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File: 1677180883672.png (1.48 MB, 720x720, 1676843260398.png)

No. 1775267

No. 1775278

File: 1677182428100.jpg (170.44 KB, 828x1100, FpozJQ7aQAA3wEs.jpg)

How are these scrotes not embarresed posting shit like this completely public?

No. 1775279

There are a lot of people saying that this "Empress" person is also a tranny who is just so schizophrenic that he actually believes he is a real woman or at least he is better than "other trannies". There are a lot of trannies who hate other trannies, especially HSTS hating on hons. I hope it's a real woman but the total autism of the hacking community just lets me think this might be a troon too.

No. 1775287

File: 1677183090208.jpeg (Spoiler Image,893.54 KB, 1170x1872, 2E61F47D-20FD-42EA-B9DF-DA6A70…)

sorry for porn but wtf is going on with those nipples

No. 1775292

File: 1677183612808.png (213.72 KB, 520x574, y56ey.PNG)

some new assigned male milk

No. 1775294

I think they are and that's the point. The humiliation is what they get off on

No. 1775295

It's not defamatory if it's true lmao

No. 1775297

Lmao at this ugly grizzled moid thinking anyone will ever see him as a cute little girl. All he’s doing is making a public mockery of himself for the coom and embarrassing any family members who still speak to him.

No. 1775298

There have been so many funny things that have come out of this game, some Russian shizo terf being the first to crack the game would be the icing on the cake. I'm believing it until proven otherwise

No. 1775302

is there any proof it's a man except the fact that people assume game cracking is a male only ability?

No. 1775306

If I am being honest that person seems off their rocker, male or female. The manifesto justification for stading for JKR is also vompletely nonsensical tradthottery.

No. 1775313

File: 1677184904960.jpeg (628.31 KB, 1125x1991, E460B549-75E3-49A2-8179-4695E6…)

Of course he’s a virgin who lives at home with his parents and posts stuff like this constantly

No. 1775314

She's obviously a Russian woman, anon.

No. 1775316

Anon, it's an unhinged schizo, read his other posts.

No. 1775322

File: 1677185396524.jpg (434.37 KB, 1962x1671, FpbTMSjWAAcmGEL.jpg)

Here is a reddit dicksucking post on Empress

Pic related is a schizo meltdown from a few days ago

No. 1775336

So, apparently, trannies can use whichever restroom they like at the uni I go to. I was strolling on the corridor today when I saw a TiF leaving the men's restroom and that blew my mind. The uni is filled with MtFs so to think I might catch one of them when I go to the restroom scares the hell outta me. I might as well don't use it anymore. I never thought this day would come.

No. 1775338

File: 1677186877934.png (236.13 KB, 515x916, butwhataboutME.png)

Small reminder how TRAs love to compare their "pain" with black women, unless they're terves.

No. 1775339

i guess some people naturally have puffy nipples + hrt + maybe pumping or something? im not a fan.

No. 1775341

My guess is they go to the mens restroom for the urinals because estrogen doesn't magically turn men into civilized people

No. 1775344


lol what does this moron think tuberculosis is

No. 1775351

File: 1677188265687.jpeg (1.55 MB, 750x6371, A906151E-0900-4BD4-A3C9-4ACB79…)

> this sub is the most toxic fucking sub that I have marked green with Shinigami eyes.
when not even your hugbox wants to validate you kek

No. 1775353

I was confused by the troon shit at first with Empress, but now reading into it a little more, it's funny how much scrotes hate troons but they hate women still. So a lot of them on kiwifarms don't want to root for a based woman into cracking games too hard. It has to be a troon, or it's all so stupid, etc.
Also is the Fitgirl cracker a troon?

No. 1775354

bruh just walk away. and if it's online just close your eyes. why do they insist on making life so hard for themselves

No. 1775355

>trauma trauma trauma
What trauma? Having panic attacks over women mentioning their periods? It's like moids forget the fact that on average a woman spends 1 out of every 4 weeks on her period. It's obviously going to come up often enough because women feel sick or are in pain.

No. 1775356

so far the first time I heard of this person was on kiwifarms and the first time I heard she may be a scrote was on kiwifarms as well as the Fitgirl cracker, but I don't know. Maybe they just assume no woman can do that kind of shit vs. it being some proof it's not some autistic woman or a woman who simply does that shit. Sexism

No. 1775357

File: 1677189046334.png (1.85 MB, 1776x1280, Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 4.49…)


new painfully unfunny onion article just dropped

No. 1775359

Pretty sure they just used fitgirl as their name and everyone assumed it was a woman. They use a picture from amelie for their icon and I guess no one recognized the movie/actress.

No. 1775361

Check >>1775322

Empress is a completely unhinged schizo. I have no proof of their identity, but telegram insiders say it's a group of Russian trolls or a middle aged man concealing his identity or a genuinely crazy truscum tranny who thinks he's a woman. Either way, that person trolls and baits heavily for attention, says some tradwife bullshit and pretends to be a super hot 22 year old russian girl.

Fitgirl has always used the picture from the french movie Amelie, and no one ever thought it's a real woman, it's again half clout chasing, half distancing yourself from your real identity that could get you caught by police. Some fitgirl fans say he's a prominent transwoman in the community.

No. 1775363

it's words on the internet when it's directed towards woman but hate speech if it's directed towards men lmao. Guess I can't advocate for rape victims since I've never been raped! Or advocate for abuse victims because I've never been abused! What kind of logic is that? And if she actually was abused by a troon they would just say 'not all troons!!' or 'that wasn't a real troon!!' like they always do.

No. 1775364


her original essay was incredibly reasonable and empathetic, i truly feel gaslit when people try to claim it called for the "annihilation of trans people"

No. 1775365

there were definitely people who thought fitgirl was a woman. whether empress is a group of men, a troon, or a woman it's still absolutely hilarious that the person who cracked the evil terf wizard game released it alongside an anti-troon rant.

No. 1775368

it's literally the 'who radicalized you' meme. she was very sympathetic and kind in the beginning but she's been harassed and vilified for over 2 years at this point and you can tell she started to be really done with people's shit. people have wanted to hate her for a long time, though. people rallied against her just for saying she imagined Dumbledore to be gay and that Hermione could be black even tho she was making an effort to be more inclusive.

No. 1775378

Maybe he's talking about genital tuberculosis ?

No. 1775382

The thread pic kekkkkkkkkk

No. 1775383

File: 1677193100695.png (300.41 KB, 582x814, wired.PNG)

Let's talk about Jaina Grey.
Trans'woman' who reviewed HL for Wired. Really interesting how only non-transpeople love this game, it's almost like the transpeople are affected by their internal personal opinions? Like bigotry, except not, because transwomen can't be bigots because they're too marginalized.

>When one of those voices comes from the author who taught you about accepting yourself, a person you thought truly saw you and kids like you, it hurts in a way I honestly hope she never understands. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
That sounds like a parasocial relationship, my dude.

transpeople accusing HL of transphobia because of the 'SIR' in sirona ryan's name is equivalent to jaina grey being accused of misogyny because her name is clearly a reference to vaGINAs.

I realize it's very unfair to ask men to check themselves nowadays because they can now claim it's biGOTry to tell them to rein in the male privilege they have been socialized since birth to expect :))))).

If you literally have to make up quotes from someone in order to justify attacking them, what kind of delusional sick fuck does that out you as?(:)))))))))

No. 1775389

I do think she is a woman, nona, just a really autistic one. My theories are that either she is someone who works with denuvo and she got fed up with troons and the current game market (and we all know how troon infested IT is) and uses that cocky persona as a big fuck you to them, or just an autistic russian trust fund kid with plenty of time in her hands.

No. 1775390

They missed the point so hard they did a 180 back to actual satire. JKR never did anything but state some opinions and fund woman-focused causes, and the troons returned with death threats.

No. 1775394

I don't think it's funny, it's some extremely schizo shit that makes terfs look bad

No. 1775398

She behaves like a tranny and uses a ton of misogynistic slurs. Could just be a super autistic NLOG I guess but it's sus.

No. 1775399

i think the name empress is kinda sus. troons love to call themselves goddesses and queens, and that kind of shit.

No. 1775400

best threadpic ever

No. 1775403

File: 1677195607067.jpeg (228.55 KB, 750x660, 1140C857-4F7B-4313-8D41-39FE96…)

I think someone mentioned this article in the previous thread. It’s unfunny as fuck and obvious troon pandering

No. 1775407

sorry for retarded question but why are trannies so hyper-focused on a few TERFs who say mean things about them online, but rarely mention the men who actually kill them and take away their "rights"? Does anyone have any snapshops of them answering this themselves?

No. 1775411

It's misogyny

No. 1775413

File: 1677196309498.jpg (56.83 KB, 640x459, 1623907363888.jpg)

men will always jump to blame women before calling out the behavior of other men.

No. 1775416

No. 1775418

just like empath-chan, being more mad at the grave dancing nonas than at the boy’s killer shm

No. 1775419

They think anything but "may I suck your feminine penis" make TERFs look bad, so who cares? Troons probably think Empress is really a man, but again, who cares? They can't download the game without the message "I support J.K. Rowling" and Empress calling them faggots so that's good enough for me. It was only a matter of time before someone cracked the game. This way they can't crow that they beat the TERFs.

No. 1775421

Because they hate real women

No. 1775422

I talk like that when I'm really annoyed, not even ironically. It's just fun. So yeah I definitely think she's a woman lol

No. 1775425

I feel so annoyed for her for having to put up with what she does. And she’s a queen who handles it with grace every time. Didn’t even respond to the asshole, just let his words do the talking themselves.

No. 1775426

samefag, sorry but I meant to link >>1775394

No. 1775428

Because it’s the only way they can feel victimized. Most of them are middle to upper class white moids who’ve never had a hard day in their lives apart from when mommy forgot to wash the shit stains out of their underwear or something.

No. 1775433

nona, the only thing that would make a terf look good is to set herself on fire, as far as troons are concerned. don’t ever try to please them.

No. 1775443

I bet if the trannies were confronted on this they would probably say something like "TERFs say mean things which encourage cis men to kill us therefore women fault"

No. 1775451

after listening to the first two episodes of the witch trials of jk rowling and hearing her harrowing account of abuse, stalking and control from her ex husband and juxtaposing it with this god awful trash takes from the likes of wired and onion makes me want to quit reality. an abused woman can fully affirm trans identity but reject their claim to sex specific places like hospital wards and refuges and she's truly seen as enemy #1.

No. 1775452

My family’s business is property management and my sister told me there’s a troon that gets his rent paid for by the local women’s shelter.

No. 1775459

That's exactly what they've always said. It's idiotic to think that violent men pay any attention to what women say much less what feminists say but troons don't care. They have a religious faith in words and thoughts, like if you say "tranny" in the forest it's part of the discourse everyone mystically taps into or some shit

No. 1775468

western feminism is so cucked

No. 1775505

So much this. And if you're truly against a game (because it's literally made by someone in favor of a genocide!!), then you don't buy it. But buying it, playing it, and then giving it a bad score because "I don't agree with the woman whose intellectual property was used for this game" is fucking retarded. TRAs are just hypocrites who want to play and review the best selling game of the moment while getting paid for it and getting attention because muh transphobia is the central theme of the review.

Exactly what they just did, blaming JKR for the death of Brianna Ghey.

No. 1775512

File: 1677206497358.jpg (1.64 MB, 2160x2160, 7654446788.jpg)

"Glowup" right…..

No. 1775513

They just become bootleg versions of each other. True love.

No. 1775516

Uh…what happened to her beautiful skin?

No. 1775520

That always happens with horsepiss. They all have fucked up nipples.

No. 1775522

sirona is literally jerked off by every character for being stunning and brave, it's honestly annoying. most NPCs you interact with have nuance, like giving backhanded compliments, being awkward, being smug, ect. But sirona is just so stunning and brave that everyone is in awe of how stunning and brave he is. wonder why no one is talking about any of the other characters, like the blind wizard who uses magic to navigate or the African girl who tells you about the magical school in Uganda?

No. 1775523

what a stupid fucking name oh my god.

No. 1775527

Roids often cause acne (and balding)

No. 1775529

I'm glad it isn't just me being biased lmao literally every character who talks about him has to go on about how amazing and brave he is.

No. 1775531

File: 1677209493025.jpg (36.12 KB, 499x458, Dy-BDPhXQAQRRi9 (1)_(1).jpg)

Because they're not actually real women.

No. 1775534

It’s specifically because of this quote that I love laughing at men and I try to laugh at men loudly and openly as often as possible. Because it’s the closest us women can come to killing them. We’re killing their egos, and I love it.

No. 1775539

File: 1677210611834.png (938.98 KB, 828x1104, 5..png)

No. 1775540

it's the corrosive male horomones

No. 1775543

File: 1677211349109.png (1.25 MB, 1901x1080, Untitled.png)

saging because it's not really "milk" just cringe

>They are essentially advocating for genocide,” she says simply. “What else do you call it, when we’re being disenfranchised, pushed out of spaces, denied health care, denied love and dignity? If we’re essentially being told that we don’t exist by the people that are meant to be protecting us, that is going to – and is – causing people to die.”

No. 1775545

women are an easier target i.e. not violent and dangerous like men. they're afraid of other men.

No. 1775551

i haven’t bought the game yet, but when i do, i hope there will be mods to edit Sirona into whatever character you want, or anything to get rid of him.

No. 1775557

File: 1677213878460.png (131.63 KB, 864x502, Screenshot_20230223-234143~2.p…)

Apparently there's voice mods to fix his annoying voice but it got taken down because transphobia kek

I think there's an avada kedavra mod so you can just kill him

No. 1775564

>woman says she doesn’t care about a dead 16 year old UK TIM on an anonymous drama board
>”you are the reason why nobody cares about women!!! why can’t you be empathetic and kind? if you were, people would still care about women! trannies are soooo much nicer, and way less violent and are definitely not rapists! now nobody wants to listen to women because you’re so bitter and angry! it’s your own fault you’re getting your rights taken away!!! what do you mean that he got killed over drugs and the police confirmed it wasn’t a hate crime? that doesn’t matter, he died because of terfs like you!”
>tranny says he wants to rape and murder a specific, living woman on Twitter, a mainstream social media platform, where said woman can see it
>”omg one tranny saying that sort of thing doesn’t define all of them, and he didn’t mean it, it’s a joke!!! you literally want to murder us so we can say these sorts of things! and if it actually happens then it’s your own fault, kill all terfs! you deserve it if you get raped!! btw guys pedophile trannies who rape and murder 14 year old teenage girls deserve empathy and should be allowed to live omg everyone paint your nails pink for the convicted rapist pedo tranny!” and the tweet goes viral 1000000 rts and likes with handmaidens sucking up to him

I’m sick of this.

No. 1775568

he destroyed her out of jealousy. society trains women to diminish themselves for men's sake and i hate it

No. 1775581

i didn’t see any posts saying they were glad brian (or whatever his real name was) was murdered, or that they hoped he suffered. i mostly saw posts pointing out that he was an agp and a groomer, and that they didn’t feel bad he died. then some retard got triggered that we weren’t stricken with pity and grief for the troon, trying to police our emotions. so annoying.

No. 1775583

omg this shit makes me want to a-log. men are asked to use men's toilets, and doctors are asked not to castrate children. the nerve of acting like "genocide" is the only appropriate word for this. also "we're denied love" wtf is this even? nobody has a right to being loved by others, i guess it's his way of coping because most people are viscerally repulsed by trannies. also "toilets in planes are gender-neutral", of course toilets are ""gender neutral"" when there's only one stall. it's all so retarded.

No. 1775586

I’m glad he’s dead. I felt bad for him until I saw how much of an agp groomer freak he was.

No. 1775591

There were definitely posts saying this, if not in the previous thread then in the one before it. And to be fair nobody sperged out about it like >1775564, anons were mostly saying that it makes terfs look bad or that it's ""wrong"" to say this about a dead teenager. Which is a retarded complaint because we're literally on lolcow. Pretty sure some anons just felt bad because they have relatives that are teenagers or whatever.

Ridiculous. Last time I checked NexusMod was full of porny mods (even bestiality apparently) but changing the voice of one character is a step too far? Fucking cowards. Or troons idk, they're everywhere now.

No. 1775594

File: 1677220292201.jpg (52.08 KB, 570x403, img2.jpg)

>Luckily, I am very secure of my sex

No. 1775595

the fact that people can play blizzard games in peace and no one cares should absolutely peak way more women. a woman (who had been raped) commited SUICIDE on a company retreat!! there were over 400 instances of sexual harassment observed and women even had their fucking breast milk stolen out of the company fridge. actual crimes committed against actual women. the backlash for blizzard was basically like oh dang that's terrible still gonna play tho lol. yet even a woman who said jk rowling was an evil transphobe and that she was going to donate all the stream money to a troon charity was bullied so badly she cried on stream. playing evil wizard terf game is literally genocide and financially supporting a terf nazi but giving blizzard your money isn't supporting the abuse of women? do women just choose to ignore this?

No. 1775603

Latefag but this guy makes my fucking skin crawl. I can barely look at his photo. Dead eyed oily autistic lunk of a moid. He looks dirty and like he stinks. He's going to wind up killing someone, I guarantee. He's the type to lurk too close and tower over women in the grocery store line.

No. 1775605

The insanity surrounding JKR always comes down to the simple fact that she is a huge, legitimate threat to their ideology. Trannies are terrified people will listen to her, because the natural consequence would be agreeing with every sensible, empathetic, logical and well spoken word that comes out of her. They have to make her such a villain that people won't accept anything she says and won't admit it even if they do.

Misogyny at Blizzard is not a threat to feminism on an ideological level, situations like that only prove their arguments. So of course feminists aren't going to psychotic levels to police other people's consumption of Blizzard products. Needless to say trannies don't care about feminism but in general no activist groups are going this far to demonize anyone 'problematic' even when they're 1000x worse.

No. 1775609

that's why they're so desperate to paint her as far right (nazi) or ultra conservative even though before she spoke out against troons she was viewed as a 'woke leftie'. she literally renounces trump in her essay (that I promise you none of them have read) and talks about how she only wants to help and support other women. but if they say she's a right winger that's basically the easiest way to get people to disregard her because politics enable black and white thinking. she's amazing because she hasn't forced herself into a single ideological box like so many other people have.

No. 1775611

Every time I see this femaleboyfriend troon get posted, I notice so much fetishizing misogynist vibes coming out of him. Definitely had an incel and school shooter phase.

I hate how their response for anything that's critical of transgenderism is "YOU ARE LITERALLY GENOCIDING US REEEEEEEE" It's such an example of male hysteria and persecution complex.

No. 1775614

oh yeah because nothing bad has ever happened to a woman in an airplane bathroom! you sure got us there.

No. 1775619

Troons want to be perceived as weaker/more in need of protection so badly. But yet they've never experienced fear the way a woman does. Probably why they fetishize it so much. Dignity? Love? Healthcare? Spaces just for us? Oh wow these are definitely things all women are guaranteed but poor troons a being denied. They really do view being a woman as living on easy mode.

No. 1775620

Jesus, the onion needs to check up on their troon writer, this amount of seething can't be healthy. This is, what, third? "JK Rowling is a literal nazi!!1" in a week. Also, their "exclusive nterview with J.K Rowling" coming right after she does a podcast interview is distasteful as fuck when looked at in context; Rowling talks about her violent, controlling ex and the trauma of it all, of the pushback she got trying to get her children's book about wizards published as a woman- and the onion article is the most low-hanging "i want to see tranny genitals" shit. The demonization this woman gets is actually unreal.

No. 1775622

>I’m glad a teenager got stabbed to death
>That’s a really fucked up thing to say
>omg don’t police my emotions stop noooo don’t boolly me, u cant call out my hypocritical antisocial behaviour!!!
Literally no different than the autistic ASPD troons itt. No surprise since some of you are admittedly former TIFs lmao(infighting)

No. 1775628

I remember when troons were talking about how the fact she uses a gender neutral penname to sell her book must mean she must have "internalized misogyny," and is ashamed to represent herself as a woman. Now hearing the real reason why she chose to use that penname made me seethe so hard. Troons really have no idea what it's like to face sexism as a woman.

It's classic manipulation tactic. If you can't control a woman the best thing you can do is control the narrative around her.

No. 1775630

Oh no, empath chan is back.

No. 1775632

yeah yeah we heard the same arguments last thread, shut the fuck up already.(infighting)

No. 1775634

I’m starting to hope you get stabbed too, empath-chan. You’re truly insufferable.

No. 1775635

nta but it's literally the don't-police-my-emotions anons that brought up the subject again out of nowhere lmao, don't post if you can't handle people replying to you

No. 1775636

Nothing screams entitled male more than this post. It kinda reminds me of my ex-boyfriend.

No. 1775637

Better to be an empath-chan than a terminally online edgy radfem who thinks sexual abuse and murder is ok as long as the victim is male.

No. 1775639

Agreed. They try so hard to be equally as disgusting as 4chan moids, it's honestly pathetic.

No. 1775642

File: 1677228465481.jpeg (Spoiler Image,715.56 KB, 750x1228, A554CAB0-7A91-45EF-A70B-323797…)

anyway, here’s a picture of a mangled dick.

No. 1775643

kek if moids were this mild i wouldn't be a feminist. have you even been on 4chan? the worst thing anyone has said in these threats is that they're glad he's dead. and that's because he was a pedophile sex pest.

No. 1775644

Is empath chan a bitter troon trying to do gayops because it sure seems that way

No. 1775645

>You are as bad as a moid if you don't feel sorry for a random 16 year old junkie pornsick male that actively insulted/endangered women by dressing up/acting like a porny anime schoolgirl and flashed his gock to girls in female bathrooms
Yeah I'm totally as bad as moids masturbating to pictures of dead women and passing them around as jokes

No. 1775647

>I may be an incel reeing about muh poor groomer but at least I'm not mean to incels who hate women

No. 1775650

women have no sympathy for pedophile failmales who hate or want to kill real women because they can't have a period boohoo

No. 1775653

No just some edgy 4chan pick me

No. 1775657

File: 1677230341024.jpg (647.42 KB, 2048x1753, PhotoGrid_1677230038038_edit_4…)

Uncomfortable being yourself but comfortable standing outside the toilets and filming the doors.

No. 1775658

I love the phrase man cave used in this context. I’ll start using it myself too

No. 1775659

wtf are you talking about, no one here is acting like a 4chan pickme. literally the one thing people agree on is that 4chan scrotes are the worst. a 4chan pickme is a girl who is pandering to 4chan guys which obviously no one is doing. now if anyone says 'omg you guys are just jealous hags, he was so much cuter than all of you' i think you can label them that lmao

No. 1775660

Men can piss outside in bushes.

No. 1775661

>being myself
You mean a man? Sorry you hate being a man but that's isn't womenkind's responsibility. but remember, men's feelings > women's safety

No. 1775664

Am I the only one who is horrified by the dead boy’s eyebrows? My friends would skin me alive if I had sperm brows in 2023. It’s crazy how even relatively young men think trends that have been démodé for more than a decade is hot shit. They’re all mentally so behind and out of the loop.

No. 1775665

it's because they don't have to try. there's pressure for women to be trendy and fashionable but you can't critique a troon's fashion or makeup because it's transphobic. they're so stunning and brave just for existing.

No. 1775666

trannies say they can't pee in the men's restroom because they're scared that other men will be weirded out or react violently due to seeing a tranny. but this bald scrote is just.. there, doesn't even look like a tranny, why can't he piss in the men's restroom? what is he scared of? what a freak. i swear every single sexual predator is now emboldened and claiming to be trans.

this omg, some of these comebacks make no sense

No. 1775668

What is stopping this guy from going in the men's? He has, presumably, used men's rooms up to this point. So what changed? Because his appearance sure as shit didn't.
I'm sorry to tell you this but sperm brows/overplucked brows seem to be making a comeback among the youths. everything early 2000s is so hot right now.

No. 1775669

noooo not another generation of ruined eyebrows. it took me years to fix my eyebrows after what i did to them as a teen. i'm sorry i abused you my furry little friends.

No. 1775670

>i swear every single sexual predator is now emboldened and claiming to be trans.
Or every tranny is a sexual predator kek

No. 1775675

File: 1677234071618.png (93.02 KB, 546x458, dfzdgsz.PNG)

No. 1775680

aint this person a tranny too?

No. 1775682

>I'm sorry to tell you this but sperm brows/overplucked brows seem to be making a comeback
nta but I actually like skinny brows, they look more artistic to me than the overly thick style. 2000s fashion is horrible though so idk why that is making a comeback, literally like stuff you'd grab blindfolded

Trannies usually dress like they're teenage crushes or current stalking victims hence the odd fashion, and I guess it's more jarring since we're used to "queer" men being the ones designing fashion and makeup trends, which usually look good.
Trannies are all straight men who ~spinny skirt make dick hard~ hence their straight male grasp of aesthetics, and a lot of young trannies are groomed by older agps who probably "help" them with their makeup and clothes, so you get young men dressing like 40yo agps

No. 1775688

File: 1677237073846.png (228.36 KB, 622x485, jh9gh.PNG)

ofc he is did faker

No. 1775694

File: 1677237580976.png (271.88 KB, 450x328, nightmare.png)

Do "sissy fetish" TIMs ever realize how terrifying they look? like If I was something picrel IRL, I would run away and just never stop, like literal this is fucking nightmare fuel

No. 1775695

File: 1677237798542.jpg (483.94 KB, 1878x2048, FT103VUXsAEp0om.jpg)

yes this unironic

No. 1775702

"suicide baits a trans person" is so painfully ironic its hilarious, trans people do nothing but suicide bait all day long

No. 1775704

File: 1677239286587.jpg (478.53 KB, 1080x1935, Screenshot_20230224_035755_com…)

No. 1775706

This "bingo card" is just poorly concealed moid rage directed specifically at lesbians. I take it he was rejected.(sage your shit)

No. 1775707

Why is it so hard for you people to believe that a woman can be a good coder and smarter than men? There have been other female crackers in the past who showed their faces so it's not like it's impossible for someone with a vagina to be the best cracker. A tranny could never be a cracker because it is something the requires immense dedication and hard work. And they're incredible lazy people who spent all their time masturbating to lolis or sissy hypno porn.(sage your shit)

No. 1775708

I agree. Also he obviously doesn’t know what dogwhistle means, but it’s quickly becoming one of those terms that has no meaning anymore.

No. 1775709

File: 1677242207771.webm (4.51 MB, 640x360, SrVv8JbE2vPhbpvk.webm)

How are moids so face blind when it comes to MTFs? like I clocked this dude in a second, I mean the voice along is telling but he's literally 10x more masculine then the guy interviewing him
his face, his broad shoulders, his hand size, and literally everything else about him

No. 1775714

That's a fucking mutilated penis(sage your shit)

No. 1775718

usual know-it-all moids and trannies at KF. I can think of several actual US women who have the skills to crack games but considering you'd be in deep shit if you got caught they don't do it and leave it unhinged Russians. Putin would probably give them a medal or is actual paying them.

No. 1775719

Men are not face blind. They hate women so much that they don't see us as human but as a list of attributes. That's why they seethe at women who aren't feminine, even for one tiny detail. It forces them to see us as human. That's also why they see feminine TIMs as women. Femininity = woman to them. On the other hand, women have to learn to differentiate women from men because men are a danger to us.

No. 1775724

Women are less likely to be interested in super autistic hobbies like cracking games, that's just how it is. Also a name like "Empress" immediately sets off tranny alarms. Combine that with all the slurs (WHORES BITCHES! FAGGOTS!) and how angry and unhinged this person comes accross and it just seems like a moid to me. Calling western men sissyboys definitely reeks of macho slav who thinks they are so much more manly than western men cause they are alcoholic domestic abusers.

No. 1775725

I haven’t seen a single TERF on twitter say they hope trannies get murdered (other than the rapists and pedophiles). On the other hand, I’ve seen dozens and dozens of trannies on twitter wish death on women and celebrate women’s death… As for me, I’m not wasting my attention on mourning ANY pornsick tranny- that doesn’t mean I’m wishing death on them. You’re using the same logic that trannies do which is that if you don’t talk about them 24/7 and give them free money/clothes/cosmetics and signal boost their gofundmes that means you’re a transphobe who wants them to die. There are plenty of ex handmaiden who peaked that way- from trannies demanding absolutely everything including your 24/7 sympathy and attention or else they’d get labelled a terf. Keep it up and you’ll peak more of them.

Besides, men commit 99% of rapes and murders, whether it’s towards men or women. Why do you expect women to take responsibility for men’s actions?

No. 1775728

Also bragging about being a SUPER HOT 22 year old is extremely moidish. If this was actually a woman she'd be a frumpy terminally online turbo-autist and not some slav gigastacy.

No. 1775733

Both theories seem equally plausible to me tbh, the violent language and self aggrandizing is very normal moid/TIM behavior, but ESL seems like a partial reason for the slur obsession and the kind of troony name, and the part where Empress starts bringing up strong and weak forces and basically referring to the idea of supersymmetry in roundabout schizo magical thinking fashion just seems so blatantly schizophrenic I think any mentally ill hermit could have written it. Tbh some women who develop certain extreme mental illnesses end up displaying some overlap with typical male attitudes and behaviors like delusional egotism, casual delight in violent rage, etc. so it makes it a little iffy which this weirdo is either way.

No. 1775735

as a fellow ESL it could be an issue of language, most of us really don't understand how we come across

No. 1775738

File: 1677246643878.png (2.25 MB, 1080x706, Screenshot_20230224-074559.png)

Got recommended this video.
This was before he trooned out and it's so obvious he's trying really hard to overmasculate himself as a feminine guy. The funny thing about this whole deal is many year later on Wendy Carlos said he regrets being trans. I think the medical side of it he hates the most because he's now a forever patient. He even advised young people with dysphoria to go to therapy. Kek.

No. 1775744

One of the only troons I respect because he is talented, pioneering and doesn’t seem like a total freak rapist

No. 1775747

Kek, it doesn’t matter how successful men are in their career lives- if they’re ugly and feminine they will never be happy. He’s living proof. Sure he’s smart for a boy, but he still had to chop his dick off about it.

No. 1775748

File: 1677247229224.jpeg (212.36 KB, 900x600, B1A2D87A-8726-46A0-8CDD-A8B85C…)

No pornified, young bimbo slutty stunts outfits, he really just wanted to live his life but yeah therapy would of worked also I’m sure

No. 1775750

They also like to act like black women and troons are indistinguishable when side by side you can easily distinguish the real woman from the troon.

No. 1775754

File: 1677247613343.jpg (44.42 KB, 610x691, FprbPbFakAI4iG8.jpg)

No. 1775758

One of the ugliest things I've ever seen

No. 1775759

Women already put trigger warnings when talking about their periods online so I’m guessing these are real life friends which also doesn’t make sense because he said he doesn’t like cis people. Hopefully he’s not harassing random women online for talking about periods.

No. 1775761

File: 1677248272130.jpg (58.7 KB, 667x1000, PwiJU6g.jpg)

No. 1775768

any interview abt him saying that he regrets it ? im curious

No. 1775771

I had that exact same dress when I was in like 7th or 8th grade. They always wear cheap shit a 13 year old would pick out, legitimately mentally stunted and disgusting

No. 1775775

>The Onion: “Do you feel at all guilty to have disappointed some fans with your views?”
>J.K. Rowling: “Hell no. Look, I wrote those books for kids 20 years ago. If you’re still into that shit, you’re a fuckin’ loser.”

This was mildly amusing, mostly because I like mocking adults who get way too invested in kids stuff or media properties in general. Reminds me of Shatner's get a life sketch on SNL.

No. 1775781

is he not going to comment on how he actually does draw pedo porn using real kids as as references or…

No. 1775782

File: 1677250844489.png (1.03 MB, 766x1318, Capture d’écran 2023-02-24 à 1…)

no trannies would call their peers a sissy fetishist man, this girl is so fucking awesome

No. 1775790

File: 1677252114698.jpg (227.66 KB, 489x830, nm.jpg)

her being a moid would be like larcyboy being a moid, no male can ever replicate genuine female bdp

No. 1775791

A group of slavic men pretending to be a hot young girl absolutely would call western men sissyboys.

No. 1775794

Some anons in this thread just don't make sense. They can't hack the idea of a Russian woman cracking games and being outspoken, edgy, harsh, etc while hating trannies, as if Russia isn't a country full of computer autists, abrasive/macho culture and typically anti-troon views. Fuck off with the coquette memes. Tons of women who come from rougher parts of the world plagued with intense scrote bullshit are surrounded by that sort of culture, you either have to adapt or heavily isolate yourself (and if you're not rich, the latter is impossible). This is especially true if your personal interests aren't hyperfeminine. Try talking to literally any outgoing woman from Brazil, the Caribbean, etc too. Talk to your fucking auntie and read her FB posts if you're not from Western Europe or the "nice" parts of the US or UK. Half the time, you'll get a similar abrasive energy, especially if they're right-leaning.
Nonnies are saying she can't be a woman because "Omg she's too unhinged", but in the same vein, they'll post about how glad they are a 16 year old gay boy tranny died. It's not adding up. I'm not saying Empress can't be a man, but the insistence that she is smells like some weird "Women have to be lovely and don't do icky boy things like programming" nonsense, or just trannies coping and seething.

No. 1775796

Seconding this, I'm from EE too and the culture is very similar

No. 1775797

Yes, women can be turbo-autists as well. It's much less likely tho. If you tell me about a woman in speedrunning I will always immediately assume it's a tranny and in 99% of cases I will be correct.

No. 1775807

how is this not just heterosexuality with extra steps

it's so fucking stupid

i peaked when one of my friend-of-a-friends came out as transboy, wanted to be exclusively referred to as he/him with a new non-binary name, but still CLEARLY looked/acted like a woman (with short hair), her boyfriend was straight before she transitioned and HER transition did not change HIS sexuality but all of a sudden he was now 'bi'.

why, dude. why? are you guys just that bored? do you have no other hobbies to invest time in? why all the effort and the mental gymnastics when you could just be like 'wow, i have some masculine traits' and not 'I ONCE SPOKE USING MY CHEST VOICE SO NOW I AM MAN'

the ironic thing is that the man this girl wants to be is a twinky guy in a yaoi manga relationship and so it's still entirely based in feminine archetypes. I have a deeper voice than she does and I'm not fucking trying.

No. 1775812

The guy looks extremely autistic and the girl looks like she aged 20 years

No. 1775815

I thought I'd read that after getting SRS one of the first things he did was a Playboy shoot but looking now I can only find a Playboy interview with him (16 pages so no time to read now, dunno if it's coomery or not)

No. 1775820

it makes even less sense when anons are saying she is a man because she uses the word "faggot" or "sissy" knowing damn well they are on a site where women do the EXACT SAME SHIT.

No. 1775826

I'll have to look. I think he has a blog about it on his website.

No. 1775860

the irony of anons complaining about vulgar language and edginess on lolcow of all places kek

No. 1775866

You wouldn’t think the woman who said this would turn out to be a handmaiden. I love this quote but it always confuses me how she could say this or write things like The Handmaid’s Tale but then side with the very males who would be forcing women into submissive roles. TiMs even talk about enslaving and force breeding us. I don’t get it.

No. 1775867


No. 1775868

she’s probably scared shitless of getting the jk rowling treatment. she’s a fucking coward.

No. 1775870

It’s either because they’re pedos or because they never got over the girl they crushed on at 13 and are still desperate to own her by “becoming her”.

No. 1775871

True, and damn, if anyone should be standing up to this shit it should be her.

No. 1775880

JK Rowling, PBUH, wrote Harry Potter so it could mature with its audience, now she wants her audience to be even more mature and read another book, LOL!(learn to sage)

No. 1775883

>calling someone a freak is a dog whistle
pretty sure openly insulting someone isn't subliminal messaging lmao.
>using the word invalid unironically
this one confuses me, troons are the ones always talking about being valid and validated.
>men can be lesbians
idk how any sane person can read this and not go what the fuck

No. 1775889

I believe she's could very well be a woman and I've seen other russian women act like that, but this is the internet so obviously you can't be sure. Think of how many "women" in gamedev and speedrunning are actually moids. I'm not doubting it because I believe women can't code, it's because I know males like to larp as women who code and take their spot.
And I still don't feel sorry for the poor widdle gay boi flashing his dick, keep seething.

No. 1775897

Not feeling sorry isn't the same as rejoicing. The point is, women can be unhinged. If she's a woman, I hope she doesn't end up getting doxxed or doxxing herself because of all this BS.

No. 1775899

File: 1677260294032.jpg (281 KB, 1341x1981, Fpv7ODwagAAUWFw.jpg)

No. 1775903

His wife told his Peter Griffin ass to get all the AGP exhibitionism coom out through the internet instead of publicly embarrassing her even more than he probably already does.

No. 1775907

>troons are funny when i agree with them!
shit take, troons are trying to paint any adult who enjoys harry potter as a retard when it's a completely normal thing to enjoy. yeah there are people who are over the top about it but their only crime is being annoying. but troons are actively going after anyone with nostalgia who is playing the game, not specifically targeting people on TikTok who's entire personality is harry potter. it's like how not every adult who likes Disney is a 'disney adult'. it's also ironic for a troon to make fun of people for liking kids media when they're all pedophiles.

No. 1775925

File: 1677261596835.jpg (391.1 KB, 1080x1120, Screenshot_20230224_105439.jpg)

lmao this troon was on jeopardy. granny troons really are a separate breed. also it annoys me so much that trannies act like anyone who doesn't like them is a terf. do they even know what terf stands for? plenty of people hate troons just because they're ugly and gross, not specifically because they care about women.

No. 1775927

File: 1677261674286.jpg (824.13 KB, 810x3111, vomit.jpg)

"this is the crap guys addicted to porn wish their women were into" yes, indeed.

No. 1775939

do they not realize men (gay and straight) can enjoy being dominated?? also you can always tell they get their idea of the female orgasm from porn. they probably think all men have to do to make a woman cum is to shove it in.

No. 1775955

ur so right i love you

No. 1775959

>woman is when penis inside vagina
>it's not gay to want to get fucked in the ass! I'm a woman!! That's my phantom vagina!!!
>man is when logical, cunning and manipulative mastermind, since I'm a lazy piece of shit that wants to get everything handed to him, I'm woman!!!

No. 1775966

Ah yes so freeing when a man controls you psychologically, isn’t it ladies?

No. 1775968

>they probably think all men have to do to make a woman cum is to shove it in
Given how little they know about actual female pleasure outside of porn, you’re probably right. But we already knew the troon/incel venn diagram is a single circle.

No. 1775969

I brought this up in a previous thread. They unironically nailed the simpering praise lavished on TIMs over nothing. So stunning! So BRAVE! It would be funny if it weren’t so annoying.

I’m convinced it’s part of the fetish for guys like this. Some trans-identified people might genuinely have been indoctrinated by the narrative that everyone wants to harm them, but there’s a certain breed of AGP that absolutely revels in this fantasy of being the victim of an attack. It’s usually men who’ve never realistically had to worry about violence so thinking of themselves as a potential victim is novel, exciting and even arousing to them.

No. 1775974

I 100% agree the victimization they desire is an arousal thing. People who have actually been victimized or experience real fear of it don’t treat it the way these guys treat it. It probably has roots in porn seeing women be objectified and harmed and being sold the lie that that’s what womanhood is, that women enjoy that. I also agree that some of them are in it for the “benefits” that come with it. They try to piggyback on things like civil rights or gay rights when most of them have extremely easy lives and the same rights as everyone else. In some ways they have even more. No one bends over backwards this much for other minorities, they never have, and the progress other groups have had was only made over decades, sometimes centuries. These moids have managed to do all of this shit in just a few years and really think they’re in any way oppressed. It’s pretty insulting, and if anything it’s just proof of the privilege they hold over everyone else.

No. 1775983

>"I woke up with a really strong craving for… men's thingies."

oh my god you're an adult please shut the fuck up

No. 1775993

File: 1677268549504.jpg (175.48 KB, 1080x445, WalterMaldos.jpg)

Still a malding AGP skin walker. Sad how he's overshadowed actual female early electronic musicians like Delia Derbyshire, Daphne Oram and Éliane Radigue etc.

No. 1775996

File: 1677268658528.jpg (232.7 KB, 1277x1580, FpwL84OaEAA-0xR.jpg)

Always the gross rooms

No. 1776000

women crack things and then don't share because it's mostly men who overly value "glory" and are dumb enough to brag about their crimes online

No. 1776002

it's like the forget sci-hub is run by a woman

No. 1776013

Troon voices make me want to alog

No. 1776022

File: 1677273296004.jpg (148.63 KB, 828x1433, FpwfRH9akAEik8Z.jpg)

Can we go back to shaming men

No. 1776026

>Don't be ashamed of what's natural
Yeah because every woman wants to be sexually dominated and psychologically controlled by a man. It's completely normal to think about penis and "shutting down". Lesbians don't exist.
You can tell they're really just getting off to themselves larping as the porny cock-hungry dumb woman they dream of.

No. 1776033

this makes me want to alog so bad. seeing fat ugly old men dressing up like girls in frilly dresses for their fetish is so fucking disgusting. and i'm a lolita, so this makes me seethe on a deeper level because of how hard sissies have co-opted our fashion and now people compare us to sissies & kink

>i couldn't convince any of you to twin with me

i wonder why

No. 1776034

>men fetishize lesbians and the idea of turning a lesbian 'straight
wow that's so gross and wrong!
>men tell lesbians to suck their girldick
stunning and brave!

No. 1776038

File: 1677275968032.jpg (608.1 KB, 680x746, AphLiBj.jpg)

Men's perception of femininity is completely shallow and surface level only; they don't see women as human people so they aren't looking for the kind of indicators that a woman is looking for to determine a person's sex.

Picrel is case in point; women is when booba. What is a face?

No. 1776045

File: 1677277054208.png (1.24 MB, 1177x3029, troon parenting.png)

No. 1776047

lmao yeah what a stunning and brave game dev team. coomer-tier thicc characters are very underrepresented, glad these men are willing to stand up for what they believe in.

No. 1776050

Men see femininity and masculinity, beliefs used to justify men's violence. Women see femaleness and maleness, reality.

No. 1776058

why do the robots have belly buttons? what the actual fuck is wrong with moids?

No. 1776064

>finally, big tits and hips, which are far more sensual than this traumatized child (Ellie). Clearly this is what’s important.
I wish this man would be launched into the vacuum of space.

No. 1776065

sage for autism
this is not from before he trooned out, he said in some interview that he was already transitioning at the time of this interview, but he didnt want to appear publicly as trans; so he just ended up looking strange with the fake sideburns and shit.

No. 1776070

Right on the money, and part of the reason they pretend all terfs are white women. Pure projection. They're fucking over all women but they pretend only white karens object. Claiming Rowling and all terfs are white supremacists is racist because it assumes no woman of color could oppose troons without being "colonized." Where do white fucking TIMs get off telling any women what they're allowed to think? Libfem handmaids are unfathomably stupid chumps.

No. 1776071

File: 1677280646854.webm (1.48 MB, 576x1024, 24aef4ffede4de6838b35ed46b85f1…)

His whole page is like this and it gets positive feedback…

No. 1776072

File: 1677280819996.webm (1.47 MB, 576x1024, fc24639e9f94374bd14599426d68e6…)

Genuinely disturbing, a lot of his content is also about about 'real' women vs 'cis' women. The whole account is top tier peaking content tbh.

No. 1776073

File: 1677280967558.jpeg (807.98 KB, 1170x1745, 06B30923-CE0A-40FF-8D77-744ABE…)

Sage for non-milk but wtf why do I manage to stumble upon these kinds of accounts so easily

No. 1776077

maybe people you follow or the posts you interacted put them on your TL, I muted every word i could think of to get these degens off my homepage but they still pop up through the likes of people i follow which is annoying. I never got THIS kind of post before but I keep seeing random troons with generic trying to be funny hit tweets

No. 1776081

I’m so tired of these sick fucks

No. 1776087

i personally cannot wait for faceless sex robots. let moids masturbate their way to extinction.

No. 1776095

File: 1677283996096.jpeg (937.57 KB, 1117x1149, B777F498-0CF6-407C-A3B7-C15CB6…)

this absolute creature popped up on hinge

No. 1776100

is that… is that what i think it is? wonder what pro-troon ikea would have to say about this

No. 1776109

If it means they’d leave us alone then yes, god, please. Can’t get our hopes up too much though unless the sex robots are also willing to do all the domestic and emotional labor of a human woman. And even then, scrotes hate seeing women finding joy without men. I don’t know if we’ll ever be free.

No. 1776110

File: 1677285897560.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x2124, BAD799E4-A37A-4A4F-BD9C-1AB3B1…)

Based Babish. A bunch of men in wigs chimping out in the comments and trying to drag us Jews into it to strengthen their arguments… If he deletes or apologizes for this I will lose all respect. We need to see people taking firm stances against the degenerate bullies. Hopefully his fiancée is a terf and educates him.

No. 1776113

What woman is talking about periods with this cretin? More than likely he is inserting himself in women's spaces and then bitching at them to not bring up their personal experiences as a woman such as periods/pregnancy, etc. Hes just a little rat that wants women to cater to him and not have their own personal spaces.
"Do not get surprised if I decide to leave that conversation" good because nobody wanted your rat ass in the conversation anyway, whiney bitch.

No. 1776125

File: 1677286483192.jpg (1.67 MB, 3072x4080, PXL_20230224_172033707~2.jpg)

I wanted to share this somewhere and couldn't think of anywhere but here to share, so I'm sorry if it doesn't belong here.

This past week at work, I was in the kitchen making coffee and I kind of saw a tall woman in scrubs run past me through my peripheral vision and didn't think anything of it. Then the receptionist gave this "woman" mail and I heard them open their mouth and it was just MAN VOICE and I had a visceral reaction and jumped. Where I work is a pretty conservative, quiet suburb right outside a large city, so this was my first time encountering a troon irl. He has started saying hi to me and I just ignore him. He creeps me out and I hope I never see him in the women's bathroom because as you can see from the attached pic, his face is absolutely terrifying. Once I heard his man voice, I actually looked at him and saw the obvious signs of male: broad shoulders, over six feet tall, narrow hips, etc.

No. 1776135

This is so sad her face is covered in boils now.

No. 1776149

File: 1677288160028.jpeg (8.83 KB, 261x215, 781EA6A7-890F-423E-AA87-E8A2E0…)

Every time I have to read “girldick” I vomit in my mouth a little

No. 1776153

TRA’s comments are getting deleted, which is good. I hope he doesn’t apologize, people need to stop bowing down to these demented bullies.

No. 1776160

Wendy days he deeply regrets doing that Playboy interview, like he apparently guessed they'd focus more on what he enjoys (music and science shit) but they just kept shifting the focus and asking him personal questions he didn't want to really reveal after the fact.

No. 1776162

OT but that shit looks disgusting. do britbongs actually have that for breakfast.

No. 1776166

File: 1677290592806.webm (12.13 MB, 608x1080, 32432.webm)


No. 1776173

File: 1677291029945.webm (2.74 MB, 320x568, 56564.webm)

samefag. moid comedy is the same no matter if they're a TiM or not

No. 1776182

BASED. I know the tumblrtards are seething, shitting, and crying about how their widdle uwu cooking man doesn't give a fuck about hulking freak male abominations in spinny skirts and amazon pleather chokers kekkkkk.

No. 1776202

File: 1677293066887.png (281.88 KB, 802x543, why.png)

That's not something new (sewing a masturbator toy inside of a plush), but what did Blåhaj do to deserve being a "trans symbol"??

No. 1776204

File: 1677293163479.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, 9D7B7125-7411-4100-A6C1-0BE14E…)

Furry equivalent of that one troon teacher

No. 1776211

Swede troon posted a pic of him and shark after recovery for neohole on reddit. Swede troon becomes swede detrans because nuhole smells like poop and dosent look like a real vagina, regrets trooning out because he failed as a woman

No. 1776212

the ftm is sooooo shady for carefully angling her own head and not even giving her friend a heads up about the double chin situation kek

No. 1776243

I really, really hate undate-able basement dweller men who brag about how they never treat women badly. It's one of my biggest scrote pet peeves. I GUARANTEE that if they got a chance to ruin a woman's life, they would all take it. It's like how the men who brag about never hitting a woman are all passive aggressive, mean, and manipulative. Or the men who brag about never doing drugs, but they go get fucking wasted at a bar.

No. 1776247

kinda unrelated since this guy looks like he just does prosthetics, if im reading right, but the thought of troons being professionals in the health care industry sends chills down my spine.

No. 1776264

Literally no one would bother his 70s Peter Boyle lookin ass in the men's room the fuck. I'd run in terror if I saw him in the ladies' room

No. 1776266

I’ve seen other ones post about women at work who are talking about periods or pregnancy in regular conversation and it sets them off so much, usually the women have no idea. They’re so fucking weird about women talking about things that affect us. Almost like they’re male.

No. 1776268

I thought he was trying to look like an anime character but yes the flat brows plus the 12 filters are creepy as hell and insulting to womankind

No. 1776273

>"I'm a TME trans/non-binary person so there's defenitely no way I could be transmisogynistic/a TERF"
KEK even in a bingo card completely about TERFs they still just have to throw TIFs under the bus

Take on terminally online terminology: TMA/TME is such a funny label. It literally just means TIM/not-TIM, so it's the exact same thing as AMAB/AFAB except completely self centered for TIMs. I know that TIFs are extremely passive to TIMs, but I still can't understand how any of them would actually be convinced to use the word TME on themselves.

No. 1776282

Oldheads remember the deranged tranny Voz Latina posting on Feministing or Feministe (forget which) that females should all be raped so they'd understand what TIMs go through. The idiot libfems in charge apologized for the resulting uproar before deleting the comment because it made troons look bad.

No. 1776299

File: 1677303542586.jpeg (46.83 KB, 750x255, A400B3AE-A5AA-4AB1-A05B-E98040…)

Try not to a-log on troon opinion challenge(impossible!)

No. 1776306

>but the thought of troons being professionals in the health care industry sends chills down my spine.

I dont know where you live nonny, but if it makes you feel better im a brit bong that works in healthcare and everyone i know is surprisingly openly terfy (plus never seen one at work)

No. 1776309

Are you ok? You should take a break & look at wholesome tranny surgery pics to calm your nerves.

No. 1776310

Still a troon

No. 1776313

Who is this unfunny faggot

No. 1776321

File: 1677307293237.jpeg (118.25 KB, 828x1189, FpyeBP3aAAE3wAW.jpeg)

Trying very hard to cover the baldness

No. 1776325

It's funny how you can always tell the type of girl they're trying to skinwalk.. how can a guy look at his reflection and not think he looks ridiculous (rethorical question, I know it's his dick doing all the thinking)

No. 1776327

File: 1677308344173.jpg (544.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230225_075656_com…)

Sage because i know this isnt actually a tranny.. Im just so baffled at how openly they can wish someones death without consequences

No. 1776333

It was also a tumblr meme which originated in Russia, I'd make some joke about invader cultures but I won't.

No. 1776337

File: 1677309689466.png (1.28 MB, 804x1668, hanna.png)

Some of the highlights from "trans appreciation friday"…

No. 1776340

File: 1677309739319.png (507.69 KB, 880x1163, kaitlynn.png)

No. 1776341

File: 1677309785433.png (1.3 MB, 818x2069, joan.png)

human shrek

No. 1776342

File: 1677309822029.png (560.66 KB, 869x1231, dartti.png)

No. 1776345

mrs doubtfire lookin ass(learn to sage)

No. 1776353

It's fucking horrifying to me that a woman chose to get pregnant by this vile creature. Zero respect for people who allow their children to interact with known pedophiles.

No. 1776394

File: 1677318439275.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x2245, 9092C98F-A409-4019-9175-04B849…)

I’m a bit retarded and have no idea how one would embed TikToks here but have any of you watched this Australian lady called K_carnelian responding to some nasty troons who claim to have their periods? Of course a bunch of tards are calling her a TERF for daring to tell men they don’t have periods kek. The world is insane

No. 1776395

Ofc he’s a “lesbian”. Gag

No. 1776403

Jeffree Star at 80
At least their womanhate is right out in the open. Wouldn't want to befriend a moid only to find out later he wishes death upon children's authors who disapprove of men jacking off in the ladies and offering tampons to preteens.
Or thinks that male rapists should be kept separate from female prisoners and abuse victims. Like if you wish death upon that person you are clearly the bad guy, clearly the rapist, clearly want to do crimes to women unhindered. Keep announcing yourselves to the world, freaks, every woman knows death to terfs translates as death to women

No. 1776413

File: 1677322675826.jpg (204.36 KB, 1944x2592, fugly.jpg)

How he looks like. The funniest part is transpositive saying he totally looks like a woman. Holy shit moids are faceblind.

No. 1776417

Looks like your average greasy haired metal head moid.

No. 1776419

File: 1677323784899.png (300.13 KB, 520x540, pukeenlutte.png)


French tranny protests sex worker rights. All the cucked face blind redditors can't tell that he is a man and are arguing about if his boobs are natural. They are also pro sw because of course they are, they'll never get female attention otherwise.

No. 1776441

AGP plushophile presenting his fetishes as a joke

No. 1776444

How do the mfs in the audience go to listen to a tranny talk about his fetishes and clap and yell wooo wtf

No. 1776448

The man wearing a yellow jacket says to him "You are a man all right." after touching his moobs.

No. 1776451

Wtf I love the Gilets Jaunes now.

No. 1776467

do any actual lesbians use the word dyke? I only see TIMs using it

No. 1776470


Yeah, masc or butch lesbians usually.

No. 1776473

Personally no bc dyke had always been used negatively by other ppl to talk about me like if felt like a slur ,so no for me but can't speak for every gay woman here(sage your shit)

No. 1776476

In reality she said men in dresses being allowed free access to women’s private spaces makes many women uncomfortable due to the threat of sexual assault, and what trans people did to prove her wrong was respond to her with hundreds upon hundreds of images of their penises.

No. 1776477

I've seen maybe 5 troons out in the wild without counting the professional, old and harmless transvestites in my city (they only interact with adults here and leave their costumes at home after work, so no troons), and every one of them had the same way of walking and moving their hands. You can really tell from far away, just by the way they walk, that they are men.

No. 1776478

20-25 years ago but it's a victim of troonery and retarded jannies

No. 1776481

I see white troons in the wild in Asian market areas because they’re yellow fever losers and they always have greasy slicked to the side overgrown self-bleached hair dyed some garish color, a belle delphine/anime fetish coomer outfit, giant autism sneakers like the ones dads wear to mow lawns, and nerd neck. Like 6 foot 2 hunching around in a schoolgirl fetish outfit with a plastic bdsm collar in front of normal well adjusted Japanese families that they just relate to the culture of soooo much, sugoi. The fact that they’re mentally ill weirdos is even more glaringly, uncomfortably obvious when you see them walking around in public next to normal people.

No. 1776498

I used to see a lot of them when I worked in a hospital known for its “gender-affirming care” and if I hadn’t peaked already I’m pretty sure that would’ve done it. If they weren’t dressed like sexualised anime characters (complete with cosplay wig) they were dressed like stereotypical street prostitutes. Tiny slip dresses that barely covered their crotch, fishnet tights, platform stiletto heels, bright red lipstick and hair that looked like it had been styled with a leaf blower. I can only describe their movement as “shambling”, like creatures from a horror movie. I was going to compare them to some kind of hooker Babadook (Babahook?) but then I googled the Babadook to be sure and the guys I saw at work were far creepier.

No. 1776510

yes. as a slav i agree, we definitely can come off abrasive.
plus, can you imagine a man taking the time and effort to stick it to the T and standing up for JKR? it just seems like something a pissed off talented woman would do, fuck it i would have done it if i could do this shit

No. 1776528

All the troons I've seen were at "woke" grocery stores like Whole Foods and Target, music concerts, and at Japanese grocery stores.
The music concerts, they're always wearing crop tops or spaghetti string form fitting dresses with chokers and at the Jap stores they're wearing trench coats with gogo boots.

No. 1776537

for balance, the only troon I've seen in the wild in recent years looked quite normal although obviously a man. Maybe a young version of those sane troons from the past who somehow survived to be old now.

No. 1776545

Now that u mention it, I've only seen them at the target I work at in my lil uppermiddleclass white suburban town, there is also one I work with that insists on wearing a skirt which is allowed in the dress code as it's past the knees and solid colour but literally everyone else wears pants kek.and last year during June there were significantly more of them coming in to shop dressed like creeps cuz you kno, pride,..but normally here look kinda normie for the most part maybe the younger ones don't leave the house as much since they live on twitter..definitely the closer you get to the nearest large municipality here, the chances increase dramatically of weirder and weirder interactions so, not sure what the correlation is but just something I noticed idk. Sage idk if this counts as blog sorry I'm a retard and kept putting it in subject srry

No. 1776548

When I was at uni there were a few troons and almost all of them were members of the furry club (the aidens were all in the LGBT club). One constantly walked around in one of those steampunk finger claw things, a homestuck shirt, big boots, and a dragon tail attached to his ass.

No. 1776571

i was looking into the possibility of joining a roller derby team, but the one i found had a troon. it’s so frustrating seeing them take over women’s sports like this.

No. 1776576

Roller derby is full of troons. I’m surprised you only found one.

No. 1776583

wtf i love babish now

No. 1776585

File: 1677347329645.jpg (367.64 KB, 556x500, pRahQLl.jpg)

I think >>1776050 totally nailed it, they are only looking for a performance of femininity; if they see boobs, long hair, makeup, jewellery, etc, their feeble little lizard brains tell them it's FEE-MAIL.

I used to be really into my local derby scene; now the league accepts anyone who "identifies as female or gender expansive". Men ruin everything.

No. 1776586

File: 1677347369716.png (1.26 MB, 1076x1024, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 12.4…)

do they not see how this makes it absolutely worse and isn’t a “gotcha” for conservatives? like, rowling’s main concern was about pervy bad faith actors taking advantage of self ID loopholes. EVERYONE knew he was full of shit, but the school still allowed it and questioning his motives meant you were transphobic. the QTs are all mocking everyone who was concerned about this for "falling for a right wing psyop." i just…how are they this thick? how do they miss the point every time?

No. 1776596

File: 1677348280469.jpg (232.83 KB, 719x754, Screenshot_20230225-100157_Twi…)

the article literally starts off with evanna advocating for trans rights but explains she grew up and just said "there's two sides, we shouldn't be so quick to dog pile Jo" and that immediately made her evil in the eyes of these troons

No. 1776602

I didn’t know much about her before but I’m obsessed after reading about her. I had no clue she struggled with an ED and formed a relationship with JKR because of it (they wrote to each other while she was in treatment before she was ever cast as Luna). I love too that originally she didn’t stand with JKR but changed her mind after thinking critically and seeing JKR defend detransitioners (many of whom are women and in some ways I see a relation between them and those who develop and recover from EDs). Moids will never understand.

No. 1776603

Not to mention, I feel like AGPs gravitate towards it because it’s an excuse to treat women roughly since it’s in the nature of the sport to get a bit roughed up. I think they get off on it.

No. 1776604

I have a feeling most of the original main cast are going to be making statements like this in the next few months. Since her play the Cursed Child is going to made into a film, and there's no way they don't want to re-capitalize on that. Google tells me that Luna isn't in the play, but that doesn't mean she isn't angling to get in on it. I have no faith. The moment Emma Watson slinks over to the JKR side, even if it's super tentatively, I'm going to laugh my ass off.

No. 1776606

there’s something to be said about a person who will publicly admit that they were wrong. especially in a case like this, where admitting she was wrong means going against these people. i’ve always loved her and i’ve always thought she was the absolute best casting of a HP character.

No. 1776620

File: 1677350795024.webm (6.97 MB, 476x270, greasy.webm)

I think this might have been posted already but I couldn't find it; you'd think for all the shit men give women about our looks, they could at least wash their hair before making a public appearance.

No. 1776623

detransitioners aren't seen as people to troons, they hate their existence. and yeah if anyone actually bothered to read jk rowling's essay a huge part of it is talking about how women are transitioning because society has made them hate being a woman, and that being a male is an escape. she even said that she could understand the appeal.

No. 1776625

File: 1677351591453.jpg (227.17 KB, 1080x1856, FoIVt7-XwAIlxET.jpg)

They need to fucking lay off the whole period thing already

No. 1776630

I'm at my emotional-depressed-aggressive part of my cycle at the moment, if one of them would tell me something like that in person, I would probably bury them alive and honestly, it wouldn't be my fault, it's just because of the hormones. They never had a period, they never will have a period and that's it.

No. 1776631

So a period is when mood swings now lmao. Also why is bleed in quotes.

No. 1776660

Imagine how that man lives if he's having hot flashes and bloating out of nowhere. And he feels gross? Just take a fucking shower.

No. 1776663

> a fraction of humanity does "bleed"
TIL 50% of humanity is a fraction, I mean it is but generally when you use that term in that way you're referring to a small number not literally half of all people.

> why is bleed in quotes
Because women are theoretical.

No. 1776670

Him holding that stuffed animal means I don't want to know the identity of "her"

No. 1776681

>is a regular balding, middle aged, overweight white man
>"I'm afraid of the bathrooms because I look lgbt"
How is this not a parody lmfao

No. 1776696

File: 1677357378807.png (1.9 MB, 1920x1080, ptube.png)

New PhilosophyTroon video and he looks like a drag queen trying to impersonate Cher

No. 1776697

File: 1677357428021.png (204.59 KB, 602x1336, ptube2.png)

>I love that she's able to flaunt her amazing body
Tube self-posting?

No. 1776702

yassified habsburg

No. 1776703

If they're not just making it up, maybe it's just their male bodies reacting to unnatural levels of female hormones.

No. 1776707

I would die if they cast a black Hermoine, just to avoid casting Emma.

No. 1776708

Omg that mile wide hair part!!

No. 1776709

They are making it up. There is no way for males to have periods because they don't have ovaries and uteri. Every word out of their mouths about periods is a lie, either willfully or through lieing to themselves.

No. 1776715

Exactly. They can't even have the hormonal cycles like they sometimes claim, their HRT doesn't work that way. But this shit doesn't surprise me, I've had multiple men insist that ~men have cycles too~; no, you are just males who can't control yourselves or your emotions.

No. 1776723

Yessssss! It's wild that they all turned on a woman who helped to shape their lives, and by all accounts was very motherly and close to them, for a mob of angry men in dresses. What a pill those HL sales have to be to swallow. It proves the majority of people either don't care or are becoming very sick of the bullshit. And it's so funny because if they don't stick to their guns they'll be reviled by one side and mocked by the other. God I hope this momentum keeps up with people peaking. I'm worried it'll start stagnating pretty fast.

No. 1776738

This top is accentuating his large, manly shoulders so much it's funny.

No. 1776746

That was happening during a protest against the reform to make the new retiring age 64 instead of 62 iirc. In my city the demonstrations were starting right next to my office and the second one had a whole group with a bunch of tranny and intersex flags between groups with unions' logos and signs, I was kind of shocked that they were that visible since this issue concerns EVERYONE who can work or will enter the workforce later.

No. 1776748

File: 1677363250407.png (24.99 KB, 941x193, Screenshot_20230225_041048.png)

This had me search the word "period" on the MTF sub because I'm feeling particularly masochistic rn. SO MANY POSTS. Idk why I'm surprised. Of course a bunch of men are sitting around all day thinking about periods. So many offensive comments. Then there's this one that's like… At least he admits it but you know this line of thinking is: We are better than women because we don't have their issues. I don't know which is worse but I'm so disgusted and feels like I'm going insane that this is the most protected class in western society right now.

No. 1776756

File: 1677363784675.png (113.92 KB, 737x909, Screenshot_20230225_042234.png)

Samefag, picrel ss of just a few results from the past 2 months

No. 1776767

& all the women on the team are ok with this? They are ok competing with a dangerous tranysaurus? One that knows he has an unfair advantage & probably gets off to it? Have they at least protested or something? have they seriously caved in to these scrotes?

No. 1776770

I had to go read a couple of these posts myself, and I'm so disgusted. "it would be sooooo gender affirming!" men only see women for their vaginas and that's it.

No. 1776781

LOL there's room for the Seine to flow between those bolt-ons. They're on opposite sides of his body, like fish eyes

No. 1776791

File: 1677367914475.jpg (544.97 KB, 2000x1126, Sped FC.jpg)

No. 1776815

>she even said that she could understand the appeal
Some of them have tried to say she’s an egg or trans in denial instead of a woman who has experienced every facet of misogyny and can speak on it

No. 1776830

late but ella yurman (kek)

No. 1776837

>haha, that wasn't a True and Honest tranny, he it just a perverted freak male who dresses up in fetish gear specifically to torment teenagers! And you couldn't tell the difference! Rekt gottem

No. 1776842

Didn't he used another shark, thought? I swear in the prior thread there's the photo you mention, but is not Blåhaj.

No. 1776845

Here Comes Yurman (dun dun dun dun dun dun dun)

No. 1776846


I swear they just love to roleplay the "teehee cranky but with chocolate I'll be ok" and not "my cramps are killing me and there's blood everywhere and no gynecologic want to help me because Is NoRMaL!". I'm not even surprised if they think periods are blue because commercials used blue dye to "censor" the blood.

No. 1776856

I like pretending to be a woman getting beat and raped"
So you just like seeing women get beat and raped and we're supposed to respect that.
He needs his overalls pulled so far up his ass he gets split in half.

No. 1776868

I agree with everyone else that he is a freak predator and the media is just covering him up now with this right wing bullshit to hide the reality that predators can easily be protected through this movement as everyone has pointed out. At this point they have not only openly protected this predator but have completely changed his identity to do so. I really hope that someone comes forth with a lawsuit or something and this all gets blown out in the open more than it is so these "journalists" have to scramble for even more excuses on why hes totally not a predator.

No. 1776875

File: 1677375056118.jpeg (987.08 KB, 2340x1796, 31CAE9ED-89AF-40A0-BEE0-4808E0…)

Coping troon gets euphoric over the couple of replies agreeing with his /pol/ post and posts screenshots of them on reddit to try and boost his gender high even further

No. 1776877

"It matters that they attend these shows so that I can be an exhibitionist fetishist in front of innocent children just like my dick always wanted!"
Love the woman interjecting him. I hope she did it more and made him chimp out.

No. 1776882

File: 1677375406270.jpeg (1.63 MB, 2419x3485, 103DB13E-398D-4E97-B41A-00D67B…)

troon in question:

No. 1776891

Why do these men act like they're God's gift to this earth. Imagine the cope: "No woman likes me because I'm attracted to trannies, they're obviously jealous and need to step up their game. I'd laugh at these terminally online incels if they just stayed in their hovel and didn't go out and kill/abuse random women for not sucking their dicks.

No. 1776910

Only proving anons' points upthread about men seeing femininity and masculinity over the actual sexes. That said, deep down they know that no matter what excuses they use it's still gay. If men want to fuck trannies, let them, if only they'd stay the hell away from us. I don't believe their cope that they will be satisfied to stick with other men but wouldn't that be nice.

No. 1776912

Men will do their best to convince themselves that fucking men is straight, mega kek for the closeted homosexuals/bisexuals.

No. 1776926

These men avoiding women would be a good thing for women. By all means tranny chasers please remove yourselves from the gene pool and stop bothering real women. Do they think this is a bad thing? Women do not have reproduction anxiety like men.

No. 1776934

kek 4chan users are the bottom of the barrel of unwanted losers, they're desperate and will fuck anything

No. 1776938

The one who copes the hardest, copes the loudest.

No. 1776947

Is this Zephyr? They all look alike to me

Oh and drag sucks shit I could go the rest of my life without seeing another of those smug no talent fuckers ever again

No. 1776948

File: 1677377130799.jpg (18.69 KB, 354x360, 1488756180391.jpg)

>if trans girls take over women will actually have to compete

No. 1776964

File: 1677377424666.gif (1.83 MB, 480x360, BYUbrkjuaB-aNYsIjYnMdJ-VPsc=.g…)

>MFW seeking approval from /pol/ when /LGBT/ is right there

No. 1776975

File: 1677377638597.jpg (46.48 KB, 800x450, skeleton.jpg)

>my sides

No. 1776978

>Do they think this is a bad thing? Women do not have reproduction anxiety like men.
They wish. It's pathetic how badly they want us to be like them, to drag us down to their level. It's reflected in their threats because that's what would work to scare them into compliance, eg "you're gonna die old and alone without getting to reproduce" no moid, that's a fear you evolved because you exist to dump sperm and die. Of course getting us to comply with those threats is how they seek to prevent that fear from happening, that they won't fulfill their biological purpose. It's all projection and never forget it ladies. They will even take the troon pill if they think it'll turn the tables and magically make us desperate for their dicks instead of the other way around.

No. 1777021

I lost it at the manchild lego analogy autism

No. 1777026

Male ego and delusion in a single image kek.

No. 1777077

>lego(women) vs. Megablox (trannies)

KEK This is the most autistic thing I've read

No. 1777086

Which is also hilarious considering that theres Lego purists who despise megablox and see them as nothing but cheap imitation as they are. Really telling on themselves.

No. 1777087

Really nice to see some people moving past their first reactionary anti-TERF statements and actually taking the time to listen to JKR and read about what she was addressing properly. It’s easy to overreact when people get immediately hit with the damning “-phobe” stamp that terrifies every well behaved liberal, but if we take the time to look into these issues more deeply we can all end up seeing that JKR’s views are the actually progressive ones. Makes me glad to see Evanna rethink things because I’ve admired her previous statements about body image/EDs, neurodivergent/other outcast fans of Luna, animal welfare, etc. She seems like an overall caring person who wants the underprivileged to be uplifted and protected by our society, which is exactly what TERFs want as well.

No. 1777161

The woman in this scenario is fucked in the head too, she's a TiF.

No. 1777227

One thing I want to point out too is that the guy from the pic in this post isn’t even trans. He’s a twitch streamer that lets fetishists pay him to pretend to be a troon but he’s not on HRT and claims to be cis and straight. He’s basically a boywhore capitalizing on coomers just like the hot tub thots. So it’s funny that they couldn’t even find a picture of a cute real tranny as an example kek

No. 1777256

anyone else notice that they all have girls' names as their twitter handles? ironically, this makes them SO MUCH easier to clock it's not even funny.

No. 1777313

lmao if they read her essay and think she's trans in denial then they're basically agreeing that women who troon out do it for emotional reasons and not because they actually think they're a man.

No. 1777318

We've seen pics of him walking around town in his big-tiddy bimbo getup before he made national news. A month or two ago the Daily Mail released a story where in 2021 he was in that getup at a child dance recital unrelated to his school. This guy is only now appearing in public as a man because he's catching heat.

No. 1777323

they love the fantasy of women competing with each other for male attention lmao even tho men are the ones who simp for even the most average looking women.

No. 1777340

>Oh and drag sucks shit
THANK YOU. I don't get the appeal of drag. These fucks aren't talented, they just prance around in gaudy clothing and lip sync to pop divas. It shouldn't be representative of the lgbt community as most gay moids aren't into it and many women in the community find it offensive. Fuck RuPaul for making it mainstream.

No. 1777384

Yes, it was a different shark but it looks like a smaller Blahaj which is why troons latched on to Blahaj.

No. 1777436

Some questions just popped into my head. Do “lesbian” trannies date or fuck each other? Since they are both women according to them, they should want the girldick, right? Have they ever addressed this?

No. 1777461

it's about 50/50 who only date women or only date women and other troons ("t4t")

No. 1777530

Retirement age in France is only 62? Dang, it’s 67 where I live. Of course trans don’t care, though. If they cared about their futures they wouldn’t be wreaking havoc on their bodies. TIFs especially will practically all be disabled or even dead by the time they’re 60.

>And the school board lets him openly prey on children because he’s technically covered under the gender identity regulations we campaigned for! Checkmate feminists

No. 1777535

That appears to be the last choice when the yuri larping troons have been rejected enough by actual women.

No. 1777558

Imagine if an actual woman in her 30s changed her name to some e-thot shit like "zooey zephyr" and then tried to get into politics. Nobody would take her seriously. tbf I don't think anyone's taking this guy seriously either, but somehow he still got elected

No. 1777575

I used to be into drag a while ago but now they disgust me. Just a bunch of hypersexual faggots dancing around in stupid costumes attempting to look like women. Literal womanface and they know it too.

No. 1777582

Ya, and it's all about the oh my god catty wahhhmen performance against each other with looks. Like, fuck off, that's so vapid. I never got into it but couldn't really figure out why, now that I'm older I finally understand it's just misogyny with glitter on top. Sigh.

No. 1777594

File: 1677407945865.jpeg (557.92 KB, 1290x3503, t4tiscope.jpeg)

Transbians date one another as a last resort.

No. 1777603

Rivals? Kek. Funny how men think we’d be offended or feel insecure when they want to fuck other men.
I have no issue with men fucking, harassing, killing and raping eachother. Just leave us alone.

No. 1777604

Why would women be jealous of gay men?

No. 1777609

soooo transwomen are women and it's transphobic to say anything about them being differerent and it's also transphobic to not date a transwomen if you are cis BUUUUT transwomen have the right to not date other transwomen ?

No. 1777618

A lot of "straight" moids are so porn damaged they can only get off to trannies. I do believe a big chunk of them are attracted to feminine men, and there's nothing wrong with it. They have to equate these troons to women so their straight man status isn't challenged, instead of accepting that they are bisexual. I hope more moids start fucking each other frequently, perhaps nature will heal when God releases HIV 2.0.

No. 1777624

They know that even the "passing" trannies are hiding behind 20 filters and facetune edits and the ones who look like shit online are real horrors irl. No incentive to meet a bunch of (fellow) ugly men, most mtf are straight men trying to cheatcode their way into women's spaces (hence being so offended when anyone points that out)
Plus they all know each other already and have probably swapped dickpics if they live in the same city.

No. 1777637

They’ll only spread the HIV 2.0 to the innocent women and children in their lives, like they did with HIV 1.0 and other sexually transmittable diseases. I’d have no problem with men fucking other men (with or without wigs) as long as they admit to being bisexual. However as more women catch on that being with bisexual men is dangerous for their health and therefore choose not to date bi men, it only gives those men more of an incentive to lie. Combined with the fact that trans”women” have ridiculously high rates of STIs it’s a pretty dire situation for actual women.

No. 1777647

I remember reading about HIV+ African moids raping infants and disabled people because of a widespread belief that having sex with a virgin cures AIDS. Men are disgusting.

No. 1777656

Hope any retarded tradthot lurking reads that and sees the light. These men are pathetic lol

No. 1777660

Lmao, these moids hate women so much that they meme'd themselves into being prison gay.

No. 1777693

>that agb smirk

No. 1777694

Auto genobile?

No. 1777698

Because real women calling them out reminds them that they’re just incels in dresses which gives them suicidal thoughts or whatever meanwhile other men making fun of and threatening to kill them leaves them unfazed because they’ve most likely have been bullied by other men since childhood.

No. 1777701

Discussion on it aside, am I the only who thinks this is really weird? Like do they even know the kid?

No. 1777707

File: 1677425710332.jpeg (766.19 KB, 1060x1147, 0137BAB3-F36B-440C-8748-90120B…)

How did I do nonnies?

No. 1777708

This is one of the things I’ll never understand. Why am I supposed to feel threatened by a moid’s made up competition with women for another moid? They can have each other and it’s better for everyone. Plus, it’s like saying a name brand should be threatened by a knock-off brand. They’re never going to have what we do so I don’t even consider competition with them an aspect of my existence, plus I would never go after a man who would sleep with them in the first place. Men are extremely weird about the competition thing and think women are like real life Mean Girls.

No. 1777709

Yeah. Rules for thee but not for me sort of thing. The hypocrisy of it all. On their subs they talk about only wanting to be with real women, so they’re allowed genital preferences, but no one else is. Peak scrote behavior.

No. 1777721

File: 1677426602580.jpg (108.61 KB, 864x992, The_Two_Faces_of_Squidward_174…)

handsome squidward lol

No. 1777722

File: 1677426614634.jpg (71.94 KB, 719x326, Screenshot_20230226-154222_Chr…)

>“It was as [he] moved to the door to leave that it happened. I remarked that we had no choice but to awkwardly shake our hands dry, and [he] turned to me and replied:‘I’m going to wipe my hands on my penis.’ With that, [he] disappeared.


No. 1777732

File: 1677427440176.jpg (2.36 MB, 2316x3088, Fp1IPyYX0AMNXEB.jpg)

his hair line hiding behind his greasy hair

No. 1777734

File: 1677427478002.png (368.49 KB, 677x601, eye rolls.png)

No. 1777738

File: 1677427596450.png (520.06 KB, 677x639, ew.png)

No. 1777741

File: 1677427675334.png (349.32 KB, 652x641, ew 1.png)

No. 1777752

File: 1677429336927.jpg (379.58 KB, 810x1558, Screenshot_20230225-005437_Red…)

>wearing his mothers clothes

No. 1777755

I want off this planet. Men like that DA are not "woke" they are pedophiles just like trannies. You can't convince me otherwise.

No. 1777766

File: 1677430418374.png (858.74 KB, 754x824, fucking lol.png)

No. 1777772

I hope all mothers of moids know that this is what their sons do when they're not looking. This or they're jerking off to their underwear. Unless they're actually gay, then they hate you.

No. 1777784

I would never date tranny fuckers even if they were the only men on Earth, even if I was somehow desperate for dick, those men bring in me a visceral disgust. Just assume you either a disgusting perverted gay or bisexual moid.

No. 1777789

this is depressing

No. 1777795

The biggest cope with this kind of thinking is the idea that we will have to "compete" with the trannies for coomer failmale attention. Those men are already the most undesirable moids on earth, why would some trannies liking them suddenly make us interested or jealous? They can have each other with absolutely no objection from anyone in this thread lol

No. 1777796

don't give kiki any ideas.

No. 1777798

God doesn't exist and HIV didn't exclusively affect men. You're retarded.

No. 1777829

I quit my derby league in Chicago when it got overtaken by troons and one was allowed to give me a concussion at practice on purpose and then laugh about it. Sage for blog but I fucking HATE the ones who stole derby from women. It fills me w rage.

No. 1777867

File: 1677440152153.jpg (200.71 KB, 720x1260, Screenshot_20230225-215946_Twi…)

No. 1777869

my uni has male bathrooms and all-sex bathrooms only. no female only spaces.

No. 1777871

File: 1677440240733.jpg (83.77 KB, 800x1280, IMG_20230225_115321_458.jpg)

more like sleep paralysis demon

No. 1777873

File: 1677440326274.jpeg (221.14 KB, 750x1189, AB64E105-3D37-4D1B-BBE4-D8E8FB…)

No. 1777874

File: 1677440422735.png (404.51 KB, 932x1483, troonmakecomic2.png)

No. 1777891

Girl is when longer hair and crop top

No. 1777895

File: 1677442230987.jpg (151.57 KB, 580x246, 2qQqV0x.jpg)

No. 1777896

This isn’t the own you think it is, hon. Kek.

No. 1777899

File: 1677442660648.jpg (1.29 MB, 1196x1454, L62UHDV.jpg)

Is anyone else getting the "The server failed to handle your upload." messages? It takes me so many attempts to actually post something.

No. 1777911

>Video about the unethical behavior of rich people
>Made by a self-obsessed rich person attempting to skinwalk someone he sexually assaulted

No. 1777914

File: 1677444420634.jpg (203.02 KB, 1308x2041, dilbert troons out.jpg)

Dilbert troons out, gets euphoria boner; drawn by a troon, of course.


No. 1777917

It does affect gay men way more though, mostly because they're dirty unwashed men fucking other unwashed men in the ass without precautions. Bi men fuck dirty asses and then go home to spread deseases to their wives.

No. 1777919

These porn sick freaks tell on themselves all the time, they really think what defines a woman is getting fucked. That’s it. We aren’t even people to these degenerates and they can’t even fathom what a woman is besides a hole to be penetrated. Rest easy “real woman” we’re all glad when men pick you to fuck because it means one less sick freak following us around. I hope men destroy themselves with this shit, they deserve to masturbate themselves into an early grave.

No. 1777922

File: 1677444926772.jpg (1.98 MB, 2048x2048, HH7tuWH.jpg)

Also draws this fucking weird gamer "girl" dick thing.

No. 1777924

Latefag but we all know the answer. I have posed this question a couple of times most recently bringing up Elon Musk vs JKR and why she is the one getting death threats and trannies won’t boycott twitter instead of a video game. All of them ignore me when I ask and one TRA (not even a tranny just some loser guy) tried to say that humans can’t live without Twitter and me even suggesting that they stop using it is trying to silence the entire trans community. So to sum it up, you can’t have an honest debate or conversation about this topic with troons or TRAs because we ALL know the answer but they will never admit it.

No. 1777926

Damn I guess my dad’s gay then

No. 1777928

File: 1677446000469.jpg (894.34 KB, 2948x2048, troon vs art.jpg)

OK that's all I can handle of this one, Taylor Swift kissing his ass while he looks like that.

No. 1777930

It even has STD boils all over! The attention to detail is immaculate.

No. 1777953

Based planet fitness manager. I’m guessing this troon was being a creep in the women’s locker rooms?

No. 1777960

maybe im retarded but what the fuck even is that supposed to represent?

No. 1777981

So annoying when they think they can call themselves mothers.

No. 1777991

A shitty anthro axolotl maybe? It has a lizard tail and the hair design kind of looks like the frills they have.

No. 1777995

I had to quit my league for similar reasons. They let a man join who had gotten in legal trouble for being violent to women on the team. They are especially attracted to roller derby, probably because they can justify hitting women.

No. 1777997

Women already aren’t dating them kek. More men than ever are single and lonely because it’s them that needs to improve. If trannies date chronically online faggots, this is only a net positive for women.

>your father fucks me
>troons get murdered most by scrotes angry that they’re not women

No. 1778010

My first thought seeing this was that did someone skin Odie. Then I read the text. Does it have gonorrhea? Why, why are they so disgusting.

No. 1778038

I really hope something comes from this incident. Like she said, there was no reason for him to say that other than intimidation. I hope they can find him.

No. 1778046

holy shit he is trying so fucking hard to look like contra

No. 1778112

"Nobody misgenders like Gascon!"

No. 1778139

File: 1677468902009.jpg (994.67 KB, 1878x2048, 1677468635908.jpg)

No. 1778141

It wasn't actually trans related. As always the tim was using his trans card to try and weasel out of breaking policy. He was a homeless man living out of the gym and was leaving his shit in the lockers overnight.

No. 1778148

File: 1677471120666.jpeg (161.19 KB, 750x830, 6ADB4A57-399C-469A-A249-976DC9…)

Babish did a sponsorship video for the hogwarts game, so he hath brought upon the rage of troons.
Babish is probably my most watched cooking channel though, so works for me.

No. 1778149

>no clue who this is but kill them
Handmaiden definition kek

No. 1778158

They’re disgusting. I got into it with some people on his Instagram post and they were all absolutely deranged and retarded. The mob mentality is really gross even if I didn’t hate everything they stand for

No. 1778162

>millions of sexist pieces of media are published by misogynistic abusers, rapists, etc.
>hmm yeah that’s bad but also sex positivity is important and media censorship is evil!
>wizard game comes out with a canon trans character that everyone in the game unequivocally loves except one super evil bad guy who is also never transphobic, but the IP was first invented by someone who said that lax self ID laws and related policies can harm children and women if not approached properly
Tumblr hivemind IQ 10000000

No. 1778163

Agreed, same shit happened with that Vtuber who the bullied to the point of tears, the other day she called them Twitter freaks for harassing her and they proceeded to say ‘let’s kill this cunt’ among other gross things.
Legit there’s literally no way this isn’t a widespread cult at this point.

No. 1778164

Just makes more normies peak because they see people acting like Buffalo Bill over a game. Evanna Lynch saying different perspectives like detransitioners are important to take into account, and then getting hit with the same violent threats is also making some normies who see it start questioning the violence and dogmatism of the TRA brigade.

No. 1778166

Never heard of this guy but I really enjoyed the full English video. Troons are just gonna destroy what support they have.

No. 1778193

File: 1677479833292.png (835.28 KB, 1080x1779, Screenshot_20230227-063352.png)

No. 1778204

What is it with trans women and the name "Lily"?

No. 1778215

What social media is this? Not to be weird, but something about this screenshot looks… off.

No. 1778217

File: 1677485160836.jpg (564.17 KB, 1080x1923, Screenshot_20230227_085047_com…)

The guy stitching this only commented on the republican thing, but the fact he claims 0 drag queens or trans people assaulted anyone, yeah right

No. 1778219

File: 1677485280706.png (770.38 KB, 944x870, Screen Shot 2023-02-27 at 2.06…)

samefag, I found the account on twitter just now, sorry for being retarded, anyways here's more images as an apology. Sage b/c I'm not sure if just being ugly counts as milk.

No. 1778222

Hello, I work corrections. That is a lie. We currently have at least 3 mtf in our prison alone. The 3 I am aware of are all there for sex crimes. All committed on children, btw.

No. 1778226

>not sure if just being ugly counts as milk
when it's a troon claiming to be a "cute woman" with his beer gut hanging out over ill fitted clothes, then yes that counts as milk kek

No. 1778229

I love it when they lie in such preposterous ways that finding one single example of a troon assaulting a child (which takes 5 sec to google) proves he's a liar. He's on an app for children, how does he think kids who have been sexually assaulted by a troon or drag queen feels when he posts something like that? It just comes off as him bragging about them getting away with it

No. 1778231

>Sex with virgins cures AIDS
I'm convinced moids are spawns from Satan. Any troonposter interested in "straight" moids attraction to troons, check out the nofap thread on here. These faggots do have gfs and wives, or are coomers who aspire to have a gf one day because they don't want to lose their straight masculine man status that they use to impress other moids. Male degeneracy is rampant and i feel sorry for women who have to deal with them. Dating a moid today you're basically inviting a pedo fag into your life.

No. 1778233

>Just makes more normies peak because they see people acting like Buffalo Bill over a game.
Remember when they used to say "Listen to more trans people!!!"? That shit sure backfired on them lmao

No. 1778237

Glad that fucked up groomer finally got his license revoked

No. 1778244

>I love it when they lie in such preposterous ways that finding one single example of a troon assaulting a child (which takes 5 sec to google)
I find it interesting how googling "trans woman assaults child" gives out numerous articles from news outlets that are all fairly recent. But googling something like "gay man assaults child" gives out articles from Christian websites from the 2000s and most are irrelevant, showing results on studies that correlates between homosexuality and CSA. TRAs claim that "trans women are child molesters" boogeyman is the same tactic that conservatives used on homosexuals, but it's really not the same

No. 1778246

I have no issue with gays, but men molest little boys like all the time and grooming is very rampant among them so it isn’t exactly a rarity for gays to assault kids. Maybe it’s not always newsworthy but men of all kinds will be pedophiles.

No. 1778247

Funny how the one from ravenclaw is the one to rethink and change her mind when they're the "intelligent" house
I wonder if Emma Watson will even be brave enough to admit it publicly when she realizes she was wrong. There is no way she doesn't peak eventually. She's doesn't strike me as someone who'd be brave enough to do the right thing until after many others have said it before her.

No. 1778259

File: 1677489156879.jpg (102.46 KB, 780x1280, sure.jpg)

(probably being an autist but how does he know they're republican?) anyway reminds me of picrel, this guy posted several reels with screenshots of grown men commenting on underage girls' posts, but idk why he always has to claim that "it's not drag queens". seems so random, drag queens are still males, some of them are given access to children despite the sexual nature of their shows, why would it not be drag queens? also not sure why he tagged single moms.

kek, it's great, everything is there

No. 1778261

File: 1677489474433.jpg (307.51 KB, 1538x2048, 20230227_035957.jpg)

No. 1778274

>probably being an autist but how does he know they're republican?
He doesn't, he's just making it all up.

No. 1778275

I think they're referring to pre-internet times when they say that but idk? But you're right that it's not the same because gay men weren't pretending to be little boys trapped in adult men's bodies to gain access to their spaces, insisting children's rights also apply to them. They didn't call themselves trans-children and real ones cis-children, claiming the evil cis-children are oppressing them by not wanting to play with them or saying their adult bodies make them uncomfortable in changing rooms.

No. 1778294

I think it comes from the Japanese word for lily, yuri, which is a term for lesbian manga/anime, usually porn.

No. 1778302

I used to link handmaidens to trans subreddits to peak them. It only worked maybe 10% of the time because the remaining 90% managed to convince themselves that the nastier posts were all made by very dedicated trolls. That was 5 years ago, though. Surely they can’t still be this delusional?

You’re getting articles about TIMs who commit crimes in Google? Over the last few years Google has only given me pro-trans articles from sites like PinkNews, so when I search “crossdressing man kills wife NYC” I only get a bunch of unrelated articles about trans people being genocided.

Watson’s entire brand is built upon being the Cool Girl libfem, who’s young and sexy and centers men in her “feminism” while throwing actual boring old feminists under the bus to show how much more enlightened she is. Admitting she was wrong about Rowling would take a complete 180 and I doubt all the people she’s stepped on would be so quick to forgive and forget. I think it’s more likely she’ll fade out of the spotlight to quietly live out the rest of her life on her tax haven dollars.

No. 1778322

Holy fucking shit nona I never put that together but you are seriously fucking on to something. it’s honestly incredible the depths of perversion at play

No. 1778323

ignoring your hiv comment but I actually think a lot of moids end up fetishizing futa/shemale porn because they lack empathy (pretty deliberately towards women) and the erect penis is an obvious signifier of arousal, or like super amplified, like supernormal stimulus. It's like how autists prefer cartoons to live action because the expressions are easier to read, because the fine details of the face are discarded in favour of exaggeratedly simplified eyebrows-eyes-mouth configurations. but thats just a game theory

No. 1778332

>It only worked maybe 10% of the time because the remaining 90% managed to convince themselves that the nastier posts were all made by very dedicated trolls.
I'm sure some peaked/will peak later because you planted those seeds nona. Once they've seen it they can't unsee it in every troon they meet from now on. It's a common thing the first time you see a clear AGP troon to convince yourself that's a gross cis man "pretending" to be trans to make them all look bad before it finally clicks that he was just an average transwoman all along.

No. 1778352

File: 1677507106250.jpg (116.42 KB, 1080x735, troonacy.jpg)

this is so fucking disgusting blocked everyone responsible in putting this on my dash i hate trannies

No. 1778361

File: 1677508900808.jpg (135.27 KB, 728x1134, Fp9IcM6aMAMmzz9.jpg)

The irony of wearing an ugly maid outfit while your house is in such a state

No. 1778365

File: 1677509873884.jpeg (413.89 KB, 1125x1687, B537FAFD-15E6-4D4D-A9AB-53079F…)

am i supposed to be attracted to this?

No. 1778368

File: 1677510039820.jpeg (259.79 KB, 1125x1044, 82E58094-FBDB-4B63-9BB1-2DDBAB…)

samefag. this one is openly a pedo and is uninterested in other stunning and brave transwomen.

No. 1778370

File: 1677510688113.jpg (235.11 KB, 1080x1548, FoNa2WDXoAIuAQm.jpg)

When you dont get showered with attention like you wanted and people dont give a shit about you being a tranny. Trannies going outside their echo chamber into the real world is always hilarious

No. 1778373

I saw that any comments about the game are being deleted from the YT video. I hope Babish and his team stand their ground. People are starting to noticed how deranged the TRA crowd is. The only thing that really upsets me is that LGB are being lumped in with them because they act like they speak for all of us. I want nothing to do with these idiots.

No. 1778374

Listening to them is how I peaked kek

No. 1778376

Yeah, I was going to say the problem is men in general, no matter their sexuality or “gender identity”.

No. 1778379

This saying they use is so male, every time I see it that’s all I can think because it just radiates male entitlement and competition and cope.

No. 1778380

How is this even unusual in general? There have been a lot of times I’ve gone to get togethers or parties where there are people I’ve met once or twice, but then everyone kind of stays with their own little group of people they’re closest to and it sounds like that’s what happened to him. There’s no denying the trans thing turned people off too, but this isn’t even an uncommon experience. Why do they always think they’re so entitled to everyone’s attention rather than just being treated like everyone else?

No. 1778391

They think when they go out looking "super hot" (aka looking like a greasy pervert) everyone HAS to literally kiss their feet and shower them with compliments and attention. Theyre so used to their online echo chamber of troons licking eachothers asses they get shocked when real people dont give 2 fucks about their stupid identity

No. 1778399

Report his ass for transphobia nona. They ban lesbians for daring to state they don't want trannies. Let them taste their own medicine

No. 1778405

this. if we can’t list “no trans women” then they can’t either. Disgusting pig

No. 1778413

There's no way this isn't a self post. This has none of the usual skinwalking post highlights. Not a hint of jealousy or hatred just "my eyes water with pain worse than crying because of their beauty". Also the fact that this is just sucking off PT's supposed fantastic and successful transition
Trannies are all up in arms about an essay meanwhile if we take their advice and listen to their words and watch their actions they do shit like this and we end up realizing they're degenerate failmoids who are trying new ways to be predators anyways.

No. 1778418

It's so crazy to me that people can think playing a video game could in any way be worse than threatening to kill someone, even if you obviously aren't following through with it.

Saying that playing Hogwarts Legacy contributes to a genocide is laughable, especially when that is used as an excuse to literally harass and threaten people. Recently when this topic has come up in my personal life I've found it useful to just associate any criticism of Rowling with this mob, and unless you're talking with a complete lunatic, they have to admit that no matter what JKR said (she didn't), it still doesn't amount to even one death/rape threat (which she receives daily) and even if one "condemns" the extremists, you are still contributing to the overall atmosphere that let's them thrive if you criticize her on their terms.

These people are in no position to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't do, let alone act as the morality police when they've completely lost any sense of a moral compass.

No. 1778419


It's hinge, the dating app

No. 1778423

samefag continuing for a bit, but you could say that how these people are acting is literally how pogroms and actual blood libel has worked in history, people making stuff up to justify THEIR use of violence

No. 1778445

File: 1677516287663.jpeg (158.92 KB, 1200x858, DE24E428-F37E-43C2-BDFD-FF9359…)

post & poster

No. 1778456

r/actuallesbians have legit 0 actual women in it at this point so its so funny theyre STILL trying to do the "uwu trans lesbians are valid" considering nobody is saying anything else in there

No. 1778460

I feel like it's a mix of >>1778294 and also that they like Lily as short for Lilith specifically. A bunch of them lurk witchesvspatriarchy and other wicca/magic subreddits and communities so for those trannies I think it's they're trying to come up with something whimsical (which is why a bunch choose Luna as well) and spiritually transgressive (Lilith from the Bible). Trannies often choose names they hear growing up because they like skinwalking women they know, but because the vast majority of them are addicted to the internet, their names reflect whatever media they consume too. The name Lilith on wikipedia lists a ton of media like Final Fantasy and Devil May Cry. There's also the other anime/manga aspect that differs from the yuri thing, where japanese media tries to reference christianty and they choose whatever names sound kinda cool to them so Lilith is a pretty common one. The gist is that trannies have zero originality outside of copying women they know or their favorite media characters to jerk off to

No. 1778481

for some reason, chloe and alice are super popular among them too

No. 1778485

Such a god damn clown world we live in.

No. 1778486

I've been watching babish for years. I hope he peaks massively. He's been doing great cooking videos based on cartoons, books, movies etc for a long time. I swear he's done Harry Potter foods before, so this isn't anything new. Kek.

No. 1778487

wtf. Is no one protesting this??

No. 1778489

File: 1677520581946.jpeg (227.9 KB, 1169x1730, 662375F3-8226-4B01-9E99-64FDC5…)

Imagine this 2 meter man chasing you..

No. 1778491

File: 1677520675379.jpeg (252.39 KB, 1169x1717, 266045E2-429C-48F3-9F94-F5A57C…)

same guy

No. 1778492

noooo the girl was so cute and she ruined her perfect skin.

No. 1778493

someone paid actual money to give this post a gold award. jesus christ

No. 1778498

I was an intense handmaiden because I had one trans friend. It was men who were making fun of troons that made me defend them so strongly and women who peaked me. I also said with the bathroom policies that moids going through the trouble of becoming trans to spy on women and get into their spaces was absurd. Yes, it is, to a woman, but showing women real articles of how male predators use everything and anything in their ability to prey on woman and children is what helps cure handmaidens of trans propaganda. When I saw the way TRAs acted online, I started to turn. Period stuff peaked me in the end because of endometriosis but I soon started to realize that liberal media choosing not to report trans predators is not because they want to prevent trans hate crimes, but a veiled attempt to shield "vulnerable" males from their own mental illness and degeneracy. I've heard my own sister in law say that she doesn't feel bad when women cry but has a lot of empathy for men who cry because they never do it. Women cry because they are severely repressed and can't act out in anger. I thought she was a traitor until I realized I was feeling more sorry for tranny males instead of women who are telling us "WE DON'T FEEL SAFE." Don't let liberal or conservative males define the narrative. Both groups are our enemies.

No. 1778499

God this is fucking enraging

No. 1778503

notice how it's always men being this insecure and turning it into women hate out of spite, a woman sees a cute butch and its like ''whoops i guess i am bi now lol'', moids have to do mental gymnastics to justify wanting to put their peanuts into another man's poop chute. I have never heard the same thing from straight or bicurious women attracted to butches.

No. 1778506

i'm pooping

No. 1778507

Yeah, I think part of it is that they GREATLY overestimate how attractive they usually look too, as most men do. They’re sexually attracted to the idea of themselves as a woman and think everyone else will see them like the idealized version of themselves that they see, but in actually they’re usually unwashed with awful fashion sense and look more masculine than most males who aren’t tims.

No. 1778511

Probably a chaser or another AGP moid.

No. 1778518

File: 1677522448618.png (1.62 MB, 614x2929, things that totally happened.p…)

Do we believe his side of the story, yea or nay?

No. 1778527

Excellent. I've seen or heard every single one of these, while that troon one may as well have been in Sanskrit for all I recognized

No. 1778543

>they barely know me and yet they didn’t all crowd around me telling me how brave and beautiful and amazing I am and congratulating me on being trans! I had to run away and cry!
I’ve witnessed troons do this firsthand too, I’ve had a couple come out to me or mention it and I just said “okay” in a calm friendly tone and they got extremely upset because they wanted a big reaction and oohs and ahhs.

No. 1778544

comedian fart pose

No. 1778547

You Will Never Be PixyTeri

No. 1778558

File: 1677525623959.webm (1.05 MB, 576x1024, sophie_frm_mars.webm)

No. 1778562

File: 1677525921939.jpg (260.61 KB, 1402x1080, sophie_frm_mars.jpg)

what he looks like without tiktok filters

No. 1778564

was meant as a respond to >>1778518

No. 1778571

i thought this was an edit from the shaynatorium when i saw it on the front page

No. 1778575

Same. I never thought of this either. One of the Wachowskis is named Lilly and the Rolling Stone article laid out how perverted they both are. I'll pay more attention to their chosen names going forward.

No. 1778586

File: 1677528047919.jpg (178.42 KB, 1105x1909, Fp8esN_acAAWsAz.jpg)

zero fashion sense

No. 1778587

No stay outta my club you fag

No. 1778591

It will be even funnier if they survive past 40. Surely these True and Honest women have heard of "the wall" or even joked about it on 4chan. It's like they think high doses of estrogen will transform their goofy looks and protect them from aging forever.

No. 1778601

File: 1677529724764.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1170x1971, 03E7D6C9-1130-4B88-8B8E-33911F…)

look or behave like us? you mean real women? keep seething

No. 1778605

Funny bc I stumbled upon this sub the other day and since it’s called ACTUAL lesbians I was like wow an actual good sub and then the first thing I see when I click is a bunch of troons. So how is this ACTUAL lesbians?! it’s just disgusting pervs who think their girldicks can convert actual actual lesbians. Reddit sucks

No. 1778611

he probably thought he was sooo quirky for wearing pink to the goth club.

No. 1778614

It's called 'actual' lesbians bc the r/lesbians sub is a porn sub for moids, and now the one women made for themselves has also been taken over by pornsick moids. Of course the porn sub can exclusively post real women too and keep trannies out.

No. 1778617

File: 1677531068248.png (1.93 MB, 1080x1799, Screenshot_20230227_124415_Tik…)

this popped up on my feed too and i was hoping someone would post it here. here's another:

No. 1778621

File: 1677531328890.png (148.24 KB, 1080x722, Screenshot_20230227_124526_Tik…)

bonus example of male brilliance

No. 1778623

And Claire! I know 2 TIM “Claires” IRL, and within the course of 1 week I came across 2 separate articles online by a “Claire” and upon investigation, both were TIMs. One article was a review of a video game, the other article was discussing a science fiction movie. If you’re reading an article by a woman named Claire about a nerdy topic there’s a 95% chance “she” has a Y chromosome.

No. 1778628

hope his pure retardation makes some tiktok dwelling teenagers peak

No. 1778631

Probably taken from Claire Redfield from Resident Evil 2.

No. 1778633

It’s not only a major issue if a “trans girl” falls into those categories though. Women have gotten mocked for all of those things long before these dumbasses got on tiktok. And I don’t get how they can claim not to be jealous of women when they’re literally trying to be women. It doesn’t make sense. It just sounds like cope.

No. 1778634

I don’t think the artist herself is trans but i hate her art so much. It’s pure incel bait especially with her self-insert “femcel” oc. No wonder troons are identifying with her characters

No. 1778637

I don't give a damn about being "inspo" to you freaks, I just want you out of our spaces. I want to never have to think about you at all. End of.

No. 1778643

Pray tell, sir, what sex class are trying to transition into? What pronouns will you kill yourself over? Whose clothing section do you stalk and buy from? I don't give a shit if you hate us or are jealous of us, you're just a petty gay man who will never be a woman. Cope, seethe, etc. I hate liars, and while I usually a pity people who lie to themselves I feel nothing but disgust for this guy. His misogyny is practically bleeding from every pore lol

No. 1778667

File: 1677536807881.png (556.05 KB, 616x460, lol.png)

>Lesbian and trans
>No into other MTFs

He should make it more obvious he's a straight guy.

No. 1778674

File: 1677537614923.jpeg (5.93 MB, 3120x4160, 6C2CF1C7-35F8-4F4E-AF65-93A5C3…)

why do they lie

No. 1778682

What he listened: "Oh beautiful woman, I wish you could be my wife"

What the real catcalling probably was: "stupid Tranny thinking he's a woman lol"

No. 1778683

He's got the "ugly faggot" phenotype but I bet he's an agp.

No. 1778687

People who are scared of being genocided don't openly wish death on their would-be murderers. If they were remotely afraid of us they wouldn't be making a full court press on every single one of our spaces. They wouldn't be so completely unwilling to compromise or even treat our concerns seriously. Note that he's making this ridiculous claim while preening in a womens' restroom. Pure narcissistic projection.

Troons say all the time that women who don't feel skirt go spinny about womanhood 24-7 are really closeted TIFs. They said it about Rowling. They treat biological sex like a product you can just return to the store if you don't love everything about it. Then if that doesn't solve all your problems, it's society's fault for denying you the love and support you're entitled to no matter what. They're the ultimate consoomers, which is why corporations and quacks love them.

Yes, performative disdain of the people he's emulating behind 10 filters and an inch of makeup signals envy. As that hilarious FTMTF cartoon I can't find showed, women are not trying to look like trannies.

No. 1778698

i don't want you to get banned for this so just in case you should probably take a look at the trans peak vent thread in /2x

No. 1778705

thanks anon. deleted and will take to /2x

No. 1778707

I feel like I’ll combust if I don’t check this thread everyday.

No. 1778709

File: 1677541654551.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1375, 33F75B07-5C09-4407-B68A-86959A…)

I opened up Facebook and saw this page I follow that posts cute anime boys has been dropping memes like this left and right for the past week or so. I followed ages ago and kind of forgot about it since the admins usually just post stuff without commenting. I'm happily surprised to see it since I figure most pages like these are full of tifs usually. The seething in the comments is great. Admins getting the usual death threats and doxing attempts, normal troon behavior.

No. 1778718

Lmfao it’s funny considering that half of enstars fans/fans of female oriented mobage tend to be troons, we should make more anti-trans memes with anime boys in it to make aydens seethe.

No. 1778729

Same. It's a habit I'm trying to kick since it does nothing but ruin my day.

No. 1778739

Can you stop derailing? We get it, you think a lot about unwashed guys doing each other in the ass, but keep it to yourself.

No. 1778744

Last fall I went to community college and it was like this in my building. There was a male bathroom and a woman's restroom that had recently been converted into an all-sex facility. There was a poster on the door detailing about gender identity with a small note saying if you truly preferred a female bathroom there was one 2 buildings over. Male bathroom was completely untouched! Got fed up and ripped the gendie poster down and threw it away but another one was put back up the next day like nothing happened kek. Absolutely boggling that they're doing this shit to us.

No. 1778766

nta but visiting these threads is comforting in a way. it's nice knowing i'm not alone in my frustrations with this clown world. plus it motivated me to create a twitter and interact with other TERFs

No. 1778780

Are the toilets in stalls? If so that makes it potentially dangerous when it's to easy to peek through someone through the cracks.
There's a unisex bathroom in one building at my uni but each stall is fully walled and doored, kinda like a mini handicap/unisex bathroom but no sink. Thats really fucked up they removed the women's bathroom and I hope enough women complain about it.

No. 1778783

Also NTA but same minus twitter… I’m thinking of making a new tumblr account for terf peaking. I like it here bc Reddit and tumblr make me want to puke sometimes with how delusional and cultish everyone is. It’s refreshing to leave those echo chambers even if this could be considered one too… At least I’m getting exposed to both sides so I can form my opinions fairly. Most TRAs literally reject reality and it’s insane

No. 1778785

You should've taken the flier off the women's room and taped it to the men's room instead, lmao.

No. 1778787

File: 1677550704300.jpeg (517.73 KB, 2500x1644, xxxy.jpeg)

Hey, anons, I was just in a class that said science says sex is non-binary/on a spectrum. This is probably the "best" that anyone has ever given me when trying to answer why sex is non-binary. Seems like they're using disorders and non-functioning genes/missing and intersex conditions. Thoughts? You guys always give me further insight. Scientific American has been a place of "pop science" and really something you read if you like "interesting" studies like "chocolate can prevent cancer!" type shit. I did notice that this was also on the site "gender-inclusive biology" which should be a joke. Tailoring science towards your propaganda is just as hilarious as "christian science."

No. 1778792

>At least I’m getting exposed to both sides so I can form my opinions fairly

I do the same with twitter. Sometimes I like to take a peek at whatever nonsense TRAs are spouting and it only strengthens my views. "listen to trans voices", well listening is what helped me peak lol

No. 1778794

I can tell the chart is wrong because it fails to mention that XY is a genetic defect.

No. 1778803

File: 1677551465838.png (1.63 MB, 1082x2778, chrome_screenshot_167755143123…)

No. 1778813

There are two gametes: sperm and ova. Human beings are meant to produce one or the other. If someone doesn't, they're either past reproductive age, or they have some kind of medical abnormality. Individuals incapable of reproduction are not a feature our species adapted, they're outliers. Which is fine, the Earth doesn't need more humans anyway, but when the oppression of a class is based on physiological sex, it's idiotic to pretend that sex is a spectrum, especially when it's impossible for humans to produce both gametes.

No. 1778819

File: 1677552077207.jpg (86.72 KB, 1196x240, mSAUU8F.jpg)

Women learned this long, long ago and these scrotes might have learned it too if they took a few minutes out of their "tee hee skirt spinny" masturbation schedule to actually listen to women.

No. 1778825

>cis women look the same to me
so do men and trannies imagine that?

No. 1778826

But women aren't people nonna, they're just boobs, vagina, and [insert feminine trait]

No. 1778831

this ugly goblin is 21?

No. 1778835

this is my thinking. not to be rude to intersex people but being born intersex isn't a place on a spectrum. it's a mutation, a mistake in their DNA. i wouldn't look at someone who happened to be born without an arm and say that having arms is on a spectrum. no, it's a mistake in the development of the fetus. mutations aren't normal. that's why they're mutations.

No. 1778836

File: 1677552748135.jpg (218.7 KB, 1080x1809, FoIVjW4WAAIB_jb.jpg)

>fetishising our vulnerabilities

No. 1778850

My only thought is that intersex conditions are the exceptions that prove the rule - that the vast, vast majority of humans are either XX biological females or XY biological males. Some humans are born with 1 leg or no legs - does that mean the amount of legs humans have is a spectrum, and it’s incorrect to call us a bipedal species?

Additionally, it’s disingenuous for “science” to conflate humans born with a genetic abnormality that they didn’t ask for with coomers who decide they’re a woman because they got addicted to sissy hypno porn.

No. 1778854

Even if sex was a spectrum, it doesn't apply to mentally ill moids who "identify" as women. Intersex conditions are biological, transgenderism is mental. They're incomparable.
I'm sorry your education is invaded by this.

No. 1778871

File: 1677555101613.png (119.63 KB, 782x815, Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 04-28…)

All those intersex conditions together are like 0,026% of the population. That's like saying humans are not bipedal and legs are a spectrum because some are born with different number of legs or deformed legs.

Also intersex has nothing to do with transgender. We know this because they looked into intersex maybe being the reason for being "trans" but turns out 99,9% of troons are not intersex.

Colin Wright wrote a thing about this while reference this chart https://www.realityslaststand.com/p/sex-is-not-a-spectrum

No. 1778889

File: 1677556653041.jpeg (84 KB, 1920x1080, F44FBD09-357C-4485-B3C1-65C90B…)

Reminds me of this kek

No. 1778899

I'd be fine with a temp ban for science sperging, I'm just here to inform. Other anons have made good points. The body is always configured to produce either sperm of ova, regardless of whether you can successfully.

There's only a couple of disorders listed here that lead to legitimately ambiguous sex presentation, most of the sex chromosome disorders just lead to "slightly strange looking man or woman, possibly with health issues" not some sort of magical genderless miracle hermaphrodite. The intersex label can be confusing to those who don't know about sex chromosome disorders, whether through lack of education or willful ignorance.

For everyone who loves bringing up "it's more complicated than XX and XY!" they're correct, but it's really only more complicated by one step. Like understanding 2+2 vs 2+2+2. There is a Sex-determining Region of the Y chromosome (SRY), sometimes it doesn't function correctly or appear in the usual spot. So it's possible for someone female to have XY chromosomes, because the SRY gene didn't function as it should. Basically, when you go the explanation of "male = XY" to the slightly more complicated "male = functional SRY gene," the way most intersex disorders are still very binary becomes clear again.

And even when acknowledging the miniscule portion of the population with CAIS or mosaicism for whom which sex they should live as may be in doubt, the real question is… Why is this relevant? Someone having a genetic abnormality vs someone being seriously into hormonal body modification hardly seems equivalent. Is a male bodybuilder who takes excess male hormones now an ultra-male? No, he's just male. Is a male who takes female hormones less male? No. He's still male. Is a male whose body naturally absorbs slightly less male hormones not a male? No.

I've seen PCOS get wrapped up in intersex/trans spectrum debate which is even dumber because PCOS is a female-only condition. In any academic paper about males and PCOS, you will notice "male PCOS" is never mentioned, because it doesn't exist. The closest you'd get is "metabolic/hormonal condition presenting similarly to PCOS". PCOS doesn't enhance the sex spectrum; it solidifies the binary. If someone has PCOS, it immediately shows where they fall in the sex categories: 100% female. Having a fully functioning SRY gene and polycystic ovarian syndrome are mutually exclusive. Any changes in appearance don't change this. This is actually how a lot of chromosome "intersex" disorders work, like how Turner syndrome (one X) only affects females and Klinefelter (XXY) can only affect males.

Also people will say "none of that matters because you can't tell someone's chromosomes [SRY function] by looking at them," Well, not really correct since in 99% of the population you usually can, because of the SRY gene. But for that tiny portion of the population for who appearance and sex become misaligned… The rule only works one way. Sex generally defines appearance, but appearance NEVER defines sex. Mental illness doesn't change your sex. And most people who like to think that they actually look like the opposite sex are wrong.

Last point, if you run into one of those wingnuts who compares humans to various (usually non-mammal) organisms, like seahorses and trees, you can let them know that mimicry exists in nature too, like in butterflies and snakes. And sometimes, mistaking one species for another just because they look really similar could be a deadly mistake depending which animal you are. Related, I disagree on "letting" males live as women just because they "pass well enough". Figure that one out.

Hopefully a more detailed explanation like this can help if anyone has TRA friends or family still willing to listen to science.

No. 1778910

File: 1677558465147.jpg (96.56 KB, 683x1024, 61gRnfVVUpL.jpg)

When the fuck did she ever "advocate for their total annihilation?" Unless the joke is that she never actually said that, or anything remotely like it. It's honestly frustrating that most people aren't even trying to fact check the shit trannies are saying about her. I'm shocked by the sheer number of people who immediately believe second-hand statements about her "wanting to commit genocide," without any skepticism whatsoever.

No. 1778915

The mimicry bit was poetic. Fucking snakes.

No. 1778917

Manager-kun is kinda cute ngl. Sorry anons.

No. 1778922

I really hate shitty liberal men who insist the bad men are all republicans.
You can tell he's a man, because
>muh love language physical touch i.e. sex
>muh favorite date netflix & chill i.e. sex
>literally admitting to wanting a woman to be his mommy #2

No. 1778923

Thank you science nona very well said.

No. 1778930

incel phenotype

No. 1778932

File: 1677561467545.jpeg (278.71 KB, 1080x1855, Fo43Cv8WYAAS6mk.jpeg)

I'm so glad these lazy useless shits are unintentionally pulling themselves out of the gene pool.

No. 1778933

File: 1677561533167.jpeg (287.88 KB, 744x2048, Fo43Cv7WIAYpUbz.jpeg)

At least two women have been saved here. Men this fucking bone lazy do not deserve to reproduce nor have a woman dote on them.

No. 1778934

Every time I see SRY, I chortle a bit because it's like its apologizing for making a male

No. 1778974

The elementary school that I work at has a “gender neutral” bathroom upstairs. And a trans rights display in the hallway. And they teach the kindergartners about the “gender unicorn”

No. 1779003

You couldn't waterboard this out of me
>yfw you get a euphoria boner while sharing the joys of girlhood and someone calls security
my college removed "male" and "female" signs from locker room doors last fall I think? The bathrooms haven't been desexed though, at least not yet.

No. 1779016

Sexual mimicry exists in nature as well, where certain males superficially resemble females of their own species. In some cases this is simply a survival strategy since females tend to be much better camouflaged than males, but it can be a mating strategy as well. During my behavioural ecology course in university we covered a species of bird where groups consisted of many females with one dominant male, and female-looking males would sneak in and even let the dominant male ‘mate’ with them in order to blend in. Then they would mate with the females when the dominant male wasn’t looking. It was referred to as the “sneaky mating” strategy. It used to be covered on Wikipedia under mimicry, but has since mysteriously disappeared.

Love languages are sex and receiving praise. All that’s missing is “acts of service” aka “make me a sandwich”. It’s subversive because he’s a woman!

No. 1779017

nta but that's a good idea, some aydens would inevitably be peaked into being cute lesbian women again.

No. 1779039

I did some quick research and there are two species of birds which have been documented to do this; marsh harriers and ruffs. I think the ruffs are the ones we covered in class. These birds are by no means the only species who practice this “reproductive parasitism”, but it’s more common among invertebrates.


>In the majority of cases it is a form of deceit to gain competitive advantages, for example, female mimicry is used as an alternative mating strategy by smaller males who otherwise would not be able to mate. In their disguise, the sneaker male can approach females and avoid agonistic interactions by the larger males and frequently manages to steal copulations.


>As expected, nesting males were most likely to attack the male decoys, and only attacked female and female-like decoys at the expected low rate. Females rarely attacked any of the decoys, which is normal as it is the males that defend the territory.
>So it seems the female-like males can pass for females, at least in the eyes of males, and escape being attacked as a result. […] In their tests, female-like males who were defending nests did attack decoys, but they were more likely to attack female decoys than male ones. That is bizarre, says Mougeot, because from their point of view a female is a potential mate, not a threat.

So when trans people claim that transgenderism is natural and has always existed they’re not entirely wrong - failmales all across the animal kingdom will disguise themselves as females to rape and attack females, avoid violence from other males and trick other males into sex. Checkmate, terves!

No. 1779041

>play vidya games in a house others are working their asses to afford awhile you wait for the world to change around you
Can you be more lazy and entitled? Ever heard of "be the change you want to see in the world"?

No. 1779042

The way he pronounces blåhaj makes this whole thing even worse to watch.

No. 1779043

>It used to be covered on Wikipedia under mimicry, but has since mysteriously disappeared.
People don't talk enough about how fucking scary it is that google and wikipedia are fully willing and actively hiding and removing accurate information and science - just because it could potentially have a vague connection to argue some point against trans people. It's modern day extreme book burning.

They don't do this for ANYTHING else. Not to stop sexism, pedophilia, homophobia, racism or nazis. They only want to stop people from seeing the bad things about trans ideology specifically. If they didn't know these things made them look bad, they wouldn't remove it. They know science threatens them, so they aim to hide, destroy and discredit science.

No. 1779045

Who is he?

No. 1779102

File: 1677583114579.jpeg (Spoiler Image,83.21 KB, 711x900, FqCQUZJaIAMNknb.jpeg)

I hate these disgusting scrotes so much

No. 1779104

Lmao that looks like someone tied a string to a tablecloth, once again these failmales have no clue what's actually sexy or heaven forbid appealing to women.

No. 1779127

File: 1677588777327.jpg (11.66 KB, 160x160, 3ce36367340445d364fd50d7cfa0a3…)

ntayrt and sorry to say but the artist is a TIM. years ago he used the name Abby Lupine, picrel is older pic of him.

No. 1779128

File: 1677588868720.jpg (263.91 KB, 1080x1309, Screenshot_20230228_074958_Fac…)

No. 1779129

the fucking bangs keeekkk

No. 1779135

elliot rodger if he trooned out(learn to sage)

No. 1779144

Given how much can go wrong in prenatal development, the intersex argument could be used to make a case against any just-so statement about human anatomy. Humans have a cerebral cortex? Not all of them!

No. 1779154

Sex is NOT a spectrum because there's no point where male turns to female (or the other way around). If it was a spectrum of red (female) and blue (male) the middle would be purple. There are no purple humans, there are no half-female/half-male humans. There are no men who are more blue than other men, they're all just blue. A man with one leg is equally blue to one born with an extra finger.

No. 1779157

I take the all-gender female bathroom and the still-just-men-duh-it's-obvious-what-we're-doing-here bathrooms as a warning, like there may be a man in there, watch out. Even without this troonshit men have been getting more rapey by the day due to MRA/Manosphere combined with porn, so there would probably be the same issue in an alternate reality where everything was the same except trannies never were a trend.
Women usually go to the bathroom in pairs (or more) on a night out and I think the only solution to this is to do the same during the day, at school, uni etc.

No. 1779159

I’ve read through most of the threads at this point and this is one of the worst posts for me

How dare they fetishize how unsafe we are

No. 1779161

File: 1677594438908.png (42.2 KB, 473x253, jnjkn.PNG)

No. 1779190

File: 1677598194425.webm (4.69 MB, 576x1024, IMG_6861.webm)

One of them just posted this video with the caption “she was always inside of me.” All of the comments are talking about how he made the little girl smile, completely ignoring the fact that you can read her lips to see that she very clearly says “stop touching me” in the video.

Harassing girls since childhood. I’m sure nothing has changed since.

No. 1779210

The comments are all like "This is proof you've always been a girl, such a girly soul!!". Boys can't like dancing around, laughing and singing? This just seems so regressive

No. 1779221

File: 1677601214269.jpg (Spoiler Image,121.18 KB, 946x1280, FqBSQB2aQAAYt3b.jpg)

I always love when they get the wound surgery first instead of focusing on everything else going on.. now you just look like a hunking man without a penis

No. 1779232

This shit and the comments enraged me so much. I have no idea how people are so fucking stupid they’ll really look at a boy dancing and go “wow that’s proof he was female the whole time” while a female child next to him stands there looking uncomfortable. Then he intrudes on her personal space and upsets her by touching her and everyone congratulates him for being empathetic, kind, and helping her get out of her shell. The amount of casual sexism in those combined reactions is honestly so extreme it shocked me. Misogynistic stereotyping plus flagrant disregard for girls’ boundaries. All it showed me once again is that TIMs are sexist narcissists and that handmaidens are dumb as rocks.

No. 1779236

So a little boy having fun dancing means there is a girl inside of him now…?
These people have no shame with their pedophilia.

No. 1779250

It's a bad-faith argument even if it is updated to the correct numbers. Trannies and drag queens represent a tiny minority of the general population, while republican men are nearly half the population of all men. So of course the larger demographic will have greater numbers of pedophilia. There are simply more people in their group. This isn't the dunk he thinks it is.

No. 1779253

Sexual mimicry was split off into its own entry, but without being linked from the mimicry main article, of course


No. 1779256

File: 1677604437888.png (388 KB, 598x667, policeshit.png)

>Police: There's a dead person and we cannot release any more to avoid any misunderstanding with a living pe-


These people are insufrible, I swear.

No. 1779261

It even says woman in the article title there, why are they so mad? Also I'd like to know how are the cops the bad guys in this one now. Would they rather that they let the holy tranny's corpse just rot there?

No. 1779266

Same thing with side blotched lizards, which are endemic to the western US. Males have either an orange throat, a blue throat, or a yellow throat. The yellow vented lizards mimic being a female so they can enter a dominant male's territory and steal his mates by pretending to be female (Dylan Mulvaney). The only difference is lizards don't have an advanced social structure and higher intelligence to discourage this sort of behavior.

No. 1779270

Can you at least post screencaps of the comments? I don't know what you're getting at with this post alone

No. 1779272

Jesus, it's like they want the murder victim to be trans. When you've gone so far that someone's death must validate your victimhood…

No. 1779275

They need their own to die because then they can back up their claims that trannies are killed left and right. Tha'ts quite fucked up honestly.

No. 1779278

>when an extrovert adopts an introvert


I had a bad enough time in school without obnoxious males being able to follow me everywhere. At least when boys were bullying me I could go hide in the girls' room until they moved on to another target. Girls now have nowhere to be safe from male assault anywhere. Handmaidens have a special place in hell.

My guess is that the Pritzer bux have worked their way into school districts as well. It's evil.

No. 1779318

> failmales all across the animal kingdom will disguise themselves as females to rape and attack females, avoid violence from other males and trick other males into sex. Checkmate, terves!
trans is as natural as any other failmale rape tactic, got it.

No. 1779320

first of all, why does anyone think it's okay to post children on tiktok, even though they are adults now, I wouldn't want my younger self to be posted all over the internet.
And then, his behaviour is the same I got from men while I was going to pubs in my early 20s. I wouldn't smile and some guy would come up, touch my face, tell me to smile for him and enjoy the time with him and if I told no, some would become aggressive and had to be taken out by security. It's intrusive and frightening and if I don't want to smile, I don't want to smile. If this would have been me at her age, I would have kicked him in front of everyone and I was a shy, bullied kid, but touching me without my consent was never a thing people were allowed to do.

No. 1779330

elliot rodger was definitely an egg.

No. 1779333

File: 1677610811531.jpg (185.38 KB, 533x1654, jk rowling.jpg)

Re: Mimicry, I remember hearing about a species of octopus that do this: some males disguise themselves as females in order to sneak past the males and mate with females without them even knowing. Definitely reminds me of TIMs bullshit.

Picrel is forever golden

No. 1779334

Reminds me of that schizo scribble Hunter posted about how rape was validating. Interesting how that fantasy vanishes the second they go to prison and the threat becomes real. Then they think they're entitled to being in women's prisons because muh prison rape.

No. 1779337

They added it after the mob screamed over and over "do not say person!".

No. 1779339

Imagine if they reserved this level of hate for scrotes who commit actual crimes

No. 1779340

File: 1677611565045.png (668.82 KB, 595x3201, NEWS on Twitter.png)


I'm even surprised they didn't do the "Hogwarts legacy killed us!" yet.

No. 1779352

File: 1677612204944.jpg (59.07 KB, 600x760, a49.jpg)

>#I hope he falls down the stairs and dies
>#babish blow your brains out challenge
>#we need to kill this man just like straight up

Look at those keyboard warriors wanting to Babish to die. He should just "misgender" them to make them cry.

No. 1779353

File: 1677612315475.jpg (68.03 KB, 634x381, 64821285-11456917-image-a-85_1…)

It's trendy. If you look at the most popular names for babies born this year, you'll find that there's a lot of overlap with popular troon names. Aidens and TiMs alike are too retarded to pick names that were popular when they were born and appropriate for their age. They'd rather pick whatever's hip right now and/or something from whatever consoomer media they like.

No. 1779355

File: 1677612608028.jpg (94.85 KB, 1095x689, Fp9T0JpakAA1JSK.jpg)


Someone should tell them that's the name of Harry Potter's mother so they can change it as fast as they like they change their underwear.

No. 1779363

He made an unrelated post today and people are still seething because he hasn’t apologized. But if he did apologize we know they’d somehow find more reasons to threaten murdering him w hammers etc. Give them an inch and they take a mile. Still holding onto hope that he won’t apologize bc it will set a precedent for more content creators to stand their ground against bullies.

Love this image thank u. I need to read Terf Wars asap. Also re: sexual mimicry, topkek at how hard troons at this. Sad attempts and the only women who would willingly sleep with a troon are ones that hate themselves. They’re better off all being gay or “t4t”.

No. 1779372

Babish also did another Harry Potter themed video a month ago and I didn't see any grovelling then either

No. 1779377

File: 1677613858740.png (3.21 KB, 588x420, straight women are proof that …)

I've been waiting for an opportunity to share picrel here, so thank you for giving me the chance heheh

What an absolutely perfect encapsulation of these scrotes and their bullshit.

No. 1779381

File: 1677614158522.gif (1.29 MB, 158x129, 6194-no.gif)

Besides, what kind of apology do they want him to do anyway? "I'm sorry for sponsoring a videogame that KiLlS TrANS PeoPLe?". Telling he's going to donate the money to that infamous Trans phone number that HAVE killed people? These people aren't going to be happy with nothing and will find split hairs to complain "Yes, but you still have done harm with your video!".

If there's something that HL taught us is to never give up on these people's complain and that no one like to be told what to do for someone else's feelings.

Remember, nonnies, "Do not throw yourself to the fire to keep someone warm".

No. 1779388

No tranny related, but in TikTok a clown said that he saw that, during a birthday that he was hired to celebrate, there was a boy dancing in a "sexual way" against a girl that was quite uncomfortable and he stopped him, telling him to respect her personal space and that there's no sexual stuff allowed in his view. Cue the mother finding his video and saying "but MY child wanted to DANCE and I allowed HIM to DANCE even if that MAKES ME a BAD mother", so he repeated himself that he, again, won't allow any kid not respecting someone else's personal space and even more with a sexual dance.

I wish he was there, because it makes me so sad how adults are just focusing on "aw look at that egg cracking" and not "look how stupid he looks like while making a girl uncomfortable. I would be ashamed as a parent if my kid did that".

No. 1779396

File: 1677615057901.jpeg (100.28 KB, 526x600, E59989A9-5495-43CC-A2E0-8377B7…)

Found this randomly and not sure how old it is so may have been posted here before but I thought it was funny.

Also unrelated some male TRA (“cis” and I think straight) DMed me on Instagram specifically to argue with me about JKR and it’s honestly kind of triggering to me. Why the fuck do these men think they’re allowed to have an opinion on this matter? It’s proof that they’re not paying attention to the heart of it because it doesn’t affect them or occur to them at all. They literally think “terfs” just hate trannies bc we’re some new version of a homophobe and hate for no reason. Our lives literally are affected by trannies and these fucking men get to act morally superior because they have the privilege to ignore them. Sorry if this should go in the peaking thread but I’m already here kek

No. 1779397

im confused, they keep oscillating between being helpless uwu hentai roleplaying victims fetishizing our everyday fears and then turn around and exert their male strength the moment a woman doesnt want to play along with their psychosis

No. 1779398

Your picrel makes me think in those terves that tells you to "be a lesbian because men are insert shit", but that's for another post. But yes.

No. 1779416

>implying that they change their underwear

No. 1779420

File: 1677616798079.jpeg (460.25 KB, 1170x1957, 7777E19E-8F90-4534-8625-D77223…)

its because you’re a man and will always look like a man

No. 1779434

File: 1677617923465.png (1.06 MB, 843x1668, Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 20.58…)

Are you people retarded? It’s still there on the article for mimicry.

No. 1779436

File: 1677618121830.jpg (653.9 KB, 770x1024, 1FXx6cS.jpg)

No. 1779439

It’s only natural that the grotesque XY ogre mutant abominations want to mimic the original divine human (woman).

No. 1779448

Yet again I have to wonder if they are all just genuinely this stupid/delusional. It's like when tifs post "how did I get misgendered in THIS!?" and the outfit is jeans and a hoodie. People have eyes, Josh.

No. 1779450

It's a shame that he probably would've made a good looking guy if he wasn't a troon

No. 1779454

File: 1677619899133.png (670.23 KB, 739x505, rockem sockem.png)

lol that fucking jaw

Agree. The wages of cooming

No. 1779466

File: 1677620655574.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20230228_133736_Gal…)

giving fuck-me eyes and sticking your tongue out to the camera while expressing the desire to stalk and harm women is so stunning and brave of you kween!!!

No. 1779475

Typical male behavior but now in dress and lipstick

No. 1779477


Don't forget Lilith for the edgier ones.

No. 1779484

Once again men directly kill millions of women and these people don’t bat an eye but a few women state that they’re uncomfortable around males and now it’s “I’m going to find and kill every last one of you for this.”
If bloodthirsty TRAs want to make the world better they could actually go hunt down all the violent attackers in the world who incidentally are 99% male. You know, the same “cis” men who murder black prostitutes in droves—the ones responsible for the actual statistics about trans murder rates (because no, privileged white troons are not being murdered, in fact they’re safer than the average population, and it’s poor black TIM prostitutes who are being killed, but white males don’t care about co opting those stats to seem like victims). But they’re more upset about women saying they want female only bathrooms and swim teams than they are about men killing people.

No. 1779489

I should’ve checked again before bringing it up but this section was gone for a long time. I first noticed its disappearance years ago before I peaked and while I was confused, I didn’t connect it to trans stuff at the time. I’m surprised they put it back, considering how captured Wikipedia is.

No. 1779490

File: 1677622662094.jpg (357.32 KB, 1080x1536, Screenshot_20230228_191224.jpg)

I would try the "all-for-everybody-because-we-were-lazy-to-make-a-new-bathroom" like the public bathrooms in Korea: checking in someone, somewhere, installed a camera to record women.

I swear I always will defend men when terves call them "all of them are rapists, killers, etc", but these men proving their point make me want to give up.

No. 1779493

>I swear I always will defend men when terves call them "all of them are rapists, killers, etc",
Autistic pickme

No. 1779511

No one says that, and you type like a retard.

No. 1779513

File: 1677624887285.jpeg (42.42 KB, 400x400, D4A6DA94-CE84-4AF4-B818-04BB15…)

is that liner meant to distract from your male brow ridge

No. 1779514

What the fuck are “terves”

No. 1779518

Having a tranny understand eyebrows is like your average person suddenly learn Quantum physics.

Plural of TERFs I guess. We often use "Terven" here as a compliment because it sounds like Elven.

No. 1779526


It sound better than Terves.

No. 1779529

DAMN nona I could have used this earlier. I had to sit idly by while two of my male friends talked about how to separate the art from the artist re: JK and the wizard game. I just avoided eye contact like an autist because they didn’t ask for my opinion.

No. 1779532

Can we be Trans Exclusionary Radical Vampires?

No. 1779540


"Those evil Terven and their desire to suck our blood!".

No. 1779544

I know exactly how this girl was feeling. She's smiling because she's nervous as fuck and thinking in her head the 6 year old version of 'what the fuck' while this faggot child dances next to her. I feel second-hand enragement when he tickles her fucking chin. He is too young to even be tickling girls' chins like a future rapist, even though he seems so clearly gay. Stop rubbing your ass on your classmate. You're not a woman because you were the obnoxious gay kid.

No. 1779547

I'm (not) surprised none of the parents stopped that kid. Doing it means "you're cutting this trans girl her wings" but not doing it means you are telling him "go and ignore someone else's personal space!".

Then in some years this guy is going to see this video and asks to his parents why they thought he was a "woman" for dancing like that.

No. 1779549

> Plural of TERFs I guess. We often use "Terven" here as a compliment because it sounds like Elven.

As a Tolkien nerd, this is so appropriate; in some versions of the lore, the orcs are made by Morgoth as a perverse mockery of the elves.

Sage for sperg.

No. 1779577

Robert Pattinson, nooooo!

No. 1779582

I just have to say how relieved I am to see the responses to this. I thought I was losing my mind reading the comments on TikTok, I’ll post some in a minute. No one was calling out how invasive and weird that kid was being.

Sorry for sperging but I started working at an elementary school and any time a little boy antagonizes a girl, I call him out and chastise him for picking on her. Every single time they’ll look shocked and angry at me—because they don’t get called out by the other adults and aren’t used to being reprimanded for picking on girl classmates specifically. Usually I just say something like “you are purposefully trying to upset her and I’m not going to let you” and it’s like it’s mind blowing to them

No. 1779598

I am going to sage since is a bit of off topic sperging, but I think what really irritates me about some troons is how they infantilize everything and write things in this ridiculous fake and saccharine tone that I would find maybe suitable for a 5 year old. I hate how they write as if we wrote and behaved like this, some overgrown toddlers that somehow they can sexualize, skinwalk and have sex with. You are 20/30 something hairy moids, not a girls in kindergarten, stop acting like that. A part of me dies everytime they refer to anything "girl" or "boy": girl clothes, girl mode, boy crazy, it doesn't make you sound feminine, it makes you sound like a retard. We are literate and women are known for great communication and mediating skills, for God's sake. Of course not every woman have those but usually yeah. Being a woman is not a sparkly costume that those retards can wear because they watched too much sissy porn, hentai, and CGDCT anime. They should behave like what they are, adult moids.

No. 1779601

File: 1677634253208.jpeg (159.95 KB, 1241x704, A02BF61C-5ABA-4353-9283-16FA98…)

Scott Cawthon is trending for me rn, I'm assuming because someone asked the question of why he's still being excused but JKR is literally Hitler. Troons are running the mental olympics trying to defend the honor of a grown man.

Picrel is making me want to alog so bad. I'm going to assume this is a kid (no age on their profile) parroting what they've been brainwashed by but oh my fucking god, it takes 2 seconds to use Google. Really? JKR doesn't donate to charities? Okay. They really just think she's paying for her women's shelter to gun down any man that walks in.

No. 1779604

i fucking hate people in relationships why the fuck do you have the chance to be happy with someone and im always left to have some unhappy and unfufilling fuck with a roidhead(lost idiot)

No. 1779606

File: 1677634530333.jpeg (577.03 KB, 1242x1467, 5DE1D0C1-9F58-401A-8435-F55265…)

Original tweet. I cannot, cannot comprehend the replies all saying shit like "well he donates to charity so it's fine he supports anti-LGBT politicians" Nonnas I feel like I'm going fucking insane. Men are fucking scum.

No. 1779609

File: 1677634845767.jpeg (327.45 KB, 1242x786, 6BBFE985-EE09-4C67-B1E1-268590…)

My favorite part of this though is OP using the same tactics troons do by calling anyone they don't like a nazi, and all the replies are people going "Hey woah what the fuck is wrong with you". Literal clown world.

No. 1779623

I mean this is on the social media site owned by the most powerful transphobe alive and they happily give him ad revenue so they can screech and send death threats to TERFs … Nothing is surprising

No. 1779633

New tranny tactic: accuse random game devs of murder for no reason like toy chica gooner porn wasn’t their “egg crackening”

No. 1779652

but didn't scott also donated to politicians/charities that are anti-troon or smth? this issue did blow up two years ago i believe but it was quickly brushed off. i don't think he even uploaded a statement about it or do anything.

glad, someone brought up what i always wanted to make an argument about especially when scott made a gaming franchise that is a part of most people's childhood and it's not like his ideologies is inputted into his games but he is somewhat vocal about it regardless if he shares his beliefs on twitter or not. just like jk rowling is doing and yet receives less hate for being a man. musk gets less hate for being transphobic either.

No. 1779689

See >>1779388 The worst is not when the kids are pissed that you called them off, but the parents saying is ok because "I am the parent and I'm right and you're wrong".

No. 1779693

NTA but Yes he did. I think they are trying to argue that his “good” charity balances it out… even though, as the other nona mentioned, she donates tons to charity. She’s probably donated more than his entire net worth. Logic and fairness means nothing to these people.

No. 1779703

File: 1677641378196.jpeg (93.19 KB, 628x800, marx.jpeg)

No. 1779733

File: 1677643809640.jpeg (304.64 KB, 750x784, EAF13726-C753-4C62-ABC2-2E86BF…)

that awkward moment when your life saving healthcare makes you jizz blood.

No. 1779741

please someone tell me elon musk disowned his tranny son. the last thing this clown world needs is more tranny millionaires.

No. 1779747

File: 1677644840838.jpeg (676.04 KB, 750x3936, 3BA90A2A-C3B7-45C0-81BA-43427D…)

don’t a-log, don’t a-log, don’t a-log…

No. 1779781

>I wish I had a sister so she could be my crutch and be all about me
Thank God he doesn't have a sister, no one deserves a narc brother, much less a degen narc brother.

No. 1779785

didn't jkr donate so much money to charity that she lost her billionaire status?

No. 1779791

imagine the terror of having to hand a hulking fatty in a dress a cup to ejaculate into only to have him say “i don’t know if that’s big enough” while looking you dead in the eyes.

No. 1779802

yes. she gave away 160 million before 2012 and it knocked her off the billionaire list. she’s made/donated to charities for domestic violence survivors, one parent households, dyslexia awareness funds, women fleeing the Taliban, Ukrainian orphans, and veterans. that’s just a few causes she believes in. but sure, all that is to own the troons.

No. 1779814

Unclear who made the first move but the kid legally changed his last name to Justine’s maiden name. I doubt Elon will cut him off financially though, kid likely has a massive trust fund

No. 1779816

>They really just think she's paying for her women's shelter to gun down any man that walks in.
Lmao, I WISH.

No. 1779818

let's not forget the 18 million dollar donation to MS research in honor of her mother who died of MS. the charity she founded also helps orphans in haiti but she's totally a Nazi guiz trust me

No. 1779831

It's so satisfying to see millennial failmales suffer. We all know these aren't timid, well meaning "good guys" gone astray. They're all middle aged sex pests on the very bottom of rung of the ladder before they go jailhouse gay. The more functional ones have all fucked up at least one woman's life.
Keep doing it. I had to deal with this shit 24/7 as a kid, but any time I got out of line and acted too silly or sassy, some adult (or even other kids) shut it down INSTANTLY. People have absolutely zero tolerance for obnoxious behavior from girls. Males need to be told "no" more often.

No. 1779875

File: 1677658458066.png (85.25 KB, 580x250, 4652560-94632dd50a3d40c2652ac6…)

I can't stand how transbians and gaydens are so obsessed with "faggot" and "dyke". Not to sound like a tumblr feminist from 2012, but that's not your fucking word to reclaim.

No. 1779894

File: 1677663132695.jpeg (80.49 KB, 500x558, 9A6691C3-71F2-4FE7-906C-54D52A…)

Posted to Reddit by a tranny sex worker “lesbian”

No. 1779895

File: 1677663215263.jpeg (Spoiler Image,219.08 KB, 1080x1440, A05B028E-0537-4B2F-8BDA-15492C…)

Samefag this is who posted it kek. And yes he still has a dick.

No. 1779903

Lmao this is the biggest cope in the world. The more I see a tranny type about how happy they are the more I see their seething misery. They can’t help but exaggerate to gaslight themselves into thinking following their fetish was the right choice.
Ah yes the power of their floppy dicks they can barely get hard.

No. 1779904

someone tell them that's transphobic to the post-op troons

No. 1779916

People really overestimate how popular strap ons is amongst lesbians. It's not common. Another reason why this dumb meme he made is retarded.

No. 1779917

A bunch of TIFs in the comments were mad. Love to see them eat each other

No. 1779920

Just ignore him nonna, let him chatter to himself in your DMs. Tranny chasing moids don’t deserve a minute of your time or energy.

No. 1779922

>implying they aren't already

No. 1779923

Men think that. They can’t fathom sex without a penis going inside something. So in their minds of course the ”un-penised” will want to use a phallos and it’s unfair because it’s not their flaccid flesh sock.

No. 1779924

Of course he is from Germany, I feel so bad for the German nonas… What a cursed place riddled with troons and coomers.

No. 1779925

Please send the link nonnie

No. 1779933

File: 1677673067993.jpg (36.63 KB, 444x446, Screenshot_8.jpg)

No. 1779949

god they are reaching so hard obviously its terrible humor only boomers would enjoy but this isnt a way to clown trannies. its just a wig one of them put on to portray a tennant

No. 1779953

>parasitic middle aged man in a badly fitting plastic Party City wig
>”trans people”

Well at least they’re somewhat self aware kek

No. 1779961

Why would I ever tip anyone?

No. 1779989

They did the same thing crying about boggart Snape in silly over the top grandma clothes, calling it transphobic to laugh at.
But if trans women are indistinguishable from other women because biology is a spectrum, sex is made up, trans women are actually female, and people totally can’t tell the difference, then how does Alan Rickman in a stupid outfit have anything to do with them? According to the dogma that JKR is completely wrong for calling TIMs men in dresses, how does a totally random unrelated man in a dress immediately offend them? Their doublethink never ceases.

No. 1779995

If you missed it, this game has huge drama because the fans and characters call a guy "he", while he's the okama "lol I am so girly I like make-up, I'm your big sister!" type
They chased some mods away from the wiki

No. 1780005

File: 1677684628110.jpeg (185.22 KB, 1244x1219, 628A2324-1120-4348-B51E-EEE2D3…)

Taken from ovarit, it’s so true. They get fussy when they take over a space for women and the space slowly loses any real women.

No. 1780007

>wishes he had a sister to do endless amounts of emotional labor for him
>probably would have also raped her

No. 1780009

>any time I got out of line and acted too silly or sassy, some adult (or even other kids) shut it down INSTANTLY
Holy shit yes. I was a picture perfect child most of the time because I was expected to be. Any time I was louder than normal or getting excited about something I was reprimanded or sent outside. Meanwhile the problem boys in our class could scream and shout and harass other kids like no tomorrow. The double standard and expectations put on girls are so stupid and unfair.

No. 1780013

File: 1677685745584.png (Spoiler Image,383.15 KB, 548x372, uih.PNG)

no comment

No. 1780014

men need to be wiped off this planet i don't care if it ends up killing the whole human race.

No. 1780015

Just because youre a fat male with a micro penis it doesnt mean youre a woman

No. 1780017

Naomi looks like Muscato

No. 1780020

Women would thrive without men. All problems are because of men.

No. 1780025

File: 1677687787447.png (1.83 MB, 1897x973, image.png)

4chan is seething because TRAs bullied another one of their anime girl streamers and made her quit after 3 years

No. 1780026

Sorry for being an idiot, but what's a "urinary leash"

No. 1780027

I've had some bad sex with strap-ons, and I will still take that any day over whatever the fuck parts some tranny has. It's almost as if the point isn't so much the gadget and toys, but who is using them. Funny, isn't it?

No. 1780028


What a terrible day to have eyes.

No. 1780029

I saw a bunch of guys infuriated on SM and I have to laugh because like do they only care that troons caused this anime image to cease making content for them to consoom vs recognizing real women’s desire for basic safety and comfort? Not knocking the streamer herself but like come on this is nothing compared to other real life consequences.

No. 1780030

File: 1677688468221.jpg (187.34 KB, 748x2048, 20230301_173417.jpg)

This one was funny

No. 1780031

File: 1677688528516.jpg (103.02 KB, 933x952, Eacz1rPXgAAS04S-1.jpg)

I know this has been posted before but it's still so accurate. It's like the tranny speed dating event that was cancelled due to lack of actual women signing up. They need women to validate their existence at all times.

No. 1780032

It’s a concept that men control womens movements by their access to bathrooms. Less female restrooms = less women out of the home

No. 1780033

it’s because they feel like “book mommy” betrayed them. they got too invested in HP so when JK said trans women are males and don’t belong in women’s spaces they made her literally hitler

when in reality her books are just a half-decent series of children’s books that are a product of their time and she’s a woman who cares about women.

No. 1780034


also because she was born female and they resent her for it.

No. 1780036

File: 1677689116425.png (48.89 KB, 594x318, Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 11.42…)

i love how instead of showing support for her, tranny vtubers are going "um actually this affects US!"

No. 1780037

Slightly related milk: but apparently one streamer made up a story how she had a trans cousin who comitted suicide because of bullying, then /vt/ doxed her

No. 1780050

I need to read Terf Wars asap.

Do you mean the troon mystery novel with yet another gang of violent TERFs that totally exist in real life?


>Exploring the world of abuse and mistreatment of the trans population, Kelleher educates and entertains in equal measure throughout this piece.

Yes I definitely read mystery novels for pedantic lectures.

No. 1780052

Samefag, sorry, I see someone else has used that very original title.

No. 1780054

File: 1677690733011.png (328.2 KB, 1194x1216, fetish1.png)

>trans people are being denied healthcare!! literal genocide!!
>the healthcare: free titty implants

No. 1780059

meanwhile nobody is getting healthcare for real illnesses. terf island is past the point of peaking.

No. 1780063

clearly i’m retarded. how is this going to end up with more troons getting targeted.
revenge for vtuber getting cancelled? because that’s what TROONS do. not normal people.

No. 1780075

>called the trans community twitter freaks
But she clearly said in that exact stream that she supports her trans followers and the ones who aren't harrassing her. He literally cant separate being trans from being a freak on twitter lmao.

No. 1780078

File: 1677693824794.jpeg (Spoiler Image,684.74 KB, 828x1216, 1B48D6CB-3714-4F4B-8771-2B8077…)

(warning extremely graphic picture of a ”successful” penile preserving vaginoplasty)

ah sweet ! man made horrors beyond my comprehension

No. 1780079

File: 1677693935724.jpeg (157.83 KB, 1080x1257, 4084831B-4918-42FC-89F7-AB75C9…)


No. 1780084

This shit is so beyond rapey. No one has to have sex with anyone they don’t want to. I’m going to start saying this more often since it seems to piss them off so much. It reminds me of how on AL they freak out if someone makes a joke about short fingernails or scissoring. Men can’t handle women not desiring them at any given moment.

No. 1780094

It’s so grotesque it’s kind of fascinating. Remunds me if the chestburster in Alien, although here it is a crotchburster.

No. 1780097

Why would a doctor ever agree to do this?? Hackfrauds, all of them!

No. 1780103

good for them. i’m sure they will have much longer lifespans with their female partners too

No. 1780113

File: 1677695557933.png (219.45 KB, 528x559, hujbnpom,.PNG)

No. 1780117

Of course that troon is a weeb and likes SSSS.Gridman

No. 1780118

File: 1677695809460.png (Spoiler Image,452.49 KB, 478x587, bhjjjjjjjjjjjj.PNG)

ugly bodytype

No. 1780120

File: 1677696288130.png (336.28 KB, 480x504, fghjk.PNG)

cant stop comparing terfs to nazi ig

No. 1780125

I thought 4chan loved troons

No. 1780126

troons are so retarded. you're transphobic if you have a 'genital preference' but using a strap-on is equivalent to liking dick apparently. and while some lesbians use strap-ons, it's basically featured in all porn featuring two women (i won't even call it lesbian porn) so scrotes just assume that's what all lesbian sex is like.

No. 1780127

File: 1677697695610.jpg (79.47 KB, 1080x616, 1677696480364627.jpg)

A vtuber got harassed into graduation(ceasing streaming) because a bunch of troons sent her death threats for daring to play the wizard game. Say whatever about vtubers but, as always, the streamers getting harassed for playing the game to the point of breaking are only women. Now they are playing victims on Twitter and making threads about how to combat transphobia.

No. 1780128

File: 1677697819164.jpg (1.49 MB, 1920x2560, 23-03-01-19-02-05-176_deco.jpg)

Trannies on Twitter are seething that this 'girl' is faking being trans even though it could easily be a tranny with loads of filters or ai.

How do they not see the irony?

No. 1780131

>Y-you’re too beautiful to be one of us!

No. 1780132

it's because they place us on a higher pedestal. Women are socially expected to be kind, submissive doormats. We don't follow that rule, we're doxed and harassed and told they expected better of us. Why? Because we're women.

No. 1780133

harry potter is still incredibly popular, I would hardly consider it a 'product of it's time'. JK Rowling is clearly a talented writer and I think the fact that people are still buying HP for their kids 20 years later despite how 'evil' she is is a testament to that.

No. 1780143

i'm so fucking tired of people bringing up nazis. nazis are a very specific group of people, and by accusing anyone and everyone of being a nazi it's completely lost all meaning. i especially hate that they call so many women nazis since nazis were raping women in concentration camps and wherever they occupied.

No. 1780145

>two hulking white men with fried ugly hair, soda bottles, fast food cups, empty beer bottles, and funko pops surrounding their RGB keyboard with weeaboo meme song game, with a fake Japanese girl name as their Twitter handle
You can always tell when they’re trans because of hentai. The internet has been a disaster for autistic men, they should just go back to collecting Star Trek VHS tapes and gundams.

No. 1780146

it's so funny that they precieve someone who's textbook definition 'trolling' as someone who's jealous. their egos are so big that they don't realize that everyone is laughing at them.

No. 1780147

>they dont want to be us, they wanna be the perceived aesthetic of being trans
>being trans is not a fetish or a joke
jesus h christ, now where have i heard these before..

No. 1780148

File: 1677699192887.jpeg (468.45 KB, 1536x2048, 7A2CFAD5-7594-4749-B686-DD5116…)

Fucking kek it actually collects gundams along with being a polyamorous porn/kink obsessed coomer. How are these retards so transparent every time, you can always tell from literally one post what kind of autism their entire account will be.

No. 1780149

File: 1677699274501.jpg (173.2 KB, 480x2048, 20230301_203403.jpg)

No. 1780153

She didn't even stream it; she only opened up a stream slot that she was going to play it and it got that bad that fast

No. 1780165

Interesting. So these youngshit gigapassoids, they won't grow up to be big strong stunning gigahons one day? What happens at age 30 and they start looking like their fathers? He's gonna kill himself if he can't be "neurologically female" but the doctors can't give him a functioning vagina or even a pair of boobs that look natural so what's left for him at this point? I wonder how many people will die because they spiraled into the rabbit hole of gender ideology, plastic surgery, and face apps when they could've just gone to therapy instead.

No. 1780170

>uses her bigot money to fund vile assaults on human rights
??? genuinely curious as to what they're referring to. beyond what she's said on Twitter none of her philanthropy has even involved troons outside of funding a woman only DA shelter. but there still exists DA shelters that allow troons (which is why she made a woman only one) so it's not like they're left out in the streets.

No. 1780174

>neurologically female
lmao that's not how that works. the fact that anyone believes you can have a 'female' brain inside a male body is absolutely insane.

No. 1780178

File: 1677701545316.jpeg (86.57 KB, 828x348, B64B1A32-5F1C-48E5-9777-EEE53D…)

KEK or maybe people are starting to actually wake up and know the truth.

No. 1780181

Giving me hope!

No. 1780199

File: 1677704048636.png (21.09 KB, 637x256, troon online work.png)

Take heart, nonna. He's 39, morbidly obese and his e-whoring career isn't going anywhere

No. 1780200

No. 1780201

File: 1677704448133.png (969.58 KB, 1198x1132, Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 3.59…)

and just like that, because the ACTRESS who plays her refused to condemn rowling, luna was suddenly never a good character after all. this entire thread is absurd

No. 1780205

File: 1677705321510.gif (2.56 MB, 190x200, 1423556579024.gif)

>Joke's on you, my dildo can be charged and last for hours and knows how to pleasure me, Mr I-learned-sex-from-porn.

No. 1780207

Because they're learning that if you give a hand to them, they'll take an arm and you cannot do nothing about it. I'm glad HL is helping to taught to people to ignore the "what about me?" trannies.

No. 1780211

>bigoted portrayal

oh my god trannies shut the fuck up, I wish they were more critical of their own trannyism than some kid's book about wizards.

No. 1780212

>bigoted portrayal of autistic women
you mean accurate and realistic on how autistic women are treated as freaks and isolated from peers? Or even if they are "liked" they're pushed into the pet freak role whether they like it or not? Or is real female autism not cute and fetishy enough for you to coom to? I fucking hate these moids. I can mostly tolerate moids but this makes me want to scream

No. 1780213

I find it funny when troons try to speak for actual women especially autistic ones as if they even know what it’s like. their male brains will never fail to make me laugh.

No. 1780216

File: 1677706452915.png (193.84 KB, 1170x314, Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 4.34…)


not to mention she's only "poorly written" now because they're all mad at evanna lynch

No. 1780219

>durrhurr this disgusting pedophilic joke will totally pwn the TERFs

No. 1780246

what they're slowly doing to the r/autisminwomen sub. love this image tho kek

love her if this is real. I actually thought about doing smth like this to troll but that would require exposing my face and pretending to be something disgusting that I hate so nah. but bless her for it.
> they wanna to be us so bad
> no they don't they want the perceived aesthetic of being trans
You dumb motherfuckers are SO close to understanding why terfs exist. [trying not to a-log]

No. 1780256

Here's a link to the survey for those of you who like me who haven't seen it yet


I'm really glad to see them losing support. They were protected by the fact that most people have seldom encountered them. I think it only gets worse for them from here, and no it's not the Repubs brainwashing anyone, it's them showing us who they are. I also worry about the future. Libs have spent the last decade telling them they should never have to take no for an answer. When these narcissistic paraphiliacs realize the party is over it's not gonna be pretty.

No. 1780264

Her name is because her family is the "kinda crazy hippie family" trope, but leave it to nasty troons to make it pedophilic

No. 1780311

Like his dick isn’t completely flaccid and wrecked by estrogen. Cute larp.

No. 1780318

File: 1677714990911.png (66.55 KB, 632x602, terf black women.png)

LOL they lie like they breathe. No one expresses "transphobia" toward black women. The primary people who talk about them being "masculine" are trannies; it's an obsession with them. This asshole makes out like it's false consciousness on the part of black women, like they're not just women who are tired of men invading our spaces. I bet they're also tired of trannies doing forced teaming with them like they do with actual intersexed people. They think women are too dumb to see what they're doing. It's the most parasitic movement I've ever seen.

Also, is hon like doll? I'm not up on troon lingo

No. 1780323

>cis girls want to be us SO BAD
>woman is literally trolling them and they’re taking the bait

No. 1780326

I can’t stop being dumbfounded at them saying women want “the perceived aesthetic of being trans”. I think it’s one of the funniest things they’ve ever made me read because their entire aesthetic is based on being a unwashed, mentally ill failmale who lives in mom’s basement OR a middle aged divorcee who gets laughed at by everyone he works with behind closed door. The projection is always unreal.

No. 1780328

Hon is usually a term they use for older AGPs who don’t pass well.

No. 1780333

Is that first OP even black? I am not black but I would feel so offended by this if I was… Maybe they just don't like yall constantly comparing your masculine asses to them. They are REAL women so no, most of us are more than happy to share our spaces with them. Fuck off.

Love to see it but hate agreeing with conservatives… Can we make new sane political parties that actually protect women

No. 1780339

File: 1677716259764.png (30.81 KB, 630x290, terf black women 2.png)

Samefag. I think the Chinese owners of TikTok want to amp up degeneracy in the US to deepen the fractures in what's left of our society. It would be pretty funny if they're just peaking everyone instead. Reel after reel of freakish men leering and threatening violence in a women's restroom. What reaction did they expect?

No. 1780348

Saged for kind of bloggy but does anyone who follows stats know if teen suicides have risen since troonism has become popular (~2015?), or if going on HRT as a teen has any proven benefit to helping prevent suicide in teens? I'm wondering bc I was telling a 16 year old that he's too young to transition and he pulled the whole suicide thing on me about how so many kids are killing themselves bc of people like me. I'm 30, and when I was 16 no teen suicides were linked to being trans. It just wasn't on anyone's mind at all. But now that it's normal, has it actually affected suicide rates either positively or negatively? Or do they just bring it up as a way to "win" every debate they get into?

No. 1780352

You're doing the Lord's work, nonny

No. 1780372

I have no idea if this person I've never heard of before is a woman or a scrote, but cracking is not a turboautist shit like speedrunning. And even though I hate speedrunners, who cares? There are women who watch fucking porn.

No. 1780404

File: 1677721307581.png (586.36 KB, 500x2621, Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 20-18…)

No. 1780409

Lol. Lmao, even. If there's a spike in black terfs it's because of white men like this equating them to troids.

No. 1780417


this makes zero sense, if black women were the victim of transphobia (??) why would they become TERFs and not TRAs?

Trannies will alternate between "I have gender envy and am dysphoric, I will literally kill myself if I don't pass and am he/him'd" and "lmao women are sooo jealous of our aesthetic and wanna be us so bad!!" and not see their own projection and contradictions.

No. 1780422

I thought we all knew by now the answer to the “is squirt pee” debate is “mostly yes”. Now they’re trying to tell us we don’t know about our bodies? Bet the one who said that is a man

No. 1780465

Now they know how we feel…maybe

No. 1780468

What happened with Pikame?

No. 1780474

File: 1677726109988.jpg (48.2 KB, 1080x690, FoI8e1KWYAAjZwr.jpg)

please nonnie

No. 1780477

Made the mistake of playing Hogwarts Legacy, killing trannies in the meantime.

No. 1780480

lmao 'terfette' is so based. as for the troon, wearing a hijab sure is a convenient way to hide his entire disgusting male face, and you know he also get off on it, yikes.

No. 1780504

File: 1677727444540.jpeg (890.47 KB, 1242x2175, 44E001D9-A060-4120-BB39-621F30…)

Taken from terfblr , some examples of male writers who were worse people than JK Rowling whose works are still celebrated and read by people all over the world. (1/2)

No. 1780513

File: 1677727876579.jpeg (780.76 KB, 1242x2143, EEED234C-1A28-4A74-9E30-E27E71…)

(2/2) there is one woman included in this one but she’s a pedophile so fuck her. Also a few more that didn’t fit like GRRM being obsessed with rape and incest

No. 1780515

File: 1677728201333.png (160.03 KB, 973x372, Screenshot-2022-04-16-at-12.27…)


Never forget this was "erotic".

No. 1780521

File: 1677728800210.jpeg (153.05 KB, 815x1086, CE27DE7B-BBB6-43DE-B397-8CC649…)

No. 1780526

Yikes wtf, even if companies want to feature troons for their image, why do they always pick the most degenerate/misogynistic ones and feature them for things like Women's Day? Feels like provocation.

No. 1780533

It's fucked up, isn't it? My full on conspiratorial worldview is this is all to punish women. Abrahamic religions told us to cover our shame and hide our evil from the lord, and troon social religion subverts our existence and turns it into a farce, lashing out in rage & simultaneously demanding we accept them/have sex with them. So many movements really do boil down to controlling women, making them feel inferior, and dividing them up evenly so even low-value males don't ever have to go without precious, precious sex. I'll take the shit to /2x/.

No. 1780538

bummer if true about Ginsberg but this would be a much better post if it had sources; the bullet on Fitzgerald seems rather unsubstantiated

No. 1780549

File: 1677730528494.png (232.6 KB, 463x340, Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 11.1…)

Oh it's a 100% true on Ginsberg. Here his reading a poem at a NAMBLA meeting. He was a creepy freak, sorry to say. https://archive.org/details/chickenhawk_allen_ginsberg

No. 1780557

File: 1677731150699.jpg (13.53 KB, 460x259, FF7g_4zXoAQkoPt.jpg)

>International womens day
>By using a trannie

Holy fuck, is like when a TIM was invited to speak for the École Polytechnique massacre (where 14 women were killed and wounded while men could run away). You would have bet he would have said "I'm a man, let me go!" as soon he saw Marc Lépine with a gun.

No. 1780568

it's malicious compliance by men

No. 1780569

Damn! Thanks for the link, was planning to look into it later, I just thought he was gay, didn't know he supported NAMBLA

No. 1780580

Do we have a running list of brands not to support? I remember someone had a list from the Dylan sponsors alone.

No. 1780592

Does his chocolate come with nuts? What do these campaigns ever do for women anyways?

No. 1780632

they can never hide how smug these males are to take things meant for women. i bet the 4 women actually look graceful.
if they are women.

No. 1780635

Suicide isn't a risk for trans teens, but their other mental issues can be. Autism has a higher risk for suicide than being trans.

No. 1780636

TRAs are the most openly racist people I've ever met and that's not a joke, it's one of the things that originally made me peak. Right before trans ideology came the big social justice cause was "cultural appropriation" (these people seem to only mentally be capable of caring about one single issue at a time) so it was very jarring to see these people go from "don't be racist! black is beautiful!" to "black women look like men so we should accept that men can be women too" almost overnight.
I think the "straight white males" got pissed off at being seen as the bad guys so they invented a way they could instead be the biggest victims while insulting the group they thought was being put above them (black people, especially women)

No. 1780638

AYRT here, just wanted to add I did a quick search on it earlier and it looks like teen suicide rates have gone up a lot in the past 10 years (one source said 29%). I couldn’t find good info on trans teens bc I really don’t think there’s data on it past 8-10 years ago so they lump all lgbt and even nonbinary together into one stat. I agree with you though. I think if a young kid is calling themselves trans they’re more likely to have other issues such as mental illness, bad home life, etc to make them depressed and suicidal.

No. 1780655

yeah, identity issues as a young person are always a bad sign and not having a solid or good self image (shit like i hate this gender i hate x y z i wanna become z y x) is quite damaging in those formative years
so even being an emby for too long bc you can't cope with becoming a woman or man and never truly accepting it can worsen a lot of anxiety and depression
no wonder those people die like flies

No. 1780657

I think the raising teen suicide rate has better connection to rise in use of social media.

No. 1780675

Teen suicides going gone up when the number of trans people goes up… shouldn't it be the opposite according to their propaganda? Trans suicides should be down by a lot if they're right

No. 1780680

File: 1677757201793.png (934.04 KB, 1084x624, trantism.png)

trannies are so narcissistic. this one showcasing his smug male AGP grin apparent on all trans-identified men, along with his hideous tattoo and obvious 'tism face. it'd be funny if it weren't so sad that people cheer for & praise these delusional misogynists. luckily for this man, he has male AND trans privilege on his side! it's totally feminine, claiming he is "nicer and more pretty" than a woman publicly and gets asspats for it. maybe it's a good thing these perverts post this slop so brazenly, the peak material is endlessly abundant and reeks of the fruiting spores on manure, masked by the scent of cheap gender-affirming perfume and under layer of horse piss & scrotum sweat.

No. 1780681

Trans privilege is being able to opt in/out of oppression as you please, being praised for terrible makeup, getting free surgery in global pandemics when people are dying from a lack of surgery, free card to be misogynistic and racist, physical size and strength to overpower women, systematic oppression of women that benefits you as a trans person… just to name a few

No. 1780687

>ifunny.co watermark

No. 1780694

Much like with white women, only pickme libfems/twitterfags and FtM/non-binary autists support any of this shit. The average black woman just living her life doesn't support trannies, and neither do feminist, politically involved black women. Pickmes and weird men seethe hard when they know there are swathes of women not living their lives according to their commands.
They probably think insulting black women and calling them men will trigger some internalized racism and cause some sort of trauma bond, but all it does is push any women with even an ounce of self-respect away. I'm half expecting these people to claim "Only men actually face racism. If you've ever experienced racism, you're a man or at least very masculine" so they can more effectively "other" non-white women as a whole and try to loop them into tranny shit, but ultimately, all of these tactics only work on libfems with intense self hatred and/or identity issues.

No. 1780695

File: 1677761320464.jpeg (631.44 KB, 1170x1345, 2CF16EB3-B5A3-4F38-A8EE-89F307…)

Hogwarts Legacy was mentioned in the opening scene of last night’s episode of South Park. It had no relevance to the episodes plot whatever so I have a feeling it was a TERF shoutout like this person is saying. Except I’m very happy about it kek

No. 1780700

File: 1677761837763.jpg (226.42 KB, 980x2048, 20230302_135555.jpg)

>they raised us to not conform to stereotypes
so close to getting it

No. 1780707

>self-ids as Muslim
>engages in behaviors that are expressly disallowed in the religion
What is it with trannies and the constant LARPing? The knowledge that actual Muslim women wouldn't be allowed to remove their hijabs or niqabs around him (no matter his "identity") and that they'd be stoned to death for having back-alley dumpster sex should throw him into a loop, but maybe those things are part of his fetish.

No. 1780708

after all the stuff they did with mr. garrison, i don't really understand why someone watching south park wouldn't expect a terf shout out.

No. 1780716

>anti semantic
>leo tsolvstoy
baffling. hopefully it’s not her first language kek

No. 1780717

I may be retarded but when exactly was it mentioned in the episode? The only game I heard being referred to by name was darktide which is some warhammer game, not hogwarts legacy
Anyway, rent free

No. 1780718

Even more recently the tranny race episode.

No. 1780726

The rise of trans identification is also a direct result of increased social media usage. It’s difficult to separate the causes when everything is so heavily correlated.

I don’t understand why anyone would think it would make black women more accepting of trans, but then again apparently negging works on some women. I always saw it as punching down on black women to make themselves feel better, plus a tactic to make non-black (mostly white) people who don’t want to be seen as racist accept black TIMs without question. After all if you keep being told that racists mistake black women for men alllll the time, then you’re less likely to openly question it when someone presents you with a man like Laverne Cox or Caster Semenya and says “this is a woman, actually”. This only works on people who don’t know many black women, but that covers the majority of libfems pretty well.

No. 1780729

Of course I support JKR but the problem with this list is that most of these authors are dead. The official reason TRAs attack JKR and her fans is because "she is donating profit from HP to hate groups". The dead authors listed here can't donate their money to "hate groups" because they are dead which is why TRAs dismisses lists like this. If you really want to help TRAs with peaking, and make them understand that the JKR is rooted in misogyny, then mention living male authors who give their money to actual hate groups

No. 1780743

the south park fujo aidens are gonna be upset kek

No. 1780753

He probably is against the "Iranian protest against compulsory hijab" repeating over and over "how Hijab represent this and that". In some countries Hijab might represent it, but these women are protesting even more after Mahsa Amini was arrested because she didn't cover "properly" and was killed in custody of the Guidance Patrol in Tehran due to police brutality.

>The knowledge that actual Muslim women wouldn't be allowed to remove their hijabs or niqabs around him (no matter his "identity") and that they'd be stoned to death for having back-alley dumpster sex should throw him into a loop, but maybe those things are part of his fetish.

I mean, a known troon (Jonathan Yaniv) went to a home-based beauty salon to get his balls waxed and the owner and estheticians gave him a big "lol nope" because it was a beauty salon for women only. As long as is "for women only", good or bad, is a fetish for them and want it.

Oh yeah, donating to Amnesty International, One Parent Families (Gingerbread), Multiple Sclerosis Society Scotland, Comic Relief, the Maggie's Centres for Cancer Care, the UK Labour Party and Doctors Without Borders? All of them are hate groups!

No. 1780755

All this anti-Hogwarts Legacy stuff bothers me because JKR’s always been a mostly harmless ignorant British lady which is typical. Cho Chang was clearly a white lady attempt at coming up with an Asian character name and saying Dumbledore is gay and Hermoine could be black was just try hard retroactive inclusivity. Eye roll worthy at most.

They wouldn’t be calling JKR racist antisemitic or whatever if she didn’t come out as TERF and would be all over Hogwarts Legacy praising it for trans inclusion. They stole talking points from actual Asian, Black and Jewish people who had issues with the series and made it all about them. Half these people call themselves Goblins anyway so they don’t actually care about whether or not the Goblins in Harry Potter are antisemitic caricatures.

No. 1780756

File: 1677769893484.png (32.68 KB, 596x275, 1677621509532.png)

Forgot the image.

No. 1780758

Why do troons love the name Gretchen

No. 1780761

File: 1677770336479.jpg (163.6 KB, 1000x1333, 1d96f963_1280.jpg)

Even the "Wizards hide their poop when potable water wasn't available" was disgusting and eye rolling.

>antisemitic caricatures.

I swear these people should seek for more REAL antisemitic caricatures. Most of Jewish people do not look like Goblins at all and nowhere a Goblin in the HP world use a David's star. They just think "big nose and greed for money? Jewish caricature!".

No. 1780765

I think it’s absolutely a consequence of women and minorities gaining more visibility over the years and moids can’t take it. They HAVE to be centered in everything, they view themselves as the default humans and think anyone else gaining a little power or acceptance is a direct attack on them. The trans stuff started gaining momentum when feminism was actually making some strides to boost women and now we see how men react.

No. 1780770

File: 1677771301250.jpg (54.4 KB, 664x680, FqN9wr9WwAImL_Q.jpg)

No. 1780772

I try to forget about everything that was revealed when Pottermore dropped. So much of it was stupid.

The worse offenses in Harry Potter when it comes to actual Jewish people are having the only Jewish wizard in the school have the last name Goldstein (which still isn’t as bad a name as Cho Chang for the one Asian girl) and whatever the heck they were doing with Grindelwald and WW2 in Fantastic Beasts.

Things people shrugged off mostly until JKR started speaking up against TRAs.

No. 1780775

File: 1677771518362.jpg (Spoiler Image,170.31 KB, 828x1551, FqM0MD4aQAEWWgX.jpg)

The trannies are SEETHING on twitter over this woman "pretending" to be trans by putting a dildo in her pants.. the absolute irony is so insane

No. 1780777

The Dumbledore stuff annoys me. It was painfully obvious in the books that he was in love with Grindelwald. I don't think she retroactively decided he was gay for woke points at all. Gay acceptance was not popular when those books were written and definitely not popular with her generation. She shied away from outright stating that he was gay. Love is a very prominent theme in the HP books and the conflict of lovers becoming enemies and yet still finding it difficult to harm each other is a very classic storyline. I don't think she set out to make him be "the gay one" in HP, but I think she always planned for Dumbledore to be in love with Grindelwald as part of his backstory.

Black Hermione was obvious harmless tryhard liberal pandering though.

No. 1780779

How was Hogwarts Legacy mentioned?

No. 1780791

If my memories serve me well she announced that Dumbledore was gay before the 6th or 7th book, but I was a kid so…
I found her very cringey when the pottermore stuff happened but her essay made me more curious about her.

No. 1780793

File: 1677774490054.jpg (340.2 KB, 1080x1178, IMG_20230302_172720.jpg)

I find it funny how vtubers are drawing in more weebs to this situation.

As far as I know only callmekevin and hasan were bullied into not playing the game from male streamers?

No. 1780794

Dumbledore being gay wasn’t necessarily a retcon. She couldn’t have called him gay at the time the books were being written. The law in the UK meant that if the books had included an openly homosexual character at the time they were first published, they would have been banned from schools and public libraries.

I thought the poop thing was just a dumb joke? There are a lot of silly/stupid jokes in the series and it always confused me that people were taking these kids’ books so deadly seriously. For fuck’s sake the school is called Hog Warts. Warts on a hog. Pig pimples!

No. 1780799

she was answering fan questions at a hall in 2007 after she published the 7th book. someone asked if dumbledore was ever in love and she responded that she "always thought of Dumbledore as gay." she said at that Q&A that she had to make the director delete a line from the sixth movie (which was in production at the time) where Dumbledore reminisces about a girl he was once involved with.

No. 1780808

Didn't she say that Hermione could be black in support of a black comedian being selected in a play, instead of claiming that Hermione was black in the book? In any case, I feel like there was a time where people tried hard to find anything 'problematic' with this obviously harmless series while at the same time mocking JKR for trying to be 'woke'.

No. 1780825

She tweeted that she wrote Hermione as brown haired and smart and that she didn't canonically describe Hermione as black in response to fans arguing that Hermione's canonically white.

I think she was pandering. But I think her pandering here was completely harmless and even good because the intense online arguments about the canon skin color of a fictional character was dumb as hell. Hermione is not a real person and her race did not matter at all in the books. Who cares about how she's casted in a play?

No. 1780827

>Dumbledore being gay wasn’t necessarily a retcon. She couldn’t have called him gay at the time the books were being written
In the books Dumbledore is described as wearing flamboyant colourful robes, he's always talking about love being the most powerful thing, he never has or talks about having had female partners, and in his youth he had a relationship with a another male with undertones that definitely suggested "more than friends". Just because people as little kids in the homophobic 90s/early 2000s couldn't figure out he was gay doesn't mean the signs weren't there all along if you just knew what to look for

No. 1780831

This is so fucking funny. I thought they all bragged that cis women "want to be trans like us" 5 minutes ago so shouldn't this make them happy kek

No. 1780837

Isn't it funny how conservatives and certain liberals have the same level of reading comprehension on this? Dumbledore can't be gay because she didn't explicitly write "Dumbledore is gay!!!" in the books. Even though he was clearly in love with another man.

No. 1780840

I mean that she couldn’t have come right out and said it. She could only vaguely imply things because otherwise the censors would have swooped in and banned that book (if her editors hadn’t scrapped it first). Nowadays every other YA book character is ‘queer’/trans/nb but people seem to have forgotten that only thirty years ago, portraying gay people in a positive light in media was borderline illegal.

No. 1780844

this was always my theory, that white men are basically forcing everyone, including women of all races, to apologize to them, protect them, and take care of them. and if they don't they face the consequences that only a group of white men could bring force.

No. 1780860

lmao she went from a woke liberal bowing down to the evil SJWs to a right winger genociding Nazi as soon as she spoke out about troons.

No. 1780862

>being able to opt in/opt out of oppression
I’ve been trying to explain this concept for years to help peak people but could never say it eloquently. You are my hero nonna ily

No. 1780864

I legitimately wonder if there is a correlation between falling for far-right or -left rhetoric and lacking reading comprehension or the ability to read between the lines. Like >>1780840 said, books now are very blatant about the identifies of characters. Having character diversity is good, but it’s almost like people need to be made abundantly clear of the fact because they don’t get it when a character’s sexuality is only alluded to. It’s like they need an entire “meet the character” page to get what’s going on, otherwise they get up in arms about authors queerbaiting or being too cowardly to just come out and say it. Imo sometimes less is more and it’s fun to figure out things about the character on your own. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why authors do it now since they actually can, but often times the identity becomes the main thing about the character and the character is otherwise very poorly written.

No. 1780873

The thing that gets me is that these men are aware of the fact that they can do this. I’ve seen them talk about things like “boy-moding” when it’s convenient (like for job interviews) so they will be taken more seriously. I had a guy friend tell me how his TiM coworker was being bothered by another man at the retail store they worked at, and the TiM instantly dropped his voice and went scary man mode to get the guy to go away. We don’t have that luxury, and usually if you get angry at a man as a woman, the guy either continues harassing you, mocks you, or calls you a bitch. I can’t just change my voice to be taken seriously or instantly come across as intimidating.

No. 1780877

>China and Trans flags in the username.

I'm gonna tell him.

No. 1780887

File: 1677781381288.jpg (Spoiler Image,140.14 KB, 740x1600, IMG_20230302_152209.jpg)


Another case of "self aware wolves" club.

No. 1780889

I think the correlation may be more strongly tied to weak or lacking critical thinking skills? Critical thinking helps to examine the source and validity of extremist rhetoric instead of accepting or rejecting something at face value. Critical thinking helps to understand what authors tried to imply about a character or scene instead of needing it spelled out

No. 1780912

>>1780775 Because marketing yourself as a teen is more ethically sound? These people are disgusting.

No. 1780917

The characters were playing it (Stan and Randy) and there was another joke about the game mid episode. It added nothing to the plot like that twitter person said so I’m pretty sure they added it solely to piss people off

No. 1780919

File: 1677783361118.png (68.35 KB, 656x667, reddit.png)

the guy responding to that post is fucking insane btw

No. 1780920

there was a point in time when tranny makeup was popular because all the famous makeup artists and influencers were male, but the fresh cool girl look pretty much dethroned the hideous drag queen aesthetic, and thankfully it hasn’t been in style since.

No. 1780923

i’m pretty sure the poop thing was a joke. autists on the internet just took her literally.

the magical universe falls apart pretty easily if you look too close. like how did muggle born children return to their non magical communities of children with bikes and playstations after a year of magic and broomsticks. they’d be months behind on current music and movies.

No. 1780924

Imagine being fan of the series and getting butthurt by the Southpark boys playing that twansphobic game. Are they gonna cancel it now? Have they ever watched it? SP has and will shit on everything and everyone KEK

No. 1780929

light OT but I actually hate Harry Potter and think JKR does have weird psychological issues that come out in her writing (even misogyny and sexism) but I shut up about it since I peaked.

I still loathe it tbh, the world is very interesting but there's not a single healthy relationship in that whole series. Anyway I bought my friend the game for her bday to support the blood libel cause, she loves HP.

No. 1780933

File: 1677784237426.jpg (165.77 KB, 1080x1080, 20230301_162540.jpg)

I think I found the most ridiculous Troon in my city (wellington, NZ). What the fuck is a gender Marxist.

No. 1780939

nonas, what would happen if i changed my birth certificate to male and larped as a tranny? would i get male privilege? i’m studying to become a programmer, so i’m kinda considering it kek.

No. 1780942

I read them as a kid and imo not a single pairing had chemistry and I could never understand how people shipped the characters. It felt very much like a series for kids with no romance (even though there were pairings from book 4 on). And I think JKR has a penchant for creating hateable female characters who were "that bitch" to her (Rita, Umbridge) otherwise didn't see much sexism. Sorry for OT too

No. 1780952

Controversial opinion here, but I don't know if I believe Moira Greyland's accusations against her mother when she is such a pick me tradthot tard who talks all the time about ~le gay pagan pedophiles~ while being a fucking catholic, where pedophilia, paganism and latent homosexuality is the rule. And even though she's telling the truth about her family, lesbians experiencing corrective rape are much more common, but she reinforces this by advocating for conversion therapy bullshit. Ad hominem? Maybe. But I personally don't trust her.

No. 1780953

File: 1677784774560.png (419.04 KB, 1080x1182, img7034480306363727423.png)

thought this was funny, considering how i've been able to clock even buck angel and another troon who was covered from neck to toe (a gunne sax dress, no less, which was painful to see stretched out like that.). The voice gives it away, ALWAYS. Something about the timbre is irreversible even if you've used hormonal blockers. They would hate to hear this but literally EVERY ONE OF US CAN TELL, WE ARE JUST BEING POLITE TO YOU AS SO NOT TO OFFEND.

No. 1780960

I don't get it

No. 1780961

>would i get male privilege?
lol, no. You'd still be treated like a girl, like every TIF who doesn't pass. People would use he/him pronouns for you to be nice, if you asked.

No. 1780965

no, i meant, what if i larp as a mtf tranny? especially if i work remotely.

No. 1780984

>yeah, donating to Amnesty International, One Parent Families (Gingerbread), Multiple Sclerosis Society Scotland, Comic Relief, the Maggie's Centres for Cancer Care, the UK Labour Party and Doctors Without Borders? All of them are hate groups!
aryt I'm quoting TRAs when I say hate groups. They keep claiming this but never bring any proof or mention what the hate groups are called. It's a lie they made up to shame people from buying Harry Potter stuff

No. 1780987

the entire series was basically inspired by her mother dying so i think it's kind of natural that it's kinda fucked up

No. 1780993

it's a diagram of planes which came back from WWII; the red dots represent where bullets were found. Engineers reasoned that these were the most important parts of the plane and needed reinforcement, but they're actually the least essential because these were all planes that were able to make it back.
This is also known as survival bias. Data is only as good as the one analyzing it.

No. 1780997

File: 1677786776763.jpg (211.5 KB, 978x918, kjxskr.jpg)

No. 1780999

just to clarify - this person is someone who believe the 'red dots' are people unable to pass and the white spaces are people who aren't clocked, therefore the assumption from the previous poster is only because they don't clock transpeople who can pass.

I'm saying there's never been one transperson who has passed.

No. 1781000

File: 1677787006417.gif (2.18 MB, 275x275, 1674589305798.gif)

>Rapists "just as valid" as rape victims

No. 1781001

So is that definitely a man?

No. 1781003

the face is filter you dumb dumb

No. 1781012

File: 1677788030982.jpeg (19.8 KB, 200x214, 92C98CB9-F2A5-49EC-9B94-9A3CF4…)

these people need to be put out of their misery

Her drug addict ex husband abused her while she was writing the first (maybe first couple?) book(s) and she also says she’s been SA’d in the past so it’s not surprising. I’m not the biggest HP fan these days, but as a kid that stuff went over my head and it was pure magic and I’ll always appreciate her for that. Also ik you’re joking but the blood libel shit is a huge reach

No. 1781015

File: 1677788422822.jpg (124.65 KB, 761x1280, FqPT2i-aQAAj-D0.jpg)

They are letting themselves get trolled so easily its hilarious
And the audacity to be mad at someone "mocking them" by dressing up as them when they do that every single day to women

No. 1781020

File: 1677789101729.jpeg (77.3 KB, 594x748, 62496427-91D6-4DAF-B9AB-7C04E2…)

Slightly OT but reminds me that yesterday I saw someone complaining about antisemitism in She-Ra, a show that troons love. I didn’t know wtf they were talking abt so I looked it up. They are saying this shape-shifting reptilian character (voiced by a tranny btw) is an antisemitic trope. Like come on. I’m Jewish and I really wish that young Gen Z Jews would stop falling into the trap of looking for antisemitism everywhere bc all it does is reinforce tropes and disgusting stereotypes like that. You know antisemites who never would’ve thought about it before are now happily saying we look like Goblins in HL only because other people made it into a thing.

No. 1781025

>loathing a book written for children
Touch grass nonnie.

No. 1781029

I was watching a video about this and despite all of the evidence normies still find a way to absolve trans people of responsibility. They claim that it's not actually the poor innocent trans community that is sending death threats, but the evil woke allies posturing to feel good about themselves and malicious transphobes trying to make them look bad. All it takes is clicking on the fucking profile picture to see who is doing it!

No. 1781032

I am confuse

No. 1781043

I honestly support cis women larping as trans for attention and gibs and making trannies mald.

No. 1781054

It doesn't even matter if they are blatant about it; I can't be the only one who remembers people flipping out over Rue from the Hunger Games being black.

It was fucking weird but I think it was also inspired by European history when royals would basically just poop anywhere and everywhere. (Seriously, google Versailles.)

No. 1781059

You're saying that like you aren't one nonny.

No. 1781076

File: 1677792917577.png (298.75 KB, 484x518, bnm,.PNG)

No. 1781077

They get so mad they don’t even realise they’re undermining their own arguments and it’s great. How can they tell this isn’t just a perfectly passing trans girl? I thought there was no way to tell without genetic testing, and that we encounter passing transwomen in our public bathrooms all the time without even knowing it.

No. 1781080

I know, nonnie. I was just wondering to which "hate organization to kill trannies" org is JK donating her money and Google told me those. Something that these people do not want to do because it shows that they are wrong.

No. 1781084

Thought this might be relevant.

Traits of a narcissist:
1. Superiority
>cis women want to be us so bad
>we live in cis people's heads rent free
>once we get a womb it's over for you hoes
>neo-vags are tighter; no blood, no pregnancy scares
>straight men low key like us more because we understand them
>why do terfs look like men every time
>i'm prettier than you & i'm trans
>many gods were depicted as hermaphroditic
>trans is the ultimate state of being
>the best of both worlds

2. Entitlement / Lack of Boundaries
>i am oppressed because i say so
>transphobia's on the same level as racism, misogyny & homophobia
>you MUST respect my womanhood
>cis people should really donate to my cosmetic surgery fund since i'm oppressed
>it's not my fault that my doctors assigned me wrong at birth
>really the state should provide me hormones, a pair of boobs, a neo-vag, a uterus, a tracheal shave, FFS etc. for free since i am on the lowest rung of oppression hierarchy
>i have every right to be in women's sports, women's prisons, women's shelters, women's bathrooms, lesbian bars, apply for women's scholarships etc. because i am a woman
>genital preferences are transphobic; lesbians should learn to enjoy girldick as i am a woman because i say so; straight men are bigots for not wanting to engage in anal sex with a man or put their dick in my rotting stinkditch

3. Need for Attention
>i'm trans btw
>did i mention i'm trans
>why are people soooo confuseddd :p
>as a trans woman
>i enjoy pegging
>i'm oppressed
>look at me injecting hormones into myself; i know it looks so heroin chic but it's life or death ughhh living on the edge!
>steal healing from my nosejob; did i show you my bandages yet (3rd time)
>i'm gonna threaten to kms now… look at what you've done
>any day now i'm gonna do it
>this spa refused to wax my hairy ballsack; i'm so shocked, i tell you
>3 months on estrogen & these construction workers keep catcalling me OMG!!1
>your (porn addicted unfaithful repressed bisexual) man's in my DMs hahaha
>i feel so kawaii in this hello kitty crop top & this frilly pink tutu uwu :3

4. Need for Control
>it's MA'AM
>you WILL wax my ballsack or i will call corporate & shut you down
>doxes address & contacts workplace & slides into family member's facebook messenger
>misgendering is violence
>that is harmful rhetoric, please do not ask me to define woman
>no you cannot question the scientific data. it is scientific. it's in the DSM. therefore you can't question anything. science is definitely not about constantly testing the hypothesis or anything like that. bigot.

5. Never Takes Responsibility
>well those kids that we groomed into sterilization/genital mutilation should've done their research!
>i don't have to disclose my status to straight men; they are violent because they hate us, not because we tried to trick them or anything
>it's not my insufferable personality, it's because i'm trans & you hate me
>what she (troon) did was horrible but that's because she was already a bad person, not because we opened the floodgates with our lack of cohesion / boundaries that we forced upon everyone

6. Lack of Empathy
>you deserve it because you're a transphobe
>that (detranser who started at age 16) signed the form, so it's not my problem
>oh no that sucks, but i'm trans and you are cis so i have more sErioUs problems to worry about
>yeah yeah 3 women die at the hands of men every day b-b-but BLACK TRANS WOMEN THOUGH

7. Splitting
>J.K.Rowling still supports us, but she said we aren't allowed to get a woman fired for saying sex is real so she is a TRANSPHOBE
>if you buy the new Harry Potter game, you support TRANS GENOCIDE
>anyone can identify as trans. you don't have to take hormones, you don't have to get surgery, you don't have to even look like a girl. if you believe that you're TRUSCUM

No. 1781088

File: 1677793951511.jpg (206.83 KB, 1080x1430, FqMi8PSaMAIdjpf.jpg)

No. 1781102

cho chang isn't a bad name

No. 1781108

this seething just makes it clear that trannies are a subset of men that just want to fight women in all economic arenas, women can't even make too much money in the worst industry possible without men getting territorial and horning in on it. remember when incels were getting pissed at the belle delphines of the word and reporting them to the IRS?

No. 1781129

File: 1677796700333.png (676.35 KB, 750x1561, 196DF701-4B12-4BA5-ADA6-C4E61E…)

It’s really telling how so many of these men have actually been into nazi ideology but then project it on other people and call them nazis. I keep seeing people joke about how much a history of being interested in fascism and nazis overlaps with men who come out as trans, but they always seem to be joking about it like it’s funny. How is this funny? It’s just scary and sad the amount of men who are like this, and the thing is that they don’t even stop thinking that way, they just use their newfound identity to cover it up and throw the blame at other people. It’s why so many tims are extremely racist and actually antisemitic. I really don’t understand how people can trust any “trans woman” when they put this out in the open alongside extreme misogyny and racism.

No. 1781134

I think most people have issue with cho chang is the fact that its two asian surnames. Its like a character being named Thompson Robinson, but its a nitpick issue at most.

No. 1781140

File: 1677797118894.png (107.54 KB, 1151x576, 2.png)

No. 1781158

File: 1677798306788.jpeg (250.19 KB, 1284x414, 77F0AA50-48A8-4491-AD2F-699B65…)

Oh god the irony

No. 1781159

Love it nona. Just witnessed a literal "she/they" "lesbian" with a 5 o'clock shadow and needed this laugh to restore my faith in humanity.

No. 1781172

Auntiewanda had a traits of narcissist like that before her Tumblr got banned for "hate speech".

No. 1781174

Well, that one is probably a gay man. But I think a lot of them do intentionally play up the cattiness because it’s a popular stereotype for girls and women in media.

No. 1781175

Ok so I got curious and looked up this doctor's website for post-op pics.


Linking instead of posting a ss bc feel gross to post a bunch of fake vulvas. These are all 1 year post op and I kind of doubt it gets better from here. Something about them looks so wrong and strange to me but maybe bc I'm a woman so I can tell. Maybe moids wouldn't care.

No. 1781177

File: 1677799288868.jpeg (348.82 KB, 1080x3199, A3AD2C52-EE5B-4A3B-A2F2-962D8D…)

Whatever nonna was talking about society and men bringing back the urinary leash was right. Also kek at “hang on until you get home”. Why do men always think period blood is like pee?

No. 1781181

Because they think women pee by the vagina.

No. 1781184

then they should also throw a tantrum over Gomez Addams. they only care when it’s JKR. also, Cho is a japanese and korean name, not just a surname, and almost every character in HP has an unusual name.

No. 1781185

>They think women pee by the vagina


No. 1781195

File: 1677800262175.jpeg (85.24 KB, 665x670, 25EC7CAD-658F-4557-9043-064D19…)

Because according to this man, sexualizing children and childhood in pornography is somehow more morally sound than a woman cramming a dildo inter her pants and offending a bunch of men in dresses. This is what he looks like, by the way. Definitely looks like the type of man to love "teen porn"

No. 1781219

File: 1677801359945.png (Spoiler Image,225.65 KB, 640x314, 654745684568.png)

fucking kek, top notch stuff right there. you really can't tell the difference!
i found this image on another part of the site and it absolutely sent me. totally not an axe wound, btw.

No. 1781227

that’s hilarious

No. 1781235

File: 1677802785386.jpeg (740.1 KB, 1242x1473, 1255F443-3F6F-4F5D-BE34-6AA8E9…)

Of course he only dresses for his fetish around children. That’s the point! He’s lucky he’s on paid leave when he should be a registered sex offender. Wtf is wrong with this school

No. 1781248

The only places we know that he's worn those prosthetics in public are a school, a public swimming pool, and a random dance recital for children.

No. 1781267

File: 1677804495546.jpg (331.77 KB, 1080x2040, troonchoc.jpg)

Hershey's put a troon on the wrapper of their "woman's day" inspired promotion.

No. 1781273

Didn't he also wear them while skydiving?

No. 1781274

Diversity win! The child slave labor corporation loves troons!

No. 1781276

Yep. I think he wears that getup sporadically as it's probably uncomfortable doing it 24/7.

No. 1781277

Why can't they ever just center women. Pick a woman scientist, or some non-profit leader, someone whose done something inspirational to represent women. Not a fucking man who put on lipstick and calls himself a "2ALGBTQIA+ Advocate" can we center Women for just ONCE and not replace them with fucking LG$BRKQLTE+

No. 1781279

INTERNATIONAL Women's Day. They could have brought attention to a multitude of serious women's issues, but they chose troons. Fucking hell

No. 1781281

File: 1677806350271.jpeg (232.04 KB, 750x656, 0142B48D-5560-4CA6-88C1-083394…)


No. 1781282

should his pension or paid leave or whatever be cut since he was sexually abusing children by exposing them to fetish wear?

No. 1781288

Here's my advice: don't marry people who saw off their genitals. Hope that helps.

No. 1781289

File: 1677806896881.jpg (359.4 KB, 1125x1457, IMG_2244.jpg)

lord give me the strength not to a-log. Found this brave and stunning troon from posting on an OCD subreddit. Married for 10 YEARS with multiple kids posting nudes and voice recordings on Reddit all day :( logging off after this one nonas

No. 1781290

I hate this 'reasoning'. First off, the whole most women totally fantasize about being raped is a myth perpetuated by men to justify their own rape fantasies imo. But in any case, even if a woman imagines a man forcing himself on her… she's literally in control of the fantasy and she wants what happens to her in it (probably just some weird mental gymnastic to avoid admitting she wants to have sex, or being forcibly 'seduced' or whatever). It's completely different from men getting off on someone else's suffering, and their fantasies always end up hurting real women (in porn, with this new trend of 'choking' their gf etc).


Amazing nonna, you haven't missed anything and it fits completely.

No. 1781292

The insane thing that I didn’t know until reading the article is that he insists they’re his real tits and that his neighbors etc who say they’ve seen him without them are all liars. There was even a photo taken and he said it’s not him! He also says he’s not trans but intersex. Very very mentally ill and has no place around kids

No. 1781293

>Man tries to skinwalk women
>Has no idea how women's bodies actually work
Many such cases

No. 1781294

Gretsch master race.

No. 1781296

File: 1677807822848.gif (2.96 MB, 540x304, tumblr_a5f0e8d8315a6b246e66d14…)

>Giving trannies a taste of their own medicine and making money while doing it

No. 1781298

Fucking bleak. I wish his wife was informed so she could run away with her kids and never see him again. Also I hate it when fags marry women and have children with them only to whine about feeling "trapped" later on and proceed to ruin their lives.

No. 1781303

Thank you, I plan to continue doing it. There are already male fourth graders at my work saying they want to identify as non binary and change their names… but to other masculine names. I’m subtly trying to go “is this maybe for attention? Do you feel feminine? Because it’s okay to not conform to gender norms that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re transgender” but it’s hard when the child in question is eight and doesn’t even fully understand what he’s identifying as. Introducing gender ideology in elementary school is baffling to me.

No. 1781306

File: 1677809628380.jpeg (398.93 KB, 1133x1892, A71B0A84-5E1F-477B-8A65-2C7BA9…)

This was on display at a museum near me and I’m aghast. Where is the artistry in this? The photos were clearly not taken by the artist so all they did is collage some ransom letter words and got featured in a gallery show? Bleak

No. 1781307

KEK THIS SHITTY "ART" I have mutuals on tumblr that reblog this retard's empowering tranny art top fucking kek the pictures are so crazy small. Pathetic. "Art". Sure. Just use pictures that aren't yours, why not. Trannies are as trannies do.

No. 1781308

I mean the idea is cool, but the photos don't have any correlation with any words, and they're all completely different styles. Who thought this was good?

No. 1781311

Nonna if you remember the username please share. Would love to see more of this ‘art’

No. 1781314

>male fourth graders at my work saying they want to identify as non binary
>gender ideology in elementary school
what. the. fuck

No. 1781316

File: 1677810852258.jpg (445.76 KB, 1080x1391, 1666740958897.jpg)

Can the potterfags make their own JKR thread I'm here for troonery buffoonery

No. 1781318

Yeah it’s alarming to say the least. There are several children from grades 3-5 who identify as non-binary or trans. They have different levels of seriousness about it, like I said a lot of them don’t really seem to understand the concept of gender. I will say the ones who identify as non binary or trans are typically the most dramatic so I truly think it’s just for attention.

No. 1781322

This is straight up brainwashy propaganda.

No. 1781325

I completely believe this. I recently spoke to a 16 year old TIM who told me he wished he’d started puberty blockers at 10 or 11. I tried gently talking a little bit of sense into him but of course as a kid he thinks he knows everything and the more you warn them about something, the more they want to do The Thing. Really depressing! Can’t imagine what kind of parents are encouraging this. Narcs who want pats on the back and clout for being supportive trans parents. Makes me ill.

My siblings go to a high school in a really conservative area with zero trannies or gendies, but somehow every school in certain cities has at least one per class. I wonder why? Almost like it’s a social contagion or something (I’m not conservative btw, I’m just jealous of them for mostly keeping troons away from them)

No. 1781327

oh wait, I know the answer to this one!! Cis Trans Women Are Trans Women!!! #valid

No. 1781333

I just made a website to maintain a list of the brands that pull this kind of stuff. It's a neocities which I know tends to skew pro-tranny, but I put in the dylan list and added hershy's and ikea. If nonnas think it's a terrible idea I won't post it but otherwise I'll link it in a bit once I tweak it so it functions. I'm always on these threads and I like to read through the past ones so it'd definitely be maintained

No. 1781335

totally valid. maybe she feels like a tranny on the inside. maybe she has a tranny’s brain trapped in a female body. maybe the idea of being cis triggers her gender dysphoria.

No. 1781336

In a previous thread a german male streamer was also bullied out of playing the game, idk if it was actually in the mtf threads though. Idk, but i feel like female streamers just typically attract those kinds of people moreso than male streamers.

No. 1781341

Clothes from Party City and bags of Cheetos and Ruffles in a shoe organizer. The world of the troon is a sick and boring life.

No. 1781349

I'm kind of fine with dogshit brands using troons. Their chocolate tastes like vomit. Multinational corporations are predatory, tone deaf and obviously don't give a shit about a healthy human society. They and the troon movement deserve each other

No. 1781354

The spirit of Kikomi lives on in her

No. 1781375

the website is now semi-usable, again if it seems like a bad idea (i.e. raid bait) I'll take it down. otherwise here's the ever-expanding list of tranny sponsors: https://antiwomanbrands.neocities.org/