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File: 1676498820304.jpeg (462.16 KB, 2048x2048, 345F49CB-B2C6-43AF-9262-28D775…)

No. 1769034

No. 1769078

File: 1676504100571.jpeg (1008.89 KB, 1170x1858, 12CFEBE3-106C-4D36-B3E8-44F61B…)

>I love fashion
>GGST player
leave my husbando games alone reeeeee

No. 1769080

Can we not get a link to the last thread?

No. 1769089

Ah yes the fishnet stockings and "bitch" crop top are in fact peak fashion

No. 1769091

For retard OP


No. 1769092

i already don't like going to make-up/skincare related stores because of the salesladies that won't leave you alone. i don't want to be bothered by a tim that think he's an expert because he managed to color his eyelids and wear lipstick that didn't smudge out of the lip line.

No. 1769105

File: 1676507904628.jpeg (220.01 KB, 750x684, 688EF902-E460-4F4D-B432-476B14…)

>i’m homeless in a shelter and my main problem is that i’m not interested in sexually harassing men! this does nothing for my pee pee, whaahh!

No. 1769114

Felt a little bit sympathetic until >not even attracted to men

KEK they peak people completely on their own without any outside help. Homeless but still thinking about his dick. Truly still a MAN.

No. 1769118

Wow, now imagine how a REAL woman feels dealing with trannies invading their spaces. It's almost like they can try to make a connection, but don't. I hope they do off themselves though.

No. 1769121

jfc imagine living in a shelter and the second thing you mention about that situation is how it "does nothing for you" sexually??? i'm at a loss for words. trannies are something else.

No. 1769122

File: 1676509603397.png (48.54 KB, 607x566, troongoth.png)

If I were inclined to have any sympathy for these histrionic faggots this episode would have killed that impulse. Saying that female biology is real and makes us vulnerable to generally stronger males is not terrorism. These degenerates think women are supposed to give up any concern for our physical safety if male paraphiliacs want to access our spaces. I cannot for the life of me understand the libfem desire to suckle these pigs.

No. 1769123

How can anyone take the Hogwarts Legacy boycott seriously when we're all still buying Nestlé and Apple products? They're so entitled it's unreal.

No. 1769124

Had a visceral response to that line as well. There is not humanity in these people.

No. 1769125

File: 1676509727321.png (319.48 KB, 614x618, troongoth2.png)

No of course advertising your OnlyFans has nothing to do with it, you're just that upset

No. 1769126

File: 1676509935312.png (Spoiler Image,264.89 KB, 493x538, troongoth3.png)

Truly a vulnerable angel who needs to use us as meat shields from his fellow coomers

No. 1769146

Ah dang. I had hoped someone would have made a HP kind of "Potions 101" joke for this thread. Oh well.

No. 1769148

File: 1676513134608.jpg (111.45 KB, 680x898, FpA7c9YWYAA04x-.jpg)

No. 1769153

File: 1676513802848.jpeg (314.33 KB, 1170x1856, 9B179899-5006-4FBD-94CF-345773…)

no one would care this much if it was a girl who died

No. 1769154

You can't bring that up to the trannies because they will without fail bring up that comic >>1769125 as it was originally written "yet you participate in society", it is hilarious because all of them will use this same argument and it's obvious they're just repeating each other instead of actually thinking about this and giving their own opinions on the matter, even if you bring up stuff that is pertinent to theme of gaming industry activelly harming people, like the Blizzard ordeal. They never manage to explain why HL is worse than any other game without lying about this "genocide" or making shit up using the jews as shield.

No. 1769156

>the beautiful soul
>so beautiful with cocaine in "her" phone.

No. 1769158

That is the exact type of "woman" that men love to hate. Women who wear pink, Japanese fashion, decora nails, etc. Put a man in that fashion though, and they're a "beautiful soul".

No. 1769161

I encountered a guy who is both a woman enjoyer and a troon enjoyer and he seemed normal. I don't want to blogpost here so I'll try to keep it brief. Was barely involved with him, it was just the start. It's such a waste. I failed to check out wtf he does on the internet. Degenerates can't help but to reveal themselves so he had spicy troon follows like it's normal to flaunt your damage. I asked if he's bisexual. No, he says he's bicurious and has never done anything. I just said that I find any involvement with transwomen wildly offputting and blocked him from everything ever with no further communication. He's probably blindsided. It just happened this week. But I don't have any desire to discuss it so I just cut the whole thing off. There's nothing that could make him attractive again. We live close but not too close, different city. So I don't have to see him around town. I know it's not a relationship thread, I just wanted to tell people who won't lecture me.

No. 1769163

Based. Block and live your best life.

No. 1769164

File: 1676514733144.jpg (517.97 KB, 2048x1536, Fo-GhmMWYAEc4uI.jpg)

No. 1769167

He's a chaser probably

No. 1769171

For me it's the fact that ONE person who buys a ticket to Harry Potter Land is spending as much at 2-3x the price of the game JUST on the tickets, not to mention all the things they would buy once they're there. Like, why are they so obsessed with just the game when people are spending thousands on family trips to the HP theme park? (It's because men are autistic about muh vidya games, as usual.)

No. 1769181

This is a nitpick but I've been seeing the words stochastic terrorism used to describe people they dislike, like Rowling. Google says it's the "use of mass media to provoke random acts of ideologically motivated violence that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable".

When has she ever encouraged or provoked actual violence? Trans people on twitter do that shit all day every day though….

Good on you nonna. Your well-being is more important than a possible land mine of a dude. I can relate, I went on a few dates with someone like that and when I found out some of his…interests that was the last I saw of him.

No. 1769183

File: 1676516751102.jpg (1.09 MB, 972x2164, Screenshot_20230215-190507_Fac…)

No. 1769185

I hate how these retards twist and turn JRK’s words because where in hell did she say she wanted trans genocide? They are making shit up for sympathy because they know if they repeated what JKR actually said to normal people, they would agree with JKR instead of the delusional troon wishing death and rape upon a woman simply saying that sex exists

No. 1769189

dude needs to lay off the meth.

No. 1769192

Love that for you

No. 1769195

god why are white men the most degenerate disgusting autistic demographic
mother nature is trolling their gene pool

No. 1769198

File: 1676518255243.jpg (702.57 KB, 1536x2048, FnnGYqXagAMq8v7.jpg)

No. 1769200

what about a bag over your face? that would make my day better

No. 1769201

File: 1676518518145.jpg (278.93 KB, 946x1532, Fo-EFtIaIAEZFEt.jpg)

I almost feel sorry for the amount of pain they're going to have from now with their surgical wound.

No. 1769203

File: 1676518873635.jpg (186.04 KB, 1100x2048, Fo7hawOaAAQrV2t.jpg)

No. 1769204

it’s not just white men, although they do get away with it more than any other demographic. probably because white women have been scapegoated and beaten down so much they’ve been reduced to enbies, handmaidens, and tradthots. everyone expects complete compliance from them, it’s sad.

No. 1769205

File: 1676518959107.jpg (98.1 KB, 1170x614, Fo8PjmBXwBA6Bwn.jpg)

No. 1769206

File: 1676519117713.jpg (446.74 KB, 2083x1495, Fo77zfBX0AIK0GL.jpg)

a story two parts

No. 1769208

watching trans reddit descend into complete, unhinged delusion in their little hugbox will never stop being fascinating. this is what happens when no one can tell you you’re fucking insane, and psychiatrists prescribe you hrt instead of antipsychotics.

No. 1769211

File: 1676519788689.jpg (446.9 KB, 2448x3264, w_null_v0gbcgu0tjb91.jpg)

It looks like this

No. 1769213

fucking KEK

No. 1769214

Is this the stupidstories troon

No. 1769215

Because they largely live in western societies that allow this degeneracy. This kind of stuff does happen amongst other groups of men, it's just that they usually have to keep it private and typically live in squalor.
The more they talk about they delusions, the more receipts they give us.

As mentioned numerous times, trannies are the ultimate consoomers. I wish more normies knew that, they are already getting annoyed thanks to this flop of a boycott. They don't give a fuck about child slaves, exploited cobalt miners and factory workers, they just need to have their egos validated by having a boogeyman to harness are their focus on for a false sense of victory. This incident is making rather optimistic that more people will be open to criticise them more, because most people aren't terminally online to give a shit about stroking their rot pockets.

No. 1769217

This. If he was a woman and people miraculously gave her the same coverage they would for a transwoman you would already see men tracking down problematic shit about her and clarifying to anyone grieving her death that "she was no angel"

No. 1769219

Basically, Bianca Devons.

No. 1769221

File: 1676520315994.jpg (110.04 KB, 1080x1080, Prostasia-Podcast-Graphic.jpg)

No joke, Noah Berlatsky is an actual pedophile. He defended Cuties, he was the Communications Director for Prostasia (a pro-pedophile organization), he wants to abolish the sex offender registry, and he thinks the word 'pedo' is a slur. I would not be surprised if he groomed his son into being trans. He probably molested his son too.

No. 1769228

>I carry the genetic code to be a woman

not with that y chromosome babes

No. 1769230

File: 1676521371125.png (295.03 KB, 593x591, what.png)

He defended Brock Turner too picrel.
Exactly. The same moids crying about Hogwards Legacy still play Overwatch 2 and coom to Tracer futa animations. The devs at Blizzard had rape rooms.

No. 1769240


That stupid hand gesture they all do kills me every time

No. 1769246

"I have no one to relate to"
Oh of course you can relate with your fellow ladees in the women's shelter. You could all talk about makeup and clothes and wanking to sissy hypno porn.

No. 1769248

File: 1676525892163.jpeg (1.8 MB, 750x7089, DB364A57-1FB9-4548-8459-F5C551…)

the way men talk about sex is insane to me. the see it as this end-all-be-all thing they can’t live without. they don’t care if it’s rape, they’d sell their souls to get their dicks wet.

No. 1769249

They claim she has a "manifesto" which quotes mein kampf in it. And their only proof of this is "it's on google, it's easy to find!"

No. 1769250

Meanwhile what she DOES have is some public short essays about women’s rights that are worded extremely gently and softly and focus like 50% on how much she loves and supports trans women and wishes them all well but simply thinks that legal birth sex distinctions are important for a number of safety and equality reasons.

No. 1769252

>I have a horrific medical condition that
Wow, sounds bad, it must inhibit your ability to work, do chores, have fun with friends, support loves ones, create, dance -
>makes me disgusting unfuckable, undateable

Literally all they care about and their go-to insult for women, despite the fact we do not care and could live our entire lives happily never having intercourse. (and so many women these days willfully turn celibate after a brief ho phase, after finding out how badly they get treated)
Men remind me of insects whose sole purpose in life is to inseminate. Though being a worthless coomer is a choice, (see nofap thread where they admit they have no other hobbies except jerking off to violent porn)

Anyway, as always, a wonderful day to be a woman

No. 1769258

i would tell you the third part but would catch a ban

No. 1769264

File: 1676528282863.jpeg (834.95 KB, 750x3328, 91763BED-A820-449D-A583-5AD1A7…)

he doesn’t care about kids and their health. he’s just fixated on this idea of being stealth and raping straight men. he thinks all he needed to be happy was to transition as a child so, in the future, he could have all the gay sex in the world with the largest dating pool of men. he fails to realize that getting puberty blockers and penile inversion as a child would have rendered him anorgasmic, so he would have destroyed his body for nothing.

No. 1769277

What an unhinged gay lmao

No. 1769279

Yeah, ask "Jazz" Jennings how well his puberty blockers and surgery is going for him. He's still clockable and doomed to have zero interest in sex.

No. 1769288

I pointed this out to a gay friend and he just linked a shaun breadtube video, decided to shitpost him from now on.

No. 1769313

I'm glad they're all so narcissistic they post about their surgeries. It makes studying their delusions and pathology so much easier. I mean just think about it, you can get a narcissistic sex-obsessed man to willingly chop of his own dick literally FOR coom - simply by giving him attention and validation. He'll seek it out himself! He'll even celebrate it and be happy about it, sometimes for years before realizing he was conned into losing all his sexual function.

No. 1769314

He looks like a Hartley hooligan kek

No. 1769315

File: 1676538236022.jpg (65.06 KB, 540x540, retarded.jpg)

Sex is not a spectrum. There are two gametes, and your DNA tells your body how to produce one or the other. It is impossible from human beings to produce both. Intersex conditions are genetic anomalies that are not representative of humanity as a whole. Some human beings are born with supernumerary limbs and fingers, but no one's running around calling people bigots for saying "two thumbs up," or "stand on your own two feet." Mutations are aberrant by their nature, and while we obviously shouldn't mistreat people for having them, we also shouldn't alter our language in a way that overstates their significance.

In the notes, some retards compared the sexes to states of matter, where most people understand there to be three, but in the context of more advanced observations of physics, there can be more. Here's the thing, though: no one expects an ordinary adult to know what a fucking Bose-Eistein condensate is. Nor is anyone using physics or math as a pretense to erode away women's sex-based rights by stripping them of their identity as a marginalized collective.

No. 1769324

The funny thing is average men miss over 1000 genes because the Y chromosome is essentially a shrivelled up X chromosome. It's why men are more prone to hereditary disorders such as being colorblind, they don't have a healthy backup gene if one is damaged like women typically do because we have two X. So he most likely literally doesn't have the genes. If he can produce healthy sprem then those can have female dna though, but then again ironically since troons take hrt and kill their own fertility he might not have that anymore either kek

No. 1769328

I had a lecture about sex being a spectrum in university and it made absolutely no sense. The professor had to apologize because he couldn't answer questions.

No. 1769329

>no one would care this much if it was a girl who died
It's actually transphobic to mourn his death when you think about it. These people haven't mourned any cis girls being murdered just for being girls (which happens literally every day). So these people wouldn't have cared if he or "she" was cis, meaning they don't see him as a real girl.

I want to know TRAs illogical excuses for this oxymoron kek
If you try it you get bonus point if they immediately turn to racism and compare black women to men. You just know they will.

No. 1769330

>The professor had to apologize because he couldn't answer questions
Tragic but hilarious.

No. 1769331

One of my friend knew he was trans because the people who were speaking about him never speak about femicides.

No. 1769334

How did the audience react? Did they kek or did they praise the troon ideology?

No. 1769348

yeah and her family didn’t even have the curtesy of finding out about her death from the authorities or what have you, but rather by soulless animals (males) mass spamming photos of bianca nearly decapitated to all her family’s social media, that image is forever immortalized on the internet because some deranged moid got his feelings hurt. then the crucifying of her personality began, how she was a slut, how she did drugs, had bpd and “used men boohoo” blah blah blah who fucking cares. some retarded scrote who was covering the case on yt said “why would she even hang out with a dude like this? he looks like an incel, smarten up ladies!” while referring to her murderers mugshot where he was severely balding, looked fucking insane and had a huge scar on his jugular from a failed suicide attempt after murdering bianca. he looked like a regular dude before taking her life. people STILL blame her for her own death, a child because she was a cis female who had orbiters on the internet. women get assaulted and murdered and we get an oh, how unfortunate, if only she was more vigilant/aware of her surroundings and had her guard up 100% of the time, like fuck. this is why i don’t date anymore, this is why i don’t enjoy leaving my house much and it’s out of fear. people don’t bat a fucking eye at the rape and murder of females because it’s SO COMMON, and we’re expected to just accept that fact. but if it’s a tranny, the world is up in arms about it and said tranny can do no wrong because they’re dead and must now be used for the mtf agenda. brianna looked anorexic, flashed self harm scars, wore micro skirts in public and bianca did too but somehow, briana is an angel gone too soon uwu and bianca is just a stupid slut who had it coming. they were merely a year apart in age. fuck this gay earth

No. 1769349

holy shit seeing this teen all on my tl made me completely hate him, and im not the type of person that laughs at a teen's death but he pisses me off so much even if he's 6 feet under

No. 1769358


Psycho killer eyes

No. 1769360

>There's no sympathy for troons
>calls vaginas mangled and thinks he's better than actual women
Gee I wonder why normal people hate trannies.

No. 1769376

Nice pedo phenotype

No. 1769380

Kek, change white to any other ethnicity and this would be redtexted.

No. 1769393

Not always true. People were universally pissed about Sarah Everard. The woke are just virtue signalling hard because they finally got a murdered troon.
The Wournos screeching in the last thread smearing the dead troon's blood over themselves isn't a good look. I suspect it's TRAs doing it.

No. 1769402

File: 1676555393997.jpg (46.4 KB, 804x388, FpE2HaKaMAAkZxU.jpg)

Pedos all of them

No. 1769404

File: 1676555510466.jpg (93.85 KB, 624x900, FpEftbBaYAAlx2R.jpg)

No. 1769406

>I don't want to be held accountable by women when I act out of line or creepy, being trans gives me a free pass always just because

No. 1769408

I wanna see the replies from tifs

No. 1769411

How has the trans movement not yet imploded on its own? When they're not blaming "cis" people for everything they attack each other. Then the whole truscum vs tucute shit. When does it end? There is no consistency so how does it even hold up so long.

No. 1769420

They have no understanding of biology at all.

No. 1769431

I wanna see the replies from handmaidens and normies

No. 1769434

their understanding of biology is so advanced and enlightened it deals with the anatomy of the soul, not the body. he’s asking if his holy gender spirit can lactate, which btw it can, you unhealed peasant.

No. 1769435

File: 1676558533507.jpg (159.88 KB, 603x1200, FpF8aZcaAAYQ8PW.jpg)

Im always so surprised at how many of these scrotes dont follow the directions they are given (dilate every single day with absolutely no breaks for the first couple of years) and then theyre surprised their wound is closing up on them lol
Also the pornsickness mentioning fisting in this relation just yuck

No. 1769438

People usually link to one tweet from a TRA professor who made that a popular statement and iirc he was referring to various chomosome combinations in the animal kingdom, especially fruit flies.

No. 1769441

They would all just yass queen said tranny

No. 1769446

>can't trust all females
>can't trust males who aren't trannies
>can only trust other trannies
Hmm I wonder why. It's not a cult tho!!!

No. 1769451

File: 1676559666886.jpg (49.35 KB, 765x359, tiktok.jpg)

Here's the link if anyone wants to post pics:

No. 1769462

File: 1676560461073.jpeg (917.23 KB, 1170x1992, B006FA40-5AB8-4D63-B4A6-507905…)

Ugh there’s like zero reasonable people. Only handmaidens and aidens apologizing

No. 1769469

Every time I see a tif compliment a trannoid I get this uncomfortable feeling in my chest because it feels like such boldfaced lies lmfao. "Trans fems are so beaitiful!!" Girl that's a fucking lie they're all gross men with all the nasty, oafish sharp man edges and shit.

No. 1769470

>ruined in my early 20s
fucking moron. it would be sad if they didn’t do it to themselves

No. 1769474

I wonder if the shoe was on the other foot, and a TIF accused TIMs of being misogynistic, how many TIMs would be in her comment section fawning and telling her how valid she was?

No. 1769485

Exactly, it makes you wonder what kind of image they have in their minds when they say shit like this.

No. 1769490

So I looked up trans misogyny on tiktok and it’s basically a bunch of people calling aidens misogynistic and tifs apologizing for it. They also claim tifs have it easier? Like what world they living in?

No. 1769492

This shit is a cult and these people are insane.

No. 1769495

Can't find it rn but isn't there a graph showing the same men who like trannies also typically have AGP feelings? Either way, blocking him was the move, "seeming normal" on the surface doesn't mean shit, normal straight men are repulsed by troons

No. 1769496

That was not brief

No. 1769501

File: 1676564392230.png (116.14 KB, 1068x446, Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 11.1…)

No. 1769502

Anytime I hear or read about them literally bleeding from dilation I cringe so hard. You just know it'll only cause more scarring and make the tissue even less flexible. Maybe stop believing the bs stories about successful SRS and don't get it in the first place. Tbf I don't believe following up with dilation would have much different results, it's all a scam and all of them need revision surgeries.

No. 1769512

I love how this just evidences the female socialization in TIFs, no man would care about hurting trannies' feefees, most likely it would tell him to fuck off.

No. 1769526

Pure degeneracy. Further proves that AGP and HSTS are not strictly seperate categories, a lot of AGPs just date other degenerate AGPs.

No. 1769540

File: 1676566723215.png (205.27 KB, 839x836, Untitled picture.png)

man realizes he wishes he was a lesbian so he could fuck lesbians-ofc he's not a creep (s)he IS a lesbian silly!

No. 1769543

If I had to pin down why this argument is fallacious: gender is a sociological concept, it has fuck all to do with biology. Sex is what biology concerns itself with. So this person does not, in fact, understand what biology at all. They just assume that it must preach their world view, because everything else is just impossible.

No. 1769545

Ugh do they not realize how rapey this sounds? Woman rejects man because she’s a lesbian, man says “oh wait, I’m a lesbian too! Can’t reject me now!”

No. 1769566

I wish I was a bird, now I am a bird. This is how reality works.

No. 1769576

File: 1676568652448.jpg (45.54 KB, 450x275, 376fa34384938301d7c714c5417764…)

I blame this dude

No. 1769579

Cringe. The fact that he even posted this, as if that sort of behavior is acceptable or humourous. these guys are oblivious about their out of touch with reality absurd ways of thinking

No. 1769584

>it was insensitive because we're all grieving
it's really weird how they center themselves in the event of the death of a complete stranger.

No. 1769586

it would make a tiny bit more sense if it was a butch lesbian he was attracted to in the comic.

No. 1769588

It didn't take twitter long to start infighting about using phrases like 'rest in power' or 'say her name'.

No. 1769597

it's funny because Keffals who was telling people to pretend to be "Black Butch lesbians" to troll people, was like, "This is why left wingers are so fucking retarded, you fight over identity politics-" because people were saying the "Say her name" tag was meant for black women.
It really pisses them off when people throw the same shit back at them. Everything that they claim theirs is theirs. The moment other groups from oppressed communities speak out ESPECIALLY black people, they get so fucking mad. Suddenly they realize how silly it is to have oppression wars in serious situations. But when it's anything that a troon is the victim of none of that shit matters. Troons are the most important thing.
They don't like when other people do it.

No. 1769606

File: 1676570298008.png (223.19 KB, 864x1117, Screenshot_20230216-115506.png)



I can't tell if the NYT going full speed ahead with not pandering anymore, or is this just something that will be walked back on in 24 hours. I'm hoping the success of Hogwarts Legacy is showing news outlets that they don't have to kowtow to the screeching retards.

No. 1769609

I see many troons who openly supports FNAF even though the creator donated money to Trump. Many trans people criticised him when the news broke out but that controversy quickly died. They still continued to play the games, buy the official merchandise and participate in the fandom. No one called for a boycott to FNAF. Trans FNAF fans are completely aware of the creators views but they don't acknowledge it and yet they insist on a Harry Potter boycott and harassing Rowling. That isn't to say that the FNAF creator didn't receive any harassment but that harassment stopped eventually and trans people never started harassing streamers for streaming FNAF games. It's also astonishing how many South Park fans I have seen who boycotts Harry Potter even though Matt and Trey has promoted more ~transmisogyny~ trough their whole careers than JKR ever has done. They don't care for standing up for anything they just want an excuse to hate women

No. 1769610

i just hope women scares them enough so they give up on skinwalking women and turn back to be normal. we need to stop showing that women is always uwu silly kawaii. i want them to be afraid to look like me.

No. 1769612

how on earth would it make more sense

No. 1769613

it would make more sense than just being attracted to straight looking women who happen to like poon.

No. 1769620

We all knew Lia Thomas was a disgusting AGP freak, but seeing it out in the open is nice. I hope someone shoves these in the faces of all the TRA who defended him, and that it gets posted all over the university that defended him.

The picture of his partner holding a jar with his (both of theirs?) cut off balls was disgusting and I may never recover.

No. 1769622

Nice to see but I doubt NYT is going to stop licking tranny ass anytime soon

No. 1769623

Troons adapt every single phrase from actual oppressed people/actual human right's campaigns, so of course they steal 'say her name' too. Only that this is the first time I see infighting about it in their circle.

No. 1769625

Being honest, it is gross. That hashtag is spefically for black women. Why use it because a white teeanged troon died? Why not fucking make another hashtag? The people dismissing it are gross, especially when they always want exclusive shit for themselves.

No. 1769627

>starting to ruin my mental health

lmao sure Juan

No. 1769630

One of the reasons I peaked. I thought it was generally harmless years ago because they would always say that "oh I KNOW i'm not a biological woman, but my gender is just different. I FEEL like a woman" and all of that bullshit. I just didn't realize how misogynistic it all was. NOW the troons are unironically saying that they ACTUALLY are women. When I starting seeing this pop up, I actually started seething. It's honestly rage inducing how normies seem to think it's okay for men who have been men their entire lives to then put on a skirt, say they're a woman and start talking over ACTUAL women. WE have been women all our lives. WE have gone through the actual trauma of being a woman. And when we tell these dipshit autistic moids NO, they get angry and put up a fuss. Call me delusional but I thought it was actually getting better for women, and now over the past few years we seem to be regressing even faster. PLEASE give me reassurance that it's going to get better in the future, I genuinely don't want this future for us and the next generation.
Sorry for the rant but all the troon stuff makes me feel hopeless sometimes.

No. 1769633

Those phrases are stupid and gatekeeping them is just as stupid

No. 1769635

No it's not, he's not a woman or a black woman. The hashtag was meant for a reason, I hate a lot of woke shit, but I'll always stand for women to have their own shit even if it's as small as a hashtag on twitter, to not be taking over by retarded ass troons. It's also not just about the hashtag it's also just everything meant for women is theirs. Things as small as a fucking subreddit or hashtag or as big as changing words or calling us "Vagina havers/Breeders etc."
Fuck them, let people keep their shit, some shit should be gatekept from those retards

No. 1769637

If it makes you feel any better, my friend who drinks from the punch bowl has been getting mad at tik toker accounts of young women and men calling out these troonies for what they are. Alot of the younger generation (the ones younger than gen z idk what they are called) are pretty resistent of them stepping on real womens toes and making everything about them.

But still i worry for the furtue too nonita. Just stay here where other farmers got your back. The rest of the internet has a high liklihood of giving you brain worms and chronic brain rot.

No. 1769641

the entire reason for that hashtag was that victimized black women always get ignored and that victimized males get all the attention so yes people taking that hashtag and using it for tranny men is some morbid irony

No. 1769643

File: 1676573317628.png (87.3 KB, 788x770, troonsurgery.png)

I know most of them don't get the chop but there are enough that we'll be awash in regret stories 5 to 10 years from now. They will accept no accountability of course. Sorry fellas we worse-than-Hitler TERFs warned you. I have somewhat more sympathy for the TIFs but they're some of the worst handmaidens around.

I do wonder about the reliability of reports regarding onset of dysphoria. This report says that 78% of TIMs report feeling it by age seven. Hmmm.


No. 1769645

It's crazy for me to see someone go
>It's stupid, don't gatekeep it
Nah fuck that. Everything thats made for women is always dipped in tranny juice, let people have their shit. Shit like this makes me feel like I'm in a kiwifarms thread. They hate troons but when it's some shit about black women or women they don't like getting shit taken from them from troons (Big or small), suddenly it doesn't matter as much or not a big deal. Fuck that, leave us the fuck alone. The troons know what they are doing

No. 1769647

File: 1676573449087.jpeg (410 KB, 810x1452, 81A1B33C-5D76-4A16-B771-786318…)

Betting they consider JKR as the final boss because they can’t shut her up

No. 1769656

>Further proves that AGP and HSTS are not strictly seperate categories, a lot of AGPs just date other degenerate AGPs.
AGP is bullshit. AGP isn't a paraphilia, they are men sexually aroused by femininity. It has nothing to do with being a woman. That's why they hate feminists and GNC women so much.

No. 1769664

They're so retarded. JK is based but she wouldn't be the "final boss" of TERFs. A bit autistic on my part but just because she's the most well-known TERF-adjacent woman doesn't make her the be-all end-all of TERFdom. Fucking retards.

No. 1769665

File: 1676574470589.jpg (129.24 KB, 278x472, jeanette-jazz-jennings-tlc-021…)

Forgot to post this yesterday but if you crop to just Jazz's face in any low makeup or makeup free candid and asked anyone his sex they'd say male.

No. 1769668

File: 1676574626413.jpg (Spoiler Image,5.2 MB, 1080x11626, Screenshot_20230216_134647.jpg)

Remember to post archives in case it gets taken down. Spoilered for long screenshot and scrote balls in a jar

No. 1769670

File: 1676574755555.jpeg (1.33 MB, 2045x2727, EDEDBF7B-5688-4DD6-B8A0-13625B…)

Thoughts on Hayden Cain? I hate that I love his music after discovering him. I kek’d hard seeing how undeniably manly he looks in live performances. I’m pretty sure he autotunes his voice, after hearing his live with Florence.

No. 1769672

File: 1676575037229.jpg (345.05 KB, 1125x1732, FpDnuG6XsAAVIYz.jpg)

No. 1769673

you will never be lana del rey

No. 1769674

File: 1676575130464.jpg (114.85 KB, 1080x943, FpDnu2BX0AEWraY.jpg)

No. 1769675

File: 1676575179945.gif (703.88 KB, 200x200, 1469309893966.gif)

Crab bucket theory. That's why it will never end.

No. 1769677

File: 1676575385416.png (9.46 KB, 504x98, Twitter.png)

Cannot wait to see the day that it is proven that poor Brianna Grey turned out to be an AGP high in cocaine and he was killed for being a stalker or something so people can turn around and claim "who? Brianna? Never heard of her!".

No. 1769679

Wow, I didn't know he was trans. I was wondering why his music is so popular because to me it just sounds like generic pop. It all makes so much sense now lmao

No. 1769682

he's ugly

No. 1769684

Straight women have no self respect, jfc.

No. 1769685

He was allegedly trying to meet a 12 year old for sex

No. 1769686

>in a shelter
>this does next to nothing for me because I can’t get my rocks off
Ultimate peaking material.

No. 1769688

File: 1676576102272.gif (1.5 MB, 480x360, 9M6Qx7VGj7Wa7NPyU32OHLpLkQs=.g…)

>All the troons when they heard the news.

No. 1769690

If he was involved in drugs the most likely cause for him being murdered was because he was involved in the county lines drug trade.

No. 1769704

A-fucking men, nonna. I can’t even think about Bianca without getting rageful at the things moids STILL say about her. RIP.

No. 1769705

Absolutely zero. I know it was a rhetorical question but it just peaks me over and over again how the male and female socialization jumps out.

No. 1769706

File: 1676576991328.jpeg (263.87 KB, 1283x685, E4E18375-0EA2-4348-8972-A3CC2F…)

I’m going to go insane. JK Rowling is now outlawing pants for women? Do these people hear themselves? She’s not some tradwife, she wears pants all the damn time herself.

No. 1769707

don't think he was that relevant. most probably it was a coked up fight between teenagers, maybe because he was a stalker, maybe because they wanted more drugs. happens all the time, everywhere

No. 1769708

We gotta get in Nato really fast because I see not one but two finnish things on this troon, moomin and tom of finland and I am not ok with it

No. 1769709

I'm a daily reader of NY Times and that article, plus others they have written on trans topics, is filled with comments expressing doubt and concern over the trans agenda, specifically because it is marginalizing women. So that's definitely promising, because it's readership leans very liberal.

No. 1769712

Lol Hungarians are always so extra.

No. 1769714

File: 1676577581990.jpg (195.82 KB, 1196x896, Nz45q7M.jpg)

Saging for lowfat milk but my god they are so deranged. I wake up every morning to the knowledge that tens of thousands of women are murdered every day by men around the world; I can't imagine how hard it must be to see a dozen mean articles questioning your gender identity!

I love that she's silencing them and making them apologize on Twitter, because they have no fucking evidence of their claims.

No. 1769716

File: 1676577815061.jpg (182.57 KB, 1124x947, IMG_0527.jpg)

I would very much like to see one of these clowns actually attempt to prove their accusations in court.

No. 1769719

gay elliot rodgers manifesto

No. 1769720

>I know the law
Sure janithan

No. 1769721

At this point the T in GGST stands for Troon.

Transbians are never into butches ime, they want what they see in their porn

No. 1769723

File: 1676578285486.jpg (330.46 KB, 1124x1587, IMG_0525.jpg)


Of course these testrionic retards can't read; the kid was taken away by the biological mother because the other mother was abusive.

No. 1769725

KEK, actually, kekkekkekkekkekkekkekkekkek.
>bans conversion therapy
>accepts trannies

No. 1769729

File: 1676578806517.jpg (179.13 KB, 1080x943, Screenshot_20230216_141928.jpg)

Fuckin kek, nice work

No. 1769730

his sparkly "prey" eyes make him seem just like a confused gay boy?

No. 1769732

I firmly believe a non-birthing mom should automatically get the child's custody, if she's married to the bio mom, like how it's already husbands, who are not the genetic father of the child.

But this, this is purposely misrepresenting of what has happened in this case…the bio mom and the sperm donor are now a couple and yeah sure, both want custody for their child…

No. 1769735

I read some shitty quote from a smartass tra who claimed that "sex was not binary, but a 'bimodel spectrum'" as if we were self fertilizing plants. These dumbasses really treat intersex conditions as true hermaphrodism, where a human can be born with both genetalia and both gametes, and self fertilize. No intersex person is capable of this, they are genetic anomalies that aren't supposed to happen

No. 1769737

so what companies do we invest in to make some money off these shitty men?

No. 1769741

nta but this gives me a bit hope, I really believe that the youngest of the zoomers and then the next generation will go against gender ideology. I've already seen some of it and it feels like a normal development, like a rebellion against the previous generations that is always happening. At least this is what makes me not lose hope entirely, which is hard.
JK is fucking mild for a terf, they just don't know any other terfs and she's too rich to be cancelled

No. 1769743

Do we know this for sure though? It's not that I wouldn't believe it if it is true but more that I've seen this thrown around as a theory so I worry it's just people throwing it around as fact now. Not in the UK so don't know if it's on the news or common knowledge now or something

No. 1769747

if these dumbasses really and truly have enough legal evidence that JKR is doing these horrid awful things that break the law, why has no one taken her to court? If she really is responsible for the death of every trans person ever as people claim, why don't they tell police she conspired with the murderers and is an accomplice?

No. 1769752

I miss when Riley Dennis was one of the only troons pushing their rapey bullshit lmao, it's almost nostalgic since I remember him from way back when I first peaked. What is he even doing now?

No. 1769764

What did nyt do

No. 1769768

IDC if i'll never read it, buying a NYT subscription as we speak.

No. 1769770

File: 1676581244283.jpg (Spoiler Image,83.65 KB, 638x515, IMG_20230215_211458.jpg)

How profoundly erotic!

No. 1769771

I can't with these women, why are they okay living with such babies… I'm depressed and have body dysmorphia, so yes, showering is hard for me and sometimes I just can't do it, but at least I wash myself then. If I would be in a relationship, showering would be the least I could do for my partner and I would. Having a mental illness isn't an excuse to make the life of other people a nightmare and if he can fuck, he can shower, it's that easy. I would tell him to shower or leave until he is sane again.

No. 1769772

Moids just want her to do the first move so the headlines say
>JKR is literally suing the poor trannies! This e-bil yt non-man! We need to crucify her! Read this 5 minutes article about how she's literally evil with these totally not reaches and baseless speculations!!
These moids know how to act like victims, all they want is to have this "evil videogame boss" to fight against so their peers (because no one outside the internet gives a fuck) Can pat their asses.

No. 1769776

Spoiler this shit.

No. 1769780

Let's be honest, this tims probably depressed so much he cant shower, but still able to eat, play video games, and neg his wife for sex. When I was so depressed I'd sleep in bed all day and not shower for weeks I'd still make a point of bathing if I was forced to go into public. Hes just lazy and disgusting that's it.

No. 1769781

This is why I cannot be with a partner who has depression and can barely take care of himself. I am not going to be anyone's mother and this woman needs to leave and have some self respect Jesus Christ.

No. 1769787

Late reply but how in the fuck can you listen to this earbleeding AGP with a preacher's daughter fetish. His music is fucking atrocious but watch him gain notoriety because he's a hideous tranny making bottom of the barrel dogshit music.

No. 1769789

exactly that, I would "sleep" 15 hours minimum, eat some toast, watch mind numbing tv shows and then sleep again. When I had to get dressed, I wouldn't wear tight, revealing clothes, it was all baggy and you couldn't see how my body looked in the slightest. Still I would be clean when I had to go outside or I wouldn't have left the house. He is just a lazy scrote looking for a mother.
Hope you are doing better now, Nonna

No. 1769795

File: 1676582650755.png (351.99 KB, 600x600, 1663289996766.png)

>Can I do this in a more coy/flirty way?
Goddamn, woman, have some self respect.
>Yeah I've gotten an infection and it's so upsetting.

No. 1769803

me too nona, I never imagined his insane takes would become so mainstream and get pushed by woke circles. Back then almost everyone knew he's a weirdo for putting eyeliner on and calling himself a woman and that it's crossing a line telling lesbians to have sex with TIMs.
>What is he even doing now?
I think he is living his transbian life kek.

No. 1769807

File: 1676584138322.jpg (203.1 KB, 910x729, dumphim.JPG)

She even goes to a therapist specialized in trans shit while the scrote doesn't care to get one. He must be sucking the soul out of her.

No. 1769809

File: 1676584255442.jpg (61.06 KB, 804x292, gendertherapist.JPG)

No. 1769813

>TV show playing on his phone might help
iPad manchild

No. 1769814

Literal three year old. Why have a child when you can have a troon?

No. 1769820


No. 1769821

who are you talking about ? we can't see the author of the tweet

No. 1769822

Just remind yourself:

"these men think that being a woman is something you can decide. Something a kin to putting on a costume. They think that any pain they suffer is comparable to that of a woman on her period, going through child birth, or simply the trauma of being born, raised and socialized female. They will never be a woman because it is not what the ASSUME womanhood is. And they absolutely without a doubt, hate over half of all "cishet" and "cisles" women. They hate us. Let them suffer in their self chosen pain. Redirect that sorrow to women and children in your life that suffer DAILY at the hands of men."

And i promise you will never feel sorry for anotger dickless man again!

No. 1769823

report dont interact and sage ur shit

No. 1769824

broo…..nah lmfao that is a hot fkcing trap heshe futa whatever tf you call it damn(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1769826

ai man…ai

No. 1769832

As a nonna said on an earlier thread, they can't even know what they don't know, but think they can lecture us on womanhood. No pity.

No. 1769835

File: 1676586723475.jpg (174.94 KB, 1136x1200, Fo5fiLSaQAUeMhw.jpg)

No. 1769841

>not suitable for jkr
I bet shes crying all her eyes now

No. 1769845

Ulta employees teenage girls mostly since their turnover rate is so high. Maybe that's different between stores but from my experience anyone I've worked with has been a young girl except for the managers. The fact that this AGP is inserting himself around vulnerable young women who HAVE to be nice to him, who HAVE to tell him he looks good/like a women, and who have to interact with him as if he's one of them is so disturbing to me. This is a grown man. The guests/customers he's in contact with are the least of the concerns. They can leave the store and complain if they're uncomfortable. These teenage girls are not emotionally equipped to handle that kind of confrontation at their work place. He spams the Ulta subreddit with "day 2! Feeling amazing and the lovely ladies here made me feel so loved." And recently on one of his posts the mods had to tell people to stop reporting for karmafarming. Everyone knows he's a freak AGP who's taking advantage of a job that's a place mostly dominated by young where they feel comfortable. In every job I've had that was a mix of men and women I've always encountered a situation with men that made me feel violated at the work place. When I work with all women this doesn't happen. This man makes me want to fucking a-log. Stay away from the Ulta girl employees and leave them the fuck alone.

No. 1769849

it could explain it, but why go to prison for most of your youth for some vigilante shit?

No. 1769857

File: 1676589141959.png (598.88 KB, 1280x768, screenshot.png)

lol lmao, he's literally an AGP scrote

No. 1769861

All her posts sound like a parody but it's really sad. Also the way she immediately polices her own speech when hinting at the truth. Will this lost woman ever come to her senses? She's very deep in the cult with the therapist and advice from tranny-related subs so she'll suffer a long time, that's for sure. I hope she stumbles upon transwidows one day.

No. 1769863

i totally agree nonna. i honestly was gonna chalk it down to bait but she's been posting these for months and it's just way too consistent. also the way she seeks approval from internet strangers and feels the need to elaborately thank them in advance at the end of her posts says a lot. severe mental illness and self hatred. i feel so bad for these handmaidens

No. 1769867

wouldn’t be surprised if this guy snapped and went on a killing spree

No. 1769875

He's begun skinwalking a younger version of her. He is also a pedophile. She needs a divorce asap.

No. 1769897

> early 20s woman with late 20s man
> "[…] when we first started dating […] I was very young"


No. 1769905

File: 1676594118719.jpg (90.56 KB, 934x430, dslgkjsd.jpg)

i truly do not understand their warped claims that anyone who wants to acknowledge biological sex is calling for "genocide" and "wants them dead"

No. 1769910

File: 1676594320974.jpeg (1001.07 KB, 750x4129, 862D4039-5D16-4FB2-B219-730559…)

he’s back with another manifesto.

No. 1769914

>hey I have a non-negotiable boundary
>haha no problem although I will seek to cross this boundary any way I can
>why are you calling me a rapist?!

No. 1769919

File: 1676594889478.jpg (56.02 KB, 720x935, FB_IMG_1676594866636.jpg)

No. 1769933

how are these people able to become teachers?

No. 1769934

she probably has no one in her life but the scrote

No. 1769936

> I do not deserve to be treated like a cis woman. I deserve to be treated MUCH better than any cis woman. I have worked harder than any cis woman on the planet at being a woman.
tell that to your fucking mom, the one who risked her life giving birth to your sorry ass and raised you with great effort and sacrifice, only to see you become a rapist of men.
> I was able to accommodate their very large schlongs in my vajayjay and I even had very rough sex in all imaginable positions. Don't believe the lies they spread online. There is no fecal matter. It just looks like a vagina externally and it contracts through the pelvic muscles. I do not menstruate, but I could not care less. For me, my neovagina is a means to an end: being able to ride studs. Think about it. At the end of the day A) it gives me amazing orgasms, B) men who pound it ejaculate, so that means it works.
>Whether it's fake or not, I do not give a fuck. I have a very utilitarian and pragmatic view of my neovagina. It's a container that helps me get straight men and a container that makes them ejaculate, so it's working.
image viewing yourself as a cum receptacle and bragging about the lack of fecal matter in your man cave. congratulations? you are the most self-hating individual on the planet, and it’s incredibly degrading and insulting that this what you believe being a woman means. women want the opposite of this, we want dignity and freedom, not living and dying for dick. we’re not the same, we will never be the same.

No. 1769939

this dude is going to be another gay panic statistic. hey guess what pal, life is unfair and nobody gets what they want! the dating pool for lesbians is even smaller than gay men

No. 1769940

why do these men think that getting plastic surgery is hard work?

No. 1769941

File: 1676596960223.jpeg (267.22 KB, 750x1745, 5C0D691D-78AE-4BC8-AF5C-6552F2…)


No. 1769942

is this nikita dragun's ult? lmao, the absolute SEETHE. wow, you sure told us!

No. 1769944

Reminds me of another reddit post I found on r/all of a married couple but it was a woman and a troon and all the comments were gushing over the stunning "lesbian" couple. I just commented "what a beautiful heterosexual couple" and it was deleted within an hour

No. 1769946

thinning anime-sexuals repulse britbongs

No. 1769950

Some lib male critic said something to the effect that women should appreciate that Cain is exploring women's experiences in the Christian fundie world or some shit, like Cain is being brave. It's actually as offensive as white people pretending to understand the black experience. Sadly women of all colors suffer from internalized misogyny and convince themselves that TIMs are flattering us. They're not.

No male can begin to understand what it's like to be socialized female in the church or anywhere else. Not sure of his sexual preference but gay men have their own thing. It's not the same as ours. Go ahead and explore your "femininity" - Prince and Freddie did. The difference is they didn't pretend to be women. And white rockers didn't claim to be black. The lib male assumption is that we exist to be used and consoomed.

I haven't been impressed by what I've heard of Cain's music but even if it was great his act pisses me off. I couldn't make it through this live performance. I just see some dude who wants to be Lana.

Oh and dig these lyrics to Gibson Girl:

Black leather and dark glasses
Pourin' another while I shake my ass
He's cold-blooded so it takes more time to bleed
Obsession with the money, addicted to the drugs
Says he's in love with my body, that's why he's fucking it up
And then he says to me
"Baby, if it feels good, then it can't be bad"
Where I can be immoral in a stranger's lap
And if you want it good, downright iconic
Something they all want that only you can have
You wanna fuck me right now
You wanna see me on my knees
You wanna rip these clothes off
And hurt me

I am not interested in this fetish shit.

No. 1769951

"pro genocide take" KEK they should read the comments, that'll really push them over the edge because a majority are NOT with the trooney tunes agenda.

No. 1769963

Fucker thinks if he was in a women's shelter he'd be having hot homeless lesbian sex.

No. 1769967

I hate him and I find his particular brand of larp fucking disgusting. He'd kill himself if he had to go through what the girls he pretends to be go through.

No. 1769968

sage cause not really milk and just a blogpost, but I was just arguing anonymously with a tranny (it’s an app) and I asked for proof that women give out death threats to trannies. And this dude really sent me a link to a news article about Kai shappley not liking Texas’s new legislation on trans kids. Literally nothing in there was death threat like. Sorry just had to vent about that cause he was literally so dumb

No. 1769971

Any nonnies have links or caps? Id love to see the two replies. Kek

No. 1769972

You were right.
Also, this ugly moid needs a spoiler. Ew.

No. 1769976

Arguing with idiots makes you an idiot. That phrase will save you so much time and many headaches.

No. 1769977

>wearing bondage gear as part of your regular outfit

No. 1769978

File: 1676600765038.png (359.8 KB, 643x637, THREE YEARS.png)

how many years does it take for them to realize they will never pass?

No. 1769979

File: 1676600798560.png (140.12 KB, 1331x512, just girly things.png)

from his account

No. 1769981

well that's an extremely fucking unsettling thing to specifically focus on

No. 1769983

I know, but it was also public posts so hopefully someone saw it and started questioning or peaking

No. 1769984

lol. lmao even

No. 1769985

Fetish and morality aside every lyric I've read of his are ass.

No. 1769986

File: 1676601437953.jpeg (106.95 KB, 1034x1076, 6ACE2DB2-6B3E-49CE-9DA4-EDDEB1…)

during bungie’s vidoc chaos happened in the comment section

No. 1769987

File: 1676601494915.jpeg (300.71 KB, 1200x1386, 10A96D45-68F2-455F-99BB-4340E4…)

No. 1769990

File: 1676601659679.jpg (70.56 KB, 640x572, FosLAe0XoAMfrG5.jpg)

I don't talk about hating trannies to my sister but she has recently been starting to complain about trannies to me kek, she never even liked them in the first place but the articles she comes across about them have gotten to her. She's a normie through and through so I'm glad she's been peaking.

No. 1769994

it's not just "euphoria" at cries of pain, it's specifically at (in his mind) "feminine" cries of pain. unreal

No. 1769996

i just don't understand how you type that out without realizing it's not a good look from any standpoint

No. 1770000

I seriously doubt any Republicans are aware of a murdered tranny kid in the UK.

No. 1770001

Did this tranny chaser show any receipts of Republicans laughing about that kid's murder?

No. 1770003

File: 1676602727466.webm (2.42 MB, 320x568, WdG3BsDx1z5j0fN0(1).webm)

there she goes roasting another tranny

No. 1770009

He just sounds like a typical homosexual moid kek

No. 1770015

File: 1676603489300.png (767.23 KB, 1195x659, Hashtag Ruthless Productions.p…)

No. 1770019

File: 1676604050863.jpg (77.72 KB, 611x766, edit.jpg)

No. 1770027

His “lyrics” remind me of that deranged diary post by the Euphoria troon that said femininity = getting raped and abused by men. They’re all psycho wannabe Buffalo Bills.

No. 1770031

File: 1676604897574.png (325.42 KB, 679x599, Rebecca Brannon on Twitter.png)

No. 1770032

Lmao dreaming is free, trannies. They have lost so badly already and they just keep doubling down. People just wanna play the fun game and fly around on a mop and all the Pritzker bux in the world won't stop them

No. 1770039

cain will never be lana. lana was barely allowed be be lana, the indie hipster world absolutely lambasted her at every turn for being an industry plant, a rich girl, everything under the sun. this tranny is absolutely all of the above and getting the red carpet rolled out for him and his ass-kissed by the same hipster media. he has absolutely no clue.

No. 1770044

File: 1676607060869.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x2174, 83247203-6DAC-459D-910D-696A1C…)

No. 1770059

The bigger and more important difference is that Lana (whatever you think of her music) is interesting, and Ethan Cain is boring.

No. 1770060

File: 1676609947751.jpeg (806.68 KB, 750x1086, 0525CF62-B260-4ADC-A6BD-ECE17F…)

Hate him and sick of ppl comparing him to lana del rey

No. 1770063

literally have never seen a woman say this about ethel cain

No. 1770068

I'd like to see proof of that

No. 1770072

They’re lying, Ethel Cain is astroturfed af. No one is calling him the pinnacle of womanhood or any of that.

No. 1770074

>younger than gen z idk what they are called
That's gen alpha. Gen Z and early gen alpha are fucked in my opinion. However, I believe this trans fad will end before the generation after alpha is born.

No. 1770095

I have never heard this faggot's songs on tiktok, not even as a viral sound. It's always songs from rappers sped up or remixes sometimes lana del ray and songs from 10+ years ago but him???

No. 1770105

File: 1676616896770.jpeg (593.3 KB, 828x1522, 3C827D75-9DC1-4542-B1BA-EDECE7…)

>I’d never met anyone who started their transition so young who was so respectful and welcoming to other trans women, not catty at all. She’d help younger trans women to safely and legally access hormones, advising them about private doctors, and congratulating them on progress.
And we’re supposed to be sympathetic.


No. 1770106

Press [X] to doubt

No. 1770107

File: 1676617042140.jpeg (895.9 KB, 828x1319, FCF79C3E-CDC0-41B5-8C65-F0C80C…)

Samefag to add this fucking degeneracy. I fucking hate men so much.

No. 1770126

It's creative writing. The parts about going to the bar with several "pregnancy-free" women (what the fuck) and weird sex tourism read like wank fantasies written by a misogynistic homosexual because that's precisely what they are.

No. 1770130

I kinda regret chastising anons for grave-dancing now. What a reprehensible little chauvinist.

No. 1770131

now he’s the dumbest boy in his little urn, which perfectly fits his body.

No. 1770133

The "I passed a pelvic exam" shit is an obvious lie because it's predicated on male ignorance of women's bodies. The whole reason a gynecologist uses a speculum is to examine the cervix, which trannies don't have. Assuming for a second that this isn't just tranfic, the doctor would immediately know something was up when she didn't see a cervix. One check of a troon's medical history would show that he's had the chop. The idea of "stealthing" a doctor is fucking absurd.

No. 1770134

No. 1770137

Queen queen queen

No. 1770139

You can clearly hear his moid voice in this too (sorry I can’t embed the video). Nasty little agp porn rotten weeb loli degenerate is being martyred for something that’s not even being treated as a hate crime while countless women and girls are victims of femicide every fucking second. I’m fucking tired.


No. 1770140

kek, based

No. 1770141

This is literally grooming. And of course no one is going to talk about it because “uwu bbygirl so sorry we failed you the terfs have blood on their hands”. I hate troids so fucking much.

No. 1770146

male confidence is so perplexing, he objectively looks like shit

No. 1770149

he says that gay panic isn't a thing because trannies' partners necessarily knew that they were trans, and yet his genius plan is to "never disclose" and he claims to totally pass even while having sex? where's the logic here.

this. that shit is ridiculous. also claims that he doesn't need to dilate, has "normal vaginal muscles" and that his wound has its own flora and is self-cleaning. they aren't even trying to make things slightly believable at this point

No. 1770159

This makes me want to a-log (which is redundant for obvious reasons)

No. 1770165

I thought it was Sam Pritchard at first but this man has too much hair

No. 1770166

I pray this dude kills himself or is killed before he harms any women

No. 1770169

Yass honey you pulled the Batman Returns Penguin look perfectly.

No. 1770170

I too always wear my pink PVC cat suit and girly gimp mask for groceries and I keep my credit card in my barbie pouch.

No. 1770172

Remember when a teenage girl was decapitated by a man and THE SAME men were talking about wanting to rape her decapitated head?
Beautiful soul VS "you know that neck meat hits different"

No. 1770179

File: 1676632922532.jpg (151.37 KB, 979x848, IMG_20230217_142101.jpg)

No. 1770181

So this is the 2020s: men are proud of their manboobs
KEK how is this allowed on tiktok?
It's frightening (but not surprising) how young he was and already obsessed with sissy hypno shit. I always think of 30+ year old moids.

No. 1770188

Who put a wig on Spiderus from Miss Spider?

No. 1770190

The Brianna Ghey case is very strange. The murderers were two friends of Ghey, a moid and a girl, which makes me wonder if this was another one of those anomalies where kids conspire to thrill kill one of their own friends (the two boys who murdered Ana Kriegal, the slenderman attempted killers, the boys who abducted and murdered Jamie Bulger, etc.). It's being pinned on radical feminists but that literally doesn't make sense. Why would a pair of a radical feminists be friends with Ghey if they were trans?

No. 1770195

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some sordid shit going on between the three of them and it’s going to come out

No. 1770202

Found a video with the original footage from the woman who exposed this months back. Sorry for moid posting, just ignore/skip his unnecessary hot takes and you're left with a pretty based woman exposing this degenerate freak for what we know he is. I tried to find her video specifically but no luck, maybe other anons will be able to.

No. 1770203

I want to know where the 'meeting a 12 year old' rumor came from. If they decided they're going to Chris Hansen the troon because of falling out and decoyed him to the park to 'meet' the ficticious 12 y/o things might've got crazy. Maybe the troon had a knife too?

No. 1770204

Ayrt it's very possible. Ghey was known for engaging with severely mentally ill people on a regular basis to direct them to doctors as seen in >>1770105, so one theory I have right now is that the two perpetrators were mentally ill and for whatever reason they murdered their friend. This happens a lot (and that's not me downplaying murder) and I think people should be very careful about how this case is being presented considering this begs a serious question as to why literal teenagers are being allowed in positions where they are dealing with potentially dangerous people

No. 1770207

It's on her Instagram account feministrecovery_

Idk how to embed IG videos here, sorry

No. 1770219

File: 1676639419379.jpg (94.77 KB, 828x902, FpJrchKaQAAt5zG.jpg)

Im actually surprised somebody wants to be in their early 20s and not 14 for once. People need to let go that youre super old and dying because youve hit 30, youre still young. You just shouldnt hang out with 20 year olds anymore and go to parties aimed at people 18-21, and I guess thats where alot of people feel like theyre missing out - mainly for creepy reasons

No. 1770222

>lia thomas is a disguting, degenerate freak
kek. at least the moid didn't hold back, you know since he's a moid and doesn't have to fear consequences.

No. 1770226

I see moids insertng themselves on lana tok like parasites all the time. There was this one moid who wanted to lana bait for engagement and his comments were full of AGP troons kek.

No. 1770236

File: 1676641651092.jpg (537.01 KB, 1080x1931, Screenshot_20230217_144608_com…)

These moids popping up on tiktok my god

No. 1770239

File: 1676641717745.webm (10.33 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_720076808855868544…)

Honestly, this needs to be talked about.It's interesting how men, who essentially created the objectified woman, use that against women who have embraced that image to argue that they can also be women. The troons do have a point. Hear me out.
These women basically express to the world that their natural selves is not enough to attract a mate, so they get the fake lips and breast implants solely to attract moids. This is why women should not do the peacocking. That is for moids to do, just like in other species. I'm not against nose jobs and tasteful surgeries that enhance your natural beauty, but this bimbo shit is clearly catering to the moid's porn mind and these troons know it. Both these women and troons are competing for the same moids who can only get off to that bimbo image they have of women. These women have helped cheapen what it means to be a woman and have helped reduce it to that bimbofied image. They helped the tranny movement to a certain extent and I'm not going to sit here and gaslight anyone and call these botched bitches QUEENs. They are libfems who mutilated their faces and shoved toxic bags into their chests, essentially risking their lives, to make moids cum harder. What's the difference between that and troons and gay men with butthole lips?

No. 1770242

It really isn't that interesting once you realise the "girl" is in fact a tranny. Classic scrote drama. Case closed.

No. 1770243

The difference is women are raised and socialized to accept female beauty standards as an important part of their value. They're doing it because they think they have to. Men do it because it's a fetish.

No. 1770244

File: 1676642342573.png (647.98 KB, 866x502, s.png)

There was this Pilipino woman and her 2 year old daughter that got murdered not too long ago. They were missing for a while and were found buried under a kitchen in Scotland. After killing the mom first, he then sexually abusing the 2 year old for days before killing her too. He looked like a closeted troon and is a computer engineer. Not a single peep from media. I couldn't care less about trannies and their male on male violence.

No. 1770245

Are all the terf radfems who believe “no one understands the plight of womanhood” like Ethan Cain in the room with us right now?

No. 1770246

File: 1676642630206.jpg (97.66 KB, 775x1024, 1676641444449539m.jpg)

No. 1770247

File: 1676642803152.jpeg (283.99 KB, 828x923, ACA4E364-1591-457D-84DE-A1D5D9…)

So Viperwave went on a cock carousel of trannies in the Americas and didn’t tell his main girl at home (surprise!)

No. 1770248

Is this person 13

No. 1770251

One Is a woman with botched bimbo surgery, the other is a scrote with botch bimbo surgery. I get your point but looking like a Troon doesn't make you one anymore then troons attempting to look like women. Men who like troons are gay/bisexual and even if they do like the bimbo look, of they were straight they'd seek out women with that look. I do agree with alot of your points but scrotes are going to scrote.

No. 1770252

To be fair, I don’t expect any person to take adultery that leads to them being evicted very well, regardless of any latent mental illness.

No. 1770265

>What's the difference between that and troons and gay men with butthole lips?
The difference is, one is a woman and the other will never be a woman. It doesn’t matter what dumb things any of them do to their bodies; sex is innate and biological. Hope that clears things up for you!

No. 1770268

the opinion page of new york times was created after spiro agnew complained it had too much liberal bias

No. 1770269

File: 1676644623645.jpeg (328.52 KB, 750x1015, 731D2DCC-BBD4-4DAB-8D9F-CE87BD…)

the audio being “nice cock” is really the cherry on top. I went to see the comments and i’m so relieved to find out the likes are ironic and people are making fun of this scrote instead

No. 1770271

to point 2: if I had a doctor and said doctor wouldn't be able to tell a neovagina apart from the real thing, I would look for another one, because the doctor might have not a degree or is just stupid. And scars, you can see scars, especially from deep flesh wounds, until the rest of your life…

to point 3: what do they have with their fucking fist inside a vagina? Why do you want a fist in your vagina? What benefit do you have from a fist inside you? I know it's a porn thing, but how stupid can you be to think that a woman needs a fist to be satisfied in any way

and now I'm done, I would have more to say, but you all know what I would have to say

No. 1770274

where is the march for those two? If we would go out on the streets to show our tribute for every woman around the world that gets killed because she is a woman, we would never be home again.

No. 1770280

Tiktok zoomers are mainly very blunt and when they see anyone, including troons, do anything weird they hold nothing back when roasting them. I’ve seen a lot of them also get really angry at stuff like TIMs claiming to have periods, and mock genderspecials who seem to want to be oppressed or are genderspecial to mimic fictional characters. Interestingly enough I think they have the biggest divide between TRAs and critics. Most people who are passively supportive think guys like that public fetishist are basically nonexistent boogeymen because they haven’t interacted with many TIMs, but zoomers are seeing a lot of it and are denouncing individual misogynistic TIMs more lately.

No. 1770281

Back in the day, when I was waaaaay more tolerate of this bullshit, I had a theory at we actually did have a third gender in American society and it was this. I called it the " giant boob lady" and it was the pornified, plastic surgery specimens that were going for a look that basically doesn't exist in nature. Men could be a boob lady, women could be a boob lady - anyone could do it, because it was an insane costume.

No. 1770290

>14-15 year olds should legally be able to change their identity
A couple decades ago these same kids would have immediately renamed themselves Darkness Dementia Ebony Raven Way and xXSasukesBloodyTearsXx. Teenagers inventing edgy counterculture alternate identities for themselves is literally a normal phase they go through in adolescent development, not a sign that they need a legal avenue to change their identity on paperwork and get set up for a lifetime of medications and surgeries.

No. 1770291

It’s not about the pleasure of the woman, but they get off on hurting and humiliating the woman by fisting, and that is why they are bragging about it, they are agp men, who get off on the idea of being the abused woman in their favorite rape films.

No. 1770293

A gynecologist who can't find the cervix is not a doctor you want to visit. Neovaginas have no cervix.

No. 1770302

>give equal parenting rights to lesbian couples
What does it mean exactly? You weren't allowed to adopt unless you are married to a scrote?

No. 1770308

>caring this much over a woman's looks
>blaming woman for being socialised to care about beauty standards that were pushed on them since birth
Didn't read all that, but you sound like a scrote

No. 1770319

File: 1676651383650.jpeg (577.24 KB, 750x3492, 4624BF78-8481-4D04-93C6-0D379A…)

troon fashion is so fucking lame.

No. 1770320

They are so pornified it’s insane. All they can do is view every action through the male gaze, they have no idea how it is to be female.

No. 1770326

This is so horrible. I saw a TV documentary on this incident and the child SA wasn't even mentioned. I thought he murdered them and nothing else. Makes it so much worse.

No. 1770329

File: 1676652322731.jpeg (396.45 KB, 750x995, 87D46934-20F4-4846-A7D1-7D51BA…)

oh no, there goes his womanhood.

No. 1770330

Stupid, coomer troon. Hairties break all the time. Real women know that.

No. 1770332

they’re so misogynistic and male even regular moids understand women better.

No. 1770338

Trannies are so inherently materialistic and shallow that a mass produced disposable hair tie has serious significance. If you dropped a tranny onto a desert island, who would he be? There are no pretty hair ties in nature.

No. 1770348

>doesn't even know how to tie a hair tie
The fuck?

No. 1770349

jfc, what is with teenage gay boys and meeting up creepy old pedo men with wives for sex? i've heard so many of them admit to doing that when they were underage.

No. 1770355

Looking fierce with his dollar store steak knives in that last pic. It's funny how they're so obsessed with phallic weapons (see those "protect trans kids" shirts) while in the process of breaking their dicks permanently

No. 1770358

not going to address the fact that overwatch is made by a company where an employee was raped and committed suicide? no? oh that's right women don't matter. also it's retarded to expect everyone to be so terminally online that they know about some murder that happened in another country. one white teen boy in a dress is killed and everything needs to come to a hault because ME ME ME.

No. 1770362

They're homewrecking little sluts, that's what's up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1770381

kiwifarms is a safe space for racist white women

No. 1770388

wasn't she at a luncheon with a bunch of butch lesbians who the troons all attacked for 'looking like men'? they also attacked jk rowling's appearance as well. but remember you can't misgender pedophiles, murderers, and rapists!

No. 1770396

Nonnie it's extremely interesting when you realise these cases have massive repercussions for women. It's important to pick these things apart because it is ultimately us who will be paying the consequences. You don't want to share your changing room? The you condoned the murder of Brianna Ghey because ebil terfs made that stabbing happen and therefore you are a genocider. These things need to be analysed closely to determine the true motive so it's not carelessly chalked up as a hate crime when it could be something else entirely

No. 1770403

File: 1676658344433.jpeg (616.72 KB, 828x993, 6249FF88-1DA9-491E-ABDA-A10568…)

Don’t know if this has been posted yet but I’m really appalled that this subhuman is even allowed within the vicinity of women and children instead of being killed, Canada is truly fucked.


No. 1770411

Men love raping babies and pass laws so they can rape more babies. But I'm somehow 'baiting' when I mention this. Abortion is a crime now, so you're one rape away from having your literal baby locked up with this guy.

No. 1770414

canada is beginning to sound like hell on earth

No. 1770415

All the unwanted children are perfect targets for pedos and the tranny movement, it's a win win win for males

No. 1770417

being into paganism and drawing satan is not comparable to being AGP. Many Christian men abuse women too so saying he's a misogynist because he uses anti-Christian imagery is a huge fucking reach. The rest of the points she makes are excellent though

No. 1770425

I don’t care if I get banned for saying this: I hope this little faggot’s last moments were painful.

No. 1770429

so he was grooming kids. cute.

No. 1770439

>kiwifarms is a safe space for racist women
ftfy nonnie

No. 1770446

and nothing of value was lost. hello to any trannies screenshotting this, i am truly a monster.

No. 1770455

File: 1676662620026.jpg (120.71 KB, 926x2048, cock.jpg)

Does this really happen though?

No. 1770457

File: 1676662657672.png (323.27 KB, 553x503, 5325235235.png)

Jeffrey Marsh got sponsored about tampons on tiktok and the comments are refreshingly based
If anybody here isnt as retarded as me they could post the video here

No. 1770464

Any screenshots of the comments?

No. 1770466

why tf do they keep sponsoring tims when "anyone can have a period!" is about tifs?

No. 1770473

Belongs in the fakeboi thread >>1769272

No. 1770475

It’s a surefire way to make sure I never buy anything from those companies again. I would understand if it was TiFs, since, you know, they actually use the products, and not in a fetishistic way (I haven’t seen that yet anyway, just from scrotes).

No. 1770476

its gonna make them too dysphoric duh !

No. 1770479

Because women know that tampons are toxic and they're using them less and less.

No. 1770481

sage for miniblogpost but man i wish i could go back to the days i believed TRAs bullshit without worrying on anything. its been like 3 years i have peaked and i cannot speak shit on the troon issue without having all my friends blocking me forever. all my friends believe these troons bullshit and theyre mutuals with them. i have to encounter troons sometimes and that makes my skin crawl everytime. i wish i was just dumb again and believe their fairytales bullshit so i wouldnt have to hide myself everytime and not screaming about how im pissed to see these fetishizers everyday ruining our generation

No. 1770484

File: 1676665514657.jpg (113.83 KB, 1284x1261, FpJQHK4XEAAdDUh.jpg)

>JK Rowling sent Voldermort to kill Brianna Grey.

No. 1770485

Question, nonnas. Maybe this is a tinfoil, but do you think traditional tampon and pad companies are doing this because they’ve been losing more women as customers? I feel like a lot of women have started turning to reusable period products like cloth pads or cups over disposable ones. Are the companies trying a different approach because they’ve realized men with fetishes have started making such a fuss about pads and tampons? I genuinely don’t understand the line of thinking in sponsoring moids with something they can’t even properly use, and clearly a lot of women aren’t having it. Is it a bad publicity is good publicity kind of thing? If they really wanted to advertise with trans people, they could get ftms or “afab nbs” and call it a day, but then the scandal wouldn’t be as big. The scandal is just pushing more of their original customer base away though.

No. 1770486

As a nonna that used pads then cups, I'm not even surprised if that's the case. Women know tampons are toxic since always and with newer and reusable options, the ones that are using them are men that put them inside their asses with red tint to "fake" a period.

Hell, I have even read how many mothers dislike the idea of their daughters to use tampons because "VirGiniTy".

No. 1770487

Pamela’s right

No. 1770492

File: 1676666487150.jpg (255.31 KB, 1024x858, comments.jpg)

No. 1770494

File: 1676666642230.jpg (97.26 KB, 630x752, rapistrightscampaign.jpg)

Which trans people are she supposed to be bullying? Male rapists who want to be in women's prisons? I've seen TRAs whining about her "misgendering" those rapists.

No. 1770496

>non menstruating people

you're almost there linzee

No. 1770497

Yes companies want money they don’t care who it comes from

No. 1770498

Human Rights Campaign might want to change their name at this point. What a fucking joke.

No. 1770520

Being a smart person in a world full of dumbasses will never be easy. I recommend getting high a lot, that’s how I cope.

No. 1770546

File: 1676673465808.png (456.67 KB, 876x1071, tranny19.png)

No. 1770547

File: 1676673558115.png (378.15 KB, 488x548, firefox_zNo2KmEkjH.png)

Not even the fetish fueled anime girls are safe

Context: vtuber streamed hogwarts legacy

No. 1770554

Because there's probably a real woman behind that coomer avatar

No. 1770555

Yes, and she was sobbing on stream because trannies doxed and harassed her

No. 1770560

I wonder if vshojo will drop her

No. 1770565

Are you serious? This will only make normies hate trannies more.

No. 1770566

Dunno if the original clip is deleted, but in this video you can hear her sobbing after she turns off the stream and crying while talking

No. 1770573

This is the full clip
>she tries to remain apolitical as possible on her channel
>she says outright she does not agree with JKR
>played the game because she is a huge HP fan, it was an important part of her childhood
>accused of banning the word "trans" from her chat, which was false. Twitch automodded the word trans to cut back on harrassment and did not tell streamers
>people started going out of their way to doxx/reveal her identity and she recieved death threats literally just for playing the game
>cries almost the whole video
I hope this peaks her honestly, she is kinda normie and stays out of drama so to get doxxing and death threats for even touching HP is a lot.

No. 1770577

What ”normie” watches vtubers

No. 1770582

My mom

No. 1770595

My fav artists did a stream in Youtube for HL and it seems they were lucky no stupid gaijin came and start to say bullcrap on them (specially when one of them is pregnant). I'm sad for that Vtuber.

No. 1770597

File: 1676678673528.png (45.88 KB, 665x418, sssss.png)

literally what are they fucking talking about?

No. 1770600

File: 1676678886102.png (47.58 KB, 740x384, tumblr_07036cec416e2802ffa4ddb…)

kek the us could be in the midst of a civil war and trannies would still be on twitter whining about how their country wants to genocide them
>i wish there was a way out
i have some good news for you!

No. 1770602

Kek, notice how the genocide is only about transwomen (men)
>trans women exclusion will be the norm once again
So how is returning to the norm of excluding trannies a genocide?

No. 1770606

if it peaks the abnormies, even better.

No. 1770610

No matter how kind and compassionate you act towards troons, they will always spit in your face. I bet they wouldn't have sent death threats if this was a man, they just do the 'oh I'm so disappointed in you' when it's a man playing it, but when a woman does it, it's death threats, rape threats, and doxing. They go full mask off male abuser once a woman has the audacity to just say 'no'.

No. 1770614

File: 1676679803792.png (1.71 MB, 1162x1379, transjoy.png)

'defending' males in women's sports, so brave

No. 1770619

File: 1676680843246.jpeg (254.84 KB, 750x624, 60FFE923-F496-41A9-8FDD-4390B1…)

these people are so boring. everyone has feminine and masculine traits, gender isn’t real.

No. 1770620

What’s the point of his post at all? Literally everyone feels similarly, like you said. Not talking about pronouns but feeling more masculine or more feminine sometimes is just human. It means nothing except that TRAs idea of gender is stupid and we all are multi-faceted. It’s so dumb.

No. 1770621

Women need to unironically start doing this instead of accepting our lot in life. At least if we marched it would be because we genuinely care for the victims and want to send a message. Troons march to politicize dead teens to perpetuate their right to usurping women's spaces and having unfettered access to children.

No. 1770622

God damn. I went on Twitter and the amount of people saying nasty ass shit about her is disgusting. All the harassment is coming from a mix of mtf/ftm/non-binary types unfortunately(sage your shit)

No. 1770626

>muh satanic drawings
even if lia is a degenerate the man who wrote this thread is retarded(sage your shit)

No. 1770629

Did she really argue that's directly why he's misogynist or was it because he liked misogynist content like women getting hit (I don't have twitter)? From the clips I saw it seemed like it's not about the satanism itself, it's about the connotations of being drawn to something like that. 2edgy5me killers/abusers/retards the world over (Varg is a prime example) get involved with shit like that because it makes them feel ~dark and mysterious~ while validating their fantasies. I've met plenty of unhinged schizos/bpdfags who clutch onto imagery of Satan because it aligns with their personal brand of autism. Christfags who abuse are also deranged that's a given. It'd be as creepy to find out he has a hidden priest fetish.

No. 1770632

I fucking hate trannies so much holy shit

No. 1770634

>more emotional range
why do these moids always claim this? are males really lobotomized husks incapable of emotion? how does "hrt" even change that if it is presumably innate?

No. 1770637

I've seen claims that taking estrogen can work like an antidepressant. A lot of these moids should've been put on antidepressants/antipsychotics instead of poisoned with HRT. That is if they had real problems to begin with and not just chronic coombrain.

No. 1770638

it starts at 6:25 for nonnies that wanna skip to the clip.

>she is kinda normie
what, are you not looking at her model
doxxing is too far but i struggle to feel that bad for her getting harassed when she's another big boobed vtuber, she helps cultivate this kind of degenerate audience. her model keeps smiling and its tits bounce while she's crying irl, like turn that shit off for moments like this.

No. 1770640

i cant help but wonder 'what from here', they achieved the trans dream but what from here? they will soon see that their new neo-vagina doesn't guarantee happiness, and does nothing but hinder their day to day lives. i appreciate the surgeons though, they get to take the money that troons are so willing to blow on an infected puss leaking hole.

No. 1770644

with the bonus effect that now they’re eunuchs and can’t reproduce

No. 1770645

Ukranian trannies did complain that they had to go to war rather than escape since "they're women, they should be safe as well". As well TiFs complained "I'm a man, I should be in the war fighting for my country and not escaping like a coward". So I wouldn't be surprised if that happened.

No. 1770647

The girlies are peaking!!

No. 1770658

trannies love vtubers so it's not surprising they're targeting one

No. 1770663

how dare they finally admit that an overwhelming amount of trans women are sex pests! stop feeling bad for the victims of their perversion, feel bad for me because people are more wary of my degenerate fetish now waaahhh!

No. 1770698

File: 1676688996470.jpg (105.17 KB, 946x412, literal genocide.jpg)


what is with the sick fantasies of being "rounded up"

No. 1770713

these types of men watch the handmaiden's tale as fetish content

No. 1770731

File: 1676692880779.webm (2.33 MB, 1280x720, troon.webm)

tranny fail

No. 1770733

No. 1770737

File: 1676694323472.jpeg (414.19 KB, 750x1546, 91572EA3-5B4C-4383-97B2-810770…)

i hope his handmaiden friend won’t invite this entitled, affirmation seeking creep into the group and ruin it for everyone else.

No. 1770739

nonnies i saw a tim at a central american customs today and he was a bean pole of a dude in childishly small clothes. it was gross and he got holes bored into his back by the sheer amount of people standing in line staring at him. bring back public shaming for these gross fucks

No. 1770741

File: 1676694799447.jpg (216.25 KB, 644x1138, idiot.jpg)

a man telling women they're transphobic for having boundaries

No. 1770744

File: 1676695369195.jpg (476.61 KB, 1556x1100, teacher.jpg)

No. 1770745

fuck this retard, even as an actual woman i can't find a group of female friends to do stuff with irl

No. 1770750

Then stop being pervert degenerate sex pests?

No. 1770751

So he only wears them while around the children he teaches? Extremely disturbing, I bet his hard drive has some fucked up shit on it

No. 1770753

Why on earth did you sage this? If this isn't milk then nothing is. I want to know what his game is. Weird fetish around kids or some kind of extremely dedicated gay ops against the trans movement?

No. 1770754

File: 1676695943519.jpg (45.31 KB, 639x960, CsekKYvXgAA9Yvm.jpg)

>I wish there was a way out
There is

No. 1770758

if he joins any women’s group, it will stop being a women’s group, it will be all about him, and he’ll suck the soul out of every woman in it with his misogyny and bottomless need of emotional labor. not to mention he wants to sleep with this poor, unassuming friend, so he’s not really her friend.

No. 1770759

File: 1676696295257.jpg (276.55 KB, 1080x1812, FpM8Sc7WIAAizwr.jpg)

I keep the sage automatically in the options box.

No. 1770760

nta but i fucking HOPE this is a long-game gay op because the other explanation is so unsettling

No. 1770762

Is this from a Tesla footage? Kek

No. 1770765

No. 1770768

this world needs to burn

No. 1770769

>linking to cc
are you retarded? And I'm not a tranny idiot

No. 1770780

new species discovered: the platonic incel

No. 1770783

I know this is satire but I truly wonder if troons realize that they’d have more supporters for their on demand cosmetic surgeries if they were also vocally supportive of free cosmetic procedures for anyone with insecurities about their looks. But we never hear about trannies advocating for even something basic like laser hair removal for women with PCOS.

No. 1770784

probably a moid who grew up with a fetish for big tittied teachers and decided he wanted to be one. wouldn't be surprised if some students came forward about him sexually harassing them.

No. 1770785

tim dillon lost weight??

No. 1770786

File: 1676698226074.png (188.78 KB, 739x796, Screenshot 2023-02-17 233003.p…)

thanks for posting this, here's an easy to share screen cap of the info.

No. 1770787

File: 1676698266711.png (329.58 KB, 802x736, Fm2hPwTakAE_4is.png)

the monitor is transphobic

No. 1770799

this fear of getting genocided feels so… misplaced. Do these people really think a genocide of a mostly white minority living in a first world country could happen? Even if they were rounding up troons wouldn’t it be so easy for most of them to just slap on their old clothes and say they were never actually trans? How would a trans genocide even work exactly…

No. 1770809

in their heads they will nobly face death at the hands of evil terf karens that control the world when they tearfully make the brave decision to refuse to remove their programmer socks at gunpoint. and in the future there will be museum exhibits about the great troon genocide featuring giant piles of kitty cat headbands and dollar store tutus that were removed from the bodies of the victims

No. 1770811

fucking kek

No. 1770812

How do you know there aren't any WoC users on KF. Yeah, racists post are made on the forum but that's seems to come from the moid users.

No. 1770819

The whole reason why these beneficial programs like mother-baby units can even exist in women's prisons is because women don't commit violent crime in significant numbers, and thus inherently require less security than male prisoners. If men can be counted as "female" and moved into women's prisons, this changes the demographics so that now there ARE violent criminals who DO require higher security. In small numbers it creates situations like this, but in larger numbers the security implications would eventually require these programs to be eliminated and their advantages for female prisoners destroyed.

No. 1770821

>heterosexual white men in the first world cowering in fear from the threat of genocide
>genocide is random knife crime in tea and crumpet land or women telling them no

No. 1770829

File: 1676703745298.jpeg (205.85 KB, 750x2182, 7473AF3B-C534-4DA6-8610-0135F1…)


No. 1770831

File: 1676703954977.jpeg (265.89 KB, 750x640, 2B84F2F7-0479-407E-9D5B-2E57DE…)

> boobs are fun but also they are so bouncy and I constantly find myself bouncing them with my hands and giggling at it.
moobs are fucking gross, so is the scrote attached to them.

No. 1770837

It's poetic how well this clip sums up their delusions:
> "just a smol widdle baby girl uwu"
> vastly underestimates their mass
> embarrass self, bring dishonor to ancestors

No. 1770844

I think I need to throw up

No. 1770845

lol my husband peaked one of his friends today by bringing up the “medical scam” angle of the tranny phenomenon and pointing out how anytime you can’t have normal discourse about a topic and dissenting opinions are just silenced then something is seriously wrong.

the tipping point for his friend was seeing the Onion put out some article in response to the JK Rowling story entitled “It Is Journalism’s Sacred Duty To Endanger The Lives Of As Many Trans People As Possible.” Must be troons on the onion staff, RIP.

No. 1770860

It's the death drive. They want to be martyred asap so that the trans stuff would have an actual meaning instead of being a narcissistic obsession and mainly an online thing.

These people are not afraid of a genocide, they wish it would happen today. It would be the ultimate validation.

No. 1770866

But why? You don’t sage milk

No. 1770888

File: 1676714224454.jpeg (56.6 KB, 1170x324, C4042346-527D-420A-AE3E-C11517…)

An artist I follow posted Hogwarts Legacy fanart. Most of the comments were fine but, lol

No. 1770898

File: 1676716706144.png (45.61 KB, 253x275, 1676483498043.png)

These arguments are always like "you think transgenderism is a modern perversion, bigot? well this civilization 2000 years back had castrated boys sexually serving adult men which we directly parallel to modern day transgenderism." like the vast majority of "third gender" or "two-spirit" roles cited in academia as examples of "transgenderism" in ancient or primitive societies were of some men fulfilling roles that were deemed to "demeaning" for regular men, and adopting some superficial feminine characteristics (in dress, make-up, castration e.t.c)

No. 1770902

File: 1676717878668.jpg (197.07 KB, 1080x1614, FpNCF-sXgAIqfBh.jpg)

Tranny has a sane thought on reddit ans is immediately shut down

No. 1770903

>people are focusing on the sex pest trans women and not the GOOD ones!
there are no good ones, whoops! because it's a fetish. what a pornsick waterbrained faggot.

No. 1770929

does anyone have any links to the theories around the Brienna Ghey motives? I buy that there’s something unsavoury behind it (especially since seeing that AGP TikTok screenshot) but they’re obviously not coming from the MSM so what’s the source?

No. 1770938

what AGP tiktok screenshot

No. 1770939

their obsession with the Holocaust is so disrespectful

No. 1770942

They literally equate being unable to access HRT and cosmetic surgery as genocide. They don’t think they’re actually gonna be rounded up for death, they think they’ll be rounded up and told that they are men and can no longer receive unnecessary female hormones or womanface surgeries.

No. 1770951

she is pro life and blame radical feminism for troonism and prostitution so she is most likely a trad who has no idea what radical feminism is about

No. 1770955

File: 1676729697128.webm (3.69 MB, 320x458, 7oF4Mx9OoC_qRiZS.webm)

absolute state of libfems, imagine being this poisoned by wokeoid rhetoric that you literally refuse to accept the reality of the world

No. 1770961

its sadly a woman

No. 1770964

i understood after posting… she's infused with toxic troon, it's very sad

No. 1770965

>Getting annoyed with constantly being categorized as "cis" and not just a woman is RACIST
ok tim

No. 1770973

File: 1676731273081.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1522, B135D2B8-4ED6-4E85-8E06-2FC9AE…)

it’s the 5 o’clock shadow for me

No. 1770976

No. 1770980

File: 1676731746880.gif (158.64 KB, 500x375, 1495998520687.gif)

>Allies should put their pronouns in alliance with their trans siblings
>Allies should remove their pronouns if they're going to buy a game that literally kills trans people!!

They'll be never happy until people bend to their shit and this game is showing that.

No. 1770984

Britbong here. Knife crime is huge over here between young people. I wouldn't be surprised if it was done over something that had nothing to do with the trans shit and was just some high school drama that ended in a fatal stabbing (happens a lot)

No. 1770987

she looks like shrek

No. 1770990

File: 1676732767801.jpg (342.03 KB, 1282x1664, pNF2U9WIAE.jpg)

Okay I genuinely thought this was a shitpost or edit but its real, he's not even trying cause he knows he doesn't have to try

No. 1770993

does this show up as a green screen for anyone else? refreshing the page doesn't help.

No. 1770994


moids age like milk

No. 1770998

whenever trannies post about themselves giggling it's horrifying to imagine.

No. 1770999

how did we end up so that a minority of failed narcissistic porn-obsessed manchildren who have enough time to navelgaze endlessly dictate what is allowed to be said and which media to enjoy and how to speak and how we'll have to see dicks in the locker room you fucking bigot ?
is this a fever dream ? why is everyone mad ?

No. 1771010

File: 1676734831041.png (859.89 KB, 1718x1332, Screen Shot 2023-02-18 at 8.34…)

I remember this dude from a few threads ago. He, a 6' or more man, got a screening cancelled because he was shouting and spitting in women's faces who had attended. I honestly expected him to face no consequences whatsoever. THANK FUCK somebody is holding him accountable. They need to set a precedent or else these gross fucks will think they can threaten and intimidate women with impunity.

No. 1771026

I know I’m late, but imagine making the conscious decision to wear this as a woman. You’d be signing yourself up for sexual assault. Somehow men crave this or find it funny. Disgusting.

No. 1771029

I’m convinced scrotes love this as payback to women now having standards and boundaries. They’ve never considered us an oppressed class despite that being the blatant truth throughout history in practically all parts of the world, but now that they can’t just have any woman as a slave, they support this shit because it’s a way to punish us.

No. 1771030

They found a loophole to be publicly abusive towards women for not being meek submissive little handmaidens.

No. 1771031

File: 1676737427824.png (303.96 KB, 1440x1325, Screenshot_20230218-111604~2.p…)

Sage for blogposting but all the "discourse" on the Hogwarts game fucking PROVES the inverse of what TRAs keep bitching about. Read this Kotaku post about how the game is "rotten" and the reviewer spent 15 hours playing.

Listen, if someone released a vidya game that literally caused a Jewish pogrom or restarted the Rwandan genocide, I wouldn't play it for 15 hours and then write a smug think-piece. I just…wouldn't play it. Anything that actually caused real world harm would be boycotted by any sensible outlet. But Wired, Kotaku, every tech outlet has to chime in on Hogwarts Legacy to generate clicks while maintaining the focus on how abused and maligned trans people are. But every thembie who had their deathly Hallows tattoos lasered off in the last two years wants to take this opportunity to make a STAND on the internet for TRANS RIGHTS.

No. 1771062

File: 1676741059979.png (896.56 KB, 999x743, 1675964250113386.png)

Jazz is the only male troon I'll ever feel sorry for. His parents fucked up his life and turned him into a literal cash cow. I wouldn't be surprised if he kills himself within the next 5 years but I hope he doesn't because I Am Jazz is peak entertainment kek.
Anytime I hear about the game it's because a terminally online TRA is crying about how "horrible" it is (they sure do know a lot about a game they're supposed to be boycotting). TRAs are only virtue signaling so hard because they likely enjoyed playing the game and feel bad about it. They don't actually care about twans genocide.

No. 1771068

File: 1676742546262.jpg (63.11 KB, 976x855, FoZBBceWIA8gu9Y.jpg)

No. 1771069

>Anytime I hear about the game it's because a terminally online TRA is crying about how "horrible" it is
Reminds me of that resetera mod getting caught playing Hogwarts with only one hour on Forspoken kek

No. 1771072

i don't see these people writing pieces about how you should boycott blizzard, a company that supports the oppression of Hong Kong and covered up the suicide of a sexually assaulted employee. they don't write pieces on Rockstar, who have time and time again portrayed violence against women as fun. hell, i've never seen anyone even suggest not buying pokemon and we all know that Jynx was basically blackface in Pokemon R/B.

No. 1771073

Queen. Though the comments are saying that video has been deleted, I hope she is ok.

No. 1771074

File: 1676743226901.jpg (248.6 KB, 1080x1385, FpQCnNJWAAI5sV5.jpg)

17 but sounds more like a 12 year old whining

No. 1771079

File: 1676743390255.jpg (116.55 KB, 1024x847, reduxx.info_-1024x847.jpg)

Scottish tranny butcher who abducted 11 year old girl (found after 27 hour search) has been charged with abducting, raping and sexual assaulting her.

No. 1771082


>Miller was charged with further offences including the possession of an indecent photograph of a child, behaving in a threatening and/or abusive manner and forcing a child to look at a sexual image.

No. 1771086

bro you're 17, literally 1 year away from independence. most teens get pissed of at their parents but he can legit just move out, get a job and fund his own tranny degeneracy as soon as he hits 18 if its such an issue for him. we all know he won't cause he sounds like he's happy leeching off his parents who are providing for him, but still. feel bad for his parents having to live with this raging narc

No. 1771098

on today's episode of 'men don't understand women laugh when they're uncomfortable': this troon. it's so funny how they claim to be emotional 'just like women' but they have no female socialization so they don't understand any of the nuances of being a woman, like being nice to disgusting men so they don't get angry with you.

No. 1771102

What really annoys me is that the creators made a real effort to pander to troons. Not just with the character creation, but with the Three Broomsticks troon as well. You have to interact with him multiple times over the main storyline, other characters keep talking about how brave and special “she” is in a very unnatural way and he’s even close with the pretty lesbian herbology professor because of course he is. And that’s only 15~20 hours in. I hope there isn’t any more.
None of this pandering makes one iota of difference because TRAs are narcissists who demand 100% submission, and denouncing anything HP-related is a required display of this submission. The more people love it and consider it an important part of their childhood, the louder the demand for sacrifice becomes because the difficulty of the sacrifice is the whole point. TRAs were never going to be satisfied with any degree of pandering as long as Rowling lives and continues to be an outspoken feminist. So now we have this obnoxious Brave and Stunning transbian character shoved in our faces for no fucking reason.

No. 1771103

Nta but it really pisses me the fuck off as a woman and esp as a descendant of holocaust victims. You can tell they know it's not going to happen to them based on how flippantly they bring up the "trans genocide" whereas women know that if we talk about the Handsmaid Tale there will be a swarm of MRA/trad tard moids in the replies ready to make it happen. I hate to a-log but I've never seen a group of terminally online, privileged people who deserve it more. I really hope they manifest whatever "genocide" they speak of.

No. 1771104

File: 1676744996057.jpg (622.16 KB, 1300x1720, ct.jpg)

Canadian teacher with Z-size prosthetic breasts dresses as man outside of school, neighbor says.

No. 1771108

sirona had my sides in stitches, his voice is so funny. my husband is also playing and he was like oh god i got to the troon part. he has a couple of lines about how a goblin character was the only person who recognized him after he trooned out. all the antisemitism claims are extremely stupid because the game intentionally fleshes out goblins as a magical race and there are good and bad goblins. it's funny how troons try and act like they can relate to the Holocaust yet have the audacity to try and act like Jewish people and troons should both boycott HP together bc they're totally related. especially since i guarantee these troons are all antisemitic since they're all from the 4chan to troon pipeline.

No. 1771109

No, it's just a scrote CEO's misguided attempt to seem woke. These companies are run by men, hence the release of scented products which make women sick. They've established that they don't give a fuck about women, so of course they're going to send free products to men in drag while women in prison and shelters are forced to go without.

I just buy generic store-brand tampons and pads. I always have because it's cheaper, but now I have even more reasons to.

No. 1771111

File: 1676746403909.png (1.24 MB, 1494x1126, Screen Shot 2023-02-12 at 7.53…)

Any nona have that tweet from the tranny calling for spitroasting cis women in "breeding facilities"? I can't seem to find it.

No. 1771114

File: 1676746627682.jpg (327.42 KB, 1080x1935, EjlwwCLWsAIiMmD.jpg)

No. 1771116

seems like a very old-fashioned take. I'm a millennial and never knew anyone (older or my age) with this view about tampons taking away your virginity. And I was raised Roman Catholic…

Many younger teens choose to use pads because tampons do require some practice and relaxation to insert correctly, though. I can see why some women tell their daughters to start with pads and not tampons. I have a nightmare memory of trying to figure out how to put a tampon in before a pool party and giving up in the end… too embarrassed to ask even my mom (or esp my mom).

No. 1771118

the tampon company that gave Jeffrey a partnership is L. (allegedly run by women?) I'm not in the US and never heard of it

No. 1771119

File: 1676746861364.webm (2.01 MB, 320x568, mouth of sauron.webm)

it was saged so I understand why you didn't see it was posted already >>1770744

Jesus, I never clicked on this guy's videos before but does he always talk like the Mouth of Sauron??

No. 1771125

He always has serial killer vibes for real. But im loving the fact most of his comments are against him now, not with him. He wishes he had the handmaiden army that Dylan has but he is now on mainstream titkok and people are calling him a creepy narc in the comments, we love to see it

No. 1771126

>white supremacy culture
why not just call it white supremacy? What does adding the word culture at the end do Not that it matters anyway. Acting like transphobia is linked to racism is frankly insulting

No. 1771131

Burgerfags think every basic human behaviour is a culture, especially when they don't like that behaviour. You're afraid of troons? Well, actually, you're just brainwashed by white evangelical culture into thinking that way. You want to call the police on a troon? You did that because America is a nazi Christian culture that has to be dismantled

No. 1771133

I hope this isn't some Mandela effect, but I vaguely remember a story where a guy with a beard who made no changes to his appearance was able to legally change his identity to "woman", and he gave a speech about his experience.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

No. 1771141

I just don't understand where this comes from either, 99% of women in the world be they black brown or white would take issue with being called -cis and would just prefer to be women

No. 1771146

lmao jesus christ

No. 1771152

this shit has to be socially engineered to make people hate them. no sane and self respecting person can respond to this kind of condensation with anything other than disgust. nobody likes teacher-voice.

No. 1771154

Ayrt this is kind of a tough one but white burgerfags who are super into queer culture have had absolutely no long term friendships or familiarity with POC. Ever. They do not understand that many POC are more likely to openly reject troons because POC do not have time or energy to waste of made up problems. White "queer" people in America just live in complete denial that there are literally huge black owned churches that take a very harsh stance against gay people or that Asian families will often just completely cut a kid out of their life because homosexuality is seen as shameful. The irony here is that troons are in fact the white supremacy culture they claim to despise, speaking over the voices and opinions of POC and putting societies most vulnerable women in even more danger than they were before

No. 1771163

“Danielle” Muscato maybe?

No. 1771165

File: 1676751292109.jpg (35.13 KB, 500x666, tumblr_ovturqpbdT1tj1e3so1_500…)

Danielle Muscato? Although he did shave the beard sort of

No. 1771168

What is up with these tik tok troons with fucking horse teeth or chicklet teeth like Dylan

Anon…I wish I could give you a hug or something. You hit the nail on the head white troons really think they are the most oppressed but really don't give a fuck about WOC (ugh), black especially unless they want to throw us under the bus and call us men. You and I aren't the same Bob.

No. 1771172

That's the one! I didn't know he was actually trans though. I thought it was satire. lol

No. 1771175

Ayrt it's so blatant that white Burgerfag "queer culture" types have no idea what a POC is or what day to day life is for a POC. I'm not even a burger or POC, I'm making this observation all the way from Ireland. The dozen or so POC American exchange students I've made friends with over the years have more than likely given me a more accurate perception of the American POC experience than any burger white they/them who insists black people didn't accept male and female genders until white supremacy culture forced them to

No. 1771195

so much trannies admitted that it was the sissy porn fetish that got them to this low point

No. 1771205

File: 1676753433889.jpeg (Spoiler Image,380.33 KB, 1090x2048, 00F52603-C13B-48BE-B402-01BBBF…)

Spoiler for jumpscare lolita troid. Be careful.

No. 1771206

Even if Brianna Ghey turned out to be a horrible person I wouldn't be surprised if troons defended him till the very end, if the Chrischan fiasco is anything to go by

No. 1771207

Patrick Swayze?

No. 1771212

You reminded me that there was this troon in a twitter fandom who mentioned being a woman and a lesbian and when I went to his livestream he just had a whole ass beard. Completely indistinguishable from men and no absolute effort put into looking anything like a woman. I didn't peak yet but even then I thought how can anyone take these people seriously

No. 1771221

File: 1676754475679.jpg (306.5 KB, 798x1282, PQgbHdl.jpg)

Interesting that all the people they decided had the wrong reaction were minorities; and look how polite this troon was to a white man, maybe that's why he took it better, because they weren't threatening him with rape, torture, and murder. They're so fucking up their own asses that they don't even consider how they're own behaviour effects how people view them.

No. 1771223

Glad to hear it, nonna. You have to be really alienated from your instincts to see the rage in his eyes and not run the other way. Every libfem handmaiden needs an immersive Gavin de Becker course.

No. 1771227

File: 1676754718590.jpeg (162.99 KB, 828x877, B3AF3BBD-2AF1-4C8F-AC8D-FEC66C…)

I was looking up how much to tip laser techs and found this on trans Reddit …. idk why but this irks me so much….Like bitch, what you are doing to yourself also is cosmetic and optional….

No. 1771229

I hate tipping culture but they are so fucking entitled.

No. 1771231

My thoughts exactly, entitled assholes.
There's women who grow facial hair that also feel the need and societal pressure to get it removed. It's not "recreational", yet they aren't getting their laser treatment covered by their insurance.
The print on those dirty socks look like poop emojis and I think that's fitting.

No. 1771232

>HRT has stopped hair growth everywhere in my body except face
???? Huh???? Women have no body hair now?

No. 1771233

File: 1676755675893.jpg (51.62 KB, 680x505, FjGDfsDVIAEukjE.jpg)

opening these pictures (like yours and threadpic) and scrolling is a whole fucking descent into hell.
sure, the face seems to set the tone frankly so you start with confidence, then comes the tragicomedy of the clothing choice, posture and manbody that tugs on your nerves in all sorts of contradicting ways, stretches your mouth into a zigzag and drives your eyes further and further apart as you make your way down. at the bottom, worn down and demoralised, you think you've made it through, just to get aesthetically, psychologically and spiritually pulverised by the goofiest ungodliest fucking footwear no sane person could come to expect.
all this in a few seconds. one more ogre-gazing micro-session and i'll need an emotional support dog.

No. 1771237

File: 1676756503054.jpg (1.36 MB, 954x1220, Bg94ZLN.jpg)

>goofiest ungodliest fucking footwear no sane person could come to expect.
The shoes and socks are also filthy and poorly cared for, I screamed when I saw them.

No. 1771241

DAE feel like the current left want to make jews and black women feel super ugly with these extreme stereotypes (like goblins, comparing bw to men, etc)? What exactly is the point of it? I know plenty of cute jewish girls and some guys (except when they get old and go bald) and obviously there are very feminine looking black women so idk what their goal is when these stereotypes can easily be disproven by going outside and looking around ffs. Are they just trying to make us mule for them by hurting our self-esteem that we look like goblins and men so we do the majority of fighting for [white male] trannies?

No. 1771242

i am in tears

No. 1771247

I kek’d so hard nonny

No. 1771248

I think a lot of it is also basically horseshoe theory, certain people the left (not all, I'm also on the left but despise what idpol has become, before anyone calls bait) othering Jews and black people to the point they basically sound like Nazis themselves. It's not woke and informed to see someone with a big nose or big lips and immediately screech about Jewish or black caricatures and it's fucking insane to go looking for these to use as ammo against people you don't agree with. As a Jew I can't speak for black people, I'm pretty sure they also don't like people being fake outraged on their behalf as much as we don't like goyim using us as outrage bait. Of course, moids are also just racist and don't give a shit about women they don't find attractive so there's also that.

No. 1771249

you're a good writer lmao

No. 1771250

File: 1676757595460.jpeg (402.09 KB, 828x792, 930173E1-EECE-415E-8476-2A3443…)

Anybody remember the hulking male Sophie from mars?

No. 1771253

I straight up don't understand this "black women are masculine" meme. I have never once mistaken a black woman for being male, meanwhile it happens semi-regularly for white women.

No. 1771254

I haven't been able to find it but there was that British beardo who's a shrink or something (of course). He did nothing to change his appearance and his expression in photos is sickeningly smug. He said that he was expanding the definition of woman. Grrrrrrr.

No. 1771255

It's troons projecting their inherent racism and misogyny. They think because black women aren't stereotyped as delicate waifish anime girls then they're masculine.

No. 1771258

Blog, but I've had similar experiences. I was in a discord server for art feedback, and there was a troonbian who posted nothing but grotesque futa porn. One time he joined VC, and he had a standard male neckbeard voice. I left after he kept trying to steer the topic of conversation to porn.

No. 1771260

File: 1676758035327.png (445.55 KB, 619x922, troonbeardo.png)

No. 1771274

Mine break because I have thick hair. Scrotes wouldn't understand.

No. 1771284

I always autocorrect transwoman to male in my head and it makes reading things a lot easier.
>tfw america is sleepwalking into a genocide against males and there is no hope for recourse because both liberals and leftists are too focused on how much they hate pervert degenerate sex pest men to give a shit. by the time the gop has control of the federal govt again, male exclusion will probably be the norm
once again for mainstream liberal and left wing orgs”
Hope this helped.

No. 1771292

>tfw america is sleepwalking into a genocide against males
Doesn't sound half bad lmao

No. 1771298

Yeah what the fuck? I grow crazy amounts of hair thanks to PCOS. But of course my insurance would never fucking cover laser hair removal let alone ELECTROLYSIS. The medical system loves men.

No. 1771301

You don't even have to have PCOS. Some women are just naturally hairier, and if you have paler skin and darker, thicker hair, the hair is more obvious.

Also like. We expect women to have super long eyelashes, dark eyebrows, and thick hair, but no visible hair elsewhere on their bodies, which makes no goddamn sense. Either your hair is pale and fine everywhere, or it's thick and dark everywhere. According to beauty standards, the latter look like ghouls as they naturally appear, and the former look like bigfoot. You can't win no matter how you're born, which is why the beauty industry needs to be thrown in a volcano.

No. 1771305

No one's going to send you to the gas chambers you histrionic faggot. "Stop being a creepy pervert in public" is an extremely easy ask.

No. 1771307

anon's point is that she has it due to a medical condition, not naturally.

No. 1771313

File: 1676765234393.jpeg (299.96 KB, 750x1727, AED3BCDF-779B-4A22-A0F3-0CED99…)

the delusion. also his profile is full of furry shit.

No. 1771320

I'm not Jewish nor am I the internet police, but isn't this considered antisemitic?

No. 1771323

File: 1676766513825.png (29.08 KB, 1174x124, usbc.png)

No. 1771324

Troons defended the Wi Spa faggot, and when it was exposed he had a history of sexual harassment , they quietly never brought it up again.
They’ll scream and create lynch mobs whenever there’s a believed slight against them but the scrote narc rage in them refuses to ever admit to fault.

No. 1771332

Yes, any normie would find that offensive.

No. 1771340

Exactly. Also a lot of them already brag about being able to “boymode”, so they’re fully aware of their male privilege.

No. 1771342

Why do they all look so much older than their age? I legitimately thought he was around 40.

No. 1771346

File: 1676770045140.png (94.42 KB, 859x642, FpRtDkRaEAANSSY.png)

Other trannies defending him

No. 1771348

remember that so many of these moids are typical crusty 4chan moids who think edgy shit like that is hilarious
i bet that guy posts on the /tttt/ refugee sub

No. 1771367

I do not but I'm glad to hear he's seething!
He'd rather sit on reddit arguing over the semantics of a child's sexual assault than condemn one of his own. This fucking freak, I want to alog.

No. 1771371

Never heard of him but Male Detection Cat? FOLLOWED

No. 1771380

The SRY gene is mostly responsible for male phenotypes which is on the Y chromosome after x inactivation. I have reservations and doubts about transgenderism because it is impossible to prove, to make matters worse trans identified males will often argue that they "feel" feminine which only muddies the waters worse at best and at worse is purely misogynistic.

The matter of humans being a bimodal species is interesting and one of the only social media sources I've seen of a normie discussing this outside of scientific articles is this person. I'd like to hear others opinions on this here.


No. 1771388

yes, extremely

No. 1771392

File: 1676773869723.jpg (97.3 KB, 527x491, troonery.jpg)

No. 1771407

File: 1676774715841.jpg (53.71 KB, 640x480, 957372.jpg)

I always say that if the game is really making people killing jewish or tranies, the "video games make people violent" would use HL as sample of it to remove it.

But since there's zero proof that someone killed anybody because the game told them to and the Brianna Grey's death seems more like a revenge, TRA will whine over and over.

Besides I'm not surprised how some spoilers came so quickly. If you knew the spoilers, you played the game.

No. 1771413

I have seen 0 evidence that transgenderism has a biological basis, it is all sociocultural fuckery combined with underlying predisposition to thoughts and behaviors associated with mental illness (and even then a large part of mental illness is sociocultural fuckery). sex is binary because it is determined by X/Y chromosomes, there are some statistical outliers among intersex individuals but just because some people have chromosomal disorders that doesn't change the model. any serious academic in biology would just laugh at this nonsense. yeah some women have more masculinized phenotypic features and some men have more feminized features, in this sense you could say there is an element of bimodality to human phenotypes, but when it comes to sex specifically it is assuredly binary.

No. 1771418

does anyone know what happened to auntiewanda? her blog is gone and she was posting like normal yesterday, did she finally get deleted? has she had to remake before? https://auntiewanda.tumblr.com/

No. 1771427

America is truly a special breed of stupid, latinx unfortunately has caught on here despite it being shunned by actual Latin countries/cultures

No. 1771431

did it actually catch on? i've never met a latinx who didn't hate the term outside of rich grad students

No. 1771449

I've seen it used in media, I'm fairly sure I seen it used in an infomercial before, in articles, as well among the general populace online though. I also had the misfortune of hearing afab used in a commercial just today. Personally I think once something has made it's way to mainstream television it has become mainstream, as that's how people who aren't chronically online are going to be exposed to it. But I hope I'm wrong because I'm already sickened by this shit.

No. 1771452

F im 99% sure she was termed. auntie wanda has been on terblr forever, one of my first blogs i read when i peaked over 5 years ago. rest in peace to a queen

No. 1771453

I feel like a lot of this stuff gets pushed in the media because marketing departments base their decisions on how people act online, but the subset of people online and vocally posting about SJW shit is soooo vastly different and unrepresentative of the broader populace

No. 1771456

Forrest is a dumbass and is either lying or stupid.

The short version is that sex in humans is binary. Why? Because sex is about reproduction. We reproduce by one gamete merging with the other gamete and we only have two types of gametes, sperm and egg. There is no intermediate or mixed gametes between sperm and egg, no spergs, no speggs, no erms, just two. So binary.

What Forrest and other idiots do is pretend that the fact that other animals (that are not humans or mammals) have wild things going on with reproduction means something for humans. It doesn't. It's like saying that because human skin can flush, tan and go pale, our skin has something in common with animals that can completely change skin color like, chameleons and cuttlefish.
They also like to pretend that intersex disorders mean that sex is a spectrum. It means nothing of the sort. What it means is that there is a ton of variation within the male sex and a ton of variation within the female sex, because a doctor can determine if a person with a dsd was supposed to develop as male or female before something went wrong.

Some responses, debuking of Forrest vids and the sex is bimodal/a spectrum concept:
Emma Hilton is a developmental biologist who talks about sex denailism:

Paradox Institute is channel dedicated to talking about why sex is a binary

Response Video to Sex and Sensibility from Peak Trans

King Critical did a couple of streams on the video but rambles and goes off topic a lot so should watch on 2x, and fast forward a lot

No. 1771457

The thing is the "POC" western wokeoids interact with them are culturally just like them, usually from the upper middle class and having nothing in common with their original culture, living in a liberal bubble just like upper class white liberals and in these groups identity matters more then worth of face, it doesn't matter if a person is from literal nobility and in the top 15%, like Minddy Karling or Khadihab Mbowe, they are non-Chrstian POC's and this their identity matters more

No. 1771466

It's caught on among the woke, who dominate media and television. Actual Hispanic people don't like it.

There have been surveys done and they say only 3-4% use the term. But they also say that most don't hate with the fire of a thousand suns, like I do (I am not Hispanic).

Controversy Over the Term 'Latinx': Public Opinion Context

About One-in-Four U.S. Hispanics Have Heard of Latinx, but Just 3% Use It

No. 1771467

Samefag but no one has said this about a single ethel Cain song. The “men will never understand this song the way a woman does” is usually said about Lana del rey songs. I was going to say I will never understand why handmaidens ride troon dick so hard but I’ve noticed that it stems from seeing real women as competition/jealousy and so they hype up the men in dresses instead. I’ve never heard this woman speak positive about actual women it’s always about praising the mentally ill crossdressers

No. 1771483

ever since i started hearing about him "ethel" has become a male name in my head because i don't know any actual women named ethel lol

No. 1771485

Why are troons so obsessed with WW2?

No. 1771486

File: 1676780918130.png (30.86 KB, 297x494, auntiewanda.png)


Yes. This asshole report her to Tumblr under the "bigo-tree" excuse, but I report it back for "homophobia" since Auntiewanda is lesbian. Might not do shit, but F for auntiewanda.

No. 1771487

they're men

No. 1771490

i don't even know who this is but im about to find an archive of her posts to recreate her blog on tumblr just to piss this little twerp off

No. 1771494

File: 1676781458711.gif (1.11 MB, 640x360, evil-homer-homer.gif)

I would say "Use the same stock photos Auntie use it", but that's my evil nonnie side talking.

No. 1771502

I saw a bit of that show for the first time and Jazz’s psycho mother is just. Horrifying. Fuck troons generally but I really do sympathize with Jazz

No. 1771509

How did he manage to get so much foundation in his hair?

No. 1771514

She's just going to remake and Tumblr isn't going to do shit about it because their moderators only do their job like 10% of the time. Not surprising that they're wasting time banning actual women on behalf of Twitter refugee troons with two-month-old accounts instead of doing anything about the army of pornbots accosting the site.

Also why did you crop this faggot's URL out?

No. 1771517

honestly really impressive for a 22 yo MTF to pass as mrs. doubtfire

No. 1771523

im fucking howling

No. 1771527

i feel bad for a lot of trans people tbh. there's obviously the fetishists and sex pests. but a large collection of them are just gnc people who were told shit like 'you're a man who likes feminine things? no, ridiculous, that's a sign you're a woman trapped in a mans body'. it's happening very young now too. i feel like there is gonna be a huge detransitioner movement when a lot of these kids grow up. seems like so many parents would rather a trans kid than a little boy who plays with barbie dolls. i don't know why more people don't call out that they're reinforcing stereotypes and promoting that you SHOULD change yourself instead of just loving who you are. it goes against practically every other pc stance. then there's all the women who don't 'feel' like women for really sexist reasons but that's another thread lol.
lmao does he really think society would give a shit if someone said a 'trans woman' raped a little girl vs a trans woman inserted objects into a child? they are so delusional. no one gives a fuck about the specifics of what this pedo piece of shit did-the fact he looked up and read exactly what he did you her too, so nasty.

No. 1771529

i feel bad for the GNC people that got roped into it when they were kids, like i was verrry GNC as a toddler/kid and literally thought i was a boy from the youngest age(I checked my genitals every day to see when my penis would start growing when i was like 7-8, sometimes i would even try to pull my clitoris as far out as possible to try to get it to become a penis) and had i been sold the option of puberty blockers i for sure would have taken them. Of course i would not have been educated on the side effects of them, including brain development- which my parents would have probably researched and decided wasn't good for me, but now states are trying to codify laws that allow kids access to them without parental permission, just horrific.

No. 1771531

but the fact that i had basically textbook tranny gender dysphoria symptoms as a kid that lingered into adulthood but faded away once i learned about biology, neuroscience, and philosophy is proof enough to me that tranny shit is a MASSIVE FUCKING HOAX

No. 1771540

same. if i was able to overcome the troon disease and start living in reality, anyone can.

No. 1771546

being a literal schizo i've never had a great relationship with reality and yet somehow troon ideology was a bridge too far for me

No. 1771551

this reminds me of a when I was working as a waxer and had to do a troons full leg. Bragged about being in the top 10% of only fans, talked to me about hentai (mind you while he was just in underwear and a shirt, super hairy"girl dick" and balls almost out) and then at the end of this 45 minute $200 service tip was zero. That's when I initially peaked

No. 1771557

jeeeeeeesus i'm so sorry you ever had to do that
i prolly woulda gotten arrested if i'd been in your position ngl

No. 1771562

File: 1676788524113.jpeg (167.7 KB, 1395x769, 1674439447098.jpeg)

im def feeling pretty angry right now just being reminded of it just now

No. 1771563

keffals is getting canceled for asking his following to dox people on his reddit page…….. ironic - alanis morisette

No. 1771569

i guess you can rest easy knowing he'd go above and beyond murder to be a woman like us
btw good fucking image, i'll definitely be using that in the future, thank you

No. 1771571

It's so funny and satisfying to see him attacked by his own. How's that medicine taste keffals?

No. 1771597

Top 10% is whopper money. It’s nothing. Sad af.

No. 1771623

nonnies just love to pretend only yt women can be racist to shit on other women

No. 1771629

I'm so tired

No. 1771635

File: 1676800446989.png (23.91 KB, 724x118, ohshit.png)

samefag but holy fuck, the comments are like 60% roasting them for caving, love to see it
we got JK WK's, we got terfs, we got sane normies. ah

No. 1771637

I was just to post this, like what a fucking pick-me, TRAs could have had her channel deleted and is spreading misinformation about her supporting pedophilia and yet she still brow beats herself and is willing bow down to troons

No. 1771641

File: 1676800758029.png (41.02 KB, 741x295, bruh.png)

right?! and the whole "girlfriend reviews" schtick is so fucking pickme it makes me want to tear my hair out. "I can't play games so I just watch my moid do it uwu neckbeards can have gfs too!" farmhands pls no ban for emoji, she's saying that not me hehe
they're getting fucking DRAGGED I'm sitting back and refreshing Newest Comments like it's fucken the morning paper

No. 1771642

seeing normies react to troon insanity has been great, I think many troon supporters are well meaning liberals who don't know any better

No. 1771665

I like this graph, but I definitely think the "per million" should be absolutely dropped as the sample size is 48 000, because every TRA is gonna go "but there aren't that many transwomen!!"

No. 1771667

It's just an extrapolation of the data.

No. 1771668

The queen pick-me. I also think it's especially telling she denies she cried because "woman feelings bad".

No. 1771671

literally. funny cause the only reason I know about her is because I dated a /pol/tard pls do bully I deserve it and he showed me their channel. even though like…I'm more of a "gamer" than he was, all he did was exploit an online gambling site loophole to make millions.
shame he had 0% personality or sense of humour. shame I didn't get in on the scam cause dude is sitting pretty pretty atm
moids, not even once

No. 1771675

nta but at least you had the dignity to break it off with him despite his money lol

No. 1771683

oh dude, the fucker was so obviously 4chan brainwashed I saw myself murdered in the near future. to be fair I'd known him since HC and had no idea, I just thought he was a hardworking normie but turns out he's a roided up /pol/rard who wanted to treat me like a porn star. still have intimacy problems to this days, every touch feels like abuse, even hugs. the only trustworthy imageboard users are women tbh. even the unhinged ones among us aren't going to go rape and murder unless they're BPD af like venus and larping as jirai-kei
stay away from moids. just…..stay away from moids. I love you all too much to see you suffer.
sorry to basically alog but shit's fucked

No. 1771690

im gay and i can fix her
Truly sorry you went through that, in all honesty. I hope you're able to work through that and come out feeling better.

No. 1771694

I think I'm gay
s'okay nona, I'm vibing single and untouched

wyd tho?

No. 1771695

File: 1676808003441.jpg (386.73 KB, 1080x1917, Screenshot_20230219_125814_com…)

I love when they fight with eachother. I swear there's so many trannies on tiktok and reddit its becoming kinda scary

No. 1771714

I love it when the more “passing” ones get triggered about hairy hons for making them look bad. You either look like that or like a shaved ape with a rubber sex doll mask dude, deal with it. You’re no different. You’re both men.

No. 1771724

File: 1676812141522.jpg (101.31 KB, 1080x1091, FB_IMG_1676812065230.jpg)

Of course the pedophile weaponizes the death of a minor to shit on women he doesnt agree with

No. 1771725

How the hell did this lunatic make a connection between this murder and JKR/the Harry potter game?

No. 1771728

Every fucking tranny / TRA is doing the same thing

Every time

No. 1771733

File: 1676813184338.jpg (327.04 KB, 1080x1080, GridArt_20230219_072555775.jpg)

sage for non-milk but this troon sent me a friend request on facebook today. I see FtMs and themlets in my area all the time but this is the first MtF. I'm gonna accept it just to see if he sends me any creepy messages. Pray for my safety, nonnas

No. 1771736

ayrt I’m a britbong too and u wot m8? Yeah we have knife crime but teenage murderers are not common, tf you on? Regardless, I was asking for links to the specific theories laid out earlier in this thread (like brienna getting stabbed for meeting up with a 12 year old for sex).
this screenshot >>1770107

No. 1771740

These moids should get into the Olympic reaching games, how did letting women have their own space have anything to do with the stabbing of this random dude in a park? Was he running away from home and he got rejected at some women's only shelter? Because that's the only way it would "make sense".
Then there's the JKR stuff, she's literally doing nothing, was the dude in the park doing a protest against the game or some shit? Because even then it's not her fault for just typing random posts on Twitter.
This pedophile who uses baby pictures as reference for his baby furry porn art needs to get his internet removed for real because the tranny shit has made him legally retarded.
Like it's so idiotic how these faggots latch onto the most unrelated shit to play the victim, and I just can't believe how anyone has taken them seriously for so long, like how fucking stupid do you have to be to give them a second of your life to listen to some retard who wants to kill himself if you fucking talk about him in another room in a way he didn't like?
Like I don't know who is worst, the faggots being vile in dresses or the retards who has believed in their words since the very beginning, I honestly hope that whoever that believed in them, whoever tried to troon out and whoever even tried to listen to them or read their shit seriously, feels really bad about it forever.

No. 1771742

Who else do you think the boy and girl who killed young Master Ghey learned Avada Kedavra from?

No. 1771747

if that game is the reason why that troon got killed, does that mean, for example, GTA is the reason why women get killed and we should insult and cancel everyone playing it? After all, in GTA you can execute violence against women, while I don't think that you can kill troons in Harry Potter Legacy.

No. 1771755


Fuck it if I come if as a WK Girlfriend Reviews. I feel sorry for them, those two can't catch a fucking break. They got unrelenting harassment for TLOU pt 2the game was just FINE./pol/Moids sending death,rape and doxx threats to them is just fucking pathetic. This time it's spinny skirt freaks sending death, rape and doxx threats. I'm disappointed that Shelby had the need to lie to herself why she cried. Those troons feeling should mean nothing to her. Hopefully this peaks more people.

Dunkey made a vid and people loved it, pointing out the hypocrisy of "boycotting" of video games when they are often made by racist,sexist freaks.David Seymour (he makes viral food recipes) made a butterbeer video and he and his boyfriend talk about how much they LOVE Harry Potter and I have yet to see those two catch heat or death and doxx threats sent to them or he's cleaning up comments very quickly. Very much sour grapes for me. These troons know women are easier targets

No. 1771761

she made a twitter account and is doing just fine, with more nice videos for troons to seethe about https://twitter.com/Victori00287561 so far people are loving her videos, I guess the troons of twitter haven't found her yet

No. 1771762

File: 1676816175198.jpeg (1012.42 KB, 828x1548, E27D00DB-28FD-4139-9C0C-0F69BC…)

He’s so fucking gross, he dresses up like degenerate and goes to the same place for his weird “pity me” TikToks.

No. 1771764

>15.5k people actively lying to the troon
This is why they all suffer from unbridled narcissism

No. 1771765

>because the "straight" bf is a closeted self hating bisexual

These troons are so delusional to think that straight moids would actually want them. Literally giving me Dylan's "stealing your husband" delulu vibes.

No. 1771769

File: 1676817046522.jpeg (322.66 KB, 674x601, 7A89D34D-EDEE-4327-B3F0-2251E3…)

If it makes you feel better the comments are mostly people mocking the tranny, even the woke girlies are on his ass

No. 1771770

File: 1676817133209.jpeg (916.7 KB, 828x1548, 574F8054-A959-4950-A5E3-222555…)

This duet got 80k likes dunking on him

No. 1771775

These are the kinds of people who’d insist an elderly lady caused their crops to fail because she rolled her eyes at them that one time. They’re actually trying to make the term “wands to knives” happen.

Ngl I’m not even super into Harry Potter or wicca or whatever but I’d love it if this meant we, actual ~problematic~ women, could have witchy shit back. Seeing these cumbrained men LARP as witches has been really grating.

Any man staring at this creature, regardless of sexuality, is doing so out of horror and morbid fascination. Not even chasers want a troon who looks like this unless they have no other options.

No. 1771777

kek, if my straight brother (sry, no bf here, can only accept one moid at a time in my life) checks out a troon it's only to tell me later what said troon looked like, where he saw him and how undeniable male he was, but sure, in reality he lies to me and wants to fuck every troon he sees.

No. 1771779

Him drawing that ugly ass comic is just to scream TRA shit and make every possible thing being about himself/troon "oppression". That is like the pettiest way to live if he gets any money from it.

No. 1771784

They literally never think about the real victims and always victimize the perpetrators of the violent, usually sexual crimes. And they want us to believe they are women, it would be fucking hilarious if it wasn’t so disturbing.

No. 1771786

Is this the same retard that got caught using pics of human children as reference for his weird babyfur art

No. 1771787

File: 1676819466150.jpeg (598.25 KB, 1284x1936, 6DDD8FFB-9B6C-4407-8FFE-60F037…)

I saw this was posted to r/videos yesterday, and the comments were overwhelmingly defending her and/or bashing TRAs. A lot of people brought up gamingcirclejerk, like in picrel, and gcj immediately capped the comments to bash those commenters in their echo chamber while using the girlfriendreviews post as a ban list. They’re so unhinged. Tbh, I think GFR wanted to say more and are more pissed than they let on, I didn’t really see the video as a full apology. Anyway, all this to say that normies who aren’t in those echo chambers seem to be speaking up more.

No. 1771788

Samefagging here, but I’m not sure how I feel about this dude’s final comments related to gamergate. I don’t know if it will turn into something like that when the loudest TRAs are male as well. Any thoughts?

No. 1771790

they act like that boy getting killed (in circumstances that likely had nothing to do with him being trans identified) has been the best thing that’s happened to them in a long time. i swear they’re ecstatic he died. they were grasping at straws trying to blame jk rowling for everything under the sun, literally running out of shit to pin on her, and now they’re milking this boy’s death like it’s the ultimate proof they’re being persecuted and there’s a genocide going on. it’s gross, arguably worse than grave dancing.

No. 1771793

File: 1676819908966.jpeg (527.3 KB, 750x1212, C35CC932-C468-4A07-B3D3-D6430D…)

pretty girls are genociding troons by existing, maybe they should start wearing burkas.

No. 1771801

So, in resume he hates women so much that he wants to hate fuck them, he wishes he could wear a woman's skin and get the "privilege" of being a woman (whatever the fuck that means) but he doesn't want to lose the male privileges that he's so used to, because the idea of being an actual woman disgusts him very much.
It almost sounds like he's aware of how being a woman sucks, specially from his male perspective, in which he knows women don't have the privileges that moids have, but he still craves the sexy sleepovers and short skirts that go spinny.

No. 1771804

Trannyism is peak normie socially enforced mental illness, people who actually have breaks from reality have a better understanding of what reality is and is not. The privilege to choose to reject material truth and play pretend forever is the most coddled spoiled expectation anyone could have.

No. 1771814

They are, same with suicides. It gives them a few years’ worth of ammo for their suicide/“genocide” baiting without any of the rest of them being in any actual danger. In the past, people threatening self-harm to get their way would actually have to follow through on those threats every so often because otherwise they would lose their credibility. Nowadays all they have to do is point at a news article of a stranger who died for some unrelated reason on the other side of the planet and say “See! See what happens? Do you want this to be me!?”

No. 1771824

Lol. It was the opposite for TiFs. Plenty of women stayed and fought in the war. Big news organizations reported about trans men in Ukraine suddenly trying to detrans to get across the border. It was sad. They were putting on make up and wearing women's clothes. No one really wants the burdens of the other gender, just their delusional LARP.

No. 1771835

File: 1676825296502.jpg (220.33 KB, 1376x1012, FpUbA89aEAAJjf0.jpg)

No. 1771837

Rohini sounds like a pasta kek

No. 1771840

File: 1676825831826.jpg (87.29 KB, 885x1049, FpH3PvxXwAEC4lW.jpg)

This still won't make people stop hating troons or buying the Hogwarts game.

No. 1771841

File: 1676826040833.png (209.52 KB, 676x632, Screenshot23.png)

No. 1771842

These people are so fucking impulsive, you decide to start taking exogenous horse piss hormones and think you want to chop off your dick because of a random conversation with a professor-groomer???

No. 1771843

fucking INDIA has fallen for this meme???

No. 1771844

File: 1676826445196.jpg (102.22 KB, 1200x568, FpEzGTCaYAAtSmR.jpg)

No. 1771845

File: 1676826544849.jpg (320.12 KB, 1080x1758, 1636058471678.jpg)

just like the west this is an issue that the average population doesn't know or cares about, the Indian upper class is incredibly westernized and try to import western "woke" rhetoric which always ends up unbelievably cringe
for e.g you know how some mostly woke people will try to use "cis straight white men" as some sort of insult, well the upper claxs liberals in my country tried to use "Sunni Punjabi Male" as an equivalent as they are the ethnic majority in my country but it doesn't work at all cause the vast majority of them are peasant farmers or factory workers and the dynamics of race are vastly different then in the west

No. 1771846

tumblr induced bilateral lobotomy

No. 1771848

This is the unintended consequence of the rich people from developing countries sending their little princes and princessess to UK and US universities.

No. 1771849

That's actually incredible, thank you for sharing.

No. 1771855

File: 1676827172907.webm (2.79 MB, 853x480, 1676730859120805.webm)

Why does the most troonery always happen in Canada

No. 1771858

they're too polite and don't bully them enough
glad the owner of the place stood his ground though

No. 1771859

My niece is named Lily. Funny because she was named that for having light skin and dark eyes which reminded us of Lily flowers. She's beautiful and graceful and it's hilarious how much disconnect I get from hulking troons. Sorry for blogging, but its peak material if you let normies know they take their daughter's names because they skinwalk little girls. Bella, Lily, Oliva, Emma are all names that millennials named their daughters and now they're Zoomers that are entering their teens or early 20s. I only point this out to my friends with kids because they're overprotective of their children and more likely to give pause. I googled "top trans women names" and they honestly have all of these listed. Not only that someone says "google top 2016 girl baby names." BABY NAMES. Their obsession is to never be a woman, but a girl. Remember that when they talk, always. They only use trans women when talking politically.

No. 1771861

File: 1676827695926.jpg (57.73 KB, 525x360, FpT0UAJagAE4CER.jpg)

Imagine having to live your entire life trying desperately to make others believe an obvious lie you dont even believe yourself

No. 1771864

File: 1676827750692.jpg (198.88 KB, 1109x1200, FpT7p9QaQAEVGF3.jpg)


No. 1771865

No. 1771866

I have spoken to Moroccan, Polish, Ethiopian and Chilean feminist's and comrades who have told me similar stories, the mainstream left in their countries is incredibly westernized and out of touch with their own societies, its tragic and that's the case for my country as well

No. 1771870

Most of the top comments deliberately avoided naming TRAs and trannies as the culprits though. Almost all of them used euphemisms like this one did, naming particular subreddits, "extreme SJWs", etc. It was so frustrating to read that thread.

No. 1771871

>the privilege of being a woman
Same moid stuff they always make up in their minds, that women live life on “easy mode”, that our benefits include being sexually harassed, assaulted, and raped. They have no empathy for actual women, they can’t wrap their tiny brains around what the oppression of being female actually feels like, and they can never understand that women aren’t to blame for their moid issues, other men are.

No. 1771874

Maybe he'd be more comfortable in our Hutt facility.

No. 1771913

this fucking tard, popping pills doesn't count as "biohacking" lmfao

No. 1771914

I am truly sorry that my country insists on exporting this shitshow worldwide

No. 1771917

File: 1676832690549.jpg (101.9 KB, 908x794, arxonbby.jpg)

one of my mutuals(who used to be a really cute dude) is starting to troon out….. its sad but I honestly expected this when he started getting obesseded with being "ironic" about everything and always retweeted coomer twitter posts

No. 1771927

File: 1676833339351.png (13.74 KB, 277x216, Screenshot.png)

I thought they would see their post and whine "terfs are attacking me!". You know these people go to KF and here like the persecuted they act like.

But since they're a hypocrite that have no idea how freedom of speech work at all, here it is.

No. 1771930

File: 1676833591041.jpg (169.42 KB, 1024x1128, Leelah_Alcorn_Art_13.jpg)

It happened with Leeah Alcorn, it will happen with any dead tranny.

No. 1771934

Chilean here. I still remember all the "drama" because "A wonderful woman" won the Oscar since it was about a trans woman's biographic.

And each 8M there are always, ALWAYS trannies whining with "But I want to be with women too! I'm a woman too! This is about my day! I'm not a man that have the Day of trans/LGBT month, but evil terves do not let me join in!".

No. 1771938

Their obsession with, and treatment of, dead trans people is disturbing. I remember all the cartoon fanarts of this teen who commited suicide. WTF.

No. 1771946

What would actually improve soviety is banning males from the internet. Also a requirement of wearing full body paper bags in public.

No. 1771948

And just wait until the real reason of Brianna's death is revealed. They'll play the Mental Olympic games to say "ok, it was revenge, but JK Rowling still was implied into it!" or "This wouldn't have happened if Hogwarts Legacy wasn't online!".

No. 1771953

Going to war isn't a "burden" for men because they enjoy dying and killing strangers. You can't compare those two things.

No. 1771957

Greed's tattoo on his hand is very fitting.

No. 1771960

Nonna do you think this is a good idea if you're on FB with your real name? I don't want him to get the idea you're interested in him and he starts stalking you.

No. 1771962

Is this kind of fat distribution a male thing? I've only seen males with these horrific bags of wrinkly cellulite

No. 1771963

Suppose a natal woman goes her whole life thinking she is biologically female and is female presenting from birth with all necessary female body parts. But then later in life it’s discovered she has mosaic Turner syndrome and some, but not the majority of the cells in her body can be karyotyped as XY, that doesn’t make her on par with troons, right? And she should still be allowed in female spaces and should still be allowed to call herself female?

No. 1771972

lost? try boringhypotheticalquestionscow.farm

No. 1771975

I'm hoping the business doesn't get into legal trouble now that the absolute unit troon is trying to take it to the Human Rights Tribunal. But knowing what happened with Yaniv and the Vancouver rape shelter, I fucking doubt it. BC is such a fucking joke.

No. 1771980

I am going to assume you are a newfag and someone who has newly peaked so you've got all these questions and stuff. I know I did when I first peaked.

So, Turner Syndrome only affects females so, yes, she's a woman and not a troon. When it comes to intersex disorders, don't get hung up on chromosomes. Does the person have female reproductive system? Female. Male reproductive system? Male. If their reproductive system is fucked up, which one would they have had if it was working correctly? That's their sex. These guidelines work for almost everyone. For the few outliers, well, that's what doctors get paid for.

No. 1771984

this is the problem with autistic people, stupid black and white thinking, when there’s the obvious difference that being born and raised as ostensibly female and having a female reproductive system is way, way different to being a man who chooses to pretend he isnt one - also being born intersex to a degree that actually causes you to think you’re the wrong sex entirely from childhood is unbelievably rare

No. 1771985

File: 1676840255365.jpg (788.54 KB, 1080x2029, hulk.jpg)

All those people who tried to defend this hulking tranny by claiming he looks like a normal, tall Dutch woman…

No. 1771997

File: 1676841422614.png (1.23 MB, 1075x1461, Screenshot_20230219-130439_(1)…)

My god they act like they're being rounded up and getting shot out in the streets. And of course this troon already has thousands of dollars raised because male privilege

No. 1772002

because it's BC and they are Better Canadians than the rest of us so they have to show us all how to be good people. Every person I've met from BC has been a huge snob.

No. 1772008

File: 1676842924895.jpg (579.56 KB, 1542x2048, FpWTAYTX0AAYXXY.jpg)

dudes a stick

No. 1772011

even dutch women are that tall, cope

No. 1772012

File: 1676843141476.jpeg (25.28 KB, 129x194, 67619483-408A-49BE-93E5-E56AE7…)

oh my god i can’t believe the dean trooned out

No. 1772015

File: 1676843260398.png (1.48 MB, 720x720, 1676692249916210.png)

No. 1772024

omg nonnie, did you make this

No. 1772029

Ty for the links anon I'll listen to each carefully. I'm deeply interested in the "bimodal model" argument and intersex conditions being reappropriated for autogynophile males.

No. 1772030

Yes, Sophie Labelle was discovered to have a furaffinity account where he draws diaperfur porn based on real life pictures of kids.

No. 1772033

do they need directions to another state? Go north, young man.

No. 1772044

Sorry nonnas, not newly peaked but I will admit that my doctor mentioned I could have mosaic turner syndrome and I was having an existential crisis for a moment. Sorry for the stupid way I posed the question and the blog. I could be an autist too so the autism point is relevant kek

No. 1772063

also, when “las indetectables” shoved our country’s flag up a tranny’s asshole, in front of a crowd of families with their children. and when “emilia” schneider had a meltdown over being told he can’t menstruate. i can’t believe this the hill our country’s left wants to die on, just so the caviar socialists can live the fantasy of being superficially progressive like the gringos.

No. 1772064

File: 1676845949949.png (109.67 KB, 330x630, photos-1.png)

r/gamingcirclejerk has made fun of reddit's main gaming subreddit for criticising game's for having predatory gambling mechanics, for scaming people who have bought special editions, for supporting police violence. So of course transphobia is the hill they decide to die on while they chose to ignore everything else shitty gaming companies has done. This isn't to defend any major gaming subreddit since they have a long history of misogyny but gcj always had the attitude that you can enjoy a game despite it's controversies, like picrel.
GCJ has also made fun of misogynistic gamerbros countless of times and yet they support the harassment of a female streamer whose biggest crime is playing a video game.

No. 1772065

Dutch women are tall, just mostly not that tall. I don't know what people are talking about, I knew that he is a guy the first time I ever saw him, but I've seen many Dutch men and women in my life, so that might have helped.

No. 1772066

File: 1676846010569.jpg (664.51 KB, 1080x1803, Screenshot_20230219_173103_Twi…)


No. 1772100

They are such perverts that they can't see how sexual harassment and sexual abuse could be bad or unwanted. They really do think all women, everywhere, are putting up some sort of elaborate front when we say we dislike being treated as sex objects. That we're all "holding out" or being purposefully "prudish." When troons troon out, they think they can perform womanhood better … because they believe women should enjoy being grabbed, threatened, stalked, yelled at, and raped by moids.

No. 1772107

Or when Cesarito "misgendered" Pedro Pascal's sibling when, in context, the message was prior the transition and everybody and their mom called him "transphobic", ignoring the whole context on why Cesarito show the message after his critique on "La Jauria" shit.

I swear, we import the worst of the gringos.

No. 1772112

File: 1676848802551.gif (281.48 KB, 250x141, 7a8094b26eeb66295ce927f9a73147…)

You would think anti-loli/shota shit people would raise a war on Sophie for using real photos for diaperfur porn, but it was like "oh she's just using it because she's a little! Let her be!"

No. 1772114

>It's so unfair that real women are recognized as women no matter how they dress or do their makeup, but when I don my bimbo fetish gear in public people can still tell I'm a man!

No. 1772116

this made me kek

No. 1772124

They always have a million fetishes

No. 1772127

>women should only be treated with respect if they are fuckable to me personally
typical moid brain
it's just a depop seller showing off her kitschy y2k thrifting finds anyway

No. 1772128

KEK I think this could make a fine threadpic someday

No. 1772137

Its not that Nicki is tall, some women are just very tall, its more that everything on him is so.. big! Big head, big shoulders, big body. He is like a human rhinoceros

No. 1772138

me too, I'm still sputtering a bit

No. 1772144

love you my chilean nonnas. hope the festival de viña fails so hard they decide to cancel it forever. watching the gala being full of disgusting trannies was depressing, because these tims have no talent aside from being degenerates.

No. 1772148

Nobody is checking you out. We are laughing and making fun of you. Everyone is gawking at you and whispering to their friends about how abnormal and freakish you are.

No. 1772161

File: 1676852854454.gif (1.04 MB, 414x310, 1466177041732.gif)

Sad thing is that is not going to fail. Maroon 5 had the chance with Adam Levine's mediocre attitude, but it didn't stop it.

No. 1772178

Gotta use the women's gym so he can stand in the changing/shower rooms for hours spying on women after his 1min "workout"

No. 1772188

its just the frame its paused on. Its the lighting of the video and the girl in it is very pretty. troons are truly awful people.

No. 1772203

I've been anti troon since tumblr was big I have no clue where the genocide thing came from. i don't remember them flipping out about genocide prior to 2020 and the JKR stuff. How did it become a thing even? my only theory is that recent troons (2014 through now) latched on to the term genocide as a remnant of their time entrenched in trad/far right circles that were obsessed with white/western civilization genocide. There's actual genocides, murders and abuses that governments willingly turn a blind eye to like missing/murdered indigenous women and organ harvesting, yet a women's only shelter and harry potter video game is literally trans genocide?

No. 1772217

i haven’t watched it in like a decade, it sucks.

No. 1772219

they put their own comfort over every other woman around them. i'm a lesbian, and while i know being a 'predatory lesbian' is a negative stereotype…but if other girls didn't want me changing or whatever in front of me i'd be like okay! totally understandable-respecting other people's boundaries is important. but tell this to a troon and they'd have a breakdown. women are uncomfortable and they just need 'education' but a trans person is uncomfortable and we all need to accommodate. the owner is not even rude about it at all.

i don't get why americans are like this. they would not survive if they were ever actually in an oppressive environment. honestly the nerve of them to be asking for money at all as if they are suffering for living in fucking florida? so many gay people in countries that would actually kill them for being gay would love to live in florida. maybe they could swap places lol. what is stopping them from leaving florida on their own? 'help violet and J escape from flordia' sounds so fucking funny.

other western countries have this attitude too but not to an absurd degree, like it's normal for people to shit on politics and complain about their country or city (even if it's relatively a pretty good place to live), but some americans act like they're living in nazi germany.

No. 1772230

Yeah I screenshotted that at an unfortunate time she's really cute I just think it's hilarious and pathetic than this guy is seething over it. First thing on his page is him putting something in his ass btw so watch out lmao

No. 1772236

I have only watched it for certain artists and that is.

No. 1772238

File: 1676858391564.jpg (100.33 KB, 1024x768, l.php.jpg)

Someone should tell them to go to certain Muslim countries so he can be considered as "female". See how much they enjoy it rather than be in "Nazi Amurikkka".

>Florida man goes to Muslim country, gets punished for being gay.

No. 1772244

File: 1676859262065.jpeg (683.26 KB, 1319x750, 539A2DD9-0691-493C-8653-3472AC…)

he’s the absolutest unit.

No. 1772245

File: 1676859342154.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1170x1847, BE419450-C649-4A77-A76C-D3916E…)

This HAS to be a troll

No. 1772253

>some catgirl vtuber outed as a pedo
>check the account
>its a troon
every time (EeveeA for those interested)

No. 1772254

File: 1676860321457.gif (593.7 KB, 200x200, 1461588839595.gif)

>The hashtags with the OF link offer

No. 1772255

It's because they don't have anything else. Their strategy has been to:
1) Try to get things done in secret
2) Lie about the science
3) Guilt and emotionally blackmail liberals

1 and 2 have been slowly failing so they are doubling down on 3.

No. 1772257

File: 1676860742600.jpg (Spoiler Image,131.81 KB, 1170x1401, FnhyyqCWYAIDoXb.jpg)

the troon in question fucking KEK

No. 1772269

This is what I mean, the socialist party in my country had a some burger(Americanized) troon speaking for them in the women's rights protest, like as stated why is this the hill they wish to die on rather then try to appeal to the majority

No. 1772270

File: 1676862066152.png (359.06 KB, 681x733, sdfadfaf.png)

women are SO emotional uwu

No. 1772277

This shit is beyond annoying

No. 1772281

wtf are "vulva things"… my vulva is literally just there…
damn if he could see this he would probably kill himself again. how embarrassing
kek nonny based and true
threadpic material
why is his wall so fucking filthy…

No. 1772288

Is Nikki one of those kids that had their puberty blocked?

No. 1772291

File: 1676864305890.png (6.76 MB, 4708x2760, agpstarterpack.png)

Do we have a starterpack thread? I made this AGP starterpack years ago and it still seems pretty valid

No. 1772296

context on this berry and cream moid please

No. 1772298

which means he has an inverted micro dick and probably has never had an orgasm.

No. 1772304

Shallow male brained thinking. The women in the pic is not even ugly but even if she was, even if she had a lady beard and masculine features she would still be more of a woman than all the troons combined. What these scrotes don’t get and will never get is the fact that a woman isn’t defined by her looks, being a female isn’t about being pretty and appealing to males.

No. 1772307

File: 1676866341868.gif (4.53 MB, 640x640, fuck.gif)

I wouldn't be able to control myself if i saw this thing in public(sage your shit)

No. 1772326

damn his youtube videos were very misleading

No. 1772335

File: 1676868900302.png (3.18 MB, 2136x1586, tgirlonision.png)

idk if anyones said this yet but ethel cain looks so much like onision its hilarious

No. 1772337

Ayesha erotica looks really rough here lmao.

No. 1772340

Late but X inactivation only occurs when there are 2 X chromosomes; the male's X does not inactivate because otherwise he cannot make enzymes and proteins from somatic genes in the X chromosome.

Even our chromosomes have to compensate ("dosage compensation") to match the output of the single X chromosomes in males.

Science nonnies can read this as a starter. It's a 2017 paper though - https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/pdf/10.1098/rstb.2016.0363

Also look up Barr bodies for funsies. You can then tell the troons they will never have it.

No. 1772344

File: 1676869731954.gif (181.74 KB, 200x127, laugh at the tranny.gif)

No. 1772355

trying to reject an argument only to reuse the exact same argument against a different category of people is retarded. trannies love to claim that being gender critical hurts women somehow but it's bullshit, and IRL virtually no one ever mistakes a woman for a man just because of her style or ethnicity. now i know that everyone and their mom just adds "white" in front of women whenever they want to insult women without repercussions, why not ig, but in the context of trannies it'd be nice not to fuel their delusions by acting like normal people actually struggle with determining other people's sex.

omfg. even someone trying to make a satire account wouldn't come up with this shit lmao. actually creepy because with trannies you never know if it's for one of their disturbing fetish or for serial killer activities

No. 1772368

see, personally i think it's kind of cute when women have a softer belly and it pokes out through their top. but men just have a way with making it look sloppy, trashy, and their stomachs look like prolapsed anuses.

No. 1772378

Holy shit, this is perfect

No. 1772386

I've heard Iran is super pro-trans. They should see if they can get asylum there, from the christofascist genocide of.. florida.
All jokes aside, their persecution fetish is so fucking infuriating.

No. 1772397

File: 1676881387793.jpeg (356.86 KB, 1468x1830, 835EBBAB-90E9-4E25-88F5-C250AE…)

kek, brett ghey before he was an anachan

No. 1772401

No. 1772414

Its great but I think its a little too cluttered

No. 1772416

>I have no clue where the genocide thing came from. i don't remember them flipping out about genocide prior to 2020 and the JKR stuff. How did it become a thing even? my only theory is that recent troons (2014 through now) latched on to the term genocide as a remnant of their time entrenched in trad/far right circles that were obsessed with white/western civilization genocide.
I believe there are a few things at play here.
First we know troons themselves make memes about the "nazi/alt right to trans pipeline" because it's SO common, so you're right there. They're projecting their own old views, but with reversed roles so they're now the victims of the crimes they wish(/ed) onto others. It's the old classic "divert attention from your own mistakes by accusing someone else of having done them".

Secondly, the support for trans people is dwindling. One of the largest (if not THE largest, I think ROGD girls may have surpassed them in numbers recently though) of trans subgroups are the AGP's. A delusional autist tif might think she and everyone else are "real trans uwu", but this largest AGP group knows that all of the things TRAs say are actually lies:
>"trans is not a fetish" but they know their AGP is a fetish
>"they would never hurt a woman" but they know they want to and do hurt women
>"they're just one of us women" but they know they're men who want to be women
>"they've felt this way since they were kids" but they know they only developed the fetish as an adult a few years ago
>"they have no sexual motives" but they know they're only doing it for sexual access to women/'s spaces
So this group has to find a way to defend themselves while taking the attention away from the fact that they are/do all those bad things. Turns out terfs aren't perceived as the big bad as much anymore: women reclaimed it and are using it to peak more people, and men don't really fear a group of "radical feminists", aka women. The one thing every normie can agree is bad: nazis. So now they're saying the terfs are actually nazis to make everyone say they're bad again.

And as a bonus the ex-nazi/alt right AGPs get to express their own old alt right opinions and have TRAs agree with them. Trans people say "jews are goblins" and the TRAs go "omg I never noticed it before because there isn't actually any real proof of it, but you are SO right, jews clearly ARE goblins!!!". TRAs are trained in not questioning anything a trans person says, never fact checking or listening to their own doubts, they just blindly follow their cults preaching.

No. 1772421

>that british male phenotype
No one would feel sorry for little mister dead tranny if they saw him without the face paint.

No. 1772422

I saw pics that are supposedly of the alleged killers. Not posting because lol actual crime to do so. They looked like ugly teen normies/chavs made to dress normal for school pics. The scrote had a neckbeard.

No. 1772423

Was the “girl” an actual girl? That’s what I’m wondering the most!

No. 1772426


No. 1772428

File: 1676886647484.jpeg (79.49 KB, 1200x630, 45032402-4158-4570-a297-e8dc4f…)

No. 1772430

Yes it was a real girl. No troon-on-troon violence, which would've been a hilarious revelation.

No. 1772431

there's still time for her to come out as a tif/enby kek

No. 1772432

File: 1676887107830.jpeg (819.67 KB, 828x1454, 990987EA-753E-40DE-BFE1-13030E…)

Nonita if you’re a resident of terf island can you tell us if it’s de rigueur for girls to wear their uniforms this fucking short? Because if I ever turned up to my school looking like a child prostitute I’d have been suspended on the spot

No. 1772433

>inb4 the moid comes out as a troon to avoid going to a facility where he’ll be ass raped

No. 1772434

nta but it's common for girls to have short skirts/pull up their longer skirts, however he's wearing it wayy too short, and I don't think that would fly in school if a girl was wearing it that short.

No. 1772435

File: 1676887310518.jpeg (959.97 KB, 828x1462, 991332BB-9247-4076-B9E7-1D3703…)

I’m guessing this is one of the reasons why his TikTok account got hit with the ban hammer

No. 1772438

Is it common to wear the skirt short? No. Is it common to roll it up short for TikTok? Unfortunately yes

No. 1772440


No. 1772441

you are disgusting

No. 1772442

Scrote tier self control.

No. 1772443

Yeah that’s what I mean, I think girls hiking up their uniforms is universal (though at schools like mine they had to be no shorter than the knee because austere boarding school) but this seems egregious. It’s ostensibly a belt.

No. 1772445

File: 1676888149241.jpeg (448.99 KB, 828x1435, 5AAF598E-B779-499C-83DE-EF8A52…)

If he was an actual girl social media would be ablaze with rampaging “slut shamers” sperging about how she was asking for it as per the horrific Bianca Devins case, alas (and yes, all 510 of them are variations on a theme)

No. 1772446

It's much funnier when you take into account that women, even those with the most masculine appearances, are instantly perceived as women. When I was in school we had a lunch lady with that classic male-esque square body, no neck, huge arms, short hair, smokers voice, no boobs, and slight facial hair. Everybody knew she was a woman nobody would have ever thought otherwise because it was so obvious to the human eye that she was a woman

No. 1772447

The same men who were talking about raping her decapitated head are now ‘paying respects’ to the dead english boy.

No. 1772456

'cause they wanna fuck him. degenerates, every last one.

No. 1772457

>They're projecting their own old views, but with reversed roles so they're now the victims of the crimes they wish(/ed) onto others.
I mean in the alt right pipeline, they really victimized themselves a lot in their proclaimed culture war/war against men/the west. A huge theme has always been "They want you DEAD and DEFEATED, they HATE you," with "they" being whatever group they feel is victimizing them that day (jews, postmodernists, left wingers, women). I've seen my fair share of that stuff and knew some scrotes who got really invested and they were all convinced that there was a war against them. They definitely wished genocide on certain groups, but they believed there was actually active genocide against themselves. imo I think these views aren't reversed, but perfectly paralleled in troonism, where they wish genocide on certain groups (women, young girls, terfs, lesbians, cis men for not fucking them, etc.) while believing themselves to be actively genocided against. They never truly changed, they cannot conceptualize themselves as anything but the eternal victim

I think you're totally right on that second point though. They all know they're just men with fetishes, they literally post about their doubts constantly just for social confirmation from the other troons that they're 100% trans for real. It's also kinda interesting how by and large the detrans people have been TiFs, AGP troons are willing to die on the trans hill rather than admit to mental illness/fetishes.

>And as a bonus the ex-nazi/alt right AGPs get to express their own old alt right opinions and have TRAs agree with them. Trans people say "jews are goblins" and the TRAs go "omg I never noticed it before because there isn't actually any real proof of it, but you are SO right, jews clearly ARE goblins!!!".

Holy shit nona, that is such a great point. new game, what old alt right belief has been troonified? my contribution is women as "baby makers" (alt right) vs "womb havers" (trans/TRAs)

No. 1772460

The bolsheviks lost the 1919 elections against the social-democrats and the nazis never gained more then 30% of seats in parliament. The only reason both managed to take power was cause in Germany all the communists and socialists parties refused to work each other and constantly formed splinter groups based on ideoglical differences while the social-democrats tried to appease everybody at once and lacked a proper leader to rally under
a lot of mainstream left wing parties political incompetence will have consequences(not necessarily either fascism or communism but something extreme nonetheless) if they don't get their shit together

No. 1772471

Just look at Scotland. To try and paint themselves as the nice kind of nationalists, they tried to embrace the fake leftism of London/twitter/San Fransisco and completely failed in their objective because nobody wanted rape apes in shelters, toilets or prisons.

No. 1772476

Oh this guy. yeah I remember him making the rounds for having disgusting habits and his roommate called him out for it and he posted the receipts as if he wasn’t in the wrong but everybody started calling him gross. I guess he just sits in his filth sticking toys up his ass for OF all day every day. Cant blame his parents for disowning him

No. 1772478

why are his thighs all wavy like that? Did he shop them badly?

No. 1772479

>imo I think these views aren't reversed, but perfectly paralleled in troonism, where they wish genocide on certain groups (women, young girls, terfs, lesbians, cis men for not fucking them, etc.) while believing themselves to be actively genocided against.
Good point nona! They didn't really change their views at all then.

>what old alt right belief has been troonified? my contribution is women as "baby makers" (alt right) vs "womb havers" (trans/TRAs)

All of their views really. How men (in dresses) are more oppressed than women, women (lesbians) owe them sex, them larping as stay at home wives, gay people being gay is wrong and bad (women are stupid and vapid, black women look like men… they have no sane views tbh.

No. 1772480

Holy shit this is uncanny

No. 1772485

File: 1676894259499.jpeg (129.95 KB, 770x900, FpXyw-taUAEBb0U.jpeg)

Everyday their weirdness amazes me

No. 1772491

>ah, another day at the funeral home, helping families and friends say their final goodbyes to loved ones
>phone rings
>"hello may I ship you my severed balls"

No. 1772492

Here was I thinking that he just hadn't got old enough to develop ugly scrote features. Nope, all makeup and lighting.

No. 1772493

I went to a uk high school and even the girls didn’t roll their skirts up this high wtf wouldn’t be surprised if he was flashing everyone, no wonder he wasn’t allowed in the girls toilets Kek.

No. 1772501

That’s how muscular men look like when they don’t have enough fat to smooth our their appearance. It’s pure muscle.

No. 1772514

The thing bout black women looking like men is so bizarre to me. I’d never heard of this despite unfortunately growing up around plenty of casually racist people. Then troonism becomes mainstream and all of a sudden all these ostensibly woke libfems are claiming they can’t tell Caster Semenya and his ilk are male because “Everyone knows black women can look just like men. Being mistaken for a man is part of the black female experience UwU”. Since fucking when? None of the black women I spoke to had any idea where the hell this was coming from, either. The only times they’d been ‘misgendered’ had been very recently and only ever by wokies. It’s the thin edge of the wedge that claims there are no discernible differences between men and women, and it’s awful to see how easily it was accepted. If not for the underlying racism of these people it wouldn’t even be a wedge at all, it’d be a fucking brick.

There’s another screenshot upthread where he’s clearly flashing his ass or bulge. I can believe that some girls roll their skirts up short but to the point of showing the contours of their vulva in public? doubt.jpg

No. 1772523

Troons claim to have a woman's brain but hardly ever ever make the choice that a majority of real women would kek
how they haven't noticed that yet is beyond me since they're so desperate to integrate

No. 1772542

File: 1676903171634.jpeg (440.73 KB, 1464x1882, 1CE0750D-6B40-4B88-8889-BD81C0…)

On another video, plus the text the person who made it added, it’s not even being treated as a hate crime, this shit makes me so fucking furious, where the fuck is this energy when it comes to femicide? I think I need to log off before I have a stroke, I am fucking done with these tranny faggots and anyone who supports them

No. 1772546

>Why tf are the majority of replies positive
because Twitter actively protects sex offenders. anytime a popular male online figure is outed as a pedophile/groomer/rapist, all his rabid fans go out of their way to defend him and treat the allegations as "petty internet drama". there is never justice for victims.

No. 1772547


No. 1772563

File: 1676908542946.jpg (31.83 KB, 612x244, 330357829_1023177911972970_524…)

>women (lesbians) owe them sex

Not mention also the "All women like dick, they have to find the right man" (alt-right) vs "Some women have dicks, they have to find the right woman" (TRAs/Troons)

IE: "lesbians cannot enjoy dildos because it means they like piv sex"

No. 1772566

I hate seeing this faggot's face so much. It wasn't a targeted attack, he was a degenerate, I hate his anime/cosplayer make-up, the long hair that's all in his face (to cover the man features), his videos of him straight up flashing his dick in public while other people are there, his "uwu I'm an little anorexic giwl" act, his visible man neck, the "puppy" in his username and his ass-licker chasers calling him an angel. Fuck them all. If it was a girl you'd have males in the comment laughing at her death.

No. 1772580

File: 1676911109397.png (772.63 KB, 691x1097, Plastic Martyr on Twitter.png)

this guy is getting dunked in the comments

No. 1772592

pretty sure they use "unalive" to get around censors

So you're gonna post the comments, right?

No. 1772595

>I’d never met anyone who started their transition so young who was so respectful and welcoming to other trans women, not catty at all
When your community is so terrible it's a unique thing if you're not catty and jealous
How can you pass irl if your body is obviously male? If your face is the only thing that "passes" then at best you can catfish in face only photos
Males don't have cellulite, it's female only which is why they get extra lumpy and odd when fat cause there's no dedicated mesh system to storing it evenly

No. 1772596

File: 1676912755806.png (27.88 KB, 677x203, Plastic Martyr on Twitter 2.pn…)

Just go to the post nonnie, almost all the replies are making fun of him it's too many to screenshot.

No. 1772600

File: 1676912842539.png (365.45 KB, 677x794, Screenshot 12.png)

No. 1772603

what was the "drama" shouldn't troons have been happy about it

No. 1772604

File: 1676913137038.png (305.38 KB, 677x639, Home _ Twitter.png)

No. 1772605

File: 1676913207882.png (525.47 KB, 738x833, sexchange.png)

So, they're pushing "trans women are intersex! intersex is trans!" now.
>When Ana Hellen Mena was born, she was identified as male in the hospital. However, from her childhood in Spain, she felt like a girl.

>But as she grew older, 28-year-old Sergio, as she was named, wanted to go for a sex change, and she came out as transgender.

>Ana said: "I've felt like a woman since I was nine years old, ever since I can remember, but at that time, I wasn't able to say so."

>She was bullied at school, causing her to drop out of sixth form [Grade 8], but she later resumed her studies.

>Shockingly, she later found out that she was a woman with ovaries and a womb who had been born with a rare condition that gave her a penis.

>During a medical consultation, she was told she had a rare condition called "46,XX testicular difference of sex development". The condition causes a person with two X chromosomes - usually a female - to have a male appearance, specifically male external genitalia.

Meanwhile, "46,XX testicular difference of sex development", also known as "XX male syndrome", is an intersex condition that only males can get. I can't find anything stating that XX males have wombs and ovaries, and since the news article is lying about the nature of this condition, I kind of doubt that claim too.
>The appearance of XX males can fall into one of three categories: 1) males that have normal internal and external genitalia, 2) males with external ambiguities, and 3) males that have both internal and external genital ambiguities.[12] External genital ambiguities can include hypospadias, micropenis, and clitoromegaly.[12] Typically, the appearance of XX males differs from that of an XY male in that they are smaller in height and weight.[2] Most XX males have small testes, and have an increase in maldescended testicles compared to XY males. Many are sterile.[2][13] Some XX male individuals have decreased amounts of body hair and decreased libido.[13] Individuals with this condition sometimes have feminine characteristics, with varying degrees of gynecomastia but with no intra-abdominal Müllerian tissue.[13] According to research at the University of Oklahoma health science centers, despite XX males exhibiting feminine characteristics, their behaviours are usually representative of masculinity in their culture.[14]

>The 46, XX disorder of sex development (DSD) is a rare form of sex reversal in infertile men, that was first described by la Chapelle et al. in 1964 and occurred 1:20 000 in newborns. Usually, it is caused by unequal crossing-over between X and Y chromosomes during meiosis in the father, which results in the X chromosome containing the normally-male SRY gene. When this X combines with a normal X from the mother during fertilization, the result is an XX male.

>46,XX males are phenotypically and psychosexually male. Clinical phenotypes about 46, XX DSD have been identified to three groups, including males with normal phenotype, males with genital ambiguities and males with true hermaphrodites. Approximately 80% of individuals with 46,XX testicular DSD present after puberty with normal pubic hair and normal penile size, but small testes, and sterility resulting from azoospermia.

No. 1772609

I fully believe he'd lie about it to the newspapers that then didn't bother to fact check. I remember a year or two ago when a guy with partial androgen insensitivity syndrome claimed he instead had complete androgen insensitivity. He claimed all sorts of things like that he never went through male puberty because of it. Just listening to his voice he clearly had been through male puberty, and naturally it turned out he had lied. They feel like failed men because of their intersex conditions so they decide they can be women instead, since they see us as failed men too ig

No. 1772617

Violent men such as “Sarah Emily Cadzow” who brutally assault and break the arms of innocent middle aged women should be locked up forever. Because of Sarah Emily Cadzow’s attack, her shoulder was completely shattered and she’ll never be able to properly use her arm again.

He has also been tweeting happily even after the incident as of December 2022. He has no remorse. To all handmaidens lurking the thread, remember that TIMs/MTFs would happily murder you the moment you step out of line

No. 1772627

File: 1676915935627.jpeg (363.93 KB, 1117x1479, 92372B36-6A2C-4407-8428-D883E6…)

nice lighting vs what you actually look like

No. 1772628

this dude was killed because he was a gay man freaking out other men with his sexualized molested behavior

No. 1772630

he's got the same bot farm defending him as dylan mulvaney

No. 1772632

File: 1676916200654.png (659.54 KB, 682x822, Grrls2Front on Twitter.png)

some good news apparently

No. 1772634

File: 1676916441157.jpeg (422.58 KB, 2048x1536, FpHul5NX0AEFvAd.jpeg)

things you can smell lol

No. 1772636

File: 1676916635020.jpeg (284.51 KB, 1386x1018, FDEFB470-A371-4F24-B34F-B8FF5A…)

did he shave his jaw is that why it look so weird

No. 1772637

Holy shit top tier peaking material. I hope he's locked up and sent to male prison.

No. 1772639

File: 1676916659696.jpg (66.13 KB, 475x626, matt-ross-luis-carruthers-3597…)

damn if he was alive he could play a good zoomer luis carruthers

No. 1772640

File: 1676916709295.png (327.35 KB, 679x568, so funny.png)


No. 1772642

File: 1676916869136.jpeg (115.67 KB, 640x892, 0F93EB62-326D-47E5-A7F3-764D8D…)

excuse me sir, pretending you're a muslim woman isn't normal. screw you and your "kink shaming"

No. 1772646

File: 1676917171828.jpg (104.51 KB, 1080x662, eww.JPG)

Keffals update, so funnily enough Keffals had beef with troon sex worker onlyfans owner and MOMMYBIGDICK.Yes the same MOMMYBIGDICK that Justin Whang follows (because he's a chaser and coomer). Keffals in the most cringe way possible asks his followers to "get "lore" on this troon.

No. 1772647

File: 1676917311250.png (154.89 KB, 810x645, cocainum .png)

MOMMYBIGDICK (fucking disgusting name) then exposed Keffals for being a drug addict, as well as another troon, Keffals then after being roasted admitted he had drug issues. They were saying he was a cokehead. Also MOMMYBIGDICK (ew) posted an apology or something for talking about Keffals addiction even though Keffals was trying to accuse this troon of being a sexual predator or something. Which he probably is, but yeah.

No. 1772650

File: 1676917346467.png (50.11 KB, 806x224, rehab.png)

No. 1772655

despite not knowing much about this guy, why does it seem so fucking weird that he's know gone full troon? One mintue he was chasing after contrapoints, looking "normal" the next he's a full fucking troon.I know it's for the grift but it's so weird to me. Kind of like Jim Sterling. Even though he had the popcorn fucking troon on his podcast,even if he randomly said, "Transwomen are women" at the end of a fucking Fallout 4 review, back then I was so naive on trooners. I'd never think he'd become one.
It's so weird. Whose next? Jerma? kek Charlie?

No. 1772658

File: 1676917725588.png (342.74 KB, 685x743, Local Standing for Women on Tw…)

No. 1772659

Keffel's just keeps tumbling down, going from hero that was going to take down KF to a zero using the money he kickstarted for his cocaine addiction.

No. 1772669

>It was revealed in court Jones spent six years in a male prison in Germany for sexually abusing a six-year-old girl, before she transitioned.
>Her time in the male prison was a “traumatic and harrowing” experience for Jones but did little to deter further sexual offending, Judge Tiwana said.
I want to say something but it would be counted as a-logging.

No. 1772674

Nta but you could at least give a link when you tell someone to go to the post.

No. 1772676

Whats funny to me is that when it's non-troon scrotes people constantly WISH they get treated badly in prision when they harm childern. In fact it's kind of "Expected". When it's a troon even if he wasn't a troon at first it's "Traumtic" and "harrowing" not because he got the same treatment a child raping scrote SHOULD and DOES get.
But because he was really a woman getting this fucking treatment, so there's some sympathy to be found.
I hope I make sense, but you can see how this is being spoken about because he's a troon.

No. 1772683

File: 1676919554249.jpg (242.38 KB, 1657x814, fb.jpg)

totally normal tranny

No. 1772684

Never happens™

No. 1772689

File: 1676919918522.jpg (672.47 KB, 810x2787, Screenshot_20230218-054215_Chr…)

fund women who need breast reconstructions inctead of trannies vanity.

No. 1772690

Keffals the groomer and teenage porn creator who sent drugs to kids had a cocaine addiction all along? Why am i not surprised.
>if they truly wanted me to get better
They don't, that ship sailed long ago. Normal people do not show compassion towards groomers. It's not a disdain for addicts, it's a disdain for you personally for being a shit person keffals.

No. 1772698

This. Men KNOW how dangerous they are. Yet gay men in wigs stay tricking straight men into sex, then get surprised when they get hurt or killed.

No. 1772707

This is exactly how I fucking feel. He was literally grooming other kids by helping them access horse piss and fuck knows what else too. Horrid little faggot. And then there’s this >>1770139 Everyone screeching about how he’s a girl when sounds like every fucking other white faggot moid who revels in calling women “cunts” and telling them their vagina is gross and “fishy”. Males were a fucking mistake.

No. 1772711

100% sure this moid wants to eat his chopped off balls and that's precisely the reason why funeral homes don't do that shit ever.

No. 1772720

didn't watch but Jim Sterling made another video to whine about losing subs since he trooned out

No. 1772726

File: 1676923534285.png (251.31 KB, 347x360, Capture.PNG)

I saw Ashens, and this troon who looked familar with the most laziest troon voice and his nasty moobs out in that ugly lighting they all use

No. 1772730

File: 1676923722763.png (329.48 KB, 363x404, Capture.PNG)

at 14 mintues he talks about his gross manboobs and how they've gotten bigger zooming into them, it's really fucking gross.

No. 1772731

>To all handmaidens lurking the thread, remember that TIMs/MTFs would happily murder you the moment you step out of line

Additionally, remember that males decide what "stepping out of line" is; they'll murder you for what you wear, what you don't wear, what you say, what you don't say, what they assume you think, how you look at them, how you don't look at them, simply for existing.

No. 1772733

File: 1676923916771.jpg (783.61 KB, 1069x8029, delusionalmales.jpg)

No. 1772736

File: 1676924037240.png (585.18 KB, 859x302, 14.PNG)

at 14 mintues he posted a montage of pictures of him "Physically changing" he really thinks he's hot shit, despite only loosing a little weight and pushing his mantits up. The video is very fucking gross and it reminded me to unsub from Ashen's because he was in his last "Whine about losing subs" he looks disgusting

No. 1772742

File: 1676924243112.png (408.81 KB, 493x478, Capture.PNG)

I feel physically ill looking at him, there wa an comment like, "OMG Jim looking at those big ass tiddies" and I saw this on kiwifarms, someone mentioned something about him whining about Transwomen being sent to male jails by conseravatives despite "them knowing what will happen to them" and I won't give this video another scan without the sound, but if that freak said that then I really want to A-log. Out of all the shit to whine about with trans rights you choose shit about troons not being in a female jail? He's disgusting

No. 1772754

kek, most German prisons are a walk in the park, even for someone who abused a child. Hope he makes more "traumatic" memories in Australia.

No. 1772781

I've heard that pedophiles get treated way worse by prison mates and that's probably why his experience was "traumatic harrowing." Fucker deserved it.

No. 1772783

Ashens? Tf is he friends with Jim? I don’t know the lore

No. 1772795

File: 1676930512649.jpg (108.67 KB, 1061x1063, NYPICHPDPICT000006866729.jpg)

Lmfao this is apparently the troon author who threatened to slit JKR's throat in a tweet and wrote about JKR dying in a fire in his book. Fucking BARF

No. 1772800

carry guns or tasers if possible, nonas

No. 1772803

too bad in australia it's illegal to carry anything with you for the purpose of self defense.

No. 1772805

i really hope this isn't true because i've always liked ashens

No. 1772808

File: 1676932127229.png (29.3 KB, 458x303, FpcL9YEXoAEg8k_.png)

Almost like turning into a perverted self-centered asshole makes people not like you, what a surprise

No. 1772810

File: 1676932318890.jpeg (603.66 KB, 750x1163, 912F3059-08B2-4D4F-B273-040ACF…)

look at that elevenhead kek

No. 1772816

everyone in the comments saying the same happened to them should give them a hint of how whiny, narcissistic, and disgusting they are.

No. 1772823

i swear all troons look the same. either obese or anorexic, pasty white, inbred looking.

No. 1772840

What the fuck, this isn’t photoshopped?

No. 1772841

I just remember someone quoted an "erotic" part of the Manhunt book and was anything but "erotic".

No. 1772855

File: 1676937194094.jpg (64.84 KB, 900x900, angry_pepe.jpg)

Same fag to say: Isn't a bit ironic how people are blaming JK Rowling for "antisemitism" or "transphobia" (proven over and over that is fake) in the book and the game and even her fans are against her and try to paint her like an evil woman, but this person wrote a REAL misogynist, transphobic and full of rape book (he even said "I should have written more rape in the book), but his fans are all "please don't kill the author, learn to love the art, no the artist, etc?" and if someone mentions it, "oh you just say that because you're transphobic!".

No. 1772859

By TRA logic I should be able to have cosmetic surgery if I have extreme body dysmorphia. For instance, if my nose caused me so much distress it interfered with my daily life, I should be able to just say “fuck therapy” and have my new nose paid for whenever it bothers me. Do they really not realize how stupid it sounds? Clearly it would constitute therapy but I’d feel like a piece of shit taking up the time and resources from someone who actually needs life-saving surgery. Even if my nose made me suicidal, it isn’t “life-saving” surgery. It’s still cosmetic.

No. 1772869

This is why I absolutely don’t get why tifs cape for tims so much. Do they not realize that those men still think about them the same way they think about any other woman? You never see tims boosting up the voices of tifs or female enbies, and whenever a tif brings up this fact, she’s treated like the woman she is by the men they are. This is why, if you’re female, you have to stop giving a shit about men at all. They all want us to be rape slaves or enact our their murder fantasies on us. If there was more female solidarity and desire to protect each other from men we’d be doing so much better.

No. 1772876

File: 1676939266007.png (424.82 KB, 1080x2124, Screenshot_20230220-162428_(1)…)

>REAL misogynist, transphobic and full of rape book (he even said "I should have written more rape in the book)
Wow I had no idea that was in the book. Disgusting. I looked up a synopsis of it and lol. What is with troons fantasizing TERFs to be violent murderers like them. They're not the ones calling for their heads like these violent moids are doing.

No. 1772881

>they'll murder you for what you wear, what you don't wear, what you say, what you don't say, what they assume you think, how you look at them, how you don't look at them, simply for existing.

That's why a feminist song that said "it wasn't my fault, nor what where I was and what I wore. It is YOUR fault that you murder me" was quite popular, being translated to many languages. But men went with "not all men" and trans woman, like men, went with "We got killed for being woman TOO!".

No. 1772891

File: 1676939850528.png (22.99 KB, 598x289, Gretchen Felker-Martin on Twit…)

And it seems he got in trouble for a tweet against JK Rowling for mention she dies, fictionally, but he's the victim!

No. 1772893

To be fair Nikki passes pretty well in the youtube vids when it's just their face. But geez, they're massive.

No. 1772899

Jim is so sad. I used to like the guys videos, but after he trooned out, he's just fucking unbearable.

No. 1772900

that’s one ugly mf. congrats on your new personal cow, keep us updated.

No. 1772903

you can say he, nona.

No. 1772906

>He has also been tweeting happily even after the incident as of December 2022. He has no remorse. To all handmaidens lurking the thread, remember that TIMs/MTFs would happily murder you the moment you step out of line

I mean that’s probably why many of them ARE handmaidens. They “fall in line” because they’re afraid to piss them off and become a target.

No. 1772912

File: 1676941227802.jpeg (144.57 KB, 750x1069, A2DA6476-39F8-41AE-8CF5-F731A5…)

found the transcel.

No. 1772917

what was he like before? most men who troon out were already insufferable before.

No. 1772926

File: 1676943118091.jpeg (Spoiler Image,499.83 KB, 750x1270, B999144F-A1E4-4004-951F-435A82…)

the fact that i can clock every tranny on AL just from the coomer shit they post.

No. 1772927

and it’s just a het male with porn on his walls. It’s ridiculous how they expect us to just welcome them into women’s spaces with open arms when they still proudly display shit like this for everyone to see

No. 1772929

Why do they all look exactly the same… different hairstyles and clothes but all the exact same facial features.

No. 1772932

freak show…

No. 1772944

inbred white men must be broken on a genetic level. it’s almost as if they can feel the lack of the extra X chromosome they needed to be normal.

No. 1772948

*extra as in additional, instead of the stunted and defective Y. not XXY.

No. 1772949

god i fucking hate keffals. he basically became famous for whining about KF and (supposedly) being a victim of doxxing, yet now he's asking "turboautists" on a whole subreddit to get "lore" on someone (pretty much the concept of KF) that he wanna drag, fucking hypocrite. and his pathetic tweets where he finally admits to being an addict and act all dramatic this is my last tweet, look at the replies and you'll see people don't really want me to get better - boo-hoo, what a fucking narcissist, what does he expect from these people (especially considering he has scammed and lied to his own community)? expect help from your relatives at most and stop being such an attention whore. he thinks he's so clever and important when he's just a freak.

No. 1772952

File: 1676946242726.jpg (614.48 KB, 1252x1255, IMG_20230221_132110.jpg)

When do we do this? What utter projection.
Aren't TRAs the ones who try to make themselves look like the most stereotypical feminine, able-bodied, bimbo looks? Aren't TRAs the ones who call black and brown women "inherently more masculine" to justify why their troons look so male?
Yet us TERFs are the so-called racists and ableists?

No. 1772954

They were the ones who rejoiced at Magdalen Bern's death, what a bunch of hypocrites.

No. 1772961

File: 1676946804508.jpeg (908.92 KB, 1284x1766, 296E86B1-1A98-41D9-9B65-B8E234…)

It was actually this he got in trouble for I think. They’re a whole thread here of threats he’s made, and not fictional ones either.

No. 1772971

TRAs rejoice about "TERFs" deaths and fantasize about killing the "final boss", JKR.
They use intersex people as a gotcha and conflate them with trannies.
They pretend that non-feminine women and black women are also "misgendered".
They want women to be called "pregnant people" and "uterus-havers" so as not to offend trannies.
So yes, pure projection for each of these delusional claims. Their entire ideology falls apart without the lies and the manipulation. Wish we could consistently call them out on their BS to stop the brainwashing of normies on social media but alas not everyone can (or want to) spend their whole day on twitter like trannies do.

No. 1772973

someone should tell this angry lard heap full of big macho death threats that you can release pent-up anger through sports, a brisk jog, or really, any activity more vigorous than rolling around in bed tweeting

No. 1772974

File: 1676949018706.gif (1.68 MB, 640x598, 1663262270441.gif)

>This is the unintended consequence of the rich people from developing countries sending their little princes and princessess to UK and US universities.
that's honestly a perfect description of this phenomenon
I don't blame you nonna, upper class post-Marxists are a group that has no racial or national homogeneity, they are a cancer that helps RW with its mere existence, a polish comrade once talked to me about how the largest left wing group in his country literally lost a local election on account of one prominent MP not being supportive of troons, which caused outrage on twitter and journalist spaces, which had the party dismiss her and which resulted in her followers not voting for said party and them losing

No. 1773003

File: 1676951846533.jpg (35.38 KB, 485x402, 1141005770.jpg)

A TRA using the death of a young AGP to show his misogyny and hate masturbation to the woman he hates? Color me surprised.

No. 1773007

The only black women I've constantly heard look like men are the Williams sisters and Michelle Obama. With the former it's usually black men saying they look like men or too masculine. Rightoids have been calling Michelle "Michael" since she first appeared on the national stage. A popular conspiracy theory in right-wing circles is that Michelle is a secret TiM that has been Obama's lover since college and their two daughters are adopted from friends/associates of the Obamas.

No. 1773027

"Reduce women to their organs"?
You mean like how you call us "uterus havers", and "birthing bodies", mock our vulvas calling them roast beef and us roasties, constantly talk about female genetalia and fetishize it, and insist your mystery flesh pits are superior to 'ugly' real vaginas.
You are the freaks who reduce women to genetalia.

No. 1773033

File: 1676954254084.png (1.16 MB, 1179x1457, 63BDA905-F8C7-449A-8C1E-6AE58D…)

can someone explain to me why leftists cape for troons like their lives depend on it? they don’t care about anything else, they’d rather alienate anyone with half a brain cell than stop sucking tranny cock like it’s their one and only job. i don’t get it, are leftists just as brain dead as the radical right? are paranoid rightoids trooning out en masse and becoming fake leftists? what the fuck is happening?

No. 1773036

>a feminine penis
>your sexual orientation may be transphobic
KEK That has to be satire, right?

No. 1773040

I can't believe these people not only force gay people but straight people too for "equality"! But the bigots are others, right?

No. 1773042

i stole it from ovarit. it’s satire, but it might as well be real at this point.

No. 1773044

File: 1676955155011.jpg (339.33 KB, 1080x1359, retard.jpg)

This guy is probably so autistic he's legally retarded and has a tard wrangler.

No. 1773090

File: 1676958759466.jpeg (454.02 KB, 750x1188, 31D104DB-EA03-475D-A6CA-71A5AF…)

this is his idea of what a woman is.

No. 1773091

File: 1676958776331.jpeg (653.4 KB, 1170x2148, F75DFB51-B2DB-4082-B14D-005757…)

they’re still absolutely seething

No. 1773094

i think one of the youtubers i watch peaked. he posted a harry potter related video right in the middle of hl gate, TRAs flooded his comments bitching about jk rowling, and he hasn’t apologized, not even in a pinned comment. love to see it.

No. 1773095

i fucking HATE this country.

No. 1773099

He so obviously wants her attention as promotion, good on her for ignoring him.

No. 1773102

Oh my god I used to be mutuals with this one because I thought he was funny. Then he started sending me angry DMS because he somehow found out I was also mutuals with a TERF and I blocked him. If anyone wants screenshots I can provide.

No. 1773103

File: 1676960656868.jpeg (115.82 KB, 946x1642, FpdhN7daIAA2NKj.jpeg)

The misogyny and stupidity of these moids, theyre all following the same script of women weak women dumb women love makeup

No. 1773107

How are they proud of this? I'd be mad if I couldn't open the pickle jar anymore.

No. 1773111

Yes anon spill the milk please

No. 1773116

File: 1676962543977.jpeg (182.07 KB, 941x890, 24B2D34B-7BF8-418D-BDA3-12E389…)

troons losing their minds fantasizing about being lusted over by men when they're definitely someone's rape toy in prison. this is peak male fantasy, disgusting and cumbrained

No. 1773117

Samefagging but I forgot to mention yeah it's obviously fake and made by a 4chan trannny lmao

No. 1773124

the only trannies i see complaining about being sent to male prisons are the transbian rapists who want more victims.

No. 1773145

AGP = fantasize about going to female prison to rape women
HSTS = fantasize about going to male prison to get dick and/or feel like a woman with male orbiters
We've always known. They are coomers lol

No. 1773160

omg somehow i had not realized that he was literally the author of manhunt. it makes the tweet even more pathetic lmao, he's basically admitting that he wrote about JKR to get attention and now he has to beg for it on twitter because she doesn't give a fuck about his garbage novel. you just know that all this time he's been waiting for a reaction just so that he could say "i thought you were in favor of free speech??? you're attacking an author with a small following!!" (+ free promo) but she didn't give him the opportunity, so now he's implying that she's scared of it. trannies stay miserable and delusional.

No. 1773162

>"We got killed for being woman TOO!"
It's not even true, most transwomen being killed are prostitutes getting killed by men freaking out that a man tried to "trick them into being gay". If they had been women no such freak out would have happened, they got killed specifically because they're NOT women while claiming to be.

No. 1773169

god it's like the trannies who complain that real lesbians won't date them
just date other trannies who will be empathetic and understanding to your situation. Or are they not even attracted to their own demographic?

No. 1773173

and you can become a target no matter where you are. If you show even the smallest bit of opposing ideas to theirs they will attack you and label you terf or transphobic online and will harass you endlessly. Didn’t happen to me but I’ve seen it happen so often that i just keep to myself with the fear of losing friends. Males will do anything to silence women and this is just another way of them coming out on top no matter what they do. I’m just waiting for this “trend” to die off and women to realize trans women are just men in cheap wigs and dresses that mock and despise women.

No. 1773183

Can't tell if it's satire because they do literally say this fully seriously all the time

No. 1773186

I love it when you don't even have to say anything and just let the troons peak people on their own kek

Nona please post!

No. 1773189

NTA but he usually has videos talking about the cruelty in video games. He has a very pro worker/anti corporation mindset. Unfortunately not very pro-woman kek.

No. 1773191

I'm pretty sure this was a shitpost but the fact you can't tell says a lot

No. 1773194

It's great satire because it's what they say unironically to lesbians all the time.

No. 1773217

File: 1676982259522.jpg (173.27 KB, 853x1331, FpeMAHzaUAEzAkO.jpg)

People on twitter found these likes from Lia Thomas alt insta account about women being beaten from the horrible evil tranny "Fallon Fox" who beats real women in the ring and is proud of it

No. 1773218

File: 1676982352391.jpg (147.92 KB, 1346x1264, FpeMAH0aEAELwZL.jpg)

No. 1773219

File: 1676982475027.jpg (90.74 KB, 1080x1164, FpeMAHzakAEaPkN.jpg)

And ofcourse this

No. 1773222

I'm still disturbed by the picture of his transbian partner holding up their amputated balls in a jar as if they were pickles

No. 1773231

File: 1676984594511.png (356.22 KB, 586x543, 63.png)

Hunter Schafer does not look like a woman but he doesn't like a man either, he looks like a 13 year old with long hair(the whole point of puberty blockers) his face is very childlike and I often get the feeling that men and women spout how "attractive" he is are pedophiles

No. 1773233

File: 1676985028050.jpg (29.46 KB, 317x317, hunter-schafer-1560787004-view…)

picrel is him outside of carefully edited photos and yeah he looks like a young boy, I literally have 14 year old nephews that look like him

No. 1773240

File: 1676986106401.jpg (2.07 MB, 1390x1080, kimpetras.jpg)

He's only 24 he will look more and more male as he ages, like Kim Petras here is 24-ish vs 30-ish

No. 1773255

File: 1676987505862.jpg (338.99 KB, 2048x1365, tv65fw4rada91.jpg)

>he doesn't like a man
Are you blind?

No. 1773257

ntayrt but tbh. I would also make the distinction between looking like a boy and looking like an adult man their age for these early trooners. The puberty blockers pretty much suspend their little boy face in time for a while, I noticed this in Jazz. but the fact that they’re biologically male is still evident. it’s just different from the typical troon, instead of looking like a dude in a wig and a dress they look like if a child sim glitched and the child face was displaced on a adult size head with a distorted body.

Im pretty curious what they’ll look like as they get old. I’d guess just extremely fucked up, if they can even make it to old age having destroyed their bodies to this extent.

No. 1773258

File: 1676988379150.png (13.77 KB, 73x95, image.png)

that horrible paw print tattoo

No. 1773259

Lmao wtf are you talking about muscle looks nothing like that and this anoretic fag has as much muscle as Eugenia cooney, it's obvoously shopped.

No. 1773266

Everything about that thumbnail disgusts me. Also skinwalking the singer from 4nonblondes

No. 1773267

The lost Hanson brother

No. 1773273

I thought he was trying to skinwalk one of the steam powered giraffe guys who trooned out

No. 1773276

I hate how they try and milk this to make it sound like they’re oh so frail and weak. If I really can’t open a jar I do the fucking knife trick or get a rubber jar opener and go on with my day. I don’t obsess over how weak I am or whatever. And plus, iirc, the reason many women actually have trouble opening jars isn’t due to being physically weak, it’s just due to skin differences between males and females and grip/hand size. A lot of jars have larger lids, so of course it’s easier for larger hands to get more leverage. This is because the world and all its manmade items tend to favor males. It’s why we didn’t even have female crash test dummies until recently. All in all, the world is built for men, even jars. They make it into a sexist issue but in a completely fucked way. It’s astounding they don’t see the misogyny in this, but then, they’re scrotes after all.

No. 1773277

kek I thought it was the SPG guy when I first scrolled by, I’m not sure which one trooned out first. I think Jim.

No. 1773280

File: 1676992924737.png (804.1 KB, 523x753, trooncora.png)

He's made half a dozen more of these in the last 24 hours. This guy is still young and he's got a dresser full of prescription bottles. Imagine throwing your entire health and life away for a fetish. Of course he's got a Che poster on the wall too. It will be fascinating to see where all these anime troon failsons are in 10 years.

I'd also like to hear more from the former mutual nonna.

No. 1773285

File: 1676993361146.jpeg (770.73 KB, 1413x1587, 5BBAACC9-40AA-4EE3-8408-5E225B…)

funny you'd mention him..

No. 1773286

File: 1676993406300.jpg (166.66 KB, 1080x1308, FTIKXh0UAAMKbIj.jpg)

to those not in the know, it's this guy

No. 1773289

The iFunny watermark lmao

No. 1773291

Which order are these in? Did he detrans and retrans again?

No. 1773297

Kim Petras is a tragic case, cause he had SRS when he was 13 and never went through male puberty, he physically should not be able to feel sexual arousal and this his entire "slutpop" music genre is based purely on misognystic stereotypes that he was taught by his "progressive" parents and handlers

No. 1773303

He recently posted asking "How do you detrans in Sweden?" so I guess the first one is most recent nona

No. 1773306

This >>1773286 is super old, like by several years. Crazy to detrans after getting the chop…

No. 1773310

It’s been nice to see how many male creators I follow simply ignore the drama instead of pandering, even those with very woke audiences who’d most likely benefit from throwing JKR under the bus. Unfortunately all the female creators I follow have made multiple statements about JKR being a dangerous bigot even before the most recent blowup. Not just a simple “I don’t agree with her views” to cover their own asses, but straight up lying about the so-called harm she causes. They pretend to believe the author is a hateful nazi who must be silenced yet continue to profit off her creation by making HP-inspired costumes, lookbooks, crafts etc. I understand women are treated much worse than men who don’t toe the party line but it’s so two-faced, and it has really soured me on a lot of creators.

Some AGPs enjoy the “status” they have in male prison too, like rapist and mass murderer Richard Speck who killed all those nursing students and then trooned out in prison. There’s video footage of him bragging about how desirable he is among the other inmates. Funny how I’ve never seen TRAs bring up his case and how tragic it is that he was cruelly held in male prison instead of moved to the women’s.

No. 1773311

File: 1676996155586.gif (868.42 KB, 640x480, chansey.gif)

>Want to look like Nurse Joy
>End looking like Chansey

No. 1773313

So what did the Troon call keffalls out for? I'm assuming there's more to it than just calling him out as another Toronto cokehead
was an idiot and forgot to sage first

No. 1773317

im glad youve found this piece of shit moid… his content is all about how much he hates women and his insecurities. his persistence on being something he is not will only reinforce his hatred and loneliness

No. 1773325

Don't insult my girl chansey like that

No. 1773343

did you read the first part, he obviously doesn't look like a woman but it would be false to claim that he has the face of an adult man, he has the facial bone structure of a teenage boy, its very obvious

No. 1773348

>I understand women are treated much worse than men who don’t toe the party line but it’s so two-faced, and it has really soured me on a lot of creators.
I get it and I feel the same, but male creators never get the same kind of vitriolic hate as female ones get, not even close. I think the ones that keep it really short and don't go into the whole "JKR is a nazi" spiel are more likely to not actually care and are just doing it for their own protection because even staying silent makes you a target to them.

>Kim Petras is a tragic case, cause he had SRS when he was 13
It is tragic but he had it at 16, he even had the law bent for him becuase the minimum age to get it was 18. The oh-so-oppressed troons are somehow above the law.

No. 1773349

Just another sign that it's a fetish. Note he detransed because he doesn't look like a woman, not because he realized he could never know womanhood from the inside. He can't even fool himself with filters = he can't get off = Jane get me off this crazy thing

No. 1773351

fucking lol

No. 1773358

I fully understand why women would want to say something to protect themselves from the TRA mob. Unfortunately none of the ones I follow kept it short, they all went on long spiels about how hateful and dangerous and evil she is. She’s Literally Hitler, but not Literally Hitler enough for them to stop piggy backing off her franchise. Clearly a significant portion of their audience still wants to see HP stuff. I wonder how many of them are as annoyed with these over the top disclaimers as I am. Plus it’s not like they will ever truly placate the TRAs if the mob decides to turn against a woman.

No. 1773364

>they all went on long spiels about how hateful and dangerous and evil she is
The good thing about this is that it's doing to others what it's doing to you, pissing off people who don't get why they are pandering to troons so much who then end up peaking

No. 1773366

Is Lia Thomas a psyop?

No. 1773388

File: 1677006798134.png (404.24 KB, 1280x1280, 69E9C967-F5D0-47A9-8CC4-11402F…)

More like Bruxish

No. 1773390

he's obviously male, especially the eyes and nose, he looks like an attractive twink, i don't know why he can't accept that

No. 1773407

File: 1677010166600.jpg (274.97 KB, 828x1231, Fpd_vx0acAAc2NT.jpg)

No. 1773408

Saged, but do you think we could expect a change in how companies handle trans issues in the future now that Hogwarts Legacy has kinda shown that things can be successful and celebrated despite the chimp outs?