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File: 1622856520779.png (33.21 KB, 308x151, Screenshot at Jun 05 03-28-34.…)

No. 1246312

Creepshow Art is a commentary youtuber with 500k subs who has been receiving negative attention for her obnoxious personality, her tendency to lie for attention, her biased and often misleading videos, and her never-ending drama.

In the last thread, Shannon was outed for using lolcow to manufacture drama and satisfy her vendettas. Go here for the announcement. >>>/snow/1244574

TL;DR of first thread: >>>/snow/1053928
>Shannon constantly whiteknights or insults herself depending on the time of day and the weather >>>/snow/1055462
>makes a Discord, it implodes to random drama within a month or so
>gets into more and more hot water over her impulsive behavior and lies, deflects by saying she has PTSD from being homeless, deletes her twitter >>>/snow/1098210
>comes to lolcow to declare she will never ever return to bird app >>>/snow/1116462
>Hopeless Peaches drama continues for some reason, to the confusion of many
>Onision emails a bunch of youtubers including Shannon, Shannon is the only one who indulges him, hits reply all and shows off her smug replies everywhere
>friend of Shannon posted? >>>/snow/1062438
>Farmers find Shannon’s old posts about how much she hates her sister, this makes Shannon fume
>Shannon talks more and more about her ~bad mental health~ as criticism keeps coming, almost foreshadowing some kind of guilt mmh?
>deletes her Community tab, claims her account is just broken, implies she got hacked
>uploads a glitch banner and icon because hackers totally gain access to your google account just to give your account a makeover
>fans keep asking what happened to her community tab and icon, she keeps stating she has no control over it
>Shannon’s sister lands in the ER which inconveniences Shannon, prompting her to post her sister’s social media on lolcow to convince farmers once and for all that she’s the bad seed, not Shannon! Shannon is actually super based! >>>/snow/1195978
>Shannon gets sweet-talked by Gabbie Hannah into attacking another youtuber, tries to come up with a public apology that’s not too public >>>/snow/1245602
>Admin outs her post history including shitposts about her own friends and manufactured arguments to create fake drama >>>/snow/1053928
>Shannon goes dark except for video uploads
>Re-emerges with a long explanation stating she has had a stalker (mentioned in a previous video, but there’s no proof this person ever existed) who somehow “spoofed her IP” and posted as her for 2.5 years >>>/snow/1246100
>RTG swiftly backs her up >>>/snow/1246138
>Admin responds to the stalker story >>>/snow/1246205
>Amy the stalker becomes an instant meme

No. 1246321

Missed opportunity to name it "if u seek Amy edition".

No. 1246324

File: 1622856822042.gif (20.61 KB, 364x37, 9EB7F999-6EA7-4618-9879-2D9016…)


No. 1246325

good thread! we are all amy today…

No. 1246329

If you seek amy…

she ain’t here

No. 1246335

File: 1622857399078.jpg (46.58 KB, 596x628, ed7.jpg)


No. 1246336

Ty for doing the lords sidework nonny

No. 1246348

This is the best milk with had in awhile huh?

Such a classic when someone gets exposed for selfposting/samefagging reminds me of the Dasha post history

No. 1246358

You’d think after lurking here as long as Shannon has , she wouldn’t be so fucking stupid and continuously self post.

No. 1246362

File: 1622859163054.png (426.01 KB, 800x450, amy.png)

We're allowing the Amy namefagging for this thread and the previous. Stop reporting the posts.

No. 1246364

It's probably Shannon reporting it lol. Or I'm so sorry Amy posing as Shannon.

No. 1246365

Amy bless, thank you for fresh summer milk

No. 1246367

kek, get wrecked Amy haters

No. 1246369

File: 1622859451556.jpg (25.9 KB, 207x275, 1478219720750.jpg)

My favorite type!

No. 1246382


KEK Amy bless

No. 1246387

File: 1622860665999.jpg (215.88 KB, 734x987, 1448065065434.jpg)

the schadenfreude is absolutely delicious. it feels so right to react with actually cute art from amynons.

No. 1246389

File: 1622860753368.jpeg (173.12 KB, 1170x878, 994E95F1-60F7-486E-9311-A0CC43…)

Was inspired by anons edit kek

No. 1246391

File: 1622860871712.png (302.31 KB, 494x483, ere-ba-lsthis-the-krusty-krab-…)

No. 1246392

I love the irony of Chunkshow coming after LJ & Laur's lies and sockpuppetry, only to be exposed as a liar herself, just marginally less retarded than they are. Do you think she can comprehend it or does it get her wires crossed?

No. 1246420

File: 1622862578977.png (340.37 KB, 1140x1069, 1622862079588.png)

A few are starting to see through the bullshit.

No. 1246421

File: 1622862633479.png (218.59 KB, 700x1073, 1622862118262.png)

Archiving a few more of her sheep fans who just take what was said at face value.

No. 1246429

Damn, I can't believe all those commenters are going after our dearest Amy! But seriously, how can they not see through the obvious bullshitting? I guess they have to wait for whatever youtuber makes their callout video fastest.

No. 1246440

Low effort drama channels ran by fat goths don't exactly draw in the most sophisticated audiendce. They're mostly dumb teenagers who don't know anything about IPs or hacking, plus she peppered in enough bullshit about the stalker's kid and such to shift the focus, so they believe her. Really hoping for some bigger channel to smell blood in the water because that's when things will get really good.

No. 1246443

there is no saving these people from their own lack of critical thinking skills. i'm amazed at how many people are actually buying her shitty story.

No. 1246444

I think they're going to let her bleed for a week and let her keep pushing out lies to further solidify take down videos

No. 1246445

I was mildly impressed with how in depth Amy's backstory went. A proper Disney Villain that Amy.

No. 1246446

Shannon is fat kek

No. 1246447

I can’t wait to see what shitpost of an excuse she comes up with next.

No. 1246450

"Look! I have recent screen caps of "Amy" admitting the whole thing! And here's a fake police report I'm filling out!"

No. 1246451

Can someone go through and screenshot all the comments under that post being critical of her "response"? Would appreciate it for archive reasons.

No. 1246453

File: 1622864096282.jpeg (286.67 KB, 828x972, B914E42E-7A12-4553-BABF-D28FB8…)


No. 1246455

I got u anon

No. 1246456

File: 1622864192007.jpeg (177.51 KB, 828x482, 0A4EBE24-0917-400D-811E-B28C30…)

No. 1246457

“I LITERALLY have the proof guys. Amy quite LITERALLY set me up. That LITERALLY wasn’t me! THIS IS NOT OKAY!!!”

No. 1246458

File: 1622864275297.jpeg (281.6 KB, 828x922, 36E9D724-EB8B-470A-902F-42B8C4…)

No. 1246459

File: 1622864366722.jpeg (220.3 KB, 828x600, 9C7799C1-3B5C-43A7-B29D-B95F60…)

No. 1246460

File: 1622864435890.png (112.22 KB, 980x907, 3a5d3527787dd6de6894d6558338e0…)

No. 1246462

File: 1622864458205.jpeg (242.69 KB, 828x989, DED26230-F906-40BA-88FF-D3C0C8…)

No. 1246463

File: 1622864637253.jpeg (47.08 KB, 828x196, 8DD96734-8575-43A0-A687-D6895A…)

My sides

No. 1246466

File: 1622864681661.png (421.17 KB, 750x750, ifucreepamy.png)

ily amynons

No. 1246467

File: 1622864683761.jpeg (91.29 KB, 828x314, 73C4FE57-9FC2-48B6-B839-0E22E2…)

No. 1246468


No. 1246470

File: 1622864761019.png (64.03 KB, 956x461, c503580e504e35d17becf4cb175052…)

No. 1246471

File: 1622864762581.jpeg (54.8 KB, 828x262, 54AD0289-FE50-4FE1-9DDA-C756F3…)

No. 1246474

File: 1622864978684.jpeg (78.33 KB, 1242x2208, 197231951_628106228153042_2133…)

From her IG stories. Once again she has to remind us not to expect evidence proving Amy's existence.

No. 1246475

"I can't make a legal decision because I am in the wrong and have nothing to prove. GOOD NIGHT"

No. 1246476

How much we want to bet that community post is deleted by the end of the week?

No. 1246478

oh gosh, she's still stickin to her BS story. She's been so silly. From deleting her community tab, to changing her profile and banner, the call out videos made about her, now this. Honestly Shannon.

No. 1246479

I really hope someone makes a video about this so she can be done. Who do you think will actually do it?

No. 1246480

I have such extreme second hand embarrassment right now, my god. The yt comment about parasocial relationships hit the nail on the head. People giving her sympathy and platitudes for being stunning and brave in her reconciling with “Amy” after being stalked since high school and doing so because won’t someone think of the children, it’s an infinite vortex of cringe

No. 1246481

Possibly Edwin if he's not sucking her dick still.

No. 1246482

shannon did say edwin simps for terrible people in one of her posts here, so there would be a special kind of irony in him sucking her dick after this

No. 1246483

Edwin Costa would be a good bet, he knows how the farm works after his ordeal with Julia so he could speak about it with more authority than the others in that community

No. 1246484

My sides have ascended into space

No. 1246485

Just a robot might, but he will wait until a few other people do it first. He never makes the first video

No. 1246486

If it lasts the day it’s over imo

No. 1246487

Edwin is a decent guy, I think a lot of his simping is just him trying to be friends with everyone. I would be surprised if he stands by her after this, even though he has made some blunders with who he chooses to support in the past

No. 1246488

Not sure about Edwin. On one hand he likes to be "above" things and act like he's taking the high road, on the other hand I wouldn't be surprised if he'd use it as another way to circle back to that time when Dasha…

No. 1246489

File: 1622865661174.png (32.62 KB, 872x284, own up.png)

No. 1246491

Yeah, that’s a good point. I’m not sure about leveraging it to bring up Dasha again though, all her milk is long dried up so it wouldn’t make sense to dredge it up again. But I could be wrong.

No. 1246496

Exactly, Dasha is old news but he still loves bringing her up. This would give him an opportunity to explain how this is such a sore spot for him because of last time…

But I don't think the comment itself is enough to be upset about tbh. Same as the one about RTG. And she praised Smokey. Again it makes no sense, why would a hacker not say much more awful things about them.

No. 1246498

Honestly people should make a video on her just because the lies she tells are funny as hell. I don't think she ever tells the truth

No. 1246501

She also talked about Edwin in the closeted celebs thread, implied that his relationship is fake and that he's actually gay, see: >>538768 so that might set him off if he sees it

No. 1246504

File: 1622867339147.png (48.54 KB, 1006x136, edw.png)

You're right, I totally missed that. Oh wow

No. 1246505

File: 1622867350499.png (23.69 KB, 858x186, multips.png)

>"The big question is how are they so sure that any of them are you? They haven't given any evidence or proof."

No. 1246506

>Why would you have multiple IP addresses?
My indeed? What is internet

No. 1246508

I enjoy the fact their pfp is a clown. It matches their comment so well.

No. 1246510

File: 1622867785853.png (59.68 KB, 1043x459, Screenshot (45).png)

man her stans are dim

No. 1246511

>I work in yotuber relations, so i can provide more of a breakdown.
> I have over 10k on insta and I get more likes on my shit with less followers.
> I’m a smaller art tuber and
>I’ve talked to YouTuber her size and they make at least 20k per month.
She quotes herself soo much in all those "I DMed Creepshow about this and she said…" comments or the "No I remember in this one video 5 years ago that I can't show you but she says something slightly different from what you just said I swear"

Sources: Trust me bro

No. 1246512

She is such a two faced bitch jfc. Thinking of the streams of his I’ve seen that Shannon jumped in on is so fucking ironic now kek. She was a mod for him too iirc, someone correct me if I’m wrong there.

No. 1246513

The dim ones are easier to manipulate with shitty overdramatized sob stories.

No. 1246514

I just want to see what happens when Corpse Husband fans get wind that she called them unfuckable. I mean, she isn't wrong about it, but still.

No. 1246516

So many comments start with "get the restraining order" that it's just so sus. That or her stans really are just sheep. It's just hard to believe they all have the same typing style

No. 1246518

kek who was this

No. 1246520

The fans are a hivemind of stupid.

No. 1246521

Gotta wonder how many burner accounts are commenting

No. 1246523

File: 1622868510333.jpg (70.17 KB, 798x449, C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpg)

No. 1246525

File: 1622868745520.png (52.16 KB, 962x418, Screenshot (54).png)

At least the comments that don't sound like a parrot of everyone else saying "Get the restraining order" and "We believe you 100%" are catching on.

No. 1246526

poor holly’s in for a rough one

No. 1246527

This milk is some top fucking kek, I’m cackling. I can’t wait to see if Giulia digs her heels in or turns on her BFF
I completely missed this too, what a cunt. Even if Edwin is gay, why would anyone care? She really puts the creep in creepshow

No. 1246528

Calling the Hopeful Peaches rebrand

No. 1246541

File: 1622870291010.jpg (229.17 KB, 1080x1350, Screenshot_20210604-220815_You…)

Grabbed two more comments.

No. 1246543

File: 1622870324368.jpg (104.85 KB, 1080x663, Screenshot_20210604-220931_You…)

No. 1246551

File: 1622870620023.jpg (271.76 KB, 1080x1649, Screenshot_20210604-222136_You…)

This comment was edited

No. 1246554

RTG conducts minimal research anyways (see her recent video on the tiktoker that lost her baby) so I wouldn’t be surprised if she just couldn’t be bothered or for the sake of her “fragile mental health” to check that there is EVIDENCE that it was her and she’s been talking shit about her “anonymously”

Also, how true is it that if you have a restraining order you’re immediately unemployable? Don’t know the ins and outs of it but as a UK Fag it only ever asks you on job applications if you’ve been convicted, a restraining order is not a conviction right? Someone help me out here

No. 1246571

File: 1622873579580.jpeg (35.13 KB, 1120x205, CBC1DCBE-8900-4DFA-8B9E-436525…)

Apparently her latest video was about an Amy too kek. Maybe that’s why the defense came so quick.

Who took Amy’s eyes?

No. 1246572

whichever anon who posted about this in lj thread just know i thank you so much cuz now i get to experience a downfall of an annoying youtuber

No. 1246577

File: 1622874549424.jpeg (236.19 KB, 1240x806, 243B29E2-A2D3-4ED6-B823-DEF5BD…)

Further replies

No. 1246578

File: 1622874647871.jpeg (197.73 KB, 1329x777, 6D1E9C95-318F-4DD3-BBF6-9E8699…)

No. 1246579

I love some of these comment threads because you can see her stans struggling to grasp as many straws as they can.

No. 1246580

File: 1622874846018.png (136.54 KB, 1277x562, tard tantrum.png)

ot but I love how the sticker is proportional to the post size as it leads to hilarity like pic related, like read every message and at the end of each one say "This is not okay" but louder than the last time kek

>>>/ot/523200 (and a bit above even)

No. 1246581

>it’s confusing because it’s not true
Creepshow in a nutshell

No. 1246582

There’s so much ot shit about this that is hilarious, I’m getting far too much amusement out “we’re all Amy”. It’s been a hot minute since we’ve had a fun post reveal on here, Shannon’s extreme stupidity in digging herself an even deeper hole makes it all the more delicious

No. 1246583

Seeing Shannon samefag and respond to herself to bully this girl really proves how two-faced she is after reading her public posts she herself shared with lolcow. >>1246580
>I love this kid. This is like my daughter.
meanwhile on lolcow…
>acts like a baby, fucken slime, what a cow

No. 1246589

File: 1622875890342.jpeg (30.03 KB, 540x540, D061A0EB-8C72-40B2-8B07-14B8F6…)

Imagine being this fake holy fuck

No. 1246590

File: 1622875914608.jpeg (25.56 KB, 443x318, 773D58B2-48E7-4C4C-A87E-2049F3…)


No. 1246592

File: 1622876017510.jpeg (455.86 KB, 1349x1807, 5C314756-12D8-4356-9272-78A1D3…)

No. 1246593

File: 1622876093956.jpeg (294.72 KB, 1329x828, 8DEE2DD9-6293-4E7C-810B-782327…)

r.i.p. kyoko

No. 1246594

Chewbacca is 100% Shannon on a burner.

No. 1246596

File: 1622876251956.png (26.68 KB, 884x223, 936e5b4f8553d437475d5b93c2f2cf…)

No. 1246597

File: 1622876298788.jpeg (269.62 KB, 1321x1134, EA0503E9-707A-4B18-A77E-D77ADA…)

No. 1246598

Looking at her posts, she used the exact same sentence twice
>I only remember because [insert bullshit]
Such a typical self-poster thing to say, kek.


No. 1246599

File: 1622876370228.jpeg (115.97 KB, 1316x477, 30D2377E-F8CF-4053-94AA-721020…)

No. 1246601

Agreed. You’d think she’d learn by now that her typing style is easy to identify, considering there’s near 300 posts to go off of for reference kek.

No. 1246602

File: 1622876495727.jpeg (299.77 KB, 1313x1394, A91FB230-1EB1-4166-908C-FF550F…)

>who is KT?

Bled dry and left to die

No. 1246603

That and captain clownface has no content and a singular subscriber.

No. 1246609

File: 1622876875978.jpeg (442.06 KB, 1331x1842, 591BF2BE-5B24-4A8C-8EDF-42D55A…)


No. 1246610

File: 1622876984955.jpeg (526.54 KB, 1283x1799, BFA88167-5346-4BA4-A335-5928F3…)


No. 1246613

File: 1622877143816.jpeg (509.32 KB, 1371x1817, 603792A1-BF8E-44CA-B786-5D6926…)


No. 1246614

File: 1622877328718.jpeg (254.89 KB, 1317x856, 7D95360E-0E43-476C-8EF9-FA37B8…)

No. 1246617

Shannon could literally shoot a man in front of these idiots at this point and they'd be like "Oh no! Look what Amy's done in Shannon's skin!"

No. 1246619

File: 1622877583303.jpeg (36.03 KB, 1323x189, 400250BE-672C-495F-A117-458234…)

No. 1246625

I appreciate all of these screens hots, but reading them on mobile, its so fucking tiny and I hatebit so I have no idea what the last 50 posts are even saying.

I guess you're doing work, somehow, Amy!

No. 1246628

File: 1622878058809.png (14.16 KB, 440x190, k e k.png)

this post was funny a year ago but is so much funnier now

No. 1246630

File: 1622878535434.png (413.42 KB, 537x577, 40kuho.png)

No. 1246631

Click the image to expand nonny, if not basically to summarise the comments, its either people falling for it somehow or people seeing what we’re all seeing obviously before they’re all removed.
Also lolcow is banned from being mentioned in her comments so people have to be vague with which specific forum shes been posting on or its just an instant removal of said comment.

No. 1246632

kek, shannon 4 hours ago
Meanwhile she's been very obviously adamantly defending herself on some sock account till only a half an hour ago? Seethe Shannon.

Love that she's just throwing heaps more into this huge flaming trashfire though. Really, what better way of covering your ass than to claim hackers did it, a decade long stalker also did it, and then come to your own defense with multiple sock accounts. Majestic.

No. 1246633

Yeah the sock went quiet when we called them out here. I think someone's lurking.

No. 1246634

File: 1622878923422.png (83.18 KB, 724x350, 3EA4121C-AAD2-41C5-B618-3C9AF6…)

Here is an easy one nonny

No. 1246636

File: 1622879139701.jpeg (90.7 KB, 1307x389, CAAE9857-AFE8-4522-A9A3-0C504B…)

Do you know where your doughthers are?

No. 1246641

The majority of comments are recommending that she file for an order of protection immediately. Seems like the lack of restraining order may raise another red flag soon enough

No. 1246643

File: 1622879482150.jpeg (27.29 KB, 488x319, 2D22F53F-451D-4D84-B668-26EAF7…)

Goodnight nonnies

No. 1246644

File: 1622879514931.png (783.95 KB, 2048x1599, Screenshot_20210605-014838.png)

No Shannon I mean Chewbacca the 3rd is still off her rocker.

No. 1246645

Chewy/Shannon just spent so long trying and failing to dunk on the board now it's "Oh you shouldn't believe either side blindly." She can't even defend herself without being two-faced.

No. 1246647


No. 1246651

File: 1622880272856.png (384.19 KB, 2048x824, Screenshot_20210605-020420.png)

Second one

No. 1246653

What? No it's not, what is she on? You're not typing from memory if you're constructing your own false narrative. It's not muscle memory it's faked typing patterns.

No. 1246654

KEK. She's so obvious.
>oh no, they're onto me. AGAIN.
No, please continue Shannon. First it was that the admin said that they couldn't prove it was her, when they said the opposite. And now it is definitely multiple people all using Shannon's IP? Incredible. Is Amy working with the hackers? Is she their leader? Really looking forward to part 2 of this saga.

Yes, because she didn't use this site for years and absolutely never ever caught on that you mask your writing at times. Especially if you're actively samefagging/responding to yourself. Sure.

No. 1246655

Her relentless sperging on muh syntax now is amazing. Couldn’t make it more obvious if she tried. Also,
>full stop
I hate that I just read that in her voice.

No. 1246656

How much you all wanna bet this ends up like the Dream vs John Swan situation with Shannon continuing to lie until one of Shannon's friends goes to her behind the scenes and Shannon confeses and the friends outs her publicly. Lets hope it doesn't get to the point of people making callout videos on "Amy" like it did with the John Swan drama or it'll be a real shit show.

No. 1246669

Sorry for asking to be spoonfed but can somebody link me the posts of her promoting her patreon on here? I read all of her posts and didn’t see any mentioning patreon. Not wking just genuinely retarded, ty.

No. 1246674

i’m not very lolcow savvy so i’m not sure how to link posts but she did self post ads for patreon only videos about cows like lilee jean. there’s one not to far down here: https://lolcow.farm/creepshow.html

No. 1246685

File: 1622887991813.jpeg (62.16 KB, 750x391, 3AC13E39-C210-4055-9DF7-50DE8D…)

She really should have just owned up to it, that she just got carried away-but I prefer this thanks shanonnie

My personal favourite is >>1134359

No. 1246686

File: 1622888344222.jpg (33.76 KB, 1534x431, creepbecca the third.JPG)

Does anyone know whether Shannon was in any hot water in October last year as well? If so, that would prove chewbecca to be Shannon, kek

No. 1246687

Last stream I saw her in was Edwin talking about the Onion doc which she’d just made a video about (I-I didn’t want to do it anyways and that’s why I’m happy nobody asked me to be in it!!) and the first thing she did after joining his stream was donate $100 KEK

No. 1246692

The drama and original thread started in October so its HIGHLY likely

No. 1246693

File: 1622889457197.jpeg (95.49 KB, 497x640, D472690A-7F5A-4495-9A8E-8189F6…)

Given that she’s a perennial drama mongerer I think it’s safe to assume she was involved in something then

No. 1246694

The fact that she is the only person who responded to onion’s batshit group emails is pretty telling, really. She has to insert herself into everything for a scrap of attention. Like we get it, you’ve always been a fatty who was bullied, now you’ve got a decent sized subscriber base you’re seeking vengeance by trying to be the mean girl you couldn’t be in high school, it’s embarrassing. You’re a married woman pushing 30.

No. 1246706

File: 1622893557494.jpg (47.97 KB, 1080x267, Screenshot_20210605-035410_You…)


No. 1246709

File: 1622894200373.jpg (274.34 KB, 1080x1270, 20210605_135548.jpg)

She woke up and is doubling down in the replies

No. 1246711

Welp, I was one of the dumbfucks who commented trying to comfort her, I don’t know shit about hacking and spoofing IPs and I hadn’t heard any of the long-standing shit about Shannon til this morning. I saw a comment on some of her art while looking for the DTIYS piece on her Instagram and I went looking for the post the comment was referencing and ended up here. In retrospect it seemed super unrealistic that the entire universe always seems to be after her according to Shannon, but I guess I’m naive and I give people the benefit of the doubt too easy. Regardless, with all this evidence it’s pretty impossible to continue having any respect for her moving forward. This is weird. I’ve heard her criticized for being immature, but I didn’t know all this middle school mastermind shit she’s apparently been doing to jerk off her victim complex was what people were referring to. Goddamn this is pathetic

No. 1246717

I don't think Chewy is her. We already know she has oodles of dimwitted stans, so this isn't surprising. Holy shit I can't believe she gifted us this full-fat cream.

>inb4 Amy and Shannon are both Alters in the Creep System

No. 1246720

Welcome, newfriend. Enjoy diving down the rabbit hole of Sha- I mean Amy’s posts
I hope that Leesh girl makes a video about how much of a disingenuous cunt Shannon is and how she doesn’t accept her apology, kek

No. 1246722

LMAO don’t give her ideas, shannonie

No. 1246724

She deleted her Patreon a long time ago so she hasn't been promoting it but here's one one promoting her youtube membership

No. 1246727

File: 1622896873987.jpeg (97.57 KB, 828x361, AB1EA8CB-FFC5-4DE1-972D-D6B8B3…)

My sides have left the stratosphere

No. 1246729

File: 1622896972730.jpeg (164.74 KB, 828x449, 367E3090-9554-410D-A582-756150…)

She liked this comment, good god she’s a manipulative piece of shit

No. 1246730

File: 1622897067229.jpeg (86.69 KB, 828x324, E4F9F3AA-BAA6-4ABF-AF34-AAE6C6…)


No. 1246731

File: 1622897112510.jpeg (36.56 KB, 828x209, 293CD74F-1659-4683-AC63-484633…)

No. 1246734

I wrote this comment in the last thread before she got outed >>>/snow/1239782 and hoooo boy it fits even better now. Shanamy, our Icarus!

No. 1246735

File: 1622897574516.jpeg (563.04 KB, 828x1376, 470372B1-386F-460A-A13B-4C85ED…)

This is hilarious

No. 1246737

File: 1622897716068.jpeg (203.79 KB, 828x914, F07337DB-7759-4814-AE8A-E64A84…)

Fucking kek

No. 1246738

File: 1622897765507.jpeg (125.78 KB, 1080x1032, C0C1356F-5636-41A8-88D6-D3BAA7…)

No. 1246741

I hope that leesh gal catches wind of this if she hasn’t already. Hell peaches as well. I’m already salivating at the thought.

No. 1246748

File: 1622899443131.jpeg (91.14 KB, 780x582, A852A4A0-A77C-4D59-B041-ABC577…)

Legit surprised she hasn’t deleted all the comments calling her out

No. 1246749

File: 1622899667118.gif (1.07 MB, 220x167, tenor-5.gif)

Is Amy the new queen of lolcow?

No. 1246752

Apologies for my retardation but where does Shannon mention that she’s IP banned on lolcow? People are referencing it in her comments and on twitter yet I don’t see her actually saying anything about a ban. Not defending her at all she clearly did this just confused

No. 1246761

File: 1622901167293.png (129.35 KB, 344x342, no signal.png)

I have only passively known about Creepshow art through YT recommends. This is painfully embarrassing. I don't know what I would even do in this situation. Just quit the internet and become a housewife probably.

No. 1246767

more and more people are starting to doubt her bullshit, even those who initially believed her obvious deflection. It's only a matter of time before everyone turns on her. The only sane move would be to admit her faults before the situation escalates further. It's not even that bad, I'm sure her braindead friends and fans would forgive her.

No. 1246769

File: 1622902347855.jpeg (36.98 KB, 500x375, 9FAE6476-F027-4E33-A22E-359E5D…)

I’m saying it. That’s enough. Stop posting randoms’ comments, they’re all regurgitation at this point and clogging up thread. Don’t think no one can see you newfaggots selfposting.
Also READ RULES and sage your retarded useless chime-ins and faggy memes.

No. 1246773

I agree it's annoying and all we can do now is wait for what our cow does

No. 1246784

She didn't admit it directly but it's the most logical scenario:
-Mods ban Shannon, make a page exposing her posts, but don't make her IP public or mention having it
-She tries to post again, sees a page informing her of her ban which lists her IP, realizes the mods are onto her
-writes out an essay on youtube in an attempt to cover her ass, blaming the LC posts on "Amy", inadverently admitting that she knows all of those posts can be connected to her.
If Shannon knew there was no way of proving this was her, she'd just say "wasn't me lol", instead of making up her a braindead "stalker" sob story.

No. 1246786

Samefagging to add: the page telling you that you got banned is visible only to you, only when you try to post. So if she jumped straight to claiming someone stole her IP address, she had to realize the mods knew it.

No. 1246792

God that’s the funniest part of this whole thing. Literally could have just said ~Idk what you’re talking about~. The fact that she made the video sucking farmers ass (aka self-fellating) a little while ago should be enough proof that she posted though.

No. 1246805

Okay, thank you. I assumed this is what they meant but don’t follow her anywhere and didn’t know if there was more to it than what was posted here. Wouldn’t have been surprised if she had outright stated that her IP was banned.

No. 1246826

Her video content has been regurgitated from lolcow threads from the beginning and iirc people were calling her out for self posting in the Onision threads years before she got her own thread. It’s great to have proof and an archive of confirmed posts but nothing here really comes as a surprise.

No. 1246827

are you serious? is this seriously Amy Shannon?

No. 1246833

No, anon was just being silly and attached that gif for the meme. Her posts have the gif banner below them not above.

No. 1246834

>I won't apologize for something I didn't do
She really took a page out of the Holly Conrad book from the time she spent beefing with her over that video, huh?

No. 1246850

oh silly me. thank you, anon!

No. 1246912

We don't even know if she's banned. They let her post for long enough. I think what's more likely is that she never saw which IP it's about but knew it wouldn't matter because it. was. her. She instantly knew she couldn't talk her way out of it being her IP(s), so she jumped to explaining why it was her IP(s).

No. 1246939

That's insulting to actual goths. Shannon's basic as hell.

Edwin wouldn't risk it after the backlash he got for appearing in the Onision documentary. He still hasn't even officially returned to YouTube yet.

Or Just Stop (who already made a video criticisng Creepshow's handling of the Peaches situation and implicit support of Prison Mate Luke's awful accusations).

No. 1246942

I'm pretty sure at least a few people are already working overtime to crank out their videos asap. Can't wait for the throwdown

No. 1246943

Integrate retard

No. 1246953

I think they both did. That and JAR felt guilty that he helped spread the Peaches drama. If Peaches tells him go for it he will jump on it.

However I think anons are right that the whole ACC community is waiting for Shannon to fuck up while they compile stuff. Telling Shannon everything is okay. It's a lot of shit to organize

No. 1246963

it's not just one Amy, it's multiple people named Amy that all ganged up on poor wittle creep

No. 1246971

She did talk about in an hour long video about Gabbie, a couple of days ago. Basically said "i really don't like creepshow and here's why." The comments were mainly ppl that liked her at some point but got sick of her immaturity

No. 1247002

I might be stupid but did Shannon hide the dislikes on that community post?

No. 1247006

File: 1622924160545.png (241.38 KB, 1166x974, Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 4.14…)

i think RTG might've caught on or changed her mind. she deleted the tweet defending Shannon and all others related to it.


No. 1247009

I guess someone finally explained it too her instead of just listening to Shannon. Should I feel bad?

No. 1247014

I do actually feel really bad for her. I dont think anyone deserves to be bad mouthed on an internet forum and then completely deny any wrongdoing. I mean Shannon is a 27 year old woman, who does that petty school bullshit?

I think all the previous simping towards loey, corpse, edwin, RTG was a way to gain clout and subs, meanwhile shes shit talking them on a forum. Pretty sure she made a video about dasha when she got caught out and how fucking easy it is for admins to pull up your entire post history.

Never liked shannon, glad she’s gone. Fuck her.

No. 1247018

Sounds like she pretended to look up to them but was extremely jealous they were bigger and better than her. Hope Shannon keeps losing her shit this week to keep the milk flowing. One thing she can't do is keep her mouth shut.

No. 1247019

I feel like R2G was CSA's only real and true friend, I never seen anyone defend Shannon like she did in her scandals
that's kinda sad

No. 1247023

Honestly RTG should be glad Shannon was outed because if my so called bff was talking shit I'd like to know.
Yeah I do feel bad for her because who hasn't been there?

No. 1247024

Same fag, just checked, she didnt make a video about dasha but she backed edwin up about it, you know, the guy she outed as a closeted homosexual.

I dont like edwin, especially after the onision shit but i mean, who the fuck outs someone with information they were trusted with? Oh but shes all for gay rights, being a “bisexual” woman herself. Fuck off Shannon.

No. 1247026

I don't think she's going to dedicate a full video about CSA, but I wouldn't be surprised if Angelika Oles at least mentioned something about this mess. I remember she talked about the Dream speedrun cheating drama, even though her channel has nothing to do with Twitch or gaming. I think that as long as the drama gains enough attention, she will at least mention it. She also has been making videos about Gabbie Hanna lately, so she may potentially watch Helloleesh's videos and hopefully go down the CSA drama rabbit hole.

>I've been swamped by different versions of what's going on
I wonder if CSA's friends actually made a group chat to talk about this, like some anons mentioned, kek. I'm really curious to know who's on her side and who's seeing though her bullshit. Also the fact that RTG, someone who is seemingly super close with Shannon is actually doubting her, makes me think that she may know Shannon enough to imaging she's capable of doing something like this.

No. 1247039

Ol' Paperlips is still pretending she wasn't an active participant in Onionflake threads. Baby steps I suppose.

No. 1247040

>I don’t visit or post on lolcow
lmao okay giulia, this is why you’re also a cow

No. 1247042

I kinda believe her about not posting tbh. After the Maurice shit she's probably just completely over lolcow. But we're still good enough as a source I guess

No. 1247045

File: 1622926908863.png (1.24 MB, 2100x1500, caps.png)

it looks like on her recent john mulany post shes been deleting comments about lolcow. also found a video posted in the comments, looks like some farmers trying to cowtip tbh.


No. 1247047

Wtf is with the namefagging in this thread? Is admin-sama playing a joke or are there a bunch of retards who haven’t read the rules in here?

No. 1247049

admin posted this >>1246362

No. 1247050

Lurk harder

No. 1247051

File: 1622927503475.png (49.26 KB, 748x1266, Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 5.08…)

so shannon is starting to go back and delete her IG stories apology. ive screenshotted all of them and will post ASAP.

No. 1247052

Oh ty anon I missed that. My bad!

No. 1247055

File: 1622927659204.png (3.07 MB, 2100x1500, csaigstories1.png)

No. 1247057

File: 1622927785735.png (1.47 MB, 2100x1500, csastories2.png)

No. 1247060

the fan.cao account is a confirmed Laur & Lillee Jean sock account kek

No. 1247063

File: 1622928020969.jpeg (30.31 KB, 510x289, 1595518492986.jpeg)

LMAO Ready to Eat you stupid bitch. She's backpedaling now she realizes that no one is buying Creep's bullshit. They're all a bunch of two-faced spineless faggots posting about each other on here. Out her fat junkie ass next.

No. 1247064

this is fucking hilarious, but the amount of newfags this is going to bring to the farms is terrifying

No. 1247068

Just report and shit on them thoroughly kek

No. 1247071


isn't this the dalia dippolito defense kek?

'idc what you heard or saw - it's not true!!'

No. 1247073

I'm surprised her pal Keemstar hasn't gone up to bat for her yet.

No. 1247075

No one is batting for her, especially scrotes since she's a married landwhale nobody

No. 1247077

File: 1622929088551.png (426.89 KB, 1340x659, Screenshot at Jun 05 22-24-53.…)

What's this part? Did she delete a post because she fucked up with the screenshot? The reposted image is shorter, so I'm gonna assume she posted with her icon visible in the footer bar of the instagram app. The reupload is cut off right where it'd begin.

No. 1247078

is she actually confirmed married or is it something she says?

No. 1247085

The funniest part of her blaming this on her “stalker” is that it confirms her stalker never existed. When more content creators get on her case about this situation she’ll be forced to admit eventually that her original “stalker” video was at least heavily embellished, if not full fabrication. Even if she only owns up to it behind-the-scenes, like the Dream situation another anon mentioned, it will definitely come out at some point. Now that RTG isn’t on her side it’s only a matter of time.

No. 1247088

Usually internet whores lie about not having husbands, so it's more likely she's telling the truth. Even if she's not it doesn't matter. She lacks the looks that make sleazy internet men simp married women. It would just be even more pathetic that 30 year old Karen is slap-fighting zoomers and exploiting abuse for profit, endlessly seething on lolcow, all alone in some dank apartment, having no real friends or relationships.

No. 1247090

Really looking forward to her and chunkshow eventually going at each other's throats publicly

No. 1247103

didn't creepshow post 1 single response about her that wasn't even that big a deal or is she talking about that josh psycho from years ago? Also lmfao at "THE NAME OF THE SITE ALONE HURTS" reminds me of 'i get explosive diarrhea when anyone mentions a gossip site that isn't the one and only prettyuglylittleliars'

No. 1247108


I can't tell if you're joking or retarded.

No. 1247109

Bro we’re all Amy today

No. 1247111

YOU get a fucking grip newfag

No. 1247112

are you retarded serious question

No. 1247113

File: 1622931545401.png (Spoiler Image,19.34 KB, 300x100, 117.png)

>Ready to Eat
Don't ruin our thread with low quality nitpicks, there are a million things wrong with RTG's appearance but calling her fat just makes the criticism seem ridiculous

That's actually a decent video. Burner account, no attention whoring, concise, explains how outings work. I think this

Yeah her comment about RTG was like… the 3rd nicest. The nicest was "Smokey has always been kind to her" and the 2nd was "That's a reach, she and Defnoodles are friends" everything else was harsher than the one RTG comment. But I guess mediocrity stings too.


lurk more


No. 1247115

Oh I'm absolutely retarded lmao my bad

No. 1247116

It's ok Amy we all make mistakes

No. 1247117

please let this be a banner kek

No. 1247118

Back to wherever you spawn from with your retard syntax and fatty denial

No. 1247120

It's not too late to delete

No. 1247122

theme song of this event

No. 1247129

Does anyone expect the usual commentary crowd who circlejerk eachother's drama to make content about this? Repzilla is still ripping content from here as actively as ever since he just made a video on Acacia after her thread here bumped when barely any commentary people on YouTube make videos on her anymore (most of her criticism is on Twitter or gossip forums). Edwin is already associated with lolcow post reveals since Dasha, and also gets so much information from here. The only person I actually assume doesn't post here is RTG. I wonder if the rest will avoid speaking about it for fear of having their post histories revealed?

No. 1247134

File: 1622932498539.png (3.14 MB, 2100x1500, dishsoap1234.png)

@/dishsoap1234 on twitter made an excelent thread talking about the situation using alot of caps from lolcow.

they also brought up the somewhat interesting connection that shannon speaks really similarly about her sister as she does with amy. tinfoil but i think creepshow might start to blame the whole 'amy' stuff on her sister

No. 1247138

File: 1622932832119.png (60.4 KB, 598x247, Screenshot at Jun 06 00-34-13.…)

I think picrel probably applies to this friend group too.
Most of them lurk, they probably send each other lolcow links and some of them post, but they seem more the type to gossip among themselves rather than shitpost. There's always the one insecure black sheep who just can't resist temptation.


No. 1247140

wait, so is edwin actually gay? lmao

No. 1247146

Anyone got a quick rundown on how the whole IP thing identifies her and her devices with cookies on this site?

For the dumb bitches in the back? (that's me)

No. 1247148

No. 1247150

File: 1622933546059.png (193.11 KB, 1285x422, kiki.png)

Explanation from Kiki's outing

No. 1247153

Just read the OP and lurk more the fuck? Asking to be spoonfed is against the rules.

No. 1247159


Thank you! Though, do we know how exactly all her devices play into that? Same IP sure, but how the cookies work with that? Is it like using chrome across multiple devices with your devices linked kind of shit?

Lol, I agree. But I do suck at tech things. I'd just like to understand better. Suck at them, but do want to learn. Still, I apologise.

No. 1247176

Wait, that's why she hates her sister? Because she did well in school and in life so her parents trusted her more? To hate someone for being a genuine good person. Man Shannon is crazier than I thought.

No. 1247202

each device has a different IP. So mods know which device she's posting from. Shannon only said "Amy" took one IP from the singular email. So that means Amy would only have that one devices IP. Not all of them.

For the past few years Shannon has been using lolcow on her phone, laptop, whatever. It proves her stalker isn't real. That and in her post she just says she THINKS it's Amy and goes on about a long winded story to distract people. She never stated she has proof

No. 1247207

to add you can't get "Spoof" someone's IP from an email. That isn't how IP works

No. 1247213

From what I understand they track your IP so they can see every post that was made from your network, and they track your cookies (browser fingerprint) to see every post that was made from your device regardless of what network you're posting from. So even if you post with a VPN they can still tell it's you from your cookie. Like how websites remember what settings you used even if you don't have an account. They can also tell which device models posters use, in Dasha's outing they listed different exact phone models she was using on lolcow. Applied to Shannon's scenario, this means that her stalker would have had to purchase the same phone and laptop as Shannon and then post through Shannon's networks somehow. It's absolutely whack that she thought people were gonna believe this.

No. 1247216

I've never been a stan. I'm fully convinced she's a narcissistic drama cow and is of course lying. I fully believe the accuracy, just trying to understand.

So thank you for clearing the technical aspects up for me! I appreciate you two!

As for Shannon. Just kek.

No. 1247224

I never understood why Shannon was somewhat respected in the commentary community. She is literally just a female leafy. Her videos are unbearable to watch because she takes topics that can be spoken about in 30 seconds and stretches them out into 10+ minute videos by repeating herself 200 times and rambling about stuff no one cares about. I feel like the rest of the commentary community will have a field day knowing her true-self now so they can finally exile her.

No. 1247225

So I actually remember watching the full video she did about Amy–went to go see when it was posted and of course it's been deleted. This was at least 2, 3 weeks ago that I watched it. I think she came out with that story as pre-emptive damage control, either it somehow dawned on her that she would be caught or there was something else she was doing behind the scenes with socks and she needed a convenient scapegoat. Has anyone made a connection yet on what might have sparked the whole Amy bullshit story to begin with?

No. 1247239

I was literally watching it yesterday with a friend to check for discrepancies in the Amy story but we couldn't make it more than a few minutes in. Can confirm it was definitely there until today.

No. 1247244

So she will delete her video proving the Amy story is BS but she wont delete her other videos where she's shitting on other creators and spreading false information. kek, what a piece of work

No. 1247251

File: 1622940281937.gif (786.05 KB, 400x296, qfmftcX.gif)

No. 1247257

Finding out that Shannon demonizes people who are just better than her it wouldn't surprise me that "Amy" is just someone SHE use to bully in highschool.

Hear me out, she bullied her own sister just because she was the good kid with good grades and caused no problems for her family. And to Shannon, that makes her sister pure evil.
I'm sure Amy is just her gathered up hate for someone she was jealous of in high school

No. 1247261

Guess Shannon can't keep up with all the haydurr comments, because her community post comment section is like 85% doubt at this point lmfao. Good going Shannon!

No. 1247267

The most hilarious thing about that community post is not only her excuse is dogshit but she doesn’t even manage to prove that Amy actually did it. “It was about my sister (whom I hate) so I just knew it was her doing all this stuff” doesn’t really hold much water. Since you are making shit up might as well go all the way and say she sent you a ransom note styled letter taunting you like a cartoon villain.

No. 1247269

File: 1622942232373.jpg (96.07 KB, 1080x769, 20210605_201600.jpg)

looks like rtg is vagueposting about this in her youtube community tab

shannon has to be shitting herself kek

No. 1247275

Which video are you guys talking about? The ‘I was stalked for 8 years’ one is up.

No. 1247280

"The person who makes a living off shit talking people in videos has been found shit talking people on an anon form!"
Seriously, why are her fans so shocked? Don't know why they thought she was a shining example of what a good person is

No. 1247282

I'm gonna spare you all the screenshots, but it's happening.


No. 1247292

posted >>1247045

No. 1247294

my bad

No. 1247295

File: 1622944001013.png (1.74 MB, 3000x1500, twitter .png)


also working on posting dishsoap1234 new comments

No. 1247303

I cant tolerate her long enough to listen to that entire video but pretty interesting that someone who can't seem to shut the fuck up about anything that happens to her kept this a secret from everyone for years.

No. 1247304

I bet you there are people who know some of her comments, just not all of them. She probably cackled with her friends while posting comments about people they hated together, but of course they'd never do that to their own friends!

No. 1247305

Ugh someone archive it

No. 1247307

Omnia posted a doubting comment on Shannon's Community post.

No. 1247311

No. 1247312

File: 1622946057497.png (21.92 KB, 961x134, Screenshot (59).png)

this one?

No. 1247314

archived some of the comments


No. 1247317

Yeah that's the one. It's not harsh but it's there and telling Shannon another creator is publicly onto her shit.

No. 1247318

Petty Paige and Here for the Tea tweeted about it too

No. 1247321

Everyone of her close friends except for RTG has been dead silent on this. They obviously can't say they support her so they're stalling in hopes that she's gonna come clean soon.

No. 1247323

File: 1622947197356.png (46.95 KB, 600x385, petty paige.png)



No. 1247326

File: 1622947331740.png (635.57 KB, 1662x1500, capspphftt.png)

No. 1247328

>The writing is on the lol

No. 1247331

File: 1622947692539.webm (3.84 MB, 1280x720, ppvid.webm)

No. 1247333

british people ewwwwww(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1247340

File: 1622948251203.jpeg (349.45 KB, 828x983, E192C085-6F28-4C32-98C5-085F8D…)

Repzion's vague response to the situation.

No. 1247341

implying british are even people

No. 1247344

Sage for non-contribution but boy I can't fucking wait for Shannon to make a video bitching about how AMY DID THIS GUISE and how she used to be hOmElEsS and how dare people question her!!!!1!!

No. 1247345

Twitter is doing a fine job of “cancelling” her, this is topkek. Now that this malding faggot has tweeted about it the other commentary/dramatube retards can’t be far behind

No. 1247347

Thanks, Amy, that is top kek.

No. 1247349

Guys, I have to admit this is like Christmas to me. What a glorious couple of days

No. 1247351

File: 1622949278203.jpeg (13.53 KB, 194x259, 20keks.jpeg)

mte Amy my smugness has reached levels that shouldn't be possible

No. 1247352

I know right? Milk has been dry as fuck across all the boards lately, this deluge is glorious

No. 1247353

Yeah Daniel went on an instagram livestream and when I mentioned creepshow to him he basically said that she needs to own up to her shit, that we're all human..bla bla bla

No. 1247360

He’s annoying as fuck but he has a decent sized following so I hope he makes a video

No. 1247365

Yeah "Amy" deserves a section in that little Nic Cage book. I don't think he will do a video on it, at least not until Shannon makes a new statement.

No. 1247376

At this point,I'm surprised kiwi farms hasn't made a thread on her yet. This is just glorious.

No. 1247381

Confirms what everyone already knew; storytime videos are just made-up BS for clicks.

She always went on his streams acting like they were BFFs and hyping him up when he got upset (he cried on stream a few times). She would always drop big donations on her "friends'" streams despite her supposed financial issues.

Who could have guessed that the woman who based her entire personality off of how GREAT a friend she is ended up being two-faced. People who are actually good friends don't need to publicly overhype their friendships and love bomb 24/7.

No. 1247388

Right? Literally in her latest video she went off for like 2 whole minutes about Giulias shitty clutch nails, raving about how amazing they are… like, okay hun, we get it, you're desperate. That energy just feels very condescending to me, and calculated. "I really like my friend and want to support her." that just sounds so superficial

No. 1247399

I wonder how stupid Sharty's fans are feeling after chasing Hopeless Peaches off social media.

No. 1247400

So is no one going to talk about how Shannon is saying Amy showed a picture of her kid to emotionally manipulate her but Shannon changed her icon… to a childs? Did Shannon ever explain that? She has proven she has full control over her youtube again.

No. 1247404

what better way to come up with lies than to just use tactics you've used yourself? lol

No. 1247408

File: 1622955589282.jpg (222.19 KB, 1080x999, Screenshot_20210606-005403_Chr…)

wouldnt be the first time either, this cap was a few days after her infamous "she doesnt use lolcow anymore" claim. deleted and reposted during her gothcell meltdown.

No. 1247414

same anon, i never liked shannon and didnt have a proper reason besides hating her art and now my petty ass is validated lmao. I love cows who try to deny their contribution to gossip

No. 1247415

Let me guess, Amy photoshopped Shannon's icon into screenshots in hopes we'd discover it 2 years later

No. 1247417

Oh my god kek she censored the "Followed by…" section so her friends' names wouldn't show up but she forgot to crop her icon out. God she's just not smart enough to be this petty

No. 1247423

Surprise the person who makes posts on social media with a big close up of Giulia’s face calling her “The most beautiful woman in the world” is a fake friend kek

I always have to google how to spell this chick’s name mama mia

I wonder if RTG “changed her mind” because she was waiting to see how the public would react first?

No. 1247424

it definitely confirms that since one of her very first posts is her hyping up the stalker video and “blah blah blah it explains why she is the way she is and tbh it makes me like her more she’s down to earth!! blah blah blah” and she even adds in a lil “and her art is improving i swear!”

why would amy even talk about a video she’s the subject of if she’s still stalking shannon, let alone hype up the video? bc she doesn’t exist lmao

No. 1247427


You know what, I just know she'll twist it somehow and say something like "Amy knew what my profile pic was at the time and used it on her Instagram pretending to be me!!!" inb4 I give her any ideas.

No. 1247431

File: 1622961665134.jpeg (689.89 KB, 1242x1178, 949F8BB7-957F-4110-8F43-280C81…)

Not to WK RTG but I don’t buy her bullshit about not using lolcow.
She made a video about Taylor Dean in 2019 with screenshots that were posted on lolcow speaking in-depth and essentially regurgitating Taylor’s thread.
I feel bad for her, but a lot of these niche drama channels are board posters and viewers.

No. 1247432

File: 1622961688285.png (26.12 KB, 869x164, 62e6151decbcc5e6ccb253803020b7…)

Meet Shannon's latest defender. Danielle who's totally in IT security. She just went to mediasmarts.ca and copy/pasted their definition of cyberbullying.

No. 1247433

Fucking kek

No. 1247435

>many laws this person is committing

No. 1247437

She looks like Michael Jackson with green hair in this screenshot

No. 1247441

Shannon had a real hateboner for that gothcell girl, wonder what was going on there or if she was just seething for no reason…

No. 1247443

I agree that these drama whores are 100% lurking in all kinds of gossip sites including this one. Can't really go in gun blazing moral faggotry when you've done the same thing as she did albeit less unhinged.

No. 1247451

SHE POSTED A NEW VIDEO. I AM REELING AT THE AUDACITY!!!!! No one fucking cares about your lgbt experience SHANNON

No. 1247452

Imagine posting a PRIDE video after being outed for using slurs against the community.

No. 1247455

Deliciousness. She keeps feeding us this sweet meat.

No. 1247458

post the fucking caps/links or shut up. this is a fucking imageboard.

No. 1247459

Kek I thought the exact same thing

No. 1247461

>G-guys, remember I'm panesxual, alright? You can't attack a queer person, it's pride month! Also the StRaigHtS, amirite??
Ah yes, the Kevin Spacey/Demi Lovato distraction. Taking after the best I see.

No. 1247464

shannon is furiously deleting comments right now, i’m watching people’s replies disappear as i refresh the page. she also hearted a comment that was left 30 mins ago.

No. 1247470

File: 1622968947743.jpeg (171.26 KB, 1080x1080, 8DCA723D-A874-4E6C-BA6F-8C91C5…)

Her fans really are fucking retarded

No. 1247472

Her channel is targeted towards edgy teens who think they're so special and unique. It's to be expected.

No. 1247473

File: 1622969119880.jpeg (265.01 KB, 828x977, 1E33D519-70CE-4188-911E-4CB8C9…)

This schismblacksoul is fucking NUTS

No. 1247479

Well, that schism dude joined youtube 15 years ago, so he's clearly not a teenager. A grown adult stanning Shannon like his life depended on it and throwing in some of his violent fantasies in the process. Bleak.

No. 1247481

File: 1622969999280.jpeg (168.56 KB, 762x476, E24473AC-AA6D-4071-BB73-A8BF7C…)

>looks and feels like 4chan

This made me chuckle. I can’t wait until we get swamped by yt/twitterfags clutching their pearls and throwing a bitchfit over all the big mean booly slurs we use

No. 1247484

Praying that someone finds all schism's comments before Shannon deletes all her sockpuppet accounts

No. 1247493

is there another raid going right now? there are an INSANE amount of "straight pride" defenders commenting on seemingly unrelated amy drama.

No. 1247497

File: 1622971305198.jpg (570.04 KB, 1080x1440, 20210606_111931.jpg)

And of course he's a furry. Sorry for OT but Shannon really only has embarrasing idiots defending her, doesn't she?

No. 1247498

Think shes all but given up deleting comments for now anyway, she should have never posted the video because everyone who’s not in the loop is gonna find out via the comments anyway

No. 1247502

This amy lie is actually so fucking creepy and elaborate. she's an actual sociopath

No. 1247507

even her community post is still up

No. 1247551

Well drama did push her career. Maybe she thinks all this negative attention will be good for her at the end. Like publicity
If I was in her shoes I would have deleted the community page again and blamed it on hackers. Because hey, her fans will believe it.

No. 1247554

Neither British nor American here; what is the problem with Americans hating British people? I mean Americans are equally trashy and disgusting while no white person is really ‘American’, it’s all just descendants of settlers imposing their asses on an existing country.(No1curr)

No. 1247565

Oh she absolutely gets all her info from here and potentially kf, you're correct, I just think she's the only one who hasn't actually posted or contributed

No. 1247577

Go back to Twitter

No. 1247582

kek every single one of these youtube commentators use and post on lolcow religiously while publicly denouncing it to save face, i feel like this is common knowledge at this rate. rtg selfpost reveal sage when

No. 1247583

File: 1622983681932.png (23.82 KB, 596x207, Screenshot (60).png)

Well this was a bit surprising.

No. 1247584

Does show who's the bigger person here

No. 1247586

well if amy IS real and creepshow just incriminated "amy" to cover her wrongdoings we would have an even bigger can of worms kek

No. 1247588

Honestly knowing Shannon's behavior "Amy" is someone she bullied and stalked since high school. Makes sense seeing as how she's mad at her sister for an argument they had as teenagers kek

No. 1247592

It’s possible that she had a stalker at some poni in the past, but everything she said in the community post is completely fabricated. No one sent her photos of her daughter or anything like that. She’d have to be a complete idiot to accuse a real person.

No. 1247594

angry cause we refuse to lie about the british arent u nonnie

No. 1247598

Yeah Shannon’s ass kissing always seemed fake. Friends compliment each other a lot but she overdid it to the point where it was suspicious and you just knew she was secretly talking shit behind Giulia’s back.

No. 1247601

File: 1622985539030.jpg (82.64 KB, 1080x387, Screenshot_20210606-091913_You…)

god it's such schadenfreude seeing shannamy get called transphobic (lol they only ever mention tranny and not fakeboi) for trying so hard to fit in as Just A Regular Farmer. kek at her "samefag but" being seen as her calling people faggots. couldn't happen to a better person. peep the heart in picrel btw

No. 1247605

File: 1622985833755.jpg (13.97 KB, 929x100, hmm.jpg)

Interesting, wonder how many of her watchers are farmers or only learned about this site because of her fuck up.

No. 1247607

File: 1622985947176.jpg (36.92 KB, 1175x231, kek.jpg)

No. 1247609


She said that Amy was obsessed with a family member and suggested it was her sister. Maybe they were friends (or more than that) and Shannon was jealous?

No. 1247619

This milk is so thick my god thank u. I knew there was something extra fucking weird going on

No. 1247622

The audacity of this bitch posting a video like nothing happened. And a pride one at that, after all her transphobic posts were exposed. The majority of her followers are on youtube so a lot of them probably don’t even know what’s going on yet.

Also her art is so annoying, she just draws the same thing over and over again.

No. 1247623

Its pretty garbage, even compared to the sea of mediocrity that is the art drama community. It’s like she never moved past doodling during high school classes and kept polishing that turd instead of actually learning how to draw

No. 1247624

this is so pathetic. y'all are just a bunch of stalkers framing an innocent person(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1247626

Back to twitter with you, faggot

No. 1247629

Get fucked, retard

No. 1247630

She dug her own grave, now it’s time for her to lie in it, newfriend. No one forced her to come here and shittalk her friends.

No. 1247631

Don't take the bait anons.

No. 1247633


Let's not entertain the fact that "Amy" is anything more than an imaginary person anon

No. 1247636

File: 1622988747586.png (48.7 KB, 596x351, the jury is in.png)

F in the chat

No. 1247638


Bad timing with her calling people fakebois and saying Edwin Costa is gay.

No. 1247641

File: 1622989375674.png (17.03 KB, 784x125, shannon.png)

She's been hearting comments as of 2 hours ago but most comments at this point are doubting her, topkek.

No. 1247642

first time posting here so i don't really know how to do this but anyway, i had been subbed to shammon for years and never could've imagined she would be like this. but i'm pretty naive so. and it's so frustrating that i can't even express how hurt i am because i tried posting a long comment in her section and it got deleted every time i tried to post it. thank you guys for exposing her. hate that it happened but love to see it <3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1247643

You're right. Amy did nothing wrong.

No. 1247654

Fuck off and don’t come back

No. 1247657

No. 1247660

File: 1622991995496.png (48.91 KB, 877x630, E4DEDFA1-3461-451D-8D5D-F291BD…)

Newfaggotry will be severely punished. Stop being such trannies.

No. 1247666

type sage in the email field and don't fill out your name or email in the future

No. 1247668

it's just funny

No. 1247672


No. 1247681

This isn't Twitter, you should lurk and read the rules so you can integrate properly.

No. 1247682

Holy fuck so many summerfags/newfags here.

No. 1247684

lol coming here for the first time and being met with this kinda hostility is part of he lolcow experience

No. 1247686

Hey guy, stop committing Federal Law! Its rude

No. 1247687

gotcha, my bad. i didn't think to read the rules before posting

No. 1247688

It's alright as >>1247684 said, it's more or less part of the experience. Please make sure you don't fill out the name field though (unless you want to write "Amy," but only in this thread.)

No. 1247697

File: 1622995335853.png (76.99 KB, 597x437, augie.png)

Called it months ago that these guys would be happy to tear her to shreds
at any given moment and here we are

No. 1247698

you're still namefagging in this post kek

No. 1247699


augie is another psycho that shitposts and blames it on 'someone else was posting from my computer!!' when called out, but damn am i ready for some youtube videos and commentary

No. 1247700

Wasn't that John Swan or did Augie have his own incident?

No. 1247701

women can try as they may at being so super kewl not like other girls, continuously to no avail, always. moids will never, ever cape for them when it comes down to it. that's not a disappointing thing imo but all the reason to not be a pathetic class traitor with obvious internalized misogyny.

No. 1247702


oh fuck, u right - i get them and blowback all confused kek

No. 1247707

File: 1622996014533.jpeg (551.66 KB, 828x1032, 9D061E63-F178-49D9-A997-F7118E…)

John Swan's take, surprised he commented with his own recent lies that were exposed.

No. 1247716

File: 1622996843270.png (235.06 KB, 760x984, Screenshot_20210606-112635.png)

No. 1247719

I don't know if Peaches is choosing to not look at the proof and what was said. But I hope one of her friends pat her on her shoulders and tell her Shannon was NEVER her friend.
But hope Peaches doesn't let Shannon back into her life. It's like an open invitation for her to get shit all over again by Shannon.
Even RTG finally read what's going on because she decided not to be clueless about the situation.

No. 1247724

File: 1622997257771.jpeg (157 KB, 749x732, 1598571097795.jpeg)

Facts. I'd rather see Creep spatting with other bitches of her kind like RTG but I'm so fucking disinterested in scrotoid commentary fags having a say in this. Like fucking Repzion and D'angelo they'd feel fucking entitled to come here and have an opinion. Only thing worse than dramawhore is a dramawhore scrote.

No. 1247729

i think she's just trying to respond to the situation kindly, not that she wants to be shannon's buddy. it makes peaches look better

No. 1247730

File: 1622997651713.jpg (71.49 KB, 1080x443, Screenshot_20210606-123748_You…)

agreed, this comment had nothing 2 hours ago and when i refreshed i thought i was crazy. shes interacting with everyone who seemingly has no idea about what shes said. what the fuck is her issue?

No. 1247731

It's such a clear uwu PR comment but I'm cackling. If Shannon responds with anything other than utter deference and full transparency there's a 100% chance she'll fuck it up even worse. If she does this, then Peaches can go "there there" and comes out of this looking amazing. I hope she responds because either way will be fucking hilarious, but she might just settle for looking butthurt by ignoring it.

RIP to all the newfriends in here who associate lolcow with kiwifarms and are only now discovering the true nature of farmers kek

No. 1247735


The typo Shammon… Like gammon.. or ham. My sides

No. 1247740

File: 1622998377523.jpg (112.06 KB, 1139x719, 165465456151.jpg)

>waaah Shamu is such an evil bitch for shit talking her fwiends and being a retard, DROPPING VIDEO SOON!!!
Every single one of these moids is on kwf collecting dox and revenge porn. Some are already exposed for doing the exact same thing she does. I wish they'd stfu.

No. 1247742

530k YouTube subs 3 hours ago..
She's down to 502k subs now.

Bleeding subscribers. Love to see it.

No. 1247743

Kinda cringe and virtue-signally lmao she's laughing and we all know it

No. 1247746

As if they'd ever shut up, thinking their opinions are the most important. It'd be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

No. 1247747

NGL I'd be laughing too.

This, none of them have a leg to stand on because they've all been complicit in this shit, but tbh I still want to see them go after her just because it's what she deserves for woobifying and coddling them for so long.

No. 1247748

KEK. Yeah I hate them too but on the other hand, she gets to taste bitter pick-me medicine.

No. 1247755

Gotta say, at least Johnny had the balls not to disappear into the ether when he got caught. Creepy has gone completely MIA besides posting her Pride video.

No. 1247758


as obnoxious as they are, if they talk about it, i bet her sub count dips even further lmao >>1247742

idc how the shitstorm hits her as long as it hits hard. if moids turn on her it's even funnier because she's such a pickme disguised as a cool girl.

No. 1247762

File: 1622999886316.jpg (440.92 KB, 1080x1372, Screenshot_20210606-131539_Twi…)

Peaches seems to realize now that Shannon never gave a shit. I think she's taking a break from twitter? Creepshowart had to have really had a manipulative hold on these people for them to feel so hurt or very vaguely responding to the subject. You're a fucking narcissist Shannon. I really want Dustin Dailey or Blaire White to drag her to the high seas.

No. 1247769

That top tweet is so cringe and reeeeks of newfag cowtipping. Why are twtfags like this. You're literally just consuming gossip nigga, not conducting justice. If Peaches wanna be a soft uwu hoe, let her.

No. 1247775

She was definitely that girl in middle school who made such a big deal about being an artist and never let anyone see what she was drawing when she only drew realistic eyes

No. 1247783

Is there some way to mirror YT links these days? Hate to give views.

No. 1247784

watch in 2x speed or thru the embed.

No. 1247788

File: 1623001637605.jpg (227.66 KB, 1080x1443, Screenshot_20210606-104413_You…)

Creepshow creeping in the community tab.

Bitch, where

No. 1247789

File: 1623001638441.png (77.85 KB, 233x206, R2FTShw.png)

Does anyone know if after the outing the Admin made it impossible for Shannon to keep posting here? I was thinking that (unless she was perma-banned) it's a little bit suspicious that ""Amy"" (assuming she is real), would stop posting here as soon as she was outed. You would think that if she really was trying to ruin Shannon's existence, she could take advantage of us thinking she was Shannon and continue to post some more stuff to make her look bad, at least until Shannon made her statement about "Amy" posting here. She could have pretended to be Shannon defending herself or whatever, cause she already had us """fooled""". The fact that she immediately stopped posting after being exposed makes me think even more that it only makes sense that it was Shannon herself, who of course would immediately cease any activity as soon as she got outed. Not that I doubted it, but I like coming up with more proof that it was her, kek. Or at least it's fun to theorize a little while we wait for everything to implode.

I'm honestly unable to see Peaches's comments as anything other than taking advantage of this situation to make herself look like a sympathetic uwu angel who was actually a good person all along. Both she and Shannon seem extremely manipulative and calculating with everything they say. They kinda deserve each other kek

No. 1247790

Does that really work?…

No. 1247791

She just responded to someone's comment 13 minutes ago under her community post.

No. 1247794

File: 1623001854284.png (1.4 MB, 2100x1500, ig.png)

IG comments are turning against her. theirs even some mentioned that there comments were being deleted on ig and youtube.

No. 1247796

You'd think Amy would be seething non-stop in Artist Salt thread about some uwu ig artists to cope with all this kek

No. 1247797

invidio.us, though you have to use the other instances underneath it since the original shut down

No. 1247798

File: 1623002025269.jpeg (73.5 KB, 1072x949, 7C88DA40-BBC0-44E5-9590-4C0AAC…)

Snap out of it, other Amy!

It’s all in line with their respective personas, don’t let those clowns fool you into thinking they’re nice. It’s their job to show up for the circus so we can watch them do their little dances, that’s all.

Shammy might as well have said, “I didn’t shit myself! This sneaky sneak shat in my pants while I was wearing them is all!”

I just want to see what the next distraction will be, since she’s used being stalked and being kweer already my money’s on anorexia.

No. 1247800

Maybe I'm missing the context of the rest of the conversation but why does the top tweet say "some of us spent hours reading the forums and tracing it back to her" when it was admin that revealed Shannon's posts via IP not farmers? Or perhaps they're trying to say something else, but the way it's worded makes it seem like they're trying to say they found it out via detective work as opposed to what actually happened
. But I guess that's neither here nor there, it's just random user.

I think it's been theorized that Shannon was banned because that's how she knew that admins actually had her IP address and why she jumped to the excuse about Amy stealing it (your IP address is shown to you when you try to post after being banned so Shannon would have no doubt they had the correct one) otherwise she probably would've just denied or said they had no proof. I tend to agree with that theory too, though I'm not sure if it has been confirmed.

No. 1247801

Intergrate ugly

No. 1247802

You don't understand. She did it privately….on Insta…..where most of her YouTube audience isn't going to see it.

No. 1247803

>makes it seem like they're trying to say they found it out via detective work
That's exactly what they're trying to say. Fucking cringelord.

No. 1247805

You also go back to twitter or keep your twt speak off lolcow

No. 1247808

Wtf was twt speak retard?

No. 1247809

File: 1623002718147.jpeg (169.25 KB, 946x2048, D55CDC4C-A9A2-47C3-AF1E-5E9156…)


At least spellcheck before you start accusing farmers of being newfags

No. 1247810

Shanty is blocking people from her comments on YT now.

No. 1247813

>muh spellcheck
>defending reddit niggers and tiktok memes

No. 1247814

When are we getting the Amy on Shannon's husband's phone on a VPN saga? Kek

No. 1247818

I'm laughing with her tbh, amazing. leo raising glass gif

No. 1247820

I wonder how long the wordlist is for her comment filter is by now

No. 1247821

def noodles is obviously retarded but hes constantly posting much more irrelevant shit- why isnt he posting about this?

No. 1247822


amy, I think you need to take a break

No. 1247824

File: 1623003445477.png (383.42 KB, 924x896, 1603384716577.png)

No. 1247825

this thread has become unreadable with the onslaught of unsaged reddit spacing newfags

No. 1247828

It’s going to be like the Holly thread where there’s not enough milk between twitter screenshots and infighting

No. 1247829


Oh shit just looked and you right.

Seriously that's the most inconspicuous 'public' way to go about it.

My bad - but kind of hers too.

No. 1247830

Imo she's (maybe unknowingly) trying to downplay the situation to lure shannon into confessing. Known interrogation tactic. Not that she has much choice anyways, as we've seen it only gets worse the more she denies it.

No. 1247831

it's obviously why she posted to instagram, instead of where her audience is (and where she was called out)

No. 1247834

What a great day to be on lolcow. Thanks nonnie

No. 1247835

most likely. You can just tell these people came straight from twitter or youtube.

No. 1247840

Nah, these tards are coming on the back of an exposé. They'll likely be more careful because of it. And since so many of them are soft uwu sjws, they're not going to want to participate anyway.

No. 1247844

File: 1623005515559.jpg (129.12 KB, 1080x967, 20210606_134754.jpg)

it looks like this drama is on the radar of helloleesh's friend group (the youtube link is a podcast they did with alicia back in nov being critical of shannon)

No. 1247849

very interested to see if she goes to another board to selfpost a defense, and what her next excuse will be when she realizes not a single person believes this IP spoofing BS. i just have a feeling if there is anywhere else besides this site with a CS conversation to double check….

No. 1247852

I mean a real ballsy move is for her to start cussing people out and then use Amy as an excuse like "See? hacked?"
I wonder if she's cussing people out in DMs. I guess really juicy youtube videos wont come out until a week or two later

No. 1247854

I get what you mean about pick-mes, but why should he (or anyone) cape for her? She's proved herself to be a two-faced fake friend, anyone defending her would be an idiot.

No. 1247857

File: 1623006843561.jpg (Spoiler Image,379.97 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20210606_211133_com…)

Oh kek. There all turning.

No. 1247860

Men cape for their shitty male friends all the time even if it's PR suicide

No. 1247863

Kiwi farms saga when?

No. 1247866

File: 1623007681250.jpg (338.99 KB, 1080x1835, 20210606_142817.jpg)

kek it looks like alicia doesn't accept your terrible instapology, shannon

No. 1247901

File: 1623010859252.jpg (276.63 KB, 1080x1825, 20210606_152121.jpg)

No. 1247907

File: 1623011368383.png (165.9 KB, 606x441, Screenshot (87).png)

Peaches finally followed the route of RTG and finally read exactly what Shannon said about her and the dates.

No. 1247914

KF doesn’t have a snow sub forum & doesn’t need any more attention from twittards / redditfags who just wanna self post their savage YT comments instead of actually RTFT.

No. 1247916

Looks like the first CSA defender vids just went up.

>I would like to be friends with her one day

Which one of you fags is this

No. 1247921

File: 1623012411371.jpg (170.78 KB, 1080x1648, 20210606_154108.jpg)

confirming this is about shannon, and her friends don't buy her story. looks like we've been exonerated, amynons.

No. 1247924

to any newfags that are finding this thread and reading the rules, this is a great example of why scrotes aren't allowed to post

No. 1247926

>which one of you fags
you know the vast majority of us are women, right? lurk harder and stop giving random whiteknights the extra exposure

No. 1247929

holy shit i didnt see it because it really was an ancient video. thx bb. I wonder where this lines up with when she first started posting here. Did she originally dream up this story just for attention and it ended up just being sooper convenient or did she plant it so that she'd always have a fallback for her serial shit-talking habit. It struck me as a really half-assed story

No. 1247930

File: 1623013157269.jpg (362.7 KB, 1080x1964, 20210606_155837.jpg)

her pal fatoreo is looking to be spoonfed on twitter, instead of thinking critically.

No. 1247937

The bar for "research" required to be a drama youtuber is already so low, I can't imagine needed to be spoonfed on top of already having "Grade A detective friends" that normally do the work for you.

No. 1247941

wait, did he post her private stories/account? i tried to find where she posted this, but i can't find it myself.

No. 1247943

File: 1623014877820.jpeg (69.83 KB, 406x903, E3Oj2srWYAE-zpa.jpeg)

NTA (Not that Amy) but I went to the full-size image and it has the green star which means these are her private stories.

Just saying if anyone else wants to leak her shit you can blame it on DeOrio

No. 1247947

File: 1623015117282.png (64.24 KB, 597x376, nick.png)

All of the goon squad shares the same braincell

No. 1247958

File: 1623015794032.jpg (Spoiler Image,114.62 KB, 1080x1851, 20210606_163936.jpg)

she has to be either monitoring the thread, or twitter. these screenshots feel kind of hot, and like she might use it as an excuse to say lolcow posted her info, so i'm spoilering.

>not that amy


No. 1247959

File: 1623015823943.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.75 KB, 1080x1994, 20210606_163914.jpg)

No. 1247960

File: 1623015823880.png (309.96 KB, 1080x1741, Screenshot_20210606-232941.png)

She's lurking right now. Because she just had the same icon on her finsta when I checked, and now minutes later it's been deleted. https://www.instagram.com/shan.nooneshome/

No. 1247962

No. 1247964

>Wahh i got my hand caught in the cookie jar, shall i punish myself uwu?
Damn straight she is

No. 1247966

>selfie as profile picture
wow so secretive

No. 1247968

You think Oreo would have learned his lesson after falling for his "friend" John Swan pretending to be hacked by his "12 year old autistic family friend."

No. 1247972

Sorry, meant to respond to >>1247930

No. 1247974

Something about her wriggling around the internet trying to go unnoticed because she doesn't know what to do without the internet is hilarious.

No. 1247979

She’ll probably pull a dasha and constantly move from skin walking other people and changing instagram handles the minute someone brings up her drama. I mean where do you go from being outed on lolcow?

No. 1247985

I don't know Peaches or watch her content but I hope this drama leads to a redemption arc. The entire drama was basically just Peaches being immature and Shannon having a giant vendetta because Peaches didn't fall for her obsessive lovebombing tactics. It only caught on because a bunch of low level commentary grifters wanted a piece of Creepshow's clout.

No. 1247987

Augie is live, pointing out that Shannon's language isn't an issue to him and his friends, but that he knows it's definitely an issue with Shannon's fans. He says the bigger issue is her being two-faced and schizo. "If this is real, that means she's crazy."

No. 1247990

Augie claims that a friend reached out to her privately and she told them to "not defend her."

No. 1248006

"this is an entire women moment"

He says in reality she probably makes 3-7k a month. Called her two-faced and fucking crazy.

He has DeOrio in the call now and they burst out loud cackling at "she got hacked".

No. 1248007

This fucker should have stayed gone. Pretty sure shannon donated a lot of money to him in one of his awful live streams.

No. 1248009

Some lowkey drama streamer is discussing Shannon’s schizo antics live right now.

No. 1248010

I agree with them (and the anons who say the same) that the comments aren't really that bad. She could act apologetic about the ~slurs~ and say she was just trying to stay undercover and blame all the saltiness on her insecurity. She'd disappear for a bit and then come back. She could even rebrand as edgier, stop pandering to SJWs and feel more free. I'm probably in the minority but I'd forgive most of her comments if she was my friend. Except something like the "Dangelo is the friend nobody likes" one kek

No. 1248019

What you have to understand is that she's the type of person that NEEDS to be liked, hence the lovebombing and virtue-signaling video topics pandering to milquetoast liberals and big YouTuber fanbases (like Corpse). Most regulars here are TERFs so we don't care about calling people trannies, but her audience (especially the one she's pandering to with her most recent video) cancels people for less.

No. 1248020


It's part of any image board experience, tbf. How are you gonna learn how to behave if you're not shamed for not knowing it right away?

No. 1248023

I know and I've always predicted that this would be her downfall. She's been fence-sitting way too hard it was always clear that eventually she'd fuck up because she is much too petty to pull off the cinnamon roll persona she built up for the backpats and dollars.

No. 1248024

Nah nonnie I wouldn't forgive Shannon for talking shit. You know damn well she's the type to do it again.

No. 1248029

You wouldn't forgive the RTG comment? Especially if you know for sure that there's nothing worse in there, so that was the worst she said even when emboldened by anonymity? Eh. You lose some, you win some. I'm not trying to wk her with this, I'm just trying to point out that she could have moved past this if she apologized and laid low for a bit. As you can tell, she has a lot of dimwitted fans who'd be willing to stick with her even if she admitted it. But the Amy fanfic ensured that she'll never live this down.

No. 1248030

File: 1623019484140.png (42.82 KB, 411x466, Whang.png)

Justin Whang in the chat. He commented pic related when this Augie twink was talking about Shannon commenting on Edwin's sexuality. I wonder what Whang thinks about this whole mess, kek

>Woman moment
say the catty dramawhore scrotoids inserting themselves into the drama.

No. 1248032

Now we are going to get scrotes and a shit ton if twitterfags who will cry when we use words like faggot.
Id feel bad for her if she wasnt so male identified

No. 1248034

Whang never gets involved drama, he just jokes around and moves on. So probably not much.

No. 1248035

File: 1623019966348.jpg (251.32 KB, 1080x1146, 20210606_175044.jpg)

her friends might have been able to forgive the shitty comments, if she didn't also call the same friends and proceed to gaslight the absolute fuck out of them with her insane story (after saying in her youtube response that she didn't care if she lost friends)

No. 1248036

didn't she say that she was against rioting and that's why she hates her sister, too? lmao pathetic

No. 1248039


She's done herself the disservice of not being genuine. People like kosher people like edgy - but no one likes someone they can't trust.

No. 1248040

No. 1248041


I wouldn't be on people's streams donating hundreds of dollars if I made only 3-7k a month, but I'm most likely smarter than Shannon.

No. 1248043

Fake ass hoes don't need forgiveness. It's ok to ask for advice on anon boards but it's different to talk shit about your friends and then publicly kiss their ass. Be direct with people.

No. 1248044

I still love the fact that he was watching the stream and even felt the need to comment lmao. Specially because the stream only had like 1000 viewers when he did. In my own fantasy world, he's following this drama super closely and maybe even this thread, but one can only dream

No. 1248050

Did she ever make comments about Ashlee though? I don't remember seeing any. Otherwise this just reads as Ash milking the situation for sympathy/attention.

No. 1248064

i mean, i think i'd be upset finding my friend is a compulsive liar regardless if she lied about me, too. so i don't see how it's far fetched to feel hurt about this. especially since shannon is trying to manipulate ashlee into believing her behind the scenes.

No. 1248071

same nonnie and I really hate to admit that but male identified women (and ones that are seemingly proud of that fact) illicit zero sympathy from me.

No. 1248075

what's up with her creepy use of her childhood photos?

No. 1248078

it's the only time period in her life when she wasn't obese

No. 1248079

You’re welcome. Apparently this

No. 1248081


Honestly, I was thinking the same. One would've thought she'd be more aware regarding using her childhood pics because she talks about pedos all the time, but no.

No. 1248083

I think it's a weird way for her to feel like shes being victimized. Idk? She started doing that around the same time the hax0r shit happened.

No. 1248084

Ashlee is THE top contender I think of first when I wonder who else talks shit about everyone all the time. She's insanely petty and latches onto drama like a rabid ankle biter.

No. 1248086

ew like "Hey I'm a child at heart. Look at who you're attacking" kind of thing?
That and didn't she bitch about Amy using children as a means to manipulate her?
Shanon is off her rocker.

No. 1248089

She and csa talked a bit when the whole Chris Hansen vs dhavie vanity thing was set on fire. They bonded over a mutual hatred for him during the "goon squad" streams.

No. 1248091

I think it's funny this whole thing is basically the premise of her Amy video. Talks shit about her friends, thinks she's above consequences. Then her friends find out and discover she's a shitty friend. It's one thing when you're a dumbass kid doing that, but this woman is almost 30 acting the same way she did as a teenager.

Sage cos this shit ain't new to anyone, just loving all the milk coming in, nonitas.

No. 1248093

Yeah definitely, she's a weirdo.

No. 1248095

I'm surprised she isn't bleeding more subs. Well a majority of them don't know yet. Guess the real fun will begin when bigger channels make videos

No. 1248099

Yeah but she never needed to use slurs to fit in here. Like why go against your personal morals just to fit into a place where everyones anonymous anyway? Its not like slurs are thrown around here often enough that it would raise suspicion if someone DIDNT use them. She simply took advantage of her anonymity here to share her true thoughts bc she thought she could get away with it.

No. 1248106

Most of her friends still think this is a forum with accounts. Of course it wouldn't hold up but I'm just saying she could have explained it, taken some backlash and re-emerged a few weeks or months later with less damage than what she did with the Amy story.

No. 1248107

It must be so exhausting trying to maintain a friendship with people you secretly hate when you could instead put effort into being friends with people you actually like. It’s normal to get annoyed with your friends sometimes or disagree with some things they do but it’s not normal to secretly think this badly of them.

No. 1248115

File: 1623025019244.png (946.39 KB, 1021x707, 5B549ED0-1E85-4CBC-9C72-53DC9D…)

Holy fuck no one gives a fuck if any of you would personally *~forgive~* backstabbing friends because you have zero self respect. The parasocial is unreal. Neither Shannon or Giulia or any of these people are your friends. Just say you wanna keep stanning them and get the fuck off my board.
Unironically using “fitting in” as excuse in present day and time? Lmao it will never be an excuse, Shannon is pushing 30, not some impressionable underage brainless like a bunch of you itt are. No one forced her to say twansphobic fatphobic ableist slurs. She meant every word she said. If you’re not holding her accountable then you’re an enabler.
Btw I too hate trannies and retards but above all I hate hypocritical twitter libshits.

No. 1248117

File: 1623025110306.png (104.2 KB, 1624x924, Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 8.18…)

looks like she deleted her new account

No. 1248118

I'm surprised she didn't delete that community post. I guess bad attention is still attention

No. 1248119

File: 1623025237622.png (89.06 KB, 962x650, Screenshot at Jun 07 02-21-04.…)

No, she just renamed to seeyousoonbutnottoosoon

No. 1248129

This. It's proof that their """activism""" is all performative; nothing more than a way to fuck up people they don't like for saying things that they probably all say in private. Her most recent video is such blatant pandering; there's literally this part where she pretends to be at a loss for words. People in the comments are ripping her a new one for basically doing zero research on the topic she claims is SO IMPORTANT and getting a bunch of details wrong. Meanwhile, she's in here making fun of fakebois just like the rest of us.

No. 1248142

Be true and honest and get TERF friends. You'll never have to worry about their fragility kek.

No. 1248150

File: 1623028067991.jpeg (813.35 KB, 1242x1793, 35956BE3-19F4-40F1-8C47-DE9CBF…)

Reposting because I’m a fucking idiot but I wonder if she remembers her first couple posts

No. 1248164

Oh shiiit

No. 1248170

Love how Peaches keeps saying that she "wants nothing to do with Shannon" but also keeps tweeting more and more at her / about her

No. 1248174

Love seeing all these callouts getting published. Just finished watching. It's a decent summary for anyone unfamiliar with imageboards and conveniently highlights Shannon's milkiest comments. But goddamn this girl is annoying with the virtue-signalling every two minutes. And has anyone ever seen an actually good art piece emerge from these timelapse commentary videos? Like ever?

No. 1248176

If good art came out of commentary videos they wouldn't need the commentary aspect kek

No. 1248177

Shannon has to be shitting herself right now. She tried so hard to gush and appeal to Omnia only for Omnia to leap at the opportunity to make a video.

No. 1248178

Well did Omnia make a callout of Shannon already? Did she assume love bombing her would prevent her from doing it again? Obviously.

Also woke up to find she's bleeding subs now that a couple videos are out now. Beautiful

No. 1248182

Is Dustin Daily considered a bigger drama channel? He's reporting on shannon.

No. 1248184

Ugh I can't stand him nor his fag bf, gonna wait for other channels to speak up

No. 1248185

Holy shit these scrotes are intolerable. 180K subs? How?

No. 1248187

>Well did Omnia make a callout of Shannon already?
It's literally the video they were just discussing >>1248164

No. 1248195

Not looking forward to the newfags this is going to bring but just a reminder: if you are currently lurking and are thinking of posting read the fucking rules beforehand thank you x

No. 1248196


hopefully smokey glow since she praised shannon’s ass before and called her a “good friend”. it would be pretty lulzy

No. 1248197

What I learned from this video before I bounced 7 min in was that Dustin definitely knows lolcow and that they both shit talk RTG kek I can smell the guilt through the screen

No. 1248199

I’m not watching that. Disgusting.

No. 1248200

Something something fags something something slay wig tea

No. 1248201

Just stop is currently doing a live about it

No. 1248206


Can’t stand these retarded faggots. Wonder what mainstream drama channels will say about this site. I hope the new summer friends learn to integrate correctly.

No. 1248210

Shannon has her own fantasy land version of reality which consists of poorly cobbled together fictions like these. Like anyone would
>Find out her IP, which can constantly change depending on the service you use, so find out all her IPs
>Use it to post on an anonymous board where only farmhands/Admin can see the IP, and where it may never be noticed or traced back to her IP
>Talk about her positively in third person with the spoofed IP

It's pretty obvious it was her. People may enjoy listening to her childish fantasy life via Youtube video but she lacks the complexity of thought to talk her way out of this one. Also probably should have considered being outed at some point, since the fact she's a farmer has been common knowledge for years.

No. 1248216

No no no no. I want them all to get permabanned. The horrors of knee deep normie excrements. We’ll be sucking off troons and worshipping males by the end of the year. HELL WEEK WHEN.

No. 1248219

Yawn, can someone who isn't an intolerable faggot make an expose video?

No. 1248220

No one gives a fuck what some nobody scrote has to say.

No. 1248221

pokes RTG
Do something

No. 1248222

This is the best milk here in ages

No. 1248223

Stopped watching Just stop's video because every 2 minutes he was saying "Now these are just allegations, these are not confirmed"
complains he has no idea how lolcow works. He makes zero points. So yeah, useless

No. 1248225

omnia's was as least thorough. all these scrotes have to say is, 'idk who that is' while they read the dishsoap twitter thread.


No. 1248226

What's with calling her schitzo in this post and on Twitter? Like shitposting anonymous comments about yourself and your friends is such an outrageously wacky move it must signify a severe mental disorder? I mean most cows definitely have something wrong up there, but pretty much all of them do exactly that. I remember PULL for example was full of the exact same type of person they were shitting on, e.g. Belle skinwalker thread would be full of Belle skinwalkers criricizing other Belle skinwalkers. It's the nature of gossip, and people must have a very one dimensional mind to think this is as out there as repeatedly calling it "schitzo" implies.

She's just a childish liar who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

No. 1248227

Does that offend you schizo?

No. 1248228

they want to give an out to a friend who superchatted them - it's fucking obnoxious. she's been exposed for being malicious and two faced, and they have to cope because they're pathetic and okay with it.

No. 1248230

Amy, drama channels exaggerate. It's what they do when they're not also producing shit-tier 5th grader art.

No. 1248233

Samefag, it's also tiring to see these twitter fags who have no idea how computers work and think admin simply releasing the post history of a user is some elite detective work. Afaik all farmhands can look at post history of anyone, they just choose to make the link public when it's notable like this. It's not amazing detective work, it's just how computers work. They just make themselves look more stupid by framing it as something complex.

No. 1248234

anyone got the TL;DW of the AugieRFC/Nicholas DeOrio stream? don't think i can handle listening to them for an eternity, just curious if they're for or against her

No. 1248236

It's a bit inappropriate considering one of the shitty things shannon has done was make clickbait videos outing an obscure legitimate schitzophrenic, the gamegrumps stalker girl. E.g. she has repeatedly harassed an actually severely mentally ill woman. Calling her shitposts schitzo both gives her an out/an excuse (uwu I was mentally ill) and shits on that other woman some more since that's someone who is actually suffering from a severe mental illness.
Also hope the fags calling her schitzo aren't SJWs since I can't see this being looked kindly upon later.

No. 1248241

It’s a bit more complex than that, they have to match up devices too. They don’t just look at an IP and go “that’s where x lives, must be them!”, it takes a good while of tracking through a suspected self posting cow’s behaviour on here and mapping it to what they’re doing elsewhere on the internet. You’re either as lacking in computer knowledge as the retards on twitter/yt or you’re being wilfully obtuse

No. 1248243

File: 1623038497348.jpg (291.41 KB, 810x1876, 20210606_225923.jpg)

Katie chimes in

No. 1248245

There really is no tracking and mapping, there's literally a link they can click from your IP which is shown next to your post. Then they can see the post history of that IP. You could take a good guess at which posters were Shannon and just compile all their post histories, that's pretty much what farmands do in these instances.

No. 1248248

More frustrating is how commentators themselves don't know how this stuff works. That and it doesn't take a genius to figure out it's Shannon. She even confirmed that yes, it's her IP. Why she had to make up Amy. Which funny enough, was basically a confession.

I just hope someone does a detailed, organized video.

No. 1248251

Samefag, I actually found lolcow through the Kiki post history story. There's a section at this link where they describe how they did it. In her case she just never cleared her cookies, so all her posts were tied back to her, despite changing IPs.

(Twitterfags, please read the link and get educated)


No. 1248252

It's probably just the same person. It seems like a random insult.

No. 1248259

No. 1248262

No. 1248263

so this girl shilled a vpn and didnt even use one

No. 1248269

VPNs won’t save you. Can newfaggots stop pretending you know a goddamn thing.

No. 1248273

>"There is a website known as Lolcow forums, it's a website I use frequently…"
> Is a male

He does know this is a women's only site, right? Disgusting.

You're not welcome here.

No. 1248275

I hate it so much. Drama scrotes kill themselves already. Literally go to Reddit or kiwifarms or anywhere else that welcomes them.

No. 1248276

Normies be like
>forum forum forum forum forum hate forum

No. 1248283

Let's pretend for a moment that Shannon did not make the lolcow posts. She would have heard about the accusations, checked out the posts attributed to her and been immediately confused about everything.
Instead she immediately had an entire novel about Amy, detailing an email she sent 2 years ago, and IP spoofing. Right away she had an explanation and a perfect story for exactly what happened and why. This is such a sign of a liar.
When someone gives too much information — information that is not requested and especially an excess of details — there is a very high probability that they are not telling the truth.

No. 1248284


Throw in a little selective hacking of your YT to allow to you to post said novel and a sprinkle of 'new ig might quit yt" for flavor and totally legitimacy of course.

No. 1248292


These people pretending they know anything about the technical side of things are killing me.

Lurk moar, newfags.

No. 1248296

Doesn’t Shannon’s sister claim she’s non-binary and go by they/them? Bit surprised that I haven’t seen any of Shannon’s fans say anything yet about her ~misgendering~ her sister when she linked us her Twitter. That combined with the “fakeboi” remark makes it apparent that she wasn’t just using slurs to try to fit in here. Not that I care about any troons feelings.

No. 1248302

Oh I have no doubt she whined about troonery in the family in /ot/ for farmers sympathy.

No. 1248303

To answer your question on the quality of art, I haven't seen any good art pieces when it comes to art drama commentary videos. The most times I see actually great styles and whatnot are on simple storytime artists or just generally artists who make speedpaint type content that doesn't have to do with drama. I think it's because a lot of the drama tubers are young and aren't as experienced with their art just yet.

No. 1248307

Anyone who says Shamy's art is good in ANY sense of the word needs to get their eyes checked. Jesus.

No. 1248308

Oh for sure, you know it's gonna be the next hot button issue since Hopeless Peaches. I'm honestly not looking forward to the bandwagon lol.

No. 1248311

File: 1623045393920.png (47.84 KB, 1130x290, thisisnotokay1.png)

sorry if this has been posted but this is my favourite cap
>n-none of us are her
>is her

No. 1248313

>omnia's was as least thorough. all these scrotes have to say is, 'idk who that is' while they read the dishsoap twitter thread.

I can't wait (not really) till JAR butts his annoying self into the drama and acts just as mindlessly about the site like these other guys have been

No. 1248316

the coincidences would be too high to even consider anything other than an egotistical liar who thought she could scheme behind backs for whatever the fuck motivations that im not even sure she herself knows. even the thread image itself, i went back and checked the date of said post and compared it to the date of the first amy video.
>my stalker amy posted on 01/11/19
>"shes bored of lc" selfpost 01/22/19

she even claims that "shannon" told her this 4 days prior to that, which leaves about a weeks time between the two. unless this was always some backburner scapegoat, it really feels like some long winded narc scheme.

No. 1248321

Finally milk where the cow isn’t a groomer pedo but just old-fashioned lolcow

No. 1248322

Fucking hilarious.

No. 1248328

Reading her posts (and subsequent Amy "explanation") I get the same feeling I get watching a soccer opponent give themselves own goal after own goal.

No. 1248334

Is that why she used “sibling” the whole story? I thought that was so weird but I just chalked it up to her wanting to be mysterious or some shit

No. 1248348

I feel like the whole Amy post was ultimately a huge self own. I think the best move would have been to just categorically deny everything and just say admin compiled a bunch of random posts to make her look bad. Instead she confirmed the document is legit.

No. 1248349

She panicked. She put out a response relatively fast, should've let her head cool down first.

No. 1248353

File: 1623050728551.jpg (521.73 KB, 1078x1916, Screenshot_20210607-021917_Ins…)


No. 1248354

Exactly, if you weren't familiar with this place your first reaction would be confusion, also worry over how "someone" is talking about your own sister online.

No. 1248355

Who is she going to sue? Anyway looking forward to it, lol.

No. 1248357


I love how she turns it on her "friends" that she shit talked that they're upset with her lmfao.

We all know she's not "handling this legally" but I'm sure we would all love for admins to confirm.

No. 1248361

File: 1623051762034.png (91.36 KB, 936x599, clownery.png)

She deleted all her IG posts.

No. 1248368

Gosh I wish lc publishes phony C&D letters like Null does kek

No. 1248371

>no actually I'M the victim
>no backstabbing is only ok when I do it
>~aaall by myyyyself~

No. 1248372

God can she make it any more obvious that's she's lurking the thread rn?

No. 1248377

I doubt she is going to be able to "handle this legally" with how much money she spent on her lovebombing

No. 1248379

Probably why she hasn't nuked her YouTube yet. Needs the residual pay.

No. 1248388

>prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was not my doing
Hoooo boy, I cannot WAIT to see her piss poor attempt at fabricating evidence to exonerate herself. Shamu, we all know that you won’t be posting on your social media because you’ll be too busy frantically creating sock accounts for “Amy”. Given how technically illiterate you are, dis gon b gud

No. 1248391

File: 1623054860301.jpg (175.66 KB, 961x960, Screenshot_20210606-060330_Chr…)

how is she going to prove shit when she left her ig icon visible in screencaps about gothcell? she had to go back and delete it once she saw she fucked up for a reason.
even if she claims "amy" "photoshopped" it, why the hell would she delete it to recrop the shop? wouldnt the point be to incriminate shannon? and what motives could "amy" possibly have to be posting about a creepshow ripoff? why would "amy" give a shit if creepshow gets ripped off? why would "amy" care to ask the farms opinions on seemingly unrelated artists?
she didnt cover even half her bases and thinks getting slapped by an empty threat is going to scare anyone?

>until i can prove without a doubt

well maybe you can dm dream and ask to borrow his math team

No. 1248395

Imagine saying that “I’m realizing more and more a lot of what i thought were friendships were not” yeah Shannon, not like you betrayed their trust and continue to lie to them privately. How could these people you shit talked on lolcow be mad at you?

What a fucking moron.

No. 1248397

Presumably because Amy doesn’t exist, possible legal action with lolcow for outing her? I would lose my shit if that happened.
Just take the damn L, Shannon.

No. 1248399

Damn this is big. She needs to get help. And I just don't see how there's any coming back from this, she looks batshit crazy and has ruined her reputation with so many groups now after these slurs and backtalking

No. 1248400

Ngl that would be so entertaining

No. 1248401

inb4 she pulls a Vicky Shingles and emails admin from a bogus small address threatening a federal investigation

No. 1248404

Nah, sounds like she's doubling down on the Amy story. It's a 'dog ate my homework' level of excuse, where the teacher knows she doesn't have a dog. The more she leans into it, the more embarrasing it gets.

>Just take the damn L, Shannon.

This is her main problem, that she won't. You can't win them all and you can't win it always, sometimes you have to admit defeat and cut your losses and that time is now.

No. 1248426

>everyone close to me is now confused as to what my moral character is

I think that was clear to everyone before her post history came out. Nobody thought she was a wholesome nice girl before this.

No. 1248427

>shit like this fundamentally changes you

How can you run a drama channel shitting on other people and then act wounded and offended when people start talking about you too? It's a ridiculous stance to take, you are never untouchable as a public figure.

No. 1248433

Doubt. That would just lend to the proof it was her all along. I think she's going to drop out for a while - apart from the occasional ~holding on~ / 'healing' update - and then reappear with some badly shooped legal docs that have everything redacted anyway and tell another bigass story about how it was all real and sooper complicated

No. 1248441

>implying you’re not just buying time to think of your next excuse

No. 1248451

This whole situation is a prime example of "Quit while you're ahead".
If she learned to stfu and not push her luck, she probably could've had a couple more years with her "anonymity" intact

No. 1248460

This whole thing was Inevitable with her, she knew what she was doing and her ego got to her. Even if she stayed quiet and kept low she would've got caught since she loves to run her mouth and play a big game.

No. 1248464

Not sure how it works in the US but lets say there is a court case and she was telling the truth the whole time (highly fuckin unlikely) would actual court documents not be public access anyway?

No. 1248467

Sage but this made me fucking lol

No. 1248475

Cow gets no sympathy. She follows Shannon's new instagram. Just trying to get ahead on her followers and trying to appease the 15 year old pick mes from CSA.

No. 1248476

That was the first thing I pictured when she said legal action too, that she's going to start emailing lolsuit threats

No. 1248480

It's not that deep, they're just idiots tho think schizo means split personality and if Shannon was both insulting and defending herself then that's schizo to them.

No. 1248481

When Shannon dyed her hair half orange and half black like a month after meeting Ashlee and love bombed her during the time she was getting attention from the Dahvie situation so people knew that they were friends. Fucking weird that you’d try and cling on to any possible clout you can get from a situation regarding pedo shit but go off weirdo.
But yeah Ashlee going on and on about Chris Hansen not helping with the Dahvie situation and making the onion documentary as if Chris isn’t a desperate old journalist and not an FBI agent is fucking old and annoying.

No. 1248485

I'm wondering what this means for Shannon money wise, seeing as if she tries to make a 'job' off of her weird art and YouTube? She already said she was 'homeless' before.

Does this just mean she'll get a real job or still try to comeback by piggybacking off of her friends with an apology and innocent look?


That's actually what I hate about channels like Shannon+Ready To Glare and Chris Hansen, they just report on these cases just to ride off the clout of being better than a pedophile when a lot of us are. It's good to report about pedophiles, WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WAYS TO GET THEM IN JAIL and not just pull a 'report and leave'.

No. 1248493

It’s not unlikely, it’s impossible.

No. 1248494

Ashlee is a giant cow and I'm surprised she doesn't have her own thread yet. Of course she'll stick with Shannon, they're both bitter bitches who are addicted to talking shit about her friends

No. 1248496

Fr, she’s a fat, ugly, literal whore who is an unrepentant clout chaser, she’ll probably stick by Shamu because birds of a feather. I’d be surprised if she doesn’t post here. Tinfoil but if anyone is going to be roped into whatever plans are afoot to prove that “Amy” exists you can bet that this busted, bitter bitch will be in on it

No. 1248501

I don't think we're talking about the same Ashlee then but keep seething and drop the cringy nicknames, newfag

No. 1248507

Ashlee is a cow too. The victim complex runs deep with her. She used her Dahvie experience for youtube fame and it is extremely obvious. I’m genuinely surprised there’s not a thread about her because she’s a lot like Shannon.

No. 1248510

I've got one question tho after going through the entire two threads, so is Shannon's Ip on perma "This is not ok" marking or is she still able to post as an anon and keep up the bs? I'm just suspicious especially with her trying to erase her Instagram and run into hiding.

No. 1248514

Posts are marked in retrospect so it wouldn't automatically apply to her new posts. Admins didn't say if she was banned or not (idk why everyone keeps talking about how she'd have seen her IP because she got banned; they never said they banned her).

No. 1248517

Man we still gotta play among us on the board? Sad

No. 1248518

nta but you seem upset, presumably because you are also a degenerate sex worker, if that anon is talking about this ashlee >>1248035 they are right about her being an ugly clout chasing whore

No. 1248521

imagine this woman made a video over the fact a tumblr user made an oc over their nazi fetish and here I am reading figuring out creepshow is alot worse then the nazi ocer.

No. 1248522

I think at the very least, she knows that in any real legal situation, talking about it online can fuck up your case.. but she isn't saying she has to be quiet due to legality, to which most people would, as it can be a valid excuse.. if she isn't smart enough to know this, why wouldn't she want us to know more about this stalker and cover all the avenues of shit talking, since your run of the mill idiot would plaster all over their social medias how they're in a lawsuit.

I just keep thinking about how well Emzotic handled her outing. She owned ALL of her shit and was real about who she was. She's come back from that situation stronger than ever, and still has very dedicated fans. Creepshow will never be able live Amy down, regardless of her being fictional, or not. If she's a real narc, no one can help her, she can't even help herself.

From the sounds of it, she's going to really only have her husband to lean on for awhile. As for money, she will most likely have to get a real job.. YouTube was never going to be a viable career path for her considering she is technically faceless on yt and not conventionally attractive. She got too big for her britches.


No. 1248525

NTA and I detest her so much it's making me want to a-log but calling her fat just makes us look like retarded anachans. I agree with everything else about her though and she looks like a clown all the fucking time. The smugness radiating off of her activates my almonds like nothing else.

No. 1248527

and hate to same fag, in terms of cowness shannon out weighs the nazi ocer, because had she not made a video about it I would've known fuck all about it, yet shannon fucking not only made a video on it but lol started thiss stupid faggotry on lolcow.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1248528


No. 1248530

>activates my almonds
Fucking kek. I agree with all of this, all these onlyfans thots who make muh grooming their entire personality purely for the sake of getting asspats and subs to their degeneracy are repugnant. You best believe this ugly cow will milk Shannons situation for all its worth, regardless of which side she chooses

No. 1248534

>I just keep thinking about how well Emzotic handled her outing.

Ah yeah I remember…
>Hehe I did nothing wrong! Out me go ahead!
>Wait what you can see all my posts from other IPs too? Don't out me that's illegal!
>It was a social experiment! It wasn't what I really feel, I'm writing a book!
>Okay it was me but listen I'm mentally ill and getting therapy now

She made the same mistake as Shannon, she denied and came up with fantastical excuses and only when she realized she was stuck she came clean. Emzotic just apologized again a few days ago but nobody wants to have anything to do with her and she lost her fiance and went on a whole spree about how he was super abusive and she's writing her book now for real. She didn't own her shit at all.

No. 1248535

Its the “waa waa im so upset i want to vent but im going to make everyone feel sorry for me first”
loey and giulia are both doing it too with the vague sad faces and shit its fucking cringe they’re all adult women.

No. 1248541

I can confirm she's always the first to talk shit about any given person. It's very telling that she converted the attention she got for being raped into a drama channel of all things. She could have done anything with that platform, but I guess drama is her calling.

No. 1248542

It’s always the uggos too, they can’t get their precious clout from making content that isn’t drama mongering narc cringe because the internet will reward pretty people for being useless vapid parasites but those less fortunate in the looks department have to resort to other attention grabs. Then they get too big for their boots and become the mean girls they weren’t able to be in high school because they were losers. Shannon is a prime example of this in every single thing she does. Ultimately it’s what led to this

No. 1248550

I think Shannon's outing seems like such an explosion compared to others where shittalking other personalities was involved because of just how much she sucked up to all those people beforehand. Emzotic handled it poorly, but even with her own social climbing she just wasn't as much of an overt ass-kisser. It makes it seem better by comparison even when both handled it like shit.

No. 1248552

Iirc she mentioned having a regular job outside of YouTube and that she doesn't make much money off of her videos due to demonetization.

But who knows how true that is kek

No. 1248560

Wasn’t the job “professional artist”?

No. 1248562

Em at the time was known as "The Snow White of exotic pets" and the most wholesome and sweet pettuber, headed pet conventions and was friends with everyone. People were absolutely shocked and in such disbelief she had to confirm multiple times that yes it was actually her or most of them wouldn't even have believed it. I think there's some unintentional retconning happening here because it's been so long and it changed her image so drastically that now we can't remember her as anything else.

The plausibility of Shannon having a "job" was discussed in detail here: >>>/snow/1161093
We also found her linkedin ages ago and it only had a few minimum wage jobs like the local cinema and her family's business and her latest job was just listed as Youtube. >>>/snow/1067814

No. 1248565

This is on the same level as dasha being outed. There’s two possible scenarios that can play out and they both involve her still making content or at least being present on the internet because she’s work shy.

A. She rebrands, does exactly what dasha did and changed her appearance and went under different IG handles, most people don’t actually know what Shannon looks like anyway and think shes a teenage girl judging by her comments.

B. The more likely option - With it not being on par with with the MiniLadd thing of sexting minors, she could probably keep creating content and ignoring/having a moderator delete any negative comments. She knows she still has people out there that refuse to believe that Shannon is capable of this because she has a wonderful personality and really cares about the people she’s friends with.

No. 1248566

File: 1623075607168.jpeg (520.98 KB, 1322x1202, BDF8ECAB-2972-42D3-BDB6-10A972…)

So.. she doesn’t believe Shannon, right? I feel bad for her, I understand if she’s annoying but she only talks about female predators because she’s a survivor of one. It’s horrible to have someone you thought was a friend make light of that. I hope Shannon doesn’t come back from from this, she knew better and still said what she said.

No. 1248567

The virtue signaling from this Omnia girl ruins the video

No. 1248568

We all know her 'legal action' is bullshit and she has no actual case here. Amy isn't real, and unless she's going after lolcow (which in itself is stupid as fuck) then all of this is just some attempt to buy herself time.

She's probably crying to her husband about how she's a victim or already writing up fake emails and photoshopping shit to make it look like Amy is behind this all.

I would absolutely love to see whatever the fuck is going on in her DMs though. Now that's where the real interesting shit is going down between her, Loey, RTG, etc.

No. 1248570

File: 1623075757300.gif (446.55 KB, 160x160, Addams-Family-Values.gif)

Is Shannon really butt hurt that she shit talked all her friends and they're all pissed at her? And is she really painting herself as the victim in all this?
Guess she'll flounder until the end. She's probably sticking to her story because she feels like she will come out of this… which she will totally. But with a ruined reputation.

No. 1248571

The easiest way for her to deal with this would be by just rebranding to a based edgy channel. Her goon squad friends thought her comments were funny and based and only criticized her for being two-faced about it. She could just come back, say "yeah so SJW culture is shit because look what happened, I overcompensated anonymously because the whole community is so stifling and perfectionistic" and do twitch livestreams since most of her fans liked her for her spergy personality and not her hard-hitting research. Done. But in order for her to do that she'd have to stop needing validation for being the best and kindest person who ever lived, so it's not gonna happen.

No. 1248572

>he got his real therapist to email
HE CATFISHED YOU. It was never his therapist. God it's been years and she still lacks any critical thinking skills holy shit. Room temperature IQ

No. 1248574

It's annoying yes but it did provide an ok explanation for the fragile normies.

No. 1248575

This is where I'm at. The video was good, it was concise and speaks in a language Shannon's fans will understand.

No. 1248577

Yeah it looks like RTG has finally pulled her head out of her ass. I could be full of shit but given how fast Ashlee and Loey responded to her tweet, they're probably in a group chat or something and they finally convinced her to actually look at the situation rather than sit on her ass and believe everything out of Shannon's mouth.

She'll probably pull a Gabbie Hanna and blame all of this on "uwu I have insert random disorder here and that's why I'm so fucked… but don't worry guys, I'm in therapy and I'm even better now! I'm in therapy and medicated now, you're going to love me again right?"

No. 1248585

You guys know there's no actual way to stop men from posting here, right?
Quit sperging out about these "scrotes" you claim to hate so much.

But… she is fat. It's just a fact.
Who cares if we "look like retarded anachans"? You're too self-conscious.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1248586

Shannon is fat and I would not have sex with her.

No. 1248587

Please sage your autism newfriend.

No. 1248590

She’s making herself look so much worse the longer she sticks to the “Amy” story. Literally anyone with even the slightest tech knowledge knows that’s not how IP works. It would be so much better for her if she just admitted she fucked up. People would still hate her for it but at least they would respect the honesty and she wouldn’t be embarrassing herself with obvious lies or dragging it out any longer. Everyone fucks up in one way or another, and honestly this is pretty tame compared to what other youtubers have been exposed of doing and it’ll just blow over eventually like the Emzotic thing. Like just take the L and go.

No. 1248591

We're not talking about Shannon, this was about Ashlee. Keep up with the conversation or shut up.

No. 1248592

This is about Shannon she is fat and I will still not have sex with her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1248594

it still cracks me up that she started her story with "people are saying i doxed my sister and shit talked my friends and i'm sooooo confused because i would NEVER do that. I would REMEMBER doing that. that WASN'T me." she fucked herself over by acting like there's no way her story could be false. people are gonna be especially pissed off at the way she lied.

that said, yeah, she should just admit she panicked and blamed it on Amy but her entire web of lies would unravel. there's no Amy. she has no problem going after drag queens, completely innocent drama youtubers, and youtubers in communities that are none of her business but she's protected the identity of a person who stalked and harassed her for 8+ years? nah, Amy doesn't exist. so she'd had to admit that too. she's floundering.

No. 1248595

My favorite part is that she literally went "Amy is obsessed with my sister and hates her. I would NEVER dox my sister, even though I do hate her, don't get me wrong. I loathe her. But it was Amy."

No. 1248596

From the overall reaction on twitter and other socials it feels like most people were just waiting for an excuse to shit on her, which is pretty hilarious. The amount of “I always had a bad vibe about her” and similar is astounding.

No. 1248597

There are so many ways she could have tried rather than that stalker story:
>I wanted my friends to gain more sympathy and pretended to be their haters online because that's how I've got more subscribers, I know this was a terrible idea and that's why I will be offline for a moment to think things through. I also tried to fit in among the other posters by saying slurs.
>The person who has been writing all these things is someone who lives with me. I will not take it further in public and we will handle this issue offline.
>The admins are telling lies and I am just as confused as you by this whole issue.

Frankly they wouldn't have worked any better.

No. 1248598

I found it really funny how "Amy" just so happens to hate everyone Shannon hates and then some.

No. 1248603

If Amy were real wouldn’t her close friends including the ones she talked shit about know her true identity? Funny how she’s trying to come across like a saint for keeping Amy’s identity a secret but will shit on other people who have done less.

No. 1248604

Sage for nonmilk. Point 3 would have been the smartest course of action. As far as I understand it, the best that the admins can actually prove is that all of those posts come from the same user, and from the content of the posts it’s really easy to infer it was CSA. But in theory it could have been anyone, maybe living in the same area. She screwed herself over by instantly admitting it was her IP and that the posts were legit in some fashion.

No. 1248610

>quit sperging!
>Unsaged sperging
Minimods who can't even follow the rules themselves make me want to a-log.
Seriously. Most of her subscribers don't know what lolcow is or how it works. If they did, they wouldn't watch her long winded videos lmao. If she had just denied and feigned ignorance this would have been salvageable. I seriously doubt they'd come to the ~mean booly hate forum~ and learn how to navigate well enough to see the proof for themselves. 99% of her stans are so braindead they would take her word for it and brush it off as a inevitable consequence of being in the drama commentary community.

No. 1248613

i think it's more than that though? i'm pretty sure the admins said that it's multiple IPs, matching Shannon's location even after she moved, and all IPs line up with the devices she has in her possession. so like if she has an iPad, iPhone 12, and a Mac, all the IPs seem to correlate to those devices. probably on the same network. I don't know if admins can see if she posted on the same network with each IP but it's possible.

the third point would work the best though because no one who supports her would think that lolcow could find this out. she could perpetuate a falsehood of "they're assuming this ONE IP address is mine! I moved a while ago, it couldn't be mine!" and her fans would eat it up. she added too many details, a telltale sign of a lie.

No. 1248616

This. If she just played stupid and said she doesn't know why they think it's her, then I'd say most people would write it off as he said she said and stick with her because they like her. She could have said "So all they know is someone from my area posted there about people in my circle? Do you know how much drama there is in Las Vegas?" and sweep it under the rug until everyone forgets. It would have worked for Dasha because all her posts were from Los Angeles, except she left a massive trail by instructing all her friends to participate too.

No. 1248617

File: 1623079535330.png (81.54 KB, 275x155, 1622859163054.png)

This pic anon made might be major foreshadowing. Shannon might roll with the Amy story and nod her head like "Yes this was Amy… I am Amy" *Deep inhales "… Amy… is my alter! But I'm getting therapy and medication! You see the trama I experienced in my life-"
Aah, would be golden

No. 1248618

Her fans definitely aren't going to sit here and read through everything. They'll wait for Edwin, RTG or some other sellout friend of Shannon's to make a video about how "hurt" they are by the entire situation. The bait is just too juicy. They know if they make a video about it they'll get the ad revenue and the sympathy. It's too tempting for them to NOT take.

It might not be immediately, but I bet a month from now at least a few of the people she talked about here will make a video on it. D'angelo will probably make a whole ass expose on it.

No. 1248624

if Amy was real and her real target was Shannon's sister how come her sis is Stalker free? You would think her sister would be bitching about "Amy" as well.
Oh wait… her sister IS bitching about Amy. Her sister told Shannon to stay away from her and blocked her. Now why would her sister act like that from a mere text from Shannon? Mmmn mmmn

No. 1248626

She probably knows it's coming it's why she ran with her tail between her legs screeching she's innocent. She can't take the fallout she tried so hard to dish out to other creators.

No. 1248627

FYI Her sister is 100% aware of everything. I tried to follow her on an alt and she blocked me within less than a minute.

No. 1248631

It’s multiple Ip connected to multiple devices that can all be traced to the same one user, but, afaik, it doesn’t directly proves that that user is Shannon, just that they all come from the same user. That part comes from the content of her posts here which were clearly selfpromoting in nature. For example, the admin could make a similar doc of all of my posts, but they couldn’t call it “jane doe’s post history” because I never said anything that indicates that my identity is jane doe.

No. 1248633

sorry for spoonfeed but who is she talking about? i dont keep up with RTG

No. 1248635

No. 1248638

I will lose my mind if she cracks after this and comes up with some crazy DID story and how her past traumas are the cause for it all.
She's an idiot for staying friendly and chatty with somebody who allegedly stalked and harassed her so badly, it's just another hole in her story that makes no sense.

No. 1248639


Jesus, what a shitty thing to pull on someone you called a friend wtf

No. 1248640

Oh god amy is totally her alter personality. Just go for it shannon. You know you want to.

No. 1248642

I'm expecting her to get really desperate to be a victim and check herself into a hospital because all this harassment is making her suicidal.

No. 1248643

i believe the rtg has autism tinfoil. she first got noticed on lolcow after subbing/unsubbing from onision's patreon, and both of them shit out a bunch of videos over it. she seems really gullible, and like she 'believes people until they give her a reason not to.'

No. 1248644

that would be perfect. Didn't she shit all over Hopeless Peaches for suicide baiting when she never did. And add on RTG ex friend faked his suicide and emailed her about it as a therapist

No. 1248647

Shannon is like a Scooby Doo baddie, all she needed to do was not constantly talk about herself on lolcow and this would have never happened.

No. 1248649

Yeah, and to what, advertise to an audience of a couple hundred users at best? She is clearly incredibly obsessed with youtube numbers.

No. 1248652

I do wonder at this point how many of her subs are bought subs.

No. 1248661

Sage for newfaggotry and autism, but how did the admin manage to find out creepshow was selfposting? I have a few other cows in mind I wish farmhands could confirm are selfposting(Spoonfeeding)

No. 1248663

The explanations have been posted multiple times in this thread alone, how about you lurk some more

No. 1248669

File: 1623083980270.jpeg (637.61 KB, 828x1355, 4FB81392-996D-43E0-8D98-CEA2D5…)

Really wish RTG would have spoken about Shannon in a video or spoken about it. She betrayed your trust and shit talked you and you’re doing your piss poor cosplay and a video about dead kids? I thought she was big sad and needed to take a step back?

No. 1248670

shannon is disgusting. i cant believe i once liked her content.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1248671

Eh there’s a lot of shit to say about Ashlee but she’s not fat. That’s why she has to constantly change her appearance, because she’s just below average without all the makeup and bright hair.

No. 1248674

Where there’s smoke there’s fire after all

No. 1248678

She's not fat, but she's below average even with the hair and makeup.

No. 1248688


It definitely feels like more people were wanting to like her but that her shit personality seeps from the edges just enough to make them lose interest before noticing anything untoward. Maybe not unsub but def not pay much attention.

Even at half a million subs she's not very liked. And her actions before she got ousted kind of tells us she knows it.

No. 1248693

Wonder how many subs she’s going to lose by this Friday. She’s already dropped to 498k

No. 1248697

File: 1623086096107.png (25.57 KB, 1000x225, deleted video.PNG)

checked out her social blade and it seems she lost 2 million views at wednesday, checked the previous thread but no one seems to have brought it up. Anyone know which video?

No. 1248699

Looking through her post history on here, it seems like most of the videos she shared on here are removed or private.

No. 1248700

Wait did I miss that before? She is the 2nd comment on this page?????? This is not ok gif is on it now, idr seeing it but I am a blind dumb fuck but dude

No. 1248701

She deleted a few of her storytime videos:
>Finding out I am a Narcissist
>RuPaul stole my idea
>My ex boyfriend found my youtube channel

I have all of them archived though. Will post a link later if anyone wants to peruse

No. 1248703

Holy shit the narcissist one.

Its a gif, posted as a joke. Her posts are flaired.

No. 1248706

File: 1623086891682.jpeg (593.17 KB, 1316x1183, FD74B91A-8374-4BEC-B9A4-4EB97E…)

Ashlee posted a series of tweets just now. I’m too lazy to share it all but I don’t want other Amy’s to miss out.

No. 1248708

Any ideas as to why these videos in particular were deleted?

No. 1248709

File: 1623086969202.png (781.58 KB, 1536x2048, C6D62B8E-97C1-4E01-A656-AE276A…)

No. 1248711

Dude it's not just dead kids it's dead indigenous kids from genocide. She's just trying to capitalize on it because it's a big deal in Canada right now.

If she's gonna talk about Shannon it's probably going to be the next video she puts out.

No. 1248712

>>1248700 It was explained in another comment. Lurk moar.

To all newfags, put sage in the email field if your contribution isn't milk. Your seething might be milky, but it isn't milk. Namefagging 'Amy' is allowed in this thread only, and calling out scrotes (men) is normal, as this is a female-only site. Lurk before contributing. Welcome to Lolcow.

No. 1248713

File: 1623087074101.jpeg (239.65 KB, 946x2048, 0E478920-1321-44B4-A388-64556C…)

No. 1248715

Would love to go through these to see what would make her delete them lol
Share when you can.

No. 1248716

File: 1623087196784.jpeg (223.06 KB, 946x2048, 0BDE1FA6-F29C-4BE9-83B7-B64EC4…)

No. 1248721

Shannon stop trying to copy other users I really hate violating the hi cow rule but its glaringly obvious when you do that shit. I'll eat my ban, but if you want to shit talk your friends on lolcow atleast have the balls to do it yourself.
I legit never liked you, I thought your actual art was shit, your hot takes where shit and nit picky, you literally kink shamed a faggot who got off on nazis, despite your espousing of the LGBTQ+++ community you surely love to kink shame those with more benign all be it cringe worthy fetish, then the lolicons who love draw little girls, but even then you hardly qualify as an artist because your not okay with people making controversial art, and depriving me of lulz at laughing at that them.

You play with fire you get burned and would not be in the horrid pr situation you placed yourself in by doing this amy larp. I am sorry if anyone gets annoyed but it needs to be said, shannon you put yourself in this situation only an idiot wouold buy this stalker scenario. No stalker has this enough resources to fake your ip address unless they were glowies, unless you pissed off a glowie, no one would be devoted enough to that unless they were in power and had resources to spare.
Which I highly doubt you would be important enough for anyone with a real grudge to entertain on doing. and especially of all sites, why fucking lolcow? why not just fucking do this shit, on a more reputable site where your fans actually follow you? Anyone who may have a vested interest in you beyond laughing you wouldn't frequent this site, or take anything other than face value. It would make much more logical sense if I were a person with a vendetta against you to take it to a platform that can give you more direct damage, than lol try to gay op on lolcow on months, to take revenge.

I am only posting this because a stalker if they truly want to wreck your reputation would go all out and not use lol cow as their starting point.(Hi cow newfaggotry)

No. 1248722

>Without knowing me, Shannon went on a long rant
>perhaps too much openness

typical lol. Therein lies the issue though, Shannon has absolutely no fucking boundaries or impulse control when she smells an opportunity for validation. That's why she lovebombs so hard and ropes people in and calls them her wives and bffs instantly. But people like her with her half a million subs have a fucking responsibility not to get too chummy with everyone and letting it cloud your judgement. Shannon has been criticized for being biased and badly researched for a long time and they never listened because she's my friend and that's why they'll all go down one by one. Drama tubers cannibalize each other, it's the natural order of things.

No. 1248723

sage your fucking autism, 'x is fat and i would not have sex with' is a kiwifarms joke

No. 1248724

Hello. What the fuck is this? This is clearly not shannon you absolute degenerate

No. 1248725

File: 1623087662438.jpeg (214.06 KB, 1125x1888, 7424D8EE-FB30-41AE-B5A8-0780D0…)

The messages ashlee sent to her, posting because she’s thinking of deleting them

No. 1248726

File: 1623087692377.jpeg (197.28 KB, 1125x1755, 5CA770A7-98C4-4F72-B528-2260DF…)

No. 1248730

So if this is amy the stalker then, why the fuck haven't you taken you vendetta to platforms where you can do actual damage? little twitter, or fucking tumblr or shit? you are retarded or think I am an idiot?

No. 1248731

From what her fans were saying in comments, she used to mention "Amy" here and there in other videos. I reckon she's combed through and deleted anything that contradicts her most recent "Amy" story.

No. 1248732

She didn't delete the big video about Amy though, even though in it she confesses that she spent an entire year making up a fake life to tell "Amy" because she was insecure and addicted to lying.

No. 1248733

I'm sorry but this is so funny to me. The person who posted this screenshot was marked as a "close friend". I bet it was one of the other YouTubers. They're all at it, slagging each other off on lolcow but being nice to each others faces. Hilarious.

No. 1248734

Fuck I told you I'm retarded. I do sage tho I'm not totally autistic

No. 1248736


This is also my thoughts. Any mention of a stalker that contradicts or anything that may establish a pattern of behavior similar, and finally I assume anything that mentions her sister.

No. 1248738

like this whole shit doesn't make sense of a logical level, I know how fucking these types of vendettas go down, lolcow is like the last option to take, most of these types are basically hurr de durr shit post on venues where the other person can see the other person shit posting.

No. 1248739

Oh my god this thread got so autistic. Newfags kill yourselves.
This is not kwf, only scrotes say that. Die. >>1248721
Type less, no one gives a fuck.

No. 1248740

You couldn't have scrolled up 2 more posts? Her friend DeOrio posted it on Twitter. >>1247930

No. 1248741

Shannon isn't the brightest person ever. Whatever scheme she is trying to set up wont work. And I feel like anons already predicted every move she could possibly make.

But right now, I really think she is fabricating evidence. Which will piss people off more because her Amy story on her community tab put the final nail in the coffin. Her stupidly admitting she knows it was her IP was already bad enough.
Her deleting videos where Amy was mentioned also looks bad.

No. 1248745

How does Ashlee still not see the fucking truth? This whole fence sitting shit is pathetic. Shannon is no better than Chris Hansen— they're both shills who like to use women who were abused by different celebrities to gain views and money. Of course Shannon gave you a pep talk and wanted to befriend you, you brought her in money!

Plus there is this thing where psycho bitches will pry early on in the friendship. They'll love bomb, trauma dump and then try to get you to spill your shit to them. Then, they'll use whatever they have on you to manipulate you to play the part they want. For Shannon, it was for woke points, for money, and to have someone to bat for her… and Ashlee is still falling for it.

No. 1248750

because she's a clout chaser and if Shannon comes back from this she still wants to benefit from the friendship. Even though we all know at this point Shannon is pissed off at all her friends. Anyone who sticks around her is asking for future drama being made by Shannon. That and Shannon already tried to flip it and basically say her friends are the back stabbers.

No. 1248756

Post the hate on her YouTube community post or her latest video where she'll see it.

No. 1248757

Her attempt to come back from this will involve a willing scapegoat or a hired Amy.

For example, if her partner “admitted” to using her devices and posting on her behalf.

No. 1248758

File: 1623089659773.jpeg (151.13 KB, 750x346, 8087A764-AA3D-45BC-BF9E-BD8605…)

Off topic but I’m laughing. Beware children, don’t post on stinky TERF site, we can see your IP~

No. 1248760

I know this is obscure drama but does anyone remember the Plaaastic situation where she was caught faking her death and using sockpuppets and eventually she tried to blackmail a "hacker" into taking the fall for it?

No. 1248761

I mean… no shit. If this was a happy PG forum it wouldn't be as controversial for Shannon to be posting here. Like, what did they think this place was?

No. 1248762

Interesting how they'll say all that shit about lolcow but won't call Shannon the exact same thing for posting the same sorta shit here.

Even when Shannon is called out for being a dumbfuck, people are still finding ways to excuse her/focus on other shit.

No. 1248768

>incel TERF
how the fuck could incels be terfs lmao

No. 1248769

I didn't know there was the incel content on LC either.

No. 1248771

myself and pepperidge farms remember. I think her at the time boyfriend/fiance/whatever also explained she was schizophrenic?

No. 1248773

You guys aren’t exactly subtle sweetheart

No. 1248774

An incel is not a feminist of any kind. Stop throwing buzzwords around haphazardly. This website is run by women how the fuck is that compatible with incels

No. 1248777

They genuinely don't understand what incel means or what TERF stands for

No. 1248778

Please post anon, maybe it's nothing but maybe there's a nice shot-in-the-foot moment somewhere in there

No. 1248780

Just watch from like 5:00-40:00 on 1.5x speed. Definitely the best summary so far without the SJW hysterics from other commentators

No. 1248791

No. 1248792

Squeaky scrotes with no opinions sound even worse at 1.5x

No. 1248795

File: 1623092796070.png (94.66 KB, 916x607, ed40192c1d139edd9895e7df5c3a3d…)

Let's play Mega-Stan or Sock account.

No. 1248798

It was summarized, they didn't talk about her for too long:

That was pretty much all they said. They circlejerked about the "hack" for a moment and then moved on to some other bullshit.

No. 1248800

Nice try shill

No. 1248808

I really thought she was a cool person. I even kind of talked to her through tweets way back saying how much I liked her videos. guess I'll take that back now. Thanks, shannon.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1248812

thank you for reuploading these.

I watched the Ex video and it was just her stroking her ego the whole time. TLDR of it would be that the ex (she didn't even date him though) and other irl people would come to her and ask for her to promote them because of her youtube following.

She was upset because her crush's first thing to do after not talking for 10 years was ask her to promote his band.

Not sure why she would delete this, of all videos?

No. 1248817

Literally no one was there for her "caring personality" lol, everyone was there for petty Youtuber gossip. Such an obvious sockpuppet.

No. 1248819

It's been long established that most of her fans are along the ride for her obnoxious personality, even her fans dunk on how often she gets shit wrong.

No. 1248824

It's rich that she played up that woke facade for views. I wonder how many of her viewers are the exact same way.

No. 1248849

Tinfoil but I'm thinking the Ex video and narcissist video are about the same guy, in the narcissist one she talks about how caring she was towards this guy, how she even did his laundry for him and how his girlfriend hated her.

No. 1248851

She got shit wrong, her art is mediocre, she doesn't have a charming personality yet she still had a following?
What is life

No. 1248859

In the ex video, she met this guy through Myspace and they never actually dated. He was single the majority of the time they spoke but eventually started to date a girl out of state. In the video, Shannon also specifically named the girl and said it was her real name.

In the narc video, the guy she's talking about seems to be dating someone close-by as they were hooking up. She also didn't mention myspace or speaking to him online at all. She didn't mention this girls name unlike in the other video. Also, this girl seems to know Shannon irl, had face-to-face interactions.

I'm like 99% sure these are just two different people and situations.

No. 1248860

But look at who her following is. They're all either baby twitterites who lose their shit over her because she's just as quirky and annoying as them but "famous", or fellow dramawhore youtubers who do the same shit she does, just less transparently. Anyone can have a following if they have no standards.

No. 1248868


Homewrecking isn't the image she wants to cultivate rn I guess.

No. 1248869

File: 1623096537331.jpg (157.2 KB, 1080x1370, Screenshot_20210607-130252_You…)

Sage for unconfirmed tinfoiling but there's a possible sock account defending CSA in the comment section of her community post. It'll be interesting if she's putting this out there for a future "b-but I can't be transphobic!!" excuse

No. 1248870

Exactly. Mediocre following for a mediocre youtube channel. Well, I'd say the bar is even lower considering the shitty tumblr teen art and garbage research skills for clickbait topics to gossip about.

I'm just amazed that these youtube dumbasses get lucky and win the lottery almost with their following and blow it by posting on here. How hard was it just for CSA to gather the info she was already stealing and NOT post?

No. 1248872

File: 1623096607543.png (10.27 KB, 776x103, a1aa616dea2874d3927bb5699acd6d…)

You nailed it I think. I burst out laughing reading this one.

No. 1248875

wait so she was a side chick? And people didn't think she was a POS before?

No. 1248878

Jfc, how stupid can they be
She could spit on them, shit on their pride flag and kill their families and they will thank her

No. 1248879

File: 1623096927664.jpeg (283.96 KB, 828x785, 61CF1AC5-4885-49B9-A97E-5BC842…)

Anons in the thread are right, Ashlee still wants to suck the Youtuber friend teat dry. They deserve eachother.

No. 1248882

I wouldn't say they got lucky, to me is that they all attract the same audience: dumbasses

No. 1248883


I think most people think that's her. The trans addition is a fun touch, especially accompanying it with pretending it means she can't be transphobic and the whol "its mah opinion" fuckery.

No. 1248885

Was meant to respond >>1248870

No. 1248886

Watch the narc video on 2x speed. She said that the girl was cheating on this guy she was friends with, and apparently said girl thought Shannon was trying to get at him because she was showing off her body via shorts, skirts, tight shirts.

Shannon wasn't really a side chick according to what she said. But then again, we can't trust what she says.

If I had to guess, she just deleted the video because being playful with the whole "haha you got me, I'm a narcissist!" Isn't a good look with what is going on right now.

No. 1248899

Can we stop tinfoiling that every retarded teenage fan is Shannon? She had half a million subs, of course there are gonna be a few idiot weens who don't want to believe it and anyone who is that stupid will also be passionate enough to defend her. There are always some of these.
Anyway she has posted photos of her husband and he was a stereotypical Cali band bro.

Just watch the video, she was only friends with the guy who had a gf.

man it's been so funny watching her and RTG try to work out how to navigate this. it's so obvious that they're super embarrassed they fell for it but they don't want to come off like they're canceling her prematurely, so all they can do is stall and fish for sympathy by whining about how totally out of left field this is even though those two would be the exact people to know just how petty and vindictive Shannon truly is.

No. 1248914

File: 1623098430393.png (92.13 KB, 657x322, ptrn.png)

From Edwin's discord. Yet another site that mysteriously just stopped working for her

No. 1248919

Not justifying it but most of the patreons I've seen made by youtubers got dumped and left to rot. Not shocked Shannon did the same.

Though if she was deleting posts from patreon, I wonder what posts and why?

No. 1248920

She was very active on Patreon back in the day of her early LJ videos, I remember farmers subbing to her 1 dollar tier to see the LJ videos sooner. So she definitely used it for a good while.

No. 1248944

This reveal gives all new entertainment to shannons story times about people who randomly hated her for no reason. Like her husband’s friends who tried to convince him to leave her. Or the ex friend who called her a narcissist. After seeing her true colors around this time last year with the jakeyonce shit, I started to believe she was mostly in the wrong in the true versions of those stories. Rewatching those and reading between the lines what an insufferable toxic scheming cunt she probably was in those relationships is kind of milky in its own right. you don’t end up with mostly enemies in your personal life on accident lmao. I’m willing to believe the Amy girl cyberbullied her for a few years after Shannon catfished her viciously out of jealousy. Like don’t forget that the catalyst was Shannon pretended to be a guy in love with her online best friend for months and carried on a fake relationship playing as that boy. That amy kid probably was devastated and did hate and harass her for a while for doing that. I just believe Shannon exaggerated the scale and scope and timeline of that drama not only for the story but now to make excuses and deflect

No. 1248965

File: 1623102915846.png (413.15 KB, 627x870, caadbcdc6673f79fbfd395fe9b4290…)

Karuna Satori decided it's time to take some public jabs at Shannon again.

No. 1248970

I highly doubt D'Angelo will touch this situation with a 10ft pole. She's not relevant enough for him to do so, and they seemingly haven't talked in ages, or at least publicly acknowledged each other. At most, he'll post something on Twitter.

Why are all her friends vague sadposting like dramatic teenagers? Either say something of substance about it, or shut the fuck up. The people who got the worst of her venom were D'Angelo and Peaches. I understand being bummed about your friend being unhinged, but they're acting like someone pissed on their cereal and then killed their mom.

No. 1248974

I hope she's next, such a cow.

No. 1248976

>Why are all her friends vague sadposting like dramatic teenagers?
My guess: the internet reduces people's (specially youtubers/online personalities) mental age, so they act like elementary schoolers while being 30 fucking years old

No. 1248977

Who is this? I never watched any of Shannon's videos if she's someone from one of them

No. 1248978

Honestly a lot of the people involved with this situation are cows themselves and need to be exposed for one thing or another. I'm still shocked that Loey, Ashlee, etc are all chummy with Repzion despite very public videos of him running around using slurs and saying racist shit.

No. 1248985

You can look up Creepshow Art Karuna on youtube and see Shannon's video. Shannon made fun of Kat Von D and other antivaxxers, Karuna inserted herself in defense of them. Apparently Karuna was antivax in the past but isn't now?

It's all stupid shit anyway.

No. 1248989

The fact that Shannon managed to squeeze a 35+ minute video out of this asinine bullshit is amazing. These drama channels will really milk and pettiest shit for as long as they can.

Also, I tried watching that video because I got curious, and I can't believe this bitch has an audience. Her voice is painful, but her pattern of speech genuinely makes her seem retarded, she sounds like a slow, dramatic 5th grader.

In other news, she dipped bellow 500k subs. It might just be on my end, but I thought she had nuked her channel for a split second because I couldn't find her channel when I looked up her name, all that was popping up were the exposé videos.

No. 1248994

Sincerely wonder if Shannon will make a video about this, trying to excuse this entire thing away. I can already hear her speech patterns:

"So there are these guys online accusing me, yes, little ol' me, darling me, the person you are listening to, of, get this, you're going to hear this and think "why, that's completely logical, I can completely see Shannon, a grown adult, doing all of this, because that's what grown adults do", but for some reason people think I, again, yes, hello, me, am posing as a hater of, believe it or not, ME, and talking shit about MY friends, my beautiful, lovely, dear friends I talk about so much? Yeah apparently I'm just out here talking shit about them, because that's TOTALLY something I'd do, that sounds like a really fun activity and not a total waste of my time, so anyway [..]"

You could ask her what kind of cereal she had for breakfast and she'd manage to stretch that conversation out for 20-30 minutes. Absolutely fucking appalls me how she had regular viewers.

No. 1248997

File: 1623105589950.jpg (345.3 KB, 1080x1171, Screenshot_20210607-153933_You…)

She comes as advertised- hopeless.

No. 1249002

Watch out Anon, if you nail her writing style too hard they'll think you're Amy

No. 1249004

You have to be fucking kidding. Literally every single creator doesn't have a spine to call people out on their bullshit, pathetic really.

No. 1249006

Imo, she is going to milk the situation and present herself as having the moral high ground as much as she can to get some sweet sweet subs and views.
Just wait for her next actions

No. 1249008

This. In the Shannon vs Peaches situation I was pro Peaches for obvious reasons, but it's not hard to be less shitty than Shannon. Once she's comfortable riding the high of having the moral high ground, we'll see what she's really like.

No. 1249009


I don't know if the chat from the premiere is available, but she was cringe as fuck in there, fishing for compliments on her voice, her art, among other things.

No. 1249011


D'Angelo doesn't do those long exposes anymore, according to himself. It would be funny as fuck if he went back on his word and did one for Shamu.

No. 1249015

That was scarily accurate wtf

No. 1249016


I think this "I forgave and befriended my stalker" is just a way to justify how Amy was able to hack her, because in her illiterate mind she probably thinks that the only way to be hacked is if you have direct contact with the hacker.

No. 1249018

Is there a way for farmers to view our own IP history? I would love a recap of everything Amy has said while spoofing my IPs

No. 1249019


It's funny to see the denial when she says that what came out are accusations. No. Get over it. It's facts.

No. 1249025

Only users with 5 years worth of XP gets that privilege.

No. 1249031

Don't lie to Anon just because this thread is full of newfags who don't know better. We're all sisters here. Here's how to view your post history >>1249018 : Just piss the admin off by making a spectacle of yourself, promote yourself a bunch of times, don't forget to use your relatives as collateral, maybe threaten legal action. That'll do it

No. 1249047


>if she is innocent

How much proof these people need to stop saying that Shamu's being uwu accused of terrible things?

No. 1249053

She doesn’t gain anything from going out on a limb on shannon, everyone on twitter is already demolishing her. Playing the part of the uwu sweet angel is her optimal play.

No. 1249061

yeah apparently if you send someone an email and they reply, you got their IP. i’m pretty sure that’s how she’s saying that Amy got her IP. which makes no sense and still doesn’t explain how she knew all about the drama with her sister. unless she was close personal friends with Shannon, Amy couldn’t have known that her sister had her as a emergency contact, that the hospital called Shannon and that the sister got mad about it. how would she know? she got a wire tap on Shannon’s house?

No. 1249073

Honestly curious as to why this got redtexted is it because they didn't sage? I've seen loads of unsaged posts itt?
Are we trying to shame them for being a fan at some point? If so, understandable.

No. 1249076

File: 1623112478625.png (43.77 KB, 690x81, 5674758693.PNG)

>this get
I think this is really funny, I'm glad to see Peaches taking the opportunity to place herself as the bigger man while Shannon is doubling down on "I'm suing Amy and have to stay quiet while building my case" instead of just admitting she's had some bitchy, gossipy moments come back to bite her in the ass and work on apologizing. Digging this hole deeper and deeper.

No. 1249088

File: 1623113399004.jpg (122.49 KB, 1080x888, Screenshot_20210607-174934_Ins…)

Her shiny new IG is up one following and down one follower.

No. 1249090

No. 1249093

There's something I don't get. Why did she out herself in the first place by admitting that the IP is hers, or "spoofed"?
It would have been way easier to just say "That's not my IP idk what you're talking about"

No. 1249094

Because she is tech illiterate, and guilty.

No. 1249095

Simple explanations don't bring in the storytime views. Shannon Margaret is a pathological liar, basically.

No. 1249101

Yeah. Pathological liars aren’t good liars or smart liars, they are just completely shameless. Every lie needs to be instrumental to gathering either sympathy or interest so they will always end up needlessy convoluted and easy to bust.

No. 1249105

I wonder if Amy was introduced in case she ever got caught - perhaps somewhere other than here - like a novelist dropping a hint at the beginning of a novel.

She seems to have a penchant for catfishing, shitposting, and other altsplaining. I think because the excuse was there in the back of her mind she ran to it without thinking about how many major "I was hacked!" moments have been criticized or that people would see a long term posting situation.

But its all tinfoil sorry for the novel.

No. 1249107

If she has been participating for a long time then she probably knows how the expose works (or maybe not, she doesn't seem to be too bright) she should know that the IP excuse wouldn't work. Then again, she could have played this so much better.

Or she could just be trying to make Amy's storyline spicier lmao

No. 1249109

or she's a narcissist. She LOVES being the victim when she was the one who did wrong. This isn't the first time she did this. That and it worked before.

No. 1249126

The one chance where Peaches could have blasted Creepshow into internet obscurity and redeem herself…

No. 1249143

Shannon probably panicked and fumbled out what she thought was the best excuse: Amy. But like any bad liar Shannon added way too many details - though to be honest there probably weren't many believable ways to blame it on someone else anyway. But Shannon probably thought it was a good excuse before she actually posted it and people didn't fall for it/pointed out the inconsistencies and the fact that it didn't make sense. Even then, at first some people bought it because if you don't think about it too long and you don't know much about how IP addresses or lolcow works, it could be feasible which is probably what Shannon was going off of. I genuinely think Shannon thought it made sense because she didn't know how these things work and assumed everyone else would believe it too.

No. 1249155

sounds like Amy was just a way to get sympathy and views. if you watch any of her videos, everything relates back to her and she’ll spend the first five minutes of the video explaining how and why you should feel bad for her.

somehow, she just thought she could bring Amy back, like this is Pretty Little Liars or something. i don’t think her intention of creating Amy was to cover up any tracks of talking tame shit about her friends. I think she created her to get attention and now sees her as a scapegoat.

No. 1249168

File: 1623119519851.jpeg (294.13 KB, 810x1440, 727EC957-26CB-4229-8094-91C61E…)

An artist I follow posted this, I don’t know the troll they’re talking about but does anybody else see the similarity?

No. 1249172

i feel like no better post could encapsulate the density of her fans. if creepshow art said that it was actually amy who authored this comment to make others believe her fanbase is gullible smooth-brained retards, her fanbase would believe it, because they too are those retards. incredible

No. 1249179


I also saw this and also was fairly convinced by what I saw. Didn't expect to see it here when I came back honestly.

I see Omnia also had a video on that situation. May watch and compare.

No. 1249190

File: 1623120639915.png (95.64 KB, 600x915, 0512f19f103e3c551a9aeaf91e7baa…)

No. 1249192

What software does Shannon use to draw?
My guess would be Procreate

No. 1249194

MS paint

No. 1249196

Lmao If I had been friends with her I would just stay quiet to wait and see instead of looking for validation and sharing my shit on the hellspace that is Twitter

No. 1249206

my only probablem with this idea is that the """hacked"" account was hacked by some 4chan ic coomer with equally bad artskills. unless she is also connected to that?

No. 1249259

File: 1623123442059.jpg (266.55 KB, 715x1943, Screenshot_20210607-192317_Ins…)

Some of the people following IG "seeyousoonbutnottoosoon"

No. 1249262


It's clear as day to everyone that has more than two brain cells that it was Shamu indeed.

Kinda creepy to see that she love bombed/manipulated her friends to the point they have real doubts that her outing is true.

If it were me, I'd see she asking me to not associate with her anymore as an admission of guilt, specially if she isn't providing explanations enough about this mess.(Integrate )

No. 1249267

I'll be honest I'm an idiot… I've been here for a while and I still don't quite understand how it works, but I'm also not dumb enough to put myself in a position where this would actually seriously affect my career so

No. 1249278

lmao of course ugly clown whore Ashlee and morbidly obese incel loser Tipster are following her. They’re both trash

No. 1249283

Her telling everybody to not associate with her is the stupidest move. Who chooses a flimsy lie over allies? What a retarded choice.
If she talked openly to someone, anyone, she'd never make the mistake of going it with the Amy story, they'd tell her it won't fly.
Why is she in this completely alone of her own will? She hugged that lie and pushed everyone else away. Bizarre.(Integrate )

No. 1249290

File: 1623126274432.jpg (42.62 KB, 250x400, double-date.jpg)

Maybe she's done this before a couple times successfully (outright fabricate something and have enough people believe it) and thought this was no different. Her entourage of friends are not that bright anyway, didnt those deorio and augie stooges fall for and defend john swan for pretending a kid hacked his acct with that dream drama? This girl doesnt think she just impulsively makes shit up and surrounds herself with similar people in denial about stuff

No. 1249293

Sorry dp i completely forgot i added that pic and was going to write a comment about how the amy plot line reads like a bad r l stine novel about an evil twin i read in grade school

No. 1249294

I'm sure some of the people who are following her are doing so to keep a close eye and take screen shots when needed.

No. 1249299

>it wasn't me, it was my evil twin Amy!
Lol I thought of that too. Her ridiculous reaction to getting outed is what really made this milk top grade.

No. 1249307

people have been calling her out for hours but now she's getting love bomed on her community post. It's wild. These are either bots, socks or just a random group of Shannon's brainless fans

No. 1249308

i don’t see similarities, a generic freckle brush isn’t even suspicious
but wouldn’t put it past her

No. 1249318


"Oh, no! This person uses the same tool that's available on a software as Creepshow! For sure it's her!"

No. 1249327

I assume Shannon deletes negative comments, there were screenshots upthread about how words were seemingly filtered and comments deleted so perhaps that's part of it.

No. 1249328

kill yourself
swell entertainment is annoying but I didn't think she was this much of a retard

No. 1249341

been wondering this for a while but what the hell is “Swell Entertainment”’s deal? I watched a recent ish video of hers the other day and Creepshow lovebombed her in the comments with the whole “I’m literally OBSESSED w you” shtick. seems Swell just… believed it lmao

No. 1249345

File: 1623132686306.png (187.8 KB, 800x800, shannon.png)

a true alcoholic loser bitch

No. 1249347

That's the thing, she was been posting on here for years but she never actually integrated and didn't know the site rules (as we can see from all of the unsaged posting and rule breaking, she even posted screenshots where her pfp was visible ffs). So it makes sense that she didn't understand how post reveals work.

This just seems like a strategy for provoking sympathy. Like she wants to create the impression that she's being unfairly ostricized yet she cares about her friends reputation more than her own because she's so self deprecating and empathic. Like a really empathic leper from biblical times.

No. 1249348

To me it just seems she is in for the gossip

No. 1249350


No. 1249352

what is this, namefag?

No. 1249366


I got the same vibe, but idk. I'm doubting people I follow for supporting her publicly during all this.

No. 1249383

>incel terfs

I accept this title as long as they stay the fuck away from here and don't post

No. 1249479

I think it's a reference to Negative XP's song: Scot Pilgrim Ruined an Entire Generation of Women.

No. 1249481

I'm disgusted

No. 1249484

File: 1623153251291.jpeg (25.5 KB, 699x501, E3WLDB1XMAAJPJc.jpeg)

Repzillas's statement on twitter. Not looking good, seems he doesn't believe the BS.

No. 1249486

Pretty cringe non-answer. I do think these people treat the idea of internet friends too seriously.

No. 1249494

I'm not surprised seeing as if he's done some shitty things as well,birds of a feather fly together.


I don't think he is taking online friends seriously, I don't know part of me just feels like it's fake in a way to where he's debating his moves- Whether to betray Shannon or whether to just go for it? Maybe you're right, I just have this big hunch that he's not really taking the whole 'but they're all my friends!!!' thing seriously.

No. 1249500

I totally agree with you. He's waiting to see what the general consensus is with the other creators. If they all decide to drop Shannon, he will too.

No. 1249502

Whatever happens, I hope this thing keeps picking up steam to either ruin her credibility with everyone, or make an actual response.
You still have to actively search for Creepshow's failings, practically. She has done so much shit but never stuck, I've always thought she was just a basic bitch because I never knew much of her history. She has no shame in burying it and waiting for the dust to settle.
Pretty convenient that until she resolves this "legally" she's not going to post.

No. 1249503

Zillatard is a cow in his own right, he’ll be jumping on whichever bandwagon serves him best. As much as I dislike Repzion I think he is the only drama YouTuber who will do and say whatever the fuck he feels without regard for what others believe

No. 1249504

Repzilla staying out of the drama is whatever to me, y'know, but at the same time, I don't think Shannon would've done the same for him. I'm sure she would've uploaded some video about "BELOVED YOUTUBER DOXES SISTER" and taken 15 minutes to get to the fucking point.

No. 1249506

Exactly. Shannon would screw over any of her friends of the roles were reversed. I truly don’t see how any of them have any inkling of belief, I’d be pissed that my friend is a wacky pathological liar more than the shit talking.

No. 1249507


This is so fucking accurate. Her videos were always such a disappointing watch. Literally the first 15 minutes are just her trying to get one or two sentences out

No. 1249535

Shannon Pack:
-Start sentence with "I genuinely"
-Goes on to say this disgusts you
-Drag how much this situation means a lot to you until it's good enough for you to get ad revenue for your video.
-Proceed with videos.

It's just the reason why I can't stand watching her videos, she drags on too long and just keep repeating her words.

No. 1249538

File: 1623159060739.png (290.95 KB, 2048x519, Screenshot_20210608-142917.png)

which one of you was this kek

No. 1249540

You forgot “a real life human person”

No. 1249541

Guys this is literally bonkers and I genuinely feel so completely disgusted

No. 1249558

Wait .. are we supposed to be pronouncing this as EL-OH-ELcow (as in, the capital letters)? Damm. I always just said lol phonetically.

No. 1249563

No, this girl is an absolute idiot. I tried to watch this video last night, but it was so hard to get through because of how utterly unintelligent this woman is. Besides that, it's a shit quality summary - getting basic points of the situation dead wrong, even showing screenshots that contradict what she said earlier. Don't waste your time.

No. 1249583

so true, saw a snippet of some retarded youtuber sounding out the letters in "lol"cow when discussing the shann- i mean, amy situation

No. 1249587

Oh my god this finally got posted I couldn't sit through even a second of this…why shitshow why(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1249589

Something about her autismal looking face gave me real Joy Sparkles flashbacks

No. 1249591

Speaking of Joy, I'm not sure if she's still doing it, but she was doing a Stimulus Check bait channel for a while, real scummy shit

You know - "YOU COULD GET ANOTHER STIMULUS CHECK TOMORROW?!" videos every single fucking day for months(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1249605

You forgot
-Self deprecating herself ("Because I'm such a dumb ass", "I'm such a fucking loser", etc.)

No. 1249608

File: 1623164339565.jpeg (2.13 MB, 1170x2175, 9509FB8A-ED30-41E4-A38D-3A1681…)

Shannon googling “white stuff vagina”

No. 1249613

She has her own thread and it's been posted over there

Nice catch even if not milky, I've been squinting at her browser tabs and bookmarks in her IG stories too lol

No. 1249622

Holy shit that's hilarious

No. 1249624

yeah if you're like maybe 10. every woman has googled shit like that before.

No. 1249626

Fucking duh, but not every woman is dumb enough to leave the tab open while making an Instagram story. Go take care of your yeast infection and shut up.

No. 1249645

KEK, what a beautiful, bountiful cow Shamu is.

No. 1249646

File: 1623165946059.jpeg (322.51 KB, 2048x2048, F11FF748-1377-48D8-BB5E-775D98…)

Sure, teens probably google it all the time. Shannon is a grown woman who forgot to exit the tab before she posted it on a TikTok.

I believe Shannon is stupid enough to accidentally leave a lolcow tab up in her videos which is why I was looking. I did find these two pages which look a lot like the farms but the quality is too bad to be sure.

No. 1249651

I wish you luck anon! May your search be bountiful

No. 1249654

Im pretty sure the one after spotify is indeed lolcow. Or a similar imageboard anyways.

No. 1249662

The one to the right of Spotify is iMessages.

No. 1249669

The banality of this makes it so much funnier. I love cows that are normal ass people pretending that their e-fame makes them less blatantly insecure and retarded. like nonnies have been saying, if she just admitted she liked gossip and was a bit of a bitch I’d have 100% more respect for her. This simple fucking tab is not only relatable but just the perfect dose of second hand embarrassment chefs kiss

No. 1249672

i don’t think she believed it. she prob just ignored her or said some generic “oh lol thanks i love yours!” Swell actually researches shit and her videos aren’t her talking about nonsense. she got attention from her videos on Lily Singh’s talk show and TanaCon. she’s got the whole “I tried this/researched this/bought this so you don’t have to” shtick.

No. 1249675

This is all wonderful drama but now I'm over here wondering if anything she stated is true. I just assume all her story times are fake or heavily embellished. Ks she even married? I just see this angry woman child who can't get past that she sucked as a teenager and just never grew from that other than her width.

No. 1249680

Looking at her community post today, it seems almost all the top comments are against her now.(this is an IMAGEboard, screenshots are required when posting news)

No. 1249684

I do believe she's married because it would have been very easy for her to come up with a story that she's been trying to divorce her abusive husband and he's the one who has been doing this all the time. But I assume she wants to protect his privacy so she doesn't mention him at all. She has mentioned that her husband's friends have encouraged him to break up with her too.

No. 1249687

I can see why his friends want that. That and if people find out who he is they might let him know how hard she simps for other men.

No. 1249704

I remember Shannon saying in a couple of her videos awhile ago that the reason she deleted her Twitter was because an obsessive fan was tagging her in gore and self mutilation. The video is called “The Worst Fan Ever” and I just recently scanned through it and it seems like another “amy” except this time her name is Jerry. She said after she called her out that Jerry deleted all her posts so no one could find them and back her story up. She was obviously trying to distract from the real reason she left Twitter and covering it up with some obsessed fan story.

No. 1249707

He's probably a cuck if he's chill with it. I'm surprised someone would actually marry hambeast Shannon. Can't imagine what it's like to be married to a NEET who's only job is to say "THIS IS NOT OKAY" on YouTube.

No. 1249711

She always said that he doesn't have an online presence, but I found one entire photo of him from many years ago that she posted to "fangirl" about him. I think his name was Anthony?

No. 1249712

the faking cancer thing was hilarious. Didn't she just recently do a fake cancer scare herself?

No. 1249718

Some of them are deleted now, presumably the ones where you can see the lolcow tab.

No. 1249723

Given how terminally online Shannon is, I can only imagine that they're one of those couples that near enough live separate lives while still cohabiting. Like other Amy's have pointed out before, her schedule doesn't leave much time for quality time with him. She's a narc vampire so she probably just uses him to get some attention when her love bombing isn't working or when she's pissed people off, like now.

"No babe, you're not a bitch. Everyone talks behind their friends backs and speculates about their sexuality on anonymous forums. It's SUPER not ok that people are trying to take this coping mechanism from you when we were both literally homeless years ago. Can I go play Fortnite now?"

No. 1249759

Imagine being a cuckhold to a chlamydia-ridden hambeast.

No. 1249764

source or gtfo

No. 1249771

NTAYRT but it’s obviously a joke about Shannon’s vagina related google searches. Relax.

No. 1249778

Sorry for having minimal standards for jokes on a thread overrun with sperging newfags who think spamming Shamu is fat xDDDD is peak lolcow culture. Can we just tone it down for like 3 days while all the tourists are clamoring for their video material so that they won't focus purely on the shitposts that ruin our credibility? Farmers ITT are begging for bigger dramatubers to ~expose~ Shannon but refuse to make the thread legible.

No. 1249786

Didn’t realize lolcow moderated their content for the commentary community.

No. 1249789

File: 1623173728802.png (1.07 MB, 1005x2048, Screenshot_20210608-114341.png)

Screen of her current top comments on her community post.

No. 1249795

Did anyone notice how in Ashlee's texts >>1248725 , it sounds like Shannon
is now claiming that she's being blackmailed and that's why she can't explain what happened, even though she already told the whole convoluted story of Amy? She's really trying all the angles.

No. 1249807

File: 1623174623313.png (23.37 KB, 429x451, 1603238577139.png)

>our credibility
NTA but uh we're here to point and laugh, ain't no justice league.
> Farmers ITT are begging for bigger dramatubers to ~expose~ Shannon
Those are newfags. Farmers aren't begging for shit retard. I don't give a fuck about making it easy for dramatubers to vulture our sites for profit. They should all hang themselves immediately.

No. 1249815

File: 1623175190252.jpg (95.17 KB, 1031x347, Screenshot_20210608-134556_You…)

I'm sorry I know it's not milk and the random screenshots are dumb but… kek wtf

No. 1249818

Yeah I've seen a few of these. They're most likely trolls. I don't see homophobes subbing to Shannon before this drama hit since she was virtue signaling a lot. That or Shannon has been really busy these past few days.

No. 1249819

File: 1623175361092.gif (290.29 KB, 165x199, 2e7b1731141f6e6b85f30b8fe17f2a…)

This. Credibility? Spare me the cringe. I'm here to laugh at Shamu, nothing more, nothing less. Dramatubers are all messy hypocrites, I genuinely don't care if they cover this situation or not. It ain't making the milk any less tasty.

No. 1249821

File: 1623175406220.jpeg (319.44 KB, 1170x647, B11E3D53-92CD-4AE3-934B-35FC5C…)

In Shannon’s original statement, she doesn’t mention Amy as the Youtube hacker. In Ashlee’s messages, Ashlee says Amy stole something from Shannon’s channel implying Amy is the one messing with Shannon’s channel. Posting insults on the farms is one thing but taking over someone’s monetized channel seems like a serious crime. Something which would be reportable to the police, not just a cease & desist.

No. 1249822

yeah, I noticed, nonnie. what the fuck could she possibly be blackmailed with? not that I believe any of her story whatsoever. she's frustratingly dumb in the most convoluted way

No. 1249832

I disagree. Shannon getting cancelled is hilarious and seeing a bunch of people say they were looking for a good reason to hate her is legit funny.
Cows do stupid things when in situations like this so I can't wait to see her next move.

No. 1249849

Normies can cancel whomever they want, it has nothing to do with lc. It needs to be made clear that this is not PULL, we're not here to be a """credible""" source of """tEA""" for youtube leeches to make money off us.

No. 1249865

>It needs to be made clear that this is not PULL
Thank you for the clarification. I thought I stumbled upon some twitter/PULL hybrid with the unsaged posting, armchair blogging, and double spacing autism.

No. 1249887

honestly it'd be a more dignified response if shannon went full anti sjw and started pandering to that crowd. still cringe af tho but at least she could keep grifting.

No. 1249890

problem with that is her videos would be flagged for hate speech if she went that route. A smaller no name channel could get away with it. But Shannon def can't sweep that under the radar.

No. 1249904

I absolutely can’t wait for the day Ashlee gets her own thread, shes not milky enough at the moment but if/when shannon makes a statement I imagine the ass licking will come out in full force. She latched onto Shannon and used the attention she got from her Dahvie videos to promote her only fans.

This bitch just does not fucking stop talking about Chris Hansen, Ashlee we are tired.

No. 1249944

There is one good thing Shannon can look forward to. If this continues on for a month maybe she can actually bitch about having no money. If this keeps going for months then she can complain about being poor.

No. 1249963

I do think that if Shannon had just kept quiet, not posted a statement at all, I really think she could have just continued making shit tier content. I mean the first few people to talk about it have probably never been on lolcow in their lives so outing could have gone completely under the radar and people would have been non the wiser.

I remember checking twitter when this happened and NOBODY was talking about it apart from maybe like one Twitter thread with less than 100 likes, now it has almost 2000. This stupid bitch couldn’t just keep quiet and she just HAD to fabricate a story and not even a believable one at that.

No. 1249965

The comment deleting spree did her no favors too.

No. 1249980

Using your rape experience to build a youtube career is pretty fucking pathetic. I just wish there were more because I’m with you, my fellow Amy. Can’t stand Ashlee. Someone needs to do digging into her. I imagine her internet footprint goes back somewhat far judging by how much of an attention whore she is.

No. 1249992

The best thing she could have done was to just be honest from the moment she was exposed. It's easier to come back from shitposting on an image board if you admit you did it right away than it is to come back from piling on lie after lie. She could have been smart, apologized and said "Yeah, I posted on lolcow. And yeah I said some shitty things, but it's done now and I can't take it back. All I can do now is to be open about it grow from my mistakes." Even if she doesn't mean it she could at least pretend to. She could also easily claim that she just tried to fit in on lolcow by using words she usually wouldn't because she had gotten too comfortable being anonymous but that she's not that kind of person offline. Even if that's a lie too, with a bit of convincing and acting regretful she could at least keep half her audience. She's just fucking stupid that she thought making up a lie about a stalking super hacker would somehow convince her friends and audience instead of having the balls to own up to her shit.

No. 1250000

stop namefagging amy, nobody cares

No. 1250001

The fact she claims to have worked in social media management and acts like this proves she's a liar. Kek

No. 1250010

Amy please, we're all friends here.

No. 1250014

We're just bringing awareness to the person who stalked and spoofed CSA's IP address

No. 1250026

I think that if Shannon had taken a couple days to think about this situation, she could have come up with a better lie or with a good ol' apology video. But instead, she panicked and tried to tell her followers and internet buddies a very obvious lie that just doesn't make sense, which is funny and sad at the same time.

No. 1250027

This is a weird correlation, but with the Gabbie Hanna/Jessi Smiles phone call, GH basically used JS's kid as a reason why she didn't want to sue Jessi. "I don't want to take you to court because of THE CHILDREN!!!"… And then in CSA's community post "I don't want to file a restraining order against Amy because of THE CHILDREN!!!" Ughhhh stop with the bullshit and just admit: it's really hard to take legal action against shit that doesn't exist.

No. 1250030

>missed the meme that's been done for days
>missed the farmhand notice saying Amyposting is allowed in celebration of current events
>does't even quote the right comment
>1250000 GET

Anon I don't even know what to say

No. 1250031

It's perfect poetic justice for all the times she and her friends have frothed at the mouth to call people out for not dealing 100% perfectly with their public lives suddenly falling apart. Delicious.

No. 1250039

Digit ordained so I guess we have to stop

No. 1250041

There's three of us now. She rubbed me the wrong way from the get go because she just came off so smug and bitchy once she started getting attention, and she never misses an opportunity to snap at people. Her obsession with Chris Hansen is fucking weird. Yeah he isn't shit, but she got so fucking aggressive and personal about it and wouldn't. stop. tweeting. for months. It really looks like her life and mental health are overall absolute shit, which of course isn't helped by turning your rape testimony into a drama channel and an onlyfans (two of the worst things you can do with fragile mental health) and now she's decompensating hard and has nobody to blame except for CH, when - and again, I'm no supporter - he's the only reason she even has her platform now. She has tried to be a thing for many years judging by all her abandoned accounts, and now she got it, but at what cost?

Anyway I read that she has over 50k followers on tiktok now, so she's not stopping anytime soon and milk will surely follow

No. 1250043

Emily Artful has spoken up now. Idk how to include images, but here is a link to the thread. Apparently Shannon has been doing fucked up shit behind the scenes for awhile now and just no one had spoken up yet. It’s interesting to see what else comes out.

No. 1250044

File: 1623190284416.png (818.09 KB, 1080x1421, Screenshot_20210608-230624~2.p…)

Emily Artful weighs in with more creepshit fart allegations. She says she will post proof, looking forward to the milk

No. 1250046

File: 1623190309094.png (387.36 KB, 1080x1590, Screenshot_20210608-230631~2.p…)

No. 1250049

File: 1623190400862.png (405.8 KB, 1080x1713, Screenshot_20210608-230637~2.p…)

No. 1250056

Someone get me some lactaid, I can't handle all this milk! Kek this comes as no surprise but it's still funny. I'm just amazed she's fooled so many people when she's the worst compulsive liar I think I've ever seen on here.

No. 1250058

She can't paint herself as the victim if she does that tho, she needs some delicious pity and also needs her YouTubers "friends" to grow her network and get that cash and validation she so craves

No. 1250059

Holy shit.
Inb4 Shannon tries to say that “Amy” was actually Emily this whole time.

No. 1250062

Can we start using variants of Amy and Shannon as names?
I personally liked the Amynonymous a lot

No. 1250063

Big if true. I hope it is. Holy shit, it just keeps comingg.

No. 1250064


No. 1250065

Shamy (Pronounced Shame-ee)
Shamonn (Sham-on)

are a few fun ones

No. 1250066

Worst tinfoil of the year but when I heard Shannon blame all of this on Amy my intuition was screaming at me that she was just appropriating the Amanda Jenkins stalking incident happening to other prominent youtubers, ex Nexpo and his friends. Amanda, Amy, etc. Stranger things have happened with Shannon tbh


No. 1250069

Same. Not to mention she started backstabbing other Dahvie victims like Mal Levy, aka the only one who seems to not be a total childish retard like a lot of his more well known victims like Ashlee, Tesah, Jessi, etc. Ashlee came for her on Twitter a couple months back and sicced her hoard on Mal and a couple other vics that Ashlee backstabbed.

No. 1250080

Awesome, I was waiting for her to speak up about it. Emily actually has an audience since the YT algorithm loves her. Way more than these lame ass nobody drama-scrotes.

No. 1250082

emily artful does story times and has a few on her exes. which video do you think caused shamy to target her?

No. 1250083

>ShAkIng ANd CrYiNG RN!!!
jfc,if she did those things why didn't you speak up?

No. 1250086

I want to know which ex this is. If it's Shannon's husband then hoo boy, she'd finally have the perfect excuse.

Please stop derailing with nicknames when milk is being dropped but also you're all plebes for not even considering Shanon

She said in the comments that she did attempt legal action at some point. TBH what are you gonna do. Trying to sue an anonymous troll is pretty impossible because police won't give a shit.

No. 1250087

Back in 2019-early 2020 when Shamy still had a twitter, I saw her sic her deranged 15 year old fans on multiple occasions. They would harass whoever their kween told them to. I remember thinking it must have been scary to have been on the receiving end of Shamy's wrath and dramatics. So that's probably why Emily kept quiet.

The lolcow posts where Shamy speculated that "other channels were scared of [her]" was accurate imo. At least she was vaguely self aware.

No. 1250093

unbunch your panties anon the milk is not being buried by 3 posts kek

No. 1250095

Not to derail because this isn’t about EA but I do feel like there’s some legitimate concerns about her past that she wouldn’t want to draw attention to. E.g. her being a junkie. She’s been candid about her drug use before but it’s a slippery slope before it becomes your entire online identity like TND.

No. 1250097

File: 1623193673821.gif (88.76 KB, 220x143, cookie.gif)

You win! You called out it was projection, seems you were right. Have a cookie

No. 1250102


O I am laffin, remember Steven Asarch who got fired from his Newsweek job for being too much of a drama whore when he wrote about Onion?

>Creepshow Art, whose first name is Shannon,

>the YouTuber, whose name is Shannon,
>Shannon has not shared her last name publicly.
>a moderator for Lolcow, an online gossip forum where users post anonymously about influencers, outed the owner of an account that they claimed belonged to Shannon.
>the 292 posts from the account
>to discern who runs each account posting on the site.

Jesus fuck I guess it's too much work to learn the basic facts of the situation. But it's funny because Asarch was in the Onion documentary too, so Shannon must be seething hard.

No. 1250103

nvm i think it's her "he cheated on me" video. she mentions her ex cheated on her to be with "seline", then "seline" sends a cease and desist to emilys address. emily just mentioned on twitter she was under the impression shannon had her address which is why she didnt speak up sooner. big ol yikes.

No. 1250108

I think she just doesn't want to drag other people down with her like John Swan did.

So he's as much of a drama queen as the rest of her friends. lol

No. 1250115

Didn't she leave Twitter because someone called her out on her faking her homelessness story on Twitter, and she got piss-mad and dipped?

I think I remember Tobi saying in her video that Peaches (back before said "friend of Shannon's" was unknown) was scared of her. Looks she had good reason to be.

No. 1250118

She may have left Twitter over the Gabbi Hannah/Helloleesh situation on top of the peaches drama.

No. 1250123

No >>1250115 is correct, we were following the whole drama as it happened and there are screenshots of the argument that made her chimp out and baleet her twitter in the last thread. Someone told her straight on that her former homelessness isn't an excuse to be a bitch and she fully lost her fucking shit and deactivated instantly.

No. 1250127

File: 1623195564208.jpg (34.49 KB, 640x633, _de2ea0b898e0dd3b7dfc09b79c96a…)


No. 1250129

he's some normie who ended up obsessed with Onion drama and got fired from Newsweek for it. He writes about youtube drama because he, like Kat Tenbarge, the other "serious journo who writes about youtube", has no other career prospects.

No. 1250133

Go back to kiwifarms

No. 1250139

Nobody thinks your funny kiwi fag. There's no upvotes to be found around here.

No. 1250144

Snapchat article tier

No. 1250152

File: 1623197690547.png (506.68 KB, 2048x1458, Screenshot_20210608-201348.png)

Nothing too interesting, but Ashlee replied to Emily's tweet

No. 1250158

I literally feel zero sympathy for any of Shannon’s victims. Why are they all so whiny and unlikable.

No. 1250159

File: 1623198288924.gif (479.61 KB, 480x356, giphy (1).gif)

No. 1250160

Holy fuck. Holly Brown did a live stream where she mentioned the drama and said someone from Insider was the one who emailed her about it/how she found out. She thought it was just someone faking it but I’m pretty sure she said his name was Steven.

No. 1250164

What do you all have against providing source????

No. 1250165

Emily has a video out from Nov last year of some batshit crazy stalker impersonating her and harassing her for a decade. Wonder if it's CreepShow. Does Shannon have tattoos on her left wrist?

No. 1250166

Journalism is dead

No. 1250169

She can't just pick a side lmao

No. 1250170

i was enjoying this up until she said she just let the harassment go bc she figured karma would get Shannon. bitch, that's the exact same excuse Shannon had for not going to the police against "Amy." try again bc that makes zero sense. she got you fired, caused you to be homeless, pushed you to suicide and you let it go bc lol karma will get her? nah. Emily is full of shit.

No. 1250171

>how being homeless gave me DID

No. 1250172

weren't a few anons speculating that Shannon was the crazy bully stalker all along. That "Amy" was someone SHE bullied. poetry

No. 1250178

I'm inclined to believe this was true. Emily's channel is how I found Shannon, it was either through a comment or a storytime vid, I can't remember. But I do remember it was specifically about Shannon.

No. 1250180

Wouldn't fucking surprise me.

No. 1250186

Basically a zero escape game

No. 1250193

you mean amy (I) is the twin brother of a lead character born from another lead character who travelled to the past?

No. 1250195

Ashlee* is fat and I would not have sex with her. Not the original Amynon, just fixing their mistake.(no1curr)

No. 1250197

Amy has always been sitting on a wheelchair just off-camera in every creepshowart video from the very start.

No. 1250206

So what you're saying is you'll have sex with Shannon?

No. 1250207

File: 1623201552354.png (307.31 KB, 1080x1553, Screenshot_20210609-021456~2.p…)

Not full of shit- she's going to give us all the receipts

No. 1250210

Channels with mediocre following are already starting to leech off of the situation lol

No. 1250211

File: 1623201790916.png (24.38 KB, 591x195, Screenshot (91).png)

There it is. I think most people are pissed off about Shannon. But Peaches should really sit down during this unless she plans on doing a video. Her trying to contact Shannon and pretending to be concerned is not a good look.

No. 1250212

Yoooo did she just drop her morally better than thou goody two shows act?

No. 1250213

called it >>1249008. But to be fair it's all still fresh. I'll give her til the end of the month.

No. 1250215

This reeks of a self post, even shannon could probably teach you something about subtlety

No. 1250220

They saged and used the youtube field so I don't think it's a selfpost, but we really don't need to get updates on the peanut gallery chiming in unless someone makes a really good video or a video really blows up.

No. 1250221

You offend me nonny, my drawings aren't that mediocre and I have enough dignity to not use Paint Tool Sai

No. 1250222

Samefag, meant to answer >>1250215

No. 1250223

Yeah I didn't like Peaches showing sympathy for Shannon. It was so painfully fake that someone who tried to ruin her career was a good person in her eyes because they use to be friends. She wants Shannon to be cancelled faster and harder.

No. 1250225

ngl from the abhorrent art to the atrocious lack of emotion or clarity in this child's voice and the fact that they did absolutely no research, I laughed. Please for the love of Christ I hope this child learns that overly saturated blues are a horrible shading color and they need to keep practicing.

We're gonna have to get used to it, I guess. Especially seeing as Shannon's fanbase is full of children with little to no art fundamental knowledge.

Shamy also saged and look where that got us.

Anyway, I'm quaking in my boots waiting in anticipation for the receipts. Everyone got your popcorn ready?

No. 1250228

I sincerely hope emily posts her evidence SOON rather than pulling the anxiety or legal card and drawing it out for fucking ever. she needs to substantiate her claims but she keeps replying to random tweets instead.

No. 1250230

the chick with the tattoo who impersonated her to get freebies is a different person, she clarified on twitter… but she definitely mentioned the shannon situation in the video and that she has a folder of all the crazy shit shannon has done.

No. 1250232

fuck i thought you were just being mean about the art but it really is terrible I wish I had the confidence these commentary/art channels have

No. 1250237

File: 1623203012858.png (83.49 KB, 587x356, Screenshot (94).png)

oh yeah, Peaches is pissed. Internet drama doesn't just go away. She either needs to sit down and not bring attention to herself and let bigger drama channels talk about it or make a video herself reminding people Shannon was planning her take down.

No. 1250239

my bad. Mean for

No. 1250240

Unless I’m retarded it seems like she also deleted the “please don’t insinuate the stalker is fake guys” tweet. Hilarious

No. 1250243

How many people here also thought there was something wrong with her from the very beginning? I knew that one day she'd be exposed for doing something.

No. 1250246

I knew exactly what kind of person she was the second I heard her speak, anon. I’m surprised she fooled so many people because it was always blatantly obvious in my eyes

No. 1250247

I'm hoping this rips apart the commentary community like the Slazo and Spoctor drama, but she's actually guilty so I doubt it.

No. 1250248

her and Tobi should just go all in on Shannon and stop pretending to be above it. I would be pissed if I found out Shannon was the one who orchestrated my downfall
Well… that's why we've been shitting on her for years even before this thread was created. anons were making fun of her in the ot artist salt thread at first. Even reddit shat on her in r/delusionalartists

No. 1250249

She will probably drag it out. Every time I refresh her twitter she gets a bunch of new followers

No. 1250251

File: 1623203862841.gif (9.39 MB, 768x322, source.gif)

I'm so ready for Emily's milk drop. Shannon you dumbfuck, thank you for the creamiest milk we have had in a hot minute.

Also, big tinfoil, but what if Amy comes from Emily indeed because Shannon is creative bankrupt even for fake names?

No. 1250252

File: 1623203911839.png (36.67 KB, 590x203, Screenshot at Jun 09 03-54-07.…)

Ashlee has now pivoted to "I'm just calling them allegations for legal reasons". What a burn to Shannon that even her doofiest friends now know they need to cover their asses, but also very hilarious that she just won't come out and say "yeah I don't believe her"

Same here but tbf I found her through lolcow and think all youtubers have something wrong with them. But in her case, she went to the Onision school of constantly screeching about what a good and honest person she is to cover up the fact that she's a massive shitstain and knows it.

No. 1250254

anons are pretty perceptive and are speculating that Shannon is projecting and she's been stalking/harassing someone for a decade. It honestly fits her batshit insane personality

No. 1250255

Yeah call me paranoid, but I think all these name fagging amys are just shannon trying to buy time and maybe manufacture a story how she's being gangstlaked like druid focket and make a rebound with a an I ToLd YoU sO. She probably has more than one device and learned how to use vpn after lolcow caught on to the socking.
it also seems odd, that one hand going out right shitting on one of the first people that called shannon out on her antics, they display some sort art knowledge in color theory. as seen on post >>1250225

call me skeptical but it seems odd that on one hand this anon poster inserts a random detail, about color theory, on one of the first people who was some what critical of creepshow, and that had their ass kissed publically by her. going by the offical shannon post history on her and public behavior, I am starting to think shannon wised up and name fagging amy's are just shannon on different devices and ips, from different devices.(derailing)

No. 1250256

> I think all these name fagging amys are just shannon trying to buy time
Are you okay anon?

No. 1250257

Oh my god what is this autism

No. 1250258

Says the unsaged double spacing idiot. Time for you to log tf off.

No. 1250259

sage your tinfoil autism twitterfag

No. 1250262

Uh, you're paranoid, yes.
Whether or not she's still browsing this thread (which would be hilarious ngl) it isn't going to do her much good at this point. Did you miss the Farmhand themselves ( >>1246362) saying they were allowing Amy namefagging in this thread?



You good, dear anon? You need to take off that tinfoil hat for a bit, looks like it's cutting off the circulation to your brain.

No. 1250263

File: 1623204480452.jpg (364.2 KB, 1000x1333, 20210607_180645[1].jpg)

Shut up and take it slut(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1250264

Yep anon. The only person on lolcow who knows colour theory is Shannon. Sure.

No. 1250266

File: 1623204653659.jpg (87.68 KB, 500x527, anon.jpg)

No. 1250267

While I wouldn't completely rule out Shannon still posting here especially considering she lurks, the Amys are not all Shannon if any of them even are (which I doubt, no offence anon.) It's just a joke some farmers are doing. They're clearly multiple different people.

Also please sage. Just write the word "sage" in the email field.

No. 1250268

I am not saying I'm questioning based off the namefagging itself it just seems kind of. plausible, especially if name fagging is allowed, then yeah, she could be taking advantage, because if anyone can name fag amyy, whose to say she won't just go on her cell phone, and sperg on her cell on lolcow under the name fagging that anons are using?

No. 1250269

double tinfoil: shizophrenic anon is just shannon trying to throw us off her track

No. 1250270

I like to imagine Shannon is frantically logging on from a local library but I'm not about to think everyone who thinks Amy is funny to post as or knows anything about art is her lmao.

>>1250158 was my personal guess.

No. 1250271

Clean your room and then kys scrote

No. 1250272

Paranon insinuating Shannon knows anything about color theory in the first place.

So? Taking advantage of what? What can she possibly gain from continuing to post or lurk here? I'm really trying to see from your side of things anon but I really don't see how it's worth worrying over.

No. 1250276

Stop schizoposting and learn to sage newfag

No. 1250277

That's more possible than Shannon namefagging Amy every 3 seconds, bitch probably has enough with trying to not get cancelled by her ex-friends

No. 1250279

like the way I see it, with the namefagging going on it could be possible, that the she can just go on like tablet or a phone, pretend to be a regular anon, say some shit that will frame her in a better light, then go back to her fan base and be like I tOLd yOu so and make a stupid video off it.

No. 1250283

can we ignore the low quality bait and continue shitting on Shannon?

No. 1250284

You know what the most hilarious thing is? She could have potentially saved herself by going "No it wasn't me, not my IP." But instead, this stupid fucking bitch said "She spoofed my IP address!" And admitting to it right off the bat.

Shannon you delightfully stupid cunt, never change.

No. 1250285

god this thread has turned into shit

No. 1250286


Ok now I'm convinced. This could be the same brain that thought the "Amy my obsessed stalker stole my IP and posted anonymously as me" would fly.

No. 1250287

Thank you for saying what's already been said 10 times, newfag

No. 1250289

Could Shannon get in legal trouble for any of this?