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File: 1681532900390.png (498.25 KB, 1080x1414, AB25642B-25CB-4E89-A0A1-DE4E31…)

No. 1808834

No. 1808837

No. 1808839

File: 1681533567455.png (32.95 KB, 720x649, Pron addicted ed.PNG)

Who wants to bet it's caused from a porn addition and death grip, and that the porn addiction made him troon out in the first place? Also why the fuck is he placing the blame on her? Why should she have to be the one to do "the work". I hope she leaves asap.

No. 1808842

Oh my god I never knew this stuff about his Chinese girlfriend. Bar pedo shit this is some of the sickest shit I’ve ever read in my life.

No. 1808844

File: 1681533902288.jpg (128.46 KB, 940x788, Egb-sHdWAAAFD2B.jpg)

Oh it's this retarded tranny.

No. 1808846

I am sorry to a-log but I really thought he was just some insane person I had no idea the insanity ran as deep or as disturbingly as it does. I genuinely think he should be exterminated or at least locked up for the betterment of mankind

No. 1808847

File: 1681534253030.png (400.41 KB, 668x610, difference.png)

Spot the difference ladies.

No. 1808848

he butchered his hair to get uneven bangs. that is the only difference.

No. 1808850

File: 1681534848027.jpg (91.04 KB, 651x500, Ftr8QjzXgAEW6Qc.jpg)

what about now

No. 1808852

File: 1681535331340.png (101.46 KB, 687x844, on Twitter.png)


No. 1808853

>Chu was particularly racist toward her “Chinese” girlfriend: “every day I oppress her because she’s a woman and because she’s Chinese … I fetishize her Chinese qualities and use them to massage my own colonial sense of multiculturalism. I relish the notion of having mixed-race children but I remind myself that I would never raise them with a backward Chinese notion of family. I objectify her. I exoticize her. I see her race and her gender before I see her.”
I didn't think it was possible to hate this guy more but here we are

No. 1808855

File: 1681536036757.jpeg (121.22 KB, 828x1364, 5BEAFDB4-FAC3-473F-A8A0-8F8ED2…)

why are troons so fucking cringe? i hate the twitter troons who post these pompous, edgy try-hard windbaggery posts the most, they think they are so smart and genuine in their posts but it’s all so boring. it’s clear to everyone (except other troons) that they are just trying so hard to stand out when they are just another ugly man pretending to be a girl. how many accounts like this do there have to be? at least it’s amusing to scroll down and see the occasional selfie which is so clearly MALE i guess.

No. 1808856

>bash your head
please do

No. 1808857

File: 1681536282780.jpg (133.17 KB, 798x1328, FteU2otXoAAaHkG.jpg)

poor kid

No. 1808860

Sounds like psychosis. If you were a woman, you simply would be. No need for skull smashing and dramatics

No. 1808863

File: 1681537531405.png (9.18 KB, 298x286, gslne.png)

Did he copy PJ Harvey? Lmao

No. 1808864

Right is not a troon

No. 1808865

and still passes better if came to life

No. 1808871

it's his now ex girlfriend too

No. 1808872

hey, be fair! his makeup also got worse.

No. 1808873

Missouri’s legislation on trannies actually makes a lot of sense, it makes me think someone who is genuinely knowledgeable about the various factors that tend to contribute to a dumb fuck’s decision to transition wrote it. Barring autists alone from transitioning wipes out like 75% of the retards doing it because they mistakenly attribute the general awkwardness they feel to gender dysphoria. Dragging out the wait time and requiring more thorough investigation in therapy stems the tide of social contagion/“rapid onset gender dysphoria” retards. I still think transitioning is not really the right thing for anyone to do but i would honestly be able to accept the odd tranny here and there knowing they had to work for that shit and make their decisions as an adult, the way it used to be. Bring back old school transexuality, it is much easier for me to shrug and ignore…the old heads understand that it’s not “lifesaving care” it’s just elective procedures, and that their sex is immutable but they are content to live out their larp regardless

No. 1808876

File: 1681540805174.jpg (19.93 KB, 445x475, E_H-YbhVUAIJ_As.jpg)

You gotta start spoilering these mtf thread, it's borderline jumpscare.

No. 1808878

File: 1681543624506.png (25.11 KB, 780x322, Fantasy.png)

this is literally what you get when you combine fantasies of passing, with pure retard fetishes. It's "zomg I got asked for a tampon 2day!!" reddit posts on steroids

No. 1808880

this definitely didn't happen but fucking kek at
>went to the grocery store to buy some lube

No. 1808881

What makes him think women DIY suck the eggs out of their vaginas with turkey basters during IVF egg collection. Male pattern retardation

No. 1808882

Thos whole thing os factually inaccurate, and should be filed under, "sure, troon".

No. 1808883

and yet you can tell by the building that it used to be a pizza hut kek

No. 1808888

File: 1681548261580.jpeg (79.8 KB, 811x705, D8B630EA-F987-4F4A-8669-A82BA7…)

my personal cow finally un-privated his twitter


No. 1808906

Nothing more feminine than thinking women extract their eggs out of their vagina with a turkey baster to fertilize them.

No. 1808911

pedo freaks all of them.

No. 1808912

>she hides any pleasure she gets

Yeah she isn’t getting any pleasure.

No. 1808914


The cashier probably meant collecting tapeworm eggs kek

No. 1808922

File: 1681558928905.jpg (637.92 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230415_133649_Red…)

fairy edition troon

No. 1808923

File: 1681558961149.jpg (302.28 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230415_133753_Red…)

More of him

No. 1808925

File: 1681559158638.jpg (315.25 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230415_133813_Red…)

No. 1808926

File: 1681559251103.jpg (326.95 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230415_133704_Red…)

No. 1808928

Any proof/confirmation this is a TIM?

No. 1808933

Less of him please for the love of god. I think he’s just a cross dresser for now

No. 1808936

Why isn't cancer treatment free? Cancer affects a larger array of people not limited by race, religion, age, sex, politics, nationality, financial status, education obtained and so on. It's also something that's affected everyone in one way or another such as losing a loved one to a slow and painful death. Cancer is an illness that has tormented us all for too long, but my nana and many others had to get grants to pay for the fucking meds.

Just why in the world did "gender affirming care" become government mandated free before literally any actual illness?

No. 1808939

Responded to various posts relating to trans things and pride on his profile. What non-trans male speaks of "exploring gender identity"?
I know, just saw him and thought the fairy costume was hilarious and then I found some more photos. I only had to post it that way since you can't put a few photos in one post.
IMO crossdressing men and TIMs in the making. Maybe not all but this one definitely. Called himself femme etc.

No. 1808942

Because troonism is considered a good marketing segment. You know how the (American) medical business is. It’s like an investment, you lobby to pay for their delulu sex swap surgeries etc, and then they become perfect lifetime consoomers of hrt drugs and other ”gender-affirming” crap. So if a kid is trooned out young there’s a lifetime of returnt to investment.

No. 1808945

he still gets hard "solo" or for oral so obviously his issues are not related to his newly found identity or the existence of his dick. the troon thing is just something they can use to explain/excuse any behavior at this point.

No. 1808946

File: 1681563124531.jpeg (197.84 KB, 1440x1080, tootsie.jpeg)

update on Tootsie (the troon who showed of his AR15): he got fired from the Forest service and the Biden administration kek

No. 1808947

File: 1681563309148.png (Spoiler Image,303.61 KB, 814x1024, 1681545180276500.png)

spoiler for everyone's sake

he's remaking the one Malcolm X photo KEK

No. 1808948

just noticed the timestamp sorry if this has been posted already

No. 1808954

These trannies think they're protected no matter what they do. Jackass just did a call to violence post while one of their own killed a bunch of innocent people. Of course a pro-gun control administration is going to tell you to fuck off. How come none of these retards understand consequences?

No. 1808956

File: 1681565726306.webm (1.14 MB, 480x270, tootsie.webm)

samefag but someone found his pre-transition content and it's all gun-obsessed shit with threatening tones.

No. 1808957

File: 1681565919583.jpeg (134.36 KB, 983x634, pinko.jpeg)

some more. of course he is ex-military and claims to be anti-capitalist whilst clinging to an ideology which relies on capitalism.

No. 1808958


Finally some good news! He's crying about the media spreading lies about him like he didn't explicitly threaten to murder people. Internet tough guys need to see that this shit has real-world consequences.

No. 1808976

Elderly femboys are not TIMs. Proof or off-topic.

No. 1808978

As much as we all love to hate boomers, they didn't create climate change kek

No. 1808980

Any "communist" TIMs? As if only TIFs are communists while no TIM logically communist.

No. 1808981

File: 1681569590207.jpg (345.11 KB, 1610x2048, FRSF63qWUAA0IDJ.jpg)

kek he's wearing a wig, look at this 5 head

No. 1808982

Flashbacks to my own PA ex. They break their own dicks and then it's your fault. I have to assume that he's whining because she won't literally lick his filthy asshole, because there's no way he can do anal if he has broken his dick that much. I hope he leaves her and then rages out once he realizes he's forever alone.
As much as people rage at boomers, their parents set everything in motion, and likewise clung to power until they perished. I can only wonder how much future generations will hate millennials, once they realize that every ounce of influence we got, we wasted it all on worthless gendie shit, burning cities down, trying to tear apart all of society in a half-baked Great Leap Forward 2, infinite spastic "fuck you dad" shit, and absolute surrender to sweatshop consoomerism. We are a cursed generation. Oh yeah, we're also the ones who invented taking out over $100k in student loans, worthless dumb ass degrees, and treating college like a 4-year theme park. Everything that sucks about boomers, millennials are 10x worse. And troons are proof of that. Constroomers are peak millennial.

No. 1808983

And hiding his beautiful dainty Chad chin too. It's so fucking funny how they act so unbothered but we all know they mald over their masculine features to no end.

No. 1808984

I will never understand why a scrote with strong masculine features troon out.

No. 1808987

File: 1681570027874.jpg (57.25 KB, 659x814, Ftt6Y2gaUAEFzu3.jpg)

unga bunga face

No. 1808988

File: 1681570101739.jpg (387.7 KB, 1610x2177, FsLnHu-WIAAemBg.jpg)

>tilts himself to look like he has any curves

No. 1808989

I can’t believe that modern men have memed themselves into thinking that cutting their own dicks off will get them laid. It’s too goddamn hilarious.

My troon coworker is getting a stinkditch installed next month, what should I say to him on his last day of work before the surgery?(I don’t want to say anything that would cause me to get fired for being unwoke)

No. 1808990

it's depressing to realize just how far men will go to coom

No. 1808992

File: 1681570596572.jpeg (78.91 KB, 750x431, 5-david-sculptures-comparison-…)

I want to thank troons for showing just how graceless and shapeless the average male form truly is.

No. 1808994

File: 1681570792052.jpg (103.53 KB, 720x1213, Weirdo.jpg)

This is why I question when people post women, years ago I was lurking the site The Coli a site for black men (don't ask me why). There was a transwoman who started posting pictures of women he thought looked like men and was like, "see? There's cis women who look like men/trans!" And some.of the fools there were acting all shocked about it.
Troons love the idea of calling women TIms/saying we look like men. They think it hurts as badly as it hurts them. I wouldn't give a fuck if a Troon called me a man, it's clearly projection kek.
And even if I did, I'm still a woman something you'll never be

No. 1808996

Good luck, wink

No. 1808997

Some troons love the idea of calling older women TIFs to attempt to add more to the cult kek

No. 1808999

File: 1681571032597.jpg (149.22 KB, 1284x1487, FtvdRFPaIAAsTSa.jpg)


No. 1809002

But with troons you can 100% tell though, it doesn't matter how edited their photos are.

No. 1809003

File: 1681571192388.png (87.38 KB, 697x647, on Twitter.png)

And apparently this is the reason why he posted the video in the first place.

No. 1809004

The worst thing about this tranny shit is that it pushes the culture war to the forefront. Cost of living?

No. 1809005

Try to get that these men have a medical condition that inherently twists their brain like that. Too bad Blair White didn't get his dick chopped.

No. 1809006

who wants to bet he thinks that beer gut makes him look womanly. idk someone about how he’s posing… really makes me think that kek

No. 1809007

>No males allowed

Therefore trans women are women./s

No. 1809010

Squeaky Fromme is a real fucking choice to steal your troonsona name from. Every part of these men is deranged.

No. 1809011

File: 1681571790615.jpg (84.12 KB, 714x971, Screenshot_20230415-111552_Chr…)

He was arguing with some retard and he posted his picture, the retard he was arguing with ended up donating to a Trans charity if he showed a unfiltered picture from what I read. I hate scrotes I assume it was a scrote I didn't read the whole thread

No. 1809013

File: 1681572075356.png (45.84 KB, 577x324, Screenshot 2023-04-15 232123.p…)

Anime says YWNBAW
(context: the character has transitioned)

No. 1809016

is that mf wearing TIMbs??

No. 1809018

Moid alert

No. 1809019

yall gotta start spoiling these. I wish I didn't have eyes

No. 1809022

Tell me which 3d/pixar/dreamworks villain is he supposed to look like? There's a villain with a curved face…

No. 1809026

File: 1681573727531.png (50.4 KB, 474x453, Die moid.png)

No. 1809027

I said /s. And why did you unsage?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1809028

right being an anime trope of boys drawn to look like girls, don't claim to be actually girls or demand to be in spaces for girls irl. comparing them to TiMs feels disingenuous

No. 1809029

When anime portrays TIMs however…
art imitates life.

No. 1809030

Knowing that this is the current state of the US military and how many military troons there are really makes me want to tinfoil.

No. 1809032

A good place to get some more milk for this thread is 4chan's /lgbt/ board js..

No. 1809034

Be the change you wish to see. Also sage your shit.

No. 1809035

legitimate jumpscare

No. 1809037

legitimate jumpscare

No. 1809038

File: 1681574629910.jpg (1.68 MB, 4032x3024, 1681569738009849.jpg)

Why anyone would want to go through the trouble to acquire this type of shit in large quantities is insane. Are these moids not aware that once you've permanently fucked up your hormones', you can't just snap your fingers and go back? Is it really worth it to be able to satisfy the Autogynephilia fetish?

No. 1809041

File: 1681575027436.png (38.5 KB, 669x569, 12.png)

why do troons lie?

No. 1809042

File: 1681575078025.png (56.96 KB, 598x668, Pinko Scum on Twitter.png)

>Did I got fired for posing with a gun and threaten to kill any "bigot" that think against me?
>No, is the bigots that are wrong!

Besides the nerve to post a GoFundMe. Someone should report that page.

No. 1809044

It's just desperate cope. They realize they'll never pass so they think their only way of clinging on to womanhood is by associating themselves with women who may have somewhat similar features to them. But it's not about women looking like men, there's nothing funny about that. It's about men trying to be women and failing hilariously.

Like literally, if there was a woman who looked like a 10/10 chiseled jaw gigachad, I still wouldn't give a fuck, that's a woman. By resorting to stuff like that they already admit that they lost.

No. 1809045

>dude was a government worker
>probably has more money than anyone donating to his grift.

No. 1809046

File: 1681575256044.jpg (121.03 KB, 900x1200, FtrYZaPWIAIuVwn.jpg)

No. 1809048

File: 1681575300856.png (9.87 KB, 1204x107, image_2023-04-15_091533490.png)

Can anyone translate this garbage..

No. 1809049

"The water, it's turning the fr- males into horomonally imbalanced bitch boys!"

No. 1809052

File: 1681575449560.png (468.52 KB, 659x1020, Screenshot 12.png)

I guess affirmation still isn't enough for them.

No. 1809053

Something like "i hope the procedure brings you all the joy and happiness you deserve."

No. 1809054

File: 1681575588404.png (86.18 KB, 1246x808, Kayla Denker.png)

And he's getting almost $5000.

No. 1809056

can they not easily find another job to get money? why do most of them rely on gofundme donations? it's like they're allergic to working and like getting handed free money

No. 1809057

File: 1681575838928.jpeg (247.82 KB, 990x1274, Ftw6FBKaQAEZNfB.jpeg)

And he's lying about "oh they fired me with just posing with a gun" when he ignores the highlighter text of his OWN termination.

No. 1809058

"But capitalism evil!"

We already had a TIF killing kids, why would trannies think is ok to post photos of them posing with guns after that massive shooting? Right, they cannot think well at all.

No. 1809060

Wait- so you mean if I started saying I wanted to lob my tits off and go on t, I could e-beg my way into get a free $4K?

No. 1809061

That’s exactly why tranny shit is being pushed so hard by both the left and the right. It keeps people too distracted to focus on climate change, wealth inequality, healthcare, job security, etc. If poor people on the left and the right could stop squabbling over pronouns and drag queens they could unite against the true enemy, who is the wealthy. But of course, for the people in power (who tend to be wealthy) it’s useful to keep the proles squabbling over petty shit. I think that overall most normies don’t care too much one way or the other about tranny shit (unless they know a tranny or they themselves are a tranny), it’s really being forced as a meme by both left and right wing media.

Also for some reason humans tend to be particularly motivated by issues that effect children, so that’s probably why the “groomer” rhetoric vs. “protect trans kids” rhetoric is so hot right now.

No. 1809063

It’s a drug addiction, pure and simple. In the olden days, lonely young men with no future prospects would mentally check out with heroin, crack, or meth, but now they’re doing it with porn/endless cooming and estrogen pills.

No. 1809064

and on the second page they give him resources if he wishes to challenge their decision, particularly if he feels it was based on discrimination. and i guess that's what his legal fees will go towards. what a waste of money when he is so clearly at fault here. to have his profession + employer so clearly tied to his account and have a picture of him promoting gun violence going viral. jfc the entitlement and persecution fetish this guy has.

No. 1809066

File: 1681576851337.jpg (467.33 KB, 1536x2048, illness.jpg)

How it feels to read this thread(sage your shit)

No. 1809068

File: 1681576940551.jpg (431.57 KB, 1170x2080, tranny.jpg)

This moid looks like god badly photoshopped him and forgot to hit undo a bunch of times.

No. 1809073

> we wasted it all on worthless gendie shit, burning cities down, trying to tear apart all of society in a half-baked Great Leap Forward 2, infinite spastic "fuck you dad" shit, and absolute surrender to sweatshop consoomerism. We are a cursed generation. Oh yeah, we're also the ones who invented taking out over $100k in student loans, worthless dumb ass degrees, and treating college like a 4-year theme park.
as a millennial, i hate us. we deserve the clown world we created.

No. 1809074

Yeah, but now us gen z have to deal with the mess you guy's left behind and our futures are fucked. I hate your generation too, fuck millennials.(sage your shit)

No. 1809075

File: 1681577430628.png (1.61 MB, 1334x911, begone demon.png)

"Wow, look at how much fun I'm having being a trans woman! I grew out my hair and became even more of a depressed faggot!"

No. 1809076

File: 1681577523640.png (Spoiler Image,417.48 KB, 1080x1543, retard alert.png)

No. 1809078

File: 1681577553916.jpeg (207.31 KB, 993x1285, Ftttg7EaUAAyxUg.jpeg)

Besides under a probationary period he was aware he couldn't fuck up, yet he gets mad that a woman told him he wasn't on his period and posed with a weapon under a contract. The fact he didn't file a discrimination complain because he was fired for his gender orientation and instead he opened a GoFundMe says he knows he was fired for being stupid, not for being trans.

No. 1809079

he somehow got a bit chubbier

No. 1809080


The whole thread on Twitter is pretty funny imo, too much to screenshot

No. 1809081

>i hope the procedure works out
>what do you mean by that, anon?

No. 1809083

No. 1809084

File: 1681577881386.png (Spoiler Image,18.47 KB, 675x337, image_2023-04-15_095759145.png)

Thought that this was pretty funny, and the reddit thread mods defending/policing speech got a cackle outta me too.


No. 1809085

Why do so many males have poop-flecked skin

No. 1809086

Damn, he didn't need to destroy their display like an animal- the people with this ideology destroy and harass anyone who has a differing opinion than them, but then cry like a bitch and ask for hand outs when they get the same treatment back.

No. 1809087

File: 1681578056078.gif (459.37 KB, 500x303, R9cMaFY.gif)


I just realized he censored any name except for the woman that contacted the management. He's just not a liar and a crybaby, but also a coward hoping people find that woman and bash her for "making a trans woman lose her job!"

No. 1809088

really hope that woman has protection. she is now the enemy of a mentally unstable gun nut who just lost his job. he definitely posted that hoping to intimidate her.

No. 1809090

File: 1681578567753.jpg (Spoiler Image,827.1 KB, 2456x3999, I can smell the discord kitten…)

I got temp banned for saying that "trans women just have a fetish" on a /cgl/ lolita thread because someone was praising these moids invading the fashion.

No. 1809091

Also picture of moid in dress

No. 1809092

Never in my life did I have to clasp another woman's bra. Stop watching porn and anime bro

No. 1809093

File: 1681578628984.jpg (533.34 KB, 1920x2400, idk man.jpg)

"Mom do I pass yet?!

No. 1809096

File: 1681578731448.png (25.37 KB, 370x242, 1417807995779.png)

Not only a mentally unstable gun nut, but also an army that will support his mental Olympics.

"What do you mean women can claps their bra on their own without help with just clap it and then turn it around? That's not how it looked in my animu/porn!"

No. 1809097

He's so fucking ugly. And yes, /cgl/ has had a tranny janny problem for a while now. They're into lolicon, too.

No. 1809099

File: 1681578773867.jpg (163.65 KB, 1080x810, ew wtf.jpg)

The picture speaks for itself

No. 1809100

Nasty, someone needs to do a culling of mods on there.

No. 1809103

File: 1681578988426.png (118.94 KB, 1366x294, image_2023-04-15_101721811.png)

No. 1809104

Isn't it weird that when a woman or racial minority has a public freakout, the mod's don't rush in to demand no one make any rules about not mentioning their identities?

No. 1809106

File: 1681579190669.jpg (Spoiler Image,232.72 KB, 941x1532, groomer humor.jpg)

When kids this young want to go "trans" you just know their parents put that idea into their heads or teachers, and groomed them into it. No child just wakes up one day and genuinely says they want to be the other gender- they definitely like to play make-believe but as an adult you aren't supposed to take it to a level of creating a delusion.

No. 1809109

That child is so fucked. His life is destroyed. And look at what they are feeding him. Not one single vegetable or fruit anywhere near that kid.

No. 1809111

Washing all that sugar and carbs down with a good old carbonated sugar caramel colored liquid too. Diabetes.

No. 1809113

File: 1681579644231.jpeg (199.32 KB, 1271x1517, FtuPQk8aUAMDDZM.jpeg)

Probably he just wanted to play with dolls or like pink color and his parents went "stonk".

Münchhausen by tranny proxy at its finest.

No. 1809114

No. 1809115

munchausen's mommy

No. 1809117

I almost think I see his sack every time he kicks his leg up.

No. 1809119

>in Denver, Co
prayers for all the rocky mountain nonnas, nutjobs with guns in Colorado have a track record.

No. 1809120

Ha! Look at the running! He has nothing to say because he knows he's contributing to it.

https://streamable.com/trt8gz(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1809123

File: 1681580047505.png (Spoiler Image,225.75 KB, 510x292, image_2023-04-15_103501115.png)

No. 1809125

No. 1809129

Transkids moms are just a new flavor of Munchausens by proxy.

No. 1809132

They always look like they escaped their parents basement

https://twitter.com/i/status/1647272114251022337(this is an imageboard)

No. 1809136

File: 1681580790997.jpg (99.4 KB, 1080x818, forget naming these.jpg)

No. 1809138

File: 1681580937600.jpg (114.14 KB, 768x1024, man woman.jpg)

No. 1809143

Libs aren't left.

No. 1809145

File: 1681581408175.jpeg (5.89 KB, 299x168, download (4).jpeg)

It's ironic how the women who do this always have sons who were very obviously masculinized even from a young age. It just cements in my mind that all this shit is ironically super heterosexual, from women who got knocked up by men who couldn't be gnc even if they wanted.

No. 1809146

What do you mean that liberals aren't left? wtf. Yes they are.

No. 1809148

This shit is what kills me. No woman alive asks another woman to help her with her bra. We all learn how to do it the true and honest way as teens. Their perpetual need to write this kind of fanfic is as disgusting as it is pathetic and hilarious.

No. 1809149

No. 1809150


Lol "It's like the X-men movies. Its like we have mutants live among us."
I love this guy, I agree with him! Fuck these transfuckers.

No. 1809151

File: 1681581934706.jpeg (19.91 KB, 480x360, ralph.jpeg)

>last week a stranger in the women's locker room asked my help in clasping her bra and then she asked me if i had a tampon and i gave her a tampon and she said i was the most beautiful girl she had ever seen and then on the way back home i got cat-called 15 times

No. 1809154

File: 1681582036493.png (277.58 KB, 397x645, image_2023-04-15_110745981.png)

"Where's my blm burning and looting and rioting! AEGGHGHHH!"

No. 1809156

File: 1681582338277.jpg (215.65 KB, 1048x1048, LUL.jpg)

The mental gymnastics to say that common sense and logic is hate/making life unsafe for perverts is so backwards you'd have to have your head up your ass

No. 1809159

I just listened to this song for the first time in 10 years, and boy does it hit different.

The song "She Has a Girlfriend Now" is basically a guy lamenting that his ex girlfriend left him for another woman. The end of the song goes,

>I never thought it would end like this

>Just because I've got no tits
>I'll shave my legs, I'll wear a bra
>I'll even cut my penis off for you

It's amazing that in 2022 moids are taking that last part seriously.

No. 1809162

You know what the problem is with these people, is that it's a self centered narc behavior, the world revolves around them and their appearance and sexuality- not to mention their need for attention. If trans people didn't make such a big deal out of being trans people wouldn't give a shit what they do, or if they didn't have meltdowns like children over being "misgendered". Also of course there is always going to be the ones who are adamant on getting access to the women's restrooms so they can make women uncomfortable, but if people put their foot down and stop allowing these mentally ill troglodytes invade private spaces and womens sports we could actually fix society.

No. 1809164

File: 1681582715962.png (191.49 KB, 385x480, image_2023-04-15_111929840.png)

No. 1809167

File: 1681582818557.jpg (176.8 KB, 1222x1430, FtwKYYtWwAAfDDN.jpg)

No. 1809169

wtf is that supposed to mean

No. 1809170

I am going to the screening and i can't wait to see all the clowns that show up to protest.

No. 1809171

Anything a tranny posts anywhere is good milk for this thread because they never post anything that isn't hilarious, disgusting, or totally unhinged and delusional.

Also how many anons posting itt rn are coping troons from /lgbt/ who are digital self harming and trying to convince themselves that at least they're not as delusional as the retards that get posted in this thread?

No. 1809172

Ooo let me know how it goes anon! You should take video and post it here for the lulz.

No. 1809173

It's amazing how even liberal men don't understand that women can just say "no" to men, at any time for any reason, and go on living a normal life. I will never have children, and I didn't have to cut my tits off, or graft on a crotch sausage.

No. 1809174

I have no idea, I saw it and hoped someone else could explain the gibberish. Lmao.

No. 1809176

I think this is a tif book

No. 1809178

File: 1681583153610.jpg (86.11 KB, 1004x617, Mood.jpg)

How any english speaking country feels recently. Also just wondering, is this only a english speaking/western issue? I'm pretty sure that places with more traditional values outlaw this sort of shit right?

No. 1809179

File: 1681583261788.jpg (Spoiler Image,94.52 KB, 811x1037, Ftxnrf6X0AEkjmy.jpg)

Oh god, I'm going to need eye bleach. People are actually doing this to themselves- fuck gonna go throw up now. This is nightmare fuel.

No. 1809180

It doesn't even look like dick, it looks like they chopped off someone's arm and had it sewn onto their vagina.

No. 1809181


How do they pee…where does it come out of, there is no hole there…

No. 1809182

I don't disagree with what you're saying, but this is an Aiden (ftm)

No. 1809183

I know, I can tell that they are ftm. The fake cock looks like a log of skin.

No. 1809184

my god is this a TiF?

No. 1809185

No. 1809186

trans identified female, ftm

No. 1809187

Yes it is

No. 1809188

File: 1681583829807.jpg (Spoiler Image,22.86 KB, 360x480, 23525346.jpg)

Dude, they look like fleshlights.(take it to the TIF thread)

No. 1809189

No. 1809193

File: 1681584146289.jpg (Spoiler Image,154.51 KB, 1052x1661, just a hole.jpg)

And the other one is just a gaping hole. I can only imagine how many infections/bad smells must emanate from these people.

No. 1809201

The women who do this are all absolutely fucked if they ever develop diabetes or heart trouble. Say goodbye to the whole leg.

No. 1809205

How tf can you blame people like 5-15 years older than you

No. 1809208

No surprise there. /cgl/ was visibly going down the shitter in 2014 and there were a lot of threads about getting your nigel into brolita. Anybody who said shit got b& or dogpiled.

No. 1809209


can you stop bumping the thread

No. 1809215

File: 1681585658289.png (12.53 KB, 1229x320, mtf.png)

hmm, what do we call a man who's only into men…

No. 1809217

why does it look like it has teeth at the bottom? nightmare fuel

No. 1809218

So entitled like the men that they are. SJWs don’t even care when conventionally attractive, successful black women are murdered.

No. 1809219

File: 1681586187183.webm (15.31 MB, 720x1280, TroonFlip.webm)

Nonnas, i'm losing my fucking mind. I saw this happen in real life. Physiologically unable to add any extra commentary(sage your shit)

No. 1809221

Troon sees a real woman and seeths that he'll never be a real woman. What a dick hope he got caught by security

No. 1809231

I hate the entitlement reeking off him. Like you can tell he thinks he won’t get in any trouble whatsoever and sadly he’s prob right. Fuck them all.

No. 1809232

Why is anything in the US funded.

No. 1809233

It's a business

No. 1809237

File: 1681588927884.png (310.89 KB, 1245x237, tranny.png)

I hate looking for clothes and seeing Trannies in the customer photos. They're fucking everywhere now…

No. 1809239

I fucking hate it too nonna you just know they get off on unsuspecting women seeing their gross obvious fetish pics poorly disguised as regular reviews

No. 1809240

kek the parting on that wig. it will never not be funny how the more men try to look feminine the more they accentuate their male features.

No. 1809241

you got fired because you have an unhinged social media profile and your ilk like sam brinton and audrey hale make trannies with guns posting crazy shit online seem like genuine threats

No. 1809242

total retard war

No. 1809243

When those women are murdered those same crabs bring up how her specific skin tone is in the light enough spectrum to be cared about so it's wrong that people care about her being murdered. Or they'll bring up that it's not fair that she's conventionally attractive which means "she has white features and that's why y'all care!" to them. Basically, I'm saying that when innocent, cute black women are murdered they do every mental gymnastic to say it doesn't matter because black transwomen lives matter more.

No. 1809244

This is an image board; post images or video, not links.

The issue is this is the MTF thread, there is a separate thread for FTM cows; this isn't a generic troon thread.

No. 1809246

what's wrong with his lip? scarring from laser or migrating filler?

No. 1809249

File: 1681589867543.png (34.01 KB, 276x234, necklace.png)

The jokes just write themselves

No. 1809250

it's crazy how like everything on reddit is a slur except for the c and b word

No. 1809251

they mangle the women so much more than the men

No. 1809252

Oh god forbid you have to click a link. The horror.(sage your shit)

No. 1809253

ntayrt but this is an imageboard. god forbid you have to post an IMAGE. the horror.
also learn to sage.

No. 1809254

It's not about clicking the link, it's about archival in case things are deleted.

No. 1809255

Caps are better than links that can get deleted, retard.

The male need to be a menace when things dont go your way

No. 1809256

He's so embarrassing dear god. I'm so glad that was caught on camera, please update us if he gets punished over this assault as he should be

No. 1809261

File: 1681591350245.png (185.64 KB, 700x1148, aggressive troon probably an a…)

feel free to edit him onto warning signs to print out and put up, he has proved he's not afraid to get physical and scream at people who are being polite to him

No. 1809262

the uni police is supposedly "investigating the incident" but I think we know that means "looking the other way because its a poor oppressed twanz womxn"

No. 1809269

they turned her into a silent hill monster

No. 1809270

File: 1681592429807.png (1.24 MB, 1084x790, troon fury.png)

No. 1809272

File: 1681592774639.jpeg (54.9 KB, 828x428, 39232122-DE47-4049-922E-DF0AEE…)

to any trannies lurking just know that people are 100% ignoring you on purpose. you’ve exhausted your good graces and done this to yourselves.

No. 1809277

kek nona
They're also just… not having any rights taken away whatsoever? Being allowed to medically abuse children isn't a right. Free plastic surgery isn't a right. Men being allowed to compete in women's sports isn't a right. They're not even having spaces taken away, because they still have the spaces of their own sex readily available to use the bathroom or change clothes and so on. If they "just want to pee" they already have the space to "just pee".
Even the most nicest cis allies trying their best can't support you when literally nothing is threatening troons rights.

No. 1809282

Literally just typical male shit using violence to get his way.
They mean the right to harass and predate easily. They are mad they can no longer pursue their fetish with unwilling civilians. You see it with MRAs and incels a lot who think men controlling everything is their right.

No. 1809285

He admits here that he wants the entire world to stop for him

No. 1809286

moids who imagine themselves as women as a sexual fetish or form of escapism and don't act on it irl because they know it's just a fantasy and no amount of transition will make them women. If only more TiMs understood that

No. 1809289

> How come none of these retards understand consequences?
Because they are male kek.

No. 1809293

I read one thread where the tranny was just an innocent bystander hit by a bullet. It was because he was a tranny…

No. 1809297

Follow site rules or don't come here at all retard.

No. 1809298

File: 1681596745743.jpg (203.03 KB, 1840x2000, FrqqA0BXoAMuwZc.jpg)

Trannies could have stayed in their lane and nobody would have cared but now they want free procedures, tranny kids and want to invade every single women's space then too bad, people are fighting back now. You could have shut up and lived your life but no, you want everyone to cater to your mental illness now.

No. 1809300

I just thought up a good argument against the trans kids should be put on puberty blockers debate. if the determining factor of whether a child is trans is consistent signs of gender dysphoria (which honestly isn't even a good argument seeing as you can have it and not be trans but anyways), shouldn't they have them experience their natal puberty first for a few years? how can you determine dysphoric symptoms if there is no mismatch between sex characteristics and "gender identity"? what's the point of giving them blockers?

No. 1809301

File: 1681597206764.png (82.51 KB, 1378x706, Kayla Denker.png)

Seems so.

No. 1809303

The problem is that they’re largely moving away from gender dysphoria as a feeling/diagnosis

No. 1809328

Look at that picture, he wants to be a trans martyr icon so badly.

No. 1809329

advice designed to boost the suicide rate kekkkkkkkk

No. 1809332

kek at his gangly arms trying to grasp the waist that never was

No. 1809337

File: 1681601081595.gif (1.42 MB, 90x160, RAGE.gif)

No. 1809340

File: 1681601496382.jpg (69.07 KB, 575x632, t1.jpg)

Because hes a creep. Its funny that he tries to own real women with this picture of him in a mask when unmasked he looks scarily like my autistic step brother, right down to the glasses. They probably lie to him because he looks like a school shooter and they are just trying to end their day alive.

No. 1809356

who is this cafebeef clone?

No. 1809359

File: 1681603025632.jpeg (302.72 KB, 750x2110, 87C50953-CF45-440C-BCA6-835CAF…)

oh no, asktrannies is catching up to the fact that they’re the laughing stock of the internet and are considering going private kek the mtf community already has a private sub, has anyone infiltrated? please post milk if you have.

No. 1809362

>none of the women seem to mind me in their space
men don't seem to understand female socialisation and yet use it to their advantage constantly. just because women aren't approaching him and actively telling him they're uncomfortable doesn't mean they "don't mind". at this point, women know that we don't really have any other choice but to put up with them. it's bleak. he looks creepy and intimidating too.

No. 1809363

so dramatic kek

No. 1809364

We need for that /tttt/ trans subreddit to go viral. I forget the name (can someone remind me) but it’s full of 4chan lingo and calling women “pooners” and plenty of offensive shit that is worthy of cancellation. It would probably help with associating the trans movement with perverted privileged white moids.

No. 1809369

"Don't call anybody!"

No. 1809373

gynosexual homosexual?

No. 1809377

what the actual fuck. if a woman did something like that, she’d go viral for being a karen, but since it’s a tranny, he’s allowed to chimp out like a retard with no consequences.

No. 1809379

it’s listed on the thread’s related subreddits section, r/4tran and r/ttttrans. Both subreddits are filled with insufferable perverts who either deny the existence of AGP or straight up admit they have it

No. 1809380

File: 1681604922178.png (263.93 KB, 1038x1216, al.png)

actuallesbians has more cocks than a circuit party

No. 1809381

lol, you're generation will be sterile and have no sexual function before age 30.

No. 1809388

There is no such things as trans rights. What he wants is trans pandering. Sorry, you've been put up with to this point and nobody wants to stop anything for you anymore.

Also I full expect ""Lady"" Emily to kill Sarah Z and wear her skin at some point.

No. 1809391

lurk moar + integrate, faggot
kek libs are unironically being more useful allies by politely ignoring tranny retardation like "trans genocide"/"muh rights" and desperately keeping the issues vague. but troon autism prevents them from understanding that this is literally a kindness
i think this is something that needs to be discussed way more. when i see people talking about the tranny culture war they still frame it through the lens of gender identity disorder/gender dysphoria as mental illness, but the goalposts shifted years and years ago. except of course when it is convenient for trannies, in which case they shift right back and suddenly the whole issue is that of an inherently mentally ill minority with a structural neurological difference seeking noncosmetic corrective surgery (now insurance companies plz cough up money for lip fillers and boob jobs)
chud physiognomy

No. 1809393

File: 1681605706616.png (321.92 KB, 1242x1280, mtfbutch.png)

No. 1809395

this child looks like john mulaney

No. 1809396

the other farms is down rn hence all the unsaged retards, tifs in the mtf thread, and twitter links.

No. 1809397

It's less bad in my latinamerican country at least. Some months ago a social worker was talking about some inclusion for trans students and the female newswoman did comment on that, she just immediately asked him his thoughts on the social workers in the country who let a child stay with her stepfather after he raped and impregnated her. It's Like she was saying to focus on actually important shit.

No. 1809399

>lifts and throws table like the Hulk and shouts FUCK OFF in the most male voice ever
sooo feminine and girly uwu

No. 1809401

Yes nonna! It went from gender identity disorder, which is something most normies could get behind, to “trans isn’t a mental illness” “gender is a spectrum!!! Sex is a spectrum!!! Biological men are biological women BECAUSE THEY SAY SO”
But normies are still operating under the old rules which makes troons a lot more sympathetic than they are imo

No. 1809403

reading this in Ralphie's voice is so funny, holy kek. Now I'm just going to imagine ralphie's voice when I read their made-up make-believe stories

No. 1809406

Seeing these kinds of things piss me off extra hard given what’s happening with abortion rights in America.

No. 1809407

File: 1681606909870.webm (1.04 MB, 320x554, 6p55LfEYfISjjcb2.webm)

As much as I hate troons, I argue that their existence is a symptom rather than a cause, and a clear product of neoliberalism and unlimited, cheap pleasures. The youth are deprived of any sense of identity and are raised in a culture that venerates oppression. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that some of them, especially those who are terminally online, seek alternate forms of identity that allow them to be the victim for once.
sage for not being MTF related but still being indicative of the mentality of these people and their allies.

No. 1809408

This. I’m never sure if they’re just too stupid to get it or if they know women aren’t likely to actually say or do anything and that’s part of the thrill for them.

No. 1809411

Men lifting other men up. Shocking.

No. 1809414

I’m keking hard at the stories my TIF friends are all posting about “what cis people should be doing for trans people” and “action items for trans allies” I do not give a fuck you pathetic autist. Dug your own annoying fuckin grave by being fuckin annoying, fewer and fewer people are even pretending to give a shit about you now

No. 1809415

File: 1681607601218.webm (2.23 MB, 576x1024, sosophunny.webm)

No. 1809418

meanwhile women are being forced to give birth in dozens of states in a unprecedented removal of our rights. moids think their hypothetical suicides are more important than tangible mother mortality rates.

No. 1809420

>sexuality by definition refers to the gender identify of the people you're attracted to
lol how he confidently says something so wrong and so stupid. i mean…. even as he is saying the words does he not realise? SEXuality is defined by…. sex? no… that can't be right it must be about being attracted to clothes and hairstyles!

No. 1809421

Hate saying this but I like that haircut n may copy it

Please cite the 400 laws against your non-binary rights. 400 fucking human rights laws what rights would you even have after that

Obviously it does not matter what they eat. The medical system is a miracle and will cure any long term problems, just like they made this 8 year old child a happier person via a lifetime subscription to hormones.

Finally, body dysphoria is gone

That bra looks bad and uncomfortable anyway

No. 1809422

kek nonnie we go to the same uni? i was busy bc of midterms but i wish i visited the tpusa table. i know a couple years ago they got in trouble locking some tpusa people in kane and the cops had to be called and a gun was brought on campus? idr. but feels nice knowing theres at least one sane person on campus

No. 1809424

Sageblog but I reported it saying he's not in "survival mode" and got fired on his own fault, if he lied to GoFundMe saying "the world is against a fragile trans woman" (which I wouldn't even doubt). I don't think GFM would do shit, but alas.

No. 1809425

File: 1681609500059.jpeg (67.34 KB, 509x714, 93E385BE-FADB-40EA-BD0C-4ADE87…)

Bisexual woman calls her and her boyfriend a butch femme lesbian couple…

No. 1809427

File: 1681609638703.jpeg (72.53 KB, 750x516, 639E4234-65BA-4110-8CFC-175B64…)

not true in the slightest

No. 1809429

No fucking way anon kek yes every non troon speaker event has multiple armed officers throughout the building now

No. 1809431

higher testosterone, more masculine face/body features.
higher testosterone, higher sex drive/even more fixated on sexual things. higher sexual fixation, chasing more and more intense sexual "highs"/taboos. higher sexual taboo chasing, chances of veering into trans sexual content.

after all, one of the most taboo things is a masculine male making himself effeminate. the more taboo something is the more they are excited by it.

No. 1809433

say nothing, do nothing to discourage him. the more males that cripple themself, especially for the coom, the better.

No. 1809434

He can't take that the world is against deranged and entitled men who threaten to kill people to get their way.

No. 1809436

hahahahaha no way. maybe ill try going to one of these controversial events next time if i can. im alwas so mad i miss these meltdowns happening on campus because im always in class. wonder if he was the one posting the "sissies rule!" stickrs around campus as well as the fuck terf ones. i wish this meltdown happened when the quad was blooming because all the normie families with their kids out wouldve seen this happen too

No. 1809437

Why does he hide his face kek? It isn't your only tell that you aren't a woman.

No. 1809439

File: 1681611129520.png (403.23 KB, 599x574, feminist_collages_.png)

A tim was killed and of course people are telling to trans people to "protect themselves". Have they learn nothing from the douche bag posing with an AR15 and now is crying to be the martyr of poor tims?

No. 1809441

Don't feel bad nona. He just copied it from other women. That style is called a "wolf cut"

No. 1809442

I’ll be in the friend finder thread

No. 1809443

probably some scrote taking him home found out he's another scrote. Male on male violence who cares.

No. 1809449

>i wish i visited the tpusa table
…ew. Conservetards hate women just as much as troons do. As they say, left wing right wing the whole bird hates women.

No. 1809454

This is a fantastic article.

No. 1809457

he's just using angles in the second pic lol. estrogen will not rearrange your bones.

No. 1809465

File: 1681614044064.png (10.48 KB, 583x247, normal.png)

caught in the wild, troon on tumblr having a normal one and leaving no red flags at all. this was left on a post about how trans women are "denied" the closet from those mean lesbians and how they never actually had male privilege at all because some kid on the playground called them f*ggot (as if that doesn't just reinforce the reality of male upbringing kek). TIMS will sometimes claim "trans women know the reality of our biology so stop bringing it up as a gotcha TERFS!!!" but in the same breath claim they didn't receive male socialization or privilege bc they were perceived as beta males? meanwhile troons are rewriting their violent male thoughts and impulses as dysphoria driven. get me out of this world nonnies im beginning to break

No. 1809467

File: 1681614152330.jpg (132.24 KB, 1051x1226, SmartSelect_20230416-044751_Fi…)

No. 1809468

File: 1681614197805.jpg (260.38 KB, 1054x1603, SmartSelect_20230416-045526_Dr…)


No. 1809473

So many troons have Eric Wareheim phenotype kek

No. 1809474

File: 1681614380326.jpg (182.24 KB, 1075x1138, SmartSelect_20230416-045439_Dr…)


sorry I'm on mobile

No. 1809478

File: 1681614612051.jpg (204.06 KB, 992x1111, SmartSelect_20230416-045359_Dr…)


tldr the UN are a bunch of pedophiles and troon shit is inextricably linked to pedophilia.

No. 1809480

File: 1681614857632.png (16.11 KB, 628x421, normal2.png)

another extremely normal reply to the same post. these men are extremely violent, and if you take the time to look at their words…their tweets, their blogposts or their porn history, you will find nothing but rage.

No. 1809481

jfc when is kiwifarms going back up. These retards can't stay on topic to save their lives

No. 1809483

File: 1681615428818.png (98.96 KB, 600x500, syndrome.png)

is this who you were thinking of nonna? kek

No. 1809484

kek. i wasnt on lolcow when chrischan was arrested will we see him in these TIM threads soon? (im a girl farmers please dont ban)

No. 1809486

if this was real (which it likely isn't) she probably meant separating the yolks from the whites because it's a common trick to use a turkey baster to suck it up. yet in his twisted mind he heard "omg are you trying to diy suck your eggs out of your ovaries teehee" something that women totally do guise! it's a creepy and invasive comment that no cash register is going to make.

No. 1809487

no. he's in /pt/. and stop announcing yourself

No. 1809488

they understand it, they're just shitty

No. 1809492

they exist because men see women getting lip service in the media and think it translates into material benefits so they don a wig and try and hoover up anything they can

No. 1809493

This poor child. He should be taken away from his parents urgently

No. 1809499

It's literally just because men think if gay people should have rights then their fetish should be forced onto everyone else, this too >>1809492 . Can't wait till kf is back up.

No. 1809500

You're 100% right. Men think women are privileged when American women don't even have abortion rights while trannies are pandered to hell and back because it benefits scrotes desire to coom and predate and restrict women. Tranny shit proves male privilege and patriarchy and any of the shit moids screech about not being real kek.

No. 1809509

File: 1681617696001.jpg (229.21 KB, 971x1734, Screenshot_20230415-205827_Fac…)

43 y/o TIM dressed like THIS at a children's park. Doesn't have his own child, just there swinging. Handmaidens are eating it up, check out those likes. Anyone who has anything to say at all gets labeled a "bully". How is this not a red flag to any sane woman? Keep this TIM out of women's spaces and children's spaces.

No. 1809516

Reading through my stomach is turning. I gave it to my nigel to read and basically he said on an initial pass he didn't see it but when I pointed stuff out like the vague wording that indicated a parent or guardian should be allowed to buy a hooker for their disabled kid he started to see it. It's subtly there manipulating things to craft sentences where a normie would say "yes if teenagers want to fuck around before they're adults or legally allowed to get married that's fine" but doesn't explicitly separate children from adults in these sentences. It's like it's just breaking the boundaries and testing the waters before eroding things more and more as the yearly editions come out

No. 1809523

Fuck off kid, it's your generation that's shit

No. 1809525

you ever see a person who has a last name that just seems so perfect for them?

No. 1809528

File: 1681620463145.jpg (20.48 KB, 324x258, t.jpg)

I don't like TPUSA either. But they always fight with the antifa/ydsa students on campus so I think it's funny. Sorry if it made it sound like I supported them, I just like drama. I hate them both and women are rarely involved in their fighting so its slightly entertaining to watch moids fight and get escorted by campus police.

apology for shitting up the thread is some milk

This argument makes no sense to me because obviously as a grown adult woman she has the capacity to understand. But as a teenager? When the internet makes egg jokes the moment any boy or girl deviates from gender norms? They literally already say stuff like "If you want to be a girl, you're trans." how is that any different than knowing you are your preferred gender

No. 1809529

File: 1681620481289.jpg (321.19 KB, 933x1298, tumblr_800dce5e025c724c68f2f70…)

gonna hazard a guess this image was made by a tim

No. 1809530

well the label on the filename is "tumblr" so i say it's 50% as likely to be an edgy aiden

No. 1809531

Yeah that’s 100% aiden work, I think that shooter aiden shared it too

No. 1809533

this argument makes no sense because troons claim both as valid arguments. there are plenty of troons who say that in need to be trans you just need to want to be another gender. and then to make their ideology palatable towards liberals, they’ll claim that they were born this way, inside of the “wrong body”, because it’s what gay and bisexual people say and it’s easier to defend.

No. 1809534

she did not, she only posted about winnie the pooh characters tenderly kissing

No. 1809536

What an ugly kid

No. 1809538

Reading it also made me feel sick. Children are so malleable and "consent" to things that aren't their choices all the time. Can you consent to things you don't understand? You can manipulate childrens behavior by telling them Santa Claus is watching and might not give them gifts. Why not add sexual exploitation to that? You could probably get away with it. How do you prove it was coercion and manipulation if the kid is saying it's what they want?

No. 1809541

No, the one with the curved chin

No. 1809548

No. 1809550

They would've fired anyone making threats while brandishing a gun you shaggy haired dumbass. You're lucky they didn't imprison you as well, whiney little shit. Maybe dont act out your fantasies online and embarrass yourself and you could keep a job.

No. 1809551

File: 1681623659629.jpg (409.38 KB, 1440x1800, TiMs&TRAs Vs F1NN5TER .jpg)

I can't stand this crossie because he's annoying and a one trick pony, but I will give credits due to his very existence making them seethe, which is always entertaining to see

No. 1809554

"shayna downey". what a perfect name

No. 1809556

good for him.

No. 1809559

The likes from handmaidens are all pity likes, similar to how you’d tell a little girl who’s bald because she’s suffering from cancer that she looks beautiful.

No. 1809560

They’re just mad he’s getting paid big bucks by multiple sugar daddies that they could only dream of. One of them even offered to pay for him to get a boob job but he said no. He’s a whore but doesn’t even do anything that offensive so idc at the end of the day. If he makes them mad and as long as he stands his ground on not trooning out I’m cool with him

No. 1809561

>Demonstrate male-pattern seething mental illness and propensity for violence and destruction.
>"WAAAAAH why won't women treat me like a helpless baby!"
I'm glad young scrotes are collapsing under their own bullshit like a supernova. A generation ago many of these losers would have wrecked the lives of multiple nice women. Now they're too fucked up to do even that, because their parents let them zone out on videogames, anime, and porn all day and night. Fucking good.
At least they're finally coming out and saying it. Along with caping for the human garbage who birth FAS babies and drug babies, quality of life doesn't matter a god damn bit for the peasant population.

No. 1809565

He sounds like a misogynist afaict from the top right tweet

No. 1809566

If I speak

No. 1809571

Malcolm XY


No. 1809576

If a woman of any kind says she's proud to be a woman (Adele my queen), she gets bashed up down left and right by TIMs, TIFs and Trans rights bbq.

No. 1809577

NTA but libs are center at most, not left. Left is socialism/communism which is more or less what you meant by "poor people uniting against the rich". In mainstream politics and especially American politics, the liberal (capitalist) Democrats are just slightly to the left of Conservatives who are called the "right", but they're more or less the same shit in terms of economics, prioritizing the rich obey the poor. The ones pushing the hardest for tranny shit are the centrists or liberals. Though let's be real, there are trannies and tranny supporters on every side of the political spectrum.

No. 1809580

File: 1681627021462.jpeg (230.73 KB, 750x1826, 5231A887-3928-4F9F-B401-40AE6C…)

it takes an incel to know an incel.

No. 1809582

True but there’s a non-zero chance he was paid to post that picture with that caption to satisfy someone’s fetish. He’s literally a sex worker and everything he does is paid for by coomers at this point. Best to ignore and let them eat each other

No. 1809584

Peter: I haven’t felt this gender euphoria since the time I went to that park and used the swim. Did I mention I went with cute girly panties? Peter's giggle

No. 1809585

This is because ultimately all politicians are born into wealthy at the very least families and it's all the same class trying to get in to government, any one with a less affluent background even still has their campaign and political policies sponsored by big business to swat votes for policies which benefit big business like lowering taxes for large businesses etc.

No. 1809587

based Kelly Bowen

No. 1809593

the shape you've forgotten is rectangle

No. 1809596

KEKKKK anon this is the funniest thing that's been posted in these threads in a while

No. 1809600

File: 1681630494246.png (286.68 KB, 1169x1640, IMG_2175.png)

kek They're not even trying to hide they think every male who has ever worn lipstick is akchually a troon

No. 1809602

Most of us yeah, hopefully not me. Only downside I have is possible endo, but I'm not trying to become a tranny so I should be able to have children.

No. 1809603

Aight, officially moving to Mexico or Brazil. Bye Troonica!

No. 1809604

File: 1681630836750.jpg (165.41 KB, 1080x1234, Screenshot_20230416_033322_Red…)

he calls himself a butch lesbian lol

No. 1809606

This may be the wrong place to say.. Anna from red s care asked one of her guests why so many military men trooned out on one of the episodes within the last two months. It was met with a huge silence and not quite a respond from the guest.

No. 1809609

This whole reply is "tell me you've never been to Seattle, or talked to anyone in Seattle." Liberals here are very socialism oriented and always asking for free shit and have BLM signs in their windows. They are the main group pushing this shit.

No. 1809610

Why stop there? They should go back to the 70s and "save" every male in a rock band because I guarantee all of them either had long hair or wore makeup thus they're tots female brained.

No. 1809612

File: 1681632235771.jpg (28.22 KB, 1200x720, new-pride-flag-01.jpg)

Don't forget the flags they hang in their businesses to show how "inclusive" they are.

No. 1809613

>American politics, the liberal (capitalist) Democrats are just slightly to the left

Then the correct term would be leftist, but most call themselves liberals because the difference is a very thin line and most have too little braincells to be able to tell.

No. 1809615

File: 1681632683784.jpg (71.36 KB, 750x750, this sign.jpg)

Don't forget this one too, it always makes me laugh my ass off. "No human is illegal." They act that way about people crossing through the border illegally but couldn't give a shit about people seeking asylum from Afghanistan terrorists being deported back where they could be murdered, because it only matters if they like tacos or have a Hispanic accent. The whole left is self centered as fuck, while outwardly trying to portray themselves as virtuous/righteous and "doing the right thing" while being absolute pieces of shit behind the scenes.

No. 1809616

sage or post actual milk ffs, you're shitting up the thread

No. 1809620

Not me thinking this was Rachel from Rachel and Jun LMAO. She is too pretty for his nasty ass, girl run.

No. 1809621

kf is still down and the moids don't know what to do besides sperg about politics, tifs, and twitter in this thread

No. 1809622

File: 1681634822853.png (106.76 KB, 495x593, image_2023-04-16_014753667.png)

No. 1809624

File: 1681635094156.png (408.81 KB, 498x541, image_2023-04-16_015228192.png)

No. 1809625

File: 1681635163730.png (51.06 KB, 550x399, 23.PNG)

No. 1809626

File: 1681635221934.png (Spoiler Image,207.64 KB, 566x758, 15.PNG)

So unhinged looking, why would you even post this online?

No. 1809627

File: 1681635280944.png (116.96 KB, 538x583, 24.PNG)

No. 1809628

File: 1681635358055.png (86.17 KB, 536x716, 18.PNG)

Oh look a sighting of the rare black mtf beached whale

No. 1809629

File: 1681635418828.png (440.68 KB, 545x597, 22.PNG)

I found an inbred tranny

No. 1809630

File: 1681635481212.png (750.88 KB, 577x772, 16.PNG)

They always look like they would smell like b.o. and cheap Walmart perfume.

No. 1809631

File: 1681635569759.png (Spoiler Image,332.36 KB, 635x702, 30.PNG)

Ogre incoming watch out

No. 1809632

File: 1681635772073.png (147.44 KB, 629x716, 29.PNG)

Petter Griffin called, he wants his butt chin back.

No. 1809633

File: 1681635801780.png (464.24 KB, 666x507, 32.PNG)

No, no you would not.

No. 1809635

File: 1681635875993.png (381.94 KB, 556x516, 35.PNG)

Does anyone else get creeped out by these guys? Looking at a lot of them there is something that feels inherently predatory about them.

No. 1809636

File: 1681635924754.png (102.04 KB, 572x547, 33.PNG)

No. 1809637

File: 1681635976841.png (Spoiler Image,597.59 KB, 592x790, 31.PNG)

"Girls just wanna have fun."

No. 1809643

File: 1681637021580.png (87.14 KB, 562x541, image_2023-04-16_022429253.png)

Ok this was just too funny.

No. 1809646

What is with this unsaged reddit photo dump?

No. 1809647

File: 1681637200252.png (259.51 KB, 1162x1209, ptube.png)

No. 1809648

When you can't appreciate some good cringe.

No. 1809650

What does this have to do with this thread?

No. 1809654

compile it into one picture next time if you're going to do that

No. 1809659

File: 1681638195128.webm (7.98 MB, 320x568, sOjR-n3fwSpOTXlu.webm)

No. 1809662

File: 1681638496533.webm (793.32 KB, 480x270, mHDvw85ZoGT_hNJW.webm)

No. 1809665

File: 1681638744837.png (137.9 KB, 633x625, image_2023-04-16_025320686.png)

No. 1809666

File: 1681638870854.png (121.71 KB, 391x377, image_2023-04-16_025435128.png)

No. 1809668

File: 1681639251990.jpg (Spoiler Image,272.33 KB, 1195x1043, Ft0hvA0X0AAy_TN.jpg)

They never know when to stop, once people start killing them off like culling maybe they'll stop fucking with women

No. 1809677

File: 1681640265676.png (240.33 KB, 290x625, 13432.PNG)

Why do people donate to these grifters? Are they really that gullible?

No. 1809678

File: 1681640608743.png (58.25 KB, 461x655, image_2023-04-16_032424788.png)

Holy shit this is the best crossover ever, one cow vs other cows! Oli London hates trannies too. Now that's something I can get behind.

No. 1809679

File: 1681640691891.png (102.42 KB, 1066x734, image_2023-04-16_032534621.png)

They're always e-begging

No. 1809683

File: 1681641444637.jpg (20.12 KB, 499x377, meme.jpg)

(sage your image dumps, newfag)

No. 1809691

is this OC? this is great.

No. 1809692

This is depressing. I hope she finds a way to publish her findings because the fear of being canceled is definitely a reality among professionals who don’t want to jeopardize their careers especially in academia

No. 1809696

This is the ftm thread and that is a tim. Can’t even take the time to learn to walk in heels properly.

No. 1809697

Sorry if this is spoonfeeding, asking for personal reasons, someone I know has been taking mushrooms a lot, mainly uses discord and now come out as trans. Is this a common part of the "grooming pipeline"?

Sorry for all the questions Nonna's I figured if anyone had seen anyone similar it would be here

No. 1809705

kek peter griffin trooned out

No. 1809711

i mean…. i know a TIF who took LSD and it fucked with her brain so much she allowed herself to cut the titty off. Her logic was that when she found out all souls are basically from one source and we are all one consciousness, she can fuck her body up how she wants because nothing really matters in the end… Which is not true actually because i take mushrooms a lot and have been exploring this side of things way more than this bitch with one bad trip. Mushroom helped me to get over my problems with my body. The message from shroom is clear - that we should care for our bodies as best as we can because it's a gift and we are perfect as we were born.
So don't blame the mushroom please, blame the retarded brains of people who are too egoistic not to get the message, or too dumb to let troons misinterpret the message and brainwash them.
As for discord think people get groomed on discord yes, it's bad for kids especially. Not sure if this combo of discord and drugs happens but i wouldn't put it past troons to use the innocent mushroom for evil.

No. 1809712

the other farms is down and kiwi scrotes don't understand that dumping unsaged pictures of ugly troons isn't milk

The person you know (I'm assuming scrote) is doing drugs and on discord. He could be getting groomed, but he might just have internet/porn/drug addiction and is engaging with crowds he's already similar to or more comfortable with (like they coddle him). The younger someone is, the more likely they are mentally ill and memeing (grooming?) each other into becoming trans. The older they are, the more likely they are knowingly doing blatant fetish stuff, but not really because of grooming, they just get old and stop caring what other people think.

No. 1809714

why stop there? they should go back to the 17th and 18th century composers who wore long curly wigs, make up and high heels.

No. 1809718

kek I would pay to see the CCTV of this. just his giant clumsy male body trying to walk in heels in the first place is amusing.
you mean MtF. technically he should be in the breadtube thread i guess

No. 1809728

TiM Curry, kek

No. 1809735

Ayrt, sorry yes MtF is what I meant!
I can see him in my mind doing that penquin waddle kek

No. 1809736

What's with the wires?

No. 1809737

File: 1681649858604.jpeg (492.84 KB, 2048x1536, belfast let women speak.jpeg)

Let Women Speak is happening in Belfast right now and plenty of men have turned up to try and stop them. i'm lolling at this Lenin troon flag kek

No. 1809740

Are they claiming that Lenin was a troon now too?

No. 1809745

no lenin is le hecking troon supporter (despite not knowing their existence)

No. 1809746

I noticed it's mostly men in that group.

No. 1809749

Damn the effect testosterone has on women's voices is wild. I hope these women get satisfaction from what the system has done to them.

No. 1809750

Damn I would hope this gets published some day.

No. 1809756

jesus christ, male violence is a disease
hope you're able to get him off campus & hoping you aren't too phased by this anon

No. 1809764

LMAO looks like Onision

No. 1809767

File: 1681657000528.png (87.82 KB, 688x893, unbelievable.png)

No. 1809768

File: 1681657282469.png (339.2 KB, 678x623, totes normal.png)

Memba when mandia was rubbing his moobs on national tv in front of women. Well it's trending again on twitter.

No. 1809770

File: 1681657681871.gif (Spoiler Image,5.42 MB, 426x240, tupperware.gif)

ooh i memba. spoilered for AGP rubbing himself

No. 1809774

I mean, she would support them if trannies could stopped trying to imply “trans rights” is censoring women and appropriating women’s spaces.
Actually, what are trans rights anyways? What is that list of rights supposed to say anyways? Like I want a clear preamble with articles explaining exactly what are these trans rights about.
Because so far I’ve never seen anything particular, why can’t they say they just want human rights? If trans rights are human rights, then why even mention that they’re “trans”? And if they’re somehow different to human rights, what are they supposed to say? What special rights do they need that they need a whole separate page in the law of every country?

No. 1809776

Trannies want the right to impede on women's rights

No. 1809780

But he looks the same kek just the same dude with longer hair, some eyebrow grooming and maybe a bit of eyeliner/mascara. I really wonder if these trooncels are all completely faceblind.

No. 1809783

Why stop there? They should go back to the Ancient eyeliner-wearing Egyptians.

No. 1809791

File: 1681660457723.webm (8.8 MB, 576x1024, 7221663939262827819.webm)

of course all the comments are other trannies and handmaidens cheering him on to beat all of the evil ciswomen's hard work because a moid can easily hit pro on a womens' level with only 5 months of effort

No. 1809798

New blogpost but I'll vent a bit

My TIM brother went Cain and Abel on my other brother, basiclly raging and seething at the exoectations of being the eldest son and how his younger "cis" brother can be more relaxed and heck, GNC even if he wants. I'd get cancelled for being transphobic if I post on r*ddit…

Other brother's mental conditions worsened day by day, typical of a subordinate complex with a missing mentor. TIM brother kept arguing with me to take the parent rolr because "not only he is expected to be a man he is expected to be a role model/model firstborn".

Yesterday, he wanted to rip my female friend's neck off (he claims it was a joke and he would do it in a game) for commenting about his after-trooning closet full of different lingerie, and claims to be "scrutinized". He kept asking me how often does my friend search his closet basically, and wants to search the whole internet for pics of it.

No. 1809804

>Actually, what are trans rights anyways? What is that list of rights supposed to say anyways? Like I want a clear preamble with articles explaining exactly what are these trans rights about.
Trans ideology will fail in the end because of this. They're just screeching about vague things that don't mean anything. Even when they finally get to talk to someone in power all they've got is "we want the right to exist" (which they already have) and "we want the right to life saving care" (which they also already have, even if it's not always free they're allowed to get it by paying for it). They're like children who are just repeating what they've been told without really understanding it.

No. 1809805

Basically i apologize for posting multiple times on accident

No. 1809809

File: 1681661757990.jpg (71.02 KB, 828x492, FsL5tBAWIAAKxd1.jpg)

No. 1809810

>full of cis women only
>queue creepy smile
He's only been practicing for 6 months and he got invited to the Olympics. How long do women need to train to be invited again?

No. 1809811

File: 1681661956007.png (130.2 KB, 768x576, trans baddies.png)

Wtf are the signs saying
>picture of mass murderer dictator Lenin
>do surrender to hate
>RIGHTS are nut PIE
>your (?) isn't our common sense

No. 1809818

I’m really curious about the replies now. Probably includes something along the lines of "cis women are insecure about aging too"

No. 1809819

File: 1681662204865.jpg (60.25 KB, 1080x749, FtyhIAHWcAUVlss.jpg)

No. 1809820

>You see I want to be a HOT young woman, not an ugly icky unsexy woman. How am I supposed to jerk off to myself in the mirror if I look like an old gross woman? Anyway this is not a fetish
They always tell on themselves

No. 1809821

It's quite sweet to see Oli who very clearly has struggled with his own self image for many years turn it around to first troll the trans community using satire (that was funny af) and now to actually spread real awareness of their bullshit. He's gotten so much hate over the years that he's practically immune to it and if anything enjoys the attention, he's the perfect anti-hero kek

No. 1809822

Then he'd get dysphoric from drawing attention to his massive caveman hands lmao

No. 1809823

where is this from? it sounds like a joke tbf.

No. 1809824

Of course these delusional sick fucks only care about jerking off.
"I like the idea of being a (insert a popular porn trope here) and (another porn trope)" - totally not a fetish.

No. 1809827

>I find no value in women except as vessels for my coom fantasies

Terminal malebrain. Lucky for him he probably won’t even make it to old age

No. 1809828

>"this is so harmful"
>"you're not trans stop profiting off us"
KEK once again proving they hate gnc people. I thought clothes had no gender? I thought everyone should be allowed to dress how they want? But a guy presenting feminine AND proudly loving being a guy is unacceptable to them. Trans people are 100% for sex stereotypes, more so than any other group I've seen.

No. 1809831

Lol at the cheap old bedspread nailed up to enclose an outdoor patio. Males on their own live in squalor.

No. 1809837

god willing his brain is riddled with estradiol-induced brain tumors before he lives to see his first deep wrinkle

No. 1809841

i especially hate "trans rights are human rights" because literally who is saying they aren't? trans people are not excluded from doing any of the same things non-trans people do. men can't use women's changing rooms + toilets and vice versa for reasons that protect women and children's rights. they can still play sports in their appropriate teams. TIFs still compete against women (for obvious reasons) and TIMs should not be allowed to deny women the right to compete fairly against other women.
trans people are protected by law against discrimination in work places and institutions in europe, USA, australia etc. they might still face discrimination but so do a lot of people and that's why these laws exist to protect us. they can vote, work, marry, buy homes, they are represented in government.

the only things i see they can't do in some places is legally change their gender (but it seems like a lot of places allow this now) and it's purely an individual's need for validation above another group's human rights eg. the right for women not to be imprisoned with men.
and the other is specific healthcare for transitioning in some countries and US states, especially for minors. plastic surgery to treat other types of dysphoria/body dysmorphia is not a human right and making harmful and needless permanent changes to children's bodies should definitely be a human right's violation.

meanwhile, some women are still fighting for basic rights (based on biology), particularly in parts of africa and the middle east right now and are having rights actively taken away in the west (rights to safe, legal abortion and rights to single sex spaces). gay people are stoned to death in some countries and yet LGBTQ+ groups just want to focus on straight men in dresses being allowed to join lesbian support groups. other minority groups have it much worse than trans people too. and yet we are to believe they are the most vulnerable in society today.

No. 1809850

agree with 99% of this post except TIFs should not compete in the women's sports divisions because the testosterone they take will provide an athletic advantage

No. 1809853

They should, his body is about as natural as a troon at this point.

No. 1809855

ayrt good point. the sports convo has been so taken up by TIMs that I didn't think of that. I guess the TIFs in women's sports are the he/they ones who just bind and cut their hair.

No. 1809858

god these freaks who post on twoX piss me off so much, you don't belong

No. 1809860

File: 1681666479997.png (241.58 KB, 313x557, scamdoval.png)

>mystery girl
kek this is a man. any other Vanderpump Rules fans here? here is Billie Lee being desperate for a man's approval, at the expense of women, as always.

for anyone not in the know. this is Tom Sandoval. he recently got caught cheating on his long term girlfriend Ariana with a mutual friend of theirs (Raquel) . the other guy - the blonde TIM in a dress - is Billie Lee, an aggressive, narcissistic HSTS who cries transphobia any time he is mildly criticised for acting like a dick. it's unsurprising that he is taking the cheating man's side over his friendship with Ariana.

No. 1809863

I like that you bring up the surgeries because honestly? This whole charade of trannies being supposedly murdered and abused 24/7 and then asking for “their rights” always felt to me like them just throwing mantrums because they want 100% government sponsored surgeries and piss pills. Including some sort of disability check so they can get paid for being too ugly to leave their houses.
Like seriously, there’s nothing else in particular that they could get from this “movement” gaining access to creep women? As if moids couldn’t just get in the women’s bathroom and changing rooms whenever they wanted to anyways.
This is only thinking about TiMs of course, the ones that are pushing for this so badly.
Because TiFs lose the most, regardless of “trans rights” getting recognized or not. Since the first thing they could all do is go to the bathroom with other moids, sounds amazing, doesn’t it? That even the skinniest one can hurt a woman badly. They could also participate with other moids in sports like in the olympics, Ah, but no amount of Testosterone could possibly make them become the number one of any sport, then they can participate in sports with women too! Ah, but TiMs are also there, and even with their early osteoporosis riddled bodies they can win because they’re humongous monsters that can train for a few months and surpass a roided woman that has been working out for years.
Moids would get their rot pockets checked at the gynecologist, but TiFs also need to go to the gynecologist, unless they hope they can get their uteri removed the moment they say “you know what, I’m actually a boy!” At 5 years old or something.
It’s just so funny, TiFs will never stop remembering that they’re women no matter what they do, meanwhile somehow TiMs are allowed to make the world stop and cater to their whims.
All because their vague “rights” are gospel.

No. 1809865

With Scandoval going on I wouldn’t be shocked If Tom pulled a TIM to get heat off

No. 1809868

his face is literally the exact same. The only difference is he has a greasy yet frizzy bob. His hand is also so gross looking it makes me feel sick

No. 1809869

The way they try to police how other people are GNC is really telling honestly. Like how is he harming any TiM by doing what THEY said people should be able to do, which is express themselves however they want when it comes to gender expression or stereotypes. They seem to be all for that until you say that you still know you exist as your biological sex and then all hell breaks loose. It’s always bizarre to me, and in a way it reeks of jealousy on their part that they can’t be comfortable with themselves in the same way. Note: I don’t really know much about that guy other than he cross dresses and TiMs hate him for this fact. But I do see this often with other men and with women who are GNC but comfortable with themselves.

No. 1809877

File: 1681669662119.jpg (52.25 KB, 720x592, Screenshot_20230416-142642_Duc…)

I think projecting your ideals onto random people as a joke is whatever but it's funny when you consider that Brian Molko got really annoyed with everyone's treatment of him after awhile and started an era called "death of the Nancy boy" because he was sick of it all

No. 1809887

Did you not read the original post where he was talking about GC women he could find that look like Tim's and some scrote was saying JKr was clockable? I only expanded upon what was going on, with a picture of the scrote who was claiming he passed so well. Stop trying to find someone to snap at and fucking read. I'm not a scrote and I made that post a day ago, you fuck off. I even said I didn't read the whole thread because I found that one tweet about "clockable" radfems and skimmed through the thread.

No. 1809891

Hm, my bad, sorry anon.

No. 1809899

other farms is up, everyone get out

No. 1809904

fucking seriously kek, its so obvious when newfag KF retards invade the site. i hate them so much.

No. 1809905

they're 100% faceblind. Apparently 1/3 adult autists suffer from it, which does not bode well for troons when you consider that men can hardly recognize faces when they're not autistic

No. 1809910

Notice how he puts on his best attempt at a feminine voice at first but after he rage flips the table, his truly masculine voice jumps out

No. 1809914

File: 1681673647550.png (143.3 KB, 598x734, Twitter.png)


Brian Molko would have tell them to STFU and that he's a bi man and nothing else and that tricking straight men that he was a "cute girl" was funny in its time and now its tiresome, but I don't think Molko would do it for the cancel culture.

No. 1809915

They think Communism is open for LGBT+ people, they would have been treated like scum to the Gulab.

No. 1809920

File: 1681674183038.png (85.27 KB, 1294x754, Kayla Denker.png)

>MFW someone donated 200 dollars to this tim.

GoFundMe is a joke.

No. 1809923

I'm real tempted to do this, but I don't know how I'd become a prolific "troon" without being chronically online.

No. 1809926

for twenty percent of your profits I'll write you the most chronically online persona rife with oppression and woe. I'll even throw in fake social media profiles for free

No. 1809933

chatgpt baby!

No. 1809940

lol, here's how to model the correct behavior, ladies! thank god netflix isn't totally an authoritarian propaganda outlet because the dollar still rules it. can't wait to see the ratings on this one.

No. 1809948

File: 1681675965807.jpg (78.04 KB, 400x560, a125f01d13a31d186c42c3f9431f3f…)

no kidding. also,
>sister kurt
zoomers are so retarded. i've said this before but it was extremely common for male musicians in the grunge scene to put on dresses, makeup etc as a form of rebellion toward stereotypes and it had absolutely nothing to do with being trans. every single grunge band member, usually the frontman, did some kind of drag for fun and to piss off conservatives. it also had ties to the glam rock way of styling yourself. of course nowadays you can't just mess with gender roles without these retards screaming how you must be trans for not conforming.

No. 1809951

I couldn’t watch this video because embedded but why did he flip the table

No. 1809957

Hell for much of the world, men in Drag is still a joke, cause a objectively it is stupid
a man wearing a dress is something funny, it's like a monkey wearing human clothing.

No. 1809960

>form of rebellion toward stereotypes
this is part of what made GNC people hot. now I don't know what to think when I see men in feminine styles. are they being non-conformist and rejecting stereotypes? or do I need to check if they have special pronouns first?

No. 1809962

File: 1681676905827.jpg (411.39 KB, 1847x1205, naLJTtv.jpg)

This scrote technically identifies as MTF but for all intents and purposes looks, behaves, and is socialized as a man, and only occasionally posts pictures of himself cross-dressing.

I'll link the comment thread I made in the personal cows thread so as not to inundate this one with repeat info, but this thread is fairly active and this fucker is too sick to ignore: >>>/snow/1809929

John Kilo / john_kilo_pdx / anarcho-stripperism
>Military dude turned stripper/OnlyFans whore from Portland, OR
>Apparently got a degree in women's studies and is some flavor of communist/anarchist (this will be kekworthy later on)
>Makes videos of himself sticking his dick into foodstuffs or fleshlights filled with food and posts them on r/196, a subreddit heavily populated by minors on which he is well-known for these videos, obviously to attract people to his OF
>Simultaneously e-begs for food and rent, allegedly has a sugar mama
>can you see the irony here
>On that same subreddit constantly posts porny/coomer-tier memes without marking them NSFW
>Is apparently very mentally ill; while he was with his GF of 8 months, he randomly stopped taking his SSRI meds and began acting erratically
>At which point he then claims to be transgender—transfemme, "she/they" pronouns, but claims to present as male for work
>Allegedly said that he did not want to transition because it would be bad for his porn kek
>Twitter SWs (and myself kek) speculate he's only claiming to be trans so that women can let their guard down and feel more comfortable around him, only so that he can get easier access to women/sex
>Claims to be a lesbian, posts on r/actuallesbians (yes, I know it's full of trannies anyway)
>Is an alleged sex addict (not that it isn't obvious kek), has acted inappropriately to a number of women with whom he works
>In the same vein, acts flirty/lovebomb-y toward women he likes, but if the women catch on to the fact that he only wants to have sex with them and film it, and decide that they don't want to film, he pretends that they do not exist
>Apparently very reluctant to use a condom with a woman he was dating, claiming that he was always getting tested so there wasn't any need for that (despite having sex with multiple women/trannies every week)
>Launched a GoFundMe to create an "ethical porn studio", which would allegedly double as his personal apartment
>Accuses people of being "transphobic" when they call him out for being a scammer
>When the GFM got shut down, he promised refunds to supporters, but apparently the money went MIA

Running Twitter thread on some of the drama behind this dude
Active link: https://twitter.com/sukiakatpdx/status/1622784155372384256
Archive: https://archive.ph/KSXLw

Socials (all you really need to do is type john kilo pdx into Google and all of this is easily found kek)
Twitter: @john_kilo_pdx
IG: @john_kilo.pdx
TikTok: john_kilo _pdx
Youtube: @johnkilopdx
Reddit: anarcho-stripperism
Snapchat: john_kilopdx
OF: john_kilo

No. 1809963

>raising money for an ethical porn studio
fuckers deserved to be scammed

No. 1809965

Honestly the least offensive thing that he's done

No. 1809966

faggot. the word you're looking for is faggot.

No. 1809968

It was a table for Turning Point USA which is an organization that promotes conservative politics on highschool and college campuses. Troon walked up and claimed they were "supporting genocide with all this shit". Dude at the table asked what was anti-trans about any of the stuff on the table. Troon responds "You're TPUSA…whatever" and then flips the table. I couldn't see anything trans related at all on it. Just corny buttons and pamphlets with pictures of George Washington and shit.

No. 1809969

Ah, good old UW. The amount of times I saw tables flipped by uwu activists right there in front of the HUB, kek. I feel like I've seen so many tranny videos from UW recently, but in all my time there I only saw a handful of them.

No. 1809970

File: 1681677719838.webm (9.46 MB, 718x404, Good_Trouble S4_EP16.webm)

I don't know where else to post this but this is wild to watch and listen to, I guess we will see more "TERFs" on TV now
This is from some mediocre drama comedy called "Good Trouble" that I've literally never heard of.

No. 1809971

KEK i have no words

No. 1809974

Ultimately I think they mean the right to a specific outcome. They can do whatever they want but it doesn’t translate into lesbians wanting to fuck the trancels, which is why they oppose even respectfully acknowledging their biological sex. They think the smallest recognition of them being any different from real women is the reason they’re rejected and not living their porn fueled fantasies, so they want any small acknowledgement of their sex to be illegal. However, we still have eyes and can’t be forced to have sex so it doesn’t happen, so they push the envelope more and more to erase the recognition of difference between the sexes, which is the ‘rights’ they mean, to be unquestioned so real women or whoever will sleep with them.

No. 1809976

File: 1681678357162.gif (569.79 KB, 260x142, disabled.gif)

Oh I hope they start doing this, LARPing as disabled would definitely peak some people.

Nonnie, I regret to inform you that the reason men in drag is funny is misogyny; men doing feminine things is "funny" because it is demeaning and shameful to be like a woman. There is a reason why you do not see women dressing as men played for comedy.

No. 1809977

this made me visibly cringe bcs shes portrayed as a villian for being an evil terf! but that ending made me chuckle kek

No. 1809981

gender ideology wants to eradicate biological sex. that's really all it is at the end of the day. everyone is defined by their "gender identites" and that should be the way it is in their Wonderland

No. 1809993

He also calls the women at the table “you dumb bitches” which is…. Soooo not misogynist u guyz

No. 1809996

I love how the villain is "pro-woman" and says the company isn't "women friendly" it's like they're admitting that TRAs hate women and feminist are evil kek.
>[TERFs are] a group of women who oppose equality for transgender people. they don't think that trans women are real women.
the tone of her voice as she says this and the shocked and dumbfounded look on the blonde woman's face. as if she actually thinks men in dresses are real, 100% true women herself. it's so bad, it's like it was purely created to school people on how to think and speak.

No. 1809997

File: 1681680293888.jpeg (307.15 KB, 1242x1871, IMG_0340.jpeg)

Tired of all pro-child-trooning legislation being lumped in with abortion. A child needing an abortion is in no way comparable to a child who wants their body altered for cosmetic reasons. No government can be rational and fair about things, I guess.

No. 1809998

Same here. It’s also always TIMs that are busted af in body con dresses, skirts and crop tops. Have seen a few on ModCloth’s site here and there too in decent clothes. They always look like they are about to bust out of the garment they are in. Can only imagine if there is some that post review photos for underwear… hope no websites are insane enough to allow that on underwear and bras but.. you never know.
It’s also a fun way to troon watch. I get a good giggle out of it despite getting angry at the same time.

No. 1809999

Ex military, mentally ill, desperate, and “trans”. Calling it that this guy will off himself within the next few years

No. 1810024

Who tf does their nails before a date? Men, istg.

No. 1810026

File: 1681685001599.jpg (76.26 KB, 587x591, oyes.jpg)

wish the mods would start banning these off topic kiwi retards

anyway, trooning out couldn't fix the scrote rape stare.

No. 1810037

terrible acting kek
>like omg those poor trannies have it so much worse how dare you!!

No. 1810041

File: 1681687900573.png (567.17 KB, 936x502, 02_speaks.png)

Looks just like a regular young dude.

No. 1810042

File: 1681688296450.jpeg (107.2 KB, 662x1024, 618EB7C0-8C31-4EF9-B8F7-FE562B…)

>90 upvoted
>11 hours ago
Jesus you guys are actual losers, camping all 200 tranny subleddits(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1810047

Nta but I couldn’t watch it lately either but…that’s all? I don’t support that organization but I don’t get why these men jump straight to violence when nothing has even been said or done to them. Why rage at some random people at a table? It’s weird and just comes off as a giant tantrum rather than rebellion or sticking it to the man or whatever. They especially do this to peaceful protesters so often it’s scary.

No. 1810049

Ew Sander

No. 1810051

This is probably the least weird thing he did tbh

No. 1810059

>and even a middleaged business woman
you can feel that he had to make a big effort to manage to include "middleaged woman" in his fantasy lmao, he def wanted to stop at teenage girl or young woman at best but didn't want any negative answers

No. 1810061

File: 1681691046360.png (298.51 KB, 1392x648, doubtful.png)

Same creature as >>1804403 from the last thread

No. 1810064

i stg military men get experimented on, there's something in the rations that makes them insane

No. 1810065

File: 1681691179974.png (151.45 KB, 502x824, whyyoulying.png)

No. 1810067

I mean you kind of have to be insane to willingly become a soldier in the first place

No. 1810068

This is like the “touch my butt and buy me pizza” meme(s) but it’s hentai coomer shit.

No. 1810070

> Internalized homophobia
> Told being a gay male is better than pretending to be a straight woman
> Other gay men treat him like shit
> Decides to troon out
> Gay men with a fetish treat him nicer than regular gay men
> Wtf pretending to be a woman is great
Basically what I got from it.

No. 1810071

Maybe this troon actually should be the new face of Bud Light since he looks like trailer trash to begin with kek

No. 1810072

>female doctor said he had great tits
that happened. especially creepy since he is a man who thinks he is a lesbian and probably gets off on imagining these scenarios.

No. 1810075

>Nonnie, I regret to inform you that the reason men in drag is funny is misogyny; men doing feminine things is "funny" because it is demeaning and shameful to be like a woman. There is a reason why you do not see women dressing as men played for comedy.
While men do think that way, a big portion of this thread is us laughing at hulking men in dresses because they look ridiculous. Men in drag is funny because they are freakish compared to women

No. 1810076

Where's the funny? Are all tranny jokes just a fake story about a woman reacting to their wound-gina and moobs? Remember that tranny that had hired a nurse to take care of them after their surgery gasped in awe at their woundgina?

No. 1810077

File: 1681692407013.png (269.68 KB, 677x639, Barbie Kardashian.png)

This tranny fucking scares me

No. 1810082

"I believe you cannot change the sex you were born as"
>gets fucking fired
They tried so hard to make everyone act like this is such a radical crazy opinion to hold, but the woman still sounds reasonable. Looks weirder that the women prodded at her to check for wrongthink and then fired her for it

No. 1810083

File: 1681693252552.png (172.78 KB, 1200x1904, eeevuhhhh-1646365479177539586.…)

No. 1810090

actual drag is definitely misogynistic imo but this is a very good point. men will always look ridiculous in women's clothes. and it's not because of the colors or whatever but because of the cut, it's just not made for their bodies.

No. 1810092

File: 1681694284482.jpeg (1.79 MB, 2644x3992, 1CE13073-9BBC-4418-B922-61AA51…)

Some men look good in androgynous clothing to be fair (such as >>1809600 imo). My point was that men make awful women, which is why people find things like pic related funny. Same with the thread pic (this snape looks good compared to that). Not that there is never a misogynistic aspect, because there often is

No. 1810094

Tbf after I posted this I realized this one does have some misogynistic reasons for the joke ("emasculating" him) for some reason lc won't let me delete it, but the point about thread pic still stands

No. 1810096

most stand up stories are fully made up or partially inspired by a real life happening… this is obviously the former, but moreover this is the best he could come up with? Infinite possibilities for a funny and the best thing he can come up with is sexualizing himself and talking about how a woman thought he was stunning (and brave). id love if this bum got even an ounce of the vitriol thats spewed at subpar female comics, but im sure his comments are full of asspats

No. 1810097

of course, i didn't mean to imply that men can't look good in androgynous clothing, but clothes that are designed to fit (or even enhance) wider hips, thighs, breasts etc rarely ever look good on men. men can be tastefully gnc but grabbing the first bodycon dress in the women's section is not it lol

No. 1810103

what the fuck is going on with his whole shirt area?

No. 1810106

File: 1681696959992.png (2.25 MB, 1402x1082, Screen Shot 2023-04-16 at 11.4…)

the 1800's called and they want their teeth back

No. 1810110

File: 1681697267669.jpg (91.01 KB, 1370x957, cover6.jpg)

god anon, you articulated something i realized about myself. a guy who identifies as a guy and nothing else doing gnc stuff is hot. now it's all couched as being trans and fucking repulsive to me.
anyway you inspired me to make this lol

No. 1810111

kek those are his 'incredible' tits, cant you tell? as far as the shirt itself this guy was posted last thread for 'joking' about how much of a trashy transbian he is, so i guess trailer trash and putting in the least amount of effort as possible is whats hip with the tiktok trannies these days

No. 1810114

kek love it nona. you should share it in the terf memes thread too

No. 1810115

didn't know this existed, thanks!

No. 1810139

File: 1681700661969.png (336.27 KB, 2118x782, 1650104350901.png)

>find thread
>see pic elated
>go search subreddit to see if its still up
>it's still up
Very telling that the only cis women subreddit allowed to stay up is a porn one

No. 1810159

File: 1681704489423.jpeg (70.25 KB, 750x547, 9ECD93DB-6676-42D6-8F89-7A9D3B…)


No. 1810161

File: 1681704974293.png (166.93 KB, 1182x605, Screenshot 5.png)

sage for Super OT, so i watched the episode before and after this to some context and this is honestly one of the strangest shows i've come across, it has 5 separate storylines per episode, with characters who have nothing to do with each other
there is one story that follows the life of a mixed-race Asian lesbian couple, another story about a waitress and her artist boyfriend dealing with an unexpected pregnancy, another story about a woman who marries a divorced father and deals with her stepmotherhood while the man's ex is plotting her downfall, another storyline about a lesbian politician who wants help homeless people and this storyline about some beauty brand.
It's honestly jarring and apparently this show has 100% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomato's

No. 1810167

I hate to compare it to 1984, but it honestly feels like the biggest speakers actively look for someone to "mess up" socially so that they can record it/gossip about it and ostracize that individual. Maybe it's cause it makes them feel better about themselves, morally superiority and all that.
The problem with this is that it just festers, and people start calling out the most asinine shit to feel included, while those who are actually asshole pos are excused because "that's just who they are." All it does is make those who don't really understand how to appeal to the social expectations of 20-something women hate them. And brings with it incel, fascist, and other crazy shit.

No. 1810168

Idk nona I feel like all gnc men now would probably troon out or are coomers, I can't trust them

No. 1810169

No. 1810171

No. 1810177

Good luck with that, because reddit is quite trans-friendly to the point you cannot say "women".

No. 1810178

Please be safe in your jobs all nonas. Never say anything about transhit.

No. 1810185

Fast food restaurants are always hiring and will take anyone. Starbucks will hire them on the spot as they are very trans friendly and offer transgender healthcare as a benefit. These lazy bums just don't want to work.

No. 1810192

> Lady Emily
No way kek

No. 1810197

File: 1681713936849.jpeg (49.05 KB, 527x527, 05C204D1-804B-48BC-95F8-D69DB1…)

>Man wears a dress
>Retards rant that this is about trans women
KEK they tell on themselves

No. 1810199

kekkk how do these people even manage real life? reddit is moderated by trannies for trannies but god forbid they manage to read "trans right!! i'm not really into girldicks tho" for the entire 15 seconds that it is up.

No. 1810204

Literally what I was going to say nona. He already has the wifebeater and beer-belly of the average bud light drinker

No. 1810205

File: 1681715275205.jpeg (8.1 KB, 300x168, images (1) (1).jpeg)

>Hey Joe I'm a Freakin' tranny!

No. 1810210

File: 1681716149117.jpg (145.56 KB, 1080x1134, Screenshot_20230417_031226_Chr…)

kek at the uwu enby whores and TIMs in the replies calling OP transphobic and jealous, are we surprised

No. 1810240

We should give them all a one way ticket to a transbian island where they can rape eachother until the end of time.

No. 1810253

File: 1681728516117.png (260.29 KB, 951x1317, 0.png)

No. 1810257

it also has a really active subreddit. i looked up some more clips and info on it and am honestly shocked this is considered entertaining by anyone. I'm all for some cheesiness but this is so cold, stiff and weird. I agree it's very strange. very much a product of this era we're living in though.

No. 1810261

Wow, the first MTJ - Male to Joker

No. 1810264

File: 1681732618079.jpg (115.75 KB, 302x2048, IMG-20230417-WA0001.jpg)

Some more of Chris' milky tweets. The dude was pretty chummy with Shadman, It's clear now that he trooned out because of the coom and nothing else, his wife dumping him couldn't have possibly been the only trigger.
People will still ignore porn and coom addiction as a cause tho.

No. 1810265

cant believe this freak had a wife. So glad they are getting a divorce, hope she gets as far away as possible

No. 1810266

No. 1810267

his wife 100% left him because he trooned out. i bet she wishes she could keep her son away from him entirely.

No. 1810268

File: 1681733051480.jpeg (149.06 KB, 828x1542, 02D464EA-D482-46F5-B59B-583F1C…)

If i’m remembering correctly this guy used to make funny tiktoks but could be some other white guy who looked like him, every mediocre moid seems to be trooning out these days

No. 1810270

File: 1681733358397.jpg (273.88 KB, 1079x1805, nlot.jpg)

>oh no, turns out the people who suffer from the same mental illness as I do have a ton of other mental illnesses, how could that be ?

No. 1810283

I can't read any of this.

No. 1810285

I've seen a handful of detrans people say they realized they weren't trans when they saw how delusional the rest of them were and had a "oh shit i'm like them" moment kek

No. 1810287

Sage for blogpost but I work for a publicly/charity funded organisation on terf island. They won't raise our pay to match cost of living increases, but they've announced this morning that they'll cover the costs for private health insurance that will provide several weeks worth of wages if you have time off for gender affirming surgery. Only for top or bottom surgery. I can't afford to take time off for follow ups after covid turned my lungs into popcorn, but if I get my tits chopped off I'm covered.

No. 1810290

clockable by hair alone

No. 1810293

Trust me, you don't wanna read it. It's disgusting as fuck.

No. 1810295

File: 1681736982757.jpeg (110.66 KB, 750x1052, C4ED8BAD-98DE-4358-907F-74D16F…)

Colon Montgomerie got his flying monkeys to rage at Talktv because he believed his voice was deliberately lowered by someone else.

Journalists apparently contacted Monty to ask about it, but he decided it was probably a technical error on his own end.

Sounds like the exact same voice to me. He’s just not used to hearing himself speaking loud enough for interviews where he hasn’t got the mic close enough to his mouth to speak softly.

The comments on this from his NEET army are some of the funniest tinfoil hat moments ever.

No. 1810299

lmao are we sure they're not mocking him? how can anybody believe that a news station wastes time on some litte prank like that? kek

No. 1810301

bleak. they're making it an incentive at this point. Stonewalls influence on so many institutions and charity organisations is massive. they're basically bullying them into spending the little money they have on trans accommodations. meanwhile women are being pushed out and child safeguarding is deteriorating. there are gonna be sooooo many scandals emerging soon.
hope your lungs feel less popcorn-y soon nona

No. 1810303

File: 1681738409415.jpg (87.58 KB, 1200x628, Chris-katie-Tyson.jpg)

Rotten Tomatoes is completely corporate controlled now, they gave up on user reviews.
I feel so sorry for her. I know scrotes are worthless now, but it's traumatizing to be young and with a scrote for years and years and then he destroys the relationship you put all of your life into. The pain of bereavement is agonizing, it can be as bad as a death in the family. And then the scrote just fucks off and lives his best life while you suffer for months or years.

No. 1810309

It’s his usual trantifa squad with multiple that he calls on to mass report Glinner etc, to flood the replies saying “Katy doesn’t sound like that” because Monty was crying about it. It’s about forcing everyone to perceive things differently to keep his precious delusion safe. If he gets scores of validation like that, it feeds it and it survives.

Surely he must know that most of these are just the same people with multiple accounts though?

No. 1810310

File: 1681741191796.jpg (86.41 KB, 1080x1232, Screenshot_20230417_090044_Ins…)

No. 1810311

File: 1681741293632.jpg (145.65 KB, 1080x1585, Screenshot_20230417_090104_Ins…)

the anarcringe male behind the shitty meme. looking at his pictures, he always covers up his massive moid chin/Adams apple kek

No. 1810322

This is genuinely so disturbing it takes my breath away. Between 4chan Reddit and twitter there’s basically zero difference besides user interface huh

No. 1810327

“Best life” is very much debatable, they might ride that initial high for a while but i feel like almost all of these sickos end up getting reality checked hard sooner or later. Moids usually have a latent reaction to shit because they are too retarded to think anything through, you see it when they break up with someone/get dumped. First it’s party party party to cope. Then a year later he’s thinking about texting his ex. I’m thinking Chris will have fun with the first exciting bit of his troonery then the shine will wear off and he’ll realize he’s a turbohon and no medical intervention or handmaiden validation on earth could possibly make him anything resembling a woman and it won’t be quite as fun anymore. Or he’ll age and become unable to fap to himself any longer. It’s like the AGP who was worried about getting old as a woman, once he’s past all the ages of women featured in his favorite porn categories it’s game over

No. 1810330

>I agree it's very strange. very much a product of this era we're living in though.
I get what your saying, it's like Youtube Shorts where storythreads shift constantly so the brain dead zoomers don't lose focus

No. 1810343

currently he's a "all prounouns" troon, so i think he'll just escalate. at first he'll switch to "she/her" pronouns, then he'll get ffs, a boob job and maybe the chop. once his dick is chopped off he'll either start coping 24/7 or off himself.

No. 1810345

i'm struggling to pick a side here. fuck trannies but also FUCK tp usa. i guess the best outcome imo would have been a fight to the death on the spot with no survivors.

No. 1810346

Its bleak that people are acting like its some unwarrented harassment campaign against weirdos when most people have issues with Chris because he not only likes loli but projected his fetishes onto his son with the highheels pic.
Its like letting a furry zoophile volunteer at an animal shelter.

No. 1810349

kek here is the video (skip to around 3.35 minutes to hear him speak) in fairness his voice does sound a bit lower, or slowed down/delayed, imo. even though his voice is pretty low IRL. it's pretty funny though.
OT but the guy interviewing is an absolute moron. he says something like "Bud Light is a communist beer" yeah, because Dylan, a postertroon for capitalism, collaborating with a huge billion dollar corporation is sooo communist.

No. 1810351

ayrt yep he’s going to have to keep taking it further to get the same “high” and to feel that he is still comfortably in the process of transitioning/hasn’t “arrived” yet. if he doesn’t balk at some point along the way, the castration is almost always the end of it for these AGPs, there’s just nothing left to do at that point but face the reality of what you have done to your life. inshallah he will 41%

No. 1810360

His admittance that this was a technical error on his part makes me wonder if he constantly has a pitch shift setting on his microphone kek. All that work just to sound like a male using a higher pitch

No. 1810366

Holy shit, I swear these people never matured past 6 years old. R*ddit is literally the most tranny infected hole on Earth, lesbians can't politely say they are not into dicks because "it's twansphobic" while trannies get to harass people 24/7 for no reason at all. And on top of that most reddit mods are trannies themselves.

No. 1810367

File: 1681746779502.jpg (34.66 KB, 736x486, 38c21e405b9f8a948a2922fee820c8…)

No. 1810370

Honestly his voice sounds the same as always to me, lmao; his voice is always so obviously male.

No. 1810382

File: 1681748224501.png (44.63 KB, 423x325, lauren.png)

>it is demeaning and shameful to be like a woman
I mean correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that the exact reason why we do see women dressed as men played for comedy (as long as they're playing "evil" characters)? no hate to lauren love her kek. I kinda agree more with >>1810075 too

No. 1810395

>There is a reason why you do not see women dressing as men played for comedy.

But there are tho? I don’t know anon I think the reason it’s funny is because it’s silly.

No. 1810410

Fucking perfect kek!

No. 1810411

File: 1681753049520.jpg (57.36 KB, 720x540, 47c34cfc95e1772b20cac6b96de06d…)

in a lot of bollywood movies(and Arab and African cinema as well from what I've heard) you will occasionally have a gag of the overly muscled hero or his fat sidekick doing drag every now and then for a joke in the movie, and it's considered funny to see a fat or muscular man with a 5'0 clock shadow dressed as a woman cause of how goofy it looks

No. 1810422

File: 1681753979986.webm (4 MB, 576x844, trendytransgirl.webm)

nice teeth, why stay with this ogre?

No. 1810426

women are too loyal and supportive for our own good. and when women are trained to think that TIMs have it the worst and need extra love and attention, then a lot of women in relationships with men who troon out probably tend to them like injured birds.

I went onto the profile and saw they have a kid. I would bet money that he trooned out when she was pregnant or just after she gave birth. many such cases.

No. 1810427

File: 1681754927797.jpeg (48.65 KB, 976x549, some like it hot.jpeg)

even the shorter statured men look amusingly ridiculous (like Jack Lemmon in picrel). it's so crazy to me that for almost 100 years of film and theatre, we've seen men dressing as women for comedic effect. it makes people laugh without even trying. just seeing male bone structure in tight, fitted dresses designed for women's bodies is hilarious.
but now all of a sudden we're not meant to laugh when we see a 35 year old 6ft tall oaf squeezed into a dress meant for teenage girls? the fact we're meant to take them seriously now just makes it funnier sometimes (until the bleak reality sets in…)

No. 1810431

why are you derailing by willfully misinterpreting that anon's point? obviously you know what she meant, men crossdressing played for laughs is much more common than women doing the same

No. 1810436

But I like Chris… :(
is there no chance at redemption for him?(:()

No. 1810439

File: 1681756686172.jpg (153.46 KB, 1080x1118, Ft3YWSfWcAAMMgP.jpg)

Dad is having a hard time adjusting to sons new identity but clearly tries to make him happy - not good enough, needs to be immediatly cut out of his life on the spot

No. 1810440

File: 1681756731320.jpeg (59.31 KB, 696x392, nz powerlifter.jpeg)

New Zealand's strongest man (6 years running) wants to compete 'as a woman' kek. this should be interesting.
as much as I hate that this will result in another woman missing out, at least it's another example to prove how fucked up these rules are that let woman become a feeling that men can own. no one should be able to look at this and think it's ok. honestly all men should do this in protest until they change the rules.

No. 1810448

> I think the reason it’s funny is because it’s silly.

And why is a man dressing as a woman "silly"? Especially when often other men being attracted to the man in woman's clothing is also "silly" and "funny"? You're so close, you can do it, I believe in you.

˙ɐᴉqoɥdoɯoɥ puɐ ʎuʎƃosᴉW :∀

No. 1810450

He's a pedo and has been openly for years, no there isn't. He just started down the loli to tranny pipeline but he was beyond redemption from the start. Also please read the rules, no emojis and post saging is required for non milk (explained in the rules)

No. 1810455

Interesting, at first she looks kinda plain Jane and frumpy, but post transition photos of the bf, it looks like she lost weight and put more effort into her appearance. It must be such a confidence booster to go out with someone who makes you look like a model in comparison

No. 1810459

Typically I only feel bad for (most of) the detrans women. But I do feel for the Shape Shifter guy. He seems to understand how sexist and misogynistic it is for a man to put on "feminine" clothes and declare that he's female.

No. 1810466

This post is interesting because normally troons try to give less details about interactions inside their families so they can talk in nebulous word salads like "my horribly abusive dad does not respect my new identity, and whenever he asks me transphobic questions I feel like my boundaries are violated". But this troon basically admitted that yeah, he wants to cut out his father completely because of a couple of small interactions that made him unreasonably upset. Not to mention that his dad is still talking to this failure of a son even though he's divorced and lives in a different country, troon doesn't even appreciate it. Fucking wild.

No. 1810472

same. I feel disgust for 99% of TIMs but there are some who you can't help but sympathise with. Shape grew up in a country where you can't be openly gay and his parents always tried to make him more "manly". he said that when he first came to the states he liked the freedom of dressing how he liked but that eventually people started asking him his gender and pronouns which is when the confusion + idea of surgery and hormones really came in. he should have just been free to be a GNC gay man. it's sad.

No. 1810484

Brazillian nonnie here, but this retarded shithole country of mine is basically Murica 2.0, just poor as fuck. The right is a copycat of the republicans, while the left has become more woke and liberal since the 2010s, thanks to social networks and media. Also, don't fall for the "uwu pwoor poc hsts troons from Brazil are exceptions" psyop: the tranny murder statistics are a lie, we have a lot of AGPs degenerates nowadays and the gay ones are not better than them.

No. 1810511

Not surprising, met a lot of good dudes when I started going to the gym, who were always supportive of women lifting.

No. 1810518

I stumbled across this woman while lurking Youtube comments. She's 66 years old and she articulates so well how her relationship collapsed when her husband trooned out 30 years ago. She's so well spoken and respectful I dare anyone try to debate her without looking like a tool. I really appreciate older content creators who can verbalize their opinion in a constructive way rather than throwing insults because it makes them much less of a target and paints those who are gender critical in a better light.
Here's a summary:
>Finds her husband's fetish diary where he writes about crossdressing
>She leaves with their young children because she finds evidence of his fetish and he threatens suicide in retaliation
>Stays with her parents when her father receives a letter from ex husband addressed to him
>The letter claims he detransitioned in attempts to get her and the children back. It's full of narcissism and blaming his wife for embracing his misdiagnosis (gender dysphoria) when she actually was against it from the beginning.
>She's accused of being hysterical and unreasonable for standing her ground by refusing to go back to the mentally unstable man who prioritized going to gay bars over his own family.
>When he doesn't get his way, threatens to sue for divorce
The comments full of women peaking give me life

No. 1810519

This entire thread is about laughing at men larping as women, stop being a hypocrite or go back to Twitter. Also, misogyny is about hating/mocking women (aka adult human females) not aestethic femininity, which is indeed ridiculous, especially in hulking scrotes. You're almost like these trannies claiming that "transmisogyny" is a thing and the libfems with their retarded "femmephobia/bimbo slander" discourse. Also, pandering to GNC scrotes (gay or straight) won't stop them trooning out, nonnas here need to stop deluding themselves.

No. 1810528

Nuance and context matter.

A man in a dress demanding others play along with his LARP at the expense of women (troons) isn't the same thing as a man in a dress being played for laughs and neither of those is the same thing as a man in a dress for the sake of critiquing gender.

No. 1810542

File: 1681766066585.png (3.22 KB, 362x82, tims.png)

wow what a nightmare. I love that she can speak about it so calmly and even laugh at it now but imagine going through that at the time. I often wonder if and when my narcissistic ex would troon out.
and yeah the comments are great, like picrel. you love to see it.

No. 1810554

Of course it's not exactly the same thing, but i don't laugh at troons because they're entitled misogynists, it just makes me sad and angry. What makes me laugh here is how ridiculous, ugly and clearly manly they are, while swearing that they are equal or even better than real women. And crossdressing for laughs in movies are often scrotes trying to pretend to be a woman but clearly not succeeding, at least from the viewer's point of view (i.e. White Chicks, Tootsie, etc). So yeah, it's similar.
And about criticizing gender, I have the same belief as >>1810168, since they're moids after all and i don't trust moids.

No. 1810564

File: 1681768832568.jpg (58.33 KB, 500x559, IMG_20230417_180052.jpg)

It happened in Tokyo 2020 and another country took the woman that lose her place thanks by a tranny to represent them. Like the Abba song says "the history book in the shelf, is always repeating itself".

Picrel, some lies.

No. 1810565

File: 1681768894031.jpg (58.33 KB, 500x559, IMG_20230417_180052.jpg)

It happened in Tokyo 2020 and another country took the woman that lose her place thanks by a tranny to represent them. Like the Abba song says "the history book in the shelf, is always repeating itself".

Picrel, some lies.

No. 1810573

Does anyone happen to have saved this video? The account owner has limited visibility.

No. 1810576

File: 1681769928309.webm (2.42 MB, 576x1024, gender neutral toilets.webm)

the tiktok is still there. posting it here anyway

No. 1810599

File: 1681771896633.jpg (339.41 KB, 1170x2646, eprqsNBgKM0G9oEk.jpg)

>troons: pwease have empathy for us
>also troons: crude 9/11 joke as pinned tweet

No. 1810602

>explaining reality gets 9/11 jokes in return

No. 1810610

File: 1681773444677.png (57.32 KB, 575x412, homophobic troon.png)

his profile is just him being shitty. the incel to transbian variety

No. 1810614

Some of you are the biggest dweebs. No one is addicted to psilocybin. Just like Shaynus isn't addicted to weed, she's just retarded.
I mean, like >>1809711 said, it's not the mushrooms. If your friend is on discord and trooning out, I guarantee he's (assuming they're male) being groomed. It's a combination of porn addiction and being promised that you can totally change your sex and be a cute anime waifu uwu. He's probably tripping, because it's "spiritual". When used correctly, psilocybin can really help you work through stuff and can be used as a tool for personal growth. But a lot of retards take them for these pseudo spiritual journeys. Someone probably told your friend that mushrooms will help him connect to his "girl brain" out something.

Sorry nona, it must suck watching someone that you're close to be indoctrinated into this cult. Maybe take your friend hiking and camping? Get them away from the Internet and in tune with nature. Idk where you live, but it's spring and the weather is lovely.

No. 1810615

>whenever he asks me transphobic questions I feel like my boundaries are violated
yess and here his dad not asking questions means that he "won't try to understand [him]" kek. it's impossible to win. also, they communicate by video calls, so what's surprising about the fact that his dad only uses his new name to refer to him? tranny just wanted to have his own post on the sub so people can tell him how brave and a victim he is

No. 1810643

File: 1681776594067.png (332.18 KB, 748x795, 107749be-5d6f-513f-a4f0-98bde9…)

This is poetry apparently.

No. 1810646

File: 1681776649022.jpg (87.37 KB, 896x883, xqc.JPG)

>is currently getting divorcefucked
>has crossdressed before
>is posting more and more pics of himself on social media
hes gonna troon out next isnt he

No. 1810654

File: 1681777445056.jpg (152.78 KB, 1444x684, nicejobidiots.jpg)

No. 1810658

Is reads just like a whiny tweet but with random line breaks. So inspiring. The quesadilla part is so touching, literally made me cry. I swear only a troon wouldn't have enough self awareness to know that no one would enjoy reading this jumbled mess.

No. 1810675

"Some Like It Hot" was great because the men got fucking manhandled and flirted with by other men. That's why it was such a great comedy. Also Billy Wilder was a genius.

No. 1810679

File: 1681779092065.png (55.31 KB, 596x1558, trannypedos.png)

this twitter thread was absolutely hilarious, they really just said the quiet part out loud for everyone

No. 1810681

File: 1681779211714.png (128.18 KB, 598x800, Anarchillect on Twitter.png)

>Bill: We don't want kids in risky surgeries/hormones that can fuck them out in the future

No. 1810682

>OK cool, shall we start with the dozens of priests, pastors, policemen, and GOP politicians that have been arrested for this so far just this year?
there is some obvious projecting here (and if they don't literally sexually assault children then they haven't got anything to worry about, right? hmm) but they're also not wrong about this kek. what would that imply for the church and policemen that have abused children? death sentence for a priest - they would never…

No. 1810691

They just revealed their true colors and nobody had to lift a finger or court-order it. It's fantastic.

No. 1810693

I can't believe a little kid asking a silly question made him moid rage this hard. Talk about fragile masculinity.

No. 1810695

kek the fuck is wrong with moids

No. 1810696

If they really wanted bodily autonomy for all they wouldn’t be so loud about how much they want to rape lesbians and other women.

No. 1810700

the trans-movement encourages people to hate their own voice

No. 1810702

I hate that they've co-opted phrases coined in the context of birth control and abortion and applied them to plastic surgery

Being forced to become a mother in high school is not the same as being forced to wait a couple years for a cosmetic procedure

No. 1810710

It just so weird? The law is about Pedophiles. If drag queens are supposedly sooper wholesum and harmless, then why are they worrying about these weird men getting killed?

No. 1810720

Why don’t they know how to shut the fuck up then?

No. 1810721

File: 1681784588076.png (9.43 KB, 703x145, battery.PNG)

The bill is specifically for sexual battery, not just indecent exposure. The wording of the bill specifies sexual battery that causes injury the genitals, so unless you literally commit rape this does not apply. The fact that this bill is somehow "anti-trans" is… highly concerning to say the least.

No. 1810722

I can't believe none of these people can think about how the death penalty works. a jury of your peers has to spend hours deciding if what you did was actually bad enough to warrant death row. they're not gonna start rounding up the drag queens and troons. just dont rape children i promise it's not that hard

No. 1810723

Maybe they're thinking that DIY attempts at troon surgeries will count as battery? I've seen some MtFs do home ball removal, unfortunately

No. 1810725

If you're going try and do DIY gender reassignment surgery on an <12 yo child, that's not much better lmfao

No. 1810728

File: 1681786077432.png (550.96 KB, 904x1024, 4433134.png)

Chris locked down his twitter

No. 1810733

File: 1681786586382.png (126.32 KB, 892x958, 3224451.png)

however his alt is still public so have some milk, there's some real autism in the replies too

No. 1810734

File: 1681786663616.png (222.16 KB, 880x982, 11232.png)

one more of him being absolutely deranged and making me even more concerned for his kid. he's totally gonna force his kid to troon out too

No. 1810737

File: 1681787311781.png (254.57 KB, 804x891, 443677544.png)

Samefag because I saw a reply saying Chris made the kid wear heels as proof of the grooming and I just had to look and lo and behold…

No. 1810738

At least the author was right that TRAs are like unicorns: wild and destructive horses.

No. 1810742

you LIKE Chris? Get help

No. 1810747

File: 1681789234008.jpg (71.46 KB, 640x853, yikes.jpg)

One of the sprite artists on Pokemon Infinite Fusion posted his face and transition shit on reddit. The most sprite edits he's done have been for Miltank (aka the pokemon with udders, of course the troon would go for that one).


No. 1810754

File: 1681789838174.png (204.92 KB, 255x706, 9534058340598.png)

>Is estrogen not literal magic? What is magic? Face app or make up? Look at yourself, if that is not magic tell me what is that?
they're so faceblind its unreal. he looks the exact same, just different lighting. he's also very obviously holding his arms up in the bottom pics to make his chest look slimmer, kek.

No. 1810755

Holy shit, I should've known only a troon would be so pornsick as to draw those disgusting abominations so obsessively. Kek now it all makes sense. I hope other people's replacement sprites make him seethe
Not to mention it's always the exact same angle lmao

No. 1810766

File: 1681791244247.png (16.63 KB, 750x507, Kayla Denker.png)

>Everything I get from here will go towards cost of living expenses, but If I can't get another $7,000 I will be able to get a tracheal shave, which will improve my life in a way that you could never understand if you've never lived with gender dysphoria.

reducing your adam's apple is not going to erase the fact you're still a coward man.

No. 1810776

File: 1681793146762.png (232.65 KB, 916x558, Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 22-42…)

I am so fucking sick of the overgrown theater kid known as Contrapoints. Even if I was on the other side of the fence, I am less than three minutes into this dumbass 'response to jk rowling podcast' video that just got uploaded and we've already got a soundbyte of '[mother], kill your shitty child'. Great. Cool. You sound super logical and reasonable and not edgy at all you alcoholic dipshit.

if anyone had a single brain cell to rattle around in their skull, they'd also realize it's a total waste of time to be comparing anita bryant to j.k. rowling, like: 'owo what if these two different women in completely different situations and times were actually ONE AND THE SAME PERSON???'

No. 1810777

What the fuck he looks like Eninem in a wig, saw this front page and though eninem had trooned out.

No. 1810779

Kek I read that article too and laughed so hard. The bills focus only on pedophilia and child sexual abuse with nothing to do with the TQ community. They are making the associate themselves and normies are going to continue peaking.

No. 1810784

Archaeology and anthropology are also notorious for having a lot of sexual harassment and misogyny in the workplace. (I had a relative who was an anthropologist for many years.)

No. 1810787

I wouldn't be surprised he wanted that sexual harassment and misogyny too for "gender euphoria".

No. 1810788

File: 1681795710075.jpeg (377.72 KB, 1284x2336, IMG_6151.jpeg)

Sage for non milk

TRAs in the comments acting like they’ve never seen this happen (F to doubt) and loads of woc agreeing that it seems to be a pattern amongst white trans women. A mass peaking event is going to happen at this rate

No. 1810790

white trannies love trying to piggyback off of the problems black women actually face. i can’t stand it

No. 1810791

Ute Heggen's been describing her marriage to a autogynephilic husband for a few years now. I discovered her in 2021 when she appeared on Karen Davies' YT channel. Karen interviewed Ute several times about her experiences with her AGP husband. Unfortunately Karen and Ute had a fallen out in the beginning of 2022.

One of Ute's stories that always stood out for me was when her husband went to their children's school and had himself listed as the mother and Ute as the nanny.

No. 1810792

File: 1681796642290.jpg (594.56 KB, 1664x2373, hijabinomorecompressed.jpg)

"Alice," a formerly Twitter-famous, white, Islam-convert troon who wore hijab fulltime, got hair transplants and immediately abandoned his hijab.

Pics: him looking ugly and hating his hairline with timestamps (and hanging out with PhilosophyTube, his best friend).

No. 1810795

> her husband went to their children's school and had himself listed as the mother and Ute as the nanny.
that’s fucked up on so many levels. trannies should lose custody the moment they decide to troon out.

No. 1810808

File: 1681800621249.jpeg (44.12 KB, 619x855, 15F7CFF7-F95E-4E4D-BB95-C4270B…)

we need more milk on this cora freak!! he actively chases ‘terf’ or ‘radfem’ tiktok female creators, either exposes them or simps for them and then starts developing relationships with them. even right now theres been a public relationship between him and this semi-notable radfem chic ‘miffy’. miffy is admittedly pretty retarded as well, saying shes a radfem who dates transbians etc, but cora is a fucking predator. i have several mutuals who’ve told me about cora sliding into their dms and trying to prove hes ‘based’ and not like other trannys.
honestly his tiktok is a goldmine, just pure mental illness, and he posts like 30 times a day. super contradictory and goes back on his own points when he realises the public doesnt agree.
link is him basically responding to this thread calling him an incel

No. 1810814

File: 1681801024879.jpeg (63.95 KB, 828x868, EBBFAA5E-D31A-4081-BC80-E9AA8E…)

samefagging, ill make a compilation of these screenshots later. worth taking a look for yourself tho

No. 1810816

one of you nonas posted this detrans dude the other day and the channel is genuinely fascinating. I feel like the rise of MAID for canadian troons will be on the rise in the next few years if they don't want to bother 41%ing at home and can still find some stunning and brave points in the end.
I worry about you canadian nonnies, your country seems like a living hellscape.

No. 1810820

kek his voice is so fucking male. I remember when I watched one of his videos ages ago on YouTube, at least he tried to do a falsetto back then.

No. 1810826

Keep at it black nonas and terfs, it confuses the fuck out of the white wokesters when the poor oppressed black women they are white knighting for is poiting out that their right-side-of-history cult is actually being racist as fuck

No. 1810828

another muslimah sister freed from oppression mashallah

No. 1810839

There’s nothing that milky about a yet another male being a predator tbh. It’s not like he’s Dylan who’s constantly given the spotlight. He just seems like another run of the mill pick me tranny. Funny how he claims to not watch porn yet posts about wanting to be dominated and have his “brains fucked out” by a goth girl though lmao.

No. 1810841

is that xqc

No. 1810843

ayrt, not saying he should have his own thread but his socials are a treasure trove of delusional bullshit, just funny to point and laugh at the freakshow

No. 1810852

Kek felt like watching an SNL news report

No. 1810855

Because men hate women and the whole trans movement is just mra incel faggots trying to assault women easier and are trying to reintroduce the urinary leash since they are seething we perform better than them in most arenas besides ones that rely on having retard strength.

No. 1810860

File: 1681813615690.jpg (318.31 KB, 1125x2217, SPSC.jpg)

I don't think so, he still meets up with his wife weekly to do "coparenting"
The kid is getting frequently checked up on, which is reassuring
Btw nonna heres another sc that might interest you since you're so invested
I just checked and yeah its his twitter pfp

No. 1810867

This is fucked no matter what, because I wouldn't let a 3 year old girl wear those too. Prime material for ankle spraining.

No. 1810878

Indian non-binary troon was forced by his parents to go to this "baba"(some Sadhu) to snap him out of it, it's embarrassing bc these babas are cows themselves, but even they know you can't make a man a woman, and he doesn't understand how his educated mother is doing this and claims that God's made him this way, even the baba asks "you're educated, how did you go from man to woman" kek. But it's awful still, the mother is so troubled and her son is delusional and the baba jokes how if the son become a woman he'd be beaten by men and is smirking all the time he's even saying that it's his choice. And his parents spent 1.5 lakh INR(1219 USD/1111.5 EUR) on this, which wouldn't have happened if he wasn't dumb enough to think that he could be some mystical third sex.
his post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CrFnWgTOofk/

No. 1810881

People don't seem to understand that in a lot of poor third world nations, the upper class essentially live on another world, they are more similar in tastes and culture to upper middle class people in American then 99% people in their own nation.

No. 1810883

>>1810878 dropped vid but it's too big to post apparently

No. 1810888

Everytime i see this thing i can't belive someone can be so ugly. He looks like a human version of a mosquito. I want to smash him with newspaper and throw him into the bin.

No. 1810913

Kek nonnie let’s be real mosquitoes are more cute than he is

No. 1810914

He truly has one of the worst incel to troon pipeline physiognomies ever documented by modern technology. shockingly fucked looking

No. 1810919

>you get to see how petite my little body is
absolutely disgusting

No. 1810922

File: 1681827339986.jpeg (160.58 KB, 828x1279, BC3512F7-ACAF-4C73-B566-3674E3…)

fucking ew

No. 1810924

I agree, a scrote's best life is like an addict or criminal's best life, they just want to do completely selfish things and dodge responsibility and direct consequences. The stupid thing is that men will ruin their own lives while women literally beg and cry for them to stop, and then men just hate women even more and blame women even more. This scrote will have completely destroyed his body within 4 years, and he'll be seething at his sweet ex-wife the whole time.
The heels are really horrific when you realize that it is ALL 100% a sexual fetish thing. With normal parents, it would be sweet, but not when you know that the dad jerks his dick to crossdressing and children.

No. 1810938

File: 1681829603098.png (16.93 KB, 1038x272, Capture d’écran 2023-04-18 à 1…)

u talking about this miffy ? i despise this bitch with my whole heart, she's purely lolcow-esque and she's not far from being like Shayna. iirc she calls herself a "radfem" but still works in a brothel while she has all the ability to move out. her brain is always marinating in cum, this kind of tweet really shows how retarded she is.

No. 1810945

It teaches them to hate everything about themselves. I’ve never seen a movement so blatant about making money off of people who are uncomfortable or insecure.

No. 1810948

Was really confused for a moment then I saw it… at least they made it the last image… I guess..?
>>1810860 tbh doesn’t sound like he’s alone with kiddo very long or at all with that statement

No. 1810966

I know life never accidentally gets better for women, but if trooning gets big in India, I hope the women will reevaluate their role in giving boys all the resources. You can give men everything, and they still won't hold up their tiny bare minimum end of the deal.

No. 1810984

So people are finally coming to realize that porn being the leading cause of troonism

No. 1810989

>trooning gets big in India
it probably will, both bc of homophobes making gays transition and Gen Z indians trying to be woke and follow the new trend(and they'll double down on it bc if there's one thing kids love is "fashion" that is bound to disappoint your parents, and if your lame annoying backwards boomer parents hate it then it must mean you're doing something right, riiight?), esp since India seems to have this awful habit of following USAmerican trends about years later and worse, there are kids still unironically saying "swag" and only now anime seems to have gotten mainstream.

No. 1810990

File: 1681836677909.png (101.65 KB, 424x524, firefox_l5a409bzMk.png)

Hah, did somebody really find the Wandering Son thing on kiwifarms or here in the last thread
Man I hate it because the mangaka is an older woman who also did some fun josei titles.

No. 1810997

I hope this peaks people. Troob also called him the most dedicated person he met. Troob should get cancelled for encouraging him.

No. 1810998

He gets the most views talking about JK, he's nothing without her.

No. 1811007

Thank you for this nonna, I watched some of her other videos too, I love the fact that she gives platform to women who suffered in the hands of these porn sick freaks and their stories are good peaking material

No. 1811008

Please post this on twitter so he can get clowned on. Disgusting especially with what's going on in Iran.

No. 1811011

Literally thought this was hbomberguy

No. 1811013

i'm sure most everybody has seen this, but its making rounds on twitter again and i'd like to share it for those who haven't. its definitely one of the first things that peaked me.

No. 1811025

I guess it's great seeing that many women in the comments being critical of troons and anime pedoshit, but all of the christian conservatard sperging is so bleak and cult-y, there really is no winning lol

No. 1811035

I grew up in a heavily catholic country and fought against so much sexism to be seen as a professional, and now the tranny shit is spreading and emboldening more sexist bullshit and it's frustrating. I know a lot of religious people probably don't care about women's sports because of women's rights, but I've had progressive american friends telling me "lol who cares about women's sports."

The average person is mostly "live and let live" and "I don't want to deal with angry outbursts from strangers", but seeing people just be fine with men in little skirts exposing themselves is so creepy. Dylan Mulvaney is great peaking material with his "girlhood" because no one wants to be an old woman.

No. 1811036

Yeah whenever I watch videos like this on Odysee I see so many conservative moid comments saying stuff like “this is what happens when you accept homosexuals into society and let them get married”. Just proof of how retarded and out of touch they are. Like at least half of all TIMs are hetero but their feeble minds can’t comprehend this. It’s very frustrating to be on the “same side” as these embarrassing troglodytes

No. 1811079

the talk he gave where the millennial women are crying at him to stop makes me feel so much second hand embarrassment for millennials

No. 1811080

could you link that, that sounds hilarious

No. 1811082

it's a continuation of that same video

No. 1811091

File: 1681847530579.jpg (41.75 KB, 500x538, 5674567.jpg)

this is within the video i posted; the full video is even more embarrassing as the one you posted cuts out some of the women screaming in the background, as well as the tranny at the very end whos asked to define women and trans women. his inability to do so, and the handmaidens echoing the same nonsense in the background, is some of the most unbridled autism i've ever had this displeasure of listening to, and i can't believe people are actually supporting this idiotic ideology.

No. 1811156

men live for the coom.

No. 1811177

File: 1681858024263.webm (2.55 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_722246432179061073…)

hooow do people cape for this ugly fucking troon

No. 1811182

>Claims to not watch porn and be a porn addict
>Has a video of him sniffing a le goth girls armpits
I'm sure he's telling the truth!

No. 1811185

File: 1681858740039.png (19.29 KB, 677x668, on Twitter.png)

No. 1811200

File: 1681860124976.png (87.72 KB, 608x706, Asty Back for Vengeance.png)

Why is always "but women need c-section, so are they men too?". First off, the pelvis shape isn't only for the birth but also to handle the baby's growing inside. Even if the hip is narrow, there is still space so the baby can move inside the uterus.

A way narrow hip like men wouldn't work like that.

No. 1811201

Oh mr hip inspector here that happens to "know" many women with narrow hips???

No. 1811202

Canada didn't learn nothing with Jonathan Yaniv, right?

No. 1811204

File: 1681860595424.png (94.28 KB, 661x931, India Willoughby on Twitter.pn…)

Mandia's mad at JK again

No. 1811205

Besides they're not thinking what would happen to their organs once the baby grew inside them. Honestly, if this wasn't about adding another life in the mix, I wouldn't care to see them killing themselves in the most stupid way possible. Hopefully they won't ever go beyond the useless uterus transplant stage. Waste of time and resources.

No. 1811206

Totally. Once again people showing that there should be better sex ed resources because many stuff change in a woman body once she's pregnant, having narrow hips is not only one of the many problem she will get during 9 months.

No. 1811207

aren't there some countries where women can choose to have a c-section even if it's not needed? in any case, this is like the "not every woman has a uterus!!" argument all over again. so retarded.

No. 1811209

File: 1681861078865.jpg (34.46 KB, 600x600, 12312312313213321.jpg)

>I'm a better woman than JK Rowling

She has donated to women's shelters and girls education. She's a fantastic woman and better human being than a man rping a woman.

No. 1811213

I can't believe this tranny is taken seriously when he's calling JKR a nasty b in reply to her tweets now?? Also why "shark eyes"?

No. 1811214

File: 1681861362580.jpg (415.56 KB, 1918x1922, 4qzd85.jpg)

c-sections are even made when the cervix is not dilating enough or the birth date arrived and there's no contractions. Although I have read horror stories on how mother see moms that had c-sections as "weak" because "they can't handle a little off pain like they did when they pushed her kids off".

Pregnancy can be dangerous and these people only whine because "men cannot handle a pregnancy".

I bet he didn't even read the article. He just saw JK posting it and thought "this must be against trans woman too!".

No. 1811215

Trannies aren't good with name calling

No. 1811216

File: 1681861435585.png (160.62 KB, 657x925, Twitter.png)

No. 1811217

They can name calling all they want, but they will cry as soon as someone use "he" in an accident. People that live in glass houses should not throw stones.

No. 1811220

File: 1681861644854.png (18.62 KB, 600x484, Corrie on Twitter.png)

He's mad someone has a pussy in the profile pic because he will never is going to have one.

No. 1811221

How humiliating

No. 1811222

Bleak. Just terribly bleak. But then again I hope the schools provides supplies at least.

No. 1811229

File: 1681863056985.jpg (322.89 KB, 1889x1136, FtsKPFGWYAk9WCL.jpg)

he looks the same

No. 1811232

File: 1681863168570.png (103.22 KB, 677x771, MalesInDisguise) _ Twitter.png)

No. 1811234

File: 1681863241377.jpg (443.82 KB, 2103x1630, Ft_R--AWIAAD_bD.jpg)

No. 1811237

For someone who spends so much time arguing on Twitter he's so terribly bad at it lmao

Wish I had a tenth of his confidence

No. 1811239

Exactly. JK Rowling has given away $160-fucking-million dollars to charity, AND she knows what it's like to live on welfare as a single mother. Spare me the holier-than-thou bullshit, India.

No. 1811249

these ugly HSTS are so obsessed with insulting women's "femininity" and looks (like calling butch lesbians men because they fail his sexist definition of womanhood) but the fact they remain effortlessly female absolutely cuts him up inside it's hilarious. he cannot hide his misogyny for a single second.

No. 1811251

File: 1681864918080.png (29.23 KB, 715x606, Ft5xZsBXoAc8iqM.png)

>women only group that excludes trannies
sounds perfect

No. 1811252

holy fucking shit. the shame and humiliation for those poor young girls.

No. 1811253

And she can recognize when men are abusive pricks since she was married to one, no wonder she knows how trannies act while she cites Aslan's quote.

Women-only group without trannies? count me in.

No. 1811254

>JK shares a story about how 1000s of women and children are being raped in hospitals and the police don't bother investigating it.
>Himdia: "what a nasty B you are JKR"
any story that just effects women and girls, is "TERFy" to them now. they keep telling on themselves.

No. 1811255

File: 1681865232514.png (429.35 KB, 677x737, ripx4nutmeg _ Twitter.png)


No. 1811256

What makes this troon a "better woman"? They always have to remind everyone how jealous they are of JKR's femaleness kek.

No. 1811258

>women and children being raped in hospitals

No. 1811260

File: 1681865545372.jpg (122.73 KB, 538x1200, FuBF6ZMWIAcHdfC.jpg)

No. 1811263

Tranny sees woman sharing an article about how predators take advantage of vulnerable women and children in hospitals and shelters, and immediately feels called out lmao

No. 1811264

Why the fuck are there troons in the pcos subreddit??!

No. 1811265

File: 1681865748880.jpg (183.51 KB, 1080x1019, Ftn5aTIWYAM0WUv.jpg)

No. 1811266

Some iteration of this exact thing gets posted in those subs every few months. The ones who don’t know what AGP is start having an existential crisis of self-awareness while the rest jump in to assure them AGP isn’t real and only self-hating troons identify that way.

No. 1811267

File: 1681865851618.jpeg (45.96 KB, 483x597, IMG_7561.jpeg)

Saged in case this is old milk

No. 1811268

File: 1681865916011.jpeg (268.19 KB, 1366x2048, IMG_7562.jpeg)

No. 1811271

i have never seen or noticed a tim worried over their hair loss. not one of them ive noticed even attempt minoxidil or rosemary oil. even normie men and woman try smth but im glad that tims havent contaminate their presence on subreddits relating to female hair loss or anything related to haircare in general. like they did with pcos.

tifs, on the other hand, have put minoxidil on their jaw, chin and above their upper lip for facial hair, especially if they have yet to start on testosterone.

anon here, they believe they have to right to be there because they have male hormones in their bodies and hates its effect. women that complained were forced to stay silent or get banned. its sad because when i was diagnosed with pcos, i quickly searched for the subreddit but it was too late. so many posts about tims being welcomed there. i dont know much tims at that time but even i was confused because pcos is a female exclusive problem. dont get why men have to be there for something they cant ever relate to in the slightest.

No. 1811272

They think women with pcos can relate to "their pain". No, you cannot relate to our pain, you gorilla.

No. 1811273

File: 1681866029885.jpg (48.2 KB, 1080x690, FoI8e1KWYAAjZwr.jpg)

No. 1811275

Samefag but also adding that I have never been aroused by my own clothes. Is this normal? I have plenty of “sexy” clothes, lingerie sets, skin-tight dresses, etc and I acknowledge when I look good but I don’t get wet or feel the urge to masturbate looking in the mirror. Who told them this was normal? Such cope

No. 1811276

This idea that women are aroused by the clothes they wear is patently absurd, where do they even get this idea if it's not entirely out of their rear ends? I've never experienced this as a women nor have i ever heard of any woman who has experienced this. They live in such a bizarre pornofied world.

No. 1811277

This literally means nothing because even women with a narrow pelvis can give birth, the pelvis separates during birth in order to push the baby out. C sections happen for a myriad of reasons with narrow hips being just one of those reasons why. Every woman in my immediate family has narrow hips, including me and my mother, and my mother was able to birth all of her children naturally. Narrow hips dont always impede your ability to give birth.
What's more important is shape and angle, women have rounder pelvises that are angled forward to help with both balance and carrying the baby. Something that males dont and will never have. Tims think because they see "cishons" women with narrow hips, broad shoulders, and barrel chests it means women are physiologically no different than males when that's not the case. All those women still have identifiably female bone structure something men will never have.

No. 1811278

File: 1681866194145.png (107.79 KB, 677x616, (@ripx4nutmeg) _ Twitter.png)

No. 1811279

File: 1681866275473.jpg (168.22 KB, 1080x1214, Ft1N-x5WAAAlRpf.jpg)

>girl horny

No. 1811281


sometimes it really hits home that this is on the same level as the people who used to pretend to be vampires and stuff.

No. 1811291

kek at moids thinking we "get butterflies" when we're horny.

No. 1811294

File: 1681868467737.jpg (214.18 KB, 866x1390, chacma-baboon-papio-ursinus-ba…)

Legit reminds me of a primate baring it's teeth to show aggression

No. 1811295

File: 1681868665675.png (12.83 KB, 673x543, God Zilla on Twitter.png)

Let the misgendering begin

No. 1811301

File: 1681869904746.jpg (1.15 MB, 1892x5022, Untitled.jpg)

made this to compile into one screenshot for easier sharing.

No. 1811318

grade A Hon-fidence right there

No. 1811327

Why does he even try to pretend that this is about sexy clothes (and that women totally feel like that too!) if he's going to admit that he was aroused by a pink t-shirt and mom jeans for weeks kek

No. 1811334

File: 1681874809213.jpg (271.78 KB, 1558x1465, epq7vf88ojsa1.jpg)

what he posts on reddit vs his actual face

No. 1811337

File: 1681874982603.png (149.7 KB, 720x1135, Screenshot_20230418-151712_(1)…)

Monty got the stinkditch installed and he's lying about having a clit lol.

No. 1811338

>prostate orgasm
>reacting like a female with horniness and other sexual things
>what can i do to activate or rewire my erotic reactions
i don't even know what to say in the face of such retardation. it's just funny to see their lies catching up to them "so guys where are the promised full-body orgasms, it's been 4years now??"

No. 1811339

File: 1681875158483.png (911.32 KB, 932x1080, 2.png)

No. 1811340

File: 1681875273566.jpg (252.43 KB, 1080x1350, FtHsVf3aQAAHDNN.jpg)

No. 1811345

File: 1681875797223.png (1.44 MB, 1906x1071, KM magazine feature.PNG)

>human rights campaign
literally what does he do besides make tweets?

check out his recommendations his reasoning for liking them is all about muh trans

No. 1811348

File: 1681875977042.jpg (89.93 KB, 800x800, Labelle_Sophie-Julie-Artacho.j…)


Same smile (except he used Photoshop to remove the ogre face).

No. 1811356

this shit makes me livid

No. 1811357

he's serving a life sentence, he's not getting out of jail??

No. 1811363

Bets on when this will backfire?

No. 1811367

It's giving sexually assaults you jokingly

No. 1811373

Legit made me jump as I was scrolling, Jesus fuck

No. 1811384

Great, now all the troons'll move to Czechia

No. 1811388

File: 1681884363780.jpeg (91.98 KB, 1423x800, michael-scott-the-office-e1657…)

This is pure beautiful cringe, thank you nonna

No. 1811392

File: 1681885596105.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.19 KB, 634x476, ayuwoki.jpg)

ayuwoki looking mf

No. 1811395

File: 1681886915632.jpeg (83.97 KB, 537x787, IMG_5422.jpeg)

As if $14,000 was enough, this balding man is not trying to get a free haircut out of one of his followers. They really grift so openly and don’t give a fuck.

No. 1811396

Wasn’t India the troon someone posted earlier
Up thread rubbing himself in the women’s room and making horny faces at the mirror? >>1809770 maybe not, this willoughby person looks much older. Gif still horrified me though.

No. 1811397

Can't wait for when we're allowed to publicly ridicule troons like with the vampire people. I'm willing to bet there's an overlap in the two groups kek

No. 1811400

kek this is so embarrassing it's unreal. Imagine if a school put up a sign that said "SHITTING TOILET" with pictures of turds on the door, literally no teenager would use it.

No. 1811401

This shit will lead to girls rightfully feeling humiliated and reduced to their body parts (which are considered gross my men even now) and them trooning out and/or removing their uteruses to feel like people. It's insane. We should make huts for smelly males with smegma odor (and this includes trans "women"), that would be beneficial for everyone.

No. 1811407

It's probably because I'm long since not been a teen but I'd be tempted to be campy about it. Like address ever bio woman I see with "hello fellow period haver!" and just ignore the trannies so they can seethe at being excluded yet again. Petty shit like that.

No. 1811410

Nah, most trannies themselves identify as commies or anarcho commies

No. 1811413

which is weird asf, like most communist states have executed gays for being "Bourgeoisie degenerates"

No. 1811416

how is this different from period huts in countries where they think a woman is literally "unclean?" I know like half a dozen nonas beat me to it, but god how mortifying to have to walk in the the "OMG BLOOD ROOM" featuring cartoons of used sanitary products. If there's one thing men do not understand is that women do not want to advertise their periods to others. We don't ask strangers for tampons, we don't want to have to change a pad with a guy in the stall next to us, and we don't want to have to walk into the bleeding room for uterus havers.

No. 1811418

yeah that's the right mindset, and if they used these "period toilets" all the time they would get their female-only space back, but at that age periods can be a super sensitive topic

No. 1811421

jensen keeps it real. He's also one of the first to peak me.

No. 1811422

It's because scrotes think communism = being given free shit and being able to sit on their ass all day and play vidya and watch porn/use free prostitutes rather than being expected to get a job and not be a total drain on everyone around them. They want to be mommied. They are pro prostitution because they see women as a resource to be distributed to incel scrotes, seriously, so many 'commie' moids are pro 'sexwork'.

No. 1811429

File: 1681897718417.png (18.96 KB, 1145x209, ShareX_A45Br1UNix.png)

lurking troon server. umm, yes, that makes you an agp! im surprised the repliers rnt saying 'bUT AgP ISnT ReAL'

No. 1811431

this is something always sunny in philadelphia would do on the show. This is the place we have arrived as a society, we are mirroring a satirical sitcom

No. 1811433

that's a repulsive ass thing to say coming from a """radfem""" ew. you should post about her in the RF cows thread

No. 1811434

kek nothing more delusional than AGP deniers, they really come across as people who have it and are aware of how disgusting it is but can’t come to terms with it because they’d rather larp as a woman and jack off 14 times a day while looking at their reflection

No. 1811436

aside from all the other things wrong with this that have already been mentioned, this is a secondary school and presumably some of those girls won't have even started their periods yet or in some rare cases might have lost their period due to health reasons.
this sign implies the only reason women share a bathroom is because we bleed. this is deliberate ignorance of girl's safety and dignity.
Imagine the teasing from boys. i like >>1811401
nona's idea. it could be a jizz and dilation hut for the males. with illustrations of bloody dilators and jizzing dicks on the door.

No. 1811438

Shocking to absolutely no one kek. Sorry for the normal Melbournefags having to deal with the swarming rats treating it like California where all the out of city degens swarm thinking it is accepting, and therefore should accept pornsick trancel coomers.

No. 1811446


They really only adopted it because it's the same men who used to get scolded by liberal feminist on early twitter and tumblr. They wanted arguments against liberalism that weren't "Get back in the kitchen" to justify being assholes and communism has that.

No. 1811450

File: 1681903789269.webm (8.84 MB, 576x1024, Download (31).webm)

No. 1811451

lmao I was not ready for this very obvious male voice that sounds like any average youtuber moid. he doesnt even put on the gay-accent fake "girl" sissy voice. straight up ugly vidya nerd to stereotype gothgirl sissy pipeline.

No. 1811453

File: 1681904645900.png (36.57 KB, 280x283, screenshot1.png)

>I'm fucking hot
his ear looks like it is on fire. probably a tell that he knows he is lying to himself kek.
and why is he delivering this announcement along to cheesy inspirational music as if he is overcoming huge obstacles and battles in his life? you are literally just describing the definition of being an AGP mate.

No. 1811456

troons be sounding like morgan freeman and still be like "I just don't get how people keep clocking me, i am such a hot autogynop- I mean woman"

No. 1811459

We all know what the plush is hiding. Guy sounds mid-coom, so fucking revolting

No. 1811460

>you are literally just describing the definition of being an AGP mate
The clip is genuinely good content to use as an example of an AGP explaining he finds himself sexually attractive (depsite looking like a trainwreck) simply because he put on female attire.

I really fucking hate his hairstyle, it's the most "male imitating a punk woman" hairstyle to ever exist and it doesn't look good on anyone yet all non-passing troons keep getting it

No. 1811487

Please for the love of anything that’s good, please spoiler any tranny’s faces always, I don’t care if it’s only his eyes showing off his shit makeup, it’s a jumpscare.

No. 1811489

They did it! The progressives did what the conservatives wanted to do! Shame little girls and women for daring to have periods. Now we can all hold hands in the period huts and wait until trannies also want to join the period huts with us.
Like seriously, what makes the people of that school believe that trannies won’t feel excluded since they always talk about totally having 100% realistic periods with blood and stuff, it comes from their asses and it’s because they’re killing themselves way too slowly, but anyways, they will want to join the girls, because if moids are not everywhere then they’re not happy.

No. 1811490

This has come up a few times in previous threads and the overall consensus has usually been that women have internalized the male gaze to such an extent we can acknowledge when we look “sexy” according to that, but these men can’t relate to this, they literally think a woman wearing lingerie and feeling sexy because she meets a certain standard of attractiveness or because her partner might like it is equal to them putting on a dress and getting a boner at themselves in the mirror. As women we’ve learned our pleasure is meant to be put on the back burner, that how we look to a male partner is the most important thing (if you’re straight or bi, though I’m sure there are lesbians who have unfortunately internalized the male gaze too). For men, they don’t relate to that. All they know is their own penis. They’re obsessed with this notion that as women we fetishize ourselves, even though the notion of a woman being AGP makes no sense because how can you fetishize something that you just…are? It’s not like we’re imagining we have vaginas, we actually do. And sexual exploration of something you already have in a way that’s natural isn’t fetishizing it. TiMs also love to bring up a study that was conducted on women being AGP, but it was proven wrong just last year I believe. I don’t have either study on me now but they’ve been posted in previous threads and maybe another nona can help find?

No. 1811492

That's entire shtick. Parasitism.

No. 1811494

File: 1681914137517.jpeg (102.11 KB, 828x1347, C79ABD3F-2449-4D01-9B19-2DEBC1…)

kek he got the caption right

No. 1811495

Why do they think male and female orgasms are so different? I don’t get it. The end result is slightly different but the same neurotransmitters and brain parts are involved, there’s a big build up before a release. I think female orgasms last slightly longer on average and some women are able to have one multiple times (though some men are too after brief refractory period). They are so fucking weird about this. Orgasms can be good for both I’d imagine but they’re not life-altering. It’s usually just ok that felt good time to move on with the day now.

No. 1811497

You can always tell how hard they’re trying to be some cute girl they had a crush on before, only failing miserably.

No. 1811500

Imagine if he actually troons out. I wonder what mental gymnastics will they pull to justify his case.

No. 1811501

This is gonna sound scizo but I hate in TV/movies when they spread propaganda to normies they do this kindergarten teacher explanation. Like when one of them asked "what is a terf" they have to lay it out and define the concept so now it's implanted in the normies head. Nobody has to explain what a dog or tree is when it's mentioned. It almost pauses the show and breaks the 4th wall like Dora the explorer when she stops on her adventure to ask the children "where is swiper"

No. 1811507

Do moids understand that they will not be able to coom if they castrate themselves? I mean why would an AGP remove his dick if his dick was the only reason he "transitioned"?
It's kinda like
troon out to coom → get too deep into the cult → get castration → not able to coom anymore → 41%

No. 1811511

I hope he doesn’t. I know he’s still a scrote, but I like there being GNC men who make these other guys seethe so much.

No. 1811523

I used to share a server with a classic disgusting transbian agp and he was constantly going on and on about how much he hated himself for it but did nothing to change or address his obvious porn addiction. Last I checked he was calling himself an andro t-dyke agp slut (while simultaneously trying to meme himself into becoming bi) so good luck to him and kudos for embracing it lol. I'm pretty sure he single handedly peaked half the people in that server, I left it a long time ago but it was totally dead when I left. I love when troids curse the name of Blanchard, it's such a massive self-own.
Tbh I think they'll celebrate and say "see! I knew it, she was an egg all along!"

No. 1811525

Thats what they want, imo. It makes them seethe that a male can be gnc but still identify as male. In their minds anyone who isn't stereotypically male is an """egg""" and needs to find the light and troon. It's a cult and they always need new members

No. 1811529

creeping on young children is a human right! Maybe Veronica Ivy (Rhys McKinnon - @sportisahumanright cheater) wants to start spreading that message

No. 1811536

Again, his crossdressing wasn't his idea, everyone at the streamer event thing had to crossdress, he didn't even pick his own outfit or anything and he was super drunk. He posts pictures of himself because he's always done that, he's a little vain.

No. 1811538

File: 1681918168600.jpeg (148.52 KB, 1440x1080, gripper.jpeg)

Man joins the Women's Institute. Same man is also helping make a "snuff list" for TERFs and has a lot of violent batshit crazy stuff about what he thinks TERFs are on his profile.
For those unfamiliar with the WI, it's mostly (but not exclusively) associated with retired women and activities usually involve talks, jam-making, crafts etc. There is a lot more to it than just that but I wanted to paint a picture of the community he has just been welcomed into. There will no doubt be a lot of normie women there with perfectly sane views on biological sex.

No. 1811539

samefag. he is literally just joining this place because it's a woman's group. he sees women in the name and has to invade it. to make women uncomfortable and create an unsafe place to discuss women's issues. probably also related to the fact the new CEO of the WI has recently said they are welcoming of TIMs.

No. 1811542

The projection of this man, calling TERFs pedos. Disgusting.

No. 1811545

I wanna a-log so bad.

No. 1811557

File: 1681921608111.jpeg (154.59 KB, 1200x800, monty's manly voice.jpeg)

lmao he kept going on about it.

No. 1811562

File: 1681922016259.jpeg (50.1 KB, 980x518, alexjones.jpeg)

No. 1811563

No. 1811568

No. 1811569

a friend of mine works with a TIM who calls himself a vampire. he plays it off like “haha yea i know it’s not real it’s just fun” absolute retard. he’s also into witchcraft and calls himself Lilith because of course he does

No. 1811596

They are not only face blind but deaf too.

No. 1811610

File: 1681927065638.jpg (51.51 KB, 1080x490, SusScrota.jpg)

We should meme men into transitioning into pigs, it'd be much easier for them since most of them are already there.

No. 1811612

File: 1681927233666.jpeg (301.79 KB, 1500x2600, shanu tweets.jpeg)

there is a thread here with more info on this man, who has lots of accounts and has made threats in the past which were reported but no action was taken. he also claims to be a member of the labour party. https://twitter.com/female_union/status/1648644451684823040

No. 1811628

File: 1681928456834.jpeg (66.46 KB, 828x655, IMG_5431.jpeg)


No. 1811640

Really goes to show you how little self awareness these trannies have when they equate a bill that would give child sex offenders the death penality to being transgender.

No. 1811679

I'm genuinely enjoying watching the trannies freak the fuck out and leave my state en masse. They make a big stink and then all migrate west to the promised land west coast where troons are celebrated.

No. 1811683

File: 1681932609441.jpeg (59.95 KB, 828x609, D90932A9-0856-4C84-80C2-65998F…)

is this true?

No. 1811707

i wouldn’t be surprised, companies usually donate to both sides lol

No. 1811733

Desantis is based. I wish I could live in Florida

No. 1811740

TRAs being upset and thinking anyone is going to stop being an alcoholic just because of this is cringe. People will always be buying shitty beer.

Same if it didn't have so many other issues. I really don't know why people made a whole deal out of the book thing. He is absolutely right to have those books vetted and looked at to sort through the weird gender shit and pedophilia that was available for children to read.

No. 1811744

This is why I laugh at buying to protest. They feed into bad faith acting.

No. 1811746


yeah, to be fair they've donated to both parties but mostly to republicans and conservative causes. you can look up any corp on opensecrets

No. 1811770

between this and the anons talking positively about TPUSA upthread it's really fucking sad seeing so many trad anons starting to get bolder on this site just because they hate TRAs. nonas, desantis/tpusa/et al are not your friends.

No. 1811788

glad you said it nona.

No. 1811791

yeah, people seem to forget that the pertinent part of terf is radfem. we hate trannies for reinforcing misogynistic gender roles. cons hate them for "challenging" traditional gender roles. we are not the same.

No. 1811807

No you don't. He just signed a 6 week abortion ban and gave 25 million to religious crisis pregnancy centers. He hates women as much as trannies

No. 1811809

Right wing moids have always orbited this thread, they’re hilariously shitty at integrating.
>w-we really just need those big strong Republican men to protect us from those evil troons, d-don’t we “nonnas”?

No. 1811841

because they think they're gonna have totes intense girl orgasms

No. 1811851

File: 1681944376421.jpg (116.11 KB, 1196x1256, JaW3Tly.jpg)

The kids were only temporarily separated from their parents; which is super normal when authorities want to check if kids are being abused in any way, because children are more likely to be honest if their abusers are not in the room.

But of course that's not how the TRAs are seeing it.

No. 1811853

PLEASE clip this and post the video here!

No. 1811859

A 'life sentence' in places like the UK are no more than a couple decades.

No. 1811861

File: 1681945096009.webm (1.67 MB, 320x568, jUi8sfzBH5xSNKIX.webm)

The kids were there to "protest" by throwing underwear on the officials, so the doors were closed and some of the kids detained.

No. 1811881

yes it's the same tranny anon. Watch this video for keks

No. 1811883

File: 1681947461293.png (61.21 KB, 500x357, dznr6mjttdj31.png)

No. 1811886

am I supposed to feel more comfortable walking into a room with a bunch of red signs all over it calling me a menstruator and advertising that I'm on the rag?

No. 1811887

File: 1681947605227.png (503.75 KB, 699x1001, 1681904645900.png)

No. 1811892

File: 1681948061798.jpg (146.65 KB, 1080x1563, IMG_20230420_064459.jpg)

They don't, these troonies will actually act like handmaidens for male validation and trample on women. What makes them even think that they are even included in these conversations.

No. 1811895


at this rate if the authorities really do go after them nobody will believe it's happening. even the "don't taze me bro" uh, bro got treated so much worse for just standing there.

No. 1811905

File: 1681950253647.png (18.28 KB, 656x295, 1681762783662.png)

No. 1811907

File: 1681950566425.jpg (130.73 KB, 1080x1038, FuAj2rrWIAE5WoS.jpg)

No. 1811909

i believe this is a wolfcut, if you want to find other examples.

No. 1811914

File: 1681951492265.png (93.36 KB, 677x447, MalesInDisguise) _ Twitter (2)…)

No. 1811918

File: 1681951537709.jpg (151.05 KB, 1080x954, FtwfGzpWYAIiYyG.jpg)

No. 1811923

File: 1681951770416.jpeg (87.5 KB, 750x614, 0F58C54D-910A-4412-8AC9-B9FC19…)

thank god i’m not a psychiatrist, because i’d prescribe him more estrogen his body could handle and the most addictive benzos in the market. i’d tell him to down it all with alcohol. i’d ruin his life.

No. 1811925

I saw some scrote the other day talking about liking troons and how he was straight, a lot of men were saying he wasn't straight but the troons/women were only coming at the women saying it wasn't straight. Rudely, or trying to explain to them how sucking a troons dick isn't the same as sucking a man's dick. They get so fucking mad when women call it what it is, meanwhile I see plenty of scrotes endlessly mocking Trans attracted men, or in some cases stopping being friends with scrotes into troons.
But I guess they are used to men tratung them like shit In public but fucking them in private and calling themselves straight.

No. 1811926

once a retard, always a retard.

No. 1811928

what i don't understand is that in many places in the world education is a profession dominated by women even administratively, women gave the okay for this to go up. it doesn't make any sense

No. 1811932

I don't think he will. I have read somewhere, can't remember where, that a rich moid offered him to pay for implants and he refused.
There is something about him that makes me hate him and find him insufferable though and I can't put exactly what. I never have watched his streams but looking at him inspires rage and I feel unsettled. Maybe it is his fag face

No. 1811933

you don't have to be a tradthot to think that TPUSA should be allowed to advertise their organization without an autistic freak flipping over their booth. what happened to the market place of ideas?

No. 1811936

why are they so smug about being ugly retards? hrt moobs, a victim complex, and a wispy skullet doesn't change anything for these moids

No. 1811937


they used to always warn against these dumb self diagnoses because of this. real diagnosable dysphoria is extremely rare. last i checked it was literally less than a 1% chance someone actually has it. i think full on schizophrenia is more common.

No. 1811944

No one in this thread is that stupid. TPUSA getting their table flipped by a tranny is hilarious. A tranny being ridiculed for it is also hilarious. Both of them are anti-women. Kindly take your far right pandering elsewhere, this is a radfem thread. We hate trannies and TPUSA alike.

No. 1811957

isn’t ‘gender dysphoria’ basically sex schizophrenia with a sprinkle of fetishism and a dash of misogyny?

No. 1811965

File: 1681956337469.jpg (548.96 KB, 2000x1333, c3a6a7316c1783e7905daf518505be…)

I remember him! He's the toon husband of Studio Mucci, famous for her "Lisa Frank home" that was all over the internet a few years back.
A hotel company "stole" their apartment style (think Jill/pixielocks rainby garbage)and she tried to sue them, turns out they were constantly behind rent and being evicted. Honestly that whole saga is milky on its own kek.

No. 1811971

schizophrenia is like 0.3% but i'm willing to bet dysphoria is less than that. like 0.002 or something.

No. 1811977

File: 1681957922997.jpg (363.99 KB, 1080x3194, GD diagnosis .jpg)

this is the general basis to be diagnosed with and most of it seems to be body dyspmorphia regarding sex or heavy gender envy for the opposite sex. I've said it before but I do believe it's possible to fit most these without necessarily being transgender or have it triggered by other mental health factors gone unnoticed.

No. 1811978

File: 1681958127497.jpeg (672.03 KB, 1536x2048, 29F9FEE5-C43F-4518-A2E6-DAAB4E…)

Two members of a “neo-riot grrrl” band.

No. 1811985

boy band with extra steps and no cute guys.

No. 1811994


They are so damn ugly. Even the ugliest woman in the world is no match for the amount of ugly these troons put out. When does this pandemic end?

No. 1811998

Riot grrrl was for women who got constantly shit on for being punk. It was always about female liberation and not centering men but apparently that "twansphobic" despite having fizzled out by the late 90's. Now you can't even say youre a riot grrrl without getting dogpiled and ran off the internet by 12yo gender specials retards and disgusting, rancid agp rape apes. You have to be a riot ghoul or else. never a girl. never a woman. always a monster or a fetish. Im about to fucking kms

No. 1812024

“skullet” perfect descriptor, keeping that in my back pocket

No. 1812025

samefag, sorry for the sperg out but its just depressing to see a movement that had so much potential get shit on and twisted into some pathetic shell of its former self. Riot grrrl had problems but yes, but it wasnt about men not being coddled and babied for the sake of their fee-fees.

No. 1812029

Its because bitter women want to shit on someone but know damn well they are not allowed to even slightly criticize scrotes, so they attack other women because nobody will care

No. 1812031

everyone’s entitled their opinion. so many in this thread have such black and white thinking. Politicians are never perfect. Biden admin is pushing through stuff left and right and the white house made a handy .pdf “toolkit” on it recently as part of some day/event/occasion pandering to troons. It’s all how the media frames them. but yeah I love paying more for less.

No. 1812040

File: 1681967022492.jpg (334.76 KB, 1080x2094, MtFtM.jpg)

I know this thread is suppose to be taking the piss on TiMs but I found this detransitioner in a thread about the blahaj troon who detransed and it sure puts things into perspective. I'm atleast happy for him to admit it was a constant larp

No. 1812042

omg this is great. the OP fully admits that he's not a woman since the definition of the word doesn't include him, but the tranny replying claims to be female. and this may be the solution to keep the definition of "woman" unchanged. after all, changing it means trannies aren't female and isn't it sooo transphobic?

No. 1812043

kek anon if your opinion is Desantis or Charlie Kirk and any of their incel friends are "based" and you want to move to fucking florida to help tpusa advertise their organization your opinion is terrible and you are not entitled to it

No. 1812046

File: 1681969588122.jpg (206.67 KB, 1080x1935, sapphomet.jpg)

The audacity to call yourself Sappho anything when you look like this.

No. 1812048


No. 1812051

that absolutely have to colonize womanhood because they need new frontiers to present as art and music since masculinity has run out of road to tread on. a convenient way for them to destroy women's culture to boot. it's even worse than gay men puppeting female celebs and presenting it as "women's culture"

No. 1812052

no it isn't, both are authoritarian, and since when is regular old conservatism "far right"?

No. 1812053

Can mods ban these tradchans already holy fuck

No. 1812054

I'm convinced for every person that detranses it peaks 3 more people in the process. It's why troons tried to make "death before detransition" a trending hashtag, they don't want these people to find peace they want them to not expose the truth about being trans and thus prefer them to be dead so they can't speak on it

No. 1812061

Nta but killing pedophiles is always based no matter who's doing it. Pedos are scum of the earth, same as all rapists.

No. 1812063

nta but "tradchans" + asking for bans because they said censoring one side of the political spectrum is authoritarian? quite ironic in the troon thread. just don't reply and move on if you don't want ppl talking politics

No. 1812064

>”Desantis is based”
>”don’t bring up politics!”
my sides

No. 1812069

Wow! He traded his scissors for a razor. Good for him.

No. 1812076

sorry to mini mod but as an anti-tradtard (am a Marxist-leaning RF) myself, pls stfu. fyi to newfags, this thread and website aren't exclusively made up of radical feminists. unless the tradtards are men, which is a possibility kek, derailing about b&s is annoying

No. 1812079

it says 'don't reply', not 'don't bring up politics'. if you reply, people will keep discussing it. hope this helps

No. 1812081

Tinfoil jacksepticeye will troon out soonish

No. 1812085

the farms are overwhelmingly radfem anon. The MtF thread even more so. Of course when moids and trad anons come in trying to defend right wing misogynist men on a site that bans moids without even trying to integrate they are going to be called out for it. What planet are you living on? The trad adjacent anons have only been a problem in the last 2-3 threads, it’s obvious it’s a few anons jerking each other off.

>I’m Marxist-leaning RF


After the MrBeast guy went, it was all over. The floodgates of male content creators trooning out or going they/them will open soon enough. Youtubers like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye and Dream know 99.9% of their fanbase are teen girls who will worship them if they come out as “queer”. Which today means being stunning and brave my simply changing your bio pronouns and nothing else.

No. 1812087

continue please..

No. 1812088

He’s the only big YouTuber I can see doing it (besides the Minecraft losers but in my mind they don’t count). Everyone else that people always tinfoil about are way too normie. I don’t think people realize Chris had obvious signs of troonery since like 2021, it didn’t just spring out of nowhere.

No. 1812090

File: 1681982941963.png (1.04 MB, 1080x2029, Screenshot_20230420-052823~2.p…)

No. 1812091

why do you think? i don't know anything about him other than he sells really shit coffee and still sperges about fnaf

No. 1812093

No. 1812095

File: 1681983619475.jpg (43.19 KB, 696x392, Untitled-design-34-1-696x392.j…)

Man who admitted to murdering the surrogate mother he hired to have his children has told the court he identifies as a woman in what some are calling a bid to avoid a potentially lengthy sentence for femicide

>Fernando Alves Ferreira was detained in February of 2022 after admitting to the murder of Eduarda Santos, a surrogate he had hired who was living with him in the Argentinian city of Bariloche. Santos’ body was found by a tourist on the Circuito Chico Trail with 9 gunshot wounds. A later forensic examination revealed that Santos’ corpse also had injuries consistent with having been beaten prior to her death.

>In Ferreira’s car, which was seized after he turned himself in, police found blood stains, leading them to theorize that a fight had broken out in the vehicle before Santos fled on foot. Ferreira then chased her down and shot her. Investigators noted that Ferreira had taken “every precaution to ensure the woman could not defend herself.” CCTV footage was also found of Ferreira disposing of his weapon.
>The motivation for the crime is unclear, as Ferreira has refused to provide concrete details. Instead, he has vaguely accused Santos of being involved in illegal “gang” activity and suggested he was the victim in the situation. No evidence has been found to substantiate his claim.
>Santos would give birth to twins for Ferreira and his partner, who would pass away the next year. The woman had apparently been living with the couple due to having a lack of her own economic resources.
>The chief prosecutor in the case characterized Santos as being particularly vulnerable, and described her as having been “at the mercy” of Ferreira. Just one month prior to her murder, Santos had given birth to another child.
>In response, Ferreira accused Santos of being the aggressor, saying “she was not submissive.” Santos’ family in Brazil have previously spoken out against Ferreira’s claims of victimhood, slamming media for giving him sympathetic coverage.
>It was the dynamic between Ferreira and Santos which led to prosecutors pursuing a conviction for femicide, which is defined as a gender-specific crime introduced in 2012 to address the nation’s epidemic of sex-based violence. According to the United Nations, one woman is murdered every 32 hours in Argentina. The femicide provision was defined broadly as “a crime against a woman when the act is perpetrated by a man and gender violence is mediated.”
>But now, Ferreira’s lawyers are seeking to have the femicide charge withdrawn, arguing that their client no longer identifies as a man. This past week during a hearing, Ferreira’s lawyers stated that his name was now “Amanda,” and that he was going through the relevant legal procedures to have his self-declared gender identity recognized.
>Of the charges Ferreira faced, the femicide claim carried the longest potential sentence of life imprisonment. If withdrawn, and if the other legal strategies stated by the defense are successful, Ferreira could spend as little as 10 years in prison for slaughtering Santos.

This has every possible combination of misogyny humanly possible.

No. 1812097

I honestly think a TERF-punk movement could be the nearest to the modern equivalent of 70's female punk bands and the early riot grrrl movement (which was partly in response to the hypermasculine 80's hardcore punk and then got taken over by libfems and genderspecials) It's all about centering women, feminism, male-exclusionary, women's rights, rejecting stereotypes and beauty standards, forming underground, counterculture, subversive etc.
I attended a live Q&A with The Slits a few years back and they were talking about how there is a need for a new women-led punk movement. At the time, I couldn't see it happening but I can now.

No. 1812104

never ever ever be a surrogate

No. 1812106

holy shit. this is so fucked up, it's like a bingo card for misogyny and sex-based violence.
>In response, Ferreira accused Santos of being the aggressor, saying “she was not submissive.”
women not being submissive = aggressive. there it is.

No. 1812108

Shut up autist. “Marxist” kek you self-labeled commie types are so fucking useless

No. 1812117

File: 1681991821068.webm (7.83 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.App 722382431743015659…)

No. 1812123

>terf pedos
Men aren't even creative with their DARVO.
It's very jarring, but illuminating, when you realize that most men are just completely fucking delusional about how they look, because nobody ever tormented them about it, there was never a whole publishing industry dedicated to humiliating them about it, and because of either nature or nurture they have a spastic aversion to any kind of criticism or self-improvement. Scrotes reach adulthood and still have the oblivious self image of a literal toddler.

No. 1812129

true. and it's so rare for a woman to say "i'm fucking hot" i mean you will see women being body confident from time to time but that literally is empowerment because we've been taught to all hate our bodies from a young age. when men do it, it's just delusional entitlement. so the fact we see so many TIMs being overconfident about their grotesque looks is not surprising and yet another bit of proof they have no idea what being a woman is like.
also they always use words like "hot" "hot slut" and very pornified descriptions of themselves, instead of just "I am beautiful" or any kind of neutrality or self-acceptance (because obviously they don't even accept the fact they are male).

No. 1812133

>He’s the only big YouTuber I can see doing it
I'm shocked that Egoraptor hasn't already done it. He capes hard for troons and they're always trying to recruit him because he's crossdressed a few times.

No. 1812134

It's also one of the reasons they blow up and go incel after hearing the word "no" a few times. They don't learn that existential awareness. Even when they have an inferiority complex, it's never an informed sense of inferiority, just "woe is me" shit.

No. 1812135

>"I DARE you to try and stop me from going into a woman's bathroom. It will be the last mistake you ever make."
>Suggests all trans people should be armed and train themselves how to use their weapon efficiently
>"You've been warned"
I worry for women

No. 1812140

Amazing how we now live in a world where defending women's sports is considered a conservative position.

No. 1812174

Threatening people who disagree with you (women specifically of course) is so feminine and woman-like. I kinda feel like we have so many handmaidens because they think those crazy males will not hurt them if they will smile and nod at everything trannies say.
KEK of course he has a prison gay polycule with zero women involved. I would watch an epic fight between him and a redneck.
Thanks, nonnie, I'm saving that in my peaking collection.

No. 1812189

I'm personally surprised Flamingo/Albert hasn't trooned out yet. A good chunk of his audience is underage trannies and he definitely caters to them and their brand of humor. It doesn't help that Roblox is seemingly infested by troons nowadays. Iirc he also occasionally makes "jokes" about being into femboys.

No. 1812192

> Everyone else that people always tinfoil about are way too normie.

Maybe I'm just old and jaded but, to me, a moid being "normie" is just as likely, perhaps even more likely to troon out because you know what else is "normie" for men? Porn addiction.

Males aren't normal.

I grew up on farms, working with animals, and unless you need them for breeding many male animals are castrated/neutered/gelded because otherwise they are fucking psychopaths and a pain in the ass to deal with.

Sage for blogging.

No. 1812203

As someone who used to frequent the UKHC scene it's too friendly to "queer voices" across the board, and a lot of people who I thought were reliable independent free thinkers turned out to just echo the party line at the end of the day.

No. 1812204

"If you try to stop me from using the women's restroom I will shoot you"

No. 1812209

normie men are highly susceptible to egg hatching. Alpha bros, cryptobros, incels, MGTOW, etc. if you say just the right thing, a male normie will believe whatever you want him to.

No. 1812218

File: 1682011860027.webm (8.7 MB, 360x640, cj.webm)

women have NO IDEA what it is like to suffer male violence, unlike twans wimmin. also kek at him saying "femme presenting" when he literally just looks and sounds like a nerdy dude.
>you were never forced into men's spaces, behind closed doors with violent and predatory men
is he kidding? and now, thanks to people like him, we don't have any safe spaces from them. cheers!

No. 1812226

File: 1682014244647.png (49.73 KB, 327x328, BIGFLOPPA.png)

I hate trannies so much its unreal

No. 1812227

You shouldn't get a woman's award because society hasn't viewed you under the same prejudices as a woman during this "struggle" you're describing. Women are viewed and treated differently by society, and when you were viewed as a man you didn't have to deal with it. I'm not saying this man didn't struggle but that's like giving a white guy a black award because he grew up in an inner city area. There's struggles that arise from growing up in that area, but ultimately you didn't face the same prejudice as your black counterparts.

Get a fucking trans woman award if you want awards, being natal female and becoming a transwoman are two completely different things and to equate the two, therefore eraseing the other is why people are pissed

"Why are you mad at your greatest ally"
Imagine transwomen ever allying women lmao.

The fact that this guy is yelling at women about how they "don't understand what trans women face!" while also outright ignoring women's struggle is so male. Everything about how this guy acts is incredibly male, doesn't help his "I grew up as a woman my whole life!" argument

No. 1812229

File: 1682014782340.jpeg (44.31 KB, 563x533, projection.jpeg)

It's amazing how they don't see how fucking grossly sex obsessed they are.

No. 1812230

Is internalized homophobia a driving factor behind the transition of majority of HSTS people?

No. 1812232

they understand the men are not part of their hierarchy. and won't respond to attacks in the way they want. they don't buy into it, or anything adjacent, to begin with and don't participate. whereas they see women as part of their space, stepping out of line and disputing something from inside.

No. 1812236

They have this fantasy where every argument agains them is invalidated because everyone wants to secretly wants to fuck them.
No, the people who want to fuck you are the men screaming at the top of their lungs about trans rights. Most people think its gross and offputting, which is part of why they're so opposed to it.

No. 1812237

File: 1682015506696.jpg (73.47 KB, 628x680, FuKN1vkWIAAVXwd.jpg)

i'm at a loss for words right now kek

No. 1812239

"Criminalizing 'sex crimes against children' is inherenlty anti-trans"
I can agree to these terms lol

No. 1812246

it's still femicide even if he is a "woman" now

No. 1812247


It also gives away why the utopian ideal of everyone being able to do whatever with gender is ultimately something they themselves would shut down. This all needs a captive audience to keep going. Can never fully let the normies in either.

No. 1812249

yes and also hatred and envy of women

No. 1812250

The sight of most trans people makes me want to puke though. They look like mutants. And that's before they even take their clothes off. I have no desire to see a bloody, smelly science experiment where someone's genitals used to me. Very few things repulse me more, like pedos.

No. 1812252

Is like "if people are homophobic, is because they repress their homo urges/internalized homophobia". No, in this case is because trannies are annoying and have a "hollier-than-thou" attitude against everyone that do not think like them.

No. 1812260

File: 1682019523956.webm (4.95 MB, 576x1024, joanna.webm)

won't somebody think of the poor trannies who were always true and honest women.

>angry at your greatest ally

lmao, fuck off

No. 1812264


i'm not sure this even works as a meme anymore. like they make the most overtly homophobic and degrading shit specifically trying to get that type of moid to play into their fetish. it's deliberately targeted at people who don't buy into any of this shit.

No. 1812268

this has to be a troll. no way they're this brazen.

No. 1812269

File: 1682021158326.png (61.04 KB, 1294x971, tranny.png)

Everything is about sexual value to them

No. 1812273

lmao this is so delusional, the way he tries to blink and look all coy like an anime girl at the end. and the sad music kek. the autism is strong in this one.
>do you think I choose this?
yes I do think he chooses to feel persecuted.

No. 1812277

"whenever we're more taboo" as if there was ever a time in human history having sex with a squawking retard in a dress & Halloween wig was not taboo.
> g-g-go ahead and hate, cis bitches, uh NOW we're making a lot of money and NOT being killed by johns in South America! but rest assured when it's time to cajole sympathy again we're going to go back to being the most murdered and aggrieved of all people

No. 1812279

all the men who want you can stay the fuck on that side with the other degens and sinnerz

No. 1812286

>y'all's men
this is so funny to me. men think they have ownership over the women in their lives they assume women feel the same about men. and that men "belong" to us, even those of us who are lesbians?? and that the only reason women hate TiMs is because they fuck "our" men. go ahead and fuck all the pornsick men you want, dude. it still doesn't make you a woman.

No. 1812290

I mean many troonphobic moids are chasers so

No. 1812300

Argentina is extremely trans friendly. You don’t even need to take hormones or do anything in particular to legally change gender there, consequence of having an extremely woke upper class who have play a disproportionate role in politics.

No. 1812337

File: 1682029706895.png (25.89 KB, 1080x395, Screenshot_20230420-162738.png)

This annoying troon on fb just posted this "joke". I don't even know the band static dress, but everyone in the comments are saying, "omg she looks like Sofie!!"
Which isn't that misgendering according to them? I don't know, I hate all these failmales so much.

No. 1812364

Porn. Because in porn the portrayal of women having an orgasm is this big spastic event where she's screaming lime she's being murdered and flailing around, but of course this isn't true

Makes me wonder how troons look when they fake their orgasms

No. 1812367

File: 1682033087829.jpeg (440.95 KB, 1284x2329, IMG_8379.jpeg)

My local korean spa (formally a favorite relaxation place for me), now ruined by a pervert. I checked yelp before going because I just wanted to see if anything had changed recently and apparently much has. I can’t believe all it takes is a “female” driver’s license for them to be able to display a full erection around naked women - of all ages I may add. I swear if I had been there I would have probably ended up cancelled on social media for going after this degenerate freak. Well, at least now I know not to go there….
Also crazy how the poster says she’s at a loss at what to do - I don’t know, how about we don’t allow naked perverts to walk into female spaces with no consequences? I feel like I’m living in the twilight zone.

No. 1812375

>im for all trans women in female spaces
>gets repulsed by a tranny in your space

you reap what you sow yada yada

No. 1812379

This is so sad, the spa probably thought they had no option but let him in because of the fear of backlash or getting sued… I hope you can find a better place free of these freaks nonna

No. 1812407

yes, absolutely. This is why places like Brazil and Thailand have so many HSTS men. It's on both sides of the equation - the HSTS men find it easier to be a straight woman than a gay man, and the men who sleep with them can feel straight even though they are attracted to men.

No. 1812411

They're probably just saying it that way so people don't cry terf

No. 1812425

File: 1682038407177.jpeg (17.19 KB, 512x468, images (52).jpeg)

stop hating on cryptoCHADs
theyre literally the epitome of western civilization and masculinity, and literally are saving rhe world from communism as we speak. die off you worthless fucking piece of shit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1812426

Yeah, I think it's pretty common for cryptoterfs to mention a pro-tranny rhetoric before saying their anti-troon opionion to lessen potential online (and offline) attacks. I do it when I talk about tranny topics in class.

No. 1812427

oh but they will absolutely witchhunt her even if she still gurgles their balls as much as she can, they cant accept opinions that are vaguely out of their agenda

No. 1812428

this lmao, one day they're genocide victims, the other they like being taboo because it means everyone's husbands spend thousands on trans prostitutes. both are fantasies and it's telling that in their "positive" fantasies they're just prostitutes for ashamed men in the closet

No. 1812433

Now women are losing job opportunities because they're defending themselves against trannies? Was that even a student or just an angry tranny?

No. 1812434

File: 1682039104661.jpeg (146.74 KB, 1170x1175, 08591EF5-EF66-409F-831E-4BADC8…)

i also encountered a psycho tranny spouting the same bullshit!

No. 1812435

how come they all have the same idea? have trannies ever been mentioned in relation to this bill? is it another 4chan psyop? why do they think that lawmakers are gonna add crossdressing next to rape on the list of crimes that warrant the death penalty?

No. 1812436

the reason they're all freaked out about this bill is because a very generous (or rather, terrified and fake ass) reading of it suggests that it will become illegal to troon out someone under 12. Something to do with causing direct harm to the genitals of an underage person. You know, the thing they're all so desperate to do for totally altruistic, not at all latently pedophilic, intentions

No. 1812440

This could be wrong but I heard the bill considers crossdressing/drag in front of kids as a sex crime, probably in relation to the drag queen storytime shit.

No. 1812441

Even so, nobody is getting a death penalty for it unless they also raped a child, while crossdressing

No. 1812442

Thanks, I thought it sounded too insane to be accurate.

No. 1812443

Death penalties aren't automatic by the way

No. 1812448

i looked it up. this is what it says.

>A person 18 years of age or older who commits 27 sexual battery upon, or in an attempt to commit sexual battery 28 injures the sexual organs of, a person less than 12 years of age 29 commits a capital felony, punishable as provided in ss. 775.082 30 and 921.1425. In all capital cases under this section, the 31 procedure set forth in s. 921.1425 shall be followed in order to 32 determine a sentence of death or life imprisonment.

No. 1812450

Yea the jury would have to all agree

No. 1812455

If they had any brains they would

No. 1812460

"your man doesn't want to be seen with me in public" is not the flex these retards think it is kek

No. 1812484

Because men are extremely dramatic and make up their enemies to feel justified in their hysteria.

No. 1812486

This is what we mean when we point out that the only women allowed power by moids in power are the ones that cater to scrotes.

No. 1812501

File: 1682049324622.jpg (564.46 KB, 1729x2398, 20230420_224319.jpg)

One of my favorite GTA RP "female" streamers just came put as Trans
Like I kinda always knew, anti-JK, very feminist opinionated, but sometimes like next level funny. Back like 2 years ago I remember a picture of a breat surgery. Assuming they were a reduction but now i understand implants.

Then (s)he joined the war in Ukraine and I just knew. These souless eyes. I feed very saddened its official now that the truth is out.

No. 1812536

women do not seek out what they hate for engaging in sexual purposes, that's scrote behavior.

No. 1812541

nonny, you need to learn how to catch troons by their voice. just one listen to cath, kylie, or rerolldota and it's very obvious they are trans without any other info- no matter how hard they all try to hide it lmao

No. 1812559

I know I know
But with the Welsh accent I wasn't sure
Kylie I knew though right away with that guy boy voice.

No. 1812568

Wait is it the troon who plays the cop? Years ago I was into GTA RP and there was a blue haired cop that someone on the reddit said was a Troon, it made sense because he had the most annoying weird voice. If it's him it's been known for years they are a troon

No. 1812571

He's openly made fun of the fans that force the "Arin is trans" theory so I hope he doesn't.

No. 1812578

nooooo lol why does he look lie a sad and not cute molly soda

No. 1812587

aren't most trans people killed by men or by suicide?

No. 1812590

If Arin ever troons out I will be so heartbroken for him and his wife. He definitely shows some signs, but to a degree I think it's pretty performative. I try to believe that deep down he is smarter than that.

No. 1812593