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File: 1631829144452.jpeg (16.22 KB, 275x197, 1631634072097.jpeg)

No. 914233

Actual vents not blogposts plx
Previous >>>/ot/904837

No. 914243

Don't listen to op, vent whatever you want.

No. 914248

shut up, op is right

No. 914249

File: 1631830822777.png (106.1 KB, 253x243, not okay.png)

So what's a vent and what's a blogpost? Can you link an example of both because honestly, gay rule

No. 914251

I’m tired of these troons bashing on women. That Nikita Dragun really said “I’ve never even seen a cisgender female come even close to looking how my sisters look.” That’s sick..

No. 914254

a vent post is for expressing negative emotions

No. 914261

I can’t decide on what Hobonichi to get. I’ve been using the Weeks for two years and I think the size is great but I always write super tiny. That makes it hard for me to read my own writing so I was looking at the a6 original, I tried it a few years ago but totally failed. I think I write more now compared to back then so it might work.

No. 914266

it's not sick, he's completely correct. no cisgender woman looks like a deformed freakshow of a man with 20 layers of makeup on trying to pass as a woman.

No. 914276

I can't even be offended because it's such an obvious cope. Women can be ugly, frumpy, masculine etc yet we still naturally have something they'd kill for and can never have. We don't have to pass, we don't have to be beautiful, we simply are and they can seethe about it forever.

No. 914277

File: 1631832678060.jpg (327.77 KB, 1200x675, covershake.jpg)

If he means "sisters" as in his tranny friends then I consider that good. Who the hell wants to look like a botched gay man anyway? He's just butthurt because women don't need to do shit about how they look because they're already women. I'd be seething too if I had to take hormones that are detrimental to my health, spend thousands of dollars on expensive plastic surgery that make me look like a fish, have my genitals dry up or be cut up into an artificial hole that has more hair inside of it than my head, have a new hairline stapled to my Frankenstein forehead, "train" my voice for hours only to sound like an effeminate gay cartoon man, and tell myself everyday that it'll all be worth it only to easily get clocked the moment I step outside in natural light.

No. 914278

Oh but to add onto that, obviously women are almost always much more attractive than trannies. They are comedicly repulsive most of the time.

No. 914281

File: 1631832879309.jpg (107.46 KB, 1242x1196, 1624134552732.jpg)

my family is retarded and there's nothing I can do to change it

No. 914283

I’ll tell you exactly what it is, there’s a philosophical esoteric difference between venting and blog posting and the difference is that mirror on the wall, here we are again, through my rise and fall, you’ve been my only friend.

No. 914285

File: 1631833113796.jpeg (67.67 KB, 309x723, E9809856-C8B2-4EC3-BB04-7AB473…)

the fat deposits in their fake inflatable ass has burst and the toxic liquid seeped into their brain, it ended up being a truth serum that reveals to how men especially trannies view all women.

No. 914286

File: 1631833128363.jpg (30.14 KB, 933x870, 1573674795296.jpg)

No. 914289

You can only change yourself to heal the results of their retardedness.

No. 914290

File: 1631833407217.jpg (65.76 KB, 1280x720, mwah.jpg)

thank you nonners, we shall overcome

No. 914294

I'm so hungry, where's my boyfriend to come eat with me (and maybe buy us food)

No. 914297

It's just a (very male form of) cope.

No. 914304

I just want to feel like I can do the basics of life. I try to be more positive about myself, I have this idea that everyone else has it all together, they are all attractive and doing the smallest thing is such a huge thing. I was so worried why my period wasn't coming on, now it is and I feel down and depressed.
Like I'll never be able to..to exist, I can't even explain it, I just feel like I can't exist and do normal things and I don't deserve them.

No. 914306

The things I struggle with are simple things, that people half my age know how to do, my anxiety is getting so fucking bad even thinking about doing certain things makes me freak out.

No. 914316

Ah yes, I crai Everytime I look in the mirror and realize my hips don't look like tumors attached to me.

No. 914324

I fucking hate going to school when it’s 90+ degrees outside. Takes me 15 minutes to get to my car with no shade on the way, just direct sunlight. I always feel like I’m going to pass out from heat stroke when I finally get to my car. I just want to skip tomorrow seeing that it’ll be 96 degrees but fuck my professors for requiring attendance

No. 914340

I'm going to rip a carpet out of one of the rooms just for funnies see what lies beneath fuck my life it's come to this

No. 914342

Direct sunlight is the worst, I recommend a UV umbrella/parasol. It's totally worth looking a bit odd.

No. 914348

Fucking tranny shit seeping into everything. Fuck you In Praise of Shadows, HP Lovecraft wasn't an oppressed valid transwimmin, he was an autist raised by a schizophrenic woman who wanted him to be a girl. The dresses he wore, the insecurity with his appearance, the uncomfortable higher register with which he spoke in, can all be directly sourced to the ridiculous way his crazy mom treated him, more than him "repressing his true identity". I guess you're secretly on point though, pinning an autistic white male bigot with mommy issues as a troon, but that's because that's what the majority of TIMs are. They are not women, HP Lovecraft was not a woman, and you're a retard.

No. 914351

>“I’ve never even seen a cisgender female come even close to looking how my sisters look.”
Like a man trying to be a woman? Yeah, that'd be weird lmao

No. 914353

Just you wait til he sees kikomi

No. 914359

File: 1631843870475.png (8.05 MB, 1170x2532, 69CD09E8-355E-424B-BEC3-231BB3…)

No. 914362

Isn't he haram with the woke crowd, he wrote that copy pasta worthy text about 'niggers'.

No. 914367

That just makes him more relatable to troons, kek. The incel to tranny pipeline is real.

No. 914374

>men trying to cosplay as women set the trends for women
Up next: Plastic plants set the trends for real ones, Chuck E Cheese sets the trends for actual mice, etc

No. 914380

It’s so funny to me that this dude has so much makeup on and has the surgeries yet still just looks like a drag queen.

No. 914382

Most wokies I've met love his works, but try to disassociate themselves from his bigotry. Defenses include:
>"I like his work but hate him as a person" (meanwhile, these same people disown Rowling completely)
>"He was only shitty because he was actually secretly oppressed!"
>Above with the specification that he was a troon (false)
>Above with the justification he's gay (false)
>Above with the justification that he was autistic (true)
>"It was common to be racist for the time!" (Lovecraft was exceptionally racist, even in his time period's culture)
>"He reformed himself, he was martied to a Jewish woman and said he regretted being bigoted!" (his marriage to said woman lasted 2 years, he tried to make her disown her heritage and connections, and he only regretted being so crass about his hate, not hating, itself)
>"Well, he's dead, so he doesn't profit from this! It's all public domain!" (rich, coming from the same people who refuse to consumr content from modern, living people for far, far less)
They can't commit to dismissing his works the same way they cancel everything else, presumably because incel-like, autistic TIMs relate to him so much. Personally, I'm autistic and gay, and relate to certain themes, and have no problem with adaptions or interpretations of his works, but I don't buy anything that he actually wrote; It's just too fucked. I'm primarily frustrated with the revisionism, tolerance of intolerance, and sheer hypocrisy libfems/TRAs show when liking his works.

No. 914392

I've been taking fibre to shit because I shit maybe twice a week, and I haven't been shitting more, just farting like crazy and I'm mad. They're horrible, it's making my stomach rumble and gurgle, but I cannot fucking shit.
Wtf is wrong with me

No. 914397

Fucking pissed that lolcow has peaked me, because as a freelance artist you have to pander to tranny shit or get ostracized. I'm going to fuck up one of these days and say something tRaNsPhObIc by accident and get my ass canceled. I fucking hate how woke art spaces are, any project or community I want to make or join has to pander to queer gender make believe crap. ughhhh

No. 914398

are you dehydrated?

No. 914400

a lot of water and psyllium husk might help

No. 914412

File: 1631851239253.png (312.82 KB, 998x937, cry.png)

My friend's trans (ftm) kid just told him that "she doesn't know if she could ever feel happy." I'm sorry for her. I'm sorry for him. I feel like a balloon pricked, slowly losing air. I can't imagine how they feel.

No. 914413

For a moment I thought this was about nikita and was slightly confused, but only slightly

No. 914416

Officially in love with a straight girl, pour one out for me

No. 914418

Damn, nonny, I'm sorry for your loss.

No. 914430

So, according to my dad, when i cry about my recently deceased grandma, who raised me and died tragically i should just "get over it" but when he feels ~sad~ about his drug dealer cousin who doesn't give a shit about no one but himself he's "justified". I always knew he was a POS but that was too far: you useless, gross mf, you should just fuck off with your sidehoes again and stop sabotaging my family. I never loved you and it's YOUR fault for being such a fucking failure. Don't ever talk about my granny never again or i will seriously break your shit, worthless scrote.

No. 914437

I'm struggling to find a way to respond to this, because all I can think of is "a scrote this horrid deserves retribution", and I'm not sure I can recommend setting his trash on fire and then blaming him if the cops get called. My condolences for your loss, though, I'm sure your grandma was wonderful.

No. 914440

File: 1631855322049.jpg (256.89 KB, 722x428, lkasjlakdsjlkdj.jpg)

I accidentally applied for a fake scam job listing, and now I'm worried about identity theft. I'm thinking about freezing my credit and putting a lock on my phone carrier account, the latter of which would be humiliating since i'm still under my dad's account and would have to admit to him that I got scammed. I asked a few different subreddits how worried I need to be and they all either said:

>you're fucked, freeze everything, nuke your email and re-link all your accounts

>you're probably fine, don't lose sleep over it.

For more context, I gave away my email, a variation of my password (had to create a password for the scam site and used my usual formula), my full name, my DOB, my schools, and my major. I googled my name and DOB and turns out I'm listed on white pages with my full home address and my parent's info too, so essentially they have my address as well. They don't have my cell phone number, SSN, credit/debit card info, bank account info, but they could get my SSN by calling the major carriers until they find the one I have an account with, scam them into switching over the number using my address, DOB, full name, email, etc. Once they have that, they can then break through my 2 factor authentication on financial and academic accounts, which will reveal my SSN. And when that happens, my identity is as good as stolen.

On one hand, it's sort of unlikely they'd go through all that effort for some random person who didn't even complete their fake process (which involves giving bank account info– i realized t there and didn't give it). But on the other hand, it wouldn't be too hard to do it if they by some chance decided to.

I've been stressed out of my mind since this happened and can't sleep, I've been trying to transfer things over to a new email but I'd lose the youtube account I've had for 10 years if I delete the old one… I guess I'll have to though, so I've been manually downloading and transferring all my google docs/pics/files to a new account which is taking for fucking ever because google's downloading service is broken as shit and makes copies of the same files and puts them in fucked up zip-within-a-zip files… I also had to wipe all my saved passwords bc if they can get into my email, they can get into my chrome account and see them. So I've been spending all my time doing that instead of job hunting but my parents don't know why and think I'm being lazy and are nagging me like crazy

I don't know how far I need to take this, i'm terrified of having to admit to my tech business dad I fucked up like a retard, and I'm terrified I could get my identity stolen / credit frauded before I even get my first real job and apartment because of my retard mistake.

Any advice or consolation would be so incredibly appreciated.

No. 914445

same thing happened to me, I peaked and saw how most of my "fans" were either pornsick troons or handmaidens. The idea of pandering to these people made me sick so I basically stopped posting art online and am back in school because it was really ruining art for me, and that shit ain't worth ir

No. 914446

Been watching a lot of horror stories about men on tiktok lately and it's just…wildly sad to me that being a woman is so dangerous. Like what the fuck. Why are men so terrible? What leads (so many of) them to stalk, rape, demean, and shit on women? How is human trafficking still so common in the states (I had no idea, I swear, as dumb as this makes me sound).

I don't know. I'm a woman myself of course and I'm just feeling the first rush of anxiety people normally feel after watching scary stuff. Must I sleep every night in fear that some psycho moid is going to break into my apartment and turn me into another headline on the news? It's ridiculous

No. 914450

Yeah. It's terrorism on a massive scale.

Every time a woman is killed or raped just for walking down the street, or breaking up with a moid /turning one down, or having politics a moid disagrees with, literally anything at all, it's a message to all women that says:

"you better watch yourself, keep yourself small, quiet, and agreeable. Don't voice your opinions. Don't pretend to have independence. Don't try to live your life without including us. Or else."

No. 914458

File: 1631858474594.jpeg (122.25 KB, 1080x777, E3EB6560-4F02-4902-9ACA-A7CF31…)

I think about that a lot too. Like, I don’t understand how people like shoe or other pick-mes can be the way that they are when so many women are suffering or die at the hands of moids. I also can’t believe men have the audacity to say THEYRE the victims because they might be falsely accused or because ~society~ failed them. All it takes is one pissed off mentally ill moid and multiple people can die at once. It’s almost embarrassing that this is still happening.

No. 914466

File: 1631859735366.png (117.26 KB, 264x275, 1606365206276.png)

A friend I haven't talked to in like a decade met up with me on vacation and on day two had a crazy ass manic episode and abruptly left our hotel room without even packing up her stuff. I feel bad for her and worry that she's okay, but she's an adult and I can't do anything to stop her. I tried telling her to rethink her plans to just wander a strange city but she just got upset enough to try walking off into traffic instead. I at least got her to a safe, touristy part of town with the majority of her stuff. I didn't want to fight her or follow her because I didn't want someone to call the cops on us trying to wrangle her and have them shoot us without question because we ain't white. I'm bipolar too and her mania was triggering mine, so I had to back off for my own mental health too. She mysteriously texted someone else in our party "safe" earlier then deleted all her social media, the only way we had contact her. Welp, hope she don't die.

No. 914467

ugh the garlic and el paso moids have practically the exact same mouth. Also parents who let their adolescent sons use the internet unsupervised should face some sort of tribunal for the ruination they've brought upon society.

No. 914468

Why's Kyle Rittenhouse being compared to mentally ill scrotes in this pic

No. 914470

>I didn't want to fight her or follow her because I didn't want someone to call the cops on us trying to wrangle her and have them shoot us without question because we ain't white
>have them shoot us without question because we ain't white
Fuck off with the racebaiting

No. 914475

File: 1631860243415.jpeg (353.53 KB, 1988x929, 45434.jpeg)

Relevant scene from Preacher
I mean he shot a sex offender, so he's somewhat based imo
plus I think he's kinda cute

No. 914478

nta but that's not racebaiting, anon.

No. 914481

I have to see my dad who used to beat up my mom so badly our entire apartment used to shake for a relative’s wedding. He knocked up some 19 year old when I was semi-homeless as a preteen and wouldn’t let me stay with him. I’m good now, but all the feelings of resentment and abandonment are rushing back in. He won’t leave me alone because he wants me to be big sister to his daughter. And my family won’t disinvite him because wifebeating is normalized in our culture.

No. 914492

>a vent post is for expressing negative emotions

nta but you can express negative emotions via blogposting too, it's such a stupid rule. just because some aren't as negative as others doesn't make them not vents. plus that people have been posting shit in the vent threads for literal ages that aren't vents or blogposts and no one ever cared, not sure why "blogposting" is so heinously offensive all of the sudden.

No. 914493

AYRT, he's extremely based, that's why I'm asking why he's on there to begin with!

No. 914494

File: 1631861367615.jpeg (851 KB, 1167x1549, 8719857E-D7B5-4079-B5C0-0B19D8…)

I’m babysitting for family and they put off the pay for a week and I let it slide because why not
Today I was supposed to get paid and they said next Friday. Wtf alright but then that pay has then accumulated to double the pay right? I propose to instead of doubling the pay just ask for $50 moar than usual. I’m thinking about rq hitting this dumb ass gig

No. 914496

Brush up on police homicide records.

No. 914497

Yeah, I think its cause he shot some Antifa and they just call him a Nazi and move on, even though he came from a progressive Christian group and had plenty of mixed friends, unlike the other shooters

No. 914498

NTAYRT but she's still right, that's not racebait lmao. Are you a cop?

No. 914500

Like I said, brush up on police homicide records.

No. 914502

oh, okay. You're a cop.

No. 914525

Why the fuck is it ok to acknowledge that social media causes eating disorders in teen girls but not to acknowledge that the same exact things also cause some to troon out? When are people going to realize that they're the same fucking thing, except one is demonised and the other is encouraged? After how many mutilated girls will people start waking up? Or is this just another case of nobody actually caring about the well being of women, just using us as pawns for their politics?

No. 914529

im a cop

No. 914535

I hope when enough people will detransition it will stop being taboo. Too bad for these that will have to fall victim to it first though…

No. 914546

Just change your mail password (and the other info you have to provide in order to change it, whether it's DOB or security questions) and make sure you don't use that mail & password combination for other popular websites.
Scammers like this do this with dozens of people to sell the data they get, but it's like you said, the only valuable thing you gave away is your mail password. They will probably check if you use this on different websites like netflix/paypal/amazon/ebay etc with a program, but they will not go out of their way to find out your SSN, this is too much work for all the people thet scam.

No. 914556

>I also had to wipe all my saved passwords bc if they can get into my email, they can get into my chrome account and see them
Samefag, but this is unlikely since chrome's security system jumps on once someone logs in from a different IP, Internet provider, different cookies and device. If you haven't entered your data on a fake website the scammer created, they can merely imitate an IP within the range of your address, but it either being a different provider, a different device and sometimes different cookies will set of red flags and they will have to provide 2factor (phone) verifications and you will get a mail that someone tried to login to your account. And tbh even if the site was created by the scammer, they probably would trigger the security anyway because the ones going for shitty schticks like this are usually too retarded to fake enough information to imitate the original owner of the account.

You should still tell your dad though, I'm sure he will have some more helpful things to say.

No. 914562

File: 1631872503001.jpg (136.48 KB, 710x461, 16318722630552.jpg)

I will fucking commit a murder suicide, I use these to bed and still can hear my boyfriend snoring
It pains me but I guess I'll have to ask him to sleep elsewhere because I literally am losing sleep over this shit (plus I also keep waking him up and pushing him, so it can't be healthy for him either)

No. 914568

snoring is the fucking worst. have you guys looked into those snoring surgeries? it's a simple procedure and works well for many people. my dad had one years ago, he used to snore like a fucking train, and it worked well up until now but he's gotten older and fatter so thats to be expected.

No. 914573

File: 1631874805174.jpg (43.18 KB, 556x493, 8323b97f06efc469f44059ca692527…)

>snoring is the fucking worst
It is, doesn't help that I am also a very light sleeper and I can't sleep easily once something wakes me up
>have you guys looked into those snoring surgeries?
I actually have, and he kept putting it off until he basically admitted to me.that he's very scared of doing surgeries, especially considering this is not for something life threatening.
Nasal strips sometimes work for him but not only all the ones I had are gone and the new ones have not arrived yet, but also it doesn't work always, it's a fucking gamble.
Also sucks that we just got a new Queen sized bed, it would be so shitty to ask him to sleep elsewhere while I get this gigantic bed for myself. Guess I will be the one sleeping elsewhere. Fuuuckkk

No. 914577

it may not be life threatening but it's threatening your sanity which is reason enough. i understand being scared of surgeries, im a big wuss myself, but worst case scenario the surgery just doesnt work.

No. 914578

File: 1631876066475.jpeg (39.4 KB, 500x500, 6eaada2b-0e01-4032-87e1-3e52af…)

Yeah, you're right. I guess I'll try to talk him into it again, but he'll probably answer that he'll sleep in the guestroom and I'll feel like shit. I wonder if picrel+ nasal strips work since the mouth will also be shut and whatnot. At least he's willing to use stuff like that

No. 914587

You can trade bed from time to time so you both get to sleep on the big queen bed. Plus, sleeping apart doesn't mean you don't love each other.

No. 914588

>You can trade bed from time to time so you both get to sleep on the big queen bed.
Oh, that actually sounds fair, I didn't think of it. Probably the sleep deprivation. Thanks!

No. 914603

my bf insists that his penis is too thick for condoms and they cut off his blood circulation so i let him hit it raw 3 times a day for a week while i was staying with him and now i have a uti
should i kill myself?

No. 914604

Nah girl, drink some cranberry juice and kill him. Also three times a day?? Sweet christ

No. 914605

im so happy that i love snoring, it's so peaceful and comfy

No. 914611

File: 1631880832658.gif (683.72 KB, 220x165, condom-balloon.gif)

Bitch, he's fucking lying. Stop getting played like that, he's just using you

No. 914635

no offense nonie but, are you retarded

No. 914642

File: 1631882986121.jpg (17.42 KB, 228x371, evil-granny.jpg)

You really didn't have to rub it in

No. 914645

??? You know he's lying, don't even pretend. The UTI is a warning for taking his bullshit.

No. 914651

i am retarded and i am reaping the consequences of being a male apologist right now as i sit on the toilet

No. 914653

are you actually this stupid or are you trolling

No. 914655

I am guessing you're 18, I hope you learn now and cut his chode off when he asks to do it raw again. No offense, but he sounds pornsick by your brief description.

No. 914660

Now I wanna know if he really has a bad dragon xl dong. Please bring some measuring tape next time you see him and report back.
Here are two manufacturers sizing infos for reference.

No. 914662

i wish i was trolling but ive been downing cartons of cranberry juice for the past few days

No. 914670

Hope you'll feel better soon nonnie and let it be a lesson for the future.

No. 914675

File: 1631886170503.jpg (35.96 KB, 635x357, 7e506438542816dcb3a5e8565090b6…)

garlic, nonna, eat raw garlic, that's a natural antibiotic and it really works, tried it myself while having that bullshit. And lots of water. You will feel better soon and then you should travel with your bf to the Icelandic Phallological Museum, so he can compare his huge penis to that of an elephant, don't think there are condoms for elephants.

No. 914684

I lost my rent hostel. I took in a homeless orphan girl that lived in this supported living facility with a friend of mine for a few days. She screwed it up for me by going out of the room a couple of times. I lost control of her and I mistakingly let the card/key in my room because I wanted her to use the lights in the room. When confronted by the hotel super visor the kid screamed and yelled. The supervisor had to close the door. Well at my first day of work I did my best and really well. Until I had a severe mental breakdown because of a phonecall where the lesbian orphan molester actually calls me and I hear the supervisor telling me that I have to leave tomorrow (today) at 10 am.

Shift at my first work day was over thankfully and it did not happen in front of the guests. I cried and passed out on the floor. I screamed and cursed. The orphan is a lesbian who molested me. She stank so much and mentally abused me. Tortured me. The hostel was near work and education. She took away my roof. Molested me. And now I have to place her medication and trash at the house she was previously in.

My reputation was shunned, too.

Thoughts on this farmers? Will I be alright?

No. 914685

I've made a similar mistake before. Most homeless people deserve their situation and don't want real help.

No. 914689

I've been there too, anon. It does get better, I promise.

No. 914694

Will people at work hate me? They all looked with pity and didn’t know what to say or do though. Someone walked with me.

The rest hoped for the best I guess. I’m worrying about my reputation because I’m in a big city. I just want to keep my job and ability to find renting.

And true. Tell me yours anon.

No. 914695


Nonnie I know this is will be hard for you to do, put please try and fins some way to ease the stess and anxiety. If you were in the UK, I could walk you through what happens - in the UK, we are now protected against Identidy Theft, it still happens and some very disressed people are still crying at the CAB, BUT the banks will work with them ( I don't see a need to post Finacial Law refrences to back up my claims), but I assume you are American and i assume the US has a very similair policy to the UK, when it comes to ID theft. Please contact your back and try to get a meeting with a PERSON, in ADDITION to writting emails letters and making sure you have hard physical copy. With ID thefts a lot depends on the sophistation of scam and the Victim ( The elderly and those with low intelligence are the ones they get " so far" with. Please do not take the Low intelligence part as an insult. I should have phrased it better, but there has been a huge surge in ID thefts and scams since covid took hold. You should not feel embarrassed I work in Financial law and plenty of intelligent and succesful people get ID thefts and have falled for sophisticated scams. ( Some involve editting phone conversations so it sounds like you are saying YES to a question, when in reality the only thing you may have said YES to was an offer for a glass of water. I hope some US nonnies can give you better advice. That said, please feel free to ask me any questions? I would be more than happy to try and reduce your anxiety in a constructive way. I personally knew a sophisticated Scammer, he got send to jail, but before that he was working in finance. good Luck nonnie and please tell your dad / loved ones, as it sounds like you could do with some IRL help and comfort from your loved ones. Please go to go to your Bank and while this is still fresh on your mind, wrote down as much detail as you can.

No. 914697

forgot to add, you are clearly young, no you are not a retard, you are a victim/ potential victim of scam and you noped out when red flags stated showing. many older educated people fail tp even spot these red flags.

No. 914704

>>914440 same fagging but
"They DON@T ( my emphasis) have my cell phone number, SSN, credit/debit card info, bank account info, but they could get my SSN by calling the major carriers until they find the one I have an account with, scam them into switching over the number using my address, DOB, full name, email, etc. Once they have that, they can then break through my 2 factor authentication on financial and academic accounts, which will reveal my SSN. And when that happens, my identity is as good as stolen. This UNLIKELY, but again I don't live in the US. I think you are overly worrying about things and in the process this is effecting your ability to think clearly and rationally again please don't take this as in insult.

No. 914711

Teen girls: shoplift from multibillionaire corporations
Teen boys: vandalize, destroy and “hit licks” from their own underfunded, understaffed public school, disrupting women’s education
Baby scrotes deserve death just as much as grown men

No. 914720

This. Lived in downtown LA near Skid Row; they're all shitheads.

No. 914725

this opinion is an easy cop out

No. 914732

parents wouldn't let their kids talk to me but was I the one of the multiple students who set fire to various buildings, two separate instances in which the buildings were occupied? kek

No. 914741

Prove it faggot

No. 914750

I forgot to send a paper to my new job place and now I'm scared it will have some consequences. I really need this paper back to begin but I wonder if it's not too late since I'm supposed to start in two weeks. I hate myself for being so inattentive

No. 914751


I'm so tired and I'm losing patience with life. Broke up with an abusive ex, had to get a fucking abortion and now my grandma died. I don't want to help with her funeral any more I just want it to be over.

All this running around I have a headache. My mom doesn't get how tabs on her web browser works, so I've been doing a lot. My exes dad died last year and I had to deal with his family and their emotional outbursts and fuck shit too. I was way too close in that scenario for a guy who told me in the first 2 months he was embarrassed by me.

I'm so fucking spent and I'm only 25, how much more am I supposed to go through? And all I get is "ur so strong" fuck off. My other ex lost his grandma and that's all. Dude dropped out of college cuz he just couldn't deal. I'm sure he didn't have to be hands on in her funeral arrangements like I have too. I don't want to help anyone but no one else is going to help my mom like I can. And she shouldn't have to do it alone either I'm just so fucking annoyed and tired. Every fucking ten minutes she's calling for something else. I'm correcting the speeches she made for people, emailing and calling people, giving advice and it feels so not fair.

I hate this "being strong" shit all I want to do is smoke weed and go into an emotional coma for a while. But nooo, I'm pretty much forced to 'be strong'. And because of my ex my friend group is pretty estranged so most days I just browse lolcow for my distraction. 2 years of my life being on hold but now that I'm 'free' everything is hitting me at once and it sucks.

/Rant over

No. 914753

no matter if it's true or not, i always tell myself that i'm getting all the hard things out early in life so i don't have to do it later

No. 914756


I hope that it's true, because if it isn't I'd rather die then have to live 50+ more years of suffering. What's the point

No. 914758

send it now, every minute you wait is going to give them less time to process it. You might still be fine.

No. 914759

annoyed as fuck because i just realized the reason i was ugly for years is because i had the same shitty hairstyle. nobody ever fucking told me.
i got up early every day to do makeup, i put effort into my outfits, tried so hard to be pretty but i never styled my hair. i looked like a fucking joke for most of my life.
now that i finally figured it out i get frustrated as fuck trying to style my hair and make it look okay.
idk why but all the hair at my hairline is super curly, like coily curls at my hairline and it looks awful

No. 914762

samefag, just wanted to add, i wish my bullies had been more specific! like instead of “you’re ugly” i wish they said “your hair is ugly” like fuck help me out

No. 914765

The room that i used to live in my high school days had a very lovely window. There was a beautiful tree with yellow flowers in front of the window. The view was so beautiful but one day someone chopped down the tree and built a house and it blocked the entire window. I miss that tree and the view so much.

No. 914773

File: 1631895837687.jpeg (788.13 KB, 1254x836, 12DBED15-2EFD-454F-9365-4C805C…)

was it a tulip tree? I used to have one outside my bedroom when I lived near the city and I miss it and that time quite a bit

No. 914780

I really regret not doing ballet when I was a child. My mom said she couldn't pay a school, but there was a free ballet school near where we lived that I wasn't aware of at the time. I resent her for it. Of course I'd probably be no successful professional, but I would have a hobby, have talent for something, be health and skinny, and not have back problems.

No. 914786

File: 1631896437568.gif (1.12 MB, 320x232, giphy.gif)

you are doing great and I hope that the time will come when everything will be easier for you.

No. 914787

Idk what kind of tree it was, yellow flowers are always so pretty tho

No. 914789

They make you feel like you have no choice to pick up the slack. But you you have the choice. You could just get her cremated and not hold any ceremony. You don't have to do all this free work, you don't have to be strong, especially if you're already so tired. Pretend to have a breakdown to your mom and tell her you can't do this anymore, to get someone else to do it. Your own health is more important than some ceremony. This is how ppl end up with autoimmune disorders from so much constant stress.

No. 914790

File: 1631896587002.jpg (27.88 KB, 700x483, 8463513252662.jpg)

I feel really embarassed when I see younger people that are doing better in life than me

No. 914791

I got bullied because of that curly hair at the hairline stuff and therefore ignore my hair till this day. Also don't have the money for a proper haircut at the moment. Wish I could meet my bullies one more time and I would put laxative in their food and drinks.

No. 914795

REEEEE why is my period so late but my tits are fucking so sore

No. 914804

>19 years old, some girl starts talking to me about her religion and that I should join
>I'm severely socially retarted so I give her my real name but panic and give her a fake phone number
>she gives me her number but I never call
>26 now, still panic when I think about this
I still hope that was some weird religion and not that I could almost get trafficked

No. 914809


The thing is, grandma paid for her own ceremony in full like a year or two before I was born, so yeah. Kinda what we're going with. My mom wanted to cremate her to avoid the stress but I believe grandma's wishes should be honored, especially since she paid for it.

Part of me wants to cop out but idk I probably couldn't live with myself doing that either. I know how confusing I sound right now but it feels like every choice is stressful and I just wanna sleep

No. 914810

aaaaa fuck my entire family

I'm getting married, I paid for my whole wedding myself and my parents have been telling everyone they are paying for it and how "gracious" they have been.

Haven't even contributed one dollar to my wedding, had to invite family members that used to look down on me to placate them.

I hate being a people pleaser, all my parents and sister do is cause me stress that I have to solve.


No. 914816


I don't understand why you're inviting your parents and sister if they're not helping AND stressing you out. It's your day, they don't need to be placated. We're a step past people pleasing I think, friend

No. 914828

God writing job applications makes me want to hurl. I feel like I have to play a whole different persona and all the online articles with tips and tricks are helpful, but basically just advertise me to beg to be my employer's obedient slave. It's so weird.

No. 914853

call it off and elope. fuck your family, they seem ungrateful

No. 914855

as a mid 20s nona who hasn't accomplished shit, I feel

No. 914857

have you considered simply age regressing

No. 914859

same and im 20, we move though

No. 914867

for every person more young and successful than you, there are 10+ 60-year-old homeless crackheads

No. 914890

File: 1631904553224.gif (975.79 KB, 275x184, 1582529716071.gif)

Ah yes, gotta love being emotionally and sexually abused by my stepfather for several years, having my mother not actually leave him despite everything he's done and her telling me she wouldn't even let a man live if they did that to me, then having to explain to her why I can never see her or my siblings ever again if he's anywhere within the vicinity because he's a fucking disgusting prick that deserves to be beaten to death with a bat. My grandma has kidney failure and is basically on her last leg, my dad has sickle cell and is spending more and more time in the hospital which isn't a good sign whatsoever, and my aunt just died from COVID. Not even the antidepressants can keep me from really offing myself at this point. I do not want to exist.

No. 914891

Op here
Can anyone just hug me please? I was molested by a homeless faggot in my own room and now hostel exterminated my renting contract
I acted like a trisha paytas after shift was over at work field
Save me and tell me all will be alright

No. 914897

late and maybe I should shut up since I have nothing positive to add, so quit reading before spoiler if you don't want to deal with me. Anyway I'm pretty much in the same mental space. I think about him everyday, even when the trauma has been pushed back into my mind and I'm pretending to be normal. I keep having dreams about him reaching out to me and me desperately wanting to go back, but feeling bad about leaving my boyfriend for a pedo predator who abused me. Every few months I fully regress into my trauma, i.e. when I hear a song with lyrics that remind me of him, when I dream of him or something else happens. It's like a backup save of my mind from when I was 13 gets loaded and everything returns. I agonize over 'us', over losing him, over being hurt. I fantasize about fucking him, slitting his throat and killing myself. Not always all three at the same time. I think someday I actually may kill myself for real when I'm in that state. I feel like it would be a proper ending to the shitshow. My entire life since I lost him has been like when a movie drags forever before reaching the ending that everyone has predicted an hour ago. It's like I've lived through my own Vietnam. It calls to me over and over and over again, and it never ends and yet life goes on even though it shouldn't. Nobody fucking understands because nobody's been there with me. Nobody could ever understand, even HE because half of it was in my head. He, and us, and the life that we were meant to life were my grand narrative, and everything feels pointless and empty in comparison. I desperately miss the strength, determination and sense of meaning one experiences when they decide to arrange for their suicide. I wish I could join a cult, but the only thing I've ever believed in was him. I hate that love and comfortable life is not good enough in comparison. To this day, THAT is the only thing that feels real to me. My whole 'happy' life tastes like cardboard and I wish that I killed myself when I wanted to the most. Everyone warns you about losing happiness if you commit suicide, but nobody talks about the regret of living beyond expiration date that you set for yourself
Yes, I've been in therapy. It's done nothing beyond line my therapist's pockets.

No. 914901

my thoughts are that I thought I was reading the retarted shitposting thread

No. 914909

You let someone in your room knowing that was against the rules. It’s your own fault you got kicked out.

No. 914916

File: 1631906416185.jpg (61.29 KB, 851x830, trr.jpg)

I don't want to do anything at all.
I have all my hobbies and ambitions but in the end the only thing I want the most is just sleep.
Everything is bothersome. Even doing the things I like isn't worth the effort.
I wish I could sleep all the time but I don't want to waste my life either, but doing things it's not only overwhelming but bothersome and not so satisfying.
What should I do?

No. 914919

I don't know but I feel the same way. I'm just totally out of energy or passion, I'm exhausted all of the time no matter how well I eat or sleep. I spend so much time just sitting around. So much time.

No. 914922

It’s ok, worlds await you in your daydreams.

No. 914927

What a way to comfort me…
She’s an 18 year old orphan and I wanted to find a shelter for the youth.
Do I really deserve it?

No. 914930

Wait hold on, why is it that you even decide to tell me it’s my own fault in a fucking vent thread where everybody comforts everyonev Do you suffer from a personality disorder? It’s a vent thread dumbass, are you like the hostel’s janitor or something?

No. 914932

And she also fucking molested me. What the fuck is wrong with you?
Like seriously? Why do you have to be so rude. Idc if I sound like a faggot, I’m in immense pain.

No. 914936


No good deed goes unpunished. Hope you find a place to live and the next time you meet a homeless teen you give them a few bucks and move on

No. 914938

I do things because I have to do it, out of habit and a slight sense of accomplishment. But in the end it's all tiring. I just want to disappear.
Let's be miserable together anon.
But I can't daydream all my life.
My teenage years were spent literally days refreshing up the same page on the internet and being in a fantasy world in my head. But because of that, I have no memories. It's all just a fantasy …

No. 914940

honestly it sounds like you need help yourself.

No. 914949

Yes of fucking course I need help, since I was drugged and raped by a male recently. I just felt sympathy for women and know they get raped a lot when they sleep on the streets that’s why I did it. And she’s a fucking orphan. I need trauma therapy, but no way am I a loony if you mean with help that.

No. 914951

File: 1631907485605.png (254.33 KB, 1039x1037, Screenshot_20210917-163646_(1)…)

Sounds good to me

No. 914953

Too bad it's true.

No. 914965

File: 1631908371532.jpg (53.27 KB, 750x766, wot.jpg)

NTA, but you do come across unhinged.
This just keeps getting more convoluted, considering the claim that this all happened in a very short timespan, seemingly a couple days.

No. 914967

>sis it dont add up
What did she mean by this?
And yes I’m unhinged, so what? It’s ok to suffer from ptsd, just like its ok for u to have bpd. Since this is a vent thread ima continue:
I did get raped by a man retard. And she did keep molesting me but i was too scared to say anything at first befause she’s 1. A girl /. 18 3. An orphan 4. I took her in (i didnt know it would be this bad tho)

No. 914970

Lol imagine dating someone that's going to lie to you casually about something serious like that

No. 914972


No. 914975

Wacky as fuck. There is no rule here that says people can't be critical of you in the vent thread. You remind me of my mom taking in some random homeless Muslim who terrorized her and stole from her. Like, what did you think was going to happen? She's 18, not a child, and it isn't your responsibility to take on other people's problems. Who are you trying to impress by apparently being a good person? How about having some self preservation and thinking more long term?

No. 914978

Didn’t read don’t care didn’t ask, I’ll find a better place and I’ll continue being good hearted but I will think long term. Kiss my ass cunt.

No. 914981

You’re ugly btw and your vagina probably smells worse than the homeless orphan’s.
That’s my critical reception of you.

Peace out, I’m gonna find me a mansion, schedule a nail appointment and calm down. Shitheads and scrotes that larp as women aint worth my time.

No. 914987

Like the other anon said, next time you come across a homeless person just buy them some food and clothes if they need it. If you want to find somewhere for them to stay, then just direct them to a shelter. You did a good thing (although it was a little dumb), and I'm sure you're just freaking out because of what happened, but you should really take a step back from the thread and calm down.

No. 914988

Coward advice. Yeah anon, keep daydreaming. One day you’ll wake up and you’ll be 50 and find that all you’ve done in your life is live inside a fantasy because you couldn’t face your reality.

No. 914990

Okay, you're literally crazy. That's your reaction? To call me ugly and say my cunt smells? But you helped a homeless teen because you feel responsible for the well being of another woman? It's more than PTSD, you need actual help.

No. 914991

I am gonna stop posting in /ot/ anyways

No. 914992

Good, freak.

No. 914993

File: 1631909725127.jpg (230.15 KB, 600x400, proxyn-image.jpg)

I hope things get better for you soon, anon. Christ. You're not Trisha Paytas for reacting this way, you've been through some shit and you don't deserve it.

No. 914995

>You’re ugly btw and your vagina probably smells worse than the homeless orphan’s.
>scrotes that larp as women aint worth my time.
you sound exactly like one tho

No. 914996

File: 1631909882877.jpg (5.33 KB, 319x158, okay_then.jpg)

>what did she mean by this
uhm exactly what I wrote?
good idea, get well soon

No. 914997

File: 1631909885638.jpeg (35.27 KB, 226x879, ACAFC215-861D-4D96-9D17-EB070F…)

No. 914998

Yeah, enable her, that will help her learn from her mistakes. She wasn't supposed to have anyone in her room.

No. 915000

Anon pay no mind to them, they're being a retard for absolutely no reason. Either that or they're just an edgy troll. We're here to support you nonnie

No. 915001

Yeah, and?

No. 915003

I have so many things I am good at and that I could become amazing in if only I focused on them. If I decided to, I could easily be fluent in multiple languages and become a skilled artist as well as actress. However, instead I choose to focus on things I have never done before, such as playing the violin and dancing ballet. There is nothing wrong with aiming for things that are outside of your comfort zone, but sometimes I wish I didn't make things so difficult for myself. I would like to see the skills and talents I already have as good and worthy. I believe strongly that you can do anything you put your mind to, including things you have never done before that demand a lot of practise, such as playing the violin and dancing ballet. And yet I do not focus first on the things I am already good at to rebuild my confidence and develop the habit of practising something consistently again. I think maybe that if I did this and focused on subjects that are already easy to me, I could develop confidence and discipline that would help me feel less afraid of undertaking new projects that feel more foreign and demanding to me. I just worry I'm running out of time, and in doing so, I waste it. I really think too much, and not in the right way. I am constantly trying anew, however. Constantly constantly!!!

No. 915005

Are you even reading what she's typing? You don't have to suck her ass, no one is counting your anonymous karma points.

No. 915010

And nothing. You seem quite accepting of your own laziness, so please don’t let me interrupt the pity party. Go on, girl! Waste your life for us!

No. 915017

Why don’t you pick one activity and stick with it and then like some little other stuff? If you want to be an artist, practice everyday (or try to). Commit to it. Do the rest, but let the level of commitment vary depending on importance. Of course some learning curves are going to be steeper than others, but that’s normal. Consistency is key.

> I just worry I'm running out of time, and in doing so, I waste it.

Very delighted to tell you that you have the rest of your life ahead of you to do everything and anything. Worrying is counterproductive, so just get to it.

No. 915018

File: 1631910584493.gif (527.81 KB, 196x200, F7769A50-7371-4C8C-B43B-790E94…)

what I want to know is why you’re blaming someone else for their molestation? do you want to explain to everyone why you’re so fucked in the head, edgelord? come on, tell us already, you already think you’re morally superior to everyone on this site. it doesn’t matter if anon is “BPD” no one deserves to be raped or molested.

No. 915020

Why would you be an asshole to someone who was recently sexually assaulted, twice? Of course that wasn't a good decision, but she did it with the intent to help someone, and she got taken advantage of. That's not a just result of breaking a single housing rule, have some compassion ffs.

No. 915022

I've just been blocked by my FP, everything hurts, I want to die

No. 915024

Thank you. It is all because I am lazy. It is always because I am lazy. It will always be because I am lazy. Just lazy, that’s all. Poor moral character. I just need more things taken and less things given, and then I will learn. I will learn that it was my terrible laziness all along. That will sure show me.

No. 915025

You're exactly right, and that is the way to go about it. I have a clear list of things I want to be consistent at and improve at first that I consider to be the basics: eat well and eat enough, exercise routine daily, sleep sufficiently, follow my morning and night routine. These goals I break down too. Currently I am focusing on this, because I know that I won't achieve anything I want unless I can get these down first, and I'm still struggling so much with these basic goals. Slowly but surely I will build upon this! I won't be able to do anything unless I have a good foundation. But the problem is sometimes that I just don't know what to pick… But again! I first have to do these things and overall have more peace and order in my life to even begin to think of this. Thanks for reading haha, it's very obvious my issues are just overthinking and idleness

No. 915029

I only said it was her fault for getting kicked out of her room.

No. 915031

Why would you take in a homeless person you've never met in your life, knowing you're putting yourself at risk, knowing it's against the rules of your living situation? Especially when you suffer with PTSD? And then when someone is even slightly critical of your choice, the first response is to insult, degrade, and bring up past trauma. I'm not even the same anon that initially replied to her being critical.

No. 915042

Same. I think I've posted this before but if my mom didn't love me so much I'd kill myself. However she is wonderful and loves and supports me unconditionally even though I don't deserve it, so I can't

No. 915043

File: 1631911603284.jpeg (43.79 KB, 220x466, Cassandra1.jpeg)

I often feel like nobody believes me. I could say the sky is blue or the grass is green and they'll look at me like I'm retarded. Meanwhile when I lie, they'll believe me.

No. 915044

Op here ya keep pretending it’s another anon but whatever.
Venting some more ramblings since you insist:
I was raped on the 23rd of august in a student dorm, moved to another hostel to start fresh. When I informed the police for the second time, I brought a good friend with me. Good friend lives in accommodated setting. I never judged her for that. Good friend saw an orphan girl who recently turned 18 for a few days that keeps getting kicked out everywhere she goes, even homeless shelters. and i felt what we all felt: pity. She asked me if I could do anything for her.

Anyways I learnt my lesson, no need to be so heartless. I just wanted pics of cats like and virtual hugs. Stop calling me unhinged. Maybe I’ll say sorry for saying your vagina smells. If you have one tho.

No. 915046

have you tried medication? the meds i take give me at least 30 minutes of pep a day, so that's my window to do something, then i just ride that wave until my tasks are over

No. 915047

Sorry for what happened to you, but you can also fuck off.

No. 915051

I did already a long time but you/“another anon” keeps replying to my drama vent.

No. 915052

No one is forcing you to sit here and read other people's vents.

No. 915057

Whatever you're on, get off it and go to rehab

No. 915058

Wtf would be under a carpet except for floor, anon

No. 915060

The funny thing is that I am retarded and naive but not mentally ill I swear.

Anyways I’ll fuck off and Idc if samefag keeps luring me to reply more I received pity from irl friends and some here in vent thread. I’ll be fine.

No. 915061

I don’t know why anon would do that, I don’t want to armchair-fag but behavior like letting random people in your home seems like they’re also mentally ill, it’s even worse that you’re blaming someone who probably thinks differently from you and I and their thought processes are always irrational because of their mental illness. Kicking them down consistently is not going to make them normal. That still does not mean she deserves to be kicked out and raped ironically turning her into a homeless mentally ill vagrant where her untreated condition and trauma can get worse and who knows what else could happen? I can get where you’re coming from, but I will always disagree with it because human beings aren’t robotic thinkers who are always logically consistent or perfect and your way of dealing with a situation might not be the same for someone else’s. You’re the type of person to be a rugged individualist and selfish, no one cares, but some other people aren’t you. We don’t know the whole story but that still does not mean that she deserved to be fucking raped. No one here is looking for imaginary reddit points, some of us just aren’t detached completely from reality and incapable of compassion.

No. 915071

File: 1631912444529.gif (665.61 KB, 465x498, bear-please-be-patient.gif)

My guess is that there were at least 3 anons responding.
The vent just seemed sus to me, since there's been lesbophobic sperging in several threads for a while now.

No. 915073

im tired of being surrounded by straight women, where are all the lesbians..

No. 915076

File: 1631912586266.jpg (18.83 KB, 360x360, 12fb8dc75a418b7b9be16f8173c5d1…)

There's this guy in my area that sells mini enchilladas and it's obvious that he does that cause he's jobless and had to find a way to provide for his family, and I always try to buy at least a pack when he comes by, but the truth that I need to scream to the void is that they are just kinda bad. He even asked me one of the times if I liked them and I couldn't say to his face that they were not very good. I don't even think he's the one making it, I think it maybe his wife and he's the one selling it door to door. But still. I never had the guts to turn it down, either, I know this economy fucking sucks right now, there are millions of people here that are just unemployed. And to add insult to injury, I'm gluten intolerant so whenever I eat the mini enchilladas I just become a painful balloon lmao Here's to him working a steadier job soon

that being said I think today was the least offensive, they were okayish. I am still in gluten pain, though.

No. 915081

No one said she deserved to be raped and her rape had nothing to do with her taking in that girl so I don't know why it keeps being brought up over and over again. I'm not detached from reality or incapable of compassion, I've been raped, I've been molested, I've been beaten, but I still take responsibility for my choices and the consequences of them and don't expect to only get ass pats when I tell someone the consequences of my actions. And then to keep being called a samefag, a scrote, to be told my vagina smells and I'm ugly, when I didn't insult her once until I called her a freak after being called ugly and smelly. Never once did I doubt what happened to her, or even say "you deserved it", I'm just not going to stroke her hair and says "shhh, baby it's gonna be okay" when she is a major factor in why this shitty teenager molested her.

No. 915083

You’re point blank victim blaming, I don’t think I care if you were called ugly or had your vagina called smelly based anon you’re a victim blamer. Fuck off

No. 915084

Yeah, okay.

No. 915086

No. 915087

Bless your heart anon. It reminds me of this guy who sells barbequed meat around my apartment. Even in the dead of winter, which can be so unforgiving in my city, I'll see him set up and stand there all bundled up, waiting for customers. It makes me happy when I see lots of people around and eating/waiting for his food. There's quite a few of them in my neighborhood and I wish I could give them more business, everyone's just trying their best out here to survive.

I wish my heartstrings weren't always so easily tugged but all I can think about is my own parents. They don't have to do work like this, but they still work low wage jobs and have ever since they immigrated to my country. Those people are someone's breadwinner and they're just trying to do some good, honest work. Maybe I'm just a sucker and these people are filthy rich and doing this shit because they're bored millionaires but fuck man. I'm always too empathetic to shit like that, thanks for caring for him and always buying a pack even if they suck. I think this world is worth tolerating because of people like you.

No. 915090

>she is a major factor in why this shitty teenager molested her.
Nta, but you can tell anon that she shouldn't have taken the girl in without basically saying that she is at fault for being molested. Sexual assault shouldn't be considered a "consequence", at least imo.

No. 915092

nah you won’t learn until you get your head out of your ass and stop feeling all sorry for yourself

No. 915094

You had all this shit happen and you've got nothing better to do than get mad about people not responding the way you expected on an anonymous forum? No wonder you have to resort to taking in random hobos for company, you sound insufferable

No. 915099

It’s a vent thread Brah

No. 915101

At this point I'd say it's more of a fight club thread

No. 915102

File: 1631914865449.jpg (25.63 KB, 564x555, f36b70c83254f8c652f710f227dd12…)

Thank you so much anon, I am about to get my period and this just made me straight up cry lol. You're so right.
>I wish my heartstrings weren't always so easily tugged but all I can think about is my own parents. They don't have to do work like this, but they still work low wage jobs and have ever since they immigrated to my country. Those people are someone's breadwinner and they're just trying to do some good, honest work.
I am absolutely the same, I always feel a bit emotional seeing people struggling like that. There's also this girl that comes with her mom from time to time (like every 4 months or so) to sell dish cloths and she almost cried once when we gave them a big sum to buy the bulk of their cloths. It was a very bittersweet moment, I hope the kid is enjoying some chocolate (she said to me once she loved chocolate -like every kid- but they didn't have the means to buy it that often).
Bless you too, we got to help each other

No. 915108

>for company
Actually I have a lot of my shit together. I was only hurt because well the wounds are pretty fresh but I am ok I am packing in stuff and I realize a lot of people irl are nice to me because they find me decent and kind. You’re judging somebody who was venting for what actually? Lol I seriously don’t get it. I am in the right place. If I throw tantrums irl it’s not good, if I vent accordingly in a Vent thread it’s not good. I don’t think I sound insufferable tbh. I think you are for some reason just mad that I did something stupid that risked my life, but that doesn’t make any sense since the anon that got raped, beaten etc probably was in some situation too that she could have avoided. Yet I don’t think it makes sense to say weird stuff that just can be done in a different thread than a vent thread. Whatever, Lemisol soap is good and I hope some anons will consider trying it.

No. 915110

finnanon is that you

No. 915121

The fuck is it with all the edgelord- and schizoposting lately, is rona showing its final form or is it some kind of pre-winter-depression?
Take your meds, all of you.

No. 915122

I haven't participated in the ongoing discussion that is apparently quite heated, and I know it is pointless to say, but I will never understand what satisfaction farmers derive from being pointlessly mean and especially dense. Even though it is anonymous, I simply don't get it. What would compel you to be crass and vile towards others over seemingly nothing? Anyway, I also see how absolutely dumb a lot of farmers are with their retarded nitpicks and reaches in cow threads that the infighting makes sense. A lot of the white knights are cringe but often times they are right in pointing out how many anons seem to have no life or a penchant for being bitter and nasty. :)(:))

No. 915124

I can't avoid living with my family as a child, but sure make assumptions about my abuse.

No. 915125

File: 1631916169522.jpg (351.48 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20210917-092136_You…)

Nikita actually looks terrible, oh to have the confidence of a botched troon

No. 915126

Try forcing yourself to do the opposite, as silly as it sounds. Say a positive affirmation, like "i wanna live" or "I deserve to be alive". Again, I know it sounds super silly, but it has been proven that something like that, when kept being repeated, can actually get to your subconscious and you start believing it for real. It is the famous "fake it until you make it". (Also it wouldn't be faking it though because you do deserve to be alive!)

No. 915127

Do you realize this is the vent thread? This is what the anonymous vent thread is for.

No. 915129

Remnants of imageboard culture.
In contrary I will never understand anons who shittalk the userbase of the farm but still post here.

No. 915130

I only did what you did, nonnie. My ptsd made me vulnerable and gave me a psychosis like state and that’s when I took her in.
I remember I dated this guy who was molested as a 6 year old. And when I cried to him that a man in the bus stop tried kissing me he also blamed me. Not relevant but just something I wanna vent. Lol.
Last vent, good night bitches and cuties.

No. 915132

No, not really.

No. 915134

>your vagina probably smells worse than the homeless orphan’s.
Anon my sides kek

No. 915137

You know what? I'm genuinely sorry. For all of this. It's a mix of my own experiences and bias and anger and I shouldn't have put any of that on you and the longer I think about this the angrier I am with myself for being so hard on you. You don't have to forgive me, but I want to give you my full honest apology for being so hostile.

No. 915141

What is it for then? If not venting?
Do you feel superior when you tell people venting about shit they're stressed/depressed/angry about that they're schizos and should take their meds? Let people vent in peace, nona.

No. 915143

Now that’s what I wanted. The virtual hugs, cat pics and sweet words.
I love you too anon. I know you didn’t mean it. I will work hard on my naivety, my vulgarity when I lose control, my loss of reality in times of anxiety and I wish you a good night. I’m happy we all got the good ol vent thread restored back to the cuddle puddle however.

No. 915144

It's 1000% LARP you can't change my mind

No. 915145

not even involved in the discussion but same

No. 915146

Need advice. I have a guy friend who's undeniably drank tranny Kool-aid (he believes in weird gender shit, has troon friends, etc.) and happens to be into "femboys".

He's also started going by he/they, claims to be ""genderqueer"", whatever.

I just want to know what I should say to him if he starts thinking he's a woman. I don't want to expose myself as a radfem but I also don't want to lose my friend. Help,

No. 915147

Love you, love you! I hope from here on things for you become more stable and safe and that you're always surrounded with supportive beautiful people. I'll work on not being such a disruptive bitch.

No. 915148


Did you mean to forget point two?

No. 915150

Honestly I don’t usually feel sorry for myself. I feel alright, even though my mental health is extremely poor and always has been. I only really feel bad when I compare myself (or are forcibly compared) to other people or to whatever standard a proper, “fulfilling” life is. What I’ve realized, however, is that all you people are projecting your fears and desires onto me and I’ve been cucked into believing that what you want is what I should want. What you do is what I should do and in the exact way you do it, too. And I think that’s a bit silly.

I don’t want what you have. Your values are disgusting. No matter how many goals you achieve and how strictly you follow your routines, an emptiness is always waiting for you. Good luck.

No. 915151

I hate having been exposed to porn excessively throughout my youth. Although I have been blatant in my rejection of pornography and all issues surrounding it from the moment I matured enough to liberate myself from these environments, I still catch myself having habits or convictions that are influenced by these experiences. It has affected my sexuality and self-esteem in a way I wish I could discard as easily as I advocate against pornography on a conscious and impersonal level. I feel really guilty sometimes for my thoughts and tendencies, even though I know this is caused by what I experienced and did not consent to. I sometimes feel so, so degenerate and perverted… I feel like I wasn't able to properly develop my sexuality, so now I am clumsily struggling with it and myself. I didn't get the chance to simply explore sex and develop sexual feelings in a safe and healthy environment.

No. 915155

Attention-seeking af, bumping their own post 3 times in a row because no one gave a fuck about the sus ass story and resorts to samefagging lmaooo

No. 915156

>Love you, Love you!
Why did I bawl my eyes at your words anon?

No. 915163

File: 1631917464335.png (13.53 KB, 462x367, 1629630828284.png)

Anons this is such a sweet exchange! I hope the anons here can learn that, in the end, we don't really know a person if all we read about them was a few lines on a imageboard (while they were venting, nonetheless). You never know what a person has went through, and what led up to that moment of them posting.

No. 915168

tbf you don't know what the person that's telling them to fuck off has been through either kek but it's not a requirement that you have to suck every anon's ass that posts a vent. look how everyone responded to >>914603 for example. you're allowed to be skeptical.

No. 915172

File: 1631917886224.jpg (75.38 KB, 512x494, unnamed (3).jpg)

No. 915173

Wow! So this was all just a ruse to teach us a great moral lesson. Bravo, nonnies, bravo!!

No. 915176

Quit moralfagging

No. 915178

>quit moralfagging
Then quit immoralfagging?

No. 915180

Ever since the first post it sounded fetishy not gonna lie

No. 915182

nta but that's not even a thing

No. 915183

There's a difference between letting off stream and unloading a full blown episode.

No. 915185

File: 1631918454537.jpeg (25.66 KB, 739x415, 3238DEB3-008D-4ADE-8F19-7DB135…)

that would be antithesis to being on this site. “immoralfagging” isn’t a thing anyway qt, you’re on lolcow.farm

No. 915194

What’s with the emoticon? At least try to integrate.

No. 915195

Guys we gotta move on

No. 915197

then contribute something

No. 915212

Went out for lunch with my bf's family and idk how he is such a pleasant and polite man when they are so awful. They yelled at the waitress, sent food back for the reason that it looked more appetizing on the menu, tried to get as much free shit as they could, didn't tip and they told me to stop when I was gathering my dishes and wiping a bit of water I spilled because it's not my job. They seemed embarrassed I was doing something like that?? Very unpleasant.

No. 915218

I'm just having this overwhelming shitty feeling right now and it comes from out of nowhere wtf. Go away

No. 915225

So things with my grandma used to be really close, and she was like my BFF and second mom kind of deal. But in the last year and a half I've learned about a lot of her lies and her infantalization of both me and my mother and the ways she manipulated us to keep us apart and hate each other. I got to work with my mom for like eight months side by side in a cafe and it was awesome and we totally connected and it was like all of the anger and hatred melted away. We learned a lot about our selves and each other. Then covid hit and my grandma got a bf all of a sudden which was super shocking because not only was he not fit (she is and takes it seriously) but also a drinker. The two things she said she never wanted. And he moved in, even bigger shocker. I can't explain the absolute displacement and confusion I felt. I felt like I wasn't welcome in what was my second home for more than half my life. She avoided me and ignored me for 7 months before she finally let me come over after she trained her new bf not to drink and admitted she was embarrassed by him. In phone calls to my mom she even admitted, angrily, that she was dating him for money. But now she insists she never uses his money at all. Anyway so the entire time she's ignoring me those 7 months, my mom and I are growing closer and she's helping me cope with this huge life change including the family dog dying and breaking my heart into a million pieces of not having my grandma in my life anymore because she has a new bf living in her home. We bonded and I was able to support her through some really wacky stuff going on in her life. But just recently, she gets a new boy friend. Apparently. She hasn't told me, she told my grandma. She hasn't talked to me in almost 3 weeks. Apparently shes upset that she owes me 100 dollars when I told her not to even kind of worry about it. She's just completely removed me from her life because of her new bf. Basically the same thing she was calling my grandma out for a month before. I'm just so confused and hurt, but also not surprised. I have so many stories about the way she has treated me since I met her when I was a preteen that it would fill a series of books. Bleh. And then my grandma is a whole other series. Might as well throw the whole family into the pot. Damn.

No. 915235

Is it the nature of anonymous boards to become right-wing circlejerks like 4chan to some degree? What websites are anyonymous but with a normal userbase, or is it that websites valuing anonymity are doomed as a rule by people that can hide behind it?

No. 915257

>What websites are anyonymous but with a normal userbase
there are no websites period that have a "normal userbase"

No. 915262

kinda anxious right now because i’m on my period and i’m staying at a vacation rental, the sheets are light yellow and i’m scared i’m gonna bleed all over them. i ran out of heavy flow pads too so i’m just using a regular one.
if i was using my own sheets i wouldn’t give a fuck about bleeding all over the place.
i have a way of….projectile bleeding….i just don’t wanna fuck these folk’s sheets up.
if i bleed on the sheets how can i get the blood out? it seems super difficult to get blood stains out, i haven’t really ever tried tbh. is it even that big of a deal? the sheets have what seems like hair dye stains on them already…idk man. whyyyyy do i bleed so fucking muchhhh. i might put a towel down or something

No. 915269

Rinse in cold water as soon as possible, then wash in cold water. Hot water sets bloodstains.

No. 915271

thank you anon!!

No. 915272

just use hydrogen peroxide

No. 915275

your family seems to have a problem with boyfriends. I'm really sorry for what you are going through, I know this behaviour from friends who have a boyfriend and suddenly you just don't exist anymore. It hurts, but when the family does it, it must hurt much more. Maybe tell both of them how you feel and that you aren't just a piece to fill the gap when there is no man around and if they don't acknowledge that, leave them alone until they come to you. It won't be easy but you aren't there to be their friend and support when they have no one else just to be thrown away as soon as a man appears.

No. 915314

uti anon here to wish peace and love upon all nonnas. its been a tense atmosphere but i think we all need a bit of love tonight

No. 915318


No. 915321

i do not claim uti energy

No. 915322

it’s against the rules, dummy

No. 915324

too late i have bestowed my love and infection upon u

No. 915326

how is the peeing? did you message your bf and told him that he is an idiot and that next time you will bring him fitting condoms for his huge dong, kek. (Hope you are feeling a little bit better by now)

No. 915330

peeing is better since ive been drinking these horrible sachets that make it better somehow
i told my boyfriend he gave me a uti and he apologised but still doesnt want to wrap it because he thinks i enjoy it more raw. i told him thats not true and i care more about not having an infection than him struggling to cope with having such a horse cock and he seemed pretty embarrassed

No. 915341

at least he is embarrassed, like I said, bring him the right condoms next time. And you should go peeing after the sex, that will help to flush some of the bacteria out before they can settle.

No. 915342

Thank you anon, I've been able to tell my grandma about it but it's like telling a wall how you feel. She either literally can't comprehend the feelings of another person or doesn't care at all. Her eyes are like a fish when you talk about emotional stuff. As for my mom, whenever she decides to answer my messages I'm definitely going to tell her how I'm feeling and how this is 0% about money.

No. 915384

if there's enough toilet paper there wrap a bunch of it around your hand so it forms a folded shape, then place it on top the pad you're currently using. it's like a more absorbent makeshift pad

No. 915390

that won’t last long unless they have some intense toilet paper

No. 915408

File: 1631927526096.jpg (99.42 KB, 1199x639, monster.jpg)

I've wanted to troon out for years but I know I will never be nor pass as a man so I'm just attempting to starve away all of my feminine features instead

No. 915410

okay elliot

No. 915411

I feel you anon. I also live mainly because of my family. This ride never ends.


You mean antidepressants? I tried them and it didn't help me at all. Although I'm going to see a new psychiatrist and I'll try to get them again.
Actually, I can do all my chores, but I'm empty inside because everything is just tiring and bothersome.

No. 915413

oxyclean that comes in the spray bottle is good for blood

No. 915415

how to resolve this: stop browsing 4chan, lc is your place nonners

No. 915416

File: 1631928022016.png (23.44 KB, 233x291, 1585320913032.png)

Apparently in my family getting knocked up and having a kid in a state of limerence makes everyone forget how fucked the circumstances that brought the kid into the world are. No, the fact that my sister produced a helpless child out of her manic whirlwind romance with an equally impulsive guy does not make me any happier about the situation. No, I do not feel a sense of joy or desire to become close with the person I fought with on a near-daily basis for my entire childhood and who only contacts me when she wants attention. No, I do not suddenly find babies cute. No, I will not expose myself to the pontification she will almost certainly launch at me given how she's historically martyred herself over every milestone she reached even a week before me. No, I will not move to the rust belt because suddenly ~family is everything~, which is rich coming from parents who dragged me around the US and beyond for most of my childhood, called my desire to move to the EU – because I developed wanderlust as a result of their actions – a "fantasy" at one point, then moved to a different country just as I took a job closer to them; I've gained the luxury to ditch the country and am taking it soon. No, I will not change my attitude or behavior towards my family in any way. I'm not even a childfree faget, I just don't want anything to do with this weird ass situation, my attention-seeking sister, or my turbulent family beyond what I already spend effort putting in. I really just don't care and this effort to make me care is just unsurfacing bad memories from my stormy childhood.

No. 915417

Lolcow made me hate myself much more than 4chan ever did

No. 915419

File: 1631928468689.jpg (228.77 KB, 800x1200, CasVwPJUEAAPUGJ.jpg)

you have mouth lines and are fat just like the ugly girl in the picture

No. 915423

File: 1631928899131.png (8.51 KB, 300x100, nasolabial-folds.png)

No. 915426

I seriously question how nitpicking about fridge bodies and nasolabial folds made you feel worse than a board full of vicious, overt misogyny and pedophilia. The overwhelming majority there consider women worthless if we aren't teenage virgins. 4chan makes me want to give up on men entirely. lolcow makes me want to use retinol.

No. 915428

you are a retard lolcow is full of misogyny too and it can get to women's heads and self esteem much easier than browsing /x/ or /mu/ ever will because this place speaks our language and it makes us feel bad about our bodies. Not to mention most anons on here have the same issues as the cows portrayed on the website(anorexia nervosa, personality disorders, suffered from narc abuse, or are the narcs themselves). If you watch people with the same issues as you get torn down to shreds you will subconsciously internalize that and hate yourself even more because subconsciously you are aware you have the same issues as those people that are deemed unfit even if you think "I'm not like that". Nevertheless, that anon probably had a lot of personal issues that actually made her like that, issues that have nothing to do with imageboards and she ended up browsing imageboards because of those issues. Most people that end up on imageboards are mentally ill. Including me and you.

No. 915438

It was definitely a homo scrote

No. 915445

Yeah she should totally bring the guy who lied to her and gave her an infection the protection necessary instead of making him own up and take responsibility. Great idea.

No. 915446

ngl, lolcow's nitpicking did make me far more self-conscious about my appearance than I otherwise would have been but I also needed to be motivated to care about dropping weight and changing my wardrobe so I didn't enter my 30's in Large forever21 clothes that my mom bought me eight years and 40 pounds ago. I can't even imagine how damaging this place might be to somebody who pours most of their self-worth in their appearance, though.

No. 915450

File: 1631930814481.jpeg (131.29 KB, 1080x1122, 75D1C780-ACA9-48E1-99FF-3E76B7…)

No. 915453

for clarification that only matters to me, I dropped those 40 pounds and did not gain them. i will surely drop 10-20 more and become thin again thanks to the anachan thread inshallah

No. 915464

>self esteem much easier than browsing /x/ or /mu/ ever will
Both of those board almost instantly become r9k 2.0 whenever the existence of women is barely mentioned. I highly doubt anons calling someone fat and old looking is worse than a thread full of /x/ scrotes cheering on the brutal disappearance and death of two women who dared to take a trip to the rainforests.

No. 915468

you’re delusional if you think every person that posts here is doing it to cope. some of us just like to shitpost and be bitchy/snarky because we’re bored and there are so few all female spaces out there where you’re even allowed to act any type of way other than an uwu accepting ally without being run off or “canceled”. thinking lc is in any way worse than 4chan just shows how autistic and mentally ill you actually are.

No. 915473

keep projecting, you'll summon batman at this rate

No. 915474

File: 1631931857466.jpeg (122.29 KB, 1242x1099, DF2FA564-5A16-40F1-BBCE-B70589…)

It’s no use arguing with that anon, she wants to pretend that her mewental helth is deteriorating because of a Mongolian basket weaving forum and not because she’s like Pic related.
Seriously, it’s so easy to just leave the site if it makes her seriously feel like shit, i don’t even see the use of trying be like
>uwu you’re terrible if you use this wembsite!
While also admitting to browse 4chan of all places? Come on.

No. 915475

Funny af when they say this kind of shit because most likely they never revealed themselves to be female in the first place and that's the only reason why she was spared 100 roast comments. Like fuck off back there if you like it so much.

No. 915482

>meanwhile on lolcow
mentally ill woman gets urged to kill herself. Mentally ill woman is called ugly and stupid and is blamed for her illness.
At least the main focus of /x/ and /mu/ is not berating women or criticizing them for their appearance and mental illness. This entire place exists solely because of /cgl/ which was one of the most toxic boards from 4chan towards women. The mascot of lolcow is literally a mentally ill woman PT, the main board is named after her. This place is built around humiliating and tearing apart/stalking mentally ill and not conventionally attractive women such as PT. This entire place is built around misogyny and woman hatred. And the posts I've seen on here throughout the years are way worse than calling someone "fat".
Have you even read my post? I replied to >>915426 that replied to >>915417 and I just stated the obvious which is that this place is misogynistic and not all boards on 4chan are the same. Some of them don't even have women as a focus, it is true that misogyny spills in all of them, but if you struggle with body image issues like >>915417 does browsing a place that has that is focused on berating normal looking women and making fun of their looks is not your best bet. Browsing a board about ghosts in that situation might be better than browsing a place such as lolcow that has the main focus of making fun of women's looks. In my post >>915428 I even acknowledged that anon probably had issues to begin with.
As a clarification, I don't browse 4chan and I didn't even complain about my mental health. Learn how to read.

No. 915486

is anyone really supposed to take you seriously at this point?

No. 915487

Why are you here?

No. 915489

>w-women are catty and mean!
>not like the boys! They talk about deep stuff like ghosts!!

No. 915490

The sad thing is they can't even talk about that without seething about women, it will inevitably turn into some dumb shit like hurr durr women have less wizzard powers or something. Anon above is delusional as hell and should go back.

No. 915491

No. 915493

File: 1631933173286.jpg (146.7 KB, 1080x577, IMG_20210918_044501.jpg)

>At least the main focus of /x/ and /mu/ is not berating women or criticizing them for their appearance
Meanwhile, after clicking the very first thread on /mu/:

No. 915494

So you don't browse 4chan and you think you're an authority on this??

I'm not denying that lolcow can be bad for mental health and god knows I've criticised the nitpicky shit that goes on, but I spent many years on 4chan and it is so much fucking worse. It's soul sucking to constantly hear about how you and your fellow women are dumb children who exist solely to be fucked, to hear every possible criticism of a woman's body/race/personality from men who truly despise you for not meeting their standards. The number of times I've seen them advocate for rape because we supposedly love it, that children are the best and only choice for sexual partners, that women should be locked up on breeding farms as slaves (obviously no roasties, non virgins or hags over 20 though). I've gotten over that stuff, partly thanks to lolcow and other sites for women, but I remember reading it and crying when I was younger because of how shitty it felt to know what men think of us behind our backs. On lolcow there is nastiness, but there is also a tonne of reassurance and support. There's the understanding that nitpickers are probably insecure and reaching for any insult they can jab at someone they don't like or are jealous of. There is no genuine seething hatred or violence directed at womankind and porn isn't widely supported. This is a million times better than 4chan.

No. 915497

How the fuck you don't browse 4c and yet go talking about how much better it is than here? Fucking tard

No. 915498

File: 1631933402978.jpg (226.18 KB, 1080x836, IMG_20210918_044853.jpg)

>the third thread on mu
Etc etc

No. 915499

Why am I fantasizing about someone who barley knows I exist? They don't want to be my friend, I'm nothing to them. Why can't I be happy with myself already. Life is very stressful right now but I will get through it. I don't need to delude myself into a fantasy romance to get though it. This guy dislikes me and it makes me think of childhood bullying where it seemed everyone hated me. Boo hoo, stay strong and respect yourself. Plenty of others respect me and like me for the weirdo I am, I don't need validation from everyone, I have me.

No. 915503

I love lc and would defend /ot/ with my life, but you're all completely delusional if you think the gossip boards are not super highways to developing mental illness. Give anon a break for fucks sake.

No. 915504

why are some of you acting like nobody here has any agency over their self-esteem and mental health? it’s not that deep for most people.

No. 915507

Yeah, I haven't read the entire argument, but I don't see what's wrong with anon saying that LC damaged her mental health or self esteem.

No. 915508

File: 1631934085030.jpeg (502.69 KB, 1242x2064, F4C3BF20-D3F3-4402-A5DE-C3661E…)

Geez weez, /x/ is such a nice place too.

No. 915512

how do people that are personally affected by /snow/ threads even end up here? even PULL was full of autistic nitpicking.

No. 915514

nta but I can see how someone might value opinions from women more than opinions from men, I guess like how someone might feel more hurt from something their close friend says than what a stranger says (not saying farmers are friends but)

No. 915516

No. 915518

Pretty sure it's twitter. There has been a ridiculous amount of retarded word censoring and twitter terms in the past 2 or so months. The bitching about the website and userbase also got worse in that timeframe. I hope anons can keep up the stubborn gatekeeping or we will end up like /cgl/, flooded with newfags who hate the board but can't stop posting there.

No. 915521

you're retards both of you, my statement was "I don't browse 4chan" that doesn't mean I never browsed 4chan, it just simply means that I do not browse 4chan now, in the present. I know you are stupid, so you have to make assumptions and misinterpret everything that I say. It's okay, I forgive you for not having logical consistency.
yes, that's true. I did say that misogyny spills in there too, but 80% of the posts on those boards are about music or paranormal activity. If you want an anonymous place to browse and are an aiden like >>915408 is, not browsing lolcow is your best bet. This place literally made fun of an soren woman that killed herself not long ago and anons didn't even want to stop posting in her thread and some of them probably thought that it was all her fault for her mental illness and that she deserved her death because "it is all in our hands", talk about sociopathy. Aiden anon said she wants to starve herself until she has no feminine features left >>915415 anon replied with this which is pretty fucking retarded. Why would you advise someone with BDD to browse a place that's full of nitpicking women's bodies and that is full of BDD sufferers that criticize normal looking women? This place is going to make your already horrible mental health worsen if you're so bad you wanna starve yourself until you look like a malnourished boy. The anons that replied to me didn't even read my post and acted like I was complaining about my mental health when I never did that. Everything I said was >>915428 which is true, I further argumented that in >>915482 this entire place is built on the premise of making fun of the looks of women and also making fun of their mental health and putting the blame on them. Let's not act like lolcow is the pinnacle of feminism, when it is quite the opposite.

No. 915524

> I further argumented

No. 915527

Seriously, just like, stop coming here, just go in here
And relax, you can have fun there with your buddies and friendsies, sharing pictures of photoshopped men and giggling while complimenting everyone for anything they do.

No. 915528

I'm amazed at how confidently you can avoid admitting to a simple spelling mistake and also talk about topics you never even visited. Anons kept talking about soren because she was a pos. Mental illnesses is not some kind of ticket to saintdom.

No. 915533

So many moids recently, always aggressive and name-calling or run on podantic shit

No. 915535

File: 1631936120584.gif (214.88 KB, 498x371, mudkipz.gif)

No. 915539

lolcow is literally 80% of nitpicking women's looks, making fun of their suffering or blaming them for their mental illness. This place is full of misogyny just like any other internet shithole. Tell me to leave? Why should I leave? I'm not the one acting like lolcow is the representation of feminist thought and action.
that's not the point, the point is that this place literally hates women and is built around harassing women. I hate when anons act like this is a feminist space. It is not.

you go back to /pt/ and make posts about shayna's pussy. I can moralfag in /ot/ as much as I want.

>inb4 a woman that disagrees with me! I will call her a troon and a scrote.

No. 915541

You know there's anons who only use ot/g/m, right?

No. 915542

>thinking shayna is in /pt/
begone bitter newfag

No. 915543

they must have a thread somewhere

No. 915545

No one, absolutely no one was mentioning feminism. Again, why are you here?

No. 915546

Ah nevermind, it's tsundere-anon, isn't it

No. 915549

>thinking lolcow is a feminist place
Jesús Cristo, like, do you see any feminist theory thread or something? There are feminists in lolcow.farm, sure, but there’s also retards, moids and pickmes, including the cows like shart, posting in every thread.
I don’t get how you thought a website is somehow a feminist haven when there isn’t anything saying so, most of us just want to feel like there’s somewhere where women can be rude, mean and comfortable without any social pressure.
This isn’t some sort of political forum.
I hate retards like you who turn everything into some political strawman.
Seriously unplug your router and go to sleep.

No. 915556

File: 1631937368004.jpg (21.72 KB, 275x270, 1529802504818.jpg)

You have to be a special kind of pathetic to come here and cry about how this place fucked up your self steem because "misogyny worse than 4chin" because someone pointed out your nasolabial folds, and still keep coming here. Bitch stop lying to yourself. That or go back to 4c.

No. 915565

File: 1631938456730.jpg (25.52 KB, 500x500, avatars-2mB8Dh2yV1eEqcEv-2xx2R…)

you are a retard and I never said it fucked up my mental health. You're just bad at reading, but it is ok because here on lolcow being as dumb as rocks is the norm. I literally posted >>915419 as a joke and then proceeded to moralag. My post encapsulated the entirety of lolcow's mindset. Calling a normal, average looking woman ugly and fat.

No. 915566


No. 915570

File: 1631939078719.jpeg (74.66 KB, 1242x719, 1B70CD4D-A02C-40A5-8D67-DBF24B…)

No. 915572

is anyone putting a gun to your head forcing you to post here? if we aren't up to your elevated standards for discourse, just go whinge on a different website, no one's stopping you

No. 915573

they have to stay to teach all of us meanies a valuable lesson apparently

No. 915576

File: 1631939562294.jpg (284.59 KB, 2178x1080, 373746373725546.jpg)

Welcome back.

No. 915578

same,but i just brush off the thoughts and act like female.we live not only for ourselves but others and i don't want my parets to lose their daughter just so she can be some freakshow of a manlet

No. 915586

shut the fuck up bitch I will post here when I want to. Again, as other anons have pointed out this is a place where you can be rooode and mean as a woman >>915549. I want to be roode and mean and argue and the things I say and point out are also true and right. Call me a scrote or troon or whatever. Why can you not accept I can post on here while simultaneously being very critical of this place? Become the new admin and permanently ban me if you cannot accept someone with my opinions on here. Or go back to reddit, where everyone shares the same opinion as you and you can ban me by my username.
forever as in 6 more months until this place shuts down forever because literally everyone that browses on here is either too incompetent or too afraid to take over this shithole.

No. 915590

men are literally incapable of empathizing with women because they don't see us a full human beings like themselves, only as objects, property, and tools. I was watching a frontline documentary "Rape on the Nightshift" and one woman was repeatedly and violently raped my her boss for several months. When they interviewed her husband, this is what he had to say (while crying):

>this has been so hard for me

>this has been so hard for my sons
>It's hard for a man to know his wife has been raped
>I wouldn't wish this on any husband

So you're upset another man fucked your wife, because it emasculates you. You're upset that your sons were distressed, because they're your pride and joy. Where is even one word of empathy for his wife, the actual victim? Nothing, it's all about him and his sons. Insane.

No. 915591

>Call me a scrote or troon or whatever
you keep saying this over and over but nobody else has even mentioned it

No. 915592

>i just brush off the thoughts and act like female
wut? Just act like yourself. Your behavior and actions are "female" just by nature of you being one, so no need to put on some charicature.

No. 915596

But you’re literally pulling stuff out of your ass, you’re criticizing what your walnut brain understood from the threads you barely read and you’re assuming anyone who comes here was fine, until they weren’t because nitpicking somehow makes you self-conscious?
You don’t even know that shay will never be considered a /pt/ cow because she’s often just a dry cow living in Groundhog Day.
You also don’t know that a bunch of anons felt bad about Soren who hasn’t been confirmed dead anyways and that lots of anons wanted the thread to close because they couldn’t cope with the idea of Soren actually killing herself.
Like, do you seriously think there’s like 5 anons rotating from thread to thread and filling up this whole ass forum? There’s lurkers, cows, moids and idiotic newfags like you, shitting up threads over dumbass shit that bothered you.
Seriously, just go back to your 4chan sage heaven and talk about your funky ghosts or something.

No. 915599

Your post only encapsulated the level of your delusion and retardation when you compared lc to 4c. Like, bitch, shut the fuck up. We got it, you think this place is vile and 4c is better. Then go you fucking prick. But you won't. Because you're just one more of those fucking weaklings that come here from times to times to bother us with your faggotry.
'Lolcow mindset' lmao. What do you want? Be showered with compliments, yay queen slay? What's up? The moids didn't give you that at your stay with them, then you came here looking for it? We ain't going to coddle you just because we're women.
I know very well your kind. The type of prick that is too much of a coward to put her life back on tracks, to face that she is a fuck up. And she keeps fucking up but she now has to turn everyone's life into hell. You take pleasure into that, am I right? Listen up retard, you better grow the fuck up or the harsh reality will catch up, and when it does it will smack your ass so hard you ain't be sitting straight ever again. You know what I'm talking about? You ever leave your room? Turn off your computer. Go do your homework, kiss your mama. It's not lc that is ruinning your life, it's yourself.

No. 915602

File: 1631941570781.gif (105.74 KB, 278x142, AAAAAAAAA.gif)

I just want to live comfortably AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

No. 915605

File: 1631941758351.jpeg (17.42 KB, 275x206, 1631908112537.jpeg)

This shit should be included in the no emoji rule. Everytime I have to see this shit it makes me think of uwu tumblerinas and twitterfags.

No. 915613

Not everything you dislike is twitterfaggotry.

No. 915615

>you're literally pulling stuff out of your ass

No. 915616

I've been here for a while. Unfortunately, I have been here for a very long time. I came across lolcow as all other anons have come across it. I looked up anorexic girls and ashley issac's thread popped up in google image search, 6 years later and I'm still here. The farm is built around making fun of and criticizing unwell women that don't even do much. I will repeat this over and over again. The threads also fascinate me and the posters fascinate me. The shit they can come up with and say. The userbase is also divided in 2 as I am aware. Most cows have sympathizers, but it appears to me each cow has an approximate of 5 vendetta chans that are cows themselves and have terrible lives and are filled with mental illness and hatred. Just like in Venus's case, some anons will never "forgive" or forget here because they are fucked in the head. Maybe you should stop contributing to the issue if you don't want me "shitting up the thread" by not replying to my post, because if you do I will reply back. What are the things that I'm pulling out of my ass to be more exact? I've seen terrible things being said about women on here. You also have to be aware of the fact that some anons took pleasure in Soren's suffering and thought it was all her fault, just like in Venus's case. It's split in two.

yea and ? I never said 4chan was better than lolcow, but 4chan is not this singular entity, it has boards that are not focused on women, discussing women or women's bodies(yes misogynistic stuff spills in there but it is still mostly used for the purpose of the board, I went to /mu/ after 4 years and almost all of the posts are about music, not about wrinkles, ugly vaginas, mouth lines and so on. Yes, in the big picture 4chan is worse than lolcow, yet lolcow is still terrible for people with BDD. I take pleasure in turning people's life into hell? How am I doing that? By posting my opinion on an anon imageboard? Wow I've truly dragged people into misery by simply saying "lolcow is not heaven and it is built on misogynistic premises and it will probably make your mental health worse". Why do you act like you're all tough for being in a place that doesn't coddle people, yet you're acting as if me making some retarded posts is dragging people down? I never said lolcow is ruining my life you retard, you literally know nothing about me and my life. Now, stop replying stupid non-sensical shit to my posts.

No. 915619

>forever as in 6 more months until this place shuts down forever
Oh tsundere-chan, we have some news for you.

No. 915626

File: 1631944274598.jpeg (50.65 KB, 720x710, mfw men.jpeg)

How come men can never shutup about other women? Literally at all?
>guy who flirts with me
>wouldn't stop namedropping girls he considered cute and commenting on the ones he'd see randomly on the street
>dating a guy
>wouldn't shut up about hot coworker and her huge tits
>same with male friends
>even the married ones
Is this all men ever talk about? Even in areas online that are "boys only" clubs where they rrREEE if any girl "invades" their space, you can see that all they ever talk about is women. Even if they hate them. You could maybe say the same about girls, but it's never to the extent about men where we dehumanize them into body parts (the only exception being dick, and that's not even as common as this since most men don't even have dicks worth bragging about).

No. 915627

>I never said 4c is better, I just said 4c is better because it is ​not a singular entity
Yet, somehow with your years of experience you don't know shit about lc and think we are a singular entity?
Whats up with that tunnel vision?
And now you wanna me to stop replying? You make me stop replying. Just make me, betch. Imma never shut up. I might as well smack your ass myself, little demon. You're the one who hates it here. Go back to your sausage party you fucking nitwit, maybe the boys gonna think you're one of them now the final remains of your brain came out of your nose

No. 915636

Kek I love you. God damn literally the only bitches who still shill 4chin are bitches who just discovered 4chin.

No. 915637

Just wear a dress, make-up and grow your hair out for anons to start pointing out how masculine and man-like you are. Dress like a fakeboi if you want to hear how feminine you are.

No. 915638

I'm so fucking irritated with you. Fuck you. It's as if my suggestions don't mean anything or my opinions don't matter. Seriously go fuck yourself. You don't realize how it makes me feel because you're actually fucking stupid. I have to remind myself that you are actually stupid as fuck. Fuck you and your stupid fucking accent and your stupid fucking brain. I hope you get punched in the dick.

No. 915648

i feel like any anon who uses /mu/ as an example for a "good" 4chan board must seriously…never, ever go on 4chan, right? kek. literally 5 minutes of using /mu/ and you can see how much they despise women, i have no idea how you could consistently visit that board and claim it's one of the less misogynistic boards. /x/ is just "ok" sometimes but even then, you still see incel tier ideologies being cheered on there too. the only good boards on 4chan are /diy/, /an/, /sci/ and /out/. change my mind

also i understand your frustration anon, reading certain threads here makes me feel worse about myself too. i do feel like 4chan is worse overall. because its pretty much guaranteed that every 4chan poster does not even see me as human, and if they do, they only see me as a sex object. women on lc are extremely varied in their opinions, and i think that most women on here only critique certain people to such an extent because of factors that are unrelated to their appearance. for example, if shayna was a good person who never had a thread here, and some anon posted in a thread berating her "weird tit", i feel like people would reply with mostly negative things towards the anon who made the criticism. just because MOST people here only tend to find MORE faults with people who we already know we dislike for reasons other than their appearance. so knowing that makes it..a bit easier to cope with? a little bit? just because, i know if i'm a good person and not a retard, people will never have a reason to demean me the same way they do to cows. which is different from men, because men will demean, berate, and belittle any women no matter how good they are and no matter how attractive they are.
this was autistic and i'm sorry but once i start typing about something i can't stop kek

No. 915651

File: 1631947163800.gif (2.19 MB, 300x345, 77809074-3BBF-4DD9-8E40-1A23E4…)

Genuine question, what is that gonna do? Is Does the “maleness” feeling only get validated depending on how the world perceives your body? If suddenly sexual dimorphism in humans is reversed between male and female, and you get to keep your current body which now looks like men’s, would you stop feeling “dysphoric”? If your body changed into that of your current impossible ideal now, would you instead feel sad about not having wide hips and tits like men’s thus not fitting in with them? Given that nothing else about the world is different, women still get treated like shit and held to impossible standards with our cocks and ape skulls.

No. 915655

i don't want to read all this but related i hate scrote communities so much and there's no comparing the lack of humanity there compared to lolcow. i have no idea how a woman can lurk there and think those guys are relatable in any way. can't ever stop thinking about the bianca stuff and how everyone uses simp now not knowing where it originated from.

No. 915659

It’s not autistic. You have common sense, I love to see it. It’s unreal the way some bitches internalize “nasolabial folds” and “cankles”.
Literally no one would give a fuck about yours irl because you’re not a cow (though you might be if you’re so hysterical and self obsessed to the point of unable to view the world separate from yourselves).
They also conveniently pretend that there aren’t anons actively police nitpickers in cow threads. What is context right? It’s easy to frame how mean it is if you don’t mention how cows photoshop themselves into a cartoon to perpetuate toxic standards for women, all the while they eat and drink and dope themselves into the their current state of appearance all on their own.

No. 915663

>everyone uses simp now not knowing where it originated from.
I've heard simp used in black southern US slang years before it got popularized on the internet, it didn't originate in incel communities if that's what you think.

No. 915667

Not even a serious vent but waitress would not make eye contact or talk to me at the restaurant. She would only talk/look at my Bf. Like girl I exist too

No. 915670

fem shaggy

No. 915675

Same nonny, browsing 4chan as a teen really fucked me up. Not sure what anon is going on about because even /x/ or /mu/ has this common understanding that women are worthless, inferior and subhuman and there isn't a thread where multiple people don't say it in some way. It's self harm to browse 4chan as a woman, the same way it would be self harm to browse lolcow as a man. Anons can be bitches here but a-logging and harsh infighting usually gets banned fast (try saying women are inferior roasties and you'll get a permaban in 20 minutes) and to me the overall experience was positive.

No. 915683

that's so annoying and weird, i usually do the opposite, focus on talking to the woman so she doesn't think I'm eyeing her man.
Im fuckin gay anyways but some ladies are ready to claw my throat out for making eye contact with her dude

No. 915685

Bless. If I’m asking for my cheeseburger then make sure we are making contact.
It’s the matter of the fact that I have a voice too. That shit has happened too many times like when I am doing mundane things like going to the dmv or pharmacy.

No. 915686

and full of rad fems that refuse to work in women's shelters, don't forget

No. 915699

File: 1631957228105.jpeg (194.4 KB, 750x750, C944F8B2-FCEE-4EE7-BA1F-6A31FB…)

in some aspects lc has helped and in others it has been completely ruinous for my mental health so it's a double edged sword because i feel trapped but i don't know where else to go when i feel obligated to run my mouth. sometimes i don't have an honest friend to run it to about something dark and dreadful. on the other hand sometimes things here do make me feel like an awful shitty person who shouldn't exist, has terrible taste, is a hideous beast. it's still one of the "safer" gossip spaces I think ive been in by ironically it being as anonymous as it is

4chan lurking made me feel actively vile though, as much as i can't stand some of the sperging and board culture here the moids on 4ch somehow are incomparably awful next to almost anything the internet has thrown at me, plus you can't run into a thread that isn't somehow invaded by /pol/ migrants.

there is misogyny everywhere, there'll be bitches who nitpick peoples looks everywhere. does it get tiresome and redundant when it's the same three complaints over and over? yeah but it could be worse.

No. 915711

im starting to hate anyone and everyone alive

No. 915716


No. 915720

No offense but you should log off, take some anti depressant and have irl interaction at least once a week. The internet should not be that serious.

No. 915749

File: 1631962644415.png (2.06 MB, 2048x1911, depressedmcfurry.png)

woke up from another dream about my ex girlfriend

day ruined

No. 915753

sorry anon but I lol'd at the thought of the descriptors in your picture to be the tags of a porno have a good day

No. 915757

thank you for confiding in my that you indulge in 'quirky autistic homosexual furry p*rn', very interesting lol

No. 915759

Struck up a conversation with a weird moid online because I couldn't figure out if he was intentionally offensive/outputting or he was being unironic in his "love quest". Now he sends me walls of texts because I guess I'm the only person who didn't block him after a day and wants to be gaming buddies and escalate from there. You truly need zero input for men to meme themselves into an imaginary relationship themselves with you. Good thing he doesn't know any of my real personal information.

No. 915764

I've left the house twice in the past three months and I'm going to be visiting friends soon. I'm excited, but at the same time nervous because I've lost so much socialization from my isolation.

No. 915769

you're all horrible, I was involved with actual sex trafficking, I'm a sex trafficking victim and someone has been LARPING as me and obsessing over me for days. >>908239
this is not my post and the posts made in the camgirl thread about that russian camgirl are not my posts. In Eastern Europe there are organized trafficking rings that go under "camming studios" they are ran by usual female pimps or male pimps that recruit girls through grooming tactics and the most common one is to send female groomers to mental hospitals and find barely legal mentally ill girls. They are legal sex trafficking groups.

I joined a radfem discord server from lolcow 3 years ago and I shared a lot of private information there thinking I could trust those women since they said they are radfems and I thought it would be ok to share this about myself. I left the server a couple of months ago because I didn't like being an echo chamber and since then they've been making these horrible posts LARPING as me. I'm going to kill myself tonight and make a huge internet post with lolcow linked to it and everything that has happened to me and I will also attach your ugly mugs to it since I have all your selfies saved I hope you're happy you're part of the scum that has contributed to my death

No. 915770

please dont kill yourself

No. 915771

Thats a stupid reason to kill yourself, turn your computer off, stop using your phone, go outside and touch grass

No. 915772

Please calm down anon and don't make any rash decisions. I don't know exactly what you've been through since I don't use the lc discord, but posting any private info about yourself, whether people claim to be radfems or not, is very dangerous online. Have you tried contacting the admin and trying to get some of the posts removed, or maybe the moderators of the discord you talked about? Perhaps try taking a break from the internet and wiping any private accounts you may have shared. Even if they make a thread about you, it'll die if you're not active at all online.

No. 915773

im only 21 years old and what everything everyone has done to me has made me want to end my life, everyone is a liar even people that pretend to care about others why the fact would you present yourself as a radfem if you contribute to the harassment and to the death of someone that has been sexually trafficked? I have lost my mother to suicide and my life has been an actual real nightmare and I cannot afford anything and never will be able to and my country has never offered me any sort of support or help there's no point for me to live anyway if I'm going to be humiliated, accused of lying my entire life good job at enabling literal sexual trafficking rings the woman posted in the camgirl thread the russian camgirl is working in a trafficking studio and she self admits herself to the mental hospital yearly and grooms girls just like the BPD bitch groomed me at the hospital when I was 17. It's a pyramidal fucked up sex trafficking scheme that has been going on in Eastern Europe for some time now. Those posts are not even made by me and stop lying about me I never asked you for anything you're literally just harassing me because I dont agree with you I'm killing myself today and recording it and linking lolcow all your information and your pictures and writing a story about what everyone has done to me since I was a little child I've been beaten, bullyed, taken advantage of, raped,lived in poverty its quite ironic that radfems have added the last straw to my death

No. 915774

do you have any links about the camming rings? doesn't have to be in english. all i know are legal camming studios that rope in "consenting" girls under the guise of getting money just from showing yourself clothed and talking with guys about whatever they wanted. of course it's a slippery slope leading to them camwhoring

No. 915778

Apologies, didn't finish reading the post before i replied. IDK if you are attention whoring, serious or in between, but don't kill yourself over internet nobodies. Also IDK how you can have photos of my face when I'm anonymously posting on lolcow, but believe me that nobody would care about your suicide as much as you hope they would (and probably should). If it's not clear, I'm not saying it to imply that you are worthless. People are cruel and brush off that kind of shit quickly, especially if it's some internet nobody. I'm sorry for what happened to you. IDK which posts were yours, but if you write something dumb or unpopular here, anons will sperg at you but it isn't personal.

No. 915780

Based. That one anon understand.

No. 915781

no but that girl from russia or ukraine is involved in it she's the groomer BPD recruiter. I posted about her in the camgirl thread and then a bunch of posts appeared impersonating me there too and on /meta/. I only posted about how she is basically working under a male pimp superior that she is dating and she is self admitting to the mental hospital with the same tactic that was used on me to groom girls. All the girls working at that studio appear on MFC and are under the same camming studio as her and they are mentally ill and obviously taken from the mental hospital, also freshly 18 and that woman is exactly like the BPD bitch that groomed me in the mental hospital. Then when you are involved with the studio they trap you mentally they convince you that you are worthless mentally ill and that you wont be able to keep a normal job and that they are taking care of you because you cannot do it on your own which is narcissistic abuse- infantilization and making the victim feel unable to function by themselves. There have been countless of posts made on my behalf on here pretending to be me with personal information only someone as spiteful as the radfem girls from that server would do to hurt me everytime I post something they dislike they post some retarded LARP about how they are tsundere anon camwhore etc. I joined a radfem server from the friend finder thread 3 years ago and it was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life. Now I am being threatened by radfems on lolcow that make fun of me for being a sex trafficking victim, the studio I worked at has posted nudes under my real name after I left to take revenge on me and some sex trafficking cult/megaorganziation is threatening to kill me and my father because I exposed them.These posts are made by people from the radfem server I was in and that hate me because I have nuance in my opinions >>908239 there are many many others that I cannot link because im shaking and they are the vicious bitches that make those posts literally nobody here cares about me besides the "radfems" that were in that server. How the fuck can you say you are a radfem and harass literal sex trafficking/abuse victim. I've been sexually abused since my childhood. And now youre going to tell me I'm self victimizing to manipulate you stop acting like everything I say is a lie meant to manipulate or impress others this is my life and I hate that this is my life my life has been a nightmare you know how the quote goes "they say dreams do come true but nightmares are dreams too"

No. 915788

>>915781 I'm begging you to get off of lc for your own good

No. 915790

I need to go out to do shit but I have diarrhoea. I have to start getting ready in 15 mins, it better stop, please stop

No. 915793

File: 1631969409426.png (656.51 KB, 1200x1283, comehere.png)

This small community game project I follow online is being pressured by some of the community to add gendershit (think custom pronouns, adding or coding characters as trans canonically, removing vaguely "transphobic" dialogue) and it looks like the dev is caving in to some of the demands. There was a point in the game where a character made an offhanded comment, something like having long hair doesn't make someone a woman, and the troons sperged out on the game's blog and called it "out of character"(???). Damn this is unfortunate, I really liked the game and even contributed some sprite art before the community turned in this way, and it really seems like the push for this came out of nowhere. The main person pushing or trying to volunteer these changes is a "lesbian" MtF troon too.

No. 915794

i'm so tired god damn

No. 915796

my condolences, having violent period shits over here myself.

No. 915797

iktf anon. All of the doll maker sites I used to frequent have been completely overrun by gendertards. It seems that niche art communities are especially susceptible to this shit.

No. 915800

Whenever I'm in public im paranoid that someone is gonna come up and snip off my braid or ponytail. I always keep it in front of me or tucked into my jacket. Why can't i live peacefully

No. 915801

do you have some weird way too long hair like down to your ass or something?

No. 915802

Vaguely related to this, it always makes me sad how when I hear about a female game dev/artist/music producer I can almost always count on it to be a troon.
Before I peaked, I used to tell myself 'but they are women, I should be happy for the representation' but it always felt really off because inside I knew they are just men in skirts and women just can't make it in gaming. It's really freeing not to lie to myself now. I suspect most handmaiden libfems feel like this too.

No. 915804

Idk if this is too late but consume a couple of whole white peppers, they help with stomach problems

My vent is that our house is so cold

No. 915806

It's down to my tailbone kek

No. 915807

im so frustrated with a male friend of mine but i have no idea if im being sensitive or not. He has always said he's straight 100%, but I feel he is competing with me?

For example, we were talking about parts of our body we liked and i said my hips and he said his calves. The next day he's talking about "he cant believe the difference in inches between his hips and waist" even though he's a skinny white guy with the body of shaggy from scooby doo. I'm not saying my hips are amazing but he kept going on about how small his waist is and it felt very fucking weird for a "straight guy" to be doing it. Then I mentioned to him a person we know has been looking at my insta stories and he starts going on about how he could take him off me if he wanted becaue he talks to him sometimes. I told him that's weird for a straight guy to say and he said he just likes male attention but has no interest in having sex with men.

Today I mentioned I made my roommate (male) soup and sent him a pic of it. He told me i should have blended it and i said i didnt because my roommate asked me not to as he liked it chunky. He started going on about how he could make my roommate a really good soup etc and how he would blend it but still have it chunky for him and i felt so shitty. Why the fuck is he doing this if he's so straight? It feels so weird and honestly insulting. He doesn't even know my roommate at all or what he looks like. What the actual fuck is wrong with men.

No. 915808

Between "no blogpost plx anyways op here I got kicked out and I'll fight everyone in the thread that won't asspat me" and "I'll kms because someone is lightly impersonating me on an anonymous site" I'm really starting to wish this site wasn't anonymous so we could have threads on some of you fucking cows kek

No. 915810

I'm sorry that you had to go through this too anon. And yeah I've had the same observation, it's why I don't use discord any more because all the art servers are practically filled with this nonsense (among other problems).
It's sad how troons (who are only like 2 percent of the population) seem more prevalent than actual women in these creative fields, or maybe they just get more coverage and attention. I had similar thoughts, but more so along the lines of "they aren't hurting any one, so who cares?" but I did kind of know on the inside it was all just a larp, like you said. No amount of radfem or any kind of gendercrit discourse would've converted me or changed my opinion (because I was so lukewarm), but only troons themselves were able to peak me because of their spastic behavior. They'll literally try to destroy whole entire communities and creative projects because someone refused to entertain their delusions, everything else is secondary to them.

No. 915812

>he likes male attention but has no interest in having sex with men
Sounds like your buddy is just a gay man in deep denial. Either that or he'll be skinwalking you in a few years as a transwoman.

No. 915815

It's never worth discussing your preferences with scrotes

No. 915823

I hate that every room/house tour video on youtube looks the same nowadays, I just want to watch people's comfy wealthy lives but what's the point when it's the same ikea plants and amazon fairy lights again and again

No. 915832

File: 1631973005673.jpg (199.86 KB, 1280x720, okk.jpg)

People being sheep. It's the same with kids getting those Amazon LED lights because they see others have it.

No. 915833

File: 1631973325205.jpg (67.86 KB, 800x600, Wood-and-High-Efficiency-LED-L…)

I always thought the whole point of those lights was to put it behind furniture like in picrel to give it a glow, not to have the tacky exposed LEDs out in the open. THat just looks cheap and childish. I have a corner desk and I put LED strips I got for free from work behind it and it looks pretty nice with the color scheme of my room.

No. 915834

I noticed this with my brothers too, randomly mentioning something about a woman the second they see them. The thought of women completely consumes their brain. Like the other anon venting a few posts above you said, they don't see us as another human the way we see random males walking down the street or in the grocery store.

No. 915839

Why would you do that when you can leave them exposed to burn your eyes?

No. 915840

Ntayrt, I honestly didn’t know it was supposed to be like that, that’s so cool.

No. 915841

Same strip lights, same ivy strands, same tiny Polaroid photos. All very dorm room. Check out Paige Wassel on youtube, anon, you'll like her!

No. 915855

This is pwetty.

No. 915870

I don't even know where to start. My whole life is a misery and despite my dearest hopes it really never gets better. As the eldest daugther of two immigrants I don't think that I ever deserved the damage that was done and is still being done to me. My whole life just consists of trauma and abuse that I will never overcome and will be the downfall of me. I used to be such a bubbly, sweet and outgoing child but everything fucking changed when my parents started beating the fuck out of me and started using me as their personal punchingbag. I am so sorry for my inner child and past self. To know how much pain I went through and how fucking much I prayed that I could someday be loved an cared for and having my entire life completly fucked over so fucking heartbreaking to realize. Everytime I have to think to myself how much I could have accomplished and what kind of person I could have been if all of these things would have never happened. All of the things have destroyed me as a person. I don't have anyone to talk to and all the friends I had vanished and or completly changed. I can't even find friends because I am an obnoxious, awkward and weird person that nobody wants to befriend. The only person that I have in my life is my boyfriend that doesn't care about me at all and is probably together with me out of pity. I myself don't have any fucking redeeming quality and literally nothing speaks in my favor. I am ugly, stupid and just obnoxious to add to that I probably have depression, PTSD, anxiety, an ED and most-likely a bipolar personality disorder. Every is getting worse and I can't stop but crying everyday about how miserable my life is and how there is no fix to this. I never tried theraphy and probably won't because of my parents and my future job since they require you to be as mentally stable as possible. Nonnies is there any way I can escape out of this painful cycle of misery or am I doomed for life?

No. 915877

File: 1631976509773.jpg (19.99 KB, 400x387, 2db6a5f6b980ee04f486184fe9527f…)

im so sorry i cant offer any advice for you because i am also hurting but not as much as you but i love you and i would be your friend please dont be so mean to yourself i bet you are a very pleasant person nona i hope your life gets better because you deserve to be happy please hang in there

No. 915895

Is hair down to your ass really weirdly long already?

No. 915903

nta but it usually looks bad

No. 915913

Nta but wtf is with the sudden obsession with calves? I'm seeing it more and more, literally who cares about calves…

No. 915914

you never heard of never skip leg day?

No. 915917

File: 1631980307368.jpg (20.75 KB, 500x486, YAMERO.jpg)

anons i fucking hate my job. i don't hate the job itself, it's as tedious as any other job i guess, i just hate how nervous it makes me constantly. i'm always messing up or making dumbshit mistakes. i want to quit but i've tried to before and they begged me to stay + offered me a raise and better hours so i took the offer.

i can't go into too much detail abt the job itself bc i'll be lowkey doxxing myself but basically it's long hours, the pay isn't great but it isn't too shitty to stay either, my coworkers rock and the best part of the job, and my boss is v understanding despite me messing up near constantly. i simultaneously care too much and too little abt what he thinks of me bc i can be the best employee ever and insanely autistic in a moment's notice.

i want to quit bc i feel like a shell of my former self. i get the feeling i'm gonna fail all my classes at college too bc i barely have time to study now. i feel like crying all the time, i feel sick. i'm sliding back into awful habits and it's starting to affect my physical health as well, not just my mental. i feel like if i quit now i'll be deemed as ungrateful but if i wait another six months to quit it'll be even worse bc i'll be in too deep by that point. i also feel like i invest myself too much into this shitty low-paying job, but when i take it easy (get lazy) at it i start to make visible mistakes and get reprimanded, so it's an impossible situation where i have to try hard enough to get by but not so hard but also be better. fuck. i miss my old life.

No. 915921

i managed to go on a daily 1 hour long walk every day for the past 13 days and today i woke up sick. runny nose, sore throat, woozy, the usual. i'm so mad. i can't even walk to the bathroom without having to cling to something after a few steps because my head is spinning so much. i'm so angry that i'm fucking up my streak. everything was going so well and then my body decided that i have to get a cold because it was a bit windy outside when i was sweating on my way home.

No. 915923

im a fucking anachan who gained 5 lbs just in a week, 2 days before college starts. and i legit just cried for 20 mins because im a fucking dumbass who doesnt have real problems i guess and is obsessing over weight.
i already dont wanna go back to school to a major i hate but WHY is 5 pounds actually making me cry?

No. 915924

I fucking hate working. I don’t care if it’s only for 8 hours a day. I’ve never had a job I’ve liked. I fucking HATE working. God I just want to be at home so badly. I hate customers. I hate supervisors. Everyone can just fuck off and die.

No. 915928

Because it's water weight and you're being dramatic.

No. 915929

>5 lbs just in a week
sounds like water weight, ananon. are you close to your period? did you eat something very salty yesterday? or maybe lots of carbs? you're probably gonna pee it out over the course of the next few days.

No. 915933

Btw I am the anon who posted who about wanting to troon out and the anon sperging out about lolcow being more misogynistic than 4chan is not me

No. 915935

just poop already

No. 915937

its not near my period and i didnt eat anything out of ordinary. still, maybe its stress? honestly in my mind, i know at least 2 pounds of it must be water-weight too. i just get hyperfixated on the numbers thanks to my OCD.
thank you tho for replying, i know im being overdramatic but it feels nice that someone asks without judging. even if theyre a random anon.

No. 915940

beastality posters and anti-cat spergs ruined /an/

No. 915942

If my TDEE is 1,700 and I eat around 1,000 cals a day is it possible to gain

No. 915944

I feel like most working hours isn't even necessary, supervisors just want to keep ppl around so they can emotionally abuse them/get a powerkick, and employees want to be there to get away from annoying kids/spouse. Most jobs are just busywork, and if you get rid of all the uselessly complicated shit then most ppl would only work like 4 hours a day.

No. 915946

You don't have real problems so you're obsessing over your weight. Go make an indoor garden or something.

No. 915952

yes, if you undereat your body goes into starvation mode and will start retaining everything, subsequently making your tdee lower and lower. you might start at 1700 but if your body realizes you’re only taking in 1000 on a regular basis it will adjust and then you’ll have to take in even less to lose.

No. 915959

No, unless you do the math wrong.

No. 915963

>anti-cat spergs ruined /an/
Wait what? I haven't been to /an/ in around a decade. What happened?

No. 915973

I swear anachans are secretly proud of being one

No. 915978

they are

No. 915983

"secretly" kek

No. 915988

there's an obvious anachan in my class and she wears nothing but booty shorts and a sweater every day even in freezing cold weather

No. 915990

Can twitter users please lurk instead of immediately lifeblogging about the most boring shit on earth. You're here because twitter is fucking boring because of people like you posting a constant stream of unoriginal self-indulgent quirkyblogging and unoriginal self-indulgent sadblogging. Learn the lesson & stop talkong for five minutes

No. 915998

? of course they are. Being thin is their obessesion, why wouldn't they be proud of being what they obsess over?

No. 915999

>unoriginal self-indulgent sadblogging.
isn't that what this thread is for? i don't know how someone can make their life experiences original and unique lol
any cat thread outside of the cat general basically turns into the cat version of dog-hate spergs, plus spamming tox memes. and once an OP was asking for help cause his brother's (?or some guy he knew) cat was acting annoying or something and half the responses were saying to shoot and kill it.

No. 916004

I hate my chronic neck and back pain, I'm just supposed to suffer and be in a good mood and if someone asks me what's wrong I feel like they are annoyed when I say I'm in pain because it comes and goes a lot. I honestly feel that way towards other people with constant pains too. It's annoying hearing about something all the time that you can't help with. That's why depressed people are fucking annoying
What's with this trend of minimodding the vent thread? Nobody cares what you think counts as a vent you uppity crank

No. 916005

i want to hug someone. i dont even like to be touched i just need to be hugged or hug someone else idc just let me love you

No. 916008

I can spot what I assume are younger people by their lack of capitalization and weird spacing, and they're usually so spergy it borders on incomprehensible. But I just choose not to read them now. If it's on cow boards, just report.

No. 916009

>I can spot what I assume are younger people by their lack of capitalization
lowercase posting isn't exclusive to newfags whatsoever. you're not required to use APA formatting on an off-topic imageboard.

No. 916018

File: 1631987236957.jpg (165.45 KB, 1200x675, 1630304892418.jpg)

No. 916019

File: 1631987301574.jpg (35.29 KB, 640x853, boomer.jpg)

It's not the only telling sign, but oldfags usually assimilate into imageboardculture that has been around for almost two decades. People don't get told to "lurk moar" enough nowadays.

No. 916023

it's not a hivemind

No. 916048

Break up with me already

No. 916055

that feel sucks but sometimes you gotta rip the bandaid off yourself

No. 916057

Well, it was too late for this occasion, but I powered through with just some stomach aches. But thanks for the advice anyway, I'll keep it in mind for any future bowel problems needing a quick fix.

No. 916065

you have to be new to imageboards kek

No. 916074

I can't wait for the pendulum to swing back to natural make-up trends. Seeing young women irl imitating the ticktock and instagram looks and looking absolutely crusty while at it makes me want to scream.

No. 916075

I think I'm retarded. I can't talk dirty to my boyfriend during sex, it feels too degrading and like I'm pretending to be a porn star or something. I get extremely anxious trying to think of something to say as well but my boyfriend keeps insisting I do it since he has a hard time cumming. This is just uncomfy

No. 916079

Your bf is retarded and an inferior male. Make him work to please you or dump

No. 916084

you're not retarded for not wanting to cross your own boundaries for a scrote who's too pornsick to cum unless you degrade yourself

No. 916090

> since he has a hard time cumming
If you’re seriously dating someone who still watches porn then you know exactly what you walked into. Start your preparation for dumping him or be stuck with a guy who wants you to act like a porn star, and is probably thinking about the last video he watched instead of you during sex.

No. 916092

He can go rent a whore if he needs someone to mimic porn dialogue to please his wee wee

What a fucking faggot

No. 916093

File: 1631991477264.jpeg (323.18 KB, 900x888, EB915D75-EE86-431E-9399-793A34…)

You’ve been through a lot nonny, don’t be hard on yourself. You’ve done very well for yourself considering the circumstances. I would say there’s nothing wrong with getting therapy, you don’t have to give details to your employers. And I’d probably say to distance yourself from your parents, or cut them off even. But I don’t know you or your situation so whether that’s possible or not I don’t know. Just take things one step at a time. See a doctor and a therapist. Take care of yourself, you deserve it.

No. 916098

nah you’re just a bald headed bitch

No. 916099

I'm just going to work out and work on my calorie defect, everytime I look into things about losing weight, I start thinking, "I'm going to never lose weight, I'm not doing it right", Just going to focus on staying postitive.

No. 916107

File: 1631992245527.jpg (80.88 KB, 800x844, 1613937023109.jpg)

and you're an ugly tradlarper with a birds nest worth of hair down to the floor, probably thin as hell too. extremely long hair looks bad period.

No. 916108

check out https://www.losertown.org/eats/cal.php it gives you an estimated timeline when you would hit which goal if you stay with x amount of calories per day. ofc there will always be days when you overeat or something but it really puts it into perspective. also, time goes by anyways. september 18 next year will roll around eventually and it's your choice if you start making healthy choices from today on or not. you can do it, nonny.

No. 916113

ayrt and no…
there's just such a thing as hair being too long imo

No. 916135

File: 1631993367113.jpg (9.44 KB, 275x183, Download.jpg)

you are such a strong person, nonna. I know your feelings and thoughts, one thing I can tell you, it gets better. If possible, distance yourself from your parents and if your bf doesn't seem to care about you, he isn't the right person, you deserve better.
The therapy thing, I did the same, never went to therapy because it would have been difficult to get the job I thought I would have in the future. Guess what, I dropped out of university without a degree because my mental health just got worse and worse. Please, if you have any chance, go for it, start a therapy, maybe after you secured a position in your future job, but don't push that thought of therapy completely away.
You seem like a very nice person, I don't think that there aren't any people out there willing to be your friend. I just learned that many people leave when it gets difficult, but those aren't real friends and one day you will find some.

No. 916191

I miss brushing my teeth, washing my face and combing my hair— preparing myself for the night in his bathroom and then entering the bedroom where he awaits me. I miss hearing how beautiful he thinks I look and seeing him gesture for me to join him in bed. I miss feeling his warm skin against mine and wrapping myself around him… I miss kissing him and touching him. I miss his compliments and touch. I know he misses me the same way. We were both stressed and touch starved, eager to get together with the next person who came around. We both made the spontaneous decision to meet and had the same expectations in mind. We both yearned for exactly that which I described. It was never about mutual respect anyway, although in the end he liked me more than I like him, I simply degraded myself more. I don't ever want to get back together and am happy he is of the past. Yet I crave that togetherness the same way he craved it with his ex, and then with me. I would love to have a strictly platonic relationship with a male, that includes cuddling and staying for the night. No sex, just sleeping in the same bed and holding each other… I miss how he looked at me and fawned over me.

No. 916193

I've probably been around longer than you, anon. I'm not accusing you personally of being a twittard or anything, if you feel personally offended because you like lowercase.

No. 916194

nta but i'm 25 and type using lowercase and lack of punctuation on the internet because… why shouldn't i? i'm not writing a formal thesis

No. 916196

Ugh I hate being in pictures because I'm not photogenic so all I have is grainy selfies, but I want to make a tinder profile and try it …I hope it won't be bad to have some grainy photos. I especially hate that I look younger in my pictures than I actually am, so people think I'm an underage teen or larping grrr. Just let me participate in contemporary hedonismmm

No. 916197

Nta but I always assume lowercase posters are computer posters and capitalization posters are phone posters

No. 916198

i used to be this way until i set my phone to not capitalize first letters of a sentence. i’m dedicated to my cause.

No. 916201

It's the opposite with me

No. 916202

same, except i'm 27 and i've been typing like this for at least 10 years. weird thing to analyze so deeply

No. 916205

Welcome to weirdo central, where you can stop being dumbfounded by weird shit and start to expect it.

No. 916253

The lack of capitalization has become way more common on here in the last year I'd say. I've no theory on why (doubt it's that deep) I just know I spotted it more because I notice dumb details like that.

No. 916292

I just switch it up because I pretend to be diff people kek spotting faggotry involves many micro-processes rather than just one or two.

No. 916297

Lmao bitch go do your DBT worksheets.

No. 916338

I’ve recently moved into my mom’s room, and I hate the fact that I can’t sleep at all. She puts on the tv, and I can’t sleep with it on, no matter how low the volume is. She refuses to change her habits in the slightest

No. 916351

>I just switch it up because I pretend to be diff people
based. me too.

No. 916378

once again I was planning to hang out with someone and no text back. I know they’re not mad at me but Im alone like always and I just want to socialize with a person, once, wtf does it take.

No. 916387

i've gained so much weight over the past year I dont even look like myself none of my clothes fit me im supposed to be going back to working in the office soon but i'm too mortified for people to see me. I cant even look at myself in the mirror. and I feel like my friend has stopped inviting me to do things in public because she is embarrassed to be seen with me. I don't blame her. im trying to lose weight but its so hard. I just want to give up on everything I hate my lfie

No. 916521

File: 1632017196716.jpg (185.78 KB, 1024x1024, 1624951500307.jpg)

Nonnies, it was already hard enough to they/them my childhood friends BF (especially since this doesn't even exist in our language, so he literally has us use the English word for him), but, as is the fate with male themlets, he trooned out, and I feel a sting in my chest whenever I have to call him she or refer to him as a woman, like I'm insulting myself, my mother, my grandmother and all my mothers before that. I legitimately feel like he's just taking the piss out of us, but he's the male feminist kind who became a tranny because he apparently hates males as he says (and thus, doesn't want to be associated with them I guess, but I don't think he's even thought that far). I just hope childhood friend will grow out of this all and the contact with him will cease like it almost did some time ago. I just don't think it's going to happen anytime soon, since she's a pansexual enby too, so first she'll have to peak herself, and then she has to peak enough to want to get rid of him.
inb4 just cut ur losses; I know, I know, but I love her so much and she has always seen the light in the end and I have a bit too much patience, so I'll just wait it out and keep the contact to her BF to the minimum.

No. 916588

I'm so fucking stupid. I was downstairs smoking and binging snacks because my husband had to go to bed early for work. I remembered I had some firm salt licorice and I was snacking on some. It was really chewy. All of the sudden I felt a grit between my teeth. I think this sticky stuff may have loosened and/or cracked off the back end of my 2nd molar that had a fill from a chip before.
What the fuck am I gonna do now? UGH! I'm going to obsessively clean my teeth but now I'm terrified to eat solid food until I get this fixed. I'll have to broth diet.

It doesn't hurt (so far) but I haven't tried to drink or eat anything. Good christ I have never done anything so devastating to my teeth before. Oh, and it's my 30th birthday next week. Happy Birtbday to me right? The health only has downward to go from here.

No. 916598

there are little temporary filling kits you can buy at the drugstore while you wait for a dentist appointment. maybe that could help?

No. 916662

I am 24 and I just discovered that I already have a few pigmentless white hairs on my head. But I am only 24?! Is it normal to get them that early?! My mom only started graying when she was in her 40s! Could it be from uni stress?

No. 916663

It's okay, anon. Everyone has gained weight last year and I bet all if your coworkers also most likely balloned. When you go back to your original lifestyle and diet you will slowly shrink back. You friend is just an asshole and you should get better friends.

No. 916665

yeah it’s normal and stress makes it worse. when did your dad start going gray? i actually worked with a girl that started going gray at 18 and had to get her hair dyed at a salon like once a month because her roots and hair grew in fully gray at that point (she was also 24). it’s unlikely that a couple random gray hairs now will amount to anything for several years though.

No. 916673

My husband just messaged me to please throw his laundry in the wash while he's at work… No, god forbid anything like washing your own clothes cuts into your precious streaming time. I ignored the message, I'm having a nice glass of wine and doing crafts with my own free time now that I've already finished my own laundry. But I am so mad that he'd even ask.

No. 916686

Let’s lose weight together!
As you should. Good work queen.

No. 916692

File: 1632030895506.gif (3.08 MB, 480x270, '.gif)

In spite of all my planning and preparation I'm still running tragically behind on my college assignments, all of which are due tonight. I know that I've always been a slow thinker but I'm starting to suspect that I may actually be some sort of retard. I'm so fucking exhausted but I have to stay up for the next few hours if I want to get this shit done and turned in on time.

No. 916697

I feel you anon. I allow myself a few skipped assignments per semester (usually group discussions) and then it seems to take the edge off. there's this annoying uggo ass moid who I've been trying to avoid in my courses who responds to literally everyone's group discussions and I adamantly refuse to deal with his annoying ass, so that makes me want to engage even less with the class

pressuring myself to do my assignments last minute is a commonality every semester though. I don't think I can work on a timely schedule and churn out something decent. you mayve made a retarded decision but as long as you grind to get the work done, you get it done, and that's what matters. everyone has methods.

No. 916699

File: 1632031585589.jpg (105.07 KB, 800x800, miband6.jpg)

NTA but I kinda feel the same , I'm the heaviest I have ever been in years, I really let myself go during the lockdown. But we can lose it! I've lost 35kg before and I know I can do it again, even though I am way older.
I just ordered a mi band so I can monitor my steps, calorie burn, heartrate, all that jazz. I will see if I can start small, like 5k steps on the first week, week and a half. That's around 30min of walking, so I don't think it's too bad to get the ball rolling and create an habit again. Even got myself a cuter strap, already lol
Let's do it, nonnies!

No. 916728

Bought a new belt today and tried it on at home, I stupidly took off the label to get it through my belt loops but now I wish I bought a larger size because it fits my high waisted jeans but not my low cut ones. Is there any chance I'd be able to exchange it with receipt only bit no labels? Damn I'm annoyed with myself, I should have waited.

No. 916730

literally just eat more nonny
drink chocco milk
eat peanut butter
that's it

No. 916733

It's normal, especially if you have naturally darker hair. My friend has dark brown curly hair and she's full on salt&pepper despite being only 22.

No. 916740

I don't know if I'll be able to live together with your average scrote. On one hand I strive to be a generous person who doesn't have hangups over minor things, on the other hand the first time a scrote would assume that I'll be doing his laundry or packing his stuff for him, I'd probably kill him.

No. 916748

Good luck nona, you're going to feel so much better when you begin to be more active.

No. 916750

Taking care of all of someone’s chores (doubling your own workload) is not a “minor thing”. If both of you are working adults, you split household responsibilities evenly. Expecting you to take on his half is unreasonable, and yet so many women accept it like it’s natural. That expectation is a relic of the days of stay at home wives; things have changed and the old system no longer makes practical sense.

No. 916759

File: 1632042182517.jpg (207.08 KB, 981x603, Image1.jpg)

>I swear some men will perform things badly or ask for feedback 1000x in the process to frustrate you into doing it yourself.
This is absolutely a thing, it's called strategic incompetence. Unfortunately the saying
>never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity
doesn't apply to men. They play dumb but they know what they're doing, and they know very well how they benefit from it.

And not to get too dramatic about it, not helping with chores isn't exactly abuse, but talking about benefits reminded me of this bit from Why Does He Do That. It seems so simple and obvious but people rarely talk about the ways men's lives become easier and more comfortable when they treat women like shit.

No. 916760

Lolcow unironically made me aware about how much unpaid work women do on top of working as many hours are their male partners. It opened my eyes about the situations of my female family members and close friends too, most of them are in charge of the household chores despite working as many hours and/or are the ones to take care of elderly familymembers when they work as many hours as their male familymembers. And it made me realize that I did the same when I lived together with my ex, taking on the work because I just assumed it, taking care of the house like I saw my mother always do, and subconsiously wanted to appear a good partner probably.

No. 916767

I'm sensitive to this bullshit especially because for better or worse I was your typical shut-in gamer teenager like a lot of scrotes who were treated like royalty and were never expected to help. I could walk past a t-shirt on the floor 3 times and never even think about picking it up, if I even noticed it, and knew how to manipulate myself out of any responsibility. And because I was in that mental space once, I can see the fucking cogs turning behind men's glazed over eyes, especially if they always lived with women.

No. 916771

File: 1632045290108.jpg (58.67 KB, 540x390, tumblr_c1bb3917ea94e3cde57afde…)

I'm so fucking annoyed with lawmakers, turns out there's absolutely no way to hide a legal name when doing transactions! For some reason they need your name and adress everywhere, the business name alone isn't enough. I hate the attitude of "If you have nothing to hide it should be fine!". It's not, I just want to draw anime men for money, no one needs to know my legal name for this. So upsetting, I was hoping to keep my gender secret but my name gives it away. Whatever

No. 916775

File: 1632046591552.jpg (26.01 KB, 564x556, 98fc3169e05bd9d2f1ae964b6f1ddf…)

my gf doesnt actually like me romantically. I dont even think she is lesbian, or bi. if i move in with her theres no chance i can ever see someone else, but then again, no ones ever been interested in me, and im stupid, so maybe i should just be grateful for what i have right now

No. 916782

For the love of god, anon. Don't move in with her. My ex was the same. Allegedly "bi" but only showed interest when she wanted sex (fucking pillow princess) or money. Romantically there was nothing, we were barely friends but she knew how to twist the knife and remind me how "lucky" I was to have her. I had a bit of breakdown and ran away from it all and started over from scratch a year or so ago and it was the best thing I ever did. I actually have self-esteem now.

No. 916784

File: 1632048134883.jpg (29.29 KB, 500x500, me..jpg)

im glad youre away from her and that you value yourself. That was brave of you. For me, I feel like my gf is going to break up with me one day anyway, when she finds a nice man for herself. I wouldn't even be mad. I dont think i can handle moving in with her anyway, because she lives so far away and i dont know if i can leave everything i have behind. But then again, shes my closest friend, and i would be living alone forever…this is difficult

No. 916796

File: 1632050621119.png (344.98 KB, 498x568, 1597877449750.png)

I'm having a hard time coping with having older parents, I'm awake at 6am because I had to go pee and I had a dream about my mom, for some reason I thought "these dreams are going to be so depressing when she's gone" and now I'm laying in bed crying and trying to cope with the fact she might be dead by the time I turn 30 I am autistic so I know it'll be a huge blow to me when it does happen

No. 916799

Fuck, I feel the exact same. None of my work clothes fit me but I'll be going back to the office soon. My weight gain started before covid though so it's been a steady increase, not like I can lose it overnight. We're still unable to try clothes on due to covid and bringing home ill-fitting things by guessing my new sizes makes me have a break-down. My friends are starting to meet up and do things again but I hope and pray they won't invite me to anything because I'm so ashamed of how I look now. My bf has been inviting his friends around to the house and I just want to be someone he can be proud of by being a good host and matching him in looks but I feel like an embarrassment (to be clear, he's never said or implied this, this is my own thoughts).

Idk anon I don't have a solution, just wanted to let you know that you're not alone and I know how upsetting all of this is.

No. 916801

I feel you, anon. It comes and goes in waves for me, when I'm more depressed I'll just lie in my bed tearing up thinking about a future where my parents won't be here and I won't be able to ask them for help with mundane stuff. I'm also pretty sure no one ever will love me as much as my parents do, which is depressing in itself. And my parents aren't even that old.

No. 916802

> shes my closest friend, and i would be living alone forever
How about making new friends and new connections? I know it can be difficult but you're not doomed to choose between forever alone or a gf who's just using you and will probably leave someday.

No. 916806

my bf’s dad left him to start a cult when he was like <2 years old and i can’t help but be so curious about it. like it’s really terrible of me to be this curious and nosy but fuck me that’s a crazy story and i wanna know more.

poor thing shied away from watching a Scientology documentary/skips over all of the cult related stuff when we’re deciding what to watch. it’s not like it makes him nervous but he’s completely disinterested in it. maybe he himself doesn’t know any more details… i’m so shit, i promise i never bother or ask him about it, it’s just weird to have something we can never ever ever EVER talk about ever.

No. 916808

File: 1632053410816.jpg (7.55 MB, 1661x3051, Francisco_de_Goya,_Saturno_dev…)

it doesn't matter if i'm pretty much mentally stable or don't have weird complexes or issues that would manifest outwardly and create problems in my life/others lives/in a relationship because no guy is ever gonna fall in love with me like that to appreciate the lack of drama anyway since i'm unattractive. i hate irony

No. 916820

Why would it not matter? Is this bait? You get to enjoy life free of mental anguish and self-imposed suffering, who cares what some bepenised idiot thinks? Genuinely don't understand you, have you seen some bitches on here, you wanna be like them instead?

No. 916824

noo i don't want to be like them i just crave romantic love. i just want a man to love me and love him back. you're right though i shouldn't complain

No. 916826

i wish i could but i dont know how to, people mostly avoid me kek

No. 916845

As someone who has really bad anxiety that ruins everything I do, trust me when I say your peace of mind is more important.
>no guy is ever gonna fall in love with me like that
I hate how people say shit like this as if it's a fact, I don't think you're as mentally sound as you're saying.

No. 916846

I can't take all that shitty manipulation anymore. I literally can't say a single thing - posive, negative, neutral, caring, supportive or frustrated - without her using it against me every single time I dare to merely disagree with her over the most trival shit. I can't do anything without her finding something new to shit on me for. I'm so tired of these overdramatic one-sided meltdowns and leashing out. Every single thing I do wrong, every mistake and every flaw no matter how miniscule becomes her problem whenever it's convenient to paint me as a burden. But when this burden does something right, it can only be attributed to her and is a proof that her scolding and meltdowns are noble causes.
I can't wait to just be able to cross her out of my life whenever I want. At this point it feels like it genuinely drains life energy out of me.

No. 916863

Women who speak about being shunned for being a stay-at-home mother or wife tend to be so cringeworthy. Most women don't look down on those who makes these decisions, they're simply apprehensive about it since this lifestyle isn't voluntary for many women and hasn't been historically. Being a stay-at-home mother/wife is an easy way to become dependent on the husband and has been the reason so many women were forced into and unable to escape an abusive household. Being a stay-at-home mother/wife has rarely been a liberating or dreamt experience for women. It has always involved tedious labor and being treated like a maid or object whilst being dependent on someone else for money and freedom. It is so so dense when stahm/w nowadays pretend it is some dreamy and glamorous lifestyle that other women don't choose because they're just blinded by girlboss culture, kek.

No. 916884

They give the same energy as camgirls. They probably know their situation is shit, but try to larp online "it's actually great!1! You're just jealous/hating on poor lil me" to make themselves feel better about their dumb choices. And to avoid being criticized for dumb choices.

No. 916893

I don't fully agree. I think a lot of contemporary STAHM/W who can afford to boast about it to strangers online are extremely privileged. It isn't easy to live off one income, nor to find a man willing to have you live off his money without abusing you horribly. I personally do not think the women who are abused to this extent will revolve their entire life around flaunting their lifestyle and begging for pity about their circumstances. Surely the women who are abused wouldn't advocate for this lifestyle or, if they do, stay silent about the potential dangers of it. Genuinely, all of the women who pretend that being a STAHM/W is soo scary because mean feminists judge them have been well-off and sheltered. They're not coping, they're just delusional and think they're nlog

No. 916894

I worded that wrong. I mean beg for pity about not being like other girls who have a job and are independent

No. 916911

For STAHW, but also mothers that have professional help it probably is just an outlet against boredom to feel victimized. Like for a stay-at-home-wife lifestyle I really don't know what their time is spent on, unless it just means they do unofficial/volunteer work, or they're straight out of 1802 and have endless social obligations in the name of their family. But if they're on social media for asspats, they probably don't do those.

No. 916913

File: 1632061731867.jpeg (53.52 KB, 800x534, 15114463-903C-4EE7-9D75-26F295…)

I want a cat so bad, but my husband doesn’t. It’s frustrating. These are the times when I wish I were just single. Then, I wouldn’t have to ask another person how they felt about anything or take their opinions into consideration before doing/getting something. Why can’t I just adopt a pure, sweet, fluffy serotonin dispenser to pet and take care of? As an adult, I’ve never had an animal of my own, and I suppose I never will (since I won’t settle for a dog or other animal.)

No. 916915

you wouldn't be settling for a dog since it's objectively better than having a cat but can't you just come to sort of compromise with him?

No. 916923

Why is he against cats?

No. 916943

dispose of husband, acquire cat

No. 916947

>Most women don't look down on those who makes these decisions
They do. I am a housewife/SAHM and often people assume that I made that choice because I'm too stupid to hold down a job or get a degree and do something else with my life. I went to university and I had a decent paying job. I gave up work when I got married and I'm happier for it. I do agree that it isn't oppression or hatred. Some people just have difficulty understanding that some people prefer different lifestyles.

No. 916948

He does have a legitimate reason. Growing up, his mom was an animal hoarder, so there were a dozen or more cats in the house at one time. She wouldn’t really clean up after them and let them have free reign, so I get why he’d be kind of traumatized by that, but I only want a single cat and will obviously pick up after it.

No. 916956

nta but in that case i wouldn’t try to push the issue on him personally. he’s going to associate the cat directly with his trauma and it might be painful to “relive his childhood” in that regard.

No. 917041

I hate what being sexually abused has done to me and my life. It's not just about my "innocence being taken from me" but the whole consequences it's had in my life ever since. Ever since I started to be sexually abused when I was in middle school, I started acting like an autist (socially withdrawn, very shy and anxious) and this caused me to be bullied even by my teachers cause I was so withdrawn. I was a normal kid, I had friends and I could've grown up to have a normal life and be happy, but all that was taken from me. Now I'm still acting like a fucking retard and dealing with the consequences of something that wasn't even my fault (and it even took me a long time to realize it wasn't my fault). All for what? For some grown men, who had no business doing what they did, to feel like 5 minutes of pleasure? Maybe it's my fault I reacted that way, but if it's my fault those men are going down 500 feet more for what they did to me. They killed me and my body has been rotting ever since.

No. 917055

File: 1632069404647.gif (2.45 MB, 498x280, D1BD211A-3AB5-4182-9222-995AF4…)

I’m so tired of life tired of being a woman tired of EVERYTHING

No. 917057

I hope they die painful deaths

No. 917060

Maybe you could start feeding cats in the neighborhood, this way you can pet and interact with cats as much as you want

No. 917065

people with deeper self harm scars than me make me jealous & make me want to start cutting again no matter how long it's been since i last self harmed (sometimes over a year). i feel horrible about this because i could never ask someone to hide their body for my comfort (especially as showing scars is often something that takes a lot of bravery, something i certainly haven't achieved), but any time i hang out with someone with prominent scars they don't hide, i have the urge to flee to the bathroom with a hunting knife and hack away until i have no skin left. i feel evil for thinking this kind of thing

No. 917078

Everyday I get closer to taking all my money out buying a mountain cabin in cash and living off grid.

No. 917084

I know what you mean. When I see someone with thin sh scars that aren't trying to cover them I auto think "what an attention ho", but if I see someone with deeper scars I think "mine aren't as deep am I doing it for attention? I should have gone deeper". It's fucked up. And anytime I see sh scars I get the urge to sh, but I know it's very brave to live life without being afraid of showing your scars.

No. 917088

another day, another day where my boyfriend rejects having sex with me. LOL. I swear I am the only female alive that gets rejected by their romantic partner. He was literally turned on and I was rubbing him and he left to play video games.

No. 917102

I've been there before. The difference in libido will eat at you until something gets fixed. Usually it doesn't though.

No. 917129

i think ideally i want to be in a relationship with a guy 2ish years older than me. he wouldn't be an old scrote but at the same time he'd be a bit older so i'd feel like i'm the smaller one/not mommying him. all of my previous relationships have been with guys younger than me and my mother told me i should stop being a mother to these retards.

No. 917135

good luck with that. 2 years isn’t a big enough gap to make a difference as far as “maturity” is concerned.

No. 917138

Just because they're oleer doesn't mean they won't expect a mommy. Scrotes gonna scrote

No. 917142

You should kill him.
That's not even just a libido difference, that's complete disrespect.

No. 917143

yeah but i really would not ever be with older men

No. 917146

Is he a porn addict?

No. 917147

All I want right now is to have a metalhead bf with long hair who I can play video games with and who owns tons of band shirts and hoodies that I could steal. Is that too much to ask for?

No. 917148

wow same

No. 917162

I had the same situation. He's probably unironically low on testosterone (he plays video games…) and not in the meme way. It's better to break it off because this is probably not going to change. It was one major factor in me breaking up with my ex. He simply couldn't satisfy me. Funnily enough, he became super sick after we broke up. His immune system was apparently very weak, which explains his low libido and overall low energy (he slept so goddamn much).

No. 917164

Well I have one, except he's a buff skinhead(an anti-racist one and just the right amount of woke for a white guy) Its great and I love him so much

No. 917174

File: 1632076800775.jpeg (47.54 KB, 700x466, 5B0CF906-01E1-40CA-828E-05161B…)

sounds like you ripped this straight from that /pol/ comic

No. 917177

I'm not black though, also he's an anti-racist skinhead, its like Antifa but not being a faggot

No. 917178

Even older man will expect a mommy.

No. 917217

>it's like antifa
>not a faggot
Sorry, nonny. But you can only pick one of the above.

No. 917231

I get really paranoid about the people in my life everyday. I always look for signs they're going to leave and then I start to freak out internally and then I end up being a bit stroppy and curt which only strengthens the likelihood of my fear.

No. 917236

sounds bpd-ish

No. 917239

Yeah, it is concerning in that aspect. It's the only trait I really have from BPD though. If I do have BPD I don't think it's severe because I've had periods of time where this just hasn't been an issue.

I'm starting to think I function better without other people or just alone for this reason.

No. 917241

i don't have this fear at all but i end up being the one who always leaves. i too think i function better alone for this reason.

No. 917245

All people see when they look at me is a sick person and it makes me want to throttle them and scream at them until they see me and not the cancer. I want to violently provoke random strangers just to prove that I can still fight. I want to act like a knuckle dragging caveman and make people realise that I still have physical strength. I want people to look me in the eyes for once and assure me that they know I'm not a different person, that I'm still me, just a little bit different for the time being. The thing is, they never tell you about these feelings in the circlejerk recovery groups. You get "it's ok to feel sad uwu" repeated ad nauseam and that's it. I don't feel fucking sad! I feel like killing someone with my bare hands and smearing their blood all over my radioactive body so my alleged friends can stop looking at me like a dead woman walking!

No. 917266

File: 1632084235837.png (139.22 KB, 300x300, 1629603341774.png)

my mother just shamed me for eating. she saw me open a can of tuna and she glared at me and said "i thought you were going to take a shower." thanks for the free meanspo, mom. i should've known that telling them about my little "diet" last night was a grave mistake. they were so proud of me. now i can't eat. they'll never take me to my favorite restaurants ever again. i'm the skinny one in a big fat family, i have to set an example. i'm a shining star in a sea of darkness.

i miss hot chocolate on a cold day. i miss the smell of my dad's freshly baked cookies wafting through the halls. i miss buttered, flaky croissants. i miss biscuits. i miss bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches. i miss greasy fried chicken. i miss sodium-loaded microwavable noodles from 7/11. i miss ice cream sundaes. i miss grilled cheese. i miss bagels. i miss cheesy deep-dish pizza. i miss burgers with cheddar and mayo and ketchup and onions. i miss milkshakes. i miss french fries. i miss hot dogs. i miss spaghetti and meatballs. i miss mac n' cheese. i miss it all so much. maybe i can have it again, someday. but right now, i don't deserve to eat.

No. 917273

Late, but thanks, anon! I am really looking forward to it

No. 917289

anon, please let yourself enjoy the foods you love. eat in moderation but don't restrict yourself, restriction leads to bingeing and no diets are meant to be long term. that's how the diet industry is still thriving, because people relapse and yo-yo between binge and restrict. portion control, eat your fruits and veg, but don't make yourself miserable. ily

No. 917307

Somehow I feel like we will never get a new flat in this city, but it has to happen because I can't live here anymore. My heart is pounding all the time, I can't sleep properly, I feel stressed all the time and there is nothing I can do about it as long as I have to live in this flat. I just want to come home and be able to relax and sleep and feel happy again. A little bit of luck and a good ending for this year would be nice, I'm so tired of fighting and so stressed by the way I have to live.

No. 917312

File: 1632087446649.jpeg (55.85 KB, 500x448, A34F5414-EC82-413B-BDD9-D4D99C…)

my girlfriend cheated on me again, exactly one year after the first time. i swear to fucking God if she ""falls for"" this guy too, i am NOT letting myself get cucked for the rest of the year. never again. i'm too forgiving. i'm too lenient. it's amazing how my standards are abysmally low yet she can't even meet those. it's about time i went apeshit and showed her how upset this makes me. i'm furious. i want to cut or hang myself or break shit. i'm angry!! it's not fair! how hard is it to say "no, i have a girlfriend" BEFORE he sticks his dick in you???

she apologised. she cried and owned up to it. i pitied her. but she prefaced all this with the admission that she never planned to tell me!!!!! what the FUCK? ohhh, you couldn't stand hiding it any longer? it was eating you alive? you poor baby! now tell me, where the hell do my feelings factor into this? the promises you made to me. the commitment we share. i cannot live in a world where all that goes out the window after you had a couple drinks, where suddenly a crumb of male attention is more valuable than the YEARS we spent together. youre killing me. youre fucking killing me.

"wahh wahh humans are pack animals." ok well watch what happens to your "pack" when you repeatedly betray them. if i had a shred of self preservation insticts i would have dumped you two days after meeting. youre so lucky im autistic and desperate and so hopelessly in love with you. i'm going to keep making strides to understand your perspective. you'd better be equally accommodating of mine as i go absolutely batshit bonkers crying over the shit you put me through.

fucking cunt. whore. dont ever cry to me again about not being good enough for me, for not helping me enough. it's true. youre not, but luckily ive given you infinite chances to do better. you can start by not having sex with strangers and then, when you finally confess, have the audacity tell me that now you're attached to and curious about him and you "want to fix him."

ohhh my God i am fucking livid. gf also reads here occasionally so it'll be hilarious if she sees this thread. if so i am not sorry for a word of it, except maybe the slurs, but this is literally the definition of whore behaviour and you deserve it. fucking hell. Christ.

No. 917316

If she keeps cheating on you, and you keep taking her back, you're basically building yourself a hell of your own making, anon. She doesn't respect you, and she will keep cheating on you. Get yourself a girl who respects you, queen

No. 917318

I have no sympathy for mentally ill people who do nothing to improve their lives but instead use their illness to remain a NEET and even brag about it. Loved ones who excuse their shitty life decisions also piss me off as well. So sick of my family guilt tripping me into feeling sorry for my brother.

No. 917320

samefagging to add the guy is married with child and only seemed interested in my gf because she looks young. is anybody gonna tell that poor woman that her husband is out propisitioning apparently-18-year-olds while she's at home with the kid???? this is too much for me. i should just get it over with and rope already

No. 917323

Anon, dump her. She clearly doesn't respect you. You deserve someone that does. She will cheat again, and she tried to gaslight you. Fuck that bitch and move on

No. 917326

Why the fuck would you stay with someone who cheated on you? IMO the person who cheats ends the relationship through that action and there is no going back. Cheaters will always be cheaters. The action of betraying someone is basically like showing you through their actions that they don't love you.

No. 917330

Tell his wife and dump your cheating whore gf. Honestly couldn't even look my partner in the eyes ever again if they did that to me let alone live with them. Cheating means it's over.

No. 917333

Wait until you smell cat shit and see your destroyed furniture

No. 917362

i've been crying for the past few hours because i'm terrified of losing another friend to suicide. i know most people don't off themselves when they're in a bad situation but this person already has depression and some other issues, doesn't cope with them well, and it seems like some of the warning signs are there.. i really don't know what i'd do if anything bad happened to them

No. 917372

>computer came with mcafee antivirus free trial
>it expired
>keep getting notifications that it expired
>fine I guess I should renew it
>go to their website, checkout
>enter credit card information and hit "place order"
>sign pops up that says you have a $3 discount, hit "apply discount" to use it so I do that
>it wants me to enter my credit card information all over again
>check bank account and they already charged me

FUCK this shit so fucking irritating. I can't call customer service right now because I'm about to leave for work and can't be put on hold for 2 hours. can't wait to call them later and have them be condescending assholes to me because that's what always happens with shit like this happens to me.

No. 917377

please, tell them that you are worried and that you are always there for them, even if they just want to sit beside you in silence. You think they might know that, but if you are stuck deep down in depression you often forget that there are people loving you. And if the person seems to be overly happy from one day to another, keep them close, because that's one of the major warning signs. (I know you know that, just wanted to write it down)
Hope the friend will get out of that hole and things will get better and you won't have to mourn another friend.

No. 917384

My obese roommate spent all of Friday and Saturday parked on the living room couch drinking wine, binge eating, smoking bowl after bowl and loudly watching telenova. From the outside it sounds based but everytime I passed her it was a full assault on my senses. Hoping I'll be able to afford my own place someday.

No. 917409

Why is it so hard to find a date who doesn't smoke? Weed and cig smokers always stink of shit, especially the former, and no method to hide the smell actually removes that shit smell off them and their filthy teeth

No. 917411

>tfw you pour your heart out to someone during one of the worst periods of your life and get left on read for hours

I understand you're at work but please understand why I probably won't do that shit anymore. Every hour my soul grows colder

No. 917414

And if I hear "it's not easy for any of us!!!!" One more time I'm going to scream. Did I say it was easy for y'all to deal with? Or did I spend all day sleeping and crying? If you're going to talk about how hard it is for you just shut up I don't care. All you're doing is making me more depressed go away

No. 917433

my ex used to call me “bitch” all the time, not like calling me “a bitch” but “bitch.” he would always be like “hey bitch” and stuff like that. i told him multiple times that i hated it and he would disregard my feelings, saying “oh i didn’t mean it in a disrespectful way!”
i told him what i wanted him to call me instead, it’s almost like he was purposely calling me bitch to piss me off. eventually, i would ignore him for days when he called me that.
i dumped him and told him all the reasons why, not just because he called me bitch but many other reasons too. i explained why i was dumping him in detail and exactly how i felt, and he had the nerve to be like “hOW wAs i DiSrEsPecTfUL tO YoU??”
god, i just wish that i had a-logged him. i should have disrespected him the same way he did to me, called him a bitch scrote, receding hairline motherfucker. i never wanna talk to him again and thats why i wish i had made it hurt for him the last time we spoke

No. 917436

I have a friend who left her job to take care of her kids/ be a stay at home mother. Years past and her and her husband got divorced and she only got joint custody of her kids because she couldnt prove her income could support them both. Really sad, but nothing quit your job or at least make your own income so you arent reliant on your husband's money.

No. 917440

i feel like i'm never gonna be able to get a job because i have next to no experience and i don't know how to sell myself to employers and it's horrific. i don't know what to do and i can't even enjoy my few months of neetdom before i start trying. i have no connections or anything either. oh lord

No. 917444

just work fast food they hire anybody

No. 917449

File: 1632099059704.gif (3.73 MB, 498x282, 152845225.gif)

I want to connect with people. I want to learn how to express my feelings.

No. 917454

Part of why I procrastinate so much is because I don't meaningfully analyze and acknowledge my emotions so I want my life to become as chaotic and miserable as I feel inside. I have two tests this week and am really nervous and tired. I wasted the weekend again and didn't do much work past three days except for when I stayed up all night because I was putting off an anxiety out of fear. A friend told me medication might be helpful but I don't want to because that doesn't solve my root issues.

No. 917456

don’t work fast food, worst mistake of your life. just sell legalized drugs seriously

No. 917469

File: 1632100064960.jpeg (14.27 KB, 255x382, 9F8BE4F5-486D-4148-9B74-A702A6…)

>wants to rant about how horrible men are
>some retarded anon be like “ugh so tired of the threads being filled with man hate! i just wanna spam my fav husbandos and talk about how much i love men~”

can’t have shit in miller grove, i hate men and they have ruined my life. i wish all of my male relatives to eat metal, i wish the men walking around smiling and laughing when they have no reason to and have caused suffering and trauma to other people get curbstomped, i hate them, how they look, how they exist, how they’re born, their projections on everyone else, depriving half of the species of their own personhood for decades. fuck you, they’re a bunch of uncontrollable selfish idiotic harassment-prone manwhores who are like a dime a dozen, like actual cattle. even the most incompetent woman is capable of being a genius compared to a man. unlike what men have told many people that women walk in groups and gossip, men work in groups and persecute everywhere they go. i hate them i hate them it’s real hater hours. i will never blame a woman for “loving” her husband, male family members friends and co-workers but it’s impossible to love these pieces of tripe for me personally.

No. 917482

add me on dicord. ill make you feel better baby

customcompdotcom#0873(stay anon)

No. 917484

I love you

No. 917486

File: 1632100892770.jpg (110.36 KB, 845x555, 1473257701168.jpg)

god I was in a rush for something and accidentally turned off the car while it was in drive… ive only been driving for about 3 months and this is my first car so I should be a little more careful with it and yet. My second major fuck up with the vehicle in a week maybe I should just not fucking drive

No. 917487

nta but fuck off scrote, she doesn’t want your “help”

No. 917489

File: 1632101002446.jpg (437.76 KB, 1280x720, b305e6d6672cfb1bad4704496f6971…)

get in vc with me. maybe i can change your mind.

No. 917493


>Don't work fast food just sell drugs instead

How the fuck is she supposed to put that on a resume and start her life? Also if she's a NEET who's she going to sell too. And also, just because the drug itself is legal, the process of selling drugs without proper licensing is illegal.

Nonnie go work retail/fast food for a few months don't throw your life away even further

No. 917497

Nta but whoa I’m really naive I thought this was another farmer. How desperate are men to wanna come here for puss?

No. 917498

Why do you assume that everyone who wants to help you is just a man trying to get laid? That is very dark triad.

No. 917501

You can express yourself through art, nona.

Not desperate, more like predatory.
Nta, btw.

No. 917506

File: 1632101979803.png (147.92 KB, 954x796, chad luke.png)

You're getting a little aggressive there, honeybun(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 917508

very desperate, I was literally almost preyed upon in the discord a few months, there are lots of men who are strangely into this place even though they’re constantly told not to come, post, or try to integrate. let’s just hope the mods ban him

No. 917556

whore, you're 25 years old. sorry, you can't be preyed upon by the average teenage discordspic. if anything you're preying on them(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 917567

File: 1632104603429.jpg (20.57 KB, 300x250, 4aa3ce6630338ec0d90f4f42f0d382…)

No. 917625

File: 1632108934892.jpg (86.82 KB, 600x504, 566e809d2e7bc6abb7a34c31a5721e…)

My boyfriend gets jealous over the absolute dumbest shit.
He went to sleep early today and was being super dry with me because I said t101/t800 (yes, the fucking terminator) is my husband as a joke. I asked if he was actually mad and he said no, but he's acting like he is.
Last month he did the same thing and kept facing the wall while we were watching predator bc I said predator was 'an absolutely adorable baby'. He kept saying HE is a baby and acting like he's upset, kept it up for like two days and then said it was fine.
He even got upset when I jokingly said Jesus was the only man for me (I'm Jewish, I don't even believe in Jesus) and went home early.
The fuck is wrong with this man.

No. 917630

he sounds mentally unstable but you probably already knew that

No. 917632

I couldn't tell at first if his sense of humour is just fucking autistic but now I don't think it's a joke. Pure mental illness yep.

No. 917654

I don't understand how saying you're in a relationship with a fictional character is a joke in the first place. It's not really something to get upset about, but persistently bringing it up about every single character you see is fucking weird and it's not unsurprising that he would get irritated by it. Do you really have to say to him "by the way I'm totally fucking super mario" every chance you get? What is he supposed to interpret from that exactly?

No. 917697

they shave their heads, don't weak masks and workout but its mostly just old gen-xers

No. 917713

My fwb just dropped the L-word on me. Oh fuck, oh no. I do like him but fuck I don't want a relationship.

No. 917716

He was upset for 2 days over you joking about an ugly movie alien was cute. Red flag, anon. How does he act when you talk to friends and other men?

No. 917717

I'm getting sick of my bf
He's obsessed with me staying at his place and it's clear he's insecure about it.
His place is:
>a shack he's occupied for 10 years behind his parent's house
>it's filthy
>has a king single with a mattress, sheets and pillows that are 10 years old (at least he washes them)
>toilet is in the main house
>where we live is cold so I have to put my clothes and shoes on to trudge through dirt just to take a midnight piss
>the main house, when not occupied by his parents he does not like, is cold, empty and hollow with no comfortable surface to sit on
>he has no cooking ingredients in his house
>it's an hour out from me

My place:
>nice comfy apartment
>live on my own
>heating, airconditioning
>nice big bed

It's been an ongoing issue in our relationship and he's hurt whenever I don't want to stay at his even though he knows how much I hate it. Whenever I'm there I sit on his horrible little mattress in his bad smelling shack, with the harsh overhead lighting on and his extremely loud portable heater that he has to keep the door open for.
I'm in a lockdown right now so he's the only person I see, and it boggles my mind every time he tries to "sell" staying at his place
>you should come over so we can bake things in my oven
>I know your hot water doesn't last long, come shower at mine
>Want to get away for a weekend to my winter cabin

Like fuck off, it's actually so pathetic whenever he does this. I wish he'd just admit to himself that his place is a literal shit hole and just stays at mine exclusively. He knows I hate being there and yet his solution is to try make it seem slightly more bearable so I will. But why would I? You can't spray perfume on a pile of dog shit and expect it to smell good.

No. 917719

That's bizarre, there's gotta be something off with him. I can't imagine wanting anything long term with a guy willing to live in a filthy shack and no toilet, it sounds so uncivilized.

No. 917721

Is he autistic (hates change)? Doesn't he want to live in a nicer place?

No. 917723

He's a diagnosed autist, yeah.

No. 917726

File: 1632127178368.jpeg (200.23 KB, 675x1148, 08D4B9C9-81A7-4778-A643-D5E936…)

I just want to dump my bf but I’m scared it’s going to ruin his life and he will spiral into a depression. We have only been together for 3 months but he constantly tells me he loves me, I’m the best thing to ever happen to him, he doesn’t know what he’d do without me….I just feel stuck. I want to go back to my old life where I didn’t have any friends or obligations to anyone and all my free time was my own.

No. 917728

Sorry anon but that's on you for knowingly dating an autist. I don't know why you'd knowingly want to date an autist, why voluntarily choose to make a relationship even more difficult than relationships already are. I've seen what being married to a diagnosed autist has done to my mother and her life, would strongly discourage anyone from dating an autist.

No. 917729

Whoa, I'm in the exact same situation as you. I always feel horrible because he tries so hard to make it appeal to me despite the lack of appeal being innate to the space. At least mine is hoping to move out one day. I hope you find a way to deal with this if you want to keep being with him.

No. 917730

Honestly I tend to date them because I find normie tier guys really boring and they just don't seem to get me well. I've never had this problem with previous autist bfs.

Good to know I'm not alone nonnie. His parents are looking to sell the house soon, so this won't be forever either. But who knows when they'll actually get to sell.
It's weird though, right??? Like, why when your place is nice, neat, clean, would they insist on you spending time in their decrepit space?

No. 917732

I think it's as simple as having adjusted to a big change after being forced into it. Otherwise, they'd never change anything or only change for family since they wouldn't be as nice or lenient about it as a partner would. He's been there for ten years, was it of his own volition or were his parents trying to nudge him out?

You have me wondering if I accidentally tard wrangled though. It would explain a lot about my bf.

No. 917733

>I’m scared it’s going to ruin his life and he will spiral into a depression
And you won't be depressed stuck in a relationship you don't want?

No. 917736

Third world nonnie here, its hell. Scrotes dictate my life for having a vagina and I have no friends

No. 917737

I'm sorry, nonna. Is there a way for you to get out?

No. 917739

you'll never git gud at driving if you don't make at least a few dumb mistakes anon… I accidentally drove half the car up a curb the first time I drove kek

No. 917741

I am currently trying… saving up and all its stressing me the hell out I literally don’t know what the future holds for me heh

No. 917742

File: 1632130531198.gif (2.31 MB, 500x261, 68fce5e2c2a8b644a93bc49f8f4337…)

Yet again I fell into the cycle of falling into fantasizing about unreachable things and then reality slaps me like a bitch and the comedown is horrible.

I have a coworker at my new workplace whom I really like and couldn't stop fantasizing about but just today I realized I'm not gonna have as many meetings with him as in the beginning of my induction and things just…sunk in. My fantasies are never gonna turn into reality. He probably doesn't even remember me and he literally lives in another country so dating is impossible in the first place.
Also a few days ago I wrote him a friendly message asking for work-related help and he gave a sort of very direct and blunt reply and implied that he was very busy and only had a very limited time to help me and my stupid retarded naive self felt hurt afterwards (I KNOW I shouldn't have felt hurt, it's RIDICULOUS but I was so hoping for a message implying he likes me. My narcissistic ass deserved what I actually got). But I guess it was useful after all because it slapped me right back into reality. This is a workplace, we're here to work, not to flirt or look for potential boyfriends and I should by all means grow the fuck up and have a better work ethic and stop fantasizing altogether in worktime. Thanks life

No. 917749

Been crying for the past few days cause I feel like a piece of shit and like none of my friends really care about me. I think they only really give me attention out of pity if I go out of my way to say how fucking unhappy and depressed I am, and they find me annoying otherwise. I am probably exaerrating it in my mind but I feel so fucking hopeless. I feel I don't belong with them, or even anyone. I just wanna be fucking alone.

No. 917750

i wish i could give you the biggest hug and be your friend. i feel like my friends might perceive me the same way you perceive your friends because i too am depressed and fail to respond to them often. if they are truly your friends though they do not find you annoying. and if they do, fuck em, they aren't shit. you are never, ever hopeless nona, and even if you don't belong with those specific people, you can belong with other people who will lift you up instead of making you feel put down into the dirt. you deserve friends who love and appreciate you. their failure to be good friends to you says nothing about your character but about theirs. in my opinion.

No. 917752

make an LLC

No. 917759

I have to change my family doctor, but because of the pandemic, my region's only doing that online right now, and the website has been down for close to two fucking months. That's more or less the only way people in the ENTIRE REGION can get their health care stuff done, especially if they don't want to stand in line for hours in a crowded place, and they're not bothering to fix it. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Add to this that the country's doing green pass shit, which I can't get until the FUCKING SITE IS FIXED, meaning I basically can't do anything, and if the site isn't fixed by the end of the month I won't even be able to attend classes. This is insane. I hope this country fucking burns. A country that breeds this kind of incompetence (usually through blatant nepotism) doesn't deserve to exist.

No. 917766

File: 1632136714580.jpg (323.64 KB, 2331x3297, 010888c66fc6af89e5d257fb483221…)

I vent shopping with my mom today, and when I was saying goodbye to her at the bus station this guy started shouting at me "Hi princess!! Hi!". Can I not even have peace as I'm hugging and waving my mom goodbye? The absolute state of men.

No. 917768

>"Hi princess!! Hi!"
Ew. This reminded me of one time when I was walking near a building that was under construction and I hear a whistle so I look up and a retarded construction worker has his phone out and he's filming me. Mind you, I was wearing a mask and was not wearing makeup so I'm not sure what prompted the recording. I was also not wearing revealing clothes or anything like that, just a shirt with jeans. I was minding my own business and this retard just had to bother me

No. 917788

My boyfriend asked me to hang his laundry for him today, only for me to open the washer and find out that he also washed my black underwear and delicates along side my white tshirts, his own stupidly expensive shirts with fragile embellishments, and some heavy duty dark blue jeans with the zipper down. On hot. Currently trying not to lose it. I swear they do this shit on purpose.

No. 917796

File: 1632140734813.gif (1.2 MB, 245x173, F405D21F-F2FE-4401-9234-8BD25B…)

>has dream where i go on to a bus and it’s going so fast on the highway and it takes a turn into one of the exits but because it was going so damn fast it nearly flips and the people in my dream who didn’t escape the bus on time probably died. afterwards i go home and my sister is acting unusually cold and says she doesn’t care if i almost died from a brutal car accident

this has no correlation to reality, me and my sister are on reasonably okay terms, why are dreams like this sometimes?

No. 917824

They do. Make him buy you replacements. Then dump his ass.

No. 917826

File: 1632143427688.png (144.08 KB, 304x503, tumblr_b50ec2a7275d86a839fa6b7…)

Reading vent thread like
>Only with my bf bc I think he may off himself
>My autistic bf lives in a shack and wants me to live there too
>My bf ruined my expensive clothes
Jfc pathetic. I wish there was a separate thread just for bf rants so self respecting anons wouldn't have to read that shit. Oh wait, there is, in /g.

No. 917832

go back to seething on reddit or learn how to minimise threads instead of crying about things you don't like, ding dong

No. 917850

He doesn't mind, he doesn't act at all like he does when I make jokes like that.
Idk nonna, it's not a recurrent thing and usually it's just when I really like a character, except for when I was making fun of fundies. The joke is that they're usually like very ugly aliens like the other nonny said, or fucking robots. He got mad the first time I did it so it's not like repetition is making him increasingly upset.

No. 917872

A guy who can happily live in living conditions like that is simply waiting for a bangmaid to eventually sort his shit out. How a scrote looks after his living space is one key indicator about him, but enjoy the future with your bf.

No. 917882

keck yourself before you wreck yourseck, numbnon, she clearly meant /g/. /g

No. 917883

nta but the newfags that don’t close their slashes /snow /g /ot etc are annoying

No. 917887

could just be a type though.

No. 917891


Mental illness.

No. 917912

My dad is an extremist in all of his views and it's so fucking exhausting to deal with. When I said that there's pros and cons to every economic system and that the best hypothetical economic system is a blend of the pros of the extremes, my dad got mad and was screaming at me about how he's fully capitalist 100% and that if I'm against capitalism with no government intervention then I'm advocating for socialism. And this comes after I just said for the 500th time that socialism isn't so great either and that in my experience a number of economists ik are foreign and come from communist and socialist countries that they criticize as they personally grew up within them. So in essence I'm in no way a socialist but just because I say that extreme capitalism has negatives to it he calls me one. I'm so annoyed.
Just to be clear he was an economics major and so was I (except now I'm in grad school). He regularly goes back to say "I have a degree in economics" when I make a point he disagrees with like it's been decades since you got that degree and you don't even work in econ or keep up with actual economic data to inform your opinions. Actually, he listens to Bill O'Reilly and gets mad when I refer to Bill O'Reilly's sexual harassment lawsuits as evidence that he's a piece of shit.

No. 917914

Look at what happened to Gabby Petito, avoid autistic moids. And this is coming from a very likely autistic woman.

No. 917921

Told my bf about my SA I went through as a child, and I really felt disgusting, and I cannot stop thinking that he thinks I'm disgusting. I'm disgusting because I didn't do anything about it. I STILL cannot muster up the courage to tell my mother or a therapist. I'm disgusting because I lie to their faces about my past. No sane or clean person would keep quiet about this. What the hell is wrong with me

No. 917933

Did she have an autistic bf?

Autistic women can be cool, but the moids should definitely be avoided. Good luck getting any emotional support from them.

No. 917950

Imagine getting tired of a relationship after only 3 months. Why did you even accept to date him?

No. 917951

I hate being horny/having sexual feelings because I want to be loved and intimate with this person first and this has prevented me from being able to enjoy my sexuality properly for so long. I'm happy I don't indulge in hedonism only to regret it later, but I do find it frustrating that my sexuality makes me so emotional and immediately thinking of loneliness

No. 917962

was it announced her fiance had something to do with it? I'm not familiar with any of the details

No. 917973

This anon has a good point
>>917726 You have to tell yourself he's an adult and you're not 100% responsible for his actions, If he gets depressed so what he's a big boy he work through it himself like how women are expected to work through their problems by themselves.

No. 917977

dump him. he's only gonna drag you downn

No. 917983

you’re being really hard on yourself. i think most people keep that kind of thing to themselves. it takes an enormous amount of vulnerability and courage to share that with other people. it’s not your fault anon, you were just a child. the shame is not yours to carry, you should be disgusted at the person who did that to you, not at yourself for having a completely normal human reaction

No. 917986

You're right about him anon and it's time you moved on.

Men like that are stubborn and are okay with living in those situations. The thing is, as far as he's concerned, he still has a girlfriend despite living that way so he has no motivation to change and clean up his act. The only time men hate living in bad situations is if it gets in the way of their money or relationships, I've seen it before. Usually if a woman accepts those conditions, the man fights her all the way while she tries to flesh out a proper home.

Tbh autism isn't entirely to blame. It's typical male laziness and getting away with the bare minimum. It's not a good look and he won't ever change.

No. 917998

he'll be fine dont worry about it, there are 2 exes that occasionally suicide-bait me for the past 5 years and its very annoying dont fall into this trap, one of them sends me paragraphs on etsy(he's blocked on everywhere) and it always ends with "i'm going to kms you wouldnt be sad right? just curious" and the other one texts "i'm drunk" or "i'm on benzos" from time to time, he gets creative sometimes last time he texted "im not feeling this xanax should i drink alcohol to kick it up?",expecting me to reply immediately like noooo babesss its dangeroussssss!! lmao bless his heart. Dating these type of scrotes will kill you gradually do you want that? you dont owe him anything you're not his mom or his caretaker he is an adult you are an adult, its just an act to get your attention.

No. 918000

Such a shame they don't act on their threats. Moids are pathetic, whiny manipulative suicide baity moids are the fucking worst.

No. 918007

>Dating these type of scrotes will kill you gradually do you want that? you dont owe him anything you're not his mom or his caretaker he is an adult you are an adult, its just an act to get your attention.
God I wish all girls and women would get this. It's a controlling act and no you can't and you shouldn't attempt to heal him with your luvv.

No. 918009

It means nothing when a 3 month bf tells you he loves you, doesn't know what to do without you blah blah blah, how often do you think couples tell each other that and then cheat on each other or break up after all? All the time. There's even plenty of stories by anons on here. What he says to you means nothing only 3 months in.

No. 918012

break up with him immediately, three months is really early for all of that and if a man say i love you that early it’s to manipulate you to get you to put up with his shitty behavior. you’re way too good for that and should save your innocence from him. he’s using you to solve his emotional problems, that’s it. you probably are an amazing person, he’s not a man who has survived and grown without a woman and he’s turning to you instead of getting professional help.

i don’t know your history of mental health, but if you end up dating abusers a lot it’s a way to replicate abusive voices in your head externally, and men will always take advantage of that. break up with him and call his mom, parent, best friend, whatever, or give him contact information for mental health advocates in your area.

he needs professional help. it’s very sweet of you to care but you deserve that love, not him. he’s a little bitch and he needs a therapist or a program, and if you stay with him you will end up spending your time getting the mental help he never did. his is your life, not his.

No. 918020

I went out with a close friend yesterday and she wouldn't stop complaining about how she doesn't know what to do for her birthday, specifically in regards to inviting certain people. Sorry, maybe I'm just a massive fucking cunt with very few friends, but just don't invite XYZ people then? I don't really know or understand what the hell is so hard about this and I'm honestly kind of tired of hearing her talk about it- not just for her birthday but sometimes other outings too. She has a lot more friends than me so maybe this is just a problem that popular people have. I told her to just not invite them but we'll see what she does.

No. 918026

Fuck Hiroshi Miyano, Jō Ogura, Shinji Minato, and Yasushi Watanabe, as well as their parents

No. 918029

Samefagging but I hate the trend of women doing glam makeup whilst telling stories of horrid crimes committed against women and children. How detached and dense do you have to be

No. 918031

Actually no, shove that read up your ass because I didn't do anything to him. Quite the opposite. He talked to other girls and left me hanging for months, and now he's mad that I'm trying to move on? He's a worthless, selfish cunt, just like all other men.
I cared before, not anymore. Never go full pick-me. Now that it's over, I just want to stop feeling this way. I want the anger to go away, I don't even want to think about him anymore. I can't believe I was so fucking dumb. I'm actually glad that I could hurt him even 1% of the way he hurt me, he more than deserves it. Swallow a fucking rock, moid.

No. 918040


It's a joke becuase it's obviously not true as fictional characters do not exist

Hope that clears things up for you

No. 918042

i honestly dont get the appeal of those videos, i’ve tried watching some and i found them boring as hell.
bailey sairen or whatever talks too slow and just talks in circles, get to the fucking point bitch who got murdered?!?!?

No. 918043

I knew immediately who those are even though I've forgotten their names. If there is any justice, they will burn in hell. Though NGL, I wouldn't mind vigilante justice in this case.

No. 918045

File: 1632156642846.jpg (29.61 KB, 600x400, depositphotos_377138340-stock-…)

I'm trying to cyberstalk this one guy and he's unstalkeable. He's got an unfilled Facebook page with a single picture (was not tagged on others' pictures), no LinkedIn, no Instagram, a Twitter account with two pictures and no tweets. I am sad. This is mission impossible

No. 918051

i feel you anon, i just want to see how much my ex’s hairline is receding but he never ever posts, i have to look through his trump loving, minion meme sharing, meth smoking, scary selfie momma’s facebook to see occasional pictures of him.
he still dresses the same as he did when we were in high school.

No. 918052

Can any anons please just tell me it's going to be okay? I want to remove this shit from my mind but it won't budge. It's a disease. I can't believe how stupid I was, I want to vomit.
I do nothing, I feel like shit, thinking of how he's just completely abandoned me, doesn't care about me, I was so dumb to think he did and do all those things for him, he just strung me along, etc.
I do something, I find out he's watching me relatively quickly and that he's upset with me (hypocrite), and I feel victorious but also like shit.
Like I literally have pain in my stomach and it's all over some stupid fucking man I hate it. It's not as awful as my past relationships, but I haven't had pain like this in a while. I know I don't have shit to apologize for, and his ego is clearly bigger than the sun because he obviously wanted to play dumbass mind games he's not worth or somehow loved me but was just too fucking retarded to even give me a "Hey, I'm busy with life, sorry" but had all the time in the world for other women apparently, so reconciliation is impossible. What the fuck should I do? Every 5 fucking minutes it comes back to my mind and it's been like this all week. I avoided sperging out about this, but now it's like a running tap and I can't stop.

No. 918054

you’ll get over it, you just have to find stuff to do like a hobby or a job

No. 918055

i once posted about someone on lc years ago, but now that im older and less mental, i think that was super dumb and unnecessary drama. can't take it back, but still something that is in the back of my head every now and then

No. 918058

Fuck it, I'll just let myself have the BPD moment and go full steam ahead. As a treat. I'll make so many new friends and good memories with people who are like him but better, kinder. He can seethe and bitch on his own, knowing that he missed his chance because he is completely concave-brained. He'll never meet someone who was as naive and loving as I was, because he doesn't deserve anyone like that. I knew it, too, but I wanted to be wrong so bad lol.
It's cleansing, like when I eat fiery noodles and my nose starts running.

Yeah, I've been trying to focus on things that make me happy and on school.

No. 918059

I'm so unmotivated and low-spirited, everything people do pisses me off. It's tiring, I can't stand myself

No. 918070

File: 1632158815839.jpeg (189.57 KB, 750x723, A46D5B24-910A-44B3-A2E3-BC1AA3…)

I fucking hate working from home. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some perks, but I guess I’m just really missing the social aspect of working in a team. I live alone and don’t have many friends, so I get pretty lonely, plus now I actually have to make an effort to leave my house. I already struggle with self-isolation and I feel like this job just enables it. I miss working at a restaurant, even though it was back breaking labour and a dead-end career, I had a lot of fun. I had a work crush, and I would hang out with people after my shifts. Now I just sit in my apartment alone sending off emails all day. Maybe I need to change careers.

No. 918073

Still need advice, LC. Please please please please please help

No. 918074

how receded is his hairline now?

No. 918077

>Most women don't look down on those who makes these decisions
ngl, I do. Being surrounded by lazy ass SAHMs as an ambitious female child is absolutely horrible and probably a factor in why so many girls are trying to opt out of womanhood.

No. 918078

just slowly start distancing yourself from him. save yourself the headache

No. 918085

Agree with >>918078 but in case you don't want to do that, tell him he has a mental illness if his gender-feelings don't match with reality. Show him disgusting pics and horrorstories about neovags. Ballhair on the inside and shit, that's hopefully enough to make him shut up.

No. 918094

File: 1632159776833.gif (1.02 MB, 220x220, talking-to-yourself.gif)

No, actually. This is a stupid idea, because someone will fall in love with me or I will fall in love with them. Since this is the same realm, the disappointment cycle will continue. I'll end up diaryfagging here again in a matter of months (and yeah sorry for this shit anons it's just that self-reflecting in an anon place I know isn't full of idiot males or delusional pickmes acting and thinking the way I did before somehow makes me feel better - I promise not to make it a daily habit or whatever). Horrible idea.
I still want to do it, but it has to be from a place of pure intentions, fun and healing, not spite. The hatred and rage has to be all him, because it stemmed from him. This "almost relationship" failed because I took the role that he was supposed to take in the first place (ie the giver and pursuer, I'm not a tradthot but no relationship can succeed if the man isn't the one obsessed, sorry not sorry I just tested and can confirm lol) and he became a spoiled faggot. Carrying the pain is just carrying the mantle even more, because all of it is rightfully his. Now that I know he knows, all my sadness and anger is already being returned to sender, channeled back to him. He feels like shit because he's supposed to, and I'm not. It's not even hypocrisy on his end, it's just nature and I had to learn a lesson. I did the right thing. I already feel better. I've tipped the scales a little bit in the right way, and I can't return to that old mindset.
I refuse to have masculine, scrote-like energy anymore. BPD is a male disorder projected on emotionally exhausted and traumatized women.

No. 918100

You made the mistake of thinking a male could have critical non black and white thought.

No. 918102

i honestly think it goes all the way back, he always wears a hat.
never trust a dude who wears hats, they’re fucking bald

No. 918115

Ackkk I can't stand living like this, but the sacrifices leaving would demand aren't worth it. I will be unhappy no matter where I go, anyway. I need to push through and accept that these are my circumstances for now. Is it abusive and painful? absolutely. Do I deserve better? 100% I do. Will recovery be easy in this environment? No, not in the slightest. But it won't be easy anywhere. It might be easier, but in the end, healing and growing is always a difficult process. For now, this is simply my reality. I need to stop fighting it and focusing on how horrendous it is. I need to realise that, unfortunately, it isn't over yet and it hasn't been enough. I don't and won't understand why, but it isn't up to me to understand. I simply know it is meant to be this way. This is just a passing period of my life. And even if it wasn't, I only have the present and can only make changes now. I can't keep focusing on how much I want to leave without doing anything else. It is extremely hard and I am at a major disadvantage, but nobody is necessarily supposed to be privileged. Abuse isn't glamorous, but disadvantages do not incapacitate. I can endure it and I will.

No. 918126

File: 1632161612838.png (605.1 KB, 1024x576, retsuko-rage-1024x576.png)

Just spend the last hour waiting to talk to someone with Sony support about correcting the delivery address for my PS5 order. Waited another 30 minutes for "Wilson" to tell me that it couldn't be delivered so it has already been returned. Wtf? I only caught the address mistake this morning when I was checking on the tracking status and saw it was wrong. UPS tells me to call Sony because they restricted the address update for the package and then Sony turns around and says they can't do shit about it because the address was wrong.
No shit asshole that's why I called you to fix it. There wasn't a delivery attempt or even a failed delivery notification, and I put in my number for notification updates. So what happened here? Did they just see the address thought "lol doesn't exist, return to sender"??
There's nothing on the PS5 I particularly want to play right now, it was really going to be more of a combo birthday/Christmas present for myself and my boyfriend. I guess I'm just pissed off at the stupidity of the process. Literally hasn't even been attempted to delivered, no contact has happened, and I try to correct it before close of business but it's not how Sony policy works apparently. What a waste of my fucking time.

No. 918135

everything is online, exams are open book, i just don't feel the pressure i felt last semester to get anything done [past the bare minimum. it's like i finish my assignments early and just watch anime for the rest of the week

No. 918141

I got my hair cut and dyed yesterday. A cute pixie cut and I was really feeling myself.

Then my boss sees me today and he asks if I lost a bet.

Why are fucking old ass boomers so quick to just shoot down women the moment they try something different. I wish it didn’t bother me because he’s just an old fucker but now I feel bad about my hair lol.

No. 918145

I hate having breasts. I just measured out to be 26J/28I cup and at times it just feels like my boobs aren't shit and I feel like I'm five pounds away from being flat chested and I'm scared to wear the right bra size because I'm scared people will accuse me of lying or make jokes about how "I don't need a bra". I also have killer body dysmorphia from growing up with small boobs so

No. 918159

They can't comprehend young women want anything besides traditionally feminine hairstyles and acknowledging some young women don't desire to be hyperfeminine deep down threatens them, legitimately. Hope you like your new haircut.

No. 918162

don't let his words get to you. i'm sure you look great

No. 918181

1. I have terrible haemmorhoids and have to put ice packs between my asscheeks to feel alright, plus put suppositories up there. I live in fear of needing to shit, but with all the physylum husk or whatever it's never too bad. I just hate being so occupied with my rectum, it's disgusting.

2. There are fungus gnats ALL OVER my apartment ever since I went on holiday for 2 weeks and my plant uneducated friend watered them. I blame her. The worst is when I see they're flying right in front of my eyes. What the fuck do they want?? My eye juice? Fuck off.

3. My fucking coworker, as a team of 4 we do shifts in pairs (one teams starts and finishes earlier, the other team later). My shift partner got a new job and while the new guy was in training I was alone in my shift for TWO MONTHS, this was seen as no problem. Now that her shift partner is leaving she's just casually decided we should all do the same shift without informing the managers so she wont have to work alone because it's harder. I'll bring it up tomorrow but wow that is some audacity, she's such a lazy bitch who does nothing and probably doesn't want to be found out by higher ups by being the only one there.

No. 918187

Ask him if he forgot his toupee at home today

No. 918189

Where are you from? Isn't that like a 9-13" difference in most places? That sounds fairly busty.

No. 918190

Rip haemmorhoidfags it sounds like hell

No. 918192

I'd ask him if he lost his manners. Pixie cuts are adorable anon, hope you keep enjoying it. His opinions are worth less than nothing.

No. 918195

I have crippling body dysmorphia from dating severely porn sick men and I'm also a late bloomer so I'm use to being the flat chested girl + I also wear minimizers and sports bras in loose clothes so they look even smaller just because I'm scared people will accuse me of stuffing or getting implants

No. 918219

your boss can drop dead, you probably look amazing! fuck him

No. 918236

File: 1632169629381.jpg (93.42 KB, 1024x1008, a86 (1).jpg)

I am very sensitive lately because I miss my family alot. Haven't seen them in three years now and they gone through a lot. It's my third birthday without them, I feel like a lost sheep here. It's really dumb of me over how sad I was that my SIL didn't wish me a happy birthday or show up on celebration on purpose. They got a huge calendar in the kitchen with birthday marks and stuff, we all share the same active group chat but this woman still chose to ignore everything and spend all of her time playing games with her e-bf. She is a lot older than me so I assumed she would be mature, but at least it's better than when she tried fucking up my birthday last year on purpose. It was weird. Some people choose to project their troubles onto others I guess. I just miss having a warm, family-like birthday. I do appreciate that my partner put all the effort into making me feel good and I feel like I am too ungrateful, but always remembering that I am a "literally who" sucks.

No. 918241

File: 1632169845115.png (128.05 KB, 395x266, Hbyygxr7om73sf.png)

I want to travel badly now that I have the time and money but no fucking travel agency is managing to gather enough people to actually organize the event. Meanwhile the news are boasting how much our national parks and other attractions are being visited so much by our own people.

Guess not having a car, friends and living in bumfuck nowhere doesn't just affect the shit selection of jobs. I hate everything.

No. 918243

I've had super short hair for years now and it kind of weeds out some of the shittiest of shit men for you. It's one thing to have a preference for long haired women but it's weird how vocal some guys have to be about their disliking of it.. especially men who you wouldn't look at twice anyway. Like do you want me to tell you the feeling is mutual and I find many details about you unattractive too?

I still remember when I was 20 and in my first proper relationship my bfs boss apparently bitched about my ugly short hair in front of my bf and our mutual friends. They told me afterwards. This was the time in my life when I've never had more (positive) male attention. Oh and this man had to be about 400 pounds. Those are the ones that rub their hands together and think they finally have something to knock you down a peg with. Let your pixie cut highlight which men are like that. It's a blessing after a while.

No. 918245

give me your money I have all the other means

No. 918248

No. 918255

yeah her remains were found

No. 918266

Fucked up that there are scrotes out there that have never learnt how to cook a single dish in their entire life and they're still alive. It's a basic skill. Idk about you guys but any future partner has to know how to cook something or at least have a strong desire to learn

No. 918274

I don't blame you but honestly I'm a little disappointment

No. 918289

i bought a top from a brand i like and spent a bunch of money but it didn't fit me the way i wanted it to despite being the right size because im too fat and disgusting to deserve cute clothes lol i wish i was aborted

No. 918301

Please understand, americans have spent the last 80 years being told everything bad is communism of some kind

No. 918315

this reminds me of my uncle. he was calling modern democrats socialists and said that if you let any bit of socialism in it opens the door it will eventually take over. I didn't bother to mention that we already have medicaid and libraries which are government funded. I'm against communism and socialism too but you can't have a 100% anything system.

No. 918317

I have to wake up early tomorrow and I’m tired and wanna sleep but here I am having a severe obsessive phase again after a good break from it and I’m crying cause I feel so helpless and hopeless. I won’t ever see a somewhat normal life.

No. 918378

I went from chubby to thin last year and my body looks better than ever but my face is so skinny and gaunt now. I look older. I miss having that extra bit of fat. Even my mom said my face looked better before. What's the point of a nice body when I hate my face?

No. 918387

you probably look great, i've never seen anyone who looks facially worse after weight loss. it might just take you and your mom some getting used to

No. 918392

NTA but you can't have seen many before/afters then, it's a pretty well known phenomenon that weight loss can age you significantly in the face. It makes a lot of people look better too, depending on their age and bone structure. It's obviously worth it regardless, a healthy weight is so much more important than having a full face, but it's very possible to look worse afterwards.

No. 918393

This is what I'm scared of… Lots of ppl lose fat around their eyes and look much more tired/older. You can try facial yoga to try and fill it in more?

No. 918398

just lose some weight, and stop being so dramatic

No. 918403

Thank you anon, I appreciate it.
Yeah I lost a lot of fat from my cheeks and under eyes. I'll look into facial yoga, thank you. It almost doesn't feel worth it you know? I wasn't obese before and my health probably isn't any better right now. It's very conflicting and it sucks. I guess I just wish I had better fat distribution. I wouldn't mind having a few extra pounds, but I'm an apple and just balloon in the waist.

No. 918408

if you're sure you bought the correct size then blame the top for being poorly constructed, not yourself. return or resell it and buy something you like even more

No. 918409

My dad who has abused my mom and stolen money from me as a kid just tried getting me kicked off my family's table at a wedding since I told him I wouldn't babysit his daughter from another woman

No. 918417

I am actually really worried. I have had bad diarrhea the past few days and so my anus is very irritated now. I had to switch to different tissues because the toilet paper had become to rough. After having showered I looked in the mirror to see if there was bleeding or anything and I saw a bump or something. It's a little bit swollen and I Google it and maybe it's hemorrhoids? Im so worried now… I don't want to go to the doctor at all, especially not to have someone touch my anus…

No. 918419

Yea, but homie if it gets worse you may have MORE docs looking at your ass. Bite the bullet, book the appointment so you can shit in piece

No. 918420

Peace * I’m an idiot

No. 918427

How can it get worse?? Doesn't it go away on its own once your stool normalises?

No. 918429

All I mean is, if it is infected and you try to fix it on your own, it can become a bigger issue.. or, it could be an inflammatory issue further in your guts… better to check it out and make sure.

No. 918432

oh my god… I feel so guilty whenever I go to the doctor for my gross ailments. First it was a disgusting and random skin irritation, now this… I feel like I'm ruining their day + violating my body by letting randoms who clearly don't want to be there touch my intimate body parts

No. 918435

>randoms who clearly don't want to be there
Doctors and nurses literally sign up for that. That's what they go to school for.

No. 918439

For helping people though, yeah? I imagine they want to make actual changes, not clean butts, ears and pimples. Anyway, it is mainly because they always have this extremely fake smile and don't look me in the eye much. They barely talk to me and want to get whatever I came for over with as soon as possible. I always feel like a burden when I go there

No. 918442

And this might seem silly but I added that because they're random people I don't know at all and who don't care about my body, touching me intimately where I don't let anyone else touch me. It is a really strange concept to me

No. 918475

I am always apologizing to my doctor about wasting their time, and they always correct me and let me know it’s okay, that I’m not.
I can assure you, this is not a waste of their time. It’s important body part; you need it working correctly.
Also, If getting help makes you anxious, that’s something to explore in therapy and figure it out. You deserve a solution! And care!

No. 918488

I feel that anon. For some reason I have this idea in my head that when I go to the doctor and tell them the problem they're going to be like "ok, and?" even though thats never happened lol. But just know they're making money and it's literally their job. If they really hated it they wouldnt be working in the medical field, plus its really the only way you can get help for whats bothering you

No. 918510

>And if the person seems to be overly happy from one day to another, keep them close, because that's one of the major warning signs
interesting i always read on the news whenever a celebrity or someone commits suicide the family talks about how happy they were the days or weeks leading up to the suicide. Does anyone know why that is? Do you feel happiness when you know you're going to kill yourself?

No. 918519

the happiness you feel before you plan to kill yourself is the temporary euphoria in you rejoicing it will soon be over. if you fail then you tend to delve into a deeper and darker place. sometimes it's not even happiness, but just erratic, strange behaviors that usually wouldn't befit the person who ends up dying or attempting

No. 918529

File: 1632192935670.gif (1.97 MB, 650x610, no.gif)

The worst part is someone here is probably seriously considering replying to the above.

No. 918530

File: 1632192942002.jpeg (197.96 KB, 1301x1200, 652672DE-219E-461D-8E70-967911…)


No. 918535

>no pcos
there are victoria secret models with pcos lol

No. 918536

I can’t wait to read their /g/ posts
>hi, so I got my boyfriend a few months ago from here, and well, he’s a coomer autistic, depressed, BPDfag who spent all of his money on bets and bikes, he also has a “goon cave” full of anime girls with big tits and he hits me sometimes. What should I do???????? Pls don’t tell me that I should dump him uwu.

No. 918537

File: 1632193128438.jpg (32.39 KB, 281x306, 864457885.jpg)

>I am a mid 20s male
Stopped reading right there.

No. 918540

you forgot “being a faggot” under mental illnesses(ignore them, just report)

No. 918552

i would literally hack your microdick and scraggly balls into tiny pieces and force feed them to you until you choke to death

No. 918553

I used to be a substitute teacher and I loved that job. A school asked me to become a paraprofessional so I payed for the certification and training bc it payed well. Then, they hired someone with more experience over me last minute. I payed for and took these classes so I decided ok I’ll give my resume to the school district. An inner city middle school called me to be a teachers aide and interviewed me, told me a number, and I agreed. Hr called me and the number was way less, but I felt like hey? It’s worth a shot? I thought maybe the principal didn’t know what he was talking about. Now I’m thinking they’re just ripping me off bc of a $4 million dollar district budget cut. Well guess what?? No it was not worth a shot. I literally cry when I wake up at 5 am, on my lunch break, after school, and as I try to fall asleep dreading work the next day. I literally made more working at target and was actually treated with respect. I’m always called to SUB bc no one will sub at this school. The kids sell drugs in class, bully each other (and me) fight each other, destroy property and give me migraines. A para who started the same time as me has already quit and I’m dreading everyday I go in. The reason I’m scared to leave is bc it will be harder to ever get another higher paying better para job if I do and I won’t have references. My family will be disappointed in me and I have debt to pay off bc TWC unemployment (supposedly) overpaid me during the lockdown after I was let go from my job. I have bills to pay but it’s really demoralizing when my little sisters make more than me working in fast food management… not to mention the other teachers talk shit about me and each other 24/7 everyday. It’s the most toxic work environment I’ve ever been in and honestly gives me ptsd of my personal middle school experience bc I lived in a bad neighborhood. If I had gotten the original job I was promised I’d be making about 5 bucks more an hour working at the best school in town. so typical. If I can just make it through this year I can do anything

No. 918554

Don’t take the scrote bait, he’s a retard and he will kill himself at some point anyways, so it’s not like whatever relationship he gets with a desperate anon could be long lasting.

No. 918556

just spam his discord with pictures of mutilated dicks

No. 918568

kinda hoping he links up with one of our many bpd-chans at this point so he can taste real suffering

No. 918574

can someone please tell me what happened in here

No. 918576

A retarded scrote posted his discord asking for a girlfriend.

No. 918580

Do normie men even care about PCOS? Like 1/10 women have it nowadays.

No. 918585

could have sworn someone tried to do that in this thread yesterday

No. 918590

My best friend acted uninterested in the game I've been waiting years for, but turns out it's because she's playing it right now. I don't know if it's because I want to play it and don't have the funds to buy it right now, but she doesn't have to hide it from me.

No. 918595

I don't care.(ban evading scrote)

No. 918601


then why are you reading the vent thread?

No. 918602

it’s probably the ban-evading male

No. 918607


I'm torn on whether I think the ban evading male is Elaine or not.

No. 918613

I just wanted to have some nice food and watch a tv show, but my boyfriend had to completely ruin it with stupid arguments over nothing. I am so tired.
Sometimes I wish I could just travel for a few months.

No. 918620

I feel so hollow and lonely I have no friends and I wanna kill myself because there is obviously something wrong with me and I’ll never be able to afford therapy. I’m so fucked up and sad

No. 918623

Also I don’t talk to my family. They hate me. And there’s a lot of trauma associated with them that has basically turned me into a loser with no confidence and I’m so parandoid and shaky around people. Along with being bullied I just think of it all and how I’m so sad now

No. 918680

Kill yourself ma. You want imageboard to cry out for you. I’m weak lol, well you are weak. Pop goes the weasel. End it now(a-logging)

No. 918683

honestly I can kind of relate. I can't have friends because I was so poorly socialized as a child, I can't really relate to people or maintain friendships. I have a ton of mental health issues and my family is really dysfunctional, I'm in therapy right now but I can barely afford it. anyways I'm really sorry you're going through that, please don't kys.

No. 918687

nta but wtf is wrong with you? this is the vent thread, let her vent without weird accusations of attention whoring

No. 918694

And I’m allowed to comment on this deranged nut case. Wanna join her too? Casket ass bitches.

No. 918701

I think that you're the deranged nutcase tbh. A-logging someone you don't even know because of a vague, one sentence post on the vent thread of all places. Go NLOG on 4chan cunt.

No. 918704

File: 1632212973104.gif (42.06 KB, 220x133, oop-she-deserves.gif)

>banned for a-logging
based jannies

No. 918705

my OCD has gotten so bad it’s starting to fuck my life up, i really need help and i don’t know what to do. i can’t get therapy in person at this point, and i can’t afford to pay for online ones.
i want to get better and i want help, but i can’t control myself, i can’t just stop my obsessions.
i think i need to start writing everything down, i’m also trying to look up ways to help myself. this shit has actually gotten scary, i’ve been dealing with OCD for years and have never tried getting help until now.
i’m sad and scared, i want to be a good person but i don’t think i can do that until i get help.

No. 918750

I was having a very nice, funny dream, until some fat scrote snapped a cute, chunky dog's head by sitting on him. What a way to ruin my dream and my day, i feel so disturbed, I wish my brain wasn't so cruel to me.

No. 918751

omg fuck scrotes, they never leave us alone

No. 918752

I think one of my hobby friends an hero'd or is at least pretending she did. On the off chance she actually did fuck I'm going to miss her. If she comes back in a week sure I'll be relieved but also so fucking disappointed she isn't an angsty teenager she's in her 20's. It's probably all from her toxic best friend that many people tried to warn her about. I'm so sick of people not talking things out and dropping people from their lives that add nothing of value. She has way more potential than that jealous sack of shit girl does.

No. 918766

fuck him, I bet your new haircut is cute. don't pay any mind to the opinions of old scrotes.

No. 918768

I would like to start streaming with a cooking and gardening channel but I don't want to be doxxed, I did put up a burner protonmail account but to register it on Youtube it asks for phone verification. I tried every burnerphone number online but it seems everyfuckingone has been used too many times. Is my last resort to buy a SIM card with bitcoin? Has any of you ever did that?

No. 918775

File: 1632223712265.jpg (163.02 KB, 1080x1080, f8c8e15493865ac2e1c0e08d356a81…)

a (scrote)friend of mine started to ignore me on group convos for the pettiest reason, i hope he stays alone forever, maybe he should consider why he has no close friends & girlfriend

i want him out of my life but he's in a shared circle, he won't waste anymore of my time

No. 918776

can't you buy a literal burner phone? like in cash at a store ? or a prepaid sim card or something

No. 918778

In my country you have to give ID to get a SIM card

No. 918782

but you're not doing anything illegal and if you give out your number Youtube won't doxx you. You can just get a burner phone and even if you give your ID for the phone number its not like Youtube will doxx you.

No. 918783

Burner phone is easy, problem is that any payments need to go to a real name and bank account. If you really care you'd set up a company in the name of a private trust so there are no public records tracing your name back to the account even if YouTube / Twitch payment info gets hacked. I think Adsense still needs a human ID so a lawyer could proxy for you.
As a hobby it's not worth the cost and admin,just use secure passwords and 2FA everywhere and keep your data siloed (don't use your channel email for your Amazon purchases etc., in fact never publish it anywhere as contact info, same with the phone number you use).
If it makes you feel better, most doxxes are low effort autists who Google the person's contact email or username to find accounts with their real name like Facebook, then cross reference that with years old data leaks from ecom companies who store shipping addresses. People use the same usernames, emails and passwords for decades and never check if they've been compromised in a leak, so the data is all out there in plain English for anyone who cares to look it up. If you think about security from the start, 99% of dox efforts will come to a dead end immediately. Good luck with your cooking stream anon!

No. 918786

Good. Ignore him back, don't let petty scrotes infiltrate your life. He'll either stay petty or come crawling back, not worth your time either way.

No. 918792

File: 1632224642108.gif (1.22 MB, 490x275, ty.gif)

Thank you a lot for the dump of infos. I feel reassured since I always use different pws and emails and would never use the same mail I would use for this accounts for anything else.
Ye, rereading everything I realized my Rusty Shackleford-ness got the best of me and got over-paranoid.
Thank you nonnies, love you.

No. 918794

>but you're not doing anything illegal YouTube won't doxx you
Lmao do you think the YouTube platform publishes your number and address when you've been naughty? Are you ten years old?
Doxxing happens when someone targets you, hacks your account and publishes your info online for other autists to harass you. Just being a woman on the internet is enough to become a target, let alone being a streamer.

No. 918797

anon she will do gardening and cooking, it is very unlikely a 4chan scrote will become obsessed over her, don't instill fear into her with no reason. There are countless of female streamers that have way more male pandering streams and they dont get doxxed. Doxxing is really hard anyway unless you have your real info published on a lot of internet spaces. I think everyone should not really use their real names, even when it comes to Facebook accounts.

No. 918798

no, I don't think they would leak my personal infos if I do a no-no. I just would like to prevent the (total not real and paranoia-induced) prossibility my real identity would be compromised. I thought about things that could happen if the wrong person got access to that kind of info (working for youtube/twitch/payment processor? Or they hack and leak infos of streamers? I know this are not real possibilities, I'm over paranoid because, as you say, just being a female on video is enough to be a target.

No. 918799

the fear was already there when i made the first post.

No. 918806

so tired of lesbian handmaidens, please wake the fuck up tims don't care about you the same way you'll cape for them

No. 918808

do you have a good friend or a relative you could possibly use the identity of for a burner phone and for paypal donations?

No. 918813

They really cracking down on misinformation huh… Wtf a phone number?

No. 918822

sms-activate.ru/en/getNumber/ or smspva.com are cheap and usually work without problems.
Or sms-receive.net if you want to rent numbers

No. 918825

File: 1632228030162.png (6.54 KB, 189x210, 1582069490178.png)

fml I just went retarded at my dad and started talking about how my views of illegal immigration has changed and how i dont want afghans/mexicans/haitians etc to bring their misogynistic religion/culture and violent men to my country but my family is very left leaning/kinda liberal so they spent over an hour explaining about how im a bigot and need to spend less time on the internet. I think they just have a fear of losing me to neo nazis like my uncle or whatever but im not that retarded to go that far(i think).

Ive just been opening my eyes to how thinking "but everyone needs help and its wrong to turn people away" is retarded and unrealistic it is. And while foreign intervention is part of reason those countries went to shit, the people of those countries are also really fucking backwards thinking. Like we already have our own problems why are we expected to accept people who wont even help their own countrymen and just run? Doesnt sound like my fucking problem your government sucks

No. 918833

Based. I used to be super liberal too, my country has lots of immigration from middle eastern countries and lots of refugees, and in just the last 10 years it's created lots of problems. Our rates of domestic abuse and feminicide went up a lot, for example.

No. 918836

If they really get on your case then show them the laws about women in those countries, and stuff like mexico having an epidemic of femicides. I feel like ppl who think foreigners from places like that are so oppressed and pure bc they never talk to ppl from those places. I was around a group of Muslim girls for a while and they literally admitted they view western women as "too loose" and they want Muslim culture. Like ok go back? Literally escape a shit country and want to infect a new country with that same shit?
Tell them it's not racist to be worried about the misogynistic and violent cultures coming here.

No. 918844

Nta but I don't get why muslims want to live in my country when they hate our culture. You would think that since we are a peaceful and somewhat affluent country it would mean we are doing things right? No, they can't see it.

No. 918845

Tell them about how even those countries don’t want to have any useless immigrants that just want to use all of the resources of an organized country, about how the moment they have their fill, they will just flee and pretend that they were never the source of the problem.
That’s what happened in my country and what happens to every country in latam. The shit people flee and make a mess in a country that has a seemingly decent quality of life and when everything goes to hell, they go back home, or go to yet another country to suck off that tax money.
And tell them that the issue isn’t the people of the country in general, but the criminals and deadbeats that will do their best to use the system to make others go down with them.
You could also tell them about those people that pretend they got serious injuries to win lawsuits and such.

No. 918846

No, unfortunately I don't.
Ty a lot, I'm gonna try asap

No. 918873

why do people hate these cultures, you know there are women apart of these cultures as well? women aren’t stateless beings, it’s totally fine to criticize the misogynistic and undesirable parts but getting rid of it all together is dumb as fuck, every culture is misogynistic especially western cultures

No. 918876

File: 1632233595180.jpg (131.44 KB, 962x776, 1458346945352.jpg)

oh my god you are fucking retarded

No. 918879

>especially western cultures
This gotta be bait.

No. 918887

I wish I wasn't born pretty because it makes me feel like I'm missing something in life, like I could actually get some benefits off being pretty because everyone acts as if there's some benefit associated with it. Being pretty has gotten me nothing, only harassment because I have an awkward personality and grooming from scrotes and the constant lingering thought that I could be something I'm not like a model. Being pretty ain't shit unless you're rich and have good mental health.

No. 918897

File: 1632235747294.png (73.68 KB, 1024x1024, R.png)

No. 918907

It’s funny because they have groups like Arabs/Muslims in insert western country here where they complain about how if you raised your voice at your wife in Sweden you’ll never see her again. They think surrendering to Western culture is cucked, despite them going to live there.

No. 918913

>if you raised your voice at your wife in Sweden you’ll never see her again
If only! I wish all misogynist moids could be thrown out.

No. 918919

File: 1632237377890.jpg (76.77 KB, 700x734, ily.jpg)

I'm really sorry that it's got this bad nonna. Like it sucks when you can't even relax, think, or sit without being possessed by this.

Writing everything out is a great place to start. When did this start, how do you feel when you start having bad compulsions, and can you release your anxious energy in any other ways?

You're not a bad person and you shouldn't feel any shame for going through this. It sucks, but you can mitigate it by bringing yourself in touch with everything around you, with your senses, and what has helped for me is thinking of my headspace like a house. I can visualise that instead of counting everything before I put my left foot down or breathe out.

Compulsions are junk mail, imagine shredding them or pushing them out the letterbox. Bad thoughts are flies you can chase out, or you can acknowledge how small and stupid they are. I just find this comforting so maybe you will too. And a good workout = happy chemicals, just like a cold shower or some canned pineapple. Maybe you need to give yourself some happy chemicals too, I know you deserve it.

If you can't get it to go away, I hope you learn to accept it, and quiet it down a little. It shouldn't be interfering with your life and God willing it gets easier for you soon.

No. 918926

then explain please

No. 918931

thank you so much anon, i really appreciate this ♥

No. 918935

This wasn’t for me but wow, nonnie you are so sweet and thoughtful for posting this .

No. 918936

left handedness is associated with stress when the mother was pregnant and other conditions like mood disorders and adhd. rip

No. 918938

see if you can find ocd workbooks on sites like libgen. wish you the best anon.

No. 918963

That egirl thread really hammers in the idea that sex workers are mentally ill

No. 918965

The pandemic really fucked over some of my friends mentally. I hate how I have lost contact with one friend because of this. She was feeling worse and worse mentally and won't contact me anymore. Another friend became anti-vaxx but is afraid of catching covid so still acts like we're in lockdown. She is going to isolate until all covid is gone apparantly. Fucking hell. Rip our friendship.

No. 918968

>until all covid is gone apparantly
So for the rest of her life? Does she know it's never going away? Most of us are going to catch it at some point in our lives.

No. 918970

I've asked her this and basically yes. She's gone full retarded about this and it really pisses me off.

No. 919040

Holy shit I was kind of missing my ex boyfriend and remembered he used the same username for everything which I found so endearing as it was his old childhood username and so I googled it and I discovered his Reddit and I thought maybe it is old and barren but no it is recent and posts super frequently and even had some pictures that confirms it is him and I feel unironically nauseated now kek with tears in my eyes wtf this is so disgusting I let a redditor who contributes to twitc streamer subreddits often touch me intimately I want to kms he acted so normie I knew he watched some streamers but they were kind of normie too and I just thought it was kind of cute even though it was a bit cringe but jesus christ I should have known I want to puke lol next time I get a bf he is not allowed to ever have had a computer or internet access literally crying and vomiting rn wtf kill all men

No. 919045

Women can be misogynistic too. Especially if it's part of their culture

No. 919052

>he is going to isolate until all covid is gone
did you tell her that's never

No. 919054


based nona

No. 919055

Taken by the Redditor, a modern Taboo

No. 919062

I regret telling my cousin something really personal about me so much. I hate that she knows something that intimate about me, I hate that I told her. It's not like she has done anything with the information but I just, I didn't expect her to be like that after I told her something so painful for me. I told her something about my csa, well I went on a really long winded spiel about it but I did ask her permission first and I expected her to say, idk, 'wow that's horrible, anon' or something like that but all she said after me pouring my guts out was 'but how does this make you feel?' Like her exact words. Of course she's a fucking psych major.

No. 919069

When I was in school I knew a lot of boys whose (grand)parents are economic migrants from countries like Morocco, who never shut up about how inferior our country’s culture/ climate/ food/ language/ politics/ (lack of) religion etc. is and how the women are all ugly slutty feminists cucking the men. They would go back to their home country to stay with family every year for holidays and would brag about how much better it was there, but if someone asked them in good faith if they would like to move there permanently, people would react in horror and call them racist. One teacher said it was like telling a black person in the US to go back to Africa. I could never understand that. For girls maybe, but these were all boys.

No. 919072

Why leave when there's extra financial benefits + privilege for them in western countries?

No. 919082

File: 1632249500613.jpeg (232.57 KB, 749x743, 5952DD56-14DE-4BBC-A2A2-F8A627…)

living is such a mindfuck, i’ve never believed in the hyper-sensitive pop psych crowd but honest to god I don’t view or feel this world the same as anyone else which is obvious because everyone human being experiences something slightly different but for some reason the way I think and feel is so bizarre I don’t even feel like a human being sometimes, I see things that people don’t yet i’m so invisible and not real at all

No. 919083

> I see things that people don’t yet i’m so invisible and not real at all
what do you mean by that nonnie ?

No. 919084

As someone from a Muslim country I think I can explain it, it all comes down to a sense of infertility and superiority at the same time, Muslims cannot to this day accept they were colonized, they don't wanna accept they were beaten by Kafirs
my country has never one a single war against India and yet we celebrate our "victories" against the Indians(basically the UN and US stepped in and stopped India from Annexing us even though we've started every single war) we were actually taught that one Muslim soldier is equal 10 non-Muslims in combat and the majority of my people in my country believe this

Muslims wish they were the colonizers, they were the ones who ruled over the world and had slaves, but unlike Europeans they would never end that system, its just how they are
Islam as a religion similarly is incredibly insecure about itself, it literally calls time before Islam existed for a people as Jahiliyat(ignorance and barbarism)

No. 919088

i feel like a supernatural being but small and insignificant, there’s nothing I can change or control anymore so why even bother but just watch and embrace the craziness

No. 919089

Guys I’m gonna vent, and this shit sounds so made up I’ll take the fucking ban.

2 years ago, while I was on a first date, I check my phone and find out that my mom and step dad murdered my brother(he was 31, I was 27) They claimed it was self defense and yet my brother had no weapon.
Because of his drug history (Heroin addict) the cops didn’t even bother to look into it more. Just left it as self defense. No questions, no follow up interviews.

I moved away (that date actually turned into a loving relationship).
I’m so tired of distant relatives trying to reach out to me and get me to talk to my parents.
What is there to say? I know they planned it, I know my mom wanted to have custody of his daughter. I know they have no problem sleeping.
I spent years trying to fix my family, before this.

I am afraid to be near moms path of destruction, raging narc with alcoholism. I’m afraid to be near my step dad.
Not because he could kill me. But because I’m pretty sure I’ll attack him and stab him to death.
I don’t have to forgive them. I don’t have to be nice. I have to survive, and in this fucked up family., that means I have to stay away.
If she ever shows up at my doorstep I’m calling the cops.

No. 919091

>but unlike Europeans they would never end that system
Euros didn't end the system either, they just adapted it to the modern age with neo-colonialism and debt slavery

No. 919092

The worlds most retarded religion. The Muslim faith is one big lolcow. They should be embarrassed. They lie to their own people and people on twatter but everyone knows the truth. They ARE the ignorant barbarians

No. 919096

I disagree, I think even Barbarism surpasses Islam as a Barbaric peoples often create their own laws and morals based on whatever the situations they find themselves in
Islam is not Barbarism in the fact it has clear laws and guidance's, which is what it makes so awful
every facet Human life or questions is answered in the Hadiths, the proper for a man to piss(no specifics for women though) the direction of where to dedicate so you don't offend God and even the exact way to wash your and million other things
Islam in its nature can't evolve, it always reverts to 7th Century Arabia

No. 919097

>supernatural being
if you don't mind, I would love to know what make you think that you are a supernatural being. I'm a bit afraid that you are dealing with some mental problem though. I hope you can do something creative like writting or painting, I guess you must have a very interesting point of wiew on the world and it could be a good way to express it! I'm wishing you the best supernaturalanon

No. 919100

Islam is like a cult where there are rules for everything and you must be intolerant of outsiders, except on huge scale. It's not a good recipe for co-existing with others.
And I can't get over that their profet is a pedophile rapist, amazing morals there, male abusers as the most holy.

No. 919101

tbh Moroccan food is really good except the diabetes inducing pastries, and honestly I don't see myself moving """back""" to Morocco or Algeria permanently but I'm surprised you're saying people are horrified when you ask Moroccans born and raised in Europe if they'd live in Morocco long term. I know plenty of 2nd and 3rd gen Moroccans and Algerians who are so fed up with France or who like their family abroad so much they straight up buy houses there and make sure they renew their Moroccan or Algerian passports when needed so they can open a business there in a few years and chill.

>One teacher said it was like telling a black person in the US to go back to Africa

Completely unrelated, your teacher is dumb. Most Maghrebis in Europe have two or three nationalities and know their family abroad at the very least, even if they don't visit them every summer, and they know which tribes they're from so sometimes you'll have Kabyles sperging hard about how they're the best yadda yadda. Meanwhile African Americans barely know shit about their ancestors not just because of slavery but just because they've been in America for so long that they can't really look up anything about where they're "from" unless they take a shady DNA test.

Anyway, I'm not gonna talk about Muslims as a whole in Europe as a whole because I always hear about how it's mostly South Asians being degenerates in like Sweden and the UK and I'm completely unrelated to them so I can't really form an opinion.

No. 919108

File: 1632251818341.jpg (70.37 KB, 730x443, infernoargento.jpg)

I literally cannot function as an adult human ffs. I think because of my lifelong avoidance of human contact and my fear of embarrassment, I'm still effectively a child inside. I can't bring myself to focus at new workplace and I just do the minimal amount of work and I keep self-sabotaging in other ways as well, didn't send the reference letter they asked of me, etc.

Also I recently realized that I don't have a work persona and don't even know how to have one (?). If I don't feel like being present at a meeting, I can't pretend that I love being there. If I don't feel like working but I have to I make a lot of mistakes. I'm also generally giving off 'I'm stupid/timid/know-nothing' vibes even though I know I shouldn't. I don't have a clear sense of what belongs to the workplace and what doesn't and I'm socially retarded.
I feel like I'm just floating through life and I'm made myself socially retarded or I was genuinely born to be an outcast

No. 919112

Similar, I still feel like a dumb child bc was never socialized. It fucking sucks, how do you even change it. Read socializing books but I can only do basic script stuff like small talk. Always misunderstanding ppl/they misunderstand me, or I miss context and subtext. And I'm not retarded enough for benefits. At this point becoming a hermit in the woods is my only option long term.

No. 919113

I'm so stressed by my living situation at the moment that I'm starting to lose hair again. I thought that life would be better by now but I'm still depressed, poor and alone, should have kms 15 years ago. Now it's just too late and I will keep on living like that until I die after being an annoying aggressive old woman that screams at everyone and throws hamsters after them.

No. 919119

This is a Situation a lot of recovering NEETs have to deal with, the only remedy I can think that might work is too start small, cause that's all you can do
I had a part time job before getting a real one and I don't think I'd be able to be at my current semi-normal job If I hadn't developed my social skills and lessened my autistic trendies in a low risk job experiences

also checkout this channel, its called "Dad, How do I" its for people who never had father's to tell them how to do stuff but its also a "How to adult" channel as well

No. 919122

You’re both right. The only way is to erase it. They did it with the druids and the pagans and countless other religions, including more extreme branches of Christianity and other religions. In 100 years time Islam as a religion should just be history. It has no place in modern society.

No. 919126

You’re absolutely right nonny. If they killed him so ruthlessly then they aren’t gonna stop at you just because you’re not on heroin. They might kill to protect their dirty secret. Keep yourself safe and far away. As you said, if they show up then call the cops.

No. 919135

Anon that can't happen without force, Islam knows exactly what to do and how to maintain its own existence
I only pray the Chinese be the one's to end this mess

No. 919137

>I'm still effectively a child inside
>still feel like a dumb child
>start small
Yup. Good advice. If you're like a baby you ought to start by making baby steps if you're ever going to get anywhere.
Dont worry, you'll grow. And don't give up, nobody learned to walk on their first try.

No. 919139

Ty for channel, and yes I've had 2 part time jobs and improved my socialization some, but quit in the end because they were so stressful I was having panic attacks in the bathroom. But I'm worried I don't have enough time to learn enough socializing. Already almost mid 20s, and by 30 lots of doors at work close.

No. 919140

They can start by destroying all the mosques in Europe because there is no fucking reason for them to be there. Piece of shit ugly buildings. Stop accommodating them, stop making excuses for them, ban the burqas, etc etc. Resist them every step of the way and prevent them from bringing their culture into other counties.

No. 919141

29 here and I also cannot socialize, I'm hard working and polite but that's it. I cannot show myself to anyone even if I want to. I'm afraid I will lose my job because of it

No. 919144

How would they end it kek, they're a dying nation. For all their propaganda of "china will be the next super power!" they overwork their ppl too much to have kids, and they also refuse immigrants.

No. 919147

>by 30 lots of doors at work close
Excuse me? What kind of work are you talking about here

No. 919148

No need to violate any human rights, the solution to deal with Islam is simple imo
Its the most humane way to end the faith, localize it and sever its conncetion to 7th Century Arabia
no more prayers in the Arabic language, Qurans should be published in the local language of the population, even bad the Hadith based prayer ritual

No. 919149

I've always wondered if Islamic terrorist guys are just pissed off that they got stuck in a shitty desert while the supposed infidel Christians get to live in like, paradise. Seems like a massive cope honestly.

No. 919150

I'd add onto that making it a law so they can't have too many houses in a neighborhood. They literally create mini Islamic states by buying up and moving into neighborhoods. This allows tons of trafficking, rape, wife beating etc to happen.

No. 919153

How would that help?

No. 919155

File: 1632255227531.jpg (8.84 KB, 236x154, 5a62bbacf6806290b7a1794a1fbd24…)

So many opportunities… I drown in them….but I'll make the right decision and attend the university of my dreams! No worries, just patience and faith in myself and the universe. It's hard and there's a lot of pressure, but I'll end up doing what's right

No. 919156

As I've stated many times, Islam in its "correct" form always goes back to 7th Century Arabia, you would to basically butcher the region from the inside to create a halfway decent religion and so that's what you have to do
I've read the he Quran, its just a kinda shitty knockoff the Bible, the Story of Jews, The real Story of Jesus(in which he was a prophet not a God), an entire chapter dedicated to these random Arab prophets that came before Muhammad and the conflict between the Quraish Tribe and the Hashimites(Muhammad's tribe) and Muhammad isn't really a central character in the Quran and there's not many attributes about him, other then him being a Honest trader and his connection(both spiritual and blood related) to Abraham
If Islam was just the Quran it would be just as bad as Chrisantiy, However, when it comes to Islam cause of the Hadiths Islam becomes radically different from other religions . Christianity and Buddhism for e.g are built on moral principles that impose rules for mostly yourselves. Islam can't do that.. Islam is not only a religion, but also the building block of a system of law (Sharia law). There is no Christian, Jewish, Buddhist equivalent to that. cause there's just not enough to create an entire system of law

No. 919157

Its an incel religion, they're seething over Chad christians establishing relatively safe nice countries. That's why they treat their women so horribly, probably.

No. 919159

Lots of careers, atleast where I am. No one wants to mentor you/let you progress up the ladder, they expect you to have kids any moment and fire you bc don't want to pay maternity/deal with non on call workers, especially in technical fields they want only 20s ppl bc it's much easier to train them/they have the best mental performance.

No. 919164

Islam is a revisionist Arab cope religion, according to Islamic canon Mecca, a relatively minor trading city which was simply a rest spot between the kingdoms of Southern Arabia and Syria was suddenly "The Mother of all cities" and that Kabbah had been built by Adam himself, then by Noah, then by Abraham, then by Ismail and finally under Muhammad, even though it had no religious significance towards anyone, Just Arabs in Hejaz region of Arabia, but somehow the Kabba was elevated to the most Holy place for all of Mankind

No. 919167

File: 1632256107237.jpeg (139.73 KB, 640x487, 2CF33371-9503-47DA-9D16-F08D97…)

Agreed. Then when they’re finally arrested for raping and trafficking minors, they have their poor widdle letterbox wives who can’t work or speak any English to look after. That should be illegal too. Stop giving them so many benefits and MAKE THEM ALL WORK. Not enough maternity leave in my country, women have to go back to work when the baby is six months old. What if we want to be SAHMs until the kids on school? We can’t, because we have to fork out for all their helpless letterbox baby dispensers. There are places in uk and other European counties where young white women are advised not to go there because of the aggressive Muslim males. How fucked up is that?
Article related makes me sick. Social worker attended the “wedding” ceremony then placed her there as a foster child. Bastards collected money for it while she was kept in sexual and domestic slavery.

No. 919173

Deleted memeish answer "cope" to tell you: it's cope. It's part of your self-sabotage, it's part of your self-defence mechanism.
You, A self-professed child, need to grow up. Slowly and carefully. Making barriers in your head before you even face them does nothing for your growth. It does the opposite.
I want you to thrive. For that, you need to remove those mental barriers that tell you "you can't do this".(Elaine)

No. 919174

>Chad christians
Who's going to tell her?

No. 919176

See this is the thing, you can't argue with an actual Islamist over this with Morality
for a Muslim the greatest human being who will ever exist was Muhammad and Muhmmad married a 7 year old and "consummated" that marriage when she was 9, so a Muslim has to believe both at the same time
That Muhammad was the greatest human being who ever lived and that he raped a 9 year old girl

The Justification Woke Muslims use these days is that the desert environment made Aisha(his victim) mature faster and so it wasn't technically pedophilia

No. 919177

In comparison to Islam, Christianity is based. All religions are bad, though.

No. 919179

File: 1632256957362.gif (1.25 MB, 450x366, 1624120942326.gif)

Sometimes I look at my cat and get legit jealous that I'll never be able to live as careless as she does ever again.

No. 919180

File: 1632256982155.jpeg (28.53 KB, 213x240, ABC4BEC0-1DBD-4A2E-A92E-D66856…)

Read about what happened to Charlene Downs. Rumour has it she was turned into kebab meat

No. 919182

File: 1632257051810.jpeg (282.64 KB, 640x704, C28A9C2A-C061-447C-83B5-3CD9D1…)

The women are fucking evil too and stand by their men and look down on us.

No. 919191

Wtf is this headline. Are the wives the ones who did the raping? Why is the fact that the husbands are Asian relevant? Just what?

No. 919192

No. 919193

They don't do this shit too white girls though, Hindu girls, Sikh girls and even Nigerian girls get groomed and raped by these men
As Muslims they believe it is their right to "take" kafir women, Again Muhammad(the greatest human being who ever lived) did this, he murdered a man and took his wife, the greatest general who ever lived(according to Islamic sources) Khalid-ibn-walid also raped a non-Muslim woman and it was excused, allowed and celebrated
so its not really a moral issue or even a sin for a Muslim man to rape a non-Muslim woman

No. 919194

File: 1632257707561.jpeg (107.02 KB, 640x484, C7A130FD-A852-47F1-9582-5A80E3…)

They don’t care if white children are violated, brutalised or murdered. They see us as nothing but filthy slags getting what we deserve and we are supposed to stick our necks out for them. No thank you. They are fucking evil. Close the boarders.

No. 919195

It's the wives of the asian men from the asian rape gangs blaming victims that >>919193 is being ignorant about

No. 919198

That’s why it’s a complete fucking lie that grooming gangs aren’t a “racial” issue. They most certainly are. Of course white men do evil shit all the time and groom minors, but at least they get held accountable. At least their families blame THEM. They don’t see a runaway 13 year old who takes drugs as “filthy” and “dirty” they see a damaged young person being taken advantage of.

No. 919199

I fucking hate people who cannot manage to be on time to anything. We are adults. I shouldn't have to tell you to be somewhere 15 minutes earlier than you actually need to be there just so that you don't make us late. And then complain I'm the one being uptight because I don't want us to miss our reservation.

No. 919200

I've met and worked with some of these "pure, holy" muslim women… I'd rather meet a drunk moid in the middle of the night in a forest. All of these women were very loud, aggressiv and full of prejudices and if I would have told them that I don't believe in any God, well, my punishment would be deserved, because I'm filthy and not worth anything.

No. 919205

File: 1632258486794.jpeg (107.51 KB, 900x529, 21DE32D0-98BA-4849-9777-7C8631…)

Never forget Cologne. Cheers Angela Merkel, you disingenuous piece of shit.

No. 919206

My bfs sister is so obsessed with getting married because she believes in "a wall" after we got married that she is proudly telling everyone that she found a muslim 5 years younger than her and his whole personality is that "he is rich". I tried telling her about how wild and dangerous it is to be someone from a tiny European countryside and decide to e-date a game addicted Muslim (especially the one that is still so young and sheltered) from Arabia but she is all about "not all men" even when her friend wanted to share that she got sexually assaulted as a teen. Some people are fucked up.

No. 919222

I wish I could throw her out of my life tbh

No. 919230

Its technically not a racial issue more of a religious and cultural issue, Sikhs are almost genetically identical to Pakistani's as they both north-west Punjabi's, but there has never been a Sikh Grooming gang case, nor any cases of Sikhs specifically targeting non-Sikhs for any apparent reason

No. 919231

I just saw an Aiden troon Richey Edwards. I can't deal with that idiocy

No. 919234

God she's going to be disappointed then, most Muslim men from around the world are on average physically inept, horribly unshaved pube beards and pudgy skinny fat bodies due to lack of exercise culture and this is the vast majority for Muslim males

No. 919251

>muslim man
>5 years younger
This guy doesn't want a gf, he wants his own babysitter he can have sex with. Guaranteed.

No. 919257

stop posting about me. I know it's you.

No. 919282

it's okay sugarplum.. daddy's here to make it all better..(scrote)

No. 919332

I’m so fucking annoyed my boss is making me go out to the UN tomorrow “in case” the security council has a meeting. And what if they do huh? It’s my first year where I have to do work here so I don’t know any of the protocol, but he doesn’t either! So he sent me out there on Monday and surprise!! Security told me to fuck off because I don’t have the authorization to go into the section where all the meetings are taking place. I asked if it this was going to be like this for the rest of the week and they said yes, and I asked if I would be allowed to attend the stakeouts (since they are out in the hallway and not a meeting room) and they said no. I’m not allowed in that entire section of the building without extra authorization. I asked some people who worked there for clarification since I’m new and they stopped replying to my emails. My boss just had me work at our office today since everything is hybrid/being broadcasted online anyway. We already got an email today saying there would be no security council meetings tomorrow, so I don’t understand why the fuck he’s telling me to go.

They decide to hold a last minute meeting? Ok, great, it’s either a) I can’t even go in to view it because I’m not allowed in that area so I have to stream it on my phone/laptop which I can do from my office or b) it’s a closed meeting which means I wouldn’t be able to fucking watch it in person/online anyway. If a stakeout happens, those are a no go too because, again, not allowed in that area and they are also broadcasted online too (and imo there’s no point in going unless I have pressing questions I need to ask). He already knows that entire section of the building is restricted, I told him already. I don’t know why the fuck he’s insisting on wasting everyone’s time by sending me again “in case” because IN CASE something happens I would be able to do fuck all anyway!!! It’s a stupid waste of time! I hate this shit. I get paid dirt so no I’m not busting my ass for this job.

No. 919352

I'm so pissed that my brother feels comfortable walking around the house in his underwear. It wouldn't be a big deal if he just wore boxers like most other guys but he's walking around all high and mighty in a man thong and it makes me so deeply uncomfortable and angry. He also just takes his pants off like it's no big deal. He never used to do stuff like this so I don't understand what runs through his mind to think that it's perfectly normal and acceptable and not completely breaking personal boundaries!! It makes me wanna cry and hide in my room whenever he's home because I know he's not decent and I don't like being around him when he's like that. Put some pants on and be normal!!

No. 919356

ever since there has been construction started at my apartment building probably around 2.5 weeks ago now to maybe 3 weeks, at first it was annoying but then throughout the last week, my paranoia skyrocketed. i work from home online and i'm a shut in, so i am here all the time, and i have been feeling this weird impulsive panicky feeling where i just needed to keep the chain lock on 24/7 and i kept glancing at the door, been sweating just feeling fucking weird. i thought it was just stress from my personal life + duh, a bunch of random men outside and working inside the halls is gross and i hate it. but now, it happened: a man TRIED TO OPEN THE DOOR WITH A KEY. NO KNOCKING NO NOTHING. his excuse was that he mistook my apt for the one directly above it, third floor (mine is only 2nd floor.)

this would be okay but my paranoia all week, like i was expecting it to happen any day now, plus the much more disturbing news that my 75 year old neighbor was robbed of 4 checkbooks + extra cash BY SOMEONE WITH A KEY ONLY DAYS AGO! they did not break in, someone had his key. this building is old as fuck, and now i'm thinking, did they even change the locks when i moved in months ago? did they stupidly give these worker men more keys than needed? i don't know but i got very paranoid so i checked ceiling fans and shit for hidden cameras and counte all my cash and change etc and none of that has been meddled with.

No. 919357

Men are never taught shame about their bodies and it shows. It took some effort but I managed to shame my male family into wearing shorts. Say stuff like "ew…" And "maybe you should work out" and "no one wants to see the outline of your d, put some pants on". Don't act too grossed out/angry or he'll do it more to get a reaction out of you.

No. 919362

>did they stupidly give these worker men more keys than needed?
Knowing mens complete lack of conscious for safety, maybe. Do you have a deadbolt? You can get a security door stopper no installation needed. It's better to be paranoid than robbed.

No. 919365

please be careful nonnie. is there anyone you can report this to in your building? i hope everything will be okay for you, it must be so scary

No. 919378

yes it is a deadbolt and then the classic little chain. i like that buddy bar thing i might need to buy it.. and yeah honestly there are men in charge of the building maintenance though my landlord is an older woman with kids which comforts me a bit.

left a in depth voicemail with my landlord, thank you non. praying construction will end soon and that they can come change the locks this week too

No. 919415

I always make verbally disgusted noises and tell them to put on clothes whenever my brothers do this. They're older so I can't be directly rude so I make it sound jokey-but-genuinely-disgusted and it does the job. They used to casually walk around in underwear before but now they hide ASAP. Try it if you can, especially since your retarded bro walks around in MAN THONGS kek that deserves absolute harassment. Shame him.

No. 919417

I can't believe I ever settled for a boyfriend that didn't even want to spoon me while falling asleep.

No. 919419

File: 1632271765344.jpeg (40.7 KB, 813x457, bv-nomakeup.jpeg)

he wants to fuck you

No. 919424

stop self-posting it's embarrassing

No. 919430

What is self-posting?

No. 919434

I fucking hate this shit

No. 919439

I think I turned my boyfriend into a catboy. He meows all the time now and cuddles me like a cat? When I was with my ex, I was super into hamsters and then he started acting like one, including squeaking and shit alike. Tf??

No. 919442

please say sike

No. 919451

Since this is a vent, I'll apologize but I can't stop laughing about this lmao. Zookeeper-sama, is that you?

No. 919452

When I broke up with my ex he started squeaking while drunk in a goodbye video and it made me feel an emotion I did not think existed. He would baby talk with me all the time whenever he'd get happy and then fucking squeak while watching hamster videos. Now my current boyfriend meows for attention. What the fuck am I doing that men are turning this way lmao?

No. 919454

the common denominator is most likely mental illness

No. 919466

how old are you..i would start gagging and puking if a male meowed at me

No. 919467

i would literally punt them into the stratosphere

No. 919469

This is so retarded but I get a little hopeless seeing how rich some of my friends are. They’re 19/20 and they all have their own cara and their macbooks and the latest iPhone and all live in these expensive compounds. I can’t afford shit. I can’t even afford the dentist. I don’t exactly envy them, but I feel so behind. I don’t want a macbook or an iPhone or a car, I just want to not worry about money all the time. And not have rotten tooth. Makes me feel a little hopeless sometimes, especially since they all seem to be getting richer and I’ve been sitting on this fucking tooth surgery since late 2019 because fuck dentists. Anyway vent over manifesting wealth right now nonnies.

No. 919470

what jobs do they have? asking for a friend..

No. 919472

sounds like they just have rich parents

No. 919473

>car and their macbooks and the latest iPhone
wut? you could literally afford all of that with a part time job at mcdonalds…

No. 919477

well they also said they pay expensive rent which in north america, a job at mcdonnies will not pay for.

No. 919480

kek sounds like the plot of an anime

No. 919481

You fucking first-world burgerfags I swear to God I’m going to kidnap some burger dyke from here one day and I’ll marry her to get a green card and then I’m going to post some IP grabbing link on a couple of threads on /snow/ saying something like “can’t believe Shayna shoved a barbie doll into her cunt, this is a new level of pedopandering, infantilisation sexualisation normlisation” (I don’t know who the fuck she is tbh, don't ask me) and then I’m going to stalk you and find out where you live through your mom’s retarded obsessive Facebook posting and I’m going to steal all your money and your internet connection so poorfag thirdies like me will never have to hear shit like this again.

No. 919483

i hope you kidnap someone with aids and they get period blood in your mouth

No. 919484

i mean you dont really need any of those things (except maybe a car if you live in a rural area). besides, you guys get a ton of welfare in Europe.

No. 919485

File: 1632279116977.jpeg (25.71 KB, 189x266, CC21F5A6-EFD2-4623-AEBE-53ABC4…)

No. 919486

AIDS?????? AIDS?????? You dumb bitch, I have superior genes. I got corona twice and kept rawdogging the virus until the end. I’m not dying and I would gladly get aids for a qt

Anon, I have some news….

No. 919487

No. 919489

If we're talking about anime and then you suddenly start talking about your depression and how you find no reason to wake up in the morning, what do you want me to fucking say about? aw that sucks [insert emoticon here] for the next three fucking hours?

yes i'm selfish
no i can't help you

No. 919491

>Atashi no koibitoyo turned into a fucking animal!

No. 919494

Better watch your blood pressure bb <3

No. 919500

Thank you you’re a thing of sweetness nonny

No. 919505

Bumping bc gore

No. 919506

File: 1632280546169.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 18.73 KB, 239x211, F3BEF7C4-E9A3-4254-900A-714E11…)


No. 919507

File: 1632280625968.jpeg (222.33 KB, 1200x1800, 1503F301-A3F3-4B3C-BF23-90504E…)

Bumping bc gore

No. 919508

I hate how chocolate ice cream smells like Iike butt

No. 919518

File: 1632281180621.gif (475.93 KB, 428x226, 1615729794987.gif)

Anons obsessed with old efame weebs are something else.

No. 919539

I will have to take antidepressants for the rest of my life to be semi functional and I'm sad about it

No. 919542

I absolutely HATE that historical/ historical fashion community is so convinced people being of the past dressing like the opposite sex or maybe-possibly-probably-trans

No. 919543

File: 1632286322835.jpeg (64.13 KB, 400x464, 302A0B2B-F08D-4F3C-872E-25ADB5…)

i want to go insane, go wild, go uncontrollable, cause trouble throughout the endless night, be stateless and boundless to anything, i want to be complete nothingness i don’t want any obligations for my already lowly life, i want to be gone everywhere i want to fuck shit up everywhere

No. 919550

ill be fucking lucky if i get higher than a 65% on this test. im so fucking sick of this im redoing this class because i really do suck at it. it said we had 10 questions with 2 hours but instead it was 9 multiple choice with the last one being 7 pages long of questions. fuck this teacher, genuinely, at least all my other teachers had been up front about 50+ questions in 2 hours. i need this fucking class so i can move on with my degree for better job opportunities god damnit. im so sick of these burger schemes to keep people paying for bullshit like college, medical debt, getting rid of all public railways so everyone buys cars outside the major cities. now we have a chip shortage and something about oil depleting anyway, christ. we may be a first world country but we're so god damn ass-backwards in the name of money. all i want is a god damn job that gives me 16-30 an hour with lunch breaks and a few days a year for vacation. all so i can live in a decent apartment or home one day. fuck the californians who are jumping into every low-income state and crashing the home markets because their hourly wages were higher too. we dont like you, we dont want you, you brought troon shit with you while making the nice affordable areas too expensive for everyone who lived in these states. god damnit.

No. 919551

Nonnies I just ordered a gift that was supposed to be a surprise for my boyfriend but he saw the email a s soon as I ordered it. I'm crying and I feel sick, I can't believe I fucked up. Can somebody please make me feel better or something… Has anyone else fucked up like this before.

No. 919553


If your boyfriend is gonna throw a fit at you because he accidentally saw that you bought him a surprise present, throw the whole man into the trash. You shouldn't be scared and crying over this.

No. 919554

Good grief anon, why are you this upset over accidently revealing a surprise gift? You did something thoughtful, which it still is, and you're still gifting him something nice. Whatever you're gifting him, I'm sure it's not less thoughtful, meaningful of you or less enjoyable to have for him just because it's no longer a surprise. All is fine and nothing's ruined, calm down. You really shouldn't be more than a little disappointed for a moment over.

>Has anyone else fucked up like this before.

Your life must be a breeze if this is all what you call fucking up

No. 919555

Sorry to overreact… It's funny when I think about it now… I just like to surprise people that's all

t. autist

No. 919557

my boyfriend just told me his mother is having strange dreams about me having a fucking baby soon
I asked him boy or girl
he said boy

SHE DREAMED THE FUCKING GENDER OF THE BABY. I am 22 years old I don't have time for this shit I refuse to be part of some goddamn witch prophecy and everyone needs to stop manifesting this thing

No. 919559

damn my Tumblr phase is coming back from the dead, "more than survive" from Be more chill is my most listen to song this week, i'm not ready to go down this rabbit hole rn

No. 919562

I am manifesting that you are childfree until you choose otherwise.

No. 919563

>>919562 samefagging but just wanted to add:
That's typical mom-in-law shit. I don't date men, but plenty of my friends heard similar bullshit from their in-laws too.
She doesn't have her son around anymore so she's jonesing for another baby to take care of.
Don't worry about it and don't pay attention to her petty desires.

No. 919572

Autists telling us they're autists like we can't tell.

No. 919579

Same, but everyone’s so fucking woque that if you disagree and say something horribly tervish (like “maybe she was just trying to escape misogyny”) you get ostracised from the community. I’m especially disappointed in the more gnc women who really should know better. If wanting to wear trousers and have a career makes someone a man then what are they? Nevermind, they’ll probably all call themselves nonbinary sooner or later.
It gives me hope that a handful of women in the community are pretty unapologetic about their use of the (super problematic!) suffragette colours, though. Hopefully the British ones don’t get arrested for ribbon-related hate crimes.

No. 919584

I'm a stupid friendless bitch and I stalk my ex classmates's instagrams so that I can feel like I was also their friend and I'm not truly lonely. It's pure delusion because they all forgot about me and they never spoke to me either. But by knowing what they do I somehow feel like I'm part of their lives.

No. 919589

Idk why but whenever I'm not doing anything for a few minutes or not thinking about anything my mind just defaults to thinking "I should kill myself". Which is funny because I never would do that. Just a weird thing I guess

No. 919613

>(like “maybe she was just trying to escape misogyny”) you get ostracised from the community. I’m especially disappointed in the more gnc women who really should know better
Just what I had in mind.
And I swear it used to be, "well sure it COULD be seen that way, but there's no evidence, so we can't just assume" it's almost like they've forgotten that it took so much to even show that someone from the past wasn't attracted to the opposite sex.

No. 919622

I have an exam in a few hours and I'm so nervous, I'm reading through my notes and feel like I won't remember anything. If I don't pass, I'll have to retake it next year and if that doesn't work out as well I'll get kicked out of uni. I'm so scared, I hope I'm lucky and the questions are about the subjects I'm good in. I'm so stupid, if only I hadn't let the older students talk me into getting so scared of this module, I would have studied enough to pass on the first try, back when the questions were easier. Back then I was too afraid to even focus long enough on the texts because I thought it would be too complicated, so I told myself I'd study later and get it done better. It's my fault for slacking off too much, but I feel at least a little better prepared then I did the last try. I just hope to pass, the grade doesn't even matter at this point

No. 919632

File: 1632303641088.png (232.2 KB, 624x352, crying.png)

Nonnies, I really don't know what to do. I have an online friend who has suddenly disappeared. She was in a domestic abuse situation and her ex is homicidal psychopath – there are news articles about some of the horrific things he's done and he's barely been charged for any of it. She told me about the threats he made towards her and her cat. She takes the threats 100% seriously but she said that there isn't much help for her in her country, cops won't do anything even tho she has evidence of the threats and womens shelters won't take her in.

She hasn't responded to me in a week and the last time we talked she said that her ex + some of his friends have been trying to contact her. She said some cryptic things about being scared out of her mind. Can I even do anything in this situation? Why are men so fucking psychotic? She didn't do anything to warrant any of this, I'm so scared for her I woke up twice last night because I just couldn't dismiss this awful fucking feeling that this woman is dead in a ditch somewhere because no one would help her.

No. 919633

Do you know her name anon? And roughly her location? You might try calling her local police and requesting a wellness check. I had to do this for someone in France once, I live in Canada. She was leaving suicidal messages on her instagram story and hadn't been active so I called the police in her city and they went and checked on her and confirmed her safety for me.

No. 919634

Samefag, this is meant for you but I assume you edited or something

No. 919638

I know her full name, I emailed the police and they asked me for more information. I gave them as much as I know. I wish I could call but I live on the other side of the world and I can't do international calls for some reason. Your story gives me some hope though, I'll have to see if there's any other way for me to actually call the police. Were you able to stay anonymous? I would rather her not know it was me if she's okay…

No. 919639

Oh no, I know this feeling too well. I hope you pass anon. Good luck!!
Tell me how it went.

No. 919640

I was with the police, yes, but I went full on and literally found her mom's dox so I could call her mother as well. I understand why you wouldn't want her to know, the person I checked in on totally freaked out at me she couldn't understand why I was upset about her leaving suicidal messages all over her instagram, said she was allowed to post whatever she wanted and I was an awful person
I hope your friend is okay and that she gets in contact with you or vice versa asap. I'll be thinking about you both.

No. 919643

Your spoiler is so saddening. You're a good person nonny. Her parents are both shit sadly and they wouldn't help her, she implied that they have both been guilty of doing horrible things to her. I hate this feeling. Thank you for your support and kind words, I'll keep trying my best thank you.

No. 919657

File: 1632306577912.jpg (55.85 KB, 618x408, Two_in_court.jpg)


No. 919658

It sounds like you've done all you can for now, especially if her family kind of sucks… I know it's not much but, both you and >>919633 sound really kind. I hope all goes well.
Also, fuck moids.

No. 919662

File: 1632306825619.png (64.53 KB, 860x804, 64FDC803-DAAC-4681-9220-57030D…)


No. 919671

Trannies should just call it for what it is, pedophilic nipple play. But then they'd get arrested.

No. 919677

I've been having a pain next to my shoulder blade on the right that seems to extend to the same place in front, just over my breast. It's like normal back pain when I'm just sitting here but when I swallow, the chest part of the pain hurts more.
I tried googling wtf is wrong with me, but there isn't anything that matches my experience because everything mentions a potential problem with the esophagus and it's not like, acid reflux/heartburn or whatever. Not even in the same place you'd experience that pain.

I have a doctor's appointment next week but I'm having trouble waiting until then. Maybe I just slept wrong though idk. I'm just anxious

No. 919684

So today I made myself appear retarded again after a series of blunders on meetings (switching on webcam when it was not required, switching on webcam when I should have but it showed up black, accidentally receiving and therefore appearing on meetings I should have had appeared on, and just generally not being familiar with Outlook and Teams because in my previous workplaces I've never used it).
So on my first week I received an invitation to a Teams meeting that I was not even supposed to take part in as I was a complete newbie, so they removed me from the list and I was told that I should forget about it for a while. Well, it is a biweekly meeting and because I was not put back on the invitee list and 20 minutes after the meeting's start I'm contacted by my superior who's inquiring where I am. I asked for an invitation and eventually joined but I feel like I'm already stereotyped as a retard who doesn't know anything since all my other coworkers who were in the meeting saw that I was not there

No. 919752

File: 1632316520413.jpg (73.07 KB, 639x358, d.jpg)

There's this stupid bitch at work who thinks she's soo edgy for her (popular) unpopular opinions. I try to keep my distance and not engage whenever she has one of her power trips but she notices that and asks me for my opinion even though I know she's just looking for something to feel superior over. I wish my coworkers weren’t so pc because I'd love to just flat out tell her to shut the fuck up because no ones cares.

No. 919760

Literally the most non-issue of non-issues but I feel queasy about how big boobs are portrayed in art and anime and other shit. How they're drawn and all… just gross. They make me feel a bit weird about mine like, how people look at them. Words like udders and whatnot. Just gross overall. I'm grown enough to not be as affected but it still kind of hits me sometimes.

No. 919766

Why aren't there any guys who like hiking and fishing on tinder… I thought that was a stereotype but I've been disappointed, as I haven't encountered a single one of my favourite type of guy

No. 919779

Tinder is a scam and those who say they do don't actually like these things. It's a way to filter out fat women.

No. 919797

Where are you? Lmao I grew up in NC all them boys are here! A state full of em

No. 919798

Kek I just see this now. No, I'm not Elaine, mods have become really sloppy. Get your shit together, this is really bad moderation.

No. 919807

Thank you! I'm usually never this nervous, it's just supposed to be a really big one haha. It went surprisingly well! The questions were somewhat easy and I was done 15 minutes early, but now that I've handed it in I'm starting to wonder why I was done so early… What important things did I forget? Well, now It's just hoping my grade will turn out okay, but at least it's over! I wish you good luck on your future exams too if you have any left anon!

No. 919827

>be fat
>enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking
Super grateful I'm married now and never have to deal with these stupid moid mind games ever again because god fucking forbid these men have a date with a non-model.

Meanwhile outrage if women filtered for bald, short, or broke.

No. 919829

>mfw dark triad, retarded, autistic or narcissistic or something,
>best friends genuinely retarded and i hate her
>stick around cuz she gives me serotonin sometimes
>idk no other alternatives out there
>this bitch has her birthday and i throw a party for her
>mom show me these huge-ass bracelets to give to her as a gift
>"yeah sure you can give them to her!"
>gift the bracelets to this bitch
>"omg i always wanted these!"
>mfw they turn out to be earrings
>mfw they look good on her
>mfw they cost 1000rs now while they costed 200rs back then
>have a breakdown a month later
>want to punch her ugly fucking face in
I hope she sees this.
"bUt yOuRe sO toXiC" shut the fuck up

No. 919833

>mistaking earrings for two huge identical bracelets
lmao you retard. I felt the same way about my best friend in high school though

No. 919837

So are you mad that the gift you bought her is worth more money now, or that she's content wearing earrings as bracelets?
I really don't get the rage here.