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File: 1678839601753.jpg (88.22 KB, 493x660, 1677976068124.jpg)

No. 1788707

No. 1788709

File: 1678839747706.png (962.11 KB, 1080x1574, Screenshot_20230314-212115-311…)


No. 1788711

I’m getting canceled again on my social media because I misgendered a TIM and have refused to apologize or acknowledge it. The irony is that I’m detrans and the people angry at me are all regular people. Nonnies, thank you for giving me sanity everyday.

No. 1788713

File: 1678839919765.jpeg (28.77 KB, 340x340, AB8D53DF-2C34-4BB4-B809-2464CE…)

from twitter

No. 1788714

What does that even mean? She's going to call the award a they? Lmao

No. 1788716

File: 1678840336627.jpg (95.5 KB, 720x1280, 4771390-df61bda6e5e8623d70fc26…)

get ready to barf

No. 1788723

Be strong nonna. I'm proud of you. It takes so much strength to admit you were misled. You are gonna make it.

No. 1788724

File: 1678840848710.jpg (200.81 KB, 1080x1350, 334837969_168748239306678_7437…)

>the trannies in dresses
>the women in suits

No. 1788727

An anon on the previous thread noted she keeps seeing Mulvaney's shit in her recommended list even though she doesn't follow anything remotely connected to him. It's obvious they've decided he's the troon Ellen or Neil Patrick Harris but he has none of the talent or likability of those two. There will always be self-hating handmaidens, but I don't think this astroturf is gonna take with normies. He's several uncanny valleys too far. Sadly when he fails I'm sure they've got another one lined up.

No. 1788732

File: 1678841277515.jpg (677.5 KB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-03-14_21-46-49-350.…)

He is a vtuber btw

No. 1788736

She’s the OG retarded nepo baby

No. 1788738

File: 1678841692193.png (67.91 KB, 686x579, 12 Twitter.png)

No. 1788740

i hate how much we’ve normalized adult scrotes openly flaunting being into anime and video games.

No. 1788741

File: 1678841736912.jpg (201.62 KB, 1080x1020, FrC54kqagAID-J3.jpg)

No. 1788743

File: 1678841994139.jpeg (225.97 KB, 1242x1460, 79B6657E-3BAA-4A4E-BC10-D11229…)

No. 1788754

don’t ever acknowledge anything, you can’t win.

No. 1788755

a beast only a mother could love.

No. 1788759

File: 1678843820347.jpg (157.38 KB, 1441x711, Untitled.jpg)

i never want any of you bitches to say you're ugly again.

if subhuman toads are allowed to think they're hot, you need to believe you are.

No. 1788760

twitter vtuber fans thinks its problematic for fair-skinned or white people to use vtuber designs with dark skin or complexion. hope he gets cancelled for that but that's against 'vtubing etiquette', doxxing's not allowed and what they do irl or other accounts is separate to his persona as a vtuber. but i hope this rule gets a leeway for him.

No. 1788765

There's that fucking shark! Does he fuck his too?

No. 1788769

File: 1678844906383.png (423.08 KB, 807x792, J.K. Rowling on Her Controvers…)

No. 1788773

I adore how steadfast she continues to be in all of this. It really fills my heart with joy.

No. 1788775

she spoke about this on the latest episode of the the witch trials of JK Rowling (anyone else here following this podcast?) it's comforting to know that she got a ton more support for this than we are aware of because it was all done anonymously to her fan mail address (those people didn't want to be abused for openly supporting her).

No. 1788786

File: 1678847595489.jpeg (140.04 KB, 1170x1028, 2B1E6326-F2AD-4096-A7FB-7F5102…)

They were already admitting TiMs. At this point it should just become a college, no women’s about it.

No. 1788787

i'm grateful for her speaking out and i'm grateful for lolcow, the only place to pass around and read samzidat

No. 1788788

if it's on instagram you can now ban content you don't want to see involving keywords or hashtags like "transgender" or "dylanmulvaney"

No. 1788789

i cry every episode out of pure frustration with the world

No. 1788791

I listen to the Tiktok music station on SiriusXM and the other day the DJ promoed Dylan’s Tiktok channel for no apparent reason. I can’t think of any other Tiktokers that ever get random shoutouts on the radio station, but for some reason the DJ was like “I just wanna tell you about one of my favorite Tiktokers, Dylan Mulvaney, she’s SO RELATABLE with her dating struggles!”

Yeah sure, I can definitely relate to being a man in a dress trying to pressure straight men into sucking my girldick. Dylan’s definitely being astroturfed by the pro-trans lobby to make normie women think he’s just everyone’s super gay best friend.

No. 1788792

NTA but holy shit you just changed my life, thank you. Had no idea this was an option and just blocked every troon/queer phrase I could come up with

No. 1788807

File: 1678850469476.jpg (342.88 KB, 1366x2048, 20230314_231244.jpg)


No. 1788809

They want women's spaces to be a dumping ground for everyone. They want everyone but normal men to go to the school. If you say you're not a woman then go to a coed school.

No. 1788813

File: 1678851467875.jpeg (397.79 KB, 750x2527, A55B76CD-694F-4629-A143-01705B…)

reposting from the last thread. the comments are a dumpster fire, it makes me livid.

No. 1788814

so now we have spaces for normal men, and spaces for retarded men and their caretakers (women). nice progress, very feminism.

No. 1788821

i would honestly rather have "normal" men in my spaces than troons

No. 1788825

He got a boob job? Why are his moobs glued to his rib cage? Why is he showing off his botched moobs?

No. 1788826

He got a boob job? Why are his moobs glued to his rib cage? Why is he showing off his botched moobs?

No. 1788831

Why is he showing of his botched moobs?

No. 1788833

>tikok station on satellite radio
that's fucked up ngl

No. 1788838

>they find genitals [penis] and by extension, me, disgusting
At least this man admits he is simply the pilot for their penis. Women don't think they are an extension of their genitals kek, he's literally admitting to being a sentient cock

No. 1788839

>depoliticize genitals (penises specifically)
shut up shut up shut up. I fucking hate men. Your sexuality isnt related to politics and no lesbian HAS to like penis.
He says he doesn’t care if lesbians don’t like dicks but just know, it’s a bad opinion and it makes him feel bad. If they were attracted to him before he brought up his penis, it’s because they assumed he didn’t have one and that’s integral to their attraction. Jfc what is hard to grasp here. I hate that he puts quotes around genital preference too, to imply it’s a made-up thing. It is, but not because it’s an icky terf concept but because it should just be assumed when someone says they’re a lesbian, they only like vagina.

No. 1788845

why are they… lumpy? Also what is it about moideyes that remain instantly clockable no matter how much surgery they get? It's something subtle but instantly recognizable I can't put my finger on. Also kek at the full length skirt to hide the stringy XY legs

No. 1788851

He's using every posing trick in the book to look curvier.

No. 1788854

Holy shit that is some morbid levels of handmaidenry.
>We, cis women, need to shut the fuck up and just support trans people (transwomen)
They really, really just want us to support transwimmin no matter what and especially if that means raping us to mitigate their crippling dysphoria; it's evident just by the meltdown this person is having from women expressing boundaries. Never fall for this meme. Ever.

No. 1788856

File: 1678856120054.jpg (957.8 KB, 4160x3120, 001OXMtPgy1hbya8iwswgj637k2eo7…)


No. 1788857

How can someone project this fucking much? You don't have to make everything about your feelings says the absolute retard requesting people to avoid saying things that "make transwomen feel worse about themselves". Gender identity is NOTHING but feelings. Imagine telling others that "no one fucking cares" about their biological sex and their sexual orientation, then proceed to whine about how trannies feel like women and that's why actual women should care and be careful with their language and open up their spaces. The absolute entitlement and retardation.

No. 1788858

But transwimen are dyinnngg uwu

No. 1788859

File: 1678856384778.jpeg (60.62 KB, 750x517, E4091D9E-3570-4978-812F-828863…)

Sage because it’s not milk, but I’m so done with their need to claim everything as tranny shit

No. 1788860

This might sound stupid but when shit like this happens I recall a line from Rick and Morty where he says ”Your boos mean nothing, I’ve seen what makes you cheer!” I’m not even a huge fan of that show but the line was too good. But seriously. They are lemmings. Barely sentient. They don’t really hate you, they are using you to feel better about themselves. Don’t give it power.

No. 1788862

This is such a braindead and super cherrypicked take on Kafka’s sex life and issues. To clarify the actual situation: he didn’t adore femininity, he actually regularly called women he slept with ugly and disgusting. He pursued prostitutes to get his sexual urges out and then felt disgust. Many of his self esteem issues were tied to his poor interpersonal skills and bad relationships, and he projected his feelings of failure onto other aspects of his life. Scholars tend to think he may have had some repressed homosexual feeling, as he writes more positively about platonic male physical intimacy between men. Nothing about this indicates he loved women’s appearances and wanted to be one, I’d actually say it indicates essentially the opposite, and that he simply had problems with misogyny.

No. 1788864

agreed. at least there is a chance they're not mentally unwell freaks. with trannies that's already out the window.

No. 1788869

You just know the most important part for him is
>had a lot of sex with women
I can understand how becoming a troon can help an ugly scrote to find men to fuck but it's a damn mystery to me how can they think that women will want them.

No. 1788874

Is Honter trying to skinwalk sydney Sweeney? Big moobs and that dress silhouette

No. 1788875

File: 1678859098942.png (127.18 KB, 960x960, A2F97ACA-90C2-47AE-B66C-44EA37…)

No. 1788878

TIMs want to be in women's spaces for perversions or skinwalking but TIFs still want to be in women's spaces because they know that they're still female and want to reap the benefits of female progress while disavowing women. But you're transphobic if you point this out.

No. 1788880

File: 1678860106489.png (268.83 KB, 456x442, Green_thrill_zone.PNG)

>trans women dont have genital preference
LMAO if that were true they wouldn't be so obsessed with cis lesbians and make this big of a deal about it.

No. 1788888

File: 1678861725600.jpeg (164.68 KB, 1170x997, 44E1DD18-E2FA-4DEC-86BB-6BBC8D…)

Someone hold me back

No. 1788894

>"genital preference" suddenly gets tossed out the window when someone brings up post-op women
Dude no one wants to have sex with a rotting wound

No. 1788901

A couple of theories I've heard on why drag queens are performing in schools and libraries is that they are desperate for gigs or looking for a new audience because gay men have become bored with them.

Helen Joyce, during her interview with the Triggernometry boys, had a more sinister theory. Drag queens are pushed on children to indoctrinate them into using female pronouns for TiMs.

No. 1788907

File: 1678865537372.png (254.07 KB, 910x612, 15143110.png)

How could they not realize the ugly duchess painting is a man?

No. 1788913

File: 1678866485260.png (55.46 KB, 828x755, eat.png)

Lil Nas X has pissed off the troons again. Earlier he posted a tweet of himself in drag with the message "the surgery was a success". He later apologized in another tweet, but then someone tweetted he needs to give trannies money if he's really sorry. Pic related is how Nas X responded.

The first time he mad the troons made was a year or two ago for basically saying gay men only like penis and not vagina.



No. 1788917

File: 1678867429372.jpg (479.63 KB, 1188x3464, Picsart_23-03-12_15-15-08-854.…)

No. 1788921

Is this satire? It’s probably the cringiest thing I’ve read in months. I hope nobody believes that a woman typed that. He did. Nasty porn addicted loser. Also really fucking annoying how he keeps going back and forth between she and they.

No. 1788932

File: 1678870532537.jpg (182.32 KB, 1079x1499, SmartSelect_20230315_085150_Fa…)

I'm afraid a woman was indeed the one who posted it, she's a gender special themby.
honestly I would be making fun of her for it and looking completely predictable see picrel but think she is rlly just repeating what he said verbatim
>woman is when cis men want me

No. 1788936

>had such gender euphoria

No. 1788937

Ah.., They’re walking stereotypes kek. Surely she has the awareness to acknowledge this is purely a fetish thing for him? He probably said all of this to her while jerking off. Of course he wants breasts but doesn’t have bottom dysphoria! Hope they divorce tbh

No. 1788943

A pre-op penis and a post-op penis are both a penis. If you're not into penises, you're not gonna want either.
At what point do they think the penis has turned into a vagina? Is it when surgeon has stitched in the last stitch and considers the surgery done? Or when he's 51% done with the surgery so it's "closer" to the final result than the start? Or months/years later when it's fully healed? Is it when another man first puts his penis in the post-op penis? Is it when you personally think the penis looks more like a vagina than the penis it actually is?
It never turns into a vagina, it just turns into a post-op penis.

People are allowed to have a preference though, if you like penises but you still don't like post-op penis that's (sorry to use the word kek) valid. I don't get where the rapist mentality of "people aren't allowed to have a preference of who or what they sleep with" came from. Wait, I do.

No. 1788948

File: 1678873368589.jpg (207.92 KB, 1133x2452, rapehonbian09.jpg)

The common lesbian experience of interrogating a fellow lesbian on why exactly she doesn't like your girldick and how boydick and girldick are totally different and it's bigoted to not like girldick (but not liking boydick is fine) Weird how I keep being told this never happens. I'm genuinely surprised how much upvoted sanity there is in the comments, though, even though a lot of them got removed.
>Would you date me? Would you fuck me?

No. 1788952

>I want men to want me because they think i'm a pretty girl but also I want to be like a big beefy threat with a moustache.
Aside from none of this making any sense, why doesn't she question her disaster of a husband wanting men to think he is pretty and instead bending over backwards to help him "achieve his dream gender"? Oh right because she is an idiot.

No. 1788955

The responses are very male not just the fucking part, but the fact that that tranny won’t leave her alone and the desperation.

No. 1788956

Wow lesbians actually standing up for themselves on Reddit (in the replies)! More of this please. Tired of seeing them trample all over women in every space and getting no pushback.

No. 1788957

File: 1678875139069.png (328.66 KB, 687x1840, twittertrolls.png)

cope bro

No. 1788958

The "nice guys" have all traded their fedoras for programmer socks.

In the comments, he parroted the same retarded lie about Malcolm Johnson, even though he showed up three hours after the Stonewall riot started. Women don't owe trannies shit, and trannies don't help anyone but themselves. If they were deleted from history, literally no one would be worse off.

No. 1788959

File: 1678875375604.jpeg (54.14 KB, 1120x347, 9675FCA2-E88E-4B74-8BEA-C53DE5…)

Samefag just had to share this one. Hmm I wonder why lesbians don’t want to hear a bunch of ugly incels crying

No. 1788960

woman says "no" to sex and the man doesn't respect it and tries to guilt her into saying yes, what else is new?

tbh even if it had been an actual woman and not a man larping I wouldn't have dated someone who insisted a lesbian must be into fucking troons or she's a bigot, that's a turn off by itself

No. 1788961

>"exist in their truth"
beautiful. It's a non-bannable way of saying "exist in their delusional retardation"

No. 1788962

>If you're not into penises, you're not gonna want either
Don't think someone who is into penises is going to want a rotpocket either. I am into pussy and I'm not into arm meat sausages, no matter how beautiful the pussy they were stapled onto may have originally been.

No. 1788963

File: 1678876381278.jpeg (350.22 KB, 1596x2048, 280CEE32-1511-494D-887A-3390E7…)

>hulking hons
>tiny aidens

KEK the fucking moids tower over these women

No. 1788965

You know it's bad when your neanderthal brow is visible from the front.

No. 1788967

File: 1678876571613.jpeg (451.11 KB, 1241x2298, 43C613AB-C4CB-4B55-81C1-40B830…)

Kek way too relevant to what I was about to post. Sometimes when I read posts like this I think, surely this is bait to piss off lesbians? But who knows these days… pathetic. Part of the end got cut off but basically she dumped her gf for previously dumping a troon who tricked her into thinking she was a woman (seems kinda fake bc what woman is that blind?)

No. 1788968

Absolutely fiction. Who on Earth would hang out with their new girlfriend's stranger ex, let alone dump her entirely on the ex's word? And that's before you factor in the ridiculous idea that an AGP would pass to a lesbian. I've literally never seen a "passing" AGP. The only troons who come close to passing are HSTS who've had a ton of work done and who were androgynous even as men.

No. 1788969

File: 1678877128068.jpg (86.37 KB, 1080x1416, IMG_20230315_114357.jpg)

Every day there's at least 2 trans posts on the front page of reddit. This can't be accidental if the amount of TRAs is so small

No. 1788970

I’m AYRT and I agree, but I’m still kind of devastated by all of the support this story had in the comments. Sorry I deleted bc I realized my Reddit avatar was visible so I scribbled it out real quick and reposted!

No. 1788971

Kek, the 2 Aidens on the right are doing such a girly leg pose.

No. 1788973

File: 1678878442768.jpg (32.25 KB, 310x465, ifeelbadforthetruedaughter.jp…)

I will just drop that pic here (the blonde woman is her daughter, Annie)

No. 1788974

File: 1678878684726.jpeg (72 KB, 750x614, 370550E0-2597-45CA-81D1-05E45D…)

Can someone help me provide information on this? I know this is made by the person who hacked the tsa list, but is it real? Sorry for asking to be spoonfed, but I’m arguing with people who genuinely believes this and is calling any criticism against TRAS a “moral panic”.

No. 1788975

Does anyone have proof that studies on trans people were hidden as well? Again, sorry for asking to be spoonfed, but I feel like if I went on an tirade without any actual evidence they’d paint it as me believing some “moral panic”.

No. 1788977

You're right nonni, but I think he meant that trannies are so desperate for any sexual intercourse they would fuck another tranny. Not because they like men, but because they can't get a real woman. Why the fuck he thought it was a good thing?

No. 1788978

Jamie Lee is that typical kind of "be kind" celebrity democrat who lives a rich and comfortable life so can't see any harm in letting freaks run free without boundaries or rules, because she will never suffer the harms. The most she will suffer is having a son who epitomises the troon stereotype - terminally-online video game programmer, anime-obsessed nerd, coomer and a furry to boot. But she doesn't know the depths of this depravity and how it impacts women in the real world. Probably has just been told it's his cute way of expressing his gender and feels bad that he is adopted and autistic or whatever so coddles him as a result.

No. 1788979

>those socks with that dress
Why do they always do this? Why do they always wear knee-high or thigh-high socks with dresses and skirts that don't need socks.

No. 1788982

File: 1678879944375.jpg (79.02 KB, 1000x1000, 20230314_164514.jpg)

>vtuber OP last thread
Vtubing is a cesspool, I'm sorry. I hope they all burn, troons included.

No. 1788983

File: 1678879947158.png (1.22 MB, 949x448, TLGB.png)

>the T should come first in LGBT
Yes I'm sure there would be no gay rights without AGPs in dresses.

No. 1788985

Gross fanfiction written by a pissed off tranny, there’s no way this is real. Me and my gf had a similar problem early in our relationship where I found out she previously dated a tranny and I kind of went off on her telling her it was disgusting and how could she call herself a lesbian when she was dating a man. It was hard to work through it but we didn’t break up nor did she threaten me with the idea. We were only dating for a few months at that point . It’s really shitty for someone to claim to love you and break up because of a view like that, if it’s true she’s the biggest dick sucking handmaiden and I wouldn’t be surprised if the tranny lied to get into her pants

No. 1788986

>where I found out she previously dated a tranny
What was she thinking?

No. 1788992

It was during her collage years so she was very young , she was an insane tra, most likely influenced by the people she hung out with (lots of her female friends were dating/married to troons and calling themselves lesbians as well) i think it was also desperation to be loved, everything she told me about that relationship was abusive and toxic. She admitted he wasn’t even attractive and that she really didn’t know why she stayed with him

No. 1788995

The amount of trannies is small compared to the general population, but they make up a large percentage of reddit and discord mods, so they will force people to see troon shit everywhere on those sites, and it doesn't matter that nobody wants to see it. It's so vile that every lesbian subreddit, porny or "normal", is controlled by a man, who will delete everything a real woman will say. But it will be kekable to see their reaction when they realize there are no women left. I can't imagine an actual SSA woman posting on those men-only subreddits, all the actual women there are retarded spicy straight handmaidens/tifs.

No. 1788996

I can feel the autism radiating at me through my screen

No. 1788997

File: 1678881853015.jpg (54.06 KB, 597x585, FrPG3ETakAA8_20.jpg)

No. 1788998

File: 1678882044753.jpg (82.17 KB, 828x968, FrOcesRaAAEKIFF.jpg)

So… you sorta shaved your beard and got different colored glasses?

No. 1788999

Was the subreddit LesbianActually made to escape the troon invasion on ActualLesbians? kek that's my headcanon now

No. 1789002

those soulless eyes… it's hilarious how often they put their obvious haircuts and style choices down to supposed hormone changes. really demonstrates the level of stupidity.

No. 1789006

that was the original intention but now it's been taken over by troon mods so… basically all the places for lesbians on reddit are for men (not to mention r/lesbians being porn).

then some fed up women made r/lesbiangang but that got threatened to be shut down for transphobia so now they're not allowed to talk about their experiences without including MtFs in every breath.

then there was another spin off https://www.reddit.com/r/cislezlife/ but it was so hard to spread the word without troons finding out that it's basically dead. but the few posts that are on there are so based.

it's hilarious that there are now so many lesbian subs, made in the attempt to discuss lesbian issues that keep getting turned into male fantasy subs. and by "hilarious" i mean bleak and enraging.

No. 1789007

Portland transition they/them to they/them

No. 1789008

the comments underneath the tweet were all against the troon. i'm glad.

No. 1789009

Reads like fanfiction, I'm guessing OP and the trans woman will start dating later as an update to make it a "wholesome uwu" story about how the cis lesbian preferred the larping man over a gross bigot terf woman

No. 1789011

okay, if I'm not allowed to have genital preferences than I will have brain preferences and I prefer not mentally ill brains. With that preference I don't even have to wait until a troon discloses their genitals, problem solved.
I wonder how they talk about genital preferences when it's about FtM, would it be okay to not want to have sex with a build penis? But let me guess, only the genital preferences surrounding troons are important.

No. 1789014

This is a good example of how many supportive normies don’t see these guys as women, they correctly see them as retards. He’s wearing sped sneakers to the red carpet with his giant mutated doughy head kek meanwhile his mother and sister look completely normal and beautiful. I know normies in real life who take one look at guys like this and start, out of pity, going “oh well, we should really try to make these poor souls comfortable, you can see h—uh, she has a tough time, just look at her…” It’s not even real support of TRA mentality, they just see someone like this, immediately clock that he’s mentally disabled, and decide to indulge his play pretend fantasies out of pity for his limited mental capacity.

No. 1789015

probably fiction, but if real, did that troon really take a job at the same company the girlfriend of his ex works and befriend that girlfriend to make her break up with his ex? Next post will be "they broke up, I'm now in a relationship with him and we all are so happy and everyone clapped". If the story is real, it has massive stalker vibes for me and a deeply hurt male ego.

No. 1789018

I respect you nonnie for calling her out. I lost one of my 'lesbian' friends to a troon.

No. 1789021

File: 1678886948764.jpg (317.27 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230315-062738_Sam…)

I'm gonna puke. You. are. male. Male behavior. Male attacks. Male control. Male shaming. I hope their genitals rot off for all the shit they're doing to the LGB movement. This cap in particular disgusted me.

No. 1789022

Hope the tranny op 41%, I can’t take this madness anymore.
Hope the CSA victim lesbian is safe

No. 1789023

They can only cow us into silence for so long. Feeble attempts to hide from the truth at our expense, but she isn't alone.

No. 1789025

too lazy to shave their hairy manlegs

No. 1789026

they think it makes them look like anime girls

No. 1789034

Kafka probably would have trooned out if he’d been alive in 2023. Face it - lots of mentally ill degenerate sexist moids from history probably would have trooned out if hormones and surgery were available during their lifetimes, because trooning out is the most degenerate sexist porn-brained thing a man can do. Maybe Vincent Van Gogh would’ve cut off his dick instead of his ear if that had been an option for him.

No. 1789039

I think its because womens eyes tend to be like a half circle with the round part at the top whereas moids tend to be straight at the top. just google some pictures and you will see it

No. 1789042

File: 1678891036906.jpg (96.15 KB, 1080x789, IMG_20230315_153720.jpg)

No. 1789044

it's the lack of soul.

No. 1789045

Damn, I got man-eyes?

No. 1789049

>>1789045 of course I dont know, but I think its rather unlikely, even if your "opening" of the eye is pretty straight you most likely still have a round eyeball protruding (im sorry this sounds horrible but I dont know how else to describe it). Its a very subtle difference but I noticed it. Then again even if you have "male eyes" its just one of many features.
I for example have kinda male eyebrows, they are very close to my eyes and my eyes are deep set, I also have a sharp chinline and a narrow face (not quite a horseface but the tendency is there) and a longer than average philtrum and big forehead, but I never got mistaken for a man even though I dont wear any makeup or necessarily feminine clothing. Its the combination of features that matters. Most women have some "male" features and stil we dont look like troons. Sorry for the sperging, I didnt want to make anons doubt themselfes but Im stil pretty sure about my eye thing being a good rule of thumb

No. 1789050

She could just call the thing an it bc It is just a fucking statue

No. 1789055

Dw anon, if you're a woman you don't have man eyes. Simple as

No. 1789057

kek the Black Butler poster! Oh I bet he's one of the retards who go on and on about how Grell is a brave and stunning transwoman so don't misgender her please! And if Grell killed and mutilated women out of jealousy because he will never be a woman that's ok you should sympathize with him! You know the type of fans I'm talking about.

No. 1789060

So the woman got gender euphoria from.. dressing.. Woman. And the man got euphoria from dressing.. man? What a concept.

No. 1789061

Yeah, shaving does miracles don't it? Makes you look a babyface, but not woman.

No. 1789062

Proud of you, anon. Never acknowledge them.

No. 1789063

I looked at his post history and he’s 38 with a child. This man really was a whole father and then became an incel.

No. 1789065

This article was way more neutral than I thought it would be.

No. 1789066

File: 1678894256782.jpeg (55.45 KB, 947x478, 802050E5-6E08-4EF0-816D-B69797…)

Looks like he apologized. I was about to commend him for standing his ground as a gay man, but oh well.

No. 1789067

> really fucking annoying how he keeps going back and forth between she and they.
Oh, you haven't heard. New gender law dropped last year and if someone uses multiple pronouns you are supposed to switch between them, otherwise you are being transphobic.

No. 1789068

The new one is r/the_lesbian_project . It’s already been found by angry trannies and apparently the mod got banned for 3 days for trying to promote it, so spread the word privately if you know any GC lesbians who use Reddit

No. 1789069

God they always sound like the desperate scrotes they are

No. 1789070

No. 1789071

The apology came before he told the troon to eat his ass (check the times). I didn’t see him apologize twice but I haven’t checked. Though he shouldn’t have at all

No. 1789072

It’s so fucking insane how obsessed they are with lesbian women and hunting them down.

No. 1789073

Oh my bad, thanks for the correction nonnie.

No. 1789078

Do they see themselves as anime girls? jesus

No. 1789082

>I found out she previously dated a tranny and I kind of went off on her telling her it was disgusting and how could she call herself a lesbian when she was dating a man.
I used to think I was bi and I dated a tim, it was what ended up both making me realize I was a lesbian and also peaking me because I realized males could never become female.

No. 1789083

File: 1678896393630.jpg (158.13 KB, 1569x1089, FrOe_LzaIAEL_5-.jpg)

This looks like a filter to me lol

No. 1789086


No. 1789089

yassified filter + nail varnish kek

No. 1789091

it’s just another way to “turn lesbians straight” like so many men are obsessed with doing. if they have no chance with you not because of how unattractive they are, but because of your orientation then that somehow makes the conquest more desirable for them because they’re rape apes and literally don’t understand the fucking word NO. the amount of times i’ve heard a man say he could convert me or just totally shit on the validity of my relationships with women used to make me want to put a gun in my mouth. now moids just use twansphobia and gaslighting to fuck women that would have zero interest in them otherwise, it’s so fucking gross and transparent. but the term lesbian is so loose and deluded now that i guess it doesn’t matter, it’s just for asspats for being good women. all lesbians and women in general need to peak cuz i’m tired of this shit.

No. 1789092

Sorry for blogpost but nonnies. I think I'm losing my mind. I was discussing something on our local gossip site (I'm not murican, not even a westerner) and I used the analog of the word "tranny" in our language. Didn't even say anything bad about troons, just used this word. And oh damn, every single woman there decided it was her duty to defend poor men in dresses from me, a random girl. I know scrotes are shit, but I know damn well males would not defend a tranny. Why just why. It's almost like normie women hate themselves.

No. 1789097

you really aren’t safe using that word anywhere else but here tbh, and women do hate themselves that much. women will always put men before their own comfort and safety because they’ve been taught to do so and if you manage to stop giving a shit about the opposite sex, surprise! troons NEED your support and validation and monies and access to your body because they’re literally dying! handmaidens are just insufferable pickmes repackaged as woke and progressive. they don’t care about you, or me or even themselves, only preserving the feelings of a man in a dress that would absolutely turn on them if not validated enough or given a chance to violate a real woman’s body. 41% needs to go to 100, they’re not taking themselves out fast enough via poisoning their body with hormones.

No. 1789112

It's heartbreaking and terrifying that lesbians aren't allowed one space for themselves. They're literally witch-hunted and emotionally abused and brow beat into submission and I don't know how lesbians can navigate the internet to find each other with the way things are.
The trannies try to coax lesbians into accepting dick or risk being "transphobic" and it's simply one thing: Rapey as fuck.(sage)

No. 1789115

Why arent you saging? But agree. Its all just apart of their porn sick rape fantasies.

No. 1789117

File: 1678900538698.png (2.48 MB, 1082x4638, hersheytranny.png)

the hershey troon is back on twitter. cry harder lmao

No. 1789119

You know that, as long troons are keep lying about "the suicide rate is 41% everywhere", people are going to point out Brazil's situation, right?

No. 1789121

That was a fabricated lie by ANTRA (a Brazilian troon group support). Which is frankly insulting, because in Brazil things like domestic abuse and feminicide is still rampant.
Isn't that one that troon who wrote a fantasy about troons raping "cis" women in "pussy carousel"?

No. 1789122

> 1 of 5 young females
Delusional male detected

No. 1789123

Like in LatAm too, but people these days are so used to domestic abuse and feminicide that it's like "oh another day, another woman dead" until it is a "hate crime". And then you have people crying over statues/walls when in March 8th some women destroy or draw feminist consigns. But go ahead and write "kill terfs" and people will support you.

Latino America es un pueblo al sur de Estados Unidos.mp3

No. 1789124

No woman is "uplifted" by having a man take the place of an actual woman. I'm sick of these people assuming everyone just agrees the word woman applies to some men as well when it simply doesn't. It never has and it never will. The definition of a small minority doesn't reflect reality at all.
The word/phrase transwoman shouldn't be allowed or accepted either, it confuses people and makes them think it's a woman who is trans (a transman). Transwomen are a variation of men regardless of how they identify, surgeries or how they dress. I'm happy there was a lot of outcry about the campaign, I hope it made sales tank

No. 1789127

As someone who did, let me explain.

I was young and identifying as a bisexual at the time. I was on taimi (an app so libfem that even her looks normal) and filtered by women. I'd been active in r/actuallesbians for a while and fell for the transwomen are women meme.

I found a TW about the same age as me. They lived far away so felt pretty non-threatening and used filters that feminised them. I felt from the start that I was dating a guy's perception of a girl at the time. Then we met in person for the first time about 4 months in (this is during the pandemic for reference).

When we did the facade and the insecurities I felt were right in my face. Everything about my gf repulsed me it felt exactly like when I was with my ex bf. The male shoulders, the voice that had a strange tone to it- everything felt disgusting. I felt a level of repulsion that was worse than when I went out with a guy and both were outright awful.

I broke up with them not long after. The image of doing anything but hug made me feel genuine repulsion. I knew at that point that virtue signalling for clout wasn't worth that feeling.

Unironically got me out of my libfem twaw phase and I started reading these threads around 30 or so. Unfollowed creators like bambifairy and got rid of any libfem/trans positive media out of my feed.

TLDR fell for the meme, met in person and felt disgusted. Broke up without specifying why and became gc. Been so ever since

No. 1789129

kek, can he cry a little bit louder? I'm so sorry for what happend to him, so, so sorry. Kidding, he shouldn't have taken the spot a real woman could have had, it's that easy. He could have waited until one of their thousand trans-days to annoy the public, not one of the only days that celebrates born women.

No. 1789140

Funny how they always know who to throw gendered slurs like cunt, bitch, etc. at

No. 1789144

So they get gender euphoria by being a straight couple with the woman wearing the dress and the man wearing the suit ? If you get euphoria from conforming to your "assigned gender at birth" then how are you transgender ?

Not going to comment on girly straight girl calling herself "butch lesbian"

No. 1789146

not that any of this is defensible, but:
stop arguing with these people
if you must respond to a tranny, tell them you're not interested in dating trans people and end the convo right there. ignore them or block them. playing this game means you lose.

No. 1789149

File: 1678905059513.jpeg (84.48 KB, 1170x575, D4388749-ABF9-42B4-874E-975D7D…)

excuse me what

No. 1789155

>partner with a homegrown vagina
Is that like bath estrogen, but homegrown vagina? DIY vagina

No. 1789158

I'm assuming the other commenters defending the man are also men? I feel for my lesbian sisters, seeing that kind of shit day in and day out would make me lose it. I would have been kicked out of that sub reddit pretty quickly for arguing with these MEN. But I guess many are and just find lesbian spaces that are more underground.

No. 1789164

Anyone have his dead name? I want to break his illusions

No. 1789179

according to the Matt Walsh video "Hershey’s Becomes HeShe’s" at around 4:13 he says that his real name is Zach. I won't post the link to that video as I dislike that guy as much as most troons and he doesn't deserve any more clicks.

No. 1789181



why is it always anime? genuinely curious(sage your shit)

No. 1789188

>Nothing bad happened
Except for the vandalism, which some underpaid janitor will have to clean up. Also it's extremely obvious that OP wrote all that garbage himself right before taking the picture.

No. 1789190


No. 1789197

File: 1678909221743.jpeg (155.74 KB, 1170x928, 0DD818F0-6E9E-43CA-91EB-DBE175…)

Just got this on my YT recommended lmao. One hour and a half of cope, I seen enough from the thumbnail.

No. 1789198

File: 1678909265527.png (82.46 KB, 560x302, raw.png)

The son of picrel

No. 1789201

Lmao, maybe someone could make a sub called r/LesbianPotterheads. Trannies hate Harry Potter, so they would be excluded without the sub specifically saying it's GC or excludes trannies.

No. 1789203

whenever i see jessie gender i want to alog so bad. i hate that man so fucking much. knowing he is the type of person to get off on hate makes me seethe even more. he's so smug in all his videos and his viewers just eat up whatever he says.

No. 1789212

hontra and his consequences have been a disaster for the youtuber race

No. 1789218

File: 1678911602912.png (96.93 KB, 598x887, Screenshot.png)

>Trannies hate Harry Potter

Now even more since JK Rowling "compare them with Death Eaters". A nice way to have a safe space now: Using Harry Potter's image.

No. 1789232

almost 200k views how are these guys still seething over one single fucking phone app out of a million that will cater to them? it's the most male thing in the world to have such a tantrum about being told "no" but that doesn't cause gender disphoria? it's a social media app not food, water or shelter you're being locked out from. ffs if i showed up to some womens group and they said, sorry this meeting was just for idk sri lankan women or whatever, I'd say ok no worries and leave. why would I want to make them uncomfortable with my presence? meanwhile these dipshits will get a rape crisis center defunded and nail a rat to its window because one of them got told "no your bepenised self cannot speak face to face with rape victims". and if you speak up and say that's fucked up you're getting graphic death threats. insane. lately i've also been seeing pushback but the blame is being put on feminists for this. a male created phenomenon benefitting males full of men perpetuated by men in power and it's woman's fault. classic…i think liberal feminism is bullshit and not helping obviously and they're being propped up by handmaidens as discussed, but males will blame ANYONE but themselves. both sides think "evil feminists" (terf/libfems) have way more political and social power than they actually do and love blaming women for everything, they even have the less political "karen" for everyone to use if bitch or cunt is too scary to say at the grocery store.

No. 1789234

the one time i watched one of his vids before i fully peaked it was a review of a video game and i thought eh why not. halfway through he started randomly defending incest

No. 1789237

kek, she described the troon movement very well and every sane person would agree with her. Hope she is healthy and save and no fucked up moid gets to her.

I still don't think that it would be save to use Harry Potter stuff to create our own spaces. Troons would come and cry and destroy everything, it's all about them and they are the white males that rule the world. If we could go back in time, to the early 2000s, we could have a forum and no one would say anything against not being invited, I miss the times of a small forum where only approved people where allowed to join.

No. 1789250

File: 1678915398471.jpeg (114.92 KB, 1242x758, EC58DDDE-E33A-4783-9BAD-15CFA5…)

Came across this post from 3 years ago with over 400 upvotes and every tranny in the comments is downvoted to hell. I was thinking of doing an experiment where I post the exact same thing in the same sub and see the difference. I’m kind of nervous tho bc I have a feeling it will be like -400 plus a ban.

No. 1789253

Create a burner that you only use when on vpn. Join some subs and act normal for a couple of months. Then post and see what happens.

No. 1789258

Ban is guaranteed but you will get upvotes from people who agree with you.

No. 1789270

Yeah I have an alt that already has like 100 karma that I’ll probably use! I will probably wait a while tho bc this one was recently shared to the lesbian project sub which is how I found it.

No. 1789275

What if we somehow organise ourselves to upvote the post as much as we can? Probably a reach tbh and i feel like we would need help from people outside lolcow.

No. 1789287

File: 1678918040925.jpg (1.49 MB, 1196x1370, vD5v0Vn.jpg)

People are making AI art "Eden" now …

No. 1789291

I love how even AI could still tell he was a man

No. 1789297

File: 1678918627523.jpg (135.78 KB, 1396x828, FrRXlmgagAEBDgg.jpg)

Yeah no, womens vaginas and neo vags do not smell the same no matter how much you try to cope and gaslight

No. 1789300

I beleive you. I just hope you dont know by first hand experience. And if you do, i will pray for your soul to recover.

No. 1789305

File: 1678919117648.jpg (26.04 KB, 600x400, ab8.jpg)

>I don't want anyone to forget how gorgeous she was
>Using AI art
>The AI art still kept the man face

This is the only time I'll support AI art.

No. 1789307

File: 1678919439007.jpg (68.39 KB, 1080x637, FrAeh8XXsAEHgcd.jpg)

Rowling compared trannies to death eaters kek

No. 1789320

This is the same faggot who spoke at that event dedicated to the women killed in an anti-feminist shooting, right? He fucking reaped what he sowed. Stop making women's rights all about your male self, douchebag. Sick of men colonizing all of the spaces women have fought to have.

No. 1789326

they are revolting on a visceral level. the misogyny, the fakeness, that male ugliness, the narcissism, everything makes my skin crawl.

No. 1789328

she sounds like a turbo normie. i bet she didn’t even know what she was getting into when she decided to talk to this creep. there’s no conversation to be had with trannies, they’re pushy, rapey creeps.

No. 1789333

File: 1678923613690.png (9.46 KB, 673x239, Leading Report on Twitter.png)

No. 1789334

Geez wheez who would’ve thunked that?

No. 1789335

File: 1678923854453.webm (4.19 MB, 576x1024, e3cf80ba6f73615eb71085def71d71…)

I’ve never posted a video here, so I have no idea if it’s in the correct format. Sorry if it doesn’t work. I haven’t been bombarded with Dylan Mulvaney on tiktok, but I do keep getting sponsored posts by troons like this one featuring this frog voiced, fridge bodied creature. Companies will send products to absolutely anyone for clout.

No. 1789340

this is the first time i've heard a gay essex man with estrogen voice and it's hilarious (and dw you uploaded it correctly nona)

No. 1789343

File: 1678924494857.png (111.73 KB, 584x631, Twitter.png)

The f- did I read?

No, that was Anastasia Preston, but the backlash for using a man in an event where women were killed for being women was amazing.

Talking about Eren, aren't you surprised that British TIM was easily forgotten? What are they trying to do? Finding his body in Saudi Arabia to keep him in a local cemetery?

No. 1789344

Just read the article… We know the retards will just accuse this 80 yo woman, who dedicated her career to these twats, of being a TERF and a liar.


No. 1789350

This is what I mean when I say idgaf if they’re not physically assaulting anyone. Coomers gonna coom and they get off simply to the idea of being in a women’s restroom/changing room/etc. Most of them will never assault a woman because then the jig will be up. For these porn addicted scrotes, the violation is more erotic when it’s crypto like cumming on the toilet seat hoping someone will sit on it etc. It’s fucking foul

No. 1789367

Filter working overtime

No. 1789380

>you have the audacity of a mediocre white man to say I should sit down and learn something. Bitch, please
But he's replying to a woman talking about her own sexual orientation? It doesn't make sense, he so obviously tried to fit this sentence in to point out that he's not white, as if it changes anything. He's still the mediocre man telling lesbians "we made your community, be grateful!" - love the 'we' referring to fictional trannies and what they supposedly did decades ago, meanwhile he trooned out one year ago. In most of his comments he's lecturing people on how male trannies are totes women, or comparing vaginas and trannies' holes "depth". Disgusting and pathetic.

No. 1789384

Yup. These are men whose fetishes began when they snuck into their mothers & sisters bedrooms, stole their underwear and coomed to the taboo of it. They brag about it all the time in their groups. These men fetishize locker rooms and slumber parties and pregnancy and menstruation. They have cluster paraphilias that always seem to involve violating women’s private spaces and getting off on our intimate rituals. I will never, ever trust them in our bathrooms.

No. 1789390

They’re not cowing us into silence. I can promise you every woman who read that misogynistic little rant peaked in that moment, if she hadn’t already. I’m actually delighted when they start reeeeing & calling us “terf cunts” for calmly and peacefully asserting our sexual boundaries. No one can read that exchange and NOT see an angry, rapey man attacking a woman with slurs for not wanting to sleep with him, just like the mentally ill incel he is. They’re doing TERFs’ work for us just by being themselves and showing their true colors at every opportunity.

No. 1789398

all of this is so true nonna. and yeah they love blaming women, taking random female TRAs on social media as examples, as if most CEOs, lawmakers, people in tech etc. pushing for the troon shit and actually holding power weren't males.

No. 1789405

File: 1678931006491.jpeg (Spoiler Image,264.67 KB, 1204x1557, 649AF32F-9458-45A1-B3EC-74774B…)

AYRT and ugh this just reminded me of when I clicked on a random redditors profile and found there are multiple subs for that..Picrel / not trying to go too OT but if “cis” men do this, trannies definitely are capable too (and ik some will buy random panties to pretend it’s their mom’s but I think most of them really do it)

No. 1789408

What the fuck. Males like this should be KOS.

No. 1789422

File: 1678932182139.jpeg (115.05 KB, 679x960, 6AEDFA2E-3AF1-4E2C-92D0-330919…)

No. 1789425

Not sure how big your following is, but hopefully it dies down… Good job nonna

No. 1789432

thread pic!

No. 1789434

Fantastic work anon lol

No. 1789442

For now, at least. The threats are going to ruin them

No. 1789447

>woman in dress, man in suit
>gender euphoria
Girl you can just say you're happy you got married, be for real

No. 1789463

Omg anon this is GOLD

No. 1789474

>…"Because I'd fuck me…"

No. 1789482

I seriously hate the whole
>I-if you didn’t know that I was a tranny, I-if I had a vagina and you didn’t know
Like bro, friend, pal, buddy, man, no.
Everyone knows, you have to be really fucking blind, have no sense of touch, be deaf and be really fucking high as balls, drunk and tired as fuck simultaneously to not notice that it’s a fucking moid in a dress.
>inb4 there are moids who “pass”
With filters and shit for fuck’s sake, but outside of the internet they all look like the ugly moids they are, they sound like moids, they feel like moids and they act like moids.
Like no, Richard, also known as Dick, you don’t look like a woman, no shape wear, padding, perfume, badly applied or even professionally applied makeup, wigs, eyelash extensions, facial feminization surgeries, foot shrinking surgeries, clothes tailored specifically for you to resemble a woman, dick tucking or dick and balls clipping won’t make you look like a woman, you can’t “stealth” that shit doesn’t exist unless you’re trying to hook up with mentally handicapped moids that are drunk as fuck and high at a dark as fuck bar, and that have also never touched a real woman before.
Like I can’t believe there’s moids out there seriously thinking they can think like women when they don’t ever consider that we’ve been raised to be fucking hyper-aware of every fucking little detail, even the most dim-witted woman would know that there’s something really fucking wrong if “alice” doesn’t look like anything in the pictures of his dating app profile, like damn, why is “alice” so fucking tall? What’s with the huge ass hands and weird knees? Geez, I thought “alice” had hips and a fucking waist, why is “alice” wearing a mini skirt, a white shirt tied up to his non-existing waist and stripped socks and boots to our coffee date on winter?

No. 1789484

File: 1678941052519.jpeg (117.96 KB, 1170x1095, 2418DF81-0B2E-464F-A5FE-04D7B8…)

That went from 0 to 100 very quickly

No. 1789486

I have clocked every single troon I’ve ever seen within 30 seconds. My husbando can clock them too. Not greasy looking ones, honter twink ones. Sage for NTA

No. 1789487

Right bc I totally agree with the far right. What horse shit. That’s just as ridiculous as the right calling everything communism.

Sage for pissed off rant.

No. 1789489

Before I peaked I truly thought that TERFs were far right extremists and that most of them weren’t even women. It’s really insane to me how they’ve managed to paint us as evil and conservative to the general public and to many lesbians.

No. 1789490

It’s so fucked up. Meanwhile these troons are threatening violence against women who have wrongthink

No. 1789491

File: 1678942364308.jpg (214.18 KB, 880x1200, FrQS3e6WcAAbqzi.jpg)

Funny they don't mention that boy was a minor and was groomed to post sexual photos of himself online, I feel bad for him cause he was obviously groomed

No. 1789493

Nice reach

No. 1789495

I like going to people posting these and responding wondering if they care about the systemic torture of women in Syria, missing and murdered indigenous women etc

No. 1789499

Thats some far right Twitter, are there any credible news sources for this?

No. 1789500

File: 1678944256896.jpg (87.89 KB, 658x900, freak.jpg)

Just a reminder that this man posted the tweets in picrel. Literally advocating for total censorship and the vilification of TERFs. He sounds like an authoritarian freak with anger issues ("Shut. Them. Down."). Now he's whining because he received a few mean drawings and emails, like this isn't what everyone who disagrees with his cult has to face on the daily. And it's basically the kind of behavior he encouraged himself.

No. 1789501

posting the fucking suicide note in their little anime fanart. wow! keep digging deeper i guess we haven't hit rock bottom yet

i know it's not something you could ever ask directly or have a discussion about in a more normie setting but it really feels like they're fucking salivating and champing at the bit for these teens/early 20s to kill themselves in a sort of plastic martyrdom for "the cause". i remember it was the same with all the little fanarts and hashtags of lela alcorns (?). it's insane, you're constantly telling these kids society wants to genocide them, if they don't transition they will commit suicide, and then when one of them kills themselves they literally get their suicide note broadcast everywhere on social medias, anime fanart of their idealized bodies, activists creating hashtags for them, their stories blasted everywhere and now even fucking AI art. how is that not complete valorizing and romanticizing of suicide? I've never seen anyone say don't worry when you get older and can move out of your house you can do what you want with your body and your own money. it's just no start now when you're 13 or kill yourself. it's one of the most basic manipulation tactics to get what you want and it's being used seriously to pass laws and stop any conversation

No. 1789509

File: 1678945492952.png (28.97 KB, 724x532, fuckyourselftumblr.png)

Found out there's this stupid shit on tumblr called "transmed"? I don't know what the fuck is in the koolaid over at tumblr but my god… imagine wasting your time believing this shit, let alone WRITING ANY OF THIS GARBAGE

No. 1789513

File: 1678945801254.jpg (237.54 KB, 1436x1080, 1612034603354.jpg)

>Georgina Romero
>Russel W. Groomer
>John A Enby

No. 1789514

>the obvious bulge on the troon
That's genius.

No. 1789517

File: 1678948457473.webm (1.39 MB, 1068x1022, 1678933018274957.webm)

No. 1789527

It's just the same shit as men calling women feminazis with a different coat of paint.

No. 1789528

Anyone who has deluded themselves into continually defending trannies in women's sports is a turbo retard. Like this debate has been going on for way too long and even a lot of TRAs will tell you they don't agree with it (irl, they would never say it online). Absolutely mentally ill and fuck all schools and institutions that allow it. Beyond shameful and I don't give a fuck about sports in general.

No. 1789531

Sage for blog but why are TRAs so fucking naïve and oblivious? Almost every day I see one of them saying something like "no kids are taking hormones/getting top surgery" (one I saw today literally thought the treatment they're referring to in recent US bills only includes therapy), "transwomen never try to get cis lesbians to sleep with them", "no trans person alive is doing it as a fetish. they are all perfect pure angels." Like you don't even have to go out of your way to see reality, but it's like they're all sticking their heads in the sand. Maddening.

No. 1789538

The logic doesn't even work if, hypothetically, a tranny could pass 100%. You could find someone extremely sexually attractive initially but lose all that attraction the moment you find out they have genitals you aren't into. I don't question my heterosexuality if I accidentally think a TIF who passes well is cute lmao.

No. 1789541

File: 1678957376452.jpg (140.75 KB, 1242x1217, szibhz5mhmc41.jpg)

literally what did this retard mean by this statement ?

No. 1789543

It means
>if there’s no transformation fetish in a cartoon/movie, then it’s shit, cater to my fetish already!

No. 1789545

trans aside, this outfit is just stupid, no detail, no shape, just edgy flower tit bra and $10 satin wrap

No. 1789546

He’s mad that an 80 year old Japanese guy isn’t writing stories that make him feel validated as a “girl”. Media has spoiled these folks.

No. 1789549

File: 1678959797821.png (5.79 KB, 647x167, 414.png)

sadly this was by a TIF

No. 1789554

JEsus Christ

No. 1789559

what's that meme again, "they just want to hear women pee"

No. 1789560

every time I see a TRA say "terfs say/do this" it's only words with no proof, or at best it's a screenshot of a right wing moid (the literal opposite of a radical feminist) while every time it's a post about troons by terfs they have multiple screenshots and direct proof of what troons say and do

No. 1789563

Ghibli movies are filled with unsexualized girls that are allowed to have personalities beyond being female. Can't have that.

No. 1789564

Oh please share once you do!

No. 1789571

Nobody tell him about when marnie was there. He’s ship a girl and her ghost grandmother.

No. 1789575

>Help with Eden's case
There is no case. The United States isn't going to extradite his family from Saudi Arabia because he committed suicide over hearing facts he didn't like.

No. 1789591

I know it’s sightly OT because that’s a TiF but it’s unnerving how trannies just don’t. Do. Their. Own. Shit. Jesus Fuck, just create your own word salad characters and make them fuck, is that so difficult? As if they should be worrying about good writing and plot when all that matters is that it’s some soup letter centric story with first world problems like getting called by your real name and not your Twitter handle.

No. 1789593

File: 1678972670803.png (5.03 KB, 525x164, dove.png)

Soap brand Dove retweets Curtis' (mother of AGP son) pro-troon comments. Women in the replies tweet about boycotting them. Who do they expect will buy their soap now, TIMs? Unlikely.

No. 1789600

Please spoiler this anon. It makes me sad that photos of these women's underwear are circulating the internet without consent after having their trust violated by a sick family member.

No. 1789604

They have it ass backwards. It's far right extremists who ride radfem coattails and hijack our talking points bc they're effective & truthful. Misogynist moids have always taken credit for women's labor, it is what it is.

No. 1789609

Imagine your mom has all the money in the world and your room looks like that. Wtf?

Porn and autism absolutely destroys men kek.

No. 1789611

>say it louder for the people in the back
corporations being sassy on social media makes me feel physically unwell

The idea of these massive corporations having a "personality" and morals and stances on issues is fucking retarded. One social media intern tweets about trans rights, whilst Unilever continues to destroy rainforests and abuses its workers. If you're gonna boycott them, there are plenty of other reasons besides this dumbass tweet.

No. 1789612

I have no problem admitting TIFs because they're still women, albeit mentally ill ones. That they even want to attend is interesting though. Wouldn't they prefer men's colleges for the gEnDeR eUpHoRiA?

No. 1789613

Maybe I've gone soft in my old age but I feel sorry for him. He was targeted by TRA groomers in the US and then abused by his conservative Saudi family, he really didn't stand a chance. He might've gone on to lead a healthier life with therapy.

No. 1789615

the fact that there's one singular Black Butler poster tells me that he bought one for the sole reason that some TRAs claim that Grell is a transwoman and is just "misgendered" by every other character and hasn't even seen the series.

No. 1789620

it's so sad that these women can't even rally together to stand up for themselves. first off they're so gaslit that this isn't a problem in the first place and any issues they have with it is to do with their "transphobia" and second that even if they did they would be thrown out of the race and institution before the man would be.

it's basically telling women not to bother perusing an interest or profession as an athlete because there is no point.

No. 1789624

Funny he mentions disliking the Last Unicorn. Probably because as anons have already pointed out, the main protagonists aren’t sexualized with no personality. What I liked about the Last Unicorn was Molly, and I related to her woes about aging in society as a woman. TIMs could never know how it is growing up as a woman though. And even though Molly was old and “ugly”, she was still a woman. Despite all the surgeries, trannies will fall apart eventually and they always be seen as aging men.

No. 1789635

Wonder how the tranny commies will react to “based CCP” banning HRT meds kek

No. 1789637

When was this? Did they take it down? I couldn’t find it but I might be stupid. Not saying it didn’t happen, I just want to read the replies.

No. 1789638

File: 1678978472825.jpeg (78.63 KB, 731x742, 8BFAA0E5-21E1-4076-9927-D20355…)

The males of Reddit page says that the troons are cannibalizing each other as we speak lol


Also a reminder to you guys to clean up your social media sharing urls. They can be traced back to your profiles.

No. 1789639

I know this is a rhetorical question, but it’s fascinating how you almost never see tifs go to men’s colleges or get put in men’s prisons or even participate in men’s sports. Almost like they and other people are aware of the dangers of putting a single female in space full of males.

No. 1789640

File: 1678979172584.jpg (142.52 KB, 719x1079, FrUKvCVaYAEoJX0.jpg)

Yeah because nobody is ever going to figure it out on their own…

No. 1789645

Actually I suspect he enjoys it because it contains scenes like when 12-year old Ciel has to crossdress in order to seduce a grown male pedo.
Liking BB = pedo warning
It's here, anon.

No. 1789649

File: 1678981116492.jpeg (181.3 KB, 750x1154, 62B075F6-B401-4973-AA4A-D66FD0…)

you literally are the patriarchy.

No. 1789650

File: 1678981154613.png (15.28 KB, 740x441, theyfab.png)

Women can't even be autistic NLOGs in peace, MtFs are too obsessed with skinwalking kek

No. 1789652

Well, at least I swapped to Nivea's almond body lotion.

No. 1789654

When just being mtf isn't enough, you need to make it even more trendy and snowflakey.

No. 1789659

MSM won’t report on this and you know that anon.

No. 1789665

God why do they all fucking love the word inherently!? Everything is inherently transphobic or inherently homophobic. Everytime i hear that word i completely tune out because i know it's gonna be bullshit.

No. 1789670

Why were these deleted? He is indeed a disgusting troon trying to LARP as a black woman, kek

No. 1789671

>The british TIM and Eren were minors being groomed to pose like girls
>TRAs are forgetting the British team since Eren was a Trans Woman of Color, so more brownie points for them.

And then "cis" people are the bad ones?

"But is Islamophobic to poin-" just say you hate women and LGB people in that zone.

I mean there was a LGBT event where gay or straight actors told to their young "is gonna be ok" and TRAs jumped and claimed "NO, IS NOT! YOU'RE GONNA DIE AT 40'S BECAUSE YOU'LL NEVER FIND HAPPINESS IN YOUR BODY AND MIND!". Crab mentality at its finest.

And only one of them finish marrying the "prince" (Howl?). How dare Ghibli to show strong women being women without a hint of femininity to get their fangs into.

No. 1789675

File: 1678984890287.jpg (168.56 KB, 779x1200, DdUURfWW4AAFUIF.jpg)

I'm not even surprised they want to try picrel for Eren, placing him in a Christian cemetery and making the tomb reads "Eren Knight". They're just nuts if SA will let some strangers go and exhume his body to move it to USA like if was easier to do.

Besides I love how he was a "trans woman" but he's using a male name.

No. 1789679

Dove (Unilevel) is known for destroying native forest for their products. They shouldn't stand in a soap box (eh?) while trying to cover their issues.

>in b4 lol Greenpeace.

Besides kek at them for trying to aim at TIMs. We know they don't even take a shower.

No. 1789681

File: 1678985388722.png (3.03 MB, 1249x1920, JgvYoyZ.png)

sage for OT but this issue(and the character of "wanda") were written by grant morrison, a moid whose idea of a strong idea of a strong female characters, was turning wonder-woman and the amazons into bdsm dominatrixes

No. 1789690

Maybe they're collaborating with Curtis so her son is inspired to finally take a shower.

No. 1789692

yeah that's what's crazy to me and another reason why the tq+ seems so different from the lgb, when I was growing up we had the "it gets better" campaign where famous gay and lesbian actors/musicians put PSAs out for younger gay kids encouraging them to not self-harm or kill themselves, i remember there was even some schlocky emo/pop punk anti-suicide song that was popular. I know it's probably already been discussed here but the total 180 culture shift to a death-obsessed kinda suicide cult has been shocking. seeing teenage girls on tumblr saying "it's so amazing to see our people with grey hair" talking about some tif as if they were gay men living during the height of the aids crisis is fucking insane to read. then you have the males hyping each other up in their closed echochambers about the "genocide" and how they need guns and weapons to protect themselves like pinochet is coming to round them up. and every month it seems like it gets crazier

No. 1789700

File: 1678987665102.jpg (1.13 MB, 2673x1600, H062WiJrvgNAmKK.jpg)

samefag grant morrisons wonder-woman earth one series is also a great insight on men with femdom fetishes(like he's always inserted his fetishes into his comics but this comic was him without any restrictions) and in this comic of his idealized world, the amazons end conquering the world of men(not through actual fighting but making men submit sexually) and the end result is a perfect utopia where gender and sex don't matter but female bodies are still attractive and handsome or fit men just don't seem to exist(like the only "good men" in this series are men who submit to the amazons instantly and they all happen to just happen to look like liberal male progressives)

No. 1789704

I thought the wanda pander was from the sandman by Neil Gailman

No. 1789705

The fucking hate that comic and Grant is insufferable

No. 1789706

Look you can shit on me all you like, but I've liked BB ever since I was a tween and I'd say that the pedo-ish parts (which are not the crossdressing ones you said since that's played as a joke) aren't really painted in a good light, and the tranny is made to look like a violent fool who kills women over jealousy. I agree though that a man liking something like BB is a huge red flag because you know he's jacking off to all that.

Most moids seem to equate being cool and strong to literal physical strenght (because they're retards who think being able to commit violence = superior) so their "strong" women are always just sexy and physically stronger than men, which imo makes them completely unrelatable to actual women. Why not make women strong in the way they actually are in the real world?

No. 1789708

theory: this is because lesbians are turning into theythems so agp creeps now want to skinwalk as them because every lesbian space is colonized by ugly pervert men thus they start to hunt the theybians.

No. 1789709

I wonder what turned Gaiman into such a TRA, in the original good omens novel there's still nerd incel tier sexist jokes.

No. 1789710

Maybe they should take a fucking hint.

No. 1789711

Don't they also test on animals?

No. 1789718

File: 1678988884388.png (24.35 KB, 200x241, 1678394158571.png)


And the fact the gay men living the aids crisis or the death of Matthew Shepard (stuff that did add more fights for Gay Rights) are unnoticed because they're so stuck with Stonewall and Marshal being the "Saint for Trans rights" (back when in the 70's-90's, trans people wanted nothing to do with gay people… wonder why, mmmm?) show me that TRAs are doing nothing good for LGB young people. You have gay actors telling you "is gonna be ok, and you're beautiful" and then you have these rancid people telling you "nothing is good, you'll live in the wrong body forever unless you kill yourself", and they seem to listen the crazy TRAs the most because "they know about REAL QUEER oppression". SMH.

Not anymore, but if MAC have to test their products on animals in China because they don't take care of the foreign tests, no wonder they do it too.

No. 1789719

File: 1678988955688.jpg (268.28 KB, 1041x965, RCO092_1663891859.jpg)

sandman was created by Neil Gailman but other writers worked for the series
wonder woman is demi-god, there's no problem with her having superpowers but the problem is her and the amazons not even fighting men, the Amazons and womankind as a whole end the patriarchy through through sexual means, like this guy who was just some online incel gets gang-raped by a group of women and then accepts the matriarchy

No. 1789729

File: 1678989670322.jpg (727.15 KB, 2082x1600, GpVWuqoJw6g2Wp.jpg)

last post about, is grand morrisons ideal political utopia and these are the "good men" that deserved to be saved(liberal male progressives like himself)

No. 1789732

This reads like a horror novel.

No. 1789740

Sage for off-topic but, the first two anime seasons of Black Butler and the manga feel like they are aimed at seperate groups and I think it's just that anime at the time was more aimed at coomers (of both sexes as BB was definitely going for the fujobux) because a similar manga/anime disconnect from the time was Rosario Vampire.
I watched it with my brother at the time because I didn't realize shoujo was a thing. I rightfully thought it was retarded but while my brother wasn't too impressed by it but read the manga and it turns out rhe manga had really good fights and character development ignored for the coom in the adaptation. I got to feel something similar when I actually started the BB manga and was floored by how the anime botched it. It's nice that we got later OVAs that adapted some arcs but the sheer disrespect the anime does is maddening.

No. 1789765

That's because everyone knows it's a sham built on forced political correctness that falls apart every time some "transphobe" points out the obvious. It's complete dependency and utter weakness. You can live a perfectly happy and rich life as a gay person, but no man will ever be able to become a woman. It's just not gonna happen, and when you spend every day of your life trying to convince yourself otherwise, eventually you'll get tired and bitter. Trans people have no vitality in them, neither figuratively, nor literally (in the procreation sense).

It really should be reverted back to just LGB, trans activism was a mistake. It has no hope for succeeding even in the best possible world (from their perspective), and it just spreads bad vibes generally.

No. 1789775

i hate moids, but handmaidens have completely destroyed my faith in womankind. every time i’m watching podcast and it’s just moids talking, i know they have the luxury to pretend troons don’t exist, so they never bring up troonism unless they’re degenerate wokebros. but every single time there’s women, they have to metaphorically fellate troons completely unprompted, like it’s a tax they’re paying for existing in social media. this means i feel more comfortable watching moid content than anything involving handmaidens, and as we know, handmaidens are the only women allowed to thrive on the internet. i also watch a lot of terf content, but when i want to take a break from that and watch something else, i have to choose between moids and handmaidens, so i choose moids, and then i feel bad.

No. 1789784

we should just frame TERF activity as defending against cultural appropriation. If you have to have a certain genetic make-up to call yourself Cherokee or be issued a tribal identification card, then why do these people want to veer away from the accepted STANDARD of genetics/lived experience and off into the weeds about gender. IDC how someone 'feels' like a woman without going through the same upbringing and socialization as a woman, complete with all the shame and self-erasure and guilt about your sexuality and impossible standards and people telling you that you were stupid or your hobbies were frivolous or that they didn't need to listen to you because you were a 'roastie'. They go on about how they wish they had periods but if they had ACTUALLY been forced to go through puberty with cramps, bleeding, harassment, being told how 'gross' they were, spending way too much money on pads and tampons, and nearly every girl I know has a horror story about how one day they forgot and ended up completely humiliated. The very fact that any of them can say 'I wish I had a period bc I want to feel like a real girl' shows me 110% how much they do not understand what it's like.

the most frustrating part is that i think if you're even a slightly feminine-looking male, this is the road you're going to be pushed down regardless of how you actually feel. Which is a pity, because I really love the aesthetic of androgyny, but this…ain't it, chief.
What's boggling to me is that people like Hunter and his patrons love to crow about how they're breaking the gender binary or whatever but they are 100% reinforcing it by saying 'tits + long hair + skirt = woman'. I don't think they realize how much of a derivative insult that is to women everywhere.

No. 1789793

I know wonder woman is a demigod and in that context she does make sense kind of, but my point was that almost every story of a woman written by a man the woman ends up having some supernatural physical strenght or abilities to make her a "strong woman", or she's super sexy if she'a supposed to be dominating. In their minds a woman is only strong if she has unnatural physical strenght like men or if she's sexy and appealing to men. Every other aspect doesn't exist.

No. 1789798

File: 1678997758844.png (1.68 MB, 874x1782, troon.png)

uh huh, sure dude

No. 1789799

Imagine having a small group of retards completely destroy your faith in half of the human population. What an idiot

No. 1789803

He picked an appropriate username

No. 1789806

Inherently, actively, syatemically, violently… There are so many words that people love to overuse in SJ circles for some reason. Brain worms I guess.

No. 1789808

It puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again

No. 1789812

I know this would be more for the tif thread but this is just in reply to you (and not milk anyway IMO)… There was one woman's reasoning in an article a whiile back
>Absolutely. Absolutely! I think maybe a school with everything under the sun… except for [cisgender] men (if you listen to it she does actually say cis)
so basically more hypocrisy

No. 1789814

can't believe im agreeing with a stonetoss comic

No. 1789821

>trans girl next door you wanna fuck
Im sure your neighbors are very aware of your sex life considering you have to legally disclose it to all of them when moving somewhere new.

No. 1789823

File: 1679000755943.jpg (91.44 KB, 640x1194, 67pd2aipel391.jpg)

This monster of a man replied that only "some of his family and friends know" haha. Oh buddy.

No. 1789828

File: 1679001968907.jpeg (73.71 KB, 1242x891, 13ECAF37-7ADA-4861-9A36-A0692A…)

I guess the excuse is that it was just under diagnosed in previous years kind of like autism. Not buying it and can’t believe people are celebrating this as a good thing. It’s normal for teenagers to feel weird as their bodies change with puberty or for girls when they begin to notice they’re being sexualized. So depressing.

Source: https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-transyouth-data/

No. 1789836

stonetoss has a couple of good comics that point out issue in wokeness. Shame he's a racist antisemite.

No. 1789846

File: 1679004144074.jpeg (8.11 KB, 194x259, 4DD5F7F0-F313-4332-9FEC-AA7546…)

Wtf do all of them wear lipstick like fucking Miranda sings

No. 1789854

I was going to say the Joker but this works too.

No. 1789856

Yeah, I think the biggest reason is there’s tons of money to be made from making people lifelong medical patients.

No. 1789861

File: 1679005157464.jpeg (87.62 KB, 750x765, F6CF0C52-A2E9-44CD-90C2-907F26…)

>gender dysphoria

No. 1789862

I’d love to find out how much money shareholders of HRT and puberty-blocker manufacturers have made in these past 6 years or so

No. 1789870

I think that is the main reason too, but also troon and "genderqueers" are very consumerist. I have read countless times about how they spend thousands in female clothes, makeup, accessories and anything that can be bought that fits their stereotype of what a woman is. I have never gave much thought but everything that is "trans culture" (not really a culture but it is the easiest way to explain) is basically buying and selling a product. Their symbols: Blahaj (that stupid shark idk the name), anime, video games, programmer socks, "spinny" dresses and skirts, breast form, plastic surgery, wigs, porn, everything is a byproduct of a consumerist society. The companies see them as easy money, that is why they support them overwhelmingly.

No. 1789871

File: 1679006270711.png (35.86 KB, 1394x520, Untitled.png)

>reeees about no "females" replying to his posts

No. 1789872

File: 1679006308600.png (496.64 KB, 1460x1652, Untitled4.png)

>his posts

No. 1789873

No woman should be putting her vagina on that flesh wound, might risk getting the corprus disease from morrowind

No. 1789877

Haven't heard of Miranda in three trillion years, thank you for this

No. 1789881

so trannies shouldn't get free money for their surgery's if it's not med related?

No. 1789900

File: 1679009718218.jpg (81.46 KB, 886x1080, IMG_9288.jpg)

both brave and stunning.

No. 1789910

Why are they all so lacking in self awareness. Like as heterosexual or bi men they should be able to identify what an attractive or average woman looks like. And know that’s not even close to what they look like in the mirror. To anyone who is attracted to women, a troon will always be less attractive than the ugliest of women, and I’m not saying it because I dislike them but it’s objectively true. Someone needs to let them know.

No. 1789925

The black lip liner is sending me already, but wtf is that lipstick colour? Bloated corpse in a slough?

No. 1789953

i feel you nonna. sadly women's content online is much more likely to contain woke crap for no reason.

>we should just frame TERF activity as defending against cultural appropriation.
i get your point but that would be kinda counterproductive imo. the fact that sex exists and is immutable is rooted in biology, and it has the direct observable consequence that women's and men's bodies function and look differently (and ofc, on top of that, people have different lived experiences based on their sex). it's an undeniable fact but TRAs still deny it. the problem is them. the whole 'cultural appropriation' thing is much more unclear and often quite retarded. people will start arguing that actually they were GNC growing up so they have X culture, or that they understand women's "culture" because they do (stereotypical feminine activity). but i do agree that a comparison with race and culture is a good argument because the double standard/contradiction is glaring.

No. 1789958

Jfc, being a troon was the first mistake but imagine thinking that an actual woman will ever be enticed by this disgusting and creepy title (+ him holding a whip??). Also it's not "weird" that he's looking for "females" instead of brave trannies, it's quite normal for AGP freaks

No. 1789965

File: 1679016276378.jpg (84.95 KB, 1080x1126, IMG_20230317_064853.jpg)

>Now I'm a 40yo mum with perky tits
So you mean a flabby pedophile with delusions
>never had to squeeze a whole human out of my vag
Because you don't have one to begin with, along with a womb

No. 1789967

>10/10 cheat mode
>implying he could have birthed a child but took a shortcut
those poor kids. having a dad who talks about his "perky tits" in the same breath as claiming he is their mother

No. 1789979

File: 1679018383638.jpg (157.95 KB, 848x1070, FrUWGc5acAANOrC.jpg)

No. 1789980

So he's implying that the actual mother of his children is ugly because she doesn't have "perky tits," and had to give birth. Jfc I hope she divorced his ass.

No. 1789982



No. 1789983

So you agree, gender dysphoria is a bunch of nonsense. So let's stop using it as an excuse to give unnecessary drugs to children.

No. 1789987

File: 1679019002069.jpeg (8.45 KB, 300x168, 3EFBFC7C-A90C-417F-B855-7F3CDC…)

No. 1789994

Denial is not only a river in the Egypt. Adding also that they cry how drag queens aren't a harm to kids more than priests, but as soon as you show them news, they're not "real drag queens".

No. 1789997

That misogynistic fuck has a daughter and calls himself a "leftist". I hope she lives with her mom

No. 1790001

He "cheated" because he has children even though his wife did all the work (and still does while he's busy being misogynistic and cooming to his own reflection with other redditards). Married men do live on cheat mode.

No. 1790002

You sound like you’re bad at finding content creators, nonna.

No. 1790005

Because the combination of coom and delusion is enough. Getting constant asspats not just in their hugboxes but from handmaidens everywhere these days doesn't help either. It's a fetish, all they have to do is smear on some lipstick and put on a skirt and their dicks take over.

No. 1790007

File: 1679022048794.jpeg (169.42 KB, 1170x1549, 03DC956B-9497-4CC0-8DA1-3B1046…)


No. 1790009

Why is being trans such a trendy thing rn ?

No. 1790010

They should have put woman in quotes too.

No. 1790011

"On all levels except physical, I am a woman"

No. 1790025

Because "oppression" is not only for LGB and/or non-white people anymore, adding also that is the one way no one (in theory, since here we are anyway) will judge you for the fetish thing.

No. 1790033

File: 1679023629196.jpg (165.11 KB, 946x2048, FrTe2iNakAEORoo.jpg)

breathes in

No. 1790041

yikes, if he's a british wolf, why the weeb name? at least he's showing everyone how ""identifying as [real, tangible thing that you aren't]"" is a mental illness and a slippery slope.

No. 1790042

This is why you don't leave your kids alone with scrotes period. I don't give a fuck if he's wearing a white robe or high heeled shoes. A child's own male relatives are more likely to molest them than anyone else.

No. 1790044

Oversaturation of porn, the proliferation of groomers and echo chambers online, overemphasis on identity politics, rainbow capitalism, and poor management of mental illness causing people to seek a cure-all.

That about covers it.

No. 1790061

nah, you're right, and it wouldn't work in an argument anyways because any straight line of logic or equivalent rhetoric gets dodged around. I was just annoyed when I posted that because I had recently been subjected to a 'don't talk about your period, because I wish I had a period and you guys make it sound bad' exposure.

I really don't know if there's any way to win with this crowd where logic or rational>emotional thought is involved. I tried posting a very carefully worded explanation of why gender dysphoria should be worked through as a teenager instead of embraced on a recent news channel segment; it got deleted immediately. I wasn't being insulting or offensive about it, but the fact that I was there like 'hey, teenagers have phases, maybe irreversible consequences should not be the result of what could be passing fancies?' was apparently too much to tolerate. The last time The Daily Show let a troon on, though, it was Rhys McKinnon/Veronica Ivy and they had to shut down their whole comment section because of that. I guess that they've just resorted to getting draconian comment mods.

No. 1790075

Look at how they’re treated by the media and most people on the internet. Everyone loves them, celebrates and protects them simply for saying they’re trans. No effort is really required. It’s easy to see why people who are mentally ill, social outcasts, or insecure would be drawn to it.

No. 1790087

I would be fine with troons if they accepted what they are and stopped forcing themselves on women, women's spaces and stopped censoring women's experiences as actual women.
They don't help their cause behaving like they do.
And labeling any woman that disagrees or brings up legitimate concerns or has 'genital preference' makes us terfs.
As a bi/pan woman who has peaked, I'll take the terf label and wear it with pride.
These men need to be confronted with how they really are and told that it isn't acceptable not coddled like children.
Sage for ranty blogpost but coming across this thread made me realize just how creepy gross and misogynistic these MEN really are

No. 1790094

Kek! Looking like the weird al version of born this way

No. 1790095

>but every single time there’s women, they have to metaphorically fellate troons completely unprompted

Try older women content creators. One of my favorite Youtubers, Auntie's Advice, is reviewing the current season of 90 Day Fiance which has it's first TiF cast member. Auntie doesn't fellate the TiF and tries her best to cover the TiF and their partner like any other couple. However on this week's episode the TiF went into gory detail about how her neo-phallus functions during sex including describing the fluids it emits. In her review, Auntie said she felt disgusted during that scene and has decided to no longer cover that couple. Auntie even said it feels like there's a agenda being pushed.

No. 1790143

Being a troon makes it socially acceptable for (mostly white) moids to be misogynistic and racist. Its basically a get out of jail free card for incels. Of course its popular for this reason also.

No. 1790144

misogyny, porn, postmodernism, consumerism, pedophilia and online grooming, oppression olympics, lgbt charities being left with nothing to do after the legalization of same sex marriage, and big pharma making bank by turning healthy people into life long patients.

No. 1790199

File: 1679060870531.jpg (101.61 KB, 828x797, FrZ4Mc9aYAAOx0X.jpg)

They want to be victims so bad its hilariously sad

No. 1790201

What, they can't protest themselves? They're waiting on the oppressive cis people to do it? That's right, I forgot they're all basement dwelling coomers that recoil at sunlight. Lmfao.

No. 1790213

Agreeing with everything everyone already said, adding on that for teens, it's a way to try to escape the awkwardness of puberty by the promise of "transformation" into a better version of self. For males, there are also a lot that think women have life on easy mode and also don't like being told they're the oppressors or being excluded from female liberation and celebration. Male ego, pretty much.

No. 1790228

File: 1679064745429.png (18.37 KB, 720x645, Screenshot_20230312-044007~2.p…)

I have a collection of screenshots from one comment section on the mtf subreddit. I'll post one by one since I'm not sure if you can post a collection of images at once. But here ya go.

No. 1790229

File: 1679064787422.png (36.94 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_20230312-043911~2.p…)

No. 1790230

File: 1679064816760.png (42.73 KB, 714x1092, Screenshot_20230312-043809~2.p…)

No. 1790231

File: 1679064864595.png (21.28 KB, 720x704, Screenshot_20230312-043829~2.p…)

No. 1790232

Glad that he agrees that it’s just a whim for them and not a real medical need, now he can stop bitching about middle aged 'cis' women getting prescribed hormones for their actualo pain before troons.

No. 1790233

File: 1679064891082.png (16.38 KB, 720x486, Screenshot_20230312-043839~2.p…)

No. 1790234

File: 1679064924603.png (36.82 KB, 720x1238, Screenshot_20230312-043931~2.p…)

No. 1790235

I feel sorry for all the genderspecials kids who get messed up because of their parents trying to out-woke each other. It will be interesting to see them out their own parents once they're teens and sick of the abuse they faced.

No. 1790236

So then hrt or surgery shouldn't ever be given to trans people, especially not for free. Glad they agree.

No. 1790241

The projection troons have is amazing.

No. 1790242

> transphobes believe in pseudoscience
HAHAHAHAHAHA alright then, you will never be a woman and no matter how much you mutilate your male body will always feel that deep within yourself because being a woman is from birth

No. 1790243

In some ways I wish we had less of the 'aaa troons are uggo manipulative narcissistic predators' rhetoric in this thread because I feel like people will come here, screencap it, and be like 'look how oppressed we are uwu'

i don't care if you wear skirts, makeup, call yourself by a different name, I will respect your pronouns, I will not deadname you on accident, but I CAN TELL that you were born with an XY and not an XX and you cannot escape that. You can exist socially as a woman, but there is a reason why biologically-sexed spaces were segregated in the first place, and it's because of the potential harm or discomfort it poses to 50% of the population. It doesn't matter if you and none of your peer group would do 'that'. What matters is that it's a loophole for people who WOULD do 'that', and you don't care, you want us to prioritize your feelings over the actual PHYSICAL HARM it could cause.

sorry, i'm a-logging, I just get feisty over this issue because at least here I won't be attacked for speaking my opinion.

No. 1790246

Why are men obsessed with violence?

No. 1790247

How does someone project this hard?

No. 1790249

did y'all hear about the Nebraska filibuster shit
>It was a mundane, unanimously supported bill on liquor taxation that saw state Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh take to the mic on the Nebraska Legislature floor last week. She offered her support, then spent the next three days discussing everything but the bill, including her favorite Girl Scout cookies, Omaha's best doughnuts and the plot of the animated movie "Madagascar."

>She also spent that time railing against an unrelated bill that would outlaw gender-affirming therapies for those 18 and younger. It was the advancement of that bill out of committee that led Cavanaugh to promise three weeks ago to filibuster every bill that comes before the Legislature this year — even the ones she supports.

it wasn't even for the bill she's opposing. She is just up there rambling and pissed. thanks for making good use of your peers' time and your state tax bux.

No. 1790250

I’m not a mother but it’s funny how men think their position is enviable when they have no hormonal bond to the child. Yes it’s nice to have kids not affect your career, to be able to leave whenever, but how shallow must their emotion towards their children be to do those things? You rarely see mothers (like mine) who actually do leave because they are so rare. So many people nowadays talk about having kids like it’s some sort of goalpost or accomplishment rather than a beautiful (chemical) bond between parents (mother) and their child. It’s a relationship/love that compares to nothing else. Most moms love their kids so much that they sacrifice their bodies to produce them. But men? They do nothing except ejaculate and only think of their children as an extension of themselves. Moids cannot love anyone but themselves. It’s pitiful. They know nothing of motherhood even mentally because their brains will never produce those bonding chemicals or the same attachment that mothers have to their children.

No. 1790254

File: 1679067728361.jpg (79.64 KB, 828x772, FrZKCbKaMAAlDEt.jpg)

Always porn sick coomers

No. 1790267

File: 1679069213944.png (861.49 KB, 1142x1901, gamergate to trans pipeline.pn…)

No. 1790272

File: 1679069993324.png (414.53 KB, 912x904, b.png)

holy shit imagine seeing that in public

No. 1790274

File: 1679070088002.jpg (183.02 KB, 828x1323, TL.jpg)

its because you were fucking terminally online you fucking moron, regardless of what "path" you'd take, you'd still be a terminally online porn addict
autistic men should have been banned from the internet, they should have spent their lives categorizing beetles

No. 1790275

does anyone have that pic of that talk show shoot on her knees for dylan

No. 1790280

File: 1679070564108.png (435.64 KB, 598x827, lolno.png)

>Not the trans woman being worship
>Straw woman attacks poor TIM for nothing.
>lol commie supporting North Korea.

No. 1790283

It literally is that guy from the vine lol.

No. 1790286

I don't understand why so many troons are pro-commie? the soviets and every functioning communist state had the same position regarding homosexuality, it was "bourgeoisie decadence" they would be either be shot or sent to a labor camp

No. 1790293

>In some ways I wish we had less of the 'aaa troons are uggo manipulative narcissistic predators' rhetoric in this thread because I feel like people will come here, screencap it, and be like 'look how oppressed we are uwu'
so fucking what. can some of you morons realize that not everything women do gotta be some sort of activism but sometimes women should get to be evil and vent about ugly trannies, goddamit. also it's spineless women like you who let it to get at this point without idiots like you we wouldn't be dealing with these assholes. sure honey, you can socially exist as a woman of course we respect your public fetish dear. like sure if a man wants to feminine whatever but letting them live in the delusion that makes them women is exactly what got us where we are.

like i can't believe tat even here we have to deal with this kind of kneeling down and bowing towards these asshole males, they constantly post stuff about how women should get killed and raped and try to force their crusty dicks on people but all the kindergarten teacher-esque nonnies start hand wringing that oh no pointing out that a narc pervert is a narc pervert is gonna make us so look bad guize..!!

honestly it is the only thing that will work on these people. males biggest fear is women laughing at them. explaining, asking nicely, trying to use logic wont work. they don't have sympathy for women. point and laugh at these ugly retards, that's the only thing that will work.

No. 1790302

File: 1679072876743.jpg (85.96 KB, 1640x1093, 1654009412621.jpg)

This is Lolcow, let us laugh at the moid troons and write whatever we want.

No. 1790303

i get that you come here to viciously a-log but that's exactly what self-victimizing troons get off on so way to feed into the fetish.

No. 1790312

>aiden in username
I think it is a TIF, nona…

No. 1790317

As much as a respect the need to vent about predatory motherfuckers who look like Shrek in drag a-logging is not activism and will not drive the troons away. Yelling at clouds might feel good but it is not changing anything.

No. 1790326

TIMS, hanmaidens and misogynistic pro-trans moids write way more vile shit than most nonnas here. I lost all sympathy when screenshots from fb leftist group were leaked where said groups talk about cementing TERFs alive and making them suck their dicks (my country isn’t nearly as progressive as US and the women they were talking about didn’t say anything nearly as controversial as Rowling). A few years ago, in like 2016, it was perfectly fine to say trans women are biological men, now you will be called an evil TERF for doing so and they push the boundaries further every year. You can’t give these people an inch because, like all men, they want to push you into submittion.

Also, this is an imageboard and /snow/, not an activist forum and not even a radfem site. If you want more politically correct discussion go to radblr or at least /2X/.

No. 1790330

they can't exist socially as women lol gtfo

No. 1790335

File: 1679076595366.jpg (88.2 KB, 837x490, ADF-Fantasy.jpg)

I think because is the "opposite" to the Nazism and the deal of "everybody has a piece of the hard work of others so I don't need to work" sounds good, but like Homer says: In theory, communism works. In theory.

They don't see the fact they would have to work as well or they would be sent to the gulag for being lazy pieces of shit or they like to ignore that even in URSS there were concentration camps. Like this lolcow.

No. 1790338

Didn't a transwoman start the Stonewall riots, Aiden? Be the next Marshal P Johnson and start the riots! Oh right, you expect the "allies" do the dirty job first.

No. 1790340

They always give the men racially ambiguous tans

No. 1790341

Boo-hoo. Won’t somebody think of the poor MEN in Saudi Arabia?

No. 1790348

Even in an ideal non-fascist humanitarian communist society, gendies have no place because their entire lifestyle is artificial bourgeoisie capitalist bullshit. It’s entirely about individualism and consumption. The whole ideology is at odds with actual communist theory and systems. Weak-willed self-obsessed bloggers with quirky hairstyles, bdsm collars, shein camisoles, pleather boots, “gender affirming” plastic surgeries and steroid dependencies, and an over-insistence on their inability to complete tasks due to melodramatic psychosomatic symptoms that could be taken from an 18th century British novel about fainthearted rich gentry, are the most bourgeoisie thing possible. Almost all of them would shit themselves from a single day of manual labor and cry that their anxiety and brain fog mean that their “needs” are to lie at home online shopping and posting about their special personality and feelings.

No. 1790362

File: 1679080046309.jpg (267.92 KB, 1570x1416, stchart.jpg)

everyone in that picture has the same simpsons yellow skin colour

No. 1790364

File: 1679080240025.jpg (102.92 KB, 910x441, EyLDur7XAAMeCRH.jpg)

Unironically blame the Frankfurt School, a bunch of pretentious intellectuals who created retarded social theories and basically ruined leftism in the west, they were almost like modern breadtubers in over analyzing and chreerypicking random pieces of popular media to prove their retarded takes on society, they combined Freudian psychology and aspects of Marxism and "imagined that there could be a future in which sexual fantasies and social needs were both satisfied" after Capitalism had been destroyed.
The Frankfurt School played an influential role in the development of western socialist/Communist thought and after the fall of the Soviet Union it became the dominant thought

No. 1790380

the only thing this coomer could do to make himself useful is go to war and die.

No. 1790386

this is a thread on an imageboard. of course nonnas will react to any dumb/disgusting troon stuff posted here and by the thread's count there's PLENTY. why do you give a shit about what trannies say when this is not a political activist forum and the evidence is on our side anyway?
also, tims ultimate goal is to take over women's spaces; if it wasn't none of them would ever troon out
keep fantasising about a world where troons will gladly wear their "3rd gender freak" badge tho, it surely will make you the bigger person than shitposting nonnies
and? that's on them, the reality proves otherwise
right, lolcor means serious business!!!

No. 1790387

> In some ways I wish we had less of the 'aaa troons are uggo manipulative narcissistic predators' rhetoric in this thread because I feel like people will come here, screencap it, and be like 'look how oppressed we are uwu'
so what? this is lolcow. look at what they say about women on reddit and 4chan.
>i don't care if you wear skirts
let’s see if you feel that way when you see a tranny flashing his dick and balls under a mini skirt
>call yourself by a different name, I will respect your pronouns, I will not deadname you on accident
why? why do you need to be respectful to men who objectively have done nothing to earn anything except your contempt? and why is it disrespectful not to enable harmful delusions?
>You can exist socially as a woman
there’s no such thing as socially existing as something you’re not.

No. 1790388

I don't know how many times while I was at a shitty public school, some scrote would walk into class and yell, "IT SMELL LIKE FISH IN HERE!" Men need to learn the feeling of shame. Especially since penises really are gross and usually have at least 1 STD.

No. 1790425

Please tell me some girl shouted back that it suddenly smelled like old cheese as he entered the room. I remember a lot of boys at school really reeking.

No. 1790428

They just don’t get it, and the fact that they don’t is (more) proof that they aren’t women. Yeah we might all be oppressed by “the man” but the issues trannies face are completely different and not even similar to the ones we face, and have faced since the dawn of man. There is no point in history, in any part of the world, where women weren’t given the shit end of the stick by males. Our biologies dictate a huge chunk of our lives, whether we have PMDD, PCOS, endometriosis, or just bad period cramps. There is no woman who isn’t affected by her female anatomy. If trannies showed a crumb of compassion they would back off on our spaces, on the transbian shit, drop the girldick talk, stop policing our language, and admit that they never have periods. But they persist, so fuck them and their struggle.

No. 1790436

Bet this freak loves treating "young female patients" disgusting, poor girl probably was unclothed around that thing. Thankfully I've seen few TIMs in nursing, I doubt they could handle it.

No. 1790438

File: 1679093512302.jpeg (188.38 KB, 1170x1841, 124A1C65-B0B9-4711-B175-DB5766…)

Love to see it

No. 1790443

Damned if you ask the pronouns, damned if you don't. And then you wonder why allies want nothing to do with you.

No. 1790447

How come in so many 4chan tranny memes they describe TIMs as looking “like a 6’1 Chad” or having Chad bodies? I’ve never seen that in my life

No. 1790450

Even if this was somehow wrong, they’re kids or teenagers. Why is he expecting them to understand all of this nuance and getting pissed when they’re just trying their best? Abusive adults hold children to adult standards. What a shit teacher.

No. 1790457

Kek at him passive aggressively shitting on one of his STUDENTS for wanting to get his fake pronouns right kek cry more faggot.

No. 1790458

Lol I never used to ask for pronouns but if it makes them seethe this hard, maybe I will.

No. 1790461

I find it kinda suspect that Nick (Contrapoints) makes it such a big deal that going to university has "made him a leftist"
I wouldn't be surprised to find out if this dude used to have an incel or rightwing phase

No. 1790463

Let’s be honest, most moids fall for the right wing meme because that’s what happens when you’re a moid, specially a white moid, why is anyone acting surprised that any of these losers support or “supported” (they still support with a different name) right wing shit?

No. 1790470

He did, check his KF thread

No. 1790475

File: 1679101377838.png (155.06 KB, 1079x1690, Screenshot_20230317-185906.png)

Someone please make a cute Aggretsuko terf meme. I'm sick of troons ruining sanrio.

Also does anyone have some of Lain and Miku terf memes? I got a new phone.

No. 1790476

File: 1679101542945.png (656.44 KB, 1080x1433, Screenshot_20230317-185411.png)

Samefag, but my friend keeps sharing this uggo's posts. I really can't believe these men look in the mirror and say, "I look way better than cis bitches" and think they're irl animu girls.

No. 1790477

"it could have ended really badly for me" says the coombrained tranny. like, it did end badly. also
>the only cute pic of me
toilet in sight, his face and hair are covered, wearing mismatched clothing. ok dude

No. 1790478

File: 1679102197642.gif (3.39 MB, 498x280, sweating-retsuko.gif)

I would make an Aggresuko singing "YOU WOULD LIVE FINE AND DANDY IN MY COUNTRY, STFU" or "DON'T DARE TO USE OUR PLACES FOR YOUR FETISH CONTENT" or "NO ONE TAKE TRANS PEOPLE SERIOUSLY IN JAPAN, THEY STILL NEED TO 'CHANGE' AND GET A FAMILY AND KIDS". But that's me horrified that a man would see Retsuko's life and think "so much me!" when Retsuko's life is not perfect.

No. 1790481

>Being a woman has nothing to do with your sex
>I don't think we should be called "biologically male"
Pick one omfg.
>You are a woman even without surgery, HRT and regardless of your appearance
There it is, the end goal. That series of screenshots is wild. Casually admitting that they just want to be able to claim they're women without changing anything or needing any diagnosis, and we know why.

No. 1790482

It's also their way to be the "most" of something. They all calculate which oppressed identities they can claim, then they calculate which interpretation of their political alignment can be seen as the furthest. You get people either putting DPRK stuff everywhere or including MLM in their usernames, or a pun on some theorist or leader's name. They don't read or know any of that stuff, but appearing to be the most oppressed or the furthest along the ideological spectrum gives them a feeling of authority reagrdless of topic. Even if they are clueless, they feel that they are still correct by virtue of their stance and are just currently unable to articulate the reasons.

No. 1790483

File: 1679103003849.jpeg (197.47 KB, 741x891, aggression.jpeg)

>i don't care if you wear skirts, makeup, call yourself by a different name, I will respect your pronouns, I will not deadname you on accident
Okay great, you're willing to put up with their harmful stereotyping of women as they continue to insert themselves into women's spaces and women's issues. Why should I be okay with generation after generation of man being allowed to reduce women to the most harmful stereotypes? Please read >>1790428
Women get murdered for being female, troons get murdered for CHOOSING to trick a man who wanted a real woman to abuse. At the behest of troons I am a "menstruator" or a "bleeder" rather than a woman who had to leave work early today due to period cramps, while yet still in other countries women face social stigma and unhygienic conditions. Young girls face constant sexualization and pressures about their bodies just for having been born female, while troon men get to put on a costume and mock women at their convenience.

Why would you respect insecure, chronically online, mentally ill people (at best) or actual fetishists (at worst)? You may not care, but many do care that no one is allowed to criticize the negative consequences of humoring these men wearing skirts and makeup and calling themselves female. You are assuming that a troon truly "just wants to live his authentic life," and that is false. They know they are not truly women, and so they can't help but to force themselves into every discussion, every space, and every political issue for validation, any spaces they can't take over or people they can't convince are banned and ostracized or (physically) attacked.

Every last trans person is suffering, but none are suffering from being born as the sex they are, they are suffering from untreated mental illnesses. The longer that fact is ignored, the longer predators will get away with their crimes, the more pharmaceutical companies will profit, the more women will suffer, the more young people will be groomed into mutilation. The trans industry is vile and affects every single person, imagine the potential surgical advancements that could be made if surgeons didn't have to specialize in castration and cutting up arms. Imagine the services for sexual assault victims that wouldn't have to close from troon abuse. Imagine the time that could be spent on more worthwhile policies instead of debating over men in women's sports. Imagine how much easier it would be for a women's group to be taken just a little more seriously when there's not a 6' man in makeup and programming socks to tiptoe around.

No. 1790488

I just checked and I'm fucking howling at what he said on the news about being in JKR's podcast
>"at one point I started to break down and cry because I started to realise that there’s some suppressed part of me that cares about what JK Rowling thinks about trans people.”
So he's aware he's a sexist misogynist who's wearing womanface and can't make up a reasonable argument for trans rights

No. 1790491

File: 1679105048963.jpg (127.16 KB, 827x1118, jacked troon.jpg)

a lot are gross men, but there's a strange amount of military men that troon out, as well as just normal looking young guys.

No. 1790492

my brother in christ is a fridge kek

No. 1790496

File: 1679105827558.jpeg (77.45 KB, 612x633, 5A4D0FE8-FE42-49CC-A8FA-39A39A…)

No. 1790498

New trans bullshit just dropped on PBS. You know how when they air 45 minute BBC productions, they have to air 15 minutes of worthless filler video? They have a new one of some ugly typical troon seething about how fucked up his life was after transitioning, obviously boiling over with rage over his ex-wife. Whoever directed it has no idea what peaking material they just dumped on regular ass people. He talked about getting FFS, and he's still just a typical horsefaced moid, absolutely nothing feminine about him. Just an ugly ass man, inside and out.

No. 1790506

File: 1679108188195.jpg (57.2 KB, 654x574, FreDHUNXoAI1VMg.jpg)


Men acting like men when women raise their voices. More at 9

No. 1790507

No. 1790512

I can't find it on their site or on YouTube. It's like they don't want it to hit the internet. I guess I can start recording all the prime time 15 minute gaps.

No. 1790517

>I guess I can start recording all the prime time 15 minute gaps.
If you want. I didn't realize you were watching live. I don't watch tv real time.

No. 1790527

It should be in Dylan's thread.

No. 1790539

You can only imagine how surprised I was to see a scraggly AGP take over my TV to seethe & cope. Imagine all the boomers confused by why the gay man married a woman in current year and then got angry at her when she left.

No. 1790551

File: 1679120653392.jpg (98.29 KB, 900x790, FrePgwYaYAUil9q.jpg)

NTA but I can't find it in Dylan's thread for some reason (autism probably), there's this meme version in the twitter thread that was just linked though.

No. 1790553

His skull is fucking huge holy shit I thought it was just the hair but no it's his head, damn lmfao

No. 1790560

for all troons like to moan about white feminism, the most ardent handmaidens are all privileged white women, and the most prominent trannies are all white as well. this is what white feminism actually looks like.

No. 1790582

File: 1679129537670.jpg (184.31 KB, 1152x1546, Screenshot_20230318-130749.jpg)

dirty agp needs boob armors to be back for his "dysphoria"

No. 1790590

god they really do want to skinwalk what they find the most fuckable because of their autogynophilia. it's so obvious? stupid fucking coomers, can't wait til they all break their dicks or cut them off completely. I'd cheer it on more if poor hardworking taxpayers and society as a whole (but specifically women and children) are the ones who have to pay.
it's getting harder and harder not to alog but I don't want to because of redtext but the time out of their day farmhands will have to spend redtexting. already have their hands full with the troons spamming gore and cp excellent work farmhands, I'm so sorry for what you have to deal with just so we can have a place to talk and share our experiences. it is truly appreciated. hope you guys are okay
nobody deserves to be exposed to this. women and children first in society always, and now men are sacrificing both so they can coom in the open. truly degenerate times.

hell is empty, the demons are here.

No. 1790594

File: 1679132076890.png (54.41 KB, 587x560, 4553453345354.png)

That moid is a piece of work, his twitter is overrun by horrible and damaging takes like this.. not like detransitioning can make you sterile, give you sexual dysfunction for life, completely fuck up your body with effects from surgeries and hormones that cannot be reversed or require expensive surgeries to fix.. what an asshole, putting kids on blockers ect. is a big fucking stake

No. 1790600

File: 1679134698769.png (260.67 KB, 876x1438, vengeance.png)

a movement of violent angry incels

No. 1790602

I feel really worried by the thought of this man being a teacher given his previous tweet shaming some poor kid, and this one proving he doesn’t understand the issue this excerpt is calling attention to. He appears to think child brains function on the same level as adult brains which is… concerning at best and a red flag for potential abuse.

No. 1790604

>cis lesbians aren't used to their genitals being politicized

No. 1790605

if detransitioning is no big deal then why don't they do it?

No. 1790628

Sorry if these have already been posted, I'm like an entire thread behind. Couldn't embed them because they're shorts.
Look at this lopsided nightmare hulking towards the camera.

No. 1790631

I hope they do go have a violent shitfit, it would be great for peaking normies.

No. 1790637

File: 1679147000121.png (16.12 KB, 173x185, 1634937937547.png)

april fools' day, huh?

No. 1790640


This image can be a little misleading without context. The person being taken down by the security men is a TRA who rushed the stage to gain access to the microphone.

No. 1790643

Also the TRA was a man in a wig who knocked down a woman and broke a mic while doing that.

No. 1790644

This made my eye twitch. Men really have no clue

No. 1790645

File: 1679149348428.png (285.25 KB, 1894x1676, dVV9vmadifh.png)

Just gonna leave this here

No. 1790646

‘Posted in r/memes’
Those comments are either over moderated, locked, or extremely negative. That subreddit is full of not-very-accepting Moids

No. 1790649

Nice one. Also we could chant ”trans rights are man rights” kek

No. 1790653

File: 1679153114366.jpg (200.33 KB, 1080x1970, 57577575757575.jpg)

Everyone simping over this fat troon from rupauls dragrace

No. 1790654

File: 1679153597855.jpeg (54.32 KB, 828x1219, DF3A957F-EF21-4F9D-8E9F-DFEF90…)

the caption kek
>she. is. so. hypnotic.

No. 1790656

the epitome of gronk in less than 0 words

No. 1790657

File: 1679154739015.png (661.37 KB, 2766x1290, ED432627-9AAB-42C1-B12B-4665BD…)

It’s so so interesting to me that as a woman who plays Fromsoft games, I love how the majority of the armor can be worn by both sexes. This isn’t true for Demon’s Souls and maybe a few sets elsewhere, but I like that I can have a female character decked out in some big armor set and have her look like a normal fantasy knight instead of her having to be in one of those bikini chainmail sets or flouncy armor-dress hybrid abominations. Of course TiMs wouldn’t understand why it’s nice and want to have the most stereotypically coomer shit as possible. It’s not like there aren’t revealing sets either, like picrel which both sexes can wear. Funnily enough, I almost always see men putting their female characters in the few outfits like this. Most of the women I’ve interacted with who play prefer the more elegant armor options that cover the full body.

No. 1790667

File: 1679157340697.png (127.81 KB, 650x603, da8wAdK.png)

Someone posted this in FandomSecret… "Porn told us that people liked girldick" is almost akin with "Porn told us that women like it that way".

No. 1790676

I've actually had to explain this to my nigel who thought girls want to be "sexy" all the time playing video games. Fuck no, I don't mind form fitted armor, but I ain't running around as any class with my tits, gut and thighs hanging out. Breaks my immersion completely. Why would I expose all that surface area and vulnerable squishy organs to get slashed to shit? Stupid.

No. 1790678

If your Nigel thinks this about video games, he thinks this about everything every women does and he will take personal offense if you ever change your look in a way he doesn't like, hth

No. 1790681

Men are stupid. I have to wonder if they think this because in so much media the female characters are dressed sexy (designed by males for males). When women design characters and costumes they’re usually way more modest but still tasteful and functional. Like you said, why would I want to wear something revealing if I’m going to be fighting? Why would I want to worry about if my skirt is going to fly up in the middle of a battle? Why wouldn’t I want to have adequate protection from elements or weapons? It’s all male fantasy and it’s fucking stupid, since they clearly understand why male characters would want to be in functional clothing that covers the whole body.

No. 1790690

FYI, Graham Linehan has to raise $15000 in a week to fight a lawsuit from a male TRA. Help him if you can. He was one of the first men to be vocally and publicly anti-troon.


Honestly, it kind of annoys me JKR doesn't help terfs with lawsuits in the UK. She wouldn't even miss this.

No. 1790691

Men think everything any woman does is a sexual signal. It's why they are angry with every appearance based choice a woman does or doesn't make. Because everything they do is to appear attractive, they think that's how women think too. They will see hidden sexual clues in every movement a woman makes, and deduce her motives this way.

No. 1790699

>everything they do is to appear attractive
Kek. Nah this isn’t quite it. They simply think women should do it for them while they do the bare minimum or nothing at all. The vast majority of men are lazy pigs who don’t care what they look like but still feel the right to complain if a woman isn’t a 10/10 sex goddess with no body hair or cellulite.

No. 1790709

File: 1679163397075.png (671.75 KB, 1526x1166, hsiprsvowcw91.png)

>Funnily enough, I almost always see men putting their female characters in the few outfits like this. Most of the women I’ve interacted with who play prefer the more elegant armor options that cover the full body.
it's probably been posted before but your comment reminded me of this kek. so womanly

No. 1790711

Do they never consider that they aren't actually women after realizing that they have mega moid porno taste compared to actual women?

No. 1790713

File: 1679164074208.png (355.18 KB, 647x564, Screenshot 58.png)

what is he even trying to say here?

No. 1790717

funny that the account is called "right wing cope" when this is standard MRA whining that "feminists think women can't be abusive and that all women are perfect little angels" because they think the existence of shitty women negates the fact that men are responsible for almost all sexual violence in the world

No. 1790723

File: 1679165757923.png (23.83 KB, 687x333, tr.png)

>Nobody can just opt out of their privilege
This is literally what troons believe though. HIS people are the ones who think larping as a woman opts them out of "male-oppressor" status.

No. 1790724

>downloads ugly mod to watch characters tits and ass more than enjoy the actual gameplay
>teehee must mean I'm just a total girly girl
Coomers truly are just trying to turn themselves into the girls they cannot have these days.

No. 1790726

I like Graham as a comedy writer but he gets himself into this shit a lot of the time. He thinks that one day this will all blow over and he will be hailed as some hero, that his enemies will have to bow down and apologise to, and he can return to his glory days of comedy writing… It's not gonna happen. Even best case scenario if the tide starts to turn, no one is gonna be issuing grovelling apologies or thanking the people who spoke up about women's rights as much as they deserve. He needs to let go of his ego, get another job and be a bit more sensible with how he approaches things (frankly he does harass people). I'm not donating any of my money for his childish twitter dramas.

No. 1790729

He is saying wait until women find out women can also be rapists and are in prison except I don't know how many women in prison are rapists, probably like 2 and it still doesn't mean males should be in prison with women. Epic pwnage

No. 1790750

Wait until he finds out 98% of rapes are committed by men

No. 1790752

Female rapists are very very very rare. Besides their victims are mostly prepubescent boys, not other women.

No. 1790779

I'm one of the women going for the more "less clothing" options in games. Still it hate so much of this shit. I'm playing ESO and you can wear dresses, long female hair, lashes and so on as a male character, but I can't have a fucking beard as a female character? Why, why is my friend allowed to run around in a fucking dress with lashes while I can't have that beard? What I honestly love is, when you have the choice, you play a female character, want to have full armour and all the protective stuff, yes, nice, go for it, you are a male and want to have that stupid silly short skirt, yes, you can have it. As someone remembering video games without female main characters I'm here for all the choices and if there is a stupid idiot with cat ears running around in a fantasy world, well, he is stupid and you can spot him from miles away.

No. 1790790

File: 1679174992531.jpeg (260.33 KB, 1284x2357, 66871CA6-BBD6-475F-8B11-FBF321…)

I love how someone creates a song about the expectations of women from men and then features a man. The song has gone pretty viral and this is how she does women in? By featuring this ape?

No. 1790792

A decent amount of TiMs are ex military or ex-athletes, probably fried their dicks and brains with steroids. When they try to dress "like a woman" their broad shoulders/muscles are overly noticeable.

No. 1790793

Wait until he finds out that most TiMs in prison are sex offenders.

No. 1790796

To be fair that is also standard leftist male whining which libfems gladly eat up. It’s a stupid argument, though, and you explained why perfectly!

No. 1790809

It made me think in an artist using the "Women week" to feature a TIM. Of course there were backslash because "there are tons of women that have accomplished a lot in their lives and you use a TIM because "she was a Jewish TIM poet living in the wrong body back in the old days"?. Then use him on Trans's awareness week or something.

No. 1790810

File: 1679177315811.jpeg (149.98 KB, 602x1549, 7E17ADC7-F764-42BB-98C7-C47C85…)

Post I just saw about some guy getting mad that his gender doctor was asking him questions about his sex life before putting him on estrogen, and some of the replies I compiled. It’s obvious that doctors only ask those questions to cover their asses but will still give whatever to even the most heinous AGPs. And their reactions are so telling. They can easily shrug and say “Who cares? It doesn’t affect anyone!” while not even giving a half thought to how it affects women and girls. Zero awareness and then total denial every time they’re confronted. We’re like ants beneath their feet and they just don’t care. The last one where I highlighted made me tear up a little.

No. 1790812

File: 1679177540552.jpg (88.71 KB, 683x771, Screenshot_20230318-181113_Chr…)

Mts at some woman event posing eith this Troon, doubt she knew who he was funnily enough people are constantly saying MTs looks like a Troon, even doing this silly face you know who the man is and who the women is.

No. 1790815

File: 1679177807001.webm (5.73 MB, 576x1024, 4NamUXdo.webm)

i get so tired of them trying to frame trans issues as black issues. white men can say they're women now and unironically claim them not being able to piss in the woman's bathroom is at all similar to the civil rights movement. kill yourselves

No. 1790821

>Transitioning for fetish
>TIM sees is not like in his animu
>complaint to doctor why he's losing his libido and people cannot see him as a woman.

Geeee wonder why.

No. 1790830

Predator wants to blend in with his prey. No surprise there.

No. 1790835

No, Linehan is an egotistical male asshole. The only thing he’s a victim of is himself.

No. 1790840

File: 1679181561891.webm (505.41 KB, 576x1024, Snaptik.App 718598950278198400…)

No. 1790841

File: 1679181638793.webm (1.31 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.App 720215451422325479…)

No. 1790852

pontiff sulyvahn living her truth

No. 1790913

it's stuff like this that makes you think about how much handmaidens just don't realize about troons. They're spoonfed the most socially acceptable and highly curated troons possible, I feel like you could show a handmaiden this and their eyes would gloss over every mention of fetish until they get to the end and spew some trans rights version of my body my choice

No. 1790926

File: 1679187562910.jpeg (246.52 KB, 1170x1487, C8155E2C-1AAD-419F-9FA3-41D89B…)

Idc about male streamers but why do they never donate to women’s charities…
Sage since this guy isn’t technically a troon yet

No. 1790960

you CAN use the restroom. the mens restroom. holy shit how do they not get it

No. 1790965

Glad I unsubscribed from this women-hating fetishist. Sick of this sexist bullshit.

No. 1791007

File: 1679193077739.png (12.89 KB, 802x339, Screenshot 2023-03-18 223129.p…)

female rapists can't get other females pregannat you FUCKING RETARD MOID

No. 1791010

ah god i see what you mean. she's baring her teeth and he's… actually i don't want to look at this anymore

No. 1791036

File: 1679195333895.jpeg (110.7 KB, 750x987, D05BBF2A-6DA6-425B-A478-BCECFF…)

good, stop watching porn and get a life.

No. 1791043

>maybe i'd find a good guy who wasn't abusive if i was prettier
who the fuck thinks like this. and why the fuck would you say it out loud

No. 1791049

File: 1679196378853.jpg (49.96 KB, 897x859, Fq0-2N6aQAAdzw_.jpg)

>Trans Lifeline

The one "lifeline" that kills more trans than they claim to help.

No. 1791071

File: 1679197952317.png (Spoiler Image,103.45 KB, 400x776, Screenshot (13).png)


No. 1791074

File: 1679198049172.jpeg (Spoiler Image,133.71 KB, 1080x1350, 51842A12-87F9-47D1-AB78-3CEDCE…)

ew af its not a fetish my ass

No. 1791077

trannies find the difference between oppression and being shamed for degeneracy challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

No. 1791094

File: 1679198894311.jpeg (128.15 KB, 1054x1334, trans_seuss.jpeg)

No. 1791097

File: 1679199098233.jpg (114.17 KB, 540x1025, rsz_1foto_no_exif_2.jpg)

TERF is a catch all strawman to these desperate trannies. Not a single person in this photo is a woman. Are they really so desperate to try and tear down the women they wish they were, that they're pretending sieg heil-ing moids are feminist?
All the moids and handmaidens quote tweeting this are pathetic

No. 1791104

>Ah yes, a bunch of fascist nationalist males. This is definitely representative of feminist women.

No. 1791122

It's like they lost the meaning of TERF because the troon twitter echo chamber is so obnoxiously fixated on that word. Literal nazi MEN have absolutely nothing to do with feminism.

No. 1791159

same, what a disappointment he turned out to be

No. 1791168

Truth and logic left the conversation when they decided that men could be women. Their entire movement relies on dishonesty to work. Sucks for us but the people who fall for the lies (or pretend they do for woke points) are idiots anyway.

No. 1791176

Nazis and skin-heads appear in pretty much every pro-Palestine rally, that doesn't mean that mean every who is against Zionism is a Nazi


No. 1791202

Did you forget or never hear of Lia Thomas? What about Caitlyn Jenner? As the other nonas said a lot of AGPs are military veterans and are taller than the average man. Some AGPs tend to have macho careers or interests before transitioning. Pic related is Gabriel Tuft, a 6'2 former WWE wrestler who trooned out 3 or 4 years ago. Watch this vid with his poor wife. I can't remember if it's this interview but Tuft has said he and his wife are no longer intimate and he wants to try having sex with men. Also check out Marc "Janae" Kroc, another military veteran and bodybuilder.

No. 1791203

File: 1679214948157.jpg (78.5 KB, 1200x630, wwe-gabbi-tuft-featured-1.jpg)

No. 1791206

I lurked on the “my partner is trans” subreddit recently and like half of the posts mention a dead bedroom. Not surprising

No. 1791207

What a turbofag lel rip for his wife

No. 1791210

File: 1679217822591.jpeg (91.62 KB, 1418x492, 599C6316-C703-4A2E-831D-CBE1C0…)


No. 1791211

File: 1679218477958.jpeg (256.82 KB, 1488x929, 87517E01-902C-4317-9A1C-376B54…)

samefag. this shit is driving me insane

No. 1791218

how many more "my husband trooned out a week after i gave birth" stories need to be posted in that sub for these women to realise they're married to an attention-seeking porn-obsessed narc? it's so fucking bleak. the selfishness and cruelty they unload onto their partner and child who need stability and support more than ever.

No. 1791219

Well, now she’s a single mother of a boy and manchild. I’ve been thinking lately that women cannot ever trust men completely and if women want children they should be prepared to raise it alone. Also sounds like she settled for the first man who gave her attention since she felt unloveable as teenager. Hope she leaves him.

No. 1791221

File: 1679220854807.jpg (146.78 KB, 1200x678, GettyImages-141551773.jpg)

Yeah, but then they compare it to picrel

No. 1791223

File: 1679221318990.jpg (97.33 KB, 613x1280, FgRbzdKXEAALabo.jpg)

in the wild spotting but spotify recommended me this troon and his page is filled with anime girls and typical troon shit (hating jkr + "euphoria" selfies). nothing special but it's just so hard to escape this shit

No. 1791226

His skull is twice the size of hers. Bite of '87 waiting to happen

No. 1791235

File: 1679223756072.jpeg (192.31 KB, 1953x1389, 3D614D52-D3BA-463D-BB74-DD9745…)

Average poster on lesbian subreddits

No. 1791244

god I hate immature troons

No. 1791282

I remember reading a thread where everyone introduced themselves on r/actuallesbians and most of the commenters were 15-19 yo boys who’d just recently trooned out. So disturbing that it’s a place for women to meet each other and it’s full of teenage boys roleplaying, posting hentai and jerking off.

No. 1791286

lately ive been making some tif friends and thinking I should be more accepting of troons but every time I come back on here I realize I forget how bad it is (sage for blog post)

No. 1791350

No. 1791365

I wish you had the link nona so we could see get some gold content for this thread

No. 1791436

In real life especially with TIFs it can sometimes just seem like “okay, so your logic is bad and I don’t actually believe in your gender shit, but whatever, not my problem and I’m not dealing with it” but then when you end up seeing what they really believe and post online, especially MTFs, it all goes to hell. Some of the run of the mill MTFs I’ve known in real life get online and start posting how they want to kill women, and spamming their tumblr or twitter with hentai of teenage girls, and talking nonstop about anime lesbians and saying constant aggressive sexual misogynistic things.

No. 1791466

I wonder how long before he decides to change his name again

No. 1791475

I feel you nonnies. I am really into autistic female stuff (like writing fanfics) so I have to deal with fakebois a lot. Sometimes those girls are okay, sometimes they are unsufferable nlogs. But.
What you should never forget is that even though tifs are annoying, they are not capable of doing any harm, but tims can be pretty fucking dangerous. I read this thread so I would not decide one day that male trannies are fine because they are not. You should stay away from them no matter how hard they try to look harmless.

No. 1791483

>most of the good armor makes me feel dysphoric
kek holy shit. I'm replaying elden ring after a year and find it hilarious and so apt that of course a troon can't play the game in peace without a euphoria boner lol

No. 1791508

They aren't going to physically harm you but they can and will smear you and socially ostracize you if you step out of line even a little. Don't get too close to them or let them know you too deeply. I have some ftm acquaintances as well, we remain friendly but I keep them at an arms length.

No. 1791512

File: 1679239725120.webm (4.81 MB, 576x1024, Download (15).webm)

male thinks he's "earned" the right to use women's facilities

No. 1791514

File: 1679240104085.jpg (73.55 KB, 1080x689, FrhLlM5WAAEfo1S.jpg)

I really dont understand what they think "girl orgasms" is?? Womens orgasms are extremely different from person to person and not always mind-shatteringly awesome as these moids seem to think from porn coomerism
Either way, youre a man so even if you have "better" orgasms at some point, theyre not GIRL orgasms, whatever the fuck that means

No. 1791518

Men are so fucked up about the female orgasm. For a long time they denied it existing at all, then they pornified it to hell to make it seem like every time a woman orgasms her soul is leaving her body. They seem to think what they see in porn is actually real, and forgive me for getting candid for a second, but while I’ve had some amazing orgasms, I hate how porn has made it seem like every orgasm a woman has leads to her squealing with toes curling and bending her back to look palatable for men. Most of the time it just happens and feels really good and you go on with your day, which I would assume is similar to how it is for men. I’ve never understood the push of “women have full body orgasms” either. Maybe some people relate to that, but for me an orgasm is pretty confined to my genitals and it’s the dopamine rush that makes me feel good overall. Like really, apart from the actual ejaculation men have, orgasms between the sexes probably don’t feel entirely different, but we’ll never know because no one will ever be able to experience both. I know there are minor differences like the duration, but I don’t understand their obsession moids have with this. And dude will never have a female orgasm on account of not being female.

No. 1791523

File: 1679241890141.jpg (632.79 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20230319_130235.jpg)

>mfw Eden is getting more tributes because he's a POC while that young TIM only got a tribute from Assigned Male to shit on JK Rowling.

No. 1791524

File: 1679241956541.jpg (632.79 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20230319_130235.jpg)

>mfw Eden is getting more tributes because he's a POC while that young TIM only got a tribute from Assigned Male to shit on JK Rowling.

No. 1791532


No. 1791533

It makes me think this >>1790667 Is almost like all they learned about female anatomy is from porn, no from sex education.

No. 1791539

I've watched about half of his videos because a TIF friend sends them to me. His video on incels is much more nuanced and sympathetic than his videos on terves and JKR, unsurprisingly.

No. 1791540

Its worth noting these cases are relatively rarer but they do catch headlines and they do reveal something about toxic masculinity, bascially these are men who incredibly insecure of their masculinity
Everything they have ever done was not out of self betterment but due to their anxieties and sense of inferiority and when they fail to meet up to their own ridiculous standards that on one even asks for them, their logic goes "well I'm not even a man then, might as well become a woman"

No. 1791552

File: 1679246482528.png (373.06 KB, 546x542, edit.png)

Felt compelled to make an edit

No. 1791554

kek finally a good edit of this. the cat ears are perfect

No. 1791556

Great edit.

No. 1791557

File: 1679247294255.jpg (317.13 KB, 900x2000, 1661566949328.jpg)

they have trans girl orgasms. but it is always hilarious when someone doesn't realize they're all supposed to play pretend.

No. 1791566

And this is why I hate them and every man who thinks being a failmale equates to being a woman. It’s proof they don’t see us as full people, they view men as the default human.

No. 1791568

Damn, kikomi really hit the nail on the head with this one.

No. 1791569

Yea , very disappointed but not surprised. Won’t be watching his horror vids anymore.

No. 1791585

File: 1679251469571.webm (1.46 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.App 717068705242443290…)

AGP is a disease

No. 1791593

Is he using a computer generated voice? That sounds so unnatural

No. 1791595

File: 1679252721603.png (16.29 KB, 1314x199, Toxic Masculinity.png)

found the original

No. 1791596

legit serial killer shit i hate these assholes

No. 1791625

>"and it feels like Im being left in the dust. I love them. I don't want anyone else in this world"
This quote is the essence of a heterosexual relationship with a male, ISTG. I wish there was cult deprogramming available for women in shitty relationships, because that's what a relationship with most men turns into. And they do it on purpose, it's not obliviousness or an accident. He absolutely wants you to feel like a lesser person, while you're out there loving him like an actual family member.

No. 1791627

File: 1679258559501.png (22.27 KB, 649x476, Frb661RXoAMqjHf.png)

Well maybe get some therapy

No. 1791638

Or… consider this: you are a teenager and your hormones are making you hate everything and this is a universal teenager experience regardless of if you're "trans" or not. I s2g does nobody have sex ed anymore?

No. 1791677

File: 1679263895460.gif (736.21 KB, 498x370, no-you-aint-sandy-cheeks.gif)

>I wish I got periods

>"real girls have it worse"

That's something real, wherever you think is a lie or not.

Seriously. Even "real girls" hate the fact hormones make changes in their bodies! This kid is delusional if he think women used to have a "normal and fine cis teen age".

No. 1791695


No. 1791711

when will these men complain about not getting UTIs often enough? i really wanna read some of those potential posts kek “i just wanna feel like i need to piss all hours of the day cause my pwuussyy got shreked by my hot “lesbian” girlfriend’s sweaty penis”

No. 1791712

I'm surprised they don't get UTIs or cystitis after the op, specially when they have no idea how to clean themselves in general.

No. 1791717

Maybe they're put on antibiotics after the surgery is my guess

No. 1791783

Probably, but antibiotics can fucked up your stomach (been there, done that), so either they're quite lucky or whatever they take helps them to don't get cystitis or any kidney problem.

No. 1791796

I saw a reddit post about how painful IUD insertion is and some man made a comment about how only sluts have this problem because it's birth control. I told them that my IUD was solely for minimizing endometriosis symptoms and I'm a lesbian so it's not for any birth control reasons. Some dumbass replied to me that my statement was transphobic, because some lesbians need to be on birth control because they date transwomen. Can't even talk about experiences with immense pain in routine female care without someone policing your words.

No. 1791800

i was unfortunate enough to see a tranny nurse while i was visiting a family member. mf was built like a cadillac escalde. i can still remember his pathetic little moobs and bra strap lining showing through his scrubs. disgusting

No. 1791807

Imagine your Nigel's surprise when you tell him a lot of women play as male MCs because they're repulsed by how sexualized the female ones are.

No. 1791816

Your first mistake was using Reddit, and your second mistake was seeking out discussion of women's issues there. Remember that this is the website that only allows users to acknowledge the difference between women and TiMs if it's in a porn sub. Because apparently we can only acknowledge women as a class when it's for the purpose of male pleasure.

No. 1791821

Holy shit Rick Moranis trooned out

No. 1791828

Some people are so intent on finding any possible way to insert their bullshit criticism that they render themselves basically illiterate. Like jfc is it that hard for them to use context clues and see that you meant you only have same sex intimacy. But no everything has to be made about troons even when you were defending women from blatant misogyny.

No. 1791839

I'm seriously considering boycotting Reddit. I wish that more women were peaked so all of us could boycott it and leave the troons by themselves in the subs they invaded. I think I saw someone here post a comic/meme about them getting pissed when women don't show up in those spaces like bathrooms etc anymore and it's just a bunch of men with nobody to police and talk over. Anyway, reddit has always been the most obvious left wing propaganda machine and I say this as someone who is left-leaning. But it's gotten to a point where your situation that you described happens constantly. There is nothing that website has to offer that's worth missing anyway.

No. 1791840

File: 1679285163762.png (377.52 KB, 500x499, 3aun8i.png)

Either birth control is "for sluts", even if is for medical problems or is for bisexuals that date TIMs because they can get pregnant with "dick girl". Women cannot win at all even in our health issues.

No. 1791866

File: 1679289307661.jpeg (239.83 KB, 750x1776, 13FAF6D7-290D-4067-93AA-F55CC7…)

no self-respecting woman wants anything to do with these freaks. you will never be one of the girls.

No. 1791871

women everywhere hate you

No. 1791875

Good on those women for avoiding the troon like the plague and not coddling him.

No. 1791878

No one owes you friendship.
Also welcome to being a woman, you have to have social skills and empathy to make friends instead of whatever it takes to be “friends” with a man (liking the same genre of porn? idk)

No. 1791906

File: 1679296215998.webm (782.44 KB, 576x1024, Snaptik.App 706944742806734775…)

the delusion

No. 1791918

File: 1679298457756.jpg (178.98 KB, 1600x900, Vomit.jpg)

This group on Facebook is a cesspool and full of peak material.

No. 1791920

underrated post kek

No. 1791932

>I'm seriously considering boycotting Reddit
Reddit is actively protecting literal pedophiles, on a personal level people like Aimee Challenor (yes he's a troon), and on a site-wide level by banning words like "groomer" so victims can't even speak up. Why were you still using it until now?

No. 1791934

i want to attend simply to observe the circus. imagine the visuals, the door

No. 1791935

No. 1791936

transwomen are a variation of men and thus do not have the right to enter female spaces, get over your male selves troons

No. 1791944

File: 1679303266054.jpeg (64.15 KB, 828x645, 21B9CE4C-E8D6-4038-8AB8-66B309…)

It’s so infuriating to see the praise Kim Petras (and in general any mtf artist who makes pervert art) gets about making songs called “Slut Pop” as an example of what women go through…the objectification is so obvious, so creepy

No. 1791945

I love it when TRAS try to praise him, they know his music is trash, shit, useless, but they still try to suck his dick.

No. 1791946

>Aimee Challenor
WTF happened to him? Last I heard was that reddit let him go and all that drama was at the beginning of 2021. It's been 2 years, we haven't heard a peep out of Challenor. It's unlike troons to just disappear off the internet especially after being fired from a job. Are we sure he was let go?

No. 1791955

This is semi off topic, but a podcast I love (the girls who make it are themlets but they're not retarded besides that, they like dworkin and focus on early internet cultural shifts) recently did a couple episodes on the military and gaming. It's way more connected than you might think, beyond just war games. I haven't finished it all yet, but the military developed training material from video games, and are trying to adapt the controls for some things like submarines to be more like video game controllers. So you've got war video games, loser young men being funneled into the military, and finally the military fueling their video game mindset while enlisted (i.e. via video game controllers or the mantra that it's not people you're killing, it's anonymous terrorists).

Connecting back to transgenderism, it's a recipe for weird young guys to never properly adjust their lives, all the while dealing with horrific crap, until they finally troon out. I would bet money that not a single TIM plays fifa, because that would necessitate involvement in an actual irl community. Ex-sports/military troons gravitate toward isolating but "macho" hobbies until they fail out, be it from head trauma (which is what I'm assuming Gabriel Tuft has), emotional distress, or the usual porn/autism. Being completely maladjusted and probably having abused at least some substances (roids, hormones, adderall) and thus feeling more comfortable than the average person with injecting themselves with/taking body and mind altering stuff, they transition. Massive tinfoil over

No. 1791956

I never used it until 2020 because I quit Facebook and needed something to fill the void, but my usage has gone down a ton since it’s pretty boring tbh. I’d heard about that controversy but honestly OOTL about any details and didn’t even know it was a tranny. There are so many reasons I’ve been wanting to delete it but these past few months as I’ve seen more and more trannies in women-specific subs I finally have the push I needed

No. 1791957

I laughed so hard. the way he unveils his disgusting boxer shorts and 60 year old man face as if it's EPIC

No. 1791958

amazing job! love how you even made the hair stringy kek

No. 1791962

File: 1679306816401.jpeg (29 KB, 800x449, pipbunce.jpeg)

Another bank is sinking and this is the director of said bank: Mx Pips Bunce. Technically a "genderfluid" enby but still think he belongs here, especially as he won an award for being one of the top women in finance kek.

No. 1791967

File: 1679307093553.png (284.58 KB, 648x522, pb.png)

samefag here is the post about his award. I love that they included a photo of him in man mode whilst referring to him as "female".

No. 1791970

How much of a braindead coomer can you be to go from a semi cute guy to whatever the fuck that disgusting thing is, moids need blue juicing

No. 1791971

I love the idea of him and other TRAs seething over them using that pic kek

No. 1791972

Based kek I hope they did it on purpose

No. 1791974

He isn't the CEO of Credit Suisse. He is a random senior director of a bullshit department.

No. 1791977

Why is being trans so in fashion?
I feel like ppl say they are trans just so they seem ‘woke’

No. 1791978

For men, it's the coom plus the social acceptation and a shield that they can put on on themselves. If you ever criticize them, you're silenced in name of transphobia so very cool.
For women, it's internalized misoginy, yaoi brainrot, abuse outcome (many remove the breasts so they think they get less attention), nlogging.

No. 1791984

Men: fetishism, porn addiction, inceldom/failed male, homophobia(external or internal), autism, hide past crimes, white guilt.

Women: misogyny(internal or external), autism, homophobia, NLOG, sexual abuse or fear of it, hatred of being objectified, fetishizing gay men/culture, yaoi addiction.

No. 1791987

moids taking awards left and right but fakebois barely scratched the surface of recognition from pretending to be a man. women just cant catch a break.

No. 1791988

Forgot to add social contagion for the girls. Some of these adolescence girls really are identifying as some flavor of trans because their friends are doing it.

There's also some parents transitioning their kids for attention and social media pats. Transhausen by proxy as some would call it. Jeanette Jennings, the mother of Jazz Jennings, is an example of a parent who clearly likes the attention having a transgender child brings her.

No. 1791990

yea imo college girls are doing the fakeboi shit because college students are dumb and "still finding themselves". And i've heard jokingly white people need something and anything to feel oppressed because they're boring. White men troon out at all ages, but for them it's because they're autistic and sexual freaks - buffalo bill skin walkers, wanting to become what they can't have, agp fetish, etc

No. 1791992

both: was trooned out by a woke mom as a kid

No. 1791998

File: 1679316165531.jpg (42.05 KB, 384x480, Frn8ZGoaMAMlX6U.jpg)

No. 1792008

>both: was trooned out by a woke mom as a kid
Sorry that happened to you. How did you get out of it?

No. 1792014

Does anyone else feel like the tide is starting to turn, thanks in part to shit like Pips Nonce up there?
I was talking to a literal boomer recently who’s a lifelong leftist, identifies as a feminist, Ukraine flag in his window to show support, that sort of thing. Very tolerant, very supportive of people just doing their thing so long as they’re not harming anyone else.
He really carefully brought up the trans issue and told me that Posie Parker gave a speech recently and neo-Nazis turned up but he thinks it was TRAs doing a false flag to smear TERFs.
He’s not the only person that’s opened up to me recently irl about wrongthink opinions they’re afraid to share in public. I think a lot of people are on the brink of peaking.

No. 1792015

File: 1679318985091.jpg (102.2 KB, 1500x1000, benedict-cumberbatch-zoolander…)

Dunno why I saw Benedict Cumberbatch in that image, and then I remember his "non-binary" character.

No. 1792022

File: 1679319924279.jpeg (70.79 KB, 828x958, gender fluid.jpeg)

oh for sure. People were joking about nonbinary roomates named Sock who start gofundmes last year, it's only a matter of time before the more ridiculous troons start catching shit. I think the old guys in dresses will still largely remain unscathed out of pity or some misguided idea that they're "real" trans. I could see people kinda turning on or at least joking about discord teens/femboys more often now that the initial trend has died down. It took a solid decade since their initial rise in the early 2010s for the general public (not just niche communities) to poke fun at genderspecials (picrel), but I feel like people will turn on TIMs sooner than that because of how uniquely degenerate and demanding they are. At least the nerdy they/them girls in 2015 could be written off as nice, just weird and emotionally unstable.

No. 1792023

You mean the pendulum swinging back and will probably land in the center somewhere? Yea, I think it's happening. People were tolerant of troons back when they were well behaved, stayed in their lane, and didn't half ass transitioned. But now they're obsessed invading women spaces like sports, crisis centers, prisons, plus the delusional shit like menstruation products, replacing the word 'woman' with 'people', etc.
I think many are sick of these demands, crying, and policing. Late 20's+ left people I know think it's stupid but just can't say anything.

No. 1792028

Nonna, that argument was absolutely not made in good faith, he said that to troll you and it worked.

No. 1792030

The military already self-selects for males who are socially atomized and don't value relationships with people. And the ones who don't have any real passion or interests, or anything else going on in their lives, so they can put their whole lives in a storage unit and sign on to a 4+ commitment to live like a transient. It's a shame that so many naive women in poor communities think these scrotes are traditional and doing something with their lives, instead of the loser scum they really are.

No. 1792045

File: 1679322408054.jpeg (42.54 KB, 1104x729, 753A2FF7-697F-4878-A1CD-B51803…)

>at What temperature do you become gender solid?
KEK I love it.

No. 1792048

Truth is there is no such thing as a pendulum swing, the liberal media focused on troon issues as a "big cause" to rally around against mainstream right-wing, now it seems to "indigenous issues" or whatever

No. 1792058

It’s not going to land in the center nonna. In Burgerland at least, people are turning to the religious right considering they were right about queers coming for children. Basically religious revival go brrrrrrrrr

No. 1792076

If the first thought that comes to your head when you realized you've done something wrong is "how am I gonna avoid consequences", you are not helping. Instead of using his privilege to voice concerns of the oppressed and use his resources to help, this retard wastes his money to lighten his guilt all the while getting a pass to actively harass the group he was "guilty of oppressing"

No. 1792083

insecure men = woman
am i getting this right?

No. 1792095

This is a great point. TRAs will go “well TERFs are really conservatives and fascists because their supporters are conservatives, white supremacists and Nazis” not realizing that those right wing parties only claim to support the most surface level cherrypicked stuff from a left wing group in order to gain more traction, and their ideology is actually completely disparate with the one they’re co-opting. A portion of staunch anti-Zionists are Nazis who just hate and want to expel and harm any Jewish people they can and have now found a good excuse to say Jewish civilians should be expelled from their homes. That absolutely doesn’t mean everyone who supports Palestine in any way is also a Nazi, and most TRAs would easily recognize this, but when it comes to TERFs, suddenly any right wingers latching on to any surface level related slogan means they must be the same group and actually support each other.

No. 1792116

File: 1679332089241.jpeg (634.17 KB, 750x3611, 1BAE8800-DD4E-4363-9674-B9DB4B…)

so this guy found a photo of a prostituted or otherwise abused woman’s “mangled and prolapsed” vagina and posted it somewhere saying it was a neovag? the self-own kek

No. 1792124

It's always funny how many words it takes a hon to say,
"I cope, seeth and dilate"

No. 1792131

>post a photo of horrifically deformed beyond recognition genitalia
>people say it looks horrifically deformed beyond recognition

No. 1792135

Trannies who are convinced that "cis vaginas and neo vaginas feel exactly the same" have never had sex with a woman before. Just like when tifs say that their strapon dildo is basically the same thing as an actual dick so your genital preference is invalid. Cope seethe and dialate

No. 1792138

This guy has a wife and kid from what I recall. This is not surprising for a moid. I just feel awful for the wife, I doubt she has any idea what's coming to her.

No. 1792142

File: 1679334286167.jpg (171.6 KB, 946x2048, Frp7_IvXgAA6OUz.jpg)

No. 1792151

Holey kek, he just referred to his neovagina as a wound!

All joking aside this is disgusting and hilarious. His axe wound is already trying to kill him. What the fuck did he expect? He looks like the type of moid to barely shower or keep his junk clean. What a deserved ending. Now he cant coom.

No. 1792152

>Why even make the comparison?
>Proceeds to compare the two.
Pathetic. While I will admit most moids will fuck anything they can put their dick in, there is quite clearly an abundance of differences between an actual vagina and the disgusting wound they claim, and even a coomer moid would quite clearly be able to tell the differences. What a sad cope.

No. 1792153

Incel alert, they might as well be reeing about “muh beef curtains” when they talk about their surgically created chasm being somehow better than an average vagina. Even if a woman’s vulva isn’t devoid of features like a hentai drawing it’s still a muscle on the inside created for reproductive purpose. If they want male validation they can have it, same moids will stick their penis in a vacuum cleaner or a hot sandwich to get off. You can’t turn something that isn’t into something that naturally is no matter how much you try to imagine it’s actually better than what you try to copy.

No. 1792155

the right has been trying to generate a religious revival with roe being overturned and troonism but I don’t see it happening, all I’ve noticed is a few more liberal people in my life being a little more gender critical.

Give it a few years and when the numerous health problems from gender affirming surgery and hormone treatment comes out the TRA tide will turn because their precious oppressed group got tricked by doctors. A lot of troons will immolate their own movement to get settlement money from lawsuits. They are crabs in a bucket.

The narrative goes wherever coddling men goes, if they are in full on hysteria and regret over permanently destroying the ability to coom, and if they think they can get money from whining, you will see a very weird maneuver against transitioning on behalf of trans people

No. 1792165

File: 1679336072633.jpg (586.09 KB, 1920x2560, 23-03-20-15-24-22-828_deco.jpg)

They're seething kek

No. 1792173

"So clocky" showing how retarded they are. Women cant be clocky because of the definition of the word. Besides, doesnt matter how bricky she is shaped or anything. She is still a biological woman, capable of having children, breast feeding, menstruating and everything else they wish they could do all for their nasty coom. Trannies stay mad.

No. 1792174

File: 1679337718552.png (328.13 KB, 602x621, Screenshot_1.png)

she is based for this

No. 1792178

Ugh i love her. As her visual opposite and with people calling her "bricky" and "clocky" (of course proving their misogyny) i want to come out as her ally and claim title of TERF with her! #westandwithjkrowling

No. 1792180

File: 1679338037369.jpg (287.64 KB, 928x956, Capture.JPG)


Went through his post history and found this deleted gem, complete with misogyny towards women who haven't had kids yet "so they still look relatively good". This guy is a walking incel predator who is obsessed with women.

No. 1792183

Does he have a neo-vag? I think he is just referring to the infection that is in his groin, fournier gangrene is always in the groin area, mainly below the scrotum to the anus and then it spreads and you could end up loosing your genitalia if its not fixed asap
Also its mostly common in people with uncontrolled diabetes, which by the look of this whale is probably the cause

No. 1792188

Ayrt. Honestly youre probably right. I was just cracking jokes.

No. 1792189

Maybe his penis will fall off from infection and he can get the first ever natural neo-wound

No. 1792201

File: 1679340290455.png (21.06 KB, 843x265, fetish list.png)

Hey guys, what kind of woman do you wanna be?
>fetish 1
>fetish 2
>fetish 3

No. 1792205

File: 1679340640731.jpg (Spoiler Image,202.33 KB, 1080x1252, Screenshot_2023-03-20-22-19-37…)

Found this young man on Instagram. How dare he appropriate Tumblr sad girl edit aesthetic.

No. 1792208

File: 1679340961456.jpg (52.81 KB, 1080x1149, Screenshot_2023-03-20-22-25-02…)

What is that with troons and prostitution? It feels like all kind of troons no matter male or female are prone to take this retarded life ruining decision to sell their bodies online (AGPs and tifs) and offline HSTSs).

No. 1792209

Kek how stunning and brave of him.

No. 1792211

File: 1679341805002.png (276.1 KB, 828x1792, A6D63977-3367-453B-BE22-E22638…)

No. 1792213

would love to see his picture

No. 1792220

Who allowed Teller to ingest horse piss?

No. 1792231

New Fred Armisen Portlandia character dropped

No. 1792235

File: 1679345115889.png (39.66 KB, 664x699, lawsuit.PNG)

Lawsuits are finally filtering in from the kids who got trans'd way too young

I found the tweet and I'm glad the entire comment section is calling this sexist.
I'm pretty sure they used both pics because he's "gender fluid" so he comes to work dressed as a man or a woman depending on the day, but why is he getting a women's award if he's just a straight up man half the time? LinkedIn types really hate this kind of stuff so I'm not surprised

Tide is definitely turning. My best friend is libfem, or was, same thing with the ukraine flag and all that. Since last year she's flipped on the trans issue now though and thinks it's sexist. She messaged me about the canadian teacher with the tits unprompted (she's canadian). Older types I think never bought into it, my sister is 46 and she is just completely baffled by it. Of course you can't say this shit in public, it's like the emporer's new clothes.

No. 1792236

File: 1679345178306.png (24.13 KB, 223x447, Droopy_the_Dog.png)

You do indeed, sir. Man that's the most punchable face I've seen in a while.

No. 1792240

File: 1679345935479.jpg (1.53 MB, 4032x3024, Goals.jpg)

Compiled some of their comments, they literally view being a woman as a series of tropes
Most popular larps include: tomboys, having muscles, being goth, being emo, being lesbian, milfs or having "mom" energy(?), nerds, women they want to skinwalk, and literal fetishes.

Shout out to the obese guy in his 40s whose goal is not just anime girl, but nerdy milf anime girl

No. 1792250

I love how so many of these revolve around “looking like” they want to hurt people. Such female, no male socialization here folxs

No. 1792263

idk about aidens, but trannies think women live on easy mode because they can sell their bodies for money and they’re jealous of that. they think it’s fun and sexy, not degrading and dangerous, something you do against your will or because that’s the only way to survive. that said, i bet men make more money on OF than women who aren’t influencers, so what’s the point of trooning out to do sex work besides the fetish.

No. 1792264

Crying at the obese black man wanting to be a ”basic white girl”, sure buddy that’s going to happen

No. 1792267

i always picture nikita dragun when i read his posts, some gay dude trying too hard to look like a pornified bratz doll.

No. 1792271

File: 1679350058281.jpg (499.03 KB, 2400x3000, transition goal bingo.jpg)

made a bingo based on the thread
So many know they won't pass and on a subconscious level understand that they're just loser moids. 100% that's why they're obsessed with tomboys, muscular girls, and being intimidating

No. 1792285

I dare you to post this in r/mtf

No. 1792286

I fucking hate them so much. It's maddening how you're not allowed to call this out for the obviously misogynistic bullshit that it is. You would never be able to say this about literally any other marginalized group. But women don't count apparently. How do people not see this?? I know I'm preaching to the choir here but it truly is devastating to me to realize the extent of misogyny and just how much NO ONE CARES. I would be happy about them being "eradicated" like they enjoy fear mongering about, but I know that's both a gross exaggeration and it'll only come at the hands of conservatives who also fucking hate us. How can they be so fucking blatant about their fetishism and perversions and yet it's still so taboo to say anything about it?!
Please nonnies…what do you do to stay sane during all this? I genuinely feel like I'm losing my mind and it's so isolating that I have so few people to talk to about this. Some of my female friends have told me they agree with me on certain points but there's still so much hesitation and fear to actually speak firmly and clearly about the fact that this is misogynistic male fetishism, plain and simple.

No. 1792290

Fucking kek seconded.

No. 1792292

I'm still thinking about getting that "this witch doesn't burn" t-shirt, don't think that many people in Germany would understand what I mean and in cities with witch burning history I would get stared to death, but honestly, I think it's time to wear that shirt and if I find one woman recognising what I'm wearing, it would be worth it.

No. 1792296

>criticizing neovaginas is a form of ableism
Well, that’s a new one.

No. 1792302

>I have worked harder than any cis woman on the planet at being a woman.
See, that’s the thing bruh. We don’t have to work at it. We just are. Dude sounds like one of the biggest misogynists on the planet. They’re all the same, it’s crazy.

No. 1792304

He unironcally looks like ethel cain KEK

No. 1792305

Why are they literally only capable of thinking in porn stereotypes? It’s like they’ve never spoken to a real woman in their lives. It’s honestly embarrassing as fuck.

No. 1792306

What app is this? I don't recognize the layout. I hope he's not advertising his rotting diabetus taint on a dating site, but fuck only knows with moids these days.
Another rotting basement. I recognize that horrible cheap 40+ year old wood paneling.

No. 1792307

It’s TikTok Live. I have had the misfortune of running into this specimen on that app.

No. 1792310

Literally was about to say the same thing. Moids categorize actual women in this way, you can’t do anything without being fetishized (ginger, bbw, “goth gf” etc) but AGP troons just do it to themselves as is the nature of AGP troons

No. 1792312

Lord. Livestreaming his rotting butthole from his hospital bed. He must have let it get so bad that he was truly about to die of sepsis if they're holding him a whole week.

No. 1792330

this is how gay men think mask off

No. 1792334

Are you sure it’s a tranny and not an unfortunate looking autistic woman?

No. 1792344

Loser moids who feel so insecure in their masculinity that they can only express their male traits like aggression or being muscular or intimidating when pretending to be a 'girl'.

No. 1792346

Kek! If you do it you gotta post link so we can monitor the comments.

No. 1792351

why'd you underline battle vest kek that's what metalheads call their little denim vests with patches sewn on them. still a very male-dominated scene though. i've been noticing more and more of them trooning out.

No. 1792357

this is a perfect example of how men try to become the exact type of woman they fetishize. of course, the neckbeard gamer types want to be e-girls/anime girls/mommy gfs, the alt guys want to be tatted punk/alternative girls, the ex gymbros want to be muscle girls, and of course the black guy wants to be an ugg-wearing white girl kek

No. 1792373

You’re not alone nona. I post in the peaking thread at least once a week because I am so unhinged at this point. I started off as “I think transwomen are valid but they should recognize that their issues are separate from feminist issues” to full on “YWNBAW you ugly ape” all within the past few months so it’s been a lot kek. This place is the only thing keeping me sane bc we are being gaslit everywhere else. Tbh I think if most people saw things we see here they would agree with us, but they don’t care enough to dig any deeper than what they’re fed.

No. 1792375

File: 1679360346634.png (162.37 KB, 1100x990, malesgonnafail.png)

its a troon. proceed with the insults

No. 1792391

File: 1679363559488.jpeg (309.01 KB, 1170x1924, 7EA95256-7BF3-4847-8CE8-2716CF…)

Late af but the comments in that thread…phew. Trannies so desperate for validation they’ll lap up the fakest story I’ve ever read online for it as long as it gives them that sweet, sweet real woman validation.

No. 1792403

>what do you do to stay sane during all this?
post here, take antidepressants.

No. 1792410

File: 1679365576436.jpg (47.62 KB, 803x660, 24dkdj59g.JPG)

Some TiM got outted on tiktok for faking having tourettes and posted pics crying on instagram after getting caught saying it was caused by depression. i'm more fascinated by the yellow foundation color match though.

No. 1792411

i went from “i’m an enby cuz i don’t identify as a woman, also TWAW” to “trannies are misogynistic fetishists and gender ideology is bs”. thanks radblr and r/MtF for opening my eyes.

No. 1792412

File: 1679365768976.jpeg (378.07 KB, 1284x2273, 31C1F685-FB87-4A8E-AF25-4336E2…)

No. 1792414


The pillow(?) on the bottom looks like a huge ballsack kek

No. 1792416


i think that's his arm? the other pic shows some gnarly stretch marks.

No. 1792418

laughing and laughing at how they're always trying to diss cis women by suggesting that they're ugly enough to be mistaken for a tranny

No. 1792421

File: 1679367049540.jpeg (400.19 KB, 750x2243, DB1FB2CB-E16D-4573-BFA5-0FA202…)

tl;dr depressed man with a phobia of cleaning troons out because he sees women as inherently submissive and that turns him on, which sexually motivates him to clean.

No. 1792426

no way, no stretch marks make your skin so uniformly rippled like that. unfortunate pillow placement for the sadgram

No. 1792431

it’s such a self own. they’re basically equating transness with ugliness. based.

No. 1792439

funny how quick they admit trans women look like men whenever they are trying to insult actual women

No. 1792440

File: 1679369777281.jpg (190.83 KB, 1080x1744, ugh.jpg)

Sorry if picrel has been posted before but imagine needing medical help and this troon shows up. Fucker would probably deliberately hurt you if you "misgendered" him.

No. 1792448

So nasty how they clearly idolize having relationships with cis women and yet cope and seethe by pretending cis women are clockable, manly, transphobic, bigoted, less feminine, etc…nothing can be a bigger self tell than bemoaning the loss of your ✨relationship with a cis woman✨ while with your other breath claiming cis women are just jealous of trannies.(Emoji)

No. 1792460

Nonnie I advise you to delete this post, otherwise you'll get a ban for emoji. And also lurk more

No. 1792482

LMAO had no idea, I was just on a roll of underlying violent words

No. 1792488

The peaking thread is great for venting but also there's a detransition thread. It can certainly be heavy reading farmers' experiences, but it's a very honest look at what happened and how they recovered. It gives me hope that more people can be claw their way out. Granted MTFs are a different story, but young people nowadays have no problem airing their grievances online and once a few reddit catboys or whatever detransition publicly, the mental health side will probably be discussed more frequently.

No. 1792492

File: 1679377919150.jpeg (254.43 KB, 1170x1791, DE997A43-BEDF-4B12-B78A-795628…)

Why are they obsessed with calling themselves dolls

No. 1792493

How is this different from laughing at a man in a dress? ”Look, I put on some make up so I’m a woman now! Ha-haa!”

No. 1792498

I thought this was Dylan lma

No. 1792500

File: 1679379733397.jpeg (177.42 KB, 1121x2159, F4C93724-E4C6-4FC8-B857-C2A24E…)

His tattoo says “She her” for those of you who can’t read backwords

No. 1792501

made of plastic? looking slightly uncanny no matter what? strange body shape? going to be thrown out once women/girls realize they aren't cool anymore and were not really that great in the first place? not sure tbh

No. 1792503

Every day I think I've heard it all, and then there's this dude who has been self treating his OCD via pornifying it. Unreal

No. 1792516

File: 1679385676049.jpg (249.12 KB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20230321_090019_com…)

I dont think you understand what a "fan base" is dude

No. 1792517

bet they think haters are just fans in denial or smth.(sage your shit)

No. 1792521

Disgusting and I hope he still gets misgendered regularly by people who don’t bother to read his ugly faced

No. 1792531

File: 1679390428789.jpeg (53.8 KB, 750x472, 8D98707D-50E8-4CC1-A2DB-053B89…)

I guess they’re talking about Elogabalus. The writings saying that he shaved his whole body and wanted a vagina originate from a satirical work written 100 years after he died. Trannies will still use it as cope though

No. 1792532

I almost feel bad for him because he’s clearly mentally ill but he’s too retarded to get an actual treatment for it. I went to his account and it’s filled with coom, he often posts on r/submissive which makes it so much more apparent why he wanted to transition. Pathetic I hope he feels even worse when he realizes going on hormones didn’t do shit kek

No. 1792534

alot of the information we have on Elogabalus personal life either stems from smear campaigns from when he was living or the weird decadence cult following he got in the Renaissance where people got obsessed with the idea of a young emperor. Neither are reliable sources

No. 1792543

despite the unreliable sources in all of them he was known as a degen misogynist (and he was emperor from 14 to 18 years old i believe), so he fits the bill quite nicely, still.

No. 1792563

File: 1679398510649.jpg (14.64 KB, 804x225, 20230321_113322.jpg)

I don't think I've ever said "what the fuck" upon seeing anyone's twitter profile image before

No. 1792564

File: 1679398568722.jpg (Spoiler Image,61.31 KB, 570x900, 20230321_113233.jpg)

Even louder "what the fuck" when I clicked on the profile and was greeted by this

No. 1792566

Skrillex is bulking? Good for him, most masculine he's ever looked

No. 1792568

ewwww i’m a fetish?!

No. 1792570

File: 1679399815103.jpeg (79.85 KB, 828x597, E1800E60-23A0-42A7-A3FC-5E2A50…)

styling your selfie edits after and fetishising a literal dead child. couldn’t get any lower

(bianca devins)

No. 1792578

File: 1679401234639.jpg (82.02 KB, 1080x881, FrmyUXbWcAAWT1q.jpg)

I dont think thats a good thing

No. 1792580

Every day I'm learning new feminine traits like checks notes bendy fingers

Some longtime transwoman I follow (who barely posts now) has a few debilitating health problems including spinal and limb movement, it seems long term hrt can reduce mobility or cause hypermobility combined with muscle weakness, essentially rendering you immobile. This guy is probably taking too much hrt to get these side effects so early

No. 1792581

Not to defend a troon, but that picsart editing style is very common with "e-girl" types, wasn't unique to Bianca

No. 1792585

Funny enough it’s drag queen/ faggot slang

No. 1792588

oh we’re back to calling women feminazis i see

No. 1792589

These people are so far gone that if they started bleeding from their eyeballs they would tweet about it: "tfw u r so feminine u cry period blood"

No. 1792591

zoomer frank n furter

No. 1792596

It's so satisfying to see older men bitch about how women don't want them. Women are raised from birth to serve men. I think of all the shit sandwiches that women have willingly eaten to get "love" that never even existed. These men are actively repugnant, and still expect some poor woman to show up and service them like a mommy and a zookeeper.

No. 1792597

I was bored and clicked on a youtube video discussing this drama. They kept going "she, her…" but when they showed a clip of them it was clearly a trans woman. The youtuber mentioned in their pinned comment that transphobic comments would get banned. What a joke.

It happens so often nowadays. I'll watch a youtube video where they're talk about someone and use certain pronouns. And then when they show the person it's just…MAN. or vice-versa a squeaky-voiced girl. It's especially egregious since I tend to listen to videos while doing work. But everyone in the comments just nods and acts like it's perfectly normal.

No. 1792598

That renn faire part reminds me. I've been going to a rennaisance faire a lot this spring. In day to day life I rarely see trans people, but there I can count them on both hands and feet at least. I don't look directly at random people too much, so it's easier to overlook them. Women of all shapes and sizes dress up. And that's great. But when I see someone in a dress, corset and long hair I still think "ah, a woman. Maybe a bit stocky, but hey"

But then they talk and it's a man voice, and I look at their face and know right away.

No. 1792600

nona this was my crew's standard myspace pics back in '06-'09, don't give troons or zoomers the credit kek

No. 1792601

File: 1679408473886.png (165.08 KB, 820x655, lol.png)

always with the incest

No. 1792608

sorry for ot, but can you give me the name of the podcast? I would like to hear more about link between military and games and it seems like a good starting point, also I need something new to binge-listen

I think people (especially on the internet) love black and white thinking. A lot of left-leaning people, like JK Rowling are just questioning gender ideology, but I guess nuance is dead. Also, they cannot insult someone for something so small, so they push the narrative to paint a bigger target on their prey.

No. 1792609

Have been for a while, unfortunately. I’m one too and have been subjected to the whole “sexy librarian” thing from a couple of men in the past. There’s nothing men won’t fetishize, including women who shelve books and enter metadata into computers.

I love it. It’s been nice seeing men of all ages start complaining about how no women want them anymore. Women never wanted you, it’s just been status quo to find a man asap and make a family with him. Thankfully we have more choices than constant pregnancy and wiping male ass these days, and men can go die mad about it.

No. 1792612

Something is off about his photo. Looks photoshopped.

No. 1792628

The thing that really warms my heart is that no one particular ideology can take credit for it, as much as men want to screech about "feminazis" ruining everything. And it could have so easily been prevented in developed western countries, but men had to spend 20+ years ratfucking the population of women available for dating, and the married scrotes had to be as lazy and hateful as humanly possible.

No. 1792636

Poor sister. Imagine living your life and having to deal with your troon sibling trying to skinwalk you, and not being able to complain because he will threat suicide.

No. 1792637

File: 1679414937313.png (17.11 KB, 1095x298, what.png)

sage for shitty post but this made me laugh because of how troons feel the need to label everyone as trans. This is about Jesse Pinkman btw.

No. 1792640

File: 1679415206161.jpg (677.3 KB, 945x1264, MmbBAq3.jpg)

Why can they not just leave us the fuck alone? They really do just kick the door down and shit on everything, it's so exhausting.

No. 1792641

I think he shrank the whole lower face and enlarged the eyes.

No. 1792647

it’s disturbing how black women find themselves in situations where white trans identified men are physically abusive and racist toward them and yet they are still concerned with being transphobic toward these men. Sad!

No. 1792648

It’s happening for sure. There was just a documentary released last month called “affirmation generation” about how fucked up the troon industry is and how it’s causing permanent harm to kids. They interview a bunch of doctors, therapists and detransitioners as well as include actual academic studies. It’s the first time I’ve seen a piece of liberal media that pushes back on TRAs and aims to empower others on the left to speak up about this shit.

No. 1792649

It's always the voice, even with tifs I see at work (sushi place attracts weebs I assume) it's the voice and then actually looking them in the eye.
They might pass if no one is looking at them, but interaction imidiatly gives it away.

No. 1792650

File: 1679415901177.png (201.51 KB, 299x491, haggard.png)

The estrogen may have "softened" his face a big but neither hormones or surgery can ever remove this moid's massive linebacker shoulders

No. 1792651

Lmfao, watch the troons try and cancel him for saying that nobody cares if pinkman is trans or not. Except they will spin it like "oh no he said nobody cares about trans people uwu, literal genocide" fucking troontards.

No. 1792675

File: 1679417679987.jpg (161.23 KB, 768x1020, poordog.jpg)

No. 1792677

facetune is the only thing softening that caveman everything

No. 1792682

File: 1679417953324.jpg (77.44 KB, 634x842, poordog2.jpg)

what did the dog do to deserve this

No. 1792690

I am definitely watching this. I took a few pathology classes and the guy teaching them made sure to state how harmful hrt is. He got a complaint from the Dean of Students even though he's a huge liberal that loves gender fluid, the idea of multiple genders, feminism, etc. He pretty much laughs at the complaints because he spams the Dean with research and health studies saying he's not going to teach ignorance. Fat people also have a problem with his class because he refuses to teach "health at any size" then goes on to explain how being fat destroys your heart and cardiovascular system and the comorbidities associated. That was years ago. I wish I was still in his class so I could have him send me information on how hrt destroys young transitioners.

No. 1792694

at least this troon is (somewhat) properly dressed

No. 1792703

If he's still teaching, go to his school's website and find their teacher list. His email should be listed. If you email him, he will probably be happy to send you studies and stuff.

No. 1792704

File: 1679419934780.png (208.72 KB, 500x384, 1876722651-tumblr_ln6d8iTW1U1q…)

No. 1792706

Because scrotes are obsessed with women and “putting us in our place”.

No. 1792707

Late reply, but you're absolutely correct. Especially when it comes to the "kindergarten teacher-esque nonnies" kek. I've been on and off this site since 2015 and part of what drove me away was not only the constant raids and retarded twitter/zoomer crowd blatantly infiltrating, but anons such as >>1790303 and >>1790317

I don't understand how this late in the game, there are still women who think that if you act like an MLP character and simply kindly explain and sit these men (and their handmaidens) down, that the whole troon problem will just magically go away. And, I bet these anons are the same people who screamed years ago about how women don't owe any explanations to men, how its not our job to educate them on xyz when knowledge is free and at their finger tips, etc. So, where is that energy now? Do you think that if you curtsy for the troon in a skater skirt he's just gonna refrain from bashing your skull in with a bathroom stall door like what happened to schoolgirls in the UK recently?

Its an anonymous imageboard and even if it weren't, no woman owes these men and their handmaidens an ounce of compassion. That is capitulation, no matter how these uwu anons try to spin it and its irritating to have women's rage policed by our own. Especially when some should know better. I am so sick and tired of having our spaces and autonomy violated and being told by everyone, including OTHER WOMEN, to not be angry or to not have violent thoughts as if the dude in the dress is ever gonna spare my life. It is so incredibly reductive to act as if women cannot and should not be enraged beyond belief about all of this and it reeks of internalized misogyny. We can't be angry in a way that is too "masculine", no, we gotta be angry in a way that makes nonnies feel cozy like that overused Emma Roberts tantrum gif or some crap. Fuck that. God forbid they see us pissed off when they literally sneak into our bathrooms to steal our used tampons and pads and talk about murdering us and raping us. And jannies, this isn't meant to be an a-log. I needed to say something because the policing by our own is tiresome.

I've only ever seen this combination on muslim women in the west and at least they put more effort into styling themselves. What the fuck even is this?

Massive shoulders and lipstick color makes him look like a corpse.

Thanks for the rec, anon! Totally gonna watch this later.

No. 1792711

How is he not embarrassed to be publicly posting this shit at least make more of an effort than throwing on a dress and calling it a day. Come on now we all know women are just dresses, heels and makeup kek.

No. 1792714

Yes. God. Thank you to everything you said about women’s anger. These guys write about wanting to rape and kill us on twitter and reddit, sometimes with names and photos attached, but god forbid a woman get angry on an image board and rant a little. I’m tired of being nice to and about men like the ones here who fetishize every aspect of our existence, and I shouldn’t have to keep my mouth shut and play the role of the good, obedient woman when it affects me and other women, many of us who have already been subjected to abuse and rape by men. We have a right to be angry, and as long as nonnas are following the rules of the site, other people can leave and go play handmaiden elsewhere if they don’t like it. The rest of the Internet is full of spaces to suck up to men. I never get why women’s anger is so much more policed.

No. 1792727

Is this the shein Facebook group scrote? The amount of fetishists that lurk on women's clothing forums and groups is alarming

No. 1792735

File: 1679423501035.jpg (66.12 KB, 640x1000, 51VWP7DHRVL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

>I never get why women’s anger is so much more policed.

Ayrt and I'll say it again: internalized misogyny. In some cases, I've even suspected that some anons who come here aren't even women and are actually men (very likely troons, since you know they just can't stay out of the few spaces we have) either trying to stir shit or enraged by what is said about them here. Alternatively, and this is just me spitballing, the anons who police women's anger on here could be handmaidens who'd never admit to their woke friends that they come here and are in fact no better than the people who get posted. Countless times in this thread and elsewhere I'd see someone talk about how they have a troon or enby whatever friend and will ResPeKt ThEIr IdEnTiTy But TheSEe OtHerS Go ToO fAR uwu, as if their friends are any less deranged or any more redeemable than the headcases who get posted itt and in the fakebois thread. Call either out and they ree back that you're somehow derailing even though several conversations take place on this site simultaneously within threads because, gasp, that's how forums work! I don't know what brainrot got into people's heads over the last several years or so, but even this place became increasingly more restrictive about what can and cannot be said and if you ever question it then you must be a bpd chan or a scrote. And its a shame considering a lot of us initially ended up here when it was solely /pt/ and /b/, either as refugees from staminarose or /cgl/ or other boards, only to have the same shit happen again.

I've said this in a past thread: It does reek of covert troon to have anons say things to us like feeling angry or violent is scrotey, because that's kinda on par with how these men think. Their idea of a woman is always a stereotype, created by themselves, and always subservient. Just look at how Dylan acts. I bet his idea of 'women's rage' is that scene from Enchanted when Giselle first experiences 'anger' and she's all giggly about it; saccharine, sanitized, and stereotypical. Dude invades your bathroom and listens to you piss one stall over? Act like Cher from Clueless because that's TWoo WomAnLy uwu as opposed to kicking his teeth in. A loud scoff and an, "UGH, AS IF!1!" coupled with a hair flip and lordosis catwalk should TOTALLY teach him! I recommend anons give picrel a read.

Right? We truly can have nothing for ourselves. Everyday I wake up hoping a clothing brand I very much enjoy doesn't contract the brainrot and suddenly hire a troon to model their shit for optics.

No. 1792742

is this a mantilla kek

No. 1792761

Twenty years ago boys like this would have been glory-hole twinks.

Creepy as fuck how obsessed they are with youth. Moids seethe about how poorly they perceive women aging - but nothing ages like a scrote. They are obsessed with giving kids HRT. They are resentful about not getting it as kids themselves because they believe the reason they look like an aging male is only because they took the magic pill "too late" and not that boys can still generally pull off being androgynous up to their early 20s.

Nonnies, in a few years we'll see these "transed early" moids age like the men they are. The coping and seething will be glorious.

No. 1792762


It's crazy how these people are well into their 30s, 40s and older but their sexuality is always permanently trapped at a primitive stage of late teens/early 20s, highly transactional (I want special "cis status" for my efforts not the true intimacy of someone truly knowing me and accepting me as I am, that would be "settling"), autoerotic (obsessed with being a "dream girl" object of desire"), a weapon used to assert dominance over others (we went to a restaurant and they hit on me heheh). Change some details and this could easily fit 95% of AGP narratives about lesbians as well.

No. 1792766

OT and I know it’s a joke but I kinda have a thing for Skrillex so I hate to see him compared to this ugly beast kek.. but you should see what he looks like now he actually had a glow up and a lot of people compare him to Kit Harrington

No. 1792769

tl;dr A woman’s violent retard chimp out shouldn’t be called out for what it is because it’s “policing her anger” and because men also violently chimp out so what about that, huh?????
You’re trying to fight retardation with more retardation and it’s not going to work, nonna. And before you start, I’m not a scrote and no, other women aren’t handmaidens because they disagree with your autistic stupidity

No. 1792770

File: 1679427556232.png (14.05 KB, 1247x304, based.png)

you are disgusting

No. 1792772

All authority is derived from the potential for violence. You will have no rights and get no respect if you can’t/won’t harm anyone.

No. 1792773

why is it that most extremely misogynist Individual men/male societies tend to have an obsession with feminized male youths ?

No. 1792777

Nta but posting about hating rapists online isn't the same as a moid chimping out and attacking people, and is not even real violence.

No. 1792778

So you agree? You’re a violent antisocial sperg and you’re trying very hard to justify it?(Infighting)

No. 1792780

Uh, I'm the >>1792735 anon, but >>1792772 >>1792777 aren't my posts. Jannies are free to check the IP. I don't mind that you have a different opinion than me though.

Damn, it couldn't possibly be because they know what's to come and nope'd the fuck out before you start asking them tips on how to skinwalk their very existence.

No. 1792781

It reminds me of the tranny who was in ot and trying to psyop annons into not calling trannies degenerate women haters, going "I feel bad for being mean" and when called out for being a moid, immediately started posting incel 'white women fuck dogs' memes.
It's very "Noooo, you can't call me evil for supporting rapists, fetishism and sexism, noooo".

No. 1792783

>violent chimpout
>anon is referring to alogging incel men online as a 'violent chimpout' like a man

No. 1792784

File: 1679428490099.jpeg (229.35 KB, 960x1336, 9A58DF1B-0477-41F0-9B38-558773…)

Does anyone still listen to Fall Out Boy?

No. 1792785

Again, nta, but you are a retard. Men attacking people and women posting how much they hate men who hate them online is not the same thing. Womens words are equal to mens actual physical violence, right? Dumbass.

No. 1792787

Yeah, this is kinda the point I was trying to get across (and I apparently failed to do so given the ire itt?) with my posts. I'm not trying to be an asshole, but its not exactly unheard of for trannies/men to organize these kinds of things in their own spaces. Its been happening for years and I thought that most here were privy to it or at the very least a bit more seasoned.

I just don't understand where this, uh.. I don't know what to call it. Naivete? I don't understand where this willful naivete comes from, especially here of all places, for anons to insist that we play nice with people who talk about rape carousels for their critics. Trannies do the same thing a lot of moids do, which is try to appeal docile and harmless until you cross them, typically in the form of rejection or not validating their delusions. Then the meltdown ensues. I recommend anons give The Transsexual Empire a read as well. Its been pretty helpful.

>Womens words are equal to mens actual physical violence, right? Dumbass.

This is why I said it feels like covert troons or handmaidens because only they equate words to literal violence all the time, everyday, ad nauseam.

No. 1792798

You anons, this is a good debate even if you are calling each other retards in the midst of this. Have women ever really been able to decide what anger is, if not defined by masculinity and men's absolute reign over the emotion? I don't think we actually even know how to feel anger, to understand it on our terms because of socialization and repression. I don't think it's quite off topic either because male violence is why women need spaces in the first place. My own opinion is that I never call out the spergs in this thread. Even if they're comparable to chimp outs. It's like a few threads ago where a woman kept trying to keep anons in check for saying that teen trans that was murdered deserved it or not. Just let anons vent. It's not like we'd be able to say those things out loud like men having entire podcasts about how it's okay to beat women or honor killings actually taking place in the Middle East. What we say is a tiny drop in the ocean when it encourages violence. No woman lives in the context where any speech could be dangerous like men. If a rad fem comes in and says "abort all male babies," is that going to even change the opinion of a pregnant woman in this thread? No. Because women simply don't have the conditioning to hate men on this level. If you start saying "hey raping virgins cures aids" then you see a bunch of moids raping babies. There's a difference in danger when it comes to speech in women's spaces vs. men. If women ever get to an equal place, then maybe I'd start worrying about "man hate" and discrimination against the moids.

No. 1792806

Ayrt who suggested books and I agree. That's why I'm not arguing with the anon(s) who got a bit testy during this. While I didn't appreciate having what felt like my words being twisted, I do still hope that somebody can offer a counter rebuttal because I never see any reasons which hold water for why we aren't allowed to be a certain level of angry, even when we're being threatened with the loss of autonomy, rape, and murder. Hell, at times even threatened with the rape of our own cadavers. And, I absolutely agree that its still on topic. We can still point and laugh at troons who are posted, but so long as we aren't fighting and remember to sage then it isn't like any harm is being done.

There's never a fleshed out, coherent reply whenever I've posed this question on here and its disappointing. Why do the feelings of troons and handmaidens suddenly matter in this context when at the end of the day we are all shittalking on a gossip site? Nobody has the moral high ground here. Not even me. I'm not going to pretend that this is the only thread which I frequent.

>Just let anons vent. It's not like we'd be able to say those things out loud like men..

You'll probably get a reply in a bit from someone telling you to go use the vent thread like clockwork, then they'll follow you there to see if you post and ridicule you further even though you're doing it where they felt you should be. If it doesn't happen, I'll be surprised, but I'm not going to pretend like I haven't seen anons do this exact thing over the years.

If anons who take umbrage are actually women and not troons and their flying monkeys, then I do wonder if its the consequences of how we are socialized as women. I also think its a bit harmful to insinuate that feeling so angry about how we are treated by men is akin to their behavior, because then anons are supporting that goofy idea that women can be born with 'male brains'.. which is what troons think. I mean, they think they were born with girl brains, too. What's more, why would it make other women so upset to see another woman venting about the same thing we're all upset about in a thread designed for it? Like, genuinely asking here: Why is it so upsetting to see that? Is it because you think anger is a thing only a man can experience? Do you think we need to express our anger in a more "feminine" manner, which not everyone subscribes to and stifles women's voices? I'm sorry, but I don't agree with either of the aforementioned of those if they are the reasons. Both are highly regressive and put women into the same box we've been trying to climb out of. Like I said earlier itt, I wouldn't be surprised if some anons getting upset were the same girls on tumblr in the early 2010s who reblogged those "punk" sailor moon redraws, "pucker up creep", and "well behaved women seldom make history uwu" images incessantly and yet all that energy seems to have vanished.

No. 1792812

probably better for the tif thread. tifs have latched onto him for some reason

No. 1792826

>Do you think we need to express our anger in a more "feminine" manner, which not everyone subscribes to…
I genuinely agree with your post and I'm even going to buy the book you recommended, however I should point out one thing re: girl brain vs. boy brain; while there's never been a difference in actual intelligence, men and women do think differently and I don't believe it's just societal. Of course my examples relate to sex and violence. I have never, ever heard of "hate fucking" until one of my male friends in college described it. I asked "did you ever feel that way?" "Yeah every guy probably has felt that way about a woman they've hated." Also, we do tend to make fun of trannies for saying "rape and kill Terfs" and say " just girly thoughts!" The only time I've seen women discuss sexual violence before is when it comes to rapists and child molesters. That mostly happens because women really want a man to sympathize and empathize more with their victim instead of just feeling gratification of sexual violence. Even then, it's usually women who say "I hope he gets raped in prison" rather than any desire to rape him herself. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (written by a man) show a woman enacting revenge on a rapist by shoving a dildo up his ass and being repulsed by the act like she has to do it, not that she feels great in her act of revenge. Just food for thought I guess.

No. It's garbage, but I'll make sure to make note of this.

(I reposted this to edit it, but it'll probably still read like crap)

No. 1792827

Damn it, I forgot to sage. I already deleted the saged version so I'm not reposting it again since the damage is done.

No. 1792831

this is a TIF

No. 1792839

nta but I reckon this is relevant because the patch represents claim the exact opposite. Trannies (tims) kill terfs (women who don't suck girldick). E.g: Dana Rivers.

No. 1792844

I’m just a woman playing on the computer

No. 1792850

File: 1679436394504.png (15.92 KB, 857x298, fetsh.png)

>tldr: man gets hardon from looking at mirror.

Anyone else on a journey peaking their friends? Have a friend who works in the ER (nurse), is very familiar with the abusive tactics used by men, kinda want to fully peak her so I have someone to vent to. Don't think she's had many TIMs in the emergency room yet, so their entitled ways are still unknown to her.

No. 1792851

nta i get what you're saying but you can literally just check their tumblr and see their about page mentions their pronouns and they reblog a good deal of yaoi art. Even if it's a typical tim point of view it's actually by a tif

No. 1792856

>she really had good potential

meat and vegs and a hairy asscrack is what she had, fucker.

No. 1792859

nta but none of your "examples" actually support that its somehow biological not societal especially the last part using a moid's female character as an example is extremely ironic

No. 1792863

struggling to find it atm but I recently read a study about why men get turned on from women crying - it's an evolutionary kick-back, men have to override the part of their brain that makes the sound of others in distress uncomfortable so they wont lose their erection in the act of "forcible insemination" (rape), its one of many reasonf why where biologcally different from men. They're designed to rape.

No. 1792866

It's called Big Soy Naturals, just ignore the occasional gender sperging and it's really good

No. 1792870

God, if Delilah Bohn left out the bit about troons it would be my favourite song. She had to include men, ironically.

No. 1792878

Ayrt and I understand what you mean about the brain thing. I should've explained myself better and that's my bad. What I meant to convey was that the troons and gender cultists, whenever I see them on their soapboxes, act like brains are quite literally male or female. As in, the organ itself is shaped like a unicorn or something inherently "feminine" for women and the male one is shaped like a football or something for men. So, when anons become ruthless and suggest that something like anger, even extreme anger, is inherently and/or exclusively male (you know, despite flipping out on another woman for an observation they could easily ignore) it just makes me think of the aforementioned nutters and how it encourages their insane ideology. Sorry, but that is bonkers.

Gender, as it is currently used, refers to sex stereotypes. In reality, everyone has a different personality, different likes and dislikes. A boy who like dolls is just as much of a boy as a boy who likes trucks. Sex is differentiated in all species by the structures for gamete production and humans only produce two gametes. There are only two human sexes and human sex is immutable and determined at the instant of conception, depending upon whether an X or Y coded sperm (male gamete) fertilizes the egg (female gamete). Every cell in a woman's body is XX coded and every cell in a man's body is XY coded. Even people with differential sex disorders (aka intersex) are all either male or female, as all DSDs are sex specific. Masculine and feminine aren't "gender identities." They're personality traits.

And its sexist and absurd because it implies that something is wrong with masculine women (or ANY woman), that it isn't normal for women to be masculine and therefore it is a strange identity for mentally ill people born in "the wrong body" and that they must get surgery to "correct" the issue by "becoming men." Being a masculine woman is 100% normal and doesn't mean you have a male brain or need to change sex. On a bio, level it just means you were exposed to more testosterone in the womb, which is why most masculine and/or gay women have inverted triangle bodies. It still doesn't make them men. It makes them women with high testosterone. Tranny bullshit is delusion, sexism, and mental illness and non binary is tranny lite.

But, its totally not a fetish! And I've peaked three other women in my friend group with the help of another woman who has become a close friend after I lost my best friend to this agenda. She sided with the troons and put on her cape as handmaiden, tried to get me cancelled because I wouldn't bend the knee. An ex girlfriend (claimed bisexuality when I first met her ten years ago just like former best friend, but now claims to be a lesbian despite me being the only woman she's ever dated and she mostly chased men) also put her cape on for the trannies despite having been frequently emotionally and physically assaulted by a deeply disturbed FtM back in the day, who she constantly gave passes to.

No. 1792882

>her shoulders aren’t even that wide
KEKK can’t believe this man really sat down and typed this out without a hint of irony when he can’t even give himself a proper compliment, no amount of delusion will make him look or feel like a real woman

No. 1792885

UGH the pain I felt when I got to the tranny part.

No. 1792888

Hanging out with troons sucks the life out of people.

No. 1792892

File: 1679443267206.jpg (120.49 KB, 960x720, FrtCPH3aAAAcRwe.jpg)

Started from the boil now we here

No. 1792899

File: 1679444130076.png (78.78 KB, 1080x1164, Screenshot_20230217-192535_2.p…)

is this for real

No. 1792904

Yes it’s real. Actually just found out about them getting free laser the other day but it’s only with certain insurance. Still extremely gross. I wonder if it’s strictly facial hair or if they get their pube removal covered too to go with their government funded porn tits. Foul

No. 1792906

Saw this earlier today on the women's voices twitter and couldn't be happier.

I sincerely hope not, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happens. The same way troons claim that they pay for their own transition process and that alone means nobody else has a say, but then in the next breath talk about how all these same surgeries should be on the taxpayer's dime because literal genocide and oppression. They're truly the worst.

No. 1792910

File: 1679445600637.jpeg (106.75 KB, 1132x796, E149BBDE-B6E1-46AD-BA65-909A0F…)

Sage cus not really milky. I knew Chris Crocker transitioned years ago but forgot he existed. Saw these comments on Reddit and was like oh well he is an HSTS so maybe he’s actually pretty/passing? Clicked the link and kek. Some people just can’t look at any trans person without the need to lie about how pretty they are.

No. 1792918

File: 1679446543539.jpeg (Spoiler Image,116.76 KB, 812x1317, 55A3E3AD-F1DD-4A32-8086-775639…)

Male violence

No. 1792919

Oh but some of us are mean if we wish death upon them lmfao

No. 1792920

Some fucking troon on my local subreddit lied and told me they have to pay for their hair removal like everyone else; I got banned when I replied that I knew that was bullshit.

No. 1792923

Telling that they can, and often do, attach their faces and names to posts like this without consequence. Also just making people look at this pic feels like an act of violence kek

No. 1792927

Yep, all the time, but hey we're the chimping violent incels if we retaliate or feel any sort of way in return.

>b& for disagreeing with a troon
Reddit is dogshit.

No. 1792928

NTA but the comments you quoted aren't saying that we should be kind with troons and TRAs. It's true that if someone's goal is to peak normies/do activism, a-logging is not the way. Of course, it doesn't really make sense to say that on lolcow because everyone is already peaked and just venting. But these comments are rare and always criticized anyway so.

>As in, the organ itself is shaped like a unicorn or something inherently "feminine" for women and the male one is shaped like a football or something for men.
Sorry but this obviously isn't what most misogynists and trannies suggest, as dumb as they are. They try to use brain scans, brain size, or IQ studies to ""prove"" that women are dumber or have a different brain. Although it doesn't make sense for intellectual abilities, there are differences between men and women that could explain men being more violent, namely hormones and physical strength.
>So, when anons become ruthless and suggest that something like anger, even extreme anger, is inherently and/or exclusively male (you know, despite flipping out on another woman for an observation they could easily ignore) (…)
I thought words weren't comparable to actual violence? Anons "flipping out" on lolcow isn't comparable to men bashing someone's head in, but if I'm not mistaken you posted >>1792735 "Act like Cher from Clueless because that's TWoo WomAnLy uwu as opposed to kicking his teeth in." which suggests that women would/should also chimp out IRL. And ofc that's what a sexual predator deserves but I think other anons' point was that most women won't naturally act like that (and in any case it's dangerous because you could be overpowered and injured/killed by the man). I agree that women's anger is more policed and shouldn't, but a lot of anons here criticize men for being violent, so it makes sense that they would defend the idea that women are inherently less violent. It doesn't mean they're covert troons or believe in gender.(derailing)

No. 1792931

This whole discussion makes me wonder if in my country troons get free healthcare boob implants and if women who had cancer had to pay for them. I'm going to call some people tomorrow.

No. 1792933

Whichever of you name dropped the only exclusively lesbian subreddits left in that goddamn dumpster fire of a place, fuck you, you fucking shit for brains idiot. The place has been a shithole since the day I saw its name mentioned here, my fucking stomach dropped because I knew what would happen. It used to be NICE. It was cozy and small but very active and it flew under the radar for months. But now there's several moids in there swinging their dicks around and of course no one can do anything but downvote or get banned. Not screencapping because I don't want to draw anymore attention to the place.

No. 1792934

File: 1679448251668.jpeg (77.4 KB, 1242x425, 1C4D74D9-A0E4-48D5-A426-46D872…)

AFAIK breast reconstruction should always be covered in the case of a necessary mastectomy. So that’s one good thing. Still offensive that men can get them just cuz their estrogen titties aren’t big enough

He looked so much better as a gay man

No. 1792937

Went from cute to a dead eyes stare freak.

No. 1792940

I actually liked him back then when he defended Britney. Now he's just a freak like the others.

No. 1792941

File: 1679448705353.png (1.62 MB, 2349x1112, 233.png)

Amanda, added another member to the polycule

No. 1792944

So I thought this was referring to the safe lesbian sub I knew so I went to look for it…and it was removed…Idk the sub you’re referring to but I honestly think you should join me in boycotting Reddit (I’m the samefag who mentioned this yesterday). It’s really not a place we should be supporting through ad revenue etc

No. 1792953

Reddit is too infested. Radfems have Discords with voice checking, but that's really the only type of exclusively lesbian space you can get on the internet right now (if you can handle the politics) without trying to build your own forum.

Trannies will find any Reddit sub you make because they are all neets who need to seek out ways to invade women's spaces.

No. 1792954

File: 1679449746141.jpeg (193.51 KB, 1170x2029, 2C15E4C7-AF3D-4BFB-B1CF-21EBD0…)

Why are they like this

No. 1792955

Ayrt, I use an adblocker and have mainly use it to post about my hobbies but I agree. It's time to be done with the place, it's overrun. I'm so full of anger right now. That place was nice, it wasn't political, we just talked about our favorite movies and whether it was a good idea to adopt a puppy together etc. Fuck these fucking troids.
That's the thing, I'm no longer interested in a political space. I think it's great that they exist but I'm at a point where I'm burned out on it. I just want to be chill and relax with other lesbians. I want more spaces than just the lesbian thread on lcf.

No. 1792959

As a lesbian I am so fucking tired of worrying about these people. It's half the reason I don't date. Last thing I want is to get murdered for not being interested in males–at least if I say I'm not interested in dating at all I won't risk getting lectured on how I just need to try 'girldick' or whatever the fuck they feel like calling it. (Sexual orientation? Trauma? None of it means shit to these people, because they're entitled to fuck you, didn't you know?) I really do wish there was a genuine-lesbian-only space I could find where I wouldn't have to worry about this.

No. 1792962

Back when the D2ms lightfl dlc got released the subreddit turned tore apart an enbie character apart, i had forgotten how problematic reddit can get.

I think many users are fed up and if given the chance to talk shit they will but they also know better than to upset the mode

No. 1792974

It's stupid they are still on discord. Discord is overrun to with troons and they will shut down large communities and permanently ban people on discord. They do fuck all about the pedos and groomers on there though, just like reddit.

No. 1792976

File: 1679452127335.png (125.48 KB, 630x443, screen-shot-2019-01-01-at-1140…)

"So you agree, a tranny barely has to put in any effort to defeat a woman in sports"

No. 1792977

Share the source if you ever find it, nona! I want to know more.

No. 1792984

sorry i didnt mean to sound so snarky because i actually agree with you on that point but i had to go back to work and couldn't delete it fml

No. 1793000

File: 1679455810569.png (737.19 KB, 758x1024, 1657391027815.png)

>imagine needing medical help and this troon shows up

No. 1793014

Kek just found out he e-dates a fat e-thot who draws retarded hentaish "art". I'm surprised a troon got an actual woman to date him, but for the girl… It ain't the way you get that western citizenship. Even a fat retard like her deserves better than a tranny.

No. 1793023

File: 1679461975178.jpg (33.65 KB, 600x600, i7rvm0cv1oc31.jpg)

Refusing a troon to give me medical help¿ I would call it a good use of my "cis privileges".

No. 1793027

File: 1679462211680.png (409.75 KB, 429x671, stealhislook.png)

Nonnies. I work at a government building and today we had someone from state come through to follow up on a report. In walks a 6ft4" troon wearing a long denim dress with embroidered white flowers near the bottom, red fishnet stockings(?!), a knitted hot pink cardigan, frizzy thinning and patchily dyed pink hair tied up in a messy ponytail with an obvious bald spot peaking at the top, etc. Absolute horror show just lumbering about the building taking notes for hours looking like this. I tried to throw together picrel to give nonnies an idea of how bad it was, but still somehow it was much, much worse in person. I hope they send someone else the next time, what the fuck.

No. 1793028

>they think it’s fun and sexy, not degrading and dangerous, something you do against your will or because that’s the only way to survive.

They only see the TikTok with striptease dancers showing the money they earn while working and they do not think in the danger they face with entitled clients or lack of security. Same with stories about prostitutes about how they earn good money while having sex, but they ignore the stuff you mentioned. They only want the "good stuff" without the "dangerous stuff" behind sex work.

No. 1793030

File: 1679462518306.png (976.63 KB, 816x837, whitechicks.png)

No. 1793032

fucking kek nona. Seeing troon outfits in the wild is such top comedy. Personally I like the crazy older ones who throw together this sort of shit over the boring and repetitive uniform of cat-ears-programmer-socks-spinny-skirt sported by genz/millenial troons. You've seen one of those you've seen them all. Disasters like your picrel are so much more entertaining, especially because I like to try to imagine their impaired thought process when putting together the outfit. I wonder if the common theme of dated-looking cardigans is more due to them trying to recreate what fashion was like 20 years ago because they're idiots with no awareness, or a desperate attempt to hide their moid shoulders.

No. 1793055

I fully agree. The difference between women venting and men calling for violence is that, well, the former is just venting, and the latter often leads to actual violence. I think women’s anger is the same as men’s minus the capability and willingness to match male violence. Just look at the statistics, the overwhelming majority of crimes are committed by men.

No. 1793062

sorry for blogging I just lost one of my closest friends because I told them i was a terf. I tried to lay it out in the least inflammatory language (trans people themselves being lied to by the medical establishment as a cure for their mental health issues) and she still said she had to seriously rethink our friendship. I just couldn’t believe it considering she’s said kind of edgy conservative things before that even I disagreed with but I guess saying TWAW isn’t real crosses the line. I thought I could confide in her but now I feel like I’m a weirdo radicalized person. Has anyone else gone through this?

No. 1793086

You’re friends with a conservative? What did you expect, kek. Of course she’s sexist as shit.

No. 1793089

nta but nowadays any opinion that isn't politically correct gets labelled 'conservative', i mean even being a terf is often associated with conservatives, so it doesn't always mean much. >>1793062 you'd probably get more replies/support in the peak vent thread in 2X or similar

No. 1793093

I saw a study saying the opposite, that men are turned off by women's tears (i think they said the smell of it in this study)

No. 1793100

Okay, so why did he post a prolapsed and abused vagina to compare to the neo vagina and not a regular, healthy one, if there's no difference?

No. 1793118


this is straight ASS and with or without the tranny shit

No. 1793120

File: 1679480350634.png (3.21 MB, 872x5732, toilets.png)

korean article translated to english. i hope TIMs are blocked from entering.

No. 1793137

just say you're uncool nonna and get it over with

No. 1793140

they dress like sims 4 townies when you have too much shitty cc.

No. 1793141

I'm kind of a conspiracy theorist and therefore do not like to give my personal information to apps so it genuinely depresses me that we have reached this point in order to protect women however I'm not against this per se. I'm paranoid whenever I have to use a public bathroom because I'm scared of hidden cameras so this is a good way to prevent it. Too bad that men will probably find a way to bypass the app or some handmaiden will let men into the toilets

No. 1793142

as a euro, I keep getting the impression that SK feminists are unbelievably based. The article itself is so telling though.

>it seems that there is no major inconvenience for men.

There should be.

>but I feel uncomfortable because they seem to define 'women are victims and men are criminals'

Welcome to human history ca last few milleniums.

>Aren't there often cases of illegal filming in men's restrooms?

Are some moids really living with the belief that women are as depraved as they are? Serious question. I've always assumed they instinctively know how perverted their fellow sex class is, but maybe not.

No. 1793150

I thought Chris Crocker had already done the whole transition/detransition thing and started using another name at some point but now I can't find anything about that.

No. 1793162

''it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again''

No. 1793163

File: 1679492450268.png (16.88 KB, 764x243, melbourne.png)

From the Let Women Speak event in Melbourne.

Video: https://tinyurl.com/yfhzyuf9
Full transcript: https://tinyurl.com/52852k4z

No. 1793165

Bless this woman honestly

No. 1793170

File: 1679493848189.jpg (109.62 KB, 576x1200, FrTmdVXWYAIP8Yv.jpg)

No. 1793184

I hope the sister distances herself so far from her family

No. 1793200

No. 1793201

Kek underrated post nonna.

No. 1793202

File: 1679498259150.png (1.14 MB, 1175x612, gigahon1.png)

This repulsive gigahon liked me on Her. I immediately knew I want to post him here to be mocked, because he disgusted me even more than your usual AGPs with his narcissistic demands (in his profile text, which I will post next)

No. 1793203

File: 1679498385463.png (267.3 KB, 1584x1159, gigahon2.png)

Bad news bi ladies, you will only do IF you can reach this stunning and brave lesbian woman's standards! Otherwise he needs to have a lesbian partner and CAN use his dick too if you ask nicely. Scrotes are such wastes of space and oxygen, oh my god

No. 1793211

God their essays are so cringy. I fucking hate their idea of lesbianism. Imagine some fucking 45 year old dude trying to moan like the women do in lesbian porn in his deep, creepy voice. I really hope you're not in your 20s, anon. Imagine this creep hitting on 20 year old cis lesbians. I'm straight, but I wouldn't be able to put up with men mocking my sexuality by pretending to be a lesbian while using terms like "lipstick lesbian, kinky, dyke." All things men have used to fetishize and demean lesbians.

No. 1793214

On top of just being a giant scrote, he's doing that thing where they go on a trip and expect a random woman to show up like a free hooker and fuck them at the hotel. All men like this should just be executed.

No. 1793218

>I prefer not to use my thing that was turned from a clxt into a wee wee in my mother’s womb
Oh my god the way men talk is disgusting. Fucking vomit.

No. 1793223

I noticed this a lot with trans women. Remember they don't want to be the woman they always were, they want to be a better woman than actual women. So they insert their ideals and perceptions of women, which is being coy, sensual, and infantile. Even when I was a handmaiden, I thought that something was wrong with them when they couldn't talk like a normal person when it came to genitals.

No. 1793230

> I'm generally only into ACTUAL lesbians
This man is the perfect lesbian but.. are you though? Are you lesbian enough to suck that 'wee wee' that he just had to mention

No. 1793234

AYRT and no, thankfully I'm not in my 20s - I'm in my early 30s. Still, this scrote is quite a bit older than me and outside my age range on Her anyway, but at the very least I'm well into adulthood if you have to come up with something positive, lol. I truly hope he isn't hitting on women in their 20s as well because that would be an extra layer of disgusting.


Not really, from what I've seen. If anything the troons on wlw dating apps are even more low effort than before, some of them don't even bother hiding their five o'clock shadow and all that. Even if I get frustrated about dating sometimes, it still gives me joy to reject these losers and remember at least I'm not a bottom of the barrel scrote like them, kek.

Right?! I mean I'm always repulsed by AGP moids, especially on dating apps for lesbians and bi women, but this one just evokes special visceral disgust in me with his demands and entitlement. I hope he gets a rot pocket which will give him grief for the rest of his life

No. 1793250

I still remember when a TIF did a comment like "I hope that Korean feminists take in mind their trans women sisters" and her ass got chewed by terfs since the post was about how women suffered from a misogynistic society like Korea, with high standards about female beauty, the hidden cameras on bathrooms, parents willing to pay to a teen their first plastic surgery and a long etc and she dare to tell them to think in TIMs? I admit that it was glorious that no one agreed with the TIF.

No. 1793256

I politely told a TIM that I didn’t want to hang out because I’m on my period. Again I try to be cordial for appearance and so I’m not attacked and canceled. What’s weird is that instead of being sympathetic they tried to… say that they’re empathetic because they deal with it too. I’m so tired. One google search proves them wrong but I feel like we live in an era we’re science is weirdly frowned upon (vaccines , ect). I’m younger so I am not sure if it was always like this if any nonnies could spread some light ? I thought hard facts is what we needed but now it seems people quietly shove science under the carpet because …… why?

To show how ignorant and entitled they are I said “my flow is rly heavy” and then they said that means my period would be shorter…

No. 1793260

Korean feminists are hardcore. They don't even bother to sympathize with men like women in the US or UK. They will tell you without pause that men are scum and the enemy and you're either with us (women) or against us. If you watch some of the women's marches and protests in Korean you can see how hard they struggle for their rights. One of the best stories told in these threads was about how a woman went out with her friend in Korea to a lesbian bar and in front of them was a troon and a handmaiden. Immediately clocked the troon told them men weren't allowed. Of course the troon sperged until he realized he wasn't in the US and the owner came out to let him know she was going to tell his commanding officer (military troon of course) that he's harassing women at a lesbian bar and he stopped off pushing anon. Korean bar owner apologized and gave the women a free drink.

No. 1793273

How queer of him to be disgusted by bi women because they and him know that he is a man.

No. 1793276

>I’m a feminist druidess
>Lipstick lez
>sapphic love and sensuality
oh my god, so fucking cringey and gross. go suck another tranny’s slimy limp dick and leave lesbians alone, bro. they don’t want your agp ass.

No. 1793280

why is he writing so much nonsense? And why is he so small, would never date a guy that isn't taller than me, oh, wait, sry, he wouldn't date me, because he isn't doing bi-women. Sometimes I wonder why I'm still single and don't try dating apps and then I remember, I just can't stand most humans and with those troons out there, the dating world has become a whole lot more annoying. Hope you blocked him, nonna, don't waste your precious time on a true lesbian with a wee wee.

No. 1793284

their raging biphobia is so funny. it’s not like any actual lesbian (unless she’s gaslit and pressured into it) will validate their fetish by sleeping with moid, so they’re dooming themselves to prison gay sex with other trannies or celibacy. karma is beautiful.

No. 1793286

File: 1679506750793.jpg (109.48 KB, 720x1412, 074818.jpg)

No. 1793290

That face is going to show up in my nightmares

No. 1793296

Should have asked him if he needed a tampon.

And regarding science and how it is viewed, I wouldn't say that it has changed very much in the past 30 years. It's more that we now have the possibility to share every stupid idea on the internet and people will find "facts" that prove their stupid ideas as science. You always had idiots and "pseudoscientists" around, but before the internet they would write a book, some thousand people would read and believe it and than it was over. Now every stupid person from all around the world can meet each other online and they all can dive into their world of pseudoscience together and if you tell them that their facts aren't real facts, they will try to cancel you with a mob of raging people harassing you all over the internet. I also think that many people don't understand "science" and the process of finding facts and that sometimes facts that were always believed to be true are in reality not true. For example (stupid one), I grew up with Pluto being considered a normal planet, years later they found new data and now it's a dwarf planet, so you have to be able to adjust the way you think and some people just don't seem able to do that. Some people also don't like to see hard facts I fear, look at the reactions towards climate change, we have an idea what might be happening for probably over 50 years now and most people will tell you "we always had hot summers inbetween". and stuff like that.

No. 1793320

I‘m going to be sick. And the mask-like face makes it worse

No. 1793322

File: 1679510142418.png (369.47 KB, 1024x768, Clarissa-Explains-It-All-clari…)

they can never be her

No. 1793323

yes from both women and men, it is galling.

No. 1793325

File: 1679510466496.jpg (222.2 KB, 1170x1617, 20230322_165653.jpg)

Male hands typed this

No. 1793327

Young girls don't enjoy developing breasts precisely because of old gross moids like "Lottie".

No. 1793330

so many of them have the one lazy eye that autists sometimes have, the sartre eye

No. 1793331

>Girls want to have boobs
>Want to grow up and do adult things
>Drink underage
Interesting how all of these have to do with pre-teen and teenage girls rather than actual adult women. They're so transparent about their pedophilia.

No. 1793333

Also that's not how it works. It's a myth that everyone "starts off" with a vagina in the womb.

No. 1793345

I think most women experience a mix of discomfort and excitement, with some variation based on their personality. It makes you feel more "grown up," sure, but then you also have to deal with soreness, awkward bra shopping with your mom, being objectified more, asymmetrical growth, etc. I distinctly remember feeling humiliated in the seventh grade when I forgot to wear a bra to school one day, so I wore my winter jacket in the middle of spring.

Being objectified often outstrips the excitement for many girls, especially more tomboyish or bookish ones. You go from being appreciated for your abilities to being leered at.

No. 1793347

my god, the musical selection…how deep into your lesbian LARP must you be to listen almost exclusively to "lesbian" music!? It's at least funny how committed to the bit he is.

No. 1793353

Trannies always forget that cervixes exist. A gynecologist is going to notice that you don't have a cervix. Someone who fucks you is going to notice, not that it matters, because men will fuck ham sandwiches and microwaved watermelons.

No. 1793368


am I hallucinating or is this dag hammerskold plaza outside of the UN? I live in this area kek, beautiful

No. 1793373

You're not wrong. I was a late bloomer and I remember feeling very embarrassed and childish when I was flat chested while it felt like every other girl around me already had breasts by the start of junior high. It made locker room changing uncomfortable, it made bra shopping demoralizing, the few bras in my size were still loaded with uncomfortable and unremovable padding and its not like my mom was of any help. She actually made me feel worse about myself during puberty, not even taking into account when she was physically abusive and mentally unchecked. There was certainly soreness, but I remained flat until the end of high school when I only became an A cup.

It drove around NYC for 8 hours on sunday.

No. 1793388

I mean that aside I don't even know what point he thought that he was making. That we don't know our own body parts? Like >>1792131 said if its deformed beyond recognition then what the fuck kind of reply was he expecting? His manifesto is unhinged and stupid and he should drink bleach.

No. 1793395

File: 1679518143093.jpg (48.76 KB, 828x618, barf.jpg)

I think I remember that story, and the troon whined how "he was a female too!", but Korean women weren't having it and defended the owner's club and the women that stopped him.
I even remember how in one of the march a woman was getting her hair cut while saying all the misogynist shit she had to dealt with, from not being taken seriously in her job for being a woman and that some people were horrified when she went one day without make-up.

>Growing boobs so you can drink underage.


No. 1793397

Most girls I know were uncomfortable by their breasts growing at first. It meant that we received unwanted attention from ADULT scrotes. I started puberty at ten. My parents put me in a mixed-age private school so I wouldn't be bullied because of my early development. It didn't matter because they couldn't protect me from the disgusting pedos who cat-called me at that young age. So fuck any tranny who thinks we all "wanted" boobs to feel "sexy." WE WERE CHILDREN.

No. 1793403

They're so focused in the "girls always have pretty sleepovers and talk girl stuff like the boy they have a crush on or even showing their tits" trope that ignore how awful is childhood is in general for women, specially the ones with early development. And "drinking underage" is not cute at all! I know many trans people want "the childhood they never have in the wrong body", but most of them make it sound like straight pedophilia.

No. 1793409

>or even showing their tits
The following has nothing to do with sleepovers but it was unprompted and weird anyways. My friends and I were talking about Germany and this MtF said that they allow women to be topless in public spaces. Then he said that I should walk around topless as well even though I had never expressed any wishes to do so. I have big breasts that I don't feel comfortable about because I, too, used to be sexualized as a child. I got a breast reduction but I still feel insecure. I thought it was disgusting the way he talked about me walking around topless, almost as if he fantasizes about doing so himself.

No. 1793414

Amen to this. They will never relate to being a woman or the struggles of being raised, socialized and treated according to our gender. Fuck them.

No. 1793420


I have family in Germany and have visited a bunch of times in different cities all over the west and east and outside of a few social groups in berlin and uni cities the culture is very private and conservative by american standards. It's true there is a more mature ideas about nudity in the appropriate context and for example it's considered standard to be nude in a traditional german sauna. But behaviors like nonconsensual exhibitionism are even more disgusting and taboo than it is here. Degenerates like this flooding berlin for the last 10-15 years is why english speakers in Germany are almost universally despised now, tell him that next time you get stuck in a conversation

No. 1793425

That's where I noped out, my brain broke from reading that

No. 1793426

That's where I noped out, my brain broke from reading that

No. 1793445

leave it to a troon to assume they are the only ones uncomfortable with their bodies through puberty because 'dysphoria' but because they are actually a woman all other real women probably got really excited about the idea of growing huge tiddies too. nasty pervert.

No. 1793447

man was it annoying all those nazi fuckheads showing up in 'support'. i don't want to be peripherally near such shitstains, especially when it's just an excuse for them to show up, sieg heil, tard out. the women get blamed for it naturally

No. 1793449

He looks like that one plastic surgeon from youtube in another timeline.

No. 1793450

Had to be a psyop

No. 1793451

So creepy it looks like someone glued another person's face in this body

No. 1793452

He looks like he calls random men on the internet daddy. I find it hard to believe he actually wants to fuck women.

No. 1793453

I think he may have actually edited his face onto a woman. This feels so fucking gross because girls usually get their holy communion at 10 years old so without a doubt he is a nonce. I hope to god he doesn't discover the lolita community because I feel like he will terrorise everyone their once he discovers it, as if they don't already have issues with troons, fags and bpd chans ruining everything.

No. 1793459

File: 1679525739726.jpg (474.26 KB, 2554x1284, no opinions allowed.jpg)

>woman has opinion

No. 1793461

Scrotes literally ruin every protest. Also since when did Australia have such an ardent Nazi presence? They weren't even the proud boy types they straight up heiled hitler. I always thought Australia was ultra progressive and their govt is hard on hate speech but guess I was wrong. Scary

No. 1793463

File: 1679526126729.png (684.68 KB, 1440x1080, kek.png)

"crying about being referred to as a person is the most self-defrading thing you can do"

said by someone who will whine and cry if you don't refer him as "woman".

No. 1793467

File: 1679526915772.png (559.12 KB, 674x973, on Twitter.png)

No. 1793470

File: 1679527046874.jpg (181.98 KB, 1242x1249, FrLwcgiWIAAesrV.jpg)

No. 1793472

File: 1679527190491.jpg (99.98 KB, 680x680, Fr2up2sakAAbgjJ.jpg)

No. 1793475

Literally no difference in attire than the TRAs. In a line up, you couldn’t spot Nazi vs tranny. Very telling imo

No. 1793476

File: 1679527564233.jpg (454.93 KB, 2139x2160, FriH98_aIAE5rLk.jpg)

Sophie using a photo from 2015 to make a stupid point? Consider me surprised.

>MFW he used that unfaltering screenshot of that TIM for his comic too.

No. 1793477

File: 1679527574674.jpg (Spoiler Image,125.28 KB, 1080x1356, Fr0zwyoXwAEraiw.jpg)


No. 1793502

File: 1679531322165.jpg (117.3 KB, 1080x1028, Screenshot_20230322_202210_Chr…)

No. 1793506

way to tell on yourself that no lesbian/real woman would actually date you, kek.

No. 1793512

> I am a woman and i wish to be referred as such
Sorry for my trump-chan outburst there, but the fact that these moids and moidettes, who are absent in this case atleast, constantly need a woman wanting some fucking respect to literal genocide imo is getting annoying. They fact that they weaponize actual oppression this way always grinds my gears so much and nobody ever calls them out on this. Pretty sure it could qualify as antisemitism.

No. 1793513

The fact that a woman had to sacrifice risk her physical health to carry this massive waste of life is horrifying.

No. 1793514

So tired of these tards using the Nazi shit as a “gotcha”. Use your brains for 2 seconds to figure out why feminists obviously don’t align with Nazis, or conservatives for that matter. Idk where that happened but I wish that they would have removed those stupid men from distracting from the movement bc of course this would happen. I am Jewish, biracial, autistic and gay ffs I’m pretty sure I can’t be a Nazi. And plenty of other “terfs” are POC. So retarded. Please find pics of Nazis at pro-Palestine rallies.

No. 1793518

It's just the same shit as men branding feminists nazis, they self identify as the goodguys because they think what they want trumps what is right/fair because male ego.

No. 1793522

Your parents were retarded and fucked up for putting you in a mixed-age school.

No. 1793528

File: 1679535544850.jpg (187.77 KB, 1179x1329, Fr2ceyxWcAM4eZa.jpg)


No. 1793529

i thought the same thing too anon, he is wearing a dress made for a girl's first communion which signifies a person now bearing the original sin committed by adam and eve, eating the fruit of knowledge.

i hope the troon only likes the aesthetic of the outfit and not the religious context of little girls suffering a sin they didn't do in the roman catholic religion. its also worse to think about since girls hit puberty faster, which aligns to the age they'll have their first communion. so i don't doubt the troon would sexualize them with that idea.

No. 1793532

what a fucking joke.

No. 1793535

I hated developing as a child, but I never wanted to be a man I wanted to stay a CHILD with no SECONDARY SEX CHARACTERISTICS you nasty agp freak ass moid. We're not like you masturbating to our own reflections. I swear I'm starting to thinK these creatures never had childhoods, they are just some kind of parasitic creature that grew from another parasitic creature like a damn tapeworm. How can you be so deranged to have these views about CHILDREN.

No. 1793546

>Play against cheating males or we'll ban you from playing.
Literally annihilating women's sports. Bleak.

The trans athletics shit is going to be what peaks a lot of normies. They'll enable retards they pity, but they're not going to ignore the obvious differences between men and women when it comes to their precious sportsball.

No. 1793548

File: 1679540190743.jpg (55.53 KB, 607x428, PzLoModvq7MM3iiR9KhFLv9mwcFsqj…)

Lmao they catfished each other into being prison gay. Reminds me of that really old greentext about two scrotes who had lesbian cybersex for like a year before realizing they were both men.

No. 1793550

Men are the sex of projection and constantly cope about over their degeneracy and hedonism, one of these copes is trying to reframe male degeneracy like the majority of criminals being male, as women criminals never being reported/punished. They literally think men aren't the majority of degenerates because they do not identify as degenerate. This behaviour of thinking their beliefs trump observable reality is what causes them to create and support troons/troon out.

No. 1793552

I wouldn't want a man who makes bad choices medicating himself to be my medic.

No. 1793564

I wonder how much comes from the fact that South Korea is both educated AND doesn't have the same type of very wealthy areas where rich people have lived completely cut off from the real world for over a century. Most of the country was built up after the 1960's, most people are just a generation or two removed from living like actual peasants.
I really hate how men project their sexuality onto little girls, and then "sex positive" libfems rush out to back them up. I can't fucking believe that I've read grown adult women insisting that it's OK for middle school girls to be sexually active, and not a complete fucking disaster caused by grooming, coercion, and rape.

No. 1793572

These comics are getting more delusional each time kek

No. 1793573

These comics are getting more delusional each time kek

No. 1793582

File: 1679544346710.jpeg (133.43 KB, 1200x985, F5150121-CC0F-4EA9-A4A9-2CA728…)

Just got a tumblr blazed post of this heavily filtered trans “model”… Not a big deal but it’s funny bc on tumblr if an OF girl or even some harmless selfie gets blazed the replies are FILLED with bullying and people telling them to stop being cringe or like “I can’t believe you spent money on this”. This one is just crickets and no replies at all because troons can’t even receive a light roasting. They other themselves.

No. 1793594

just like men in general agp trannies think that woman = popular pretty girl in her early 20s and girls are all pretty kids and teenagers with lot of friends. it just never occurs to them that girls and women can be lonely, awkward, ugly and unpopular.

No. 1793597

File: 1679547041832.jpg (55.95 KB, 750x381, 1673658692762.jpg)

Kek he is just high on copium. I'm sure he was so excited to finally lure into his basement an actual woman and was disappointed to see a fellow male. This is why he had to insult a random woman in the bathroom. Also, I predict all they talked about was sex and his male brain could not tell women don't talk like this kekk

No. 1793610

except "REEE YOU RACIST NAZI WHITE SUPREMACIST!!!" has been used for years (and is still used) against anyone with a controversial or conservative opinion (sad to see that "woman/girl = female" is a controversial opinion nowadays), always supposedly by those who oppose fascism and antisemitism, so it's going to be difficult to complain about that. the way trannies lie about a trans genocide happening is ridiculous though, i'm sure it's peaking people because even normies realize that it just doesn't add up with all the trans bullshit that is forced down their throats in politics/media.

No. 1793619

Lol I love Sophie simply because he's one of those people who has been drawing for YEARS and has never improved, quite a feat in and of itsel