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File: 1691754904729.png (161.79 KB, 540x540, 1691529051580.png)

No. 1879658

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No. 1879661

File: 1691755435757.webm (2.61 MB, 576x868, Download - 2023-08-11T011301.7…)


No. 1879662

File: 1691755834250.png (120.36 KB, 1070x584, Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 15.09…)

thanks jordan jizzsicle, im sure what you have to say is very truthful and relevant.

also picrel i found his twitter and surprise surprise, all he does it bitch and whine and then talk about wanting to get bred in his 'girl cave'. side note, boobs are not just lumps of fat. fucking retard.

No. 1879664

Women are perverts for not wanting to see dick when being naked to change in a bathing suit. Not the men waving the dick around. No the women. Another creepy incel who's never ran or swam a lap in his life.

No. 1879668

i want to drown these people in a river

No. 1879675

They do nothing but project.

Flash yourself in front of women in a protected space? Fine.

The women can't help but cower and stare at the flasher? Ewwwwww perverts!!!

No. 1879676

What is Chris Tyson’s alt account again? Where he claims his wife would buy him leggings whenever she went out to get herself a new pair, and that she taught him how to do makeup?

No. 1879678

It’s all just the typical male projection ship they use to cope they aren’t a soulless degenerate predator who sexually harasses women because it gets them off.

No. 1879682

>bring a bomb into an airport
>call other people terrorists for staring at your suspicious package
really makes you think(sage your shit)

No. 1879686

I like the threadpic, but I wish nona had erased the 88 at the end of the @ since it's a Nazi thing

No. 1879690

So what

No. 1879691

shes right, retard.

No. 1879695

This is a joke right?

No. 1879696

She is but so what? I've seen a number of nonas denying the holodomor or the Bosnian genocide because they're leftist, why's supporting genocide now off limits?
Just because nazis are unpopular and victims of Marxist Leninists are not fashionable enough to have movies about?(racebaiting unsaged)

No. 1879697

Please stop with the autism, 88 Is just a fucking number.

No. 1879699

i have never in my life seen more severe faggot behaviour, so glad he will never reproduce lol
WOW glory to the peoples republic 实事求是 periodddd

No. 1879701

File: 1691764237570.jpg (74.99 KB, 672x557, 88.JPG)

No. 1879703

What's wrong with whites securing the existence and future of white people? I'm not white myself and ignoring the Hitler thing I see nothing wrong with it.(racebait)

No. 1879705

Because the implicit message is “and we can only accomplish it by killing the subhumans”. You can’t “ignore the hitler thing” when that’s the whole context, moron.

No. 1879707


gotta love how he tries to reframe 'woman uses locker room' as appalling behavior.

bruh every single swim team i've been on has you wear a one piece swimsuit and you HAVE to take off all your other clothes to put those on?? her stripping down isn't the issue in this situation, it's the that she's being forced to do so in the presence of a stranger's dick.

the entire concept of 'it's bc she wants to stare at your dicks!' is preposterous bc if that was true, why would she be so aggressively campaigning to change policy in order to AVOID seeing dicks 'innocently'? what the ever-loving fuck. it's too early in my day for this.

No. 1879710

atp im willing to bet the people ignoring the hitler thing are trannies trying to derail the convo. stop being retarded about racist symbols and lets go back to the matter at hand

No. 1879714

File: 1691765505645.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x3240, wnVUPklGXBTt2.jpg)

Why are troon memes so horrendously unfunny?

No. 1879716

Troons fail at everything

No. 1879717

This meme likely came from a TIF, troon memes are never this naive and self affacing. They're standard 4chan moid assertions with a different skin and more anime cleavage.

No. 1879720

Shit your right(they all seem to be super into One Piece for some reason)

No. 1879745

It's all over it.
Blue hair, therapy, female characters that are not masturbation fodder.
For supposedly suffering from gender dysphoria young trans people have very little insight on gender stereotypes.

No. 1879759

File: 1691771099297.jpg (791.41 KB, 1640x1966, F3KHSLfacAIVTav.jpg)

Lol if anyone regrets their surgery now theyre fakes who wanna troll transwomen

No. 1879768

File: 1691772231840.png (238.43 KB, 1722x1255, Screenshot 2023-08-11 104236.p…)

sage for skim but here is the headline without a massive hulking ogre in front of it. Also kek at "getting naked in a public restroom" she was in a locker room, the place you disgusting, sweaty, pedophilic sex pest retards love going into to harass actual, real women. 41% soon please

No. 1879782

"Posing as trans women" say the men posing as women.

No. 1879825

>a lot of them are cis women posing as trans women
Huh that is SO weird, I could have sworn "there's no difference" and that "trans women are women" so cis women posting as women just like any tranwoman would should be totally the same thing? They're all just women after all!

Unless… is there maybe some kind of fundamental difference between the two?

No. 1879833

>Why is supporting genocide off limits?
you are retarded or a moid or a retarded moid

No. 1879837

This was clearly written by a transphobe in an attempt to false flag. Suggesting you can pick someone out by the language they use online, assuming the gender someone’s pretending to be, silencing other members of the community (who wouldn’t be upset that their jaw didn’t come out properly after having it shaved 3 times?), so many dog whistles. To top it off he doesn’t even disclose ways in which his fellow men in dresses can protect themselves against the violence of having to read someone’s larp. He could just share the tactics he uses to bait them out, give more specifics about how he spots them but of course he doesn’t, because the point is to create confusion and distrust within the community. This guy is clearly projecting, what he’s accusing others of doing he is clearly doing himself, he should be ashamed.

No. 1879839

I can't tell how to follow this because the fonts and images don't make sense.

No. 1879842

File: 1691782356419.gif (11.1 MB, 498x266, 40-year.gif)

Immediately reminded me of picrel kek

No. 1879843

File: 1691782501889.png (401.19 KB, 566x606, pressing [x] on that.png)

No. 1879847

>Everyone who disagrees with me must be a fan of Ben Shapiro
Getting tired of their inability to compute any political ideology besides Breadtube or Stormfront is getting really old. Is it really that hard for troons to believe that I despise them and faggots like Ben Shapiro at the same time?

No. 1879849

Lowkey hilarious that they're all crab-bucketing each other into sawing their dicks off.

No. 1879852

Ugly fat old man wants clout for shopping at Sephora and SMASHING DA PATRIARCHY meanwhile he can’t even look out for his fellow crossdresser. Many such cases

No. 1879857

>I know how to trigger them and they can't resist posting replies
>That means I have been successful in triggering them
isn't triggering someone supposed to be a bad thing? it's weird to think that some tranny makes a post about coping with his botched rot pocket, and another tranny comes over to bully him and make him feel like shit bc the second tranny can't believe any posts about regretting srs could be genuine
totally surreal

No. 1879859

File: 1691784138075.jpg (110.46 KB, 828x540, F3RCLRsbcAAuB3K.jpg)

A real woman becoming more numb down there due to menopause or never having sex/masturbating is NOT the same as your penishead being numb after surgery you fucking idiot. It has nothing to do with lack of use, we all know you guys overcoom like crazy. It has something to do with the fact you had your penis turned inside out and your penishead placed like a gore mantle on top of it. Hope it becomes necrotic and falls off so you can never coom again

No. 1879861

File: 1691784339776.jpg (399.41 KB, 1200x630, Emily-VanDerWerff-GettyImages-…)

disgusting to frame it as the tranny being "well endowed" rather than him being a fucking creep

>how he portrays himself in the illustration
>vs what he actually looks like

No. 1879869

people need to stop being nice to troons because if they go outside even once without someone calling them a tranny they become convinced that they're passing

No. 1879880

Both the 14 and 88 are required together for it to be a nazis dog whistle. So many people with 88 on the end of their screen name for their birth year are not nazis.

No. 1879881

this guy used to have a different women's name he picked out, but then changed it to emily cause of a kid in a video game or cartoon, i can't remember

No. 1879883

chinanon here and i put 8, 88 or 888 at the end of a username if my first choice is taken, it's just like doing 777 for westeners or 666 for edgelords

No. 1879886

You're sounding like the racist south Koreans who excuse themselves at saying the n-word because it means something different to them. We're educating you and you're choosing to be racist. You don't need to wear a KKK hood to hurt black people with your racism.(sage your shit)

No. 1879889

File: 1691787534629.png (35.05 KB, 1492x224, F0TMOf8WIAAO0gw.png)

and out of all the numbers in the world to put on the end of a fake username in le funny meme OP still chose 88, not good optics when troons unironically believe we're besties with nazis and the far right. come on

Worse, it was because of The Handmaid's Tale. He "discovered himself" watching it.

No. 1879890

No. 1879891

File: 1691787700696.png (458.75 KB, 1079x1104, 1622456475579.png)

can you stop derailing. the number 88 isnt going to fuck you.

adding milk since you idiots cant seem to move on

No. 1879893

>Worse, it was because of The Handmaid's Tale. He "discovered himself" watching it.
aaaaaa that's fucking disgusting and i would feel constantly about to be raped if i saw his face & knwe that fact about him and had to work in the same company.

No. 1879897

File: 1691788328440.gif (720.43 KB, 240x184, ExaltedGentleCobra-max.gif)

stupid based china

No. 1879899

File: 1691788469382.jpg (1.07 MB, 1640x1899, F3KIKYWaUAAaLkL.jpg)

"I didnt want responsibility until my fetish was involved"

No. 1879901

sure, if you don't train you clitoris it will become numb, kek. If you cut through your nerves they aren't connected anymore and you won't feel anything. Did he ever read about surgery for people that lost a finger? Sure, he never did, they have to reconnect the nerves so the people can feel again. A woman not having sex doesn't mean her clitoris won't feel anything anymore, but yeah, he is a man and he knows everything about the female body.

No. 1879903

File: 1691788920108.jpg (65.34 KB, 1080x593, leftatlondon.jpg)

Sure there are people who aren't aware, but the original meme's intention is obviously (very, very, very obviously) to frame the OP as a Nazi >>1877926 ("Look what the left has done to our men," "womenarentpeople88"). A nona made an edit, but I assumed (and hope) she simply did not recognize that 88 and that's why she didn't remove it. I'm the one who made the original comment in this thread and I haven't replied since, but it's extremely weird and embarrassing so many of you are bending over backwards to defend it. A zero tolerance policy for Nazi shit and a willingness to point it out does not warrant all this "b-b-but" Get a grip.

Anyways, "Trannies not understanding that women are not as retarded as they are" pt. 23823493847

No. 1879905

Sure, it works if you are a troon and everyone is too afraid to say something about your bad performance because you will cry "transphobia" and will leave bad google reviews behind.
If they were born female they would know that the expectations for women are way higher, you have to be better than men, you have to do all the work, never get sick or be at a age you could get pregnant and you have to proof that you are an emotionless robot so the men will take you serious.

No. 1879908

You'd think at some point they'd realize people walking on eggshells and letting them get away with everything is not a universal experience for actual women, in fact our experiences are the polar opposite, but I guess that would require actual empathy for women and a little bit of self awareness.

No. 1879916

File: 1691790009142.jpg (271.57 KB, 828x1189, F3R-hrxagAAjPZ-.jpg)

Serial killer

No. 1879923

Is the okay sign a nazi dog whistle too? Nobody but deranged zoomers recognizes this, and is as militant about it. Do you really think not using the number 8 in any sequence is a sane solution?

No. 1879932

File: 1691791401185.jpeg (243.88 KB, 750x1000, IMG_0383.jpeg)

i literally wanna throw up.

No. 1879937

This is the shit that makes me so mad I could commit 99000 troon murders. You aren’t getting wet like women do, you will never experience vaginal wetness with your shriveled carrot, I hope they all 41%

No. 1879938

I’m gonna vomit. Imagine letting a fucking degenerate probably pedo hold your infant.

No. 1879939

Sage for whatever but I seen a MtF today and I can't believe they're unironically like this offline. I was walking up a city street, and the first thing I seen was the outfit. Cold windy day mind you. The tiniest skirt you've ever seen, a bra top, and golden sparkly trainers. Prostitute outfit at 11am at a bus stop standing between a granny and the most confused looking woman

No. 1879944

this incompetent tranny is treated like the fucking retard he is and his response is to spin this into misogyny against real women. lol to that.

No. 1879947

This article was so weird to read. It's like he gets it, that he upholds gender binary and is aware that it's a bad thing, but also wants to for his own self preservation. Showing all his cards.

No. 1879960

That’s the norm in queer circles unfortunately

No. 1879970

File: 1691795232006.jpeg (182 KB, 750x562, IMG_0385.jpeg)

he thinks his stinky ballsack smells like pussy. no bro, that’s just your crusty cum.

No. 1879977

>it's just like doing 777 for westeners
Uh, what? As a westerner, what are you talking about? Is this some Euro thing?

No. 1879979

File: 1691795951558.jpeg (51.05 KB, 540x360, slot machine jackpot.jpeg)

i makaka poimala banan

No. 1879980

You just knoow he’s delusional because why would a ‘transphobe’ want to save them from inverting their dicks lmao

No. 1879982

why does he type like that jfc

No. 1879985

>definitely smells like pussy
how would he know kek

No. 1879986

>smells like pussy
i doubt most of them have been anywhere near a real pussy

No. 1879991

It's like 666 was taken, so you use 777, been a joke since AOL instant messenger

No. 1879992

Gotta have a clit in order for it to ever be numb.

No. 1879994

ot but she literally said chinanon… 8 is a lucky number in china. shopping sites will use 888.88 yuan as a placeholder price, stuff like that

No. 1880001

File: 1691799795596.png (835.47 KB, 697x749, Screenshot_20230811-201331~2.p…)

No. 1880005

Bro literally got “the dark triad” in his name

No. 1880010

>sexual dimorphism? don' know her

No. 1880014

File: 1691800913377.jpg (46.31 KB, 680x765, 85c.jpg)

Oh god he's going to try to breastfeed the kid isn't he?

No. 1880016

He had to have photoshopped his hand based on how much bigger the one in the back looks kek

No. 1880018

File: 1691801123783.jpg (164.11 KB, 1080x644, F3J4fSebQAAHEdX.jpg)

"you can't tell"

No. 1880021

File: 1691801771133.jpg (165.02 KB, 1200x862, F3PeNY7WIAABBdK.jpg)

No. 1880022

seems like it's always the manliest manly dudes as troonies why is that

No. 1880027

File: 1691803262388.png (127.81 KB, 755x1030, Scott Feely on Twitter.png)

did this tard make it up or did this actually happen?

No. 1880032

even if this were true, this was 25 years ago so nobody knew how to clock troons or even what they were and they tried much harder to pass than now. pretty sure nowadays they would all be clocked

No. 1880035

It's part of the fetish. They know they look ridiculous and they get off on being humiliated. Then it's a power trip. They know they look like men in dresses and it excites them to bully women and make them uncomfortable. This is why AGPs never bother trying to pass. They want you to know they are men and they get off when you twist yourself into knots to capitulate to their whims.

No. 1880036

File: 1691803934740.jpg (26.51 KB, 400x400, F3RhLzMWoAEjaJJ.jpg)

that bald spot on his head
the greasy hair
what a look

No. 1880039

I feel you anon. I live in Portland, OR and it is RIFE with troons. Almost everyone who works at my target and wholefoods is MTF or TiM w/e, long stringy hair, stubble, bad eyeliner.
The ones I see on the street are always wearing spaghetti strap tank tops with huge linebacker shoulders and tiny shorts or skirts.
It’s beyond bizarre and unsettling.

I’m a gay woman myself and have perused tinder here (out of curiousity), every other person on there is either a T-boy that could have been a good looking lesbian, or a fugly hulking trans woman, or a femme seeking a unicorn for her bf.
Absolutely bleak times.

No. 1880047

File: 1691804725142.jpg (443.08 KB, 1802x1487, Fvp-M2xXoAEkcy4.jpg)

editing apps were a mistake, they got these 1/10 uglies acting like a 10/10

No. 1880048

What the fuck? No, the bartholin's gland (one of the parts of the vagina that produces lubrication) is analogous to the cowper's gland in men, not the prostate. Jfc these retards don't even understand their own male physiology, let alone women's.

No. 1880051

I found part of the episode but nothing was said about money. I clocked them all even with the blurry vid. I think a lot of people also didn't want to be too rude.

No. 1880054

Is he implying that women would be upset by men saying they only want male roommates? On what planet? Single women prefer female roommates because we don't want to be raped when we step out of the shower. Throwing a tantrum when the opposite sex refuses to cohabitate with you is scrote behavior, full stop. After all, nothing pisses perverted males quite like the word "no."

No. 1880068

>fell for moid propaganda

No. 1880074

The male answers were all "the best part about being a woman is bringing a man to his knees" or "that men have to carry my luggage" or "men want to kiss my ass" and the relation to men while all the women were "I love that I am voluptuous" "I blow up any room I walk into" "I always leave you wanting more", always about who they are.
I'm surprised, a lot of these pass better than modern day. Is it because they're all HST?
Unrelated Tiffany is gorgeous…

No. 1880079

File: 1691809303536.jpeg (108.94 KB, 719x848, 99B0F730-9CAD-42B0-9FDF-141FE4…)

You’d think this would trigger muh dysphoria withe the pussy and uterus being mentioned

No. 1880081

File: 1691809658232.jpg (125.1 KB, 1521x954, 20230811_211018.jpg)

Oh God. Emily St. James used to be a popular reviewer on AV Club. His name was Todd VanDerWerff. He's so up his own ass that this article is perfectly in line with that. Also, the illustration looks nothing like him. He looks like Shrek.

No. 1880082

Interesting how we're not allowed to associate womanhood with female anatomy without getting called Nazis but it's fine when they do it

No. 1880086

File: 1691810577894.jpg (528.9 KB, 1640x1743, F3CElYlaEAIYI_B.jpg)

Bruh the grainy video may hide their features but their voices give them away. I guessed right on all the trannies.

No. 1880087

Yep, it's because TIFs specifically frequently only want to cohabitate with other women because they've been raped and/or abused and will cite this trauma as to why they can't live with males and don't want male applicants, and TIMs cannot stand it because they're "contributing to twanmisogynistic narratives that all AMAB people are predators." It's already fucked up and invasive enough any woman has to justify not wanting to live with them by explaining their trauma, but TIMs acting like they have any analogous trauma and also being deluded enough to think women would be upset over it (beyond rightfully being annoyed at them co-opting trauma to make a point) is really something.

No. 1880092

1) They're all pretty clockable, especially when they talk.
2) Back then, trannies were still a novelty and people didn't know much about clocking.
3) Trannies also tried much, much, much harder to pass back then.
4) Even if they were all indistinguishable from real women, that still wouldn't make them women in the same way that a veggie burger simply is not beef.
In conclusion, they can cope, seethe, and dilate.

No. 1880093

>mocks victims of sexual assault and harassment
>insinuates their fear of men is absurd
Wow! He sure showed us what a true and honest woman he is! He's been a woman inside all along!

No. 1880095

Weren't most back then effeminate gay boys anyways and not hulking, middle aged fathers of 3?

No. 1880100

From what I recall, yes. The AGPs were the ones who kept it a secret and you'd mostly hear about them under wraps whereas the gay men were more out with it and since gay men are rare, it was easier to ignore them because troon gay men were still a rarity though location also played a part in that as well.

Autogynephilies have existed since the 60s but it was seen as a shameful kink so most of them kept it secret.

No. 1880102

Yes, HSTs (effeminate gay men, the type who were bullied as children for being obviously gay) were the tranny prototype to the point that diagnostic critera for transsexuality used to include attraction to men as a pre-requisite. AGPs were the secret fetishy crossdressers.

No. 1880107

>Writes an article about how he needs to buy all this consoomer crap to pass
>Still looks like an ugly man after buying and wearing all that trash
A fool and his money are easily parted. His takeaway shouldn't be "waaah woman products expensive," it should be that he's being scammed. You can't purchase womanhood; it's innate and physiological. To think otherwise is to be tricked by all the commercial entities cashing in on the tranny fad.

No. 1880114

Autogynephilies have existed since the 60s
It's way older than that. I'd argue that AGPs have existed as long as any other paraphilia has. Where there are sexually maladaptive males, there are paraphilias. I think paraphilias are definitely more common than they used to be, though, due to a variety of factors.

No. 1880121

File: 1691815217769.png (186.92 KB, 951x697, weaponize fragility lol.png)

No. 1880130

He straight up admits that the real risks of violence and murder come from men, yet he still spends the rest of the post seething and complaining about meanie women saying meanie things about them, instead of, you know, the actual cause of the violence towards them. Talk about priorities.

No. 1880132

literal incels

No. 1880133

>You can call me an MRA for this if you want
Well hey, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.
>When a trans woman gets mad and claps back, cis women will start screaming male socialization
When your "clapbacks" often take the form of violent threats and rape fantasies, uh yeah. That's male socialization.
>They're not the ones murdering us, but they're egging men on
Kind of hypocritical to rob men of their agency like this, isn't it? Setting aside the fact that this premise requires that men actually listen to women for a change, do you think this would hold up in a court of law? "I know I killed someone your honor, but you see, it's not actually my fault because some random woman online jokingly said, 'troons face the wall,' after seeing a photo of a man trying to breastfeed a baby."
>They can't decide if cis females are strong and capable
Women have less physical strength and that's just a fact, but its not the only type of strength there is. Women have an incredible amount of mental fortitude, in large part because of all the thankless work and emotional labor men foist onto us. And in any case, what matters most is that men and women are intellectual equals and deserve parity for that if nothing else.
>Sexually harassing trans women
Literally when? You guys scream at women to choke on your cocks on the regular, but we're the sexual harassers simply for pointing out that we don't want your nasty shriveled dicks in our social spaces?

Honestly, the claptrap about how women somehow "weaponize" our subjugation is an MRA talking point. When we advocate for our own safety, they try to frame that as us "playing the victim," when in reality, it's the exact opposite. We're taking meaningful steps to protect ourselves, and every goddamn time, men find a way to violate those hard-won boundaries. Maybe instead of crying about how much women fear victimization, you should hold other males accountable for committing like 90% of violent crimes and creating an atmosphere where one sex is a demonstrably larger threat than the other.

No. 1880140

>goes through his female friend's iPad while she's in the other room and checks her emails to see who she's flirting with.
What the fuck. Not only is this creepy and psychotic, but who the fuck flirts over email? He's truly a paranoid schizo if he thinks his female "friends" do anything besides work and deleting spam on their email accounts.

No. 1880141

he hates us and still desperately wants to be one of us kek

No. 1880144

If women supposedly have so much control over men, why are we still treated like shit by so many male-run entities? Is he going to try to argue that women are somehow manipulating men into subjugating us? It's a load of horseshit. It's basically just responding to women's grievances with "no u."

No. 1880149

File: 1691818623972.jpeg (104.51 KB, 749x1148, ADC10F2C-92CC-4824-A355-65681E…)

im done

Kek I def can think a few ways to rack in some cash

No. 1880152

>Sexually harassing trans women
It's male projection, "Akshully me flashing you and insisting being a whore = being a women and basing my transition on porn doesn't mean I'm a broken brained coomer pervert. You are for having a problem with it/thinking that thought!". It's the same way these men try and say that people who recognize their predatory interest in children are the real pedophiles for thinking they're a pedo. Rather than stop being rapists, they try and justify it. It's disgusting.

No. 1880154

AV club was almost as much of a troon hive as something awful forums

No. 1880158

It’s hilarious that these coomers think a little over one month of not cooming is the time it takes to cause clitoral atrophy in women. I’ve probably gone that long not getting off without even thinking about it.

No. 1880161

This is probably the cleanest I’ve ever seen a troon’s bathroom

No. 1880174

These retards are so autistic and medically illiterate, it's really hard to believe it's not a complicated psyop at this point

No. 1880189

Seriously. They cannot fathom a life that doesn’t revolve around coom, yet that paradoxically leads many of them to destroy their ability to coom forever through srs. You’d think even a couple horror stories about it ruining the ability to feel sexual pleasure would be enough to scare them all away, but I guess the allure of the mythical full-body, mind-breaking female orgasm complete with ahegao face like in their hentai doujins is just too great.

No. 1880198

I've seen this a lot the images are characters they like/want to be like so they headcanon them as trans and they put them on this meme to try to say that theyre trans. Yes even boba fett

No. 1880203

File: 1691829930735.jpg (169.75 KB, 1080x1136, F3RfxpxWcAEoF20.jpg)

So you just cant do it right for these people huh
Nobody thinks youre a woman, get over it

No. 1880206

men are retarded enough to fall for this

No. 1880207

>Nothing scares a transphobe more than a therapist
>Coming from a mentally ill man who thinks he's a woman
Kek. The projection.

No. 1880209

KEK he's self aware. It's almost like trannies are treated differently than a "normal woman" because news flash trannies are different. They're mentally ill men.

No. 1880210

thanks to this man for giving me a great tip on how to be a stealthy terf.

No. 1880211

>”Normal women have to remind crossdressing men they are still the actual oppressed class and the men in dresses don’t like this”
I just fucking hate newspeak. That’s what that title should actually read.
>ya’ll can call me an mra as much as you want, but…
What a funny way to immediately out himself as being male and having a misogynistic male perspective. If he was a real woman, why would he immediately have to defend himself and say he not a mens right advocate? What real woman has to start a paragraph saying, “I’m not an MRA, but…”?

No. 1880229

He looks like a walking cancer lump

No. 1880232

I have did and never seen other women believing we are women because of legwear, that's bizarre. I have to wear because I am a dumbass with self harm scars on my legs but they are not what makes me a woman, it is the XX chromosomes. I never understood why they think thigh highs = woman, if anything they are a cumbersome type of clothing that requires special care and the majority of women usually don't wear it.

No. 1880233

Samefag, have never did*

No. 1880236

AYRT and you're right. I totally forgot that there was some Nazi memorabilia where there were some soldiers who had crossdressing fetish but you're right, it probably has exist for much longer.

No. 1880263

File: 1691843729564.jpg (901.61 KB, 1640x2030, F3KJ5AbbAAA7sZM.jpg)

The little girl pigtails on a big hulking balding man is always hilarious

No. 1880268

I kek'd out loud, men are so ugly. There's also something so gross to me about men being obsessed with removing their hair

No. 1880271

The other troon was probably trying to recruit him to his trans polycute by giving him a euphoria boner from all the pronouns and ma'am-ing him

No. 1880273

This is hilarious to me because none of the women look particularly feminine or dainty yet it's so obvious who is male.

No. 1880274

sage for no1curr this is actually my favourite thing to do as a stealth terf. I’m a barista in a college town and we have a troon regular who I always give his order saying “Here you go hon!!” He comes with his handmaiden friends but i specifically single him out every time.

to the troons lurking in this thread. Your paranoia is correct, everyone is secretly mocking you, every compliment is backhanded. YWNBAW

No. 1880283

Don't dox yourself.

No. 1880298

I used to watch the shit out of those shows, and yeah, the troons were harder to clock. TV quality was WAY shittier, they were paraded out all by themselves so no way to compare to the actual women, and definitely were more HSTS types that can look convincing in the same way a drag queen can. More thin twinks with huge fake eyelashes than the hulking monstrosities that represent troons these days.

No. 1880301

Maury did the find the trannies episode several times. I don't remember that there was ever any money on the line, though.

No. 1880304

>terfs sexually harassing trans women
They say this every time and I’ve never seen it irl or online. It’s ALWAYS the reverse. Projecting fucks.

No. 1880306

File: 1691852781522.png (130.01 KB, 1072x484, Screenshot 2023-08-12 at 18.06…)

is it dupers delight? why is he lying. literally fucking telling on himself and everyone is just eating it right up.

No. 1880320

>wants people to gender them correctly
>gets upset when someone genders them correctly

Almost like your gender doesn't have anything to do with the fact you're unhappy huh?

No. 1880322

NTA but saying that you're a barista in a college town isn't doxing yourself anon ffs. There are hundreds of college towns and each one has at least a dozen coffee shops.

No. 1880324

File: 1691855865078.png (126.37 KB, 564x464, e13a4f728eef940514400c86758c40…)

>all of them have anime girl pfps

No. 1880329

nta but i appreciate the concern. tims are often ex-4channers obsessed with stalking people online to figure out who they are irl

No. 1880332

File: 1691857154233.png (463.99 KB, 748x661, based.png)

>women being passive aggressive to them is worse than the literal violence they receive from other men

No. 1880334

File: 1691857433307.png (602.47 KB, 748x649, on Twitter.png)

No. 1880335

This is pitiful. Like not even rage inducing, just sad.

No. 1880338

This feels like a man who let himself taken by grief..moids will literally troon out instead of taking therapy

No. 1880339

File: 1691858213324.jpeg (337.94 KB, 963x1712, 039E35A5-E97F-488E-9F7D-FA7845…)

Australian troons particularly Perth Troons are horrendous. I know him IRL and he takes flashing photos at his sons basketball games AND wanders around the city in stripper heels, fishnets a tutu and some ugly top that doesn’t match

No. 1880342

very male to be most enraged by a woman not being deferential to you

No. 1880348

File: 1691860496870.png (300.82 KB, 749x905, Genevieve Gluck on Twitter.png)

of course they would

No. 1880352

Sage for OT but TiFs probably like OP not only because it's just a very popular animanga in general, but also because there some effeminate and gay-coded male characters, a character who's a male "with a woman's soul" (the black-haired character in the 1st meme in >>1879714) and a bad guy's daughter who calls herself "the son of Kozuki Oden". So TiFs are all over these characters, esp the female character I mentioned last (because TiFs self-insert as her hardcore kek).

"They have a fixation on genitals" - so, like your average AGP TiM who spergs about his "girldick" anywhere and everywhere? And like other anons pointed out, why would "cis" men and women bother trying to save these cretins from the dick chop. Castrate yourself then and dilate your crotch wounds for all I care I guess

No. 1880355

this is all true, but as someone who's been reading one piece for a long time, i think it's hilarious that any troons would see it as some kind of based pro-troon series given how there is a whole island full of hulking obviously male crossdressers kek. even in a recent chapter they were still drawn this way. the first "trans" character introduced is not even really trans, more of a transvestite, based on frank-n-furter from rocky horror, and he has magical powers which would allow him to change all these hulking crossdressers into looking like biological women, but the author still goes out of his way to depict them as ugly monsters. ONLY the black-haired character from the first panel is depicted even remotely "respectfully". every other one piece troon is shown as a joke, but they seem to not pick up on this somehow. is it their special brand of autism that makes them completely unable to see this, or just crazy levels of copium? either way there are numerous milky troons in the one piece fanbase, TIM and TIF alike

No. 1880360

If I didn't know this child molester IRL, I would think he was a trolling TERF because every one of his opinions is so stupid it sounds like it must be fake. People playing games on their phone in the middle of a movie theater are annoying? That's ableist of you against their ADHD. It would be good to have more sidewalks in your city? That's ableist of you against wheelchair users. If you see this rapist man posting funny stories about his "Age Gap" relationship, it's because he forced a homeless underaged MTF to call him his "girlfriend" in exchange for shelter and pimps this kid out on OnlyFans to support his polycule BTW.

No. 1880362

Margaret Atwood might cape for troons, but she was right about one thing: "Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them."

No. 1880363

No. 1880369

This is honestly just really fucking sad and ghoulish. It really shows how men often troon out instead of dealing with underlying psychological issues, in this case unresolved grief. It also shows the contrast between how women cope with the death of a spouse and how men do. When an elderly woman's husband dies, she'll often live longer afterward and shift her attention to friends, grandchildren, church, or hobbies. Old men on the other hand just deteriorate without their wives because they don't know how to take care of themselves and refuse to get counseling for the grief.

No. 1880381

File: 1691864704472.png (119.01 KB, 632x518, atwood.png)

I really think Margaret Atwood is crypto and just doesn't want to deal with the backlash, because when she shared this article: https://www.thestar.com/opinion/star-columnists/why-can-t-we-say-woman-anymore/article_2c67ab8e-1eac-57b9-b869-3fcbe38047df.html on Twitter, everyone jumped down her throat. Then, when this article came out (https://www.theguardian.com/books/ng-interactive/2022/feb/19/margaret-atwood-on-feminism-culture-wars), I remember a ton of people framing it as "Margaret Atwood clapped back at a TERF!!" while conveniently leaving out that after she got irritated over the questioning, she ended up emailing the interviewer for "off the record" conversation in which they apparently agree on a lot, including the "importance of truth." So yeah, I suspect she only supports them in a "I don't care what people do in their free time, just don't make it women's problem" way.

No. 1880384

File: 1691865275450.png (499.09 KB, 748x661, X.png)


No. 1880386

File: 1691865512126.jpg (405.88 KB, 1536x2048, F3Pa3kRXUAA0SHE.jpg)


No. 1880390

File: 1691866751479.png (693 KB, 824x908, Screen Shot 2023-08-12 at 3.00…)

Just a sobering reminder of how much they can never pass, even with 7 years of effort. 7 years, two surgeries, and this troon still might as well be experimenting with a ponytail and feminine frames. Wild.

No. 1880395

Why does he have a tyre in his room

No. 1880398

I don't get why, out of all the posts written by men pretending to be women, this guy doesn't even sound like he's trying to pretend not to be a woman hating man. Most TIMs would be saying that it was validating to be treated delicately, the AGPs would be talking about how wet it made them to be treated like a sexy girlboss and how all their coworkers clearly want to fuck them, and this guy just oozes angry, aggressive, jealous, hateful man.

No. 1880399

File: 1691868752977.jpg (104.29 KB, 1284x1052, F3Rd8bhWMAABJul.jpg)

At least he's honest.

No. 1880402

Please spoiler this I puked in mouth

No. 1880408

File: 1691870437522.jpg (133.43 KB, 900x1200, cbLJCbi.jpg)

Pop quiz for this man: which of the following is true?
A) Life as a woman is so easy that even you, as a disgusting, methed out, non passing tranny get Female Privilege and live a life of luxury where men just step up to do your work for you.
B) You're oppressed, everyone is out to get you and there's a genocide coming!

No. 1880410

File: 1691871106987.jpg (442.58 KB, 1080x1832, Screenshot_20230812_041810_Red…)

Saw a post on actualtransbians sub, lurked for comments and imagine my surprise that a tranny defends not calling sexual coercion for what it is

No. 1880412

kek unrelated but I remember a year or two before i peaked i saw this man on my tiktok timeline and felt pity for him once i found out he was trans

No. 1880416

>She didn't manipulate anyone, she just lied to get what she wanted!
That's literally an example of manipulation. Why are males so retarded.

No. 1880420

He’s getting the beginning of a goiter and has no tails on either of his eyebrows. Imagine paying money to be hypothyroid

No. 1880421

remmeber charlieissocoollike/charlie mcdonnell? he's a troon now and uploaded a navelgazing video about how he is totes trans because he likes to play female videogame characters.

No. 1880425

Wasn't this posted before? or was it posted on the youtube thread?

No. 1880428



discussed in the last thread, nona.

it’s a shame, he seemed so normal. it’s literally the bare minimum, but when his roommate alex day/nerimon was outted as a sex pest/creep, he immediately disavowed him. nowadays that would just be good PR, but back in 2014 there were more people defending him than calling him out. Charlie taking the side of the victims def changed the tide.

now he’s an agp though, so maybe he should reach back out and make up with alex. they have more in common now kek

No. 1880449

I’m never even remotely surprised when youtube scrotes come out as trans. They’re narcissistic attention whores by nature and coming out as a tranny is the fastest way to make headlines after a long period of irrelevance and gain new underage theybie fans to groom.

Also disgusting that he’s basically admitting to being AGP but hey what else is new with troons.

No. 1880452

Even has the quintessential ugly nasal incel troon voice.

No. 1880453

File: 1691879420526.png (135.21 KB, 1388x500, Screenshot_20230812_183136.png)

and of course he doubles down on it
>lying isn't TECHNICALLY manipulation so ur actually a bad person for calling a rapist a manipulator and that's gross

No. 1880461

>someone got awarded and upvoted for saying "akshually saying you only want to sleep with someone you love is ALSO manipulative"

I'm speechless

No. 1880474

File: 1691882378814.png (Spoiler Image,3.11 MB, 2000x1600, C3284B60-629F-4E94-8A68-993B70…)

No. 1880484

fetal alcohol syndrome lookin philtrum

No. 1880508

File: 1691884902792.png (45.58 KB, 748x508, Joanna Cuddle on Twitter.png)

>pulls out the racism card when losing an argument

No. 1880509

He needs to cut off his penis so he can suffer.

No. 1880521

File: 1691886177423.jpg (733.37 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230812_192308_Red…)

What the post is talking about. If this and reactions to this confession aren't blatant proof of how overrun that sub is with trannies I don't know what is.

No. 1880532

File: 1691886658224.jpg (305.78 KB, 1080x891, Screenshot_20230812_192115_Red…)

Ayrt, I didn't realize that his comments got deleted in the thread lol. But the response to him is great. Picrel is response. Love that the actual lesbian here called out the weird ass phrase of being "too wet in your trousers" Nasty ass scrotes. Bets on the OP being a "brave and stunning" transbian?

No. 1880536

Except women aren’t having an issue with real women of any race. Instead white male rapist scrotes trying to use the womens bathroom being the same racists they’ve always been trying to conflate white men to any kind of women.

No. 1880541

I need some advice on this topic, I dont know if this is where to ask since its on topic, should I delete it from here and post in OT?
Tldr should have trusted my gut over friend whos a tranny, turns out theyre all the same. Now feel bad because before they started being degenerate I had a good friendship with them.

I reconnected with an online friend I had 6ish years ago.
At the time they were a dude who liked wearing chick clothes.
Anyway last year they messaged me again and we started up our friendship, during this time theyve started their "transition" from male to female.

My gut told me gross but they seemed reasonable, would shit on other trannies, generally were more "right" leaning with their views, barely brought it up so I figured sure I'll keep this friendship going.
We'd play alot of games together, at one point we were voice calling in a discord server nearly every day for hours.

I had moved to their city and after talking online for about 6 months we met up.
I had seen their pictures they had posted in servers so I thought I knew what to expect.
My fiancé and I picked them up to hang out for the night.
I guess my illusion was popped because holy shit, the only thing they had going for them was their height (maybe 5'6).
Broad shoulders, tiny hips, stick legs. Greasy hair, huge beaked nose.
We went to get some alcohol before we came back to our flat and it was so embarrassing to be walking in public with them.
If it were a woman people would still look and see something is obviously wrong.
It got to the point during their stay over that I stopped looking at them, because it just made me deeply uncomfortable.
My partner said he felt embarrassed to be seen with them.

ANYWAY the point of this, after meeting a few months ago they have started talking to a guy.
They mentioned that the guy said when they meet up hes going to make them lactate and drink it.
I said thats disgusting and awful, they said they felt validated.

Since meeting theyve been posting degenerate horny meme shit in the discord we're in.
I've mentioned it multiple times for that shit to be posted in the nsfw channel, everyone agrees, 10 minutes later they are posting more of it.
I 100% could not open that chat in public, its all "daddies horny good girl" sort of shit which is putrid when women post it let alone a tranny.
After everything above I feel even grosser by them posting horny shit, I just see a degenerate male skin walking as a woman to get his dick hard.
If you've noticed, I cant even bring myself to write "she/her" anymore.

I feel like a retard for being in this situation because I should have trusted my gut over trannies, but during the time we had a good friendship before meeting up they really did help me through some stuff so I feel really bad about just cutting them out of my life?
At one point I would have considered them my best friend.

I'm going to start trying for a baby soon so will probably leave discord in general, is it worth cutting them out before then or just continue to hardly talk in that chat then eventually disappear?
IDK I feel guilty for some reason, but its repulsing me to read the horny shit coming from them. The disgust I feel is why I started coming here tbh(sage your shit, and wrong thread)

No. 1880546

kek go on, link their socials nonnie. As a fellow Australian I'm intrigued

No. 1880548

You should have saged your shit. And just call him him instead of they and their. He's a bloke. A gross bloke. I would say don't stop the friendship. He knows where you live. These troons are nuts. Just disappear

No. 1880561

One of these things is not like the other. Also what about all the lesbians pissed off their dating apps and online spaces are being invaded? They think they can pretend terfs are lesbian or black so they can pretend it isn't just women in general getting pissed off their spaces are getting invaded. I mean "their" spaces

No. 1880562

Would you let them be around your child alone? If there’s even a hesitation, they don’t need to be your friend. Trust yourself.

No. 1880569

They'll never meet my baby regardless of the friendship, I never plan on meeting them again
I doubt he was paying attention as my partner drove though, but potentially might be able to find me again

No. 1880571

nta but i wouldn't leave children alone with any men at all, does that mean I shouldn't have guy friends?

No. 1880574

I’m in a similar boat, anon.
Best friends with a guy since elementary school. We went to a mainly white school and we’re both black, so we just sort of latched into each other. In High school he came out as gay and we’d make fun of troons together then college came and suddenly he wants to go by “he/they”. I thought “whatever who cares” at the time, but now we’re in our late twenties and he’s saving up for breast implants.
All he ever talks about is sex and his weird fetishes. He told our friend group (super liberal types and mainly white women) how he wishes he could get pregnant because he thinks it’d give him the “biggest and best climax” of his life.
Me and my husband have been distancing ourselves from the group for a while now and it fucking sucks.
Wish I could just blow up at him and tell him he’s repulsive and delusional, but other anons right. He knows where you live.

(Good luck with trying for a baby!)(sage your shit and not your personal blog)

No. 1880580

If you have guy friends who objectify women enough they think attaching things to themselves and concealing others will turn them into a woman? No, don't have guy friends.
Don't befriend troons, don't normalize troons, don't normalize porn behavior with your children. Don't even normalize polyamory when you have children in your life. The degenerate shit needs to stop when children are added into the mix, even if they'll never meet your own children face to face.

No. 1880584

Go to the 2x board anon

No. 1880596

>he wishes he could get pregnant because he thinks it’d give him the “biggest and best climax” of his life.
Being male is a dissease.

No. 1880598

>how he wishes he could get pregnant because he thinks it’d give him the “biggest and best climax” of his life.
Holy crap why would anyone maintain a friendship with someone who said this? It's offensive on every level, women go through so much physical risk carrying and birthing children and he has reduced it to a sexual thing. Revolting.

No. 1880604

Everyone is saying this is sad but come the fuck on. How is this sad? He is an adult who knows better. He definitely has relatives, both on her side and his side, possibly even children, that have to deal with him becoming the corpse of his dead wife. Imagine being something like a younger relative and watching your uncle wear your aunt's clothes the second she dies. It's both disrespectful and terrifying how quick he is to hijack her identity and demand acceptance for his open fetish. He's just an adult man too retarded to get therapy and being opportunistic with his wife's passing to steal her wardrobe and identity.

If this anything like other cases, he probably was having troon thoughts before her death, then stole all her clothes when she died. This is not a sad man "grieving", he probably was gleeful at the opportunity to get free women's clothes, steal her identity and this is his "fresh start" in life. All TIMs think like that and the woman, especially the wife of many years, be damned.
Do we know how she passed too? I'm just saying, I wouldn't put it past a troon.

No. 1880610

Just another reason for women to put off marriage. Imagine your husband trying to skinwalk your fresh corpse. Horrific.

No. 1880613

its sad because that poor woman died and now shes getting skinwalked by that freak. her relatives will now have to see him trying to become her

No. 1880619


Always with the gingivitis

No. 1880620

>They have a fixation on your genitals
Are all women not forced to think about this on some level? Men can rape women. We all know this. We have to think about it. It's not something these AGP males would understand because they're not women.

No. 1880627

My fucking sides, this has to be a troll. The way he describes it is killing me.

No. 1880633

How do you do this to your gf and not feel like a manipulative bastard? I hope this freak gets bullied out of the sub for that.

No. 1880637

File: 1691897409798.jpg (69.48 KB, 757x752, FB_IMG_1691897456021.jpg)

according to their bio, there are 4 she/hers in this band lmfao

No. 1880638

It's a nice game of spot the delusional ones and their enablers lmao.

No. 1880644

All those serial killer eyes in one picture.

No. 1880646

Faking commitment in order to get sex is one of the most quintessential moid things out there, so it makes sense troons would compulsively sperg out about it being criticized in any way. It’s probably goes against their very DNA to even picture it in a truly negative light.

No. 1880647

I couldn't tell this was a picture with trannies, not just plain old men messing around, until I opened it and saw one man in a dress. There's nothing but men in this picture and I clocked it immediately. Look at the fucking arms on that troon and how he's even flexing like a male, despite being held "dainty".

No. 1880649

The one in the back looks like that giggles the goon clown pedo

No. 1880651

Its so freaky how there is nothing behind any of their eyes. Its like looking into the eyes of a doll. You can tell they're rotten and empty inside

No. 1880657

It's the male autism.

No. 1880714

don't they ever stop and wonder why there's not a single actual woman in their "band"?

No. 1880740

File: 1691915537119.jpg (649.6 KB, 1640x1798, F3N6AxLbgAIztsI.jpg)

Theres legit hundreds of these posts asking "is it a fetish if i only want to be a woman in a sexual setting/when i wear womens clothing i get horny" and the answer is OBVIOUSLY YES, but all the comments are always like nooo nooo thats normal for transwoman. Which is very telling about them, theyre trying so hard not to be called fetishists when everyone knows thats what they are, including themselves. The coping is intense

No. 1880754

>Watching tranny porn at 12
And they don't even remotely think that this could be the issue here.

No. 1880774

There needs to be a serious discussion about online grooming, who are often targeted and then groomed into becoming "femboys" (it's not adult men since they're just not feminine enough), and the long term effects this is going to have on everyone. No normal man can really bounce back from that like nothing happened. You can see in his post he's struggling to comprehended the fucking degeneracy he was sucked into as a minor.
>try wearing womens clothing
That's like saying an alcoholic should try drinking. Thanks degenerate reddit moid.

No. 1880815

>Gender euphoria is when boner
TIFs don't experience this though. They don't have this constant issue of putting on a binder and getting horny, it's seriously just TIMs and you'd think they would reflect on that…

No. 1880850

>it's euphoria but we don't know how to express it teehee
men casually admitting they have the emotional intelligence of a monkey. when was the last time you saw a TIF claim she got wet from wearing a hoodie and cutting her hair short?

No. 1880855

This, I would never feel comfortable hurting another woman like that all over sex. Coom is not as important as someone’s feelings, especially when it’s either stop the interaction and talk about it more or sexually assault them via deception. Not that hard to make the right decision to not traumatize someone.

No. 1880857

File: 1691936848814.jpg (374.92 KB, 1436x1079, dfree.jpg)

Remember these are the people afraid of "genocide"

No. 1880860

>our land
And where is that? Isle of Man?

No. 1880862

File: 1691937439843.jpg (262.56 KB, 1284x1650, F3XtdrZaYAEAX0I.jpg)

crazy that this is controversial especially after she says what the two trannies who attended did.

No. 1880864

No. 1880866

File: 1691938032931.png (225.45 KB, 735x577, F3UnQUQWMAEvwsy.png)

No. 1880876

I never know how to differentiate troons, femboys and sissies, they are all disgusting AGPs to me, how do they do know what is what?
I have wore men's clothing and never felt arousal or gotten wet because of that, male shirts, pants and socks are more durable and cheaper.

No. 1880889

>I've been addicted to trans porn for 8 years since I was 12
Holy shit dude men are so broken. They're literally memeing themselves into fetishes and being trans just by repeatedly exposing themselves to this in their most formative years. Imagine if this kid hadn't seen porn for a few more years, he probably would have been fine

No. 1880890

File: 1691941017515.jpg (143.33 KB, 1170x1161, F3Xw6TAbwAARuzm.jpg)

Monty doesn't get it because he's not a woman.

No. 1880891

File: 1691941114698.jpg (184.13 KB, 1284x1917, F3KwiX9WQAARatQ.jpg)

No. 1880895

Saged for slightly unrel but seeing seeing moronic tras argue for period huts for the last few days has killed all hope I had in others

No. 1880912

I hope the girl's mum and the doctor told him to put a fucking shirt on.

No. 1880913

Wtf, do you have caps? What is their reasoning for supporting menstrual huts? I saw a news report recently of a girl dying in one after being bitten by a snake, has that made people start talking about them again?

No. 1880914

Who would go to a doctor’s appointment in a bra, the fuck

No. 1880917

Colin is completely mental, the stuff he says is just downright retarded. He acts as if someone was offended about free tampons being handed out at an event, which is clearly not what happened. Males should not be allowed to have opinions on menstruation and talk about menstrual products.

No. 1880923

nayrt but if it's the drama i've been following on twitter it's a handmaiden essentially calling menstruating women and girls biohazards while defending troons being in women's restrooms and talking about how much she likes to drink semen

No. 1880929

File: 1691946420133.png (896.21 KB, 755x1117, Fae Johnstone MSW on Twitter.p…)

>ignore the bathroom
your manly shoulders are in the way john

No. 1880930

File: 1691946496422.jpg (167.8 KB, 1080x885, no.jpg)

No. 1880933

Even when OP is repeating that they ONLY feel like transitioning in a sexual context and completely lose all desire to afterwards, no one will budge on the possibility that it could ever be a fetish for anyone in any context. In the comments of any other advice post, no matter how obvious, there will always be counterpoints, consideration for various perspectives, or alternative opinions. It is only for trans and religious issues that the collective stance is this unbending. Their complete lack of empathy towards even themselves will be their undoing.

No. 1880935

Was he at the doctor to get his brain checked? With that outfit he wouldn't even get past most doctor's receptionist where I live, those women take no shit and having him sit in a waiting room would be too much.

I'm so glad that there is so much out there that I haven't seen yet and that after the last few seasons of GoT I just don't care about it anymore and rather wait for the final books to be written and released. Just looked up what he has been doing and he has a part as a voice actor in Baldur's Gate 3 and it sounds so bad, always thought that voice actors need to have good and fitting voices to do the job, guess I was wrong.

No. 1880945

Of course Woke Gate would hire him. One more reason not to play that game.

No. 1880946

I'm always going to side eye a moid 'cosplaying' a period, even if they are doing something beneficial like handing out tampons. Males don't deal with it, we do. We get to decide how we feel about you talking about our bodies. Would this same person think that it's okay for a bunch of whites to paint their skin brown or red while handing out food and water at a native pipeline protest? It's for solidarity right?!! Moids respect other people challenge (100% fail rate)

Also What is with moids/drag queens/troons obsessing over tampons, anyways? They only can relate the phallic objects when it comes to menstruation, never pads or cups. I never hear of weirdo troons carrying around pads to hand out, only tampons. Pads can mostly be used by everyone…I know so many women who never have used nor want to use tampons. I personally stopped using tampons over 10 years ago, now it's pad and cups for me.

No. 1880954

I was dying laughing at that face and the sucked in gut, but after reading about him scaring the little girl, it’s no longer funny.

No. 1880956

This is great peaking material.

No. 1880958

How does becoming a tranny automatically give him roles in movies when his acting is atrocious?

No. 1880959

>moids/drag queens/troons obsessing over tampons, anyways? They only can relate the phallic objects when it comes to menstruation, never pads or cups.
This is so true wtf. I never thought about it that way.

No. 1880961

If Monty wasn't cosplaying a woman, he'd know most women and girl don't do tampons.

No. 1880962

Well, looks like I’m going to change my mind about watching HotD again.

No. 1880963

nta but I've noticed that ever since the Dildo debacle where he was handing out tampons to random people on the street.

No. 1880966

File: 1691950841534.png (393.52 KB, 748x686, X.png)

Nonnie you're psychic

No. 1880968

File: 1691951156455.png (635.24 KB, 745x1118, call sign desister on Twitter.…)

Of course a moid wouldn't understand, and yet they like sticking their noses in a woman's business.

No. 1880970

I always chalked it up to men just being retarded and ignorant, but I never thought about how it could be them seeing the most phallic option as being the “best and most superior” form of menstrual product. Crazy.

No. 1880972

This is disgusting

No. 1880974

File: 1691951785398.png (679.45 KB, 520x900, 56776556757667.png)

Ugly hulking man dont understand why lesbians dont want him


No. 1880978

wow… everyone yasslighting him in the comments despite him looking like he just crawled out of a dumpster… does he think theyre serious?

No. 1880979

Is it me or is "what actually happened" even worse? She didn't reject the doctor she was given, she just said that she doesn't want a TIM doctor IF she were to be given one. Which means they could've provided care, they just chose not to… It's understandable if they didn't agree with her, but to deny care outright is evil.
She's not psychic. She's just aware that women often think that men are simple creatures that don't know how to process their emotions, and that's why they do shitty things. Typical get out of jail excuse that men lean into: 'muh mental health' and ' i didn't know no better!'. If a scrote does something bad, it's intentional and because they refuse to announce they are wrong. They'd rather lie and hide it until they think they can get away with it. That's why they often announce they are a troon when their wives have just given birth despite wearing her clothes and underwear for ages already. Or why they ask the reddit troon hugbox "guise am i a fetishist if i only want to be a girl when I'm horny? I'm totes so confused about my gender!" when they already know they are a pervert and are just baiting for the troon seal of approval.

No. 1880980

I don't think it's that they think it's the best option, just the sexiest, because it's the one that penetrates a vagina to work

No. 1880981

File: 1691952953734.png (107.24 KB, 724x865, Screenshot_20230813_145753.png)

that voice lmao
and ofc the comments are handmaidens fawning over him

No. 1880987

I fucking hate heterosexual moids who talk like this about women's issues. They always proudly proclaim how they don't care who they share the bathroom with or who takes care of them because they are not at risk of being sexually or physically assaulted. Men who do this need to be very loudly told to shut the fuck up. I genuinely get so pissed when they feel like their opinion is in any way valid. I fucking hate leftist twitter bros. I wish I could curse them out without being harassed in return. It's just misogyny plain and simple.

No. 1880988

This is the incel affirmative action they always wanted kek. However, I bet none of these women would date him, regardless of sexuality.

No. 1880992

Two-faced liars giving fake pity comments. His eyeshadow looks like absolute shit. He didn't blend it at all, and it's low-quality drugstore garbage that looks like sidewalk chalk. He didn't even tweeze or put makeup on his eyebrows. I honestly hate when people give fake compliments, because it completely devalues whatever genuine ones they give, and inflates the egos of these already narcissistic trannies. The saying is, "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all," not "if you don't have anything nice to say, lie to their fucking face."

No. 1880993

Oh they'd cross the street to get away if they saw him irl. It's literally just virtue-signalling, they feel like they're doing some kind of charitable act by gassing these perverts up. They get the same feeling from lying to AGPs that normal people get from donating to a good bank. It's the ultimate form of armchair activism.
>Look at me! I complimented an ugly tranny! I'm such a good liberal!

No. 1880996

Gonna steal this lmao

No. 1880997

Surprised he's into women, that's the most gay voice I've ever heard.

No. 1880998

Lesbians and black women aren't born with built-in rape sticks, "Joanna."

No. 1881001

Here's what he sounds like in Baldur's gate if anyone's curious.

No. 1881003

File: 1691954813992.jpg (129.76 KB, 748x795, tumblr_f1d63ec4c9a06d68d0c9bd8…)

No. 1881004

That's not his real voice, it's edited to hell and back kek

No. 1881005

And it still just sounds like a gay man

No. 1881007

Being nice to retards makes people feel like they've done a good deed

No. 1881011

>I throw the quesadilla at the wall
How ladylike

No. 1881012

Have you never thrown your food at the wall because a child correctly sexed you? So strange of you.

No. 1881013

I'm so glad I never got into ASOIAF or its adaptations. It's so scrotoid and overrated. Black Sails was better.

No. 1881014

Fucking idiot. The issue isn't the topic of menstruation, it's the fact that a male is mocking it. Colin is so fucking retarded it's almost impressive.

No. 1881016

Why would the trans flag automatically mean he's a transbian? They're not even pretending that trooning out is about anything other than trying to have sex with lesbians anymore. Also, gotta love how the whole point of a lesbian manicure is to make it easier to finger a woman's vagina, so obviously he is not interested in other transbians.

No. 1881017

Seriously. I've been reading the TiF threads for ages and I've never seen an equivalent post from one of them. Could you imagine?
>Hey guys, I'm scared I'm not really trans because when I put on my binder, I get really wet, and then after I jerk off, I don't feel dysphoric.
The closest thing would probably be when TiFs ask if liking yaoi means they're not actually trans, but none of them talk about how yaoi gives them "euphoria wetness" lmao. They're mostly just being NLOGs when they say stuff like that, because they don't want to be like all those lame Beckys who fetishize the poor widdle gay men.

No. 1881025

>my face is the sort of glowy you see in felons
"Glowy" is not how I'd describe felons, but what does that even mean in this context? Duper's delight? Also, why would that be a good thing?

No. 1881031

File: 1691957907551.jpg (170.01 KB, 850x1034, F3YD7SbasAEQnUH.jpg)

Imagine looking like Peter Griffin and having a 14 mile long double chin, but instead of focusing on your health and loosing weight you go hmm yes being a woman will solve my problems

No. 1881032

File: 1691957975985.jpeg (36.79 KB, 640x480, IMG_0670.jpeg)

kek this is the “author” apparently

No. 1881058


I wonder what her cause of death was?

No. 1881061

File: 1691961399981.jpeg (Spoiler Image,403.94 KB, 750x900, D925823E-DDA0-4920-A00C-A7E9A8…)

Holy shit those shoulders

Doesn’t look that big on TT. Angled and filters do wonders

No. 1881062

File: 1691961598411.jpeg (847.72 KB, 2048x1536, F3axUqHXMAAL0jZ.jpeg)

No. 1881067

It's his built-in "shoulder pads" for me.

No. 1881069

I guaranteed that little girl at some point, quietly asked or remarked to her mother about the man in the skirt

No. 1881071

This is absolutely the worst piece of poetry I've ever read, doesn't even stand a chance with Rupi Kaur or any other shit.

No. 1881103

File: 1691966432862.png (555.01 KB, 1527x2048, chrome_screenshot_169196641318…)

No. 1881114

Many times they also seem to think women get some kind of pleasure out of using them. It’s fucking weird. Most women don’t even get off from penetration alone, so why would they assume some scratchy cotton stick is going to do anything?

No. 1881118

>does a bunch of gay moid shit
>”why don’t the lesbians want me??”

No. 1881133

This. Had a scrote ask me once if I ever “let someone else put a tampon in for me” and then he was all big sad that I ghosted him. They all see it as something we must secretly be enjoying in some weird coomer way. K them all.

No. 1881134

File: 1691969257649.jpg (479.22 KB, 1080x1394, Screenshot_20230813-192446_Chr…)

More sexist tripe:

No. 1881144

No matter how hard they try to come across as female they’re never convincing kek.

No. 1881145

Yeah she was fucking right. Women who get surgury performed on them by men are 32% more likely to die than when performed on by a woman. Considering troons follow male pattern crime statistics I'd be willing to be the sugury complication rate is just as bad, if not worse. She probably requested biological female surgeon only for her on safety but the hypothetical feelings of a troon trumped her safety (par for the course)

No. 1881162


No. 1881164

File: 1691972295414.jpg (1.66 MB, 2768x4032, F3QyvYTXgAALT4U.jpg)

How much editing should we do?

No. 1881171

File: 1691972435512.png (149.83 KB, 760x1130, stacy on Twitter.png)

Trannies self inserting again.

No. 1881172

Its the most American fucking thing I can think of to finally draw the line at sports and not, ya know, being predators?

No. 1881186

ugh, I hate when they act like this is all we are…

No. 1881197

>It kinda sucks she rejected Ken for basically no reason
Truly something only a moid would say

No. 1881199

File: 1691976274876.jpg (41.05 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)


No. 1881207

File: 1691978959344.png (1.65 MB, 1077x1515, Screenshot 2023-08-13 195233.p…)

sage for skim but can someone add this to the tranny vs real women compilation?

No. 1881218

Kek at the homemade shorts

No. 1881220

They can't comprehend (platonic) relationship between women without inserting their lesbian fetishes. So gross.

No. 1881221

>Barbie rejecting Ken simply because she isn’t into him is not a valid reason and it must mean she is a lesbian
>Barbie wanting to go into the real world for herself makes no sense, but it makes sense if it was to get lesbian sex
I hate him so much

No. 1881234

Nono I get this- you can clock moids who did time by how dry the skin on their face is, and that sounds crazy, but it's like the time indoors and obsessive hygiene w cheap soap sucks the nutrients from their skin. They look dry and sickly, it's really weird

No. 1881244


No. 1881267

linus tech tips ogre is now self identifying as a woman and if he wasn't already an eyesore to look at, it's going to be worse

No. 1881281

Holy shit is this real? He looks so different

No. 1881295

File: 1692007775659.jpg (272.26 KB, 1080x934, Screenshot_20230814-060339_Boo…)

>genital preferences = laziness

No. 1881296

File: 1692008437346.jpg (312.9 KB, 1080x1073, Screenshot_20230814-061619_Chr…)

redditor has an epiphany after a couple drinks kek:

No. 1881297

Jesus wept there are already so many fucking futa dick and "better body" Baldur's Gate mods.

It's always immediate, this "improved bodies" thing where they make companions have huge tits and asses, like they're fixing a game breaking error the devs made. Moids just need to have gaming privs taken, they've proven time and again they can't be trusted with them

No. 1881299

My autist friend trooned out for the same reason, because he "sometimes plays female in video games and doesn't hate it". These men think if they can relate to women as people it means they aren't men but actually women. Like what the fuck. I can't believe charlie is a gross coomer moid so openly now, what a world we live in

No. 1881303

Omg nona I was just complaining about this to a friend the majority of the popular mods are nasty coomer moid shit.

No. 1881308

trans ideology is predatory homophobia in disguise

No. 1881320

god this gets me every time. literally gives me courage that i too could be published if the bar is this fucking low kek

No. 1881330

it's not the main guy, it's one of the co-hosts

No. 1881335

"If you don't suck my ladydick, you're just lazy!" Dude, if someone doesn't want to fuck you, take the L and move on. It's that simple. If you're really that great and special, someone else will be along shortly. No means no, even if it hurts your feelings.

No. 1881340

Males can't conceive of a person doing things for reasons completely unrelated to sex.

No. 1881341

I stopped watching that channel when he first showed up because he's hideous when not trying to pretend like he's a woman.

No. 1881345

File: 1692021958812.jpeg (561.51 KB, 828x1422, 60C8E1A1-D2F4-4378-89E0-4F4A6F…)

tumblr post I stumbled upon 1/2

No. 1881346

File: 1692022018154.jpeg (229.84 KB, 828x960, C13EEAB8-35E5-42B2-8AF9-66B5A0…)

2/2. nearly barfed in my mouth when I saw this

No. 1881352

File: 1692023195840.jpg (959.49 KB, 1440x3845, Screenshot_20230814-102007_Chr…)

More sexist and insane bullshit:
>Estrogen makes me less intellectually confident and curious
>Estrogen gives me the period shits
>Estrogen gave me a 1970s porn girl bush
>Estrogen made me lose my taste for beer

No. 1881355

File: 1692023963677.jpeg (376.73 KB, 750x1236, 1CE9778D-36F3-44AE-A8F3-596969…)

This video is about how the IFW added a third category for trans

People are waking up
Kek… some of the comments


No. 1881357

How is this not homophobia? What does being gay or straight even mean to these people? Could they seriously even try to come up with a definition that makes a modicum of sense? I’m really curious to hear it.

No. 1881359

File: 1692024809638.png (28.52 KB, 520x257, F3afVYIXsAAGS9k.png)

Youve just gotten fatter and flabbier, you ass is not bigger because of hrt

No. 1881396

even the joker has trooned out, to no one's surprise.

No. 1881404

How did we spend so long fighting this shit just for it to circle back around? Dick is repulsive to lesbians. Deal with it.

No. 1881409

dick is repulsive in general

No. 1881427

Holy shit that Adam's apple, it's like he has extra bones in his neck.
That's absolutely crazy. New fact unlocked.

No. 1881435

>TERFs accuse us of transitioning to get with lesbians
>And they're right! I transitioned to fuck lesbians uwu
It's impossible to tell who's trolling and who isn't anymore. It often seems like the most offensive, absurd shit turns out to have been posted by accounts that are demonstrably real trannies with long post histories and a million hideous selfies.

No. 1881437

this "poem" reads like a series of messages you would get at 1am from a drunk mess

No. 1881438

TRAs are really shooting their movement in the foot with shit like this. Normies support them because they view trannies as poor turbo gays who will kill themselves without surgery, but 90% of people will never accept the idea that not liking cock equals bigotry. Their nonsense about genital preferences and the cotton ceiling is practically designed to peak people. They need to drop this shit if they want their movement to be successful, but it's never going to happen because it's made up of entitled males who desperately want to fuck lesbians.

No. 1881443

Note how every single female is crossing her legs or sitting in a proper way considering they are wearing skirts above the knees.
Now note how the troon is just sitting straight, slightly manspreading and not at all attempting to not flash his underwear.
Male socialization.

No. 1881451

it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth seeing TIMs use the word dyke, it just sounds violent when they say it and it's just weird that they think they can use it. It's as offensive as a transracial person saying nigger imo

>height reduction
>thinking it's due to magical hip rotation rather than bone density loss

No. 1881454

oh my god is that elphaba

No. 1881457

File: 1692035067061.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1821, Screenshot_20230814-121829.png)

>Contrapoints style and aesthetics
I don't know why Contrapoints' videos get praised for their visuals. They look like shit to me. Tasteless, gaudy and overwhelming to the eye. Garish color choices and lighting. Everything looks faded and dirty and gross.

No. 1881461

could you share the link to that tumblr post? Would love to see the replies and block every tumblr liking that shit, so I never have to stumble upon any of them.

No. 1881462

>I think I hate beer now
how I hate them, as if beer is only for men and women never drink beer or just mixed beer. I'm so glad I don't have contact to people like that in real life, guess I would have to hit them with a beer mug, after I finished my tasty beer.

No. 1881479

File: 1692038668865.png (1.4 MB, 896x1232, 1.png)

lmao based

No. 1881485


No. 1881492

lmao this is great.

No. 1881496

Are they sure it wasn't just like that to begin with? That wall flag looks too perfect for it to have been cut. Seems like those extra flags on top were the vandalism.

No. 1881532

If the one on the wall is just thick plastic they could do it with the same thing they used on the little flags. They did do a very neat job (I believe the vandalism story just because it seems more likely than the big poster flag having been originally shaped like that).

No. 1881551

probably acceptable for whatever budget he’s got going on but you’re spot on it looks so dirty, like fun little scenarios a deranged guy would be filming in his basement…

No. 1881554

Fake. Guidon is a popular cut for flags and you're telling me someone got a ladder, cut every single flag on the banner, then went up to the big plastic one and managed a perfect cut, took off the piece of paper with the trans flag on it, then placed it back on? Theatrics

No. 1881571

How can someone claim to support the community then shit on every homosexual ever

No. 1881582

File: 1692045816767.jpg (74.22 KB, 850x517, F3YF2FUasAE0BTn.jpg)

Okay this HAS to be a troll. Why is there even an ewphoria thread??

No. 1881591

kek, fun times for him dying from colon cancer. But to be serious, the way period blood looks is very different from blood out of a haemorrhoid (or any other body part) and only women will know that because mostly no man ever saw how period blood really looks like.

No. 1881595

File: 1692047738393.jpg (608.73 KB, 1080x1941, Screenshot_20230814_231618_com…)

Ofcourse nothing happened to YOU. Its about making women uncomfortable and unsafe you misogynistic moron

No. 1881601

Even if it's fake it's still funny as fuck. Brighton is known for its massive gay community and Pride events, so it's doubly funny that someone in that area targeted the tranny flags (or for someone to replace the tranny-inclusive flags with the swallowtail flags).

No. 1881612

Are eating disorders/self harm/being sexually abused as a child as common among tims as it is among tifs? looking at the tif thread, it seems like a lot of them struggle to connect to their body and latch onto transgenderism as an escape from the reality of being vulnerable and/or objectified
I don't really see it that much in this thread though, is that because it's less common or they're just less socialized to talk about that stuff? Certainly there's more pressure on girls to hate their bodies, but I'm sure there are boys who get abused/sexualized and end up hating their bodies too but looking on tim reddits it's less like the space of traumatized women that tif reddits are, and more just a sort of geek man vibe

No. 1881621

File: 1692050018115.jpeg (77.45 KB, 612x633, 1679105827558.jpeg)

Someone posted a link a few threads back to a shop where you can but some TERF stickers (and a link for for images that you can make your own stickers with). I can't seem to find it and I want to sticker bomb radfem shit all over the punk and goth venues/bars in my city. Can anyone point me to which thread it was?

No. 1881625

I’m sure there are some. I really doubt most of these guys had great parents in general. However, it seems more like a male autism and porn addiction thing for most tims. I see deep self-hatred in many of them, but they try really hard to cover it up with overcompensating “euphoria”. I’ve found many tims don’t even really care about being seen as a woman, as long as they just aren’t seen as or associated with being a “man.” They (deep down) see themselves as failed men, and want to run away from any responsibilities they would have as men. Maybe that’s a secondary reason why so many of them are into ageplay as well (primary reason is that they are simply perverted pedos).

No. 1881629

Restrictive EDs seem to be common among HSTS, not sure about all the rest

No. 1881636

I said this a while back in another thread, I think, but as someone who's too old to have grown up watching Youtubers/streamers, I've never understood who the audience for Contrapoints was supposed to be. I only learned about him when there was a ton of coordinated coverage in the mainstream liberal press about how he was the wonderful progressive Youtuber deradicalizing online rightists, and it seemed so astroturfed and implausible to me. Do teenage boys at risk of radicalization by white nationalists really look at Contra and his kitschy "late night public access show" drag aesthetics and say "wow, this is great, I'll stop reading /pol/ now?"

No. 1881639

It looks like the big plaque was designed as a guidon and is permanently attached to the church, so they "updated" it with the little rectangular troon flags, but didn't bother replacing the disposable plastic ones. Is there some local history reason why they'd use a guidon?

No. 1881677

File: 1692055230761.png (1.44 MB, 1175x2048, chrome_screenshot_169205535884…)

the poor dog

No. 1881686

it's crazy how women can look so beautiful in clothes tailored for men but when men wear specifically "women's" clothing it always looks strange and uncanny. something about their bodies is so stiff, idk if it's because i'm lesbian but women's bodies look so soft and inviting compared to men's. sage but some part of me really believes that men are a failed version of what humans are meant to be. creepy, perverted, awful social skills, anger issues, porn addiction lack of self awareness, desire to rape and kill and hurt, butthurt over every bit of criticism. i wonder where this trans trend will go. i think people are getting sick of it and the tide is turning.

No. 1881693

File: 1692056382464.png (56.7 KB, 237x211, pain.png)

yeah you pass… as a man

No. 1881694

i have an autistic moid friend who i met in college who is obsessed with porn (talks about sex bots out loud in public with no shame), hates his body, loves goth girls (before it was cool), plays vidya a lot, sees himself as a failure and yet has no interest in all this trans shit. i think it takes a certain strain of autistic moid to fall into this bs. almost (if not all) moids with autism are narcissistic too, although it seems that tranny moids are somehow always worse than your average autist. all in all, they would make for an interesting case study.(no1currs not your personal blog)

No. 1881696

It isn’t a word for them, especially when they were probably the same men who were calling more masculine women dykes when they were in school.

No. 1881697

>Estrogen gave me a 1970s porn girl bush
Isn't that just what everyone's fully grown natural pubes look like…?

No. 1881698

I was going to say this. If they’re actually gay, then it’s more likely. But for AGPs? No.

No. 1881699

They have to fetishize it somehow, nonna.

No. 1881703

My favorite type of "euphoria boner" cope post is when they say it happens to men in all happy situations because the silly pp just doesn't know better

Are all these men popping boners when they get promoted at work or watch their kid graduate too?

No. 1881724

File: 1692059840460.jpeg (38.93 KB, 540x417, F3diw7yaIAErd0B.jpeg)

"I'm a man and I'll act like one to reinforce your hate on us".

No. 1881733

I guess if you're going to literally hire someone just to be obnoxious, a tranny is a logical choice. But you just know that he'd try to fuck/molest you at some point during the "fake" date.

No. 1881745

Sage for tangent but the history of women and beer brewing is a great dive. Yet another millennia-old female developed and dominated practice that moids took over and have women thinking it was never theirs. Typical tim thinks "woman = stereotypes I saw in sitcoms" and can't even weaponize their autism to learn any actual history.

No. 1881751

>It felt good telling my boyfriend that I had blood in the toilet like a cis girl
1) Why the fuck would you tell your (implied to be new) boyfriend about this and 2) you have ebola.

No. 1881756

Imagine being so unaccustomed to women's natural body hair that you think pubes are unique to "70s porn girls." I swear, every day I find a new reason to hate men.

No. 1881761

>says they're afraid of using the bathrooms
>still posts his stupid photo like the over confident moid he is
we need to bully these men harder

No. 1881764

The pole side is where the fuckugly triangles are, so no, these flags weren't cut. The swallowtail flags are designed to be evocative of the idea of cutting all that garbage off, but you can't make a swallowtail flag by cutting a progress flag without modifying it to change which side attached to the pole.

No. 1881768

His aesthetic is basically if someone tried to emulate Lady Gaga with nothing but colored gels and supplies from the dollar store.

No. 1881772

No one wants your inverted penis wound tranny.

No. 1881783

File: 1692063536753.png (381.61 KB, 804x862, Screenshot Capture.png)

Gawd if I had the funds to buy terf stickers and place them everywhere trannies would use.

No. 1881785

dicks are actually dangerous for women

No. 1881790

File: 1692064268719.png (46.55 KB, 755x362, 13 days binge free on Twitter.…)

I'm not sure but some ladies are doing god's work

No. 1881792

File: 1692064475243.png (571.22 KB, 748x906, X.png)

This guy was bragging about why women couldn't lift as much as he did….

No. 1881794

File: 1692064548697.png (241.84 KB, 794x1056, Screenshot Capture.png)

Another Canadian faux pas

No. 1881796

obviously, no ftm surgery suggestions. when will the tif handmaidens wake up and realise no tim ever roots for them or even sees them as people

No. 1881831

Yup men as usual have the greater advantages.

No. 1881842

File: 1692072296214.png (2.53 MB, 3360x1930, stickers.png)

Don't know if this is the shop you're thinking of nonna, but here's one I've had filed away in my bookmarks for a while because I've wanted to do exactly the same kek

No. 1881846

File: 1692073966011.jpeg (366.41 KB, 750x915, 6B8F72F0-8A72-4B58-8D51-710A28…)

I looked up TERF stickers and found this kek. Is that even a thing? I think I’ve only ever heard of olympic athletes “finding out” they are actually XY, but did they really not know? I feel like they must have known.

No. 1881865

Iirc, people with that disorder typically find out about it around puberty-age because they're unable to menstruate. So yeah, after that point it's not very likely at all.

No. 1881871

make ur own! we shld all make some

No. 1881890

File: 1692088281698.png (1.32 MB, 2228x1136, ok.png)


No. 1881895

they already do almost all of these in my province as far as im aware. oddly enough i found out bc one of my co-ed vollyball tif team mates obv trooned out to become "non binary" which means that she takes testosterone but has dysphoria for body hair so she is getting a certain amount of free laser done on her chest and stomach so she is more nonbinary???? i wish i was lying she excitedly told us this at dinner after practice, revolting honestly. oh and yes, women with pcos dont get laser.

https://globalnews.ca/news/8900413/gender-affirming-healthcare-province-territory-transgender/ if you actually want to see for yourself

No. 1881898

What a freakish ad. Imagine being this troon and thinking any sane woman would want to hire a strange lanky man in a dress to eat your family's food and cause problems. Any real lesbian would probably threaten to call the cops on him if he'd even get close to her.
Look at how heavily filtered his face is. It's so obvious he's just some asian man, has huge fucking hands he's trying to make look small, and he just looks like he's wearing a wig.
>maid outfits and lifting his skirt
It's not a fetish, guys.

No. 1881902

File: 1692091238221.jpg (124.15 KB, 1397x749, F3jC4wiXEAA_f0m.jpg)

GOOD for her!! Never give a moid a chance if he begins talking about trans shit, his coombrain is already too far gone, just run!

No. 1881907

Based of her to leave. I like it when troons cry about their wives/gfs leaving them in public because it shows the rest of the world that it's a normal reaction to them trooning out.

No. 1881910

The thought of this terrifies me so much. I could marry a guy and one day he just randomly decides to troon out and destroy our family to pursue the coom.
There HAS to be a ton of red flags that this is going to happen, right? I imagine there are but I'm also scared that a moid could just randomly become obsessed with porn and anime and decide to troon out while not expressing any hints of it prior.

No. 1881912

They read /pol/ because they want to belong to a group that accepts them for who they are (failures and retards). Men have the innate need to worship and bootlick, and they need someone to hate so they can blame them instead of working on their shit personalities. /pol/ gives them both. So does the tranny cult. But troons are progressive, so it's seen as de-radicalizing kids instead of being seen as /pol/ but with stripy knee highs and a more intense hatred of women.

No. 1881914

Good reason to keep a sharpie in your bag

No. 1881915

File: 1692095449417.jpg (178.94 KB, 1008x1200, F3YGLlYbQAAq0Qw.jpg)

No. 1881927

I am very surprised that the majority of the comments had been somewhat supportive of the (ex) wife, I expected them to insult her and call her a TERF

No. 1881945

It's impossible to truly reduce the risk of this happening to zero but if you want to avoid this you have to make sure his opinions on this stuff align with yours. Ideally he:
>doesn't agree with trans ideology/neopronoun shit but also isn't obsessed with hating it
>doesn't make a big deal about gnc stuff, eg doesn't think enjoying typically feminine stuff makes him less of a man
>isn't sexually deviant
There's no way of knowing for sure but these three are the best pointers imo besides obvious stuff like not being into online coomer spaces.

No. 1881954

Besides the obvious fact that he's semi-manspreading and making himself large while the women are crossing their legs and making themselves smaller, check the women's hands. Their fingers are tied in a huge knot. In body language, this reveals that you are holding back from saying something.

No. 1881957

Modern porn promoted the prepubescent pedo-encouraging shaved look. You're be surprised at how many porn addicted moids think that's how adult women normally are down there.

No. 1881960

File: 1692103135842.png (7.41 MB, 1620x7492, aidenhartxxx.png)

Tranny blows $250k on plastic surgeries:

No. 1881966

damn, all that money to look like a male burn victim with severe mental disabilities

No. 1881970

Insane how they can get a quarter million worth of plastic surgery and have it all paid for by insurance, can't believe I really pay taxes for shit like this. Trannies should just learn to deal with being ugly like anyone else. I actually have similar facial features to the oct 9 2022 pic, although obviously not male looking, and trying to argue that you 'need' surgery at that point is ridiculous regardless of troon bullshit.

No. 1881976

File: 1692104898497.jpg (Spoiler Image,220.05 KB, 1080x1080, man.jpg)

And all that paid by insurance, amazing, I won't even get glasses paid by mine, but well, guess not being able to see that well was my decision and isn't an illness that would be covered by any insurance. Burning the money would have had the same effect, he still looks like a man. Spoilered because male tits and bulge.

No. 1881999

>I am very surprised that the majority of the comments had been somewhat supportive of the (ex) wife
kek tides are turning

No. 1882004

All of this time, money and pain just to look like you are wearing a serial killer latex mask

No. 1882044

elphaba deserves his own thread on here tbh hes becoming the chris chan of the uk

No. 1882045

Sorry, i dont know how to properly embed videos. This is the most disgusting yt short I've seen:

No. 1882047

> There HAS to be a ton of red flags that this is going to happen, right?

You only need one red flag: they're male. I understand the desire for companionship but never, EVER put yourself in a position where you can't escape from your Nigel. Keep your financial accounts separate, make sure both your names are on anything you sign like leases, know what you would pack if you're going to have to leave suddenly, and know where all the safe women's shelters are or friends who would let you crash at their place.

I already live with my bestie but if she ever moved out to be with a moid I'd make sure she had a set of keys to my apartment and a bag/basket of toiletries and spare clothes at my place.

No. 1882080

I don't buy that, I actually have predicted when certain moids would troon out and what wont and have been proven right in most cases, you can usually guess from the type of porn they watch, trap hentai to sissy porn guys are a 100% definite and you can make an educated guess with other coomer types.

No. 1882082

And nothing for women who suffer with any of those issues. Plenty of women would love free botox.

No. 1882085

It's so funny when they Reeee about the word radical. They don't even understand what they're mad about. Radical means root of in radical feminism because radical feminists focus on the root of misogyny. Stay mad tranny.

No. 1882091

Cant link on mobile but someone just made one on him

No. 1882101

samefag but heres the thread >>>/snow/1877598

No. 1882108

That’s how I thought adult women normally were down there until I was like 15 since my only exposure to what that looks like was porn. I thought I was a freak because I had hair that grew in places other than a neat patch on the mound. Sorry for blog but porn fucks everyone up and it sucks.

No. 1882128

File: 1692121734826.jpeg (234.91 KB, 1170x688, IMG_9499.jpeg)

>muff muncher

this “transfem surpremecy” fetish on tumblr proves they all have some weird lesbian conversion fetish

No. 1882137

On radtwt there are women talking about not being able to get vaginal RECONSTRUCTION after getting raped, but ofc paying for coomers to have LiFeSaViNg troon surgeries is a-ok

No. 1882138

Trans women deserve literally nothing

No. 1882139

I've wondered how many of these visibly special needs troons used to be perfectly functional moids w girlfriends or wives and families, then got a head injury and was allowed to troon out. Like after reading about scrotes getting brain injuries then doing a personality 180 and turning into horrible perverts

No. 1882140

arrogant men huffing copium like usual

No. 1882141

Trans women shouldn’t even be used as a term, there’s no such a thing as transition, they’re just moids wearing women costumes bought from wish.

No. 1882144

>tgirls dominant species on the planet, as usual
So much for being the most oppressedest oppressed to ever be oppressed

No. 1882160

This shit makes me so sad. I hate how we are so trained to hate our bodies from a young age.

No. 1882161

This is so fucking rapey wth. Same energy as any other straight moids with a fetish for “turning” lesbians.

No. 1882181

File: 1692125694150.jpg (983.46 KB, 1193x1556, F3YGnwxaYAAVFf-.jpg)

You dont even dress better Stephen

No. 1882193

File: 1692126260976.webm (1.16 MB, 320x364, 19O3RG6XqAR4QA_X.webm)

>Anne Andres(troon who set a new Canadian "womans's" national record) literally mocking women for not being as good as the bench press as him, not mentioning that the bench press was essentially made for male bodies and even a typical low-weight bench press is difficult due to our proportions.

No. 1882210

My theory is that mens clothing is made to be functional and comfortable, so women look like regular people wearing them.
(alot of) womens clothing however is made to enhance the female body and femininity (narrowed in waist, tight fitting etc), making men and their square and masculine bodies look retarded and uncanny.

No. 1882214

Thought this was Heather sparkles for a sec, jeez

No. 1882228

male and female pattern making is completely different because of very different measurements you have to take. While you have broader shoulders and a different length for the upper body for men, you will have hips, a very defined waist, breasts and the measurement to the centre of the breast for the women. Men clothes fit women because they are cut straighter and it just looks baggy on women, while clothes for women are always designed for breasts and curves, even the baggy ones, and it just looks wrong because the whole ratio doesn't fit anymore. If you would have to make the pattern for a skirt for a man or a woman, the result would be very different and that's why there are actually skirts for men in some subcultures, because skirts for women just look wrong and horrible. Ever tried to fit into male trousers your size? The hip probably will be a problem for women to fit into them. You could dress a man very feminine if you would tailor the clothes for the way their body is made, but most of them just want cheap clothes that look slutty.

No. 1882253

he has permanent "greeting a work acquaintance" grimace lol

No. 1882262

File: 1692134322584.jpg (261.64 KB, 1567x1977, F3mFxKWXcAA6Dn5.jpg)

Ah yes, dont you also have aching pains in the balls when you have a period?

No. 1882275

File: 1692135899325.jpeg (455.8 KB, 1170x1828, IMG_2984.jpeg)

This makes me kek so fucking loudd lmao imagining seeing this in the mirror and genuinely believing with full confidence that people see you and think you have XX chromosomes. He literally looks like Damien from mean girls if Janice did his makeup and hair…

No. 1882279

I hate this argument. Yes it is possible for someone to have chromosomes other than XX and XY, but you have about 1/10th of a percent to have the mutation and like another anon said you usually are aware of it by adulthood. Its just a shitty excuse to trick people into falling for tranny propaganda.

No. 1882287

Testicular torsion

No. 1882291

File: 1692137550235.jpg (47.1 KB, 400x305, th-1122025243.jpg)

No. 1882300

Thank you, Heather doesn’t deserve this slander. She might be a deranged, unhinged and psychopathic cow but at least she’s not a scrote!

No. 1882315

No man will ever experience female puberty. Men on estrogen are experiencing changes that only men can experience, and they all know this. I get that they enjoy bullying others to participate in their fetish, but what do they get out of all this delusional circle-jerking amongst themselves?

No. 1882334

I'm gonna get redtexted if I say how I feel but the delusions of this moid are off the chart. Just because a larping bisexual is willing to cater to your conversion rape fetish does not make you lesbian chad.

No. 1882336

Saying the quiet part out loud today, I see. And you wonder why lesbians don’t want to date you and don’t want you in their spaces?

No. 1882338

The profile that tends to troon out are white autistic pornsick weeb bisexual moids that have crossdressed at least once. Look out for one or more of those red flags. Thanks for reading my PSA kek

No. 1882343

>Why does he wear the mask?

No. 1882350

Are those non-XX-chromosome-intersex TERFs in the room with us right now?

No. 1882351

Every handmaiden who advocates for troons being in women's facilities should have to read at least a dozen of these kinds of posts from troonbians.

No. 1882353

There's literally a field for embedding Youtube videos at the bottom of the reply window, blind-chan.

No. 1882356

>I could marry a guy
Or you could just… not. Save yourself some trouble right there lmao.

No. 1882357

File: 1692144929476.jpg (142.76 KB, 904x1734, FywLKkOaYAEZyZ5.jpg)

fucking kek he looks like Doris from shrek

No. 1882360

>Cumming in my uterus
Sex ed in the United States, everyone.

>I've given up trying to understand


No. 1882361

Eugh what's up with that rash on his gunt?

No. 1882364

He was a decent-looking gay guy. Scrotes are motivated by sex, yet they'll sabotage their own sex lives because of fetishes like this, baffling. A reasonably muscular gay moid like him would have no trouble getting laid, but now only chasers will fuck him. They have no foresight, I swear. You'd have to be mentally ill or at the very least have an addictive personality to allow a fetish to consume your life to that degree.

No. 1882366

File: 1692145629086.png (395.88 KB, 748x675, X (2).png)

>He goes to schools to educate kids
>Companies are actually sponsoring him

No. 1882383

File: 1692146395367.png (344.23 KB, 748x736, X.png)


No. 1882386

File: 1692146465593.png (528.23 KB, 751x861, Genevieve Gluck on Twitter.png)

No. 1882405

nonna, this is an otokonoko or what we call "femboys" not a TiM.

No. 1882441

Seems like the latest troon memo went around and now the narrative is when the wife dumps the troon it's validation that they see them as their "real self". Another self serving narcissists lie. But I'm happy to hear so many women just nope the fuck out of there quickly now.

No. 1882443

jihad on autistic men

No. 1882460

File: 1692153371481.png (606.72 KB, 734x874, SFW_Hampshire on Twitter.png)

It's a man being reported as a "woman"

No. 1882480

I wonder how future sociologists will explain the sudden rise in sex crimes by ""women"" these past few years.

No. 1882495

File: 1692156401523.jpeg (133.31 KB, 761x515, IMG_1927.jpeg)

saw a troon post OPs image (the tranny version) and genuinely burst out laughing when I found a picture of him. why do they even bother lying when we can all see what they look like lmao. also this guy tweets about how he’s 6 foot+ and miserable

No. 1882506

This shit makes me so livid. It’s not bad enough that men commit heinous sex crimes, now women as a group will be blamed for committing them too. 99% of people don’t get past headlines, so this kind of stuff definitely shifts public perception. Statistics will start to be altered as well.
They will try to say that we just never studied female sex crimes thoroughly, same excuse that one disgusting Ted Talk lady gave about why there are more male pedos.

No. 1882527

File: 1692165485808.png (3.65 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9723.png)

Troons and TRAs have convinced themselves that sexual dimorphism isn't really a thing, but proportions don't lie.

No. 1882539

In one breath they will claim there are no real differences between men and women and then they turn around and go on about how excited they are for HRT to change their entire bone structure in the next. They never make any sense and I hope everyone wakes up to that soon.

No. 1882560

File: 1692176477990.jpg (168.97 KB, 1169x1279, F3YIC0Ya0AAcDeL.jpg)

This DID fad needs to end, these people are saying the most unhinged stupid shit

No. 1882561

Come now, that's not true.
They deserve the wall. Metaphorically and literally.

No. 1882562

well clearly he is forcing his poor oppressed trans alter to live in a male body, that's bigoted transphobic abuse so he must get boob implants and chop his dick off at once or go to jail

No. 1882576

These things make me long for the days when kids would be forced to work in mines and factories instead sitting on their ass and posting on the internet.

No. 1882581

The dykebreaking tumblr community is all transbian freaks with a rape kink. one rapist is lezhunteragain who looks like a huge male gorilla

No. 1882604

File: 1692188205308.jpg (801.97 KB, 810x2739, Screenshot_20230816-080628_Chr…)

Transcel responding to that transwomen imposter post. The projection and copium are off the charts kek:

No. 1882614

>How do I deal with this situation?
join the 41% club, problem solved

No. 1882616

File: 1692189531106.png (254.59 KB, 603x686, Screenshot (10).png)

No. 1882622

File: 1692190558869.png (2.38 MB, 810x3461, Galactic_Azure.png)

He's just upset he resembles the tranny depicted in the meme, lol

No. 1882629

What the fuck is his chin doing? What is that nasty hairy goiter

No. 1882630

She still looks like a woman… and you don't kek

No. 1882641

kek the pure misogyny and cope in this post alone. Thinking women only dislike TIMs because “some tran are prettier than they are” and NOT because the countless times trannies were proven to be sexual degens who hurt real women and children.

No. 1882646

File: 1692194139065.jpeg (595.91 KB, 1232x1264, IMG_1734.jpeg)

Andrea Long Chu is seriously the ultimate peaking machine every time he opens his mouth. I know a lot of what he says is old news, but I thought nonas might want to read this new article on how much pornography is threaded with being a TiM.

No. 1882649

funny how they always use a filtered pic with alot of makeup and certain angles and hiding their body to prove how much they pass.
Cute selfie hon, now post a candid unfiltered one.

No. 1882654

>the rash
i cant…. scabies?

No. 1882657

If you've got a penis, yes it does.

No. 1882662

I’ve seen feminist-adjacent Tumblr girls (the ones who claim to be against lib feminism because they don’t use makeup but at the same time consider 'transmisogyny' a grave offence) read his books and even when they criticize them I wonder how you can not peak instantly and even consider it more profound thank pornsick male confessions. He needs to die fr.

No. 1882665

File: 1692196047048.jpg (485.04 KB, 1080x1982, Screenshot_20230816_160741_com…)

Disgusting gym bro makes trans horseshoe bending

No. 1882696

File: 1692199615606.webm (2.17 MB, 320x320, FN4h_FsPxLG3GS_h.webm)

>A nifty video for anytime you have to argue with a troon or libfems regarding trans in womne's sports

No. 1882704

>assuming that any woman who dislikes him must be an ugly, femcel catlady
He might as well have just blatantly said that he thinks a woman's value is based on how appealing she is to men. They can cut their dicks off all they like, but they're chauvinists to the core.

>uwu you should ask us for makeup tips hehe

Yeah, I'm sure women are just dying to look like an eight-year-old applied their eyeliner with a Crayola marker. Good thing we don't need hideous drag queen makeup for strangers to recognize us as women.

No. 1882718

Wow, misogyny and racism. Double whammy. All aspects of their rhetoric indicate that they view black women as "less-woman-like" than other women, so it's no surprise that the same racism surfaces in their pathetic clapbacks.

No. 1882736

This video is kind of useless, since all it does is show us the moids and their troon names. People know about that, but largely aren't convinced by appearances alone. It would be better if it included things like their rankings in men's leagues vs their rankings in women's leagues, score comparisons between them and the women they competed against vs the same for the men they competed against, their ages compared to the ages of the female competitors, and how much training they have compared to the other women competing. Screenshots or quotes from the times they say wildly misogynistic things would also help. People don't take too kindly to Fallon Fox saying he loves beating up women, for example.

No. 1882747

File: 1692205457352.jpg (307.29 KB, 1174x1280, Untitled.jpg)

For those who aren't familiar with UK culture, BBC is our tax-funded national broadcaster and Cheryl Hole is a mocking reference to a famous female singer called Cheryl Cole. They really have decided 1970s style misogyny is fine again as long as it's coming from a gay male.

No. 1882750

Gym bros tend to be more aware than the average scrote of exactly how their bodies differ than women, especially in terms of building size and strength. I've noticed a lot more open critique of males in women's sports in these communities. Wish I'd saved it now but I even saw a female body builder with a surprisingly civil comment section discussing the issue, with the majority of the comments leaning critical of troons. It was a smaller post, sub 10k likes or so, but it was still good to see.

No. 1882755

Insane. It's a lottery. I'm still asked if I would like to speak to a female GP over the phone and I don't have to give a reason to justify it and then you have that London woman whose potentially life-saving operation was cancelled because she objected to a privacy breach.

No. 1882763

this is a bit off topic and tangential to the post itself, but when it's quoting the post it says "build a pattern of behaviour [sic] from the group members"

Am I blind? Why did he add [sic]? Did he think, "real journalists add this word sometimes so if I add it somewhere in the middle here that makes me seem smart"? Or did the original post he was quoting contain [sic] for some reason?

No. 1882767

probably because of the spelling of behaviour
in the US it's spelled behavior

No. 1882776

File: 1692208826345.jpeg (78.64 KB, 500x500, IMG_2187.jpeg)

because we got rid of u kek(derailing)

No. 1882790

File: 1692209327204.jpg (486.47 KB, 1323x3349, UmAckshually(sic).jpg)

so it's just another example of some dude trying to appear more smart than he actually is (while not even capitalising "I"), probably watches too much contrapoints kek

No. 1882868

And what's wild is the poster is a black troon(and former pornstar

No. 1882878

>People know about that, but largely aren't convinced by appearances alone. It would be better if it included things like their rankings in men's leagues vs their rankings in women's leagues, score comparisons between them and the women they competed against vs the same for the men they competed against, their ages compared to the ages of the female competitors, and how much training they have compared to the other women competing. Screenshots or quotes from the times they say wildly misogynistic things would also help. People don't take too kindly to Fallon Fox saying he loves beating up women, for example.
Anon, if you are willing to do the research, the person who runs SheWon.Org would post it. She Won tries to keep track of the women who lost to troons. They have over 200 women listed now.

No. 1883033

No. 1883044

File: 1692239211944.jpg (206.02 KB, 1452x2048, F3mpw5ra4AA5q20.jpg)

No. 1883048

Thought this was Blaine for a sec kek but Blaine will never be that skinny

No. 1883051

it’s scary how so many porn sick men are in positions like this

No. 1883062

File: 1692242243152.png (292.49 KB, 580x571, Screenshot 2023-08-16 11.02.16…)

Nominal Naomi, the famous coomer and groomer defender, is now claiming that having sex with a feminine gay dude is not gay. This tweet has received 90,000 likes, and the replies are full of gays in denial. The original tweet has coomers and troons insulting the woman who posted it. Calling mentally ill faggots more attractive than her. Naomi has even more retarded tweets. I took more screenshots that show how smooth a brain he has. And to think this faggot was calling another man a coomer during one of his debates for saying that our purpose in life is to reproduce but saying shit like this and believing it openly. He even cites a study from the late 80s, you know a great and educated time for "qweers".

No. 1883063

File: 1692242292007.png (296.86 KB, 580x571, Screenshot 2023-08-16 11.02.08…)

second part.

No. 1883066

File: 1692242427195.png (17.7 KB, 586x90, Screenshot 2023-08-16 11.02.48…)

more retardation from him. Totally not a coomer, just a "mother" who wants to take care of his children with his handmaiden you guys.

No. 1883068

>whoever makes moid's pp hard must be whatever the moid believes
pure copium

No. 1883069

Why not the other way around?
>”that tranny is a man, so whoever gets their dick hard at them IS gay, dumbass”

No. 1883071

They're putting the KILL TERFS scrotes in charge of ballistics development. Ladies, it's been an honor and a pleasure to kek with you.

No. 1883080

another incompetent token hire, can't wait for more luggage stealing shenanigans.

No. 1883081

dude is going to lose his career from anorexic brain rot

No. 1883084

He looks seconds away from dropping dead.

No. 1883105

In other words, male succeeds in male-dominated industry. Shocking.

No. 1883108

I can't tell if he's being deliberately obtuse or if he's genuinely too retarded to comprehend what she's saying here. The highlighted text isn't her opinion– its her surmising the male/capitalist perception of womanhood. It's plainly indicated by the non-highlighted text.

No. 1883110

By this logic, a microwaved watermelon is a woman because a man fucked it. Chauvinist creep.

No. 1883114

they all have fucking rape fetishes I'm sick

No. 1883123

>"plenty of trans folks have accounts on ovarit"
oh no troons might read the truth about how they hurt women, society and themselves! And what if they learn how people really feel about them and that the little voice in the back of their head was right and they never did pass and eveyone lied to be polite? They could even peak! whatever shall we do

No. 1883128

File: 1692255039030.jpg (347.34 KB, 1080x1444, Screenshot_20230817-024244_Chr…)

Appropriate reaction:

No. 1883142

File: 1692261012321.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1242x1411, IMG_3370.jpeg)

This musician named Mothe that I stumbled on goes by “she/they” pronouns. Their music is pretty decent, must be pretty mentally ill tho. Like why(newfaggotry)

No. 1883143

Hi fellow Portland sufferer. Actually, trying to date as a gay woman in this town after the pandemic was what peaked me. Nothing but troon troon troon and misogynistic “enbie” girls who were normal alt girls three years ago. It’s bleak out there man.

No. 1883155

super mentally ill people will make more decent music. Apparently Mothe is a character he's playing for the music act, but he's just Spencer IRL. I hope he's just playing into what he assumes is his main audience's delusions, but it's truly pathetic.
I'm convinced Machine Girl are crypto anti-trans, but who knows lol

No. 1883164

File: 1692271624936.jpg (143.54 KB, 720x714, lesbian.jpg)

I just can't wrap my head around WHY are there any handmaidens left on the "lesbian" subreddits when scrotes like this are a dime a dozen. Like how can you not peak.

No. 1883176

I think most people who aren't trans but still defend TiMs who competes against women are basement dwellers or haven't played any sport since they where 10.
I'm not into chess so someone correct me if I'm wrong but I heard somewhere that chess tournaments used to be co-ed but male players where so sexist towards female players so they started dividing tournaments into female and male.
Unlike a sport like swimming, a man is not going to have a physical advantage over a woman when it comes to chess but it's still scummy for a man to try to compete in a women tournament when they where created to protect women from sexist men

No. 1883177

File: 1692275692576.jpg (43.23 KB, 464x701, F3tIJJ_XQAAd_PQ.jpg)

Legit neanderthal

No. 1883183

File: 1692276977381.jpg (1.77 MB, 2560x1920, 23-08-17-13-23-34-988_deco.jpg)

'I pass'

No. 1883185

idk nona, matt from machine girl acts like a troon irl. wld b awesome if they were tho

No. 1883188

File: 1692278084215.jpg (1.72 MB, 1656x1242, CQv7Vn3.jpg)

He passes like the Kids in the Hall pass, jfc men really are face blind

No. 1883190

exactly kek, should we remind them of the thousands of straight men out there who are having sex with goats and monkeys? does that make them women too?

No. 1883193

someone tell ana-kun he needs more meat on him(cowtipping request)

No. 1883205

File: 1692284142468.webm (9.26 MB, 576x1024, Download - 2023-08-15T162406.3…)

you look like a man when you wear men's clothes. wow

No. 1883206

File: 1692284236248.jpg (173.25 KB, 1369x1165, F3YJz__bYAA6-MO.jpg)

Theres literally not an actuallesbian left in the r/actuallesbian sub, its just a trans echo chamber

No. 1883212

I just thought about how bleak it is that r/lesbians is a porn sub and now this one has virtually become that, what with the amount of lewd anime girl pics and “headpat” posts. It’s fascinating how the two largest subs that should be for same-sex attracted women are just hubs for men with lesbian fetishes.

No. 1883216

Yuri anime and it's consequences had been a disaster for human race

No. 1883218

He made this entire vid just to have an excuse to make those last three misogynistic jokes. Also, this idiot thinking he could ever be anything remotely close to Jodie Comer. YWNBAW

No. 1883223

File: 1692286938165.jpg (537.86 KB, 1080x1580, Screenshot_20230812-225807_Chr…)

More quality lesbian content!:

No. 1883238

File: 1692289379908.png (245.47 KB, 1371x708, Screenshot_20230817_122358.png)

>r/lesbians is a porn sub
that's actually disgusting
and of course the r/gaymen isn't porn
at least they have to deal with tifs lol

No. 1883239

AYRT and I actually discovered him from one of his personal friends’ instagram pictures of him, with a caption referring to him as “her”, which is what led me to clicking on his profile. So I don’t think it’s a bit.

No. 1883243

To my knowledge this is correct. There are a few sports like chess where the "women's league" exists mainly to try to attract women into the hobby by removing toxic men, literally providing a safe space by women for women where the common interest is the only subject at hand. So yeah a boner popping, affirmation seeking, chess loving troon competing flies in the face of that. They show up and ask women to provide, they never aren't living life as a series of validation tests, and thus each woman has to be uncomfortable as they decide how to treat the man in a dress in each match.

No. 1883274

This is just sad, I hope he gets help.
She looks like a woman, what is the own here? kek

No. 1883289

Sometimes I wonder what lesbians did to deserve all of this, and the answer is always evidently clear. Lesbians have always and will always say no to men and men can't and never have been able to handle that. Once again troonery boils down to misogyny, it's always misogyny.

No. 1883293

Unfunny man is unfunny.
I'm so fucking tired of these "jokes" at the expense of older women or mom stereotypes.

No. 1883301

From what I’ve seen, gay men are experts at shutting TiFs down. There was a sub, r/askgaybros, that was on the chopping block for a little bit because they were so vicious when TiFs would make those “am I allowed here” posts. Funny though how their spaces are allowed to remain open and they don’t get banned while all of the lesbian spaces are axed or have major rules in place if anyone even dare so asks an innocent question relates to anything trans.

No. 1883304

who let an autistic be a janny

No. 1883322

Men take advantage of the kindness and good nature of women from both sides. The trannies know handmaidens will always be there to let them into female spaces, and the faggots know if they tell tifs “no, fuck you, gtfo”, they won’t fight back and will leave.

No. 1883324

>how am i supposed to look masc under these conditions
idk seems like he's doing a good job of looking like a man just by being himself

No. 1883325

Yes. There was a study done years back that showed that female players subconsciously modify their strategies and playstyle when they're aware that they're playing against a male. Women won 50% of matches against anonymous male opponents whose sex they did not know, but won less than a third of matches against players they knew were men. It's female socialization at play again; when women know they're against men, they play more defensively and less aggressively, kneecapping themselves. That's how deep-seated the effect of social conditioning is.

No. 1883329

Bisexual handmaidens are arguably just as damaging to lesbians as TiMs are, because they're complicit in pressuring lesbians to fuck males by saying nonsense like "Well I'm a lesbian and I like cock." No you aren't! You're perpetuating ab extremely homophobic myth that lesbians just need to "give dick a chance," simply for the sake of LARPing as a lesbian because it makes you feel more ~speshul~ than admitting to being bisexual.

No. 1883336

You know I always wonder why troons are always so obsessed with trying to get lesbians specifically, to the point where the “dykehunter” fetishist troons are so prevalent. I never see them fetishizing “turning” straight women. Wouldn’t that make more sense, if the troons are “women”, after all? I think you’re totally right, they must truly still see themselves as men, and so they see lesbians as the ultimate rejectors of men that they want to conquer. What’s funny is that must mean they think getting a straight women to be attracted to them would be any easier. I imagine troons are equally repulsive to me as a straight woman as they must be to lesbians, because troons are just hideous creatures that don’t possess any of what makes either men or women attractive.

No. 1883353

They do talk about how their wives are now lesbians after they troon out (aka too scared or brainwashed to leave them) but yeah I don't think I've ever heard of some transbian talking about wanting to turn straight women gay, it's always them going after out lesbians.

You know most of those "bis" are spicy kweer het women who feel boring and want to be part of the cool crowd without having to go anywhere near another woman's vagina. Yeah sure being a degenerate who has sex with whatever stil technically makes someone a bisexual but you just know these are the "I don't see gender I see the person" types.

No. 1883361

I just can’t imagine how any woman is attracted to troons. My brain refuses to believe it. They must be faking it for queer clout and attention, or are desperately clinging onto a marriage, or are performing some kind of self-harm thing.

No. 1883378

It's so clear in the way he says "I will never be a cute lesbian" rather than "I will never be cute". What's with the desire to become the label

Holy fuck that ending is really mask off.

No. 1883403

Mental illness is a turn-off regardless of gender or sexuality, and trannies practically radiate mental illness. I don't know what the female equivalent would be, but as the saying goes, "Don't stick your dick in crazy." The only silver lining about the trans fad is that all the perverts and cluster Bs of the world are making themselves known, so everyone can identify and avoid them.

No. 1883432

Got this weird fetish video on my recommendations. I literally go out of my way to avoid troons in any context.

No. 1883435

>become an abomination of science
Holy shit give this woman a cash prize kek God bless all the mothers who ridicule their sons rather than supporting their delusions. (Reposted forgot to sage)

No. 1883449

knew i recognized this scrote, old but gold video

No. 1883465

Dude was obsessed with pegging and would bring it up almost every video he did, I was not at all surprised he trooned out

No. 1883469

Dont forget "thinks they cant do better"

No. 1883478

>man voice
>can literally see his adam's apple moving up and down
>cheap wig
kek it's like he's parodying himself
>the things he lists are anime, not wanting body hair, not liking seeing men in porn, playing women in video games, and being a programmer
does he not have any self awareness or is this really just a parody?

No. 1883479

File: 1692310463616.jpg (664.35 KB, 1440x2191, Screenshot_20230817_151130_X.j…)

Troons are something else. The reason we can't compete with men is because men have barred women from chess or even training properly in chess for YEARS.

We need a women's league to have any chance to play and develop our skill.

Trans women love to imagine that men are smarter when most studies indicate women are smarter.

Ugh I hate men.

No. 1883482

File: 1692310752958.webm (9.71 MB, 576x1024, Download - 2023-08-15T010438.4…)

it's not an 'inner terf', it's simple self-awareness

No. 1883485

I can't imagine it either but I know 2 very different women who married troons.

The better of them slips up and uses he/him sometimes but it's telling that even she messes up constantly. Her husband is "special interest" autistic and of course the interest is anime. He doesn't wear makeup or womens clothes. You would only know he's a tim because of the she/her pronouns. She identifies as lesbian and I believe it despite being married to a tim. I think she's still a virgin and they haven't had sex ever for obvious reasons. She has really low self esteem, so I think she thinks she can't get with anyone else.

The other one is a girl is a self identified enbie whose always been contrarian for the sake of it and does anything for shock value. Probably some type of clusterbee. She's early 30's and the troon she married looks like he's pushing 50 and never showers. I think she just wanted to be in a "qweer" relationship when in reality it's just another spicy straight couple.

Small sample size but I guess it's either desperation and internalized misogyny or mental illness. I guess it makes sense since there are many non tim men who are gross with nothing going for them either and women still date, fuck, have kids with, &/or marry them

No. 1883486

weird that he characterizes that voice as being female, before venting rage at it
i wonder if he had a wife before trooning out and this is just him saying what he wishes he could say to her
and what the fuck are those eye movements

No. 1883488

>and what the fuck are those eye movements
I think he's reading his speech of the mirror. Lazy troon couldn't even be bothered to memorize it.

No. 1883489

He's extremely popular on Tumblr and gets into tranny discourse all the time. It's not a parody at all, but it definitely feels like one. To me it proves they absolutely do have self-awareness, but due to social media echo chambers and constant asspats, they now celebrate all this shit as a beautiful cherished part of transbian culture uwu, including the euphoria boners and yuri induced trooning. God forbid an actual woman ever points it out though.

No. 1883495

Something about this feels so sarcastic, almost feels like a parody where he's listing off a bunch of stereotypical things ("if you like striped socks and anime, you might be a transbien")

No. 1883497

Yeah the brain damage eye shake does it

No. 1883508

Weird, one of the only instances I’ve seen where the voice is better than the appearance. I think it’s all the fat giving him ambiguous fat person voice.

No. 1883509

…why are his eyes like that

No. 1883517

thank you nonna! fellow invisible women reader if i’m not mistaken?

No. 1883519

it's true tho older womens clothes hair and fashion are notoriously androgynous. because practicality is read as androgynous. at least this is how many women describe the selection for older women. because a lot of what makes fashion we construct as very feminine is either showing a lot of skin and other sexy elements or more innocent and childlike elements like lace or ruffles. the virgin whore complex is in there somehow im sure. when a woman is too old so that sexy or innocent fashion would be considered ridiculous on her, you're left with selling more gender construct neutral and mature but professional or practical items and hairstyles or clothing originally for men ie "normal people". cut to fit a woman's body. it's kinda nice in a way tho as much as i enjoy sexy and cute style choices i also love having items that are just practical ageless and comfortable. the era of cargo pants be stylish for girls was a great time for that and i wish a mix of all those options were the norm at any age of adulthood. tho i thought the outfit in this video was clearly feminine and attractive and not too old for like a young adult

No. 1883529

yea i didn't have a problem with a message either it wasn't really misogynistic besides that "VERBAL BEAT DOWN" bullshit. just a run of the mill self acceptance talk. ignoring the whole biological definition of woman thing, if you're gonna be trans i definitely think concerns about being "woman enough" can end up perpetuating misogynistic stereotypes. so i think its great to just worry about being your best self. that line of thinking is a lot healthier and seems like the kind of thing you would hear from a gay man to straight woman transition . someone who found male social constructs too limiting as a gay person and transitioned to better find themselves and is just living their life. not so much the "everyone else ignore your needs and boundaries but center your life around mine everyone else fix themselves and give me perfection and everyone else learn to accept whatever it is you get from me, and then no one better point out or ask if this is fair or working or bring their own lived experience to the table and everyone love me" gaslighting gymnastics you hear from a straight narcissist obsessed with power and a lesbian fetish

No. 1883532

>"The only reason for banning TIMs from female competitions is that you think males are superior to women."
They do this every time, without realizing that their smug dismissive attitudes only make women more resistant to them. Meanwhile, the only ways someone could think that this is why these bans are occurring is if they've done no research and don't actually care about why women want separate spaces from men, or they believe it themselves and are projecting. Otherwise, people like this are knowingly lying to try to get their way. You could show him >>1883325 and >>1883243 , but he'd just dismiss those points wholesale and insist they magically wouldn't apply to TIMs.

No. 1883535

hopefully he has a brain tumour

No. 1883547

File: 1692320312429.png (1.21 MB, 1955x1093, celebration my arse.png)

No. 1883551

File: 1692320799397.png (2.48 MB, 2515x1298, Bernadette (@berni_carpenter) …)

He also goes into women's change rooms still having his penis attached.

No. 1883552

File: 1692321311858.jpg (90.67 KB, 500x767, 5zym2px2zcdb1.jpg)

"Be nice to trannies they say"

No. 1883555

Your inner voice is trying to save you from yourself.

No. 1883559

File: 1692322201669.jpg (152.43 KB, 748x787, zoiedt 1.jpg)

extremely late but omg anon do you have any more milk? this dude has been a pet cow of mine since I peaked. seems like he's been laying low lately because even other troons are trying to cancel him for being a creep

No. 1883564

File: 1692322419308.png (866.08 KB, 1534x955, Jimbo on X.png)

Family friendly entertainment

No. 1883568

Sex pest physiognomy

No. 1883597

there are plenty of female entertainers (especially comedic or alternative) who have similar names to this. double entendre wordplay is common amongst performers. jenny talia is in that list and she's literally a female former club kid. the only unforgivable one is "malestia child" and its obvious that's just an attention seeking edgelord fag.

idk it always makes radfems seem akin to qanon tards when we choose to focus on bullshit like this. but that's all im going to speak on it because im not trying to derail.

No. 1883605

File: 1692328103902.png (146.57 KB, 1240x948, AMA paper plots move on taxpay…)

>According to a 2021 study done on the perceptions and motivations for uterus transplants for men identifying as women, 94% of respondents believed that the ability to birth children "would enhance perceptions of their femininity."
Instead of you know having a child


No. 1883628

Isn't this surfer one of the people who opposes trannies in women's sports? Also, leave it to trannies to make a perverse joke out of a violent accident that left a normal woman with a physical handicap.

No. 1883631

Men treating female players like shit and creating a hostile environment for them is most of why the women's category exists. The other category is co-ed, not male-only, women just choose not to compete there because they don't want to deal with the type of chauvinist nerd males that make of the majority of the game's player base.

No. 1883637

If drag is a "celebration of women"
Sure, and blackface is a "celebration of blackness." I wish these retards would hurry up and pull their heads from their asses already.

No. 1883639

Can they please worry about clean energy before they try to peddle this retarded coomer shit. You don't need a uterus asshole you need a job and a purpose.

No. 1883641

NTAYRT. Focusing on the names alone may be cringy, but can you explain how drag is anything other than men making a mockery of women, or why it's not worth derision as a mockery of women? They literally exaggerate the performance of femininity that's forced upon us and act like awful, catty stereotypes of us, all while degrading us for our anatomy ("fishy," "serving cunt," the use of fetish gear like those giant breast plates or thigh padding), then call themselves women while doing all this. You can say it's satire, but who is it really making fun of, and who is laughing?

No. 1883643

>Implying that men don't regularly destroy their careers for the sake of sex/fetishes

No. 1883646

NTA but I think drag started off as counterculture, as kind of a "fuck you" to the conservative gender roles of the postwar period. Back in those days, cross-dressing of any kind (including just women being butch) was a misdemeanor in many municipalities. So drag was a sort of protest in the vein of punk rock. But none of that applies anymore. Crossdressing isn't illegal or even countercultural these days, so drag is no longer about protesting gender roles, it's about promoting shitty reality shows and shilling for expensive makeup/clothing companies. It's always been womanface, but it least it had a good purpose in the beginning. Now it's just a misogynistic minstrel show designed to sell overpriced crap to idiots.

No. 1883670

Pretty sure drag started because men didn't allow women to be on stage and act so men had to play the female roles as well

No. 1883673

Even "good faith" autist HSTS who think they're real women quickly end up seeing that AGP is the most common thing for troons. If they actually spoke up about it it would give them some more credibility, instead they deny it even exists despite knowing it does…

No. 1883677

The breast thing is very upsetting to me… just making fun of women's bodily functions. Those are for feeding children, horrible to mock it as a gross out gag. And you can't say shit about it or they'll call you a Karen. Openly pissing on women but oh who will thing of the drag performer's right to that

No. 1883679

File: 1692342094822.jpg (113.98 KB, 1080x531, Screenshot_20230818-025134_Boo…)

Could the bar for "transphobia" be any lower?:

No. 1883684

Good peaking material though. The denial of real biology doesn't make them look very sane and reasonable kek

No. 1883686

Nystagmus is associated with autism, as are lazy eyes. Steer clear of any moid with unusual eye movements, nonnies.

No. 1883689

Drag isn't Shakespeare or Kabuki, nonna lol

No. 1883693

File: 1692346927511.jpg (631.36 KB, 810x2196, Screenshot_20230209-051922_Red…)

Here's one I had saved

No. 1883702

File: 1692348501040.jpg (647.16 KB, 1595x1343, F3y_xhybQAAwx6M.jpg)

Porn really makes these men into trannies who shove buttplugs into their asses during sex without their spouses knowing. The internet was a mistake for men, they cant handle it

No. 1883703

Trannies love harassing disabled women. It's funny because they're the first one to cry ableism as soon as you call them a retard

No. 1883704

File: 1692348655962.jpg (937.79 KB, 1640x1918, F3zAYdUaoAA8Gja.jpg)

Ofcourse all the trannies are siding with the husband and encouraging her to "top" him with a strapon and other degenerate shit to satisfy him, and be "gentle" because he could be embarrased. Well he fucking should be, and she shouldnt have to do stupid shit like pegging him because he is a pornaddict

No. 1883705

>Harasses women on a lesbian dating app while having a newborn
Why do they only seem to "come out" if they have a newborn or something? They seriously couldn't have done their autism earlier before putting a woman's body through intense trauma just to decide they wanna runaway and larp as a woman

No. 1883714

>husband signs up on a dating app to cheat on her
>reddit trannies: “be SENSITIVE to HIM!!!!! you have to be nice to him that he wants to cheat on you and leave you and your two infant children!!!”

No. 1883719

File: 1692354061701.jpg (503.88 KB, 1080x1503, Screenshot_20230818-061812_Chr…)

How many similar stories have we come across by now

No. 1883720

File: 1692354509208.jpg (133.44 KB, 1348x1015, F3x7jF2agAA9-4O.jpg)

Really suits your male pattern baldness

No. 1883723

File: 1692356622038.png (530.81 KB, 634x695, spermchart.png)

I've wondered this a lot too. I think Low T males, which there's been a lot more this decade than there ever has been, are naturally envious of women. I think it's partially due to plastics, yes some forms of soy in food do act like estrogen, and actually electronics, especially if it's like a laptop. Ever notice it keeps happening to nerds? They have a tendency to eat these bad diets with soy filled foods, have laptops fry their balls and sperm count, and they probably get a lot of passive plastic intake. A man with normal T ranges doesn't envy a woman, nor does he want to be topped. A normal man wants to provide and would be emotionally stable enough to handle and take care of his wife during childbirth.

These women should immediately confront their husbands and demand he take a hormone test and see where his T levels are at. If you ever encounter some man you know who claims to be a troon, just tell him to take a test and see where his testosterone levels are at and then go from there. If he refuses and still wants to play tranny, any woman involved should immediately leave him. I've heard stories that by simply fixing the hormonal balance and taking a little extra T, they go right back to being normal men. It's shocking. Why the hell would you tell a man with low T or hormonal imbalance to take estrogen?(derailing)

No. 1883728

File: 1692357371276.png (Spoiler Image,594.67 KB, 519x575, WHAA.PNG)

i thought public nudity was ilegal

No. 1883741

File: 1692359915625.jpg (513.26 KB, 1079x2026, Screenshot_20230818_125616_Ins…)


Pink news article on the trans woman who incited violence towards women, and who had a history of violent crime. These people are protesting his arrest, and imprisonment which is happening because that would happen if he broke the terms of his parole. Troons literally want to just be as nasty and misogynistic as they want without real consequences. He's a grown ass man who knew this would happen to him but he still did it.

No. 1883792

that's one thing I don't get. When I grew up we had like a hand full of famous "dragqueens" (that word didn't even exist in my country back then) and their shows were always meant for adults, they would perform in places were kids weren't even allowed to enter. Nothing about it was meant for the family, it was meant for adults only, even though their shows weren't as disgusting and sexualized as they are today. Most of the dragqueens would also always point out that they don't want to be women, that it's a show and their job and none of them had disgusting names like "MissCarriage or "Malestia Child". This has nothing to do with sexual liberation, it feels like you are forced to enjoy all that dragqueen, porno, onlyfans and gender bullshit today and if not, you will be shamed for being prudish or right wing.

No. 1883793

every time

No. 1883795

Statistically, various shades of brown tend to be more zesty than other races.(racebaiting)

No. 1883802

File: 1692363876362.jpg (1.27 MB, 2560x1920, 23-08-18-12-52-52-860_deco.jpg)

Ofc a tranny would have this take

No. 1883812

File: 1692364971940.jpg (98.57 KB, 462x717, IMG-825.jpg)

No. 1883814

Why can’t they understand they’re not being misgendered, everyone just had fucking eyes. That’s a dude. He has the right to dress however he pleases and call himself whatever he wants, but he’s being sexed correctly, the way you call a dog or cat ‘he’ when you know the things dangling make them a male, even if they’re wearing a pink collar.

No. 1883817

File: 1692365666924.png (157.15 KB, 459x477, IMG_9446.png)

Life truly does imitate art

No. 1883820

because whenever they even start to doubt it slightly, all it takes is one picture/post in their echo chamber to hear how valid and beautiful they are.

No. 1883829

She is, that’s why they made the meme. But man, I was a kid when her accident happened and thought she was such a badass for surviving the attack. Now she’s even more of a badass to me.

No. 1883831

I don’t get why this bothers them so much. If biological men and women don’t exist, then what’s even the point of transitioning? Why is it acceptable to use “male” and “female” for every other mammal except humans now? Acting like it isn’t real isn’t going to make it go away anymore than praying to god isn’t going to raise the dead. I don’t understand it and I can’t deal with people who don’t accept reality on any level. I literally view these people as the same way I view religious fundamentalists. They’re all deluded and obsessed with magical thinking.

No. 1883837

File: 1692367848594.jpeg (896.9 KB, 1284x2256, IMG_8357.jpeg)

Oh wow, this sounded really familiar and I realized I saw this same woman post on a lesbian sub the other day about her husband getting on HER. The post was removed but comments are still up. I love how the response from women is so different from the response from TiMs.


No. 1883839

File: 1692368877521.jpg (94.53 KB, 575x893, jumpscare.JPG)

Found this one on Facebook, unsure of whether I am terrified or if I should laugh

No. 1883848

>used one while we were having sex unbeknownst to me, and when I asked him about it, it came out
That unfortunate phrasing and line break kek

No. 1883854

"your husband you have 2 young children with that wants to be pegged by a transwoman? totally normal now stop complaining you Karen"

How are these people for real?

No. 1883859

File: 1692373519758.bmp (2.88 MB, 1310x768, train_delusion.bmp)

"I pass 95% of the time as a cis woman"

No. 1883861

File: 1692374109291.png (914.31 KB, 1112x803, capture.png)

Reminds me of Lily Orchard, even before I peaked trans, he creeped me out, with how obsessed he was with lesbians, to the point that he would whine and rage if a heterosexual relationship was depicted in any of the cartoons he watched, as to why i think TIMs tend to be fixated on lesbianism, 1) is porn and fetishization and other is a fear of men. This really stands out with Lily Orchard, in his published works there is always a powerfantasy scenes of his OCs effortlessly beating and humiliating a group of straight men and stealing their girlfriends.

No. 1883865

He sounsds like the quintessential incel fantasising about getting back at chad for being more desirable than him to women.

>How are these people real?
Porn addiction. Men should be banned from the internet.

No. 1883866

>there are plenty of female entertainers (especially comedic or alternative) who have similar names to this.
Name some.

No. 1883867

Kek what? Trannies are usually found to have normal to high T levels. They’re just porn addict men becoming drug addicts for estrogen and warped by their own coomer retardation. It’s not just nerd men, it’s all men. It’s a big thing for military men to troon out.

No. 1883873

File: 1692376685856.jpg (118.68 KB, 1099x611, XvMMcEJXpAoVU.jpg)

>He sounsds like the quintessential incel fantasising about getting back at chad for being more desirable than him to women.
And he gets back at Chad by positioning himself as the ultimate minority, he is an Indigenous (he is 1/4th native but passes white and draws himself like he's brown skinned) trans lesbian, anyone who challenges him is labeled a variation of misogynist , racist, transphobe and so in his logic he wins every time

No. 1883874

>troons threaten everyone with violence and suicide if they are referred to correctly as men
>people refer to them as women out of fear and kindness
>troons take this to mean they pass as real women
The absolute gall of these faggots.

No. 1883888

File: 1692377863313.jpg (Spoiler Image,50.31 KB, 612x900, F3zrI0NWcAIUjIi.jpg)

Yes you totally cant tell the difference between this and a real vagina

Warning: neo-hole

No. 1883889

It looks like they just taped his dick down and split the tip in half. Also, I want to hear about his major regrets.

No. 1883892

>normal levels of T
Doctors have recently redefined what "normal levels" of T are, though. A lot of them are in on profiting off of trannies for life. It's not some kind of coincidence.
>it's all men
More like porn addicts. I swear men's minds are so fragile to sexual images. It rewires how they think about themselves and the world around them.

No. 1883894

>major regret
Kek good suffer you tranny faggot. I love how awful every single rotpocket looks, and I love knowing this piece of human excrement prob asked for an uguuuu anime hentai loli pornified vag and got this shadow of a penis lmao I love when they get the chop ugh chef’s kiss

No. 1883898

This guy has always given me super dangerous creep vibes. Like something about him in particular really activates my fight or flight.

No. 1883902

Maybe it’s the pedophilia/rape fanfics he wrote about my little pony characters or it could also be the fact he has been accused of grooming so many kids. I watched like two videos on this shit back in the day and moped out because it was so absurd

No. 1883905

File: 1692380257355.png (171.33 KB, 980x634, CAPTURE.png)

I remember in his Harry Potter video he talked a few times about how Hermione and Luna should have ended up together and then shared a fan fiction from one of his friends of Harry discovering he's a trans-girl (and lesbian), like I don't think even the most extreme man-hating radfem, dislikes men as much as he does.

No. 1883906

No way, that’s totally the vibe he gives off. Like the worst kind of pedo brony that has a torture basement.

No. 1883911

His deadname is Jerry Peet. He took the name Orchard from his ex-fiancée, Lizzy Orchard, who he abused and cheated on. His pokemon comic (Pokemadhouse) talks about the relationship between his Gardevoir and his self-insert, in a will-they won't-they way, and that somehow has underage incest vibes. He also wrote Stockholm, a MLP fanfic with Rainbow Dash being a pedo, adopting Scootaloo and molesting her, among other things. His sister, Courtney, recently came out with allegations against him, saying he raped her in her sleep when she was a child/preteen. What a strange coincidence!

No. 1883916

File: 1692381026759.jpeg (846.83 KB, 1170x1405, IMG_5103.jpeg)


No. 1883924

This tranny got his name from Doki Doki Literature Club, which is a really disturbing meta horror game where schoolgirls die. Good grief, troons and violence, name a more iconic duo

No. 1883925

Well hes right about one thing, he certainly aint cute (and who tf is calling this guy cute?) He reminds me of the description of the serial killer in Jk Rowling's Troubled Blood)

No. 1883929

File: 1692381918158.jpg (Spoiler Image,910.68 KB, 6120x8160, stapleddowndick.jpg)

No. 1883933

Kek he transitioned to aellagirl

No. 1883936

They're so obsessed with marking that they were in a place they weren't supposed to be. There's a bathroom stall in my university that has "A TRANS PERSON PEED HERE AND NOTHING HAPPENED" written on it on the inside. I can't stand them. If you want to be a real woman, you should behave like one and use the bathroom without trying to get attention for being a disgusting tranny.

No. 1883940

Well if it’s any consolation, he’ll probably end up like sayori in a few months

No. 1883941

its insane how he wrote the worst most disgusting propedophilia/abuse fanfic, shipped irl minors together, is a self proclaimed pedo according to his own beliefs, and got away with it when other creators have gotten cancelled for way less

No. 1883950

see >>1883873 he is an Indigenous trans lesbian, he can pull any card to justify himself and get away with anything from wokeoids.

No. 1883952

You should remove it/cross it out and/or put a terf sticker over it.

No. 1883954


No. 1883956

Well, at least he claims to be Indigenous. He's not recognized nor has ever had any contact with the tribe his grandfather is from. His youtube channel is also dying (and has been for a while now), so there's not much to cancel. He's also the guy who made the two hours long essay "steven universe is garbage and here's why"

No. 1883980

File: 1692386776947.jpg (842.79 KB, 1200x1963, troon.jpg)

No. 1883981

File: 1692386931233.png (379.83 KB, 680x508, digibrony.png)

Brony content creators are notorious for trooning out and they are often into kids too. Fluffepuff (his content even transitions into being about cartoon women with big boobies instead of just ponies), viva reverie, eurobeatbrony, digibrony. Picrel is digibrony who is obsessed with lolicon and is probably on his way to grooming kids.

No. 1883982

Most female Grandmasters are from conservative countries and they will never allow troons to play in women's tournaments.

No. 1883985

There was a Youtube who made a video a few months back about what it was being an actual little girl into MLP and having to interact with these creeps, the comments shared similar stories of being exposed to bestiality porn and gore when they were just kids.

No. 1883994

This is just so creepy. What is it about MLP that makes these men become troons? Like this didn't happen with the original 80s MLP so why is it now suddenly a thing with the reboot??

No. 1883997

I should, you're right. I'll have to hand-make something to stick over it. Thanks for the idea, nonna.

No. 1884006

I have no idea what it is either, but it’s the best predictor that a dude will troon out, even more than being a typical furry is. It’s like the show had some kind of hidden brain virus that targeted loser autistic guys.

No. 1884007

Based, godspeed

No. 1884008

FFR. It totally does seem like there is some hidden brain virus in the show because these kinda stories seem never ending. And it makes me feel bad for the young girls who grew up with it and when they wanted to get into the fandom and interact with other fans, they more than likely had to deal with these creeps.

But it really is just so perplexing. One could argue it could be because the show was an female lead cast but there have been plenty of other shows that did that. Like we didn't see some weird troon pipeline with a show like Winx Club or W.I.T.C.H that had a female lead cast so it's just so bizarre.

No. 1884018

sage for OT, but it was basically impossible not to encounter fucked up shit if you were a kid interested in friendship is magic. For instance, vidrel is one of the first results that pops up when you search for Pinkie Pie. NSFW, gore and mutilation were prevalent in the many fan-made videos created by grown adult bronies that started out fun and light-hearted, but quickly turned into more gruesome content with swearing and mutilation(so much of it) like I saw vidrel when I was like 11 years old, It gave me nightmares for months.

No. 1884020

File: 1692392864490.jpg (36.71 KB, 341x512, dicknose.jpg)

KEK the doctor really did just fold his dick down and called it a day

No. 1884022

File: 1692393168119.jpg (58.29 KB, 589x680, F31tO0sXgAA1DUI.jpg)

Maybe because youre super ugly and a freak

No. 1884024

File: 1692393561196.jpg (304.46 KB, 1170x1480, F3v-zNgagAABcpD.jpg)

I doubt its gonna be possible in "a couple of years", more like 50, but its still enough for me to pull myself off the organ donor list. I refuse to have my bodyparts used for frankensteins experimentation.
It sucks because id gladly help somebody with an ACTUAL medical issue after my death but I just dont want to be a victim of misogynistic violation even after im fucking dead and finally rid of men

No. 1884028

What's up with degenerate retards and Doki Doki Literature Club? The game is fine, I guess, but I think the fact it is anime style brings out the worst kind of weebs and trannies.

No. 1884029

Yeah it’s super strange because, as you mentioned, these guys were never into similar shows (girly shows with main cast of all females targeted at little girl audiences). The closest thing these guys were into was moe cgdct anime, but that’s different because the target audience for those is typically adult men and it is made for the cast to be somewhat attractive to the viewers, has fanservice, etc. Otherwise, these brony guys were all into the same typical autistic dude stuff like guns, MtG, transformers. I’ve used /co/ for years and years and while the guys there do obsess over kids cartoons, it’s never really ones like FiM. It’s hard to keep a Monster High thread alive, for example. So when FiM initially became popular there, it was really strange and felt forced. It’s almost like maybe it started as a meme, and then it became a boys club that they all wanted to be a part of, and they were able to sexualize the ponies well enough, so it grew from there. Troons seem to be really susceptible to trend-following (probably one reason they trooned out in the first place) and seem to collect all the interests and fetishes that are popular at the moment in their online cliques. So these bronies might not have even really been that enamored with the show itself, and would have jumped on whatever bandwagon happened to be there at the time.

No. 1884030

>tran are prettier than them


No. 1884035

Retards have been releasing this useless waste of digital space of an article over and over again for years already, this shit is the gendercult version of the Didney’s FIRST GAY CHARACTER EVER article that gets released every 2 to 3 movies that they make.

No. 1884045

WTF, that is horrible. See this is why I'm glad I was a kid in the late 90s where the most we had were messed up ghost stories that still were tame compared to this shit.

Right. Like I was gonna say Sailor Moon as well but when I think about it, it doesn't seem like these troons really used that show as a pipeline neither, at least not on the level of FiM. I think you might be right though that maybe a lot of these brony troons didn't actually watch the show but instead were enamored with all the porn of it. Since it does seem to cross over into furry territory and get the coomer treatment but especially turning them into "futa".
Again, you don't see this energy with other girls media.

No. 1884050

This is such dud science, a male body can only supply blood to a uterus, all other vital and complex elements whereby a woman's body changes in every way to accomodate the growing won't happen in a male. Every organ, hormone, gland, is intrinsically linked to work as part of a functional whole, you can't just put a foreign object into a body which is not designed to accomodate it. I'm sure you can temporarily supply blood to, and keep functional, any organ, they do experiments on pigs and mice to this effect, but an organ on life support in entirely the wrong body and genetic environment could not grow a healthy human child. If anything the male body would register it as a cancer. And as all women know, any involvement of drugs on a pregnancy can have catastophic effects on the fetus, we are supposing a man on immune suppresents, hormones and god knows what else, if anything survived it would be severely disabled at a minimum.
Idk why the media want people to believe this is possible when it blatantly isn't, maybe it's reverse psychology to try and remove as many useless coomer males from the gene pool as possible.

Btw the "organ donor after your death" thing is also a lie, since the 70s iirc they reclassified death as specifically brain death. Not physical passing. And half of people classified as brain dead, upon autopsy were in fact not. So they over-diagnose brain death in order to widen their pool of organ donors. Of course some or many donors are close to death but I'm sure a number could be saved if they weren't so keen to strip them for parts. An actual deceased person's organs cannot be used, you are always alive when they are removed.

No. 1884051

Idk. I played it but it left me feeling weird and dirty. Something about it was too scrotal with the game style and character designs. Like, maybe it’s minor but I never even understood why their school blazers look so suctioned to their boobs. It felt coomery, especially with the death and violence too. Sorry to any nonnas who liked it.

No. 1884054

File: 1692397429567.jpg (70.77 KB, 512x512, FiM.jpg)

I remember seeing a post on Tumblr that really helped explain the brony phenomenon to me. It clarified how it started and what it was actually about. Essentially, the number one aspect that created "bronies" was that they were lolicons, the characters of MLP were very child-like in napper, voices and mannerisms, This made it incredibly easy for these men to view them as little girls, which led to their bizarre creepy behavior. This aspect was a major factor. Another aspect, was the presence of unironic zoophilia fetishes

No. 1884058

citation needed for the brain death shit that sounds fake as fuck cant lie

No. 1884060

The mane six don’t strike me as kiddish? They all had jobs and responsibilities which I don’t think anyone associates with kids. Tbh they seem like adults made for kids. I thinks it’s just pure male autism that creates bronies.

No. 1884063

I was about to say the whole lolicon thing seems like a cope. The reality is that autistic men are most likely to become degenerates with how easily accessible porn has become since the early 2000s. Trannies are basically the new MLP for autistic men.

No. 1884070

>immunosuppressants during the duration of pregnancy
Are they insane? Your immune system is already lowered during pregnancy, unless you're planning on living in a sterile room the entire pregnancy this would literally kill you

No. 1884072

I think you have a point anon, I remember seeing a subreddit on primal diets (no fighting pls) and multiple people have claimed their dysphoria disappeared when they ate the right things (less hormone disruptors)

I feel like this is especially true with women, I've seen so many women become more feminine looking (less hair, more hourglass fat distribution, etc) once they cleared up their diets.

No. 1884075

This is what the few women with "successful" uterus transplants had to do; basically they were on immunosuppressants for the duration of the pregnancy and had the uterus removed after the baby was born. Even outside of the context of trannies, it's absurdly selfish and a waste of resources. There are millions of homeless children, but these retarded women just had to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars to have a baby that was ~genetically theirs~ and personally push it out of their bodies. Nevermind the risk all that bullshit poses not only to the mom but to the baby itself. The fucking temerity of it all.

No. 1884077

File: 1692401661603.png (23.38 KB, 533x203, troonery1.png)

Yes, self-absorbed MTF, I'm sure it was definitely the "genocidal TERFs" who were sending low-effort harassment to this male gynecomastia vlogger telling him he looked like an FTM, and not bored antisocial moids looking for a quick trolling laugh.

(Image 1/3, couldn't fit it all in one screenshot)

No. 1884078

File: 1692401703278.png (285.63 KB, 297x587, troonery2.png)

No. 1884079

File: 1692401837916.png (339.95 KB, 567x482, troonery3.png)

No. 1884081

>she's only known because she lost her arm!1!1!!
Yet she'll still always be more famous and accomplished than you, worthless faggot on Reddit.

No. 1884084

I found this guy's (Anne Andres) reddit account recently. Lots of misogyny in his comments but he writes like such a man. When anyone disagrees with him about his advantage over women, he demands they prove that they lift before he will even engage kek


No. 1884085

Oh boy, another man deciding to go mask-off right after his wife gave birth. Must be a hot day in hell.

No. 1884087

>husband tried to kill himself six months ago
She'd be better off if he actually followed through lbr

No. 1884089

Stop falling for the retarded Ben Shapiro soy meme. A guy would have to consume an absurd amount of soy-based foods for it to affect his hormone levels. It's pretty much the same as mercury in tuna, or cyanide in apples. They're negligible amounts. My Nigel is in residency and he can attest to the soy thing being an urban legend.

If anything is affecting people's hormones, it's all the shit they inject livestock with. My acne vanished almost completely when I cut out dairy and beef.

No. 1884091

Literally took the words out of my mouth, lmao. There's a big difference between a dude playing a female character in 17th century theater and the nightmare glitter clowns that come to mind when someone says "drag." I was specifically talking about the modern subculture of drag, which began in the 20th century.

No. 1884097

They want to have their cake and eat it, too. They only want to be differentiated from women when it's convenient for them, i.e. when they're begging for money or acting like they're more oppressed than anyone else. But they don't want to be distinguished from women when it undermines their fetish or delusions. It's Schrodinger's identity.

No. 1884104

File: 1692404921924.png (309.71 KB, 834x541, 1636673497368.png)

>someone invites a mtf tranny to a smallish private friends discord server i'm in
>tranny does nothing but post anime girl gifs and talk about their panic attacks and self-harming and being mentally ill
>broadcasts their breakdowns while everyone is vibing and chatting

wow these people are so likeable

No. 1884117

No. 1884118

File: 1692406088173.jpg (69.3 KB, 1280x952, bmjopen-2017-February-7-2--F1.…)

During and immediately after pregnancy is an extremely common time for abuse to begin or worsen, because the woman is "trapped" at that point.

No. 1884125

That cis man with gynecomastia scars? Albert Einstein.

No. 1884127

Stop nona I’m fucking cackling(sage your shit)

No. 1884128

oh shut up i'm not respecting his pronouns i just tend to type "they" for people i don't know

No. 1884131

I always thought that was one of the requirements

No. 1884134

AYRT and there's egg on my face if I got fooled by an actual TIF, kek
I was more focused on the moid seething about how it was definitely "TERFs" doing the harassment.

No. 1884142

I was a big /b/ lurker at the time FiM got big and I swear I remember it was a meme at first. People saw a shitty girly kids show and would make memes out of it because "lmao wouldn't it be funny". Then idiots came in that were too autistic to get the joke and fell for the meme.

No. 1884153

ayrt, my sources were medical documents and studies, I know it sounds like bullshit but you should be able to find the same things yourself (maybe use duckduckgo since google is fucked now) but it was pretty easy to find a couple of years ago. AI and other fuckery have kinda ruined the internet which makes me wish I'd bookmarked every relevant thing I've ever read.
But it's a fact that the classification for medical death changed in the 70s or 80s and it's a fact that half of bodies were not actually brain dead after autopsy.
Generally you need to be in a dire situation e.g. car accident or some workplace machinery injury to have healthy organs but be braindead, so the vast majority of illnesses and deaths don't qualify for organ donation and there is obviously a long waitlist as a result. So imo for any qualifying accidents hospitals would be keen to use those organs on patients who are waiting.
Anyway I'm sorry I don't have the links because I was not ready for the internet to totally fuck itself with ai and spam but you should hopefully be able to find these studies with some searching.

No. 1884154

>my Nigel is almost a doctor which makes me basically almost a doctor
Please ask yourself what is the relevance of your pet scrote to information anyone can get from the Internet

No. 1884155

Kinda hilarious that he thinks being a man makes him any less deserving of abuse online than a tranny.

No. 1884158

>trying to disparage doctors vs just trust me bro internet posts on scrotesites of men coping why it's not their fault they're porn addict retards but muh water turning the scrotes gay

No. 1884162

Youre retarded lol the FDA has extremely strict thresholds for any traces of antibiotics or hormones used in livestock meant to be eaten or milked for human consumption

No. 1884169

you should get a scrote who can read so he can teach you how

No. 1884184

Nta you originally replied to anon was talking about asking her bf who says its all bullshit and your response was to try and claim anon was pretending to be a dr by relaying what her doctor bf told her and that dr’s are wrong because scrotes on the internet say so kek.

No. 1884196

I'm sad that Leasebound "haters" stopped to draw the "real trans women" version of the AGP gang. I would have loved to see their version of that monstrosity.

No. 1884203

"My Nigel is in residency" lmao.
The mercury in tuna is not negligible, there's a reason they tell pregnant women to avoid it. If you eat fish too often you can get mercury poisoning symptoms pretty quickly, and it takes years to go away. Also getting acne when you drink milk is a sign of lactose intolerance. I don't know where you're finding milk treated with hormones, I don't think they even have a brand that uses it at my local supermarket. Even the Walmart great value brand says "cows are not treated with artificial hormones" on the side.

No. 1884215

wait what? pls post pics I wanna see

No. 1884220

File: 1692421801672.png (529.03 KB, 749x858, Megyn Kelly on X.png)

holy I DID not need that close up..

No. 1884222

Please there's already a way to have babies can we get a cure for cancer instead?

No. 1884236

love that for him.

No. 1884246

>Even the Walmart great value brand says "cows are not treated with artificial hormones" on the side
Yes because companies definitely have a good track record of being honest and truthful(derailing)

No. 1884250

>Less hair
You do realize that's a bad thing, right?

No. 1884252

>egg producers
Holy shit. What dehumanizing language. It feels like misogyny, yet again, directly from the top of the US government. What is with men and their obsession with women's eggs? I'm starting to think it's some kind of jealousy, like they're angry we can produce life in our own bodies. I noticed they don't even know how our cycles work, yet they're obsessed with reducing us to eggs recently and whatever our "egg count" is. Pure incel language.

No. 1884253

sisters, do any of you have the video of the troon getting thrown around by some dude on a busy street and his butt plug tail flies off? trying to get some good keks

No. 1884256

less body hair is what I mean, I also noticed a difference in myself, even things as small as not using as much plastics

No. 1884258

they do have a hateboner for disabled women, I follow a woman with autism and troons will absolutely wreck havoc on her for no apparant reason

No. 1884265

The ponies were always perceived as adults and one of the reason so many bronies had a hateboner for equestria girls was because it retconned they were adults. The appeal is that it's basically a cgdct anime, btu without the anime-tism. Mlp:fim is basically just South Park for men, where the appeal is the easily recognizable character design mixed with easy to understand and flanderize personalities and not too deep plots that sometimes delve into fantasy.

No. 1884272

File: 1692435138849.jpg (535 KB, 1079x1168, eggproducerissues.jpg)

Yeah that's not insulting at all. Women are just barnyard breeding stock to these scrotes huh

No. 1884279

Kek nona there's no way a primal diet and less plastics magically give you 21st century beauty traits associated with "femininity." Body hair is perfectly natural on women, as are non-hourglass body shapes. My German grandmother has eaten healthy, home-cooked food her entire life and she's one of the hairiest sturdiest ladies you'll ever see. That's just another gimmick to sell modern beauty standards to women - only now instead of a $50 eyeshadow palette you have to buy $50 grass fed free range beef to avoid the spooky scary chemicals that will make you hairy and mannish!! Don't fall for it.

No. 1884282

I've noticed this as well, they talk about it constantly but always with scrotishly incorrect understanding of our bodies - like saying our eggs "dry up" or run out or something. I think you're right about the jealousy - it's exemplified in the trannies who want to "experience the miracle of birth" for themselves with a uterus transplant. I think that's also why they reee so hard at young women who choose not to have children - they're so jealous of our ability to create life that it enrages them that some of us happily turn down the opportunity. To them it's like watching a billionaire burn money lol. That's also why there's so much male cope about "men create society/civilization/all great works etc." Some of them realize deep down that all men have the capacity to do is destroy things and each other, and cope that they can "create" anything.

No. 1884297

sage for blog and off topic but do you have the link? i was one of the little girls into my little pony that got exposed to horrible gore and porn so that video sounds very interesting

No. 1884299

Jenny Nicholson has a video on MLP and bronies and this is basically what she remembers as the origin too. it was absolutely a meme at first that turned unironic. i think “clopping” was described by her as the same way. a joke (“lol i think these cartoon horses are hot”) that somehow turned serious. men are fucking weird.

No. 1884300

+1(integrate retard)

No. 1884303

That's the exact opposite of what I was saying. Your reading comprehension is very poor.(infighting)

No. 1884307

found it.

No. 1884311

They're the easily memeable sex.

No. 1884365

File: 1692454994986.webm (3.29 MB, 1080x1664, Screen_Recording_20230819_1509…)

give me something for the cringe and let me die

No. 1884373

AYRT and I knew you meant body hair. Body hair is normal and healthy on women. Our second X chromosome doesn't strip us of being mammals. A noticable lack of body hair growth is a sign of malnutrition—iron deficiency, in particular.

No. 1884375

File: 1692456690665.jpg (471.01 KB, 810x2434, Screenshot_20230819-103110_Chr…)

>Estrogen made me clumsy

No. 1884380

>nails become more easy to damage
These moids are literally falling apart by fucking with their hormones but they think it's le ladylike.

No. 1884383

>Newly developed sanpaku
>Cries more easily
>"Happier in general"

No. 1884386

The fact that he is just making the "inbred incel murder growl" you here in scary movies has me rolling. Kek whaat a fucking idiot. You will never be a cat sir, just like you will never be a woman.

No. 1884388

Samefag as >>1884373 and while double checking before I spoke out my ass, I saw resources saying that the same deficiencies that are associated with hair loss, both on the body and head, tend to be associated with nails becoming more brittle. He listed both kek.

No. 1884389

They dress up all their health problems as becoming more ladylike…
>weakened nails
>loss of body hair
>loss of scent
>loss of libedo
>emotional deregulation
These are not good things. Also weak nails?? I know women get more brittle nails after menopause but that's from the lack of estrogen. I don't understand why every body change is perceived as a new "woman thing" rather than an issue, like the diarrhea becoming periods

No. 1884398

Don't forget suffering from IBS.

No. 1884403

>trannies get blood in their stool
OMG its because im a womanzz

No. 1884404

File: 1692459586807.jpg (504.66 KB, 1536x2048, FzpDBRfaIAcraGb.jpg)

look at this hideous dude

No. 1884406

The huge witch wart on the chin, the scraggly nasty hair, the hideous glasses and crazy coomer stare….
yup, that's a ~lady~

No. 1884407

Why do they always do that big crazy-eyed stare

No. 1884408

Trannies really tell on themselves by loving The Matrix, the self-indulgent action movie made by a couple of extremely privileged, degenerate straight white men who both get narc fixes by imagining themselves as modern day social justice's equivalent of a Jesus figure.

No. 1884409

does anyone have that comic that was posted here of the reasons why womb transplants in moids will never work? they're drawn like little moomins and the info is actually really useful.

No. 1884411

See >>1884375 (even though that one accidentally described it as making him look startled kek), they're trying to make their eyes look rounder and more "doe-like." They try to pass it off as a natural result of transitioning, even though it's clearly strained, and they have no idea it makes them look insane, rather than "feminine."

No. 1884415

Classic troon hair, oily yet fried at the same time.
I think they think it makes them look like a "cute anime girl with big eyes". Nope, just highlights their insanity even more.

No. 1884421

File: 1692462685422.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1342, Screenshot_20230819-103229.png)

I went looking for some stickers and forgot about this shop. Ordered a few packs of these for punk venue bathrooms and anywhere else I see troons shit

No. 1884433

NTA but anon's point was that the soy thing was an urban legend. Idk what the deal with the milk thing is, but she's right about soy fear being a scrote meme.

No. 1884434

File: 1692466168515.png (1.22 MB, 2566x2648, 1648665954187.png)

this one?

No. 1884437

AYRT and that's insane but it does make some sense because going back to the aforementioned girls shows like Winx Club, the characters were clearly teenaged girls and maybe that is why these particular guys weren't into them.

The characters in FiM do have a more child-like essence to them but hearing this just makes it all the more creepier and yeah, the zoophilia was a given because it can tie in with furry.

No. 1884452

This is funny, cute, and informative, but there's a few really bizarre stylistic choices that I don't fully understand.

No. 1884455

if he's right and 50% of men get gynecomastia naturally… why the heck are troons taking estrogen when their male bodies do the same on their own anyway

No. 1884456

nta but the whole "using bone marrow to make sperm" is one of those things that are just as unscientific as womb transplants. also mind you the original study on mice was redacted and has not been able to be reproduced, so I really don't get how so many feminists and a few lesbians clung onto this study and never bothered to research it.

No. 1884458

I don't think it is fair to say it is just as unscientific when there is one unsolved hurdle for the female side and several hurdles of the same difficulty on the other, but yes we can't make artificial sperm cells yet

No. 1884464

File: 1692470006135.jpg (22.73 KB, 660x433, 1674963586419.jpg)

It is though, I have mentioned this a few times already, firstly the original study regarding the off-spring actually surviving was retracted, secondly if it did happen those cells in that rat experiment wouldn't be full sperm cells, they would have lacked a fertilisation function and lacked the Stra8+ BMCs germ cells, and mostly importantly unless they make massive advances in the field(like to the point we can cure cancer). the sperm cells created aren't new telomeres which means that they will be the age of the person they took them from genetically, so the children will have a drastically shorter lifespan(if it was possible in the first place)

No. 1884492

if it works for women then it works for some reason, I'm sure all of us have the "weird things" that we don't fully understand why it works but it does

No. 1884493

File: 1692474910048.gif (57.11 KB, 220x134, 6E64BFF4-AC2B-4DB1-9753-03AB96…)

If they showed your their relaxed/neutral facial posture, you’d see how severe their cro magnon brow ridge is.

No. 1884495

holy shit this disturbed me more than the horror movies ive seen these past 3 months(sage your shit)

No. 1884510

NTAYRT and blogpost, but I had completely stopped growing body hair on my legs and arms for the last few years, like they’re completely bare, and I just got blood work done for the first time in a decade and everything is super fucked up. I can’t see a situation where losing body hair is a sign of good health.

No. 1884515

Nonny don't iPSC have telomerase though? Progress in this area shouldn't be as far away as you insinuate. I'm a bit rusty on this knowledge though

No. 1884575

I hope your health gets better soon, nona. That sounds like a very scary thing to experience, and it must put a lot of things into perspective.

No. 1884679

yes anon, thank you! big ups to the person that drew it originally, it is horrifying, adorable and informative all at once, kek

No. 1884761

Can I ask why people say you're transphobic for being anti-uterus transplant, it's one of the most insane things that will never come to fruition and wastes resources better allocated to causes that aren't fucked up and destined to fail. I cant even have children nor do I want to but the idea of being so selfish that you think you deserve to have another person's uterus transferred into your body is psychotic and narcissistic. It is medically impossible and harmful. Why chase something so indulgent?

No. 1884806

>medically impossible
you just named things that apply to literally every aspect of medical transition, that's why it's troonphobic. "You wouldn't call a cis woman delusional for wanting to have children fucking terf!!" is how they would phrase it. Probably something about bodily autonomy as well.

No. 1884832

Can I ask? Is the whole transgender pregnancy thing possible? For real? Because it’s one of my worst fears and literally makes me so queasy to think of a pregnant MAN walking around. I keep seeing it on and off, I keep seeing things about it but when you look it up nobody offers any in depth research or actual information about how it would be possible. I keep hearing that it continues to fail but why do these doctors or uterus transplant experts keep saying this? First in Sydney and now UAB? I don’t want to be alive for this it makes me want to vomit and makes me so scared.

No. 1884838

No. It will never be possible. How can you expect a male body to undergo the intricate process of child birth pumped full of hormones and immunosuppressants. Not feasable in the least. It’s cope and dangerous science tbh

No. 1884848

nonna, check out these posts up thread:


one of the experiments that people reference for this situation is a genuine fucking horror show. scientists still had to "connect" the female rats to the male rate via surgery to deliver important pregnancy hormones and blood components. even then, most of the offspring died or were born severely fucked up. bringing a baby into this world under such circumstances would violate every ethical code that we've developed in the 20th century. uterus implants and actual births are not in the cards for scrotes. the authors of this study admitted they weren't even causing a male to give birth in any meaningful way, they were basically syphoning off the female rats reproductive system to ensure a male could incubate and deliver

No. 1884852

File: 1692504083993.png (36.41 KB, 610x324, Screenshot 2023-08-20 at 06-02…)

This is a new one but I'm really not surprised this happened.

No. 1884855

I feel like one of the biggest reasons why "anti trans" legislation is always getting passed is because of how unhinged they are. It's always interesting to see how many mutuals I know who went from defending trannies to being transphobic all because of how derranged most of them act. Trans people are such a small portion of the population and for most the very little encounters they do have with trannies is them having a mental breakdown over being misgendered or being called out for being dishonest or something

No. 1884863

>troon asks to share a bathroom stall with a total stranger
Besides the fact this is the most terrifying story ever written, could two people even fit in a stall together?? Are uk bathroom stalls huge or what

No. 1884873

Its not really the sound of a cat purring as much as a cat doing a fucking death rattle

No. 1884892

How tf are you supposed to share a toilet?

No. 1884893

>man figures out he's a man
Kek. I noticed men have no idea how women are even socialized. He either was going to rape those women or genuinely thought women share the toilet or something. Probably both because troons are retards.

No. 1884896

Seriously wtf. What a retard. He either thought they would hook up in there (women don't fucking do that) or they would both pee standing up into the same toilet? (Women don't fucking do that either).

No. 1884898

That technology simply isn't here and it's fear mongering. Men have been envying our wombs since the dawn of time and incels threatening to replace us with metal incubation chambers, but it's all hollow threats. They need us and they hate us for that.
I know moids would claim these are "just rats", but these animals didn't sign up for some kind of torture like this. Of course the experiments are run by scrotes. Absolute psychopathy.

No. 1884900

samefag as >>1884863 but I think I figured it out.
>Troon (most likely pre transition) hears about women going to the bathroom in groups.
>Thinks it involves sexy lesbo makeout time in the stalls or something else on that level of terminal porn sickness. >Troons out for one reason or another and remembers female bathroom groups.
>Goes to club and asks a total stranger to go in together so he can get his dick wet.
>She understandably says "no fuck off"
>reee's and spergs because porn lied to him. Will most likely 41% in the coming months

No. 1884901

Too bad he didn't realize that as a male, he could get all the gay bathroom hookups he wants, no trooning out required.
>Will most likely 41% in the coming months
Here's hoping

No. 1884904

File: 1692510493056.png (177.26 KB, 720x767, Screenshot_20230820-004745.png)


saw this on Reddit and it made me curious.I feel like if the majority of troons acted normal not only would women be so much safer but how many of us would still be transphobic?

No. 1884905

No. 1884906

I fucking hate soulless scrote scientists so fucking much for torturing animals with body horror so men can fulfill their fetish irl.

No. 1884907

Samefag but by no I mean. No to troons

No. 1884909

Okay but that is one ugly bitch all truth(sage your shit)

No. 1884910

Tbf nonnas the lead author is female. Not sure about her co-author.

No. 1884913

when most people believed the sun orbited the earth it was pretty benign but that doesn't make it right/true

No. 1884916

>but muh gender of animal torturers who participate with scrotes
Then she should be put against the wall, too. These are always funded by men, by the way. Any woman who participates in these types of animal torture on female animals needs to understand the experiments she's using will one day be used on real human women. There's a reason they're even attempting to do this on rats. They want to one day see if they can just gut a female of her body parts, stick it in a male, and see if that male can get impregnated. It's nightmarish and I have no sympathy.

No. 1884918

File: 1692512398893.png (8.52 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_8831.png)

came across this in the wild while looking for dresses on amazon. can’t even shop in peace without these ugly ass mother fuckers popping up like honestly how do you go out looking like that and thinking you pass at all?!?

No. 1884919

File: 1692512504208.png (10.73 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_8832.png)

it’s the toes literally hanging off his shoes that makes me laugh the hardest

No. 1884921

I don't believe it's right either but it feels like the biggest concern with tims is simply how they act. Personally I wouldn't give a shit if they just wanted to wear a dress and change their name. Flipping out for not being able to watch women pee, foaming at the mouth to call women with PCOS intersex, and wanting to put kids on hormones because little billy wanted to play with a baby doll instead of hot wheels makes me hate them. If it weren't for borderline evil behavior I would just assume they were heavily mentally ill and would treat them the same as I would as the autistic adult drinking out of the sippy cup at a restaurant - mentally ill but still human. So many moids think calling themselves a woman is a pass to hurt women

No. 1884931

File: 1692513978395.jpg (593.33 KB, 810x2359, Screenshot_20230820-024418_Chr…)

>cis women are aroused at their own appearance at about an equal rate as trans women

No. 1884932

Wanting me to deny reality and call them she/a woman is already too far for me.

No. 1884938

It's a custom in some Asian countries for young girls to share a stall with their best friend. Although they're called toilet buddies, they don't actually use the toilet at the same time. He could have seen it in an anime and not grasped that they do it for safety reasons and not because teehee silly girls don't have object permanence. Boys are always trying to go in, so it's not safe to go to the bathrooms on your own and it's not safe to leave your friend by the sinks. It's fucked up in hindsight but we accepted it as normal growing up. Girls in the UK are probably doing it too now that schools have made bathrooms 'gender neutral'.

No. 1884945

File: 1692516654344.jpg (359.8 KB, 810x1451, Screenshot_20230820-033001_Chr…)

No. 1884948

Fair enough, but I mean for the general population of "twansphobes"

No. 1884958

The whole idea that there's "so much anti-trans legislation" being passed doesn't make any sense to me. Here in America, abortion bans are already in effect in many places, more states are trying to put abortion bans into effect, nothing is actually being done to prevent police brutality (least of all against POC), the measures taken against a literal pandemic were a pathetic joke, there are still states that criminalize consensual sodomy, 32 states still have laws against gay marriage that could take immediate effect if the Supreme Court decides to overturn Obergefell v. Hodges (right-wing legislators have made it clear they want to do this), and literal alt-right insurrectionists were given the legal equivalent of a slap on the wrist. Meanwhile, trannies are up in arms about some states banning teaching gender ideology in schools (reassertion of separation of church and state, protection of parental rights), bathroom bills (protection of female-only spaces), and laws protecting sex-segregated sports (again, protection of female-only spaces), none of which are being implemented everywhere.
Just to give you an idea of how absurd this all is: I live in a notoriously "red" state, and recently, a law was passed here protecting inclusion of trans ideology in schools, as well as allowing school staff to assist in a child's "transition" without telling the parents or getting consent from them, and protection of the "right" for trans-identifying students to use the bathroom of the opposite sex. This state currently has restricted abortion, and legislators have intentions of putting a total ban in place. It's one of the 32 states with remaining legislation against gay marriage. It is currently beneath half of the United States in terms of employment equality in terms of race, sex, and disability. It's within the top 20 worst states for pay equality between the sexes. Simply put, it's a regressive shit hole. And yet, mysteriously, the state government supports allowing males to go into female-only spaces, and allowing school staff to secretly encourage and support children to make major life decisions (that one could even consider to be medical decisions) without parental knowledge or consent. Funny, that. I suppose this is secretly a "progressive" state?

No. 1884962

Peter Griffin tier scrote moment kek.

No. 1884963

Trannies know trans rights is just MRA shit rebranded. It's mens right to be a degenerate rapist allowed to predate, harass, and exclude women from society because ultimately they're all incel men, left or right.

No. 1884964

Brit here, girls do often share the cubicle on nights out here because there are so few, it's weird and awkward and I've had a girl I barely know do it to me drunk one time, you kind of just turn around when the other one is peeing and continue your conversation like it's a totally normal thing to do lol, sorry that we are so strange

No. 1884972

Imagine walking in on your degenerate brother/husband/son/father/whatever slobbering all over their own horrid little bitch tits in a pink Amazon skater skirt and striped knee socks. Sped behaviour

No. 1884977

Not to mention what's actually being passed vs what troons say is being passed are two different things

By the way they were talking about it, I thought the book bannings were like massive protests where everyone started burning books that remotely mentioned sexuality. Then it turned out school districts simply just got a list of suggestions to ban from the school libraries (not even the county or city libraries mind you) and the individual schools can choose to remove it from there, and it only ended up being a handful of schools kek. A lot of the book bans were rightfully so like that green book that straight up romanticizes a gay man being a pedo

Almost everyone knows school libraries suck and have nothing anyway, most kids who want to read something specific will just go to the public library

No. 1884988

I think it's really telling about female socialization that a woman can just trust a strange woman in a situation like this. We inherently know that we're safer together, even with women we don't know.

No. 1884990

This is disgusting and the ASPCA should get involved. I swear “researchers” who do shit like this are just evil sadists who get away with it because their victims are animals.

No. 1884994

i see trannies claim that quite often but has anyone ever seen a study on that? according to this comment self-arousal seems to be a common occurence and if the rate is apparently the same for women, then there should be a source proving that.

i know it's bullshit cause moids don't even try to comprehend female sexuality, i'm just baffled at how long already they rely on fucking porn for a 'proof'

No. 1884995

Damn, the grooming and brainwashing is so real here. A few of them are saying “maybe I’m not trans and can come to accept myself as a man with a fetish” and the rest are like “n-nooo, trust us, you’ll feel so much better after all the hormones and surgeries!” Literally pushing each other to self-mutilation and suicide.

No. 1885000

Its like the slyest way they can engage in their exhibition fetish without screaming into the void on social media to a stagnate circle of people. Aliexpress is always significantly more overt. You go shopping for cheap lingerie and end up getting exposed to some nasty troons "girl dick" getting down voted into oblivion.

No. 1885002

I remember that! What actually happened was a fairly civil discussion about what material was appropriate for children, particularly in a school setting (since, in a child's mind, a book being in a school library can be interpreted as it being "more factual" or otherwise "approved" by authority figures), which allowed people to more or less come to their own conclusions and act accordingly.
I understand worries about censorship and repression, as a gay woman who has seen the shit conservatives deem "inappropriate" (discussing the effects of racism and colonization in the West in history classes, mention of homosexuality in sex ed), but this wasn't like that. I also find it a bit hypocritical, when the group acting like this was some sort of puritanical book ban actively treat something as benign as Harry Potter the same way evangelicals did in the 90s and aughts. This obviously goes without mentioning all the feminist books TRAs actually tried to ban.
The only citation I've ever seen them give was a study that questioned women about their personal relationship with their sexuality. The tl;dr was TIMs interpreted women saying "I sometimes feel sexy when I wear lingerie" as comparable to AGP.

No. 1885009

File: 1692532819306.png (1.16 MB, 810x2006, DepressedDysphoric.png)

>Trans women would skin ourselves alive to be cis women

No. 1885013

Goddamn I wish they would. May all incels mutilate themselves to better identify them by.

No. 1885027

I'm pretty sure he thought weak nails were feminine because in every gritty action movie there's always some reluctant bimbo female character who has to like push open a door or something and goes "uGhHHH!!! I like totally broke a nail!!" So he thinks that's a girly thing lmao

No. 1885029

It also makes their forehead look smaller, trying to hide their male pattern baldness. Even dudes who aren't balding yet have 5heads compared to most women kek

No. 1885031

LMAO all his chinbone went into his forehead. Tragic.

No. 1885061

they can't even deny that they have agp anymore so now they just lie about real women having it as well

No. 1885079

but that’s the thing they put uteruses in the males and no dice, nothing happened
no baby rats formed they died
it wasn’t until they sewed the males and females together for anything to happen and even then it was like 3% success with horrid results
so they’ve proven it themselves, you NEED a female reproductive system to form babies

No. 1885080

i just really really hope and pray the uterus thing doesn’t come to fruition. i hope it never works i hope all of this fizzles out before anything is truly attempted. but it seems they try every now and again and when it doesn’t work they sweep it under the rug rq.

No. 1885088

File: 1692544791720.jpg (27.77 KB, 325x499, 1686326147030.jpg)

I posted this in a previous thread, but radical feminist activist and biologist Renate Klein talked about going as far back as the late 1970s, male scientists and researchers, who were well funded by backers with questionable motives, invested millions of dollars and years of resources in trying to create an artificial womb, it was an incredible waste of funds and resources. They did this Instead of focusing on research to make natural births easier and safer for women. Klein also suggested that these fruitless attempts were driven by envy towards women to create life.

No. 1885095

This is absolutely insane. Does this moid thing that women going to the public bathroom together meant they were sharing a STALL?! Holy shit man that's so deranged

No. 1885096

File: 1692546164409.jpg (417.11 KB, 1075x3094, Screenshot_20230820_104356_Red…)

>def not predatory at all

No. 1885104

I don't know what's the consensus of posting femboy related stuff but this is from the r/feminineboys subreddit and most of the stuff on there is TiM equivalent anyways and an unfortunate groomer breading ground. a lot of them seem to be teenage boys and men with peter pan syndrome. they have this mindset that estrogen will keep them feminine and youthful longer and are sometimes encouraged to diy or lie their way into getting it.

No. 1885120

we also have a femboy thread btw >>>/snow/1391941

No. 1885123

>white lies are fine if they're said to get what you want, what's important is that you're happy
Wtf, white lies aren't lies told to make you happy, that's just a lie. What autism is this that it's a white lie if it's said to get what you want. That's just straight up lying and manipulating for personal gain

No. 1885128

If they couldn’t get a totally controlled and operated machine to harbor a baby without issues/get it to work, what makes them think a living, breathing male who is not equipped with any of the necessary components and cannot be equipped with such without his body shutting down, rejecting or doing nothing with said equipment will be able to carry a baby? Scratch that. They can’t even get a plain uterus in there without it being rejected. If you can’t even get that to go in the body without flaw, how the hell else is the rest supposed to come about?

This is all very wishful. DailyMail isn’t to be trusted anyways because it is a tabloid. But to the nona who posted the AMA article, the writer speaks about how physicians are backing out of the program without saying anything because of the activists putting feelings over actual reality. One part even states how trans women should be able to have uterus even if they don’t intend to give birth (not like they can). If you do any single crumb of research about uterus transplants you’ll know that it does not stay forever and has to be removed. It’s not permanent.

So all these fantasies of men walking around getting abortions and getting off to being pregnant really shouldn’t even be being taken seriously. It’s literally disgusting.

No. 1885134

File: 1692550449447.jpg (669.24 KB, 1723x1293, kayla-school2.jpg)

Incorrect. They would skin actual women like Ed Gein did. But thanks to advancements in latext breastplates and body suits we get AGP freaks like pic rel running around.

No. 1885135

Thats the point. It’s meant to illicit the response of: that’ll never happen, those poor (gay) men will never know the joys of having a child, better give them access to poor/dead/“willing” women to make up for it. It’s that whole negotiation trick where you ask for something outrageous and then let yourself be negotiated down to what you really wanted anyway; ask for 10 apples even though all you need is 2, they can’t do 10 but hey 2 is more reasonable and doable so why not? Now you have the 2 apples which was all you needed anyway.

No. 1885138

What does sharing the cubicle accomplish though?

No. 1885145

File: 1692551933623.png (342.27 KB, 1035x583, capture.png)

He even quoted Dworkin in the same video.

No. 1885151

File: 1692552631750.webm (4.59 MB, 576x590, Download - 2023-08-20T181904.5…)

american vicky pollard

No. 1885156

I'm confused about how crowding into the stall together would save any time or effort since you're still waiting your turn either way lol??

No. 1885159

Exactly lol going unto the stall together doesn't save time or anything. Only time I've shared a stall is when we were doing drugs, not waiting to use to toilet

No. 1885163

>we could be living on a female-only utopia and only harvesting males for sexual/slave labour
it's so sad, one more reason to dislike pickmes

No. 1885172

File: 1692556387593.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1284x1967, IMG_8372.jpeg)

Dude is unhappy that one of the only lesbian subs where women can talk about not wanting dick won’t validate him, even though there are still many women doing so in the comments. Most normal people would just unsubscribe from a subreddit if they saw something they didn’t like. What kind of move is this?

No. 1885174

About a month or two ago, the troons and handmaids over at Sisters Uncut called for action in support of Alan. Never mind he went to prison for kidnapping and torturing one of his family members (who was a minor iirc, but it would still be bad if the victim was an adult)

No. 1885180

Ayrt I know, I guess it's mostly to continue your conversation in a loud place, we've been at it for a long time it seems


No. 1885184

What are you on about?

No. 1885198

AYRT thanks nonnie. I’m just glad I’m finally on a really good Medicaid plan and can start to get everything fixed w/o worrying about the cost

No. 1885199

isn't LesbianActually the subreddit that was made to replace ActualLesbians when it became troon central? last I checked it was also troon infested because reddit refuses to allow any space to actual women.
moids will bitch about literally anything not 100% catering to them and then call us emotional and naggy

No. 1885225

File: 1692560858084.webm (935.04 KB, 576x1024, Download - 2023-08-20T204755.5…)


No. 1885232

File: 1692561325740.gif (1.24 MB, 223x200, 200.gif)

No. 1885243

Yes, LesbianActually is troon infested, but the jannies don't mod the anti troon comments as intensely as the mods on ActualLesbain. Like you can't say, "YWNBAW" but you can push back on troon dbaggery unlike ActualLesbians.

No. 1885244

Lying to your health car provider to obtain drugs you don't need isn't a "white lie" kek

No. 1885284

File: 1692565661108.png (202.81 KB, 1080x708, tranny.png)

No. 1885291

Isn't this "one of the good ones" that kiwifarms liked/used to like?

No. 1885296

No. 1885304

>feeling really unsafe on this sub
what the fuck is "unsafe" about a reddit sub lol, especially for a strong looking man like him? does he think he's going to get doxed?

No. 1885312


No. 1885313

Probably. He forgets that's typically a thing deranged moids like himself do to anyone they disagree with.

No. 1885322

a trans/nonbinary bar ‘safe space’ has just opened near me. whenever i walk past and from what ive seen of it, its always super quiet with like 4 hulking tims playing w fidget spinners, and 2 tifs obv working the till. i wanna stickerbomb the bathrooms.
do any of u nonas have shit like this near you?
i already have to hold back laughs when i see a tranny, imagine walking into an entire bar full of them

No. 1885361

Thank God I do not, it sounds like a nightmare.

No. 1885365

Do you all think that this stuff will end soon? All this tranny nonsense. The surgeries, the lobbying, the lies, the demanding of women’s body parts? It seems like all of it is beginning to sour in the public eye. People aren’t seeing trannies as sacred as they used to. I hope our world is different in like four years and this stuff is swept under the rug.

No. 1885382

Also, why would anyone who feels so unsafe post a picture of themselves? If I was on a sub of men who didn’t want me there, I’d be terrified to interact at all. Posting a pic would just invite rape and death threats. Not that this man is going to get that from a sub of lesbians, but it just shows how little these guys actually think like women.

No. 1885383

I hope it becomes seen in a similar light as lobotomies by 2040, but when I see evidence of some of the dumbest TRA behaviors being present and criticized by feminists and lesbians of the time 40+ years ago, and how literally no one gives a shit when trannies or tranny organizations (emphasis on Mermaids) behave precisely like Saturday morning cartoon villains, I lose a little faith in positive progress. At this point, I'm convinced that the average human is probably insane.

No. 1885389

File: 1692574379108.jpeg (566.43 KB, 670x1240, C74FCA6C-5117-484B-9EBE-C48C2F…)

hi lily!!

No. 1885393

He doesn't actually feel unsafe, he's just baiting for the biological females on the sub to say "Nooooo please don't go - you are SO valid queen! We'd love to suck your girldick!"

No. 1885394

Presumably the other creature in his picture is also part of his polycule. It really is true that all "polyamorous" people are ugly and insane, isn't it?

No. 1885398

jesus christ this is some freakshow-level shit

No. 1885399

AHS Season 12: Trannity Insanity

No. 1885404

File: 1692576318277.png (615.68 KB, 720x1130, Screenshot_20230820-195836~2.p…)

Once again , trans identified men are calling their cramps
" periods ".

No. 1885412

Every single aspect of this meme is made out of 100% pure copium.

No. 1885422

2040? That’s so far away. Bleak. If that’s the case, I’m hoping we’re nuked off the map.

No. 1885429

File: 1692581102298.png (54.77 KB, 798x450, Firefox.png)

>I wanna use the women's bathrooms but I'm still keeping my penis!!!!

No. 1885431

File: 1692581640704.jpg (Spoiler Image,87.19 KB, 1200x900, 635c027035c0d.image.jpg)

Today i found out that the miss universe contest modernized it's rules to be more "feminist": trans "women" can now apply, yet the age limit stays at just 27…make it make sense, somebody like margot robbie is too haggard yet some plastic moid is okay - and all that thanks to its new owner (pic)
I really wonder what's wrong with thailand to have such a troon epidemic?

No. 1885435

File: 1692581738783.jpg (187.16 KB, 1540x1525, ygysuish432a1.jpg)

It's not the same because you are not a woman. A woman feeling sexy isn't agp because they are actual women.
This is the ugly faget who pinned that comment by the way.

No. 1885440

>I really wonder what's wrong with thailand to have such a troon epidemic?
I seriously wonder this as well. Any Thai nonnies with insight? Why did ladyboys become such a thing?

No. 1885441

File: 1692582249196.png (56.62 KB, 748x607, REDUXX on X.png)


No. 1885442

File: 1692582327424.png (165.81 KB, 891x578, Screenshot 2023-07-22 6.35.42 …)

The new owner is a tranny too, that's why the rules have changed.

No. 1885446

Looks like Johnny Depp's ugly son kek

No. 1885448

its only 20 years and considering there have been lots of wins for women and trans people are being more heavily scrutinized I think 2040 will be more of an end point than a start.

No. 1885461

File: 1692585977846.jpeg (334.64 KB, 2048x782, photo-output.jpeg)

autist collage but seeing every one of this girl’s videos on my fyp over the course of a week and then seeing the newest one was enough to make me MATI / close to alogging. i just don’t see how she could be this close to getting it and then bringing her troglodyte into said spaces and not having the self awareness to see she is doing said thing. did you go up to every ‘bf’ in the room and check if it’s okay because they have a girldick actually, or are you expecting others to do the same?

No. 1885469

kek I remember this guy

No. 1885470

That handmaiden looks like PT's long-lost sister

No. 1885471

I am once again asking for evidence they're somehow more in danger for being in the men's room

No. 1885476

"Unsafe" is trannyspeak for "not a hugbox."

No. 1885477

File: 1692587394511.jpg (680.36 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20230820-225913_Chr…)

No. 1885479

Wait, is this Landon Hiscock, the world's most unfortunately named tranny?

No. 1885486

she looks really familiar for some reason but she also looks a lot like lovelylor who had a thread at some point so that could be it

No. 1885487

Hate how whenever a lesbian points out that AGPs call them bigots for disliking dicks, trannies gaslight her in the comments (which is what happened to that OP) saying it never happens. What a load of shit, it happens constantly: trannies crybully anyone who talks about vagina in lesbian spaces and dislikes discussing of cock. They insist that lesbians need to "just try it," and that "genitals don't matter." Some of them have started telling lesbians to "reevaluate your prejudices" instead of shrieking "twansphobe!1!!" but that's literally the exact same thing, just dressed up with purple prose. They view not liking dick as a "prejudice" someone has failed to "reevaluate," and the end goal of that "re-evaluation" is liking cock. It's just calling lesbians closed minded for being homosexual, but they phrase it that way because they're retarded and they think that they can deny that they called someone a bigot if they say it slightly more politely. It's a moron's attempt at a dogwhistle.

No. 1885490

I don't doubt that men assault each other for a variety of reasons basically everywhere they're allowed to be (not even just restrooms) but that's men's fault. It's retarded to punish women by stealing their spaces when men are the ones at fault. A man could kill another man in the fucking vacuum of space and people would still find a way to blame and/or punish women for it.

No. 1885491

The way it hardly ever happens with TIFs and gay men either (definitely does happen but usually TIFs just cry and whine to each other and never seem to threaten gay men) is because they were socialized female, meanwhile the TIMs respond to rejection in the most classically male aggressive way

No. 1885492

This is their reaction whenever they're called out for things in general and I'm so tired of it. It's always 'no one's doing/saying this, you're just trying to make us look bad'. They'll lie through their teeth so they're always the victim and look good to normies but then immediately contradict themselves and say those things when they think no one's looking. Idk how handmaidens haven't figured this out yet, whenever I see a viral tweet from one of them I'll check their profile and it's full of degeneracy and misogyny, do libfems never look at their pages too?

No. 1885496

File: 1692589228228.png (560.92 KB, 862x1280, polly_want_a_cracker__35240.pn…)

"polly" relationship sounds about right considering the beak on the thing on the left

No. 1885505

>feeling unsafe on this sub
You know what makes me feel unsafe as a woman on reddit? Literally every woman-hating subreddit. They took years and years to shut down BeatingWomen, CreepShots, Incels, Jailbait, and WatchPeopleDie and PicsofDeadKids. There are hundreds of dangerous, anti-female subreddits that shouldn't exist and I'd be here all day if I had to list them all. You can just glance at what I mean by looking at a huge list of porn subreddits and the gross misogynistic names they give them.

No. 1885511

I'm not Thai but I'm willing to bet it's mostly thanks to white moids from the West bringing in sex tourism money.

No. 1885512

Farang nonny but well aware of the kathoey shit. It's a combination of local poverty and external degeneracy. Sex tourism is so prevalent in South East Asia that Thailand had to shake things up. Ladyboys, pingpong shows and live animal shows became extremely popular when budget airlines started and Bangkok was a stop all travel agents pimped in the '70s. It's normal for moids to hit the brothels as soon as they arrive. Cambodia is still more popular for pedos but sex tourists like Thai ladyboys young and many schools hold beauty contests for boys to do drag. These schools also hire unqualified American men as English teachers who love this "tradition". Some ladyboys are just short gay prostitutes who get free drinks and then detransition when they hit twink death, but you can find them working behind cosmetics counters too so it's not like they are all poor oppressed prostitutes (they're usually fat though kek). HSTS are the majority but there are plenty of AGPs emboldened by the TRA movement. Thai men treat ladyboys as a joke because it's funny that a man would lower himself to the level of a woman. I can't find it online but in the late '90s there was a very popular Thai ad where a man accidentally uses the women's bathroom and then tries to act feminine when he realises his mistake. Today trannies would cry about it.

No. 1885524

This is the Fanny guy who really regretted his rot pocket. I wonder where he’s posting his whining now?

No. 1885545

Oh no he's back lol

No. 1885547

Nothing mysterious about its literally just because of poverty. I remember a Thai person saying that people in the Thai countryside were usually horrifically poor and lived on a really crappy subsistence hand to mouth lifestyle. For sons the oldest one would inherit any property and they would be expected to to work on the farm, and for girls they would often be sent to the city to work in prostitution because it was the only way rural women could make any money. Some families realized their kids could earn twice as much if they sent their sons to the city to become prostitutes too, and because there was already a moral/legal loophole in regards to the third gender stuff many took advantage of it, especially if they had more than one son, the youngest one would often be sent to become a prostitute because he wouldn’t inherit any property anyway. I guess after a while it just became widely accepted and when they realized lots of western degenerates were willing to pay even more money it probably took off and got promoted even further as a cultural norm. Pretty sad.

For the record though, there’s only estimated to be around 350,000 trans people in Thailand out of a population of 71 million, which would make them around 0.4% of the population.

The number of trans people in the US amounts to around 1.6% of the population and in Germany and Sweden it’s around 3%, so even despite Thailands more accepting culture of trannies, the west still has more troons per capita.

No. 1885550

There was a virtue signal-y "queer bar" that existed in my country's capital for less than a year before declaring bankcrupcy kek. The whole situation is shady economically, and they seem to have wasted donation money a lot faster than could be expected even for such a ridiculous endeavor, so I'm keeping my tabs on the case for more milk in the future. They even hosted a Sophie Labelle event before closing.

No. 1885553

>i'm literally trying to be as supportive as possible to trans people

No. 1885573

File: 1692604599186.jpg (634.75 KB, 810x2277, Screenshot_20230821-031626_Red…)

No. 1885591

>in Germany and Sweden it’s around 3%
Had to look it up as a swede, it was estimated to be 0.4% (2020, latest I could find) of the population here so idk where you got that from because it's clearly not true. It was at 0.6% in 2018 though, perhaps the trend is actually going down (but I couldn't see any stats post-covid so it could be back up). Absolutely not 3% though.

No. 1885610

Lili Elbe (perhaps the most famous early AGP) started transition in the 1920s, had gotten an even more primitive form of SRS (which was basically castration and a random ovary implant, despite the lack of a uterus), and was legally registered as a woman by 1930. He got "vaginoplasty" and a uterus transplant in 1931, and died three months later. He's still cherished by "trans historians" to this day, even though transition only "saved his life" for one year after his supposed planned suicide date, and it was literally what killed him, in the end.
Lou Sullivan, the AAP TIF whose response to dying of AIDS was "I took a certain pleasure in informing the gender clinic that even though their program told me I could not live as a Gay man, it looks like I'm going to die like one," transitioned in 1975. She was likely infected during her double mastectomy in 1980, got SRS in 1986, and was diagnosed with HIV after the SRS. She was given 10 months to live, but actually lived until 1991, somehow.
Granted, these things were far less common back in those times, and the political power trans ideology has has skyrocketed since then. But I just can't believe that this will be over in a few years, just because it's insane and more people seem a little more knowledgeable about it than people of the past. Footbinding lasted a millennium in China, and all that.

No. 1885619

File: 1692614346827.jpeg (218.86 KB, 750x511, 52E89D1C-12EF-4938-A32F-7CB119…)

Takes two seconds to google you lazy faggot

No. 1885622

File: 1692614874012.jpg (Spoiler Image,519.13 KB, 1080x1037, Screenshot_2023-08-21-13-13-08…)

Sanest diaperfag troon

No. 1885623

I'm trying hard not to a-log

No. 1885624

File: 1692614963589.jpeg (Spoiler Image,322.51 KB, 2000x1400, F1_TvHtX0AI_xrH.jpeg)

I wonder how these men would turn out to be without internet

No. 1885627

File: 1692615331629.png (115.31 KB, 1162x540, svar till en pappskalle.png)

I'll trust my own country's statistics more than "germany and sweden hurrdurr"

No. 1885628

i drew it on the phone on the toilet and I retroactively don't understand the stylistic choices either nonny

No. 1885630

the same source you posted states that being trans is "not a trend" and that 2% of India is trans, you really buy that shit?

No. 1885632

Kek at filnamnet

No. 1885635

Thank you for your response. I will now assume that you are a prophet and that god is a freak.

No. 1885639

>that 2% of India is trans
mind you, 2% of that is somewhere around 30 nillion people

No. 1885653

>but you can find them working behind cosmetics counters too
That's why I was asking. I know that you can find them anywhere, especially in media and also higher positions, e. g. you'll hardly see a thai tv show without at least one trans host.
Of course there are some poor twinks putting on heels to get more costumers but this is definitely not the case for all of them and most normal thais want nothing to do with sleazy tourism, so why is it that they accepted them so much in their society/day to day life…

No. 1885680

Why are trannies so ready to attack cis women? It makes no sense, for the longest time cis women were typically the most inclusive people, cis women were the first ones to invite tims into their spaces when tifs were laughed out by men, even when being any form of queer was controversial in the 2000s the subsec of Paris Hilton MUA type women always defended the LGBT community. Now it feels like they're ready to crucify every single woman who cater to their every whim. Surely people who actually believe they're going to be genocided know that turning against the people most likely to defend you is the opposite of helping?

No. 1885681

Trannyism is built on a foundation of hating women.

No. 1885687

Wait a minute now. So why do people say he got a uterus implant and died? Did he get both an ovary and a uterus? Because I heard it was attempted around for times with him and the organ continued to get rejected and he died.

No. 1885693

Scrotes gotta scrote and hating women is part of scroting.

No. 1885697

He had four surgeries for transition purposes in total, and I'm not certain if there was any revisions. The first surgery was to remove the testicals, second to implant an ovary, third to remove penis and scrotum, and fourth to implant a uterus and construct a neohole. These were carried out over the. ourse of two years, with the last one in 1931. His body rejected the transplant, became infected, and he died within three months of the final surgery. Presumably this all means that, at one point, he was a castrated male with a random ovary floating around in his abdomen. I would say "I don't know how that works," but neither did the doctors, because it doesn't work.
They say he had a uterus transplant and died, because that's what happened. If you're confused, it's because none of this makes sense, but they did it anyways.

No. 1885700

I don’t think she actually meant it. A lot of women try to add in lines like that to buffer the hate they likely know they’re going to be getting. Anyone who would make that post at all is probably pretty done with TiMs.

No. 1885703

… The random ovary is killing me lol what the hell. Did he not have any complications with the ovary then? Why the uterus, why was that the killer of t he ovary presumably caused no issues? Or did it? Aren’t there records of other men in recent men attempting to get uterus implants and it going wrong? I think there was an instance in India but it was hushed and maybe two more. I cannot wrap my mind around how these “top hospitals” are saying it’s a possibility and hope to offer these implants in “years” when it just doesn’t… work. I’m starting to think these scientists are activists more than anything. You don’t ever see any top physicians backing this up, it’s always some nut or director speaking up after a biological woman gives birth with a uterus implant that they come out of the woodworks.

No. 1885705

Women are the easier target. Even if they know it’s men who were primarily making fun of them and even harming or killing them, they’ve always held power over women and continue to do so. They know this. I honestly think a lot of them know it too when they make selfie posts or validation posts because they know women have to play nice or get banned and it’s another way they can wave their male privilege over our heads. The unfortunate thing is that so many women do continue to want to be nice, so it’s hard for anyone else to push back at all. These men probably also hate us because of the jealousy aspect, if the posts about how much they hate and are jealous of women say anything at all. Men get very weird about their hatred of women. I’m always reminded of how women who hate men literally want nothing more than to get away and be free of them, but men who hate women chase us down and belittle and harm us. They obsess over hate-fucking and murdering us. I’ve never seen this be more evident than with MtFs.

No. 1885710

i am so fucking glad men will never be able to give birth. Whenever i think about it the though of men just birthing children to rape them comes to mind.

No. 1885713

This just screams incel that believe all women live amazing sex filled lives on easy mode.
If you are this unhappy in life, odds are that you would still be this unhappy even with bobs and vagene.

No. 1885714

They’re trying to make it happen, let’s continue to hope and pray that it never ever does. I’m sick of it all.

No. 1885716

>They can’t even get a plain uterus in there without it being rejected.
They can't even transplant very simple (compared to a uterus) organs without common major complications and life long heavy drugs.
I'd rather scientists perfect transplanting other organs to sick unfortunate people, than spend time and energy trying to play god and fulfill unnecessary fetishes.

No. 1885720

it's interesting how pregnant women can't drink caffeine, eat sushi or deli meat or sleep in certain positions without being told by doctors that they're risking the health and safety of their fetus, but when it comes to validating the delusions of troons the concern for fetuses is thrown out the window.

No. 1885721

>At this point, I'm convinced that the average human is probably insane.
Half of the population is below average intelligence nona.

No. 1885726

It's hard to tell the specifics on this case, since it's surrounded by almost a century of both propaganda and hearsay coming from all directions. It doesn't help that all of this was taking place in Europe during what I can only generously refer to as a time of immense strife. Records have reportedly been destoyed in air strikes, which is believable enough given the time period. Some sources day that there were five surgeries rather than four, and I can't really seem to find conclusive information about how many ovaries were implanted into him (if it was just one, or a set of two), much less how they were implanted.
As an aside, I've seen a lot of TRAs make a claim that Nazis deliberately burned the equivalent of the transgender Library of Alexandria, but I sometimes wonder if they just mixed the deliberate book burnings done by Nazis with the incidental destruction of Lili Elbe's medical files via air strike. It would be funny if this supposed "lost goldmine" that they insist existed was just paperwork from Kurt Warnekros confirming that he randomly inserted ovaries into a man who, as per usual, had no womb to attach them to.

No. 1885729

The nazis did burn books on pedohile experiments done on force transed kids, which sure, to them probably is like burning the bible

No. 1885733

File: 1692633153466.png (269.03 KB, 1090x1273, Clipboard03.png)

>I want to make a point but not hear for years how I ruined her wedding.

stop inviting tranny narcs to your wedding

No. 1885737

Imagine being so selfish that you think this way. This fucking loser tranny is lucky his sister even wants him there at all. If it were me, the troon would not be invited, period. I hate them all sm I’m feeling extra blackpilled re trannies today sorry for spewing hate nonnas kek

No. 1885740

I hope someone recognizes who it is and informs the sister about the post so she can uninvite him

No. 1885744

That's totally bogus. I have lived in both Germany and the US and the US has WAY more trannies. I'd say at least 10 times more.

No. 1885751

I can see that being true, but it depends on where in the US you are. It's a big country, and some places have barely any. Places like Portland are infested, though.

No. 1885756

File: 1692634875137.png (64.54 KB, 955x511, Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 18-14…)

Same troon. He's a spoiled narc who's mad he does not get a free 1,5mil house. I hope he pisses off the parents so that the sister can have a lovely wedding without him.

No. 1885759

that's the main issue with the bathroom debate. intolerate men who have issues with how another man dresses in the same vicinity as them isn't a problem women have to deal with, that's their own problem. the most likely outcome is that they'll see a weirdo troon in there, shrug and ignore them afterwards.

No. 1885760

I need to know what this guy looks like

No. 1885763

>Why is it that they accepted them so much
The ones in the service industry are accepted because it's mostly women interacting with them. Thai etiquette is complicated and the language is very gendered but for the last 15-ish years you haven't had to engage in fiction when dealing with a ladyboy in a shop if you don't want to because he wants to keep his job, but you still need to be the appropriate level of polite (depends on your status). It's not like the UK where a trans Starbucks barista will rage at a customer for misgendering him. So relatively speaking it's not a big imposition to women since they're used to being imposed on anyway in a sexist society. And yes this will be phrased as "why do you care, they're not hurting anyone, it doesn't affect you" if anyone questions it.
>In media and also higher positions
Those ones are frustrating because they can afford to take offense to being sir'ed and disrespected. They're everywhere in the media because the grs and cosmetic surgery clinics want more patients and being able to point to a celebrity client is good advertising. It's also partly because many people in entertainment are halfies who went to college in Western countries and bring that tranny worship back with them. It's all getting worse with the Western influence because legal documents are being altered to erase the past and that's a tool of control.

No. 1885764

I like how he keeps trying to underplay it like "small ski town" (aka Aspen kek) or talking about renovations as if it was an abandoned home or something. 260k in 2012 would've been a fairly big home, like upper middle class as you'd have to make 6 figs in 2012 to afford it, back in 2012 you'd have to have a high up job to make that, nevermind the extra money they have for renovations

The housing market is crazy for sure but this scrote is entitled and delulu. Although this sparks my curiosity about people who claim to have disowned for being trans or whatever, why not just… Not be trans? If you know your main source of shelter is from people who want you to go by your assigned birth pronouns and/or be fairly gender confirming why not just suck it up and play the character around them? Or at least until you're able to find a place to live? I feel like if you'd rather starve or go homeless than you go by your birth name around your parents thats just natural selection at that point

No. 1885765

They may be only counting tranny adults, US has a lot of troon teenagers who are quite obvious and obnoxious

No. 1885767

>massively privileged obnoxious narcissist
lol makes sense
why are so many trannies communists?

No. 1885772

easiest way to whine and cry and play victim while still getting handouts. there's a reason commies are still memed on even by boomers to this day, it's cause they're sappy soft cunts that want everything done for them. if they're a bee in the swarm or an ant in the hill they don't have to apologize for their own shortcomings, they can blame the "system"
they are weak and low-testosterone men and handmaidens. I'd say pay them no mind but them on the rise is concerning to say the least