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File: 1605225366853.jpg (539.85 KB, 1472x776, coronaids.jpg)

No. 1081173

Anti-O Flakes Pt. 6 - mans best friend edition.

In recent news:

>Bad banana sperged out hard after fears of getting doxed, made up a bunch of stuff about definitely "not" being racist because his brother is a black asian adopted guy and his father a super duper important general.

>Bad banana claimed to have an IQ that is over 9000
>Heezy and Trisha claim to have seen terrible shit on Gregs discord right after they where kicked off for being awful mods.
>RSN came in and sperged hard about "definitely not having raped Amber", convinced her to "take it back".
(no one fell for it)
>Tamara still sperges out here whenever someone says the word dogfucker.

Shiloh's social media:
https://twitter.com/patient47245143 (deactivated)

More social media links:
https://twitter.com/chrishansen Chris Hansen
https://twitter.com/madisondecambra Madison
https://twitter.com/notsolillioness Sarah
https://twitter.com/luxymoo Haylee
https://twitter.com/ayallakarina Ayalla
https://twitter.com/billiedawnwebb Billie
https://twitter.com/hahan0bye Regina
https://twitter.com/drowsylane Lane
https://twitter.com/neglectedbanana Bad Banana

No. 1081175

previous thread:


No. 1081176

shit OP.

No. 1081177

I really tried hard, but thank you for your contribution.

No. 1081179

where was your much better thread?
I must have missed it.

No. 1081192

Sure, I'll bite:

Last Time On In the Fabulous Realm Of The Flakes:

>>RSN invites Amber onto a stream to debunk rape claims:

https://youtu.be/xXZrPn5JCUg everyone comes down on her in the stream

>Onision makes a video complaining about how horrible Trisha and Heezy were for banning people who ended up posting CP as well as other disturbing images : https://youtu.be/GrV9F_ZpVts

>>Trisha and Heezy post screencaps on their personal twitters about some of the drama that went down:


>>Onision's former orbiter Tamara comes to the farms and debunks the dog rumor everytime it's brought up or mentioned:

>>RSN invites Amber onto a stream to debunk rape claims:

https://youtu.be/xXZrPn5JCUg everyone comes down on her in the stream about her ripping them off

Social Media Links:

More social media links:
https://twitter.com/chrishansen Chris Hansen
https://twitter.com/madisondecambra Madison
https://twitter.com/notsolillioness Sarah
https://twitter.com/luxymoo Haylee
https://twitter.com/ayallakarina Ayalla
https://twitter.com/billiedawnwebb Billie
https://twitter.com/hahan0bye Regina
https://twitter.com/drowsylane Lane
https://twitter.com/neglectedbanana Bad Banana

No. 1081193

ignore the double post, couldn't fix the edit >>1081192

No. 1081197

Feel free to open it if you like. Like I said I just tried my best here, apologies if it's not up to par. It wasn't a must to me that "I" opened it, but rather that one was open.
And yeah, yours is definitely better.

No. 1081200

it's cool dude i didnt mean to sound snarky people like to have links to click on and see the drama for themselves too etc

No. 1081201

me neither, I didn't mean to sound like a bitch. its all good. i think i was being a bit of a boomer.

No. 1081257

>I sent it to Hansen
lol the only reason Tamara got involved with Hansen (after he was proven a fat fucking liar) was to get attention. She goes on KF to get more attention.

No. 1081258

idk thats debatable considering every time we've seen her twitters theyre protected so its hard to say what her end game is here usually ppl who want attention keep their twitters open to the public
but you could be right

No. 1081259

As one anon mentioned in the last thread, it's a cycle for her. She goes private for awhile, then unprivates and starts sperging again.

No. 1081260

File: 1605236479639.png (172.32 KB, 653x864, saga.png)

the saga continues

No. 1081262

File: 1605236663189.png (225.59 KB, 634x866, pt2.png)

No. 1081263

>Onision makes a video complaining about how horrible Trisha and Heezy were for banning people who ended up posting CP as well as other disturbing images

I know there's been evidence for these things happening on prior Onision forums but I haven't seen it officially confirmed that Heezy and Trisha were telling the truth here. Going to a youtuber to make a vid about it isn't enough to go on.

In Jan-Feb Heezy was on Gig Harbor mom's FB (and Pierce County PD's FB if I remember correctly) telling them about Onision grooming Sarah, so I know she could've contacted the police about this last alleged incident if she wanted to.

No. 1081265

dont forget, lucidia (a former anti-o) or possibly current (?) also joined the discord
she was the one who debated greg about shane dawson and was public on twitter until she joined his discord then privated it

No. 1081267

File: 1605237565490.png (716.5 KB, 1279x719, Killstream Heezy.png)

>I'm not an anti-o
This dumb cow goes back and forth every couple months. She was on the Killstream over the summer licking Onision's nutsack when they were doing their interview with him. Her icon is bottom right.

She's a pathological liar who likes to pretend to be an anti when it's convenient for her. Heezy is like all Onision orbiter's, constantly switching sides for attention and asspats.

No. 1081280

File: 1605239021676.jpg (235.83 KB, 720x1225, 20201112_214248.jpg)

Looks like Tamara ain't done yet

No. 1081285

unfortunately, she's not wrong. She's not said she's a victim and even on hansen she said she doesnt consider herself a victim like the other girls she has said I dont think ive ever seen her anywhere advocate that she is a victim either(Tamara)

No. 1081290

I dunno, the puppy fiddler seems to like saying how much she was boolied by Greg & hints that she’s undergoing therapy. Seems like trying to claim victim status to me

No. 1081293

ALL those girls should be in therapy, IMO. Especially Shiloh.(Tamara)

No. 1081295

File: 1605240055514.jpg (24.02 KB, 598x222, 20201112_220047.jpg)

While she's not wrong, she's being hypocritical. Especially when she says this other person is crying out for attention. Projecting much, Tam-Tam? The first reply she posted to the thread was this:

No. 1081310

you right, but some other reddit users were asking them to clam down too(Tamara)

No. 1081314

All I'm saying is I fully support the OP and would actually back them in this case. Tam's just being petty because people are going after her again. There was no reason for her to respond like she did.

No. 1081317

the op came in attacking the three of them accusing them of not doing nothing and not showing receipts but then proceeded to say they themselves filed a complaint but will not produce said receipt (the op is a hypocrite) sorry if thats mean anon but looking at both sides here (correct me if im wrong though) im not seeing receipts posted from the OP. I feel for them, but that was not the place for them to air out their dirty laundry(Tamara)

No. 1081325

You're right. Its not a place for them to air their dirty laundry. But first, in OP's situation they're the victim. They claim to have been forced to participate in at least 5 CP films. The mods aren't the victims here. There wasn't CP of them posted anywhere. They only saw CP posted by individuals on Discord. That is a huge fucking difference. If the OP filed a report, cool fucking beans. They're not obligated to share that information unless they choose to for whatever reason. There's trauma in their situation. Trisha and Heezy are only witnesses.

No. 1081335

anon the op said they took related information about GREG to the police or apparently, reported it but they refuse to show their receipts of it while calling out others demanding them to also do so
the reason the op got dumped on by more than just the former mods, is because they made a spectacle out of themselves(Tamara)

No. 1081337

agreed, trisha & heezy the op coming at tamara was probably a dumb idea with how quick she seems to lose her shit lately they touched the pooh
dont touch the pooh even if it looks like a big, fat delicious fudge brownie do not touch the pooh-pooh(Tamara)

No. 1081345

No, I know that, and in that regard they earned some of the responses they got for flipping out at Trish and Heezy but not showing proof they forwarded the ss. I'm now talking about Tamara asking for proof that they're a csa survivor and saying they're just doing it for attention.

No. 1081346

i dont wanna play devils advocate here but the OP was being rude and telling people they aren't victims as well
honestly, we dont know how bad any of them genuinely had it because we dont talk to them about it for deeper info i think both sides should have been more sympathetic imo(Tamara)

No. 1081349

File: 1605246229180.jpg (154.88 KB, 720x611, 20201112_234230.jpg)

Agreed. Everybody needs a chill-pill. Hell, it even looks like Tamara actually did take a chill-pill.

No. 1081371

outsider looking in, i think anything involving greg brings out the worst in her
it seems like she does genuinely care about the OP but is just done with the drama and about to experience some bad burn out
maybe she got some good weeds(Tamara)

No. 1081394

mans best friend edition
kek just noticed that.

No. 1081395

>Trisha and Heezy are only witnesses.
I haven't seen evidence of them witnessing anything. Unless there's a police report, for all we know they're talking out of their asses. Heezy especially has a history of being a lying attention whoring cow.

>they took related information about GREG to the police
>they refuse to show their receipts of it while calling out others demanding them to also do so
As far as I'm concerned it's all bullshit until they publish a police report.

No. 1081401

>i think anything involving greg brings out the worst in her

I don't think Tamara's attitude or knee-jerk reactions are caused by her history with Onision. Im positive she's been a shitty person for decades, way before her involvement with Greg. I saw her get into an argument about her rescue animals. I cant remember the specifics but she did the same thing she does when arguing about her time being an Onision brown-noser, or her love of dog rockets. When she feels she's losing the argument she starts hurling insults. And when the other person responds in a similar manner she suddenly becomes the victim and is being bullied and threatened. She'll attempt to get the last word again and again, then she inevitable goes private (runs away.) That argument had nothing to do with Onision, it was about animals she owned for fucks sake. And it "brought out the worst in her." I wont say that every single person who's a fan of Onisions is fucked in the head. But the fans who stay around after seeing how he is when the mask comes off, have issues. Either they have similar personalities as Greg or are just sad people looking for acceptance and are willing to pay for his friendship. I see Tamara, FatBecca, and Heezy as Mini-Gregs. McFly, Blasian and PoopBecca were just lonely sad girls looking for friends.

No. 1081462

>"I can't remember the specifics"
This is an image board. Please post receipts to back up your claims. That's the most baseless claim if I ever saw one
Also I highly doubt McFly has "no friends" she seems to be doing just fine supporting a pedophile /groomer despite how he treated her and humiliated her, she went right back to supporting him knowing about the allegations currently
Blasian & Tamara seem to be the only one who had enough of his shit who have stayed away for almost a year but Blasian has been back in the discord shown sometimes in debates being pretty nice to him despite how he treated her and her "friends".(Tamara)

No. 1081506

so which cow are you?
mcfly, poop-beck or blasian?

No. 1081691

op we warned you not to make a tamara centered thread. Nobody wants to participate in much with that cow because she's not milky enough. As soon as Tam-Tams catches on the fun is usually over
what you should have done was stick to all the flakes (or the most active ones) in the header and made it like a Brady Bunch square. It would have generated more interest. Just some friendly advice. We know you desperately wanted one for whatever reason, but the minute she starts contributing more elsewhere people don't really seem to care that shes even on here
this is probably why she attacks every post made about her as a "vendetta" post. When anons tell you mostly no tamara thread, its for a reason kudos for trying though(Tamara)

No. 1081705

1. You are not a farmhand, do not backseat moderate and / or try to tell other users what to do.

2. OP did not make a Tamara thread, OP made a new Anti-O flakes thread since the previous one was full.

>in b4 mind your own business

No. 1081717

anon i was not telling anyone what to do but rather make a suggestion
>In B4 everyone starts whining about nobody contributing(Tamara)

No. 1081722

then quit whining about this thread and just let it be. my god.

No. 1081731

anon youre acting more like a backseat mod than the other anon who was just making a suggestion they had no malicious intent behind their post(Tamara)

No. 1081798

why are you still arguing?

No. 1081834

File: 1605312019752.png (122.83 KB, 784x317, flakes.PNG)

I think both sides are correct. Previous flakes threads have put a spotlight on whatever was happening at the time. 3 months ago the header spotlighted the Investigation Discovery documentary and the header photo was a Luxymoo tweet. But we still talked about whichever cow started sperging that week. It wasn't just about Luxy or the other girls.

Same with the thread before that. The header pic was Hansen because the drama at the time was about him and Shiloh but as the weeks pass if some Onision flake started acting up we posted about it.

This week the only milk that's pouring is Heezy and the other ex-mods talking about CP and other illegal content being shared on discord and saying they have contacted the FBI, so I think OP used that header because of it. If Shiloh, Hansen or some other Onision orbiter does something stupid next week we'll just pivot to that.

Every time a new thread is made the first couple of days are consumed by people arguing about it then we move on. Not the best thread OP. More info and links could have been added but there's a reason this is kept in /snow/. I don't feel its a "Tamara centered" thread.

No. 1081854

I made one out of necessity the old one was full and no one had made one yet. I realized that it had to be up to certain standards so I looked at old ones and did like you just said I mentioned the going on's. Do I think its the best thread? Nope. I just tried best I can, and like I mentioned before if they want a better one hey, feel free to open it and link to it. It doesn't need to be "my thread", it just needs to be "a thread".
I really don't get the arguing that is still going on, someone had already mentioned that it didn't seem to be up to par, we talked about it and everything seemed to be fine. Right up until the point where someone else suddenly started arguing again.
At this rate hey, we'll have a new thread again in no time. If we keep this up then it will just be a thread full of arguing about it not being good enough, it being full within a day, and then a new one. I'm fine with that too, but whoever opens it: make sure that its made out of solid gold, and up to everyones expectations. Thats not me being salty, thats me trying to prevent this from happening right after this thread.
Are we all clear now? Alrighty then. Thank you for your patience.

No. 1081882

File: 1605316432128.jpg (50.63 KB, 613x501, heezy twitch pedos.jpg)

Not sure if this is just a coincidence. Heezy is trying to get the attention of Twitch about pedos on their platform and Onision just deleted every single 4 hour stream he had on there. You can still see clips others users have made but none of his own original content. Heezy's going in dry. I predicted that when Greg eventually pissed her off she was going to revert back to her autistic Anti-O roots and try to ruin his life. I wouldn't put it past Heezy to start mailing Greg's neighbors. How much do you think his neighbors hate him since that fateful day Hansen came-a-knockin?

Check all the previous onision flakes threads. The first day or two is people saying the OP is shit. Its cool anon, no worries.

No. 1082071

File: 1605343053189.jpeg (120.65 KB, 928x664, godno.jpeg)

Remember when slug tricked her into posting her Canadian welfare medical card to prove the year she was born in? Now Tamara is showing the trolls her fucking lease agreement to prove she isn't allowed a dog in her home. She is the female rival to Chris-Chan.

No. 1082081

I think she just printed out a lease agreement and filled it out.

No. 1082125

Don't worry about it anon these threads are containment ones for the shit newfags that migrate over from twitter and kf. These threads are complete dogshit

No. 1082245

File: 1605379699559.webm (18.32 MB, 320x180, tamarapetsandhousetour.webm)

You're probably right. All her proof of non-dogfuckery is so easy to see through. The real rental agreement no doubt has "and one dog" some where in the exceptions line. Even in her "I have no dog" house tour she keeps panning left and right so quickly but you still catch a brief glimpse of a German shepherd or collie peeking out.

No. 1082268

File: 1605381992970.png (25.09 KB, 323x113, LCRules.png)

Canada is not the same as America with its pet rules. Some places DO not allow dogs in their complex's or buildings just because yours does, does not mean others do.
Also not to back-seat mod but, as much as we know you want Tamara to be a dog-fucker (for whatever reason) it's a baseless tinfoil claim and currently against the rules to be doing stick to the actual milk please. This is hardly milky, just annoying. Keep your beef baout it to twitter. I saw her flip out on twitter and post a part of her lease where it said "no animals, exception 1 house cat" or something along those lines. We know you want it to be true anon, but it may be time to admit defeat here. We actually don't have any real evidence to go on about her fucking dogs, and everytime we get upset about it we're the one's giving her the power.(Tamara)

No. 1082270


i saw nothing, can some farmhands please come in and actually stop these assclowns from derailing the thread with nonsense that looks like a dresser to me(Tamara)

No. 1082289

File: 1605384830660.jpg (136.71 KB, 573x574, not tamara.jpg)

No. 1082305

whether im her friend or not is not a reason to smear and defame someone's name because youre salty
stop derailing the thread for asspats(Tamara)

No. 1082306

thank you its much appreciated. these threads to me, i dunno maybe i'm simpel or autistic but they're just a lot of fun really. and sometimes they have interesting stuff in them too.
absolutely, i noticed it too, i also swear i could hear a dog in the background.

No. 1082310


youre all pretty simple and autistic this place really needs a rating system like KF
i think the lot of you are confusing her with whitney wisconsin ive never seen anything of her being intimate with a dog so i really dont understand where these baseless claims are coming from
move on and keep to the current milk
you guys are pretty retarded so im not surprised you think someone fucks dogs methinks you're projecting a bit much of your own fantasies onto others please dont my stomach is churning(Tamara)

No. 1082314

youre both wrong, it was a 3 headed snake with four visible testicles(Tamara)

No. 1082336

File: 1605390137496.png (44.61 KB, 1214x375, untitled.png)

while on the subject of tamra, she's been posting the same comment to Ogre-king on his Speaks channel and he keeps deleting it I was able to catch it because while I don't agree with everything she does, it is pretty well worded. it looks like the battle between them has been going on for ten minutes now so he's back to deleting negative comments again

No. 1082347

File: 1605391751476.png (577.07 KB, 759x508, twinsies.PNG)

No one's confusing her for Whitney Wisconsin kek. Whitney is a deviant but she has a slutty look that could actually attract a man. Tamara is just a giant potato sack that reminds me of someone's middle aged aunt who smells like cat piss and has never been married because she's "waiting for the right guy."

No. 1082380

File: 1605393676047.png (18.77 KB, 662x192, stillgoing.png)

u rag on tamra either because shes done you dirty personally or you're butthurt that she supported someone u dont like no1curr this isnt a tamara thread shes as milkless as a cow w/o udders go whine to her on reddit about it but she probably doesnt care so you condone fucking dogs by supporting whitney while baselesssly attacking tamra about it? ew no wonder youre so pumped about the potential of another dog fucker out there
in other news, some good shit is going down on twitter but we're missing out on documenting it because a few anons cant stop living rent free in tam-tam's head (consider therapy. We are not your therapists)
go make a private discord group and circle jerk it(Tamara)

No. 1082388

File: 1605394137365.jpg (19.66 KB, 401x450, fangs.jpg)

From the previous thread a handy guide to Tamara the dogfuckers menstrual cycle here on the boards. (and KF):

- Step 1: See the word dogfucker, sperge out about it. Pretend to not be you.
- Step 2: Sperge out tremendously, until people attack you.
- Step 3: Blame it on just one person, usually Greg, and claim its just him attacking you as a million different people.
- Step 4: Fire gets too hot for you, so you want to leave the kitchen.
- Step 5: Start posting how everybody is getting sick hearing about the dogfucker and ask the mods to step in. Leave with tail between your legs (pun intended) until someone one day mentions the word dogfucker again. Start cycle over.

No. 1082394

File: 1605394405531.jpg (399.58 KB, 879x1247, kfratings.jpg)

>this place really needs a rating system
I don't think Tamara would want a ratings system on LC. Her posts on KF brought in a cornucopia of Trash-Autistic-MadAnTheInternet ratings during her spreg.

How are those new Kiwi friendships working out for you?

No. 1082403

how do we know you arent tamara trying to keep the thread aimed at her so she gets the attention you say she "craves?"
people are tired of hearing about tamara, even kiwis dont want to see her name in their threads and one of them snapped (you want to say it was her too)? its the same thing here ill leave the rules here until they sink in for you nitpicking fags we're tired of you derailing the thread it doesnt mean we're tamara or pretending to be her

let the rules sink in don't piss off anymore farmhands, okay you little autist you? youre sperging pretty hard there pot meet kettle i guess
"this isnt a tamara thread"
>>people try to get it back on topic<<
back to this bitch again(Tamara)

No. 1082409

Tamara please I beg you to stop, I don't want to see the dogfucking bait over and over either but the only thing that will make it stop is if you stop taking the goddamn bait like a fucking autist each and every time. Your selfposting is the most blatantly transparent I've ever seen right alongside RSN's and you'll never learn how to integrate no matter how much you drop farm lingo or call anons autistic, so please just do yourself the favor, blacklist this site from your devices, and go live your life. You already know it's only done to get a rise out of you, so you have absolutely no excuse to keep giving it attention. Get the fuck off this site and never come back. Feel free to keep shitting up KF though.

No. 1082414

ah yes they're her friends, amirite?

No. 1082417

this thread is fucking aids, full of infighting and nitpicking i came here hoping for some current drama against the flakes and see everyone whining about the dog-fucker again teeny boppers they contribute nothing post-worthy anyway(Tamara)

No. 1082434

well said. i am sure that now that you got that out of your system we can continue with some productivity.
i'm glad we have you here, otherwise this dogfucker thing would have never ever ended.
thank you.

No. 1082439

Naturally, and there are so many things going on right now, i'm positive >>1082417 wouldn't mind listing them all. I bet its a laundry list.
Now lets see, what else next to Heezy, Trisha and Tamara the dogfucker do we have going on?

No. 1082443

Honestly….. nothing much at the moment. The usual Anti-O Twitterfaggotry, Heezy milking the attention she’s getting before inevitably switching sides for the 9000th time, etc.

No. 1082445

See? And ALL that gets snowed under by Tamara the dogfuckers friends scatting up this thread. It needs to stop otherwise we are missing all this important data.
Did Bad Banana make up more stupid shit about his sad pathetic life btw?

No. 1082450

Some generic bullshit, yeah. We do know for a fact he’s still lurking and promoting his buttbuddy Rapestream and Heezy.

No. 1082451

Maybe its time the whiners in this thread realize that whenever anybody comes up in this thread they're gonna cry about it here and on twitter. And then we have a big old lulz fiesta.
Now if you don't appreciate the comedy that's fine, but your whining isn't contributing jack shit to this thread either.
You're basically doing the same as the dogfucker, whining and shitting up this thread on your own.
Personally I think the complaining is way more irritating. It contributes absolutely nothing and its the actual thing shitting up this thread.

No. 1082452

would you like some cheese with that whine(Tamara)

No. 1082453

thanks for giving a good example of contributing absolutely nothing to this precious thread.

No. 1082454

was it the teeny bopper comment that made you mad? im sowwy(Tamara)

No. 1082456

Not the anon you're responding to but they actually make a good point. But speaking of salt, maybe you should remove the sand from your vagina?

No. 1082459

hes been quiet(Tamara)

No. 1082461

Good point, its literally trolls like this asshole >>1082452 >>1082454 trying to start in-fighting that are irritating and filling up the thread with their dog-shit.

No. 1082463

doesn't take much to get a shit fest fight going in this thread
if you cant handle being called maybe you shouldnt be here(Tamara)

No. 1082464

See what I mean? They're sad pathetic bitches trying to make it all about them, trying to start drama with fellow lolcow patrons.
Its even against the rules to do this. I think I'm just gonna report them. They can get a nice ban.

No. 1082465

Don’t worry. Once he inevitably sees that we mentioned him, he’ll get butthurt and start sperging out about how we’re all stalking him, jobless fat losers, etc. And start trying to drum sympathy from his thousands of followers that he paid for.

No. 1082470

so is baiting and nitpicking both of which im sure youve done let the thread flow and stop whining about shit jesus(Tamara)

No. 1082482

Say, are you the dogfucker 2.0?

No. 1082485

File: 1605401886740.gif (778.04 KB, 358x200, surejan.gif)


No. 1082490

thats exactly the same gif the dogfucker posted here a thread ago.

you are well on your way!

No. 1082494

thanks overly obsessed girlfriend may you have a blessed weekend you precious little star(Tamara)

No. 1082495

You have it down to a T, this is perfect.
proud of you

No. 1082497


No. 1082504

That's right, more pride in being a cowboy than a lonely spinster that pays cuckolds to be their friend while fucking mans best friend in a shitty low-rent apartment down in bumfuck, Idaho.
It's good that you don't take it full retard, never go full retard.
Still though, stellar imitation of Tamara!

No. 1082517

what the literal fuck have you guys done to this thread

No. 1082518

went full retard not even sure it can be salvaged anymore at this point we warned them in the last thread not to do it(Tamara)

No. 1082519

From what I have seen, it’s turned into a total spergfest.

No. 1082522

now i understand why admin-chan didnt want an anti-o thread fucking yikes(Tamara)

No. 1082524

Stop trying to sabotage the thread Tamara, just shut the fuck up and let go. You're too obvious and it's only making sure people keep riling you up. If you had 2 braincells to rub together you'd stop responding, but here we are, so the thread will continue to talk about you until something more interesting happens.

No. 1082525

Yeah. The Anons with a real obsession about Tamara of all people really fucked up the thread. Why the obsession over some sad and pathetic middle aged woman is beyond me.

No. 1082527

File: 1605405927740.png (499.16 KB, 928x446, eng.png)

I just want to say that I think Tamara should be nominated in the Lolcow Awards this year, should they happen. Posting a renting agreement and apartment tours to prove she doesn't have a dog to fuck is one of the most bizarre behaviors and thought processes I've seen from selfposting cows on this site and I think it's memorable enough to deserve a mention.

In other news, looks like Shiloh is engaged (or baiting for people to think she is).

No. 1082533

in b4 ppl call you tamara kek(Tamara)

No. 1082534

I’m already counting down the time. >>1082527
If she’s actually engaged, good for her, I guess. I honestly think that it’s bait.

No. 1082535

then again so are anons claiming they see and hear dogs in a video that arent there and cant decide between whether they saw a German shepherd or a collie
it was a poodle(Tamara)

No. 1082544

File: 1605407780868.png (47.31 KB, 681x301, verified tamara (2).png)

I second Tamara for a LolCow Award. But this isn't the first time she's done something like this. Six months ago she posted her welfare medical card in discord to prove her age. If she continues to take the bait and give out semi-personal information she's going to end up revealing too much. She cries that the monsters on LC are trying to dox her. It would be ironic if she ended up accidentally doxxing herself.

Tamara was ass-fucked by the KF scrotes and kicked out of their clubhouse and her Twitter is always on lock down. So if anyone's jonesing for some Tamara milk go check out her reddit comments.

She was arguing with some poor lady that was raped by her father who filmed it. And what does Tamara say?
Tamara wanted her to show the CSA receipts and police reports. What the fuck is wrong with her? She wants people to send her videos of her fucking dogs and now she wants this woman to send her CP?


No. 1082551

For someone who doesn't give a fuck about greg she sure does talk about him a lot

No. 1082571

oh you mean the one that came after heezy and Trisha to provide their receipts? yeah thats why she said that btw didnt make it right but its normal for anyone to want receipts both of them should have been more tactful imo(Tamara)

No. 1082576

sigh you went full-retard
she's asking the OP to show her receipts about OP going to the police about CP in the discord not what she went through reading comprehension is not so good i guess
its right there in the comment
"you supposedly filed for cp"(Tamara)

No. 1082578

File: 1605409964412.png (18.27 KB, 729x142, gross.PNG)

Its not right to ask for CP.
Tamara is touched in the head and most likely a sexual deviant. First dogs now little kids? I'm keeping an eye on her reddit comments and screenshotting everything incase the feds need to be contacted.

No. 1082580

you idiot, she was not asking for her to send her CP dont take screenshots out of context
does she have to come here personally?(Tamara)

No. 1082582

lol calm down Greg hows the starfire account working out for you? not too good?(Tamara)

No. 1082583

Don't think because they didn't like you over at KF they're gonna listen to you here, bud. You're literally just making an even bigger idiot out of yourself.

No. 1082591

>implying you're not every other post ITT

No. 1082592

shes revealed herself before i dont think she needs to hide on anonymous posting
a baseless claim ab out pedophilia is wrong because you take comments out of context constantly then again the lot of you cry "pedophile" at everyone who disagrees with you or has associated with greg so… not surprised(Tamara)

No. 1082596

File: 1605411401212.jpg (26.2 KB, 1238x113, stickers.jpg)

What do the scrotes at KF think of Tamara now? Has she returned from her "hiatus?" kek

>Members who reacted to Fidgeting Gemini
All (29) Dumb (12) Autistic (10) Mad at the Internet (7)

I can't wait until she burns bridges over at reddit. She's already being looked at for asking for CP. Where else can she go online? Is MySpace still a thing, maybe she can go there?

No. 1082598

>She's already being looked at for asking for CP

Doubt it because she didn't. Now shut up.

No. 1082599

im wondering do you have a life outside of tamara? how is the post you posted damning her in anyway? shes asking for a receipt for proof about the discord that the op supposedly filed because OP attacked heezy and trisha for not showing receipts
it doesnt make her a pedophile
not everyone who associates with greg is a pedophile
@farmhands do something about your users spreading baseless claims and taking shit out of context please(Tamara)

No. 1082603

It's very obviously either a grug fan or the gangly onion man himself

No. 1082608

Good luck getting the feds in on anything because all of these are not proof they're petty grudges by you people because I supported someone I regret for a few years get over it and fuck off
Stop saying everyone is me. I'm not afraid to come in here and defend myself if I need to
–while I'm here, stop telling me what to do also.
I don't need to listen to some little anonymous wimps on the internet who can't even reveal their names to tell me how they really feel for themselves.
And Yappy, knock your shit obsession with me off and get some help please. I know half of these anons are you.

No. 1082610

You didn't answer the first question. How are those new friends over at kiwifarms treating tamara. Did heatboss stick up for her? I never saw him post anything asking his buddies to lay off as they tore her a new hole.

Its regrettable how rumors take on a life of their own. Look at how the dog thing blew up and never went away. I hope this "asking for CP" thing doesn't do the same thing.

No. 1082615

Shut up. Nobody's even listening to you. All you're doing is taking out some dumbass grudge on her when all she's been trying to do is forget this shit. Do you really have nothing better to contribute? I mean, obviously this new thread was a mistake.

No. 1082620

File: 1605412339392.png (84.12 KB, 934x328, tam.png)

>@farmhands do something about your users spreading baseless claims and taking shit out of context please

Or what, you're gonna send an email again? Please do. >>>/snow/1076879

You think you're sleek popping up 5 minutes after totally not you announced you'd come in here "yourself"? I'm honestly embarrassed, you've been all over this thread from the start, just like always. Honestly, speak to one of your Onioncord friends, talk to Maxieboxy or whoever you want, ask them how they got lolcow to stop talking about them: They'll tell you to stop feeding into it. Or do they all refuse to associate with you because even they can see how hopeless you are?

That said,
need to learn some reading comprehension. She's clearly asking for "receipts" that this other user filed a police report about CP, not asking to see the material itself.

No. 1082623

it never went away because youre sick and you want there to be something there and cant accept that there isn't. How was I asking for CP in that screenshot?
OP claimed they went and got receipts about the CP supposedly being passed around in Greg's discord. I challenged them to show me the receipt for proof because they wont stop attacking us for not going to the police
I supported someone for a few years and stopped. I don't pay him anymore. I don't support him anymore.

I dont need farmhands reveoke my anonymity. I do it myself. I'm not a pussy like the lot of you :)

No. 1082625

Seriously, stop going after Tamara for stupid shit. She's not even involved anymore. When you've got actual shit feel free to share. Otherwise, go suck some dick or something bruh.

No. 1082628

File: 1605412604936.png (7.92 MB, 1440x28800, screencapture-reddit-user-that…)

At this point we don't even care that you used to support onion boy, you're only still being discussed because you react to every bit of autistic bait. You're gonna get yourself a containment thread here or on KF if you keep it up and then you're gonna attract a lot more unwanted attention. Leave while you can.

Also, nice try deleting your reddit history. Good thing I saved it.

No. 1082630

File: 1605412642920.png (928.25 KB, 1440x3461, screencapture-reddit-user-that…)

No. 1082631

Y'all are a bunch of basement dwellers who have nothing better to do than to harass a victim of a manipulative cunt. If you're all so high and mighty. and know EVERYTHING, would LOVE you to have backup of real proof and not just slamming your face on a keyboard with no proof, and real context. I'm out.

No. 1082637

File: 1605412813759.jpg (89.36 KB, 620x320, 12686295.jpg)


I knew she'd run and hide. Good on ya anon.

No. 1082641

What even is the shit with Tamara? Why do y'all care so god damn much about what she says and does? Isn't it greg we're after?

No. 1082642

you want a cookie? too bad I never really said anything overly incriminating on there for you to take out of context. Also bullshit its not because I've been supporting Onision for three years. That's all I hear about on the one or two or three anons from KF and twitter who can't let their grudges about me go
fucking fact, I can go into my KF account right now and pull up one from someone directly who whined at me and said "I call you a dog ducker because you supported Greg go kill yourself."
Only people hiding with their grudges and vendettas on me are you lot because none of you have the balls to face me off site and show who you are yourselves. So. I ain't worried.

No. 1082646

I'll face you offsite fam. No problemo. Time and place.

No. 1082649

Talk big for hiding behind an anon you fucking pussy

No. 1082650

oh please, last time I opened my twitter account for the lot of you to reveal yourselves and air out your grievances not one of you swung by. I just want to be left alone. Stop mentioning me and I'll go away. I'm not someone who can readily be controlled by anonymous people on the internet I'm never gonna meet.

No. 1082651

File: 1605413325040.png (17.96 KB, 660x413, all gone.png)

Tamara - I'm not asking for CP on reddit.
Also Tamara - deletes all reddit history and comments.

not suspicious at all

No. 1082652

know why I did that?
to make you mad :)
also I'm tired of being involved in battles on the internet with anonymous pissants from LC who will take everything I say out of context.
THAT'S why I deleted them.

No. 1082653

Relax bruh, I was trying to be funny. I've been here defending Tamara the whole time. Only reason I'm anon is because of personal reasons.

No. 1082655

Personal reasons my fucking ass. You're a fucking coward cause you don't wanna get caught.

No. 1082656

It's called being tired of harassment. Can we please go back to people who are actually of interest right now? Tamara is not involved so there's literally no reason to continue bringing her up.

No. 1082657


No. 1082659


also someone screenshotted my reddit posts anyway so where was I asking for CP on them?

fuck off
go cry some moar because Trump lost to people who care (I can tell the lot of you are Trump supporters by how you're acting)
other anons on here were telling the lot of you to give the subject a rest about me I have been out of the discord for a year
I want to move on and heal and be left alone

I supported Heezy and Trisha and offered to help them in anyway I could. Now you're accusing me of being a pedophile because of an off-handed comment I made. Fucking really?

No. 1082661

You illiterate bitch it's already been posted >>1082620
Stop pulling shit out of your ass pretending only Trump maggots could dislike you and just leave and do your ~healing~.

No. 1082663

You know anon you remind me of someone who just recently left our friend circle. Care to explain that? Or are you gonna go cry some more that Slug recorded you having an anxiety attack forever ago?

No. 1082664

Do we really have to go through this again? The screenshot clearly says >where's the receipt you supposedly filed for CP?

No. 1082665

yeah, FOR THE ONISION DISCORD you absolute fucking tard. I don't care if you assholes don't like me, stop slandering me with baseless claims online. They were attacking Trisha and Heezy about not showing their receipts but refused to show the one they got for filing it FOR THE DISCORD. I guess they thought I was referring to their personal experience, FUCKING NO. I DON'T WANT TO SEE THAT SHIT. I wanted their police report the way they wanted ours. Not the CP you sick bastards.

No. 1082666

File: 1605414224268.jpg (81.88 KB, 700x525, tamaras tour.jpg)

I don't know about he rest of you but I'm anxiously awaiting the NEW apartment tour video where Tamara proves to us that she's not hiding little kids in her home.

No. 1082667

I'm not the same person you're talking about. We've never been friends. Tamara banned me.

No. 1082668

That's exactly what I pointed out and underlined, you (again) illiterate bitch. I was defending you and supporting your argument. Calm your fucking autism and take a break, you're too upset to read.

No. 1082669

Is that enough hints for you? Because I'm not exposing myself any further. Especially not here.

No. 1082670

Got that right you were never friends. You're a fucking traitor and nothing else.

No. 1082671

okay well thank you. I'm just tired of this nonsense I wish people would stop making baseless claims about me any normal person with a soul would get upset over shit like this.
also, if I banned you from somewhere I'm sorry? I don't know who you are if it was Greg's discord I was just doing what was asked of me to. I don't just ban people w/o a reason. Anywhere I mod.

No. 1082673

Well guess you're a fucking coward then

No. 1082676

yeah, you'll see them there like the imaginary dogs you saw I think you may have schizophrenia if you're hearing and seeing things that aren't there.

No. 1082678

we're all high strung from this thread tbh. I mean yeah I'm upset, CP is a disgusting thing to be accused of just as bad as being harassed about sleeping with dogs for the last two years anyone would lose their minds

No. 1082683

Clyde, stop the half-assed namefagging. Newfags like you shitting the thread up with your vague hints at discord drama without delivering actual milk other anons can follow is what really destroys these threads. That and Tamara.

No. 1082684


people need to understand something about me: I don't go where there isn't beef if I see someone having beef, I like to try and rectify it with them so we can both feel better about ourselves which is why I came here when someone told me this thread was made it's so unnecessary
Anger is unnecessary. I'm not proud I supported Greg, but y'all need to stop saying I gave him wads of cash…
it was five dollars I don't understand the grudges against former patrons–we're former patrons, we've moved on…(or are trying to)

You should too.

No. 1082685

I'm pretty sure what destroyed the thread was the initial post about Tamara but go off.

No. 1082686

So you admit you're Clyde? #exposed

No. 1082688

??? I don't care about being talked about as long as it's not baseless and it's factual tbh. Also for the love of God, a better picture of me could have been used there.

No. 1082689

Agreed. It turned into straight up vendetta posting pretty much right after. Some anons tried to bring up other things, but someone always had to bring the focus on Tamara.

No. 1082691

we don't even need a farmhand to come in and revoke anonymity the one who can't let go is Yappy from twitter he is OBSESSED with the fact that I was a former patron and can't let go
just in off my anonymity because I don't want people accusing other anons of being me when they're disagreed with.

No. 1082705

This thread was originally made to make fun of the Anti-O Twitterfags. No one is posting milk. This thread is just pure autism.

No. 1082706

This is unfortunate. You hate to see it.

No. 1082711

File: 1605419466694.jpeg (214.97 KB, 750x897, 5A09-5722E-44BA-1660-497E-B547…)

Were the 30 scrotes who called you an autistic piece of shit the same person?

No. 1082712

Ok, seriously. This isn’t a Tamara thread. Take your vendetta posting and post it on Twitter, you newfag. You’re not bringing anything milky to the table.

No. 1082716

File: 1605420125550.png (3.17 KB, 337x97, sage.PNG)

>you newfag
doesn't know how to sage kek
we cant take you seriously when you dont even know the basics
take a lc refresher course

No. 1082717

learn how to sage before you start telling us what to do newfag

No. 1082723


>I don't crew our of all of them

Did you have a stroke there Tam-Tam?

No. 1082724

>is because I don't crew our of all of them
You okay? Are you having a stroke over this?
Doesn't change the fact they all hate you over there kek

No. 1082725

(I wasn't looking at the keyboard)

I don't care. Out of all of them only five or six actually contributed to the thread and the whole thing started because Gorlax whined about not wanting anymore mods on the forum like a baby. Especially that Bwoo person who only ever rates (everyone) dumb and or autistic and never posts. And not all of t hem hate me, that's a bold assumption to make. I still talk to a few people in DMs from there. Don't act like you know everything, please.

No. 1082730

File: 1605421547441.png (31.87 KB, 543x34, Capture8786121.PNG)

You can spin it all you like. I haven't seen you change anyone's mind and the screenshots show what happened. I wasn't positive that the majority of them didn't like you until that day. But seeing them dogpile you was glorious. Did you notice how quick they went to the "dogfucker" insult? It's like it was on the tip of their tongue the whole time. I think you know it too. That's why you haven't posted there since Wednesday (aka the hiatus.)

No. 1082734

Can you shut the fuck up already? You already trashed the thread with the Tamara bullshit, what more are you aiming for?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1082737

I want to see how Tamara tops posting her lease agreement and making an apartment tour video to prove the haters wrong. Give me some leeway and see where it goes. I can even imagine what she's working on right now.

No. 1082739

You're all still talking about Tamara? This is an Onision thread go take your obsession somewhere else.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1082745

First of all, learn to sage.
Second of all, it's a flakes thread. Anyone in Onisions orbit is fair game. Learn to read the header of the threads you drop in on. If you want to post only about Onision here's the thread link >>>/pt/799829

No. 1082763

youre dumb I haven't been in his "orbit" in almost a year now. You wanna keep bawwing about me because I paid him five dollars a month for a while go ahead get it all out while I'm here it's more than one anon annoyed with your obsession with me at this point.

I ain't about to go the farms and spill false information about people like you do because it's "funny" or you hate them. YES I hate Greg, but I've not seen anything illegal in the discord while I was there. So deal with it and holy shit shut up. Don't try to give me "advice" when I recognize the writing style of the person its coming from, they can't even follow their own.

I hope this is the last time I have to come back to my discord and find myself buried in DMS from people telling me I should come here and state my case before it gets out of hand. I've never told anyone to send me videos of myself fucking dogs, I said to stop spreading false information it's slander and defamation. Rumors often have no evidence to back up their claims, big surprise. I don't think you guys do it to rile me up at all, I think a majority of you are genuinely angry at nothing or want something to be angry about so you picked that.

I can understand if you guys still want to talk about people in his current orbit, but the ones who have been out of the discord should be free to live their lives myself included. Slandering someone because they're not giving you the information you want is pathetic.
"uwu no whats pathetic is you supporting Onision when you did uwu" there I did it for ya.

No. 1082769

>find myself buried in DMS from people telling me I should come here
And you listened to them? What happened when you tried to defend yourself on KF? If this is the real Tamara, dude, you're not going to get anywhere trying to defend yourself from spergs. You're just wasting your time. If anyone does something that's against the rules they're banned, beyond that there's nothing you can do. You're just giving yourself a headache here. Private your sm and try to stay away from Greg and the few toxic brainlets he has left. I know you're not involved with Greg, but unless you have something to pin on him that you can give to LE, just let it go.

No. 1082775

yes, I am the real Tamara. Also bullshit that the OP didn't intend to make this a thread about me when the title is basically aimed at the shit people have been calling me over the last like year and a half.
I never defended myself on KF. I was invited there by a mod to shed some additional stuff I didn't get to share on Hansen. The new people who came at me weren't even regulars who participated on the thread. Also the farmhands have been insanely lazy letting anons get away with obvious nit-picking and vendetta posting.

I've been privating my social media, and every time I see an obsessive anon or two take a cap and post it here even though it contributes nothing they're locked so what's the point?

I listened to them because they were making new accusations at me now that were unwarranted and uncalled for over an out-of-context screenshot where they ignored the word "receipt". I deleted my reddit comments so no more of my shit can be taken out of context by unhinged tweens.

Until someone has something factual about me to post, I don't see why getting worked up over me is necessary.

No. 1082778

Knowing that Greg has a fairly sizable hate boner for her gives me pause for thought here. not saying it's all greg but he is a spastic retard so there must be some correlation kek

No. 1082779

>I was invited there by a mod to shed some additional stuff I didn't get to share on Hansen.
I don't know if you were invited or not, just that you pissed off a mod >>1079983.

>every time I see an obsessive anon

Mods here have outed you for reporting a comment just for mentioning you (it had nothing to do with dogfucker anything). You feel like you have to correct every little thing lol you don't and you can't, it's not possible.

No. 1082781

This thread's become aids, thanks a lot sperg anons. I hope whoever started the infighting and massive derailing gets a nice vacation in red letters, especially the ones making milkless posts taking shit out of context >>1082620, >>1082578, >>1082544 just to vendetta. There was much milkless vendetta sperging in the last thread too.
lol are they in a bathroom? She seems to cycle through SOs every year. I give it 6 months max.

No. 1082784

Greg hates me because I knew how to have fun, was out spoken and could make people laugh and was generally happy in VC,s until he started badgering the shit out of me after people campaigned for me to be admin and he couldn't handle that.
He lost at least four or 5 patrons because of how he treated me. The day I was "kicked", I had DMed him and asked him to stop putting me down and his next words were "ask youtube for a refund".
He couldn't handle that more people probably liked me than him in the discord and he's a narc, so (what do you expect there)

Gorlax is a former mod. Not a current one. But all he did was get pissed off over everything, so it really wasn't hard to make him mad. He bitched for nothing about people who had no intentions of even wanting to make a Kiwi Farms account too.

agree. OP was probably the poster from the last thread who was pleading for a thread to be made about me so they disguised it in a way to make it look like it wouldn't be all about me. I guess, it seems only fair if an entire thread is gonna be dedicated to bitching and moaning about my former ties to Onision, that I make an appearance.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1082797

>And you listened to them?
I thought the same thing. These people in her discord sound like concern-trolls pushing her to go into situations that are not good for her mental health hoping she breaks just so they can have a laugh. Time to weed that discord if you ask me.

No. 1082823

Anyone else see the similarities between the current shit show in this thread and greg freaking out anytime someone calls him a groomer? If greg sees someone call him groomer in his discord, twitter or youtube he makes a bunch of videos rehashing how hes a rape victim and could never be a groomer or challenges anti-o to back up the groomer accusations in a debate stream. Have those videos and debates stopped people from calling him groomer? No. People call him groomer now just to get a reaction out of him. Similar to whats happening in this thread.

You cant stop a rumor no matter how outlandish it is. Just ask richard gere.

No. 1082869

what was that again about not needing a Tamara the dogfucker thread?

No. 1083002

>He couldn't handle that more people probably liked me than him in the discord
>4-5 people left

Can you at least keep your delusions consistent?

No. 1083040

You mean this didn't already turn into a Tamara thread? instead of derailing and crying "dog-fucker" every other post, try posting something worthy and then don't wonder why other anons may come at you and you scare people away from wanting to post any actual milk. Make a discord and complain in there about how much you hate her. The dogfucker thing is baseless, (and in theory breaks the LC rules), Greg's thing is not baseless. There is hard core evidence of him doing this to teenagers OP made this thread because Tamara will no longer associate with them on twitter (hoes mad x 24)
Greg only keeps people around he can manipulate. The other two people he didn't want to be poly with were ADULTS. (Ask yourselves why)
People don't just call Greg a "Groomer" or "Peodphile" to get a reaction out of him. The man had Chris Hansen at his house.


Hi Jimmy Crack Corn
Ask yourself why none of the OG patrons talk to you (besides one who I'm sure will see the light eventually) anymore after the incident went down. Food for thought.(Tamara)

No. 1083062

File: 1605473302860.jpg (61.62 KB, 615x563, EmxQaH1XYAEOG0A.jpg)

this entire thread right now(Tamara)

No. 1083082

I think making a "Tamara The Dog Fucker" /snow/ thread might be a good thing. It would basically be a containment thread. But you do understand it would be dead most of the time. It wouldn't have much traffic because in all reality Tamara is boring and not that milky. But Anons can pop in every once and a while, scream DOG FUCKER! or CP LOVER! and watch Tamara and her make believe friends come-a-runnin'. And it would make the original flakes thread a whole lot calmer.

No. 1083087

dont keep pushing it anons have already said no to it she's an anti-o flake and that's why she's in this thread
exactly it will be dead like this thread already went to shit within 48 hours
im not sure what good making a tamara thread would do because she's not really an orbiter of Greg anymore and the only lol-worthy thing does is spazz out when she sees misinformation being made about her(Tamara)

No. 1083090


if you want the threads to be a lot calmer, you could just stop mentioning her
if shes so boring why talk about her so much? its the boobs huh? you're obsessed with them titties(Tamara)

No. 1083105

So all the Anons sticking up for Tamara, and these "discord pals" that mysteriously showed up to defend her were actually The DogFucker on a VPN? Color me surprised.

No. 1083112

Tamara you need to go to therapy for your autism. You are legit mental. You are a nutcase. If the Internet wasn't about you would be on the streets scaring children.

Also vpns don't protect you from being identified. Farmhands track more than ips. You really need to get a life. If you want to move on and forgot about Greg you should probably stay away from threads to do with him. And you wish someone gave a fuck about your titties but no one will because you are an overwhelming autist and will suffocate anyone close to you.

Tamara has no life apart from being a former Onion patron and she will never spill anything interesting so her dog fucking will have to be contained to this thread. As much as she may want the exposure lol.

No. 1083114

File: 1605477337565.jpg (232.47 KB, 1073x1317, IMG_20201115_215453.jpg)

Tamara deleted her own post but put in parentheses a delusion that she had a farmhand friend. Imaginary friends, really Tamara? Go to therapy

No. 1083120

Tamara that doesn't make sense you retard.

No. 1083121

File: 1605477580703.jpg (401.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201115-215937.jpg)

No. 1083125

What does that even mean?
>farmhand deleting my post to keep from being made aware by admin that they're shit

Is Tamara saying that she's going to tattle on the farmhands to the higher ups (the admins)

Tamara is literally pulling a Karen.
I'm going to speak to your manager!

No. 1083133

Tracking devices and browsers used with end data isn't illegal you autist.

No. 1083138

Tamara no one is as batshit insane as you to publically argue with a retard on twitter. Why don't you fuck off

No. 1083144

You are so retarded why don't you email the police about it you fucking spastic.

No. 1083160

File: 1605478686659.jpg (354.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201115-220833.jpg)

Tamara keeps deleting her post. It's amazing that all the posts the mysterious farmhand delete are all within the 30 minute deletion period uwu

No. 1083161

File: 1605478711838.jpg (433.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201115-221621.jpg)

No. 1083172

This doesn't make sense, again.

No. 1083173

File: 1605479167205.jpg (411.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201115-222341.jpg)

No. 1083185

File: 1605479609848.jpg (90.65 KB, 720x960, Tamara the Dog Fucker Exposed.…)

No. 1083301

Babe if lolcow mods worried about illegal shit then they'd have much bigger problems than you. They're hosted in some third world shithole, why do you think they're still up?
Now, what they really don't want you to know about is how they finance their server bills. Reach out to me for more info.

No. 1083304

Dare you to delete this again Farmhand, just keep driving your users to my site. All the better.

Tamara, come where you're appreciated. We need your help to bring these lunatics down. You've seen how they operate, and we know how. What we need is a spokesperson that's presentable to the public. Together we can bring them down.

No. 1083313

Jesus fucking Christ, the dogfucker has really lost it this time.
Also, theres no way in fucking hell that this is Null:
doubt anyone will fall for "liquid null there", but nice try.

No. 1083316

gonna have to agree with you on this on anon. The mangy bitch has seriously lost her mind.(Tamara)

No. 1083319

Tamara, do you honestly think that they give a fuck what you say over there? Seriously? You couldn't even keep your story straight the first month, and then you just had to go on Hansen's dumb-ass show and play the victim card. Nobody gives a fuck about what you have to say, you're just another bitch we can milk for entertainment.(Tamara)

No. 1083326

worried? why the hell would I be worried?
you're gonna have to explain that one to me, definitely-not-dogfucker.

No. 1083327

I'm just someone who hates Tamara. If you want me to be a greasy pedo with a fucked-up alien dick more power to you.(Tamara)

No. 1083328

who doesn't hate her at this point? hate to be blunt, but there it is.
i bet her own dog hates her and doesn't wanna fuck her anymore, and that that is the real reason she comes here to try and take it out on us.

No. 1083330

look, don't take it out on us, alright? just stop being a cheapskate and buy some more peanut butter.
red rover will be mounting you again in no time.

No. 1083332

Just email and you'll see.

No. 1083335

hah- now i'm hoping it IS Null. that'd be hysterical.

No. 1083336

lol. "dog fucker, dog fucker~"
playing the hits again we see ♫

you stalked her for -this- long and that urban legend's all you got?


No. 1083338

laughing at someones autism is stalking them?
btw aren't you yourself stalking Gregory poo? if you aren't then why the fuck are you still posting in the greg thread on kiwifarms?
goose, meet gander.

No. 1083341

You hated him for a year? No, you loved him plenty back in May. He dropped you around June of this year. It's November bitch. That's 5 freaking months.(Tamara)

No. 1083343

funny isn't it, that they always seem to "see the light" as soon as greg ditches them..

No. 1083350

File: 1605488854666.jpg (144.03 KB, 480x720, fuckerofdogs.jpg)

Soooo, lets have a recount, shall we? All in favor of giving this absolutely clinically insane zoophile dogfucker a thread of her very own, say I.

No. 1083351

stop pretending we care, dogfucker.

No. 1083356

nonce? oh you wanna support me? want me to give you my paypal? i'll abuse you all to fuck just like greg did..

No. 1083357

>OG patrons have receipts of me taking the piss out of him while I was still in the discord when that happened

That doesn't explain why you told Hansen you'd hated him for a god damn year dumb ass(Tamara)

No. 1083362

Was it clout? Did you want to feel special? You're definitely special, that much is for damn certain.(Tamara)

No. 1083365

well when you need to resort to actually fucking dogs i guess thats pretty safe to say, that she is anything but special.
the scrotes at kiwifarms love her though? oh wait nvm, they don't anymore.
hey, "woof"

No. 1083369

not greg but im sure you're seeing greg's everywhere, hon.
say i gotta go to bed now, but i'll be back tomorrow morning to see more of your lunacy. this is great, i love it. keep up the good work, good boy. i mean, girl! (well at least sorta)

No. 1083370

>I stayed in the discord out of fear

What the fuck were you scared of? How hard can it be to just leave a discord server? Click the damn drop-down arrow at the top and click LEAVE SERVER. That's not that hard.(Tamara)

No. 1083372

You former paypigs/members will say anything to beat around the truth. Pathetic.(Tamara)

No. 1083378

sorry, what's the truth? that he's an abusive little shitlord who needs a peon to bully at all times? because we been knew.(Tamara)

No. 1083383

The truth is you fell for a lie. You're stupid. Don't tell me you were blind to the shit he did. You had plenty of time to leave and plenty of resources to minimize the impact. Instead, you stayed until it got bad and then you dipped.(Tamara)

No. 1083387

It's really funny that you think I'm greg. It's too bad really. Tamara's weak anyway. I'm not surprised she went back after she left. Only reason he asked her back was so he could publicly drop-kick her.(Tamara)

No. 1083430

File: 1605492143773.jpg (81.28 KB, 771x579, tamara unmasked again.jpg)

I can't believe Tamara is larping as Null.
If the dogfucker doesn't get nominated for a Lolcow Award this year I'll be surprised.

No. 1083434

She owes us damages from having to watch her trip over her own feet this whole time.

No. 1083470

File: 1605494255861.png (287.16 KB, 900x745, tamara c.png)

No. 1083511

I'm surprised Tamara lives unassisted.

No. 1083643

File: 1605518732557.png (135.41 KB, 900x623, 07112020.png)

I got some bad news for you Tamra, if a farmhand posts your emails it's because I told them to. Just go to your local police department and demand that they arrest the people calling you a dogfucker on a basketweaving forum. It's better than the secondhand embarrassment.

No. 1083644

File: 1605518777035.png (126.19 KB, 881x643, 16112020_1.png)

No. 1083645

File: 1605518806243.png (59.83 KB, 903x549, 16112020_2.png)

No. 1083657

Jesus christ, this has reached epic levels of autism. I'm speechless.
TamTams, what the fuck are you doing? If you were some hormonal teen I'd get it, but you're a woman in your 30s.
Give it a fucking rest already.

To add:
>I would request making myself a banned topic on your forum
Yeah, you and every other cow.

No. 1083660

File: 1605523970731.png (476.85 KB, 1248x767, PandaJennProd.png)

Followed the breadcrumb trail Tamara left.
She's part of some degenerate Furry community.
>Tamara - Server Mod Helps keep things civil on Discord


No. 1083688

sweet black baby jesus leave a little lulz for next time will you, dogfucker?

No. 1083706

File: 1605534260591.jpg (40.09 KB, 295x390, adoptionfurry.jpg)

dogfucker confirmed.

No. 1083714

File: 1605535540078.jpg (48.2 KB, 500x392, screw_the_pooch.jpg)

When I look at this old lolcow post here >>>/snow/647055 there is a link posted to twitter "ItsTamaraC" it says "tamara cisneros" with a picture that clearly isn't her. Its from this instagram by that name https://www.instagram.com/itstamarac/
I think Tamara been trying to throw off her dog scent, or that poster got her twitter wrong.

No. 1083750

Retard alert!

No. 1083752

btw guess who got the lolfarm twitter taken down?
I'll give you three guesses, first two don't count.(r u sure)

No. 1083765

What's it like to be an autistic virgin TamTam?

No. 1083768

Raped at birth huh

No. 1083785

>thats not even her lmfao
no shit sherlock. its a picture of a woman with a furry.
also i am not who you think i am, again, sherlock.
your investigative techniques are about as impressive as your ability to handle all this. keep spergin' out here, we're all loving it a lot.

No. 1083787

what do you think you can achieve? even if they somehow magically manage to find people's ip's it means diddly squad. but go on, give us more.

No. 1083790

again, so? go ahead man, even if somehow the cops show up here, even if any of us get a letter from your lawyer, it doesn't mean anything. i'll go to court laughing. besides which it would give anyone you'd try to sue your full on dox.
so i encourage you to go ahead with this.

No. 1083796

so why are you then asking cloudflare for our real ip's? (which is pointless btw, since any self respecting farmer would use 7 proxies / a VPN)
I encourage you to go ahead with this. I want you to sue me.
I dare you, no I double, triple dare you, you dogfucking assclown.

No. 1083803

when someone is a retard like you are, do you ever stop to think to realize what a retard you are?
do you ever you know sit at home like you are doing right now, getting angry at the internet, posting stupid shit going "wow, i am really retarded!"
does that ever happen?
just curious.

No. 1083816

>someone's triggered af
oh boy.
you can't seriously believe that, do you? i mean between the both of us who is getting angry here, spergin all over the place for months now over being called a dogfucker.
Is my picture up here with the word dogfucker? am i trying to fix something that was caused by my own stupidity, giving money to a horrible human being like greg? trying to be his buddy because i have no friends in real life?
answer me that, which one of us do you peg to be triggered here? you have no idea who any of us are, and you keep spergin' out here over this stupid shit. you're exposed, you're angry and upset, hurt, being called a dogfucker and having to live with the fact that you willingly gave money to someone that abuses women all to fuck, a pedophile no less, who hits on little tweenie girls.
you tried to be that persons friend, so desperately that you threw money at him.
and as a thank you he caused all this, he caused all this drama and you being upset over being called a dogfucker.
no really, who do you think is angry here?
or me?
if you answer me then really you are even stupider than I think. I think we're done here. Enjoy getting trolled all to fuck, you furfag. and then maybe neck yourself and yiff in hell like every other furfag zoophile..

No. 1083822

don't forget that our k-9 loving friend also moderated for that hyperactive freak and was hated pretty much all around the internet for it.
she went above and beyond, basically working for him and paying money for it.
yet, you know, we're the ones being super triggered here.
I predict many years of extensive therapy and lots of Thorazine for our dogfucking friend.
and maybe some lithium as well

No. 1083826

Oh yeah that's hilarious, she did that too, actually moderate for Greg. Thats why she keeps thinking its only someone she once banned hating on her. Guess what sunshine, literally nobody here was ever on his Patreon.
We know better than to give lolcows money, hon.
Oh yes, keep guessing "who we are". You do realize you've been wrong all this time about literally each and everyone of your guesses, right? But your spastic dog jizz covered brain probably thinks "they are denying it, and you're super duper right."
Keep it up though, keep entertaining us. Dance for us clown, dance dance dance!
clapping hands

No. 1083828

we're triggered?
Hey Crazy dog lady, newsflash:
Every single time you post here, you keep making yourself look more stupid.
We tried explaining this to you months ago, but you won't listen.

No. 1083830

Dude, I don't even read your posts anymore.
Like seriously, I feel a little dumber every time I read your autistic posts.
Its like you're sucking the IQ out of the farms.
Just fuck off and die already, dogfucker.

No. 1083833


and who are are you? I spent a year an da half being controlled by Greg and you think I'm gonna let someone else tell me what to do on the internet haha! good one chief

No. 1083838

Dear Tamara the Dogfucker,

Let me clarify some things for you:
1. We all hate you.
2. Just like how all of Gregs fans and Greg hate you.
3. Just like KiwiFarms now hates you.
4. Everybody hates you.
5. Time for you to leave.
No really, dogfucker, please leave. Nobody cares, and everyone will keep calling you dogfucker. So just leave already. Stay off the internet, your autistic brain can't handle it.
Just go away.
I don't know how to make it any clearer than this, everybody hates you, no one cares about your shit posting, and we want you to leave.
So by all means, time for you to go.

No. 1083846

yeah we can all see how you don't care the way you've been baaaawling all over this place and kiwifarms. you've been shitcanned by greg how long ago now? 6 centuries? and you're still making crying posts over there, making people respond to you how they're not your therapist.
yeah you "don't care."
why won't you just fuck off? nobody likes you, you have the personality of a dog turd, you're stupid, people have always hated you (old reddit and other posts on the web pretty much prove that, they hated you even back in the days you were modding for greg), you're unusually fucking ugly and you keep posting stupid long rants about shit no one cares about. ie you, yourself, no one cares about you. you're like kai's herpes you keep coming back. for the love of god just FUCK OFF already.

No. 1083850

what you now wanna pretend you're beautiful, too? well go ahead I guess.

if you don't fuck off remember this: with each post you make, you are only making it worse for yourself. Shit will keep getting worse until you get your own thread on kiwifarms and your very own ED page, and people will dox you. you keep poking that bear, poking that bear, you keep crying thats exactly what will happen.

so by all means, keep it up. im done talking to you, dogfucker.

No. 1083853

I theorize Tamara is enjoying all this drama, since its all the attention she can get.
She comes over here, starts shit, then goes back to Kiwifarms to play the victim.

No. 1083857

We want you to fuck off, and yet we're obsessed with you.
Go back to Kiwifarms, dogfucker. Just fucking leave already.
For fucks sake.
I'm just going to ignore you from now on. I'm done with your stupid shit.

No. 1083861

Good idea. I never realized that ignoring that dogfucker was an option. Her and her stupid fucking reaction images are as bad as that Sarah DeArmond chick. My God. Ugly as shit yet severe GOTIS.
I'm going to ignore her too, maybe she will finally be gone if she can no longer get attention here.

No. 1083866

I am loving the idea of not feeding the dogfucker. I'm on board with it. Lets social distance Tamara like the Corona virus.
Maybe she'll finally kill herself if we pretend she's dead.

No. 1083868

did the dogfucker leave?

No. 1083874

LOL'd hard @ the dogfucker tryna say she isn't ugly.
for real i laid better looking turds than her.
wish we could flush her down the same

No. 1083876

tamara didn't just fall from the ugly tree and hit every branch down, no. she was beaten within an inch of her life with the entire tree.

No. 1083879

k, i'm glad. if you stay here and keep parading around like a pigeon as if you've won its a good thing. then we can watch you be destroyed like the worm you are.

No. 1083890

oh but you should definitely keep this shit up and make more people hate the shit out of you.
i'll break out the popcorn..

No. 1083893

You are ugly though, profoundly so. Inside and out.
Would you rather we call you dogfucker? It's all the same to me

No. 1083897

File: 1605549266326.jpg (14.93 KB, 327x304, maxresdefault.jpg)

her being this ugly is the whole reason she has to resort to fucking her dog. there isn't enough alcohol in the entire world to get this create laid.

No. 1083899

Guess what they say is true, people do resemble their dogs. In her case it must be one ugly breed of dog too. A mutt.

No. 1083903

Most trannies don't look very convincing. I wonder how long Tamara has been taking hormones, but it isn't very convincing.
Whats her dead name?

No. 1083907

I don't know its probably something like Theo or Tony or some shit. I agree he doesn't look much like a chick.

No. 1083911

Theo the tranny. seems fitting. i wonder how long it will take for him to figure out we can be talking about him and yet be ignoring him at the same time.
I bet it will take at least 10 months, if at all before the dogfucker figures that one out.

No. 1083914

oh yes, I wish the farmhands would do their fucking job and ban the shit out of her. she's like a static trough a normally decent radio station you can't get rid of.

No. 1083916

You're obviously a dogfucking tranny. Deal with it.

No. 1083922

Tamara ain't telling me she was born female. I think you guys are right she is an ugly tranny dog-fucker.

No. 1083925

"Tamara the transsexual dogfucker"
sounds like a country song.

No. 1083934

i just dun fix'd up that there dogfucker tranny song for yous:

well hiya kids settle down and listen up because i got a tale to tell
what happened on the farm and past the well
about a lady ugly as can be

no dude would touch her and often she would botch it
and so she resorted to fucking her dog
now i know what you're thinking that ain't right
but it wasn't like she had her friends in flock
and so she got a pooch from the kennel
a nice cocker spaniel and spread some peanut butter on her crotch
but wait before you leave because of dog cock
let me tell you about /snow/ channel
and what they did found out

because this chick tamara who fucked dogs
wasn't all honest about her crotch
as it turned out she was technically a he
and so now you know the tale
of someone technically not female
but trying to be all she could be
and you know about her trusty dog
who she lets lick her girly cock
and how she's technically a male

No. 1083948

Someone wrote a song about her, I bet thats never happened before. Nor will it ever happen.
not counting her dogs songs of woe in the middle of the night whenever she feels an itch.

No. 1083951

You got a big ass Shylock nose for a Canadian guy. Usually they have little noses, but yours is huge oi vey.

No. 1083955

you've posted in this thread alone more than 100 times. 50+ times in the last 24 hours

No. 1083957

File: 1605553087716.jpg (10.28 KB, 275x183, images.jpg)

Sooo… you argued with a bunch of autistic mongoloid retards for a day to go from being just a dogfucker to becoming an ugly jewish tranny dogfucker.
congratulations, tamara. how do you feel?

No. 1083960

oh yes its easy to tell you are having great fun. its good though, we're having great fun too and this way we can give back to you.
its a two way street. i'd hate to think about you crying in bed hugging your dog at night.
so it all works out, right?

No. 1083964

hmm… i really expected someone with a nose as big as yours to smell bullshit a mile away, but whatever, you know?
its all good.

No. 1083967

Do they ever get angry at you in the Synagogue for dressing up like a girl, Tamara?

No. 1083974

i wish you would use your minimal free time to show us the evidence you have that a farmhand is simping for onision lmao. sounds like you're the paranoid one here

No. 1083976

if you're greek then i get why greek guys fuck eachother up the ass.
and no thank you i dont need to grow a cock, im fine being naturally born a woman.

No. 1083980

File: 1605554125495.jpeg (39.85 KB, 828x229, F121F2A8-0D63-49BB-AA22-B92F80…)


No. 1083986

Tamara you pretend to be Null you absolute spastic.

No. 1083987

all of your posts have been getting banned because you're a spammer

No. 1083988

You're being banned for ban evasion, Tamara. You can keep tinfoiling all you want, but that will never make it true. I have no idea why you find it more plausible that someone here is a Greg fan when in reality we all just enjoy laughing at him like we're doing with you.

No. 1083989

Tamare if a farmhand has a vendetta against you and is a fan of Onision then why aren't they deleting the fucking Onision thread you absolute retard. You are the one sperging. You don't see Billie or Taylor coming on site every time someone says something negative about them. Grow the fuck up!

No. 1083993

You've accused me of being Greg and I'm sitting in an apartment in Ireland. You are so fucking stupid.

No. 1083998

What the sweet fuck is going on here? Guess I have some reading up to do if you'll excuse me.
Man, this thread has become like distilled pure autism.

No. 1084000

Yes everyone in Ireland is Lucinda lmao

No. 1084002


it's hard to prove if someone is a cow based on IP address alone. it's pretty easy in your case considering you sign all your posts and you're aggressively mentally ill

No. 1084003

That's your bulletproof evidence??? You yourself have said people have been marked/redtexted as you when they weren't so what makes you think farmhands always know when Greg is posting?

No. 1084015

Tamara you are never going to get anons to stop making a meme out of you, which your current behaviour is not helping. You need to go to therapy and address you self esteem issues.

And I understand because you're autistic you are finding it hard to understand some things, but lc does not collect illegal information. If you're so concerned harass the police and whoever the fuck you made contact with at cloud fare. Everything you do here is pointless. And losing your virginity to a dog doesn't count!

No. 1084020

oh thank fuck the farmhands are on it. you guys are getting a Christmas present this year for sure.

No. 1084052

Its what the report function is for. Just report the dogfucker.

No. 1084070

I…I have no words for this display of autism.
Just fuck off TamTams, go, leave, hop off. That poor dog.

No. 1084102

File: 1605562794018.png (87.28 KB, 756x238, otgmsm.PNG)

I wonder if that email links to any of her real social media? Food for thought. We might have an early Milkmas.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1084151

File: 1605565611645.webm (573.39 KB, 480x480, Furry Tamara C.webm)

Why am I not surprised she's a furry. That's the only way she can get her dog to mount her. She dresses up in a suit she cobbled together from a faux fur rug she found in a dumpster then gets on all fours and screams out

No. 1084624

Please permaban me. I've been accused of being random anons on here on and off for the past 6 months. I've lurked but haven't posted at all in this thread. Would appreciate a post history reveal showing I haven't posted and farmhands showing that I'm not using a VPN if possible, but I understand if no one wants to shit up the thread more than it already has been.

No. 1084808

I swear to fuck man, have you guys seen the Onision thread today? Yes of course you have. These Anti-O assclowns are getting sadder by the day. But then again hey I must be Greg right for thinking that?

No. 1084815

who are you even? explain yourself

No. 1085589

File: 1605729810208.jpeg (286.03 KB, 1125x934, F4E22CAC-07F3-4128-B8B2-CBCFE5…)

Why can’t Peter Griffin upload anything Alicia-related?

No. 1086193

File: 1605797446609.jpg (132.49 KB, 720x1175, 20201118_160155.jpg)

rape stream actually apologized to gregory poo. God only knows why and for what. greg is probably the only person he hasn't actually stolen from, raped or otherwise wronged.(Rapestream has his own thread)

No. 1087018

File: 1605881316386.jpg (400.51 KB, 642x1083, 1337.jpg)

No. 1087515

File: 1605919776474.jpg (185.49 KB, 642x1083, G0xAEQaH1AEOjXY.jpg)

I think this is more accurate since it's just one person who loses their shit when those two words are uttered. (Not including the imaginary discord friends & fake Null.)

No. 1087522

File: 1605921069260.jpg (82.26 KB, 499x587, dogfucker.jpg)

thats true. good edit. she really looks the part of a moderator, a moderator on a furfag thing. i bet she sucks all the life out of that place and is much hated there, too.
tamara is just always the bridesmaid and never the bride. or dogmaid, i dunno. whatever. you get my point, don't cha?

No. 1087691

sounds like someone's salty tamara won't be their friend why else obsess about a former moderator from the onion cord this badly if you wanna keep making this a tamara thread there are people who are gonna disagree with you too so be prepared for that shit otherwise it's an obvious vendetta post and not needed unless you have something to contribute to the thread go whine to her about it

No. 1087815

the bait never fails.

No. 1087837

>not knowing who Clyde Cash is.
Holy SHIT are you ever out of your league, dogfucker

No. 1087967

File: 1605981973427.png (94.48 KB, 599x454, IMG_7251.PNG)

I agree with Tamara's imaginary friend. We should all stop being salty and petty little vendetta-chans. Tamara was in an abusive relationship years ago that shaped who she is now. She has said many times that the abuse she suffered caused her to be easily manipulated by a narcissist like Onision. That ex even forced her to change his poopy diapers as part of their sex play. He may have even beat her with the dirty diapers when she used the wrong brand baby wipes to clean his shit covered balls. Experiencing that kind of trauma explains why Tamara is so fucked in the head. Lets go easy on her.

No. 1087974

welp, that ain't salt if I didn't taste it
I'm still confused why the obsession over a former onion cord member who is no longer in there
I especially don't see how its relevant to anything
also I wonder what this person was so afraid of her telling the discord. Do share, Gaven. Whatchu and your bestie paranoid about?

did YOU fuck dogs and tell her? I highly doubt those freaky antis had anything of worth to share about them in the discord but the fact that that they're crying about it and possibly holding onto it almost 3 years later is a bit of a joke IMO

No. 1087984

This will never end, dogfucker. We haven't even begun.
Well, shes a furry and even moderates for a furry website. Everyone knows furry's are zoophiles who fuck animals. Her animal of choice is the K-9.

No. 1087991

thats fine, keep going annoy everyone so hard with your vendetta that you get put out to pasture.
thats really all the base you have on? whats the matter gaven? do you want tam-tams to say sowwy for whatever she did to make you cry so hard? do you even have proof she told the discord anything or was it all just hearsay like everything else surrounding her?
oooh a threat on the internet with baseless claims I'm sure Tams is absolutely terrified but go off.

im amazed by how one person impacted you so much. Tell us more. Is it because she went on Hansen and said she hated Greggy-poo for a year?
if she were a furry she'd be proud of it, though. Furries are proud of themselves and take pride in it.
Let it go Gaven you won't win here. I did say people are going to disagree with you, she's obtained a bit of a following since sharing her story. You seem pretty bothered by it.

Also, Tamara is permabanned from across the boards. So before you try accusing me of being her, there's no point.

No. 1087993

you realize she's not afraid of some anonymous users on a website right?
"we haven't even begun" what are you 12?
oooh so scared terrify me Daddy.

So answer my question. What did she share with the discord that was so bothersome? maybe we should invite her back here and ask her.

No. 1088000

tl;dr keep fucking dogs.
yeah tell me again how you didn't shit your diapers after you thought people where gonna dox you here.

No. 1088001

her imaginary dog says hello

Gaven she told the discord you fucked dogs and you panicked hard core about it. Admit it. Also, she got over that. I don't know who you are but you sound like a creepy stalker also don't threaten to doxx on this website it's a rule just thought I'd share.
Ask the last person who tried to doxx her what happened to them. Some pretty shades of red.

No. 1088002

tell us again how none of this is bothering you, while at the same time spergin' out here 14.000 times a day after someone mentions the word "dogfucker".

No. 1088004


most teenagers dont have the reading comprehension they need in life not surprised you didnt read lol

not tamara but shes said its because it's disgusting and i dont blame her at least there's evidence greg did what he did to those poor girls but there's no visual or actual evidence of her doing that to dogs it's normal for people to want to speak out and put rumours about them to rest that dont exist

No. 1088009

tell us again what did she say about you to hold this three year grudge? we're all waiting

we should turn this into a Gaven thread, he seems way more interesting I bet the tea on him is extra hot

No. 1088012

tell us again how you are definitely not the dogfucker Tamara, its my favorite.
Dance some more for us, you four eyed furry clown.

No. 1088024

dont try to change the subject Gaven

awww resorting to them Greg-like insults. But maybe I'm wrong, maybe you're not Gaven pissed off because you can't handle a woman standing up to you finally
I really hope you aren't Greg though because this is just giving her ammo. Don't make yourself so obvious with petty insults like that.
At least her glasses are nicer than your Mr Magoo ones.
is it too cold to fuck your sex doll right now? nothing better to do than harass your former patrons?

I feel kinda bad for Tam she'll be Greg's victim of abuse for the next 7 years now unless she serves him with a gag order which sounds like a good idea at this point. Go for it Tams! less thread shitting up by fags like this.

No. 1088029

Not that i'm actually reading your entire autistic posts but who the fuck is Gaven?
is this another aspergers ridden theory your dog jizz loaded brain came up with?
who are we today, not-Tamara? just call me Rumpelstiltskin, or perhaps you prefer dogforeskin?

No. 1088031

im not tamara you total autist
tamara has been banned from across the boards
and im not even using a vpn
im here at my own volition wondering what the point in a near 3 year grudge is on someone you've likely never met and I use likely loosely because you're acting like a butt-hurt faggot(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1088035

look i know you anons are projecting hard core with this dog thing but the disgusting shit coming with it needs to stop. Nobody is screwing dogs
ive never even seen a picture of her with one

it's stomach churning and disgusting and there are other insults you could throw at tamara im sure this is just that grade 5 insult everyone uses because if you use other ones it'll be an easier give away about who you are

No. 1088036

Do you do requests? Could you please tell us again how you are definitely not Tamara, you just "feel bad for her" uwu and how we are all GavenGreg?

No. 1088040

What even is your endgame or point here? I'm really confused by your vendetta against this former mod when she hasn't really done anything besides according to Gaven "tell others in the discord about him"
I mean, what did she tell that was so bad?
why care so much?
im just someone whos tired of hearing about tamara and want to see some real contributed milk to this thread aside from everyone screaming the word dog-fucker every other day tbh im surprised farmhands havent banned tamara as a topic or the word dog-fucker yet it even shits up the main Onion thread and derails topics every month(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1088042

Onision actually cried to someone that he wants Tam-Tams to say sowwy for all the mean nasty stuff she said about him. Keep dreamin' chief.

No. 1088054

she should, then maybe greggy poo will let her back in the fold again. everyone else hates her now anyway.
just return to sender and fuck off here.
endgame? what the fuck are you even talking about. we're just having fun with the dogfucker.
you keep thinking its some sort of revenge thing, it isn't. its just us pointing and laughing at the dogfucker.

No. 1088056

You need to learn what actual comedy is. When you look at a comedy and laugh at the stupid antics on the screen, did any of the cast and characters wrong you in any way?
Just the fact that you constantly believe that people have it out for you is very telling about the kind of person you are.
Made a lot of enemies along the way, have you?

No. 1088072

i dont think she really cares she runs her own server and does her own thing she doesnt need to pay for Onision to abuse her
your dog fucker isnt even here or a mod would have outted her by now, you're dealing with someone who actually knows how to take the piss out of whiny tween trolls
go back to tiktok
sorry but when you put a threat on someones life and shit it stops being funny. None of this is funny, it's just repetitive nonsense
if you want tamara to go away then stop talking about her people dont tend to gravitate towards where they know theyre being talked about. Talk about her in your own personal discords where you know she can't invade. This is a public forum, and anyone can participate whether you like them or not

also you shouldnt accuse her of pretending to be null a farmhand didnt out her for it, and null has actually been contacted about whether or not it was him so drop it
its even taken appearance in the main Onion thread too we get it you hate tamara, you think she fucks animals, the stalking and doxxing is when it stops being a joke

PS: You even tell your own that they're hated and not welcome there. Hate to break it to ya sis, but you're an anti-o.

No. 1088083

File: 1605989604098.jpg (15.34 KB, 329x153, plastics.jpg)

this entire ass thread

No. 1088089

"everybody hates her uwu" shut up fag nobody cares. She's not even a public figure but the amount of power you idiots give this girl is amazing

No. 1088091

we're giving her power right now? oh thats right we're giving her a lot of power.
yes the amount of her not caring truly shows in this thread. why doesn't she then just stay in her own hugbox server and fuck off here?
if none of this is funny then how come we're laughing?

No. 1088095

sounds more like a bunch of butthurt teens seething beneath the surface that some people actually do like her is palpable

No. 1088096

if she shows up here on a vpn, or whatever she does reserve the right to defend herself as does anyone if someone is spreading baseless facts about her and if we've seen her back up those facts we're entitled to defend her too don't like it? why don't YOU fuck off

No. 1088114

yes, you give her power because at the end of the day she knows she isnt what everybody here bitches and moans about her claims and that you guys get riled up and bothered by her presence
lets talk about tamara! even though she hasn't really done anything wrong! yeahh pitchforks, I HATE THAT BITCH!!!
>>wait, tamaras here what why?<<

Then it becomes a vendetta post and thats why other anons accuse it of being vendetta posts. Baseless facts and bitching & moaning without anything to back it up or contribute are vendetta posts
mods are getting angry banning people left right and centre why?
maybe try contributing something more to the thread besides bitching & moaning k? we're sick of seeing you whiny tweens bully this girl so you can get a laugh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1088121

yeah take it to YOUR hug-box no wonder this site has gone to shit

at least Shiloh and the other people involved in Onision's life usually have something more milky going on just this girls name mentioned and everyone loses their shit its really quite amusing

No. 1088234

File: 1606001078996.png (42.2 KB, 630x397, whiner.png)

Looked into that Gaven guy. What a whiner. He should change his handle to "Gaven is whining". Contributes nothing to the anti-os, just whines about how Tamara supposedly snitched produces no screenshot evidence yada yada. This is still 3 year old drama though they're clinging to. I don't get it but you do you boo.
But hey, least Tam was right about Shane so he can't be too mad about that. Gaven is probably pissing and moaning that Shane turned out to be sick after all.

No. 1088238

"snitched on us"
onoes! what could she have possibly said? it must have been pretty damn juicy for her to have to go tell… whoever the fuck she did about it. This isn't high school, stfu and get over it dude no1curr.

No. 1088272

she thinks that Gaven guy is on here, and now thinks that he's doing it and he alone. she just can't deal with the fact that there's tons of people just laughing at her.
her autistic conspiracy theories are hysterical.

No. 1088279

No. 1088281

its not that deep anons are just wondering what the fascination with this chick is shes spergy but beyond that not milky and it seems people have to make her more than she actually is to appear more interesting
its a sad state of affairs

No. 1088287

you're missing the point. there indeed is no fascination with her what so ever. the only lulzy thing here is that whenever someone says the word dogfucker she comes and post here 8 million times a day.
that's the whole story here.

No. 1088302

clearly there is, cuz you keep digging for pointless info and trying to doxx her
guess even the dogfucker comment overstays its welcome so you need to resort to other means of desperation to keep her a consistent topic in this thread by looking for things that aren't there you ain't fooling anybody anon

No. 1088306

>assuming its just one person
hmm I wonder who else does that..

No. 1088307

oh Im sure its a circle jerk of like over-zealous pre-teens no doubt about it

No. 1088320

and the reason you think anyone would care about you thinking that is..?

No. 1088332

oh i dont care that you don't care
thats more factual than the stupid bullshit you tweens spew here lol! go do your homework or something instead and get some education maybe then you can focus on reading a post thats more than four sentences

No. 1088334

well clearly you don't care, i mean why else would you constantly respond here to people day in day out like its an ask.fm?

No. 1088342

lol why'are you?
sorry i dont? i love the fact that you keep assuming im tamara when im genuinely curious about what the big deal is like i said
its not that deep this thread would be dead otherwise if people stopped beating a dead cow(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1088694

dogfucker, dogfucker, dogfucker, dogfucker, dogfucker, dogfucker, dogfucker..(autism)

No. 1089118

File: 1606092683029.jpg (48.58 KB, 482x870, ayatollah.jpg)

Ayatollah shaved her head. Thats always a good sign of emotional stability. She is also offering a smooth discount to pics of her vajayjay.

No. 1089281

File: 1606113383368.png (8.39 KB, 442x301, Capture11222020.PNG)

Did Greg lose Lucidias support? She was calling Greg and Lainey predators in Sept, then became an onion discord moderator in Oct. She privated her Twitter at the same time. Now its gone after the whole Heezy/Trisha CP in Onisions discord drama.

No. 1089306

File: 1606123719015.jpg (77.92 KB, 594x822, vaginasale.jpg)

Billie Blackmail put her pussy on sale too. Must be a Christmas thing.

No. 1089333

File: 1606130287819.jpg (Spoiler Image,620.74 KB, 1046x1184, billie_blackmail.jpg)

some of billie blackmails new stuff

No. 1089337

She's the kinda gal to tell someone that getting her first tattoo was a mistake. And you can't help but wonder "yeah and so was the second, and the third, and the 18th.."

No. 1089340

I'm genuinely surprised mods haven't given up and locked it.
Sounds a bit scrote-ish.

No. 1089341

Billie Blackmail refers to how she did not know what the word "blackmail" meant in the Hansen interview.
Last time I checked I have ovaries, but i'll check with my obgyn for you. these days you never know.

No. 1089344

so you can't have a sense of humor while having a tits and vagina? hmm.. might wanna check with Negin Farsad and Amy Schumer about that..

No. 1089346

>I'm genuinely surprised mods haven't given up and locked it.
Well then we're all very glad it isn't up to you

No. 1089347

Ah you're right, my apologies. I think I was thrown off by the names at the bottom.
Didn't imply that.

No. 1089350

I didn't say they should or shouldn't, just that I'm surprised because it obviously became a clusterfuck. It's not called a "containment thread" for nothing.

Even though nudes have been posted here before, i don't know any straight females interested in seeing them.

No. 1089353

> It's not called a "containment thread" for nothing.
And so you answered your own question.
>i don't know any straight females interested in seeing them.
Hurrr durrr.. gay / bi? duh
you did, by claiming it was a scrote that posted that.

No. 1089367

Oh my goood she is too young to have bunions that bad wtf

No. 1089369

I noticed that too. Thats what you get when you sleep with gross people, all sorts of fungus and weird crap like that.

No. 1089375

You can see why Greg is Big Mad

No. 1089381

i wonder if he liked her so much because she's more flat chested than lainey

No. 1089387

Perkie vs Taylor's binded udders

No. 1089389

oh thats true, don't ever have kids your tits will try to leave you.

No. 1089392

Onlyfans, for when you never want to seek gainful employment again.

No. 1089401

..or an actual decent guy.
then again, having all those tattoos she already opted out of that.

No. 1089790

Anon did you get teleported here from the 1800s? Most adults her age have some tattoos nowadays and pretty much everyone has no problem with them.

Its not like she has a face tattoo lmao

No. 1089816

What decent guy would like a girl that looks like an extra from Apocalypto?

No. 1089919

She has shitty egirl tattoos… not war tattoos and a spike through her nose top kek

No. 1089926

well it does knock down the competition.

No. 1090124

No. 1090833

I feel like I’m looking at child porn here, just how Greg likes ‘em.

No. 1090836

File: 1606258853228.jpg (Spoiler Image,319.99 KB, 960x757, 960x757_d88e700aae6ea46995a537…)

them triple a cups, tho

No. 1092478

if it wasn't for all those tattoo's you'd think she's 12.

No. 1092595

You think she looks young here? When Greg was dating her she still had a baby face and defo looked like a kid.
She's grown up in the face imo.

No. 1092600

But her body looks “underdeveloped” and has no bush down there which makes her look younger than 13 IMO.

No. 1092694

She doesn't look under developed, she looks thin. She's attractive I don't know why anons are trying to state otherwise, she might not have huge boobs but I doubt she's been turned down because of it, like..

No. 1093088

You can look like Jabba the Hutt and still not get turned down, most guys are willing to fuck anything with a pulse.
Not saying she's ugly mind you, shame about the tattoo's though.

No. 1093140

File: 1606520063954.png (1.21 MB, 1125x2436, B163EE75-914A-44E7-8109-41B631…)

Yesterday, Shiloh was shitting on people who celebrated thanksgiving because muh rape and genocide of Native American

Oh yeah and she’s native now

No. 1093146

File: 1606520196889.png (1.06 MB, 1125x2436, 0A2EC292-DC12-4BBF-A9FF-EC9A79…)

“I never celebrated thanksgiving in my entire life!!!”

No. 1093154

File: 1606520352506.png (1.05 MB, 1125x2436, 6255EC14-86B6-49FD-8310-60C24A…)

“I wanna make a rainbow” ethnic edition

No. 1093215

File: 1606522881528.jpg (41.96 KB, 270x599, 270px-Indiann.jpg)

Wonder if she has an anchuent prophecy.
Chris-chan reference

No. 1093250

Anon why

No. 1093316

File: 1606530551012.png (Spoiler Image,1.98 MB, 1188x938, Annotation 2020-08-27 235712.p…)

If you look at just the torso area of Billie, it looks like a little boy

No. 1093375

Why are you doing this?! Yikes!

No. 1093584

See guys, this is the reason why Pedobot became so obsessed with having tiny tits. Transgender my ass.

No. 1093588

I remember years ago when she had a youtube channel she said she had french, swedish and spanish ancestry, but now she's native american? Sure Jan. Also wasn't she black just a few months ago too?

No. 1093602

File: 1606564592238.jpg (16.67 KB, 281x351, gordon.jpg)

She's the race lolcow deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll quote her. Because she can take it. Because she's not our hero. She's a silent guardian. A watchful protector.

No. 1093745

And if you just focused on her wrist her gender and age would be completely ambiguous what in the actual fuck are you trying to grasp at? Some women have smaller boobs? You're now saying her skeleton is the wrong gender?

Exactly. Taylor breastfeed. I bet her tits are droopy and fucked from all the breast feeding. Billie has nice tits, they might not be full double ds, but at least they keep their shape no matter her position lol

No. 1093787

File: 1606591852475.jpg (33.26 KB, 626x417, teabags.jpg)

because greg forces her to breast feed the shallots till they're 19 lainey's tits must look like two tea-bags now.

No. 1093907

And she shat on people who couldn’t breastfeed, she deserves those saggy titties

No. 1093963

thats not just awful, its also bullshit. any people here that where ever made to feel bad about not being able to breastfeed: don't. doctors themselves aren't even sure if its better or not.

No. 1094812

Anything new with that dogfucker Tamara?(no1curr)

No. 1095024

from the looks of things, Lainey shouldn't be breast feeding her kids anyway since she doesn't seem to grasp the fact that they should not be doing it past a certain age point for the child.

this is why we didnt care for a thread about her shes about as boring as watching cement dry stop derailing. If shes hiding on the internet or doing a Lainey-bot, let her. We don't want her here again, stop trying to bait her. And you're just going to piss off the farmhands again. All the girls have been quiet. Might I suggest finding someone else of interest Gregory 2.0? we know you like to shoot that preschool insult but there's a reason it tends to get ignored by other anons who want to stay focused on the topics being discussed

No. 1095038

File: 1606721887557.gif (1.73 MB, 480x400, applause.gif)

looks like most of the girls have been quiet with the exception of Shiloh.

No. 1095091

File: 1606733601201.jpg (25.77 KB, 524x991, 5107VefHQXL._AC_SX569_.jpg)

Who's trying to bait her? As for a dogfucker 2.0 might I suggest Rag Reynolds? He's another person of interest who "definitely does not" defend himself here, its all other people doing it.

No. 1095251

Same anon did it here:
We're not here to spoonfeed you, dude. If you're curious about a cow, go look into them yourself. Not everyone here has her on our minds the way you seem to.
And yes, Rag would be a welcoming change to talk about. At least there's active shit going on with him for the moment and he's actually still involved in the Onision drama as are a few other patrons but this anon only wants to derail to talk about Tamara which is confusing to me because from what I know, she's not a patron anymore and not even overly interesting besides the occasional sperg-out. It doesn't seem like people care to talk about anyone else here. There's literally no current active drama surrounding her at the moment

No. 1095305

her sperge outs are spergetastic. i always enjoy watching them, she's more than welcome here as far as i'm concerned.

No. 1095307

Im stealing your word anon. I love it.

No. 1095521

Thats ok! Thank you!

No. 1095985

File: 1606818721447.jpeg (450.66 KB, 1125x1009, 3338A4A3-70CE-45E2-8396-A66435…)

Stevie, you’re not special; let it go. Heat boss is Grugly’s new crush now.

No. 1096107

i notice that in his videos / streams a lot too, that he seems to think Greg is as obsessed with him as he is with Greg.
No steveree, he isn't.

No. 1097598

Anything happening lately or is everybody still quiet

No. 1097601

I was wondering the same thing. Has Tamara fucked more dogs? Has Bad Banana made up more shit? Did Rag Reynolds implicate himself more?
Call it my need to know.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1097791

Shiloh hasn’t sperged about Grease using her name and likeness in his videos yet.

Poor fella, it must’ve hurt when he found out the possibility of her getting married to another woman who won’t put up with his bullshit.

No. 1097985

why would he be hurting over that?
not a greg-fan, i just don't see why he would miss that chubby midget. billie, sure. but shiloh? no, i don't see it.
plus she's way too old for him now.

No. 1098134

I call it your need to be spoon-fed and a lazy son of a bitch tbh. People don't have drama circling their lives 24/7 to fuel your desire for it
>> stop derailing to people who have no drama

No. 1098141

farmhands are done with it. Just thought you oughta know.

No. 1098156

Yeah, let’s go back to picking on bad banana or that Juanito guy

No. 1098157

aaaand she's back..

No. 1098159

yeah, anything but "not"-you, amirite?(hi cow)

No. 1098169

im not who you think i am, but go ahead and get the thread locked again because you want to keep talking about people who have no drama

No. 1098214

File: 1607023761439.png (76.62 KB, 731x530, not tamara again.PNG)

>go ahead and get the thread locked again
When has this thread ever been locked?

Now I have seen plenty of bans handed out when Tamara was samefagging as "a concerned whiteknight" or "discord friend" and then her anonymity was pulled and all those posts end up being Tamara playing make believe. But I don't remember any flakes threads being locked.

Its weird that when a post starts out with
>Im not tamara
it inevitably gets slapped with a big fat red (Tamara) at the bottom and off to the pasture they go.

No. 1098227

really because I'm still here and the last two anon's who acted like they were tamara are as well. But since you're incredibly paranoid, I live in the US. To my knowledge, Tamara is from Canada. People are warning about the drama thing because it's a rule in snow threads to not bring up people who have no drama about them
>>When has this thread ever been locked?
It was locked for a few hours yesterday.

Yes, we get you're obsessed with her and saying her name over and over. There is legit drama happening in the community worth talking about instead of that cow, like how CJ has agreed to give our swamp king 1000 dollars for an interview. But you all just wanna squabble like high school children nitpicking.

No. 1098249

thats because farmhands are paranoid and think everyone is tamara after they came in here throwing everything off kilter there was even an anon accused of being tamara who wanted farmhands to out them because they were sick of it(sure tamara)

No. 1098259

File: 1607027010618.jpeg (52.71 KB, 971x213, ADD9-4B13-8782-805B6444807D.jp…)

>they came in here
Its already been proven that "they" was just Tamara on a VPN. Just scroll up and see how many posts claiming to be a friend or concerned anon have a bright red Tamara. Hell, go to any flakes or Onision thread and you'll see Tamaras name in red on a bunch of posts.
Tamara herself in that email to Admin revealed she uses a VPN to evade all the bans she was given and couldn't figure out how the farmhands were still figuring out it was her. When another anon tried to calmly explain that the admin/farmhands use more captured information than just the IP to expose who is who, Tamara freaked out and started spamming the thread with threats of contacting the authorities about identity theft.

No. 1098263

okay? why are we still talking about old drama? because nothing else is going on? your obsession with her is unhealthy and im glad she had the balls to come in here on whatever vpn she used and told you fuckers to shut up

People are tired of the thread getting derailed to talk about her. She has no drama going on at the moment, what is the point? also I recall seeing a person named "Flitch" and "C" defending her as well in here. Flitch is a real person from the old discord. Sorry to disappoint you, anon.

No. 1098268

are you admitting admins use illegal means of obtaining information? because a quick googling will show that it's illegal to obtain information about someone beyond an IP and a farmhand kept deleting tamara's posts about that. Gee, I wonder why.(Tamara)

No. 1098271

nayart but are you daft or just tamara
admin typically uses free-for-all shit like cookies to help cleanse the autism you're determined on spreading

No. 1098274

do they really, because this entire thread is autism

No. 1098275

Actually I do remember "Flitch" and "C"
I also remember those posts by "Flitch" and "C" ending up being tagged with the same red (Tamara)
I hope the next names that come in to defend the dogfucker are JuniorJenkins and JenkinsJinkies.

No. 1098277

farmhands were messing with tamara by that point anon, you're late to the party(Tamara)

No. 1098290

File: 1607028223089.png (5.97 KB, 494x109, Capture1232020.PNG)

Now the farmhands were "messing" with her. Okay sure. Its a nice change up from the usual tired excuse.

No. 1098294

does Onision have you pay piggies all nice and riled today from the CJ interview he did?

No. 1098304

I laughed when I heard Onision was having to resort to getting his story out by wallowing in the gutter and going on RSN's channel. Having RapeStreamNews interview Greg is the equivalent of Matt Lauer interviewing Kevin Spacey about how he's innocent of sexual assault.

No. 1098315

you know you've reached rock bottom when
ive heard RSN offered him 1K for it too

No. 1098340

File: 1607030583887.jpg (2.69 KB, 57x127, 1605919776474.jpg)

oh boy

No. 1098349

sniffsniff and then they called me a pedophile even though she was 18 when I slept with her!!!
RSN got totes butchered, and now hes out one grand(Tamara)

No. 1098387

File: 1607032546842.gif (2.01 MB, 498x463, 98UY-6-bc96878ce7fe.gif)

No. 1098575

"C" is, or was, "Chey/Shay/Whatever" and then "CheyIsIronman" from the onion discord. She now goes by "CheddarCheys#0001" on discord and "whatthehecc-is-this" on Tumblr (as far as I know) if anyone wants to go fuck with her (she's mentally unstable :D) Her responses are almost as amusing as Tam-Tams ;) And "Flitch" was actually here, and said that they have known Tamara since 2018.

No. 1098644

you're one one to talk about being mentally unstable. Just sayin'. Time to come back here and shit up the thread again now that you can't bother Flitch on tumblr anymore, huh? we're not your personal army btw. Kindly fuck off.

No. 1098650

shows how inaccurate your farmhands are, this wasn't even tamara lol

No. 1098655

Look, I dunno who you are or what your problem is but this stupid vendetta posting of yours doesn't belong here. Go shit up another thread, or come back when you actually have something of value.

No. 1098747

lol I'm fucking wheezing. This girl.
This should be a thread pic for Onion's thread.

No. 1098749

>Everyone in Canada with family who settled before 1850 has indigenous ancestry. You're not special
She's not wrong. When Shiloh was dating Greg she looked like any chubby run of the mill white girl.

Wasn't she getting engaged to the "love of her life" in a bathroom stall last month?

No. 1098942

File: 1607092555901.jpg (992.19 KB, 943x2186, sheisslo.jpg)

Sheisslo responded to that angry comic about her:
All in all not a bad response, guess she wasn't running low on lithium that day and realized how wrong she was. Had to kek about how she's bummed she doesn't look more ethnic despite being 1/3246th cherokee / nepalese or something.
Read image top to bottom sorry its captured a tad autisticly

No. 1099185

@farmhands who gives a shit if its tamara or not they're contributing more to the thread than the whiners are and aren't breaking any rules. The ones you dont out break more rules than she seems to be. Respect people's privacy please. This is supposed to be an "anonymous" imageboard, and pointlessly outing someone over and over (even getting it wrong a few times) isn't a good look.
You're either obsessed with her name, or some other reason you choose to continuously try to out her. Now I say "try" because you've already angered one other anon for accusing them of being that girl. Admins, keep your farmhands in check. They spend more time worrying about Tamara than actually moderating the threads no wonder they've gone to shit.(no one cares Tamara)

No. 1099213

eh… for someone who doesn't care you sure make a big deal every-time you think she posts… (not trying to be rude) just pointing something out.

No. 1099214

A post asking to speak to the manager? I enjoy it much more when DogFucker emails the Admin (again and again and again)

No. 1099224

show some legitimate proof beyond "lololol she's a furry" that she fucks dogs or shut up. So far all I've seen are really bad edits and psychotic anons thinking they hear dogs when there aren't any and farmhands allowing it to continue while it's a site rule to make baseless vendetta posts. You might need to consider some therapy, though.

No. 1099227

you made a tamara based thread… what did you think would happen.

No. 1099228

the person you banned wasn't even Tamara oh my word you're a bad farmhand. I think your doxxing software may be malfunctioning…

No. 1099236

File: 1607110762435.jpg (19.12 KB, 323x313, Junior Dogfucker Jinkies.jpg)

You should ask for you money back on that VPN Tam Tams. And you better hope those dastardly Farmhands don't use all that "illegally gathered information" they have on you for some nefarious shenanigans.

No. 1099239

im not tamara but im curious about why so many people keep bringing her up when she has no drama going on and its a rule in snow to not talk about a cow if they have surrounding them at the moment an anon in the last thread got upset because she was accused of being tamara too and asked farmhands to out her but they wouldn't

No. 1099260

It's not everybody doing it it's the same two anons and occasionally a third. Most likely people she's personally pissed off or banned otherwise, everyone else has seemingly moved on

No. 1099269

Onision still bitches about her constantly on discord. Wouldn't be surprised if it's him or his remaining 3 orbiters. He's even complained on here about her saying she "hated him for a year" lol

No. 1099274

Someone named Gewdla has been doing it too. They've got some big-time beef with Tamara. But this isn't the place for that. I for one don't want or care to know what Tamara's doing; she's minding her business. What's the point in bringing her up now? She literally hasn't done anything.

No. 1099279

uh-ohs. You're seemingly white-knighting Tams! in comes the big red letters from our over paranoid farmhand!

No. 1099281

oh we've known about Gewlda doing it for a while. I think we do a better job at finding out who anons are than the actual farmhands.

No. 1099284

she didn't give us the information we wanted boo-hoo

No. 1099295

this works every time. we explained it to her god knows how many times. she's never going to learn.
its tragic.

No. 1099308

when are you going to understand that she doesn't care what you try to explain to her? youre nobodies on the internet to her. You even accused her of being Null when a farmhand surprisingly didn't out her in red for that post, so it obviously wasn't her. But you're still derailing everything back to her and she's not done a damn thing. Stop trying to teach her stuff. The more you try to control someone's actions and how they should or shouldn't act, the less they give a fuck. What's tragic is thinking you can tell someone what to do over the internet as a cowardly little anon.

No. 1099314

shut up Gewlda. You're the crappiest troll. You've always been.

No. 1099344

whoever you think i am, i'm not. but sure, whatever.
good on you falling for this very elaborate troll for the fifth millionth time.

No. 1099345

>she doesn't care
does it ever hurt to be this daft?

but hey, if she doesn't care why should the farm hands care?

No. 1099349


yeah go and whine to greg about it nobody cares about your personal beef here we've tried to tell you that over and over but you cant seem to understand or gasp that. You and Greg are two peas in a pod. Neither of you can let anything go and have to drag everyone and their mother into your personal feuds. LC is not your personal army boo-boo.
Ouch looks like a nerve was poked.
farmhands break their own rules and dont enforce them. Only when they think someone is tamara otherwise they let the threads go to shit

No. 1099358

again, not who ever you think i am. but good enough, im done talking to you and your autism.
wish you all the best in life, for you and your pooch.

No. 1099364

the imaginary dog you think tamara has? and we've never seen a picture of except for in shitty edits? you might have more autism than you believe she does we know you wish someone would fuck dogs, but its time to face reality darlin'. Nobody does.
TBH you should be relieved that nobody is fucking animals instead of wishing they would but maybe thats your personal fantasy who knows

No. 1099368

She doesn't care, yet she keeps falling for the same shenanigans.
Yeah that's just awesome. Say, how many more times are you gonna come back here and bawl every time someone mentions the name dogfucker?
And before you start sperging out again, i am a different anon than the one you spoke to before just now.

No. 1099369

hey hows that case with slug going? even the cops wouldn't hear you out because they thought you were equally batshit as insane as you're acting here

No. 1099370

Yes thats awesome, answer the fucking question:

How many more times will you fall for this?

No. 1099371

sure you are and im not really tamara even though everyone keeps thinking it and neglecting the fact that she's been permabanned all over the boards

No. 1099373

How many more times will you fall for this?

No. 1099377

did gewlda run and get a friend to help her because her walls are breaking? thought you were done talking?

No. 1099378

Again, not that anon. Why won't you answer a simple question? How many more times will you take the dogfucker bait?

Its a simple question. Now answer it please.

No. 1099379

um, who are you and why do I need to answer you?
oh wait…
Gewlda. Almost forgot. lol

No. 1099381

im not tamara you total moron so im not answering your question but, shed probably tell you because its disgusting to have your name associated with bestiality as shes mentioned numerous times across the boards (revealing herself) and even on names shes revealed herself as farmhands have failed to properly out her

No. 1099382

Even if I am who you think I am, which i'm not but good luck trying to explain that to your autistic dogfucker brain, just answer me this question:

How many more times will you take the dogfucker bait here?
oh come on now, you must think we're as stupid as you look. just answer me the question, how many more times will you take the dogfucker bait?

No. 1099383

honestly tamaras mentioned why she falls for it hundreds of times here its not your fault this person is a retard

No. 1099385

alright, Tamaras friend and fierce defender then:

How many more times will you take the dogfucker bait?

And also: Do you firmly believe you are doing her any favors by taking the bait each and every single time like you so ferociously do?

No. 1099387

are you naturally retarded or are you just trying extra hard to be today?
why would anyone feel the need to answer someone who can't even out themselves?

I don't need to think you're as stupid as you look.
You are as stupid as you look.

No. 1099389

Yes thats great, now answer the question:

How many more times will you take the dogfucker bait?

No. 1099390

its not bait at this point, its obvious personal beef you have with her and you need to let it go

No. 1099392

i love that youre easily taking my bait right now

No. 1099393

Yeahgreat, now answer the question:

How many more times will you take the dogfucker bait?

No. 1099394

thats great, now answer the question:

How many more times will you take the dogfucker bait?
answer me that one.

No. 1099398

Proud of you, but I have a question:

How many more times are you going to take the dogfucker bait and bawl here?

No. 1099399

gewlda, it's time to stop
you've said the same thing in her discord to other people who were defending her here before too

No. 1099402

how many more times are you gonna brawl about tamara not being your friend anymore?

No. 1099403


How many more times are you going to take the dogfucker bait?

No. 1099404

Ya, not who you think I am champ

But how many more times are you going to take that dogfucker bait?

No. 1099405

you know repetitive comments are against the rules right? lol

No. 1099407

So is dogfucking.

No. 1099409

no wonder you wont reveal who you are by name on here you're absolutely repulsive and you probably support pedophiles and groomers too
How much you pay Onision for his only fans? hope the shiity quality porn is worth it

No. 1099411

lol calm down nobody is fucking dogs

No. 1099412

Thats so insightful of you, proud of you bud. But say how many more times are you, personally, going to take the dogfucker bait and bawl here?

Just a question there for you.
Ballpark it for us, 10 times, 20 times, a 100?

No. 1099414

Except Tamara of course.

No. 1099416

call the cops then and report it if you genuinely believe its true instead of bawling over the boards about baseless shit
Only Onision would believe something that he himself, started to this extent you probably pay for the shitty onlyfans too hope the penis looking like its ready to combust is worth it

No. 1099419

Thats great and like, super helpful to know.

Say that dogfucker bait you keep responding to here, and bawling your eyes out, how many more times are you going to take that bait?

No. 1099422

really now. you two couldnt make your relationship work because of how destructive you both are, don't take it out on everybody else
Im actually sitting here just fine sending these too tam cuz she cant read the board with it being upside down she's laughing her ass off and says "thanks for the laugh Gewlda, go lie down".

No. 1099425

Awesome try there, Miss Cleo. No cigar, though.

Were you hungry though, I mean you took that bait so quick this time. Is it tasty? Is it good, that bait?

Gotta be careful though, moment on the board, lifetime on the autism.

No. 1099426

Who the hell is this Grazuulda though you keep harping on, sport?

No. 1099431

spelling her name wrong on purpose doesnt make it not you lol

No. 1099432

I think im gonna play act that im these people you know now, like every single time. just for more lulz.
and im announcing right here to you now that i am to re-enforce how stupid you are. i mean im letting you know im about to do this, so you should technically know now i am not them, but just for my amusement im going to pretend to be everyone you know.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1099433

yes it is me, its grazuulda, and im so hurt and upset you dont wanna be friends with me. i bought a poodle to get back in to your good graces and you may fuck it for free if you like, just so we can be besties again, tamara.

No. 1099438

tam says shell answer your questions if you genuinely go off your anonymous usernames and reveal who you are otherwise get fucked im amazed by how obsessed you both are with this woman though and she hasnt even done anything or even has a public platform

No. 1099440

Yes its me, its Michael. Oh my God Tamara I am so sorry you found me out. What happened between us? I remember us jerking ourselves off at Gregs dildo ass pictures and videos its so awesome. Was it because I wouldn't let you fuck my dog? I'm so sorry you can fuck it if you like, anything ANYTHING so we can be friends again Tamara!

No. 1099441

Bitch I already told you i'm fucking Grazuulda. And I dont care if she answers them or not damnit.
Go fuck a yorki.

No. 1099444

Yes me and Grazuulda we're super obsessed. We are losing sleep over it since Tamara was such a great friend. I remember she once drove me to town to get my first abortion, it was breath taking, she even let me throw that fetus against a wall I loved it so much.
And now that friendship is gone now who the fuck am I gonna give this dogbone I bought her for christmas to? who?
Sure I can stick that shit in my own pussy if I could, but I don't want that thing smelling up my crotch its messy enough down there as it is.

No. 1099446

you guys got it wrong this whole time
tam is a nature lover
she prefers shrubs and trees

No. 1099447

bitch who the fuck do you think you're talking to? Michael and I have been her friends for YEARS you're not her friend, WE are her best friends. I remember she once stuck a whole burrito up my pussy for halloween.
So go fuck yourself you fake tamara friend coming here to defend her and shit

No. 1099448

mods are gonna think youre all tamara insulting her now we're all going to get big red tamara's slapped under our names by tomorrow
only one burrito?
why not two? one for the front and the back ;)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1099450

File: 1607120104174.png (448 B, 68x21, (Tamara).png)

in b4 farmhand

No. 1099452

I ain't insulting her! I LOVE her, I remember the time we fingered eachother behind the dumpster of a KFC in washington after pooping in Gregs wetlands.

No. 1099454

i'm not greg btw guys

No. 1099455

i'm not james jackson i wish i was that handsome lol i died a hero instead of living long enough to become a villain.

No. 1099458

tam told me she wishes she could post & join in the fun but told me to tell you that it was a McDonald's and shame on you for forgetting.
ewww he's a lanky Sasquatch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1099465

fun's over, we hurt the farm hands's fee-fees

i forgot that whenever you say anything negative about greggy-poo here our lovely farmhand comes in and puts an immediate stop to it methinks farmhand is secretly (or not so secretly) subbed to his onlyfans ;) would explain her obsession to out tamara and nobody else tbh let us have our fun we ain't hurting anyone or close the thread. Nobodys been contributing anything of worth anyway and its all been nitpicking repetitive comments(mental retardation)

No. 1099468

holy fucking shit you're retarded.
no really. I mean I know that word gets thrown around a lot on the web, but you "definitely-not-tamara" you truly are fucking retarded. But i'm sure people have called you that irl as well.

No. 1099472

there are 150+ threads about Onision on this forum you fucking dullard. if you fucked off forever nobody would ever talk about you ever again

No. 1099543

Hey retard
she has fucked off many times before and on social media re above:
"any word on Tamara or what shes been up to?" one of you always brings her up to come back here even when she's quiet elsewhere it's a two way street. You even bring up old patrons who have moved onto other communities. You ask for it every-time, so I can't feel sorry for you when shit like this goes down and you complain. Just because there are other Onision threads, doesn't mean a farmhand can't be a closeted onision fan. She won't out anyone unless she thinks is Tamara, which makes it kinda sus. She didnt even out the anon who wanted to be outted on every post she made. Other anons have also noticed her rage-warring on anyone all willy-nilly thinking they're Tamara just seeing her name mentioned. Methinks farmhand needs a break.
This is an obvious Tamara thread (bullshit try to convince me it's not) the main focus and intent was Tamara. Last person wanted a thread on Tam so bad they made it even though people told her not to. You got your wish. A Tamara thread, now deal with the consequences when a cow has a small following.

Don't expect her or her friends to not come and raid it or ambush it or have some fun in it. Stop talking about her so and she'll go away (it's a two way
street you absolute fuckwit). There is no need to talk about someone who has no drama surrounding them 24/7 (and we've told you this). We tried to warn the OP that it was a bad idea. OP went and did it anyway. At least five different anons warned the OP.
Ok Grgeory Jr, calm down! we know how obsessed you are with retards and how you find disabled people disgusting you don't anon very well. Not twitter, kf, or here. Go ahead and out me as Tamara too retards, I live in Atlanta. I'm just someone who's tired of seeing these threads derailed. Every-time Tamara does fuck off, you drag her back here with your "baiting". You want her to fuck off, but you keep trying to "bait" her. Dumb. Ass.

No. 1099548

agreed on everything said. Especially the baiting. They bait someone then whine when they show up, wtf is this nonsense? I've noticed the same farmhand even outting someone as her in the Onision main thread for just making a joke about his penis. FFS.
It was a pretty funny contribution, too. Just leave the girl alone. She's not hurting anyone, (or dogs). Until you can actually prove that, with legit evidence like there is on our dear friend Greg then stop baiting her here with it. Otherwise, these threads are going to get shat up every time like this.
Clearly they're baiting her on purpose, yes. But then you cry about it when she or someone she knows comes to the threads. Okay then.

No. 1099560

Coming into agree here… I'm sorry but the personal beefs and everything is stupid and annoying. This whole thread should just be recycled and the girl a banned subject because I don't see a point in talking about her. She's a former patron, whoop-ti-freakin'doo. She doesn't support him anymore. In fact she's contributed some interesting things about the discord like how he treats his fans, how he allows pedophiles in there until they're found out (and minors) and some minors even do stick around in there with him knowing about it.
Granted, she may not have a ton of information that you all probably wanted out of her but she can only report what she's seen. Be grateful she even came forward at all.. and it looks like a lot of these things are still happening in the discord.
The dog thing was something Greg started because he was jealous of how much attention she got in the discord, as well as people wanting her to be an admin and he felt she was "too dumb" to do it but yet sources say the trolls feared her most of all because she was always around to take out the trash.
Greg lost a good friend, and mod. The server's gone to shit since she's left it from what I've heard.

The only thing milky about Tamara is that she'll come on and defend herself about being called a dogfucker. The difference if we have evidence of Greg being inappropriate to teenagers, etc..

No. 1099563

uhh the only thing this proves is that people are sick of the same shit whats your point here

(autism) pretend its red.

No. 1099574

The people who post here just to bait her get banned too . Anyone with two brain cells knows to ignore those posts but for some reason someone has to come in to defend her honor against the obvious bait every time.


No. 1099576

I don't see the recent baiters get banned. Also she can't control what people do. And she's asked people not to defend her so much unless it's absolutely necessary otherwise, she tells them to leave it. I know because I was in her discord. She doesn't like attention. She didn't want to go on Hansen, either. She did that solely to get back at Greg because he started that rumour about her. She knew that was going to hurt him the most, obv.
If people are defending her still, who cares. It's not like anybody else is contributing anything of worth about the flakes anyway like another anon said.

No. 1099577

It'd be great if the whiteknighters would just, y'know, not take the bait. I guess that's not possible, though. Like how she can't seem to ignore the dogfucker thing. We know she's not, just some people want to continue as a joke. Just don't take it seriously guys. Really.

No. 1099580

its disgusting, thats why it hurts her so bad anything else said about her she genuinely laughs it off. It's because there are some so ADAMANT that they believe it's true even if they know it's not. Someone on KF actually told her to kill herself because she fucks dogs and "doesn't get their consent" that's when it stops being a joke, yanno?

No. 1099585


I guarantee you they are also being banned. Mods don't red-text every ban, especially not a shit show thread like this. You're doing her no favors by bringing more attention to the low effort bait posts

No. 1099587

it's not baiters, it's people who have current issues with her obviously. She just wants to be left alone and to heal and that's what I think the "white-knighters" are trying to convey. She does have a small following, she does not come here to defend herself and when she does she outs herself. i can understand wanting to be left alone after dealing with Onision that long… real talk.

No. 1099588

I really didn't know that. It's shitty, but the best way to make it go away, when it gets that bad, is to disappear. It's not going to stop. She just needs to go quiet and stay quiet.

No. 1099592

she's tried to. She's stopped talking on KF, twitter, and now really just hangs out with people in her circle, not trying to start one up with anyone or get involved in drama unless she has something of value to say then she disappears again. I've noticed her pattern with that… she really doesn't like confrontation and will only come around when she feels people are going too far. It's concerning us, the people she knows directly because she feels so trapped and doesn't understand why people still parrot the joke which is why she believes it's Onision.

He still talks about her in the discord.. often. And we know he socks KF and LC. And he is insanely stalkerish and obsessive with people he "boots out" of his life. She's said if people would just stop talking about her, she'd go away and doesn't understand the fascination.

No. 1099594


Yeah it's the people who have "current issues with her" who know if they post bait ("what's that dogfucker up to lately?") it'll cause a days-long self-fueled meltdown. so stop indulging the one-off comments. nobody else on the board wants to talk or think about tamara besides the bait poster/s and her/her white knights. The hours-long spergs across multiple VPNs, which she has openly admitted to doing in her emails, is making things 100x worse for her

No. 1099596

People aren't going to "just stop talking about her". Imagine if Onision went entirely MIA. You know people would still talk. Ever heard of "out of sight, out of mind"?

No. 1099600

And I don't mean to suggest that would make all of it stop, but if she and her following would just leave it be I guaruntee she'd feel better about it.

No. 1099601

she's banned on vpns too. She can't even read the pages properly they're upside down, so she'll ask someone if they can read it for her. We knew that person was from tumblr, because the owner of the tumblr disabled abilities to post so they came here to target Tam. They kept attacking her on tumblr for being supportive of Greg, which she's not anymore. It is a little bit ridiculous to keep harassing someone who isn't even a supporter of him.
She doesn't understand the fascination of why people need to talk about her. She was a former patron and mod and friend and she's neither one of those now. She recently had beef with that "Gewlda" person and found out she was a snake–so some people assumed she was coming here to shit things up since she did it on tumblr.

The thing is Onision is nearly everything people say he is, Tamara was just a former mod in his discord who had a shitty rumour started about her due to insecurity and jealousy from Onision himself. He's a public figure, so yeah people are still gonna talk.
its hard to feel better knowing behind your back people are calling you something it isn't true but I'll relay the message to her. I guess the only way one can truly understand how she feels is by living it themselves.

No. 1099614

also want to add that the only reason s he got banned on those vpns was because she outted herself. Do you really think it's "bait" when there was an anon in the last thread was desperate for a Tamara thread though? it's clearly vendetta by that point.
Nobody else wanted a thread. But the OP made one anyway and included her into it (in a not very subtle way) along with Heezy and Trisha but the main focus in this thread has been Tam.
White knighters are frustrated with the farmhands for allowing vendetta posts when it's against the rules and they are only enforcing things when they think it's Tamara posting.

No. 1099615

I realize that, and I do understand. Would it be so hard to go offline for a day, maybe a week or two? I'm sure her friends would understand. It sounds like she just needs a break from the internet, for her mental and physical health.

No. 1099618

she's already hardly been around much she came on yesterday to my knowledge to send Onision an email telling him off and then disappeared again. She's being very reclusive & lot of us are worried which is why we're telling farmhands to chill on her. Something is very off. The most we've seen of her online has been the last 2 days. She spends most of her time off-line painting now and she'll post some finished pieces to twitter then disappear again.

No. 1099622

so basically you're trying to slip in how she's painting and oh doing so great uwu and never ever comes here, along with some suicide baiting peppering.
so if this is true you guys aren't being her friends, you're enabling and triggering her by
"reading these posts to her".
cant even believe i'm actually entertaining this dumbass post with a real reply.

bottom line is that "her friends coming to defend her here" need to fuck off, and aren't doing her any favors here. even though we all know its her and not her friends but whatever, she isn't doing herself any favors here. but we already told her this about 18 million times. it won't ever sink in.
like, if you wouldn't reply to the obvious bait anymore they wouldn't enjoy doing this to you. so if you were to stop replying to them and making an idiot of yourself here, all this would end.
but again, we already explained this 18 million times to her. and if these so-called "friends" who are definitely "not her" are truly her friends, try and explain this to her. to stop replying, stop taking that bait.
then again, i might as well try explaining this to a plant. i think a plant would actually understand this sooner than tamara would.

No. 1099627

I would request her to talk to her, but if she's being reclusive even with her friends I doubt she'd want to talk to me. I'm happy to hear she's painting, and I hope that relieves some of the stress for her. Maybe the farmhands will lock the thread for a bit again. If they have any kind of sympathy for her.

No. 1099631

so fucking paint. fuck off here and just paint, get off the internet all together.

i mean you can pretend to be a fucking idiot here all you want and go for uwu she's so sad and blabla and painting not harming anybody so well have her do that. then stop replying here, stop taking the bait. have her stay off the internet. she's doing fine right? cool. so then these so called "friends" printing out and reading these posts to her on a megaphone or whatever you pretend to do, stop doing that. stop telling her, and just let her fucking paint.

great, problem solved.

No. 1099632


She is blacklisting this site on her browser and phone and says she's told people not to defend her again but like I've said, she can't control everyone. There shouldn't be anymore white-knighting after today.
suicide baiting? well gee fucking thanks bruh none of us thought she was considering an attempt by being fucking reclusive but i appreciate you making me paranoid
and like another anon said:
she isn't going to listen to strangers on the internet who have been known to bully the fuck out of her over the smallest shit
your attitude is uncalled for and not needed I never said she didn't come here? she came here until her vpns were banned (and I've said this)
staff here doesn't care she's already written them and the admin already publicly humiliated her and exposed her email address too
no one's talking to you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1099647

if that's true and you aren't talking to me then why the fuck bring up that shit here? why post your shit here if not for people like me to read it and reply to it? i was giving some friendly advice here, buckaroo. some grateful shit you are.
which is it btw because you are getting your stories mixed up: first you say all her proxies are banned here and she like gets this shit upside down, now you are telling us she blacklisted this fucking site.

which is it?

look, be mad at us all you want but the only reason you're mad is that you know we are right, but you come here and do the same shit every single time: first you get mad, and upset, then you start yelling at everyone accusing them to be people you know, and then you break down, claim to be your friends and go for uwu sympathy points. and then when all your new vpn proxies are banned again, you go quiet for some time, and sperge out again the next time someone mentions the word dogfucker here.

stop. doing. that. just get the hell off the internet and go paint your pictures of lassie, old yeller and lady & the vagabond. thats what you need to fucking do. in fact we dont even care what you do, just stay off of this site. i wish you would blacklist this site, we all do.

but you never will because its the only attention you get in life. you can't stay away, that's your problem. you can't stay away and you know we're right.

No. 1099648

I think a plant would be smart enough to realize that someone isn't going to listen to people who have been so aggressive to them simply for existing on an anonymous user-name you self-absorbed self-serving twat. People don't have to "stay off the internet" because you don't like them either. Like the people who whine at Onision to block them, you have the block feature on your end too. Use the ignore on your end for hers.

No. 1099653

>I think a plant would be smart enough to realize that someone isn't going to listen to people
you really are retarded. i've been trying to fucking give you advice. just like the last time i did that for you. this is the third time i tried to give you advice, i can see now how you always lose your friends and turn them in to enemies. i get why you're so paranoia now and think the world is out to get you.

look, you can go to any platform online you want and stan people, moderate, and try to be happy but realize one thing: wherever you go you always bring yourself, you always bring Tamara.

if you don't change your ways and get some help, and keep doing this, i guarantee you this will continue to happen time and time again. but go ahead, scold me again.

No. 1099654

Learn to read. Anon said that she was just black listing her site now. Your reading comprehension is not the best.
Stop assuming I'm Tamara. You care enough about her though to assume everyone here is her, or to bring her up in passing casually every other post.


Proves my point above… you cut off where I said "someone isn't going to listen to people who they know bully them". You really are a retard.

No. 1099657

oh and for the record, be mad some more but i am truly done trying to explain it to you now.

so good luck with your life, i genuinely mean that, and for the love of fuck go outside, and get some help. you really need psychological help because you are your own worst enemy, tamara.

No. 1099658

>Stop assuming I'm Tamara.
Sure, and i'm one of those people you keep yelling about, one of those many, many people you alienated.
i'm fucking done. so enjoy yelling in a void like you always do.

No. 1099659

says the person who makes fake edits about people, and pretends they hear dog noises in videos posted. I am not Tamara for the love of god you're as paranoid as the farm hand is. She can't even read the site you moron. Right, they need help. Not the people who like to tell people to kill themselves over fake rumours they hear on the internet, not at all.

No. 1099662

good go be done nobody asked for your advice because Im not tamara. Go find her twitter and good luck getting her to listen to you mate, you're a stranger on the internet, Stop looking for things that aren't there, and get some better reading skills.

No. 1099663

For the last fucking time it's not Tamara. Who are you even? Fucking Gewdla? Jesse? I don't remember who all has left the circle but whoever you are, chill out.

No. 1099664

anyone who knows tamara is automatically tam so over the 50+ people she has in her discord are definitely all her lol

No. 1099666

Pfft yeah, and I'm fucking lilsimsie

No. 1099670

sounds like someones projecting anger issues about how they themselves have no friends or people they can trust in their own life.
Well, with an attitude like yours I mean who could really blame them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1099694

they were obviously concerned for their friend and it's just as obvious Tamara is banned. She's easily blacklisting the site to not tempt her from getting another VPN to access it, wow logic. Something you don't seem to have huh?

Also will agree with another anon
catch more flies with honey than vinegar. When you want information about a cow, you be a decent human being. Not a total trash mammal. People are not going to be open to talking or taking advice from people with an attitude like yours.

No. 1099704

Gee I'm sorry I thought it was a joke so I made another joke. I get it, you're all great friends to Tamara, yadda yadda, point made.

No. 1099710

Hi, I’m Nick Rekieta; Vic Lasagna’s defense attorney or whatever.

Please come watch my stream and give your shekels so I can buy more whiskey, thanks!

Btw I’m not Tamara

No. 1099716

good one anon

No. 1099760

your jokes are about as bad as Gregs.

No. 1099777

Who are the losers that are a part of Tamara's following?? That is so embarrassing lol! Imagine a dogfucker have a following what in the actual fuck is this thread

No. 1099779

she had over 100 followers on her old twitter

Stop baiting.

No. 1099781

Lmao, her having 100 twitter followers does not equate to her vpn hopping and samefagging the absolute fuck out of this thread. She's a one woman dogfucking army. Let's be real.

No. 1099786

instead of everyone jumping the gun on being Tam, could someone please out this moron?
it'll be a nice change of pace to see a different name in red for a change.

No. 1099787

Tamara you're so odd, I can't be outted, this is an anon board and I'm not breaking any rules.

No. 1099788

1. You're baiting
2. I'm not Tamara This shit is finally dwindling down, don't stir it again because you saw something tonight that made you butt-hurt.
3. Neither was she when the farmhands were outting her.
They really don't seem to give two shits at this point.

No. 1099791

fuck off you baiting shit nugget

No. 1099794

It's not bait wanting to know who is in Tamara's following. (see >>1099543)
>A Tamara thread, now deal with the consequences when a cow has a small following.

Why would anon insinuate Tamara has fans and why would it be considered bait to ask who those fans would be and come and whiteknight for her itt?

No. 1099795

its baiting when you call her a dogfucker to lure someone back her in an attempt to get the ball rolling again

No. 1099797

She's known as dogfucker the way Greg is known as Onion boy. And she can only be baited if she's itt still posting. Really this is all her fault.

No. 1099802

You're making a baseless claim using that word when you do it.
It also comes off as vendetta-y and whiny like she did something personal to you to piss you off.
two people have already outted themselves as Tamara defenders here, we're not spoonfeeding you

No. 1099805

d'aw did she hurt your feels tonight during the Podcast? something she said? (btw you socked so piss-poorly in that chat Onion-man)(hi cow)

No. 1099807

It would only ever come off as whiny and vendettay if it was the dogfucker herself reading it and being offended. Ergo it's her fault if she's baited or upset. A woman her age should have more sense than to engage with people she refers to as tennie boppers and so forth(bait)

No. 1099809

tbf thats how the lot of you act in here gotta agree with her you act like high schoolers who always have to pick on someone because they have nothing else going for them

No. 1099811

im telling you to stop because this thread just calmed down i really dont care what you do but since you seem so far up tamaras ass one would think youd know who every single one of her friends are

No. 1099814

im another anon sick of that word being so carelessly thrown around here it's rude and disrespectful and classless (but thats expected of someone like Greg who came up with it I guess).
OH! I must be tamara because i said i also hate the dogfucker word and that it makes my stomach churn(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1099827

Imagine an autist like you who can't seem to grasp reality and is stuck so far up somebody's ass they couldn't see the truth if it was literally burned into their retinas.

No. 1099841

Hey dickhead, you done being a big bitch baby?

No. 1099844

What, you got nothing else to say? Was that really it?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1099858

File: 1607147452243.png (21.82 KB, 717x594, farmhandisacuck.png)

You probably premature ejaculate and have no friends, lets be real here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1099860

Fight me farmhand. Lets go.

No. 1099882

File: 1607148403440.png (Spoiler Image,97.39 KB, 696x564, Untitled.png)

in b4 farmhand bans me again(ban evasion)

No. 1099902

I couldn't imagine putting this much energy into lolcow.farm lmao

No. 1099910

No. 1099918

So this is all referring to Onision lore? I only know Tamara because she’s been shitting up the board so I don’t get these in jokes

No. 1099923

The Gewdla they keep referencing was a patron. As far as I know, the beef all began after an incident involving Slug and a discord voice chat. Or before. Actually I don't really know when the beef started but that's basically all you need to know. Oh they also claim to have MPD and turned their boyfriend gay (don't ask bc idk)

No. 1099991

File: 1607167436036.jpg (173.17 KB, 721x600, chronicconstipation.jpg)

No. 1100084

>in b4 Tamara fucks another dog.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1100166

It's more like losing every left shoe you've ever owned. In short, it's annoying as fuck and really not funny.

No. 1100203

it's not your fault the person or people who keep doing it are retarded and don't understand what baiting is and they keep coming back to do it kinda sad you'd think they'd learn. If it's not Tamara shitting up the thread, it's a very dedicated troll.
neither is saying that word over and over it gets old after two and a half years and still no evidence of her being what's claimed. It's baseless, and that's why farmhands are banning people who do it now. It contributes nothing to the thread. People want drama about the flakes, not petty vendettas.

No. 1100210

depends on several factors.
are you on the receiving end? (yes / no)
do you have a functioning sense of humor? (yes / no)
do you experience a lot of menstrual pains? (yes / no)
are you a dog owner? (yes / no)
the list goes on, its too much to post here, but theres factors. me personally, i think its hysterical.

No. 1100216

You must be a 12 year old boy then because that type of humor is very much relevant to 12 year old boys.

No. 1100262

you know who has the mindset of a 12 yr old boy?
he doesnt anon very well.

No. 1100265

yeah kiddos would think it's funny no hate tbf Onision thinks special ed jokes and setting special ed schools on fire is also funny you should be a stan if you aren't him youd fit right in with the shallots

No. 1100266

yes i am, how did you know?
omg i LOVE Onision, he's so beautiful and handsome, and cool!
super proud, im a super proud banana. you know greg told me he kicked you guys out for having sex with animals, is that true?
i'm michael by the way, i saw you complain about me being anonymous?

No. 1100267

just report fags like this and move on

No. 1100269

i mean, Greg admitted to sleeping with dogs himself and being attracted to animals many times so if you like that sorta thing go for it sport

No. 1100275

Now see posting shit like that makes you more than welcome here. From now on don't fucking cry when people say you fuck dogs and instead tell us how Greg fucks dogs. Then, eventually, you won't be called a dogfucker anymore.
Hell, just make shit up even about Greg I don't give a shit, just try and be entertaining in new and interesting ways.

No. 1100281

Didn't he claim his dog or his mom's dog (Boze I think it was or something) raped him?

No. 1100290

his name was indeed Boaz and I doubt the dog raped him. I heard a story that he put peanut butter on his balls and let Boaz come around
oh God I bet thats why he slowly gave away all his dogs the temptation was too great

No. 1100291

This is great information. Could you maybe also tell us moar about these whats their names Breezy and Weezy?
Just anything really, we wanna know.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1100292

Bet the reason he started the dogfucker thing with Tamara is because he was projecting

No. 1100309

Boaz I think it was a Speaks video
he gave leelu and caterpie away i think he still has dobs but wouldn't be surprised if he didnt
thats why shes so confused by the rumor she doesnt even have a dog to have given him an edge up to start the rumour anyway so its definitely projection hes also mad that she takes better care of her pets and gives them adequate housing than he does so naturally hes gonna hate her more shes shown her chinchilla on insta and twitter and he lives in an almost 6ft tall cage spoiled with toys and wood shelves greg keeps his hamsters in a tiny tales prison

No. 1100321

I remember he attacked a post she made showing her hamster's housing in a cage that was almost 600 square inches of unbroken floor space across and he made an account on twitter just to attack and put her down. This was when her twitter was public & made a big deal about it.
He also still talks about how she said she hated him for like a year in the discord cry moar baby lala. It seemed ridiculous that he made a whole ass account just to make fun of her for caring about her animals. So yes, it's projection.

No. 1100391

Can we stop talking about dogfucker for once and talk about the other dogfucker?

I’m referring to our favorite Canuck has been btw

ps: I’m not Tamara

No. 1100404

go find her on twitter if you wanna talk to her so badly
there's no drama going on with her atm so nobody cares to talk about her as much as you do
(hi gurgles)
the only has-been right now is you and your dying channels(hi cow)

No. 1100523

File: 1607211217829.jpg (160.47 KB, 837x669, Eof3JqdW8AoLA7C (2).jpg)

>She spends most of her time off-line painting now and she'll post some finished pieces to twitter.

I've seen some of Tamara's paintings and they're amazing! My favorite is an oil painting she titled "Self Portrait-Canem Amans."(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1100532

ur obsession with tamara is unhealthy go see a doctor

No. 1100539

anons like you dont learn i guess
they have a school for that you know it's called special ed

No. 1100543

Wow, we've definitely never heard that one before anon. Y'know, if you were smart you'd find something better to do with your time.

No. 1100556

i bet this is the same anon whining in town hall about being banned

No. 1100557

ah yes forgot everyone who disagrees with something in this thread is tamara
my bad
we dont care for the humor when its obvious bait anon

No. 1100572

no idea what you're talking about, but whatever. i just liked that painting.

No. 1100574

Oh you mean like how everyone who enjoys the jokes and her taking the bait is Greg, Michael, Gwelda, etc?

No. 1100579

That's not humor. It's absolute mental retardation. Y'all complaining about the thread being fucked up and yet its your own fault.

No. 1100580


No. 1100582

people see it as vendetta posts because nobody wants to do anything but bitch and moan about tamara all across the boards dummy
people think its people who've had beef with her because greg recently shat all over her in his discord and he obviously is butthurt about what she said last night too in order to come here and stir the pot hes not very good at anoning

No. 1100584

shes not even doing anything lol

No. 1100586

Did you ever stop to consider that this increases the comedy of it all? You guys playing Nancy Drew thinking its just one person, a person you know?

Also I would like to add: Do you honestly think Greg cares about Tamara?
Like, really?
Because if you do, you're truly delusional. With all the shit going on right now I think the least of his worried is a(ny) former pay piggie.

No. 1100589

I would also like to add to that that if Greg truly cared, he'd just ask her to come back. (and moderate for him again) You know she would. In a heartbeat.

No. 1100597

Oh look, a wild NotGreg appeared.(hi cow)

No. 1100598

sureeeeeee he doesnt care thats why he still brings her up every other day in his discord witchunt section whining like a bitter ex lover

No. 1100599

Yes, I am James. How did you know? Would you like to come back Tamara? I miss you. You don't even need to re-pay me, I will let you moderate again. Please come back?

No. 1100601

Yes I am James, please come back Tamara. I will let you moderate again. You don't even need to repay what you previously paid.

No. 1100603

she wouldnt moderate for greg if he paid her
fuck out of here with your bait

No. 1100606

But I am James, didn't you just say that? Aw shucks you won't moderate for me anymore? I can pay you for it, 50 bucks a week take it or leave it.
Go tell everybody how I want you to come back as a fan and moderator again.

No. 1100607

I will release a video soon to prove it is me, Tamara. It will probably come out tomorrow, maybe a little later. I will tell everyone how I begged you to come back, even offered to pay you, but you did not want to come back.
So keep a look out for that, k?

No. 1100608

Your troll game is weak sauce m8

No. 1100609

But I wasn't trolling. I was asking Tamara to please come back.
Don't you understand?
You will look pretty silly tomorrow when I release the video.
It will be on my Speaks channel.

No. 1100610

oh my god lmao

No. 1100614

this is as good as fake null but more effort -A

No. 1100615

You guys are so fucking dumb lol

No. 1100616

make it 70 and I'll think about it

No. 1100665

dont try to pretend to be cow and stop taking this bait

No. 1100668

guys i know how much you want the real tamara to show up and start sperging again but she's not going to do it so move on
i am amazed how this one person can make everyone so retarded (which i ironic because you all call her a retard)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1100671

well troller mc'trollson up there was pretending to be onision so why not

No. 1100675

what are you five?
"well they can do it so can I!" we're all supposed to be adults here let the farmhands take care of it and report it
100 percent agree

No. 1100676

If they're going to be a baitmonger the least we can do is have some fun with it. Don't be a party pooper anon.

No. 1100697

this is why the anons didnt want a tamara thread because it would just go in circles like this one has been for the last week now since she doesn't really engage in drama or defend any public figures
why did we need the same thing over and over again? you can only do the same thing to someone so much before they eventually become immune to it

No. 1100757

"Hi Cow" as a redtext means the poster was banned for committing the sin of accusing another poster of being one of the thread subjects, as they'll usually do so by saying, for example, "hi Tamara". It's been done a lot in this thread without punishment, but they want the Tamara sperging to die down, so it looks like they're enforcing this rule more now. They're not implying you're Tamara. But they're definitely calling you a newfag.


No. 1100798

im glad to see farmhands finally doing more monitoring to this thread. I don't think any of the sperg-outs we think or want to believe are Tamara are her at all. I think the beginning ones were, but these ones seem to be friends or dedicated trolls. But sadly, it wont stop the dedicated people from keeping her on topic even if its not meant to be a tamara thread and thats whats annoying people (myself included). We want to focus on someone else for a while or close the thread because by now there's no point in keeping it going to egg her on to get her to come back. I've also noticed she's not afraid to out herself so it's pointless to keep assuming everyone is her.

No. 1100880


its obvious greg is riling his cronies to come here probably his top two tier mods do it at their own accord too as one of them endlessly claims to be from the UK (he does have a British mod currently) actually, two I believe. He gets people riled up every discord call that's why anons have been speculating what they have I guess. You can hear the British one during the streams often

No. 1101065

yes thats all so obvious, he's still grieving very deeply over the loss of Tamara. Michael and Gwelda told me that he cries about her while setting a candle up every day before he cries himself to sleep at night.
I hear he blames Lainey for it.

No. 1101107

Greg doesn't need to rile his cronies. You know they come here.

No. 1101144

They're awful, keep coming here saying she fucks dogs. She don't fuck no dogs at all, it makes me so sad whenever I see it.

No. 1101162

>his top two tier mods

I apologize for this but I'm going to go off the main topic of Tamara the DogFucker for a minute.
Obviously McRetard is still sucking Gregs deformed cock, but who would be the second mod? Sarscars(Sarah) just got kicked out because her and Heezy were sending Greg SS of incriminating shit each other has said behind his back. And I haven't seen Lucidia in any of his recent discords or gaming streams, plus she deleted her Twitter a couple weeks ago when Heezy and Trisha got demodded and banned. So I assumed Lucidia left and is laying low because she'd get torn a new asshole by the Anti-O's and get hit with "I told you so" for getting chummy with Onision recently. Last discord chat I peeked in at it was just Greg, McFly, and a few male voices.

No. 1101232

File: 1607278816244.png (76.86 KB, 903x523, dogfucker cries.png)

Its not called "Townhall" you fucking newfag. Its the /meta/ thread for complaints, suggestions and issues. The reason you see "Townhall chat @ 11/8 8pm UTC +1" is because its been stickied to the top of the current /meta/ thread. The dog fucker whines in /meta/ too. >>>/meta/18024

Plus she goes a step farther and cries to the farmhands in appeals to her dozen of bans and then asks to see the manager by emailing the Admin. Neither did her any good because Admin laughed in her face.
>Just go to your local police department and demand that they arrest the people calling you a dogfucker on a basketweaving forum. It's better than the secondhand embarrassment.

No. 1101253

there's a mod in the discord named catdottir she whined about hating tam's guts during a stream and is still very heavily sucking his dick even after he called her emotionally unstable
cat is also an artist theres also a chance she could have done those edits
oh shut up and take your ban gracefully nobody wants you here not even the farmhands and they've gotten tamara's musings wrong before which is probably why they've stopped assuming everyone who posts is tamara now there's too much to keep track of she still has more balls than you do to actually come off of anon when she is posting here though

No. 1101280

File: 1607281759364.jpg (56.97 KB, 722x193, 8679567.jpg)

Did you tell Tamara to take her bans gracefully when she used a shitty VPN, pretended to be "her discord friends" and spammed the thread for a whole day about how the farmhands were illegally gathering info on LC posters and threatening to go to the authorities? Take Admins advice, go to the police about the dog fucking slander and supposed doxxing. See how quick they escort you out of the substation. No one likes Tamara the Dogfucker. Not the farmhands, not even Admin.

No. 1101284

My spouse and I talked it over and 70 it is. See you on discord! Welcome back! We got a lot to talk about I made some changes we need to go over and then we are good to go.

No. 1101289

You must be a new special kind of stupid.

No. 1101292

looks like they don't like you either
nobody seems to want you here and want you to go away
you contribute nothing besides whining and her whiteknights have outted themselves i know you like to think she has no friends but you may need to accept it. Oh. One more thing. Also sorry mate it is doxing to reveal someone's personal information that isn't publicly listed anywhere
take my advice: go to some therapy about your OCD
but suddenly a new contender appears >>1101284

No. 1101293

Sounds great. Glad to be back!

No. 1101294

File: 1607282267372.png (567 B, 102x21, (ban evasion).png)

In b4 farmhand

No. 1101295

we told you to stop taking this bait and pretending to be tamara

No. 1101297

hey dumbass? she's not going to magically appear because you pretend to be her i dont know what your end-game is with this but its weak. Stop.

No. 1101298

what are you doing with your life that makes you want to be this retarded

No. 1101303

I feel bad about about the whole dog rumor thing. I had no idea people were hounding you about it this much while it was just an inside joke. I thought it was a harmless prank but I was wrong. I want to issue a public apology about that so people won't bother you about that anymore.
Would that be ok with you?

No. 1101307

oh ffs can we please get a lock on this thread a lot of use could use the break from retards like this >>1101300, >>1101293, >>1101232 or move onto another cow god im so tired of hearing about this tamara bitch what has she even done? it seems like every-time she challenges or says something uwu mean about Onision publicly he comes here and spergs out
stop. Greg doesnt even call Lainey his "spouse" its husband when he brings her up in passing.

No. 1101308

It's okay with me. Let's put this rumor to rest. It's made me even more depressed about my life than usual. I've been thinking about mixing my medications with alcohol again :-(

No. 1101309

i dont know where you get your information she never mixed anything with alcohol mate

No. 1101311

Then lets kick off the new year with a clean slate! I have a lot of fun projects coming up and I'm very happy you get to be a part of that!
Talk to you soon!

No. 1101315

i hope they involve keeping your dick in your pants
theres no way youre the real onision
holy fucking hell youre a bad impersonator lol

No. 1101319

They probably get their information from all the other dumb fucks in this thread.
Look here buddy. Here's a list of things you can do to help you get over your obsession with Tamara:

Go to the park
Read a book
Take up a hobby
Fuck off

No. 1101325

What if I rather go to the park, read here and masturbate to Tamara's replies, since that is my hobby?

No. 1101327

File: 1607283709497.jpg (87.55 KB, 686x686, n4scgse21iuz.0.jpg)

No. 1101330

a weeb? on MY lolcow farm?
Its more likely than you think.

No. 1101332

Hmm..well have you tried drain cleaner?

No. 1101337

a retard? on MY lolcow farm? Its more likely than you think.

No. 1101338

But I don't have any dog cum in my pussy?

No. 1101339

well thats for damn sure.
and she fucks dogs.

No. 1101340

It's not for your pussy anon..

No. 1101343

all ive seen as evidence have been the worst edits
thanks for killing the thread

No. 1101346

Y'know, if we keep this up long enough eventually we'll have maxed out the thread.

No. 1101350

im so tired of seeing tamara baiting these retards keep thinking shell come back and "sperg" if she sees this crap but shes pretty immune to it now id imagine

No. 1101352

well this isnt vendetta posting if i havent seen it

No. 1101357

Yes, it does get tiring doesn't it? She could always just drop off the face of the Earth. That sounds nice actually. Rid us all of her dogfucking stench.

No. 1101358

You're telling me Tamara has dog jizz in her throat too?

No. 1101360

I ain't even mad, anon. You saw an opportunity and took it graciously.

No. 1101362

too bad she's not the one here posting but people dont have to disappear because you want them to?
you could stop stalking her like a fucking creep-o?

No. 1101363

yes take one look at this thread and see how immune she is to the word dog fucker..
mention it once and she keeps going for 2 weeks or more.

No. 1101364

she hasnt even been here? the only ones keeping it going are you right now in hopes she does come out

No. 1101365

I believe that about as much as Mickey Mouse being the president of Mongolia.

No. 1101366

No I don't think I will. I relish in her suffering :D

No. 1101368

Then another thread will be created dummy. I vote for the dog, peanut butter & KY jelly lube painting to be next Flakes thread header pic. >>1100523

p.s. any word on that lolcow award nomination for tamara?

No. 1101370

like I said before, I believe that about as much as you being the minister of pussy.
I do however theorize that you might be that one retard from Kiwifarms who does seem to white knight her quite a lot.
That might explain how you would sound slightly less retarded than her.

No. 1101371

enjoy relishing in your ban too i guess

No. 1101372

Oh great, dickhead stalker is still here. Hey bitch, you done? No? Keep it up asshole, I've already alerted the authorities. I hope they find your ass and arrest you. Fucking prick.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1101373

I'm hoping Tamara will win the golden iPod on ED. but I bet that has about as big a chance as Kanye being the new POTUS

No. 1101375

Good luck with that, Lassie.

No. 1101379

she hasnt done anything overly milky to warrant a thread
most of the anons didnt even want this one but the op is an idiot who doesnt know how to listen
much like you retards

No. 1101380

im genuinely curious how old are you?

No. 1101381

Dumb-fuck anon, I'm not talking about here. You really think I'm that stupid? No, this bitch has been stalking my socials and everything else they think they can get me on. On top of that, they're fucking harassing Tamara and her friends too. You want anyone to blame for this thread going to shit it's them with their stupid vendetta posting.

No. 1101384

My favourite thing about Tamara is that she confuses colloquialisms from NI as anons being Greg. Just calling her a spastic or retard makes her accuse you of being Greg because he's the only person on the planet that would ever call her that. Because Tamara is very astute and stable obviously. There's no reasons anyone would laugh at her. Except maybe the 10 or so people she'll name as having beef with her. She clearly doesn't know what to do with her free time not modding for Onion anymore so she tries to backseat mod here.

No. 1101389

Onision can also drop off the face of the earth but that aint happening either so just deal with it i guess. For someone who doesnt like her and wishes she'd go away you sure talk about her a lot. Generally people who dont like someone dont try to get their attention but youre a special kind of stupid
wow youre pathetic. Whining because she used to be a moderator for onision? did she ban you lol thats a pretty crappy reason to hate someone especially when you didnt even know them like you claim to not

No. 1101392

Hello there Cheyanne! It's so good to see you :D
Be grateful because I could easily out all of your information, right here on this thread. It's amazing how easy it is to find everything on a person from their name and state ;)
27 :P(hi cow :D ;) :P )

No. 1101394

I've never paid to be a fan of a pedophile, unlike Tamara.

No. 1101400

By the way, you should watch what accounts you link to your discord, darling B)

No. 1101403

shes not a fan anymore.
Nice doxxing threat :)
27? my ass. You act 14.(:) )

No. 1101404


I like how Not-Tamara is using new jargon to throw us off the scent. Is "blimey" and "bloody" next? No one believes anyone coming to the dog-fuckers defense isn't just Tamara on a $19.99 VPN. The farmhands have proved its Tamara again and again. I have a proposal for all the "Not-Tamaras" itt. Post a short proof of life video somewhere and link it. You can hide your identity by covering your head with a blue towel or something. Until the proof of life videos are uploaded no one believes Tamara has friends or confidants.
pro-tip: don't call your self Junior Jenkins or Jenkins Jinkies in the POL video.

No. 1101409

If Tamara and her friends stopped shitting up the thread I'm sure everyone would be happy to move on. This is just cementing her legacy as "dogfucker". She's shooting herself in the foot. This thread is to document the bizarre and unhinged shenanigans of Onion's orbiters and since Tamara won't let her connection to Grease die, neither will the dogfucking. The fact that she thinks Greg is responding to her in this thread just shows she is not coping well with getting kicked out of his gay little club. The bitch needs to move on with her life.

No. 1101414

So if you guys could not pay any mind to the dumb-fuck splerging personal info that'd be great. Please and thanks.

No. 1101416

my imitation of everyone in this thread:

>>dogfucker uwu

>>bad edits here
>>Tamara supported onision so we hate Tamara even though she doesn't support him anymore

have i missed anything? can we move on now?
thats because youre an idiot and a butthurt faggot hwo deserves their own thread because they cant get over that someone used to moderate for onision while he still has cows who pay him like mcretard and catdotir active in the discord youd rather focus on someones whos left
what the fuck?

how has she not let the connection with Greg die? shes not a fan anymore.
>>the bitch needs to move on with her life
which is funny coming from someone obsessing about someone being a former fan of onision hah

No. 1101422

Tamara we know you were kicked out of Greg's club by him. You were bad mouthing victims until Greg kicked you out. You clearly have no actual friends which is why you're still clinging to this relevancy. People are laughing at your autism and how you keep failing to see you're bringing the trolls on to yourself because you keep responding to insults. McFly doesn't come in and sperg about anons calling her McRetard. Blasiain doesn't come and defend herself. No one does apart from Tamara and Rage Retard in the main thread. Why don't you see if you can join his discord? He likes older woman maybe you have a chance of happiness there

No. 1101437

1. Since you seem so obsessed with Tamara, I'm surprised you don't know that she publicly apoligized for the victim bashing. The only thing she ever said negatively about the victims was how Regina was vetting people to go on Hansen (know your facts)
2. Greg didn't kick her out. By his own admittance. She left, he whined for her to come back, and then he kicked her after she told him to fuck off with his put-downs.
3. the only people clinging to relevance are you lot, because none of you can let go of anything after Tam's left the discord. I'm sure if the lot of you obsessively talked about Blasian and McFly this much, they'd be sperging out all over the boards. Two of her friends have already outted themselves, (you don't pay attention well).
4. Why don't you mind your own business? she wants nothing to do with Greg or his discord so I don't get this convincing her to go back thing. Stop the baiting if you want her to leave. There's no drama about her right now, so why the need to cling to the fact that she was a former patron?

No. 1101442

Like I said before, this goes on long enough and we're gonna max the thread. Sure, some anon will make another, but maybe not?

No. 1101504

There are many, many people defending Tamara. Its not just her, can't you see that? They just type all the same.
She is so well loved and liked, everybody loves Tamara and so now they all come here checking here religiously to defend them whenever somebody calls her a dogfucker.
Its all they do, day and night, just check here and defend her for weeks on end. All for her.

No. 1101520

if that is the case I will make sure its even worse for her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1101522

so how do you explain the doxer

No. 1101527

I don't know why she keeps making that up, she was never doxxed. If she had been trust me this place would be buzzing with pictures of her stupid face.
We can still make it happen for her if she likes? I mean if she keeps carrying on like this? After all that was our deal and she never stuck to it.

No. 1101528

you really need some therapy m8

No. 1101530

How about C and Flitch?

No. 1101533

If thats true then so does the rest of the world. Don't even try and tell me you never had fun at someone elses expense.

No. 1101536

I seen those names but I never seen Tamara get doxxed. Again, if that was the case this place would be littered with all her social media accounts, pictures and she'd be receiving 8000 pizza's a day.
But like I said, if she keeps carrying on like she has been then it may still happen for her. Just ask.

No. 1101538

Well I'm not a shit human being so

No. 1101540

Well hello there Jesus Christ. So you're finally back huh? For Tamara? Miraculous dog / human mix messiah birth?

No. 1101546

Who do you think I am m8?

No. 1101549

Since you just claimed to be without sin I assumed you where the son of God?

No. 1101551

threatening to doxx someone in an attempt to scare them off the internet so you get your way is not having fun at someone's expense
I honestly hope the farmhands make her a banned subject just to spite the lot of you and make you cry more

No. 1101554

Fun at someones defence? Whats that? a misspelled new martial arts class?
But I get what your autistic brain is trying to say. I wasn't threatening, not-Tamara "m8", it was a promise. If you keep pissing enough people off, it will happen.
Oh yes, we are crying, tears of laughter. You were the one source of entertainment for us in 2020.

No. 1101556

people who defend someone generally will say the same shit its like how you all say the same shit over and over about her being a dog-fucker but couldn't possibly be only one person doing it right?

No. 1101557

You want to be doxxed then?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1101560

oooh i bet shes real scared lmao

No. 1101561

That's not what I said. I said I don't have fun at other people's expense. That's shitty m8

No. 1101565

Can you stop with the "m8" shit? It makes you seem even stupider than you already are, and it doesn't fool anyone in to thinking you're someone else.

No. 1101566

run tam the internet bullies are coming to getchu

No. 1101568

You're the real stupid here m8. I ain't Tamara.

No. 1101569

doxx me harder dadddddddy oh yeaaaaaaah enjoy your ban i hope it's a long one so we finally have some peace

No. 1101571

Its hard getting trough her autistic brain. So far we've only tried to explain it to her 16.000 times. Maybe we need to do it in some sort of simplistic comic strip for autistics, maybe then she'll understand.

No. 1101574

We tried to explain it to you too
that shes not going to listen to people who have trashed on her on the internet but maybe youre too overly autistic to handle that thought or process it

No. 1101575

Jokes on you for thinking you'd ever get a break here

No. 1101579

joke'll be on you when you piss off the farmhands enough i guess which im sure they wont take kindly to your doxxing threats either ;)
you have some serious issues with a girl that made some mistakes and has made up for them which is more than what Onision has ever done( ;) )

No. 1101581

still hope they make her a banned subject just to make you squeal

No. 1101584

i so second this

No. 1101590

we can only hope

No. 1101597

exactly who cares?
why are people still harping on about this old news shit? why cant like one or two people let go of her saying some off handed shit while a patron of gregs because she was clearly manipulated by him into thinking the girls were the enemies? yes, adults can get manipulated too especially if they are weak minded

No. 1101623

those twitter alts ppl were so convinced were her still cant be proven to this day but gurgles also makes 10000 socks on twitter and the only defense they have is "Tamara followed it" other people followed the accounts as well. They just wanted to hate on her because it was Tam.

No. 1101632

File: 1607294101183.gif (1.38 MB, 537x358, Look at me Dogfucker.gif)

>Its all they do, day and night, just check here and defend her for weeks on end. All for her.

Does Tamara really believe she's fooling anyone while pretending to be discord friends, concerned white knights and Null? She needs a better VPN and learn how to change her syntax when posting. Its a dead giveaway.
Isn't she on disability for mental issues? Maybe up the dosage on her crazy meds or contact her doctor about this alarming behavior.

No. 1101650

right because the way you three people type out dog-fucker and attacking the girl with the same shit over and over isnt a give away that you arent only one or two of the same people?

No. 1101652

yes please kill yourself
do everyone a favor

No. 1101654

You're the one with mental issues here anon. Maybe you should contact your doctor about it?

No. 1101660

Don't wish death on all of Tamara's pretend friends. Who will she have at her fancy tea parties if they pretend die?

I'm not on Canadian welfare for a mental disability (being sad all the time) and getting $1200 a month for that grift. She is.

No. 1101664

didnt you attack tam for being on welfare in your discord the same way during a stream Greggy-poo? you don't anon very well at least she puts some effort in you should be on disability though maybe then you won't have to keep pushing out those shitty youtube videos anymore

No. 1101665

What good will that do? We'll just go all over the rest of the internet. Heck, maybe even make some youtube videos about her.
Best hope that will never happen, "m8", because that would make it no longer contained.

No. 1101666

you wouldnt make a youtube video because that would give away who you are and her the ability to strike it down ;)

No. 1101667

Nice self reflection btw, definitely "not-dogfucker Tamara"

No. 1101668

Then we'll go to bitchute. Bitchute doesn't give a shit.
Trust me when I say theres always worse. Keep with the smiley's like that and earn your very own ED page as soon as ED is back online.
We'll make it our first priority.

No. 1101670

who's we anon?

No. 1101671

the ed age will consist of one lonely paragraph followed by made up nonsense and very bad edits like here
i love how you think you can control people with intimidation show us more

No. 1101672

Oh for sure we want you to strike it down, since you need to give your personal information to flag a video for that. It would show us your full real name.
So by all means, flag those videos.

No. 1101673

So you want the ED page then? Ok, we will definitely make her one.
And get it featured on the front page.
You just fucked up.

No. 1101675

incel alert
i take it your ban expired from the last thread when you morons came here with your threatening bullshit to try and scare tam into silence huh? amazing how one girl has so much power over you lot

No. 1101677

she knows someone who mods for ed go ahead it'll be down faster than you can get it up gene

No. 1101678

File: 1607295538295.png (100.66 KB, 417x235, 41123.PNG)

Stevie Wolfe made a video about Onision and mentioned "the 38 year old dog fucker" while talking about his mods and fans. That's the same night Tam Tams ODed on her medication. That was only one video, I can only imagine what would happen if more videos about Tamara the Dog Fucker started popping up in peoples recommendations when searching for Onision related topics on YouTube.

No. 1101679

I'll ask again, who is we anon?

No. 1101680

Alright, lets make a check list here i'm putting it in notepad as we speak, you just ordered yourself:

1. Youtube videos about you. We would love for you to flag those and show us your private information. That will make no 2 the doxxing easier.
2. Doxxing.
3. Your own ED page
4. A bitchute video about you.
Would you like anything else?
So then it doesn't matter right? Thats great.
You are about to find out.(extreme autism)

No. 1101683

which was it because I want to confirm this

No. 1101684

too bad stevie apologized to her on KF for doing that video. Your point?
wow you guys are that scared of tamara what does she have on you to make you want her off the internet so bad i wonder?
Greg did you sleep with McFly? does she know something about another patron and you that you're frightened by??(hi cow)

No. 1101685

I smell bullshit

No. 1101686

>she knows someone who mods for ed

Is this similar to how she's besties with Null and got him to come to the flakes thread to defend her? Okay sure.

No. 1101687

lol no she really does know somebody who knows someone that mods for ed least thats what they claimed

No. 1101689

>too bad stevie apologized to her on KF for doing that video. Your point?

Hollow apology since the video is still up and people can still see him calling Tamara a dog fucker for years to come.

No. 1101691

theyre just trying to get the upper hand in scaring tam off the net its not going to happen its obviously someone scared that she knows something way personal about them tam come back to lc, share everything and let your freak flag fly dont be intimidated by these pussies

No. 1101693

Operation Dog Year just started.

Stay tuned - January first 2021.
Its off this message board now, like Tamara requested. No more replies / info from us.

See you soon..

No. 1101694

I have a feeling we know who it is, and I'm willing to put money on it that they're working at it with a few others.

No. 1101695

she doesnt care yappy fuck

No. 1101696

oooh we're so scared lmao
hey farmhands, does this kind of threat warrant any type of outing at all? askin' for a friend

No. 1101718

im sure shes terrified of angry cuck productions and his -1 followers lmao I wonder if hes still mad at tam for finding all of his alts in the server even though he gave them away stupidly himself during his stream?

No. 1101720

I actually have his IP address.

No. 1101721

thats ironic

No. 1101727

these fags were the same people who said similar shit in the last thread i guess slug's been grounded by mommy for doxxing until now … not even joking. He got in trouble with his mum

No. 1101728

No really. When he was alting I gave him an account and it got me his IP

No. 1101731

youre my favourite anon

No. 1101733

File: 1607298223830.png (114.12 KB, 1096x875, _gone_.png)

>theyre just trying to get the upper hand in scaring tam off the net its not going to happen

Its kinda already happened. Deleted Patreon, deleted Reddit, deleted Instagram, Tamara hasn't posted at KiwiFarms since that humiliating slap in the face she got from her new "scrote friends" and I think she's up to the hundreds in deleted Twitters. Lolcow is her only refuge. Let the poor thing stay.

No. 1101737

File: 1607298283670.jpg (40.13 KB, 450x150, peanutbutterandjelly.jpg)

I know I'll probably get a ban for asking to be spoonfed but where do we submit our banners for consideration?

No. 1101744

you know its easy to just change your handles right?
oh you mean heathcliffe? a potential 'nother Greg sock cuz he likes to sock kf more than he anons piss-poorly here
also she's not wrong though if you think she's committing a crime, go to the police don't spend hours shitting up the threads on LC to do it they don't care either guaranteed

No. 1101745

File: 1607298480648.png (43.07 KB, 963x744, slug ip 2.png)

since I'm not a doxxer I won't show his actual location and for my safety I won't show the name of the account but here's some proof my statement's legit

No. 1101747

Let's just say he's from Virginia and leave it at that lmao

No. 1101748

your asshole 'round the corner to the left
thats the best thing ive seen all day he also sucks at intimidating people

No. 1101758

Didn't Blasian already dox slug and send a letter to his university. And slug requested his uni give him all the info about who sent the letter and then he doxxed Blasian? You ex-Onision mods are stupid as fuck lol.

No. 1101762

I'm not Blasian if that's what you're implying. Nope.

No. 1101766

we all know it was greg not being able to stand the attention she got from KF he even came on as an NDA account and tried to get them to talk about her and got jumped on the same way he did by anons here for trying to make a tamara thread
was he born an inbred thatd explain a lot
they weren't stupid enough to get caught with alts on one's own live stream then wonder why they kept getting banned in the discord lmao

No. 1101767

If you'd look closely at the date, I obtained his IP way before he was doxxed and I only shared it with one person. That person was not Blasian.

No. 1101771

uh oh sluggy's been a naughty boi

No. 1101774

File: 1607299599872.jpg (320.25 KB, 879x1247, 1605394405531.jpg)

We know it's all the dog fucker playing make believe that she's a bunch of "friends of Tamara."


>the attention she got from KF
You mean the 30+ scrotes who called her autistic, dumb and mad at the internet? I guess any attention is good attention.

No. 1101775

slug youll never be famous on the internet go away before someone calls yer mum again. Didn't you already repeatedly post this stupid screenshot in the other thread? im sure people have called you worse

No. 1101776

Wow. You are persistent. You are also a dimwit. Fuck off slugsie

No. 1101777

he claims he talks slow because he speaks in another language i think he's just retarded shows in both how he acts and conducts himself online yikes

No. 1101779

When is the dogfucker going to come back around to thinking everyone talking shit is Onision? Someone needs to make a "DOGFUCKERS WHEEL OF USUAL SUSPECTS!" She can spin it and figure out who the culprit is that day(hour)

No. 1101784

she doesnt need to figure out if its onision or not anymore we have onision's biggest fan and gracing us with his presence right here may i present angry cuck-hole productions aka slug-fucker aka gets grounded by mummy for doxxing peeps on the 'net

No. 1101785

you're just mad because mommy told you off for being an idiot on the internet

No. 1101789

lol i wonder if she took his phone privileges away too
hey slug do another live stream then wonder how the mods were finding your alts come on it'll be fun

No. 1101796

Slug you may think it can't get any worse, but believe me when I say that while I might be nice about it now I can easily just post the whole uncensored screenshot in the future. What is there to lose? You've already been doxxed once.

No. 1101797

I guarantee dogfucker will roll around to thinking everyone is Onision again, calling him out in her posts and getting a few dozen (hi cow) bans for it. SS my post because I'll rub your nose in.

No. 1101799

ouch we touched a nerve methinkith i guess we'll have to take some time out of our day now to call yer mum and tell her youre making doxxing threats on the 'net again

No. 1101803

Calm your fucking tits Kevin(hi cow)

No. 1101809

Give the wheel a spin and see which paranoid delusion comes up!

No. 1101812

Why don't you just out yourself already then dimwit?

No. 1101818

Post a proof of life video to prove these discord friends are real. I'm sure its not just Tamara on a VPN. Until then we all know its just the dogfucker putting on a new hat every 5 minutes.

No. 1101824

I'm not showing you live video of me.

No. 1101827


we should have known it was you since nobody else was as obsessed with tam as you were while she was in the discord… and now out of it. And why would she reveal her friends discords information? she ain't a doxxer like you

No. 1101831

hey kev, just go into r/onision and ask her for proof instead of shitting up the thread you absolute fucking retard or are you that afraid of her?

No. 1101837

hey kevin, tell us again how your alts got discovered in the Onision discord? lmao this fucking guy… went live on all of his alts during a stream and then was like "oh no they nuked another one!"

No. 1101840

File: 1607302278409.webm (19.41 MB, 320x180, tamara no dog.webm)

But you already showed your apartment to prove you weren't hiding a dog. How hard would it be to put a towel over your head, change your voice and pretend to be a DogFucker Defender? We'll TOTALLY believe you.

Didn't she delete her reddit account because "no ones going to run her off" lol >>1101733

No. 1101843

I'm not Tamara dumbass

No. 1101844

youre afraid of msging her on r/onision because shell ban you right?

odd she didnt sound upset at all in that video she was clearly trolling oh is this the video everyone claims they hear dogs in? (i guess a nutso like you would tho) sounds like someones jealous she can live on her own while you still have to live with mommy.

No. 1101852

File: 1607302708729.webm (276.27 KB, 640x360, here doggy doggy.webm)

Yeah, we hear that A LOT! And we believe it every time. Even when the farmhands slap a big fat (Tamara) on the post.

Cant message the DogFucker since she deleted her Reddit account and ran off with her tail between her legs.

No. 1101857

often people who call others things or attack them about something personal like a disability or calling them a retard have been called that themselves before stop projecting.

Hey Slug, remember that 10.00 you gave to Tam because you felt soooooooo bad for what you did to her? if she gave it back to you would you do everybody a favor and fuck off? also dont steal people's videos. But I did catch her views on that. She did better than it on yours.
Slug, you share a discord server with her you absolute cringe-tard.

Farmhands have stopped doing that all willy nilly because other anons have been getting accused of being Tamara too. Your argument is invalid. Also why are you keeping pictures of Tam on your hard-drive you creepy shit?

No. 1101860

You seem pressed LOL! Good.
See you tomorrow. Don't get run off LC while I'm gone.

No. 1101861

you wouldnt have anything of value to say to her anyway she'd probably just tell you to fuck off

No. 1101872

is your mum taking away your internet privileges for the night? what am i pressed about?
we want you to go away
you contribute nothing to this thread or society your videos are absolute garbage to the extent that drama tubers won't even work with you what am i missing here?

No. 1101882

File: 1607303873808.jpg (57 KB, 702x242, lmao.jpg)

that true kevin? pretty sure you got in trouble for doxxing with mommy(hi cow)

No. 1101945

File: 1607310272797.png (280.25 KB, 586x785, lucidia.png)

meanwhile there's some FANTASTIC drama going on with the flakes but we can't move onto enjoy it because nobody wants to let go of their shitty vendettas about a girl they're never gonna meet who doesn't even have a social media presence

No. 1101998

This was literally already posted >>1082245.

If you're going to shit on her do us all a favor and have something milky and original for once. This thread has become total aids because of you Tamara spergs.

No. 1102006

natch, with slug's "brain injury" he would see collies and German shepherd's where there aren't one this guy is seriously mental cant keep friendships, makes drama-tubers pissed at him, and cant let go of anything he still has a hate boner for tam because she was in the onion cord and still longs for her after shes left
methinks its time to give his mom a call again … maybe school haven't decided which yet. Took people a while to figure out who was behind it, but we can confirm it's slug. A brain injury and autism will only get you so much pity before people just think you're a downright ass-hole(cow tipping)

No. 1102013

I just browsed the last several hours of this thread and it's the exact same vendetta bullshit from the last one. My guess is these same retards were sperging about Rag in pt/Onision, linking to ED, mentioning Tamara, etc.

Tamara said something about people dm'ing her telling her to come here >>1082769, >>1082797 looks like most of them are probably posting here. You'd think they wouldn't take the words of a child groomer seriously but then we're obviously not dealing with high IQ's. Thread might have to be locked for awhile. Total mess.

No. 1102029

well, we cant expect much from the brain-dead shallots that keep willingly defending him. However, Lucidia had him fooled–and it makes me wonder how many genuine fans he has left in there… I can't help but also wonder if a lot of the sperg-outs about Tamara being made are from the Psycho-brat of Washington State™ himself. It seems every time he sees her active somewhere commenting, he spergs out on a twitter account. He's been up her ass and Heatboss's lately. I know people like to think he gives her no mind, but he's been known to obsess heavily over everyone who exits his life whether he's kicked them or they've left on their own. There's never a "clean break" with him. He desperately wanted a thread made about her, he's still clearly butt-hurt about her going on Hansen which I'm sure was her exact intention. She should do a more-together follow up show with Chris… I'd love to see Greg squiggle like a worm on a hook. Too bad she's done with Onision drama, though.

No. 1102041

Posting here because it includes Lucidia. Does anyone remember when the original livestream went down? I can't find it.(direct link)

No. 1102044

hes so odd… why does he always refer to himself in the third person? he's not a "character" like he tries to make every-one think he is.

No. 1102087

I wanna ask what Tamara did, but I know people will claim to "lurk moar" but I can't fucking lurk more because all these snow threads keep being shit up by people spamming dog-fucker

No. 1102093

she didnt do anything she was a former patron who now doesnt want anything to do with Onision who was manipulated by him into thinking the girls were evil so she said some things but then recanted them and apologized publicly the dog fucker thing was a rumour started by Onision due to his jealousy when she was being campaigned to be admin in his discord by other people who liked her more its really just pointless vendetta posting nothing to concern yourself with much

No. 1102101

ffs can we PLEASE talk about someone else who actually has drama surrounding them currently? the bitch has been out of the discord for almost a year now endlessly talking about her to bait her her like, I'd love to see one day where nobody mentions her or the word dog-fucker like another anon posted post something of relevance or fuck off im surprised this thread hasnt been locked yet after doxxing attempts and threats

No. 1102152

File: 1607342235904.jpeg (185.86 KB, 1125x1881, 1412B292-0280-46AB-853D-B3E70C…)

Gregory von der Poo responded - Part 1

No. 1102153

File: 1607342282737.jpeg (55.56 KB, 1494x534, E3C12013-DF44-4B78-8849-68A0ED…)

Gregory von der Poo responded - Part 2 : electric boogaloo

No. 1102238

File: 1607355557311.jpeg (114.9 KB, 640x790, 02C38F0A-1520-42CD-AF40-0068CB…)

The Lucidia arc is weird. I know she frequented the old forums as a fan and then was a vocal anti-O. So now she trolled him and is claiming it deeply affected her mental health? Sounds like an obsession. At least she was able to get milk on the Discovery documentary during her mental decline.

No. 1102242

File: 1607355734923.jpeg (72.79 KB, 639x588, 0C02EC2D-0C0B-4C10-B4D3-EDDA63…)

Confirmation of how she obtained the information. Notice luxymoo is the one asking the question.

No. 1102246

File: 1607355976726.png (111.19 KB, 640x1136, 0403A00A-278E-4367-B604-587566…)

She’s a wreck.

No. 1102247

File: 1607356057099.png (200.81 KB, 640x1136, CC799CCC-3A4A-4E20-B3DB-CCAEBA…)

No. 1102248

File: 1607356204879.png (346.61 KB, 640x1136, 65865B7C-9B79-4C2A-ADF4-C9D707…)

I know 7 hours earlier I was begging for help from internet strangers but stay mad. I’m totally winning even though I jeopardized my mental health and ruined relationships to troll Onision. I’m so much better than him. Right? RIGHT???

No. 1102249

I don't mean to tinfoil and this isn't an outright accusation, but given how she's talking about trolling could she be the one with the Rag and Tamara obsession?

No. 1102251

File: 1607356335413.png (103.97 KB, 640x1136, 021CA43A-FB89-4110-A544-D9DCAC…)

Still winning. Am super cool troll.

No. 1102252

Oh for sure. I think she needs attention. She’s someone who wants to be in the middle of things by any means.

No. 1102254

File: 1607356745452.png (105.13 KB, 640x1136, 29A75F61-DB55-4F91-8236-A39B25…)

All these tweets are in a matter of hours. She’s all over the place. Remember she also friended all the Onision victims. Her story is bizarre.

No. 1102259

Looks more like troll shielding to me, like going "hurr durr I was just trolling" or "it was a social experiment". The fact that she claims she joined to "troll greg" and emphasizes it so much makes me skeptical of her claims.
Still, she was a good source of milk.
Again, I'm not trying to say that it is her for sure, but she sure fits the bill, also how mentally unstable she seems to be.
I mean why the fuck would you lose your marbles when you go out trolling? Seems to be you'd be better off at a therapist instead of trying to be a troll online. Simple case of getting out of that kitchen if you can't stand the heat.
Plus no one ever asked her to do it, she wasn't getting paid to do it, so why do that in the first place?
I find her claims dubious at best.

No. 1102263

"Thank you for making me realize its not all my fault"? really? But it is all your fault, you did all of this to yourself and you could have spent that time doing something productive.
I mean come on now, asides from going on it for entertainment, who gives a shit about the internet? or greg, for that matter?

No. 1102267

Definitely troll shielding. Especially because she admits that she dipped because of the upcoming documentary. Clearly she didn’t want to be involved when more mainstream attention was cast on him. The mental health is clearly used as a shield. I don’t think she realized that she admitted the real reason she left.

No. 1102271

Say for the sake of argument that I go to KiwiFarms right now and pretend to be a super secret agent going undercover, and then they expose me and it blows up in my face. Now who's fault would that be, you think? Oh uwu its not your fault, or do I blame my own autism?
You decide.
If she isn't emotionally stable or otherwise mentally sound she shouldn't be doing shit like that. And when she does and it does blow up in her face, she has no one to blame but herself. Those people coddling her are enabling her imho.

No. 1102396

File: 1607367889806.jpeg (115.79 KB, 640x862, 832256FD-FEA6-45A8-8AA9-42A35E…)

Congratulations. You played yourself. You look like a fool. Who is mad about this? She just looks like an idiot after all the ass kissing of Greg’s victims. But who gives a shit more than to point and laugh?

No. 1102403

File: 1607368112234.jpeg (119.16 KB, 639x821, 5FF40914-E753-4DDE-9F45-214C0A…)

Literally nobody feels bad for Greg. How embarrassing for her that the only milk she got was that he’s boring, bad at games, and whiny. Things that everybody already knew. That’s what she did this for? Nah. She’s definitely troll shielding.

No. 1102413

File: 1607368736818.jpeg (130.66 KB, 630x667, 2A6F8213-8369-4C44-9D20-666487…)

So was it your mental health or the documentary that made you dip?

No. 1102414

File: 1607368840242.jpeg (176.69 KB, 639x897, F5402B2B-1B38-4AAC-B6AD-9FBB05…)

Greg is a smooth brain for sure but maybe she shouldn’t point fingers.

And yes. What a weird way to troll almost as if she wasn’t trolling.

No. 1102417

File: 1607368947172.jpeg (137.25 KB, 636x706, 6D44B0E2-8261-428D-AA17-D3CC6D…)

Wait. I thought she said she lost people close to her over this. But now she’s claiming she didn’t? Whoever first brought up troll shielding, should get a prize.

No. 1102420

File: 1607369356169.png (109.95 KB, 640x1136, 6A04DAF9-88CC-46E6-A72E-5E557F…)

So which is it? Your mental health, or the documentary? Which one made you quit? She’s really bad at keeping her story straight.

No. 1102432

File: 1607370210365.jpeg (95.03 KB, 620x620, 9AC39ECD-97EE-42B9-8FF3-57D80E…)

People are accusing this of being a new Greg sock.

No. 1102438

File: 1607370473928.jpeg (125.23 KB, 636x899, 3ACCB91C-FAA4-4434-B0FF-7146EA…)

12 minutes after “Congratulations, you played yourself” was said here, she posts this. She can’t walk away from that Onion life. She’s been connected for too long. All the way back to when she was on the forums with Rags. Which gives credence to her coming here with the Rags vendetta posting.

No. 1102488

It's funny that these people actually believe Greg is butthurt about any of it. I mean I hate playing devils advocate here but I really don't think he even cares. Oh well right he did make that post about it. Well thats true.
Absolutely, I mean she paid money to Greg. Thats already a lose situation even if you think you're gonna play Nancy Drew.
Thank you, I appreciate it. Not to toot my own horn here but beep beep
Well if thats true then she is actually right about it bothering Greg, so theres at least that.
Thats the problem with most Anti-O's. They get way too invested with this. In this entire Greg spectacle theres only a few things you can do, is to report it to his platforms or to the police. Which people have done. Asides from that I'd just tell people to ignore him and definitely not sign up for his stupid shit on any platform, thats a lose already to begin with. Don't sign up, don't play Nancy Drew, its a big fail.
Then again, its not up to me and didn't mean to sound like I was lecturing there. Ah you people know what I mean i'm sure we already seem to all be on the same page about this one.

No. 1102706

Why would someone care about the documentary’s date if they want no part of it?

Really makes you think…

No. 1103183

Great. Can we expect Lucidia to show up on the next Hansen? She'll delight us with stories of how Greg made fun of her, mocked her shitty League gameplay and started a rumor she fucks her cat and then sob for 10 minutes while Hansen looks uncomfortable and tries to console her. All these ex-fans & mods can fuck off until they can bring real milk not just "he hurt my feelings!" Not counting Sarah, when was the last time someone left Onisions orbit and brought real milk? Was it Vix, maybe Maya? The only time we get behind the scenes information is if Greg was interested in bringing them into his trinity and he lowers his defenses and allows them behind the curtain. The last batch of superfans, mods, and patrons who got dumped were either too old or unfortunate looking.

No. 1103356

catfucker saga when?

No. 1103379

Please don't even joke about that. We don't need Lucidiasans "raiding" /snow/ with her fanatical imaginary friends and spamming Admin with endless emails about vendettas and doxxing.

No. 1103404

having fun talking to yourself there m8

No. 1103410

File: 1607483112698.gif (1.6 MB, 268x310, 3638586D-441F-4E71-99DE-DF9AD6…)

No. 1103483

no point in paying mind to people with brain injuries or severe autism their brains can only retain a small circle of information that they cling to at a time

No. 1103624

File: 1607520101029.jpeg (117.44 KB, 640x820, 90CA3D5B-D000-410E-8D3C-A216C6…)

She’s private again.

No. 1103625

File: 1607520122613.jpeg (119.27 KB, 640x816, 272A53C2-34DF-44B5-87B2-B36E10…)

No. 1103626

File: 1607520150410.jpeg (95.85 KB, 640x541, D0A0C664-E461-4155-B286-99D9CF…)

No. 1103649

I fucking love this comment.

No. 1103656

How exactly was she "trolling" when all she did was sit quiet in his discord and agree to his rants.

To me it seems she just got addicted to Onion drama, once it actually started dying down she couldn't let go and had to be part of inner onion world hoping for scraps of milk.

No. 1103688

File: 1607528713276.jpg (29.85 KB, 638x578, Image_006.jpg)


No. 1103728

No. 1103741

File: 1607532854124.png (204.73 KB, 834x599, the child.PNG)

>child grooming piece of shit
Glad to see she's back to thinking Sarah was a child. When Greg confronted her with similar tweets she made last year Lucidia was scrambling to explain it away. She fell in with a "bad crowd." I will give her kudos for leaving of her own accord, not like those dumb bitches that got banned over and over and kept coming back for more abuse because-
>Greg asked me to come back, I didn't want to leave my friends and the community.

No. 1103922

She’s just another double agent like Heezy, these bitches cannot be trusted.

No. 1103932

File: 1607546451686.jpg (26.15 KB, 349x642, db0.jpg)

She's the personification of this MEME.
I apologize for posting that stupid MEME, I hate MEME's, but don't tell me you haven't thought about it.

No. 1104525

That’s the first thing I thought of when she went back to being an anti-O. She and Greg have that in common.

No. 1104535

Anti-o’s have possibly infiltrated kiwi farms, better there than here.

Do they realize that the majority of the farms are Trump-supporters?(no one cares)

No. 1104549

But that's what I find so remarkable and I won't name names because its kinda a touchy subject specifically in this thread right now, but you have these people that are Greg's biggest fan, paying and / or moderating for him being very heavily invested in being a fan right. They practically wipe his ass for him, but then u know when he "kicks them out of his life" as he puts it, they turn anti-O.
Now don't get me wrong: Greg is a pedophile scumbag, and I hate playing devils advocate here, but Greg has mentioned this numerous times how they turn like a leaf in the wind as soon as he kicks them out and yeah that part is true. They're kinda fucking retarded like that. And sure, that is trying to get revenge.
Again though: This does not set anything right what greg has done, greg is a fucking douchebag. But well, you catch my drift.
Guess I'm throwing him a bone with this one, feeling funky now I need a shower.

No. 1104550

what is this shit? I noticed someone has been trying to start shit between lolcow farms and kiwifarms, and before I thought it was greg. still tend to thank that but I dont wanna be called a greg-calling outer.
you people need to knock that fucking shit off, im serious. lolcow farm and kiwifarms are sister sites, you can never get them to fight with eachother.

No. 1104560

Who the fuck asked? This shit ain't relevant. Also, sage your fucking shit anon.

No. 1104616

>lolcow farm and kiwifarms are sister sites

nta but hello, newfriend. This isn't true.

No. 1104619

I'm gonna explain this to you because you genuinely believing the "sister site" meme gave me an irl chuckle. KF's owner has been trying to take over lolcow for years to no avail because none of us want to have him as an admin. He's a right-wing sperg who lives in mommy's basement and has ruined his life in order to keep KF as edgy and notorious as possible (as all he cared about was getting users no matter how undesirable they might be). KF regularly sends us their rejects so our mods have to wrangle them (their ban message redirects them here). When another drama forum (PULL) closed, we didn't want them to migrate here, so admin made a banner redirecting them to our "sister site" KF so they'd leave us alone. Relations between LC and KF are strained at best. We collaborate sometimes for special cows but mostly we just talk shit about each other and send each other our unwanted users.

No. 1104627

Kiwi fags need to stfu about people starting a war. No one fucking cares that much apart from kiwi fags. Users on lc are anon. Kiwi Farm faggots use usernames and need vastly more attention than any farmers. They constantly need to defend their shit posts and they endlessly blog post. Kiwi farms and lc are not affiliated. It's a different posting culture, the blog posting and endless tinfoiling are hallmarks of a kiwifag. They are so fixated on the sock accounts even tho they produce no new milk and just gives Greg endless amount of attention.

No. 1104672

I ain't a kiwifarms sperge, but starting a war with another site is a bad idea imho.

No. 1104860

>lolcow farm and kiwifarms are sister sites
Yep. Always been this way.
You must be new. Admin has spoken with Null and has no problems with him last I checked.
The tinfoiling happening on Kiwi right now wasn't a thing a year ago. Last year Kiwi was fine, most kiwifags are okay. It looks to me like the problem started after anti-o's joined up there visibly posting there and posting ss here. I say here because one of them had their pfp in the ss. We're not, nor will we ever be at war with Kiwi. It's just trolls coming here trying to start shit as usual.

No. 1104892

File: 1607672296212.png (189.12 KB, 775x570, 2BC2527-C17-465-933-9D41D3.png)

Checked out /meta/ and was excited to see that the Lolcow Awards had been bumped to the top. Are the farmhands getting ready to start the voting for 2020? I hope they add a new category
>Worst samefag
I know who I'm voting for.

No. 1104965

Someone has been trying to flare up a big war between lolcow farm and kiwifarms. I don't know why, but they're been working very hard both here and there to slander the fuck out of the other site. Its almost as if they are just making as many posts like this as they can so then can then show eachother these posts and claim we hate eachother.
To me it sounds like a plan by someone with a big watermelon head that has water sloshing inside of it, but i could be wrong.

No. 1105847

File: 1607800320514.jpg (Spoiler Image,205.45 KB, 1080x1447, billiedawnwebb-onlyfans-nudes-…)

How long until Billie starts doing porn?

No. 1105851

File: 1607800647174.jpg (340.5 KB, 1080x1440, billiedawnwebb-onlyfans-nudes-…)

shit makes me laugh, idk why

No. 1105919

Check back tomorrow?

No. 1105942

I wonder if it hurts after strangling and beating it for so long, that can’t be good for him in the long run.

No. 1105948

Kinda reminds me of that old Dean Martin song:
"How lucky can one guy be?
Got two strains of the old herpes.
I've been itching and scratching
Ain't that a kick in the head?"

No. 1106265

I wouldn't disagree with your conclusion. I can only think it's a cow, or two or more cows colluding.
Not as much as his ass hurts over Billie clearly moving on with her life. He's going to obsess over her till the day he dies. Pathetic really.

No. 1106363

The pic of Billie with the leash makes me laugh too. What is that face? It’s almost ahiago but not quite.

No. 1106419

There's Cheezit's and a ghost hotel in the background. 2/10.

No. 1107782

File: 1608073873387.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1125x1625, 1EE0A65D-B7D3-4E11-9DBE-EA4EED…)

Wanted to post this yesterday

No. 1107862

She's black again?

No. 1107870

greg will fucking seethe at this photo in particular. or was it taken just to provoke him? greg always mentions his favourite experience with her being her and lainey sucking his dick on dog leashes

No. 1107905

She’s so black/Latin/native/Italian that it made her skin literally white!


No. 1107973

And he wanted to chain her in the basement by the neck.

No. 1108001

File: 1608093901977.jpeg (171.96 KB, 1068x1700, D4D8CC06-4810-40AB-8CFA-6095A1…)

Shiloh’s going to be in the documentary as expected. Gee, I wonder how is she gonna milk her victim status as the broken pop star on national television…

Five bucks says she’ll look like this if she was interviewed with the raggedy blonde wig.

No. 1108022

you can be mixed and still be white passing… yikes!

No. 1108075

It’s called sarcasm, numbnuts.

No. 1108212

File: 1608130405950.jpg (13.2 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

so she's kinda like in that one spongebob episode where spongebob and patrick turned so tan, they became whiter?

No. 1108310

File: 1608140806437.jpg (Spoiler Image,216.14 KB, 1080x1437, billiedawnwebb.jpg)

Why does she post pics of her showing her nipples in some pics, but not her vag? Does she have an ugly pussy?

No. 1108735

She's not mixed, she claims to be a different race every week

No. 1108808

No. 1108811

She really does look like a loli

No. 1109041

Really? I think she looks beat. Like she's giving 5 dollar handjobs behind the 7-11.

No. 1109242

File: 1608238597376.jpg (1.89 MB, 1920x2560, shiwin.jpg)

Reposted from main: Shiloh and Edwin looking great in the new documentary <3

No. 1109283

I knew she was filming when she suddenly started wearing a human hair lace wig instead of her usual getup and posted pics from some airbnb while also sperging about the documentary and how she'd never take part in it and was so heartbroken that the other girls could think she'd do such a thing and then left the internet (again).

Hope it was worth it.

No. 1109447

o rly, no sage-kun?
trying to make it up to edwin there?

No. 1109448

Expecting Shiloh to keep her word is like expecting water not to be wet.
She has way more in common with Greg than she likes to admit..

No. 1109452

File: 1608255377093.jpg (128.09 KB, 386x502, shihansen.jpg)

You done good, Hansen, you done good.

No. 1109454

File: 1608255439647.jpg (Spoiler Image,254.17 KB, 1080x1437, onlyfans.jpg)

i still don't see what the big issue is with putting their stories on TV. they put it on YouTube, for 10k+ people to watch to bring awareness to Onision, suddenly they get camera shy? why?

No. 1109468

File: 1608256489337.png (Spoiler Image,388.35 KB, 668x684, Wtf.png)


Don't know if billie is just hornytweeting, but she is straight up just reposting porn now.

No. 1109481

Dammit I was right! I knew she was gonna try to look like your average battered white woman on your average true crime documentary.

Nothing is more convincing than a battered white-I mean native/Latina/black powerful wahmen fighting for her sisters, amirite?

I’m not a scrote btw

No. 1109483

Camera shy my ass (no pun intended)

How long until she posts literal porn on her onlyfans?

No. 1109490

>She has way more in common with Greg than she likes to admit.
This is so true. For the longest time after their first break up at least, they were writing UwU soul mate shit on their blogs about how they missed each other and were meant for each other blah blah. It's been said before but Shiloh is truly a mini Greg - nearly as toxic but even more miniature than the manlet.
That's gotta be a wig she's wearing.

No. 1109502

It's not saged because Edwin being on is news, Shiloh's look confirms when it was shot, and my comment was clearly sarcastic. Congrats on your autism though! That was also sarcasm

No. 1109503

File: 1608260898838.jpg (Spoiler Image,98.7 KB, 720x927, bd4.jpg)

Lmao. Maybe she's building up suspense for her own porn, she seems to be fully embracing the sex worker route, she started off with ~lewds~ in lingerie and now does nudes to anyone that gives her tips for a manicure, and already has photos of her with her bf on a dog collar

No. 1109505

>actual milk posted
>autists continue sperging over billie
the absolute state of lolcow

nudes aren't milk if the person in them hasn't done anything interesting in forever. we all know she does onlyfans now and have seen her tits and ass. thank you, you can stop now.

No. 1109509

main thread has some info about the contents of the doc >>>/pt/809822

No. 1109514

>Edwin being on is news
Yeah but I heard he doesn't add any milk. I hope the people that take up most of the screen time are the ones with actual milk. I don't think Shiloh's going to say anything most farmers don't already know either.

No. 1109515

How long until she posts literal porn on her onlyfans?
I'm sure Greg is salivating over this in between all the time he spends sperging on twitter about how his trainwreck existence is everyone else's fault.

No. 1109520

the whiteknighting about some random ethot…. the absolute state of lolcow

No. 1109529

That's not what whiteknighting is. I agree with >>1109505. It's very similar to the Tamara spergs that were coming here posting milkless shit over and over. Someone kept trying to derail the Onision thread with unrelated Billie stuff. I understand a couple pics but it looks like someone's really going out of their way to provide free jerk off material for Grease. Weird.

No. 1109568

or maybe other anons are tired of your vendetta posting while there's actual milk happening you tard

No. 1109590

It's neither a secret nor an unpopular opinion that these threads have been taken over by obnoxious vendettafags who would rather bait Tamara 700 times in a row than find another hobby so other farmers can enjoy the thread without endless autism. These threads have always been newfag central and there's always been vendettaposting since thread 1, but it's been especially awful recently. Of course Tamara was fun for a short while, but some farmers are just too autistic to notice when they've run a joke into the ground.

If anyone really thinks Billie being a cheap onlyfans thot is milk then just make a thread for her, RSN got his own too after starting out in here because posting about him always conjures up his ESL-tier defense spergouts. Or post her in the egirl thread, just like Lainey was exiled to the fakeboi general. Nudes alone aren't milk, it was interesting to see one or two to get an idea of what kind of content she uploads but that anon keeps finding excuses to post them even when there's something actually happening in the thread. If she does anything that actually relates back to Greg by all means post it. The leash photo for example was funny to see for obvious reasons. But we don't need constant smug updates consisting solely of random titty pics.

No. 1109818

Then she should have removed those ugly septum piercings from her pigs snout. Its a skank dead giveaway.
Yup, just look at how she tried to cancel Nick DeOreo, by claiming he was a predator. How she also tries to sic her fans on anyone she feels wrongs her. She tried to use her victim hood as a weapon and it back fired big time.
Thank you, I'm pretty proud of my Autism myself.
Give it a few weeks. She'll show that nasty pussy like it ain't no thang.
And yet here you are bringing her up again, you know she is "she-who-shall-not-be-named" here now right? She will pop up again if you bring her up.

No. 1109827

I think she gave me an STD just by looking at her

No. 1110364

File: 1608358318112.png (363.18 KB, 912x353, 563956_4647_25447.PNG)

Its that time of year! I hope she wins.

No. 1110369

speaking of vendetta fags

No. 1113209

I don't think it's newfags tho. I reckon it's mostly trolls/scrotes. They purposely derailed to vendetta and spam the same/similar milkless shit over and over.
>his ESL-tier defense spergouts.

No. 1113210

File: 1608711142267.png (56.01 KB, 592x568, Shitloh.png)

>look at how she tried to cancel Nick DeOreo
And she threw all her "sisters" under the bus. She has no loyalty and she's unhinged. A winning combo.

No. 1113339

I know its a deeply unpopular opinion, and trust me I feel Greg is a fucking scumsucking piece of shit, that being said though I actually do believe some of his stories about her. Just the stories about her though specifically.
To me she comes across as bi-polar or something. She isn't right in the head, craves attention and seems to flip out and go 0 to 100 at the drop of a dime.

No. 1113943

File: 1608786141463.png (4.46 MB, 1125x2436, 4562B033-3B8B-4AC9-A491-502F51…)

Tru injun rite there

No. 1113967

Nah I believe some of her stories too, I mean there's even some video evidence to back it up. The problem is, because of her history/reputation I wouldn't put it past her to make up things that didn't happen or somehow twist and exaggerate some of the things that did. I actually feel kinda sorry for her she lost two kids but I'd never trust that bitch in a million years lol.

No. 1113968

I can count 3 people on the top of my head (and I'm really out of the loop) that she's facilitated a mental breakdown and threatened suicide to guilt trip them. Edwin, Sarah, RSN, who else? Bitch is nuts.
You never know what's true anymore with her. She's a manipulative, Cluster B bitch.

No. 1113985

she's a nutjob, 100%. she argued with a black lady on IG about why she's allowed to wear dreads and box braids, claims to be different races and cultures when we all know she's the whitest female alive

No. 1114011

Watch, next she’s gonna claim being middle eastern and start wearing hijabs kekk

No. 1114105

File: 1608819632449.jpg (9.59 KB, 250x250, ladies-burka-250x250.jpg)

Might I suggest the full body burka?
It would be an improvement.
Allah Ackbar, and such.