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File: 1677973929162.jpg (189.58 KB, 2048x1792, 1677863020670.jpg)

No. 1782682

No. 1782692

Ladies… how do we keep our sanity? Here in Amerifag we have basically lost abortion rights and now we’re losing the entire “feminist” movement to men. It hurts to see these vultures feast on the remains of feminism while labeling us as villains. I feel so discouraged rn sorry for the blog

No. 1782695

File: 1677976068124.jpg (88.65 KB, 493x660, FqUgG3hXgAMRp1C.jpg)

No. 1782696

File: 1677976094690.jpg (92.88 KB, 708x876, FqUfyIIaYAE2sL0.jpg)

No. 1782697

they’ve always been anti-women tbh. look at the first person in their logo, obviously a man. men first, always.

Hershey is pretend chocolate for pretend women

No. 1782698

I understand the message behind threadpic but wtf are those proportions…

No. 1782700

An entire group of developing minds will now grow conflating troonism/drag with healthy sexuality. Showing sexual content (not just explicit porn, but general sexual content) to young children and even babies can ruin their perception of sexuality throughout childhood. I was exposed to sexual content at a very young age thanks to men in my life and was porn addicted before I ever even started my first period. I'm getting better now. Please don't judge me, I was groomed. Stop allowing sexual content into children's lives because you think they're too young to remember or know what's going on.

No. 1782712

I live in a very "progressive" city, troons are running rampant. We need to be more vocal and show everyone it's not just conservatives that hate troons. We need to make bigger and bolder points about how TIMs are trans, not women. There are fundamental differences between the two. We may need to tread lightly at times, and be intentional with the points we make. Where I live, you can be fired for being anti-trans in any way. Might seem silly, but I also think we need to make more memes to peak people. I honestly think millennials and younger generations form a lot of their opinions around memes.

No. 1782722

>look at the first person in their logo, obviously a man.

Er, wasn't that person just a masculine woman tho?

No. 1782726

it’s literally the troon from the ad dumbass

No. 1782735

File: 1677978963301.jpeg (686.48 KB, 1170x1748, 24C62A20-CB5C-4EC1-9DE5-5D4130…)

I think men should kill themselves

No. 1782741

File: 1677979205611.png (22.11 KB, 598x270, Women's March.png)

I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves,
Everybody's nerves,
Everybody's nerves.
I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves
And this is how it goes…

No. 1782743

idk they can say whatever they want, that skull is fucking male

he’s jealous that he can’t be sex trafficked? lol, lmao

No. 1782765

Retard thinks sex work is only for conventially attractive people and that it's a privilege to be a SW. Sir, I implore you to become a hideous troon prostitute. Men will stick their dick in anything. Maybe you'll experience the horrors SW's experience, but judging by this post this person seems to want to be abused.

No. 1782771

Not silly at all, you're absolutely right. Also virtually every tranny lives on the internet so every little meme hurts!

Nonna, billionaire donors control every movement now (which makes their attacks on JKR extra rich). Before the men, it was libfems wrecking feminism. You have to keep your sense of humor and just focus on taking care of yourself and building friendships in real life. Don't give up, just keep laughing at them.

In the end troons can never win because they're on the wrong side of reality. When this generation of AGPs gets older and realizes they're never gonna look like real women the mass meltdown will be real and it will be spectacular.

No. 1782784

File: 1677980622888.jpeg (584.5 KB, 750x1215, 0121F7AA-2EAD-4E55-952C-E9C2F3…)

going to sage because tinfoil but, a resale business in Washington was bought out by some tranny and their store got “robbed” a month ago. The details of how the “thieves” broke in sounds so suspicious to me

No. 1782789

>Having to choose between rape or starvation is privilege, ackhually
Men will put their dicks in microwaved watermelons. As a man, you damn well know that.

No. 1782791

File: 1677980991335.jpg (364.21 KB, 1497x1497, fuckugly.jpg)

This is why more accurate than the drawing on the candy bar, which in no way resembles him.

No. 1782794

The more retarded they act in public, the harder the tides will turn against them. Just sit back and watch the fireworks.

No. 1782804

Look at that caveman brow kek
>I'd suck dick if I was attractive enough
>but I never had the opportunity because I'm ugly
>what a privilege to be raped to be able to afford basic needs
I've never seen such retarded take. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1782805

Good idea re:memes, but I also think the memes need to heavily allude to how trannies are hurting and silencing women. I love based memes that make fun of their appearance and anime girls burning trans flags as much as the next girl, but we need to get the message across so people can see that they’re the bullies, not us. I’m not a meme-maker though just an enjoyer so this is just an idea for those who do make them and might be active on Twitter or tumblr where they can be spread

No. 1782807

File: 1677982306689.png (14.29 KB, 622x132, trannydoom.png)

>the fact attractive women can acquire social and financial capital through sex work in a way thats not generally open to men (or open at much worse rates) is fairly textbook female privilege

This 4chan reject is suffering in his doomed attempt to become a woman when he has no compassion for us and cannot possibly understand us. If he continues in his LARP his suffering will only increase. If that's not comedy, I don't know what is

No. 1782813

I have an idea for a meme that I haven't got around to making yet if anyone wants to take the idea and run with it. The depiction of a wojak/doomer girl screaming "appropriation" at a white girl with dreads and a shirt that says "yo" or something. In the second panel, the wojak/doomer girl screams "trans women are women!" at a demented looking troon. The realization that troons are appropriating womanhood while the same people who defend that shit also freak out over racial appropriation, like dreads, is what helped peak me as someone who used to be in support of transgenderism. I know that concept will help peak others.

No. 1782823

He's getting his ass torn apart, we love to see it

Remind me how being trad (culture of men who oppress us) is better than troons (culture of men who oppress us) again?

No. 1782827

Retard deleted these tweets kek. Shit like this needs to be screenshot and spread EVERYWHERE to peak women. Things like this perfectly display the fundamental differences between how TIM predators view womanhoodand fetishize us, and what it's like to be actual women/victims of SW & trafficking.

No. 1782832

saged for blog but…
>work at a hotel in blue state
>troon checks in the other night w/ my coworker, dude is an obvious hon
>every one of my female coworkers referring to this guest among ourselves as "ladyman" or some variation
>next morning, one elevator opens, man comes rushing out
>1 second later a different elevator opens, troon comes running out after the man yelling "fuck you then faggot!"
literally the only guest outburst ive witnessed since working here since September, and of course it was a classless tranny

No. 1782835

File: 1677986418708.jpeg (141.65 KB, 1284x724, 297475CD-BAD6-4F53-9162-228F2A…)

Retard I’m referring to this screenshot
Women can have masculine features too but i understand why anons are quick to label it a man.

No. 1782840

File: 1677986649078.jpeg (1009.74 KB, 1170x1824, F18628C3-BE90-4EC0-9F8B-88F09B…)

Always with the guns

No. 1782844

File: 1677986828934.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1170x1445, 0B42F48E-233A-48AA-85E5-9F31EF…)

Why are they framing detransitioners being allowed to sue as a bad thing?

No. 1782846


No. 1782857

Because any threat to the collective delusion is literal violence to these people. If anything disturbs their deluded, drug addled, safe space it is met with extreme irrational aggression.

No. 1782862

This should be a thing everywhere. All doctors who prey on vulnerable kids with mental illness get fucked and die

No. 1782863

I dont consider things like teaching your child about their genetalia and teaching how to protect themselves from someone looking to sexually exploit them as sex. I can understand a parent teaching a small child about these things. I have a problem with the scenario outlined in the book where the sister is literally explaining in detail how she has sex, as if that's important information a child needs to learn. It's not. Children shouldn't be taught how to have sex, they shouldn't be doing it. Its 100% grooming and the book gives massive pedo vibes. Also look at the relationship dynamic presented in the book. It's an older SISTER telling a younger BROTHER how sex works. This is intentional. If they made it his parents or a random adult it would get even heavier pedo vibes. They intentionally chose a dynamic that seems harmless to draw suspicion away from what was being talked about.

No. 1782864

File: 1677990463627.jpeg (56.88 KB, 960x552, 3nzVtED - Copy.jpeg)

Found on reddit
>calls men "males"
>calls women "vagina havers" and "people with vaginas"

they really just hate women don't they

No. 1782865

those are just different ethnic noses. troons are so so stupid

No. 1782869

not celebrated but religious people cover their asses and defend their own. a lot of christians believe in forgiveness and will not take pedos and rapists to the proper authorities and make them repent, aka do jack shit. the catholic church has a long history of crimes against children in the name of god. recently too.

religion does not care about kids or women. neither do trannies. different problems and different reasons but regardless, fuck the church. always ironic to me when bible thumpers wanna start preaching about how troonism is a cult and harms women/kids lol.

so many men are cum brained and incapable of seeing how sex could ever be a bad thing.

No. 1782870

Insurance companies shouldn't be covering "gender affirming" care when they dont even cover medically necessary procedures for people in general.

No. 1782871

Yeah, they see shit like this as a luxury bc they equate sex to positive things. In their mind, a streetwalker lives just as cushy of a life as an only fans woman when in reality they are brutally mistreated and raped. Makes sense that the demographic who commits rape sees it as a positive thing and not the horrible act it is.

No. 1782873

The Womens March has always been absolute trash. They were featuring male "sex workers" giving speeches and platforming Linda Sarsour, a Saudi Arabia apologist, over five years ago.
It's hard to deal with, but I just try to keep fighting, even if its in tiny ways. Even if all I can do is hang out online with like-minded women, it helps me to feel a little bit better.

No. 1782874

File: 1677991621831.jpg (15.99 KB, 386x586, FqScCzoWwAMD2z4.jpg)

Yes great idea to talk about men during women's history month and all the other times topics center on women…

No. 1782875

File: 1677991804867.jpeg (88.8 KB, 720x776, FlAsOiJXkAAa3Cy.jpeg)

I wanted to post the site again for anyone who maybe didn't catch the last part of the previous thread: https://antiwomanbrands.neocities.org/
I'm still not sure of a good way for direct submissions which someone asked about last thread, and the only place I would even put it would be on here so that it doesn't get spammed. Although, I'm not sure what the point of such a submission form would be if it's all just content people post here anyway.
I use this thread, the dylan one, and also browse 2x in terms of where people post trans stuff, so that's where I'll mostly be checking. I also mentioned last thread that I don't want to comment every time something is added, that just clogs up threads.
If anyone wants to talk about the site, like the nonnie who offered help, I posted on the neocities thread in /ot/! Advice/comments/critiques would be lovely.

No. 1782876

it's literally their intent. nuke the earth

No. 1782878

they do this shit themselves to scam insurance companies. they set their businesses on fire too

No. 1782883

absolutely retarded take and has clearly never faced oppression or fear for his life, just privilege. they don't think about the dangers of sex work, that even other males and TIM's can suffer? like being beaten up, raped and not being paid?

No. 1782884

Why does this all feel like 99% of this is just men shitting on women and gross sexual shit and 1% legit lgbt issues?
I always feel weirded out whenever I see a mtf

No. 1782902

File: 1677995605434.jpeg (398.01 KB, 750x1067, 83D0D1E0-03B6-486C-A7AF-DA889E…)

They’re not only scamming insurance companies but the local people as well with their shitty made up pity story, they have a go fund me that’s met half the goal already. They give me bad vibes, here’s another article https://www.king5.com/amp/article/news/local/tacoma/lgbtq-safe-space-clothing-store-burglarized-tacoma/281-5b0fd2e6-6c61-4517-bd32-d6c1eeb30c9e where they try to claim it’s a hate crime but real hate crimes would have smashed windows , which they did not have and slurs on walls, not too mention the fact the burglars went for their more expensive items instead of just trashing the place? I’m just sad people don’t use common sense and realize they’re lying
Pic is from the previous article is this not a red flag to ppl living there??

No. 1782909

File: 1677998540619.png (345.97 KB, 524x790, k.png)

It's funny to see Robert finally get called out by conservative chasers who used to dick ride him kek. But I think moids are too cumbrained to completely disavow him though.
It's AI art.
This reminds me of the troons who get "euphoria" from being catcalled and cry over how they wished they could've been molested as a "little girl". The sexual violence women and girls face is a fetish to them. I hope the moid in the OP was not able to get into a women's shelter.
The tweets are still up. https://twitter.com/ultrafuturist/status/1631402491559526400

No. 1782915

I agree with you, completely, but they wouldn't make as much money. If they would, for example, pay glasses, they would do that every 5 to 10 years, but gender affirming care is a lifelong thing, you can make money out of it every month, maybe even every week.

No. 1782918

File: 1678002695750.png (29.5 KB, 757x333, 97488.png)

>abusable younger sister
absolutely disgusting

No. 1782926

>Democrats are the "real transphobes"
As a non burger who likes to observe America imo democrats/left wing/LGBT are the cruel ones. If you measure and compare the harm done to people with body dysphoria then democrats are insanely abusive. They enable mentally ill people mutilate themselves, encourage them to let medical companies exploit them for thousands of dollars, and are far more likely to harass another "trans" person into suicide than right wingers are. The most a right winger will do is either make their loli larping coomer son leave the house to protect their younger sister or call you a gay man

No. 1782938

File: 1678008481339.jpeg (11.71 KB, 300x168, 76425906-843A-43D1-9929-8C580C…)

>siscon polycule

No. 1782939

File: 1678008490916.jpeg (168.59 KB, 720x1147, 5D974B7D-0112-4825-B277-D42807…)

Gotcha, terfies! How can you be so transphobic when a woman played a meek and polite transwoman on the telly 20 years ago?

No. 1782941

That's what I was getting out of it. "I would be a sex worker if I wasn't so ugly. Oh btw cis women can be uglier than I am."
So yeah once again we have a tranny that sexually objectifies women and throws us under the bus. Dude, I'm sorry no woman wants to fuck you, that doesn't mean you can sit at our table.

No. 1782951

>meek and polite and nice
Ah yes so very like trans women now. Screaming “it’s MA’AM” threatening rape and violence against women” great to see Haley paving the way for trans rights.

blog but literally one of my first interactions with a trans woman irl he told me he’s had “the surgery”. absolutely disgusting.

No. 1782957

This is kind of downplaying the evil of right wingers honestly. I do agree that lefties are the ones doing an incredibly heinous thing by indulging in the fantasies of the mentally ill and encouraging it on children, but right wingers will generally be the ones harassing troons for their perceived homosexuality or just straight up killing them. It’s also sort of hilarious you think right wingers here usually care about their daughters at all.

No. 1782959

NTA but they’re both shit. Malcolm X has a famous quote comparing the left to foxes and the right to wolves. The wolves are aggressive and “show their teeth” while the foxes are more sneaky and conniving. I’m left leaning btw but it’s always been this way unfortunately

No. 1782960

File: 1678017743171.jpeg (586.52 KB, 750x1068, DABC510D-E1C7-43C0-B3F3-4FBBEA…)

Males are a disease. Waiting for the inevitable kinkshaming transphobia tweet when HR drags his ass.

No. 1782961

File: 1678017794952.jpeg (416.07 KB, 750x779, 61E3CCFC-CFED-4614-AB4D-1783ED…)

in the comments. feed your “owner” yourself if you’re such a girl boss.

No. 1782962

That's called ruining the public's good will. Most of the world was quite ok with the very few, very feminine HSTS who all got the snip. That's why even super homophobic countries like China have had HSTS celebs for decades. You shatter this illusion, the general public turns against you. Trans rights would have gone way farther if TRAs kept flying under the radar of everyone. It's not radfems who ruined it (we have zero political power anyway) it's all on trans visibility. Makes it delicious to see.

No. 1782965

It’s so interesting seeing these men who at best look like ugly women, parade themselves around like they’re Megan fox. I guess compared to other TIMs they might be. Usually, if a woman had a face like this she wouldn’t be taking photos and posting them on the net without five tons of photoshop.

No. 1782966

I couldn't agree more.

No. 1782967

I mean, there's a pretty big filter on the pic. the skin is way too smooth

No. 1782968

File: 1678019419145.jpg (87.8 KB, 828x756, FqcDIYiaYAEgbFA.jpg)

I mean even IF this was true, which it is not, you still dont get periods. You take strong drugs in forms of pills and/or injections to get female hormones because your body doesnt produce it naturally. You get hot flashes because your body is being subjected to hormones it doesnt need or want, that is still not even close to the female hormone cycle

No. 1782971

File: 1678019582367.png (79.71 KB, 589x741, scrotelogic239234234.png)

In awe at the stupidity of this lad

No. 1782972

File: 1678019717285.jpg (85.94 KB, 828x1043, FqcDIYkacAMcVoN.jpg)

And a selfie of this stunning and brave young lady

No. 1782973

He's right, natural female hormone cycle. He's not female first off, and his "cycle" of hormones is artificially created. But also, period is specifically the menstruation phase, which makes up the female hormone cycle along with the other phases (like ovulation and luteal). But a tranny wouldn't know this.

>female hypothalamuses
What study? Where are all these studies saying that males who develop every single male trait and don't have chromosome disorders are totally female in the brain?
If your hypothalamus were female then you would have female hormones and some kind of cycle naturally. But you don't, because you're not female and you don't have any female part.

No. 1782975

kek, he's not experiencing that either, they always take the same the same amount of horse piss.

No. 1782976

and the hypothalamus interacts with the ovaries. it's not going to give you a cycle unless you have ovaries.

No. 1782977

File: 1678020343896.png (76.57 KB, 755x877, 897978789879789.png)

No. 1782979

>errrm erkshually this entirely fictional couple from a 40 year old tv show was "beloved" (by whom?)
Can't he wrap his head around that the romanticized fictional version of a freak occurence would've been met with more acceptance than very disgusting and very real utter mass lunacy?

Also why is it always those balding + groomed beard 20 + 30 something MEN that are the biggest "trans allies"? Really feels like nerdy dweebs sticking together. Only thing between this dude and his "transbian"-identity is him putting on a wig and some serial killer lipstick warpaint.

No. 1782984

File: 1678022360076.jpeg (580.07 KB, 1256x1822, 741B5FB0-1818-4B7E-9741-3753A5…)

>[Rave] I reached a milestone after GRS! I had full body orgasms for HOURS! EEEEeEEEEYEAHHHH!!!

topkek I got curious and looked up his Reddit enjoy nonnies

No. 1782985

>two delusional grown men hallucinating they get periods
>"It's kind of creepy"
Yeah, really is. Just not in the way this moid thinks it is.

No. 1782991

By that logic TIFs wouldn’t have periods because their brain is male. TIMs are so self centered they forget TIFs exist lol

No. 1782994

I love the dedication and creativity of that creator so much

No. 1782998

Posts like this always make me wonder if it's a troll who wants to convince more men to get GRS and 41%, if it's their personal fantasy, or if it's schizophrenia.

No. 1782999

with their delusional obsession with periods and wombs, I'm kinda surprised they never talk about or try to recreate the belly pooch that women have on the lower part of the belly. But i guess as men it's something that would never cross their minds or notice unlike real women kek

No. 1783001

what's up with caption, did blaire forget he had a penis? i'm sick of his 'i'm not like OTHER trans woman' attitude.

>miss me with that "you can't call it a period" shit

because you can't. woman who don't get periods and still have hormone cycles don't call it a period. men have hormone cycles too, lets start calling those periods. everyone gets a period!

No. 1783007

>imo democrats/left wing/LGBT are the cruel ones

You must've gotten all your "America" knowledge from Fox News and missed the part where right wingers destroyed our reproductive rights while also gutting maternal-fetal healthcare and parental leave. And fucking K E K at claiming Republicans have EVER cared about the wellbeing of young girls. If the left and right wings of US politics have anything in common, it's violent misogyny. Who cares who the "real" transphobes are?

No. 1783017

File: 1678029844964.jpeg (222.44 KB, 750x1060, E459C4F8-AC2B-4A9E-A0DB-8ABF11…)

I hate men so much

No. 1783021

File: 1678029962083.jpeg (685.03 KB, 1284x2368, 6562649B-BB16-4E88-B1DA-B92227…)

So we can’t be upset and angry at our experiences with men?!

No. 1783022

File: 1678030020620.jpeg (496.36 KB, 1284x2023, A314964B-CA08-4944-8F63-07005E…)

I clicked on the profile and… I sigh I sigh

No. 1783026

let them feel afraid of us, let them see us as a threat. Most women have been peaceful long enough and if they don't feel safe around me, good.

No. 1783029

Every time I start reading some retarded tranny's men's rights activist manifesto my eyes glaze over and I tune out it's like I genuinely can't read it kek. LITERALLY just coomerbrained males through and through.

No. 1783040

>Dick F. Swaab
Is this real?

No. 1783043

If you identify as female, why are you taking the perspective of a male? Oh, wait… cause it's a sex fetish for you.

No. 1783047

I sometimes daydream about writing bullshit success stories like that to entice more troons to get the chop, though I can't be arsed to actually do it but I'm sure there are a few fake posts like that. I also wonder how many are by regretful bitter troons who want to drag others down with them

No. 1783048

File: 1678033062142.jpg (225.47 KB, 1080x751, Screenshot_20230305.jpg)

Period syncing is a myth, there's only so many days in a month. I find their obsession with periods extremely disturbing, it's still a taboo issue not just in countries like Nepal (where women are put in menstrual huts and routinely freeze to death) and with Amazonian tribal moids who think period blood is literally toxic, but with regular people everywhere which leads to young girls in particular suffering unnecessary shame and women with any sort of menstrual dysfunction are routinely treated like shit by doctors. Female puberty is extremely distressing for most girls and there's so much misinformation going around as is, we don't need insane men bullying others into accepting their "periods". Period/menstruation = bleeding. If you don't bleed, you're not on your period. Oh and all parts of your brains are male too.

No. 1783051

Just another MRA lacking any empathy at all for what women have to endure from males since the day we are born. He can go fuck himself (he probably does anyway).

No. 1783052

File: 1678033549724.png (444.6 KB, 678x769, on Twitter.png)

I'm so glad this creeper is getting dunked on right now.

No. 1783055

File: 1678034040525.jpg (19.71 KB, 404x302, tumblr_inline_nk0dx15ZDb1qkb2z…)

I thought twanswomen were women so why is the OP scared of male hatred? Troons are always telling on themselves.
A part of me misses the misandrist era of libfem Tumblr (picrel, as cringe as this era was, it was kind of based too kek). I don't know how TRAs convinced handmaidens that hating men is actually twansphobic and a gateway to TERFdom.

No. 1783058

"when women talk about women they're excluding us"
"when women talk about men they're attacking us"
Oh no! Won't you please tell us what we CAN talk about? I'd hate for a man to feel slight discomfort!

No. 1783069

This guy used six tweets when he could have just said "I don't regularly interact with women". The bleeding IS the period. When a woman feels the usual signs of a period coming because she's at that point of hormonal cycle, and then doesn't bleed, she'll think "welp, looks like I skipped my period". I have literally never met a woman who refers anything else as their period than the bleeding.

No. 1783072

Sage for blogging.

I think it's really important we try not to sink to their level; it's hard to explain exactly what I mean by that beyond not making threats or name calling, try not to antagonize. I think we'll have to judge in each situation what that behaviour is and is not. If the other party becomes belligerent, we should bow out and not continue the conversation. ("Have a calm and insightful day." is a favourite way to end these exchanges for me.) As much as possible, I think we should try to present as sympathetic but unyielding in our belief in actual science and when we do have to discuss the topic in public or when we have the opportunity to potentially peak someone I've found the best way is to try to connect your points with something the person already knows/believes. I think it's important we all understand the backfire effect: https://theoatmeal.com/comics/believe

Gender dysphoria is a form of body dysmorphia, yet we wouldn't treat other forms of that disease the way we treat GD; we wouldn't cut off someone's healthy limb or tell an anorexic girl that she IS fat, so why do we treat gender dysphoria differently? Tell them about what the surgery REALLY is, the complications, etc. Citing studies unfortunately does little to help.

Gender is a social construct, not a biological fact; history proves this, ffs just 100 years ago pink was for boys and blue was for girls.

Third genders are NOT progressive, they are a way that males who didn't live up to that society's male gender expectations were dealt with. Female third genders are similar, they fulfill a societal need at the expense of the woman, that's all.

If someone seems more interested in telling YOU how it REALLY is, then ask them questions; do it calmly and without malice.

Share with people what peaked you; tell them you used to be very supportive of trans rights, and why that changed, imply that you still support trans people but that they need better care, not just hormones and surgery because it is a mental illness and needs to be treated as such.

That's all I have at the moment, stay strong everyone, none of us are alone in this.

No. 1783076

>Female third genders
In what sense? Did females also get the third gender treatment sometimes? Afaik the "third gender" people were always effeminate gay men or young boys forced into prostitution.

No. 1783078

File: 1678036793836.jpeg (423.89 KB, 1170x2271, FC102242-3D16-4BC8-A664-2E542F…)

This scrote’s response to a very reasonable and patient comment left on his post

No. 1783080

fucking cringe skinwalkers. only WOMEN bleed. you are cannon fodder, we create life. know your place, xy's.

No. 1783085

Yeah when you go to the doctor and she asks you “when was your last period?” She’s definitely asking you when you last ate chocolate while watching a movie.

No. 1783086

Abandon Foucault, for a start.

No. 1783095

Lmk if better suited for another thread, but are there any womens organizations you all prefer to support by donating clothes or volunteering with? I’d like to channel my frustration from this thread into something positive, but don’t know if anyone has recommendations for where to start- doing my own research for my local area, but would love reccs if there are larger networks that need support

No. 1783099

He is truly malding replying to some of the (reasonable) shit he’s getting. He even pulled out the “white cis women can’t handle criticism when their stuff is bad” lmfao keep going girls

No. 1783109

Did he does something recently? Or are people just fed up with him in general?

No. 1783119

u can create a thread abt that on /2x/

No. 1783122

File: 1678043508148.png (206.37 KB, 500x500, 1659060290285.png)

Thank you nona!

No. 1783129

i cant stand white troons talking shit about "white cis women" when theyre literally worse than even the most deranged white woman on this website

No. 1783136

>Trans women get periods

Having intestinal pain is not the same like a period, bro.

No. 1783138

>Afaik the "third gender" people were always effeminate gay men or young boys forced into prostitution.

Or young girls trying to escape from prostitution.

No. 1783141

sorry to butt in, i hear anons say this a lot. do cross sex hormones actually contain horse piss or is this a saying? ESL here

No. 1783147

There was a small study of maybe half a dozen troon cadavers who'd taken female hormones - haven't looked to see if the one nonna attached below is the same. Not surprising that exogenous hormones would affect brain structure but trannies will grasp at any straw

No. 1783149

I just replied to this guy’s post about white cis telling him to stop bringing women of color into his bullshit and that his lack of empathy is painfully male and was literally blocked within 2 seconds kek(do not cowtip)

No. 1783180

Yes, some oral and gel estrogen products are made from the urine of pregnant horses, but not all are.

No. 1783189

File: 1678048229828.jpg (182.56 KB, 828x1179, Fqe1b61aIAAix9j.jpg)

Just like a real vagina

No. 1783191

Sounds like his stink ditch got colonized by fecal bacteria

No. 1783193

File: 1678048957331.jpeg (111.74 KB, 1079x988, 48DDB523-4A33-4B03-882C-E43044…)


No. 1783195

I think that's it too. If there's nothing wrong (by bottom surgery standards anyway) then it's just the shit bacteria getting into his wound, because a "neovagina" doesn't have its own flora and he's most likely not cleaning the inside properly.

I swear men literally believe that the bleeding in periods is just a side effect and the real thing are the petty mood swings, bloating and ~craving chocolate~.

No. 1783203

Their understanding of what a period is is so fucking surface level. How exactly is your "female hypothalamus" cycling hormones the same way if men's LH and FSH signals to their testes to make testosterone? They don't have a uterus or ovaries to produce female hormones.
They inject the same amount of synthetic hormones every day and think it somehow cycles lmfao. "Abdominal cramps" you're fucking constipated you idiot.

No. 1783208

I notice he's in Ireland. I've never been there but I've read a few Irish writers like Edna O'Brien and Nuala O'Faolain. I can imagine women there have a lot of pent-up rage - who could blame them? Of course this fat dinky-dicked slob has zero empathy and tars them with the "white woman's tears" brush like they're Dimes Square trust funders. At the same time he feels entitled to include himself with women of color because he's an oh-so-oppressed troon.

I was tempted to say as much on his Tumblr but if he enables anonymous comments he surely gets off on upsetting women and possibly on negative attention too. I'm interested in what nonnas have to say about trolling trannies versus starving them of attention entirely.

No. 1783214

Thereare cis women who experience this exact same situation, not all cis women menstruate…Do you correct them when they describe they experience as a "period?"

I have no uterus, I get slight pain because endometriosis spread a bit to my ovaries. How do I describe this? Uh, "I no longer have my period, but I still feel pain from endometriosis." No one needs to correct me because I know what a fucking period is, which is shedding of the uterine lining. I sometimes say "I would probably BE on my period right now and cycling" if I'm having slight "cramps" or pain. Fucking retard tries to speak for women and gets it wrong. I've been in support groups for women who've gotten hysterectomies and we all say we no longer have periods because we understand the most general thing about our god damn reproductive system.

No. 1783219

File: 1678053052232.jpg (52.55 KB, 1021x491, FqerCyCWcAUVLPQ.jpg)

Imagine being this mentally fragile and not thinking you need some series psychiatric help

No. 1783220

File: 1678053052439.png (457.74 KB, 1492x598, Screen Shot 2023-03-05 at 1.44…)

Sexual harassment is "an intimate female experience" lmfao.
I've only ever seen trannies say this type of shit proudly. Ugly women might think it in their lowest points but none of them actually want it to happen nor would they be happy if it did. It's the porn rot that makes them think being objectified = seen as woman. Disgusting.

No. 1783222

It’s probably best to ignore them but I can’t help but reply. But I like to debate. I get really annoyed when I go to a post and there are radfems acting unhinged in the replies bc it cheapens the message. Like it’s okay to get mad ladies but try to cool it with the kys stuff because they always use it against us. Also I think some of them might be fake terf accounts to make us look bad but who knows? I try to even it out by being a voice of reason and calmly explaining to them why they’re fucking retarded (using more gentle language of course)

No. 1783226

Weird Al here needs to shut up. Trannies don’t have a hormone cycle. They literally take the same amount of horse piss every day so the amount of estrogen is stagnant and the same every day. It doesn’t go through all the ups and downs like a biological woman’s does.

No. 1783228

Sage for nitpick but anxiety attacks are not the same as panic attacks. Anxiety attacks are just overwhelming feelings of nervousness. Panic attacks are the big freak outs people think of. Troon is saying he got a little nervous in class and had to cry in the bathroom about it

No. 1783230

karma kek

No. 1783232

Most scrote incels turned troon probably think their energy drink and beer gut is the same.

No. 1783237

File: 1678055196607.jpg (1.74 MB, 2560x1920, 23-03-05-09-38-30-614_deco.jpg)

No. 1783238

I try not to interact and just block it’s not like you can have a civil conversation with these retards, they will never listen, they are too twisted up in their own delusions and mental illnesses. Plus it’s upsetting how much attention they garner from handmaidens and their fellow troons when they say shit like that so I just try to avoid that crowd in my daily scroll through the social media

No. 1783241

troons always get ultra agressive ultra fast. like that spergy adhd proto-school shooter kid everyone had in his class in middle school. Like the kid with the anger issues, limp wrists and thick glasses who used to suck drool and air through his teeth constantly and had the CHUD type face.
Those were also the spergs to jump up in class and tell someone with a shrieking voice to kill themselves.

No. 1783243

File: 1678056413727.jpeg (232.51 KB, 1242x552, B836A3F6-65E7-431F-8C60-5FC5E7…)

Other post inspired me to briefly lurk this sub… of course this is posted there

No. 1783250


>so many trans women talk about the gross euphoria they get from being harrassed for the first time

Nonas are right; I shouldn't feel sympathy for these people. Should never have doubted you all. These moids are beyond infuriating. Also, I don't know a single non-tranny who feels "euphoric" over their bodies. What does that even mean?

Dictionary says euphoria is
>an extreme, UNREALISTIC, feeling of physical and emotional well-being, feeling "high"

Mayo Clinic:
>Euphoria can be normal, and is only an indicator of underlying disease when feelings become excessive, all-consuming, and interfere with daily living

So you mean to tell me these spoogerags are just chasing a drug high? A dope rush from excessive pornography & masturbation I presume? I am supposed to give a fuck about cumsocks feeling sad because they aren't getting catcalled or molested enough?

No. 1783255

File: 1678057540603.jpg (140.1 KB, 1170x1541, FqfMMTVaAAIMoD0.jpg)

The same bloke who wrote about having periods is also willing to murder women if he has to because of the trans "genocide"

No. 1783258

this tweet is just "me! me! me! me! me! I wanna be married and cant even fathom not being the center of attention for one fucking second of my pointless shitty life!" god I am fighting the urge to a-log so bad

No. 1783267

shit thread pic.

No. 1783268

Reminds me of christians’ victim complex saying how christian genocide is happening or on the verge of happening and how liberals want them to all be deleted from existence and how they’ll have to raise their hand and say they believe in god even if it means getting shot in the head and so on kek. Like dude no one is out to get you like that, you’re a middle class white guy, and if life is so terrible and scary because you put on a shitty crop top and ugly pink shorts you can just change back into any of your normal outfits you still own and magically go back to being an unoppressed white man. If only actual minorities had it so easy.

No. 1783270

100 fucking percent. They’re two sides of the same scrote coin.

No. 1783272

File: 1678060843909.jpeg (Spoiler Image,975.14 KB, 1170x1808, 571E7428-DE1B-4A95-9292-DEE939…)

Why did Twitter promo this to me. Sorry for porn.

No. 1783273

Jesus I shouldn’t have clicked kek

No. 1783277


No. 1783287

How is this any different from a chud phenotype incel school shooter making weird threats online? The only difference is that he's now put on a gay 80s tanktop and not a slipknot shirt.

No. 1783291

Anon is right. AI art is cringey scrote shit that positions itself in opposition to the predominantly female freelance art market (most BFA degree holders are women.) There's no shortage of anti-troon images drawn by real human beings that OP could have used.

No. 1783292

I genuinely wish the AGP scrotes who joined Tumblr in 2022 a very fuck off and die. I'd take Aidens over them literally any day.

No. 1783301

Because Hayley Cropper was a nice person with a nice personality, who did not interfere/interact with others in a negative way.
Hayley was not trying to force people on what to say or think, nor going off on insane tangents about how everything under the sun is "Transphobia", nor drawing costant negative attention to himself (I would have said "herself" 20 years ago btw, but now it has to be and can only be "himself" now because the line has oficcially been drawn now and I know what side I am on).

I gerw up watching Corrie with my Mum and we always liked Hayley, and so did the rest of Britain.
I didn't care a damn for or against Trans people until they started becoming insane on Twitter, taking over women's sports, becoming vitriolic and abusive against people who disagree with them, trying to get people fired for disagreeing with them etc.

This is actually a good illustration of how "normal" trans people have suffered as a result of the mongs on twitter.

No. 1783303

Also the actor is female

No. 1783309

I think both are to blame. Sure "lefties" will might go on their crusade against everyone one who disagrees with them and are key participants in recruitments for troonery, let's not pretend most right wing people are very accepting towards any lgb people in the first place or will deal with their children who exhibit signs of "dysphoria" or showing any kind of signs of being out of the norm in the first place. They are a very narrow bunch with low tolerance to anybody who is "different", that's literally the whole point of their position. Also, thinking more about tifs, they way they treat women is awful and a lot of them usually transition to escape the narrow and dehumanising role of being a woman they push onto people. as for kicking out their troon son instead of getting him help as his parents, they push them into the arms of of the cruel democrats/left wing/lgbt. Lastly, let's not pretend that there aren't a ton of right wing/republicans making bank from creating lifelong patients.

This is amazing news for transitioners! Hopefully if everything goes right they can use the money to get their life back and get any surgeries or procedures to correct from damage.

Wait, they really did that? I haven't watched corrie in years, kek, it's typical for soap operas to throw as much shit like this at the wall anyways since every storyline that can ever happen has already been done anyways. Pretty sure Hayley being trans was some kind of a retcon in the first place, the actress would have been roasted if she did that character today.

No. 1783315

fucking kek of course. the only "good" tranny could be played by a woman. if one were played by a man, they'd say it's transphobic and how he's not a real trans woman so it's even more cruel.

No. 1783321

File: 1678069043148.jpg (68.46 KB, 591x486, Screenshot 2023-03-05 180344.j…)

He posted that thread weeks before the podcast was officially out so I wonder if he was given early access to the series or was he just frantically trying to do damage control for unknowingly participating in a "terfy" podcast lol

What's interesting about the recent episode of the podcast is that it's making a case between woke cancel culture of persecutory victim complexes that started from fringe internet communities like tumblr to the toxic cancel culture of the trans community right now. This is actually a charitable treatment of trans people to contextualizing their insane behaviour online, especially in light of recent events which are causing normies to wake up and seeing a connection between being trans and being mentally ill, aggressive, and violent. If I was trans, and people are starting to turn against people like me I would use this argument to prevent people from generalizing my entire community. So there is nuance to the podcast which Hontra is quick to dismiss. But of course they don't see that because what he and other troons like him want is complete total control and submission.

The fact that there are women who are not groveling to him is making him seethe. He thinks that trannies doxxing, harassing, getting people fired, making death and rape threats are excusable behaviour just because they belong to an oppressed group. There is such a thing as righteous anger like that of feminists and racial minorities who are angry at the system and at institutions. But this is not even comparable in any way or on any level to what troons are doing, who instead take their anger out on individuals like JKR and other women who speak out.

I used to think Hontra was the least offensive tranny internet personality since he seems to at least stay in his own lane while drugged out on his opioids. But he is just as misogynistic as the rest. This dude is teeming with hatred for women even if he covers it up with fancy academic speak. What a fucking snake.

also sorry for the wall text and bringing up discussion from the previous thread. His twitter thread seriously rustled my jimmies

No. 1783323

TIFs are just "women trying to be like men lol".

No. 1783329

File: 1678070208454.jpeg (132.73 KB, 996x558, BB3A6BC3-0FC1-4FE1-B8A8-EA6AC2…)

No. 1783330

>he surely gets off on upsetting women
That's why if you reply to troons, your tone should highlight how ridiculous and nonsensical they are, imo. And it's so easy too, because look at the shit they say - "I'm totally a real woman, but I'm hurt when women criticize men" (deep down, they know), "My periods sync with other women, see, they are real periods!!" (meanwhile the period syncing myth has been debunked ages ago for actual women) etc. Destroying their "arguments" while mocking them is easy and if you do it subtly, they are unable to cope and sometimes they just take down their posts.

I like the trans flag burning concept but I hate that the thread pic reminds me of trannies' memes with the constant use of cutesy anime girls who look like children.

No. 1783333

"Can I offer you some shoulders and a barrel chest?"

No. 1783336

all the trannies that joined tumblr in the last few years exclusively talk in this style and also only talk about disgusting sex shit and i hope they all die. you can clock them by their usernames every time
and yet you were offended enough to make a tweet replying to it

No. 1783340

sorry sir, but your hips can't save you from your unmistakably male arms and shoulders

No. 1783347

>has to angle his entire body in a very weird way and carefully position his legs to create an impression of hips
>use huge arms to hide barrel chest
>as if that huge ass forehead and greasy bangs in pfp wouldn't give him away

No. 1783348

File: 1678073259590.png (91.65 KB, 1080x482, Screenshot_20230306-031328-241…)

Why am I not shocked that someone who's trans wants to permanently disfigure his body because of a fetish.

No. 1783349

No, this has got to be rpdrnolimbs trolling

No. 1783351

File: 1678073677031.png (20.79 KB, 657x170, hontra rowling.png)

No need to apologize. Pricks like Wynn will never accept that Rowling is acting out of genuine empathy for women who are suffering as she did. For TIMs to accept that she is not just being "weird" and irrational is to acknowledge that they are not us. In order for them to be the most oppressed in every situation they have to resort to the same dismissals of female pain men always have. It's darkly funny that these dazzling intellectuals (lol) don't see they're peddling the same old misogyny.


No. 1783352

So he doesn't want a doctor to charge him an arm and a leg, so to say. Kek sry. Anyway ew I hope he bleeds out.

No. 1783355

NTA but in this day and age, TIFs are more likely to try to escape the extreme sexualization of women, rather than super strict gender role. Of course the latter is still an issue in very religious communities, but a lot of TIFs seem like they come from liberal backgrounds and have been groomed/brainwashed into thinking that chopping their breasts off is the solution (or they're just NLOG and don't change anything but their pronouns).

You're so right nonna. And trannies claiming that they are fighting for the right to exist in society will never not be funny. Isn't he a youtuber making money thanks to people listening to his hour-long videos about gender? And he's been invited to participate on a podcast about "the final boss of TERFs", meanwhile saying "transwomen are men" gets you banned/cancelled on any mainstream social media. "B-but we're fighting for our lives!!1" is all they have to justify all the unhinged shit their kind say and do.

No. 1783356

Samefag but wtf, this quote makes me want to a-log. The audacity of this troon, invading women's spaces due to his paraphilias, to tell women to "find something else to do" with their pain and stop associating it with trannies. How about you stop associating yourself with women since you're a whole-ass MALE omg.

No. 1783362

wow literally calling her hysterical and traumatized. how infuriating. he's such a misogynist i hope he ODs, and he sounded so stupid compared to actual academics like nagle.

No. 1783367

File: 1678075492743.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1668, ED334FC6-333D-48C3-B548-B0B66A…)


No. 1783368

File: 1678075601017.png (60.85 KB, 651x611, butler rowling.png)

Samefag. In case you missed it, Judith Butler echoed Wynn in dismissing women's fear of being assaulted by TIMs in closed spaces as "rich fantasy." Because some of them are afraid of other men they're all innocent shrinking violets who'd never harm anyone? Who needs MRAs with her around? I've always detested Butler but to sink to "No True Trans" is truly disgusting. Of course Twitlibs rejoiced that she owned the TERFs.

I'm buying a bottle of Champagne when this degenerate bitch croaks.


Archived version: https://archive.is/bGbYs

No. 1783383

Guns are basically security blankets for adult men. The average man is literally more likely to turn a gun on himself than he is to ever use it on another person, so all hoarding guns does in actuality is create danger for the owner, lmao.

No. 1783384

I was about to say the same thing. Fucking shithead is basically calling her hysterical, which is rich coming from a pseudo-intellectual Youtuber faggot who snorts most of his income and spends the rest on cosmetic surgery.

No. 1783387

File: 1678077331375.jpg (352.94 KB, 828x819, IMG_9883.jpg)

The most entitled "marginalized" group to exist. They are so quick to compare their situation to actual systemic murders.

No. 1783389

Men literally think saying no to their coomer behaviour is akin to genocide. We see the same shit when anyone mentions banning porn or shit like Replika getting rid of erotic role play causing mass suicidal ideation in it's mainly male user base. Male ego is retarded.

No. 1783394

Where? That shit would be all over the news now if it were true. They can't possibly think we believe they'd have this loud ass voice to the point of changing language in other countries to accomodate imported american shit like non binary in third world countries, change our laws about transgenderism/self id/transphobia faster than it took to get gay marriage legal and recognize homophobia as a crime and then also believe they're so powerless people don't even know what is happening. We don't see this "persecution" happening because it simply isn't.
Imagine if women started claiming genocide too, what people would tell us even when they see women dying everyday on the basis of being female? But we're supposed to believe the trannies are being persecuted and dropping dead… because of women? A videogame? Saying no and keeping boundaries? 4 femicides everyday in my country in the first semester of 2022; not even The Mighty and Powerful White Women of the first world (who are literally killing all the troons, literally) can escape male violence. No matter where we are from, we have that in common, that violence, humiliation, dehumanization happens because we're female, so how about that? Not enough to claim genocide too? Just girly things? I'm so fucking tired.

No. 1783395

File: 1678077801409.png (1.31 MB, 1180x1036, 23ij32e3m.png)

How ironic that by his loose definition of what constitutes genocide, they have done the same and worse to real women.
Also ofc JK Rowling is an example of "organization". They are obsessed with her.

No. 1783398

>a pseudo-intellectual Youtuber faggot who snorts most of his income

His pupils in the Guardian photo are the size of dimes and with all that Patreon/YT cash he's still renting. Hmmmm….

No. 1783408

Nothing this hulking man-beast says will ever bother me kek he hit every branch on that family tree of his. Obscenely ugly moid ogre.

No. 1783414

you can see how many views someones tweet has now that probably isnt anon

No. 1783416

No, violence against someone who disagrees with you (or is even insulting) is not "self-defense". Trannies are so out of touch with reality, and not only when it comes to biology. This fixation on genocide is just an excuse to act on their urges to be violent rape-apes.

So much this, nonna. The whole thing is crazy.

No. 1783424

>violence against someone who disagrees with you (or is even insulting) is not "self-defense"
This issue with trannies is that they are still scrotes. Men unironically think disagreeing with them and hurting their feelings justifies violent chimpouts.

No. 1783450

peter griffin chin

No. 1783462

File: 1678086592760.jpg (706.17 KB, 1080x1572, Screenshot_20230306_020954_Gal…)

Im actually choking rn.

No. 1783467

Did dyldo influence him into being a tranny too?

No. 1783470

File: 1678087711337.jpeg (110.3 KB, 628x837, cookie's bustle.jpeg)

jumpscare while researching an obscure game. the combover, the glasses, the disgusting cheapo turtleneck, the eyebrows, the nosehairs and the obligatory smirk.
this poor dude, can you imagine having no arms and being poisoned into AGP by tiktok.

No. 1783478

File: 1678088579416.jpeg (20.09 KB, 278x181, BA736EFD-AC67-4C03-A7E1-91127D…)

bump for cp

No. 1783495

Lol this reminds me of a time when I was looking at some of my university events website, and there it was, a fucking troon out in the wild, in a picture posing right next to real women. The juxtaposition of it was so hilariously absurd, maybe I can find it again…

No. 1783500

>I also think we need to make more memes to peak people
I agree with this, comedy can transcend politics and memes can get to the point in a matter of seconds. It helps people realize it IS silly to think men can be women and it's ok to laugh at and criticize it

No. 1783501

Not really a out and out troon, probably an "enby" but I found this lardass while researching on Foucault. Specifically on the one where he's shitting on Peterson and defending Foucault. Considering his tags, he's a HUGE fan of pedophiles breaking down societal norms. Lol at one of his latest videos. The breadtube to burlesque crossdressing fetish pipeline caught a big one.

No. 1783504

This was discussed in these threads way back, they changed the icon to make it look like a troon aka a man, to be inclusive. Obviously women can have similar profiles but it is supposed to literally depict a man to include transwomen.

No. 1783507

They're not even banning it, they're just making it so insurance companies won't give troons free surgery anymore. They're just crying over losing undeserved privileges they should never had had in the first place.
They're also making it so any "trans child" who got mistreated in medical care can sue over it even if they're now happy trans adults, why is that bad? Presumably because they hate trans children… or because they know there is no such thing as a happy trans adult and all the kids will detrans eventually.

No. 1783514

File: 1678094580744.png (Spoiler Image,871.87 KB, 1299x792, Screenshot 2023-03-06 030942.p…)

Y'all. My new favorite content creator just made a new compilation about autogynephilia/TIMs insisting they have periods etc and it's so rage-inducing but funny. This one is only about 15 minutes and I beg you to give it a watch! I can tell the creator puts a lot of time and effort into her videos and it makes me sad that they're on this terrible website that nobody has heard of because it's probably the only place that would allow this type of content.


No. 1783519

File: 1678097234905.jpg (150.84 KB, 1080x656, Screenshot_20230306-110118_Twi…)

i guess all troons are genetically coded to have weird deformed man boobs then?

No. 1783521

File: 1678097978003.jpg (1.77 MB, 1011x1080, brave and stunning by artsea.j…)

Someone posted this woke pfp creator in the bad art thread and I'm obsessed with using it to give the brave and stunning transwomen the representation they deserve https://picrew.me/ja/image_maker/1894920

No. 1783522

Fucking KEK holy shit

No. 1783523

“The clit and the dick are just at different stages of development”
I’m only 2 minutes in and raging but I appreciate this video.

No. 1783524

Mens genetically coded chest size is flat. Hence why they all need fucking implants even when on estrogen, or they just look like the moobs of any fat man. Saying "you don't know until estrogen hurrdurr" is like saying you don't know how stretchy your skin is coded to be until you eat yourself up to morbid obesity and have 10 times the skin area you used to. Medically inducing conditions isn't the same as "genetically coded to be". They weren't genetically coded to do that - in fact they threaten to commit suicide simply because their bodies aren't genetically coded to look and act female at all and that makes them mentally ill.

No. 1783532

Spoiler this shit ffs they are disgusting

No. 1783538

"Did you know that people have genetically coded different levels of tolerance to peanuts? You just never know until you eat an entire bag of it."

Also lol at the "subtle" grooming language used. Can't help it I guess.

No. 1783539

Imagine his reaction when you tell him that every human has a genetically encoded gender.

No. 1783546

>poster of garnet from su on his wall
I blame steven universe for how America turned out.

No. 1783551

File: 1678103727673.jpeg (38.93 KB, 680x494, FqfpayiacAAMELz.jpeg)

See what? The reason to 45%?

No. 1783552

the ego of hideous men needs to be utterly decimated. they can't keep being this fucking smug about being so fucking repulsive while we have to be hairless and ageless like children but also be alluring. look at these absolute specimens.
valerie solanas was right. S.C.U.M pride

No. 1783553

He's seeing why trans people are called "eggs" kek

No. 1783555

yeah it's almost like "cis ppl" have better things to do than navel gaze endlessy and obsess over breasts
you made me chuckle anon, he's not ready

No. 1783556

his pictures look like they were taken straight from a true crime show, but yes, he is a strong and beautiful woman and probably a lesbian and everyone of us wants to date him and tell him how beautiful and brave he is…

No. 1783557

coming here from the Blaire White thread, can I honestly ask you nonas what your main issue with her/him (not gonna fight over that one) is?
I've been subscribed for a while and watch her regularly and I agree. I know she goes for a kind of bimbo-ish aesthetic and that's her version of "passing" which can be a bit offensive, but at the same time she isn't rocking around like Dylan Mulvaney. I feel like they're opposites on the spectrum of troon vs tranny.
again, I'm not trying to be facetious and I'm not going to cape any more for a mentally ill gay man than I have to, but I'm not offended by his/her points. seems like a traditional HSTS and not an AGP.
again, I don't want to cape/wk or upset anyone with these thoughts and points, more share them and see what you guys think. if I'm wrong, I'm wrong, and I'd love see where I am wrong. this feels perilously close to spoonfeeding though so I'm hesitant to post. I genuinely appreciate every one of your opinions.
tl,dr: don't hate Blaire, can't make myself. why?

No. 1783559

MtFs love bringing up women who don't have uteruses, ignoring the fact that you literally never see a woman without a uterus saying shit like "Um can you guys stop talking about periods? It's very triggering", "You're erasing me when you mention periods as a 'woman' thing - please call yourself uterus havers and menstruators thanks" or "I don't menstruate but I still have my period uwu". Their male entitlement is constantly rearing its ugly head.

No. 1783561

Used to watch him years ago, but basically he loves to pretend that sexism doesn't exist + is prolife and shit like that. He's just a conservative man in a skirt.

No. 1783562

>don't hate Blaire, can't make myself. why?
Because you're what they would call a faghag. You think gay men are harmless to women, and since HE is essentially a gay man skinwalking a woman then he must be fine. He's not. He hates women just as much as AGPs (which is why he puts on the bimbo persona in the first place, woman = dumb bitch), but instead he's attracted to men.

No. 1783563

why are you so antagonistic to this anon ? the first sentence could have been avoided altogether.

No. 1783565

nta but p-people being rude on the internet???? B-BUT HOW COULD IT BE???

No. 1783567

(reposted cause reddit spacing, sorry farmhands)
true, true. I know he started out as a MRA because of his college being too woke.
my gay male friends have never raped me, my straight ones have. maybe that's why they feel safer. my favourite uncle and his husband and 3 of my best friends growing up were all gay men. but also autists so maybe that was the link, we felt safe together. gay and aspie women do send to gravitate towards each other. this is a cool insight nona, thank you for your reply.
thank you nona, but to be honest I was kind of poking a wasp's nest with the question. our womanhood is so threatened these days of course we are protective of it. I appreciate you though.
nobody is getting any harsh replies from me, I'm genuinely curious about your stances and his thread is quite hateful. if you throw Blaire in with the rest of them instead of a HSTS conservative, what is the verdict?
love all your thoughts, don't even trip about saying something "wrong" or offensive. that's why we're anons
sorry to say again again but I'm not trying to start shit, just a discussion. how and where do we draw the line, especially in everyday life? it's easy to block people on the internet but when shit like this is mainstream (blaire's whole thing about "breaking the internet" recently) it's better to hear it from the people it actually affects, aka us women.
love you all, sorry if I pissed anyone off with the question but curiosity breeds more cats.

No. 1783570

nonna calm down, it's just not the way to tip someone who's on the cusp of peaking over the right edge.
my take on blaire : i dislike the womanface but other than that eh, he's decent. it's good that some TIMs are raising awareness about pedos

No. 1783571

AYRT I agree with you. I think that's why I like him. the fact that he's brave enough to say fuck trannies/troons this is fucked while being one. it's seeming more moral than someone like Dylan. that's what I meant by "sticking up for women", a lot of women (I'm white) are absolute 100% handmaidens and dropped me as soon as I gave an inkling of terf. even having a HP tattoo (which I love, fight me) the ONLY people who care are white girls on twitter. who haven't read JKR's essay
Blaire has stuck up for JKR and she gets my respect for that. (sorry for slipping between she/he, it feels genuinely rude to call Blaire he because she reminds me so much of my biologically female bff. like so similar. I know it's a larp but it's tricking me lmao)

thank you for your patience and answers nonas. I know I can ask you guys because you are honest and I feel like I almost need to be re-peaked. I trust your opinions, and mine about Blaire seems misaligned. I'd prefer not to be wrong about someone

No. 1783573

Trust me to leave out the obvious lmao.
Thank you for adding that obvious omission.

No. 1783574

File: 1678107730812.jpg (494.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230306-204156_Red…)

idk where to put this but since a young boy, a minor, is being pushed to transition into a girl might as well put the screenshot here. honestly, i have no words. kid's sure that he's gay and is fine with being a man, cis as troons and their allies would dubbed them as but people still doubt that and thinks he's a transgirl stuck in a boy's body. i hate that the correlation is now an accepted conclusion these days since the transgenders is sticking close to the lgb, that people within the community and out of it just assume sexuality = gender identity when it's not. kinda ironic when transbians exists and fakebois are trying to live out their gay fantasy and those type of people are the most vocal with being trans.

No. 1783576

careful, on here is a whole 'nother hivemind (or, maybe, a few really aggressive nonnas who either misinterpret everything you say into an attack or can't stand any dissent on radfem-adjacent topics).
which i understand, in a way, because it's really hard to keep this place women-only, and that's the function of words like faggot and scrote, which i like for this reason and because it makes lolcow one of the less sanitised places on the web. it does stifle discussion a bit though.
anyways AGP trannies bad

No. 1783580

File: 1678108662264.png (112.76 KB, 600x600, troonsona.png)

decided to make a troonsona, what do you think nonnies? she just got transferred to a women's prison

No. 1783588

I just saw this video on Facebook and for a moment, thought I was being trolled. Apparently this troon has been skating for years but this is some of the most embarrassing shit Ive seen for awhile. Thank you Facebook!

No. 1783590

File: 1678110152868.png (163.7 KB, 600x600, 1894920_EdknlOhS.png)

feeling euphoric UwU, might delete later

No. 1783594

Anyone post the new skirt go spinny video yet?

No. 1783597

File: 1678110820887.jpg (115.34 KB, 910x615, Untitled.jpg)

i hate them so much

No. 1783599

the way he doesn't even look at the woman helping him.

No. 1783608

As stunning and brave as these are I don't think we should be using this thread for non-milk considering how quick they fill up anyway. Surely someone can make or use a thread in OT or M for stuff like this?

No. 1783612

Yes. Is this self posting?

No. 1783614

It's ironic that Christianity is an early example of a Feminist movement, and history loves to repeat itself and like the current movement Christianity was taken over by men and pedos

No. 1783622

File: 1678114112256.jpg (127.48 KB, 690x528, 20230306_164646.jpg)

No. 1783623

ayrt, nicely said. very nicely
I think that's it. HSTS have always been around/a thing and they've earned some tolerance, AGP's have always been fringe and obviously sex pests so even HSTS hate them for giving them a bad name?
what's with the rise of (like blaire said) middle class white women promoting baby drag shows? why are they overwhelmingly the biggest capers for troons?
I'm so confused, like the fuck WHY. take up any cause that soothes your white guilt? fucking pathetic
(sorry nona love your response, didn't realize how cranky this would make us kek)

No. 1783630

File: 1678115561620.jpeg (259.77 KB, 750x620, 6543B15A-4517-4EE9-93BE-6929B8…)

went to this insufferable faggot’s profile all he does is post out dated memes and call himself a milf

No. 1783631

Nonna English onegai shimasu

No. 1783632

File: 1678115748215.jpeg (133.56 KB, 750x575, 1B5844D7-D550-4910-A6BC-63459B…)

samefag i wanted to add this too, this man is stuck in 2019 in the most pathetic way possible

No. 1783635

Click the tweet nonny

No. 1783639

Apparently Japan is passing a law right now to allow trans women (aka men) into women's restrooms, hence that actress' comment. Meanwhile gay people STILL aren't allowed to legally marry. And this is a culture that needs seperate trains for women because of so much sexual harassment.

No. 1783642

> I try to even it out by being a voice of reason and calmly explaining to them why they’re fucking retarded (using more gentle language of course)
that doesn'r work and that's exactly why we are in this retarded situatio. being harsh and telling these fucks to kys is the way to go, the reason tifs don't bother gay men is because gay men laugh at them and tell tem to shut the fuck up.

No. 1783650

File: 1678117301491.jpg (143.33 KB, 1085x1193, Fqijdm-X0AEEkxI.jpg)


Saw this in a "protect trans people" post and someone used the "Brazilian trans people are killed before the 40 years old" card. Yes, but they're killed by men, no by someone playing a game or whatever is happening in USA.

No. 1783652

nona the reason TIFs don’t bother gay men is because they are women and women can accept no for an answer…we have no choice anyway, we can’t exactly force ourselves upon anyone and only an extremely few of us would even want to

No. 1783656

Is women won’t wheesht even an organization either? I thought it was just a hashtag for women speaking up for themselves. Men really HATE when women do that, don’t they? I’m pretty sure the only organization here is LGB Alliance, which I’m glad exists because as an L I hate being attached to the T since it has nothing to do with sexuality and they want to burn all progress surrounding gay rights to the ground.

No. 1783657

File: 1678117656132.jpg (25.46 KB, 1280x720, quico.jpg)

>There's a big misogyny in Japan's culture.
>Gay people cannot get married legally.
>Women have to deal with fetishists every day.
>And now "trans women" are going to be able to step into women's restrooms, and probably women's train wagon in a future.

I swear if Japanese women do not become vocal in radical feministm like Korean women are, I don't know what will do to speak on their own.

No. 1783661

Forgive me I’m stupid and read it wrong. I see now it means organization like coming together and not an actual organization. Still, it’s funny they go after people who have actually had to fight for rights like women and gays and not the straight men who are the ones actually killing them.

No. 1783665


look like the real thing nonnas, good job!

No. 1783667

lets gooooo japs rise up! CMON JAP WOMEN LETS FUCKEN GOOOO FINALLY JOIN US! you fucking all deserve so much better

No. 1783668

Holy shit, the quadruple amputee? He didn’t get enough attention as a fag?

No. 1783669

which one, the one upthread wanting to be a quad-amp or is this fool actually ampted up

No. 1783675

I still remember when this video or one where a woman was cutting her hair while she was expressing al the horrors she had to endure, and a TIF dared to say "I hope they show some solidarity with their Trans sisters!".

It ended exactly how you expected: With women telling her to stfu.

No. 1783676

File: 1678120203096.jpg (78.22 KB, 757x506, japan-population-pyramid-2020.…)

They are putting an end to Japan's misogynistic culture by not having children.

No. 1783682

Got a link? I wanna read the responses.

No. 1783683

Sage for blog + no1curr but I say we give every Japanese woman negatively affected by anime/troon lunacy legal immunity to do whatever they do wish as revenge. I got lucky by being a jap in the southwest region of burger land and never had to deal with weebs but I can only imagine what actual Japanese women in both America and Japan have to deal with. Fucking terrifying

No. 1783686

they openly hate gaijin there, anyone openly weeby is seen as a cringe westerner/otaku at the best, now logan paul-tier at the worst. it's just true.
uncontrollably based korean women. I keep hearing how bad their beauty standards/expectations of surgery over there are, no wonder they are revolting. get em all my asian sisters. gut them alive, take what is yours. so fucking proud of and for them.

No. 1783693

Based old Japanese women for living longer than the men.
It looks like there's roughly the same amount of kids as people in their 20s and 30s which suggests couples are at most replacing themselves, one child or none. Definitely the future for the West too since Japanese men were first to become coomer incels, decades ago.

No. 1783695

>And this is a culture that needs seperate trains for women because of so much sexual harassment.
This is actually a misconception. They have about the same amount of rape and sexual harassment as the west, but it's being prosecuted MUCH harder than in the west.
In Japan you can actually get a guy arrested for groping your ass. Good luck with that in europe or usa. (Or especially germany, where proven rapists often only get probation rather than a real sentence)

No. 1783698

hope this is false info the rape in trains is going get 10x worse. Japan is pretty conservative though so I'm not sure if this claim is 100% true. If they won't legalize gay marriage there is no way people are gonna take tranny shit lightly.

No. 1783709

We get it, Christianity bad, white ppl bad. Let's get back to laughing at troons.

No. 1783712

Can’t spoon feed you on this, you should lurk more, you’ll eventually see it yourself, all the subtle and not subtle misogyny. Think for yourself, you can like and watch what you want, you don’t need to adopt every viewpoint here either. I think that deep down all men know they’re nothing without women, so they want to control us and have nothing for ourselves.

No. 1783713

I wasn't trying to be antagonistic, I just didn't have another word for "woman who thinks gay men are better and one of the girls". And I just didn't like how she used feminine pronouns. Behaving "well" on the outside as a gay man in womanface doesn't suddenly give one the priviledge to be seen as a woman. He's still a man in a skirt, even if he's nice he should still be referred to as a man because that's what he is.

>my gay male friends have never raped me, my straight ones have.
I get what you're feeling because I used to feel that way as well, but you need to realize that a gay man doesn't rape you simply because he's not attracted to women. Gay men are often very hateful towards women and minus the man-on-woman rape they're the same as any other men, including their pedo, domestic violence and rape (on men) statistics. Gay men wouldn't rape you (probably anyway) but they would still run to defend rapist men like any other man would. When it comes to HSTSs they also just openly disrespect you by doing the womanface and acting like bimbos and they think they can go NLOT when they're just as hateful and degenerate.
In short, men are always men and being a tranny is always a sign of being a degenerate.

No. 1783715

an average 5 women & girls are murdered by men every single hour. around 81,000 reported in 2021. can't find 2022, but regardless a lot of countries do not report gender based violence and within migrating stateless people it is unknown.

how many "trans women" died in 2022? 327.

No. 1783720


I'll only watch him from time to time because his viewpoints piss me off. There was a more recent video of his where he was talking about some weird TLC show but he basically said there was a biological understanding for why men pursue "younger" women. And that women usually want an "older" man. Then said women shouldn't date men younger than them because "ew why, where's the biological reason for that?" Or some bullshit like that. Basically Robbie supports old balding creepy men dating "fertile" women but women apparently have an expiration date in his eyes and should never date men younger than them because they're worthless old hags now. He basically has that conservative, incel, coomer, misogynistic male brain and viewpoints to match

No. 1783721

don't even start

Mr. potato head is trooning out?

No. 1783731

File: 1678125687725.webm (9.48 MB, 320x568, jeffrey 2.webm)

He's been getting called out on social media, so maybe that's why

No. 1783732

>it feels genuinely rude to call Blaire he because she reminds me so much of my biologically female bff
jesus fuck don't do your friend like that

No. 1783738

>Saying your best friend looks like a botched man in a dress
She deserves better than you.

No. 1783752

Arrested tranny acting like a baby

No. 1783753

File: 1678127237201.png (149.61 KB, 487x808, troons.png)

How TRAs respond when confronted with facts

No. 1783770

Insurance scam. Thieves don't break into discount clothing stores… wtf are they gonna do, Resell them? Probably their new business isn't doing well so they had "thieves" steal a bunch of old ratty clothes they couldn't get off the shelves, pretend they were worth more, then get insurance to refund the value. The troon crying and holding the others leg for the photo op, lol.

No. 1783779

It has nothing to do with men being coomer incels. It happens in every countries when women have access to contraceptives and education. Men are already seething everywhere. That's why women's rights to access contraceptives and safe abortion are questioned everywhere and why men are very much happy with TIMs destroying our rights. Feminism is liberating women and it's working.

No. 1783782

The thieves would be after the cash register though not the merchandise. A discount clothing store would have less security than say like, a jewelry store or a bank. Might be just drunks etc too if it's real.

No. 1783785

Wait, I had to delete and rewrite this because I was laughing too much at the fat tranny screaming like a dying frog.
What the fuck does “celebration of gender” even means? Kek is it yet again another
>woman = pink, high heels, makeup, high pitched voice, tits and ass
>man = blue, big pants, body hair, low pitched voice, no tits
And I love how trannies and drag queens admit that they “perform gender” indeed, like that’s what gender outside of the literary sense means, it’s a performance, everyone does that in their daily lives? No one truly gets asspats for doing so? Plus, if drag queens weren’t inherently sexual then they wouldn’t be getting literally canceled from acting in front of children.
Like I refuse to look at anyone with a straight face as they tell me that kids need to watch moids dressed up in women costumes, flailing around and acting like caricatures of women.

No. 1783787

that is horrible and sad, he seems to have a good mother and I hope she reassures him that there is no need to transition. Why do people today act like being gay is worse than being a troon? As a child I disliked wearing skirts (boys would look under it and adult men would make inappropriate comments when I wore a skirt), liked sci-fi, action movies, computer games and hated pink, my mother always talked about how much better it is to be a man, but I, for myself, never questioned my gender. Today they would put me on puberty blockers and ruin my healthy body forever. I hate this development, children seem to have no possibility to just be children, today they have to think about what their future should be as soon as they are born and those puberty blockers are prescribed like Smarties, as if they won't do any harm…

No. 1783788

HSTS like bobby and laverne cox think they are better than women and can perform femininity better and are jealous that straight men won't date them. they transition to compete with women and to attempt to try and expand their dating pool to straight men. gay men are just as rapey and dominant sexually as straight men, they just have a different target. they use women and control female culture to use groups of women as hostages to force straight men to interact with them. can't be a leftist or in the arts without having to placate the gays

No. 1783791

If it’s a discount store it most likely gets stock from donations from people who just want their garbage out of the house. Meaning it’s free merchandise for the store, and the owners lost no income from stolen merchandise. Also if it’s a hate crime why steal? Why not arson or vandalism?

No. 1783797

It's funny bc the first vid this lady made of him people went like, "not all queer people are predators!!". Like yeah, not all non-queer are either BUT THERE ARE SOME for sure you retards.

No. 1783798

>sorry for slipping between she/he, it feels genuinely rude to call Blaire he because she reminds me so much of my biologically female bff. like so similar. I know it's a larp but it's tricking me lmao
So because this tranny acts remotely nice (but not really, he's just an incel) then you will cater to his delusions and call him a woman? Even comparing him to real women? Some anons here really need to stop licking gay men's asses. You think it's "rude" to call a man a man ffs.

No. 1783799

he knows the tranny gravy train is about to dry up because the normies have started waking up to the fact that most trannies are unwashed incel rapehons, so he’s trying to secure himself a comfy spot in the “good trans” camp as a lapdog for conservatives. he’s as opportunistic as any other trans grifter.

No. 1783801

File: 1678133291542.jpeg (650.53 KB, 828x1265, 12E16362-A2A1-477B-BD83-17903A…)

this is pure comedy gold, if more women came out as bio transwomen maybe there would be a change lmfao

No. 1783802

It's on the front page of r/askgaybros. Half the responses are people saying it's fake and a psych op. askgaybros used to be way more based. damn shame.

No. 1783804

File: 1678133993924.jpeg (86.42 KB, 337x600, 6F387469-07E3-49F5-AFB1-6C9EE5…)

I posted the recap you got upset at. I don’t truly hate him, I think he’s entertaining and occasionally has some good points but he is NOT some saviour or even a friend of women. He’s a ”Not Like Other Trannies” type of troon, and even if he’s less bad than many of the freaks in this thread he is not a woman an does not deserve to be called a ”she”. He’s also very narcissistic and thinks very highly of himself and ALWAYS attacks the looks of a woman. Anyone got the cap of him tee-heeing with Shoe on twitter about terfs being ugly?

No. 1783807

the sheer amount of fatties at the troon protest kek

No. 1783816

Yes this. I think there should be no exceptions because it tells the other trannies that if they try hard enough they can be accepted as women. No. Nothing you do will make you a woman even if you successfully convince a bunch of conservative boomers that it’s not gay to jerk off to you. End of. Don’t call him “she”.

No. 1783818

I was talking to my friend and he brought up trans women genocide and what our friends were saying about it (someone voiced that it’s wrong to use the word genocide and they jumped down his throat), expecting me to agree that it’s crazy people don’t see it as a genocide and I accidentally lost it. I said I didn’t want to hear a thing about trans genocide when I just read about and saw the picture of the beheaded 17 year old woman in Iran who was killed because she ran away from her abusive husband (who was also her cousin), and the family got her to come back by assuring she’d be safe, and asked for leniency for her husband who smiled as he held her head from an honor killing. I’m losing the ability to keep it in.

No. 1783825

I don't like attention or posting my face and real name online, but if I would like that, I would have made a gofundme for my transition to a woman a long time ago. A little photoshop to make me look a little more male, some childhood pictures, a sad story about being dysphoric and nearly homeless and I would be ready to go. Maybe I will really go for it in the nearer future, I'm poor and if they want to throw their money away, why shouldn't women get it?

No. 1783829

we’ve finally cracked the code as to why incels feel entitled to hot women. men are completely delusional and think they’re hot shit even when they’re bald ugly pigs in lipstick.

No. 1783830

File: 1678136300275.jpeg (520.29 KB, 1284x1692, 66ABEE2C-5408-4382-99B7-3AA3F3…)

No. 1783831

Is this account worth following? Trying to get more Terf content on my social media pages

No. 1783832

your reaction is very understandable and I, being German, have a very hard time with the word genocide as I've learned all about a real genocide from a very young age and those troons are just whiny little moids that would like a holocaust theme park. I would have lost my shit, too.

No. 1783833

ive already made five thousand by scamming trannies while larping as one without even posting my pictures on gfm, just a trans flag and a sad story like "i feel horrible i cant see myself on the mirror" blablabla and it will bring enough emotions to these faggots

No. 1783837

agreed. even if a TIM cured cancer and solved world hunger, and passed as a supermodel, he’s still a man. she/her pronouns aren’t a reward for passing or good behavior. pronouns indicate sex, an objective fact about reality, and that’s all there is to them.

No. 1783841

Good for you. As long as you don’t outright say “trannies are bad” or something (unless you want to be ostracized kek) you should speak up more about things like this. If your friends don’t like this very logical and reasonable response then they’ve simply drank too much of the kool-aid and may be beyond reach. Nothing close to genocide is occurring. They’re being intentionally manipulative. The closest thing to possibility would be if they all did a mass suicide which is highly unlikely. Nobody cares enough to kill them. We are just done with the mass delusion.

No. 1783848

she sounds like just a typical muslim girl and not a radfem

No. 1783851


No. 1783853

File: 1678138116340.png (490.75 KB, 454x808, 2023_03_06-22_27_54_chrome.png)

I'm so sad that the best player of this niche video game I play has trooned out, especially cause he's like 35 and ruins the videos he makes by doing awful dances before the gameplay
he's Japanese too, I thought they would be the last people to do this
the whole community is, of course, already infested by them anyway but still made me sad, there's no escaping it
sry for the blog

No. 1783869

if this is true, please teach me how to do it, we real women have to get all the money, so there is nothing left for the troons.

No. 1783875

File: 1678140246313.jpg (285.65 KB, 720x1048, Screenshot_20230306_230015_Fac…)

oh boy alt groups is a mine

No. 1783876

File: 1678140308428.jpg (49.3 KB, 720x1280, FB_IMG_1678140020841.jpg)

No. 1783878

File: 1678140332482.jpg (231.63 KB, 720x1292, Screenshot_20230306_230150_Fac…)

this is baby doll amanda everyone

No. 1783879

She's not a terf, she just stitched his video and called him out on it the queer kids shat on her but eventually people started sticking up for her.

There is no "terf" space on tiktok btw, even she had to say emphasize that she wasn't attacking him for being trans, all terfs get mass reported and eventually banned but if you 'like' her video along with the people defending her you should start running into people say terf stuff more often.

but here https://www.instagram.com/the_a.swags/ is a good terf account, she used to have a tiktok but imo her insta isn't as good/convincing.
I guess this guy comes close? idk he has this "i dont' give a fuck attitude cancel me <3".

No. 1783880

File: 1678140355924.jpg (522.37 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20230306_230111_Fac…)

true and honest woman

No. 1783881

File: 1678140406660.jpg (Spoiler Image,474.58 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20230306_230122_Fac…)

No. 1783883

Dude open up the car window, you are melting

No. 1783885

I think a lot of people's "gender dysphoria" would be cured if they ate more vegetables and did minimum 20 mins of exercise every day. I've also noticed a lot of "communist" TRAs are more than willing to give their money to some of the biggest and most corrupt corporations in the world for their daily sodas and fast food.

No. 1783906

File: 1678143754154.jpg (Spoiler Image,334.38 KB, 750x739, IMG_2082.jpg)

Sage because I don't know if this is vendettaposting but hysterical tranny I know irl, he's a rapist so I have absolutely no qualms posting about him but nonetheless I hope the people on this thread can get a kick out of it kek 1/3

No. 1783907

File: 1678143780569.jpg (Spoiler Image,317.72 KB, 750x752, IMG_2083.jpg)


No. 1783909

File: 1678143950456.png (1.01 MB, 746x737, Screenshot_5055.png)


No. 1783910

File: 1678143973966.png (379.71 KB, 600x600, 1913962_AW7dAuAb.png)

I love making picrew avatars of trannies, nonnas. Both TIMs and TIFs.


No. 1783920

i have already explained that in an old thread, i think it was around the #80 thread or smthg, lemme dig up the tutorial tomorrow for you

No. 1783932

File: 1678145939996.jpg (10.31 KB, 275x275, 1646344387711.jpg)

which kusoge and whats his handle?

No. 1783949

It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if the mods got replaced and they were cracking down more. It was only last year that askgaybros would tell TiFs to btfo whenever one posted one of those whiny “am I allowed here” type posts. And I feel like with HL coming out Reddit was getting more gung ho about banning anyone on any sub if they dared to even ask an innocent question that framed TRAs in a negative or neutral way.

No. 1783955

this is exactly what I’ve been doing. It’s like a game of chicken, everyone is waiting for someone to say “oh, you see it too?” so they can drop the act.

No. 1783958

File: 1678149122521.png (341.82 KB, 600x600, 1913962_wIFFPSwa.png)

No. 1783959

File: 1678149709950.jpeg (436.02 KB, 1672x2048, 13CBCA4E-CED0-4391-B177-409023…)

Close up of his face, it’s incredible how delusional trannies can be

No. 1783963

File: 1678150445188.jpg (819.44 KB, 1080x1630, Screenshot_20230306_194035_Ins…)

And the troons say J.K wants them dead? This is heinous behaviour

No. 1783964

That stupid girl in the pink wig, who is probably straight, is a good example of how useless queer so-called culture is. It's just attention-whoring by no-talent pervs, obnoxious theater kids and boring fatsos. They think they're really enlightening us poor slobs with their tired shit. It's not enough for them to have clubs and theaters and pride parades, they have to invade libraries and other public spaces to force people to watch them.

They're like punk rock kids who never grew up - pretentious twats with oppositional defiant disorder. And of course they need normies to have someone to rebel against. They feel like they don't exist if they're not getting a reaction, so they keep pushing. Then when they get the reaction they sought they scream genocide. So tiresome, stick a fork in Gay Inc.

No. 1783971


Sometimes this stuff reminds me of back when atheism was the big thing and I would occasionally see people seriously arguing that because they were an atheist they faced oppression equal to if not more-so than any other group. The guys who would say this type of stuff were almost without fail upper middle class white people who lived in the suburbs.

It just feels like the same people trying to scratch the same psychological itch the same way. They don't face any genuine hardship for the most part. They can't stand that there's a world outside themselves. With the atheist half the time the whole thing was set off because they were upset that black people or really anyone from society's actual underclass had experiences they didn't understand. They would get super bitter that anything positive would happen to a black person.

Like if you really think about most of what the trans movement accomplished was to shift the nonprofit industry in a way that you could openly funnel money to the middle and upper class. With AOC or whoever- normally a politician like that would be streaming to raise money for the homeless or something. Now it's dumped into a clinic to buy hormones for suburban kids. They are taking what little support there is for people at the bottom and hijacking it.

No. 1783972

File: 1678151169617.jpeg (455.81 KB, 1114x1169, A1AA2724-7C30-489A-BF83-B2F284…)

>Omg someone on Insta just told me I look exactly like Audrey Hepburn combined with Marilyn. Can you hold my purse while I go jerk off my euphoria boner in the little girls’ room? Teehee

No. 1783978

There are some Japanese mtfs in the fighting game and speedrunning communities from what I have seen

No. 1783981


how can one woman cause so much seething?

No. 1783991

The Veondre video that he made with his friend at 6:06 is really funny looking back because his friend recently made a tiktok indirectly referencing that vid, basically saying that he was insecure just trying to fit in and that he never had a period and that MTF who say they do are delusional.

No. 1784000

Dunno why you think they'd be the last people to do this, a lot of their men are serious degens and I've seen plenty of them troon out or crossdress in the typical coomer fashion.

No. 1784018

File: 1678157334450.png (341.26 KB, 598x561, Women's March.png)

I really hope whoever is behind this account is a troll that want to see troons and terfs fighting each other.

No. 1784038

The most sad thing is that these people supporting trannies either truly believe what they say or are pushing the next thing that will give them more money.
Like both options are miserable, you either are a huge opportunist or you truly believe in the words of a cult.
Seriously, whenever I see posts or publicity licking tranny ass I wonder: how the fuck are they going to backtrack when this shit isn’t profitable anymore??
Just what is “women’s march” going to say “oh… lol, just forget about the constant tweets about men in dresses being women, lmao, sorry I guess uh, pls donate or something”

No. 1784044

File: 1678160387114.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1170x2127, 4046B465-BBD3-493B-9059-5FD099…)

Not posting the whole video because tiktok videos are a pain to upload here but LOL this troon got all pissy because a clothing company, Jaded London, contacted him to do a brand deal and sent him a link to their male section.

No. 1784051

I hate this fugly tranny so much. i see so many libfem women act like he’s so hilarious. i can just imagine a regular woman befriending him and thinking he’s gonna act like a normal gay best friend and then going into his room and seeing his Buffalo bill-tier wall collage of 80s porn cutouts

No. 1784055

File: 1678161470760.jpeg (47.8 KB, 750x150, F550C96D-2B9C-42E1-9A88-6D158B…)

Who wants to tell them that their tranny tubes are “genetically encoded” to never fully develop kek

No. 1784079

File: 1678166226937.jpeg (798.83 KB, 820x2980, B08B7032-7D7F-4223-BFE8-67BB73…)

Looked through this handmaidens profile and it doesn’t surprise me that the lesbian with internalized misogny dickrides this hard

No. 1784090

File: 1678168187278.png (1.18 MB, 874x1391, 7.png)

No. 1784094

>why are white women overwhelmingly the biggest capers for troons
Long tinfoil upcoming
I always thought it was brownie points, but white women are the ones who give brownie points in the first place, so how did it all start.
I believe 99 percent of handmaidens are straight and turbo normie even if they claim to be something more special. In the communities and hobbies where straight women are prevalent, you can only find HSTSs with feminine hobbies. They can do decent makeup, and they collect cute fashion dolls instead of coomer anime figures and seem completely harmless. Women will praise any man simply because he seems harmless. Gay men are always welcomed in those circles as all normie straight women want a pet gay best friend. On top of that women socialized to be sympathetic and feel bad for the unfortunate (but only men of course). This is why they love Dylan, they love to feel how compassionate and nice they are to this poor retarded gay man.
Normie straight women literally don't know that AGPs exist. They just think some gay men look like shit but can't explain why, so they just shower the AGP with shallow compliments, completely oblivious that the AGP will coom to that later. For the majority of women and people in general, the only troon that exists is a sad but harmless gay man who just wants some girlies to be friendies with.
The only women who know that 70-90 or so percent of troons are AGPs/fetishists are the minority women, such as autistic women with "male" hobbies and lesbian/actually bisexual women who get harassed regularly. Giga normie women never get in touch with places where AGPs are present.
The only thing I can't explain is how tifs/actually non-straight and non-normie women support trannies. Like, you are a fakeboi/aspie chan, trooned out because of never-ending sexualization, spend a lot of time in anime circles and lgb datings apps, see hideous porn-addicted scrotes in mini skirts all the time, and think "yea those a totally valid brave and stunning women". I unironically think it's some kind of brand damage.
I guess the reason why it's white women specifically is that non-white women come from more conservative upbringings.

No. 1784096

I don't belive she is a lesbian. If she is, she is unironically retarded in a serious medical way.

No. 1784107

tifs have cripplingly low self-esteem and victim complexes. When tims say trans women are the most oppressed group because they're ugly, tifs will just believe that. My they/them ex-friend is now an autism activist living off disability, like tifs are so out of touch with reality they don't care about keeping tims in check. They'll validate any delusions.

No. 1784112

A TIF saying a TIM is creepy and not valid invalidates her own identity. Kind of like Blaire White (who was talked about earlier) who will call even the most hideous troglodyte tranny a she, because if they are not respected as ”women” why should he be?

No. 1784113

Can confirm the straight normie white women I’ve asked about this topic IRL believe that troons are mainly “confused, sad, poor gay boys who need to be shown kindness or else they could become suicidal, and if being a girl could cure their mental problems then girls need to be kind and let these boys into the locker room, they’re harmless anyway since they aren’t straight”

No. 1784117

This isn't the way I expected to receive an autism diagnosis but I'll take it kek

No. 1784120

>Normie straight women literally don't know that AGPs exist. They just think some gay men look like shit but can't explain why
please it's so funny and true lmfao

No. 1784127

>The only thing I can't explain is how tifs/actually non-straight and non-normie women support trannies. Like, you are a fakeboi/aspie chan, trooned out because of never-ending sexualization, spend a lot of time in anime circles and lgb datings apps, see hideous porn-addicted scrotes in mini skirts all the time, and think "yea those a totally valid brave and stunning women".
They validate them because of two reasons, the main one being that most trans identities are frail, therefore if one of them is invalid then all of them are. They even implemented ways to shut down trutrans, transmeds, etc to make sure everyone is in the same secure insecurity.

Now, these are all complicated things that vary from woman to woman, from girl to girl, so I can't speak for everyone nor say for sure that this is a common experience, but this IMO is the second reason why TIFs/gender girls validate TIMs and it's basically an interesting anectode I heard from a desisted woman:
The existence of AGPs and other stereotypical TIMs validates the TIF's lack of interest in stereotypically female interests but especially female roles: if TIMs are willing to go through anything the TIF dislikes, like girly clothes, traditional female roles or especially mysogyny and on top of it all he finds anything the TIF hates validating, then this confirms to the TIF that being female and being subject to all of that is a choice that she doesn't have to pick, that it confirms to her she is a man because she hates what TIMs like, that it's a world not compatible with her.

This is why you see a lot of uwu gay mlm!!!! TIFs who do all the girly things ever: they like what they perceive is feminine but hate the stigma around it, or maybe they hate being a boring plain girl who wants to do stereotypical things.
In short it's a very neurotic and mysogynist NLOG thought process which never really dwells on its sexism, and if it does, the TIF's conscience hasn't waken her up yet.

No. 1784131

Aspie nonnies unite!

No. 1784133

I agree, I'll give you an interesting example from eastern and central europe: My in-laws and people in my own family think gay people and trans are the same. They only see them when pride is mentioned pn TV and I am frustrated when they think gay people are fetishist crossdressers, when the topic comes up their only reaction is "well, they are weird and I don't like it, but they aren't harming anyone".

No. 1784141

feel like these discussions seem more appropriate to the TIF thread but thanks for sharing nona. it's easy for me to figure out TIMs' motivation for transitioning, but when it comes to a certain subset of the women I can't quite figure out what the fuck they're thinking. I imagine most of them, like TIMs, fall into one or more of the following categories: 1) self-hating homosexuals 2) history of sexual assault/abuse 3) mentally ill and/or autistic 4) too abnormal-looking to get sex or companionship in any other way. I used to think 5) perversion and pornsickness was exclusive to the TIMs but when I glance at the TIF thread it would seem a LOT of them are just as perverted and pornsick. still trying to wrap my head around that one.

ultimately any transition is misogynistic in nature. For TIFs it's inwardly directed, attempting to escape being a woman instead of simply expanding the definition. whereas for TIMs it's all about male entitlement, I can do whatever I want including be a woman hurr durr what's so hard about that. I think a lot of normie white girls just haven't developed as sensitive of a radar for the more insidious ways misogyny can present itself, because life has probably been pretty good generally speaking and they haven't yet been presented with very many reasons to think deeply about what's really going on with this shit

No. 1784144

There’s just something in this person’s text that gives me, a lesbian, a fight or flight reaction. Either this person is very deep in mentally unhealthy online internet brainrot shit and never goes outside past the front door to meet actual people, or could even be a scrote who gets off by writing as "cis lesbian".

No. 1784148

File: 1678177517833.png (1.09 MB, 720x2532, tranny.png)

>Do I look fake? I mean, do I not look like a real woman?

No. 1784149

>They have about the same amount of rape and sexual harassment as the west, but it's being prosecuted MUCH harder than in the west.
A few years ago a japanese woman told the story of how she was made to recreate the traumatic rape she was trying to report with a dummy doll in front of the all male police staff to explain what happened. They give 0 shits about women being harassed or abused in japan either nona.

No. 1784150

>then this confirms to the TIF that being female and being subject to all of that is a choice that she doesn't have to pick
Thanks nonnie you totally summed up my retarded autistic tif phase.
Also, I've seen a wise nonnie say that autistic and SSA women tend to gravitate toward each other, can somebody explain why?

No. 1784153

I support any woman doing this kek
So proud of her being the first brave and stunning transwoman to give birth! Bio transwomen are real transwomen!

No. 1784155

honestly teenage boys are so stupid and faceblind on average that it makes me wonder if they were just laughing at his wig.

No. 1784156

>It's morally wrong for cis lesbians to exclusively date cis women and seek cis lesbian spaces
1- She's fucking weak for not taking that opportunity to defend herself/cis lesbians in general.
2- Why do trannies and TRAs always try to claim that they never say shit like this when it's like their favorite thing to say? Fuck them and whoever wrote that post has no morals. Laughable.

This girl is a lost cause and will probably become a TIF before long, if she's even actually a woman.

No. 1784159

lol his entire post history is just. wehhh I was misgendered today. do i look like a man? Yes dude. You do. because you are.

No. 1784160

Sorry for derailing as this is a topic for the tif thread indeed, but
>attempting to escape being a woman instead of simply expanding the definition
Is literally my favorite quote to describe tifs now, thanks nonni

No. 1784162

It's tetris the grandmaster and he is "777"

No. 1784164

One of my oldest childhood friends is the biggest TRA I know and she's just like this. Became a TRA while working in academia living in a super white, liberal city. She is just too nice for her own good and very impressionable. (Also I remember when we were teenagers she told me she wanted to have a gay son one day which I thought was weird)

I honestly think it's as simple as, they don't overthink it and they don't want to. They like that what they're doing seems to be the nice thing and that they're on the "right side of history". The majority of TRAs aren't super online doing a lot of digging or getting deep into these things… Exactly like you said, they're turbo normies.

No. 1784165

This guy has methhead teeth

No. 1784170

Excuse me nonas while I sperg-answer this because I think there are a lot of people of this mindset who could benefit from hearing this.

The thing is a person cannot identify as trans without misogyny and looking down on women. They may not understand or acknowledge that's a big part of the reason, but it is by default true. See these men have at no point in their lives ever been female, girls or women. Even when fully passing their lived experience is that of a male pretending their very best to be female - that's something no female can ever experience, it's an exclusively male experience. They think they as men CAN be women, because they refuse to see women for what we really are: different beings than men. To think they as a man have the ability to be a woman just because they want to is to deny that women are unique and different than men, but their view of what a woman is isn't real but instead a false, inaccurate, made up fantasy version of a woman that only exists in their head. But they insist this fake idea they have of a woman IS real. But it simply isn't true. So they are erasing our real existence to replace it with their own fake idea of what a woman is - because they don't care about us real women being erased or hurt by this. If they actually respected women they wouldn't be able to do this to us. They would simply do all the feminine things they are doing, but as feminine men and not pretending to be women. Blaire could have the exact same life as he is having right now, with the clothes and the makeup and whatnot, as a man. Nothing and no one is stopping him from identifying as a man. He chooses not to, because he doesn't care if women are hurt by his actions. His only priority is himself feeling good.

Blaire is the kind of trans who (at least sometimes) admits to being biologically male and that being trans is a mental illness. On top of that he's a gay man, so he seems less threatening. But he is still erasing real women so he, as a man, can take our words and spaces for himself. Even just the estrogen he takes (for aesthetic, non-medical reasons to live out his own fantasy) could have gone to a menopausal woman who actually medically needed it, but now she suffers instead because there was a shortage and trans people were given it before her. So while he is "less" harmful these actions are what paved the way for the Dylans, the prison rapists and the transbians. I genuinely don't think he supports those other more "extreme" trans people, but at the core they're just more extreme versions of what he is doing himself. It's like he is a bag snatching thief condemning a bank robber - he's doing the exact same crime of theft, just in a different way. He is a mentally ill man, his opinions are hypocritical and hurt women, and that's why so many anons hate him even though he "seems" harmless. With that said you do not need to be raging and hateful and wishing death upon him to disagree with his actions, you're allowed to find him entertaining or that he has some good points sometimes.

No. 1784172


No. 1784174

File: 1678181702668.jpeg (53.9 KB, 828x263, 5D19D312-9593-4872-B339-87731F…)

Kek that’s exactly right

No. 1784178

imo i think a big part of it is that normie women are kinda blind and ignorant to the disgusting porn addicted pedo trannies in the bottom of the trashcan parts of twitter/reddit/4chan, etc. I bet if they went through a couple of troon threads here and see what we've seen; they'd change their minds. I think all they know are the better behaved and well spoken ones on youtube/media/ig, which are just like maybe 5% when 95% are sex obsessed autistic freaks.
BUT i do feel like normie women are kinda getting sick and tired of the pushing of "pregnant PEOPLE", "excluding trannies from the abortion issue is transphobic", "pads for menstruating people", etc etc. People know it's bullshit, and now that we've swung so far to the left on this issue; I think it'll slowly swing back when people realize trannies have no place in women's issues after them annoying the fuck out of people

No. 1784184

I kinda like how being an edgy egirl and liking anime got mainstream, now normie women will get into that stuff just to be seen as cool and accidentally stumble upon retarded AGPs.
Besides, if troons weren't so loud and ubiquitous normies would never realize how deranged they are and they would continue being insane perverts under the radars of general society. But now people want to know what the fuss is all about and when they start digging just a little bit, the true colors of the troon cult become obvious. Troons themselves are the best peackers, we should just let them do their job.

No. 1784196

every once in a while butler says something intelligent that actually makes sense (recent comments on AI language models jump to mind) but more regularly she says something so bafflingly retarded and out of touch that i genuinely think she has an empathy disorder that shes desperately trying to mask or compensate for through the language of psychoanalysis. at least based zizek is saying enough is enough wrt penis havers in womens spaces. i cant imagine how you could study psychoanalysis and not see exactly how tranny moids operate, its literally all laid out right there from castration anxiety to womb envy to the no of the father.
legal counsel from scrubs trooned out
late but tbh the hsts/agp dichotomy is like, tip of the iceberg of peaking. the further down you go the more you realise that moid sexuality is largely fetishistic and oppostunistic and even the "gay" trannies are getting off to a fantasy of being degraded/dominated by a "real man" while playing what they think of as the ultimate submissive role, ie. what they think a woman is.
also didnt blair talk about wanting to use a surrogate to have children? thats more damning than anything on his views about women. he should be treated like any other rw fag who rags on trannies- with suspicion.

No. 1784197

it's so sad to me cookie's bustle couldn't be gatekept from trannies but I guess that's the nature of them being hyper-autists about games/Japanese things and always online

No. 1784206

Always with the ratty wigs, kek

No. 1784210

She has a youtube too, under the same name! I think Odysee is just a backup.

No. 1784219

>my Native American blood
What? Please tell me this is a parody.

No. 1784220

File: 1678192690315.jpg (218.65 KB, 1080x708, Screenshot_20230307_065336_Twi…)

No. 1784222

oh god the profile pic HAHAHA(sage your shit)

No. 1784225

Lmaooo this has to be a parody

No. 1784226

almost like he has special knowledge of how men think and act that females don't because he is one and girls aren't

No. 1784229

Absolutely unhinged. He looks like the nightstalker.

No. 1784233

He is right. As a bisexual woman, I don't understand what it's like to date a straight man as a man.

No. 1784238

File: 1678196169083.jpg (190.56 KB, 1254x1357, FqlbF-yWYAcbYOF.jpg)

HRT does literally nothing for men and its amazing they cant see it

No. 1784260


>i feel liberated when i perform gender

Dios Mio

No. 1784285

Oh boy I can't wait for International Women's Day tomorrow and seeing narc troons hijack this day and attenwhoring themselves!

No. 1784290

They always take the tranny sjkt like "oh he says this now, but he still need to be a man, get a job and married and have kids". LGB orgs in Japan is trying to break down that mentality.

No. 1784291

Another day turned into pandering troons, because society doesn’t want to celebrate real women. How many days do troons have to themselves now? Something is always happening practically year-round for them, and yet trannies think they’re the ones “oppressed and marginalized”.

No. 1784294

Gives them osteoporosis kek

No. 1784295

Because most of them know that real gay men aren't going to date them for their validation or finding a bi/pan man to date is still "straight privilege" even if they're "a mlm couple". So dating each other means that they're a REAL mlm couple, even if people see them like a lesbian couple.

Or Ib a TL;DR version, Denial is not only a river in Egypt.

No. 1784296

>Also I remember when we were teenagers she told me she wanted to have a gay son one day which I thought was weird)
It's not weird. She wanted to be special and have something to virtue signal about without actual doing anything. There are people, mostly women, who make supporting their gay kid (and trans now) their entire identity.

No. 1784297

Is not even 8th here and I have seen those leeches trying to get some validation. I swear if I see another pic of Marshal Johnson claiming "don't forget her and her help for LGBT+ people tomorrow" while ignoring women that did accomplish more than a Transvestite gay on drugs, I'll scream.

No. 1784298

They would probably get off on this fact and compare themselves to teen girls or something. Their degeneracy knows no bounds.

No. 1784301

I agree with this and also reading it was so funny ty nonnie. I have to find humor where I can get it in these difficult times.

No. 1784302

Butler once said that incest isn't that bad so she can fuck all the way off, about everything.

No. 1784305

Maybe more people will be paying attention since it seems like TRAs have gotten a lot of bad press lately with their HL sperging and the Hershey’s thing. If nothing else, I’m sure we’ll get some milk.

No. 1784312

I've noticed sooooo many organizations first posts in support of women's month/day have been troons. Like they can't even slip a troon in the fourth or fifth post (even though that would be just as annoying). It's literally always "happy women's month, here are some trans women to celebrate". They don't even try to hide they don't give a fuck about women. Can't wait for this frenzy to be over. I think the reason why so many organizations do this is because it's "easy", and requires no tangible sacrifice or thoughts (unless your peaked). But if it becomes an issue that even women cannot be a part of their own history, how are we supposed to accurately celebrate ourselves? Why should men be included in my ur histroy, our sports, our grants, our scholarships? Recently a fucking speedrunning tournament gave 15k prize to ALL bio males. Like if you don't have enough women to make up a tournament on women's History month ..just don't do the fucking tournament. Sage for rant but this shit grinds my gears

No. 1784320

File: 1678206252443.jpg (65.4 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

And there's an official Men's day (November 19th) to recognize stuff that man suffers (psychical and mental problems, war victims, homeless men, etc). But you see them brush it that off and repeating the "but men do have 364 days to celebrate their history and bla bla, we are women after all", then why isn't Transgender day of remembrance or the LGBT Month enough to you?? Why do you want validation in something that doesn't belong to you at all? Why yes, I'm still salty a trannie was invited to an event where women were victims (Montreal Massacre memorial) and we know Marc Lépine would have told to any tranny to gtfo.

I'm with you that this shit grinds my gears too. Let us have our day, you (tim in general, not you nonnie) have one month and a day already. Let women celebrate being women!

No. 1784323

File: 1678206819338.jpg (526.22 KB, 1080x1501, Screenshot_2023-03-07-19-30-38…)

Hundreds of women killed every day: no one cares
Three trannies in almost a year: BREAKING NEWS

No. 1784324

I’m co-running an IWD showcase for women in a particular male-dominated industry and I’ve had to diplomatically knock back so many attempts from the co-organiser to make the promo all about trans women. I’ve been going the “but if TWAW then isn’t it othering to single them out? Shouldn’t they already know that they’re welcome and included?” route and it’s worked so far. I can’t possibly be the only terf who’s paying absolute minimum lip service just to get away with throwing a women’s event without being eviscerated. Really wouldn’t be surprised if half these women’s orgs are just afraid of being cancelled.

No. 1784325

I need it too. I tried to find it myself but couldn't.

No. 1784326

All of the feminist orgs that stayed silent or paid the tiniest amount of lip service to the Depp v Heard trial will be first in line to kiss tranny ass. Fuck actual women getting their lives ruined by their abuser and millions of people online, the real victims are the agps in abdl fetish gear.

No. 1784329

Good luck keeping the troons out and staying hidden/safe! You're doing good work, so many young girls are growing up and learning that not only does society see them as lesser than men, but also lesser than men dressing as women. These girls need to hear strong women's voices
and actually see real women succeeding at something real beyond sex so they can see true value in themselves as they are, otherwise we're just going to get more stupid doomer tifs influenced by the world telling them if they're a bio woman liking femininity they're vapid airheads, but a man in a dress engaging in the same hobbies is not degraded by the left and is in fact shown as better for engaging in them.

No. 1784342

File: 1678208884733.png (355.62 KB, 600x600, E388D32F-69F6-4B83-858E-1C882D…)

>validate me or ill blast you on twitter

No. 1784349

Men are so often horrible communicators. I don't have to see the pic to know this dude is a dude.

No. 1784352

btw did you know this artist used to identify as a radfem? she was retarded back then as well but her artistic degradation has been astonishing. maybe i need to make a comparison for the bad art thread, she was sort of my personal cow.

No. 1784383

>Troons themselves are the best peackers, we should just let them do their job.

Social media will prove to be both the beginning and the end of troonworld. They demanded to be seen and now they are being seen in all their degenerate glory.

Gen Xers and older millennials got babysat by TV. That was bad enough but nothing compared to abandoning children to social media and internet porn. What a disaster.

No. 1784387

What was/is her username?

No. 1784391

File: 1678212397192.png (37.37 KB, 616x350, trannies most men.png)

Some of us do understand this. They call us TERFs.

No. 1784401

ukrainian twitter artist @zalizna_pani but she was known as xicel before. her cow behavior consisted of embarrassing oversharing but at some point she began exclusively posting about wanting all russians to die and her mental illnesses and just kinda became boring.

No. 1784402

samefag we're not supposed to be smart enough to figure any of this out for ourselves. If we don't automatically trust male-identified men we won't trust them either. We'll also deny them the opportunity to gloat about how dumb and naive we are

No. 1784417

I can't tell if this is bait or if you're just profoundly retarded. Godspeed anon.

No. 1784420

File: 1678214361822.png (230.16 KB, 489x486, Eddie.png)

Eddie Izzard is changing his name to Suzy. some people on Twitter are saying that his ex girlfriend, who died in 2016, was called Suzy but I can't find any evidence for that. wouldn't surprise me if it's a skinwalking thing though. it's such an obvious attention-whoring thing because Eddie can be a feminine name too.

No. 1784430

Cant believe trans activism got to Eddie Izzard, who was always so secure in himself and the fact he just wanted to wear feminine clothes and makeup… really saddens me he suddenly decided that wasnt enough attention after all those years

No. 1784432

File: 1678214991013.png (545.18 KB, 616x866, troon white cis.png)

The whole thread is funny. They think we're the deluded ones. It is to laugh

No. 1784436

I knooooow. I used to have respect for him for being genuinely GNC. I hope Grayson Perry doesn't follow suit, although he has openly said he would never claim to understand what it's like to be a woman, just because he likes to wear women's clothing and basically admitted that it was both an attention-seeking thing (he loves to shock people) creative and a sexual thing. Wish more men could at least be honest about this much.

No. 1784444

I personally know (knew?) three women who were murdered by men, plus my friend’s mom who I never met was murdered by her boyfriend a few years ago and it took 2 years to find her body! Oh and the guy who everyone knows killed her is still free because it took too long and evidence was lost. So that makes 4. I’m an antisocial person too so it’s not like I know a ton of people. Wish people cared about this but nah.

No. 1784446

File: 1678216114213.jpeg (239.45 KB, 1398x1916, failedman.jpeg)

this misogynistic transmaxxing shit makes me sick

No. 1784448

Take off the makeup and costume and filter and let's see if you're really a "woman."

No. 1784451

>take off the makeup
ot but wtf is this make up style with the blusher over the nose? it's anime inspired right? which would make sense since the autistic-nerd-incel to tranny pipeline is so strong.

No. 1784455

His beefy neck is thicker than his thighs lmao

No. 1784463

I still remember that image of the yaoi fan that commented she would love to have a gay son to buy him gay stuff and giggling with his boyfriend "how stressed her kid was when he was coming out to her".

Some stuff never changes.

No. 1784464

It’s supposed to be the egirl heavy blush look that TikTok zoomers did in 2019 but he doesn’t know any basic makeup skills to understand that it’s three separate blush points and not just a massive block of expired eyeshadow smeared across your face

No. 1784466

Im pretty sure its to mimic the hentai pictures of women sucking dick/getting fucked… i would post a picture but i cant stand hentai and how all the "women" look like children in the face. But im sure if you googled some things you would see what i mean.

No. 1784479

moids’ makeup is 100% porn and hentai inspired, but there’s a completely unrelated trend called cold girl makeup that involves blush draping and putting blush on the nose to simulate a frostbitten look.

No. 1784481

File: 1678219217372.jpg (286.77 KB, 765x2048, FqpEMtSXwAEYNpM.jpg)

"My native american blood is boiling" ahahahaha just had to throw that in there

No. 1784482

File: 1678219422549.jpeg (104.07 KB, 1010x828, 0820939F-4CAE-4EAA-839C-8C2B9F…)

Saw this on my feed…

No. 1784485

Yeah it’s not like the same unwashed nazi lolifags on the left are the ones trooning out! Oh wait they are

No. 1784494

Great post, nonita. I fully support your position.

No. 1784506

Sounds like 1/12 Cherokee princess bloodlines. I have tons of Native American friends since the area I live in has a large pueblo population and they only reference being Native when there's appropriate context like jokes or telling a story. Like anyone who has ever grown on the reservation talks like this or would "give hunting eyes" if they were disrespected. They'd either ignore it or start shit. But then again, Natives are about as down with trans issues as Hispanics and Blacks.

Pre transition vs. post transition with filters.

No. 1784510

Lmao, I play some other tetris games and even we have some jp troons

No. 1784512

File: 1678222444922.jpeg (52.87 KB, 400x284, 05D84806-A1E3-491E-A272-6216EA…)

Of course a tranny uses the “muh black tranny lives matter” as a scapegoat.
I just can’t believe there’s people out there believing that the majority of moids in dresses are black/mixed/asian/natives/insert any other minority that isn’t considered that has white privilege.
Just a glance at tranny subreddits and tranny Twitter hashtags shows that all of them, both women pretending to be men, and moids in dresses, is like looking at the dairy aisle.

No. 1784515

That's because even just being gay is highly stigmatized by those people. Being trans in black/asian/native communities IRL is seen as absolute degeneracy (as it should be.)

No. 1784516

I should probably specify that this is just what I've seen in America.

No. 1784517

I see it more as a tactic to align trans rights to liberal causes that way they can shoehorn support for themselves. Like "The violence on blacks, immigrants, women, gay and trans is unacceptable!" These people have long fought for equality and trannies just want to steal their hard work. It's hilarious that earlier in the thread when someone said letting trans people be visible is what will eventually peak the normies. Sharing female, black, hispanic viewpoints are never offensive, but trannies euphoria rants and genocide accusations are hilariously creepy and unhinged.

No. 1784531

Don't most studies show black and brown men are more likely to be gay and trans? They just don't have as much of a platform as white troons.

No. 1784535

Her entire career is predicated on fantasy.

No. 1784538

> expired eyeshadow
i feel so called out. my collection is full of old crusty shit youtubers made me buy ages ago, that i will continue to use out of sheer sunk cost fallacy.

No. 1784551

File: 1678226056031.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1170x2017, 334E7176-7E9C-4FDC-911C-9E4970…)

kek look at this righteous troon

No. 1784554

>These people have long fought for equality and trannies just want to steal their hard work

See gay rights. Nothing happened before Stonewall and nothing happened before Tumblr was born. Ask them what they thought about President Ronald Reagan's administration to VIH/AIDS victims, specially gay people and they will either ask you "what are you talking about" or "these cis men have them coming".

No. 1784556

File: 1678226651648.png (284.77 KB, 1282x1360, BAEA72C3-1988-4514-9818-E434FD…)

my irl unfriended me and blocked me on Facebook. We went to college together where he was in a fraternity. He’s now on estrogen and changed his name legally. He posted the picture this soyjack is based off of announcing it yesterday. He then blocked me from another post bc I argued that Shakespeares plays weren’t drag shows. They were only performed by men because women couldn’t legally act professionally until 1661. It was too real for him

No. 1784573

>biblical fact

No. 1784574

File: 1678227395136.jpeg (885 KB, 750x3404, A74FEC9F-5F2E-40A5-9779-6C9C96…)

why do I read this guy’s posts in Jeffree Star’s voice? I’m getting the same unhinged malignant narcissist vibes.

No. 1784576

File: 1678227441303.png (195.52 KB, 598x876, TinART on Twitter.png)

I would be even surprised if she still did after all the bully for a damn video game.

No. 1784582

I've been following Pikamees situation as a long time fan and its painly obvious that she graduated because of trannies and tras.
>Pomu ended up saying she mistook the month when she talked about graduation, saying Pika told her about it in February
>Pikamee started getting harrassed in February
>Wanted to make a long time hl series, after all it was supposed to be #1 hl stream
>Her literal membership only posts being sad and apologising a lot
>It was proven by scs and videos on twitter that she did liked the tweets of people who were angry about HL activists harrassing her. Of course she had to remove the likes to not stir up troons asses
It's just sad. I think she will return as Japanese only streamer if she will.

No. 1784597

File: 1678228923064.jpg (226.39 KB, 1080x1769, Screenshot_20230308-004144_Twi…)

No. 1784598

File: 1678229028219.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, 20230308_004136.jpg)

No. 1784600

you will only benefit from the trash taking itself out lol

No. 1784612

Those are some big ass feet kek

No. 1784620

kek men are so fragile. they claim they know what it feels like to be a woman but they don't know the first damn thing about what has meant to be a woman over the entire course of human history. they're so desperate to be oppressed.

No. 1784621

Idk what studies say so this is purely anecdotal but from what I’ve seen that was definitely the case before like 2015. Specifically black and southeast asian trannies were the vast majority of them that I’d ever see and they were all sex workers. Naturally, white men took over and made it all about them. So yeah regardless of the numbers it definitely at least appears that they’re the loudest and most visible. I think the other races aren’t as terminally online

No. 1784623

File: 1678229879907.png (317.14 KB, 583x541, milph.png)

there's a subset of troons that desperately feel the need to call themselves milfs and i'm convinced it's because they're all obese so they think that the tag of milf helps them sell that as attractive
this one is probably the worst i've ever seen and despite the cosmic irony of the date it was signed on this isn't a joke

No. 1784627

Nah, they don't have the self-awareness to care if they're obese. It's the same as the troons who larp as teenage anime girls or buxom mommy dommies - they all skinwalk their favorite genre of porn women to wank to. The creepiest ones skinwalk their own female friends & relatives. So it's either porn or irl mommy issues.

No. 1784630

This may be the least weird part of it but is he changing his middle name to literally just the letter F?

No. 1784631

She’s a pedo panderer, if not a pedo herself so good riddance. I do enjoy the meltdown this caused though

No. 1784632

you can tell when someone is autistic by hand writing alone

No. 1784635

File: 1678230963595.png (25.88 KB, 433x337, milph f.png)

here's the original tweet if you're morbidly curious and want to check the replies to see him talk about it more

No. 1784639

File: 1678231188611.png (22.2 KB, 610x293, joan smith izzard.png)

This is an older Tweet that's been getting a lot of likes today.

Some assholes in the comments say the heavily photoshopped pics of 62 year old Izzard look better than 69 year old Smith. Of course Izzard thinks any woman over 35 is just an old bag like him. The funny thing is women don't threaten suicide over such insults.

Comics are very damaged people. How could he resist the attention? He goes right to the top of the troon celebrity list, at least in the UK. He'll only get more obnoxious from here, but I suspect his timing is a little late. Watching him react to the world peaking in real time should be wildly entertaining, and he should peak a few as well. Prick.

No. 1784647

File: 1678232401874.png (442.06 KB, 1080x682, dumbass.png)

kek at him both getting offended and misinterpreting this reply (thinking they're referring to the barely visible signature instead of the horrible handwriting front and center) simultaneously

No. 1784650

This just in, big keks.
Let these dopes shoot up all the estrogen they want. They are just giving themselves a higher chance of heart attack and stroke.
Link is an article about the malaise affects of estrogen on aging men.

No. 1784660

trust me i cant wait for all of them dropping dead or going on to just 41% anyway due to the damaging effects of hormones

No. 1784680

File: 1678236746561.jpg (2 MB, 1767x2796, Screenshot_20230307_165000_rif…)

Okay, buddy

No. 1784681

File: 1678236783316.jpg (377.07 KB, 1212x2560, jwkwyntlavla1.jpg)

The troon in question

No. 1784683

he'd slay if he wasn't a tranny

No. 1784684

File: 1678237126656.jpg (903.56 KB, 1768x1710, Screenshot_20230307_165821_Clo…)

Incel moid or severely self-hating TIF?

No. 1784691

go back to twitter pls

No. 1784697

whoever they are it’s extremely pathetic how limited their idea of womanhood is. Having a vagina and the vulnerability that comes with that, yeah sure, that’s just the way it is. but you literally don’t have to do any of those other things lol. you can choose to have no sex appeal, you can not style your hair or wear makeup or tight clothes, you can decide not to get pregnant or have children, you can go to the gym and get as hard a body as you can sensibly achieve, you can be independent and so on. post was written by a truly terminally retarded individual. Sad!

No. 1784698

yeah the skid mark running across his nose is soo slay~~~

No. 1784710

That's a man, baby. It reads like weev or one of his acolytes wrote it.

No. 1784717

File: 1678240416048.jpg (613.38 KB, 1080x864, 2023_03_07_20_50_38_105.jpg)

two years later and the weird coomer guy learned that ugly bangs will cover up a very male-patterned receding hairline. he's now in the same circle of agp polycule troon males as lia thomas also kek

No. 1784720

why does every facet of their lives revolve around sex to the point of making their name milf?
also I know the point was to make the nickname 'mom' but using momoka as a first name when you're not japanese is so weird to me

No. 1784722

>taller, stronger MUCH more capable
100% an unhinged man. TIFs wouldn’t bother to bring this point up bc most of them are still short/physically weak and even though they’re deluded they usually don’t get icked out by stuff like periods/discharge the way men do.

No. 1784725

>constantly bleeding, discharging gaping hole
Sounds like an angry gay man wrote this shit, which cis woman stole his man?
Any actual woman knows it's a small hole within a self lubricating organ which bleeds a few days a month. Honestly have never heard a woman describe herself this way, even TIFs tend to be pro vagina.

No. 1784728

I am gonna sage because I will ask stupid questions, but why are trannies so obsessed with thigh high socks and "spinny skirts"?

No. 1784729

An incel moid larping as a TIF to make his misogyny more palatable. Incel moids have a long track record of doing this to make others consider their dogshit opinions.

No. 1784731

That is a very ugly handwriting kek, I would be more understanding if it was cursive, but the retardation just exudes from it
Ah, it IS a retard

No. 1784734

the socks and skirt shit typically arises from a toxic mixture of autism, hentai/anime addiction, and probably some desire to regress to childhood

No. 1784735

Like the other anon said it's a mix of anime/hentai and I remember the 'programmer socks' thing getting popular on 4chan where a bunch of moids meme'd each other into ordering the socks of Amazon to wear while coding. I assume all of them became trannies.

No. 1784745

memeing yourself into a new kink. only moids

No. 1784747

Oops that should've been off Amazon not of

Honestly the majority of the trans movement is moids memeing each other into new kinks or beliefs. They all copy each others fetishes or fashion and talking points. One claimed he had periods and suddenly all of them had periods for example.

No. 1784750

Nonnies, do any of you know of a connection between strict christianity and troonacy? I had this one friend who kept crediting me for "pulling him out of delusions of hell" and then tried to get with me, before trooning out a few years later - could it be dealing with religious guilt??? not trying to blog, sure some nonnas have observed the same thing, highest-achiever-at-sunday-school-to-depressed-troon thing.

No. 1784756

Some people are just prone to extremism. They’re people who NEED to be followers of some ideology and they don’t really care what it is. Same reason there’s a pipeline with Nazism to troonery. These people would easily join any cult and kill themselves because it gives them a sense of purpose and belonging.

No. 1784759

File: 1678245217346.jpg (7.33 KB, 300x168, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

Are you sure? Cold girl makeup involves a clear seperation between the nose blush and cheek blush. The technique this troon used has them blended for an across the face blushed look. Like picrel

No. 1784761

File: 1678245326786.jpg (Spoiler Image,11.9 KB, 224x224, images.jpeg.jpg)

Also related see spoilered picrel
I promise its not too porny and just a face. Still a gross coomer exaggerated face.

No. 1784764

Man, I started a cult with this guy in high school… should maybe have invoked the full suicide ritual before it became too late. I really liked his family too, can't really figure out who made it worse; my immature 16yo atheistic socialist shit or his parents' fundamentalist bullshit.

Hope I never have to find out, really.

No. 1784767

File: 1678246401916.jpg (65.58 KB, 760x1024, FqqmVfiaYAM_R-f.jpg)

thanks for confirming what we all know tranny

No. 1784768

File: 1678246622184.jpeg (157.9 KB, 750x1053, 9AD218A6-C93C-4EC3-93F6-8E817B…)

very normal behavior, it really makes you want to support violent crossdressers.

No. 1784772

File: 1678247035285.jpg (419.93 KB, 1536x2048, FqfowT7aAAEDWLg.jpg)

he just screams male in this outfit

No. 1784778

I've seen some anons on here praising this guy for being a gnc man without calling himself a woman but honestly he disgusts me like every other troon here. He's only gnc because of a fetish, same deal with troons. I'll continue to support gnc women (who still call themselves women and aren't delusional about being female) but I cannot trust a gnc man anymore as every one of them will troon out eventually. Men have a shallow view of gender because they think it's all about the clothes you wear.

No. 1784779

Someone should make a list of tranny pedos to confront idiots when they claim it's only the right that are grooming kids

No. 1784780

Disgusting and typical

Disgusting and typical. Women don’t hit their friends, this is textbook male behavior.

Why are these men so predictable and just like, overall shitty? And the upvotes/replies on both posts show they encourage it from each other.

No. 1784795

lol I've seen other trannies worry about this. They were concerned that as trans people become increasingly visible in society normies will becoming more capable of clocking them.

No. 1784799

File: 1678251702799.png (309.3 KB, 591x695, milph big dick energy.png)

because it's all a fetish for them, that's why his twitter bio calls himself a bbw milf
and of course his explanation for the name change has him both blaming capitalism and saying it's "big dick energy" because being a woman is all about having a big dick

No. 1784807

Lmao I'm saving this to show to all the handmaidens I encounter, it's a gold medal peaking. Thanks, trannies, also I wish all of those men a happy 41.

No. 1784809

Sounds like a bitter faggot who's upset that men will always prefer real women over him.

No. 1784839

I hate to say it but he’s right. Most moids believe a hole is a hole and have no problems fucking other dudes in skirts. They just are afraid to get caught.

No. 1784844

>I hate to say this
Why tho? Let fags be fags. The more faggots the less sexual assaults of women and instead moids. Misogynistic fags aren't as bad as a ticking time bomb of super "straight" moids. The only serious risk besides AIDS with fags is the troon pipeline as we all know and have seen here. This manifests through seething hatred from gay moid troons. But super "straight" moids enter this pipeline anyway so who cares. Besides, women won't be dying of aids anytime soon.

Why do you care that moids are absolutely beyond saving degenerates? We're on a highly blackpilling, elucidating of male depravity troon thread after all. Muh "super straight" moids who only like to be anally penetrated on Sundays and tranny chasers aren't better than the openly crossdressing dilating, fag kinds. Fags will make themselves go extinct and that's a good thing.

No. 1784849

>aesthetic and brand
Imagine if a white American person made their aesthetic and brand be being a sexy hentai Japanese girl and changing their name to Yuri. Or a schizo changing their name to Jesus Christ. It’s all the exact same shit, fetishes and mental illness, yet we’re supposed to think that this is acceptable.
>cunny rapist
The artist putting this in gives me very bad vibes. No way normies making fun of lolicons would know what “cunny” is. Of course it’s obvious the artist is a degenerate for defending troons but slipping in the 4chan pedo speak, really makes you wonder…

No. 1784851

File: 1678262716944.png (111.4 KB, 321x232, VQ7cMF9[1].png)

he looks just like tuna-melt chan, the resemblance is uncanny.

No. 1784852

File: 1678262871895.jpg (68.29 KB, 1200x621, spongebob-movie-patrick-legs-2…)

kek my mind immediately went to picrel

No. 1784854

He kinda cute doe

No. 1784855

File: 1678264646343.jpg (97.58 KB, 1010x828, image.jpg)

No. 1784863

Every single time I read an unhinged rant about wanting to be "just a normal woman" it's ALWAYS a gay man. This post is retarded, but if I was a normie, especially a normie woman conditioned to always coddle men, I would feel bad for him. He is the definition of the mythical "good troon", a sad depressed gay man who possess no threat to women but just wants to be accepted as one of them. I can understand why normie women become handmaidens, they think they protect poor suicidal gay boys. HSTSs are the poster children of the troon cult, even though they are the quiet minority
I've heard that HSTSs hate AGPs for their amazing job at peaking people, and I wonder if AGPs realize that it's the HSTSs who are considered the good ones and deserving of normie protection and hate them back. Or maybe AGPs don't understand the difference and due to their insane narcissism just think they look just as decent and "passible". I literally don't recognize AGPs as human beings, just pure evil as it is, and have no doubt their era will end soon, but I'm pretty sure we are stuck with HSTSs forever. Obviously, I will take HSTSs over AGPs literally any day.

No. 1784865

sage your retarded troon chasing

No. 1784866

File: 1678266047799.jpeg (150.56 KB, 675x900, FqqzuuyakAYWr11.jpeg)

Can't talk about periods anymore

No. 1784867

Imagine if it's actually a tif who reads the replies to this post and cries of happiness because she wrote something so retarded everyone decided it was written by a scrote LMAO

No. 1784868

Sage for blogpost but oh my goood, we're working in recruitment in IT with my coworkers and are trying to gather data on candidates we interview to check the male/female ratio for obvious reasons and someone asked how could we notify if a candidate is non binary or transitioning in out excel file because we can only put if they're "F" or "M", just fucking kill me already. Even the straight white male boomers in that company genuinely cares more about giving young women in STEM a chance compared to some of my woke coworkers.

No. 1784869

the replies are retarded, but the fact that the wife even decided to write this post instead of just pretending the troon's behavior is normal is AT LEAST something.

No. 1784870

Well, at least it has male and female options and not male and other…Anyways, your situation is funny and sad, stay strong nonni

No. 1784871

File: 1678267101157.png (127.32 KB, 980x742, 7-Figure1-1.png)

He's right in the sense that trannies can easily find men who just want sex. Where they have issue , and you hear trans people complain about this all the time, is long term relationships. The majority of people are not interested in dating a trans person. Trannies are only desirable for a quick pump'n'dump. A closeted male homosexual or chaser is not taking the t-girl they met on Grindr home to meet mom.


No. 1784875

This marriage is over. The first sentence is the clue. My husband soon to be wife. There is no "my pre-transition wife," or "my mtf wife". Nope, she stated gender roles that will change. This woman is not accepting this new dynamic of their relationship, ergo no future (sans troonery therapy). Ok, that is the most sterile non biased answer I could give. TERF or TIF, the language is telling.
But for real, fuck her husband and the white washing reply. You don't get to play a fucking martyr because you're jealous of someone/something. I wasn't born Gigi Hadid but you don't see me getting ass pats and sub reddits over it.

No. 1784877

Yeah I am definitely picking up some insane gay man vibes here. No women is grossed out enough by their own normal discharge to rant about it like this because it’s…well, normal to us. And any day of discharge is better than oozing literal shit out of your ice pick wound lol

No. 1784887

File: 1678269870747.webm (2.85 MB, 320x568, LObaz4PegDj3zu9G.webm)

This is next level mansplaining

No. 1784893

You're not tricking "innocent heterosexual guys," you're intentionally isolating yourselves with violent homophobes. I'm not normally one to victim blame, but these scrotes should know better than anyone how fucking unstable members of their own sex are. Maybe don't wait until you're alone and half naked with a guy you barely know to tell him that you're a catfishing faggot with a penis. How hard is it to say it up front in some kind of public place and stop chasing straight men because it "validates" your delusions?

No. 1784894

Literally 99% of the replies are asspats, I feel like I'm on crazy pills. This is insane behavior even by tranny standards. I really thought there would be some "trutrans" people in the comments crying about how Thomas here was making trannies look bad.

No. 1784902

Oh what's cute? The gross manboobs? The long bony man face? The shit use of airbrushing?

No. 1784903

Also known as "karma" kek

No. 1784906

Every person in the drawing looks like a troon or TRA. I don't actually know anyone into loli stuff who isn't identifying as some variation of trans, and the nazi-to-trans pipeline is so common they even meme it amongst themselves a lot

No. 1784907

What about the myth of "the good tranny"?

I have been peaked ages ago and have seen enough degeneracy, but one of my friends has the image of an idealized harmless case in her head. A man who is dressing in a very tame way, like a woman his age, and doesn't talk in a creepy fetishistic manner. I responded to that with "men and women can dress however they like, clothes don't determine your identity". But she still believes those people need protection from bigots and pronouns are just a matter of politeness.

No. 1784909

You're not victim blaming anyone here because these troons are wannabe rapists and men who are tricked into fucking these troons are merely defending themselves against their potential rapists if they beat them up. I don't care about male on male crimes anyway.

No. 1784910

I always wonder how clear those studies are for the people who take them. Most normies still confuse "trans woman" to mean "a woman who is trans and thinks she's a man". They also conveniently tend to either group cis + trans or they group all "LGBTQA2s+" people together so we can't see that the straight trans women only want to date cis lesbians and not other transbians

No. 1784914

I knew it. He wouldn't like it lie. This is a shame. Eddie is a good actor and used to be a fine comedian but troon shit rots the brain. But it should be no surprise. He was a proud transvestite and that's a sexual fetish absolutely. He's just old school AGP and now chasing attention and coom.

No. 1784922

making your entire existence being revolved around a meme. No one outside of your internet circlejefk is going to find this funny. Imagine introducing yourself with this name snickering to yourself because your name is me epic meme pron reference and then everyone else finding you immature at best and a creep at worst

No. 1784924

She's just a clueless normie who believes all troons are like those poor Brazilian gay men who are killed for being gay. Send her some screenshots from this thread, like this one where a troon brags about hitting his friend.

No. 1784926

Also, a good portion of them consists of lesbian/bisexual women lying about how they would date a tranny because of fear of harassment. Zero actual women want them, that's why they hate us instead of trad retards who actually can kill a tranny.

No. 1784931

File: 1678277349463.jpeg (126.98 KB, 750x282, DB6CADB9-5515-41E9-BCCF-63A687…)

“Lesbian and bi woman are so vanilla and boring, not me though I’m a degenerate freak”

No. 1784934

File: 1678277554777.jpeg (318.89 KB, 750x629, E629E4E0-C8C4-4453-ADE3-F1D51F…)

White men that looks like they haven’t bathed in months

No. 1784937

I always kek at troon sausage party prison gay polycules. Every one of them knows he will leave the second an actual woman (even an ugly tif) appears.

No. 1784939

Most normie women probably feel like they can't say anything against troons for fear of losing their job or being a social pariah. Not to mention TIF violence.

No. 1784944

File: 1678279589535.png (301.81 KB, 482x660, jordan.png)

penins-waving misogynist jordan gray defines women on international women's day

"A woman thrives, independent of the criticism she faces. A woman’s rights can never be taken away. A woman has the powerful choice to reflect the very best or the very worst of the world. And in either case, that choice is hers.

Or it might just mean “an adult human female with a vagina!”

Call me biased, but I prefer my definition."

from: https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/international-womens-day-jordan-gray-trans-b2295599.html

>a women's rights can never be taken away

how can someone even think this let alone write this? and on international women's day? this has to be one of the most pathetic and moronic definitions i've heard yet.

No. 1784946

I could swear the skirt go spin was originally a post or meme that started off as a tumblr post or something recounting the feeling of dress swoosh in like 2009. Unless I'm thinking of a post where a girl was happy to show off her dress had pockets and am combining them but I don't think I am because I remember a girl I was friends with enjoyed spinning in like grade 9 and feel like this used to be a girly girl thing (also seen younger girls spin around their dresses, but I'm talking 6-10 year old kids). I think moids saw girls being happy about some part of a dress and decided it was THE thing about dresses. If I'm correct about it and the timeline, then it lines up with millennial troons in high and middle school discovering girls and porn. Thigh high socks comes from hentai/anime. I've seen hentai figures in comic shops and half of them have thigh highs, I'd take a guess and say it's all over loli pedoshit too
Super religious trannies are either repressed gays or if they're new converts they either fetishize the religion or are obsessed with a church girl and will skinwalk her if she won't get with him. They're probably among the more unhinged because of self hatred or the ability and willingness to fake religious beliefs for sex
Or show them the reduxx article about the pedo who is personally involved in their trans guidelines and even pushed his own agenda
…cunny? I'm afraid to ask

No. 1784952

The fuck is agab?

No. 1784953

Girl, run. Far away and as fast as you can.

These people claiming they're lesbian and shit turned me Straight tbh.

No. 1784954

assigned gender at birth, i guess

No. 1784956

File: 1678281492514.jpeg (317.17 KB, 828x1384, 04CD2B6D-8757-4F73-8AB1-593199…)

the fact that this post was made by a they/them white woman lmao

assigned gender at birth

No. 1784962

What was the name of the speedrunning tournament?

It feels literally impossible to win this because you can't ever be overt about it. Always walking on eggshells, and this isn't even about allowing them in anymore it's about using them for the promo… The only way I see it happening is when they go way too far (eg. Lia Thomas) which causes mass peaking

No. 1784967

I am sorry I have to explain this to you anons because it grosses me out, but it is a 4chan codeword for little girls genitalia. They often use "she's cute and funny" as a codeword and it spread to reddit and discord as "le edgy but soft 4chan speak". Another one that originates from a japanese pedo artist is "uwooooh", you see that in gaming communities like genshin impact that are full of teens, while in his original tweets the artist was talking about his wish to rape children.

No. 1784978

nayrt but I always thought it was supposed to be a "cute" way of saying cunt

No. 1784980

well that is fucking disgusting. God damn. Wow

No. 1784982

Yes, but it usually refers to lolicon media, never to adult women.

No. 1784989

>uoooh (crying emoji)
>correction is needed (angry tick emoji)
did I miss anything?

No. 1784991

These men are not infertile!! They literally can and do father children all the fucking time. Fuck that commenter

No. 1785003

>We're better in number
>Let's band together. Let's fight with Donna and do this

lol no faggot. I love how arrogant they are. They think they can fool all of us into thinking they do anything for women when they only leech energy and resources from us. That's why they screech at Rowling for funding a couple women-only shelters. She funds plenty of things that benefit the general public, but that's not good enough for trannies. The fucking attitude of this mo, like he has some wisdom to offer us.

No. 1785010

File: 1678290437762.jpeg (257.22 KB, 750x2237, 0A29CE1F-6FB5-4E0B-97A9-8A9BFC…)


No. 1785011

Assigned gringo at birth.

No. 1785012

Holy fuck nonna you’re right

No. 1785030

I finally figured out why this word specifically creeps me out. because its GIRL dick. not woman dick. i know people also say boypussy and it creeps me out for the same reason. its just giving pedophile..

No. 1785033

What a bunch of nonsense. None of those things are what being a woman means. Especially this toxic black-and-white thinking: she's either the best or worst and that's her choice! All I hear when you say that is, "you will bend to my demands to erase your womanhood and if you don't, then that means you're literally Hilter. And that's on YOU!" Fuck off. Go to therapy, you disgusting moid.

No. 1785036

if you're not thriving right now, you're not a woman. and if you have had your rights taken away based on the fact you have a vagina, then you are definitely not a woman. Jordan Gray is a strong woman because he has not had his rights removed and thrives in the patriarchy. makes perfect sense.

No. 1785041

File: 1678293885499.jpg (77.8 KB, 1080x438, Screenshot_20230308_134056.jpg)

From Laetitiaki's 8M post. The "trans eradication" and "what about me"-ism have started.

No. 1785043

Right in front of my (word) salad!

No. 1785046

Uh, the word cunny has a reference to (adult) female genitalia has existed since the 16th century. It fell out of fashion, but 4chan didn't create it, they just re-purposed it. Anyone who is interested in the history of English or reads 16th and 17th century literature or is around people who are into those things has heard of the word.

No. 1785047

>moids in dresses are PSYCHOLOGICALLY women
Kek, the cope.

No. 1785049

File: 1678294631712.jpg (112.48 KB, 1080x550, Screenshot_20230308_135137.jpg)

Someone should point this >>1785010 to her. And is quite funny how many people are surprised that Laeki is posting something feminist when her art and hair art always involved the problems that women faced. They're so stuck with her hair art of emojis and characters that forgot her main theme lol

No. 1785050

>Laetitiaki's 8M
Her what? I only follow her on youtube. Is this about her "Terf is the new witch video"?

No. 1785055

March 8th. And yes, is about that video.

No. 1785059

Sorry but no tranny on this mf earth is referring to "cunny" in the context of 16th century linguistics and English lit lmao

No. 1785064

File: 1678296915465.jpeg (28.85 KB, 480x640, CB5E7465-AE42-460C-96A2-3CA2EA…)

Bump for CP don’t scroll

No. 1785066

File: 1678297057852.png (623.62 KB, 680x470, Fiz5UBEWYAEmrj6.png)

bump don't scroll

No. 1785068

Imagine thinking a grown man wearing makeup and womens clothes is "secure" in himself, kek.

No. 1785071

Lmao I’m sorry but this is what you guys wanted and now you have it and it’s still not good enough. Nothing makes them happy.
Also, something about his coworkers telling him he is part of an untouchable caste. I’ll take things that never happened for 500 Alex.

No. 1785078

Brave of that OP to post that on r/actualtroonsbians

No. 1785084

Holy shit this is old school. She did have the ego of a moid. But, still a woman.

>Most people rate me a 6 or 7 out of 10. Which yeah it's hard …to ever hope for better than that I guess.

Fuck this dude. Being a woman isn't about being a god damn ten. Most women aren't 10s and if this retard understood the law of averages he'd probably realize why people are rating him slightly above average. He acts as if being a woman entitles him to be attractive. Ugly women are fucking women, making them a 10 compared to the best looking tranny.

This moid actually believes he's an average looking woman or slightly beautiful. Greasy, lazy moid. I wouldn't call him ugly as a man, but he'd only attract a woman with slightly low standards.

No. 1785089

>A woman’s rights can never be taken away. A woman has the powerful choice to reflect the very best or the very worst of the world. And in either case, that choice is hers.
Tell that to the women who can no longer obtain an abortion, oh wait, he’s a moid so it doesn’t affect him and therefore he doesn’t give a shit.

No. 1785091

This shit is so fucking insulting given the things women have had to fight for. I’m about to be done caping for handmaidens or “nb” women or TiFs who want to throw the rest of us under the bus. I wanted to fight for all of us but I’m so tired of them continuing to pander to men and erasing so much hard work that took centuries of women putting themselves in harms way.

No. 1785092

I guarantee every one of those commenters is a scrote. The actual lesbians on actuallesbians have to show their dissent in downvotes now or they get banned.

No. 1785104

No hate for fats since I was one too but fatties are not a political class and skinny women are not her oppressors. Being fat does not automatically align her with poor women et al. Nice try chubbo!

With "women and cis women" they go out of their way to insult us, try to make us feel guilty, and then have the nerve to appeal to solidarity. That's narc psychology to guilt trip women out of putting our interests first. "We're stronger together" said the cordyceps to the caterpillar. They use the word "white" to hide the fact that they want all women taking care of everyone but ourselves.

I really hate how losers like her turned the left from mutual aid for people who contribute to society into a grift and celebration of drips like those on the ebegging thread. Eating well and getting fit IS the self-care these lardos are always yammering about.

No. 1785117

Specially the cisgender-thin-white straight woman that stand on top of other women. Way to degrade women to defend other women in a day that is about women in general.

No. 1785122

File: 1678302639150.jpg (206.52 KB, 1080x1026, Screenshot_20230308_160925.jpg)

"Is JUst A prAnK, bRo!"

No. 1785123

File: 1678302828477.jpg (58.13 KB, 1080x328, Screenshot_20230308_160533.jpg)

See >>1785104 she insulted us to think in the poor tims. Fuck that artist and fuck the tims that are hanging in the post for some asspats.

No. 1785125

> insults and generalizes a large group of women on a day meant for solidarity among all women
"why are you guys mad?"

No. 1785129

File: 1678303297141.jpg (65.39 KB, 570x900, FquG2B4aYAACQF4.jpg)

Predictable behaviour

No. 1785134

It's funny that it's widely accepted now that calling transness a mental illness is an evil notion and highly offensive, when posts like these become completely ridiculous if you don't view transness as a mental illness. If it's not, then why is this person so oppressed and powerless? If it's not, they're just doing this to themselves for the fun of it, and what exactly is making them an oppressed class? It just seems so paradoxical to me. Some women have extreme body dysmorphia but you don't often see them e-begging with lines about privilege and power.

No. 1785138

>life that came from man's ball anyway
I hear this shit again and again, do men not realise that sperm only gives half of the genes and the egg the other half? And that woman's body builds the child cell by cell? Do they think people only inherit genes from fathers or what?

No. 1785139

Of course they aren't. I'm saying the word wasn't created out of nothing on 4chan. I'm sure some moid was into Victorian porn and saw the opportunity to repurpose the word for lolis. It's like when Joss Whedon thought he was being cute by using quim to have Loki call Black Widow a cunt.

No. 1785140

Oh wow ladies, thats what i was gonna do to honour my fellow women! I was going to objectify them and promote an industry that thrives off misogyny! See, trans "women" are real women! Let them use our private facilities for goodness sakes! They are harmless!

Ugh ugh ugh i wanna puke and shoot myself in the head.

No. 1785142

lol "if you're uncomfortable the problem is you"

ok predator funny how that's always the case

No. 1785148

File: 1678305763813.jpg (185.17 KB, 1080x1312, Screenshot_20230308_205908_Ins…)

A lot of fat women with pickme mindset are obsessed with shitting on thin women and have a deep hatred for them because of their complexes and I think that's the case here.
>picrel is her

No. 1785152

Sucking gayman dick on the internet is what gave us trannies in the first place retard. Don’t feed their egos

No. 1785160

lol @ the two tigers floating in a bowl of jello

No. 1785162

File: 1678307718952.jpg (106.25 KB, 1200x675, international-womens-day-promo…)

I'm so glad I was born Normal. Happy Women's Day nonnas!

No. 1785172

Happy women's day!
Trans "women" are just men in dresses and always will be because everything about their bodies and minds are male! This is not their day!

No. 1785176

File: 1678309056099.png (9.86 MB, 1170x2532, F53B10D7-A507-44D2-BB68-856250…)

I wish we could use puke emojis on this website.

No. 1785178

They're not even "women" (with quotes) they are just trans identifying males! Love you nonna!

No. 1785181

happy women's day, nonna! German twitter is hell at the moment as every troon and his mother have to tell us that we have to think about them on women's day. And if someone says something like "well, they are still men" everyone will tell you that you are a fascist…

No. 1785184

As yes, precisely how I intended to spend a day celebrating women: taking the time to sit down and shut up and empathize with men.

No. 1785186

idk nonna, he looks well over 50 to me in the recent vids. also, judging from his channel he's always been a troon? like his first vid is of him in womanface

i think this one was a lost cause degen long before you started playing this game

No. 1785191

Fr i’m gonna need this day to wrap up before I a-log some moids

No. 1785201

thats because paraphilias tend to come in clusters. meaning, if you have one, you are much more likely to have several. that's why you see it usually in criminals too: a pedo whos also a necrophile, a pedo troon, a zoophile necro, a rapist with a foot fetish etc etc etc.

No. 1785202

File: 1678311445247.png (473.14 KB, 761x500, gross.png)

I hate this POS. So when he said sexist shit and let his bros assault women, it was just a survival tactic and hes the real victim.

No. 1785204

Definitely. I'm naturally really thin (never had an ED, it's just my metabolism) and I've been bullied by fatties that look exactly like this my entire life. And that includes by women who are like 40+. Deep psych issues. I probably wouldn't be fatphobic if they weren't always so bitter and gross like this cow.

No. 1785205

the last sentence sums up why radfems hate mtf so much to the point of being parodic

No. 1785207

No, they know exactly how it works, they just hate women

No. 1785209

Joke's on the tranny I just bought myself some perfume. Because I'm worth it!

Happy women's day nonnas, be good to yourself today and every day!

No. 1785214

It probably entered the mainstream from the Game of Thrones show, I remember that word being tossed around in the bits and pieces I saw.

No. 1785215

File: 1678312427122.jpg (568.98 KB, 1080x1987, Screenshot_20230308_185302.jpg)

>I would take any TIM that won't care about me over the evil cis women who cannot recognize their PrIvIleGEs

Good, keep them away from us.

No. 1785217

She's right about one thing. Marginalized groups gotta work together. To keep the trannies out kek. But seriously, I recently started using twitter and was honestly shocked to see overwhelming support on "LGB without the T" type posts. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and TERFs all coming together for a common goal and supporting each other through this made me a little misty-eyed. I also noticed a lot of black feminists on this movement too. Love to see it. If we keep speaking up and amplifying the tweets/posts from others I think more TRAs will be likely to question and look into why so many of us feel this way.

No. 1785221

>I was socialized trans
This guy has no idea what socialized means.

No. 1785223

I went to my work's International Womens Day event today. Last year had a really good event so I was excited. Turns out the token troon planned it this year and it was the word "WOMEN" written on a whiteboard and the "event" was coloring pages with crayons of pictures of women. A lot of us where pissed and and said it felt like a complete mockery

No. 1785224

>makes a post about international women's day, the only fucking day we get for solidarity among all women

>reduces women down to simply their attractiveness and pits them against each other by the end

christ, I can't wait for the day all women peak in one giant epiphany and end this nonsense

No. 1785230

Happy WOMEN’s day to all women, and women only! Especially Aidens, you will never be men! And to trannies, I wish them a very you will never be women, cope, seethe and dilate!

No. 1785232

> you cannot kill me in a way that matters
that tumblr post has done too much damage to society. Also, you don't matter in any sense

No. 1785234

What the fuck

No. 1785237

File: 1678314894935.png (1.09 MB, 872x1357, 9.png)

legal fiction

No. 1785238

File: 1678315026423.jpeg (422.98 KB, 1284x1609, 11C3EDFE-D46D-485E-A2DD-84175B…)

What the hell? Is this a thing now? I follow a goth content creator on IG and clicked this person’s profile out of curiosity, but this is a straight up masculine man. He’s not even trying to “pass”?

No. 1785239

File: 1678315071836.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1284x2329, 000999A9-7252-4D23-BD84-A865CE…)

Picrel is the moid from the comment. I get some troons say “you don’t got to be feminine to be trans”, but this is just no effort at all. Do clowns actually respect this scrote’s pronouns? I hate moids taking over women’s day.

No. 1785249

This is perfectly acceptable to them. Womanhood is whatever each male subjectively imagines it to be after all.

No. 1785250

>All cops are bastards and I wipe my ass with the slaveowner-written constitution but laws I like are divine truth

Cope seethe and dilate in your soulless builder's grade bughole, tranny

No. 1785252

File: 1678315976383.png (1.8 MB, 1288x1268, Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 5.46.…)

What a bleak existence

No. 1785253

File: 1678315982193.jpeg (136.21 KB, 750x1014, 00ACFCFE-EAC8-456E-84A8-2F6023…)

a post from the same guy being delusional was on my TL

No. 1785259

File: 1678316631465.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x2003, 57FC2EA4-816D-402C-86CA-24F84D…)

so you’re a straight man fetishizing womens oppression

No. 1785265

File: 1678317419800.png (715.07 KB, 930x1743, 8.png)

i'm guessing not a lot, maybe some offhand comments

you'd think a sexual assault survivor would have the empathy to understand why some women would be traumatised by having males in our spaces

No. 1785268

Those hulking arms coming out of the mock neck ugh. Idk how to explain it and why it makes me extra angry but…It’s like this one is fetishizing being a strong and poised survivor of assault who goes on to advocate (you know the type, a woman with that quiet grace and dignity). They really know no depth too low.

No. 1785270

he obviously thinks that he is a woman now because there's tons of women who have a testosterone thickened neck and an Adam's apple.

No. 1785275

I hope you can complain to whoever owns the event. That's ridiculous.

No. 1785285

File: 1678320816662.jpeg (305.88 KB, 828x582, 98A7C8BA-7485-404C-9D71-F3201B…)


No. 1785286

File: 1678321058605.png (21.46 KB, 429x288, Instagram.png)

From that "Happy Women's day except cis, thin, white and straight women, you can gtfo": Can someone tell us what can of privileges do we have that trans women don't?

No. 1785289

can’t tell if he’s trolling or if this is just pure brainrot

No. 1785291

File: 1678321768704.jpg (107.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>posed picture
He'd only get weird looks because he still looks like a man in a dress. Teach men to tolerate trannies in the mens bathroom, this is not a women's problem.

No. 1785293

File: 1678321883968.jpg (79.23 KB, 900x900, oooooof.jpg)

omg nonna above beat me to it but look at the state of him

No. 1785297

The privilege of not being taken serious; the privilege of being catcalled as soon as we reach the age of 11; the privilege of surprise pregnancy which cannot be interrupted legally in many countries; the privilege of losing your job over pregnancy; the privilege of having to work twice as hard if you want to get recognized while men can be mediocre and tims can be even worse; the privilege of not going out at night unless you want to be murdered or raped or raped and murdered, or the other way around; the privilege of not trusting any men because you don't know what a predator looks like besides the fact that it's male; the privilege of everything being your fault even when you're a victim; the privilege of not being heard; the privilege of being an acceptable target; the privilege of living your whole life with impossible expectations upon you…

No. 1785299

File: 1678322338945.png (25.72 KB, 484x248, Instagram2.png)

Poor trans women and their lack of cis privileges.

No. 1785311

Just found out the actors who play Mark and Jez from Peep Show self id as gender critical feminists. I’m so happy.

No. 1785316

File: 1678325045705.png (37.98 KB, 550x220, victoria mitchell.png)

I knew about Robert Webb being gender critical, he has been open about it for years and gotten a lot of hate for it (although still about 0.1% the amount he would if he was a woman) but haven't seen anything about David Mitchell. Have you seen him talk about it somewhere? I know his wife Victoria is a troon-defender though - see picrel. There was a discussion about british gender criticals in the britbong thread (Jennifer Saunders, Konnie Huq, Jacqueline Wilson are few more to add to the based list)

No. 1785319

i was addressing the troon nonnie. shouldve made that more clear
roblox character

No. 1785321

File: 1678325669515.jpg (115.9 KB, 720x1040, Fqu2L6VaIAAm7fc.jpg)

>he needs protecting

No. 1785327

File: 1678326429452.png (300.32 KB, 444x500, 868058BE-21E0-4D35-8338-AD5900…)

God I hope this is true. I literally posted the scene in picrel on my story today

No. 1785332

File: 1678326829638.png (3.25 MB, 2162x1357, Kimberly Graham (@idontknowaki…)

another dude who replied with his filtered to hell photo kek

No. 1785343

Now that Tiktok is being banned in the US do you think troon recruitment numbers will drop? It statistically peaked during lockdown when everyone was stuck inside on social media all day.

No. 1785345

That plus US states banning drag shows, trannies in the classrooms and srs, troons are on the losing side. They’ll probably crawl back to tumblr or twitter

No. 1785347

This is funny for some reason. I imagine troons having meltdowns every time a man realizes he's bi/gay because he likes men in dresses: "NO, you are still straight!! I make the rules!". Coombrained narcs are so pathetic.

No. 1785348

Of course he's using a carefully posed picture which leaves out the fact that he has a male body and can probably overpower the average man lmao. on top of that it's YOUR problem, why should the risk be increased for women just because you decided to slap some makeup on? The audacity of trannies.

No. 1785349

It’s a social contagion so if they effectively keep it from kids then yes it will fizzle out over time. But it won’t die out completely. Something probably equally awful will take its place but who knows what that will be. OT but some people tinfoil that society is being groomed for an attempt at incest or pedophilia normalization and I’ll probably kms if that happens (it would be at least 10 years out from now)

No. 1785352

File: 1678329566389.jpg (294.63 KB, 1536x2048, FquNxA9aIAA51-i.jpg)

kek he can't hide his fridge body

No. 1785354

File: 1678329790649.jpeg (535.74 KB, 750x903, 9988BD78-42F9-4236-A89A-0E0B4D…)

No. 1785355

File: 1678329886171.gif (2.76 MB, 360x360, big-bird-door.gif)

No. 1785357

File: 1678330170998.png (8.75 KB, 286x116, Instagram.png)

>Something probably equally awful will take its place but who knows what that will be.

I mean, IG already have the reels options so I'm quite sure it is going to be the next "TikTok in house".

picrel: Walk a mile in these Louboutins.mp3

No. 1785358

"switching my position for you" is so ironic considering that he's doing all of this for himself. it's trannies who decide to become terminally online crossdressers while fully expecting their wives to adapt. trannies never feel bad about constantly being the center of their relationship and requesting that each of their experience be validating (i'm the one being proposed to, i'm the one wearing the dress, i decide that you're a lesbian now etc).

No. 1785359

Hopefully they will lose traction, being trans won't be cool anymore amongst the american teens and the teens in other countries will also move on. I'm not from the US but my country copies every stupid shit the US does so hopefully we might follow suit when the US goes "well, turns out transgenderism is bogus". I hope there will be good studies (that will be taken seriously) about this social contagion/cult like behavior/the harms of cross sex hormones and blockers, only then my country might rethink letting troons do whatever they want and including them on everything. Can't wait to see their walk of shame, everyone who still defends this crap and attacks women because of it. I only fear that we will go back to 0 and feminists will be blamed and so we're back at having young women not wanting to be associated with feminism like it was during the 2000s

No. 1785361

File: 1678330777054.jpg (71.71 KB, 768x1024, D1J-0aCU8AA2QAS.jpg)

this fag still looks like same after 4 years

No. 1785362

File: 1678331381088.jpeg (876.69 KB, 1242x1312, 92ADA46A-6D8A-4C03-9E07-30D4B1…)

Holy shit nonas I hate the UK so fucking much. We have mixed wards here which means that male patients and trannies get put in bed just inches away from vulnerable female patients. Last time I was in I had to share a ward with like 3 middle aged men and a troon and it was horrible and I felt uncomfortable and unsafe every minute. Also there are hundreds of sexual assaults on mixed NHS wards every single year. I’m not surprised in the slightest that women are being raped on wards now. I hate this island so fucking much.

No. 1785363

>a post where a girl was happy to show off her dress had pockets
Off-topic but wtf was this though? Back when I was still using reddit and didn't know about troons, this was so common on reddit for some reason. I don't doubt that some women do this because it's nice when there's an attempt at making women's clothing convenient, but I've never seen this (behavior) in my entire life yet everyone was like "teehee every woman's little dance when her dress has pockets!!" with a weird childish vibe. Was it a meme all along? People seemed serious though, this wasn't in meme subs, mostly text-based subs iirc.

No. 1785365

Jfc, this is infuriating and terrifying. You didn't have a say in this at all (during your stay)? And I can't believe they keep the wards mixed when there are so many assaults and rapes happening. They just hate women.

No. 1785368

File: 1678332334010.jpg (240.35 KB, 1283x1287, FqFDMNnX0AAGLxb.jpg)

No. 1785370

it's definitely from tumblr since that's what I knew it from, back then the whole pockets thing was kind of a meme and people would always exaggerate how cool it is to have pockets since it was a newer trend but it's not something that was very common past like middle school and the most is a passing remark to a friend like "hey aren't these pockets cool". It's not some joyous occasion to cry about and act like you won the lottery because you bought a trendy piece of clothing popularized among tweens in 2013.

No. 1785372

File: 1678332983620.jpg (91.75 KB, 787x862, Fqt9qPjWYAgYI_t.jpg)

No way..what a surprise

No. 1785373

Lol these fags are so disingenuous. Let's see a full body pic, those shoulders are already looking pretty bad

No. 1785374

File: 1678333120579.jpeg (22.1 KB, 182x276, F2C3DD61-AB23-451D-982F-5ADF8E…)

Nta and off-topic. I honestly haven’t seen the first woman or even girl “doing a little dance” because a dress has pockets, it has been kind of a meme for a while because dresses are the ultimate cute but useless piece of clothing, so the fact that some of them (mostly some fancy party ones) has pockets is quite a novelty.
But yeah, just a novelty for women thinking that we can finally carry our important shit close to us while at parties, and not having to worry about losing our teeny tiny party clutches, got yet again turned into a part of a fetish for moids.
Like seriously, they have these pedo glasses that they use to infantilize everything, how is that healthy at all? Anyone who tries to turn everything into “hurr durr cute/silly/sweet” shit needs to get a grip or maybe stop death gripping to anime girls talking like retards.

No. 1785375

File: 1678333303036.jpg (275.53 KB, 1211x1125, FqoyBUQWAAAy6it.jpg)

No. 1785376

This always felt like an "I'm not like other girls, I'll only wear a dress if it has pockets because I care about comfort more than looks" thing. Girls grow out of that stuff in high school or earlier, but lol that's probably the last time an actual woman voluntarily talked to any of these men so ofc they think women care about this.

No. 1785377

Every time a religious figure or conservative man is exposed as a pedo I see people going "see it's not drag queens!" as some kind of gotcha and it's so stupid because every moid is a potential predator.

No. 1785378

And if they see these news, "but it doesn't represent the whole drag queen/they're an exception".

No. 1785379

File: 1678333730763.webm (1.41 MB, 1280x720, 4Fm7kbeypsrj1unf.webm)

No. 1785380


No. 1785382

Right? Like what is wrong with pointing out that drag inherently attracts pedos because no one takes the man air humping in a skirt for children seriously?

No. 1785385

>cis women have privileges trans women may never have access to
He blatantly stated that the "genocide" is for privileges, not rights. Also, biology is a thing. These people are retarded and ignorant to pretend sex isn't a binary.

No. 1785386

By something equally awful I meant to take the place of trooning out being the big trend, not TikTok. I think regardless of Reels/TikTok people have short attention spans and will move on to the next thing soon enough. People ran to troonism to feel special and stand out, but as it’s more normalized it will lose its appeal even with minimal government intervention imo

No. 1785392

You know what that mirror next to his computer is for :[(you know what sage is :[)

No. 1785399

File: 1678341099481.webm (7.77 MB, 652x360, YMoEJYTpV4iBCLoZ.webm)

>The Biden Administration grants International Women of Courage Award to a biological male
Its like they want to lose the next elections

No. 1785402

Why did he win it anyways?

No. 1785404

They think it'll help them win. TRAs overestimate how much support they have and the boomers in politics are clueless. I admit I voted for him bc I thought it would help preserve abortion rights but it didn't. I am usually the one encouraging people to vote but I feel so hopeless now. Both sides hate women.

No. 1785405

Thanks for your answers nonnas!

No. 1785413

Why is the woman on the far left forced to wear a uniform with such a short and tight skirt but men get to be covered up and not be showing off their fucking bodies FUCK AHHHHHH FUCK FUCK

No. 1785417

Why do women stay with men like this?

No. 1785420

I think for some it’s sunk cost fallacy, for some I guess they like having the cultural capital of being with a tranny, or they feel they can’t split with them or they’ll be labeled transphobic and ostracized. others may feel no one else could possibly want them so they have no choice but to stick with them. My best friend from college, her bf trooned out but I know she won’t leave even if she’s unhappy with him just because she’s so afraid to be alone. she thinks she’ll never have anyone else because she’s fat. Makes me really fucking sad

No. 1785427

darren sewell was found dead in an alleyway 6 weeks ago btw

No. 1785428

I only voted for the student loan relief he promised and we’ll see how that goes, not that republicans would do any good for women anyway so it’s not like we should be racing to the other side because of this like I see some doing.

No. 1785429

hard agree

No. 1785434

Sorry but when did they add 2S to the alphabet soup? I saw this somewhere but can anyone confirm that 2 spirit is basically a white washed made up thing? Also seems kind of racist because every indigenous tribe has very different customs so it’s usually not accurate to say they all practice one certain custom. Please correct me if I’m wrong especially in the a slim chance of an actual native nona being here.

No. 1785439

File: 1678354641360.jpg (830.73 KB, 1080x1588, IMG_20230309_103549.jpg)

My friend is trying to turn me into a TRA and sent me this

No. 1785441

ayrt, I have no idea what it even is let alone where it came from. isn't that like perilously close to being "trans-racial" if it was even real?
the death-grasp at straws is immense and wild to see

No. 1785442

That's from the same tranny who "hacked" the no-flight list and would only release the list to his journo friends.

No. 1785446

genuinely hope this fat bastard would just drop dead

No. 1785451

File: 1678356318259.jpg (91.02 KB, 1280x720, fairygm.jpg)

jennifer saunders?

No. 1785452

Your friend is really bad at what they're trying to achieve kek. You should try to peak them instead. Plenty of material here.

No. 1785463

she retweeted jk rowling's tweet about TERF wars and spoken out about free speech and political correctness. she has not directly spoken about gender shit though afaik.

No. 1785464

File: 1678358958193.png (251.15 KB, 638x488, AGP.png)

wdym mate, the fetish is the central pillar of the twanz experience

No. 1785465

File: 1678359130723.png (307.54 KB, 634x603, AGP.png)

samefag, a second one just below. strange how all these people pretending to be women feel like impostors

No. 1785471

File: 1678361937082.png (635.75 KB, 720x1260, Screenshot_20230306-164708~2.p…)

Scrolled past this reel on Instagram but I just had to screenshot this nonsense

No. 1785476

I can't stand this fat faggot

No. 1785477

nona, after looking closer at the screenshot I can thankfully tell you that Joanne is just a fan of the guy (Spencer?) she has as her pfp and posts about often

No. 1785478

This is top tier peaking material. All of you who have TRA friends/family who try to debate with you or claim AGPs aren’t the same as trannies better send them this.

No. 1785484

Idk a lot of TRAS love boners more than anything else on this planet and libfems can't imagine a situation where a boner can be bad. If she's happy and her penis gets hard it just means her penis is happy too, why do terfs hate joy and want penises to be sad??

No. 1785487

they sure passed down the low iq & autism ♥

No. 1785491

Ask them if their fathers, brothers, or boyfriends get boners when they experience joy when their favorite sports team wins, during a graduation or other celebratory ceremony, when they get a job offer or a promotion, etc.

No. 1785494

Jacqueline Wilson is GC? Based. I always loved her books.

No. 1785497

File: 1678368102490.png (1.24 MB, 800x943, Alba_Rueda_en_GNetwork360_-_20…)

>Rueda has advocated for the inclusion of trans women in feminist spaces and promoted transfeminist causes.[2][6] Rueda has campaigned for same-sex marriage in Argentina, which was legalised by the Argentine government in 2010;[2] and also successfully campaigned for the passing of the Gender Identity Law in 2012.[5][4] Following its passing, Rueda established 0800, a telephone helpline to support trans Argentinians to have their personal documents registered to their corresponding name and gender.[4]
>In addition to her work with INADI, Rueda was also a journalist for Notitrans, the first trans news magazine in Latin America.[2] Rueda is the founder of Trans Women Argentina (Spanish: Mujeres Trans Argentina) and served as its president.[2][6] She served as a researcher in the Department of Gender and Communications within the Floreal Gorini Cooperation Centre.[2] Rueda also is a member of the Observatory of Gender in Justice within the Judiciary of the City of Buenos Aires.[2]
>On 24 December 2019 it was announced that Rueda would become Undersecretary for Diversity Policies within the newly established Ministry of Women, Genders and Diversity.[5] Rueda took up the position in January 2020.[4] She has campaigned for an employment quota bill that reserves 1% of public sector jobs for transgender people; this bill was passed into law in June 2021 by the National Congress.[6][7][8] Rueda had previously criticised the Argentine government for suggesting that heterosexuality was part of "sexual diversity".

so he's literally done nothing for women and only advocated for troons and if he wants to advocate for troons that's fine, but he doesn't deserve a International WOMAN's award of Courage

No. 1785501

Wish I could give you some sources but afaik it was made up in the 20th century and it is not a thing across all tribes.

No. 1785511

The fact they think boners are the tell all of true happiness and what's in your Good Heart are just dick worshippers. It's entirely possible for a moid to experience euphoria and supreme happiness without his dick getting involved. I pray to God no actually decent man gets a raging boner when he realizes his life long wish to become a father comes true. Just because he had great sex with his partner and the fertilization of the egg with his sperm was successful, his brain thankfully understands this happiness and euphoria is unrelated to sexual desire. Tbh it's kinda messed up we have such a concept as a "breeding fetish", because at the end of the day the act of procreation is something every single one of our ancestors did to get us where we are now.
Also another fact that boners mean diddly squat, moids wake up with boners after non-sexual dreams and get boners whenever they take a mean shit. Dick worshippers are braindead.

No. 1785531

The US military has an actual option to be able to wear skirts or pants in theor dress blues, that was 100% her choice not being enforced by some man

No. 1785533

Another point is the tims are likely narcissistic abusers (they always sound like it online anyway), and many women have a hard time separating from men like that or fear for their lives if they do leave. People can look totally happy in couples pictures but have hell going on behind the scenes.

No. 1785538

Yeah that’s def a factor as well. If they’re not afraid for their safety then they’re afraid of other forms of retribution, like being disparaged or having their children turned against them or taken away.

I think a small subset of the women who stick around might also have a thing for taking care of someone who’s constantly in shambles. broken bird syndrome I think it’s called? really weird.

No. 1785546

File: 1678376277705.png (1.91 MB, 1244x1084, Capture d’écran 2023-03-09 à 1…)

Jamie Shupe, the first non binary military officier in the US who got the legal assignment as a non binary person, who then detransed and went back to id himself as a man, just retransed and consider himself as a transwoman again

No. 1785547

File: 1678376299477.png (639.47 KB, 1246x918, Capture d’écran 2023-03-09 à 1…)

No. 1785548

I stalked the profile after this was on the front page of Reddit. And wouldn't you know! This guy posts in sissy subreddits and LACTATION fetish subreddits. how are these men so bold on their main accounts? Literally click on any TIMS profile and it's always nsfw. I'm begging normies on Reddit to connect the fucking dots

No. 1785550

File: 1678376392040.jpeg (416.02 KB, 828x1429, C7F75EAD-ECAB-4D22-808A-A23FF3…)

Oh my god these dumbfuck liberal friends I have sent that link in our group chat recently too and said transphobes are stupid for falling for republican propaganda or whatever. They always call me a terf because I say shit like “look at those men” on voice chat if we ever play games that have tranny characters. I’ll be damned if I clicked on that ugly dudes (picrel) self victimizing stolen email website so I rolled my eyes and moved on especially when they kept saying “she” to refer to his gross ass.

No. 1785553

this obese fat lard refers himself as a woman smh

No. 1785560

Has anyone read through the emails? I'm assuming it's just a bunch of nothing. I'm not a fan of these organizations in any way but I'm assuming it's just rightoid leaning lawyer speak.

Not surprised at all. This agp was a cow as a non binary, a cow as a GC and will still be a cow as a retransitioner. People need to understand that mentally unwell or easily gullible people should not be pedestaled in any movement.

No. 1785567

No. 1785569

>I say shit like “look at those men” on voice chat if we ever play games that have tranny characters
Based. Wish I could say something like that but I’ll probably get kicked out of my server kek.

No. 1785575

adding 2S really isn't common but it def isn't new
i grew up in canada and saw mentions of 2S in schoolbooks when learning about the LGBT in the mid 2000's

No. 1785584

File: 1678381432980.png (550.29 KB, 515x916, Instagram (2).png)

In the end the coward blocked the comments and posted this. I hope these tim do not bit your ass.

No. 1785585

File: 1678381488248.jpeg (263.49 KB, 920x1839, 546D7F22-A3B7-43DF-98B3-552A83…)

No. 1785587

I downloaded them and was skimming. People are claiming it's "direct proof" of a genocidal plot, and claimed it proves the disdain for drag queens and the 'protect the kids' stuff is completely manufactured by trans hate groups, and fed to the public as propaganda.
From all I saw though it just seemed like what is a typical process for getting a bill on the floor? I don't know politics or law well, but from what I read it was a lot of "let's phrase this like this to get more people on our side" but I would guess that's just the typical process when politicians formulate bills and laws because the language has to be extremely precise. Obviously conservative politicians and collaborators are not trans-friendly so I don't know why they're so shocked about it.

No. 1785589

You're right, it begun on the 90's, so is not something new. But they were quite "femenine men go with women and masculine women go with men". So kind of "Our homophobia, but better than the evil white European kind of homophobia".

No. 1785592

They take the corporate donor bux, they'll take the billionaire troon bux too, just like every non-profit does

No. 1785596

That really doesn't make it any better imo

No. 1785598

Lmfao this man is fucking insane. I think he had a feud with Karen Davis that got him riled up and tried to take legal action. He's such a fucking narc. I remember him being on some GC podcast and him talking about how he purposely got off to being treated nice by nurses.

No. 1785599

literally who cares what would happen to him in the men's room? men are shit to other men for a lot of reasons (hispanic, gay, disabled, jewish, short, fat, autistic, whatever) and that's something men have been sorting out on their own for hundreds of years. all of a sudden one type of man is special and deserves to hide out in the women's room if he gets scared? don't care, get out.

No. 1785607

Underrated. full kek

No. 1785622

File: 1678386041796.jpg (49.2 KB, 700x756, Signs-And-Symptoms-of-Imposter…)

That's not even what impostor syndrome is. You ARE impostors. I fucking hate them changing/perverting words or concepts with established defined definitions. Of course you're going to feel like an impostor, you're a wolf in sheep's clothing.

No. 1785624

>People need to understand that mentally unwell or easily gullible people should not be pedestaled in any movement.
This. Unfortunately they’re usually the loudest ones.

No. 1785626

Seriously, I don’t get why any space women have ends up where rejected men go. It’s not our fucking job to deal with this shit. It’s a problem for men to fix and I’m fucking tired of having to cater to them and do emotional labor to make myself uncomfortable. No more.

No. 1785637

File: 1678388279807.jpg (1.17 MB, 948x1164, SjPgKYq.jpg)

Because there is a history of thinking of women as "defective" men, going back to the ancient Greeks or something; so by that logic that's where actually defective men belong, with the women.

No. 1785669

Explains why they can believe cutting parts off men makes them somehow closer to being women

No. 1785675

I always bring this up when I debate TRAs. About how women have to sacrifice our comfort and safety to coddle people who look exactly like the ones who raped and abused us for thousands of years. It’s like a mass delusion where people just, forgot that men are awful to women?? And they act like “cis” women are this ultra privileged class on the same level as men… Meanwhile female genital mutilation still exists and women all over the world are being killed by their boyfriends and husbands every day… it disgusts me.

No. 1785677

Interesting how its truly the other way around. If all the men were to drop dead right now it would not matter and the world would still have humans. Idk if any other nonnies heard about how they often times take an egg from a female and make it into a sperm so that lesbian couples can have a baby that is 100% theirs. Its awesome too because it ONLY produces female offspring, considering women only carry X chromosones.

Women can do any job men can do.
Women raise children without the help of men.
Women do emotional labor for men that we dont even do for ourselves.
Women can now even have babies without men.
What do men do without women?
Jerk off and become bitter.

We should be more like the honey bees. When the winter comes we kick all the men out in the snow to freeze, starve and ultimately die.

Jk ofc im not a fucking retard extremist. But my point is, the human race needs women. But it absolutely does not and never will need men again. Thank you science, women love you.

No. 1785697

Thank you! I was raised watching 90s action movies with my dad. I mean Terminator, Predator movies with Arnold, the A team and dreamed of being a badass Mr T. muscled dude that saves the day. I am a woman. I can't be a muscled freak with vanity muscles on screen faking saving people. Many girls want to be ponies or mermaid or whatever. Grow up, Aidens. You will never be a man, but you can at least get your self respect back and understand the value of being a woman if you stop listening to shitty patriarchal standards.

No. 1785699

back in 2016 for the "absolutely fabulous" movie she had her ex-husband character who always does hollywood get-rich-quick schemes announce he was mtf lol treated as a total joke ofcourse

No. 1785703

NTA but while I agree with the makeup part (especially if it's cake face bimbo, I give goths a pass though), I'd have no problems with men wearing "feminine" clothing more akin to alternative fashions of the previous decades (or even women's cuts cause on some body types it can be nice) cause honestly aside from porny outfits or skinwalking it'd be nice if (good looking at least) guys wore interesting or pretty clothes that might get you called a tranny now
AYRT I assumed it was a post about a young girl or at least teenager (I was also a kid when I saw the post) cause it was from the perspective of a girl or woman taking to the swoosh/pocket girl iirc. It became a meme/popular post cause a few girls were like "yeah swoosh nice" and celebrated whenever pockets and practicality was added to a dress. This was very early tumblr so most of the girls on it were kids reblogging it or adult women going "cute". But yeah nasty for grown adult men to fetishize it

No. 1785708


i hate that this is a grown ass person insisting on some type of "cat girl" aesthetic, like they have "mew" in their name and dress like a hot topic 14 year old

No. 1785709

>idk if any other nonnies heard about how they often times take an egg from a female and make it into a sperm so that lesbian couples can have a baby that is 100% theirs
Citation needed. I looked it up and just found a bunch of articles talking about the technology potentially existing one day.

No. 1785732

Ayrt. And yes you are right i completely fucked that up. Its only a speculative procedure. So please disregard my retardation.

I stand by everything else i said.

No. 1785737

You poor nonnies. I am openly anti trans with my wokie friends and i make them tread carefully around me bacuase i have more factual evidence to show them than they have to show me.

We should just have a lolcow discord where we play videogames and shit on trans characters in them.

Anyone who wants to join has to post a picture of the back of their hand. Kek

No. 1785744

Someone in a mtf thread on here actually linked a really great article detailing the history of the word 2S but I don't want to dig to find it again. tldr white gay (pedophilic) man got really into documenting historical cases of homosexuality in other cultures, teamed up with some gay native americans to advocate for the concept of two spirit despite having very shoddy evidence that it was a widely used or known concept, but they succeeded.
Some of his work and documentation was interesting, but he also had weird ideas that gay men were like, a different and superior evolution of humans and that it was normal for teen boys to have sex with grown men. It was either Will Roscoe or Harry Hay.

No. 1785773

There was a discord where we did voice verification but it got shut down. Think some baddies snuck in but idk exactly. There’s another smaller one but idk if we’re allowed to invite people? It’s kind of dead anyway

Thanks for the info nona! I’ll do some digging

No. 1785785

which is ironic given that men are actually physically deformed female bodies. The clitoris grows out to a dick, ovaries drop to balls, vagina closes and creates the scrote raphe line, etc. All babies start and are female for a short time.

No. 1785788

>Think some baddies snuck in but idk exactly

Yea, some trannies got in. The server was short lived. Lolcow always had trouble managing a server bc of privacy issues.

No. 1785833

Nona… fetuses are entirely undifferentiated till chromosomes start acting on it. Gonads have a medulla and cortex. In males, because of the H-Y antigen, the medulla becomes testes and the cortex fades away. In females, the cortex becomes ovaries and the medulla fades away. For making the other internal genitalia (uterus, epididymis, etc.), it's on whether the Müllerian (female) or Wolffian (male) ducts develop. For external genitalia, everyone starts with the genital tubercle, labio-scrotal swelling, and uro-genital fold which looks more like a weird mix of male and female genitals. Men aren't deformed females just like women aren't underdeveloped males. Men are still losers tho

No. 1785837

File: 1678410458954.jpg (209.21 KB, 1515x528, QyyQv4U.jpg)

No. 1785841

Everything I described is what begins happening at 6 weeks, when differentiation starts. To call all fetal genitalia before that "phenotypically female" just isn't accurate. It's undifferentiated, it's not female or male. At 6 weeks, if there's a functional XY then the Y chromosome will start making H-Y antigen. If there's an XX and absence of functional Y, then female genital development starts.

No. 1785845

one less tranny to ruin the world

No. 1785867

File: 1678414964034.png (336.62 KB, 653x743, Twitter.png)

No. 1785868

"These men out here are pigs"
Takes one to know one

No. 1785887

File: 1678418487895.jpeg (566.48 KB, 1208x1822, BC779217-9EB0-4D33-901E-A69484…)

Some tags compiled from a popular tumblr post about feminist blogs being TERF blogs. Not that anything else is expected but it’s kind of insane. I guess this was the point huh

No. 1785889

Why do all of these odiots say woman, and not women? If it were men they would say it correctly. Yet they always use it as singular and it pisses me off. Also take off your red ass lipstick you joker looking ass.

No. 1785911

how do they not realize how they sound? ive yet to fully peak but shit like this brings me so fucking close. i guess in their book im already a cryptoterf.

No. 1785923

Same I mean I kind of am cryptoterf now kek but I wasn’t until recently and I’ve had tumblr for 10 years. Why should I prove myself by having trans posts that don’t interest me on my personal blog? They’re so entitled

No. 1785939

Exulansic I miss u

No. 1785941

No. 1785947

>I go to the blog of EVERY user who posts lesbian positivity and if they haven’t posted about loving trans people then I assume they’re EVIL.
Literally proving TERFs right that this is homophobia.

No. 1785951

gendershit is a fundamentally misogynistic and lesbophobic ideology. period end of sentence

No. 1785979

File: 1678434260064.png (57.41 KB, 714x418, Screenshot_3.png)

sorry if this is OT but this amazon review of Eye to Eye: Portraits of Lesbians, a photography book from the literal 1970s, is making me feel insane

No. 1785983

Nta but parthenogenesis has been observed in mice, its extremely rare in nature with mammals but this experiment proves it is possible.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaguya_(mouse). Females are capable of surviving without males, males are only needed to inject random variation into the gene pool and prevent genetic bottlenecking. Behavior wise males have forcibly solidified their "roles" in most mammal species.

No. 1785989

looked up pictures from the book and those ladies seems very gender non conforming to me. or does gender non confirming nowadays mean having stupid pronouns.
anyway its now on my wishlist

No. 1785991

Parthenogenesis is also observed in several reptiles (lizards and snakes afaik) and birds (vultures). It's an amazing thing and it shows that afterall males are fucking useless. The technology for us is not here yet but it wouldn't be too difficult to make it available for humans since it already happens in nature. Technically women have everything needed to make something like this happen, unlike males who will always need a surrogate woman because their bodies are only made for carrying sperm around.

No. 1785992

Thank god for your explanation, I hate the 'all fetuses start as female' myth so much but I get so tired of explaining it again and again. I hate that it spread so much because it only makes men some kind of 'women+', it's like anyone can be a women but only special ones develop into a men. People always cite a 20 year old study for it too when it's as easy as opening any embryology textbook/modern article and reading the first page.

No. 1785996

File: 1678439382712.jpg (52.15 KB, 542x1013, 334956519_3361543747445159_680…)

god give me the strength not to a-log

No. 1786001

Trannies and pickmes sure do love wiping their asses all over the soulsbourne and berserk universes. I'm gonna go ahead and assume it's probably because they live off male validation.

No. 1786013

I hope whatever faggot wrote this gets ignored in every lesbian space he squeezes his ugly hulking body into

No. 1786022

File: 1678445349944.png (13.09 KB, 463x190, tyuio.PNG)

the replies are just wishing her death typical troon behaviour

No. 1786026

As if Lovecraft isn't mentioned by every retard every time someone was unfortunate enough to remember him.
They use him for their woke points and will use Ro as well

No. 1786027

It's because many of them are male nerds and male nerds love Fromsoft and Berserk, simple as.

No. 1786043

That’s why I rather compare her situation to Musk. She has given detailed, nuanced explanations on her thoughts about trannies while he basically has just been like lol gendie stuff is gay (to the point that this own troon son legally changed his last name). She gets the hate and anyone who enjoys her creations are basically Nazis. Meanwhile every single tranny and TRA are on twitter giving him ad revenue so he can donate to conservative politicians despite their empty threats to leave when he first bought it. Nobody says shit about Tesla drivers. Nobody is making piñatas of his head. They might also hate him but they don’t seethe and foam at the mouth the way they do over her, simply because she’s a woman. There’s no argument around it.

No. 1786046

Not my petty ass going to my amazon to thumbs down and report that review kek
>now defunct michfest
Yeah because a tranny fucking killed those women and their son. But totes it just went defunct! God I could not hate these men more

No. 1786048

File: 1678451717331.png (1.06 MB, 1164x1350, troon.png)

No. 1786050

I kind of feel sorry for nerdy guys these days, every "girl" into their nerd hobby is actually an ugly male kek

No. 1786051

i feel sorry for the actual girls in those communities. moids are annoying enough but those trying to skinwalk women are the worst.

No. 1786052

she's still on yotube, currently under isles of ex

No. 1786056

the toilet seat, the actual 0 effort this moid put into presenting feminine, the basic ass bag that hes likely seen some woman wear… the insane autism pose aand the cards. if this was autistic art, it would be a masterpiece

No. 1786057

File: 1678453251971.png (486.12 KB, 599x730, 2023_03_10-14_00_47_chrome.png)

I looked up the tweet and half the replies are the ugliest troons you could imagine

No. 1786059

Two retards for the price of one.

No. 1786060

so in conclusion, the term "2 spirit" was invented by a cis white gay british man who thought adults performing sex acts on 14 year olds was "a beautiful gift" for the kid and who thought the role of gay men was to perform crafts typically done by women but better (because they were men). Checks out

No. 1786061

>All of you who have TRA friends/family who try to debate with you or claim AGPs aren’t the same as trannies
The pro trans normies don't even know about the concept of AGP, all of that stuff is well shielded off from them by the actual troons who know it'd be damaging to have it out there. They simply cast the magical spell of calling it transphobic which means you cannot interact with or approach the idea at all

No. 1786064

I've seen a lot of nonnies pointing out the autistic pose/face expression that troons make and I never understood how can you tell that, maybe I'm autistic too kek
I've seen a theory that the troon cult will not stop until the males will be largely affected so I'm kinda happy to see trannies ruining male spaces. Also, most of the "nerdy guys" are incels and don't deserve sympathy.

No. 1786084

is the twitter op a troon? if not, that's a pretty nice troll. if it is, nice self own lmao

No. 1786105

File: 1678460154022.jpeg (116.29 KB, 675x900, FqlwqH5WAAAwHAl.jpeg)

No. 1786106

Fucking kek, anons. I'm a cryptoterf, I'm sorry but I work in academia and it's for my own safety. I'd like to advocate, but I gotta wait till some of this madness dies down. Blog so ban as appropriate, mods. I work in small women's groups with the university and I'll always get a tranny or two starting trouble or inserting their narcissism. Lately, we've been working with reproductive/abortion rights/healthcare etc. A tranny will get so outspoken about our priorities until I explain to them that we need to focus on majority concerns and bs about women's health being beneficial to trannies. I also work with Chicana group so I can always tell the tranny how women's studies can leave out minorities and to join a more niche group. I direct them to their own little tranny group of mtf. The women's group (larger) works with other female associated organizations in the college because we have better resources, this includes African-American women clubs, etc. We even help out trannies, but it's hilarious how organized they are. Lately they tried to get funds for members personally and I let them know that wasn't allowed. I directed them towards hundreds of housing and food programs via state and federal (which is what we do for any member struggling) and they totally ignored all of it. Guess it wouldn't pay for spinny skirts and fetish wear like a gofundme. I have more hilarious examples, but I don't want to be outed. I'm just laughing about how tranny causes are always so retarded even in an organized, supported academic environment while my Chicana group is working with national organizations and attorney trying to help mothers locked up by ICE.

No. 1786108

how unorganized they are*

No. 1786122

So why don’t they police men this much? It’s so fucked up how lesbians can’t even talk about their attractions anymore without someone jumping down their throat. The homophobia against women specifically is insane, though I have seen tifs try to come for gay men before. They usually just get snapped at or dogpiled. Even then, that’s not near the amount of crap women get for just trying to support one another. You can’t even talk about reproductive rights without some asswipe bringing up trans bodily autonomy. We can’t have fucking anything.

No. 1786124

That’s part of the thing that annoys me I think. You’re expected to capitulate and virtue signal even if you have no interest or your blog isn’t relevant to social issues. There are a million issues I don’t relate to or care about, and if my blog isn’t oriented around those things, why would I post them anyway? It’s like they want to control every little thing you do.

No. 1786125

It’s from the 70s, what were they expecting? I don’t get how someone can write a review like that knowing the context, of course it’s going to be different from today.

No. 1786126

>I've seen a theory that the troon cult will not stop until the males will be largely affected
I think this is true but it’s also fucking sad and just shows how meaningless it is when women try to speak up for ourselves. It’s also how you know tims are men, because men are the only ones able to stop other men. They don’t give a shit about women’s opinions or safety.

No. 1786127

File: 1678464689695.jpg (139.87 KB, 922x1254, FqvDb2oaMAAVh_b.jpg)

I dont understand how they can convince themselves theres any difference on HRT besides maybe getting moobs… he looks exactly the same, he just lifted his arms

No. 1786128

This is fucking me up I can't tell if his arms are weirdly short or if it's just his massive male skull that's throwing everything off.

No. 1786138

File: 1678466344206.jpeg (584.95 KB, 1125x3350, 402D4039-89B0-4E34-832D-D1B6A7…)

R/lgbt is all transposting now I guess.

No. 1786139

File: 1678466386483.jpeg (618.35 KB, 1125x3274, 390FEA08-4B14-46D9-BF45-3DD0C4…)


No. 1786140

File: 1678466504766.jpeg (511.11 KB, 1125x1669, 7759DF9C-899C-473A-9216-C1C8BD…)

Hrt don’t fix the absolutely predatory look in his eyes. This man make my prey instincts jump out.

No. 1786143

Kek he lost a couple of pounds at best. The barrel torso and skinnyfat built are so fucking male.

No. 1786156

File: 1678468511201.png (696.54 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_20230310-121133~2.p…)

Trans is currently trending on Twitter. Here's just one of the many tweets.

No. 1786160

You’re not allowed to say or post anything if you’re LGB because somehow it will be interpreted as transphobia. Picture of a woman with her wife? Transphobic!

No. 1786162

Well, wasnt he murdered by both a guy and a girl? Even if someone considered him woman enough he still wouldn't fit on that list

No. 1786164

I went and checked the sub, holy shit it literally is

No. 1786165

File: 1678469896026.png (686.76 KB, 720x1335, Screenshot_20230310-123644~2.p…)

everyone should look at the people replying to the tweet.

No. 1786168

Trannies on reddit are like cockroaches. There is literally not a single subreddit they haven’t infiltrated, if you find a subreddit made for women like twoX or FlexinLesbians they will be there, posting their grotesque bodies when there’s so many subreddits for troons and TIMs in particular already. Not too surprising since reddit is a nest for so many degenerates but still upsetting to see

No. 1786170

File: 1678470600021.jpeg (155.02 KB, 858x1280, AE3B10BE-23BC-4A44-9194-6D52BD…)

I wish this was satire but seeing it was posted on tiktok by a TIF I highly doubt it

No. 1786172

Wrong thread anon, this is the TIM thread

No. 1786177

File: 1678472040155.png (61.65 KB, 720x363, Screenshot_20230310-121827~2.p…)

I don't trust either demographic to keep any potential child of mime safe.

No. 1786178

Meant to say Child of mine but yeah , don't trust either

No. 1786180

>conservative men
It's two sides of the same coin. They believe the same gender roles crap and they both hate women and want to take our rights away. Yeah, no kids are safe with men, no matter what they call themselves or their political stance.

No. 1786183

File: 1678472963929.jpeg (2.27 MB, 1125x14364, A4D8B6FF-7D2B-4565-8644-922D50…)

Sorry for confusing stitching, found a cringe post and went through the blog’s trans tag afterwards.

No. 1786188

File: 1678473609651.jpeg (214.69 KB, 1363x757, 9F507934-1C54-4702-981F-840FA7…)

>trans women
>straight male predators

No. 1786210

it said trans people and TIMs are the people who whine the most about “genocide” so i thought it would fit here

No. 1786211

Ever since I've seen an anon talk about knees, it's all I ever notice now. Fucking male ass knees.

No. 1786221

File: 1678478687254.jpeg (184.22 KB, 750x1248, DE541388-68AD-4241-85DD-CAF925…)

idk, men are currently working on this bullshit.

No. 1786222

0 votes, kek if this is getting downvoted because the article title implies maleness

No. 1786223

i’m so tired of hearing that it’s wrong to make fun of trannies for being ugly and retarded. that’s all they are.

No. 1786225

Retarded, if anyone reads the article, it says that the scientists needed a female mouse so she could finish the whole process of growth that was needed for her to birth the mice.
Moids will never be able to be independent, they know we don’t need them and that they need us regardless of how many hoops they want to jump through.

No. 1786226

File: 1678479350614.png (132.95 KB, 709x705, partenogenez.png)

Parthenogenesis in the female mouse was successfully achieved 20 years ago though.

No. 1786227

>Researchers have made eggs from the cells of male mice — and showed that, once fertilized and implanted into female mice
>The survival rate was low. Out of 630 transferred embryos, only 7 developed into pups. But the pups grew normally and were fertile as adults, Hayashi said at the meeting.
Lol. Lmao even

No. 1786228

Sorry, I wasn't disagreeing; just sharing 'cause I thought that might help clear things up for others where the misconception comes from.

Still needed a female to carry and birth them, too.

No. 1786231

Now this is the way. No more moids! I wish I lived to see it.

No. 1786253

Kek they can work on it all they like, it won't matter. Males simply can't make offsprings on their own because their purpose was always to be the parasite that carriers sperm around so the original being (female) can work with it and actually create life, while already giving half of the genes.
They tried to make a mouse embryo with two male parents but oh, a female is still required to develop and birth it. Well then, they'll try to give a womb to a male so he can birth it but oops, they all die and the only way a male can be even remotely involved in pregnancy is by being literally stitched to a pregnant female mouse. Once again, like a parasite.

No. 1786258

File: 1678482332352.jpeg (83.99 KB, 1080x432, Screenshot_20230310-220225~2.j…)

Still gotta get rid of that Y mutation though

No. 1786263

Imagine leaving your kid alone with a mentally ill clown man in a dress who can’t stop talking about his girldick. If these people don’t cause a visceral reaction in you that says they shouldn’t be near kids, well I hope you have money for the therapy your kids are gonna need in a few years.

No. 1786269

>Scientists have created the precursors of human eggs, but until now the cells have stopped developing before the point of meiosis, a critical step of cell division that is required in the development of mature eggs and sperm. “We’re poised at this bottleneck at the moment,” she said. “The next steps are an engineering challenge. But getting through that could be 10 years or 20 years.”

You could have stopped at mentally ill clown man.

No. 1786274

To be fair, this could be avoided with the use of artificial wombs that are currently being experimented on with sheep that will no doubt be perfected as time goes on. As fantastical as a female-only world seems, it’s unlikely the people (of today anyway) would allow males to die off. It does seem parthenogenesis between two XXs is more easily attainable than two XYs, though.

>two fathers
Love to see it

No. 1786286

The world has always been in turmoil. The end of history was a lie.(sage your shit)

No. 1786301

LOL at the assholes sniffing that she's overrated. They're the same dorks who turned me off of HP by describing everything in politics with its terms and refusing to read another book. For that reason I never gave a rat's ass about Rowling before her TERF arc. Glad they made me reconsider with their massive chimpout. She's a cool person and I'm going to check her work out now.

I can't imagine ever trying to appease these people. They'll turn on you in an instant and pretend they didn't live for your work even though they did. It's pointless.

No. 1786304

>I'm a cryptoterf, I'm sorry but I work in academia and it's for my own safety.
Cyrptoterf if you need to stay safe. Not everyone can afford to get fired for the cause.

No. 1786311

I enjoyed reading this nonna. Definitely stay safe. Thank you for the uplifting news that these entitled faggots are totally, willfully helpless on their own. If the troonbux ever dry up (eventually they will) the reeing will be music to my ears

No. 1786318

Question for more knowledgeable nonnas: Since most of them don't get the chop, does taking HRT for years on end permanently break their dicks or no? Can they avoid it with boner pills etc? I sure hope not

No. 1786332

why do the majority of men have such ugly bodies kek

No. 1786339

Yup. I’m a frequenter of r/autisminwomen and r/askwomen and there are so many. I know because they always feel the need to announce themselves and make things about themselves. There’s a particularly gross one with the username demonicgirlcock and whenever I see his comments I wanna scream.

No. 1786343

File: 1678491406843.jpg (223.25 KB, 636x958, Fqt8vL6WAAE0j8H.jpg)

No. 1786346

Well, according to their own resources (I refuse to screenshot it because I don’t want to give them clicks)
>”Many of the effects of hormone therapy are reversible, if you stop taking them. The degree to which they can be reversed depends on how long you have been taking them. Some breast growth, and possibly reduced or absent fertility are not reversible.”
I mean, testosterone is quite a hardcore hormone I guess, it destroys women when the levels are too high, so I wouldn’t be surprised if moids can just pee estrogen away and go back to being their usual rape ape selves in pants and not in a skirt.
But, let’s remember how the average moid that troons out believes in magic and how just not taking the estrogen will suddenly turn them back to being a moid when they probably need to do some shit so the rest of the effects stop.

No. 1786347

File: 1678491452712.jpeg (162.36 KB, 828x1182, C3B9331D-87FE-420B-883C-941C80…)

Repulsive specimen from r/depressionmeals

No. 1786348

File: 1678491459551.png (850.19 KB, 606x2429, sanity.png)

No. 1786350

chis-chan looking ass

No. 1786354

Kek I literally just sent this to some friends and said he had chris-chan eyes

No. 1786361

has he been banging his head against a wall?

No. 1786366

i was trying to look this up and surprise surprise theyve managed to bury it i could only find anything about it after putting murdered in quotes on google

No. 1786376

Funny how these male autists all look the same. All fugly with that stare.

No. 1786377

i think it's a byproduct of literacy & social isolation, where they don't learn to say it from hearing others say "wimmin" aloud but rather from reading the word on paper. "woman" and "women" are spelt the same except for a single unstressed vowel, and unstressed vowels are neutralized.
source: i am also a dunce who does this

No. 1786378

My god just imagine the STENCH

No. 1786392


Trans. Ugly and also stinks? Win win

No. 1786403

File: 1678502569165.png (396.11 KB, 576x804, tranny.png)

>Confused old women identifies as a Terf
>QRTs are talking about punching and hurting this old women even though it's clear she doesn't know what she's talking about and can barely hear the tranny


No. 1786417

File: 1678505232941.png (81.98 KB, 510x467, Screenshot 2023-03-10 222658.p…)

thank god these fags hang themselves at the rate that they do

No. 1786419

>Lately they tried to get funds for members personally and I let them know that wasn't allowed. I directed them towards hundreds of housing and food programs via state and federal (which is what we do for any member struggling) and they totally ignored all of it.
Top fucking kek. The entitlement and audacity of these narcissistic males.

No. 1786420

His is voice is so ear grating, thank god there’s captions but I can’t believe there’s handmaidens out there that say tim’s voices are “heavenly” or “soothing”

No. 1786421

Peter Griffin looking ass. Someone save that poor dog.
I want to a-log. The male violence is really jumping out here. No woman would hit a 70-year-old woman.

No. 1786423

File: 1678506004246.jpg (160.04 KB, 1125x1468, FqLUsmNXoAMlQ90.jpg)

troons got this girl suspended for pretending to have a dick for onlyfans. the irony.


No. 1786426

what? i thought elon didnt like them wtf do you think it was just because of mass reporting?

No. 1786427

File: 1678506195229.jpg (702.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230311-143710__01…)

When did it become normalised to hand your baby off to moids larping as offensive stereotypes of women for ass pats on social media? Would've posted this in the drag cow thread but that thread seems to focus more specifically on the cows themselves.

No. 1786429

did this girl ever say she was trans though? there's weirdo scrotes that like futas, so maybe she was just catering to them. are the trannies gonna cancel momokun too?

No. 1786430

File: 1678506244240.jpeg (Spoiler Image,845.09 KB, 1125x1745, 1556AF80-5003-4D88-ADFD-1E054E…)

I’m sorry for ruining your day nonnas but r/actualtroonbians is at it again

No. 1786432

File: 1678506308859.jpg (309.91 KB, 1080x983, Screenshot_20230309_235518_Twi…)

No. 1786433

File: 1678506383236.jpeg (Spoiler Image,573.51 KB, 1103x1487, B4C4D3CC-6282-46CA-867C-235315…)

Part 2

No. 1786435

File: 1678506591243.jpg (251.36 KB, 1124x2091, FqLP5C9WAAIkDh8.jpg)

the people calling her out had onlyfans accounts they were promoting with explicit content. the argument was that she was taking attention away from the hardworking trannys who put their blood sweat and tears into their porn. she got suspended right after the wave of attention she received.

No. 1786436

Stupid. Under what possible grounds could they suspend her account? I loved what she was doing tbh, troons hate to lose out on their coomerbux but literally any woman could steal their chasers with a strap-on kek

No. 1786438

File: 1678506743526.jpg (Spoiler Image,140.14 KB, 740x1600, FqBwr_EXsAEXVkb.jpg)

it's obvious her content was edited or otherwise faked (picrel is an example. it doesn't even look like the same girl.)

No. 1786440

This is disturbing and makes me want to throw up.
disgusting. the moid proportions and ugly moobs are right but it's definitely not a lesbian, it's a male.
>i cannot remember the last time i saw a man do something transphobic.
>largely a womens game
men are the most transphobic though and actually beat troons kek. they just feel more insulted by women because they're misogynists that cannot handle a when a woman puts her foot down and doesn't play along with the bullshit.
Uncanny. It's still funny it's angering troons though.

No. 1786441

not sure if she ever outright said it but she would reply to tweets about girl cock being like "do you like mine?" and then a bulge pic (sorry this feels so vulgar to type) so it was implied i guess?
im just wondering what the fuck they were reporting her for because nothing she did breaks tos

No. 1786442

I guess words beibg literal violence and murder is worse than actual violence and murder. A woman saying women have periods are committing a worse crime than a moid killing a tranny hookee.

No. 1786446

File: 1678508024915.jpg (263.39 KB, 1198x1080, Untitled.jpg)

troons who wear female masks are so fucking scary. this one hides his man body pretty well so i almost thought it was a severely autistic mentally ill woman, because he has small wrists in older videos, but eventually i saw his big lumpy man body.

No. 1786449

File: 1678508245997.png (30.07 KB, 625x170, Screenshot 2023-03-10 231453.p…)

As much as i dislike sex work, i hope she made bank off this situation.

A lot of drag queens straight up hate children if they don't want to fuck them, idk why these fag hags keep forcing their children on them. Also that first drag queen with the long blonde with in the lilac had a scandal where he wrote a wierd article about stealthing, kind of in a way that justifies it, even though it sounds like he is trying to be empathetic with bug chasers. You can read it here if you want.
It looks like he looks very uncomfortable with the child lmao.

I've never heard of them actually doing shit to racists. Wouldn't that be like civil war?

I saw this video not so long ago, and I just feel like it's fake. It feels so staged and weird, i can't put my finger on it.

No. 1786450

it's because none of them have a life outside of twitter and as a result their only experience with transphobia is through women with Gender Critical in their bio calling them men.

No. 1786451

but but but i thought the vast majority of 'cis' women thought of trans women as their sisters and its just us ebil terfs that are the minority??

knowing these types a woman existing next to them is enough to be categorized as transphobia. a woman being guarded in a bathroom? transphobia. a woman talking about her period? transphobia. a man kills a trans prostitute? i sleep.

No. 1786452

(eternal) high school girl is making me seethe

No. 1786454

File: 1678509337713.jpg (222.96 KB, 586x1371, bfB8p2gvF5P.jpg)

TRAs and black libfems are trying to cancel writer and civil rights campaigner Alice Walker, calling her a transphobe for speaking out & defending Rowling, while black moids are using this as a opportunity to shit on her and call her a race traitor cause she married a white jewish man

No. 1786456

File: 1678509851040.png (324.95 KB, 598x593, Twitter.png)

I wouldn't even be surprised if is staged or something. No trans woman that "respect herself" wouldn't punch a woman that scream at her, specially an old one that is fragile as fuck.

No. 1786457

File: 1678510056207.jpeg (511.04 KB, 750x2257, 6A3D7C96-B044-48DC-85D6-9354D2…)

what a dumb take. do you know why the tq+ is the weakest link? because it’s stupid postmodern bullshit that has nothing to do with the lgb. keep telling yourselves that we need you to be accepted in society, the truth is that these retards are doing the absolute most to set lgb rights and feminism back decades. we don’t need you, you never did anything for lgb or women’s rights, and we’ll all be so much better when gendies no longer have a chokehold on institutions just because they make big pharma so much fucking money. that day will come, they know it.

No. 1786458

>There’s a particularly gross one with the username demonicgirlcock and whenever I see his comments I wanna scream.
You can block him and all the other troons.

No. 1786459

File: 1678510336896.png (387.34 KB, 598x777, twitter2.png)

Samefag and she says exactly why I also think this is staged or he had an interaction with a Westboro Church member: No old woman call themselves terfs at all and, if she's like all the "Karens" in Internet, she would have asked to him to put his phone down.

No. 1786460

Men are largely unbothered bc they rarely have to deal with trannies. The ones who are killing and beating them are the ones who are ashamed they want to fuck them. Yesterday on Twitter this gay guy said he “highly doubts” that lesbians are actually being called transphobic for not sleeping with transbians. I told him to Google the cotton ceiling and he shut up. Most men are transphobic but they’re not angered by troons in the same way women are. Because they don’t have the constant insults that we have to suffer. TIFs are nothing to them because most TIFs don’t commit to the bit and put themselves in a position to force men to accept them. At the end of the day, men hate women more than they will ever hate fags and trannies and our issues will never be important to them. So we’re left to fight for ourselves and be called hateful bitches and bigots.

No. 1786462

That's why the 41% is always from the Brazilian prostitutes, but like the "AGAB" from Intersex, these moids love to take stuff that do not belong to them and use them for their own shit.

No. 1786464

Samudzi has always been a clown on this issue. How she can go from colonialism discourse to thinking decadent, self-indulgent AGPs are her comrades is fucking beyond me. Another case of academic brain rot

No. 1786466

Idpol will be the downfall of our society

No. 1786467

Black men have been trying to cancel Alice walker for decades because the color purple was a little too honest in depicting how they treat women. She has said a ton of questionable shit sure, but of course she was going to be a terf. Libfems don't care about women being abused, they only care about coddling trannies and making shitty video essays about tiktok trends.

No. 1786468

File: 1678511432594.jpeg (2.27 MB, 1212x9544, 4AF85E07-2F54-4959-BCBE-A0B3B1…)

> I pass
you don’t.
>the crime of being born wrong
there’s no such thing as being born in the wrong body, you’re just out of your mind.
> cis people are all too aware about the nuance of our bodies
cry harder. you asked for this when your community decided trans awareness was the most important thing in the world.
> It also means that cis people know our voices are performative
they are!
>the privelege of being a woman
there’s no privilege to being a woman, you stupid dipshit. if there was, we would be able to keep you out of our fucking spaces and tell you that you’ll never be women without facing harassment and threats.

No. 1786469

I can't stand these moids smug fucking faces.

No. 1786473

>the privilege of being a woman

Right, the right of paying more on your health plan for pregnancy stuff even if you won't even have kids because "all women want kids"? The right to see periods as gross and being in pain for PCOS or endometrosis and no one take you seriously because "you're just being moody"? The rights to be treated like a second class thing in certain countries, to the point you can get killed? The rights to tell our girls to shut up and be feminine as posible?

Please! Take these rights away of me!

No. 1786483

same anon. the obsession with teen girls is so prevalent in mtfs and stinks of scrotum.

No. 1786484

she promotes david icke(the reptilian overlords guy), is an anti-vaxxer and thinks "globalists" are planning to end womankind

No. 1786490

i mean thiel is trying

No. 1786491

and of course she gets canceled for the one thing she’s right about.

No. 1786497

I’m also on team staged. He had to ask for a manager after this very loud exchange went on for like 5 minutes. There’s no way employees or other customers wouldn’t have said anything by then. Like if you’re working in a restaurant someone always notices that stuff as soon as it starts and will intervene.

No. 1786501

I think this video is staged. Probably his confused grandma reading off a script he made on the spot, and that's why he doesn't pan the camera over to her. Trannies usually never have an issue with shoving their cameras in womens' faces otherwise.

No. 1786504

>That restaurant interior
Haha. Here's what probably happened:
>Grandmother took him out for Friday brunch at Cheesecake Factory
>He decides it'd be a good idea for her to start saying a bunch of buzzwords she doesn't know for easy internet points
>Braindead tiktok/twitter/reddit trannies ate it up
I'd say he should hang out with people his age, but clearly that's not happening. Wouldn't be surprised if the dog was hers too. If it was an actual service dog it'd be on the floor anyway, right? Not looking up at him expecting food. Don't dogs normally get defensive and bark if someone starts shouting too? It's totally unresponsive to the situation.

No. 1786551

File: 1678525780869.webm (4.41 MB, 1280x720, Hogwarts Legacy, JK Rowling, a…)

Troon "Humor"

No. 1786559

Let's assume that we exist in one of the countless timelines where this shit had an iota of a chance of being funny.

Even if it were, the absolute dogshit delivery by this mumbling troglodyte speeding his way through his lines like a coke head couldn't get a laugh from a sugar rush toddler.

To call this the most unfunny piece of comedy I've ever seen would be kind

No. 1786569

Ro Ramdin is the worst troon "essayist" half his videos are just filled with his unfunny jokes, and its obvious he gets off on being on top of the oppression hierarchy, he's a fat, mixed-race, trans-lesbian with autism, he could have proven to be a pedophile and people would defend him

No. 1786577

This shit is worse than James corden and Amy schumer combined. Seriously my man used "white woman" because he could not cook up new material. This shit is the definition of band kid humor. I have heard middle schooler's cook up more colorful, comedically flavorful insult's. This faggot is insulting her for looks when he looks greasy as hell. He is dressed like a homeless meth addict. Quite LITERALLY has the registered sex offender phenotype and probably mods a discord server. His mother slammed his ass against the floor multiple times if he came out this retarded.

No. 1786578

File: 1678533330418.png (211.61 KB, 489x273, Screenshot 2023-03-11 061532.p…)

samefag, kek

No. 1786580

The attitude of the authors of this >>1785837 article is very telling and comes from the same misogyny that makes people think an inverted dick is "basically the same" as a vulva and vagina. It's literally basic oedipal shit "if there's no protruding phallus it's Not Male and therefore female", totally disregarding that the female reproductive tract isnt "stunted", phenotypically or otherwise, it's a discrete, fully developed thing. Scrotoids really wear their castration anxiety on their sleeves in everything they do and say

No. 1786582

File: 1678534388159.jpg (76.07 KB, 636x382, 3A724DDC00000578-0-image-a-61_…)

troons trying to insult JK Rowling's appearance will never not be funny, she's objectively an attractive woman and has aged naturally, meanwhile troons look like half plastic altered corpses of actual ogres

No. 1786585

This troon's complete inability to apply makeup or improve at doing so is one of the funniest things I kek every time

No. 1786587

that's a 1% chance of success WITH a female mouse.

No. 1786590

this did make me lol because of him obviously reading a script/checking notes repeatedly kek

No. 1786591

lik you can tell he spent hours brainstorming these. and for the most inoffensive meek boring little performance…

No. 1786593

What? I thought there was a "literal genocide" going on? So who's doing that if not men?

No. 1786598

File: 1678536982883.webm (1.64 MB, 1280x720, Hogwarts Legacy, JK Rowling, a…)

I have watched some of his other videos and he genuinely seems to think this is "clever" somehow, if he's not making fun of "le white people" he makes tries to make straight people jokes or cis people jokes, like half his entire videos are filled with his troon twitter tier humor

No. 1786600

File: 1678537299086.jpg (307.89 KB, 1255x450, mensupportingmen.jpg)

was checking the comments and saw this guy sucking his dick on this retarded ass video, has he been posted before? can't believe i was subbed to him.

No. 1786601

Silly anon, aren't you seeing all these women literally murdering these helpless huge men in dresses on the street every day? Some people really live under a rock smh

No. 1786604

It sounds like he just discovered what a thesaurus is. Jesus fucking christ he is only 20 but looks like he is in his mid 30s. Ew.

No. 1786614

Troons don't want to give birth to have kids they want it for thier fetish of performing what they think femalehood is, so scientists are wasting their time anyway. Even if the option existed no non-troon man would choose to give birth when he can have a woman do it for him. It's also extremely transphobic of them to make it seem like 2 fathers can't already get pregnant naturally, won't somebody please think of the poor gay tifs dating gay cis men!!!1!

No. 1786615

The nerve of this ugly ass moid making fun of any woman for how they look. Oh to have the confidence of a below average moid kek

No. 1786617

A Wall of text in human form.

No. 1786625

>wahhh wahhhh wahhhhhh white people like reading books
lol talking like he's not a 30 year old oblivious white/white passing twitter user too

No. 1786641

File: 1678543085337.gif (3.65 MB, 640x414, giggling-cowboy.gif)

Was this moid's attempt to dress her down was fucking pathetic but you anons have a real way with words kek.

No. 1786644

File: 1678543927666.png (47.16 KB, 661x218, Screenshot 2023-03-11 at 14.11…)

Rodrigo "Jessica" Alves telling on himself here.

No. 1786645

File: 1678543949676.png (607.58 KB, 529x707, Screenshot 2023-03-11 at 14.11…)

Dreams, or nightmares?

No. 1786647

God that nose, wtf.

No. 1786648

Jesus Christ his nose! The level of botched is off the charts

No. 1786651

This entire picture is scary and looks so offputting. But the nose… Good god that nose.

No. 1786652

Omg she aged so gracefully. I never cared for the HP books but I think I have a crush on JKR kek

No. 1786657

All of the photoshop and surgeries and he still looks like a man. I’m honestly amazed by how trannies are so headstrong and high on copium, like damn, I would kill myself if I even resembled that beast.

No. 1786665

Specially if is an old woman attacking a "poor trans woman". The restaurant would know that it means a big lawsuit so they wouldn't have even give him a chance to record at all.

It depends on the service dog, but in general they have to stay calm like in this situation, but the fact that the dog is so unresponsive means that it know both him and the woman.


I'm also guessing that is his grandma. If there's something an angry mob can do is doxxing the info of any person doing shit like that to lose their job and what not. Why didn't him show her face makes me sense: he wants to show how to be the "poor trans woman being attacked by the evil terf but I'm still better than her" but he also does not want the risk that someone seek for info of this woman and find out she's related with him. Which leads me to think: if this is a proof of what poor trans people have to endure, why there are not other videos showing grandma? You would bet that someone would record their interaction if something went off hands and Police has to intervene.

No. 1786666

Nona she is a very attractive woman but 'aged naturally'? Kek, She's obviously had a lot of subtle work done but it does look good tbf.

No. 1786676

this could actually give someone a nightmare, like genuinely scary, a cruel parody of womanhood

No. 1786679

I get so tired of hearing them say “punch a terf/racist/nazi/whatever”. Not that I don’t agree racists and Nazis (actual ones) deserve punishment, but assault is assault and it’s still illegal in most places. Most of the time these dumbasses just spew these words but wouldn’t even have the balls to actually do it, especially to another man. That’s why they go after women in particular, because overpowering a 70 year old lady isn’t that hard, is it? And pretty sure most of the general public would find it a vile offense to harm a woman that old.

No. 1786680

File: 1678550119686.jpg (65.89 KB, 475x353, 74308234.jpg)

Nonnie, if it helps you, all of these people say the "Be gay, do crimes" or "Punch a nazi/terf/whatever", but also they're anxious enough to call for a doctor appointment, the less they would do is dare to punch someone that would punch back at them.

No. 1786689

nta but true, I don't take these threats seriously either
look at how they try to protest againt women's marches IRL, their always fat and weak losers

No. 1786710

The more deranged trannies get the faster they dig their own graves. Normies are more than fed up with their bullshit already, and when their brave and stunning acts of violence don't result in asskissing, they screech online and then rope.

No. 1786721

File: 1678557762641.png (118.48 KB, 598x828, witter.png)

Imagine these people trying to tell to judge "she misgender me so I gave her 50 stabs on her back!"

No. 1786725

Someone pointed out that the old woman's voice sounds awfully familiar to this creep's mom:


No. 1786730

why do they only get dysphoria over superficial shit? is fantasizing about scenarios where you're allowed to hurt