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File: 1559435040101.jpg (57.97 KB, 317x445, marge.jpg)

No. 666399

After 3 years of playing the South Korean visa system, our favourite illegal alien has finally been apprehended and sent to prison, and will most likely be facing deportation.

She was confirmed to be trying to apply for refugee status in SK several weeks ago.

She recieved a deportation order for illegal for-profit activity (likely prostitution) instead as per >>663735 and >>663719 and >>663902

She is currently awaiting deportation to Hungary at Hwasong Foreigners' Shelter, and is speculated to be making fish noodles to make up for the money needed for deportation.

Links to social media, although she hasn't posted for several weeks:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/margaretpalermo/?hl=en

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/margaretpalermo

Twitter: https://twitter.com/margaretpalermo?lang=en

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No. 666409

Thank you anon!

No. 666419

THANK YOU, anon. You rock!

No. 666424

File: 1559438025777.jpeg (331.47 KB, 1096x1711, 1A387943-432D-4F34-98DF-5FCBE7…)

Wonder what the food is like at the detention center? We all know gf loooves her food, it’s practically all her instagram was about back when she was rolling in that Venusangelic Youtube $$.

Meanwhile Veenoos has been dining in style lately and posting many yummy things.

No. 666463

can we not start with the "this must kill marge" excuse to post uncritically about Venus. Venus is shit, her life is shit, and her thread is in /w/

No. 666483

I know she stalks Venus’s SM obsessively (probably doesn’t have internet access in the slammer though, unfortunately) and I love how she’d be fuming seeing her posts lately. I’m petty like that. (And btw I’m no fan of Venus either. I think she’s a shady sneaky little bitch.)

No. 666523

holy fuck it finally happened

No. 666539

How did you know she’s in prison anon?

No. 666546

Proof was provided in the last thread. A random person interested in buying Margo's outcallmassageseoul.com site to years ago got involved. They contacted her 2 years ago, but only heard back from her recently. Mags sperged out on them repeatedly, demanding the usual $10,000 USD, until Korea Anon found her threads and fought back. Korea Anon contacted the authorities about Margaret's illegal side business, and the rest is history. Mags was picked up for earning cash via an "immoral" business illegally while applying for asylum (?) as a fake Jew who can't go to Hungary for whatever reason. She's currently in a detention center awaiting deportation.

No. 666552

File: 1559463985959.gif (1.78 MB, 498x264, tenor.gif)

>mfw I just now decided to check back on Marge and after a year of nothing the milk is creamy shit is going down

No. 666569

File: 1559475809978.jpg (34.28 KB, 640x640, proxy.duckduckgo.jpg)

Bless you, anon. The last thread has a couple of great classics, like the video of maggot dancing in a bikini, with two ponytails like a complete tard. Can't wait until they put her on the plane back to Hungary, and hope she puts up a fight and is handcuffed. Incidentally, Hungarians, like Canadians, sell milk in bags. We get it from this old bag.
Have been looking into what her life might hold from now on and found out she has a spiritual ancestor.

No. 666590

does anyone know what will happen to her once she is deported? will she have to go to hungarian prison, or will she be free to terrorise the hungarian public?

only asking in case i need to keep a look out for her kek

No. 666631

She'll have no reason to g to prison, she'll just be home again and free, like Shiena is. The real fun begins if she tries to return to South Korea. I hope Japan also takes notice that she was deported and don't let her in.

No. 666634

japan rarely lets people who have any negative marks on their passports in.

No. 666663

she could probably still freely travel to other eu countries since you dont necessarily need a passport to travel. im sure there are other countries as well that are more lax that would let her in too.

i dont think weve seen the last of her international adventures kek

No. 666699

>>i dont think weve seen the last of her international adventures
She has no money to travel anywhere and hasn’t had for many months now. Old girl is flat broke.

No. 666759

I can't think of a single country that will let you in its borders if you have a visa overstay on your record. Hell they won't even let American shoplifters into Canada and those countries were real bros until Trump.

No. 666776

Europe is open AF, it doesn't matter

No. 666804

The only countries she wants to get into are Korea and Japan and that’s not gonna be happening.

No. 666828

The most rewarding bit of this recent adventure: in addition to deportation, I highly doubt Mags can make payments on the Netherlands storage for a few months, or continue to pay for her goshiwan, where the Seoul storage is now. All her precious hoard will be auctioned off.

Damn you, Venooos! This is all your fault!

No. 666836

File: 1559529447492.gif (1.56 MB, 366x274, milky.gif)

No. 666923

Margaret couldn't become a Refugee anyway, as it supposed to show about 10.000$ on her bank account (because there's currently no war or big trouble in her homecountry and she needs to proove she can feed herself). She stayed on Humanitarian visa G-1-6, while waiting for decision about refugee. Actually her "got a scholarship for programming" might be real. Possibly, she was given a chance to participate in vocational training program for unemployed people. It's free but all done in Korean.
When she goes back, due to protection of "UN refugee law" her adventures likely willn't be revealed, so maybe she can start a new life. Even here in Korea, thet don't like to tell much about her case.
But if like in my understanding, she claimed to be threatened being a jew and a story was accepted, does it means she played a dangerous game with her own country. It might get an impact on her in future.

No. 666968

id like to know why she thought applying for refugee status is a good idea. we all know she is delusional, but i dont think anyone would have guess that shes delusional to this level. shes not in any direct danger, why did she think they would grant her refugee status.

>But if like in my understanding, she claimed to be threatened being a jew and a story was accepted, does it means she played a dangerous game with her own country. It might get an impact on her in future.

could you elaborate more on what you mean?

No. 666971

By "they" i mean S.K.immigration

No. 666972

Like in any post-communist country, it might be uneasy to deal with government.
Margaret applied for refugee at the time, when she posted about "2 medical test was done today". She had to bring a medical examination paper for it. I was looking for that to check a date, couldn't find it. Have seen this instead

No. 666973

File: 1559562833102.jpg (450.11 KB, 1920x1685, inCollage_20190531_054920356-1…)

No. 666983

I guess she was counting on getting a Korean citizenship.

No. 666998

>>left Hungary in 1994
>>moved because of student demonstrations 6 years ago

Pick one, Margaret. Your daughter never even lived in Hungary.

No. 667008

She might just have done til to stall her deportation. She most likely knew that handling her case could take a while and maybe she thought she would be able to find a new way to stay in Korea while the government dealt with her application.

No. 667029

No, she applied for a refugee visa months ago. She wore out her tourist visas then her student visa (that online ‘university’ where she got her fake degree) ran out so the refugee visa was the next scam in the series.

No. 667036

Is it possible to get a student visa from online university? I thought she attended a korean language course at Hongdae university

No. 667046

The best way was to catch up with Korean man and get a marriage visa, like many others do.

No. 667131

She 100% applied for refugee status to buy time and wait for one of two things to happen, either Weenus to come crawling back to Mutter, or to snag a visa husband. She didn't count on Weens growing a backbone and sticking with it and she vastly overestimated her worth as an unattractive old white woman in a country that values asthetics above just about all else. Her narc brain just couldn't imagine her genius plan not working.

No. 667145

She applied for a refugee visa because she had no choice. Her other options (tourist and student visas) had run out.

No. 667153

Not to be pedantic but that's exactly what I meant. All avenues were exhausted and she needed to buy time and this was her last option

No. 667160

exactly. it makes sense in a way, but shes still completely delusional. she must have been desperate. i dont think a spouse visa would have worked, she doesnt seem to be able to hold relationships for long, at least thats the impression i get looking back at previous threads.

i vaguely remember her having some old korean boyfriend just before venus escaped, but i dont think that lasted very long either.

No. 667213

She can’t keep her crazy in check long enough to form relationships with anyone, male or female. Probably starts ranting and obsessing about her evil booly daughter to anyone she strikes up a conversation with.That and the fact that she’s a hard-looking 43 year old who looks 10 years older and lived in poverty and squalor didn’t help either.

No. 667331

She should have married that lonely Japanese man when he asked her. She thought she was too good for that.

No. 667374

She probably made this little story up to seem sexy and desirable lmao

No. 667379

About Room assignment (thanks to Google translate)

The Chief Executive Officer shall allocate the room considering the nationality, sex, religion, and the existence of the disease of the protected foreigner comprehensively, and the protection facility shall be allowed for the protected foreigner who is likely to be disturbed by religious, lifestyle, You can separate the room and use it. <Amended on May 15, 2018>

No. 667433

That old guy never asked her to marry him. He dropped her like a hot potato as soon as he saw how batshit crazy she was.

No. 667448

File: 1559668109876.png (396.15 KB, 1440x1899, Screenshot_2019-06-04-22-04-11…)

No. 667767

Margo is locked up in my current town lmfai who’d hve fuckin thought?

How long do people usually stay in jail before deportation?

No. 667771

lmao, Marge actually tried to study Psychology in the UK? The UK got rid of Psychology BAs and now only has Experimental Psych undergrad degrees precisely to dismantle all of the shitty programs catering to broken people like Marge. Unsurprisingly, she couldn't even follow basic instructions on how to apply

No. 667786

>listen to your gut, don't remove it

No. 667804

File: 1559768288813.jpeg (275.72 KB, 1095x1610, 3757BDC0-C596-4DD8-9791-C06816…)

>>Margaret applied for refugee at the time, when she posted about "2 medical test was done today". She had to bring a medical examination paper for it. I was looking for that to check a date, couldn't find it. Have seen this instead

Was it here, anon? (April 2018)

No. 667843

what are you talking about? The UK offers BSc psychology degrees. Uni of Edinburgh specifically has a 4 year Bsc degree program. Marge was just inquiring (and probably trying to use yt "fame") to see if she could get in. Nothing wrong with enquiring before applying. I know I've done that.

Now I'm curious if her "degree" came from there. It couldn't possibly, could it? (I mean she moved to Korea and all)

No. 667871

Yes it is. So she applied approximately on April last year and was waiting until now.

No. 667877

>and now only has Experimental Psych undergrad degrees
i.e. BSc. Marge was probably not looking to learn about things like perception and attention.
I guess we'll have to wait until she's back in Europe to hear anything.

No. 667879

She tried to apply about 5 years ago, is it free or low cost course? I thought it's expensive to study in Europe

No. 667896

Right, this is the only way to know.

No. 667926

File: 1559808850723.png (594.92 KB, 595x607, Margo degree.png)

Her "degree" is from Korea. A BSc at a normal university in Korea takes 4 years to complete. Margo arrived in Korea in late 2016 and finished her "degree" in May 2018. Even if she did begin to study right when she arrived, she would only have spent 1,5 years studying, not nearly enough to do a normal degree.

My guess is that she spent a semester doing a course at some private institution, not an actual university, and got a diploma for whatever course she completed. They give you diplomas for everything in Korea. I don't think she has any degree.

No. 667927

Honestly this sofa and a picture behind her looks like coffee-shop or bakery house

No. 667929

>After 3 years of playing the South Korean visa system, our favourite illegal alien has finally been apprehended and sent to prison, and will most likely be facing deportation.

No way, I'm so fucking happy with this news

No. 667933

I work in educational field in Korea for many years and had never seen a red-colired frame for any kind of Certification or Diploma. It is always black, dark-blue or navy. Also this small handy whatever Margaret holds with her right hand, it's kinda old-styled. Plastic cards for this type of thing are most common in use these days. My impression is that she printed a coloured sheet of paper and put it inside the frame from One-dollar-store, maybe her favourite, Daiso.

No. 667935

File: 1559813165792.png (545.1 KB, 592x594, 222.png)

I don't think she faked it by herself, she posted pic related as well, and it would be too much for her to go to the extent of getting some Korean man to pose with her.

Still believe that she is lying about getting an actual degree though.

No. 667937

She probably realized the necessity of getting "degree" in process of applying for refugee status. Nobody wants to accept an uneducated or low-leveled applicant, so she got one to fill out her resume.

No. 667938

refugees are not assessed on their qualifications, that's a regular immigrant. a proper refugee is assessed on the threat they face in their home country. but yes, this "degree" was probably a way to stay in Korea longer, perhaps by a student visa?

No. 667939

Funny thing about last picture is that Margaret in real is very short by herself, and this man is even shorter than she is. That's ridiculous

No. 667946

If there any single word, related to Psychology, she rather would enlarge it instead of blurring, so i suggest it is a random Korean language class or course certification.

No. 667977

Has she ever said what terrible threat she supposedly faces in Hungary that requires refuge elsewhere?

No. 667999


Y'all are way over thinking this, >>667926 got it right the first time. She probably did a short term language
class for beginners and they had a little completion ceremony at the end. Language schools are more business than educational center and they can be really extra with all the fanfare and encouragement of students to keep that sweet ₩ rolling in

No. 668027

So she applied for the refugee visa a month before “graduating” from whatever that online diploma mill was, last May. She knew her student visa was about to run out and she needed a new angle.

No. 668039

She applied for refugee status in April 2018, graduated” a month later in May 2018. Also changed her instagram bio to say she was Jewish that same month. Started posting about Chabad House, celebrating Jewish holidays etc. in Sept. 2018. Took her DNA test in Dec. 2018. Five months later she’s busted. Lol

No. 668105

its all just speculation at this point, but it probably has something to do with her pretending to be jewish like the other anons said.

shes not under any threat, she just made up any bullshit that sounded legitimate enough at the time to stall her deportation, and she also got free food along the way by exploiting the local community.

No. 668185

It is already 3rd week since she got busted, it takes usually no more than 2 weeks to send a detainee away, if there is no any issues.

No. 668200

What about this?
>Not sure is she can go home soon with no money to get a ticket. Some people can stay inside the shelter up to 5 years, if refusing to go home. After 5 years, there's a very small but real possibility to get a Refugee status.

No. 668204

The people who work there will want to get rid of a stupid, demanding, manipulative piece of shit like her as fast as possible. And being the narcissist she is, she won't last five years in there. If she can she's probably enjoying causing problems for the other inmates tho.

No. 668217

Magbe she chose to stay to make fish noodles, because Hungary isn't exotic and cool enough for her kek

No. 668219

File: 1559920002757.jpeg (402.25 KB, 1061x1634, FD244BC2-4BCB-4332-8C05-C2BE4D…)

She could be back in Hungary for all we know. We have no idea where she is or what is going on. Maybe she lawyered up and is appealing the deportation. Demanding her RIGHTS. She knows how to work the system, she’s an expert at it.

No. 668220

^^ “legal help”

No. 668308

Is it possible that she started at Edinburgh and when she moved used those credits as transfer towards some Korean (possibly online) degree?

earlier in one of the threads (or maybe pull) people enlarged the pic and it did indeed say it was a psychology degree, not a language certification, but no one was able to pin point the school it could have came from which is still a mystery. She was really secretive about it which makes me think it was some online degree

No. 668415

>Is it possible that she started at Edinburgh
If she got her 'degree' at a reputable university then no. Edinburgh is a good school, their Psychology department has some world-class research, and in the UK it's extremely rare to see 'mature' students at good universities. There's no way that she was admitted to begin with. But if she was, the way that degree programs are structured in the UK makes it much harder (compared to the USA and Canada at least) both for underqualified students to be admitted to their respective schools and for credits to transfer to schools both within and outside of the country. If Marge got a Psychology 'diploma' it was probably from a diploma mill or some sort of shitty certification program.

We would have known if she made a stop in Edinburgh anyway because she wouldn't have been able to shut the fuck up about it.

No. 668446

I'd just checked on Edinburgh university. Well, not a bad choice for insane person. No way she could be accepted there.

No. 668469

>No way she could be accepted there.

That was my thought too.
I just have a questions for British anons: Is there something similar to waiting semesters such as in Germany? Because in Germany you can easily slip in any degree program if you have enough waiting semesters, which she certainly has. Waiting semesters mark a certain period of time you weren't enrolled in a university and guarantees people a little bit more justice in the educational system.

No. 668472

File: 1559982994176.jpg (369.36 KB, 1920x1724, inCollage_20190608_170535284-1…)

One famous Canadian professor is interested in Margaret's case. What do you think about it

No. 668474

>One famous Canadian professor is interested in Margaret's case.

I don't know what you're looking at but all I see is Margo or a person posing as Margo wanted to contact him privately and a mod answered that it isn't possible. Plus this question is 10 months ago.

No. 668475

File: 1559984225220.jpg (146.28 KB, 966x664, margo.jpg)

It means she once made a post in the subreddit bearing his name - not that he's interested in her. Actually, it's the only post on her reddit account.

No. 668480

File: 1559987463897.png (255.74 KB, 1440x2055, Screenshot_2019-06-08-18-49-48…)

Ok thanks. I was looking for news on Reddit, when found this.
But there's nothing new, except of what we know already

No. 668519

There are probably hundreds of examples of her reaching out to people on the internet whether via Reddit and YouTube comments (that’s how she connected with the autist Vexxed,) email, gmail, DMs, instagram comments etc. etc. She is (or was, likely no internet access now) unemployed with nothing but time on her hands to obsess on the internet all day every day. Hell, she used to DM commenters on Venus’s instagram regularly to sell her sad “boolied by VEENOOS” story.

No. 668542

Nah, the UK higher education system is very rigid. Basically how it works is that students complete their A-levels in college (not sure if Germany has them but it's the closest equivalent to general electives in the US and Canada), and when they apply to universities, they are admitted based upon their A-level scores and some other factors such as letters of recommendation. There's more than one wave of applications; each department/degree program has a set amount of spots for incoming students, and if they aren't filled then those empty spots are advertised and students can apply for them. This gives less qualified students the ability to get into better schools, but Marge still wouldn't make the cut because her A-levels are shit, her statement of intent would be batshit insane, and she would need letters of recommendation from reputable people. Generally the oldest undergrad students in a good university have taken a 'gap year'; mature students enroll in programs at places like Open University that are geared towards non-traditional education paths and are much more flexible than the standard UK degree program.
Everyone who's following this shitshow has the same amount of info about the matter as everyone else. Unfortunately we won't know when she's been deported until she posts on social media or someone spots her in (presumably) Hungary.

No. 668591

Above anon's summary is English based, not Scottish based, but pretty accurate. They do have different systems though.

There are two ways to get into a Scottish university:
1. Attend secondary school til 5th and 6th year
2. Research the publicly available required grades for your desired course
3. Get Higher (or Advanced Higher) grades in 5th and 6th years
4. Apply to the universities of your choice via the UCAS website. This involves writing a personal essay, supplying people to act as reference (not necessary, but you'd look bad applying without one), and detailing your academic history.
5. Hopefully get in

1. Finish secondary school
2. Go to college (different from American and English colleges) for 2 years in the course you're interested in going to university for
3. Contact your desired university
4. Transfer into university from college for your final 2 years (Scottish courses are 4-5 years long, usually).

Mature students are 15% of the student body in Edinburgh. I'm sure Open University is a common choice, but Scottish universities provide housing for mature students (often with room for family, away from other students) and often have in-house childcare services. I met people Margo's age at university so that isn't the issue here.

The issue is that Edinburgh is Scotland's second best university (16th best in the UK) and is one of the best places for Psychology in Scotland, outside of St Andrews and Glasgow. It is attainable, but definitely has high standards.

She can't meet those standards, she wouldn't be able to provide references, and her garbled English would make her look uneducated. Never mind that all the information you need to apply (necessary grades, a website to walk you through applying) is online, so on the off chance Edinburgh university saw this, her refusal to even google the process makes her look lazy, entitled, and stupid.

No. 668598

So Open University wasn't good enough for Margaret and she applied for Bachelor's degree. Or does it requires to have a basic degree to apply for Open University

No. 668600

In Korea for example, everyone can attend life long educational program even at major university, it doesn't matter if student is qualified or not. It is not recognizable degree, though.
If she could speak a little bit more better English, she maybe could teach seniors in such a course and be respected, but her language sounds really awful.

No. 668622

She was offering to teach Hungarian on Craigslist for awhile there, along with ads for her “massage” services. Don’t imagine there’s a big demand among Koreans wanting to learn Hungarian, lol. Besides which her Korean is pretty shitty too..

No. 668634

Is she really 43-years old adult, really? The way she communicates, is insulting.

No. 668635

File: 1560053671725.png (225.92 KB, 1440x1528, Screenshot_2019-06-09-11-58-43…)

No. 668638

It seems like there's been some vendetta-ish behaviour in real life here, but I have to say I'm living for Margo being so rattled by someone so persistently contacting her. It's 100% what she deserves, the discomfort, and it ending in prison for perfectly legitimate reasons. If Venus wasn't such a mess I'd imagine a world where she paid someone to take care of this. It's like a movie.

No. 668639

Yes, lately she was too nervous for many reasons.

No. 668640

>her statement of intent would be batshit insane

I am wanting to study to be the course in psychology as I am a single mother who sacrificed everything for the ungrateful dotir and want research in my douttir why she is a psychopath. After attaining the agree and be a licensed psychologist I will then take the bully and will have 10,000$ every time I vant until my daugtir dies her own doing because she is a fatty.
My sedonc interest in the pyshology is Japanese boys dressed as the girl and enabling the psychopath bullies. I have longtime lived in Asia and seen secondhand the behavior, while living in abject poverty, pulling myself up by the choker straps and sleeping on konbini floor with some roaches. I am the Indie Jones of the Japanese boonies, digging for abnormal psychology not gold.
In signing up for the psychology with your institution, I will make your department grate again. You can add me to the sign ups as a diversity student in confirmative action since my background is a Jew.

From the Korean Immigration Velcome Center,
Margaret Palermo, Esquire.

No. 668647

Those legal services all around, it's just an Information Center for assistance or to guide foreigners, who get lost. Nobody there will care about detainee. It's 99% accurate she didn't appeal. Her name should be like PAL* something, and it's not showing in appealing list for last 2 month.

No. 668648

Thank you for the update!

No. 668682

Welcome. I will update more, when possible.

No. 668725

File: 1560096387207.jpeg (346.37 KB, 1074x1388, 8F206CBD-F9E3-47E6-8740-2F203B…)

margo’s long-suffering papa Ferenc comments on Venus’s latest IG post. “Your sweet mother” ???

Is marge sucking up to her parents because she needs a place to stay now that she’s been kicked out of Korea? They’re bible verse-spouting Christians so I could see them falling for a fake “I’ve seen the light Mom and Dad, please let me back into the family” con from marge. The prodigal daughter returns, Christianity preaches ‘forgiveness’ and all that. I can see these people harboring happy fantasies about Venus reconciling with marge and everybody being one big happy family at last. At least that’s what this sounds like to me.

No. 668732

>until my daugtir dies her own doing because she is a fatty

ugly laughing at that

No. 668735

They're probably also freaking out now that Venus claims to be a suicidal, BPD, lesbian hoe.

No. 668756

All she needs is Jesus.
- ferenc

No. 668774

Maybe he was referring to her mother-in-law.
The sweet one, as opposed to the salty one.

No. 668802

So some guy really just took screenshots from the Margo threads here and a link to her massage website and got her charged for prostitution? wow

I mean there's no actual receipts on this is there? just speculation. That's quite the accomplishment.

No. 668804

for what I understood:
>Margo fist was charged for illegally working while awaiting resolution of her refugee status request,after koreaanon reported her ass to the police due harassment -you are not allowed to work under humanitarian visa.
>The lewd behavior charge came later when koreaanon also sent them caps of her nudes and shit, so immigration agents came to the conclusion she was hooking

No. 668808

Both was done at same time.

No. 668812

The anon had a dispute with Margo over ownership of her massage website and searched her, found these threads. They have posts here and on KF (username "Om") describing what they did, they show caps from the official records of her case that are behind a login. She knew she was under investigation before the arrest and had time to announce a social media hiatus. Relevant posts from last thread:

No. 668818

It was her outcallmassageseoul.com website that got her busted. It’s illegal to do that without a work visa in Korea. Besides detention and deportation there’s also a hefty fine involved according to our rockstar Korean anon.

No. 668834


sorry if this is a dumb question because i'm a newfag to the crazy word of Marg, but why is she seeking refugee status, and why in S Korea particularly?

No. 668842

File: 1560141809464.jpg (265.88 KB, 1439x2249, 19-06-09-20-56-43-575_deco-1.j…)

Applying for Edinburgh was easy. Thanks Margaret!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 668843

Because Margo was desperate to scam a visa any way she could, and she used up her student visa it seems. Without anyone to tell her how stupid this was, Marge came up with the idea to pretend to be Jewish and a refugee. It got her a free stipend from the government (and free food from the chabad) but because she still ran her lewd massage business at the same time, she got herself into a legal trap.

No. 668845

What stipend did she get? She got a temporary ‘protected’ visa while waiting for a decision on her refugee application but I haven’t heard anything about a stipend being part of that.

No. 668854

I don't know for sure obviously but a payment amount was mentioned in the last thread, I assume by Koreaanon: >>656805

No. 668873

Exactly what I was thinking. I mean, it's one thing to take Marge in for working while on a humanitarian visa, it's another to take semi-nudes or "sexy pics" off her insta (which has nothing to really do with her massage business) and claim she's a prostitute and deport her for lewd behaviour. Seems kind of like a reach from Immigration on that basis alone.

No. 668876

It's based on her having a website named 'outcallmassageseoul' and offering lewd services through that. I'm sure there are emails and Kakaotalk trails showing her offering services for money. Anything gleaned from here probably just fuelled Koreaanon's vendetta against her personally.

No. 668880

File: 1560161167917.jpg (16.95 KB, 312x138, marge.JPG)

Looks like marge was online to make the same statement as on twitter why is taking a "break" from social media.

Posted on her latest Insta post.

No. 668882

It was enough to show only her website, but i wasn't sure if that works because there is no any personal information. So i attached more pictures to make them be sure it is all the same person. Today it was confirmed about Margaret still staying in detention center. It is unclear, if she is going to leave or not.

No. 668883

She used Psychological counseling service this afternoon. Maybe posted at that time

No. 668892

I checked har insta a week or so ago and somebody had commented that she was getting deported. Cheking it again now, it seems like she has deleted that comment kek.

No. 668899

>>a payment amount was mentioned in the last thread
They mentioned a fine she’ll have to pay. I don’t recall any mention of a stipend being paid to her.

No. 668901

I’m sure the Korean authorities are very familiar with “outcall massage” services being a cover for prostitution. Just google “outcall massage Korea” and see what pops up.

No. 668903

But outside of the “lewd services” part, it’s illegal for a foreigner to offer ANY kind of services for money in Korea without a work visa.

No. 668906

Margaret is in room #802. Her detainee's number is 4634. If send to official bank account, for example 1,000₩ for detainee 802-4634 and it will be delivered, it will be clear she is still there.

No. 668923


How do you know this? Screenshots?

No. 669282

File: 1560299098832.png (658.35 KB, 1440x2270, Screen.png)

No. 669321

Can anyone translate Margo's entry for us?

No. 669346

her website had nothing "lewd" on it though. Unless there are some emails or texts with her mentioning "happy" ending type stuff. Otherwise, I still see it as a reach and based off her lewd insta posts, which still seems weird for the immigration to reach that conclusion. But either way, happy endings or not, she broke the law.

No. 669354

File: 1560320496938.png (122.72 KB, 1256x1737, Screen.png)

No. 669372

It's free of charge to get working permission and takes only 3 days to be processed

No. 669373

File: 1560326976504.png (344.41 KB, 2395x1361, Screenshot_2019-06-12-17-05-23…)

No. 669375

Margaret was a bit late. All "humanitarian" payments were disabled soon after Yemen refugees occupied Jeju island.

No. 669489

That happened in 2018, right?
Lol. Poor old marge.

No. 669560

Yes in early 2018.

No. 669614

File: 1560388298757.jpeg (117.89 KB, 949x600, D27A9CC7-0CC6-4C85-BA17-6AD5B2…)

Checking her IG and commenting from lockup (three days ago.) Guess the inmates have some internet access.

No. 669615

Wonder if she’s mad that exactly ONE person has asked about her in the 9+ weeks since she last posted on IG. Ouch.

No. 669622

She is watching Korean news on tv all day long.

No. 669918

File: 1560470604705.jpeg (275.98 KB, 1742x1293, 51DEEB22-6CB2-4597-B3B1-B5293C…)

Never forget.

No. 669980

Is it Margaret's hand?

No. 669981

If’s her hand holding a play-doh penis. From a (deleted) video.

No. 669992

I can hardly imagine this woman could do any escort related services. She is too old for that
Maybe she wasn't directly involved in adult services but yes still she broked the law.

No. 669997

Oh, friend, older and uglier women than Marge do escorts. They just don’t charge as much.

No. 670016

Margaret's another video response to all her haters is so mych remarkable, i could watch it only once long ago.

No. 670033

One thing i don't understand, she left England because of tax evasion and few years later, she's applying fir university in London despite of this. So maybe her tax problem was another speculation

No. 670223

She reposted the Youtube video where she wanders through a giant IKEA store for hours wearing a sweatshirt and pajama bottoms, looking like the homeless vagrant she was/is. It’s one of her best. Check it out if you haven’t seen it already.

No. 670243

Joined to IKEA FAMILY, for what?? Video is really long. Thank you. Keep watching

No. 670246

I love when she jumps on the beds and rolls around like a fucking lunatic. And she looks like she slept in that outfit she’s wearing, like she just got out of bed and didn’t bother to get dressed before going out to film at the IKEA. What a nutcase.

No. 670252

Margo looks extra pathetic and miserable in this video. Dozens of people minding their business shopping items for their homes, and then there's a deranged woman in pajamas acting like a retard and recording herself.

No. 670256

She is going to be quite fat in couple of years. These legs and her ass wearing those pajamas can tell

No. 670267

Did she change it from private to public? Maybe she is hoping to score some quick youtube bux

No. 670285

IKEA video always was public, i guess. I saw a title before, but was lazy to watch it. Today i checked on two, IKEA and "My strange addiction". Seems there's a huge time gap between these two videos. Can't believe this woman lost her freedom, she might be crazy without her SM and channel after all.

No. 670324

Also on her channel is this sad little video of her last visa run to Okinawa, Japan in Dec. 2017. She sleeps in a chair in a mangakissa then gets up the next morning and takes a train to “the beach.” She obviously hasn’t showered (greasy hair and bedhead.)

This is the last trip she took, anywhere.

No. 670326

File: 1560637452527.jpeg (244.18 KB, 2023x1151, 80C9C2F2-C33E-4B7F-9818-725D4B…)

greasy unwashed bedhead waiting for the train.

No. 670327

File: 1560637549135.jpeg (199.63 KB, 696x1150, C17E905C-EB66-4052-852A-2556BB…)

The weather was cloudy and cold enough to require a winter coat that day. And how about those elephant legs??

No. 670328

Now Margaret has a bed, meal, a membership for a free gym and a company of real people. Not bad after all
I'd like to check on Okinawa video too, if it's still available

No. 670330

File: 1560637925020.jpeg (580.11 KB, 1779x1163, 5ACA977D-B440-4549-BE34-386031…)

Nevertheless, she persisted. Changed into this bizarro little outfit she brought along for the occasion, set up her camera on the sand and trudged back and forth in front of it, pretending to have a great time.

No. 670331

File: 1560637989555.jpeg (237.45 KB, 2026x1144, 47F2CE3C-6993-4904-A9A9-73E718…)

setting up the camera. those legs, yikes.

No. 670332

File: 1560638259441.jpeg (196.51 KB, 1442x1147, C9567BF0-2ACF-4B2A-907C-F3C7D4…)

and, action! paraded back and forth several times. Picked up some broken shells which she lugged back to her tiny goshiwan room and tried to sell on her venusangelic.com website. Took her greasy unwashed self back to Korea after this overnight jaunt and that was it for her.

Good times.

No. 670333

You can watch the video at >>670324
Just click on it.

No. 670334

I noticed she put this picture on the top of her Facebook profile, guess it was a meaningful trip, full of joy and happiness. I wonder what were a targets of all this events, to get self-recorded and get more subscribers or something else.

No. 670337

Got the video, i wonder if she gets profit from commercial on her channel. Her accent is really not relaxing listen to. So she bought a cheap flight from Seoul to Okinawa, i guess her Japanese visa allowed to do so at that time. Funny she says, "the burger was actually disgusting" lol so picky about the food

No. 670339

It was a visa run trip. She had a tourist visa at the time which was only good for 6 months at a time but you could travel out of the country and back to Korea and renew it every 6 months that way. She ran this scam as long as she could, then (we think) got a student visa (her online diploma mill “psychology degree”.) When that ran out she “became Jewish” and applied for a refugee visa…and the rest is history. As they say.

No. 670341

File: 1560642953733.jpeg (332.53 KB, 1534x1963, A62A8726-E59F-47B9-849E-998CC4…)

Speaking of marge’s scam website venusangelic.com, it’s still up and running. Besides Venus’s videos, every article ever written about her etc. it’s also selling merch. quote “not shipped by us but by various third parties” which are “affiliated with us.” “Us” meaning marge, and “affiliated” meaning she gets $$ every time someone orders something.

Wonder if Korean immigration knows about this?


No. 670363

There's tonns of sites like this on korean internet, immigration people are too much busy to pay attention to everything.

No. 670364

They likely will re-address this source to The Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC), an internet censorship organization along with Margaret's massage website.

No. 670367

It’s another money-making venture that is illegal under her temporary visa, is it not? Like her massage website that immigration busted her for. Seems to me it could bolster their case against her.

No. 670369

If there any evidences of her getting money through this, then yes it can be recognized to be such a venture. Otherwise it's just another practical exercise in Web-design. It might be connected with PayPal and on Korea usually, people can't withdraw any cash via PayPal. Only registered business with license can
So i doubted if it was profitable that much, not saying about the scrap items she is trying to sell.
If she accepted payments into her Shinhan bank account, it was already checked and confirmed for illegal income during the last massage website investigation.

No. 670409

she's already in jail and being deported anon. you're not suddenly going to be helping immigration's case. it's done. stay out of it.

No. 670499

exactly, at this point she's completely defeated and her life is messed up.

Trying to get her into even more trouble just makes you the horrible person here. Or you're just so desperate for more milk you'll create it yourself.

No. 670539

Oh, I’m the “horrible person” here? LOL(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 670579

just stop cowtipping and stop clutching your pearls about some affiliate link. she's in jail, it's done already.

No. 670583

shes already in jail and being deported, like others have said, and reporting this will have no effect. they might even know about it already. they probably just want to deport her as soon as possible anyway, its probably a pain to have to house, feed, and look after some middle aged homeless foreign prostitute.

reporting every single little petty shit shes done would be going too far imo.

No. 670620

File: 1560773774978.png (422.3 KB, 1439x2302, Screenshot_2019-06-17-21-14-08…)

"Comments on this post have been limited"

Did she turned comments off?

No. 670622

probably when she made that comment you see there.

No. 670640

File: 1560778921506.png (110.09 KB, 641x194, 5EAhYAn.png)

Went to Hungarian embassy in 2016, so she knows how to contact them if want to home really badly

No. 671810

File: 1561076345191.jpg (198.31 KB, 652x652, BeautyPlus_20190621021415312_s…)

After having posted about guns in april on Twitter I don't think they are gonna keep marge but deport her back to Hungary.
Bye bye marge's asian dream! Kek

No. 671833

They were never going to keep her anyway? She broke the rules.

No. 672057

How she is going to communicate with fans, if comments are turned off

No. 672122

File: 1561186885757.png (31.67 KB, 285x297, 2pzjqdc.png)

Have to taxes on online income? So she knows she had to pay taxes in Korea

No. 672124

>I was saving up Venoos's monies for taxes she won't need to pay!

No. 672376

It's so weird that she's so obsessed with Manaki "letting Venus do everything" like its such a horrifying concept. I guess considering Margo treated Venus like a doll or a living paycheck, the thought of anything else must be alien to her. Karma came around to Margo big time.

No. 672384

she's just an old woman reeing about gender roles. don't read into it too much.

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