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File: 1426909624061.jpg (51.92 KB, 486x750, tumblr_ni3ev7Ecii1tao009o1_500…)

No. 10467

No. 10468

File: 1426910427588.png (616.54 KB, 466x538, 2v36n3a.png)

link to old thread
other old pics can be found here:

No. 10469

are there any sort of signs or suspicions berry knows about these threads??

No. 10470

Her tweeting one time about "people" trying to guess "her real name" but "we're wrong" even tho her real name is korrine

No. 10471

why make another one?
then again the other one is getting pretty long

No. 10472

File: 1426912699821.png (18.41 KB, 572x196, 1.png)

it hit the bump limit of 1200 posts or whatever.

No. 10473

>implying that speaking more than one language is rare
Bitch doesn't seem to know there is a world outside of the US where everyone has english in school next to the own language.

No. 10474

What an obnoxious bitch.

No. 10475

File: 1426916717292.jpg (54.42 KB, 640x442, image.jpg)

I do agree that Natalia Kills is a ho but IDKK shouldn't this also remind her of what she did to a certain someone ?? (cough cough)

No. 10476

holy shit her tweets have gotten so stupid lately did she fall on some ice and hit her head or something goddamn

No. 10477

i can't get over that fact that she actually typed out "miruku" like that lmfao fucking weeb.

No. 10478

cant get over how much i hate that fucking display photo she is using everywhere now

No. 10479

Is she really expecting people to be like "omg YES BERRY! SO TRUE" when this exact thing has been said by quite literally fucking everyone.

No. 10480

her Filipino ain't even that good lol
talked to her once

No. 10481

Really? How come her sister speak fluent Tagalog?

No. 10482

No. 10483

I think she has the kind of features that look weird without makeup but with makeup they become very cute and endearing like kyary

No. 10484

Isn't her sister older? So her sister spoke it more as a kid and at school. My mom and her aunt are the same

No. 10485

File: 1426956940009.jpg (70.38 KB, 640x823, image.jpg)

What the actual fuck. Even though she's joking she lures in creepy people

No. 10486

I can tell she's not exactly joking, most of the girls actually want to get paid for "services" when posting something like this for everyone to see, especially if they are as dumb as Berry. I think she might end up like Yukapee if she would go this route. Or worse - have some nudes leaked and destroy her life forever.

No. 10487

she has no respect for ouji

No. 10488

But she can't cos she fat and tanned irl

No. 10489

File: 1426981503104.png (550.82 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-03-22-00-41-05…)


I dont think shes fat , SShes just small and flat.
I think her boobs and her ass are just photoshop ~ same thing with her thig gap.

No. 10490

>>10489 yYeah I agree with you. I don't think she's as chubby as before.

No. 10491

File: 1426982785376.jpg (19.76 KB, 589x196, you are not senpai.jpg)

No. 10492

Maybe she's not aware that she's being a hypocrite. Some people are like that.

No. 10493

in berry's last tweet she said she was walking her inu, does she mean shiba inu literally the most japanese dog honestly how desperate (i have friends with shiba inus and they sometimes call them inu but maybe im just riding on bullshit)

No. 10494

Does she go by meowieberry on tumblr now? Because she just she got a modeling gig.

No. 10495

Derp. I meant meowberrie

No. 10496

I've seen her in person before and she looks nothing like this. She's short, not small.

No. 10497


Well thats what I meant, I dont speak english fluently

No. 10498


Thats really Berry, she posted this photo on one of her accounts.

But where did you see her ?

No. 10499

She's not skinny. She's short.
I used to see her around a lot. She looked like she would weight about 130lbs. Her boobs were bigger than regular Asians' but she was fat so it does not count?
And the photo is probably her. Just shooped. Everything is smudged and fucking blurry. I don't believe she lost all those weight.

No. 10500


Are you sure that was her ??

No. 10501

Not the same anon but even in her candid family photos she was obviously fat.

No. 10502


But that was years ago , didnt shr lost Weight?

No. 10503

Not at all.

No. 10504

I moved last summer.
Last time was about a year ago. Do you people actually think she'd lose 30lbs+ in a year? I don't. Her sister was fat too. HUGE I meant.

No. 10505

File: 1426990255630.jpg (38.65 KB, 448x319, large.jpg)

The main reason why she always has hair at the sides of her face and wears baggy clothes is because it makes her weight less noticable.

No. 10506


Im not sure bout berry, but yeah her sister is really fat

No. 10507

File: 1426990419664.jpg (47.35 KB, 480x656, 1411215881921.jpg)

She also has quite a lot of nudes floating around.

No. 10508

File: 1426990525473.jpg (13.42 KB, 180x265, 1411215968977.jpg)

And cleavage shoop photos from her non-animu shoops but then again, her whole life has been shoop for ages already.

No. 10509

File: 1426990835143.jpg (39.25 KB, 500x667, large.jpg)

Her shoulders usually make her weight noticable.

No. 10510

File: 1426991736025.jpg (152.38 KB, 416x555, tumblr_lyj5o6ZkFw1r3wd4to1_500…)

Some early "no photoshop" shoop from 2012.

No. 10511

File: 1426992572842.gif (926.31 KB, 300x225, tumblr_nghzjhR9Ld1r3wd4to1_400…)

She is at the point where she doesn't have a neck anymore unless she shoops herself one, look at that giant shoulders.

No. 10512

"no photoshop" lollllll

No. 10513

File: 1426994274444.jpg (48.33 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lzrwgsuuE31r3wd4to1_500…)

Can't remember seeing this picture in the older thread. Ah look at this blurry mess

No. 10514

File: 1426994359847.jpg (273.69 KB, 490x704, tumblr_ly86sffVFa1r3wd4to1_500…)

Apparently this is cosplay to her

No. 10515

her cupids bow is so defined and it doesnt look photoshopped, so with her new photos with her rounded lip??

No. 10516

this looks like a child. her shoulders are so small unlike in her other pics.

she just means dog. she has an ugly little dog that's super old. it looks like a maltese or something.

No. 10517

shoulders and neck

No. 10518

i know she's about 4'11-5'1ft.. but with a weight of 130ish pounds she must look definitely different compared to what she makes herself to be

No. 10519

her chin is too pointy here– same goes for her cupid's bow

No. 10520

I love how the area around her chin randomly blurs out

No. 10521

why does she correlate things w/ anime??? she sounds like a fuck face

No. 10522

So many posts where she throws in a random Japanese word like inu then she talks about people speaking weaboo Japanese

No. 10523

Just met Berry's bro at work guys. He bought a video game.

No. 10524

did he look like that one pic berry edited to look like some exo guy named tao?

No. 10525


>>51653 this guy?

No. 10526


lol no, he was very polite though! He was pretty tan and smaller eyes.

No. 10527

File: 1427067611870.gif (846.53 KB, 245x200, tumblr_nl9ux36pnd1qbbha7o10_25…)

he doesnt look like Tao lol

No. 10528

What are the contacts she's using that are bright green? Seems she and Wylona edit the hell out of their pics to make it not look like contacts.

No. 10529

she says she uses fx eyes but she def edit the cl

No. 10530

File: 1427080245695.jpg (15.68 KB, 200x292, d1VG4yF[1].jpg)

Both of them seem to use the same PS methods lel

No. 10531

dat pic, oh my eyes, she looks awful
Yup, Berry looks like Wylo's little sister tbh hahaha

No. 10532

She didn't make her brother look like Tao she made him look like Kris.

No. 10533

File: 1427130260137.jpg (73.42 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

I don't think so. He doesn't look like Kris. WTF nope.

No. 10534

File: 1427131350475.png (12.08 KB, 583x204, ss (2015-03-23 at 05.17.31).pn…)

Welp, someone's mad.

No. 10535

i just remember people being all like "omgg your bro is soo cute he looks like Tao!" and berry was all like "why does my brother look like Tao hahaha x3 !!" when she posted it on twitter. I dont think he looks like any exo member tbh

No. 10536

Someone needs to call her out on her shit because thats the same thing she did to amikoto so

No. 10537

she try so hard to be like IM NOT ONE OF THE GIRLS I NEVER TALK SHIT IM SOO UNGIRLY LOL IM 1 OF D BOIZ literally everyone talks shit regardless of gender

No. 10538

her new cartier bracelets are fake

No. 10539

it's obvious. And she wears 3 at the same time lul makes it more obvious.

No. 10540

she said it was her graduation present did she finish college??

No. 10541

she's in fuckin highschool

No. 10542

yeah, those type of girls piss me off so much.
>I'm not like other girls
>I like boy things!
>I'm dramafree. unlike other girls, they're all catty bitches
she needs to stop. I hate girls like that the most. So damn thirsty. stop.

No. 10543

This! Both genders can be back stabbing and catty. Boys need to stop thinking they're free of drama because they have a penis.

No. 10544

File: 1427166134703.png (864.49 KB, 836x980, tumblr_nlozb8cWEt1tdmfsdo1_128…)

Idk why she keeps trying to get people into believing she's rich.

No. 10545

the certificate can be fake,too. The box, too. You can get them on Taobao and some internet shops. These bracelets are fake.

No. 10546

yeah.. graduation from high school (finally)

No. 10547

No. 10548

that looks exactly like it.. wow im so embarassed for her LOL

No. 10549

she wants people to believe she's rich cause she's so insecure about her non kawaii life
so she want's people to believe her lies so she can live a delusional life

No. 10550

File: 1427168327866.jpg (64.6 KB, 732x217, 4.JPG)

it's the same,trust me. Cartier's screwdriver is different. When I saw her 3 bracelets I laughed very hard, my aunt owns 3 too, hers are real and I compared Berry's to my aunt's and realized Berry's are fake. I wanted to give her an opportunity before claiming hers are fake, but yeah, as fake as her persona

No. 10551

she can try to fool her fans but she's not going to fool me since I know how they look irl and can tell the difference between a replica and the original one. But yeah she can post the inscription and the serial number, the certificate too, and the box! But Berry, someone who can tells the difference isn't going to believe you. Also, you can't afford them.

No. 10552

No. 10553

File: 1427170468841.jpg (120.18 KB, 640x982, image.jpg)

If it's so real then why did she delete the pic in her twitter? looolll

No. 10554

My parents love me to death but I'll be dammed if my mom gonna spend around $15000 on a damn bracelet…try again berry

No. 10555

she claims she is in college

No. 10556

It's obviously not true by the way she talks about it.

No. 10557

GOD DAMN when will someone take a photo of her on the street? Judging from previous thread there were a lot of people who live near her, so if she wants to live her delusions and be "famous kawaii animu star" she gotta deal with paparazzi too! Whats keeping you guys from doing it?

No. 10558

her mom is a teacher and her father is unemployed. theres no fucking way they would be able to afford stuff like that. she probably bought this off TB herself after saving for like 2 months

No. 10559

This reminds me about how I got a replica of AP dress and tried to pass it off as the real deal. I am still so embarrassed about it LOL

No. 10560

"waaaaaaah don't start drama around meeeee Imma soooo differeeeent from youuuu and don't deseeerveeee it"
what a bitch

No. 10561

File: 1427184714986.jpg (22.78 KB, 568x156, TB2YpbWbXXXXXb.XXXXXXXXXXXX-75…)

wow, she literally spelled it out for me
seriously, was she that retarded before? posting shit like this is just….a bit over the top

No. 10562

File: 1427185230233.jpg (21.76 KB, 524x131, TB2YpbWbXXXXXb.XXXXXXXXXXXX-75…)

I remember her crying to her twitter last year about people bringing up her old pics/posts and how "immature" this is, BCUZ THAT WAS SO LONG AGO AND I CHANGED U GUISE and theres like no point in it at all blegh
I just went through her Twitter and in last two days she posted so much hypocritical shit it's unbelievable. I'm seriously concerned about her mental health, she changes so quickly it's even alarming.

No. 10563

She also has a post about how she hates weeaboos on her Twitter right now. If I didn't knew her I could've believed that all this is some kind of extreme trolling

No. 10564

File: 1427185899731.gif (375.62 KB, 500x663, original.gif)

Almost everything this girl owns is a Chinese replica of something.

No. 10565

yep, pretty much cause of all the tb resellers @ storenvy that sponsor(ed?) her.
I actually haven't seen her make any reviews for months now so i'm not sure if she's still sponsored and just lying about it to her followers to make it seem like she's still getting free shit

No. 10566

idk why she would round out the upper lip like a fat sausage or fish lips the cupids bow looks so pretty….

No. 10567


No. 10568

she is going full retard

No. 10569

She obviously lives in her own little world she made up and no one is taking her bull shit. That's probably what it means.

No. 10570

you can tell that shes fat by looking at her badly shooped body lol

No. 10571

just look at OP pic >>10467 she's not thin nor small

No. 10572

Here in canada we know english and french and we're thaught spanish. Wtf shes so dumb. Thats common everywhere

No. 10573

what a snowflake

No. 10574

Ok, I don't know if I'm the only one imagining this or it really happened and people forgot about it but didn't Berry say she was stuyding something like art/design in college long ago? I remember her posting pics in her class or like a table with a classmate or friends' hands and various art stuff she did. Also I'm not 100% sure if I'm just imagining or what but before she got popular on internet (before wigs she she had those black hair and tiny), she wrote that she's doing art/design stuff in college in one of her asks/about me/faq or something like that. Idk if anybody recalls.

I mean you can change your major but all of a sudden she mentions becoming a doctor or whatever like she has always wanted to become that.

IMHO I think she's graduating high school this year(2015) but born 1994.

See thread >>57590

No. 10575

the big twist - shes actually 17 and still in high school lol
seriously though is there any way to know for sure? maybe ask her parents if they have facebook?

No. 10576

File: 1427305823246.jpg (18.18 KB, 552x106, 14516156212.jpg)

There is no fucking way a community college would be that pricey. I'm not familiar with US education fees so could someone please explain if its even possible???

No. 10577

Not trying to defend her but there's a ton of people who go to community college for more than 2 years. Maybe because they don't know what they want to do in life, or they're just lagging on school but yeah

No. 10578

can someone seriously just doxx her already, just to prove that her parents dont have money

No. 10579

Why is korrine always TALKIG about how rich she is wow

No. 10580

I think she's talking about 62k every year for four years.

No. 10581

File: 1427306600765.jpg (67.34 KB, 1080x562, Screenshot_2015-03-25-13-54-16…)

No. 10582

Still trying to prove how "real" cartier bracelets are. Also gotta love this: "MY PARENTS could afford paying for my education", but "I COULD afford buying stupid crap". What a bitch. Seriously, Korinne, you are not allowed spending your parents money as if it was yours when you are already capable of getting a job.

No. 10583

But still $62,000 a year is a lot for a community college. If she is really in a community college.

No. 10584

If she's aware of this board existence I need to leave a little message here.
Korinne, if you won't prove your bullshit with anything it will remain bullshit forever. And people will hate you for your lies. Just accept that you are a normal asian girl and please stop pretending being a kawaii animu princess with super wealthy parents. You don;t sound cool at all, you sound like a 5 year old living in a prefect little imaginary world. If we are wrong - just prove at least something. Please, that is all we want to see.

No. 10585

I'd like to expand on this.
I'm a medical student
I'm already in a lot of debt for school
My medical school, if I calculated everything right, should be around 50k at the most.
This doesn't include what I had to pay for community college, which was around 300-400$ each semester depending on my class load.

I know for a fact she's never said she's going to medical school.

I'm going to be a specialist in a certain field, and even then it should still be around 50k maybe 60k but no more.

For community collge, that is way too much.
If she's trying to say she's going to a UC, it would depend on what UC, it'd have to be like Standford. And that would be around 30-40k

No. 10586

Can someone please contact her parents and tell them what she's been doing and saying in the internet

No. 10587

Imagine how much BAWWWWW we will get out of her :D

No. 10588

Does someone even have her parents' contacts? Like, any social media account?

No. 10589

I looked up Ocean County CC and the only medical-related program they have is a nursing one. Is she gonna go to uni after college (does it works that way in US?)? Because to me nurse and doctor are ahem…different things.

No. 10590

If you look around you'll see their house number and their parents' names

No. 10591

she's such a liar do you think her lie habit is pathological?

No. 10592

Hey same poster.
Here in the US. You don't need to go to medical school to become a nurse.
Anyone can be come a nurse, and literally everyone does. It's one of the top most chosen careers in California, where I reside.

All you have to do is go to community college, take a few classes, go to a hospital and then do like an internship and you're done.

No. 10593

I don't think it's pathological.
To me it just seems to stem from her wanting to be cool. After all, she's still a child and every child lies and does the type of thing where they want to seem more like an adult. Therefore they'll tell a lot of tall tales and such. To me that's what she does, so it's not like an illness or psychological thing.

No. 10594

I though that you should…you know, behave more like an ADULT if you are over 20??…

No. 10595

We already know she lives in a shitty little house, so there's that.

No. 10596

She mentioned that she is going to be a plastic surgeon, are there such programs in Toms River?

No. 10597

The way I see it.
I went to public school, and a lot of people are - of course - catty and such in highschool. A lot of people I feel, never grow out of this phase or not completely. There's so many adults who are rude and uppity, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about if you've ever worked retail or just been out in the general public and seen some adult acting up.

Plus, she isn't 20? Is she? Even then, I know that your age doesn't necessarily reflect your mental capacity.
Berry if very childish, she's hypocritical and she'll attack people over stuff that she herself does.
What she really needs is a good spanking and her parents to teach her respect, and how to treat other people and that she'll get no where with the way she acts.

No. 10598

i know there was a group of people on tumblr a while ago, who wanted to make a blog dedicated to outting berry
they specifically wanted it on tumblr where a large majority of her followers would see it, because i doubt that her followers see this thread while she does
and that way she would just lose followers

but i know that they were scared that their identities would be found out and she would sick her fanbase on them
so nothing ever came of it because they didn't have the ability to conceal themselves ??? i guess bc they dont have ghostery and stuff like that

No. 10599

Does nurses earn a lot in US? Her mom is either a nurse or a teacher and shes about 50, so unless they have a lot of savings I'm not even sure how they afford raising 3 children

No. 10600

someone SHOULD make a blog on tumblr with all the info posted on these threads about korinne

No. 10601

File: 1427310065978.png (55.15 KB, 700x537, Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 18.5…)

She's definitely a nurse, not a teacher.

No. 10602

Carlo Mirafuente and Agnes Tigno on Facebook, these are her parents. She has commented in his hubby's photos so yeah, these are them.

No. 10603

So, say someone was to contact her parents.
What would you guys say?

No. 10604

send her parents her boob selfies lol

No. 10605

boob selfies, her lies, her 'hi-im-so-fucking-rich', her tweets lying about her family and parent's jobs…. ah, and her bully towards Amikoto

No. 10606

I almost want someone to do it, but at the same time I know it would have to be written and formatted nicely.
Bc if I had a kid i'm not sure i would read some strangers note that isn't coherent

just interested in what everyone would send

also what do you think they would reply? if at all? or what would happen
They honestly seem like really relaxed parents

No. 10607

they would not reply, and will only tell Berry to stop faking a persona. But they wont do anything imo

No. 10608

that's what I think too

Imo it would be better to out her to her followers and friends, rather than her own parents

No. 10609

I right now have only two main questions. One - is she still in high school and two - is she at least half as wealthy as she makes herself to be.

No. 10610

Why would they ban it though? It's not like it's violating anything.

No. 10611

Well if Berry did report the page for using her pictures and information without permission then it would be banned?
I don't know why didn't the creator of the page spread it around to her followers. It's weird creating that kind of page just to keep the likes below 10.

No. 10612

There was a "truth blog" about her some years ago but she copyright claimed it, it is where pics like >>10508 >>66663 and similar are from.

No. 10613

File: 1427314598481.jpg (25.39 KB, 613x218, ji.JPG)

No. 10614

File: 1427314795541.jpg (14.98 KB, 506x185, hj.JPG)

if your parents can afford your tuition and Cartier, why don't you buy clothes from Balmain, YSL and Alexander McQueen.. instead of buying cheap clothes on ebay, Berry? Why buying ebay wigs when you are so rich and can afford real hair wigs, Berry? And why bitching about being sponsored when you can afford F(x) eyes, MAC, Bobbi Brown, NARS, Chanel… eh, Berry? ( ° ʖ °)

No. 10615

File: 1427315044844.jpg (28.95 KB, 589x377, bruh.jpg)

can this word just die already

No. 10616

Berry's followers will probably just report that facebook page

No. 10617

There aren't a lot of schools in NJ that cost that much. Berry you go to OCC nice try.

No. 10618

Yeah she doesn't even drive, does she? ^^^^

No. 10619

OCC does offer biology which would be a good basis for her AA/AS and eventual BA/BS.

A friend of mine went to TCNJ and got a Biology degree and now is in med school.

No. 10620

At least most will see the truth

No. 10621

Doubt it, they will claim we madeup everything just like how Lime Crime fans do it.

No. 10622

File: 1427321096827.png (86.96 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-03-25-23-00-34…)

I think there are 3 Agnes Tignos in Toms river ?

No. 10623

File: 1427321199289.png (124.88 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-03-25-23-02-36…)


No , her father is "Joel Tigno "

No. 10624

it depends on what kind of nurse she is. it says she's an RN in >>10601 but some nurses with specializations make a lot of money. nurse practitioners are almost doctors and nurse anesthetists sometimes get paid more than low paid doctors.

you can definitely raise three kids if you are a registered nurse. if you work the weekend night shift in a hospital, you can make quite a bit. HOWEVER, you will not be rich by any stretch.

all her clothes are knock offs, and i don't know why she tries to hide it.

No. 10625

if she were rich why did she made that post of that feature points thing to buy the samsung camera? Yeah ur parents can afford cartier but not a camera of$300.

No. 10626

She posted a picture of another expensive shit from her parents. I bet she'll start posting shits like that just to make her followers believe that her parents are fucking rich.

No. 10627

J'adore is like $60-70 and there's a lot of promotions and you can get it for 50 at least in my country. She can afford it, remember she uses feature points and gets half of the points that her followers (the ones using the app) get when using it. It can be a gift, too. But yeah you're not going to day for spending 70 in a gift to your daughter.

No. 10628

No. 10629

Correct me if I'm wrong. She says her watch is by Anne Klein but I searched that watch and didn't see anything. So it's a knock-off with Anne Klein on it. Like if I make a jacket and put the tag of Chanel

No. 10630

oh, i don't think she's rich at all. i'm saying that a nurse can support three children. i'm NOT saying she can afford those bracelets.

No. 10631

Her parents didn't buy it. She got all these knock-offs using money she got off that deal with Japanese dollar store. I believe they paid her about $300-500, maybe less, so this is exactly some knock off bracelets, no-name watch and brand-name parfume. I have this one, it's not that expensive, pretty much $50 by the new exchange rates.

No. 10632

She's now gonna work her ass off to fit as much Chinese knock-offs in her little paycheck as possible to get people into believing she's rich. A smart person would've introduced everything slowly, avoiding the possibility of being labeled as snobby careless child who likes to throw mommy and daddy's precious money away, but no. She usually does not have any good ideas like this one.

No. 10633


She wants people to think that shes spoiled ~ thats animu

No. 10634

yeah, not being a responsible adult person at 20 yo is so kawaii animu uguu
I remember buying some expensive shit and being snobby for it (and people disliked me for it as well, I was so embarrassed when I found out lol) but that was because I was proud of working my ass off to buy those things. I guess if Berry did the same she would be much less hated…

No. 10635

That's why I hate weeaboo girls. This is not Japan and your life is not anime, you'll have to face the real life sooner or later and it's not that easy nor it's all fun and games. Get a clue, you dumb little kid.

No. 10636

How about starting a ED article about her? It will be short, but it will get much more publicity tham Tumblr or Facebook account. And they are harder to get down I believe.

No. 10637


Yes ! Somebody should definetely make an ED Page about her !

No. 10638

Is she talking about this thread on her twitter now? She's saying things like people shouldn't dig up what she did 3 years ago.

No. 10639

File: 1427387700578.jpg (34.31 KB, 573x273, 5667367235.jpg)


I can't fucking believe her hypocrisy. Just can't. Oh my god, I think I'm gonna piss myself, what the hell is up with her constant mood and thought swings???

No. 10640

File: 1427387808116.jpg (86.73 KB, 640x633, tumblr_ndo4s3xQln1qlpyreo8_128…)

No. 10641

why the hell would she spend some time to read things here?

No. 10642

Reading things from this thread and posting shit about it on twitter. Smh

No. 10643

Berry, can you please stop pretending to be so animu? Thank you. Oh and stop being such a hypocrite, too.

No. 10644

No. 10645

Dear Berry,
I know you are reading this so please upload more pics to prove how rich you are and show off how you have a kawaii Japanese face with massive boobs and tiny waist… and fashion sense

No. 10646

Lol she's so weird… supporting PC then saying she takes her support back lol.

No. 10647

second that someone should make an ED page about her.
It wouldn't actually be short
with her past, her lies, photoshop lies, bad attitude
it would be pretty long

No. 10648

I can't get over how weird she looks in the OP picture. That fucking wig.

No. 10649


Can someone do one ?

No. 10650

File: 1427393296662.png (159.19 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-03-26-19-04-25…)

Lol Does she mean lolcow ?

No. 10651

Yes, lol and she wants her brother to hack us.

No. 10652


Screenshot please ~

No. 10653

Bet she imagines hacking being something like going to command prompt and typing "hack lolcow.farm". Is she knows what a command prompt is, of course.
Not sure what does she means by "recreating screenshots", though. This is probably not about us.

No. 10654

hahahaha what a fucking idiot
I wouldn't be at all surprised if she's tried to report posts on here too.

No. 10655

no shes talking about the tumblr drama facing pastel-cutie

No. 10656

Huh, I only see them talking with each other.

No. 10657


she wanted to help prove the screenshots of PC were fake. Nothing to do with lolcow

No. 10658

She probably has. Admin said that he has received a lot of bullshit reports saying "this is mean." Fucking really?

No. 10659

She only talks to the people she often talks with in twitter. She doesn't reply to her other followers whenever they ask her simple questions.

No. 10660

Do you guys know what kind of laptop does she have? The purple one?

No. 10661

File: 1427404602678.jpg (70.5 KB, 1080x642, Screenshot_2015-03-26-17-09-27…)

She definitley sounds like a teenager. She asks her parents to buy her stuff at the age of 20? Seriously?

No. 10662

because they're so rich, of course

No. 10663

uuhh shouln't she be grateful tho…? Also you can buy a set of them @ walmart for a reasonable price but yea she's still pretty spoiled

No. 10664


You know, when people post shit like this I think they're usually trying to show off either how rich they are like >>10662 said, or "mummy and daddy love me sooooo much". All I really see is someone who gets shit handed to them on a silver platter though. It's funny because these kinds of people tend to be the ones who are like WEEHHHH I WORK SO HARD MY LIFE IS SO DIFFICULT WEEHHH.

No. 10665

I don't know if it's just Asian culture or what, but most people I know who are still students don't have part time jobs because their parents want them to focus on studying.
I'm in college and I still ask my parents for shit

No. 10666


i tought this was a common thing too, esl girl here and in our country is normal to just focus in studying specially if you are in university as those are really expensive, so failing a semester is the worst thing u can do lol

No. 10667

But don't you think it's almost shameless when you ask them for unnecessary things? Once in awhile is OK but for 3 cameras and those umbrellas..?? Better save up your own savings for that.

No. 10668

also her parents pay $60k per year for her college,, how could she ask for more expensive things?!? (sarcasm cause i doubt she even goes to a uni or any type of college and is probably not as rich as she makes herself to be)
she's just a spoiled bitch that's being babied by her family cause she's the youngest

No. 10669

probably cause her parents know she has no life besides the internet

No. 10670

i remember some time ago she made a post on either fb or tumblr saying "ok but its not my fault im spoiled like i dont ask my parents to buy me stuff i say i like something and they want to buy it for me" like lmao…. does she think shes some kind of rich anime princess

No. 10671

New here (This website is kind of hard to use LOL i usually post about berry all the time on yousei-bitches but people there focused more on pastelcutie and others)

I AM SO GLAD THERE ARE MANY MORE PEOPLE THAT SEE THROUGH HER SHIT!!!! I always thought she didn't sound like she goes to college, she isn't rich like she portrays herself to be and she's full of shit lol. I commented on her instagram cartier picture saying you can buy one for like $95 on a website and she deleted it in like 5 seconds smh. wish her whiteknights would see the light on her.

No. 10672

Also (same anon above) i thought she said her mom used to be a teacher? berry now claims her mom to be a doctor (probably to back up her "im riCh" sht).

No. 10673

i doubt her mom's a doctor. If anything she might be a nurse with the info ppl posted on here

No. 10674

if her moms a nurse in toms river then she probably works at community medical center.

pretty much every nurse is Filipino there.

No. 10675

I hate spoiled betches who don't have to work hard for anything and have things handed to them on a silver platter. She's over the age of 16. I wonder why she doesn't have a job so she could buy things on her own? I feel bad asking my parents for money. Even gas money I can't even asked for it -_- she's so spoiled I swear. Betches like her will never understand the struggle of hard work or the joy of buying something for yourself with your hard earned money. And also to the anon… I don't think all Asians parents are like that where they just want you to focus on school and will give you money if you need it. Growing up.. my parents never bought me any expensive shit. If I wanted it. I had to work for it. Idk what kinda parents berry's parents are but yeah they ain't raising her right if they really do spoil her like she makes it seem to be.

No. 10676

And oh also about her twitter tweets I'm pretty sure she's talking about Pastel-cutie. Incase anyone knows the drama that is going on… then I'm pretty sure berry is talking about how she's gonna have her brother help her prove that pastel cutie screen shop were photoshopped. If she really is trying to help pastel cutie then I'm gonna have to laugh because didn't yesterday she just said she take her support for pastel cutie back?? Is she supporting her again? Wtheck I don't understand this girl at all.

No. 10677

I don't get why everyone is so evil

No. 10678

Oh, hey Berry. How's family?

No. 10679

What happened to pastel cutie? Can anyone up me on this?

No. 10680

You can read all about the Pastel-Cutie drama on Yousei-Bitches.tumblr or on Pastel-Cutie's forum on prettyuglylittleliars. In short, she said some pretty nasty things and told someone they should die/supported suicide/someone killing themselves and some other things along the line. Then when it was exposed on Yousei-Bitches, Pastel-Cutie sent 2 more asks to the person who exposed her, adding gas to the fire hahaha.

Berry has made a bit of a stir being involved too. (-: Defended/Whiteknighted Pastel Cutie at first on twitter saying all these things that a bunch of idiots that sided with Pastel Cutie said, then the next morning posted on tumblr saying she (berry) "takes her support back". THEN moments after that post she defended Pastel-Cutie again and then deleted the post on tumblr. We got screen shots of the post though (on Yousei-Bitches, you might need to scroll.) If you want to read more into it with Berry involved, def. check out prettyuglylittleliars forum about Pastel-Cutie page like 60 something.

Hilarious LOL shows how two faced Berry is. Probably mooching off Pastel-Cutie followers.

No. 10681

Lmao anon basically summarized everything up. ^

No. 10682

Why does Berry post something on twitter and then deletes it? It just happened like a moment ago. I think she posted something about tumblr?

No. 10683

So that ppl can't call her on her shit. She's deleting Proof.

No. 10684

Next time, if it's something good, you might want to screen shot it and just post it here.

No. 10685

File: 1427490227142.png (35.66 KB, 540x389, ok lol.png)


yeah she posted this:

Nothing really important but in case you guys were curious

No. 10686

Berry just posted more (possibly) "rich" aesthetics/lifestyle on her instagram again. Knowing Berry it probably is a part of her rich scheme. this time with 1 camera lens and 2 cameras one being a dslr I believe.

bye gurl show me some hermes, balmain, better yet a tesla under your name.

No. 10687

File: 1427493871217.jpg (110.54 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

ok,, i know she got a lot of messages but she deleted all of them..?!
I'm sure she got a lot of messages too that took people a long time to put their words in but ???
Then again i don't want anyone looking up to this hoe

No. 10688

what a fucking bitch. I got 20 messages per day on Interpals and I, at least, reply half of them for example (the ones talking to me, not only saying hi or compliments). She could reply at least 20.

No. 10689

the samsung eas bought with the feature points app, do u know how f.points work? You have a code, you give the code and promote the app, and then, you get half of the points that the people you give them your code to start using the app obtains. And the points can be turned into paypal real money. She said she needed to give her code and use the app to buy the samsung camera. Stop talking shit Berry, u arent rich, u neededa fucking app to buy a damn camera

No. 10690

peep her twitter. she has now turned her back on pastel-cutie. FOR GOOD.

No. 10691

I would screenshot but I'm on mobile and the twitter thread is too long.

No. 10692

File: 1427499862153.jpg (141.56 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

same. It's too long but here's the end of it.
I don't feel any different towards her tho

No. 10693

yeah I don't feel any different either. I mean, either she is really oblivious or something but surprised she didn't see those pictures already. Or maybe she saw people saying shit about how she handled it earlier with defending, then taking it back then defending again.

Berry will still be manipulative and deceiving despite "turning her back" on Pastel Cutie. I mean she went back on her words before what makes it certain that she won't later on lmaooo

Whatever for now though she unfollowed PC and that's a pretty big sign in itself

No. 10694

like berry pretty much said: she didn't wanna get shit on anymore by ppl for being friends ith P-C. (ex; deleting her support post and her asks)
I feel like her main reason was for herself and not really because of what PC had done. Also if she still kept sides with PC then more people would hate her and might be more suspicious of her also lol

No. 10695


lbr i feel like most big "kawaii" bloggers are doing it for the same reasons

No. 10696


wow kind of sounds selfish looool. Well it's Berry what can you expect. Has anyone else noticed she never sends her online friends out anything (gift wise) yet they do to her? Idk but I feel like if she did they wouldv'e mentioned it and she would've retweeted/reblogged it or something.

No. 10697

Also notice berry doesn't take pictures with any of her real life friends?? (Well I haven't seen any as far as I know) lol

No. 10698


I remember she took a photo of her 2 friends trying on her wigs for fun alooong time ago (like a year ago I think?).

They looked like kids like… middle schoolers, physique wise. Definitely not high school seniors or college students.

No. 10699

Was she in the picture with her two friends?

No. 10700


If this truly does happen it might end up being like Wylona. PSing the shit out of her friends and herself, get her friends into PSing or something, use her friend as a "proof" that she looks like how she doe sin real life. (wylona x yuki friendship going on there lol)

No. 10701

Hahaha well its possible because doesn't photoshopped her siblings pictures already? Lol how sad. She's that insecure.

No. 10702


No Berry took the photo on her bed I believe, her 2 friends (she called them her friends) was an african american chick and some white chick. I clearly remember the african american chick having black and white stripped leggings/pants. But they were faced towards Berrys huge ass vanity mirror with wigs on posing. Their physique resembled middle schoolers/young kids imo.

No. 10703

*doesn't she

No. 10704

I really want to see a full body picture of her with friends someday.. lol just to see how animu kawaii she is

No. 10705


Yep lmaooo I don't think her siblings PS is as extensive as Berry's though. I find Michelin/Myk to be more pretty and realistic than Berry. Pretty sure Berry PS's Luke's nose to make it tall and pointy

No. 10706

Lol wow xD

No. 10707

>> Pretty sure Berry PS's Luke's nose to make it tall and pointy
of course she does

No. 10708

yeahhh she also said she's planning on visiting japan like a month ago, planning on moving to california next year or so, and actually lives in NY,, and other bs. Highly doubt she'll visit her friends anytime soon cause she's spending her money on useless shit instead of saving up for travels

No. 10709

No. 10710

I think the friend that she said she would be meeting is in NY. If she is also in NY then why don't they just meet already?

No. 10711

berry living in NY? LOL!! did her brain forget the letter J and replaced it with Y? She lives in New Jersey and goes to school there. No way does she "suddenly" move to NY. Prob just a visit that she twisted it into her living there.

No. 10712

Thank you for the pic anon. Hmm I wonder why she put the egg stickers on the picture? What is she hiding plus why won't she show her friends face? Is she scared her friends might not look kawaii enough? O.o

No. 10713

They are to hide their mirror reflections.

No. 10714

Idk some people don't wanna just put their friend's faces on the Internet without their permission. Maybe she thinks they both looked funny in that pic.

No. 10715

i would def hide my friends and familys reflections too but thats just me lol

No. 10716

same if they aren't aware or okay with me possibly posting the photos on my social networks. i always ask first lol

i recall the photo was kind of old good job hunting the photo down. i think this was like the only time berry posted anything about her friends. everything else is with her family/siblings

No. 10717

Even more, those might be her other relatives. I lurked on Facebook and Tigno family is HUGE.

No. 10718


LOL if only it was possible to see any photos of her relatives have posted on fb would be an interesting thing to see

No. 10719

Ive been a mutual of Berry for a long time now and tbqh I've always been kind of scared of changing my style (more than how I dress). We share similar styles up to how we blog and our interests are similar too. We don't talk really but

I've been leaning towards simplicity aesthetic but a little before her until she started posting such photos that fall under simple artsy aesthetic now im scared to post mines because she might say im copying her and/or call me out and i really dont want that lol

she bitches out natalia kills but shes the asian natalia kills

No. 10720

Anon, if you're worried why not just unfilled berry and start posting what you want to post? No need to feel scared about her. If berry say anything like you're copying her… I'm pretty sure if we used screen shots and proof of her hypocrisy against her she might shut up about it? Hahaha well just a thought. Idk if it's easier said than done but yeah.

No. 10721

Oops I meant unfollow -_- dang typo

No. 10722

but i thought her style was just generic tumblr? she'll be attacking a lot of people if that's the case.

No. 10723

I've seen it. She did attack a few people and if they were her friends? WOW YOU LOOK LIKE ME.

No. 10724

i wonder how she feels about all these kpop bands that are copying her too. lol

No. 10725

I don't understand ppl who accuses others of "copying"? I feel like we're all just inspired by everyone around us. Like no one is the original owner of anything -_-

No. 10726

because she's a special fucking snowflake that thinks the world revolves around her just cause she has a few (mindless) "fans"

No. 10727

>asian natalia kills
lol this is so tru she already has the hair and bitch face all she needs is the black lipstick

No. 10728

Can somebody sum up the whole drama around her or create an ED Page ?

No. 10729

what is a ed page?

No. 10730

Encyclopedia Dramatica

No. 10731

idk about drama with her except for that one time she publicly called out a blogger (amikoto) about copying her, didnt do anything about her whiteknights and called her an ugly monkey– but yeah,, she's just a big liar about her appearance and everything else.
Also i've heard some people feel inferior and feel bad about themselves because they want to look like her photoshop self + her fake kawaii animu laifu?

No. 10732

Yeah it would be really sad if her followers tried to starve themselves or over exercise just to get a body like berrys. Which her body is obviously photoshopped but her followers don't know that.

No. 10733

Or think that it's ok to act snobby and spoiled because they think it's very anime kawaii to do so.

No. 10734

She only ever shows off one part of her body in a pic. legs, boobs, ass, or stomach… so it's hard to tell what she really looks like. It's obvious everything is shopped because she never takes legit full body pics unless she's wearing a ton of baggy clothing

No. 10735

She does post mirror selfies sometimes but they are squished a lot.

No. 10736

Mirror pics don't count, especially when she has so many nice cameras. I think that on top of the shoop, her mirror is probably warped. Don't tell me she doesn't own a tripod

No. 10737

I am pretty sure she does considering her father just bought her umbrella lamp reflectors.

No. 10738

yeah the mirror she has is from walmart (used to own one) and they aren't even made of glass.. i think it's some kind of plastic(?) so it definitely does warp her figure

No. 10739

i love how she deleted her old pics before 2014 on tumblr
everything's still on VK though loool

No. 10740


Yeah, I own one too, that's why I think its warped to hell even without shoop. My mirror has gotten progressively worse, too.

No. 10741

File: 1427588467222.jpg (147.68 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

"I don't tag my posts"

No. 10742

File: 1427588501154.jpg (121.84 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 10743

there was one time where Berry posted a photo of her eyes on FB and everyone was saying how she never says what lenses she uses and people were trying to figure out the lenses then she commented saying which one she uses then a few minutes after she deletes her comment lol apparently this bitch doesn't want us to use the same lenses as her or smth ??? I've read really bad reviews on them too ( can't remember the name of them right now )

No. 10744

i think she only put that so she wont be responsible for anything when people see her re-posts and etc. like "nsfw", "body image", and so on
ofc she gonna tag her reviews and her face,, cause she's a catfish

No. 10745


Idk I think it's either she doesn't want us to wear the same lenses as hers or she just photoshopped her contacts/eyes to the max and doesn't want people to think it's super photoshopped. I assume we're talking about the FX lenses because I remember people were crazy over those. FX lenses are pretty expensive ($400?) wouldn't she have bragged/showed off about that, considering she's been showing off her fake cartier bracelets and whatnot. I dont really believe she owns any FX lenses or those FX adriana lenses

it's also really easy to change eye color (or contacts in this case). nothing youtube or google can't teach you lol

No. 10746

File: 1427595890466.gif (560.46 KB, 280x495, 1426637884021.gif)


Tru that also in her gifs she always covers herself like huge jackets etc and her hair covering her face. And this gif…… notice the squiggly wig lmfao, like wtf is that huge ass thing covering half the photo? i assume she probably has some weight to her tummy and couldn't photoshop it in a gif or it'd be too noticeable like the wig.

No. 10747

Lmao omg xD holy shit I wonder if berry needs some ice for all that burn. I do have to agree. If those lenses were the expenses fx lenses she would had totally bragged about it like her bracelet. Instead she didn't and kept avoiding when ppl asked her what lens. Lol I think she photoshopped it. Haha.

No. 10748

am I the only one who noticed that her hand looks really chubby in that gif ??

No. 10749

she is chubby in that gif. just good at hiding

No. 10750

When she says this she means that she doesn't tag 'nsfw' or any triggering tags like 'abuse' and such

No. 10751

someone who has the capability, I don't sorry, should take this gif frame by frame and point out the discrepancies

No. 10752

How much do you guys think she weight in real life?

No. 10753


at 5'0-5'1
prob 110-125

I do remember she posted before after pics of her scale and lost 30 lbs in 3 or 6 months I forgot. it was like 12x, 11x, 9x.

No. 10754

i remember seeing a scale that was like 9x lbs but im gonna call bs cause she probably just put her foot on it

No. 10755

in her shooped pics of her legs, i'd say she looks 90lbs. in other pictures where you see her shoulders and shit, i'd say she looks about 120-125lbs. with pictures of her stomach shoop and shit, she still only looks about 105-110lbs there.

so i'm guessing that she weighs around 120lbs.

No. 10756

No. 10757

i dont get why you guys are mad at her for not answering stuff?? a while ago when she first got those new lens i asked her on tumblr and she told me what they are. like everything i asked her before she has replied back

No. 10758


get outta here whiteknight, or berry herself

No. 10759


PUHLEASE. Whiteknight alert.

Ive asked her what wigs she's used before and where I could get them and I even said sorry for being a bother. This was before I found out how shitty she was. She never replied to any of my question and I've asked her 2 questions before. I forgave her but then I realized how deceiving and ridiculous she is. Hope you see it too until then i pray 4 u

She'll only answer you under certain circumstances or if it's something that people can't "copy" from her.

No. 10760

I've asked her a question on tumblr before. Even though she answered me, it sounded like rude and like she didn't really want to help me but just gave me a 2-3 word answer

No. 10761

Then tell what lenses they are if she told you

No. 10762

she deleted all her tumblr asks so no one's messages will be answered now lol

No. 10763

i noticed she only replied to the things she's sponsored by.. because she has to tell ppl

No. 10764

File: 1427652447005.png (37.31 KB, 654x216, urmom.png)

maybe she feels more comfortable answering questions in private i guess

No. 10765

That doesn't make sense because we've all seen her answer asks on public before.
And she's been a total bitch about how she answers, not all the time, but generally most of the time.

I'd say sometimes she replies privately, but when she feels like she can publicly humiliate someone she'll put it to public.
Because i've someone ask her something, and she'll reply with some smart ass remark like "what are you stupid? it's this blahblahblah" to try and one up someone on the internet as if she's important

No. 10766


Meh I think she only answered bc other people answered for her. If I remember correctly she never mentioned the brand until someone did for her then she started answering it everywhere.

I mean if she answered you about it why not just say it publically to those who ask or make a post about it

No. 10767


Also these sort of tie together

No. 10768

WHOA She said it clearly earlier that they weren't Adriana but custom made lenses from FXeyes!!

No. 10769

File: 1427655108249.jpg (135.06 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

These are her lenses Adriana from fxeyes

No. 10770

I'm so confused so are the Adriana lens or custom made lenses????

No. 10771

HONESTLY I wouldn't be surprised if she lied about it or if its photoshooped like >>10745 said

like its Berry what do you guys expect she's a walking lie lmao

No. 10772


Neither prob Photoshop since she clearly cant make up her mind and thetes no proof she reslly got those lenses. She wouldve bragged about it. >>10745 explains

she's prob just using fx lenses as a way to hide that's its Photoshop or she wanted to Photoshop her contacts to look like those lenses.

No. 10773

i don't think shes lying they look the same to me. and if she did brag about it you guys would prob complain anyways

No. 10774

hi whiteknight
go first yourself lmao
or i'm sure you'd rather fist berry

No. 10775

whiteknights are soo annoying in general– not just berry's but for any other e-famous people. They think they're friends w/them right away just cause they respond to one of their messages/comments -_-

No. 10776


LOL whiteknight. You're blind and delusional.

No. 10777


Agreed LOL so sad

No. 10778


Clearly you have not heard of photoshopping. Did you even bother to read about her in this thread and her older thread?

You see it as complaining because you don't see what we see. She's deceiving and an epic liar point blank, not just with photoshopping. Looks like she's gotten to you.

Go kiss ass to Berry.

No. 10779

File: 1427673674003.png (1.86 MB, 1400x990, berry.png)

Here are all the gif frames

No. 10780

$475 for those ugly ass contacts? nah. all the people wearing them look cockeyed. for some hand painted contacts, they look horribly unrealistic and cheap.

No. 10781

File: 1427677103308.jpg (648.02 KB, 911x1180, kawaii_photo_20150329195139015…)

is the HTC even that expensive? and what it makes me sad that people believe her and say this awh ):

No. 10782

iPhone is better than HTCshit.

No. 10783

Cheers anon. What did people mean about the 'squiggly' wig etc?

No. 10784

iPhone is more expensive, too. And you can get a mobile phone for 20€ ($23?) per month during X months. So it's not being rich, it's having parents that can pay that during X months for you.

No. 10785


carefully watch the wig in gif here

notice it on your right. its bouncy I own a few curly short wigs myself and I don't recall wigs being that bouncy on one specific part of the wig?

No. 10786

i wonder what would happen if someone or some people were to comment on her photos saying she's not rich. will berry get defensive just to defend her "fake animu rich life"?

No. 10787

yeah she's done it before
on twitter too

that and if you comment on her boobs
i remember people saying
bc she shoops her boobs big and then in some pics they're nonexistent
and people were like thats now how big boobs work you can't hide them if you were to wear a big sweater you'd still see the outline of their largeness

and then she posted on twitter
amateurs can't hide big boobs lol

No. 10788


my friends has big boobs and she's asian, she's a D or double D i believe, and its VERY hard hiding big boobs. even with sweaters, you can see the outline/large humps definitely. i wouldnt be surprised if berry starts shooping humps on her photos now after this.

No. 10789

Yup. I own an HTC One m7 and it's really shitty, including the camera.

No. 10790

also the only logical explanation i can think of to make her "boobs" even a little smaller is if she lays down. but otherwise meh i can't believe anything about berry that she spews online.

No. 10791

I have large boobs, and I know for a fact that it's hard to hide.
In sweaters like she tries to play off, you can't hide them, you'd still see the shape and be able to see that they're big.

I would be a little surprised if she started to try and shoop in some humps only because before she made it seem like she was some big hotshot who could some how hide her big boobs whenever she felt like it
and then to switch back

I'd go back and look for those tweets but theyre really really old

No. 10792

i wonder if berry found this forum yet she's been quieter than she usual is on twitter lately

No. 10793

File: 1427679236268.jpg (75.69 KB, 453x604, o9FDZPf3AmI.jpg)

people will call her out on it. it'll be interesting. i remember her galaxy shit, i own of these types of shirt and they're tight af. yet no boob outline, berry?

No. 10794


*shirt LOL

No. 10795

File: 1427679330523.jpg (54.89 KB, 472x604, PCM1qLeBMtk.jpg)

this is probably around the actual size of her boobs. its a cute size imo i dont see why she needs to shoop it to make it hentai like.

oh wait to lure in creepy guys

No. 10796

File: 1427679395135.jpg (21.88 KB, 364x235, PJyuIWyO2Eo.jpg)

i think she shoops + push up bras/stuffs + pushes her arms together to make her boobs huge. typical tactic to make bigger boobs

No. 10797

No that's not the real size either.

A while back she got a haircut, and it was chin length black hair.
She posted the picture on tumblr and on facebook, and she was wearing a black tanktop. Her chest is COMPLETELY flat.
Wish I had the image or could find it.

No. 10798

I've come to notice Berry has literally zero pores in any photo. How do people fall for this shit

No. 10799

I think she deleted her old tweets from the past years.

No. 10800

It's psychologically due to being attracted to pretty things.
Same thing with when someone see's a model in a magazine and they're airbrushed to hell. It's attractive to looks smooth and flawless.
But NO ONE has skin like that, let alone some highschool cunt

No. 10801

File: 1427679767373.jpg (40.91 KB, 407x720, 10371759_797620973594905_79350…)

ok why are her tits up to her fuckin neck???!!

No. 10802

the side of her face and ear ratio tho

No. 10803

File: 1427679870763.jpg (78.15 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Jawline doesn't match

No. 10804

>>10800 >>10798
yeah and the people who usually believe her and defend her like no other are usually younger people. younger people are gulliable and delusional. wish they didnt look up to berry though smh

No. 10805

Or is a hair? Idk it's shit quality

No. 10806

LMAOOO oh shit

No. 10807

She's too laughable

No. 10808

File: 1427679991143.jpg (33.76 KB, 485x720, 1904253_734294663260870_136567…)

hey guys lets not forget this photo either did anybody else notice how fucking stretched out this shit is?????

No. 10809

you poor little thing

No. 10810

those little legs i can't breath why is she such a moron

No. 10811

And the one with the animu ribs painted haha btw she's FLAT CHESTED in that animu rib pic

No. 10812

This is one of my favs, along with the into workout gear into the mirror shot with Pedobear head photo posted in one of the previous threads.

No. 10813

File: 1427680389606.jpg (103.38 KB, 640x539, image.jpg)

This one haha

No. 10814

Her room doesn't look like the one of a spoiled rich kid :( aww berry, you should learn to lie better.

No. 10815

forrrreaaall looks like a typical simple room. nothing "rich" the least.

No. 10816

File: 1427680656449.png (475.11 KB, 671x658, capture-20150329-205356.png)


an actual screen shot of the original pic

No. 10817

that looks like some strands of her hair, though

No. 10818


idk if its hair. if it is hair where is her actual jawline then?

No. 10819

I don't know shit about this girl but she needs to learn how to shop consistently, at the very least. She looks like a totally different person in every pic.

No. 10820

Also, look at her nose. And face in general. It's so plain. Like if someone hit her with a frying pan.

No. 10821

File: 1427680882042.jpg (32.97 KB, 408x720, 10402542_884975634859438_60281…)

remember when she apparently met "ouji". i always thought this photo was creepy. if its her siblings, it's a little leaning towards incest and how can anyone say thats not the slightest bit weird.

No. 10822


No. 10823

I'm sure it's a sibling. If I can't see his face in couple pics I won't believe huh

No. 10824

Yeah, typical fat tits tactic.

top kek

No. 10825

even if it was a strand of hair it wouldn't line up

No. 10826

File: 1427686732909.jpg (115.71 KB, 1080x1202, Screenshot_2015-03-29-23-33-38…)

Loool yeah right, Berry

No. 10827

LOL i was just about to post this damn you beat me to it.

but yeah lmao, she's at it again smh

No. 10828

Haha sorry about that XD

No. 10829


not somebody someone should idolize. its sad how people idolize her. people who do idolize her will think that its ok to ask your parents to be a spoiled brat.

this is so bad and sad lmao

No. 10830

* so bad and sad on berrys part

No. 10831

Lol I didn't wanna make my question sound like I'm criticizing her. I'm scared of her followers.

No. 10832


LOL was it you who asked her?
I don't blame you her whiteknights can be scary… and stupid tbh lol. Plus Berry will go crazy and probably call you out because she's immature. That whole tweet she posted was immature.

No. 10833

tbh i got influenced by her when i thought she was cool (before i found out how she's such a bad liar with everything and a spoiled child) she made me think it's ok to be needy of unecessary things to my parents to be as cute as "berry" because i felt inferior.
I don't want anyone to idolize this bitch because she's a bad influence and she doesn't want to be responsible for her own actions

No. 10834

agreed. in large sweaters, big boobs can often make you look chubbier/shapeless.

this just looks like a fuller a cup in a pushup bra. i believe it.

No. 10835

File: 1427689496728.png (211.07 KB, 270x417, amikotocopycat.png)

now she looks like she's going for amikoto's style (that tumblr style). but it's just funny that she has the same haircut and is doing the adidas track jacket thing AFTER amikoto.

No. 10836

inb4 she does ihatenike's foot on the sink pose

No. 10837

I wanna see that pic ^

No. 10838

it might be too much work to shoop herself skinny enough in that pose

No. 10839

This look is horrible. Wow berry keep that style, looks like you're going to clean your high school's hall floor. :v zo kawaii huh

No. 10840

Omg she does wow
Its ok amikoto/Jenn is cool and pretty well known in this sort of style community. Hopefully the community won't acknowledge berry.and Pretty sure berry might get on ppls ass if she sees ppl dressing like her as if she claims this look looool

No. 10841

holy fuck can she stfu about how kawaii she is lol also she mentions Satan a lot

No. 10842

File: 1427694102316.jpg (251.39 KB, 911x990, Screenshot_2015-03-30-00-25-13…)

Forgot image

No. 10843

ew i just saw that too omg she belongs in the trash with her fat ego

No. 10844

she also tweets about mocking people's beliefs like it's ok to not believe in a god but sometimes she tweets things like "why do people believe in a bearded guy in the sky? :3" as if it's so cute of her to say and idk i just think it's really rude of her to say that for people with faith.
i'm on mobile and too lazy to source im srry

No. 10845

The more I see of her in this thread, the more disgusting I think she is.

No. 10846

She's too full of herself tbh.

No. 10847


yeah I've seen that tweet before I thought the same thing like wtf.

No. 10848


True that. Smh, where's your oh-so called originality, Berry?

More big jackets as a cover up~~~

No. 10849

File: 1427698905788.png (4.33 KB, 509x56, capture-20150330-015301.png)

From Berry's tumblr faq. She recently updated it I believe. Sounds pretty arrogant.

She removed all her shop links and stuff. One of my friend sponsored her clothes a few months ago too but it has yet to be reviewed by Berry. I wonder if she'll ever get a chance to review it like she should.

No. 10850

>always sponsored by Sheinside.. don't have to buy clothes from the mall
wow.. can someone slap her already?

No. 10851

it probably didn't fit her cause she doesn't have that animu body so she gave it away.. im half-jk. Hopefully she does get to it so your friend can get the review she deserves

No. 10852

File: 1427701984860.png (409.4 KB, 575x359, capture-20150330-024611.png)

…… ok sure berry sure lol

No. 10853

just like in my animus ^_^

No. 10854

Why does this bitch have followers? Like yeah, I get it, she shoops herself all ~kawaii perfect annie-may gyaru doll~ which gullible tumblr tards believe is her real face and they want to look like her (pictures), but her attitude is disgusting. It doesn't matter to me if someone is amazingly beautiful or cute, if they're as rude and arrogant as her, there's no way I'd want to follow them.

No. 10855

She's asian.

No. 10856

tumblr worships asians and average black girls with 20 layers of makeup and contour and drag queen eyebrows.

also fakbois.

No. 10857

It's possible. Back in school if you maintained your GPA above a certain point, you could spend time doing what you want during something called "flex time" which is in some schools. Ideally it's supposed to allow you to spend time on your homework, get tutored, extra help, etc but I knew some students used that time to goof off.

No. 10858

That's more than Harvard University annually wat

No. 10859

She posted a picture of someone tying her shoes. Wtf.

No. 10860

Ok my boyfriend does that all the time and I never had to take a picture of it… lazy to tie your shoelaces but not lazy to take out your phone, take a photo, and brag about it on twitter?

No. 10861

If I were as rich as she claims to be I'd be dressing up with high fashion brands like Balmain and McQueen. Not SheInside, which is cheap clothing.
I was the best design student at high school and the teacher didn't care if I skipped one or two lessons, but if you eat while being in class the teacher kicks you out lol it's forbidden.

The more I read about Korinne, the more I want her to hit a wall and realize she's being a disgusting ugly brat and not as kawaii as she thinks she is.

No. 10862


Does she even know what community college is? Most four years aren't that much. anyone with half a brain would write that off as bullshit.

No. 10863

lol in uni you eat whenever you want berry you are in high school stop lying

No. 10864


Meh, depends on the Professor. Some of them have poles up their asses about eating in class, and some rooms you really shouldn't eat.

But yeah, basically they're cool with it as long as you don't disturb anyone.

No. 10865

if she went to college usually (or at least in my college) you should just leave the classroom if you're done with your work? Still weird unless they're doing seatwork

No. 10866

That's really strange. Like someone else said, in my college if you finish your work you don't have to stay, hell if you have nothing to do in class and your lecturer knows that, you probably don't even need to show up. It's not mandatory attendance like in HS… If it is a big course (especially in something like medicine as she claims) then there will be so many students the lectures won't even know you're missing tbh, nor do they really care. You don't get role call beforehand or anything. What she's describing sounds so HS, how does she not realize that?

No. 10867

bread makes you fat berry

No. 10868

PLUS, she's clearly getting in state tuition which should be substantially cheaper even if it a real university and not community college

No. 10869

File: 1427731204649.jpg (540.2 KB, 911x1147, Screenshot_2015-03-30-10-54-12…)

"Rich kids on point"

L M A O why does she try so hard.
Someone give her a reality check esp about her fake Cartier bracelets.

No. 10870

True that. In her old thread people talked about if she really is in college or not. The way she talks about college doesn't really sound like college to me sounds like highschool

No. 10871

She might be lying again.

She's def in community college tho no way is uni that easy for a med student where she can get that much time to be arrogant, Photoshop, game and what not. Doesn't make sense. All my friends in uni for med school, even ones with really good GPA and grades in HS, struggle. Plus the way she talks about school either sounds like HS or CC. Also she goes to school and lives in NJ but lately she claims to live in NY wat if you're in uni the chances of moving willy nilly like that is slim…?

No. 10872

File: 1427732066202.jpg (74.71 KB, 1080x780, Screenshot_2015-03-30-12-08-49…)

Berry, you can't do that. Most people are taller than you. You can't even reach their face hahahaha

No. 10873

>>10871 aren't community colleges not that easy too?

No. 10874

Uni or community college I think in general is stressful! It just sounds so odd that she's so called going to school to become a plastic surgeon. I agree. I don't think she should have that much time to slack off. I also notice she always talk about how much she sleeps like does she think it's cute that she sleeps so much? That just sounds like she's so fucking lazy. Just sleep and wake up to put makeup and take selcas. -_- ugh her followers are pretty fucking stupid to be idolizing a lazy ass bitch who doesn't do anything.

No. 10875

Depends on how many classes you take and what classes. I'm a med major and I go to a CC whereas a lot of my friends go to Uni, CC is def more relaxed in terms of work load than uni. Also depends on how many classes you take, a lot of CC students around here take only 4 classes. CC is usually just a place to get your basics out of the way then transfer and save money.

No. 10876

"Rich kids on point" man am I tempted to just be annoying and link on that pic a link that shows her bracelets are fake.

No. 10877

Same omg
I did it once on my other account but she deleted it lmaooo

No. 10878

File: 1427732741619.jpg (101.97 KB, 904x235, Screenshot_2015-03-30-11-06-08…)

Yeah I don't think she's in Uni. At the very least probably HS or CC.

Also I remember in her old thread people said that she might just be in HS and was held back due to immigrating so her age is accurate but schooling might not be.

No. 10879

Hehe the goal is to comment/link it when she's asleep (; that way it stays over night who knows who will see it before she wakes up

No. 10880

"I won't say anything. I won't pull your hair. I will just go straight for your face." LOL someone is angry.

No. 10881

File: 1427733014065.jpg (173.02 KB, 910x466, Screenshot_2015-03-30-11-25-19…)

wow much badass so animu wow!!!!

Ugh I feel like her worshippers or whatever they're called will read this and think its okay to be immature and pick fights.

No. 10882

>>10872 >>71604
Did she delete it? I can't find it.

No. 10883

"Go straight to your face"
She does know that its the people who throw punches first that get arrested first right/are more likely to be ticketed as guilty LOL at least in US laws?

No. 10884

I love how she calls it her ~native country~ instead of saying the Philippines cos it's not kawaii.

No. 10885

Lmao that's a good idea. Linking it over night while she's asleep hahaha.

No. 10886

File: 1427735369812.png (350.1 KB, 580x408, capture-20150330-024920.png)

are all of those laptops supposed to be hers? It seems that she is implying that.

No. 10887

>Gaming laptop

No. 10888

File: 1427735552398.png (222.48 KB, 748x392, capture-20150330-120846.png)


You can get cheap ones here (http://www.braceletoutlets.com/copy-cartier-love-bracelet-pink-gold-b6035616-new-version-prevent-screws-fall-out-p-9744.html) too
Comes with the authentication certificate and everything. only $95 usd~~~ So if Berry ever releases that certificate, don't fall for it lmao.


No. 10889

Samefagging. I doubt they're all hers and even if they are, she's incredibly fucking dumb to have three separate laptops for those things when the 'gaming' one presumably can and will handle all jobs very easily.
>3 iPads
Yup, retardation confirmed.

No. 10890


I'd say 2 of them belong to her siblings but they also could belong to her - a friend of me and her 2 siblings own 5 Laptops , altough they are far from being rich

No. 10891

exactly. I can understand the school laptop a little since the gaming laptop looks heavy and bulky to be carrying around but really, internet laptop? lmao. I'm also pretty sure the gaming laptop belongs to her brother.

No. 10892

Yeah, I know a few families that own a lot of laptops too. You can get them for a pretty good price on craigslist haha. But I doubt they're all Berry's. Berry has a brother and a sister too that she lives with anyway. So it would make sense if each belongs to one person. And Berry would've bragged about that huge gaming laptop, her current laptop is small and purple probably the middle one.

No. 10893

She always implies things rather than stating them outright, so that she can deny it if she gets called out. It's the lamest trick.

No. 10894


Im so annoyed by her behaviour,I mean it's so obv

No. 10895

Loool true she implies hoping people will think they're all hers so that she will look "rich" and spoiled, but if anyone says otherwise she'll be quick to say "i never said they're all mines" or "they're my siblings and one is mine".

smh how old is this girl really

No. 10896


why do people fall for her honestly

No. 10897

seems like this thread has much more people making posts

No. 10898

much more as in more people contributing?

I found out about this thread a few days ago. I actually always thought Berry was not what she portrays herself to be online (rich, kawaii queen????), her schooling was fishy and that she's arrogant before I found this thread. She always had that nasty vibe radiating from her imo.

Hopefully that means there are also other people who see thru her bullshit lol

No. 10899


Laughed so hard at this one , she's 1,53 m ~ you could just kick her away

No. 10900


Yeah that's what I meant (sry for my english), I think there are more and more people who found out about her and keep up with this thread

No. 10901

Lmao that's what she did with the picture of the iPhone on her ig. She tried to make it seem like she has an iPhone and then an HTC but I was reading through the comment and she said the iPhone is her sister. Hahaha she's so lame I swear. She's trying to hard to look rich. Hahaha please stop berry. Lol we're not falling for it

No. 10902

she isnt short in the last thread someone said she claimed she was so tall and 5'5 she just got shorter by the times and she takes her im so short pictures at an angle upwards to seem short

No. 10903

Nothing wrong with being tall? she probably wants people to think she's real life kawaii animu

No. 10904

nothing wrong with being tall she just claims she is short when she is average

No. 10905

What kills me is in a jacket like this you would TOTALLY be able to see big boobs
It' tight fitting
where are your big boobs ???

No. 10906

This isn't something to be proud of
Sheinside is a taobao reseller
and they just mark up the prices because people are stupid enough to buy bear tights for 12 dollars when on taobao you can get the same thing for 3$

No. 10907

I remember her saying on tumblr she wanted to be a cardiologist . so now its plastic surgery?

No. 10908

She's going to say the same thing as she has before. She claims she wears a binder to look loli

No. 10909

But if you've got D cup tits like she claims, a binder wont make her completely flat.

No. 10910

That's not how bra sizes work and yes, you can make D cups flat.

No. 10911

File: 1427743553978.jpg (58.38 KB, 1080x544, Screenshot_2015-03-30-15-06-21…)

Yes Berry. Stop visiting this thread

No. 10912

my friend who uses binders frequently still has some outline you can't completely flatten the chest without possibly breathing problems

No. 10913


Yeah that's my point
You're not going to be completely flat. You won't be as big as you were. but you're not going to be non existent

If you're a smaller cup size, it's way more possible and the shape is less visible but berry tries to say she's huge

No. 10914

Obviously her boobs are still as fake as her personality :)

No. 10915

File: 1427744676539.jpg (30.96 KB, 598x376, E-ifmFVwWs4.jpg)

After a lot of searching finally found this bullshit she posted a long time ago but then took down

No. 10916

File: 1427744711338.jpg (48.99 KB, 429x750, tumblr_inline_nj5fxw4MW11rx4py…)

D's aren't neccessary huge, just saying

No. 10917

File: 1427744746622.jpg (51.58 KB, 376x598, E-ifmFVwWs4.jpg)

flipped the image right side up so you can see all the bs

No. 10918

Because she pasted her face on a photo of Wang Jiayun

No. 10919

File: 1427745043737.jpg (229.25 KB, 500x667, 1erwps.jpg)

I remember people saying that wasn't true because Wang never took a picture like this?
Plus, this was a review for posting, I saw this when she originally posted it on her tumblr because it was a review for the clothes. She never said it wasn't her.

No. 10920

Sorry, meant to post that picture as a comparison to the other one

No. 10921


Thats not wang jia yun, Berry owns a bear like this one, and Ive never seen Wang Jia Yun posting a photo like this.

Berry just photoshoped her face to hell and back back (thats why it looks so flat )

No. 10922

File: 1427745405702.gif (574.02 KB, 340x280, original.gif)

feel like this does a pretty decent job of showing off her true size

No. 10923

size as in body fat because look at the width of her shoulders and size in general

No. 10924

Negative? More like truths lmaoooo oh berry

No. 10925


Thanks to the anon who took that gif frame by frame!!

If you look at these two gifs, you'll see that the one with the peace sign her wig moves. Like someone said a bit earlier in this thread, wig's dont really move.
In the gif with the blonde wig, you can see that that's true.
The blonde wig's side tendrils - the hair by her chin - doesn't move. The only pieces of the wig that moves are the hairs that are laying on top of her chest, and they move because her whole body moves.

food for thought

No. 10926

File: 1427745945475.jpg (44.4 KB, 301x604, 0RNAFRqCuKU.jpg)

Trying to post every image I can find that Korrinne wants deleted from existence.

No. 10927

File: 1427746438492.jpg (51.69 KB, 720x482, 1420213466606.jpg)

from last thread. this being about 5 years old, maybe we should ask her for her advice on loosing such a huge amount of weight lol

No. 10928

ll she didn't loose it as you can see in the gif
nice anon

No. 10929

Yeah her shoulders are still really big and wide o_o I think if she was really as thin as she photoshopped herself to be her shoulders would look a lot smaller

No. 10930

File: 1427746897634.jpg (204.37 KB, 800x534, 936full-wang-jia-yun.jpg)

The last couple pic looks so much like if they wanted to copy Wang Jiayun and her bf.

No. 10931

File: 1427747120235.jpg (253.53 KB, 1000x842, 1418616757413.jpg)

but isn't she implying with shoops like those that she is super kawaii thin? too bad she never mentions weight loss and workout regiments, that would be hilarious. I doubt that she lost it, too, the gif is pretty obvious.

No. 10932

LOL this is kinda fuuny. Where did you find this?

No. 10933

damn she's ugly ._. and the wig doesnt help at all..

No. 10934

LOL yes good idea

No. 10935

Using her big ass clothes to cover up and hide again LOL Her tactics are pretty transparent and obvious

No. 10936

I think she has mentioned work regimes before like twice during the week she posted that photo but it was like running for a few miles and squats or something. Idek they were tweets but its berry/korrine. Pics or it didn't happen amiright lol

No. 10937

P sure she mentioned some fairly unhealthy diets/regimes before.
Likely she followed them for a day or two and then gave up and carried on being skinnyfat.

No. 10938

Yeah, she's mentioned running and squatting with dumbbells.

No. 10939

I've always wondered why she blocked out her face in those two mirror photos? maybe it's not really her? lol

No. 10940


It wasn't a sibling. It was like a manneking or those head stuff. I don't have the picture but she posted on twitter of "movie night with bff" (michelle) of her room, bed and her side table with the hat holder on her side table.

No. 10941


is that Tiger Schulmann's Karate logo lol

No. 10942

I think… its some karate school for sure. Correct me if I'm wrong but the logo says "TIGEAS" on her/her brother idk jacket. I tried searching Tigeas but only tiger and anything but nothing relative comes up unless I fix it to Tigear lol. Idk if it's a knock off (if its possible for this brand to have a knock off? I've never heard of it) because knock offs usually have misspelled words

No. 10943


Flipped so you can see better.
I don't think she'll go that low to get a fake jacket from a karate place you can just buy there. haha

No. 10944

I think it's because she didn't look good or because the photos are so stretched it made her face look distorted.

so to quickily fix that she just covered it to save some time and effort on photoshopping lol

No. 10945

File: 1427753232002.jpg (109.16 KB, 500x752, CBTnb2mUkAEUrqe.jpg)


oops forgot pic

No. 10946


OH I see I just read it wrong LOL thanks for clarifying

No. 10947

File: 1427753382102.png (1.83 KB, 48x48, photo.png)


Also Crunchyroll hat??
I thought she didn't watch anime lmao

No. 10948

omg i didnt even notice that lol
it might be her sister's or something

No. 10949

File: 1427754169470.png (432.23 KB, 583x626, capture-20150330-171723.png)

omg i found it. the montage of berrys gloating about how smart she was during her HS days lol

she really is full of herself >>10842

No. 10950

115% isn't a GPA……….

No. 10951

can someone just bitch-slap this hoe already omfg

No. 10952

LOL so much for being smart. Plus, its not unusual for people to eat and play games during class. For goodness sake, she's so damn pretentious.

No. 10953

File: 1427755073956.png (2.07 MB, 960x1523, 10917875_911408548882813_21313…)

yeah no weight loss detected really, if you look at her pictures now and compare it to her picture in this one linked above, notice her collar bones and of course shoulders like everyone said~

but back to the collar bones: hers are still not very prominent and if you've noticed, most skinny people that are as "skinny" as berry like in her work out photo with the animu ribs lolol, shouldn't collar bones be prominent?

the only times her collar bones are prominent is when she looks like she's sucking in or angling her shoulders in a way, or contouring/photoshopping.

theres actually a simple way to photoshop yourself skinnier too i think, it was on some cosplay forum i read a long time ago. people sent in their before and after pictures of them photosopping themselves skinnier. its crazy.

No. 10954

In college I mean. Especially if class is boring lectures, half of class is on their laptops if the professor is okay with it. She acts like its something only super special %115 GPA people get to do.

No. 10955

i'm berry's "height" but i'm overweight and even like that my collarbones are pretty prominent bery stop lying you are going to get sick

No. 10956

File: 1427755611534.png (311.37 KB, 578x503, Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 3.41…)

this looks like an average middle class's home. She needs to lie better

No. 10957

No. 10958

agreed. even her room looks average idk why she's trying SO HARD to act rich.

No. 10959

+ her sisters room looks really, really small. any higher class / above middle class or "rich" like berry would have pretty big rooms

No. 10960

File: 1427756925663.png (12.03 KB, 492x231, yin question mark.png)

are you guys sure her name is korrine?

also i didnt do much hiding because her address was already leak in either this thread or her old thread..

No. 10961


I guess she tries to hide her real name , the aftername us important but she can easily lie when it comes to her forename.

No. 10962

File: 1427757323177.jpg (346.71 KB, 1792x771, 1425161707681.jpg)

from the old thread – >>55692

thought i should add this here because this is what her house looks like. run down, not really rich like she plays it off to be.

No. 10963

Back home from doing things.
Should I keep up posting pictures that she's deleted???

No. 10964

I notice that her nose shoops are not consistent sometimes.
Sometimes she shoops her nose to be very straight other times the bridge will curve inwards i'll post some examples

No. 10965

yes please let's laugh at her

No. 10966

File: 1427768698827.jpg (16.55 KB, 500x375, large.jpg)

these are pretty old, I don't know how old but there's not a lot of photoshop in them
just a fuck ton of bright light and blurriness to try and smooth out her face and make it as nonexistent as possible

No. 10967

File: 1427768720287.jpg (9.54 KB, 300x250, ruaharaa.jpg)

pt 2

No. 10968

File: 1427768805404.jpg (10.35 KB, 300x250, superthumb.jpg)

pt 3

wouldn't let me post bc it' says im flooding the thread
so i'll post slow for a while

No. 10969

File: 1427768942489.jpg (165.95 KB, 500x669, original.jpg)

in this one you can really see that she has a totally fat face that she shoops to hell and back

most of her pictures she tries to shoop to a V face shape but this one she didn't do it in
wonder why

whatever now it's here for me to post and everyone to comment on

No. 10970

These are not old AT ALL. She just posted them not long ago.

No. 10971

I see sorry
I didn't see them on her twitter or anything, I don't follow her on social media because I can't stand her
but they didn't seem to have her usual makeup large lashes caked eye makeup to make her eyes bigger

so i thought they were older

they don't look too retouched to me, but then again im not really good at spotting things
they just looked brightened to hell

No. 10972

File: 1427769129718.jpg (206.2 KB, 500x670, large.jpg)

This one isnt old
I just thought it was funny how her right eye/lens fuses to the rest of her face

No. 10973

File: 1427769412985.jpg (97.23 KB, 700x700, GEO-Xtra-WCK112-ichigoflavor-7…)

Sorry that I'm not composing them all into one comparison image. I literally don't have any photo type things on my computer, only paint and I tried doing it in there, but it distorted the pictures too much so I thought I would just post it and tag my comparison pics

If you look at her nose on the left, its more curved into her face
vs the one i posted
other comparisons that I thought were from better/closer angles

No. 10974

I think all those photos were semi-old. She deleted a bunch of photos from her tumblr, twitter, facebook and instagram.

her shoops are so inconsistent. look at the noses in this >>10969 and this >>10972 and a veyr, very old photo of her nose >>10468

i also still cant get over this >>10803
its so bad LOOOLLl

No. 10975

this is such a huge wig

maybe she didnt bother to shoop much because of the collar of her shirt would make it too obvious maybe

No. 10976

File: 1427769981118.jpg (71.16 KB, 640x640, 335f9cf6a86511e3b4660eee11adb1…)


No. 10977

Found a SHIT TON of old photos or at least I think they're old/ones she deleted off her tumblr

not sure which I should post/not bc I'm not sure how old some are like if they're too new
also not sure what's already been posted since I just don't remember

No. 10978

File: 1427771078355.jpg (38.83 KB, 400x600, berry-tsukasa.jpg)

don't know if this one is old but again super fat face

No. 10979

I think this one is the most accurate photo of her face that she has that is shooped.

No. 10980

huge ass shoulders. she's definitely chubby. in >>10976 she looks cross-eyed but kind of cute. i've never seen this picture before. did she shoop around her waist area on the right side of the photo?

No. 10981


probably. look at how unnatural the hair falls on the right side of her. enlarged breast area. also notice how she covered under her phone with the flowers. probably to cover up her bat wing fats.

No. 10982

No. 10983

No. 10984

File: 1427779119074.png (518.77 KB, 624x472, Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 10.1…)

I feel like her jawline doesnt connect well like >>10801
and she suddenly grows boobs on the second pic ??

No. 10985

Did berry photoshopped her sister?? Her sister looks almost exactly like her o.o

No. 10986

File: 1427780496639.jpg (53.91 KB, 500x753, berry.jpg)

thanks, anon. i'll upload my favorites from your links

No. 10987

File: 1427780597098.jpg (92.75 KB, 640x640, eyelashes.jpg)

she didn't even try

No. 10988

File: 1427780651721.jpg (316.03 KB, 500x842, that hairline.jpg)

No. 10989


omg she does. berry probably shared some photoshopping and makeup techniques with her. myk/michelin doesn't have prominent collar bones it looks like (same as berry) and we all know myk/michelin is pretty chubby. this kind of proves that berrys body is not what she shoops it to be

No. 10990

File: 1427780878481.jpg (55.21 KB, 640x640, rich girl room.jpg)

No. 10991

omg i remember she said she dyed her hair "mermaid hair" in this pic but really it's just a wig (or she shooped the color blue onto it. also not hard to do on photoshop) because the next day her hair was back to black/her long black hair before she cut it i believe.

i notice she use/idk if she still does lie about her hair color a lot. anybody remember her "eggplant" hair? on instagram before she deleted it, she said it was her real hair and it was bleached in the comments as a reply (the person asked something along the lines of your hair is so healthy something something question)

No. 10992

"rich girl" LOL still looks plain to me for someone who owns 2 "cartier" bracelets, j'adore and anne klein.

No. 10993

File: 1427781002713.jpg (35.67 KB, 408x720, an actual alien.jpg)

No. 10994

File: 1427781137527.jpg (56.21 KB, 499x614, huge oppai berry.jpg)

No. 10995

this was one of the weirdest photo (plus the 2 other ones she uploaded on the same day/style) she ever uploaded
and this one >>10808

No. 10996

File: 1427781280259.jpg (127.62 KB, 480x640, berry2.jpg)

No. 10997


Loads of pics here but they missed some

No. 10998

File: 1427781399373.jpg (60.01 KB, 500x900, totally kawaii.jpg)

No. 10999

File: 1427781497540.jpg (86 KB, 640x640, c25096faad1e11e3a8361295d7aa25…)


these photo omg

No. 11000

File: 1427781576387.jpg (87.29 KB, 640x640, frying pan chest.jpg)

haha, i was just about to upload this! i don't even know. i think she's kind of cute in this picture

No. 11001

File: 1427781593640.jpg (63.87 KB, 640x640, 10860021_923377367687203_25034…)

and here is the eggplant hair. she never talked about bleaching or doing her hair at all before uploading the photo. and i bleach and dye my hair a lot, doing something like this would take a lot of bleaching and lots of time. wish i screen shotted the photo on instagram with the comment before she deleted it all ffuuuuuu

No. 11002

File: 1427781642289.jpg (66.31 KB, 640x640, lol.jpg)

no oppai

No. 11003

she either has oppai and shows no "skinny" body
or shes no oppai and shows "skinny" body

No. 11004

its prob too hard for her to shop a skinny body with huge boobs so its easier to do either or lol

No. 11005

or not hard, too much effort*

No. 11006

File: 1427781944938.jpg (81.96 KB, 612x612, rich girl at mall.jpg)

No. 11007

File: 1427782007502.jpg (99.45 KB, 612x612, berry1.jpg)

No. 11008

Is it just me or does sometimes her bug forehead pictures reminds me of Rodgers the alien from American dad? Lol

No. 11009

I meant big* lol and in some of those pictures her neck is seriously gone.

No. 11010

I notice those mirror full body selfie of hers. She always takes them in a certain angle to make it look like her body is tall and thin o.o it's just so weird trying to imagine her huge wide shoulders and small legs o.o

No. 11011

I'm Asian and I'm around the same size she claimed to be (153 cms / 42 kgs) and I'm wearing C cup.

With a body as small as mine, it is really hard to hide the boobies! They're literally the first thing you'd notice after seeing me bc imagine seeing a small stick with two big thailand coconuts. And I'm only cup C.. Imagine a D on me.
however, in one of her old photos she does have quite a big rack.
I'm assuming she's on the heavy side, not the small asian she claimed to be.

No. 11012

also notice how the mirror is placed and angled. the angle of the mirror places a huge role in looking tall and slender too

No. 11013

she also pigeon feets her legs this is a trick people use to create a thigh gap or thin leg sort of effect

No. 11014

I have friends your size (both weight/height/cup) and I agree it's very easy to notice on smaller girls because their frames are much more small.

But cup size also depends a lot of the chest form/shape too, I have friends who wear C but look like B. It's pretty different from each person anyway.

No. 11015

She just looks chubby.. actually fat for an Asian person. Doesn't match up with her mirror body selfies.

No. 11016

agree. and those boobs how do they not appear in those mirror selfies………….

No. 11017

the more she poses like that the more i think thats how she walks

No. 11018

I think why her neck is gone most of the time is because she tries to stick her head out more for a bigger head effect (to be more animu) and to also kinda slim her chin at the same time. Even though she poses like that her collarbones aren't as prominent than it should be = she really has some extra weight.
Same thing for sticking/bending your arm back behin your body so you wont notice how big her arms are

No. 11019

No collar bones. Hmmm.

No. 11020

oh god it sounds like shes distorting her entire body for a selfie

No. 11021


yep also :

>>11000 >>72279
>>10998 in this one it looks like shes doing that shoulder back thing.

No. 11022

yeah, she honestly makes herself looked warped as fuck. she looks so weird in the bottom pic of >>11002. her left thigh is misshapen.

i'm about her height, and i've been as low as 93lbs and as high as 123lbs, and you could always see my collarbones at least somewhat. does she just shoop hers out? because animu girls definitely have prominent collarbones. what are you doing, berry???

expecting collarbone pics soon

No. 11023

lmao i know right shes going to start shooping or contouring her collar bones

and idk maybe she weighs more than we think or has excess skin. i read shes supposed to be around 130 lbs. her very old photo here >>10927
she looks pretty huge. and that was like what 4, 5 years ago? she still eats and sleeps a lot idk how much she actually does excerise like she claims to/shows in her photos.

No. 11024

File: 1427785910923.jpg (101.79 KB, 640x640, berry5.jpg)

tbh, she looks fat in all of her boob pics. like her shoulders even look big from this angle.

good point. i remember her saying she lost about 10lbs a couple of years ago and how her face looks more mature or some shit, but i don't see how she would lose weight when she seems to eat garbage and sleep half the day. the rest of the day she spends "gaming" and eating crap at "college."

No. 11025

Lmaooooooooo so mean but so true I can't stop laughing ^

No. 11026

File: 1427786253519.jpg (50.59 KB, 612x612, 8c392fb22c3d11e386be22000a9f13…)


omfg those boobs yet they are no where to be seen in these pics

No. 11027

she probably just lost some baby fat on her face going thru puberty which is what made her look more mature or whatever.

its actually difficult or impossible to loose weight only in one area of the body. honestly if she did work out or whatever she claims to, i think her boobs would have shrunk in size maybe not a lot but enough to make a difference im sure.

or maybe she actually gained more weight by eating and sleeping lol

No. 11028

I've gotten down to 100 lbs, and my collarbones were nowhere to be seen, but then again…I'm manly af up top.

Berry shoops the shit out of her face, but forgets her kawaii collarbones?

Does she have boobs or not!? She needs to decide.

No. 11029

the cleavage lol
this screams future back problems tbh

No. 11030

maybe that's why she hasn't been reviewing new clothes and only taking face selfies.. she gained more weight cough cough
also why would she shoop out her collarbones (if she did that is)? I think collarbones are attractive

No. 11031

agree. a lot of the clothes shes reviewing lately are bulky baggy ones.

idk, i mean animes have collarbones doesnt she self proclaim herself to be the walking kawaii anime girl or whatever lol

No. 11032

File: 1427786984810.jpg (32.92 KB, 640x640, 83b0e86c318d11e385d522000a9f3c…)

i notice a lot of her webcam shots with friends and boyfriend are usually of her like this. 1/4 her face and lots of hair to cover her jawline. aka lots of hiding and bright lights to brighten all her shadows making things like her nose smaller/less noticeable.

No. 11033

she wishes she was. She can try as much as she wants but she's just a big liar with chinese replicas. Sad thing is people actually believe her bullcrap

No. 11034

File: 1427787249087.jpg (8.45 KB, 275x267, 1424215055883.jpg)

No. 11035

Berry: I'm part chinese replicas that i get from ebay and overpriced taobao resellers :3

No. 11036

File: 1427787412263.jpg (118.58 KB, 640x640, 10865105_699227446841997_69149…)

lmao and the im so rich thing she tries so hard to play off.

<- cant tell if her desk is in the bathroom or shes using a spongebob shower curtain as a window curtain

No. 11037

I remember that! She said she lost about 10lbs and she said in the comment somewhere that she was 120lbs. She deleted it a bit after though. That means she was probably 130 lbs or more before she lost her weight.

No. 11038

I'm sure she's using the FeaturePoints money and the one of that japanese market or the fuck it is

No. 11039

she's fat and she tries so hard to hide it

No. 11040

her hairline looks like Moises splitting the water

No. 11041

lol another 'Moises splitting the water' hairline pic

No. 11042

Lack of collarbones and pudgy arms are evidence of her chubbiness. She's shooped her right arm thin but wasn't able to work much on her left one as the side of it is cut out of frame, so she couldn't push it inwards to make it thinner.

No. 11043

'look at my animu tits, u want to touch them? aah sorry If youre not japanese you can't touch my boobies'

No. 11044

Some weird gray blur going on in the middle of her left tit near the neckline of her top. Her whole tit area is a blurry mess tbh. So much shoop.

No. 11045

she wants to play the game of 'I eat what I want and I dont get fat' but the sad part is that she gets fat.

No. 11046

File: 1427815033257.jpg (424.73 KB, 911x786, Screenshot_2015-03-31-10-07-46…)

I remember reading about how she told ouji to get rid of his online persona because she got jealous of the female attention he's getting but… Wtf berry? She does this a lot and ouji is ok with it? No respect for ouji…

No. 11047

File: 1427815077281.jpg (104.42 KB, 877x286, Screenshot_2015-03-31-10-08-14…)

so full of herself lmao

No. 11048


Yin is a old internet-nickname of Berry ~ ouji talked about it on his Twitter.

No. 11049


Im not even angry at Berry/Korinne because of her narcissim - I just feel so emberassed for her like the whole time I'm imaging her sitting in the darkness and writing these akward things..

No. 11050

This is how I feel, too. I think she's getting stupider

No. 11051

i feel really bad fot ouji i hope he realizes her lies and restarts his online thing (also maybe telling all about korrines bullshit)

No. 11052

No. 11053

File: 1427819906474.jpg (42.42 KB, 551x833, llll.jpg)

Glad to see everyone going through the links I posted! Sorry for slacking.

I thought this was funny, buying mens clothes because they're not tailored like most women's clothes, so they can hide all that body fat

No. 11054

File: 1427820178652.jpg (38.94 KB, 625x523, tbt.jpg)

why did she shoop them soo much bigger than she usually does, they look disgusting

No. 11055

He knows everything. Notice when she said her hair was pink, Ouji drew her with black hair. Even when she said she dyed it blonde/silver/blue/lilac, he drew her with black hair.

No. 11056

They look like an infected vagina.

No. 11057

I looked at his twitter, and it seems he doesn't do a lot of posting
does he post and then delete? Should we try and watch him down the line to see if there's anything worth screen shooting from him

No. 11058

i dont think he goes on his twitter much but more of facebook. I don't trust his twitter cause berry probably knows his password (just like how ouji knows hers) and posts tweets in his acc

No. 11059

Same with his facebook. Berry once got so mad because some girl messaged and possibly flirted with him through inbox.

No. 11060

but supposedly she doesn't get jealous

someone should pose as a catfish and see what happens

No. 11061


I feel bad for ouji too she literally controls him

No. 11062

She likes to gloat and brag about him how he's like the perf boyfriend and they don't argue.

But she basically controls his life most of the time so technically its all invalid. I kind of think he's scared of her bc does he not stand up for himself to berry sometimes?

No. 11063

Yeah his online stuff is pretty bare. The old thread explains why (berry telling him to get rid of his online persona because he was getting too popular basically. Berry actually became famous through ouji.) I'm on mobile so I can't linkkkk

No. 11064

Yeah he does. There was this one time she tweeted about a cute Korean boy giving her a free drink because the boy thought berry was cute some shit like that. Ouji replied to the tweet with "How fun."

No. 11065

are berry and ouji still together?

No. 11066

No. 11067

what does he even look like?

No. 11068

this is him probably 2012 >>10926 im too lazy to find more pics of him but there are some more lurking in the other old thread
and yes, they are still together. Online dating- not LDR

No. 11069

Also him here

No. 11070

more >>45990 and >>45991

No. 11071

am I the only one that remembers like wayyyyy back in the day korinne was trying to prove that her and ouji met in rl and said "YEAH OUJI AND ANOTHER GUY GOT INTO A FIST FIGHT OVER ME" because I remember that clearly lol..

No. 11072

makes me wanna bring back this poem >>54687

No. 11073

File: 1427842120987.jpg (391.08 KB, 640x640, 10932631_351535188364835_27094…)

sry, correct pic is this.

No. 11074

that's her sister, Michelin/Myk not berry

No. 11075

she actually looks better than berry. should lose the contour tho, it makes her nose look like one of those joke glasses.

No. 11076

LOL WHAT I wish I saw that I've followed her for a few years now damn it lol

No. 11077

File: 1427852354264.jpg (83.85 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Which one

No. 11078

File: 1427852401482.jpg (122.83 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Lol 1

No. 11079

File: 1427852470653.jpg (126.54 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Lol 2

No. 11080

Omg lol she sounds SO ungrateful "I hate cheap ass gifts" what a bitch…

No. 11081

When her clothes are cheap ass Chinese replicas from taobao that cost $7

No. 11082

wow finding her more and more disgueting every day lol smh why does she even have a large following I don't get it

No. 11083

She sounds so rude. "Unless they're (my friends) are poor" she sounds like "yay I want rich friends because I want a REAL Cartier not a simple necklace. Damn I need rich friends, all my friends are poor :(" you guys say she's not like Wylona but she's wylona's damned little sister. First lying about nationality, then photoshopping, lying about brand-replicas and now she wants a rich friend to spoil her? What she wants, a Yuri Fujimaki (I mean, she's rich and goes partying 24/7) so she can be like Wylona at 100%?

No. 11084

What does she want *

No. 11085

Yeah I think wylona was a little more discreet about her gold digging ways though. Nometheless very and wylona are not so different from each other even with looks lmao

No. 11086


No. 11087

Ewww berry is fucking rude as fuck. Cheap ass gifts?? Bitch please -_- ain't no one wanna gift you and your fake ass anything anyway. Geez I wonder if her followers even see the things she tweets and realize just how fake and wannabe rich she is.

No. 11088

I know her followers don't see the tweets, a large majority don't
and thats why she says all that crap on there and not on tumblr
bc before when she was rude on tumblr she'd get some flag for it

No. 11089

>>72898ugh is there anyway to make her followers aware
shes such shit

No. 11090

I follow the other girl so I can see the full conversation. They are actually talking about close friends that dgaf and get something like a pair of socks.

No. 11091

I've said before I know people were trying to make a tumblr for that exact purprose, because they thought it would garner most attention on there where she gained her following in the first place. I still kind of agree with that
because they're not going to see this thread here, unless she openly links it and declares war.

No. 11092

So in this case cheap is when people don't put enough thoughts into the gifts. Not the price.

No. 11093


But a sock is better than nothing? Its still a gift. She still sounds ungrateful.

No. 11094

socks are amazing for god sake berry. They are soft and protect you from getting cold feet and they can be cute. I guess you don't like them because you can't photoshop your ugly fat feet to show them.

No. 11095

File: 1427856039745.jpg (220.7 KB, 911x512, Screenshot_2015-03-31-21-36-27…)

Is she talking about this forum lmaoo

No. 11096

File: 1427856066296.jpg (80.3 KB, 911x286, Screenshot_2015-03-31-21-36-17…)

2cnd photo

No. 11097

she really mad though and its funny af to see her butthurt comments on twitter after clearly reading what's posted here lol

No. 11098

In Miint's posts, she was talking about her friend who bought her something really cheap when she bought her an expensive perfume her friend had been wanting. Berry was just agreeing to it. If someone is being ungrateful it's the Miint girl.

No. 11099

A lot of girls like berry and mint they just have a pretty face but a fucking disgusting personality. How sad. And dude I would so love socks!!! At this age I'm too busy paying bills I can't buy things for myself so I would totally be happy if someone gave me like socks or something I can use xD

No. 11100

Agreed. Smh.

No. 11101

File: 1427858830053.jpg (16.71 KB, 627x177, kb.jpg)

calling the kettle black

No. 11102

does she not realize how hypocritical she is?

a little OT, but is there drama surrounding miint?

i agree, though. i'm always super happy when my friends give me anything, because we all have essential things to be spending our money on.

No. 11103

LOL. ofc she doesnt need to worry about ouji talking to girls cause im sure he's afraid that berry will throw a hissy fit just like "most gfs"

No. 11104

how can anyone hate socks omg i lose a pair magically and if they're cute i'd be happy w/ it lolll. My best friend gave me a pair of house slippers once kinda confused at first but it was comfy af

No. 11105

I dont think Miint has any drama as far as i know.. but i used to follow her fb and she complains about the littlest things. She's boring tho

No. 11106

I kind of want to know about Miint. How bad is her personality?

No. 11107

No. 11108

nice find

No. 11109

i HATEE how there's people looking up to berry for her "self-confidence" in twitter. She's CONCEITED there's a difference people!!

No. 11110

i had to unfollow her on fb for that lol

shes not that bad as compared to berry. their common interest is anime, looking anime and apparently hating cheap ass gifts. miint complains a lot though, shes seems immature like your typical teenage girl (i dont think shes a teen anymore though but thats what she sort of acts like sometimes). berry is her senpai.

No. 11111

so my theory about this is

those people are delusional because they think berry is pretty. like yeah berrys pretty with angels and photoshop. but its her personality that i dislike omfg and hope people see. the people that look up to her i noticed are often young people that like anime/japanese stuff and you know how much younger people are, they're gullible, also they want someone "perf" to be their idol/sort of acts as a guide or role model in life.

No. 11112

LOL yet she controls her boyfriends online persona like crazy and gets mad jealous easily. i dont blame you for getting jealous girl but dont be so hypocritical.

i have a feeling those recent tweets made by her boyfriend on his twitter about how berry can be so cute yet evil was made by her loooooool

No. 11113


i agree too i think the tumblr idea would be effective if done right. maybe even on other sites too. just follow her followers, try to attract their attention idk haha.

yeah shes not going to openly link it because theres so much stuff on here about her that exposes how shitty of a person she is. she knows it so she's not going to openly share this thread.

No. 11114

I'd honestly be willing to make the tumblr, but there's times when I don't have a lot of free time, so I'd need help

No. 11115

i guess it's good that she's somewhat giving younger ppl self-confidence but hopefully they'll grow out of their idolization for her cause she's actually crap

No. 11116

same. the tumblr blog should get like 2 or 3 mods to keep it active. i think it'd be tricky though there needs to be a way to get mods that aren't whiteknights? idk

No. 11117

yeah but i hope they dont fall in her foot steps to be pretentious, ungrateful and bratty. kids/teens under the age of 18 are usually very easily influenced.

No. 11118

i think another "safe" and sort of efficient way is to use yousei-bitches on tumblr.

just submit the screencaps of her hypocritcal and ungrateful/"spoiled" tweets. should attract attention since people on their already know of her shoops. make sure to include her tumblr username because when you search tumblr tags it'll show up under recent lolol

also why doesnt she have a PULL topic about her?

No. 11119

So berry posted a photo on instagram saying "buying expensive cosmetics doesn't make you good at applying makeup" with a picture of a drug store brand.

as i do agree with this since i own both high end brands and drugstore brands, i think she's saying that because she can't be replicas of high end make up because they're bad for you/un trustworthy and only a selective few high end products are replicated lol. also high end makeup dont get on sale often. like she can afford a two "$3000 cartier" bracelet, $400 "lenses" and j'adore she can easily buy $100 worth or more of high end makeup.

i remember she use to follow so many high end makeup brands but recently unfollowed them.

No. 11120

Lol what happened to her "Rich kids on point" . (Not saying that drug store brand makeup are bad or anything)

No. 11121


lmao exactly. if she can buy her so called real cartier bracelets and calling herself rich and shit, she can easily buy a bunch of high end makeup. NBD, right Berry?

No. 11122

A reason why I don't do that is because it tends to get buried under things other people sends in, I would do one specifically catered to her. But I know she would report it, and try and get other followers to report it. But hopefully they'd browse the blog before sending a flag.

Still, I'd keep up with it and then remake in case.

Seriously thinking of making one now, if anyone else is interested I'll release the blog's contact info.

No. 11123

In regards to why she doesn't have a PULL thread, bc she asked the mods a long time ago to not allow one to be made for her. And they complied with the request.
Now though, I think they'll allow a thread to be made since her lies have come to light.

No. 11124


I think what needs to be done is make a separate main blog dedicated to her and keep it like how Yousei Bitches do it. We dont post anything extreme like her address. The tumblr guidlines/rules are fairly lenient if you think about it.

And to attract attention, Follow some of her followers? Maybe reblog a few things related to her to keep it at bay in a way. haha this might sound stupid now that i say it but it sounded pretty ok in my head rofl

maybe ill try to make a pull thread of her

No. 11125


and ill be interested in the blog, anything exposing berry is good with meee

No. 11126

Oooou keep me updated. I would follow and like your posts about berry!!! Seriously the truth about her needs to be brought to light.

No. 11127

Berry is so inconsistent with her lies!!!

No. 11128

Update, making the blog.
So I'll post the email so you guys could send me needed info about yourselves, to make sure you're not whiteknights.
Does anyone care about the theme? :/

No. 11129

cant wait omg and i dont care much about the theme, i think the theme should be legible with quick links. not that 8 point pixel font dear god those strain my eyes so bad

No. 11130

Yay that's awesome :) and yeah any theme is fine as long as it doesn't hurt the eyes and also a good mobile theme too cus I'm usually on mobile lol

No. 11131

id also be interested as a mod of it

No. 11132

Spam the shit out of all her tags, it'll pick up in no time. Also make sure to tag shit like "ulzzang", "kawaii", "circle lens", etc since she's so well known in that sort of community. Just in case, please for the love of god don't mention lolcow, the last thing we need are more people shitting it up. Also, simple, easy to read theme >>>>>> ironic kawaii theme. Godspeed, anon.

No. 11133

i want to be a mod but im kinda on the fence about like people finding out my identity with ip and shit can someone ease my worries or explain

No. 11134


same. does incognito windows work to hide IP addresses? maybe mobile posting might help too?

ah im excited for this blog

No. 11135

(not the anon making the blog) but I kind of want to make an instagram account that also exposes berry that would link to the blog too. It'd give the IG community/people that follow her on IG a little light on how she truly is lol

No. 11136

of course
I'm not some idiot

I wouldn't mention lol cow, but I would like everyone's collaboration on it, you guys have some good input

mobile posting doesn't help to disguise identity. fyi
if you're considering being a mod, my first suggest would be to add on ghostery to your browser
that will hide you somewhat
if you go to someone's blog, it won't log you as if you did

I'd spam her tags, don't know if I would follow her followers, because that would take a lot of tracking to see who reblogs her posts, plus they could be major berry asskissers and try and message her to get in good favor with her.
I kind of hope we could go a while maybe like a week get a lot of widespread coverage with her followers, before we get found out by her

but i doubt that will happen


Since I'm the one making the blog, and I'm a poster here, I almost want to give myself a nickname just so you guys can shout @ me for updates.
I live on the west cost so it's pretty late here, luckily I don't have anything I need to wake up early for so I'll be up most of night lol

No. 11137

Almost forgot!

What are some good blog titles?

I had a few:

Korrinne-aboo (like weaboo)

No. 11138

omg FakeFlavor LOL its subtle and gets to the point I like it.

Bitchigoflavor might work too if any of those are taken or something. If the IG idea is still a good one, the ig un should be one of those unused ones

No. 11139

before the blog gets founded by her, try posting as many screen caps of her most brattiest, hypocritical or worse tweets. I don't think shooping would be a big factor that would make people think twice about her so shooping posts aren't priority.

and also I'd definitely help submit and post

No. 11140

I personally don't think you should follow her followers for that same reason. Just spam her tags and if anything, "like" some Berry posts (either by her or about her) to get noticed. Though given the amount of trawling her creepy pedo fans do through her tag, I think just spamming her tags should be enough. Once one fangirl/fanboy gets riled up, it's a domino effect.

I like bitchigoflavor kek

THIS!! She's probably gonna go on a massive deletion spree once she finds out about this blog. Grab her old photos though, mainly for the tit and body shoops because those are golden. Also, this might be a good idea to follow her on twitter/instagram/whatever. She might go on lockdown.

No. 11141

Yeah, I think you guys are right when saying to save photo's/tweets.
If everyone could help me that would be great.

I would never mention lolcow like I said, but I would still appreciate everyone's input. Pointing out shoopflaws, catching tweets if I don't - or my team. etc

Thanks for the support, going to see what more people think on blog titles before settling on one want one that is major funny and good lel

No. 11142


and i'd say follow her - but dont like her posts whatsoever. it'll share and then bring more people to know about her now with those activities and explore pages/"based on what you like blah blah". Ive already followed her, but never would feed her already massive ego.

No. 11143

Naw I just said "don't mention lolcow" cause back in SR days (IIRC?) some fucker made a twitter or something in attempts to call out someone and act badass, but when they responded they backpedalled like fuck and was like B-BUT BUT THIS FORUM SUPPORTS ME!!, resulting in a massive influx of whiteknights and faggotry on the board.

Ideally we find a way to get to her fanbase before she does and cry WAHH LIES THEY PHOTOSHOPPED THOSE TWEETS. Though I am curious how she's gonna react to this, is she just gonna not bring it up but post passive-aggressive tweets in response/go into lock-down quietly? Or is she going to go full force against us? The streisand effect is in our favour though.

No. 11144


we should all quickly hunt down those tweets if they're still there and take photos of them with our camera/phone. ive already taken some just incase that shit happens.

knowing berry and her mouth, she might go on a rampage of tweets lol. She most likely will tell her other bloggu friends or twitter friends about it and they might go whiteknight the blog/us. Not sure what to come of that though. In a way I think the whole thing will be similar to the Pastel Cutie drama, not exact but probably similar.

No. 11145

Hey guys would it be best to keep the blog on a down low for a week then start following her? XD

No. 11146

Ugh, a friend of mine is friends with her (I had no idea until recently) and she's trying so hard to act like Berry, it's really pissing me off. She keeps retweeting Berry too so I ended up putting berry on block.

They seem to be actual friends but they live in different countries so I wouldn't be able to ask her for "dirt"

No. 11147

We already know she follows this thread, so there's probably little point. She's going to find out anyway.

A lot of her worst shoops have already been posted here or can be acquired from the VK fanpages etc, so I wouldn't worry too much about saving them all right now, but definitely screencap her posts/tweets.

No. 11148

Omg I just can't wait

No. 11149

Oh no I hope your friend will come to realize soon.

I think a lot of people are blind to Berry because she's popular, "pretty" and already a very opinionated person. But they don't see the line between being opinionated and being a pretentious little bitch lol

No. 11150


She makes it so obvious that she knows this thread lmaooo.
Watch, she's probably going to tweet and instagram differently.

No. 11151

File: 1427907728790.png (29.85 KB, 624x282, lol.png)

sure berry

No. 11152

LOL wut

It's Wednesday on a school day, it should be around 12-1 PM in New Jersey when she posted that. She may be on lunch or something if she truly is still in highschool.

Like what is a random 17 year old going to do in college/CC? If she's on the hours she doesn't have lectures/class, idk where a 17 year old would come from. Unless it's online which I wouldn't be surprised since her life is literally 99% online. I don't see her do much outside of the internet world except be with family.

No. 11153

& I think she's trying (so hard) to prove she's in college

No. 11154

Sure, Berry, sure. But if he were Japanese you'd be betchin' about it on twitter

No. 11155

File: 1427908363954.png (13.83 KB, 597x113, capture-20150401-120827.png)

Actually it really does sound like shes in lunch right now LOL >>11152

No. 11156

*in highschool lunch I mean

No. 11157

No. 11158

File: 1427909054768.jpg (75.24 KB, 607x341, bitchigoflavor.jpg)

No. 11159


begin the memesssss

No. 11160

I will make more haha

No. 11161

if you cover the right eye she looks kind of derpy

No. 11162


Does she honestly think anyone's gonna buy her rich act while she posts pictures of her ghetto ass room.

No. 11163

File: 1427909879548.jpg (135.12 KB, 1280x960, image.jpg)

I looked up mememe COSPLAY on Google and came upon the image to the right. They shopped her cowtits lmfao. Probably thought they looked saggy

No. 11164




No. 11165

File: 1427911210370.png (61.83 KB, 596x632, capture-20150401-125616.png)

gurl she mad

idk i think she does give some fuck because she wrote like 5 angry tweets about the same thing so clearly its something that bothers her lmao

No. 11166

>talking about what annoys me doesnt mean I give a fuck

If you didn't give a fuck you wouldn't talk about it at all? Just wtf? This is so stupid I'm starting to wonder if it's an April Fools???

No. 11167

File: 1427911566386.jpg (32.95 KB, 514x332, bn.JPG)

No. 11168

She clearly gives a fuck. Lol

Also I want to see what kinda meme's you guys will come up with lol

No. 11169

Um Berry, maybe you should…save for a car to drive to your "college"?…Or save money to move out of your parents' shitty little house?… Cuz you are, like, turning 21 and all…

I know that they are fake, but you gotta get your priorities right. I always thought that showing off an awesome new car is much cooler than showing off easy-to-fake accessories.

No. 11170

File: 1427915211676.jpg (197.4 KB, 1080x1556, Screenshot_2015-04-01-15-00-19…)

What the hell is wrong with this person? I remember she tweeted that people shouldn't take her tweets like this one seriously, but what the hell? Her so-called-humor is fucked up.

No. 11171

It's not funny at all,I feel so embarrassed for her ~

No. 11172

Her bf is so annoying it's like all his accounts only exist to praise Berry ~ i mean k he likes her but it's kinda weird.

And he really seems to have a thing for Princes (ouji), almost every account opened by him has "prince " in its name

Does anyone know more about him btw ?

No. 11173

what if they broke up long time ago and she's still faking it. Like, she created all these accounts with old photos or no photos and tells it's her bf, when is herself. That praise is very weird, and sometimes sounds like Berry…

No. 11174

LOL omfg that's be so fucking creepy. I wouldn't be surprised she basically runs his life and accounts and sometimes I think she's fucked up beyond what she portrays.

No. 11175

Berry: "Its totally okay to belittle people and abuse people that disagree with you aka me"

No. 11176

holy shit im saving that as a response pic it made me laugh so hard thank u

No. 11177

If my bf were famous I would not be praising him like if he were a God… it's like, hey, he's my bf, he may be famous, but is human and mine. Just that lol

No. 11178

Same. Its weird like he doesn't get on much to begin with and when he does its berry berry berry berry. Someone mentioned it before but he probably has a separate personal account.

No. 11179

"my life my rules" is such a 12 years old thing to say

No. 11180

Isn't he just pouring water? Chill the fuck out.


No. 11181

She can be a d/ck to whoever she wants but people can't say shit about her wow just wow

No. 11182

Didn't she cosplay a few girls from that anime?

No. 11183

I'm pretty sure she put wigs and makeup on to look like at least two characters, but I don't think she ever had an outfit

No. 11184

yeah she "face cosplayed" Kotori and Nico.

No. 11185

here's the kotori one

she seems to have deleted her Nico one (and pretty much all her pics in twitter anything before February of this year) lmao qurl. Trying to hard to hide all her fail psed catfish pics

No. 11186

File: 1427922876641.jpg (29.42 KB, 500x308, jvE0HGS8PK8.jpg)

Anyone from TR know where this is?
found this from VK

No. 11187

File: 1427922926686.jpg (45.26 KB, 604x424, ofGdnJ29XcU.jpg)

Nose and face shape comparison. From VK

No. 11188


thats part of the mall im like 90% sure

No. 11189

Mall with her family that's her brother if I remember right

No. 11190

She only ever face cosplays I think she got shitted on for that once before though LOl

No. 11191

File: 1427923856563.jpg (149.04 KB, 911x460, Screenshot_2015-04-01-16-25-30…)

Sounds like she said this based off this thread IMO. But lol good for u burry.

No. 11192

File: 1427924148817.jpg (8.68 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

hahaha sure.
ok berry, ok

No. 11193

clearly if he got pissed she wasn't being a good gf now

No. 11194

File: 1427925160676.jpg (27.07 KB, 480x360, gb.jpg)

No. 11195

of couse she's not, she's and attention wh/re and screams she wants a japanese husbando

No. 11196


Maybe she bought herself another pair of lenses for 250$ from his money and now his famaily can't afford electricity

No. 11197


Error 404 Neck not found

No. 11198

File: 1427926003444.jpg (56.46 KB, 342x604, wJ6OCf1SREI.jpg)


She has a weird neck in general , just look at this photo

No. 11199

LLmao the comments are too funny

No. 11200

So much shopping going on omfg….

No. 11201

lmfao that would be horrible for Ouji!! Sadly I wouldn't be surprised if she did that tho

No. 11202

looks like she just glued in someone else's neck because she doesn't have one

No. 11203

is it just me or is her head literally floating

No. 11204

Her shoulders look pretty shopped and she looks like she's pushing her head back or something kinda reminds me of a turtle.

No. 11205

if you look closely you can see excess chin fat.
Her PS is really bad on this one, like not even taking in account the Helter Skelter inspired decorations.

No. 11206

oh derp I meant neck not chin fat lol asdfgh

No. 11207

File: 1427927329763.png (371.85 KB, 500x752, 9b330bd473a98dd5ae6349439d99f8…)

All that is white is shooped.. look at her eye area.

No. 11208

So she does after all edit her lenses

No. 11209


eyes, mouth, hair ¿?¿?¿?¿? slimming her head?

No. 11210

of course she does haha. her "fx lenses" are a fantastic example of that and many other of her lenses. She seems to have been doing this late last year. She doesn't edit them too much I think but she does edit them. Which is why I don't trust her lens reviews lolol

No. 11211

Her shoulders look so weird

No. 11212

I also want to add that she started to edit them a lot more late last year at least her blue ones? idk

No. 11213

She looks big, not that skinny almost japanese girl that she wants to be

No. 11214

is a video btw not the screenshot posted before

No. 11215

I think she totally ps her face to have a similar face shape to the actress in helter skelter

No. 11216


this is a comment posted 7 months ago:
Valeria Altamirano Hace 7 meses
es bonita sí, pero esa peluca le tapa casi toda la cara y se ve a la vista que el corte de la peluca le afina de mas el rostro :vv ademas que sus brazos se ven mas anchos y no se ven como en las fotos que muestra en su fb :B y es muy raro que siendo bonita nadie de su centro de estudio se sorprenda y sea famosa en su ciudad– siendo famosa deberia haber mas fotos en las redes sociales de sus fans :vv solo hay fotos de ella y unos cuantos de sus amigos por no decir que solo se muestra con tan solo uno ,pareciese que vive encerrada en su casa xD berry usa PS cualquier gordita que use bien el PS puede lucir igual o mas bonita que ella :3 pero de que le sirve si en realidad no es asi ?


It is cute, yes, but that wig cover almost all her face and it's obvious that the cut of the wig makes her face slimmer :vv also, her arms are much wider, not as in her facebook photos :B and it's weird that she's cute but nobody in her school is surprised and she's famous in the city (I think she means being famous on the internet but nobody takes pics of her or is like 'wow we have an e-celeb!' or 'DAMN SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL!") there should be more photos of her because she's famous ((with her fans) ???? I think she means some snaps with people who recognises her?) and some (photos) with her friends /and she doesn't show her friends/ it looks like she doesn't leave her house xD berry uses PS, every fatty that uses PS in the right way can look as cute or more cute than her :3 But… what does she get if she's not like that?

No. 11217

Most likely
I can't get over her body though omfg
And her face is way too light compared to her body why would you even post that its kind of embarrassing to look at

No. 11218

I don't mind her photoshopping that much, whatever makes her happy I guess… it's just her rudeness and lies I really hate.. UGH

No. 11219

hahaha sorry I forgot to remove the link from the Youtube box and posted it 3 times

No. 11220

sorry, I translated something wrong. When she says that of her school, she means how can she not be popular there and people doesn't talk about her on sns (talking about school and classmates like 'wow my classmate Korinne is pretty!") if she's truly that beautiful

No. 11221

lmaoo damn that comment. 7 months ago too almost a year ago. Good to know other people outside of lolcow see what we see.

The comment is right though, if Berry is so damn kowai and famoose how come she only has such limited photos. And to add on to the whole school thing, Berry visited NY a few weeks ago with family (now claiming to live there cough), and TONS of people live there. I have a few friends there that know of Berry.

My theory: she is a hermit, photoshops beyond recognition so people in real life don't recognize her and does nothing else except live her elife and be delusional about it by saying shes rich and shit.

No. 11222

Thanks for translating!

And yeah, if she's so popular you would think maybe a few or one or two of her classmates/school mates or whenever she was at the mall in NY or whatever would have recognized her (since Berry has a huge following, I'm just basing the possible amount of people that would recognize her off of that). Like take jasmine blu for example, when people see her they tweet about her and stuff.

No. 11223

Huehuehue ^

No. 11224

I give up on fixing it LOL OTL

No. 11225

Lmao I cant stop laughing, dont worry anon, that happened to me a few minutes ago, it's banned xDD

No. 11226

I actually found this thread when looking her up! I'm kind of happy I found it.. it made me realize so much about her

No. 11227


No. 11228

I used to be one of the "whiteknights" ;-;

No. 11229

I know how it feels and srsly I cant stop laughing because I wrote it like 3 times and I thought I was typing kowai xDD

No. 11230

Ya'll should be called the dark knights

No. 11231

I used to think she was pretty but when I realized something was wrong I did a little search and found pull, but then they removed the thread because princess berry asked the mods. So when someone created this thread I was like 'oh god thanks'

No. 11232


Yeah I used to be a fan of Berry too but I always thought there was something wrong with her/she was not as she seems to be.

Lol Of course Berry would want that removed smh, she wants people to think she's badass and that all her lies are true. I was thinking about making a pull thread of her but idk if the mods would allow that.

No. 11233

'Agatha Silva Hace 10 meses
Berry sempre nesse mesmo ângulo e sempre com o cabelo escondendo parte do rosto
Responder · 4

Agatha Silva Hace 10 months
  Berry always showing the same angle and always with the hair hiding part of his face
  Reply · 4


U r welcome! It was a little hard because I'm tired and she writes so weird I couldn't understand some parts

Oh btw the girl who posted that was called 'racist' by one of Berry's white knight. Lol what??? Racist??hahahaha nope

No. 11234

In the CutiePue Thread on Pull somebody wrote that a Berr Would be allowed but unnecessary cause there's already this threadcon lolcow.

But I disagree with that, if someone wants to open a thread about Berry in PULL then just do it lol.

There are many snowflakes who are discussed in different forums so what's the problem

No. 11235


A Berry thread^^^

No. 11236

omg whiteknights they're delusional wtf racist? LOL and yeah her hair is always covering a majority of her face in videos since she can't edit videos like she can with photos heheh

No. 11237

Because of this reason: >>11123

Hopefully they allow it. I'll make a thread later tonight on PULL :-)

No. 11238

I remember seeing a comment on one of her photos about making makeup tutorials on youtube but I forgot what she replied tho. Cause you know the way she kind of does do makeup tutorials.. but with pictures (that are edited)

No. 11239


I can remember her saying somethinf similar like : " lol I will never do youtube videos "

No. 11240

oh yeah I've seen it too!! Somebody asked her if she would do makeup tuts on youtube or make videos something like that and Berry replied saying she wouldn't she's busy or something but would make pictorials instead.


No. 11241

i feel like she tapes her wigs/hair frame to the side of her face to block out her extra non-kowai fat. Or horrible shooping when she presents it

No. 11242

Busy with sleeping, eating and playing games.. which she always talks about…

No. 11243

I love sleeping, eating and playing games too but I don't have to tweet about it every single day smh

No. 11244

i wish i had made screenies of the time she admitted that she was only pretty because of ps after someone asked her .lol

No. 11245

I guess the trouble of editing the video was too much for her

No. 11246

lol ikr if you can do all that you so make videos

most likely haha

No. 11247

This just shows that she's isn't all that self confident.. she may look confident on the net but in real life she's another Asian girl

No. 11248

Ok wait that didn't come out right xD.. well yas know what I mean!

No. 11249

You can see how unconfident she is through her lies and ps tho

No. 11250

No. 11251

i'm sorry for being stupid but what is "PULL" ?

No. 11252

yeah i feel the same. 20 yo NEET that feeds off of chinese resellers, photoshop and the possibility of still being in HS. Kinda feel pity for her
a forum site called "Pretty Ugly Little Liars". Mostly for people like Dakota and other problematic "e-celebs"

No. 11253

somebody else make a pull thread on berry for some reason I can't find the button to make a topic about her :( PULLs faq on posting is useless to me

No. 11254

pull is prettyuglylittleliars just hate forums for talking shit about online personas

No. 11255

It's me the mod for the Berry Tumblr, still haven't decided on a name although 2 people liked BitchigoFlavor - I feel as if it's too long though, wanted something shorter.
I would like more input, in a few minutes I'll post the gmail account I made for the up coming tumblr, sorry I was away today so I just got home.

Please help choose from possible blog titles, hoping for something short. Here's whats been suggested or thought up by myself.


Open for any suggestions, thank you. Just trying to add finishing touches to the blog, right now it has a placeholder URL. But I wanted to add some links like: testimonials - the tag for asks that anons/people send us that we don't have screenshots for but they've said they've seen on her blog/twitter. example: I saw berry once posted she was a monkey!! but didn't screenshot it.

I don't know If I want to add pictures on there, because I know if you report someone using your pictures onto the blog and report that to tumblr it could potentially get the blog deleted. Although I would be willing to remake, I just want this blog to build up cred as much as possible; and hopefully last a long time. So please let me know what you all think about that.

Also want to do a submit box, just as someone suggested.
Will leave anon on.

No. 11256

bitchigoflavor has such a nice ring to it lol
but if you think it's too long i like fakeflavor also!

There's a lot of testimonals here on lolcow so you can just screenshot those also (maybe)?

No. 11257

Thought about it, but I don't want to link or screenshot it to the blog, as I know that a lot of whiteknights would come here just as someone suggested - or whiteknights who would potentially lurk the blog.

Just don't want this thread filled with

You know?
I would definitely copy and paste some testimonials though, into like word, screenshot that and then post them probably. But it would just be easier to have people send stuff they've noticed through an ask and collectively have a tag for it.

No. 11258

I like FakeFlavor lol

No. 11259

BitchigoFlavor or FakeFlavor

No. 11260

Now taking applications for some mods!
I think for now, I'll only be taking on a few.

Please email me at berryblogmod@gmail.com

With your "application" please send me your main blog URL, I am going to check that out to try and get a type of scope on you as a person. I won't use it for any other purpose than this, won't post it or ever out you as an applicant.
Send me a description about yourself, and why you think you would make a good moderator.
I would like to know your age, don't know if I'm comfortable with a minor being a moderator, for reasons like maturity level.
I'd also like to know your timezone, for potential times you would be able to log on and moderate.

I personally don't think this too strict of a form to send, if you'd like to throw anything else in there like skills - being able to edit her pictures and try to show photoshop discrepancies etc - feel free to do so.
I'll probably ask you questions back, to get a better feel for you but it won't be like I'm drilling you or anything crazy like that.

A lot of people are loving BitchigoFlavor, so I think that will be a good blog title unless something else pops up down the line! Going to go with that then, thank you for your input!!!

No. 11261


Nah it should have the "flavor " part in it

No. 11262

If you do screenshot pictures maybe crop the URL out? :0

I think you should also add links in another page that breaks things down like Photoshopping, Twitter Caps, something like that?

A quick link to her worst stuff yet or "worse" tag idk haha

We should just submit photos of her, mod try not to post any just let us submit so that way the blog has a lesser chance of being deleted. I think that should work.

And the testimonials sound good. lmaoooooo the example

No. 11263

I want to apply but how do we know you won't expose us? Sorry if that sounded rude in any way I'm genuinely curious I wouldn't want any of Berrys whiteknight to attack my blog and followers if anything were to happen. And I've seen what mean stuff they and Berry can do (in regards to the Amikoto drama before). ^^'

No. 11264

i think for the bio you should put the decs from the last thread "the photoshopping weeb who no one questions"

No. 11265

email berryblogmod @ gmail

Noted, and added! I already wanted to add those in, I do like the title of Twitter Captures for whatever reason :s

Was thinking of adding a worse tag, but I feel like that would just go along with her photoshop tag. lol

In regards to this, not sure what to say. The other mods would know who I am, so it wouldn't be as if everyone would be in a different boat than I. I wouldn't expose anyone, because that would be hypocritical of myself. I've posted in this thread snippets about myself, when I mentioned I was a medical student to add to the fact that it was ridiculous how she claims her schooling is 62k a year, when that would be a little bit more than what medical school would cost all together. While I don't like Berry, I'm not hateful or spiteful towards her, just as I am about anyone else. I'm p laid back, in the way that I don't care about a lot of things, if someone is rude to me I just shrug it off - lol for retail skills

I was thinking of "we're here to hail our wapanese monkey queen!" but I'm pretty sure a lot of people would say that the 'monkey' part is racist, not knowing that I'm quoting from Berry herself when she called Amikoto a monkey.
Don't know if I want to quote the original thread in that way, only because if you google it, it would lead to lolcow - not sure if anyone would take the time to google a blog description but hey who knows.

No. 11266


No. 11267

File: 1427978229149.jpg (55.7 KB, 579x1024, CBlHUuRWgAA8byt.jpg)


Road trip on a Thursday morning?
I smell high school sprig break.

No. 11268

The big twist: its actually Berry in disguise, making a fake email to collect our personal info and reveal us on her twitter/tumblr lol

No. 11269


That would be lol except I really don't believe Berry is anywhere near smart enough to pull this off.

No. 11270

berryblogmod @ gmail

I'm having a hard time finding a theme, the first one I chose started glitching out on me really bad. I'm looking for something minimalistic but I think today I'll just slap whatever up on the blog and then be choosey about it later.

LOL that would actually be a good idea, but I don't think she's smart enough to think that far ahead.

No. 11271

File: 1428000769095.jpg (87.09 KB, 600x903, IMG_20150402_134859.jpg)

Check out her hands tho that chub

No. 11272

She def carries some weight and isn't what she shops herself to be in those workout photos lol

No. 11273

The oldest trick for any artist is to flip your canvas when you are finished with the sketch to see how just fucked up the perspective got. Marked some blurry spots around her face and the eye size doesn't match up. Feels like she just enlarged the whole left corner of the photo for some reason. Also no boobs yet again.

She looks really cute here, though. Can't say I hate this photo.

No. 11274

File: 1428002398163.jpg (444.87 KB, 600x903, ht75cwh-set_03.jpg)

Forgot the pic, sorry

No. 11275


she's at Jollibee which is located in jersey city, nj or woodside, ny.
took her 2 hours to get there lmao

how does she even have the time to photoshop during the trip?

No. 11276


looking at colleges? idk

No. 11277

she probably used phone apps to do some quick edits

No. 11278

she has no big oppai and her jacket is open too

No. 11279

her neck color is totally different from her face and hands

No. 11280

>>11274 >>74172
And now when you flip the photo, her hand looks deformed and more swollen LOL might just be me haha

But I agree, she can look cute sometimes with the help of hiding, angles and technology, but I rather not feed her already enlarged ego ehhh. And she does look like she enlarged one side more than the other hm

No. 11281

nah she said something about road trip. I think she's with her siblings because her brother was driving

No. 11282

yeah phone apps or she's already home LOL

Her hair covers her entire chin so she doesn't have to go through the hassle of editing her chin. She probably used some sort of phone app like meitu to brighten her skin and enlarged her eyes. Plus the lighting looks pretty good here so that should account for something I think.

No. 11283

^ I tagged the wrong reply


No. 11284

That chubby hand gives it all

No. 11285

Does anyone have the link to her kiyomi video?

No. 11286

I think she looks good without bangs though

No. 11287


Its really does… like, it doesn't proportion right if she is what she PS herself to be in these photo:


No. 11288

No. 11289

that wig
& her body the proportion

No. 11290

anyone else find it weird that she's wearing contact lenses while on a road trip where she's supposedly "sleeping" the whole time? as far as I know you can't wear lenses while you sleep and I can barely stand wearing them for 6 hours straight lol (and I actually have doctor prescribed lenses)

No. 11291

This picture is too high quality to make me believe that she used her phone apps to edit it. Well whenever she takes a photo with her phone, it would end up all blurry. This picture looks like it was taken by camera not phone.

No. 11292

File: 1428009309652.png (227.53 KB, 398x600, 82028268a58faf424fe25727de325e…)

THE TRAY IS WIGGLY.. what does it mean tho.

No. 11293

She probably put in the circle lenses in the toilets for the picture heh

No. 11294

Omg in that video her neck is so dark compared to her face and hands o.o

No. 11295

The light that shines off her nose is also wriggly o - o

No. 11296

If you look close enough

No. 11297

Idk maybe her lens tolerance is high. I've slept in my lenses many times before (naps) but my eyes didn't feel uncomfortable and I used to wear lenses daily all the time for like 8 hours and more. I know a few people who do the same.

But I don't recommend it because it does damage your eye (which is why I stopped doing that lololol)

No. 11298

Maybe the trip wasn't a long trip? The person above did say it was probably a 2 hour drive and Berry was up early. So she might have gone home to edit or brought her laptop with her and had internet somewhere.

Idk, Some apps have really good sharpening effects too.

No. 11299

LOL why is it so wiggly wtf yet so straight in her photo hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

No. 11300

Plus, she has an HTC and the camera for that is utter shit. I agree the photo looks too HQ to be just a phone photo with app edited. But it may be possible its a phone photo with good apps used.

And iPhone camera photos aren't that crystal clear (use to own one).

I'm sure she used her other camera and just found a time/place to edit the photo.

No. 11301

Btw she's home now (she posted a photo about studying for a citizenship test or something).
yep the trip wasn't a long trip. Probably like 2 hours or 1 hour at max excluding driving time.

No. 11302

She probably went to a library and photoshopped it there, or then again used her laptop or phone. I presume she minimized her nose on her phone, brightened the picture and made her skin lighter. There's many apps out there that can do that

No. 11303

Lol she called that a road trip??? A 1-2 hours drive lol? XDD I would have thought it would be 4 hours or more.

No. 11304

loool she probably wanted to sound like she had places to go. Yeah road trip is like 4 hours + and to an interesting place far away imo.

No. 11305

Dang I guess I should start calling my 15 min drive to the grocery store a road trip too and make sure to bring along a pillow xD

No. 11306

No. 11307

File: 1428024528885.png (15.37 KB, 585x104, capture-20150402-202358.png)


I knew it had something to do with her citizenship thing she kept tweeting about today

No. 11308

+idk if berry does it intentionally (probably) but she does this thing a lot where she says or post something that is implying something cool or fun but is actually something else. like what someone mentioned before here >>10901

No. 11309


lmao yes, its easier to maintain her image of kawaii princess if everyone thinks she has an interesting life

No. 11310

its occ's spring break too

No. 11311

Also went to the mall today (to work) and that picture earlier is from right outside Boscovs. I would have taken a photo but it was dark already.

No. 11312

Lol berry tweet another photoshopping Filipino weaboo, Yaptus. So funny they are aiming for the same face shoop

No. 11313

File: 1428034502790.png (348.8 KB, 582x380, theblur.png)

did she photoshop those eyebrows on? it looks like her face was pasted on this image or maybe the hair? random parts are way too sharpened like her contacts and her hair while the rest is blurred as shit especially the shape of her face.

No. 11314

What's up with the fake beauty marks on her face -_-

No. 11315

i can almost feel her dry as fuck eyes.

No. 11316

she looked so gross in that pic tho no offense (i guess?) and she's still flatty pat

No. 11317

idk why but that picture looks dirty? at least she knows the caption matches lol
like is there a reason why some parts are super grainy and the rest is so smoothed out? or might be the contour on her nose… contouring looks dirty on some people sometimes.

looks like she's letting go of the kawaii style

No. 11318

idk if they're fake but they made a sudden appearance a few month or two ago. idk if she just stopped photoshopping them out before then or what. they look so noticeable though, shouldnt foundation at least make them less noticeable?

No. 11319

prob used sharpen and burn tool on some areas. Idk why she even made the effort to edit a bad-looking photo of herself but that's not any of my business……..

No. 11320

File: 1428038656070.png (61.3 KB, 600x557, capture-20150403-001957.png)

uh ouji?

No. 11321

Pretty sure Ouji still has a semi-active Twitter. That's definitely not him though.

No. 11322

Yet she got so jealous when Ouji started to garner female attention lol

Hey Berry Blog Mod (if you're there) how's the blog going?

No. 11323

berryblogmod @ gmail

Yeah, I'm still here, checking into the thread once or twice a day. (Still accepting moderator's too, please.)

For the most part the blog is up. You can actually look at it, the url is bitchigoflavor.
There's not much to it right now though. I was hoping to get the FAQ out of the way, since I know there will be a lot of people that will say "pls delete this is bad and h8ful" I posted the tiniest blurp in there.

The theme I chose isn't that interactive, can't submit for whatever reason so I'm looking for a more friendly theme; but trying to find something minimal and not annoying has proven hard.

No. 11324

File: 1428043522902.jpg (66.58 KB, 843x550, 55088_177582308925207_538086_o…)

yin & ouji

No. 11325

lol, her twitter name reads like "molk" (ik the character isn't being displayed properly)

No. 11326

I'm like 99% sure Berry lurks this thread. I don't know if she lurks it often but I wonder how this blog and her will go ahah now that she probably knows about it.

And I like the FAQ so far even if it's just a little blurp. I mean I don't hate Berry, but I do want to bring to light her bullshit.

I'll add in some random simple tumblr theme makers:

No. 11327

File: 1428048859256.jpg (128.01 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

I think she means NJ.. J for JERsey jfc berry

No. 11328

We had one years ago but Berry asked the mods to delete it

No. 11329

try http://atlasdesigns.co
very simplistic and easy to maneuver and customize.

No. 11330

berryblogmod @gmail

Thank you for your links! I thought I had found a good friendly theme the other day, but like I said it started glitching out on me. It had a submit box and link add ons, but I was just not in the mood to try and fix the code.

No. 11331

File: 1428083094239.jpg (130.12 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

lmao holy s

No. 11332

Plot twist. But she did.

No. 11333

berryblogmod @ gmail

Just a quick update, I've pretty much set up the blog. Like I said, I think I'll keep this theme for now and then continue to look for something better later; so this will be temporary.
I'm not sure if the color I've chosen for the background is good, let me know what you guys think and if a different color would be better suited (I'm colorblind, so in my eye's it looks fine.)

I've set up the submit box, so send in whatever you'd like to!

I'm also still looking through applicants, so if you've got extra time and you're interested please just shoot me an email.

No. 11334

berryblogmod @ gmail

Me again, sorry for another post.
I haven't tagged any of the 3 posts I have so far with ichigoflavor or berry tsukasa, I think it's a little too early since I don't have content.
But was wondering what everyone thought if I went over to youse-bitches and did a quick announcement of this new blog?

No. 11335

i think the font is a tad too small– maybe bump it up like .5-1 more size? Esp since there's probably gonna be a lot of reading and stuff. Other than that it looks pretty good!
I wouldn't announce yet on YB until you get a few more posts in cause i feel like no one would add their input in if it looks like not many are interested

No. 11336

I do agree that it is way too small, but I actually can't adjust the font size, I've tried. So I just switched to a different theme, and I'm sort of theme jumping for a bit.
I think you're right about YB, it would probably drive people away than pull them in.

No. 11337

She sharpened everything but her skin which she airbrushed. I think that she draws on the moles to show people that she doesn't wear much foundation which she plasters on. The edges of her face are also blurred out into her hair.. o - o

No. 11338

The edges on the right side that is.

No. 11339

You can see that she edited her chin again if you zoom into it xD

No. 11340

She's starting to photoshop her skin less pale then she usually does

No. 11341

Probably she knows that the blog is going to post older pics, and is weening her fans into more natural pics for when the old pics pop up. To prove she doesn't shoop I guess.

Or tan is in now I guess.

No. 11342

I feel like if she knew about the blog, wouldn't she make some sly comment about it on her twitter?
Like "lol h8rs are so blahbblahblaH"

No. 11343

File: 1428095561225.png (231.49 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-04-03-22-05-57…)

People are getting suspicious

No. 11344

File: 1428095754433.png (445.61 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-04-03-22-05-34…)

Me reading her twitter posts sometimes

No. 11345

Her boyfriend has a thing for princes , I can't remember an account/nick name which hasn't the word "prince" in it.

Like :

- Sleepinpronce
- Vamprince
- prince.of.vampires
- ouji (prince)

And I think Berry has told him not to say anything about his real heritage and age, because some time ago he told people he was "pure indonesian " ,that he lived in Indonesia and he told people his real age. (21y when his tumblr was vamprince)

But now he says nothing about it and when someone asks him where he's from , he replies "somewhere from Asia" .
And Berry wrote on her tumblr ask/faq that her bf is "older than me and you".

Yknow, Berry likes to make people think wrong~ but
Im not exactly sure what she wants people to think about her bf.

No. 11346

Yup. She claimed she was "pure Indonesian" on her about page too but later changed that for some reason, I said it earlier ITT but didn't have caps to prove it. Thanks for the confirmation.

No. 11347

its so bad how controlling she is of him. I mean not my relationship so whatever I guess but it just seems wrong in a way? Like she got famous because of him and she told him to get rid of so many things that he had before. Now she's the one that's famous and he's kind of just "there" now. We just know him as Berry's boyfriend, not an individual.

But yeah he's Indonesian and he's like a year or two older than her.

No. 11348

good, they should be.

No. 11349

Maybe she's trying to hide that she knows it. So it's less suspicious or something.

No. 11350

Surprised she didn't delete that comment lol

She deleted her HTC phone photo though. Maybe she wants to imply that that iPhone still on her page is hers. The HTC photo was actually a nice photo imo.

No. 11351

File: 1428099809404.png (37.77 KB, 525x254, IMG_20150409_1.png)

If someone is interested, here I found Oujis old faq in Google search

No. 11352

Why is she so controlling of her bf? That's just crazy. I wonder how faithful ouji really is towards her? Who knows. She can be controlling of his social media sites and such but never know he could be texting and seeing other girls and same with her. She use to always tweet about some other guy that wasn't her bf.

No. 11353

This is like everything Berry doesn't want people to know about her boyfriend. Kek.

No. 11354

Hey Berry Blog Mod the new theme looks pretty good!

No. 11355

File: 1428102482807.jpg (29.55 KB, 605x197, berry.jpg)

I guess she is feeling threatened by the blog

No. 11356


Omf I know she really likes to get "buddy buddy" with some guys, if they fit her criteria or is cute and speaks english lel.

That Tony guy from weeks back, not sure if any of you guys know, but Berry use to tweet about him like no other. Tony this, Tony that, retweet tony, etc. He was half japanese and white so no wonder she talked about him so much hah. This was posted on Y-B and after a few days of that being publicized on Y-B, she stopped talking about him ahahh then he got a Girlfriend and she completely stopped mentioning him

No. 11357



No. 11358

File: 1428102749350.png (34.28 KB, 639x356, capture-20150403-180710.png)

Of course she's okay if others use it, because she uses it a shit ton.

And ulzzang? Can't tell if she's trying to secretly refer herself as an ulzzang.

No. 11359

People hate on cosplayers for shopping, too. Plus, she's mostly hated for her personality

No. 11360

What if she pretends to join The blog so she can delete the blog or expose ppl…scary

No. 11361

That's why the mod requires you to include your main blog in the application :0

No. 11362

i feel like he does see/text other girls. Ouji is an attractive guy and seems like a real gentlemen.

I'm sure he knows and sees what Berry does on twitter/blog and what she does on twitter to him seems unfair. He doesn't talk or do anything about it on twitter but he probably does outside his online life. I mean he's never really on anyway and we don't know him well enough. We just know him as Berry's Ouji/Boyfriend. He can't be that much of a slave to Berry to do everything she wants while she does the opposite right?

No. 11363

I think Berry thinks that the blog is to rat out her photoshopping. No qurl it's to rat out your other bullshit lies like being rich and how pretentious you are.

No. 11364


she probably wants them to think hes japanese lol

No. 11365

I hate how she calls herself berry TSUKASA.
its so weeb it hurts.

No. 11366


It's weird, he gave up his whole internet persona so suddenly, but is it really because of Berry ? I guess he was pretty active around 2009/2010 but I don't think he was as popular as Berry (thats not possible in such a short time on fb )
Maybe he was popular on another website ? Photobucket or myspace or something like this, but not on fb.
And it's kinda weird that there aren't any old photos of him on the internet.

We shouldnt believe this anonymous (who said he knew ouji in rl) too much, he couldn't give us any proof.

No. 11367

Yeah, unless he has some photos together or something but I doubt it.

Idk, someone I knew in person said she knew berry through ouji. And that story from the old thread about how berry became famous through ouji. Something to do with female fans which is dumb because look at berry now attracting so many MALE attention.

I think he was popular on fb but then deleted everything and started over with a new fb – most likely. He probably went under a different name before that? idk

No. 11368


Uh that's right ! You know ProfileEngine? It's a website which summarizes all the information from ur fb , many people don't know they have a Profile in ProfileEngine (it's conception is weird , they make your Profile without you knowing)

And there are profiles of Ouji :



No. 11369

IIRC she used to be a part of "Kawaii Ulzzang Contest" (that fucking name tho) on facebook. Basically people send in photos and they "battle", aka people just vote on whoever's cuter and you gain asspats online. It was a circlejerk of koreaboo attention whores.

No. 11370

File: 1428109127683.png (341.9 KB, 505x488, IMG_20150409_2.png)

Is..this Berry ?

No. 11371

hmm I don't know. Where did you find this?

No. 11372

doesn't really look like her?????

No. 11373

I think it looks like her omg

No. 11374

I remember someone mentioning something about her two friends or something I dunno.. it doesn't really look like her cause of the face she made maybe o.o

No. 11375

I think it looks alot like her.. she just hasn't got any make-up/circle lenses on, is chubbier and tanner here!

No. 11376

She never made that kind of a face before maybe that's why she looks different there xD

No. 11377

File: 1428110110706.jpg (440.34 KB, 1792x771, haha.jpg)

new York~

No. 11378

File: 1428110413286.png (598.78 KB, 505x488, burry.png)

I shooped her nose and face slimmer and enlarged the eyes. I can see it.

No. 11379

the mailbox looks lighter there
do you think it could be just due to lighting?
In the pictures you can see a bit of the houses across the street, on google maps if you were to look on the other side is it the same houses

No. 11380

i have a gut feeling this is berry but idk.. we never do see her smile or make any faces other than a dead-ass expression so

No. 11381

yes ^

No. 11382


omg i can kind of see it too. plus no collar bones would make sense lolol

and berry has that outline on her mouth (the outline from her nose to her mouth) she just shoops it out of her photos but in her video when she's lipsynching some japanese song you can see it. it just looks more defined here because shes pulling a happy face.

No. 11383

File: 1428110968992.png (469.28 KB, 419x460, berry1.png)

I think it's her…the hairstyle is too similar.

No. 11384

OMG it really does look like her now and the brows omg the brows

No. 11385

Ouji used to be very popular in facebook, he even has a fanpage with many likes. I remember he lost it tho, can't remember why.

Also, I'm a girl. (Anon, who claimed to know ouji in real life). Idk why I have to post proof tho, I don't really wanna get involved + I don't wanna trouble or expose Ouji's private information. He also keep his relationship matter closed tightly, I know things from observing them.
We live in this small island called the Java island, it is the main island of our country. Dan gw beneran orang indo, terserah kalian mau percaya atau nggaknya :)

It's up to you guys whether to believe me or not. That is all I want to say.

No. 11386

Do you text him or message him?

The reason his facebook page disappeared is probably because of Berry who made him delete everything that made him famous/popular.

Ouji is a cool guy. He does seem like the type to be private though.

No. 11387

File: 1428111324027.jpg (7.83 KB, 206x275, 1419886741504.jpg)


i can see it

No. 11388


Well it'd be better to post some proof if you can, it doesn't have to be his private information but maybe an old group pic or do you have something similar to yearbooks?

No. 11389

File: 1428111699056.png (681.37 KB, 463x537, berrynya.png)

The more I look at the photos the more I can see it.

No. 11390

Omfg that is totally berry. Gj anon on finding that pic lol xD but omg berry without ps doesn't look too bad??? O:

No. 11391

thb i'd rather not get ouji too involved with this; yes, he is berry's bf but this thread was mainly to expose berry, right? Their relationship w/each other is their problem if berry decides to control his online persona and wants to be flirty with other guys

No. 11392


She Is not ugly but looks definetely nothing like in her photos.

No. 11393

omg i'm crying.
I know, you can loose weight and all.
but dayyyuummm.

dat nose tho.

No. 11394

Yeah, I wouldn't want him to get too involved in this. Even though being Berry's boyfriend kind of puts you in the spot for this ngl.

I hope Ouji knows that he is his own individual too and not Berry's slave/boi toi.

No. 11395

geezus that photoshopped makeup dou

No. 11396


All it takes is a brief research into the older threads about her and they crop up. It's a real shame she makes herself look pale as chalk. Wouldn't have even known she was that tan judging by the overshooped pics she wants everyone to think is her IRL.

No. 11397


She looks so uncomfortable and akward..

No. 11398

maybe thats why people in real life never notice shes the e-famous "berry tsukasa"

photoshopped to hell and back

No. 11399

@Anon who knows Ouji.

Is he ever talking about Berry ?

Like I dont get this how can you fsll in love with someone you never so in rl ? like is internet love a real thing ?

No. 11400

*Saw in rl

No. 11401

did they really see each other irl tho

No. 11402

Let me explain first that I'm not a close friend of him, just a friend. He's a very reserved person yes, he's only close with a few friends.
Back to the earlier topic, if he ever goes to meet her irl I think I'd know bc us indonesians we really like knowing about everything from friend a who gets a new dog to friend b who is planning a holiday to bali (haha we really like to talk about everything) even tho he's a reserved person and he doesn't really talk about such things, we can hear it from parents / even neighbors.
Also he'd be putting his pics with her on his private social media right? I've never seen such thing.

No. 11403

I think the picture oh her and "Oiji" isn't actually her and him but her and her bro. She probably made him wear a wig.. and she never said if it actually was Oiji (I don't thinkk so anyway) And I think she didn't say it incase someone realizes it isn't him

No. 11404

Ouji* lel

No. 11405

File: 1428114809935.jpg (26.4 KB, 400x562, xkoyRC8b4dM.jpg)

Found this on vk.

No. 11406

yeah after seeing this pic again it's def her

No. 11407


She's chubs as heck. Not ugly though.

No. 11408

yeah, with makeup and a little bit of weight loss, i think she'd still be above average. even her boobs are probably bigger than the average asian girl when she's thin.

but yeah, nothing she shops herself to be. regardless, she's still a liar about all this NY rich premed kid bs

No. 11409

Anybody else get mildly perturbed when you find out how jarring the difference is between a shoopcow's internet face and their irl face? Especially when they're not even ugly? Like, you aren't even that busted, why change how you look that drastically? Are you that attention hungry? Do you dislike your real face that much? …Idk, I'm probably thinking waaay too deep about dumb shit…

No. 11410

berryblogmod @gmail

Hey everyone, just checking in. I'm going to start and make snippets post about her. I don't think I'll be posting any of her shoop pics, I'll wait for a while so people can submit things. For now I'll start off with twitter captures, and some lies.

No. 11411

Eh. She looks like an average Filipina to me. The size of her boobs would probably be average too. (Most) Filipinas aren't built like East Asians.

No. 11412

Aww she doesn't look that bad in her highschool pix. It's such a shame she have to ps herself so much o.o

No. 11413

She posted this herself.
On her blog, I used to follow her. She made this comparison.
It's supposedly her with makeup vs her without it.

No. 11414

…even though she's clearly wearing eyeliner and blush? how do people fall for her bullshit

No. 11415

even tho she posted it i think it's a pretty good shoop comparison cause her features are totally different xD

No. 11416

i doubt she has bigger than average sized boobs even for a filipino/asian. There's enough pics in this thread to say so

No. 11417

weight also contributes to boobies.
during the time she was much larger, she must have had bigger boobs. but according to her she lost like 10 lbs. but in her photos, she either has boobs, big boobs or no boobs. idek

No. 11418

i dunno. i lived in the philippines for a while, and most girls there weren't much bigger than the girls in korea and japan. i assumed berry has fat girl tits as she's still chubby at her thinnest.

basically what >>11417 is saying. she looks like she had bigger boobs when she was fat. of course there are a lot of girls with way bigger boobs even at a lower weight, but it's just a generalization. i don't think she's flat chested irl. i also think she's chubby and probably has a slight double chin like a lot of filipinas.

No. 11419

File: 1428123836682.png (7.28 KB, 582x117, tan.png)

oh, forgot to post this new tweet

No. 11420

Is she slowly starting to admit the truth about her lol? Why is she suddenly saying her face is tan but hands never saw sunlight? O_o

No. 11421

maybe we scared her?

No. 11422

Found this guy:
He's supposedly graduating from Toms River North this year (according to this: http://tomsrivernorthhighschool.com/class-of-2015.html ) and he was born in 1997. I still think that Korinnes lying about her age. Bite me.

No. 11423

Considering that she always wears long-sleeve tops to hide her fatness it wouldn't be impossible for her body to be more pale.

No. 11424


What does this do with Berry though? Does he follow her? Does she follow her?

No. 11425


Where did you find this pic? Need source

No. 11426

I think berry is over the age of 18 because she's applying for her naturalization /citizenship.

No. 11427

If she wasnt 18 yet, cause her birthday is August 23 ( >>60105 ), then she wouldnt need to file cause she'd be under her parents

No. 11428

They are both graduating from HS according to classmates.com and Toms River North webpage in 2015

No. 11429

*graduating in 2015 I mean

No. 11430

Not to be rude but how is he relevant though?
What makes him special to exposing korrine?

No. 11431


It was on Fb ,I think the girl is/was friends with Berry because she wrote :
"Me and the gang"

I'm not sure if I should tell her name cause she really has nothing to do with it.

But as you can see she was about the same age as Berry (if thats really her in the pic) , AND has many friends from the TR North Highschool - I will just check if her other fb friends already graduated or if they are still in HS

No. 11432


Ahh alright, thanks.
You're a good person for not exposing her name. Hopefully I'll find the girl's profile and look further.
Hoping to finish my Berry dox so I can release it when there's full proof. ^_^

No. 11433

I'd recommend you to search on ProfileEngine , there is Berrys old fb page , but under a different name.

No. 11434

File: 1428150007975.png (143.03 KB, 540x960, IMG_20150409_3.png)

So , I'm really not good this this but apparently this girl has at least 2 friends who will graduate from Toms River Highschool North in 2015, could be that there are more , maybe I didn't looked it up good enough.

No. 11435

File: 1428150077205.png (167.62 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-04-09-22-21-13…)

2nd person

No. 11436

File: 1428151104186.png (106.53 KB, 540x960, IMG_20150409_4.png)

^^Same Anon

I didn't look close enough (sry for that) , and I just saw that she has more friends who will graduate this year, so I'll post them rn

No. 11437

File: 1428151138624.png (91.53 KB, 540x960, IMG_20150409_5.png)

Another one

No. 11438

File: 1428151174100.png (91.86 KB, 540x960, IMG_20150409_6.png)


No. 11439

File: 1428151268507.png (111.59 KB, 540x960, IMG_20150409_7.png)

Sry for the spam

Btw "Abschlussjahr" means "graduation year"

No. 11440

File: 1428152478567.jpg (31.83 KB, 460x338, aQ4QGjw_460s_v1.jpg)

ouji u OK ?

No. 11441

ommmfg lmaooooooooooooo

No. 11442



I-I think he's dead anon. :(
No wait, just sobbing.

No. 11443

File: 1428161715954.png (21.14 KB, 591x192, lol.png)

It's okay Berry no one will recognize you irl anyways

No. 11444

the shoulders are the same as in Berry's pics, and yeah it's her >>11370

No. 11445

my best friend is Filipina and she has huge boobs, and is not as chubby as Berry. And yeah, she looks average, my best friend and her mother are cute as fuck and pretty

No. 11446

File: 1428167939761.png (67.96 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-04-04-03-40-53…)

No. 11447

I think berry has a v bad posture. This makes her look bigger

No. 11448

File: 1428172029858.png (216.26 KB, 354x363, rlyberry.png)

No. 11449

The question is - how old is this picture? Is it recent?

No. 11450

The date is in the file's name.

No. 11451

I doubt that's how she looks now. And it's kinda too cold to dress like that?

No. 11452

File: 1428181436680.png (52.08 KB, 540x960, IMG_20150410_1.png)


I'm the anon who found the pic and it's definetely not a recent photo - I have no idea when it was taken sry.

Here's a SS of thr comments

No. 11453

are they friends with a "Korinne" Tigno? I've searched up Korinne Tigno before on facebook and there should be a photo of a bunny or something as the profile picture

No. 11454

ehh nevermind idk if Berry deactivated her real facebook or something, because I can't find it like how I was able to before. However it's easy to find her family members though (thats how I found Korinne Tigno before it disappeared)

No. 11455

I can find a Korrine Tigno but it doesn't have a profile picture.

No. 11456

File: 1428182212955.jpg (31.29 KB, 612x263, skinny.jpg)

But isn't Berry animu skinny >>10931

No. 11457

File: 1428182280113.png (26.44 KB, 576x302, capture-20150404-155926.png)

lmao is she finally realizing/admitting it

No. 11458

Looks like she's preparing for the truth blog to enlighten her followers. Better ease them into it so she doesn't lose them

No. 11459

File: 1428183689171.png (94.38 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-04-04-17-30-02…)

She's so upset lately

No. 11460

Thank sneaky lil ho

No. 11461


No. 11462

Lol she is slowly starting to admit the truth about herself damn I think she's been lurking this blog lol

No. 11463

We can always backfire her psed pics and tweets ;3

No. 11464

i still think the truth blog needs to be made tho cause people need to understand through their own eyes and not just berry's words. The only thing that annoys me now that she's saying all this is that people will still be a whiteknight to her = they're still blinded through idolization

No. 11465

She got popular for her shooping and now that people are starting to realize she's trying to slowly talk about the truth

No. 11466

also she has so much ass-kissers on twitter it makes me roll my eyes so far back my head

No. 11467

She also deleted her about me page on tumblr

No. 11468

Lol ppl are so ridiculous. Why do they idolize pretty girl's with fake and shitty personality. @_@ I mean like besides berry I've seen a lot of girls on tumblr and such who are just really rude for no reasons and have a shitty ass personality. What is there to idolize or like? Ppl are so blind.

No. 11469

They seem to think because they are pretty they must do something right in their lifes.

No. 11470

File: 1428188901860.png (145.54 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-04-09-10-18-02…)

Lol found this

No. 11471

File: 1428189147960.png (162.46 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-04-09-10-17-52…)

No. 11472

File: 1428189187295.png (132.77 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-04-09-10-17-38…)

No. 11473

lol I remember reading that thread

No. 11474


she was 17 when she wrote this? Sounds more like 16 or younger jfc

No. 11475

>my hubby

No. 11476

She makes me kek so hard

No. 11477

what does kek mean?

No. 11478

its like kekeke = hahaha
or something

No. 11479

it could also mean lol – something about WoW i think translating "lol" as "kek" and other words .. (i'd just google it xD)

No. 11480

She is so lurking this thread because she just posted something about her fingers looking like fat sausages.. →_→

No. 11481

She tries to act less cocky now that people are talking about how bad her personality is.

No. 11482

I think she is lurking this thread. She also made a tweet saying how everybody lies. Is this her trying to justify her own lies?

No. 11483

berryblogmod @ gmail

Updating the blog right now since I have a free day tomorrow. Thank you to everyone posting screen shots in this thread. I can't tell you how helpful it is to me, since my schedule is up and down a lot.
With people posting twitter captures in here, it allows me to go back and find them easily, and save and post them.

Would really appreciate more of this type of help, since I'm not on the computer for a long sitting. Of course you don't have to but it helps me and the blog out in case she deletes it soon after.

No. 11484

File: 1428212553749.png (118.41 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-04-05-01-24-35…)

No. 11485

File: 1428212836244.png (17.05 KB, 566x154, ra.PNG)

No. 11486

Does that mean she just graduated from high school?

No. 11487

probably. She's only 20 so if we were to say she's in college she'd only be a sophomore- if she is getting her bachelors she wouldn't be done with schooling till 2+ years from now since she's in the medical field.
I feel like she really is still in HS

No. 11488


the girls name is Kiki Pulliam

No. 11489

File: 1428229419538.png (448.89 KB, 540x960, IMG_20150410_2.png)

Apparently this is Berrys mother

No. 11490

Wait .. Sorry, to quote her:

No. 11491

File: 1428237251119.jpg (37.48 KB, 1074x372, Screenshot_2015-04-05-08-28-56…)

No. 11492


Lol is she serious ? Hahahahah

No. 11493

Sorry but her parents really did a shitty job in raising her smh

No. 11494

if she really does lurk this thread i love how she's the one actually searching for gossip about her. She keeps saying things like "idgaf" but she keeps bringing it up just like Gasaii (another problematic girl from tumblr and is 'friends' with berry) – like bitch gtfo

No. 11495

"I can afford things but im still a cheap bastard"… whatever you say Berry

No. 11496

File: 1428243911042.png (128.35 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-04-05-10-19-04…)


No. 11497

File: 1428243976402.png (120.55 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-04-05-10-18-45…)

No. 11498

She's admitting a lot now, lol.

No. 11499

File: 1428246261870.jpg (112.95 KB, 500x841, 14186167573433 copy.jpg)

woooow she just really started back pedalling, before she would never ever admit to photoshop (at least concerning her face and body).

I remember someone commenting on a body pic and finding it strange that there was such a shadow on her ribs and then OUJI was all like "it's not photoshop she just has an awesome body" and she, too, was all "it's cool that people think my real body is photoshopped".

Korinne, listen, you say you don't have a tigh gap now and stuff but before your pics were clearly implying that you are skinny, which you now claim not to be. That's shady as fuck

No. 11500

File: 1428246645579.jpg (252.74 KB, 895x657, Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 17.0…)

comment: "your waist looks edited"
korrine : I know right


No. 11501

File: 1428247267114.png (496.57 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-04-11-01-53-34…)

"I don't have a thig gap "

No. 11502

File: 1428247362948.png (525.79 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-04-11-01-55-49…)

"I dont have a thigap " (2)

No. 11503

File: 1428247444892.png (27.61 KB, 608x292, hahahahahah.png)

no, she doesn't photoshop, she just turned pretty lol

No. 11504

then why fake one in pictures. you are clearly pretending to have one.

No. 11505

"I look more more perf now"

uhm ok. this personality is simply unbearable

No. 11506

how would ouji even know what her body is like?? YOU NEVER MET IRL!

No. 11507

File: 1428247696987.png (14.41 KB, 581x217, andthis.png)

also, this is pretty hilarious

No. 11508

and you are the queen berry of lies and mistakes. problem is also that she tries sooo hard to be mean and edgy, it's making me cringe.

No. 11509

this is soooo funny. She's tweeting all these "everybody lies" stuff incase her "fans" figure out the truth about her XD

No. 11510

she probably knows about the bitchigoflavor

No. 11511

She most definitely does, she lurks here

No. 11512

Dear Berry/Korinne ,
You are stupid.

Every Human who uses their brain.

No. 11513

This new tumblr over-confidence "i am perf" fad is pretty cringey

No. 11514


Her confidence is fake, otherwise she wouldn't desperatly try to make people think she's perfect.

No. 11515

File: 1428248761086.jpg (303.96 KB, 1599x1068, 2vjrc0n.jpg)

if anon ever wants to use this for bitchigoflavor…

No. 11516

Lololol someone is definitely SCAREDDDDD. She's slowly trying to admit stuff incase her fans find this this thread and her bitchigoflavor page xD lol but a little too late berry. You're You're till getting exposed

No. 11517

>>11501 Totally natural you guys, deformed left knee and all! Seriously though, it freaks me out every time I look at it. People should have a basic understanding of anatomy before shooping themselves holy shit.

No. 11518

berryblogmod @ gmail

I wonder if she's hiding her IP - I don't think she's smart enough to know how, but it's seriously, not that hard.
Because I haven't had any hits on the blog from NJ.

No. 11519

berryblogmod @gmail
Got a hit on NJ
but not sure if it's her

No. 11520

Just fucking Google it, jesus. The fucking kids in this thread, I swear.

No. 11521


Also, think I'm going to send in an ask to Yousei-bitches. I've got more material on the blog now, thanks to every single one of you, and I just want it to get as much exposure as possible. I'm getting a lot of hits but I feel like it's mostly from people in this thread.

No. 11522

>tumblr in one screenshot

No. 11523

It's so lols how she says she used to be ugly and is now pretty but also that she looks the same. Then how she was so tan before… yet she still has a tan face from staying indoors all the time? She says she doesn't brighten her skin but she is also tan

No. 11524

youse-bitches, said that my URL is over the line. Because it's closely related to Ichigoflavor. Wondering if I should now change it, and to something more lowkey.

Also, of course blogs aimed at one person don't end well. They try to report it, and it usually gets reported and deleted, so I expect that it will at some point get deleted I just want it to get as much exposure as possible before it does.

No. 11525

I liked FakeFlavor too, it doesn't hint as much imo

No. 11526

Alright, will change thank you!

No. 11527

Bitchigoflavor was growing on me though : (
someone else should hold that url, I almost don't want to change it just bc
It's just a url?
And there's tumblr girls who's urls are like

No. 11528

Just tried to change it lol, someone already has the url fakeflavor

No. 11529

she doesnt make any sense i think she just angry cuz ppl are starting to question her lmao

No. 11530

Damn! Maybe she claimed it lol

No. 11531

how about "berry-fake" like 'very fake' lol im jk idk honestly.

No. 11532

I honestly might just take it for now?

No. 11533


that was probably me sorry, and i live in TR too :(

No. 11534

That's ok!

No. 11535

sorry I'm just so excited for that

No. 11536

Yes, me too

No. 11537

Me 3

No. 11538


No. 11539

Changed, thank you!

No. 11540

which one?

No. 11541


No. 11542

File: 1428263329905.jpg (31.63 KB, 587x98, 86967687.jpg)

I know it's probably supposed to be a joke but…. how would that be even possible

No. 11543

thank you

No. 11544

No problem, sorry I didn't state it in the same post.

No. 11545

File: 1428264043213.png (14 KB, 574x207, 78346278.png)


No. 11546

File: 1428264545338.jpg (23.55 KB, 499x499, 0e9.jpg)

that damage control

No. 11547


Sure Berry,just deveice yourself kekeke

No. 11548

Someone should cap what we say in this thread with the time and date and Berrys Twitter responses

No. 11549

Berry's on fire with her tweets today lloll

No. 11550

File: 1428276703632.jpg (77.85 KB, 520x207, kek.jpg)

ha ha

No. 11551

File: 1428276969176.jpg (304.37 KB, 911x766, Screenshot_2015-04-05-18-29-20…)

Yet you still Photoshopped your body. Okay, Berry. You probably wouldn't have even come out with all of this if it wasn't for this and the blog lel

No. 11552

File: 1428277094352.jpg (107.18 KB, 911x286, Screenshot_2015-04-05-18-33-44…)

Did you Really accept them?,

No. 11553

Then why did she desperatly pretend she was thin and perf ? If she talks publicly about how unperfect she is and about her tummy-fat then why did she photoshop herself those crazy animu ribs and this tiny waist ?

Let's just face it Berry :
You take pictures Of your body, photoshop them and then put them online so people will compliment you.
But oh, sadly there are people who see through your lies and what you're doing now is an act of cowardice.

Berry you are a dastard smh

No. 11554


First she goes "my body is not acceptable for people cuz im fat" and now she is claiming to loose a shitload of weight and having a flat stomach.

No. 11555

Exactly. So pathetic. Now she's desperately trying to protect herself.

No. 11556

She seems like she's going to have a melt down

No. 11557

She's already updated her tumblr saying she's "Currently on hiatus." And her instagram about me with "(no) negativity (no)"

No. 11558

It makes me really sad that people see that walking lie as a role model and I can't imagine how many people want to be like her "photoshop" self. I'm glad you're trying to make her followers see what she's really like.

No. 11559

can't wait

No. 11560

i doubt she lost 40lbs. More like 40lbs of bullshiiiit.

No. 11561

Don't you guys feel bad for her? What if something is really wrong with her? Say she really repeated high school and stuff.

No. 11562

File: 1428286912589.png (55.11 KB, 616x455, 7346274.png)


No. 11563

I don't think that repeating highschool is the big issue here, she's lazy as fuck. You know, she only plays videogames, eats crap and takes photos. Tell me how can you pass a year doing that. What is wrong with her is that she's narcissist as fuck, she wants to be praised, beautiful, because she's not that in real life. She wants to be popular, because she's not the popular one in high school. She just has a sad life full of lies lol



No. 11564

Jesus, delusional bitch

No. 11565

^ yesssssssssss. &she wants to be popular by photoshopping and claiming it's real (her body shoops for example) smh

No. 11566

File: 1428289340517.png (345.57 KB, 607x418, kekekekekk.png)

i cant she is trying TOO HARD ROFL

i cant count how many times she praised herself btw

No. 11567

File: 1428289487090.png (182.21 KB, 585x379, shouldnt ouji be saying that d…)


No. 11568

Omg lol so childish.
I've seen so many asians, and they are waaaaaaayyy prettier than berry. But u will never hear them say "im so pretty they thought im an idol"
She tweets about things she never hear irl. So cringeworthy

No. 11569