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File: 1583448244544.png (292.45 KB, 439x388, shi.png)

No. 941512

Continuation of a series of threads for Anti-Onision snowflakes. Come get that attention you desperately want.

Recent developments:
> Shiloh pisses away all respect she got for speaking up, exhibits the same amount of crazy we all knew her for, mostly lying and suicide baiting as well as telling others to an hero

> Some of the other girls speak out against her for being a bully


> it appears that whenever criticized Shiloh sends frantic voicemails threatening suicide


> even sends DMs to RSN appealing to his humanity (kek), claims to be anorexic and 93 pounds


> looks like there's some truth to Greg's accusations of Shiloh squandering money; vague drama about a Gofundme >>>/snow/934332


> Shiloh beefs with Edwinsgeneration on Twitter


> Friendship ended with Anti-Os, now Mikenactor is my new best friend


> Someone posts screenshots of Shiloh's ex talking about her


Shiloh's social media:

> Chris Hansen keeps interviewing random nobody Anti-O bloggers with nothing of value to add in a desperate bid to prolong this show until he finds a better money grab, while at the same time cementing their snowflake status as only someone with a desperate need for attention would go on a show despite knowing they have nothing to say, or they're deluded enough to think they do.




> Latest stream was canceled half an hour before start due to scheduling conflicts, while the waiting audience was mainly arguing about Shiloh's behavior

> Madison displays how she and Lainey were able to stay friends for so long, seeing as they're the exact same people (Where's MY sympathy?)

> Madison's masturbation tape leaks

More social media links:

Old thread: >>>/snow/941353

No. 941518

File: 1583448918802.jpeg (479.7 KB, 1125x834, BE645DA6-8C64-4E24-816F-34A519…)

Meanwhile Billie continues to whore herself out

No. 941519

File: 1583448959903.jpeg (306.5 KB, 1954x2048, 3722098B-C5E3-4D4E-900F-D9A6E6…)

No. 941526

40% off of 45 USD for underwear pics, what a steal


Lmfao, that bitch got banned for cowtipping Keem of all people in the /pt/ thread:
Twitterfags never stop playing with fire, too bad the stream was canceled. Would've been as much of a shitshow as Chase's

No. 941535

It was canceled?! I thought the stream wasn’t until March 9?

No. 941539

It was yesterday, but was canceled because of Chris following up on interviews for another investigation, further proving this case isn't exactly prioritized and more of a stepping stone back into relevancy (ha).

No. 941557


We're still going next Wednesday.

No. 941561

File: 1583451419610.jpeg (77.25 KB, 1280x704, ERnlhkLWkAA-PCP.jpeg)

Have you guys seen this account exposing Shiloh??? She used to say she's mixed race lololol.

No. 941568

What investigation? Lemme guess, another pedo who’ll probably pay him off like Ice Poseidon did?

No. 941575

File: 1583451787474.png (381.93 KB, 931x440, loll.png)

Shiloh pretending to be a powerful Woman of Color? Say it ain't so

No. 941615

File: 1583454039294.jpg (189.4 KB, 422x750, IMG_20200305_164029.jpg)

Gross literally every trashy girl uses Backpage.

No. 941627

No. 941628

wait she was HOOKING?!

No. 941638

File: 1583455259405.png (124.31 KB, 422x750, 7b8ceae0-1cc9-4eb1-b9d1-3a53a2…)

She even had a tumblr where she would document her experiences as a hooker.

No. 941643

She truly is insane. Not to speak ill of sex workers mind you, its just in her case its painfully clear she craves attention, loves secrets and has a self destructive nature.
shes nuts.
there is something terribly wrong with her.

No. 941644

File: 1583455589530.jpg (127.86 KB, 960x960, shilohdoingaline.jpg)

here she is doing a line, you know. nothing fancy, just shiloh doing a line everybody.

No. 941648

File: 1583455696518.jpeg (120.54 KB, 945x2048, ESS0IGVXYAMvkMP.jpeg)

No. 941649

File: 1583455757961.jpg (121.78 KB, 944x1678, 20200305_035058.jpg)

Part 2

No. 941684


I believed it was because of his mother’s death, I’m not sure.


Though not as lazy as Anus and Foot, Billie doesn’t really wanna work or do anything. She had old go fund me accounts asking for money for a laptop since she didn’t want to change her hair or piercings for a job, and she flunked high school, never finished cosmetology school, and laughs off going to college. She’s also complaining that she has to move about it her parents house in two months at the ripe age of 23, I guess that’s why she’s pushing her onlyfans so much.

No. 941685

Think you're having a misunderstanding here, anon seems to be asking about the Keem stream ( March 9 ), not about the Hansen stream.
To my knowledge Keem's interview isn't cancelled.

No. 941713

She hasn’t posted to YouTube in almost 4 months

No. 941718

File: 1583465173434.jpeg (626.81 KB, 1125x1345, BD039AB1-3F7B-40F9-841C-9945F5…)

Seems the girls are still supporting her

No. 941731

File: 1583466709135.jpg (24.93 KB, 601x149, lol.jpg)

Saint Shiloh women protector kween.

No. 941737

imagining greg using this image in a future video cant lie.

>all my exes are drug addicts and mentally ill

No. 941738

I hope someone actually posts evidence of Shiloh saying the n-word.

No. 941743

I’m surprised Shiloh’s nudes weren’t posted here yet

No. 941745

Thanks anon for the recap. Next time just link the post directly:

>Shiloh pisses away all respect she got for speaking up, exhibits the same amount of crazy we all knew her for, mostly lying and suicide baiting as well as telling others to an hero >>939140, >>939218, >>939232, >>939545

No need to add /snow/.

No. 941748

>Aaliyah R&B soft jazz type horseshit that seems to be popular right now
I'm only vaguely aware of "what's popular" these days. I know crap like Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj (who used to make actual music), Cardi B? None of them remind me remotely of Aaliyah. I don't know what genre Shiloh's going for but it's fucking terrible whatever it is. If she were going for "what's popular" she severely miscalculated from the looks of it. She dropped her album literally the week after appearing with Hansen. In her hopes to sell more music she just ended up selling out, which is why her music will continue being mediocre.
>it's just all a mess.
Imagine getting paid to make someone look like that? It's like a child on every hallucinogen known to man is styling her.

No. 941749

Even her old music followed whatever was popular at the time. "Can't hold on" is a decode by Paramore ripoff and even admitted she was "inspired" by Twilight.

No. 941750

>I don't know what genre Shiloh's going for but it's fucking terrible whatever it is
Pb&rb/alternative r&b. It's not the genre that's the problem, she's just producing really shitty music tbh. I cringed so hard at all of the "yaas kween so good" comments. Like. No. It really isn't.
I agree with an anon who said she should do more pop rock stuff, like her "Can't hold on."

No. 941754

Of course. When someone asked Ayalla what she thought of Shiloh telling someone to kill themselves and going full retard, she pretty much did the Plainey response about it, "I'm not Shiloh". That was Taylor's response when Greg was being retarded too.

They were a long time ago. If someone wants them they can lurk to find them.

No. 941759

I thought they'd (she and Ayalla) leave onlyfans after the leak? At least the tat work is well done. Better than that fucking $500+ cover up Shiloh got.

No. 941764

Is her ass hanging out here? Stay classy.
>He will be taking me shopping on the weekend. This is particularly exciting to me.
It doesn't look like much has changed. No wonder she's a Hansen stan.

No. 941765

I see the GIR tattoo. Her mental health is fucked because she can't handle her "recreational activities" like an adult. I'm pretty certain her unstable behavior and lashing out is most likely due to ongoing drug abuse (abuse being the operative word), it's more than just too much weed.

No. 941769

You think she sleeps with him? Can he still get it up at his age??

No. 941770

lol. I really couldn't say. I'd hope not. She did say she was naive, just like that chick he strung along for I think 4 months. I'll have to find that story.

No. 941772

Not white knighting by any means but how we actually know she's not mixed? I don't think I've ever in the years following this mess that I've ever seen photos of Shiloh's parents or relatives.
I don't doubt it's a ploy for spicy points like Lainey with her mExIcAn heRiTaGe, but just wondering if anyone can actually confirm.

No. 941773

She's definitely very unwell and not prepared to be in the spotlight. She had a huge mask slip last week - she wasn't being "protective" she was being unhinged. Using this >>941644 for context, her behavior makes a lot more sense. I don't know when that photo was taken but I wouldn't be surprised if it was recent.
A few days ago she said Greg was trying to "bring preteens" into his marriage. Now I'd like Greg to cease existing as much as the next person, but when did he ever bring preteens into his relationship? Deviating from the facts just hurts her case. Is she going to make shit up in court too? Great plan.

No. 941774

>but when did he ever bring preteens into his relationship?
He didn't. I'm not sure what it is, really. Are they not confident into Jimmy coming across as a shitty person all on his own or what?
Suddenly he was bringing preteens into the relationship and sexually abused teens, plural.
Making up shit for dramatic effect is only going to backfire on her.

No. 941775

It's an old photo

No. 941776

>A message to women
I have a better one: Don't act like an unhinged, crazy cow, then turn right around and act like you're trying to help people.

Her conniving, manipulative behavior last week doesn't get a pass just because she made a few private "my bad's" and now wants to play uwu warrior kween again. This isn't a women vs. men thing either, only simpletons think that way. Her "cause" lost some solid male allies because they refused to kowtow to her bullshit.

No. 941780

There's a video of her with a sunburn saying she's white.

No. 941785

That link leads to nothing and isn't even proof of anything. She still seems white, though.

No. 941786

NTA, apparently that person took their post down. It was a video of Shiloh saying she's white.
She was driving in a car from somewhere and said that her and a [ male name - Rob? ] have sunburns because they're the only two white people.
I'm sure it's going to get re-posted.

No. 941810

At this point if Shiloh keeps being a cow, she needs her own thread. It's a shame her old one got nuked because the stans cried wolf about poor uwu victim Shiloh, everyone does mistakes at 17-18 uwu.

No. 941823

Shiloh got a pass from a lot of us who have been "the crazy ex gf" legitimately gaslit to hell and back by a man because we felt for her. We all straight up knew she faked the seizures, the baby, which was all disgusting, but I think most of us saw it is pure desperation and puppeteering by Greg. That empathy was compounded for a ton of us when we found out what happened to her actual daughter. It's recently that she has completely blown it and shown that this is legit just who she is, she's as manipulative as Greg is and trying to dominate the entire situation while simultaneously pushing herself as this big sister to the girls~ boss bitch ~ musician ~ weed smoker ~ street girl. Not armchairing but I completely agree with others who have said there is something wrong wrong about her and the more of her we see, the more apparent it is. I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her. The milk before was old and she was still riding on the aforementioned mild sympathy coattails from anons who meant well, but now she's opened up a whole new can of worms.

No. 941848

Some of you project way too much onto a bunch of insecure statistics

No. 941852

>They were a long time ago. If someone wants them they can lurk to find them.
Of course, but thats what people who post nudes on the internet don't realize, these pictures have a shelf life of 8000 years. Good luck job hunting.

No. 941857

There's a big level of irony in all this: I mean here she was on Chris Hansen right saying that her history with Greg was always haunting her still, since all that stuff is still on the internet today. She told how she would go on a date only to find out that the guy was doing it as a dare to "see if she really was this crazy". And she just wishes people would give her a chance.
And yet here she is you know, working as a backpage escort hooker, doing lines of cocaine on pictures, showing her ass and selling people home made porn for money. Then to top it all off BLOG about her experience as a prostitute and telling people how her parents and boyfriend don't know.
To be honest all that is way worse than any of the shit she ever did with Greg, no offense.
Not trying to be judgmental here but what do you want Shiloh? She seems to have a VERY self destructive and impulsive nature. It wouldn't surprise me if she ends up in the looney bin one day soon.

No. 941858

These blogposts are old, anon. This was right after she broke up with Jimmy. Shiloh's still a massive cow with lots of issues, just throwing this out there in case anyone thought these were recent.

No. 941860

I realize that they're old but this is exactly the kind of shit that comes to bite people in the ass in the long run. She thanks her mother for hiding her passport so she couldn't go back to Greg and that her mother saved her life because she would have ended up dead with Greg. But where was mommy dearest when she was fucking people for money after old Greg and doing lines of cocaine?
You see what I mean here? The shit don't add up. I'm not disputing Greg abused her, but she abuses herself far worse than someone like Greg ever could.

No. 941863

Tbh the whole passport story is pointless when you take into account that Jimmy didn't want her anymore at that point anyway.
He was already busy with Lainey. Her trying to insert herself back into it after that was plain weird as well.

No. 941874

Someone said both Billie and Ayalla had regular jobs. I know Ayalla did because she made a brief post about it last fall on her IG, unless she quit.
>she has to move about it her parents house in two months at the ripe age of 23
Isn't this really common among millennial's though, leaving home a lot later in life? The economy and housing market have been shite for years and it doesn't look like it's going to get better any time soon. It's all bullshit anyway when the top 50 people own as much as the bottom three and a half billion. It's a fantasy to think college education alone will fix that.

No. 941875

So that was yet another lie. Between all the lies that have been told to us by these so-called victims and evidence not being handed to the cops who does Chris Hansen still expect us to believe?
This whole supposed case is falling apart at the seams and when you look in to it there is nothing left.
The Anti-O's may hate the shit out of us doubters but i'm really sorry, the more I hear about it the more its bullshit.
I "hate" Greg and Lainey as much as the next guy, but he aint going anywhere unless maybe hauling a shopping cart trough the streets yelling at teenagers.

No. 941881

>I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her.
My thoughts exactly. Turning your back on her is like turning your back on a crocodile. It wouldn't surprise me if she was talking shit about her "girls" too. She lied to Edwin telling him they were saying all this shit about him, and when he talked to them directly they confirmed with him that she was lying. She's shown herself to lie about anything to get her way and push her own narrative. Toxic.

No. 941882

They're all liars. Think about it, so far everybody who's been on Chris Hansen is a liar. And definitely NO, I am not defending Greg here because he's a liar too, same as kai and heck same as Chris Hansen himself. (FBI laptop anyone?)
Basically when you look at the Hansen stream you're served a cocktails of lies.

No. 941887

Her doing sex work isn't the issue imo, it's when you combine that with everything else you just mentioned, like the cocaine that she's most likely still doing.
The only person so far that I've seen any real inconsistencies in their story that isn't easily explained is Shiloh. Even then, not all of her story can be discredited despite her own best efforts to discredit herself. Anon here >>941863 said the passport story was bogus because Greg didn't want her anymore? Greg literally asked her to come back and she was going to, that's why he sent her $1000 for a plane ticket.

Sarah has lied but she's shown that she lied for Greg and Lainey - an inconvenient truth Greg always ignores. Skye was never caught in a lie, neither was Alicia for that matter. Hansen being a lying sack of shit pseudo-journalist doesn't take away all the girls credibility, not for me anyway.

No. 941889

>Her doing sex work isn't the issue imo, it's when you combine that with everything else you just mentioned, like the cocaine that she's most likely still doing.
That was exactly my point dude, exactly that!
I'm sorry but we're gonna have to agree to disagree on that. I think they're all liars.
I mean sure I bet theres a lot thats true, but then theres also a lot they said and did that they either hide or lied about.
Think of Greg what you want (I think he's a complete dickhole and a predator psychopath too, mind you) but its a lot like people always say: In every argument theres a middle ground, between what they both claim happened. As in, the actual truth.
The biggest problem is that whenever we catch them in lies, how are we supposed to believe any of the other stuff? Its a crying wolf type thing.

No. 941894

The thing that sparks my curiosity is: why did she take 9 years to get rid of her Gregory tattoo and why the fuck did she keep contacting Krainey to warn her how much of a POS Grug is? Is it that far-fetched to assume she had some feelings for him which is why she couldn't just move on with the other guys she's had since then?

No. 941898

No, I didn't mean to imply that the whole story was bogus. However all of it happened extremely quickly. He sent the money, yes, and very soon after he found out she was with another guy.
At that point he wanted nothing to do with her anymore.
Whereas Shiloh made it seem like the passport thing lasted for much longer and said that her mother would find a way to prevent her from leaving Canada seemingly several times.

No. 941902

>why the fuck did she keep contacting Krainey to warn her how much of a POS Grug is
When was this? I've only seen the ss of her warning Lainey about the "toxic fanbase", probably meaning the actual fans and the anti o's/others.

No. 941956


Who knows. The tattoo part is easy, though: she had better things (drugs) to spend her money on instead of cover-up tattoos for 9 years until she found some internet marks to pay for both.

No. 941991

File: 1583523152988.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 110.5 KB, 500x667, A46A4911-7D27-4841-AD16-76C686…)

No. 941994

You need to put a spoiler on this.

No. 941995

File: 1583523801898.jpg (61.88 KB, 600x516, absolutelyharam.jpg)

Not too happy I saw Shylowes cunt in that, her gut-cunt.
But thank you for taking the time to look them up! Saved for prosperity..

No. 941998

File: 1583524173509.jpg (16.78 KB, 350x202, Image1.jpg)

No. 942001

File: 1583524573488.jpeg (406.33 KB, 1125x771, 708DF44F-DAF4-4072-B4FA-664ACF…)

Bitch, get a job!

No. 942003

File: 1583524835295.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 86.27 KB, 500x667, BB886A97-D238-4F45-BFB2-E67643…)

Canadian made

No. 942004

Give you money why exactly, Billie? For more hair dye and tattoos?
I'd sooner give money to Chris-chan, and thats already on a cold day in hell.

No. 942005

She has a job. Being an online beggar just is as trendy as being goth or a gay snowflake atm.

No. 942006

bitch sure has bacon in the trunk, you know; ba oinka oink.

No. 942019

This was taken around 2012 iirc so she was still as fat as she was when she was with Greaselord.

No. 942023

I don't get it with her. She can work any job that doesn't require looking professional (warehouse, Hot Topic, call centre, McDonald's, etc) and getting a high school diploma isn't rocket science, even stoners can get it. Plus she's only turning 23 in April. I literally don't get it with her. She's one dumb bitch.

I'm digging through old screenshots and might post them a bit later but if my memory doesn't fail me, it was around 2013 when Krainey was pregnant with T, Shiloh had emailed Krainey and/or tweeted more than that particular screenshot.

No. 942027

She's lazy end of story. I had friends that didn't want a college education because "I don't want student loans UwU" but continue leeching off of other people. Billie is a leech and will continue to use people so she doesn't have to work.

No. 942028

Billie should hook up with Chris-Chan since he gets free (ssdi) money, they both like in Virginia, like anime, are kinda slow, perfect pair!

No. 942030

She can always have more threesomes with rich couples who will give her money. I mean she has experience in doing that already.

No. 942034

File: 1583531043626.jpg (Spoiler Image, 683.4 KB, 2500x1774, 1582345396034-2.jpg)

every since the Onlyfans leak, I feel like Billbo's body is super disappointing in comparison to her face
like she has a cute face but a very meh body

No. 942035

nobody asked faggot

No. 942036

>muh onlyfans leak

Nice try, those pics have been public since late 2019. We get it, you think Billie is a nasty HOAR, but thotting around isn't milk or 90% of the threads on here would just be nudes. Post again when you have something worth talking about.

No. 942038

Shame Grugly is piss poor and balls deep in debt. If it weren't for Ayalla she would have stayed with Grug until the money ran out.

No. 942039

accusing everyone who disagrees with you of being a white knight won’t change the fact that your post was retarded

No. 942042

File: 1583532070326.jpeg (425.68 KB, 750x1080, 5FC65D88-58FD-4387-BF4A-1E5F0E…)

I don’t have any way to screen record right now, but Shiloh just posted this on her patient zero account. She said it’s a recording of her ex yelling at and hitting her. It does sound like that’s what’s happening, but there’s very little context and no actual video so that’s all I can gather.

If any anon can screen record it’s probably worth posting.

No. 942043

File: 1583532228238.webm (11.81 MB, 1280x720, patient47245143-12360360180814…)

Post actual milk about Billie and Ayalla and I promise there'll be more interest but first you gotta realize that thirst gets you banned.
But no, you're ignoring Shiloh milk from an hour ago (picrel) to bicker about dumb shit. >>942042 got you

No. 942048

I laughed at this and I’m probably going to hell

No. 942050

It literally sounds like she was the first one to get up and tackle him.

No. 942051

Lmfao Shiloh this doesn't prove shit aside from you being an unstable instigating mentally ill chunk of Canadian bacon oink oink

No. 942071

Its ok, she's insane and she isn't very nice. The milk coming out of Shiloh's Canadian utters is absolutely scrumptious today.

No. 942079

Edwin made another video about her. This time on his main channel and he shows the DMs.

No. 942084

This recording just sounds as if they were arguing and then she laid her phone on the bed and it picked up the rustling of the sheets. There's literally no sound, except Shiloh yelling at him at the end, to prove either of them hit the other at all. How does she consider that to be proof?

No. 942085

File: 1583537544991.webm (12.76 MB, 592x1280, patient47245143-12360617014489…)

New video she posted of her ex's story

No. 942093

No. 942100

Could it be something to do with the Dahvie Vanity investigation he keeps eluding to?

No. 942102

File: 1583540315090.png (74.79 KB, 1029x579, hansen.png)

No. 942104

Idk. It sucks because it's such a "little boy who cried wolf"-scenario, she's a manipulative, two-faced cunt, and I'm just annoyed that anyone was surprised with what she did with Adrienne and the premature baby, faking seizures for attention, etc, I know Greg's spergs about BPD are fucking retarded but I do think Shiloh is probably the most likely of his exes to actually have it, she has serious mental problems

No. 942105

LOL I hope the dumbasses who filed this served the right Chris Hansen. I dont understand why people are afraid of this old man and hide behind the curtains when he tries to talk to them then suddenly find their balls and cry to the courts.

No. 942106

File: 1583540556997.jpeg (236.74 KB, 750x1196, 08109E26-B663-4EB8-AC2C-00D81F…)

This is the girl Shiloh was saying her ex Tylor also abused. Same girl as the one from these screenshots >>939499

They talked in DM’s apparently

No. 942112

I'm not sure what I'm hearing here. It sounds like she pushed him and then it escalated?
I don't know, it's messed up either way.

No. 942124

I'm surprised she didn't have a "seizure" in the middle of the fight kek

No. 942125

Spoiler: Shiho was inspired by this video:

Personally I think it was her REEEEEing over the phone

No. 942126

Shiloh needs to get off the Internet and get some proper help. She had that whole fucked up period with Greg, she lost her baby daughter to SIDS (no parent should have to go through that), she found her father's body after he'd killed himself, plus the drugs, prostitution, failed music revival and all this on Twitter - she's going from one mistake to another and refusing to take any responsibility.

And she'll keep being enabled because SHE'S SO STRONG AND FIERCE. Get some damn help Shiloh.

No. 942127

>she lost her baby daughter to SIDS (no parent should have to go through that), she found her father's body after he'd killed himself,

>believing those actually happened

No. 942131

Looks like he'd hit a girl

No. 942132

>she found her father's body after he'd killed himself,

I do believe that part. If I was Shiho's father I'd an hero too.

No. 942140

File: 1583543928478.png (728.63 KB, 898x868, wmDCmbPiTN.png)

nice job doxxing your ex, shiloh !

there's two videos of his responses in this twitter thread, if someone could reupoad, not sure how to convert to webm, sorry

that's a bit much, anon

No. 942141

File: 1583544465230.jpg (284.31 KB, 869x1572, edw1.jpg)

I'm sure that relationship was bad, but what does any of this have to do with what's currently going on? How is it relevant? Is she trying to divert attention from how she was behaving or what?

Putting these together from Edwin's video so anons don't have to watch the whole thing.

No. 942142

File: 1583544490346.jpg (210.42 KB, 849x1090, edw2.jpg)

No. 942143

File: 1583544529945.jpg (96.21 KB, 1063x708, edw3.jpg)

Last one.

No. 942145


I’m noticing her boyfriends are younger than her; the Mexican one was born in ‘96, Tyler was born in ‘95, and some dude from PA was born in mid-late ‘93 and idk how old is her current one.

Greg must’ve turned her off older men for life

No. 942154

File: 1583546631679.jpeg (167.41 KB, 750x1035, 6B36DC9A-52A5-4989-AEA0-5F85CF…)

The new ex’s response

No. 942158

Wonder whose private info it is. Shilohs?

No. 942159

I think hers, yeah. I thought she maybe made a suicide threat or something like that.

No. 942164

Still don't know what this has to do with anything currently going on, but she posted this on her patientzero account.
Video was made by >>942154 this girl, talking about their mutual ex Tylor. ( with an o, yes )

No. 942165

So shiloh got a restraining order in December, then they we back to fucking in Jan. Hmm

No. 942170


LOL it was Vincent.

No. 942171

My understanding is that they are addressing the tweets that alleged Shiloh was obsessed with her ex boyfriend (Tylor) and how she was abusive and controlling. I think a good deal of the tweets came from this other girl’s account if I remember correctly? So now they’re both outing Tylor as the abuser and discrediting the tweets claiming Shiloh was crazy/abusive.

No. 942175

Oh, okay. Considering this is Shiloh, I'd sooner believe they were probably both abusive towards each other, though. Messy situation either way.

This milk is flowing in such strange directions lol.

No. 942180

This looks like staged drama, since the Onision discussion is dying down

No. 942182

>I had friends that didn't want a college education because "I don't want student loans UwU"
How is that not a legitimate gripe? College is mostly a scam these days unless you're learning a trade. idk why Billie doesn't just go back to cosmetology school. She's into make-up and it's something she's pretty good at.

No. 942185

If Vincent's involved I'm inclined to agree with you. Those two boomers will do damn near anything for attention.

No. 942208

Skye was the first victim, you fucking cow. You know, the wife he harassed and left for your retarded ass.

Shiloh seems to be the only one still going on and on about this while the other women seem to have moved on. They aren't letting their lives revolve around this as much as she is.

>I'm dying in front of you people and it seems it fucking won't be enough until I bleed out on camera

This is 100% a Greg tactic and one that he used on Skye during the alimony payments.

She keeps spamming the shit out of him while asking to be left alone which makes no sense at all.

No. 942213

A relationship takes TWO people. If he hit her before - which is what it sounds like from the audio she posted "you promised you'd never hurt me again", why didn't she file a report after the first incident? It sounds like she stayed and kept making allowances for his behavior before eventually going to the police. So he's gone to counseling and hopefully improved himself, has she? Not if her recent behavior is any indication.

No. 942220

samefag. Just noticed she said he skipped the domestic violence classes. Ok, so they're BOTH still toxic, dysfunctional people. Great.

No. 942235

It's also something that she said she wanted to do in her interview with Chris if I recall correctly.

No. 942236

Bold of you to assume she'll listen to reason.
Of course her bf's fucked in the head too because you'd have to be to date Shiloh. Shiloh really seems like the type to feed off of drama. I think she goes for guys like him >>942085, >>942140 already knowing on some level how they're going to act and treat her.

No. 942239

Huh? For some reason I can still view it.
It's a very short clip of her sunburnt in a car saying "Me and Rob are the only two white people, we're burnt."

No. 942241

>stop lining your pockets with MY story
>This is a god damn STORY for your channel

What the fuck does she think Hansen's been doing this entire time? Is she really that fucking dense? Or did she and Hansen work out a deal?

"I have complex ptsd" prove it, "I'm 93lbs", she might be 93lbs but we've seen the more recent pics of her here and she's obviously not anorexic. That shit about "I'm dying in front of you people", could she be more melodramatic and manipulative? There's no way in hell she's getting help for her mental issues, not when she's acting this way.

No. 942243

Yeah, I can view it now again as well. It was down for a while, though, that's why I posted the description when the anon asking was confused.

I'm sure it was one of those situations where they were both having issues. It doesn't excuse his behaviour, but that should go without saying.

No. 942246

>Is she trying to divert attention from how she was behaving or what?
I had this same thought, anon. It's like when it came out that Hansen lied about Sarah's laptop. Within a few days of his lie being publicly exposed he pulled that PR stunt at Onision's house, then had some public drama/beef with Vince where he released ss (through his special needs lackey Gene) where Vince called a black man the N-word. The timing of it all was obviously to divert attention from Hansen's lying and dicking around one of the victims.

That Shiloh continues supporting Hansen's charade really says a lot about her.

No. 942252

lol calm down anon, it's not that serious. I had to lol when a few twitterfags went into conniptions over Sarah asking for money for a new laptop, saying she was "exploiting" the situation. If they wanted to see actual examples of exploitation all they had to do was look at Chris Hansen and Onision.

No. 942254

>We get it, you think Billie is a nasty HOAR, but thotting around isn't milk or 90% of the threads on here would just be nudes.
Every thread some anons that I suspect are scrotes bring up the same shit - we've known about Billie's/Ayalla's onlyfans for awhile. It's not new and it's definitely not milky. No1curr except for thirsty, thot hating incels.

No. 942282

Glad I could help! Wish she was a little more sensual (less pussy/gut/tits showing) but we all know Shiloh is anything but.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 942292

>I'm 93lbs
More like 193lbs

>I was THE FIRST victim

And that's all that matters to her. At least she admits it.
Skye and Alicia were the first victims.
Skye was emotionally abused so bad she's still in therapy and Alicia got molested.
All Shiloh cares about is herself. She was the BIGGEST and most important victim. She still wants to be Jimmy's #1, huh.

No. 942306


Wasn't it confirmed by multiple sources that she did indeed have a baby girl who died at four months old? There were pictures of Shiloh with her? Even Greg spoke about it, and was pretty vile when the baby died.

(not WKing her, it would be horribly ironic that she would lie about a stillbirth for attention then actually lose her real baby.)

No. 942314

I believe her about the child ( not sure about her dad ). I also understand anons who don't, Shiloh lied about so much crap.

No. 942319

File: 1583584032670.jpg (189 KB, 935x333, Untitled 1.jpg)

oh but I know what to say to this, Shiho: You fuck with a junkie, things gonna get clunky. But you gotta score that free smack somewhere I suppose.
Tyler dude looks even greasier than Greg, which I previously thought impossible, I mean throw him against a wall and he'll stick.
That being said I don't think he's a bad guy like you claim, just another stupid junkie and I'm guessing you guys where smoking pcp and doing lines for a few weeks in a greasy motel till you had a fallout over who smoked up all the crack.
It was you, Shiho, wasn't it? Yeah thats what I thought.
Just buy the man a beautiful new crack rock and have it over with.
Oh and don't spent the money for that rock on more tattoo's and piercings on the way, please, you have enough already. You look like a masochistic clown for crying out loud.

No. 942322

File: 1583584358848.jpg (220.44 KB, 560x751, keepitclassyfolks.jpg)

That being said I do appreciate that this man took the time and effort to have giant brass knuckles tattooed on his throat. That, along with all his other shady tattoos and piercings really finish the motif that is Tyler Dirten.
So rare to see someone REALLY pull out all the stops to never ever finding gainful employment ever again in life.

No. 942326

Kek, thank you for pointing that out, this made my day.
Shiloh really likes em tacky.

No. 942335

Make a shiloh thread, what does her other ex boyfriend have to do with anti o twitterfags? Also why does this thread smell so much of scrote and onion

No. 942338


All the most vocal anti-Os have backed the fuck out of this mess because once again, it looks like Greg is going to get away with everything again. All his other victims have stepped away too, whether that's because of active investigations or just because it's got way out of hand, I don't know. Shiloh's craziness is making Greg look good. That's an acheivement.

No. 942340

Because everybody that does not agree with you is Greg.
Stick to your guns.
I mean its definitely not because Shiloh has been spergin' out on a geometric scale. That would be just ludicrous and unimaginable, my friend.
This is all Greg's fault when you think about it. He caused all of this.

No. 942351

You keep saying this, I don’t think you understand the meaning of projection. Abuse victims feeling sympathy for Shiloh and giving her the benefit of the doubt isn’t projection, it’s literally just human nature unless you’re a narc or a psycho.

No. 942381

File: 1583598141987.jpeg (68.25 KB, 386x502, tumblr_my6axenrhX1t8iqybo1_400…)

Here's the pic of them

No. 942387

That's the only photo of "her" child, no pregnancy pics, no excitement, only the one photo that could be anyone's kid she's holding. Which sources confirm it? Because Greg was only going with what he heard and I don't know of anyone else.

No. 942397

honestly I doubt that the child was faked, I'm sure someone would come out with that info throughout all of those years, either it would be the kid's supposed real parents, or shylock's acquaintances

No. 942412

jesus christ anon. anyone who’s been around long enough has seen that there were multiple pics of zelda on both shiloh’s IG and the baby daddy’s too. this was years and years ago and it seemed too fucked up to screenshot the posts mentioning the baby’s death, but there is certainly quite a bit of evidence to suggest it was sadly very real.

No. 942414

fuck off shiloh kek

No. 942415

she's very unstable and while i do feel for her because i'm pretty sure her living with that brain is a constant hell, it does sound like she hit him first.

No. 942440

File: 1583606180796.jpeg (368.63 KB, 1125x792, 39976B7C-0FF4-4E7D-9C9E-1F418A…)

>I am never changing
Well that explains a lot.

No. 942444

File: 1583606464093.jpeg (866.58 KB, 1125x1474, 82B501F3-45AF-4A6A-ADD4-AB3FCF…)

Billie spent her whore-money traveling to Jew York, not bad!

No. 942446

File: 1583606924483.png (3.95 MB, 1424x1410, Untitled.png)

Honestly I feel disgusting for posting this, but here you go. A collage of pics of her and Zelda.

No. 942452

>Jew York

No. 942454

Thanks, looks like at least Zelda was real. I feel a bit bad questioning it but she dug her own grave - Imagine lying so much people don't believe you about such a horrible event.

Ignore the sperg, they'll get banned anyway

No. 942457

Sensitive vaginas(ban evasion)

No. 942468

Thats awful, no one deserves to lose a child, no matter who they are or what they did.
Does she know which of her tricks was the father?

No. 942479

Admin said Shiloh doesn't need her own thread.

Honestly, this is why it's hard to sympathize with Billie enough to donate to her. She's broke enough to have an Onlyfans but doesn't know or wants to save money so she isn't broke.

No. 942482


God this makes me sad. Can we put this rumour to bed now?

No. 942489

>who really cares what she's spending her money on. It's her money.
It isn't though, she isn't working for money, she's using her self proclaimed victim status to shill her onlyfans. This is a highschool dropout who defended a convicted childrapist ex, who has begged for donations everyday since she was 18. She doesn't have real work ethic like the majority of the e-thots here, but don't pretend that it's her money when she's constantly asking people to loan her shit. She does spend it all on weed and makeup.
Karmic justice for lying about someone else's baby.

No. 942509

Lying and using someone else's sonogram is not a good enough reason for wanting the "karma" of someone's real baby dying, headass. Yeah, super shitty to do, agree. But I dont want anyone's fuckin kid to die, goddamn.

No. 942512


She's definitely had actual jobs over the years. She worked at Target, a tattoo shop, and also posted pics in a green work apron last year. I agree that her main aspiration seems to be living off sugar daddies and donations though

No. 942541

who the fuck cares if some thirsty orbiters toss her some dollars?
if they where throwing YOU those shekels, would you mind?

No. 942549

>implying everyone here has the same work ethic as a trailer park boy

No. 942554

You are the first person I EVER met in my entire life who minds when someone gives them money.
So congratulations on that, Mother Theresa.
Oh this discussion is now over, don't feel like doing this bait shit.

No. 942577

Edwin's live, going to talk about Shiloh.

No. 942578

File: 1583624875839.jpg (394.69 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20200308-004618_You…)

Taken from Edwins video from the 6th of March.
93lbs where lmao

No. 942598

File: 1583629141351.jpg (82.69 KB, 677x700, lolok.jpg)

No. 942643

I agree her baby didn't deserve to die, but she never learned her lesson. She NEVER apologized to that kid's parents after all these years. The baby's mom was so upset Shiloh stole her pictures that she deleted the blog which she was using to document her premature baby's recovery. Instead of apologizing and admitting she fucked up, Shiloh just pretended she never even saw that picture and that her Facebook had been "hacked", the coward bitch.

No. 942645

File: 1583635622905.png (17.76 KB, 603x181, b0e4d6bb095d184c6a3b4340ca166a…)

I thought you were on suicide watch? Lel.

No. 942656

>having snacks

I bet, kek

No. 942657

Hope Billie had fun but it's really not a good time to go traveling, what with that Chinese bio-weapon on the loose.

No. 942658

I'm betting she's never gotten help dealing with the loss. It looks like she's never gotten help for a lot of her issues. Either way, you can't use fucked up things happening to you as an excuse to do fucked up things to other people. I feel bad for her but as an adult you either handle your shit or you don't, and she clearly hasn't, nor does she have any intention of doing so.

No. 942660

I always have a good laugh at comments like this >>942444, "these whores with their free money and terrible work ethic!" lol cri sum moar, sounding like a bitter ass boomer just because no one wants to toss you free shekels.

No. 942661

>If Sarah blew up at Edwin
Except she wouldn't because she doesn't have the emotional maturity of a stunted adolescent, SHILOH.

No. 942665


If she was 4 months old then her anniversary was last month. RIP.

No. 942668

Flights are cheap right now so I'm not surprised she went.

No. 942671

Muh anorexia

No. 942719

Yeah where can I find that? The video of it was privated. Anyone care to mirror it?

Her drug use also screams self-medicating.

Exactly. People throwing money at you? Have fun, more power to you, I say.

No. 942730

>nobody takes me seriously but IF SARAH baw bawww bawww

So much about being protective kween sista Shiloh, jealous of a 19 year old.

No. 942751

No sweetie, that's Skye and Alicia.

No. 942753

>I’m the most victimest victimy victim in the history of victimhood REEEEE

This isn’t a pissing contest and being a victim a personality trait, little piggy

No. 942784

Ayalla abandoned her already failing attempt at a music career to shill nudes with Billie who doesn't really have anything going on either. That's glamorous? The whiteknighting couldn't be anymore obvious, take a look at the shayna thread.
She can't be this naive about forgetting about the sisters but perhaps she still has a grudge. Skye endured him for 7 years.

No. 942791

I never said it was glamorous. I'm saying that when people throw money at you for no reason, you take it.
As for Greg's victims, there's absolutely nothing glamorous or admirable about them.
If you knew what I previously posted here over the years you'd know I'm anything but white knighting, but i'm not gonna repeat anything.

No. 942799

Maybe that's what drove the sisters out of the spotlight? We know that they had a group chat and if Shitloh was spouting this same bullshit there after her interview. Skye and Alicia probably left to avoid conflict.

>If you knew what I previously posted here over the years you'd know I'm anything but white knighting
No one asked or cares.

No. 942806

I'm just clarifying my previous post.
Plus I didn't ask or care about your opinion either.

No. 942831

Skye is smart, unlike the other girls, so she knew when to slow down. I don't even think Skye was part of their groupchat, she probably doesn't want to talk about Jimmy 24/7.

I really wanna know what's going on in their groupchat right now. They're probably all walking on eggshells to not anger the goblin… I mean Shiloh.

No. 942898

She's emotionally manipulative as fuck. Actually disgusting.

No. 942914

Skye has always been smart I commend her and Alicia for leaving the group. Shiloh is incredibly childish and I highly doubt she has an education. LMFAO I was right she totally dropped out at 13 man that's trashy.
Her wiki page is super lulzy as well

No. 942915

Anyone know what the deal with this girl is? I can't tell if she's a troll or 'just' mentally unstable.

No. 942948

I’ve seen if you search her name it seems like she’s fame hungry and has a history of trying to cause outrage

She also makes onision-tier music

No. 942955

File: 1583730460274.jpeg (195.63 KB, 1400x787, 1410CEF6-F96B-4219-8382-00E3A8…)

No. 942956

Maybe she's like 4'8? That's the only way I can see 93 lbs being a realistic scenario, lol. But yeah, you can clearly see she's not that skinny.

No. 943006

She said she was 5'0" on her first Hansen interview.

No. 943009

Christ, being this pathetic at 19 years old. There is truly no hope for her left. I don't get why they were calling her pretty, she has patato-esque crooked eye placement.
Judging by her weird nose and eyes I think she probably has fetal alcohol syndrome. Mom was prolly a heavy drinker while she was pregnant with her.
Even if she does an hero over Greg nothing of value would be lost.

No. 943116

File: 1583773582631.png (29.53 KB, 737x224, Capture.PNG)

Trying to manipulate / guilt trip her audience again.

No. 943140

>Foetal alcohol syndrome
Short stature
Poor mental health
Anger issues
Facial dysmorphia
No armchairing here just listing signs of F.A.S. If they happen to coincide with anyone discussed that purely coincidental.

No. 943141


The tattoo shop was just her mom’s, she didn’t actually work there, she just got free tattoos. Green apron sounds like starbucks. Billie used to be a brat and an e-thot, now she’s just an e-thot.

No. 943154

Billie worked at the front counter of the tattoo shop her mom works at. Technically a job. The other apron was Spirit Halloween, a seasonal job. If she had another job i doubt she’d post it for creeps to come to her job and bother her about Greg.

No. 943162

Kek Chris Hansen did an iama on reddit a few hours ago. Top comment thread is about how Chris scammed a bunch of people through kickstarter and none of the backers received anything. What a surprise.

No. 943315

Wooow, was Keem's interview disappointing or what? What was that, even.

Link please.

Nah, cow, how you acted wasn't a good idea. Before that everything was going great for her.

No. 943410

You can tell she sees her victimhood as a trophy. Just because it brought her attention and a bunch of idiots on Twitter licking her asshole and calling her KWEEEEEEEN

No. 943420

Calm down, grumpy anon. I did, that's why I deleted my post.

No. 943422

>That's glamorous?
If you have to make things up to prove a point, then you have none. All anon here >>942660 was saying is that it's funny when some people get so asspained over Billie/Ayalla doing onlyfans, taking donations etc. If someone wanted to give you free money there's no way in hell you'd decline. No need to pretend otherwise.

No. 943425

Half of Keems "interview" was just him mirroring Edwins video.
Does anyone know if Edwin was cool with that?

No. 943426

You're right. I missed that the first time I read it. So much for muh loyal sisterhood. She just lowkey threw Sarah under the bus.
lol. Maybe next year he'll do an ama about how he scammed Onision's victims.

No. 943427

>I don't think coming out publicly with my abuse was a very good idea in hindsight.
Or maybe having a public meltdown where you lied about, brigaded, and doxxed people wasn't "a very good idea", but you keep you keep doing you boo.

No. 943443

He only did that ama to shill his over priced cameo - that's where he answered most of the questions.
>Link please.

No. 943444

I doubt Edwin knows and won't be pleased when he finds out.

No. 943446

File: 1583826393449.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3024x4355, 333D7E1C-EC96-4EC4-9340-5D0FF8…)

homie is looking rough

No. 943448

he looks sick. what the hell?

No. 943449

I mean to be fair it hasn’t been that long ago since he lost his mother… like fixing a funeral and all that can’t be easy. I think most people would look sick / tired / drained so soon after.

No. 943450

forgot about that, thanks anon.

No. 943453

That or he's coming to the realization that his house of cards is tumbling down and he has nothing to show for it? When you scam, lie, and cheat people for a living and try to cover that over with a patina of professionalism, don't be surprised when you're not taken seriously - he got roasted in that ama. He literally built his "career" on the back of an innocent kid >>919938, >>920043.
>he went with the most salacious take, that would also benefit him and ensure he'd have a stream of steady insider info from them to continue build his career off of. he does 0 investigation. he has always done dumbass host gigs or just reading off of scripts
Nothing's changed.

No. 943497

Kid wasn’t innocent lmao and it’s also America’s weird ass laws that put that kid away for life. Nobody planted shit ton of cocaine on that kid and nobody but Michigan “war” on drugs is responsible for putting him away for life for a nonviolent drug crime. Hansen is a boomer but he was a journalist and had some good works on his own, all this weird spergs as if he only ever did one show is becoming boring. He’s like any other boomer, not that impressive or clean but y’all act as if he has sins upon sins to fucking repent and suffer from. He lost his mother and cancelled even a stream for it. That’s why he probably looks tired. Y’all read one post here that uses some unclear source that uses some shit book by some random author as evidence to push down people’s throats when it’s really not fucking needed.

No. 943501

i thought it was his wife that died, not his mum?

I don't see Edwin letting keem use his footage, wonder if those two have really even interacted before. idk maybe edwin might like the shoutout, for his channel's sake anyway.
part 2 and 3 better be good, keem is such a fucken piece of shit for milking it this hard for this long

No. 943504

He lived streamed his reaction yesterday. He said Keem reached out to him for permission and he said it was fine.

No. 943508

Don’t forget the spergs who get all emotional for the pedo who killed himself and how it’s all Hansen’s fault there’s one less pedo in the world.

No. 943517

I don't like Chris and I think he's a lying sack of shit, but it was a good thing he made that pedo off himself

No. 943542


No. 943630

Not wanting to be in debt $30 grand is a valid excuse for not wanting to go to college. College isn’t for everybody especially in today’s job market where college degrees are ubiquitous and therefore don’t hold as much value as they previously did. That’s why you see college graduates working as baristas & shit. Unless you’re going for a STEM field college isn’t worth it.
A high school degree on the other hand is basic, and there’s no reason for her not having one.

No. 943665


No anon, it was his mom.

No. 944018

>He lost his mother and cancelled even a stream for it.
And? The point is Chris Hansen's a fraud. It sounds like you didn't read the article >>919963. TL;DR the kid was an FBI informant, an FBI agent warned him not to do the interview with Hansen who was obviously just using him.

Yes America has stupid af laws. Hansen didn't help that kid by lying about him to make him seem like some big time drug dealer when he wasn't, all so he could sell a story and "move up" in his career. I don't know what you think journalism is - Hansen's always been an exploitative journalist, something real journalists look down on.

Deadline Detroit isn't an "unclear source", it's a local news outlet, and the guy who wrote the article is an actual investigative reporter. I know you wouldn't recognize such a thing if you use Chris Hansen as your standard.

No. 944023

Nice try but that's not the issue. You can say the pedo deserved it all you want but the mere fact that Hansen botched a sting so unprofessionally should be a red flag alone. I guess the rest of Hansen's fucked up sting operations don't count either all of a sudden

No. 944025

Took the words out my mouth anon. How do we know the guy was a pedo? Was he ever tried in a court of law? No. That's the point. Hansen and his crew violated police procedure and botched an actual police investigation all because they wanted some reality tv Gotcha footage. The simpletons don't understand that if you deny due process to one person, it creates a slippery slope for everyone else.

No. 944027

Anon please. Hansen's a great guy scamming/defrauding all those people who supported his kickstarter, selling the rights of the show to a 3rd party so his backers literally got jack shit. Lying about someone to where it helps put them away for life all to boost your own career is apparently par for the course in Hansen land.

No. 944031

Why even bring up that his mother passed other than for sympathy points? This doesn't change what a lying sack of shit he is. It doesn't mean I'm suddenly going to wk him either.

No. 944034

>he got roasted in that ama.
He lied in his ama saying he had tv projects going, what tv projects?? He didn't provide proof of anything. Last year he said the same thing "I'm working on tv stuff" new "investigations", all with no proof. He linked to his cameo, is that what he's calling tv now? Hansen talks a lot and provides little to nothing to back up what he says, while a few lobotomites eat up his every word.

No. 944036

I'm surprised because I thought Keem was considered a bit of a leper. Did he say why he agreed to it?

No. 944040

Yeah boomers gonna boom. The issue is he's running around pretending like he's some kind of hero fighting for justice, putting all the pedos in jail when he's just a con-artist using the moniker of journalist as a shield to hide behind. It's really not that hard to figure out.

No. 944070

I looked in to it also on google and such, and couldn't find anything about him possibly doing anything new on TV.
So he seems to be lying to us again.

And thats also what the Anti-O's are making him out to be. "NO HE'S NOT DOING THIS FOR THE MONEY" How is he not when this is his job?

No. 944312

hollyucinogenic's post history.

All posts were found due to painfuly obvious shilling, and cowtipping.

No. 944315

File: 1583972899271.png (27.05 KB, 1376x90, holly.png)

my sides are in orbit, both this bitch and chase begged to be on Hansen knowing they'd have nothing to say, and for what?

hope it was worth it.

No. 944397

KEK "we"

No. 944406

I had to look up this girl because I know nothing about her, but her essentially saying she'd "appreciate her own perspective" on Hansen's show is still hilarious.

No. 944408

File: 1583982416476.jpeg (218.66 KB, 674x809, Grifter - IMDb.jpeg)

kek. His most recent credits are from 2019's "Hansen VS Predators" and something called "Chris Hansen Live (TV Series)". When you click on the latter it lists 0 episodes. HvP is listed as a "Reality TV", "starring Chris Hansen and Gregory Jackson", proof positive that Hansen's nothing but a reality show host. I can't understand why anyone's still surprised at how full of shit that embarrassing boomer is, aside from the couple of stans that lick his dried up asshole 24/7.

No. 944417

I'm guessing they were after clout. They're dumb enough to think associating with Hansen is a brilliant idea.

Hansen doesn't get tv gigs anymore because no one in the industry wants to work with him after NBC gave him the boot. Contrary to popular belief, he wasn't fired because of the guy that an-hero'd, he was fired for cheating on his wife. Hansen violated NBC's "morality contract". Look it up if you don't believe it.

No. 944434

Chris is in this video.
It's a pretty wild story. A company run by a mob is putting gold covering on Samsung phones and showing them to reviewers to trick people into buying them (who then get sent nothing).
Chris does a video saying how great the phones are.


No. 944444

Nice find. Youtube vids go in the youtube field.

Hansen's part is at 10:14.

First Vincent and now this? When is Hansen not working with other scammers? lol. Wouldn't surprise me if Cameo was his main source of income at this point.

No. 944445

…I'm internally cringing so hard. He really will say anything if paid, huh?

No. 944455

this is so bad… everything i knew about hansen was already terrible, and his cloutchasing and embarrassing himself yet again on this onision train didn't help, but jesus christ, could one person be more opportunistic? there is literally no excuse. this man has never had even a gram of credibility or integrity.

No. 944500

he did have credibility, a long time ago. he would never have become a meme, otherwise. but i agree that those days have pretty much disappeared. he was having troubles before greg, but greg accelerated them. it also makes you think that the profession of journalism is maybe all bullshit anyhow. how can you trust these people? they're not some noble heroes, they're just looking to get paid.

greg really does destroy everyone he comes in contact with, even peripherally. he's sargon of akkad tier.

No. 944529

The only reason he had credibility was because he worked for NBC Dateline

No. 944540

Kek, bless you anon. I don't know why they bother coming here to bitch about each other and cowtip knowing that staff can see them doing it.

No. 944546

The interview was awful and she sounded retarded. Then to come here and find she posts on this board and still couldn't articulate any decent point she's gathered from her time being here.

Receiving ask on tumblr.com, most of them probably more akin to fanfiction about Onision is nothing credible. Saying someone starved to DEATH because their sister sent you a tumblr ask saying so is embarrassing and helps wankers like Keem and Onion claim this is all histrionics and retards thinking Greg was their online bf.

No. 944578

tbh the best thing about yesterday's stream was the chat and I was only paying attention to that. They had an invasion of what they thought where Greg fans. They were not imho they where people who had enough of the mods running that place like it is their own little personal North Korea.
Highlights: People kept asking before the stream it was Holly Undead getting interviewed, of course it wasn't, many disappointed reactions to the mods when it wasn't.
Someone asking if they where a victim and if they should be interviewed because Lainey once blocked them on Twitter. The mods had a full meltdown accusing that person of "NOT RESPECTING THE YAS QUEEN VICTIMS", person debated that claim until they where banned. Many bans where had. It was glorious, the mods kept getting trolled and a lot of people rightfully hated on Regina as well.

No. 944615

Do you purposely misspell the English word 'were'?

No. 944643

Its not misspelled.
Also, learn to sage.

No. 944657

Not that anon but…Yes it is misspelled. you(or the anon that made that post) used where instead of were a few times.

No. 944674

That’s glorious lol. Maybe the anti-onions will finally realize this grifter has been taking them for a ride. Probably not though since they’re all retarded.

No. 944691

It was spelled correctly. Feel free to google / spell check it.

No. 944701

Where were they banned from

No. 944702

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck would chuck wood?

No. 944715

he never had credibility. he had the illusion of credibility because he was an NBC figurehead. not even close to being the same.

No. 944750

Honestly for me it doesn't make sense Sarah was groomed. I'm not saying she wasn't, just that it doesn't make sense. She's not ugly but she far from being gorgeous, and we all know how shallow the Onions are. They put all that time and effort into grooming a girl who isn't even that pretty? I'm not trying to attack Sarah, I'm just trying to understand why. Maybe they saw she was vulnerable and desperate and took advantage of that despite her not being their type.

No. 944752

You answered your own question.

No. 944757

as other anons have pointed out before, greg is an opportunist. there are two types of girls that he goes for: girls who he latches to, and girls he uses out of opportunity. the girls he obsesses over always have a roundish/youthful face and piggy nose. they just have more youthful features, while the others seem to have more mature, straight features that are pretty, but less rounded. sarah fits into that. sarah was easy pickins for greg because she was already there. i don't think taylor ever primed her to be greg's sister wife. i think she genuinely felt betrayed that sarah was into greg and wasn't just into being taylor's emotional tissue and orbiting the foot forever. if sarah looked like shiloh or billie he'd never have let her go, same with sam. i think he realizes he made that mistake before over something very inconsequential. i don't think greg was on a serious groom-quest with sarah. i think he just saw an opportunity and put some effort into keeping her around. if she looked anything like billie or shiloh though, he'd definitely have been warren jeffs-ing her hard though.

No. 944764

What do you think greg's type is anon?

No. 944771

Thats easy.
He likes them young, dumb and full of cum.

No. 944781

Anyone saying Gurg groomed Sarah sounds borderline retarded.
Did he take advantage of the fact that she had romantic/sexual feelings for him? Sure. But she was 18. A legal adult.
That’s being opportunistic but a lot guys in his position would do the same. If you think guys wouldn’t fuck some young dumb girl who’s throwing themselves at him then you’re mistaken. Pussy is pussy.
Grooming would involve him actively trying to get her to put out by endearing her to him over time from a young age.
Gurg clearly had no interest in Sarah. In fact it was Plainey who brought her in as a friend. Gurg was obsessed with Billie at the time ( who is actually Gurgs type i.e thin, small breasted, elf-like features, pug nose, roundish youthful face)
Billie even says in her interview with Chris Hansen that Gurg was mean to Sarah and saw NO signs of grooming.
It was stupid of him to take in a 16 year old to begin with because it opens himself up to these accusations even if he didn’t fuck her, but she wasn’t groomed.

No. 944789

Anon you're a borderline retard. Billie was invited in to live with them, and they were actively on social media looking for girlfriends. Everyone who isn't a retard knew that looking for a girlfriend for Lainey meant looking for a third for their fucked up marriage.

Greg was doing sexual things with Billie in front of Sarah. He was having sexual discussions with them all, even filmed some of them. He was the only male in the house and all his interactions with his guests had sexual contexts. You're a fucking moron to think these two cunts were helping Sarah out of an abusive home. She had a crush on them both at a young age, and they knew it. That's why she lived there to harbour the crush. How many fatties or uglies reach out to them with even sadder stories? Where are those friends? You have to pay to be his friend. Otherwise you have to be a youtuber or fuck him. Lainey has her friends sure, but it was obvious who was a friend (Madison, all of Lainey's fakeboi friends etc.)

Greg's entire set up, his discord, his house is all about grooming. He's a failed adult, he gets his rocks off with teens.

No. 944831

Lol get that sand out of your vagina. You’re getting way too emotional over this.

“Everyone who isn't a retard knew that looking for a girlfriend for Lainey meant looking for a third for their fucked up marriage.”
No shit. Where did I say otherwise?
Of course Gurg was looking for a third under the guise of getting Plainey a “girlfriend”. No one is denying this nor did I bring it up.
But the third he wanted was Billie, not boring, plain Sarah.
Sarah was just there because Plainey desperately wanted a (platonic) friend and/or someone to help around the house since Gurg did nothing except troll for teen poon.
I don’t think Gurg ever cared about her one way another. Is he gonna fuck her if she’s throwing herself at him? No shit. But that’s not tantamount to grooming.

And where did I say these two were trying to help Sarah? Just because I deny that he groomed her ( which Billie also denies, unless being mean to someone is grooming now)
They brought her in for their own selfish reasons, sure. But there’s no evidence of grooming.

Seriously, what evidence of grooming is there other than Gurg saying “dat booty doe”.
It’s extremely bad optics and all around retarded decision to take in a 16 year old. It’s even worse having sex with her when she’s 18 because it leaves the door open for these grooming accusations to come about.
When I think of grooming I think of a 12 year old not a legal consenting adult.
“Oh boohoo I got fucked in the ass by the Onion when I was a consenting adult and threw myself at them boohoo”

I know he’s a horrible, abusive, manipulative person but that doesn’t mean he committed a crime.
Have some nuance in your thinking.

No. 944841

Just because you want to use new jargon in discussion doesn't meant it's applicable. They invited Sarah in because they were priming her for future fucking. Get real

No. 944848

nta but i disagree. i think lame's intention was always to use her as an emotional tissue, source of general and pseudo romantic validation (not even actually romantic, just wanting to feel desired, and certainly not actually sexual), and for childcare. i don't think foot's intention was to have her be an eventual sisterwife. greg may have kept it in the back of his mind, but i don't think she was ever a real receiver of his coaxing and creepiness. she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. i think lame thought sarah was unattractive enough to prevent him from trying anything. her whole deal with regina and jess was the same way. sarah references frequently that he didn't like her until she "glowed up" and lost weight.

No. 944849

>Greg was doing sexual things with Billie in front of Sarah.
Also a good point. But, was it grooming or him just not caring and possibly getting sexually off by being a "bad boy" doing something he wasn't suppose to ( when it came to Lainey, not Sarah )?
I think it's glaringly obvious that he has a cheating fetish, not just an impregnation fetish. That's why he was able to justify anal sex not being sex and "fucking Sarah with the tip" ( which also wasn't sex, how? Somehow ).
So when it comes to this you'd have to prove that he was doing it with the intention of grooming Sarah, instead of his intention being basically cheating on Lainey in front of everyone and getting off on it.

I still don't think Sarah was "end game" for him. If he had someone like Billie there he probably wouldn't look at Sarah twice.
At the end of the day the only thing that's going to matter is what can be legally proven.

>she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time
Basically this.

No. 944851

Yeah and he did that by showing no interest in her and being an asshole to her, right?

Grooming means he set out to fuck her. There’s no proof that was his intent, meaning the sex was just incidental.
I agree that the vast majority of the girls invited to the grease mansion were brought there fuck Gurg.
But I don’t see that with Sarah at all.
There’s literally nothing that points to that.

And even if that were secretly his intention all along, even though he gave zero indication of it, what proof is there?

It’s all just speculation ultimately.

No. 944856

You explained it better than I could have, anon.

No. 944861

What I don’t get is why illegal or legal comes up in any of this. I always see people slyly defend Anus by saying oh yeah he’s an abusive pos but he didn’t do anything illegal. How about just having his abusive pos behaviours as something he should be held accountable for. It doesn’t matter if he goes to jail or not and if you’re agreeing he’s abusive and predatory that should be enough incentive to not want him to have greater access to those he can do these things to.

He’s not going to jail. I wish people would stop deflecting his ten years of bs by amounting it all just on the legality.

No. 944862

NTA, but legal vs. illegal is only coming up because there was/is suppose to be an FBI case against him.
That's why we're discussing what could even be seen as illegal. I'm sure there are a few stans reading this, maybe even posting, but the majority of us aren't in any way defending him.

No. 944868

Not deflecting and not an onion fan.
Some of you people have the pitchforks out so you’re quick to accuse him of things there’s no proof of like grooming.

And who says I don’t want him to be held accountable?
Who says he hasn’t already? He’s definitely faced consequences. His reputation and career will never recover. He’s in massive debt. They’re going after him over the wetlands issue.
Soooo clearly his shitty behavior has caught up with him. But he shouldn’t be accused or punished for shit he didn’t do, especially with zero evidence.
If you still think that’s defending him then you’re a retard that only sees things as either black or white. No nuance at all

No. 944881

OT but where's the thread pic from ? I like the style and reverse Google images doesn't give anything

No. 944884

Check out the previous thread, it's from some cringy IG story.

No. 944905

Greg is definitely an opportunist but she was only “in the wrong place at the wrong time” because the onions flew her over and had her live with them for years. It’s not like she was a random nanny they found in the local paper.

Personally I think Greg may have had her in mind as a backup or spare even if he was primarily focusing on blue-haired MPDGs. There were accusations of grooming and other misconduct as soon as people found out Sarah was living with them and even though they eventually panicked and sent her home, they had her come back shortly after. Obviously Greg thought that having this teenage girl living with them was worth whatever backlash it got. He wanted her there.

Greg may be inappropriately sexual with everyone but that’s not an excuse. He was throwing out a very wide net in search of new Trinity members and Sarah got caught up in that net, even if she was not a primary target. He could have easily cut her loose but chose to keep her around, just in case.

No. 944927

Accidentally got autocorrected to “Honestly this isn’t it”, sorry! Thank fuck for delete

Honestly this is it, she wasn’t specifically picked she was probably someone Greg brought in thinking it’d make Lame happy and it was just a two birds one stone situation.

Taking in a girl because you heard she’s being abused and then being cruel to her is gross. I’m sure telling from his long-standing relationships that it’s a sick pleasure thing.
Even if he didn’t groom her, even if it wasn’t blatantly predatory they really watched a kid grow up and then immediately slept with her.

If Onion was sure he had done nothing wrong he wouldn’t have tried the NDA thing, he got his hand caught in the cookie jar again despite being paranoid people would find out. I don’t think anons saying it’s all legal are defending that it isn’t fucked up, I think they’re frustrated with the potential misinformation that could come out of statements.

On a somewhat related note, as far as I know his two worlds are in that house and online which means that most likely they were around almost all the time?
(Not an accusation, just curious)

No. 945030

>He’s not going to jail. I wish people would stop deflecting his ten years of bs by amounting it all just on the legality.

You're right. He isn't. And neither is Kai. I bet theres as big a chance of them going to prison as there is for any of us to be going there any time soon.

No. 945240

File: 1584158193908.jpeg (170.98 KB, 745x930, 0C51255C-CAB3-422B-AA0F-0A181F…)

KEK, this ugly deformed bitch isn’t in a position to criticize anyone else’s looks. Imagine thinking someone is jealous of a dimwitted attention seeking whore who herself was jealous of a literal child being cuddled by Greg’s foot faced wife instead and of realizing that it was inappropriate. Of course that banana faggot and Mikenactor’s landwhale femcel whiteknight supports Madison, they’re all fucking retarded.

No. 945275

>She's not ugly but she far from being gorgeous
I think you missed the point here. When Lainey started in on Sarah, Sarah was 14 years old. This has nothing to do with Sarah being "attractive" or not. Lainey had no business as a 20-something mother of 2, befriending a child, and Greg her husband, allowed this shit.

Greg allowed a kid into his home to live with him and his wife, and yet he claims he also wanted to keep this kid at a distance? Bullshit. Where's the nuance in your thinking? Greg has on video and in text referred to Sarah both as "like a sister" and "a foster daughter" to him, then fucked her not long after she turned 18. Greg and Lainey are at the very least, very fucked in the head. Two parents who should've known better took clear advantage of a child and waited until she was freshly 18 to fuck her. But Greg being the obstinate pos that he is continues trying to gaslight everyone with a false narrative that HE'S the victim and Sarah's the predator.

No. 945277

Hansen became a meme because some people bought into the hype, some of them are still buying it. Hansen was never a real journalist. There aren't many real ones left but they're out there.

No. 945286

>there’s no evidence of grooming.
>was it grooming or him just not caring
>the sex was just incidental
>things there’s no proof of like grooming.

There's plenty proof. Find the ss posted in the Onion thread in pt where Lainey literally admitted to grooming. "I'm grooming you nicely" is a direct quote from Lainey to Sarah and I'm sure there's more where that came from.

Vid related talks about what grooming means, and its relation to Onision. Regina and Sarah are mentioned. This guy did a separate vid on Lainey. His credentials are listed on his About page.

No. 945292

>There's plenty proof.
What proof exactly? Nudes? We've never seen them, and if they exist the law hasn't acted on them. Let's not even get started on the numerous lies about the non-existent investigation. In Shiloh's own words "multiple investigations". The "shared" lawyer.
Even most retards on twitter keep insisting she was their foster daughter when it never happened on paper, it was power of attorney. Any evidence of grooming dating back to 2016 only applies to lainey, how the fuck is it tied to Greg?
>"I'm grooming you nicely" is a direct quote from Lainey to Sarah and I'm sure there's more where that came from.
Yeah, it came from lainey, not Greg. Good luck making a case off female banter on twitter, the infamous censored photo is also public. There is nothing illegal about fucking insecure 19 year olds, he's done it with multiple women. This has been dying down for months now and when it does onion will simply continue. Nothing will happen because Ayalla has brilliant foresight in roping vulnerable Sarah into sharing intimate details of her embarrassing, willful relationship with onision and how he made her holler.

No. 945305

File: 1584175308307.jpeg (191.64 KB, 848x1060, 092D97A7-AC3E-4A49-BE73-6377B5…)

Does it look shooped to you all, photoshop fags? The white paint near her waist looks curved to me…

No. 945307

Obviously you didn't watch the vid because you already made up your mind, so why bother pretending otherwise?

Hansen and his "investigation" has been a running joke for months. Hansen's clownery isn't going to effect whatever the feds might be doing. IDK why you bring up Shiloh. I wish her well but I know she's not all there.

>Nudes? We've never seen them.

Ok? I'm sure there's evidence that hasn't been made public, Sarah's said as much. Just because everything hasn't been blasted onto the internet the way Greg would like doesn't mean it doesn't exist. If you don't believe Sarah, that's fine.

>most retards on twitter keep insisting she was their foster daughter

Because Greg said it. Those are words directly from his own mouth. I won't spoonfeed you so if you don't believe it, a vid was posted a few threads back where Greg says those words. Find it or don't.

>Good luck making a case off female banter on twitter

A 20-something mother of two spoke that way to a child and you're writing it off as "female banter"? So who's trying to make a case here? Lainey literally admitted to grooming. I don't have to "make a case" for something she said verbatim.

Greg/Onsion is the one who decided to publicly divulge private details about Sarah, including her sexual assault, but of course Onision's the victim right? I don't care if the feds get him because what goes around always comes around, that's good ol' fashioned physics. He's scurried into a hole, refusing to show his face because his "career" is effectively dead in the water. The best part is, he did it to himself.

No. 945324

Onision will be running around like a scared, paranoid, greasy little beta manlet for the rest of his miserable life. That bullet proof vest of his must get hot af in the summer time lol.

All's well that ends well.

No. 945368

There's plenty of proof if you're not a deluded retard. Greg has been filming his antics with teenage girls for years. How many married YouTubers do you know bring fans in to their home and it always devolves with a fan going home crying saying she's been taken advantage of? That's pretty note worthy in itself. Then you find out the YouTuber in question before all this poly bullshit divorced his wife because he was having an affair with an underage 17 year old pop star. And that relationship ended with a whole shit load of accusations of physical and emotional abuse. Again, with direct insight provided by filmmaker and documentarian Gregory. Then he marries the teenager he's been talking too after the woman his age dumps him after 3 weeks for being a high strung, rapey, irrational and paranoid mess. They were already talking with another victim before Lainey married him, then he was unsatisfied with his plainey wife and opened up the marriage and made videos listing specific qualities they were looking for and then all the rating videos and the forums and discord. Then you have Billie coming in and all these other girls that have claimed to have been asked to be the third and Sarah gets moved in. They only bring in girls that they want to test their dynamic with. You're a fucking moron to think this is all normal. Just because the judicial system and law enforcement is a joke and resources stretched thin doesn't mean what Greg is doing isn't offensive and he shouldn't face accountability for the damage he caused. It's just extremely sad that it's not a big deal for predators like him to be allowed to continue and that he's a fucking father and is now also responsible for fucking up his kids lives. Greg shouldnt have any type of platform, he's a garbage human being and the closest people to him are probably the most damaged by him so why the fuck are other people giving him any type of respect. Pathetic

No. 945374

File: 1584195876440.jpeg (747.54 KB, 750x1260, 54F1479F-E16C-42E2-8297-6822FB…)

I don’t know about shop but she really does look cracked out.

No. 945382

I'd like to say yes just to spite her, however when you look closely in the road you can see the road is kinda shitty and sloped due to tons of cars having gone trough it over many years.
It COULD be that she's edited it, not saying she hasn't but I also think its an illusion the road is slightly curved and fucky here and there.

Maybe she's born with it, maybe its methamphetamine.

No. 945424

Point to where anyone said he’s a victim you mongoloid. We’re not defending him, we’re just not exaggerating what he’s done and being a histrionic retard like you.

And if there are nudes then surely the authorities will find it since he’s on their radar with all the attention this has been getting. Yet so far, nothing.

No. 945434

sage your autism.

No. 945435

You keep saying he should be held accountable. How should he be held accountable ( legally anyway) if he hasn’t committed a crime?
The only “grooming” evidence is towards Lainey so how is Gurg going down for something she’s done and there’s no proof of him being involved in?

Like I said, he has faced consequences for his actions. He’s known as a pedo and is bankrupt., among other things. Although, clearly those aren’t the consequences you want him to face since you continue to demand he should be “held accountable”.
Sorry not all shitty behavior is illegal and you need actual proof before making accusations. Now would be a good time for those noodz Sarah talks about to surface.

I’m guessing another one of the consequences you want him to face is deplatforming. I don’t like him but he should not be deplatformed based on what we currently know. If a video of him diddling a 12 year old comes out then yes. But literally nothing but accusations have come out.

I know you’re gonna put words in my mouth and say I’m saying Gurg is a victim and all this dramatic emotional bs. But whatever, fair is fair.

No. 945446

File: 1584209210298.jpg (38.89 KB, 638x408, blerwit.jpg)

Blaire White just did a video on Davey Vanity, guess the predator pool got too shallow with just Greg and Jonathan Yaniv.

No. 945491

>You're a fucking moron to think this is all normal
NTA, but literally no one thinks any of it is fucking normal. We just keep repeating that seemingly nothing illegal happened. And if it did, good, hope they give that proof to the FBI then.

Yes, it was said she was like a foster daughter, but she legally wasn't, that was the point the anon was making.

No. 945534

And even the "evidence" against Lainey grooming anyone is slim to nil. You DO realize that when compLainey was talking to ugly regina, regina was 15 and Laino was 17, right?
So they where both underage.
Case dismissed.

No. 945537

Hasn't Greg said that Skye was the one who cheated on him?? I'm probably confusing it with what he said about Shiloh. "She had another mans baby!" Yeah, AFTER they broke up.

No. 945538

>Now would be a good time for those noodz Sarah talks about to surface.
For what? Are you investigating Onision? If the receipts Sarah's already shown aren't enough for you, then nothing will be. Also: >>945307
>Just because everything hasn't been blasted onto the internet the way Greg would like doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

No. 945541

She's been covering a lot of pedos though. Greg and Yaniv have just been the most prominent ones so far.

No. 945542

Tbh I don't remember them being broken up at that point. He wasn't acting like they were either. But they broke up several times, who could kept count.
And yes, it was Shiloh, not Skye.

No. 945544

>histrionic retard
You might want to look up the meaning of both of those words because you're using them wrong friend. lmao

Point to where anyone here's exaggerated what Onision's done? If you think this vid >>945286 is exaggerating anything about Onsion then that's another word you don't know the meaning of.

No. 945558

Histrionic- overly theatrical or melodramatic.
So I was using it correctly, nice try.

Accusing him of grooming is an example of exaggerating his actions.
Either show proof or stfu.

No. 945559

If you're that pressed about sEEing the eVidEnce then call Pierce County PD yourself and ask them if they've found anything. Their spokesman went on record saying they were working with the FBI to investigate Onision.

Onision's desperately tried and failed to paint himself as the victim. If anyone's being "dramatic and emotional" look no further than what he's shat out on the internet, especially when he talks about his exes.

I saw part of the last video before he stopped showing his face, where he talked about Sarah. It was obvious he delighted in the thought of embarrassing and hurting her by making certain private information public. That's what he's always done with what was once a sizable platform for nearly a decade - use it to intimidate, smear and talk shit about his exes because he's an misogynist, ass sore little manchild who can't handle rejection. In that, he's been consistent all these years. So no, he shouldn't have a platform. If you feel bad for anyone, feel bad for his kids - especially his daughter - having a father like Gunt.(iNteGRaTe)

No. 945562

We know what histrionic means. You have no examples from here because you're intentionally misusing the word.

No. 945569

Or because you clearly don’t see yourselves as melodramatic bimbos lol
I do soooo I used it correctly.

Accusing anyone who doesn’t buy this grooming theory with no evidence as making Gurg to be a “victim” or “respecting him”. Your words. Not mine.
So yea, I was definitely using the word correctly.
Sorry you don’t like it but that’s exactly what I meant.

Anyway, this is pointless. You clearly are only guided by your emotions and your blind hatred of the Onion to think clearly. Either that or you have a double digit IQ.

The anti-o mob is actually making me relish in the fact that he’s not going to jail and nothing will happen to him ( not relating to this anyway). And that’s really unfortunate because I hate Gurg and Plainey. But as unlikable as they are somehow the outrage mob manages to be even more so.


No. 945573

I do feel bad for his kids. He sounds like an awful father. But just because someone is shitty doesn’t mean they should be deplatformed, unless there is concrete proof of a crime.

If the police are working with the FBI then I’m sure they’ll find something on his computer if he’s guilty. If he has CP (or anything else illegal) then he should go to prison.
But so far, NOTHING.

No. 945586

why is this thread always an unsaged shitshow?

No. 945623

Is this an intentional nod to the clown on twitter calling the patchy eyeshadow look “John Wayne Gaysee” because of the lolcow tweets because I could actually believe it’s said clown based on how much attention Plentythighs is trying to get

No. 945627

all the twitterfags come here to say what they really think and moonlight as law enforcement or baby lawyers. its their reprieve from sucking up to the gorls

No. 945631

>Accusing anyone who doesn’t buy this grooming theory with no evidence as making Gurg to be a “victim” ” or “respecting him”.
That's reaching. It's been said multiple times that Greg's trying to make himself into the victim. That statement wasn't ambiguous. Maybe learn to read before trying to incorrectly use vocabulary. If you can't back up your statements with actual examples (not ones you made up in your own head), then you talk out of your ass.

Most of the people who believe Sarah have been following this for a long time.

You couldn't even bother watching this >>945286 which talks about the grooming you're obviously so concerned about lol. And most of us here aren't anti-o's, champ. Take that faggotry to twitter where it belongs.

No. 945635

Gurg touched my bootyhole when I was a legal consenting adult. Boohoo.
Send me money

No. 945637

Why am I not surprised they don't know how to sage.

No. 945638

nta, that anon is obviously retarded, but he used 'histrionic' correctly. not in the sense of hpd but just generally. anyways, greg isn't going to get caught on anything, and foot isn't likely to either. i truly don't think foot ever intended to get sarah roped into their trinity. it's doubtful there is enough evidence to get gerg or foot locked up. they should both absolutely be deplatformed though. i don't think gerg seriously groomed sarah tbh. not like he would have if she looked like billie at 16. ANYONE who steps foot into that household will get mentally fucked up. greg hates females and abuses all of them, it's not even necessarily sexual, though it often is. he resents all females, but i doubt there is enough of a pattern established in sarah's case to really fit the 'grooming' bill. and lbr, if greg and his ruddy little chestnut hadn't rejected sarah, she'd be in their bed rn. that's not an indictment of her character. ultimately she was and is naive and is an attention starved/romance starved teen. i do believe she probably sought their sexual attention, especially foot, after she turned 18. unfortunately though, without them having a pattern of direct action that is characteristically "grooming", a clusterfuck of toxicity and predation alone doesn't fit the bill on charges or a conviction. lots of people are predators but just skirt by on not getting charged.

No. 945639

That's "like a foster daughter/sister" to him, hon. His words. He's a called a pedo for a reason.

Lainey needs to come out of his ass and speak for herself. Greg does the talking for both of them though because he knows that if she talks, he's done.

No. 945643

it doesn't matter if he called her "like a foster daughter". if anti-os are expected to be reliable and know the actual facts of the case, they should be recapping reality, and not distorting it because it sounds more salacious. and tbf, like, if i was taking care of someone and only had poa, i would say something similar too. no one is going to go on a detailed diatribe about medical power of attorney when they're mentioning a person in passing. he already looks bad enough. relay the actual facts. having poa is not fostering. i don't care what greg called her. it doesn't change the facts of the case, which are that he can't be nailed on the foster guardianship charges re: fucking her before she's 21.

No. 945644

You're probably right. There might not be enough to convict either of them. It all depends on what the investigation (the actual one) turns up.

You'd have to look through the Onion thread in pt, but Sarah showed ss where she said point blank she only wanted something platonic (this was after awkward,failed sex between the 3 of them). She wasn't sure if she wanted to come back and Greg was literally whining for her to return.

No. 945648

>it doesn't matter if he called her "like a foster daughter"
I'm not making a legal argument. How does it not matter that he called Sarah a "foster daughter/sister" then fucked her shortly after her 18th bday? No one's distorting anything. He's on video and in text saying this shit.

No. 945649

I really agree with all of this.
Additionally, if anyone was actually groomed, I think it was Lainey. Now, don't mistake this for me feeling bad for her because my sympathy for her has fucked off about three years ago.
However, he did snatch her at a really young age and I have no doubt a lot of brainwashing and psychological abuse was going on. He cheated on her several times. Lied to her several times.
She now thinks she's a gay male ffs ( cue to FB/Twitter fags having a meltdown over pronouns ). He really did a number on her to the extent where she's also behaving in similar ways he does.

Of course my sympathy was lost when she said she's going to finally stand up for herself and it never happened, the smug attitude, still staying there despite knowing how badly it's going to fuck up the kids, etc.

No. 945651

He’s called a pedo cause people are retarded and don’t know what that word means.
He’s a hebephile mmmkayy

No. 945656

i agree. same with shiloh. i think both of them were groomed more heavily, and with very deliberate intent. sarah was just convenient. he went out of his way for both of them. would've been easier nailing him on trying to groom either of them. lot more manipulation and brainwashing going on in both of their cases, and crossing state lines to fuck, etc. he really couldn't have given a fuck about sarah until it became abundantly clear, after she lost weight and grew into her looks, that it would be easy to fuck her and keep her around, especially since his stream of pretty, young looking elvish girls dying to fuck a guy who looks like a victim of mustard gas, started drying up

No. 945658

>the reason people say "foster daughter" is because
I don't care why anti-o's bring it up. Greg used the words "foster daughter/like a sister" descibing Sarah, then he fucked her as soon as she was legal, then wonders why he's called a pedo. You don't call someone a "daughter/sister" acting like you want to keep them at a distance only to invite them to live in your home, then fuck them as soon as they turn 18. Or as waterbrain likes to point out, 18 and a half. If you want to argue about the reasons anti-o's bring it up, I suggest going to twitter and finding an anti-o.

No. 945659

Agree with everything other than the deplatforming.
And the part about me being retarded.

No. 945666

He doesn't talk about Regina here. That's in his Lainey video.

No. 945668

File: 1584242569918.png (61.87 KB, 498x324, ueue.PNG)

the reason people say "foster daughter" is because they know there's a law in washington that stipulates that you cannot have sexual contact with a former foster child under the age of 21. they know this. i don't care if greg called her his actual sister. anti-os are discrediting their own narrative by bolstering incorrect bullshit that looks even dumber when they try to insist he can get nailed on something that never applied. it's not illegal for him to either pretend he saw her as a foster daughter, or for him to have actually seen her as one, and then fuck her. it's just essentially irrelevant. it doesn't prove he was grooming her by him saying she was "like a foster daughter". it doesn't add anything to the case. of course greg was going to say his relationship with her was always intended to be totally above board.

>then he fucked her as soon as she was legal, then wonders why he's called a pedo.
he doesn't wonder at all. he knows why he's called a pedo. he knows he's a predator and a pedo. he jerks off to lolicon. i don't think calling her "like a foster daughter" and then fucking her is particularly condemning. i'd want him on a sex offenders registry and kept away from his own children for the lolicon alone, but life doesn't unfortunately work like that. anyone with eyeballs can see he's a predator and a pedo. what matters is a trail of definitive illegality. and no, anti-os know it looks worse to phrase it like that. but it matters fuckall in the eyes of the law. they're just perpetuating a disappointing narrative that he can't be nailed on. i truly don't care what he called her because it doesn't contribute to landing him in prison. it just ends up again being something he can use against anyone who wants to see his ass get his.

he needs to be deplatformed, and you are a retarded whiteknight

No. 945669

My honest opinion is that he was calling her "like a foster daughter/sister" just in case any false rumours got out ( to prevent that in the first place ), not because there was a sinister motive behind it.
So he went out of his way to really hammer in that nothing weird is going on. Why? Because he's a really paranoid person.
He filmed his daughter so he'd have proof he didn't do anything wrong, just in case. He refused to change Madi's baby's diaper just so no one can possibly see him as a pedo in any way.

Of course you can see all this as him trying to cover up some fucked up shit, I totally get it. I just see him as being unhealthy paranoid.

No. 945673

he jerks off to lolicon. he's fucked in the head. he's also worried about being nailed for it. he did say the foster daughter thing so people wouldn't think there's anything sinister, of course. but realistically, what was he supposed to say? "this kid is just living with us, i don't have any particular view of her"? he never saw her as a sister anyways. not that it would mean anything anyways because he has a fetish for that. it just doesn't really add anything to the narrative either way. it's exactly what someone would say who isn't guilty of grooming, and what someone would say if they are guilty. either way, i don't think he was really grooming her or trying to foster a family type relationship because she wasn't his end game.

No. 945675

I totally agree with you, that was more for the anon who's repeating that he said "like a foster daughter/sister". I don't see it holding much weight either way.
But I do genuinely think he's massively paranoid. Another example of that is him sleeping in his car just so no one can accuse him of cheating. Of course he panicked, went on cam and assured everyone that she's like "a foster daughter/sister". But because he's stupid he didn't even think about how weird that's going to make him look. Now that's actually getting used as some sort of proof of grooming ( when it isn't, not enough of a proof at least ).

The lolicon this is fucking disgusting, just like he is.

No. 945676

I’m a wk for someone I don’t like lol yeah makes sense.

Or I just believe that people should be able to speak freely without an outrage mob (which are mostly women and teens, surprise surprise) trying to censor them.

Deplatforming should be rare and reserved for only the most egregious cases, that actually have evidence to back them up.
Not just “he’s a shitty person so let’s silence him”
That’s a slippery slope, anon.

No. 945679

Anon, you're right on a lot of points ( I disagree with him not getting deplatformed, though ), but you really should be saging by now, lol.

Also, my bad, I meant he was paranoid about getting metoo'd, not paranoid getting caught cheating. We already know he has no issues with cheating.

No. 945680

it's not at all a slippery slope. he should've been deplatformed when he was telling abused children it's their fault they're being abused, or mocking children that self harm, or mocking suicidal kids or generally suicidal young adults. his online presence should've been snuffed out well before it became abundantly clear he was also a sexual predator. he was already a genuinely harmful and dangerous influence on vulnerable kids and vulnerable people. he posted videos about suicide, self harm, and abuse, with the specific intent of gaining the viewership of impressionable and abused kids and young adults. he's a horrible person.

No. 945689

Hit the nail on the head. The girls finally started to go dark because they realized what a joke they've made of themselves.

No. 945692

Yeah that’s fucked up, but what are you going to do….babysit the entire population?
Tell people what’s acceptable to watch and what’s not?
That’s not your business. That should be coming from their parents or an actual rolemodel guiding them so they won’t fall prey to predators.
It shouldn’t be up to randos to police the internet, dictating who’s allowed to have a platform and who’s not.

Spread awareness of his behavior ( and the behavior of all toxic and predatory people).
I think this has been successful since now he’s known to be a creep. He is a full-blown pariah.
All the exaggerations and embellishments are helping him paint himself as the victim. Everyone should stick to facts, not speculation. Otherwise he’s just gonna way this is a witch-hunt, and honestly at this point it kinda is.

But taking away someone’s platform even if they’re horrible isn’t the answer imo.

No. 945693

Billie threw herself on Greg publicly while the entire world and pregnant lainey watched. Greg and Billie having a little affair together isn't predatory, she wanted him to be with her after lainey left him. Shiloh is a basket case who felt guilt for participating on onion's cheating on Skye. Sarah not only had a threesome with Greg and lainey, but there are texts of her asserting herself as an adult who can consent to what she wants, at the age of 18/19. That doesn't factor in the other intimate parts of their relationship or them fucking on laineys chair.
He's a shit dude but you're calling him a sexual predator when dozens of insecure girls willingly throw themselves onto him. There is nothing illegal about it, and if the morality bothers you then I hate to bring you back to reality but it's far more common than you think.

No. 945694

I don't know, I do see him as a sexual predator, but I'd list AJ and Lainey as examples. He coerced both into things they didn't sexually really want.

No. 945696

So somehow it makes all his consensual interactions predatory? You guys are reaching too hard, AJ said it wasn't rape. I can't speak for lainey but she's one of many mentally ill women who enjoy the whole daddy bdsm dynamic, but she's flaunted it on camera many times. You don't need to exaggerate things to make Greg look worse.

No. 945699

Of course it doesn't make all of his sexual interactions predatory, that's not what I said at all. I think no grooming occurred with Sarah.
I just listed two examples where I think it did. We can agree to disagree when it comes to AJ, as for Lainey…crying after a threesome with your own husband probably isn't normal.

No. 945701

i guess you're like 16 or something but most companies try to operate on the basis of risk management and risk reduction for the sake of avoiding litigation (whether or not the suits hold water) and just generally try to protect their brand image. youtube fails at that spectacularly, but many other companies would've shit this shit down a long time ago. it's absolutely horrible for their bottom line to host "creators" that will and can ultimately harm the people that make up their userbase, and that just garner them negative attention for no benefit. it blew up in their face already, though they're still too lax. youtube doesn't owe anyone a platform. no business owes a malignant creator that jeopardizes their image and alienates/potentially harms their userbase. i think he's a disgusting person, but removing myself from the ethics involved, purely from a business perspective and for the sake of brand management, i'd nix him years ago. this was and is poor planning, not even from a "babysitting" perspective, it's unnecessarily risky for no reason.

No. 945704

the trouble is people using terms like "pedo" so lightly.

He's a super creep who likely has a sex addiction, likes em young, and thinks women are there for his satisfaction. He's definitely a horrible person who should just be single and alone for the rest of his life. But he has kept it legal. and insisting he is a pedo does no one any favors.

No. 945707

>the trouble is people using terms like "pedo" so lightly.
I agree with this as well. It doesn't help when Shiloh feels totally comfortable posting he "invited preteens into the relationship."

No. 945708

greg had his eyes on billie before she turned 18. lainey pretends it was her, but any involvement she had with her was to make herself seem more appealing and more fun, sexually open, etc, to greg, any attempt to keep him. backfired hard, but whatever. he was predatory and abusive towards her. billie is an opportunist and she really isn't too morally sound, though to her credit, she handled that situation fairly well. she did appear to want greg at times, and she probably enjoyed "stealing" greg from lainey. he still abused her though. someone expressing enthusiasm occasionally doesn't disregard their being abused. he coerced her, pressured her, tried to control her completely. he's a sexual predator. everything he did to adrienne was abusive and sexually predatory. a predator doesn't need to be a rapist, btw.

most of his "consensual" actions were coercive. even if they weren't, he's still a sexual predator. a sexual predator does not mean a molester or a rapist.
>A sexual predator is a person seen as obtaining or trying to obtain sexual contact with another person in a metaphorically "predatory" or abusive manner. Analogous to how a predator hunts down its prey, so the sexual predator is thought to "hunt" for his or her sex partners.

tbh tho, i think he probably is a pedo based on the lolicon shit. the actions people claim make him a pedo make him a hebe, but i think his thoughts are probably much worse. people are twisting the facts all over the place. they claim sarah moved in at 14, they claim she was in fact his foster daughter, they claim things that ultimately make the reality seem much better in comparison. they don't need exaggerate. the reality looks bad enough, it's just probably not enough to get him locked up.

No. 945717

>people are twisting the facts all over the place
This is genuinely a problem. Most videos about this have several comments like that. "He fucked his own foster daughter", "She was in there since 14 ( I've even seen 12, lol )".
And like I said >>945707 here, Shiloh throwing around the word preteen was a really terrible move on her part.

I'll also never get how people can read what happened to AJ and not see it as coercion, but I guess that's a whole other can of worms.

No. 945812

Madison still looks like a rodent even after she had surgery to fix her overbite. No one's jealous of that

No. 945829

the problem is that lainey was talking to sarah when she was only 14, sarah was a fangirl of greg since she was 11, and sarah lived with them from the age of 16; she comes from a dysfunctional family with a mother that was quick to sign her guardianship over to a random stranger sarah met over the internet. why did lainey even befriend a fucking 14 year old in the first place? literally WHY would someone in their 20s give their snapchat and continue talking to a 14 year old fangirl?

the dynamic is predatory and weird because it looks like they sought her out due to her damage, and tossed her aside like a used flesh light once they got what they wanted

it was obvious sarah put greg and lainey on a pedestal because they ~saved her~ and they were ~famous~ she was obsessed with lainey and while greg didnt really like sarah much because she wasnt a shiloh or a billie, he just took advantage of the fact that a girl was throwing herself at him, and didn't care if she got hurt in the process, anything to get his dick wet

he was mean to sarah because he knew how weird it looked having a 16 year old living with them, and greg is super calculative and manipulative, he knew that if he was mean it would make it look ''less weird'' he would go above and beyond and be super defensive anytime anyone insinuated something was happening, he kicked her out when she was uncomfortable with the "dat booty doe" comment because he knew exactly what it looked like and was terrified people would catch on

he was just trying really hard to maintain appearances


No. 945836

Lmao you believe that because him and his pedo friends Billy the fridge said he slept in a car because he was actually chatesing on Lainey in an air bnb with McFly? Honestly there are so many deluded or under aged posters here. Greg's been cheating on his wife. He's a liar. Yes he's also paranoid but that's because he's doing the shit he's accused of. Get your heads out of your asses claiming Sarah was too plain for him and not his tastes etc. Have y'all seen ugly af plain Lainey? Sarah has looked better than her at every age. Morons

No. 945852

For someone who’s “not an anti-o” you seem absolutely incensed when people don’t completely agree with your views.
It’s not enough for us to dislike him and think he’s a creep.
No. He has to be a child grooming pedophile with no room for nuance, otherwise we’re morons or 16 year olds.

You’re part of the outrage mob, not that it matters since you don’t have enough insight to realize or acknowledge it.

saged, cause same ol’ shit

No. 945873

Agreed. That’s what I mean, you just worded it better than me.

No. 945877

Agreed. That’s what I mean, you just worded it better than me.

I don’t think he sought her out or groomed her. Just took advantage of an opportunity.

No. 945881

File: 1584291887750.jpg (538.96 KB, 750x6665, Shiloh Being a Cunt.jpg)

Shiloh moved to being a massive cunt on Instagram. She's been posting about covid19 and getting information incorrect. Then she spergs out the moment someone corrects her in a not polite way uwu.

No. 945930

You don't have to seek out a person to groom them.

But Greg does seek them out. His videos about ~*uwu loving yourself*~ and depression are tailor made to attract the age group he's attracted to himself - teenage girls. Just because he doesn't have a target in mind doesnt mean he doesn't create an atmosphere that's perfect for him to gain trust in a group of young girls, "groom them" in the sense where he collects personal info from them and tries to control their opinions/narrative and then pick the ones he likes most from his options of already brainwashed teens. Shiloh, Lainey and Billie fell into his lap but that was because they were fans of Greg's videos. They sought him out because he was a public figure who at the time put on a widely different persona than he does now. Idk how it's so far fetched to call him a pedo/groomer when his behavior is textbook grooming when it comes to Sarah and he has openly admitted to being attracted to pre pubescent girls even going so far to defend it by saying it was just human male nature to want to fuck anything that remotely looks like a woman no matter her age. He knows the AOC laws in basically every state but cant wrap his head around basic tax laws.

I mean you could call him a hebeophile but that's just a fancier word for "being attracted to minors as a grown ass man"

No. 945946

Thank you for basically summing up the thoughts I had after reading that bizarre reply.

No. 945989

File: 1584313443233.jpg (1.37 MB, 2560x1920, inCollage_20200315_230355353.j…)

No. 945993

Maybe she needs to be sent back to the looney bin kek

No. 945995

It'd be a good pro caution

She's also doing this shit on her main and leaving in the @ of the people who she's calling out, pathetic as fuck

No. 946055

pro caution
i can't

No. 946063

>“I said eliminate yourself from the situation”

A woman in her late 20s is posting her own DMs, lying, and really thinks she looks Bad or something when she just looks dumb as hell.
She is so immature, how is she not exhausted from that?
If she was able to control her temper and ego she would still have everyone on her team, she really almost had a lot of people’s respect again and pissed it all away.
I think she’s addicted to the adrenaline rush fighting over DMs gives her.

No. 946090

She didn’t say “eliminate yourself from the SITUATION” either. Such a manipulative liar.
Unfortunately for her she’s not too bright and backtracking/weasely wording is extremely transparent.

She really is a female version of Onion, sans the predatory sexual behavior (that we’re aware of anyway).

Her music is a pile of flaming dog shit as well.
It’s contrived garbage that SJW “YAASSS Kweens” listened to circa 2015/2016.
Which makes sense since that’s her fanbase.

saged, nta

No. 946097

No matter how much you want to insist he's a groomer, he's not and the law will never see it that way. You're all seriously deluded at this point while clutching on to receipts when Sarah was 18 and dms with lainey. Retards like you make it easy for onion to deflect.

No. 946105

I agree, Greg isnt going to jail. One thing I want and I dont care how it happens or the reason for it, is for Greg to be deplatformed. Greg has caused so much grief and trauma to so many people for over a decade and the one thing that they all have in common is that they came in contact with him because of his YouTube channels (except Skye and her sister of course) If he was no longer on YouTube or had any type of social media platform then hopefully he would not be able to affect any of those types of girls who seem to be drawn to his false persona, and once he pulls the mask away they end up getting hurt. If Greg no longer had any social media or YouTube channels he would only be able to interact with those he comes in contact with irl, and we all know he doesnt socialize or leave the house that often so Lainey would have to deal with his psycho-brat behavior 24/7 and that would be prison sentence in itself.

No. 946109

All great points, but youtube's made it abundantly clear they won't remove anyone from their platform unless there's a conviction. You're right on one hand about it being bad for business. At the same time, how many videos have been made about this? How much money has youtube/google made from this "controversy"? Quite a bit I imagine. The only thing they care about ultimately is what will bring in the most $$. Obviously they don't see kicking off a predator as being profitable.

No. 946112

Using your platform with a million+ subs to bully your exes off the internet, intimidate and silence them isn't being "just a shitty person". He's doing the same shit he's always done, the only difference is now his platform has shrunk considerably and he's only semi-relevant because other washed up nobodies with hype built around them like Hansen are talking about him. It makes no sense to me when someone says Onision should be allowed to keep his platform with all his aforementioned history. He deserves to lose it.

No. 946113

No one's exaggerating anything here, i don't know why you or whoever keeps saying that. If you took the time to listen to what the girls had to say especially the receipts) or watch things like this >>945286, you'd see that Greg's established a pattern of behavior over the years, one that reflects clearly the type of person he is.

No. 946115

>anti-os are discrediting their own narrative
No one's saying some anti's don't say retarded shit. That's beside the point.

>it's not illegal for him to pretend he saw her as a foster daughter

No one's debating that legality here.

>i don't think calling her "like a foster daughter" and then fucking her is particularly condemning.

In a courtroom maybe, maybe not, no one knows, this isn't a courtroom. Onision's comments are brought up here, they will continue being brought up. I'm not under some grand delusion that talking about it will get Onision arrested, again that's beside the point. As for a "trail of definitive illegality", I'm not the FBI, I'm not investigating Onision, therefore I'm not obliged to stick to any "trail of illegality". This is a gossip board anon.

No. 946119

>Of course you can see all this as him trying to cover up some fucked up shit
Yeah, because initially he and Lainey went out of their way to lie publicly (including getting Sarah to lie for them) denying they had anything going on with her romantically. Only after being exposed did Onision make it point to repeat over and over that Sarah was "18 and a half" when they fucked, this after repeatedly lying about her being "just a friend/sister/foster daughter". He also likes to point out how honest he is. kek

No. 946121

This >>935710 from the last thread pretty much sums up what us OG's feel about the grooming. Clawson did a good job in his vid too.

No. 946124

>the dynamic is predatory
Exactly. A mother in her 20s has no business befriending a child, there's no valid reason for it. It's not difficult to put the pieces together, I don't know why some anons here are pretending otherwise. Greg's been trying to cover his tracks from the start and he's assmad he keeps getting called out on it.

Between everything Greg said and did, and Lainey with her "I'm grooming you nicely" etc., I don't know how anyone can look at that and say with absolute certainty that they don't think any grooming took place.

No. 946125

>implying many of us actual farmers don't see this for what it actually is
Again, you're taking lainey's actions and placing them onto onion. Lainey had to ask him permission to get Sarah to live with them because of her living situation, he didn't seek her out. Make up your mind on whether or not this is about lainey or Greg, because it can't be both.

No. 946127

Exactly, Greg is not Lainey and Lainey is not Greg and neither of them can tell each other what to do. They have both told us that in videos and livestreams when people have questioned them about their spouses actions.
Greg makes sure we know this and has reiterated that what Lainey does does not have anything to do with him. Hes making sure the courts dont think he was involved in anything his spouse did who lives under the same roof 24/7.

No. 946131

>you're taking lainey's actions and placing them onto onion
Who's doing that? This comment >>935710 was referring to both Lainey and Greg. Both Lainey's and Greg's actions have been, and will continue to be scrutinized. If that bothers you then I don't know what to tell you. I think this >>945286 provides enough evidence for Greg's part in all this but you can continue ignoring it for your own convenience I guess.

No. 946132

Are you new? They have a loveless marriage, it's been that way for a couple years now. If you go through old threads you will know that lainey and the kids would go days without seeing Greg, who still holes himself off in his office to jerk off and lurk on the internet 24/7. He did this before marrying lainey with Skye too.
Lainey didn't want to be with Sarah, so Sarah chose to date onion instead. This was after she was 18 and if you want to call anyone a groomer it should be lainey. But then again there are texts of Sarah saying she wasn't groomed and she's a independent adult that isn't the victim the haters say she is. If she wanted to speak out she should have come from the ex failed poly angle like Billie. It would have been much more believable and less embellished.

No. 946137

The loveless marriage without much contact helps Gregs narrative. I laugh every time he not so subtlety brings up that if Lainey did anything he has nothing to do with it. If somethings found on that laptop its Lainey he never used it even though we've all seen the livestream where Sarah says she received the laptop and the first time she turned it on it was showed Gregory's account. Hes trying so hard to make sure if Lainey is arrested he can say his hands are clean.

No. 946180

I think you're off your rocker if you think Lainey's actions were not to please Greg. Many people have said that Lainey isn't bi-sexual. Greg wants his holy poly, and whatever Lainey's "king" wants, he shall have.
She on her part started talking to butt ugly mutants like Regina out of fear her precious Greg would leave her again like he wanted to do with Billie, all the while shitcanning their crotch droppings (their kids) in the process.
If you look in to how Lainey acted with girls like Billie and Sarah it becomes crystal clear she isn't really in to girls. Its all for Greg, to please Greg.
Hell, her whole existence is for Greg.

No. 946205

I've a new tinfoil Lainey lurks and posts on lolcow.farm(tinfoil)

No. 946236

Evidence? Greg would beat her ass if he found out she posted on a ~hate site~ but it’d be interesting to see her post history. That bitch has to be doing something holed up in her room on her phone all day. I don’t think she has the critical thinking to be a farmer tho.

No. 946237

taylor didn't bring sarah in so greg could fuck her. she was used for childcare and emotional labor. she 100% thought greg wouldn't be attracted to her, and she thought sarah was too obsessed with her to ever give a shit about greg.

No. 946350

You are exactly right. But something changed in Gregs head once Sarah lost weight, grew her hair out and stopped wearing glasses. He needed some way to fuck her and his plan was to make Lainey think Sarah would be a perfect match for their "trinity." Once he had Lainey involved, even if it was just laying there getting eaten out by Sarah, Greg now had the green light to fuck Sarah and its technically not cheating in Gregs mind. Another part of this is easy access. Like Schwarzenegger and that Mexican maid he knocked up. That housekeeper was not attractive compared to the women Arnold has fucked through the years. But the reason he did it was she was in his home all the time and it was easy for him to fuck her with no one being suspicious. Sarah was there a lot and was easy access. Im positive that if Lainey had brought in Regina the same way she brought in Sarah that Greg would of found a way to fuck her even though he says shes disgusting and looks like a proboscis monkey. I also think that having Lainey and Sarah have sex (or just Sarah eating her out) fed into Gregs incest fantasies. I always felt like there was a big sister/little sister vibe with Lainey and Sarahs relationship. Greg tried to have that weird incest kink come true with Skye and Alicia, but it never happened. I can just see Greg watching Sarah between Laineys legs while he jerks off and whispers "call her lil' sis."

No. 946394

This. Lainey has always been jealous of other girls being with Anus. It must suck for her to be continually sexually manipulated into having threesomes and being cheated on.

No. 946405

What’s with this dude and incest? He fantasizes about fucking his stepmom and kissed his cousin in her sleep

Did Crazy Tami diddled him a little too much?

No. 946427

All kinds of weird sexual abuse was going on in that household when he was a kid. He's made statements about it before and in such a normalized way, any reasonably analytical person can figure it out pretty quick.

No. 946433

>But then again there are texts of Sarah saying she wasn't groomed and she's a independent adult
Yes, she was living with the Onion's at the time, why wouldn't she say that? Greg had Sarah publicly lie for him and Lainey and say that nothing was going on, that Sarah had no romantic relationship with them. For a time Sarah did as she was told/asked by her abusers, that's not unusual. It was hard on Sarah hence her blooper vid which Greg has tried and failed to debunk. Greg and Lainey tried to keep their sexual relationship with Sarah a secret for a reason and it has fuck all to do with Greg's useless google NDA's.

No. 946435

>For a time Sarah did as she was told/asked by her abusers, that's not unusual
Nice try but I'm not referencing the video she was instructed to make. I'm talking about recently leaked texts where Sarah says fuck it because I'm an adult.
Do I think it was moral? Obviously not but screaming grooming after regretting a relationship and greasesomes is pretty pathetic. Sarah was not living with the onion's for the entire duration of this period, you can ask her relatives all about it. Sarah constantly went back on her own free will and she would do so if she wasn't booted to the curb.

No. 946437

I wouldn't say Greg had no sexual interest in Sarah before she turned 18. Remember, this is the same person who jacks it to loli-con. I don't have time to cite specific examples but based on some of Sarah's ss and some of her personal anecdotes of Greg while living in the Mcmansion, I think he always had it in the back of his mind he was going to fuck her. I'm pretty sure Sarah's made the same conclusion. Her change in physical appearance had little or nothing to do with Greg's supposedly changing his mind. He didn't have any problems getting with Shiloh back when she was chubby.

No. 946438

And this has no bearing on the fact that she lived with them since she was 16, and all the things the Onion's exposed her to during that time. Since you obviously know nothing about grooming and its affects, this is good place to start >>945286.

No. 946439

>Sarah says she received the laptop and the first time she turned it on it was showed Gregory's account.
>Hes trying so hard to make sure if Lainey is arrested he can say his hands are clean.

As he did with Shiloh, Greg has (or had) access to all of Lainey's sm, made sure he had all her passwords etc. There were several times when Regina and Luxy said they thought they were texting with Lainey but in retrospect said it reminded them more of Greg, so who knows?

It's pretty luzly how transparently desperate he is though. He's so shitting bricks terrified, he's doing all he can to throw Lainey under the bus now. Makes me wonder when the tired old love bombing cycle will start. Relationship Goals uwu

No. 946441

Nobody is disputing that she lived with them since she was 16, but to say onion groomed her when Sarah tells stories about showering with lainey is quite hilarious. You're insisting that Greg groomed Sarah because he simply existed near her. He just waited until she was legal and via texts we know Sarah was aware of it and what she wanted. Sorry to burst your bubble but she was also aware of how things could turn out since she mentioned keeping receipts ever since Billie. Sarah just thought she would be different.
This is all speculation and not even what grooming is.
>lainey allegedly sent nudes
>lainey allegedly received nudes
>lainey allegedly showered with Sarah
>lainey started talking to sarah when she was 14
"Onision groomed Sarah"

No. 946452

>Nobody is disputing that she lived with them since she was 16
That wasn't the context of the argument though.
>You're insisting that Greg groomed Sarah because he simply existed near her.
I neither said nor implied that his 'existing near her' was some sort of smoking gun anon. Why act like you know what you're talking about when you can't even bother watching a vid from someone who does >>945286? It's about a pattern of behavior, not one or two isolated incidents. I agree with this >>935710 too.

No. 946454

You're right, its not that a switch flipped in Gregs head, Ill take that statement back. Greg always had the idea of having sex with Sarah in the back of his head. I think the reason it happened was because of a specific set of situations.
Greg is no longer able to bring in teen pus to trick Lainey into thinking its a poly and then he gets to fuck them so he had to settle for Sarah.
Sarah had turned 18 and he thought he was in the clear legally.
Sarah was still coming around and was a brainwashed superfan willing to do what he wanted.

No. 946460

File: 1584424735035.jpeg (658.04 KB, 1125x1125, 6406A429-A1E0-4726-B3E9-D867B7…)


In other news, Madison hangs out with her daughter instead of attention whoring for once in her miserable life. Little Evelyn is sooo cute tho!

No. 946464

You keep citing that video as if it's more than just some randos fucking opinion.

You've provided zero evidence of grooming.
Multiple anons have pointed out the flaws in your theory but you're adamant that you're right. Like most stupid people, you are stubborn and emotional.
This is getting extremely repetitive and frankly, boring.
"wAtCh tHe vIDeO" isn't an argument.
If you had a valid argument you would have said it in one of your many responses but you didn't so just stop.
You're embarrassing yourself.

No. 946486

OK but just the fanct that she was 16 and knew that Greg planned on having sex with her at 18 points to grooming imo. He put her in that mindset young, so that when the time came he could just swoop in and fuck her.

No. 946511

I don't get it either. I've watched the video because of this annoying af anon and it isn't proof of anything.
When you finally get to the grooming part and the guy lists warning signs and red flags, there's nearly nothing there that could be connected to how Jimmy behaved towards Sarah.
No special attention, gift giving, no inappropriate touching as far as we know, there sure as fuck was no "sympathetic listening" on his part and so on.
I also don't understand why that anon keeps pointing to >>935710 as if we all actually agree with it.
You can make arguments that Lainey was exhibiting these red flag behaviours though, that's for sure.

No. 946968

So no one is going to talk about how last night Chris Hansen was shilling Corona snake oil with two shady doctors (that own said snake oil company) on an "emergency stream"?


NANO VAPOR BIOTECH people, its the answer to all your Corona related prayers.

And everyone disagreeing with that was banned by our lovely hansen mods last night. It was an insane ban fiesta.

No. 946979

Wtf? Chris really is doing anything for money.

No. 946980

If u hate Hansen why are you trying to get him views from here and link directly to the product? Hmm wonder why

No. 946989

you really aren't the brightest banana in the bunch are you? i don't hate hansen i watch him all the time actually every wednesday. i was simply reporting on this shit you absolute spastic mongoloid mouth breather.
stop fucking replying to my posts you jackass.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 947350

File: 1584600633778.jpeg (265.08 KB, 750x963, 319FA5C3-F888-43CB-8438-E1EC0F…)

the farms got a special shout out from miss Shiloh

No. 947361

Yeah I don't see the point of a DL, best to screen cap. Honestly the dude is so irrelevant he wasn't worth more than a sentence.

No. 947363

samefag. I hope both Onision and that boomer fade into total obscurity.

No. 947639

Whaddup, dollar store-Amy Lee?

No. 947764

In all fairness Amy Lee can actually play an instrument.
Shiho can't, she only pierces and tattoos herself and pretends to be black.

No. 947776

File: 1584697595226.jpg (147.56 KB, 1672x746, muhdoomautism.jpg)

someone is trying to confront steveree about the fact that his buttbuddy hansen is selling people snake oil over the backs of Corona victims, but playing Doom is more important.
Real champion of the people, this Steveree. He cares so much.
Up early indeed.

No. 947791

Real Stream went in depth on Chris Hansen's Snake oil bullshit. I guess the psychical address on www.nanovaporbiotech.com they list as their office is literally the middle of a parking lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bO_bEOzRlI4&feature=youtu.be RS gets a lot of shit for nothing.Its unfortunate. People are too quick to try an ruin people with metoo claims. At least someone is exposing this Hansen shit.

No. 947792

I actually agree. RSN has made past mistakes but he did really get his shit together with his streams, the last one was really good actually and he's the only one willing to address this horseshit.
No I'm not a fanboi/girl but whats right is right and he's doing a good job.
This is gonna look shady and samefaggy since i'm responding to this so soon, but ya.
I wish other youtubers would get the balls to finally speak up on this horseshit. Steveree sure as fuck won't, and Rep, Blaire and everyone else seem to still be cradling hansen's balls in a loving embrace.

No. 947795


I don't trust RSN as far as I can throw him after he got Harvardchickie to stupidly 'lend' his junkie ass money and the alleged shady, sleezy tactics he used to try and handle that issue.

YouTube anti-os have no credibility so just take whatever they say with critical thinking. They're all maintaining their cash cow one way or another.

No. 947796

So you are going to actually deny that Chris Hansen is selling snake oil claiming its a CURE for Corona, just because you don't like RSN.
Yes, that makes a lot of sense.
Go accuse the Anti-O's some more of being worse than you.
(The Anti-O's are stupid too, but what you just posted.. wow.)
Again, yes RSN made mistakes too, but that doesn't make Hansen's actions any better.
In fact, I'd say that right now Hansen is even bigger scum than Greg and RSN combined. I never seen Greg scam sick people for their money with a scam, have you?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 947807

File: 1584709881430.png (700.69 KB, 1139x654, HARVARDSWALL.png)

Ok so how do people forget who Harvard Chickie was?? She lent money? No she got high with Real Stream. She also donated on live stream incessantly for months. She would later claim he owed her for that as well. RSN recorded her on the phone admitting that RealStream didnt owe her anything and that Negz & Kailybear were trying to manipulate her into saying RSN Stole from her. In that recorded conversation she admitted he owed her nothing. RealStream then played that recording on stream n mind you he lives in RI its legal to record your conversations there. She called the police n sued him as well. Everyone who wasn't around for Harvards shit feels bad for her. You shouldn't shes a gross drug addict and kept trying to screw RSN. When he didnt fuck her she got upset and this is the end result. RealStream acted like a dumbass when he was in his relapse but some people take advantage of his old false accusations from years back to try n lie n make themselves look good. Harvard is obsessed with RealStream and JoySparkle BS go look at her twitter everyday its RSN this RSN that. She has Joy literally all over her wall like a shrine its fucking creepy. She was heard talking about how many pills she keeps in her apartment n shes admitted its like 100 different prescriptions of stuff like Adderall & Xanax. The girls a mess and has a real drug problem. At least RSN has cut gross people like that from around him. They didnt bring anything good and you can tell with his recent content that hes much better.(rapestream shill)

No. 947812

How can you be missing the point so ridiculously? And this isn't a RSN thread. I didn't even read what you just said there, since I DON'T CARE.
People are dying from Corona and Hansen is shilling a fake cure, thats the bottom line! I don't give a shit who's willing to speak up about this, it could be Greg himself calling Hansen out on this and it would be a good thing.

Hell fucking snake thing or Adolf Hitler could be calling Chris Hansen out for doing this scam, I don't care! I'd just be glad that he does! Stop trying to deflect the topic at hand here:


Literally NOTHING ELSE matters right now.

No. 947814

File: 1584710883347.png (80.36 KB, 240x213, 12341.png)

agreed I think its crazy that no ones showing this shit that Hansen is pulling. He is using peoples fear of Covid to sell horseshit as CoronaKiller! Blaire White,Stevie,Jaclyn Glenn & Repzion wont say shit about it because they think Chris Hansen is a god for some reason.

No. 947817

File: 1584711268626.jpg (82.06 KB, 638x914, 123412.jpg)

You would think people would be calling Chris Hansen out on this real quick.

No. 947843

Doesn’t Dracufatslut play the piano too? I’ve seen her play it when pre-Onion and on Instagram videos

No. 947866

Of course she lurks here. She's probably one of the people who was posting anti-Skye stuff too or bringing herself up for attention. Here's to hoping the dumb bitch keeps lurking/posting and gets outed.

No. 947925

>>947807(Rapestream Shill) Oh I know im sorry I don't believe that bullshit and I like the content. These admins have a clear vendetta for RSN yikes! Its always Rape this and Rape that. Everyone knows Scamber is a liar get over it. Was proven false over 2 years ago. Whats your dox admin so we can crucify you for some dumb shit over n over. Oh thats right you wont because you're a pussy anon admin on lolcow. Imagine perpetuating false bullshit constantly but trying to act professional. This site is a joke go back to sucking Chris Hansen off.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 947926

lol and she was probably one of the few anons throwing a shitfit when she got her own thread last year, the unsaged posts sound just like her


No. 948003

I will keep raising this topic EVERYWHERE. I will keep mentioning it and talking about it until people start paying attention:


Its all that matters now. I don't give a shit about Greg, we can go back to Greg hunting after this issue is gone and after Hansen is convicted for this shit.
I am going to come after you hard, you hear me talking Hansen? This shit won't fly.

No. 948006


No. 948007

You do know context right? This isn’t a human cure for the virus and doesn’t cure a person with it. It’s a cleaning agent like bleach or Lysol that supposedly kills the virus on surfaces.

No. 948017

>Its all that matters now. I don't give a shit about Greg, we can go back to Greg hunting after this issue is gone and after Hansen is convicted for this shit.
I don't know if I'm cringed out or if I admire how passionate you seem to be about this, lmao.

No. 948034

Holy shit, these Anti-Hansens are about as mental as the Anti-O's.
Do we make a thread for the Anti-H's lol

No. 948161

Hate to disappoint you, newfriend, but i'm just anti-scam, specially over the backs of a global pandemic, not "anti-H", whatever that means.

Nothing actually "kills" a virus, even if a virus is actually "alive" is debatable. the claims that this apparatus does that are retarded.
"little spikes on surfaces" that kill it? so virus are like little soap bubbles that pop on little spikes?
thats just great.

No. 948165

No. 948166

what will it take for you guys to realize that i'm always right?
Hansen will be the only one going to prison.
Not Greg.
Not Lainey.
Hansen is.
Mark my words.

No. 948181

Thing is, I'm sure a lot of us here stopped liking Hansen.
A lot of us probably initially got caught up in the "celebrity trap" - eg. this guy gave us good laughs when he was on TCAP and suddenly you like him and have a harder time admitting his wrong doings. It's actually really stupid, but that's the way it usually works.
However once the veil is off and the hype wears off, you can see the situation for what it is.
Perhaps Hansen entered this with good intentions, but everything soon turned into a complete shit show.
No, Jimmy and Lainey won't see prison. There's a very slim chance Lainey could face some legal consequences, but she probably won't, especially with what's currently going on in the world.

How anti-o's are still supporting Hansen is beyond me.

No. 948182

Yes anon, there are cleaning agents that kill viruses, this thread isn’t about your conspiracy theories. Go back to Twitter.

No. 948199

I'm not your biology teacher, my friend, but I suggest you beef up on some reading. Nothing actually "kills" a virus.
But I suspect to be going way over your head with this mind blowing revelation.

No. 948210

Cant wait until this thread devolves into tinhat arguing about Purell and Irish Spring being behind the COVID-19 outbreak.
You Anti-Hansens are wackos.

No. 948224


I hope Shiloh coofs all over Hansen, Mike Morse and Vince but they laugh it off because they bought nanotech melding plague bio spray. Then nature runs its course.

No. 948225

said the Anti-O..

There are no Anti-H's my brother, despite you trying to claim there are. They don't exist.
All that is going on is that they are calling out his scams. And either he can quit doing them or risk going to prison real soon.
When Hansen goes to prison, then what will you Anti-O's do I wonder? Still defend him and the yas queens?
Just curious here.. enlighten us.
Plus what if Greg just quit? Pretty soon he will have to since he will make too little to pay the bills. Then what will you guys bitch about I wonder?
Oh I know, Dahvie Vanity, amirite? Not that anyone gives a shit about Dahvie but it will pass the time, amirite?

No. 948240

Not that I give a shit either way, but you do understand that antibacterial spray or sanitizer is not a brand new concept.

No. 948301

>Then what will you guys bitch about I wonder?
Lol, considering farmhands caught that one anti-o girl who was on Hansen's stream posting here I'm also wondering how anti-o's are going to be spending their time.
One of her posts said "Man, I have no idea what I'm going to do after Onion goes to prison. This is a legitimate hobby of mine at this point."
That's actually hilarious and…sad, yeah. Like, jeez, pick another cow, the market is big. Not that he's going to prison anyway.

No. 948367

lol I thought that looked like Jeff, was hard to tell.

No one who's been remotely aware of CH since he screwed over the TCAP community is surprised he's being his usual opportunistic self. He's just a useless, played out meme at this point.

No. 948369

I won't be holding my breath on whether or not they'll find anything, but the federal investigation into the Onion's hasn't concluded as far as we know. Until then.

No. 948491

And it never will, because there is no investigation.

Greg and Lainey are never ever going to prison. Hansen might though, if he keeps up this scamming bullshit.

No. 948524

>Hansen is going TO JAIL!!!!

You sound like one of those spergy twitterfags now kek. I think "Anti-H's" is a good tag for you weirdos.

No. 948544

Your letter has been read fully, and your thoughts have been inputed and accepted for better improvement.

No. 948706

Next to actually purposely changing a quote I'd like to compliment you on how much you are missing the point in all of this entirely. Only an anti-O can do that. And of course also be salty about the very phrase "Anti-O" and then trying to label other people with that autistic brand, calling people being "Anti-H", whatever that is supposed to be.
Only Anti-O's actually A-Log Greg. But normal people like the majority that post here don't actually hate Greg. Unlike the Anti-O's. We just sit back and enjoy the show. We don't hate Greg, we don't hate Chris Hansen and we don't hate your precious victim-queens.
A good lolcow connoisseur follows numerous lolcows, never actually touches the poo, definitely doesn't go on Twitter and does not argue with anyone. We're more like lolcow-tourists. And we sometimes weigh in on things. Like the scams Hansen is pulling, he dun' goof'd with that hard and we simply believe someone should look in to those, but we don't actually sit rabidly behind our screen with a rage-boner screaming that we want the man in prison. Why would we? It was just an observation since when you run a scam, you can get arrested for that and go to prison. And being as there is no actual evidence against Greg but there now is against Hansen for running said scam, Hansen would be theoretically more inclined to go to prison. Is a random internet stranger mentioning that really something to get bent out of shape about?
There are no rage boners and hate is such an ugly word, lolcow-adventurers don't bother with hate because that would take the fun out of the entire thing. Its nothing more than a modernized internet version of Jersey Shore to us.
But hey, you wanna call people that speak out against Hansen-scams Anti-H's go right ahead. I mean its not like it matters what a lolcow says anyway..
Well, asides from the enjoyment and fun us normies get out of reading such comments, of course.
I hope this clarifies things a little bit for you, and maybe calm your nerves some. The world is excited enough as it is with the whole Corona thing going on and such.
Have a pleasant, safe day.(Ban evasion)

No. 948716

File: 1584921975759.jpg (33.52 KB, 399x353, lol.JPG)

Its funny that in one post this Anti-H could poo-poo the idea that Greg and Lainey could go to prison, and in the same breathe say Hansens going to prison for putting some guy on his show who's selling antibacterial spray. I dont think they know how stupid they sound. Its hypocritical & laughable. Thanks for putting in all that effort with your almost 400 word paragraph, I wish I had the same spergy energy.

No. 948723

Yes, but in my defense I never expected you to actually take my advice.
At least this way you can never claim no one explained the rules to you.(Ban evasion)

No. 948732

File: 1584925592894.jpg (153.84 KB, 738x558, totallynotahateboner.jpg)

I think you need to give a rules refresher to your fellow weirdos that populate this thread. You guys spammed those Hansen Coronavirus snake oil videos in this thread, the main Onision thread, they even hit the Onision Livestream thread. It got so bad you freaks got banned over and over then put out to pasture. I know you're trying to give off a facade of calm and apathy but all those rabid posts-
You all sound unhinged and just a little "bent out of shape."

No. 948888

Yes? And it WORKED.
Several huge youtubers did videos on your Lord and Savior Hansen now, and he's getting exposed.. add to that all the news articles about his shenanigans and well, the truth is catching up to him. What was that again about being unhinged and bent out of shape?
You're posting that as if its a shameful thing, while really that whole capture you posted there is one of my many trophies I actually have saved here on my hard disk.

No. 948904

No one takes you seriously anymore. Have a good time in your dead thread lol.
Stay safe & wash your hands frequently.

No. 948931

Well alright, nobody, I was already done like 50 years ago though.
Try and keep up, sport.
But hey, feel free to get that last line in. I know you're desperate and I won't respond to you anymore anyway.

No. 948940

Ntayrt but if you did your job 50 posts before why do you keep ban evading to wk yourself. No one cares lol

No. 949282

We're getting near the 30 day mark of "the investigation" and nothing of substance seems to be happening, go figure.
Hansen said it's going to take the FBI around 30 days to do a complete check of the turned in devices ( of course he could have pulled that out of his ass )

No. 949407

Nothing's going to happen. If they had found something, Taylor would be in jail.
I don't even believe that Sarah turned her devices in, don't even get me started on hypocrite Regina.

No. 949548

I don't believe it either, she never showed proof even after she got called out by a lot of people on Twitter for e-begging. If she had proof, why not show it? I think she lied about it to have an excuse to ask for money to get a better more expensive laptop and I think it was Shiloh who gave her the idea to do that knowing the kind of person that Shiloh is. Also it wouldn't be the first time Sarah lied.

No. 949981

They’re all liars. It’s laughable that people find Sarah credible

No. 949985

File: 1585248550428.jpeg (878.6 KB, 1119x1869, 6C8058E0-917E-4C69-A207-94ACBA…)

The onion/Hansen thing isn’t going anywhere so Shiloh resorts to eating pussy for attention

No. 950164

I'm going to do a me three, because I also don't believe she even turned in the devices.
If she hasn't shown anyone the receipts at all, then I don't understand why the anti-o's are still yas kween staning them.
Still stands that I'd love to be proven wrong.

No. 950259

Reminder that both Regina and Sarah claimed nudes and grooming through texts but Regina has never stated that shes turned in her devices, admitted she couldn't log into some shit, which wouldn't matter if the cops had it. Sarah also had a similar excuse about how it might not be possible to recover certain messages while expecting us to believe she handed it over to authorities.

No. 950446

Yup. As if those girls would know what's recoverable and what not.
I don't even get what that whole "exposing Jimmy and Taylor" was all about when they never had the interest to actually get them locked up.
Jimmy's free and feels more secure than ever. He's openly attacking everyone by name, even Hansen.
I feel bad for saying it, but it's all Sarah's fault. She started a witchhunt but didn't want to go through with it as soon as it got serious.

No. 950587

She shouldn’t have started something when she had no actual proof. I’m sure if she did have proof of something she would have revealed it. So yeah all they did was make themselves look stupid to everyone who isn’t a rabid anti-o. They’re the only ones that still think the FBI is closing in on Greg any day now….

No. 950666

File: 1585436527046.jpg (57.53 KB, 650x650, characters-are-either-the-prod…)

Lol who made merch of Regina? She's pretty angry about it.

No. 950668

Pretty sure its RSN. Hes apparently got merch of a few other people.

No. 950718

It was suit yourself he confirmed it on his YouTube channel

No. 950748

Ohhh so hes kind of in that realm I guess. Pretty funny honestly. Regina is obnoxious.

No. 950816

Lol that's funny

No. 950866

File: 1585488926477.jpg (138.4 KB, 393x663, uglyregina.jpg)

Without make-up Regina looks even more uncompromising.

No. 950875

Um, are her eyes okay?

No. 950938


IMO she looks a lot better here. She can't fix the eye squint but she can choose not to paint her face Mikenactor style.

No. 951198

He did a half assed vid about Sarah's "blooper" video being fake. All the minor dependencies were explained months ago by people with brain cells, plus Sarah already showed time stamps proving when the vid was made. Dude couldn't bother doing even basic research and went into some autstic rage about what a liar she was lol. Like Hansen, he's another nobody looking to cash in.

No. 951269

File: 1585586004414.jpeg (687.68 KB, 1125x1510, D1F21791-934B-4FD6-9B56-459DEB…)

People talk about tayto having no personality and just “blends in” to what is trendy but Shiloh seems to do the same.

She’s now a gamer - after being a wigga, ddlg and a furry

No. 952035

File: 1585611502006.jpeg (99.04 KB, 750x744, B21B72F7-9EDB-4993-BAED-927D33…)

Does anyone know the full story behind this? I’ve gathered that Sarah tried to send nudes to bananafag and he said no. She’s defending herself by saying she sends nudes to everyone, as if that makes it okay (isn’t she married?). I don’t blame him for saying no, I wouldn’t want to see that ugly bitch naked either

No. 952140

She also claimed to be a gud xtian wahmen

Good Christian women aren’t whores, Sarah!

No. 952271

The killstream with Onision is up on dlive.tv. It's also on Greg's channel but I'm not sure if it's the full version or if he edited it. Not linking it here for obvious reasons but it's not hard to find.

I have to say… he did really well. Repzion looks like a goddamn fool as well as the other anti-os. At least now we will get some twitter slapfights between the antis and the bloodsports fags. It's going to be fun seeing them moralfag and seeing the bloodsports people give 0 shits and side with Greg just to piss them off. The antis won't know how to handle it and the second Regina or Lane tries to REE about it they are going to get annihilated. Their YAS QWEEN days are over.

No. 952345

The best parts are when they are making fun of Greg to his face and he doesnt even realize it. He did seem to catch on when they were laughing at his voice and saying that most sexual child abuse victims have that high nasally voice like he has, same with strippers lol. Loved how you could tell he was squirming and wanting to log off early each time they brought up that he must of been raped by his dad.

No. 952532

kek, are those the same guys who got kicked off YouTube and have to slum at the Walmart version?

No. 952584

>Repzion looks like a goddamn fool as well as the other anti-os.
The anti's don't need other people to make them look stupid. I don't see how Repzion or the other youtuber's like Blaire are affected by this. Repzion smartly refused to talk to Onision after he threatened to take him to court again for a 2nd time. I still remember when Onion falsely accused Rep of being a rapist (this was before Onion's accusations) - he literally had nothing to back it up, and then gets all ass sore when karma hits lol. Repzion's never made false accusations against him.

No. 952588

No one who actually knows anything about Greg wants anything to do with him, that's why Edwin, Repzion, Blaire etc. declined, they knew it was pointless. The guys on killstream knew next to nothing about what's been going on, that's the primary reason Greg agreed to the interview, he knew they couldn't ask specific questions that he might end up fumbling and get caught out blatantly lying. Same reason he agreed to the Keemstar interview. Granted I haven't heard the entire killstream, just the hour TommyC uploaded.

None of this actually makes Greg look any better either, I don't know where some people are pulling that from. And Greg still wants a useless interview with Hansen because he knows Hansen doesn't know wtf he's doing half the time. He's living for the circus.

No. 952599

This was brought up on that Killstream interview by a caller. Greg of course puts all blame on someone else. He says he was told this information by Billy the Fridge and he was just relaying the information to his YouTube audience. Billy even denies that he told Greg that he told him Repzion raped a girl. Onision takes cues from the Trump school of reporting. If you dont have actual sources for your claims just say "many people are saying."

>The guys on killstream knew next to nothing about what's been going on
I cannot count how many times during that 3 hour interview I heard Ralph or Dick say "I dont really know all about this but…" and then they would read a message that was sent to them. Onision is just a predator/rapist meme to them.

No. 952754

File: 1585764787045.jpg (213.02 KB, 893x832, cunt.jpg)

unsurprisingly none of these assholes like Blaire and Repzion will address the Chris Hansen Corona grifting.
He went a grifting again last night, since they're letting him get away with that shit.
Had Greg gone Corona grifting they woulda ran with it.
They're all afraid to address Chris Hansens Corona scam because he's Chris Hansen and out of fear of the wrath of the anti-o's

No. 952757

What was he grifting? Was he talking about another virus sanitizer?

No. 952795

File: 1585772738300.jpg (140.48 KB, 1280x720, RRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.jpg)

sure was, the NANO VAPOR BIOTECH thing again. the again, when is Hansen not grifting?
My guess is major youtubers like Repzion and Blaire will do videos on it only after shit really hits the fan for Hansen and when literally everyone turned on him. (and when he truly is in legal trouble)
It says a lot about these big "influencer" youtubers. They pretend to have morals but they don't. And where are you, steveree? oh thats right you're playing doom and strumming your guitar. thats just dandy.
way to lead the way dude. way to lead the way.
Super quick to call out any small youtuber when they're critical of Hansen, but shitting his pants calling hansen out himself.
What a bunch of queermo's.
If you don't have the courage of your conviction thats fine, but then don't make ANY videos calling out anyone. Go do your stupid little doom videos, or make up videos, or cooking videos whatever. Don't do it half assed.
Selling fake corona killers and bogus phones, all that shit, isn't that also bad and over the backs of the victims? hmm?

No. 952885

>out of fear of the wrath of the anti-o's
Do they fear the anti's? They've dwindled. Even one of the most prominent ones "Onision Unprivated" left twitter after making shit up and being called out. The amount of them replying to Greg all day's reduced to almost nothing.

On one hand, I'd get if these bigger youtuber's didn't want to give grey man anymore attention and just let that pathetic boomer drop off. On the other had, it definitely won't look good for them if they continue trying to associate with him. Hopefully they won't but time will tell.

No. 952888

samefag. I've only seen smaller channels like Jeff Holiday talk about that irrelevant corona grifting cunt, but then Jeff was always critical of him and asked good questions.

No. 952898

>"Onision Unprivated" left twitter after making shit up
Drop some anti-o milk, what did she make up?

No. 952942

I think she was selling a COVID-19 handi-wipe. FUCKING SNAKE OIL SALESWOMAN!

No. 953017


I'm sure the witches of tumblr have this whole covid19 situation under control.

No. 953020

File: 1585814699586.png (375.6 KB, 595x695, Screenshot_2020-04-02 There is…)


No. 953255

She looks special

No. 953399

It's going to be nearly 40 days soon since the laptop was "turned in", just saying.

No. 953451

Regina's still modding this boomers livestreams. oof

No. 953583

Of course she is, shes her new Twitter-Kai and her life now revolves around making Chris Hansen happy. She has nothing else going on her life, besides her boyfriend who is a parolee three times her age.

No. 953874

>That American Psycho reference
>besides her boyfriend who is a parolee three times her age
lol any sauce? What'd he do?

No. 954575

File: 1586089188094.jpg (239.55 KB, 720x1113, cecil.jpg)

You lied to us, Cecil..

No. 954599

About what? She’s still making onision videos and probably going to do other content after. It takes time

No. 955210

She promised us a video about Deity and Mikenactor, got us all jazzed up about it and never delivered.
Not angry, but a great disappointment. I'm used to better from her.

No. 955225

File: 1586215044285.jpg (52.26 KB, 593x411, edgy_cuck_with_stupid_hair.jpg)

Little Steveree is quite literally playing it safe again by playing his Doom vidya-gaem.
Thats right Steveree, stay safe, don't wanna get sued by that sleazeball Mike Morse whom you also conveniently won't mention.
Whatever you do don't mention the Hansen Corona-grifting!! (if you do it sneakily a little bit in a stream and not a video, hansen won't notice it!)

Stay safe in your hugbox buddy, filled with mods and cushioning.

No. 955627

lel, what a faggot

No. 956502

I see nobody talking about this here, but it is relevant regarding the anti-o's:

This guy "suit yourself" is now buttbuddies with RSN:

and because of him Queen of Spades got the boot, despite being RSN's somewhat girlfriend. Its gotten so insane that Suit yourself is literally making 14 hour long streams just hating on Queen of Spade. RSN banned Queen of Spades off of both his channel and Hollie Undeads channel because "he doesn't want any drama", also he's denying ever having had a thing with Queen of Spades:


Queen of Spades keeps sperging out in videos and such, particularly the one I'm posting with this post is hilarious in which she literally rees and cries.

Now before you get mad: "oh what does RSN have to do with the anti-o's"? In this case EVERYTHING. Suit yourself made merch with Regina's face on it that said "i'm a victim", queen of spades is a notorious anti-o and is now vilified by the rest of the anti-o community and RSN has a long history with the anti-o's as well as onision since he once raped one of his fans.

this entire saga is hilarious and loaded with drama, tears and RREEE rage and I thought it a crime not to share it here, specially during quarantine.

No. 956560

This would probably be better suited for the RSN thread.

No. 956802


Queen of Spade needs to go dark because she's only fucking herself in the ass for IRL stuff with this shit.

Why these milfs are ever horny for mr shitty glasses longface rapist I will never know.

No. 956953

File: 1586560357921.jpg (19.79 KB, 640x360, chlamydia.jpg)

I thought about that too, I mean RSN has a head that is shaped like a misshaped potato and has a mouth like a vagina with meth-stained rotten teeth in it.
These are very sad women, look at Queen of Spade herself. She's miserable. These women have very low self-esteem and they're just asking to be used and abused by RSN. RSN is known for fucking people over on the daily. He's even stolen tons of cash from some handicapped woman on disability. She needed some sort of cancer treatment some time after and couldn't get it since she had lost all her money to RSN which was supposed to be a loan. Of course all the money went to meth and other drugs and he won't ever pay her back.
He's a lying, cheating rapist junkie who looks like a crack addicted lovechild between Humpty Dumpty and Bert from Sesame street, and yet these women want that, apparently.

No. 956990

Huh?? All those people around RSN are crazy. They Lie and act like hes taken money from them donations are donations. Queen is a psycho she messages people incessantly till you just block her. I cant stand the people on this site when it comes to RSN you guys call him all types of shit but you know for a fact the people who say these retarded things are in fact retarded themselves n looking for attention. Its not hard to lie on RSN and get support after from the SJW Deplatform predator retards. I dont think RSN is perfect but the shit you SJWs attempt to say its honestly comical especially comparing him to Onion for clickbait. Like ugh the Admins here just blow people like Repzilla n Edwin(Keep Shutting Repzilla threads down BTW) They never do research and just stay biased. Call me a Schill but you guys really do boost up SJW Fucktards n drag some people for literally no reason. Its so funny you keep calling RSN a rapist 2 years n change never charged like how retarded are you guys?? Must be nice to live in fantasy land.(sure holmes)

No. 957113

File: 1586603768320.jpg (263.85 KB, 1280x720, potatovagina.jpg)

You can't deny that his head shape is like a misshapen potato with a slit for a mouth that looks like a vagina with teeth in it though.
(Everything they say about you is true though, you are a junkie rapist pan-handler)

No. 957724

File: 1586728362191.png (447.66 KB, 631x661, e-begging bitch.png)

Another one of the kweenz is using her "victim" status to e-beg again (she tweeted this in the account she made to "expose" Grease and Foot and that gained a lot of followers because of it). Yeah keep making it easy for Grease to use that against you and say you're all a bunch of money hungry sluts, which you pretty much are.

No. 957738

<This isn't Dyer

Oh my god at least spell check when you're begging for money. I hope she realizes most switches and acnh are sold out everywhere

No. 957766

These girls can't hold anything besides a minimum wage job and can't spell Dire or understand the definition of blackmail lmao

No. 957768

Cut her some slack anon, donating $ to these brave warrior kweenz is the least people can do. /s

I wish I were capable of being this descriptive, lmao. He truly does look like a potato with a mouth slit.

No. 958047

File: 1586790172747.png (2.84 MB, 1125x2436, F4B24BCC-87F0-459A-A028-DDFF78…)

Decided to see what Shiloh’s been up to and was too lazy to sign in so I used Google and…:

The only relevancy lol

No. 958056

File: 1586790750707.jpeg (209.87 KB, 848x1131, FF4B0182-9CDD-451A-B12D-31B7C3…)

What happened to “muh quarantine!!!”, Shiloh?

I like her outfit tbh

No. 958064

File: 1586792455939.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1125x1764, 073817C2-6323-42B9-80AB-E06CF4…)

How old is too old for Greg again? Because Billie’s aging appearance-wise, looking more of a woman than a child, might I add.

I don’t like her eyebrows though

No. 958095

i usually think she looks ok tbh, she has a nice body/face, is sometimes styled badly but makes up for it by looking good underneath the bullshit. but damn she looks so rough here it makes her badly styled outfit look even sloppier

No. 958201

Those retarded eyebrows are a "trend" now and yes they look awful. Bitch is looking like an angry bird.

No. 958323

File: 1586819438643.jpeg (44.88 KB, 300x300, 72C90B4F-3A37-4343-8EBC-773283…)

what they literally remind me of

No. 958482

That pound of makeup really ages her.

No. 958812

Shiloh has a girlfriend now.

No. 959082

Poor girl

No. 959153

Well at least the girlfriend doesn't have to look at the lazy eye'd mustard tiger on shiloh's back during sex.

No. 959243


No. 959273

File: 1586966906841.png (909.38 KB, 720x1056, 87532457896.png)

kek i already can see grease raging over this

No. 959495

Shiloh's back to asking for money via gofundme on both her instagram accounts AGAIN. apparently for a "music video" for her sub-par music.

Likely for weed for her and her new girlfriend. Just say what it's for and move on.

No. 959542

These whores only care about money. None of them pressed charges against their "abuser", if they cared so much about getting justice as they claim thats the minimum they should have done.

No. 959619

Sounding like a full on scrote onion stan there, anon. kek. "abuser"

No. 959772

He's an abuser, for sure, but I also doubt anything will come from this investigation.
If ( and that's a big if ) the laptop was even turned in the feds would already be knocking on their door by now.
It's cp allegations we're talking about here after all.

No. 959857

Funny how he only became an abuser after he dumped them. When he had his dick balls deep inside their asshole he wasn't an abuser and they LITERALLY smelled his crotch like Sarah the little weirdo did. And I'm not an onion stan, I can think both him and his "victims" are full of shit at the same time, which they definitely are.

No. 959938

Every time someone brings Sarah smelling his crotch

No. 960420

nothing is happening with the onion case, even chris hansen has cut his losses and is interviewing those that were legitimately abused by Dahvie Vanity WITH evidence. Seems like people are just jumping on it and interviewing Jessi/Damien for views so it's just an endless cycle of actual victims becoming nothing more than Youtube views.

I imagine if this laptop was given to the FBI from the very start we might have had something but its pretty irresponsible to give something with CP on it to someone who isn't FBI. What the fuck was Chris Hansen even going to do with it? and thats why, imo, FBI were never involved.

No. 960488

When he had his dick balls deep inside their asshole

What, you mean BOTH inches?

No. 960643

The anons in the main thread who are still insisting that "investigations take a long time" must be living in a fantasy world.
While investigations ( not to mention convictions ) can absolutely take long, they would have dropped by to check their devices by now if there was anything to it. The Onions could have been sitting on 5 drives full of cp they had all the time in the world to discard and it's genuinely believable to some anons and anti-o's that "investigations just take long".
We've never been shown an ounce of proof that Sarah even turned her devices in. Or Regina, for that matter?
If they bust him for anything ( fingers crossed ) it's definitely not going to be because of Sarah. Bottom line - while we all appreciated the milk, this whole thing with the warrior kweenz & Hansen was stupid af.

I thought the same after reading that post, lmao.

No. 960852

Thank you for this lmao

Well she couldn't poop for a week so I guess it did some damage. Even pathetically small dicks like his can fuck an asshole up if the anal is done improperly and without good lubrication

No. 960931

File: 1587181587188.jpeg (286.48 KB, 750x1009, A5B4EE8F-033F-4155-8EF2-81315A…)

I love her lack of energy! go girl! give us nothing!

No. 960933


Looks like a motel. Classy.

No. 961154

>Even pathetically small dicks like his can fuck an asshole up

Yeah but to be fair that was just the herpes she contracted from Lainey.

No. 961227

yeah, this whole situation has me thinking that neither party is innocent in this.

Yeah, we all at the start wanted to see Onion behind bars but the milk has gone sour. Mainly because of the "victim's" egos, we have billie using this as a way to sell her boring ass only fans pictures, shiloh to release her trash music and look exactly like Aylek$ and any bad word about MUH GIRLZ gets you attacked via twitter dm's.

I followed the onision thread for a real long time on pt but now it's just anons reaching for any sort of new "milk". What ever "investigation" we were going to get is NOT happening, sorry to break it to everyone.

No. 961340

File: 1587246003243.jpeg (827.34 KB, 1125x1436, CF945B0D-92C2-49A0-85A8-E25EB7…)

No. 961341

File: 1587246143099.jpeg (533.31 KB, 1125x1118, A15ECC89-5EB8-4075-A76D-54ABE4…)

No. 961343

File: 1587246182432.jpeg (58.21 KB, 400x400, AACC7E84-85FA-408E-BA80-FF0864…)

Hello pot, meet kettle

No. 961358

>cucked by goth and emo dudes
That's a sentence I thought I'd never read.
>despite our edginess

There was no part of that post that wasn't cringy.

No. 961386

>never grew out of that high school mentality

While he's proudly wearing his hottopic jack skellington bone gloves

>"loose" and "easy"

Uh is this dude actually dumb? Dahvie and Greg both target teen girls because they're easy to manipulate. What's with this weird projection about alt girls being "easy"? Sounds like something a drunk boomer uncle would say.

No. 961396

Completely OT but source on the illustration? I think is cute.

No. 961402

File: 1587255123696.jpeg (632.18 KB, 1125x1133, 794BF5AD-BA2E-42A0-A85F-8BB055…)

If y’all didn’t think that was cringe enough

No. 961407

I mean…this is like im12andthisisdeep 101. We need a picture of the stuffed friend to properly visualise this.

>am generally an emotional person

Who would have guessed?! After that many screeching YT videos ( a lot of which I liked in the past actually ) I don't think people need to be told he's an emotional person lmao.

No. 961503

I've always wanted this insight. When emo/alt guys spill their intentions and explicitly state that alt girls are deemed more naive than other girls.

No. 961614

Maybe he also sometimes puts sunglasses on his teddybear to then poop the bed.

(reference: https://sonichu.com/cwcki/Ivy_Q%26A#Threats - in case you missed it)

No. 961631

He fucked up his own argument by mentioning his edginess. Stevie messes up constantly either by sperging like an autist or putting too much emphasize on how he's the true hardcore edgelord and Onion's the poser. Both of them are posers. No wonder he's been so obsessed with Grugly for so long.

No. 961651

What's the OP image from

No. 962012

billie's new bf leaves a bad taste in my mouth. when you look at his twitter, there's nothing but him promoting their couples only fans and retweets of some influencer's "retweet this to win cash" post's. i get it, ppl wanna make money without doing shit lol, but there's something highly off-putting about someone whose only reason to be on social media is to make quick cash. leave's me to wonder if Billie is just a cashcow to him or at the very least someone he can use to make quick cash with. they are not together for long and already sell porn together, just doesn't seem like a relationship with a bright future…

No. 962014

She's the same girl who dated the Onions and would either still be there or would be there for much longer if there weren't for Ayalla.
So yeah, I'm sure she's going to continue making shitty relationship choices for a while. Whatever works for her or something.

No. 962015

Edwin announced in a livestream today that he will be interviewing Onision.

He moves livestreams to his Patreon so this link may not work later. During interview with "Narc" towards the beginning.

No. 962021

My brain's not functioning properly yet - is he going to interview him in this stream or a different one?
You should probably post it in the the livestreams thread in pt, where I was posting Hansen interviews when we were still blissfully unaware it's going to turn into such a shitfest.
More anons are going to see it there than over here.

No. 962027


He announced in this video, during his interview with Narc, an English fellow, towards the beginning of the stream also towards the beginning of the interview, that he will be interviewing Onision in another video some time in the future.

I'd given a timestamp but the stream was still happening and the timestamp is relative.

A new thread needs to be made in pt if one hasn't been made already; the old one is full.

No. 962029

Oh okay, thank you for the clarification anon!
Hopefully Edwin manages to squeeze some milk out of that one, because things have been pretty boring lately.

No. 962046

plus a guy who cheated on her before he now bf from what i gathered from her twitter. and let's not forget the clout chasing stoner before … and , i can't find her old thread here for shit to confirm but wasn't there even some rapist or something who she dated years before the onion drama? she rly knows how to pick them.

but i actually feel kinda bad for her, because she's really naive and not the sharpest tool in the shed. one could argue it's her own fault for picking her guys like that but i honestly think she's just very helpless… and will continue to fall on her nose with the guys she dates if no one's there to keep her from making bad decisions.

No. 962082

There was that guy who raped her while she was drunk and forced her to get an abortion as well. Not sure if it's the same person who did those things, it might have been two different guys.

No. 962114

I think the pedo rapist guy who forced her to get an abortion is one person. I too might be wrong, lol, this shit is hard to follow if you aren't all that invested.

>not the sharpest tool in the shed
I cringed so bad at her not knowing what a cult is/other stuff she had no idea about. She was getting praised, but come on, that wasn't a good interview in any sense.
She's still really young and has all the time to learn how to make better choices.

No. 962164

How can he be a poser when he genuenly listens to metal and he is also a musician?i get that u find him annoying but call him out for what he is.Greg is def that since the only music he ever mentions is mm and he can probably only name songs like beautiful people and tainted love that even my grandma knows

No. 962219

the butthurt is strong with this one. nice to see onion airing out billie's private info is being used against her like he wanted. most feel good to know your're gratifying a freak like greg.

yeah it's totally bad vibes. any normal person knows twitter and social media should be used to document every sordid detail of people you knows lives.

No. 962373

The Onision Livestream Thread #1 isnt full yet. >>>/pt/704388
Im assuming thats where you were directing that anon about Edwins livestream, and the anon thought you were saying to post in the main Onion thread in pt (which would get you banned Im assuming)
Edwin talked big when he was telling Keem what he did wrong. Saying he wouldn't put up with being talked over and disrespected the way Onision did to the gnome.

No. 962387

Yes, that's the correct thread. I thought the interview was happening in the stream anon posted that's why I directed her there.

>Saying he wouldn't put up with being talked over and disrespected

I guess he's going to have his chance to prove that. I can't really imagine it going any other way though lol.

No. 962441

File: 1587416782660.png (253.71 KB, 680x749, Capture _2020-04-20-17-57-07.p…)

This guy leaked the emails sent to Pierce County sheriff about Grease and Foot. Didn't read them yet so I don't know if there's something milky in there. I would post this in the other thread but it's full and no one is bothering to make a new one

No. 962457

File: 1587417969865.jpg (90.79 KB, 1053x279, um.jpg)

Some of them are really out there.

No. 962489

Meh, no milk at all. Most people who sent emails are randos from the internet who were never even in contact with the onions and who had zero evidence of crimes to offer. Bunch of idiots thinking they were helping but just made investigators waste their time.

I also noticed that most of the KWEENZ, especially the ones who are very vocal about wanting justice for themselves and their sistahs, didn't send emails at all, I wonder why.

No. 962794

Basically. This does nothing but waste the police's time and it's actually really disheartening.
Luckily there weren't 500 anti-o e-mails but there was still too much useless info. "Watch this video, I've reported him several times, think about Lainey" etc, lol stop.

Luxy's e-mail felt completely stupid to read as well tbh. I also wondered where the rest of the kweenz were?

No. 962810

Samefag, re-reading the e-mails - someone even wrote "frankly this man disgusts me, and you might as well charge him with pedophilia".
What in the holy fuck were these anti-o's thinking writing shit like that. In the same e-mail this person mentions he "socially abused a bulimic person named Eugenia."

No. 962899

File: 1587478983371.jpeg (269.03 KB, 828x768, 562C8138-C907-4AB7-BCE8-56EB6C…)

Those emails were just proof that the average adult has zero writing skills or any knowledge of how to express themselves in a serious manner. Billie did the barest of minimums and linked her shit Hansen interview. Pic attached was one of the only people who seemed like they weren’t retarded. No wonder those cops aren’t getting anywhere.

No. 962981

File: 1587491860090.jpg (56.89 KB, 588x465, regina.jpg)


No Regina email? I guess Hansen and Mike Morse are handling that directly with Sheriff Roscoe P Coltraine of Pierce county.

No. 962982

Some of them sound like trolls, it's not possible they're that fucking retarded.

I'm really curious why Shiloh didn't send an email. In her interviews with Hansen she talked so much about "getting justice for me and muh girls" but when she had the chance to help authorities do it… crickets

No. 964005

File: 1587644460794.jpg (247.81 KB, 713x589, IMG_20200423_141500.jpg)

No. 964907

File: 1587782865028.jpeg (123.17 KB, 1125x247, 46425333-5C5B-4689-BB9F-136F04…)

Bitch, why are you still here?!

Also, who tf is jim_serroka?

No. 964911

File: 1587783130286.jpeg (465.12 KB, 1125x971, C89B9B5A-FA6A-4D18-9F24-0F4A4F…)

I’m sorry but lmfao

No. 964912

I have no idea who Jim ( James? ) Saroka is either. I found a video on it - it's titled "Someone Worse Than Onision…James Saroka". There's probably more videos.

( not linking because it has nothing to do with this thread, but going to watch because I'm bored )

No. 964924

Samefag, in a nutshell James Saroka is someone who slapped his gf, made her wipe his ass and scammed Gofundme, etc.

Apart from being a fellow narc there's not much he seems to have in common with Grease.
So, I'm taking this tweet >>964907 as Shiloh attention whoring again and jumping on another bandwagon.

No. 965010

Correction: She never had anorexia, she was actually obese. Go ahead and google her full real name, theres even pictures.
She had to lose the weight due to health issues.
You're welcome, Sarah.

No. 965012

File: 1587815253111.jpg (67.87 KB, 800x480, 2014-02-04-Sarah.jpg)

Here we go:


Forgot her name there for a sec, because she's so forgettable. But by all means, tell us again how you had anorexia, Sarah.

No. 965276

You're the only one who sounds butthurt. When Billie had a thread here she defended her convicted child predator ex who had sodomozing a minor on his record. Big brains big choices.
This is embarrassing.
Why do Shiloh and these cows love roleplaying as anorexic.

No. 965286

File: 1587858669483.jpg (23.1 KB, 578x139, topgreg.jpg)

Now she's trying to accuse us of doxxing. Lady theres no doxxing involved. I didn't mention her name here, I just posted the articles. Its not our fault that she is an attention craving whore.
If she's being truthful about her anorexia she should post some pictures of when she was anorexic. Personally I find it very difficult to believe her claims.
Oh and before she starts about "well when I was a little girl" most little girls are skinny as hell during growth spurts, it does NOT make you anorexic. Specially not if you turn in to a tub of lard after you're done growing.
I sincerely don't get her hurt, since I was legit not trying to be a dick about this.
She should just take the F and move on.

No. 965524

Anorexia is extremely rare in the general population, rarer for attention seekers.

No. 965535

She claims she had it after she was a fatty. Which is a boldface lie. What I find even more deplorable is that in those articles you can read that it was her 147 year old husbando that got her to move her fat ass and basically pulled her trough her diet and lose all that weight. And now as a thank you, like any good Christian would do, she pretty much flirts and fucks around online with anyone who has a cock.
She has one of the most extreme cases of GOTIS syndrome I have ever seen. Dumping around her pigsnouted face to any Tom, Dick and Harry and pretending to be a youtuber. All the while accusing people of "doxxing her" also just for the attention.
uWu look at me, yeah no, fuck off you weirdo.

No. 966140

So…Vince's sister, really? This is like the worst Twilight zone episode ever. Hansen sure knows how to pick them.

No. 966199

Hansen interviewed Vinces sister? I thought it was Onision that interviewed Frannie. Thats laughable.

No. 966221

Hansen doesnt even mention her by name just laughs at the idea of her trying to get clout from a youtube predator. Way to jumpstart your YT career Frannie!

No. 966223

No, no. Grease did. I just thought about how none of this would be happening if Hansen chose better people to work with from the get go.
Vince probably told Grease everything that went on behind the scenes after he got fired.

Yeah, the whole thing is laughable really.

No. 966274

It was hysterical. Greg basically wants everyone that talks shit about him to be prosecuted to the FULL EXTEND OF THE LAW, except himself when he harasses Eugenia Cooney, Shane Dawson, Cyr, and a whole laundry list of exes..
Kinda reminds me of someone, I wonder who.. hmm

No. 966379

Hansen has no room to talk considering he's working with and helping a guy accused of sexually assaulting many women, lawyer Mike Morse

No. 966397

File: 1588102003829.png (26.95 KB, 813x432, frannielaw.PNG)

Yeah, I think ole Frannie is getting a crash course in what happens when you align with a known sexual predator. I wonder if Greg gave her hints in shutting down the comments section before the hate poured in, or she did it herself because of the backlash.

No. 966892

As of today: Skye turns 33, Billie turns 23 and Shiloh turns 27 (and hasn’t an hero’ed yet)

Let’s all wish ‘em a happy birthday, laydeez!

No. 966923

wow they all have the same birthday!

No. 966930

They are all within a day of each other. Not the same day. 25th 28th 29th

No. 967002

File: 1588227925442.png (12.91 KB, 313x252, lol 22.png)

lol greg

No. 967004

File: 1588227997527.png (111.28 KB, 1225x886, greg.png)

No. 967006

Lol I can wait for his tantrum cause Eugenia is supporting a "druggy, liar, criminal scumbag". How dare she

No. 967048

She looks like she's taking a shit

No. 969111

File: 1588638596301.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1125x1808, 85A9B657-A88F-429E-B6FA-1D2C98…)

“Muh anorexia”

No. 969113

File: 1588638700795.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x1642, 72B08D6D-AFA1-47B7-B7ED-7C0C1D…)


No. 969136

File: 1588640577231.png (1.27 MB, 940x562, a.PNG)

The hell's going on here?

No. 969144

If you didn't keep up with Shiloh post-Onision, she had gained a significant amount of weight and then proceeded to lose it. What we're looking at could be the results of that (ie, loose/baggy skin). But judging by the warped curtains around her hair, it's also probably a little bit of photoshop, too.

No. 969187

Her chin and jawline definitely looked shopped.

No. 969191

Or ass implants

No. 969207

I know that's not what you mean but is that… a Pickle Rick tattoo?

No. 969240

she's such a histronic cow, but sooooo pretty and cute
I've always thought she was his cutest ex, despite her being chubby back in the day

No. 969504

File: 1588707980494.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.86 KB, 500x375, 1450564445130.jpg)

She literally looks like a pig with lashes glued on.

No. 969860

she was overweight then and has weird style choices but has a cute face lmao

No. 970237

File: 1588832198565.jpeg (886.88 KB, 1125x2034, DA746644-BD69-4B7C-AF41-DCDA69…)

So you’ve deleted your Onion-sperging on Twitter yet continue to sperg on kf for dem validation points?

Lmfao what a faggot

No. 970291

yet he doesn't have the balls to talk about Chris Hansen's scamming and make a video about that..

No. 970726

>I later donated hundreds of dollars to her uwu

Dude nobody cares lol sooooo emotionally invested that he has to randomly brag about how much money he dropped for his creepy obsession with an anorexic girl on the internet.

How badly do you think Stevie wants to see Onion's penis?

No. 971468

Not a fan of EC or Billie but that is funny. Greg is crying

No. 971694

I think Stevie wants to fuck him so bad, he probably touched his li’l pecker to Gregma’s photos non-stop kek

No. 971804

She was an annoying chubby little midget then and she's an annoying chubby little midget now, desperately trying to hang on to what little fame she had with just one song that was somewhat catchy. (aptly named trying to hang on, or something)
If you look up "one hit wonder" in the dictionary it would show her, if she was even relevant enough for that, but she isn't, and never will be. She's not even Vanilla Ice.
And that's saying something.
Ice ice, baby.

He had a slight peak when he did the Hansen interview, of about 3000 people (I was there) that he then rapidly lost because absolutely no one is interested in his sub par FL studio music.

He could shake hands with Shiloh except she at least has one slight hit. He can either go back to obsessing about Greg again to get those 40 followers back, or not, but I doubt even those people care anymore at this point.

Ah, "fame", so fleeting, isn't it?

No. 971990

this fucking guy power-levels so much its astounding. he's always comparing greg and other people to himself as if he's a positive. "look I do do this, and I don't do this, and I don't go blahblah fucking blah." who the fuck even cares?
I tried my darnedest to see, or rather listen, to his music to see if there was at least one good song in it, but it all pretty much sucks ass. and that band he's in, I googled my butt off trying to find more info on "them" but all I ever see are pictures and texts about him. Just who is this band? Who are in it? Who does what? Are there any pictures or footage of live events? I searched literally everywhere.
The band he's allegedly in is called "Toxic for the masses" and yeah, I never heard of them either. The songs that are on youtube are on his channel(s) and are all without exception unfinished or "previews" to then pretty much never end up being finished. It sounds amateurish and the vocals are just awful.
I hate the shit out of Greg and yet his shitty music and vocals actually sounds better. I wish I were kidding about that. True, Gregs music is absolute shit, but I suggest you try on Stevie's tracks, its so bad it scared my cats and I could barely listen to it myself.
I truly gave it my best try, and I won't deny that when you see him work on his music or play guitar, he does seem knowledgeable, but maybe he should just become a sound-tech or something. I dunno..
But hey, maybe there are people out there that like his music, would love to hear peoples opinion here.

No. 973048

File: 1589319568830.jpeg (573.21 KB, 1125x1850, C765EFAD-ABB6-43EE-BF37-013685…)

Should’ve stuck with being a therapist…maybe not

No. 973280

Given how autistic this kid is himself that'd be a very big nope:

(quick dirty re-upload since I couldn't find the original)

Music is Stevie's Sonichu. Sure he sucks at it but much like Chris-chan, he feels he's producing GOLD.

No. 973304

~BuT hE aPoLoGiZeD sToP bRiNgInG uP tHe PaSt!!!!!~

Is that chick still with him? I haven’t heard from her in awhile

No. 973364

File: 1589380611454.jpeg (486.35 KB, 1125x1525, 057C72E5-C5DC-4AD2-9244-5FA7FE…)

Shiloh cares about black people now

No. 973376

Shiloh and Sarah are still friends apparently

No. 973397

File: 1589383034938.jpg (108.64 KB, 1280x720, nukazeus.jpg)

She should be Nuka Zeus' new girl, they can both pretend to be black together.
Nuka Zeus:
Yes, he uses Melatonin and tans 3 times a day in a tanning bed to "have black skin". They'd be like two peas in a pod.

No. 973696

~muh melanin~ uwu

No. 974784

Really? I always thought she's by far his ugliest ex. She looks like gremlin even after losing weight and "glowing up"

No. 975286

All the anti-o’s including Stevie have moved on to Dahvie Vanity, even Greg’s haters have abandoned him lmao

No. 975634

Stevie never truly leaves Greg. Don't worry, when he's lost sufficient views and subs he'll start REEEEEEEEEEEing about Greg again.
Deep down he's in love with Greg.

No. 975847

>Deep down he's in love with Greg.

Funny Ive heard someone else say that whenever someone makes videos about Greg.

No. 975941

Oh, really? Then you better go make a video on that.

No. 975970

But if I make a video about myself then it will mean I want to fuck myself. Oh the irony.

No. 976096

Hey, at least it won't be as bad as making "exposing" videos about someone for over a decade with zero actual results.

No. 976336

Ah yes our melinated qween Shiloh is going to let all her white friends know about her people's struggle. Awesome.

No. 976761

Bet he fantasize about sucking Greg’s cock and fucking him in the ass

…and Stevie thrusted his rock-hard member into Gregma’s puckered entrance without lube, Greg was howling in pain and pleasure. “Faster Stevie, faster!” He moaned. “You’re mine, Onion bitch” Stevie licked his earlobe as he thrusted and thrusted until he splashed his seed inside Grugly’s rectum, the ordeal only lasted three minutes.”(fanfic)

No. 977001

File: 1590039891128.jpg (Spoiler Image, 225.81 KB, 1058x773, 1589916225553.jpg)

Im sure that scenario was running through Gregs mind when he took this photo. Either it was Stevie topping him or preparing for his yearly old man colonoscopy.(spoiler)

No. 977060

Regardless if its Greg or not, making videos about some guy on the internet you hate for over 10 years is some severe next level autism.
Also for the love of God spoiler that shit. There goes my lunch.

No. 977190

>making videos about some guy on the internet you hate for over 10 years is some severe next level autism.
Reminds me of those double digit Eugenia Cooney videos Greg has made. Or the videos he makes about some ex that has had no contact with him for over a decade. Truly "severe next level autism."

No. 977237

Agreed, or Gregs 10.000 videos with love or hate declarations to Shane Dawson.

Its equally retarded. I am in full agreement. Stevie and Greg are both retarded. And to make videos for over a decade hating on someone, thats retarded and pretty much shows you have no life.
Hilariously even his ex girlfriend whom he reeeeeed too mentioned she was sick and tired of Steveree's greg-obsession. He had more attention for Greg than her

No. 977243

NTA, but which ex was that? I remember some girl named Alex from back then. Not sure what happened to her.

No. 977257

No idea, she was in the video where he first RRRRRRREEEEED and then she said that, that she was sick of "the whole Onision-thing". It was pretty hilarious, i mean you can imagine how bad it must be for her to mention it in an argument with him.

No. 977400

Lol this photo. Funny how all the fags that had so much to say about the girls being ethots have been awfully quiet about Greg's descent into being a cheap whore. And he even admits to wanting this to be his main focus. He's not even doing it for drug money lol this is how he wants to put his kids thru school I can't

No. 977553

Greg has always been a cheap whore, he literally monetizes every aspect of his sad pathetic life. It doesn't make his self proclaimed victims any less of the e-thots they are. They all just seek attention and money with different longterm goals.

No. 977556

Oldish milk but Shiloh is extremely manipulative in her relationship with Sarah, just because she bought her a few things with her gofundme scam. Sarah really is a spineless liar who can't help but lie and run to various b-list youtubers about it.

No. 978009

Whatever happened to Skye and Alicia “protecting Sarah”? These bitches refused to do interviews with the Newsweek guy and the Pierce country PD after they fled during Shiloh-gate.

Everyone’s a cowardly doormat in the end, just how Onion likes ‘em.

No. 978023

So…what happened with that laptop that "Sarah gave to the police"?
Any news on Shiloh's "investigation"?
This whole thing has been such a joke lmao.

No. 978064


Covid or nothingburger or both. Take your pick.

Greg is enjoying a covid holiday from his wetlands woes I expect.

No. 978142

Can’t really blame them , this entire thing turned into a fucking joke.

No. 978376

If nothing happened by now it never will. They arrested Austin Jones immediately after they found CP on his computer and he waited for his trial in jail, it doesn't make sense they're taking this long to arrest Footface if the laptop indeed contained CP

No. 978418

Exactly. Every crime tv show I watch comes to a conclusion within an hour, if its a full length movie maybe 2 hours. They've had enough time to investigate.

No. 978545

Because the Austin Jones case didn't happen in real life, it was just a TV show episode. And because the cops totally would take almost a year to arrest a pedophile if they had enough proof on their hands

No. 978550

Agreed. It was far fetched from the very beginning anyway, once you objectively look back on it.

No. 979161

File: 1590473201010.png (85.01 KB, 628x437, madbanana.PNG)

Anyone know what happened to neglectedbanana? His twitter looks like it got hacked and they're just posting things about mommy fetishes and chicken tendies.

No. 979956

Why was this kid so disliked ( saying kid because I've seen different ages mentioned here )? Every time he was mentioned there were Twitterfags/anons saying how he's a faggot, etc.
However none of them wants to actually explain why someone is a cow for the rest of us who don't actually know these people.
Why OnionUnprivated jumped ship went unanswered as well.

No. 980072

I stopped following the Hansen shitshow, but saw this posted on the other farms.
Since Regina is there, is this suppose to be about Lainey? What could she possibly have to add?

Linked just in case anyone wants to watch.

No. 980156

I'm listening to Edwins' stream and I didn't know Regina made an onlyfans. Wow lol.

No. 980208

I just vomited in my mouth, thanks

No. 980263

File: 1590665400857.jpg (420.55 KB, 1280x720, lies.jpg)

I don't believe a God damn word this snowflake is saying. I think she's either trolling or just doing this for the attention.

She is claiming that whenever underage people would go on Greg's discord he'd act funny and then demand nudes from them, or they would get banned. Then Greg apparently blackmailed her over shit Dahvie Vanity did to her. Oh and yeah according to her Dahvie fucked her for money, or something. She's from Belgium but was in Cleveland with her mother to a BOTF concert. Thats just awesome, cool story, bro. And then she woke up, I guess????

Now I know Greg is an absolute scumbag, but this story is absolute horse shit.

No. 980416

Another thing that doesn't make sense at all - Erica was a prominent mod back then. If not Rag, then she would have absolutely witnessed all of this and would have said something.

It's also extremely weird that he supposedly blackmailed her, but she returned to his forums/discord because she "heard he has changed" and wanted to give him another chance. In 2020, after all of the pedo allegations, and his career almost dying.
All of which was very very public. Does any of that make sense? Not to me, at least.

She made some really big claims. I'd imagine the police is going to want to talk to her. So for her sake, I hope she's telling the truth.

No. 980527

Also, can someone explain this part of the story - their first contact supposedly happened through Patreon because she wanted to support him.
Patreon wasn't around before 2013. But she was also a mod for him in 2011?

No. 980573

lol. This almost reminds me of that chick that got outed here by the mods several months ago (can't remember her name), she was on Hansel's "show". She later admitted to being high on Xanax or something during the interview, and also full of shit.It was all for attention.

Leave it to the professional grifter to vet his interviewees. The people supporting such an obvious con have zero shame, or brains for that matter.

No. 980661

It's a bit dramatic to call it a "con", anon. The dude is doing nothing different than any sensationalized tv news show has ever done since the beginning of time.
Why do people expect every youtube personality to be saintly and selfless, creating content for no money or fame, but just for the sheer joy of helping people?

Yeah real life doesn't work that way.
Chris is making a living doing the same shit he's always been doing, covering sensationalized stories for entertainment.

No. 980668

The best part was when Xanax woman said Greg starved a girl to death lmao. At that moment even Hansen realised she was crazy and full of shit.

No. 980669

Kell claimed there was another girl involved ( Parker ). She was supposed to do the interview with Kell, but backed out last moment, after having an argument with one of Hansen's mods ( mod had a problem with this story lacking any proof ).

Kell said that "a lawsuit is happening and that a case is going to happen in 3 weeks" & that the police and her lawyer have the proof.


No. 980671

She didn't properly do her research because she would have known he didn't have a discord until 3 years ago. Onision forums was around way before then but there was no discord, rag and rxbootyslayer were still around in the shiloh era. So she is full of shit.

No. 980672

>Kell said that "a lawsuit is happening and that a case is going to happen in 3 weeks" & that the police and her lawyer have the proof.

Where did she say this? She didn't say any of that in the Chris livestream. When Chris asked her if she went to the police she just said she didn't, and then gave a half assed excuse.

No. 980677

In this livestream. She comes in at 2 hours 30 mins.

I agree that the whole story's bullshit, I thought so right after hearing last night's interview.

No. 980938

Apparently Kell & Slug went on a stream to clarify things that were said here >>980677
( direct channel link to both )

I haven't listened to it yet, but all of this seems highly autistic.

No. 981014

The more I think about this, the more stupid it seems.
Everything this girl could have described wrong about the way things were back then, she did.
It can't all be blamed on English not being her first language. Like what kind of "streams and private dms" are you talking about, holy shit.
The forum chatroom? He was there extremely rarely. YT live streams? He was asking for underage pics there in 2011? WTF is this bullshit.
How are anti-o's so fucking stupid that they're buying this crap?

It's not even funny anymore, it's just plain retarded.

No. 981049

She can't even keep her lies straight. First she said she saw the messages because she was a moderator (not sure how that works but ok), then she changed her story completely and said she saw them because some of the girls who were asked for nudes reached out and sent screenshots to her. Why would people send screenshots to her? Nobody even knew who she was until 2 days ago, not even the most obsessive anti-os ever heard about this girl before. I'm sure she should be more prominent if people were sending her screenshots of something serious like that, screenshots no one else received I might add.

No. 981054

>Why would people send screenshots to her? Nobody even knew who she was until 2 days ago
I know! There are so many things wrong with her story.
It's genuinely disheartening that there are people under her interview video who are just mindlessly believing this shit and getting excited over a story so obviously fabricated.

How did this interview even air? How did the people involved look at this and think "Sure, sounds plausible to me! This totally could have happened!"

No. 981056

On the Hansen stream she talked in passing about her friendship with Tamara. Could she be in a long con to fuck with people and provide disinformation and Tamara is helping orchestrate it. Next month will come and they will scream "gotcha!" Then gloat at how easy it was to fool Hansen and his crew.

No. 981057

I have no idea, but I will say that even this tinfoil seems more realistic than the story they're trying to push with her being a victim of blackmailing and all of the other shit.

No. 981260

File: 1590872269217.png (2.64 MB, 1125x2436, 16D245CD-EEF3-4698-8821-D5CC12…)

Meanwhile Shiloh’s gritting the George Floyd massacre/riots and sucking off xxxtentation’s corpse cock

bitch, go back to Canada

No. 981271

Did you forget she's black now?

No. 981280

Chris Hansen absolutely can be called out for failing to do proper research. There were so many farmers versed in this shit that could have helped vetted if he reached out, but he just went for the attention seekers that were willing to put their face out there. Back when it was thought Vince wasn't an asshole he could have easily went to the discord here or something and reached out. I don't know. The whole thing was a shit show and it was embarrassing but a lot of us kept up with it because a lot of evidence was released that corroborated with what farmers have long assumed his intentions are with the young girls that frequent his sites.

That recent girl however that went on and clearly talked out of her ass does nothing except actually hinder any credibility an investigation into Onision has. From the snippets here that get shown it seems absolute autists have contacted the authorities but a lot of girls that have directly asked to move in with Greg and his shame wife haven't. And now Greg's a whore for money and no one cares anymore the whole thing has been derailed.

No. 981306

>Chris Hansen absolutely can be called out for failing to do proper research.
Completely agree with this. It's clear that Hansen does not give a shit ( anymore - maybe he did at one point, I wouldn't know ). It's not about stories having credibility, it's about pushing content out.
If anons want to call him out for it, they're absolutely justified in doing so.

I've been pretty critical and cynical about this whole investigation ever since the laptop fuck up incident came out.
The last girl they interviewed was the final straw for me.
The whole interview was her blatantly lying. To make matters even worse, she went on this stream >>980677 These scrotes were irritating to listen to, but everything she said on there and here >>980938 just further cemented that the whole story is complete and utter bullshit.

I still don't fully understand how they allowed this interview to even happen. Were they just banking on no one from 2011 being around anymore or…? Because these lies are extremely easy to call out.
Congrats for truly fucking everything up, I don't know what else to say.

No. 981342

File: 1590886641917.jpg (29.75 KB, 596x193, kell.jpg)

>and making me lose my job
Does anyone actually believe that?

No. 981345

It's just as real as the story she told on Hansen, I bet

No. 981350

>covering sensationalized stories for entertainment.
It's actually the opposite that's true, he sensationalizes stories for content. He tried to push the "Onision cult leader" meme, like he's some fucking L. Ron Hubbard. He's been sensationlizing stories his entire career, that's a con job. He was also trying to sell some fake Covid cure not long after the outbreak, another con. Shiloh, Regina and his other supporters are apparently ok with this.
>how easy it was to fool Hansen and his crew.
Anon he's a seasoned journalist/professional, have some respect. He doesn't care about what's true or not, only what can make money or get him attention.

No. 981363

Fo’ shizzle ma nigga

No. 981376

she and slug are getting reamed in the comments of slugs stream about being on hansen by people who actually know how to hack. one guy is trying to get him into a stream or something because of his bs claims so he can prove he knows what hes talking about and slugs just back pedaling constantly

No. 981487

No one is harassing her I'm willing to bet she's just larping she's a poor victim of Greg. Her dates don't add up at all nor has anyone ever heard of her.

No. 981500

She deleted the post nearly instantly after I posted it here.
She's either lurking or she realised that claiming you got fired over this sounded just a bit too insane.

No. 981615

Like when he says Onision is being investigated by the FBI for "child neglect" because his daughter fell down the window, that's a massive lie and sensationalization. Onision is a shit parent but he's not being investigated by the FBI for that, CPS went to his house several times and always cleared him and Foot, even after Cloey broke her skull on the pavement because they left the window unlocked CPS still cleared them (I don't agree with CPS but, that's how things are)

No. 982373

We don’t want her here either

No. 982880

we're all in agreement here, guys. The point is, so many people act shocked and disappointed that an entertainment journalist is amping up a story for entertainment. Like it's some kind of betrayal. Acting like he was ever some noble justic warrior is naieve. He never was, never will be. So the outrage is kinda uneeded

No. 983126


They're only shocked/disappointed because they're fucking morons who didn't listen.

If this site is to laugh at cows, then they need to be laughed at for being sucked in by king boomer and his fuckwitted sidekicks.

Everyone knows Onision is a huge piece of shit who probably broke laws but people should be mocked for stanning Hansen and co. for just bullshitting for views. The idiot cop he had on especially.

The funniest and yet most awful thing would be if Onion sues the sheriff dept or whatever and wins.

No. 983386

Meh I doubt it, Gargoyle already made a complaint about the sheriff spokesperson and after reviewing the livestream they got to the conclusion the guy didn't do anything wrong

No. 983452

If she cares so much about black people then she should stop acting like she's black when it's obvious she's a white girl. What she does is extremely disrespectful to black people and the struggles they go through.

No. 984734

lol angry slut productions got banned from twitter. good.

No. 986168

>>984734 I wish it were that easy to get rid of the roach. he made new account https://twitter.com/SlugYet

The dude spergs out at anyone who calls him out. Unless of course he wants to suck the asses of the youtubers he likes. Then he goes and says uwu I'm very humbled by this experience like the cuck he is.

Last night he cowtipped the secret discord before we got any milk from it. Now its botched cause the fucker couldnt shut his mouth. He just wants to race to the finish line being the first with information before there is even anything juicey.

No. 986270

File: 1591927489741.png (846.28 KB, 1114x702, h4ck3d.png)

Slug is one of the biggest idiots to come out of the Anti-O movement, and that's saying something. That kid is pure cringe. But don't piss him off or he'll hack you with his mad cybersecurity and social engineering skills

No. 986415

>mad cybersecurity and social engineering skills

As in he'll buy a patreon or onlyfans account and leak your content, you mean?

No. 986478

File: 1591978901408.png (58.04 KB, 586x287, lawyer.png)

That, or he'll attempt to dox you and fail. Then he'll just threaten to sue you for online drama that he started. For someone whose dox is already out there and connected with his cringe youtube channel, he has a really big mouth.

No. 986493

This absolute card is the final nail in the coffin for Hansen's show. His slow, braindead mumbling makes me want to pour bleach into my ears. Is there something wrong with him? Is anyone in his cringe Discord and has milk about his education or lack thereof?

No. 986506

File: 1591986175791.jpg (563.96 KB, 1101x1881, 837dcaj3.jpg)

Samefag but holy shit at this Reddit callout he got

No. 986512

File: 1591987552653.png (468.06 KB, 1428x830, Screenshot at Jun 12 20-27-16.…)

Shit's only gotten worse since then, and that was a month ago. His latest blunder was showing conversations with an alleged 14yo in Onision's server and going "wait, I'll just censor their name real quick", then showing the entire thing uncensored. Also lmao

>Leave his server

>Like quick


>Is shit gonna go down

>Cause I'm gonna be doing some stuff to his server and trust me you don't wanna be there

>Cause if it is I wanna be there

>Like destroying his server

If anyone ever had any doubt about him having actual 1337 h4xx0r skills, this is it. He's talking out of his ass so hard it's hilarious. He'd be just another boring nobody not-even-skiddie if he hadn't managed to swindle his way onto Have a Seat somehow.

No. 986550

File: 1591992808464.png (915.62 KB, 1425x693, unknown (5).png)

I found another of his reddit accs, it's way too easy because he can't hold back from spamming links to his channels. He's been 3D-printing face masks and getting donations for them, but he's using the wrong fucking material, so they're probably all going into the dumpster.


>This mask should only be printed with Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) or Selective Laser Scintering (SLS) technologies out of powder-bed nylon
>"The printer they want to be used cost 5,000$. I’m doing the best with what I got."

What's the point of making dozens of posts promoting his free uwu masks that are completely useless because he ignored the instructions and is just doing his best? Gotta get the karma and praise from people who do not fucking read! He also conned people into not only donating material, but also another 3D printer. Dude's downright scamming so he can print more junk to flatter himself.

Material aside, the instructions for the masks say it needs to be assembled in a sterile environment (obviously), compare that to his fucking sty here >>986270 and in pic related

No. 986552

File: 1591992895150.jpg (991.75 KB, 1029x3702, masks.jpg)


No. 986553

File: 1591992944591.png (189.48 KB, 997x702, bonus.png)

Bonus scrambling to save his doomed pathetic channel

No. 986590

File: 1591998162591.png (2.39 MB, 2575x1141, disgusting.png)

> I'm doing the best with what I got.

Kek, what a fucking scam. He is donating a bunch of those shit mask frames to hospitals and police from what he's said. I hope they arent actually trying to use those considering how porous the material is. I bet they just pat the sperg on the head and toss the shit in the trash.

>printers in his grungy room

>says the masks are for medical workers (nurses) and immunocompromised people and the elderly, contradicting himself saying they're not supposed to be a replacement for the real thing
>plugging his discord that he's in "all fucking day" and begging people to join his watch him lose his fucking mind

He is clearly virtue signaling because he claims he's giving this shit to essential workers and all that but only backpedals and says they're not the real deal when called out on reddit. I wonder if he did it at first and they denied his masks, but he wanted the donos to keep coming so he is acting like he's still doing it.

No. 986620

Sort of a reply to everyone that replied but I didn't want to put a whole bunch of >>'s and yeah you are absolutely right. I don't think there are many people taking the Christian Weston Hansen show serious anymore, at this juncture.
Oh and to >>986506 and others
did you notice how he also tries to be funny and witty in the Hansen streams? Its maximum cringe. Chris Hanchan's awkward fake laughs really at to the motif that is his shitty youtube show.
At this point I don't think the show is gonna last. I'm sure Hanchan will need to find another scam to make some much needed payola.

No. 986988

File: 1592082940477.png (289.5 KB, 588x618, tw`.png)

Shit going down in Slug's server. Looks like the interview isn't gonna happen

No. 986991

File: 1592082991120.jpeg (210.59 KB, 1071x1970, Eaa8HoXVAAA_Ptp.jpeg)

No. 986992

File: 1592083000668.jpeg (164.3 KB, 1080x1399, Eaa8H7yU4AIi1Wp.jpeg)

No. 986993

File: 1592083010363.jpeg (162.92 KB, 1080x2176, Eaa8IOKU8AAnfTU.jpeg)

No. 986994

File: 1592083038500.jpg (420.13 KB, 2047x1303, Eaa8IihU4AAksh-.jpg)

No. 986996

File: 1592083734398.png (74.88 KB, 829x610, EabBXkVUwAAeCim.png)

Apparently Slug has been sharing his messages with Chris and posting his number on Discord. What a fucking idiot. No wonder he gets butthurt when called a brainlet, it hits too close to home

Chris has to fucking start vetting his guests. If it's not too late already.

No. 987007

A lot of people were complaining about that slug faggot in the last Hansen stream, they were asking Hansen not to bring him back to the show again. The negative comments miraculously didn't get deleted by Hansen's mods I don't know why, they usually get deleted pretty quickly

No. 987412

File: 1592176487177.png (134.25 KB, 477x520, 2020-06-14.png)

>Chris has to fucking start vetting his guests.
Guess you're one of the few who still thinks he's legit. Take a look a few threads back for his joke of an interview with the xanax girl. He vetted her as much as he vetted Vince Nicotra and the others he employs.

CH sold the rights to the "Onision story" to some tv network but he claims it's just to get the story more attention lol. I thought the FBI was handling it? Guess not.

No. 987421

>Guess you're one of the few who still thinks he's legit.
I don't, I think he's taken on more than he should have. He's a talking head, he shouldn't have messed with this without having a proper team that fact-checks and investigates. The fact that he's not vetting guests says exactly that.

No. 987436

File: 1592177911224.png (233.01 KB, 514x516, Bob and Chris.png)


One more thing: the article referenced in the tweet mentions Nicotra indirectly where Hansen says he fired him for "behavior he couldn't condone", which is of course purposely vague.

If memory serves, Hansen only fired Nicotra after taking too much heat from the anti-O community because Nicotra's erratic, infantile behavior was overshadowing everything. It wasn't until after Nicotra was fired that Hansen released a ss where Nicotra called a black man the N-word in a text. He wasn't immediately terminated because of that racist text.

Hansen btw was in $13,000 debt to a small company that he commissioned to help him produce incentives for his kickstarter. And how did he pay off that 13k? Why he accepted the money from a racist of course.


No. 987440

he's the epitome of a stupid boomer in over his head in the web of tubes. repzion is a loser but he's right that hansen is clueless when it comes to the internet.

the fact that his cell is getting tossed around by these tards is pretty funny, you have to admit. besides, the burning question really is


No. 987472

File: 1592182527150.png (90.22 KB, 599x430, screenshot 2020.06.14.png)

>They're only shocked/disappointed because they're fucking morons who didn't listen.
That about sums it up.

No. 987480

Hansen's associated with two known doxxers, Vince Nicotra and "Anonymous Gene". I think anyone who's shared personal info with Hansen is at risk. This is why red flags should never be ignored.

No. 987507

Who cares? Every cow involved was warned just as they were with onion. Some people never learn.

No. 987519

Miley Cyrus?

No. 987526

So here’s my pick on who should play the Onion Ladies for the dramatizations:

Skye: Emma Stone
Shiloh: Miley Cyrus
Taylor: Kristen Stewart
Billie: either Billie Eilish or Bella Thorne
Ayalla: Halsey
Sarah: Dove Cameron

Greg: Jamie Doorman, the dude from 50 shades of Grey

No. 987579

Why are you picking A-listers like this won’t be anything more than a lifetime movie lmao

No. 987679

Just when I thought Greg and Chris Hanchan were milked dry you get this absolutely incredible news. Nothing about this sucks, nothing! We are living in a golden age of spectacular lulz, I can't wait for that shit documentary to come out, you just know Investigation Discovery has to be desperate to buy the Gregory Poo story off of a second hand washed out pan-handler car salesman like Hanchan.
I guess they ran out of Serial Killers at Investigation Discovery! This is top tier material, this is like lulz caviar that sells for 600 bucks in small tin cans covered in cheap fake gold.
You know, the kinda caviar Hanchan would try to sell as a cure to Corona.

No. 987796

I think that anon was joking

No. 988221

File: 1592336694948.png (154.37 KB, 499x720, Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 1.44…)

Shiloh's on a rampage

No. 988222

File: 1592336722885.png (129.62 KB, 501x592, Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 1.44…)

No. 988248

ackshually shiloh…

lol at this dummy thinking that someone can't just up and fucking write a book about it or make a film about it or do whatever they want to with it. they could even add all the shit about rogue and her hooking if they wanted to. no one has to ask to make permission to write a biography. that's why they call them 'unauthorized biographies' ya dumbass hoe

No. 988285

So the journalist who interviewed Hansen lied? Why? Someone is obviously lying here, and I would bet it's the two scammers (Shiloh and Hansen)

No. 988337

If anyone is lying about it my money would be on Angry Slug. Could be either a lie, half assed truth, or misunderstanding. Who knows with that guy, he's severely autistic.

No. 988567

>none of us talk to you, you talk out of your ass
>let us heal
>you silenced us

lol speaking of talking out of the ass. Hilarious as all this is, I can't get over how far up her own bum she is. Sarah's confirmed she's been in contact with Repzion many times.

Why is Shiloh acting so defensive anyway? Her overblown, sanctimonious outrage looks like more like damage control. There are a lot of questions that Hanchan refuses to answer and he's blocking ppl left and right on twitter. She's either too dumb to see how sus this looks or she's in on it.

No. 988579

The only one I feel sorry for is Sarah, and to a lesser extent Skye and her sister, though they distanced themselves from this shitshow awhile back so they should be fine. Sarah didn't associate with Hanchan either after he lied to her but her "sister" shiloh did.
lmao. I admit it's good milk. Everything over at the onion thread is soured now with his nudes. I'm looking forward to seeing more people dragging Hanchan.

No. 988603

I know you are joking but Halsey is a closer fit to Billie than Ayallah and Bella Thorne is probably a better Ayallah than Billie.

No. 988605

Also William h Macy is a better fit for Greg.

No. 988606

I'd pick Fairuza Balk for Shiloh. She's a little too old to pull it off now, but she plays crazy extremely well.

No. 988614

He’s too old to play Greg

No. 988633

File: 1592435860981.jpeg (123.99 KB, 700x394, Mel article.jpeg)


Pic related is from the most recent article about Hansen, what everyone's been reacting to.

Shiloh's saying what's written in this article is "idiot conspiracy theory" and no one's sold a story. If anything in the article's untrue then the reporter would issue a retraction but he hasn't.

Someone's lying.


No. 988641

Think its pretty obvious from Shilohs posts she's insinuating the victims will see a cut of anything that gets sold.

No. 988700

I only see her directly contradicting what's written in the article and getting overly defensive about it.

Hanchan's spiel is he sold the story so it could get more exposure but why would that even be necessary if the FBI were handling it? Unless Hanchen's a liar? Then again Shiloh once said there were "multiple" FBI investigations into Onision and we see where that went lol.

No. 988726

Best clip @16:20 (George Floyd/Onision "parallels")

Hard hitting, Emmy award winning journalism ftw.

No. 988745

They have 30 year olds that play highschool students in movies all the time. Greg looks terrible for his age. Slather a bunch of makeup of William and give him an emo wig and he'd look the same age.

No. 988770

File: 1592451225741.png (63 KB, 598x255, no receipts .png)


>Hansen pitched a show and the victims were given release forms

>No one sold any rights

Where are the receipts? Where's "Wes" getting his info? The Mel reporter spoke with Hansen directly, saying ID "bought the rights to the Onision story."

So ID bought the rights to the story, but it hasn't been sold it's just been pitched according to Wes who has no receipts lol. Wes is just parroting what Shiloh said. If Hansen didn't sell the rights to any story then the Mel reporter should be making a correction any minute now.

No. 988772

Have you or anyone else referring to that article actually read it? It's inflated tabloid word vomit. I don't know why this "DailyMail but make it LadBible" tier site is taken seriously. As much as I hate to admit, the Wes Moast thing sounds most likely.

No. 988791

Well in that case, have Shiloh get played by Avril Lavigne since they’re both Canadian and “totez punx rawkk!!! 🤘🤘”

No. 988795

You can go on the journalist's Twitter and ask him directly if the interview was serious or not

No. 988801

>It's inflated tabloid word vomit.
ok. if that's the case then it says even more about Hansen that he'd agree to sit down with them for a personal 1 on 1. Hansen was quoted directly >>988633 and now he's backtracking and blocking people after getting called out. Wes has no evidence so I don't even know why he's talking.

No. 988803

None of you are asking the most important question which is, who's going to play Onision's chode?

No. 988856

Can't really say i'm surprised. Hanchan does lie a lot, but I assume he's telling the truth in that video because I just can't imagine Investigation Discovery or any other channel to buy the Gregory von der Poo story. Now if Angry Snail woulda said a shitty channel like LifeTime, I woulda believed it. They are willing to buy any story and re-enact whatever with a bunch of shitty second rate actors as a movie of the week, directed by Christina Ricci or some other has been over the hill celeb. With R. Kelly, Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby it was worth a try since they used to be somebody. But who the hell asides from us knows Greg? Nobody, thats who.

No. 988892

Hold the phone, the article says that Hanchan himself told about having sold the Greg story

No. 989081

So as always with Hanchan, we are left to our own devices. According to the Anti-O's he was this messiah here to deliver us from this great injustice on the tubes that was Greg.
If you ask me, Hanchan is the father of lies, a false prophet.
He is not here to deliver us, he is our bitter enemy.

No. 989083

>Hanchan does lie a lot, but I assume he's telling the truth in that video

He's backtracking and directly contradicting what he told that reporter. It's a given CH would lie to make himself look better but if what's written in the article is untrue then Mel Magazine is printing lies, which I'd think they might want to be made aware of for the sake of their credibility.

Notice Hanchan doesn't mention the Mel article directly, or say that anything published in the article itself is untrue, he avoids mentioning the article completely. This pathetic boomer is hilarious.

No. 989088

I'll laugh at his idiocy until the milk inevitably runs dry.

No. 989114

File: 1592512830284.png (49.78 KB, 656x214, muh one sided story.png)

I'm laffin at some of these anti's and stans saying "buh you're not getting Chris' side of the story!". Chris's side of the story was already published in the Mel article by the fucking guy who met with and talked to him in person lol. Nothing pains some people more than having to think.

No. 989118

Why is this non story about a non story still persisting and when did Hansen become Hanchan? The twitter Onion orbiters are so weird and bizarre there's a literal fandom against Hansen now lol. Mental. Was this story even published on a real website or is it one of the many 1000s of blogs on the Web? What's the fucking issue with you guys now? You're worried you're going to get conned if you get your hopes up there will be a discovery channel type show about Greg? Fucking get some hobbies.

No. 989150

File: 1592516547363.png (59.4 KB, 719x220, 2020.06.18 .png)

Samefag. melmagazine updated the article.

>Chris Hansen signed a deal with Investigation Discovery to do a series on the Onision story.

Doesn't "signing a deal" automatically assume money's exchanged hands? How could a deal be made otherwise? There's nothing refuting ID making a purchase.

Interesting too that Shiloh the big mouth is again speaking for all the victims while they've remained quiet on the issue.

No. 989156

This is just semantics at this point. Yeah, he couldn't have literally "sold the rights", it's not his story to sell, I'm sure we all understood that.

>Doesn't "signing a deal" automatically assume money's exchanged hands?

Yes, of course.

No. 989164

Yeah, not bothering to read the article or investigate, read this thread fully, use the word "lol" and then asking to be spoonfed might not be the best course of action in this place.

No. 989167

People are grasping at straws in this thread for any milk. The twitter ss from Shiloh account basically insinuate CH hasn't done anything behind anyone's backs and if there's a deal made the victims have a cut of it. She's directly telling the retards that are making a conspiracy out of nothing that they are talking shite.

The only person this news hurts is Onision which is why I guess this thread is active again because no one apart from his fans give a fuck about Chris Hansen

No. 989169

Thats right, keep defending him all the way to the grave, Anti-O.
Its the right thing to do.

No. 989170

No one is defending him, there's nothing to defend him against in this instance. "TV man sold story to TV network. Retarded twitter fags outraged they're not getting paid unlike the victims"

No. 989172

>Lying about Sarah's laptop.
>Not delivering kickstar backers promised merch.
>Lying about investigation.
>Selling Pablo Escobar phones for Pablo's criminal self proclaimed killer brother (which are basically Samsungs covered in cheap gold stickers)
>Selling fake Corona killing device.
>Bouncing checks.
>Hiring a predator lawyer, despite his claims hes there for victims.
>Selling Greg story behind everyones backs.
>Cheating on his wife, with girl half his age.
>Getting evicted due to non payments.
>Not paying people money owed to them.
Should I go on? Because theres much more. I suppose your right though, some actions just can't be defended so if you mean that you're absolutely right.

No. 989175

Exactly. Hansen must have contacted the magazine to change the wording. He's trying to play little semantic games because he thinks he's smart. He's been grifting for 20+ years, he's nothing special.

No. 989177

Fuck mate you're dull. Think everyone on fucking lolcow and KF are aware by now about Sarah's fucking laptop. You're right don't mine me. Continue to sperg about the semantics of Hansen and Co getting paid for their testimonies for a show about Onision. I'm sure Greg's raging, he's probably retarded enough to think he can sue them since they haven't approached him. Or maybe they have already and he's declined because he's a big pedophile and none of this looks good for him. Oh maybe he's raging. Sarah and the girlie's are going to get money and to out Onision on TV, not just YouTube.

No. 989178

Actually, and it pleases me greatly that this will annoy you, Greg can make a claim to a large portion of the money made by this show.
I kid you not, and he definitely will. Especially if / when not convicted.

No. 989179

Shiloh can say whatever she likes. Without evidence to back up her claims she's just as full of it as her buddy Hansen. She lied to try and get some guy Nic deplatformed because I think he disagreed with her or something ridiculous. Shiloh acts like a child.

I know this is difficult for some to grasp, but it's possible to dislike both Hansen and Onision.

No. 989180

I can't believe you think Hansen had to correctd the magazine and not most likely the retard that wrote it had to clarify it was abusiness deal because of retards like yourself.

No. 989182

Lol you and your retarded ilk out yourselves constantly in this thread. Nah dont think the youtube copyright system works for TV networks Greggles

No. 989185

How else would the magazine know to "correct" what Hansen himself said unless they were contacted? Try to think a little before posting.

No. 989186

>I know this is difficult for some to grasp, but it's possible to dislike both Hansen and Onision.
Amen to that. Hansen has done plenty he can be criticised for.

No. 989189

Thank you, you just made me win 10 bucks from a friend.
(I told him you would think I was Gregory von der Poo and be dumb enough to call "me" out)

No. 989190

Hansen's predator lawyer Morse already tried contacting Onision many times and Onision refused. Unless Onision's in on the deal behind the scenes, I think he'd have some legal leverage here.

No. 989191

Wah wahwah waaaaah

No. 989193

>Why is this non story about a non story still persisting
This is a gossip site anon. If emmy award winning grifter milk isn't to your liking there are plenty other boards for you to choose from. The link to the article's posted here, lurk and you'll find it.

No. 989196

This isn't gossip though, Hanchan was dumb enough to tell this magazine that he sold the Greg story. The fact that he's back peddling now like he always does, means nothing.
He said it, and its there in black and white.

No. 989199

That's embarrassing you tell your friends you post here unless you mean your online friend who pays to be in a community with a pedophile. Is Daddy Donald back to harvest farmers IPs to sell on the dark Web? Probably in your best interests to stop having 13 year olds do your sleuthing for you, they'll get confused what's actually a scandal. When does the America school system teach someone how to critically assess a piece of writing? We already know from Greg's endeavours as an author he struggled with basic English comprehension too.

No. 989201

There's gotta be a middle ground between kissing Hansen's ass and outing oneself as a serial sperg because clearly only one farmer (if I dare even call them that) uses that Hanchan nickname. You're the kind of cringy newfaggotry that turned the Onision threads to absolute shit.

No. 989202

>Retarded twitter fags outraged they're not getting paid unlike the victims
The victims haven't said anything except for Shiloh, and Shiloh's been outed lying all over the fucking place.

The point is about Hansen trying to pull a fast one, "signing a contract" to sell a story without anyone knowing about it. Saying twitterfags or youtuber's are just mad they aren't getting paid is deflecting from the real issue.

No. 989204

Onision's nudes turned the threads to absolute shit. Tell the truth anon.

No. 989205

Keep proving how new you are.

No. 989207

lol whatever you say anon.

No. 989208

This is so embarrassing >>989193, farmers aren't confused what's happening. We've been discussing this in the main thread. I can understand Onision fan boys don't like that thread but it's absolutely retarded how the only issue anyone would have with this story is that Greg isn't getting compensated. Please understand why you're coming off like such a fucking spastic before you continue.

No. 989215

>Greg isn't getting compensated
More deflecting and no one cares if Greg gets paid or not.
this >>989202
and this >>989179
already addressed your non-points.

No. 989218

Funny enough your samefagging doesn't address my non points because your entire sperg for the last 48 or so hours has been pointless and thr main thread stopped talking about Hansen new show maybe 3 or 4 days ago.

No. 989220

No doubt you're correct. There's no way Onision won't be making a direct profit from this if it gets made. There was never going to be a trial.

No. 989223

lol. You can thank Hansen for the fact that Onision will be making money from Hansen's "new deal".

No. 989224

Both of these things turned the thread to shit. Seeing Jimmy's deformed dick isn't top tier milk material.

>the only issue anyone would have with this story is that Greg isn't getting compensated
My issue is that it's going to bring him attention again, perhaps even some sort of monetary gain. Apart from that I don't really care.

>There was never going to be a trial.
Have you forgotten there's going to be a trial in Belgium in like a week? Lol, I still can't get over that.
Fucking Hansen and his non existent vetting of guests.

No. 989225

Looool, Greg Greasy James Jackson is a 34 year old loser who spent the prime of his life making absolute shite content online for free and only could get paid through adsense and these days his little paypigs. He has never been employed by YouTube. He's been self employed since he got kicked out of the military and fucked up his taxes and made himself go broke.

No, Internet Man Greg will not be entitled to royalties. He can give his opinion or not, if he cooperates he could get financially compensated, otherwise he can get fucked. If he's feeling particular energetic that day maybe he could even film his 20 second jerk session and spread his ass for the other desperate middle aged men that are Greg's peers.

No. 989250

Yeah because Shiloh's word is so trustworthy. Doesn't she have some more GoFundMe scams to run?

No. 989263

This sums up why only the chromosomally challenged support Grift Scamsen.

That stream where he said he couldn't give his superchat $ to the victims because of muh ethics is peak boomer. Because if there's anything Hansen's prioritized over the years, it's ETHICS.

The best part is at the end where he calls all the criticism of his deal with Discovery, "noise" and "drama". Didn't Onision say that very same thing to the women speaking out against him? Way to sound just like Onision there, Chrisopher. "The internet isn't real life", but apparently TV is.

No. 989334

I don't think that means what you think it means, anon. Please go back to your reddit circle jerk where you can talk about your hero Hansen and how the FBI investigation is totally happening and he's totally going to get thrown in prison. The only people at this point who still believe Chris Hansen are the most desperate of the anti-os. Even the girls don't take him seriously anymore and some of them are calling him out on his bullshit. Are they Onision orbiters too?

Back on topic it looks like the girls pretty upset about this show thing (minus shiloh lol). I'm wondering what's going on with Regina because she has gone on and on in streams about how close she is with Chris but lately she's just been tweeting about wanting to die.

No. 989451

So anons itt are saying there's never going to be a trail but Onion would be willing to sue CH for slander which would involve legal proceedings and a case. Where have I heard that before?

No. 989453

Hansen isn't my hero. He's a TV personality and it all became a bit surreal when he got involved and brought more attention to the Onion saga an provided a lot of lols.

Regina is maybe embarrassed because she's not as victimised as the other victims or some queer shit? Maybe network TV doesn't want to focus on dms and maybe on the girls that actually met and lived with Onion?

No. 989458

>The only people at this point who still believe Chris Hansen are the most desperate of the anti-os.

Boy, you said a mouth full there. The true die hard Anti-O's also truly HATE Greg and are desperately clinging on to Hansen thinking he's telling the truth and its like you said "still happening." While rational people are like sure Greg is a total douchebag and fuck him, but we don't sit at home with a hateboner for the guy like in example Stevie or Repzion do. Instead we just sit and enjoy the shitshow involved. The funny thing with Greg is that he has reached Chris-chan type proportions where the people orbiting him are providing just as much, if not more, lulz than Greg himself does at this point. The more goes wrong, the funnier it gets. Meanwhile Greg is desperately trying to get the attention back on him by showing us his baby winky.
Really if people would just shut the fuck up and just enjoy the show, and most of all not argue among themselves, they would be much better off for it.

No. 989554

100%. I enjoy both shit shows personally. The Onision shit show is dying down with peen pics so I'm happy to have the Chris Hansen shit show to watch in the meantime. A few months ago I felt bad for the girls for being let down by Chris but at this point if anyone still gave Chris enough credibility to be let down by him they're idiots. It's hard to feel sympathy for someone who is being that stupidly naive.

No. 989637

>So anons itt are saying there's never going to be a trail
Yes, Onision will never see a trial for what Hansen interviewed the girls for despite all of Hansen's bloviating to the contrary.

If a tv show is made Greg will undoubtedly have legal rights to some sort of compensation for reasons that should be obvious. Hansen's doing Greg a favor here. Hansen saying shit like "the quest for justice should be moved to tv" is one of the most retarded things I've ever heard. TV isn't going to bring justice. How does a tv show help the FBI do their job? If a trial had happened already this tv deal would be moot.

No. 989643

File: 1592598724945.png (98.38 KB, 612x485, Regina.png)

I get the sense the girls were caught off guard by this. idc what Shiloh said because she's a childish ass pretending to speak on behalf of everyone else. It's confirmed the Dahvie girls didn't know and don't want any part of it.

>she's just been tweeting about wanting to die.

I saw those before she went private. Regina was warned back then and chose to ignore it. idk what she was expecting after Sarah was lied to? All she had to do was look a little into his history >>989172, he has a clear pattern. Hansen's doing what he's literally always done.

No. 989661

File: 1592599819322.png (76.92 KB, 654x460, muh stockholm syndrome.png)

>desperately clinging on to Hansen thinking he's telling the truth and its like you said "still happening.

Here we have the "battered housewife". I have no words.

I don't believe Repzion had a hateboner for onion, he arguably had a weird fixation, same with Stevie. Rep's onion vids were always popular, naturally this motivated him to make as many as he could.

No. 989662

Sarah privated her Twitter too

No. 989670

Meanwhile Shiloh's busy sjw'ing on twitter. lol nothing to see here move along. Unless she was in on it with Hansen (she was trying to sell a record after all), she got scammed just like all the others but wants to act like she's somehow above it all and "in the know". She knows nothing.

No. 989677

File: 1592601554912.jpg (64.46 KB, 1280x720, kek.jpg)


All the Hansen stans can private their twitter and eat all the nothingburgers from my ass after all. What a surprise.

No. 989679

File: 1592601841172.png (253.15 KB, 602x498, muh morality.png)

Say what you want about Repzion but who is she to talk about a "moral compass" when she lied about Nic DeOrio, called him a predator and tried to use her then sizable fanbase get him deplatformed just for asking her and Sarah a few questions? She made empty legal threats against someone else for also asking questions. It's all archived here.

She went on a power trip then had to run and hide afterwards because she made an embarrassment of herself. Later she said everyone tried to "silence her". lol

Have fun with Greg making money off your new tv show Shiloh.

No. 989735

Anyone else here sick and tired of hearing the word VICTIM in this whole Onision thing?

I hear the word VICTIM one more time I swear I'm gonna hurl.

No. 989746

Yeah cause your moral compass is so much better stealing pictures of premature babies, lying about having health conditions such as epilepsy and sepsis, saying the n word and scamming people in more than one occasion

No. 989753

I am. People calling them "survivors" is much worse though, it legit makes me roll my eyes everytime I see it.

No. 989754

Yes, very much so.

Hansen called Regina "a survivor of Onision and Kai, arguably more Kai".
I thought it was seriously disgusting and really cheapened the whole meaning of the word.

True, Shiloh has no place to be talking about morals.

No. 989756

So apparently Chris Hansen is ghosting people who ask him why he won't give Sarah her money, as well as other people. Money he promised, and owes.

No. 989763

File: 1592609504848.png (279.5 KB, 606x434, Dahvie-Hansen grift.png)


No. 989768

I don't even know who she is but I'm glad this Jessie girl is not as spineless as the Onision "survivors" and actually called Hansen out

No. 989775

>spineless as the Onision "survivors"
Honestly i think they're staying quiet about this because they're all afraid of another Shiloh chimpout. Trapped under empress Shiloh's thumb is an unfortunate place to be.

No. 989973

File: 1592650908918.png (4.1 MB, 828x1792, 06EEB2C7-DDB5-4A25-A76B-9792F7…)

Chris is a scumbag.

No. 990109

I wonder if this is finally going to make Regina and co stop supporting him.

No. 990180

It certainly seems to be heading in that direction. Remember the mods once spoke out before when the Vincent thing was going down. The problem with this is that if Hansen starts fucking over the victims them well, that blows the whole Anti-O's argument out of the water that he's trying to help them.
If he's smart he'll pay up and come up with some sort of apology. Then again, its doubtful he still has said money.
Its a problem this, hilarious, but a problem non the less.

No. 990317

File: 1592702120583.png (70.83 KB, 659x346, Screen Shot 2020-06-20 9.png)

Shiloh spergout part deux

No. 990320

File: 1592702170627.png (203.83 KB, 658x458, Screen Shot 2020-06-20 6.png)

No. 990321

File: 1592702253210.png (70.25 KB, 660x327, Screen Shot 2020-06-20 11.png)

No. 990323

File: 1592702291312.png (96.09 KB, 662x405, Screen Shot 2020-06-20 3.png)

No. 990324

File: 1592702374087.png (93.68 KB, 666x406, Screen Shot 2020-06-20 4.png)

No. 990327

File: 1592702421293.png (63.03 KB, 659x323, Screen Shot 2020-06-20 5.png)

No. 990328

File: 1592702466138.png (115.78 KB, 652x471, Screen Shot 2020-06-20 7.png)

No. 990329

File: 1592702531072.png (119.86 KB, 654x522, Screen Shot 2020-06-20 1.png)

No. 990333

File: 1592702691171.png (41.96 KB, 666x149, Screen Shot 2020-06-20 2.png)

Hey Shiloh, tell us more about how black lives matter unless they've been scammed by your buddy Chris Hansen and his sex pest lawyer Mike Morse, then fuck 'em, right?

No. 990335

File: 1592702800189.png (112.04 KB, 656x511, Screen Shot 2020-06-20 8.png)

No. 990337

samefag. I'm calling it now. Shiloh and Hansen were working out a deal behind the scenes, behind the backs of the other girls.

Shiloh threw "her girls" under the bus.

No. 990358

She's right. I don't disagree with her here at all.

No. 990366

Her sudden diarrheal tangent coincidentally coincided with JohnSwan's new vid about her boomer BFF that dropped today. Looks to me like she's got something to hide.

No. 990367

It's a massive cope, this is what we've been saying all along and now that she looks dumb as fuck she's admitting it because she knows they look like utter dumbasses after insisting for months that Hansen was trustworthy and there was a FBI investigation.

No. 990397

Tinfoil but maybe Hansen fucked Shitloh when they met up last year and that's why she's so eager to defend daddy Hansen

No. 990440

You are far more right than you realize.

No. 990499


Shiloh and all the girls were happy to keep working with Vince and Chris after Vince literally threatened to shoot a black man ("I come heavy" anyone?) so way to be a fake cunt as usual Shitloh.

No. 990529

Shiloh fucked Hansen. Whatever deals were exchanged (money, success and improved notoriety), they had to work together somehow and Chris Chansen obviously isn’t helping her for free.

Once a whore, always a whore…eh, Shiloh?

No. 990680

lol these conspiracy theories keep getting better and better

No. 990682

Why are people surprised by this after the Adrienne-thing? You can hate Grease, but still acknowledge a lot of the victims are cows in their own right.

Shiloh's a Cluster B, manipulative, attention-seeking, two-faced smurf. Billie's a lazy, vapid, stupid E-girl who wants to spread her legs on Onlyfans instead of getting a job and has a new BF every week, Lane and Regina want to be a victim so badly that they draw attention to themselves when things have nothing to do with them, Sarah didn't object when Greg and Krai wanted to have sex while Cloey was still in the bed, and did this all out of revenge in the first place, etc, all of those things don't make them any less victims. It's not black and white.

No. 990708


I bet Sarah's just overjoyed that millions of normie boomers are about to find out she fucked a married couple in their bed while the toddler was there and kept waking up. On a tv show hosted by Chris Hansen.

Good luck trying the Shiloh/Jessie Slaughter argument of 'muh permission' because correct me if I'm wrong but Chris has a history of copyright fuckery even when it WASN'T his….

No. 990949

File: 1592779872713.jpg (802.79 KB, 1079x2032, Screenshot_20200621-113119_Chr…)

She received nothing but support in the begining but ruined it all by being a crazy bitch, she did this to herself. Also I love how she considers some valid criticisms as people trying to "silence" her

No. 990980

File: 1592781529501.jpg (184.43 KB, 1242x1970, EbEVfwsUEAYn2Ut.jpg)


No. 991046

File: 1592784755433.png (107.9 KB, 485x499, muh tv deal.png)

>Chris asked all of us
uh huh.

No. 991052

But I thought he didn't sell it?

No. 991054

File: 1592785071829.png (66.62 KB, 606x310, I sleep well grifting.png)

No. 991057

Shiloh's so busy virtue signalling and using her victimhood as a shield to deflect criticism she can't even keep her bullshit straight anymore.

No. 991061

File: 1592785316480.png (27.31 KB, 598x150, Screenshot_2020-06-21 (1) Repz…)

I doubt Repzion would go on the record without proof. When Edwin made a video on shiloh and dumped their DMs she didn't respond either.

No. 991062

File: 1592785347046.png (71.58 KB, 601x300, 80121.png)

She really is one of stupidest cows ever.

No. 991063

> I'll deal with Chris in private

Lol is she his mom or something? Queen Shitlow really thinks she's the leader of everyone. Entitled much?

No. 991070

>What was happening to us before Chris was the topic of discussion.
samefag. In other words, stop talking about what a total fuck up Chris Hansen is lol. That JohnSwan vid must've really gotten under hers and Hansen's skin. I wonder why?
>We expressed the story wasn't sold
"We"? Does she have MPD now or is she still pretending to speak for everyone else?

No. 991072

Pretty sure Rep was referencing the JohnSwan vid. I saw part 1 but there was no new milk.

No. 991079

He wouldn't be going on the record off a video alone. We'll see what he puts out in good time.

No. 991081

She's practically been sucking his dick online all this time she may as well take the next logical step.

No. 991085

Why does Rep feel betrayed if Shiloh (and by her word the other girls) were asked about this deal Chris made? These tweets [>>988222] from days ago basically imply the relevant parties that Chris has previously dealt with have been made aware of what is going on.

As long as whatever Chris and the network do has disclaimers Onion is not convicted or whatever they're fine. It's why Chris to this day has been able to do his youtube series regarding allegations against several men who are deemed predators. The same laws apply.

It seems the youtube channels that have been making commentary videos on these subjects are more pissed off that this is happening off the platform they prefer to deal in. The platform in which they can claim monetised content.

When Hansen first came about people were excited for the exposure it would bring to the allegations and tarnish Onion's reputation, which it did. I fail to see how farmers and people that have been following this drama would not be excited at a tv show about this. How fucking funny would that be? I'm happy just to spectate

No. 991103

It will probably be biased towards Hansen and Shiloh.

No. 991115

>the relevant parties that Chris has previously dealt with have been made aware of what is going on.
Nope. Dahvie's victims didn't know >>989763. Until I see proof to the contrary, Shiloh's lying about the other girls being in the loop. You're taking Shiloh at her word. No one who knows Shiloh's history believes a word she says.

Everyone, including the victims have made money here. And before you say well why is everyone upset at Chris then, maybe this >>989172 will clue you in.

Shiloh said "Everyone made money off our abuse." I seem to recall she dropped her new album within a week of her Hansen interview. Then she started a GFM, followed by a Patreon, so who's money grabbing again? It's almost like profit was her primary motive all along… funny that.

No. 991126

So far all the news leaks about this story haven't mentioned Dahvie vanity, I forgot Hansen was even doing that cause I checked out of the Onion interviews early. I'm not a Hansen stan or whatever. I'm aware of the various fuck ups that have went along with the circus. So far what can be discerned is it's a story about Onion.

And who fucking cares if the victims have cashed in on anything? Onion has. He's been cashing in on personal stories about his ex lovers for years. He's been spiteful, malicious and jeering at them for adsense for years. If Onion can freely talk shite about people's personal business for years without legal action why the fuck can't others?

You're forgetting his victims wanted him publicly shamed. What fucking better than national tv.

No. 991129

It's hilariously transparent whitewashing and damage control, or as she likes to call it, deFenDiNg the vicTimS. Naturally she provides no context.

Most of those tweets she used were in response to her power tripping trying to get randos deplatformed, calling them predators for asking her reasonable questions. Now they're not predators, now they're harassers and victim blamers. She's learned nothing.

No. 991134

>And who fucking cares if the victims have cashed in on anything?
The point is Shiloh's virtue signalling like she's upset at all the youtuber's who've made money "of their abuse" when she and her "sisters" made money off this too. Shiloh most of all. And now she's lying saying the other girls were aware of what Hansen was doing. Bullshit.

If a tv show gets made Greg will get compensated. Count on it. Hansen (and shiloh by extension) are money grubbing morons for thinking this is a good idea, unless they wanted Greg to make money too lol.

No. 991138

She will defend the others girls she says, yet she didn't defend Sarah when Hansen lied to her about the laptop. I might be wrong but I don't remember seeing her calling Vincent out either.

No. 991209

They all can be criticized for any multitude of reasons. I'm still giving Ayalla, Billie, Sarah and to a lesser extent Regina the benefit of the doubt only because I saw what happened with them as shit went down. Unlike Shiloh, I don't believe they were only in this to cash out. I believe Hansen made the tv deal without their knowledge, but with Shiloh's go ahead.
>Chris has a history of copyright fuckery
And he lost his first channel because of it.

No. 991281

>to a lesser extent Regina the benefit of the doubt
They keep calling her a survivor. What exactly did she survive? Getting ghosted?

No. 991341

She is a survivor of Lainey nudes exposure

No. 991357

Well, you do have a point there. We'd probably all need therapy after something like that as well.

No. 991391

I was around for Shiloh and Greg in real time. Shiloh came off as irrational back then too but objectively even with her only two years younger than me I knew she was being mentally abused. I can believe her allegations of the physically abused too. I was following her draculoh tumblr in real time too, followed everything with AJ in real time to Shiloh heading out to california to live with Greg and Cyr when Greg proposed. I remember him cheating on Skye in real time too. Shiloh, Lainey, Billie and Sarah (Maya, Sam and any other girl he's met IRL) have all been targeted and harassed by Greg. Their trauma has been turned into content for Greg to monetise. For what it's all worth, I would never have issue with these girls now getting compensated for exposing the allegations. How long have they had to sit and be silent while Greg has been running them down to his audience? I never donated to Shiloh's GFM I never felt forced. It's such a Greg mindset to think you can buy how people act and behave. You can't. These girls are free to talk to whoever the fuck they want about their lives much like Greg has been doing. He can cry about it we know Kai is

No. 991393

Meant to add on, Hansen and Shiloh probably have enough shit between them to just do a series on that relationship. YouTube man leaves wife for Candian popstar. Who knows if it might be played from they angle? Maybe Shiloh and Hansen have made a deal and the other girls have been notified. The direction of this series is unknown. Greg's been sperging on YouTube for over a decade. He's got cult status on this board it wouldn't be a shot in the dark that there could be wider interest in this story.

No. 991413

Regina is the ugly static trough an otherwise pretty good radio station. If she's a victim then so are all of us, really.

She should just fuck off and call it a day.
Someone should just tell her that its the first step in her healing process, or some shit. To just fuck off.

No. 991973

>Shiloh came off as irrational back then too but
i think she was already fucked in the head before she met Greg, Greg just made it worse. Same with Lainey. Most of his paypigs are confirmed to have some form of mental illness too.

Shiloh once tweeted that Greg tried to sleep with a pre-teen and other unsubstantiated bs, then she says OTHER people are making the victims look bad? She's a perpetual liar. After that stunt she pulled several months back where she LIED and tried to get people deplatformed for asking her and Sarah simple questions, she lost a ton of twitter followers/fanbase (which tried to use as her personal army) and had to go into hiding. Now she's lying AGAIN saying she left because people were trying to silence her when the truth is she left because she's a dumbass who thinks she's above it all.

>These girls are free to talk to whoever the fuck they want

Yeah, but if you've noticed Shiloh talks for all of them now? With her history, Shiloh isn't someone I'd want as my PR person. She says they all ok'd this tv deal, she's a liar.

Greg is a shitstain but Shiloh isn't much better. She's a mini Greg. That's the truth.

No. 991977

Same thing with Ayalla, she isn't a survivor of anything besides getting called ugly by Grease.

No. 991979

No she's not a victim. She gets included in the story because of her close association with Billie and being able to corroborate Billie's story having been to Greg's house on many occasions.

No. 991982

But everyone treats her like a victim too

No. 991990

I'm fuzzy on the details now but I remember Billie and Ayalla making seperate videos where they asked Greg to stop talking about them in his videos. Greg harrassed her and Billie. It's in Repzion's "Onision Files" vid.

No. 992014

lol. The story is that Regina was underage when she got into a "romantic" situation on the internet with an adult mother of two who ended up leading her on. Lainey's disgusting, she did the same thing with Sarah who was 14 when they started texting/sexting, all that shit. Neither Sarah nor Regina had functional adults in their lives as children, otherwise I think things would've turned out differently.

No. 992064

File: 1592879267854.png (66.83 KB, 600x349, 101441.png)

Posting these because before I finished reading the rest of it i knew he was talking about Gene.

No. 992065

File: 1592879302770.png (261.1 KB, 599x522, 101521.png)

No. 992066

File: 1592879330087.png (66.2 KB, 601x277, 101636.png)

No. 992068

File: 1592879367649.png (202.54 KB, 549x546, 101711.png)

No. 992071

File: 1592879493099.png (109.36 KB, 520x249, 101718.png)

Gene has Hansen's phone number. Wes Moast showed ss where Hansen sent Gene texts, one was about Vincent. Gene does Hansen's bidding but denies it publicly even though there's proof they talk directly.

Gene is mentally unhinged. He posted scat and dick pics here months ago.

No. 992075

File: 1592879970128.jpg (182.49 KB, 802x1260, EbKNI9aXYAMp44r.jpg)

No. 992076

File: 1592879995366.jpg (120.94 KB, 1458x1241, EbKNbZNXkAATld7.jpg)

No. 992078

File: 1592880063942.jpg (230.62 KB, 2102x1214, EbKOAYfXgAAcf8R.jpg)

No. 992094

Because of Gene's little spergout, i'm leaving swan's vid here.

No. 992106

Is it a coincidence this is happening after Shitloh sperged about John Swan on Twitter? I bet she's on it too, she seems to "work" a lot with Hansen behind the scenes

No. 992118

Wouldn't surprise me. Swan paid for Hansen's Cameo >>990320 and got him to say MAPs are part of the LGBT community. Hansen either didn't know the meaning of the acronym (despite being a "pedo hunter") and/or didn't care because he'll say anything for money. Shiloh tried to falsely frame it as Swan targeting the gay community lol. She and Hansen are bigmad.

No. 992206

File: 1592898515654.jpeg (313.51 KB, 1125x819, 298C878F-6B21-4543-872E-798F97…)

Gene is also shilling for Shiloh, could be coincidental serious thunk

No. 992545

Considering how the both of them are pretty mischievous you think these assholes are in cahoots with each other?

No. 992562


I've had a tinfoil since the time Hansen turned up to Onion's house that the 'hacker'/gene is Hansen's kid.

It would explain how he 'hacked' certain Hansen accounts and why he was there on the trip.

No. 992792

What the fuck is even happening here? Slug sent a recording of someone's breakdown to Edwin

This feels like the ultimate culmination of Greg's milk drying up. Just all these Anti-O youtubers fusing together with their own convoluted drama

19:15 Slug derailing criticism by for some reason bringing up this person's breakdown
23:10 Slug getting roasted
29:04 Calling Slug out for not being a "hacker"

No. 992813

Onison's milk has evolved past all grooming drama is just people poking fun at his sexual depravity and desperation. I just think that they wanted to bully him a little more than anything and make fun of Chris Hansen's retarded ass podcast for letting any ole rando crazy chat shit. I wish they would stop giving all these people attention.

No. 992833


I was waiting all this time for the wetlands saga to pay off but it took so long onision literally fucked himself in the ass first.

No. 992965

File: 1592957058575.png (105.48 KB, 812x587, kevin1.png)

Slug is in John Swan's server acting like that younger sibling that hangs around just to annoy you out of spite because he knows he's not wanted but is too proud to leave. They're just talking down to him or straight making fun of him and he's either too autistic or too stubborn to gtfo.

No. 992966

File: 1592957103339.png (110.97 KB, 758x545, kevin2.png)

No. 992967

File: 1592957226510.png (115.37 KB, 807x560, kevin3.png)

No. 992968

File: 1592957361158.png (55.77 KB, 449x401, kevin4.png)

Voice chat channel to contain Slug

No. 992969

File: 1592957396583.png (121.16 KB, 855x594, kevin5.png)

Says he cut ties with Hansen. Who wants to bet he's just trying to save face by pulling an Onision-style "I dumped you"?

No. 993015

Big thunk.

I saw some of the livestream John Swan did responding to Hansen's last video addressing the recent shitstorm. One of the things that stood out was when Hansen mentioned Repzion, he said something like he didn't know why Repzion didn't just call him to speak to him in private instead of making a video about what he (Hansen) had done. Shiloh pulls the same shit, it's another means of trying to hide what they're doing and sweep things under the rug. They're incapable of being upfront or genuine.

No. 993016

Slug's probably still licking Hansen's ass behind the scenes.

No. 993048

Referring to Gene, I wouldn't call doxxing "mischievous", it's an intimidation tactic used by psychopaths. Fucking Shiloh did the same thing to some lady 3-4 months ago, the lady's kid was doxxed. I think that's in the last thread. The fact that Gene threatened John Swan with doxxing after his Hansen vid dropped is very telling.

I don't know how old John is but he looks pretty young. These old men are so scared of these kids 30-40 years their junior, it's pathetic.


No. 993102

Nothing happened to Billie, she wanted to get paid to fuck a B list youtuber, which she already had a history of doing for clout. The worst thing that ever happened to her was being confronted with cheating on both of them, lying about weed and being given a ridiculous ultimatum. She was never there for it. The only thing that ever happend to her was people calling her out for being a homewrecker after she proudly bragged about it with ayalla on a livestream, which Sarah even commented on. I don't even think Onion has a reason to lie about Sarah hating Billie till the end either.
Nothing happened to Ayalla, its more e-drama between them and onion. Ayalla is the prime orchestator of this circus anyways, shes the one who made Sarah's grooming into "tea" on twitter. She is the one who encouraged someone she considers a child into telling the whole world how onion fucked her in the ass and made her scream. I don't feel bad for her or her genderfluid specialness, or her dead music career.
We've never seen proof of the nudes, and not once did Sarah or Regina mention handing over her devices. I don't see a reason to trust Regina considering she's been scamming as much as shiloh for beauty school. Beauty school is what washed up alt losers gravitate to after highschool. They realize that they might as well make money off of doing absolutely nothing all day.
She's a compulsive liar. No matter what happened to her she's obviously an unhinged unstable person and I feel bad for her mama.
She can't handle taking matters into her own hands and gets constantly told by Ayalla and Shiloh what to do. Her compulsive behavior couldn't stop her from running to social media but I guess she learned it from lainey. She's one of the only legitimate victims out there but she ruined everything because she trusted a bunch of retards. Sarah doesn't even have the nerve to tell the truth about anything anymore. She basically gave up with her tail between her legs, I would want to move on too.

No. 993211

lol Hansen's virtue signaling about police brutality/racism interviewing a few family members of George Floyd. Ride that gravy train Chris. Shill like you've never shilled before.

No. 993214

File: 1592975046311.png (120.62 KB, 537x458, 2020.06.24.png)

That account got suspended. He made a new one.

He's had dozens of accounts suspended. Like a cockroach, one account gets zapped and another pops right up again.

No. 993215

File: 1592975079992.png (78.09 KB, 660x338, 12.27.44.png)

No. 993266

File: 1592979130107.png (211.54 KB, 484x517, Screenshot 2020-06-24.png)

Someone sent a letter with a veiled threat to Repzion's mom, and of course the resident mental patient chimes in.

No. 993267

File: 1592979181427.png (88.52 KB, 654x499, Screenshot 2020-06-24 11.png)

No. 993269

File: 1592979262807.png (108.46 KB, 653x492, Screenshot 2020-06-24 1.png)

No. 993271

I never liked Rep, but lol, is this autistic or what? I mean that's actually crazy.

No. 993273

Insanely cringe. Whoever's trying to intimidate them like this belongs in a mental hospital.

No. 993286

File: 1592980262775.png (99.04 KB, 652x505, Screenshot 2020-06-24 4.png)

No. 993291

>I don't know who did it
>we're tired of the drama channels talking about Chris

Samefagging to say i don't know if I've seen bolder crazy in recent memory, other than perhaps Shiloh lol.

No. 993422

I love how that person even underlined words, just to make sure he comes across as unhinged as possible, lol.
And, sending it to his mother? That's crazy. I hope Rep finds out who the sender is, I feel like that'd be pretty milky.

On an unrelated note, why are anons finding Tamara so interesting? There were several posts about her in the main thread and I just don't see the appeal.
She shared absolutely no milk.

No. 993443


LOL the cops on TCAP made a big gun pointing/tasing scene arresting the pathetic predators for the sake of the TV show. I mean, I liked watching it but c'mon Chris.

No. 993465

I wonder the same about Tamara. She probably self posts a lot, she's desperate for attention.

No. 993677

I wonder if it's the same unhinged moron that contacted Slug's mommy (which is what caused him to panic-delete his social media)