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File: 1684074583378.jpg (80.96 KB, 900x657, FwFXPU8XwAYo4f7.jpg)

No. 1827053

Peak material:

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No. 1827055

File: 1684074724253.png (118.97 KB, 677x558, sad.png)

So far I've seen two trannies do this today

No. 1827065

File: 1684075729798.png (2.45 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4618.png)

No. 1827069

File: 1684076878014.jpeg (99.67 KB, 1170x883, FADD814F-3346-48A9-8988-131638…)

got this video in my recommended and the dramatic title made me kek. not gonna watch but I’m assuming it’s about the episode where Brian dates a troon and the show doesn’t kiss its ass enough. Meanwhile family guy makes misogynistic jokes all the time and makes light of rape yet no woman calls it “THE WORST MOMENT FOR WOMEN IN TV HISTORY!” Troons are so sensitive.

No. 1827070

Reminds me of the time gta v removed “transphobic” jokes.

Why is it that a game where you can kill prostitutes suddenly decide that some people don’t deserve mockery?

No. 1827075

File: 1684077820570.png (2.16 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4619.png)

He looks the same

No. 1827078

I was watching a random video on family guy, and it was a scrote who counted Brian going on a date with the Troon dad as a "nice thing he did" it's like they see it as a charity. Also I watched a video on Mr.Meaty and the dude was like, "this show taught that you could take pills and become a girl" or some shit, because one of the scrotes became a girl. It was weird pandering

No. 1827086

File: 1684078734862.jpeg (128.52 KB, 1170x993, IMG_4955.jpeg)

I saw this just a few hours ago

No. 1827091

I want that same energy for the TiFs on fathers day too.

>spouses couldn't bear their glorious transformation

I think you meant the ultimate betrayal and entrapment

No. 1827094

File: 1684079656308.jpg (91 KB, 1080x742, FwFMIq3XsAEPjn6.jpg)

No. 1827115

Imagine already taking the L having had to carry a scrote's (multiple) parasites to term and getting hit in the face with even more humiliation re: this, that one Twitter girl back in 2019 was right we really do have to stand up and start killing men for no reason

No. 1827118

File: 1684083400524.jpg (245.4 KB, 810x2887, Screenshot_20230514-125240_Boo…)

Hypno, ageplay, autism, ugly as sin. Just your standard tranny at this point

No. 1827122

File: 1684083572658.jpg (421.88 KB, 810x3479, Screenshot_20230514-113013_Red…)

>A post op trans woman is completely indistinguishable from a cis woman who has had her uterus and ovaries removed.

No. 1827138

so I came across a video in my recommendations about Fa'afafine(a third gender in Samoan society) and it was quite disturbing. These men are assigned as "feminine" at a young age, some at 6 years old, and are then raised as girls, but it appears to be more of a result of social conditioning than anything. This practice seems unnecessary and potentially harmful

No. 1827150

Seems similar to the bacha bazi practice

No. 1827151

Trannies love to point out bullshit third gender shit because they're oblivious that not every culture is based around western ones, and just because they've been doing it for centuries doesn't mean that it isn't harmful.

No. 1827154

sorry jannies I forgot to sage this post you can give me the funni red text

No. 1827156

I hope all the kids of troons grow up to be based TERFs and will never talk to them again so they will die knowing they fucked up as a parent.

No. 1827177

So as annoyed as I am with how Geno validates Chris Chan's nonexistent womanhood. I just try to ignore the (genuine) misgendering in this long running documentary since it's morbidly fascinating but I really got to wondering if this series has actually peaked some people out of the trans nonsense.

I hit my "peak trans" moment before Chris Chan's dimensional merge nonsense and it wasn't through Chris Chan but I try to thin about how if I hadn't peaked then, I more than likely would've peaked by now watching this later half of the documentary this use of "her" while explaining all of Chris Chan's bullshit and I'm just curious if maybe there were some people who genuinely did peak with this series.

No. 1827189

Each time JK Rowling posts about women or something random.

No. 1827208

I think it's only a question of time before it starts happening but I think it will mostly be silent because few people want to admit their dad spent their whole childhood larping out a fetish and they had to partake in it unknowingly

No. 1827219

Yes and then Geno defends Chris on social media by saying he transitioned due to dysphoria and not due to wanting a girlfriend

No. 1827236

File: 1684100534001.jpg (179.15 KB, 1080x1131, Screenshot_20230505_054026_Red…)


No. 1827245

Imagine his daughter growing up knowing she was breastfed sweat and hormones by her dad.

No. 1827249

Those pictures are unnerving. There is no way that baby is getting anything more than a spoonful of thin ass milk.

No. 1827250

Did he actually post a picture of him putting that poor baby on his moob?? These people deserve to be in fucking jail

No. 1827277

why are women having kids with these creepy agpedos? the poor kid is going to grow up traumatized by her deranged troon father

No. 1827279

Wait really? Sorry I don't follow him on Twitter but that is just insufferable to learn that he genuinely believes that he's really trans? I mean we all know trans is a bunch of LARPing bullshit but it's so obvious with Chris why he trooned out.

Sorry anon, that just ruined my view of Geno because I thought that the only reason he was calling Chris by female pronouns was to avoid the series getting flagged by Chris Chan or stupid TRAs so to learn that Geno unironically believes this? Disappointing.

No. 1827280

I'd understand if they didn't know that their husband was an AGP until it was too late (i.e after marriage) but the follow up question to this is WHY THE FUCK are they allowing these sick fucks to moobfeed their infants?

No. 1827288

multiple times this has happened
>Chris trooned out to get access to women, he became the gal pal hoping he could attract girls
>Geno- Source?
I stopped liking him because that and also that cringe april fools video, where Chris transitions fully and then starts dating an older lesbian. Thats not the good end. The good end isn't him chopping his penis off and getting a woman to mommy him.
Even if Chris never said it, his logic is cut and clear, if this man could fuck his mother to get sexual access to a woman, Geno thinks he wouldn't say he's a woman hoping it'd give him access to women?

No. 1827301

Geno should know, he did the research and made the videos. What part of Chris making vids and propositions to women saying he could have lesbian sex and straight sex not clearly read as him transitioning to have sexual availability to as many women as possible?

No. 1827313

the baby would have been lucky if it was getting at least milk! But the poor kid is not getting proper nutrients. You know how mothers aren't supposed to eat or drink anything that can affect her milk supply, do you really think trannies would do the same?

No. 1827327

If they'd been born in the year 2000, David Bowie and Boy George would've trooned out. Agree or disagree?

No. 1827334

File: 1684114911717.jpg (61.46 KB, 708x708, 1518579426162.jpg)

bowie was a chameleon and dumped the glam thing the second it stopped being a thing.

Boy george would def have been a gender special though

No. 1827335

The worst part is that if you're going to end up a single parent anyway, you might as well go to a sperm bank and get quality DNA from a male who can document 3 generations of clean bills of health, no mental illness, no midlife cancer, intelligent, tall, athletic, good looking. But instead they get stuck breeding with ugly, absolutely defective, bottom of the barrel males who function at a literally subhuman level.

No. 1827338

nta; I will store this information for later use

No. 1827345

That is really true, I know about a lesbian couple who paid good money for sperm. The baby was adorable and very smart too

No. 1827361

They would have trooned out to fight the allegations.

No. 1827364

this shit makes me wish i believed an afterlife of divine justice. these animals deserve to be boiled alive in excrement for eternity
honestly its not even worth describing scrotoid nipple discharge as milk, it probably has 0 fat content and is mostly just xenoestrogens, domperidone and whatever ssris, mood stabilisers or recreational drugs he is certainly taking. its fucking dangerous to give an infant liquid with no nutritional content, you cant even give them water because its a waste of stomach space. absolutely depraved that women not only reproduce with these degens but fucking PARENT with them. evil.
bowie would have been a he/they or they/them for a few years while its relevant and fashionable for sure. hell if he was born in 2000 he would have been a he/she/they/xir lmao. also exactly what i was thinking >>1827361 lol

No. 1827393

I’m sorry, he posted PICTURES of him “breastfeeding” his newborn on Reddit? For what? Fucking updoots?
I’m not going to pull up the post and check because I don’t want to see that shit, but that’s appalling. I am so sad for that child, I can’t fucking imagine growing up with a dad like that.

No. 1827401

Honestly predicting some kind of CSA in this poor baby's future if this moid is allowed to continue validating his fetish. I pray the actual mother comes to her senses but I doubt it.

No. 1827405

Kind reminder that even if what they produced was milk, they produce almost none of it so calling it breastfeeding is a lie. They are men forcing children to suck their nipples.

No. 1827426

File: 1684131783810.jpeg (172.33 KB, 828x1358, IMG_5330.jpeg)

No. 1827445

You never see lesbian parents doing this shit. I doubt women who adopt do it either. I don’t understand how they don’t understand how breastmilk production works. Can’t someone just tell them that not every woman should and can breastfeed anyway?

No. 1827473

File: 1684140221293.jpg (73.24 KB, 970x769, Screenshot_20230515_042014_Red…)

let out an audible chuckle when I scrolled onto this comment on the yellowjackets subreddit of all places. weirdly, in other comments, she was using "moid" kek wtf the wires are very crossed

No. 1827479

Men lie on the forms though, it's not like spermbanks care about verifying shit. I read a story about one couple whose spermbank son ended up with addiction and mental health issues which were undisclosed by the donor sperm. Plus men donate hundreds of times, so some shit man who could never get hundreds of women pregnant can have hundreds of kids he knows nothing about.
Gay couples are better off getting a man they know who is a known quantity to donate, like if you know the guy personally you will have a better idea what they will turn out like vs tall and intelligent on a form, which is meaningless imo when you think of what that translates to in actual male personalities.
Plus, there have been scandals where the men running the clinic are actually the fathers of every child because of course, anons can do some keyword searches if you wanna find these stories but I'm sure there's more. I would never trust what a moid put on a form and there's plenty of crazy moids with terrible personalities who look good on paper, this is why straight women search high and low for a partner kek it is not that simple

No. 1827482

Even marriages where there are no trannies involved will have the woman say stuff like this, for many downtrodden wives, mother's day is seriously their one day off for the year. So of course tranny husband who does none of the household labour and child care and etc wants in on mother's day despite doing none of the related duties. The fact these men go to cry on their reddit hugbox every time tells you what kind of man they are.

No. 1827497

Just don't have kids. Stop bringing children into this world just so you can have a "mini me" uwu cute baby to show off. That lesbian couple were probably shit parents and blame the sperm donor lol. I have drug addicts in my family and I didn't turn out one.(sage your shit)

No. 1827498

Girls like this are the reason why people think women are stupid. How many of women who identify as lesbian actually are?

No. 1827516

Agreed, I don't think people are guaranteed to inherit every trait, just responding to anon's assertion about sperm donors who look good on paper.
Never mind how many celebrity failsons and faildaughters there are, jamie lee curtis's tranny son and tom hank's sons being good examples. You can be born with endless money, health and talent and still be an embarrassment.
Nothing is guaranteed but imo sperm donor is about as risky as everything else and shouldn't be recommended over any other method.

No. 1827521

Bold of you to assume a reddit post about loving tranny dick and being a "lesbian" is written by an actual woman, reddit drove all the actual cis lesbians out a long time ago. Literally invaded every lesbian sub with transwomen.

No. 1827559

"Misogyny exists because of women" I wish more men got raped

No. 1827583

>>1827559 like yo daddy? Are you mentally ok? Clearly not.
Am just saying there's a reason why people don't take women's sexuality seriously because there are too many pretend lesbians.(sage your shit)

No. 1827594

Stfu handmaiden this isn’t twitter(sage your shit)

No. 1827597

File: 1684154855896.jpg (84.49 KB, 1080x756, Screenshot_20230515-084252_Boo…)

so gross

No. 1827603

A good 90% of the women in the western world who say they're lesbians are just depraved bisexual women & this tranny shit proves it

No. 1827621

Men didn't take women's sexuality seriously from the beginning of humanity, when women didn't brag about lesbianism at every corner
So stfu retard you don't know shit

No. 1827623

What are they doing, reviewing wine? It's a fucking penis.

No. 1827649

Men don't take women's sexuality seriously because they don't take women seriously. Your life will be so much better once you realize this and act accordingly.

No. 1827652

File: 1684160004766.jpg (257.13 KB, 810x2105, Screenshot_20230515-101125_Chr…)

This sub is just as troon infested as r/WitchesVsPatriarchy

No. 1827654

NTAYRT but I gotta agree with this. You can be the most gold star, militant lesbian with a partner to match and men STILL won't give a fuck and convince themselves that underneath it all, those lesbians are just broken women who crave dick. Since when has ANY man interested in a lesbian been even slightly discouraged to hear she's not in to men, or is already in a relationship with a woman?

No. 1827660

Legit EVERY fucking female sub on reddit is filled with troons being like "is it okay to be here even if im a trans woman uwu.. ?" and then handmaidens and other troons being like omg yeees ofcourse youre so valid. Like over and over and over again, its like a fucking broken record

No. 1827668

Men don’t see lesbians as off-limits because they don’t fear women, only aggression from other males. Disrespecting another man’s “property” often has dangerous consequences. They’re more likely to hit on lesbians than straight married women for this reason. A married lesbian is basically a single woman to moids because her wife isn’t a threat to them. The only solution to this problem is for lesbians to start killing men who harass them.

No. 1827674

the amount of energy it take for a baby to latch is quite high and if there's no nutrition at the end of it, even actual moms will be told to start formula. this is genuinely gonna scar the child once they hear about it

No. 1827677

Starving your kid to fulfill a fetish #justmoidythings

No. 1827679

I have no clue how reddit moderation works, but can't mods just silently delete those posts? If I were unemployed and 10 degrees crazier enough to feel the urge to moderate on reddit, I'd just delete any and all posts on any women-focused subreddit that came from a moid or troon.

I have a morality-based aversion to violence, especially the kind that is rampant in the USA. However, the older I get and the more I see how depraved and degenerate men are, the more I see the value in investing in proper self-defense.

No. 1827687

no, reddit will nuke a sub if male troons complain about being excluded there. that site is a lost cause unless some rich cryptoterf decides to buy it out

No. 1827694

Exactly. The writing is on the wall. And to add to that the various fetishes that Chris had that seems to entwine with troonery like obsession with big breasts and inflation. I'm just baffled that Geno is that dense, the man has been documenting this creep for years now and if anything, he should've been able to notice it more than any other person.

I actually did some looking in the comments of his video before this recent one and one of the commenters called him out saying that Geno should not indulge Chris' delusions and Geno actually replied saying that since Chris got documentation of his "gender change", his "identity is valid". Are you fucking serious? It's a piece of paper Geno, documents can lie.

No. 1827695


the problem has always been with the admins. you can be as anti-trans as you want there as long as your sub is explicitly right wing. if you are a GC moderate or lefty they will go over your head to get rid of your sub immediately.

No. 1827697

AYRT, Oh fuck I almost forgot about that cringe April Fool's Video. Chris actually getting a lesbian to fall for him, she wouldn't be a lesbian then you dipshit (not you anon lol). If Geno wrote that Chris finally came back to reality and stopped the trans bullshit and was living in reality as the man he is, that would've been a lot more fitting for the sake of the prank because lord knows there is next to no woman out there who would give Chris the time of day unless shes was severely mentally handicapped herself

And exactly, Chris called himself a "lesbian soul" because he would always throw a shitfit whenever the trolls said he was gay. He stupidly believed that he would be more likely to find a "boyfriend free girl" if he became a lesbian and he already said that he doesn't mind threesomes or swinging so long as no other men are involved. Lesbian fetishism is another trait of AGP. But something tells me Geno doesn't know what autogynephelia is.

No. 1827701

David Bowie? I don't think he would've for the reason that >>1827334 pointed out. He only really did the glam thing in the 70s and in the 80s onward, he more or less had a masculine -ish presentation. I never understand why people think David is some GNC figure when he only did that in what part of his life.

As for Boy George, yeah I could see him trooning out if he was a zoomer.

No. 1827702

This. I mean isn't one of the mods of r/actuallesbian a moid?

No. 1827710

People think Kurt Cobain is GNC because he wore women's clothes sometimes, any man who dabbles in androgyny is going to be remembered by it. These trannies cut off their dicks because they like women's clothes, of course they think Bowie is a gender icon

No. 1827716

why do they always draw tims like that. not even real women look like this. women are drawn like this when it’s a males fantasy. why would they try to look like a males fantasy if they want to be a woman? oh wait…

No. 1827717


disagree on bowie because people kinda forget how common it was for straight men to crossdress for a gag or shock value. if you want someone who would've 110% trooned out had they been born in 2000 look at billy corgan and corey feldman.

No. 1827731

jlc's troon son is adopted though unless that's what you meant and I'm dumb

No. 1827754

File: 1684170052681.jpg (44.03 KB, 634x793, 68140661-0-image-a-1_167752874…)

David Bowie? like many nonnies mention, only for the lulz. Boy George? Totally.

Even women cannot do androgyny without people claiming they're TIM or TIF in disguise. Picrel: Trannies would looooove to claim Grace Jones as a TIM when she's more woman than they're trying to be.

No. 1827770

File: 1684172396688.jpg (63.13 KB, 1080x538, Screenshot_20230515-133638_Chr…)

Sage for OT. This user is stirring up tons of drama. Too bad we can't use pushshift to see removed comments anymore.

No. 1827773

Bowie wouldn't, Boy George probably would, but as a weird looking genderqueer enby, not a full blown MtF troon.

No. 1827774

File: 1684172719569.gif (1.83 MB, 480x360, BYUbrkjuaB-aNYsIjYnMdJ-VPsc=.g…)

>Misogyny, Lesbophobia and Transphobia


No. 1827784

Saw this post and cringed. Looks like the mods locked it, thank god. Cant even have a fun forum about the teenage cannibal show with someone shitting it up with scold posts telling us to dO BeTtEr. She got downvoted to hell in the comments.

No. 1827797

He would probably be competition for Sam Smith.

No. 1827809

File: 1684177041026.png (34.14 KB, 598x706, Michelle Snow on Twitter.png)

>There are a neo-nazi group joining in clubs, so I'll make a thread about it so dumb CIS people can defend us.

Neo-nazi groups are horrible, but why add the "cis"? Does he think normal people do agree with Neo-Nazis in general??

No. 1827812

Yeah exactly, Bowie also admitted that saying he's bisexual was "the biggest mistake I ever made" and "I was always a closet heterosexual". It was all for show yet he's still seen as a bi icon. So I think he'd do the same with some gender shit if he was doing it these days.

No. 1827814

I could've sworn that this same exact subreddit a while ago had a rule explicitly prohibiting anyone who was not a "cis woman". It was worded very gently yet firmly that they wanted no trans women in the sub. When I came to check again they completely removed that rule and had some rule now banning any transphobia and making some "trans women are women uwu" statement. What the hell? It was a subreddit about women and girl's safety and life advice. It wasn't even a TERF sub, it wasn't confrontational, it was as gentle and affirming as possible in wording the rules. Yet porn subs can still exclude trannies no problem. But when women are doing it to talk about their own fucking safety? They must have either strong armed the mods into catering to troons or even worse, they must have forcibly installed a troon mod. Fucking gross. Trannies have to make everything about themselves and their sick fetish. I'm sorry but I was so fucking angry to see this. I hadn't even peaked yet when I found the subreddit initially, and I was a hardcore tranny supporter, but when I saw it I felt genuine relief that we could at least have one fucking sub to ourselves as "cis women" to avoid misogyny and hypersexualization and homophobia of troons. I believed trannies deserved their own spaces and even ass kissing, but thought it was nice to just have one fucking space centered around actual women. Never extend sympathy to troons because they will not hesitate to spit in your face in return.

No. 1827818

File: 1684177914885.jpg (124.11 KB, 1080x1675, 1683834599307.jpg)

Is like this image on the prior thread. These days nothing can be for women-only, you must include trannies.

And btw, bro, no one stops you to buy the items in the "women's safety tools". But do not be surprised if no one trust you with these because you'll use them as soon as someone calls you "man" by mistake and then you'll cover your ass saying it was "in transphobic defense".

No. 1827821

I apologize for the language sperg, but I can tell that your first language is almost definitely some dialect of Spanish through your manner of typing.

No. 1827824

File: 1684178525009.gif (151.84 KB, 220x138, you-got-me-there-you-got-me.gi…)

I'm not going to say where I am from, of course.

No. 1827828


it seems like there has been a general shift where before people used to show off how enlightened they were by referring to people the way they referred to themselves, even trying to adopt regional accents and affectations. whereas now they deliberately go out of their way to avoid whatever the normal terminology is. cis is a linguistic fedora.

No. 1827842

This detransitioner Shapeshifter was posted here before and he's so pitiful. I wondered why detrans people often don't really fully go back to their original gender and he mentioned that he can't take more testosterone because it would up his sexual desire but he literally can't get relieve for it. So fucked up.

No. 1827846

I kinda get why shapeshifter doesnt go back, he had bottom surgery so his dick got chopped off, he has breast implants and he got facial feminization surgery as well as years of hormones. At this point I think its really fucking hard to go backwards, and even if he gets more plastic surgery to look more male again he can never get his penis back.
So its like.. do I wanna continue living looking like an obvious tranny or try to look like a weird plastic surgery nightmare of a man with no penis?

No. 1827850

yeah he literally doesn't have a dick anymore, sure he can go back to his OG form, but his body is forever fucked, no dick, probably a deformed chest, weird looking lips (even when deflated) etc.
I feel bad for him.

No. 1827851

File: 1684184129359.jpg (570.93 KB, 2048x1536, FwHB0qsX0Ac9mNk.jpg)

Somebody on twitter made their own troonshine lol

No. 1827855

File: 1684184315931.jpeg (159.42 KB, 828x1416, 8DD5B3C2-9B93-4430-9BAC-6DB4E3…)

Shapeshifter is actually hilarious he’s my personal cow, he has/had some sugar daddy that was on the brink of death and made vids with him high as fuck on end of life opiates with titles like „sugar daddy bout to transition into an angel | hospice drama“ I stopped following him soon after, he’s such an insane mess beyond just being a troon.

No. 1827856

kinda sad too. obviously he will never be able to get a normal partner

No. 1827865

Indeed that ShapeShifter's story is sad as fuck and the interview was kinda ironic in a way because ShapeShifter is what Blaire would've been if he got his dick chopped off as well. Though it kinda shows how not that committed Blaire is to the larp if he won't get his dick cut off yet he thinks he should be the arbiter of what is and isn't trans? I means it's all bullshit anyway but it's still funny.

With ShapeShifter, he tends to have his relapsing where he feels like he should go back to believing the lie that he's a woman but he admitted that once he peaked, it's just impossible to go back to the lie.

His situation is truly fucked and I hope that he finds a way to be at peace with the consequences of his actions because what more could be said? I mean he could get phallo but it wouldn't be the same thing.

No. 1827870

>sugar daddy transitioned into an angel
Okay, I laughed

No. 1827878

File: 1684187155739.jpg (19.96 KB, 360x360, fb995e53ba5f489183e2a412aad79b…)

far left looks like sally jane black, final boss of letterboxd

No. 1827896

File: 1684188547658.jpg (Spoiler Image,289.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230515-175940_Red…)

Trending right now on r/MedicalGore. Love how the congratulatory messages are the most controversial comments:

No. 1827900

Jeezuz fuck thats fowl. Lol i love all the people lying for their validation. It doesnt look good at all and honestly, ive never seen one with so much discoloration, even freshly post opt.

No. 1827905

>mildly nsfw
a man who sees breastfeeding as sexual breastfeeding a baby… what the fuck

No. 1827912

File: 1684190292609.png (37.14 KB, 1079x293, Screenshot_20230515-182823.png)

I'm gonna check back on this guy in a few months because I think he is a prime candidate for surgery regret

No. 1827922

why is the opening so huge and high up?

No. 1827929

sage for blogpost but i remember watching this and many other Blaire White videos when i was starting to peak, ironic how a TIM helped me peak by airing all the perverts in the community he’s also a part of. I think he tries to humanized “passing” TIMs by showing ugly hons and tries to find acceptance that way but more often than not, accomplishes the exact opposite

No. 1827950

File: 1684197227644.jpeg (274.78 KB, 1916x2339, FtcSxJsaYAAkvLp.jpeg)

Found on Twitter. Next thread pic kek

No. 1827956

Good god, he's insane. But then again, who wouldn't become the Joker after realizing they'd been memed into cutting off their own penis by both religious and woke homophobia? I feel really bad for Shape Shifter, I hope that he's able to find peace in life.

No. 1827974

"informed consent"
And then it's obvious these people have no idea what's going on, in any way, shape, or form.

No. 1827998

Oh THAT'S what happened. I was so lost when I saw the mod post. Of course one of the man causes of drama in that normally calm sub would be an enby who says they are a lesbian but likes pens. Refreshing to see other members not wanting to coddle their BS

No. 1827999

The throwing up after fucking/kissing a troon is just a pisstake of when it was played straight in the Crying Game. It's always been an extremely lame reference joke, and Family Guy isn't the first to use it.
I personally prefer the South Park episodes about troons. They're actually critical of this nonsense, and manage to be funny while doing it.

No. 1828000

Or a degenerate porn sub that fetishizes the abuse of women. They're allowed to specify "no dicks; bio women only"

Because, of course.

No. 1828008

It's because GC liberals are predominantly women, and Reddit is a sausagefest, so alienating a bunch of women means fuckall to their bottom line. The suits would never let them ban "cis only" porn subs or even require that trannies be included, because porn for straight men represents a massive portion of their traffic. A quarter of all subreddits are porn or NSFW specifically for sexual reasons. They saw what happened when Tumblr banned porn (a good thing imo) they're not going to let it happen to themselves.

No. 1828018

Because trannies are still scrotes at the end of the day and society will do whatever it can to pander to scrotes, even if they’re deranged child rapists in polyester dresses

No. 1828019

Honestly if I found out my father did this to me, I'd kill him and then myself. Poor kid. Hopefully the actual mother just left to go to the bathroom or something and her sicko husband just did this to pose for a picture.

No. 1828032

bad makeup or heavy drug use?

No. 1828041

absolutely. r/jailbait used to be one of the top 4 subs, when you searched reddit on Google it was one of the suggested subreddits, and there was huge backlash after the violentacrez drama that resulted in it being banned in 2011 or 2012. they know who their target audience is but need to keep it in line with rules set by those they are getting their money from.

No. 1828048

File: 1684208924996.jpg (80.49 KB, 1280x720, FvCu5CBXoAA96Bp.jpg)

What the literal fuck.

No. 1828061

Nsfw just means "not safe for work." Its not just for sexual things. For example: all the dick chop pics in this thread are nsfw. I don't doubt he thought he looked good with his moobs out tho

No. 1828062

This one is definitely gonna be growing hair inside

I think it’s supposed to be alex caraballo?

No. 1828063

Jesus Christ I didn't know Beetlejuice was a tranny

No. 1828082

File: 1684213928221.png (623.88 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230516-015319.png)

Same movie that has the protect trans kids flag. Wtf why are they pushing tranny agenda so hard in this movie

No. 1828090

Is this real or ragebait? I hope it's the latter.
hello fellow nc nonnie

No. 1828092

File: 1684215458062.jpeg (367.26 KB, 1536x2048, 84FF1F44-A27A-4485-9085-D1FD0B…)

His fucking hair. What the fuck.

No. 1828096

This photo is legit scary

No. 1828098

Jamie Lee won the lottery for most autistic orphan she could've possibly adopted

No. 1828100

Jamie Lee Curtis better sleep with a knife under the pillow, wtf, truly deranged manchild killer vibes

No. 1828107

he is giving michael myers vibes which is very fitting

No. 1828108

Imagine paying actual human money for a baby and this is how it turns out. Jamie should've kept the receipt kek

No. 1828110

>maintain custody
Males rarely ask for custody, and in the unlikely event they do, the court is deferential to them. If a tranny doesn't have his kids with him (i.e., just visitation) it's either because he's a deadbeat who doesn't want them, or he's so fucked up that even tranny Teflon couldn't keep the court on his side.

No. 1828112

Is this how all of them look? Or am I just really stupid?
There's no way this is the best doctors can do, so is this like self mutilation, lol?

No. 1828113

I don't get it

No. 1828116

There’s these other trannies on letterboxd I found browsing lists once, the most insufferable fucking account i’ve come across and if you use letterboxd you know that says A LOT about how annoying the account is.

>we are two very problematic trans ladies. if you're a moralist, are into respectability politics (especially including "good optics"), decry degeneracy, engage in callout culture, gatekeep lgbtq+, support cops of any kind, hate fun, can't circlejerk, think nihilism is "when bad people do bad thing and make feel bad" instead of a necessary component of anarchy, or are a kink-shaming prude who is prone to whining about gratuitous sex and sleaze, you should probably be elsewhere. we don't do this just to be edgy, sweetie. all who choose not to heed this warning, remember: you do so at the risk of your own personal corruption and/or later indignant disappointment in us!
all media exists to be bent to our twisted purposes, with few favorable exceptions. SUPPORT DEVIANT, PERVERSE, GROSS, AND UNPALATABLE TRANS WOMEN, SOME OF THE MOST MARGINAL AND AT-RISK PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.
click here to take a trip through dragtradeland: 
Weird fucking giant youtube playlist they included in the bio which includes normal tranny videos but also women fart videos and clips from shitty horror movies.

They rate movies on having girl vibes and gutter blood vibes, and also have 4154 fucking lists. They have a list for movies on “what it means to be a woman, according to us” and it’s all mostly shitty horror movies https://letterboxd.com/dragtrade/list/diary-entries-girl-vibes/. I also learned from their account that that video of troons doing heroin is listed ln letterboxd and has a rating of 3.9! https://letterboxd.com/film/cute-heroin/

No. 1828118

So the typical scrote kek.

No. 1828122

A porn addicted male but make it woke

No. 1828137

File: 1684223339053.jpg (158.53 KB, 810x1835, Screenshot_20230515-212557_Chr…)

This TIM in his quest to invade every women's subreddit. Also recently posted to r/TallGirls and r/TwoX

No. 1828141

He is actually repulsing. I feel like he's going to get caught doing some kind of sex crime eventually, probably pedo content given that he's a weeb

No. 1828142

How do you have him as a personal lolcow and not know anything about him? He's NOT a troon. He's an autistic feminine gay detrans man very openly AGAINST trans ideology. His ex-husband being a sugar daddy was a running joke, I have no idea how you didn't catch that and took it at face value. Him being a bit crazy when someone close to him had just died isn't that weird, his titles have always been sarcastic and ironic though as that is his style of humor.

>obviously he will never be able to get a normal partner
He literally already has one though, he's engaged to another man.

No. 1828146

File: 1684229161022.png (838.79 KB, 643x883, IMG_9603.png)

Kim Petras for sports illustrated

I am vomit

No. 1828149

like i know that leg holes have gotten wider and more align with the hips but his have reached the fucking waist. and ew, it's barely even hiding whatever he has underneath. im disappointment but not entirely shock that people will praise him for representing women that's not curvy and skinny with this photoshoot. when it could've been given to women in media who will represent it better. but i doubt they're down to wear smth like that unlike a troon that will agree to every opportunity that grants them to sexualize themselves.

No. 1828151

File: 1684230863175.jpg (210.25 KB, 810x2037, Screenshot_20230516-054323_Chr…)

3 for 1? Transgender, transracial, and transage since it looks like he's trying to transition into a Korean boy

No. 1828153

does anyone know if there is an increase of blood clots due to estrogen among tims? I assume there would be, yet no one talks about it. Women have an increased risk of blood clots with birth control as we know. Looking for studies essentially.

No. 1828156

Is he wearing the same thigh high socks and shoes he wore in that event in other pic? kekkkkk

No. 1828158

This hideous thing is a crime against humanity. I bet he wanks to the Halloween movies.

No. 1828160

File: 1684234162460.webm (717.8 KB, 576x1024, Download (17).webm)

>pull off being a woman
on what planet

No. 1828171

Why does he look like Keffals

No. 1828172

kekkk I know him! blocked this one a while back, every movie centering women…low and behold he’s there adding “his perspective as a trans woman” exhausting

No. 1828174

I'm so tired of TRAs pretending like Petras is an example of a successful early transition. He's not. He's an ugly man, and that's WITH all the surgery, makeup, filters and photoshop.

No. 1828176

Why does he have such a big double chin? He isnt even remotely fit but he isnt super fat either, just a flappy manchild. His double chin seems the size of someone twice or thrice the size he is right now. Is it a goiter? Or are his genes really just that bad

No. 1828177

File: 1684237185774.png (561.9 KB, 680x1069, IMG_4895.png)

The humongous adidas sneakers omg

No. 1828182

File: 1684238229819.jpg (115.47 KB, 1080x975, FwPm93MX0AAVj9X.jpg)

Holy comb-over this is hilarious

No. 1828195

Love how the sneakers have remained a constant red carpet or not with this guy

No. 1828196

Bro has the fat wolf shirt deviantart creepypasta account Spirit Stallion of the Cimmeron OC enjoyer fringe

No. 1828202

Both him and Jazz grew up to be fat manlets, coincidence?

No. 1828203

Good lord, and I thought "Ruby" here was bad enough when wearing cosplay of his waifus 24/7, but this is how he dresses himself otherwise? Why is his wife and parents letting his ass step outside like this?

No. 1828212

File: 1684243266809.jpg (431.55 KB, 1767x1869, Screenshot_20230515_195128_rif…)

No. 1828218

File: 1684243750229.png (1.21 MB, 1503x816, IMG_1662.png)

Moid wins women’s bike race, doesn’t get why the women didn’t join him on the podium. More of this please.

No. 1828219

Maybe because it has to be positioned closer to where the penis and balls are?

No. 1828221

Just anecdotal evidence - I personally knew a TIM who literally died from a blood clot back in about 2010. He was a mentally ill scrote who’d previously attempted to cyberbully me, and he’d decided to troon out in prison after being arrested for drug dealing, so his death wasn’t a big loss for the world. Inshallah this will happen to more troons in the coming years.

No. 1828222

kek the irritation bumps from shaving his chest

No. 1828226

>calling a troll dm attempted homicide
They would never make it as women

No. 1828230

if this was considered attempted homicide there wouldn't be a lot of TRAs left on social media since their posts are usually much more straight to the point and graphic

No. 1828245

I love how the women noped out of that. For better or worse, this is what's needed. Refuse to be photographed with them. He looks even more pathetic up there all alone.

No. 1828249

Same ogre:
Commenter u/Throttle_Kitty who really doesn't look any better from last thread:
Small world, lol

No. 1828252

good to know, thanks nonni

No. 1828261

wasn't there also some sick vile moid that gave women his sperm instead of the donor's or husband's?

No. 1828266

File: 1684249312248.jpeg (119.92 KB, 690x1190, 5252D0C5-956C-4E19-979E-5D32BC…)


No. 1828270

Donald Cline. He did it for at least two decades
without patient knowledge or consent. >>1828212
reddit when a man tells an ex girlfriend to her face to kill herself and she does: it’s not your fault king!! she had issues that weren’t your fault!!! her mental health was HER responsibility!!!!!

No. 1828273

If they put a woman in this unflattering outfit and had her looking this bad and doing the bare minimum it would be riots in the streets on why a magazine like this is forcing its male customers to look at ugly women. but since its a faggot tranny its okay

No. 1828278


It's kinda incredible that people there still make the "right side of history" arguments when the zeitgeist of reddit has always been fucked up harmful shit. Like it's all the same scrotes known for pedophilia, fedora atheism, fatpeoplehate, incel and gamer rage, but we're all supposed to pretend like the gender pivot is coming out of the goodness of their hearts. They haven't been on the right side of history for five minutes over the last two decades.

No. 1828279

The outfit is not whats making this unflattering, its his obvious manbody. Aint no espcaping that.

No. 1828288

File: 1684252140533.jpg (298.82 KB, 810x2481, Screenshot_20230516-110414_Red…)

This shit isn't slowing down anytime soon, is it nonnas?

No. 1828298

>I wondered why detrans people often don't really fully go back to their original gender
Nona, he had his dick removed. What is he gonna do, dig up a corpse so he can cut the dick off it and glue it on himself?
If you think a detrans person can snap their fingers and revert back to their sex again that means you're as delusional as troons who think hrt and surgeries are harmless magic fixes that turn them into women. They're irreversibly damaged in extreme ways, and they were often gnc people to begin with so their manliest male selves are still effeminate gay men who love makeup.

No. 1828309

As long as the human race exists men will never stop being disgusting perverts because they are literally born to bust a nut and then die.

No. 1828321

This shit is so weird to me. A dress made him want to change everything about him? A fucking dress? Idk what the answer is because so many men crossdress as a fetish, but whenever male OR female trans-ID people get so “euphoric” over articles of clothing or extreme stereotypes it grinds my gears so bad because they’re loudly shouting “if you like ‘girl’ thing or ‘boy’ thing, that means you’re REALLY a girl or boy!” I will continue wearing men’s clothes and having traditionally masculine hobbies while knowing those things don’t define me one way or the other. So ridiculous.

No. 1828322

>Girl wait until HRT makes chocolate taste good
? I was missing this piece of tranny lore. Everything else is your usual BS and they barely even hide the fact that they like their dicks and it's all about feeling "euphoric" in a dress

No. 1828323

>Potentially harmful
You think? Yeah grooming male children so they can grow up to be prostitutes for men sure seems harmful. Also woke burgers really are funny, they literally see men raping/mutilating/abusing young boys but if it has a fancy foreign name then it's suddenly a ~~third gender~~ and it's a wonderful practice. Same with bacha bazi, two spirit, femminiello, castrati, kagema, onnagata, take pedophilia or homophobia/misoginy and give it a non-english name and it becomes acceptable.

K thank you for clarifying why your favourite misogynistic faggot who takes hormones, presents as a conventional woman and chopped off his dick is totally not a cow and was never a tranny.

No. 1828324


I wonder if the recession will speed it up or slow it down. On the one hand mental illness will probably spike and some of the people who get laid off will go through the NEET pipeline a lot people did during covid, but on the other hand, people really can't retreat into delusions as much without having a financial cushion.

No. 1828329

It's not really that different than someone saying, "I saw the light shining through the trees, and right then I realized that Jesus Christ is real and that he loves me, so now I'm planning to renounce all of my worldly attachments and join a monastery." Except instead of having a religious conversion experience, this moid had an epiphany that he can embrace his inner shameless pervert and devote his life to coom.

No. 1828354

genuinely what drives troons to love letterboxed and rym so much? In general troons love reviewing things and talking.

No. 1828355

Autism and no life apart from online

No. 1828383

Deserved tbh, I don’t feel bad for him, or for any of the trannies that troon out when they’re over 20 years olds.
>they didn’t protect me from myself
>I wish I could’ve been hugged
He’s a grown ass man, unless he was groomed when he was a child or a teen, then why did he even consider it? Why is he blaming others for what he did to himself?
I hate how trannies are a cult, and I know that lonely people fall for these things all of the time.
But if you don’t ever sit down and reflect on your actions, specially as an adult, on how everything is affecting you and what are you being told to do as part of a cult, then of course no one is going to come and hug you and tell you that you shouldn’t listen to the cult.
Because if anyone even says “this is kinda bad for your mental health” or “you changed a lot and now you’re only talking about the cult” then it’s okay if that person gets fired from their job, expelled from any school, cancelled on the internet and so on.
How the fuck do you even approach someone surrounded by shit like that? Like what the hell does any tranny that falls that deep, like he did, thinks when they’re not getting hugs, asspats and warnings? That not everyone is going to receive death threats, rape threats and such on their behalf from the people of the cult or what?
It’s so selfish and manipulative to say that It’s other people’s faults, the fact that he fucked himself up and that now he’s just a freak.
You know who I actually feel bad for? For that guy with the TV show that got trooned out by his family for the sake of money, and got the dick chop because it’s part of the show, or the teens and kids nowadays saying that they want to be trannies, I feel bad for them because they’re following the example of the grown ass adults thinking that they’re being cool and expressing themselves when in reality they’re just mutilating their bodies.

No. 1828386

I haven’t worn a dress in years. Trannies ruin everything.

No. 1828395

I understand what you mean anon. ShapeShifter did mention in one of his video that he came from a homophobic family who didn't accept him being gay nor a gender nonconforming man back when he lived in Russia which is where he's originally from and for that, I do have some slight sympathy for him there.

But he's also one of the people who played a part in getting Exulansic's original channel to be taken down. Say what you want about her but at least she's spreading awareness and shining a spotlight on the "surgeries". And it only highlights why my sympathy for Shape has a limit. He got beyond triggered when she made her video on him and got her channel terminated. And yet he's surprised that not many people were being real with him? Because of consequences like that.

>For that guy with the TV show that got trooned out by his family for the sake of money, and got the dick chop because it’s part of the show

I agree that Jazz Jenning's story is far much more worse than Shape's because at least Shape went through puberty and got to have some experience with exploring his sexuality. Meanwhile Jazz was fucked from the start and he's already living he hardship of not being able to have a dating life and sex life since he got his penis chopped off when he was still in high school as he got it done when he was 17. Poor boy had no chance.

No. 1828405

Troons selfpost their surgeries on r/medicalgore fairly often and I really don't know what their goal is. I mean, their surgeries are medical gore, but why would they want to admit that about their beautiful lifesaving transformations and let random strangers gawk at them and make comments criticizing the procedures?

No. 1828408

File: 1684263196517.jpg (350.26 KB, 810x3222, Screenshot_20230516-140329_Red…)

We don't call them transcels for nothing. Prime peaking material here:

No. 1828411

>Russia which is where he's originally from
since when? his accent sure as fuck isn't russian

No. 1828416

nta, iirc he's from bulgaria

No. 1828419

>female partner of 14 years just left me
Bless her. The rest of the post is a hash of "I'm not bothered! I'm not bothered!" while chasing stds at the speed of light lol. Within 6 months she's going to receive some pity texts; I pray she doesn't respond.

No. 1828421


i notice they have a lot of the same suicidal ideation that's most associated with male incels and alt right. like deliberate self humiliation and their whole version of "dying in a war" mirrors how trans genocide is spoken of even though both online communities are mostly comfortable suburban people. they both also have the strong elements of trying to spite people through self degradation and revenge suicide. people were able to call all of this out when they spotted it in 13 reasons why, but gender stuff is such effective obfuscation.

No. 1828426

They probably get off on it.

No. 1828428

some will just move to Ireland or Serbia or someplace to make it easier

No. 1828431

I, for one, am shocked that someone who lied (to himself and ig others) for years about being a woman (or a "woman on the inside") would also lie about other details about his life, like where he was born.

And I'm also shocked that someone who was crazy enough to cut his own penis off is still crazy now, even though he can admit he's a biological male now.

No. 1828433

>14 years
>And then he troons out to chase dick.
I'm so glad FDS finally opened my eyes to the lie of men loving their long term relationship "partners", and "marriage is just a piece of paper" shit. That's not to say that marriage=good, but if a man doesn't want marriage, he absolutely does not give a single shit about the woman. They will use the length of the scam situationship to try and pity whore after the woman leaves, however.

No. 1828434

He is from former Yugoslavia from a Muslim family (I think Bosnian but 100% I remember he is Muslim and it’s an ex YS country ) it’s relevant as EE Muslims are the more homophobic and “masculinity” obsessed of either regular EE gopink family or MENA Muslims, I feel very sorry for him tbh.

No. 1828440

File: 1684266918462.jpg (67.66 KB, 640x694, 28c432_e8c85416e90d456dae08ecf…)

No. 1828444

> It's much easier for an attractive woman to get laid than it is for an attractive guy to get laid.
does he realize it’s grindr they’re talking about? it’s a never ending gay orgy in an app. any guy, tranny or not, can get laid within seconds.

No. 1828455

They want to hear the chorus of affirmation to make sure the population is still indoctrinated

No. 1828466

Not really. According to the gay scrotes I've talked to, the hunkiest, conventionally attractive guys get the most matches, and everyone else gets a lot fewer. Gay guys (non-troon, non-nerd ones) have pretty high standards, which is why gay men are generally more meticulous about their appearance than their straight counterparts.

No. 1828482

File: 1684273505900.jpg (191.08 KB, 1080x2190, PutItAwayEw.jpg)

Thought I clicked on a normal clothing try on and eww. Of course the comments were restricted and the troon only kept positive ones. Checked if it was like this on all his posts and it was, in one of them where he was responding to someone saying "not a real girl", someone commented "but trans is a popular porn search term so they do like you actually" because the only way moids understand compliments and validation is if they're sexual

No. 1828492

I hope he gets aids. When will women finally get tired of misogyny and just start killing men already(alogging)

No. 1828496

idk, my roommate uses grindr and he’s one of those hunky attractive guys, i guess, because he makes it look really easy.

No. 1828512

We need to print these things out and post them in public places(sage your shit)

No. 1828515

lolwut every time I said shit like this in past threads I'd have nonas jumping down my throat for being a moid or alogging because wehhhh da troons who lurk here are gonna use this as ammo uwu

No. 1828518

sorry, *behaving like a moid, I guess. Because some farmers act like women are incapable of anger.

No. 1828520

>HRT makes chocolate taste good
Right, because apparently no male on Earth enjoys the taste of chocolate unless he injects horse piss. This is so retarded, they accuse us of "reducing women to their uteruses," but that's a hell of a lot better than reducing women to narrow stereotypes invented by men, typically to sell shit.
It's literally reductive nonsense they saw in movies and on TV, because they lack the emotional intelligence to just pay attention to what women say and think in real life. They see fictional characters eating ice cream (sponsored by Ben and Jerry's!) and watching rom-coms after a break-up and think all women do that kind of thing. They see characters getting dramatic makeovers and think that women act as each other's personal makeup artists and wardrobe consultants. They see women screaming their heads off and overreacting in porn as a guy joylessly jackhammers into her and think that it in any way resembles a fulfilling sexual experience for women. They fantasize about these things and assume that it means they want to be women, but what they actually want to be is fictional characters. They want to be the woman-shaped display rack companies use to market their products.

No. 1828522

Not to minimod, but a-logging is discouraged here. It's more of a soft rule and a site culture thing, but I've definitely seen people get redtexted for it.

No. 1828526

nona i've been here since 2015 and it was far less strict when we just had /pt/ and /b/. that's all i'm saying.

No. 1828535


That's not a combover. That's a straight up hair hat.

No. 1828536

Damn anon that's actually a great idea. Printing out tranny subreddit conversations and posting them in public places could peak a lot of people. Or leaving them in bathrooms.

No. 1828539

File: 1684279393828.jpg (41.99 KB, 555x756, rt.jpg)

the scrote

No. 1828542

this will do nothing except make you look schizophrenic.

No. 1828544

File: 1684279909015.webm (1.67 MB, 320x442, VoiceForKids_Au_status_1658264…)

No. 1828547

File: 1684280056937.jpeg (589.66 KB, 2048x2048, F19BF465-5CD8-40BD-BEBE-DC7FD7…)

My entire facebook and IG are filled with my acquaintances 'yasss queen'ing and #thisiswhattranslookslike. The cover photo is SO ridiculously photoshopped it’s insulting.

No. 1828554

File: 1684281077770.png (331.59 KB, 748x705, Twitter.png)

fucking weirdo

No. 1828556

File: 1684281260404.png (215.29 KB, 750x1011, Billy Bragg on Twitter.png)

No. 1828565

I unfortunately went to uni in Aberystwyth and I'm sad to say its absolutely riddled with genderspecials and TIMs. I noticed that oddly a lot of them walked around with canes too?

No. 1828572

File: 1684283701418.png (1.59 MB, 2235x1399, Fighting the ban on trans wome…)

good luck with that scrote

No. 1828576

These are my favorite troons because they’re so aggressively delusional they can’t help but peak normies hard.

No. 1828584

parallelogram energy

No. 1828593

I'm surprised that Sports Illustrated still exists. Historically, the swimsuit editions were the best-selling issues, but sales have been plummeting ever since people figured out that you can find terabytes of phots of sexy women online for free. The choice to use Petras has zero to do with representation and everything to do with courting controversy, since that's the only way the publication can stay relevant.

No. 1828601

It's part of their humiliation fetish.

No. 1828604

File: 1684288497397.jpeg (114.36 KB, 827x1420, 2C4D8582-ACB3-4935-A43A-DF9A62…)

Clocked at lightning speed, I don’t understand why troons try to dress this way with such unfortunate proportions. Apparently he’s a model too

No. 1828609

File: 1684289089347.jpg (50.26 KB, 675x570, tim vs tif.jpg)

Jeopardy is fun

No. 1828615

File: 1684289627424.png (254.31 KB, 598x570, FwQ4IzNWIAAkK-2.png)

more cope from mandia

No. 1828616

I didn't know she was a tif.

No. 1828617

File: 1684289768594.jpg (66.36 KB, 720x1600, FwROTzNWYAI9aHQ.jpg)

Toob took the bog pill

No. 1828618

So happy the new tim got btfo by the old champion who left for family reasons.

No. 1828619

File: 1684290132478.webm (3.73 MB, 320x568, novaramedia_status_16584141758…)

here's the funny interview with toob too.

No. 1828620

File: 1684290239657.jpg (Spoiler Image,675.35 KB, 2016x1512, IMG_5285.jpg)

>There's no way this is the best doctors can do
Check out the neo-vaginas created by Marci Bowers, the surgeon who performed Jazz Jennings vaginaplasty.

Reminder that Bowers sits on the board of WPATH making the SoC for GRS.

No. 1828623

all those results are horrid

No. 1828624

I mean that's closer i guess but why does the inside of the "minora" always looks like red jello with fruit chunks in it?

No. 1828626

tbf i'm not sure what was the first guy's point but "proof you can change sex" is so retarded, sex does not depend on your hair length omfg

>you can't argue with people whose whole position is the denial of reality
always so much projection from the TRAs it's amazing. i love how he brings up "stats from the dozen of countries who have adopted self ID" like this isn't some very recent trend lacking data. there are stats and studies also about TIMs retaining a male pattern criminality, trans-identified people still being suicidal after "transition", puberty blockers and surgery being highly dangerous etc. but i guess he's not so interested in them.

No. 1828627

>what actually changes when you take horsepiss
>absolutely nothing

>what you need to buy to make yourself believe you're a woman

>hairline surgery

Absolutely nothing happens as a result of taking horsepiss.

No. 1828628

jesus i never look at post op pictures but your description was enough to make me gag

No. 1828643

She wasn't yet during her original run, but I thought she was just a themby.

No. 1828644

File: 1684292691546.png (200.91 KB, 419x372, IMG_3946.png)

Tim is a fucking mess. He is literally why I fully peaked recently. His snarky little remarks on Kesha’s rape are disgusting. He only looks slightly normal because he started tranny hormones as a kid.

No. 1828653

File: 1684293825957.jpg (63.12 KB, 750x1037, s36qqv6u880b1.jpg)


Reddit troons who think you should get the firing squad for swiping left on them also think pedos who don't offend are cool and should be given child sex dolls. You see, the concept of dicking toddlers must be addressed with nuance, everything else is die cis scum material though. This really convinced me that not all trannies are discord groomers and coping incels.

No. 1828655

He looks like handsome squidward from the thumbnail lmao

No. 1828656

File: 1684294046386.jpeg (568.7 KB, 3465x1947, 3F867893-7F7B-403A-8130-EFFEAE…)

This has been touched on a bit in previous threads but this site is starting to be talked about again. Some radfems on twitter have been pulling out very detailed information on this website. Otokonoko pharmaceuticals is a website where illegal troon hormones can be purchased through bitcoin. Recently children as young as 15 have been posting about it on Twitter and Tiktok. The troon running the site is a pedophile weeb obsessed with lolis living in brazil. Half of the substances he’s selling can kill

No. 1828658

File: 1684294244122.png (111.77 KB, 750x946, cafebeef on Twitter.png)

tranny is having a meltdown on twitter
he just discovered troons will never look like actual women.

No. 1828661

that troon is a full blown incel lol. he looks like ellen page trying to be a man but only one of them deserves sympathy.

No. 1828662

Cafebeef is still alive?? Wow surprised he hasn't joined the 41% yet

No. 1828665

all his recent tweets have been very suicidal

No. 1828666

I'm going to be scarred for fucking life after seeing the obvious ballsack skin. It's much easier to see when it's not immediately after surgery but instead has healed enough to look "normal" Theres no way you can take male parts and in anyway make them look like a real womans vulva.

No. 1828669

Why does he keep flip flopping on calling himself a femboy and a troon

No. 1828670

File: 1684294878519.jpg (234.65 KB, 1154x2048, FwFp4IwXoAAx277.jpg)


No. 1828675

What’s sad is that this is probably the best one I’ve ever seen.

No. 1828676

File: 1684295840362.png (509.2 KB, 748x776, Screenshot on Twitter.png)

No. 1828677

report it to agencies in your country so the parcels are intercepted and returned

No. 1828678

File: 1684296472323.png (422.04 KB, 657x1019, 1677429856931.png)

The other farms has a thread on the TiM that runs this shit, Chloe Elselvier Solanders. 3 months ago a customer discovered hair in his troonshine vial.

No. 1828680

File: 1684296595804.webm (5.11 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_723394723046457681…)

Here is noided cora, a mediocre white male tranny on tiktok that has a pick me, obese, spicy straight girlfriend. Despite being both hideous in appearance and personality he managed to pull a beached whale.

No. 1828683

File: 1684296685538.png (373.06 KB, 1173x508, Captura de pantalla 2023-05-16…)

girl in question.

No. 1828685

File: 1684296948307.png (661.89 KB, 730x1119, victoria twitter.png)

why is every single reply to this misunderstanding the original tweet? Men who compete against women have an unfair advantage, even tifs who inject testosterone?

No. 1828686

Jfc noided cora is always on TikTok saying he hates women and thinks it’s okay because he’s a troon

No. 1828687

How fucking disgusting not only is this troon sending this shit to kids but he’s sending his greasy hair in the packages

No. 1828698

Based. Love her.

No. 1828701

people in the replies really need to stop lying to him and telling him he looks female, nobody is buying it.

No. 1828702

>sports competitions should be segregated by sex
>female athletes doping and having an advantage over other women is what you always wanted right???! checkmate!
purposefully misunderstanding people's arguments is trannies' only recourse. they have nothing.

No. 1828704

File: 1684299246874.jpeg (175.16 KB, 1159x1378, IMG_3969.jpeg)

how can this extremely misogynistic troon incel find love meanwhile most moid “incels” claim they could never get a girlfriend. it’s so easy for males

No. 1828708

but like, is this a tiktok love story or they've actually met?

No. 1828710

I hate this nonce, he makes me want to A log

No. 1828721

File: 1684302357484.jpeg (124 KB, 1284x713, IMG_3978.jpeg)

I don’t give a fuck about Taylor Swift but why is it always male troons that type like this

No. 1828725

it's very obnoxious and reddit-y. I can always picture in my head the type of person who types like this. annoying somewhat ugly white men, the majority of troons

No. 1828729

Nonnies I need to vent. At my life drawing class this week, the model was an old man calling himself a female name, and as soon as he undressed it became obvious my suspicions were correct.
I did my drawings as usual, but I felt really gross knowing that this old pervert probably enjoys being carefully looked at and finds it exciting. I hope this isn't a common occurrence in the class…

No. 1828730

they seem to be stuck in 2016 with their tumblr bullshit

No. 1828732

hmm i'm not sure it's a male but it's definitely retarded. male celebs are never this much scrutinized, even when they're actively doing gross/illegal shit it's all "detach the art from the pedo artist" but god forbid a female celeb is rumored to date a racist scrote, these types have twitter content about morals for days.

No. 1828737

it’s a troon but a tif, same thing applies though. most troons type like that weirdly

No. 1828739

File: 1684304396162.jpeg (115.14 KB, 828x1122, IMG_9616.jpeg)

It gets even better lmfao. The troons coping in the replies are hilarious.

No. 1828743

Is no one really gonna mention that line of "She finally left me after 8 months of trying to" … What did he do to stop her from leaving? Im sure it was plenty of suicide threats & manipulative bullshit. Abusive moids always tell on themselves & dont even realize it. Nonnies seriously pay attention to what men say because abusive assholes will always slip up & admit to exactly who they are. Good for that woman, wish the best for her. Hopefully the tranny is too busy slurping rando dick to focus on trying to manipulate her back into his life or try smearing her name.

No. 1828746

The fuck is going on with his cheeks?

No. 1828748

File: 1684305598790.jpeg (47.96 KB, 640x662, 1FEF6523-E03D-47A1-888A-BFE4FD…)

It was for the subreddit r/DegradingHoles (they removed the rule as they approached the 1 million members mark). The rule was there past 500k members

No. 1828749

File: 1684305716864.png (49.73 KB, 2020x840, 69A12949-2DDC-4A36-99C3-9B3BCD…)


I also noticed this sub (over a million) has a females only rule. Every heterosexual man on Reddit knows trans women aren’t women the moment they need to jerk off, even if they won’t say it out loud

No. 1828751

You are not a lesbian, jfc. You're an obese straight girl with no standards who wants to be special and get asspats for dating a tranny. Pickme handmaiden.

No. 1828753

I would literally leave. Just tell your professor you're not feeling well and go home for the day.

No. 1828755

kek @ at those replying "but you literally look like the average female without makeup though, they also use angles you know!!" under this pic

yes, this. also "my partner of 14 years left" immediately followed by "Anyway i finally got bent over by a man!!"…bleak.

No. 1828759

Tim has also recently been spotted with Larry Rudolph (Britney Spears' former manager), which is so funny considering he was screeching about freeing her

No. 1828766

He's going the way of all twinks/femboys. They stop looking 12 and suddenly their life falls apart.

No. 1828773

What a shapeless blob of a fridge. There’s plenty more to photoshop. Look at those wrinkly claws.

No. 1828784

It’s also really fucking weird, or rather telling, to name your estrogen shop as otokonoko which means boy in Japanese.

No. 1828798

It is definitely confusing if it's not written in kanji, but in this case it is 男の娘 (also pronounced otokonoko), which means femboy.

No. 1828800

Not only does it mean boy, it's a term frequently used in underage trap porn. That's why they chose that name in the first place, to attract coomers.

No. 1828808

Exactly, the fact that OP picked Grindr and does not reference him dating as a transwoman says it all, but fellow trannies are still coping in the comments and claiming that OP's success on Grindr is due to the fact he totally became a real woman now (by simple force of will). What in the mental gymnastics

No. 1828819

It's really not that hard for scrotes if they approach women at their own level in real life, and make an actual effort. But most of them are arrogant and try to shoot out of their own league, or just never try at all because they simultaneously think they are superior to everyone, while having an inferiority complex and self-loathing.

No. 1828849

Please send the link nona kek I wanna see the shit storm

No. 1828865

File: 1684320335731.png (94.72 KB, 1072x496, Captura de pantalla 2023-05-17…)

here is are retards that claims that he looks like a 30 year old "cis" white woman. He doesn't. I want to A-log. Especially the khyenpa one since it's using art I like for a profile picture. Fucking faggot.

No. 1828866

The troon's (Lilian Castro) name who operates the site is not João. I know that because many eons ago the troon used to display the phone number on site and a quickly Google search showed their information. I want to post all the information I found about I found about the company and it is not illegal since it is public information.
Maybe I will just not divulge the phone number because it can be not his cellphone number anymore and I wouldn't want to disrupt some innocent person's peace

No. 1828869

File: 1684321586918.jpg (84.6 KB, 1080x808, Screenshot_20230517-063909_Boo…)

Geriatric TIM works on the domestic abuse team at a women's center.

No. 1828879

jesus that's gross and evil, just so he can larp and be around vulnerable women for his fetish

No. 1828882

Is one of those tweets implying that Jeena Davis looks like a man? I want to fight.

No. 1828895

File: 1684325390410.jpg (162.17 KB, 810x1668, Screenshot_20230517-080323_Chr…)

>Please send the link nona kek I wanna see the shit storm
Ofc here sympathizes with incels kek. Here's the link. Can't archive it with anything anymore because nothing can penetrate Twitter's NSFW wall:

No. 1828901

But this shit is soo insane.. do they like cut a hole in that shit??? like pussy deep hole? i swear im talking like an idiot but i know NOTHING about this LOL(sage your shit)

No. 1828902

File: 1684326242967.png (Spoiler Image,80.43 KB, 854x1126, Screen-Shot-2021-06-07-at-5.05…)

sage your shit, no it's not "a pussy deep hole", it's just a rot pocket, a mangled dick.

No. 1828904

haha sorry, thank you though thats mad news

No. 1828905

this is a safety crisis for anyone being treated in that center. this honestly makes me sick to my stomach. this man is a parasitic skinwalker at best and a aspiring rapist at worst

No. 1828913

File: 1684327888811.jpg (45.94 KB, 560x560, kek.jpg)

This article is a couple of months old so it's possible it's already been discussed, but holy shit i'm in actual disbelief. My fave parts;
>I officially made the decision when the American Supreme Court brought down their ruling that eliminated a person's rights to terminate pregnancy[….]I made the decision very quickly because I felt like I was imminently in danger.
Women lose right to abortion, man most affected
>this camp in Berlin was not set up for people from America. I have to assume none of them really were. The concept of an American coming for asylum in the first place is inconceivable to them, I think.
>There have been plenty of people who have come after me and got their interview before me though, and there has been intense pressure for me to voluntarily return to America. The social workers have been telling me it is just about guaranteed that I am going to fail in this whole process.
>There's unfortunately always the bathroom issue, and it always disturbed me that I need to go to that one restroom and I'm not allowed into the other
>While in Wisconsin, I did not experience any significant discrimination. […] Other than [the bathroom issue], nobody has directly been transphobic with me […] The only real issue is that most people misgender me.
Picture related; this man is so disturbed he's not allowed in the women's restroom he fled the country.

No. 1828919

no cute alt girl would want to fuck you and you should kill yourself anyway

No. 1828920

all my friends in their 30s look 10+ years younger lol. because women tend to take care of their skin.

No. 1828925

Where the fuck are you people coming from? Read the threads you dumb sack of shit.

No. 1828926

He looks like if Nicholas Hoult or that kid from The Good Doctor trooned out

No. 1828930

Cafebeef deserves this so much, he is a fucking vile misogynist and I loved a-logging him in the femboy thread. I knew he reads that shit too and take sit to heart and now he's hitting twink death as everyone told him he would and feeling suicide. That's what you get for spending all day on twitter writing horrible shit about women. Suffer and perish.

No. 1828931

>Girl wait until HRT makes chocolate taste good and sex feel right
it's like their entire idea of womanhood comes from 90s romantic comedies

No. 1828935

Cafebeef has been doing this for as long as I can remember and I followed him for a while years ago. He always posts about how ugly and manly he is and how he hates himself cause he doesn't pass and he's going to detransition or be a "manmoder". Yet he keeps spending more and more money on getting plastic surgery and never actually stops being a tranny. He's just doing this for the attention he gets in replies and I am convinced this is also his fetish. Inside he thinks he is totally cute and hotter than all women who he thinks are all dumb cunts so thats why straight men should date him instead!

He will never change or kill himself or detransition. Literally stopped following him cause it was just the same shit over and over again.

No. 1828949

nuke when? so many problems with this country would disappear

No. 1828953


Kek 100% they already sent his crusty attention seeking ass back to the us. Germany knows exactly what he is talking about - and they don’t give a fuck. I have no idea why troons latch onto Germany as some kind of tranny promised land, they have more restrictive legislation and way more insane beaucracy about trooning out then the us, German society at large outside of few hipster expat pockets in Berlin is infamous for being extremely ingroup/tribalistic, conservative as fuck, and unfriendly. There are also no laws requiring companies to hire a certain amount of minorities and no one wants to hire a retard who doesn’t speak German, but if they did, they would take a Ukrainian.

No. 1828960

>I noticed that oddly a lot of them walked around with canes too?
This seems common. I wonder if it’s actually something to do with bone density loss from blockers and/or HRT or if a lot of them just larp this way too.

No. 1828962

Quite common actually, the cane/fake disability thing. I know a TIF (not on T) who pretends to have chronic pain or whatever. Just more bullshit to boost their oppression rating and cover for their lack of personality lol

No. 1828964

Eww fucking disgusting pedoscrotes

No. 1828966

Why do places hire these guys??? It shouldn’t even be possible for an old lonely predator to even get a foot in the door. What the fuck is wrong with other women letting these wolves in by being “nice.” We all suffer so they can have the illusory privilege of being “nice.” Stop being nice!!!

No. 1828967

What a fucking piece of shit for wasting resources. Most of European countries are only accepting Ukrainians, even people from countries with massive economic crisis like Venezuela don't get accepted.

No. 1828968

File: 1684335583788.png (756.99 KB, 1768x1976, Atrocious.png)

I feel bad for those American women at the University of Wyoming. A group of sorority sisters at the University of Wyoming is suing because in September the school plans to allow a problematic scrote live in the sorority house.

Artemis Langford has not taken steps to transition, the complaintstates; he still carries a driver's license that identifies himas a male wears women's clothing only occasionally, and has refrained from treatments such as hormone therapy feminization surgery, and laser hair removal. Langford is sexually interested in women, the plaintiffs allege, using Tinder to meet them. Witnesses cited in the complaint said they've seen Langford sitting alone in private areas of the sorority house, where he can get close look at women walking by, with a visible erection Sometimes, a pillow sits on Langford's lap, the witnesses said.

Some more snippets about this freak:

“One sorority member walked down the hall to take a shower, wearing only a towel,” the document says. “She felt an unsettling presence, turned, and saw Mr. Smith watching her silently.”

“Smith” is 21 years old, is 6 feet, 2 inches tall and weighs 260 pounds, the document says, adding, “No other member of Kappa Kappa Gamma has comparable size or strength."

"The complaint also claims Langford took photographs of the women at awkward moments when they were not prepared while at a sorority slumber party.

“Smith repeatedly questioned the women about what vaginas look like, breast cup size, whether women were considering breast reductions and birth control,” the complaint alleges.

Langford “was supposed” to leave the slumber party by 10 p.m. but did not, saying Smith would leave “after you fall asleep.”

Pictures of this creature are outright scary. They should come with a warning for jump scare. He's a hulking blister.

No. 1828969

This would be an excellent solution, please all trannies seek asylum in Germany

No. 1828972

He looks like those troglodytes at smash bro's competitions what a fucking nightmare these women have to deal with.

No. 1828975


also sameanon (living in Berlin for the last 1 1/2 months about to go home in a week) , I forgot to add Qanon became huge here in the last 5 years and the reichburger/neonazi scene has been huge in the east since the fall of the wall, so none of his reasoning even makes any fucking sense. It's so embarrassing as an American Citizen to see how retarded most Americans are abroad and how they try to go into other countries without even spending a day reading about it.

No. 1828977

What was the name?

No. 1828979

Yeah of course they’d find sex faster when trying to fuck gays, they will fuck anyone anywhere. Women pick and choose because they get overpowered and can get pregnant, also aren’t into being pumped and dumped as much as gays are.
And when it comes to women having easier time finding LTR, are men legit dumb? If it’s so easy getting a relationship as a woman but hard as an attractive man, who are the women dating? Takes two to tango you idiots, attractive men have no problems dating.

No. 1828981

I bet the Africans in that refugee camp are being super tolerant and accepting of trannies, kek.

No. 1828982

a lot of them claim to have DID too, which is something that probably doesn't even exist

No. 1828984

The good doctor trooned out? I thought he was transphobic kek

No. 1828989

'Asylum' and 'refugee' don't mean anything anymore, huh

Nothing the Germans did makes them deserve this.

No. 1828991

This is the best one I've seen and yet it still looks nothing like the real thing.
At least there's one good thing you can say about Bowers - he does surgeries that restore sexual sensation in FGM victims. It's rare for a MTF to do something for actual women, so I can hand it to him.

No. 1829006

I find the fact that Bowers does vaginal surgeries on victimized biological females to be beyond creepy and disturbing, but that’s just me. Like does he get off on knowing that these women were mutilated for being born female? Does he get turned on from being up close and personal with their genitalia during the surgeries? It reminds me of this one troon, who writes articles for Vox, who freely admitted that he trooned out after watching The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu. I guess that he thought being raped and forced to be pregnant was sexy, and therefore he decided he’s a woman.

No. 1829012

he does look kind of androgynous tbh, considering he's 30yo, thats like the top 5% of trannies. this faggot should accept twink death and stop consuming tranny content, he would be better as a GNC man

No. 1829014

Just move down to Illinois, jackass. Why would someone “fleeing trans genocide” want to move closer to the infamous Terf Island, anyway?

No. 1829021

Androgynous? Did you reply to the right post?

No. 1829026

He looks like Troye Sivan's fetal alcohol syndrome twin

No. 1829039

What does this have to do with trannies? The kid isn't in drag or anything, just plain clothes.

No. 1829043

lmao yes. it's the classic FAS face that gives him some uncanny androgyny. the british + alcoholic mother combo really hits different. he's skinwalking adam lanza

No. 1829044

This has been posted before, but it still makes me laugh. Just a random American tranny mulling about in refugee facilities full of confused Ukrainians and Afghans wondering why the hell he's there.

No. 1829045

File: 1684342305964.jpg (150.75 KB, 809x1514, 1684337349056909.jpg)

Stumbled upon some interesting rumors. Promising lots of milk if there is any truth to this.

No. 1829048

Sage and lurk moar, newfag.

No. 1829051

>Nothing the Germans did makes them deserve this.
Uhhh I can think of some things they did…

No. 1829054

Absolutely, both TIMs and TIFs. A lot of them are massive munchies. My personal cow trooned out then skinwalked me and the disability I had been actually diagnosed with. They just need the attention so bad, because being trans has become mainstream, being a genderspecial is not enough. Entering women's spaces isn't enough either, they have to take up resources for disabled people now.

No. 1829058

File: 1684343287526.jpeg (129.91 KB, 828x1311, 1C472796-8752-4C1A-B380-E5ECB0…)

No. 1829060

Arca is such a wild cow lmao

No. 1829061

may as well send them to japan or china instead because they've done far worse

No. 1829062

It’s not a competition to see who can do the best genocides nonna

No. 1829065

then why state Germany deserves getting lunatics from America. america can keep them

No. 1829066

is that ash sakar? I want handmaidens to stop

No. 1829080

Sending troons to Japan is their actual dream, being a protected class in anime land where women are forced to stay quiet about abuse. Send them to one of those tiny islands the US tested nukes on and have them die of radiation sickness

No. 1829092

We should send them to Alcatraz. Great detention center AND an autistic monument where Sega held a Sonic & Knuckles event. They'll focus on their gaming fascination, unknowing.

No. 1829147

File: 1684351638612.jpg (117.21 KB, 1080x1006, FwWO6ojWABEiE7S.jpg)

Yes a "cis" vagina stinks but the wound hole from an inverted penis and/or colon tissue that cant clean itself, is constantly trying to stay closed and has hair growing inside doesnt

No. 1829148

File: 1684351673436.png (894.35 KB, 563x1208, StitchIt_20231705032818_387.pn…)

stumbled upon this TIMothy in the wild while reading a comment section on YouTube (he had his socials on his profile). I could immediately tell by the narcissism pulsing through his random ass comment on he video that it was a man kek. he's surely a wacky one

No. 1829150

File: 1684351725991.jpg (93.13 KB, 1080x946, Screenshot_20230517_121052_Chr…)

No. 1829164

quit posting yourself and your gf for hate follows. you both are cringe and boring(hi cow)

No. 1829165

File: 1684352483629.png (1.13 MB, 1276x742, Screen Shot 2023-05-17 at 1.35…)

I'm pretty sure this is the U of wyoming sorority who were shamed into accepting some fat autist. apparently he would stare at them undressing, ask them questions about their breasts and what their vaginas looked like. a bunch of the women are suing. ten years ago he would've been tipping his fedora to m'lady and masturbating into his yu-gi-oh cards abut the cute sorority girls he could never get. in present year he gets to pretend to be a girl and harass them in person. and he looks exactly how you think.

No. 1829169

germans are the world leaders of distributing and producing CSA so trannies would fit right in.

No. 1829173

men go to such great lengths to excuse each other's degeneracy. even this obese megatard gets the brotherhood protection. until men let up on this unspoken alliance and at lease make some concessions, the war of the sexes will never end

No. 1829174

hope he is in chronic pain and his families billions can do nothing to relieve it

No. 1829178

germans are just getting their lunatics back, the country was settled by their religious nutjob detritus. german ancestry is the most common ancestry of american whites

No. 1829185

They always show how much they hate real women as soon as you criticize troons

No. 1829188

File: 1684354502233.png (12.22 KB, 886x146, Untitled.png)


No. 1829192

As if most dicks don’t smell terrible

No. 1829194

this is from a study that was done on troons btw

No. 1829196

This just in: troons literally think their shit doesn't stink.

Given how the "discharge" they secrete from their axe-wounds comes from a section of grafted colon and all.

No. 1829205

I’m thinking this is the reason why he’s there.

No. 1829207

File: 1684357321164.png (Spoiler Image,748.3 KB, 1181x2048, chrome_screenshot_168435724693…)

(stinkditch) looks like a second butthole

No. 1829211

File: 1684357556096.jpg (91.25 KB, 1080x1110, FwVYuRFXoAAg3ks.jpg)

Put some cultural appropriation on top of your womanface

No. 1829226

More like prince jaws-man

No. 1829227

File: 1684359479268.png (11.78 KB, 598x340, twitter.png)

>We transbians are normal

Press (x) to doubt.

No. 1829228

Who did knew Budweiser would predict it.

No. 1829236

File: 1684360438168.jpeg (87.44 KB, 1159x845, DFCC35F7-FFE6-41ED-98F2-B83707…)

nonnie this looks amazing, i did not know about this epic gamer moment
>I told her, “If I stay in America, I will commit suicide because I'm terrified of what the bigots would do to me.”
lol imagine yeeting yourself because you have to use the men’s restroom

No. 1829237

>Stumbled upon some interesting rumors. Promising lots of milk if there is any truth to this.
>I'm pretty sure this is the U of wyoming sorority who were shamed into accepting some fat autist.
It was. And they were bullied rather than shamed. Some of the women from the lawsuit went public and talked about everything on Megan Kelly's show. It's about 45 minutes long. They said everything in the screenshot >>1829045. Idk if they did other interviews, I was just linked to Kelly's show. Who has gone 1000% gender critical/anti-troon by the way (do you need to be feminist to be gc?). She goes off on troons a lot on her show and there was a pic of her wearing a hat that said "Make Women Female Again". She's still a batshit republican though.

No. 1829247

This is too real.
>dude flirting with crossdresser.
Way too real.

No. 1829249

File: 1684362442579.jpeg (20.12 KB, 499x377, E272B972-B4C5-4E31-8469-B53C06…)

No. 1829256

you do have to be feminist to be gc since it would involve criticizing all forms of gender roles. i doubt kelly has a problem with women wearing makeup or being housewives. hating trannies is just basic common sense.

No. 1829260

Sorry my bad, I re-listened and I fucked up, it wasn't Russia. Still he came from a homophobic family and culture and that very much played a part in his internalized homophobia.

No. 1829262

File: 1684363273764.png (366.45 KB, 2271x978, Blaire1679858359163.png)

Someone shared this in the Blaire White thread and it was a live hangout that Blaire did back in either 2016 or 2017 that he deleted but someone thankfully archived. In it he pretty much exposes the reason why he's so deluded in his "identity" as a "transwoman".

>Homophobic Family

>Wanted to have long hair but his family gave him shit for it

And throughout the whole thing, he drones on saying that the reason his family disapproved of him was because he's "trans" when it so clearly is that he was a gender nonconforming gay man.

So it's very ironic that he's talking with ShapeShifter who came from a similar background (just different culture and country) and I'm sure he was having little peak moments within as ShapeShifter explained his story.

No. 1829280

I'm fine with them fucking each other and leaving actual lesbians alone though, I hope this mindset catches on

No. 1829296

Most AGP-looking man I've ever seen

No. 1829309

They know they're straight men, that's why they don't have T4T lesbian action.

No. 1829316

A lot of us (especially perverts) have been fed lies for decades about how Europeans are all accepting of all kinds of sexual shit, are all atheists, and all more socially advanced than Americans. So I think it's just natural that these stupid American perverts expect European countries to accept them like refugees from Afghanistan. Because being told "no" by some Catholic or Baptist is totally the same as a videotaped execution.

No. 1829337

Yeah, not all of Europe is amsterdam.

It's like saying all americans act like stereotypical gun loving texans.

No. 1829340

more like dats a man

No. 1829342

What made me laugh is the (British) website I read about this case on actually bothered to point out in the caption which "sorority girl" was the man in the group photo.

What's with this though? I thought sororities were exclusive self-selecting houses? Or are they open to all (female) college students in the daytime?

No. 1829345

File: 1684376326181.png (432.1 KB, 750x1008, Voice For Kids on Twitter.png)

No but the performers were in drag.

No. 1829346

File: 1684376593757.jpg (97.56 KB, 1179x1490, FwVQTjaWcAELPQ6.jpg)

oh boy

No. 1829348

File: 1684376740983.webm (5.58 MB, 480x270, WomenReadWomen_status_16588639…)

I love seeing triggered trannies.

No. 1829358

File: 1684378135376.jpg (32.17 KB, 849x165, chiknfukr.jpg)

Speaking of polyester. Waters openly sucked Depp's dick during the allegations against him yet as far as i know no handmaidens are trying to bash him like they do JKR for keeping him on a movie and remaining mum about the whole thing

No. 1829365

Geena Davis looks nothing like a man just because shes tall doesn't mean shes manly ugly manlets

No. 1829366

File: 1684379541017.gif (1.6 MB, 228x180, 1505523200514.gif)

>Imagine calling yourself being better than real women, but there you are being triggered by stickers.

No. 1829368

It is very malebrained to think Geena is manly. They show every day how much they are nothing like real women, seeing femininity and thinking it makes women women and not their biology.

No. 1829385

File: 1684383291329.jpg (252.62 KB, 1059x1708, 1684382659364.jpg)

I thought the pic above geena looked like sigourney weaver and it turns out I was right. The pig was baiting people with pics of women his incel ass perceives as manly. He used sigourney, geena, jk Rowling, and Laura branigan to bait people into claiming they are men and mock their features. I also got to see a nice pic of him showing off a new shirt, or should I say his dick folded into a pair of floral panties. But it's totally not a fetish

No. 1829387

It's also funny that even when trying to highlight women they think are 'manlier' than them, they still reference beautiful famous women. Men cannot acknowledge everyday ugly women or even just average plain janes, as being women. They are literally just the same as incels who seethe about women using their looks to get what they want, but only really mean attractive women as if different or less stereotypically appealing(to men) women don't exist or count.

No. 1829389

kek which one of you nonas did this

No. 1829395

>women mostly, who just hate my guts
Most women are way more accepting of them than males. What an incel.

No. 1829396

disgusting, but also super misleading to use "women" and "vagina" to refer to troons and their wounds even in a medical setting and study


No. 1829418

I don't understand having men pose in women's clothing from a business stand point. Yeah they get their diversity points but women look at women to see how an outfit looks. Men do not have the same body structure to properly flaunt the outfit.

No. 1829435

God, the way he's standing towards the end of the video. Where did he get that from? Porn? I honestly cannot think of a situation where I've seen a real woman posed like that outside of media made to appeal to moids

No. 1829441

>Lesbian sex is boring!!1!
How would he know? I guess they're switching tactics now and calling gay women prudes for simply… being gay. Trannies go five seconds without being openly homophobic challenge (impossible.) It's such obvious sour grapes shit; they're asshurt that they'll never be female, so they're just calling women boring as a weird cope.

No. 1829442

From what I can tell, prison gay "T4T" troons don't even actually have sex. They seem to often be LDRs where the two of them just sit around cybering on discord.

No. 1829447

I'm glad they think it's boring. Leave lesbians alone then.

No. 1829448

It really is just typical scrote sour grapes shit, like mgtow when they seethe about women rejecting them but pretend they totally don't care kek.

No. 1829452

>mostly women who hate my guts
Then why are the men's bathrooms or men's prisons considered more dangerous for them? They just love villainizing women for not participating in their larp when everyone knows men are way less likely to be accepting.

No. 1829453

I actually bought a sticker scraper and spray to take down tranny and antifa stickers around my neighborhood. Thinking of buying some Harry Potter stickers to put up instead.

No. 1829456

ugh that's why we should always double check whatever claim trannies make, they are always lying and baiting. attacking their appearances is tempting because they're delusional but at the end of the day whether they pass or not is irrelevant so it should not be used as a main argument against gender bullshit.

No. 1829462

I am not a burger so everything I know about sororities (and fraternities) did come from movies but I thought they were ultra elitist social clubs/residences in uni and that they didn't allow uggos and/or fatties (even in the photo if you ignore Jabba the Hut, you can see that the women are all thin, conventionally attractive and white), so why the hell that troon was accepted? Any fat woman trying to pledge would need decades and decades of therapy after all the insults and mockery hurled at her. And God helped her if she was autistic or disabled.

No. 1829476

File: 1684407465901.png (214.35 KB, 827x908, itneverhappens.png)

don't forget, not only does it never happen, it especially doesn't happen extra often in scotland

No. 1829478

File: 1684408551065.jpg (191.06 KB, 1080x1145, FwU6WuGWAAAm0uc.jpg)

I cant believe how many of them are so surprised that chemical castration drugs make their libido die

No. 1829483

Kek, good. I hope the doctor tells him that afterwards he will begin experiencing some Uber special orgasms or something so he completely kills his libido forever after fucking up with his brain.

No. 1829495

Which do you nonnas think is funnier - troon posts where they whine about how taking estrogen and/or getting castrated has killed their libido (who would’ve thought?!), or posts where they whine about how they’ve been on hormones for X number of years and had X surgeries but they’ve failed to turn into the hot big titty waifu of their dreams?

Honestly TERFs can just sit back and relax - we don’t even have to do anything to stand up against trannies because reality pwns them all on its own.

No. 1829499

File: 1684412926208.png (38.44 KB, 640x640, tv55wpmenf0b1.png)


No. 1829500

this is the one upside to them taking hormones. less likely to rape. oh, and the hope that it causes terminal cancer later on, but we'll see about that

No. 1829501

About college sororities, I've been invited to about three of my universities sororities simply because of my grades or major, so it really just depends on the school.

No. 1829504

The BBC actually calling a TIM a man? Is it because of the crime he commited or are they changing how they write about trans people ie correctly sexing them?

No. 1829506

tinfoil but while online dating, at one point I started to wonder if sometime they'll flag your account for immediately swiping left troons and pronounspecials.

No. 1829509

Seriously, just letting people watch the news is enough, you don’t even need to show them anything or make reference to anything. If the people you know have a functioning brain, they will be able to do the math and notice that moids can’t be women.
Like a girl who is a whole ass doctor believed in the tranny shit, of course, after a week of getting bombarded with tranny shit, not even gender critical stuff or stuff against trannies, literally their own content that they produce to promote their own cult, she peaked.
And if you have friends that are into reading they will just find out on their own by reading.

No. 1829512

File: 1684414142453.png (327.18 KB, 1016x724, Screen Shot 2023-05-18 at 10.4…)

I'll never forget the shot in the head that was seeing this ad in real life. Don't hang around trannies and you won't have this problem!
I know they dont on hinge, because i can filter out non binaries. Iirc they'll only really ban you if you outright say you won't swipe on trannies, but honestly it's the lesbian apps that are more strict because straight apps still need to pander to men

No. 1829516

kek the only thing i've gotten is hinge literally telling me i need to swipe right on more people because they can't tell what i like and therefore can't match me. i swipe left on 99% of profiles in general. i am not built for dating apps.
the funniest part to me is acting like cis people date trans people on purpose and that it isn't a mistake when the trannies lie and deceive others, and forgetting the reason "t4t" even exists in the first place.

No. 1829517

how do people not see how insufferable this is? i feel like i'm taking crazy pills

No. 1829533

My favorite ones are the ones where troons cope by claiming to have these "sooper ah-may-zing female orgasms" without even ejaculating because the female body is just a mysterious coom fantasy to them and not something they actually inhabit or will ever have.

No. 1829535

I assume the criminal said he was just a crossdresser and didn't claim to be a woman

No. 1829541

he told the police that he was "transitioning" but asked to be called by his birth name and male pronouns for simplicity or smth

No. 1829552

Leave it to a man to think anything that doesn’t involve his dick is “boring”. So many of them are immensely jealous that they’ll never actually experience intimacy as it is experienced in a female body. They also don’t even seem to understand how female orgasms or sex between women actually works though because from every post they make about it it’s like they get their ideas directly from porn.

No. 1829556

I think most people do, but speaking up or making waves about it is too risky. Majority of people would probably see this and inwardly eyeroll.

No. 1829588

ayrt- I've given up a long time ago on lesbian apps because of the sheer amount of men and she/they nlogs, indeed on hinge I could filter them. Tinder was worse.
This ad campaign is so fucking surreal. Cr(h)inge. At least they're doing a great job of embarrassing themselves in public and losing widespread credibility as >>1829509 said

No. 1829596

File: 1684430173375.webm (1.52 MB, 576x1024, dawnphobic.webm)

@dawnphobic on Tiktok used to be obese but he thinks all of the loose skin is him having a fat girl ass from his horsepiss injections KEK

No. 1829600

I was wondering recently when "TERF" would escape the internet into more mainstream media; of course it was in Madison.

No. 1829602

Samefag but of course you have moobs and a dumpy ass, you used to be 400 pounds…

No. 1829614

File: 1684430576520.jpg (53.48 KB, 640x416, dkoytm1jgi0b1.jpg)

I live in Croatia. There are basically no trannies here (except a handful in the richest cities). Gay people are still heavily discriminated and could easily fall victim to hate crime, but hey! They put 3 trans flags up! Perfect representation how trannies want to be louder than everyone else.

No. 1829620

File: 1684430994336.png (5.49 KB, 458x194, Screenshot_356.png)

Boy George has actually said some fairly based shit

No. 1829625

File: 1684431320875.png (26.3 KB, 302x330, g4bhv0cuv9t71.png)

>"progress" flag with the black-brown stripes

No. 1829634

File: 1684431675518.jpg (167.26 KB, 810x1814, Screenshot_20230518-133229_Chr…)

Yes, trannies are the real victims here:

No. 1829635

File: 1684431719471.jpg (201.17 KB, 1080x1150, FwXSN0XWwAMzjZT.jpg)

Never ever stay with a guy trooning out. They will sacrifice EVERYTHING for their fetish, including you

No. 1829636

NTA but they really are just big, expensive, and exclusive social groups. Greek life was huge at the university I went to but the sorority houses weren’t somewhere they actually lived. I wasn’t even aware any school still had them. It seems super weird to me that they allowed this guy in because I was always under the impression that the girls themselves selected members. Bizarre that this guy even got passed rush week.

Some schools have over half of their undergrads involved in Greek life so they’re really not as exclusive as movies make them out to be. Plenty of unattractive and/or overweight (lol have you seen the average Southern college girl?) members. People seem to mainly join for potential networking opportunities or because other women they know enjoyed their time there but that’s just my impression as an outsider.
Those weren’t sororities but are essentially honor societies.

No. 1829643

Also croatian and this shit pisses me off every year, I'm not even from Zagreb or any big town

I also hate how much Zagreb pride has been advertising and posting about trannies in general, they just keep following american trends

No. 1829644

Does r/itsafetish have a new home?
is mostly archives. I miss that sub so much.

Fuck it. How can I ever again go on holidays there with my family unless I avoid June (beginning of July as well?)?

No. 1829649

File: 1684432369926.jpg (36.96 KB, 696x392, Untitled-design-9-1-696x392.jp…)

No. 1829652

weird cause 10 years ago he was off having tea with with best friend beloved troon musician anohni

No. 1829654

The “right side of history” my ass

No. 1829656

>light dom bf
These people are so weirdly specific and blatant regarding their porn usage and applying it to real life

No. 1829667

File: 1684433352247.jpg (95.02 KB, 643x612, dm.jpg)

No. 1829669

File: 1684433435509.png (18.05 KB, 731x255, Screenshot_357.png)

I think he's just a jaded and somewhat confused boomer, idk

No. 1829676

> It seems super weird to me that they allowed this guy in because I was always under the impression that the girls themselves selected members. Bizarre that this guy even got passed rush week.
Handmaidens are the reason he passed rush week. Iirc a lot of women in the sorority were unhappy with the idea of him joining but they said that a good portion of the sorority members were shaming them for feeling uncomfortable and calling them transphobic.
Any college campus you go to in America right now is like this. It has gotten so bad.

No. 1829678

>no doubt trans people will be hate crimed bc of this coverage

So you agree? Telling the truth about trans people will turn normal people against them? Interesting.

No. 1829679

File: 1684433723609.jpg (16.12 KB, 655x81, dm.jpg)

Sorry for triple-posting. I love Daily Fail.

No. 1829745


it's probably not even GCs doing this. a lot of newsrooms have moved away from genderspeak because normies kept complaining it made it impossible to tell wtf actually happened.

No. 1829746

Karma Chameleon indeed kek

No. 1829748

holy fuck y'all i work with the most sensitive trans snowflake at work i should be paid for emotional labor at this point. i've seen them blow up at other coworkers for the stupidest shit; such as a male coworker who is a gay and effeminate man calling 'him' "girl", at me and another girl coworker for making 'him' feel left out at work when we talk together and don't include 'him' (we are apparently two pretty girls who don't know how to treat other people - why the hell would we girls include 'him' when we're talking about girl shit, is that not part of the point? to treat 'him' like a man??), for "bulshitting" too much at work, for being talked over, etc. and i know that being talked over or bsing work is genuinely frustrating, but they're dramatically large blow ups that feel wildly inappropriate, like face red raised voice stomping off and slamming boxes, getting in your face type blow ups. they also want to move up to management but they cannot handle the tiniest bit of insubordination for the fucking life of them. the testosterone is getting to her brain or something. and then everyday too is an opportunity for her soap boxing about trans rights and how silly it is that drag queens are supposedly "brainwashing our kids" being false. sageing for blogpost but holy shit i fucking hate these snowflakes and how everything is and has to be about them and their oppression and everyone else has to constantly be on guard and walk on eggshells about everything lest you incite the rage of a babbling fucking baby's tantrum. does anyone else feel like any trans people you know irl as also the most goddamn sensitive babies you know?(not your personal blog)

No. 1829787

You should post this in the TIF thread, this is the TIM thread.

No. 1829800

File: 1684438903418.jpg (69.25 KB, 719x1025, fZgm0kd.jpg)

Haha, gotcha terf! Anyone can be a woman if they perform femininity well enough because you wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyway!

No. 1829809

this picture looks like it was taken on a potato and it still looks like a 16 year old boy in a wig and makeup. and anyway it doesn’t matter if you pass in a filtered photo bc nobody and I mean nobody passes irl.

No. 1829811

File: 1684439494076.jpg (165.71 KB, 1080x1459, FwbwBPbWAAEb6qs.jpg)

I dont think its just the makeup buddy

No. 1829832

it’s funny that we constantly live rent free in their minds. must be exhausting for them to constantly nitpick themselves like this

No. 1829835

Lol is he wearing those fake silicone boob plates?

No. 1829836

Serious question: how would they WANT this type of news to be reported? Because honestly this is such a neutral title.

No. 1829848

Agree. It's not saying he's trans, which you know they would also screech about saying "he's not REALLY trans"

No. 1829857

They literally can’t tell the difference because it deceives them. Even other troons like Cafe beef moan about passers because he can’t figure out they are just better at hiding butt pads, lie about getting breast augmentation and are spending so much time photoshopping their photos is basically a full time job than he is. They really are totally clueless how much work goes on behind the scenes of “performing feminity”

No. 1829863

yes, it's incredibly obviously a boob plate, even with the potato quality. that's a fun way to peak normies, btw: just explain to them the concept of "boob plate" and ask why MTF always seem to wear DDD sizes only.

No. 1829898

Woman is when silicone boob plate

No. 1829910

Is anyone else worried about CRISPR and gene editing in adults? They’ve already changed organ tissue for adult aged cancer patients in the last two years.

No. 1829911

They don't want it reported at all, period. That protest letter sent to the NYT a while back basically admitted that TRA don't want any negative coverage of trans or trans-adjacent events. They want crimes perpetrated by trannies, the lack of solid evidence for trooning kids, and troons cheating at sports to be memoryholed entirely.

No. 1829912

No. CRISPR doesn't work the way the public thinks it does, and its applications are extremely limited.

No. 1829924

File: 1684446071601.png (236.43 KB, 1211x2048, Screenshot_20230518-164130.png)

never heard of this so looked it up

No. 1829930

File: 1684446778927.jpg (70.12 KB, 750x932, FwSBqXiWwAUbkJ5.jpg)


No. 1829931

Currently, crispr can only change a few genes at a time, it can’t be used to swap a Y for an X chromosome in every cell with dna

No. 1829933

i want so bad to know the group this was posted in

No. 1829935

He’s trying to arouse other males for money with the boob plate

No. 1829937

I feel like even if they could, they'd use a copy of the existing x chromosome which sounds like a freak of nature in the making. Not like trannies aren't already, but

No. 1829944

As if there aren’t already too many trannys in media writing horrendously bias and un-researched “articles” spreading misinformation and trying to normalize deviant behavior on a mass scale


No. 1829945

Lovely to see this hambeast on my front page

No. 1829953

File: 1684447838871.jpg (209.54 KB, 1079x1486, FwcLbetWwAEpgDh.jpg)

God theres alot of gross unwashed autistic troons out there it seems like a fucking pandemic at this point

No. 1829954

File: 1684447870759.jpg (5.5 KB, 300x250, elmo shock.jpg)

You can see for just a moment the angle and his position produces the image he wants to see. So much of this trend has to do with living in one's head and needing your appearance to pass only in bursts for online content. Social media, filters, covid isolation… we had a perfect storm for this.

No. 1829956

I think reddit is the pinnacle of this. Seemingly every set of variables for porn is there and waiting for those for whom it will click with and turn into a fetish. You will sometimes see moids comment on some bizarre image or video and say, "I think this just awakened something in me." It's just their coom brain needing something, anything, fresh to get off to because their natural sex drive is so squeezed dry by constant masturbation.

No. 1829991

Probably? Without doubt.

No. 1830002

File: 1684451917910.jpg (337.08 KB, 810x3009, Screenshot_20230518-183905_Chr…)

Can we please stop enabling this:

No. 1830010

File: 1684454083935.jpg (97.43 KB, 976x793, Screenshot 2023-05-18 175540.j…)

So this hideous retard has been arrested AGAIN for stealing more luggage.

No. 1830015

no way, is this the 3rd time? any links?

No. 1830017

The way men describe their boners as “huge”, “raging”, or any other word like that disgusts me on a level beyond visceral. Something about it always comes across as violent and obscene.

No. 1830018

I think his entire post was made up from his delusional brain. Also if troons are so afraid of being hate-crimed, why do they put their name and face on places like reddit? I used to lurk on the smallbooblove subreddit and the amount of posts I saw that went "hi I'm Cooma Sparkletits and I'm five months HRT but sooo disappointed at the size of my boobies am I welcome here uwuwuwu?" with a picture of a horse-faced scrote was insane

No. 1830020

>women that feel sexy about themselves do get aroused by themselves like you
my brain refuses to believe this (allegedly) female therapist actually thinks this way

No. 1830026

File: 1684455479358.jpg (89.45 KB, 1536x1024, NYPICHPDPICT000007109663.jpg)

>Samuel Brinton, 35, was taken into custody at their home in Rockville, Maryland, at 10 p.m. Wednesday, the Montgomery Country Police Department told The Post Thursday.

No. 1830032

Pls spoiler pics of him he's so unsettling to look at lmao

No. 1830038

File: 1684456542399.jpg (17.97 KB, 310x325, scammyscammyboombalammy.jpg)

I'm so sorry but I had to do this

No. 1830040

is the entire public support for this based around twitter and reddit? just checked out the recent wapo and NYT articles and was kinda surprised virtually everyone in the comments was against trans stuff.

No. 1830044

Needs a little more fivehead. Otherwise spot-on.

No. 1830048

Never apologize for making art, especially not a masterpiece.

No. 1830049

It really does seem like the only troon supporters are chronically online or college kids.

No. 1830050

i hate this Mr. Potato Head looking motherfucker

No. 1830052

Anyone who normal person who knows the truth is against troons, of course. However, all of cultural institutions are run by troons and/or handmaidens (male or female) so the truth rarely gets out into the mainstream and troons are violencewashed and pervertwashed in the media. So, the majority of the public is against troons but they don't know they are against troons. Like if you survey people and ask if they support trans rights, most people say yes. But if you break it down into specifics "male troons in females sports, locker rooms, jails, etc" and "puberty blockers for kids", most people say no. Plus people are cowards and don't want to deal with the backlash that comes from being against troons openly and publicly.

No. 1830058

>obviously fuck this person BUT fuck the author of the article AS WELL because it's atrociously hateful blabla
bruh it's on the same level for him? and there's no solution because if you say transwoman to describe a rapist it's transphobia, if you say man in a dress it's transphobia, trannies just want people to omit details or straight up lie.

No. 1830069

I guess he's expecting people to reply transwoman or even woman, but the correct answer is "cis" man, so the point is that sex and gender are confusing and fluid and checkmate TERFs. This is obviously retarded because someone not being able to guess your ~gender identity~ and sex on a carefully posed and filtered picture doesn't mean shit. Also, that guy (on the pic) is still a coomer getting off on the idea that he "passes" and that writing captions like "what I look like with he/him in my bio" on his OF-tier pics is funny because he totally looks like a girl because he's wearing tights and fake boobs.

No. 1830077

Man, I hate when that happens. When my breast becomes dislodged and ends up on the floor

No. 1830098

File: 1684462969498.png (191.39 KB, 294x469, Screenshot 2023-05-18 222351.p…)

They can't even get arrested without making a mockery of women.

No. 1830110

File: 1684464797383.jpg (179.09 KB, 1079x1896, Screenshot_20230518-204501_Tum…)

because longing to wear a sexualized outfit equates to being a woman.

No. 1830113

The best part is that the NYT's reply basically told them to get bent. An unusually based move for a mainstream news organization.

No. 1830115

i will freely and openly admit that i can be and have been fooled by still images of TIMs but this one is really obvious kek

No. 1830116

File: 1684465487031.jpg (18.22 KB, 600x800, a1ead9fd3e06cfb66de2a9381c7219…)

No. 1830117

Of course people in the comments are defending the troon… I swear it's the exact same shit I ses from pitnutters on a daily basis. "This transwoman was just trying to peacefully live their life!! they were being harassed by a right wing youtuber!! He deserved to be punched!"

fucking kill me

No. 1830120

Why does the lingerie store have an anime body pillowcase in the display window?

No. 1830122

it's no different to before the tranny epidemic when all women's clothing was modeled by women who looked like famine victims. the modeling industry doesn't sell clothes, it sells insecurity and poor body image.

No. 1830132

I'm anti free the nipple, on both side. Now make it in a men's style.

No. 1830140

No art on the walls, decorations, no inspiration but delusions fed by a tv and a phone.. a just out of the plastic bag flagon the wall . Such a loser male phenotype.

No. 1830148

I think it depends on where you live; where I am, this shit is fucking everywhere. People sign their emails with their pronouns, your new boss will ask you about how you identify, it's fucking ridiculous.

No. 1830155

i think the trans vent thread is more suitable

No. 1830156

File: 1684471845681.webm (9.93 MB, 499x1080, Download (21).webm)

No. 1830157

What are the chances the therapist was trans? They allegedly contribute to WPATH guidelines.

No. 1830166

It's so weird how men realise they're 'actually women' by being interested in and attracted to female underwear, which is fully a male trait. They wear their mom's underwear and realise they're women. Why underwear? I don't know many women who like it, it's just a necessity so you don't dirty your clothes and cover your nipples. And a lot of women don't even wear it when in lounge clothes or pajamas just being comfortable at home. Equating underwear to femaleness is absolutely only a male thing because it turns them on and signalises they're about to have sex (aka have a naked women in front of them). It just shows to me they have a male brain and an uniquely male fetish.

No. 1830169

Even the smaller orgs around the country focus a lot on trans issues, even though there's probably 20 of them in total and it's mostly TIFs

No. 1830171

File: 1684474613810.jpg (101.06 KB, 720x1459, FwSUUmnX0AA3nRD.jpg)

No wonder vice is going bankrupt.

No. 1830201

File: 1684482882948.png (85.13 KB, 518x621, ew.png)

This is what the butcher pedo moid ACTUALLY looks like btw. They keep using his edited troon selfies in the media. Good job whoever punched him in the face.

No. 1830219

He's not from Russia, his family is Muslim. I think he's from Albania

No. 1830222

This stupid gotcha defeats their stupid beliefs tho, so this cretin is saying that I can go ahead and not respect turbohons' womansona without them chomping the fuck out, right? Since it's about how you look and how well you can deceive people I can call the 6' ogre in movie hooker make-up a man, since he's so obviously one, right? And they won't have a meltdown? Oh no, but if you do that you're still a terf and clothes have no gender and awesome stunning trans gals don't owe you femininity and blah blah blah. So which is it, do I need to telepathically align myself with every stunted crybully narc and his made-up identity or can I go ahead and judge people on how much they "pass" aka how well they can lie to people, and epically invalidate the other ones who don't pass so well (which, let's be real, passing means how well you can lie + how attractive they find you, that's why conscrotes cream themselves over Blaire white, if he didn't look like a blow-up doll and looked like a frumpy mid girl they wouldn't give him the time of day)
Absolute cretins, sage for rant.

No. 1830224

I wish you had spoilered this, shit looks like he’s sucking on a shriveled dick

No. 1830230

Anyone US nonnies moving to Florida to get away from trannies? Governor DeSantis is based tbh

No. 1830231

File: 1684489788074.jpg (109.96 KB, 1080x1372, FwWFaH9WAAIpFKR.jpg)

The delusion is so extremely high in these people, 95% of their transition or effects of HRT is in their heads

No. 1830234

Why is his neck color different than his head?

No. 1830235

Why is his neck color different than his head?

No. 1830245

>how is this possible
Men being delusional kek.

No. 1830248

is that first picture Laura Branigan? rip queen, I hope this Mia moid keels over for bringing you into this bs

No. 1830250

File: 1684492686627.jpg (221.82 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230519_123911_Chr…)

Sure bud

No. 1830253

File: 1684493329826.jpg (202.82 KB, 1080x1615, Screenshot_20230517_131018_Red…)

No. 1830254

he is wearing a breast plate, read upthread

No. 1830256


i don't think i will ever get over the dissonance between "i knew i was trans at 3 years old" and them having to constantly remind each other how this is all supposed to work

No. 1830258

What the fuck is that shit in his teeth

No. 1830271

Leftover fish n chips innit

No. 1830281

File: 1684497012844.jpg (75.41 KB, 604x827, RDT_20230519_13505221134141278…)

Men are so embarassing…

No. 1830285


Only a moid could think roller derby dykes would welcome him with open arms. Did they sit around jerking off to Whip It when they were younger??(sage your shit)

No. 1830287

Men will have typical thoughts of a crossdresing fetishist and think this means they’re a woman inside. The term 'transvestite' needs to be brought back into public awareness.

No. 1830292

Which John Candy movie was this?

No. 1830297

Looking at >>1830026 it seems like it's not actually a third case, but the Tanzanian fashion designer he stole from awhile back seems to have pressed actual charges. Good for her.

No. 1830312

Sadly they do. I was a derby dyke and I quit because they let a troon on our team who was a former college football player. He gave me a concussion at practice and it was totally on purpose, everyone took his side besides a couple other girls. Derby is “woke” sadly in most places. It’s disgusting.

No. 1830316

Fuck off rightoid

No. 1830319

I wish I could understand what these guys are thinking when they post pictures like this. Are they genuinely seeing a sexy lady in the mirror? Do they know they look ridiculous and it's part of a humiliation fetish?

No. 1830321

can't wait for him to try mask his suffering as he tries to dilate or whatever. if he's vlogging his post-op then i don't doubt he'll document everything.

No. 1830322

I think they really are so deep in their coom that like other nonnas have said before, all the pieces they see as what makes a woman they want to fuck are all that is necessary to make them that which they desire. The hairstyle, the clothes, the makeup; they are mostly face blind autists so I suppose it makes sense.

No. 1830326

>Do they know they look ridiculous and it's part of a humiliation fetish?
Being a woman is humiliating to men. That's part of the thrill. They get to define what a woman is, they get to have power over us without seeing, speaking to us. Fuck those scrotes.

No. 1830327

File: 1684503948790.jpg (115.27 KB, 1080x1258, Screenshot_20230519_094454_Ins…)

How to even begin unpacking this.

No. 1830328

Even the ugliest moids have anime and trans flag twitter pro pics hyping them up in comments. When you have an entire cult hyping you up online it's easy to become delulu

No. 1830333

i love how people are now distinguishing trans from queer. i though it was supposed to be the ultimate all inclusive umbrella term? now suddenly it's too vague for your taste too?

No. 1830334

I'm sorry that happened to you nonnie. I feel like I hear a new sport being invaded every other day so I guess even this shouldn't come as a surprise. Men have brought back a society where it's acceptable and normal to assault women and children with zero consequences.

No. 1830339

only in clown world would this guy been given any sort of job, let alone a prestigious job in a presidential administration. he looks like a mentally ill fetishist and, what a shock, he is! what a learning experience. i love when these men get recognition only to fuck it up.

No. 1830341

File: 1684505040838.png (108.35 KB, 649x1699, trans kids.png)

The rhetoric surrounding "trans kids" is intriguing to me. While there may be only a few thousand of them (probably fewer than the number of kids with Heterochromia), Troons and their supporters recognize that their demographic will be associated with perverted men. As a result, they have devoted a significant amount of attention to the few trans children, treating them as if they were a marginalized ethnic group subjected to systematic genocide. The "Protect Trans Kids" slogan is honestly a genius marketing strategy that has successfully convinced a lot of liberals to support their cause. You hear people say things like 'you're basically killing trans children' online and in real life.

No. 1830345

Big irony considering trans kids literally dying from complications in tranny surgery

No. 1830347

Enjoy getting raped and murdered by rightoid scrotes in Florida

No. 1830350

File: 1684505591312.jpeg (147.65 KB, 828x1311, IMG_5616.jpeg)

>it's a tiny minority of a tiny minority

No. 1830353

This, plus the underwear they gravitate towards is always the most sexualized and not the comfortable types most women actually prefer to wear. You don’t see them fetishizing a regular old comfortable brief, it’s always thongs or itchy lace or thigh highs.

No. 1830356

Never ceases to amaze how they think a few months of horse pills will turn them into an anime girl or the girl they crushed on in eighth grade. It’s bizarre to me that people are given these when they’re this delusional, because this isn’t logical thinking or understanding the actual process or potential complications that can arise.

No. 1830358

They say the quiet part out loud with this, essentially unable to see women as multifaceted beings and instead as some kind of character creation or porn category.

No. 1830359

I hate this shit so much because LGB is going to be responsible for undoing the damage done to our own community by these idiots while many of them will quietly return to their manhood or start screeching and blaming the rest of us when they finally decide to detransition and are left with the scars of their own fucking decisions. For pride month I’m going to be acting like a normal human being while distancing myself from these people who are so intent on destroying gay rights.

No. 1830363

Literally gagged when I saw his horse teeth.

No. 1830370

TA and the worst part is, this was like six years ago now. The teams in my city are infested now, back then he was the only one in our league at the time. Derby is a pretty aggressive sport where I once had an advantage being tall and fast, but when there’s a 6’4 male who is literally all muscle, I didn’t stand a chance. He literally checked me into a wall so hard I chipped a tooth. My heart is broken because derby used to be such a strong female thing, a sisterhood where we could bond and be different but find commonality. Now it’s just another place for trannies to piss all over.

No. 1830388

Are you fucking retarded? Genuine question, you do realize you're not getting away from perverted scrotes by moving to Florida, right?(infighting)

No. 1830396

What a fucking specimen.

No. 1830402

MGTOW tier video from Jessie Gender where he cries about how hard it is to be a white man, claims that female people do not have a shared experience as a result of their being born female, so cringe lmao

No. 1830413

why is every pride flag i see so cheap looking? Flags that are usually hung around cities like this don't look like they are made out of thin material. Whenever i see pictures from the 80's of the rainbow flag it doesn't look so cheap either

No. 1830420

Cause it's cheap plastic garbage from AliExpress. They sell for cheap so they're made with cheap fabrics, most likely 100% polyester which is plastic. And anyone who has had the displeasure of buying something that is fully polyester can tell you and cheap it feels and looks.
The original from the 80s was handsown if I'm remembering correctly, and fabric in 80s was probably higher quality. These flags are made sweatshops and are sold in Chinese marketplaces that sell anything. It wouldn't surprised me if the Chinese woman processing these for a pittance is sat next to another Chinese woman processing Nazi flags.
State flags and the like, the ones

No. 1830422

because it's the age of cheap chinese mass produced crap. they're buying the cheapest merch they can find, and if not the person they're buying from certainly is

No. 1830424

Accidentally hit post. Was gonna say that state flags and the like look nicer because they're ordered in high quality fabrics. They have a sheen and heaviness to them you can tell by sight alone. Funfact, the loony troons who are mostly confined to my country's capital wanted to hang they're ugly flag in the city hall bannister and he told them to fuck off lmao.

No. 1830434

File: 1684514267550.jpg (183.7 KB, 2880x2804, baYJ3x9.jpg)

It happened in my local league too; my platonic life partner and I used to be big supporters at the league and I wanted to play at some point. I volunteered as an ambassador to explain the game to new fans, my partner did posters, we got free admission. That was like 10 years ago. Pic rel is from the league's website.

No. 1830438

and of course redditors are defending him. troons can do no wrong in their eyes. if it was an actual woman flashing her tits, hitting a man and then squealing: "he hit me!" after being grabbed no one would be defending her.

No. 1830459

>platonic life partner
so a best friend

No. 1830467

Didn't you post this in a previous thread?

No. 1830470

You didn't really get cheap, mass-produced polyester flags in the 80s, they were made from real fabric then.

No. 1830475

Calling it now in the year 2023: in a decade or so, when current gens' brains have finished cooking, there will be a mass wave of detransitioners who will READILY point their fingers at LGB and accuse them of being the groomers/negative influence that brainwashed them in to mutilating their own bodies.

The troon cries out in pain as he strikes you.

No. 1830480

It's more than that; we are legally married, share finances, etc, everything a romantic/sexual couple does except for the romantic/sexual stuff. Sage for offtopic blogging.

No. 1830481

There’s actually more of them in red states because of the turbo retardation on gender roles and virulent misogyny. They have tougher laws on them in those states because they are a bigger menace

No. 1830486

Derbys have been completely fucking ruined in LA by them. There are more of them than lesbians at this point

No. 1830487

They already are turning on them. In 5 years I think a multitude of studies showing how bad transitioning is for you medically will come out and the TRAs will frame it as poor troons being tricked

No. 1830509

>For pride month this year, can straight people focus less on gay people and more on themselves?

No. 1830510

You should've sued or pressed charges imo.

No. 1830513

File: 1684522599522.gif (1.61 MB, 498x280, oprah-winfrey-so-what-is-the-t…)

>You don't have to medically transition or have dysphoria for your gender identity to be valid uwu
>If minors aren't able to transition medically, they'll literally die!1!1!
TRAs need to pick a lane.

No. 1830515

ntayrt, and sorry for ot but did you marry to pool your resources and legally protect yourselves rather than just being normal bffs that rely on each other? Am curious because my bff and I have talked about this

No. 1830521

All of that and also so we would be able to make medical decisions for each other if necessary (neither of us has good relationships with our families); we realized when we were teenagers that we couldn't trust or rely on men or our abusive families and decided to make our friendship the central relationship in our lives. We also did it because I have dual citizenship and we wanted to moved from the USA to Canada, and it would be easier for her to get permanent residency and eventually citizenship if we were married. We've been married for 20 years as of next June.

No. 1830532

Makeup? More likely it's the breastplate. Hence the choker he is wearing to cover up where it ends

No. 1830534

Kek nonna

No. 1830536

File: 1684525663763.jpg (27.13 KB, 450x338, Coilette.jpg)

I agree with you on South Park. It handles the Troon crap a lot better than Family Guy does with it's rightful pointing out obvious fallacies of the ideology. Hell I would say that Futurama's episode where Bender gets a "sex change" did an ironic job of showcasing the (sexist) stereotypes used as reason to "feel like a woman". Granted the episode aired like 10+ years before the troon crap took over mainstream society but still kek.

I think the issue with Family Guy's troon jokes is that they try to hold back from going too far with them to where on one hand, it could unintentionally peak some of the viewers while on the other hand, they'd have to risk getting "cancelled".

No. 1830539

>literal shit eating grin
i wouldnt be surprised if he ate shit before taking this pic. also, how do you fuck up bangs this hard as an adult? its the easiest diy haircut ever kek. what a tard, hope this faggot chops his dick off and ropes

No. 1830550

What a dumb fucking scrote. I have gotten a lot of shit from men for being tall yet they wanna pretend they’re uwu tall girls when they’re just massive ugly men

No. 1830562

Nta but seriously, you would expect that the show with a bunch of racist and fucked up jokes would be less forgiving. Why are the people of family guy so scared of the trannies? Kek. Like I get the Simpsons not even daring to do jokes like those because they’re not that edgy, but Family Guy and American dad are the kinds of shows that would definitely drag moids in dresses the most.

No. 1830565

Wow, that’s amazing. Good for you nonna!

No. 1830579

That’s amazing. Wish more women were up for this.

No. 1830611

nta but family guy isn't really scared of getting cancelled, it's just that the producers are center left. everybody already hates family guy and they're known for being notoriously racist and homophobic and whatever else, it's not so much a trans canceling conspiracy as it is them pussyfooting around making any definite stance like they always do and making a copout so they aren't REALLY ~transphobic~.

No. 1830617

love it. Happy for you and wish you and your wife the best.

No. 1830625

they just don’t get it- being a tall woman is amazing and making it masculine is cope

No. 1830669

I'm jealous tbh

No. 1830674

American Dad actually had an episode where Steve poses as a girl to join a roller derby team and help them win. All the libfem lesbians on the team let him be there knowing he's males because they think he's trans, which leads Steve to wonder if he's trans. Hailey has a crisis because she thinks she's a bad liberal for being upset that he's posing as a girl, creeping on girls on the team, and basically getting away with it because they think he's trans. It's pretty an episode about her peaking, and if it aired today, there'd be a gigantic shit storm about it online. Kind of amazing that the episode is from ten years ago, because it basically predicated the future.

No. 1830687

I remember the scene from the Crying game but from Ace Ventura.

No. 1830688

The Simpsons added a "he-she" cousin of Helen Lovejoy (to make Marge jelaous that's she's not an LGBT ally until she thought Grandpa Simpson was gay, but turned on that he was a wrestler and the man stuff they found were about his 'wrestler persona') and the whole ep where Patty was about to marry an AGP but she broke up with him since "she likes women".

Is not edgy perse, but they have mocked Trans people too.

No. 1830695

File: 1684540537687.jpg (25.95 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Another one like that is the king of the hill episode where Bill starts cross-dressing and identifying as Lenore. The entire episode is people trying to cope with it before they basically have to break Bill down and force him to face his mental problems. I know TRAs like to focus on the silence of the lambs thing, but it's interesting to see the stuff that wasn't really considered trans commentary before, but got umbrella'd in. Like now Bill claiming he's Lenore would make him a legit transwoman even though it's extremely clear and deliberately written mental illness.

No. 1830704

A lot of them were tricked. Autistic failmales caught in a woke fad.

No. 1830713

File: 1684542324756.jpeg (99.22 KB, 1170x866, IMG_3720.jpeg)

Delusional troon has been screeching for the past day because people aren’t calling his stink ditch a vagina kek

No. 1830728

>using "open wound" is lying
but it isn't a lie, you lopped of your penis for a wound that doesn't do anything that a vagina is supposed to do.

No. 1830729

"Its only a tiny minority of a tiny minority"
But yet every other week for you freaks its, "here we go again"

No. 1830735

File: 1684546451663.jpg (60.26 KB, 784x676, Screenshot 2023-05-19 193414.j…)

American Dad has this tranny prostitute side character who has a super deep man voice.

No. 1830741

>no where in that title has trans women
>twitter idiot says the quiet part out loud

No. 1830770

File: 1684553067532.jpg (26.47 KB, 339x293, Mike-Myers-Austin-Powers-1-.jp…)

No. 1830774

Ot but wow this is everything I wanted in life. I'm so happy for you two and managed to make it work

No. 1830794

File: 1684558933967.png (54.14 KB, 1039x849, bonkers.PNG)

DIDs fakers and Trannies are a match made in heaven.

No. 1830796

This is a tif. Still absolutely batshit though. New levels of insanity being reached in this post

No. 1830800

wow, it sounds like something straight out of a movie, it's awesome. i wish you and your friend all the best.

No. 1830801

>top surgery to implant BIGGER tits

No. 1830812

I sincerely doubt that, where'd you get that info from?

No. 1830814

They do this a lot on Twitter and people always fall for it. I wish they weren't so fucking dumb, it makes me cringe.

No. 1830815

Lmfao the filthy room in the bg. Clean your house.

No. 1830821

File: 1684564316738.png (231.65 KB, 592x553, 36A02CEC-D93F-423E-961C-E5F831…)

Dumping some gold

No. 1830822

File: 1684564343679.png (1.33 MB, 1125x1125, 719D571E-E496-4916-8881-3C78F3…)

No. 1830823

File: 1684564471076.png (245.9 KB, 376x631, 09326971-1E7B-4F38-9D12-1901F5…)

Nintendo obsessed men are the worst of consumerism and this is a beautiful way to show it

No. 1830824

File: 1684564543137.png (244.77 KB, 381x631, 0C8E42AE-481B-41F9-B3F4-AD73DD…)

No. 1830825

File: 1684564639032.png (109.3 KB, 388x631, A5FA2776-AF07-4D39-A871-5A79BA…)

Not sure if I’m sad because cute nerdy guys are falling for this or if I’m happy because they would’ve shown this mental illness in some different way in the future, possibly by being an abusive partner or parent

No. 1830826

File: 1684564689435.png (Spoiler Image,349.39 KB, 1165x1280, 42885F49-6BF0-478C-BF23-D8339D…)

Necrotic rot Pocket warning

No. 1830827

how is this shit not a social contagion? it seems like trannies have been popping up out of the woodwork recently. what gives?

No. 1830830

Wow there's literally no difference between the usual hyper-idealized beautiful Square Enix character and this obvious woman

No. 1830840

i thought that was a pan of burnt meat at first, wtaf

No. 1830864

so fucking irritating looking up an (not obscure but relatively forgotten about) anime I watched on tumblr and practically exclusively seeing it be talked about/the characters being ogled over by weeby, flabby TIMs. I mean I guess I should've known better considering it's anime + Tumblr combo but still. sorry for blog lol

No. 1830865

trannies be like
>"it's just like the real thing, lick it or you're a bigot lesbian terf!!!"

No. 1830866

File: 1684573634975.jpeg (Spoiler Image,169.86 KB, 750x1232, IMG_8519.jpeg)

that shit looks infected

No. 1830867

lol wow, the comments are full of straight up MRA rhetoric. how do they manage to go mask off and no one notices or cares?

No. 1830872

File: 1684575516019.jpeg (197.92 KB, 980x1920, A903DB10-1910-4384-8C5C-247EE7…)

This is more 2x material but whatever
No/terrible parenting, porn addiction, fetishes being more socially acceptable as opposed to kept to themselves, fetish communities exploding, most men not having to adhere to the only thing that was sort of keeping them in check (religion and local community), discord and loneliness - that just escalated during the pandemic, handmaidens and lesbian porn
I’m not saying religion is good and made men better but they need at least some rules to live by to not become miserable and do retarded stuff, a purposeless scrote is a ticking time bomb
Men are hypersexual and with enough pornbrain rot they will think that them thinking they’d be hot as a girl and could get lots of sex will change their lives and fix all of their issues that resulted from their past (it doesn’t that’s why they are such psychos)
TLDR theyre autistic

No. 1830890

I wish I was as delusional about my looks as a man. It's crazy how that male vs female socialization works. Women are made to overanalyse every flaw they have, are hypercritical of themselves and others, constantly feel self conscious and not good enough… Meanwhile ugly ass man who looks like Gollum in a wig looks in the mirror and thinks "damn, I am perfection". I do envy that somewhat. I wish I could put on a dress and some cat ears and see the hottest girl in the world in the mirror.

No. 1830917

File: 1684583374570.png (39.82 KB, 708x717, urban dictionary of troon.png)


No. 1830921

File: 1684584153490.jpg (114.75 KB, 732x900, FwkBRjRWwAEhcV6.jpg)

Imagine having to shove dilators into an open infected wound, no wonder it hurts like crazy. Play stupid games win stupid prizes, I dont understand how they keep having these surgeries when everyone online is crying about insane pain and infections

No. 1830929

What did he honestly think would happen, of course it’s going to hurt. You cut your wiener into pieces, dug a hole into your taint, put the pieces inside the taint hole and sewed it all together. Like, you’ve literally fucked yourself. You don’t have a clit, you don’t have labia, you have a mangled dick and balls.

No. 1830931

File: 1684585695687.jpg (86.26 KB, 1080x1231, FwfE6KRXwAIAMJc.jpg)

Talking about farts, theyre so fucking vile holy shit

No. 1830933


They need to just stop for a second and deal with the base contradictions. If we are to say gender is a social construct then gender is largely socialization. That's the actual alternative to the "what is a woman?" question if they aren't going to use biology. So almost by definition male and female socialization become really important and are basically the only thing that actually allows you to transition. The problem he is having is that social constructs are social. People can decide not to socialize a person as a woman regardless of what they identify as. That's the fundamental roadblock TRAs are having.

They want normies to hear "Gender is a social construct and we can change it if we want to", not "Gender is a social construct and YOU can change it if you want to".

No. 1830957

Ugh that sounds horrendous. I’d feel sorry for this person if this surgery wasn’t widely publicized to be painful and high risk for complications. I can’t believe doctors are allowed to butcher healthy body parts like this, there’s no way voluntary self-mutilation is affirmative of “gender” or anything else.

No. 1830958

This is why I’ll never trust men. These TIMs all go from regular looking suburban dad types to anime loli freaks.

No. 1830963

It’s so bizarre. Any woman who looked half as ugly as the average troon would be bullied by society into such low self-esteem it would be hard to leave her house. Meanwhile literal ogres will throw on a plastic Party City wig and go “I’m such a uwu cute girl!! Terfs are jealous of my feminine beauty and also furiously masturbating to me as we speak!!1!1”

No. 1830975

File: 1684592144201.png (189.25 KB, 1188x958, 78594034567.png)

Does anybody remember what this person used to go by? I swear he was cancelled for discord grooming and deleted everything. I faintly remember call out posts about this, maybe on tumblr. Now he's back under a new name.

No. 1830977

this man right here looks more like a proboscis monkey than gollum but agreed

No. 1830988

Oh man I forgot about this episode, it's a classic kek .And even though it's clearly trying to get across that Bill is mental issues as he never got over the divorce of his ex-wife Lenore, this could still be used as a perfect mirror reflection to the average troon who seriously think they're women when really, they have a serious mental health issue that isn't being address. Only unlike Bill who got his reality check at the end when Hank makes him confront his issue, troons IRL are not getting this much at all because most people around them indulge their delusions and mental health professionals can risk losing their job if they don't affirm their delusions.

No. 1830989

File: 1684593676434.png (230.66 KB, 768x2630, 2374283498989.png)

I know people on the DID spectrum every single one was a sex trafficking/CSA survivor, I too keep seeing posts like this and it disturbs me. People who have DID are super susceptible to outside influence and these fucking scrotes are now introducing bodily mutilation and hormones into the conversation. I had to leave most DID places online because they are truly infested and It's painful to watch. >>1830794

No. 1830993

Wasn't there almost accepted theories about DID where there wasn't any actually different personality that was distinct enough to be a completely different person? It is quite literally a person putting their brain on the backburner or something?

No. 1830996


People who claim DID are extra susceptible to tranny idiocy because they've made it that far without the necessary bullying and derision required for rational course correction. I feel like you're saying people who were child trafficked or abused are more prone to playing w lies for attention but somehow what I'm receiving is "ppl who claim they were trafficked" are now on my 'automatic X to doubt' histrionics bingo card haha

No. 1830998

File: 1684594640243.png (21.61 KB, 326x757, redditsux.png)

>r/DegradingHoles (they removed the rule as they approached the 1 million members mark).
If they did, they put it back. I just checked and it still says Cis Women only.

No. 1830999

DID is as real as the troons womanhood

No. 1831000

>ritual abuse
sounds fake but ok

No. 1831007

The consensus amongst psychologists that are not quacks is that DID is not a real disorder.

No. 1831017

File: 1684596651166.png (13.27 KB, 969x146, TheHeadmatesMadeMeDoIt.png)

>People who claim DID are extra susceptible to tranny idiocy
look who shows up in the wikipedia article about it:

No. 1831018

File: 1684596688328.webm (14.69 MB, 1278x720, Y2mate.Is - Watch Sen. Machael…)

handmaidens stop being cringe challenge

No. 1831019

kek most psychologists I know think DID is fake. If it's real, it's rarity is so immense that most people will never see a person with DID in 50 years of practice, not even a case study. It not real.

No. 1831020


Trnnzzzz peeepplllbbb longheeer weeeeeneed trnnssspeeepleeeee

Holy shit, it's giving Leave Britney Alone

No. 1831027

>“One sorority member walked down the hall to take a shower, wearing only a towel,” the document says. “She felt an unsettling presence, turned, and saw Mr. Smith watching her silently.”
>“Smith” is 21 years old, is 6 feet, 2 inches tall and weighs 260 pounds
Holy fucking shit, he's definitely going to straight up rape and or kill one of them at some point if not already. These schools are straight up evil for letting these beasts into environments where girls and women are vulnerable, especially if they live in states or countries where abortion is banned. And it isn't just the liberal handmaidens doing this shit either, see Kristi Noem from South Dakota

No. 1831030

Nonnie… DID is the same kind of larp as troonism. Please don't be retarded.

No. 1831032

Every fucking time. Artemis made a man get brutally torn apart by his own hunting dogs because he looked at her naked without her consent. She would be gutting these moids.

No. 1831038

I feel insulted when they use actual words for female genitalia (clitoris, labia, vulva, etc.) to describe the mangled mess they volunteer to get. They don’t have those things and never will.

No. 1831041

File: 1684600651849.jpg (41.5 KB, 415x335, mypuppiesgonnaeatyodicklmao.jp…)

LOL, so true. Same with Lilith. IDK if it's some sort of weird conquering thing with them (taking the names of goddesses who were worshipped by women as a way of stealing them from us), or if their stupid moid minds think they're actually male. Waiting to see Medusa used by these moids

No. 1831042

You just made me remember that that guy trooned out lol

No. 1831051

NTA but it's literally in the DSM-5 and ICD-11

No. 1831054

Proving the existence of DID would be akin to proving the existence of god. There's also a big ol' book claiming that's legit, too.

No. 1831081

no idea about discord grooming but years ago he and I used to be friends on facebook. he was a full adult in his mid twenties and "dated" a freshly 18 year old woman, who came out against him after they broke up. he went by Ramona Knives back then, also Dahlia Knives occasionally

No. 1831091

The only thing that will take this sub down would be tims mass reporting it for transphobia now

No. 1831095

File: 1684606879054.png (42.54 KB, 750x422, IMG_7494.png)

of course this scrote is an animal abuser
46:45 in this video he says he threw his cat across the room once because moid rage i guess

No. 1831096

File: 1684606947138.png (53.27 KB, 1188x920, Screenshot 2023-05-20 at 2.23.…)

Thank you!! So far this is all I can find about him. I'm just wondering how he's back unscathed.

No. 1831106

Title of this video is The Myth of "Male Socialization" and here he is talking about abusing HIS cat for admittedly no reason at all. He said "cat was scared of me for the rest of his life", mind you I’ve stepped on my cat’s tail by mistake more than once and she has never been scared of me so there’s something he’s not saying for sure, and I’m not saying he raped his cat but he abuses animals for sure…

No. 1831110

i wonder if we ripped away the internet from and prevented women from talking to troons, what kind of fantasy-anatomy would troons come up with for female genitalia since they no longer have material for their LARPs?

No. 1831115

File: 1684609022111.jpg (27.3 KB, 612x344, istockphoto-1314542396-612x612…)

>i will never disobey the man and will always know my place
>i will never disobey the man and will always know my place
>i will never disobey the man and will always know my place
>i will never disobey the man and will always know my place
>i will never disobey the man and will always know my place

No. 1831119

File: 1684609302302.jpeg (163.78 KB, 923x1495, IMG_7880.jpeg)

I worry for he… give it to me straight nonnas is there a >50% chance? Tell me now so that I drop him before I get any more attached(sage your literal who shit)

No. 1831120

like a religious fanatic chanting the same mantra over and over again, esp with the clapping and hitting the table

No. 1831121

who tf is this?

No. 1831122

this has nothing to do with transgenderims

No. 1831123

File: 1684609431857.jpg (155.97 KB, 1080x1642, Screenshot_20230520_150002_Tik…)


do moids really think this is what makes them women?? lululemon and açai bowls??

No. 1831125

>animu bodypillow in background
it's over dear nona

No. 1831130

Man, whoever runs against her in the next election should pick any 30 seconds from 1:31 to 2:16 and just that and then just show the text "Does she represent you? Vote Jenkins".

No. 1831161

>the downvotes kek not even other troons agree with him.
the guy in question goes by Kelly Cadigan. he's another "one of the good ones" like blare white that tries to appeal to both sides. he still really wants others to respect him as a transwoman and access women's spaces because he "passes". honestly he could have his own thread

No. 1831164

This. From a non-burger perspective, it's really interesting to see how history repeats itself. The first settlers being religious extremists, natives genocide… And almost 500 years later you have troons fanatics and woke race theory dividing people more and more. (no offence to burger nonnies)

No. 1831168

woman is when overpriced leggings and fruit

No. 1831171

this all gives credence to the idea that most humans have a spiritual vacuum that needs to be filled by something, whether it's a belief in god(s) or that gender is a magical feeling that overrides your biological sex.

No. 1831174

that's the most retarded analogy i've ever read in my life wow
like i feel kinda stupid right now for accidentally interacting with someone so brainless

No. 1831177

this is my goal, has been for a long time. as my friends come with me into our late 20s and 30s, theyre beginning to see the wisdom in it. i understand why, because i used to feel this way too, but i think they needed to live in the world for a bit to understand how much of things like a traditional marriage is just something thats been sold to us, not an objectively good or neutral institution (when het with a man, at least).
what does this have to do with troonism? the same that a lot of strides in women's independence does. without the promise of a traditional household to lord over, and guaranteed bio children to alleviate death anxiety, men don't see the point in doing anything. even clout from other men loses savor fast, and that's such a fluid goal anyways.
at least in the us, men are dropping out of the workforce and just… hanging around. living with parents and girlfriends mostly. playing games and watching porn. i think trooning out starts to appeal so much to tims because its sort of reclaiming their manhood in a sense. cant become the patriarch? become the gf.
good luck to you nonnie, i hope your platonic boston marriage brings you happiness. i look forward to seeing more and more women leave moids in the dust and take care of eachother.

No. 1831181

have you experienced any issues with regard to not being attracted to one another renders the marriage null/void? what I'm attempting to articulate is that I heard somewhere if the married couple doesn't seem like they are truly "together" in a traditional coupling sense that they run the risk of their local government could decide their marriage is considered a sham or fraud.
has anyone heard of what I'm describing here?

No. 1831184

troons lie to themselves when they say transitioning young helps pass better and it shows

No. 1831191

File: 1684618143874.png (420.6 KB, 661x603, moid.png)

has anyone seen this moid flying a 'trans lesbian' flag at a women's rugby match while women avoid looking at him? https://twitter.com/NicESpurling/status/1659766352910118912?s=20

No. 1831198

funny how it looks like a collection of different viruses. kind of like how troons are viruses infecting the lesbian community.

No. 1831203

Psych is a shit major.You and your 'alters'should be embarrassed.

No. 1831219

File: 1684622216920.jpg (664.8 KB, 810x4977, Screenshot_20230520-165326_Chr…)

Fun AGP facts about medically transitioning:

No. 1831220

File: 1684622679978.jpg (444.46 KB, 2560x2560, 23-05-20-23-41-59-021_deco.jpg)

No mention of him being a tranny anywhere on his profile, not sure who he thinks he's fooling kek

No. 1831224

>vulva fart
Again showing they have no knowledge about female anatomy

No. 1831227

you say that like anyone on this earth cares what a high school drop out thinks of them lmao

No. 1831229

lol sorry like why did he circle the very obvious area

No. 1831230

Spoiler for fucking psych autism
Nta but they also had homosexuality and female hysteria in the dsm you moron. The dsm isn't only riddled with issues but is one big fat stinking issue progressively iterated with little consideration to empirical evidence that should be erased out of clinical psychology's collective consciousness with the icd whatever following suit re: mental illness. Did isn't real and no clinician worth their practice thinks it has any merit as a diagnosis.
Insane that tranny space and leftube have created an atmosphere so accepting and open that males are comfortable admitting this with their faces attached. This is end stage

No. 1831231

If this is how he treats his cats imagine how he interacts with the women that are in his life.

No. 1831233

File: 1684625199414.png (122.14 KB, 819x704, Screenshot.png)

No. 1831234

His smug ass transphobia video when he went by Olly was definitely a peaking moment for me, lol.

No. 1831238

File: 1684626203832.png (374.12 KB, 756x855, REDUXX on Twitter.png)

clown world

No. 1831246

File: 1684627738666.png (341.5 KB, 748x846, 02 Twitter.png)

No. 1831253

What the hell is going on in Australia? Same thing recently happened to someone critical of rapey Riley Penis. Dystopian shit.

No. 1831261

Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Like wtf do they expect? It’s major surgery on a part of the body that has fuck loads of very sensitive nerves.

No. 1831270


i don't know why they think these videos are a win. the entire bathroom issue is their baby, why are we supposed to think it's anyone else's fault?

No. 1831271

File: 1684631948144.jpg (194.02 KB, 810x1718, Screenshot_20230520-211008_Chr…)

Tell me it's not a men's rights movement kek

No. 1831275

Why is it that moids act like women are some mythical beings with magical hairless bodies that never sweat and always smell like sweets, cinnamon and ripe apples?
If all trannies were somehow homeschooled I would get it, but why do they act like they’ve never interacted with more than 20 women in their lives?

No. 1831283

They're literally talking about farts bubbling up from the asshole (or through a fistula, more likely) into their rotting amholes. A queef couldn't even dream of ever being this disgusting.

No. 1831288


sometimes i think that's a feature of all this. like the more you actually know and empathize with women the harder it is to buy into transition because you're aware of what the differences actually are. whereas with people who are autistic or whatever the other gender is just a blank slate they can project fantasies onto.

No. 1831289

The more I watch YMS the more I feel he's a jump and skip from being the most misogynistic Troon in the world. He's proud coomer and at times he seems reasonable in avoid all political videos from him, but ever so often he'd say something like, "man, woman or non-binary" and whoever runs his clip channel is a huge tra.Learning he did porn shouldn't shock me but it does, mainly because despite being a coomer he seems very laid back and chill.
But then they get mad when the title is "Trans woman" like they did about that rapist being misgendered. What do they want?

No. 1831298


like there aren't plenty of gay yoga twinks who look exactly like him and have that exact same lifestyle lmao

No. 1831305

their main exposure to women is through porn so it's not really surprising

No. 1831321

File: 1684639938991.jpg (165.65 KB, 1080x1074, FwnDELOWAAAR_uF.jpg)

No. 1831331

File: 1684642222453.webm (3.01 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_723393044272098846…)

The amount of handmaidens gassing him up in the comments is insane. More proof that no matter if a faggot wants to cut his dick off or not they will live and die misogynistic gay men.


No. 1831343

That incident with the guy being forced into a fa'afafine seems to be a unusual occurrence. I listened to the A Wider Lens interview with Paul L. Vasey, a psychologists who has been studying the fa'afafine for over a decade. If western TiMs behaved like the fa'afafine there wouldn't be issues. According to Vasey the fa'afafine know they're male, don't sperg about pronouns, are exclusively attracted to men, don't compete on women's sports teams, have no desire to change their bodies with hormones and surgery, very few experience what we call gender dysphoria, and are productive members of society.

No. 1831346

Liberal women, specifically liberal white women, have to be the biggest masochists. They go so hard for a group of misogynistic men that openly hate them and use them as socially acceptable punching bags for misogyny.

No. 1831347

>Meanwhile, i go to use the ladies in the mall, and i'm listening to a conversation about…
so you eavesdropped on two friends talking

No. 1831350

psychotic eyes

No. 1831376


sick fucking rat bastard fuck

No. 1831380

File: 1684652261508.jpg (80.41 KB, 642x571, asda.jpg)

No. 1831385

Awwww shieeeeet smack

No. 1831386

File: 1684653003780.jpeg (Spoiler Image,22.5 KB, 465x227, 65AB8DDB-0864-4E3D-ABFD-DA3B62…)

I do too, because a lot of the time they only learn the proper terminology because of the surgery itself. And even then they expect a (stop reading if you hate scrote terminology) perfect puffy pink pussy like their favorite “teen” pornstars has and want “revisions” cause they don’t treat it like the macabre wound it is. It fucking infuritates me, like no just because you have a hole there now thanks to surgery you shouldn’t use the real terminology. Maybe use neo-vag or just you know, not talk about their genitalia nonstop like actual females.

No. 1831391

'Cause it is. Ritual abuse is an urban myth invented by a discredited quack and an attention-seeking patient he was banging, then the myth was hijacked by right-wingers in the 1980s who wanted to scare working women into removing their kids daycare and return to being housewives.

No. 1831392

Ngl nonnie maybe that’s cus I have no ass at all but sometimes when I rip a fart it does travel forward. Ban me for this post if you must I speak the truth

No. 1831393

>Cool game comes out
>Trannies immediately searching for ways to make it about themselves and their retarded movement

No. 1831394

eugh the ballsack skin texture is so visible there

No. 1831397

Ot but YMS did porn? Eugh he's not even remotely attractive, who would want to see him naked? Ick.

No. 1831415

The misogyny and coomerism definitely would have shown in other ways

These guys would not have been good boyfriends even minus the trooning

No. 1831423

Look, I know a non-insignificant portion of gay porn is the fantasy of tricking a straight men/converting a straight men into faggotry, and that fantasy is made even worse in these hsts who think theyre better than women, but he cannot possibly truly believe that the vast majority of men who areny bisexual coomers look at his ilk with anything but revulsion and mockery. There's a reason why his kind is infamous for being murdered while "stealthing", and you'd think they would have realized by now that it's because straight men are disgusted by them. I'd love to know how he's gonna steal any man while looking that frumpy and sounding and acting like any stereotypical bitchy, catty, unpleasant queen. But then again these fags are obsessively jealous of women and women can't point it out because then it's homophobia lol, he gets off on threatening women for misbehaving like any other abusive man would, but now in ugly woman face and clap back format. Ugh.

No. 1831429

Is she okay? There is no way she isn't in a cult.

No. 1831431

Wtf, how is this moid not cancelled over that? Female streamers have got so much shit (justifiably) over less serious animal abuse.

No. 1831434

It's not "going out of your way to use terms that will upset people" to state what it is rather than using misleading euphemism such as neo-vagina (because it's literally not a vagina in any way) when those words will only further their delusions, which is the most unkind thing you can do to a delusional person.

Terms such as "stinkditch" would be purposely upsetting, but calling the surgically created hole trying to heal itself up for what it is is just the harsh reality. You don't want people to talk about your medically created wound, then don't go online and talk about it and no one would have known.

No. 1831446

I need to make one of these but the before is "handmaiden" and the after is "terf"

No. 1831501

>your bum will begin to feel as if it is floating
the levels of sheer autism and mental illness in these screenshots could kill someone, they are that high.

No. 1831503

File: 1684676220776.jpg (267.44 KB, 1080x1827, Screenshot_20230521_154633_com…)

Context: A women's only Apex Legends esports tournament with a 100k prize pool kicked out a team with a troon on it after a woman on another team complained. After backlash they've now reinstated the troon team.

No. 1831543

It also shows how these fags all became troons around the same time as covid lockdowns. They couldn't stand to live with themselves kek

No. 1831561

That's so sad that they caved. God damn.
The troon in question isn't even public. Has changed nothing in his legal paper work, and just says he's a woman around his friends. Jesus fuck.

No. 1831562

Some words of advice if anyone is interested. Look for eggshell stickers, they’re very difficult to remove. Oil based permanent markers are incredibly fade resistant, the oil can sometimes seep through paint that is applied on top. Another good alternative is a metal scribe tool. It’s useful for etching into paint and other hard surfaces, and unless it is sanded away whatever you write will likely remain visible.

No. 1831572

File: 1684680710885.png (Spoiler Image,220.6 KB, 731x1080, Right Side of History on Twitt…)

No. 1831579

File: 1684681279456.jpeg (Spoiler Image,185.84 KB, 1184x1734, 22326D7F-E2FD-4926-8B7D-B115A7…)

Kek, poor children that will read this shit. Today is a good day to not be an American, European, Australian and specially not a Canadian.

No. 1831581

Disregarding how stupid it is for a second, why is everything they make so fucking hideous?

No. 1831587

>exercise gets easier since you don’t have the strain of being mentally stressed all the time
I am absolutely speechless and ready to a-log. Moids couldn’t dream of performing the absolutely ridiculous amounts of emotional, physical, and sexual labor that women are expected to perform on a daily basis. They are so fucking stupid holy shit.

No. 1831588

They literally never stop sounding like men, even through text.

No. 1831590

File: 1684681633131.png (475.85 KB, 749x650, on Twitter.png)

No. 1831596

The best part about this book is that it was made by a spicy straight couple that used to write a sex toy review webcomic.

No. 1831601

I legit miss when it was them just reviewing shit, things took such a gross nose dive when like most webcomic authors, they discovered they get more clout and clicks when catering to Troons, Aidens, and every dumb affiliation in-between.

I noped out when they started to bring in guest comics to explain fetishes, like from fucking purplekecleon of all people. The cuckolding comic remains a classic for all the wrong reasons though.

No. 1831603

Do kids even use their school libraries?

No. 1831604

even in this 'successful' photography of the procedure you can see how uncannily the skin cups around the legs.

No. 1831605

File: 1684683185746.png (597.84 KB, 716x1108, ICONS on Twitter.png)

>let boys in girls sports they say
>it doesn't affect the girls they say

No. 1831606

File: 1684683488429.webm (3.24 MB, 320x320, WomenAreReals_status_166023887…)

No. 1831608

kek at least they included the AGP smirk on the troon

No. 1831609

I honestly wish Erika went through with that plan to do a porn shoot with James Deen of only because of the drama that would have ensued afterward. To keep things semi on topic that guest comic where a TIM dilates with the help of a couple is fucking vile

No. 1831610

File: 1684683782745.jpg (103.45 KB, 851x1186, FwpAmS7WYAAMuDI.jpg)

No. 1831611

File: 1684683811778.png (178.07 KB, 358x358, topkek.png)

>for women and transwomen

No. 1831612

File: 1684684038883.png (21.12 KB, 755x514, Twitter.png)

don't worry Monty, it's already happening

No. 1831614

Nonnas this is getting genuinely abysmal. Where are the lawsuits? This can't keep happening. Another day another troon taking top place in sport, transitioning after killing 4 women, or impregnating a woman in jail. This ideology is fucking sick

No. 1831616

File: 1684684446700.jpg (326.15 KB, 1330x2048, FwqS2gRWcAAUhhB.jpg)

No. 1831617

File: 1684684468847.jpg (141.97 KB, 1080x1091, FwqJh-MWIAEyj8W.jpg)

No. 1831618

File: 1684684781341.png (128.96 KB, 748x801, twitter.png)

No. 1831619

Honestly thinking about homeschooling my future kids to protect them from gender ideology grooming and perverted TIM teachers. Just recently heard that a friends kid was shown hardcore pornography on the schoolbus by another kid. Maybe I will look into micro-schooling together with other like-minded parents so the kids get properly socalized.

No. 1831621

File: 1684684983759.png (497.79 KB, 758x890, Comrade Billy Bragg (Fraser An…)

No. 1831624

What's it with trans people and them thinking they're a separate special group of humans? Trans people themselves are the ones who decided to push that sex and gender are two separate things. All trans people have a sex. Society has single-sex spaces, we've never had single-gender spaces. Obviously it would function the way things have always functioned. Where's the issue?

If you wanna argue that "not all women have vaginas, some women have dicks" then at the very least the argument that "then not all women should go into women's restrooms" should be ok.

No. 1831625

File: 1684685495247.png (99.25 KB, 746x1094, Right Side of History™️ on Twi…)

No. 1831627

I hope the women on the other team pull out the competition in protest, but only in the very last mimute so they can't find another team in their place.

No. 1831630

Pretty funny how it says "broader hips" yet portrays the male with no hips, so at least a little bit accurate

No. 1831632

File: 1684686233129.jpg (162.47 KB, 1080x1199, Screenshot_20230521_061146_Chr…)

god damnit it's so incredibly tiring and insufferable how you can't avoid TIMs in the indie gaming scene. I thought it used to be bad with fuckos like porpentine but it's so much worse now lol. itch.io is filled to the brim with them—stumbled across this mess earlier on there and had to share

No. 1831633

File: 1684686633318.jpg (235.4 KB, 1216x1702, Fwmg8iAWAAANt_i.jpg)

trans shit aside this is disgusting advice

No. 1831636

File: 1684686822022.jpg (285.69 KB, 1533x1477, FwplXmPWAAUm0LA.jpg)

No. 1831637

>Look up interviews of your fave pornstars
>Pay for your porn
Both of these don't guarantee the consensual-ness of the porn you're watching. Jesus Christ, how daft are these people? Both of these points are usually fogged up by the fact they have a pimp. Either they're acting like they do enjoy what they do or else they'll get abused and the money doesn't even go to the pornstar.

No. 1831639

YOu seriously telling us this is serious and not a joke? LOL

No. 1831640

Checks out

No. 1831642

I hate this world

No. 1831643

File: 1684688136153.png (142.88 KB, 756x855, Genevieve Gluck on Twitter.png)

No. 1831644

Omg. Imagine writing a book that encourages children to look for kink-oriented spaces where adults hang out. This is so fucking bleak.

No. 1831645

Why are we even speaking about this? They don't even produce enough to feed a baby, not even close. How is this even called feeding? Men really hate women AND children.

No. 1831646

File: 1684688391899.png (244.49 KB, 1160x1146, Screenshot 2023-05-21 at 17.58…)

Video in link, I don't know how to embed from Twitter. He is pretending to cry on camera because of "america" and saying he will literally die in the hypothetical scenario that he loses access to HRT

No. 1831647

There’s always going to be at least a couple of kids with parents that will encourage reading normal books and not e-books.
Anything is possible, all that these cultists are doing is make it harder for everyone to avoid them. Social media is an easy place to distribute this cult’s ideology, stuff like libraries and such are just secondary “sources” that will give them some sort of “validity” because it’s in a book, therefore it can’t be a lie.
It’s surely frustrating because if I was a parent with a kid that got brainwashed, trying to keep this child away from trans ideology by cutting off the main source (the internet) of information to this shit, and then I discovered that there’s books in the school’s library talking about this shit I would just cry at this point.

No. 1831653

Elementary school children have library days about once a week so they're encouraged to look through the shelves more often than their older peers

No. 1831654

File: 1684689233108.jpg (93.1 KB, 750x1118, FwkJAAhXoAEP7qy.jpg)

this sounds like some serial killer shit

No. 1831656

someone needs to find the girl and tell her this is scary

No. 1831658

File: 1684690003309.webm (711.77 KB, 576x1024, tumblr_rupvczIpPd1vgitbz.webm)

No. 1831674


Well on the bright side at least the aspiring psycho rapist no longer has a dick anymore.

No. 1831680

I really hate how moids always end up thinking about sex. If they hate something they want to Fuck it, if they love something they want to Fuck it, if they don’t understand something they want to Fuck it, if they are afraid of something they want to Fuck it, if they feel threatened by something they want to Fuck it.
I will never stop thinking that men over 30 years old should just get chemically castrated and put on constant sedatives unless they work in construction, if they work in construction, such areas should just get covered entirely so moids are unable to look at any woman.
If he had said that he just wants to kill her I would feel sightly less disgusted.

No. 1831687

It's esports, you can't be shocked by this. Why are there sex-segregated teams anyway?

No. 1831689

the pornsick should not be writing sex-ed books for children, jfc

No. 1831691


IIRC they wanted to counter the bad PR from epsorts misogyny and create a circuit where female players would have a chance to grow and make money without having to be the only woman in a tournament.

No. 1831694

happy people don't irrationally hate young women simply for existing. His first sentence is a lie, he's not happy, he's deranged and full of moid rage and should be kept far away from that girl.

No. 1831702

>want to have sex with a woman
Men truly don't have a sexuality and fuck everyone and everything

No. 1831711

I've been thinking the exact same, nonnie. Especially because recently my niece was indoctrinated into the troon cult partially through reddit (which was subsequently restricted when her mom found out she was on it) but largely through her peers at school which seems to be what's sustaining it and feeding into it at this point.
I think it's partially feeling awkward through puberty (she's a preteen) but also having some interests in comics and games which she's expressed she thinks are "male" interests (I immediately corrected her to point out I like them too and am no less a woman for it)
I can't help feel like if she'd never been able to access unsupervised internet and had been homeschooled or community schooled this wouldn't have happened. Or at least would have been far less likely.
I just hope she can make it through the rest of puberty without any medical intervention. Her mom lets her cut her hair and use a preferred name with others but doesn't entertain the idea of binders, hormones or blockers let alone surgery. I just try to keep in mind the 80% desistance rate for those medically left alone. I worry she won't get out unmutilated, even though it's extremely obvious she's doing it because being "queer" is trendy at her school and being cis is seen as boring. Every single conversation she tries to steer towards "queer" characters in this or that show, or lgbt culture, like it's the newest cool thing, it disturbs me. I worry she'll be put on hormones or get mutilation surgeries and be unable to look back on this as a cringey phase when she gets older. Especially because she's in an area with informed consent clinics. I would be heartbroken if she were harmed by this utter insanity.
Keep your kids away from cancerous schools, and off the internet. That's all I can say.
(Sorry for blog I can't talk about this anywhere else and I'm terrified for my niece)

No. 1831712

Maybe another nonnie could educate me better on boric acid pills but it's my knowledge that boric acid pills only work on actual women, not some delusional man with an axe wound.

No. 1831722

Nooooo Erika was never gonna go through with doing that porn shoot because even with all her sex/porn positivity screeds she knows deep down that everyone instantly loses respect for women who make porn, because porn is in fact degrading to women.

No. 1831728

Even with their dicks removed, men still manage to stay being barbaric rape apes. The way he says "angry passionate sex"-like no. You want to rape her. You hate her and you want to inflict both physical and mental pain on her, all for making you jealous and turning you on, simply by existing-just like every other violent male rapist in this world. If his dick was still intact, he probably would have done it eventually. Thank god these people castrate themselves-I will always be pro SRS for men. Please do it.

No. 1831741

>take donations from my spouse
I am vomiting. This is disgusting.
He's going to 41% when he realizes that he's going to smell like shit for the rest of his life and this was a decision he voluntarily made. He chose to do this himself.

No. 1831742

I'm sure curious how lawsuits like this and the University of Wisconsin sorority will go. I feel all someone has to do is ask what is gender and give examples, point out that whatever was just said was all stereotypes, and then argue that enforcing gender rights directly impede on sex based rights.

No. 1831748


As >>1831691 said. Also due to female socialisation, women are usually worse at video games than men. The hand-eye coordination and reflexes required to excel to pro level has to be picked up by playing video games in early childhood. Most girls were not bought or encouraged to play video games in the same manner boys were and ended up getting into gaming past the prime age for learning those skills. Add in the incel misogynistic culture of online gaming where women are harassed and targeted once they're identified and it makes for an uncomfortable environment.

Female only esports is like women's chess. There to help women get into a hobby they're actively discouraged from participating in whilst removing the target on their backs that would exist if they were the only woman in a regular esports event.

A tim participating removes the very point of a woman's only tournament. The man has probably been in cod lobbies hurling insults at women since before his voice dropped.

No. 1831801

Are people claiming DID more often pure fakers, or more often people with schizophrenia or another disorder that causes intrusive thoughts misdiagnosing themselves?

No. 1831816

>angry passionate sex
he's not fooling any of us at least. rapeape is right

No. 1831820

File: 1684707686713.jpg (61.73 KB, 800x571, 800px-Scarlett-2369.jpg)

Even before peaking I remember thinking how fucked it was that one of the top SC2 players, a tim in a scene where women were practically nonexistent, would join these petty women's only events just to bulldoze everyone. These weren't even real competitions, just trying to promote and encourage women in the scene since they were so few and far between. They were such nothing tournaments with the tiniest prize pools and he was one of the best in the world, it still would have been in poor taste if he were cis, but a cis woman would never have joined one of these tournaments in his position. It wasn't even about the money for him it was about being the "best female starcraft player."

No. 1831848

This is why we need to start boycotting video games. Nothing good comes out of gaming. It's 100% a scrote hobby.

No. 1831852

besides every horrible and wrong thing he writes, I never hated a woman because I "admired her proportions". I maybe envied her, but hate was never there and I think most women feel that way. It's more like a "well, wish I had that, but good for her"-feeling than any form of real hate. And I never wanted to have angry sex with someone whose life I was jealous of… hope he is still sitting in the shower and cries.

No. 1831857

I fought for my right to play video games, I won't boycott gaming. Women have to stop being so fucking nice and inclusive and we need to stop this whole thinking that video games are just for males.

No. 1831864

kill yourself scrote(alogging)

No. 1831890

File: 1684714492762.png (6.37 KB, 476x240, Untitled.png)

its so selfish. no one else ever hates being themselves, huh? also if you dont even want to be human why does gender matter so much to you?

No. 1831892

By that logic we also have to give up sports, literature, music, fashion, STEM, activism, and visual arts of all disciplines. So what are we left with then? Recreational childbirth? I get why we should boycott in theory, but it’s clear that the powers that be are more than happy to just replace women with TIMs until a womb is needed.

No. 1831893

That post makes it sounds like the "daughter" in question wanted to be a dinosaur too.

No. 1831897

It all works out because no one considers these creatures human anyway

No. 1831909

>Recreational childbirth
sad kek

No. 1831910

some people have war in their countries

No. 1831952

the huge male foot in the ballet flat is putting me in orbit

No. 1831968

At least we can't fault them for having an accurate depiction of troons in that regard. Ugly as sin.

Reminds me of that article about enbies and how no one wanted to date them kek

No. 1831971

Feels fucking great to not have to do any of that because biology.

No. 1831976

goals for real. i have a similar relationship, though we are on the fence about tying the knot. im asexual, having a long term sexual relationship with anyone is just not possible for me, i have tried so many times. having a deep platonic relationship has been more rewarding and stable than any romantic/sexual relationship ive ever had. fr. also Sorry about the troons ruining ur sport/community, nona. same thing happened in my local derby community.

No. 1831982

You should because even if they dont get shown shit by the school other kids will most definitely expose them to degenerate shit due to most kids being chronically online nowadays.

No. 1831989

File: 1684726752952.jpg (109.3 KB, 1080x1161, Tumblr_l_1945021827261988.jpg)

nobody wanted to troon out years ago and now the demographic is rising in a rapid rate. kids are forced to transition based from their sexuality and interest by parents and groomers. and drag queens are now geared as a protected class of martyrs whose activities are now seen as child-friendly and pg when its history have always been adult entertainment.

No. 1832000

From my experience, homeschooling does nothing but prolong your children's rebellious phase. I was personally friends with 3 kids who were homeschooled throughout my life (none of which knew each other, I knew them all from different social circles) and ALL 3 OF THEM MEDICALLY TROONED IN ADULTHOOD, two TiFs, one TiM, all of whom hate their parents and two of which are on non-speaking terms with their parents. I knew a few other homeschooled kids who didn't troon but are also on non-speaking terms with their parents because they hate them so much. Tbh just have honest conversations with them about medical concerns. Most kids inevitably go through rebellious phases but the best way to maintain a good relationship with someone making questionable decisions is to be a pillar of rationality while also showing love.

No. 1832007

It's because most of them just did their degenerate shit in private and weren't as bold about foisting their narcissism onto people.

No. 1832019

Dissociative symptoms as a response to trauma are generally accepted without being considered fake/controversial like DID, and yeah they just involve feeling unreal or disconnected from your body because your brain checked out.

No. 1832020

The dates are off for the first 2. Anyone on radblr knows there are posts still circulating today from as far back as 2016 addressing these topics. But yeah it’s literally a social contagion and I hope it dies.

No. 1832026

Nobody gave a shit about troons because no one expected they would become so narcissist and selfish to the point they brainwash anybody that is willing to listen to them.

IIRC All the troon shit started even after USA legalized gay marriage on 2015. Then it became in a "yes, but what about me?".

No. 1832050

I hope Caitlin's misunderstanding is also manufactured because it's not that hard to get that the more people are affected by something, the more they give a shit about it. Now that everyone and their dad is a tranny, more people are annoyed by the all the gender BS they have to put up with. Also, TRAs should pick an argument already, if there's a troon genocide happening in 2023 despite everything being made easier for them, they can't pretend they had it better years ago when nobody cared about pronouns and gender identity outside of Tumblr

No. 1832095

>You didn't give a shit about being stabbed until I started murdering you
Like the fuck kind of logic is that supposed to be lmao

No. 1832096

Kek nona, I knew I recognized Erika Moen's style. She does fit right in with the TRAs what with her lesbian fetishism and general coombrainedness

No. 1832097

>Nobody gave a shit about transwomen in sports 5 years ago.
Wrong. 5 years ago two TiMs from Connecticut, Andraya Yearwood and Terry Miller, took 1st and 2nd place in girls track and field events. Afterwards parents petitioned to have TiMs banned from girls' sports. It made national news with Yearwood and Miller both going on Good Morning America.
>Nobody gave a shit about trans kids getting treatments 4 years ago
4 years ago we were told that no one under 18 was getting, hrt, grs, or double mastectomies, and there was a rigorousness assessment process for puberty blockers. Today we have proof that minors are getting hormones/blockers and surgeries after just one or two assessments at a gender clinic or Planned Parenthood. We have had whistleblowers like Jamie Reed and journalists like Jesse Singal and Hannah Barnes blowing the lid on these gender clinics' practices. And of course the detransitioners sharing their stories on how they were fast tracked to medicalization.
>Nobody gave a shit about drag queens reading stories 3 years ago.
Wrong. You can find articles about "right-wingers" getting riled up about DQSH as far back as 2017 https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jun/13/drag-queen-story-hour-library-books-children-gender
Every month some child drag show performer is discovered to be a sex offender.

No. 1832102

File: 1684746218840.png (13.82 KB, 1106x116, Screenshot 2023-05-22 170137.p…)

Take it out of context wtf

No. 1832103

No. 1832108

The cope. People did care long before then. But many of these things were on a much smaller scale for many reasons.

Women have complained about tw in sports for well over 2 decades. Half the reason it seems so mainstream now is because trans identity has become a big cultural issue for many western countries since covid. Another reason is that 2 athletes in particular completely outclassed the women they competed against in part due to the biological advantage of being born male. Hubbard was one of the first transgender athletes to compete at an OLYMPIC level. Why is she acting like the interest is unprecedented?

People started to see some of the most prolific childhood transitioners enter adulthood. We've been able to see the direct effects of transitioning before puberty and people are not happy with it. On top of the increased number of children claiming to be trans and some believing they are not their sex because of a petty reason. The moral questions around childhood transition have been a thing for decades. As trans issues have become more prevalent, the issue that was once considered niche is discussed by everyone.

Drag storytime I personally never heard of before 2020. I can't see any reason to have it and don't support it on the basis that it's redundant. We've had mascots do it for years I don't see why a man dressing as a caricature of a woman would be a viable choice for it.

No. 1832110

This post is really old, the user hasn't posted in six years. Either he 41%ed or this was just a weird roleplay account, because the posts are full of extravagant lies. For instance he says that he won the lottery, that his balls were each the size of apples before SRS, etc.

No. 1832126

File: 1684751354382.jpg (76.34 KB, 1080x861, FwuckCkWwAQpGKn.jpg)

The fact they continue to think "female orgasms" are always this mindblowingly leg-shakingly outerwordly experience because they watch constant porn where the actresses overdo it and/or fake it to appeal to the male fantasy is so hilarious to me

No. 1832129

File: 1684751622661.jpeg (39.82 KB, 750x284, IMG_2670.jpeg)

DID isn’t real, it’s impossible to have several conscious entities in one body because the human brain doesn’t work like that. It’s just a repackaging of demonic possession myths for the modern age.
DID patients are LARPing for attention (from the therapist or online) or are mistaking different moods and feelings for different personalities. Also DID havers are well known to be very responsive to hypnosis and suggestion. It’s not real.

No. 1832131

This reminds me that the first time my brain started wondering if the TRAs were wrong was when I started reading about a high-ranked female player able to compete on a professional level, feeling excited that there finally was someone, only to find out it was a TIM. I still remember the sheer disappointment I felt and I'm sure many others have experienced something similar.

No. 1832132

'Trans rights' are an astroturf by LGBT NGOs that needed a new money-making cause after gay marriage was legalised in the USA and Western Europe.

No. 1832139

Pretty much felt a similar thing when people were praising various female video game developers during some women's history day or something, and the one that stood out because it was so praised by my personal peers was Jun Chikuma (Bomberman game composer). A fucking TIM. Something I quickly found out myself. I'm unsure if my peers knew or not, I didn't want to bring it to attention because they were the types to purposely make a bigger deal out of him and any other TIM with that knowledge. He does make good music NGL, but he's not a woman. Sources heralding him as a prominent female in video game development, when he is damn well not a female, it's like is he only up there because of his TIM status?

No. 1832151

About 99% of the women’s speedrunning allience members on Twitch are TIMs. And the handful of women are handmaidens.

No. 1832154

the only way to have a female group these days is to start it yourself and monitor who gets accepted

No. 1832170

Still near impossible if it isn't a small private group because some guy will start complaining he wasn't let him despite being "popular" within whatever niche the group is about

No. 1832180

Is anyone here aware of Sqrlyjack? Basically, he's a batshit insane MtF furry who has a 10+ long year history on the internet. He went from unironically drawing Nazi Marios to being an "anarcho-communist" who draws himself raping right-wing people and genuinely believes he is a trans Bunnie Rabbot from Sonic IRL.

No. 1832202

File: 1684765718764.jpeg (113.87 KB, 946x1653, Fwqg4jcXsAQJu2n.jpeg)

anyone know the source of this? Twitter is having a meltdown and I'm stuck with nothing but my phone

No. 1832203

Totally agree. It’s sad and almost insulting how they don’t even understand women as humans. The male and female orgasm are pretty similar overall, they just come about via different downstairs mechanisms. But dopamine works in the brain the same way and the release is similar enough that I think both men and women would be like “oh, this is it?” if they were allowed to experience the other’s orgasm one time. I know people go on about how women can have multiple orgasms, but not all women even can, and some men are capable of shorter refractory periods so they potentially can. Idk, this is one of the things about TiMs that majorly embarrasses me because it shows how much of their sex ed comes from porn instead of reading or actual experience with other people.

No. 1832210

DID is never defined as "several conscious entities in one body" by experts so that's irrelevant. The fact that the vast majority of "sufferers" are flaboyantly faking it is also irrelevant. There's more retards faking EDS than people who actually have it, that doesn't make EDS a fake disease.

No. 1832214

Trannies are trampling over women's rights and they are more well known now that it's always in our faces. It's not manufactured it's people realizing the T's are delusional and crazy.

No. 1832221

Ok government school appreciator. Individual cases of homeschooling gone bad are not how it is as a whole. It truly depends on the parents and their intentions to homeschool. Many do it for reasons unrelated to not agreeing to have a state employee look after your child along with 20 others at once, such as wanting to intertwine cultist practices in their education.

No. 1832222

cosplayers gotta ask or else they get the forbidden boner

No. 1832223

Homeschooling is a not-so right-wing thing anymore? KEK
I always thought kids were homeschool to avoid the plague that troons infect both public/private schools

No. 1832232

probably talibangelical families. you don't really see homeschooled kids from leftist families end up hating their parents ending up as unemployed losers the rest of their lives.

No. 1832236

File: 1684771870695.webm (5.46 MB, 320x568, uhohwoman_status_1660479515326…)

>cow achievement is what he calls breastfeeding
this tranny is going to adopt a poor unsuspecting baby and give him his moob to feed the baby


No. 1832242

File: 1684772467019.png (144.43 KB, 749x1127, on Twitter.png)

i'm so glad I finished school before these crazy people took over.

No. 1832245

File: 1684773107292.png (128.5 KB, 753x799, ICONS on Twitter.png)

second trans kid allowed to steal a spot from this race.>>1831605

No. 1832248

Could someone try posting trans women to these subreddits and then when the mods take it down, report it to Reddit for discriminating against trans folx kek. Let’s try applying the same logic for banning GenderCritical to these porn subs.
I would try doing it myself but I got nearly IP banned across Reddit after some tranny admin went crazy and banned all of my accounts on the site (yes, every single one; it’s scary how much power they have on the internet).

No. 1832250

DID isn't real and you don't have it.

No. 1832256

Stuff like this pisses me off more than just the troons who think they're women because they like dresses and make up. At least dresses and makeup are socially enforced stereotypes. Stuff like this, they just make up some random shit about women
>women love lululemon and fruit bowls
Just eat a fucking fruit bowl if you want to don't pretend that's your "femininity"

No. 1832258

That would be touching the poop.

No. 1832259

I don't know anything about this, but that screenshot looks extremely fake.

No. 1832260

Tbh I don't think anyone who has it is capable of posting coherent sentences on the internet on any topic. Why are you so invested in this though? Did a doctor tell you you have it or something?

No. 1832262

NTA but it's just annoying to see trannies claiming it and cosplaying their alters like as if they really exist.

No. 1832263

Someone posted about his autistic Bubzy fanfic in the shitty comics thread in /m/ but beyond that I don't think he's been mentioned before.

No. 1832264

I hope it’s a fake story design to make women scared of gays but I thought the surgery calmed them down. It’s hard to believe doctors would socialize with a weird tranny couple

No. 1832266

It sounds like some psychotic surgeon bringing his Frankenstein creation around to “show off” to his colleague

No. 1832268

File: 1684775409495.jpg (263.43 KB, 1800x1800, rotpockets.jpg)

rape by deception is fine as long as other moids can't tell the difference according to Kelly here

No. 1832269

I genuinely cannot we speedran "I'm a woman trapped in a man's body" to "I'm a biological male but I identify as and live my life as a woman" to "I am a biological woman because I say I am" this fast

No. 1832270

This is so weird because in most contexts I can’t even imagine someone batting an eye at this phrasing. Not every person is chronically online, so if anything, this kind of shit is just guaranteed to peak people when they get reprimanded for something so mundane or that they didn’t even realize was a “problem”. I haven’t seen what her paper was about, but it could have been anything totally removed from the trans thing, which makes it doubly confusing. I feel like trying to “educate” people like this just makes them more resentful.

No. 1832271

I completely agree with that. DID is so life destroying (+rare) that we'll never see a genuine example on social media unless their family is blatantly exploiting them. Which is probably why fakers get away with it ig.

No. 1832277

Isn't it a scientific fact that women stink more than men? Neither me or my husband wear deodorant much and he'll barely work up a scent even after hockey, meanwhile I work up an ODOR by mid-day even when I'm doing nothing. Also it's not "light and sweet" it changes depending on what I eat but usually I smell like food. My dad walked past me once and said it smelled like someone was cooking lol

Also tingly boobs…? I'm pregers so my boobs have recently doubled in size and theyre very so
re. it fucking hurts but I'd describe it as sore and achey not "sensitive" and definitely not "tingly"

Damn. I was kind of thinking of homeschooling to try and avoid this. Not just the Troon stuff but im worried about teachers pushing ideology and public school math scores are horrendous, I've heard some good things about homeschooling in that people say even 4 hours of activities and teaching a day lands their kids way ahead academically than their public schooled peers. I'm just worried about the social aspect, I was thinking after-school church activities (I'm not really religious but I went to youth group as a kid and it seems fine). I don't want them being raised by the internet and ending up even worse, happened to my husband's brother where he dropped out early highschool and has obviously been on the internet too much

No. 1832278

Hell, people were talking about men in women's sports at least as far back as 2015 when Fallon Fox broke that woman's skull. I hate how they try to pull this weird rewriting of public opinion that nobody cared when there's been examples of people making arguments against trans shit for decades.

No. 1832290

"Not in the way most women hate other women"
??? Why do men have this idea women hate each other? Have they never seen a group of girls hanging out at the mall?
But besides the point holy fuck what is wrong with men. Why do they want to hate-fuck people I've never felt anything even close to that before, "angry passionate sex"?!?!

No. 1832291

>any man
I feel like this would only trick virgins. Anyone who's had sex with a regular woman before would notice how dry the stink ditch is, how little it stretches, and the absence of a cervix.

No. 1832293

how can you get no points for an assignment because of one term while the rest seems fine. That's mostly not how grading works and if he hasn't written down which words are prohibited in his course how should that woman know that? This is also one of the reasons, every time I think about going back to university (besides being poor and in my 30s, kek), I drop that idea, as I would probably study biology and I just can't deal with all of this in a calm and understanding manner anymore.

No. 1832300

Don't strawman, it's probs "unlike how most woman would hate another woman", but the reasons for doing so just solidifies that HWNBAW, yeah this. Like basically an incel but trooned

No. 1832305

He wants to hatefck his stepdaughter, with male* strength of course.

No. 1832310

Offtopic, but if they go to after-school church won't there be an ideology pushed into them that isn't that great, either? Honestly, the best way to raise your kid is an open and honest relationship with your kid knowing that they can tell you everything. As soon as your kid has the feeling it has to hide things from you, everything can happen behind your back. I wasn't homeschooled (isn't allowed in my country), but it would have been so horrible because I had a narcissistic overbearing mother, controlling every aspect of my life, so one of the earliest things I learned was lying. My rebellious phase was wearing black and if my mother wouldn't have screamed at me for hours because of that, I would have maybe stopped one day. But well, I'm close to going no contact with my parents because they never changed their behaviour, homeschooling would have meant that I would have done that way earlier. Like nonna before wrote, love and rationality is the best way to treat your child, some children need more rules, some less and friends their age are important.(not your personal blog)

No. 1832322

File: 1684780484195.jpg (176.65 KB, 1080x1774, Screenshot_20230522-141520_Chr…)

No. 1832333

File: 1684780982858.jpg (56.29 KB, 720x561, IMG_20230522_154011.jpg)

This retarded piece of shit doesn't like that his daddy " gaswlight and fwake supports" him. Imagine having to keep up with a mentally ill degenerate son and that's what you get in return. My god these people

No. 1832335

File: 1684781049107.png (23.02 KB, 1198x296, Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 19.42…)

is there a term for this kind of retarded moral black-and-white thinking? it's endemic in the "trans community"

No. 1832337


everything else aside, the professor saying that the term "biological women" reinforces heteronormativity doesn't make any sense. hetererormativity means thinking straight people are the default. it is an unrelated concept and this whole thing reminds me of why i stopped talking to these people because they just throw a grab bag of bullshit at you to justify doing whatever they feel like.

No. 1832338

also "bragging rights about my dick being a killing machine" most female thing ever said

No. 1832340

File: 1684781170809.jpg (95.65 KB, 605x680, Fwvah9oXwAEALaj.jpg)

Even 5 years after the surgery they still cant keep the wound open

No. 1832343

the only way to have one is to never outright state or present it as a female-only thing, if you do, some male(s) will come along to invade it, girl's only sleepovers, girl's night out, a girl's own bedroom, and obvs female-only dorm and restrooms, so long as a male realizes there's a space that doesn't center and that women have lives that exist beyond them, he'll throw a hissy fit, this includes HSTS as well, since they can't even tolerate a het moid's female-only sexuality no matter how horrid he is.
The only way is to naturally decenter males. Like fujos, males hate fujos, not because they're cringe, but because fujos naturally don't/won't include them in conversation, they don't care what males think is an acceptable protag for a BL, same with yumejos. Just mention women-specific things, periods, cramps, anything moids are grossed out by, and talking about preferences in a man or what makes a man attractive or how men dress(you don't even have to be insulting about it, just being nice-ish and purely blunt works) and moids are repelled.

No. 1832346

File: 1684781383402.png (15.78 KB, 1180x176, Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 19.50…)

mask off!

No. 1832347

>post op trannies and women who get their uterus removed are indistinguishable!!!!
>five years in this guy’s ‘vagina’ is closing up

No. 1832377

please sue, education is being ruined. the worst part is the professor is probably a women sniping competition

No. 1832378

the pickmes these types hang around probably do hate other women and he's probably never seen an example of healthy female friendships

No. 1832379

autism, npd, bpd etc

No. 1832388

In my experience biologists don't care about gender shit that much, my teachers talk about male and female and sex chromosomes (they use XX = female and XY = male all the time). Dunno how it is in university vs college, and how much it varies from country to country.

No. 1832416

In my uni they used male/female chromosomes for XX/XY all the time. The only time they mentioned gender identity was in the unit on DSDs, where the professor said that sufferers of DSDs might have 'female, male or undifferentiated gender identity'.

No. 1832419

So is the totes legit medical information for authentically being "a woman trapped in a man's body" so… Yeah this stuff is not iron clad.

No. 1832421

>Just mention women-specific things, periods, cramps, anything moids are grossed out by, and talking about preferences in a man or what makes a man attractive or how men dress(you don't even have to be insulting about it, just being nice-ish and purely blunt works) and moids are repelled.
Except males fetishize everything about women. So if you talk about periods, but don't block males, you eventually end up with some troon who fetishizes periods and offers women tampons, and asks tons of inappropriate questions so he can store the answer in his spank bank. Plus you run the risk of having the type of woman who brings her bf everywhere join the group and then insists on bringing her boyfriend to the group. The best way to keep out males is to find a way to never let one join.

No. 1832424

Kek a retarded moid calling other moids retarded. How are the straight moids not offended at being told they wouldn't know the difference?

No. 1832426

And what about the men who voted for the bill?

No. 1832432

File: 1684789984547.png (154.02 KB, 1200x678, Screenshot (250).png)

Sorry I don't know how to turn this video into a WebM. This violent person definitely does not seem or sound like any woman to me.


No. 1832433

File: 1684790024562.webm (2.8 MB, 576x1024, 1684787165665684.webm)

No. 1832436

File: 1684790193861.jpg (21.91 KB, 350x308, IMG_20180326_002003.jpg)

This is the funniest shit I've seen today

No. 1832439

and most women I know with body dysmorphic disorder wouldn't press that button because they wouldn't wish their suffering or any kind of suffering on other people. They don't understand the whole moral idea behind it, it could be them being dead or their most loved person. They are so narcissistic that the idea of someone close to them suffering is just not possible, it will only strike down people they hate or "lower" people.

No. 1832441

Into the labia, sure. They said "hole". It isn't normal for it to go into your vagina. I don't even see how that would be possible.

No. 1832445

File: 1684790795227.jpeg (Spoiler Image,115.06 KB, 618x900, FwmgIhLWYAIGBJC.jpeg)

This is so unbelievably degenerate. The pornographic sexual pose, the noise 'shloop'. The encouragement of hook up culture is so sickening. The end is just pure cringe. I can't believe they're showing this to children. This is pedoshit and whoever is responsible needs to be sent to prison. I don't know if it's intentional or not but it's like these degenerates forget that pedos literally show children pornography before they go on to sexually assault them. Saged because not troon shit but it's so telling how this shit always goes hand in hand. I'm really starting to believe that people who are into troon shit are degenerates, even the bystanders who just parrot the phrases 'TWAW'.

No. 1832450

File: 1684790948470.jpeg (Spoiler Image,112.97 KB, 634x900, FwmgV70WcAIZ8Kq (1).jpeg)

These people are literally pedophiles. Why do children need to know about this? I am so not having children, future generations are doomed.

No. 1832451

thank you, this gives me hope and if I can get my financial situation in order I really might try getting back into university. I might be old but there isn't any reason why I shouldn't get more knowledge about things in the world and maybe I can annoy some troons in the future.

No. 1832452

>Jun Chikuma (Bomberman game composer). A fucking TIM.
Come on. Really?

Is at least the composer for Street Fighter 2 an actual woman?

No. 1832454

Isn't John Waters the degenerate who made a movie where a drag queen eats actual dog shit on screen? I don't think I need to take the opinion of such people into account.

No. 1832455

as someone growing up with bad french softcore porn and tentacle hentai I would say that this is more than not okay to show a child. Honestly, I've met so many women that are not okay with having anal sex and they still have it because they are pressured into it and now a book that promotes it as the most natural shit ever? Let people think that I'm prudish, but no, I wouldn't want my children or other children to read such a book before they turn 30.

No. 1832458

No. 1832461

File: 1684792041608.jpg (38.88 KB, 735x540, eggman.jpg)

Eggman irl if he lost weight.

No. 1832469

Uuuh not to be rude but you are definitely an anomaly. Men stink a hell of a lot more than women bc of testosterone, so the tranny is right in saying testosterone makes one a smelly ape. Men are distinctively musky and musty in a way women don't get.

No. 1832471

Uuuh not to be rude but you are definitely an anomaly. Men stink a hell of a lot more than women bc of testosterone, so the tranny is right in saying testosterone makes one a smelly ape. Men are distinctively musky and musty in a way women don't get.

No. 1832473

>transwomen in sports 5 years ago
Wrong, I remember in high school in 2011 in science class talking about that with our teacher, she talked about Caster Semeya's condition and all the implications this could have long term for sports, I also saw articles about whether Bruce Jenner should keep his medals a few days after he trooned out.

>trans kids 4 years ago

This retard is ignoring the whole Leelah Alcorn bullshit that happened at the end of 2014 and how that influenced how "trans kids" are perceived by the general public. I even remember in elementary school that a teacher said sometimes some students are either a boy or a girl but are treated as the other gender by their parents so they crossdress at school please be nice uwu

>drag queens reading stories 3 years ago

Still wrong. This guy needs a calendar in front of his face, he forgot we're in 2023 right now.

No. 1832475

What bothers me is that they never talk about how buttsex increases your odds of getting ass cancer and blowjobs increase your odds of getting throat cancer. If they want to go in depth about sex stuff they should explain the potential downsides too.

No. 1832491

and even if you don't get cancer, the risk for hemorrhoids is bad and I don't think that there is much pleasure for a woman to put things into her ass. The only good thing would be that you can't get pregnant. I don't know if you read their pages about STD, but they are horrible. They write that HIV isn't that bad because you can manage it very well today. I don't know whats wrong with these people and I don't know whats wrong with people letting children read that book.

No. 1832495

For me it's the part where it tells kids that it's okay to send nudes if they don't include their face or any identifying information

No. 1832496

I recommend looking up Erika Moen who's the artist if anyone hasn't heard of her already. She's a cow herself and responsible for a lot of modern kweer shit online.

No. 1832497

File: 1684795738170.png (330.49 KB, 748x700, Home _ Twitter.png)

It's sad that it's come to this though

No. 1832501

File: 1684796006044.png (29.62 KB, 748x592, on Twitter (2).png)

Monty knows the difference between a man and a woman that's why he's still trying to convince people he is one.

No. 1832504

I'm so fucking glad that I didn't grow up today, because I know that I would have done that bullshit and it would have meant hell on earth for me. Maybe teach children that it's okay to say no, to say no to pictures, say no to hugs, say no to sexual acts?

I looked her up shortly and she looks exactly like what I expected and it's horrible to say such a thing, but some people just look like morons.

No. 1832508

File: 1684797134495.png (461.57 KB, 1166x1436, 9.png)

No. 1832516

can someone tell me were they get their confidence from? I didn't publish a picture of my face online for over 5 years now because I think I look horrible and those troons are just posting their horrible faces everywhere? How are they so confident with their looks?

No. 1832519

yes-mans and pickme handmaidens lying to them 24/7 to stroke their fragile egos… and then TIMs are just too retarded to see that most people are lying to them to avoid them sperging out.

No. 1832520

Met with my coworker for lunch and learned that her spoiled neet brother is a hrt tub injecter. She is so fucking normal and it’s a fucking crime that other mentally ill trannies can spread their insane homemade poison to people this easily

No. 1832525


the more you don't pass the more they lovebomb you. also, the more you lovebomb people who don't pass the more progressive you look. when i was a TRA they absolutely did know how the pictures came off and tried really hard to ban anyone who hadn't drank the kool aid. the banning part was fun for them though because they got to power trip.

No. 1832529

They're trying to live their fetish, being hot is an essential part of the LARP. Being an ugly or old woman doesn't turn them on and they would get nothing out of being one. Hence, absolute delusion and lying to themselves. Of course handmaids gassing them up and male overconfidence are big parts of it too.

No. 1832533

Yep, you're right, but you would think that someone as "free-speech friendly" as Waters would let JKR have her own opinion about the matter. "Cancel culture" almost never affects males (especially if they troon out), yet they're the ones crying about it the most

No. 1832549

>being gatekept from trans women
that's why we should have never gave them an inch of respect considering they think like this? how ridiculous is this? there's a reason you can't breastfeed or have vaginas.

No. 1832569

why do they even create these make-belief scenarios that would only result in them exposing their own narcissism? It’s almost like they want to get hated and othered

No. 1832583

The leg prosthetic

No. 1832584

File: 1684806093078.png (32.1 KB, 944x513, Clipboard02.png)

how can you have a female orgasm if you're not female? dumbass fuckers.

No. 1832587

File: 1684806411422.png (90.18 KB, 1766x946, Clipboard03.png)

totally not a fetish

No. 1832588

Is her logic seriously
>Statistically, most people deserve to die for no reason!
Jesus Christ. I have to give her credit, that rationale is moid-tier. Typical TiF going out of her way to be an edgelord because she thinks it makes her more male.

>Statistically, whoever dies will be a filthy brownie or chink, so who cares!
Now that's some genuine male psychopathy.

No. 1832589

Nothing says "Female Orgasm" like fingering your ass and touching your prostate

No. 1832591

She literally runs around calling herself ~kweer~ and ~lesbian~ despite being married to a normal soy guy. Her perception of sexuality is so backwards, she has zero business teaching anyone about it, let alone kids.

No. 1832592

There's no such thing as "ass cancer." Anal has real downsides (tearing, fistulas, incontinence) you don't have to make shit up. The throat cancer thing sounds like BS, too. What's your source?

No. 1832598

I assume anon meant HPV drastically increasing the risk of cancer pretty much anywhere it infects, including the throat and the colon where it can get there though oral and anal sex respectively

No. 1832604

No, it isn't. Hate to break it to you, anon, but you're probably just uniquely stinky, and your husband probably does stink, but you're noseblind to it. Either that or you smell so bad it drowns out his BO. Could be a pregnancy thing. Also
Kill yourself. The word is "pregnant"– same number of letters, same number of syllables, retard. See you in five years when your Nigel troons out and you have to raise his kid alone.(alogging)

No. 1832608

Stop before you summon Anorectal Violence guy.

No. 1832620

I don't think Jun Chikuma is a TiM. There's nothing about her being trans; none of the Japanese sites mention it, either. There's this one forum where people assume she's trans because she have used male aliases before, but lots of women including Rowling have used male aliases for whatever reason. I think she's just a woman with a masculine looking face.

No. 1832631

>90 minutes spent masterbating himself to “achieve” something he never can and never will

Get a job faggot

No. 1832633

File: 1684812350497.jpg (10.92 KB, 230x230, e88d92e5b79de5bc981-thumb-230x…)

>but lots of women including Rowling have used male aliases for whatever reason.

I think the one author in Japan that have used "they/them" is Koyoharu Gotouge (Kimetsu no Yaiba), but mostly for hide their persona. And picrel, Hiromu Arakawa's real name is Hiromi, but used the male version to publish FMA.

No. 1832655

I know, how girly! Kek

No. 1832658

So confused by this take, like, can they even do kegels with an inverted penis? The vagina is muscle..

No. 1832663

File: 1684816583006.jpg (75.76 KB, 592x387, lul.jpg)

That furry thing on the top right immediately registered as tranny art to me. I swear these things are clockable just by their artstyle kek

No. 1832666

kegels use the pelvic floor muscles which men also have. maybe they can still do kegels with their axe wound? probably wouldn’t be the same as a kegels done by a woman. the penis is attached to the muscles at the base, the vagina is surrounded by the muscles.

No. 1832668

>naturally be attracted and not be able to tell a difference

Press (x) to doubt.

I bet even virgins know how a real vagina looks like, considering there is porn everywhere.

No. 1832672

lmao shes either crying to look like she cares or its because no ones chanting with her

No. 1832675

File: 1684819058542.png (127.19 KB, 958x578, Sin título.png)

Pick me "qweer" artist with shit art and her misogynistic replies. Supporters groomer troon curriculum too.


No. 1832677

File: 1684819093225.jpeg (99.73 KB, 1125x1271, FwrVCE1aMAANOP3.jpeg)

Now they're saying men are born with vaginas. What will they think up next!

No. 1832680

Nonna, you don't have DID and no one has ever had it. Any asshole can claim to have multiple people living in their head for their own retarded benefits.

No. 1832681

right, but who said to be nice about it? troon asks about periods, tell him there's no point in him asking since he'll never have a period, he says he wants to "be nice and help them during their period" tell him that grown women seldom forget to bring along sanitary products. Even troons that fetishize periods g