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File: 1520130813985.jpg (117.43 KB, 321x319, c1vBgIy.jpg)

No. 520070

RSN could be best described as the autistic lovechild of the blargh and vexxed.
>begs subscribers for clips of streams
>self proclaimed journalist
>stirred shit to try feuding with the blargh
>joysparkles whiteknight
>decided to sell RSN merch at only 2k subs
>lost his shit over sonida refusing to want to talk to him anymore

He's currently deleting any comments that tear apart his narrative. Doesn't seem like he'll last long in this world.

No. 520081

File: 1520131240197.jpg (241.95 KB, 1269x1172, CSFGCbb.jpg)

He's tinfoiling pretty hard that sam and onion are best friends, all over onion auto hosting sam one night on twitch.

No. 520085

Hes mostly harmless. He displays cow potential so far but it's a breathe of fresh air to not have to deal with full streams of lainey and greg. Sifting theough that shit probably broke his mind

No. 520088

He has joy sparkles and joshvlog potential but he's already delusional at 2k subs

No. 520100

File: 1520131697468.png (116.76 KB, 1370x649, part1-2.png)

He's trying to push a rumor that Sam and Onion are still friends and are trying to make money off of it. There's speculation that he's mad that Sam wouldn't edit her streams so he can have clips of her stream on his shitty channel.

No. 520102

I guess it's nitpicking more than anything, but I can't stand watching his channel, mostly because he plays that really bassy annoying R&B melody loud enough you can't even hear the streamer when they talk.

No. 520109

File: 1520131915858.png (90.68 KB, 822x486, deleltingcomments.png)

Here's some proof of him deleting negative comments on his video with masked babe.

No. 520161

yeah that's true and that happened, I was there during the stream where he hosted her and she had no idea why. (other didn't either). For all we know he could have been auto hosting or trying to intimidate her.
It doesn't mean they're friends lmao

No. 520167

File: 1520134928643.jpg (175.5 KB, 852x411, H43ycF7.jpg)

He does this thing where he dramatically zooms past some of his youtube comment section.

No. 520223

File: 1520142538229.png (30.93 KB, 1286x153, ggnerd.PNG)

TFW you're so irrelevant your fans don't even want to see you at the club.

No. 520519

File: 1520189878244.png (62.49 KB, 720x437, yeaokay.png)

Claims to be "done" talking about Sam, posts a video the next day about Sam. Hi Onion.

No. 520520

File: 1520189940437.png (181.93 KB, 1264x831, dkslkdjlskj.PNG)

>Says he's not going to talk about Sam anymore
>Uploads a video about sam

No. 520526

The only stream I watched was one where he interviewed sam and it was the worst fucking “interview” I’d seen in my life. It was supposedly supposed to clear the air about her whole gofundme moving situation, but turned into just a terrible interview about Onision. No real research was done, and he was saying things like “So supposedly he said this about you?? That’d be crazy if it’s true” and asking people to find clips of Lainey claiming sam stole despite paying to be subbed to her Younow where you can view all those clips yourself.

Do we know if he lurks here? Cause I’ve also seen that tinfoil about sam and onion being best friends around the threads and now im suspicious kek

No. 520533

File: 1520190635928.png (109.78 KB, 608x152, lurking.PNG)

He probably does since he's used a photo manip from here for a thumbnail

No. 520535

File: 1520190711014.png (194.33 KB, 1249x1197, realcreepnews4.png)

Some of his comments on his new video "Sam’s Shameless Promo When Being Called Out As Fake (3/4/18)"

No. 520540

File: 1520191311042.png (45.35 KB, 1247x380, blarghy.png)

Also The Blargh left a comment on the video and RSN gets butthurt.

No. 520547

Not saying this guy doesn’t have some cow behaviors, but it is very interesting how anyone who ends up on Gerg’s bad side ends up here eventually.
Sage for mild tinfoil

No. 520548

well it seems like the blargh blocked them a long time ago for no reason other than that bc obv rsn is their competition and there wasn't anyone taking up their potential revenue stream. tbh it seems like the blargh is salty that they're no longer the only ones doing stream drama anymore.

i dont see why this guy has a thread. he posts milk and publicly shows that he hates onion, which is great. who cares about his stupid theorizing about sam? how does that make him milky? i don't want to scare him off. i can't possibly catch all these losers and their streams so i'm thankful he posts the highlights.

there's nothing milky here, imo.

No. 520552

He's acting like a wannabe Keemstar and posts his tonfoiling as "real news". Now he's acting like a creep just because Sam doesn't wanna talk to him. I can do without his shitty re-uploads if that's the way he's gonna run it.

No. 520556

in the vid about sam/onion teaming up, i believe he made it clear that he was tinfoiling. maybe he's ramped up the level of belief in it now that he feels like sam hates him or s/t, but idc, this isn't enough for me. all these internet personalities have to be calves to some degree to want to have any following, but idk that this is thread worthy.

No. 520566

If you can’t catch their streams then watch the blarg or often times anons will reupload them for us.
Maybe he’s not thread worthy but ur acting like he’s a prized possesion here
>I don’t wanna scare him off

No. 520568

> i don't want to scare him off.
If he's scared off by criticism he shouldn't be a drama channel.

No. 520571

the blargh doesn't upload nearly as fast/specialize as much as he does in onion drama. the blargh spends a lot more time covering all the scene kids than onion drama.

No. 520587

>the blargh spends a lot more time covering all the scene kids than onion drama.

the blargh is also unbiased comparatively. Just because he's faster doesn't mean he's better. It's quality over quantity.

No. 520590

What? They cover the same people. They have many Lainey streams, Sam, and Onision. Where are ya facts? At least they don't steal vids, like RSN has.

No. 520598

they do, but as i said, they're not as fast and they don't specialize in onion drama. look at rsn's uploaded vids. for the amt of time they've been uploading, they've uploaded loooots of lame clips. lots more than the blargh does in a given amount of time. dislike him or not, everyone even comments that he's much quicker on the uploads. you usually have to wait 3 days for the blargh to upload on lame/onion drama.

No. 520605

I personally don't give a shit if The Blargh is better or not. Like someone else already pointed out: if calling him out on being a huge moron and a creep scares him away then tough shit for him.

If this isn't "thread worthy" nothing is stopping admins from removing it.

No. 520621

quicker doesn't mean better quality. i'd rather someone take the time to upload something and make sure it's video worthy than have some sperg who can't take being criticized uploading shit.

No. 520635

tinfoil but
it's highly speculated he lurks …
and suddenly white knights appear in a thread about him to defend about why hes so much better than the blarg and doesn't deserve a thread despite there seeming to be milk/interest…. kek

No. 520639

If you don;t think he deserves a thread, then move on to the next thread.

I definitely see the potential for milk here, especially since he has been sperging so much over the past week.

No. 520883

File: 1520221391319.png (102.86 KB, 1263x776, blargh.png)

The Blargh commented this on his recent deleted video about Sam "faking" drama.

No. 520891

File: 1520222304686.gif (1.28 MB, 500x281, shook.gif)

No. 521035

He definitely is a lurking fer sure special lil snow flake with his gay mask(RSN)

No. 521053

This is a pretty believable tinfoil especially since apparently both the WK and RSN use the phrase "the scene" which I've never seen thrown around here before:
>>520535 (screenshot of RSN saying it)
Similar typing style in general though.

But either way WKs gtfo.

Someone posted this in the onion thread: >>>/pt/491664
I hope he fizzles out quickly.

No. 521063

File: 1520244522479.jpg (12.24 KB, 1816x108, wfcM9NS.jpg)

>legit 5% of this thread is true
this thread is based off your own videos, public statements, and youtube comments. Delete faster next time.

No. 521064

File: 1520244605901.png (50.51 KB, 679x591, edge.png)

This guy is just too much lol

No. 521067

File: 1520245194834.png (113.37 KB, 1235x743, keepitup.png)

There is no doubt that this guy deserves a thread now.

No. 521068

Why is he like this he's making a complete fool out of himself

No. 521070

I mean if RSN wanted us to kiss his ass, he truly is delusional lol.

No. 521073


No. 521077

File: 1520247387251.gif (1.34 MB, 800x533, 8f5160e1930ad749da6bf19f9c3dce…)

You don't want to start off a cow if you're a new drama channel. 3k subs and he has this big of an ego.

No. 521078

File: 1520247542649.jpg (18.18 KB, 895x197, rGR1KY7.jpg)

No. 521079

File: 1520247567356.jpg (58.05 KB, 717x734, GaKoUAR.jpg)

He's sinking faster than joshvlog

No. 521081

File: 1520247757852.png (66.22 KB, 720x635, downloadcec5d062__2fstorage_2f…)

Recently, RSN claimed not to get info/leaks/milk from, LC on tjis video. https://hooktube.com/V1YloH0vj_A

No. 521082

The source of those leaks comes from a farmer on here (those files were posted here before) so how is he going to pretend it's a secret

No. 521085

File: 1520247983563.png (41.84 KB, 720x271, ebeg.png)

Ebegs for a nice diamonte grill. Classy, eh?

No. 521091

File: 1520248264643.png (368.19 KB, 849x1000, 68786456.png)

The thirst is real

No. 521094

RSN is a niceguy™

No. 521098

File: 1520249249871.png (50.4 KB, 720x444, bitchplz.png)

"Guiz I'm not liek the blargh" You REUPLOAD streams, you entitled twunt.

No. 521100

File: 1520249518296.png (104.56 KB, 967x845, stop.png)


No. 521101

File: 1520249969979.png (24.53 KB, 1255x205, rsn.png)

Entitled little prick.

No. 521112

File: 1520251930716.jpeg (118.54 KB, 740x1044, C8672E80-E138-4DB7-84AA-09AA63…)

Giving me josh vibes

No. 521120

i hate when guys visit this site because

1) guys have inferior communication skills and never seem to comprehend what is posted here
2) they directly effect the quality of posting
3) they love to take credit for hours of work that females do because females are empathetic, better communicators and have patience for understanding
4) all the guys that visit here are always the ugly type that no one wants to talk to

No. 521124

“get more dirt and aren’t afraid to make people upset!!”

wew don’t cut yourself on the edge there

No. 521134

File: 1520255662498.jpeg (127.6 KB, 750x1334, BDBAB3CF-DCC4-4EE0-B342-4A488C…)

RSN is creepin on more girls

No. 521135

File: 1520255699762.jpeg (60.82 KB, 750x552, 0A0DA15F-8A5A-4326-B3C9-DBD6DD…)

No. 521137

Can't argue with this logic to be honest, but this channel is a shitshow of misinformation and a glaring lack of research. The maxieboxie debacle was just embarrassing, sam is hugely entitled and will continue to victimise herself for internet pity points.
>>521098 "get more dirt"… yeah, no. No you don't. Investigative Journalism at it finest people.
Uhhhm ok?? Is there something I'm missing here?

No. 521139

He was hitting on Maxie.

No. 521140


He hit on maxie because he found her nudes. Nothing milky.

No. 521159

I would consider this milk, considering that’s creepy as fuck. When you’re trying to make a reptutation for yourself and be a “professional” you probably don’t want to be messaging girls “those tits tho” kek. That’s disgusting

No. 521160

100%. He can barely read the information from here correctly, and when he does get attention from Onion discordfags its to hit on them lol. He clearly never read the onionflakes thread with the drama between Maxxie and her ex hahahaha

No. 521378

Has he actually seen maxxie's face or just her tits?

>Straight bi les

Fucking ew

No. 521391

This is nasty as fuck, i know her nudes are out there but how fucking unprofessional is that? you're going to call yourself a journalist and start making comments on a girl's tits. the fuck outta here ya nasty

No. 521461

I had a tinfoil that he had some kind of crush/infatuation with Sam which is why he's been sperging so hard over her. Seeing these conversations makes it a lot more likely.

Agreed. Also his transparent wounded-ego pettiness of fav'ing youtube comments that are calling him out on the limpdick piece of shit he is.
He's so damn salty and I am getting actual secondhand embarrassment here. Good on Maxxie for leaking those chats. I bet there are countless more with other girls.
And yeah, he obviously has no fucking clue how to have a normal conversation with a girl that doesn't reveal him to be the total predatory creep that he is.

No. 521517


The cringe of him replying to a tweet that's almost 7 years old.

No. 521581

Can this dude learn how to write properly? This is embarrassing.

No. 521874

File: 1520326598572.png (386.42 KB, 607x910, 212552453.PNG)

The tinfoil and his obsession with Sam continues.

No. 522117

RSN takes stuff from lolcow confirmed.
Another addition I forgot to add is that the videos start "recording" at the same point when the discordfags and Gurg start talking.

No. 522132

I'm not surprised by that. his collab with masked babe I thought I was thinking too much into it, but he was trying to get her on cam and seemed to be a bit flirtatious.

No. 522133

File: 1520360409817.png (110.65 KB, 720x826, keksure.png)

RSN saw the thread

No. 522141

You know for someone who denounces this website he sure loves coming back to read about himself.

No. 522153

Is English not his first language or is he retarded?

No. 522155

File: 1520361628303.jpg (202.8 KB, 750x773, image.jpg)

Why are you worried about a video YOU aren't making?

No. 522157

lazy fuck no wonder he uploads so fast right? he isn't even doing the work

No. 522230

I have no idea who he's referencing here, is it a continuation of the emily convo or ?

No. 522241

He's linked lolcow and tried to send hordes of newfags our way and literally posted in this thread early on.
He's such a fucking creep.

No. 522389

Does the talentless wonder actually work with anyone else or is he just saying that because he can always blame his shitty research on his imaginary friends and seem bigger than he actually is? I'm having bad deja vu. Didn't Josh already try all of this crap before?

No. 522436

File: 1520379201187.jpeg (58.21 KB, 1242x319, 17DD1EF5-9001-4B7F-B465-34D18C…)

At it with the 2 week late JSBS drama.

No. 522447

You mean…. me myself and I?
You have a team of 4
>I mean 3
People and still have to rely on others to get you videos?

No. 522451

Samefagging to say: I don’t get how people can lurk the farms, read up on cows and still act like one themselves. How are these threads anything but a guide on what not to do when you have an internet following ??

No. 522515

It's a continuation.
He asked her to make a video.

No. 522556

File: 1520383653807.png (51.89 KB, 681x533, cry.png)

He is really butthurt about the thread.

No. 522561

The thing is with him is that he repeatedly says he’s fine, unbiased, fair and all this but then turns and goes off having to prove himself for no reason. If you weren’t a problem you wouldn’t have a thread. If this wasn’t thread worthy the thread would have been taken down.

No. 522567

File: 1520383985670.jpeg (513.13 KB, 1242x1130, C7D999FF-DA4E-440C-B7EF-CCD876…)

There’s here, other forums, tumblr, Twitter. A YouTube channel not getting its milk hand fed to it isn’t going to stop flow of milk coming in.

No. 522574

we were fine before you and we’ll be fine after you’re gone

No. 522586

Is it me or are they really trying to manipulate the situation? They posted about lolcow and directly linked to threads to be an asshat, they've acted like an asshat in general, and now that none of that worked the way they planned (as often throwing a dummy out of a pram backfires), that they're going around saying "think of the milk people! I can't have my reputation (cough) tarnished like this. It's bad for us all!"

I think the thread is well justified. Wonder if he's just upset that he's been outed for being the lecherous pervert he is.

No. 522597

File: 1520385152759.png (59.55 KB, 680x423, Bye.png)

No. 522624

oh noes does that mean he has to get his videos and shit himself and do his own research? guess this really is the end of his channel

No. 522625

But rsn "stole" content from the farms too.. if he wanted content he could have integrated and maybe learned a few things about documenting drama/content in order to then present it in a concise professional manner. He slept through his own "breaking news" interview ffs.

No. 522631

File: 1520386351469.png (13.88 KB, 589x164, 546541-lol.PNG)

It was a twitch stream hosted on Gurg's periscope. Dude's a bad liar.

No. 522638

How is this stolen content? Is the jsbs content he posted considered stolen then too? Kek

No. 522653

>Wonder if he's just upset that he's been outed for being the lecherous pervert he is.
That's exactly what I'm thinking. He doesn't want people to see that. But why bring so much public attention to it I wonder…

No. 522891

File: 1520405584898.png (23.94 KB, 591x233, 3359584.PNG)

Guess he's trying to cover up the ugly.

No. 522928

He is painfully illiterate.

No. 522972

It's pathetic that he couldn't keep up his internet tough guy personality before he stopped calling us fags and telling us that this thread was causing damage because no one will submit videos to him.
Right? How'd this retard get through high school without learning what to capitalize?

No. 523012

Omfg god this is getting better everyday. Doesn't he have some female friends to help him (okay probably not), he's embarrassing himself. So is he planning to stream without the mask but wants to make sure to look good cause some stupid women commented that he's handsome

No. 523030


Dude can't even Google, this is pathetic.

No. 523093

File: 1520436822949.png (30.24 KB, 1311x230, 564564654564654.PNG)

Why would you give this creep this info?

No. 523170

At least he has more work now that temp is gone and people hardly report milk from streams. Hope not too many help him since he's ripped other people's videos. That's shitty. He needs to do the work on his own

No. 523345

File: 1520453140607.jpeg (623.29 KB, 1242x1355, B84CA733-4DDB-4127-B6B0-E48121…)

Just because theblargh was in chat viewing the drama as it went down doesn’t mean they’re biased. You just uploaded late.

No. 523972

File: 1520519194266.png (119.32 KB, 750x1334, DB946FB7-4EE3-4E17-A060-543E27…)

>reuploads a revideo
>doesn’t watch it before he posts
Jesus Christ this dude is a moron.

No. 523997

File: 1520521479745.jpeg (243.01 KB, 750x733, 4448EC27-442A-4D82-BC64-462006…)

No. 524014

“Drawing more attention to this”
Dude you did that yourself by reuploading it from a link you found on a board.
“It’s uploaded on other places”
Lol and? Don’t take part in being a pos

No. 524077

>>523345 The bias in his deluded eyes was the fact that the blargh censored out "RSN" in the video when Lainey said it. It's not biased, what a tool. I couldn't help but laugh because apparently, it is a toilet flush sound? i thought it was just a muffled mic. Least now the sources he can steal from are dwindling.

It's not like the blargh censored out important information, just the name of a "competitor", who wants to provide free advertising on their channel for someone they have issues with? RSN needs to keep their ego and mouth in check.

No. 524691

File: 1520589513804.png (130.96 KB, 959x474, bitchboy.PNG)

He's starting to block people or calling him out
He really is like a mini-greg

No. 525943

File: 1520728750293.jpg (110.33 KB, 889x507, rr.jpg)

Rag Reynolds is on younow, Sam and the blargh are in there. There was some talk about realstream but I just got there and the this has been going on for over an hour so I missed a lot obviously. Any farmers know what they've been talking about?

No. 525954

File: 1520730010769.jpg (140.58 KB, 912x620, rr2.jpg)

I missed most of this stream but it seems the topic was RealStream is a douche. Rag Reynolds ended by saying he would make a video about RealStream.

No. 525980

File: 1520731945794.png (459.81 KB, 608x602, crazyeyes.PNG)

Here's the stream of ragreynolds and RSN.
What a child lol

No. 525991

the op mask has an x and this mask has a star….good to know he bought the jumbo pack

No. 526013

Here's him reading Sam and RSN's DM's. RSN is a mess.

No. 526021

Sorry I deleted my comment when I realised it was!! I was just being impatient!! Ot but i thought sam was destitute, yet she can afford 1000 bars on a random onion hater.. ok then.. and Thank you anon.

No. 526025

So sam is only willing to release information for money… This is probably worth crossposting to onion thread for that sentence alone).. Wow..

No. 526049

File: 1520738081606.png (407.95 KB, 590x862, bahleated.PNG)

RSN deleted his stream with rag.

No. 526117

This is the most watery milk ever. Who cares let the gossip channels steal whatever that is all they are doing anyway. None of it is their own content. Fuckboi rag is a cuck for onionsan he’s always been an undercover Gerg dicksucker ffs

No. 526235

He heavily edited the stream and uploaded it to his youtube channel to fit his narrative, was kicking myself because I had it in another tab while my pc slept but I closed it this morning. Still frustrated that he was mocking an alleged addiction and asking to see track marks (who does that?).

No. 526332

File: 1520786322547.png (373.25 KB, 575x925, onioncritic.png)

Saged for tinfoiling, but I'm pretty sure theOnionCritic is RSN. RSN is the only idiot rolling around in his own shit and loving every second of it, while trying to badmouth the Blargh. TheOnionCritic also had a group of friends that liked talking about old, spoiled Gurg milk. Maybe they're RSN's team that helps him with his old af Onion news, too?

No. 526339

File: 1520786698867.png (234.19 KB, 724x568, onioncriticmore.png)

OnionCritic also shared the account with Lisana, who was trying to troll Sam. Why would he care so much, unless…? I think the entire Discord was in on OC's juicy, little secret, and alluded to the milkier stuff being in their locked chat.

No. 526344

Here's the full link to their conversation I could get screenshots from: https://imgur.com/a/n9hCO

No. 526610

So RealStream uploaded this video titled "Apologies To Sam/DM Release". He was getting pushy with her like Rag said last night but I wonder if these are all the DMs?

No. 526634

They aren't

No. 526650

do you have the screenshots? can people post the screenshots being discussed in these videos I swear people have been asking for over a day

No. 526657

No. 526683

god bless

No. 526687

File: 1520815525372.png (114.83 KB, 851x571, jg.png)

so sam has forgiven onion? did he pay her off or wha

No. 526712

File: 1520816998246.png (1.15 MB, 485x829, 00811032018175953.png)

did you even watch the entire video? she has no issues shitting on onion. forgiving someone doesn't mean you can't hold them accountable. and it's not like she's going to sit there and continue discussing onion with a shitstain like rsn who keeps pushing his own version of events and presenting half truths just like onion.

No. 526748

Yeah I did watch it and the screenshot I posted it was more recent than this one. Hurr durr

No. 526791

Sam isn't the one with the snow thread, RSN is. He was being pushy and Sam wasn't okay with that and didn't want to talk about the situation with him. That's that.

No. 532026

he just streamed with that ragsreynolds person and got verrrry upset/frustrated, especially when rags said he was going to release their emails together


No. 532035

also said that the blargh is trying to dox him and rags knows who he is. the streams are basically just RSN freaking out while rags sits there trying to talk


No. 532347

File: 1521429429632.png (Spoiler Image, 1.91 MB, 1920x1080, rsnsfw.png)


RSN having a playground debate with Rag Reynolds. They both act like babies and RSN reveals his face @ 8:05

No. 532653

File: 1521454816954.png (29.71 KB, 675x295, garbo8.png)

This will surely be some high quality journalism.

No. 533338

File: 1521511537767.jpg (50.9 KB, 340x331, 18j4zsv6ryrbsjpg.jpg)

>Rag Reynolds thread gets necro'd from 9 months dead as soon as RSN starts petty e-beef with him.

No. 533687

File: 1521549656743.jpeg (856.47 KB, 1242x1684, 0629B0D8-0A63-4B3B-9669-50F196…)

Dude just Show your side bar on Twitter on video.
Everyone has thought that you are that account for a bit now.

No. 535645

Here's the second video Rag Reynolds made about realstream. He baited him with a fake abuse story and he took this as fact without further question. There's also part of his face reveal stream.

No. 539626

This is for sure the lamest thread on this site..(no1curr)

No. 539993

So when I react to this are you going to watch??Ke He Ek (No1Currrr)(nope)

No. 540092

File: 1522248295110.jpg (49.38 KB, 720x960, craigisgrossaf.jpg)

You should really stop attention whoring Craig. Don't you have important shit to take care of?

No. 540149

Eek! I'm shaking with excitement Craig, when you drop it be sure to hit me up. You're pretty cosy in my DMs, I'll be sure to drop them all here after.

No. 540291

File: 1522265265980.png (44.94 KB, 677x434, Bye.png)

RSN tapping out.

No. 540365

He tried bating people who post about him here to dox him. What an idiot. You had a dead thread and wanted to get attention from lc. This isn’t the kind of attention you want dumbass. Especially when you’re going through what you’re going through. Fuck off dramafag.

No. 540623

File: 1522288733321.png (36.24 KB, 610x405, Untitled.png)

No. 540661

RSN's made a cute little video about reviewing us (like a restaurant? okay.) and deleted it.
This is the tweet he made after deleting the video.

No. 540680

No-one needs to DM you, mate. We don't care if you better yourself.

No. 541211

Literally no part of that statement made any sense to me.

If you want your thread to be forgotten, stop posting/responding. Ignore it and within a week you'll have to search the catalog for it. Why can't lolcows understand the more attention they throw at a thread here the more predominant said thread becomes. It's really very very simple.
There's probably only handful of people who are aware of this specific thread, try and keep it that way. Focus on your business, thrive.

No. 541382

He makes it clear he’s only a drama channel to promote himself. First lesson don’t personally create beef with people for not giving you content. Secondly, stop drawing attention to your thread, especially when you have a small group of fans. Don’t let dumb girls who call you daddy in YouTube comments inflate your ego.

No. 541473

File: 1522415173549.png (625.98 KB, 611x827, reelhiphop.png)

"A-ha ey yo!
Who woulda thought
That a white boy would bring hip hop back?"

No. 541573

File: 1522422189691.png (113.99 KB, 720x626, hanh.png)

Please learn basic english grammar RSN.

No. 541797

>Wrists slit, suck my dick
Whoa, 3edgy5me!

No. 541861

File: 1522440183515.png (2.06 MB, 1920x1042, chessin.PNG)

RSN did an "interview" with PoopBeck. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=YAaFFSuuhoA
I guess he'll guest anyone who wants attention.

No. 541901

Wow, this is even worse than the Sam "interview". Dude is so awkward. The whiteknighting and cringy attempts at flirting are embarrassing to witness.

No. 541906

This is just a lolcow bitch session. At around 5:30 in she alludes to knowing some things b-but we don't deserve to know! Gosh darnit that'll keep me up at night lol.

No. 541929

This dude is such a retarded he was basically hoping poop would mention his thread. I can't believe he was on board with stealing stuff from here then got bent out of shape when he became the cow himself.

No. 541935

There's literally nothing of substance in this. At this point I'm convinced he's just trying to get some action with Gurgle's castoffs instead of joining tinder like a regular person.

No. 542049

Oh please let the next one be analovespain..

No. 542435

File: 1522506095034.png (1.05 MB, 1158x1189, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 10.1…)

cringing so hard…he uploaded a video of himself dying his hair

No. 542436

File: 1522506123551.png (1.12 MB, 1156x1195, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 10.2…)

No. 542450

No. 542503

Onions wannabe sisterwives and now this..
Truly an investigation journalist par excellence.

No. 543222

File: 1522591292833.png (204 KB, 1116x816, stealstream.png)


RSN rips the Onion hentai video from a user and doesn't even bother to crop out the watermark.

Not to mention that the Cyr video is super old news. Next he'll probably "leak" the Laineybot house tour.

No. 543228

File: 1522592026308.png (9.96 KB, 575x98, wah.png)

And here's RSN being a baby after being called out.

No. 543281

File: 1522597043140.png (622.95 KB, 1159x1198, Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 11.3…)

literally why would anyone post this lol is he slow or something? I genuinely cannot understand whe posts shit like this and

No. 543334

File: 1522601042176.png (75.28 KB, 578x772, stop.png)

It's his "job" guys!

No. 543403

Information on Ana anyone??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 543407

He has a bad temper for someone who's supposed to handle drama well, right now he's orbiting some of the patreon whores just like he tried to do with maxie. How unprofessional lol

No. 543413

File: 1522607058045.jpg (54.37 KB, 479x551, allie.jpg)

Seems like he's asking this girl questions about Greg/Lainey. Is she one of the onion flakes?

No. 543419

Wasn't she the girl who loved Lainey, sent nudes and was an all round nut job? Changed her name from AnaLovesLainey to AnaLovesPain or something.

-edit- >>432327 is the Flakes thread for info on them. Anas listed under main thread and seems like she has her own threads too.

But damn this guy is getting creepy with all the ladies it seems. Has he tried hitting up on any of the guys yet?

No. 543511

File: 1522615288438.jpeg (205.15 KB, 750x631, F6F7B4D5-4031-46EF-8E11-C32015…)

I’m dropping the DMs as well

No. 543512

File: 1522615330443.png (115.14 KB, 750x1334, 64827D5B-5543-4E68-B2A7-7E69F8…)

No. 543513

File: 1522615349932.png (116.58 KB, 750x1334, E5B2576F-8C93-40FC-89B4-B28974…)

No. 543516

Samefag but the video was only posted here on lc before others started sharing the link. Which is fine, if people aren’t trying to use it to get views for their shitty YouTube channel.

No. 543641

Ffs. How hard is it for him to do the tiniest bit of research before sharting this stuff out on his channel? The fact that someone sent the clip to him is irrelevant.

Rag Reynolds is a dipshit but made a decent point by feeding that fake abuse story. If you want to portray yourself as a "news" channel, maybe put the smallest effort into checking into the sources of stuff. This isn't rocket science.

Also I'm still scratching my head at that hair bleaching vid on his news channel instead of the personal one he keeps hyping. He's either a misguided attention whore or he's actually trying to become a clone of Lainey's gay husband. Like I think we're watching this dude start to unravel.

No. 543695

Calling it now, his next interviewee will be titanic rose.

No. 544037

File: 1522657584569.png (509.64 KB, 736x1102, kekkel.png)

RSN sure is a thirsty bitch.

No. 544065

File: 1522663652341.png (44.86 KB, 613x511, 1.png)

No. 544066

File: 1522663676043.png (192.95 KB, 603x925, xdideet.png)

It totes wasn't him guize!

No. 544070


No. 544072

File: 1522664541197.png (77.7 KB, 607x763, sperg1.png)

RSN's latest sperg out on twitter.

No. 544073

File: 1522664547593.png (160.62 KB, 609x1650, sperg2.png)

No. 544074

File: 1522664634837.png (325.93 KB, 609x1764, sperg3.png)

No. 544075

File: 1522664644540.png (167.97 KB, 593x1860, sperg4.png)

No. 544076

File: 1522664720144.png (134.52 KB, 594x1511, sperg5.png)

No. 544077

File: 1522664760243.png (82.42 KB, 589x910, sperg6.png)

Scroll through a whole thread?! Preposterous!

No. 544083

File: 1522665113976.png (99.7 KB, 611x975, threat.png)

No. 544111

I think we're past the point of needing to wonder if he is slow; it's self-evident. He's also desperate for attention and relevance, which is why he revives the thread if it dies off. this is the best he's ever going to manage, and some part of him knows that.

he seems to be legit autistic. I don't think it has ever occurred to him that he could do his own research, since he thinks copy/paste from here is a 'job'

No. 544289

File: 1522688850953.png (1.62 MB, 1117x881, Untitled.png)

Another "interview" with Beck coming up.


No. 545679

File: 1522801557625.png (68.91 KB, 1162x636, nicetry2.png)

You're not that smart are you RSN? How about you clarify that the convos were private? Of course you won't, that would expose you as a complete retard.

No. 545866

File: 1522816339097.jpg (6.78 KB, 460x140, xeYzahc.jpg)

>I didn't even know if they were real in the first place
Oh that's some first class journalism right there. You're going to put things in videos without even confirming them as real? Holy shit, Craig.

No. 546768

File: 1522901900138.png (460.48 KB, 898x942, dumbass.png)

RSN continues to fail to double check his sources. A quick reverse search would give you the image below.

Besides being an idiot, he made a video using CBS' footage about the shooting. Because it's hard for people to use google.

No. 546783

I am a little shocked that his video hasn't been taken down tbh. He's literally just jacking CBS's footage.

Why he thinks doing this and then showing screenshots of tweets is "journalism" I don't know.

No. 546819

File: 1522910074348.png (23.68 KB, 607x287, Untitled.png)

He claims he never said he was a journalist, but maybe don't have "NEWS" in your channel name if that's the case. Also the shooting isn't gossip, it's not even related to the trash he usually uploads.

So either he's a gossip channel who takes advantage of a tragedy just for views while stealing footage in the process. Or he's a news channel who can't even double check facts or sources, while also stealing content. What's it gonna be Craig?

No. 546883

what a sad sack

No. 548728

File: 1523101199461.png (681.1 KB, 1088x786, Bye.png)

When RSN can't rip videos he found on LC because of a watermark he just rips the audio. What a pathetic loser.


No. 548793

You aren’t the only person with patreon access like what are you even bitching about

No. 548795

The videos were only posted on lolcow lmao
Also why didn’t the dumbass show the video too? Oh right, because he doesn’t want to get caught stealing for a fourth time.

No. 548797

File: 1523113416929.jpeg (772.37 KB, 1536x1986, 5DE09347-053B-40FF-8E96-1F1A03…)

Anon he didn’t get it from anyone else(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 548804

Hi RSN! Didn't we have a talk about self posting?

No. 548807

File: 1523114530905.png (1.21 MB, 750x854, C7856472-BF69-452D-A785-4FDC58…)

What a fucking idiot. Isn’t it too early to stir up drama in your own thread?

No. 548816

File: 1523114805217.jpg (37.74 KB, 413x395, 1455868328882.jpg)

You dun goofed, Craig

No. 549684

File: 1523200902576.jpeg (55.82 KB, 806x422, 9D884BF5-DBFB-4BAD-9F98-B82CE4…)

Looks like Craig is hiding comments again! After taking a screen cap of this the comment disappeared afterwards. Can’t take criticism?

This is a “grown” man, btw.

No. 549690

Literally give it up, stop coming here, stop obsessed over ur own thread, stop making the videos, get a different hobby… your only making shit worse for yourself and the fact that you can’t see that is worrysome. This isn’t he career path for you…

No. 552733

File: 1523474062088.jpg (1.1 MB, 1440x1409, EbL60fC.jpg)

In another comment he says his main "news" channel is being disabled and he links to a video where he talks about his videos getting flagged by Onision through multiple accounts.

I might feel bad for him if his content wasn't so blatently ripped of from us. There's no one to root for in this fight, but it's pretty amusing to watch.

No. 557326

Hooktube isn't working for me. Don't wanna risk posting a faulty url so posting the video from his channel. Sorry.

I skipped through most of this, but here are some time stamps.

At the beginning not much happens, he talks about his channel and subscribers blahblahblah

12:45 talks about lc and his thread. Whines about how he totally didn't steal videos.

37:19 says Sam wanted to take Onion away from Lainey, but he says that's just "what he thinks" so it's ok to spread that bullshit.

39:20 talks more about Sam. Mentions that he leaked the discord convo and he is butthurt that his DM's was leaked to the Blargh. "Waah waah! I lost 700 subscribers!" For someone who said he was gonna stop talking about Sam he sure likes talking about her.

(Talks about Onion some more, nothing interesting.)

47:50 says he's not a hate channel but a drama channel and he would never lie… even-though he just did a few minutes earlier.

48:50 whines about how much effort he puts into his research and is butthurt that people call him an asshole. Later says he's gonna take his channel in a different direction.

(uninteresting talk about doing travel/blogging and whines some more about the claims on his channel)

1:28:00 talks about The Blargh and pats himself on the back for being sooo much faster with the uploads.

1:38:10 says he's such a down to earth guy, and brags about every person that has "reached out" to him and settled their differences. Says some people "think they are above reaching out".

1:52:10 answers a comment in regards to Jaclyn and Sam looking alike, but Jaclyn is prettier: "Sam is pretty, but she is odd and that is a put off for me". I don't know why the fuck he would say that, like have you seen your own face RSN? That is what I call a "put off".

I couldn't watch anymore after that. Like I said I skipped through most of it so there might be good parts that I missed.

No. 557742

>Hooktube isn't working for me. Don't wanna risk posting a faulty url so posting the video from his channel. Sorry.
Transparent af.

No. 558604

I believe hooktube doesn't work for livestreams. Lucky for him I guess.
His streams aren't too interesting to be honest. He seems way too self-involved in the drama.

No. 558661

File: 1524049328128.png (70.68 KB, 714x800, nottheblargh.png)

Even-though he has a serious hate boner on the blargh, he sure likes to tag his videos with their name.

I'm not gonna post the interview because it was total cringe trash, nothing interesting.

No. 558667

I just came here to point out how many times this moron says the words "you know" in his videos, I watched three different speak over videos he's recently posted and he says YOU KNOW? at least 30 times in each… next time you guys watch one you'll notice it now too, it's fucking irritating.

No. 559148

Here's a recording of his stream yesterday
It's a large portion of the stream but not all of it. The first half is pretty dull.

9:18 Talks about how he's better than The Blargh because they're too scared to expand.
10:24 Mentions livestreaming him trying to get a date.
17:21 Plans on making more reaction videos about Greg's videos.
18:33 Briefly discusses why he didn't reach out to Shiloh.
18:53 Talks about reaching out to Billie and others.
19:21 "I ask before I put up stuff!" (With the exception of Sam ofc)
21:22 Discusses LGH being a tryhard and how he won't put him on his channel anymore because of it
22:30 Talks about his views and how he's doing better than Lainey's channel
23:42 Brings up the suicide patron and Sam drama. He assumed he and Sam were "working together".
29:42 Mentions lolcow.
31:28 Talks about complementing Maxie's nudes.
32:37 Talks about his thread.
39:30 "No one can hit on anybody, that's what you're saying?"
42:28 More sperging about him stealing clips.
46:38 Maxie shows up and RSN goes on to state he tried to get her nudes taken down. Repeats this around 49:43.
54:47 "Selfpost where?"

No. 559173

This guy is too much! He was under the impression he was working with Sam? God what a tool! That's totally a valid reason to harass someone over twitter DMs.

The way he shits on The Blargh and other channels is fucking hilarious. Mate, you record streams. Your channel is fucking trash.
And you're clearly not butthurt! That's why you spent the last half of your stream arguing with trolls lmao

No. 560273

File: 1524175017396.png (573.65 KB, 1250x707, spotthedifference.PNG)

No. 560324

Mirror of RSN sperg stream. Fun starts at around 9:20 where he starts talking about his thread and it's all downhill from there. He gets really mad at the trolls.

He tries to excuse his creepy behavior by saying he's "a straight guy", and that "he did sooo much for that girl". Nobody has to take your creepy shit just because you try to white knight them jfc.

No. 560828

RSN has a serious hate boner on Sam. Jumps on any opportunity to talk shit about her.

No. 560880

I think he’s really trying to get buddy-buddy with LGH. So he has to shit on Sam to do so.

No. 560978

Wouldn't surprise me. He sounds like LGH when he paints himself as a victim.

No. 561085

RSN thinks Greg is trolling his streams with sock puppet accounts lmao. How fucking big is your ego dude?

No. 561170

I really wish he would go back to wearing that stupid mask, I am sick of seeing his ugly mug.

No. 561341

He honestly thinks Greg is after his channel. No one cares about his rinks-dink channel. Since we know you all lurk, you’re not the only one to get your videos taken down. If you repost his content without any commentary you are liable for a copyright strike. Greg isn’t kicking out fans because he thinks they are you. You aren’t the only one “leaking” content. Put up the $250 and then we’ll fucking talk.

No. 561532

File: 1524332443255.png (246 KB, 853x979, ok.PNG)

how much you want to bet he deleted his channel to hide the fact he was stealing content straight from here?

No. 562053

Nah, his channel got taken down because his dumbass decided to make "his" leaks public (we all know that the discord convos and the hentai leak were originally on LC), making it easier to flag. He was also about to be monetized so fair use goes out the window whenever he profits from other people's content.

I hate to say LGH is right about anything but, he is well within his rights to take down RSN's channel. Good luck with that legal battle.

No. 562058

If he's just gonna straight up reupload content like he did with the hentai video, then I don't know what he's surprised about.

lol I feel you anon, I hate this guy for making me side with LGH on something.

No. 563096

Apparently this moron has his own discord and Amber is supposedly working with him?? For what?? Maybe so he doesn’t have to steal from lolcow anymore? Why Amber? This is just getting sad

No. 563308

File: 1524510699867.png (53.77 KB, 215x194, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 5.10…)

Hi RSN, you really should have kept that mask on mate, that ugly mug of yours really isn't doing you any favours.

No. 563320

File: 1524511253833.jpg (13.9 KB, 480x360, 1498649123343.jpg)

He doesn't get why he has a thread but does shit like this.

No. 563321

File: 1524511256417.png (402.96 KB, 957x655, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 5.19…)

clip of RSN reacting to his thread here…
sorry that his face is in it, I know it's hard to look at.


No. 563351

Holy shit! He can't just let this be can he? Dude your thread has been ready to die on several occasions, but you won't let it! Either you bump your thread with self-posting, tweet about your thread or you just won't stop being a scumbag loser. Why would you think doing a video about your thread would help in any way what so ever?

You are just proving to everyone else why you have a thread by doing this.

No. 563368

He's such a fucking idiot? yes… let's bring people to your thread where you were exposed from stealing ALL of your content from here.

No. 563370

I feel bad for him, guy never had a chance

No. 563377

His joysparkes leaks? Originally posted here.
His audio with onioncord fags? Originally posted here.
I'm not even going to even get into him taking videos from others.

There wouldn't be a problem if he didn't try to claim he did all the work. Our main issue with him is that he takes info you can easily find here as new information and try to make a profit off of it. Too bad his channel got shut down before he could make money off of it.

He claims Sam wanted money but she never said that he needed to pay her. Nobody would record a three hour stream, edit it, and encode the video for free. That's hours of work.

Is he actually retarded?

No. 563383

He also said he will give any of his "fans" a shoutout if they come and spam his thread. I can't wait to see the mess happen (assuming anyone actually shows up to troll)

No. 563392

File: 1524514724195.png (54.81 KB, 1304x325, crysummoar.png)

Yep. I think he wants people to wk him, but that's not really working out too well for him.

No. 563456

There's less than 250 posts in this thread and he has been self posting. He has quite possibly the shittest thread on this site, he looks like his parents are cousins.

No. 563706

Haha like that will even happen. He is the perfect definition of trihard, but he’s a tritoohard. Does he even have irl friends? I heard him say he has kids……. that’s as scary as onion being a dad.

No. 563714

No. 563727

How can a content creator give credit when the person who posts leaks and info is "anonymous." Besides people who post on lolcow want the pubic to know the info or they wouldn't post it. I understand there are some people who don't care for REALstream but this is a bigger issue of putting yourself out as a public bulletin board and getting mad if someone takes a flyer. Lolcow didn't create the content they just provide the platform to pin other people's content. When lolcow leaked nudes of the Onision girls, did you kindly ask for their permission? Get over yourself.

No. 563736

File: 1524534782123.gif (54.97 KB, 300x200, 9c9.gif)

You're missing the point. Go back and read again.

No. 563738

Obviously this person isn't actually reading the thread if they think that's what people are talking about here.

>Why would they make a thread about a channel they don't like?

Um, yes. Welcome Lolcow. We aren't making threads about people we like. It wouldn't surprise me if this is his own sock account commenting. It sounds as retarded as RSN. That attention you think the thread is giving you hasn't really helped you at all yet.

Hey, RSN. Trying to get fans to WK the thread doesn't work for LGH who actually does have brainwashed fans, unlike yourself.

The autism is strong with this one.

No. 563747

You mean the nudes that the girls posted of themselves and each other?

No. 563756

The nudes were LEAKED, did lolcow credit the devious person who made it all possible? Lolcow never gives credit or they would be held accountable for stealing content.

No. 563758

still missing the point here.
>Our main issue with him is that he takes info you can easily find here as new information and try to make a profit off of it.

No. 563765

Lolcow did "profit" by successfully humiliating the girls.Not everything can be calculated by $$$.

No. 563797

File: 1524537514788.jpg (34.8 KB, 482x642, yikes.jpg)

No. 563900

He takes clips and acts like he ripped it himself. How do you not see the problem?

No. 564018

File: 1524545975738.png (752.9 KB, 1079x1080, rsnbaby.png)

irl photo of RSN reading his thread

No. 564061

File: 1524548252242.png (25.27 KB, 1205x245, ytComment2.png)

Nah fam you always do a backhanded apology that doesn't mean shit. Like when you were being a perv towards Maxie or being a pestering creep towards Sam.

"I did sooo much for them!"
Get the fuck out of here you niceguy creep, you didn't do shit. Even if you did, it doesn't excuse your disgusting behavior. Apologies doesn't mean shit when you constantly talk shit about the people you apologized to.

No. 564134


No. 564169

RSN why would you bump this lmao

And the patron girls, read they're whole 2 threads unless you're illiterate. They were doxxing each other and posting each other's nudes.

No lolcow does not have the official source, but we were the first public platform with the information. Try and get an interview with FatBecca or keep doing interviews with the girls that are known self posters and can't keep their lies straight.

No. 564177

He told his dumbass fans to come raid his thread.

No. 564200


>>564134 was suspected fuckery by the subject of another thread >>>/snow/564146

No. 564541

File: 1524597658637.jpg (119.5 KB, 896x515, moreallie.jpg)

He talked to this one some more today, not too interesting but just a couple parts where her stupidity was kinda funny.

No. 564616

Yeah, they were "LEAKED" by each other. I believe even one girl posted her own. To say they weren't credited is ridiculous itself because whenever someone on Lolcow posts a pic or video they say where they got it. So, yeah they actually do get credited to where the media is from. It's also an anonymous forum. Although, that isn't the point really.

The point is him putting videos out that he claims are his own. When a creator puts a video on their YouTube channel, people assume the video was one they created and edited unless otherwise noted.

He not only doesn't credit so that people assume that the video is his but outright lies and says the videos are his when questioned.

If RSN is the hill you want to die on I just feel sorry for you.

No. 564809

lol he banned masked babe from his discord for ~secretly recording audio~ and made a video because she could "spin the narrative"

No. 564814

File: 1524617898159.png (52.27 KB, 1158x172, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 8.57…)

No. 564823

according to >>564809 he does have a kid….yikes

No. 564826

aaaannnnddd now he's live bitching about the whole Masked Babe thing

No. 564846

File: 1524619934279.jpg (138.54 KB, 970x450, an urgent message from lolcow.…)

>dude I'm not surprised not too surprised
>cos people you know people show who dey really are

No. 565081

File: 1524649630452.jpg (212.19 KB, 1280x960, sleepyhobo.jpg)

u sexy gurl u sexy

No. 565082

File: 1524649697000.png (541.63 KB, 724x1256, rsnewww.png)

Sweet beer keg you got going there Craig.

No. 565085

this tits tho

No. 565151



tbh I don't get why he's so pissed about MB recording the discord chat, he says it's bc people will be afraid to talk but like if the info was that valuable they wouldn't say it in a discord group chat anyway

his sperging gave me major second hand embarrassment, but what else is new

No. 565305

the video that started it all

No. 565509

Craig is whining some more about the discord bs

No. 565957

File: 1524720568888.jpg (82.73 KB, 936x608, jGrPucj.jpg)

day 4 of RSN server
-masked babe banned
-many other randos banned
-everyone gets a ban
you get a ban
Don't question his authority,this is onioncord 2.0

No. 565959

File: 1524720626494.jpg (124.62 KB, 1316x882, 4LnwFrr.jpg)

No. 565960

File: 1524720637629.jpg (130.36 KB, 1399x897, QdzJgWy.jpg)

No. 565962

File: 1524720727584.jpg (125.64 KB, 1228x866, fJDsT2q.jpg)

tl;dr server is a shitshow because RSN wants to bang allie and amber and any girl he's interacted with in the past month via twitter. Craig will pretend that these girls are feeding him exclusive dirt on lainey but he's really just beating his pathetic cock.

even his mods and admins know craig is a retard.

No. 565975

File: 1524721510381.jpg (541.57 KB, 724x1256, 1mlK5SG.jpg)

Demoting your admins and mods isn't going to change the fact you're an embarrassing trainwreck Craig J.

They may never voice their honest opinions ever again but it doesn't change what everyone really thinks of you har har har

No. 565986

File: 1524722157001.jpg (36.91 KB, 599x625, iXmliAA.jpg)

do you think ana sends him nudes for free?

No. 565993

File: 1524723087733.jpg (507.23 KB, 560x472, W1jV2ff.jpg)

the angles are hiding his egg head

No. 566026

No. 566030

yikes his server is a mess

No. 566037

Wow keks and masked babe need to fuck

No. 566043

are those sores on his tongue wtf

No. 566058


No. 566067

I just heard on discord keks wants to fuck RSN gross (edit kek)(emoji use)

No. 566070

Dude! I just heard on discord RSN has fingered his dickhole so much that other men can fuck his dickhole.

No. 566075

And remember that this is grown-ass 30 year old man with a kid who is revelling in all the ass pats he’s getting from tween girls that he wants to bang. Sound familiar?

No. 566080

File: 1524733391097.jpeg (57.96 KB, 961x572, 80644921-4547-479E-B968-2C6C35…)

Dude no one gives a fuck. Keep self posting though.

No. 566109

File: 1524738199348.png (7.38 KB, 354x107, suuuure.png)

He really sounds like Onion.

No. 566114

Extreme tinfoil, but what if they’re in it together and this is all an elaborate piece of performance art for the views?

After typing that out I realised how daft it is, they’re both too stupid and lacking in creativity to pull that off.

No. 566139

LGH is too proud to interact with haters unless it's a debate.

No. 566791

File: 1524793437284.jpg (50.23 KB, 1400x180, ragequit.jpg)

Big daddy blobfish is being boolied so bad he wants to delete his server

No. 566796

He will probably, kill himself. So you guys win in the end. Nasty fucks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 566805

Dude. You have to literally be watching this thread like a hawk. Lmao. Close the window and move on.

No. 566818

It's a deal!

No. 566836

File: 1524797312775.jpg (46.7 KB, 625x626, DgTTKut.jpg)

No. 566907

File: 1524804043686.png (281.06 KB, 750x1210, 45476mjlkjlk455741.png)

RSN is in masked babe's server so he knows Keks didn't make the video. His vendetta against her is kind of scary.

No. 566974

File: 1524813077016.jpeg (316.05 KB, 750x645, C3402B4E-6303-4A93-BAEF-576CFC…)

Imagining two potato sacks smashing currently.

No. 567016

Why does the mod sound like she's on pills?
It's super nasally and it's like she's struggling to put her thoughts together.

This entire stream was a trashy mess but here are some highlights in no particular order

>RS and Amber drinking

>Amber already tipsy before the stream, admits to it, then drinks a little bottle on camera
>Awkward flirting between RS and Amber
>Amber gets quiet when RS mentions he has a kid and asks where he kid is, RS refuses to reveal the information on stream
>RS also refuses Amber proposing giving a tour of the hotel they'r staying in
>Things get awkward, RS sits on the bed
>Amber kept talking about how Greg is her friend and she loves him and that watching his videos makes her love him more
>Amber won't chew candy with her mouth closed and it's disgusting
>Revealed that she was using her mom's card for supporting Onion and Lainey and had a friend donate $75 to Onion
>Revealed that she still lives with her mom, hasn't graduated high school, and is working on her GED
>Claims that she's told Greg her entire life story from the time she was born
>Doesn't know what Sicesca is or that Greg even had his own religion
>Amber claimed to be a master at manipulating people despite obviously being duped by Onion
>Commenters kept trying to get RS and Amber to play truth or dare but they refused
>Amber admitted to having low self esteem and that she posts nudes publicly and sends them to her friends in hopes of boosting her confidence
>RS all but confirmed that he paid to fly Amber out for a week
>Unsurprisingly, Amber brushed off any comments suggesting that Greg didn't care about her
>Tried to claim she could text Greg, but then revealed that she doesn't even have his number, it would be over a messenger; then she refused because she acknowledged that she was drunk and was scared of waking up to a negative message from Greg

No. 567018

File: 1524824055119.png (859.83 KB, 779x663, amberdrinking.PNG)

Remember Amber isn't 21 yet. She turns 21 on May 3rd. >>565704

No. 567020

holy shit hes just as bad as gerg. she's just as ugly as craig though so it's fairly fitting

No. 567025

Too fat and ugly for Gurgamel and his straight wife, but Craig will smash. Fucking kek.

No. 567037

Holy shit does this sound depressing. Who the fuck wants to watch these two uggos awkwardly interact with each other in a 1 star hotel? What the fuck is this idiot thinking?

No. 567040

It was painful but I wasn't actually watching the screen for most of it

No. 567096

He thinks hiding out after all of this is going to work?
He dun fuckin' goofed, man.
I guess he was just trying to do some real investigative reporting by flying Amber out and getting the inside scoop.

No. 567173

Is he hiding out?
I noticed the stream hasn't be been made public and there were only about 33 or so people there last night
it feels unfair for my eyes to be one of the few pair scarred

No. 567278

Has his discord gone? Concerned about the underage drinking. Is it 21 for all states? I'm not from USA

No. 567310

File: 1524854444405.png (80.95 KB, 653x790, bropicsperg.png)

Bro pic (A mod who is still 3edgy5me at age 44) had a spregout and kicked everyone out of the discord. Craig lies and said it was a glitch.

As for the underage drinking: https://www.oberhauserlaw.com/blog/criminal/penalties-furnishing-alcohol-minor/

No. 567362

Wow what a mess. Yeah I've seen him in the comments going on about Jaclyn.

Thank you for the link. Very interesting. Still concerning.

No. 567398

Lmao she's dressed like a hooker. I wish there was a reupload of this shitshow

No. 567512


Hi Kiddo. I am Bro Pic and no I'm not trying to be edgy, at all. I literally have nothing to prove. At all. I'm a fat bastard with a giant nose.

I just like to cause havoc. Because I sometimes get bored.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 567516

I don't think you are allowed to selfpost or say your name just so you know you might get banned idk.

You are also not allowed to tell people off for it so I might also get banned.

No. 567646

There’s a stream up on his YouTube but they’re both dressed differently so that must be their second stream together. I couldn’t make it past a few minutes because Amber’s stupidity makes me want to punch myself in the face. I think she’s legitimately autistic (and not the savant type).

No. 567658

File: 1524881503728.jpeg (44.09 KB, 405x427, 9B9D20F7-A942-45C3-8D5C-4EFE16…)

At least we’ve solved the mystery of Ogrease’s wife and her bizarre facial structure. Lainey, Amber called, she wants her chin back

No. 567678

File: 1524883148701.jpeg (133.9 KB, 625x1233, 0AC1DF3E-B67D-4E1F-9883-575F17…)

No. 567694

At the very least, they've each found someone on their level.

No. 567698

Let’s hope they don’t breed

No. 567862

File: 1524906864529.png (19.09 KB, 879x104, brop.png)

Get your 40-year old, pasty, slut shaming, niceguy™ ass outta here bropic.

No. 567864

File: 1524907088958.png (46.54 KB, 573x397, rsnconspiratard.png)

I love Craig's retarded conspiracy theories.

No. 567880

File: 1524911182345.gif (1.43 MB, 301x250, FCD7EB5E-7D9B-4011-9655-CC27A3…)

Jesus christ. The thirst on this guy. Keep bringing the cringe, Craig.

No. 567906

No. 567909

Fuck outta here, newfag

No. 567914

I actually can't believe that this fucktard is with one of onion's discordfags now. I found it suspicious from the beginning that he interviewed them, was acting all understanding and that they were in the discord, but this tops everything he's done so far. Everyone knows onion's die hard fans are crazy, but the fact that he's meeting one of them in a hotel room and very likely fucking them says a lot about how crazy and desperate he is. I didn't have that impression from the beginning but it's just obvious that he's a loser and ruining his channel before it even got big. His discord is one fucking mess, they are all tearing each other apart, trolls and lunatics were made mods so the whole thing didn't even last more than 3 days and I'm only waiting for it to get deleted again. On streams he mostly focuses on the negative shit and haters and doesn't even realize that he already lost many viewers. Lmao. I just love watching this mess.

No. 567932

It’s fucking hilarious. The fact that he admitted he likes the fact we’re all here bashing the absolute shit out of him is gigacringey. I cannot wait to see how badly this dalliance with Hamber ends.

No. 567986

File: 1524922143175.png (39.3 KB, 767x247, bropic.png)

Go tip your fedora somewhere else bro pic.

No. 568163

>it's also me being a gentleman
kek is he one of those khv incels?

No. 568320

Amber guesting w/ Rags Reynolds rn


No. 568329

she admitted CJ bought her the alcohol and admitted CJ just made her get off the stream…wow.

No. 568456

No. 568479

Tweedle Ugly and Tweedle Uglier are streaming on YouNow. Just when we thought they had hit peak cringe. Hamber’s obsession with the Onions is bizarre.

No. 568671

So what is up with this "he made me sign a contract" thing? He is going to fine her 2000$ dollars if she does what exactly…? Admits to him being a heroin addict?

No. 568745

A contract drawn up by noted intellect RSN and signed by second grade reading level Amber. It won't even hold up to daylight let alone in court.

No. 568780

In the chat of one of RSN's live streams today Bro pic kept repeatedly hinting that something's coming that RSN won't like. I don't know if he's sperging about having his mod powers taken away or what, but when asked if he's doing an interview with Masked Babe or something he said it was something better and RSN wasn't being very "imaginative" or some shit.

Tbh I'm kind of on the fence about RSN (the enemy of my enemy and all that, and it's kind of fun to see LGH get so triggered by him) but he has terrible judgement. Flying Amber out has been a predictable shitshow and isn't going to end well. Why would you invite someone so desperate for attention and clearly unstable into your world?
Makes me think he's as crazy and desperate as she is.

No. 568783

What a bunch of morons. I will say this, Amber has a gift: she somehow makes both Rag and Craig look like Mensa members in comparison. That's hard to do.

No. 568843

kek, truer words, anon.

No. 568848

I think she is actually retarded. She kept saying “pacific” instead of “specific” and “covenant” instead of “coven” when talking about AHS. Maybe she should enrol in literacy classes instead of frothing at the gash over Ogreasion and his smol gay waifu on Craig’s streams.

No. 568904

"I like that LC is talking about me. that's why I threw tantrums and went full retard about it. Multiple times."

seems legit.

No. 568938

Is CJ really 30? And does he still live with his parents or mom or something because it seems like he livestreams from one room…. and why get a hotel with this retarded onion cult chick? Seems fishy. Don't understand why she couldn't stay at his place unless he's still living at home or something.

No. 568943

Cj is 28

No. 568963

Regardless of whether or not he lives at home, I'm guessing that he approached Amber like some kind of professional to even get the interview
And then from there he was like "I'll put you up in a hotel room" knowing full well what a ho Amber is
And if he didn't do his research on her here at lolcow, he found out quickly with the interview how thirsty she is for validation and attention
He saw how much she latched onto Onion and is trying to get her to latch onto him that way with actually spending money on her and telling her she's pretty or whatever

So I think he intended to smash her from the beginning, which could be the case with how sadly pathetic he is
But also that could be giving CJ too much credit I doubt he's that cunning

No. 569015

That's exactly how I feel about him atm. In the beginning I thought he's a chill dude and I watched his streams, but hanging out with and befriending onions's cult members is an extreme NO. Seriously, what is he thinking? They are onion fans ffs, and not normal ones but crazy manson family type ones. Of course that makes him look desperate and on the same level as them. I really hope for him that he gets his channel into a different direction cause in the beginning it was all cool imo and he seems like a good guy. He came off as mentally exhausted tho, so maybe that has an impact on his judgement.

No. 569025

I didn’t feel any particular way about him until the recent shit with Masked Babe and now this tomfoolery with Hamber. Possible tinfoil, but maybe Masked Babe really does have something super incriminating on him and what we are witnessing is him having a complete breakdown knowing that she’s going to divulge it.

No. 569028


I think this whole shitshow is a deliberate distraction from all the boolying on his discord, &c.

No. 569030

He keeps mentioning that he might quit youtube or is actually quitting youtube. It's annoying as fuck and nobody is really gonna be upset if he leaves.

No. 569035

I also used to like his streams. But all this creepy shit started coming out. Honestly cant wait for maskedbabe's video.
Also i really want Greg to hear about Amber hanging with RS already. So she can see just how little of a shit he gives about her or any of his fans. I lowkey think she's doing this to try and get Greg's attention.

No. 569037

Gurgle probably already knows and gives zero fucks because he is too busy jacking it to hentai and desperately trying to convince everyone that he’s not a pedo. He already told this fat bitch that her nudes grossed him out and to stop contacting him so if she’s doing it to get his attention she’s wasting her time. As for Masked Babe, her YTR videos are entertaining but I feel like she’s trying too hard with her 3edgy5me opinions. Like, stick to mocking the Onions and leave the obnoxious anti-SJW edgelord bullshit to Robbie Faggotron et al.

No. 569046

Trutru, just wishful thinking. But he might, just to milk the views.

No. 569047

He knows and he doesn't seem to care

No. 569070

Yeah two or three people were hinting at something about him being exposed yesterday, so I hope they have some real dirt on him when they are announcing it like that. Btw his streams with amber are being heavily disliked, and she announced that they are going to do a 12 hour stream together. I don't know why he keeps going live with her when he knows nobody wants to see that shit. The only entertaining part about his IRLs is the chat since all this shit went down.

No. 569120

I too hope Onision says what he really thinks about Amber hanging out with a KNOWN HATER.

No. 569162

Gurg has hamber blocked everywhere, he's not gonna give a shit, if she's doing this to provoke an imagined reaction then she's failed yet again.

No. 569195

File: 1525020482946.jpg (8.67 KB, 337x60, sadcj.jpg)

He's streaming now. He's going to let Amber give him a piercing because having it done professionally at a shop is boring. They both think that's safe and Amber said in the background that she's pierced herself before. Masked Babe is also there to poke at him a bit lol.

No. 569203

File: 1525020964836.jpg (37.65 KB, 480x360, hqdefault2.jpg)

Craig is accusing MB of being a stalker. It's hilarious that he sounds just like LGH and it just took him a couple of months.

No. 569220

Now CJ is upset about people in the chat knowing that his address is on the internet, even though he asked MB where she got it while live streaming. He's so retarded doesn't even realize he causes his own problems.

No. 569260

I don’t like CJ he gives me this bad vibe. Yest at first it was fine but as soon as he started doing live streams got very weird all he talked about was onion boy. I get it he doesn’t like onion boy he was mad because onision didn’t want to talk about RSN channel being flagged. I don’t like onision but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna be making videos about all the time. There are more interesting youtubers out there, he can make videos about them. No he’s so obsessed with Onision

No. 569277

File: 1525029373116.jpg (2.91 KB, 204x200, 4452452.jpg)

>sounds just like LGH
Pretty sad when you're the discount version of Greg.

No. 569349

I commend Masked Babe for wanting to out this loser who wants to be the discount heroin-addicted version of Ice Poseidon (saddest shit in the world). But damn did she make an ass out of herself in this recent livestream. She couldn't stop talking about herself and prying for attention from everyone… it was cringey as fuck to be honest. I'm rooting for the chick but Jesus… what was the point of her going into that chat in the first place? It made her look desperate for attention and like she wanted validation from a bunch of complete retards.. MB would be doing herself a massive favor if she just made her video and did it without making an ass out of herself.

Masked Babe - I know you're going to read this… please don't play for attention with these cringe factory kids anymore, it makes you look desperate and sad. You're better than that, and it genuinely makes you look bad. You went in with some respect from his viewers but ended up just giving him ammo against you with the entire "I have your address" thing and his dumbass fans all hated you by the end of it when I suspect many of them actually respected you beforehand. Be smarter than that, this shit was genuinely hard AF to watch.

No. 569393

Agreed, anon. I have been a fan of RSN's but his recent behavior has made me question a lot of things about him and I know I'm not the only one.
If MB wants to make an imoact with us, she needs to tone it down a little and stick to the facts because so far she's not convincing me that she's not just another cow herself. I'm definitely open to what she's saying, she just needs to say it better because right now it's just a bunch of sperging from everyone involved.
When Amber seems like the most sane person in the drama chaos you really need to reconsider your approach.

No. 569408

File: 1525040574128.gif (1.4 MB, 490x299, 245FFF18-590E-4AFF-9628-3C9846…)

Hamber seems like the most sane? Gurl.

No. 569518

RSN posted a 7 minute livestream with amber where they talk about whether or not he fucking raped her? I would think this was a joke or a fucking publicity stunt but even that is too far. She’s crying and everything. She said she told him no twice and then said whatever and he came inside her. This is actual some fucked up shit. I’m on mobile so can’t hooktube but I don’t know what to think.

No. 569526

You can't hooktube his streams anyway.
I recorded it. I'm gonna post it in a bit.

No. 569530

That's it, he needs to fucking go. I can believe he manipulated her in the first place, plied her with drinks, but if he did that he is more fucking trash than I thought.

No. 569540

I’m not on anyone side. Amber looks shady and so does RSN. So maybe Amber is lying and is trying to frame him or he actually did. I did see the stream where she was drinking the first time they met. Wich was weird. And she’s under 21.. I hope things resolve or he’s gonna face the consequences of his actions. He’s freaking dumb for flying an oniosion Obsessed fang girl. I don’t like him anyway. I knew since the start there was something off about him.(emoji use)

No. 569543

I mean he supplied her with alcohol. And he even admits that she said no first with a
“but then you said yes right?”
To which she said she told him whatever.
I mean the dude fucking took her into a livestream to talk about it when she clearly looks upset and uncomfortable just so he could get it recorded that he didn’t rape her, and when it’s not going to way he planned he looks visibly panicked. I don’t know what to think, but one things for sure if this is real then RSN needs to actual be cancelled and never show his face again at the least.

No. 569549

I know Amber is shady, manipulative and a liar, but I believe her if only because she had a rape situation before and I thought she was making it up until her mother confirmed it:


No. 569550

Agreed. He already put his foot in it by saying she said no at first, and was 'slightly buzzed, possibly drunk'. He is trash.

No. 569554

No. 569561

I hope she presses charges against him. Why did she even want to meet him. He looks very creepy.. He looked really scared on the stream just a couple minutes ago.

No. 569562

Both streams from today are now deleted off his channel. He’s hiding it. Jesus Christ

No. 569563

Nope sorry they’re privated. I can still access them in my history.

No. 569565

Yes deleted the streams. Omg this is really bad for him.

No. 569569

He’s scared he looked very panicked in the streams

No. 569570

Brief update: she is away from him now and in a police car. I really really wish her the best this is tragic, especially as she has gone through rape before, she doesn't deserve this as she is the sweetest girl. She only wanted to be flown out to stream with him and nothing else.

No. 569573

He ran when the cops came.

Wasn't he just saying something like that in a stream earlier today.

No. 569574

Guilty cunt, I really hope Amber is okay.

No. 569577

Me too. My heart goes out to her. What a horrible situation I hope the cops catch him and punish him appropriately

No. 569578

I’m glad she’s okay.❤️ I hope he appears all over the news so he can be exposed as the nasty cunt he is

No. 569584

It's brave of her to speak up there and then instead of waiting months down the line to muster the courage to report it. This way unlike myself having slow going months to a year long investigations - she will get instant enough and quick evidence gathering. She was obviously intoxicated before and still turned him down yet he went ahead, but her sober mind has clicked straight away in pointing out he was wrong. Good on her! Hang in there Amber!

No. 569599

A couple hours ago in MB's stream I literally warned her of this happening.

No. 569612

File: 1525049680489.jpeg (201.51 KB, 750x393, 180A1748-159E-4BBB-A472-1A16A3…)

Anyone know where or what footage she’s talking about?? This is actual some reality tv shit going on what the hell

No. 569617

HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS. Is this for real? I know I’ve said some mean shit about Amber being a retard and mocking her appearance, but she does not deserve this. Nobody does. This is extremely fucked up. Craig is a piece of shit and I hope he gets thrown in the can.

No. 569620

This is sickening. What a fucking repulsive piece of trash. I hope Masked Babe goes HAM on him.

No. 569634

File: 1525050941950.jpeg (119.47 KB, 750x421, FAF65274-20AB-4DA4-82E4-190DEA…)

Becks comment on his video. God. This is all too fucked. Yeah MB confirmed again Ambers with police now.

No. 569635

Here is the other stream RSN deleted today.

No. 569641

He obviously preys on mentally and physically vulnerable girls. This is absolutely reprehensible. Poor Amber.

No. 569642

All I can think is if I was in a hotel room with some guy I’ve only just meet irl for the first time, drunk, him rubbing up my leg.. and I say NO twice and he still persists? I’d be terrified man.
I don’t know what to think. The only things we know 100% is that she was drunk. He supplied her with alcohol whilst she’s underaged. She said no twice. Both parties have confirmed that. And they had sex anyway after she said according to her “whatever” and according to him “yeah okay”

Seems a little strange he just left like that? Like he says “I’ll help you get home” then next second he’s in a car driving away and he thinks ambers still at the hotel room and he thinks she might’ve called the cops? Like what the hell happened?

No. 569701

She told him to leave in a previous stream.

No. 569718

Omg I actually feel sick, just thinking about that nasty ass pile of human garbage being intimate, let alone forcing himself, onto a vulnerable and intoxicated girl. Have you seen him eat a pizza? It's fucking nasty. Poor Amber, she's gonna need to bathe in holy water and bleach just to get the filth off of her.

No. 569730

File: 1525057015023.jpg (52.29 KB, 607x492, there is no fire.jpg)

maria d in chat really wants to be Potato Mike Shinoda's spin doctor in this situation

>I think she planned it all

No. 569735

Damn this dude should have fucking quit while he was ahead. He always rubbed me the wrong way, but this is a new low. This is fucked, the girl is crying. She is uncomfortable. He seems to think you have to be violent with someone in order for it to be rape and in order for it to be traumatic.
Fuck him, gross

No. 569738


what the fuck is happening? This is so fucked man

No. 569742


No. 569748

New video up of CJ recording Amber without her knowledge while she talks to the mother about the rape allegations and calling the police. This is absolutely disgusting, people. If anyone doubted he wasn't up to par for being a true cow before, here it is. I've added the youtube URL, as the conversion of the format to the video is taking awhile… but it is downloaded, so in case he deletes this video it will be uploaded here soon.

No. 569753

File: 1525059670092.jpg (315.33 KB, 1053x902, Screenshot_20180429-203018_Twi…)

No. 569779

File: 1525063347865.png (262.23 KB, 1422x1158, Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 12.3…)

from his discord

No. 569780

File: 1525063365014.png (265.28 KB, 1415x1018, Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 12.3…)

No. 569801

There’s a special place in hell for people who doubt Amber’s sincerity. She might be unstable but that is no fucking excuse for doubting her/victim blaming/slut shaming. Fuck that shit.

No. 569803

Masked Babe deleted this from her Twitter feed, I wonder if it was due to potential legal ramifications. Masked BB, girl, if you’re reading this, I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I support you 100% in exposing this malignant piece of shit.

No. 569805

just seemed like a joke post?

No. 569806


I'm with you 100%. Amber is a victim even though she is unstable, even though she was drunk. Craig is a predator, pure and simple.

No. 569825

He clearly wanted her out there for one thing. There's no other reason to have her there.

No. 569830

Yes, but if he is wanted for assault charges joking about it can interfere with his right to a fair trial, constitute defamation, &c. That said, I’m not American so it might be different where y’all are.

No. 569832

And the girl admits that she has self esteem issues and has a track record of impulsively sending nudes to creepy old fucks (I’m looking at you, Ogreg) so she may have gone to the hotel expecting a shag, but not to have this gross motherfucker force himself on her while she was inebriated.

No. 569836

Ya know I never in my wildest thoughts ever would think CJ to be a horrible person. I doubted Amber because she’s obviously not all there.. but man. I was so so wrong. This is fucked up and he can run all he wants. Just running is suspect and bad enough to get locked up for now you idiot. I bet he’s in the can right now getting bailed out by his mom. All this crazy over a channel he deleted himself because Gork filed a YT claim lol he does that all the time. CJ is obs on something he is acting so strange. I really do not like Amber I think she’s squirrelly but I don’t think that stream of her crying was fake. If so damn good acting. But nah. CJ you lost a fan in me finally. I’m done bro. You’re fucked get off YT and get some help in jail or out if you manage to stay out. And please stop breeding. Just came on here to say fuck you cj. I know you read here cuz you like to be abused. You must like to hurt and you hurt others in the process of hurting yourself. That’s not ok. Check yourself in to the Hospital. Immediately. Ass.

No. 569887

This whole shitshow is disgusting.

Amber looked so upset but seemed like she didn't want to upset him by saying he raped her. I can only imagine how scared she was with him trying to force a narrative (I'm glad she clarified she said no twice before saying whatever when he tried telling the stream she said yes.) Holy fuck he's so scummy, and I'm glad she called the cops.

The second video where it's just audio he recorded of her, it's gross he did that to try and get evidence that "she said it wasn't rape right here!" When he's hovering right there most likely about she's probably freaking out and wanting to get the fuck away from him so of course she'll say that to get him away from her.

I can't believe some people on the second video are defending him.

No. 569897

Now I get it, thanks!

No. 569898

… she's always like that, though? people in the onionsphere who are critical get a lot more leeway for their cowish behaviour, and then people are surprised when they realise.

No. 569906

No sweety, he needs to turn himself in to the police. No "he's unwell" narrative here.

No. 569910

In the most recent audio recording, she seems devious and ruthless while RS is displaying signs of despair. I’m NOT saying that if she was in fact raped, it’s her fault, buuuut how in the fuck does this Amber girl manage to travel around getting raped repeatedly? Something is not right with her and I don’t think it’s simply a matter of being young and naive.

No. 569911

Why would she subject herself to this public humiliation and scrutiny, and also undergo a rape kit and talk with police? Come on, anon.

No. 569914

He literally agreed at the fact that he gave her alcohol and she said no twice. She said no. Even if she gave in after the fact and acted if it was fine the next day, he should not have persisted after she said no the FIRST time!

No. 569915

You’d be fucking surprised at what some woman do for attention.

No. 569916

Let’s say she were raped before. How the fuck you gunna keep throwing yourself into sketchy ass situations like this? Many things are not right here and I don’t think she’s being completely honest. She said no… then she said “cum inside me” think about it that way instead.

No. 569917

File: 1525078868408.jpeg (408.82 KB, 750x810, 8CD66CDB-68C6-4AC7-97AF-25C9A2…)

Her response to his latest video.
This is sick. Real or fake this is sick. If she’s faking it, he still tried to fuck a girl who told him no twice and that’s some kind of dangerous behaviour I want to be far away from any woman. If she isn’t faking it, he fucking raped her.

No. 569918

Ah but that’s according to him. She said she doesn’t remember having that conversation and a common thing in rape victims is blocking out the memory so even if it happened it’d make sense she might not remember it.

No. 569920

Hey samefag, stop blaming the victim.

No. 569921

We shall see… her behaviors just seem off, especially after being “raped”.

No. 569923

I think it’s hard to define how one should normally behave. Some people freak, some people try to act as if it didn’t happen, some people switch between the two. She says she’s talked to police and taken a rape kit so all that’s left is to see what they do I guess.

No. 569925

You’re absolutely right. People respond differently and perceive things dissimilarly, but what I’m saying is… she needs to wake the fuck up.

No. 569927

Oh for sure. I really hope amber takes this as a sign she needs to evaluate what she’s doing and where she’s spending her energy cause she’s just setting herself up for dangerous encounters man.

No. 569933

File: 1525081330101.jpg (250.82 KB, 1058x718, Screenshot_20180430-023613_Twi…)

This was so fucking nice.

No. 569934

The thing that troubles me the most (besides the fact that this human dumpster is a fucking rapist) is that he preyed on someone who is clearly very, very troubled. I know we’ve all been complicit in the bitchiness here; that’s what this site is about, after all. However, watching this whole disgusting debacle play out has made it increasingly obvious that Amber is mentally a child. A very frightened child who probably has no one to support her. If it were me in her situation (and I would never, ever wish that upon anyone, no matter how reprehensible they are) Craig would be lying in a ditch with his throat cut courtesy of my friends and family. Not that I’m condoning vigilante justice, but I really hope that Amber has at least one person to help her through this.

No. 569936

This sort of shit restores my faith in humanity. At least temporarily. Bless you, Beck.

No. 569937

Yeah the fact Craig invited an obviously troubled and vulnerable young girl with the sole intention of getting his dick wet is fucking disgusting.

And the fact there are other girls coming out and saying he tried to convince them to meet them is also disturbing.

No. 569939

I think it’s more than just a matter of her evaluating danger. I don’t think she’s entirely capable of evaluating danger. She seems extremely sheltered and naive. And where are her friends and family? A fucking stranger on the internet is the only person who stepped in to help her out, for fuck’s sake.

No. 569940

RSN is disgusting to look at and I feel bad for Amber. She's clearly attention starved and was loving the fact she was getting interviews about being in the Onion cult.

Watching her video with him where she explains the context of her "whatever" makes it obvious she was pressured. It's common for rape victims to freeze up. This ugly man was rubbing her thigh and pressuring her to hook up. She said no twice. When she tells the audience that she just went whatever you can see she's distressed and threw in the towel. This guy is 8/9 years older than her.

He took advantage. He looks disgusting. I'm very upset

No. 569941

RS uploaded if it's even hooktube worthy.

No. 569943

File: 1525082885007.jpg (156.52 KB, 1370x696, twatsville.jpg)

No. 569944

No. 569946

Thankfully I’ve never been in a coercive situation myself but I can only imagine how frightened she must have been. “Fuck, this imposing dude is going to have his way with me whether I like it or not, maybe it will hurt less if I stop resisting”. That’s not consent, that’s a girl in mortal terror.

No. 569947


Who's first thought is to livestream such a traumatic incident and question where all the "fans" are??

>4:27 and now he's leaving.

Why would you be upset about that after you'd just been violated?

Something is hugely off about all of this.

Isn't this almost exactly like the Adrienne/Onion coerced sex scenario??

All of these people are fucked up.

Sidenote: amber wasn't raped before, she was touched innapropriately in a hotel room.

No. 569948

>Realstream & Amber Having A Discussion About False Claims After Her Blargh Vid 4/28 (Her 2nd Night)

Choice comment:
>Ugh CJ that is so fucked up man. I believe you didn't rape her, and there's others who don't think you did either. It seems like she couldn't get what she wanted out of you, so she is pulling this stunt. I feel for you, truly. Ive seen asshole women completely destroy good men by doing things like this, and then actual rapists get away with it. Its all disgusting. Keep your head up, and keep fighting. Not all of us are so quick to turn our backs on you.

He really is a piece of work. Hpw many girls has he raped or assaulted, I wonder? There's never just one.

No. 569950

Right? And how could ANYONE mistake what happened for being anything other than rape? Craig himself is admitting he raped her by virtue of the fucking fact that he acknowledged her saying “no”. Newsflash, dudebros: NO MEANS NO. He thinks he is doing himself a favour with his perceived pre-emptive damage control but in reality he is digging his own grave.

No. 569957

Fuck me, this is straight up psychotic. Why fucking record a conversation if you didn’t think you’d need to rely on it as evidence? Like that’s not the behaviour of someone who is guilty as fuck.

No. 569958

All he had to do was not put up that first livestream with her crying. If he didn’t do that she would’ve left in a few days and even if she talked honestly none would’ve been the wiser. Holy shit. He was his own demise in this. I hope he’s reading all this like we know he is and fucking freaking out at how screwed he is.

No. 569960

It's funny because someone in his stream a couple hours before all this shít went down said "You're never gonna last in this world."

It was a premonition. kek

No. 569963

Rage transcript. For any REAL victims reading this, I'm so so sorry.

>C: I wanna ask you this… why would you tell ppl..

>A: yelling tell 'em what??..
>C: why would you think of telling people that I raped you??…
>A: beligerently I didn't think I was.. I didn't, YOU said it, I didn't say anything about rape bro'.
>C: then why did u say..
>A: stirring something I'm pissed off about what just happened on LOLCOW.
>C: that's not important, who cares about it??
>A: Me.. not really.. I need a tissue blows nose
>C: sighs So you wouldn't do that?
>A: No. Not unless you piss me off really bad.

They continue talking about the blargh and amber tells Craig she's been raped twice previously but he wasn't aware of it, warrant is mentioned but it was for $100 for unpaid court fees.

I feel sick. These are fucking dangerous games.

Tl:dw Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 569965


>warrant is mentioned but it was for $100 for unpaid court fees

Anyone else want to bet that it’s for something more serious than court fees?

No. 569966


>A: stirring something I'm pissed off about what just happened on LOLCOW

samefag, but does anyone know what this is in reference to?

No. 569969


I thought it might have had something to do with his kid or his "alleged" drug thing.

No. 569972


I was going to bring up the issue with his kid earlier, I would not be surprised in the slightest if (and I paraphrase) “the shit with [his] kid” was something to do with the mother not wanting to give him access. Possibly because he’s a drug addict (no shame, people have their cross to bear) and/or rapist and/or general piece of trash.

No. 569973


He basically thinks he's Onision Jr.
That the girls just can't get enough, and that he's a brootally awnest YouTuber.

He seemed to have some pretty big illusions of grandeur for his channel.

No. 569978

So like Amber will be 21 soon, right? Someone on YT made it sound like she was under age.

No. 569981

Anon, just click on the number of the post you're replying to and it will appear like so ^^ in your comment. Don't put anything in the other fields with the exception of writing 'sage' in the email field, like I've done here. See how my name is 'Anonymous' and it's blue?

No. 569982


Under legal drinking age. He was plying her with booze on their live streams. That will not work in his favour if/when the law gets hold of him.

No. 569984

I think she turns 21 this week.

No. 569989

Amber is severely mentally ill. Her mother needs to step in and get her home. She still lives with her. Her mom paid for her Onion patreon. She needs to find the cash for a plane ticket a train or a greyhound bus. Why doesn’t this girl have any support?

No. 569997


At the risk of veering into armchair territory, I think she might be developmentally stunted. I know it’s not terribly unusual for a 20 year old to be living in the parental home, but she doesn’t seem like she could handle living alone without someone to care for her. Having said that, I’d be questioning the care-giving capability of someone who can burn money on fucking Gregory Jackson, noted pedophile, but relies on a kind hearted stranger to put her daughter up in a hotel after she has been fucking raped and the ensuing drama broadcast all over the internet.

No. 570013

>he intended to smash her from the beginning
I fucking called it

When he says "this is my fucking life here" he sounds legitimately scared serves him right

No. 570022

You weren’t the only one, anon. I wonder if lolcow will hold up as source of admissible evidence in a court of law.

>When he says "this is my fucking life here" he sounds legitimately scared serves him right

Damn straight it does. His life is defined by internet drama and being a cross-channel cringe factory, so he has made his bed.

No. 570100

She looks at her thread often I assume.

No. 570109

Oh right. I inferred that it was pertaining to a specific incident.

No. 570120

Given the transcript (I couldn’t bare to watch the video wtf even films this shit, anyways) it sounded almost like he thought she was the one posting about him on here, because he said
>sigh, so you wouldn’t do that?
>amber: no not unless I was really pissed at you

No. 570127

He was referring to her accusing him of rape anon. If you watch you'll hear the context. I just can't with these people.

No. 570148

File: 1525103326603.jpeg (198.33 KB, 750x473, 79D61AFE-2AFA-4CC3-A2A2-EEAA5A…)

An update on Amber. We don’t know what happened to CJ but he deleted his discord server around 5:28 EST.

No. 570161

What a world we live in when the onion stans become more reliable and decent people than the onision “hater”
Wew lads, what a ride this thread has taken us on

No. 570168

Didn't poopbeck tweet that she had personally bought amber a hotel room with the last of her Christmas money? Did she get a refund? Did the cop compensate her? Idk what's going on here but whatever it is it's a circus.

No. 570170

Beck paid for Sunday night, the cop paid for Monday night. Amber leaves on Tuesday.

No. 570176

Be it Beck or the cops, at least she’s safe. However, where the fuck is her mother while all this is happening? Samefag, but why she would donate to Orgeasion’s pedocult yet not ensure the safety of her frightened, lonely child who has just been violated and humiliated is fucking beyond me.

No. 570181

It's pretty easy to look good when compared to a fucking rapist dude…

I'm glad these girls are being so supportive of Amber. No matter how much Craig protests his innocence, the optics look horrible.

>already has 3 arrest warrants out

>fails to pay court fines yet is in a custody battle
>flies a girl he hardly knows to his state, buys her a hotel room
>plies her with booze and promises her fame
>forces her to sign an NDA
>crawls in her bed and starts touching her even after numerous rejections
>nuts in her anyways

I seriously hope he rots in a jail cell for a long, long time.

No. 570196

Trial by Internet never ends well, not for the perpetrator nor victim. If Craig committed this crime then he deserves everything that comes his way, however if he didn't then it's still irrelevant because allegations stick, we're taking the word of a woman who's behaviour has been indiscreet with other Internet "celebrities" to say the least, I'm hating myself for even writing this but you can't tell your "rapist" that you'll only cry "rape" if they piss you off, not under any circumstances. I believe that Craigs goal was to have sex with Amber, I also believe that a certain amount of coercion took place, yet wether he had sex with her completely against her will is very very unclear. This is a very subjective and sensitive matter, one which has been sadly muddied by the victim, I hope for Ambers sake she has a very good support network because this is an ugly scenario.

No. 570207

Very much agreed. It’s now a legal matter, and only a judge and jury can convict the man. Her testimony is rather shotty. It has her several times say8ng she was not raped, and it even has her consenting . As weak is it may be, he may get out of this one with the right legal council.
If anything he is guilty of coercion, which is not against the law. He also told her he was attracted to her to which she did not bother to tell him that she wasn’t and proceeded to fly out there to be on streams with him. She is a little off, not the brightest bulb and listened to the Internet when she called the police, not herself where she has stated multiple times she did not want to call the police.

No. 570212

It was utterly DISGUSTING that he kept pumping her after she said while drunk, “ no, no, ok, do what you want” THAT is something only a scum would do. Still not illegal though.

No. 570222

My guess is that she was scared of him and didn't want to set him off. I don't know tho, since I have never been unfortunate enough to be in Amber's situation. What we think doesn't matter tho. The police are involved and she has gotten a rape kit so like you said: it's a legal matter now.

However I have to say that running from the police doesn't look good for Craig.

No. 570225

He provided someone under 21 alcohol and had sex with her while she was drunk and he was sober. That can be considered rape.

No. 570257


Onision's video Response to the situation if anyone cares.

No. 570263

Of course LGH can't stay out of this. He has to show everyone that he is morally superior, even though he has taken advantage of two 17 year old girls in the past. Way to go making money of a sexual assault you fucking scumbag.

No. 570275

“No, I’m not interested in men unless it’s onion. Also ima need you to cum in me.” -Amber 2018

No. 570277

The only comments on RSN's videos about her are the ones claiming she was trouble or that she was a liar or anything in his favor. I'm fucking disgusted. I hope he rots in jail.

No. 570286

File: 1525115181770.png (557.47 KB, 713x959, 1524074123333.png)

Whatever gurg has to say on the matter, remember he sent her this message.

No. 570290

She clearly is a psycho obsessed fan though, sending them nudes and trying to get Greg's attention through a suicide attempt wtf? but regardless she didn't deserve what happened to her and considering it was one of Greg's stalker haters who hurt her I don't blame him for making that video about it, there are certain situations where you just have to put the beef aside.. even if it is totally out of character as he typically does the opposite and uses it against them I still think this video was genuine.

No. 570291

eh well she was literally there to be interviewed about LGH so it kind of pertains to him.

No. 570295


Surprised LGH didn't try to push the "my haturz are rapists" narrative.


Nobody deserves to get raped. I really hope she actually learns her lesson (as unlikely as it is) and doesn't go out with creepy bastards like Craig anymore.

No. 570296

>Surprised LGH didn't try to push the "my haturz are rapists" narrative.

Well he kinda did. He compared other "hater channels" to a rapist.

No. 570299

File: 1525116527093.png (57.11 KB, 597x242, Screenshot at Apr 30 19-55-54.…)

Don't worry, Allie already went there

No. 570306

and who livestreams with their rapist sitting right next to them whilst on the phone to their mum discussing with both of them wether what happened was rape or not? I do believe Craig is a fucken pig and had it in mind from the get go that he was gonna try and smash, when they were streaming before it all happened I do remember thinking "I bet he will pull a move on her" and someone commented "have you guys fucked yet" lol, what irks me is how even though Amber said no TWICE Craig seemed to think that because she ended up saying "fine do whatever you want" that means it wasn't rape, she would've only said that because, and this is coming from a girl who's been in similar situations, she knew he just would've kept coming on to her begging like a horny dog and didn't know what else to do without potentially pissing him off, she doesn't know what kind of a person he is in those situations! I don't even understand how a guy would still want to try and fuck someone who already said no not once but twice before? no means NO, not keep trying.

No. 570307


Gurg has to tread very very carefully with this whole scenario, if he acknowledges it as rape then he's guilty of the exact same crime. The whole Adrienne coercion angle is almost a carbon copy of this.

No. 570308

He brought that on himself. Those ARE the kind of fans he wanted. Funny how he can't handle the attention he asked for over the years.

No. 570310

lol the moron literally said that these types of channels are second to literal criminals.
Funny how he brought up that Craig had make upwards of 60 videos about "the same person and how fucked up it is yet LGH himself has made dozens of videos about the same people such as Eugenia Cooney… staying his good old hypocrite self.

No. 570330

Did no one else catch that at 0:43 he says “it’s just rape, don’t have a heart attack”

No. 570337

If I were Amber, I would have punched the shit out of him and said "it's just a broken arm, not a heart attack"

He'd probably say that because AJ wrote an apology email and invited him to hang out after giving him her phone number meant all his rapey sins were washed away.

Craig sounds like he could be LGH's brother tbh.

No. 570343

he said "don't do that, let's just stream, don't have a heart attack" you autist.

No. 570344

I think we all know that if she was prettier and a bit less unbalanced he would have had zero issues with those nudez.
Mentally unwell people are his bread and butter, but god forbid you have too many issues or he'll kick you to the curb. Only pretty, young, slightly damaged girls allowed.

No. 570366

Craig Cosby

No. 570378

File: 1525121437341.jpg (61.88 KB, 812x453, squeeze.jpg)

Well this is sadly predictable, he couldn't even wait until a full day had passed to feel morally superior on the internet. In light of the circumstances he could have done without the squeeze at the end, we all know it means boob squeeze.

No. 570394

Beck said there's possibly a warrant for his arrest because he didn't pay child support or something. If that's true, that's disgusting. He probably did this shit to someone else.

No. 570404


>you bought me in to your suicide attempt

>totally inappropriate

He’s a fucking alien. Who uses “inappropriate” to describe a suicide attempt.

No. 570408

Beck needs praise everyone. If she’s neglected to announce her commendable acts on any platform, please be sure to do it for her. UwU

No. 570421

the way he talks about the rape is so disgusting you can just hear it in his voice how much he loved it. it makes me sick.

No. 570428

Gurg is smiling any time he mentions Amber… Fucking narcissist…

No. 570431

Jesus Christ. Not that I want to befriend this moron, but the reason I and so many of us have blayent disdain for LGH is because we're good people.
Craig just happens to be a creep. She might want to educate herself on correlation vs. causation.

No. 570465

File: 1525127452482.jpg (365.02 KB, 1051x1074, Screenshot_20180430-183003_Chr…)

No. 570466

File: 1525127474707.jpg (122.42 KB, 1773x790, 20180430_171807.jpg)

No. 570469

The hilarious part is that his NDA wasn’t even likely valid. He admitted that it was in the works and he was supposed to get it sorted later this week.

No. 570473

When is this from?

No. 570479

Between her stating it is not rape, her stating she was not drunk that night and only had 2 shots (real stream and amber go to the mall, 31:30) and her literally hanging out with him the whole next day, making plans to pierce him and stream with him I just don't feel right about this. He is an absolute moron for even flying her out knowing how obsessive she gets, and I have no doubt he intended on banging her from the start, but something tells me she either planned this from the beginning, or was afraid Onion would get more upset with her for drinking and sleeping with a "known hater" and decided she would turn it into this. She was apparently almost raped in a hotel once this year already. This whole thing is fishy as hell.

No. 570482

I think she’s absolutely nuts enough to do it and I’m sorry but I kinda want evidence she even went to the popo or hospital. I have a really hard time believing anything Amber says or any of the Becca’s for that matter.

No. 570484

In real life rape isn't a simple as on TV. There are a lot of emotions. Fear confusion suppression disbelief. I don't doubt it at all and I don't think anyone else should. No one is going to react to any trauma in the same way.

No. 570486

She has been backed up by so many people now though.

Also it was admitted by both of them on stream it happened. I don't think that part should be up for debate.

No. 570487

why the fuck would anyone stream this? Holy shit are people this stupid? Whether or not he raped her, who in their right mind would decide lets stream this to the internet to clear it up live online?

Also it should be a known fact by now that the most vocal onion haters who want a lot of attention end up being psychos and creeps themselves similar to onion boy, especially the male ones.

yup this reminded me of the adrienne thing. She also said no plenty of times to onionboy then just gave in when he continued. And he also came inside her when she told him not to. But hes acting like hes better than him and would never do such a thing.

No. 570488

Amber clearly has mental instability.
From the outside looking in, I don’t get it because she absolutely destroyed her reputation.

No. 570492

We all know CJ is a creep but don’t just make shit up.

No. 570495

He said in his now defunct discord that he basically will never have access to his kid. He didn’t get into it but it’s clear he’s not trying to be in their life at all.

No. 570500

At the end of the stream when CJ goes to shut it down, she goes “wait”. This girl was loving every second of the attention and it, for some reason was so important for her to see what everyone was saying. She was acting like she did not want to stream, but clearly, she was either searching for support OR for someone else to make claims against CJ so that she can make up her mind as to whether or not to deem this rape. He’s a pig and she’s manipulative.

No. 570517

I said I’d like to see proof. You think this amber chick doesn’t record or photo every minute of her life? Of course she does. No photos of the cop car even? With her instability I find it odd no one else is asking for a shred of evidence. There’s no rapes or assaults in the whereabouts (I checked) where they were or where she is. I’m finding this harder to believe. Also I looked at Ambers tweeter. She sure had that Gerg video up real fast! If there’s no proof I just don’t know. The RSN Guy is creepy yes but I think a lot of ppl have it out for him and he was targeted. He doesn’t seem too bright and amber seems like the type to go far for Gergamel. Like that extra mile. And she had help. RSN should not have ran however. That’s really dumb. I don’t think it could be considered a rape with the audio and video footage he has (not the video that seems forced other ones. Like 31:32 on one of those mall streams.) she was up to no good and hung out with him constantly was not trying to leave. It’s just not sitting right with me. I’d like some proof amber I know you’re reading this.

No. 570520

I take it this predator craig or his minions are the ones in the onion and patron thread posting the amber tweet from before this incident and insinuating because she shared nudes along with others in the onion server she is exempt from rape.

No. 570523

I'm the anon that wrote that first post in the screenshot and for the sake of transparency, I was a former supporter of RSN because I enjoyed watching him make LGH get his knickers in a knot.

I watched that stream and she was clearly wasted (taking a bunch of shots without even flinching, slurring her words, behaving very differently from earlier in the stream- but to be fair, I never saw him encourage her once to drink, she tried unsuccessfully to get him to take shots, and she also insisted she is a regular drinker) while Craig remained completely sober.

That night had disaster written all over it, but I didn't expect it to play out like this.
Such a horrifying and upsetting turn of events. I honestly don't think she was in the right frame of mind to give any form of consent, and as a 28 year old man, he should have recognized that.

Best case scenario: he has terrible, terrible judgement. Worst case: he preyed on a naive, intoxicated, mentally unbalanced troubled girl. Based on the way he has handled it so far I don't have any reason to give him the benefit of the doubt here.

There was absolutely no reason they should have been sharing a hotel room in the first place. Keep in mind that he railed against LGH for "paying" Sam with room and board and "hugs", insisting that his own collabs would be far more professional.

Like many predatory creeps, he targeted a troubled young woman who obviously was looking for attention and validation in the wrong places, cloaked his true intentions and took advantage of the situation.
People like Craig (and LGH, for that matter) who point fingers at everyone else's bad behavior while painting themselves as morally superior are often the most dangerous. Craig even had me fooled for a bit, and I'm a grown adult with a lot of life experience. I hope he is held accountable for his actions.

No. 570525

I don’t know where everyone is getting that Amber is mentally a child. She’s mentally unstable, sure, but I feel like anons are saying she’s mentally a kid because they’ve never encountered someone who literally is mentally a kid.

Anyways, I get when people question the victim especially when it seems suspect and the victim is 20 almost 21, but this isn’t about a woman who’s almost legal to drink and who got drunk and made herself vulnerable. I saw some anons sugggest it’s her fault because she stayed in the hotel with him and I have to disagree. This is a woman who thought she was staying in a 2 bed room with a guy she had been talking to for some time. He wasn’t a stranger to her. She was drinking because she was having fun. And maybe she was attracted to him or wanting to have sex with him eventually, but that can change especially when you’re unable to even function. If she was sober and said this shit happened then, yeah I’d be a little suspicious. But she wasn’t and no woman should have to worry that if she drinks too much something like this will happen when literally almost everyone drinks. This guy took advantage of her and no matter how or why she was there, she said no. How difficult is it to comprehend that she said no and that she actually meant it? I’m not talking to all anons, because thankfully you are all decent human beings who know this, but for the ones who are trying to blame her, just don’t. She may have been looking for attention when she got there, but imagine some guy on top of you when you are drunk and your mind is fuzzy and you probably feel sick and you don’t want to do it, but he won’t stop. She’s a victim and RSN is scum. No woman should be accused of putting herself in a position to be raped.

No. 570526

Someone on youtube said rsn real name is craig silva

No. 570530

Different man entirely.

No. 570534


No. 570541

im starting to think this is how he has a child

i feel sick

amber is a dumb cunt but no one deserves to be raped

No. 570542

I’m sorry that happened to you, but some people are raped by people they consider their friends and rape doesn’t have to be aggressive. It can be as simple as someone trying to have sex with you despite you saying no repeatedly. I think Amber considered Craig to be her friend and so it probably didn’t really hit her until later on. Are we going to ignore the many people who are raped by their relatives and still love those people regardless? People handle it differently. There’s no right or wrong way to react to something like this happening to you.

No. 570543

Let this be a warning especially to men. You don’t put yourselves in this kind of situation.

Whether or not CJ is guilty, he is totally fucked. He won’t live this one down. And females seem to get the upper hand in these situations.

I’m not saying that all men are innocent, I’m saying if you’re a man alone with a girl like this, no one will believe you’re innocent, so don’t put yourself in situations like this to begin with.

No. 570545

I was raped and guess what? I continued being on friendly terms with my rapist because we were coworkers and i was terrified of losing my job or causing drama in the workplace so I had to maintain a professional relationship and was also nice to him because I was terrified of him until I had to quit my job.
Not everyone is you, you obnoxious piece of shit. Not everyone reacts to things the same way. Not everyone is in the same situation. Piss off.

No. 570547

She was drunk and underage, you disgusting fuck.

No. 570549

>I think a lot of ppl have it out for him and he was targeted.

Sweet autistic conspiracy theory! Craig would be proud.

No. 570551

> suggesting rsn's nasty ass didn't just set this all up just so he can get easy pussy
He knew what he was doing. He was being creepy even with poop bec as well.

No. 570553

Amber also did a stream with Rag the night following the incident….whatever that may be.She repeats in the stream a few times that nobody fprced her to drink, she wanted to, she has done it before ect… She also says RSN is a good and a nice person. She seems totally fine. I may be wrong but i am pretty sure she stayed two nights with RSN. The first night, when the incident happened, a next night, which he asked if she wanted to hook up again and she said no, which is where one of the two "no's" comes from, and also the night where the recorded conversation of her saying she will tell people he raped her if he "pisses her off really bad" and the next day is where the allegations took off, he left, and everything went public.

No. 570556

Amber suggested Craig join her in her bed to "cuddle". It's all in the uploads. If I get time tomorrow I'll transcribe then chronologically so you see the difinitive time line. In all honesty it doesn't look to good on amber though. Not hating, just stating. My opinion is utterly irrelevant. This is for the courts to decide now.

No. 570557

cuddling isn't an 'okay' to sex though..

No. 570558

Yeah, but that’s totally innocent. Inviting someone to cuddle is nothing. It’s cuddling. And she invited him after he made the weird comment about how he didn’t know they were going to sleep in 2 beds. I think people are wrong for saying that because she invited him into her bed and drank with him and even stayed in the same room as him, it’s her fault.

No. 570561

No it's not, but Craig was in his own bed, amber invited him into hers, if I was with a man I had no attraction to then he would have never been in my bed by invite. She should have left him where he was. She knew Craig liked her because he'd told her. This whole thing is fucked.

No. 570564

She still told him no twice and he acknowledged that in the stream. He still should not have preyed on her when he was sober while she was drunk.

No. 570568

Fucking hell. Everyone needs to calm the fuck down and stop sperging about how Amber’s behaviour diminishes her credibility/the magnitude of the situation. She might be dumb/retarded/crazy/attention-seeking/a thirsty cockmonster, but none of that invalidates her experience. Rape is rape.

No. 570575

Who gives fuck whether or not this blobfish looking fucker had fee fees for her. Having feelings for someone is not an invitation to rape them. He is 8 years her senior, he bought her alcohol and presumably drugs considering she said at one point during their first hotel stream that she was high. She was drunk and alone in a hotel room in a strange state with a man she's only just met in person.

What you would do in that situation doesn't matter because you aren't Amber. Hindsight is 20/20 and I'm pretty sure she doesn't need to be told what was a bad idea or not.

No. 570576

I think he wanted to fuck her and the signs were all there. No doubt.

That being said, whether or not she wanted to fuck him seems like a huge grey area by it doesn’t matter now. She says rape and so rape it is.

Even if it was consensual. It’s a cautionary tale. Both of them made absolutely stupid and terrible decisions, but the court of public opinion definitely has decided that Amber is the victim here. I’m just skeptical of all of them. Even Onion realized that continued communication with Amber was a bad idea. (Doesn’t stop him from touting how she’s a fan now.)

All of these people are bad news.

No. 570579

Her behavior DOES diminish her credibility- she is a known liar. Everything she ever says is a lie and we're supposed to believe this? Because why exactly? Because it's rape and it's traumatic? Yes, it absolutely is, which is all the more reason for her to lie about it. Anon who said girls get the upper hand in these situations is absolutely right. No one is going to be the person skeptical of a rape victim, despite who claims it. Until we see evidence, we can only go off her behavior. She involved us in it by livestreaming that phone call with her mom. She obviously wants attention. Craig is a piece of shit but don't let your distaste for him blind you to this girl's previous behavior.

No. 570581

Thank you. Rape is a very nuanced issue and no two people handle it the same. I was raped by an acquaintance and it was a very confusing experience which caused me to second-guess everything and even blame myself, even though I physically held down and raped against my will.
It's this kind of caveman-style thinking that stops people from reporting rapes as a society we should be beyond this.

This whole "it's invalid if it's different than my experience" way of thinking is so ignorant.

No. 570590

Did you even read this thread, anon? She didn’t know he was livestreaming the conversation with her mother. And the first livestream she did about the situation she literally said that he was making her do it. This cock raped her and then forced her to livestream about it in hopes that it would somehow make him look less guilty or some stupid shit.

No. 570593

I would be inclined to agree with you if I hadn’t watched the multiple clips where Craig himself has ostensibly admitted to raping her.

No. 570597

I have been keeping up with the thread and I must have missed that, I apologize. With that taken away however the whole situation is still extremely suspect and she still unfortunately is a liar, so I will reserve my judgment on that until we know more (with evidence of some sort).

No. 570613

>She might be dumb/retarded/crazy/attention-seeking/a thirsty cockmonster, but none of that invalidates her experience.

Agreed, anon. While these attributes may make some people more sceptical about the veracity of her claims, they also make her a perfect victim for predators.
People like Amber are not only vulnerable, but they're also often believed when they come forward.

No. 570615

It’s not your fault for getting raped but you girls who don’t speak out might be hurting others. Ever think of that? Don’t whine on here or expect sympathy when you put your job, reputation, and fear over your health and the safety of others.

No. 570626

File: 1525137207773.jpeg (291.5 KB, 1125x1454, 19D49D09-E18F-44B5-AAFC-B7F1D9…)

No. 570633

File: 1525137733487.png (22.04 KB, 585x167, Capture.PNG)


Amber also retweeted this, does she think that he said "it's just rape" too?

No. 570637

he definitely said rape. after I cleared up the audio and enhanced it. here is the cleaned up video clip.


(also testing reverse meme arrows)

No. 570640

holy shit I meant wait, not rape*

No. 570644

"rudeboi," Chronic, can fuck right off. Add hearing problems to her list of issues, because that obviously isn't what was said.

Oh, and obligatory fuck you CJ, since you're always here.

No. 570645

Idk why people say shit in these threads and immediately copy and paste themselves on twitter for everyone to see. I don’t think she thought he said that, I think she’s just retweeting people’s conspiracy theories to help her case. Even though she doesn’t need to do that because we already believe her, anything more seems suspicious.

No. 570653

Not everyone here believes her judging by the replies and it probably should be that way. Look how many people lie about rape only because they know that people will take it as 100% truth. Most likely not what happens here, but it's understandable for people to not be completely on board.

And honestly, both sides of this whole thing are terrible. Both are lying assholes who walk along the creepy boundary and can't take no for an answer.

No. 570654

tell me how exactly females get the upper hand?

is it the just barely double digit rape conviction rates? If that?

is it the victim blaming and shaming and doubting?

being called a slut and a liar because of the statistically minuscule amount of false accusations?

is it our reactions being picked apart because they don't suit how you and everyone else thinks a sexual assault survivor should act?

go fuck yourself. if someone is drunk, they cannot consent. badgering someone until they let you do what you want is coercion.

in this situation as we know it, this RSN fuck is a rapist. full stop.

No. 570658

Ever think of not talking about something you never experienced? People who are raped might not want to have to report it and relive the trauma every time they have to retell it to the police or in court, possibly not be believed and have to be grilled on every detail of what happened to you, and have everyone around you know what happened to you. And in many many cases, in the end to not even have your rapist convicted because its just a he-said she-said situation that is tough to prove or have them just get a slap on their wrist.

People who make things sound so simple are dumb as hell. The girls who are raped are not the ones hurting others or the ones responsible stopping their behavior. It's the rapist who is.

No. 570668

Rapist Streaming News

No. 570677

The conversation goes
A:I'm waiting for people to come in
R: Yeah, they're gonna come in, don't worry (.33 mumbles something illegible)
A: I'm gonna have a heart attack..on stream
R:Don't do that, let's just wait, don't have a heart attack, it's fine.

Based on just the context it seems clear that he's saying "let's just wait"

No. 570680

yeah I mistyped. I was talking aloud to a friend when I was typing about it. saying rape = typing rape. I own that mistake

No. 570684


I know, I was trying to add to your argument.

No. 570686

You’re an absolute simpleton.

No. 570691

sorry, I'm used to being attacked but I can give the raw audio if someone else wants to clean it up more. without watching his mouth and syncing the audio you could misconstrue it for him saying rape, but he did infact say "let's just wait"

No. 570692

I’m talking in terms of support. She will get support.

Public opinion definitely favors her in the situation.

I’m just confused how everyone is an expert on what happened between them. Everything seems really murky.

And for the record, that is not supporting CJ in the least. He definitely wanted to fuck her. His intention couldn’t be more clear from the beginning.

No. 570694

Why would he even say "it's just rape" to her live in front of his viewers nonetheless. He's a dumbass but that doesn't make sense.

No. 570695

No. 570698

I think this anon was actually talking about the original accusation made on Twitter.

It makes absolutely no sense for him to say that.

No. 570700


No. 570702

Haha, no worries. I understand.

No. 570706

New users, please read the rules and info page. Don't post chat-like comments in a discussion thread. Example: >>570702

No. 570708

Scroll up a tiny bit?

No. 570710

I thought there was other accusation outside of what was in the thread. sorry.

No. 570725

I seriously hate that I even need to type this. As a preface, I am in no way shape or form defending RSN or what he did. No doubt that he coerced Amber (rape). Now here's my deal. I am utterly disgusted by the fact people are pretending to care. I mean I guess people can care but I suppose they care more about the drama and suspense of the situation more. The number of people exploiting this situation is laughable. Also to my favorite ladies, yes, gingerbeck and anastacia who so willingly defended a stranger for weeks despite of his harassment of sam, despite of his harassment of their former friend maxieboxie. You guys are utterly disgusting pieces of shit. You mock and ignore the harassment AND sexual harassment of two women and then you want to crusade on twitter to award yourselves badges. Go fuck yourselves.

And to use Amber's rape as content for onision, how fucked up do you have to be? Isn't this the same guy who banned her out of the community and "family" you love so much? The same community where a moderator named Becca threatened Amber into silence? The same community where Ana told Amber she deserved to die a few weeks ago because of drugs and weed? This is your fucking community. A community that turns a blind eye to Onision's coercion of AJ, a community that ignores Shiloh's abuse.

You guys don't get to suddenly release screencaps after the fact. Ana defended CJ everyday of the week up until now and she said maxie "wanted" CJs comments and advances. Sick. How could you all stay silent and allow your friend to go to the house of a stranger of this nature? You guys don't get to sit on your pedestals and milk the attention from this and you certainly deserve no respect for allowing Onision to monetize this event. You guys are the same monsters that stood by when Onision victimized Billie.

No. 570735

>How could you all stay silent and allow your friend to go to the house of a stranger of this nature?

None of those girls are friends with each other, anon. They’re sad bitches that compete for Greg’s attention. They don’t give a fuck about what happened to Amber, this is them wanting to get points for being good people because they’ve fucked up their reputations associating with that piece of shit. I’m sure Greg is in a private chat with them all right now discussing how to Amber had this coming to her and she shouldn’t have “associated with a hater.”

Does anyone even know what happened to RSN? He hasn’t posted anything, but if Amber has gone to the police and hospital he should already be in their custody. It takes cops less time to arrest someone on a simple accusation, but now they supposedly have evidence?

No. 570739

>and who livestreams with their rapist sitting right next to them whilst on the phone to their mum discussing with both of them wether what happened was rape or not?
Someone who doesn't have a great compass and relies on others to validate their reality, thereby getting gaslit on the daily. He made her do that stream. Yet her feelings were evident, she did know she'd been violated.

No. 570740

Unless someone knows his full name to check arrest reports wherever he is, we're probably going to be in the dark for a while.

No. 570744

For sure. As if inviting a fucking minor he barely knows to share a hotel room (where he apparently “didn’t know there would be separate beds” and proceeding to pump her full of liquor doesn’t scream “lemme smash”. Just look at all the posts here that involve us bitches being snarky about it before anything transpired. Even if he gets off (pun unintentional) rape charges on some technicality it doesn’t change the fact that he’s a predatory sack of shit.

No. 570748

File: 1525146890325.png (1.85 MB, 1080x2161, unknown (12).png)

This comment is so accurate it hurts. It's no coincidence that the biggest attention whores with the most drama in >>>/snow/432327 were the same ones in this story, all too caught up in giving interviews and making plans to collaborate and promote themselves. Beck went to Greg's house to film the infamous shaving cream video, Maxie lied about having lupus and a tragic past as a sex trafficking victim, and Aileen doxxed her own mother and treats the Onion clan like a Mansonesque cult. They're all tripping over themselves competing for who's the biggest hero.

Amber deserves the support, but these are some fickle bitches. And Ana isn't doing her a favor by blowing things out of proportion - he was giving a 20 year old a drink, not a vodka enema to a 13yo. All of them thought RSN was creepy, but they still agreed to interviews. They thought he was creepy, but they still talked about working together. This guy found the absolute most desperate fangirls of a manipulative moron and managed to attract their interest despite being a doughy nobody. I hope this is a wake-up call especially for Amber 'I want to be famous at all costs' C.

She doesn't deserve what happened, but let's not pretend it wasn't completely avoidable. He tricked and took advantage of her because she's devoid of logical thought and her brain freezes up when she smells attention. She needs to realize that she makes terrible choices and abstain from unsafe behavior like meeting strangers in hotel rooms at the very least.

No. 570751

She's 20, she's not a minor. She just can't legally drink alcohol.

No. 570752

Spot on, anon. Gaslighting is exactly what he has been doing to her. The combination of that, her obvious mental health issues and guzzling alcohol for what appeared to be hours on end would have left her scared, shaken, confused and possibly in serious shock from the trauma. We always think we know how we’ll react in a given situation, but until we actually do find ourselves in that situation, well, as other anons have said, there’s no “right” way to respond and each experience is highly subjective.

No. 570756

Whilst I agree with you, I legitimately don’t think she’s capable of assessing danger. We look at the situation she put herself in and the resounding consensus is NOPE FUCKING NOPE but for a mentally challenged/ill person it’s not so black and white. Thank fuck I’ve never had a dude try to force himself on me so I can’t speak from experience but freezing up and relenting to advances seems to be extremely common, borne of a combination of fear and survival instinct (i.e. if I don’t resist he might not be as violent, so if I let him get it over with I live to see another day).

No. 570758

Yeah its pretty laughable that these girls who support and suck up to one rapist (onion) are trying to act all appalled and help amber all of a sudden from another rapist. They dont give a fuck when onion does awful abusive shit to people, but all of a sudden care when his "hater" does? Please. They all have awful moral compasses and are just trying to grab attention. They could give one fuck about her or anyone but themselves.

No. 570761

I'm honestly at a loss right now. Amber says it wasn't rape, but is also treating it like it is rape. CJ lowkey implies it was rape, but also doesn't want to indefinitely say it was rape.

Could someone just highlight and outline everything we know thus far? Would make speculating easier.

No. 570764

>pretending he ever gave a fuck about Amber just to look morally superior
Of course.
Also his analogy about wolves and lambs is fucking retarded.
Predators don't eat prey to be vicious they do it to survive.
Don't compare Craig to innocent predator animals.

Because Onion fans are so full of tunnel-vision RS proving himself a scumbag just increases these girls' trust and faith in Onionboy
So not only did RS rape Amber now all "anti-Onion" people are "garbage people" in their eyes.

>can't pay child support
>pays to fly a 2/10 Onion fan with mental issues who looks like she'll be easy to smash

No. 570765

That's what I meant. I don't think she's doing it on purpose, she's just naive to the point of it being pathological.

I really, really wonder if this will be the thing to stop her blind defense of other accused rapists and offenders, but my bet is she's gonna keep idolizing them.

No. 570766

She said that it wasn't rape but everyone told her it was (meaning her friends and mother).

No. 570769

Just so everyone knows, Onion mocked and laughed at Amber's expense, calling her a "nutty bar" (that's old man speak for "crazy") on livestream, literally the day before this all went down. And now he uses her to virtue signal. Fuck you, Greg.

No. 570770

These girls aren't even liked or accepted in the onision community. Telling you all right now, half the people who are active in that community thinks they're a joke(including LGH), attention whoring slags and no one likes them or talks to them.
They circle jerk each other to Oblivion. Absolutely no one likes them. It's a mystery as to why they still call themselves fans when they're all social rejects.

No. 570771

Even more disgusting is how so many people on the video are giving him thumbs up and praising him in the comments
"It's about coming together for a good cause!" seems to be the consensus there which is exactly what Onion wants

Funny how Onion berated other people for expressing condolences in mass shootings or bombings just to make themselves look good
And now he's doing the same thing just because this happened to "a fan"

No. 570774


>Craig contacts Amber telling her that he finds her attractive and wants to stream (read: smash) with her

>Amber claims she never responded to his advances because she didn’t want to ruin the opportunity to stream with him (thirsty attention seeker is thirsty)

>They shack up at a hotel presumably because Craig was determined to get his peen wet one way or another and that wouldn’t be possible seeing as he lives in his grandmother’s basement

>Amber wants to get drunk so he obliges (duh)

>Drunk Amber invites him into her bed to “cuddle” after he verbalises disappointment over the fact that their room has two beds

>He starts trying it on, she says “no” twice because she’s “into girls”, he ignores her, she throws the towel in and apparently tells him to “cum inside [her]”, a comment she claims to have no recollection of making (see the stream uploaded by Masked Babe)

>Craig clearly freaks out as soon as he realises that what he did constitutes rape, and subsequently films the two of them discussing the situation, wherein he states “this is turning into a rape thing real fast” and Amber retorts with “I dunno, is it?”

>Arguing over semantics

>Craig records Amber and her mother discussing the situation without their consent

>Craig hightails it out of the hotel and uploads a stream screeching that he’s not a rapist (nice try, bro)

>Craig is now a fugitive, whereabouts unknown, Amber has been put up in hotel courtesy of Beck and the fuzz, because apparently her mother is happy to donate to Onision’s pedo sex cult but won’t help out her daughter who has just been assaulted. Even if Amber were lying (which is unlikely, because her mother mentions previous assaults on stream) she should give her child the benefit of the doubt

>Unremarkably there are a few edgelords getting all REEEEEE and insisting that Amber is lying

>The internet continues to be a shitty place

Succinct enough?

No. 570783

>because apparently her mother is happy to donate to Onision’s pedo sex cult but won’t help out her daughter who has just been assaulted

Just from browsing the Onion flakes thread, Amber's mother is disabled and possibly low income. This would impact what she's able to do for her daughter at this time.

No. 570784

To add to this amber isn't a patreon to my knowledge as she was previously banned although she might have been allowed back in.

No. 570785

It's not your business to ask for evidence.

No. 570786

Beck or Maxie posted screenshots of Amber's Snapmap showing her locations, the hospital and police check out.

No. 570787

reputation doesn't really come into rape. and see >>570486

as CJ is an almost daily self-poster here, why would he stop now? some of these posts about her faking it are really whiffy.

No. 570795

>discovers craig admitted it and did slimy shit
>still we must blame amber

No. 570797


No. 570800

exactly. He even admitted to it. He raised the rape term.

No. 570803

And just think next week will only get better cause she is going to england alone and we seen how this trip worked out for her and in england she has no help there amber needs to understand she will never be famous or well famous the way she wants to be so let this be a lesson to everyone dont go meet some random person online and stay with them in a hotel room or put yourself in a situation like this she is luck no one has killed her yet and I know your reading this amber if you can't understand ask an adult use your fucking brain no one is jealous of you we all feel bad that you can seem to learn anything for this shit what the fuck is wrong with you think for once in your life you have a brain us it when it say maybe I shouldn't do this dont or if your friends say maybe you shouldn't do this dont ok got

No. 570804

Perfect, thank you.

No. 570806

That was the longest sentence in the history of mankind. HOLY SHITZIES

No. 570808

I did see that, but there were several comments about her paying for Amber to be in the Greaselord’s patreon prior to him kicking her out over the “gross” nudes she sent to Draineybot. Anyway, I don’t want to tinfoil any more than I have already.

tl;dr: people are assholes and even in the age of #MeToo and #TimesUp, there will always be victim blamers and slut shamers. We’re all fucked.

No. 570810

Maxie has been trying he hardest to be there to support Amber. She’s the only one who even warned Amber about CJ. Let’s stop pointing fingers and focus on the topic at hand.

No. 570813

>man buys underage booze
>girl get drunks
>he doesn't

That's the end. It's rape.

No. 570815

Honestly if Amber does decide to go through with rape charges, I don't know how it will go for her, with her being caught on recordings saying "it wasn't rape" and that she'd only say it was rape if he pissed her off. But regardless, he'll always be shunned from YouTube, that's for sure.

No. 570816

In this same stream >>570769 Greg said that Amber had recently "raged" at him and demanded a refund from him. He was laughing as he said this.

To you people thanking Greg for his video… shame on you. He used it as an opportunity to tell people not to trust his "haters."

This is the same guy who said, "[AJ] tried to insinuate that, when we did make love, that I was forcing her into it. That I was pressuring her into it, that she didn't really want to… That's funny, coming from someone who slept with over 20 people. That's really funny."

No. 570828

This thread is becoming really painful to sift through. Did all of his fans just flock here to bitch after what happened? These threads are supposed to be informative, not everyone sharing their feelings and personal experiences and reiterating the same opinion countless damn times. Let's try and find updates and actual information rather than have 50 people writing essays about how "rape is wrong" because this thread is quickly devolving into complete unreadable shit. Also, prior (or somehow current) RSN fans? If you wish to discuss this you can always create a new discord. These threads aren't usually used in this fashion and it makes it hard to keep track of the actual informative posts.

No. 570839


You're bringing up a good point he knew he wanted to try for some sex so he didn't want whiskey dick. But he thought a couple of drinks would help get her in the mood easier, wasn't it after the fact that he was saying but she only had 2 shots or something to that effect.

No. 570846

Agreed. This thread is becoming absolute shit. Its just people repeating themselves over and over and diluting any important updates with their spurging. Seriously, guys. Go DM each other, this isn't the place the keep repeating the same shit over and over again. I'd like to actually get updates and see whats going on. Not hear your personal opinion on whether Amber was raped or not/how retarded you think Amber is 10000 times.

No. 570849

These newfags are making my head fucking hurt… Seriously this isn't a YouTube comment section, stop commenting when you have absolutely nothing to add PLEASE AND THANKS.

No. 570854

That’s exactly what you’re doing? At least the anons you’re bitching at are contributing. You’re just bitching about not contributing while not contributing.

Right now there’s nothing to say because no one knows where RSN is. He hasn’t posted anything and he’s deleted his discord. And Amber hasn’t posted anything more about what’s going on with her. So, everyone’s just waiting to see what happened to RSN since he took off from the hotel, live-streamed in his car and disappeared.

No. 570866

I was once raped and went and helped him paint his house the next day. I only finally broke down in the evening. Shock and the desire to normalize tragic events can make us do strange things.

No. 570868

I agree, anon. No need to complain in such a derogatory way. Personally I hate the term "newfags", it's immature. I understand though why some people are getting a bit irritated because there are a lot of anons adding information, as you did in your quick update on the situation just now, (appreciated), but many are also having conversations about personal feelings and experiences and that isn't something lolcow is used for… talking about yourself isn't usually allowed. Opinion is of course though.. but it is starting to become hard to find the actual info littered throughout the past several days because I think a lot of people are panicking over the situation. Which is understandable.

I do think people should definitely limit their personal experience mentions, and try to post sparsely when there isn't anything new. Unfortunately I've seen people banned for these types of things.. and it makes the thread difficult to get through when searching for the important informative versus the mass opinion and debate that's occurring now. If you look on other threads, it isn't something you see much of on a site like this.

No. 570870

if rsn was "cute" (and "rich") like onision, maybe they wouldnt hate him

No. 570871

SO no one is commenting on how in the video she said that he told her he really liked her and "she didnt reply to him because she didnt want to tell him she didnt like him and not be able to go over there to work with him"? Im sorry but shes super opportunistic. She knew what she was getting into.

Also he said she asked him to come to her bed to cuddle after 4 HOURS OF DRINKING.

This all sounds like the poor dumbass got tricked by this girl who obviously wants to be famous. He put his cards on the table, even told her he was attracted to her and she decided to still go to visit.
I feel bad for the dumbass, but not for the opportunistic cunt.

No. 570872

It's a good cause if it supports his narrative.

No. 570873

>visiting rsn's thread to say you feel sorry for him
yeah bye

No. 570874

So hide saged posts, not that you even seem to know what sage is.

No. 570882

So if I am to understand this insane situation correctly, these weirdos are basically tolerated because they throw a ton of money at the Onion swamp?

No. 570883

I am not that anon whom you replied to, I am the anon who agreed that they shouldn't be so derogatory and that it is childish. This is actually one of the first times I have posted to a thread rather than simply lurk. I've been lurking for years but only recently built up the courage to comment lol. May I ask you how to use sage? I never learned.. I know you can write sage in the email for reply but I don't know much else on the topic. Thanks in advance! (Putting this reply in sage)

No. 570884

File: 1525162490763.png (26.2 KB, 1320x312, sage.PNG)

2. Sageing a post

By writing "sage" in the email field, you keep your comment from bumping a thread to the top. Do this when your comment doesn't contribute any new information. You don't need to announce or mention your sage. Users will be able to tell by hovering over your Name ('Anonymous'). You can hide a thread's saged posts by clicking "Hide saged posts for this thread" in the top right of the thread. Note: Sageing a post doesn't make wildly off-topic comments okay. You still have to follow posting rules.

Rules - Info

No. 570886

In one of the livesteams with Craig, she said LGH accepted her back as a Patron, was "super sweet about it" or some nonsense and she confessed to paying $35/mo, then quickly regretted saying that and clammed up. She then ignored any wuestions asking if she thought he'd still be friend if she didn't pay him and got very emotional.

No. 570887

Yeah because hiding saged posts completely roots out all of the filler in this thread? It doesn't… At all. And like another anon said, I'm not used to THIS many people posting nothing but personal opinion on lolcow. Here and there I'm seeing an update but yes, it's hard to read through so many people treating this like a chatroom.

No. 570889

Rich, coming from someone who hadn’t read the rules/has any clue how to integrate.

Good job ruining the thread.

Fucking lurk moar.

No. 570890

Thank you and I apologize for my ignorance on the topic, I will do more research. I really do appreciate it and sorry for the trouble!

No. 570896

I get that you were trying to be funny by writing "saged anonymous" but honestly you just look like a douchebag and anon is correct, you are making a fool out of yourself. Is that you, Craig?

I just checked the Real Stream channel and he HAS deleted the recordings he took of Amber without her knowledge, both of them. The one of her crying on the phone with her mother, and the one on April 28th before the livestream he forced her into. This gives me the impression those clips weren't as helpful to his narrative as he hoped they would be.

No. 570899

File: 1525164278355.jpeg (124.62 KB, 575x1024, C45DF576-E916-474C-89FF-DEC565…)

I can honestly say most of these people you guys are accusing of being newfags aren’t new at all. People are treating this thread slightly different because it’s a snow and about RSN who’s had the same thread for over a month. No one does this in /pt. People are also contributing to this thread, so can you guys stop bitching about it or just leave? At least everyone’s talking about RSN and the situation. You’re just pointlessly bitching.

Anyways, I just saw this after lurking on Beck’s Twitter and RSN was basically begging her to meet him in person it looks like. No matter what happened between him and Amber, the guy is a creep and he’s probably in trouble that’s why he hasn’t been anywhere online. I have a question though. If Amber called the cops, talked to them, had a rape kit done in the hospital and now has the cops looking for her alleged rapist, is she allowed to fly back home? I obviously don’t know how that works, but is it not strange that all of this happened and she’s immediately leaving the state? Is there no investigation or anything. How the hell is that going to work if she goes back home.

No. 570902

Honestly, I have a feeling that after the police finished questioning Amber and after the doctor who examined her were concluded, they probably came to the conclusion with her consent that she wouldn't be pressing charges. Of course this is only theorizing, but it seems to me that you are correct when you say that she would absolutely not be leaving the state so hastily. They would keep her there for a longer period, I'm sure. No rape victim pressing charges against their assailant would leave the state so quickly if they are pushing forward with pressing charges.

Also this would explain Craig deleting his recordings of Amber on the Real Stream channel recently. If she is no longer pressing charges, why keep those videos up? It will only prolong a very negative situation that now he must hide and pretend it was no big deal and just some crazy bitch trying to ruin his life. Back to discount Ice Poseidon streaming ASAP if he isn't detained for at least one of those three warrants.

No. 570903

I'll never understand how men like this act like it was so murky when the girl isn't participating and is saying no/whatever/something that clearly isn't yes. He just didn't care that she didn't want it, and there should be consequences for that. Trial by internet is nothing.

No. 570904


Onion acts like he'd never do something like this, but he resorts to emotional blackmail, pressure, and coercion. Even him rambling about how if someone says no to him, they'd have to beg him afterwards if they wanted to have sex. Clearly coercion since they'd want to avoid him making a big scene like that and just give in.

No. 570954

So apparently a few years ago Amber had stomach cancer and a “spot on the brain” and had a gofundme to raise funds for medical treatment. If that is true it makes this whole catastrophe even more depressing. Apologies if it was already mentioned, I don’t recall seeing anything about it here.

No. 570956

where would they keep her though? she doesn't have any money to support herself or get a hotel room to stay longer, and it's not their role to supply that. if she went through with reporting it, they have the statement and rape kit done already.

No. 570957

it was covered in the thread about greg's patrons I believe. was it fake? I didn't follow that thread too closely.

No. 570959

Oh right. I don’t lurk or post there so that explains why I’ve not seen it mentioned here. As you were, anons.

No. 570963

Samefag, but if it is fake, that’s just as depressing. Jesus.

No. 570968

they don't have to keep her, police will request a "routine detail" from her local police if they have questions for her.

No. 570969

Fucking hell will you cunts stick to the one topic per thread and stop spamming the /pt thread and patron thread about how amber deserved this rape.

FatBecca and the like have been bullying Amber for a while. Amber is clearly a mess. As I said before, starved for attention. She even said in that livestream she never fancied RSN.

If RSN wants to derail and go off topic lets talk about how shit you must be at sex. You're a fat ugly guy, I can imagine it being the worst thing in the world to have you touch someone.

No. 570983

ignore I newfagged and forgot I had lainey vids posted on my alt YT

No. 570985

File: 1525179832262.png (130.4 KB, 543x617, Untitled.png)

who are you suppose to be

No. 570986

I logged into the gmail account associated with the account I posted
to and noticed I had a single new email, and it was that copyright claim. so I assumed without reading that it was a claim on the enhanced audio clip that I posted of RSN's stream, but it was actually an artist that was present in a plainey video I reuploaded so I deleted because it was irrelevent to this thread.

No. 570990

Yes, though amber had her credit card blocked from LGHs patreon so she doesn't pay him. He was probably Forced to make a video because she contacted him or Allie contacted lainey to guilt trip them. Amber did this before with a faked suicide attempt to get attention from LGH(happened around the time she sent him and lainey nudes). No one talks about it though. Wouldn't put it past them(allie, amber, Beck, plankie)to use this situation as a ploy to get more attention.

No. 570997

File: 1525182839937.jpeg (170.62 KB, 750x304, C241E20B-1804-4362-8B70-37E30D…)

No. 570999

Good for her.

No. 571035

inb4 he fakes his own death, inspired by TheJosh

No. 571040

Idk how it works in the states but if the defence use victim credibility against amber it's going to be an awful experience for her especially as there is video footage of amber herself stating that she would only accuse rsn/craig of rape if he ever pissed her off, I mean I hope she's successful but this could all implode. I guess time will tell as it's now a very serious legal matter and discretion on ambers part may be advisable from here on in.

No. 571067

They wouldn’t keep her anywhere, that’d be her responsibility. Just like it was the responsibility of the women who went to that doctor’s trial. She’d have to figure it out.

Something I don’t understand is even if she decided not to press charges, the police and judge don’t care because they can still charge the criminal with something. So if she was taken seriously, it wouldn’t matter what she wanted to do. If she wasn’t taken seriously then that explains why nothing has happened. And I don’t think Craig is on the run or hiding out because he’s deleting his YouTube videos so he’s probably just at home.

No. 571075

Amber certainly seems to have gone to the police. Feels like it would be a huge mistake if nothing actually happened.

No. 571076

File: 1525196170730.jpeg (251.86 KB, 1124x1621, 161D5227-84E3-4F71-A30D-461CB2…)

Forgot to attach the picture to my last post

No. 571125

File: 1525199608577.png (1.02 MB, 1054x752, how.png)

Drugs, not even once ladies.

No. 571127

File: 1525199778474.jpg (58.98 KB, 670x895, wherediditallgowrong.jpg)

I wonder what happened in his life to make him turn out this way? Turn yourself in and get help, Craig

No. 571158

Amber clearly has mental problems and possible intellectual disabilities. She can certainly go through with the charges but when it comes to her actually winning this case in court… I'd say it's pretty unlikely, especially if she has attempted to bring charges against others before for rape and those cases never went anywhere. Rewatching her interview with Craig REALLY shows how far her delusions go… if you are able to creep even Onion out and are sending nudes to both him and his wife, threatening suicide and being more or less a stalker… she even claims in the interview that is still upload to RS channel that Lainey wanted her to be part of their "polyamory" but it didn't work out because people found out…. those delusions of grandeur (for an onion fan at least) go deep. Either way, I hope she gets help and at least she's far away from Craig now. What I'm wondering is where he is? 3 warrants is quite serious… and we all know all 3 of those are not for "unpaid court fines".

No. 571172

All the police/hospital can do in an alleged rape/coercion case like this is confirm that amber did in fact have sexual intercourse with craig, whether or not it's pursued criminally as rape remains to be seen. A report does not equal an actual crime being committed, it just means that you have informed the police of a crime being committed. Police have to take the victims word and act accordingly initially.

No. 571173

Christ Amber has no shame.

No. 571177

I’m thinking Craig is laying low. He’s deleted videos and been keeping an eye on his comments (so it seems). I have a suspicion one of those warrants is for being a dead beat dad. Who knows. 3 warrants is pretty sad to let pile up. Now add running there’s 4 right? Just turn yourself in terd.
I had a look at “rose” amber YouTube channel. It’s so cringe. The video a year ago of her “thanking Gerg “ while she’s in a baby top and panties is pukeworthy. She also looks a total different person in the face body everything. This woman is IMO obsessive and mentally challenged. I’ve no doubt she’s loving all the attention whether this is rape or regret sex. It’s a fine line and Craig’s a pos and so stupid for recording anything with her, flying her out. Was he trying to show the YT world how easy he could be Onion 2.0 and fly out “cuties” from the internet, make em sign a contract, have his way with them, then dump em and send em on their way? Lol. Whatta trash heap of a sub human Craig is.

No. 571178


>she even claims in the interview that is still upload to RS channel that Lainey wanted her to be part of their "polyamory" but it didn't work out because people found out

Samefag but do you know which upload this was in? This whole thing is so so fucked up tbh.

No. 571207

File: 1525205490845.png (1.08 MB, 618x4657, screencapture-twitter-littleva…)

Amber is at the airport and spamming a Joker actor. She really went straight back to her typical behavior like nothing happened.

No. 571220

she's pathetic, zero shame.

No. 571221

Too lazy to hooktube or download and convert… also I am not well versed on the rules of lolcow but I think it's frowned upon to add a direct link to videos from YouTube.

The title is
>Realstream Interviews Amber About Sending Laineybot Nudes and We Talk How Onision Treats Patrons

Video consists of a comically bad interview with an odd "explanation video" of Amber speaking on the Onision situation at the end.
>10:00 Craig shows Onision's message stating he doesn't want Amber contacting him or Lainey anymore because she sent them nudes, brought him into a suicide attempt, insulted him, brings drama countless times, she has creeped him out and he doesn't want her to contact him again.
>10:20 She appears to be talking directly to Greg in this video and begins her monologue on why Greg banned her
>11:30 talks about "jokes" she made to Greg and begins talking to him directly once more, saying "I know these "jokes sounded really bad but swears she was only joking (??)
>12:00 says she sent Lainey nudes
>12:10 (this is where it gets weird) says she had a crush on Lainey and wanted to be part of their polyamory. Says she would have joined the "poly thing" but kept it secret, people caught on, then says "but I said no but I still wanted to be friends. Greg caught on and blocked me."
>13:00 says she messaged Greg and told him "I got on my medicine again" (proof she has been diagnosed with psychological disorders

The rest is just spurging on her love for Gergles, how she loved him so much that she wanted to be back on patreon and was willing to get a prepaid card for him but brings up that entire "I couldn't because I'm going to London", something she brought up in Craig's streams before. All in all, very weird and hard to follow.

No. 571231


is this the video you are referring to? (and just to get youtube videos on hooktube you just have to go to the url and replace 'you' with 'hook' in the url)

No. 571240

What does his tattoo say??

No. 571242

Heartless (?)

No. 571243

File: 1525208400618.png (613.84 KB, 1408x2375, asspats from Onion.png)


Spot-on anons. Both Gingerbeck and Allie retweeted this yesterday. They don't give 2 shits about Amber, it's all about the asspats from LGH.

No. 571244

File: 1525208469160.jpg (32.77 KB, 266x118, Untitled-1.jpg)

No. 571247

File: 1525208555827.png (100.18 KB, 790x440, tattoolist.png)

Yeah, it says heartless.

No. 571260

Perhaps this incident will encourage other people to have a bit of self respect. People like RSN and Amber are a fucking nuisance, cases like this make it so hard to legislate on rape and get convictions. Sex education needs to go further and include self respect in the curriculum. Although to be fair I have been sexually assaulted by a male that continued to hang out in my social circle and I never said shit about it because I was already deemed the outsider in the group, sort of the jokester, I never thought anyone would take me serious.

No. 571271

Oh okay thanks for the info! I was under the impression that I had to upload it to this site, I've lurked forever but actually posting is new to me. Thanks for the help and I'll make sure to do that in the future.

And yes, that is the video I am referring to. It's honestly very disturbing how she is tweeting so cheerily like she doesn't have a care in the world… Clearly none of us know truly what went down, only second-hand accounts, but I can't help wondering if she would have even went to the police and filed charges in the first place if so many people weren't telling her he raped her.

On top of that, I'm very curious to know more about these jokes she references in that interview video.. her mental state is very questionable if she were sending Lainey and Greg nudes while also more or less claiming she was invited to be their next poly victim. To say this in the nicest way possible… Amber isn't exactly their "type". The girl is clearly delusional.

No. 571284

The fact that Greg and his cult sheep are using this horrendous situation for their own personal gain is… Well fuck I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. Pet your dogs on their heads, Greg. We all gave Beck too much damn credit thinking she would actually do anything out of actual kindness.

Greg's video What Happened Last Night was the most self-serving bs imaginable. You could actually see him attempting to hide a smile in the beginning because he's gleaming inside - he thinks he's proving to everyone how truly monstrous all of his haters really are. To make things worse Greg made almost the entire video about himself, how amazing he is and how he would NEVER do something like that. I also like how he made it 10:02 long so he can get double the money from monetizing the video. Also somehow forgot to mention how he told this particular fan to never contact him again and that they were creepy AF. What a stand up guy, round of applause ladies and gentlemen.

No. 571309


The virtue signalling/not so hidden agenda of using Amber’s situation to get ass pats from that greasy pedo cunt Greg on behalf of his lunatic stans (Allie and Beck) is equally as disgusting and exploitative. All these people are trash and the entire fiasco is a monumental dumpster fire of unprecedented proportions. The biggest takeaway from this shitshow is play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of assholes.

No. 571311

File: 1525212765543.png (38.95 KB, 573x120, ana.png)

Straight from Ana's mouth; it's the haters that got Amber raped! We guided Craig's dick straight into Amber's vagina by providing him with a catalog of rape-able girls.

No. 571314


Fuck me dead, this tweet… That’s right, apportion blame to anyone but yourselves for being psychotic basement dwelling losers whose lives revolve around a pedarist and his brainwashed footfaced wife. Fuck these bitches. If hell exists, I hope they all burn there for eternity.

No. 571338

Oh, you mean l8ke Sam? I don’t believe sh had nude photos that she leaked and then got them posted in here due to her own leaking them in the first place like you low IQ morons. He sure the hell wouldn’t have turned her down if given the chance. Dumbshit.

No. 571342

For those who missed it, one of Ana's best friends is an attentionwhore from PULL who started all the leaks, most notably with Ana's information

cross-thread link for those wanting to read up on the history of these flakes


No. 571367

Exactly! He was interested in these girls because they fucking had photos to leak! RSN has always lurked the threads and knows everything about Greg and his fans and anyone can see how desperate his fans are and so far, how many of them have turned down an interview with RSN? None of them, they only turned down interviews with him in person.

No. 571387

File: 1525217288562.gif (1.28 MB, 264x232, 1524636023410.gif)


Even Amber is enjoying Gargamel's attention now too.

Amber, if you are reading this, Greg has done practically the same thing to another woman. Someone that told him no, but he coerced her anyway.

It is absolutely baffling that anyone is defending him in a time like this.

No. 571403

File: 1525218426034.jpeg (351.28 KB, 1242x1659, E9C53FD1-6776-4A46-97F1-FECD68…)

Apparently this is what RSN’s arrest warrant is for. And the 3 warrants were incorrect. Don’t know who told Beck any of this, but sounds like it was made up bullshit that everyone believed. Still don’t know if he’s being charged with anything regarding Amber. How long does it take for someone to have a warrant for their arrest in Massachusetts? Where I’m from it takes a few hours, kek.

No. 571407

Samefag, I know she said he has 2 arrest warrants and one of them is for Amber, but I’ll believe it when I see it when it comes from her, especially since the 3 arrest warrants were made up. And Amber hasn’t said anything. Earlier she said the police “are going to press charges” but not that they have.

No. 571416

Again, play stupid games - win stupid prizes.
These girls have already compromised ambers case tenfold solely by the amount of misinformation they're giving out as fact, at this rate there is a chance amber will be charged for not allowing the investigation to run smoothly and perjury.

No. 571417

They need to shut the fuck up and stop getting involved. They're tarnishing the case.

No. 571419

Get charged for other people's post? At most they'd just throw the case out. You really think ppl get charged when other people spread misinformation?

No. 571425

Everything that's being tweeted/livestreamed/commented/snapchatted/instagrammed in coming directly from amber herself,

No. 571431

Didn't they leak their own photos? Discordfags were constantly posting in that thread shitting on each other.

Lol beck hardcore wanting that attention. Why don't you worry about the rapist you pay money to and want the approval of?

Honestly this case is gonna go nowhere. She was saying she didn't think it was rape until people were telling her/convincing her it was rape. That's hardly gonna stand well if its taken to court.

No. 571433

RSN was desperate for any kind of Gruggle related pussy - whether it's the mental Patreon girls, Sam or Jaclyn Glenn, he thought he could get it. Idiots like Allie, Amber, Maxie or Beck were the easiest because the bastard probably fapped to their nudes during his daily "researching" and thought that they'd be easy prey.

No. 571434

Please do something right in your life for once and let this be the truth.

No. 571438

Depending on how wasted she was, she might not remember it very well.

Plus, she's said she's been raped before…

I don't know. She's so weird.

No. 571457

hey sylars pic is on here, dont blame us rape-sn wasnt down with the horse cock like fatbecca

No. 571464

They’re unhinged, rejected Grugly and Draino fans, of course he saw them as easy prey.

No. 571477

The fucked thing is, dear anon, that she’s done so much to discredit herself already that a lot of the evidence (excerpts from streams and so forth) might be considered inadmissible on account of her contradicting herself. I really hope she gets herself a good lawyer. Regardless, Rape Stream News is a fucking moron with the comprehension ability of a preschooler so watching him try to wrangle his way out of this is going to be… interesting.

No. 571494

is the beck you guys referring to poop beck? the one who stayed at mcmansion?

No. 571496

She's not getting a lawyer because its a criminal case. Thus, the DA will be prosecuting if they choose to. I'd refrain from discussing what evidence is admissible when you don't understand the basic differences of criminal/civil law.

No. 571497

*not choosing a lawyer

No. 571504

yes, the other rebecca is fatbecca

No. 571506

i know this is irrelevant to this thread but is there a thread on these onion patron fangirls?

No. 571507

No. 571515

It's been linked like 3 times so far in this thread


No. 571534


Come on guys, this is a relatively short thread that literally started 1 month ago. Before posting, for the love of god: lurk more.

I know Craig's drama has brought a lot of new people in to see this shitshow play out, but it would help everyone if you clicked on the "rules" tab and familiarized yourself with how this works.

Not trying to be an ass, but it's frustrating when all the info is right here and people still need to be spoonfed.

No. 571559

no one calls fatbecca beck. if that makes it easier to remember.

i used to get confused all the time with them

No. 571747

What irritates me most about the onion/Lainey fangirls bitching about how they are SUCH victims is that he asked many of his "fans" in his streams to PLEEZ come hang out with him for "streaming content". He was targeting anyone he possibly could, not just the ugly thots who were spreading their nudes like cancer in Gergle discords. It just happens to be that those females are the most desperate and the most unhinged out of those who watched him, thus easy prey. I mean they all fell victim to Greg a long time ago, why wouldn't they be dying to meet another fat hideous loser when their entire lives already revolve around idolizing another one.

Still laughing at the fact that this mental retardation club is suddenly claiming Amber as one of their own when before they had written her off completely as a whack job, even amongst them.

No. 571851

I'm starting to get the feeling that we aren't gonna get any new info on this shitshow…

No. 571865


Don’t worry I’m sure one of the 4-5 attention whores trying to milk this false rape accusation for all its worth will post something new on twitter soon. Can’t go four hours without being praised, that would be ridiculous.

No. 571887

>false rape accusation
oops, he probably shouldn't have admitted to it then.

pretty tiring watching various factions of discordfags attempt to shit up threads.

No. 571900


If it was actually rape she probably shouldn’t be have said “I’m going to say it was rape if you piss me off” and when asked why when would do that she said “I don’t know” casually.

Oops. Attention whores on attention whores.

Also I’m not affiliated with any discord servers. Not even a member. Nice assumption.

No. 571912

I love how everyone is sooo sure what happened between. Its all black and white folks! Way too many lolcows grazing here…

No. 571930

File: 1525284329875.jpeg (59.41 KB, 750x294, 722628D9-2A2F-4BC0-A17E-5F59CC…)

Guys guys guys…. Amber has moved on from this. Why can’t we?

No. 571937

Wasn't even a thing for her

No. 571938

Any word on Craig? Is he still dodging?

No. 571939

What's with all the autistic newfags here

No. 571974

I think her posting her wishlist for her upcoming birthday isn’t that big of a deal. She probably was told not to give too much information out on her social media accounts.

No. 571994

I agree with the other anons that she has some mental difficulties going on, has she ever confirmed any diagnoses? (and yes I have Ctrl F and searched and read through the thread)

No. 572011

im a britfag, but do different states have differing rape laws? ( not including stat rape), How realistic is it that this case even gets to court? Him being wanted for misdomenor charges ( non serious offences) obvs does not look good, but I doubt it will make any difference. If he is ever wanted for a feloney is that easy to find out? I know in the US sex offenders are registered, so it would be easy to find out how this case pans out. I detest men who take advantage but Amber not thinking it was rape until other people told her, either means, she has legit mental problems and what took place was rape or she had regret sex and a bunch of girls are trying to convince her it was rape for their own motives. Both are messed up and Amber consenting or not was taken advantage of by this POS.

No. 572017

Yes, different states have different ideas of what constitutes rape though it does not vary much at all.

I have no clue how likely it is that this will go to court (nor does anyone on this thread)

Him being wanted for Misd. charges could affect whether or not he gets bail after he is booked.

Yes it is easy to find out if he is wanted for a felony if you have his full name.

No. 572020

Anyone know of LowkeyLoki on younow? He does a talk show sort of broadcast and he typically interviews younowers on Saturdays. Anyway he's broadcasting right now and just referred to realstream, well not by name he called him a competitor to the Blargh. He mentioned the rape and claimed that he is now on the run. Anyway he said he's going to interview someone who had been approached in a similar way and paid a lot of their own money to help out the victim. Lol anyone want to take a guess who wants some more of the spotlight for being a good person??

No. 572021


But surely she could appoint her own lawyer ( one with a good track record of convicting rape victims) as opposed to only being allowed court appointed ones? My SO is a Barrister, he has a good track record in a certain area ( not sexual offences) and people hire him due to that, If Amber parents are rich/have the means, then it does make a difference what Lawyer she gets. Sorry for blog post just curious about US legal stances on this.

No. 572025

Are you sure people aren't hiring for civil cases alleging rape? I think its up to the DA's office to appoint the attorney they have on staff that is best at prosecuting rape.

No. 572026

Thanks Anon.

No. 572027

The right to private prosecution in the US was removed in 1981 with leeke v timmerman. Her case will be taken by a DA, not a lawyer she hires.

No. 572032

I am from the UK, I don't want to write a blog post, but unless ppl have money they get allocated a Barrister that is available,( Barristers here can work for prosecution and defence) so it sheer luck who they get, unless they are rich. Civil Lawyers have no "rights of audience" in a Criminal Court.

No. 572035

In US, all prosecution is done by public attorneys. Craig will get a private attorney if he can afford it but otherwise will have a public one.

No. 572281


>lives with his mom

>only source of income is his 2k view/year YouTube channel

I bet he’s loaded

No. 572282

She's been diagnosed with BPD and a few other things that I cannot recall, she posted on her Instagram about it after she had gotten diagnosed, I am unsure if that post is still up, if I find it I will post it here.

No. 572283

She deleted the post, sadly.

No. 572284

His family may pay for it. Who knows what there situation is.

No. 572285

He lives with his grandmother - totally different sitch bruh.

No. 572345

I'm def thinking Craig is guilty but does anyone else think that the alcohol plays a fishy role in this? When ragreynold's fat pathetic ass interviewed Amber before this shitshow started he was asking about the drinking her and Craig did on stream to which she replied that she wasn't drunk and only had 2 shots. Then in the stream where Craig is fleeing their motel room after the accusation he states that she only had 2 shots. Seems oddly consistent given the timing of the statements and the context around them. Yet now Amber claims she was drunk and can't remember a portion of what happened.

No. 572363

Anything to get on gurgs good side, i guess.

disgusting bitches.

No. 572366

A lot of these girls like to pretend they're "tougher" than they actually are. We don't know her alcohol tolerance so who knows how tipsy she got from two shots. This is going to be totally my opinion, but I think she put on a brave face for Rag's interview.

No. 572373

I'm collcting all theories and evidence here please also leave your support for Amber https://justiceforamber.tumblr.com/

No. 572374


No. 572388

lol no fuck amber

No. 572403


>Collecting theories

Are you going to add how she was there to try and get Gurgles attention, boy she sure got it.

There is literally no need to create a public account full of "theories" (something we've criticized him for on this very thread) and any evidence needs to only be given to police to do an investigation and not out for the public to decide on.

It should be about finding the truth of what happened and not just her version and giving her online attention like she so desperately wants.

God. Shit like this is making me half ass try and defend the scumbag.

No. 572404

lmao what the fuck. what on earth made you think this was a good idea?

No. 572406

File: 1525324119565.png (47.74 KB, 864x878, capture.png)

you listed a name on that profile. not sure his DOB but 89 would make him 29 this year.

No. 572411

So he has no active warrants as of right now? I'm assuming "quashed" is legalese for void.

No. 572413

File: 1525325055010.png (6.45 KB, 755x113, capture.png)

I just searched rhode island using his name and assuming he was 26-30 years old. that's the only match, but this person only has DUI, driving with suspended license and weapons related charges. if it's him I presume it was a katana. but this person has no active warrants, no. last was executed without incident

No. 572418

quashed means void and if that's him that means amber didn't go to the police or her story didn't add up so with that being said time to move on guys(learn to integrate)

No. 572419

There may be days of investigation/follow-up i'd imagine. Just cause a police dept hasn't issued a warrant w/i in a couple days doesn't mean they're not going to/still deciding.

No. 572423

I'd imagine if Craig was in the clear he'd get back to streaming and try to act like nothing happened.

No. 572426

Her story didn't add up and the videos and audio for this weekend pretty much killed the case and with the MOM IT WASN'T RAPE rsn knew what he was doing much like someone else on youtube

No. 572427

No rsn will not be back for awhile he knows he will never recover from this note every girl on Twitter is out for blood

No. 572432

Given the high volume of newfags in this thread, the fact that this anon didn’t sage and is also telling other anons to “move on” from literal milk that only happened a few days ago?
>seems suspicious

No. 572434

I apologize for my autism and newfagery but what does sage mean??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 572436

Check the rules, you'll find your answer there.(sage this, minimod)

No. 572438

if the name listed on that cringy tumblr is true, he has no warrants, isn't on a registry and hasn't been accused of anything beyond
age fits. first name fits but without confirmation of his last name it's a lost cause.

if it is true, this is detrimental to the credibility of channels like maskedbabe and fagrenolyds. I would presume the former would have done her research, so maybe the information on the tumblr is invalid. we need someone who was present in the discord when he revealed who he was to confirm name before I'd believe the court info or the warrant info

No. 572450

He said he was a 28 and a Taurus. 5/18/89 =Taurus and 28 years old-same

No. 572451

It would be fucked up if she lied to win onision back but she is still muted on twitter. for rsn he is a real scumbag and seen an opening to a girl with daddy issues and that was retarded enough to fly to see him

No. 572452

No. 572453

Her mom's disabled or something, they can't pay for shit. (even if it were an option)

No. 572455

Well she is going to london in a few days how did she get the money for that ?

No. 572460

Her finances are a mystery. She said something about applying for SSI a while back when Onion's crazy patrons made themselves known by posting shit about each other here on lolcow.

No. 572468

Fuck off Ali

No. 572474


Not much new info here. I really wish she would quit sperging about the discord shit. It's boring, and the fact that she can't seem to let it go lessens her credibility with the allegations that really matter.

Yes, discords can be shitshows if mismanaged. But RSN raped someone. Who gives a fuck about your discord experience?

No. 572475

>getting in trouble with the law every year

holy shit

No. 572477

I have been searching for rsn mugshot to see if his real name is craig silva

No. 572478

File: 1525333352675.png (26.23 KB, 569x390, fag.PNG)

Both of them + blargh applauded gregs call out video

Masked Babe
2 days ago
Sophia Jane Lose it, he made a video about something that is worse than Onision YouTube drama. Sorry, but rape is more serious than what he reported to the IRS. It's good to see people come together in this time, rather than fighting. Stop being drama hungry and pay respect for Onision bringing light to something so small and stop being petty. Thank you.

The Blargh
2 days ago
What is so wrong with appreciating someone's focus for the greater good? This is a subject that needs to be discussed more often. There is nothing wrong with applauding someone for putting it out there.

No. 572479

Who's the crying girl who sounds like a bimbo

No. 572485

File: 1525334911359.png (130.12 KB, 507x383, CJ2.PNG)

Elliot Rogers=REALStreamnews=Craig Silva
His music and name can be found on SoundCloud>>572438

No. 572487

File: 1525334957369.png (62.85 KB, 594x243, CJ3.PNG)

No. 572489

So Craig has no social media accounts and that wasn't a red flag girls u have checked before all this went down

No. 572529

This was nowhere as milky as I was hoping it would be. I am disappoint. Masked Babe better be saving the premium cream for her second instalment.

No. 572531

Still reading this past three days but just wanted to ask you guys if you noticed that Cj has got stab scars on his neck??? Left side. I just noticed on their vlog on the bus, second night I think. She talks of him going in and out of the hotel room that night too which makes me think he's dealing drugs? And she also said she only had one shot but was sick all night and morning. As someone who's been drugged I can tell you I vomited the whole next day. There's a commenter in that stream called 'deep sleep' who was making really weird comments and I want someone else to look over it and tell me if you see how weird it is too… deep sleep…. (could also mean like drugged). They say things that make me think they might of had a private show.

Then on the other hand. ambers recenttwitter posts have me questioning things. I have no clue what is truth . I just hope she isn't lying, because lying about rape is probably one of the worst things you can do. Gives real victims a bad rep and stops girls coming forward. Although, the bus stream seemed weird… A couple of people in the chat seemed to be hinting at something bad happening…. before it came out.

Soz, rant and a half but it's been on my mind as I try to look for answers.

No. 572533

That's very disappointing, since the video was all about stroking his ego and using the situation to make himself look morally superior. Oh and also compare every other hate channel to a rapist.


No. 572535

Anon, I’ve been thinking the same thing re: her being drugged. Everyone knows that RSN has used/is using opiates, if he slipped oxy or something similar into her drink it would significantly enhance the effects of liquor and potentially impair her memory (in addition to making her feel physically ill). Saged for tinfoil.

No. 572540

Does anyone have another link for Masked Babe's video? It was taken down by YT already.

No. 572541

Damn! Is that the one from an hour or so ago? I didn't even get to it

No. 572543

File: 1525343145141.png (70.29 KB, 736x528, rr.PNG)

No. 572544

File: 1525343202729.png (23.59 KB, 736x176, rrs.PNG)

No. 572546

Funny how hers get removed, but not Onision's.

No. 572548

Some how I now feel even more sick over the situation.

Would the hospital have drawn blood?

No. 572549

I reckon it was flagged because RSN’s retarded discordfags started screeching about how her mocking them and recording the subsequent sperging constitutes being boolied. Fucking autists.

No. 572551


Yeah, it only had a couple of hundred views when I watched if. It didn’t reveal anything we haven’t already heard on here ad infinitum over the past two days. Though MB was less articulate than usual (not that she’s a Rhodes scholar, but she generally manages to form grammatically correct sentences).

No. 572553


Not that I can speak from experience but my understanding is that they would have suggested a screen for Rohypnol or GHB at the very least. Especially on account of her erratic/inconsistent behaviour.

No. 572554

I have it up on one of my tabs and it's still playing, if someone can tell me how to upload to hooktube I will try upload it there.

No. 572556

All you have to do is copy the URL and replace “you” with “hook”, but (and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, anons) if it has been removed from YouTube then it won’t work.

No. 572557

We all know that the reason for this is that Grugly is a brootalleee awnehst fax machine and she’s just a hatur.

No. 572558

He has got social media his twitter is Craig Silva @kkraigeforeall.

No. 572559

Hopefully they did…

No. 572560

And that's the child he bounced on? What a sicko.

No. 572562

Yeah unfortunately it says the video is unavailable.
For anyone who didn't see it it was mostly MB proving with audio clips that everything craig has claimed about her was false.
Some audio clips of him saying if the cops ever wanted you you should hand yourself in, like if you had a warrant out…
And then some more audio of a girl having a complete meltdown in his discord over a song I believe. That's as far as I got into the video.

No. 572563

They drew a lot of blood 6 viles

No. 572564


Shouldn't* hand yourself in. He was saying to run if you have a warrant.

No. 572566

File: 1525344901075.jpg (54.23 KB, 715x558, scar.jpg)

Yeah he has a nasty looking scar on his neck but in the stream someone brought it up and he said it was from a car accident. Clearly I don't know if he's being honest about that.

No. 572568

Can't speak to the scar on his neck but he said he was in a car accident and his hand was badly mangled. You could see his crippled hand on all of his livestreams

No. 572569

I fucken hope so too. The problem is (sorry, sciencefag here) GHB has a short half-life and is undetectable after 24 hours, so if that was his drug of choice then it’s unlikely she’ll be able to prove it.

No. 572570


Yerp. And hence the “heroin” allegations which he claimed were/are his pain meds.

No. 572571


How do you know this, anon? Not doubting you, just curious

No. 572572

You forgot the best bit; the song the girl was triggered by was by fucking Social Repose.

No. 572577

Yes, she freaked out they skipped the song lol

I have no context for any of that shit she posted, it was all bizarre.

Also had RapeSN talking about having sex, next to his grandma driving him home from said sex??? What a pathetic, creepy loser.

No. 572579

He claimed to go everyday to a clinic for pain meds. But others said he went to a methadone clinic for heroin addiction. Both are legal. But how can an addict survive on the run?>>572570

No. 572582

At the risk of sounding like a total asshole (who am I kidding? I am a total asshole!) I actually laughed at both the Social Repose bit and Rapist Stream News getting hauled off by his memaw.

No. 572584

Full disclosure: I don’t think there’s any shame in being an addict, especially not if one is addressing their addiction, so I hope that this isn’t an angle that is persued if/when Craig gets fucked by the long arm of the law. People with drug dependencies are demonised enough as it is.

No. 572600

RSN deleted stream 2018-04-29

No. 572608

GHB/residue can be detected for up to 72 hrs. Forensic pathologists know what they're looking for, her bloods/urine will be tox screened along with the normal precautionary swabs (if any were taken) although none of that proves rape especially when sex was consensual despite coercion. I hope to fucking godbear that this isn't a falsification although how anybody could ever prove that a severe sexual assault did in fact take place after the victim willingly made choices that supported consensual relations is open to debate. Hindsight is always 20/20 and sadly a huge number of women have that one regret, this doesn't make it rape though in the eyes of the law. This whole allegation is incredibly nuanced and I'd be very surprised if amber gets the outcome she's hoping for.
Tl:dr If you have to be persuaded you've been raped then you haven't been raped.

No. 572612

Sure does look like a knife stab mark on his neck. You can still see a few of the stitches were it healed. Maybe it was a car accident… I couldn't say for sure, but it looks like a knife wound. For sure.

I just get such a dodgy vibe. From both of them.

No. 572613

I'd agree with you there!

I do think it's possible too she was drugged, she was acting a bit spacey and if she was as sick as she says she was (and with only one or two shots) it's another red flag for it, unfortunately.

No. 572619

Not the same anon, but here you go. Just for you.

Also, everything done during a SANE exam is up to the victum. Meaning they'd can decline any type of examination. Blood draws are also almost always done during one of these exams unless declined. Source: I work at a sexual assault treatment center.

No. 572831

Lol the most vocal onion haters who end up making youtube channels about his drama always end up psycho or secretly sucking his dick.

No. 572836

From now on, everyone should download Realstream's videos because he has been uploading and deleting like crazy. People need to hold onto and compile the evidence. Download ClipGrab and reupload either here or on an anonymous YouTube channel and give a hooktube link. There are so many streams where we only see small sections and there is so much information that is lost to us now because of his consistent purging on the RS channel. Also, if you see a tweet/comment with information that might be significant to this situation, download Snipping Tool and download the images. These programs are easy to use and free. We need to be gathering any info possible, because right now Craig's laying low and things are getting difficult to follow with all of the purging that is occurring.

No. 572838

The more I think about this, the more it confuses me. He claims to go to a pain clinic every morning for meds? I'm a chronic pain patient and live in one of the strictest states for opiates and have never heard of such a thing. They generally give you a 28 day prescription and monitor you closely (give you urine tests, etc.). None of those places dispense pills. This sounds more like a methadone clinic. Plus he eats a massive amount of candy which is pretty typical for someone coming off of heroin. No judgement, but I don't think he's being honest. This also might explain why he never drank on camera. He claimed to not be a big drinker but those clinics often test your urine for alcohol/drugs.

I also wonder where he gets the money for daily packs of cigs, vape cartridges, buying pizza everyday and most of all plane tickets/hotel rooms. He's definitely got some kind of side hustle.

I watched the stream on the night of the alleged rape and she appeared to me to get pretty inebriated really quick. She was all over the place, at turns very emotional and unfocused. At the time I wondered if she was drinking more off-camera or maybe the alcohol wasn't mixing well with meds she might be on. It's completely possible she could've been drugged, there were a couple open sodas she was drinking from.

Saged for speculation/tinfoil

No. 572851

Who the fuck are you addressing? Do it yourself.

No. 572868

File: 1525378435484.png (125.17 KB, 750x1334, 7A9C4222-3605-46B2-B210-E3F111…)

Here’s more screens of him being creepy.

No. 572870

File: 1525378460078.png (121.52 KB, 750x1334, F619FF69-6150-46A2-B7FB-C7B61C…)

No. 572872

File: 1525378481074.png (138.76 KB, 750x1334, 1BCD8B05-C31B-4206-8A62-526C88…)

No. 572873

File: 1525378500734.png (131.68 KB, 750x1334, 4B986D23-83BB-4DB2-9CAA-364B4F…)

No. 572879

I'm not always online and there are a lot of people who want to see these streams/videos and are no longer able to. Clearly many people on this thread are new to the farms and don't know how to take part in these kind of things. Chill the fuck out, it doesn't hurt to inform. Isn't that why people COME HERE?

No. 572887


It's a long chunk of audio, but there's some diamonds in here. He says he's going to steal all of Keks videos, he wants to break people, ruin them etc.

No. 572901

Another shorter chunk just proving he thinks with his dick. "I trust Vix! She's not that bad!" Also implying if his fans like Amber he'd of liked to have had her on his channel more. Fucking idiot.

No. 572906

File: 1525380669451.png (205.18 KB, 1042x1046, tellmemore.png)

Also some more just proof of him being overall creepy.

No. 572909

File: 1525380767267.png (221.26 KB, 1048x1088, tellmeless.png)

The first one was posted just to show that it was the start of our conversation. I dm'd him first but check the dates, a message every day for 3 days

No. 572922

"Tl:dr If you have to be persuaded you've been raped then you haven't been raped."

So much this. In the videos she is repeatedly saying it wasn't rape and then pointing at the screen and saying, "but they say it is" facepalm are we really crowd sourcing now to determine whether or not we have been sexually violated? Fucking ridiculous. Right there with everyone saying it's automatically rape because she said no, which discounts every time someone has ever changed their mind. If this happened in a state like California with their yes means yes policy, she gave consent, and then gave it again when she told him he could cum inside her. I don't like the dude, he's turning into a prime cow, but rape is a serious accusation and not one you throw around, especially if someone has you recorded saying it wasn't rape, "unless you piss me off"

No. 572927

He admitted to her saying no twice, as well to her being drunk. She was coerced. Let's stop trying to figure out if she was lying or not.

No. 572935

2 shots is not drunk. Her memory of events is perfect with the exception of her not recalling she told him where he could ejaculate. Yep, they both agreed she said no, twice, and then she said, "whatever" Are you fucking kidding me? Women like this are the reason that people who are actually victimized aren't taken seriously. She should be ashamed of herself for making it harder on every rape victim.

No. 572940

"Whatever" is not a clear and enthusiastic yes.
GTFO with your RSN whiteknighting.

No. 572959

Since when is commonsense the equivalent of whiteknighting?I have about 18 years on this chick, but if this is how women are being taught/advised to handle sexual encounters they don't want, by saying, "whatever" to an advance, then that's just some sad bullshit right there. I don't care if I sound all, "get off my lawn" take some personal responsibility for christs sake.

No. 572986

lolcow isn't your personal army and most farmers aren't invested in this guy. Gosh you'd think Beck with all her time recovering could just do it all herself

No. 572988

So do it on your spare time.

No. 572990

File: 1525384452475.png (1.09 MB, 2960x2069, craigthecuck.png)

No. 573028

He’s OBVIOUSLY talking about daily methadone, or daily suboxone. Only ex heroin or strong opiate pain addicts and their surrounding friends & or family would know what that is. He’s lying. Sure they may use that shit for pain, but that is SO NOT COMMON ITS RIDICULOUS.

No. 573068

Cuddling leads to poking name one guy who just cuddles without making a move that is an invitation and she said she wasn't into guys but still asked to cuddle(ban evasion)

No. 573107

>2 shots is not drunk
You have no idea if she only had two shots, had a medication interaction or had another substance in her system.

No. 573112

None of us know any of that and will probably never know the truth. Neither side seems reliable unfortunately.

No. 573136

She cant say she was drunk cause on stream she was fine I think it's all has to do with shame and that's it people making fun of her for sleeping with craig or he wasn't good enough(ban evasion)

No. 573145

you have to be 18+ to post here

No. 573194

Still nothing on craig yet it's been almost a week(ban evasion)

No. 573199

>she was fine on stream
>can't say she was drunk

lol nope no one has ever been drugged and date raped ur right

No. 573201

That doesn't look remotely like what that anon said.

Did Amber say she was drugged? People keep mentioning it but all I saw was that she was drunk.

No. 573210

She was certainly coerced. I have been coerced and it definitely feels like you have been raped. It is however, typically not legally actionable– in this case it might be because they have a working relationship and could then theoretically be sexual harassment.

No. 573230

do it yourself ali

No. 573278

Now that we debunked the drinking hey he must a drugged her come the fuck on people and the sexual harassment would fall on amber try again(ban evasion)

No. 573287

When was that ever debunked?
It was obvious she was intoxicated on stream and she even previously stated she was drunk before the stream. This isn't a thread about Amber, this is RapeSN's thread.

No. 573295

Well when she said on live stream and her interview with blargh(ban evasion)

No. 573299

And if it comes out that amber lied rsn can fuck that girls life up(ban evasion)

No. 573312

File: 1525405385913.png (195.97 KB, 570x332, 365_2_2.png)

CJ is an utter fuckboi with no game, so he prays on people he sees as easy. That much is obvious

No. 573388

Thanks for being one of the very few posting something pertinent my dude. Definitely some interesting info here.

I feel like most are just beating a dead horse at this point.

No. 573394

Honestly I agree, anon. At least if more people uploaded screen caps and streams this thread wouldn't only be saged debates/opinions on if Amber was raped or not. But I don't think anyone cares enough to. Personally too lazy like most these people tbh

No. 573410

>the credibility of channels like maskedbabe and fagrenolyds

lmao, good one anon.

No. 573558

I was his confidant and long time friend, feel free to ask me anything, I'll answer to the best of my knowledge.

No. 573565

We talked a lot before the "accident". I know he's into dirty foot fetish porn videos and has a vajankle at home.
Sorry buddy but I've lost respect for you.
I've got screenshots of all his toys but I don't want to share anything right now, let's see how things go.

No. 573572

The nasty looking scar on his neck is the result of a fight he had with his mother. She broke a bottle on his head and stabbed him in the neck, he's got another scar on the top of his head.
He still lives with his mother.

No. 573575


is he on heroin or any kinda opiates?

No. 573576

Ooh, give us the milk! THIS THREAD NEEDS IT.

>Is he a heroin addict like so many speculate?

>Do you know anything about his whereabouts and the current situation with warrants or if he is evading questioning by the police regarding the rape allegations?
>Were you still friends with him recently or did you lose touch a while ago?

Anything you can give us, even thoughts on the current situation, would be welcomed.

No. 573579

Welcome, confidant! Thanks for being here.

So what can you tell us about Craig? Does he think he's internet famous and gloat to his irl friends about it? I know he's obviously obsessed with Ice Poseidon and wants to be a streamer so I'm guessing he tried to get you to stream with him… I'm sorry you had to have a friend as embarrassing as him, that must have been difficult.

There is nothing bad with being an addict, it makes you a stronger person in the long run and helps you gain empathy for others going through something like that… but I know many are wondering about his drug use. There has been a ton of speculation on Heroin/pain killer abuse. Does he actually have a legitimate hand injury? or was this an excuse to get pills? Also, does he actually have a job? Because considering the hours he chose to stream and the amount he was able to drop everything to watch streamers, I always doubted that he was actually employed.

Does he have custody of his child..? That's another thing that's bothered me, he clearly is abusing SOMETHING because the guy always looks and acts messed up on streams. Last question I can think of off the top of my head is has he done things like this to girls in the past? And what kind of trouble was he in with the police prior to the rape allegation?

No. 573580

He doesn't do heroin I know that for a fact. I stayed at his house / mother's house an entire week and never saw him using anything but he drunk a lot. He told me he sometimes uses bathroom chemicals. It seems insane but he told me he once drunk a bottle of hand sanitizer because he couldn't afford to buy alcohol, I thought he was joking but not anymore.

He's at his mother's house, he's always been there. He invites girls over when his mother goes to her sister's.

I was friend with him till the "accident" happened.

No. 573584

Ohh okay so thats why he always acts messed up… he has a problem with alcohol. I think thats why so many assumed it was something serious like heroin. Whats his moms deal? That is absolutely insane that his own mother ended up scarring his neck like that… it looks like she could have killed him. Did he abuse the mother of his child at all? Because he seems to have some serious issues with women considering how desperate he was with women online and taking advantage of Amber the way he did..

No. 573585

His hand injury is actually a funny story, you'll never believe me. He fell. In the toilet LOL

He doesn't have a child, that was a lie he told you to make his character more interesting. He uses his brother's kid for pictures but no, he doesn't have a child and I think his brother doesn't know anything about it.

No. 573586

Yes, he has problems with women, I can tell you 100% he's a very insecure person.

No. 573587

does this story coming out about him raping a girl seem out of character for you? Has he had a troubled past with women? and as for you, why did you two stop being friends- what happened between you two that ended it? Thanks!

No. 573589

I don't know whether that really happened but I ended our friendship because I couldn't decide who to believe.
He's a funny person don't get me wrong, but that's some serious stuff I don't want to get involved with.

No. 573591

OH MY GOD HE DOESNT EVEN HAVE A KID?? So he just made that up to get people to feel bad for him…? That is fucking DISGUSTING! He went on forever about how he didn't want anyone talking about his "son" and it was all complete bullshit… I shouldn't be surprised but I am. What the actual fuck.

So what trouble has he got in with the police..? And I agree with anon, why did you guys stop being friends?

Seriously thanks so much for taking the time to be here.. I can't believe he lied about having a son that's a whole new level

No. 573592

Don't believe this RSN Confidant. He has couple with baby photos on his personal twitter. Idk why you are so quick to believe an anon with a self changed name. Don't trust random people online.


No. 573594

Before anyone hastily jumps on everything this "confidant" anon says, I would like some actual proof of these allegations. Or at least some proof that this anon even knows him. I'm very skeptical of what this anon has been saying.

No. 573597

Confidant, can you give us any proof you actually know him…? And why does he have baby photos on his twitter if its his brothers kid?

No. 573600

Correct, he doesn't.
To confirm his paternity ask him to post other pictures of his son. You'll see.
The woman on his twitter profile is his brother's wife. In that pic they just happened to kiss the kid at the same time (so he told me) he decided to use that because it really looks like he's got a family and her face's not visible.
I don't mind if you don't believe me, I'm telling you what I know.

No. 573601

I know it's ok to talk about our private conversations but no I won't share dm or skype chats that's private and could be illegal, sorry. He's a magnet for troubles I don't want to be dragged into any.

No. 573602


I mean of course he isn't going to post pictures of his son. He is in "hiding" from police/ internet mobs. It doesn't seem massively unlikely someone would pretend to know him on this thread to create added drama to this situation.
If you can't prove it why would any of us believe it.

No. 573604

can you prove me you are not Craig? Post a picture of yourself next to your pc's screen showing this thread. See? You're free to believe me as much as I'm free to believe you.
This is what being an Anon means. Again, I haven's said anything so unbelievable.

No. 573605

Well it doesn't hurt to ask questions.. whether you know him or not it doesn't change much of anything. it would definitely help if you could offer some proof that you know him that doesn't imply you in any way. What about his brother's social media to prove he has a son of the same age to show that Craig is using his child? It just seems odd because that twitter account appears to be Craig's personal twitter.. wouldn't his friends and family find it odd that he is using that photo as his profile picture if it is his brother's kid?

No. 573607

His mother doesn't even know what internet is while his brother works two jobs and never uses anything. He's got a Facebook account but I don't think posting his url here is the right thing to do, that's a real family we're talking about. Do you usually do that here? I've never used this site, sorry.
Anyhow his mother and brother don't know anything about his internet character.

No. 573617

Anyhow, I find funny how you jump on the bullshit wagon no matter what.
"Well it doesn't hurt to ask questions.. whether you know him or not it doesn't change much of anything" [cit. No. 573605] you morons, sure spew shit don't worry and hey share his brother's private accounts let's see his child, you freaks. What a fuck is wrong with you don't you have a life? A bunch of cowards writing anonymous comments too afraid to show your face.
And now show me how you ban me you little crying babies 3, 2, 1(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 573619

lol, calm down.

No. 573620

kek the edge
hey steal stream, stop hanging out on lolcow and turn yourself in to the police

No. 573624

LOL what's honestly the funniest part of all of this is that some people actually consider you to be such a useless pathetic individual that they believed you were drinking hand sanitizer, were almost murdered by your drunk mother and stealing your brothers kid. The fact that there are people who wouldn't put any of that above you is golden.

I'm glad you're hiding at your gammy's and shooting up while trolling your insignificant snow lolcow thread instead of dealing with real life. You have a warrant out for rape you pathetic, fat, lonely, sad little man. Thanks for the laughs today though, much appreciated.

No. 573629

Classic, as soon as someone's got a different opinion you accuse them of being the guy you're literally harassing, this is the real pathetic thing (I don't even know who this Craig is) but I know you're too stupid or too young for uni (otherwise you wouldn't waste your time here), too cowards to show your face and too full of shit to consider the fact that apart from you the rest of the world knows you're pure shit, so this Confidant must be Craig. Do you really think to be relevant? But let's talk about facts, this is the website of a pedo nazi, right Joshua (so I've read). Still living with your mom? Fuck me you're 29 man

No. 573633

Right, I see how you're dealing with real life problems, here on lolcow LOL I can't believe how stupid you guys are(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 573635

Im gonna assume the rumors are true about the cocaine/heroin and you're really on something
go get some help and stop wasting your time here acting like a psycho. last response, just report him

No. 574007

File: 1525480665800.png (354.1 KB, 970x538, Kiks.PNG)

This is a recording of a RS Discord stream. The important bits are the first 16 min. You will hear Vega Galaxy who WAS a small YouTuber commenting and uploading the same streams as RS and Kiks. She tried to arbitrate beteween Kiks and RS. She closed down her channel. Some blame Kiks. https://soundcloud.com/user-416310128/keks-im-gonna-steal-all-ur-videos/s-DEVJF(lurk moar)

No. 574012

File: 1525480944340.png (17.85 KB, 884x215, Sage.PNG)

If you have no information but want to comment on a post - SAGE it.(mini-modding )

No. 574013

This was posted further up thread. Get fucked Vega no-one cares about your shitty drama, it's boring. This is CJ's thread go back to outer space or some shit.

No. 574610

File: 1525554329777.jpg (58.34 KB, 477x522, ginginterview.jpg)

Gingerbeck is getting interviewed by Lowkey Loki right now. It's about what she knows of the realstream rape incident.

Since this is on younow guest sessions are viewable afterwards if you miss it.

No. 574774

Here's the Blargh upload. There were like 300 people during the live broadcast so the word has spread about realstream.

No. 574934

Anyone have a re-upload of MB’s vid that got flagged and removed about RSN?

No. 574961

No. 574964

This was nowhere near as milky as I hoped it would be. Besides the part where Beck states that the cops had to stop pursuing him because he crossed state lines. She made it sound like some wild chase. I’m imagining him in a getaway car, his memaw driving while he shrieks autistically about how he’s not a rapist.

No. 575141

why is this thread so fucking retarded?
"Hello, I'm RSN's buddy, ama."
accepted without any attempt at verification or proof. goes as well as you'd expect.
then it's some self-posting, and a boring stream from the blargh that no one gives a shit about.

where's the milk? last I checked it was all hamber getting raped and rsn on the run and a couple of try-hard hangers on stirring the pot to get their name in there.

No. 575584

This is literally all ads. No MB vid. Ffs.

No. 575640


Looong audio (1:15:47) but:
>Said he wanted to date her before she flew over
>She said no but it was a cute no
>Says Amber wanted to get pregnant
>Says she took birth control in front of him (but wanted to have his baby? okay).
>He's running away from the cops because he has a warrant
>Pretty much admits Amber was drunk when they had sex
>"She wasn't anywhere near blacked-out."

There's more bits.

No. 575678

samefag but, he also claims he emailed lolcow to take down the nudes of the onionflakes.

No. 575743

No. 575745

No. 575754

DUDE. This is extremely incriminating, assuming it’s legit and can be verified. Anyone got anything to say about this apparent evidence that Amber is a lying, manipulate lunatic?

No. 575769

want to give us a precis of this ""extremely incriminating"" info?

No. 575927

Hey Craig, nice to see you still have time to post in your own thread while on the run from police. The recordings are cute, but won't help you at all. MA is a two-party consent state, Amber didn't consent to these recordings– making them illegal, thus inadmissible in court.

This could have all been avoided if you just kept your dick in your pants. lol be mad.

No. 575929

I'm sure the girls appreciate you showing their nudes off yet again in your link lmao

No. 575942

Taking the time to edit vids to wk yourself, good job. However, sexual coercion and having sex with a girl that's drunk and tells you no isn't legal. Dude, do yourself a favor and go bring yourself in.

No. 576492

Well that clears up whether RapeSN does opiates or not. Self admitted to taking percs

No. 576581

All your videos show is you pressuring a woman that you raped into not telling people that you raped her, and attempting to control and manipulate the situation. And you recorded yourself doing that then made it public. Way to go fuck face.

No. 576959

Where is this recording coming from anyway? Who is interviewing him about this and why?

No. 577157

Masked Babe got her video back up. There's too much discord drama but she included creepy messages he sent to MB.

No. 577161

Just in case anyone would rather watch a rehosted version: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=i_0C3LjKYxg

No. 577188

Top stuff scum bag.
It's illegal to record someone without their consent.
These recordings also prove you pressuring her not to accuse you of rape, especially because she had no money to get home. Then you pull an Onion card "you know how much I spent on getting you here?"
She does not owe you anything, it was your dumb choice to ship her in, your dumb choice to pressure her into having sex. Now live with the consequences.

No. 577743

File: 1525911223651.jpg (Spoiler Image, 186.32 KB, 1032x581, 1525902018577.jpg)

This was in the snow thread



No. 577748


No. 577764

File: 1525912079506.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.44 MB, 1920x1080, 1525894781333.jpg)

It's definitely Ana. The crown was supposed to be a hint. RSN's logo is a crown. So…….. well, shit.

No. 577767

wait, no foolin? I haven't kept up with or heard about her aside from the odd screenshot with her in it. is ..is she there? with him? right now? is this new??

No. 577770

It was randomly posted in the snow thread, Ana is a proud 'sex worker' and has posted caps of RSN asking to buy from her before.


No. 577773

yeah I have that thread open now but I mean it should be easy to narrow down. she changes her hair as frequently as GSW. I thought she was more frumpy though, like less ~toned~ and more sagging stretched hang-on skin. I'm skeptical. of it being new, I mean.

No. 577788

File: 1525913489711.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 176.51 KB, 1080x1080, 1523033734421.jpeg)

I suppose it could be her, the glasses are current, and the hair could always be a wig

No. 577792

maybe this might be a good time for mod or admin to step in and check the geoip info. whoever posted it is autistic enough to take a picture of an IPS panel laptop screen instead of use an actual screenshot so. I wouldn't put it past pRostitute philanthropist Stream News to brag to a bunch of nobodies online that he barebacked a known nobody prostitute

No. 577820

samefagging while staring at labia majora, I'm not sure it's the same person. her majora are still packing the young ponch giving it the illusion of closing the gap or making it appeat "tighter" whereas in the video cap she has the very present C around her hood and clitoris that is common in women overweight. I'm not sold the vaginas are the same. I understand that swelling changes the layout of the terrain, but it doesn't change the entire mons pubis

No. 577831

File: 1525917060114.png (199.15 KB, 390x221, Capture.PNG)

I hate being wrong but that is her in that video. but is it Craig? since it randomly showed up and it's a picture and not a screenshot I bet it was him who posted it. but I went through her vids to find a similar expression I could juxtapose and keep it SFW.

No. 577847

I salute your commitment to this, Vagina-Connoisseur-Anon-chan.

No. 577859

does anyone have access to even a 5 or 10s clip of this video? I can throw it into my deepfake and know who it is by the time I crank out a beer

No. 577871

do you just use buzzwords you don't know the meaning of?

No. 577874

no. if I dump a bunch of known choice photos of them into a folder it'll fail pretty spectacularly before trying to stitch the video. how often do you reply anonymously on this japanese deep wok seasoning forum with anything valuable? I'm going on what I was given, and if I can make heads from tails of it, I will

No. 577875

I'm pretty sure your mongolian machine learning won't spit out her name even if it is her, but go ahead hacker-chan

No. 577877

I didn't say my Korean technology was vastly perfected enough, but when faces are cropped it will pinpoint facial structure and spit out a report of just how accurate the results were. I just have to crop the faces as if I was making paint-tier Twitch sub emotes. I'm willing to give it a shot, I'd love to try it in a real-world environment because there's not much else use for it now

No. 577879

Oh my god, use your fucking eyes, you know full well this shit isn't nearly accurate enough to work with a porn vid shot on a potato.

No. 577884

during the infancy of deepfake, I watched Terry Davis read about it, be educated by it via viewers, and try and fail spectacularly before he collected enough 5-600px square images of emma watson to stitch himself a fake video, on stream. this was the first time he masturbated live on stream. he continued this for many months in his van before he was arrested. but the fact that terry davis can do it with less than 45 pictures, more than 20 of them bearing a color pallet less than 256k, means that just about anything is possible. the technology exists to do the opposite, and break the video down into its baser, which is what I am hoping to try

No. 577885

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Deepfake may be able to produce a similar looking face, but you're only trying to compare two faces, you don't need Deepfake for that you absolute blithering moron.

It's like trying to determine if something is the color blue by asking for a sample of the color and then asking a convolutional neural network trained on colors its % confidence in what color the sample may be closest to. Instead of using your eyes and your god-given ability to (hopefully) recognize faces, unless you've been gifted with prosopagnosia, in which case I'm deeply sorry you have to deal with that on top of your autism.

No. 577891

>You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
deleted the previous post because I re-read what you said, and you are mistaking what my plan is. I am planning to train using deepfake and use it to identify, not to create something different. I've done it with less, while the results weren't as favorable, it was fairly accurate. obviously it's not the be-all and it certainly wouldn't hold up in court, I am trying to use the technology to learn myself, while perhaps using it to identify someone else. not sure why you're so sour(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 578010

File: 1525936078830.gif (746.95 KB, 320x195, AA013F53-2FFB-4AAA-A986-12E38C…)


Uh… okay.

No. 578700

Even Allie's real life friend Megan thinks it's her.


No. 579072

So I keep seeing how rsn is wanted by the cops but I still cant seem to find anything on him ? There Twitter has nothing www.massmostwanted.org has nothing

No. 579355

He lives in Rhode Island anon.

No. 579559



Can anyone find him on here? I have looked twice and can't see anything.

No. 579604

Its cause she did file a report on him

No. 579620


No. 580034

has there been any updates on his social media accounts

No. 580083

No he is pretty much ghost as of now but he is not wanted. I have been check every day no updates on the case or anything

No. 580312

File: 1526137090535.jpg (41.55 KB, 661x474, return.jpg)

This dumbass is teasing a return on the 15th apparently.

No. 580317

Any small amount of reputation he had has gone. I don't think coming back is the best idea he's had. It's going to keep following him and coming up.

No. 580492

Samefag, seems he's taken this down already.

No. 580571

I looked while he was fresh “on the run” with Granny. There was nothing anywhere. I had looked up active warrants for him. There were zero active ones. There was no report of any crime of his sort in the area, or surrounding cities. There was no one being looked for for anything he did. This leads me to believe amber never filed a report, used the cops for sympathy (you’d be amazed what some cops will do for a sad crying uwu lil crazy girl) if the cops even did any of said things she mentioned. If anything they just dumped her off at a hotel. I don’t buy it Ambz. I don’t think she did shit. I don’t think she went to the hospital either. Sorry to say. She scared Craiggie Poo and he literally had no warrants to run from. He was retarded enough not to look for himself. Yea I think she was coerced but I do not think she’s innocent. Craig is as dumb as a human excrement can be and Amber went far to drum up attention. Now she sees her .5 minutes of fame and recognition from Gork and Lamo are up, her “friends” are all infighting amongst themselves and she’s going ape over Gotham on twitter. Blowfish took his videos of her and him down. I bet they just are wiping their hands clean. Oops never happened tee hee that’s what I see. I see a dual dumpster fire that is now only half lit compost. Put out by weeks of dust and piss. A current plume of smoke emerging every now and again with blowfish trying to blubber his fail story again or one of the wanna be hookers on onions discord. Pathetic really.

No. 580665

It's 100% going to follow him. All but a few of his original supporters have washed their hands of him.
Even allowing for the notion that the truth may be somewhere in the middle, at best he has extremely poor judgement and is an absolute creep. And at worst, he's a predator.
Why would he feel the need to resurrect his channel? Is it arrogance paired with stupidity? He wasn't making much money on YT- does he not have any other legitimate way to make money? It's mind-boggling.

No. 580711

He could go after her for slander and loss of revenue if it comes out that she said yes but no one knows the truth but them

No. 581092

>>580711 after his potential sexual assault trial. his first channel was not monetized. not a lawyer. but he wasn't making money from the start.

but he's not known for good judgement

No. 581162

Double posting is not samefagging. Samefagging means pretending to be more than one user.

No. 581185

She has all the hospital paperwork I’ve seen it. She also filled a report seen the emails from the police aswell but was told to keep them private but court date is coming.(selfpost)

No. 581203

proof or gtfo

No. 581206

Amber has been given a short warning ban for repeatedly violating site rules. She was informed that she can return and keep posting as long as she doesn't violate site rules by posting about herself in third person.

No. 581223

since when? genuinely curious about this,first time I've seen it said to be something other than double-posting.

No. 581228

It's always been that way since the term's inception over a decade ago long before lolcow.farm existed, some users here just tend to misuse it.

No. 581234

Could you mark her posts or tag the ones that were her in this thread?

No. 581235

Not unless she breaks the rules again as she only received a warning ban.

No. 581252

Some of them are very obvious.

No. 581362

You need to understand that just because a report has been filed it doesn't necessarily mean a criminal conviction will follow. Both the hospital and police have a duty of care to follow up any allegations of a crime with the set protocol. However it seems that a court date wouldn't have been set without a strong possibility of a conviction, although I'm not sure posting this type of shit to a gossip site is favorable, if you were told to keep this confidential then you probably should have. Any sympathy I may have felt is evaporating fast, sexual assault is not something to use to get online fucking asspats/attention from strangers.

No. 581367

If he has a court date that means he was arrested I call bullshit

No. 581404


This has been verified by farmhands to be Amber. She states quite clearly here that a court date is imminent which means craig has been both arrested and charged (unless things work significantly differently in the us), this means that police had enough evidence to act on the allegation made (despite the footage presented with amber stating "if you piss me off I'll tell everybody you raped me"), I was doubtful that this would have ever seen an actual criminal charge/conviction given how much of a shitshow everybody was presented with, I stand corrected. We're all truly fucked as a race.

No. 581412

Well everyone is saying he is on the run but has a court date you have to be arrested and or prosecuted for the crime to have a court date and myself and a few others have looked into it and nothing it's all public record

No. 581505

Also as he was “on the run”, there would have been an active alert and warrant for him fleeing the scene. There was nothing. Ever. Because I don’t believe you did anything but leave. And drum up the internet and when that failed you just keep telling more lies. Nothing adds up.

No. 581553

If she could do the same to onision that would be great two pieces of shit off the internet

No. 581669

RSN said he ran because he had warrants for unpaid fines. RSN said She said no twice then said do whatever you want. RSN said she had been drinking and he wasn't because he doesn't drink. There is no slander when people think you are a POS based off from your own words and actions! Amber maybe going after attention and that is a weird reaction, but most people I have seen comment think RSN is in the wrong based off from what he said happened not based off from anything she is doing.

No. 581723

But rsn is gone and I don't see him coming back cause this will follow him until amber tells the truth cause the recordings make both of them sound really bad

No. 581771

then I'm just a big ol newfag then. goddamn it.

I have faith that rsn will be back to sperg out some more, and amber will be farming the story around for all the attention she can get.

No. 581835

My question is why would a girl that has been raped before put herself in a situation like that I know I wouldn't

No. 581917

File: 1526259082015.jpeg (129.81 KB, 640x1085, 116FBCC7-0EF8-4304-8246-F08418…)

RSN & Gurgles

No. 581963

Let me get this straight, RSN thinks that Greg and Amber are in cahoots and conspired the whole rape thing against him to ruin RSNs YouTube career? Lmao he is deluded, Greg is mental but not that spiteful or demented to fake a rape story..

No. 581989

That's great for you, but not really how it works for everyone.

RSN will try anything to weasel out of it at this point. And the way he's acting makes me think he's done this before.

No. 582049

I mean he edited the google drive recordings so of course he’s gonna try to take Amber down with him lol

I don’t see why Amber would lie about all of this. Craig has a very weak fanbase. I understand why some of you are skeptical though.

No. 582187

>Greg is mental but not that spiteful or demented to fake a rape story.

He absolutely is and you are kidding yourself if you think otherwise, but I don’t think that’s what is happening here.

No. 582278

I honestly don’t think Greg would put that much effort in having someone he doesn’t even like try to ruin some nobody’s life. CJ is just another loser who thinks everyone is out to get him.

No. 582279

>> 582049

>I don't see why amber would lie about all of this.

Possibly for he same reason she lied about having cancer/being raped on two separate occasions prior to this/being asked to be part of the onion trinity.

No. 582293

In this case, I think you’re right, but I do think he is the kind of person who wouldn’t think twice about fabricating a rape story if he really thought he stood to gain from it.

No. 582295

Was it actually proven that she was lying about the cancer/that the crowdfund for her medical treatment was fake?

No. 582311

It’s amber I just had this convo with my friend next door yesterday I never personally lied about having cancer they thought it was stomach cancer then said I had endometriosis which I do have but my mom kept telling me I had cancer and had me tell everyone and pushed me to make this gofundme which was a couple years ago I think? But I felt horrible knowing she had me thinking that for the longest time and I felt fucking horrible

No. 582318

Surely you would know that you only had endometriosis due to you being told by doctors and hospital staff? Why did you believe your mother over professional diagnosis? Munchausen By Proxy and her trying to benefit from your gofundme?

No. 582319

i never talked to my docs on the phone my mother always does cause i have phone anxiety but i guess its my fault my she had me convinced i was dying at one point and it scared me honestly.

No. 582321

You never went to the doctors in person nor the hospital for your pain? Sorry I'm just confused to why everything is over the phone, as no dr would suggest you have stomach cancer or endometriosis over the phone without tests and examinations.

No. 582323

oh yes that was a hard time going back and forth from hospitals and my doctor but docs honestly suck in sc haha but they thought it was stomach at first for awhile and never gave a straight answer so i had surgery which im on my fourth one which i think i had in 2016 or early 2017 which they found pre cancers cells and took them out but the point is all the paperwork and calls were given to my mother leaving me to have to think thta by her and i have said sorry to everyone about that because like i said i was scared asking alot of questions etc but mom was the main one telling everyone i had cancer. please beileve that

No. 582326


I call severe BULLSHIT on all of this. so you underwent all these tests and the doctors didnt talk to you ONCE? they would always after a test just take your mother to the side and talk to her? im sorry, but thats a bunch of HORSE SHIT. doctors will literally never ever do that.

No. 582328

ok believe what you want but you werent there. ._.

No. 582329


>phone anxiety

>has mobile phone


No. 582330


no but i am the proud owner of what is commonly known as a brain.

No. 582331

Sadly I too can't really believe this, if I thought I was at risk of dying I would want to know what the fuck was wrong with my body. Did the doctors not have consultations with you Amber in person?

No. 582333


They always do. Always. They will even try and fill in an old person with severe dementia. Hell, they even explain to little kids whats wrong with them and what they are about to do.
Her mother having munchausen by proxy? No. She has munchausen. Just plane muchausen.
She lies about shit and then marvels in the attention.

Thats her deal. Plane and simple. Her reactions on the stream after the alleged rape was also "strange" to say the least. A normal woman who has been raped will get the fuck out of that situation ASAP, no matter if they fucking have to crawl home. But here little Amber sat next to CJ wandering where the fans where.

No. 582336

Thought as much, I'm not a US citizen so no clue to how medical care pans out. It would be ridiculous to think after 4 surgeries that she had no idea why or what for.

No. 582337

Also, why was all paperwork and calls handled by your mother if you were a legal adult? Over here doctors refuse to carry on calls if the patient is not on the other end because patient confidentiality etc.

No. 582339

oh at that point i knew she was lying after the surgeries and all we fought about it for along while

No. 582341

i gave premission for her to do so sense like i said i cant talk on the phone really cause of anxiety

No. 582342

But… the surgeons and doctors told you what the surgery was for in the first place right? I just can't wrap my head around the fact that you was clueless to what you had.

No. 582343


they were to see what i had well the first few were but after confirming offically myself yes i knew what i had and i was pissed at my mom

No. 582344

So you are telling me you never had one on one in person consultations to your results coming back as endometriosis? You never once saw or even cared to read paperwork or printed forms of your diagnosis?

No. 582346

But you obviously didnt have stomach cancer as your mother made out. Because doctors for sure would need to deliver the news directly to you and discuss immediate treatment. Baffled to how you believed her.

No. 582348

What about your posts about going blind and spots on your brain?

After awhile all these little things start to add up.

No. 582349


yes i had one on ones eventually and no i never read the paperwork but ive grown to know i need to hear the details myself other then having them handed to me by another

No. 582350


those are actually true things we have paperwork around somewhere for that but the spot was way long ago ive had tons of MRI and cat scans but it turned out it hasnt grown or moved and im going blind because of inflammation from my RA

No. 582352


my mom told me they said that i wasnt so smart back then. either am i now but i know better to get info now

No. 582354

No the thing is that you never had one on ones breaking the news you have cancer… because you never had it, but how could you believe you had it when you was never told so in the first place by professionals?

No. 582355

But you was an adult. They HAVE to legally disclose to YOU anything as their patient.

No. 582359

I thought RA causes blindness ONLY if left untreated. Like, don't you just need eye drops and anti-inflammatory drops etc?

No. 582363


yes thats true sense im still working on getting my insurence back i dont get my meds i need on time anymore and i cant see any docs only my family doc cause of family sharing or whatever but eh its something im gonna have to live with i feel :(

No. 582371

CJ, is that you? Aren't you supposed to be in jail?
Dude,talkin to Amber at all is disgusting, if that's you Craig.

No. 582374


Ew i hope its not…. :,(

No. 582375

No, just worried to how Amber is or was so in the dark about her own medical records.

No. 582377

If this is actually Amber, s2g I hope it's not, why don't you get off of this site and go focus on getting healthy in both mind and body? Get your health insurance and ignore the site completely. Posting only makes you look bad.

No. 582383

Seconded, focus on sorting out your basic meds and insurance, it's not worth going blind just over lack of eyedrops. Carry on going out and seeing friends instead of constantly looking at the thread of someone who hurt you. Take care and please be more aware over your situations and don't let your mother take control.

No. 582389


thank you.

No. 582416

If this really is Amber posting in here, you do realise you are posting on a thread about your alleged rapist, right? It does not look very good on your part. I would suggest you stay away from this site, stop worrying about your image, stop trying to be important. You really need to get yourself together.It is always a bunch of excuses. All u have to do is fill out an app for health insurance. Go….do it…right now. It is open enrollment. Sadly though, I don't believe you about any of this health stuff. Stop trying to make people feel bad for you. Seek therapy, get a job!, maybe stay off of the internet for a little while.

As far as your whole issue with RSN… you already posted on a thread about him, "exposing" info, so why not just prove that you have paperwork? It will do a lot for your credibility. I am personally not buying it, but hey, prove me wrong.
I will give u a hint though, police do not email about alleged criminal cases.

No. 582424

Amber, just go. You don't need to check these threads and you shouldn't worry about explaining yourself of all places, in here.

No. 582437

If this is Amber posting, Amber just stop. Entirely. Do not try and prove anything, do not post e-mails. Stop it. All you're doing is hurting any potential case that you have and making yourself look more obsessed/stupid by the minute.

And if CJ is actually posting in here, wew. I hope that your ex keeps your child far away from you. I can't imagine the hurt of that poor little boy growing up knowing his father is a monster who can't accept his own guilt. If you ever want to see him again maybe you should disappear from the internet and actually work on bettering yourself.

No. 582479

I have several questions here:

- Did Amber really file a complaint?
- If so, wheres the warrant for CJ's arrest?
- Why didn't she get out of the hotel right after the rape?(ban evading)

No. 582499

File: 1526311026251.gif (842.1 KB, 480x270, 7D5F151E-4495-4B6B-A52C-D6677D…)

Wait….what? But don’t you (amber) take psychiatric meds? You’re 20 years old. That means you’re covered by your parents medical insurance until 26 years old. And you take medication right now. You said it on the streams and recordings from the hotel. You even take birth control. Which is a prescription. ???

I work in the medical field, yes you can sign a paper allowing your mother to have access to your medical records (most young adults do, so there parents can sort out appointments,insurance, etc)

But I’m call bullshit HARD. Before a surgery the surgeon, anesthesiologist, doctor all meet with the patient while they’re in surgery prep to explain the surgery, why they’re doing it, what they’ll be doing, and to answer any questions. Every.time. It’s required.

>my mom talked to them on the phone bc muh phone anxiety

That’s also BS. Your mother can’t call the doctor and get that information. The doctor has to call her (to avoid a stranger calling and pretending to be you) and in the case of any DIAGNOSIS, he would be required to inform you first, not your mother. And unless it was an emergency with a time limit, they would never disclose a cancer diagnosis over the phone? They would call you if you inquired about test results, but would generally ask you to schedule an appointment, then give you the diagnosis in an in-person appointment. And pre-cancer cells (as the doctor would have 100% explained to you) is not a cancer diagnosis. And in no way shape or form would a doctor tell you that you are diagnosed with cancer. They would test the cells, then depending on the results, do nothing or start on a treatment plan.

And you wouldn’t be “going blind” from TREATED ra, at age 20.
So you’re either actually severely mentally handicapped (youre not, “she has the mind of a child” is bs, you’re just naive or stupid) or your lying to cover up the fact you extremely dramatisized and lied in munchie fashion to get attention, gofundme, and asspats.

I highly doubt you’re mother forced you to blogpost online about brain spots and cancer, and that she encouraged you to start a go fund me that you and all your friends supported and shared. But somehow your mother was the mastermind, sure. You didn’t know much about your diagnosis, but thought it important and enough of a time-crunch to start crowdfunding for emergency medical funds?

I’m sorry, I’ve been on you’re side, but stop lying. It’s making everyone believe less and less you’re other claims. Either don’t respond or tell the truth. And others in this thread are finding it difficult to sympathize and believe you when you spout BS, contradiction, and lies.

>”the paperwork is somewhere around here…”

said every munchie ever

>I have phone anxiety. My mom is evil and convinced me I had cancer.

But you use your phone and voice chat and streaming CONSTANTLY. You literally are on your phone almost 24/7. You were even on the phone with your mother seeking her advice right after the RapeSN incident.

>pic extremely related


No. 582515

Double post. But doesn’t Lainey and several other cows claim to have “phone anxiety” when caught up in a lie?
Esp when theyre the same people who are glued to their phone, calling people constantly, discord, stream, etc. kekek

I’ve noticed onionflakes, when faced with an accusation that’s untrue, will address it once, maybe twice (mostly vague tweeting on their social media), but when it is something true, that paints them in a bad light, they seem to spam posts, have their friends post on anon to back them up and try to convince everyone it’s ~toatally not their fault~, and sperg way more than usual with excuses that make 0 sense. (Ex: allie rn with the porn screenshot in patron thread)

No. 582653

Can dumbass newfag stop posting troll accounts as realfax 100% Greg? Thanks.