now thinks that JK Rowling is a psycho and that her work is cancelled/unprofitable (Hogwarts Legacy anyone?) is so laughable.

No. 1949088

File: 1704038268228.png (91.82 KB, 1334x306, Screen Shot 2023-12-31 at 8.57…)


The boycott clearly worked, good job! Harry Potter is one of the most profitable franchises in history, they are delusional.

No. 1949089

File: 1704038489455.png (351.27 KB, 720x1124, Screenshot_20231231-105941~2.p…)

When did this " trans women get periods" shit start because a few years ago , you wouldn't hear any mtf troon say this crap.

No. 1949091

Wtf their view of womanhood never shifts. It’s literally always a male-tinted view of how they think women are.

No. 1949092

File: 1704038780388.png (636.83 KB, 869x869, socancelled.png)

Maybe they believe in magic, if they say something it becomes true…

No. 1949093

their whole ideology rests on boldly speaking untruths so this isn't surprising. they think just confidently saying the opposite of what is true and it will magically become true! meanwhile, harry potter is as popular as ever, and her new novel is a best-seller, she has peaked thousands and more and more people are - at the very least - becoming fed up with trans shit.

No. 1949096

even if i were to steel-man his argument here and go with the hormone levels thing - our hormones change throughout the month which results in periods. it's not estrogen = period. it's estrogen, testosterone and progesterone rising and falling in a specific pattern. TIMs literally just get HRT-induced stomach ache/intestinal spasms.
and once again, i have to bring up why they even want to call it a period if periods are supposedly nothing to do with womanhood? if trans men can have periods, and the definition of woman is nothing to do with biology - then why would you want to pretend you experience something only "uterus-havers" experience? if a man takes a medication that causes him hormone problems and stomach cramps would that also be a "period"? could it be that they know what actually separates them from women and are seething and coping???

No. 1949098

i hope she doesnt apologize

No. 1949100

File: 1704040447365.png (54.52 KB, 1116x315, Screenshot 34 (2).png)

Look another gem from the same tranny
>got rejected by the strip club
he's just a bunch of stereotypes isn't he

No. 1949103

File: 1704040697428.jpg (35.93 KB, 600x600, 1323028063892.jpg)


No. 1949106

File: 1704041311117.jpg (60.07 KB, 828x1032, GCmdqFuWsAAYqDh.jpg)

Yeah thanks for copting periods you assholes. As if getting your period at age 8 wasn't traumatizing enough, getting made fun of by boys in elementary school because your pad accidentally showed through some pants you wore in grade 4. And those same same boys years later still randomly asking you if you had clean underwear on.

Keep posting about your phantom period on twitter and see how much people peak.

No. 1949108

File: 1704041557861.png (653.75 KB, 707x933, 1704008086896.png)

This fucking wig

No. 1949114

>the attétion i'll never get
>the body i always deserved
kek the male entitlement

No. 1949115

File: 1704042205252.png (42.55 KB, 677x249, IMG_2504.png)


No. 1949117

Men's hormone levels can also fluctuate, are they on their periods too? What a load of crap, they have the same old male view of women of course, we're just hormones.
>franchises cancelled
>harry potter washed up
Are they still talking about fantastic beasts? Cus the game was great and there is talk of an hbo show in the works and everyone still reads harry potter, cable tv has hp marathon every few weeks too so wtf they're on about kek

No. 1949127

I'm getting a whiff of Shayna's 'things that never happened' tweets from this.
Manifesting this evolving into men making themselves bleed by shoving medically unsound objects into their rot pockets so the ebil TERFS shut up about boys not having uterus linings to shed.

No. 1949131

None of them actually believe that periods or biology have nothing to do with womanhood. They just say that so women can’t have anything to define ourself by. They still see TIFs as women and know only female people menstruate which is exactly why they’re so obsessed with it. It kills them that this is something that distinguishes us from them that they can’t reach out and grab for themselves.

Even most handmaidens I know still openly love HP, they just preface it with calling JKR literally Hitler and admonishing other people for spending money on it (while quietly buying HL for themselves). I went to a general fantasy/nerd event earlier this year and there were groups of people of all ages in Hogwarts costumes everywhere you looked plus multiple stalls selling official and unofficial HP merchandise, but afterwards in the social media tags TRAs were talking about how glad they were that HP is “dead and gone” now. Tell me you weren’t there without telling me you weren’t there. Most normal people either don’t know about any controversy or they don’t care about it.

No. 1949135

lol felt somewhat sympathetic until he says his breakdown is over not getting hired at a strip club
fucking disgusting
>the womanhood i feel i'll never have
interesting how that's the one he phrases as him feeling he'll never have it, because in his mind he does have womanhood by being transgender, to him it's just him feeling like he doesn't

No. 1949136

i think that's just a towel or something like he just got out of the shower


No. 1949156

I have to disagree with you, I think its fair for women to get some time off during their period tbh. I dont want to work on my period, it fucking sucks. (We should all be working less but thats a different matter.) The issue is, companies must be held accountable to not hire less women just cause theyre required to give these days off. A hard thing to prove perhaps.

No. 1949162

nta but i also disagree somewhat. although, it's not that i think women are unable to work properly due to menstruation - it's more that working schedules (and society in general) is catered towards men's bodies. they just have a steady 24 hour circadian rhythm whereas woman also have a infradian rhythm which puts them at a disadvantage with the current structure of working hours. this should be reflected in how we work but i don't know what the solution should be exactly. i have endometriosis which is awful and had to take sick days/holiday days until i got a job that allows me to WFH during that time of the month.
amazing that he thinks time off menstruation is for other people's safety (because estrogen is making them crazy teehee!) and not for the woman's health and wellbeing as their uterus lining sheds. we're told we're meant to rest as much as possible but constant working schedules don't allow for that, so we have to treat our periods as a nuisance and disguise it as much as possible so we can hold down a job and keep a roof over our heads.
I would like working hours to be more flexible for women's cycles but have to say it does feel a bit menstruation hut-ish and the fact that troons have already made this about themselves is depressing.

No. 1949163

The fact that his family commented on his laptop stickers with “girls don’t like other girls boobs” gives the game away that he has porn stickers on his laptop. Bit of a blogpost but I was a love live fag in high school and had LL stickers all over my laptop but never got comments from friends or family about it because they weren’t pornographic, just cute anime girls. Plus I’m actually female and actually a lesbian unlike this guy who’s family is just concerned about his porn addiction

No. 1949164

File: 1704051652681.jpg (427.81 KB, 2048x1536, 1000003744.jpg)

that ain't a towel

No. 1949165

It's so funny that these geezers all have fried hairlines so they don't know where normal hairlines start and put their wig on their fucking eyebrows

No. 1949169

That the made up shit is this? Do they not know the definition of a symptom? Or that a menstrual cycle starts when a non fertilized egg goes down the fallopian tube? They can google loli porn, but not a real womans anatomy?

No. 1949170

I'm sorry nonna. Did you play dance games too? I swear like half the guys I knew from the RGC have trooned. The worst kinds too because the hobby is already filled with tryhard autists who screech over getting a pad miss. Pair that with tranny rage and it's a recipe for disaster

No. 1949175

Random but I kinda like this illustration, do you know who the artist is?

No. 1949176

men not understanding the issue is men have historically threatened and assaulted women, and it’s not about sexuality. Lesbians don’t need to be segregated because they aren’t men, and they are targeted by men and need space away from them. there is no issue with them being attracted to women. I can’t tell if they don’t get it or they do and they’re manipulating the conversation anymore

No. 1949181

Haha nah, she's already doubled-down. Only downside is the author of the lesbian webcomic she uses as her icon has come out with the oblig 'TWAW' speech.
Lmao holy shit. I thought it was a towel too, wow.
Sorry nonna, I just saved it from here and that's the only source I can find.

No. 1949182

File: 1704054299857.jpg (24.46 KB, 543x370, HormoneCycle.jpg)

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume hormone replacement has the same dose of hormones every day? The reason why hormones give women symptoms is because it fluctuates day-by-day like this.

No. 1949184

The vast majority of biological women are probably not athletic or conventionally attractive enough to work at a strip club, either. Wait until he learns that many biological women have flat asses and saggy stomachs, not enough core strength to hang from a pole, crooked noses, are over the age of 30, or weigh more than 120 lbs.

No. 1949186

Even if troons tried to imitate the same hormone fluctuations, they still won't ever have a period or period symptoms. It doesn't matter if they imagine cramps or mood swings, they will never experience a menstrual cycle.

No. 1949189

This one looks like a tard on top of being an autist, so that would explain it better.

No. 1949193

Blogpost about my own feelings but honestly, coming onto this thread and learning about the period thing is what started peaking me after being a trans sympathizer for years.
If trans could just really try hard to fit in and adhere to female norms and live life quietly while knowing deep down they're biologically different, I could respect it somewhat.
But it's always a tragedy olympics. 'I have periods too!' 'I have PCOS too!' 'Any day now we can experience the miracle of childbirth!'
Not only that, but it's always about looking like the top 5% of women. 'Why can't I look like an anime goddess barbie doll? I DESERVE IT.' as if most women don't deal with our own insecurities and fail to fit societally-imposed beauty standards. Tfw my family always gives me a hard time about my weight, my hair is way too thin, I hate my moles but I don't sit there and wax poetic about how I 'deserve' to look better.

No. 1949197

>'Why can't I look like an anime goddess barbie doll?'
it's men's idea of what a woman is = hourglass porn doll with perfectly smooth skin and warm, innocent fuzzy thoughts and feelings. feminism taught women to reject these standards imposed on us by men, and now men who watch a lot of porn and intensify these stereotypes of what makes a woman in their mind - want to become the very thing they've created. man-made femininity, designed for men.
>If trans could just really try hard to fit in and adhere to female norms and live life quietly while knowing deep down they're biologically different, I could respect it somewhat.
i don't feel this way anymore but definitely still had sympathy for the old-school transexuals and crossdressers for a while after i peaked. the ones who knew they were men but just wanted to present as women. but even if there are some sympathetic reasons why they transition - it doesn't make it any less misogynistic and isn't a result of the homophobia they've internalised which should be challenged - not reconstructing the language women use to analyse our oppression and removing our single sex spaces. unfortunately there is no middle ground now. straight AGPs make up the majority and self ID has opened the floodgates for every opportunistic rapist and pedophile to creep on women and girls.

No. 1949203

File: 1704060809934.jpeg (44.85 KB, 600x365, kayvon-zand-12905cff-f3dd-4f82…)

Some guy I follow who only posts a few times a year on Twitter (but very active on Instagram, after looking up the username) went from a cool looking gender nonconforming man with a nice face, (very cool looking, like a modern Elvis) to a man with big round bolt-ons dressed like Shayna, sometime in the last year.

He had a very feminine wife (burlesque dancer) and two kids around aged 6 I believe. He seems to have trooned out big time in the past year and all his instagram videos have his bolt ons in prime focus.
He also released a song complete with extremely trashy, ass shaking music video which is named after the persian slang word for Pussy, as helpfully described in the caption.

As always I feel bad for his wife, she's got two young kids and an established marriage and now her husband is an embarrassment with his huge implants acting like a bimbo all over the internet.
Here's him and his wife before…

No. 1949206

holy shit lmao

No. 1949207

File: 1704061410783.jpg (101.26 KB, 640x800, p412652256_1122275562548676_79…)

What expression are you seeing here in his wife's eyes because I am definitely seeing something (it's actually 3 young kids they have now after scrolling the account)

No. 1949211

this was 100% likely driven by some form of porn addiction.

No. 1949214

>>1949207 She looks scared and uncomfortable. Of course the dude is only focusing on pursing his hilariously overlined butthole-shaped lips for the camera.

No. 1949215

This has been mentioned 100 times before already, but the idea of bone marrow-produced sperm allowing two women have babies together, is just as unlikely as a womb transplant. The whole premise is based on a paper from 2007, whose validity has been questioned. Despite this, it hasn't stopped being repeated in pop-science for over a decade at this point

No. 1949220

>They can google loli porn, but not a real womans anatomy?
Well, they are men, and most men don’t know shit about real women’s anatomy, nor do they tend to care.

No. 1949224

She looks like she’s internally screaming for help.

No. 1949227

File: 1704063760928.jpeg (Spoiler Image,52.79 KB, 306x460, kayvon zand.jpeg)

i looked him up and yeah, definite porn brain rot… spoiler for him forcing a woman's face into his crotch.
sad that he waited to have three kids with that woman before posting videos of himself doing the most pornified misogynist shit imaginable.

No. 1949230

File: 1704064186231.png (31.91 KB, 622x411, qekLh1T.png)

I've noticed that both TIMs and TIFs fetishize uber-misogynistic patriarchal cultures that had open practices of pederasty. TIMs, of course, wish they were these "ancient femboys" as part of their fetish, while TIFs desire a gay romance and to live in a culture where women were shunned in romantic love. Both delusions brought on by porn addiction and misogyny.

No. 1949234

> concubines and courtiers had to beg them to sleep with women to continue the royal line
Oh so they do know what a woman is/what makes them female when it comes to referring to them as breeding stock. They also know what makes a gay male gay; why weren’t those Chinese emperors or whatever fucking “trans boys” too and reproducing with them, if genital preference is a terf thing; if being homosexual is being attracted to “the same gender identity” and not to the same sex?

No. 1949244

File: 1704072515419.png (2.56 MB, 1284x2805, IMG_0210.png)

No. 1949246

ugh genuinley terrifying looking man
>where he admitted to having been arrested for child pornography
surprised she (assuming the commenter is indeed an actual lesbian) didn't get downvoted for misgendering a pedophile because I've seen that happen on reddit a few times. hopefully it might register that regardless of what people think of gender ideology, dangerous creeps are using it to harass women. and might think twice before applauding another "stunning and brave" creepy-looking man in a wig next time and instead question their motives for wanting to access women and girl-only spaces.

No. 1949248

>i was brought up to hit the same way
yes, because you were brought up as a man

No. 1949264

All the womb transplant talk in this thread has made me so relieved that as a biracial woman I hold no currency on the "renting/stealing body parts to make babies" market. I'll never be able to work as a surrogate if I were truly desperate, but frankly I'd die before I do that. Condolences the the white nonnies though. They're gonna disrespect your lack of donor status.

No. 1949287

The womb transplant thing is absolutely bleak I guess mutilating yourself permanently and scarring yourself mentally wasn't enough?do these trannoids genuinely enjoy pain?

No. 1949290

File: 1704086473378.jpeg (33.47 KB, 508x603, images (30).jpeg)

Nice to see Shaye Saint John back in action

No. 1949297

Jfc she deserves better.

No. 1949307

>I’m so girly and feminine!
>wearing a spiderman hoodie straight from the little boys’ section at walmart

No. 1949325

It's drawn by a farmer isn't it? I swear I remember her posting about it at some point when someone else mentioned the lesbian Moomin looking creatures

No. 1949337

File: 1704114630143.jpeg (312.8 KB, 1500x1060, jamie genderin'.jpeg)

mostly sharing because this reply to his tweet made me kek but it's always their go-to that women are all about looks and jealousy. even if we did care about that shit, we wouldn't have anything to worry about. as if the only reason women don't want these creeps in our spaces if because we're jealous of drag-queen looking men.

No. 1949341

File: 1704115584410.jpeg (219.5 KB, 750x1265, GCtHTBLXkAAD6Xx.jpeg)

Picrel: Waste of human cells is jealous that his sister was sexually abused as a child by their uncle, and wishes it had been him.

Sorry nonna, honestly I didn't read that side too closely. Didn't realise it was legit suggesting reproduction with absolutely zero male involvement.
Did anyone point out the obvious 'you mean peadophilia' to them…?

No. 1949342

>Complains about bull dogged faced bitches
>Is one

No. 1949344

They just fetishize pregnancy but don't understand any aspects of it and think it can't be harder than taking controlled hormones with little to no painful side effects (at least until long term)

Although the upside to this is that maybe when moids can get pregnant medical companies will finally do enough research to make medicines that actually work for pains, migraines, hyperemesis, etc that all come with pregnancy since all they ever do is tell women to suck it up and that it's all part of pregnancy

No. 1949345

The first day of the year and I'm this close to a-logging.

No. 1949348

>although the upside
I can’t even read this post as a cynical joke bc it upsets me so much to think that they would even try with real effort to make male pregnancy a thing. Praying it really is completely impossible forever amen.

No. 1949349

>pedophile uncle is the one who "fully accepts" his nephew being a tranny

No. 1949350

Jfc I really hope this is just bait

No. 1949364

File: 1704126404381.jpg (359.35 KB, 1080x1846, Twatter.jpg)

Change your hearts or perish? This guy writes like an autistic violent moid. Honestly a lot of trannies write like this.

No. 1949367

I mean, if they actually knew how to carve anything, they could've made their own shelters and bathrooms but here we are.

No. 1949368

I hope the sister finds his posts and cuts him ouf of her life. An unhinged part of me wants to make friends with troons, get them to confess their fucked up thoughts literally just so I can show them to their families (in particular to their mothers and sisters)

No. 1949369

Even if they try to mimic hormones perfectly it just doesn't work because they simply have the wrong body for it. You can stuff you car full of macaroni n cheese but it will never be able to run on it, that's just not how the system is wired. Even though a real human would be perfectly fine and energized from the food, and in turn a human would die if he gulped down gas meant to make the car run.

Or if you wanna go more human, hrt is like giving an allergic/intolerant person nothing but food their bodies can't process. Milk, gluten, nuts - the person just becames sick, weak and bloated at best (or dies at worst).

No. 1949371

File: 1704130707203.jpg (74.86 KB, 590x482, unnamedk.jpg)

Clown world

No. 1949373

"Hiiiiiii this is Shaye Saint Jooohn. Welcome to my website~" I used to think that site was literally haunted when I was a kid, lmfao

No. 1949379

Literally giving men carte blanche to beat women. If I was a female boxer I would abstain from competitions and make my own. Because this is ridiculous.

No. 1949381

File: 1704132255384.png (549.17 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240101-130401.png)

This is probably bait but it still feels real. I really hope it is.

No. 1949382

He’s trying to sound like Cato the Elder. Who, incidentally, hated excess and decadence and thus would have hated trannies.

Same. I wouldn’t mind being able to permanently tattoo some of their more unhinged posts onto their own faces, either.

No. 1949383

My tinfoil is that this is backed by powerful men with a lot of money. Maybe even “conservative” men. Because they have a fetish for or otherwise want to see men brutalizing women. Look at any corner of the web revolving around fight videos and look at the kinds of men who watch and comment those. They desperately want to beat women. See also “equal rights equal fights”

No. 1949384

kek he looks like if that drag queen porkchop put on a blond wig. oh you just know he's seething.

No. 1949385

from what've seen in this thread, it tracks.

No. 1949386

so infuriating that some of the commenters just blindly accepted this degenerate. our spaces mean absolutely nothing.

No. 1949388

It would still be overrun or actively attacked for "trans-misogyny" and if all the women left women's boxing they'd still be attacked and harassed because women are damned if they do damned if they don't. The world is dying for opportunities to destroy us. I hope they at least get in a few good licks before the men are done taking this from us too.

No. 1949391

File: 1704134090303.jpeg (1.07 MB, 4096x2304, IMG_7942.jpeg)

how can you be so oblivious? handmaidens need to stop giving out fake compliments to TIMs

No. 1949393

This is one of the dumbest tranny name stories ever. He steals the name of his brother's child and then proceeds to ree that it was a joke name this whole time. It's a perfect comedy.

No. 1949404

It's so fucking gross and malebrained that they put so much stock into getting cat called because they are the ones that fucking do it. No real woman has ever felt complimented by a cat call, it's literally the same as a threat. It's supposed to be threatening. And yet these men fucking fetishize it. Trying so hard not to a-log.

No. 1949407

This post likely peaked everyone on that sub, they just don’t show it.

No. 1949417

Actually I think troons in women's combat sports is way more offensive to men than anything else because of the 'men can't hit women' thing alarming them. Men who don't really care about or understand the issue as a whole are completely adamant troons shouldn't be there, because of the nature of the sport. Much more so than other sports. This has been going on for a long time too.

>Fallon Fox (born November 29, 1975) is an American former mixed martial artist (MMA), and the first MMA fighter who is openly transgender.

>Matthew Steven Mitrione (born July 15, 1978) is an American retired mixed martial artist and former American football player, who competed for both the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and most recently for Bellator MMA.
>On April 8, 2013, it was announced that Mitrione had his contract suspended by the UFC after making comments about male-to-female transgender fighter Fallon Fox during an interview on The MMA Hour. Mitrione called Fox a "lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak" who he hoped would never fight again, and referred to Fox by male pronouns. Mitrione also criticized the state of Florida for licensing Fox to fight. The suspension was lifted after two weeks when Mitrione's next fight against Brendan Schaub was announced.

>He's still a man. He was a man for 31 years. Thirty-one years. That's a couple years younger than I am. He's a man. Six years of taking performance de-hancing drugs, you think is going to change all that? That's ridiculous.

>That is a lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak. And I mean that. Because you lied on your license to beat up women. That's disgusting. You should be embarrassed yourself. And the fact that Florida licensed him because California licensed him or whoever the hell did it, it's an embarrassment to us as fighters, as a sport, and we all should protest that.

I wonder if anyone can still say this today and have a career.

Also, obviously this shit is financed against what the market wants and what the sports want, but it's financed by a progressive agenda like other things. It is really weird though. Literally no one likes it. A few vocal people on social media who never even knew the sport existed is not anyone.

No. 1949428

File: 1704139663044.jpeg (534.23 KB, 786x2182, IMG_2551.jpeg)

I saw this post and realised it’s the same guy. No wonder his bag got searched

No. 1949430

>slave boy employee
racist moid to tranny pipeline strikes again. even if it somehow wasn't that's such a weird way to refer to someone like what?

No. 1949431

>when will I be treated the same as every other girl?
Never because you're not a girl. You're a grown-ass man.

No. 1949433

I can't take this post seriously at all. This guy went to a club in his little spinny skirt with a backpack stuffed with a Switch, headphones and FOUR Nintendo DSs? This cannot be real. The "slave boy" should have given him a swirly before he threw him out of the bathroom.

No. 1949434

Exactly. The only thing I’ve ever felt being cat-called is fear. It’s not a compliment, it’s a way to tell women that we aren’t in control and to demean us.

No. 1949435

I wish women could just protest by leaving the sports entirely. But I guess there are professional female boxers whose livelihood depends on it.

No. 1949440

The way he describes pissing is so odd, he wasn't desperate since he took bathroom selfies first, he opened the door supposedly in the middle of it - peeing takes like 30 seconds so pausing is a strange choice here, and then this idea of "finishing peeing" is strange to me because you can just hold it in until later. Kinda sounds like he was doing something else because that's not how the bladder works, like if he was just pissing then wait another 10 seconds and finish before opening the door and having an altercation with a based "karen"

Also why does he have 4 game consoles in his bag?! One is ok, but why do you need every iteration of a console on your person. Very strange individual.

No. 1949443

>change their hearts or perish
don't give him credit for that, it's just poorly hidden twin peaks plagiarism. instead, let's laugh together that the number one transmisogynist concern he mentions before tranny street walker murders or anything is 'when college girls in the facebook queer housing group say they want female roommates only and exclude me from the listing'

No. 1949444

Also samefag I suspect he was so keen to open the door mid-piss is because his dick was out and he made sure the manager saw it. He probably thought (in his porn addled mind) a catgirl was out there desperate for his cock and was disappointed to find it was a normal person telling him to gtfo

No. 1949447

>they never say this to my female cousins
Perhaps because the female cousins aren't lounging around topless with their mantits out?
His list of "girly traits" being walking to starbucks, thinking about cute boys and liking pink, jesus wept. Even the 6 year old girls these pedos emulate have more depth than them.

No. 1949448

omg i somehow missed the FIVE nintendo handhelds!
>two DSis (why does he need two in the same bag?)
four of them are just the same console it's not like he's carrying around a DS and a 3DS that had different games available, four of those play the exact same games.

No. 1949453

>hey kid, you want a DS? I've got a whole bag full of them
>the other kids will get jealous if they see you getting it though, we should go somewhere private first :)
could just see this kind of shit happening

No. 1949457

File: 1704145920035.jpeg (331.08 KB, 960x1976, IMG_9498.jpeg)

No. 1949458

File: 1704145967677.jpeg (452.71 KB, 960x1980, IMG_9499.jpeg)

that 5’oclock shadow

No. 1949463

it's GREEN.

No. 1949466

Kekk I can tell the type of girl he is trying to skinwalk. They can never dress their age huh
>ethical non monogamy
Of course

No. 1949467

File: 1704146943425.png (1.76 MB, 1216x1172, should be illegal.png)

I've come across this "Trans lesbian" TIM calling himself Annie Gallagher. Has "feminist" in bio but writes reviews of snuff/guro/torture porn games. Quote in picture is from https://guardianacorn.com/2021/11/24/sadistic-blood-pc-grotesque-nightmare-fuel-detailed-review-nsfl/ (NSFL, proceed with caution). He should be institutionalised before he rapes and murders a woman irl.

No. 1949469

is he trying to act out some kind of patrick bateman esque larp? did he miss the memo about AP and about how that guy is a massive loser? has his porn addiction melted his brain?

No. 1949474

men are not human

No. 1949481

File: 1704149118088.png (Spoiler Image,2.04 MB, 1582x1322, Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 22.44…)

holy shit
spoilered because degeneracy/nsfw

he needs to become intimately close to some rope

No. 1949485

You might want to rephrase that.

No. 1949488

File: 1704149748666.jpg (640.89 KB, 971x1742, Screenshot_20240101-145130_Thr…)

>"trans women are women"
ensures his male genitalia is the main focal point in attached pic
Also the way he typed using repetition like that makes it sound super brainwashy.

No. 1949489

>a trans woman doesn't belong in the men's bathroom
I thought gender was a social construct and genitals mean nothing

No. 1949499

surprised he recognises that people are shocked or afraid when they see him in the street kek. most trannies seem to interpret these looks as lustful.

No. 1949507

rest easy ladies, male pregnancy will never happen. We can't even extend the human lifespan or stop aging yet. And I think former is more likely and profitable than sewing a womb into a sissy man

No. 1949512

My guess is he was having his 'euphoria' moment and moaning freaking out the women in there and got kicked for that.

No. 1949515

If I were to entertain a scenario where a male is taking hormones that make his levels indistinguishable from a womans during her 28 day cycle, he STILL won't have a period because there is no fucking uterus to start shedding the lining of, or ovulation pain when an egg bursts from the follicle to make its merry way down the fallopian tube.

No. 1949523

File: 1704156343433.png (3.96 MB, 1919x1919, 1000000830.png)

found this in a furry kiwifarms thread

No. 1949527

Repeating this from the previous thread, but "trans women's periods" are literally hormone-induced diarrhea and resulting stomach aches. It may sound like a joke, but it's not. That's what they are comparing periods to, actual shit.

No. 1949533

File: 1704157140109.png (15.99 KB, 72x67, plush.png)

>the pain of having a uterus alongside the dysphoria of not having one
so any man that gets diarrhea cramps now has phantom uterus pain i guess
>aunt woe
they even have to change the word "flow" to make it all about them. dear lord
>except for bleeding. basically everything that someone with a uterus gets
so not bleeding, clots, discomfort of pad/tampons, destroying your clothes/bedding, being shamed, mocked and humiliated by men for this natural and unavoidable biological process, and you know.. actually experiencing a real fucking period. but JUST like women because of the diarrhea bloats!
>shark plushie

and remember, if you dare talk about your period in relationship to your womanhood - you're a fucking TERF pos. but please listen to TIMs whine about how their intestines are spasming which is a direct result of them being true and honest women!

No. 1949534

>Menstruation itself isn't the actual cause of period pain, women are just delusional
Trannies reach new levels of misogyny every day.

No. 1949537

Sorry for ot but does anyone know why they use the retard "x" spelling? Folks is already gender neutral I really can't understand why they need to spell it weird.

No. 1949540

i know it's just mental illness, but where is the pain supposed to be coming from if they don't even have a uterus to cramp?

No. 1949541

People who use "folx" typically explain it as being a way of signposting that they're aligned with TQA+ politics. It's virtue signaling, by their own admission.

No. 1949542

When he says
>It's not a placebo
Does he mean to say that it's not psychosomatic? Because it absolutely is, at least in part. It's already been mentioned here several times, but troons take a level dose of conjugated estrogen at whatever interval they're prescribed. Hormonal birth control pills are similar, which is why each one-month packet contains a few sugar pills, temporarily taking the patient off the drug sp they can have a period. Birth control and hormonal IUDs don't have this functionality, so patients who use those have a level dosage of estrogen and therefore don't have a period. Long story short, periods happen when estrogen and progesterone are at their lowest, so taking a level dose of estrogen eliminates them. These troons are claiming to have periods under conditions that would actually cancel them out if they were really female. What they're interpreting as "periods" are unrelated side effects at the absolute most, and likely also psychosomatic to some degree. Conjugated estrogen drugs also increase risk of blood clots, are trannies going to say that's a "period," too?
Trannies say offensive nonsense like this and then act shocked that they're bleeding support. I wouldn't mind, were it not for the fact that it's also making people more homophobic purely by association.

No. 1949545

The "info"graphic implies that it's just the brain making shit up when there's a sufficient amount of "girl hormones" in someone's body.

No. 1949546

File: 1704159308447.png (87.75 KB, 1595x876, hyperthyroidahoy.png)

cross sex hormone-induced hyperthyroidism. almost every "uwu periods uwu feminine" effect they claim from HRT is just their thyroid freaking tf out because of all the cross-sex hormones they're pumping into their bodies
>mood swings, irritability
>muscle weakness ("can't open the pickle jar anymore teehee")
>excess urination/defecation
and because they're moids who almost certainly did not pass a single health class, they're mistaking the pain in their intestines for a phantom uterus that totes exists because of their undeniable ladybrains (the ladybrain thing is sarcasm, in case it weren't obvious)

No. 1949547

Who the fuck can "pause" peeing? Is this a moid thing?

No. 1949548

This will get women killed.

No. 1949550

You can it's one of the ways they suggest to help you find your kegal muscles. That said, it's unhealthy and you shouldn't make it a habit because it can weaken your bladder.

No. 1949552

>try to find my nudes uwu
No thank you, I just ate.

No. 1949553

Someone upthread suggested he was jacking off instead of peeing. I think that's far more believable than the "pee pausing" story OP gave. He could have also been stealing used pads from the trash or placing spy cameras, which is why the staff immediately checked his bag after catching him.
Do you honestly think that >>1949063 is doing kegals?

No. 1949557

While it makes a lot more sense for him to decide to jerk off right after staring at himself in the mirror (as trannies are known to do) I think the whole story is made up, to be honest. His other claims aren't exactly realistic. I don’t think men(even chasers or fags) are throwing hundreds of dollars at a guy who looks like someone's autistic little brother. Who in their right goddamn mind brings a tote bag full of electronics to a bar, where people are dancing and spilling drinks? Why would the bouncer go through his shit after catching him masturbating? Most places where they check your purse do it at the front door. None of it makes any sense.

No. 1949558

funny how on this infographic about 100% real womanly woman menstruation I associate the symptoms only with indigestion because these men fucking never want to admit that bowel pain and uterine muscles contractions are two very distinct sensations
like wtf is this countermeasure list, a man's way to fight diarrhea?

No. 1949569

>drink caffeine
meanwhile actual Women would NEED to avoid it during their period

No. 1949572

I don’t think it happened. most likely he hardly leaves his house or interacts with anyone and just goes online to write self-pitying fantasies

No. 1949574

Lol it's literally the first thing that pops up when you search 'caffeine for period cramps' on Google. This tranny must just associate midol and pamprin with periods and saw that both have caffeine in the regular version

No. 1949585

It is a scrote thing. Very ladylike.

No. 1949591

notice that afab only housing is being mentioned only. guess there's a clear intent as to why. like at the very least, to be fair to the tifs, mention amab only housing but i doubt troons are willing to be at disadvantaged or actually face the reality that men are the worst aggressors and discriminators of transphobia.

but no, it's the women, only the very brave few, who just wants men out of their own space.

No. 1949592

i meant stopping cancer but my point stands

No. 1949593

i have no problem with caffeine on my period(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1949598

I'm sorry but it has to be said, why the need to illustrate such disproportionate large breasts and wide hips on a "PSA", and on a simplified silhouette, no less (we know why, but it never ceases to disgust).

No. 1949605

Why is he putting a signature on his tweets like it's 2003 and we're on a forum?

No. 1949607

AYRT No, I agree he was jacking off. I don't know that kegals even effect men's bladders, I avoid all knowledge about male bodies. I was answering the anatomy question about pausing in peeing for women.

No. 1949632

There's something so evil (I want to chalk it up to cognitive dissonance, but I can't) about decrying ICE and "AFAB only housing" in the same tweet when female undocumented immigrants are often both housing insecure and at increased risk of experiencing sexual violence.

No. 1949643

File: 1704177297727.png (222.9 KB, 598x649, v1fab.png)

no fucking winning with these degens.

No. 1949650

Those are validating experiences for any woman, so migrant women have nothing to complain about!

No. 1949665

Sorry for blogging but when I was pregnant and preparing for birth, I came across several sources that compared the feeling of needing to push with needing to poop and the male OBGYN who popped into the room while I was in labour also asked me if I felt like I needed to poop, which was apparently his way of asking if I felt like I needed to start pushing. I was so confused because the feeling is completely different. I know what my uterus and cervix feel like and they’re not in my lower intestine! Men need to stay the fuck out of gynaecology because they have no idea what they’re talking about.

Because he’s autistic and quoting a Roman senator.

Didn’t you know that pre-colonisation BIPOC of colour had hundreds of genders and no concept of sex? Surely brown female undocumented immigrants are fine sharing accommodation with violent rapists as long as those violent rapists profess a feminine gender identity.

No. 1949666

I dont think its common for men to be able to purposely pause their urine stream either

No. 1949707

I love how they always bring this up as if those "ancient femboys" werent all LITTLE KIDS!! They wanted them to be young and "feminine" looking, they were being über pedos because nobody gave a shit about little kids compared to a king

No. 1949708

Plus these same societies looked down on homosexual male relationships where both partners were equal, and being the “bottom” in this type of relationship was the height of shame. They weren’t cool with homosexuality in the modern sense. They were cool with men raping boys in addition to raping girls and women. So enlightened!
When I see TIMs praise this shit I generally assume they’re HSTS who are sick of all their partners being on the dl and would prefer a society where men can be open about cheating on their wives with trannies without getting made fun of.

No. 1949714

This, sex with between two adult men(regardless of whose top or bottom) is considered a sin and unnatural, but sex between a man and a "beardless youth"(a prepubescent boy) is permissible or given leeway, you see this a lot in the most Islamist regions.

No. 1949715

It's always the most patriarchal societies that would have these fucked up dynamics as well.

No. 1949716

why do people do this

No. 1949734

>consider women property that should be only raped by their husband, keep them locked up
>rape little boys or sometimes men castrated against their will instead

Peak woke socities

No. 1949741

Can y'all stop with the ignorance? Ancient Greece and ancient Rome were FAR less mysoginistic and homophobic than current America.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1949744

cant tell if trolling or retarded

No. 1949752

Average result of the American education system. Ignorant cow.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1949771

File: 1704212872071.jpg (120.38 KB, 1080x896, GCxwCDaWQAA8ozx.jpg)

as if that hasn't been happening already

trannies are the new religion you can't ever make fun of

No. 1949773

The song of Achilles is not a based on historical fact anon

No. 1949774

I’m going to make 2024 my most transphobic year ever

No. 1949778

File: 1704213229156.jpg (27.65 KB, 373x235, 1655017205051.jpg)

No punishment of others will ever make this shitty moid a woman. And people are getting VERY fed up with trans nonsense now. 2024 will be the year people en masse stop giving a fuck about troonery.

No. 1949779

Arguably people like him make it worse for them as a whole.

No. 1949780

Kek same. Not being transphobic enough is my only 2023 regret.
You learned that on tumblr or twitter?

No. 1949782

File: 1704214712045.jpeg (140.9 KB, 1151x683, 1703568996037.jpeg)

Letss gooo

No. 1949790

>These troons are claiming to have periods under conditions that would actually cancel them out if they were really female
THIS. this is what always gets me. I took birth control (combined hormone pill) to STOP my periods due to endometriosis. I still go side effects from the synthetic hormones like sore tits and low mood but there is no way i would ever refer to those symptoms as being related to a period because there is a complete absence of a period (Which is why i was taking the damn pills).

No. 1949791

File: 1704215773532.jpg (80.61 KB, 890x649, GCz3ZB6asAAZpze.jpg)

2024 is the year of the dragon, a powerful year, time to level up your terve power everyone

No. 1949807

2024 might be the year the current world order likely collapses, we'll be war and dictatorships everywhere, but of course this entitled twat only cares about "transphobia".

No. 1949815

Idk I've always been able to do this. You just pull up with the muscles in that area. I've heard it's bad for you though so I don't do it, but it's not hard. Really once you guys start peeing you're incapable of stopping?

No. 1949822

The creepy AI generated purple hair looks more like a TIF than a TIM though, XX would make more sense.

No. 1949825

glad I'm not the only one kek. it's definitely not easy or convenient and like you say it's not good for you. but you can use your pelvic floor to stop the stream.

No. 1949828

File: 1704220175780.png (172.78 KB, 828x1792, IMG_1657.png)

No. 1949830

i think you read that wrong, nona. high estrogen in men indicates that he might have hyperthyroidism, ie the hyperthyroidism is causing the high estrogen not vice versa. so most trannys probably dont have that condition

No. 1949832


I learnt that by translating that stuff MYSELF. I took Latin and ancient Greek for five years.
That's why I get particularly annoyed when some dumb moron who probably barely graduated out of a high school in 'murica is going to pretend their extremely homophobic and sexist country is better.(derailing)

No. 1949833

So… do you realize Achilles was their main legendary fictional hero, their Superman, and he was openly bisexual? With adult men, not with teens.
Their literal ideal man was a bisexual guy.(derailing)

No. 1949838

Who gives a shit

No. 1949839

Oh, smart people do give a shit, since knowledge is power.
You, on the other hand…..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1949840

idk why because I’ve been reading this thread for ages, but the push that “period pains are solely caused by hormones” and leaving out that prostaglandins signal an inflammatory response and make your uterus contract, thus causing the pain is really bothering me. Women’s health is so misunderstood and our pain is treated as a nonfactor, and they are making it so much worse by making the conversation about including them

No. 1949849

Agreed. If it helps, I've seen the most pushback online when tims try to redefine what a period is. Even libfems get irked by that move (because they know what biological sex is, even if they pretend it's all a construct)

No. 1949850

File: 1704224362215.png (403.24 KB, 748x1094, ss.png)

I was scrolling through Japanese twitter regarding the recent earthquake and tsunami, and apparently there's no actual washrooms for women, just genderless ones.

No. 1949851

File: 1704224478521.png (124.95 KB, 748x844, Screenshot.png)

No. 1949854

File: 1704224934862.png (545.13 KB, 748x826, eye roll.png)

No. 1949863

File: 1704225692547.jpeg (464.65 KB, 1200x1800, menz society.jpeg)

there are signs like this in ladies loos of universities across the UK and some based women posted the second poster in protest. of course, they were investigated for "transphobia"
(side note: I can't believe the poster in picrel was from 2015. this shit has been going on for so long now)
i can't see how it doesn't raise red flags for more women, especially mothers seeing their daughters being told to disregard their intuition and putting men's desires above their own feeling of safety. by the logic of these posters, any man has access to women's spaces and women aren't allowed to say anything.

No. 1949868

This is so evil. Whereas women’s instinct during a disaster is to try to help and band together, males’ instinct is to rape rape rape while they can get away with it. Antisocial creatures who can’t really be called human imo.

No. 1949870

this won't move your career forward, oliver.

No. 1949871

ugh sad considering japanese women tend to just awkwardly and quietly endure the perverted creepy male freaks feeling them up in trains, buses, etc because women and girls are too afraid to make a scene
i'm praying for the safety of those women at centers

No. 1949881

Isn’t this normal in Japan? I thought they usually have mixed bathing and restrooms except in big cities

No. 1949882

The UK is an absolute shithole where moids get like 2 years in jail for child rape and the police would rather arrest someone for driving a petrol car in a low emission zone than crack down on rape gangs and all the pedos in the government.

No. 1949883

I wonder why these ideologues feel the need to be so antagonistic, even If i didn't hate trannies that sign would rub me the wrong way, it's so unprofessional.

No. 1949886

I don't live in Japan but considering japan's "puritan" culture when it comes to regular women, I doubt they would have mixed bathing spaces.

No. 1949894

no it's not normal. places like hot springs, restrooms, and even some hotels and train cars are segregated by sex.

No. 1949896

the country that has women only subway wagons during rush hour definitely does not normally have mixed bathing and restroom facilities. Even if you go to an onsen or public bath in small towns, it's separated. There might be exceptions or another mixed area, but it's not common. I think you can even find hotels with women only floors.

No. 1949900

They do have mixed onsens in Japan and always have. Also Japan doesn’t have Judeo Christian morality so they aren’t as puritan as you think. Working as a prostitute or doing porn isn’t looked down on the way it is in the west. Geisha were essentially glorified prostitutes and were treated like celebrities (and still are).

No. 1949902

Konyoku still exist in Japan. It was puritanical western colonialists who pressured the Japanese to stop mixed bathing and made being nude seem perverted and weird (but of course still enjoyed paying Japanese women for sex behind their wives backs).

No. 1949906

Yeah, whatever, the evil gaijin ruined mixed bathing and if Japan had stayed isolated forever, being nude around moids would be super safe even in modern times.(racebaiting)

No. 1949910

there's mixed sex baths, there's private baths, there's separated sex baths. Point is, it's your choice.

In cities, you'll run into bathrooms for both genders because of space issues - not for political, trying to be woke/inclusive, etc. And those bathrooms are mostly just 1 toilet only, not a bathroom full of stalls.

No. 1949914

>muh dysphoria about not having a period
Tfw plenty of actual women have irregular or completely missing periods due to a variety of health reasons

No. 1949920

If mass rapes happened in mixed baths then no women or children would have attended them, likewise they wouldn’t have existed and been so popular among both men and women for so many centuries, before foreigners came along and made a perfectly normal practice seem perverted and sexualized. Go be butthurt elsewhere.

No. 1949923

>they used to have child prostitutes
So did Europeans and Americans lol. The age of consent in the US was 7-10 years old deadening on state until little over a century ago. Child rape and child brothels were so rife and popular in Europe and America that they ended up having a child syphilis epidemic and having to raise the AOC to reduce pressure on the hospitals.(derailing)

No. 1949924

Are you serious?? You do realize before the gaijin not excusing it britbong moids are the same came japan already had a problem of samurais raping women and children and women were treated as sub human? They used to have child prostitutes.. its that same cultural misogynistic mindset they have today. Japanese moids are incels same like the korean ones have you seen the state they're in? the fuck are you on about? its laughable in a natural disaster a women's safety is less prioritised than a fucking moids right to access a private space. The continuous segregation should tell you the state of the moids there(racebaiting)

No. 1949925

Depending on state**

No. 1949927

The FBI analyzed CP images from all over the internet and found the vast majority of the perpetrators in them were white. Millions of white moids go to Asia to rape kids every year. You should worry about your own western pedo epidemic instead of Japan’s where child sex crimes are 10x lower.(racebaiting)

No. 1949928

Calm down, I was being sarcastic about other anon saying that mixed bathing was ruined by "colonizers".

No. 1949929

Where's this non-white moid worship coming from? All moids are predators even if Japan and every other country under the sun claims to have less child sex crimes (they're lying)

No. 1949931

>>instead of Japan’s where child sex crimes are 10x lower
KEK OK troon

No. 1949934

Also, White moids in the US are 5x more likely to be convicted of child sex abuse than Asian moids in the US, even when populations are adjusted for. So cope. Asian moids aren’t the ones you need to be worrying about raping kids lol.(racebaiting)

No. 1949936

>Unironically using conviction statistics in a country known for having issues convicting criminals
Go back

No. 1949937

File: 1704233279047.png (66.23 KB, 1000x743, DF13231C-86D8-42D5-930A-4B3787…)

Also ignoring the fact white moids commit a massive amount of rape in Japan and Korea despite being less than 1% of the population there lol. Your kids are far more likely to be raped by a white moid than a Korean or Japanese.(derailing retard)

No. 1949938

File: 1704233405576.jpeg (689.79 KB, 3512x2984, 79C8638E-CFFE-40A5-8D2E-2A4792…)

>meanwhile rape epidemic in foreigner filled areas like Okinawa is so bad that local Japanese women regularly protest to get American men kicked out of the country and stop raping them and their daughters
Lol(derailing retard)

No. 1949940

File: 1704233572706.gif (154.6 KB, 246x325, get the rope.gif)

Report and ignore the bait

No. 1949941

I’m a biological woman, cope seethe and go back. poltard scrote.

There’s been multiple rapes and sexual assaults in the US and UK on trains and yet those governments don’t even bother to give women separate cars and allow the rapes to continue. Meanwhile the Japanese government gave a separate car for women to feel safer and somehow you think Japan is more sexist than the west? Please.

No. 1949944

Nobody said they're more sexist than the west, just that they have a pervert problem and it was not created by the Meiji Restauration. Stop your OT Japan worship sperging, please.

No. 1949951

Is this the same sperg that was talking about ancient Greece being less sexist than america upthread

No. 1949959

How could non-American societies have been sexist or homophobic when they didn’t even know binary sex existed before colonisers told them about it? Checkmate terves

No. 1949974

File: 1704237971396.jpeg (743.78 KB, 828x822, IMG_4501.jpeg)

Why did you show me this retard. This dumbass claims to have been me too’d by a hentai game

No. 1949982

File: 1704239776848.jpeg (243.32 KB, 1593x1270, IMG_1916.jpeg)

mr. giraffe

Japanese phones come with permanent camera shutter sound and they're allowing troons in women's bathrooms now tho

No. 1949984

File: 1704239897399.png (362 KB, 601x888, Screenshot_1.png)

I wish we could use these creeps as posters to peak other women.

No. 1949986

File: 1704240080135.png (434.52 KB, 748x780, ew.png)

if onision pretended he was a woman

No. 1949991

File: 1704240887894.jpeg (Spoiler Image,75.55 KB, 665x500, IMG_6806.jpeg)

Reminds me more of Patrick Warburton tbh

No. 1950005

File: 1704242440360.png (1.29 MB, 728x1216, ew 2.png)

No. 1950016

File: 1704244796458.jpg (99 KB, 1284x975, GClqV6maAAAk-JP.jpg)


No. 1950018

“Tell me to pull the lever, Kronk….”

No. 1950019

lmao yeah OK. terfs and troons deserve each other tbh they're so much alike.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1950069

File: 1704254336995.jpeg (255.33 KB, 1170x1154, IMG_8454.jpeg)

my favorite troons are the certifiably insane ones like this guy and Farrah F’n Flawless.

No. 1950076

File: 1704255435095.mp4 (6.7 MB, freak.mp4)

The weirdo kid groomer just confessed he use to steal women's clothes so he could wear them. He didn't mention undergarments but I assume he stole those too.

No. 1950095

File: 1704258314458.png (1.59 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20240102-210059~2.p…)

what does this mean

No. 1950100

>Stole women's clothing from thrift stores
>"Snatched" women's clothing from a different, unclarified source
>Implies that his thefts were a good thing, and that it would have been bad if he hadn't stole
The way he phrases this somehow makes it even more unsettling than it already is.

No. 1950104

I hope he has no sisters…

No. 1950114

They always smile like that, they close their eyes but doesn't look like a genuine
happy smile, it is always so creepy. "Trans joy" is just their little dicks getting hard from the thought of invading women spaces.

No. 1950116

Legit thought I was looking at two dead bodies from the thumbnail

No. 1950132

It's giving hairband-guy-on-meth energy

No. 1950134

As if they haven't spent the last five or six years doxing people and trying to get them fired for knowing the difference between male and female. How are they going to redouble their efforts in that regard? Dox another random person for every supposed troonphobe they dox? How can they possibly be more censorious than they already are?

No. 1950140

Funny that he Tweets this at a time when the general public are tired of twans rights, and have been exposed to mainstream degenerates like Hunter and his scrawled manifesto about wanting to be raped and eaten to "feel like a woman" (which has gone viral on Twitter, with very much mixed reactions) and Dylan and his general overt creepiness and inability to pass (inspiring multiple boycotts following his brand deals). Things are definitely swinging the other way now. We are well past the time when (due to lack of exposure) people believe it's just sweet, effeminate men who need to be protected.
Giving trans women the huge platform and media power they have been given for the last few years has definitely backfired since there is actually not a single one who isn't, upon the most brief inspection, a creepy, larping degenerate, nevermind the convicted criminal subsect.

No. 1950144

I hope he’s just saying he wants to double down on cyberbullying people on twitter but like you said, they can’t get much worse in that regard than they already are. It wouldn’t surprise me if this narrative is going to lead to more shootings and other violence. Their censorship can’t get much more dystopian than it already is without them escalating in other ways as well.

No. 1950149

>"How are they going to redouble their efforts in that regard? Dox another random person for every supposed troonphobe they dox?"
This isn't necessarily the same thing, but TRAs already have a history of doing harm to people who are innocent, even by their standards. Look up "satoryuga" on tumblr. They doxed an ESL normie woman because she blocked a TIM because he sexually harassed her. There were TRAs admitting that they didn't even think she was transphobic, but that they "needed to make an example of her anyways".

No. 1950154

kek i hate twitter but these notes are great! now if they could deal with the cp issue..

No. 1950164

Jp anon here, the only time I have ever heard of mixed bathing was some unofficial hot springs spot out in the woods. Apparently it’s popular with foreigners, which basically guarantees that it’s a creepy Japanese man magnet too. I can’t imagine any normal Japanese woman showing up to that kind of thing. And in regards to the toilets, ignoring that case at the Kabukicho Tower building last year, all toilets I’ve seen relabeled as “All Gender Toilet” have just been the single room disability toilets. The English language articles virtue signaling toilet shit and the troon acceptance are insane truth stretching in basically every case.

No. 1950174

the men take upskirt pictures/videos in trains, stations and toilets, and casually grope women in trains but i'm sure that, if only foreigners didn't ruin everything, mixed public baths would still be super popular. do they have more sex-segregated facilities than in the west because the brainwashing was suuuper effective? do they have child and teenager idols whose shows are only attended by middle aged men because of foreigners also? do they produce a shit ton of loli porn and are obsessed with the school uniform and women acting childish/cute because they're less pedophilic than white moids? get real. also this >>1949927 is not the argument you think it is, foreign pedos go to these countries because child prostitution is literally legal or ignored there. it's truly retarded to think that some races of men are somehow less prone to pedophilia and misogyny. you can love japan without being delusional about it.

No. 1950219

You’ve watched too much JAV. Get a life.

>JP anon here
Shut up larper.(infighting)

No. 1950227

File: 1704291353824.png (91.27 KB, 800x600, da3.png)

No. 1950235


Larper or just dumb? Mixed baths are a thing. Not very tourist friendly but I've been to a couple. They're not bad, it's usually elderly couples and only open for an hour or so. The rest of the time it does alternate between men and women so everyone gets a turn.

No. 1950250

Most mixed bathing places don’t allow foreigners, because Amerimutts can’t comprehend nudity as something natural and chill. Only some euros like Germans or Italians get it since they have tons of nude beaches, Americans are cumbrained and cant see anything in a non sexual light.(baiting)

No. 1950255

File: 1704294710967.jpg (153.29 KB, 828x978, GC5RfcgW8AA3btX.jpg)


No. 1950258

File: 1704295142837.jpg (657.02 KB, 1152x2048, 1000009997.jpg)

Not this straight man liking one of my lesbian posts…. Vomit fuel https://www.tumblr.com/laurellament/736912009330851840/pre-errands

No. 1950260

we got it anon you got called out on your bs

No. 1950265

>embryo created vagina

Wtf is this absolute hogwash of a statement? A vagina is a vagina. Are we going to say embryo created penis next? Oh, no. We aren't. Only women are getting othered in English.

No. 1950273

The amount of cope, I swear to god. They really do tell on themselves when they do this shit. Straight men are fully aware that their rot pockets are nothing like vaginas, they can smell the stink from their crotch holes filled with fecal bacteria and pus. They're desperately grasping onto any straw that lets them pretend they have loli animu pussy because the reality of their non-reversible surgery is too much for them to handle.

No. 1950292

Which country has female only train cars due to how many male pedos grope and photograph women? Japan, right?

No. 1950299

Yeah. I've been in them, they're really nice. They seem to mainly operate during rush hours.

No. 1950318

To all the weebs in here, Japan has the lowest gender equality of any "first world" nation:

No. 1950321

File: 1704308244425.jpg (266.86 KB, 821x705, tr.jpg)

No sports organization can outright ban TiMs from their women's category without facing a lawsuit. USA Powerlifting and the PGA both attempted to ban TiMs from women's events and ended up losing in court or had to give in to the troon because they didn't have the money to continue fighting in court.


USA Boxing's new transgender policy appears to be a deterrent to TiMs competing in the women's category. The new policy requires them to undergo grs and provide 4 year documentation of their hormone levels before they can compete. As we know the majority of TiMs keep their dicks and I doubt they'd have 4 years worth of paper work on the amount of horsepiss they're pumping into their bodies. This policy may keep males out of women's pro boxing matches.


No. 1950332

File: 1704309622089.jpg (Spoiler Image,89.83 KB, 1061x553, sleepawaycamp2.jpg)

Looking at classic and famous horror movies, have you noticed they -knew- AGP males are dangerous?
Silence of the lambs. Psycho. Sleepaway Camp. All of these famous horror movies are about an AGP murderer (although in the case of Sleepaway Camp he was forced to go tranny much like in today's Munchausen by proxy scenarios).

They knew what's up.(spoiler please)

No. 1950334

Should probably spoiler this nona

No. 1950341

With good reason! Transvestic fetishism, exhibitionism, voyeurism and obsessing over and stealing women’s clothes (especially but not limited to underwear) are very well established as being correlated with escalating criminal sexual behaviour. Transvestic fetishism in particular is heavily overrepresented in sadistisch sexual serial killers. The FBI has been collecting data on this since the 70’s I believe and I’m sure it has been undocumented “common knowledge” for much, much longer than that. It’s extremely concerning that they’re trying to groom all of society into accepting this behaviour now. A man who sneaks into a girl or woman’s bedroom to wear her underpants needs a police record and a restraining order, not affirmation.

Pls do spoiler this though, nonna.

No. 1950345

It chills me to the bone that we're not allowed to discuss what were considered really common warning signs in potentially violent sex offenders only ten to fifteen years ago because it's politically incorrect to do so.

No. 1950357

I'm so sorry for you sis, I feel your pain

No. 1950359

File: 1704313866278.jpeg (503.87 KB, 1668x1772, F5F53DAB-893F-4E66-A652-49C9BF…)


No. 1950362

File: 1704314260430.mp4 (1.17 MB, 1280x720, ssstwitter.com_1704240500749.m…)

that's a whole ass man with tits

No. 1950364

Even by a quick glance at the thumbnail of the video, you can clearly tell that is a man. The other guy reminded me of those terminally online fags that would argue how liking traps isn't gay because they look like women kek.

No. 1950370

I watched this on YT a couple of months ago. That Jesse guy is 100% closeted homosexual. The steroid use, showing of the muscles, the comment about being a alpha male.

No. 1950373

KEKKK the way the tranny stares off annoyed into space while the faggot goes on about being straight and "attracted to femininity". Straight men don't have to insist they're straight, and they don't sound unsure as fuck while saying it

No. 1950378

??? unless you know something we don't, that's correct usage of the word woman.

No. 1950382

File: 1704317524743.png (576.43 KB, 1080x1204, Screenshot_20240103-213221.png)

this never happens though

No. 1950385

so telling that he thinks "alpha male" and "gay" are opposites and is desperate to not be seen as gay. and yet we're meant to believe this isn't homophobic, conversion therapy and stereotypes?
also the insecurity emanating from both of them in this video is off the charts, it's actually uncomfortable to watch.
i got flashed by a man in high heels, fishnets and bra a few years ago (which did play a part in peaking me). often wonder if he has an 'f' on his passport now.

No. 1950386

He calls stealing clothes a metaphor for being trans: he found joy even if it broke the rules. But, if anything, it's a metaphor for how he violates other people's boundaries and has no concern for societal norms.

No. 1950388


countdown to SufPo being cancelled for misgendering this stunning and brave trans woman kek

No. 1950390

He's so casual with his homophobia too

No. 1950393

File: 1704319022100.jpeg (288.79 KB, 886x1426, 5FC234DD-1D3C-4622-AB30-454246…)

I’ve literally never been wrong.

No. 1950404

Is this Brahms Heelshire?(sage your shit)

No. 1950414

This doesn't really look like a troon to me. If it is, it must be one of the super rare ones who actually passes, or the video is highly filtered.

No. 1950417

This isn't milk.

No. 1950418

Did you really just instantly believe that this person is a tranny, just because some anon posted random still images and said "it's a tranny I promise"? Would you believe me if I said that gullible is written on your ceiling?

No. 1950422

I'm laughing so hard at the term "embryo created vagina" it's unreal

No. 1950440

i've seen him on tiktok. if you hear him talk you can tell it's a man.

No. 1950441

File: 1704327213566.jpeg (220.75 KB, 2224x654, 9CED53EF-CFAA-4122-B293-B3AAD2…)

Kala was born Jacob and transitioned legally in 2017. This is something people tiptoe around in the tiktokgossip and kalasuburbanmining subreddits and there is a trail of deleted posts about it. Just look it for yourselves.

No. 1950445

File: 1704327697955.mp4 (14.85 MB, 576x1024, kalatunnelgirl.mp4)

The video is highly filtered

No. 1950455

File: 1704328950308.jpg (1.63 MB, 3000x3000, e9LeLom.jpg)

The racefaking on top of everything else…

No. 1950459

Even his sockpuppet has an adam's apple kek

No. 1950464

you can tell before clicking because who the fuck wears pearls while doing electric work? it's literally a costume for them

No. 1950470

you seeing the same brow bone as me???

No. 1950474

I was thinking clockable for the opposite reason–having that sandpapered smooth look of full face plastic surgery

No. 1950475

File: 1704330476076.jpg (311.02 KB, 1080x1141, Screenshot_20240103_195955_Red…)

I looked into it a few months ago when tiktok kept forcing his videos on me. He's a man. The autistic behavior, the manly voice, the Adam's apple, being a computer programmer, the entitlement, the 5'oclock shadow, all signs point to MALE. People have been looking into his past and found his old name on the deed to the house but I dont know how to find that. He also pretends that he's Indian.

No. 1950476

Samefag, didn't realize you all already posted this info while I was off looking for proof.

No. 1950477

i like how the top commenter assumes he's filtering himself to look "european" instead of looking like a woman lmaoooo

No. 1950481

File: 1704331345630.jpeg (551.72 KB, 2224x1585, 626DE742-EF1E-4C70-8E98-D9127F…)

Apparently “Kala” also doesn’t have a degree in any kind of engineering and went to community college and now works in Logistics, not even programming.

I have been seeing a few comments that mention that some people found a yearbook photo with the name Jacob. But I haven’t been able to confirm it for myself.

No. 1950483

His name is Jacob T Lorei

No. 1950485

File: 1704332111471.jpg (63.1 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-1495378075.jpg)

why do they all wear these glasses? everyone around my age who grew up with the internet used to call these "pedo glasses," and anyone who wore them was shamed, like it was basically a meme throughout late 2000s-early 2010s internet, yet now people wear them as a fashion statement? I see it on both TIFs and TIMs, are they influenced by the stupid Dahmer glasses from that netflix series or what?

No. 1950487

That's what I was thinking, first video I saw of the guy was him deep in the tunnel in some 1950s housewife fetish gear.
Zoomers girls dress like weird grandmothers(no hate), and trannies are pedophiles skinwalking the teen girls they want to fuck.

No. 1950488

It’s highly filtered too. Look at the how the blinds behind his head warp.

No. 1950510

That’s a man, midface tells it all, also empty autistic moid eyes. His voice in videos has that mickey mouse quality, plus awkward and unnatural intonation and a bit of a lisp. Autismo maximo male for sure

No. 1950513

>Zoomers girls dress like weird grandmothers
because they were sexualized from when their age was a single digit and dressing like a weird grandmother is the only outfits stores really sell anymore that won't get sexualized

No. 1950527

It's not that deep. Youths ironically wear shit that is considered dated and ugly to be quirky (fanny packs, bucket hats), then it becomes mainstream fashionable again

No. 1950555

This explains a lot since it is generally only men who do large, elaborate, poorly researched and ill advised projects (particularly infringing upon others) even when wholly advised against it, see this entire thread

No. 1950605

File: 1704355563812.jpeg (362.23 KB, 1440x1870, IMG_7053.jpeg)

The supportive comments are so bleak holy shit are we ever going to get out of this
>awesome concept!
>this had so much potential
>such a meaningful piece
>but why would they give her a boner when she’s on fire
Because he is dying for his fetish, he is happy, he loves thinking about women being hurt

No. 1950610

File: 1704356868626.png (Spoiler Image,3.64 MB, 2682x2828, Picsart_24-01-04_09-18-45-743.…)

Not sure if this is the right thread but I stumbled upon this pedo tranny sissy fetishist on Tumblr. Making up stories about being molested by his family and raping children, I sincerely hope he doesn't actually have a wife

No. 1950612

>Very weird to decide to be transracial after transitioning gender.
Why weird? It seems only natural that someone delusional enough to think he can change sex would also want to change race. He probably has a fetish for Indian women.
Nobody has ever been able to explain to me why transgender is valid and brave but transrace, transage, etc. isn’t real. I’m sure more TIMs would be openly transitioning into their favourite racial porn category if they thought they could away with it and most of them are transage already, with middle aged men pretending to be teenage girls (or younger). They just don’t call it that because it wouldn’t go over well. For some reason. But trans sex is fine. ?????

No. 1950620

For real, every time I say blackface bad womanface good (either verbatim like that or in a more coddling way) they will say “I can’t even” “not even remotely the same” “fuck off” “you don’t understand trans people”. I wonder if they even process it in their minds or if the blinders are that strong.

No. 1950624

I've always figured this argument is a good one to use, since if I can't be black because I don't understand what it's like and was never socialised by others as if I was, why can some man say he understands being female and was socialised that way, and no one calls them out on their complete bullshit?

No. 1950627

It’s the best argument. There are no counters. But they will just say that’s why it’s important to trans boys as early as possible, so that other people see them as female -> they are socialized as such. Sick.

No. 1950641

The only half decent rebuttal I've seen from TRAs is that gender dysphoria is a "real" diagnosis while race dysphoria isn't. But BDD is a real disorder you could theoretically categorize race dysphoria under. Not to mention the fact that not all TRAs subscribe to the idea that dysphoria is required to be trans.

No. 1950649

If any man made a post like “this is a men’s only space XX chromosomes stay away” no woman would care or ever try to convince him to make himself and his space accessible to them.
There’s just something completely unique to men which is the urge to invade and impose themselves on others, esp. women. It’s gotta be linked to their rape/conquest impulse.

No. 1950656

I look racially ambiguous and am frequently mistaken for being a different race than I am even to the point of slurs a few times, but I bet my house that if I started claiming to be this other race and that I was socialised as such, TRAs would be tripping over themselves to cancel me. Even though I have a much better claim to cross-race socialisation than those TIMs who say they were socialised as female because of their mystical inner feminine essence that people supposedly subconsciously picked up on and bullied them for. (protip TIMs: nobody calls real girls fags for being feminine. That’s male socialisation.)
Sure my family knows I’m not really the race that people mistake me for, but the family of a transhausen by proxy child also know the child’s real sex. If what matters is not the facts known by the people closest to you but the assumptions made by people you only meet in passing, I have as much right to call myself [race] as any TIM has to call himself female. Now where’s my scholarship?

I still pretty regularly see men compare their need to shove their dick everywhere with women’s fight to be allowed to participate in public life. The only reason women ever fought to be allowed into “male spaces” is because men declared all politics, universities, everything outside the domestic sphere to be “male spaces”. Women wanted into the Boys Only Archeology Club because that was the only way to be an archeologist, not because it was Boys Only. Men want into the Girls Only Thing Club because it is Girls Only and despite the fact that they’re either not capable of Thing (being a lesbian, having PCOS) or can do Thing in countless other clubs that would be happy to welcome them (gaming, sports, STEM). Like you said, the imposition is the point.

No. 1950660

and its funny because race is much more porous than gender, for the most part you are really just male or female and that’s a binary thing, but most people have more than one ethnicity somewhere in their lineage and don’t always “look” their race, there’s a ton of grey there, its way easier to make the argument that race is largely a socially constructed thing but sex is, for 99% of the population, observed correctly at birth with no ambiguity

No. 1950665

Good spot kek. I really think these frankly amazing filters on modern apps (that any idiot can use) have done SO much for the tranny acceptance. People think they look way more uwu feminine than they actually are. Also gives future trannies a very skewed impression of what 'results' to expect.

No. 1950679

It's kind of crazy to me how filters can make faces of women so easily, but making an attractive male face is impossible. I'm sure it's because makeup and how common is it to see other women wearing makeup and having long hair. But it's still, if the filters that make womanface possible, made "unattractive" faces, maybe there would be less troons thinking they can hide their great canyons wrinkled faces soulless eyes with a filter or even makeup.

No. 1950684

What a terrible day to have the ability to read.

Dear Goddess above, please make all sissy faggots kys themselves. Amen.

No. 1950685

This whole "uwu useless gay/lesbian" thing is really starting to piss me off. I stg only trannies and queerios (the yuri-addicted moids and TIF fujos) say that shit. Anyone who uses the "useless lesbian" meme has a 50/50 chance of being a tranny. It's so obviously tryhard.

No. 1950686

>1950s housewife fetish gear.

God why are moids. You don't see tradthots sexualizing their uwu alpha husband breadwinner. Men sexualize EVEYTHING under the sun.

No. 1950687

File: 1704376523052.jpg (587.22 KB, 1080x2026, jdjeknnd.jpg)

Not exactly milk and but this is the most appropriate place to talk about this. A twitter user who is either a mentally ill hardcore dickriding handmaiden "cis lesbian chaser" or just a tranny pretending to be the former, literally all of their posts are ego stroking trannies in some way, calling trannies "divinely feminine" and "the women of women", elves, denouncing trannies who get srs for some reason and just generally exclusively thirsting over trannies while claiming to be a lesbian. Lots of troons flood their curiouscat when it's open begging this person to be their cis girlfriend which is both extremely pathetic and hilarious.

No. 1950693

File: 1704378283731.jpg (96.02 KB, 1080x321, 1000003118.jpg)

this is a crazy take

No. 1950695

Kek, aside from the technique being shit, his penis is so teeny tiny.

No. 1950697

why would he be erect whilst being burned to death
why does his face not displaying agony, or any emotion
>give her a boner
why do people encourage this shit with language like this

No. 1950698

Imagine appropriating being burned at the stake.

No. 1950702

You’re both right though. Billie Eilish is a zoomer trendsetter and she wore baggy clothes to avoid being sexualized, but zoomers also just think corny kitschy dated fashion is cool

No. 1950712

Spot on about men wanting access to women's spaces because they're specifically for women. You can have a women's only watching-paint-dry club and it'll be raided by trannies in seconds. Men really can't handle being told no.
I dream of the day we get a men's health campaign run entirely by TIFs. TIFs talking about how if they had a prostate they'd be getting it checked out, but they can't because doctors haven't figured that surgery out yet. TIFs talking about how their singular fake play-doh testicle has given them so much understanding of the suffering men with testicular cancer go through. TIFs talking to balding men about their own reducing hairlines and how it gives them gender euphoria. TIFs gushing about how writing BL novels has helped them to cope with their homosexuality and made their parents proud, to gay men who were sent to conversion camps and ostracized from their families for being gay.
That's the only way men would come vaguely close to understanding what we're going through with trannies infesting our spaces like mold.
>anime pfp
>I am a woman
>Fetishists and dangerous men can RP as women if they want to
Yeah, totally an adult human female, nobody would ever guess otherwise.

No. 1950719

File: 1704383572302.jpg (Spoiler Image,355.22 KB, 1536x2048, 20240104_105410.jpg)

(spoiler this)

No. 1950720

absolute jump scare of man hands

No. 1950722

File: 1704384196999.jpg (246.73 KB, 1080x1050, 1000003124.jpg)

Yeah hes a troon this is his other post and its as insane as the other

No. 1950726

>Son seems to be attracted to boys
>Literally no other reason
>Therefore, son is trans
They're really saying the quiet part out loud now, huh?

No. 1950728

conservatives saying that gay people are secretely women: bad
tras saying that gay people are secretely women: good

No. 1950729

This shit better be peaking handmaidens. He's definitely put cameras in his son's room by now. God, this shit really needs to stop.

No. 1950730

that poor son is going to get confused and depressed if this goes on. troons sure love infecting their mental illness to everyone else, like a cult, and no one gets to question how dubious their intents are.

No. 1950734

File: 1704387097684.jpeg (390.25 KB, 828x1955, IMG_9863.jpeg)

They really need to take a good look at boys who have transitioned before puberty like Petra, Hunter, Jazz… they look absolutely awful and they still look like boys. So putting them on blockers before or after wouldn't really do anything.

No. 1950735

File: 1704387208136.jpg (288.22 KB, 1170x1176, GC5UCx2XgAA0JE5.jpg)

No. 1950739


No. 1950741

holy shit it's fucking bad, kek.

No. 1950748

"appropriating" as if men weren't the ones predominantly being burned at the stake(bait)

No. 1950752

>Can’t look at bills because of muh mental health and shoves it on wife to handle finances
>Has over 100,000 in debts including transition shit, two new cars and a new fence because his neighbors were throwing things at him for being trans???
>Has two young children unfortunately
>That bastardized Tomie tattoo
So far both of the tranny’s he’s had on this show have been insufferable

No. 1950760

>no hate
you're retarded

No. 1950763

>as if men weren't the ones predominantly being burned
Do you have sources on that? This is the first I'm hearing this and want to feed my inner historyfag

No. 1950764

Why can’t you just be gay these days? It’s honestly homophobic af

No. 1950766

>Roughly 80% of those convicted were women, most of them over the age of 40.

Are you lost scrote?(scrotefoiling)

No. 1950767


Obvious bait. Why are you even answering him.

No. 1950777

This man is 100% a pedophile.

No. 1950781

if men were more burned than women its not like those men would've been any better alive goatfuckers and pedosthan a actual woman would've have, we should bring troon burning back i agree

No. 1950783

>My pre-pubescent son often looks at porn
>I've known he's been watching it frequently for months
>I'm so excited about this
This man needs to be reported

No. 1950784

File: 1704395689930.png (219.37 KB, 589x576, manysuchcases.png)

There was school shooting in Iowa today and the shooter was confirmed to be a coombrained reddit tranny.

No. 1950786

File: 1704395742993.png (12.45 KB, 794x206, GDBJzxpWAAAb-XJ.png)

No. 1950789


All this confirms is that one single trans person out of dozens of cis men did the big bad. And we can't even confirm they were trans for sure. This website is cancerous.(unsaged autism)

No. 1950799

File: 1704397166617.jpeg (380.9 KB, 1150x1372, GDBU7F8XEAAxN8p.jpeg)

Nona, he posted about being trans on his tiktok, he posted pictures of himself on his reddit accounts, and the account user also mentioned living in Perry, Iowa. It's him. Reddit and 4chan trannies are violent and openly post about their rape and murder fantasies but they're allowed to get away with it. It does matter in the grand scheme of things.

No. 1950800

File: 1704397211229.png (180.03 KB, 474x453, Die moid.png)

Good. hope it reaches into your rot pocket moid

No. 1950801

you are so brave for standing up for this man who attempted to murder children going to school. us ebil terfs can learn something from you.

No. 1950808

go back

No. 1950809

File: 1704398395076.gif (813.99 KB, 480x480, 1683564625048.gif)

Wow we really have a tranny/MRA infestation in the thread today, huh? Is PornHub down or something?

No. 1950814

Men declare lies as fact and expect everyone else to play pretend for their ego. It's why they troon out so much and rarely detrans, they're less self aware than women. They live in a world of cope, projection, and ego driven delusion.
>Shooter is a man

No. 1950827

This is a troon. If you look past the 'humor' it's your usual 'need terf gf who will dom me' fantasy. It's pretty funny, they keep whining about wanting a trve chaser woman. But she isn't real, she's always some star-struck bihet (disappointing, not as degrading as male chasers) so they created her.

No. 1950829

I remember coming across this account and posting a screenshot in one of the earlier threads. I definitely thought it was a tranny with the way he writes and has an obsession for trannies and being a woman.

No. 1950833

why do they all look the exact same

No. 1950836

I hate trannies but can we not share alt-right accounts? Alt-righters are the same people who stay silent when alt-rightoids or incels go on shooting sprees and they show zero sympathy to the victims saying it was a "false flag" and how those dead victims are "payed actors". Yet when it comes to someone who is LGBT or not white then they suddenly believe that mass shooting are real….isn't that hypocritical.

Yeah let's not share Redpill rightoid accounts anymore, there is already enough radfem accounts now that we don't have to go for redpillers for news.

No. 1950837

delete this and sage

No. 1950839

Second this. These alt right fools want nothing more than for women to be subjugated and turned into breeding cattle. There are better new sources.

No. 1950840

admit you want to be a trad thot and suck sUpErIoR white man cock and have no agency or choices for the rest of your life. Enemy of our enemy isn’t our friend.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1950846

Maybe trannies should stop waving their guns around and threatening to kill terfs, if they're influencing people like this.

No. 1950847

the people behind these accounts see feminism as on par with trannyism. and even connected or that feminism caused gender ideology (when in fact they share similar ideas about gender to these TIMs). they literally hate our guts and i don't care if they hate trannies just as much.
>already enough radfem accounts now that we don't have to go for redpillers for news
agree and also where do you think they get their sources from a lot of the time? often just piggy backing off research made by feminists and reframing it as some boring anti-woke clickbait. tired of it.

No. 1950849

>trans person
kys moid

No. 1950851

No I'm barely active here nowadays so a sage-ban wouldn't bother me and the anons here who keep on aligning themselves with Matt Walsh and other scumbags can go fuck themselves. They will never be feminist, they can call themselves that and identify as a feminist but for me actions matter more than words.

Okay I'm glad I'm not the only one here who feels that way. Women being too afraid to speak up and call out other radfems for their alignment with the right is the reason why this movement keeps on getting more "at-right", gender critical marches allowing nazis to give speeches and males who call themselves "terfs".
And the male terfs piss me off the most, sorry but a male can never be a terf or a radfem. And retarded conservative women who call themselves radfem are literally giving those biological men a platform. Many of those men are creepy too towards younger radfems. I remember years ago a male radfem slid into my private messages and seemed really interested in me when I was a teenager and I thought that was normal because all other radfems around me were okay with him being in our circle. Those same radfems were too busy calling women who wear makeup sluts and traitors yet they allowed a actual man access to teenage girls.

Also I'm sorry if I went off-topic I just needed to get that off my chest. Male radfems are creeps and funky the women who give them a platform and stop aligning with pedos like Matt Walsh and all those Radfem leaders who are having white nationalists give speeches for them can go fuck themselves, radfem leaders being friends with anti-abortion legislators or that radfem wold foundation having anti-abortion foundations donate to them….

There is so many good Ridgemont accounts now that have archive and even news sites that keep up with what trannys do yet some retards here still keep on sharing altright sources here with bizarre names. Also I agree with the misogyny but alot of you are also forgetting misogynior because many of these alt-right accounts also follow very psychotic anti-black woman accounts.(intentional rule breaking)

No. 1950853

The spelling mistakes are caused by autocorrect btw. Don't know why autocorrect keeps on turning radfem into Ridgemont. Wtf is even Ridgemont.

No. 1950856

No. 1950857

File: 1704404902025.png (369.11 KB, 542x534, Screenshot_20240104_164756.png)

>shitty fried hair
>beard shadow despite makeup
>forced breathy voice
>nothing is ever his fault
>has a wife who he forces to do everything
>and kids
I feel bad for his kids, especially the 12 year old. having your dad just troon out while you're that young has to be severely damaging

No. 1950859

>this site is cancerous

that's what they'll hopefully say about your prostate(taking the bait)

No. 1950860


No. 1950869

Imagine creating a thumbnail of a ugly balding moid with 5 o clock shadow gripping his fake boobs as a thumbnail, yuck.

No. 1950875

AYRT I agree, it was just the first tweet I saw about it and I didn't see another one about it and was too lazy to look kek. I'll wait next time for a better source.

No. 1950881

File: 1704411349070.png (36.2 KB, 716x138, iowa dylan.png)

From Iowa school shooter's now deleted reddit account. Guess they will not be claiming this one as a true trans (instead they will keep diagnosing dead men like Kurt Cobain).

No. 1950889

File: 1704412752006.png (655.4 KB, 501x625, creep.png)

just posted this and realised someone else already did. it's unbelievable. picrel is the tranny its tattooed on btw.
there was one woman in the comments asking why they had to include a boner and they basically accused her of being unkind.
also kek that the art is clearly based on a photo of a woman but just with an added erect penis.

so here we have a MALE getting a fucking boner from the euphoria of being burned at the stake for being a witch. meanwhile, if witch burning were a thing today, he would be cheering it on because they'd all be TERFs.

i don't know why but this one particularly enrages me. it's the tone deafness matched with equal measures of delusion.

No. 1950893

File: 1704413623286.png (135.01 KB, 1506x402, Screen Shot 2024-01-04 at 7.12…)

the article cited (10.1038/srep03746) is actually really interesting but says nothing to support the idea that muh neovagina is identical to real – um I mean cis – vaginas. picrel. also obviously it doesn't say anything about how they smell or taste.

No. 1950899

File: 1704414474624.png (465.22 KB, 420x634, Screen Shot 2024-01-04 at 7.27…)

I'm with you on this one

No. 1950901

>actions matter more than words
sharing a post isn't action. if GCs were massively supporting the alt-right (donating, working with them on issues beyond troonism) we'd have a problem, but this isn't happening. Sharing redpillers is cringe, but we're not on the verge of being infiltrated by the right wing. This is literal troonaganda.
>gender critical marches allowing nazis to give speeches
i can only think of one example and they weren't 'allowed', they showed up at a rally because troons kept calling it fascist everywhere. Do you have more examples?
I fully agree with the point about 'male radfems' though. They can be an especially malignant kind of male feminist.

No. 1950910

the tattoo meant to represent him is of a hot woman with a feminine figure (with a dick tacked on) while he’s a balding curveless autist

No. 1950912

>they showed up at a rally because troons kept calling it fascist everywhere
nta but what was this event called, the way you described it sounds kind of funny

No. 1950914

he has curves, it just all went to his browbone and chin

No. 1950916


NTA but gc people partnering with mat walsh and sharing videos from that troons posting l account shows to me what their priorities are. I don't get how a radfem or even a regular feminist could tolerate spreading rhetoric from people who actively make fun of women, people of color and fight against their rights. Their notice isn't about "seeing the truth". They are just legitimately homophobic as fuck and don't like people going against gender roles. They only adopt feminist talking points against troonism to get gullible leftists on their side. I don't see why it's so difficult for radfems to stand amongst each other. And everything has a grain of truth to it so I don't think it should be dismissed as "troon propaganda". It's usually straight tradwomen dismissing the right using troons as a trojan horse to get rid of lesbian, gay and bi rights and God knows tradthots don't care about us unless they're using us as a gotcha to troonage.

No. 1950919

Is a woman though, iirc it used to be an account that called out men's fails. Unless there's another account with a similar name.

No. 1950929

Yes but she follows "women posting their ls" and "blacks posting their ls". It's about her politics

No. 1950930

People like you are the reason why radical feminism will never be a sustainable movement and why so many radfems go through the terf to tradthot pipeline or some just completely leave and become neutral or libfems.

Do you retards NOT know how to talk to people like you are cult followers/leaders. Any complaint in the radfem or GC movement always gets dismisses and the people get told what they are doing is "troon propoganda" or they immediately get called libfems and accused of not being true radfems the same way that religious sect accuse every complaint of being satanic propaganda and the complainers being possessed.

Also idk what march you are even talking about but it's not that one. I'm guessing you are talking about the Parker posie one where there were men who identified as nazis marching together with her and other GCers but I'm talking about a different one, the one where white nationalist pro-misoginy women were allowed to be one of the people giving speeches…. One of the women giving the speeches is also misogynist who thinks women deserve to be in the kitchen.(continued derailing)

No. 1950931

Wtf she follows those accounts? That's disgusting.

No. 1950934

I went to search his reddit page and said "page not found"

No. 1950935

Most executions from the witch trials were hanging, not burning, read your own wikipedia link
> Witchcraft was a felony in both England and its American colonies, and therefore witches were hanged, not burned
Burning at the stake was more commonly used for heretics by inquisitions

Didn't mean to bait, only meant to make fun of troons

yeah kek and let them clown themselves by thinking it makes them closer to women

No. 1950936

When women were sentenced to death up through the 1600s in Europe, being burnt at the stake was typically chosen because it was a "modest" way to die. The main exception to that would be noblewomen sentenced to death, who were more likely to be beheaded.(derailing)

No. 1950943

Nta but not every poster is a radfem or a trdthot, as if there is no inbetween or people who don't care and post something funny/relevant no matter who it's from. This isn't a feminist site, it's a gossip site.

No. 1950958

Even in a drawing he is doing the thing where they pull one shoulder back to hide how massive the upper body is.

No. 1950964

It was Posie Parker's 'Let Women Speak' event

My reply wasn't clear but i didn't think you were an undercover TRA or not enlightened enough. I simply wondered if the 'guys they think we're nazis!' concern was caused by years of people telling us GCs are the second coming of Hitler. This is insidious and makes most reasonable feminists defensive with time (like being scared of coming off as a manhater/lesbian). GC is not a right wing movement even if they have questionable allies and people who act like it is are irrelevant losers on the left. You're completely right about the cultish tendencies of radfems! i feel there are deeper reasons for the terf-to-trad pipeline though but i've derailed enough lol

No. 1950994

Yeah. It's dumb black and white thinking, terminally online shit to think someone can't agree with one statement or stance someone has, and disagree with another. That people have to be 'pure' on lolcor of all places. Especially when it's the most basic 'Men aren't women because they say so and are usually creepy degenerates' opinion that everyone holds kek. It IS the common opinion that almost everyone shares, like people thinking the sky is blue (it's just not one the rich want to pander to since it doesn't make them money/dismantle womens rights).

No. 1950997


Actual recorded executions that may be liberally included as 'witches' is 12,545 and I'm not sure where the 80% figure comes from I can't access the source to see how they estimated it, but it seems unlikely. And this includes people who were not actually executed on these grounds but are interpreted as such.

So-called 'witches' typically had little to do with that and are more accurately undesirables and enemies to some person or city who confessed to worshipping or summoning demons under torture. I'm not sure why every article is trying to connect it to some magic-user tradition when it seems barely related.

Nonsense. Where did you get that from? Burning as a method was rare, including in 'witch' executions. The most common method of execution in the place with the most witch executions (Germany, the Holy Roman Empire) was by sword, the most quick and painless method.(derailing)

No. 1951001

File: 1704449525834.jpeg (517.54 KB, 1287x2061, IMG_3092.jpeg)

And of course everyone clapped and applauded how stunning a 6’5 behemoth of a grandpa sorry grandma.

No. 1951008

The amount of filtering there is hilarious. Wtf is even going on

No. 1951022

i too dress like this and put on an exaggerated performance while i am shopping for overpriced groceries before rushing home to tell the online world about how sexy all the moids thought i looked. this is completely normal female behavior and not the least bit fetishistic.

No. 1951024

File: 1704454598917.jpeg (95.31 KB, 1200x675, IMG_4938.jpeg)

Reminds me of pic related lmao. Do these retards think anyone (who isn’t a delusion troon also) actually believes this shit? Must be nice to live in such a fantasy world.

No. 1951027

He's smeared so many filters on I'm scared to think what he looked like irl. How much stubble, wrinkles and acne is he covering up?

No. 1951031

He’s literally dressed like a prostitute, no one is surprised some chaser asked him for a “date tonight” kek

No. 1951034

Based ulta employee aware this retard won’t know what good or flattering makeup is.

No. 1951043

Shit is so fucking stupid when so many TiMs willingly write about their Nazi past.

No. 1951044

How much do you want to bet he refers to certain women as “exotic”? Why even mention that aisle specifically.

No. 1951045

I love that his profile pic has a totally different face filtered onto it kek.
I didn't post it, but if it was the first source I saw I'd use it. News is news, and I'm not playing purity politics over something so benign, esp. when the target ends up being the nonny that posted it. That's some wokey cancel culture shit.
I assume you're the same one who was crying about this before, so nice of you to jump out >>1950840 and get pasteurised.
The gendies love trotting out the 'Nazis went to your event' bs, even though as you say they weren't invited and they were disavowed. Meanwhile, all the trannies proudly talk about their neo-Nazi phase kek.

No. 1951046

This made me laugh, this is the energy we all need to have!

https://vidmax.com/video/225612-looks-like-these-trans-folks-ended-up-in-the-wrong-side-of-town(this is an imageboard, post caps or upload the vid if you can)

No. 1951051

File: 1704461720995.png (40.7 KB, 572x242, Screenshot from 2024-01-05 15-…)

they make it so obvious that they're males

No. 1951058

Kek. As if modern women haven't been pushed enough to be more sexual and accepting of weird things men jerk off to. If you don't let him tie you up and piss on you, he's gonna leave you for a tranny.

No. 1951061

How do trannies type this shit and then cry when they only attract chasers and repressed gay/bi men who don't see them as women? Isn't your sex life more adventurous, exotic and porny when you have other fetishists lining up to take advantage of your delusions?

No. 1951073

KEK this is actually retarded but i lol'd

No. 1951074

Absolutely no women are whining about cis women being replaced by trannies because it simply does not happen. It's so funny the lies they come up with to cope. They want to be us so bad

No. 1951075

Good lord. It's really like clockwork huh

No. 1951091

Ofc this one has a victim mentality

No. 1951113

nah boy, this TERF is not worried in the least about your hairy chapped ass because my Nigel's got a breeding kink ayooooo(no1curr)

No. 1951124

File: 1704479261086.jpg (400.67 KB, 1080x999, Screenshot_20240105-182739_Red…)

Troons have truly ruined the concept of cute. They have no idea what being a woman actually entails

No. 1951126

They don't want to be female. Not a single one of them wants that. They want to be desired. And because they're coombrained moids, they think the only thing that's desirable is a barely legal cutesy kawaii anime girl, so they want to look like that.

No. 1951129

Absolutely. Its why they want to be cute skinny anime girls. Its why they get massive bolt ons and lip fillers. They basically want to be THEIR idea of a woman, which is a hole. Which is why they think rot pockets are the same as a vagina, cos some moid can stick his dick in there(sage your shit)

No. 1951135

this, and they're also so male that they can't think of a concept of "cute" that isn't for men by men that is applied to women.
and notice how any post of these moids admitting that they hate their body and want to troon out there's always a mention of wanting to be complimented and friends(esp what they consider women's friendships to be like), they're friendless, loveless males that don't know how women live.

No. 1951138

Why do they think female friendships are a hug box where we tell each other how cute we are and do each other's makeup. It's so gross and insulting. As if we don't have actual substantial conversations.

No. 1951149

their idea of “girlhood” often comes from moe anime about cute retarded anime girls that act like children but grope each other for the yuri bait. just look at the art and pfp they always use or check the subreddit for any such fandom

even for the troons who don’t learn everything about women from anime and porn due to no irl contact with actual women, they are hugboxed and pandered to by handmaidens like a woman would for any other moid she perceives as a harmless gay best friend that just needs acceptance. tims are never treated like women because they’re not women and no one really believes that they are. but they’re too autistic to tell the difference so they think that’s just how women interact with each other. moids simply don’t and can't understand how much more complex and subtextual female socialization is

No. 1951164

Time for my daily sperg about this again. Tfw plenty of actual women
>are not under 30
>are not skinny
>don't have perfect skin
>don't have perfect facial features
>are not surrounded by adoring friends
>dont look good in skimpy clothes
>dont look good in anime Lolita style clothes
Nonstop "muh dysphoria" but I have memories of being like 6 years old and running laps around my living room because I wanted to "be skinnier" for my ballet classes, and beginning to steal makeup from my sister at like 9 because I thought it would make me prettier. Meanwhile, all these scrotes were probably praised nonstop for passing their spelling tests or building a Lego house. The only "dysphoria" they feel is that their life will never be a cuddle puddle like K-On! or Lucky Star.

No. 1951166

The porn addiction is so obvious.

No. 1951167

I tried watching this but had to rage quit. Fucking asshole ruining the financial future of his family because he just had to transition. The comments ofc are super supportive and considerate for this guy. Makes me ill.

No. 1951168

File: 1704485687780.mp4 (676.64 KB, 576x1016, Snaptik.app_731042297541986231…)

the ugliest creatures on the planet

No. 1951171

my favorite thing is when loser incel troons think that if they were born female, they would be a conventionally attractive, well-adjusted, girls with lots of friends. men are held to lower standards in most things, so if you fail at being a male so hard you can’t even bathe yourself, what makes you think you’d be any better as a female when we’re expected to wear makeup, dress stylishly and appropriately, shave our whole bodies, never speak over men, be polite and amicable always, be neither too sexy or too prudish, handle domestic labor, etc? of course, moids don’t believe that women have it harder. they think we live life on easy mode since they never received their government-mandated wife they feel entitled to. like other nonas have said, they want to be desired and they envy that about us. this is a pillar of the incel-to-troon pipeline. because they’re autistic losers, they think that life would be so much easier and better had they only been born female

No. 1951172

He calls himself a "man" but wants to be a "girl". "Men and girls". Another day, another male being a pedo

No. 1951176

If they were girls they would be the type to troon out because they like legos and bugs and arent kawiwi kpoop stars.

No. 1951177

samefagging but I wanted to add that even when troons do in fact do the things I listed that are socially expected of women, they’re getting a euphoria boner by the action itself because they’re coombrained agps. while there are of course women who enjoy makeup, women do not do what’s expected of us because it turns us on, but because we’ll be socially punished if we don’t

No. 1951178

File: 1704487273839.mp4 (9.56 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_732041719163396433…)

sir, nothing about you is natural

No. 1951180

>trans women are not gay men
yes true, some are straight or bi men

No. 1951181

god how I wish all tims were just gay men with internalized homophobia and not mostly transbians trying to coerce lesbians into sucking their girldick

No. 1951185

If AGP trannies became their female equivalent, especially their teenage female equivalent, they would rope within a week. They think being a nerdy, ugly, loser male is hard? They couldn't handle one day in the shoes of the average weird girl. Ironically, if they did become female, they would be the kind of girl that would be a TIF. I swear I once saw a question on MTF reddit where someone asked if there was a pill they could take that would make them female, but they'd be ugly, would they take it and almost all of them said no.

No. 1951186

Not sure if this is derailing, but does anyone feel slightly less bothered by the TIMs who like men, rather than the TIMs who claim to be 'lesbians'? Like, let these men make problems amongst other men, instead of making problems amongst women in lesbian spaces for not liking their lady dick and lady balls.

No. 1951188

File: 1704488689467.png (699.68 KB, 700x1000, 5o32tt.png)

I had body dysmorphia once I was 3 or 4 and could look at a TV and be bombarded by anorexic fashion models who live off of crack, hair extensions, and fake tanning.
You got body dysmorphia when you masturbated to K-On! at age 25.
We are not the same.

No. 1951193

this legitimately looks like bait

No. 1951195

>Trans women aren't necessarily attracted to OTHER MEN

No. 1951196

yes kek. they’re still men and I don’t want to be compelled by anyone to pretend otherwise, but hsts tims don’t pose a direct sexual threat to women in bathrooms like degenerate agp transbians. plus they’re naturally more feminine, which I think contributes to legitimate “gender dysphoria” in a culture that tells us that gender non-conformity is bad

slightly off-topic, but related. in societies that had a “third gender” historically, third gender males were gay men much like hsts tims today, as they were not accepted into the rigid definition of masculinity as prescribed by the patriarchy, so I’m at least a little sympathetic. it’s ironic when libfems pretend third genders existed in some cultures because these societies were just so “woke” before colonization, when it’s quite the opposite. it was better for gay men to be mutilated via castration than be effeminate men. the very existence of multiple genders beyond male and female is reductive

No. 1951201

It's funny how they don't realize it's dysmorphia (with fetishes thrown in) and pretend it's more "valid" by barely even altering the word to dysphoria. I've been dysmorphic from a young age too and I just suck it up and try to accept myself instead of being a delusional retard who thinks it makes me a different sex to not fit arbitrary societal standards

No. 1951209

those are some of the worst lip implamts i have ever seen, looks like a baboon ass

No. 1951210

File: 1704491038755.png (903.58 KB, 1079x1849, Screenshot_20240104-144804.png)

Of course the tranny immediately jumps to his defense

No. 1951214

File: 1704492016435.png (73.13 KB, 540x559, brave_WcHdOnWNId.png)

No. 1951215

I'm sorry… what??? Did it… devolve into an orgy?
Totes normal female behavior you guys.

No. 1951217

>theyre so jealous of us because he let men do to us what they wouldnt let them
very sad lol. i guess you have to cling to something when your kind culls themselves like lemmings.

No. 1951221

This reads very rapey to me. I thought we left the idea of women existing to fulfill men's sexual desires in the 1950s. 'How can you say you love him if you won't let him slap you/pee on you/call you his daughter? It sucks that he cheated on you, but did you ever consider that you're half the problem?'

No. 1951237

ignore the stupid background music, vidrel is a clip from another recent sting where this 69 year old tranny David Griffiths aka "Penny" was caught trying to meet up with a decoy 14 year old - who he sent dick pics to and mentally abused. he was previously caught with child porn in 2000 and has now been arrested.

No. 1951243

File: 1704497165596.mp4 (13.31 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_732005210279600465…)

No. 1951244

Sounds more like a room of gay men if you ask me. Orgies in the gay community are commonplace. Ffs they're always gonna be men.

No. 1951246

This story sounds fake to me, very 'everyone stood up and clapped' energy except it's 'everyone devolved into a pile of sloppy sex.'
I can't decide what's worse:
>this could be real, and shows an example of men being men
>this story is made-up, and this is how OP views TIMs (sex-hungry, aggressive, trying to one-up each other, fighting over a random object found in a room like a pack of dogs, aka male behavior)
You can tell that OP thought it was super ~*cute, wholesome 100% lesbian vibes*~ to talk about orgies and spilled bodily fluids.

No. 1951248

>bragging about your Nigel's kinks
I don't know where the hell you came from, but go back.

No. 1951249

This is an imageboard, retard

No. 1951252

File: 1704498209056.png (172.46 KB, 345x270, other men.png)

kek well spotted nonnie, i had to go back and find that bit. proof that he still thinks of himself as a man but just wants to dress like a barbie and get attention.
the worst lip implant combined with terrible make up application from this so called "perfectionist" who can't colour inside the lines.

No. 1951254

most trans-identified males are really rapey and pedophilic to be fair

No. 1951257

File: 1704499051759.jpg (18.53 KB, 221x337, AmeliaBedelia.jpg)

Did he really name himself after a children's book character?

No. 1951258

It is. It’s a reference to a Greek myth where Paris gave a golden apple to a woman as a proposal iirc. It’s just some “dUh GrEeKs wUr KwEeR” bullshit

No. 1951259

File: 1704499170417.mp4 (3.7 MB, 480x852, www.KeepVid.to--Looks-Like-The…)

Archived because this was too funny to potentially lose

No. 1951260

It's just a pun. His real last name is Baeddel iirc

No. 1951262

File: 1704499618992.png (18.55 KB, 775x156, Screenshot.png)

>his real last name

No. 1951265

File: 1704500687570.png (335.95 KB, 584x702, IMG_0095.png)

No. 1951267

It’s my first time posting here and just wanted to share something I thought was appropriate for the thread, but I guess thanks for the hostility.(unsaged newfag)

No. 1951269

Lurk more

Always that retarded stare and the very male face kek. I love the cognitive dissonance between how they think they look Vs how they obviously look.

Of course it wasn't real kek. Just dumb tranny fanfic. Barf at the conclusion as usual with them.

No. 1951270

Fucking hell but with this much blown up silicon in the face he's gonna age even worse that if he was just a standard scrote.

No. 1951271

fucking jumpscare

No. 1951272

Why are so many of them rapists and pedophiles. It's insane.

No. 1951273

transvestism has long been known to occur among serial killers and pedophiles, and now they’re a protected class

No. 1951274

File: 1704502220935.jpeg (545.76 KB, 1500x2707, IMG_0098.jpeg)

it’s always shocking how they post this degenerate shit with their face on display for all to see

No. 1951275

Sage for finance autism incoming, don't mistake a word of this as a defense because FUCK this selfish asshole troon. I just get really heated when the reality is actually a lot worse than what the replies imply, and want Nonnies to understand as much as possible since women are financially abused by men a lot.

After watching the whole thing, it's a good example of sinking a potentially strong financial ship with about a dozen seemingly inconsequentially sized holes. It's also an excellent of example of how trannies (and moids in general, frankly) prioritize themselves above all else, at the looming cost of everyone around them. Their household income is high enough (135k) that the medical debt from tranny shit is just under 10% of monthly expenses and he said "insurance should cover most of the cost but they are fighting to get out of it right now." So maybe it ultimately gets covered and wiped, a full figure of that particular piece of debt is not shown.

The real problem is their household is over $110,000 in the hole across 10 different debts (lmfao!!!!) and their monthly expenses are largely going to complete nonsense. You can jump to the 35 minute mark for the monthly breakdown (and enjoy a bit of the tranny getting yelled at), but one of the biggest expenses include the two brand new cars they just bought in the last year, combined valuation at just over $70. He said "I would do anything for my wife and it was her dream to buy a brand new car so we did." Okay right? But then: "And then I decided to double it up and got one for myself too!" They both work from home, he says they barely use his car. Typical selfish and stupid moid behavior, not surprised in the slightest. You want to know what the people I know who started working from home and had two cars between the couple did? Sold one of them.

My favorite part: The single largest monthly expense? Combining the "dining out" and what is essentially "quick service snacks" ie: gas station items, 20 fucking percent of the monthly money - that's more than their mortgage. How does this troon justify this? Because of course he has to, there is always some reason why they are deserving of pity and special exceptions. He says he has bulimia and that eating out 5 days a week prevents him from relapsing, even though he relapses all the fucking time anyway. This among other shit I can't even keep track of, he SWEARS he is "in recovery" for even though he was just hospitalized for mental health reasons two months prior to putting his dirty ass in the chair for the video. Tons of excuses like this in the video. An excuses for every missed payment on some minor bill that has now ballooned, and they "don't know how." This is a really good insight on how most of these freaks think and WILL take advantage of you if you're in striking range of them.

This tranny literally starts blaming his wife for shit at several points early in the mid-point of the video. He starts off implying she keeps him in the dark, and then I think realizes she's going to see this and switches to "Tee hee! I am so mentally ill I just passed the burden to her. I couldn't handle it because sad reasons but maybe I can now!" Holy shit lmfao. They smiled throughout the entire thing, that same creepy ass AGP grin they all do. Late 30s, trooned out in 2020, came out in 2022. Total stereotype.

The diagnosis at the end is a 5 year plan to get out of debt and a really intense savings path to potentially be able to retire and not fuck over their kids. Obviously this won't be happening.(derailing)

No. 1951276

That troon is literally bald in middle of head and ugly as fuck too, I saw his photo on Ovarit once, but I can't find now

No. 1951279


plastic tranny

delusional tranny

coomer tranny

No. 1951285

yeah you think they're trannies?

No. 1951288

Kek this is gold my sides nona

No. 1951289

No. 1951296

File: 1704504210146.png (751.21 KB, 750x1185, fu tranny.png)

The girls lose always.. as usual.

No. 1951300

File: 1704504417147.mp4 (2.15 MB, 320x568, sorry.mp4)

Get your eye/ear bleach ready

No. 1951301

>Let California voters decide
It's California. They'll side with the tranny.

No. 1951302

its just dumb tumblr humour anon, not even framed as something that really happened. its referencing the greek myth that eris, the goddess of chaos and a tranny favourite, dropped a golden apple into a wedding party inscribed with "to the most beautiful", which caused a massive fight between hera, aphrodite (another tranny favourite), and athena, leading eventually through the usual grecian misadventures to the trojan war.
this is a good reflection of how OP views TIMs but youre right that he almost certainly thinks it gives the vibe of cute sexy cuddlepile lesbian sex rather than nasty prisongay tranny coom. many such cases on tranny tumblr.

No. 1951305

buffalo bill phenotype. hope someone kicks him in the nads

No. 1951306

he never claimed it was a real story just another retarded le qwirky scenario that people on tumblr think are funny for some reason
I used to be annoyed with their obsession with goth and metalhead girls but now it’s just funny to see their failed attempts to imitate them. They really think being a “hot goth girl” is as easy as wearing eyeliner and an aliexpress choker. I just want to tell him his thinning dishwasher brown hair and pleather jacket are nowhere near goth, and if he’s trying to be one of those vaguely alternative egirls he’s failed at that too due to his hulking horselike features.

No. 1951308

this is what contrapoints videos are like to me

No. 1951309

so fucking grim, i cant imagine being able to just piss away over 135k USD a year to the point of being in serious debt. i hope his wife divorces him asap. i didnt watch the vid but im assuming most of that income is from her, unless hes some high tech infosec tranny

No. 1951316

File: 1704506068551.jpg (459.27 KB, 1889x1878, GC3vdF4aMAA1Pe7.jpg)

How much editing?

No. 1951318

Incomes were variable due to overtime. He was at 75k on paper (stock broker), but earns overtime and bonuses they accounted for (when his useless ass actually works anyway) so that bumped the total up. Wife was around 55k iirc, don't remember what she does. So when establishing a baseline there was "best case scenario" leniency going on but financial planning that way is normal and this guy's clients obviously weren't willing to make many concessions. Wife was a certain amount of complicit for sure but will probably divorce in a few years over the money alone, regardless of how much a handmaiden she is (and from the story she currently either is or is still in major cope mode). Remove the tranny dynamic and honestly this is a common marriage sinking financial situation, boring but interesting to analyze how things slowly start coming off the tracks because this could easily be you if you trust a moid with the money.

No. 1951327

All I see is goatse

No. 1951329

2021 is a fucking jumpscare, jesus christ…

No. 1951332

File: 1704507999985.jpg (56.91 KB, 490x629, GDAd6r2a8AAOFS9.jpg)

Pls looking at trannies is horrible enough, don't make it worse.

No. 1951333

File: 1704508017856.jpg (1.44 MB, 2448x3264, F3nhW_5bwAA8p3C.jpeg.jpg)

Watch out ladies, this 10/10 hottie is coming to steal your mens!

No. 1951336

File: 1704508490610.jpeg (Spoiler Image,694.59 KB, 1030x1315, IMG_9292.jpeg)

No. 1951339

Got eem ass!

No. 1951347

File: 1704510667887.png (418.54 KB, 932x2060, bleak.png)

bets he was porn-addicted at 12

No. 1951348

File: 1704510690707.png (166.65 KB, 952x1532, bleak2.png)

No. 1951349

File: 1704510950213.png (289 KB, 588x782, male.png)

maybe lesbianism was "invented" for men to fuck women

No. 1951358

File: 1704511640519.png (2.31 MB, 1237x1237, 12.png)

No. 1951359

And of course, men think that lesbianism was “invented”.

No. 1951368

something about him proudly showing off how hot he thinks he is in front of a fucking shake shack is sending me

No. 1951375

so after enough nagging she helped him get what he wants and he still hates her? kids go through phases all the time, i had an aiden phase for a few months when i was in middle school too, it happens. you dont just stick your kids on life ruining hormones with irreversible effects because they express discomfort at such strict gender roles that dont leave room for kids to just be kids.

No. 1951377

>spoiled 22 year old MAN comlplaining about how mommy didn’t give him enough
Ew, moids are beyond hope. His poor mother should kick his ass out. Loser.

No. 1951379

shit like this makes me sad. does she not realize that after she stops dying her eyebrows green like a retard she can do so much better than that disgusting gremlin troon?

No. 1951388

I doubt he literally believes that, anon. Intentionally misusing "invented," is common slang on Tumblr, like when someone there says "I'm so glad [two fictional characters] invented friendship," or whatever.

No. 1951392

Straight women seriously need to raise their standards. This shit is getting ridiculous.

No. 1951395

Why do so many of them look like Kevin Gibes from the tranny ranch? Is he like a bacterium, cloning himself via cell division?

No. 1951398

Straight males thinking they are God's gift to women lol nothing new

No. 1951400

his eyes look so flat and dead while she looks like a human being. genuinely sad

No. 1951404

File: 1704521564627.jpg (42.12 KB, 500x683, tumblr_4dc3ebc71f805270de9310f…)

I hate this shit so much. There's an inbred circle of troids and their handmaidens on tumblr who larp as lesbian authorities and are obsessed with declaring themselves butch/femme or stone, refer to their dicks as straps, and basically rewrite lesbian history to have always been inclusive of men and their dicks and delusions. It was a big part of what peaked me.

No. 1951406

Eh, the way he frames it also shows the mother tried to push gender roles on him hoping he'd grow out of troonism eventually. However she seems to be leaning liberal and after lurking some more of his profile I think her not letting him style femininely was because he's autistic. That's why he's never got over this phase throughout adolescence. A bit sad to see your child destroy their body with hormones anyway after so many years of pulling them away from the idea but autistic males never fail to prove how much of a waste of space they are.

No. 1951410

Men thinking they are the only ones women could ever sexually desire is nothing new unfortunately. Entitled retard sex since they were born.

No. 1951413

File: 1704524249428.jpg (4.38 MB, 4096x4096, 30043174846846.jpg)

I'm pretty sure this is actually just a gay man fishing for attention but I had to post it just in case. It's laughable that a moid can do the bare minimum and have thousands of NPCs licking his asshole. This is clearly his fetish and not someone just "dressing how they want" and going about their day. I'm sick of seeing hyper-feminine brands like Selkie and Lacemade plastering this borderline troon all over their social media for inclusivity points, it genuinely offends my eyes.

No. 1951417

He's not a troon but the actual troons kept using him as a gotcha towards the gc's

No. 1951426

>youre not a perv! youre just trans uwu
im a pervert with those kinks. i guess its time to kikomi kek

No. 1951427

File: 1704526793507.jpg (276.22 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_20240106-023828_Chr…)

Incel pipeline every fucking time!

No. 1951431

I'm curious how is a man who clearly gets off to wearing dresses in public a gotcha to gcs? They're like kindred spirits kek.

No. 1951433

I think true trans are ok. They are inherently gay men and they are born with a chemical imbalance that they get adult medical treatments to resolve. it's not as bad as a 30 yo straight man with a lesbian rape/public toilet fetish who got addicted to internet porn(unsaged bait)

No. 1951435

There is no true trans retard. Just perverts, faggots, and perverted faggots, joined together by male entitlement and hatred of women

No. 1951436

File: 1704528711317.jpg (159.38 KB, 1280x857, 12_white_chicks-690824591.jpg)

Damn, Marlon Wayans really fell off.

No. 1951438

He says with crusty clumped white eyeliner on his waterline and comically overdrawn crayola lips that seem to be melting off of his face. Crayons aren't barbie plastic who's gonna tell him kek?

No. 1951442

you will never be janis joplin troon

No. 1951444

incels shoot up schools because they cant get laid yet this level 99 bridge troll can find a really cute girl that indulges his degeneracy. Proves that men live on easy mode

No. 1951446

How TF does this monster get with a pretty girl?? Do girls have no self-esteem??

No. 1951461

She has green hair obviously she has low self-esteem. You guys are acting like this girl ia mega Stacy but they look like any couple you’d see at a pop punk show.

No. 1951464

Men will use absolutely any excuse possible to justify why nothing matters more to them than their dicks. So you're a degen who envies women because they often get raped but no one wants to rape you? That's totally normal, you're just using your rape fantasies to wake your female soul since getting raped is a female thing. So you're a mfer who treats your girlfriend/wife as a piece of shit and yet thinks it's okay to coerce her into having painful sex she doesn't want to have bc she committed the crime of being too vanilla? Oh, that's totally ok, too, bc "men can only bond and show affection via sex". FFS, I swear males are a failure of human evolution

No. 1951466

Have all the long-haired guys who play guitar trooned out already? I have a crush on a cute metalhead guy (actually cute, not like this troll in the video), I want to ask him out, but I'm afraid he could troon out eventually. He gives off no signal of troonerism and dresses normally but he's naturally very delicate and feminine (exactly my type lol) and I'm getting paranoid kek (I know this is not a dating advice thread, sorry nonas I'm just freaking out a bit kek)(not your personal blog)

No. 1951470

Just try to know what his beliefs are, nonna. If he's any type of queer, sorry. But ask him out anyway, going out once doesn't mean forming a long term relationship with the possibility of trooning out

No. 1951471

Every girl does this vaudeville dresden dolls palacebo crossover in the mirror as she's doing her makeup fr

No. 1951472

Baeddel still a thing? I thought they were trying to distance themselves from this after several in the baeddel tumblr community were outed as rapists and abusers years ago

No. 1951474

File: 1704539140427.gif (465.88 KB, 500x375, 0db52c2a9b9da47d7856e3850c3c16…)

No. 1951475

convert him into a terf before the tras get him, ez

No. 1951485

I don't want to disappoint you but I'm a third world art student & all of the cute guys are gendies and/or gay. They're taking out the pretty boys one by one. This is the REAL "trans genocide." We're in a Muslim country too, goddamnit!

No. 1951488

Imagine if he got this tattoo about ANY genocide that wasn't exclusive to women. Think about the outrage if he was in a striped pajama. They turned the most evil genocide in history into a Halloween joke.

No. 1951493

>commanding stature
Ah yes because man strong, man commands

No. 1951496

holy shiiiiiiit
>“Kala” has a day job doing some kind of computer software work, and has legally changed his name to Pranavi Kalavathamma Lorei
wonder why he chose to larp as a woman with indian ancestry specifically? it's not like he even wears indian clothing. so many layers of autism.

No. 1951510

Thanks for replying and the advice, nonnas. He hasn't said (nor have I found on his social media) anything about being "queer". He doesn't use pronouns either. He just has soft features and what seems to be very natural feminine mannerisms. I'm feeling like a creepy stalker because I'm so paranoid I checked everyone he follows on social media for signs of troonerism and/or pornsickness but it was all green flags. I'm quite straightforward so I've already let it clear that I'm interested in him and he seems to reciprocate so I don't think he's gay, but he definitely is passive, and if I don't make a move, he'll die in his hill of eternal shyness kek, so I'll ask him out.
>>convert him into a terf before the tras get him
I'll try, nonna lol. I'm planning to casually compliment him by saying something like "it's great to find a guy who has the confidence to have long hair and still be male nowadays that everyone got crazy and think that bc a man has long hair he must have a 'female soul' or something stupid like this haha" then I'll see how he reacts. If he starts defending gendies, I'll know my unicorn is actually just another retarded male. But if not, I'll slowly try to bring him to the TERF side lol.
>>I'm a third world art student & all of the cute guys are gendies and/or gay
I feel your pain, nonna. I'm also an artist/musician and every single art space is infested with gendies, and all the guys who would be attractive/pretty are just looking hideous in their female larping.
>>They're taking out the pretty boys one by one. This is the REAL "trans genocide."
I agree 1000%
(Sorry for this long post, I'll stop sperging now kek)(not your personal blog)

No. 1951512

I just assume he fetishizes Indian women. They see women as porn categories and try to become whatever women they wank to (anime schoolgirl, mommy dommy bimbo etc.)

No. 1951514

Maybe he’s NLOT (not like other trannies)

No. 1951515

Sorry for the doublepost but I’d bet it’s a Long Chu situation where he dated or crushed on an Indian girl and now he’s coping by becoming her.

No. 1951517

Nonnie, if he doesn't have pronouns in bio he is either a normie or already based (kek) you're pretty much safe. Go after you cute metallhead!

No. 1951521

troons are obsessed with tropes (usually from porn) because they cant imagine women being complex individuals. They always wanna be “goth gf” “hot babysitter” or “cute anime loli”

No. 1951525

A misogynist incel in a dress still is a man, I wish I could show that to all handmaidens, that's what they want in our restrooms

No. 1951526

File: 1704552124370.jpg (918.88 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20240106-123304_Tik…)

They're just everywhere arent they? I cannot open a single social media without troon shit. They're an actual infestation

No. 1951531

File: 1704552890804.jpg (335.22 KB, 1316x1824, KILLER-sub-superJumbo-v2.jpg)

I can't be the only one who thought this was a picture of grown up Adam Lanza, right? I know that doesn't make sense but he literally looks exactly like what I'd imagine that guy to look like grown up… creepy as fuck

No. 1951539

I'm amazed you guys found this. I didnt clock tunnel girl as a troon at first but I didn't watch a lot of his videos so at first glance I just thought it was a very autistic woman but a troon makes it all make 100% more sense

No. 1951541

File: 1704556352440.png (144.32 KB, 320x384, bindi boy.png)

same. something was definitely "off" but i figured it was just heavy filters + extreme autism, however i hadn't watched enough videos to see his hands and full length body - only what i saw in the news. i have an autistic friend whose voice is very low and monotone so that clouded my judgement a bit too at first.
i looked at some of his older videos and can see him dressing in some vaguely indian style dresses. also picrel he even has the bindi (forehead dot). i think you might be right that he has a crush on an indian girl. he also named himself after a goddess (pranavi).

No. 1951542

truetrans doesn't actually exist. Even if a man naturally has more estrogen in his system, that's a hormonal disorder not a legitimate reason to troon out or claim he's actually a woman on the inside. Sure some of them are less annoying than the lib ones but it's still two sides of the same coin

No. 1951543

I agree, anything rise just feeds into the idea that woman = deficient male

No. 1951545

>>1951541 he said his moms side is indian in a tiktok video/ comment

No. 1951547

he lies. see >>1950475

No. 1951553

now post all the posts he's made about his fetish for having enormous breasts and his quest to get the biggest breast implants he can find

No. 1951555

You should do some reading on what a chemical imbalance caused mental illness is before you lump trans with it. Really, I implore you read up on how it works, then compare it to TIMs stories of discovering they are gay.
>I saw women's underwear and wanted it
>I was jealous of the attention women get
>Women are on easy mode, being male is hard, I can't do this!
Which one of these statememts do you think arises from a genuine imbalance in the brain, and not just plain misogyny and or fetishism? It's true many TIMs are depressed or even psychotic. But does that mean they all need to have their delusions and demands catered to? If a gay man is faggy and dainty, that's not trans it's just being a homosexual. That doesn't mean he needs to chop his dick off and take synthetic estrogen.
I understand why some nonnas see the discussion of transgender and it sounds like a mental illness that was born in them one day, and it's due to a lot of obfuscating medical journals using similies to push an agenda of "trans is an illness and to treat it you need to listen to all their demands".
>It's just like depression, they merely need their meds!

No. 1951565

He looks seriously off like even more so than the normal troon. The blankness of his face, I know it’s probably just mega autism but it’s like there’s no soul behind his eyes.

No. 1951567

File: 1704562095042.png (1.21 MB, 696x1237, 13.png)

this guy looks like a transgender carrot top

No. 1951568

File: 1704562134248.png (581.83 KB, 682x448, Screenshot.png)

this is him as well.

No. 1951570

Also the chemical imbalance model is way too simplified, most mental illnesses are a result of multiple factors. There definitely is no chemical in the brain of any scrote which tells him he should be female kek, maybe if he's intersex then there clearly was an attempt but goddamn. Testosterone is the one and only driving force for moids, they're all slaves to coom in one way or another.

No. 1951571

File: 1704562390987.jpg (124.38 KB, 1152x1284, GDBUfglasAAb4CB.jpg)

what kinda chemical imbalance tells you you're a woman? Is there one that can tell me that I'm a millionaire?

No. 1951582

>when your AGP convinces you every man must be attracted to your schlubby masculine body just because your outfit gives you a euphoria boner
God grant all women the confidence of a repulsive tranny feeling himself

No. 1951586

>shark plushie on the bed

No. 1951589

File: 1704566253356.png (861.01 KB, 755x1126, Screenshot 2024.png)

>name and a bunch of numbers
yes totally a real woman accusing Gal Godot of being a tranny. Funny that Colon only believes the fake profiles when its something that pushes the tra's agenda further…

No. 1951594

Shapeless and tragic. Is he scared men will laugh at him?

No. 1951597

File: 1704567142240.png (1.21 MB, 2099x890, headline.png)

transphobic headline tsk

No. 1951598

So you’re okay with GNC gay people castrating themselves out of self-hatred.

No. 1951599

This isn't what this thread is for. Ask the advice thread in /g/

No. 1951620

my favourite thing about baeddel is that it refers to male sexual criminals such as pedophiles, rapists, and sodomites that they are identifying with.

No. 1951629

lmfao my guy is capital U Ugly
no fucking way this genetic dead end actually thinks he has the potential to attract anyone
theyre getting more bold with how much they despise women. soooooo lesbian. the only people actually bothering with them are bisexuals and women that hate themselves enough.
i pretty much roll my eyes when these types harp on about butchfemme culture because theyre just writing fanfiction at this point - its deeply embarrassing. i wonder how an interaction with an actual femme or butch would play out.

No. 1951634

They always brag about their “cis lesbian girlfriends”, I even had one of the so-called “cis lesbian girlfriends” tell me that she “doesn’t claim me as a lesbian” because I wouldn’t date a transbian?? Like are these lesbians who’ve been brainwashed or are they just straight/bi???

No. 1951638

super late and retarded but, Trans Matt Mercer

No. 1951641

theyre fully bisexual and crave that sweet sweet male validation but men/male validation is cringe and only something stupid vapid neurotypical cis bitches do so they transformed it into dating degenerates who dont see them as fully human. such an upgrade!

(the cis bitches part is sarcasm since handmaidens and their tranny heroes are misogynistic as hell just fyi)

No. 1951642

samefag but its been somewhat eyeopening to see handmaidens and tims co-opt butchfemme culture and mutate it to something so far from what it once used to be. i think they got tired of the usual labels and identity terms and latched on to something shiny and new that has historical roots, which they also get to play with its past and spread misinformation (like they always do). its pretty sad to watch but a little entertaining.

No. 1951662

Kek how the woman in plaid slips and calls the TIM a "him" at the end.

No. 1951663

USA boxing let's men box women now

https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna131938(this is an imageboard)

No. 1951666

“Butch culture is (insert autistic male interest) guise!!”

No. 1951668

how fucking retardedly did he drink that to get lipstick on the tab of the can..

No. 1951673

>"His pronouns are she/her"

No. 1951682

There is an argument to be made (to be clear, I'm not making it) that they set criteria to technically allow TIMs in, because they wanted to avoid the lawsuit that would come from explicitly banning them, but the criteria are so strict, it will functionally ban them. They require gender reassignment surgery, and as we know, most troons don't cut their dick off, and require 4 yours of testosterone testing before troons can compete. That's a long time of no competition for someone who just wants to get their jollies by beating women.

No. 1951684

Its because of his huge moid mouth

No. 1951692

File: 1704581367035.jpg (379.45 KB, 1536x1920, GDFNUkyXMAAcvLd.jpg)

No. 1951695

File: 1704582169013.jpeg (172.08 KB, 750x1046, 73CE5202-C406-4AC8-82F5-D47783…)

Idek if this is a male or female but that cleavage crotch is vile

No. 1951696

File: 1704582377190.png (201.52 KB, 1324x724, tunneltroon.png)

picrel from the business insider article is a dead giveaway kek. doing heavy renovation in uwu pearls is some of the most troon shit i've ever heard.

No. 1951701

This looks like a woman to me

No. 1951702

lurk more dumdum, that's obviously a woman

No. 1951711

Can anything be posted here without insults? So far I’ve received “dum dum” and “retard”. Wtf is your problem? Everyone else seems to get spoken to normally??(newfag)

No. 1951725

Probably it is bait but If you get upset over called dumdum then I don't you are really apt to live in society and I am not even being ironic. If you want hugboxing, the troon subs would fit you just nice

No. 1951728

not trying to be mean but if you don't want to be called retarded the first step is to not post retarded things. There's really no other solution. Maybe lurk more until you understand why your posts are getting you called retarded.

No. 1951736

You think I can’t live in society bc I don’t get why me posting something is getting insults? There are other posters who have put links and made mistakes but haven’t been jumped on so I don’t get it. I’ve lurked long enough to see other users being spoken to normally.(newfag autism)

No. 1951740

I can’t believe I’m more infuriated at the obnoxious yelling moids than the gender specials. Why are they like this.

No. 1951743

I feel like men in women's sports wouldn't be as big of an issue if they just didn't let dudes who still have dicks compete, in any sport. Have rules that require a few years of dedication, and hopefully most of the men chasing their next erotic high will be excluded. Ideally no men would be in women's sports period, but compromises will probably have to be made before that can happen.

People aren't targeting you specifically, every post is anonymous in case you hadn't noticed. If people are calling you a retard after multiple posts, you probably just post like a retard. Until you can tell the difference between male and female troons, lurk more.

No. 1951745

>compromises will probably have to be made before that can happen
sadly i think this is what they're counting on. they knew there would be compromises eventually and are counting on the idea that men who cut off their dicks are a reasonable allowance in women's sports in comparison to men with dicks.
this is what i hate about the micro arguments within this debate. i don't care what would be less unacceptable because none of it is acceptable and that's the point. if we get caught up in compromises then we still lose and they'll continue to push those boundaries anyway.

No. 1951748


IThose who get “bottom surgery” are usually HSTS, and unlikely to be into sports anyway, especially not violent ones. It’s a good way to keep any dude who takes a tiny dose of estrogen and claims he is a trans woman out of women’s’ competitions

No. 1951750

File: 1704589865668.jpg (74.47 KB, 482x482, MixCollage-06-Jan-2024-08-12-P…)

they're definitely just bi/straight. a butch woman is a gender nonconforming female, a "butch" tim is just a straight male. i genuinely think some of these women see it as a blessing because they get to claim lesbianism while being in a straight relationship with an obvious moid. tumblr is full of women talking about how much they love penises while calling themselves lesbians, it's an easy loophole for het/bi women who want to feel special and repulsive to lesbians.

No. 1951751

File: 1704590340802.jpg (95.48 KB, 795x1297, GDHj-zVaIAARPoY.jpg)

No. 1951755

Sorry for it literally being my first two attempts at posting. You were all new once too, I’m sure you were just as retarded.(infighting)

No. 1951756

Nona just drop it and move on. Even once you're integrated some farmers will be inflammatory for no reason.

No. 1951757

>no sage
>fix your troon-dar
fix these and you won't get called out(derailing)

No. 1951762

Nona give me the grace not to a-log. Every "person" in your picrel is a revolting lesbophobic parasite and it's truly difficult to stop myself from wishing the worst on every last one of them.

No. 1951765

hilarious that he thinks its infuriating people by posting selfies instead of what it actually does, which is make people laugh and feel bad for him because of how pathetic he is

No. 1951774

File: 1704593462200.png (444.24 KB, 748x643, weirdo.png)

>100 y/o trannies playing in children's parks

No. 1951780

If you’re the true trans believer then you really do need to lurk more and complain less. It’s an anonymous image board. Nobody here owes you common courtesy, it’s just kind of the way of things in internet corners like this

No. 1951783

>being trans isn't a fetish
>having specific fetishes means you're trans
massive cope

No. 1951804

File: 1704602448351.png (248.74 KB, 1258x1108, Screen Shot 2024-01-06 at 11.4…)

I hope this poor therapist realizes what's going on and terminates therapy

No. 1951808

File: 1704603595944.jpeg (183.78 KB, 828x706, IMG_4981.jpeg)

>house is a pigsty
>ugly lmao

It’s the same thing every time with these freaks. Why are we forced to put up with this?

No. 1951810

This guy is pretty anti-woman aside from his opposition to men in women’s bathrooms (which is the bottom of the barrel at this point) so I wouldn’t make him a TERF icon.

No. 1951811

Wait, I’m retarded, it’s the woman’s shirt which is great. Sorry I saw Winston Peters and felt my hairs go grey.

No. 1951813

Hostility is the majority that happens here, nonita. Don't let it get to you. We're all just gender crits and terfs trying to play nice in the face of a common enemy.

No. 1951816

File: 1704605243502.png (3.71 MB, 1622x3388, belltyj.png)

Fucking freak

No. 1951820

Ginger men are almost always physically repulsive as a rule.

No. 1951834

File: 1704609801677.jpeg (404.3 KB, 750x1918, IMG_3755.jpeg)

i might start doing this. every time i see a tranny, i’ll tell him “omg how beautiful and VALID you are! yass queen! you go girl!”

No. 1951837

I think someone itt referred to that as yasslighting and that really captures how some people feel the need to feed into tranny egos

No. 1951838

>naming yourself after a harry potter character

No. 1951852

File: 1704617116990.png (246.19 KB, 1200x1200, pngtree-cute-chibi-female-doct…)

incoming medicine sperg
I'm a med school anon, doctors don't wanna be cancelled, they probably have even more at stake than your average neighborhood joe a la getting cancelled on twitter or bad reviews on doctor websites. Plenty of actual medical concerns get brushed off or shelved for later appointments because your average American doctor has 10-15 minutes of facetime with each patient. My guess is that these doctors weren't agreeing with him per se, it's just that they have 20 other patients to get to within the same day (bcuz insurance, having to fill out long-ass documentation, etc.) and no one thinks it's worth it to argue at this point in time. "Oh? You have PMS symptoms? Well… okay. Let's refill your antidepressants, and make sure you stay hydrated and take NSAIDs when you have a stomach ache. Okay, what pharmacy? See you at the next appointment, bye!"
I've seen patients bring up batshit insane claims in appointments (I have a mitochondrial disorder! I have parasites in my skin!) etc. and your average overworked doctor will just focus on calming down the patient, finding some 'solution' that placates the patient and gets them out the door, and hoping the patient gets psychiatric or psychological help later on down the line.

TLDR: When you see someone claiming 'my doctor agreed with this, 5 different doctors said' bla bla bla, consider that when your average non-psychiatric doctor interacts with somatic-type symptoms, their priority is making sure the patient isn't in immediate danger, placating them, and getting them out the door. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

No. 1951865

File: 1704620452678.jpg (2.49 MB, 1196x2384, hz782zx.jpg)

No. 1951869

File: 1704624235314.jpeg (317.88 KB, 739x933, F449BD72-5CDD-4374-8281-2AAB9E…)

Please go to this page and just look for this post, then look at the other posts this account has made. I could say a lot but I’ll let you girls say it for me if you so please.

No. 1951871

File: 1704624594362.jpeg (438.48 KB, 750x812, E7C08AD2-BFAD-412C-AA54-60FFE4…)

2/3 Admin of account

No. 1951875

File: 1704624875330.jpeg (Spoiler Image,512.86 KB, 750x871, 65082040-5695-42A9-8CCF-6E865F…)


No. 1951876

He ends up looking like an 80s dude with a mullet

No. 1951877

Trannies are another nail in the coffin for cementing that men are absolutely fucking delusional. It's difficult to put into words how badly they do not understand women and project their incel desires on to women. Manifesto-chan was right, it really is all about delusional optimism and trying to pass off their desires (like their desire to convert non-retards or lesbians) as the opposite parties. I guess is why men detransition less, women do it for non-delusional reasons some times, while the men are always entitled/delusional degenerates. The most sex-cementing thing about it is that this is what MEN fantasize about, converting their enemies like they seethe about their dick turning lesbians or feminists in to their ideal submissive waifu who does whatever he tells her. Most male shit ever.

No. 1951878

File: 1704625841220.jpeg (516.3 KB, 750x819, 276F7BC9-7E97-41D5-9E45-45B7C4…)

Nice chin faggot

No. 1951884

Sorry for unrelated but I fucking hate the stereotype that white women = likes to fuck dogs, something created by retard incels on 4chan. First of all I can’t stand dogs, second of all, I feel like it’s far more likely for guys to fuck/want to fuck animals than girls? Unfortunately I have seen some awful videos on the internet in my time and it’s always guys (mr.Hands for example), and just look at furries! It’s all guys who want to fuck dogs. But they cling to this like a tick, and it’s interesting that even troons do too. The women-hating incel to bitter troon pipeline is proven absolutely real once again.

No. 1951888

I can take a crappy bad photo of myself, then take a careful photo of myself with a filter on, and then I too can pretend I switched sex and that made me hot.

No. 1951889

it's not a stereotype outside of porn sick coomer circles. they have normalised their own sick fantasies to the point where they see everything through this porn lens. men like this are constantly wondering what category of sexually humiliating degradation to put women in, whilst attempting to make it socially acceptable with the words "TERF" and "white woman".

No. 1951891

File: 1704628566225.png (803.99 KB, 1064x803, degenmen.png)

It's just another manifestation of the common phenomenon of men never taking accountability for their actions and coping by projecting their degeneracy on to women. It is infact that men are more likely to fuck dogs and any other animal, they just cope rather than fix their degeneracy because they don't identify as degenerates and think that means they aren't degenerate. All statistics in regards to the crime state that men commit the crime at a significantly higher rate. When this is pointed out, they seethe that they probably do it the same amount but don't get caught because again they do not accept their actions because they do not identify as degenerate due to being the delusional retard sex. When men say women fuck dogs, the only ""women"" (troons aka men pretending to be women) that often do it are like picrel. They think pretending mens crimes are womens fools anyone into not thinking they're absolutely inhuman.

No. 1951892


No. 1951895

File: 1704629507442.jpeg (993.04 KB, 3057x2392, johndee.jpeg)

does anyone remember this guy? he has a new account and keeps trying to post in r/petitefashionadvice and they keep deleting his posts kek. i remember this guy from at least a year ago and he always claims to be "in the process of transitioning" but his fetish is clearly making women and fawn over a moustached old man in skirts and blouses, asking questions like "Do these jeans look too tight on the crotch area?". he also posts in bra subreddits asking about his 'D cups'. he still gets plenty of upvotes and women blowing smoke up his ass in the comments which is depressing.

No. 1951896

When has this ever been a stereotype??? In all my years I have heard that white women are, basic, bland, Karens, overly attached, etc but dog fuckers? You need to touch grass.

No. 1951897

nayrt its a stupid meme that 4channers and basement dwellers use to humiliate women.

No. 1951902

Why do you find it so hard to believe that moids like to spread disgusting stereotypes? Feel free to google "White Girls Fuck Dogs" by Rusty Cage, some edgy YouTuber/Creator who made a whole song about it. It seems it got removed from his own channel for obvious reasons but you can find reuploads and lots of comments where moids claim they knew so many women who were into that.

No. 1951903

they use rare freaks like whitney wisconsin as a "gotcha" to validate their perverse fantasies, meanwhile it's exclusively moids that patronize brothels designed for zoophiliacs

No. 1951904

This is a red alert for you to touch grass.

No. 1951905

>nasty hair
>cheap "lesbian" pride flag
>stretched out underwear

No. 1951906

Exactly, and then they also bring up Gigi Gorgeous, because obviously a troon attention whore stands for all white women. They're just desperately trying to cling to one thing that might make women look as degenerate as they (men) are and hope it will stick, but we all know who visits ape rape brothels.

No. 1951907

hes really trying to appropriate PCOS? does he not know what it stands for, the O is for ovary, sir, where are your ovaries??? your disease is being a man and its terminal.

No. 1951911

No I’m not the “true trans believer”, retard.

Okay nona I’ll learn to be more hostile then, would have thought the hostility would be directed against subjects not users though.(continued infighting/derailing)

No. 1951913

File: 1704633223818.png (1.26 MB, 1280x720, FRIDGE.png)


No. 1951914

"Good boobs" when one of his prosthetics is plainly trying to flee, LMAO.

No. 1951924

Saying touch grass when you frequent this website is funny.
I saw even self proclaimed "feminist" men use this white woman fuck dogs stereotype and they unironically seemed convinced it was akshually created by the black community somehow and weren't aware it was an incel thing. So it's that widespread even if people don't really say it irl.(derailing)

No. 1951929

I always find it interesting how Tims attack Tifs all the time for being "so privileged" or whatever the fuck. Like hmm, I wonder why a community of people of the male sex will attack a community of people of the female sex for "talking over them."
>most male face and headline you've ever seen

No. 1951933

The absolute delusion of trannies continues to astound me. Even if you look at the filtered “after” pictures from a good distance and squint your eyes, he’s a dude, and not even a hot one. No one is jealous of him. And for gods fucking sake, “taking a single hormone” DOES NOT change one from “male to female”.

I’m ready to take the whole lot of these freaks and drop them into a volcano. Put them out of their misery and save the rest of the world their bullshit.

No. 1951935

Omfg I saw this mfer the other day on The L Chat, of course he's a "lesbian" in a "poly lesbian relationship"… FFS I'll never understand how gross moids like this one manage to get girlfriends (I'm talking about actual women, not other troons). If troons like this can get girlfriends, how do incels even exist??

No. 1951941

I fucking hate going into any lesbian-adjacent tag for this reason. It’s always filled with shit about girlcock or TiMs and it’s so vile.

No. 1951944

Oh no not the pringles man again!

No. 1951954

what the fuck did I just read

No. 1951959

I contend that if you studied all the “genuine” female degenerates in the world (which would exclude prostitutes doing it to make a living), 95% were made so for male attention/validation - including Whitney Wisconsin.

No. 1951966

File: 1704644303109.jpg (Spoiler Image,928.1 KB, 2891x4261, 1000009227.jpg)

Fetish men are absolutely everywhere in any clothing related subreddit and people fawn over them every time. If there's a "is it ok for men to wear ___?" post it's a fetishist 9 times out of ten. Picrel is a seemingly innocent post I saw yesterday where nobody in the comments pointed out the guy's disgusting post history. Probably should start using pinterest instead for outfit inspo.

No. 1951974

If he's not a troon then good for him. Let Heisenberg rock the dress.

No. 1951983

Not to mention the fetish tattoo. Sending prayers to the tattoo artist who had to deal with him

No. 1951984

kek also how is this the "bare minimum", if a woman went out in a period dress and hat like this after clearly putting effort into the outfit she would get compliments and comments too

No. 1951985

File: 1704649110996.png (208.52 KB, 312x368, 2lVzJN0.png)

>this was on the top page of imgur
guarantee moids who post shit this are 400% more likely to carry STDs and be sex-pests.

No. 1951988

these motherfuckers really think they become "hot women" because they take some placebos

No. 1951989

men who are into this/encourage it are just as bad as the trannies

No. 1951992

File: 1704649932916.jpg (380.94 KB, 1536x2048, FkeCiJ_WAAIBrWb.jpg)

I can't decide which is worse his sloppy hair or his sloppy makeup.

No. 1951994

Ofc the only thing the troons can ever think of is how jealous women are of their “hot bodies and tiddies.” The oversexualization of moids really reaches into every facet of their psychology.

No. 1952002

It's not even his hair, it's a wig just sitting on TOP of his head as opposed to actually wearing it, ffs.

No. 1952012

he looks like a merchant NPC who's about to ask me to sell him my child

No. 1952021

Plus, apparently that imbalance can be fixed by giving them supplemental testosterone. Allegedly they go back to normal after. But nah, let's change their whole body/gender/reality instead. Makes sense.
These posters all sound male to me.

No. 1952033

and ofc, chipped black nailpolish that looks like it was applied while blindfolded. dead giveaway for troons of either gender

No. 1952055

There are also some trannoids who are posting about their gross incest fantasies wanting to fuck their sister or their mother which of course I've reported.all tags are filled with trannies unfortunately even the cat tag which some of them were wearing cat ears and bikinis ew.

No. 1952075

No. 1952077

The left side is the kind of person that I assume troids and queerhets who claim to be "into butches" consider to be "butch".

No. 1952080

File: 1704663111858.jpg (706.47 KB, 1080x1547, Screenshot_20240107_163218_Tik…)

Idc if he doesn't have limbs. He still makes me cringe.

No. 1952081

I have never made jokes of a amputee…but I will now.. he trooned out into a trashbag

No. 1952084

this is what retarded straight girls call the "bisexual panic"

No. 1952085

File: 1704664437162.png (285.15 KB, 355x435, briel.png)

one thing i will say for him is despite having no arms, he still manages to apply his make up better than 99% of other troons kek. shame he thinks good at make up = woman, tho.

No. 1952091

I hate that leanbeefpatty is here. She actually comes across as really genuine and likeable in her videos.

No. 1952095

my secret tinfoil is that since leanbeefpatty has never openly said anything pro trans is that she’s actually secretly super anti trans, especially due to some people on the internet speculating that she’s trans.

No. 1952097

She panders to degen coomers and is a roid user, she’s an egirl diet sexworker in a different niche just like tardwives

No. 1952099

I've always said they should just give them actual sugar pills, since the delusion/coom already makes them imagine the absolute wildest things. It would also protect against long term side effects, though TBH I don't care too much if some coomer dies of multiple blood clots or brain tumors or whatever the medical literature will inevitably be publishing.

No. 1952101

nta but what are you talking about, none of that is true. i've been following her for years. let's not derail by hating on random women anyway, she has nothing to do with this thread.

No. 1952107

they always have that ugly smirk and raw chicken white skin ewwww

No. 1952113

What a sad life, no arms no legs and soon no dick.

No. 1952114

>roid user
you're a fucking idiot lol
I agree, I follow another chick who gets trans/roid accusations constantly and I'm pretty sure it's because she's either detrans or naturally deep voiced + GC due to being a lesbian. If someone gets a lot of trans discourse on their page but doesn't say anything about it, odds are they're either critical or at the very least an uncomfortable normie.

No. 1952116

File: 1704669596912.png (739.88 KB, 1080x2010, Screenshot_20240107-151825.png)

this man recently set up a gofundme as well bc he wants to go to school in Europe

No. 1952129

so bisexual moids will fuck anything with a hole? who could have guessed

No. 1952134

She’s obviously a steroid user, don’t sperg out because she’s your fav

No. 1952139

File: 1704673963633.jpg (101.55 KB, 828x1177, GCyIksHXsAA8k-9.jpg)

ah is he trying to go viral with that retarded tweet of his then?

No. 1952141

NTA no she isn't. Not all buff women are on steroids retard. Stop derailing just because you hate muscular women for some deranged reason.

No. 1952152

Kek not believing an influencer is natty means you hate muscular women? What an especially spergy hill to die on(infighting)

No. 1952156

File: 1704676071205.png (1.6 MB, 1552x1152, Screen Shot 2024-01-08 at 11.5…)

> trans woman presents herself masculine
Why not just stay being a regular man instead of ruining all your relationships then? What's the point of being a TIM if you're not going to change anything? Is the coom really that strong?

No. 1952158

The coom is always that strong.

No. 1952164

>>1952116 this seems incredibly fishy, uni in europe for an american costs 5-20k A YEAR, not a mere 5k one off payment

No. 1952165

transracial never took off because black people mocked Dolezal. Trannies all of all stripes hate narcissists and hate being laughed at.

Mockery is the cure to cringe

No. 1952168

It's not a double standard kek, we just hate males.

No. 1952170

Influencers are just a kind of exceptionally cowardly whore, especially fitness influencers who are basically giving away soft porn of themselves for free. Sorry to you nonas who like leanbeef but ultimately the shit women like her do online sets us all back(derailing)

No. 1952181

I gave up on online feminism/GC stuff because the loudest ladies worshiped the egdelords and used feminism as a cudgel against women they didn't like. Some things don't change apart from labels. lolcow is better than twitter because it's harder to make cliques with anonymity

No. 1952183

>all the trannies proudly talk about their neo-Nazi phase kek

trannies doing this on tumblr literally peaked me. I knew of a chick who collected a bunch of archives and screenshots talking about this very situation and her account got deleted.

No. 1952188

File: 1704682804655.jpeg (794.26 KB, 1242x1571, IMG_5130.jpeg)

These moids are so delusional, they really think estrogens really cure their moid bodies and shape them into the woman that they want. Ywnbaw faggots, when will they learn?

No. 1952189

this is so retarded, the punchline is 'akchully women and tims look the same, it's unfair!!!1!!' but even the TERF in the meme can tell who's a man
they can't be held to a double standard precisely because they're instantly recognized as male, something OP failed to disprove despite copying the blackhaired wojak for the tranny, so all what's left is malding that TERFS can clock and make fun of them
sucks to suck I guess!

No. 1952190

File: 1704683058880.jpeg (869.42 KB, 1242x1386, IMG_5131.jpeg)

vomits kinda pathetic ngl, they are moobs at best

No. 1952192

this is exactly the same reasoning SWIW chicks and their pimps use to justify their actions and beliefs

No. 1952195

Can any nonnas explain to me why these troon fags love the tittle puppy? Like puppygirl or something. It really makes me sick in the stomach but I’m genuinely curious why they associate themselves with being a puppy girl so much when they definitely are one of those rabid, tick infested and foaming at the mouth dogs roaming the streets would be a more accurate description unlike the cute uwu anime puppygirl they are talking about lol

No. 1952197

File: 1704683726631.jpg (47.31 KB, 589x586, sausagearms.jpg)

Is the implication here that taking E is turning him into one of those Kroger ad characters that don't have wrists?

No. 1952198

Came across some blogger called “phd in clothes” whose voice and long head tripped my stealth tranny alarm. Can any nonas confirm

No. 1952200

trannies always get what they want. Every single interaction with black people, gay people, disabled people, etc, the left always chooses trannies. I see it as a secret class consciousness with them and the rich. The rich benefit from all kinds of human misery, and trannies are very good at demoralizing the public, especially working-class feminists.

No. 1952201

Paraphilias cluster. As a result, significant amount of trannies are also furries, and dogs are one of the most popular animals to fetishize in the furry fandom.

No. 1952202

'bewbs' like we're back in 2005 jfc.

No. 1952203

Almost all of the homosexual transgenders have a history of being a victim of homophobic bullying or frustration towards their dating pool. Remove these factors, their desire to be trans would completely disappear. There is no such thing as true trans and if you actually cared about them being happy, you wouldn't be encouraging them to hurt themselves to conform to their own personal idea of what a perfect desirable person should be.

No. 1952204

this is an imageboard, we probably could if you brought images here

No. 1952205

Nonny, not to be a dick but have you even seen/spoken to a woman before? That's a cis woman. I don't even get what you mean about her voice.
First, her clothes aren't perverted and they fit her. But also, her thighs, stomach, and proportions are all obviously feminine and can;t be faked with surgery. I agree the short hair isn't great for her face shape and how it hits makes her look masculine when it isn't styled well. But if you look at her older stuff where her hair is longer or the ones where she is actually smiling; she looks undeniable female.

No. 1952210

File: 1704686066995.jpg (236.9 KB, 1284x1752, hmm - Copy.jpg)

my bad >>1952204 you're right i was just on mobile so couldn't post pics

No. 1952213

File: 1704686989479.jpg (237.16 KB, 1284x1759, hmm2 - Copy.jpg)

as far as voice is concerned there's a certain resonance I'm picking up that just sounds male. the smiling photos actually make me even more suspicious. also I really wouldn't rule out trannoids just from the clothes not being perverted enough. plenty of moids can get their kicks out of dressing like a "normal" woman, not all of them are delusionally trying to do the bimbo or goth mommy larp. Some of them, especially the ones who really TRULY want to pass, dress like ordinary women.

I get the feeling we're going to be coming across a lot more stealth tranny influencers/tiktokers and other content creators. that fat makeup fag on youtube was the first to do it, and we were just talking about "Kala the tunnelgirl" upthread. I think a lot of them get a much more insidious euphoria boner from pulling stunts like this.

inb4 shut up straight woman but I ran the voice past my nigel, he's been able to clock otherwise visually convincing trannies by voice before even I can pick it up, he's getting tranny too. Just my two cents.

No. 1952216

Couldn't I put lipstick on a pig and then slap a can on its snout to achieve this effect?

No. 1952229

File: 1704690224220.png (213.7 KB, 1298x944, Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 11.04…)

Obviously not perfect because anyone can lie on the internet, but on her blog she has a Thinx review from 2021.

No. 1952231

Admins should start banning the ''is x a troon!1!!'' vendetta posters. They smell like trannies.

No. 1952234

Your veins bulge out like that when you're dehydrated. He still has shovel hands, he was just more hydrated when the picture on the right was taken

No. 1952240

lol That's as long as his hair grew in three fucking years? Tragic.

No. 1952257

File: 1704695783123.jpg (94.76 KB, 980x702, trannabelle.jpg)

'Ethereal vision' Harper's Bazaar said.

No. 1952259

Urethral vision. Dressed like a sweaty pad falling apart.

No. 1952260

Toliet paper flowing in the wind dress

No. 1952262

Return the slab

No. 1952263

File: 1704696826303.jpg (778.48 KB, 1500x1701, 1664617718026.jpg)

You must be the newfag that still won't stop posting "is this a tranny"

You're coming into this thread calling women cis what brand of retard are you?


No. 1952264

File: 1704696952648.jpg (49.54 KB, 706x1080, yhgvqgjm59za1.jpg)

I'm laughing and can't unsee it. I love you, nonnie.

No. 1952279

the police question her and waste all that money and time. Meanwhile, literal rapists get off scot-free thanks to whatever identity card they pull

No. 1952282

literal porn stereotypes

No. 1952283

even if it was made by the black community, no one should acceptable that kind of misogyny. Especially when you remember the femicide rates have been increasing every year. Misogyny should never be acceptable, regardless of what group

No. 1952291

A moid is once again projecting his desire to rape people he hates onto women who disagree with him. Must be a hot day in hell.

No. 1952293

i had to search up "return the slab" after seeing this so thank you guys

No. 1952314

Agreed. The difference with the Jacob The Tunnel Boy discussion was nonnies had actual evidence of him faking his identity plus the use of filters being an obvious red flag. Sperging over whether a woman (who clearly just looks like a nice normal woman) is mannish is fucking retarded and gross. I hate that her photos are here because she’s not a cow and just seems like a sweet lady. Also that post had too many buzz words that made it seem like a man who lurks here a lot trying to fit in.

No. 1952335

File: 1704713630756.jpg (459.51 KB, 1080x1419, Screenshot_20240107-230634_Red…)

Hormonally castrated men fucking each other with strap-ons and pretending it's lesbian sex. You can't make this shit up:

No. 1952336

File: 1704714103294.jpg (631.77 KB, 1080x1892, Picsart_24-01-08_03-38-56-628.…)

This comment triggered a bunch of women in a group full of handmaidens, kek.

No. 1952338

KEK they're an absolute mess
noooo women should stop complaining about the reality of what it feels like to have large breasts because that's my fetish and i want to cooooooom.
looked him up and it's always the same with these men
>grippy sock jail posting (99% troon group)
>woman = horny mentally ill bimbo slut
>cat ears
>porn sick incel

No. 1952341

lmao he has clubbing of the fingers going on, he isn't gonna be around for much longer dw nonas

No. 1952348

File: 1704718654429.png (512.04 KB, 606x933, Screenshot.png)

It's actually fucking evil to compare JK Rowling to fucking Andrew Tate, just because she doesn't humour your delusions.

No. 1952349

wow, it's almost like gender ideology makes no sense

No. 1952351

File: 1704719047503.jpg (55.12 KB, 594x509, 979e681d-c24d-44fd-8662-05dd67…)

>"Women who were traumatised and vulnerable had to be naked and shower with men in their spaces. I know some female prisoners decided not to shower at all as a result because they feared they would be raped or assaulted… I didn’t want to share showers with men, but I was forced to.” Fearing she may be raped and become pregnant, Amanda visited the prison doctor to be fitted with a contraceptive coil.

No. 1952356

If being unhinged and delusional was an olympic sport, trannies would win gold every time

No. 1952363

File: 1704720676339.jpeg (39.74 KB, 500x500, smirk.jpeg)

soulless, brainless retards. i would like to think even the most idiotic handmaiden would dispute this but i'm too scared to check
>Andrew Tate charged with rape and trafficking of women
>JK Rowling founded and funds rape shelter for women
picrel his AGP smirk

No. 1952390

Trannies are so fucking delusional, there's people in the comments and qrts acting like having veins on your hands is an exlusively male trait and women only have dainty, veinless hands. Just another retarded stereotype and shows they've never been around women, I have visible veins at times too so guess this somehow makes me male.

No. 1952395

Yeah, sorry to keep being OT but I do actually really like her personality and relate to her background and wish she’d just gear her stuff towards women who want to lift. Unfortunately it’s not what sells and most of them are sellouts, like you said.

No. 1952398

They also constantly get upset over seeing masculine women or women who aren’t made up at all, so they clearly can tell the difference too.

No. 1952400

Even before I read these posts, I was quickly scrolling past to find where I left off yesterday and was wondering why someone posted an actual woman ITT just based on seeing the thumbnail for less than a second.

No. 1952403

If you had told me twenty years ago that in 2024 I’d have to read about men fucking each other and talking about their dicks on a lesbian subreddit, I’d have laughed.

No. 1952405

This loser is so triggering but at least I can comfort myself in knowing his real life sucks. It's why they never leave Twitter, the only place where they can delude themselves into thinking they matter.

No. 1952407

It's not a double standard if there is a big difference lek
If you know the difference between an AGP and an HSTS tranny then the lack of femininity is a pretty clear indication the Troon in question is a man with a fetish instead of an effeminate man lead astray. At least for them it makes sense they could be fooled into transitioning. The others aren't fooled shit and deserve immediate ire upon being seen. They're just mad we can clock them based on fetish alone.
Trannies really know nothing about their bodies, start paying attention for the first time when looking for changes, then spot the most mundane human traits imaginable and claim them to be new. Veins pop out when you're stressed or tired, some people's pop up like clockwork whe