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File: 1680810683620.png (4.51 MB, 1768x2048, 6C93F13E-3D9C-42EB-B97D-29DBFF…)

No. 1804184

No. 1804186

Anybody dare to tell us what the safety pin flag means on the thread pic? Just like a diaper thing? And the one below it with like a red and white heart in the middle?

No. 1804189

The safety pin one is an adult baby diaper fetish flag. Not sure about the heart one.

No. 1804194

File: 1680812036250.jpg (32.92 KB, 453x492, truthpills.jpg)

No. 1804201

File: 1680812824041.jpeg (288.16 KB, 2048x921, ECA4DEC7-83DF-46A4-9398-077CAC…)

Stumbled across in the wild

No. 1804204

This troon is just giving Bunny from The Secret History in my mind’s eye vibes kekkkk

No. 1804205

File: 1680813386588.jpeg (1.09 MB, 750x6256, 7355B27C-7621-4FCF-9041-666171…)

if this rapist is so happy with his second anus which “has been penetrated countless times and every single time men have ejaculated”, why does he keep writing long schizo rants on reddit?

No. 1804206

File: 1680813653417.webm (2.95 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.App 712489917652092855…)


No. 1804207

Took a bit but the red and white heart flag is an ageplay kink flag

No. 1804210

barf. i like how he’s trying to hide his moid jawline like the rest of him doesn’t scream male

No. 1804211

File: 1680813896139.png (410.64 KB, 1231x725, Violent Trans Activists Force …)

of course they are

No. 1804212

File: 1680813910214.jpg (238.8 KB, 1080x1802, IMG_20230406_174141.jpg)

This greasy moid from my uni is harassing a man on his stories (calling him an enbyphobe, literally), all because the other guy wouldn't let males into the women's bathrooms– Specifically because of a 'nb' man had already used his NB status to try and rape a girl in that same bathroom in the past.

No. 1804216

File: 1680814097333.jpg (120.87 KB, 1080x1281, FtDWXdGaMAAZR_6.jpg)

No. 1804217

"Some vulvas are petite, some look like run-over pigeons on the highway" ah, a pedophilic troon. Who's shocked?

No. 1804222

If he's nb why can't he just use the mens bathroom still? Women's bathrooms are free for alls.

No. 1804223

They really get off on violating women's boundaries. You never see ftms do this, i wonder why.

No. 1804227

File: 1680815529667.jpg (188.79 KB, 1080x1224, FtBV0nMaYAANGka.jpg)

trannies really are crazy

No. 1804228

Ew, ofcourse it is

No. 1804230

File: 1680815652715.png (123.32 KB, 685x1054, Nig Heke on Twitter.png)

No. 1804232

tinfoil but the relentless pushing of puberty blockers and all the "trans kids" talk is literally a pedophile agenda. it all makes sense if you look at it from that perspective. especially if you consider how many pedophiles are also the billionaires who are funding the trans lobby

No. 1804234

>rants about transphobes using pseudoscience
>says that the vagina's "main function" is to "accommodate a penis"
I hate troons.

No. 1804239


it bothers me people think of this as a conspiracy when at least 2 living presidents are directly connected to child sex trafficking along with a ton of other elites through the epstein stuff.

like you meet some people who think literally everything is an op, but if you say "hey isn't it weird the people who got caught buying children made this really convenient loophole that will create something that is both legal and indistinguishable from cp\pedophilia?" you're crazy. they basically found a way to make nambla happen while bypassing the courts entirely.

No. 1804241

File: 1680817383140.jpg (77.77 KB, 720x1164, Screenshot_20230406-173954_Chr…)

Troon tried to shoot up school-

"Investigators found instructions on how to build homemade bombs and a whiteboard with the floor plan to Timberview Middle School in the bedroom of a former student accused of planning a mass shooting at the Colorado Springs school, according to arrest records obtained by The Gazette.

The Elbert County Sheriff's Office arrested William Whitworth, 19, on March 31 on suspicion of attempted first-degree murder and other charges after Whitworth admitted to wanting to shoot up a school, the affidavit states.

Deputies went to Whitworth's home after Whitworth's sister claimed that Whitworth was behaving violently and made references to school shootings earlier in the day.

Deputies found Whitworth lying in bed, drunk, in a room piled with trash that had several holes in the wall, according to the affidavit.

**The affidavit lists the defendant as male, but Whitworth's sister referred to Whitworth as "lily" and described her sibling as "their sister" when she spoke with investigators.

Eric Ross, a spokesperson for the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, told The Gazette that Whitworth is in the process of transitioning to female.**

When authorities asked why Whitworth wanted to shoot up a school, Whitworth said: "No specific reason." Whitworth also admitted to being “about a third of the way from doing it (committing a mass shooting),”the affidavit states.

**Deputies found a “manifesto” with the names of mass shooters, political commentators and more while searching Whitworth's home, according to the affidavit.

They also found a notebook with instructions on how to make firearms using a 3D printer and how to build homemade bombs. Whitworth admitted to watching a YouTube video on how to build a detonator, according to the affidavit.

The affidavit states that Prairie Hills Elementary and Pine Creek High School, both in Colorado Springs, were also listed as “targets” in one of Whitworth’s notebooks, which also contained a “detailed list of numerous named individuals to be killed.”**

Deputies did not find any weapons in the home, but they did find a liquid that is used to clean firearms.

Whitworth is charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder, menacing, criminal mischief and interference with staff, faculty or students of educational institutions.

Whitworth is being held on a $75,000 bond. Representatives from Academy District 20 in Colorado Springs did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

No. 1804244


sorry for double positing but it would be sooooo interesting to see what the reaction would be if it was proposed that it be made illegal for people who go on puberty blockers to create pornography or prostitute themselves.

No. 1804246

Troons aren't so innocent now are they?

No. 1804252

I've never seen a tomato on a seder plate before, let alone a tomato with a swastika? I'd be worried but nothing about these people surprise me anymore.

No. 1804254

literally what the fuck is up with colorado and mass shootings?

No. 1804263

File: 1680819561150.png (168.57 KB, 1080x1127, IMG_0113.png)

I didn’t see this posted here yet but apologies in advance if it was and I missed it. Lots of radblr drama going on with these males and their lesbian rape fetishes. This morialecc guy is a special type retard and seeing him be bullied by a bunch of lesbians and radfems these past few days has warmed my heart a bit

No. 1804268

No shock that kids whose genitals and “transness” are made the focal points of their lives and source of praise/admiration/etc will continue to chase that validation as adults. Even if it comes in the form of being fetishized and degraded

No. 1804272

That's totally something someone would post in /r/menwritingwomen

No. 1804273

at this point, why do murricans bother sending their kids to school at all, if all they’re gonna be doing there is get groomed by pedos and trannies, risk getting shot by incels, potentially get sexually assaulted in the genderspecial bathrooms, get bullied for being “cis”, while being taught pointless postmodern bullshit? homeschool them shits, there must be online programs they could be doing instead, and some IRL activities that don’t involve social media or pedo drag queens. anything but this shitshow.

No. 1804281

It's the troon who poured tomato juice on Posie Parker in NZ

No. 1804282

seriously. american schools sound like the least safe place for kids to be kek

No. 1804285

File: 1680820512183.jpg (472.31 KB, 1536x2048, FslilN-XwAAJCBf.jpg)

dem giant hands

No. 1804286

File: 1680820553570.jpg (168.94 KB, 1280x720, Fswem1yXoAEdmPB.jpg)

No. 1804288

File: 1680820657710.jpg (23.3 KB, 345x496, gungadinlaugh.jpg)

>several holes in the wall
He trooned out and it didn't magically cure his aggressive moidness, WHO KNEW

No. 1804290

Gee why? This is really strange. So so strange. Never would have thought a woman hating troon leads an MRA group.

No. 1804292

File: 1680820856057.jpg (78.32 KB, 1080x581, Fs1CvQmWAAAzDng.jpg)

No. 1804293

Because parents nowadays are total sheep. Look at how the school systems handled covid: like shit.

No. 1804294

I'm sure the Jewish community is just utterly delighted with this

No. 1804295

File: 1680820877725.jpg (166.2 KB, 1080x1593, Fs1CvlbX0AgKKqK.jpg)

This is him… I think they know dude

No. 1804297

Literally everything they ever say about female anatomy belongs there. I would say I don’t understand how people who want so badly to be women don’t get how women work, but then I remember that TiMs are usually some of the most misogynistic men out there and their ideas on women are consistently informed by porn.

No. 1804298

>Attorney’s Office told The Gazette that Whitworth is in the process of transitioning to female
going to a women's prison then i take it

No. 1804301

Socialising in 2016. All alone in his bedroom looking like a freak in 2022. Amazing achievement.

No. 1804303

is this the same faggot who wrote a long post similar to this telling other trannies to not disclose? I remember it was posted a few threads back

No. 1804304


it's kinda insane that it seems like no matter what your actual grievance is in america people decide to shoot random children over it. it really makes no sense, americans used to attack politicians all the time and then just stopped and started venting everything at kids or each other.

No. 1804305

They know. They tuned in to see when he's going to have a fit.

No. 1804306

at that age, is it worth it even for the coom to troon out?

No. 1804308

We don’t have tranny shit in my state but the pedos and guns are accurate.

No. 1804313

Trooning out is a last resort if he can't coom to anything else anymore.

No. 1804319

File: 1680822905092.png (10.38 KB, 421x176, she her.png)

watch how they will respect his pronouns and non-legal troon name whilst Audrey Hale's haven't been respected once in a media outlet kek

No. 1804321

File: 1680822914789.png (106.13 KB, 589x818, Untitled.png)

No. 1804330

Yeah wtf. Every single article about a MTF tranny offender, I see them referring to him as she/her. Yet every article about the FTM shooter they call her she/her.

No. 1804331

thread pic needs to be spoilered please no one should have to see that shit

No. 1804332

File: 1680823795471.jpeg (230.1 KB, 1151x1536, E8FCDBD1-9A11-4773-9FF5-4A9B3B…)

>i trust children to know what’s best for them
the retardation is beyond me

No. 1804337


you can really see why this shit keeps breaking down when they're essentially arguing it's trans rights to destroy the trans rights movement. the identity trumps any practical goals. like the discussion of whether or not to actually have planned violence that might win the support of people or just stay peaceful use and tactics toward that end doesn't happen anymore. everyone just do whatever at all times, anything less makes you a nazi.

No. 1804349

Incels and trannies are interchangeable, the dreams of mass violence and comments about women’s bodies proves it daily

No. 1804351

That much of a concern over other people's children is just a huge pedophilic red flag.

No. 1804354

true lmao. but it's crazy to think that no one is safe, like, this is someone's grandpa. you'd think that normie 65+ yo men would be okay because they've had life experience and they didn't grow up watching hentai. but it's never too late ig. bleak.

No. 1804356

Oh my god this is the same troon that hontrapoints had his "lesbian awakening" over and also used to edit his videos. Hilarious how hontras association with an mra didn't get him candelled. I guess misogyny doesn't matter. They just don't think it's real

No. 1804357

That last sentence completely negates their entire argument then.

No. 1804358


IIRC he's a south african white nationalist too. Though contra & friends try really hard to keep scrubbing that video off youtube.

No. 1804360

Kids are retarded it's why we need kid wranglers so kids don't grow up into retarded adults.

No. 1804361

This troon is larping so hard
>Whitworth said the manifesto was four pages long and had "schizophrenic rants" on them. However, the affidavit states when deputies asked if she was schizophrenic, she replied "I hope not."
>According to the affidavit, one of the notebooks also had a list of various mass shooters, serial killers, politicians, and entertainers with commentary on each.

Below is how the names were listed in the affidavit:

Eric and Dylan: Losers
Adam Lanza: To smart
Isreal Keyes: Degenerate
Lauren Southern: Pathetic
Vaush: Terrorist
Donald J. Trump: Con-mam
Bad cops: Useless garbage
Stockholm, Name: Liam K.
Fucking name-dropping vaush of all people

No. 1804373

File: 1680827259877.png (30.85 KB, 478x805, Screenshot 2023-04-07 at 02-26…)

The replies are hilarious. Troons are peaking troons now lmao

No. 1804377

Why is vaush on that list? He loves troons and hates women.

No. 1804381

>Vaush: Terrorist
KEK but why? no one loves troons more than him.
>found "The Communist Manifesto" by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
and of course he was also larping as a communist. did he skate over the part about material reality?

No. 1804385


Probably larping the whole thing really. All the serious shooters at least manage to arm themselves pretty early on.

No. 1804386

File: 1680828124286.png (110.95 KB, 677x616, used nappies....png)

same guy?

No. 1804387

>I trust children to know what's best for them
These pedophiles are seriously laying the groundwork huh? Their insane arguments are always one small logical leap away from 'children can consent to sex', it's chilling.

No. 1804390

I hope any Eastern Euro anons see this and laugh their heads off.

No. 1804392

File: 1680828791156.png (336.44 KB, 526x575, diaper fetish freaks.png)

>puberty blockers
>children know whats best for them
>children are old enough to make decisions regarding their sex organs
>children need to be exposed to all kinds of people to grow as a person (cue lap-dancing drag queen)
>any parents who don't agree to the above are not fit to look after their children
>grown men acting like little girls need to do so in order to live the childhood they never had
>stop shaming men who wear diapers and eroticise babies
>welcome to hell

No. 1804396

I fucking hate the media trying to gaslight me into thinking this shit and drag shows for kids is normal. It's not, its fucking weird, my being skeeved out by it is a natural response, stop telling me to be ashamed of it so I can coddle these gross fuck's feelings

No. 1804397

Don't forget encouraging kids to keep secrets from their parents, how fucking convenient

No. 1804403

File: 1680830055546.webm (3.52 MB, 576x1024, unfunnybecauseitstrue.webm)

wasn't sure if i should post this here or in the dyldo thread but heres some "comedy" that came up on my fyp

No. 1804404

ugh yes. alienating kids from their parents and their peers. teaching them its normal to keep secrets. fuck this cancer.

also allowing ex-offenders to scrub their records through transition and name change, and end up working/volunteering at organisations with children. how many times have we seen this?

No. 1804405

File: 1680830121489.jpg (60.03 KB, 1080x683, menarewhenbeer.jpg)


and the cherry on top from the comment section

No. 1804406

being anywhere near trans tumblr right now makes it one of the worst eras in the site’s history. as far as im concerned “genocide” cannot come fast enough for these people.

No. 1804407

>what experts call harmless interests
lmao they're still trying to mention ""experts"" and ScIeNcE to gain people's trust huh. that ship has sailed. the experts are also castrating kids, we know they say/do whatever get them money. they really think we can't see all these freaks, troons, DGs with interest in/acting like children coming up with CP charges and raping kids. all of this is legit caused by PORN and mental illness and they're trying to normalize it, bleak af.

No. 1804408

File: 1680830865639.png (41.3 KB, 307x359, cope.png)

>straight woman
both male theatre kids. pathtietc. go drink your piss beer and leave women alone.

No. 1804410

File: 1680830896531.jpg (190.83 KB, 1223x1167, Fs-hlWZXoAApHRu.jpg)

No. 1804412

I follow a mixture of TRAs and radfems and some of the TRA posts are so ridiculous at first I have to check if it’s a radfem account making fun of them. They become truly unhinged when they’re safe among like minds on the “tranny sex website”, as they call it

No. 1804413

serial killer vibes

No. 1804415

kek nona, bunny was a jock. all I see is a cabbage patch kid in ten-year-old, musty theater clothes

No. 1804418

What disorder does he have that makes his face move like that?

No. 1804420

Testerical troonmalditis. Or it's just how his autistic brain thinks comedians talk.

No. 1804425

KEK TA and yeah you right you right. Theater kid badly trying to cosplay vibes of the main cast of TSH

No. 1804429

Thousands of years of forcing unproductive loser males into the gene pool has just fucked humanity. ISTG the more destructive and worthless a man is to society as a whole, the higher his libido is. It's like a maladaptive failsafe to keep their genetic material in circulation, if women avoid them, remove all barriers and just fuck anything and everything while trying to sneaky rape women.

No. 1804431

What's wrong with his legs are those bruises? Why did he look at this picture and keep it, his expression is so scary.

No. 1804439

File: 1680833727619.jpg (152.71 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20230406-230640.jpg)

Bruh even in a stupid pancakes tik tok they bring up the jkr trans rights bullshit. My god this is insufferable

No. 1804443

"I trust children to know whats best for them <3" It has never been the case that children know whats best for them, if we let them do whatever they wanted they'd get fucking minecraft tattoos and eat cookies for every meal. My parents had that kind of "hands-off" approach and now I'm left peeved because I don't feel like anyone was guiding me away from the dumb stuff I did.

And don't get me STARTED on how children don't have a firm grasp on the difference between gender stereotypes, sex, and general insecurity with their bodies. When I was a kid I wanted to troon out cause of Dave Strider, but I was too young too understand that I didn't want to be a male, I wanted to be Dave Strider because he embodied what I wanted to be: attractive, confident, cool. I didn't understand that at the time, or that just because I didn't like dressing as a woman didn't make me any less of one. If someone had given me HRT, ruined my health and fertility over some childhood wish that went away as soon as I grew security and confidence, holy fuck.

No. 1804451

Tinfoil but I really do think they’re going to try to slowly normalize pedophilia again in the next decade. I see posts where any criticism is met with “oh so I guess you don’t view kids as humans who deserve autonomy”… They think teachers who encourage kids to be trans are heroes and the parents MUST be abusive bigots if the kids keep it from them. Separating victims from families is textbook grooming. But it won’t end here. Men (from all political parties and walks of life) are pissed that they’ve been recently getting shamed or “cancelled” for fucking teenagers or sexually harassing them when it was accepted as recently as the early 2000s. They want it back but with more certainty

No. 1804466

File: 1680839088616.jpg (89.29 KB, 975x975, 1678046953357704.jpg)

The wildest part is this sounds shockingly similar to those "3rd gender" nonsense homophobic cultures used to groom children into being sex slaves.

No. 1804493

File: 1680843087718.jpg (65.16 KB, 1344x706, Screen_Shot_2021-01-11_at_3.06…)

wow you go to uni with this guy?

No. 1804494

Sage for tinfoil but do you guys think troons believe they pass because no one tells them otherwise? Like no one is just going to come up to them irl and say “you look like a man, we can tell you’re trans” so they assume that they look like women. I can’t see any other explanation for how they are stealth and pass so well but constantly get harassed by terfs.

No. 1804495

File: 1680843123867.jpeg (155.87 KB, 1242x1166, IMG_0116.jpeg)

No. 1804496

This is the most misogynstic thing I've ever seen
Being female is not "collecting and becoming erotic visions" literally how did this guy get away with saying this?

No. 1804497

Yes idk what it is with men but they have total face blindness including for themselves. Like how regular men can never tell if a woman is wearing make-up or using a filter and they often fail to clock trannies. So when their heads are filled with lies from other blind trannies and patronizing handmaidens, they have to believe it because they simply can’t tell by looking in the mirror or pics of themselves. To me it’s actually pretty comical and my favorite thing about trannies, if only they weren’t so harmful

No. 1804502

You see the same thing with the rationalists, tradthots and leftcows in their own threads, using the concept of “consent” as a battering ram to normalize pedophilia. “W-well you don’t ask kids for ‘consent’ before you send them to school, so why does it only matter when you fuck them?!” They’re not actually concerned with getting kids’ consent to go to school, they just want to fuck them.

No. 1804503

Andrea Long Chu is my favorite troon, the level of cope he emits is insane. “Being female just means being a hole to fuck, therefore my hairy asshole makes me female!” I find academic troons like him and Joe Lavery the most entertaining because they have so much critical theory academic jargon to fluff up their mental illness.

No. 1804506

This has always been a thing in all social justice movements tbf, you still find PoC bringing up "tone policing" to this day

No. 1804508

Nonnies I've been putting it off but I think it’s time to share my experience with a degen MTF that ruined my friends life.
(sorry if the green text is terrible, it’s my first time writing)

> be me at 17 really small group of nerdy weeb friends all my age 3 guys, 3 girls but only 2 are relevant

> One girl (I’ll call her V) is super friendly and sweet, top of the class, very strong willed, really fit and slim. Amazing person 10/10

> One guy (I’ll call S) scrawny nerdy guy, ginger bowlcut , overly protective religious mother, always quiet.

> a few months after meeting V and S started dating, first relationship either had been in, seemed really sweet, everyone supported it (myself included)

> V and S are still together at the end of high school, won cutest couple in yearbook, both go to university together in a different state.

> 2 years later

> Myself and friends hadn’t seen V and S in a while we all kind of drifted apart. V and S didn’t come back to visit the state until now, Neither really used social media aside from discord and steam VoiceChat .

> we meet at a place for dinner, myself and 3 friends waiting for V and S

> V walks in and is unrecognisable, she gained at least 30kg (65 pounds) and was wearing an Ill-fitting dress and messy hair. V always cared a lot about fitness and maintaining her appearance, was a big shock.

> S walks in holding her waist same appearance except longer, scraggly hair.

> V doesn’t talk much all night, every time we try to talk to her about life she changes the subject to vidya or anime

> S talking about his MTG collection and how him and V are going to Japan soon, just weeb stuff. Neither want to talk about life or University.

> my female friends and I try to talk to V and make sure everything’s okay, she says she’s fine and eventually just stops responding. We aren’t that close anymore so didn’t push it (stupid mistake)

> 2 more years later

> barely heard from V but S was posing all this tranny bullshit everywhere all over social media, friends who still played Vidya with him said he was constantly sharing stories of his an V’s sex life, like how he liked being called Ashlee in sex (his mothers name)and some other strange stuff


>V moved back to my state, she was broke, moved in with an aunt and had gained another 20kg. S stayed in the other state, publicly trooned out going by the most typical tranny name ( take a guess)

> V opens up to us a few weeks after coming back, Turns out she dropped out of university a little under 3 years ago, S became incredibly controlling and believed she was talking to men at university and threatened to kill himself if she didn’t drop out, S dropped out a little after.

> S didn’t want V to leave the house Incase she talked to other men, to support them while they where both living in a different state S worked as a manager at a fast food restraunt. V stayed home and watched anime and Vidya as S threatened suicide whenever she spoke of working or moving.

> apparently S trooned out when he left university but did not make it public untill years later.

> V found out that he had this degenerate feeding fetish when they were in high school, she ended up finding his laptop full of images like (PIC REL spoiler cas gross) and he laughed it off saying “it was only fantasy”

> she ended up catching him putting stuff in her food a few times while they where living together. His family owned a restaurant and he was always an excellent cook so he did most of the cooking. He coated everything in oil butter (salads, burgers, curries) alongside everything. Made her ridiculous portions for university lunches.

> He was obsessed with her stomach, constantly playing with it, but always chastising her for her weight gain, he teased her and she was incredibly self-conscious and isolated herself , she said he would refuse to let her buy new clothes because she could “ loose weight to get back into them” and as he was the only one working she didn’t have the finances to afford them very often.

>He made jokes to his friends and coworkers about how he “made his GF fat without her knowing” V was incredibly depressed the whole time she was living with him, she didn’t have close family or friends and didn’t know how to get out of this situation.

> V decides to leave S and move back home when she discovered he had been cheating with numerous women at his work.

>”All the lesbians love my girlcock, teehee”

>S gets angry at V leaving suddenly, spreads her nudes all over feederism sites and reddit (sends some to myself and other friends)

> S is still living in a different state but has a few SA allegations against him from different women, fired from his Fast food job and is couch surfing.

> His big in The trans community in the state, always wearing the most unappealing pink tutus with badly applied drag makeup, Scraggly balding moid hair.

> shoplifted hundreds of dollars worth makeup from a store and had his hideous mugshot posted online when he was caught.

> S is now living with a 17 YO girl (just legal in this state)

> V is rebuilding her life after this moid sucked the life out of her for about 6 years, she’s dating a decent nigel, working and studying

Looking back on it V was definantly naive but I really feel for her, S was a manipulative, controlling degenerate.

\(you tried)

No. 1804509

Sorry double post Forgot to add pic

No. 1804515

I don't think this is tinfoil at all nonnie. It's already happening.

No. 1804516

I don't think anyone will ever normalize pedophilia, but I'm sure a lot of people think this way. My tinfoil is that the troon agenda is the reason we have so many retarded conservatives now, especially women. They look at this shit and think "Yea conservatives are dumb as fuck and hate women, but at least me and my daughter can use the bathroom or locker room without a naked man masturbating in our stolen underwear in front of us".
Tinfoil № 2, most troons, at least all the AGP ones, know they don't pass and that nobody thinks that they are women, they don't actually believe they are women themselves, they just know if they claim they are tannies they will be allowed to harass women in women's spaces. Most of them (minus the ones who troon-trapped their wives) are absolute incels and that is the only way they can get closer to women. Troons know that handmaidens are lying to them to be polite/because they are scared and they like that.

No. 1804518

These men should have died in the mines, the unsafe factories, or in war like back in the day so their retarded genetic material would have died along with them.

No. 1804559

File: 1680855602218.png (86.46 KB, 1080x836, Screenshot_20230331-182154.png)

This state is weird, especially the Eastern side of the state. And Colorado Springs is this weird military city with Focus on the Family. There's no art or subcultures thriving there. Also, apparently, Colorado Springs has the most overall drug use in the US? I found it a bit surprising, but not really. Everyone I know who lives there has/had a drinking or drug problem.

Idk what exactly it is, but the four military bases + NORAD in one place definitely has something to do with it.

No. 1804560

File: 1680856056580.jpeg (116.53 KB, 828x1143, 894755E3-6189-46AB-8AA1-CA1340…)

Anyone else notice how TRAs always tie the hatred of TERFs to SWERFs? It’s so telling left wing men who prioritize trannies also criticize women for being concerned with how dangerous sex work is. I wonder how many allies have gone to brothels?

No. 1804561

File: 1680856345033.png (29.28 KB, 1270x183, founderofnambla.png)

Went out to look for some statements about children consenting from pro-pedo orgs, found something slightly more interesting- these are quotes from david thorstad, the founder of NAMBLA. Tell me this doens't sound eerily familiar to the increasingly-mainstream TRA rethoric. Including lesbians being the voice of reason and being demonized as hysterical.

No. 1804562

File: 1680856432808.png (1.06 MB, 836x3961, theadvocateonnambla.png)

samefag, here's the (almost) full article where some of the quotes are from. saging because not directly TRA related but I thought it was interesting enough to post

No. 1804563

File: 1680856865139.jpeg (212.88 KB, 1242x1184, IMG_0120.jpeg)

Hmm, idk Jacob. It’s probably A) you’re a man and B) you were diddled as a kid. Or maybe you’re just a pathetic coomer for no reason. Your feelings have literally no relation to feminism or women whatsoever so it’s odd to talk about them as if they do.

No. 1804570

The military drags in the most scumfuck of men. Anywhere the military is, expect the most degeneracy and social dysfunction possible. The men at the top obviously can barely keep the lower ranks in line, even with all the durhur strong fambly values propaganda crap. They try to rope in women to be "military wives" just to tame the scrote bullshit, and then scrotes turn around and hate those women, even as they cash in on the bonus pay and benefits just for being married.
>most troons, at least all the AGP ones, know they don't pass and that nobody thinks that they are women,
I think this is right, from my years being a cool girl around scrote males. They will never admit when they're in the wrong, just gaslight you, and if you give in and agree with them, they'll just sneer and laugh at you. Lying to women is just first nature to men.

No. 1804574

this is so creepy how it's normalized as an actual issue

No. 1804578

Can someone please explain to me why women don't snap and burn everything down en masse after seeing this whole MAN say this shit? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. How do women just nod and smile along or, even worse, actively defend and worship these males and then cluck at each other like hens tearing each other down the second someone shows doubt in the trans movement? I'm honestly at my limit here

No. 1804582

Not too hard to understand when there's boy moms and handmaidens who exist.They're doormats and let men walk all over them. I view it as a survival mechanism.

No. 1804583

>how do women not just snap and burn everything down
Because unfortunately we have self control, unlike smeglets.

No. 1804584

>how do women not just snap and burn everything down
Because unfortunately we have self control, unlike smeglets.

No. 1804588

I do know that but I don't understand how the words "I want sexual objectification and the idea that objectification is bad is wrong and a feminist lie" next to the picture of an ugly scrote doesn't awaken something primal. Even in handmaidens

No. 1804591

File: 1680862625236.jpeg (85.48 KB, 1080x943, 5F626981-345C-4384-A84F-9C89C9…)

No. 1804592

TRA or radfem is a fun game to play.

No. 1804593

They view them as gay and harmless. See Dylan getting all these sponsorships. Drag queens are untouchable even when revealed to be pedos. T hanging on to LGB as usual.

No. 1804597

He looks genuinely evil and sinister

No. 1804598

This is perfect
>care more about tranny reputation than heinous crime
>care more about the internet than heinous crime
>Agree that heinous crime perpetuated by trannies is frequent enough to need a PSA

No. 1804600

Men can never figure out why objectification is bad because zero of them truly understand consent. People other than your partner being sexually aroused by you without your wish or permission is a breach of consent. You did not consent to their sexual thoughts, actions, and approaches/communication.
In some societies (e.g. muslim) they put it all on the woman: it's your fault I thought sexual things about you because you weren't covered up to the eyeballs. They will never understand it is all on them being rapists with absolutely no comprehension of consent or controlling their urges.

No. 1804601

this exactly, children still think there are “boy colors” and “girl colors”. As a kid i had more guy friends than girls and enjoyed playing with both dolls and cars so if this tranny bs was introduced to me at that age i might’ve thought I was trans and meant to be a boy, this message they are sending is beyond dangerous and supporting a child in transition is on par with molesting them, in essence both are forcing the child into something they can’t consent to or grasp fully and something that will fuck them up for life. It’s cruel and aligns with pedophilic beliefs, I can’t believe mainstream lefties are falling for this shit

No. 1804603

I think this retard is confusing being desired to being seen as a sex object but either way, I really hope every man he talks to see him as nothing but a hole and treats him as such

No. 1804618

File: 1680869108999.webm (3.94 MB, 750x368, 89243623.webm)

Fallon Fox fractures yet another women's skull

No. 1804619

File: 1680869689373.jpeg (101.43 KB, 749x764, fallonfox.jpeg)

is this new? so he has fractured 3 skulls now? wtf
>every woman in this tournament better look out. I'M COMING.
and cumming too I bet. reminder that this sick misogynist fuck won a 'Bravest Athlete' award…

No. 1804624

that's super sad and creepy, i'm glad your friend could turn her life back around. trannies are really a danger to the public. and idk why so many guys fitting the description of S somehow manage to ruin several girls lives, cheat etc.

>why do i, as an ugly unlovable coombrained male who's never been sexually objectified but formed an opinion on the topic by watching porn, want it so badly?
real mystery there. go get fucked in the ass and shut the fuck up.

No. 1804627

keep showing how much you want to beat women legally in the name of transphobia. YWNBAW ♥

No. 1804629

>Tell them that I'm trans
I don't think he needs to

No. 1804640

sage for non milk but does any nonna have advice for if your kid troons out? What are the appropriate steps to address it and get them the help they need without making them think you are le ebil transphobe? I know teenagers tend to think their parents hate them if they don’t support all of their stupid decisions and making it seem like you are trying to “convert” them might make them closer to and take refuge in whatever community they got the idea to troon out from. I’m not a mom and I won’t have kids for at least 10 more years, I’m hoping this tranny bullshit will die until then but if it doesn’t and it just becomes “normal” and commonly accepted I want to make sure my kids don’t suffer the same fate as these freaks.

No. 1804642

I know the uncertainty, nonna. As a mom myself with a young daughter, I’m planning to have serious talks with her at puberty age about how I felt when it was happening to me, and how it’s normal to feel disgusted and upset and not want to “be a girl” because of what happens to girls. I’m going to tell her that if I had come of age now I would have been in danger of falling into troon rhetoric but there are a plethora of medical facts and psychological reasons why it is a sham. I know it’s a “cross that bridge when you come to it” thing but I’m damn well going to have plans in place. I’m scared of the possibilities but it’s just as likely she won’t have any issues with gender woo.

No. 1804643

Strongly monitor their internet access so it doesn't happen in the first place.

No. 1804647

Why do these women give that moid the satisfaction of beating them to a pulp. Refuse to fight this coward.

No. 1804650

Blog but my dad believes this doesn't happen and follows the sport, considers himself pro-women's sports. Does anyone have more links on this, how can he or anyone be willfully blind to this if it's being spoken about so much more frequently in those circles. Baffling.

No. 1804652

kek Mr. Bean trooned out

No. 1804662

I'm a detrans woman who socially transitioned as a child. So what I personally think would have helped would be getting me used to my body. To focus on what my body can do and not what it looks like. To accept my body, if not to love it, to feel neutral of it. Maybe getting hobbies where the child can use their body would help. Showing celebrities or even people who you know who are gnc could be good to a child, so they know there are other people like them and who they can relate to. If the child is younger, you should just straight up tell them no, you are not the opposite sex. And obviously explain to them that sex isn't a feeling and girls and boys can do and like whatever they want, it doesn't make them a different sex. Getting help from professionals can be difficult, even 10 years ago when I was seeing psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses etc, they told my parents to let me lead.

No. 1804671

Homeschool immediately, limit access to internet, if they’re old enough to handle it show them detrans documentaries a la A Clockwork Orange

No. 1804672

Ive been autistically interested in finance and financial cycles lately. 2008 really fucked my family up and the collapse of SVB got me studying monetary policy in the US since. Idk, just extraordinarily interesting. So as I am now studying cycles of historical monetary policy ('cow math' was the first interest earned 4000 years ago kek) there is an established 7 stage cycle of every single empire that has ever fallen.

The Age of Pioneers (Outburst)
The Age of Conquests
The Age of Commerce
The Age of Affluence
The Age of Intellect
The Age of Decadence
The Age of Decline & Collapse

We are in stage 6.5, (USA) and one of the hallmarks of the transition to stage 7 is the obsession with sex and an astronomical increase of sexuality in every aspect of society. The reason is that after the age of Decadance, the people realize something is off and they feel like the abundance of the previous generation is still there yet somehow missing. It's psychological- searching for that decadance and meaning again. It has happened in empire after empire. Like those paintings of nude people being fed grapes and grown men having young boys follow them around… (Rome or Greece I cant recall atm just woke up).

Tinfoil but this transgenderism is exploding in the US because human psyche can sense the decline…and collectively people tend to repeat cycles through history. Every empire that ever went to a fiat currency fell afterwards. We went to a fiat currency 40 years ago. Something to think about. Not usually super conspiritard but I do enjoy speculating on why everything is just so wrong? Gonna just live my life and watch history unfold I guess.

No. 1804682

I agree wholeheartedly, to be honest.

No. 1804683

File: 1680878188021.jpeg (485.29 KB, 1366x2048, 1EF86028-33CB-43BF-A402-9E8912…)

No. 1804684

It's upsetting knowing women who live in shitty apartments because no one wants to rent to rent to single women, while this hulking pervert lives out his "slut bottom" fantasy with all those cabinets. That furniture all looks like it was purchased new. Probably just reading too far into things and taking it personally but it's pissing me off that people with financial security are sexual deviants while good people struggle. If anyone lives on easy mode, it's men.

No. 1804685

Jews looooove troons, most of the billionares funding them are jewish(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1804687

USA: https://www.icfsport.org/resources
UK: https://fairplayforwomen.com/campaigns/sports-campaign/
AU & NZ: https://www.savewomenssport.com/the-facts
tally of many of the times women were robbed of first places: http://shewon.org/ (not been updated since last year)

just a few news stories of TIMs injuring women during sports.

another thing I always bring up in relation to sports is that it's not just offensive, demotivating, unfair, dangerous etc. but it's a scam. it's theft. for professional players, this is their livelihood. and it's not only prize money they are now missing out on to men but also sponsorships with brands which is how a lot of them generate income. women fought so hard for our own leagues and to be taken seriously and we barely got to enjoy it for a second before men took it away.

No. 1804688

Because they dont see troons or gays as men and they want to blame women for everything

No. 1804690

I feel you nonna

No. 1804696

Idk about the general public becoming more okay with pedophilia, but it will get harder to talk about. I've already seen any talk of protecting children or punishing groomers derided as conservative dog whistling. Men are already disgustingly okay with openly sexualizing teenage girls. I think pushing it to actual little kids would be too far for most people, but maybe I'm being naive.
I really wish a man would do what that one guy in a weightlifting(?) competition did recently and identify as a woman just to prove a point and beat the shit out of this loser. He'd probably have to fight through actual women first though, so it wouldn't really work too well. But somebody needs to put this violent cheater in his place.
Love that TIFs are just as clueless about what men do as TIMs are about women. Those dudes didn't consider her one of them because she was drinking shitty beer. And room temp beer? Gross. Unless you're a britbong, dudes would make fun of you for drinking it like that (though you guys still drink it cool right? Just not ice cold)

No. 1804702

A transvestite is an ideal consumer, income of a man and constant need to buy this or that in order to fulfill their fetish. And them constantly raping and grooming children is something they endorse and welcome as well.

No. 1804703

File: 1680879620090.jpg (107.11 KB, 1080x806, 20230407.jpg)

Alves wants a womb transplant as he's "so in touch with his feminine side he forgets he doesnt have a womb and wants 2 kids"
Video isnt very interesting except he went to a ferility clinic to discuss options and the doctor started explaining treatments like IVF, Alves was like "i gotta tell you something, im not a biological woman, ive been looking into womb transplants". Doctor says theres been "success" cases but its not worth it yet.
So Alves is going on dates everyday to find a boyfriend and then look into surrogacy and adoption

No. 1804705

surrogacy in general is so vile and should be illegal, but being homosexual freak wanting to exploit a woman to have a child in order to probably rape it eventually should be punishable by death

No. 1804707

I am begging these dipshits to take an entry level course in anything and actually pay attention. Women are featured in art more than men because of sexism, because just about every culture in the world sees women as objects, not as living people; this is why when you see women in art they are rarely ever active but instead are posed, just like a fucking painting of a bowl of fruit. It's not difficult to understand that the perception of women as passive objects is merely cultural and as one of my favourite radfems used to say "culture is just another word for patriarchy".

This is the other side of the spectrum where women's bodies are seen as objects but men's bodies are seen as tools; men need to be objectified in culture more and women need to be seen as people more.

No. 1804713

File: 1680880717586.jpg (32.25 KB, 1196x464, NSxJhht.jpg)

So often it feels like they're so close to understanding but then they just fall back into the extremely male belief of everything revolving around them and them only.

No. 1804721

Not really connected to puberty blockers, but 3rd genders are so bullshit when you realize it's usually just one sex in the other's gender role. Like I've recently done a wikipedia dive on my culture's apparent "LGBT" past only find out that our "troon" fertility god is probably just intersex, which can be easily explained by the fact that sexual symbiosis symbology is a prevalent archetype in most mythologies that it's pretty easy to see why "person with vagina and penis" would mean "fertility of the land and nature". Our "third gender" is literally just effeminate men being raised to do typically female roles specifically being shamans. Again a very common role for women to be in ancient times and though articles keep spewing out this "women were venerated members of society as priestesses" bullshit, they forget that it was still a patriarchally led system as most of the major political roles are still reserved for men. There's this other story about women turning into male warriors being used for troon props but they also forget that these stories were about prize brides whose entire societal role was to be secluded from society so that they could be more valuable to potential suitors. These women go on quests to save someone (typically a male of importance) and in order to fight, they morph into male warriors, most likely because women can't be portrayed as fighters so they have to be moids as a loophole. Sage for long autism post.

No. 1804722

File: 1680882130630.jpg (30.6 KB, 600x338, 1578535571644.jpg)

>the Avenging Whiteknight
>the world's only good moid
>sacrifices his sperm for the greater good and troons out
>taking estrogen shots
>no surgeries
>signs up to be a lady-wrestler
>they let him because he is brave and troon
>he wins 50 fights in a row by standing still and just pushing his opponent down repeatedly without actually harming her
>cuz he ain't here to hurt women
>Fallon Fag arrives on stage, excited to maul a tiny woman
>in walks the Avenging Whiteknight
>standing at 6'6", 300lbs of solid muscle, and perpetually constipated
>Fallon screams that making him fight a man is unfair
>the crowd REEEEs, as the Avenging Whiteknight is obviously a woman just like him
>the Avenging Whiteknight bridges the stage in two steps
>picks Femboy Fallon up in one hand
>cracks his spine of his knee like a twig
>throws him on the ground
>body slams him, killing him instantly
>the Avenging Whiteknight wins, another victory for transwomen!
>little do they know, that night, like every other, the Avenger will take off his wig and z cup fake boobs, make himself a hungry man dinner, for that is what he is, and visit fond yet painful memories of his long-since-passed mother who was killed by a troon, and hopes that somewhere out there, she's proud of him

No. 1804730

Freud would be proud

No. 1804732

Freud would be proud

No. 1804735

File: 1680883321815.png (88.01 KB, 593x860, Mrbeast.png)

I get he's defending his childhood friend but these posts really made me think of Jim sterling and his constant "reaching X subs!" Videos where he acts like he's not bitter, mad and depressed that the lifestyle he claims makes him so happy, isn't bringing in views.
Then a bunch of youtubers cheer him on because what do they care? He's saying he's happy, so he must be! Plus it's woke!

No. 1804740

YWNBAW, tranny troll.

No. 1804747

File: 1680884671612.jpg (402.56 KB, 2560x1920, 23-04-07-12-09-17-843_deco.jpg)

No. 1804751

I always love when they think a ratio means anything lol, they really dont care about what anybody says or does only mindless internet numbers

No. 1804755

>homeschool immediately
Nah I disagree with that. The troon contagion comes from the internet and homeschooled kids are going to be seeking socialization on the internet so theyre much more susceptible. Real life socialization is much healthier. They may even get bullied out of troon shit by other normal kids, which is a good thing

No. 1804756

this is good advice but i think telling your kid directly about how trans people are horrible might make her think you are a “bigot” even though what you are saying is true it might make her disregard your words because they are politically incorrect

No. 1804758

I love how this video is reddit and mras favorite talking point about how 'men can't push back's when in reality it just shows how men's boundaries are taken more seriously than womens. A woman disrespects boundaries and gropes a man so she is rightfully thrown out of the situation and he feels empowered to tell her no to her face. Meanwhile men on live tv and rl grope our boobs, asses and kiss us without consent and no action is taken. if we speak up and yell we are seen as being a bitch or too prudish. God forbid we are alone with a guy who feels us up, we'll be chided for freezing and not saying anything when the repercussions for speaking up are literal assault and death.

Also think about how many female celebrities have been kissed (assaulted) on stage at award shows? I don't remember security stepping in to throw men like Jim Carrey out. This is such a moid take and I honest to God hate men more and more everyday, especially mras in dresses.

No. 1804777

Riley Gaines (the swimmer who famously lost out to Lia Thomas and has been vocal about saving women's sport) was attacked by a TRA mob at san fran university
She is called a bitch, screamed at, harassed and apparently attacked by "a man in a dress" (but no footage or further details that i could find) whilst the mob yells TWAW and the usual "trans rights are human rights". but apparently women's rights are not human rights. women are not entitled to free speech or safe spaces.

No. 1804798

I don’t understand. They can use the bathroom/changing room. If they don’t want to use the men’s there is almost always a unisex bathroom somewhere.

No. 1804806

thank you nonna, this is great advice especially since you experienced it firsthand and know what could’ve been done to avoid it

No. 1804808

I hate the pick me girls supporting men who hate them in this video. These crossdressing fags want cis women who are not handmaidens dead. college really is fucking pointless.

No. 1804809

I used to have a MtF friend and his parents went with a similar route to this, he would tell me about how his “abusive” parents took away his phone when he came out and were showing him cases of detrans people, it just pushed him into hating them and rebelling against them more. Overall I see a lot of distain from troons towards people showing them detransitioners when trying to help them, especially since they are so hated in the community and are treated like supervillains

No. 1804827

File: 1680892989580.png (362.9 KB, 605x887, trans.png)

"Cis women, watch out or you'll be taken in the trans genocide because you don't pass either!!!" Cope

No. 1804831

Tbf it’s always retarded conservative women who accuse random celebrities of being troons. They’re embarrassing and we should always distance ourselves from them.

Agree, I’ve seen posts in troon subs of people complaining about this same thing. They consider it abuse even when the parents are well-meaning. Like fuck then for showing the potential dangers, right? When someone enters a cult, all you can do is patiently wait but sometimes they never end up leaving. I’m sure it’s hard for parents but imo live and let die.

No. 1804833

File: 1680893543915.jpg (72.89 KB, 1000x562, intro-1586969837.jpg)

The blonde hair and eyebrows arent helping Erin alot in those photos. Either way she is obviosly female and I dunno who all these "transphobes" who claim she is trans are? Ive only seen TRA claiming the transphobes claim it lol
Also some women have more manly features and have been bullied since the crack of dawn for it.. still doesnt mean shit theyre still born women

No. 1804836

Oh yeah tranvestigators are are cringe as fuck but this response made me see red because it's acting like women don't already get murdered and NOW are gonna live with the oppression transwomen face irl

No. 1804837

ugh yet again, trying to make women feel like they're troon-like so they can prove they're "just like us!" it's cruel and pathetic.
also daniel radcliffe is a manlet and makes any woman look taller, even when they are normal height. this woman is perfectly fine looking (even though she looked even better brunette and has awful taste in men)

No. 1804845

>is currently pregnant with her first child
Funny how they are using biological function to assert she is indeed a true and honest woman when they also screech NoT OnLy WoMeN gEt PrEgNaNt!!!11

No. 1804847

this makes me feel sick. hope she's ok

No. 1804850

maybe this will help peak him kek

No. 1804854

Men can ejaculate from putting their dicks in McChicken sandwiches. It's not an accomplishment to pleasure a scrote sexually, which is one of many reasons why it shouldn't be a metric on which to judge a person's worth or validity. I don't give a fuck what men get off to. The butchered remains of your penis aren't a vagina simply because some retard was willing to put his dick in it.

You don't have a cervix. You don't have fornices. Your sad little grafted-on chunk of glans has a tiny fraction of the nerve endings that a clitoris does.

No. 1804856

File: 1680895104540.jpg (249.4 KB, 1080x1530, FtHnwUlXwAQTDJa.jpg)

Based parents. Honestly youre 21, if its that big of a problem for you that your parents are trying to save you from mental decline then get a job and move out

No. 1804857

The whole masculine beatings and religion thing is definitely one of the reasons this dude trooned out in the first place. On top of the internet influence. Out of one cult and into another.

No. 1804867

How are they based? Their religious zealotry is why their son cannot accept that he is a faggot because they cannot accept him for not bein masculine. It's why he thinks the answer is to pretend he is a woman, because at least he wouldn't be a gay.

These parents will teach him nothing. He will repress his urges for as long as they are alive or until he has an out of their living situation.

No. 1804880

my kid would eat rocks, stick forks into electical outlets, and never wear pants in public if I let him lmao. no need to parent anymore, except when they need gender affirming care then it's all hands on deck! we're so close to them saying children can consent to sex. they're already getting kids to not go through puberty so that they don't form secondary sex characteristics even when they're of 'legal age'. but kids can totally just hop off puberty blockers and resume puberty guiz it's totally harmless they're just exploring their gender identity!

No. 1804886

turning your kid into a lonely social pariah will only make them even easier prey.

No. 1804887

nonnie what are you even on about? a lot of radfems are against surrogacy, it IS vile and men can't be trusted around children. and yeah trannies are the perfect consumer, just think of how much they spend on plastic surgery. FFS doesn't do anything but they'll still spend 10k on it.

No. 1804888

File: 1680898365200.jpeg (455.05 KB, 1536x2048, F88A76D7-7EB9-40EB-AD44-CCE305…)

Most oppressed minority

No. 1804898

This is what happens when "the nerdy guy gets the girl" trope. The man lives in eternal fear he's going to lose her, becomes so obsessed he disassociates and wants to become her, then abuses her to put himself in a position of power. Never, ever date a guy that is not in your league. Most moids are only complex when it comes to their insecurities. I feel so bad for your friend and it's sad she couldn't get out sooner. She's still super young and has a lifetime to get things on track with added, hard earned insight most women her age won't get until their 40s. Hopefully she continues to do well, her nigel keeps being decent and she can get back into the fit lifestyle she loved.

Anons, what happens when you've already peaked? Where do I go from here? Not to be "nOt ReALlY tRAns!!" but this person doesn't even seem delusional like other trannys. He just straight up starts threatening women, goading the crowd that he's GOING TO COME AFTER WOMEN! Not competitors. He seems like he's perfectly aware that he's male and antagonizes that he can do what he wants.

No. 1804908

it's just another tradtard infecting these threads.

No. 1804911

lovely story nona, the ending made me sad

No. 1804931

I have a coworker whose teen trooned out and something she brought up that I don’t hear much is how expensive it is to deal with. She said they want new clothes, new shoes, the good makeup, stuff for hobbies or sports they never engaged with before. On top of that she’s footing the bill for other things most of us already know would have to be dealt with, like all the counseling, medications, emergency bills any time they have a crisis intervention, etc

No. 1804937

You can always tell the conservative moids trying to fit in here because they claim abusive religious parents who beat their kids into trooning out are based. They’re the ones to blame for making their child a mentally ill headcase in the first place, “nonna.”

No. 1804941

It's a cult. So you only will be successful if you treat it like one. Remove all internet access. Change schools or homeschool for the time being. Give them a goal or reason to go do stuff like a job or a sport

No. 1804943

File: 1680903871462.png (362.91 KB, 828x1792, 7824970E-A30F-453D-A452-17DED3…)

This scrote again, going into the women's bathroom and taking a video while he's at it

No. 1804945

This is so true. I know beautiful brilliant women who dated ugly, broke & poorly educated guys bc they thought these men would be grateful and treat them better, but nope. If anything they’re more likely to cheat or be abusive to “put you in your place”, because they subconsciously know you’re better than them and resent you for it. Many low-status men can’t stand to be surpassed by a woman in any area, and will reflexively degrade her to soothe his ego.

No. 1804951

Noo why the fuck are troons listening to HUS

No. 1804952

Ugly men are always the insecure ones negging everyone and being shitstains. Nice looking men tend to have chill personalities.

No. 1804955

God what a horror story, literally gets worse every paragraph. Poor girl!

No. 1804956

God what a horror story, literally gets worse every paragraph. Poor girl!

No. 1804964

I think it was a fucking joke since you know, we're on lolcows. Besides you know the troon is lying they always are. "my dad hit me" is usually code for "I assaulted my mom and my dad pushed me on my ass to protect her". None of his friends want to put him up. That says enough.

No. 1804965

I hate this comment because I feel attacked lmao. You are so right nonnie

No. 1804999

File: 1680911284699.jpeg (33.11 KB, 590x330, Naked-Education-4675624.jpeg)

sorry for ot but in the previous thread i was making fun of the dutch for creating that show that shows adults exposing their naked bodies (including male / TIMs) to children
>>>/snow/1799837 but just seen that channel 4 in the UK are basically making a British version called 'Naked Education'. it's ogre.

No. 1805007

File: 1680911998141.png (40.22 KB, 480x304, willyboy.png)

Himdia being an unfunny lesbophobe yet again

No. 1805008

I have never seen this behavior from a TiF. I have, however seen multiple TiMs post videos masturbating or gloating about entering the women’s room while women’s faces are in the video. There were also those two who enacted their fetish on the changing table of one restroom.

No. 1805009

Both of these men need to be arrested. Who the fuck agrees to do this?

No. 1805012

I always trust children to know what's best for themselves. That's why my seven-year-old picks out his own meals. He's really thriving on his new diet of Cheetos and Reese's cups. I let him drive my car, too, since he believes he can do it. If you don't humor a child's every ridiculous whim, you're a bigot and a Literal Nazi, or something!

No. 1805014

You would be surprised how accepted it is already. Who is that old actor from Star Trek that started randomly going off about how him being groomed by an older man was "normal"? He was celebrated for praising an old nonce who diddled him, and I'm convinced it's a coping mechanism for how these people really feel because men are too emotionally retarded to process being raped as a bad thing

No. 1805016

My 3 year old literally believes she’s a fire breathing dragon and runs around roaring at people all day. I guess if I really supported her identity I’d tattoo green scales all over her body and barbecue the neighbors for her to eat.

No. 1805022

>trying to make women feel like they're troon-like so they can prove they're "just like us!" it's cruel and pathetic.

Blog but I have a quite manly face and if that makes troons cry because "weh this anon can menstruate and get pregnant and do stuff freely while we have to get surgeries and hormones to follow a feminine pattern", then cope.

No. 1805032

Bless you nonna. Nothing - not even beautiful women - makes troons seethe more than masculine women. The way you don’t conform to the gender roles they mutilate themselves to achieve, yet remain effortlessly female, will always make them burn with jealousy.

No. 1805037

Physically abusing your child with actual violence is not helping them.

No. 1805043

ftms feel threatened to go into male bathrooms so they often go in womens lol.

No. 1805046

Any old fags remember watching Hilary Swank in "Boys Don't Cry?" The moment moids found out she's a girl they rape her. That's the reality of TIFs. I saw a new cartoon with a new design of Lois Lane and most of the comments were sexualizing her because they gave her darker skin, short hair, brown eyes and non-feminine clothes in an attempt to make her more casual. Coomers come in to comment "Tomboy Pussy!" It's incredible how men take your attempts to avert the male gaze into a fetish meant solely for the coom. TiFs are even more insane than TiMs in that they sometimes try to enter men's spaces.

No. 1805047

The troon obsession with bathrooms has got to be the one thing I can’t stand about them. It’s just so fucking bizarre and autistic compared to how normal people act about bathrooms. As an adult you go in to use the toilet, maybe fix your hair at the sink and leave. In normal circumstance it’s not that weird if someone has to use the opposite gender bathroom if the one they normally go in is occupied - it happens all the time where I work. But it’s like troons are obsessed with thinking women’s restrooms are like some sekrit hangout, it’s so juvenile and predatory

No. 1805049

you just inspired me to read about the real life story of Brandon Teena and it's really sad holy shit. a lesbian woman that was brought up in turmoil (absent parents) in a trailer park and raped by her uncle as a child. started trying to reject her womanhood during puberty. then gang raped by two men when they found out she was a woman, before they murdered her. ugh.

No. 1805053

That movie (and the story behind it) was so tragic and depressing it left me ugly crying into my popcorn. God I hate men.

No. 1805065

This is why I laugh when FtMs get raped. lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1805067

Another Dave Muscato in the making. Zero sympathy, he's an adult, he can get a job and a roommate, nobody is obligated to support his NEET lifestyle. The homeless shelter probably refused to help because they don't offer housing to able-bodied young men who just won't work.
I've only seen it mentioned directly by trans widows. It's funny, because it shows how males feel no shame for demanding exactly what they want. Nobody tells males that everything they want is frivolous and unnecessary, and the whole family needs the extra money more. They buy the most expensive things they can, to show off. So they aren't reserved or thrifty at all when they decide to buy woman things.

No. 1805070

“leaves a lot to be desired” lol

No. 1805071

Actually there are photos of fakebois going into the restrooms. They only seem to go in when its empty tho keke

No. 1805079

Oh god Jared Fogle trooned out

No. 1805089

File: 1680926249002.png (46.18 KB, 868x417, Screenshot Capture.png)

No. 1805099

File: 1680929062400.png (20.18 KB, 891x565, chatgptbs.png)

Chat GPT is fucked, hahahhahaha

No. 1805112

File: 1680933133755.jpg (72.43 KB, 1200x819, empires.jpg)

the average age of an empire is 250 years old, guess how old america is going to be in 2026!


No. 1805122

Men ruling goes against nature, everything they try to build dies because of this. Women are the creators of life and society.

No. 1805130

You mention "Boys don't cry" and I now remember that the drama about Ace Ventura discovering that Lois Einhornis a TIM is "transfobic" makes me laugh because the whole scene is a "funny" version of "The Crying Game" scene where Fergus discovers that Dil is a TIM.

No. 1805134

File: 1680937632964.jpg (138.91 KB, 700x1158, Screenshot_20230408_100536_Chr…)

No. 1805142

Trannie infightings are my favorite.

No. 1805143

Honestly I'd take a little less issue with them barging into our bathrooms if they didn't feel the need to take a bunch of pictures and videos once inside. Honestly, selfies in public bathrooms are weird even when actual women do it. What part of "don't record the places where strangers use the toilet," is so hard for people to understand?

No. 1805146

Fuck is up with Britain on the bottom? As far as I can tell, those dates are totally arbitrary. The British "Empire," i.e., Britain as a colonizing force, began in the late fifteenth century and lasted until either the end of the British Raj or Hong Kong being signed over to China in the 90s. I don't disagree with the basic observation that the infographic is making, but some of its data points are disingenuous.

No. 1805152

why would he say this what’s his angle?

No. 1805162

File: 1680944310480.jpeg (103.85 KB, 750x1137, 259A597F-40BF-4F37-A0D4-3009C4…)

looks like we’re in for a wave of tranny terrorism

No. 1805164

chatgp considers it bigotry to suggest men oppress women, it's completely fucked

No. 1805166

he's a conservative retard

No. 1805172

absolutely amazing choice of photos. their fucked up faces already look the same, but the parallels: the hair is the same, both are posing in front of some brand logo, both have some net detail thing going on in their clothes, an amazing display that they're both exactly the same even though coming from different angles and even if bruce wants to pretend otherwise. a+ job from the journalist who did this.

No. 1805180

Trannies are so unoriginal

No. 1805183

Omg yes I was wondering how Pritch was doing, he’s embarking on a bunch of surgeries this year and you just know he’s going to be so fucking ugly in a whole new way

No. 1805193

>Real life socialization is much healthier
Why do some people believe that home school children are completely isolated from the world living in the woods with only their siblings and woodland critters to interact with. Home school kids still play with the neighborhood kids and can participate in their local public school's extracurricular activities.

>The troon contagion comes from the internet

While it does originate online the contagion is maintained by peer pressure from classmates. We've seen examples in this thread that teachers are also encouraging children to troon out and in some places teachers are instructed by the school board to not disclose their student's trans-identification to their parents.

No. 1805201

File: 1680952040894.jpg (Spoiler Image,517.96 KB, 2021x2048, FsPHSw5XsAEvZdt.jpg)

Another beautiful pic of the stunning and brave threadpic model

No. 1805204

> Who is that old actor from Star Trek that started randomly going off about how him being groomed by an older man was "normal"?
That would be George Takei. On the Howard Stern Show in 2006 Takei mentioned how he had his first sexual experience at 13 with a camp counselor.
Takei also has sexual assault allegations.

No. 1805210

File: 1680954607747.png (18.37 KB, 808x190, Screen-Shot-2015-11-10-at-8.16…)

forgot pic

No. 1805215

Can you spoiler this degenerate shit please so I don’t have to hide another post every time I scroll past this thread

No. 1805221

Jenner doesn’t like men getting involved in women’s sports, even though he’s a troon he was previously an Olympics level athlete. So I would guess he’s annoyed that Mulvaney with zero sports affiliation/participation has a nike collab, and it’s for women’s sports bras. It used to be that an athlete would have some level of accomplishment before being given a collaboration offer

No. 1805227

conservative pick-me NLOT (not like the other trans)

No. 1805228

No. 1805242

That’s just disgusting. Moids stop posting your Ls and pretending they’re Ws challenge.

No. 1805243

why did Leonard Nimoy die and not this guy?

No. 1805246

File: 1680959684899.jpeg (143.79 KB, 1062x1460, BC1BDD18-7F12-4F3B-833D-FACF4E…)

I think this Nike collab is a great example of Reddit being completely unable to shut up about supporting trans people while having no clue of what they’re even talking about. The same thing just happened over the sorority court case against the voyeur troon - ALL the posts were defending the guy and shaming the women, if they saw a single photo of him they would have been repulsed

No. 1805253

Reddit is a haven for maladjusted moids and troons. They’ll reflexively defend a male in any situation whether they know the facts or not.

No. 1805256

This is fucking insane. I went to Timberview Middle School when I was a kid.

No. 1805262

>guessing based on photos
what part of dylan's starving twink body looks like he could be a fitness model? a lot of people can't be bothered to learn the facts / backstory or even look for themselves before voicing an opinion on it

No. 1805264

I didn't even know he had a girlfriend so this one is definitely on rightwing handmaidens larping as feminist/gender critical.

No. 1805266

Imagine being Jeri Ryan and seeing your poster in this degenerates room. I'd be horrified

No. 1805269

Yeah that women was definitely retarded but I don't see anyone defending her?

No. 1805274

To reddit, not obese = fitness model

No. 1805282

Why do these keep getting posted? They’re gross, we know TiMs are gross. It doesn’t offer anything to the conversation and is just annoying.

No. 1805288

I forget why but in like 2009 he said something on social media (probably misogynistic) that made me think he was gross and blocked him, just before he exploded in popularity it seems. That was extremely annoying.

Same with NPH pretending to gag and be sick when talking about Christina Aguilera. Dude was trying to adopt children, including a girl at the time. Shouldn’t have been allowed,

No. 1805289

File: 1680968193476.png (8.76 KB, 609x282, 91affd65ff60a1fad926006da68219…)

This is just vulgar…
Imagine donating your body to science only for your skin to be grafted into the hole of some freak.

No. 1805290

File: 1680968321462.png (148.5 KB, 598x642, Screenshot 2023-04-08 104444.p…)

It's starting

No. 1805293

this is just a kid wearing shoes

No. 1805296

Whose kid is this and why post a picture of them top down like this?
Pedowood sending audition tapes early?

No. 1805300

This is interesting. Do you have a book or anything you can recommend?

No. 1805303

File: 1680969859951.jpg (Spoiler Image,198.2 KB, 1080x1223, FsPHSeWXgAEAOH7.jpg)

Well jeez arent you just a fun person(Infight)

No. 1805308

The dude who left his wife to troon out. >>1804735

No. 1805312

File: 1680971075744.png (554.59 KB, 858x966, 2.png)

No. 1805319

File: 1680971861760.png (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 1417x1087, totes normal.png)

tranny holding his severed balls in his hand

No. 1805320

File: 1680971962686.png (Spoiler Image,358.82 KB, 1315x781, 1680893249837.png)

same tranny gifting it to his TiF friend

No. 1805321

File: 1680971998323.png (182.38 KB, 934x716, 1680892315079.png)

No. 1805323

This looks like it'd be in a cutesy horror game

No. 1805324

that's very interesting nonnie, thanks for sharing.
same as >>1805300 i would also like to read more on it if you have any links and reading recs

No. 1805346

File: 1680973767085.png (136.52 KB, 845x919, article 2.png)


follow the money and the money, in 2023, is trannies

No. 1805348

and ppl wonder why tech companies and these video game studios want to hire trannies. because they don't come with the complications that actual women do.

No. 1805349

kek hes so fat that he actually does resemble a woman

No. 1805359

samefag, didn't mean for that to come off as tranny defending lmao. just that corporations suck and don't care about women.

No. 1805360

exactly. and there it is. we're right back to where we started. the beginning of the industrial revolution ignored the differences between the sexes and saw men and women as simple 'workers'. women were forced into the male-designed workplace without conditions to allow for pregnancy, child rearing etc. and we had to fight hard for those things (and still are fighting) based on our biology.
now suddenly those differences are being clouded again, now "woman" has returned to an empty signifier, that can be capitalised on by men.

No. 1805363

This is such an underrated but good point. Tech companies with sex quotas are able to bypass it by hiring troons. A troon will never be asked "do you plan on being pregnant or having a family in the near future?" during a job interview. Troons have no need for mat leave, no risk for post birth disability, no having to deal with the basic sick leave needed for newborn and infant care. They are a loophole for keeping companies male dominated but somehow are seen as MORE equal because of the ass backwards politics of identity.

No. 1805364

I hate how they always use this argument on us, when it can be turned right back around on them. why do they think every ladies toilet cubicle has a sanitary bin? why are there tampon vending machines? why are there no urinals? it's designed for women's bodies! and we require a greater amount of privacy.
the only argument that makes any sense is that they might feel intimidated in the men's room, dressed in fishnets and high heels, but again, that is not women's problem. and we are not redefining our biological reality just so men can hideout in our spaces. men need to get over it or campaign for more gender neutral spaces.

No. 1805367

Fucking exactly. Modern feminism was still just getting its bearings, just getting people to actually listen. Then all of a sudden as soon as moids reach a moment of clarity and understand what women go through they troon out because they want to be oppressed too. Everything feminism has fought for for decades is getting hijacked by fucking men who push their own agendas and don't give a single fuck about actual women. It's so hard trying to stay sane.

Troons think women's bathrooms are some sparkly rainbow fun zone where we all hang out and fix each other's hair and makeup and insert tampons for one another. I hope they feel extreme disgust anytime they see a dirty clogged toilet in a women's restroom. The women's room can be just as nasty as the men's.

No. 1805386

File: 1680979162676.jpg (28.55 KB, 250x366, 4991386-265d30528834c6151c9ce1…)

Found this on the other farms. Not sure when Chris posted this but regardless it's very telling.
It would be fine if his father wasn't someone like Chris.

No. 1805408

I truly don’t know if this is tinfoil or not but I feel like for a good 2 years or so things were looking good. Body positivity and active feminism were on the rise, predators and abusers being held accountable more than ever. Now every other woman is either trooned out or has filler, buccal fat removal, and can’t take a picture without a filter. Nobody wants to call themselves a feminist anymore bc it sounds synonymous with terf. We’re letting men steamroll over women in every way they can. How does this happen?

No. 1805415

You guys would’ve lost your mind in the 70’s. We are nowhere near 1970’s level of child sexualization and normalizing of age gaps.

No. 1805417

body positivity was likely a trend, look at all the 2022 catwalks using only size 0 models for the first time in over a decade and trying to force heroin chic to be back in.

No. 1805427

Still think men miss that and want it back. Why wouldn’t they? Their tastes haven’t changed, they’ve only been shamed into hiding it.

No. 1805431

not tinfoil nona, it was definitely happening. I grew up in the early 90s, during the heroin chic era, and it was very much understood that this was unhealthy and there was an understanding among all women in person that this was not OK. magazines, fashion, TV and films were another thing - they were pushing unhealthy beauty standards as always. but there was a sense that women were aware and on our way to changing things for the better. by the time i was a young teenager, people were rethinking the whole girl = pink, boy = blue shit and tomboys became role models for girls. I don't think TIFs realise how many awesome GNC women we had to look up to before the post-2010 hyper-sexualised hyper-consumerism mainstream culture. plus we didn't have instagram filters and internet communities that disconnected us from our bodies. (this is a huge factor in all of this imo)
>Body positivity and active feminism were on the rise
body acceptance got co-opted into aggressive body "positivity" eg. it's ok to be a little chubby as long as you still wear a ton of makeup and have curves in the right places. it used to be the norm to criticise plastic surgery, the make up industry and beauty standards but now it's regarded as "shaming" so things have really gone awry.

No. 1805437

File: 1680986418756.jpeg (71.57 KB, 1242x408, IMG_0161.jpeg)

Troon response to a question asked in a women’s sub (as always). How does one suck a dick without treating it like a penis?

No. 1805448

File: 1680987448151.webm (548.37 KB, 320x568, p0bxj2kfcDNhSSO0.webm)

That Shadman picture is an autism joke and Chris also filmed an autistic boy without permission. What are the chances that he's going to claim his son is ACTUALLY an autistic transgirl? I hope Chris' ex-wife gets full custody of her child.
You really shouldn't give troons the benefit of the doubt.

No. 1805449

i’m intrigued. can you recommend a book about this?

No. 1805451

File: 1680987666819.png (5.75 KB, 398x187, wtf.png)

Same anon, Chris also admitted to getting off to loli.

No. 1805454

nta but that post reminded me of these that all cover the topic of financialization and modernity decay:
>Fictitious Capital - Durand
>Empire - Hardt and Negri
>All That Is Solid Melts Into Air - Berman
>First as Tragedy then as Farce - Zizek

No. 1805460

kek no way he looks so much like dean from community

No. 1805465

File: 1680990346930.gif (777.96 KB, 245x196, deanpelton.gif)

lmao well spotted

No. 1805469

Because most of us have met more home-schooled people who were completely isolated from the world and did not play with neighborhood kids or participate in secular extracurricular activities than ones who weren't.

No. 1805474

Place your bets on who the next eceleb trooning out will be
Im gonna go for a shot in the dark here and say one of the og commentary guys, like kurtis connor, danny gonzalez, cody ko etc

No. 1805478

i can imagine kurtis becoming a themlet

No. 1805480

they're too normie. it's the moids who are into nerd shit who are at the highest risk.

No. 1805482

GradeAUnderA comes back just to announce he's trans

No. 1805489

And the mrbeast guy isnt? cmon now

No. 1805491

he openly liked lolicon though, if you can dig up degenerate tweets of that nature from any of those other guys id be more inclined to believe it, but people have already tried to cancel at least danny and drew gooden and the worst they could find were really old racist jokes.

No. 1805495

Youtube-wise: Zach from the H3 podcast, probably one of the Try Guys (my money is on Ned, although he’s not a Try Guy anymore), Dan from Dan & Phil, probably another Smosh crew member (there’s already a retarded enby called Courtney), chef Trevor from Mythical Kitchen, Lil Simsie’s husband, any male breadtuber and makeup guru who hasn’t trooned out yet.

No. 1805499

File: 1680995262004.jpeg (126.22 KB, 1170x1400, 6A6790BD-ADC7-4FE9-830A-4C754D…)

Trannies are fucking disgusting.

No. 1805503

>bisexual youtuber whose name I can't remember he has a mullet,he does icebergs like "tiktok crime iceberg"
>Foundflix guy, he's very liberal to the point he seemed as if he was getting mad at the characters in "Knives Out"
>Deadmeat he's woke but also gives me MRA vibes
>John Wolfe aka HarshlyCritical
Less likely but maybe
>Linkara he's a chaser
>Justin Whang another chaser
> That guy that hangs with Vinesauce Vinny, Mike
>Moist Critikal Charlie
> Shame Dawson's husband
> That True Crime guy people thought was a tif
People I'm still waiting to Trans out but there's still a tiny chance they will
>James Charles
>Jeffree Star
>Jeffree Stars chaser ex, Nate
>Manny (the make up guy)

Dudes that would shock me

No. 1805504

kek at trannies doing the WHITE WOMEN BAD thing but then remembering they're pretending to be white women halfway through writing the post and changing it to white cis women

No. 1805505

Also there's a lady that does nails she has a lisp, her husband sounded like a Tif I wouldn't be surprised if he trooned out

No. 1805507

Also That chapter, I can imagine him in a wig and trying to dress like a cute nerdy chick, while he talks about gruesome deaths, smacks his teeth qnd makes joke while trying to be girly.

No. 1805509


this one is honestly tragic. how, why does this keep happening? does anyone have an answer or even a speculation?

also their favorite response is "ratio" and it's not funny or clever

No. 1805510

plain and simple porn addiction

No. 1805511

undisciplined, slobby men with anime and sissy hypno addictions

No. 1805512

Say that I'm a woman and I have these addictions, what does that make me?
I don't have em btw, but I'm curious

No. 1805513

As other anons have said, the single uniting factor across the board with every one is porn addiction/sexual predation/widening the dating pool/trying to turn a 'no' into a 'yes'.

No. 1805514

AYRT i just don't get it though, there are so many incel perma online anime men that i can see this applying to because they do think it'll widen their dating pool. what was this guy's goal?
(i realize these questions are pointless but this one shocked me tbh)

No. 1805519



No. 1805520

File: 1680997365102.jpeg (5.82 KB, 199x253, ACED04E7-2148-4FA8-8849-1A7BEB…)

>Dudes that would shock me

No. 1805521

It’s such an old video and the difference is she’s doing it as a flirtation cutesy thing, not intimidating and using threat to get your hands on someone which is what happens when men touch women most of the time. I hate when men’s rights incels ignore the fact that men and women’s actions are different based on context and the reality of a patriarchal world (they’ll argue there’s no patriarchy because women can have a job or something). I also hate their counter of IF THE ROLES WERE REVERSED as if the majority of rapists and abusers don’t get away with no consequences. Tranny incel wishes women would grab his ugly man boobs so he could larp oppression and use sexual harassment for Twitter engagement.

No. 1805524

We really gotta start holding 15 yo fanartists accountable for deluding these grown men into thinking they're cute anime feminine twinks when they're anything but, I've seen so much catboy fanart of this dude and this is the source material? please.

No. 1805531

Yes but also no because the fanartists in question are just retarded aidens who are projecting themselves on Jerma because he's a goofy non threatening man who doesn't have a sexual bone in his body. I'm far more inclined to blame the actual adult troons doing tranny maths to calculate that jerma is an "egg"

No. 1805534

the most shocking thing about this before/after is how much of catfish photo that one pic is. perfectly disguised a cro magnon forehead, hooknose, mouthbreather slackjaw, weak chin, AND hunchback

No. 1805541

He did this because he lost a bet(or something) qnd his creepy fanbase wanted to see him in this. This isn't proof

No. 1805545

I posted this in a another thread but I do feel the reason this is so jarring, is that he objectively looks horrible in the "after" . This post seems like some shit we'd find and go
>omg look at how bad he looks now
And it's an unflattering raw picture from a video.
He posted this going, "wow look at how amazing I look vs. Then".
>gained weight
>receding hair line
>badly styles hair
>sloppy outfit
Even Philosophy tube went out and got some professional pictures. He just looks depressed and crazy, he's not even smiling it's q downgrade but everyone is going "brave & stunning". It's honestly sad

No. 1805548

I don’t know why this has gotten me particularly fucked up. I’m not even a huge fan of Mr. Beast, just casually enjoy the videos. I guess I stupidly believed Chris’ portrayal of himself as the straight-laced family-man of the group, and even thought the people who called out his trooning early were wrong and he was just trying and failing to pull off trendy fashion. I feel so awful for his wife. She seems quite religious/conservative as well so I doubt she is even able to fake that she’s okay with it. Why is it always like that? They always trap women in marriage and with young children before they ruin everything. I see a lot of parallels with him and Ned from the Try Guys. Both tried to come off as relatively conservative, family-oriented guys. Both married with young kids. They were both Eagle Scouts as well. Both actually sick sex-obsessed perverts.

No. 1805549

Did Ranboo (or whatever his name is) already go full trans or is he still a themlet?

No. 1805551

There is no such thing as a "straight-laced family man," anon. It's a facade. Every man is it least two of the following things: a porn addict, a chauvinist, a deadbeat, unfaithful, lazy, mentally ill, irresponsible, unhygienic, emotionally unintelligent, or selfish. I know men who are superficially very successful; doctors, aerospace engineers, firemen. But in actuality? The doctor thought work was the only thing that mattered, and his wife (also a doctor) was left to basically be his mom at home. The aerospace engineer was a pathological liar and cheater with a cluster B personality disorder. The Firefighter was lazy, irresponsible, and controlling with poor hygiene. These are actual people, my friends and family, who hurt the women in my life. I've only met one man who was genuinely a good romantic partner, but only because the two of them treated everyone else like crap, particularly their own kids. So much for that.

Your choices are to either settle for the least fucked up guy you can scrounge up (a gamble), or just live without men in general.

Sage for pp sperg.

No. 1805553

Insane! Im so sorry your friend V had to live through that.

Aside note, I've noticed an overlap of fat fetishists and trannies. Possibly due to shut in life and/or autism? Fat fetishists are aroused to weakness and dependence.

Either way it's best for any woman to keep her distance from pervs.

No. 1805554

File: 1681001418799.jpeg (173.67 KB, 1290x1210, 37C40BEF-732B-4145-8562-808F80…)

is he friends with 7 year olds? what? they’re so lost

No. 1805558

I get that men aren’t shit, it’s just that when the Hank Hill types troon out specifically it gets me feeling a special kind of black-pilled. I don’t know why. Like I guess I wouldn’t be as surprised if they were an abusive partner or something, or if a very outwardly porny and nerdy guy trooned out, it’s just this specific combo that hits me in the gut. And Mr. Beast videos were kind of nice and relaxing because they were largely free of insane politics like everything else is nowadays. After this, it feels like they are infected and ruined. Every time I see Chris looking like a freakish clownshow and all the members feeding into his delusions, I won’t be able to think of anything else.

No. 1805561

>we have to start over completely
you would have to start over completely before the point of conception m8

No. 1805562

File: 1681002026376.jpeg (150.6 KB, 828x1647, 0CA510A2-5836-45A3-993E-67EFA1…)

Not sure if this has been posted already because it was a few weeks ago, but some TIM cut off their balls, put it in resin and gave it to their TIF friend. How I wish i had such thoughtful, delusional friends

No. 1805565

So sick of this retarded excuse. And I hate that well-meaning normies give them the benefit of the doubt and fall for it.

No. 1805566

This is such an insane thing to say. There are so many resources available for women's fashion, but they choose to model themselves after toddlers and anime children as if that's a natural step of finding your own style.

No. 1805567

I hope every black bull ring mammy gets the Sasha Johnson treatment(global rule #7)

No. 1805568

He didn’t even arrange them nicely. Why are they all bunched up at the bottom? Why not flip them so they align with the shape of the heart? I can guarantee you the TiF would have done a way better job if she made it.

No. 1805569

Yeah, I feel that. It really feels like troon brainrot is spreading to places you'd least expect it. They have to to bring their fetishes into literally everything they do, because their identity is inherently performative and requires validation from others.

No. 1805571

File: 1681002679122.jpg (39.05 KB, 640x484, d2d.jpg)

Reminds me of those weirdos who make teddy bears out of placentas.

No. 1805572

>bisexual youtuber whose name I can't remember he has a mullet,he does icebergs like "tiktok crime iceberg"
You mean Tuv? If so, 1000% agree. Tho he already looks like a greasy TIF kek

No. 1805573

Siri, how do I remove myself from the organ donor registry?

No. 1805576

If I was the mom, I wouldn't even give this sicko visitation (which appears to be the case.) Trannies just use kids like social media props and mini-mes.

No. 1805577

File: 1681003145556.jpeg (Spoiler Image,175.28 KB, 828x1124, EE317DCB-2715-440A-BE01-DC4127…)

Don’t worry, it gets so much worse. Don’t open this if you’re eating nonnies, unless you like the look of butchered testicle

No. 1805579

One of the faggots from Achievement Hunter.

No. 1805580

He seems to be leaning super hard into the “I love being a dad!” thing, even more than usual, making every social media post about it, makes me think he’s doing it to build evidence for family court.

No. 1805581

Thanks for the jumpscare.

No. 1805582

They already have kdin who trooned out kek.

No. 1805583

No, I mean one of the main faggots, like Jack or Jeremy.

No. 1805585

you’re addicted to sissy hypno? i’d call you an unsaged tranny retard kek

No. 1805586

Ah, yeah. Though, Lindsay is technically already their, she's enby now and goes by 'they' though Michael still calls her she and no one says anything kek. I would think if anyone else did of the main crew it would be Jeremy going the he/they route.

No. 1805587

File: 1681003539110.jpg (12.84 KB, 336x188, hqdefault.jpg)

yes thats his name

No. 1805589

File: 1681003713296.png (252.77 KB, 736x920, flood.png)

No. 1805590

i could see geoff trooning out. the guy has nothing going for him anymore. he's been cucked, divorced, estranged from his daughter (who might be a tif? i don't know), and the company he built is burning to the ground. might as well troon out.

No. 1805593

You think Charlie would do so? Tbh he seems really proud of his short beta male persona but I don’t think he'd go that far

No. 1805594

Sexual violence soooo funny. God some of you are just as bad as the people you claim to despise.

Did they find the terrorism group chat in Audrey hales laptops or no

No. 1805597

I was literally gonna be sick to my stomach at the op but then this incredibly petty criticism made me lose it kek

No. 1805598


No. 1805601

Same anon also,
but this one, I'm locking it in for sure. I already did a prediction,Hila Klein is going to come out Non-binary, then she will fully transition into a FTM. I'm locking this in, it's going to happen. Also one of the Smosh boys

No. 1805602

Christine Sydelko in an attempt to come back to social media and ditch her old addict personality. Just go to church like a normal person in recovery.

No. 1805609

Heels. It's a toddler wearing fucking heels. A toddler in his pyjamas with heels posted on the internet. Were you dropped on the head as a child? Because this is fucked up on several levels.

No. 1805619

File: 1681006651120.webm (5.92 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.App 721130625294796727…)

>build-a-queer kit
bodily harm and mutilation made cute. they're also giving tifs free binders and 'packers'.

No. 1805625

Nah Geoff is dating some blonde turbo normie woman these days, I'm sure he'll be fine. I was worried for Millie too, but she's stayed a she/her (albeit pansexual) for the longest time now, hopefully it continues. Her mom (Griffon) almost trooned out but changed her mind. Jack is the most male feminist soy nerd fat loser type of them all, I can absolutely see him doing it, make some big deal about hiding behind his beard or something.

No. 1805626

File: 1681007430059.png (66.58 KB, 500x290, 1542302032424.png)

Tranny is a anime fag- what a fucking surprise!

No. 1805634

didn't Jack marry a fan who's like ten years younger than him?

No. 1805635

File: 1681008969530.webm (3.74 MB, 576x1024, transgenqueer.webm)

No. 1805636

File: 1681009159025.jpg (210.48 KB, 1077x1914, Screenshot_20230408-204244_Tum…)

No. 1805637

what's a pan-leftist? also i'll bet my daughter's college fund that this guy lives in austin.

No. 1805639

File: 1681009594366.jpg (567.02 KB, 3264x3027, collage (1).jpg)

i can't say, maybe he's politically flexible but leans to the left. idk i just use what pansexual means but that's the closest synonym i could come up with and also with the word pan kek.

No. 1805646

they have "self defense" kits too. If anyone wants to get some pepper spray and metal batons they take applications you can say youre a "poor opwessed poc twanny" who wants to bludgeon terfs to death and get them for free

No. 1805647

File: 1681010865261.webm (6.64 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.App 714588869375087748…)

No. 1805649

File: 1681012069727.jpeg (315 KB, 1242x1305, IMG_0170.jpeg)

No, as an adult you’d have to go out of your way to dress like a child or anime girl. I highly doubt picrel dressed this way because some woman happened to have a man-sized kawaii pink sailor outfit and donated it to him out of pity. They love playing dumb

No. 1805653

>Tranny recognises/agrees that banging a man with long hair is still straight.
Telling on himself. I become less and less attracted to men, they literally only live to be coomers and throw themselves into their fetish. Pornsick degenerate class.

No. 1805654

>Tranny recognises/agrees that banging a man with long hair is still straight.
Telling on himself. I become less and less attracted to men, they literally only live to be coomers and throw themselves into their fetish. Pornsick degenerate class.

No. 1805656

Jeffree basically said on Logan's podcast he doesn't believe in the whole non-binary thing and he's just a guy with an unconventional style iirc

No. 1805660

File: 1681014139038.png (76.4 KB, 386x420, FpmjBdtaEAALZZW.png)

Ranboo or Dan Howell before or by June.
He/they, his fujo fan base is pushing him down the troon pipeline though. I blame Dylan Mulvaney.

No. 1805663

File: 1681014689955.png (482.9 KB, 778x837, omgwhy.png)

I watch Mr. Beast casually and Chris was my favorite member, I remember thinking he was really funny and attractive. Thought the interactions between him and his wife and child were adorable and genuine. I thought he was so mature and well put together. I even assumed he was secretly conservative since he came from the south and settled down so young This all feels so sudden and weird, and I am so mad and disappointed. Mr. Beast is one of the biggest influences of our youth today, and now he's got a troon on crew, further normalizing MTF degeneracy.

No. 1805664

Why are there child sized female shoes in a house with only a male child?

No. 1805666

File: 1681015445659.gif (518.38 KB, 320x240, 728d88e12f47591bde8d086d31fb0a…)

He moves so much like AVGN

No. 1805667

Manny and James are ticking time bombs. male MUAs aren’t trendy anymore. either they need to do drag or troon out. i’m surprised neither of them did after the news “broke” about Nikki Tutorials. perfect bandwagon.

No. 1805668

File: 1681015729325.png (1.21 MB, 3640x2140, BC51E28E-581F-4888-9C96-0E99E6…)

reminds me of right hand side of picrel… life imitates art

No. 1805670

These pics always make me squirm

No. 1805671

>now he's got a troon on crew, further normalizing MTF degeneracy.
It's really weird and almost depressing how overrepresented MtFs are in every sphere—tech, business, entertainment etc. Meanwhile gay kids who grew up in the 90s and 00s weren't used to seeing someone like them in television, and when they do it was such a big deal. Trannies are always whining about how oppressed they are even though they are literally fucking everywhere.

No. 1805677

I think the nail on the coffin for troonism, at least as far as optics are concerned, will be an excessive influx of scrotes developing ROGD, especially straight white males, and normies finally realizing that it’s an antisocial male subculture, not a legitimate social justice movement. Men aren’t interested in bettering society, so nothing good or productive will come out of this male driven movement, only degeneracy and oppression. The corporations and industries profiting off of it will laugh all the way to the bank regardless.

No. 1805678

Trans people love their stuff and things and mass produced items. Thank god capitalism is there for them and their every need. With no 8 inch wig or trans octopus, people will DIE

No. 1805680

File: 1681019268845.jpg (111.62 KB, 750x1334, wtf.jpg)

One of Chris' old tweets very much opposed to transgenderism. Interesting

No. 1805685

anon your pp is showing, if that's your screenshot that is. and yeah, even tims themselves even joke about incel/conservative/republican to troon pipeline. won't be a stretch if chris was somewhat of an incel before deciding to just come out as a tranny. guess, he hide it better considering he's already a social media celebrity. but at the same publicly shaming troons in twitter, i wonder if he ever faced backlash with tweets like that though.

No. 1805690

paraphilias (autogynephilia, feederism) come in clusters. it's why you see so many TIMs who are into bdsm/age play/furries/pedos

No. 1805691

kys smegmoid

No. 1805694

plz tell me you have this fucker's username

No. 1805696

john wolfe is 100% trooning out eventually and i hate it because he used to be one of the only youtubers i could stand

No. 1805697

Its also bizarre how many liberals in homophonic countries have internalized this belief, that their societies were all supportive of LGTBABC+, until the Europeans came and colonized them
Take this video as e.g, its grasping at straws

>Trickster god taking the form of a woman to mess with demons is interpreted as openness to trans identity

>A story of a king who had no sons and raised his daughter as a son so that she could inherit his kingdom is framed as woke is interpreted as openness to trans identity
>when Hanuman goes the demon world he see's the demoness engage in sexual acts with each other
>and probably my least favorite e.g, Muslim rulers literally just raping with young boys

No. 1805700

File: 1681022619737.png (177.18 KB, 985x739, ew.png)

Blog but I started to dress on my own when as soon as I was 18 (before my mother used to buy me clothes for her liking). And what did I bought? black clothes. No children-girly clothes. Seeing men in their 30-50's dressing like that (IE Sophie) is quite gross.

Thing is that they also have the excuse of "we are going to get the childhood that we denied" too seriously, so that's why they want to dress like kids. If it was a serious "now I can dress like a woman!" they wouldn't have problems in going to thrift stores…

No. 1805703

we are entering a repeat of the 1970s

No. 1805708

I wish. What we are entering into, er, have already entered into, is much worse and more backwards. Or how did you mean it?

No. 1805713

lmfao it’s not me it’s a ss from 4chan hence the cringe anime girl pic

there’s a lot of “offensive” tweets like that one and people keep suggesting that’s why he’s trooning out, despite the fact that most people don’t know or care about his tweets. it’s obvious he is just a porn addict.

No. 1805715

File: 1681026834663.png (284.35 KB, 644x548, 6n3bwfg.png)

This is so fucking pathetic.

No. 1805717

All of these ""passing"" MtFs are gonna lose their minds when they start aging

No. 1805718

Kek the guy went as far as literally castrating himself and still doesn't look like a woman in the slightest.
Also, I know it's debatable, but why do tifs usually pass better? Tims who actually look like women barely exist, but I've seen quite a lot of tifs who look just like balding middle age neckbeards.

No. 1805719

He took a photoshopped staged photo of a young man and some random badly light photo of an older woman, and the man still looks like a man and the woman still looks like a woman

No. 1805720

they pass somewhat better for the same reason that TIMs can never really pass - testosterone is a hell of a drug. But tbh, seeing them next to a man, you can still pick up on the relative “smallness” of the TIF.

No. 1805722

Dylan is 100% going to look like an emaciated Caitlyn Jenner in like 10 years. He already looks way older than his actual age and his stretched out face is terrifying. Way worse than just looking like an average middle-aged woman (who looks stunning in many other pictures)

No. 1805726

Agree with the other nona but want to add that I think a big part of it is facial hair doing a lot of the heavy lifting for TIFs. Most people see beard/mustache and their brain thinks “man”. TIMs must always be clean shaven, which draws attention to their masculine face and then only looks more ridiculous if they have a 5:00 shadow. Another factor is the clothes. TIFs mostly dress like normal men, and the way most TIMs dress is the exaggerated stereotype that nobody actually dresses like

No. 1805729

>how, why does this keep happening? does anyone have an answer or even a speculation?

One of the things I'm looking forward to when this transgender social contagion ends is scientists being allowed to study why these people transition. I know there's AGP, fetishism, porn addiction but I don't believe these are the only reason some straight men become transsexuals. For some of these men like this Chris guy I think there's something else going on. IMO these nerdy males are ashamed that they are not alpha males. Even if they have a nice looking wife and kid they still feel inadequate. Men like Chris desire to be dudebros/Andrew Tate/Chad Thundercock but it's just not in their nature. IF they can't be a Chad they figure it's better to be a woman than a beta male.

No. 1805734

Atrioc. Got married a few months ago, wife is pregnant, got caught up in a scandal where he purchased deepfakes of female streamers he was friends with in real life. Chronic gamer, speedrunner. At least one of his speedrunning buddies is a very openly bi man. One of his in-jokes is "glizzies" aka hotdogs. Lines up to me.

No. 1805741

literally a dirty old man leering and mocking lesbians. but is being told he is beautiful and fierce in the comments.

No. 1805747

I wish I read the post before I opened it…

No. 1805749

ugh his mannerisms are so creepy wtf. that fake coy laugh. is he trying to act "girly"?? and he even admits that he was having predatory feelings towards women. hehe that must mean he is a woman! plus he wears a plaid shirt and felt offended that lesbians are same-sex attracted so I guess that means he is also a lesbian!

No. 1805755

that guy doesn't "identify" as a woman he just crossdresses which makes him totally different than translesbians somehow

No. 1805757

File: 1681039516401.png (181.97 KB, 1080x1030, Screenshot_20230409-132044.png)

Uh oh, you existing is making me dysphoric…

No. 1805768

File: 1681044148014.png (359.79 KB, 378x619, violetstanza.png)

Stanza, aka Dylan 2.0, next to his TIF girlfriend

No. 1805769

nah this is mra shit, blaming the tranny menace on le ebil feminazis instead of recognising it as a disease of moid degeneracy turbocharged by identity capitalism and misogyny. completely unsurprising that this creep would post this sort of thing in 2016, id put money on his likes at that time including shit from milo yiannopoulos et al which if anything is a predictor for current day troonacy
dylan just looks like any other faggot under a million filters here. he really is very uncanny and disgusting looking, like a worm alien. woman on the right is attractive period

No. 1805770

File: 1681044352235.jpeg (77.49 KB, 750x508, stanza.jpeg)

samefag to add that this guy is also an actor, like Dylan, and after looking on his website it looks like he does/used to do literal drag so I wonder what point he felt this made him a literal woman https://www.violetstanza.com/
picrel for adams apple kek

No. 1805771

must kill him to know he'll never even be 1/10th as popular as Dylan.

No. 1805772

"the bliss of being trans" yet all they do is complain and whine all the time about it

No. 1805773

File: 1681044651650.jpg (224.31 KB, 1079x1489, FtNq7YoWAAAI68y.jpg)

From a female fashion thread on reddit ofcourse

No. 1805774

Perhaps I am really retarded but I don't understand "the horniest lesbian" part.

No. 1805775

>>1804222 their excuse is that they're more likely to be sexually abused or beat up if they use the men's so women's is seen as safer… ironically society typically uses men's spaces as free for all or unisex but of course now it suddenly isn't. if gnc men and femboys who kinda pass can use the men's with no issue, then there really is no excuse. they just want to bother women. hell ask most men if they'd have a problem with a trans woman in the men's room and they couldn't care less

No. 1805776

Maybe I am too, but I think he means that lesbians were saying those things were oppressive so that other lesbians/women would stop using them because it turns lesbians on instead of being against the patriarchy.

No. 1805778

File: 1681045917979.png (323.87 KB, 652x620, myrahindley.png)

It literally says in this article (which is a depressing read tbh) that "Fewer than 2% of people on the sex offenders register are women" so the fact still remains that women are faaaaar less likely to be violent or predatory. but this is common sense to most people.
their arguments are always so stupid, they literally have nothing to go on.

No. 1805785

I hate that troon so fucking much. He makes me want to a-log everytime I see his retarded takes. Not to mention that he is a racist piece of shit. I wish him a well 41%.

No. 1805791

I wanna throw up. This ugly fucker is allowed in women's washrooms.

No. 1805799

Still a smaller percentage than pedophile men. Are they including trannies as "women" too in that percentage?

No. 1805800

YMS adam, unless hes already trooned out

No. 1805802

File: 1681048694470.png (25.94 KB, 735x537, fairplayforwomen.png)

yep that article even states that but Willyboy can't read.
these numbers will go up, but we all know why…

No. 1805807

Not to mention that they're probably including trannies in these numbers. Woman sex offenders are rare and it's even more rare for a woman to be acting on her own - many cases involve a male offender as well.

No. 1805809

>Nb trans woman
don't those two things contradict each other???

No. 1805812

lmao gender ideology is always contradictory. I've heard TRAs explain that you can be non-binary but still feel a little bit like a man/woman. Hence non-binary trans man/woman.

No. 1805813

Now that you explained makes more sense, nonnie, but that does mean he has a smelly armpit fetish that wants to impose on women? That is actually very creepy and disgusting

No. 1805814

I hope to God this doesn't happen but I wouldn't be supris3s in the slight3st if it didm f1nn5ter. popular minecraft streamer who's whole gimmick is he's a passable attractive crossdressing man. a lot of troons have beef with him because they're envious he gets so much more attention than him and he isn't claiming to be a woman and that he's aledgely transbaiting his audience and using transness for profit, despite everyone knowing he's a man anyways. that doesn't stop the "egg" comments coming in everytime he posts a pic on Twitter. he seems to enjoy crossdressing out of streaming. his content is generic coomer trash tho. it's rare to find a heavily gnc male that stays male and not troon out eventually

No. 1805817

File: 1681051023892.png (339.9 KB, 719x716, The Gateway Pundit on Twitter.…)

The police didn't help at all pretty much.

No. 1805818

The joke is that he is saying this theoretical lesbian had a fetish for hairy armpits and wanted to see other women braless.

No. 1805819

File: 1681051141424.png (567.1 KB, 693x892, 23 Twitter.png)


No. 1805823

File: 1681051614267.png (44.6 KB, 677x470, Twitter.png)

This account posts the most disturbing tranny shit imaginable.

No. 1805825

File: 1681051694125.jpg (522.32 KB, 2531x1080, FtPrNDdWYAAzGP1.jpg)

dyldo in 5 years

No. 1805827

File: 1681052377761.png (131.48 KB, 677x794, The Goth on Twitter.png)

his performance, which expected is terrible.

No. 1805829

I may be retarded but this is fake right? There's no way they're making ass tampons right? Diarrhea tampons??

No. 1805830

This guy literally fucks his shoes.

No. 1805831

>Do not be alarmed if your clitoris becomes erect. This is natural
>If your boy is a virgin, he may need assistance
>Using tampons is a natural part of life for girlish boys
Of course this is fake. Fetish material for pedos.

No. 1805832

i only noticed now that his dress has a slower and slit cleavage line than the women. kinda weird decision if the dance is about him being welcomed to womanhood and he dresses differently than the women he's dancing with.

No. 1805833

>I knew from a young age I was trapped in the wrong body
Funny how you never really hear disabled people saying this

No. 1805835

File: 1681053174579.jpg (873.89 KB, 873x655, ejpuVGY.jpg)

It's easier to turn a woman into a man, trying to turn a man into a woman is trying to reverse a change that happened in utero; I know we have a nonnie who doesn't like the dumbed down "all fetuses start out female" but it is kind of true and, I've been told, partly why TIFs pass better.

But also like some others said, they're always smaller than men and another giveaway to me is the smiles; women smile in a genuine way (picrel) that men seem to struggle with replicating, there's always something smug about the way men, especially TIMs, smile.

No. 1805837

File: 1681053740798.png (7.8 KB, 756x79, CIAChiefofDisguise.png)

It's easier to add larger, more masculine figures than try to minimize or hide them. From the former CIA Chief of Disguise, Joanna Mendez. She seems to make it a point in interviews and talks that you can't easily and effectively disguise a man as a woman.


No. 1805839

This shit is so stupid. Reminds somehow of the TiMs that post on r/mtf about seeing random women outside and seething about how dysphoric it makes them feel because the women are just in sweat pants or not wearing makeup and don’t “deserve” to be seen as women because they aren’t making themselves up 24/7. Such a male pov to think that the point of women existing is to be palatable to men at all times. Regardless, imagine getting so upset over another human being existing that you go write an article about it. These people are deranged.

No. 1805840

This made me gasp because it’s such a male thing to think, I would have never thought of it like that. Not calling you a man, nonna, just surprised at how they really don’t understand how women think. I say this as someone who is attracted to women, but the idea of trying to manipulate someone into doing what I want without them knowing my intentions just so I could get off freaks me out. Like it really disturbs me.

No. 1805846

He didn't buy those tampons for his wife nonnie..

No. 1805852

Kek thank god. This world is bending over backwards for troons and pedos so I'm actually scared shit like that is going to become real and normalized.

No. 1805854

They're making frozen ketchup sticks to stick in their ass to pretend they're getting a period. Trannies are not above sticking tampons in their ass, I mean they stick dolls in their ass to pretend they're giving birth..

No. 1805859

Bridges is one of the worst for me. It's his boohoo victim attitude and sensationalist claims that he has been BANNED from cycling because he is trans. as if anyone is stopping him from competing (as a man). he recently created a documentary about his "struggles" that was aired on ITV Wales which says a lot about his sense of self-importance.
If men really cared about women, of which they claim to be, they would be campaigning for fairer sports along side us. there are so many other ways to approach this other than blind arrogance and entitlement.

No. 1805860

lmao this is basic level shit and like you say, performed terribly. even a child performing at this level wouldn't receive much positive attention.

No. 1805872

This troon pisses me off deeply. My wife was a ballerina and dedicated her youth to the art, quite literally bleeding for it. The fact that he got to waltz in at the ripe old age of 35 with his manly oogabooga frame and I can’t find ONE article shitting on him makes me SICK sorry for sperg

No. 1805875

Found this guy doing an expose on the troon from the "I'm going to wipe my hands on penis/jeans" story; haven't watched the whole thing yet so no idea how milky it is.

No. 1805876

the autism emanating from this photo can be felt like a strong wind

No. 1805877

exactly. women have to go through extreme physical pain, persistent hardcore training regimes to gain recognition literally devoting their lives. but as always, it's like the Make A Wish treatment for these troons. awww poor 35 year old white man didn't get to live out his pedo fantasy, let's all applaud and rally around him for wearing a tutu, whilst treading over women's achievements.

No. 1805878

I remember this story and watched a bit of "Sophie" From Mars (yet another TIM breadtuber) video about it where he made out like an ebil TERF was spreading lies. go onto his socials and you'll see that he is an exhibitionist and loves "exposing" himself. i mean, his twitter pfp right now is basically an up-skirt shot. he knew he was making that woman uncomfortable and he enjoyed it.

No. 1805886

What the fuck, he's so laughably bad. What's the point of this troon even wearing pointe shoes when he never goes up on his toes like the other dancers? It just makes his feet look huger than they already probably are. Also wtf, there's all of these formations that center him and the girls attaching the hair accessory and gloves to him in the performance, this feels like some weird make a wish tier thing. But god kek, nothing in this video looks to be done by anyone dancing professionally but it's so laughable to just have this hulking troon doing jack shit while the actual women perform some higher difficulty moves

No. 1805891

File: 1681061692338.png (45.5 KB, 663x1065, Firefox_Screenshot.png)

Another case of troon using his sisters clothes to fulfill his fetish.

No. 1805896

What terrible posture and he is not even on pointe. How did they allow him to pass on such exam? If it was a woman she would be laughed and infinitely mocked. He could just adult ballet classes and be an amateur just like any woman who didn't have formal ballet training and enjoy his hobby but no. Fuck Royal Ballet, I feel bad for the girls who worked hard and got denied so this troon could steal their place and can't even do pointe work reeeeeeee

No. 1805898

>boohoo sister had barbies and i didnt
why didn't he just play with his sister? why did he have to own the barbies? did he ask his parents for a barbie, or did he just want his sisters things? what does he mean 'toy i couldn't play with', because the barbie didn't have clothes? does he think girls only play with barbies to change her clothes? there is a lot of information missing from this story even without going into the whole cooming into his sisters clothes in secret-thing.

No. 1805899

God they’re so gross. Like…you can like Barbies and be a boy. Wild concept, I know. Look at all the fag doll collectors there are.

No. 1805901

File: 1681062565070.png (229.08 KB, 670x919, poor man.png)

double good.

No. 1805903

File: 1681062629259.png (361.44 KB, 677x662, 12 Twitter.png)

Trannies just proving the stereotype once again.

No. 1805912

>>1805903 there is something strangely ironic seeing oli London on here considering his bdd and extreme surgeries to make himself look Asian.

No. 1805913

Found a video of this moid doing his best to break the floor.

No. 1805914

Samefag, because I am triggered after reading this kek. Also this fucker is over 30, right? Why is he in a class for young girls? When professional ballerinas reach their 30s, they are in retirement age basically, so a real woman wouldn't even be allowed to attend those classes not even in a million years, he doesn't even have acceptable technique for an amateur because you can be on pointe after 2 years of training as an adult if I am not mistaken. I pray for the poor teen boy who has to do a pas de deux with mighty Hulk. The parents should rightfully sue.
And I didn't even mention how those classes and auditions are a way for girls to have a profession, he is stealing their opportunities and no one cares. Oppresed minority where?

No. 1805921

lmao nonnie i'm dying. the THUDDING on the floor like a giant, causing the camera to shake

No. 1805924

I'm struggling to understand what the hell he's even trying to say here. Males should be allowed to compete in women's sports because… some women are sex offenders? What do those things even have to do with each other?

No. 1805927

Is that supposed to be an entrechat? Kek
And he had been dancing for over 6 years and can't do en dehors properly????!!!

No. 1805929

Easy, the one that doesn't refer to vaginas as "Barbie pouches." Amazing how Dyldo doesn't even pass when he's carefully posed, in washed-out light, and wearing giant sunglasses.

No. 1805930

not to do with sports. he is arguing that there are dangerous "cis" women as well as dangerous trans "women" and falling on his face as usual. it's funny that he had to go back to the 1960s in order to think of a woman that might sound bad enough in comparison to the many child rapists and murderer troons in women's prisons right now. he has also misunderstood that while some women have committed moid-like crimes, they make up a tiny percentage compared to men.

No. 1805931

File: 1681064483645.jpeg (72.91 KB, 856x606, 40C1AAF4-2847-4315-B574-90E0DF…)

I can’t even be mad at this tbh, it’s just so, so funny. They paint not having a particular toy as this terrible abusive scenario they had to survive at. Like yeah, Robert, It’s so sad you couldn’t have a Barbie (trademark, totally not getting mentioned because of the upcoming Barbie movie so the tweets can be seen by random people wanting to read about the doll and the movie) imagine not enjoying the absolute right of having a Barbie, deplorable.
Like, dude, there’s many girls out there that have never had actually toys, girls that don’t even know what’s a Barbie or a doll, and that even if they knew, their parents wouldn’t be even able to afford them because even the cheapest one would cost them the money they have for that week’s food or rent.
I. Can’t. Believe. That there’s people out there actually defending these privileged dudes. God, how fucking blind and retarded do you have to be to not notice??

No. 1805932

File: 1681064519136.png (21.58 KB, 722x561, Myra Hindley - Victims Ian Bra…)

Not excusing the killers actions but they're was a moid involved too in the murders..

No. 1805933

The Noble Savage for the TikTok generation.

No. 1805938

men have a neurotic relationship with masculinity because they’re in constant competition with each other for status and resources. men who fail to live up to the standards set by high status males are trying to cheat the system through mimicry of the opposite sex. that way they’re attempting to gain social credit and sexual opportunities.

No. 1805940

>Woman is when Barbie doll
I never even liked Barbies or baby dolls when I was small. I always preferred stuffed animals and Legos. I feel like a lot of kids enjoy a mix of things. I liked my dollhouse, but I also liked to play video games and catch snakes. I'd argue that the things kids enjoy have just as much to do with their personality as with their gender. There's also shit that kids like regardless of gender, like slime, board games, playing pretend, crafts, etc.

No. 1805941

Samefag but is the guy on the right in the thumbnail fucking a horse?

No. 1805942

Yeah, it’s really telling how they gravitate towards the most stereotyped things. I also blame parents though for gendering so many objects from clothes to toys. My own opinion is kids should get to play with whatever they want toy-wise, otherwise they start thinking certain things are off-limits and it gets weird.

No. 1805943

File: 1681066151673.jpeg (268.91 KB, 750x1595, D6F469FC-9315-4394-A9FA-CA173D…)

gnc women, hairy women, women with masculine features, and unattractive women get shit all the time. but that’s called misogyny, not transphobia. transphobia is when you rightfully hate misogynistic scrotes in dresses.

No. 1805944

The problem isn't with the shoes, trad-chan. It's the fact that dad clearly put the kid in them and is posting about it online for attention.

No. 1805945

Same. I had Barbies and dolls because my parents and other adults gifted then to me, and I did love some of them a lot (the Tokyo Mew Mew ones kek) but what I was obsessed with were toy cars, little pokemon figurines, videogames and dragon ball cards which are stereotypically male toys. It was probably because I have an older brother and got used to his type of toys and as I got a little older I started liking "girlier" stuff too but the point is that kids will play with what they have and what they think is cool/interesting. There are no male or female toys, boys aren't born with an interest in toy trucks and girls aren't born wanting to play with pink clothes and makeup.

No. 1805947

Trannies are never obsessed with legos or anything I fucking loved legos.

No. 1805948

File: 1681066794010.png (376.17 KB, 633x356, Screenshot 2023.png)

Just the title alone makes me wanna punch him.

No. 1805951

File: 1681066883520.png (381.53 KB, 1171x2236, hmmm.png)

your male features aren't that hard to recognize sir.

No. 1805953

when i was a kid, boys and girls played with pokemon toys and video games, no one was playing with trucks and dolls.

No. 1805955

Yes, Hinduism has a lot of that in their "homosexual" art because they're just degenerate orgy depicting statues made by degenerate as fuck men. The homosexuality here is seen as equal in ""lewdness"" to bestiality. H
A lot of hindu sects value and worship (male) sexuality and so when you give men unlimited freedom to be as degenerate as they want (and add in religious imperative) you get this shit just like you have them today. Orgies where there would be at least one animal depicted being raped along with moids raping women (depicted in ecstasy as if the guy was pleasing her) and each other. These sects really do represent the tq+ but not how they'd like kek

No. 1805957

Just a lil blog but every time I see this thread pic I get lowkey triggered. It’s so fucking disgusting it should peak literally everyone who sees it.

I discovered them the other day. His mannerisms and everything about him are EXACTLY like Dylan’s. I gasped once I saw his girlfriend, and she looks extremely uncomfortable at all times for some reason kek. Definitely smells like an attempted grift/clout chase on his part

No. 1805959

>can't find a single thing to criticise
>man in a wig
also why are so many of them stand-up comics? https://www.tiktok.com/@miamoorevibes i kinda think they do it just so they have some material. and they don't need to be funny or original, just talk trans stuff and they'll have an audience clapping like seals.
>"nice hair"
you wish, Ollie

No. 1805961

File: 1681068213851.png (66.63 KB, 353x511, Screenshot 2023-04-07 105248.p…)

No. 1805963

Not mention also girls that didn't like dolls at all and prefer plushies or "boy toys" like cars or action figurines. Guess what, Robert? They're still women.

No. 1805964

File: 1681068767811.png (103.38 KB, 887x543, Screenshot 2023-04-09 at 21-31…)

I'm dead. LMAO The heavy thuds, the moving of the mirror making it look like the whole building is shaking. This is the best thing I've seen all week. His ballet performances are so shit and he stands out like the average troon.

No. 1805967

is this real

No. 1805968

>deadmeat, woke but has mra vibes
glad it's not just me that thinks this
Egoraptor but i'm surprised he's held out for so long

No. 1805971

File: 1681069705521.jpeg (6.86 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

Okay so I was wrong (or right) but I watched dead meat and I was thinking of Czsworld, this scrote. He does the "history of" videos, capes for troons but in a few videos he made me feel like he's kinda odd.

No. 1805975

Kek he's so bad it's hilarious. Literally any woman with no experience could make those jumps and look more graceful than him. I feel bad for the other dancers who actually worked their asses off. I know a lot of ballerinas develop EDs because their coaches force them to attain the dainty light look but this big heavy ape is allowed to perform like a toddler in a tutu.

No. 1805986

the thudding is taking me out. lmfao. also don’t you need to be like super skinny to be able to do ballet because of physics of things? he is big even for a moid and is seconds away from rolling his ankle jumping clumsily in those toe shoes. (tho maybe if he DID roll his ankle it would be better for everyone lol)

No. 1806013

I've heard that some of the top ballet schools will judge by age 7 if a girl has the right physique for ballet because of pelvis fusion affecting flexibility. The fact that it's such an exlusionary, elite, and precise sport that goes deep enough to even judge children's bones and this dude thinks he's been accepted for anything other than woke points… honestly just embarrassing.

No. 1806015

File: 1681076371803.png (62.96 KB, 1080x702, Screenshot_20230409-223709.png)

Who wants to bet he was also stealing her clothes & underwear?

No. 1806018

kind of weird he describes her as territorial. I feel like they use that word re womanhood a lot. As something we’re keeping from them. This is a girl who didn’t want to share her own toys with her little brother and he’s complaining about it on Twitter as an adult and ascribing it to terf logic.

No. 1806021

kek I had to know if it was real, too, and it is!

No. 1806023

He hasn't, and he has a boyfriend now and I think that'll prevent him from trooning. I think his identity as being a furfag is stronger than the idea of being feminine. He isn't except the long hair, but he's had long hair before it became associated with femininity and not just a choice men make sometimes. He's pro-tranny rights but his longtime mod recently trooned out and has started attention whoring and seems to annoy him sometimes. I hope his mod peaks him.

No. 1806026

I hope he remembers to lotion joe dirt in the hole

No. 1806035

Fuck this gay earth. My little brother played Barbie’s with me a few times mainly when he was bored, often bringing his “Dragonball Z guys” into play, but we also both played Pokémon and with those Scanners toys if any 90s anons remember those lmao shit like that. I fucking hate troons for trying to make it some huge trauma that a little girl might not want to share her dolls with her stinky weirdo brother.

No. 1806040

File: 1681081169883.jpeg (367.38 KB, 1012x1788, 0B3B8976-98C5-4EC8-A059-B55667…)

No. 1806041

File: 1681081264797.jpeg (110.06 KB, 750x971, 6747C154-0039-4A94-87E5-063EAD…)

No. 1806042

File: 1681081586331.jpeg (179.03 KB, 648x2048, slutty old men.jpeg)

becoming a women = being a slutty teenage girls

every day i become more baffled why we must entertain these creepy men's pedo fetishes

No. 1806043

What? I know they love to say random retard shit, but boobs and hips don’t hurt because they’re growing? They just grow, I’m pretty sure most women don’t even notice the changes unless they have like severe EDs or the sorts.

No. 1806045

sorry for ot but it was tragic timing that just after watching this clumsy man prance around, i came across this article: https://unherd.com/2023/04/why-cant-women-expose-their-pain/ the pain a real ballet dancer goes through.

No. 1806049

File: 1681082491741.gif (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 640x482, ywnbaw.gif)

they watch things like picrel (spoiler for stupid coomer brained shit) and think that's what actually happens to them.

>but boobs and hips don’t hurt because they’re growing

i mean, boobs can hurt a bit when they grow. and general growing pains are a thing but these are already fully grown men fetishising female puberty, so that doesn't apply to them.

No. 1806051

i love how the whole presentation centers around the hideous ape and the women fawning over him. handmaidens, the ballet.

No. 1806052

>>1806042 does the horsepiss injections or e pills they take daily actually widen their hips or is it just a cope? I've seen a lot of them who claimed to been on E for years yet still narrow as any other male. also you literally need a uterus to experience a period…. hormonal cramps aren't what a period makes

No. 1806053

"Territorial," like she's some kind of animal. I'd love to hear her side of the story. I reckon dolls weren't the only things he stole from her.

No. 1806054

Yeah, I remember that when I was 12-13 my boobs hurt so much I was worried I was getting breast cancer. Males have lower pain tolerance, and tranny bodies are ruined by hormones so it probably hurts them even more.

No. 1806056

Look at any photo of one. It's cope.

No. 1806057

File: 1681083097173.jpeg (32.49 KB, 563x381, m-n-f-563x381.jpeg)

no their hips cannot grow. they might get higher fat percentage but that's about it. it's all cope and fantasy.
>you literally need a uterus to experience a period
yep literally shedding of the womb lining. the hormonal period thing also relies on ovaries which create the actual cycle of hormones. TIMs just take constant hormones and it does not in any way even mimic our cycles. it's disgusting that they try to make out like it does.

No. 1806065

Absolutely terrible watch thanks

No. 1806068

there is a whole subreddit dedicated to gifs/videos like this. thankfully i can't remember what it is called. it was horrifying.

No. 1806072

shit i found it. don't look if you don't want your day ruined https://www.reddit.com/r/gendertransformation/comments/jmv80k/animation_transformation_by_rikeza/
they're all pretty much like this one.

No. 1806084

File: 1681086542689.png (Spoiler Image,658.77 KB, 700x791, 75341.png)

As if we needed further proof that it's a fetish.
Picrel is the most upvoted post.

No. 1806087

Most scrotebrained post I have ever seen.

No. 1806092

Is this the new word they’re going to all start using to describe women and girls who have boundaries?

No. 1806095

They see womanhood as a foreign country/culture to be invaded, conquered, and exploited.

No. 1806098

Seconding the other anons and adding in that one of the only things hrt does for males is make body fat storage more similar to females. I don't know the full scientific backing for this so feel free to do your own research, but I think it is the relation between fat as an organ and estrogen regulation. So a lot of them think their hips (pelvis bone) get wider like a female's, but they don't, they might appear wider if he has gained weight and it stored in his hip area. The bones will not change in any way other than becoming weaker over time.

No. 1806117

File: 1681090550732.jpeg (67.53 KB, 750x777, CC33DC93-3B58-49EA-A7A8-9E853B…)

he was literally an agp smh

No. 1806120

File: 1681091104128.png (22.15 KB, 734x486, Tranny fan fic.PNG)

The way this is written is so fake. No woman would ever do something like this, he's just projecting what his male brain comes up with onto women. What woman would ever use the words "Girly figure" to describe someone elses body?

No. 1806122

i guess they’re probably right that he’d be a troon nowadays kek

No. 1806125

the fact that i thought this said ed gein for a second and wasnt even surprised is kind of scary

No. 1806131

The disgustingly blatant desire for “randy teeny girls” aside, I can’t get over their complete misunderstanding of menstruation. Without fail they conflate period cramps with PMS, and probably don’t even know what the P stands for. How can they delude themselves into thinking their horsepiss gives them period cramps? WHAT organ is producing the prostaglandins? WHAT is cramping? Makes no damn sense.

No. 1806133

File: 1681093178954.jpeg (139.89 KB, 1125x1146, 8D1ACF7F-FB88-4E2E-848B-66F965…)

Nonnie you're just as retarded as the troon who believe their hips can grow, for asking this question.

No. 1806134

File: 1681093273713.jpeg (68.4 KB, 1079x988, 1C6A28A8-2FA1-4219-B155-8ECC4D…)

No. 1806135

Tbf my hips and boobs did hurt during puberty, but nothing about that was “fun” or “sexy”, like they are grossly making it out to be.

No. 1806136

File: 1681093300960.png (95.43 KB, 677x833, 13 Twitter.png)

No. 1806141

File: 1681093862188.png (958.06 KB, 1046x1386, Screenshot_20230409-193024_(1)…)

This is what this troon looks like. I feel bad for the sister who has to live with such a fucking creep

No. 1806146

he was most definitely jerking off in her clothes

No. 1806151

File: 1681095733758.jpeg (101.93 KB, 1242x656, IMG_0187.jpeg)

There was an attempt to make a clever post but this makes no sense

No. 1806161

>wouldn't care that trans women call themselves women
? They absolutely would that's the entire point.
>[observing someone is male] is enforcing classic gender roles
Sex doesn't exist to them once again. lmao.

No. 1806167

let's put it this way: if a pile of bones from a dead tranny shows up on a forensic anthropologist's table, they are going to say the victim is male.

No. 1806179

Literally this. If these people are so obsessed with becoming a woman down to the core, they need to break their pelvises, shave off some leg bones, fuck up their jaw, alter their fucking ear and eye holes, etc. we can tell race and gender and general age by bones. It's not as easy as cutting out some organs

No. 1806180

>his identity as being a furfag is stronger

Furries are 7 times more likely to identify as transgender than the general population. Wings Over Scotland did a nice little write-up of comorbidities in furfags.

No. 1806189

thanks this is the worst thing ive seen in 5-6 minutes

No. 1806190

File: 1681103742977.jpeg (78.24 KB, 750x709, 2DCCD5B6-590D-4CB3-8263-55F560…)

i’m pretty sure gravity and age affect moobs as well. these idiots think they’re being reborn into a younger body, the delusion.

No. 1806191

File: 1681103771390.jpg (125.34 KB, 1080x1219, Screenshot_20230410_011640_Gal…)

Quinton Reviews hasnt put out a video in awhile but I know that man be into some weird shit and follows a lot of troons on twitter

No. 1806195

my sister had to quit ballet around that age because it was clear that she would never have the ballet dancer physique.

No. 1806196

The fact that he hasn’t trooned out yet is astounding

No. 1806197

>prime booby material
Dude wishes he could touch boobs so bad he tries to grow his own.

No. 1806198

Same, me and my female friends played with animal toys and pretend-played edgy fantasy scenarios. I got obsessed with lion King, rescue rangers and duck tales and never showed any interest into caring for dolls and didn't understand it so I never had any. I hate how even in psychiatry textbooks, you have a "played with other gender toys" as an important factor to consider for transgenderism. It's all based on outdated stereotypes. And boys not being allowed to have dolls when they want them or being considered feminine for wanting them makes no sense, they're gonna have children as adults too. Some men just like caring for children more than some women do.

No. 1806200

File: 1681105313024.jpeg (220.9 KB, 750x1592, C4DF4BB0-978F-4053-A423-DC6665…)

the guy who got fired was probably a turbo normie boomer who was genuinely confused because you need to be terminally online to understand this bullshit.

No. 1806204

>Jordan is a boys name
I’ve met more girls named Jordan than boys. Wtf is he talking about?

No. 1806208

They really missed the mark on this one:
>It provided frequently mid-20s-and-30s, smart, nerdy, creative, bullied males with a community,
Absolute shit tons of furries are literally retarded retarded. Even outside of furries, I'm tired of people blowing smoke up everybody's ass about how cartoon watchers, softcore porn comic book fans, movie watchers, people who read books exclusively at or below a 5th grade reading level, etc… Are all somehow secretly brilliant troves of creativity and intelligence, because tbh most of these people are below average at best and just obsessive horny losers.

No. 1806216

>guy is baffled because troon has a "boys name"
>literally two sentences later
>guy says troon looks like a man
low effort. or maybe the guy he got fired was literally special needs.

No. 1806217

why couldn't he named himself a stereotypical tim name and not jordan, which is a stereotypical male name. ofc the security guard would've assume the obvious regardless how 'femme' the tim is.

No. 1806219

I fucking hate that faggot f1nn he used to show up everywhere, I had to block him. He has an onlyfans and dresses like a woman, he is gonna officially troon out soon, he is just stretching it because coomers love femboys (barf) But god I hate him

No. 1806223

kek you're the anon who's always worried that we're criticizing GNC men. even when it's about a pedotroon forcing his toddler to wear heels (which is fucked up no matter the child's sex).

i like how he says "you can just be a girl" and the argument/evidence is just a pic of him after he trooned out (no beard, makeup, and a sparkling top), because that's what being a girl is about (that and barbies)

No. 1806226

Agreed. It's an overlap with the media narrative around autistic males being genius outcasts instead of dangerous failsons.
The fact that furries have their own art scene also makes them sound like a creative subculture, until you see that 99% of them draw like retards and never improve.
The statistic from Plante about furries being 5 times more likely to identify as non-heterosexual may be skewed by trannies identifying as lesbians, because language has lost all meaning.

No. 1806229

>extended warranty on the twins
>10ish years of prime booby material
>ineluctable decline
Gross. It's so obvious they aren't poor distraught men trying to escape their bodies. They're just talking about boobs like any other misogynistic man, wondering if their own moobs will look porny enough. They are apparently too coombrained and in denial to even google tranny moobs and realize they look nothing like women's breasts.

Saving this kek

No. 1806231

this is a great takedown of MRA from mars. thanks for posting, anon! really hope it doesn't get removed from YT

No. 1806240

It peeves me, because there's so much of a difference between actual creatives from 40+ years ago, and these modern people who only "create" to masturbate and/or create self-inserts. And most of them couldn't create anything more original than Sonichu if they tried. I'm still waiting a decade later for Bronies to demonstrate all that improved empathy, feelings, respect, and tolerance they learned from a little girl cartoon they masturbated all over.

No. 1806252

>I gave him the i'm about to fuck you up eyes
How very female of you, full on glaring at a fully grown man who is probably armed, just for a non-vulgar comment that seems kinda contradictory anyway.

No. 1806256

File: 1681118185860.webm (1.18 MB, 576x1024, 9f9f3710ac71aed3d86cd2e2ce6aa4…)

this mia scrote is the one that thinks he's owning "transphobes" on twitter by posting pictures of celebrity women with muscles or unique facial structures like geena davis and sigourney weaver, suggesting they're transgender. he's admitted to being a porn addict, which… duh. i looked at his tiktok and his latest video in vidrel is him "joking" about force feminizing (an extremely common fetish amongst these men) an unsuspecting person. lots of failmales in the comments confirming the gross kink aspect of it

No. 1806257

File: 1681118235821.jpg (22.58 KB, 937x257, Screenshot_20230410_050545_Tik…)

coomer misogynists, all of em

No. 1806260

File: 1681119298815.jpg (313.7 KB, 1800x1165, n64.jpg)

I always love these kind of posts because they're so laughably phony. Obvious coomers autisticly regurgitating the classic hsts childhood story because they know it garners the most sympathy, oblivious to how others perceive them and how ridiculous the whole thing seems coming from them. You're telling me that smug neckbeard was just a sad little girly boy who only wanted to play with dolls but got bullied because he was just so smol and effeminate? Okay, wonder how your sister remembers it.

Best part of her being the villian in this particular childhood retcon is he probably got way more than her toywise, because boys always do. Mothers do most of the shopping and favor their sons, they get more and what they get is generally more expensive. If little future failson had actually wanted dolls he would have gotten them, nice expensive ones, all of the clothes, and on Christmas his mother would have bought him and his sister a big thousand dollar antique dollhouse "to share" that he would bully her out of using and that would inevitably end up in his room because "she never plays with it."

No. 1806273

Blog but I'm lucky enough to have a terf mum and the last time I was talking to her about tranny shit she told me my uncle would often play with her dolls and other 'girly toys', he didn't even end up being gay or gnc - just a run of the mill straight guy.
Kids wanting to play with a variety of different toys is a normal part of childhood development, no one conforms 100% to gender stereotypes at all times thats just retarded

No. 1806275

so a woman, in her own workplace whilst working, squeezed a customer's ass out of nowhere? and said "girly figure"? kek. also, even in this fantasy story, she implies that he is so clearly a man in a dress otherwise she wouldn't assume he was trans and yet says he "really is a woman"

No. 1806282

so true, it's hilarious how moids who spent 30 years proudly living as coombrained neckbeards with the most stereotypically male interests and behaviors expect us to believe that they always knew they were trans and that putting on a facade was unbearable kek. they can't even pick another anecdote than "i wanted to play with dolls!!! i suffered so much!", unless it's the more honest crossdressing fetish admission "i tried on my mom's underwear when she was away, i am a certified female!"

No. 1806284

File: 1681126559504.webm (523.51 KB, 576x576, 1679843160608.webm)

A new tiktok video edit for pick me handmaidens and retarded trannies to praise

No. 1806285

File: 1681126615838.png (7.14 KB, 396x181, Captura de pantalla 2023-04-10…)


Trannies when you call a female school shooter a she:

No. 1806286

File: 1681127271330.png (2.73 MB, 978x12775, kevvie.png)

>where the two of them made out while news coverage of Rowling’s murder played on the television behind them

>There was another mass shooting at a gay bar in Nevada. The victims were primarily transgender women and drag queens, and the shooter was filmed saying “this is what you get for killing JK Rowling” before shooting himself

>Her throat was slit; the murder weapon, an old-fashioned gentleman’s shaving razor, was found beside the bed, directly below the victim’s hand, hanging over the side. Despite no signs that the victim was sexually active prior to her death, the crime scene was scattered with semen

More totally deranged shit from troons. Spoiler: Rowling kills herself to make the poor trannies look bad.


No. 1806287

This would have been an instant diagnosis of some psychosexual illness back in 2010. Like you are constantly thinking about sex in situations that aren't sexual at all, that's just clearly unhealthy.

No. 1806288

Totally not snuff erotica

No. 1806290

Ancient troon bronies isn't something I wanted to learn about today but here I am

No. 1806295

Men are mentally ill.

No. 1806297

File: 1681130402500.jpg (Spoiler Image,26.06 KB, 300x460, h9991414_001.jpg)

there are males who can develop wide hips naturally through a rare condition having an extra x chromosome. I'd figure since TiMs are somewhat artificially making themselves intersex through hormones I'd ask, but no hrt just redistributes fat so it wouldn't be the same as a guy with klinefelters

No. 1806298

KEK, peak male behaviour to write a fantasy about killing your enemies because you're seething about a woman saying no to deranged men.

No. 1806326

File: 1681138210629.jpg (Spoiler Image,132.73 KB, 675x1200, FUb_ZkFUAAATgfi.jpg)

Well now that you mention it, his new fursuit does wear a schoolgirl skirt. I always thought his horse fursona was meant to be masculine but maybe not if it is wearing a skirt and giving fuck me eyes.

No. 1806327

>>1806326 always the mini porn schoolgirl skirts I see…

No. 1806334

This. I wish to god parents now would stop attributing some deep meaning to what toys kids play with or even what clothes they’re drawn to, to a certain extent. Kids go through phases or they might naturally like one thing over another, they might be gnc their entire lives. But it pisses me off when I see TRA parents be like “oh, little Christoper keeps playing with Barbies, guess that means he’s Christina now”. I think though the opposite of preventing your kids from touching anything that doesn’t fit their sex is also setting them up for problems. Otherwise you wouldn’t have these men making such a big deal of how they never got to play with dolls, never got to play dress up, etc. Just let kids be kids and they’ll usually grow out of whatever phase and be fine.

No. 1806341

>very territorial
You mean she didn’t want to share her toys? Fucking deranged

No. 1806364

My brother used to take my stuff without asking and I was a huge mean evil bitch for not being happy about that. It's a total coincidence I ended up in an abusive relationship as a young adult though. Definitely not connected to a childhood of being conditioned to always take 2nd place. It would be interesting to see how many FtMs are from boy worshiping families. When you're a kid you don't realize there is a pattern of people overvaluing their sons and undervaluing their daughters. You think you're the problem.

No. 1806366

File: 1681144005589.jpg (39.99 KB, 750x400, breh.jpg)

I can't believe he's so retarded. Or is this 3d chess, to claim that the man who raped his elderly, demented mother is a True and Honest transgender and that we should respect her pronouns? I think Geno may troon out one day despite living in China.

No. 1806375

I'm surprised to see this. I figured GS was only using she/her pronouns for Chris to avoid backlash. I've seen him slip up and use he/him pronouns for Chris in a few of his livestreams. Which I imagine, although it's abdundantly clear that you're looking a male when talking about CWC, after this long of using she/her I think it'd become habit. Therefore implying he uses he/him outside of his videos/amongst friends/in his head. But that might be a stretch kek

No. 1806377

Chris is a proven sex pest and these retarded scrote had documented the lengths he went through to get vagina including raping his own mother, but him trooning out hoping his female spirt would get him lesbians "can't be proven?"
This idiot talks about unproven tinfoil all the time. Anyone watched the April Fool episode of the doc? Where towards the end he created a better ending for.Chris where he was trying to get bottom surgery?
So Genos not just respecting pronouns because youtube. He genuinely thinks Chris is a true and honest woman. That he'd be in his best life cutting his dick off.

No. 1806394

>All this coverage on CWC and this scrote still defends him trooning out
clown world

No. 1806406

He's acting as if Chris wasn't free to do what he wanted for his transition and that we would have ended up right where we are now because he'd just be a typical troonsbian harassing women for sex (like he did pretransition) and then raping his mom when he decides he wants to since he chose to do so despite having an irl girl who wanted him. Access to women and tranny "womanhood" didn't stop him in this timeline, how would it stop him if he trooned out earlier? He'd do everything he did the first time again just in long hair the whole time

No. 1806408

I 100% think he will, he gives me the ick so bad and his weird obsession with shows like iCarly and Victorious while under the guise of being outraged by Dan Schneider…idk it’s sus. Plus just look at him kek

No. 1806414

File: 1681149706447.jpeg (115.23 KB, 750x1231, 144459C1-E50B-4A25-934B-A70415…)

I don’t know where else to post this but holy shit, this whole time I’ve thought MAPs were just another 4chan sock puppet used to entertain the “lgbt identities are inherently perverse” slippery slope narrative, but I think I’ve stumbled across a TIM autistic enough to proudly identify as one on Instagram. And this one even publicly admits to being in “MAP SUPPORT GROUPS WITH MINORS AS YOUNG AS 14+”. He thinks there are “MAP” minors. Which is dumb as fuck considering the default for minors is to be attracted to someone their age. If someone with a KF account could also xpost this there I’m sure this slimeball would get more attention to hopefully get them off the internet and away from minors. and I’ve checked just to see if it was a troll, it’s not, it’s the same moid in every photo and the art he shares seems legit in the autism way. I am seriously convinced this is a real person and not a troll

No. 1806415

File: 1681149802718.jpeg (202.83 KB, 750x1218, E7A21CFF-03E8-476A-B01A-7F1A86…)

sorry for the samefag but needed to share this caption because holy shit this person is so autistic they’re proudly admitting to interacting with minors in MAP discord servers

No. 1806420

anyone who writes this should be on a sex offender list.

No. 1806424

I just want to alog. I just want to materialize horrible things for these self involved fucks. So what happens when their minor becomes an adult? They abandon them because it's their sexual orientation? Do they think anyone wants their old wrinkly asses while they're youthful and full of life? Old ass disgusting fucks just want power over someone.

No. 1806425

File: 1681150397636.jpeg (201.95 KB, 1125x1505, EB4ECB87-4298-4B78-BCC1-064696…)

I’m dangerously close to a-logging. I want every pedophile to suffer a horrible fate. I cannot believe we are inching closer to a society where people will be allowed to be out and proud about wanting to rape teens and children.

No. 1806434

File: 1681150778665.jpeg (77.74 KB, 750x625, 93EFD0A7-04C2-4538-BF50-40F371…)

the original comment I stumbled upon there profile through. it was posted on a Native American community Instagram page on a post about protesting in America so I’m not even sure why they thought this autistic sperg was relevant but the self victimization, latching on to LGBT identity, and shamelessness of this person sharing their attraction for minors makes me furious

No. 1806443

sage for blogpost but im seriously so fed up with trying to date as a lesbian w trannies thinking they have a chance w me. its hard enough to find other gay women without TIMs pretending to be them. does anyone have this issue of trannies hitting on them fucking constantly??? i wish i could be an open TERF and im surprised they cant sense that i am one.

No. 1806451

sorry nonna i only know club monocle https://theclubmonocle.com/ i wish you good luck

No. 1806455

oh it’s over

No. 1806461

File: 1681154812349.png (609.22 KB, 720x1223, Screenshot_20230410-151836~2.p…)

A mtf moron tweeted this and I wish I could type out everything I wanted to say in response to it but I had to share it here lmao

No. 1806465

Forcing your son to call you mom and watch you prance around in womens clothing all day, not abusive at all

No. 1806470

Nta but based take, female socialization and conditioning primes us for abusive relationships with greedy sociopathic moids and I hate it.

No. 1806472

every time i see a husband + father troon out I think about how gaslit the woman must feel. with any other kind of abuse or betrayal, the woman is supported and affirmed that it's not her fault. in these circumstances, she has to watch her ex - the father of her child - revel in his new life that he chose over them, and be applauded for it. if she doesn't applaud along too she will likely face shame and even more abuse. all of this whilst trying to raise a young child that hopefully won't grow up to be completely fucked in the head.
she has to keep her mouth shut as the child she gestated and birthed calls a man who put his own needs before that same child , "Mom"
fuck that.

No. 1806478

and once you manage to avoid trannies, the dating scene is still full of landmines because of the kweer handmaidens. it’s exhausting.

No. 1806482

If he believed he passed he would post himself instead of celebrities to own the "transphobes"

No. 1806483

File: 1681157448971.png (111.89 KB, 691x757, ripx4nutmeg on Twitter.png)

Gawd the police are so retarded along with the retards who defend this.

No. 1806485

File: 1681157773397.jpeg (73.74 KB, 1170x701, D207EEC7-2419-4ECE-A628-C97C17…)

I wonder why I haven’t deleted my twitter account yet.

No. 1806487

File: 1681158120296.jpg (112.34 KB, 750x1624, FtXUfp2XoAci0Wt.jpg)

No. 1806495

jfc HOW is this allowed to happen? even his own parents are begging police to do something. he isn't even honouring his curfew so what makes them think he isn't going to target another child?
not only is this pedo allowed to enter women's toilets in order to attack young girls but is spared sentencing and referred to as "she/her" at every turn. imagine how that little girl feels knowing her attacker still roams free wtf

No. 1806498

Why does he not mention men when he says MAPs, I think that constitutes most of them. Women almost certainly means men though. I like how he has to accuse all these marginalized people of being MAPs so he can shoehorn his moid self in along with them.

No. 1806504

File: 1681159819147.jpeg (219.76 KB, 1170x1889, 79F9FE1A-B172-42DB-B51A-A34DE5…)

I came here to post that same cap lol. Here’s his ugly mug.

No. 1806511

I’m so fucking tired of this debate. Chris talked about being trans by saying he has something for all ladies- he thought this was the solution so he’d have all women as an option. Just because he doesn’t admit that verbatim doesn’t make it less blatant.

No. 1806513

I forgot this fucking guy existed but then this video appeared in my recommended and he looks like a rehydrated corpse, genuinely terrifying

No. 1806517

What the fuck are wrong with his teeth is he british

No. 1806524

dude just wear a wig tf LMAO

No. 1806584

File: 1681168171296.jpg (200.22 KB, 1080x1227, FtWXRAoWAAAUKy3.jpeg.jpg)

It's no longer simply social contagion at this point, it's a fucking pandemic.

No. 1806590

It's literally just an intrusive thought.

No. 1806596

This is just what not having a personality and real life problems does to a fucker.

No. 1806615

I just looked at his channel and are you sure he isn't already a troon lol?

No. 1806616

God I wish people this stupid would get face tattoos when this happens so that we could still recognize them when they inevitably detransition in a year or two. Can the cult start recommending cute massive trans gal tattoos to trannies? Mark my words there will be a day when most of all these fucks will detrans and will go back to being the openly sociopathic moids that they are, laughing at trannies with us as if they weren’t jerking off in their sisters clothes in an Amazon wig just hours earlier.

No. 1806624

This is so funny because this happened to 2 separate guys i know. They ran around telling everyone “I THINK I’M TRANS” for a week, and then just never followed through or brought it up again because they realized they were being dumb.

No. 1806629

Something about this reminds me of religious people describing hearing the voice of god

No. 1806651

I could see Kurtis doing so just to get the woke points he seems to desperately desire.

No. 1806654

File: 1681177587944.png (95.94 KB, 577x603, soaring.png)

I am obsessed with the guy. How is he allowed to dance? Ballet is an extremely exclusionary and rigorous sport, one injury can destroy a career. Even for those who do 'make it' in the industry, money is still tight. My dance teacher was helping a dancer who flew in for some stuff relating to the moscow ballet once and said the girl was hardly making any money, and this was someone who was classically trained in some of the most intense schools around. Professionals dedicate their lives, their health, and even their finances toward a volatile career, while a mentally ill scrote in his thirties can jump around and gets articles written about how brave and stunning he is?

This isn't about wanting to fulfill a childhood dream, this is about his fetish and getting attention. Groups like Les Ballets Trockadero are all male dancers who do comedic drag ballets, but even they are actual professionals who take it seriously and train. This retard worms his way into women's section, the children's classes, because women's spaces are the new "gender neutral" spaces and are expected to be easier and not as exclusionary, even at professional levels.

No. 1806658

Man discovers he has OCD.
I remember being in an anxiety recovery group and there was one woman there who has pure O OCD, and the intrusive thought of the week was the possibility of her being transgender. She was so distraught by it. Eventually it passed but, Jesus Christ. I can't imagine how many people have followed through with intrusive thoughts.

No. 1806661

File: 1681178148828.png (115.31 KB, 668x864, Bo on Twitter.png)

another day of mandia seething again

No. 1806662

File: 1681178199349.jpg (142.27 KB, 1125x1217, FtTYmoJWIAQe7Wb.jpg)

I hate trannies honestly

No. 1806667

File: 1681178627288.jpg (19.25 KB, 620x350, dbdgm8W.jpg)

>You're trans now
Forever kek at the thought of having your brain hijacked by the mrbeast youtube channel. more milk like this please

No. 1806669

that poor woman. she deserves way more than minimum wage for being forced into a stall with a man and cater to his delusions. this is just sexual harassment and this freak has the nerve to cry dysphoria.

No. 1806672

Not yet. Some rich coomer literally pays him thousands of dollars to cross dress (not including tons of donos from his other followers). He might troon out, but any guy would do this for the money he’s getting.

No. 1806673

File: 1681179918737.png (623.1 KB, 679x1204, Screenshot 2023.png)

tranny being racist again

No. 1806675

Idgi, is he really trying to get back at a woman by calling her trans because she's "a parody of a woman"? Basically admitting that troons are parodies?

No. 1806676

File: 1681180055556.png (13.57 KB, 677x411, 12 Twitter.png)

No. 1806688

oh no, they can't join our bookclubs?!?!

No. 1806706

File: 1681183235576.jpg (179.77 KB, 1044x1796, FtW4NAJXwAAechX.jpg)

Another brand down

No. 1806707

there's a dylan thread nona

No. 1806708

File: 1681183637117.png (14.48 KB, 1319x324, Fuck TERFs. Fuck transphobes. …)

Butthurt tranny?

No. 1806709

File: 1681184124300.jpeg (133.26 KB, 750x997, 78737F67-F3ED-45B7-BD0B-7BC0B0…)

No. 1806710

Kek just like twoX's pinned handmaiden post. At this point they just can't help themselves lol

No. 1806711

File: 1681184274869.webm (3.79 MB, 576x1024, 16811835955.webm)

No. 1806715

File: 1681184617700.jpeg (109.24 KB, 1438x930, clap for the nhs.jpeg)

sadly your taxes pay for this man to get a hole in his dick and pretend it's a vagina.

No. 1806717

File: 1681185202742.png (112.85 KB, 678x607, SWomen's Voices on Twitter.png)

No. 1806718

File: 1681185248492.jpeg (10.88 KB, 300x318, 00B5961C-A41B-4CD2-9A3B-1EDA51…)

If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry

No. 1806720

Has anyone ever reported a troon entering their bathrooms at their institutions? There’s this 1.85m twig transbian moid that wears a corset everyday that I’ve seen entering the women’s bathrooms multiple times and it makes me uncomfortable as fuck. I’ve been wanting to report him but I fear I’ll get expelled

No. 1806730

Exactly this. But with affirmation models we now have to affirm this thought and tell him it means he's a woman
I don't know why TIMs try to claim they're irl futas when futas are clearly always females with dicks, not dudes with moobs.

No. 1806733

File: 1681186632502.jpeg (119.81 KB, 750x765, 3F0FDFA5-24D3-4065-91D7-E8B9FB…)

> i wanted to be a lesbian
you literally can’t.
> i am constantly thinking about detransitioning because i feel like i cannot live like this anymore.
then perish.

No. 1806734

so incredibly sexist that the two of three mentioned men participate in common female hobbies and interests are actually girls in the inside. and the last one is just himself stroking his ego lol. ironic that preaching to not conform to strict gender roles is coexisting with the trans movement which is the antithesis of going against the norm. and the latter is unfortunately winning and brainwashing everyone.

No. 1806735

Yeah you can't report him. What you can do, however, is go in when he does and exaggeratedly sidle across the walls like a video game character with a horrified look on your face.

No. 1806736

File: 1681186908649.jpg (92.2 KB, 1080x1804, Screenshot_20230410_233333.jpg)

When Tiktok trolls your FYP

No. 1806741

File: 1681187525595.jpeg (74.28 KB, 750x684, DDF16BD2-7D90-49AE-A49A-A786DC…)

i love when trannies post shit like this. it shows how bitter and miserable they are because they just know they’re ugly male larpers and there’s nothing they can do about it kek die mad, scrotes.

No. 1806745

What is he talking about? /actuallesbians is known for being only for scrotes like him. So trans women are terfs now?

No. 1806746

the whole sub is full of incels and handmaidens, but they won’t stop whining about the three downvotes they get every time trannies post about their dicks.

No. 1806747

omg this makes me want to start using reddit again just to downvote trannies. if you aren't subbed can you get banned just for downvoting? also why did this basic retarded post got so many awards, especially in a sub that's already full of trannies, it's not like they still have users to silence or brainwash by acting like normies agree with them

No. 1806749

I hate to admit it, but there probably aren't enough hate-lurkers for it to significantly affect the upvote ratio on posts. It's probably just a couple dozen people who do it intermittently. There isn't much of a difference even when a post gets linked here.

If a trannypost gets downvoted to hell in ActualTrannies, it's probably because it's so offensive or repulsive that even handmaidens have the sense to downvote it. The call is coming from inside the house, and if they keep crying TERF at the slightest dissent, they'll continue to bleed support.

No. 1806750

What boggles my mind is that he's getting attention for being an adult hobby dancer. Literally anyone off the street can walk into an open adult class. So many of the classes have some fruity gay dude who shows up in a skirt. It's nothing new or interesting, and he's not good enough technique wise to really merit the attention.

No. 1806753

Wasn't there a subreddit posted a while back for real lesbians where troons got minimal attention compared to r/actuallesbians? That is most likely what he is talking about.

No. 1806756

I love how he thinks this is supposed to be a glow up

No. 1806758

Idk, but i really don't see it for mannymua as much as people say they do? I think Patrick Starrr is a better pick. I also don't see it for charlie either or for Joel even, but i haven't seen his recent content. I believe that Joel would straight up be too lazy to be a troon lmao.

No. 1806772

Got this too! He got banned from live streaming I think. I tried to point out its obvious rage bait in the chat but of course no one listened.

No. 1806792


No. 1806795

>terfs […] would rather sit in safety
Uh, yes? That's kind of a pretty big point actually

No. 1806809

Hehe I do this every once in a while, but feel like I’m the only one so I doubt it gets noticed. He probably got literally 1 downvote and it hurt his fee fees so much he had to post about it

No. 1806818

File: 1681203297826.jpeg (147.22 KB, 1242x1364, IMG_0217.jpeg)

This and calling us Nazis are their favorite things to circle jerk about. Sorry, I didn’t realize any “terfs” have raped or killed anyone. What’s the worst thing we’ve done again? Said that women can’t have dicks? Pure evil, literally worse than Hitler

No. 1806821

Our worst crime is to refuse to have sex with them and their limp, poisoned dicks or their scarred, fetid facsimile of a vagina. They literally base their entire self-worth on fucking. That’s why they think femcel is an insult, but I’d rather not fuck anyone for the rest of my life than have to touch troon dick or ditch.

No. 1806828

I think the time for SPF to fight against damage has long since passed for Dyldo kek

No. 1806832

It's still so shocking how much they're projecting. They think radical feminists would reduce women to "incubators", are obsessed with purity and genitals? That's the literal opposite of what feminists say and have always said, on what fucking planet are they on?

Meanwhile troons call women uterus havers, birthgivers, menstruatos and so on, and they are so obsessed with genitals they think a botched wound hole is better than their own intact dick and they will mold their entire persona and life around that thought.

No. 1806836

kek holy shit every nonna should read this for laughs, it reads like it was written by a 14 year old in creative writing class. If this troon read any of the books JKR wrote maybe his writing wouldn’t be so dog shit…

No. 1806837

lmao that was ridiculously bad from a guy who says he loves murder mysteries cuz he can't write them for shit. I'm sure JKR would get a good laugh out of this garbage. kek at these especially deranged bits
>“Beloved?” Wilhelmina’s face became a deep red and she went on, “that bitch is despicable. She has devoted the last several years of her life to leading a crusade against transgender people. She has convinced thousands that we are nothing but violent predators, a threat to cisgender women. That woman has used her enormous platform to incite hate and violence. Trans women being murdered on the street, mass shootings at queer bars… JK Rowling has instigated these targeted acts of violence, fanning the flames of bigotry.
>Rowling even published a manifesto about trans people being a danger to women’s rights. Without a doubt, that woman hates transgender people. Of course, her opinion is not a very popular one. What better way to get people to your side than becoming a martyr?
>a manifesto

No. 1806845

Already exists. It's called the Sex Offenders Wing.

No. 1806872

Kek that is rich coming from ActuallyTrans, this sub only have "transbians" and handmaidens and his post got a lot of upvotes and awards, disproving his claim. So the downvotes come from themselves kek.

No. 1806874

this just makes me sick. Some of the coolest guys I knew in hs and college were gender nonconforming. It's part of why I could stand being around them. It's so gross to think about them being tricked into thinking they're girls.

No. 1806877

This is straight up some My Immortal shit

No. 1806889

File: 1681218736348.png (Spoiler Image,72.72 KB, 261x457, Screenshot 2023-04-11 091256.p…)

guys, yms already trooned out, he added "any/all" pronouns to his twitter bio months ago and he's talked about how he's not man/woman on his livestreams. tbh i feel a little bad that trannies got to him as a homosexual but i'm not surprised since he's already a furry

No. 1806891

The fact that it looks so badly written like the Manhunt book shows that TIMs cannot write for shit, even if it means to be "erotic" and "horror"

Glad to see Tiktok did something at least.

No. 1806895

Transgender = Conversion therapy for the gender non-conforming. Enforced gender norms and stereotypes. Rampant homophobia. Rape culture. Science denial. Lifelong medicalization. Endless, male-identified attempts at dominance, commodification and control of female biology. Sterilization of the neurodivergent and mentally ill.
This makes me so angry, but I'm glad that they're outright telling us how they really feel. It just makes it even easier to shut down the gaslighting. So many TRAs say "Think about how you'll go down in history, do you want to be on the wrong side?", but how exactly do they think all the shit we see going on right now will look in the future? They will be viewed as butchers and useful idiots who supported horrific abuse. This is just one tiny video, but all this shit is unreal. How can a society become so regressive? Jesus christ.

No. 1806901

>but how exactly do they think all the shit we see going on right now will look in the future? They will be viewed as butchers and useful idiots who supported horrific abuse.
That's a good point nonna, I think tranny surgeries will be viewed in the future the same way lobotomies a viewed now.
As just senseless butchery.

No. 1806902

Why are they all so obsessed with jealousy? I don’t get it. It doesn’t seem like Sharron Davies is trying to do that, it’s like these men think we’re all stuck in 6th grade girl mentality or something.

No. 1806903

The fact that they think sexual harassment is funny and feel comfortable making memes about it says so much.

No. 1806904

It's just copium. Like when kids are mean to you at school and you're mom tells you they're just jealous. Some retards are gullible enough to believe it.

No. 1806913

>>1806615 I just think it's funny troons see him and claim its stolen valor. a lot of of them want him to troon out to feel better about themselves and also to prove their point that "no man can be comfortable crossdressing for that long and not be trans". he's making buckets of money from femboy coomers of course he's gonna milk it till the novelty dies off

No. 1806914

File: 1681221738036.png (180.36 KB, 936x662, little dancing man.png)


No. 1806918

lmao nonnie

No. 1806920

lold at this nonnie thanks

No. 1806926

Agreed and I genuinely hope he’s just a degen who won’t ever troon out for real. I enjoy how angry he makes the trannies bc he’s objectively “cute” and young looking so it’s not heinous when he cross dresses. Tbh he looks better than Hunter Schaefer kek (tho I am by no means a fan of his)

No. 1806931

File: 1681223952131.webm (1.68 MB, 390x270, ballet.webm)

a comparison to show just how dreadful he truly is. watch her grace and poise compared to his elephant stomping.
and having a giant male body isn't even an excuse, since male ballet dancers need to be fit, precise and elegant in their movements too. he is just shit and 100% being pandered to.

No. 1806932

>>1806733 evidence #99999 that transitioning to solve gender dysphoria is a lost cause

No. 1806933

File: 1681224045491.jpg (314.57 KB, 1440x1800, image0.jpg)

Discord moderator that I know

No. 1806935

No. 1806936

Men really are jealous of women, especially coomers. They really are shallow and stupid enough to believe that if a woman is attractive, she's had a literally perfect life.
>How can a society become so regressive?
TBH I think it always was, and this just shows you who the weakest links were. Most of us probably assumed that almost all "liberals" were serious about ending sex stereotypes, but tons of liberal moms hate their daughters, and tons just wanted an excuse to coddle their weak sons and make them little piss babies even longer.

No. 1806940

Does no one ask why these corporations fund this freak

No. 1806942

It really makes you wonder. I assume their goal is to push troonism, but Dylan is creepy and a very blatant misogynist, so I don't know why they think he'll make their cause look good

No. 1806944

Because he has a lot of followers, and marketing departments think he's hip with the zoomers and sposoring him will make them seem inclusive

No. 1806956

>>1806944 he's also controversial and all types of publicity good or bad is gonna rack up engagement

No. 1806957

It's because he's literally the only troon alive who was capable of getting a commercial agent. Companies go "how do we hire a tran to seem inclusive optics-wise" and Dylan is the only name on the list

No. 1806961

because he makes consevatards angry and all the corporations are aggressively woke now.

No. 1806965

still asking who is birthing these fugly ass moids

No. 1806966

that hulking body doesn't have one ounce of grace

No. 1806971

File: 1681228556676.png (244.23 KB, 412x436, troongrease.png)

lmao at his greasy ass, did he stick his head in a french fry vat?

No. 1806974

rofl he doesn't even try to jump, ol refrigerator lookin ass

thank you for this nonna

No. 1806981

File: 1681229507286.png (79.2 KB, 585x569, OH MY GOD.png)

the sickle alone is enough to get literally any dance teacher to grab your foot and forcefully move it. I feel so bad for the teachers, they probably can't give him any corrections because he'll cry transphobia if they tell him he sucks and nobody wants to get near his gross body.

No. 1806984

If you check the dylan thread, someone mentioned an article that came out recently about the "Corporate Equality Index" score (CEI score). Basically there's woke points companies can earn from parading around trannies like Dylan, and getting lots of points gets them good press. Dylan is obviously a popular choice with companies because he has a cleaner image than most troons.


No. 1806989

>So many TRAs say "Think about how you'll go down in history, do you want to be on the wrong side?", but how exactly do they think all the shit we see going on right now will look in the future? They will be viewed as butchers and useful idiots who supported horrific abuse.
Absolutely this. Trans ideology has really put history in perspective for me. Before I didn't "get" how things like witch burnings and the holocaust happened where people just blindly supported unscientific claims that made no sense for no real reason, I assumed the lack of education and technology made it so but that modern people would be far too smart to ever fall for it. Now I see these people all around me just blindly chant "blockers are reversible and trans women are women" thinking they're on the "right" side when peaking makes it abundantly clear how history will remember them with shame and horror, wondering how the fuck they hated kids do much they'd hurt them like this.

No. 1806991

God I really cannot take ballet being taken over by them too, I’m a former dancer myself and it is such a brutal art but you know that they will be coddled. Its common for instructors to literally grab you and move your limbs but I can’t imagine that instructors will feel comfortable doing the same to obvious crossdressing fetishists. The only way to get them banned entirely is to complain about a boner showing through the leotards and then all the women threaten to leave the studio and take the money with them. KEK.

No. 1806992

File: 1681230472648.png (53.26 KB, 791x1522, 67n.png)

This is why we call them groomers, also what's the "joke" supposed to be here.

No. 1806999

I dont think he ever actually wanted or tried to look asian. The transkorean thing was just to make him famous and get free plastic surgery and make fun off sjws.

No. 1807002

I've seen literal cisgender male dancers with more poise when attempting female routines. Go look up ballet trockadero for an example (they purposefully mix humor in with their stuff, but it is still really good).

No. 1807004

Its literally all just cherry picked numbers to fit a pre-existing idea that will be scary to people living under the current hegemon (the USA).

Why does the Ottoman Empire randomly end in 1570 instead of carrying on until the 20th century like in reality? Why does the Roman Republic turn into the Roman Empire but the Romanov dynasty doesn't turn into the Soviet Union? Why is literally nothing outside Europe and the Middle East included?

Trannies will not cause a cataclysmic collapse that will destroy the USA, despite what conspiracy nonnies will say.

No. 1807006

>Definitely not connected to a childhood of being conditioned to always take 2nd place. It would be interesting to see how many FtMs are from boy worshiping families.
This is real. We get raised to think that tolerating male bullshit is a morally virtuous thing, and it's "immature" to push back against it. Or that the "mature" thing to do is to always consider his side, always forgive, always be the bigger person. Fuck that shit, seriously. Men don't do this for women, so there's absolutely no reason to do it for them.

No. 1807007

File: 1681232216955.jpg (60.83 KB, 735x522, ab8c6132ff32f62159e42627325f36…)

Saged since not milk but I really thought that an anti trans meme was able to be posted on Pinterest without it being taken down. It took me a hot minute to figure out it wasn't what I thought it was about kek

No. 1807024

it works both ways, great plausible deniability

No. 1807026

Interesting how he frames himself imposing on his sister and demanding to play with her toys as HER being territorial, they never stop projecting for one moment

No. 1807027

Tbh I think besides the projecting, they get exposed to blackpill shit on twitter and love using it as ”proof” about radfems. I wish blackpillers would stick to like here or 4chan because their thoughts are way too retarded for normies to consume and not go “Wow all feminists are really like this, they’re just as crazy and irrational as I’ve always suspected!”

Love this. OT but very true about the show. Sam Levinson is a pedophile coomer nepo baby who turned his porn fantasies into a show.

No. 1807030

I like when their "after" always has a completely different head shape, facial features, everything, edited and filtered to the nines when taking estrogen cannot change your bone structure and general form. People (men) really believe it because men all share a singular braincell

No. 1807032

the incel pedophile jumped out, he thinks boobs have a ten year lifespan? What's to bet he is counting that from like, 12 when a lot of girls start puberty, ergo this pedo thinks women hit the wall at 22

No. 1807036

The angle he took this photo and the caption are making me mighty uncomfortable, this seems pedo/fetishy

It would be different if the kid was standing up and smiling but this seems weird

No. 1807044

File: 1681236681422.jpeg (94.94 KB, 1242x594, IMG_0219.jpeg)

Written by a handmaiden dating a troon. Just say you’ve never been with a woman but want to be in the lesbian club. These women are almost as bad as the transbians themselves.

No. 1807050

All I see is a handmaiden admitting to being a troon chaser

No. 1807051

Agreed, the top down candid angle with the legs up is creepy. This isn't a kid playing dress up and showing off for the camera, if this was a shot of an adult it would be creepy too if the subject was unaware of the picture and it would easily be taken sexual
I think these people legitimately think lesbian sex is just straight sex with a strap on instead (and ~softer~ whatever that means in this porn world). Except even in that world lesbian sex would still be different since both would be pleasuring each other equally and the sex doesn't end when the strap gives up whereas any moid needs to be trained to actually get his partner to cum and reminded to keep going after his dick gives out

No. 1807054

Most tranny insults seem like typical abuse, but when you notice that it's almost always actual projection, it starts getting funny. They call all women who stand against them ugly and closeminded when they're literally both of those things (you know it by their complaints about inceldom and fixation with pushing gender roles), they call lesbians "genital fetishists" because they personally have fetishes for women's genitals (and their entire bodies), and they equate black women to men and apes because they themselves are actual rape ape males.

No. 1807056

My Nigel is convinced he's just a femboy who's extremely online, but the whole gender shit, him messing with pronouns and shit it's like… no, he's definitely in. Someone can be extremely online and not into TRA or coomer rhetoric.

No. 1807060

File: 1681239165586.png (1.38 MB, 1993x932, weird.PNG)

Offical youtube twitter told mr.beasts friend he's glowing btw

No. 1807062

File: 1681239262329.jpg (86.53 KB, 720x1028, Screenshot_20230411-143411_Ope…)

No. 1807067

the bar is comically low for TIMs

No. 1807068

Doesn't he also has a wife and a little kid?
And so many childrean watch that channel to, this really sucks

No. 1807069

Funny how the monkey is more graceful and elegant than this leaping wooden log wrapped in a leotard

No. 1807074

puberty wasn't a fetish for me so I was more focused on how depressed I was and how much I hated my body. troons really believe puberty is some magical time for teenager girls and not something traumatic.

No. 1807079

He looks rough holy shit. He's like a frog with the thick gut and the little fat legs.

No. 1807081

Another example of troons clearly having no clue what terf stands for. A radical feminist is about as far from a conservative as you can get. Also yeah no shit terfs aren't gender abolitionists, the entire point of being a radfem is that you care about women.

No. 1807084

He did but she left him kek

No. 1807093

Looking like a busted can of biscuits and he's not even fat… People need to start telling troons they look like shit

No. 1807095

File: 1681243033857.png (565.8 KB, 990x1316, eugh.png)

Have another, take a look at those chompers. Yeesh.

No. 1807103

Do they know they look like idiotic coomers playing out their fetishes in public or do they genuinely think people are looking at them and seeing a typical everyday woman?

No. 1807104

Many of them are deluded enough to think they look like women. See all the TIMs saying they made the evil terfs mad by passing better than them

No. 1807110

File: 1681244928730.jpg (188.41 KB, 1080x1109, FtcZ1EKX0AEdVu_.jpg)

What is it with them and the nazi talk?? Every second they talk about nazi this nazi that

No. 1807111

>fuck all the actual women who visit lesbian subreddits. they're for men only! women's opinions and shared experiences are forbidden!

No. 1807112

I just saw the video as a dancer and I’m fucking laughing at how they all clap just for him like he’s a special needs kid and then the other women are en pointe while he’s not which is an obvious display of a skills level difference. There are men who dance en pointe so he really has no excuse. Also his leotard is purposefully different from the others which was probably a narcissistic decision on his part considering it would be so easy to find a basic black leotard to match everyone else’s. That performance really looks like a Make a Wish performance but in the troon’s case he’s got some deadly illness for giants as opposed to childhood cancer. It looks like the women are company dancers who were asked to perform with him for his “wish” in this case. Sorry to kinda necro this but I just am laughing in disbelief at how this is even happening when ballet is fucking horrible to women/girls and many women like myself have life changing injuries and basically no self-esteem from the sport; people are so hard on female dancers yet whenever these hulking ogres join the studio they’ll make legitimate, paying dancers praise and center the moid who clearly has a fetish. I’ve been mad about a lot of casting decisions but I think having to dance around a narcissistic crossdresser who just blatantly cannot dance would be a final straw. I’m not surprised troons gravitate to ballet since it is associated with female beauty but it’s just a disgrace and so annoying because social media kind of made it sort of feel like the dance world might actually start to address widespread issues of sexism, racism, classism, homophobia, etc and now that shit is pushed to the wayside to center none other than a group of predominantly wealthy white men and cancel female dancers who already struggle mentally and physically within the environment.
Sage for potential blogpost, sorry if this is all common sense anyway.

No. 1807120


it honestly just comes off as jealously. like if you made a victim ranking detrans are way higher than trans people. for a detrans person who got tricked into the surgeries the whole "im trapped in the wrong body" thing has an objective and obvious truth to it. to the point where you could almost call trans people fake detrans people.

"yeah dicktendo i ACTUALLY have a female brain in this fucked up male looking body. check it"

No. 1807128

>What is it with them and the nazi talk??
When the biggest threat to your ideology has rationality, reality and common sense on their side, your only option is to make such dramatic, exaggerated claims of their moral failings that people won't listen to them in the first place. 'TERFs' as trannies see it are just normal people with normal beliefs based on reality who don't bow down to their every insane demand. All of humanity were TERFs up until like 10 years ago but if you admit it you're a nazi lmao.

I want to know how actual victims of nazis are reacting to this because it's such an offensive comparison it makes my skin crawl.

No. 1807130

>>1807060 from what I know of, he never specifically came out as trans, but as "gender non conforming". this is a special case because he's actively on hormones. Jesus he should've just gone the themlet route, that horsepiss made him look worse

No. 1807132

It is particularly hateful to me that detrans is met with such disdain. The detrans experiences are treated as misinfo. I got into it recently and they listed detrans support as terf rhetoric. I understand why they do it (they want their identity to be unquestioned, and detransitioners are a perceived threat to that) but when I see detrans people I feel sad for them. They wasted so much time, went through so much, have to deal with the social ramifications and permanent body changes they now feel responsible for, with not just no support but hatred. It’s like all of the worst parts of transition done twice. The best I’ve come up with is that most detransitioners I’ve seen are women so that is having an effect on how it’s viewed and treated.

No. 1807137

File: 1681248812745.jpeg (27.34 KB, 696x392, paul denyer.jpeg)

serious question: when are people gonna notice how many serial killers, pedos and rapists identify as "women"? at what point can they admit this is beyond ridiculous and acknowledge why women don't want to share our spaces with these men?

picrel is Paul Denyer, one of Australia's most notorious serial killer (known as the Frankston Killer) murdered 3 women and is due for parole after 30 years in prison. he is now… you guessed it, "Paula"

No. 1807139

File: 1681248922970.jpeg (30.91 KB, 600x338, paul.jpeg)

samefag to share this extract from a letter he wrote in 2003. why did he brutally murder women? oh it's because he was one all along, silly!

No. 1807141


a lot of the older feminist say it's just a proxy for ngo/nonprofit funding. trans ngos managed to get most of the money that used to go to LGB and even got blm to divert money away from black people to them. so the underlying fear is if detrans takes off they'll be able to do the same thing.

No. 1807142

File: 1681249150657.jpg (53.29 KB, 427x381, Owq7u1681252967.jpg)

my brother in christ, it is not that serious

No. 1807149

They speak this way about detransers to signal to others: "If you're thinking about detransing, you'll immediately become a traitor and enemy if you do". Keeps them in place, typical cult manipulation. I give credit to anyone who de-transes. It can't be easy to admit to such a massive fuck up.

No. 1807157

you can tell they always do it to get a lighter sentence/less backlash by they way they just change their name to be the female equivalent. like i doubt that this breed of tims do it bc they genuinely have gender dysphoria or something

No. 1807164

>bc they genuinely have gender dysphoria
but how many TIMs actually experience "gender dysphoria"? from how most of them describe it, it's just getting a boner when they put on a skirt so that doesn't really mean anything. it's just a loophole for opportunists, whether it's to gain access to women's spaces as a predator, win a woman's race as a failing male athlete or just have an excuse to parade their fetish around.

No. 1807171

File: 1681252081137.jpeg (52.61 KB, 1241x668, CDB52A26-17E8-441D-9302-3737FD…)

sage for non milk but I’m rewatching euphoria and this frame highlights hunter schafer’s male features so bad, when I first saw it I was genuinely repulsed now it’s just so funny to me

No. 1807178

>>1807132 they dislike detransitioners because it shatters the idea that transitioning is the solution in curing gender dysphoria and affirming their gender leads to a happier life, when in reality it isn't always like they make it out to be. they don't want to maybe think they themselves transitioned for the wrong reasons and that their dysphoria comes from other mental health issues. they lash out at detransitioners for uncovering the lies of transgenderism

No. 1807180

>rewatching euphoria
Why would you even watch it in the first place

No. 1807190

Anyone have the link to the video "What is a woman" that someone posted on a youtube alternative? Can't for the life of me remember the url, should be included in the OP anyway.

No. 1807191


The second half of the title just beamed into my head, found it immediately.

Most powerful peaking material, should be in the OP.


No. 1807194

File: 1681255150501.jpg (290.16 KB, 1280x961, avQou5AUNfBSRumRb3kd3GArOX-LlM…)

There's a BIG difference in his looks s1 vs s2. He looks so masculine in season 2.

For those who haven't seen Euphoria, his character transitioned at 13 and at 16 is having sex with countless adult men from the internet because he thinks that means he's "conquering femininity". They gloss over how fucked up and dangerous that is and make jokes about how he's slutty.
This is echoed by a diagram he posted where he admitted his gender was influenced by wanting to be used by men. He was probably exposed to porn at a young age, or sexually assaulted, or both and now he's a troon who thinks womanhood=being a cum receptacle. It's fucking sad.

No. 1807199

>more overlap between incels and terfs than either group wants to admit
The absolute projection. TiMs and incels are a single circle. I’m so tired of reading these takes where they want to believe terfs think like men so much, it always shows they have absolutely no idea how most women actually think or how the safety and well-being of women is the biggest priority.

No. 1807202

I wish we as a society could have honest conversation and research about this because there really does seem to be a huge overlap between male transgenderism and the most heinous crimes (serial murder, rape, pedophilia, etc.). It makes me wonder how many serial killers of the past would have trooned out today. I think the transexual murderer trope that used to be seen a lot in media (like Psycho, Silence of the Lambs) was based off of a collectively understood truth.

No. 1807205


A good, unscensored biopic of Ed Gein would be great in these times. That story is so reveiling. But with the troon chockehold on Hollywood, I doubt we'll ever see depictions of criminal AGP.

No. 1807214

ayrt first time it was a genuine watch but now i’m just watching it to see how bad it truly is, i pirated it to not stream it on any platform that counts

No. 1807217

I just learned about Hadden Clark and I think I’m going to have nightmares now.

No. 1807220

File: 1681257725960.jpeg (249.9 KB, 1170x1577, 3F398E0A-599F-47F5-BE7B-594FEB…)

Under a post about how TERFS are not welcome in “r/actuallesbians.” Plenty of speculation in the comments about how most TERFS are “straight white women.” Lol.

No. 1807224

Pyrocynical has so many troon red flags: furry, degenerate coomer (inflation, farts, hyperfat, etc.), TF2 player, does a lot of crossplay/crossdressing and gets asspats for how good of a “girl” he makes, memelord discord user. I am pretty surprised he hasn’t shown any sign of trooning out, honestly good for him and I hope it stays that way.

No. 1807226

Sure, juan. I'm an oldfag who remembers the many black, asian and latina ladies who posted on gendertrender and radscum tumblr back in the day. "Only white women are terfs" was a common battle cry on tumblr and twitter 10 years ago but it was bullshit then and it's bullshit now.

No. 1807227

No. 1807235

i feel like chronically online ppl really don't understand other races at all. if anything, more white women are accepting of trans ideology than black, hispanic and asian women.

No. 1807237

I reported a "transbian" at my work because one night I was peeing in one of the stalls & I saw him peeking at me thru the slits. When I confronted him he said it was "just a joke teehee!" & my boss didn't do shit about it. My boss still hasnt, but next time that stank ass troon does it I'm pepper spraying him 100%. Idgaf the repurcussions.

No. 1807238

File: 1681260059024.png (380.9 KB, 673x1008, 90 on Twitter.png)

>reducing women to incubators
saying this when trannies cry about wanting a frankenvagina and womb transplants.

No. 1807240

File: 1681260105733.jpeg (111.45 KB, 1242x571, IMG_0230.jpeg)

Some of my favorite terfs that I follow are black women. One prominent online terf who dedicates all of her time to anti-gender shit is an Asian woman named K. Yang. I’m biracial myself. Also like half or less are straight. They say this because they are clinging to the cope that all TERFs are conservative trad ladies, who in reality most of us want nothing to do with.

No. 1807246

Should have reported him to hr or the police. Geez

No. 1807254

I swear 95% of their posts are made up scenarios. Here they're focusing on detrans people who have spent years "working with actual nazis" before falling back into the tranny cult. How common are they in comparison to people who either 1) detrans but keep praising troons because they don't want to lose their community, or 2) detrans and leave the cult entirely. Trannies fucking wish detrans ppl were profusely apologizing to them instead of telling the truth about "gender affirming care".

No. 1807256

File: 1681262834960.jpeg (Spoiler Image,391.46 KB, 1169x2405, 3A56AE21-2977-4812-A4E9-C968FB…)

I hate this creepy moid more than anything. He got a fair amount of clout from posting videos of old perverted Indian men mistaking him for a female from his shitty low quality webcam on Omegle and asking to see his boobs. he clearly got a huge ego from it and he suddenly started posting his nasty bepimpled ass and moobs as well as sex pest “meme” videos that are just cropped videos of himself jerking off. To his 54k instagram followers (and I don’t have tiktok but I’m sure he has more on there) likely comprised of teenagers who innocently followed him thinking his Omegle videos were funny. he takes every selfie from the same angle with the same horrible quality webcam because he’s instantly clockable as an ugly autistic guy without it.

No. 1807260

serial killers cross-dressing is not a new thing tbh, and nowadays this fetish is presented as a valid "identity" which will even land them in women's prisons, so ofc the number of criminals ID'ing as troons is increasing. even for those who believe in "trutrans", this still proves that self ID is something that predators take advantage of.

No. 1807274

File: 1681265155001.png (1007.61 KB, 1080x1792, Screenshot_20230411-095558-615…)

>best way to market to women
>make a tranny your spokesperson of course!

No. 1807285

Yeah, there's also an episode where he's hooking up with a girl who asks him about his transition and I remember being shocked by the answer, it wasn't as fucked up as his IRL reasoning that he posted on instagram, but still misogynistic and retarded.
It's a shame because I like some of the characters in the show (Rue and Maddy mostly lol) and the overall vibe, but they sexualize teenagers so much it's disgusting, there's even a scene where they say that a character who lost her virginity at 14 to a grown-ass man was the one in control of the situation, such bullshit.

No. 1807286

File: 1681266684680.jpg (50.92 KB, 418x630, 1yc203o2jdi61.jpg)

>We're updating our fratty image by sponsoring… a 26 year old white man!
Retards. They should've just brought back Spuds

No. 1807289

she was literally just instigating drama for negative attention for the brand. "Help kid rock shot our cans, please drink our beer progressives!" it's all so tiresome

No. 1807291

Even before this retarded ad campaign I had no intention of buying their canned piss. There are several way better breweries in my town alone.

No. 1807292

File: 1681267070155.jpeg (137.01 KB, 1080x1414, IMG_0234.jpeg)

Bonus pic of ballerina man

No. 1807299

Well nta, obviously I was not in the camps but it seriously pisses me off as a descendant of Holocaust victims. HOWEVER I’ve also seen shitty awful Jewish troon moids with Jewish ancestors who were probably also killed like mine were and still seem to have no problem calling everyone Nazis including random middle aged women on Twitter who call them men. It is a disgrace to their ancestors. If you just read some historical accounts of the Holocaust and the camps (look up the Hitchcock documentary on the camps) it will show you how far off these people are. Also the genocides in other cases of history like in Rwanda.

No. 1807300

Wait so she's working for bud light but publicly announcing that there may be no future for it because it's been on the decline for a very long time? Seems like sponsoring a troon is not the only stupid move.

No. 1807305

I bet the bottom side of that tutu has cum on it

No. 1807307

Sleep paralysis demon material

No. 1807308

Wait this is the actor’s reasoning for transition and not the character’s? This is absolutely unhinged. Like fully mask off. He says he transitioned because he was a sex-obsessed misogynist. How can people read that and still go “yass queen”?

No. 1807309

It's in decline because it tastes like watered down piss. Female and younger drinkers have lots of better options in that price range already. Their target market was trashy boomer moids who were loyal to their "American Beer for Americans" image, and they just lost that. If they had any sense they'd pay younger female influencers to do viral marketing & native ads. Using a controversial and off-putting troon instead is a monumentally stupid business decision. Nobody in their current or intended markets idolizes Dylan or sees his lifestyle as aspirational.

No. 1807354

File: 1681279563062.webm (1.12 MB, 576x1030, 1681162402428962.webm)

No. 1807355

I'm trying to be mad as someone who has spent 12 years as a ballerina because yeah it sucks mediocre man literally trying to co-opt ballet from women and just waltz in at 35 but also lol the way he moves

I'm dying. I have never seen such funny fucking ballet in my life. I don't think I could dance this badly on purpose. Little ones dancing this badly is cute and endearing. On him it's just hilarious.

And his performance with other real ballerinas made me die laughing. The one girl having problems putting on his 'flower' crown cuz he's giant and doing all the technical bits while he stood here. Lol. Who let this elephant en pointe when he can't even just do pointe correctly without it? No teacher worth their salt would have let him. Just proving that men get everything handed to them.

No. 1807359

I used to feel bad for these men, but now I can only laugh. This experimental butchery has to be the most stupid thing a man can willingly submit himself to. They pay big money for getting literally mutilated! If you’re so privileged and dumb that you think you can buy your way into becoming something you can never be, you deserve this horror.

No. 1807362

Part 2.

No. 1807363

Surgeons need to be held accountable for not sharing the realities and risks, regardless of if you feel it only carries personal fault.

No. 1807364

That goes without saying, but who’s gonna hold them accountable? Big Pharma? Trans lobbyists? The government? Everything is captured.

No. 1807367

wow 24 000 dollars just to fix a botched job, he could have had the greatest vaccation of his life if he spend that money wisely and not on troonery.

No. 1807368

Even if they rebranded that piss to look like Belle Epoque champagne, nobody would want to drink it.
I'm no Mrbeast fan, but I do feel for him. He has put real time and money into marketing his brand of harmless crap, and this stupid dickhead troon could torpedo everything. There's no fucking way he won't unintentionally trigger the twitter tranny secret society and bring down gayops on everyone involved in the channel.

No. 1807369

Joel and Vinny both actively avoid and edit out troon flags from their streams if they're put in by a modder/indie dev so I don't see either of them trooning unless they hide it really, really well.

Mike is the only likely one because he's a coomer.

No. 1807370

People have already been making fake "screenshots" of Mr Beast being "transphobic" via text, and trying to get him cancelled for some weird reason haha. But this Chris guy really holds all of the power. I'm sure Mr. Beast is secretly hoping the guy will want to move on to do other things and leave in peace before shit hits the fan.

No. 1807375

I'm going to laugh when his ass finally gets fired and booted off the channel. He'll discover that all the hot troon ladies on discord are other penniless unemployed losers. I hope his wife has moved on before he crawls back just looking for a middle class place to live.

No. 1807388

at the rate they're going they'll end up getting rogd as trans women and switching to be bio trans men, reverse kikomi style

No. 1807390

wouldn't mind a popular person being the target of a big troon cancelling attempt that ultimately fails and instead highlights how unhinged they all are and that normal people don't give a fuck about troons, just like with hogwarts legacy kek

No. 1807391

>Joel and Vinny both actively avoid and edit out troon flags from their streams if they're put in by a modder/indie dev
Interesting, who are they and where can I find more secret terfs and gender crits?

No. 1807392

Male streamers, and so they cannot be "terfs"

No. 1807395

Back again, but my TIM of 10 years brother (meaning he started to troon out 10 years ago) kept telling me that his younger brother is gay and has a girlfriend to spite him, then links this to the family blaming him for not having a girlfriend past that age. As in being a TIM isn't enough for the family to handle. Any other TIMs in your life like this?

No. 1807397

God I hope not nonna. Because same. Hes posted on twitter recently it's rude people keep saying he's trans because he's not. And he's said hes cis a few times. But. His wife is pregnant and that's ground zero for a lot of troon shit. And the whole dressing as woman thing. It's funny but now he's gotten way into it with growing out nails and stuff. And that is a red flag.

No. 1807401

I was joking nona, but men can be gender critical so it still applies

No. 1807412

“Men can be gender critical” they literally invented gender to keep you from living a full life

No. 1807417


because nonna, any reasoning to transition are all valid uwu. yes even the ones who want to live out their hentai dickgirl/futa fantasies

No. 1807418

File: 1681292133514.webm (2.13 MB, 360x640, cantstanza.webm)

lmao he deleted this video and posted a cloying apology for it, claiming it was a joke. all the comments were saying "we love you but this is toxic" and that it was "reinforcing gender stereotypes". everything he does is reinforcing toxic gender stereotypes, have they only just noticed?

No. 1807420

wow the british troons can't even pull a fake feminine voice

No. 1807421

new zealand nonnie

No. 1807425

>cisgender male
Just say "male", dear. No such thing as cisgender.

No. 1807456

Take a picture and call the police. Let them show up at work. Fuck him and fuck your shit boss.

No. 1807457

Sage for late response, but I had this exact conversation with a friend who was defending his deranged Instagram post by saying "well that's just how she experienced womanhood, I've wanted to appeal to men before too, it's not that weird" so it's a lost cause

No. 1807459

Dylan looks so fucking creepy.
Oh God thanks for reminding me of him nona my dad had a shirt of him that I thought was funny as a kid

No. 1807462

don't involve my beautiful malewife Saul Goodman in this shit.

No. 1807463

File: 1681302438002.jpeg (144.04 KB, 828x755, CFFF1472-CC5A-4E6B-951A-1C9EAC…)

cope and seethe YWNBAW

No. 1807464

That thread is hilarious. There are 4 handmaidens in that entire thread 2 talking how terfs are really "incels" not realising they are surrounded by incel AGPs. One of them made a post stating her very intelligent friend went full terf and she could not understand it. See you here soon girl! lmao

No. 1807465

that's the body dysmorphia monster in my head

No. 1807467

the rhetoric tras use to try to frame sexual reassignment surgeries for children as “basic human rights” and you’re a nazi bigot alt right extremist if you so as much question their narrative is so incredibly manipulative

No. 1807468

NTA but I'll try and fix
male (as in not TIF)

No. 1807469

So your second brother got a girlfriend and tranny brother got jelly am I reading it right?

No. 1807473

i'll never forget seeing euphoria trailer for the first time and being positively shocked that they would cast such an ugly woman as the main character's love interest, i thought that wow this honestly is something i've never seen before but then came in the cock panty shot kek

No. 1807475

This TRA movement from Bud Light is particularly interesting to me because I manage a liquor store, and a lot of people have said they won’t drink it and switched to something else because they don’t support all the gender woo, but they don’t have issues with gay people.
Even my beer delivery guys and sales rep is embarrassed about it, it’s been an interesting thing to watch unfold everyday kek.

No. 1807480

Yep. Small town in the south here. Where the only employers are factory & farm. Our store hasn't sold ANY Bud since that shit came out. And it's happening in most stores in our distribution district.

No. 1807489

Yeah, this is from Hunter's insta but he deleted it. And he transitioned at 14, so these thoughts were happening when he was a CHILD. How can a kid be so obviously sick and instead of getting help, gets puberty blockers and breast implants.

No. 1807491

Nonna this chilled me to the bone and made me furious for you. If he tries again you should physically attack in any way possible or at the very least say “pro tip?
If you’re trying to be ‘a true and honest gal pal’ you don’t pull retarded MALE pervert jokes like that. Ever. Just a little helpful hint.” I’m so fucking sorry that you were violated that way I hope your work takes it seriously before they have an even more serious assault on their hands

No. 1807495

If a young girl said she wanted to be "used by men", one would assume she'd been molested. Probably by a family member or someone with power. It would be an outrage. But when a trans person says it people say, oh yeah its totally normal to want to be a dirty cum slut at 12 years old! #justgirlythings

No. 1807497

File: 1681307362252.png (1.25 MB, 1282x1254, Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 9.49.…)

I hate reddit so much.

No. 1807499

The earthquake from his male weight is sending me LMAO

No. 1807509

I suspected they were desperate. I once drank that shit in middle school and it smells and taste like gasoline so no wonder.

No. 1807511

Dude needs a face transplant, holy shit.

No. 1807513

Isn’t it the other way around? They’re the ones who are bothered by our mere existence and the ones who bully, even going as far as physical violence. Projection as always.

No. 1807514

File: 1681310912462.gif (1.52 MB, 498x264, AAAAAAGGHHHHUUUHHGGHboing.GIF)

Why the fuck am I as a woman STILL attracted to Chris even after he transitioned, and almost somehow find him cuter, no matter the angle

God, strike me down already(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1807515

integrate and get a grip

No. 1807516

That is unironically fucking disgusting and not normal. I hope you dont actually get involved with a tim in real life because theyre known to suck the life force out of any woman theyre with, skinwalk her, and destroy her entire life after youve broken up

No. 1807518

That’s interesting to me. In a way it’s relieving to hear that not everyone is lumping us together with the TQ. It’s one thing I hate right now, I’m always afraid people will think I support this because I’m gay.

No. 1807521

File: 1681311369754.jpg (36.14 KB, 680x681, 1548284872700.jpg)

I normally don't say this, and I'm willing to catch a ban for it, but you should honestly consider suicide girlie your box is broken and defective.

No. 1807522

Sage for off topic but fuck is Mr. Beast ugly. Why is he popular again, he's not even funny

No. 1807524

Nona he’s not en pointe, they gave him weirdly shiny canvas shoes that sort of mimic pointe shoe satin but look at where the boxes should be. I find it funny that he has these shoes because it’s like they aren’t even preparing him to go en pointe, they just plan to keep him in these shiny slippers among the legit dancers who are en pointe. The shiny slippers are prob because they know he’s not serious about dance enough to strengthen his feet for pointe work. That can take years and he would likely have a narcissistic rage if he had to wait to dance among women. Also just based on how he’s not pointing his toes and turning out his feet, I know there’s people who are just bad at dancing but it also seems like he’s doing the combo really half-assed. I between the shoes and the standard of his dancing it seems as though the Royal Ballet is treating him like an actual special needs case kek.
However, I want to say that the Royal Ballet Theatre may also be doing all of this to keep him away from minors. His skill level is much lower than the standards of that evaluation and the women around him but the lower level you go it’s typically of younger and younger women and girls. Idk it’s just another thought I had.

No. 1807526

This dude is just a fucking pedophile like. Come on. Seriously

No. 1807530

Oh. Noooooo, though I guess it's about time considering his only friends in the whole world are degenerate animal fuckers and a guy who impulsively makes pedophile 'jokes' aka just saying he wants to fuck kids. Doesn't he also want to fuck animals?
He isn't even a femboy, he just has long hair that he's always had.

No. 1807531

Why do they so often troon out shortly after the birth of their first child. I assume they are retarded and don’t know what they’re getting into and when the realities of parenthood hit them like a ton of bricks it is some kind of a way to escape the responsibility of raising their kid?

No. 1807533

hes popular because moids everywhere want to be him and live vicariously through him

No. 1807535

The same reason why men often cheat or become abusive during and after pregnancy. They are infantile in nature and become jealous of the mothers attention towards the child and cannot deal with being the second priority in a woman's life. Men often can't even cope with the relatively easier task of being fathers so they find ways to self destruct the entire family unit. It's all for the coom and attention when it comes to troons. Nonna's ENSURE your scrote is normal before procreating please, even better ensure in writing that you will leave and get everything if your nigel troons. It's not worth it

No. 1807536

File: 1681313579585.jpg (161.48 KB, 1080x1310, FtT4R0EWcAMFdWc.jpg)

I mean 1) Its doubtful this ever happened
2) Play stupid games win stupid prizes. If this story is true then youre an idiot for putting yourself in a situation like that. Men will absolutely go apeshit if they think theyre talking to a woman because of filters and photoshopping, and then a man with a stubble beard shows up

No. 1807539

i feel like it's well known that men go mental when they see that a woman is slightly larger in real life than her pictures. what does he expect to happen when that same man sees another male

No. 1807540

He gives away a ton of money to people for no reason. It’s the philanthropic aspect of his videos that people like + a ton of his viewers are under 14

No. 1807542

>for no reason
he films himself giving away money for the glory and the youtube clicks.

No. 1807546

As much as I doubt this happened since he's being really vague about his injuries and just mentioning heartbreak, if it is true then this is the definition of playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes.

No. 1807547

Sucks for this scrote but I truly don’t understand men. They really live in the world without thinking about sexual violence. I don’t know any woman with an average IQ who would get into a car with a strange man from a dating app.

No. 1807550

File: 1681315620845.jpg (346 KB, 2048x2045, FtadcunX0AE0a-u.jpg)

No. 1807551

You know I just realized that these types of encounters probably made the straight moid feel objectified and creeped on by the sleezy TiM, kind of like how women feel 24/7. I bet this moid felt so disgusted realizing that this freak was jerking off to the thought of him the whole time. How does it feel, scrotes? Have a taste of your own medicine.
Some anons will disagree but it’s good for us when troons stealth them because its really the only chance we have for greater male-controlled society to turn on them. As soon as troons present more of a threat to the average moid they are done.

No. 1807552

Scrotes are completely retarded/clueless about their own safety. I suspect that it is part of the reason why moids are more likely to be murdered. Women are so hyper vigilant in comparison and it saves our lives.

No. 1807558

Don't care, don't lie to violent scrotes to get your booty blasted. No sympathy for either. Scrote on scrote violence. If this did happen, I don't see who to feel bad for. I've seen folks talk about young women who are raped and killed, just going on dates "she should've did this, we have to teach out daughters that"
Yet I'm supposed to feel bad because some scrote got his ass kicked in taking a risk?

No. 1807563

The troons constantly cry about being in danger in the mens bathrooms, which they are not, but then turn around and actually catfish other blokes and hurt them in their ego and sexuality which makes a lot of them violent and expect everything to just be fine. It just proves they aren't scared of the loos.

No. 1807569

Kek the femme lesbian is left out

No. 1807574

Troon brother is usually jealous and I may not be surprised, but given he is a tim, he is consistently a homosexual and may not be as jealous in this case.

Now I have no sympathy for him or any other tranny, but he is the eldest son in my family (My father is the eldest child among the uncles and aunts, so like lineage would pass to eldest sons) and every new year, uncles and aunts kept on egging him to get a girlfriend while not giving a shit about our younger brother. Sometimes he even wanted to stay in the kitchen and wash the plates for an extended period of time instead of helping out the chores for this reason alone, to avoid chit-chat whenever relatives visit.

Having a troon sibling can be mentally taxing, there's no place for me to vent. Sorry for long blogpost nonas.

No. 1807581

>Joel and Vinny both actively avoid and edit out troon flags from their streams
Based if true, got any screenshots?

No. 1807583

>>1807509 that’s some watered-ass-down gasoline lmao. i can’t wait to go to a baseball game and see if people are still buying it

No. 1807588

File: 1681322985406.png (38.95 KB, 720x897, Screenshot_20230114-110945~3.p…)

Literally even the subreddits about Aspie womdn have to be raided by these fucking moids.
OP is a tranny who was asking if he "was welcum even if he was twans woman uwu" and these where the replies. These poor brainwashed women.

No. 1807589

I like how the comments have multiple downvotes.
I always suspect that troons ask questions like that, not because they expect hostile replies, but because they want to have their asses kissed by handmaidens.

No. 1807590

File: 1681323354373.png (150.29 KB, 966x861, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 1807591

Holy shit I’m about to cry tears of joy at those downvotes. There has been a rampant issue with TIMs bullying autistic women in our spaces in the past couple of years. I think maybe we’re more prone to getting fed up and feeling backed into a corner than if they were to treat normies this way. So hopefully more aspie/autistic women will stand up in these spaces even if it’s a silent downvote. It means a lot

No. 1807592

Not gonna go through multiple streams for caps but recent examples I can think of off the top of my head is Joel editing the GTA VI chaos mod so that the countdown timer wasn't tranny flags and Vinny actively avoiding a route that had trans flags when playing an egglike game. They've also both had instances of troons trying to trick them into saying "Trans Rights" via writing things like "My friend Trance writes" that show up in twitch chat interactive games but they're smart about it and ignore. They probably saw what happened to Jerma's chat after he cowed and said Trans Rights on stream and want to avoid any similar situations.

No. 1807593

nonnie its reddit. not only is everything raided by trannies in general but the second a subreddit tries to associate itself with women as its main userbasis the demonic floodgates hath opened and in come the trannoid legion. you could probably open a subreddit called r/womenpostingtheircreditcardinfo and scam them out of millions because "omg!! im a wimmins too! does this include transgals?? heres my credit card information teehee girlcock forever"

No. 1807594

a big reason that detransitioner told me was that it's a way to commit suicide without actually dying… something i never considered before and it makes so much sense when you remember that they use the term "dead name"

No. 1807596

I will never forgive jerma for bending the knee and actually entertaining all the tranny sperging going on in his chat. honestly if i was him and had a whole army of 14 year old girls constantly telling me I was their main inspiration for chopping their tits off I would stop streaming and go into hiding forever

No. 1807598

continuing on with this he was a TIM who thankfully got out before it was too late with minimal bodily damage done. he told me in no uncertain terms that this shit is predatory and a lot of people even within their communities see it but everyone is too afraid to speak out. men transition for 4 reasons he explained: they're running away from something else, they see themselves as such failures as men this is a way to die and start over, they're agps (TIMs joke about this shit all the time in their discords), and finally they actually have crippling gender dysphoria – this however is the vast minority of TIMs

No. 1807601

>Sometimes he even wanted to stay in the kitchen

Holy shit did u make it sound like that on purpose nona?

No. 1807603

Though if real women know this is a scheme, trannies won't post it if there is no real women in the first place. Number of women is validtion to them.

No. 1807605

It’s been rough for bud recently. A waitress I had said she hadn’t sold bud in a while and all the local breweries near me have been talking about a boost in sales. Maybe unrelated but who knows?

No. 1807612

He has the exact same face as an autistic girl in my middle school, she was super violent and had fucked up teeth. As soon as she smiled you'd guess she was slow. I bet this guy must also look all fucked up irl, must have a developmental disability too and it must be obvious if he does different facial expressions.

No. 1807613

File: 1681326118751.png (72.67 KB, 592x430, mtf brains.png)

lmao, he’s arguing in favor of brain sex

also, he’s wrong

No. 1807615

NTA but you're exactly right. They always announce themselves because they want to be treated special and get coddled by women. How many subreddits have you asked "Am I okay to be in here" before posting? I'm going to guess like one to none.

No. 1807641

Handmaiden replies to shit like that makes me ill. “Of course you’re welcome here, you’re so brave and beautiful! You’re more of a woman than I’ll ever dream of being!” Gag. Troons don’t even care that it’s patronizing and insincere, they just want the euphoria boner

No. 1807644

I wouldn't give this freak a fucking goldfish never mind a baby but I can see some deranged handmaiden carrying a child for this demon sadly.

No. 1807645

Source of what I'm going to post because I never heard about that guy and I got curious: https://www.purepeople.com/article/-ce-que-je-voyais-me-degoutait-halba-diouf-athlete-transgenre-privee-de-competitions-s-epanche-sur-sa-transition-difficile_a507161/1
>J'ai très vite été attirée par les hommes. Je me considérais comme une femme, ça me semblait logique d'aimer les hommes. = I was quickly attracted to men. I saw myself as a woman, so it made sense to me that I was attracted to men.
>J'ai découvert ma transidentité à l'âge de 7 ans = I discovered my transidentity when I was 7 years old
>he comes from a Muslim family and his father is an imam
I fucking knew it as soon as I saw your post. Here in France if you're going to see a Black or North African troon it's 99.9999% likely that they're entitled HSTS who troon out because their batshit crazy and retarded Muslim parents would commit a hate crime against them and they internalize that. I have no pity for that guy though, fuck him for trying to screw over actual female athletes.

No. 1807656

File: 1681333058874.jpeg (256 KB, 1170x2345, 293B8F62-F54E-4596-893D-786D59…)

I love how they try to spin this as no big deal when he’s actively lowering the stock price.

No. 1807662

File: 1681333681699.jpg (37.17 KB, 602x290, cenk.jpg)

I usually hate this guy, but the fact that even he is waking up to this shit is giving me a little bit of hope.

No. 1807666

the worst part is that this campaign is being used by men as a "gotcha" that women can't run companies because they are too obsessed with policing societies values and conformity to be leaders. women PLEASE stop allying with troons and even gay men in some instances PLEASE find solidarity with other women for all our sakes. men of any race or sexuality are not on our side!

No. 1807668

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but police don't do shit for women being sexually harassed or worse.

I was repeatedly raped by a "friend". I was an alcoholic and he would rape me after I passed out and he thought that I wouldn't wake up. He got bolder and started just doing it while I was still awake. I didn't even mention the alcohol to the police and their response was, "well we can call him and if he admits to it". They were useless during a stalking situation too despite gathering a bunch of evidence before going to them.

I'm not saying don't report it, you still should. Just don't expect any justice or protection.

No. 1807679


I could see it working out for him. Not so much the police thing, but on lefty twitter and youtube there's a huge amount of commenters who aren't buying the sports, kids, or language stuff and keep telling them to stop and go back to being about healthcare or talk about the economy collapsing.

No. 1807685

File: 1681337325573.png (66.82 KB, 238x178, Capture.PNG)

Kids, he's popular with kids. If you start hearing about some eceleb constantly overnight that you can't possibly understand the appeal of, the answer is always kids.

No. 1807687

That's not true look at r/actuallesbians it's like at least 80% troons posting thinking the rest are women. Once in a while one will catch on he's just talking to other blokes and have a hissyfit though lmao

No. 1807693

They should all become strictly t4t. Everyone would be happier.

No. 1807701

I love the downvotes

No. 1807703

I dunno where they keep getting the brain scan argument from. brains aren't gendered to begin with. none of those studies are really confirmed either

No. 1807708

zendaya and honter have 0 chemistry in that show. i hope the cumbrain director/writer doesn’t keep insisting on making that romance plot happen.

No. 1807709

File: 1681340033075.jpeg (139.81 KB, 750x1982, 46EBA07D-702E-483D-A814-2640F6…)

pls never stop sexually pestering straight men. that’s a sure way to peak the wokebros who aren’t chasers.

No. 1807711

I really wish you would’ve typed this out as a normal human so I could read it. The sea of green is super unnecessary.

No. 1807713

>penises are like adult pacifiers

No. 1807715

File: 1681340805179.jpeg (724.22 KB, 3000x3000, nonsensethought.jpeg)

apparently an LGBTQ+ youth org carried out a 'study' that found lesbians to be the most supportive of TIMs compared to any other group. the survey was specifically for ages 18-25 and obviously didn't just include "cis-gender" lesbians.

homophobic creeps are now using this as proof that they are justified to invade lesbian spaces. picrel as one example.

what are your thoughts on this though nonas? I know some lesbians support TIMs because they've only known harmless HSTS but they wouldn't date "transbians". I think this is so offensive and dismissive of the many lesbians who have raised concerns, gaslighting them that they are simply wrong to have an aversion to men taking over their spaces.

No. 1807717

>penises are like adult pacifiers
They’re so out loud about their pedo tendencies I want to a-log

No. 1807726

Not tranny related, but I remember seeing a screencap in a manhate thread years ago of a moid on reddit with a daughter joking that pacifiers are dick-sucking practice. Smegs deserve everything bad in life.

No. 1807731

I don't think the 'lesbians' cited are real lesbians, as you said, they include men pretending to be women in that demographic, and includes bisexual women who include TIMs in their dating pool, any zoomers who think lesbian = aesthetic like cuffed jeans and short hair and not a sexuality, and any women who think women = femininity and not female, so not real lesbians.

No. 1807741

File: 1681344752534.png (20.65 KB, 829x294, ss3.png)

"true selves" my arse

No. 1807742

unrelated to this post but I went to this troon’s channel and saw some videos about rachel oats, does anyone know what she did? I don’t want to watch his videos on her

No. 1807744


>don't you see you guys you can totally be whatever you want now

my pronouns are master and commander

>no not like that

ok i don't want to be called cis, latinx or poc


No. 1807753

I feel like they always contradict themselves. They constantly preach about how sex and gender are different, but wouldn't a male who is attracted to someone who's sex is male (I don't believe this shit obviously, just using their logic) be a homosexual or bisexual, since it would be same sex attraction? It makes sense for a heterosexual male to not date someone whos sex is male.

No. 1807762

No idea, isn’t she libfemmy as fuck?

No. 1807763

File: 1681346871319.jpg (85.34 KB, 576x767, l4tgz44cgxm91.jpg)

>how filtered do you want your face

No. 1807765

she is.

No. 1807766

File: 1681346997750.jpg (185.49 KB, 1354x966, mother.jpg)

No. 1807768


I'm honestly curious how you would even get patriarchy as an answer.

No. 1807769

my ghad, why are freaks like this so adamant in breastfeeding children when there's consenting adults in breastfeeding/nursing relationships with other adults. heck there's a subreddit in how to induce lactation for the fetish. there's even a subreddit for finding people with that kind of fetish. he can get his dick hard to those people, why creep on literal children. and its worse when people are blind enough to support it.

No. 1807771

Fun fact, Spuds was actually female. Her real name was Evie.

No. 1807772

File: 1681347773344.png (17.35 KB, 720x526, Screenshot_20230318-121921_2.p…)

No. 1807773

No. 1807779

Cope, seethe, and most of all: dilate

No. 1807784

cool coat tho. anyone recognize the brand so i can cop.

No. 1807786

Yes, yes. I'm mad I had to remove my uterus because of mean ole, unfair, endometriosis. My mother was also angry she had to remove her breast because she just happened to catch the cancer. Especially with there's all those privileged non cancer women! But seriously, the fucking male ego and entitlement of trannies. I just can't stand anything they say.

No. 1807787

not exactly the same one but forever 21 has one close to it.

No. 1807789

great point. one more contradiction in their behaviors & theories. whether they claim to be scared of men, or that men would be surprised to see them in the restroom because they totally pass, both claims are proved untrue by the fact that they try to stealth men and fail at it.

No. 1807793

the female body and each one of its disembodied parts has become a commodity. this is the bitterness and jealousy someone who has to work to purchase a product feels towards those who don’t have to work a day in their lives.

No. 1807794

To be fair, to women the word 'support' generally means not taking away their human rights or actively discriminating against them, whereas to a tranny 'support' means sexual access and complete, unquestioning subservience. I could buy that lesbians who haven't peaked would say they support trannies without comprehending what that means to them.

No. 1807796

He says that he felt like a woman so it made sense for him to like men, but it's obviously the other way around. He was gay, possibly GNC, and in a Muslim family, so he decided that he was a woman. I don't get how anyone can think that this shit is inspiring or endearing, it's clearly just misogyny/homophobia repackaged. And the fact that he tells people to "deal with this" is so entitled. You deal with your sexual orientation and retarded family and stop stealing from women.

No. 1807798

She is, but she makes feminism videos that actually address violence against women and that kind of stuff you would more likely see covered by a radfem rather than a libfem. I am sure some troons would see that as a terf dog whistle since most libfem youtubers just make videos about trendy shit.

No. 1807800

handmaidens in general need to learn how to translate moid logic. males think with their dicks, not their brains. this used to be common knowledge, before scrotes decided they’re women if they say so.