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File: 1682326932902.jpg (140.24 KB, 709x1728, Ruby-Guest-Christopher-Guest-J…)

No. 1814175

No. 1814185

Kek I remember the stupid shit that peaked me was the realization that male trannies are always interested in male-tier media (like coomer animes) and ftms fakebois are always present in female fandom places with fanfiction an uwu shipping fanarts.

No. 1814196

another shining example of “trans humor”

“yes I cum like crazy and I can take a fist” only a male would include such lame pornsick lyrics in a song about turning his penis inside out, plus we all know it’s a straight up lie, his rot pocket doesn’t do anything but stink up the place.

this video is old so it’s probably been posted before but i just stumbled upon it (unfortunately)

No. 1814198

trannies are extremely gender conforming, but in a retarded way.

No. 1814203

contra’s recent video is the most offensively idiotic “essay” (drunk rambling) he’s done yet. how does he out-stupid himself every time he posts? it’s almost a talent. i hope he gets hit in the face with a pie, which, according to him, is perfectly acceptable activism, not assault.

No. 1814210

File: 1682330556439.webm (4.74 MB, 576x1024, Download.webm)

No. 1814219

even if they are a fan of something mostly women like, they stick out like a sore thumb. Almost always you can tell who’s a woman and who’s not on the internet from the way they post or talk about things, there’s outliers but most of the time it’s obvious kek

No. 1814226

File: 1682333102580.jpg (214.2 KB, 1080x1044, Screenshot_20230420_175308_Ins…)

it'll never not be funny to me how true-to-stereotype certain TIMs can be. here we have a prison-gay AGP throuple, some of whom are autistically (obviously) into trains and being gamers. sorry, it's not much milk, I just wanted to point and laugh

No. 1814229

File: 1682333304405.jpg (1.43 MB, 3024x4032, nv6i9gg2qqva1.jpg)

They also stick out because these fucks can't shut the fuck up about being trans for a second. This was in the subreddit plantclinic today. Normally all posts there are 99-100% upvoted but this one was at 83%. That poor plant is sickly because it's forced to live with a fucking troon.

No. 1814230

No. 1814231

actually cackled at the end

No. 1814232

i know they're in deep with their fantasies but im sure these dudes weren't slightest gay before becoming a tim. im sure those TRT tims hardly settle for the same sex even when theyre desperate before identifying as trans so what change just beyond hormones and names, why did their sexuality led them to have sex with other tims? or be even romantically involve with them?

No. 1814233

I think the TIM throuples are gay autists. They just don't have the confidence and ability to deal with gay men so they think they aren't gay men. They are creepy but at least these troons don't harass women any more.

No. 1814234

god this reminds me of that old weed smoking girlfriends post from tumblr

No. 1814237

Some are genuinely gay men, but for a lot of them their sexual pleasure comes exclusively from their fetish. So regardless of it's a woman or man their fetish is still seeing themselves as a woman, so as long as they get to pretend they are a sexy woman they get off to that. Other troons will feel the same so the unspoken rule is for them all to pretend to be sexy ladies together so they can get off to themselves but together. Doing gay acts on a man like sucking him off then becomes further confirmation that they are "acting out the female part" because they see women as sexual objects meant to please men. These men center their entire lives, personality and actions around their fetish.

No. 1814238

File: 1682335459017.png (32.63 KB, 762x405, 01.png)

peak gaslighting. it's abusive for this woman who was disabled due to male violence, to request female-only care providers and complain when a man in a dress shows up. SHE is the bigot. and should get over her traumas that led to her being in this vulnerable position in the first place and clearly does not deserve end of life care. she should just die in pain and discomfort because she wouldn't let a man bathe her.

No. 1814239

>dry lips
>ugly as fuck
> married men, men with girlfriends slid into my dms,because I have something you don't have
>yellow teeth
>the dry ass kiss at the end
>stay mad
>I'm a lesbian
>deepest voice in the world
I'm dying kek. This is comedy

No. 1814240


there's an irony to it because creating a trans community stops them from actually socializing as women.

No. 1814241

once again they assume that the number one thing women care about in the world is male attention. that is our number one priority and we absolutely SEETHE with jealousy when a man built like a rugby player claims to get hit on by "our" men. it really shows their misogyny when they do this. for them we have no value other than to be the object of men's desire.
please, take all the porn-sick perverts off our hands. do us a favour mate.

No. 1814246

This is top-tier peak material, I literally keking out loud. Also, the annoying mansplaining tone is the cherry on top of this pile of shit.

No. 1814249

Hope she sues the company

No. 1814250

Kek nonnies it's way simpler. They are straight incels and are so desperate to fuck anyone or anything that they resort to dating other trannies, it's literally the same thing as prison gay, they choose between a couch hole and a fellow agp's shithole.

No. 1814257

I think these agps are bi but yes I think they would date (real) women if they had the option

No. 1814278

Same, what peaked me was that they always show stereotypical male behavior and hobbies and the way they dress and talk about themselves mirrors the way straight males talk about women they're attracted to.

No. 1814281

Yeah just recently I was checking an episode discussion of Shadow and Bone episode on reddit and there was a random "rather than the two popular ships I prefer these three female characters as a lesbian throuple" or some weird shit and I clocked it right away, checked profile, boom, a trabsbian. And this was a totally wild guess. They stick out so much.

No. 1814286

If it was 15 years ago they would've become prison gay furries because they're terminally online nerds desperate to get laid.

No. 1814287

if two males are dating and fucking each other in the ass/mouth they clearly aren't straight, even if it's all a part of their retarded and disgusting fetishes. if a TIF was claiming to be gay while doing "heterosexual acts" on a man she would be ripped to shreds lol

No. 1814288

Buffalo Bill vibes gross. Also ciswomen want the best of both worlds. No. Gross. We absolutely do not want troons. Lesbian or straight.

No. 1814290

File: 1682342050012.jpeg (72.72 KB, 628x960, 8AA10A03-09A5-420B-91B2-CDC99C…)

Sage for skim milk but the jokes really write themselves

No. 1814292

does he realize men and woman who willingly go after him because they see him as some half man/ woman freak of nature is not the own he thinks it is? lol. these guys think they're "irl futas". there is no "best of both worlds". he's just an ugly crossie who larps as a woman. plus those lesbians are most definitely bi woman with 0 standards

No. 1814293

The average man would sooner fuck a man with long hair than a transitioned tif. It's all about gender roles for them

No. 1814294

so normal people do not experience joy and are less talkative/funny? if he did his best to find anything rewarding about troonery it's really fucking sad lmao

No. 1814295

>hey there puddin' pop
Closed the vid there. Only a male would refer to a random woman as 'puddin' pop'.

No. 1814297


I noticed the same thing with music, you can clock so many of the new electronic artist just by what album art and names they pick. Thinking back before all this the guys I knew who just had overlapping media interest didn't troon out and for the most part weren't even gay. It's weird to think they would actually pass more online without trying.

No. 1814298

File: 1682342627794.jpeg (6.39 KB, 270x187, download.jpeg)

majority of those straight men are just gynosexuals. they're this meme but completely unironic about it. if they had to pick between The Rock with a vag or Megan Fox with a dick, they'd 100% pick Megan fox(sage your shit)

No. 1814302

A lot of ugly men would fuck a coconut. They don't care what they stick their dick in as long as it's easy and cheap.

No. 1814306

I said this a few threads back, but seeing these JLC family pics I can only think that it looks like the family is caring for their unfortunate grown child with a developmental disorder + birth defect + mental deficiency.(sage your shit)

No. 1814310

oh god did you just quote andrew tate with the “rock with a vag and meghan fox with a dick” bit

No. 1814312

No. 1814314

oh no I just thought up of the two most conventionally attractive man and woman in Hollywood. I don't watch Andrew tate's stuff. it's a mere coincidence lol(sage your shit)

No. 1814316

What a dumb question, what 1/10 woman would ever even come close to looking like Hulk Hogan? Does he mean without facial hair? Does he think muscly women are 1/10? Andrew Taint is just gay.

No. 1814317

File: 1682345604897.jpg (506.92 KB, 1200x1200, a1813761517_10.jpg)

Exactly, I remember when I saw a breakcore artist named 'sewerslvt' with an anime album picture and an album name 'pretty cvnt' and I knew right away kek I didn't even have to check

And now I checked him on some wiki and it's even worse than I thought:
>for various reasons, primarily far-right groups based on sites like 4chan and KiwiFarms, users on more main-stream websites like Twitter and Discord, and even other musicians have launched campaigns against them and their fan base over the years
>use of real-life deaths/suicides as samples for their album covers
>using drawings of child pornography as album covers
>allegedly communicating with a 16-year-old in a sexual manner
>confessing that they torture animals

No. 1814318

File: 1682345720902.jpg (46.69 KB, 550x541, Ayeshaerotica.jpg)

breakcore, hyperpop, and PC genres tend to be filled the most with tims and tifs for some reason. judge me for my trash music tastes but I'm into artist like Slayyter and I found out some of her songs were produced by Ayesha Erotica. I also like Ayesha's music but I was genuinely shocked to find out that was a tim. I found out about him when I was in middle school and he doesn't have the typical forced falsetto you here from most hsts. after seeing him, he vaguely looks similar to Blair white since they both have the same dumb bimbo aesthetic going on.
saging for rambling

No. 1814322

File: 1682346076721.jpg (Spoiler Image,11.82 KB, 240x240, gross flabby tummy.jpg)

same, it was when i was going thru genius lyrics that it mentioned that he was a transwoman. But he's been strange to me from the start, esp his body, his tummy is flabby in the exact way Katya(the drag queen)'s is. (Picrel: Barely dressed faggot)

No. 1814323

Take what I’m about to say with a grain of salt because I couldn’t find the twitter thread consisting of the screenshots but he also supposedly used to put memes making a joke out of getting raped or abused and incest

No. 1814324

Notice how he brings up men wanting him as a reason why he's a woman and sooo not jealous when the og comment says NOTHING about men. He literally is operating in his perpetual incel mindset and thinks women's worth is their desirability towards men. Even beyond his disgusting appearance, this man is nothing but an incel with long hair.

No. 1814325

>he doesn't have the typical forced falsetto you here from most hsts
ofc he doesn't, his voice is modified to hell and beyond even if it's stylistic.
Also, his songs don't mention him having a vagina often(something that can't be said for Chase Icon, "He could hit the blunt while he's breaking in my hymen"), but in older, lesser known, songs, he mentions his dick("They like the way my noonie is peaking out my skirt")

No. 1814326

File: 1682346568913.jpg (Spoiler Image,179.84 KB, 1200x1200, flabby tummy pt. 2 ft. flat ch…)

dropped pic(Picrel: Barely dressed faggot)

No. 1814327

File: 1682346991611.png (12.56 KB, 900x229, sewerslvt.png)

the vile piece of shit made reference to Junko Furuta as well, that's what his name's based off: https://twitter.com/worm_Brainzz/status/1630802724328439809

No. 1814328

It is funny that even in fandom they stay in spaces that naturally tend to segregate based on sex. Like where are all the TiM fujos if they’re really women?

No. 1814334

doesn't he have a thread on KF?

No. 1814335

File: 1682349237950.png (122.54 KB, 668x680, FufFvqxXgAAq09V.png)

No. 1814336

i cackled

No. 1814338

Absolutely delusional to think a lesbian wants to date a male, and not only that but she has to be not-woke enough to accept that this lesbian is a bigot who don't want to date other trans people. He's gonna be single forever

No. 1814341

>women pretending to be men
Kek. Kinda like him being a man pretending to be a woman

No. 1814342

always knew something was off with this person but I didn’t expect him to be an MTF kek

No. 1814345

Kek nonnie I got your point, but you have to acknowledge how desperate for coom some males are. No tif ever is desperate for sex, only desperate for attention maybe, but some scrotes will put their dick in big clams' shells and wasp hives. Not because they have a fetish for this shit, it's just some moids are that desperate.
Male sexuality isn't about attraction, it's about opportunity, they take what they can get.

No. 1814346

I'm getting sick of people talking about blantantly gay acts between the same sex but calling the men "Straight" still.
No, they are bisexual, I don't care what the reason is behind it, I don't care if they were straight and turned to gay sex to complete thier fantasy. They are bisexual/gay scrotes having gay sex, in a gay relationship.
Straight men don't fuck other men regardless of what they have or don't have in their pants.

No. 1814349

Okay so all the prison gay men are actually gay by this logic (no, they just don't have an option)

No. 1814353

Nonnie trust me, literally 0 zero women interact with him, he is too hideous and creepy for handmaidens. He was talking about the other trannies kek

No. 1814380

The thing people don't understand is that male sexuality doesn't exist/is extremely fluid. Any male can be memed into fucking anything and anyone. Straight, bi or gay don't exist for them, they will be able to fuck anything no matter what they call themselves. If a so called "straight" man doesn't have any woman available he will absolutely start fucking things, animals or children. Gay males can fuck women and have children just fine. Men may express some preference when it comes to gender roles (key word is "gender roles" here, not physical sex), but they will turn to anything. There was a south american town where every man in town, married and unmarried, started fucking a monkey with lipstick ffs. They're just wired like that.

No. 1814382

File: 1682354139423.jpg (155.79 KB, 1080x1119, 5f758a003b8e581841f5e0634fb57b…)

>i have four girlfriends

No. 1814383

File: 1682354237622.jpg (197.47 KB, 613x2048, selftell.jpg)

Even though i'm fairly certain this particular predditor is referring to how puberty-blocking is basically chemical castration, as someone who has been exposed to way more sissy porn than should even exist it is interesting how common the sentiment of a "useless clit" is in those circles. I really think it's kind of a self-tell of how they actually feel about women's bodies. Clits can't fuck so they're basically useless.

No. 1814386

Kek and don't forget all the "girlfriends" are also men

No. 1814408

They are bisexual. Actually straight people exist, straight super coomers exist who'd fuck anything that's born female (even animals). If a man has gaysex he's not straight and I don't care what anyone says or why. This is why we are where we are. People always call men into Tim's gay/bi but suddenly me saying that men having gay sex makes them bisexual/gay means I don't understand male sexuality. I don't care, I just know what straight is and it doesn't include fucking people the same gender as you, especially when it's scrotes

No. 1814420

Truest thing ever said and if anyone disagrees they are in denial. Just look at the majority of straight men online nowadays who have been memed into desperately wanting to fuck males with long hair and lipstick. Look at how deranged with animal degenerate lust men get over femboys just because they perform feminity signifiers. Obviously by definition these men are not straight but men literally don't have a sexuality like this. Men are coomsexual. Men will put fake lashes on a slug and become sexually attracted to that slug

No. 1814421


I think this is circling back around to the idea that some forms of sexuality really are just byproducts of mental illness. Like the whole concept became a no no because of gay rights, but a lot of these people would just be vanilla straight if they were in a remotely good place mentally.

No. 1814424

Trannies better hope tif surgeries don't get good because we all know irl futas are actually tifs with real dicks cause they're "chicks with dicks", not "scrotes with implants".
Bi scrotes not in the closet know females have the prettier bodies and acknowledge the penis as the only functional part of the man for sex so that's why they go for futas and not male bodies with cunts for example (even if tifs think that's what they are their torso says otherwise). If tifs could get real working dicks all the bi men who want futas would go for those bullshit femboy tifs and encourage them to keep their breasts, not a single one would go for a Tim even with the world's best implants because that's not all the female body is.

No. 1814425

File: 1682358678875.jpeg (825.47 KB, 3000x3000, thomas.jpeg)

An update on "Tara" - this guy >>1814210. his name is Thomas Jay White and he is a violent wife-beater. picrel are some photos he posted on his facebook page including a conversation with his sister who he is vile towards.

No. 1814428

I thought this was the AmazingAtheist for a second.

No. 1814436

Even ugly women are desired. Who fucking cares about moid attention unless you're a retarded pick me. Even then, it's not even hard for them. Rather than moid attention, they want to be the cool girl that male dominated culture values. The guy is hilarious because he thinks he can start talking down to women like any other misogynistic pig just because "me woman too!" Looking fucking male af, puts his pig paw into the screen, with absolutely no feminine feature on him including that very male voice. Just a typical male not understanding the first thing about a woman. I get tons of male attention and I'm basic and average. I've dealt with stalkers just like MOST women. It's not a win, faggot. Real women understand this isn't representative of their value as a human but the opposite. Porn sick moid thinks chasers are a good thing. It's some porn grease balls thinking that a tranny is going to be into sick shit so they can use them. "I have 3 girlfriends" Press x to fucking doubt. Either weird fat bi women into fetish shit or women who have had their self esteem decimated. I had a heart kek at this person's poor woman suit with included sassy personality. So much second hand embarrassment.

No. 1814437

Nah. It's the easiest game mode but it's like when you first select "hard" but you die a lot and the game silently changes to easy and you think you're suddenly too good until you realize by the end you got no rewards because you were on easy mode this entire time kek.

No. 1814454

Didn't he sample audio from CP in one of his tracks or am I confusing him with somebody else?

No. 1814456

File: 1682363112198.jpeg (87.38 KB, 828x799, IMG_3793.jpeg)

tweaker tranny

No. 1814457

Also what exactly are the rewards hes talking about? Being able to get away with rape and pedophilia due to tranny privilege?

No. 1814458

File: 1682363144889.jpeg (96.43 KB, 828x721, IMG_3792.jpeg)


No. 1814465

Five posts in and you made the funniest fucking post in the thread

No. 1814466

What the fuck please don't let this be real

No. 1814469

I thought trannies hated RHPS because they bitched and moaned that it was a harmful depiction of them? I swore I saw articles years ago about them claiming that exact thing.

No. 1814470

post face please, I want to assess the transphobic tranny

No. 1814471

it was always pretty obvious he was a tim to me with his faggy hsts voice, obsession with y2k and Britney Spears mcbling shit, and sexually degrading lyrics about being peed on that only a gay scrote would write

No. 1814472

Didn’t they find his tumblr where he posted about bestiality, diaper shit and incest?

No. 1814474

Of course he was…moids never change..

No. 1814477

when i was a huge fan of this faggot (during my libfem phase) i remember there was 2 (lost medias) videos of him talking and it was clockable as fuck
>this video of him calling himself a mexican chupa despite being a white
>another video of him smoking a cigarette outside in the dark while his (cousin) bf is inserting a ring on his finger and he goes like "im miss Ayesha fucking Jones !"

i used to be part of a huge server on discord for posting some rare songs/leaks, i was also active on the reddit page. thank fuck im out of this shit now, it was a strange phase
(vidrel is him when he was crossdressing only)

No. 1814483

no, the only "cp" thing he did was putting a picture of Lain (from serial experiment lain anime, she's 14yo btw) sucking a d*ck as an album cover. iirc he also put a real dead child body which was very gruesome as another album cover. he didnt sampled CP, people were confusing him with Zenjin

No. 1814488

sometimes autistic people really don't have sexual preferences or healthy boundaries and all their relationships become like clingy overly intimate friendships and all the poly meta structure gives them directions and a script

No. 1814489

oh christ, i didn't see that. makes his issues with his sister all the more worrying.

No. 1814490

that’s ayesha??? i don’t remember him looking that bad

No. 1814494

that was him before putting wig/makeup/injecting troonjuice, obviously theres a big difference

No. 1814497

File: 1682365796394.jpg (Spoiler Image,194.73 KB, 1080x1756, The_Amazing_Chaserist.jpg)

saging for non milk but I'm actually glad to be aroace and only find fictional men attractive. I don't know how straight nonnies live when men like this are out in the world and in large numbers

No. 1814500

>attracted to fictional men
So you're straight but choose to not date/can't get sexually attracted to real men because the standard is below the fucking ground and they all behave like ugly sexpests.

No. 1814501

i agree and i still believe bisexuality is a criteria for bpd, especially for men

No. 1814504

File: 1682366290265.jpg (46.23 KB, 624x458, sewertranny apparently didn't …)

>no, the only "cp" thing he did was putting a picture of Lain
no, his album "Starving slvts always get their fill" also has pics of shota/loli hentai that he later censored, then "made a new album cover"(it isn't apparently: https://www.reddit.com/r/Sewerslvt/comments/pyxkfi/i_discovered_something_interesting/)
>he didnt sampled CP
apparently he has sampled from a documentary about some pedo

No. 1814507

no I genuinely don't find any man or woman sexually or romantically attractive at all. finding fictional characters attractive is not the same as finding real people attractive. fictional characters are heavily idealized that it's impossible to compare the two(no1currs)

No. 1814508

doesn't he also use the name jvnko as reference to the tragic and awful real life torture and murder of the young school girl junko furuta?

No. 1814513

No. 1814514

File: 1682367032253.png (340.65 KB, 894x1358, sewertranny.png)

he also defends it

No. 1814515

>hrt start 9-11-01
trannies did 9/11 confirmed

No. 1814517

shit. my bad, nonny. missed a few posts

No. 1814531

My question to these hons who know they won’t ever pass is, why try? Why still dress in ill fitting outfits and look grotesque instead of trying to get mental help when you know for sure you will never be seen as a real woman? I feel like a lot of TIMs have had this realization but try to ignore it or delude themselves so they can keep living out their fetish but then again, after a realization like that I doubt even the sexual arousal aspect of it can keep someone going, every hon seems to be one look in the mirror away from suicide

No. 1814548

>some forms of sexuality really are just byproducts of mental illness
Yeah, like zoophilia or prison gay. I agree a lot of things men do is solely for the coom but this is just kind of stupid tbh, especially if you're implying women's sexualities as well.

No. 1814550

File: 1682369908643.png (18.5 KB, 931x330, obrienontrans.png)

Yeah, and they seethed because the creator of RHPS Richard O'Brien said that trannies can't ever be real women.

No. 1814554

thats what ive said retard. i said that he used a picture of Lain giving blowjob despite Lain being 14yo in the anime, which is lolicon by the definition.
btw im pretty sure he sampled Peter Scully

No. 1814565

oh fr I'm seriously curious about this. and I know they write stuff about this but, like, I want to know the real answers, not socially acceptable lies or copium. I have this theory that the "every woman is beautiful" body positivity trend tricked them into having false hope.

No. 1814567

Of fucking course he's a broke scrote with an abused ex-wife, abused sister, and abused mother. It drives me insane that women are trained out of all their self-preservation instincts, and THIS is the quality of scrotes.

No. 1814575


And they can't shut the fuck up about what special spicy straights they are anywhere lmao. We get it, you're the specialist straight women and the way you experience life is like so unique, sister.

it's the same cope that fake lesbians use. Uwu noooo I'm only attracted to fictional men, I'm definitely a rug muncher! it's comphet! it's comphet!!!! I'm not straaaaaaaight!!!

No. 1814591


my pet theory is that a lot of this is coming from the same place mentally as becoming a born again christian does. people are trying to find a solution that absolves and re-frames their previous selves and actions. i also think this is why isekai series are so popular over the same time period. transing even if they don't pass at least allows them to say "the problems i had as a man are because i was really a woman" and try to hit the reset button. the drugs, surgery and all that allows it to feel real for thoroughly secular people.

No. 1814597

File: 1682376751676.jpeg (225.46 KB, 1284x2102, IMG_6298.jpeg)

Yeah, I’m sure they’d love to teach us about HSTS prostitutes who are ARE often attacked or murdered.

No. 1814606

Kek the fact that his initials are TJ doesn’t help

No. 1814610

like how they regularly kill trannies??? is this guy retarded?

No. 1814611

>you are born as a relatively well off heterosexual white man in a wealthy country
>nerfs (a random combo will be assigned to you): porn addiction - autism - ugly

No. 1814619

We could teach the world homophobia, misogyny and strict gender roles but I'm certain america is well versed on that stuff and already teaching it to everyone else as peak progressivism. pls do not come to brazil

No. 1814625

they'd prob say the same thing with thailand with their ladyboys and etc.(learn2sage)

No. 1814626

File: 1682381064235.png (10.62 KB, 731x226, retard.png)

>they don't seem to command quite as much brain space

No. 1814633

Lots of men don't have a normal sexual orientation; they don't care as long as they get off.

No. 1814634

File: 1682381728146.jpg (258.3 KB, 1080x1684, Screenshot_20230424_194235_Ins…)

No. 1814641

I thought it was the same trannie from the infamous "Kill terf" video. Do they share the same clothes or make-up skills to look the same?

No. 1814644

Men can have mental illnesses/paraphilias but I'm not sure that it negates the concept of sexual orientation for the entire male population. Men have access to any kind of porn in one click and even prostitutes IRL sadly so if they're picking tranny porn & prostitutes they're doing it on purpose, it's not out of desperation. And if men do not have sexual orientations, then why the argument is always that trannies/chasers are straight coomers, especially when they're fucking each other? It doesn't make sense.

No. 1814646

I'm pretty sure it has more to do with them being in relationships with someone who understands how they feel, respects their identity, and makes them feel comfortable. T4t is so benign and harmless to me, I don't see the issue at all.

No. 1814647

Name one person who wouldn't pick megan fox with a dick. Horrible choice for your metaphor.(cringe)

No. 1814649

"Puddin pop" is definitely not mad about missing that cro magnon brow and nonexistent upper lip, and husky male voice

No. 1814650

It tracks that a majority of agps see themselves as women and trans men as women pretending to be men

No. 1814652

stupid comparison because trannies aren't "megan fox with a dick". their entire body is male. and a cheap wig and hormones don't make you look like megan fox. god andrew tate really is gay

No. 1814656

Dawn 100% joined that job so he could have a chance of SAing a defenseless disabled woman

No. 1814668

Samantha Hyde

No. 1814677

File: 1682388119105.jpg (35.21 KB, 1080x334, Screenshot_20230424_220021_Red…)

found this hilarious comment on a twans wights uwu post on the folk punk subreddit

No. 1814679

This nearly made me cry, wtf. I'm in a wheelchair and thankfully my carer (which I need full time) is someone I trust and live with; I can't imagine what the woman in this story was feeling. Probably a mixture of panic, fear, hopelessness and rage. I truly hope that moid crokes, and fuck that aid service.

No. 1814690

lol outlast who? they all have a higher percent of dying either from mutilation or from side effects from injecting hormones in high quantities that weren't made for their bodies.

No. 1814696

File: 1682390065378.jpg (441.62 KB, 2048x1536, FuFk2upaMAEN3Os.jpg)

>greasy hair
>hideous "bangs" covering 5 head

No. 1814699

File: 1682390096875.jpg (68.1 KB, 1080x501, FucBtkJXoAQSJyw.jpg)

No. 1814705

What a miserable shithead. At least we can actually use tampons.

No. 1814706

File: 1682390656546.png (50.91 KB, 677x744, Screenshot 2023.png)

I like this era of JK

No. 1814710

File: 1682390943332.jpg (224.31 KB, 1957x1248, FufLy2RWIAAF3Pz.jpg)

>sausage faucet

No. 1814713

Women only take tampons because they need it. If we didn't need to use female hygiene products we would gladly stop using them. What troons like this one do is just waste perfectly good tampons by sticking them up their asshole/infected neovag, even though they don't need it, because they get a boner from it, which isn't exactly womanlike. Hope his ass gets reported and fired.
Ah yes, The Amazing Atheist, that self-admitted pedophile who posted a video of himself pouring hot oil on his microdick. It makes perfect sense that he would be a tranny ally.

No. 1814715

File: 1682391135133.png (138.56 KB, 670x914, Males In Disguise on Twitter.p…)

No. 1814716

File: 1682391260955.jpg (97.74 KB, 1080x1117, FuacEpHWIAY1IR5.jpg)

No. 1814721

that's not the point nonna. the point is moids will fuck anything that vaguely looks like an attractive woman to them. they're attracted to idealized femininity/concept of womanhood, not the actual female form. they're gynosexuals first and foremost. they're not attracted to gnc/hypermasculine women, hence why straight men would claim wanting to fuck a passing tif is gay even if she still has a functioning vagina but not a tim with his dick still attached

No. 1814725

File: 1682392437853.png (309.57 KB, 1080x1190, Screenshot_20230424-211428.png)

I would say, "listen to better punk, you fucking oogles", but all the men into crust are trooning out too.

No. 1814726

File: 1682392524907.png (32.99 KB, 1080x636, Screenshot_20230424-211541.png)

Samefag, cropped out the caption.

No. 1814727

…is it really that impossible for you to imagine NOT finding either sex attractive? you're weirdly insistent that I'm ~speacial straight~ cause I make an exception for non existent cartoon men lol. I made a joke comment about how I don't have to deal with scrotes like tj or in general due to my lack of attraction and yall just had to be a dicks about it. yeah whatever no one cares but I'd think you'd be smart enough to know what you enjoy in fiction isn't 1:1 with your real life preferences/sexuality. oh well
saging for OT personal rant (obvi)

No. 1814731

i get your point but i'm not entirely sold on this idea. first, saying that men are attracted to gender rather than sex is agreeing with trannies. second, if that were true, just being GNC or wearing loose clothes with no makeup would be enough for women to escape men's comments, looks and assaults but it's not. i'm sure there are plenty of men, especially coomers, who have that type of "fluid" sexual orientation that's mainly based on fetishes and gender like you described, but i'm not sure it applies to all normie men, i doubt most of them would happily fuck a hulking troon with a dick just because he has the whole bimbo attire. but maybe idk.

No. 1814733

What the fuck would possess you to do this from a business standpoint, why would they send a TiM? There's a 50% chance the person is going to complain (probably higher since they're probably requesting because of male abuse), did they not have ANY women available? It's like they sent him just to teach her a lesson

There is something so insidious about the ones that keep the beard.

Bug off, who cares what she calls only being attracted to cartoons. 99% of autistic women are

This image is so disgusting to me in such a visceral way. I still see the guy in the back as a dude but his boobs don't look real, just like props or something, like breastplate but that fact it's silicon worn inside makes it weirdly body horror to me. I know women get silicon breasts too but seeing them on a man kind of hit home how weird that is.

No. 1814736

File: 1682394050085.jpg (67.78 KB, 1070x1050, Fub_VCXaAAERyno.jpg)

Apparently there is a github page that trannies made of terfy twitters.

No. 1814738

tf is wrong with brazil, why is it churning out trannies?

No. 1814740

oh come the fuck on. this tranny isn’t even trying

No. 1814741

File: 1682394305919.png (103.69 KB, 677x783, (fem_mb) _ Twitter.png)

No. 1814743

Don't waste your time nonna, even anons repulsed by men and sexually attracted to women IRL will be accused of being spicy straights if they've ever done anything wrong such as reading BL once at 13yo, that's lolcow for you

Sounds like a great resource to find like-minded women on twitter kek

No. 1814745

File: 1682394456834.png (342.01 KB, 669x780, Poppi Starr on Twitter.png)

No. 1814747

trannies are entitled, delusional, selfish men. they get off on having power over people, especially women. they lack anything close to self-awareness because they’re overgrown babies.

No. 1814748

File: 1682394888052.png (154.7 KB, 671x945, skeleton_claw) _ Twitter.png)

>steals and edits someones art
>just made it unfunny too

No. 1814749

File: 1682395021787.jpg (77.67 KB, 547x734, 1680985181089.jpg)

>only 122 replies
Is he doing a Keffals?

No. 1814750

saging because this is semi-OT, but trannies should realize that most people think their “trained” voices are annoying and hard to fucking listen to. no matter how hard they try, they just sound like faggots putting on an even more feminine voice. give up

No. 1814751

Sorry for sounding gross, but I sometimes think men are just attracted to putting their dicks in holes or whatever you want to call it. As in literal, physical holes. There's so many stories about guys sticking their junk into raw chicken, vacuums, pringles cans, glory holes. Men don't care what it is as long as they can put their dick into it and feel something. imo that's why their sexuality is so fluid, that's why they're willing to even get their dick turned inside out because what is more appealing to them than having a "hole." Obviously sexual preferences exist, but I don't think every prison gay or t4t was always sexually necessarily attracted to men, their primary objective is to just put their dick in something and desperate times call for desperate measures for some of them

No. 1814752

this would explain why homophobic men are so weirdly intense about their hate for homosexuality. they know they’re one bad day away from fucking a dude and that terrifies them.

No. 1814759

File: 1682395463671.jpg (298.38 KB, 1200x1600, FuaBuOqWAAEYBBK.jpg)

They all have the same inflection when they're trying to sound like females. It gives them away (besides still looking like dudes) kek

No. 1814761


The tran voice is really appalling. Even voice changers can be heard, sorta. There's nothing I hate more than clicking on a video of what I think is gonna be a female youtuber and then hearing some awful falsetto. Makes me furious every time.

No. 1814764

File: 1682395765630.jpeg (90.48 KB, 750x738, IMG_8097.jpeg)

what’s the point of castrating yourself if you’re gonna need testosterone? what a retard.

No. 1814765

File: 1682395774617.png (191.56 KB, 931x841, 4w.png)

No. 1814767

trans voices are unbearable. trannies do this forced falsetto that must be as painful to do as it is to listen to, while doing an impression of a gay guy with a bad lisp doing an impression of a valley girl. aidens have this high pitched froggy voice that barely sounds human.

No. 1814771

So sad. Where’s the outrage for this? They’ll all say they deserved it. Also why are people in Brazil extra crazy with TRA shit? I’ve noticed this for a few years. A lot of their most popular musicians are TIMs too.

No. 1814780

awful scrote culture

No. 1814784

Brazil is full of pretty boy trannies.

No. 1814785

no, what you said was:
>no, the only "cp" thing he did was putting a picture of Lain (from serial experiment lain anime, she's 14yo btw) sucking a d*ck as an album cover.
when there's two instances, for "Starving slvts always get their fill" and "Cyberia lyr1+2".

No. 1814787

doesn't this violate github TOS?

No. 1814794

Someone pick up your dad kek

No. 1814795

File: 1682401389662.png (15.87 KB, 700x630, 1657667036312.png)

>tfw when your account doesn't make the transphobe list

No. 1814798

File: 1682401847839.jpg (180.89 KB, 1080x1039, Screenshot_20230425_065018_Red…)

Nonnie I raise you this troon in the r/actuallylesbian thread about turn offs during sex

No. 1814805

>Do they share the same clothes or make-up skills to look the same
Kek they kinda do. All the AGPs share the same hentaish-ethot "style" and all the HSTSs look like 2010 insta bimbos. They aren't into fashion and styling like women, they are into imitating their idea of a woman.

No. 1814809

I've never liked crusties but it's wild how so many of them are trooning out now, guess it's to mask all that SA they committed years ago(sage your shit)

No. 1814810

Could only find a conservative site talking about this and a feminist one which translates stuff from 4w.
None of the brazilian nonnas here likes this but we can't really say anything anywhere but here without being branded as hateful coservatards even though most of us probably are leftists. The left is unbearable, it has nothing to do with class struggles anymore and is all about micro identities and "diversity" which has no meaning anymore (not diverse at all it's always the same kind of people that seem to come from the exact same background and they're privileged as fuck and/or too sheltered to be talking as if they know anything, but the commie wannabes in universities seem eat that shit up), they use the same strategies as the americans, they hide behind actual minorities, except in their case it works better because they can actually put some black hsts to speak their ass about shit they don't understand. We also have a few tim politicians already. A new femicide everyday, misogyny is rampant and we're used to it, but now being a transphobe makes you an acceptable target because not wanting a man in the female toilet is the worst thing you could ever dream of doing… Too many women are still "girlboss" kind of feminist, the ones that act like total pickmes but still go saying stuff like "girl power", who says prostitution is work, it's cheap feminism, capitalistic stuff that means literally nothing, it is gross and demeaning. This left is everywhere at universities, and while I don't like conservatives myself, the fact that universities now have such black and white thinking is appaling, it shouldn't be like this, no one there is thinking by themselves, they're being brainwashed and they're coming out worse, no wonder people who don't agree go far right. I really fucking hate the path we're going and it's like we women have nowhere to go. It's knockoff america, who the fuck would want that after knockoff Trump? Only brazilian retards who think anything gringo is better. We always get the worst burger retardation to mimic. I'm so tired of this shit.

No. 1814831

>The left is unbearable, it has nothing to do with class struggles anymore and is all about micro identities and "diversity" which has no meaning anymore
>they're privileged as fuck and/or too sheltered to be talking as if they know anything, but the commie wannabes in universities seem eat that shit up
This also applies to a lot of Western countries imo. At least it applies to mine 100% (eurofag). As you said, anons don't like it and will say that TRAs aren't leftists because the left is about class struggles, but the main leftist parties in the West seem to have given up on class struggles a long time ago, now they mainly focus on the oppression hierarchy + libfeminism. And of course if you're poor, you're still oppressed by the rich, but that's pretty much it, there are many other issues and 'identities' like troonism that take precedence over it. Mainstream media, university professors and students etc. are all leftists and anyone with a slightly "controversial" opinion is immediately accused of being an alt right neo nazi, but they're all privileged people living in rich neighborhoods, all the things they talk about are purely conceptual/abstract to them, and so many theories are just imported/translated from the US, it's retarded, ridiculous and frankly enraging.

No. 1814859

kek the dirty feet

No. 1814862

Brazil has been shit for decades but it's less shit now than it was a couple years ago. There's hope- you have to remember that it's behind the rest of the world by decades, perpetually stuck in the late 90s and early 00s. There's a huge spotlight on the country following the flaming dumpster fire that was Bolsonaro, it's not trendy to be that kind of misogynist any more so they have to get creative to hate women in a woke way, and college/uni is where you get retards being let out of their parents' watchful gaze for the first time. Everyone wants to fit in so of course they're going to screech about how troons are wammin. And the gringo worship might be a good thing for once- Trump is under fire, America is peaking, and, as it happens in all places where trannies are accepted, Brazillian leftists will peak too. There's time for things to get better, nona.

No. 1814864

File: 1682414362258.png (550.63 KB, 1118x835, future serial killer.png)

Can never resist the urge to check post history when reddit basement dwellers assert how unclockable they are. You always expect some sad emaciated college boy, but sometimes you come across a specimen like this.

No. 1814871

He can creep on 2 people at the same time with those eyes

No. 1814873

Literally all of it could describe America too. I wish it wasn’t a left vs right thing, especially when it comes to education. Lefties want to indoctrinate people into a cult and rightoids want everyone to just be retarded.

No. 1814880

All it will ever be is money makers co-opting anything that threatens their income or has potential to generate more income sadly. We will never be free, but we can try and stop giving them money. It's my only way to stay sane. Women can't even have abortion rights in the US and trannies are fought for tooth and nail because they're male and fuelling their fetish being legalised so they can harass and predate the same way they did when they structured society to allow pederast shit. They will always look to indulge in total degeneracy, just the methods change the worse it makes them look socially. Something something whole bird because in the end scrotes will be scrotes no matter the color they wear. I think a lot of 'left' scrotes are only left because they want UBI so they can watch porn and play vidya all day and want prostitutes to be common place.

No. 1814884

>mainstream media is leftist
nice joke lol
Again, being pro-capitalist/centrist is not being leftist. I've never seen mainstream media or these so-called "mainstream leftist parties" such as the American democrats, advocate for the abolition of private property, or the people's ownership of the means of production and full democracy in the workplace, which is what leftism is about. They all support big and sometimes small business and are supported by big business (how can these corporations possibly support a system that will destroy them?)
Liberals everywhere appropriating leftist talking points, terminology, the label of "leftist" itself and even formerly socialist parties in some cases, just to steal support away from actual leftist movements (just like they do to radical feminists btw), does not mean all those useless liberal, pro-tranny, identity poisoned academics from rich families support communism or even socialism in general. Trust me, there is a huge amount of hidden funds going towards the destruction of real leftist movements through deception like this. Liberalism might be the most dangerous form of capitalism so far as it is able to easily coopt things that are dangerous to itself, neuter them, and twist them in such a way that they'll benefit liberalism. At the same time it stops progress from happening, it pretends to be progressive so well-intentioned people who want to be leftist support it, and those who hate its so-called progress will have a completely wrong idea about leftism too so they'll consider leftism bad and embarassing. They (liberals) destroy anything that is actually progressive and make themselves look like they're the progressive ones. Sound familiar? It's the same tactic they're using to gaslight the whole world into thinking it's good to treat grown porn addicted men as women, and that prostitution/porn is just like any normal job that should be upheld and glamourized, while making women's lives miserable.

There are leftist grassroots movements all over the world that have nothing to do with tranny feelings but you never hear about them because mainstream media and their owners don't want you to know about their struggles or that that's what actual leftism is about. It's real and it's happening right now but it's a completely different thing than the fake-woke liberal idea of "leftism" that is so heavily promoted by first world establishment. You know, the idea of a tranny or TRA NEET or college student with a useless degree, from a non-poor, often white family, who also spends the entire day on twitter arguing about neopronouns and occasionally referencing some vague leftist catchphrase such as "eat the rich", and who uses leftist symbols as some kind of fashion statement instead of actually reading communist theory, because all these people want is to live in a pro-porn transhumanist utopia where you can be as degenerate as you want without consequence and modify your body in magical ways, and they believe communism will give them that and everyone will be happy about it. These people are completely detached from reality, they don't represent socialist movements in any way, but they are intentionally used as tools to overshadow said movements. Normal people who tend to be the poor majority, don't give a single fuck about trannies or twitter, but since they have next to no economic or political power, TRA bullshit is being imposed upon them all against their will and most times even without their knowledge (such as in Brazil).

tl;dr: Just like a TIM is not a woman even if it claims to be, liberalism is not leftism even if it claims to be. There are definitely liberal gender theory ideas and other kinds of idpol infecting actual leftist orgs and parties, and they also have their own unique problems, but what you call "mainstream leftism" is just liberalism calling itself leftist to successfully steal supporters from leftism and have detractors of liberalism attack it. It's a common tactic that is also used against radical feminism, making libfems seem like the "real" radfems and calling actual radfems conservative nazis.

NTA by the way.

No. 1814890

The period stuff makes me want to violently a-log almost as much as the pedo and perv shit. Like…why is ANYONE entertaining this willful blatant fetishistic retardation!!?!?! I think it’s time I take another break from these threads my blood pressure is spiking and it’s only 6:30 kek

No. 1814903

So womanly - wanting to keep your dick hard after you cut off your nuts.

No. 1814907

I love how to males women simultaneously overthink everything, are too complicated compared to simple and direct men but also are empty-headed, simple and not able to think and form thoughts as well as men. Which is it?

No. 1814922

It is because we copy everything from US, especially politics but somehow make worse. We are a country where domestic violence, homophobia and misogyny is rampant, now add American idpol to make everything worse. It doesn't help that the troons here got the reputation of being murdered here and there when it is not really the case anymore. Also TikTok become a huge sensation and it is basically troon/non-binary/spicy straight paradise and old people still thinks every troon is like Roberta Close or something.

No. 1814927

>advocate for the abolition of private property, or the people's ownership of the means of production
Isn't that communism specifically? In my country (which by the way is in Europe, I didn't claim to be speaking about the US), the left doesn't equal communism, and historically socialist parties (or politics from these parties) are now playing into the oppression olympics for the most part. The vast majority of the people claiming to be leftist does, so of course that's what the left is associated with, because that's how things are in the political landscape. I'm not gonna say "the left" to refer to minor communist parties who don't even refer to themselves as just "leftist". Unlike communism or even fascism, the definition of left / right is much more flexible and even varies from one country to another. The point is that nowadays, people on the left of the political spectrum feed into the micro identities and 'diversity' bs instead of caring about class, even if it can be considered a deviation from what it used to be about yes.

No. 1814932

>I was a HUGE right wing conspiracy nut
>autism diagnosis
many such cases

No. 1814933

how can some of them want to be women so badly, and want a woman's body so badly, while knowing so little about our anatomy? We don't pee out of our clits.

Because their autogynephilia has taken over their lives

No. 1814945

Varg trooned out

No. 1814961

Why do trannies always think they're funny? I never understood this, I've never seen one be particularly funny. Is it a cope? Its a weird one, if so.

No. 1814963

I think it’s just because they’re men. Men always think they’re hilarious while saying women are unfunny.

No. 1814964

The same reason they all think they look good, lol.

No. 1814980

File: 1682443684331.jpeg (81.9 KB, 740x771, IMG_2184.jpeg)

this is genuinely fuckinf sad, rip

No. 1814981

This is fake. Post real milk.

No. 1814985

>18 years old boy
>18 years old
Pick one.

No. 1814986

File: 1682444409052.png (15.89 KB, 566x438, article.PNG)

No. 1814991

Didn't Jazz Jennings go through a similar procedure? As usual, the full study isn't freely available because the common public need to be kept dumb unless they pay for it. I'm convinced more and more that "affirming treatment" is really just modern snake oil. Shame on trans influencers and shame on medicine for their dishonesty.

No. 1814994

Yeah, it's really fucked. They get these kids on puberty blockers saying it's life saving but then the males aren't developed enough to have surgery. And they go ahead anyway with this experimental surgery. An agp would have deserved it but these groomed kids turned 18-yos don't. It's sick.

No. 1814999

Dying a horrible gruesome death at 18 for absolutely no reason. When will people realize this is a cult?

No. 1815000

that is still a boy who was failed by medical professionals and allowed to indulge a delusion that he is not old enough to make a decision on.

No. 1815001

File: 1682447040340.png (332.27 KB, 597x740, 1682445949645.png)

Place your bets on the name he picks.

No. 1815004


you didn know 100gecs/laura les is trans? she is an honorary woman bcuz her music is good…(cringe)

No. 1815006


No. 1815007

Do you know where you are?

No. 1815008

Either Christine or something anime like Hinata or some shit like that

No. 1815010

Christina/Christine? since it's just a feminine version of his real name, though there's already a troon by the name "Christine".

No. 1815011

Sophie, Lilith or Lily

No. 1815012

yes im a terf too but laura les is talented no use denying it(cringe)

No. 1815014

Who the fuck listens to 100gecs? It sounds like what you think troon music would sound like. As I was wondering typing this I went to look for a video of 100gec fans and it was exactly what I was expecting. It looks like a reddit meet up

No. 1815016

Sophie, Lily/Lillie/Lillith, Evelyn, Emily, Zoey, Emma are some of the most common trans names. He could also go boring and do Christina/Christine from his own name but I doubt he will, he might even pick a cringe japanese anime name from some show he watches

No. 1815017

ntayrt but i don't give a fuck. i used to be in music production and sound tech and i gradually quit because i couldn't cope with industry sexism in technical roles which had me getting treated like a fucking retard constantly. "trans women" in electronic music have everything handed to them and then are celebrated for being """""""female producers""""""""" it makes me low key want to kms. i like gecs' music too but get a fucking grip.

No. 1815018

i love it sorry it slAps

No. 1815019

TRA's that assume the ugly son they made

No. 1815020

This has got to be a troll. The hyperpop autotuned ska bit was fine for maybe 30 seconds. Can't link but never forget that ugly as fuck troon starting a chant of "fuck jk rowling" at one of the shows recently

No. 1815021

there ARE honorary woman musicians because their songs are good that i won’t mention here because it would break my heart if there are dirt on them but laura les is not one of them. I’m very sorry nonna(cringe)

No. 1815025

Keemstar knows what he's doing kek. Am I the only one who feels like some people aren't taking this serious at all and feels like it's crazy but are trying to be lowkey about it? Even the post where Keemstar is calling out the "transphobia" he was like
>It's his choice
Not the usual
>She's stunning and brave
type of roll out.

No. 1815026

? If you are a terf, which you probably aren't, what does you thinking he's talented have to do with him being a woman or not? This isn't kiwifarms or somewhere, we don't call TIMS men to be mean, we call it because it's true. You can't "Earn" your gender by being "One of the good ones' on lolcow. Any actual terf would understand that.

No. 1815033

Kek right what is this “honorary woman” horseshit. There is no such fucking thing, sorry.

No. 1815048

>a man is an honorary woman because he makes good music
sad behavior. and i have this feeling you're implying ethel cain as some "honorary woman" when he's one of the worst of the bunch right now

No. 1815055

it's just another way for them to avoid work and grift

No. 1815062

the only talent in 100 gecs is dylan brady before he became sucked in. the music sounds like mc chris

No. 1815064

there is dirt on them, they nuked their discord. your a troon

No. 1815074

File: 1682452640071.jpg (378.64 KB, 1600x1200, FulNmdRXwAAFnbp.jpg)

No. 1815077

File: 1682452815131.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x1080, O4A9g4W.jpg)

Trans women are men, nonnie.

No. 1815078

lmao incredible

No. 1815088

>3 ugly scrotes in a prison gay polycule
>all have the same uncomfortable 'hide the pain' smile

If a woman (even a tif) showed the slightest bit of interest in any one of these failsons they would scorch earth their faggot throuple

No. 1815090

no way! it's Snap, Crackle and Pop!

No. 1815092

WHY is it always like this? Why are tifs always womanlets and tims always overgrown? There has to be something to this right? Some kind of feeling of inadequacy because they want to be GNC but don’t get taken seriously or something? Help me understand.

No. 1815095

If you think that troon is talented you are a fucking moron

No. 1815098

Gee nonnie how can you tell which is which? Lmao

No. 1815100

insecurity. you almost never see tall fakebois

No. 1815123

he claims hrt made his nose appear smaller?

No. 1815134

No. 1815153

>ex-wife's name is katie
It'll be Katie or something very similar, calling it now.

No. 1815164

who keeps caping for laura les here kek first the “I had no idea he was trans” as if it wasn’t immediately obvious by his greasy hair, man knees, pitched up voice and goth girl uwu black lipstick and socks, now lying and acting like he has talent
So sick of these troon producers getting clout with their annoying garbage music

No. 1815165

File: 1682459767082.png (215.02 KB, 1348x2048, Screenshot_20230425-175511.png)

this study is making the rounds about in Netherlands,they chopped up an 18yo tranny to make a vagina and killed him by using parts of his colon, because, due to puberty blockers, his dick didn't grow big enough to splice it open and use


prime time to surface as i keep seeing people defending mutilating children

No. 1815181

Men are biologically programmed to have overinflated self esteem and unearned confidence, which is why they die from doing reckless shit constantly. This also means they think they’re hilarious and genuinely think they look hot. Combine that with the fact that almost every troon has been a terminally online dork from the late 2000s lolrandom somethingawful/4chan era, and you get these longwinded “jokes”

No. 1815183


why can't we at least tell them the technology isn't there to do this? it's just so fucking cruel

No. 1815188

No. 1815197

kys tranny

No. 1815199

Name their band nonnies

No. 1815200

File: 1682463647818.png (437.75 KB, 703x1244, Twitter.png)

Nah more trannies need to get infected stinkditches. More fauxginas for faux women.

No. 1815201

File: 1682463740880.jpg (66.05 KB, 674x638, vm.jpg)

tranny fight

No. 1815202

No. 1815204

There’s no such thing as an “honorary women”, you’re either a woman or you’re not. Listen to whatever music you like but cut the fangirl bullshit.

No. 1815205

Do you guys think that Briana woo's husband is asexual or something? Lol, I've always felt like they weren't fucking at all, they have no chemistry. He's the rare troon whose managed to be married to a man with money and has been for a long time.
Something about their relationship always seem very off to me. Like doesn't Briana have a neo vag? Or did I make that up in my head?

No. 1815226

sorry you don't understand male sexuality is completely opportunistic I guess?

No. 1815239

He's not going to go for Christine, the really AGP ones never do the make swap stuff. He's going to pick something dainty, my bets on lily

No. 1815268

Emily or Lily or Sophie

No. 1815274

SAME NONNIE i was just about to comment that even before i peaked and knew the telltale signs of a TIM i immediately knew there was something strange about sewerslut. the song names, the art, the media it’s inspired and surrounded by all screams coomer man.

No. 1815280

File: 1682471046947.jpeg (109.07 KB, 750x985, IMG_8109.jpeg)

just a regular day on r/MtF…

No. 1815292

Nonnas, this is of course horrible but in a way it cracks me up, on Ovarit I read that this was supposed to be a landmark study to justify sex change (bc not having a neovagina "negatively affects quality of life"), but now even if the kid literally died, they still publish the study and the conclusion is that "yes neovag improves quality of life, but serious complications can arise" (such as death, their patient literally died)? I guess it makes sense (to publish their findings) but still.

No. 1815315

holy fuck LMAO

No. 1815330

That is really, really awful. I'm sorry, nona. One shouldn't have to imagine the pain of abandoning something you love, but unfortunately a lot of women seem to experience it. Ridiculing women then praising troons for being "female rep" is harrowingly dystopian. One again I'm so sorry; be well.

No. 1815334

Kek its because straight people who troon out (the majority nowadays) are almost all autistic, and women with autism tend to be smaller than average, while scrotes tend to be hulking gigahons

No. 1815344

File: 1682479630788.png (85.55 KB, 608x371, Untitled.png)

When you guys say "autistic people troon out the most" "autistic people are attracted to cartoon characters" do you mean the nonverbal severely autistic people? Or do you mean people who are a little weird, who would have been diagnosed with aspergers, who pay clinics for their vanity diagnosis of the tism?

Sometimes I remember that this is their best outcome for their surgery, having a gaping open wound in their crotch like the pic. Can you imagine the echo? No wonder they grow hair and fungus up there.

Right is a female, left is the male post amhole surgery.

No. 1815345

holy shit I thought the thumbnail was 3 adults with children. I can't believe it

No. 1815348

File: 1682480210175.jpeg (144 KB, 750x1073, 603433CD-4E21-47DF-AED3-E5E993…)

Everybody laugh

No. 1815351

fucking hell it's just normal skin inside right? that shit must be disgusting with sweat, dead skin, etc and probably gets pimples. A fucking bacteria pit and since most of these scrotes are disgusting lazy autists; no way they clean it correctly.

No. 1815361

Literally thought this was a poly couple and their children lmfao
It really is the fact AGPs are always the tallest motherfuckers alive

No. 1815364

They have to regularly douche. Which is something a real vagina should never do. Also I think they douche with bactine for the cleaning of the bacteria and smell. Like imagine using that all the time because it’s literally a wound. No wonder the hiv rates for Tim’s are so high. They are barebacking with a gaping fleshwound. Ass blasting already transfers hiv at a super high rate bc it creates micro tears in their asshole imagine how easy it is with a fucking open wound.

Save for med sperg

No. 1815368

All autists

No. 1815369

The artifacting throughout the entire photo kek what is going on with the fake muscles on his arm?

No. 1815377

all men are socialized to think highly of themselves and that includes being funny. however, the ones that can't manage to be Chads fall back on another route that they think will work to get into women's pants: they think they can go the clown route and laugh our underwear off. so they do that and hope it pays off in either getting sex or at least they can obtain the class clown personality so they have a place in the social hierarchy.

the entire MTF trans thing is just another route for them to fall back on when they're extra pathetic.

No. 1815378

File: 1682485439734.jpeg (139.05 KB, 775x1200, FuBFQiXWIAU43vf.jpeg)

Sorry I stole it from males of reddit, its just so bizzare to me how trannies think male pattern baldness doesn't exist. As far as I know, horspiss doesn't stop balding, so I guess all the trannies will get bald someday

No. 1815379

File: 1682485483793.jpeg (123.27 KB, 1080x1092, FuBFQifWwAAsb4p.jpeg)

No. 1815380

I very only met 3 TiMs irl and they are all MASSIVE fucking 6 foot plus and built like a brick house. My theory the higher your testasterone the more likely you are to AGP.

Yikes this guy doesn't even look that old in the face, that's a rough hand to be dealt

No. 1815390

i dont think ive seen tims even using or recommending minoxidil for their baldness. there's a lot of hair-related subreddits out there, both mixed and separately for men and women as well but i rarely see them go there with hair loss concerns. guess, they think artificial estrogen is the number one cure or smth.

No. 1815393

yeah, there's something incredibly funny in a morbid way in the combination of medical jargon and the statement they seem to be making in the article. tbh this reads almost like an absurdist short story to me.

No. 1815395

your a pedophile

No. 1815398

Something in this post makes me suspect you're from kiwifarms.
>When you guys say "autistic people troon out the most" "autistic people are attracted to cartoon characters" do you mean the nonverbal severely autistic people? Or do you mean people who are a little weird, who would have been diagnosed with aspergers, who pay clinics for their vanity diagnosis of the tism?
I'm guessing most of the time anons refer to mid level autists who are obviously autistic (i.e. not faking it or just a bit quirky people who decided they must have autism) but not literal retards either, at least not nonverbal, because the latter rarely have a grasp of concepts like troonism, or access to the internet for that matter.

No. 1815401

But what about someone like Chris-chan? He's a literal retard.

No. 1815404

File: 1682488993501.png (50.4 KB, 474x453, 1675286632687.png)

scrote posted, don't scroll up

No. 1815405

Long tinfoil+blogpost upcoming
I think all autismos are somewhat prone to tooning out, at least now when it's a trend in non-normie circles. I've seen here literally retarded chris chan tier men troon out, and somewhat normal-passing men who even had wives and kids. I think it has something to do with the fact that autists don't like/don't understand the "rules" for men and women. Normie people have no problem with their gender roles, they just follow them.
As an autistic nonni, I can never understand why normie women spend so much time/money on shaving and makeup and why the fuck they think sexualizing themselves to appeal to the male gaze is a wonderful yasss kween thing to do, so I totally understand why tifs troon out. Plus, a lot of tifs never interacted with males, so they think if they can't relate to normie women they must be men because they don't actually know what males really are.
I guess it's way either with the male trannies though. Average autistic males interact with society very little, they spend their time watching those slice-of-life animes with sexualized retarded girls who live easy and brightly colored life, and since an autisto male usually never interacted with actual women (except for paid e-thots who pander to them) they think this is how actual women actually live, and they think they can get this easy silly life with a lot of sexual stuff too if they put on a wig.
And with high functional ones, it's literally just middle life crisis, they don't know how normie men cope with balding and decrease of libido, so they just think it all will come back to them if they pretend they are hot young teenage school girls, so instead of anime coomer girl they want to be the sexualized teen girl from a 2000s movie.
And regarding being attracted to cartoons, I guess it's because they just look better. No moid could compete with a beautifully drawn forever young anime sexy man, and I understand that real-life males are nothing like fictional ones. But I guess it's not the same for autistic moids, they absolutely do want actual real-life female attention, they just can't get it, so they think if they pretend to be one of gals women will do this weird shit from porn with them.(not your personal blog)

No. 1815409

prison gay autists

No. 1815413

This man is from the deep rural south. He's got several mugshots and is a sex offender. He was arrested at a boat landing well known to locals as a spot that gay men haunt. The sheriff's department that arrested him took down their FB post after a few days. No idea why. Someone probably cried twansphobwic.

No. 1815421

apologies in advance for blog but I recently encountered a TIM with "dyke" in his username using lingo that's common on this site. I can only hope he's actually just a /tttt/ faggot but we all know men (and trannies that think they're one of the good ones aka a mythical concept) try and usually fail to integrate here. hope any Y chromoid itt knows how repulsive they are and that they'll never be women

why call these men hons? that's a term they use amongst themselves when attempting to LARP as mean girls

No. 1815428

What fucking imageboard am i on right now

No. 1815432

There's more than 2 brands of tism anon, and spergs are definitely more than "a little weird". Usually we mean "high functioning" autists, but autism classifications mean anything and everything. Chris-chan and Aubrey Hale could be considered high functioning despite not being integrated at all.

Basically, if they're smart enough to be on the internet and communicate, and socially disabled enough to build their entire social life on it and go terminally online, they're gonna troon out.

"hon" is also used to mean creepy/ugly old troon amongst the trannies themselves

No. 1815433

since so many already guessed Lilith, I'll go with Willow

No. 1815438

>amongst the trannies themselves
right, which is why I was wondering why anyone who wasn't a troid would use that word here

No. 1815440

bea, seraphine

No. 1815443

File: 1682497117428.jpeg (448.53 KB, 1166x2407, IMG_0584.jpeg)

I hate this stupid argument. Most of these things listed are in fact restricted to where minors can’t get them. Labiaplasties are fucking tragic and honestly boob jobs are too because they’re the result of being ashamed of your natural body because of men, the media, and porn. Can they at least admit that HRT and surgeries are purely aesthetic and in no way medically necessary?

No. 1815446

Luna or Naomi if he goes full anime girl, otherwise something that starts with a k/c sound like kaya or kira

No. 1815447

Also voting for Luna. Or something vaguely "witchy".

No. 1815450

Holy fuckinf shit this is so funny

No. 1815451

No. 1815460

yeah labiaplasty is so comparable to amputating your dick and balls off and carving a hole there LMAO

No. 1815465

>these procedures aren't restricted and controversial
>they're accepted as necessary
the audacity of calling people hypocrites after such ridiculous claims. these surgeries are not considered necessary because people have to pay for them. of course they're controversial and age restricted at the very least. also people aren't under the delusion that they are changing sex or can force other to perceive them differently

No. 1815482

Not to go off-topic , but oestrogen therapy is done to mitigate the effects of the menopause. I'm pretty sure there's hardly any menopausal women who've gone on it for cosmetic reasons.

No. 1815485

File: 1682506145860.jpeg (21.02 KB, 739x415, IMG_3871.jpeg)

does anyone have any info on jadyn/jalyn? I’ve seen people clowning on him on twitter and I know there’s a gimmick account pretending to be him but I never could find out what he did other than being an annoying youtube commentator and using an among us discord server to vent?

No. 1815486

Do you think they come here as a form of self-harm? Everywhere else panders to them, whereas we constantly post about the reality of stinkditch surgery, male pattern balding not going away, obviously male neanderthal features on the delicate ladies who totes blend in, and how retarded all of them look regardless of how much surgery and filters they use to cope. Or is it the typical male retardation in play and they think that they're somehow pwning us women by reading imageboards and dilating with tampons?

No. 1815488

Sorry nona I misread your post and thought you were implying that the trannies were calling each other hon to larp as a group of girl friends, kinda like depop girls that call you pet names and send kisses with every message kek.

No. 1815489

Somehow, seeing TIMs and TIFs side-by-side like this (and like in that Buck Angel pic) has made me realize for the first time just how different men and women are. I never noticed until now how freakishly bigger men are on average compared to women, how massive their heads are, etc.

No. 1815507

Not sure what his ex-wife's name is but probably something close to that

No. 1815519

Something very similar to his ex-wife’s name. Or his sister’s, if he has one.

No. 1815521

Continuing to sound like the musty Reddit bros they always have been.

No. 1815522

>why can't we at least tell them the technology isn't there to do this? it's just so fucking cruel
Nona they have been told about it over and over this whole time, they just don't listen. They shun the people who say the truth and buy every lie. Even when trans people themselves complain about almost dying they reduce it to "you were just unlucky and had a bad surgeon, you shouldn't talk about it at all because it might put other trans people off the surgery"

No. 1815525

Yes but you see nonnie, they’re way more woman than we are on account of how deep their hole is, meaning they can serve woman’s one true purpose in life of taking a massive dick and nothing else. Obviously this is sarcasm, but I’ve literally seen them have the same kind of dick-measuring contests they always have only in reverse, where they brag about how many inches their wounds are and how the cissies can’t ever compare. Nevermind the fact that they lose in this race too, since the vagina expands when a woman is aroused, and can also grow to accommodate, you know, and entire fucking child. The amhole length contests are really funny though because never in my entire life have I heard a woman mention how long her vaginal canal is, not even when it might actually be relevant to childbirth or something. They make up the craziest shit because they can only see and understand things from a man’s pov.

No. 1815526

I wonder how often they actually have rips or tears from sex, especially because they probably want to attempt the kind of rough sex they see in porn. It’s horrifying to think about.

No. 1815527

Ok, and? Women aren’t claiming it’s “literally murder” if taxpayers don’t fund their boob jobs & labiaplasties or campaigning for underage kids to get them. And TERFs don’t support most of those surgeries either but again, people are getting them with their own money and aren’t demanding our validation like troons do.

No. 1815528

I went to check /tttt/ just to see for myself what it was like and literally saw one of my reaction images on there. This was the exact image I had made myself and posted on lolcow. So yes, they are here

No. 1815531

Probably a bit of both.

No. 1815535

Oh they are here for sure. I once made the mistake of mentioning a space I like online and trannies invaded it immidiately with their cooming.

No. 1815536

Most men look like big ugly half-formed Neanderthals compared to women. The idea that they could ever become us is laughable, although I do enjoy watching them try and fail miserably.

No. 1815539

Racism, and either grooming a minor or supporting someone who did. There’s more but mostly just standard moid behavior

No. 1815542

>The fact that is still up for 8 hours

No. 1815547

you would probably still be an nlog even if you weren't autistic.

No. 1815558

but i thought the physical body doesn't dictate gender? how can getting your anus bleached be gender-affirming if one just has a womanly masculine (or manly feminine) anus?

No. 1815562

I like how makeup is a gender affirming surgery

No. 1815563

apparently his name is austin

No. 1815569

this is peak male. what's with moids being so taken with 'taking innocence away', ewwwwwww fucking nasty

No. 1815596

File: 1682522852133.png (22.77 KB, 864x469, Screenshot 9.png)

it's weird seeing some of these modern trankie troons simping for authoritarian regimes, it reminds me of older instances of Western leftists migrating to Cuba and ending up in labor camps, with their children taken away from them. It's scary to think that some people haven't learned from the past at all.

No. 1815616

The screening of Adult Human Female in Edinburgh has been cancelled. Presumably because of the security doing fuck all about the insane trannies occupying the venue.

No. 1815620

File: 1682525252216.png (657.13 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230426-115807.png)

I went to highschool with this guy. He was a soft-spoken, unironic fedora-wearing nerd. Honestly I found the type endearing; I went out to lunch with him a few times and considered myself a casual friend of his. He was timid and an outcast like me. I remember during (or after?) prom, his mom Jamie got mad at me for encouraging him to wear a wig when he came to me for advice. I think she thought I coerced him into it as a form of bullying, but really he'd just asked me if he should go for it. This was like 2012-13 so that kind of thing was just a gender non-conformity thing and didn't raise any trans red-flags.

I don't remember too much about him except that he would always sit on the floor with his laptop open playing WoW in-between classes and after school. He was in no ways feminine in behavior. I also remember his mom was the only parent in the school that refused to be a part of a survey for my final, but that's neither here nor there.

Here's a never before seen pic of him covered in spaghetti at said prom.

No. 1815621

Are you seriously comparing prison rape to a man choosing to stick his dick in a ladyboy?

No. 1815624

why did you post his picture here ? and sage your shit weirdo

No. 1815625

Sage for off topic but damn did you go to school with other celebrities nonna? Was Jamie a all around unpleasant person?

No. 1815626

She's provided background information about this guy. Why would she need to sage? I would be wary of posting something like this since it risks being outed by someone with rich and powerful parents but it's interesting hearing about what type of guy troons out.

No. 1815628

These two things are gay faggot shit that gay faggots do.

No. 1815629

john cleese physiognomy

No. 1815631

nta but no one was talking about rape anyways

No. 1815634

they don't think it's real until it happens to them. then when it does, they go real quiet or do a 180.

No. 1815647

Does anyone actually care what moids do to each other? They can deal with their own issues.

No. 1815649

No 1 currr that you don't shave or shower, retard.

No. 1815653

File: 1682532123597.jpg (1.29 MB, 4068x3684, copeseethedilate.jpg)

Sorry if this was already posted in a past thread. It's just so intensely misogynistic.

No. 1815664

Intensely misogynistic yet for reddit standards probably the most women friendly thing out there as it reconises a speck of what women go through lol

No. 1815667

No. 1815668

File: 1682533165888.jpg (603.69 KB, 1100x7135, MTXX_PT20230426_162922032.jpg)

Reposting from /ot/.
Troon managing HER lesbian dating app twitter is having a raging meltdown.
It's mostly sexual harassment and misogyny. Even if I was a handmaiden this would make me drop the app.
>calling a woman used up
>'open wide papi'
>constantly randomly talking about sending 'tit pics' and sexually harassing women with it
>'you're a rank, festering skid mark, lobotomy when?'
He talks just like a 4chan incel kek

No. 1815670

File: 1682533206104.jpg (113.16 KB, 1080x1108, 1682452829133.jpg)

No. 1815677

The weirdest thing reddit scrotes focus on is "hitting the wall" this is not even remotely a real thing because all humans age, even men. Why do they believe that women wake up one day and are suddenly no longer attractive? Mega cope tbh

No. 1815680

Look at this jealous retard trying to dunk on Paulina Porizkova as if she isn't still extremely beautiful at age 58.

No. 1815681

The Dow Jones

No. 1815691

File: 1682534203179.png (37.18 KB, 2048x1928, Screenshot_20230426-143726.png)

herapp account is suspended now topkek

No. 1815692

The account has been suspended now thankfully.

No. 1815693

File: 1682534489891.png (87.87 KB, 2048x858, Screenshot_20230426-144136.png)

wish i archived more of the conversations https://twitter.com/hersocialapp/status/1650943780822872084
I'm sure massreporting had a hand in this turn of events

No. 1815702

File: 1682535126820.png (317.89 KB, 1157x2048, Screenshot_20230426-145144.png)

so the reason they did it was to make lesbians feel abuse like trannies perceive themselves viewing

No. 1815706

What a way to run your business into the ground lol

I said this on the other thread bur I'm pretty sure this is because they were losing a large part of their female user base because of the men flooding the app. Instead of banning the men, they decided to double down on it and market primarily to TiMs and t4t. I can't screenshot it cause their Twitter got taken down but they had a post about adding new pins on the app, they were mostly trans ones and the first was "t4t". The Twitter replies to terfs were to probably get attention in the trans community to attract more of their new target demographic, but instead it backfired and no one gave a shit but lesbian terfs who already hated the app. I don't think it was a bad business move to go full t4t but they went about it in the most retarded way possible, and it was painfully obvious they put the most angry, unlikable 4chan /tttt/ scrote in charge of their social media.

No. 1815707

File: 1682535843558.png (35.59 KB, 591x639, HER app.png)

I screenshotted some of the posts kek. epic troon meltdown

No. 1815711

File: 1682536137575.jpeg (60.83 KB, 1080x826, herapptweet.jpeg)

samefag. here is another one

No. 1815712

File: 1682536253333.jpg (287.33 KB, 1080x1816, Fuj_Q1AX0AArZn_.jpg)

wonder if handmaidens know these scrotes are using them to get off

No. 1815713

Damn, this fucking moid had an actual mental break down over women ("terves") not wanting him.

No. 1815715

File: 1682536390266.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2205, Screenshot_20230426-150915~2.p…)

i had a feeling. i was looking on LinkedIn and saw they hired Taylor in January as head of marketing, and it screamed tranny involved in this to me

No. 1815716

A lot of people are naive and think that troons are just extremely feminine gay men. Most aren't aware of AGP and that most troons keep their dicks.

No. 1815717

I think it was not a smart move to go full T4T because libfems and normie lesbians would still be on the app if they didn't double down. I'd have a hard time supporting and still being on this app even as a libfems after this meltdown and if I knew it was now mostly T4T.

No. 1815718

File: 1682536913107.jpg (97.4 KB, 710x2048, FuoZgkBX0AIXmO2.jpg)

I bet he's furious right now

No. 1815719

File: 1682536887672.png (1.62 MB, 1878x2048, Screenshot_20230426-150849.png)

No. 1815724

File: 1682537097232.png (75.05 KB, 1038x395, HER insta.png)

holy shit they are so homophobic. I know that's already a given but it's still shocking how they can get away with it. this HAS to peak any remaining actual lesbians following them…

No. 1815726

The fact that he's that clockable just via text… man thinking he's got a woman brain despite 90 of his thoughts being violence and anger against women who don't like him

No. 1815727

>our resident saggitarius

No. 1815730

Why doesn't he move to North Korea then kek

No. 1815735

Jesus that’s a manifesto to be sure

No. 1815739

File: 1682538338930.png (919 B, 1024x614, 1024px-Genderqueer_Pride_Flag.…)

>green white purple shit in their bio
classic self own from the trannies, genderqueer flag are literally those colors. Cannot wait for the infighting and shitshow that this causes

No. 1815740

I don't get how they can think they're in the right when they're so vile and sexist that their account got suspended. Oh wait, I know how. Male brain.

No. 1815742

>wearing a mask and sunglasses to better highlight his fivehead

No. 1815743

File: 1682538585627.png (11.6 KB, 488x247, sufragette.png)

>snatching back the term “lesbian” from the clutches of TERFs
so are they suggesting that 'lesbian' always included men and TERFS "hijacked" (their wording) the word to mean same-sex attracted women? jfc

picrel kek

No. 1815746

This is why you don’t talk to scrotes about any of this shit, friend or random stranger. They can and will be weird and sexual about it. It’s the same way men lurk on subreddits meant for sexual assault survivors and get off on the stories when they go into detail. Males are truly horrific.

No. 1815748

I wish a lot of normie women following that app a happy peakening.

No. 1815756

File: 1682540518263.jpeg (77.31 KB, 1164x1046, 567F56E5-63FC-4821-8D36-4A03D7…)

The Redditors are cheering, of course. That’s who they’re trying to appeal to, kek. Laughing so I don’t cry.

No. 1815760

they're making me want to create an account just to bully all the men on there

No. 1815763

They are now blocking every account that criticises them, even the very mild ones that are mostly supportive, just asking about what was said. They are back pedalling and trying to hide how sexist the replies were.

No. 1815765

Yeah it was terfs who weaponized the word here to fuel hatred. These people are so clueless.

No. 1815766

it's truly incredible. even the examples they shared in their instagram post are bad (claiming lesbians aren't real lesbians but men are) but in reality they were calling women bitches and other horrible misogynistic, sexualised insults. I also noticed how many butch lesbians they were targeting, and calling them masculine versions of their name (eg. Harriet -> Harrison) or implying they are actually men (eg. "Papi") it's truly vile. They're actually lucky their account got suspended before more people saw it.

No. 1815768

The terve he called papi is bi btw. Must piss them off that bi women won't tolerate their shit either.

No. 1815772

File: 1682541828305.jpeg (206.88 KB, 1284x1835, IMG_6344.jpeg)

>reflect personally on why your attraction isn’t inclusive AF
Always with the patronizing re-education bullshit even when people are playing their game.

No. 1815779

Wtf are they seriously saying lesbians have to reflect personally why they're not open to dick?? I know transcels say that but the biggest lesbian dating app saying this officially is pretty crazy.
They really got a 4chan troon to manage it it seems.

No. 1815781

File: 1682543205587.png (14.79 KB, 468x126, HIM.png)

samefag. here is another tweet they are proudly sharing on that instagram post. literally encouraging doxxing and implying these women should lose their jobs. they are fucking morons, among other things.
this is one of the tweets they got suspended for btw

No. 1815783

Do moids like the OP image know they look like dumbasses and just don’t care, or do they genuinely think they pass as women and are dressed appropriately?

No. 1815784

exactly. we are told that the trans people who enforce this idea are a small extremely-online minority but now the biggest LGBTQ+ dating platform is openly saying it. they're suggesting that this woman keeps her dirty little secret of being same-sex attracted to herself. there is a word for that.

No. 1815794

So what are you supposed to do if you've already spent years reflecting on your sexuality and come to the conclusion that you just don't find dicks attractive at all even though you don't have trauma related to them or anything? Is that acceptable, or is your reflection only complete when you've decided you love pp?

No. 1815798

I really hate this argument. Attraction by nature is exclusive, no one on earth is attracted to everyone, are we all ageist for not wanting to fuck 90 year olds?

No. 1815799

They're incels, they don't women to have any boundaries at all.

No. 1815802

This is a real woman not a tranny

No. 1815804

hsts troids are almost worse than the agp coomers because they are just as delusional but have the EQ to understand why what they are doing is horrible and selfish but they don't care because they are irredeemably narcissistic

No. 1815806

how does this person still have a job? seems like the account as hacked

No. 1815807

File: 1682544457390.png (99.06 KB, 2210x1846, just guys being dudes.png)

if you do decide to speak up make your limited amount of posts count, my account was banned within 20 minutes of posting this comment on r/dykeconversion.

No. 1815810

nope, see >>1815724 they're standing behind those tweets and confirm it was someone from their team. a "Sagittarius" apparently, as if that means anything.

No. 1815811

they sound no different from men. "hehe i'm a Gemini!" "women believe in made up nonsense to excuse their behavior and now were doing it, teehee!"

No. 1815818

kek nonnie. i didn't know about this sub.. yet another lesbian thing dedicated to men

No. 1815819

i love how they think they are the only elite hackers when so far all their ops have failed. couldn't even get rid of kiwifarms. they are the most incompetent people in tech, they couldn't even get their stupid dating app solvent because they are tantrum-throwing dorks. nobody is scared of this little call to action by the retard brigade

No. 1815824

File: 1682546157958.jpeg (853.79 KB, 2000x1500, Anderson-American-Fugitives-of…)

sage for super OT but here's the article I was referencing

>An American Black Panther said Wednesday that he and other members of his party have been "isolated and imprisoned" in Cuba and they want to leave. He implied that Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver is among the discontented.

>Raymond Johnson, 22, of Alexandria, La., said he was instructed by a high-ranking Panther in Cuba to report this feeling.
>Johnson, who described himself as a lieutenant in the Black Panther movement and an airliner hijacker, said: "The Panthers have not been received in a revolutionary fashion. We have been condemned to live in Cuba."
>HE ADDED that members of the black militant organization had been imprisoned, isolated, banned from Havana and forbidden to organize their party in Cuba.
>"These imprisonments amount to more than just being confined for a period of investigation," Johnson said.
>"Some have been imprisoned a second time. They have been sent to completely isolated sections of the island and forced to work in labor camps."
>THE PANTHER said arrests "always come when they (the Panthers) become disenchanted and after they protest conditions and express a desire to leave the country."
>"WE THINK there's racial discrimination in Cuba," he said. "It's a peculiar kind of racial discrimination. In some ways it's comparable to attitudes in the United States. White Cubans have a subconscious conspiracy to maintain control of the island.
>"We feel the Cubans have a misunderstanding of the political, cultural and revolutionary thinking of the black revolution."
>"We are talking about a social and cultural revolution and in our experience, we have seen people here lagging in the revolution of the mind."
>A former student at Southern University in Baton Rouge, La., Johnson said the Black Panthers had been discouraged from talking to black Cubans about black awareness and the wearing of Afro hair styles.
>"WE FOUND this is completely repressed by Cuba. We have talked to a number of Cuban women and they have started wearing natural hair styles, but to relate to one's African heritage in Cuba is looked down on."
>Johnson claimed that some Panthers who have talked black culture to Cubans have been branded counterrevolutionaries, one of communism's most serious crimes.
>He said most of the Panthers would like to go to Africa, but they have been told not to contact African embassies in Havanna.
>JOHNSON ALSO said Omar Talif, a party member from New York, and his American wife and child "disappeared" after being told by Cuban officials they were "black racists."
>Between 1967 and 1968 dozens of Black Panthers found refuge in Cuba. Eldridge Cleaver went to reside Cuba in 1968 and asked for Cuba to militarily train Black Panthers, the proposition was declined.[7] By 1969 various Black Panthers in Cuba complained of not being allowed to organize their party or discuss African culture, and arrests following protesting conditions in Cuba or asking to leave the country.[8]

I can picture some wannabe tankie troon trying this and either getting shot or sent to a labor camp.

No. 1815828

They probably think wearing the clothes of a coomer anime girl abomination will make them pass as real women

No. 1815842

This isn't Twitter.

No. 1815848

I work with a troon and even though I mostly just talk to him about work stuff every now and then he’ll slip an obvious fetish reference into the conversation. For example:

Me: I can’t wait for summer, I hate how cold it is outside.
Him: I can’t wait for summer so I can wear a bikini.

I usually just respond with “huh yeah ok” and change the subject because there’s no way I’m gonna allow myself to get inadvertently sucked into participating in his fetish.

No. 1815851

File: 1682548858067.jpeg (82.56 KB, 750x819, IMG_3973.jpeg)

All the posing only for him to have the slightest curve, so sad

No. 1815852

ha! HER was the first thing that led me to peaking. All the "real" women were fake/catfishes and the rest were men. My peakening started when I went on their twitter and they started retconning their own history saying that HER, an APP NAMED "HER"!, was not only "for women" and was for everyone! So it's funny to see them go off the deep end like this. Their app is dying and they know it because all the men on there aren't interested in "T4T" and will start to slowly move off the app because it doesn't offer them the real women they desire. I give it a couple more years, maybe less now that more women will leave after this shitshow

No. 1815857

Most of the comments were negative so they deleted and blocked (at least I was) everyone that didn’t lick their girl cock. Now the comments are limited.

No. 1815858

At least three of the transpeople I've encountered - and I don't intentionally seek out LGBTQ+ friends or anything - were trans seemingly because they were incredibly socially self-crippled. They would say shit that was sexist and toxic as fuck (or bemoan their mean parents who have been paying for their entire life up until they're in their goddamn twenties and could easily work themselves out of their childhood home if they just got a job as a fucking transcriber or something but NO, they want to be a 'cute futa e-girl' who just gets to play video games all day and be handed money by her coomer fanbase) but if you ever called them out on it, 'i'm twaaaaans i don't know any bedder ur being so MEAN to widdle ol me boohoohoohoo'. It's a fucking cop-out so they never have to own up to anything or change their own behavior, if they're ever criticized for ANYTHING they do it's only bc 'the transphobes are out to make me KILL myself waaah' and it's like seeing a grown-ass human being throw a public toddler tantrum to get their way. Some of these posts are the dramatic self-centered kind of emo shit i would have been embarrassed to write in MIDDLE SCHOOL, much less post for anyone else to witness.

also none of them are at all charming so I have zero idea what qualities they think attract an online fanbase but it seems to be, 'you put on a wig and thigh-highs and chasers just flock to you'. I don't even think there are that many chasers in the general population, and the ones who do exist are desperate degenerates no real woman would even want to fuck to begin with.

No. 1815865

me too, nona. not having to worry about attraction is a massive time and mental health saver.

No. 1815867

File: 1682550317159.jpg (107.97 KB, 707x643, Fuq6S_rXsAYSpHm.jpg)

So are they saying their surgeries shouldn't be funded since it's just cosmetic?

No. 1815869

No. 1815872

kek no woman is jealous of a tranny faggot for "getting wined and dined" by other tranny chasing males

No. 1815875

But you don’t get it, it’s literally LIFE SAVING. They will kill themselves if they don’t get their surgeries! But also they’re too socially inept to work, so it’s up to everyone else to make sure their needs are met. Otherwise their suicides will be all of our faults.

No. 1815877

This guy needs his face stomped in by a gang of lesbians in combat boots. This shit isn’t funny.

No. 1815878


No. 1815883

File: 1682552789856.png (380.55 KB, 678x820, on Twitter.png)

cray cray

No. 1815886

File: 1682553090172.png (107.56 KB, 677x661, pedo.png)

No. 1815891

File: 1682553457742.png (40.43 KB, 1068x786, FumQUW1aUAEoqP9.png)

(pretty sure the artist is a tif but it's about an agp so) thought this comic was funny with its intent to be "soul-crushing"

https://twitter.com/BuildLifeSteal/status/1651028055048216576 (nsfw warning obviously)

No. 1815892

File: 1682553487993.png (116.17 KB, 688x779, inji duducu on Twitter.png)

No. 1815899

seriously how hard is it for them to even just say "woman and anyone with ovaries". even just as a bare minimum. the fact they can't even do this is the biggest problem I have with it. It's such a massive "fuck you" to women's language and feelings whilst instead pandering to a tiny minority.

especially for something like post-menopausal women where the population of enbies is going to be next to non-existent (unless they have testosterone-induced menopause)

No. 1815905

File: 1682554501153.jpg (197.08 KB, 1293x1352, Fuihj7zXsAM1ifO.jpg)

No. 1815907

Not Colin saying trans a medical condition

No. 1815908

File: 1682554791983.png (139.29 KB, 446x263, lol troon.png)

I wonder if he did photoshop himself, that left arm is not natural, especially compared to the right arm

Troons are self-obsessed and TIMs in particular are incredibly narcissistic. Besides, LC now is a bigger target of male raids than ever before. Of course they'd be lurking, even posting, anywhere on the internet where people are talking about them, just because they need to know what others think of them. Though some of them are definitely here just to get euphoria boners from making boring posts that won't get them immediately clocked because they think that's the same as passing.

No. 1815911

No, it should stop at 'woman'. There is no 'and'.

No. 1815917

File: 1682556818684.png (153.92 KB, 655x1177, Sadbh (pronounced Sive to rhym…)

not a band caping for a rapist

No. 1815921

File: 1682557275149.jpg (356.84 KB, 2257x1380, FulXBZ2WcA8H5yk.jpg)

>this guy
>his tags
>the bottom half of this photo

No. 1815923

File: 1682557524141.jpeg (266.8 KB, 1693x1320, EC79D64E-0860-48D5-A2A9-EC2B94…)

No. 1815924

I know that, that's why I say the absolute bare minimum. the fact they won't say women at all is the huge red flag. "woman and" would be pandering but at least the issue wouldn't be the complete erasure of the actual word women when it comes to our bodies.

No. 1815925

File: 1682557582542.jpg (307.76 KB, 1800x1791, FuG-7XJWYAQC1uz.jpg)

tranny logic

No. 1815927

File: 1682557777390.jpeg (19.05 KB, 640x427, wild youth.jpeg)

picrel from a news article about this. i love that this will be their legacy. defending a man who stabs women.

No. 1815930

File: 1682557874554.png (40.93 KB, 1067x781, E46AE00C-A2AB-4997-8B98-A2BCC9…)

No. 1815931

File: 1682557968612.png (32.72 KB, 1067x784, 9DED14FE-8D24-4B1E-AE56-6BFC82…)

No. 1815932

File: 1682558097199.png (44.53 KB, 1064x781, 0172C567-32C5-4403-B71E-AA5F71…)

Despite how narcissistic this whole thing is, I can’t help but feel a twinge of pity. It’s so unhealthy to spend your whole life performing contrived sexiness to an audience to feel happy

No. 1815933

yeah the comic is kind of pitiful but it is funny that the character is crying over a situation he put himself in. really capturing the tim essence lmao

No. 1815935

People who manage to sound aggressive and unlikable in a series of two sentence replies are clearly extremely miserable. Any Twitter user who talks like this gives off potent school shooter vibes

No. 1815937

Yeah I just feel repulsion and then a hearty dose of thenperish.png kek they get what they buy so to speak.

No. 1815938

Saying things like this is the reason backlash is growing and people are leaving the pro-trans movement in droves. Thinking you are owed sexual attraction or acknowledgement is not a normal mindset to have and really does beckon to men - thinking you are entitled to sex. Whenever ftms do this to gay men they laugh at them and move on, there isn't scores of people harassing gay men and calling them terfs for saying fuck off I don't want vagina. I do not understand why anyone thinks this is something normal to say.

No. 1815940

replace 'transphobes' with 'transwomen' and you get the actual reality of the situation…

ffs the thing TERFs most often cite as a reason for their position is protecting women's rights and safety, clearly they give a fuck about the thousands of women who suffer sexual abuse at the hands of men. that's the entire premise of the argument for wanting sex-segregated spaces. they really do completely lack self-awareness.

No. 1815947

doesnt seems real. need an article from a real journo

No. 1815951

File: 1682559807121.jpeg (15.82 KB, 828x269, 225605A6-49B5-4A29-B329-B7A1C5…)

samefag, i’ve seen riley’s twitter and she confirmed that article isnt true. you’re extremely gullible, lurk moar before posting

No. 1815962

>I become femininity embodied.
I do not see what's feminine about being a pretend cat girl spreading eagle for losers on the internet.

No. 1815968


honestly i don't get how this works in their heads. virtually all feminist accomplishments were by transphobes and gay rights was also transphobes. like if we're all the fake progressives there were never any progressives.

No. 1815970

>I become the girl who your husband jerks off to
Ugh, their sexuality is always just so…male. There’s nothing feminine about this.

No. 1815978

File: 1682562488425.gif (736.21 KB, 498x370, no-you-aint-sandy-cheeks.gif)

>im a terf too

No. 1815979

If you need old coomers to jerk off to you to feel like a woman, you ain’t a woman

No. 1815986

>laura les is talented
100gecs sounds like putting alvin and the chipmunks in a blender, I will never understand the appeal

No. 1815990

>gay scrote
>complaining about how vaginas are ugly
>implying he has an unbiased opinion, or that it matters in the first place
>doesn't "believe" that vaginas clean themselves in the same way a lot of retards don't "believe" the Earth is round
For someone who hates vaginas, this guy sure feels entitled to a lot of opinions about them.

No. 1815996

Even if it were true that only 1% of women are attractive, how would it be helpful or positive for trannies in any way? He admits that women are treated better than trannies, despite women being ugly and worthless (according to him) lmao, what does that say about troons? Are we supposed to believe that somehow even though they have to butcher their entire bodies and faces to look even remotely like women, they have a greater chance of being among the 1% of attractive people? Why does he think that closeted gay men secretly and shamefully using troon prostitutes is somehow less degrading than being cheated on? And why is he acting like men do not age? So many questions. This is honestly some of the most retarded mental gymnastics I have witnessed in a while and I read the MtF threads regularly.

No. 1815998

File: 1682566426964.webm (6.09 MB, 576x1024, Download (2).webm)

tranny tears

No. 1816002

Love how they're like "whoops haha don't worry, anyway stand up to terfs girlies!!" as if they didn't just publish so much nasty shit about women that even handmaidens would be peaked omg. Nobody is fucking worrying abt u at this point lmao cope

No. 1816011

The audacity of these fucking people, every time. 'You HAVE to speak up for us. You HAVE to be our allies.' I don't have to do shit for you, even when I had handmaiden tendencies. I have my own business to mind.

Also, the extra centimetre of lipstick overlining is sending me. You already got injected to the extreme and it's still not bimbo-y enough for you?

No. 1816023

I didnt need that nasty ass close up of his face

No. 1816030

>You have to do X for me
It's very male kek. Literally women need to serve mens interests if they want to avoid being the target of their violence.

No. 1816042

File: 1682569216995.jpg (92.46 KB, 828x1002, Attis castrated himself and di…)

The way they carry on reminds me of people being involuntarily committed; just fucking get help, ffs, men will turn their dicks inside out instead of getting therapy I swear.

No. 1816043

what video is this comment from?

No. 1816049

More like HONorary.

No. 1816071

>think it's a handmaiden because of the crying and ugliness
>that vocal fry

No. 1816074

so they're saying that a woman with a large labia minora and small breasts is less of a woman?

No. 1816076

Aside from him having songs titled along the lines of “cutting lesbians in half with a chainsaw” he stopped producing music when his tranny gf killer himself. Very funny and ironic, shitty mentally Ill scrotes should suffer if they wish to make fun of tragic women’s deaths. This is why they’ll never be us.
Recently stumbled upon another break core song which in the middle before the drop had a “I love you lucyyyy” and from the faggy tone i already knew it was a moid, turns out it’s a Brazilian gay man that identifies as female but wondered if maybe Lucy was a real girl. It wasn’t, as always it’s some weird femboy turned trans mess. For some reason breakcore is filled to the brim with troons it’s like when severslvt stopped making his songs bc his bf roped the other troons followed in his footsteps

No. 1816081

Dead giveaway they see femininity = sex appeal. Calling a breast augmentation gender affirming seems sexist

No. 1816090

Having a natural drop in estrogen after a certain age is not the same as getting more "masculine" or suddenly being another gender. Holy shit, these troons are insane.

No. 1816091

if this doesn't produce headlines like "pro-trans dating app suspended for tweeting vile misogyny" idk what will

No. 1816093

might risk a cowtipping ban because FUCK if this doesn't make me want to message the unsuspecting women in the comments screenshots of her's disgustingly misogynistic tweets that they left out, not to mention that poor lesbian who was told to keep her lesbianism to herself. this behavior is almost unfathomable. only almost, since it's right fucking there

No. 1816094

No. 1816105

Men are not just the sex of degeneracy, but cringe as well.

No. 1816107

File: 1682585747306.png (38.62 KB, 1080x792, Screenshot_20230427-105352.png)


Don't know if this was posted before, but I'm surprised I haven't seen it thrown around whenever people complain about moids in women's sports. Now I aint no PhD, but this seems like abject bullshit.

No. 1816109

Yeah, how about the fact that their bodies are built different

No. 1816110

File: 1682586093666.png (19.06 KB, 573x415, hypebae.png)

I went to see if there was any news coverage and there was an article titled *'TWITTER SUSPENDS LESBIAN DATING APP HER ON LESBIAN DAY OF VISIBILITY -
For standing in solidarity with trans lesbians, and denouncing TERFs.'*

Picrel is the sloppy takeaway from a site called 'Hypebae'. It was the ebil TERFs who drove out the poor HER app who were only trying to spread love and enjoy among lesbians uwu.

No. 1816115

makes me wonder how many fabricated stories we read everyday without knowing bc i seriously doubt that it ends at trannies. this amount of blatant lying and gaslighting is genuinely scary.

No. 1816122

Barpod is a good podcast to listen to on this subject (blatant lies and lack of fact-checking in journalism). They also formed their podcast off the back of both being "cancelled" for covering trans issues so they understand the TRAs very well. I was just listening to the episode In 1939, TERFs Invaded Poland, Sparking World War II the other day which gives a similar example to the one above, except from a larger media outlet that should have better fact-checking standards https://www.blockedandreported.org/p/in-1939-terfs-invaded-poland-sparking-44d#details the free preview is the full segment.

In short, this happens a lot and it's pretty concerning.

No. 1816127

this is just hilariously stupid, why would a mother be wearing a diaper? they can't even keep their paraphilias together.

No. 1816140

samefag to say that the journalist from The Atlantic they cover is the same woman (Kaitlyn Tiffany) who wrote about lolcow kek
ps. sorry about multiple posts. lc is being glitchy

No. 1816154

ayrt, thank you, listening to it right now, sounds interesting! i looked up both her articles (terfs and lolcow, what does she has against women lol) and in the middle of reading about femcels, their paywall pops up
>Uncompromising quality. Enduring impact. Your support ensures a bright future for independent journalism.

No. 1816158

>Kaitlin Tiffany
KEK, simply incredible.

No. 1816172

There was an anon who posted Barpod in the Dylan Mulvaney thread. I have to thank them because it these terminally online takes and fights are bullshit and normal people don't care about this. Their Cotton Celling episode is a good one in the same vein of thr HER App shit.

No. 1816173

oh I haven't listened to the cotton ceiling episode yet, I'll find that one next, thanks. the Dylan episode was pretty good too. Katie and Jesse actually like trans people and go out of their way to be kind and generous (respecting pronouns, trying to see their point of view in a sympathetic way etc.) and still get called TERF and chaser, respectively kek. but I like that they just focus on misinformation, bad science and bad faith arguments, because without trying - this unravels how little TRAs have to go on.

No. 1816175

File: 1682597170973.jpg (207.83 KB, 1080x1800, Screenshot_2023-04-27-14-51-46…)

It's so blizzard to see all of those tiny little they/them tifs defending and praising hulking gigahons… How can't they notice that no male trannie in the history of troonhood never did the same whiny posts defending tifs?

No. 1816200

trannies are so lazy, i mostly see them counter-protests terfs but never saw them organize anything by themselves without any help from the lgb or even from women.

that's what i noticed too anon, especially on tumblr. ive seen many users reblogging and posting about outlifting and defending tims from transphobia and terfs but i never seen one for tifs. especially encouraging lesbians to help their trans sisters, like what did those two have in common to be lumped so easily, beyond transbians being opportunistic losers. i hate trannies but it's kinda sad that women still get overshadowed and silenced regardless their attempts on being a man, they should've… man up or something. i don't see posts for gay and bi men to protect their trans brothers, i doubt any men would be the first to try and help them.

No. 1816216

Moids in wigs unironically use FtMs as punching bags, because of “muh transmesoggyknee”. Being a tranny to these moids is literally a vehicle to get as many asspats as possible for just existing while also making women shut up regardless of their ~gender identity~.
I can’t find the posts right now, they’re already quite old, but some trannies even say that FtMs are “moids”, therefore they have to sit down and leave the spotlight for the moids in dresses or they’re oppressing the poor moids.

No. 1816230

Tifs rarely talk about it in public, you usually hear it from detrans women, but they also get sexually harassed, sexually assaulted and raped by Tims. Of course they don't say anything because they don't want to make Tims look bad.

No. 1816232

I still can't get over how much this is just based on junk science. How can actual academics scrape up these articles with the assumption that testosterone and estrogen are going to have the same effects between men and women, their effects and levels vary even between members of the same sex, yet somehow they've reached the conclusion that a male's performance automatically becomes comparable to a female's when it's low enough

No. 1816233

File: 1682606354688.jpeg (127.77 KB, 828x792, IMG_5741.jpeg)

It’s so funny when they voluntarily admit they don’t wash

No. 1816235

The username alone shows that is asshole is a disgusting incel. Also, we get those offerings when moids want to fuck us, any woman with a brain knows that those gifts and dinners come with strings attached and that the moid will dump you after getting sex so most decline. Dick is worthless and in abundance but sure be proud of being a hole to chasers to fuck, you will never be a woman.

No. 1816237

As if being sexually attractive to men was all there was to being a female human. I'm so happy I'm alive now when I don't need shit from men and can just be a happy person with my own hobbies and aspirations and don't have to worry about not being able to do anything (make money, own property…) when not chained to men. Men are still mentally living in the last century where being attractive and young was of utmost importance to women because it was their only chance to land a decent life. Who the fuck cares about aging and about looking sexually available all the time nowadays, it's just some remnants of past ages. Oooh so scary, men not liking wrinkles, ooh whatever will I dooo better rope myself ig kek
Fags like him should also try to get a life that isn't dick-centric.

No. 1816238

Do they think we can’t care about two different things? Both are a problem.

No. 1816243

it's unbelievable. anyone with eyes can see how it's unfair. bad science and shoddy journalism is straight up gaslighting.

No. 1816254

File: 1682610182456.jpeg (166.04 KB, 1440x1280, HIM tiktok.jpeg)

the social media person is bragging on tiktok that he didn't get fired but hasn't had a chance to delete or hide all the negative comments yet. i think he is implying that this woman >>1815715 is his boss and that she is somehow pleased with this behaviour. it's so bizarrely unprofessional and disturbing, the whole thing.

No. 1816257

File: 1682610498253.png (10.78 KB, 581x165, Htwit.png)

samefag but they are back up on Twitter already, pretending like they were deplatformed for political reasons and not because they broke multiple rules including abuse and doxxing. it's pathetic.

No. 1816258

Can someone explain the online right winger to tranny pipeline? It's absurd to me

No. 1816261

I honestly don’t give a shit whether or not TIMs have an advantage over women in sports. The sole reason they shouldn’t be allowed in womens sports is because they aren’t women. You could cripple a cheetah so that it doesn’t have any chance of winning a race against a human but it still shouldn’t be allowed to race because its not a fucking human

No. 1816263

File: 1682611117582.png (29.49 KB, 505x485, unfair advantage.png)

exactly. so many of these debates have already gone too far into the discussion because the fact is they are not women. and that's the end of it.
also even in cases where a woman beats the man, it doesn't mean there wasn't an unfair advantage (not to mention other women lose out on second and third placements). and of course the issue about sharing locker rooms etc. but like I say, it shouldn't even need to be said because there is zero reason for them to be in the women's team to begin with.

No. 1816266

Misogynisic porn addicts with regressive ideas about men and women realize they can never live up to their own ideal of a real man. This brings them deep shame and suffering that can only be pacified by coom. From there, they either think "Fuck it all, I make a shitty man anyway - might as well be a girl. Besides, the humiliation is hot", or they actually start to believe that they fail so hard as men because they're "actually a woman". Sometimes, they were weak teenage boys that thought becoming right wing would toughen them up and put hair on their chest, and they were at a loss when it didn't.

No. 1816270

It's further proof that often what we are told are "facts" are just "men's feelings/opinions".

No. 1816278

Is this saying I can't care for both issues?

No. 1816280

would love a source for a 10 year old beating up a 30 year old abled body adult LOL but also having to bring up fringe 'examples' (without sources/proof) to try and prove their poijt just makes them look even less in the right.

No. 1816283

Ikr im like a 10 year old beating up a 30 year old?? How big is that 10 year old and how small and frail is that 30 year old, because that would never happen with normal able bodied people. Even a strong 10 year old kid would be destroyed by a 30 year old

No. 1816286

Samefag. Since this about right wingers specificially, I want to go a bit further with this and discuss how it pertains to race because I almost never see it talked about. Skip if you want. In line with the porn addiction is often the racism. Right wing white men have this very strong inferiority complex, a mindset that being white necessarily makes them weaker and more effeminate. They constantly feel threatened by minorities "diluting their genes" and "genociding" them, which is in line with their obsession with gross bbc porn/"blacked" shit. They both fear and fantasize about the notion of "their" women being taken away by black and brown men, and once they troon out, they can get closer to living out this idea as (in their minds) both the man "robbed of his woman and progeny" and the woman "robbed of her dignity" at the exac same time.
These are often the exact same types of TRAs/men that are obsessed with taking swipes at black and brown women, equating them to men. All the modern claims that "Gender is actually invented by the white man, only white women are real women!!" are just copes for their brainbroken pornsickness, and too many leftists seem to take it at face value. These men literally need white to inherently be "female", and black or otherwise dark-skinned to inherently be "male" in order to affirm their racist ideology ("Other races are inherently stronger than us and pose a constant existential threat, white women are broodmare cargo to be bought/sold/raped"), bring them gender euphoria ("I'm white, that inherently makes me feminine, even if I don't entirely pass teehee") and allow them to live out their porno fantasies (obvious). All the "The only 'real' woman is a white woman" almost sounds like a compliment to white women, until you realize that it's meant to affirm their constant subordination and overall subjugation.
They also have anime/hentai brainrot, and think of Asian men as even more effeminate than themselves (in their own spaces, right wing white moids obsessively go on about their "BWC", wanting to cuck Asian men, steal Asian women, etc etc - essentially duplicating the BBC shit in a way that makes themselves feel racially "affirmed", like a band-aid), while viewing Asian women as "IRL lolis" and inherently submissive, disposable/interchangeable walking coombait to be sexualized, but not "prized" in the same way as white woman. This is why absolutely no woman - black, brown, Asian, white, etc or mixed - should ever validate this gender garbage. It's dehumanizing from both a racial and sex-based standpoint. Just like transgenderism is based in misogyny, there is almost no such thing as an anti-racist tranny. Might get banned for racebait for saying this, but oh well.(no1currs)

No. 1816289

they use the 'they only care about trannies!!' point all the time because they're self absorbed freaks. i saw someone (on Reddit of course) say that the people who are anti tranny/drag queen don't actually care about kids because they (redditors/trannies) assume everyone who hates trannies and drag queens is pro gun and thus doesn't care about school shootings. it's like calling jk rowling a Nazi/right winger even tho she was considered a liberal until being anti tranny. it's because they're so self absorbed that being against trannies is the deciding factor of where your political loyalties lie, regardless of any other opinion.

No. 1816290

I think body language is bs except for him when he uncomfortably touched his face and looked to the side and lied about not being jealous KEK.

No. 1816294

um those examples are from a gender critical woman proving that it doesn't matter whether a man playing in a woman's sport wins or not because he still has an unfair advantage. those things can and (in some cases) have happened. but they hypothetical idea that a 30 year old beating a 10 year old means that adults and children should compete is stupid - that's the point she is making.

No. 1816296

sorry *10 year old beating a 30 year old kek

No. 1816299

i feel like it's not brought up enough but in professional fighting weight classes are very strict because even 10 lbs could give you a huge advantage. if you miss weight at all you get penalized. so to act like weight is irrelevant is so stupid. there are also fighters who will stay in a lower weight class so they can tower above their opponents because height is also an advantage.

No. 1816301

maybe context as to who she's replying to might help then or if there's a follow up tweet to summarize her point. but without any sort of context it seems like she's saying the adult lost to the child because they lacked skills, which is what moids say about women losing to men in sports.

No. 1816303

it was pretty self-explanatory if you just read it properly no offence anon. she literally says "still has a massive advantage" and suggesting that the 10 year old who could beat a 30 year old must have exceptional talent and skill, way beyond what is normal. the thread is here if you're interested https://twitter.com/KimJonesICONS/status/1637263717887799296

No. 1816307

You’re so right though, this is also how you peak other women (This is sort of how I peaked) Make them realize how many trannies are white right wing racist incels and how they don’t give a shit about women and especially love to throw shade at women of color (I hate these words but I don’t know what else to use) or how they’re just plaid racist towards them. I hate making everything a “race issue” it’s corny af but it’s the one strong thing we have to use against these freaks

No. 1816308

Did you really need this data point to understand what kind of guys troon out?

No. 1816309

this especially pisses me off, and they'll tell you "you're no better than a white man" for this. As if implying that every GC/radfem/transphobic woc is some white man's bitch, what a way to listen to black, brown, and asian voices.

No. 1816310

>women of color (I hate these words but I don’t know what else to use)
woc is good enough i think, people know what you mean by that, and trying to use "non-white" is a bit "othering" and off.

No. 1816312

"There's no set of biomarkers to measure an atheletes' performance so comparing males and females is useless and redundant, and trying to determine whether or not testosterone/estrogen can give an athlete an advantage is impossible" Ok of course its useless? That's because you have no reasonable athletic averages to compare between the sexes when you combine them into a single group. What about an overwhelming majority of these TIM athletes absolutely sucking ass at their respective sport when they're ranked with other men, and suddenly jumping to the top performers when they compete with women??(learn to sage)

No. 1816315

>they'll tell you "you're no better than a white man" for this.
Literally. It's because most normal people who haven't paid attention to trannies just assume they're right without analyzing it, and trannies themselves love to gaslight. Meanwhile, to fall for tranny ideology in the first place, you literally have to be in the business of deferring to the opinions and commands of creepy white men, because that's where all this nonsense stems from (also, it's crazy how fast jannies banned for that post, but they often don't get to actual moids or illegal content for hours).

No. 1816322

What about swimming?? With Liar Thomas?? Is him not being immensely taller than all of the women not an advantage in swimming? Have him lift his arms and have the women lift their arms. His armspan is huge compared to theirs. I'm willing to bet those girls' fingertips are only a few centimeters different from each others', making their swimming skill the determining factor as to who wins in the race. Liar Thomas' fingertips probably reach even a foot or more above those womens' fingertips meaning as soon as he gets in the water he's winning by that fact alone. Because he's male and gargantuan. Do people not see this?? His legs are longer, he can kick off from the wall and by virtue of longer legs/more muscle on his longer legs, he is already winning. And they are longer by a lot. Because he's male. He also has bigger lungs, and can stay underwater for longer. He has bigger lungs because his chest is huge and his chest is huge because he's a male.

No. 1816332

Tall women exist too nonna. The fact of the matter is males should not compete with woman because they are male. Michael Phelps is immensely taller and has a longer armspan than his competition, but the participation classes are male vs. female, not height or weight class.

No. 1816338

File: 1682617975075.jpg (172.35 KB, 1240x698, lia-thomas-getty-1239328491.jp…)

Where are the gargantuanly tall male-bodied gibbon-armed women competing against girls of similar heights in swimming and winning every competition effortlessly? With a broad male ribcage and male lungs? You know what I mean, I'm not talking about his height alone I'm talking about his clearly male body. He's not even a little twink HSTS gay boi troon, he's a massive male. Michael Phelps is not double the size of his male competitors, he is taller but not by a huge amount. He also does not effortlessly win each time. Liar Thomas, the time he lost, clearly threw the race. He's enormous. I am clearly not talking about women competing with other women so I don't know what you're trying to prove. Tall women are not men.

No. 1816339

It would be ironic for a woman to denounce a traditional female upbringing only to turn around and demand men protect her

No. 1816344

Bringing up individual pieces of the male vs. female biology is irrelevant. Michael Phelps is 6'4 and not double the size of females. If you say it's unfair because he has a height advantage, you're saying it's unfair for a 6'4 woman to compete because of the same reason. The issue is because he is male.

No. 1816349

How is bringing up pieces of male biology versus female biology not relevant to how male biology is an advantage against female biology in sports. A 6'4 woman is not going to have the body structure of a 6'4 man. Women that tall are also rare, and rarer still to also be competing swimmers. I don't know what else to tell you.

No. 1816353

File: 1682618704587.png (46.2 KB, 614x580, CCES bullshit.png)

here is a response to that paper:

>The CCES paper ignores key findings

and just basic, obvious facts that we can all see for ourselves
>works off the assumption that TIMs being excluded from women's sport is inherently unfair and provides no opposing thought on this
Despite the fact that evidence shows that a large majority of elite female athletes, when actually asked, support sex testing. They ignore female athletes voices on this subject and instead focus on how unfair it is to twans
>they claim is that twans oppression should count as a disadvantage
the CCES surmise that TIM's social disadvantages could outweigh the physiological differences between them and females. not only is there no evidence for this because it's dumb BUT they fail to acknowledge that other athletes also experience disadvantage and hardship in life. "If we were to take social advantage into account when it comes to TW, then we would also have to do this for all other athletes who have experienced social disadvantage."
and again, completely ignore how inclusion of males put women at a major disadvantage.
>their biomedical data is unsurprisingly cherry picked, out dated and misinterpreted
>tries to rely on the argument that some women are much taller and more muscular than other women
but fail to realise that the question in this debate is the male advantage. not specifically height advantage.
and the fact that even when a woman competes against a man of the same height and stature, he is still 30% more likely to win. and yet they keep on saying that the differences between TIMs and women is in keeping with normal variations between women…

there is lots more there but just some bits I picked out. we already all know it's bullshit because… duh. but it's yet another example of how shitty "studies" get gobbled up by the media as long as there is a strong ideological message behind it.

No. 1816355

Insane that they don't consider Lia Thomas being a whole foot+ taller than all of his competitors a "biomarker". Big "are you going to believe me or your lying eyes" energy

No. 1816358

File: 1682619021448.jpeg (121.08 KB, 634x890, thomas vs reily.jpeg)

do we have a collage of second place females next to first place troons on podiums yet? any need for studies flies out the window as soon as you simply look. it's unbelievable it even needs to be debated.

No. 1816359

Honestly this has always been hilarious. The absolute delusions of tifs to think that hons dont seem them as a disposable fleshlight like they do any other woman. And youve got the added bonus of angry confusion on tims part on why tifs would reject their intact female body. I knew a tim once who was genuinely resentful and hateful of tifs and explained it by saying that he (and tims in general) could never understand why someone wouldnt want boobs and a vagina. Like the dangerous sexualized envy they have for women is magnified by a hundred

No. 1816364

File: 1682620256552.jpg (21.76 KB, 582x680, FuuoMfxWwAAfgj4.jpg)

No. 1816367

File: 1682620327437.jpeg (29.98 KB, 1430x568, 63A8ADB0-875D-40EE-8870-D51671…)

male aggression

No. 1816372

just a reminder 99% of this modern "breakcore" is just jungle/dnb but the genre has been hijacked by these type of artists and you get accused of gatekeeping

No. 1816374

File: 1682620959701.png (287.8 KB, 530x568, bbc.png)

Sage for non-milk but here is yet another example of shitty journalism. TRAs are blocking the entrance for women to watch the film Adult Human Female and the BBC describes this film as a "trans film" and suggests it was cancelled (it wasn't - they just cannot enter the building to watch it because of men blocking the entrance). I hate Twitter but this Context Notes addition is a big improvement ngl

No. 1816377

Leafy is still a thing???

No. 1816381

holy shit they are really escalating this… imagine being a lesbian handmaiden getting these aggressive and unhinged updates every day. having your sexual orientation shamed, in favour of straight men who feel entitled to sex with women. thanks for the free mass-peaking, HIM app.

No. 1816383

This shit makes me so fucking aggro. I wish I could just tase them and make them move but then I’d probably be shot on sight because muh transphobia. Fuck this fucking gay earth.

No. 1816389

File: 1682622026995.jpeg (110.08 KB, 750x1179, IMG_4016.jpeg)

Feels cursed to have this saved in my gallery but why does he style his hair like hitler?

No. 1816390

File: 1682622161295.png (8.34 KB, 298x168, autism.png)

sorry another HIM screenshot because I couldn't resist this one.
>new vocal stim unlocked
confirmed autistic male.

No. 1816405

Agreeing with the other anon and also adding there is a huge community (aka cult) aspect to this as well. Men, especially autistic men, have a hard time finding places to fit in or make genuine friendships; the alt-right tells them that the oppressed white boys have a home and they need to fight against the evil non-whites. The trans cult tells them that the oppressed white boys have a home and they need to fight against the evil TERFs. It's the same extremes just on opposite sides, no room for actual rationality.

No. 1816413

Maybe he finally quit his insufferable Jewish larp

No. 1816414

File: 1682624376137.png (82.79 KB, 1462x814, 912480384.png)

>I saw through her eyes that I got her thinking
Yeah, that you're retarded.

No. 1816416

>the fact that we've never assaulted anyone


No. 1816419

File: 1682625357093.png (335.71 KB, 674x649, firefox_QM7NKRTto4.png)

I know reddit has tranny mods and admins, but now they constantly have some tranny shit on the front page
it's disgusting

No. 1816424

File: 1682625577255.webm (15.31 MB, 720x1280, 1681586187183.webm)

Too bad he doesn't realize that it does indeed happen and most women know that men will do anything, literally anything to coom.

>we don't need to be women

>we actually are already
These mental gymnasics kek

No. 1816427

Is this the guy that was vetoing every law (including non-trans related ones) that tried to get passed?

No. 1816432

I can’t stop laughing at his facial expression like this MF is acting like he really thinks he’s martyring himself for some great cause or something when it’s really all just Pedo Shit And Cooming while subjugating women.

No. 1816440

yes, men do not need to transition to assault women but transitioning or simply saying they identify as a woman helps them get away with it. Nobody would allow a man into the women’s restroom but if the said man wore a cheap party city wig, an ugly dress and thigh high socks he gets to creep on women and get away with it. This man essentially just repeated the same meaningless and thoughtless talking points… Also something so misogynistic about him thinking he changed her mind with his retarded arguments kek

No. 1816443

kek my god this is sad, he really tried

No. 1816445

Every single man that I know that trooned out has always acted and thought in a stereotypical male way until they had their lightbulb moment, then they start claiming they were always women on the inside and always thought like women, such a lie they tell themselves. Many detransitioners have even said that as a way to legitimise their transition even though it was an outright lie.

No. 1816446

kaitlyn tiffany got her job thru that grace (joseph) lavery troon, she's shackled to this doomed cause for her entire career

No. 1816451

they think by making this grand stand for justice the app can become a straight dating app for TIMs and TRAs. it's a hail mary play for the company, i hope it folds

No. 1816453

Kek, she probably just made a face because what he said was so annoying and retarded. She probably even rolled her eyes too.

No. 1816454

personality dictated by what's popular on internet forms because autistics derive their personality from them because they don't know how to be people and need to think what they are and what they are doing has general consensus, but they have no one to copy irl. this makes them extremely vulnerable to social experiments and mass propaganda when their 4chan or reddit hive is getting psyop'd.

No. 1816456

you paid for the ratio, keffals

No. 1816459

very threatening reptilian eyes

No. 1816460

very clap now energy

No. 1816468

File: 1682628846310.webm (6.97 MB, 1024x576, Download (1).webm)

my ears

No. 1816469

lmao the cat running out of the room

No. 1816472

The cat booking it out of there is amazing holy shit

No. 1816478

My brother just told me he voted for this guy and ‘he doesn’t have a rep now’ that ‘she’ has been silenced…even though he can still vote. It’s a shame, this is only making Zephyr feel like a martyr, frankly I’d rather he were allowed to spew his bullshit just to watch the rest of the chamber ignore him

No. 1816479

>IWW flag
Every-fucking-time. I wonder what industry these comrades work in.

No. 1816480

File: 1682630502074.png (129.03 KB, 521x741, Screenshot 2023-04-27 162039.p…)

Sorry Idk how to embed tiktoks here but the HER founder posted a video to triple down on what's been going on. I'm not sure if she's the one that's been being unhinged on socials since she hasn't said anything too aggressive here, but she clearly supports it. Nobody is getting fired or anything, they just don't want real lesbians on their app. Also their twitter is back (which is how I found this) and they're blocking people like crazy


No. 1816484

No, that's what a man with long hair looks like.

No. 1816486

>aggressive TERFs
projection. once again calling out women who don't want to date men. the bigots are overwhelmingly male. not to mention the fact that TRAs are extremely aggressive.
>no one way to be a lesbian
there is only one way to be a lesbian

this is painful

No. 1816490

Samefag I think she is a spicy straight and feels shame for it, so she's trying to really push the transbian thing to make herself feel less guilty about preferring dick while owning a "queer" app

No. 1816492

If you think body language is bull shit, then I'm sorry to say this, but you are probably autistic.

No. 1816494

the HER shit bothers me, there’s something so sinister about women tearing other women down so aggressively and then turning around and coddling these bewigged men

No. 1816495

it's a last gasp of confidence while they circle the drain.

No. 1816497

straight women once again punch down on the only group below them on the social hierarchy.

No. 1816498

File: 1682632397126.jpg (58.19 KB, 507x500, 7jrc9s.jpg)

No. 1816500

Posted two hours ago with 8 likes and one comment. Even those weirdo tweets didn’t initially get much engagement initially. They are only now getting asspats and clicks because the terven gave them attention. Just block and ignore.

No. 1816522

File: 1682634710223.webm (4.97 MB, 576x1024, Download (5).webm)

No. 1816531

the whining, baseless demands and tone of voice are really doing them favors. why do they insist on keeping up the poking of the bear when the American public (and world at large?) is very tired after the last three years of pandemic.
do they want their "movement" to collapse like a dying star?

No. 1816539

File: 1682636150847.jpg (84.49 KB, 1331x816, 4a997kjvzxwe34i.JPG)

I was randomly thinking of this story from years ago. It always makes me feel so sorry for the wife as soon as I remember it. Poor woman realized she was a lesbian and tried to get out of her marriage with this man and start her new life and explore her sexuality. Then the guy comes out with "well good news, I'm actually a woman!" to get a two-for-one deal on living out his fetish and keeping his wife locked to his side. I always feel like she was forced to stay with her husband because of the backlash from the public she'd get for leaving him.

No. 1816543

He looks so smug.

No. 1816582


they should probly stop and reconsider whether leaping off a cliff and expecting the movement to materialize under you is an intelligent strategy

No. 1816588

we need more anti trans bills. lets ban trannies once and for all.

No. 1816590

Any one else listen to the Mary Harrington ep of Red Scare? Despite Anna and Dasha's lil bits of silliness, I thought it was pretty decent convo with a british terf. I feel like I could hear Dasha's brain turning about the trans issue (she did go to a feminist college after all) and Anna leanning into some branch of feminism. Also was funny that Anna had just now heard of mumsnet, and I heard about it as a 16 year old in america like a decade plus ago and would read a bit of their threads.

No. 1816593

Of course he turned to comments off to this video.

No. 1816594

i'd agree if they weren't being passed by the same people who ban abortion and any mention of homosexuality in schools.

No. 1816596

So sick of these people wrangling in black tans people when black people still have to deal with homophobia within their culture.
Gay people started their own movement for equality. Stop glomming onto the LGB and civil rights for that ride! Don't call women or men cis. It's on them to call themselves trans.

No. 1816597

Wanted to add, the trans people have a huge homophobia issue that really makes me upset.

No. 1816599

File: 1682643745606.png (17.01 KB, 907x151, Screenshot Capture -m.png)

No. 1816611

I give it four months before that chris guy is on some MTF polycule and debuts a NSFW account.

No. 1816615

I'm betting an OF account kek

No. 1816621

i don't get this because even assuming that they have body dysmorphia, how does merely claiming "i'm a woman now!" solve any of it? i guess they were just gross all along but meme themselves into taking a shower once in a while now that they see it as a naked woman roleplay

No. 1816622

I'd say fight your own battles you fucking freaks but that would just end up with women getting hurt. Thank god the vast majority of them are too lazy and entitled to do anything but whine about their "genocide"

No. 1816626

The street walking homeless I see around my neighborhood and beyond is like, dudes and a few women who eventually get housed in some way. Never seen a trans person. I guess they'd need to be full on make-up to signify their homelessness.

No. 1816633

Serious question, what the fuck has happened to science? It’s all about factual and objective evidence in science and quite literally the facts do not care about your feelings and biases should not factor in and in fact methods have to be considered to test in such a manner that bias minimally affects results when designing experiments. How is all this retarded tranny ideology that is based on delusion and fantasy seeping in?

No. 1816634

Fucking kek nonny

Who is actually moved by this? I can't see this doing anything but annoying people everywhere. It's that condescending "Uhm you need to be doing more sweaty" that absolutely no one likes

No. 1816640

File: 1682647859791.jpg (680.26 KB, 2160x3840, 20230427_220844.jpg)

Some poor woman tried to be supportive of her trans fiance. 5 months later he is leaning into pornsick fantasies of being a sex worker.

No. 1816642

but the reason women need their own teams/competitions is precisely because of men's advantage in sports though. if we remove men's advantage from the discussion they'll definitely point out that there's a double standard because women technically can compete with men if they want, it's open to all because men know women pose zero threat

No. 1816643

thank god her kids are probably grown.

No. 1816648

no but now i'm going to. the subs take of her was confusing, is she a terf who is against birth control pills?

No. 1816661

File: 1682650261561.jpg (194.81 KB, 967x868, harringtoninterviewnewstatesma…)

sorry to samefag but i guess this is the part of her ideology that takes a u-turn from radical feminism. she seems just gender critical and not really a terf. i guess i could get on with reifying the mother/madonna figure again but seems like childless women, women who don't want to take on a role of nurturer, and lesbians aren't women or don't have a female role in the post capitalist world to her?

this cap is from this article if anyone else would like to peruse https://archive.is/qe4wC

No. 1816672

It's a nice theory if you want to explain transgenderism from a racial point of view, but it has been a paraphilia for ages (so before Western countries became diverse); and before the advent of gender ideology in the West, it wasn't even the culture where transgenderism/transvestism was the most common or accepted imo. In these times of no kink shaming, sex-positivity and pornsickness, there is a blatant movement to turn paraphilias into identities, the next one being paedophilia. TRAs constantly appropriate arguments from other actually oppressed minorities because they have none, and race being one of the most important elements of identity politics in the US, it's no wonder they constantly compare the two (but they also compare themselves to gay rights activists, etc). For example, even before troonery, there was indeed the argument that Western countries' female beauty standards are eurocentric and their definition of what's feminine and beautiful is racist. Trannies reused this to explain that making fun of their features is exactly the same thing as mocking a racial minority's features. But the fact that other countries with different demographics and history are influenced by US troonery suggests that it is not just a race thing (even though it can ofc be a part of it especially due to the role that race plays in porn). Also, many American troons don't even come from conservative backgrounds.

No. 1816677

File: 1682652817937.jpeg (64.64 KB, 764x960, 7C1A9774-A102-4FA5-B730-319B94…)

No. 1816681

>the filthy stained floor
>the funko pops in the background
>the ground shaking
>the cat running away in terror

No. 1816683

He has the waxy greenish skin and yellow teeth of a corpse

No. 1816692

kek I meant lying body language. Everyone has their own ticks that doesn't always apply.

No. 1816707

We need more of these funny edits

No. 1816734

skinwalking tnd in her furby era i see

No. 1816735

Why doesn't anyone just mace these faggots then bodily yank them out of the doorway and carry on inside? What are pasty neckbeards like them really gonna do in retaliation in a public place?

No. 1816746

I think she means that height specifically isn't a good point to make because it isn't exclusive to sexes and easily dismissed. Muscle attachment points, heart size, lung capacity, thicker muscle fibers, hemoglobin levels, pelvis structure, bone density, etc. The kind of differences that hormone injections don't affect. Its so easy to say "well females can be tall too, would you ban them?" But you can't argue against muscle attachment points. That doesn't fucking change and males of the same size will be stronger because of it.

No. 1816762

File: 1682661230513.jpg (36.3 KB, 998x628, 20220525_150019.jpg)

Holy kek nonna

No. 1816774

File: 1682662920058.webm (5.53 MB, 520x360, SnapTwitter_3B4bFnbVjv7Hyexj.w…)

No. 1816800

I agree, this is what facism looks like. A man sieg heiling, trying to dictate how people should perceive him, cater to his whims. TRAs want and mandate questionable medical experiments on kids.

No. 1816808

File: 1682669296630.jpeg (225.32 KB, 1091x1742, IMG_0641.jpeg)

A retarded anonymous dm I received on tumblr. I don’t even have a terf account but I occasionally reply to terfy posts so I guess that’s how they found me. I have no idea what they’re talking about with the rape thing but it’s so stupid it made me laugh

No. 1816809

So she’s just a conservative who calls herself a feminist for some reason?

No. 1816810

There’s a lot of feminists like this, they’re more like libertarian than conservative because they are usually pro-choice. They are just very pro-natalist and idk about this woman specifically but the ones I know are anti birth control not bc of religious reasons but bc they think it’s part of a government conspiracy to control the population and poison women.

No. 1816811

it's interesting to me how bothered they are by women like us. they're much more bothered by us than the conservative men actually passing the laws. i know some of it is just plain old misogyny, but i also think that it's because everything we say about them is true. it's narcissistic rage at having their true selves laid bare for everyone to see.

No. 1816813

I appreciated and enjoyed your story, nona! got any more featuring this guy and/or his mother?

No. 1816814

File: 1682670301669.png (220.2 KB, 1091x1742, transes.png)

fixed it to be more honest

No. 1816816

voting this for next threadpic

No. 1816817

Honestly wild how accurate it is just by that minor change. I don’t know why they are always so misinformed about how terfs view femininity and think we require it if women when like a ton of terfs are butch lesbians kek

No. 1816818

Idk I’m personally voting for this one for next threadpic. Maybe I’m biased because I think copypastas are funny.

No. 1816827

File: 1682674261619.jpeg (337.9 KB, 1597x2551, progress.jpeg)

not through red scare but I've been following Mary Harrington's work for a while now. it's definitely interesting but her work is very much aimed at finding a way for men and women to live together, pro-marriage etc. which is fine but definitely not "TERF". I just finished reading her new book so might post about it on 2X soon. will give the red scare episode a listen too.
I'm not sure she considers herself a conservative. she was a die-hard liberal for a while. her feminist takes are pretty sound imo but could easily be misconstrued. eg. being anti-birth control - her reasons behind it are much more nuanced than "women should have babies" which she understands isn't for everyone, but more that this technology ushered in the idea of casual sex being a good thing for women (again, for some it can be but overall it serves men more).
I find her theories on the "cyborg era" the most interesting part, and that's where her gender critical side comes in. her thesis is basically about how progress isn't necessarily a good thing for women anymore, in terms of biotechnology and hyper-individualism - which only serve a tiny fraction of knowledge class women who promote these ideas. and she is right.

No. 1816828

I agree with her till the abortion issue, we do need feminism based more on mutual interests rather then "freedoms"

No. 1816834

I am very much pro-abortion and that hasn't changed but what I took away from Mary's stance is that these technologies (abortion and bc) are part of what is fooling us into believing we can be unshackled from our biology and have even footing in the world, the same as men. and in turn, men feel more enabled to treat us as disposable because there are less repercussions.
I agree with these points - I just don't agree with her conclusion. women are always going to want (and need) to prevent or abort pregnancies, as they always have. better to make it safe and legal.

No. 1816836

One thing I agree with above all else in this book is Mary's rightful pointing out of the liberal obsession with denying that men and women are inly different by virtue of class(Mary calls is Meat Lego Gnosticism). As Mary explains, much of feminism from the second wave onwards has been directed by a specific class of women: upper-middle-class (and higher) women who work in the knowledge sector. While it's not inherently bad to have well-educated, successful women guiding society, the problem arises when they assume that men and women must be virtually identical and interchangeable just because being female has had little to no effect on their career success. However, this notion begins to harm both men and women when you go down the class hierarchy, as women are expected to share intimate spaces with TIM

No. 1816846

File: 1682676636713.webm (3.08 MB, 576x1024, 69b83365b947554c5e3ff1ba080342…)

Has anyone seen this before, thank god the comments aren't buying into trans bs

No. 1816876

No. 1816877

File: 1682681091566.jpg (279.3 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230428_042455_Chr…)

Tranny seeking attention. we all know he's too narcissistic to do it

No. 1816881

Ok, bye bye. Next please!

No. 1816882

hope he succeeds

No. 1816883

I agree, this was the most insightful part of the book for me. btw I created a 2X book club thread if you want to discuss it more there https://lolcow.farm/2X/res/14399.html

No. 1816885

and of course he updated his profile pic right before this status. just gross

No. 1816887

>check all the boxes
yeah he looks like a man in a wig and has mental issues, no wonder everyone hates him

No. 1816889

wow, almost as if throwing on a pair of heels and saying you're woman doesn't rid yourself of all your problems. absolutely shocking.

No. 1816896

good riddance! funny how when men threaten suicide because they don’t get what they want it’s seen as manipulative, but throw them in a dress and suddenly it’s stunning and brave

No. 1816904

Despite the feet being blurred, you can tell they are filthy

No. 1816908

>If a man wants to assault you, does he need to go through all the trouble to correct his gender?
Kek what? It’s not like assaulting women is a scrote’s life goal, they just do it along the way, why would an unhinged one wearing lipstick be any different.

No. 1816915

even when they're about to kill themselves they can't help using an anime character to illustrate the situation lmao

No. 1816928

This, also some men do troon out for the unfettered access to women and children, it’s painfully obvious and has been proven time and time again. Look at the men who identify as women so they can go to women’s prison and rape even more.

No. 1816929

Incel troon thinks women think the same way as men. He's fantasized about raping terfs so now he's projecting that degeneracy onto you.

No. 1816941

Why is it always projection? All of this is exactly how they feel about and what they do to women. Also, I’ve never heard of a TERF saying women can’t look a certain way, if anything terfy women are always defending the fact that women can and DO look differently or can have more traditionally masculine features or whatever.

No. 1816947

>without a single proof
>we've never assaulted anyone

No. 1816951

File: 1682693738392.jpg (70.36 KB, 680x524, FuyoNhbWYAMA3i0.jpg)

They are so delusional about HRT doing anything, these pics look like theyre 2 weeks apart

No. 1816954


bro literally changed his hairstyle and thinks it’s a biological miracle

No. 1816956

ten years? topkek so in that time and involving four years of false hormones, his face got fatter, annnnddd… that's it.
good investment, i could do the same by gaining 10lb

No. 1816958

File: 1682694005971.jpg (195.42 KB, 1080x1409, Fup392UXwAAvCFa.jpg)

No. 1816964

hoping for a part 2 where she'll expose more drag queens because im tired of people praising them like theyre saints who could do no wrong when actually saints could've been the most cruel person in existence but if they preach the belief of their people than their sins are undermined and are branded as a protest against those that stand against them.

No. 1816965


No. 1816967

File: 1682694268507.jpeg (106.74 KB, 828x948, 8C91E4FA-A9EC-47A8-AAAB-B1E867…)

first year since 2001 that the transgender wellness conference is not happening. wonder why

No. 1816969

File: 1682694416321.webm (7.02 MB, 576x1024, Vevw4hhz.webm)

found this creepy troon from the her app tiktok comments. this is their audience.

No. 1816970

>gaining 10lb
of muscle. dude looks jacked. how did he get even more manly? kek

No. 1816980

okay then, instead of "biological woman" i'll just refer to myself as a real woman instead. better?

No. 1816994

did he inhale a helium balloon before recording this? he needs to cope harder

No. 1816995

They are so hilarious. The very obvious voice filter and that anarchy sign tattoo. They all really think they are anarchists while participating in the most capitalistic massive cult we've ever seen while constantly wanking to the capitalist exploitation of women.

No. 1817009

File: 1682700946547.png (94.78 KB, 1080x1225, Screenshot_20230428-185523.png)

No. 1817012

sage for somewhat of a blogpost but something goofy i've noticed since TIMs gained more visibility in the media is that i get more people giving me weird looks and outright mistaking my gender as a woman who has a someone masculine face + doesn't wear makeup but that has very long hair. I feel like people now associate no makeup and long hair with TIMs and I hate it. It's especially odd because when i had a very short sort of pixie cut hair style I got "misgendered" less. Maybe people just read me as a metalhead guy but I swear this is a more recent phenomenon.

No. 1817014

I keep seeing dumbass tik toks about how lesbians are "non-men people who are attracted to other non-men". Aside from the overt misogyny in that statement, it's crazy to me that these people want us to have a word for every sexual or romantic combination that could ever be thought of ("demiromantic acesexual bihet allosexual people are valid!") but seethe when lesbians are lesbians. Cursed world.

No. 1817017

File: 1682701623159.png (10.94 KB, 680x240, fetish definition.png)

kek exactly. they literally call lesbians "genital fetishists" when picrel is the definition kek. it's literally the one thing that can't be a fetish. and yet, the men who are obsessed with and identify as lesbians aren't deemed fetishists…
woke homophobia started so insidiously but now it's literally right there in your face.

No. 1817018

File: 1682701987426.jpg (54.83 KB, 879x680, Screenshot_20230428_101328_You…)

Is anyone surprised by this?

No. 1817019

We wouldn’t have had this problem if we just smashed boys skulls in when they start showing symptoms of the ‘tism.(alogging)

No. 1817020

Maybe when transwomen stop following male pattern crime statistics.

Once again that focus on looks, "You act like no woman looks like a man!" A woman who looks like a man is still a woman, thats the fucking point lol.

No. 1817022

That voice holy shit

No. 1817024

>I don’t know why they are always so misinformed about how terfs view femininity and think we require it if women when like a ton of terfs are butch lesbians kek
They're the dumbest people on earth (not that surprising given the amount of drugs they do and promote even for children) they think a group they label "radical feminists" are FOR oppressive gender roles and restrictions of women. It's literally always been the exact opposite. If you asked them to tell you what a stereotypical feminist is like in any other context they'd describe a butch lesbian.

I honestly think it's at least partly because they for years prior to this were sold that the only enemy behind everything bad is "old white cis conservative christians". That's literally their Satan, they think everything bad stems from it so they will mold whoever they think is bad to best fit into that label. They're already trained in denying reality to accept trans people as valid, so it's not hard for them to mentally ignore that the terf in question is actually a young black butch lesbian. They think she must have been brainwashed by an evil white Karen, because a poor black woman couldn't possibly arrive at such evil terfy thoughts on her own.

No. 1817026

Women haven’t been allowed to be people for most of history. Some of our grandmothers couldn’t even have their own credit cards and were frequently subjected to marital rape. No sympathy for moids who’ve had everything forever.

No. 1817027

This is an objectively insane thing to say

No. 1817029

And yet you never see them say “gay men are non-women who love non-women”. Funny, that.

No. 1817032

Some of you really think all white ppl are a 4chan meme, get off the internet for a few weeks, kek.

No. 1817033

>If a man wants to assault you, does he need to go through all the trouble to correct his gender?
He has 2 options. One is to act like the man he is and get kicked out of female spaces on sight (unless it's already part of the gender cult where bearded men are seen as valid lesbians). The other option is to put on a dress and lipstick and then he can freely assault women, and if he gets caught his punshiment is to have other women be locked up with him so he can freely assault them too and no one can do anything about it. Why the fuck wouldn't he "correct his gender" then?

If a man wants to assault us, why do WE, real women, need to "respect" his gender and pretend he's a woman?

No. 1817036

File: 1682703114422.jpeg (176.5 KB, 1170x1017, EB2DC51F-3950-4066-9FED-27FE78…)

“Someone else’s expression of their femininity has no effect on yours”

Not true. The kids (mostly girls) who I work with think that femaleness and femininity as a whole means stereotypical hyperfemininity, and maleness and masculinity is everything else, and are identifying as them/thems because of it. This shit being readily available online and this ideology being pushed in the media is genuinely confusing to kids.

No. 1817040

File: 1682703593640.jpg (145.49 KB, 1500x1500, BeautyPlus_20230428104038762_o…)

This just in: laugh reacting = trans genocide! If anyone is interested in unhinged troon-posting, def check out this fb group.

No. 1817041

It’s sincerely freaking me out that pedophilia may become somehow legitimized as a result of troonshit. Is that getting a little too wild and slippery slopeish with it or is it truly worth worrying about?

No. 1817042

Assuming these self-hating troons really experience body dysmorphia, of the sexed subtype: if troons are honest in their posts like this one and they really are happy with their bodies looking like this, then they never needed to troon out in the first place because they all look undenibly like the men they are.
They do not look more female, they do not pass in the slightest, they don't look more feminine compared to your average not-trans male (sometimes even less so at that). Clearly the treatment for their dysphoria is just a placebo effect, because nothing changed. They literally could have learned how to be happy in their bodies either way.

No. 1817043

>if you're a cis woman in here you're just a proud transphobe
amen brother

No. 1817045

I hate how troons coopted the yandere femcel girl aesthetic. autistic girls want to have their little cringe unhinged fantasies and actual dangerous men have to invade those spaces too.

No. 1817049

>Is that getting a little too wild and slippery slopeish with it or is it truly worth worrying about?
Absolutely worry about it nona. They are already openly supporting and pushing child sexwork like drag queen kids twerking in front of adults. Trans organisations have open pro-pedophiles support them. They've made eunuch a "gender identity", they want to suppress and stop childrens puberties. Pro-trans spaces like reddit are actively protecting outed trans pedophiles and have been for years.

A few years ago it didn't seem like we'd have to worry about bearded men calling themselves lesbian women and going into female spaces, yet here we are where that is reality.

No. 1817057

ntayrt, I honestly used to laugh when people gave slippery slope arguments. I used to think it was just pearl-clutching angry conservatives looking for easy targets to be mad at. I used to be a proud "Queer ally!" and handmaiden for the LGBTQ+, I even used to argue "Trans people just want to use the bathroom!!!" etc. and I never thought that I would turn a complete 180. This shit is absolutely out of control now, I'm genuinely worried about the pedo shit now and this place has opened my eyes to how degenerate they actually are.

No. 1817061

Seconding this as a previous supporter of trans people. This shit has gotten insanely out of control. TIMs have assaulted me and have made me feel just as unsafe as "cis" men in ways that women never have and will never do.

No. 1817064

File: 1682705469131.png (104.1 KB, 604x624, male.png)

Has anyone posted this preview of Hunter in the new Hunger Games movie? He looks so male here.

No. 1817065

i lasted a week in that group, so much unprecedented cringe

No. 1817071

Same here. What peaked me was seeing how deep the depravity of the troons I used to know and support went, how deeply intertwined it was with misogyny and racism, and how little they cared, especially if a woman dared speak up. My eyes were starting to open but I was still sympathetic to trannies, and going on female imageboards fully convinced me there isn't a single troon whose condition isn't based on porn addiction, sexual trauma or the same gender roles I'm against

No. 1817072

I too was once a handmaiden, and it feels so much worse in hindsight because I’m a lesbian. My brother in law recently told us that his kids school (his kid is in THIRD GRADE) were teaching the children about oral sex and not informing the parents. He pulled them from the school, and it’s not even in a super mega California level liberal area; it’s a moderately small town in the south burbs of Chicago. There is no universe in which EIGHT TO NINE YEAR OLDS need to even know about oral sex. They’re trying to groom children out in the open now, and they have the support of the government.

No. 1817084

I'm convinced a lot of them are "happier" because they have learned how to do basic fucking hygiene. A lot of depressed people don't care for themselves and I've found sometimes just forcing yourself to get in the shower, or brush your hair or whatever can help get you out of a funk; I think that's all that is happening. They "transition" and think "oh girls take showers, brush their hair, etc", they do that, and voila! they feel better but think it's the fucking horse piss pills.

No. 1817086

He transitioned from "twink male" to "twink male with different hair".

No. 1817090

File: 1682710121879.jpeg (315.97 KB, 1170x1758, IMG_6208.jpeg)

Sometimes I don’t know why I even still check Reddit at all because I inevitably just find myself getting annoyed by this bullshit. Apparently now it's a “terf dog whistle” to say that men can’t fully relate or understand art written by women about women’s experiences. If they are so adamant about trans women being women why would that statement even be an issue? Probably strikes a nerve with them because none of them actually can relate to the experience of womanhood…

No. 1817092

good observation. i mean, most of them still look like they have dreadful hygiene, but even just taking some extra care in what you look like can really make you feel a lot better in yourself. it's also a project, a goal, a focus. i can imagine trooning out is all some of these hopeless men have going on in their lives.

No. 1817095

>his kids school (his kid is in THIRD GRADE) were teaching the children about oral sex and not informing the parents.
The worst part is how liberals absolutely refuse to believe that other "liberals" could ever be up to evil, until they're on the receiving end of the evil. I know I'm guilty of it as well, but I started pulling my head out of my ass once tumblr started leaking into real life almost a decade ago, and I realized that all those "reasonable" people I had deferred to weren't reasonable at all.

No. 1817108

I had Sex Ed in school around 10-11 years old. Are you sure it wasn't that? Afaik all the parents were informed of when Sex Ed was happening, though.

No. 1817110

> If you’re a woman and you think, you’re transphobic

No. 1817112

This literally would have traumatized me as a child. When I was 13 i got sent into a complete spiral of guilt and anxiety just from overhearing some girl asking another girl if she'd "lick a certain guy's dick." It absolutely freaked me out that people would put their mouths on genitals and gave me anxiety for around a month as i realized how disturbing the world really was. Yeah I was sheltered but I had 0 concept of sex or even romantic affection as a third grader. There is no reason for that shit at all.

No. 1817113

And guess what, Tori’s music is only for women/girls, too. Cope, seethe, dilate etc trannies

No. 1817114

Seriously what the fuck? It doesn’t matter if they’re about to graduate and they’re 18 years olds, but schools shouldn’t teach shit like that. If I remember correctly, the curriculum for sexual education is basically:
>what is sexual education
>why learn this
>puberty (stuff like periods, why puberty and such)
>sexuality (as in heterosexuality, homosexuality and deviations like pedophilia so the kids know what to run away from)
>genitals (healthy and unhealthy genitals, hygiene)
>STDs (Types and how to protect yourself from STDs)
And that’s basically it. Why teach them about kinks? Why teach them techniques or types of sex? I guess I kind of get mentioning fetishes (kinks are fetishes, you can’t change my mind) as a form of sexual deviation but beyond that it’s literally unnecessary to teach children or teenagers stuff like what’s oral sex, or anal sex, or how lesbians have sex, or what’s BDSM, Like what for? It’s literally unimportant and unnecessary, they need to know that their bodies are there and that they need to take care of themselves, that’s it.

No. 1817116

AYRT and I had general sex Ed (boys went in one room, girls in the other) where we learned about puberty in the most basic of ways (periods for girls, erections for boys etc) and then 11-12 was the actual SEX sex stuff which i remember my mom was kind of angry and disgusted that they thought we needed to know at that age (condoms on bananas etc). She gave me some informative books which my autistic ass far preferred. To this nonna, >>1817112 I know exactly what you mean, I also learned about certain sex acts from very disturbingly precocious girls at school who in hindsight should not have known about those things much less been talking about doing them. I’ll never forget the clique of fifth grade girls at my school who started wearing thongs and talking about giving various boys lap dances. It’s sad that things have only gotten worse.

No. 1817119

I remember reading something on Tumblr donkey's years ago about gender therapists needing troons to have a goal beyond transitioning before they gave the go ahead for surgery, because so many brave and stunnings killed themselves after fully transitioning. I think you're right about trooning being the only thing these men (and women, since TIFs are also terminally online) have going for them. Maybe that's why they're so depressed after surgery, they've worked for years to become a woman and all they're left with is a pocket of fecal bacteria, a lifetime of dilation, and no chance of going back. Their entire identities revolve around being trans women, all their friends are either troons or TRAs, they spend all their time in trans spaces and lose their families over this shit. One hint of discontent and they lose every single person they've come to rely on. No amount of girl makeup and girl shampoo and girl programmer socks will make them female, but apparently that only sinks in after the chop.

No. 1817126

3 types of Franzia, and empty beer cans left on the floor. Ratty books stacked under the microwave. Truly living the life.
TBH I wonder how many women even realize the first instance is manipulative while it's happening. Men are very good at catching women up in the moment and laying down a guilt trip. Almost every woman who has ever dated has heard these things after a scrote did something shitty.
>That's not my problem.
>I'm not responsible for that.
>You're responsible for your own feelings.
>You can't expect me to make you happy.
And then the same scrote can turn around the very same day and cry about how hard his job is, how unappreciated he is, how nobody cares about his feelings, whatever. And it works. Women rush in and coddle the giant hypocrites.

No. 1817140

A mtf tranny was filmed assaulting girls at riverside highschool in california.

No. 1817142

File: 1682716495589.jpeg (139.82 KB, 1080x1690, FuvlyoOWcBMYa0B.jpeg)

samefag #1

No. 1817144

File: 1682716640106.jpeg (118.28 KB, 1080x1631, FuvlycdWcAUl9fP.jpeg)

No. 1817146

File: 1682716722298.jpeg (127.85 KB, 1063x1450, Fuvly0BWcAYo1ZS.jpeg)

No. 1817147

depressing that no one intervened. just standing around watching and filming whilst a woman gets overpowered by a man. great job.

No. 1817151

Christ he's massive, like a literal wall, he could have actually ended up killing her.

No. 1817153

goddammit i kept waiting for her to kick him in the balls and it never happened, his 41% can't come soon enough.

No. 1817154

didn't somebody at the end or what

No. 1817157

AYRT there is another video that I'm unable to post atm but it is on the @genderisharmful twitter and it is a continuation of that clip. Students crowd them and it takes a frustratingly long amount of time for people to properly intervene. Sad.

No. 1817158

Thank you for this! I was a lil tipsy listening to it and thought I heard her declare herself as a terf in a offhand way that A+D didn't acknowledge.

She seems in an alignment of quite a few of views I've come to after years of thinking about these things. Going to look into the book!

No. 1817161

how is being anti-birth control any better than being separatist and just not engaging with males like what? so she thinks women should only have sex to procreate? what the hell is this brainrot

No. 1817163

anon if you're thinking of reading it, come to the book club thread in 2X https://lolcow.farm/2X/res/14399.html cos some others are going to read through it too and share thoughts

No. 1817164

samefag but what does she say women who do not want children but want to have sex should do? this seems very myopic and childishly idealistic

No. 1817166

ntayrt but her argument is less about banning the pill but more about reducing the need for it (a world where every mother and baby is supported) and yes it's idealistic but it's part of a larger thread and use of technology that disconnects us from our biological reality.

No. 1817168

sounds very pro-natalist, which to me is inherently antifeminist, i will be avoiding her.

No. 1817169

File: 1682718918729.png (147.72 KB, 1080x2083, Screenshot_20230428-175444-181…)

This is the most openly critical post I've seen on Reddit in years. How long until the sub is banned?

No. 1817171

I am shocked that has sub lasted over a month honestly, I don't really know how they get away with it.

No. 1817177

I think it's because the troons hadn't found out about it yet, but they will have now.

No. 1817184

I'm in tears nona, 10/10

No. 1817191

Because reddit doesn't actually give a shit either way. Until it hits the headlines, they won't do anything.

No. 1817195

not to out myself in a big way, but I grew up in a red state, separated by the continental us. we had age appropriate sex-ed every year. starting around fourth or fifth grade. mostly just talking about the biological changes. fifth grade, we watched a woman give birth on vhs and a boy passed out lol. then in middle school we got a looooot of std slides, like a lot in the auditorium. then in high school it was more contraceptive and about the dangers of hiv. seemed very reasonable then and now looking back. never had explicit sex talks or porn talks. did have a class where we could all talk about these kinds of things (literally, just talking as a group while an old white lesbian teacher had a purple streak in her short hair) which was like junior year and she was the best teacher that I had voluntarily tried to get into all of her different classes.
Sorry, blog post, but yeah, we never had explicit sex talk in elementary school. Teaching literal children about blowjobs is horrific. I'd pull my child as well.(not your personal blog)

No. 1817198

its giving exhumed bowie

No. 1817205

Huh? I'm against birth control for myself. Luckily never had a parent offer or make me take it. I have never taken birtch control other than plan b when i allowed a dude I'm dating to cum in me for a bonding moment. I know that some girls/women need it for PCOS, and I'll never deny them that. I think it's just ridiculous to put most teen girls on a hormone for no reason out side of that. I won't judge a woman being on birth control for her own reasons. I don't have to agree with this woman on every thing. I do think banning birth control is bad, as well as abortion.(not your personal blog)

No. 1817208

Ok then I guess we're in agreement. This discussion gets muddled when it's not specified that we're particularly talking about hormone-based birth control.

No. 1817209

>posting this in "yandere psycho femcel girlfriend grippy sock jail"
Good riddance.

No. 1817221

1) Gross 2) This isn't your personal blog.

No. 1817225

same, they have to insert their smelly selves onto everything women enjoy. It pisses me off the most when the thing they have inserted themselves is something popular amongst mostly teenaged girls like calling themselves femcels, it’s very weird because the men I’ve encountered calling themselves “femcels” (ironic considering they are just plain incels) are usually over 20 trying to mingle with 15-17 year olds who heard the term femcel on tiktok and adopted it because their favorite anime characters were called femcels (i.e. lain, asuka etc.)

No. 1817226

File: 1682722894974.webm (7.09 MB, 360x640, rapey american irish.webm)

I was immediately annoyed when I saw this american jewish man using an Irish name (he is almost definitely skinwalking an irish redhead woman) and it just got worse from there. he is so aggressive and rapey it's disgusting.

For context he is responding to a tiktok from a lesbian woman who is sharing that she doesn't like flesh-coloured strap-ons because they're too penis-like.(racebaiting autism)

No. 1817230

>You're extremely fragile
Says the sort of person who breaks down and cries when he gets called "sir," by the cashier at McDonald's. Lmao.

No. 1817231

File: 1682723406034.webm (5.31 MB, 358x612, make men comfortable.webm)

Another creep harassing lesbians
>"just make this place safer for us. make it comfortable"
>don't talk about your sexual orientation
>make men comfortable

No. 1817236

"Everytime you say you don't like mascara wands, it makes me, a transwoman, feel unwanted"
Wow that sounds like not my fucking problem

No. 1817238

File: 1682723980796.jpg (17.03 KB, 512x512, piss.jpg)

No. 1817240

i agree with her about technology and who it serves, i've been looking for thinkers critiquing the cyberfeminism/xenofeminism branches

No. 1817245

patti mayonnaise goin off on those biological women!!

No. 1817247

gimme the tiktok handle or whatever, I wanna send this to someone on tiktok

No. 1817248

men look like cancer patients when they have thin skin

No. 1817255

he deleted the video but there are some duetts. here is a based radfem reacting to it https://www.tiktok.com/@meltemforever/video/7194874801318661382

No. 1817256

"You talk about how my type of body is disgusting" Yeah, and you people (males) have done the same shit to women for millennia and gaslit them into thinking it's all their feelings about themselves. Now you experience an iota of that feeling and it's not even directly adressing you and your male feefees are so hurt you have to bitch at the "evil terfs" to stop being bigots to make it better. If you actually experienced being a woman and had a "woman mindset" you would understand where these lesbians are coming from but instead just like everything else about you your mindset is male so you only think about me me me, and how women need to constantly cater to you even if they aren't addressing you.

No. 1817259

>lesbians saying they don't like dick makes me feel unsafe
The fact that they're comfortable posting this pathetic ass shit and don't feel shame for expressing it is insane to me. These people are insane

No. 1817260

>I consistently see comment sections that are pages and pages describing exactly how and why bodies like mine are disgusting
that's how the entire internet talks about every single woman on earth, dude, sack up

No. 1817265

File: 1682726469976.jpeg (193.59 KB, 2560x1440, rapists.jpeg)

samefag to share some of these comments on the video. there are looooooads more like this unfortunately.

No. 1817268

File: 1682726541524.jpg (15.82 KB, 687x241, 286hjdfg89u4hjf.JPG)

Thank you for bringing this place to my attention nona. What a blessed sub.

No. 1817270

"The number of times I've been kicked out of lesbian/wlw communities would make you think I'm a sex offender." yas queen, it's completely normal to be routinely kicked out of communities and the problem definitely isn't you

No. 1817271

>this takes "I tell my dr I can't get pregnant because I'm a lesbian" a step further

I will continue to say this at my doctor's office because it's both true and it apparently pisses them off so much knowing lesbians say this.

No. 1817274

Fourthwave and r/Actuallylesbian (not actuallesbians) are the only two places left. I assume they're very clever about how they operate as not to break the rules but still manage to strongly hint as to what most women think, when given the opportunity to speak.

No. 1817277

This kind of collective brain rot makes me physically sick. We say it all the time but gay men aren’t inclusive of “same sex attracted” TIFs and nobody gets on them about it. I’m a proud lesbian and I don’t need to ever make someone with a penis feel included in spaces for people like me. Fuck all the way off a cliff trannies and anyone who uplifts this kind of bullshit.

No. 1817282

I've noticed r/fourthwavewomen usually lock threads when they get a bit too spicy and usually focus on other parts of radical feminism like being anti-porn and prostitution instead. I feel they're on thin ice though and have only survived this long by being a pretty small sub. Once more moids start finding out about it I'm sure they'll start mass reporting it for ''''misandry'''' and get it shut down if the transphobia complaints don't work because reddit always protects male feelings.

No. 1817285

File: 1682728646033.jpg (80.5 KB, 839x760, Fr5hC0eWwAIoCow.jpg)

No. 1817287

File: 1682728838291.jpg (82.71 KB, 659x643, ew.jpg)

No. 1817289

>focus on other parts of radical feminism like being anti-porn and prostitution instead
as much as I think trans ideology is one of the biggest feminist issues right now, it's nice to have a place where it's not the main topic of conversation all the time tbh and at least it keeps them from being banned enough to subtly peak women.

exactly. these weaklings wouldn't be able to handle being an actual woman for 5 minutes.

No. 1817290

>they're trying to kill us
but the post was literally about suicide, don't they see how ridiculous it sounds? they're doing the job themselves

No. 1817291

File: 1682729119892.png (188.46 KB, 681x761, Sharron Davies MBE on Twitter.…)

I hope trannies get banned from sports soon

No. 1817292

Because being transgender was always a private issue and it could not be used as a grift. When you remove the ability to grift from it, the social contagion aspect evaporates, and there is more room to be honest about it and treat it as serious as it is. I'm on the fence about a lot of things but expecting children to be able to know what they need for their bodies at an age where they would get a tattoo sleeve of all the transformers is crazy. Surgeries while underage should be out of the question.

No. 1817293

File: 1682729384634.png (6.76 KB, 647x176, taboo.png)

>front hole
…nooooo fucking way.
I was just reading an article about how making the word vagina, vulva etc. taboo can cause health problems because women become too ashamed to talk about those areas of their body with their doctors.

from the article: "I've experienced censorship because as soon as you spell the word vulva, vagina or clitoris clearly in your caption, be prepared to not have much engagement because the algorithm automatically assumes that it's something inappropriate or pornographic."

so now not only is that a problem but fucking official health organisations are adding to the shame and stigma.

No. 1817295

FRONT hole??? Is this anatomy by CWC or??? Good fucking bye…

No. 1817300

This is not going to happen.

No. 1817304

File: 1682730125011.png (92.88 KB, 681x704, Screenshot 2023.png)

No. 1817306

File: 1682730332548.png (103.17 KB, 684x720, Matt Walsh on Twitter.png)

>it should be illegal to call this man a man

No. 1817308

his mouth and giga chin are repulsive, and the look in his eyes is scary. he's also insufferable on twitter. i guess by that move he's trying to get more involved in politics

No. 1817312

File: 1682730954553.png (774.31 KB, 696x1205, Le_Sorelle_Arduino KPSS on Twi…)

No. 1817313

this tweet is from right wing nutjob and woman-hater extraordinaire Matt Walsh. I wish nonas would stop posting and pandering to these alt right moids just because they hate trannies too

what's the link to this article nona?

No. 1817325

File: 1682732352503.jpeg (219.55 KB, 1201x921, IMG_0660.jpeg)

Imagine how much less constant drama we’d have if we were allowed to say “This sub is meant for anyone who was born female” kek

No. 1817327

File: 1682732553898.png (31.93 KB, 674x680, Katy's Shit Cartoons on Twitte…)

Who is Colin strawmanning now?

No. 1817332

wtf where is this from?

No. 1817335

What he saw in that TERF's eyes was probably confusion as she was trying to understand a single thing this troon said

No. 1817339

ANY place takes that spot from a female. ANY male participation in a contact sport is a serious danger to women. Men in women's sports is inherently a huge insult and detriment to female athletes and it doesn't matter how those cheaters place.

No. 1817340

For any nonas that haven't seen the film yet, you can watch it for free on their website. It's great and a breath of fresh air.


No. 1817341

File: 1682733845015.jpg (83.9 KB, 1080x642, FuytgBhXoAE0PPb.jpg)

Please don't have children or fool any women into having any with you

No. 1817343

And Monty is wrong in that so far all men who have participated have won.

No. 1817344

File: 1682734350469.png (83.02 KB, 824x2048, Screenshot_20230428-211257.png)

No. 1817347

Alternative words:
>All-that (with a gesture)
>Front Hole

what in the ever loving fuck

No. 1817349

these people shouldn't be allowed to run for political office, isn't "erin" a felon and excluded?

No. 1817354

File: 1682735854884.png (112.43 KB, 678x708, REDUXX on Twitter.png)

No. 1817382

The people in charge of the laws has to be fucking braindead to not notice a pattern and maybe think that, geez, did you know? Letting criminals identify however they want may not be a good idea after all.

No. 1817392

Here's to hoping he prematurely ages ASAP and removes himself from the gene pool for good.
I'm interested in criticism of hormonal BC, because it really has created even more sexual entitlement, pressure, delusion, and dehumanization from men. The only safe sex is sex with a condom, and if men don't like that, they can just cut their filthy dicks right off. Women should just assume that any man will cheat and pick up an STD at some point. There's no virtue in trusting men.

No. 1817394

Pretty soon women’s prisons will just be men’s prisons with some women. How many women are going to be raped and/or die because men are in prison with them and when will it stop? Will we one day teach children about this mass cult brain and the shit that it caused the way we teach about the horrors of the past? This is so fucking bleak and I want to alog. I know it’s autistic as fuck but I wish I had superpowers and could become a vigilante.

No. 1817397

Is he trying to do the black power fist up symbol? Troons can’t keep their coom hands away from actually marginalized communities.

No. 1817406

They notice and know it's bad, they just refuse to acknowledge it because to do so is to acknowledge mens desire to predate and assault, it makes a point about all of them. Not to mention some of them want to be in the predators position, punish women, or plain just don't care because they do not empathise with women as a class.

No. 1817407

good to see normal people take a stand against this, too bad nothing will be done.

No. 1817421

…Mascara wands? What?

No. 1817422

File: 1682746738467.jpg (647.26 KB, 2048x3584, yikes.jpg)

No. 1817424

The people who shield violent moods like this are going to get enough parents pissed off that they'll just handle it themselves. Fuck around and find out

No. 1817431

They are clever, but troons have been derailing, crying over getting downvoted, and clumsily stealth posting in r/actuallylesbian ever since it got posted here a while back. I even saw a "digital self harm" comment the other day. Good luck to fourthwave. Pretty much >>1817282 it stays chill as long as it stays hidden.
When will they get it? I don't care if they lose every single race they ever enter, they're still not entitled to take that spot from a woman.

No. 1817441

i remain in awe at how they've managed to finagle lesbianism being the only thing that has nothing to do with men into a legitimate axis of oppression

No. 1817453

the sub would get shut down in an instant. I feel like a lot of women-centric subs like r/autisminwomen and r/twoX don’t want to include trannies but they kinda have to or else their sub will get banned for being exclusionary and “abusive” kek

No. 1817456

File: 1682755444693.jpeg (182.19 KB, 828x1327, IMG_4127.jpeg)

>tranny on twitter quote tweets a conspiracy theorist who believes in flat earth
I feel like a lot of TRAs and trannies quote tweet and argue with far right, crazy transphobes who claim obviously cis women and men are actually trans because of arbitrary reasons to make themselves look better

No. 1817459

The millions of actual women with shitty views on gender roles aren't asking society at large to change the definition of the word woman to be about something other than biology. TIMs are the ones who are rallying to redefine the word in legal contexts, so their views on what the word means are obviously going to be under much more scrutiny.

Plus just anecdotally I've seen troon takes on gender roles that even deranged fundies wouldn't get behind. The woman running Jesus Camp had short hair and wore pants kek, like some of troons' takes are things that could only come from brainrotted coomer moids.

No. 1817488


they don't really get that there's a fundamental difference between intrinsic qualities and adopted identities and there are actual benefits to essentialism. if "team woman" isn't an opt-in or opt-out thing it doesn't really make sense to police women that way. no matter what that's you have to fight with. the worst woman is still a woman.

however if you can float between categories at you leisure it does make sense just to kick people out who are messing everything up the same way subcultures do. it's the type of thing truscum tried to warn them about, if trans isn't an intrinsic quality that actually changes everything.

No. 1817496

It's one of those stupid tiktok workaround words for penis, like the people that say seggs or unalive.

No. 1817497

File: 1682771683337.jpg (118.62 KB, 1035x707, Screenshot_20230429_083500_Red…)

these people are truly delusional

No. 1817498

notice how all the top countries are thirdworld shitholes where men commits the most crimes against women

No. 1817499

but like… if you’re trans, you’re quite literally transitioning from one gender to another. so you would also have to believe that there’s a distinct difference between the genders. even being nonbinary implies that there is two different genders and to not fit into one or the other is out of the norm.

No. 1817531

File: 1682777571973.png (110.59 KB, 679x683, Greg Price on Twitter.png)

Kek-ing at this fake arsehole

No. 1817532

The female body is so beautiful. Trannies cope and seethe

No. 1817536

File: 1682777766317.jpg (98.36 KB, 1124x883, Fu1h4qwaYAEYAAI.jpg)

the aussie government everyone

No. 1817542

File: 1682778384816.png (1.04 MB, 1614x861, Scr.png)

For men to be claiming genocide all the time there's still more troons than ever

No. 1817544

KEK he looks repulsive

No. 1817545

File: 1682778969205.png (6.25 KB, 841x81, Kansas' extreme new anti-trans…)

its stupid that it's come down to this

No. 1817548

>pink news
of course they ignored what that really means in favour of their own agenda. trying to get handmaidens on their side.
female = person whose body produces ova (including women with health conditions, hormone imbalances, post-menopausal, on medication, surgical removal of ovaries, sex disorders etc.).
to put it another way, Pink News - you fucking retards, if a woman does not produce ova, then that's a sign something is wrong. if a man does not produce ova, then that's just normal cos it would be impossible.

No. 1817552

I don’t understand this. If it’s okay to say that people of different races or ages or abilities have different experiences in life, it should be okay to say that men and women also do (because we do). Why is this the only thing that is an exception to this rule?

No. 1817555

File: 1682781263586.jpg (188.95 KB, 1714x898, Fu4N56bWIAEXgt4.jpg)

No. 1817560

File: 1682781797068.png (98.9 KB, 682x922, Genevieve Gluck on Twitter.png)

I hate this world, that poor child.

No. 1817562

>They are clever, but troons have been derailing, crying over getting downvoted, and clumsily stealth posting in r/actuallylesbian ever since it got posted here a while back.
Yeah, I've decided I'm never going to post here, or anywhere troons might lurk, about public, lesbian spaces. Too much risk of troons infesting the place up.

No. 1817568

File: 1682782262970.png (20.63 KB, 729x339, Feminists and trans women shou…)

says the tranny, he is Ugla

No. 1817571

I came here to post about this shit actually

Back when that sub had the Daria picture, before the new mods took over, it was one of my favorites :(
Now it's been completely overtaken by alphabet mafia bullshit.
As if that wasn't enough, there was a recent troonery schism on the PMDD subreddit. The Aidens didn't feel welcome for some reason so they made their own sub lmao. There's a huge overlap between PMDD and autism btw

No. 1817572

How fucking complex can it be to just define female as "the sex that has a vagina at birth" or "the sex determined by having XX sex chromosomes" or something like that
Troons will always hang onto retarded technicalities like "b-b-but not all natal women are fertile!!!"

No. 1817586

this omg, they are constantly contradicting themselves. glad to see that his retarded comment got downvoted.

No. 1817590

off topic but do you have any resources on the connection between PMDD and autism? Both my best friend and I have it and we are also spergs, so that's really interesting to me.

No. 1817591

off topic but do you have any resources on the connection between PMDD and autism? Both my best friend and I have it and we are also spergs, so that's really interesting to me.

No. 1817603

>Females are defined as producing "ova"
>Trannies: what about pre-pubescent children? What about infertile women?? What about post-menopausal women???
I hate this stupid argument that they use. It's so disingenuous. I admit I used to bought into it during my goody two shoes handmaiden days, thinking it would exclude even cis women, but even then I knew there was something deceptive with how they frame the narrative.

The bill specifically says
>a "female" is an individual whose biological reproductive system is developed to produce ova
Key word being developed. Females produce ova by nature but not all females can fulfill that function. Just as human beings, by nature, rationalize but not all human beings can due to a mental disability. I hate how they treat the definition of a woman as if it's up for some kind of epistemological debate.

No. 1817605

File: 1682787002981.png (55.41 KB, 295x375, image_2023-04-29_185058436.png)


can't believe some ppl won't see a difference…
there is no grace or elegance in his moves

No. 1817607

why the fuck does he have a boob window?

No. 1817608

File: 1682788650112.png (64.38 KB, 780x714, firefox_yY3S1sWpnA.png)

Reddit is trying hard to groom people into viewing trannies positively
All the comments on this thread are positive and talk about how respectful the show is. When the tranny character is played by a beautiful female actress and it's played as a joke.

No. 1817617

I’ll take my ban if this counts as a-logging but I hope some seriously scary women in prison jump them and kill them. This case has made me so fucking angry and sad and filled me with such a sense of injustice since I first heard about it. How can anyone support these evil men. Referring to him as the child’s MOTHER, the child he not only abused but spread abuse material of so other people could abuse her by viewing for god knows how long, is the shit icing on a cake made of shit and garbage and I don’t get how anyone can sit and eat it.

No. 1817618


The arguments they use remind me of the way a kid will ask "why" until you get into existential territory where it's really hard to define anything as anything. Especially how with a kid the most difficult asks are always the things that are already specific terms the way "woman" is, because the next step after that is always ultraspecific scientific jargon. If a kid ask you "what is rock music?" it's actually really easy.

No. 1817629

File: 1682792732901.jpg (210.5 KB, 1080x1488, FuwnqCyWcAAKnEh.jpg)

No. 1817632

File: 1682793984781.jpg (104.25 KB, 1080x836, Fu5RbOAX0AABVaa.jpg)


No. 1817636

File: 1682794308344.jpg (229.33 KB, 1125x1626, Fu5keb4akAE5Dxk.jpg)

never forgetti troons did this to a womens only centre in Vancouver.


No. 1817638

File: 1682794566007.png (149.62 KB, 529x742, FukAPelWcAE1Yqj.png)

>applies lipstick, some of it lands on top of his lip
>doesn't bother fixing it and just posts his selfie for the upboats

No. 1817639

File: 1682794737291.jpeg (149.46 KB, 1170x1110, 13CA4F02-4077-41D8-93EA-4912BE…)

I’ve been laughing at this for fifteen minutes

No. 1817657

File: 1682797921524.png (517.64 KB, 960x540, yil914cdlrwa1.png)

it comforts me knowing tims hate every moment of their existence

No. 1817660

i thought this said dysmorphia initially and was about to witch cackle at the cope but it's even better that they know the reality and theyre ashamed of it kek

No. 1817664

its like that one comic with the tranny and woman going to the store. the tranny's life is a constant panic of not passing while the woman just exists. it's how they all are

No. 1817665

File: 1682798356697.png (303.61 KB, 1080x2003, 1673886753857.png)


No. 1817670

I laughed so hard at this, what a fucking joke. He can head right on to the TIF subreddits and go shopping for his brand new, fully functional Pringles dick. That's got to be worse than the shitditch surgery, he knows what a functioning penis should do and having a hairy, permanently limp lump of rotted dough in its place isn't quite going to make up for his surgery oopsie. And he'll need to keep his shitditch, how the hell would anyone even reverse that mess?

No. 1817677

They literally only do this to women because they know they can push women around without retaliation. The more helpless the woman the better, that's why they'll threaten JKR constantly while mostly ignoring Matt Walsh. Women are on average more often and maidens and accepting, yet Terfs get hated rather than males who are transphobic. Not surprised, a shelter full of traumatized women is the perfect group for them to intimidate and exercise power over

No. 1817682

File: 1682801618950.png (60.94 KB, 512x419, ewkot.png)

>nothing creepy

No. 1817683

File: 1682801699371.jpg (194.12 KB, 1080x1066, Fu4mgRVX0AIACnN.jpg)

No. 1817685

lmao it's been said here before but I'll say it again

You Will Never Be Lana

No. 1817686

File: 1682801856880.png (9.29 KB, 670x280, Misty Gedlinske on Twitter.png)

Some women need HRT to save their lives, men use it for their pornsick fantasies.

No. 1817687

the comments on this are hilarious. Even some MtFs in that thread are calling him creepy and they're getting called TERFs for it kek. I love watching the infighting honestly https://www.reveddit.com/v/MtF/comments/10cftmk/the_scent_of_a_woman/

No. 1817688

File: 1682802158412.jpg (145.15 KB, 1080x1717, strangerdanger69~2.jpg)

No. 1817691

sage for off topic pls dont ban me I want to help nonas



here are a few, there's a lot out there if you search!
I'm sorry that you and your friend are suffering too, it's so awful to go through

No. 1817692

Don't older women take it to make menopause symptoms suck less and then stop taking it because of cancer risk? I'm pretty sure they're not using it to feel teehee girly

No. 1817693

File: 1682802480782.png (326.15 KB, 680x573, Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis on …)

what the hell is wrong with the people involved in this? How is this legal?

No. 1817696

File: 1682802546979.jpg (137.32 KB, 635x1200, FukALr0XwAc9TiH.jpg)

Long lost siblings

No. 1817700

say what you will about woody harrelson-chan and tim roth-chan but you know what? chad tims are an interesting change of pace from the "computer programmer who works for a video game company" aesthetic. no blue hair on this park bench!

No. 1817702

If women and men don't have different experiences, if we aren't different "biologically and socially," why transition at all? Why take horse piss and chop your dick off if men and women are biologically the same? Trannies' ideology and behavior don't jibe at all.

No. 1817715

Sorry it's just I can't stop thinking about how Dylan Mulvaney built a whole career by acting the exact same as the activate happy dance girl and people absolutely murdered her on social media for being a complete retard. Not Dylan though, he cringe his way to the top acting borderline disabled and was celebrated

No. 1817716

I've seen comparisons to Scott Cawthon, the FNAF guy. He literally donated money to Trump's campaign and is a christian conservative who helms an extremely profitable franchise, but he receives nowhere near the level of vitriol Rowling does. He gave money to a dude spent it to pay off a porn star and who ordered that children be locked in cages, but that's apparently not as egregious as a JKR saying "women have sex-based rights" and "kids should wait until 18 to transition medically."

No. 1817719

File: 1682806504342.jpeg (60.66 KB, 750x635, IMG_8155.jpeg)


No. 1817720

gay with extra extra steps.

No. 1817733

There's also current research showing HRT for menopausal women prevents the formation of the plaques Alzheimer's creates in the brain, preventing dementia basically. That's why it's called hormone REPLACEMENT therapy, it's replacing what those women have produced naturally their entire lives, it's not some gotcha since trannies stole that language anyway. Cutting off your balls and injecting horsepiss isn't the same and never will be.

No. 1817736

Where is this from?

No. 1817737

File: 1682808711970.png (419.66 KB, 751x547, 59799360dcc1b6d4d37051ab005319…)

Anyone remember Josh Lesnick? He was known for making webcomics and drawing porn back in the day, he founded Slipshine if that rings a bell. Last I heard of him he got into some kind of webcomic drama cause people were upset at his porn comic for having a female-on-male rape scene. He seemed to dissappear after that, but he just popped up on my timeline looking like this.

No. 1817739

File: 1682809089203.jpeg (93.24 KB, 700x700, IMG_4174.jpeg)

Found this on twitter, but they claim to be a lesbian couple. You are both straight get over yourselves, you think no one can tell? Everyone that looks at him knows he’s a fucking man and no one will look at that faggot and think “lesbian”. Tired of trannies and their handmaidens claiming to be lesbians when they will never understand what it’s really like.You’re both a huge fucking joke

No. 1817741

That's true. I just never agreed with the hormones as a teen surrounded by my female friends being on it and telling me it made them feel crazy. They weren't even having sex at that point in time.
I am as well for the things you stated.

No. 1817746

I love her for standing up to a so-called woman. We need more girls like her, and need her classmates, specifically male, to help her.

No. 1817747

File: 1682810004968.png (415.16 KB, 662x1067, Ceri-Lee on Twitter.png)

Holy wtf

No. 1817748

Every time I see a "lesbian" that supports trannies invading lesbian spaces it's a straight pick me desperate for male attention. Like bitch, of course you think that women who don't like dicks are "problematic" and need to "work on their bigotry", you can never understand this experience.

No. 1817753

Samefag but forgot to mention your man looks like Chris chan

No. 1817754

she is so brave. to go through so much only to be gaslit yet again, this time by the people who are meant to be providing justice. how anyone can look at a case like this and deny changes need to be made, i don't know… horrifying.

No. 1817756

I just looked him up on twitter and ewwwwwww. extremely sexually aggressive and pornsick holy shit. i need to bleach my eyes nona

No. 1817759

It's so homophobic! I think the LGB needs to start calling all of this out as homophobia

No. 1817761

Good. tErFs and people about to peak need to see this stupid shit and push back. It's just so retarded…. No one cares about transmen, jfc. Now that they have swallowed poc, etc, they're gonna use trans men as a new front from here on out. Good luck, Ellen Page.

No. 1817762

If I ever met anyone who brought their kids to that shit I would never speak to them again. I used to hate "but think of the children," but seriously what the fuck are they doing to children. How can not agreeing with this make you a conservative or Christian or even a TERF?

No. 1817764

I'm extremely upset about the "cis" stuff. Material sex doesn't need a pre-fix.

No. 1817765

Funny how if a woman used bio as a prefix they would get offended eventhough its correct yet they make a point of othering women using cis and tell said women to get over it, and that cis is "what they are" therefore its correct to label them as such. But apparently bio is wrong.

No. 1817770

Unfathomably based. So much respect for her, speaking out like this.

No. 1817774

It's all retarded.. fr. Natal woman, bio woman, cis woman.. Woman means woman, and there is no need for a pre-fix! No one does that bs for men. Gay men don't play that. They like dick, and will push out any trans man.

No. 1817776

Yeah, trannies are the ones transitioning. Women don't need labels it's all just redundant. Blonde haired woman, black woman, white woman are all still women. This is such a dumb argument to defend the use of cis.

No. 1817783

I would gladly explain it to him but I would instantly get banned. Maybe that's what the silencing is about. Retard.

No. 1817785

I like to say "normal woman", just because it pisses troons off while making it obvious what I'm talking about.

No. 1817786

Her dad should just be shot sorry.

Heehee can someone shoop gigachad into a troon I would but I’m super busy rn

No. 1817787

This is written in such a male way, but particularly the part relating to lesbians. It literally always comes down to hotness and sex with them.

No. 1817798

very scary faggots

No. 1817802

I left my husband for being a predator (+) and he immediately decided he was trans. Just registering another data point.

No. 1817804

troon detective…
>starbies girl
they hated her because she was hilarious, literally. she was a cringe mastermind, an artist. cant be funny as a woman, your prime directive is fuckability

No. 1817805

Omg anon, so glad you got out.

No. 1817815

goddd i remember him. he posted something (i think it was on his website?) about how much he hates himself and the opportunities he missed kek

No. 1817817

good for you anon but what does (+) mean?

No. 1817826

He did other terrible things that are not as relevant to this thread and that I don't want to describe in order to protect myself even though it does seem like they all have the same fucked up stereotypical handbook to follow or something

No. 1817831

Happened to a woman I know irl and somehow it didn’t peak her… she at least openly said her ex only trooned out to avoid consequences for a rape he committed but she is still pro troon bc I guess she thinks he’s the only guy who would do such a thing kek

No. 1817839

File: 1682829501565.png (14.91 KB, 559x429, Screenshot 2023-04-29 213907.p…)

I can't believe that this tranny thinks it's a good idea.

No. 1817840

> used to be a proud "Queer ally!" and handmaiden for the LGBTQ+, I even used to argue "Trans people just want to use the bathroom!!!" etc. and I never thought that I would turn a complete 180. This shit is absolutely out of control now, I'm genuinely worried about the pedo shit now and this place has opened my eyes to how degenerate they actually are.
I'd suspect most of us here were like this, we viewed most TIMs not as real women but more like permanent drag queens who were being repressed and discriminated against.

No. 1817841

File: 1682830320482.png (9.38 KB, 662x243, Zach Elliott on Twitter.png)

pic related

wow troons are so creative!

No. 1817842

That's kind of Silence of the lambs sans
happy ending

No. 1817844

File: 1682831050173.png (229.53 KB, 1242x1697, IMG_6681.png)

yes, not having someone shove their dick in the face of a child is a direct assault on trannies, literally murder

No. 1817845

File: 1682831060698.jpeg (60.3 KB, 1442x609, 802EBE6B-C065-408C-9EE6-56EE55…)


No. 1817850

File: 1682831551887.jpg (509.15 KB, 944x1920, tumblr_b4fffc80887888837b69009…)

found this in the replies of that post. appalling.

>wants to kill women who cause him to feel dysphoria

>rewatched a woman in a movie get her neck snapped over and over because it excited him

>"i want to be anna kendrick but i'm afraid if i ever met her i would just kill her"

>goes on a field trip where the kids are separated by sex and fantasizes the entire time of murdering his pretty classmate in the adjacent hallway

>"I always imagine girls' deaths to be gentle, so as not to disturb their natural beauty. I don't want to harm them, I just want their life to end"

>tells all this to his fucking counselor who is alarmed but for some fucking reason doesn't call 911 on this freak

>texts the girl he's fantasizing killing that she's a bitch, girl says she's sorry he feels that way

>he tells her he's trans and she responds kindly


holy FUCK!

No. 1817852

Not that this makes it any less horrible, but this has been posted in these threads tons of times

No. 1817854

and others may not have seen it yet, I sure hadn't, doesn't mean it doesn't need a little reposting once in a while to remind nonas how awful TiMs are

No. 1817855

File: 1682832419182.png (2.52 MB, 2000x1600, 73FA966C-B433-4FC4-8C57-B5E6D1…)

stumbled upon this troon
>transbian “witch”
>also a furry + weeb
>filthy apartment, belongings and trash strewn about everywhere, disgusting ceiling and piles of dust in corners of room
>gross moobs
>dating another troon
>oh, and wants to throat stomp terfs

I will never understand. Why can’t he just be a homosexual man? Why can’t he just clean his room one time in his entire life?

No. 1817856

Thankfully the bill still passed despite a bunch of handmaidens in the House being pants-on-head retarded. Public indecency is only upgraded to indecent exposure if there is sexual intent. No one is going to get this felony unless it can be proved in a court of law that he exposed himself to a child specifically for sexual purposes. Under no circumstance is that behavior acceptable; if someone is using performance art as a pretense for it, they still absolutely deserve to be hit with the book.

For all their insistence that they aren't groomers or pedophiles, there sure seems to be a lot of overlap between measures against pedos and measures again trannies. Funny, that.

No. 1817860

Love how he pretty much admits that his issue with the story is not that women are being killed by a potential troon, but that the murderer didn't get to live happily ever after. Really shows where their priorities are; he basically views murder as okay as long as a poor twansphobia wummun does because of muh dysphoria.

No. 1817861

Because autism and porn-sickness tempered with being terminally online. Every troon is birthed from this unholy trifecta.

No. 1817866

Because he’s most likely straight or bi AGP and only dating that other troon (who I assume is a TIM and not a TIF but it’s hard to tell sometimes) because T4T is the only way these guys get laid.

No. 1817867

did he get ffs, his bone structure is gone

No. 1817868

AGPs that date each other are basically prison gay.

No. 1817872

trannoids find the difference between mutilating your body/face and feeling comfortable being alive challenge (impossible)

No. 1817874

File: 1682834387345.png (241.39 KB, 1100x849, Screenshot 2023-04-29 230008.p…)

No. 1817881

Shocking no one wants to either date a liar, a mentally ill person who can't accept themselves, or an incel sexual predator.

No. 1817882

Typical male violence twitter posting.

No. 1817885

File: 1682838057221.jpeg (130.81 KB, 828x1431, 95E6B666-A529-43D5-AEF1-67E7F7…)

KEK this tranny is really crying over an 8 year old cartoon character

No. 1817895

File: 1682841457885.jpg (145.86 KB, 1080x1050, cringesad.jpg)

Chad to greasy agp transition. What is that with relatively attractive masculine males trooning out? I somewhat understand when lonely incels do that (because invading women's spaces is the only way to get attention for them) but a male like this could get a girlfriend easily (unless he is mentally ill)

No. 1817898

File: 1682841678644.gif (384.46 KB, 400x300, BDD30EFC-D2BD-46A3-AA4A-2FECEE…)

KEK just wait until he finds out about Patty

No. 1817899

His shirt says "weights before dates" which is obvious incel cope. Don't be fooled by the biceps, he is ugly inside.

No. 1817900

It had facepubes. Was never a Chad, just muscular. Get your eyes checked. The agp stare was always there.

No. 1817904

File: 1682842812009.jpeg (10.18 KB, 319x331, 0C29245E-CD20-494D-AB97-18D49B…)

Such masculine ideal, much chad.

No. 1817905

File: 1682842911028.png (16.29 KB, 1314x199, Toxic Masculinity.png)

probably something regarding picrel.

No. 1817909

File: 1682845567179.jpg (43.67 KB, 671x372, mPHBZuz.jpg)

No. 1817914

I love how men showing blatant symptoms of crippling p*rn addiction can still be victims in the minds of libtards

No. 1817916

Kek he's even got the tranny glasses, nice

No. 1817918

The number is probably much, much higher these days since that article came out in 2018. Them having to date other trannies is the true genocide kek

No. 1817929

these are good finds but he quit everything atp i think it's best to just leave him alone. also he isn't white his desdbeat father's mexican and spanish

No. 1817930

NAMBLA's back on the menu! the trans, queer and drag queen demographics, and homosexual males that enable them, are going to get the rest of regular same-sex attracted individuals fucked over.

No. 1817933

Trannies were all reading Harry Potter when that episode came out

No. 1817937

Cortisol addiction behavior lmfao

No. 1817938

File: 1682858457286.png (76.96 KB, 1079x569, Screenshot_20230430-084114.png)

was curious so I checked out OP's post history. Bleak.

No. 1817941

from moid to gayer moid

No. 1817942

I wonder what happened with this troon.
I would pay to know Greg's side (why did he named her Greg, btw?), I bet she was terrified of this troon there is no way that his creepy murderer vibes weren't obvious. Shame on the therapist on not calling 911 or sending this troon to a mental institution. I hope the girls are safe, far far away from him.

No. 1817943

giving major jame gumb
big surprise, man is offended by lisa simpson. many such cases. its always been weird to me how both the fans and the writers (maybe not as much in the earlier/golden seasons) use a little girl character as a political punching bag.
HAHAHAHA best possible outcome, plus he did it before he had the chance to produce spawn thank God above

No. 1817944

he named her greg as an attempt at humiliation/trying to degrade her because hes mad she wont fuck him/let him wear her skin. many trannies are incapable of theory of mind so he thinks that something that would hurt him (being "misgendered"/referred to with a male name) is going to hurt her, in reality it just makes him look even more weird and pathetic

No. 1817950

Men who hate Lisa and Peggy Hill are always on my shit list. It says alot when men go off on fucking crazy rants about a fictional 8 year old girl and house wife with an inflated ego.

No. 1817954

It always astounds me how pathetic men are and how much of their self worth they put into being with a woman. I know many women who do their own thing and work on their careers while choosing not to date, and most of them are pretty happy and fill their time with friends and other things. But men are always so desperate that even when they say they hate us or are MGTOW, we’re all they can think about. Their entire lives revolve solely around women and fucking and they don’t know how to exist without us. They’re like parasites.

No. 1817955

File: 1682863892907.jpeg (47.83 KB, 720x718, 1674460609805.jpeg)

no fucking way

No. 1817957

This is what happens when you fall for the coom. You could have had a great life but you decided to be a tranny and now you're fucked up.

No. 1817959

It’s not even Peggy’s fault entirely! She had a narcissistic mom and a near fatal accident; she’s massively overcompensating for her own insecurities. /end KOTH sperg

No. 1817960

File: 1682865057853.png (262.89 KB, 673x637, End Wokeness on Twitter.png)


What's the difference between woman wanting to cut off a limb and a man in a dress wanting to cut off his penis?

No. 1817962

File: 1682865227129.jpg (13.63 KB, 310x163, man.jpg)

Edna Mahan is the same prison where that TiM inmate impregnated two female inmates.


No. 1817964

LOL. I’m glad that his retard genes have been removed from the gene pool.

No. 1817965

File: 1682865324477.jpg (16.65 KB, 261x205, pervbot9000.jpg)

BASED AF I love those two, as well as Leela from Futurama. They're such entertaining, hilarious, and well-rounded characters. Male characters can be scum and obnoxious as hell and still worshipped because they're "funny", but female characters have to either be sentient appliances, braindead sex symbols, or just background noise, especially adult females

No. 1817966

File: 1682865331463.jpg (182.23 KB, 1049x1161, Fu979AYWIAABa8I.jpg)

I would call this just deserts

No. 1817968

File: 1682865587768.png (25.93 KB, 688x550, Kirstie Allsopp on Twitter.png)

I want to know what goes through these women's head when they defend trannies like this.

No. 1817970

File: 1682865784776.png (40.87 KB, 664x728, Lottie Lewis on Twitter.png)

especially when women are being called nasty words for defending their rights

No. 1817973

She's thinking "penis penis I love men I mean I love lady dick and penis and the people who have them and if anyone ever hurts a penis's feelings they should be in jail"

No. 1817974

File: 1682866420721.jpg (193.98 KB, 1080x1488, Fu9Ee9NWAAAtDYT.jpg)

No. 1817975

File: 1682866495177.png (163.88 KB, 672x756, FukAU3EWAAIgtlA.png)

No. 1817977

File: 1682866705262.jpg (97.87 KB, 1198x674, Fu9JuR1aEAcCBNY.jpg)

>at least 5 men

No. 1817979

File: 1682866934166.png (422.83 KB, 668x721, Twitter.png)

I hope more stories like these come to light so people can truly see how crazy trannies are.

No. 1817981

File: 1682867834892.jpeg (93.12 KB, 946x2048, Fu8_iXlaQAcYgsV.jpeg)

I don't know how many self respecting adult capable of intelligent thought could call themselves a woman while looking like this.

No. 1817983

I saw some article talking about KOTH reboot and how to they needed to fix Peggy's "problematic" character. I wonder why those fucks don't fix Dale first?

No. 1817984

I'm actually going to throw up

No. 1817988

i wish people tried to kill them as much as they complain about people trying to kill them

No. 1817989

File: 1682869583570.png (10.11 KB, 653x103, troon kitty.png)

Because we exist to offer up a tit for every manbaby who wants it, darling!

Thank you nonnas responding to this. I was raging over this idiotic Kitty MacKinnon quote. Rest assured we are all smarter than a deceitful boomer who gets 350k a year from Michigan taxpayers to spout bullshit.


No. 1817994

she's right, defining women as the gender who wears make up, dresses and high heels is what's truly going to liberate us. any day now!

No. 1817995

File: 1682870540404.jpeg (711.81 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_4218.jpeg)

kek comical

No. 1817996

This 50 year old man dressing up trying to look like a 13 year old is peaking material. I've never seen a picture so transparent but here it is. Disgusting.

No. 1818003

File: 1682872028505.jpg (14.64 KB, 282x214, ohhellnowtf.jpg)

Hell, they need to fix Dale and Bill. Bill is such a creepy ass mofo it irritates me that Hank and Dale even allowed him to be around the kids unsupervised. I personally think that one of the reasons Peggy gets shat on is that she's suspicious and hostile to poor wittle sad Bill, but in reality she's just protecting herself and her son from that disturbing Louisiana swamp janny-creature

No. 1818004

File: 1682872081832.jpg (106.74 KB, 1080x1272, Screenshot_20230430_172719_Red…)

r/plasticsurgery had a small peaking thanks to this post.

Reveddit link for removed comments: https://www.reveddit.com/v/PlasticSurgery/comments/132srxs/male_to_female_rhinoplasty/

No. 1818009

File: 1682872530871.jpeg (61.86 KB, 750x1130, IMG_4213.jpeg)

Forgot to post yesterday when I found his Instagram account, Chris-Chan looking ass mf

No. 1818010

Men who draw art/comics of women/lesbians always seem to troon out, like Ross Campbell. I'm ancient and remember this creep from the early days of his online comic "career"; I always thought his work was gross af.

No. 1818011

Every female character in any media gets ripped apart for any stupid reason. The amount of times I’ve read someone saying “girl bossed” because a woman is being a competent strong character is brain melting. Even the stupid shitty Mario movie has essays written about how they ruined peach and made her too tomboy KEK the real issue is that women are almost never allowed to be quirky, silly, stupid, make mistakes, look ugly or have strong expression etc. while male characters even as stupid terrible manbabies get praised for being cool.

No. 1818012

I generally disagree with their arguments that there is 'no gendered nose', lots of men have specific, harsher, structures but there are outliers. I'm glad though, that they are biting back.

No. 1818013

Idk if anyone knows who he is anymore but I feel robbed we never got a transbian arc for Andrew Dobson lmao.

No. 1818014

I fucking hate this shit, my nose looks like a slightly smaller in length and broader in width version of the before pic. I also have a body type eerily similar to Dickpic Mulvaney (I've got a very fast metabolism instead of a possible cocaine addiction though). If I was to go post myself all over social media in a sports bra and those stupid barbie wand/pouch shorts, I would be eviscerated by handmaidens and be told I was "promoting unrealistic body types" and "oh the only males who want to bang you are creepy old gay males into teen boys teehee" but as soon as a fucking man does it it's "yaassss kweeen slaaay oooohhh we must protect 'her' at all costs"

No. 1818016

File: 1682873653180.jpeg (30.78 KB, 640x480, IMG_4222.jpeg)

saged because non milk but what do you anons think of trans women being played by real women in movies, TV shows and such? A few examples I can think of are Carmen from always sunny in philadelphia (even though she was played for laughs) and Ray Johnson from The Love Boat (picrel). I find it kinda bizarre how a lot of MTFs have adopted that type of representation despite the actresses being biological females. Does it give them hope to maybe look and sound like a real woman one day?

No. 1818017

Bill is too sympathetic to men. A fat, balding divorced man who was abused by a woman and feels sorry for himself. And you're right, Peggy does not feel sorry for males (Hank's friends), which I always thought was hilarious. Her earlier, suburban, "educated" in Texas attitude (doing a sex ed class) was a lot better because they didn't make weird storylines with her, like being jealous of her son for cooking. She was flippant about a lot of things, was sensitive toward her son and husband when they were having real problems, thought Hank's friends were clowns, and loved Hank despite him being the most boring man alive. Her ignorance, nativity and arrogance was really just the entire cliche of Texas, but because it came from her, people tend to her hate her with a passion. I think she's a brilliant character and I agree with anon upthread, any man who irrationally hate characters like Peggy Hill, Skylar White (Breaking Bad), Lisa Simpson are fucking scum. What I noticed most about these characters, is that they share cold realities despite being very empathetic characters. They're buzz kills on the male characters around them. The self destructive male ego. Like Peggy's attitude toward Bill. She finds him grotesque and of fucking course he's attracted to her. Wasn't there an episode on how he hated Peggy when she was finally kind to him? I mean how fucked up is Bill, but no one talks about him being trash? I do love that he tries to wear his ex wife as a skin. 100% KOTH got trannies right with Bill at least.

Tina Fey's portrayal of Liz Lemon was criticized because she's a loser. I can't tell you how much I loved Liz because she was an adult woman who was just losery, while not being moid like at all. All us loser women who just wanna be fat, lame, watch tv and be a lonely weird woman loved her, but then it became a poor portrayal because she wasn't PERFECT and COMPETENT. As if women self depreciating ourselves isn't the same coping mechanism in men that it is in woman. Libfems are such fucking retards.

Kek. There are a thousand ways for a tranny to be less clockable, but they'd have to give up sexy stereotypes. This dude is looking at himself with beer googles. I bet he thinks no one would even k now he was trans.

No. 1818018

>for me to pass as a woman and for my liking I wanted to get a more curved upturned button nose
kek they really tell on themselves. woman = anime button nose girl. and implying that strong-nosed goddesses look manly… cope. pure vanity whilst intensifying shitty female beauty standards.

No. 1818020