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No. 1924452

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News sites/Studies
https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/18973/pdf/ (TiM violent crime stats)
https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0016885#pone.0016885.s002 (relation between committing a violent sexual crime and srs)

Gender Critical Writings and Websites
https://www.chimamanda.com/ (Writings of Chimamanda Ngozi, a Nigerian gender critical feminist)
https://www.jkrowling.com/opinions/j-k-rowling-writes-about-her-reasons-for-speaking-out-on-sex-and-gender-issues/ (JK Rowling's essay)
/snow/ -> /2X/ for Gender critical and radical feminism board
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cOANC_ykPxL_TZGnkxZCb4HNc-2tvfuK (vile comments made by TRAs)
https://odysee.com/@Skirt_Go_Spinny:7 (documentaries about TiMs and Trans activism)
https://web.archive.org/web/20231021212912/https://www.tumblr.com/chlorinatedpopsicle/654101574490161152/new-and-improved-not-our-crimes-this-never (Violent crimes by TiMs)

No. 1924462

File: 1699224850090.jpeg (330.27 KB, 1000x1250, tim of the year.jpeg)

thanks for making the new thread nona but i hate this threadpic choice ngl.
in other news, there is a new "Woman" of the Year psy op from Glamour magazine. another narcissistic HSTS.

No. 1924475

sorry nonna. There weren't any great pictures in the last thread. I'll try to find a better one if i end up making the next thread

No. 1924479

File: 1699227182843.mp4 (Spoiler Image,2.8 MB, 368x640, URGH.mp4)

warning: absolutely NSFL video of a nude troon sitting around in front of children (he is post-op with his rot-pocket and moobs on full display). he has been reported to welfare apparently.

No. 1924480

What the FUCK????? No adult or parent regardless of gender or “””””gender choices””””” should be NAKED around a child what the FFFFUCKKKKK I’m going to rage explode

No. 1924483

File: 1699227326307.jpeg (428.58 KB, 1400x1400, bobosmith.jpeg)

samefagging to add a before and after of this guy. probably uses his hippy identity as justification for being nude in front of children (his pedophilia)

No. 1924485

What's his name? I want to find the link to his report so I can trigger the "this bnnever happens" crowd with it

No. 1924487

What the actual hell? This makes me so upset.

No. 1924489

File: 1699228086401.png (183.45 KB, 533x600, foster.png)

oh god… apparently he is a foster parent. i feel sick.
Marie Willa, i believe. all his socials are deleted by the looks of it but some stuff has been archived in the replies here: https://twitter.com/NotScottNewgent/status/1721196301981729131

No. 1924494

There is 0 reason to be naked around your children unless it's in the sauna or showers at the swimming hall, this is actually very shocking to me what the fuck is he thinking, where was this shit posted? I feel so sorry and appaled for the kid

No. 1924495

File: 1699229056771.jpg (135.78 KB, 1080x1177, F-Mr_LJWkAAGjNR.jpg)

imagine feeling the need to tell the whole world this

No. 1924500

File: 1699231666672.png (70.63 KB, 425x632, castration.png)

i looked at his post history. is this autism?
also the replies to that post are all gross
>it started as a sissifcation kink
>fascination with inserting objects into themselves = must be a woman
>liked lesbian porn
>porn porn porn
>porn porn porn porn porn porn
>sissyhypno porn porn
>one or two just describing how they are gay men with internalised homophobia

No. 1924503

just when i thought i grew immune to the content of these threads
i have no words, those people's brains must be decomposing to think it's healthy environment for the kid to be in, like HOW the FUCK does it even happen????

No. 1924509

File: 1699233370113.jpeg (105.31 KB, 750x296, IMG_5055.jpeg)

apparently words on a screen are worse than men invading women’s spaces

No. 1924525

No. 1924543

Does his family not see how incredibly fucked up this is? Are they all completely retarded too?

No. 1924546

those children have probably already experienced abuse, neglect and trauma and now they have to deal with this predator as well

No. 1924563

>man equates women saying no to men the same as real world violence like a regular abusive man
Colour me shocked, a tranny is the same as a regular abusive man that thinks saying no to him is violence and therefore justifies real world violence and opposition? No way.

No. 1924564

Are vain ass gay men the ones who run all the womens/fashion magazines? This seems like men wanting to make themselves the center of everything.

No. 1924566

Holy Christ. He said "look at what my kids got me". Seriously, the ONLY time you should expect to see another family member fully naked like that is if you really gotta go to the bathroom and someone's showering or they finished showering and forgot a towel. Why is he so fucking comfortable sitting around like that?? like you shit out of your ass. I imagine the couch has his shit stains all over them. It's so unsanitary. This is not normalizing nudism if the narcissistic puppet master is the only one partaking in the act.

No. 1924574

File: 1699247598222.jpeg (214.34 KB, 828x780, IMG_9345.jpeg)

No. 1924575

ok WHERE the fuck are the parents/guardians in this situation?? Even the most rabid leftist has the human instinct not to let naked people around their kids no matter how much of a committed trans support they are

No. 1924577

That creature IS the guardian

No. 1924586

Inb4 they let it slide because of his "trans nudist" identity. I hate these creatures

No. 1924612

Picrel is such a male moment kek. Truly the deranged retard sex.

No. 1924613

Just in case that was not clear, this man is the guardian of these kids, not their actual parents. It's a Foster family situation.. I hope the police is involved. Poor kids.

No. 1924630

How much do you want to bet he trooned out because a woman is more likely to be approved as a foster parent than a man? And if they don’t check that he’s a “transwoman” then he’s free to collect children to abuse and get paid by the state for it. There is no way this man is not a pedophile. Nobody who is a nudist should be a foster parent it just screams red flag. Nudists are all weird as fuck tbh.

No. 1924633

I mean, Ted Bundy was mentally ill too. Mentally ill doesn't mean 'poor innocent victim'.

No. 1924641

>i would mutter "i would do anything to be her" while climaxing
kek they are coming up with increasingly stupid stories to explain how they knew all along that they were troons. i don't get why they even bother with these details since besides ""terfs"" nobody seems worried about men trooning out due to porn and fetishes

No. 1924646

100% a pedophile. The only reason you don't see his raging boner while sitting naked in front of kids is because he chopped it off. He's grooming them, he probably encourages the kids to be nudists with him and who knows what he does to them under the nudist hippie excuse.

No. 1924650

There are zero reasons to be nudists, we're not living in caves anymore. Unless someone is a weird spiritural guru who believes in some connecting-with-nature bullshit, which this fucker clearly isn't, there are no reasons. This is pure grooming in action, by normalizing nudity, he's indirectly telling the kids that that's okay so he could (and I hope that never happens) watch them naked guilt free. A father went to jail in Canada for misgendering her daughter and this troon wants to be filmed and no one bats an eye. Disgusting.

No. 1924653

Men being jealous of sexually abused and likely sex trafficked women with a probable mental illness from how men sexualized her likely from childhood while being constantly reminded that is her worth. It's right in fucking front of them and they're like "I'm the real victim here fuck women's rights and their trauma from men only my trauma exists"

I thought it wasn't a mental illness though and was taken out of the dsm. Pretty sure getting women's shelters shut down and threatening female victims of abuse is purposefully antagonizing that trauma which frequently does turn into mental illness, but that's different obviously.

No. 1924657

Here in Germany we have a nudist culture for some reason it’s mostly on beaches or around lakes and it’s only certain areas that are clearly marked and children aren’t allowed to be there unless their parents allow it. Doing this at home baffles me, I walk around naked only alone at home before i dress myself.
I guess this is a part of their gender delusion, and any adults present there are basically consenting to involuntary exposure.
Truly a disgusting moid and a disgusting house that even allows that. This just shows how propaganda changes people’s values that they don’t just feel ashamed of it, but feel a sense of freedom that’s just disgusting to the core. Glad he is sterilized now and i hope that kid isn’t his, but if I was that little boy i couldn’t even imagine how that would affect me as an adult, just insane to see it happen on video.
Men unfortunately do rule the world and I can’t think of a way of this not escalating to a point where even disagreeing with such happenings isn’t social suicide, because in the western world it already is.

No. 1924658

This is a very “ummmm….okay” moment. Well-adjusted people don’t speak this way, even when angry. Trust me, I’m angry 99% of the time due to men’s behavior and I can still keep myself composed.

>besides ""terfs"" nobody seems worried about men trooning out due to porn and fetishes
I mean, it’s totally encouraged now. I saw a post going on and on the other day about how potential “eggs” vitally need access to porn because it might help them realize their “truth”. No one needs access to porn, and if they do, that’s called porn addiction (which the same post I saw mentioned doesn’t exist). God I wish I had saved it now.

No. 1924659

Also, this one was groomed at age 15 when some adult drag queen(/tranny?) saw him in his school uniform, thought 'she can do it', and got him to put on a bikini. Then he was castrated at 19.

No. 1924666


>> My host friend introduced me by saying “this girl is the biggest feminist you can get. She had patriarchy and rejected it, woo!”

Something a human woman said, probably while breasting boobily.

No. 1924676

kinda based of him to say he's gonna kill men tho

No. 1924680

>>I’m angry 99% of the time due to men’s behavior and I can still keep myself composed.
This is what separates women and trannies. Trannies are always crying about how they "feel ugly" but could never relate to being told that, verbally, constantly, through childhood and onward like women are. They cry about being called sir meanwhile if we are called, whore slut bitch no one cares and we aren't allowed to be angry. Women are told to our faces we are nothing without a man, and we are broken if we are childless, but meanwhile trannies threaten suicide if you say men cannot give birth. Trannies cry because the government won't pay for their bimbo tits, even if the government pays for their hair removal and facial reconstruction. Meanwhile women are physically abused and medical reconstruction is seen as "cosmetic." We are expected to put up with the "abuse" and "trauma" they cry about online and are taught to do so from day 1.
That one tranny who makes videos telling ESL restaurant workers that being called Sir is "a knife to the heart" has NEVER experienced what it's like to have that knife stuck in and turned every day, for decades, and be told it's not a big deal it's not that bad you're hysterical get over it. If you pervert fetish freaks want to pass, try practicing your tolerance. But if you could you would be a human still and not a tranny demon.

No. 1924704

File: 1699288191211.jpeg (380.82 KB, 1170x1878, IMG_7892.jpeg)

i’m not sure if this person has been posted before but as far as i can tell she’s an actual woman. i figured it was a tranny at first but unfortunately she’s just a retarded pick me handmaiden who has a link to an orgy application on her website(lurk more)

No. 1924707

File: 1699288520869.jpeg (323.08 KB, 1170x1836, IMG_7896.jpeg)

samefag this is so fucking funny
>ackshually trans women are the least likely of all people to be pedophiles!!!
i have no idea how she conducts these surveys but i would bet anything the question was literally “do you have any pedophilic tendencies?” and all the trannies answered no (aka lied)

No. 1924708

she's got a fairly active thread here

No. 1924712

File: 1699289297510.png (32.89 KB, 583x445, proj.PNG)

>females highest rates for pedophilia
she's projecting picrel

No. 1924721

Can he be reported to CPS? I’m genuinely disgusted and worried for those poor children. I’m not American so idk how to report him but please someone call social services on him, I’m gonna be sick(cowtipping, lack of sage)

No. 1924723

Pedophilia is literally a mainstay of the gay male community.(bait)

No. 1924729

um actually my self reported questionnaire has more statistical weight than crime statistics and biographic data from CSA incarceration. she knows she's a fool at this point, thiel cut her off and now she's trying to simp for some tranny pritzker bucks.

No. 1924734

Does America actually let single men and gay male couples adopt? That’s so disgusting. I’m glad my country is sensible and only allows a family with a female parent to adopt.(derail)

No. 1924745

I love that men know how utterly repulsive they are like how does this question even pop into your head? At the point you're (theoretically) considering paying a 14 year old 10 million for sex/rape it is simply time to neck yourself because you know there is a snowball's chance in hell of anyone ever loving you

Every weirdo sicko pedo man should just reach the ultimate conclusion and delete themselves

>gay males reported low rates of pedophilia
Every gay male grows up being a victim of pedophilia by older gay men and then perpetuates it himself, before eventually settling in to a more normal lifestyle with men their own age, so press x to doubt on this one and then double it for cis men. We've all seen that diagram where their sexual interest peaks for children aged around 12 and drops sharply off after 25 or so, they also shout this from the rooftops every 5 seconds to remind us, and perpetuate 99% of sex crimes.
Her shitty 'surveys' would be funny in their inaccuracy if it wasn't about such bleak topics.

No. 1924751

File: 1699293172387.png (936.06 KB, 2162x1722, suingtwitterfortransphobia.png)

And they wonder why they're lolcows:

No. 1924759

a hit dog will holler

No. 1924764

Based and well said

Funny how real crime statistics show the exact opposite.

How does someone even develop the cognitive dissonance to call women entitled while also demanding they be silenced.

No. 1924768

"Cis" lol

Also not all gay men were molested, are you an idiot? And certainly not all of them molest kids. The ones who do molest kids do it cuz they're men, not because they're gay. If it were homosexuality that was the problem we would see lesbians diddling kids all the time, which obviously isn't a common thing. Bc they are women and pedophilia is overwhelmingly more common in males.(derailing )

No. 1924770

How is wanting to report an obvious pedophile "cowtipping"?

Nta but it's true that pedophilia is because of men, but the reason people say pedophilia is rampant among gay males is because it may be less hidden as gay male culture is hypersexualized and completely unchecked.

No. 1924778

i’m so curious - in what context was this video posted? like did the person behind the camera upload it to the internet as a feel good story? or was this their way of getting video proof of a normal occurrence that they disagree with and wanted to expose? why is nobody around this guy fazed? ugh i feel sick to my fucking stomach watching this. mostly for that poor kid of course, but also because i can’t believe they’re all eating in the same room while this pedophile stinks up the place with his gaping rotpocket

No. 1924785

File: 1699298425398.png (185.15 KB, 568x350, bobo.png)

actually not sure about the context of the specific video. i can't imagine thinking it was ok to upload to instagram or tiktok but god knows what these people think is acceptable. Reduxx posted some more info about him https://reduxx.info/transgender-nudist-reported-to-child-protective-authorities-after-disturbing-video-sparks-outrage/

No. 1924894

anon is clearly talking about all men when she says that they commit 99% of sex crimes and proudly talk about their attraction to children and women under 25. whenever someone says something about gay men there's always an anon to make it about lesbians even though both heterosexual and gay men's sexual behaviors/paraphilia are obviously not applicable to women

No. 1924906

he's telling on himself that he sees himself as male. he's completely unconcerned with all the vile misogyny on twitter - women having their photos used to make deepfake porn of them, women receiving rape/death threats and unwanted dick pics, women being cyberstalked, etc - none of that bothers him. he's only bothered when he and his other fellow tranny scrotes get mocked for being ugly creepy men

No. 1924918

Not really a regular in these threads but I always find it interesting when they tell on themselves. It isnt about "Trans people", it's about you and your own needs. I constantly see screenshots of reddit posts where mtf partners regularly misgender ftms and refer to their relationship as gay/sapphic/lesbian despite being told it makes the ftm uncomfortable. It is and never will be about "Trans people".

No. 1924921

because they have autism. that’s why the hyper specific nerd shit. it’s not intelligence, it’s having no concept of how to socialize like a normal person and not spew about your special interests unprompted. it is CRAZY to me that the scientifically proven link between autism and gender dysphoria didn’t set their “movement” back one bit

No. 1924935

How does hyper specific knowledge = analytical skills? Not even the same thing. But also women's knowledge and interests are constantly seen as inferior in value to men's. If a man knows the history and hyper specific information about metal bands he's smart and interesting, but if a woman knows the same information about boybands she's shallow and dumb. Lore knowledge about star trek vs teen wolf. For blind instrument auditions they tell women not to wear heels because it gives away they're women and causes bias. Hyper specific nerd knowledge is seen as shallow when it comes from women and "analytical" from men. But yeah rant over this woman is constantly giving the most retard cock sucking takes.

No. 1924990

File: 1699335589914.jpg (288.54 KB, 1080x1019, Screenshot_20231107_003910_Red…)

Tranny who claimed Kesha lied about Dr Luke and sells tickets to her concerts for all ages is hedonistic trash.. Shocker.

No. 1924994

This is absolutely sickening and Im going to be following this case closely. Sick fuck. Not to blog but as someone who grew up in the system, I just cannot fathom this even happened to begin with, with multiple adults around, who could have said something or stopped this before the dumb fuck even got approved as a foster parent.. Approved despite nudism?? What fucking country would allow this

No. 1924995

It's good that the West is being annihilated.

No. 1925017

Hi fellow fosteranon. I weirdly also know a guy whose folks fessed up to him that they went on some nudist holidays after he and his brother were moved out, which seems the healthy way to do things - as consenting adults where no children are forced to see your genitalia. I expect “lifestyle nudism” is wholly incompatible with being approved as a foster parent; I’ve seen brilliant f moms be scrutinised unfairly for something as mundane as taking Celexa. Like, bad enough it’s your own kids but foster kids are not your own kids and once they’re old enough to wash and toilet themselves that’s the end of any nudity.

No. 1925040

Late as fuck but this also isn't taking into account how women with intrusive thoughts surrounding pedophilia feel they actually are pedophiles.
I remember a nonna talking about how women would go seek treatment to cure themselves of their "tendencies" but it actually turned they just had OCD and/or severe depression which was giving them fucked up intrusive thoughts.

No. 1925043

No, they just celebrated it as an example of how 'diverse' their 'community' is. They were posting videos celebrating all the disabled (many developmentally so) people they'd cut up even before that.

No. 1925056

is there some kind of condition where people not only have intrusive thoughts but are unable to differentiate them from the real thing? because there's a big difference between thinking "what if i jumped now??" and actually being suicidal. even if you have intrusive thoughts about pedophilia, it's not the same as seeking CP, having sexual fetishes related to children, wanting to interact with them, ogling them etc. i understand that this kind of intrusive thoughts is distressing, but women conflating them with pedophilia is actually giving ammo to moids who are constantly trying to prove that women are just as violent and deviant as men (despite all studies/stats showing otherwise in all parts of the world). (i understand that they don't do it on purpose though, tho i saw a reel about this from a woman and i think it was a bit misleading)

No. 1925058

>is there some kind of condition where people not only have intrusive thoughts but are unable to differentiate them from the real thing?
… yeah, ocd

No. 1925062

AYRT and I was refering to the fact that the stats I was replying to was a self-test/questionaire. It's no secret that TiFs are mentally ill so it's not totally unreasonable to assume that's the reason why the results are so skewed.
People with intrusive thoughts will often think they're awful people for having those thoughts and that they want whatever the thought is about even if they are completely disgusted by it. Like with P-OCD

No. 1925063

Idk when I looked it up it didn't say that people with ocd were unable to differentiate between thinking about something and actually acting on that thought.(derailing)

No. 1925066

They rarely if ever do act on thoughts, but instrusive thoughts give the person suffering from them so much anxiety that they think they will.
Anyways we're getting too offtopic, I only made that intital point to further solidify that test was fucking retarded for multiple reasons and the pickme who posted it as proof that TiMs are less likely to be paedophiles has a brain more dead than roadkill(derailing)

No. 1925080

Not to mention that even if a woman has the same interests or knowledge or skills as a man, she’s STILL considered less intelligent or lower priority.

No. 1925107

either that or she's fetishised for it because men are incapable of not constantly thinking about fucking (eg 'sexy gamer girls') it's so unbelievably gross. tims just take this further by having to somehow find a way pornify all their interests, like with the 'programming socks'/thigh highs, which very much reads as a weird agp thing

No. 1925144

File: 1699374847804.jpg (579.52 KB, 1080x1480, Screenshot_20231107_173246_Chr…)

Kek, that dude is so delusional. He went to r/AskALawyer to whine and someone just spit the straight facts at him
Out of their hugboxes, these trannies are so lost it's unreal

No. 1925147

File: 1699375412628.jpg (684.5 KB, 1072x2612, Screenshot_20231107_174303_Chr…)

Same fag sorry, kek at this one too. People were actually nice to him but true to his scrote nature, he got to have his way or else. Funny how that works

No. 1925152

Lmao I'm loving this story arc. What a loser.

No. 1925205

No. 1925226

File: 1699388446505.jpeg (261.46 KB, 1000x900, mbaker.jpeg)

straight white man appointed diversity & inclusion rep for the institute of physics (uk). what a relief, they are soooo underrepresented in STEM…
I checked this guy's blog where he details his transition, couldn't be bothered to read all his narcissistic whinging but he
>started stealing his sisters clothes as kids
>admits to feeling creepy when he attends lesbian events and uses women's changing spaces
>claims to have cRaZy emotions since "becoming a woman" (taking estrogen)
>promotes offensive gender stereotypes for women
>in one blog post, brings up female socialisation and how we are taught not to speak up or take charge. he wonders if he should become quieter in order to "pass" better. but then decides not to.

No. 1925244

>soles of the shoes shown off in photo

Can they not just be fucking normal? I swear I now have a modicum of respect for the TIM who just quietly LARP as women and don't show off their speshul status everywhere.

No. 1925250

it's a way to control the people around them. this guy knows he doesn't pass in the slightest so has to parade the trans symbols so that handmaidens know to worship him. he probably uses that photo for his professional profiles so that his work doesn't get ignored (and he will be first on the list for promotions and awards).

No. 1925269

File: 1699393602071.jpg (121.4 KB, 1080x545, Screenshot_20231107_163745_X.j…)

Every time I see a post that's like "women this" or "girl that" it's always a tranny. They come up with the most inane tweets and observations about women. Gross obsessed men.

No. 1925279

So what he's saying is that he, a bulking mentally ill male, was being monitored extra tightly in the makeup store and had to invent a more euphoric reason why.

No. 1925284

File: 1699395110622.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3024x4032, boygrr.jpeg)

what he is saying doesn't even make any sense. he is like some AI bot that has listened to every episode of redscare and then regurgitated some random tweet.
deluded creep who is probably trying to emulate edgy teen girls who shoplift. nope, you're just greasy haired loser who steals things.

No. 1925294

they are always stealing stale tumblr takes from a decade ago and acting like they came up with it. this was from shoplifting tumblr in the 2k10s

No. 1925295

File: 1699397272455.jpg (259.63 KB, 1080x1426, Screenshot_20231107_174346_X.j…)

He looks like a stereotypical school shooter troon. Edgy and crazy.

No. 1925296

his nose is larger than his lips and his head is swollen like a melon, he has jowls and metabolic syndrome like the karens he hates so much from all the hormones.

No. 1925304

Anyone else loves watching TIMs in chastity cages getting fucked by other men? Especially white. I love watching white men eliminating themselves from the DNA pool.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1925312

Don’t respond to the troon nonna, just report

No. 1925313

File: 1699399051179.jpg (114.91 KB, 1249x781, skfhdkjsafhdkasfas.jpg)

trannies have a few accounts on r/redscarepod and ovarit trying to falseflag

No. 1925319

Lol this is so tame. Now post the stuff they say on any moid-majority forum

No. 1925359

I bet these men see nothing wrong with males being "jokingly" misogynistic, being misogynistic to women they disagree with, or having misogynistic fetishes. Hell, they probably do that themselves. But god forbid women on the internet propose or joke about hypothetical solutions to the issue of male aggression, even when males are responsible for 90-99% of all violent crime. Ffs, patriarchy means that women don't have the power to enforce this even if we largely agreed on actually thinking it was a good idea. We're the oppressed group here, not males. Men are such overly emotional retards.

No. 1925364

That’s just funny anyway, some random person on Ovarit says something flip and outrageous? Since when would redscarepod object to ludicrous hypothetical dream situations?

No. 1925394

Wait a fucking minute. This troon>>1924751
was upset about his "private" thoughts being posted outside of reddit and mocked but here>>1925313 we have another troon mocking and reposting on reddit "private" thoughts from TERFs on Ovarit. They're such fucking hypocrites.

No. 1925399

File: 1699417088704.jpeg (660.63 KB, 3222x2417, IMG_7924.jpeg)

these two twinks on tik tok that are dating got facial feminization surgery together and i’m losing my fucking mind kek. this is the after photo. i can’t believe the handmaidens in the comments

No. 1925410

omg I was actually just going through their videos the other night. it’s pretty sad, they seemed to be a nice gay male couple and they totally fucked their shit up. the one guy who’s black could probably detransition, but the one in picrel is fucked

No. 1925423

post more im curious

No. 1925424

NTA, but I think it's alluringskull? They've been posted here before. Went from a stereotypical gay couple to larping as trans lesbians for the persecution points.

No. 1925443

It just dawned on me that troons who have had their dick chopped off really walk around with a dick sized gap in their crotch at all times. It's always going to be a huge open gap leaking colon juices down there. How on earth are they able to go about their lives with something like that down there I cannot wrap my brain around it. It baffles me what they're willing to do for the coom. Absolutely insane.

No. 1925475

looks fat for a twink

No. 1925481

Don't you worry nona, sometimes it can completely grow closed and then they are walking with a big closed up earring hole between their legs

No. 1925487

This would actually make for a decent joke (like, a pisstake of evopsy) if he were being sarcastic, but I don't think he is.

No. 1925497

File: 1699439402028.jpeg (7.84 KB, 198x177, images (4).jpeg)

I like to pretend all these cocksucking handmaidens are love trolling to get men to ruin themselves further, bc how tf can you look at that and think "pretty" OR "woman"?

Kek I wondered what happened to Ziggy.

No. 1925512

He got that oestrogen weight gain.

No. 1925514

hips boyega would be proud of

No. 1925520

Isn’t this fool in his early 20s? His legs look just like my brother’s and he’s almost 50 wtf??

No. 1925521

File: 1699445992479.jpeg (895.97 KB, 828x1309, 8FB9D4F6-0F5C-4656-8F73-BD1EB2…)

Sorryyyyyyyy, forgot to add the pic. Please don’t hate me, ladies.

No. 1925528

File: 1699447555800.jpg (2.44 MB, 3464x3464, monsterworld.jpg)

This man (who has identified as a "woman" for a whopping three years and now for some reason thinks he's the pinnacle of women's rights) is sending his 90k followers after a small business for misgendering him. They're flooding the restaurant's posts by calling them transphobic and with lies like "they gave me food poisoning". This should be enough peak any sane person happening to be caught in the crossfire. Absolutely pathetic that they have to stoop so low to get people to submit to them.

No. 1925529

Why did this make me laugh

No. 1925530

>bc how tf can you look at that and think "pretty" OR "woman"?
Speaking as a former handmaiden, they don’t. I used to say those things too out of pity to make them feel better or good about themselves, like you would a child. There was never a second thought about it past that.

No. 1925536

The tra are already brigading the page of that restaurant ofcourse.

No. 1925541

Nta but I'm going to need a book penned by a committee of handmaidens explaining this phenomenon. Kek am I just a bitch? I simply don't get it. At best, appears to be a safety mechanism to lie to men about their abilities and looks en masse, at worst some sort of covert hierarchical advantage for the handmaiden? Baffling evolutionary tactics on display all round

No. 1925543

I don't get, he still looks like a man, why are they calling him beautiful?

No. 1925548

this is so embarrassing holy shit. this balding uggo really thinks dressing like a child will erase his painfully male… everything. his geriatric ass literally looks like your typical low effort sissy crossdresser on reddit.

No. 1925555

Looks like a sausage split in half

No. 1925557

Quite literally IS a sausage split in half tbf. The new ridiculous boobs are killing me too. Holy shit.

No. 1925566

File: 1699452762094.webm (1.62 MB, 1080x1866, 13484371920.webm)

Oh look it's a troon with a pregnancy fetish. I've never seen one of those before.

No. 1925582

ot but where did he get that kirby blanket?

No. 1925586

No. 1925591

File: 1699455750204.jpg (253.02 KB, 1080x1482, Terf means what.jpg)

Just saw this in response to a post about women being hunters which apparently would trigger the terfs(?)

Literally what do they think terf means, I had to edit it, picrel for it to make any sense. Why would radical feminists have issue with female hunters? Why would radical feminists want women to be white and slutty what the heck?
I think this was a cis woman posting, brain absolutely fried

No. 1925593

This is what they were replying to, any idea what the heck they think terf means? Like does it mean Karen now? Just 'woman I don't like'? The opposite of feminism? Someone needs to study these people to see where exactly their circuits are melted.

No. 1925595

File: 1699456226092.jpg (201.99 KB, 1080x1615, Terf means what2.jpg)

Image with better crop:

No. 1925603

what giga chad face did he have before if this is the after

No. 1925605

This is really just him saying "I'm a theif who likes to steal stuff and this makes me a woman"

No. 1925606

Whenever tims are praisd in the news it's for getting positions of leadership.
Whenever tifs are praised in the news it's for getting pregnant or to sell "uterus-havers" period panties.
Trans ideology is generstereotypes on (literal) steroids.

No. 1925608

Samefag, I have now deduced they think TERFs hate strong, (hunters) ugly (not slutty!) women, hence not approving of women being hunters in their make believe version of reality, and apparently wanting women to be "slutty"
…Because that's the issue women have with trannies being in sports and changing rooms. The fact they are strong and ugly. Not the chance of rape, or getting our heads smashed in by our fellow "ladies"
Kinda funny that even in their TRA-dom they concede trannies are strong and ugly tho.

No. 1925609

Same Kim Petras who famously can't ever have an orgasm due to puberty blockers and an underage penis inversion surgery, why would he care about people having sex

No. 1925612

File: 1699458487523.jpeg (261.47 KB, 1170x1971, IMG_7935.jpeg)

i can’t wait to see it after the swelling goes down lmao

No. 1925613

kek talk about being scammed.

No. 1925614

always with that uncanny valley weird face.

No. 1925620

Why would this make TERFs mad kek

No. 1925625

thanks nona!

No. 1925628

Based grandmas

No. 1925630

File: 1699461889064.jpeg (734.36 KB, 3222x2417, IMG_7931.jpeg)

this is so funny because we all know gay men are loud and proud about how disgusted they are by vaginas. i watched another one of his videos and he even says he doesn’t want to get bottom surgery. so you’ll still both be gay men with penises at the end of all this, just with nose jobs???

i keep typing shit and deleting it because i want to a-log so fucking bad. this shit is so stupid but what’s even more bleak and depressing is reading the comments on these videos

No. 1925632

File: 1699462060160.png (178.6 KB, 1380x1056, trans.png)

leave girl

No. 1925643

I bet she could easily get an annulment. That's some typical bullshit, trapping that woman before dropping a bomb on her.

No. 1925648

>"Relinquishing Control" flair
is this a fetish subreddit or the one for women dating MRAs?

No. 1925650

Oh yeah there's a whole chapter in the book, called "get a fucking annulment and spend some time pondering what led you to this point in your life, so as not to repeat it again next time". What fucking book is she talking about? Is there a handbook for dealing with troony moids?

No. 1925652


Ikr? What does that have to do with gender ideology? They're the ones trying to cram everybody but them into a gendie box so they can feel special. Definitely makes better sense than assuming rigid stereotypes were upheld 24/7 because a group wouldn't thrive if the numbers of men dwindled and "only men could hunt".

No. 1925655

File: 1699465208494.jpg (60.78 KB, 650x1000, 71P4m9ykfOL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

>The Surrendered Wives movement is inspired by a book, The Surrendered Wife by Laura Doyle. Its supporters suggest that women should relinquish what Doyle deems to be inappropriate control of their husbands and focus on their own happiness in order to bring romance and intimacy back to their relationship.

No. 1925663

File: 1699466937281.jpeg (309.92 KB, 828x505, IMG_0645.jpeg)

they're genuinely so evil wtf

No. 1925665

File: 1699467307180.jpg (173.77 KB, 1000x1000, MV5BYWRiNWUyZjQtZTAxNS00M2I2LT…)

No way…

No. 1925667

I think that around a year ago internet started using TERF for tradthots. They think that because TERFs disagree with gender shit and are often middle aged women (like JKR), they must all be right wing traditional women. They don't realise TERF are also "progressives", just not supportive of gender ideology.

No. 1925669

It’s partly a safety mechanism - you tell the blatantly mentally ill man what he wants to hear so he doesn’t chimp out and beat the shit out of you with his male aggression.

And it’s partly out of pity - it’s the same as telling a little girl who had to shave her head bald due to cancer that she looks beautiful. Handmaidens have been fed the line that if they don’t validate a troon’s delusions and call them beautiful they’ll kill themself due to society’s rampant transphobia.

No. 1925673

File: 1699468889414.jpg (633.49 KB, 1336x2152, tranny.jpg)


No. 1925678

Terf never meant anything else than "woman who disagrees with me". To make their delusions work, and not accept that 95% of women are terfs, they have to pretend a terf is a teeny tiny minority of women who are right wing, fascist, misogynist and like a tradwife.

No. 1925681

Man destroys libido with hormones. Whines he has no libido. Next step he'll blame it on women instead of taking responsibility for his own fuck up. lolol

No. 1925685

>girl horny

No. 1925686

what the actual fuck is “girl horny” supposed to mean? women simply don’t spend 90% of their existence fapping the skin off their dicks because they’re so consumed by coom that they can’t abstain from masturbating for one single day. they glorify the idea of the elusive female orgasm, and now “girl horny” is the final untapped frontier for these scrotes. first: ywnbaw, so there’s that. second: women orgasm all the fucking time. it’s not some mindbending, life-changing experience we’re only able to achieve once a year or something. women are just not as horny as men. end of story. you would think they’d understand this since they’ve actually been real and valid women this entire time but i guess that would mean science is real and biology is fact, and that would shatter their fragile worldview quicker than they’re able to put a gun to their head after chopping their dicks off and realizing they’ll never be able to orgasm ever again … but i digress

No. 1925688

It's weird that some of these guys are worshipped to such an extent that they just have these personal armies. Who is simping for these guys?

No. 1925689

The title alone is gag-worthy, yes let's be more fucking subservient where even in the western world women do the vast majority of childcare, housework, and emotional labour in a family and are also expected to do extra "women's" emotional labour and unpaid menial work within the workforce. Let's get that even lower so we tolerate being beaten, raped, married off at 11, thrown out of our own houses during menstruation, etc like in some other countries.

No. 1925691

yasss kween give your mother osteporosis because you want moobs

No. 1925695

>abuse for many years
>asexual but was lying
>got married a few months ago
If this is real wtf is she doing, this is why you should use common sense and not the advice of some book, idiots on reddit etc who will not be there for you when shit hits the fan after following their terrible advice

No. 1925699

Honestly I think shit like this is clearest manifestation of the pathological narcissism/grandiosity that runs heavily in troon demographics. I haven’t shoplifted in years and years but Sephora is one of THE easiest places to shoplift from, maybe the easiest. I still go there and the staff aren’t doing shit because half the time they gossiping or trying to make a sale, there is one security guard who just stands next to the door and never moves, the merch barely even has magnetized labels, even the really expensive skincare stuff, most things are not locked. Even the storage units under the display are actually not locked and you can go through it looking for stuff even though that does irritate the staff, the company won’t bother to put a lock on it. This sounds like the persecutory delusions of grandeur that low functioning narcissists have where everyone is against me -> I live rent free in everyone’s head -> am a very important person

No. 1925705

/ot but several big studies in my country suggest men steal way, way more, its literally all sexist stereotypes now

No. 1925719

File: 1699475632229.jpg (65.69 KB, 550x582, IMG_20231108_223055.jpg)

he looks so uncanny istg, why are his moobs sagging?

No. 1925721

because troons never wear their post op compression bra for long enough time

No. 1925739

he looks like if the chudjak grew out his hair

No. 1925743

Men don’t have coopers ligaments

No. 1925755

I'm real tempted to make a thread for this guy, he's terminally online enough to be milkable plus he already has a snark community.

No. 1925758

No. 1925778

File: 1699484459107.png (1.15 MB, 1136x1422, Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 5.50.…)

lmfao what the fuck is this

No. 1925779

File: 1699484541825.png (55 KB, 1028x218, Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 6.02.…)

No. 1925780

File: 1699484678034.png (106.74 KB, 1034x472, Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 6.04.…)

still homophobic, though

No. 1925781

This is.. hilariously stupid. King Henry VIII did not found the Church of England for this

No. 1925786

Tbf he'll also give himself osteoporosis kek.
Agreed, do it.
Off with their heads.

No. 1925793

It's not only tame, it was literally downvoted! And yet this is the best they could find. Meanwhile troon communities proudly promote violence and defend criminals including pedos.

No. 1925794

He's a christian moid, of course he feels entitled to bend the rules of a religion that pretty plainly forbids both homosexuality and crossdressing. Probably has a secret porn addiction too like all the rest of them.

No. 1925799

File: 1699488738954.jpeg (655.76 KB, 828x1523, 6E7BB66B-493A-4B55-BCCB-48D296…)

Has anyone watched that new documentary on Netflix about the Twin Flame Universe cult? At first, it was very run of the mill. Around the third episode, the documentary begins to reveal how this cult has forced people into transitioning. Disgusting.

No. 1925800

I just finished watching that. I feel awful for that poor mom’s son who was forced to transition into a woman.

No. 1925801

Huh. I never knew that. Never thought about it before, but I guess it makes sense.

No. 1925802

Wow really? I'm surprised Netflix would show something like that. There'll be calls to cancel them if the TRAs find out kek.

No. 1925803

Just went on Netflix's website and it's on the front page, with a long autoplaying preview focusing specifically on that element of it. They even talk about the 'divine masculine/feminine', which I'm sure I've heard troons come out with in the past…

No. 1925813

What is it? I've not heard of it but just guessing - the cult thing assigns you your partner?

No. 1925819

Wait is there two versions of this? One on amazon prime and another on Netflix or is it just the same show but in different regions? The amazon one is called Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe.

No. 1925825

i think it's other trannies and the individual themselves on multiple alts

No. 1925831

File: 1699496293150.jpeg (171.2 KB, 828x1075, IMG_9373.jpeg)

heterosexual tims infuriate me so much as a lesbian because of how they think they could possibly be homosexual women and experience lesbian sex. their disgusting perversion on how they imagine lesbians have sex, based entirely on the male gaze porn they’ve consumed, is so obviously pure agp male behavior

No. 1925834

imagining one of these things fake giggling in a high pitched mickey mouse voice while fucking you is pure nightmare fuel

No. 1925835

Yes and they also use bots

No. 1925840

And of course he is from Germany, kraut nonas truly suffer lmao
What makes that country so weird and full of degen troons?

No. 1925841

yanderedev finally trooned out

No. 1925849

if anything troons would be the ones to claim that this is proof of transgenderism in ancient times and that these women were all tifs

No. 1925850

Okay but is that her right leg and she's sitting spread eagle, pussy fully out, or is that her left leg and she's tying herself in a pretzel

No. 1925873

File: 1699507318540.mp4 (12.32 MB, 432x768, Sasha_Colby_explains_how_she_f…)

This is why I have sympathy for HSTS troons either, they truly are just as degenerate and misogynistic towards women.I also really hate gay male humor

No. 1925882

File: 1699510466151.mp4 (15.28 MB, 1719721335138463811_1.mp4)

So I know he was mentioned last thread, but didn't know is this was posted yet or not. no shit people hear and see an obvious man in makeup and a crop top and immediately default to sir. you're not being misgendered, the staff just isn't delusional kek

No. 1925885

File: 1699511010133.jpg (706.08 KB, 1440x1800, qrbwtntegsrmru.jpg)

same fag the comments are just as I expected from other TiMs and handmaidens. these people are pro-enforcing gender stereotypes than anything. that one bringing up how black woman are often called men so this is somehow comparable pisses me off so much omg, they do this shit every time

No. 1925893

>This person (is) CLEARLY trying to present in a feminine way

Yeah and that's why he keeps getting gendered male. Women don't have to make an effort to be women, they just are.

(Also hate how he's using the word feminine as if all women were feminine and all men were masculine)

No. 1925895

Seems like it's based on how women sit in cafes, so her legs are crossed and the upper (left) leg is draped over the bath.

No. 1925904

File: 1699523332931.jpg (470.01 KB, 1080x1952, Screenshot_20231109_093701_Red…)

No. 1925905

File: 1699523568893.jpg (237.33 KB, 1080x1679, Screenshot_20231109_093755_Red…)

Love seeing all tbe based comments

No. 1925907

File: 1699523603302.jpg (208.18 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20231109_094233_Red…)

No. 1925908

Cause being a girl is that specific arrangement of bullshit he just mentioned
Are they all retarded? Doing xyz won’t make you a woman you’re just an ignorant narcissistic male

No. 1925915

I've spent my whole life in the west as a black women and not once have I ever been misgendered by wait staff. Only blue hair progressives and actual white supremacists use that card. I fucking hate trannies for trying to normalize that line of thinking. Trannies, like all progressives, hate black women and hate when we try to move closer to normalcy, because it makes it harder for trannies to force team and grift us

No. 1925916

I just came here to post this kek, because the comments are so based

No. 1925920

oh wow so we really reached that stage where people are saying that anyone with long hair and make up should obviously be considered a woman. not too long ago they were still performing mental gymnastics to explain that, while trannies are definitely women bc they wear skirts, anyone can be anything regardless of appearance and you should not assume anything. what about the overly feminine tifs/enbies/gay men?

No. 1925925

File: 1699527956391.jpeg (233.02 KB, 1000x994, IMG_8666.jpeg)

sage for rant and OT but I will NEVER fucking understand this obsession they have with making black women masculine. Black women have literally never looked "masculine" to me, is this moid beauty standards and their retarded face blindness acting up again? Not even Grace Jones is """masculine""", just flamboyant and exaggerated. Interesting.
What happened to moids? Before the 80s they seemed able to comprehend women not having to look like sick inbred pugs to be "feminine"

Please someone post that pic again that's a compilation of cute black women standing next to troons it's so fucking funny

No. 1925930

The way he 1000% deliberately baits people into this is so incredibly gross, especially considering the accents of most of these workers. He's not genuinely shocked in any of these clips and immediately goes into the rehearsed "knife in the heart" spiel. So incredibly dishonest it makes my blood boil. There's literally never been a group of people with a bigger victimhood complex than AGPs. It's probably also a fetish for a huge part of them.

No. 1925933

So these supposed “progressives” are saying enbies and GNC men no longer exist? Makeup & long hair = “girl” to them. Ridiculous. Also I’ve never in my life seen a black woman get misgendered unless she presents extremely butch or masculine. It’s just not a thing that happens outside the fever dreams of racist troons. If anything black women often have more stereotypically feminine body types than white women, and INSANELY more so than white men in dresses. Maybe that’s why troons constantly seethe about black women?

No. 1925937

I hate men goddamn
It's just 'Escaping Twin Flames' on Netflix UK, I'm not sure if it's the same. 3 episodes?
Seems today they're showing a different preview.
It's totally cycled back to gender stereotype reinforcement (long since). I remember like 10 years ago there being an article that women should be obliged to dress femininely, because it made it easy for 'trans women' to blend in/be identified as 'women'. At the time, most people were still saying it was ridiculous.

No. 1925938

This. Even gay men cannot think of any other insult against women besides "you're not fuckable/lovable by (man)".
>JK you're bitter because your husband left you for someone else
>JK you're bitter because I'm a diva, a goddess and you aren't
How funny, original, and not a cope at all.

As with everything else in their activism, troons didn't come up with it. The Woke had already been discussing how "WOC" were considered masculine because of western beauty standards. Of course the truth is, men, even racist, have always been able to distinguish women from men. Troons are also using race because they pretend to be a category of women, so excluding them is supposed to be like excluding women of a particular race, but it makes zero sense as they are just males in dresses.

No. 1925939

File: 1699529511495.png (1.53 MB, 1486x1040, why why why.png)

It's never a fetish though, right?

No. 1925941

In the US, black women are only paid 64 cents for every dollar white men receive for doing the same work, even though they’re one of the most educated demographics. For all their whining & malding, white men are doing better on every quality of life metric than any minority group, but especially black & Native women. Yet all they have to do is grow their hair out and throw on some lipstick and they can then claim to be more oppressed than all those women, and demand we throw ourselves under the bus to handmaiden for them. Luckily if you read LSA and other communities where black women congregate, a lot of us aren’t buying it and don’t think we owe a goddamn thing to mentally ill white men in dresses. They’re welcome to keep our name out of their mouths.


No. 1925944

because our country is full of degens, full stop. even as a kid i've seen german documentaries about male crossdressers on tv, those now just troon out.

No. 1925949

Is this the troon that had fake cum all over his face for a performance? Not a fetish tho…

No. 1925950

they have denied this for decades but they really do define womanhood by how feminine you are. If you are too poor to afford femininity, too bad

No. 1925951

File: 1699531554579.jpg (376.73 KB, 642x2975, another one.jpg)

No. 1925952

kek a bunch of comments mentioned agp as well.

No. 1925953

as retarded as this subreddit is, its still disappointing that its been taken over by incels in amazon skirts. youre not a femcel, youre a fat ugly porn addict who should do something that rhymes with thorny won

No. 1925958

same reason why they seethe over women wearing little to no makeup. That's why they hate tomboys

most trans women will brag about being "former white supremacists" Of course they hate the black women for her natural body. She has something a man can never buy

No. 1925959

>"WOC" were considered masculine because of western beauty standards.

key point, why should I define myself by western standard? Especially if I'm not western nor do I live in the west? Isn't that a set of social constructs, being applied to someone in a radically different environment? Philosononnies, explain!

No. 1925970

ty nona

No. 1925977

File: 1699537004095.png (353.34 KB, 800x619, holy moon.png)

next thread pic please kek

No. 1925979

He's been the thread pic before

No. 1925980

that has been a thread pic before but I absolutely LOVE this pic so much

No. 1925984

Too much hair on his head to pass as yandev kek, but it will fall out in about a week anyway
It's always these entitled gringo fucks giving Spanish speaking workers a hard time. If I saw this scrote in low-effort drag walk into my restaurant I would ask him to leave for violating modesty/dress code. And call the police if he throws a mantrum.

No. 1925992

The quickness in which he confronts the staff confirms he’s a man, socialised as such and with the confidence and entitlement all men feel.

No. 1925999

the way this gross privileged fuck is trying to get people, who probably work for minimum wage, fired from their job for not playing along with his fetish. disgusting and entitled.

No. 1926000

Reddit user Kaseffera says:

"Girls At Work Wearing Makeup After Me.

I’m new to this place. Work as a waitress. There’s bunch of girls and three guys with two butchy lesbian girls with totally no interest in makeup as they told me.

When I came (I did it in boy mode for some reason but it didn’t work) I did not use makeup for 2-3 days. Then started wearing it. Pretty simple: Moisturizing cream, mascara, black pencil under my eyes (at the ends) and orange eyeshadow. Very simple, 3 min in total, but it does its job.

So I started wearing it and bam, from the next day on one by one every girl started putting on the lipstick, pencil, cream. It was so funny! Girls never come to work without makeup now. I cannot just believe they always did but decided to stop it in my first 3 days for fun and then continue and comment each other “Oh, you are wearing makeup?”.

P.S. no, they still make less tips than I do. "

First comment?

"love it. You have raised the prettiness bar. They probably thought you going to get better tips now." By reddit user Kubario

:((emoji, redditspacing, no screenshots)

No. 1926003

Fuckin pointless male competition. They love it so

No. 1926005

File: 1699543026676.png (688 KB, 1579x3632, troon delusions.png)

Sage for blogging

As a former handmaiden, I think the main reason for this behaviour is that women are trained from birth to be "nice", especially to men. Obviously "nice" in this case just means to say whatever you think will make the moid happy. Adding to this, depending on where/when you grew up, you may have also been taught to give special extra-nice treatment to the mentally ill/challenged, and gay men; all of which I think we unconsciously lump troons with.

Post screenshots next time nonny, most modern browsers/operating systems have a built in ability to screenshot. If you don't want to save the image to your hd, you can usually just paste into Imgur after screenshotting. If you need to stitch multiple images together, you can do so at:

No. 1926006

>The Woke had already been discussing how "WOC" were considered masculine because of western beauty standards.
The conversation was and still is, with people who truly care, more on the line of it's harder for women who don't fit into whiteness to perform the "right" kind of femininity since racism and misogyny are tied. It was never about sex and black women being "clocked" as men. How the fuck did we end up here? Men parasite everything and make a gross parody out of it.

No. 1926007

Please do, I stumbled across his live yesterday. He ordered apple cobbler, ate like two bites after mushing it up into a mess, and said he didn't like it. I didn't stick around, but I suspect he was going to try to get a refund for it.

No. 1926010

File: 1699545045595.png (203.41 KB, 1658x884, image (1).png)

>"No, I'm just a good person and people appreciate that"

No, fucktard, it's because you're male. That's what the person you're replying to is fucking saying but you're too full of yourself to understand that.

Also fuck him for just assuming these women aren't as good at their job than him, but what's new.

No. 1926011

God they are all so retarded and delusional. This genuinely makes me angry kek

No. 1926012

Hmmmm… So the story is he started putting on eyeliner and suddenly these women had a revelation that makeup exists thanks to him? If this is true, I sure wish I could get some more information that isn't from a delusional gendie lol.

No. 1926016

A quick look on that retard's profile just shows that he jerked off too much to yuri hentai that he started to think he is an anime girl just like his animes
God, I hate that sub too, it is too obvious that they are all trannies pretending to be femcels

No. 1926017

There is longer version of that image with Kerry Washington looking frightened next to Dylan Mulanvey and I wish I had it now kek

No. 1926019

File: 1699546696714.jpeg (596.6 KB, 1170x1893, IMG_7957.jpeg)

how many stories can he possibly have about this shit

No. 1926020

File: 1699546758919.jpeg (287.05 KB, 1170x1782, IMG_7959.jpeg)

samefag, someone’s response to this post. i’m confused. if your language doesn’t have gender then why do you care about any of this lmao

No. 1926023

kekkk despite fiction writing being troons' main activity (after cooming) they never get better at it. first off why does he list "moisturizing cream" as make up and then claims that his coworkers started using cream too? how tf would he know? of course all of this is fake, but imagine being so self-centered that you think that someone starting something "new" a few days after you've met them means YOU inspired them to start it and they had never done it before?? and last but not least, the other delusional tranny in the comments going even further and claiming that his coworkers' boyfriends were complimenting him so the coworkers started doing their nails and eyeshadow like him kekk bc of course het men are super into nails and eye shadow and males in drag.

No. 1926024

Orange eyeshadow and black pencil under eyes kek what even is that make up.

No. 1926025

Back in reality, the shift lead/manager probably took the two actual women aside and told them “If the tranny can bother with makeup, so can you. Wear it, or I’m cutting your hours.”

No. 1926027

Faggots are just like that, they're so pornsick that they only elaborate thoughts when it's about fucking/being desirable and thus insult women based on that. They will never, ever get that women aren't that pornsick and the main thing that clocks them off instantly is their sex addiction, because we are smart enough to use arguments and not shitty "le sex xD" jokes when getting our opinions across. They deserve every stds and infection.

No. 1926035

This never gets old lmfao

No. 1926041

>Abuse for so many years
>Married a few months ago
There's no hope for people this retarded.

No. 1926050

im dying to see what this man looks like

No. 1926054

>troon claims he "inspired make-up monday"
Amazing, men encouraging women to wear make-up and feel insecure about their natural looks, how new and brave

No. 1926056

Exactly. He founded it so he could divorce his wife lol

No. 1926074

Didn't the husband in question abuse jk and then continue to stalk her after she left with her child who she was trying to protect? That makes this more sick. But in reality, i think he really could not think of a single damn clap back to say to JK. The only reason why HSTS troon out is because they are jealous of women in their ability to be effortlessly and freely express femininity, as well as the delusional hope that straight moids will want to fuck them. That's why pretty much all of them have a disgusting uncanny valley bimbo aesthetic. Nobody can hate these losers more than they already hate themselves with their internalised homophobia. I bet he would burst into tears if he talked to JK.

No. 1926075

Kek what is all of this?
>I have a pixie
So, short hair for men, good to know.
>I behave androgynously
What does that even mean?
>I just fit within that “lesbian girl we have at work” category
No words.
>…me being more open and silly
>fear in my eyes, tremble or start screaming
God I wish I didn’t have problems in my life like this moid so I could only worry about schizo shit out of boredom.

No. 1926079

The church of England is dying. British people are becoming more secular and for the ones who remain religious, there are other sects of christianity such as Catholicism that are more popular since they cater to a more diverse crowd of people without ever having to pander due to international success, not even getting to Islam, kek, but i know people who have converted from Islam to christianity and they always go for the Catholic church. This is a pathetic attempt to appeal to young zoomers and millennials to shed the image of them only catering to geriatric british people and of course cash in on the trend for some church at least in the US who cater towards LGBT. A fitting end for them, i hope Henry VIII is writhing around in his grave in anger lmao.

No. 1926094

File: 1699559407447.jpeg (41.16 KB, 680x382, got.jpeg)

misogyny aside, this is fucking cringe and soulless. the bubble he lives in where everything is dress up and sassy clapbacks with no connection to the real world.
yep and she mentions that in her genocide-inducing open letter that troons claim to have read

No. 1926108

It's hard to tell if he knows that and is being needlessly cruel or just an ignorant idiot.

No. 1926111

male on male violence and hatred is based though.

No. 1926114

I literally don't even understand what he's saying, even with subtitles kek.

No. 1926123

truth be told I think cowfarming and trolling is a mental illness symptom in itself. not a severe one but usually a sign of a mood or anxiety disorder flaring up for me. or when over or undermedicated or burnt out and so i'm looking for cheap distractions. i don't really care about these people when im doing really well. this isn't an insult by the way its just normal reality for most people. you can be an overall really well adjusted person and be in a funk. but my advice is you're better off admitting to yourself this is your "im in a funk" website and being on her a lot in a span of time is a sign something in your mental health is probably off kilter rn. you'll sort it out tho. generally the farmers are a lot more stable and socially adjusted on their bad days than many of the cows so that's probably why is comforting(there are threads in /ot/ for these kinds of posts)

No. 1926124

Thanks for that. No one cares.

No. 1926125

That entire post is still up and most comments are amazing though a some have already been removed. More and more people feel free to speak up. So good.

No. 1926128

So aggravating how many of these ugly HSTS narcissists act 10000% like camp gay men, and we're supposed to see that as being interchangeable with how women act.
Nah, this is the behaviour of a hyper-feminine MAN. No relation to women.

No. 1926131

File: 1699566700164.jpeg (184.22 KB, 1000x1000, spinny.jpeg)

wow i've never seen this many based comments on reddit, and upvoted ones. this made me feel relief tbh. so many peaked and in-the-process-of-peaking women in that thread.
>spinny dresses
kekkk and his response was "So I'm performing femininity incorrectly? Isn't that precisely what feminism is about?" good lord.

No. 1926134

He looks and acts like a drag queen. He should've stopped there kek.

No. 1926137

Between this and the gay men I've seen slamming TIFs in the fakeboi thread, Reddit is giving me a lot of hope right now kek.
Not even a pretty drag queen. Busted!

No. 1926140

File: 1699567506743.jpeg (221.21 KB, 684x1200, 649A278A-864F-49F1-BCA5-27F639…)

Apparently a 'rise in TERF rhetoric' has caused lesbians to start outright rejecting troons more.

Seethe, lads!

No. 1926141

This post is a bingo card kek
>Why do cis lesbians use this as an excuse?
It's not an excuse; they're same-sex attracted. You are a male and acting like one.
>It makes me feel like less of a woman.
You aren't a woman. Seethe.
>It hurts so bad to be rejected.
Tell it to your therapist. Lesbians don't own you access to their bodies just because it hurts your feefees.
>maybe it's terf rhetoric
Or maybe you're acting like a predatory rapist?

No. 1926143

File: 1699568453548.jpg (212.61 KB, 973x535, Screenshot_20231109_231920_New…)

One of the trannie couple here, couldn't get a better cap. On the right is the poor girl they groomed into trooning out, on the left is a trannie all too happy to have found a prey.
What do you wanna bet trannies must love that cult in some ways ? Lots of easy preys for them.

No. 1926144

File: 1699568629028.png (684.25 KB, 1186x667, Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 22-18…)

These guys set up Gorlock here with 20 different guys on blind dates, and they all turned his ass down lmao.

No. 1926148

what the FUCK is that

No. 1926149

No. 1926151

"A fat fucking ten" in his own words.

No. 1926152

Holy shit, it's like if Jabba the Hut trooned out. I'm laughing so fucking hard. This is hysterical.

No. 1926154

File: 1699569620502.png (1.21 MB, 1066x1116, Gorlock.png)

Gorlock is a fat troon who was on some red pill podcast. Somebody posted this tweet and the name took off. Also he said on the podcast that he could get any man he wanted and his occupation is "certified bad bitch"


No. 1926156

Trannie Jabba ..Nonna…my sides are obliterated kek. I'm dead.

No. 1926158

Here's Gorlock's 20 v 1 vid:

No. 1926159

>I did the world a FAVOR, i gave it MY world, MY thinking, MY magic, ME ME ME ME ME

No. 1926162


No. 1926168

>he could get any man he wanted and his occupation is "certified bad bitch"
holy shit the cope

No. 1926171

>he said on the podcast that he could get any man he wanted
Extra ironic as his other famous TikTok is him crying in the taxi because no one hit on him in the club kek.

No. 1926173

“Gorlock” is somehow the most fitting name this thing could ever have… also, these dudes look so uncomfortable kek

No. 1926179

This guy skeeves me out so bad. Is this real life? "This nonsense" is homosexuality, these women's sexual interests are nonsense to him- because they don't include him. "Trying to educate" grown ass women about their own sexuality. Barf. He's just a rapist. Might not have done the actual deed yet, but he thinks he's owed sex by women and it's just going to get more intense as he continues to be rejected. I'm gonna go see if I can find the post and see what the comments say.

No. 1926180

This is all women are to them. Literally breasting boobily, that’s it.

No. 1926182

Yeah seriously. What the hell happened to their “men can wear makeup and dresses too”?

No. 1926188

File: 1699573182138.jpg (97.32 KB, 400x680, F-PBotEWcAA4HSn.jpg)

Let us know!

Here's another on a similar theme. Troon compares anti-black racism post-emancipation to lesbians not being into his 'shenis'.

No. 1926191

The "Black women are masculine" argument is mostly due to the fact that historically, Black women have had to take on roles that were deemed inherently "unfeminine," the reason being that we literally couldn't work anywhere else (for obvious reasons). Yet even then, the distinction between male and female was made by even the most abhorrent, slave owning racists (even when Black slaves were referred to as animals, they differentiated between the male and female genders). It seems the issue here is that these people seem incapable of seeing the difference between "being seen as a literal man" and "having to take on the roles of a man," if that makes sense. Even when I worked in warehouses lifting boxes half my size, no man mistook me for one of them lol. Also, another thing they fail to realize is that Black people were fighting for their right to be seen as humans, you know, because of the whole slavery thing? An entirely different issue than wanting to fuck lesbians or wear makeup with long hair or whatever dumb shit perpetually online idiots whine about.(sage)

No. 1926192

File: 1699574147718.png (577.63 KB, 1186x666, 1699568629028.png)

No. 1926195

i would rather kms than be within 10 feet of that thing.

No. 1926199

I would literally hide in a hole for the rest of my life if men were this uncomfortable being next to me. Their entire body language is literally screaming "HELP."

No. 1926206


Honestly I'd love it and view it as a source of pride. I'd simply kill myself before I ever became blimp sized and beach ball shaped.

No. 1926208

File: 1699575641753.jpeg (8.71 KB, 206x167, EC7D3F88-9F12-4A9C-87CC-932DFF…)

No. 1926223


>It can't be a hard-wired response seeing as we know females are naturally drawn to the penis

Motherfucker just admitted he doesn't believe in female homosexuality. I fucking hate men. I'm truly a-logging in my mind right now and I don't feel bad about it at all.

No. 1926226

File: 1699577088585.jpg (1.21 MB, 1080x2756, Screenshot_20231110_014504_Chr…)

The whole subreddit is basically a trannie trying to convince lesbians to accept his dick or else.


No. 1926230

As a bitch who loves cult documentaries, ty so much for informing about this show nonna. I can't wait to watch all of the insane documentaries about internet-based cults that we're gonna get in the coming years. "I Am Jazz" was seen as an ~inspiration to queer youth~ in its first few years of existence, but as time goes on I think more and more people will reclassify it into the horror/cult/true crime reality show genre. There's already a docuseries about why "The Duggars" show was terrible, and how the family helped popularize an insane Christian cult. We are seriously gonna get so many troon groomer cult documentaries in the next 10 years.

No. 1926232

Kek at the subreddit name being derivative of r/itsafetish. Seething trannies really can't think of a better comeback than an inaccurate "no u". Trannies are fetishists, lesbians and feminists aren't.
This man is so bad that reddit being run by AGPs and their sympathizers didn't save him from having his account terminated kek.

No. 1926235

File: 1699577786573.jpg (1.21 MB, 1079x6111, Screenshot_20231110_015401_Chr…)

Continuing the saga of that nutjob trannie, I thought this piece of comment thread in his r/AskALawyer thread was hilarious. Outside of their hugboxes, they are just so dejected no one will play along to their deluded fetish. It's a shame he deleted his comments kek, but the answers in there give you a pretty good idea what was going on

No. 1926242


And of course, this sub hasn't been banned. Yet a sub called r/newHomophobia, recommended by someone calling out their homophobia, has been banned. Cool. I don't regret deleting my reddit acc

No. 1926243

Shoutout to all the trannies who constantly lie that troons never pressure lesbians into dating them and act like the cotton ceiling don't real.

No. 1926245

Reddit has an entire new sub dedicated to rape fetish, and the degenerate that created it came to post it in one of the few remaining women sub…so this is definitely mild kek. I have no idea how the board of directors of Reddit sees that and think this is a respectable company to put money on. This whole platform is a ticking bomb with all its degenerate content, bit it's still somewhat niche.
I deleted mine too nonna, it's a waste of time. Having yet another argument with scrotes trying to equate rape with "being at risk of being falsely accused of rape, whachabout meeee actually" £&#@£ I can't.

No. 1926246

A tranny I know IRL basically told me he was a lesbian who was only into 'female women', but now he got a botched frankengina and he's going to get a revision surgery and take a break from dating (creeping on biological female lesbians) "to spend time focusing on me". I feel bad for the guy; because before he got the chop I so badly wanted to tell him "DON'T CUT YOUR DICK OFF", but I couldn't, because that would have been tRaNsPhObIa. So now I can only kek at how he's ruined his own life and eliminated himself from the dating (and gene pool).

No. 1926248

The only upside to their Frankenstein surgeries. Let the degeneracy die with them.

No. 1926249

Don't feel bad about him, he's a misogynistic and homophobic predator. It's a good thing his dick and balls were cut off.

No. 1926258

I predict that in two to three weeks he will kill himself, because damn, looking like that and not actively trying to kill yourself is quite the crazy scenario to me, specially after getting rejected by 20 decent looking moids (which is what HSTSs care about). Also mega KEK at that thing’s name, are we sure they’re all for real? A part of me hopes this is some social experiment or some shit, kek.

No. 1926260

All of the actual women look so uncomfortable, lmao.

No. 1926261

>REEE why are all of the lesbians turning into TERFs
Because you radicalized them with all of your creepy nonsense. Along with everyone else.

No. 1926264

File: 1699581450939.png (85.33 KB, 568x454, 1681116849733.png)

Male fails to grasp the concept of female homosexuality, it must be a hot day in hell.

No. 1926269

You did the right thing by not warning him. A creep like that reaped what he sowed, he deserves to cut off his dick in a fog of coom only to realize how much of a fucking idiot he is afterwards. It's not like he would've listened to your advice anyway; this is a man who doesn't give a fuck about women's sexualities, what the hell makes you think he would heed a woman's advice?

No. 1926279

seethe! We have to say this now because we aren't even allowed to say no males in our fucking dating profiles.

No. 1926281

Does threadpic even count? Why is drag being brought into this

No. 1926284

He wasn’t a drag queen. He was an AGP cross-dresser sissy redditor who posted on mtf and fetish subs, including sissyfication images he made using minors from his congregation and fanfics about killing and replacing a woman he knows irl.

No. 1926289

just in case this >>1926284 isn't enough for you, he was also on hrt. why are so many nonnas afraid of drag being "brought into this" anyway? it's not like we're discussing drag shows, only the cross-dressers who get involved/defend the cult and act like trannies

No. 1926294

A lot of drag queens now are just straight up HSTS.

No. 1926316

his confidence is actually so insane that he would even agree to be on this video in the first place when the whole point is just to make fun of him.
>that things name
his actual name is allie and gorlock is the nickname given from the tweet

No. 1926318

File: 1699588084950.png (167.13 KB, 897x882, Screenshot (13).png)

God he's repulsive even by troon standards.

More has come out about this guy. He wasn't simply cross dressing. He wrote smut about killing a local women and assuming her life. Pic related is new information of other depraved shit he got into. Watch this fucker is going to be found to have CP on his hard drive. People have forgotten that men who crossdress, be they drag queens or trannies, are usually sex pests or mentally disturbed.

No. 1926319

Jesus christ the moids hosting this made it nearly unbearable. They made gorlock seem reasonable-ish in comparison

No. 1926349

File: 1699592662211.png (Spoiler Image,2.48 MB, 810x3339, Zincthorn142.png)

The ABDL-to-trans pipeline strikes again

No. 1926359

Nah it's all good. The documentary includes an interview with a TIF scholar of queer theory who informs viewers that transgenderism as a whole is definitely not a cult! The stories of transgenderism portrayed in this documentary have nothing in common with real trans people! At the very least, the people in this documentary who transitioned due to coercion are only a small minority of the total trans population!

Also they respect the male pronouns of the women who have been coerced into becoming men by the cult leader, very trans inclusive!

Also the end of the documentary mentions the 1% detransition rate!

No. 1926384

File: 1699603023362.jpg (82.15 KB, 720x747, IMG_20231110_085321.jpg)

No. 1926386

Yeah, you wore a dress for the first time at someone's wedding? What curious timing.

No. 1926395

Just finished it. The cult leader guy looks exactly like Simon from Eat Your Kimchi mixed with Chris from Mr. Beast.

No. 1926398

holy shit what a long way to say “i’m a raging misogynist and i want to force my dick onto women” fuck off breeder

No. 1926404

>Men think women not fucking them is oppression.
Y chromosome is a mental illness.

No. 1926406

Supporting the trans agenda gives that decrepit old bastard access to castrated children. Honestly checks out that a pedophile institute would be supportive of their brethren.

No. 1926407

Kek this is surely a contender for the next thread pic.
In any sane world, this subreddit would be banned for homophobia (and frankly, for 'heterophobia').
I keep seeing detransitioners who were transitioned as kids saying they were inspired by 'I am Jazz'. It's already a horrifying artefact of how we allowed horrific child abuse and experimentation to happen right before our eyes.
This whole thread has been gold kek.
I skim read his fanfic… the woman he skin walks is shocked because he's her 'exact double', and then he kisses and thanks her before throwing her to her death. It's like 5 chapters too.
Ngl this is kind of putting me off watching it, ugh.

No. 1926411

File: 1699613045946.png (964.19 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20231110_043628.png)

The "lesbian educator" is a sex offender (called it!), did time for sexual assault and tried to get into the women's jails, mental patient, been laughed out of the gynecologist, invaded women's sport (cycling), and as a cherry on top he says that fetishizing womanhood is a good enough reason to be considered a woman, somehow? He's the Forrest Gump of trannies, mfer has done it all!

No. 1926412

File: 1699613403367.jpg (90.89 KB, 1079x329, Screenshot_20231110_044828_Chr…)

Ooh and I found this! He's famous somewhere kek.

No. 1926417

Definitely not one of the analytically smartest people

No. 1926427

Thank you so much nonna for making this.
He 200% assaulted this coworker for sure. I don't even need to see the receipt, they wouldn't have convicted him if evidence wasn't uber strong. I really want to find the actual story now.

No. 1926432

File: 1699620185019.png (80.44 KB, 760x822, trannyiscrazy.PNG)

We need to find that youtube video. He definitely harassed that poor clerk at the store. Unsurprisingly, he describes himself as autistic kek.

No. 1926435

File: 1699620624493.png (15.68 KB, 731x160, copeandseethetranny.PNG)

Samefag sorry but kek at him making women who don't play nice with tranny retards about them "not wanting dicks in their safe space". They just cannot fathom that not everything is about them or related to their ~spuciual tranny dick~, can they ? It s wild how porn-rotted their brains are. Btw, if he really was the victim in the video and not the perpetrator, surely he wants the world to see what a poor helpless victim he is? He doesn't have anything to hide?

No. 1926436

>clerk simply looks at him normally
>this enrages him
>being behind a counter, she can’t see he’s wearing a skirt and she innocently and politely calls him sir
>he goes full IT’S MA’AM on her
>definitely does harass and aggressively threaten her
>has such a chimpout that it causes three people to try to stop him
>eventually requires security to physically remove him and ban him

No. 1926438

looking through his account makes me wanna a-log so bad

No. 1926439

File: 1699621223652.png (72.48 KB, 851x517, whyaretranniessoinsane.png)

It gets so much worse the more you dig. You can find his repulsive "fiction" in the below link (just excerpts) :

No. 1926441

>tries to complain about "fake" sexual assault accusations
>quickly brushes over the fact that he was both charged and convicted
beyond parody
>imposter syndrome
is it a syndrome if you're actually an imposter? sounds like he's just having a moment of clarity

No. 1926443

>is it a syndrome if you're actually an imposter? sounds like he's just having a moment of clarity
Kek nonna, my sides

Found one that is not the one we're looking (it's 4 years old) for but another tranny freaking out at checkout. Apparently, it's not a bug, it's a feature with trannies (vidrel)

No. 1926444

i feel terrible for his family. his wife not only has to contend with his fetish coming to light on a global scale and the fact that her own husband was secretly skinwalking her but now she and their children (assuming they have any) are likely pariahs in their town. people love to blame women for men's behavior and now that he is dead she alone will shoulder the blame for his degeneracy even if she knew nothing about it prior to his suicide. at this point it would probably be best to just move away and start over somewhere new.

No. 1926446

I absolutely hate how they always use imposter syndrome wrong, they LITERALLY are female imposters, it's not what the term actually refers to

No. 1926449

He claimed in his sermon that she knew, but who knows how true that is and how much he was just trying to hide behind that. He has a son from a previous marriage and was the step dad to his wife’s two daughters. His wife is also apparently a cheer coach, which makes that porn caption pic where he used the 15-year-old cheerleader ever more gross. I wonder if it was one of his wife’s students.

No. 1926451

File: 1699623537341.png (58.91 KB, 796x721, noway.png)

very rare picture of reddit having a moment of clarity in MtF.

No. 1926454

File: 1699624144693.jpg (859.29 KB, 1280x1914, tumblr_b08d9d3fc5355219e73510e…)

Based tumblr artist
Imagine troons stumbling over this they have no more logic to back

No. 1926459

Nonny, I can't read most of the writing on this; what's the punchline? I don't get it.

No. 1926460

>the terrifyingly long-ass arms of a brachiating primate

No. 1926465

This must be a selfpost because I agree with >>1926459 I can't read the writing kek

No. 1926466

sometimes i wonder how many of them say things like this ("sounds rapey") as part of their larp, but i know this is going too far kek, it's good that they're calling him out to some extent

No. 1926475

Same, cannot read any of it or make sense of it either.

No. 1926477

I have looked and looked! It happened in New York, at a workplace, where he was in the women's toilet and he claims she "fell into the stall onto him" and it was all a set up by the evil "cis" women. A tumblr comment (found a post about him, no new info tho besides reddit content) suggested kiwifarms says he's a troll or smth, but he's got a loooot of reddit comments so it'd be dedicated trolling over months and months. Maybe kiwifarms but I can't figure out how to get on there anymore. I really want to see the vid of this rapey POS throwing a fit in public kek

No. 1926480

thank you for looking nonna, I looked up on kiwifarm and the consensus seems to be that the video did not exist, at least no one over there ever saw it according to a recent post. I looked up there with his reddit name but there might be older messages (it would be circa 2021) where this was posted. I'm not familiar enough with their site so might have missed the actual post where it was mentioned - all I could find are recent mentions of spoon-feeding requests and people replying they did not think they ever actually found the video. They thought he pulled it (the reddit post) for attention. However, he did recount it in detail and that seems way too genuine in some ways to have been a troll post. As you said, he has hundreds of comments on reddit and a consistent history on what he talks about. I'll dig up a bit more to see if I can find anything.

No. 1926486

does anybody have the link to the video? i have to see this kek.

No. 1926497

lurk more :


That deserved a spoiler though. my eyes

No. 1926498

File: 1699633278155.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.64 MB, 3222x4296, IMG_7992.jpeg)

patti harrison is having a totally normal one over on instagram. is this so-called “comedy” in the room with us right now?

No. 1926499

i’m so deeply sorry you had to see that unannounced nonna i reposted and spoilered it. i thought i selected it the first time

No. 1926506

File: 1699634392206.png (3.4 MB, 1686x1130, Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 16.38…)

oh hes having a normal one

No. 1926513

>all this cope and delusion just because he can't take rejection
He could not be any more male if he tried.

No. 1926516

He's already killing himself with food. Also, i think he gets off on the hate, he streams on tiktok live and he gets nothing but hate.

No. 1926517

File: 1699635486193.png (27.7 KB, 941x289, selfowned.PNG)

That self-own had me in stitches

thank you so much nonna

No. 1926522

File: 1699636043290.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.61 MB, 3222x4028, IMG_8007.jpeg)

ayrt - i decided to browse the rest of his instagram when i saw this reply and i actually feel sick. look at the shit he posts.

is he stealth to the general public? i wont lie, the only reason i ever found out he was trans is because before i peaked, i decided to look at his wikipedia page after watching i think you should leave. i always thought he was just kind of an unfortunate looking woman who was putting on a weird voice in the name of sketch comedy. it’s so obvious to me now, but he (surprisingly) never talks about it, at least that i’ve seen. i feel like more people would be weirded out if they knew it was a man doing all of this and not an edgy “woman,” or maybe i’m just naive

No. 1926525

It's like if you had a documentary about how Warren Jeffs' FLDS Mormons are a horrible evil cult because they marry underage girls, do polygamy, and kick people out when they don't comply…but then the documentarians include interviews with mainstream Mormon church leaders who say "That's not what real Mormonism is about! Nobody's getting abused or exploited in the mainstream Mormon church!" as a counterbalance.

No. 1926528

File: 1699637507112.jpg (77.99 KB, 597x680, F-bSMN3WgAAOn1B.jpg)

Another deranged tranny posting his graphic rape fantasies.

No. 1926530

this is fucked up and disgusting and god I've reported but I bet they won't do anything

No. 1926534

Her tumblr blog says she's an ftm…maybe she's doing that edgy shit so that people say she's a man. Weird way to get gender euphoria.

No. 1926540

Why are trannies always into rape fantasies? I get being a degenerate because of weird brain wiring, some people are degenerates into, idk, farts and armpits, but being into rape to the point of describing that as a fantasy that’s supposed to be desirable is quite fucked up, I don’t care if that thing is a moid or a fucked up woman, it’s just weird to me how there’s people into stuff like “dead eyes” writing weird ass scenarios like those.
Like man, what the fuck is wrong with you and why are you still alive?
It’s still kind of funny though, posts like those are only more peaking material, it really shows how animalistic and unreliable they all are, because the ultimate utopia to trannies is a world where they can rape whoever and whatever they want whenever they feel like it for the sake of getting sex (because no one wants their ugly asses) and for the sake of humiliating women because both male trannies and female trannies just want to see women suffering.

No. 1926541

kek a former coworker of mine was exactly like these stereotypical gays and even told me he was a drag queen and doing representations sometimes. Once he yelled about how TWAW in the middle of the open space while talking to his straight bff and the clueless poc Muslim straight ally bff was asking if he would have sex with a transman in that case, after surgery of course. It was a genuine question, the poor guy really thought that it was possible for women to have an actual dick after surgery. Let me just say that the stereotypical gay coworker calmed down really quickly and started stuttering for the first time of his life while quietly lying that yes, he'd fuck a fakeboi too. He usually has a perfect elocution so that was jarring. He obviously lied when saying yes. Once we were talking about plastic surgery being sometimes partially paid by public health insurance under very specific circumstances, and I gave an example of when you have very small or very big breasts or how you can make your kids with these big dumbo ears get plastic surgery for free until they're 7yo in our country and for some reason he thought I was saying that bottom surgery for trannies was plastic surgery (it is but that wasn't the topic at that time) and he seethed so hard and avoided me until I quit for a better job. These people seem way funnier and confident on camera and they already look dumb as fuck. Imagine how they are irl when trying to act all sassy and imitating their favorite woc celebrities while saying that men are women.

No. 1926544

Wtaf did I just read. I feel violated just reading it omg.

No. 1926547

File: 1699641131458.jpg (351.73 KB, 1072x974, gross.jpg)

Pretty sure that one's a TIF, but depraved tranny Tumblr is nightmarish as a rule. They've been posted in these threads before, like >>1873842 and >>1873908

No. 1926550

My bad… at least it's still kind of relevant since it's the most self-defeating, misogynist hand-maiding in human history. Though wouldn't be surprised if it's one of those 'detrans fetish' moids either (like top right on that collage).
Yeah, I have a small collection of these fucked up fantasy posts now. The 'dead eyes' thing I've seen it porn comments, so probably connected. They fetishise women being hurt sexually so much that it does them irreparable damage (either physically or mentally).

No. 1926554

I feel like even posting this here at all is giving this retard attention that they don't deserve. They clearly want to get a rise out of people when the post shit like this. Fascinating how they can say these things with impunity while also demanding that anyone who misgenders a troon be fired.

No. 1926559

Absolutely vile. People who post disgusting shit like this never give a damn about digital footprint, but it'll come back to bite them in the ass later. Lmao at the implication that men with penises are the predator in every case. Lmao at their flawed asf logic. "You deserve respect no matter who you are… except for dirty cissies!"

No. 1926560

Look at the size difference to the actual female. Looks photoshopped kek

No. 1926561

That GoT moment was a fucked up commentary on people ganging up on a helpless female to humiliate her. I cannot fathom how this could ever be a fun costume to wear. What is next, sexual assault costume ?Ironically, with this costume, he's actually wearing the skin of a woman.

No. 1926565

We're afraid of "dick coming into our safe spaces," because the individuals with dicks commit 90% of violent crimes. Hope that helps.

No. 1926568

wtaf the top right one with the baby doll coming out is horrifying. remind me again how trans identity isn't a shield men use to mock and humiliate women? HSTS proving they're just as bad as the AGPs once again.
i remember seeing the image of him in the blue top before and thinking it was kind of gross/stupid but whatever, i could brush it off as some coomer humour (hoomer?) but it's clearly a pattern and fetish of his.

No. 1926570

Did we watch the same show? Cersei fucking blew up their church after that.

No. 1926579

File: 1699646470224.jpeg (186.7 KB, 1000x563, mruniversebankrupt.jpeg)

kek the TIM owner of 'Miss' Universe has filed for bankruptcy a week before the final show and just a year after he bought it

No. 1926585

File: 1699647060291.png (490.95 KB, 732x555, roem.png)

this guy ("danica" roem) has just become a state senator in virginia. i saw this photo in the NYT and clocked him immediately. his tshirt really winds me up
>you should smile more
as if this is something he has ever been hounded with. but he sees women complaining that they get told to smile all the time and thinks he can appropriate it, and act as if he is overcoming the same hurdles women have in politics.

No. 1926596

That beer gut doesn't lie.

Anon, did you really not see a naked woman paraded through the streets and repeatedly sexually and physically assaulted and abused ? Would this punishment be proposed for a man ?

No. 1926598

File: 1699648469106.jpg (313.05 KB, 659x874, Screenshot_20231110_213342_Chr…)

No matter what they do, they still look Uber male. If he's as depraved as your average tranny, watch out for his Reddit/Tumblr/twitter/whatever else to be unearthed.

No. 1926600

he was in a metal band where he had the same long hair and looks the exact same kek. vidrel is a music video he was in (he appears right at the end)

No. 1926601

He looks AI generated.

No. 1926603

File: 1699649364031.jpg (58.72 KB, 1050x699, esy-009620652.jpg)

So Hunter Shafer really looks he's going to play Carrie. I can't emphasize enough how much Carrie meant to me as a kid. It's disheartening to see it being disrespected, with that moment of righteous rage overshadowed by it's portrayal by a mutilated male who was created to cater to a pedophile's fantasy. This might be my 13th reason.

No. 1926606

a paragraph of a-logging
I don't know about you but this person makes me want to load up the rifle I don't have because they're not legal in this country. But if I lived anywhere near this creature I think I'd need one just to sleep at night. To think creatures like this are using oxygen, food and water that literally anyone else is more deserving of. If God was real this dude would have already recieved his very own personal lightning bolt to the heart.

No. 1926611

>searing pain of rejection…not of him, but of his penis
>women are drawn to penis (even lesbians) for unexplained reasons despite even most straight women agreeing dicks are gross
>lesbians rejecting penis is a moral failing but nobody questions gay men this way
>a whole paragraph about how we as a society need to accept his penis and we need to warp reality in order to do so
If an alien landed on earth and wanted a cliffnotes on the male brain, this post would be a good place to start

No. 1926616

All the retards saying it's not about a uniquely female inner rage.

No. 1926620

Well it could be troon rage. Pushed out of the girls' locker room for being a boy, denied prom queen status because of being a boy… and taking it out on innocent people. Sounds trans enough to me.
(I am actually annoyed at this though. Stop ruining good female roles.)

No. 1926623

With any luck it’ll be an abysmally embarrassing failure for all involved. Not that won’t stop trying to push tranny bullshit, but it’ll be funny.

No. 1926628

File: 1699653267870.jpeg (706.19 KB, 1173x1019, IMG_2471.jpeg)

I’m so sick of hearing about Hunter Schafer, now all these ass kissers keep posting about how he should be Zelda, i haven’t forgotten that weird creepy map he posted where he talks about needing to be raped/consumed by a man since of course that’s all being a woman amounts to…seriously who the fuck are these 36k likes agreeing with this shit, i hope the majority of those are bots

No. 1926630

If he plays Zelda or Carrie then Shinji must be in a superhero movie playing some buff tall guy. If they gonna fuck things up for women, then they should fuck things up for men too by putting Ellen Page to be Lobo or whatever

No. 1926636

File: 1699654219817.jpg (493.33 KB, 1080x2956, Merged_document.jpg)

Tranny fanfiction about being sexually harassed. He's not even trying - how would you even hear with a leaf blower??#thattotallyhappened

No. 1926637

they're also suggesting ellen page should be Link kek

No. 1926640

File: 1699654869071.jpeg (175.1 KB, 973x543, redditman.jpeg)

kek all his posts are fanfic
>luna scarlett
very normal name definitely not porn inspired. he just wants to live a normal life i'm sure and isn't desperate to be fetishised to the point where he is making up scenarios in his mind and posting them online.

No. 1926641

File: 1699655087682.gif (Spoiler Image,7.48 MB, 400x314, Tumblr_l_1774368211543144.gif)

Not surprised. Predatory moid who made weirdass amateur shock films.

No. 1926644

He's fishing hard. Boycott if that happens. Hopefully it won't be another Carrie
Kek nonna exactly. He's not even trying, between the yellow teeth + gap and horrifying outfit.
Wtaf ??? And burgerland fags are cool with electing that scrote ? What?

No. 1926652

File: 1699657316321.png (966.88 KB, 1318x699, Dan.png)


His band is a macho drunk party thrash thing, a wannabe Municipal Waste or DRI or what have you. Their slogan is "slightly unsober since 2006." So embarrassing.

No. 1926658


where's the gif from?

No. 1926664

2006?? What are they, in their 40s? Cringe

No. 1926667

Urban Flesh

No. 1926678

File: 1699661742967.jpg (28.03 KB, 400x400, 52532.jpg)

Minor troon, but spotted this specimen who's a senior associate editor at DC Comics. Particularly annoying as he's on a book where they've clearly tried to make the team mostly women. If you scroll through his Insta, you can roll back time to when he was a normal looking nerdy guy, rather than an ugly sideshow.

No. 1926681

Remakes of classic 60s/70s horror movies universally suck, anon. The industry knows they suck and is just hoping that casting a tranny will put woke butts in seats. Whatever they shit out will be forgotten after like a year, while the original will eternally remain. The same was the case for Psycho, the Exorcist, Dawn of the Dead, etc. The original Carrie will always be the authoritative version; all we have to do is ignore Tranny Carrie like the pathetic cashgrab it is and not give it any attention. The studio is trying to pull a Ghostbusters 2016 and cause a controversy for free promotion– don't fall for their ploy.

No. 1926683

His quote makes it sound like he knows nothing about Zelda at all. Fake gamer boy.

No. 1926684

File: 1699662671250.png (27.12 KB, 676x254, danica sings.png)

No. 1926687

My siiiiiiides

No. 1926694

I am so irritated that they have this troon instead of hiring more women. Simultaneously, a lot of women who are into comics are gendies or drunk on the tra koolaid, so often they tend to sound alike when being tasked to write capeshit. It's infuriating.

No. 1926695

kek based if true but you never know with these paranoid mythomaniac trannies

No. 1926699

Nintendo would never let this happen… right?

No. 1926701

I went to one of his comedy shows once, was dragged by a friend and I didn't know a single thing about him. Did not laugh once, and this was pre-peaking. His jokes just aren't funny and terminally online. It just felt like every "joke" was pulled directly from a twitter post. Can't remember anything specifically, but I do think there was a powerpoint about his trauma at some point. There was a couple rape jokes thrown in. My handmaiden friend was all "you just don't get her humour!" but I just couldn't bring myself to laugh at all the unfunny, unoriginal jokes.

No. 1926703

File: 1699664602582.jpeg (931.24 KB, 1242x1331, IMG_9730.jpeg)

Guess what the comment section is infested with. Adding link if someone else finds milk here


No. 1926704

File: 1699664629476.jpeg (321.36 KB, 1242x823, IMG_9731.jpeg)

No. 1926708

Looked through OP's timeline (a black febfem, looks like) and I'm 90% sure she's just shitposting. The troons are all responding as if she's 100% serious, of course.

No. 1926718

Though I'm not a lesbian, those comments genuinely make me sick

No. 1926719

File: 1699666934909.jpeg (Spoiler Image,73.34 KB, 1080x450, IMG_4731.jpeg)

When did Darwin write about rot pockets?

No. 1926721


The post creator isn’t that cringe, comments are. Lesbians can’t even shitpost without trannies thinking it’s 100% serious and that we secretly crave dick.

No. 1926725

File: 1699667808415.jpg (2.74 MB, 1079x9083, Screenshot_20231111_024605_Sti…)

It totally never happens, trannies assaulting women is a myth etc
Green was briefly discussed in a previous thread. The oldest rape crisis center in Canada (Vancouver) lost their funding because they refused to entertain a fetishist moid who insisted to handle calls, for which he was clearly not equipped nor relevant. Because of that sort of shit, shelters are being pressured to accept sex pests that can use what should be a safe space as their playground with easy preys.

No. 1926728

Yeah no way he played any of the games. He told the interviewer "Zelda? Oh, like an elf? That'd be cool" She's not an elf, she's a Hylian

No. 1926732

I don’t even want to know what retarded shit is being implied here

No. 1926736

File: 1699669580394.jpg (91.01 KB, 629x460, Untitled.jpg)

they hate women so much

No. 1926738

File: 1699669815136.png (11.5 KB, 495x90, 182942.png)

ok but she's amazing. just full-on not bothering to delete it while also not engaging and simply moving on because whiny trannies are not worth the effort. everyone here, please take note, this is the ONLY way to deal with troons. just fully ignore them and continue on. they are not worth your attention, brain power, nor any controversy you may make worse by bothering to reply.

No. 1926739

File: 1699669830117.jpg (14.73 KB, 474x248, th-3785353430.jpg)

Not sure if he's a girl now, but I feel like the shoe's gonna drop at some point.

No. 1926740

nah d'angelo's been using feminine styling for awhile. he's just super gay

No. 1926743

File: 1699670120867.jpg (247.25 KB, 1080x935, Screenshot_20231111_033526_Chr…)

And the most retarded take of the year award for MtF goes to…

No. 1926746

File: 1699670494233.png (99.36 KB, 588x831, 184139.png)

so glad more women are losing fear of being twansphobic as time goes on

No. 1926750

I mean there are plenty of women that willingly lower themselves to sleeping and forming romantic relationships with these creatures. I can't conceive of the mindset and headspace of a woman that would do so, though.

No. 1926755

doubtful that the catcalls are real but if they are, he doesn't realize that he's being mocked.

No. 1926768

if they did make a zelda movie it would probably be animated like mario was

No. 1926772

comments like this by ego-bloated, oh-so-enlightened males make me see red. your average bible-thumping creationist would not be critical of gender, they would be a fundie christian "women were made to serve men" gung-ho-gender-roles type. the angling of gc arguments as equivalent to fundie christian brainrot is unfathomably disingenuous. you have to laugh because anyone with half a brain who has studied evolution would be able to comprehend how flimsy the concept of gender is (the audacity of attempting to claim that "female is a feeling" when male/female sexual determination in eutherian mammals was laid down by evolution–divorced from any human dressings of gender–200 million years ago). these are the worst breed of moids, the ones who position themselves as the enlightened caste dispensing sacred wisdom of higher spiritual and scientific philosophy to the lowly masses while willfully or ignorantly obfuscating any common sense with such stupid comments as "my fetish for skirts and hormones is real and a consequence of evolution". sorry nonnies for the sperg I'm a biologist and this pseudo-science shit from moids absolutely exhausts me.

No. 1926791

File: 1699681792036.mp4 (19.81 MB, 9 16 23 Under Nypd S Abuse Cli…)

crazy tranny needs to be institutionalised

No. 1926794

Well unfortunately Nintendo announced it'll be a live action movie on Tuesday, that's why it's being discussed at all and why the idea of this troon as Zelda is going around. I don't think he'll get the part but it's disheartening to see so many idiots saying he'd be better for the role than an actual woman

No. 1926797

>I'm a biologist and this pseudo-science shit from moids absolutely exhausts me.
Same and same. All this shit feels like an attack on our field directly and specifically.

No. 1926799


>women: I wish we didn't have to live with the threat of violence from males wanting to skinwalk as us and invade our spaces

>tims: I wish I couldn't open jars uwu

No. 1926801

File: 1699684149798.jpg (23.88 KB, 500x375, kjkjkj.jpg)

lmfao why does he sound like him?

No. 1926808

>fun fact! we can
This is so disgusting
He looks ready to star in a 90s children's comedy. The fact he started out posting art, went to commentary, and now troonism is proof that the internet really is a slippery slope into depravity for the weak minded.
I am a woman with pathetic, weak ladyhands and I have no problem opening jars, but his mom is based for casually triggering his dysphoria in this way

No. 1926821

File: 1699688313789.jpg (74.34 KB, 673x675, 6gq5z5h50qwb1.jpg)

If they gave every TIM an exploding collar that explodes if they mention being trans, would there be any tims left?

No. 1926825

>by a mutilated male who was created to cater to a pedophile's fantasy.
You're a retard. Carrie is written by an old pedofillic man whose entire body of work is the pedophilia of girls and the abuse of women. If you read deeply into a perverted old mans envisioning of a pubescent girl, you're a retard.

No. 1926826

File: 1699689611003.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1284x1580, IMG_1812.jpeg)

kek they are peaking women once again just by their nasty behaviour

No. 1926827

Xqc flow

No. 1926829

No. 1926841

File: 1699696179296.jpg (1008.23 KB, 1080x2659, Screenshot_20231111_104119_Chr…)

>All my friends at work loved my hair and asked me when i could do it for them, they made me feel so good
No they did not.
>I was so proud, I felt like a kid the first time she ties her own shoes
Pedo shit something something
>I'll be laughing my pretty little tail off when your wife divorces you when she finds you playing with your little vienna sausage while looking at pictures of girls like us.
Kek, the porn-fried brain strikes again.
Oh please, you ~shpeciul gurly gurl~, tell us, what did that poor customer do to spite you this much? Call you sir?

No. 1926843

Imagine showing the replies to this to a person that's outside of that sphere. You'd probably have to spend at least 20 minutes trying to convey why OP is being called transphobic. It just has big "this would kill a victorian child" energy.

No. 1926845

Men are always desperate to pretend people hate them because they want to fuck them rather than because they are narcissistic degenerates and rapists. Male projection is insane. It's the same incel cope they project, the old "I hate people because they won't fuck me, therefore everyone who hates me hates me because I won't fuck them" . Men literally cannot comprehend their actions having consequences and one being that the people around them hate them for the things they say and do.

No. 1926854

Can anyone ITT understand what he's saying?

No. 1926858

File: 1699698788512.jpeg (41.58 KB, 1080x345, monty.jpeg)

at this point he is probably just trolling. or using "humour" to deflect from the truth that troons have a shaky artificial identity that is not only a result of peak capitalism and consoomerism, but reliant on it. it's all ideology and fantasy. their material reality is being male and buying dresses, makeup, hormones and surgery.

No. 1926863

Kek, all men have in their arsenal is poorly constructed projection/darvo. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

No. 1926869

File: 1699701412470.png (61.03 KB, 705x367, cult.png)

i haven't watched the doc yet but noticed a lot of coping going on in the media kek.

No. 1926875

They mean Hunter, you goon.

No. 1926888

File: 1699705269696.png (346.66 KB, 1080x1375, Screenshot_20231111-131837.png)

>crazy terfs think every man is out to rape them
>I, a troon, feel murderous rage because I'm an outcast and mentally ill

Not beating the dangerous male accusations any time soon it seems. Maybe the terfs are right to be uncomfortable around your unhinged ass?

No. 1926897

Wish they would stay home so nobody has to look at them. Just recently saw a disgusting hulking TIM walk around in a sports bra with his hairy beer gut hanging out.

No. 1926906

>women are justifiably afraid of a crime that happens disproportionately to them committed disproportionately by men
>how do i make this about me?

No. 1926914

I really think they don’t get it. They act like this notion is one women are just meant to accept and get over as though most of us haven’t had more than a handful of scary or threatening moments brought to us by the hands of random men. There was a time I stopped walking around my neighborhood at all because I had three incidents in a short period of time in which I was followed by different men driving in their car or truck. One of them asked me to get in his car so he could “take me to dinner”, one of them honked repeatedly before speeding past and yelling at me, and one of them slowed down and made that tongue in a v symbol before he blew cigarette smoke out the window into my face. I was always covered up head to toe too, so I was never “asking for it”. But it was scary and every time I go out I feel like there’s a target on my back. These men think women just fear this shit for no reason. Trust me, I’d love to be able to go on nice little walks where the worst thing that could happen is small talk, but I legitimately want to keep my life intact. They can’t understand this fear that most women develop as children and keep for life because they haven’t been exposed to these frightening moments with men that really do start occurring when you’re a little girl and continue until you die.

No. 1926926


I doubt it. If they have any sense and want it to be as good/popular as Mario, they wouldn't do something so controversial and non-family-friendly. Live action and the source material skews a lil older target demographic than Mario, but it's still a Nintendo franchise and I doubt they'd put a man in a woman's role, especially one with such a skeezy online footprint because that's risking so much just to placate a specific type of internet nerd. Selling a couple extra trannies tickets wouldn't make up for swaths of families not going to see it or buying merch.

Carrie remake, otoh, yeah that's totally possible. Eugh. Hope not.

No. 1926928

Seconded. They don't realize these things start happening to us when we are walking home from elementary school. It underscores every movement we make. I have had men see me outside my apartment getting the mail and come knock on the door. I have been on my own porch and been sexually harassed. Sometimes it's a nice day and I have free time for a nice walk, but I live in a busy area which means I can't even peacefully walk down the street I live on. Life on easy mode.

No. 1926932

the only TIMs that are in any real danger of being attacked alone at night are sex workers, and it will be a result of a dangerous situation that all sex workers are put in, homophobia and possibly racism (most likely statistically speaking). that's why AGPs can walk around in short skirts, heels and fetish gear and be completely safe but will also make a lot of women feel threatened in the process. they may get mocked or threaten by homophobic men but unlike women, they can keep a low profile. it doesn't matter what women wear to face much worse attention.
they know all women are more vulnerable for a different reason but because it's based on our sex (biology) it automatically becomes a "terf" thing. the fear every girl feels from a young age about walking home alone (because of her own experience or from someone close to her) must be overblown because TIMs are the "exact same as women" and men have never felt that fear so it must not exist. only terfs would say it does!

No. 1926934

No creeper will start harassing someone who probably towers over them and has twice as wide shoulders. The easiest way to debunk that creepy old men or homeless harassers should be excused because they act irrational and completely unpredictable is that they always manage to target the young women they don't expect to fight back who pose no physical threat.

No. 1926935

one of the times i ended up staying at home for a few weeks because i was feeling scared was after being flashed. and the guy who flashed me was a cross dresser (heels, fishnets, wig, lacey bra, trench coat) this was back in 2017 but i just know he is probably legally a "woman" now. he was terrifying. and i'm sure he wouldn't want women to feel too scared to walk alone because then who would he prey upon?

No. 1926961

Yeah this is how I read his post, like the people who complain about people taking normal safety precautions for their kids, like why are you questioning other people's safety procedures unless they interfere with the crimes you want to do?
They have also never felt vulnerable in the way the nonnas above have, not just because they're male but because they're ugly as shit. Nice looking moids get harassed too when they're under 25 and look more feminine.
These shitheads are so fucking ugly they dream of getting harassed, and also want to be the ones doing the harassing.
>Asked me to get in his car
The way they prey on women exactly the same way pedos prey on kids is so revolting and eye-opening. Genuinely feels the same when you get trailed and followed by cars and men.

No. 1926969

You should, I was flabbergasted by the reddit. He sits with his little white dog in his lap, vigorously pets it, then pulls a little white dog hair out of his soup and insists it's not his dog's and he should get his food for free. I can't find the exact post to post caps sorry

No. 1926976

File: 1699726487884.png (1.03 MB, 1161x660, 1699252823051.png)


No. 1926977

File: 1699726534744.png (831.05 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_20231111-131432~2.p…)

Going through the comments on the lilytino account. At the very least the majority of people are calling him sir and making fun of him, it seems kind of rare for anyone to actually like him or refer to him as a woman. It's hilarious that he keeps comment on

No. 1926981

That's what I thought this was at first.

No. 1926987

File: 1699728781359.png (423 KB, 968x517, nick contino.png)

we really need a thread on him. i don't mind making it if anyone has suggestions for threadpic and basic info?
>real name Nick
>former drug addict

No. 1926995

Of course he's got a nonconsenting women in the bg even though he could have easily cropped her out without compromising any of his super super sexy super pretty selfie

No. 1926996

File: 1699731337765.jpg (18.25 KB, 216x384, legozlvjlfwb1.jpg)

Maybe too revolting but obvious choice is picrel

No. 1927005

my upper body strength is pretty weak but i still manage to open jars. trannies stop using anime as a life goal challenge

No. 1927011

Not this one makes me ill to look at

No. 1927013

Was about to post this with what you said. I swear troons get away with the most heinous of misogyny.

No. 1927015

found an old video of his

No. 1927016

File: 1699733957912.jpeg (485.59 KB, 1169x2180, IMG_3497.jpeg)

I found this troon and everything about him makes me sad. He’s a fat hideous beer gutted old white man whose friends are mostly young black girls who style his wigs, makeup, eyebrows etc. Of course, all he follows are young women, other tims and sissy feminization fetish accounts. it makes me so mad knowing how those well-meaning girls probably pitied him since he’s an obvious hulking ogre and treat him like a gay best friend when he’s clearly getting off on them ‘feminizing’ him. He’s only friends with all of these young women for the coom.

No. 1927017

Former drug addict becomes histrionic tranny restaurant grifter just to get free food and publicity, he’s like a chuck palahniuk character come to life

No. 1927018

File: 1699734179349.jpeg (784.05 KB, 1169x2371, IMG_3496.jpeg)

Looking through his photos you can see that he asks every young woman he comes across to take a selfie with him. He also used to exclusively post these uncanny valley edited photos of some random woman to catfish but said they were faceapp pictures of himself? maybe he morphed his face into her and then put it through the female filter a few times idk but it’s creepy

No. 1927021

File: 1699734331087.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1169x2387, IMG_3500.jpeg)

No. 1927027

No. 1927045

What in editing hell

No. 1927049

can we find the video he's talking about? I'd love to see it kek

No. 1927064

AGPs that create these digital skinsuit collections are definitely some of the scariest types of men out there. They're right up there with men who fixate on specific women or girls, like the Björk stalker or that old guy who was obsessed with JonBenét Ramsey.

No. 1927078

File: 1699742555475.jpeg (404.31 KB, 828x1337, 5CC79E9D-EE99-4815-92ED-6264D7…)

>that happened

No. 1927080

Look at how most of them aren’t smiling with their eyes. So obvious they feel uncomfortable around this creep.

No. 1927109

File: 1699747094179.jpg (54.45 KB, 286x255, Screenshot_20231112_005759_Chr…)

He's such a creep. Look at his gigantic chimp hand on that poor woman's breast. He's vile.

No. 1927162

FYI, that "It's Ma'am" vid was everywhere when it first went up. Anyone who was active then in gc, anti-troon, or troon circles saw it.

No. 1927190

Yeah I can imagine that. First time for me seeing it, I'm a recently peaked nonna.
I'm still trying to see if the other video >>1926477 actually existed, so far no luck.

No. 1927293

If that happened which I doubt, then probably the reason why now they are forced to wear makeup are because of him but not for the reason he thinks: their boss probably made a comment on how "you "should" wear makeup just like troon or else"

No. 1927302

File: 1699787261651.jpg (402.94 KB, 810x1646, Screenshot_20231112-034955_Chr…)

Maxi pad euphoria

No. 1927305

File: 1699787392182.png (2.79 MB, 1622x2877, iwannabetreatedlikeaprincess.p…)

Because womanhood is being a delicate, idle, spoiled princess

No. 1927309

>I just want head pats and doors held open for me
I want to fight him

No. 1927327

no woman wants to wear a pad or grows up waiting for the moment they can. it's like wanting to get a band aid without actually cutting your finger. it's the most obvious one dimensional role play, absolutely vile. just another thing for this moid to jerk off over

No. 1927336

It’s so obviously a fetish with that “wOmEn LivE oN EaSy MoDe” bullshit. I don’t know ANY actual women who lie around on sofas being coddled and catered to all day. Women irl are workers, leaders, mothers, caretakers, and perform a ton of other labor that moids don’t even recognize as labor. And no tf we’re not getting “showered with love and support” all the time, what planet are you on? Just admit you’re a typical lazy useless failmale who wants to be rewarded for doing nothing and go.

No. 1927342

Kek at "the evil TERFs think I embrace gender roles but I don't! I just think girls live life on easy mode and wish I was weak and dainty!" Wish handmaidens could see him saying that the majority of TIMs are just misogynists that got their idea of womanhood from catgirl hentai.

No. 1927344

File: 1699796548375.mp4 (7.68 MB, 720x1280, 5439813-bf5d0a0224524440c8c00a…)

I have no idea what he's saying, but holy shit. Look at this specimen.

No. 1927346

KEK it's Choke + Invisible Monsters

No. 1927382

wtf?? his moobs look like a massive pair of testicles. i'm gonna hurl

No. 1927398

He is telling women that go to the gym that they shouldn't focus on the scale, because muscles weight more than fat, so nothing outrageous or special.
However goddamn that's quite the uhh overall appearance

No. 1927432

Normie reactions to this guy’s an heroing (the ‘dangers of outing’) remind me of his gay dudes who got killed or targets by serial killers were (and are) given so much sympathy for ‘not being able to report’ because they have wives and families. Fuck those scrotes, maybe if they didn’t use and abuse women they wouldn’t have painted themselves into a corner. I’m glad they died.

No. 1927433

"Head pats" in what fucking universe is this a thing people do to grown women in the real world? They literally want to be anime lolis it's so vile.

No. 1927486

File: 1699819498714.mp4 (4.66 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_723460877696647505…)

ok humpty dumpty in a shitty wig

No. 1927496

File: 1699821847434.jpeg (322.35 KB, 1170x1836, 8B99A7FC-9656-40DD-9357-80D286…)

Humpty dumpty was hulking and tall
Humpty dumpty hated his balls
Despite the yass lighting from the handmaidens
Humpty would never be woman

No. 1927498

The levels of cringe in this image is insane. Why would anyone ever post

No. 1927532

File: 1699826353340.png (1.55 MB, 1082x1888, chrome_screenshot_12 Nov 2023 …)

No. 1927541

he looks like he has fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 1927546

ily nonnie the only thing that could make this better would be yellow ass teeth

The gunt is where he stores his extra chromosome.

No. 1927568

What an incredibly stupid thing to do.
The lack of shame is one of the worst qualities to narcissistic troons.

No. 1927581

Seriously. I can’t even remember the last time a stranger held a door open for me. Their idea of the life women live is pure fantasy.

No. 1927587

File: 1699831728394.png (73.61 KB, 250x250, Carl_Wheezer.png)

This is what he looks like

No. 1927594

>if you don't see trans joy it's because trans people don't trust you to see their joy
WTF does that even mean? If you're happy it shows. Why would anyone purposely want to hide they are happy because you don't trust strangers on the internet to see your joy? What does he think they are going to do with his "joy"?

No. 1927658

Honestly I hold doors open for strangers more than I get it in return. Just at the store when they're coming in after me, I feel like most women are trained into that kind of behavior, just to be especially considerate of those around you

No. 1927671

File: 1699841630675.png (220.61 KB, 1080x1044, Screenshot_20231112-211114-925…)

Saged for non milk but imagine lying this hard. Arching feet?!

No. 1927676

File: 1699841905124.png (354.73 KB, 748x624, Endometriosis South Coast #WOW…)

Why are these stupid ass companies hiring MEN in dresses to lead women centred charities? WHY? Especially someone that has called women cunts before??


No. 1927729

>isn't it ridiculous that I've got to my 40s before any medical professionals even mentioned endometriosis?!"
yeah mate it's probably the bollocks that stumped them on that one

No. 1927739

File: 1699848564978.jpeg (173.84 KB, 705x1163, 1ED2ECD1-25E7-4E7C-9D37-DEBEF8…)

hell world

No. 1927741

These guys will deny 100% medical fact just to write these dumb ass posts and indoctrinate other dumb ass moids into mutilating themselves for a complete lie

No. 1927743

>3500 usd for a fully animated movie
these people are going to get scammed kek that shit looks AI+traced probably from akio watanabe's artwork

No. 1927750

"You look happy"

"Go fuck yourself"

No. 1927764

File: 1699852794758.jpeg (97.66 KB, 982x1006, IMG_2240.jpeg)

>see guy still goes by “Colin”
>”things don’t go exactly as planned”
>”critical look”
>naively think maybe this is going to be anti-trans somehow
>check his twitter
Yeah no, I don’t even know why I have misplaced optimism. He comes off as a “recently cracked egg” who will probably continue going forward with transition. And he will look horrific considering this is how his friend draws him.

No. 1927787

This chatacter is basically just a Di Gi Charat recolor

No. 1927788

File: 1699859687506.gif (6.13 MB, 540x267, tumblr_63855f095307f15b3d98b20…)

I guess they're taking the Barbie movie seriously now and think women actually are born with feet meant for high heels. Troons are next level gullible.

No. 1927791

Wow. This has to be the blandest cat girl design ever. The irony of his character looking like the one from Puru Puru Pururin or Di Gi Charat who are joke characters made for making fun of creepy otakus loving underage idols with cat ears.

No. 1927793

short tendons are what makes it easier to wear heels, not arched feet. most pain from wearing
heels is because your achilles can't relax itself. but no one actually seems to know that.

No. 1927794

File: 1699861789793.png (1.44 MB, 882x1442, Capture d’écran 2023-11-13 à…)

No. 1927799

i'm half convinced someone who hates troons is writing this to make them seek out more surgeries to fuck themselves up more and more

No. 1927802

I was thinking the same thing, the lies are just so extreme to the point of parody. Claiming they will turn into barbie with arched feet, "orgasms, boobs, ass" apparently the pelvis will widen of its own accord if they start early enough (any ideas what the pelvis widens to accomodate or why we have anterior tilt, lads? Any clues? Rhymes with "tomb"), the lies about their colon/reverse penis rotpocket being self cleaning and being the same as a vagina.
There must be cis man or woman behind these accounts laughing to themselves. Even the most delusional tranny knows most of this is impossible.

No. 1927803

Samefag, could also be cis dudes with transformation/bimbofication fetishes where people fucking themselves up to the extreme is part of the fetish, definitely ulterior motives for some of these posts either way. An actual tranny who takes HRT knows there is like a 3% difference after a year, add another 100 years to that and he still won't turn into barbie.

No. 1927812

It could be a post-srs troon who wants to take more men down with him as "punishment" (to troons as a community) for making him troon out and get his dick cut off and life ruined. Post-srs troons always lie about how great and perfect everything is to other troons (and they must know they're lying because they'll post about their complications too) and I really think part of it is that they don't want to be alone in having done this stupid shit, they'd rather others get hurt too just so they look less stupid. Because it's better to be one of many who were fooled than to be the one single person who was stupid enough to do it you know?

No. 1927819

File: 1699870655637.jpeg (1.78 MB, 3000x3000, welldrawnfish.jpeg)

a segment of a comic by Well Drawn Fish
>being a woman = knowing how to apply the perfect makeup
>compares learning to do make up to "going through puberty again"
>troon still looks like an ugly man after applying make up
>feels entitled to chimp out

No. 1927822

File: 1699871005203.png (59.72 KB, 558x332, welldrawnfish tumblr.png)

samefagging to add that a lot of women called him out for this on tumblr and his reponse was hilarious. he called the women's arguments "reductive" (kek) and compared them to ben shaprio and jordan peterson. and that they were pushing trans people towards suicide of course. the bit in picrel is the most deluded though. comparing the experiences of men with a fetish to "a woman in war-torn syria" and gay women. good lord

No. 1927824

File: 1699871343310.jpeg (18.08 KB, 563x482, 1671582247169.jpeg)

OMG no fucking way. this is my local fucking endometriosis support charity. I hadn't seen this yet jesus christ. and I recall this man from a thread last year. he is so sinister and always inserting himself (pardon the expression) into feminist groups and now women's health groups. really think i might have to complain to them about this. ARGH

No. 1927826

yes do it, make sure to write in to complain every time a troon takes over a female space you care about

No. 1927827

i have never applied make up i guess i am a man now

No. 1927834

Honestly, it doesn't even matter who is behind these posts, what matters is how they're received by the community. Lies about what can be attained through HRT are so common on trannies' subs but they never seem to get downvoted. You'd think that well-intentioned mods/redditors would warn others about misinformation on medical matters. So many posts sound like bait/troll because they're full of lies, projection and blatant misogyny but they're rarely ever criticized, at most they don't get much traction. It says a lot about their community. They lie even to each other and they're not able to discern when someone is trolling bc troons are basically allowed to say whatever they want, even vile or crazy shit, and they remain the victims who know the Truth and the Advanced Science.

No. 1927836

File: 1699874394845.jpg (409.73 KB, 810x1617, Screenshot_20231113-031001_Chr…)

The consensus would appear to be chaser because at least chasers sexually validate them:

No. 1927843

>"I'm more likely to be murdered by a woman than a depraved man who sees me as an object"
I don't think even the most statistically unusual of women would say something like this in earnest.

No. 1927849

fellas is it totally girly and female to hate the woman instead of the man?

No. 1927851

Ah yes, The Chasers. Because no man has ever had the "I fucked another man, I'm a faggot" post-nut clarity and reacted poorly.

No. 1927853

they have the same solidarity with other violent/rapist men that other men do. you'd think that 'feeling' like a woman would actually make them prefer being with other women but they always show their true colors

No. 1927855

>you are allowed to be upset at the reminder of the life you never got to live
jesus fucking christ this makes me want to a-log so bad. he is saying this about fucking make up. does he really believe that everyone out there is living their ideal life, in their ideal body, after having gone through their ideal childhood? trannies are truly the most delusional, self-centered and privileged ppl on the planet

>I'd prefer to be alone with a sexually deviant male than with a woman who disagrees with me on something
so fem-brained!! relatable answer for women all around the world!

No. 1927859

You can tell he is a deeply unhappy person.

No. 1927861

So stupid. “Chasers” are the ones perpetuating the “trans genocide” they all love to cry about 24/7. Isn’t the higher murder victim rate of TIMs in the US pretty much entirely driven by tranny prostitutes being killed by their johns, mostly in Puerto Rico? Meanwhile a terf has literally never murdered a tranny. I don’t think there has been a single solitary instance even.

No. 1927868

Obviously she would cut out the scenes where she made mistakes while applying makeup before uploading it on the internet. Jfc

No. 1927872

>A woman who grew up in war torn syria is STILL a woman
This literally makes no sense unless the troid thinks growing up in a suburb in the US is some default state of a woman and everything else is a deviation, really telling on himself there.

No. 1927878

File: 1699887085187.png (492.1 KB, 588x600, badlydrawnfish.png)

>women suggest that being a woman is nothing to do with makeup
>man for some reason brings up women in syria as if that doesn't prove our point

saw this on his page and thought it was Colin Montgomerie at first kek

No. 1927882

I've seen some post-SRS moids admit that they intentionally encourage others to do it so more people can suffer with them.
There is indeed no such instance. Also apparently those South American prostitute stats that they use weren't even trans-specific- they literally just used the stats for female prostitutes because so many trannies there are working as hookers.

No. 1927887

to him (like all AGPs), the default woman is just the girl he had a crush on growing up and is now trying to skinwalk. all other women are just demi-women, and that includes himself lol.

No. 1927922

File: 1699895747983.jpg (202.31 KB, 717x1275, sleepparalysisdemon.jpg)

Hey lesbian nonnas isn't this your ideal partner? Isn't this who you find attractive and alluring? Impossible to decipher from a biological women, isn't he?

No. 1927933

Do you have any examples of post-SRS moids admitting to doing that? It would be great peaking material to have around

No. 1927939

So terrifying how seemingly normal men that had social lives can turn out to be troons these days, I bet he got the idea when there were covid shut downs

No. 1927943

Samefag but no wonder there are so many women that had their boyfriends/husbands troon out, I doubt many of them would be with them if they showed signs of wanting to troon early on. What’s up with all these average dudes becoming sex pests?

No. 1927944

File: 1699899895834.jpeg (Spoiler Image,569.02 KB, 1283x2088, IMG_6770.jpeg)

i didn’t know that trannies put progesterone pills up their butt. imagine doing this and still insisting that you are a woman. spoilered for grossness.

No. 1927950

…you can assume that every surface of a troons life is contaminated with semen or fecal matter

No. 1927957

I feel like trannies always smell vaguely of shit anyway(non contribution, no sage)

No. 1927964

What's the point of doing this? It's not like it's a recreational drug where you'd use boofing to accelerate the high/increase initial potency so it must just be a weird fetish thing.

No. 1927970

File: 1699903750376.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_6773.jpeg)

i have no idea. it definitely seems like a fetish thing because why go through all of that?

“cassie” creeps me out. he looks like jj from skins kek

No. 1927983

Don't those pills absorb faster and better if you put them up the butthole?

No. 1928006

File: 1699910001135.png (2.99 MB, 1600x1600, Naked-mole-rat-main.png)

No. 1928026

He talks as if they aren't a danger to women, with all their "punch terfs" bullshit

No. 1928033

File: 1699913518689.png (492.54 KB, 753x832, l.png)

Presented without comment.

No. 1928035

The availability of internet porn and easy connection to other degenerate men via social media has normalized the vilest of their thoughts, so a greater number of them feel they don't have to hide or suppress their perversion now. They're also prone to spreading paraphilias to each other, in much the same way drug addicts often get each other hooked on a greater variety of drugs that escalate in intensity.

No. 1928042

Have you heard of gay and lesbian day of remembrance? No, me neither.
Looked it up and the only other LGBTQetc remembrance day is for intersex people kek
Average of less than 1 murder of a trans person in the UK every year.

No. 1928055

It might have been I started saving things, but I will try and find it nonna!
Comments off lol, and I'm guessing lots of those RTs are QRTs….

No. 1928057

Old post but I went to Freiburg and there was a naked old man in the river just standing nude in front of kids. I know nudity in water is accepted in Germany but that looked fucking weird.

No. 1928058

File: 1699917358293.png (42.77 KB, 507x74, endometriosis charity.png)

they are doubling down. they retweeted picrel.
the argument is that any sex can help with women's issues (eg. male gynaecologist) but then why make a song and dance about diversity? and why hire a man that thinks women and children are social constructs and uses slurs against women? If the selling point of this bloke is that he is a gender special, then why not appoint a TIF or enby woman? It would be annoying but only in an eyeroll sort of way.
he is so clearly doing it to feel power over women, it makes me sick. he's not a savvy business guy that knows a lot about women's health, he is a glorified activist and a fetishist. what a terrible move. i haven't sent my complaint yet, because i want to word it carefully so it doesn't get dismissed. my endometriosis pain has been debilitating this past week and this has just sent me over the edge, sorry for ranting.

No. 1928063

File: 1699918097758.mp4 (1.31 MB, 368x654, libsoftiktok - 172419737031612…)

Deranged moid goes on psychotic rant about his murder fantasies.

No. 1928064

Any time a tranny holiday comes up, I remember how they've completely taken over what was supposed to be gay pride month, and how they fully derail women's history month every year now. Hell, I've heard complaints from black people that trannies keep derailing black history month with "muh black transwimmin", too. And this is just talking about annual observances. No one is allowed to talk about anything related to women or gay people at all anymore unless they center the conversation around trannies. The narcissism of trannies is truly boundless.

No. 1928066

overwhelming amounts of autistic rage. he should never be allowed near women, ever.
>wishing death on women that call out misogyny
>man claims they have caused death to his fellow TIMs many many many many times
that has literally never happened
he is dangerously retarded

No. 1928074

We terves gotta start living up to our infamy apparently.

No. 1928077

File: 1699919528669.png (175.05 KB, 393x507, gorgon.png)

I 100 percent bet they're are more qualified women who could have taken that position.

Name one example of a TIF being a CEO of a man's charity?

No. 1928090

this is so fucking scary. legitimately. why are you fantasizing about murdering women in any context, let alone to this extent? i fucking hate that the comments are most likely nothing but supportive of this scrote’s disgusting murder fantasies

No. 1928096

such an overused joke but he really has no top lip

No. 1928102

>that has literally never happened
he's probably including all the men who kill tims bc they're homophobic in that statement
funny how he only talks about wanting to murder women though lol

No. 1928109

>beady ted bundy eyes
>shark anteater physiognomy
Every fucking time

No. 1928118

>shark anteater physiognomy
kek nonnie why is this so accurate

No. 1928238

41% cant come soon enough

No. 1928240

File: 1699949615982.png (1.06 MB, 1082x2223, chrome_screenshot_14 Nov 2023 …)


No. 1928255

He makes Valerie Solanas sounds like the most sensible person on earth.

No. 1928263

Men are mentally weak. They are influenced easily. It's why they are all so ready to die for their country with "honour". It's why they are so scared of women speaking up or saying no because they know they don't posses that inner strength.

No. 1928264

File: 1699959345906.jpg (172.24 KB, 1080x798, Screenshot_20231114_054803_Tum…)

Homeless, living out of an old as fuck broken car, and yet still paid for getting his dick chopped off and plastic surgery? The fuck?

No. 1928266

File: 1699960148848.jpg (414.33 KB, 1080x1768, Screenshot_20231113_105411_Chr…)

No. 1928269

File: 1699961021011.png (755.7 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231114-082027.png)

The troon epidemic needs to be studied, it didn't used to be this bad right?

No. 1928270

this 100%. also infuriating how ""practicing gender critical ideology"" (they're coping & projecting hard as always) is not allowed, but practicing gender identity ideology is imposed to people. stay strong nonna ♥

No. 1928271

Wtf, who is paying for all that surgery? He’ll never make it off the streets with these priorities. And of course these adult men are all “girls.”

No. 1928273

File: 1699961768019.jpg (75.86 KB, 1125x1025, EiwdCluVgAANcCX.jpg)

No. 1928280

That anime girl pose kek(sage)

No. 1928282

There are gender cult groups that explicitly prey on homeless people.
Anime girls have clean mirrors tho

No. 1928287

Do they know that many women don’t want male gynos either? I had to see one for an emergency when I was a teenager, and I was on edge the entire time. He didn’t say anything and it was so creepy. Meanwhile, my female gynos have been personable and warm and know how to make the awkward, scary procedures feel less intimidating, almost like they understand because they can relate. I’m not trying to say all women are caring and friendly, but the female doctors I’ve seen in this field usually know how to ease their patient’s tension.

No. 1928292

File: 1699967154649.png (1.48 MB, 1500x1500, lc122.png)

excuse my newfaggotry, but this guy is a personal cow of mine

he's a "30 year old transbian", has some 2000 posts all of which are him whining about not being pretty and not passing usually coupled with a pic of him lying in bed or his celling

he gets maybe one like per post and some pity comments from other trannies here and there

also, as expected, his following list has a bunch of e-whore/sex worker and diaper fetish troon accounts kek

(his account doesn't seem to be as active as when i started following him)

No. 1928294

the fucking Ayuwoki???

No. 1928299

>hormones haven't worked


No. 1928301

When Gollum uses a beauty filter.

No. 1928304

Why does he sound exactly like Daniel Larson

No. 1928305

no woman has ever caused the death of a tranny. men regularly beat trannies to death tho.
btw can't this shit get reported as a violent threat? surely it can't be allowed on tiktok

No. 1928309

>waah hormones didn't brush my hair or give me long eyelashes or huge titties (all women get this naturally)
one of the worst brands of tranny

No. 1928310

looks like his shutin little brother too

No. 1928314

File: 1699970846669.png (2.77 MB, 1692x1122, Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 13.56…)

found this specimen who likes his pity posts once in a while

No. 1928318

This guy used to be a personal cow of mine on Facebook like 2 years ago. I’m glad/disappointed to see that he’s still going and hasn’t changed much. I’m not usually one to say this, but he should honestly just 41% since he’s such a waste of space. He’s literally a basement dwelling NEET leeching off of his parents who contributes nothing to the world except whining, sad selfies, and pity parties.

No. 1928321

Fr, my sister went to a male gyne once and he assaulted her. He said he needed to do some “extra” or “special” examination and she thought it was weird at the time but obviously just rolled with it since he was a doctor after all.

She mentioned it to future women gyne’s and they said what he did is not a knownstandard procedure nor did they know what the “examination” he said to her was…it is absolutely disgusting that they abuse women who are in such vulnerable positions.

The Y chromosome does not belong in our health field.

No. 1928326

kek i even didn't know this guy had a facebook, thanks for the extra milk nonnie

No. 1928338

No doubt it's a social contagion and fad. We've seen in these threads couples and whole ass families trooning out. The main problem is how easy it is to access hrt and surgeries. There's no longer any medical gatekeeping. From what I read it's Marlon's lesbian teen daughter who is transitioning. Troonism is really hitting butch lesbians hard.

No. 1928345

I tried to convince my trans friend not to go through with bottom surgery that there can be serious complications…of course they did it anyway and they already need a corrective second surgery just days later. These doctors are absolute butchers. I don't understand why this is being allowed to happen

No. 1928353

File: 1699977680335.jpg (50.44 KB, 588x362, childconstruct.jpg)

Here's a sample of his tweets…

No. 1928358

I hate that anime girl pose, it doesn't make you look cute, it makes you look like you had polio as a child, especially on that hulking troon

No. 1928360

>'child' is a social construct
pedophile detected

No. 1928365

Unbelievable that these people have jobs.

No. 1928366



Your friend is a man and will always be a man, regardless of whether he has a functioning penis or not.

But I get it, I had the same experience as you nonnie (watching a TIM I know IRL go through with the surgery). It's like watching your alcoholic friend slowly giving themselves liver failure, or watching your friend continue to defend her marriage to an abusive husband who beats her. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

No. 1928417

men are so pathetic

No. 1928419

so “child is a social construct” is the new “age is just a number” got it

No. 1928435

Actually child could be the only part he could have a point on, as there have been changes historically to where childhood starts and ends. And yet not once in whole human history have people been confused about what men and women are. Gendered social expectations do, but what they applied to never did.

No. 1928441

in the eyes of the law, yes (age of consent, child labour etc.) but biologically speaking, it's someone between infancy and puberty. it's a biological reality that makes them different to adults. with the combination of pushing puberty blockers and wording like "child is a social construct" you really have to question the motives.

No. 1928442

I think it's safe to say he's already diagnosed with autism. It's so obvious.

No. 1928458

File: 1699995536528.jpeg (269.83 KB, 1132x652, IMG_2216.jpeg)

Incomprehensible yapping
Also does anyone notice how somehow MTFs just type in a male way? Have male humor? Its hard to explain but I can just sense it from how they type

No. 1928477

More trans-identified men have KILLED people than the amount of trans people killed in the UK kek. They are the safest demographic.

No. 1928484

Its the use of "Chad" unironically.

No. 1928518

File: 1700001661990.jpg (412.35 KB, 1080x1306, Screenshot_20231114-173243_Red…)

Their contempt of older women really shines in this one

No. 1928524

File: 1700002058816.jpeg (916.45 KB, 1170x1652, IMG_5287.jpeg)

who wants to bet op just scribbled that shit on his wall

No. 1928526

yeah, I feel like men and women have distinct typing styles so you can clock trannies online just by the way they type sometimes kek

No. 1928529

late-stage internetspeak makes me want to eradicate "humanity"

No. 1928532

All those "accepting" younger women will turn into older women who hate troons. Also kek at yet another instance of the military moid to tranny pipeline. I bet he's AGP and looks like a shaved gorilla, too.
If it wasn't him, it was another tranny. No actual lesbian would write this, since not having or wanting dick is an inherent part of lesbianism.

No. 1928540

Oh without a doubt Nonna. He's the typical tall hulking troon, has hair all over that he shaves off and is topped off with lovely bolt on "breasts" which are completely circular and don't move. He has turned himself into a total mutilated Frankenstein experiment and it makes me sad. He made a really really cute guy. I wish he could have accepted reality.

No. 1928553

No. 1928580

I feel like whatever school this is should consider that graffiti as sexual harassment.

No. 1928581

>hell yeah to that, bro
even the response is masculine kek

No. 1928582

File: 1700006733610.jpg (1.15 MB, 3000x3000, MixCollage-15-Nov-2023-01-00-A…)

In a topic on r/MtF about the usual "how to act like a girl" (apparently, we never do "the male nod" whatever the fuck that is, we do "a cute wave". Very tempted to a-log to give random fake tips kek). This dude came up and of course he's delusional enough to think the other dude in his story looked at him weird for any other reason than the obvious : he crossed path with an obviously deranged freak in lipstick and a dress, as fucking usual.

No. 1928583

File: 1700006782825.png (1.67 MB, 1170x2424, tranny.png)

another pathetic transcel

No. 1928584

Only a moid would have the audacity to think anyone cares about him or is checking out his 50 year old tranny ass. At least 50 year old bio women are humble enough to know that they’re gonna be mostly invisible to 99% of people, but not trannies! They’re the main character in their porn fantasy delusional lives, that everyone is supposedly checking out and trying to rape, after all.(sage your shit)

No. 1928587

He's clearly overestimating how big his dating pool was to begin with kek

No. 1928599

File: 1700007659324.png (75.42 KB, 627x289, Screenshot 2023-11-14 162006.p…)

i will never understand retards like this saying that feminism should be about "everyone's" rights. no, it's about women's rights. not men. not "nonbinary" people. not trannies. feminism is for WOMEN.

No. 1928600

My sides kek. So this dude, who is clearly a dude with a penis… doesn't understand why lesbians aren't interested…in a dude ? With a penis?…Only a scrote would have the audacity, kek.

No. 1928604

Women guilt-tripped into accepting the poor oppressed white male trannies or else. Despite the fact we know how much of a threat they do indeed pose.

No. 1928617

it's really incel logic. men/trannies assault and rape women, but if women distance themselves from men/trannies then the women are committing a violence which is just as bad or worse.

no other discrimination works this way. women say "stay away, leave us alone" and this is somehow discrimination. there is literally no other type of hatred that involves trying to get away from a certain group. hate is focused on HARMING groups, not avoiding them. women are not allowed to get away from men.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1928630

File: 1700009531180.jpg (78.38 KB, 828x1792, F7sRLTzX0AA_80Q.jpg)

Sounds like a cover up

No. 1928631

It will never not be hilarious to me when pornsick troons try and look for a decent member of society to partner with when they themselves rejected decency for a fetish. Of course he’s getting the polys/chasers/etc matches and will continue to get them because he decided to be a degenerate so that attracts those who fit the bill. What he desperately needs is to cut the porn, accept being a man, and get a better haircut bc god that one is awful but I guess that’s too much to suggest.

No. 1928632

Sucks they're still women who cape for disgusting tranoids.

No. 1928638

That can't be true. We know at least of one reported instance where a woman was raped by one. Definitely a cover up.

No. 1928640

Also samefag sorry but fuck, do they not know women are not likely to report assault or rape?

No. 1928654

The bucket of crabs thing in the lgbt community is definitely very real. Trannies egg each other on to get life changing painful irreversible surgeries so they can drag others down and feel better about themselves. The FTM tit chopping meme is the exact same. Women who regret mutilating themselves egging other women on to mutilate themselves too. They’re the new gen of bugchasers.

No. 1928657

I laughed when he said
>bownes oot
In his goofy sperg accent

No. 1928659

No they don't. You just clock them by lingo and opinions, which are usually obvious.

No. 1928668

>typing style
These mean the same thing pendant-chan

No. 1928678

The male nod is a reddit thing there have been a bunch of threads about it. How men supposedly have a whats up nod going upwards. I have never seen any man do that where I life so I think it's a US thing

No. 1928690

This is literally just Margaret Atwood’s “men are afraid of women laughing at them, women are afraid of men killing them” writ large. Trannies pose a threat to women in women’s bathrooms because we don’t trust mentally ill men not to try and murder us when we’re alone. For men, having women laugh at them and call them a fake woman (or just bruising their male egos by not welcoming them into the woman club with open arms) is akin to the threat of murder women face from men.

Fuck Margaret Atwood for being such a spineless handmaiden and not being an unabashed based TERF like JKR.

No. 1928699

File: 1700019131799.png (7.14 KB, 760x396, FlW6hE_aYAATNVe.png)

why does his face look like this

No. 1928703

File: 1700019402272.jpg (765.37 KB, 1536x2048, FzbkwMmWAAEiADY.jpg)

Not only does a trannies face give them away…

No. 1928719

File: 1700021071998.png (29.33 KB, 770x213, 0400.png)

as if they care about the tranny dominated awards when they have raked in the money and are already planning a sequel. cope and seethe and dilate

No. 1928730

Unfortunately I think that's just called being Canadian (or a Midwesterner).

No. 1928737

In men, paraphilic behaviors are expected to escalate with aging. The more severe the physical decline, the more complex and convoluted the paraphilic narratives become. This is in line with a few theories on male development and life history. What this means in practical terms is that the Nigel you marry now is probably not the Nigel you'll have a decade later.

Another thing worth noting is that a man cannot be "un-coomed", as in it's impossible to make a man's erotic schema revert to an uncomplicated youthful pattern.

No. 1928739

Talking about this, it's pretty true. I found this video which at first I wasn't sure if it was a man or a woman(even nonnas in 2X mistook him for a handmaiden) but the subject matter which is a manga by a self-admitted agp moid and the way he yaps and yaps about how he relates to this plus watching some older videos where his voice is unmistakeably male made me sure it's a TIM. I've also seen videos by other troons and they seem to have that habit of talking for over an hour using expressions and words that sound like words salads to sound more intelligent than they actually are and try to give more depth to things that simply weren't there. Also even if their voice passes, there's something about the intonation of the words and how they speak that make them uncanny like TIM in vidrel. Wonder if other nonnas have noticed this

No. 1928740

What I don't understand is how we went from catty 90s bullying of women for all kinds of flaws in appearance to 2010/2020s ""acceptance"" of obvious man features.

No. 1928742

File: 1700032678491.jpg (212.96 KB, 1334x2000, man.jpg)

sigh. being interested in fashion gets tiring sometimes because there are so many handmaidens posting men

No. 1928743

I want to go back to a time where this model would be shredded to bits for looking this masculine and having 0 tits and a huge cleavage gap. Same thing with the 5head, long chin, and buck teeth. None of this would be attractive even if this was a cis model.

Troons deserve all the misogyny that has ever been thrown at women for not being "womanly" enough.

No. 1928763

People are still very harsh towards any woman who doesn't meet every single unattainable beauty standard that society sets. An actual woman can be drop-dead gorgeous and still be harshly criticized for her looks, because a core element of patriarchy is the belief that "women are never good enough". Men are terrified by female confidence, so they do everything in their power to prevent women from developing any sense of self-worth. TIMs only get praised for their looks because they're male.

No. 1928764

>They’re the new gen of bugchasers.
Damn, that's a great analogy.
Also I've been trying to find this nonny… I think I know which video it was it in but it's been privated, so I asked the uploader about it, and they've said they might reupload stuff next month, so watch this space ig.
Omg the way he's 'holding' the handbag kek

No. 1928775


I noticed the first time I heard about the "male nod" that I do it all the damn time, now every mention makes me laugh- they're fkn idiots for clinging to every little mannerism like oh yeah "that's what's clocking me" but disregard that it's every single facet of their appearance and voice, it's less than 1% possible for a man to believably disguise himself as a woman, and you'll never be one of those absolute rarities but go off head nod man kek

No. 1928778

I never cease to be amazed by TRAs' genuine belief that THEY make the rules. "MY response is that trannies pose no threat". "Sorry you can't be a feminist if you don't support trannies". Who do you think you are Rebecca? No one cares. Self centered and dumb as fuck.

No. 1928779


The solution to being undateable usually means making changes and trying to become a dateable person, but you're putting all your effort into being like Buffalo Bill so have fun dying alone in five years.(integrate)

No. 1928780

Omg yes. I have never heard about the male nod outside of Reddit. Redditards are trying so hard to push the existence of a bro/male code lmao, when in reality they are most likely referring to the little head movement you might do when passing by someone or greeting someone. Trying to turn this into some mystical male exclusive secret code (i don't remember exactly but it's supposed to be upwards when they're cool and downwards when they're sensing a threat or something kekk) is like claiming that women can literally read each other's minds because most of us are able to understand emotions and convey emotions to our friends with just a look.

No. 1928781


Posted himself with before and after 'coming out as a crossdresser' pictures, on USMC birthday, on a women's marine group, because he's retarded and narcissistic. Wow. Disrespectful af but salty that only 90% of replies fawned over him and not every single one. Wonder how many of the accepting ones are still in the military and watching their mouths because they don't want to attract the ire of all dem armed forced trannies (of which there seems to be a disproportionate amount)

No. 1928785

I had to mute Hunter’s name on twitter so i wouldn’t have to see him butcher that Alexander McQueen dress

No. 1928789

Sage for blogpost but I will never understand why regular garden variety gay men like Jeffrey star can learn how to successfully apply makeup in five minutes at like 11 years old and go on to become professional makeup artists or drag queens by 19 but troons (specifically agps) spend years trying to learn and being shitty at it. I don’t wear makeup (except for mascara) so I have no skin in the game but I know it’s not a skill. It’s not learning an instrument or a language. It’s just applying and blending powders with a fucking sponge. Does anyone have a theory on this?

No. 1928791

File: 1700048994486.png (1.97 MB, 1164x2464, troonytranny.png)

>Because they still fucking view trans women as men
yeah maybe because that's true?

No. 1928795

Kek, did someone’s fridge ran away?

No. 1928796

His true form is emerging(sage your shit)

No. 1928797

File: 1700050530967.jpeg (138.88 KB, 500x527, IMG_1806.jpeg)

Latepost but that last photo immediately made me think of 1970s rock bands when it was in fashion to have long hair and be a skinny white boy and not be traditionally masculine. Western civilisation had a place for these weirdos that wasn’t fundamentally antisocial but they chose retardation and tumblr instead.

No. 1928798

Sorry I’m late but I have to say this is some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen in all my years on this planet. The Y chromosome should be classified as a birth defect.

No. 1928804

Rectal administration is correlated with higher bioavailability, but that's irrelevant for these retards because the oral/sublingual progestogens prescribed for HRT are already approaching 100% bioavailability. literally makes no difference. Progesterone the medication is available in suppository form if they want to stick something up their ass that badly.

the y chromosome doesnt belong anywhere but the factory the foundry the mines and the farm. leave research, medical and professional work to women. all moids have to offer is the little window of peak physical strength they have. they are cancerous to all social professions especially. sorry that your sister went through that, its appalling.

No. 1928806

Only trannies are allowed to have dating preferences. This troons complains about straight men rejecting TiMs but I bet his ass wouldn't date a same-sex attracted man. And as we know trannies only date one another as a last resort. I've seen trannies say they can't date another troon because of dysphoria.

No. 1928811

Also funny how usually AGPs are supposedly "High IQ" and their autism for computers and other shit should translate well for repetitive clearly organized tasks…

No. 1928813

kek that tragic 5 o'clock shadow, like, dude, at least make the bare minimum effort. Who the fuck are these dudes that would hit on him not noticing he is trans ? That seems pretty fucking obvious. Another one to file in #thathappened?

No. 1928817

AGPs do not even fucking try. They might watch a single video, half-assedly follow along, and then be surprised and despondent when it turns out shit. They blame their laziness on dysphoria and then claim they are a tomboy so they don’t need makeup anyway. AGP’s are all incredibly lazy. Also, AGPs are way more likely to only watch women doing tutorials, so of course normal makeup for female faces looks like shit on them. HSTS/drag queens/flamboyant gays are probably more likely to learn about how to do makeup on male features, from other men. They learn it takes an entire SFX transformation process to even come close to resembling a woman. AGPs think putting on some mascara and lipstick will make them look like the cute girl in the youtube tutorial, because that’s all she did.

No. 1928820

amen to all the above but I'd also add that make up on men will always look pretty shitty because their skin is generally really bad (they never care for it in their vast majority), and does not have the same texture as ours. Men skin is thicker (iirc what I read about it), it just looks really weird, they don't have the nice pads of fat we do that makes our faces look soft and plump. So whatever they do, it will never look truly good, whereas any woman can apply even the bare minimum and it will end up looking great. Even older ladies will look great with just a touch of make up, whereas dudes will always look grotesque.

No. 1928826

men do not look good in dresses. that dress was made for a woman. men and women have different body shapes, bottom fucking line. i hate seeing amazing clothes worn by someone they are not meant for. imagine the backlash if a fat woman wore a dress that wasn't made for her body at one of these events.

No. 1928843

File: 1700060621568.jpg (567.89 KB, 500x705, P3095Az.jpg)

No. 1928845

there’s something so disturbing about a grown man dressing like a middle school girl and posing like an underage anime character. you just know that’s what he’s into because of agp

No. 1928866

File: 1700063585626.jpg (593.2 KB, 1080x1791, Screenshot_20231115-104724_Chr…)

Then don't play! Love how he's candid about it all being a performance.

No. 1928867

>I want to invade sheep spaces without putting in any effort in my sheep costume. Calling myself a sheep is good enough and if you think I'm a wolf you're oppressing me and I'll eat you.

No. 1928869

The person who responded was definitely being shady kek

No. 1928886

Wait that's who it is?? Lmao twink death came hard and fast…

No. 1928902

>Also, AGPs are way more likely to only watch women doing tutorials, so of course normal makeup for female faces looks like shit on them. HSTS/drag queens/flamboyant gays are probably more likely to learn about how to do makeup on male features, from other men.
Funny you mention this because you're absolutely on the money, AGPs hate other males so much since they're still straight men deep down and have internalized misandry (aka, "dysphoria" lol). They would only watch female tutorials because they only like women and would scoff at the thought of watching an actual fellow man doing make-up, because "lol that's gay" or some other hypocritical line of thought.

That is, at the end of the day, the real fucking problem with men in general, is that instead of bettering what it means to be one, they would rather "escape" into womanhood. And there really is no escape from what you truly are.

No. 1928907

Remember, nobody is allowed to call them "traps" anymore because, despite engaging in this exact kind of entrapment behavior with straight men and fetishizing it to hell and back, calling "straight" trannies traps is totally bigoted and wrong! They are just victims of the big bad chaser retards they manage to delude.

No. 1928915

File: 1700069912836.jpg (443.22 KB, 810x1443, Screenshot_20231115-123417_Red…)

Yet another instance of a tranny seething over older women; this time from this tranny:

No. 1928921

Might have to do with autism-related dyspraxia and the fact that in general moids have worse fine motor skills than women. Plus autistic face-blindness could be making them think it actually looks good. I mean look at how they dress, they have 0 aesthetic sensibilities. They probably think more makeup = more womanly because of their dumb black and white thinking.

No. 1928924

I've only ever heard of the black nod,something black americans do when they walk past each other. Never heard of a male-only variation.

No. 1928949

Based coworker. How is her age relevant to the story btw?

No. 1928951

that just looks horrible
why not make feminine clothing that flatters male bodies? like what guys in the 80s wore, or A-line dresses that might hide their lack of figure? that type of dress shows his big shoulder and accentuates them with such thin straps, highlights his ramrod straight body by not having any patterning to break up his silhouette
the little sequin detailing isn't enough to fool the eye, and why even try anyway? why not make it work with his body than try to force it to look like something it doesn't, or even worse just dressing like he has a feminine figure when he doesn't. it looks like shit

No. 1928952

>Fuck Margaret Atwood for being such a spineless handmaiden and not being an unabashed based TERF like JKR.
Yeah, this was a huge disappointment to me

No. 1928954

different guy not as well known. he's called tommy dorfman and was in Netflix's 13 reasons why pre-trooning. he makes hunter look believable in comparison kek

No. 1928956

A good reminder that no one really sees troons as women, not even troons themselves - and they don't really want to be seen as such. Not even in woke spaces.

Speaking of, it would be curious to ask a libfem if she remembers the last time a white troon was accused of "white women tears" or just being a "white woman" in general.

No. 1928957

File: 1700074630679.jpg (76.31 KB, 640x480, TommyDorfman1-640x480.jpg)

he was a pretty cute twink before this, its a shame. thats what being a hsts does to a man

No. 1928969

Oof, what a downgrade. Twink suicide.

No. 1928974

File: 1700076545259.jpg (363.78 KB, 1080x1187, Screenshot_20231115-141945_Chr…)

>"As a cis-passing post op trans woman with a god-tier vagina"

No. 1928975

Maybe the person making/choosing that dress for him just had enough of troons. If I were the person responsible for the way he dresses (as he probably isn't making that decision himself), I would find the perfect dress for him, accentuating everything male his body has to offer.
And you are so right, 80s feminine fashion for men worked way better on their bodies, but those guys weren't troons and they didn't care that their clothes were designed for men and not for women.

No. 1928984

Boo fucking hoo. Every woman who chooses not to style herself in a stereotypically feminine way has had to overcome not just "constant social pressure" but also scathing criticism and social ostracization for failing to conform. And yet, those of us who do that simply deal with it instead of whining online about it and expecting society to view us as magical girl dainty feminine princesses.

No. 1928986

In moid land, older woman are far less deserving of sympathy, empathy, or respect, due to the simple fact that they don't make their pedophilic broken dicks hard. I've noticed a lot of tranny stories mention a woman's age essentially to villify her, because it is a high crime as a woman to be sexually unappealing to a man.

No. 1928991

File: 1700077982472.png (755.34 KB, 810x2485, r-sex-trannymod.png)

This troon, who at times has been infamous on this board, moderates r/sex. Should tell you everything you need to know about reddit kek

No. 1928993

Rapey vibes, but I laughed at the part about men having "sexual trauma" (!!!!!???) from not receiving feedback. Wow.

No. 1928997

File: 1700078799453.png (42.08 KB, 463x209, steph richards.png)

well well well look who did the "investigation"
it's the endometriosis CEO himself!

No. 1928999

File: 1700079210140.png (97.75 KB, 574x566, nhs documentation.png)

samefag to add this, in addition to the woman who was raped. another TIM sexually assaulted twice and the staff complained but were ignored.
women who complain are gaslit and told "there are no men on this ward so that's not possible" and even if they do get a complaint through, they face discriminatory action.
Richards seems to have a habit of dismissing women's experiences of assault.

No. 1929000

Very impartial of course

No. 1929002

File: 1700079668564.png (53.64 KB, 509x319, cctv.png)

samefag again but if the hospital tells the POLICE that a patient wasn't raped, let alone complained, despite their being CCTV, then why would they respond to a TIM any more honestly?

No. 1929004

Yeah I remember that case. This is wild. If I had to get care in the UK, I would flat out refuse to be anywhere near any of these psychos. Imagine getting raped and gaslit that it did not happened. This is vile.

No. 1929008

File: 1700080344117.jpg (635.18 KB, 977x1401, Screenshot_20231115_213020_Dri…)

They are fucking spineless. How was that not more reported on?? Why is the NHS so entertwined with fucking Stonewall?? It's so tiresome.

No. 1929010

File: 1700080958308.jpeg (159.2 KB, 1000x500, marshall.jpeg)

just one more i found reported on. i suppose no one complained about this TIM either? I checked the names of the trusts and conveniently they weren't included in Richards' pathetic attempt at an investigation.
unbelievable. "doesn't hold that information" and yet can happily report that there were "no complaints" (despite not having the information). disturbing levels of gaslighting

No. 1929013

God I have to stop reading this thread because I want to die more and more every time(blog)

No. 1929015

File: 1700081269028.png (45.8 KB, 540x458, Screen Shot 2023-11-15 at 12.4…)

Same, it's fucking disheartening. And they say this never happens.

No. 1929020

They always have that creepy agp smile no wonder women are scared off.

No. 1929021

The wording of the UK’s Sexual Offense Act defines rape as:
>“A person (A) commits an offence if—
>(a) he intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth of another person (B) with his penis,
>(b) B does not consent to the penetration, and
>(c) A does not reasonably believe that B consents.”

This makes it much easier to gaslight women who are assaulted by troons, because they’re not he/him men by legal definition and people can claim they weren’t raped since it was a “woman” and that doesn’t count. Pretty diabolical, and creates a clear incentive for male rapists to transition to receive less/no sentence.

No. 1929022

You and I both nonna. Take a break. It's fucking depressing at times.
Can we all agree there should be a law that you lose your so-called "new gender" as soon as you are a convicted pedo, rapist etc? Lose the hormone privilege, lose the so-called gender fucking surgery, lose the bullshit pronouns privilege, game on, we can now deadname you to oblivion because you're a fucking male pedo and shouldn't be put in the vicinity of any women or children.

No. 1929024

That's a big fucking loophole. Wasn't this why this trannie, Isla Bryson, trooned out?

No. 1929025

i like coming here when i feel gaslighted by the world around me, or when people in my environment are taken in by gender ideology. it makes me feel sane again, to see other women as pissed as i am. and i'm glad it's all being documented.
but mostly it just makes me feel blackpilled and disgusted. time away from it is good (until i need another dose of reality)
i know, it's sinister af. they keep creating incentives and loopholes and then act like no man would ever take advantage of them.

No. 1929033

Yes, likely both that and the possibility of getting into a female prison to access more victims. Troons are also classified as “vulnerable” inmates and get more special rights and protections than regular moids in the prison system. You’d have to be functionally retarded to think sex offenders won’t exploit every legal loophole available to them to get lower sentences and continue offending.

https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/are-sex-offenders-exploiting-trans-rights-policies-behind-bars/(this is an imageboard, post screenshots when you link offsite)

No. 1929039

> men who commit sexual offences are more likely than others to claim to be transgender

this is always such a cope take. “the problem is men and not trans women” it implies a TIM could not possibly rape someone, but then contradicts the TRA self ID rule, revoking it. Mental gymnastics.

No. 1929045

Please don’t an hero anon. Use your time here on earth to yasslight your local trannies by encouraging them to cut their dicks off and eventually the problem will take care of itself.

No. 1929088

Him comparing infertile biological women with troons, I wanna a-log so much REEEEEE

No. 1929098

File: 1700089440322.jpg (1.08 MB, 810x3257, Screenshot_20231115-015016_Chr…)

This troon is an attending (teaching) surgeon! He's got pics of his family plastered all over reddit profile:

No. 1929105

His Y chromosome is showing with these gigantic chimp arms. Heavily filtered pic yet still a very manly face. Kek at him trying to larp as a victim of the sexist old boys club. Women face discrimination in that area, not a white dude larping as woman.

No. 1929108

The UK is meant to be bringing in a law to prevent registered sex offenders from changing their names, after they 'lost' 1k of them.
>There are 60,000 offenders on the register, 1349 offenders have applied to change their name, but 16 police forces have said that 913 offenders have gone missing.
I come here for this reason, but yeah, all the gender bs has destroyed my mental health.

No. 1929109

File: 1700090230802.png (538.21 KB, 518x581, undercoverchloe.png)

he is married with kids. i feel so bad for them.

No. 1929112

holy shit this is beyond parody

No. 1929116

File: 1700091285536.jpeg (360.69 KB, 1170x1325, IMG_7797.jpeg)

Yeah, SO good lmao

No. 1929118

Do you visit Ovarit? I've gotten a lot of comfort listening to the older lesbians there, they were in the trenches during the 70s and have a lot of wisdom and strength to offer.

No. 1929119

File: 1700091388791.jpg (1.06 MB, 3000x3000, MixCollage-16-Nov-2023-12-35-A…)

Love finding trannies in the wild outside their natural MtF habitat, then back in their hugbox seething because the general public won't coddle them and play pretend, kek

Dead autistic eyes

No. 1929120

Son of Foodie Beauty omg

No. 1929127

File: 1700092112062.jpg (176.25 KB, 1080x748, Screenshot_20231116_004741_Chr…)

Same one. I fucking hate that type of victimisation they use. He chose to put himself in that situation and follow his delusions and fetishes.

No. 1929134

>people disagree with me
>it’s literal NPC behavior
ok sir

No. 1929143

File: 1700094116540.jpg (803.96 KB, 1080x2512, Screenshot_20231116_011930_Chr…)

>Bu…bu…but! I wear lipstick and mascara!
>6 ft 2 gorilla sized male who does not pass but wears lipstick: "why are women scared of me??"

No. 1929148

I went once and then didn't continue with it, though not for any particular reason. I'll give it another go, thank you!

No. 1929165

Conveniently not acknowledging when a hospital said they would refuse cancer treatment for a woman after she made a complaint about TIMs

No. 1929177

Men call everything they don't like NPC now. They're so easily triggered and have ruined the word.

No. 1929180

File: 1700097934946.mp4 (6.47 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_730109353815299204…)

No. 1929184

Nah, this is definitely not just a sassy gay guy with higher-than-average levels of sexual deviance. Love the idea that anyone asks them what's in their pants. it's so obvious kek, no need to ask!

No. 1929187

>the vast majority seem super uncomfortable having to interact with me
He finally realised because he has to look into their faces. Everyone is uncomfortable all the time around you bro.

No. 1929191

Trannies have no idea just how coddled they really are on the bigger/general/popular subs (r/all). Teams of terminally online mods and reddit administrators pretty much nip any "transphobic" wrongthink in the bud in real-time. The only reason trannies ever see it is because they are terminally online themselves kek.

No. 1929193

Every time I get a TIM cashier (and it is inevitable they maskfish even in 2023 kek) they hold such uncomfortable eye contact, like they're trying to suss out whether I'm a TERF or if they'd like to wear my skin. It really is shocking how godawful they all are socially, moreso than the average moid even. They just skip right over the female socialization of not wanting to make people uncomfortable, right into the more fun things like spinning skirts and red lipstick.

No. 1929204

It's because their lives revolve around those sweet sweet moments of validashiun, and you're (probably) a young woman, so in their eyes there's a good chance you're a handmaiden who will give him empty compliments. they are also trying to see if you're "clocking" them or not. I'm a cashier in a very liberal city and I wish I could tell every ugly ass male in a wig who walks in that they aren't passing in any way shape or form, people just don't say shit because they're afraid to. and lmao, it's hilarious when they try to hide their giant horsefaces and 5 o'clock shadow with a mask, happens all the time. Always a bit of a jumpscare when they pull it down to use faceID, even when you're expecting it.

No. 1929218

File: 1700102787941.jpg (442.65 KB, 1080x2015, Screenshot_20231115-204242_Bra…)

Happened to come across a subreddit called r/transmedical that is basically a place where trans people complain about how nonsensical the 'non-binary' label is. Sage cuz not quite mtf specific, but what the actual fuck kek

No. 1929220

I hate the eye-contact, you know they're judging every micro-expression. No matter what you do, you're either going to be deemed a bitchy terf cunt, or appease their gross agp bones.

Lmfao it's so full of truscum, they hate each other~

No. 1929231

they're not infertile if they keep their nasty dicks, only if they voluntarily cut them off. or pop too many horsepills and get ED. pisses me off so much. it's in no way comparable to women's infertility struggles.

No. 1929246

It's the troonshine, right? Or is it only blockers that so that? Either way, in no way comparable to the experience of an infertile woman. It doesn't help either demographic

No. 1929249

I don't even think he's referring to HRT-induced male infertility. I think he sees "having no period" as him having no female fertility. You just know he's some disgusting pregnancy fetishist.

No. 1929286

No, the garden variety troon can already hate each other. The 'truscum' brand is old school troon

No. 1929294

This isn't a trans woman, this is a trans e-girl. He clearly wants to embody something that was already shit to begin with, and it only reflects on what a terrible person he is.

No. 1929296

I hate how trannies try to break into feminist media analysis spaces in general. I've seen quite a few interesting video titles on youtube about some games or movies, than I hear the fucking slipping tranny falsetto in the first 10 seconds and I close the tab immediately.

No. 1929339

precisely this, he’d never understand the struggle of female infertility and the societal pressures that come with it, not to mention being perceived as “less of a woman” because of it. i hate men trying to pretend their struggles are of the same magnitude with that of women and i hate tif playing victim even more

No. 1929340

those poor kids

No. 1929375


No. 1929394

not only that, but all the things he lists are things that women can also deal with (and a lot do), like how are they even relevant to periods and the fact that he will never experience them? another proof that troons are incels who think that women live on easy mode and only have periods and make up in their lives

No. 1929401

only 9 months what the actual fuckkk

No. 1929403

sadly thanks to AI voice filters it's pretty hard to clock a troon by its voice anymore. Although this one still has the troon lisp.

No. 1929410

>I wish I had the same freedom to express my womanhood that cis women get
What freedom?

No. 1929453

File: 1700144728805.jpeg (126.77 KB, 500x992, 42F82C14-A468-41E5-9B9A-8EE18A…)

Oh yeah, this is why comics like this one exists, and lots of women find them relatable, because we totally can do whatever we want without receiving retarded comments from moids and brainwashed women.

No. 1929470

File: 1700147912474.png (83.3 KB, 672x395, 1681834420363.png)

reddit user lilsanrioangel just wants to be a basic cis bitch

No. 1929471

File: 1700148041102.png (185.01 KB, 1292x608, Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 15.19…)

hes so psychotic holy shit.
>would love to be able to carry a 'mini him'

No. 1929474

>I wanna be a teen “mom”
>most cis girls are able to choose wether they want biological kids or not
I hope he chops his dick off soon.

No. 1929475

File: 1700148440440.png (510.39 KB, 462x840, Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 15.26…)

here he is showing off his talons. he claims to pass too btw.

No. 1929485

is this bait? the creator of this comic is a huge pick-me for troons.

No. 1929487

File: 1700150798236.jpeg (265.02 KB, 1290x1000, IMG_0751.jpeg)

holyshit the absolute moid audacity

No. 1929490

Ewww i threw up a little

No. 1929491

Why are they ALWAYS 6'4??? Most men would kill to be that tall and these faggots are such failmales they can't even work that to their advantage lol

No. 1929492

At this point I just laugh at shit like this. They can call us names, claim we’re oppressors, pretend they’re better than us, insist we live on EaSy MoDe or whatever bullshit makes them feel better. They’ll still never be us. And the more insane claims they spew about womanhood, the more handmaidens peak and realize these testerical creeps hate us and have never been our allies. Cope and seethe, moids.

No. 1929500

I don’t really care about what the artists say at all, I just think the message of that particular comic shows that no matter what we do, we will never be enough to society and we will never be accepted, unlike what the tranny wants to believe by saying that we can just go out wearing whatever we want however we want without being criticized.

No. 1929502

He will never know what womanhood is like. This post only demonstrates that he is not a woman. No woman would ever say this about being a woman. Even the most well-off women in the world experience some degree of oppression due to their sex class. Seethe.

No. 1929504

I don't how those things don't speedrun peaking for handmaidens, even when I was one those things would upset me

No. 1929509

File: 1700152670530.png (34.94 KB, 892x160, Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 16.34…)


i found his username (so female) and this is what he had to say to a question posted in r/NoStupidQuestions that says "Why do white women love ghetto men so much?"


link: https://www.reddit.com/r/NoStupidQuestions/comments/14ukz2g/comment/jr811cw/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3>(integrate)

No. 1929510

File: 1700152739282.png (73.82 KB, 652x157, edomet.png)

Got this in my recommended articles this morning…

No. 1929513

File: 1700152788045.png (54.59 KB, 1014x218, Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 16.39…)

sage bc irrelevant but he's so incapable of shrouding his misogyny. so female

No. 1929514

backlash when?

No. 1929515

sounds like a racist on top of being a retarded seething incel trannie

No. 1929531

>compliment my hair or makeup
Do people really do that? Make their cashier compliments? Never in my life did I compliment a cashier for the way they looked, is that a common thing in other countries or is this the "I feel uncomfortable, so I'm extra nice" reaction again?

No. 1929533

usual bs trannie fantasy story-telling

No. 1929535

I do sometimes, but only if it's a woman lol

No. 1929540

Only if it's a woman and rarely. No moid would ever get compliments, especially a hulking creepy troon.

No. 1929543

File: 1700155034588.jpg (311.97 KB, 1080x1022, endometrimoid.jpg)

Well, it has been found in 16 moids worldwide (no mention of them being TIFs), so the best thing would be to come up with a different name for the scrote version and not jump straight into erasing women. Women's healthcare is a joke. Although I don't think this is as egregious as the fucking enraging new trend of calling women with PCOS intersex or biologically nonbinary. The word ovary is literally in the name for fuck's sake. Men just don't give a fuck about women's suffering.

No. 1929544

It's a thing, but not super common.

No. 1929546

> adding 'sir' or 'man' or 'brother'

No. 1929547

File: 1700155178533.jpeg (810.56 KB, 2484x1530, IMG_9413.jpeg)

jump scare I just saw on tiktok, but most of the comments are based

No. 1929549

>he became transgender

No. 1929555

Chuckled at that too nonny!

No. 1929556

Why do they all systematically look so fucking utterly retarded? >>1929491 and kek yes they are also always 6ft monstrosities!

No. 1929559

holy shit how old is this guy? kek at the pink + pearls = woman

No. 1929560

this is hilarious and thankfully the comments are based and normal

No. 1929563

why do they keep married though? I don't understand, how do you stay with someone like that? He's so repulsive.

No. 1929567

she’s in the comments defending her revolting husband too (but kept the tiktok up and comments on). I honestly feel bad for her, but maybe this is a cry for help

No. 1929568

Handmaidens go out of their way to prop up trannies, like when someone is interacting with kids or retards. Fawn over the ugly man to signal that they're cool and accepting. I honestly don't doubt he gets compliments, they're just not sincere and done more so the compliment-giver feels good because they treated the freak in a way they think is compassionate than because he has anything worth complimenting. Or they're being sarcastic and he's too socially retarded to understand.

No. 1929569

File: 1700156910590.png (505.05 KB, 456x641, rochrowley.png)

No. 1929570

Fat is the great androgynizer. He thinks he looks like a woman because his dick got ate up by his gut and his jawline is blubber. Give me a fucking break. I have a hard time telling which sex ultrafats who aren't playing tran are. They look like giant smelly babies, he looks the same as every other fat man I know, but with shit eyeliner on.

No. 1929576


Is he actually an HSTS, though? I read on some woke site some time ago that he was dating a woman. As a lesbian, that almost made me vomit. But the "woman" might be another tranny, so…

No. 1929586

File: 1700160001489.png (1.13 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4740.png)

>Why do people call us groomers?

No. 1929597

Probably the usual reason beautiful women spend time with busted old men in the first place. $$$. I can't imagine she married for love.

No. 1929601

an older ugly white man finding a young attractive filipino woman… many such cases, sadly. him trooning out probably just falls under yet another fetish of his she caters to.

No. 1929616

KEK hope he 41 percents and she gets all of his money, literally the only reason I could imagine a pretty woman like that staying with an ogre even after he declares he's trans

No. 1929620

Oh right that makes sense. She's way too pretty for him. Even before trooning out he looked pretty vile.

No. 1929625

File: 1700166546007.jpg (915.46 KB, 1079x3262, Screenshot_20231116_212913_Chr…)

Based parents in the comment kek.

No. 1929626


No. 1929632

there is no excuse for the "i wish i could be a mother" shit. men could be fathers and care for their child but the coom is more important to them.
>i just want to live a mundane life with a partner a cat and our beautiful children
well fucking do that then. being a man is not what is stopping you.
also kek at his other posts being about how he can't look after himself, but thinks he would make a good "mother" just because he has a pregnancy fetish

No. 1929642


Always the pregnancy fetish. They want to be pregnant because pregnant women make them hard. You know they don't know a single thing about carrying or birthing a child. None of them could handle childbirth. If they made it through morning sickness without aborting they'd 41% after two minutes of active labour. Men are weak piss babies who can't handle a paper cut without acting like they're dying, and now they want to push a baby out of their infested frankenpussies? Delusional.

No. 1929643

So basically he's upset he can't be an incubator for his coom fetish? Because nothing is stopping him from becoming a parent.

No. 1929645

File: 1700169433181.mp4 (5.46 MB, 576x1016, Snaptik.app_730119703074200299…)


No. 1929647

For real, the coom is what it's really all about or else they'd just be kind, involved fathers. This shit about having a simple life with cats and a partner sounds a lot like tradwife fantasizing, a pathetic failure male who, as per usual, thinks women live life on easymode. He wants to be the mother because he assumes that means no work, sit around, eat bonbons or whatever. He doesn't want a normal nuclear family male placement, which is to earn money and work outside of the home. He wants to be pampered like his fantasy "tradwife" would be. of course that isn't the reality for 99 percent of mothers but don't spoil his coom and daydreaming about living like June Cleaver.

No. 1929649

sociopath vibes. the strain to fake those tears.
>women are more of a threat to me than i could ever be to them
i wish that were the case, i really do

No. 1929653

The way he keeps glancing back at the camera lol. This is a terrible fake-cry performance even by TikTok standards.

No. 1929657

File: 1700170122357.png (73.13 KB, 443x355, 0_DFdutCJBo0Rj7N3O.png)

Surgeon is one of the occupations with the highest level of psychopathy. Notice how male-dominated jobs full of psychos are.

No. 1929658

File: 1700170154581.jpg (716.88 KB, 1440x1280, Sanriodanshi.jpg)

I hate troons who use Sanrio for their aesthetic. They always end up looking like mega creeps (as if TiMs didn't look creepy enough already).

No. 1929659

File: 1700170190027.jpg (602.7 KB, 810x2394, Screenshot_20231116-140524_Red…)

>Women are meaner to me than men

No. 1929660

File: 1700170342462.jpg (240.9 KB, 1080x821, Screenshot_20231116-142759_Chr…)

Entire post is hilarious. Trannies talking about how they pass to people who already know they're trans kek:

No. 1929663

That definitely did not happen kek

No. 1929664

kek I'm sure the blank stare was because she isn't close enough to this freakazoid to hear about a pregnancy scare. Moids never understand social dynamics, they think all women share everything with each other at all times. Poor lesbian was probably just trying to figure out how to respond to this acquaintance sharing some intimate detail about his girlfriend's life. Or wondering how someone who is ostensibly living their life as a woman could ever "accidentally" impregnate their girlfriend.

No. 1929665

File: 1700170657808.png (71.47 KB, 251x251, 1675097104710995.png)

So he's admitting it was really just about sex the whole time. I've temporarily lost my libido before due to medication, it happens to plenty of people. I certainly didn't feel like a part of me had DIED, because my life doesn't fucking revolve around cooming.
I hate that people have to pretend to support these porn-addicted freaks.

No. 1929667

So… eavesdropping on women and being offended by their conversations?

No. 1929668

File: 1700170884231.jpg (Spoiler Image,699.04 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231116_041652_Chr…)

Found a fssw that is the epitome of male fetish. names himself "sookie" despite being white Australian. wear the same unflattering "school girl" outfit in every pic.

No. 1929670

File: 1700170912626.jpeg (Spoiler Image,45.78 KB, 422x750, F_BLWjbaUAA7qUZ.jpeg)

No. 1929671

File: 1700171015894.jpeg (Spoiler Image,184.67 KB, 682x1024, F_A4QZPb0AAv0A9.jpeg)

No. 1929674

That beer belly kek. Put it away, sir.

No. 1929675

I'm so glad that more people are feeling comfortable speaking out against this shit. I'm surprised I'm not seeing dozens of [deleted] posts and a pinned mod post like "Wow surprised about all the transphobia in here, must be brigading" as if the OP isn't a blatant, sirens blaring fetishist.

No. 1929676

>Names himself sookie
Isn't that true bloods main character's name? She is also blonde and because is a YA romance fantasy type of show she is very desired by all the male characters that fight over her. Maybe this troon is trying to be her kek

No. 1929678

File: 1700171730760.jpg (65.75 KB, 500x500, artworks-000040956167-ldnskk-t…)

>Being rejected by lesbians makes me feel like less of a woman
I just know this guy is some Dr Rockso-ass looking motherfucker.

No. 1929679

Wtf is he dressed as spongebob

No. 1929686

File: 1700173011181.jpeg (814.42 KB, 2480x3508, child abuse.jpeg)

a hospital has posted their sickening idea of a heartwarming story, about a 10 year old boy whose parents are trooning him out
>being real girl = disney princesses, dresses and rainbows
>already thinking about having a boyfriend
because girls have boyfriends, right? he can't be old enough to know he is gay, surely…
>10 year old planing for their future
decided he is going to be a famous actress. they literally include a typically naive childhood fantasy about what being an adult entails and thinks the child can consent to fuck up their adult life before it begins.

No. 1929688

Wow is that what PhilosophyTube looks like now, goddamn

No. 1929689

File: 1700174027538.jpg (282 KB, 1080x1069, Screenshot_20231116_233217_Chr…)

>~My gurly gurl brain uhu~

No. 1929691

File: 1700174164816.jpg (447.08 KB, 1080x1436, Screenshot_20231116_233615_Chr…)

Same thread
Do moid really do that btw?? 1h/day of porn? Wtf

No. 1929692

File: 1700174526915.png (47.92 KB, 546x236, exchristian.png)

kek he posted 2 months ago that he felt like garbage and can't stay awake. and picrel 3 days ago. sounds like a manic depressive.
aaaaand he is also ex-military.

No. 1929699

>Do moid really do that btw?? 1h/day of porn? Wtf
Some have entire rooms set up for cooming, moids are geniunely retarded about porn

No. 1929704

The way he forgot that people furrow their brows when crying lmfao

No. 1929708

>TIMs are not men
What are they but men in womanface?(don't take the bait)

No. 1929709

Can confirm that those are cismoids. Apparently it's triggered by estrogen therapy (kek) and the most likely culprit is maternal microchimerism.

No. 1929730

File: 1700179005215.png (98.65 KB, 601x546, wecanhopenot.png)

I love how they seem to ignore the woman had Swyer syndrome and she got the twins via VIF. She was still a woman.

No. 1929740

and she still have uterus — something that TIMs would never ever have

No. 1929743

File: 1700180427525.jpeg (123.55 KB, 828x1147, IMG_5757.jpeg)


No. 1929744

File: 1700180475065.jpeg (314.94 KB, 828x993, IMG_5758.jpeg)

He’s a mountain of a man

No. 1929747

That last one was just too much, vom.
Also, why the fuck did this ugly moid tattoo a bull face on his arm? What a choice.
Yeah I assumed that was the ref he was going for.
The homophobia is so glaring with these, I just have to assume that society is far, FAR more homophobic than I realised and so they're intentionally letting this happen.

No. 1929750

Does anyone know wtf is going on with that dude's right leg? Everything in the ankle area just looks somewhat deformed

No. 1929753

>I don't understand, how do you stay with someone like that?
I'm guessing the husband recently trooned out. From what I've seen the wives will hang around for a couple of years before ending the marriage. They've been together for 10 years, that's a long time to just abandon someone even if they've made such a drastic change. She's probably hoping it's just a phase or that she can get past the womanface and still love the man she fell in love with/underneath. The moid may have also suicide baited her into staying. And I'm sure she's heard the propaganda about how trans people have high suicide rates because society doesn't accept them. IF they have stopped being intimate she'll be out the door soon.

No. 1929758

Let's be real for a minute. Most people still think a transwoman is a post op transsexual. Him telling them that he still has a dick and uses it will probably make them reconsider everything they think about troons.

No. 1929759

He's probably ex-military. These troons have rigid gender roles, it doesn't start when they troon out; many of them used to be super macho, so being feminized is the most degrading, humiliating thing they can do to themselves. Barf.

No. 1929764

File: 1700183703752.jpg (431.35 KB, 1140x1601, Clipboard02.jpg)

ogre is gonna break the bed

No. 1929772

is that his daughter?

No. 1929776

is that not just the ranking of the most male dominated vs most female dominated professions?

No. 1929778

It looks like a prosthetic foot.

No. 1929780

I love how they hear "no ovaries" and think she doesn't have an uterus at all. No wonder why most of them love to use Biology 101 but fail at recognize how an uterus looks in general.

Someone asked the news to show it to Terfs, but the news itself mention the woman had Swyer syndrome, she was still a woman.

No. 1929787

>>1929743 Matt Walsh as a troon kek

No. 1929791

How does a ten year old even know about trannies hmmm?

No. 1929792

File: 1700187445464.jpg (221.55 KB, 800x1215, nightmare.jpg)

Best comment

No. 1929795

His poor wife. Can't imagine being married for years and then your own husband that you loved so much, instead of loving you back he just adores his weird agp fetish even more.

No. 1929798

File: 1700188518549.jpg (898.63 KB, 2316x3088, n887bpp86w5b1.jpg)

sleep paralysis demon

No. 1929800

File: 1700188986882.png (821.75 KB, 1200x675, 90-Day-Fiances-Big-Ed-Reflects…)

its very common for disgusting white men to prey on a young southeast asian woman from a poor household and woo her with money and the promise of american citizenship

No. 1929801

File: 1700189135007.png (99.42 KB, 755x826, Screenshot (14).png)

I knew about trannies at that age from watching 90s talk shows like Jerry Springer. Speaking of Springer when he died back in April the trannies were spitting on his name for giving them a bad reputation.

No. 1929811

File: 1700191871255.jpg (251.64 KB, 794x1126, 1700187445464.jpg)

seriously terrifying

No. 1929812

Christ. There's genuinely no light behind her eyes.

No. 1929819

Late but when you say it's in line with a few theories on male development and life history, can you link to any sources or posts where I could read further about this? Your post is giving manifesto-chan energy (which is a good thing)

No. 1929823

he looks like one of the girls from windowlicker

No. 1929846

File: 1700200671902.jpg (3.04 MB, 3072x4096, MTXX_PT20231117_005449689.jpg)

not milk but i keep getting troons recommended on youtube no matter how many times i say not interested

No. 1929865

Meanwhile I can guarantee all the trannies on that show CHOSE to be there (you have to apply), are in on whatever dramatic story they're trying to shill for the audience, and got something out of it in the end. Source: I personally knew two different people who have been on both the Jerry Springer show and the Maury show. The person who was on the Maury show was actually a TIM (he was a very flamboyant and misogynistic gay boy when I knew him), and the theme of the show was "I didn't know my girlfriend is a boy!". The TIM was smirking and enjoying the attention the whole time. Both of those shows create fully fabricated stories, in which all the participants are in on. If anything, Jerry Springer was just giving those troons a job and attention that they asked for.

No. 1929888

File: 1700211344651.png (351.4 KB, 1432x554, Screen Shot 2023-11-17 at 4.54…)

Funnily enough, the word "sook" is also an Australian slang term for being a coward KEK

No. 1929893

File: 1700212869159.jpg (648.62 KB, 810x2729, Screenshot_20231117-041622_Chr…)

Clothes, jewelry, piercings, makeup, skincare, hair, hair removal, nails, synthetic hormones. It's pretty fucking superficial when you spell it all out.

No. 1929896

meanwhile in reality all a woman actually needs to do is
•not be a man

No. 1929898

go to watch history and remove all mentions of "trans" from your timeline, that should fix it.

No. 1929907

I thought the "morbid" in the bottom one's title was refering to his morbid obesity

No. 1929917

Instead of sounding like a fag and sitting in front of your phone, get a job. What an insufferable man. As if anyone is giving him any money aside from chasers or other men.

No. 1929922

Do you watch a lot of overtly leftist creators? Unfortunately I think that will guarantee you a high troon density.
Has it ever occurred to these ugly incels that if they tried the skincare, wardrobe, and haircare before trooning out, they might not be failmales?

No. 1929925

>moid chemically castrates himself
>porn addiction cured
>less testosterone-induced rage
>"hurr i must be a girl now!"

No. 1929939

Wow, she always looked so uncomfortable. Her body language here. She’s so cute, I really hope she leaves and can find more happiness.

No. 1929943

sage for OT, Honestly surprised OneTopic didn't troon out yet, he seems the type.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1929949

There is a browser extension that lets you block youtube channels.

No. 1929951

She looks repulsed by him. And uncomfortable in all other pictures. Let's hope she can leave soon.

No. 1929954

there must be something in scrotes' brains that preserve them from adequately evaluating themselves. How else can one explain the enormous confidence they exhibit despite being so objectively repulsive and ugly?

No. 1929958

File: 1700230913149.png (21.68 KB, 713x369, basedfriend.png)

based friend

No. 1929960


also, did he put on sad piano music before hitting record? wtf?

No. 1929962

File: 1700231077448.png (40.47 KB, 935x352, wtfdidyoudo.png)

Why the fuck would anyone ask that to their aunt? Why do troons have 0 notions of boundaries?

No. 1929966

autism or not, most tims behave in a crass and male way and have no regard for boundaries from my experience. better for him to worry about his made up problems and not even consider that hes borderline sexually harassing his own female family member, right? but yes of course theres no such thing as male socialization thats twansfobic

No. 1929973

>the aunt bought him duct tape
so does that mean this guy is unemployed or something? he goes to harass his partially disabled aunt about the visibility of his dick and then get her to buy him duct tape so he can tape his penis between his legs?? what the fuck

No. 1929974

What's the source for this list?

No. 1929977

File: 1700234186814.png (29.87 KB, 943x332, grosstranny.png)

kek, even his own ilk told him but the autism is too strong.

No. 1929987

>>1929977 I sort of agree, the phrasing confused me originally like it sounded like a threat and I didn't realize it was meant to be "did I tuck effectively"

No. 1929988

spoken like a true and honest sex offender

No. 1929989

Right, most of these things (outside of HRT and laser hair removal) are basic hygiene and self-care. They're so nasty and retarded.

No. 1929994

You are imagining this loophole. It's the norm for laws (at least in Commonwealth countries) to use he/him pronouns to refer to a hypothetical person. As far as this law and other criminal laws are concerned, everyone is a he/him legally if that's the wording the law uses to describe a person committing a crime.The text you quoted also makes no mention of men. So I just can't see them saying 'the pronouns used to describe perpetrators of this criminal offense don't match Zoey's pronouns so she didn't rape anyone".

Yes, troons and genderists take advantage of ambiguity and unknowns and misconstrue data and medical anomalies in order to make their intellectually dishonest arguments. But this scenario (the law using he/him pronouns) has no ambiguity or unknown factor. They love nonsense, but this would be a whole nother level of bullshit for them, and it wouldn't follow their usual playbook.

No. 1929997

The issue is because the legal definition of 'rape' requires a penis, someone listed as a 'woman' can't be convicted of it. The loophole isn't fool-proof but it's definitely being leveraged.

No. 1930006

Kek nonna, you truly don't think it's problematic for him to ask his aunt in her place of work btw, publicly, about if his penis is showing (in these exact words)? What?

No. 1930008

Exactly. And that's also how dozen of sex offenders disappeared from the lists - changing sex and names.

No. 1930010

File: 1700238983903.jpg (838.54 KB, 1080x1423, Screenshot_20231117_173608_Chr…)

>"Are the changes here in the room with us?"

No. 1930013

Yes, I understand the law says a penis is necessary for the act. But it doesn't make a connection between penis and man. So to say "someone who identifies (whether in a legally-recognized way or not) as a woman can't be convicted of rape because the legal definition of rape requires the perpetrator having a penis" is a non sequitur, to the point where I just can't see genderists making that argument.

If I'm wrong I can accept it, but a little bit of googling hasn't shown me that what you said is true. Can you give me a link or something to show that what you're saying has ever been shown to even potentially have any legal standing?

No. 1930015

Ntayrt, but if you go up thread, you'll see the case where a woman raped on a ward was told it was not possible because "no man was on the ward". It was a trannie. Staff were instructed to lie to the police about the rape occuring and maintained there was only another woman present. They just avoided to mention "she" had a penis.

No. 1930030

>This is something an old man would say
As if old men aren't some of the creepiest sex pests on the planet

No. 1930039

ot but i though care aides/nurses were some of the most psycophatic too?

No. 1930065

No. 1930090

it was a scripted show, a good chunk of the guests were performance artists, it's how you went viral back in the day.

No. 1930127

I read that post and I've heard of this case. I realized from your post that the loophole for troons to get away with rape does exist but it's different than what >>1929021 and >>1929997 said. I still don't believe that a TIM couldn't be convicted of rape in court. I think you were making a different point than them, but what you said led me to realize that whether a TIM could be charged or convicted of rape is besides the point, because the hospital treating gender identity as legitimate IS the loophole in itself. It directly led them to gaslight the victim, and hid a TIM's crime by hiding the truth. Justice was delayed because of this.

As Baroness Nicholson said in Parliament, and as you referenced in your post, the hospital told the police that "there was no males in the hospital, therefore the rape could not have happened." Fortunately the investigation seems to have continued in this case, but the police could've very easily concluded that if the hospital said there were no males in the ward, there was no possibility of rape, and stopped investigating.

Even if the hospital had only said there were no men in the ward the police woouldn't have thought to consider that maybe the hospital was captured by gender identity ideology so their word couldn't be trusted. When words don't have a shared meaning between speaker and listener, communication falls apart. That's a fundamental criticism of gender identity ideology due to the fact that adherents can't define 'woman', and we're seeing one of the morbid consequences of the ideology being mandated.

No. 1930137

>>1929811 threadpic

No. 1930151

I feel it. There's decades worth of stories of nurses murdering patients.
I'm not implying it's the norm for nurses to be murderous, but maybe it's just because nursing has a relatively low barrier to entry and access to medications which can easily kill and disfigure if used improperly.

No. 1930153

File: 1700255379336.png (Spoiler Image,812.54 KB, 505x868, gross.png)

nah, he looks like this

No. 1930155

>fake crying
>being "dysphoric" "victim"
>bad teeth
Why do they all do this?

No. 1930162

Ew Jesus

No. 1930164

already been posted itt and last thread too I think

No. 1930166

For all the good in the world please fucking spoiler this. my eyes feel violated

No. 1930168

Like many troons with a passing voice, the moment he gets more emotional the more he sounds like a castrated male doing a falsetto. You can also feel him basically getting a boner when he does his "happy girl" voice.
These are the ultra-depressed incels whose way to escape their problems is pretend they're just cute anime girls coming out of their shell.

No. 1930172

File: 1700258077614.png (392.43 KB, 445x659, ollie.png)

and in this clip he had the audacity to say "hey! pay attention!" with a smug smirk, as if the audience were perving on his creepy fridge body, despite his desperate attempts. absolutely vile, demonic and cringe.

No. 1930186

I think if we only define womanhood around oppression, we let the troons win somewhat (by claiming they’re doing it “better” than us etc.) And yes all those things are true but I also love being a woman, both the biological and social aspects. I like wearing skirts and spinning around. I enjoy having a soft beautiful body that can create life and not being a violent hairy rape ape. I did make out with my girlfriends at our high school slumber parties, and it was fucking awesome. And no 6’2” “girls” in skirts were invited! Moids can cope, seethe, wank & larp about it all day but the XX existence is glorious and they could NEVER.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1930194

ew, that cakey orange foundation and receding hairline… what a hideous creature. how can he not look in the mirror and realize his face is orange in comparison to the rest of him

No. 1930196

>I like wearing skirts and spinning around
and? what does that have to do with womanhood? there are things to love about being a woman (we're better at most things that don't rely on physical strength than men, we can create life, animals prefer us to men, multiple orgasms etc.) but spinny skirts and slumber party make out sessions are stereotypes that very very few women can relate to. if you like that kind of thing - good for you, so do a lot of coom-brained moids. you don't need to be a woman to perform those things.
>if we only define womanhood around oppression
we don't. we define it by being female. and if you really want to get down to bare bones, female = large gametes. that is it. the rest depends on the individual. but the fact is women are oppressed because of our biological reality. we're not defining womanhood by that oppression but we do need to define it in relationship to being a woman in order to analyse it.
troons are desperate for us to give up this analysis because it doesn't fit their ideology.

No. 1930197

im pretty sure that was a troon. theres no way a woman actually says or thinks these things.

No. 1930206

That's because they don't see that opression as opression, they've always get female fragility rape fantasies floating around their thick skulls. It's odd that what attracts a lot of troons to troondom is the physical difference between men and women, and how that can result in predation. (I think that's why they often call themselves girls, aside from being pedophiles, it feeds their fragility larp). But the moment someone mentions the physical differences pertaining to sport it's radio silence.

No. 1930207

File: 1700261910565.mp4 (Spoiler Image,3.26 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_729238823585299174…)

clip in its glorious cringiness…

No. 1930209

Ew exhibitionist fetish on full display

No. 1930211

>I did make out with my girlfriends at our high school slumber parties
>assuming women here identify themselves via misogyny
>"spinny skirt"
Your mask is slipping, sir.

No. 1930213

This was honestly such a good response that I deleted my own before even posting it kek.
NTAYRT. You might be right, but I still think it's important to talk about what women actually value about being women, so that the narrative isn't taken over by trannies and trads who think "woman" means "feminine, and either a babymaker or a whore". Theoretically this could have been bait so a tranny could gather notes to improve upon his womansona LARP, but I doubt a TIM would be able to commit to viewing women the way that women actually view themselves, since troonery inherently involves some level of sexism (particularly misogyny) and a great deal of detachment from the tranny's "target sex".

No. 1930215

File: 1700263315461.jpg (307.77 KB, 1079x840, Screenshot_20231118_002044_Chr…)

His profile is full of fetish stuff including furry. Guess he got what he deserved.

No. 1930217

I think nonna is talking about how most recorded female serial killers have been in nursing/caring professions. Might be because of what >>1930151 said.

No. 1930218

It's important to talk about what we value, and "spinning our skirts" or making babies is not part of that, as far as I'm concerned. Some of the messages posted in the last few hours were super suspicious and of course a lot of them got deleted.

No. 1930219

>Deliberately zooms out to show he's barely clothed in fetishwear
>Subtitles placed in such a way to draw the eye towards his almost-naked body during the zoom-out
>Employs the misogynistic and rapey "woman who was trying to get sexual attention claims she didn't want it" trope in his fetishistic woman LARP
>It's considered socially unacceptable to call men like this misogynistic men
Nothing I could say about this moid should count as A-Logging because no amount of hostility I feel for him could be considered unreasonable or exaggerated.

No. 1930220

Why are men so ruled by their dicks? It’s insane to me.

No. 1930221

I was referring to what >>1930196 said as being good, not what >>1930186 said. The spinny skirt and slumber party makeout shit is retarded.

No. 1930222

File: 1700264027225.jpg (911.32 KB, 806x3341, Screenshot_20231118_003255_Chr…)

Fucking hell.

No. 1930224

File: 1700264396997.gif (1.26 MB, 498x280, dewit-do-it.gif)

No. 1930226

A lot of women aren't going to be beautiful, petite women ever, either. Boohoo.

No. 1930227

File: 1700264727670.png (1.16 MB, 2160x2340, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-ah7N…)

So…does he?

No. 1930228

I'm in awe at the size of this sleep paralysis demon.

No. 1930232

can you imagine the uproar if an actual female breadtuber/leftist streamer or whatever dressed like that?

No. 1930234

File: 1700265570208.jpg (873.57 KB, 2159x2393, Crazytrannywhy.jpg)

Totally a normal well-adjusted dude.

No. 1930235

>HEY sounds like a some nerdy male video game review
he has a phd in philosophy? he doesn't really seem like it

No. 1930237

File: 1700266177789.jpg (479.63 KB, 1080x2958, Screenshot_20231118_010900_Chr…)

>"you pass genuinely well"

No. 1930239

>the AGP smirk
there it is

No. 1930242

Boggles my mind that grown, healthy people CHOOSE a lifetime of pharma. To decide you're never again going to be healthy and hale for the sake of growing some uggo man tits, I cannot relate. Today it's his shitty appointment organization, tomorrow it could be shortages or war keeping him from his precious life support pills. Pathetic dumbass

No. 1930243

Imagine how much lint and other crud sticks to that giant, gummy forehead in a day. I don't see anything feminine about him, even his hair looks rough and male… somehow.

No. 1930251

It strikes me that acting like that on a (scripted) reality show was a lot more feasible back in the day, because then people wouldn't look you up on social media and try to destroy your life if they didn't like you. Now, it's just legitimately crazy people.
I'd co-sign everything >>1930013 said, so I don't think we're making a different point at all. Much like issues with policing behaviour online, the law just can't keep up fast enough with the constantly mutating gender bs.
Ew, no one is distracted by your gross fetish. Nor impression by an MA, please. Biggest tryhards.
Just an MA, he was too busy on PornHub to get the PhD kek.

No. 1930253

Technically his coworkers are correct because "cis" isn't a real thing and his male features are masculine kek

No. 1930257

File: 1700269464015.png (79.34 KB, 533x360, creep.png)

Little shit acts like a perverted creep and is upset that everyone treats him like so, but he can't stop staring because of "muh gender envy"

No. 1930259

is he 13 or is he 15? who tf says "i'm 13-15"? this seems like a weird fantasy.