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File: 1559435040101.jpg (57.97 KB, 317x445, marge.jpg)

No. 666399

After 3 years of playing the South Korean visa system, our favourite illegal alien has finally been apprehended and sent to prison, and will most likely be facing deportation.

She was confirmed to be trying to apply for refugee status in SK several weeks ago.

She recieved a deportation order for illegal for-profit activity (likely prostitution) instead as per >>663735 and >>663719 and >>663902

She is currently awaiting deportation to Hungary at Hwasong Foreigners' Shelter, and is speculated to be making fish noodles to make up for the money needed for deportation.

Links to social media, although she hasn't posted for several weeks:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/margaretpalermo/?hl=en

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/margaretpalermo

Twitter: https://twitter.com/margaretpalermo?lang=en

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No. 666409

Thank you anon!

No. 666419

THANK YOU, anon. You rock!

No. 666424

File: 1559438025777.jpeg (331.47 KB, 1096x1711, 1A387943-432D-4F34-98DF-5FCBE7…)

Wonder what the food is like at the detention center? We all know gf loooves her food, it’s practically all her instagram was about back when she was rolling in that Venusangelic Youtube $$.

Meanwhile Veenoos has been dining in style lately and posting many yummy things.

No. 666463

can we not start with the "this must kill marge" excuse to post uncritically about Venus. Venus is shit, her life is shit, and her thread is in /w/

No. 666483

I know she stalks Venus’s SM obsessively (probably doesn’t have internet access in the slammer though, unfortunately) and I love how she’d be fuming seeing her posts lately. I’m petty like that. (And btw I’m no fan of Venus either. I think she’s a shady sneaky little bitch.)

No. 666523

holy fuck it finally happened

No. 666539

How did you know she’s in prison anon?

No. 666546

Proof was provided in the last thread. A random person interested in buying Margo's outcallmassageseoul.com site to years ago got involved. They contacted her 2 years ago, but only heard back from her recently. Mags sperged out on them repeatedly, demanding the usual $10,000 USD, until Korea Anon found her threads and fought back. Korea Anon contacted the authorities about Margaret's illegal side business, and the rest is history. Mags was picked up for earning cash via an "immoral" business illegally while applying for asylum (?) as a fake Jew who can't go to Hungary for whatever reason. She's currently in a detention center awaiting deportation.

No. 666552

File: 1559463985959.gif (1.78 MB, 498x264, tenor.gif)

>mfw I just now decided to check back on Marge and after a year of nothing the milk is creamy shit is going down

No. 666569

File: 1559475809978.jpg (34.28 KB, 640x640, proxy.duckduckgo.jpg)

Bless you, anon. The last thread has a couple of great classics, like the video of maggot dancing in a bikini, with two ponytails like a complete tard. Can't wait until they put her on the plane back to Hungary, and hope she puts up a fight and is handcuffed. Incidentally, Hungarians, like Canadians, sell milk in bags. We get it from this old bag.
Have been looking into what her life might hold from now on and found out she has a spiritual ancestor.

No. 666590

does anyone know what will happen to her once she is deported? will she have to go to hungarian prison, or will she be free to terrorise the hungarian public?

only asking in case i need to keep a look out for her kek

No. 666631

She'll have no reason to g to prison, she'll just be home again and free, like Shiena is. The real fun begins if she tries to return to South Korea. I hope Japan also takes notice that she was deported and don't let her in.

No. 666634

japan rarely lets people who have any negative marks on their passports in.

No. 666663

she could probably still freely travel to other eu countries since you dont necessarily need a passport to travel. im sure there are other countries as well that are more lax that would let her in too.

i dont think weve seen the last of her international adventures kek

No. 666699

>>i dont think weve seen the last of her international adventures
She has no money to travel anywhere and hasn’t had for many months now. Old girl is flat broke.

No. 666759

I can't think of a single country that will let you in its borders if you have a visa overstay on your record. Hell they won't even let American shoplifters into Canada and those countries were real bros until Trump.

No. 666776

Europe is open AF, it doesn't matter

No. 666804

The only countries she wants to get into are Korea and Japan and that’s not gonna be happening.

No. 666828

The most rewarding bit of this recent adventure: in addition to deportation, I highly doubt Mags can make payments on the Netherlands storage for a few months, or continue to pay for her goshiwan, where the Seoul storage is now. All her precious hoard will be auctioned off.

Damn you, Venooos! This is all your fault!

No. 666836

File: 1559529447492.gif (1.56 MB, 366x274, milky.gif)

No. 666923

Margaret couldn't become a Refugee anyway, as it supposed to show about 10.000$ on her bank account (because there's currently no war or big trouble in her homecountry and she needs to proove she can feed herself). She stayed on Humanitarian visa G-1-6, while waiting for decision about refugee. Actually her "got a scholarship for programming" might be real. Possibly, she was given a chance to participate in vocational training program for unemployed people. It's free but all done in Korean.
When she goes back, due to protection of "UN refugee law" her adventures likely willn't be revealed, so maybe she can start a new life. Even here in Korea, thet don't like to tell much about her case.
But if like in my understanding, she claimed to be threatened being a jew and a story was accepted, does it means she played a dangerous game with her own country. It might get an impact on her in future.

No. 666968

id like to know why she thought applying for refugee status is a good idea. we all know she is delusional, but i dont think anyone would have guess that shes delusional to this level. shes not in any direct danger, why did she think they would grant her refugee status.

>But if like in my understanding, she claimed to be threatened being a jew and a story was accepted, does it means she played a dangerous game with her own country. It might get an impact on her in future.

could you elaborate more on what you mean?

No. 666971

By "they" i mean S.K.immigration

No. 666972

Like in any post-communist country, it might be uneasy to deal with government.
Margaret applied for refugee at the time, when she posted about "2 medical test was done today". She had to bring a medical examination paper for it. I was looking for that to check a date, couldn't find it. Have seen this instead

No. 666973

File: 1559562833102.jpg (450.11 KB, 1920x1685, inCollage_20190531_054920356-1…)

No. 666983

I guess she was counting on getting a Korean citizenship.

No. 666998

>>left Hungary in 1994
>>moved because of student demonstrations 6 years ago

Pick one, Margaret. Your daughter never even lived in Hungary.

No. 667008

She might just have done til to stall her deportation. She most likely knew that handling her case could take a while and maybe she thought she would be able to find a new way to stay in Korea while the government dealt with her application.

No. 667029

No, she applied for a refugee visa months ago. She wore out her tourist visas then her student visa (that online ‘university’ where she got her fake degree) ran out so the refugee visa was the next scam in the series.

No. 667036

Is it possible to get a student visa from online university? I thought she attended a korean language course at Hongdae university

No. 667046

The best way was to catch up with Korean man and get a marriage visa, like many others do.

No. 667131

She 100% applied for refugee status to buy time and wait for one of two things to happen, either Weenus to come crawling back to Mutter, or to snag a visa husband. She didn't count on Weens growing a backbone and sticking with it and she vastly overestimated her worth as an unattractive old white woman in a country that values asthetics above just about all else. Her narc brain just couldn't imagine her genius plan not working.

No. 667145

She applied for a refugee visa because she had no choice. Her other options (tourist and student visas) had run out.

No. 667153

Not to be pedantic but that's exactly what I meant. All avenues were exhausted and she needed to buy time and this was her last option

No. 667160

exactly. it makes sense in a way, but shes still completely delusional. she must have been desperate. i dont think a spouse visa would have worked, she doesnt seem to be able to hold relationships for long, at least thats the impression i get looking back at previous threads.

i vaguely remember her having some old korean boyfriend just before venus escaped, but i dont think that lasted very long either.

No. 667213

She can’t keep her crazy in check long enough to form relationships with anyone, male or female. Probably starts ranting and obsessing about her evil booly daughter to anyone she strikes up a conversation with.That and the fact that she’s a hard-looking 43 year old who looks 10 years older and lived in poverty and squalor didn’t help either.

No. 667331

She should have married that lonely Japanese man when he asked her. She thought she was too good for that.

No. 667374

She probably made this little story up to seem sexy and desirable lmao

No. 667379

About Room assignment (thanks to Google translate)

The Chief Executive Officer shall allocate the room considering the nationality, sex, religion, and the existence of the disease of the protected foreigner comprehensively, and the protection facility shall be allowed for the protected foreigner who is likely to be disturbed by religious, lifestyle, You can separate the room and use it. <Amended on May 15, 2018>

No. 667433

That old guy never asked her to marry him. He dropped her like a hot potato as soon as he saw how batshit crazy she was.

No. 667448

File: 1559668109876.png (396.15 KB, 1440x1899, Screenshot_2019-06-04-22-04-11…)

No. 667767

Margo is locked up in my current town lmfai who’d hve fuckin thought?

How long do people usually stay in jail before deportation?

No. 667771

lmao, Marge actually tried to study Psychology in the UK? The UK got rid of Psychology BAs and now only has Experimental Psych undergrad degrees precisely to dismantle all of the shitty programs catering to broken people like Marge. Unsurprisingly, she couldn't even follow basic instructions on how to apply

No. 667786

>listen to your gut, don't remove it

No. 667804

File: 1559768288813.jpeg (275.72 KB, 1095x1610, 3757BDC0-C596-4DD8-9791-C06816…)

>>Margaret applied for refugee at the time, when she posted about "2 medical test was done today". She had to bring a medical examination paper for it. I was looking for that to check a date, couldn't find it. Have seen this instead

Was it here, anon? (April 2018)

No. 667843

what are you talking about? The UK offers BSc psychology degrees. Uni of Edinburgh specifically has a 4 year Bsc degree program. Marge was just inquiring (and probably trying to use yt "fame") to see if she could get in. Nothing wrong with enquiring before applying. I know I've done that.

Now I'm curious if her "degree" came from there. It couldn't possibly, could it? (I mean she moved to Korea and all)

No. 667871

Yes it is. So she applied approximately on April last year and was waiting until now.

No. 667877

>and now only has Experimental Psych undergrad degrees
i.e. BSc. Marge was probably not looking to learn about things like perception and attention.
I guess we'll have to wait until she's back in Europe to hear anything.

No. 667879

She tried to apply about 5 years ago, is it free or low cost course? I thought it's expensive to study in Europe

No. 667896

Right, this is the only way to know.

No. 667926

File: 1559808850723.png (594.92 KB, 595x607, Margo degree.png)

Her "degree" is from Korea. A BSc at a normal university in Korea takes 4 years to complete. Margo arrived in Korea in late 2016 and finished her "degree" in May 2018. Even if she did begin to study right when she arrived, she would only have spent 1,5 years studying, not nearly enough to do a normal degree.

My guess is that she spent a semester doing a course at some private institution, not an actual university, and got a diploma for whatever course she completed. They give you diplomas for everything in Korea. I don't think she has any degree.

No. 667927

Honestly this sofa and a picture behind her looks like coffee-shop or bakery house

No. 667929

>After 3 years of playing the South Korean visa system, our favourite illegal alien has finally been apprehended and sent to prison, and will most likely be facing deportation.

No way, I'm so fucking happy with this news

No. 667933

I work in educational field in Korea for many years and had never seen a red-colired frame for any kind of Certification or Diploma. It is always black, dark-blue or navy. Also this small handy whatever Margaret holds with her right hand, it's kinda old-styled. Plastic cards for this type of thing are most common in use these days. My impression is that she printed a coloured sheet of paper and put it inside the frame from One-dollar-store, maybe her favourite, Daiso.

No. 667935

File: 1559813165792.png (545.1 KB, 592x594, 222.png)

I don't think she faked it by herself, she posted pic related as well, and it would be too much for her to go to the extent of getting some Korean man to pose with her.

Still believe that she is lying about getting an actual degree though.

No. 667937

She probably realized the necessity of getting "degree" in process of applying for refugee status. Nobody wants to accept an uneducated or low-leveled applicant, so she got one to fill out her resume.

No. 667938

refugees are not assessed on their qualifications, that's a regular immigrant. a proper refugee is assessed on the threat they face in their home country. but yes, this "degree" was probably a way to stay in Korea longer, perhaps by a student visa?

No. 667939

Funny thing about last picture is that Margaret in real is very short by herself, and this man is even shorter than she is. That's ridiculous

No. 667946

If there any single word, related to Psychology, she rather would enlarge it instead of blurring, so i suggest it is a random Korean language class or course certification.

No. 667977

Has she ever said what terrible threat she supposedly faces in Hungary that requires refuge elsewhere?

No. 667999


Y'all are way over thinking this, >>667926 got it right the first time. She probably did a short term language
class for beginners and they had a little completion ceremony at the end. Language schools are more business than educational center and they can be really extra with all the fanfare and encouragement of students to keep that sweet ₩ rolling in

No. 668027

So she applied for the refugee visa a month before “graduating” from whatever that online diploma mill was, last May. She knew her student visa was about to run out and she needed a new angle.

No. 668039

She applied for refugee status in April 2018, graduated” a month later in May 2018. Also changed her instagram bio to say she was Jewish that same month. Started posting about Chabad House, celebrating Jewish holidays etc. in Sept. 2018. Took her DNA test in Dec. 2018. Five months later she’s busted. Lol

No. 668105

its all just speculation at this point, but it probably has something to do with her pretending to be jewish like the other anons said.

shes not under any threat, she just made up any bullshit that sounded legitimate enough at the time to stall her deportation, and she also got free food along the way by exploiting the local community.

No. 668185

It is already 3rd week since she got busted, it takes usually no more than 2 weeks to send a detainee away, if there is no any issues.

No. 668200

What about this?
>Not sure is she can go home soon with no money to get a ticket. Some people can stay inside the shelter up to 5 years, if refusing to go home. After 5 years, there's a very small but real possibility to get a Refugee status.

No. 668204

The people who work there will want to get rid of a stupid, demanding, manipulative piece of shit like her as fast as possible. And being the narcissist she is, she won't last five years in there. If she can she's probably enjoying causing problems for the other inmates tho.

No. 668217

Magbe she chose to stay to make fish noodles, because Hungary isn't exotic and cool enough for her kek

No. 668219

File: 1559920002757.jpeg (402.25 KB, 1061x1634, FD244BC2-4BCB-4332-8C05-C2BE4D…)

She could be back in Hungary for all we know. We have no idea where she is or what is going on. Maybe she lawyered up and is appealing the deportation. Demanding her RIGHTS. She knows how to work the system, she’s an expert at it.

No. 668220

^^ “legal help”

No. 668308

Is it possible that she started at Edinburgh and when she moved used those credits as transfer towards some Korean (possibly online) degree?

earlier in one of the threads (or maybe pull) people enlarged the pic and it did indeed say it was a psychology degree, not a language certification, but no one was able to pin point the school it could have came from which is still a mystery. She was really secretive about it which makes me think it was some online degree

No. 668415

>Is it possible that she started at Edinburgh
If she got her 'degree' at a reputable university then no. Edinburgh is a good school, their Psychology department has some world-class research, and in the UK it's extremely rare to see 'mature' students at good universities. There's no way that she was admitted to begin with. But if she was, the way that degree programs are structured in the UK makes it much harder (compared to the USA and Canada at least) both for underqualified students to be admitted to their respective schools and for credits to transfer to schools both within and outside of the country. If Marge got a Psychology 'diploma' it was probably from a diploma mill or some sort of shitty certification program.

We would have known if she made a stop in Edinburgh anyway because she wouldn't have been able to shut the fuck up about it.

No. 668446

I'd just checked on Edinburgh university. Well, not a bad choice for insane person. No way she could be accepted there.

No. 668469

>No way she could be accepted there.

That was my thought too.
I just have a questions for British anons: Is there something similar to waiting semesters such as in Germany? Because in Germany you can easily slip in any degree program if you have enough waiting semesters, which she certainly has. Waiting semesters mark a certain period of time you weren't enrolled in a university and guarantees people a little bit more justice in the educational system.

No. 668472

File: 1559982994176.jpg (369.36 KB, 1920x1724, inCollage_20190608_170535284-1…)

One famous Canadian professor is interested in Margaret's case. What do you think about it

No. 668474

>One famous Canadian professor is interested in Margaret's case.

I don't know what you're looking at but all I see is Margo or a person posing as Margo wanted to contact him privately and a mod answered that it isn't possible. Plus this question is 10 months ago.

No. 668475

File: 1559984225220.jpg (146.28 KB, 966x664, margo.jpg)

It means she once made a post in the subreddit bearing his name - not that he's interested in her. Actually, it's the only post on her reddit account.

No. 668480

File: 1559987463897.png (255.74 KB, 1440x2055, Screenshot_2019-06-08-18-49-48…)

Ok thanks. I was looking for news on Reddit, when found this.
But there's nothing new, except of what we know already

No. 668519

There are probably hundreds of examples of her reaching out to people on the internet whether via Reddit and YouTube comments (that’s how she connected with the autist Vexxed,) email, gmail, DMs, instagram comments etc. etc. She is (or was, likely no internet access now) unemployed with nothing but time on her hands to obsess on the internet all day every day. Hell, she used to DM commenters on Venus’s instagram regularly to sell her sad “boolied by VEENOOS” story.

No. 668542

Nah, the UK higher education system is very rigid. Basically how it works is that students complete their A-levels in college (not sure if Germany has them but it's the closest equivalent to general electives in the US and Canada), and when they apply to universities, they are admitted based upon their A-level scores and some other factors such as letters of recommendation. There's more than one wave of applications; each department/degree program has a set amount of spots for incoming students, and if they aren't filled then those empty spots are advertised and students can apply for them. This gives less qualified students the ability to get into better schools, but Marge still wouldn't make the cut because her A-levels are shit, her statement of intent would be batshit insane, and she would need letters of recommendation from reputable people. Generally the oldest undergrad students in a good university have taken a 'gap year'; mature students enroll in programs at places like Open University that are geared towards non-traditional education paths and are much more flexible than the standard UK degree program.
Everyone who's following this shitshow has the same amount of info about the matter as everyone else. Unfortunately we won't know when she's been deported until she posts on social media or someone spots her in (presumably) Hungary.

No. 668591

Above anon's summary is English based, not Scottish based, but pretty accurate. They do have different systems though.

There are two ways to get into a Scottish university:
1. Attend secondary school til 5th and 6th year
2. Research the publicly available required grades for your desired course
3. Get Higher (or Advanced Higher) grades in 5th and 6th years
4. Apply to the universities of your choice via the UCAS website. This involves writing a personal essay, supplying people to act as reference (not necessary, but you'd look bad applying without one), and detailing your academic history.
5. Hopefully get in

1. Finish secondary school
2. Go to college (different from American and English colleges) for 2 years in the course you're interested in going to university for
3. Contact your desired university
4. Transfer into university from college for your final 2 years (Scottish courses are 4-5 years long, usually).

Mature students are 15% of the student body in Edinburgh. I'm sure Open University is a common choice, but Scottish universities provide housing for mature students (often with room for family, away from other students) and often have in-house childcare services. I met people Margo's age at university so that isn't the issue here.

The issue is that Edinburgh is Scotland's second best university (16th best in the UK) and is one of the best places for Psychology in Scotland, outside of St Andrews and Glasgow. It is attainable, but definitely has high standards.

She can't meet those standards, she wouldn't be able to provide references, and her garbled English would make her look uneducated. Never mind that all the information you need to apply (necessary grades, a website to walk you through applying) is online, so on the off chance Edinburgh university saw this, her refusal to even google the process makes her look lazy, entitled, and stupid.

No. 668598

So Open University wasn't good enough for Margaret and she applied for Bachelor's degree. Or does it requires to have a basic degree to apply for Open University

No. 668600

In Korea for example, everyone can attend life long educational program even at major university, it doesn't matter if student is qualified or not. It is not recognizable degree, though.
If she could speak a little bit more better English, she maybe could teach seniors in such a course and be respected, but her language sounds really awful.

No. 668622

She was offering to teach Hungarian on Craigslist for awhile there, along with ads for her “massage” services. Don’t imagine there’s a big demand among Koreans wanting to learn Hungarian, lol. Besides which her Korean is pretty shitty too..

No. 668634

Is she really 43-years old adult, really? The way she communicates, is insulting.

No. 668635

File: 1560053671725.png (225.92 KB, 1440x1528, Screenshot_2019-06-09-11-58-43…)

No. 668638

It seems like there's been some vendetta-ish behaviour in real life here, but I have to say I'm living for Margo being so rattled by someone so persistently contacting her. It's 100% what she deserves, the discomfort, and it ending in prison for perfectly legitimate reasons. If Venus wasn't such a mess I'd imagine a world where she paid someone to take care of this. It's like a movie.

No. 668639

Yes, lately she was too nervous for many reasons.

No. 668640

>her statement of intent would be batshit insane

I am wanting to study to be the course in psychology as I am a single mother who sacrificed everything for the ungrateful dotir and want research in my douttir why she is a psychopath. After attaining the agree and be a licensed psychologist I will then take the bully and will have 10,000$ every time I vant until my daugtir dies her own doing because she is a fatty.
My sedonc interest in the pyshology is Japanese boys dressed as the girl and enabling the psychopath bullies. I have longtime lived in Asia and seen secondhand the behavior, while living in abject poverty, pulling myself up by the choker straps and sleeping on konbini floor with some roaches. I am the Indie Jones of the Japanese boonies, digging for abnormal psychology not gold.
In signing up for the psychology with your institution, I will make your department grate again. You can add me to the sign ups as a diversity student in confirmative action since my background is a Jew.

From the Korean Immigration Velcome Center,
Margaret Palermo, Esquire.

No. 668647

Those legal services all around, it's just an Information Center for assistance or to guide foreigners, who get lost. Nobody there will care about detainee. It's 99% accurate she didn't appeal. Her name should be like PAL* something, and it's not showing in appealing list for last 2 month.

No. 668648

Thank you for the update!

No. 668682

Welcome. I will update more, when possible.

No. 668725

File: 1560096387207.jpeg (346.37 KB, 1074x1388, 8F206CBD-F9E3-47E6-8740-2F203B…)

margo’s long-suffering papa Ferenc comments on Venus’s latest IG post. “Your sweet mother” ???

Is marge sucking up to her parents because she needs a place to stay now that she’s been kicked out of Korea? They’re bible verse-spouting Christians so I could see them falling for a fake “I’ve seen the light Mom and Dad, please let me back into the family” con from marge. The prodigal daughter returns, Christianity preaches ‘forgiveness’ and all that. I can see these people harboring happy fantasies about Venus reconciling with marge and everybody being one big happy family at last. At least that’s what this sounds like to me.

No. 668732

>until my daugtir dies her own doing because she is a fatty

ugly laughing at that

No. 668735

They're probably also freaking out now that Venus claims to be a suicidal, BPD, lesbian hoe.

No. 668756

All she needs is Jesus.
- ferenc

No. 668774

Maybe he was referring to her mother-in-law.
The sweet one, as opposed to the salty one.

No. 668802

So some guy really just took screenshots from the Margo threads here and a link to her massage website and got her charged for prostitution? wow

I mean there's no actual receipts on this is there? just speculation. That's quite the accomplishment.

No. 668804

for what I understood:
>Margo fist was charged for illegally working while awaiting resolution of her refugee status request,after koreaanon reported her ass to the police due harassment -you are not allowed to work under humanitarian visa.
>The lewd behavior charge came later when koreaanon also sent them caps of her nudes and shit, so immigration agents came to the conclusion she was hooking

No. 668808

Both was done at same time.

No. 668812

The anon had a dispute with Margo over ownership of her massage website and searched her, found these threads. They have posts here and on KF (username "Om") describing what they did, they show caps from the official records of her case that are behind a login. She knew she was under investigation before the arrest and had time to announce a social media hiatus. Relevant posts from last thread:

No. 668818

It was her outcallmassageseoul.com website that got her busted. It’s illegal to do that without a work visa in Korea. Besides detention and deportation there’s also a hefty fine involved according to our rockstar Korean anon.

No. 668834


sorry if this is a dumb question because i'm a newfag to the crazy word of Marg, but why is she seeking refugee status, and why in S Korea particularly?

No. 668842

File: 1560141809464.jpg (265.88 KB, 1439x2249, 19-06-09-20-56-43-575_deco-1.j…)

Applying for Edinburgh was easy. Thanks Margaret!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 668843

Because Margo was desperate to scam a visa any way she could, and she used up her student visa it seems. Without anyone to tell her how stupid this was, Marge came up with the idea to pretend to be Jewish and a refugee. It got her a free stipend from the government (and free food from the chabad) but because she still ran her lewd massage business at the same time, she got herself into a legal trap.

No. 668845

What stipend did she get? She got a temporary ‘protected’ visa while waiting for a decision on her refugee application but I haven’t heard anything about a stipend being part of that.

No. 668854

I don't know for sure obviously but a payment amount was mentioned in the last thread, I assume by Koreaanon: >>656805

No. 668873

Exactly what I was thinking. I mean, it's one thing to take Marge in for working while on a humanitarian visa, it's another to take semi-nudes or "sexy pics" off her insta (which has nothing to really do with her massage business) and claim she's a prostitute and deport her for lewd behaviour. Seems kind of like a reach from Immigration on that basis alone.

No. 668876

It's based on her having a website named 'outcallmassageseoul' and offering lewd services through that. I'm sure there are emails and Kakaotalk trails showing her offering services for money. Anything gleaned from here probably just fuelled Koreaanon's vendetta against her personally.

No. 668880

File: 1560161167917.jpg (16.95 KB, 312x138, marge.JPG)

Looks like marge was online to make the same statement as on twitter why is taking a "break" from social media.

Posted on her latest Insta post.

No. 668882

It was enough to show only her website, but i wasn't sure if that works because there is no any personal information. So i attached more pictures to make them be sure it is all the same person. Today it was confirmed about Margaret still staying in detention center. It is unclear, if she is going to leave or not.

No. 668883

She used Psychological counseling service this afternoon. Maybe posted at that time

No. 668892

I checked har insta a week or so ago and somebody had commented that she was getting deported. Cheking it again now, it seems like she has deleted that comment kek.

No. 668899

>>a payment amount was mentioned in the last thread
They mentioned a fine she’ll have to pay. I don’t recall any mention of a stipend being paid to her.

No. 668901

I’m sure the Korean authorities are very familiar with “outcall massage” services being a cover for prostitution. Just google “outcall massage Korea” and see what pops up.

No. 668903

But outside of the “lewd services” part, it’s illegal for a foreigner to offer ANY kind of services for money in Korea without a work visa.

No. 668906

Margaret is in room #802. Her detainee's number is 4634. If send to official bank account, for example 1,000₩ for detainee 802-4634 and it will be delivered, it will be clear she is still there.

No. 668923


How do you know this? Screenshots?

No. 669282

File: 1560299098832.png (658.35 KB, 1440x2270, Screen.png)

No. 669321

Can anyone translate Margo's entry for us?

No. 669346

her website had nothing "lewd" on it though. Unless there are some emails or texts with her mentioning "happy" ending type stuff. Otherwise, I still see it as a reach and based off her lewd insta posts, which still seems weird for the immigration to reach that conclusion. But either way, happy endings or not, she broke the law.

No. 669354

File: 1560320496938.png (122.72 KB, 1256x1737, Screen.png)

No. 669372

It's free of charge to get working permission and takes only 3 days to be processed

No. 669373

File: 1560326976504.png (344.41 KB, 2395x1361, Screenshot_2019-06-12-17-05-23…)

No. 669375

Margaret was a bit late. All "humanitarian" payments were disabled soon after Yemen refugees occupied Jeju island.

No. 669489

That happened in 2018, right?
Lol. Poor old marge.

No. 669560

Yes in early 2018.

No. 669614

File: 1560388298757.jpeg (117.89 KB, 949x600, D27A9CC7-0CC6-4C85-BA17-6AD5B2…)

Checking her IG and commenting from lockup (three days ago.) Guess the inmates have some internet access.

No. 669615

Wonder if she’s mad that exactly ONE person has asked about her in the 9+ weeks since she last posted on IG. Ouch.

No. 669622

She is watching Korean news on tv all day long.

No. 669918

File: 1560470604705.jpeg (275.98 KB, 1742x1293, 51DEEB22-6CB2-4597-B3B1-B5293C…)

Never forget.

No. 669980

Is it Margaret's hand?

No. 669981

If’s her hand holding a play-doh penis. From a (deleted) video.

No. 669992

I can hardly imagine this woman could do any escort related services. She is too old for that
Maybe she wasn't directly involved in adult services but yes still she broked the law.

No. 669997

Oh, friend, older and uglier women than Marge do escorts. They just don’t charge as much.

No. 670016

Margaret's another video response to all her haters is so mych remarkable, i could watch it only once long ago.

No. 670033

One thing i don't understand, she left England because of tax evasion and few years later, she's applying fir university in London despite of this. So maybe her tax problem was another speculation

No. 670223

She reposted the Youtube video where she wanders through a giant IKEA store for hours wearing a sweatshirt and pajama bottoms, looking like the homeless vagrant she was/is. It’s one of her best. Check it out if you haven’t seen it already.

No. 670243

Joined to IKEA FAMILY, for what?? Video is really long. Thank you. Keep watching

No. 670246

I love when she jumps on the beds and rolls around like a fucking lunatic. And she looks like she slept in that outfit she’s wearing, like she just got out of bed and didn’t bother to get dressed before going out to film at the IKEA. What a nutcase.

No. 670252

Margo looks extra pathetic and miserable in this video. Dozens of people minding their business shopping items for their homes, and then there's a deranged woman in pajamas acting like a retard and recording herself.

No. 670256

She is going to be quite fat in couple of years. These legs and her ass wearing those pajamas can tell

No. 670267

Did she change it from private to public? Maybe she is hoping to score some quick youtube bux

No. 670285

IKEA video always was public, i guess. I saw a title before, but was lazy to watch it. Today i checked on two, IKEA and "My strange addiction". Seems there's a huge time gap between these two videos. Can't believe this woman lost her freedom, she might be crazy without her SM and channel after all.

No. 670324

Also on her channel is this sad little video of her last visa run to Okinawa, Japan in Dec. 2017. She sleeps in a chair in a mangakissa then gets up the next morning and takes a train to “the beach.” She obviously hasn’t showered (greasy hair and bedhead.)

This is the last trip she took, anywhere.

No. 670326

File: 1560637452527.jpeg (244.18 KB, 2023x1151, 80C9C2F2-C33E-4B7F-9818-725D4B…)

greasy unwashed bedhead waiting for the train.

No. 670327

File: 1560637549135.jpeg (199.63 KB, 696x1150, C17E905C-EB66-4052-852A-2556BB…)

The weather was cloudy and cold enough to require a winter coat that day. And how about those elephant legs??

No. 670328

Now Margaret has a bed, meal, a membership for a free gym and a company of real people. Not bad after all
I'd like to check on Okinawa video too, if it's still available

No. 670330

File: 1560637925020.jpeg (580.11 KB, 1779x1163, 5ACA977D-B440-4549-BE34-386031…)

Nevertheless, she persisted. Changed into this bizarro little outfit she brought along for the occasion, set up her camera on the sand and trudged back and forth in front of it, pretending to have a great time.

No. 670331

File: 1560637989555.jpeg (237.45 KB, 2026x1144, 47F2CE3C-6993-4904-A9A9-73E718…)

setting up the camera. those legs, yikes.

No. 670332

File: 1560638259441.jpeg (196.51 KB, 1442x1147, C9567BF0-2ACF-4B2A-907C-F3C7D4…)

and, action! paraded back and forth several times. Picked up some broken shells which she lugged back to her tiny goshiwan room and tried to sell on her venusangelic.com website. Took her greasy unwashed self back to Korea after this overnight jaunt and that was it for her.

Good times.

No. 670333

You can watch the video at >>670324
Just click on it.

No. 670334

I noticed she put this picture on the top of her Facebook profile, guess it was a meaningful trip, full of joy and happiness. I wonder what were a targets of all this events, to get self-recorded and get more subscribers or something else.

No. 670337

Got the video, i wonder if she gets profit from commercial on her channel. Her accent is really not relaxing listen to. So she bought a cheap flight from Seoul to Okinawa, i guess her Japanese visa allowed to do so at that time. Funny she says, "the burger was actually disgusting" lol so picky about the food

No. 670339

It was a visa run trip. She had a tourist visa at the time which was only good for 6 months at a time but you could travel out of the country and back to Korea and renew it every 6 months that way. She ran this scam as long as she could, then (we think) got a student visa (her online diploma mill “psychology degree”.) When that ran out she “became Jewish” and applied for a refugee visa…and the rest is history. As they say.

No. 670341

File: 1560642953733.jpeg (332.53 KB, 1534x1963, A62A8726-E59F-47B9-849E-998CC4…)

Speaking of marge’s scam website venusangelic.com, it’s still up and running. Besides Venus’s videos, every article ever written about her etc. it’s also selling merch. quote “not shipped by us but by various third parties” which are “affiliated with us.” “Us” meaning marge, and “affiliated” meaning she gets $$ every time someone orders something.

Wonder if Korean immigration knows about this?


No. 670363

There's tonns of sites like this on korean internet, immigration people are too much busy to pay attention to everything.

No. 670364

They likely will re-address this source to The Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC), an internet censorship organization along with Margaret's massage website.

No. 670367

It’s another money-making venture that is illegal under her temporary visa, is it not? Like her massage website that immigration busted her for. Seems to me it could bolster their case against her.

No. 670369

If there any evidences of her getting money through this, then yes it can be recognized to be such a venture. Otherwise it's just another practical exercise in Web-design. It might be connected with PayPal and on Korea usually, people can't withdraw any cash via PayPal. Only registered business with license can
So i doubted if it was profitable that much, not saying about the scrap items she is trying to sell.
If she accepted payments into her Shinhan bank account, it was already checked and confirmed for illegal income during the last massage website investigation.

No. 670409

she's already in jail and being deported anon. you're not suddenly going to be helping immigration's case. it's done. stay out of it.

No. 670499

exactly, at this point she's completely defeated and her life is messed up.

Trying to get her into even more trouble just makes you the horrible person here. Or you're just so desperate for more milk you'll create it yourself.

No. 670539

Oh, I’m the “horrible person” here? LOL(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 670579

just stop cowtipping and stop clutching your pearls about some affiliate link. she's in jail, it's done already.

No. 670583

shes already in jail and being deported, like others have said, and reporting this will have no effect. they might even know about it already. they probably just want to deport her as soon as possible anyway, its probably a pain to have to house, feed, and look after some middle aged homeless foreign prostitute.

reporting every single little petty shit shes done would be going too far imo.

No. 670620

File: 1560773774978.png (422.3 KB, 1439x2302, Screenshot_2019-06-17-21-14-08…)

"Comments on this post have been limited"

Did she turned comments off?

No. 670622

probably when she made that comment you see there.

No. 670640

File: 1560778921506.png (110.09 KB, 641x194, 5EAhYAn.png)

Went to Hungarian embassy in 2016, so she knows how to contact them if want to home really badly

No. 671810

File: 1561076345191.jpg (198.31 KB, 652x652, BeautyPlus_20190621021415312_s…)

After having posted about guns in april on Twitter I don't think they are gonna keep marge but deport her back to Hungary.
Bye bye marge's asian dream! Kek

No. 671833

They were never going to keep her anyway? She broke the rules.

No. 672057

How she is going to communicate with fans, if comments are turned off

No. 672122

File: 1561186885757.png (31.67 KB, 285x297, 2pzjqdc.png)

Have to taxes on online income? So she knows she had to pay taxes in Korea

No. 672124

>I was saving up Venoos's monies for taxes she won't need to pay!

No. 672376

It's so weird that she's so obsessed with Manaki "letting Venus do everything" like its such a horrifying concept. I guess considering Margo treated Venus like a doll or a living paycheck, the thought of anything else must be alien to her. Karma came around to Margo big time.

No. 672384

she's just an old woman reeing about gender roles. don't read into it too much.

No. 672753

Possibly, Venus will go to Hungary to see her grandparents. Just an updates in her thread. How about Margo then

No. 672767

There is nothing in Venus' current thread about her going to Hungary? Are you looking at something old or just making things up?

No. 672771

File: 1561468066763.jpeg (354.31 KB, 1241x1920, F4A8C224-7D9A-487A-8014-1385FE…)

Right it's 2016. Ferenc is lately posting about Venus on his IG

No. 672776

Ferenc has posted about her before it makes no difference.

No. 672785

I see. That's what i thought first, Venus can't give up her stay in Japan and move to Hungary. I recently met some other foreign friends, who also had a family members at detention center for law violations and they say, nobody in Korea can be sent out with government's money. They will ask for any relatives, former colleagues, ex-boss etc. anyone who can support a detainee for buying a plane ticket. So, there some people who are staying in detention for year or more, if there's no sponsor for airplane fare, because they have to do some work to earn money. And it allows like no more than 4 hours per day.

No. 672788

Margo's parents can help her.

No. 672828

I don’t think margo’s parents are interested in helping her get to Hungary. They don’t want her there. I think they’re fine with her being right where she is, in detention in SK. It’s not all that different than how she was living before, in that filthy rented goshiwan, in fact it’s probably cleaner than what she had before.

No. 672833

they might, who knows. didnt margo manage to manipulate her mom into giving her money a while back?

they strike me as a close family, i cant really see them leaving even someone as awful as margo behind.

No. 672853

margo left them behind. Years ago.

No. 673047

Margo was in contact with her mother and getting money from her within recent years

No. 673093

Some recent article on local media says,

There are many reasons why currently about 20 female foreigners can not leave from Hwasung Foreigners' Shelter for a long time. The largest number of them are refugee applicants. Refugee applicants must remain detained in the foreigner's shelter until refugee screening is complete.

No. 673095

The point is, marge’s family would not be “leaving her behind” if they choose not to pay for her ticket back to Hungary. Marge is the one who left her family behind, not the other way around.

No. 673211

as far as i think of the family, they were there to help, as a good mother or father would help, trying to bring their child to clear sences. But if Marg was my child i would also give up on some times after i see that she is just fooling all of them.
Look, if Mags did not learn anything from anybody all those years, why would she want to learn from them now? Maybe in Jail her infected eyes open and see the world different. But i actually think, she will still consider everybody as extremely dumb and stupid, because she is too intelligent accourding to herself. Nobody can help Marg because for her the whole world is so stupid and unlogical!

No. 673213

File: 1561595892250.jpg (253.51 KB, 850x690, Screenshot_20190627-023600_Goo…)

No. 674007

File: 1561816294070.png (220.36 KB, 1438x1110, Screenshot_2019-06-29-22-47-15…)

Ferenc officially announced that he can't help Margaret.

No. 674012

File: 1561816713593.png (346.04 KB, 1421x2240, Screenshot_2019-06-29-22-49-39…)

Inviting Venus. Margaret is not welcomed there

No. 674139

This is so sweet and makes me so sad for her family. They have this granddaughter they'll never know but want so desperately in their lives, all because of her sick fucking mother.

No. 674186

Maybe grandpa Ferenc will post some happy family pics when he’s been reunited with marge the prodigal daughter. (I think the old guy is dim-witted and creepy and 100% taken in by marge and her narc manipulation.)

No. 674222

Tokaj is a stunning UNESCO world heritage site; Venus would be foolish not to take up that offer. Shame that Marge poisoned her perception of her own roots in pursuit of Glorious Nippon.

No. 674770

that's not on mags. that's on venus. venus never would have cared about hungary even if mags tried to get her too.

No. 674777

Of course it's on Margo, since she constantly talked down about the place - including threatening Venus that she'd end up a homeless prostitute on the streets there. She also spent all of Venus' life alienating her from family members and lying about them. Venus has free choice to try get over her biases now if she wants to, but they were 100% put there by Margo in the first place. Alienation is serious shit.
With Margo heading back to Hungary any day now to live that homeless prostitute saga she forecast for her daughter, I doubt Venus will ever try now.

No. 674784

Did Margo really said that? Why prostitute, was it the only choice available? I'd like some details

No. 674786

Margo was an abusive parent. She cut Venus off from the family and moved her from place to place around the world while Venus worked for the money for both of them. It's just a threat she used against Venus sometimes, Venus made a video about it which is now deleted. There are no more details to it that that.

Now Margo will become the homeless prostitute on the streets of Hungary, so it's delicious.

No. 674788

and we have many threads here you can read about Margo's history so you don't have to keep feeling so surprised by the shit she has said or done. see the OP for a numbered list of them. enjoy.

No. 674811


I honestly got an impression, like Margaret has a tendency to threat all females around her as sex workers, don't know why

No. 674818

It's projection by Margo, since she relies on sex work to survive herself instead of getting any other job, and only saw her daughter as meat to sell in marriage to a rich man.

No. 674848

Margaret now is too old to survive by selling herself.

No. 674876

No she’s not too old, there are many prostitutes in their 40s and even older. Her choice of customers is limited and rock-bottom but they are definitely out there.

No. 674942

She would have to move somewhere where prostitution is illegal to even hope to make a living after she's deported. A few weird fetishists here and there won't pay the bills. She also most likely doesn't qualify for welfare and homelessness is outlawed in Hungary so Marge is kind of fucked unless her family supports her.

No. 675242

I wouldn't be interested either if I were Venus, has she even spent any time there? She has no reason to want to get to know her roots in Hungary or spend time with her extended family-they produced Margo and continued to associate with her until very recently, after all. I'd be suspicious, if I were Venus, if it wasn't some kind of plot to ambush her and spring Margo on her to force a reconciliation.

No. 675420

Ferenc is uploading on his IG post Youtube videos about the house, going up and downstairs and showing around.
Good for him Margaret has no access to IG, so she can't put insulting comments to his proposal

No. 675537

And he’s tagging them @venus_angelic so they’re aimed at her. He’s on some sort of a family reunification campaign and I find the timing of it interesting (coinciding with marge’s deportation.) I wouldn’t be surprised if marge was involved in all this.

No. 675558


Yeah, this shit has a very strange vibe to it… and why are they trying so hard now suddenly? It’s fucking weird… Venus would be smart to just stay the hell away from all of it, tbh. Marge came from somewhere after all.

No. 675590

Almost 2 months without posting anything. Most of her videos are deleted or private. Marge has become a ghost from the past.

Asian dream became marge's nightmare

No. 675618

He is posting a public invitation, addressed to Venus, written in Magyar for Margaret's information
It seems this man got a news from detention

No. 675628

Yeah, I would assume SK immigration would notify family members of a detention/pending deportation.

No. 675631

Someone’s helping him do this. He wouldn’t know to tag his posts @venus_angelic to increase the likelihood of her seeing them on his own without someone advising him. He’s a SM illiterate old man.

My guess it it’s either daughter/auntie Zsu or marge.

No. 675742

>I wouldn't be interested either if I were Venus, has she even spent any time there?
You need to have spent time in a place to visit it…?
>She has no reason to want to get to know her roots in Hungary or spend time with her extended family-they produced Margo and continued to associate with her until very recently, after all. I'd be suspicious, if I were Venus, if it wasn't some kind of plot to ambush her and spring Margo on her to force a reconciliation.
It is understandable that she would be suspicious, if only because Marge probably fed her horrible stories about her family and the country in typical Marge manner.
They follow Venus on social media and perhaps are trying to connect with her and give her support because her life's clearly on a downward spiral, and it's not abnormal for long-lost family members to try and reconnect, even if Ferenc is doing it in the most boomer-tier way imaginable. Especially in cultures where grandparents play a strong role in caring for grandchildren. I wouldn't assume bad faith.

No. 675869

The whole house looks like nobody had moved in yet. It's clean but almost empty. Means Margo isn't there

No. 676726

No. 676727

your comment "Yeah, this shit has a very strange vibe to it… and why are they trying so hard now suddenly?" is not true. Zsu tryed so long, Grandpa tryed so often and we have no idea what else they tryed, you only comment you think true, but they have been reaching out so long! There are other lolcow posts that have screenshot also from Zsu's posts, go and inform yourself.

No. 676729

….i know hi cow is against the rules but… the fuck? Is this one of venus’s family?

No. 676738

>Zsu tryed so long, Grandpa tryed so often

Take the hint, then. She’s not interested.

No. 677552

Margo is physically and mentally destroyed. On May 15, when she last logged and left a message on Twitter and IG, she was allowed to contact her family but seems they didn't willing to help. And volunteers says that people in detention are going crazy on next few days right after being imprisoned, because of no internet, no proper communication, nothing else there inside and Margo is silent about 3 month already. Her youtuber's career is over.

No. 677566

It's been over for a long time.
It's her Asian adventure and world travels that are now over.

No. 677570

Now that she can't go to Asia anymore I can see her try to escape to a ~superior~ European country and start a new phase kek

No. 677577

Remember her running through the streets of Hamburg carrying a printer. Good times.

No. 677597

Her skin is probably damaged, as there's no sunshine inside. Most important part is her brain. I believe it had some transformation too
What I wonder, she went out to meet customers for so long, and accepted payments on local bank account so might have enough money to buy a ticket for Hungary or any other country, which her citizenship allows to go

No. 677599

Is there any chance that she might be able to go to Japan? Would Korean immigration care where she went as long as she leaves the country?

No. 677602

Her tourist visa to Japan might be expired. She can't go there and also Japan is way more expensive, i doubt if she can afford it. It's not relate though, Korea-Japan relations aren't good now so even local Koreans can't get a visa easily, i heard.
So if Margo isn't back to Hungary, she's still in jail or idk where else she can go

No. 677618

Would Japan really let someone with a criminal record in? Even if she still has a valid visa, they’d stop her at the airport.

No. 677621

Because of this incident, she might be not able to see her daughter Venus again someday

No. 677623

Which I'm sure is a relief to Venus. She doesn't want creepy old Marg lurking outside her house again.

No. 677633

The forced deportation would be to her home country. After that they won't care so long as she don't com back there.

Tourist visas begin automatically in Japan upon entry for EU citizens. However she'll have no money to get a flight there, and Japan might not like that she got deported from Korea.

No. 677685

Can’t the Korean immigration authorities confiscate her bank account, use the $$ to purchase a one-way ticket to Hungary and put her on the plane? Keeping her detained is costing them money. They need to boot her wrinkled old ass out, NOW.

No. 677700

>They need to boot her wrinkled old ass out, NOW.
I know right? It's funny that she's being detained but it's keeping her from heading on her downward spiral. Will she rot in Hungary as a street prostitute? Or will she escape to an EU country where she is more likely to qualify for welfare and become a stable NEET? Will she continue to pester Venus and try to 'make it' on Youtube? Will she get involved in new criminal activity like fraud? Will her dream of Asia persist or will she cope with deportation by becoming a Magyar nationalist? Or will she cope by becoming fixated on a different part of the world outside of the EU? The possibilities are endless~

No. 677909

If staying in Korea, Margo will be sued for slandering and she knows it.

No. 677983

who is planning to sue her for slander, sounds interesting?

No. 677995

Only she knows.

No. 677996

This is what they usually do. All banks inside Korea have to assist in finding and withdrawing detainee's hidden money, because he/she can't use those anyway. The question is if Margo had enough on her bank account

No. 678000

This is very interesting, I hope we get to find out sometime. Of course we don't need personal details that would affect the reputation of he person, but some idea of what bad things she was doing would be nice.

No. 678016

I worried at this point, thought when she'll be released, Margo becomes angry and mess around being furious but it's quite a long time, and she's still not appearing on SM or YT, so i guess now she's not that annoying bitch like she used to be before. So maybe someday I can tell you, what ruined her so far

No. 678116

please remember us here when the time comes.

No. 678141

File: 1562586821441.jpg (30.44 KB, 319x375, 27dzif.jpg)

EU anons be like

No. 678551

don't worry, be happy

No. 678771

File: 1562715752105.png (2.32 MB, 1440x1426, Screenshot_2019-07-10-07-54-32…)

Last picture from Kakao story. Was taken on March 7

No. 678782

That pic is several years old.

No. 678877

Margaret is still there inside the Hwason detention center. She is rejecting to go her homecountry
And this is ridiculous, because even if she stay, nobody will let her do illegal massage business any longer. She'll had to find another way to survive.

No. 678878

Margo is crazy

No. 678884

So sexy yung fraulein with the granny tights.

The Johns don't know that until it's too late, anon.

Even if she stays it means she stays at the detention center, racking up more costs someone will eventually have to pay for. Korean authorities aren't going to set this illegal washed up whore free on their streets just because she refuses to go back to Hungary. They'll handcuff her to her plane seat and sedate her if they have to.

No. 678890

Or she wants to stay closer as possible to Venus, maybe hoping for old days to come back

No. 679032

What typically happens if someone refuses to leave the detention center? Are they kept there indefinitely? At some point Marge has got to be costing the country a lot more than a one-way ticket to Hungary

No. 679080

She’s probably hoping in her deranged mind that if she holds out long enough they’ll give up and set her loose.

No. 679086

Seems like yes. The voice of Refugee Rights Center is very loud these days. And Margo still has her Humanitarian visa holder status
Probably, there will be a court and court will decide what to do with her. But even if allowed to stay, it will cost her freedom because refugee has almost no rights here.

No. 679088

I might be a 'competition' with Venus these days now as well. Oh you live in Japan, I live in Korea!

No. 679187

fucking 't' key

No. 679212

And what a glamorous lifestyle! Lmao

No. 679214

Yes this is not simply refusing. There's something what she's afraid of
She wrote about it in her Statement, and based on this story government issued her a temporary humanitarian visa. For other fake refugees, to get a statement written by someone else, costs up to 10 millions korean won. So she earned, saving on this or if she buyed a lawyer, she spent all her money for humanitarian visa. Too much damage to be simply deported.

No. 679216

she's narcissistic and paranoid, it's an injury to her ego too great to have to go back to europe, and she's invented the demons chasing her.

No. 679486

That's still less than 10,000 in US bucks, her magic number. Regardless of how careful Korea is these days to not commit human rights violations, it's not going to work. They have her number, they know she's a useless old fart who's delusional and only there to try one scam after the next, no bureaucrat will stamp her permission to cost them tax wons forever, because it will end in a crazy unwashed Eurotrash woman homeless and prostituting herself in the streets, VICE will make a documentary about it and Korea doesn't need that kind of publicity. They will dump her in Hungary, it's merely a matter of time.

No. 679494

There volunteers visiting female detainees every 2 weeks, and authorities let them help out and distribute prepaid phone cards, for those in need, on request. Margo is not asking for any help. Maybe she has noone to whom she could call, so it's useless.

No. 679502

Margo thinks she's too good to be living in Europe like a peasant. She doesn't want her family's help to go home.

No. 679506

Or maybe because volunteers are from Christian church, and she's a Jew

No. 679532

sh's not a jew lmao she's just a crazy person

No. 679656

Let's be honest here anon.. if she thought she could benefit from saying she is a devout Christian she would do it.

She's not actually Jewish, she was just pretending to be so she could sneak into the synagogue in Seoul to get free food and meet people she could scam.

No. 679663

If Marge has a humanitarian visa on false pretenses, then can't the Hungarian government intervene and tell them that she's full of shit? Not that they'd want to take someone like her back or are particularly concerned with bad PR like the kind she'd generate pretending to escape persecution

No. 679724


I guess legally they have to take her semi-seriously? I don't know how much South Korea abide by human rights laws but most countries would have some kind of process for disputed cases of asylum and they will have to work through that if she's being difficult (she's definitely going to be difficult). I imagine it's just a matter of time before they handcuff her into her plane seat and send her on her way though.

No. 679754

She has nothing to lose by just hanging on and fighting immigration every step of the way so that’s what she’s gonna do.

No. 679879

she'll owe more money.

No. 679943

Margo lacks the ability to compute these kinds of things. She's a crazy bitch who can barely hold it together long enough to rip people off. I'm sure she's trying to pull some medical bullshit inside that place.

No. 679979

just wondering- is there a possibility that Margo also fears facing legal consequences for selling ex-husband's apartment and tax evasion once she sets a foot in Europe?

No. 679987

Whatever is a reason, seems that she's scared to go back

No. 679988

She's not scared of Hungary, she just doesn't want to give up her "mission" in Korea, she's obsessed with living her "international life" while she waits for Venus' money to come back to her. In Hungary anyone can see she's crazy in 5 seconds.

No. 680009

Exactly. A ‘Hungarian Living In Korea’ has an aspect of glamor and adventure to it. Plus as a white woman in Korea she’s a rarity and “special.” She’ll lose all that when she lands back in Hungary. There she’ll be just another middle-aged broke bitch.

No. 680081

Yes "Hungarian in Hungary" sounds much less intriguing. I wonder what her homecountry consulate thinks about it, they can actually visit her on any day and time despite of rules, but maybe they don't want to get involved.

No. 680108

Fingers crossed. Her getting arrested, charged, and imprisoned in Hungary would be the cherry on the manure pile flambé that's she and her half-witted actions have made of her life.

No. 680112

If they've dealt with her in the past, no one who works there will want to deal with her. Even if they have to go, they'll put it off as long as possible or will send a new hire as a rite of passage. She doesn't make any sense and she's dumb as a rock, it'll be like talking to a tard who thinks they're smarter than everyone else. There's no talking sense into her, even if that is what the Korean side ask the Hungarian embassy to do. Not sure what "I'm not paid enough for this, lunatic wrangling isn't in my job description," sounds like in Hungarian, but that's what they must be muttering to themselves.

No. 680128

It would be cute if so, idk about the apartment situation but Hungary's not going arrest Margo over some unpaid British taxes, which isn't really tax avoidance with a full set of criminal charges, just delinquency.

No. 680283

It's actually defamation complaint, not slandering. Almost same though. She did some false statements, which injured one's honor and it is kind of crime in Korea. It usually causes a fine, compensation with interest. A fine for non-Koreans may lead to deportation.
If Margo is thinking that being a white foreigner, she can be more privileged here in Korea, she is deeply mistaken.

No. 680351

If the appartment of her ex-husband was in Hungary, yes

No. 680362

She is of jewish descendent allright, her father at least is jewish, but for someone to be jewish the mother must be one, so I am not sure what her status is,
Also my own biological father is a romanian jew and my mother is hungarian, I don't think myself as jewish becouse I am baptised, not really know my father and grew up in a catholic home, I think beeing jew is more of a cultural thing .

No. 680379


Her family are all Christian and her DNA test showed she had no Jewish ancestry. She made no efforts to convert to judaism beyond eating their free food at Chabad, she was a Satanist for years before she wanted to capitalise on Jewish hospitality and using her fake Jewish status to claim she was discriminated against.

No. 680397

>>her father at least is jewish,
Where are you getting that from? Both her parents are churchy Christians, not a Jew in sight.

No. 680422

No he's from - and lives - in Switzerland. We have a list of old threads linked in the OP that you can read.

If you met Margo in person and believed her bullshit, I'm sorry for you. There's nothing Jewish about her - she's simply a crazy person.

No. 680499

She's not Jewish, but even if she were, it doesn't even matter. Budapest is still a top tourist and expat destination for Ashkenazi jews and as an EU resident she could easily just move a couple of countries over if she found herself in any trouble. She was never being persecuted, she's just a grifter

No. 680549

yet Margo will claim that she fleed from Hungary bc her family are christian extremists and her dottir is a psycho atheist, therefore her life is in danger (which obviously is ridiculous, but the river kappa isn't exactly the brightest person)

No. 680572

So she's fake refugee, right.

No. 680575

yes correct. she has no grounds for her application. she can live freely in the EU with no persecution.

No. 680577

I'd actually met two of Yemeni refugees last week on occasion, it was surprisingly good experience. I guess that real refugees are something like the special people in their homecountry. But Margo has no right to become a legal refugee in Korea, for sure.

No. 680592

I still don't really understand why she doesn't go back to the EU. It's not like she can go back and stalk Venus anytime soon. In Korea she's a homeless hag that prostitutes herself, if she went back, she'd get healthcare at the very least and probably be able to get unemployment (if not an actual job, not that Margo would last/be willing).

No. 680593

I think it's just every easy for people to see she's crazy, like what happed when she visited Jassy in Hamburg. She couldn't cope for very long, I think her mental health is pretty bad and her family would need to do an intervention. In Japan and Korea she could rely upon a social system with codes of politeness to be accepted, even if she acts crazy.

No. 680605

Margo is not an EU Blue card holder, which is permit for highly-qualified workers and can never get one in future, because she is simply uneducated and unskilled old woman. So her moving to Europe doesn't make sense

No. 680672

>>she has no grounds for her application
Plus I would assume that the average asylum-seeker/refugee has not lived in Korea for years, first under a tourist visa which was renewed multiple times followed by a student visa which expired when they “graduated.”

Poor old marge. I’m sure it all makes sense inside her addled brain. Why doesn’t the rest of the world see it??

No. 680766

You don't need a blue card if you're a citizen of an EU country, which Marge is. She could probably move to an EU country with a cozy social safety net like Finland and live out the rest of her days in relative comfort. She either doesn't want to go back because she got herself involved in something shady or doesn't want to give up on her Oriental Dream. Or both

No. 680872

well only she knows and apparently YOU, which would mean you're the one planning on suing her?

No. 680880

No. 680889


No. 680891

Maybe she can apologize. Will see

No. 680895

She was born in the EU, she's a citizen, wtf are you smoking. Who keeps posting the random made up Margo facts here?

No. 680920

im just curious: where in the world did you think marge is from, if not somewhere in europe? haven't you heard her heavy accent and garbled english?

No. 680933

I know she's from Hungary, just didn't know it's a member of EU since 2004.

No. 680935

can you top stating "facts" like "she's not a blue card holder" please. it's misleading the thread.

also if you're the same person who told us she's jewish on her father's side. another untruth.

No. 680948

Another farmer. Ok no probs

No. 681407

Why exactly would you sue her? Are you the korean anon who reported her to immigration in the first place?And if you are, don't you think enough is enough? I mean she's already detained, so anything more is bordering on vindictive obsession.

No. 681474

I'm doing research and would like to see a result, nothing private

No. 681595

As if Marge of all fucking people is deserving of mercy. She is a cancerous, awful person with no hope of redemption that has been absolutely terrible to every person to cross her path. Korean Anon, sue the shit out of her. Someone needs to make her have a consequence for once in her life.

No. 681694

File: 1563386868234.jpeg (433.4 KB, 1047x1632, 65EABBBD-88FD-4CE1-8808-8600C2…)

grandpa Ferenc confirmed to be playing on Team Marge. Proud of his daughter’s accomplishments! She may be on her way back home to Hungary and her loving family soon.

(I don’t know what ‘mission prison’ might mean.)

No. 681699

File: 1563387259314.jpeg (115.5 KB, 1029x712, 187B70DA-4453-40B1-B193-5BD34C…)

He confirms in comments that he’s talking about his daughter, not his wife. Both have the same name.

ol’ marge playing them like a violin now that she needs them.

No. 681712

Can any Hungarian anons tell me how to phonetically pronounce his first and last name? I'm saying Frank Konz in my head and I know that's not right

No. 681718

Well, it's a book about people who were in prison, so probably that's what "mission prison" stands for.

The irony, margo "translating" a book about former inmates. Translating obviously didnt't make her get the content.

No. 681771

Google says: Meeting with "Knackis" and their friends


TV reports are nothing new to them: The team of the Vulnerability Assistance Crossroads has a lot to offer. They represent a "nerdology" with an amazing success rate. They send retirees and students to male and female sex as interlocutors for offenders; they know here and there a manufacturer who busts the laid-off; they go with those who have been made redundant to those who have been harmed and offer reparation …. grandmothers visit the young men, and those who have been released from the prison are joined by prisoners after the execution - of which all this is told: disarming loyalty and betrayal; patience and the knowledge that there is help for all those at risk.
Short reports, autobiographical, situation descriptions

No. 681775

It was written in 1992, no data available in English language but was translated into Hungarian.. ? Book price is 1€ and 2.5€ including delivery

No. 681777

File: 1563400766264.png (343.6 KB, 1440x1920, Screenshot_2019-07-18-06-27-16…)

No. 681837

It's like Ference Konce but the 'r' is flipped and the 'o' is more pronounced/harder.
Wow, Venus is reaching out? I wonder if it's sincere or if she just wants something out of them

No. 681840

It was about his instagram post where he tagged her @venus_angelic to invite her to stay at his new vacation house in Hungary- hopefully to politely decline the invitation and ask him nicely to leave her the fuck alone and quit tagging her.

No. 681851

There's no point though, unless you are an equally sick, vindictive asshole. Koreananon has already taken everything from marge. Her right to stay in korea, her business, her home, her Asian dream. She has nothing now, not even money. What is even the point of suing her. She might be awful but koreananon doesn't seem much better to me.

No. 681863

Koreaanon seems vicious, but we don't know Margo's history with them, and while I personally don't believe in karma Margo meeting a person like this seems very fitting. I hope she feels uncomfortable, and it sounds like she has reason to keep worrying. Good.

No. 681873

Your handwringing over poor marge who has LOST EVERYTHING is laughable.

No. 681892

Something happened recently, it triggered Marge to contact her family

No. 681910

she probably has an idea that her appeal isn't going to work for much longer.

but Ferenc's post means nothing, he's most likely making fun of her for being in prison. it's his style.

No. 681977

I can't wait for her to be out of jail, I feel it will herald a new dawn of BOOLIES and margo's top tips about prison life. Everything she has done so far makes me think she's going to handle this with a complete lack of grace or humility.

No. 681979

>>Ferenc's post means nothing, he's most likely making fun of her for being in prison.

he’s posted in the past about his wife being involved in some sort of counseling/support services for prisoners, likely religion-based since they’re bible verse-spouting Christians. I think that’s what that book was about and what his “mission prison” comment referred to. (He speaks very little English so there’s a language barrier too.)

No. 681983

FUCKING THIS. This awful woman singlehandedly ruined her child's life probably forever, she's certainly saddled her with a lifetime of hang-ups and an eating disorder at the very least. She's stolen from Hamburg Jassy who did nothing but try to help and support her. She's bullied (ha, her fav word) countless girls on the internet, she's a tax evader, she's a law breaker, she's fucking scum. She is truly a cow deserving of real world punishment after a lifetime of scraping by with no real consequence.

No. 681990

Not possible though: Finnish social benefits are fully available only for Finns. If you are coming from abroad you need to earn a certain amount to be able to benefit from them. Finding a job is pretty hard if you dont speak Finnish and her education seems to be poor. I doubt she is up to hard work and low payment. I also highly doubt her ability to study in Finland for more than two years to get some pretty low student benefits. If social benefits were available to every EU citizen with no restrictions the system wouldn't simply work.

No. 682000

Can't agree about Asian dream. Everyone knows how bad sales and business is lately. All the policies from the current Leftist Korean President has unemployment going up and people trying to save $$ so even for locals it's extremely difficult to become successful, not saying about human garbage like tax evader or fucking scam

No. 682020

Venus is bonkers. I'm not a Pulltarad to rip on her or a supporter, but the kid is clearly a little out of her mind and as >>681983 said, it's because of her mother. Venus may crash and burn being in Japan and only there because of her relationship, so family reaching out can't be bad.

No. 682034

>>family reaching out can't be bad

Uh, yeah it can be bad, when the “family” is a creepy bible-thumping ‘family is everything!’ old man who has obviously embraced and welcomed back to the family his prodigal daughter marge. fuck outta here with that “family is good” crap.

No. 682113

Margaret is now asking to leave her alone, and it seems she still can not understand the issue why she was investigated. She's claiming that report was fabricated and everything is fake. I'm actually satisfied if she apologize for the mental damage she'd caused but this woman is totally not able to understand what is going on and why she'd been reported and detained. Playing a 'victim' card again

No. 682114

This is always the way with Margo.
If Korea doesn't deport her now, they're stupid.

No. 682120

She doesn’t understand that it’s illegal to run an online business and exchange services for money without a work visa in Korea? Seems pretty straightforward to me.

No. 682121

Who is she “asking to leave her alone,” Korean immigration? LOL

No. 682154

File: 1563512933292.png (132.37 KB, 1439x784, Screenshot_2019-07-19-14-04-54…)

No. 682169

File: 1563524919917.jpg (136.15 KB, 1736x362, margo.jpg)

Om / KoreaAnon tidbit from KF

No. 682172

It was actually "Watch your mouth.". Not aggressively, like "Watch your mouth!"

No. 682180

Based savage Fonz.

>i wonder how many such victims you have
It's not likely Korean anon gets attacked by batshit crazies like maggot all the time, so it's only you, mags, you unique cuntwaffle of flaming lunacy. No one stalked her, Korean anon just got even, and good for her (?).

No. 682181



No. 682183

No. 682184

File: 1563538600185.png (2.29 MB, 1440x2430, Screenshot_2019-07-19-21-05-56…)

No. 682185

File: 1563538635753.png (268.1 KB, 1440x2487, Screenshot_2019-07-19-21-06-04…)

No. 682186

File: 1563538665106.png (370.31 KB, 1439x2457, Screenshot_2019-07-19-21-06-13…)

No. 682187

File: 1563538690827.png (383.17 KB, 1440x2460, Screenshot_2019-07-19-21-06-21…)

No. 682188

File: 1563538714039.png (344.38 KB, 1435x2463, Screenshot_2019-07-19-21-06-27…)

No. 682192

God I hope this means she lapsed on the payments since being in jail and all that stuff has been tossed in the garbage by the storage company. Serves her right.

No. 682193

It was in 2017

No. 682195

The legendary washing machine!

This is old milk though. It's been posted.

No. 682196

Oh i thought it's new

No. 682199

we documented pretty much everything margo posted when she was active, the list of past threads is in the OP

No. 682201

I just finished second thread

No. 682232

>>Please leave me alone after almost 2.5 years of stalking.
Lol. This from one of the most prolific and obsessed stalkers of all time. Fucking psycho.

No. 682272

Oh I know that, I'm just saying since she's in jail now with zero income at all I hope she lapsed on payments and that shit has been tossed

No. 682291

So she lost everything, right

No. 682293

If she can't pay then her storage units in Japan and the Nerherlands will be auctioned like shown in this video. Would be funny if a farmer wins any of her units.

No. 682295

Sounds interesting! Do you know what her storage company name by any chance? It would be great to ask them what happened with washing machine, on behalf of Margo

No. 682325

Is this a recent email?

No. 682337

No. 682449

This picture is sad. If back then Peter had put up a bigger fight to get custody, or say, a bit extreme but worth it to save a child from a lunatic, if he had fed maggot to pigs then Venus would have had a shot at a normal life, instead of ending up traumatized and probably severely mentally ill herself. Poor kid.

No. 682453

I was pretty much shocked yesterday after reading her story on Gofundme campaign, it's written in different way from her usual language and i wonder why nobody donated, maybe she closed campaign right after creating it or what she's saying there, simply isn't true.

>>682325 before she never used words like Dear, Sincerely, Please, Best regards.

The latest one was received yesterday.

No. 682464

He really let Venus down by letting her go, and it seems like he doesn't care what happens to her even now.

Guys, I'm sure Margo lost the Netherlands storage some time ago since she couldn't raise the money. Or else she still gets her mother to pay it. This thread is getting as wacky as the inside of Margo's brain with the false claims and the old milk. Let's stay with what's current: >>682154

No. 682470

Since July 17 this year every foreigner have to get a medical insurance and pay monthly average bill of 113,000₩ for that. There's a few nuances depending on what date was the latest entry. In general if a foreign resident stayed more than 6 month, he had to pay for the whole period since last entry. I think it sucks.
In case if she want to stay and wouldn't pay for insurance, next time her Humanitarian visa can not be extended.

There's less strict rules about insurance program only for international students and marriage immigrants. So if she can't pay fir the whole period, she has to enroll a language course and then it will be applied start from the day when she'll officially becomes a student. In both cases she needs a lot of money to stay in Korea on legal basis, so literally Margaret is fucked up again

No. 682472

File: 1563609037213.jpg (483 KB, 1920x1680, inCollage_20190720_164905939-1…)

Oh well language course students have to pay an average, only degree students pay half. Sorry Marg

No. 682495

All her proofs are lost, and to pile some karma on top of karma, Korean anon keeps bringing the zingers and might not even realize it. From one of their recent posts on KF:
>This place is simply a storage, where they temporarily put people before being deported.
I would like to see mag's face when she realizes she's in storage, abandoned, like an old rusty washing machine no one wants.

And she will have to pay up for that eventually since Korea isn't going to auction her off and no one would want her anyway.

No. 682499

The last hurrah is when Margo has to pay for her own storage.

No. 682527

>I wonder how many such victims you have.

You really don't need to know that. Mind your business, Margo

No. 682630

File: 1563665553782.png (1.96 MB, 1439x2130, Screenshot_2019-07-21-08-30-43…)

New photo on Ferenc's IG

No. 682778

Noemi is about the same age as Venus, right? It’s so sad that Margaret will never experience a normal family event like this and she did nothing to secure her own future or Venus’ . She just expected to keep scamming her way through countries or live off of Venus forever.

No. 682847

Am I the only person genuinely worried about Margo's pet leeches?

No. 682881

They're dead, Jim.

No. 683384

File: 1563899080355.png (181.45 KB, 836x586, Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 17.2…)

Ferenc continuing to make weird posts about Margo - I guess he did a gene test too.

No. 683606

But why and how? How did he get her dna when she's been gone for years?

Total conjecture, but is it possible they're trying to deport her, and desperate maggot's like reeeeee I'm a Jew and I don't know those people, they stole me I'm a legit refugee. And Fonz and old Margit are like, nope, that nutty one is ours too, and the Hungarian and Korean government got together to get the DNA tested to prove they're her parents and deporting her to the right place? Any anons who read Hungarian?

No. 683677

I'm not familiar with the whole Dna test thing, but if he did one from the same company as margo they probably have a database where you can see/find family members who also did the test.

No. 683723


When you sign up to DNA testing services they automatically match you up with other people who they have tested - apparently people have randomly discovered their real parents this way.

According to a kiwifarms user Margo was claiming her father was not her real dad, her "real" dad was a jew and this is her father disproving that for the Korean authorities.

I can't recall her claiming he wasn't her real dad though so no idea if that's true.

No. 683854

So she betrayed her real Father for becoming a SK refugee. I don't think she'll get a warm welcome when going back

No. 683907

Oh I think she’ll get a warm welcome back to the FAMILY in Hungary. Ferenc has been posting on instagram about Venus’s “sweet mother” and how proud he was of marge for translating some book from German to Hungarian. Marge clearly has the fam snowed. They’re waiting for their Prodigal Daughter to return to them just like in the bible.

No. 684015

are you new?

No. 684053

isn't "having a jewish mother" what actually counts to be considered a legit jewish, tho?

No. 684082

just because he posts that margo translated a prison book means nothing more than a "joke" to him. he also posted his children minus margo and reaches out to venus instead.

trust margo to have no clue about this

No. 684098

As far as i can remember, Margaret bought her cheap dna testing kit from online store, like Amazon

No. 684106

File: 1564050582739.png (231.25 KB, 1536x1650, IMG_2434.PNG)

No. 684109

Askenazi zsido 3,2% what does it mean?

No. 684116

More or less Eastern European jew. It's incredibly common to have trace amounts of Jewish DNA in that part of the world.

No. 684139

File: 1564064625019.png (332.82 KB, 1440x2288, Screenshot_2019-07-25-22-46-02…)

No. 684140

File: 1564064648782.png (210.79 KB, 1440x1920, Screenshot_2019-07-25-22-44-22…)

No. 684141

Ferenc wrote a poem about Margo.

No. 684145

No. 684280


the sentence doesn't really makes sense, but i'll try to translate
>>just so they don't think it's about me, because the one it's written about is 40 years old
horrible grammar btw

No. 684282

Ferenc put "I sell all my forty years" instead of original "twenty years".

No. 685208

File: 1564329056194.jpg (257.41 KB, 1365x2048, FB_IMG_1564328681826.jpg)

Someone said they saw her at Närcon this weekend. Or they just looked alike idk

No. 685219


maybe you're autistic and suffer from face blindness but that's definitely not marge

No. 685220

is this supposed to be a joke? she has no money and shes still stuck in a korean detention center awaiting the day she's sent back to hungary

No. 686487

File: 1564742742889.png (2.82 MB, 1440x1966, Screenshot_2019-08-02-19-42-01…)

Marge is not there.

No. 686498

Is this Marge's mother in the chair? My god they look the same age. How in the world does Marge look more haggard than her own mother? I mean yes, hobo lifestyle, but to this degree??

No. 686572

Yes that’s marge’s mother.

No. 686695

marge's mom looks pretty young for her age damn. she's in her 60s at least right?

I'm surprised they didn't have marge join. no matter what she's like, she's still their daughter, unless she did like something super duper bad to them or she's the one who refuses to see them. Her parents seem equally as petty as her tbh. It's like they're taunting her – buy a house for venus when marge is in need of a place, mention a prison book marge translated when marge is detained LOL. I know it's marge, but they really seem like shit parents

No. 686881

Marge joining would mean she would have to leave South Korea and as we have all seen now, she would rather live in an immigrant detention center than leaving SK.

No. 687052

File: 1564907854880.jpg (526.68 KB, 1078x1696, 1564907647281.jpg)

Wasn't she supposed to be in a detention center?

No. 687061


Bitch never fails to look like a Junji Ito character lmao

No. 687076


Snow app working overtime smoothing out all her wrinkles and adding fake eyelashes

No. 687077

1. it's an old picture and she is later-posting
2. she's not in korea
3. she appealed her deportation order, maintained her claim that she is a refugee and has been let out while her case is undergoing investigation.

No. 687082

Looks unnatural, like photoshoped picture

No. 687086

No family, no friends. Only fans and followers left

No. 687120

"she's not in korea"
Where in the world is she and how do you know?

No. 687132

ntayrt but I think those are just various ideas of what could be going on. No definite statements.

No. 687157

File: 1564942124015.jpg (90.08 KB, 1080x341, Screenshot_20190804-105557_Chr…)

Apparently she used Venus' hashtag before editing it out

If she is out, you know she's headed straight for Venus's meetup if she can get into Japan.

No. 687374

File: 1564982640581.jpeg (75.93 KB, 932x477, 4CB4D99F-653E-489F-BB40-BBB725…)

“fans and followers”
21 hours later - 188 likes and 22 ‘welcome back’ comments
after a 4 month absence from SM
LOL Why does she continue to publicly humiliate herself like this?

No. 687376

they wouldn't let her out while investigating her refugee status, that's for sure. she probably got sent back to hungary.

No. 687406

hope to god this isn't true, gives me the creeps just considering this because it is in no way an outlandish idea when it comes to Maragret… i could see her doing exactly this.

No. 687420

File: 1564999097099.jpg (988.08 KB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190805_185812545.j…)

Picture is fake

No. 687428

File: 1565002014890.jpg (202.63 KB, 1919x1679, inCollage_20190805_194644581-1…)

No. 687457

Are you new to Margo, anon?

No. 687462

Yes, why?(learn2sage)

No. 687464

huh that's pretty obvious
margo always edits the hell out of her selfies.

No. 688019

she didn't visit her at narcon so i doubt it

No. 688106

File: 1565149081720.png (1.53 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190806-233802.png)

No. 688130

Is this shade at Marge? Or another one of venus's weird posts.

No. 688144

something tells me both

No. 688154

Not sure what to make of that, but it's possible the maggot regularly abused Venus as a kid for wondering about her dad. It happens, kids wonder why most other kids have a dad in addition to a mom, especially when they're stuck with a trainwreck mom. Whatever it means, if it pushes maggot's buttons and sends her into a narcissistic rage, good for V.

No. 688338

I think she pushing margi's face into her own shit. V probably learned how to answer to her narc mom.

No. 688352

Sage for venusposting, but she made a video two or three days ago explaining why she took a break from YT. She said that she has been in the spotlight for the most of her life and growing up "her family home wasn't in the best situation", so she took some time off to heal her scars and get some professional help.

So yeah, I think she is taking stabs at her shit mom - and possibly dad.

No. 688381

File: 1565223029076.png (5.25 MB, 1242x2208, 8c820a788a17a1a2f20ec35c903945…)

it was originally captioned as something else that an anon posted on the venus thread. i don't think it's shade at her mom and if it is, then venus is a piece of shit constantly pulling the victim card for internet pity

No. 688427

According to a knowledgeable source, marge would need a Guarantor before Korean immigration would release her pending results of a deportation appeal.

>>She need a Guarantor for that, and if anything goes wrong guarantor have to take all responsibility. So i don't think if she was let out. There is 2 options, she is refusing to go home or waiting for the Court. Out of curiosity, i can ask about her, but not sure when exactly.

No. 688430

And since the likelihood of that happening is infinitessimally small (who does marge know that would agree to that? NO ONE) she is likely still in detention, and made that creepy instagram post from the detention facility.

No. 688437

venus is allowed to let fly at her mother and father, they're scum, both of them. but venus is also pretty unstable right now, and may live to regret this in some way, not out of respect for her shitty parents, but for herself?

100% margo's sitting there in jail and refusing to budge, she's a crazy bitch with no thought for strategy. petition to send her an opened jar of manic panic hair colour.

No. 688548

File: 1565282051760.jpeg (465.48 KB, 1518x1964, B2AF5EB7-E059-462D-B753-B06745…)

So Marge’s TOTALLY LEGIT cash-only “massage” website is for sale.

No. 688658

RIP outcallmassageseoul. No more cheap hotel room “massages.”

No. 688693

What a bitch.

No. 688708

She's only gonna accept 10,000 USD I'll bet

No. 688802

what was her father supposed to do? apparently poor, "selling vegetables on the market" according to marge. courts favor mothers in custody cases and marge left the country. parent alienation was bound to happen. not much the dude could do. it was the same for my father when my narc mom divorced. he tried a bit but it was futile. can't really judge her dad. and "letting fly" at her parents online for internet pity (and money via some of her vids) makes her an equally petty asshole. no different from marge, zsu etc. garnering for internet pity and even using her drama to make money is disgusting. but she has them marge genes so what can one expect?

so if she's selling it maybe she's not in Korea anymore and has been deported? curious.

No. 688819

Yes it is possible. She has now unlimited access to internet and also redesigned website for selling, it takes more than 30 minutes per day/3 days a week. She mught be out from country now

No. 688822


Venus tried to contact her father a couple times after she left Margo but he accused her of calling for superficial reasons like her mother, he thought she was going to ask for money. This prompted Margo to prank call venus's father's mother pretending to be someone else (I can't remember who).

No. 688823


he could have started by not sticking his dick in crazy but ya know… too late now. Even if he’s poor he’s still a shit person for shutting her down when she reached out. Venus has a fucked up life and now she’s lashing out, let’s give her until 25 to sort her shit out at least.

No. 688827

Pretending to be a cop

No. 688859

File: 1565372405019.png (250.91 KB, 1525x2134, 1565307523696.png)

Koreananon contacted marge again about buying her website and posted screenshots on KF

No. 688860

File: 1565372434046.png (341.2 KB, 1439x1964, Screenshot_2019-08-08-19-28-54…)

No. 688861

File: 1565372619794.png (135.48 KB, 504x723, 3.png)

No. 688889

No offence, But I think this Koreananon is really going to the extreme here.

No. 688891

Honestly? I'm here for it. The extremes she's gone to on others means I'm enjoying watching her comeuppance in real time. It's about time she pissed off the wrong person.

No. 688905

I love korea anon. She gets what she deserves

No. 688913

I offered her 10 (ten) USD for domain.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 688920

this is not your personal blog

No. 688974

He's not some poverty-stricken peasant, anon. He's a farm owner in Switzerland, a wealthy place. Margo just talked down on his livelihood because she thought she was too good for it. He thought Venus was after his money because he has money to be after.

No. 688992

File: 1565424890781.jpg (646.74 KB, 1080x1569, 123.jpg)

New post, I don't think it's taken in Korea.

No. 689002

She definitely couldn't stay the heat inside detention. It's hot

No. 689013

File: 1565442916405.png (506.6 KB, 1349x635, descarga.png)


Margo came up with a new scam scheme business: fashion stylist

No. 689016

Isn't it an old business? There's no update for long ago

No. 689017

>worked 6 years as a stylist and celebrity manager
im crying laughing. spinning being the mom of venus into this

No. 689018

>European GIRL
>6 years as stylist and celebrity manager

Oh, boy. Does she also promise to send you into a downward spiral and stalk you until you die?

No. 689031

Would be a pity if someone buys it when it expires and turns it into a tell-all expose of margot's concentrated crazy.

Ditto. Like every narc, she thought she was untouchable, and along comes Koreanon and puts her in jail like it's nothing.

Someone should share her Lotte Boratkini video with her prospective clients. Also that time she got dreads and looked like a slutty Predator.

No. 689064

well i don't blame him too much if he thought that (assuming that venus wasn't lying when she said that), given that margaret apparently scammed him and his daughter hadn't contacted him the entire time (marge probs didn't allow it but he wouldn't know that), and then she contacts him out of the blue. Maybe the first time she called he wasn't even aware of the drama? (though I assume at some point zsu told him just like she did to the grandma after marge called). And of course he'd be weary given v was raised by marge so I give him the benefit of the doubt. And he's definitely not wealthy. Maybe not poverty-stricken, but certainly not wealthy af. Also, we don't know if venus currently talks to any of them. Apparently she messaged ferenc.

margaret made her video in revenge i believe, after venus uploaded her vid: "calling my dad" which she used as, a)jab at margo (understandable but petty) b)to make money using her family drama (which is reprehensible and could have been done in private non-yt vid format), so marge called pretending to be a cop to get dirt on venus (there was mention of venus stealing and/or wanting a house).

No. 689065

Wouldn't this be an old business? I haven't followed all her "businesses". Or does it mean marge is out and working again?

No. 689074

1975.03.07 is this GIRL's real Birth date lol

No. 689152

Margo is back on Youtube as well, she re-uploaded the venus my strange addiction episode yesterday

No. 689162

Now Margo will be checking all gossip sites around to know about what is Venus up to, since they lost their direct relationship. This is way a too harsh punishment for a parent. Karma is a bitch.

No. 689166

File: 1565524165565.jpg (203.36 KB, 1143x1013, margo.jpg)

she seems to have some internet access in prison? interesting though.

No. 689168

It seems she's out from there

No. 689169

File: 1565524488419.jpg (48.67 KB, 1438x194, margo.jpg)

she reinstated enough videos to reacquire 1.2mil views

she's got all her videos referencing venus up again , I thought venus made her take them down?

No. 689171

File: 1565524592785.jpg (1.67 MB, 1470x5043, margo.jpg)

crazy bitch

is this koreaanon?

No. 689172

Yes. Bitch is outside

No. 689173

File: 1565525112026.jpg (21.01 KB, 475x746, margo.jpg)

This is not good news.

She can easily go to Japan if she has any money and a current passport, as an EU citizen she'll get a free visa on her way in. She also knows who you are, Koreaanon.

Pic taken from the KF thread, Margo has pulled the Airbnb ad.

No. 689174

I wish she's out from Korea. That's all I care

No. 689178

We care that she doesn't hurt anybody. If she's inside Korea she might hurt you or try to break into your place. If she's in Japan she could do the same to Venus (she's tried before).

No. 689179

Thank you, I'm safe. I also hope Japan will not let her in, so Venus can live her life. There are so many countries where she can go easily, i just read a dozen of reviews from Air bnb hosts 2011-2016, before she closed her account, and mostly reviews are saying about how nice and polite person she is. Good thing we have "cyberbullying websites" so everyone can easily know evil's real face.
In Korea, no future for refugee. I hope she finally realized it and took her ass somewhere else.

No. 689181

Any idea why they wouldn't automatically send her back to Hungary?

No. 689182

I'm with you. Why hold her and then let her go?

No. 689183

Maybe received a notice on non-recognition of refugee status, idk

No. 689184

Japan will let her in with no problem since she's an EU citizen and they have an agreement.

Wow, Korea is really shit about this, they should deport to the home country.

No. 689185

Seems she only need a valid Hungarian passport for it.

No. 689194


Could she not just be changing the privacy settings? it wouldn't not require much time/internet to do it?

No. 689195

File: 1565534827111.png (1.99 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-08-11-23-36-07…)

Well Margo didn't appear, so everything went ok but look at this eyes. Is it just me or it's not like "Party mood" at all.

No. 689196

File: 1565534904405.png (3.52 MB, 1440x2384, Screenshot_2019-08-11-23-40-06…)

Margo isn't there.

No. 689208

Of fucking course she wouldn't be there, anon. And even if margrot showed up, Wenoos wouldn't allowed her in.

>that pic
lmao hope no one of these losers becomes Mana's replacement

No. 689232

She removed the privacy settings on all other videos, but def. reuploaded the TLC episode.

No. 689286

Thankfully it seems Margo had no time or no money to try this.

I wonder where she is. Hopefully not in Korea still, since she knows the identity of her masseur competition who got her put in jail.

No. 689317

She posted another fake on IG, i wonder why all her recent pics are only a half-body. It's also an extremely raining weather today, so i doubt if this pic was taken in Seoul.

No. 689337

File: 1565583738515.png (611.22 KB, 933x595, anon this is an image board, y…)

No. 689386

File: 1565600432249.png (313.59 KB, 1439x2243, Screenshot_2019-08-12-15-51-59…)

No. 689387

File: 1565600573744.png (320.39 KB, 1440x1901, Screenshot_2019-08-12-18-02-33…)

She found it in the park during last month

No. 689388

This is 100% not korean mushroom.

No. 689438

She said there's ten kilos, you don't talk in kilos when gathering stuff in nature unless you're going to eat it. As it turns out, Eastern Europe has loads of edible mushrooms growing in the wild. Is she earning her keep and at her parents?

Most common mushrooms in Korea for eating indeed do not look like that: http://bburikitchen.com/koreas-most-common-mushrooms

She's just playing coy about being booted back to the fatherland.

No. 689506

File: 1565642472799.jpg (102.83 KB, 1019x506, IMG_2455.JPG)

Jobs für Alpaca Farm?

No. 689545

Did she got a job at alpaca farm, to clean alpaca's shit?

No. 689552

A lot of shit gets used to grow mushrooms in. I might be off about her being in Hungary, but would be pissed at Korean authorities if they didn't ship this crazy bitch back to where she came from.

No. 689575

Marge is most likely in Hungary or some other country. I looked up alpaca farms/zoos in Korea and Hungary and the pic she posted looks nothing like Alpaca world in Korea. She's also being really careful to avoid showing too much of the surroundings, so looks like she isn't in korea anymore

If she's at her parents, ferenc might make an insta post so keep your eyes peeled (unless marge explicitly told him not to)

Doesn't mean she takes the pic the same day she posts it. It could be days, or weeks old for all we know

of course it's not party mood. She only hosted the "party" for money. next is the youtube video for even more money of the same thing. then the livestream and possible donations for even more money where she's going to wear that hideous sailor venus suit again because dancing around in a dumb cosplay and getting paid is so much easier than actual work. she also plans on making her fans pay 10 dollars to hear updates about herself/life. it's very margo-like of her.

No. 689618

Alpaca is rare animal in Korea. Nobody will let her go inside the ceiling to feed and touch animal until she's not an owner of alpaca or regular staff there. Old bitch is too used to play a game with her own rules. Hopefully no more ever if she was really kicked out. She should go post some sceneries of motherland Hungary or full size picture if they didn't cut her legs in detention

No. 689622

Looks like Amanita virosa aka Death Angel this may be the end of our trip with Marg. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.

No. 689656

If Margo is at any noticeable destination, she would post about it immediately once being released, but guess she's at her father's countryside. No IKEA, no Daiso, nothing

No. 689662

File: 1565709938758.png (26.99 KB, 566x358, venus angelic.png)

Just got this email from vimeo alerting me that the copy I made of Venus Angelic's Bodyline video from 6 fucking years ago got taken down today. I censored the private info but it said the DMCA order was from venusangelic@gmail.com which I believe Margo has had control over for a bit, yeah? Seems weird that it came out of nowhere all of a sudden and from a Swedish address.

No. 689664

Marge 100% has control of that email, so Switzerland occupancy confirmed?

No. 689665


I'm pretty sure Marge still controls that email address along with venusangelic.com

No. 689701

That is indeed the email Mags controls and refused to relinquish to Venus when she left. I wonder if Ferenc and Margitka convinced Zsusa to take Maggot in out of family obligations.

No. 689730

Venus posted a video about her sexlife and she is shading marge.
She says that it's because of the abuse from Marge that she's now into bdsm kek

No. 689734

Margo got her old wig back, so it means they gave her time before being imprisoned. She packed her belongings and it was kept in jail storage unit, until she was released. So she took her money from the bank, too. Probably Ferenc sent her some extra just for not being back to Hungary and go somewhere else like Switzerland. But Switzerland is very expensive country, and what can she do for living there, going with fake masseuse ads again

No. 689736

File: 1565740623051.jpg (648.62 KB, 1242x1822, IMG_6378.jpg)

And Marge is sharing her wisdom. Seems like everything is back to normal with her.

No. 689737

File: 1565741049424.jpg (1.3 MB, 895x5047, marge.jpg)

No. 689742

I hope Margo starts offering naturopathy services next.

No. 689750

holy crap she looks and sounds so different. not bad, but I haven't been following her since she escaped Margo so it's jarring to see the kawaii shit dropped. I feel so sad about how badly Margo fucked her up.

No. 689838

File: 1565772577270.png (2.21 MB, 1439x1848, Screenshot_2019-08-14-17-45-29…)

No. 689865

so you think she got a good job at a zoo because she took a picture with an alpaca. riiiight.

No. 689881


Would be funny if she did get a job at the zoo shovelling shit all day.

No. 689884

I'm not sure about the job, but guess she cropped a picture because there were some people in background.

No. 689898

File: 1565795968421.png (645.47 KB, 837x538, screenshot-www.instagram.com-2…)

>I had so much fun at the detention center!!

No. 689902

Her hair is longer or is it a wig??

No. 689909

It’s a wig she used for Chabad of South Korea.

No. 689915

File: 1565801437619.jpg (104.53 KB, 550x550, BeautyPlus_20190814184817640_s…)

> dividing us

Böse dottir has ruined Margi's romance with Manake! Weenoos, you psyshopathen booly!

No. 689935

Here we go…

No. 689941

What the fuck is she talking about and what the fuck is up with the filter she is filming with?

She came back from Korean detention even more nuts than before

No. 689953

File: 1565812132417.png (1.23 MB, 1004x872, Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 3.48…)

Gorgeous Beautiful A Legend

No. 689955

lmao she's using the facetune app's video recorder, with the brighten eyes + smooth skin + whiten teeth + shrink nose options set to max.

No. 689958

File: 1565812583672.png (104.1 KB, 246x258, Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 3.55…)

Oh, and one of the makeup options. I thought these were her gums (lmfao) but it's her natural lip color, she's moving her mouth so weirdly to show the white teeth that the virtual red lipstick is going awol

No. 689959

Oh God, the filter keeps slipping and lagging. Making her look demonic.

No. 689967

Peak derangement, i'm loving it! I also have no fucking idea what she's talking about or why but i'm enjoying the milk. She seems like she's on heavy sedatives but we all know that's just Margo trying to contain her own crazy and, in true Margo fashion, failing miserably.

No. 689972

the cutesy voice omfg

No. 689996

File: 1565818479050.jpg (107.45 KB, 1399x484, marge.JPG)


lol at the video recommendation
but seriously, this some uncanny valley shit. Bitch looks rough and I feel like she aged so much recently.

No. 689999

Is it the filter, or does she actually look that sickly thin?

No. 690013

I mean it's the filter but I'd imagine she lost a good bit of weight in prison

No. 690014

As can be seen on IG photos, she is actually this thin. Thanks to that her wrinkles and nostrils are bigger than ever, filter can't hide those. Well it's not easy to gain weight eating only rice and fermented reddish constantly for more than 3 months. Maggot is definitely in someone's house as always, and this is not Korea for sure. So good no need to confirm with detention anymore. I just wonder why this broken bitch didn't left within 2 weeks after being arrested, as normal people usually do. Anyway good to know its finally happened

No. 690018

I think she lost some weight at the immigration center too. Not even the ridiculous filter in the video can hide how saggy cheeks have gotten.

No. 690019

She is implying Venus has to kill Mana…or vice versa? Jesus lmao get me off this train, how does she always manage to be the worst person even when Venus steps it up

No. 690023

File: 1565825361588.jpeg (35.58 KB, 221x246, DE56DE6D-3B52-439B-ADFB-8E8BD9…)

Oof I’m 3 seconds in and I see this. Can someone give a tldr?

No. 690030

Maybe she's implying that manaki must take care of her.

No. 690072

Didn't marge get married to a Swiss German and lived in Switzerland for years? Meaning, she'd have citizenship already? Not sure how many ways she's attempting to earn money but if she's a citizen, couldn't it be possible she applied for government aid or benefits or something?

No. 690075

If she could do that, no reason for her to apply for refugee in Korea. She's not old enough or disabled to get government's help so now it's time to think about how to survive in Switzerland

No. 690076

Well she stayed in Korea, because she "liked it there" and Japan was nearby. She also preferred to pay thousands for the storage instead of moving back, so I don't think she'd leave Korea without kicking and screaming even if she could get gov't assistance elsewhere, so she'd still apply for refugee in Korea. Maybe she had some savings or got any old job? The place she's at now looks better than the goshiwan, so how is she affording it?

No. 690077

Hooked a wealthy man on dating site?

No. 690078

She was born in Hungary and has always been an EU citizen, there has never been a reason for her to claim to be a refugee but she did it anyway.

No. 690082

So I can translate the crazy. She is trying to mock Venus and make up a new rumor that Venus straight up killed Mana by having a Venus sona. She's even speaking like Venus in this… or she is encouraging Venus to… kill Mana and then divorce him so she doesn't have to have family responsibilities? I'm… not sure which of the two it is or a mix of both.

No. 690086

Imho she chose to get deported to Switzerland because Venus said she'd like to go back there.

Probably Marge tried to contact Venus to get deported back to Japan. Venus didn't answer so she tries to dissuade her from getting back to Switzerland and contact family.

Marge has probably seen Ferenc's post about Venus recontacting him. She's obviously jealous.

In her narc lizard mind:
> If she's not mine, she'll have no one

What if your daughter doesn't fear you anymore, Marge? Whatcha gonna do? No one cares about you anymore.
Venus already has contact with family.

No. 690102

File: 1565879851964.jpg (72.49 KB, 800x419, obxfc9ln5e431.jpg)

same energy

No. 690226

The house owner is a woman. Margo uses a lot of female accessories like earnings, hat, probably bikini was borrowed too. What a leech

No. 690569


yes holy shit

Also, is she suggesting… Venus literally murder Mana?What the absolute fuck is going on? Why does she sound very drugged and sleepy?

No. 690997

I’m surprised Margo hasn’t gone apeshit over Venus calling her an abuser all over Youtube, not just the video she took down but random “my mom beat me” comments in other videos. In the past Margo has raged at being labeled an abuser but nothing at all this time other than answering a few questions on instagram.

Has she finally gotten past all this and moved on?

No. 691039

How did she age like ten years in the last month or so?

No. 691334

Prison life is not the best beauty regime, who knew

No. 691375


I think more likely that whatever drugs she's on (see: the most recent video) has put her in a waking coma of sorts. Maybe wherever she is is also limiting computer access, maybe even to Venus' channel specifically (if they are aware of her specific case). I think she might be in some sort of psych ward in Hungary where they have wholesome activities like alpacas, and internet is cut out after 10 pm or monitored. I doubt she's gotten past anything and moved on.

No. 691387

Maybe this level of “calm” is due to the fact that she feels satisfaction with the way Venus has now lost everything and so many people are agreeing with a lot of what Margaret claimed. There’s not much more for her to rage about since she got what she really wanted. She’s still an aging homeless loser but she’s probably grinning ear to ear that Venus has been seemingly punished by the universe and might be forced to return to her.

No. 691406

I don't know why this is so funny to me, it almost sounds like something margo would theorize lol. I think she's just attempting to rectify her public image by raging less, trying to respond more neutrally to 'haters' and going about things more slyly and passive aggressively than out right aggressive. Something will probably trigger her eventually, enough for her to start the cycle once more.

No. 691416

pretty sweet, a psych ward with bikinis and alpacas and mushrooms to pick.
anon pls.

No. 691470

>>attempting to rectify her public image by raging less
That’s the point. She’s been unable to control her narc rages in the past, especially wrt the abuse issue. Being accused of abuse was the one thing she could NOT tolerate and it would trigger out of control raging every time. Now she’s like “meh, whatevs” and shrugs it off.

No. 691521

>forced to return to her
Why would Venus ever go back? Maggot has absolutely nothing to offer her. Even with her issues Venus is a thousand times better off alone.

No. 691542

Venus has no money, family, friends or property to support her if deported to Switzerland. It’s the street or Margaret. Hell either way.

No. 691553

She has an aunt (Margo’s sister) who lives in Switzerland and has been trying to contact Venus for months and months and been ignored. However this person might be helping Marge out or even allowing Marge to live with her so there’s that too.

No. 691597


fairly certain that she's not at Zsu's house - the kitchen Margo has been taking photos in has blue tiles, Zsu has posted photos of her kitchen before with brown tiles.

No. 691600

*red not blue. The kitchens look v different anyway.

No. 691601

Zsu has posted not so subtle Instagram posts suggesting she hates Margo. I highly doubt she'd take Margo in.

No. 691605

I know she used to hate Margo but haven’t heard from her recently and you know how ‘family first!’ they are. I would hope not but you never know.

No. 691699

I’m know people will get really mad about what I’m about to post buttttttttt

I don’t think Venus could live on her own obviously her relationship isn’t working she wants to see other people and explore her options. She is also not getting any younger and the kawaii thing is slowly being replaced by western style here in Tokyo.

She doesn’t really speak Japanese and living here isn’t always glamorous especially if your source of income is drying up. Margo is a lunatic but I think there is more to the story.

No. 691700

To add to this I think we are witnessing a train wreck with that Venus girl I don’t really follow her but the Margo thing is super interesting

No. 691710

Venus has a thread, go there if you want to wk Marge for abusing her kid into a fucked up adult

No. 691728

File: 1566278652514.jpg (Spoiler Image,559.24 KB, 1080x1056, 20190820_072248.jpg)


No. 692012

So it seems like ole girl got out of detention somehow and landed somewhere (sleeping on someone’s couch probably) made a couple of posts about what a great fun summer she’s having then nothing for the past week. How much you want to bet that she conned some poor sucker into taking her in then they kicked her ass out once they saw how batshit crazy she is. Just like what happened with Hamburg Jassy and that poor old Japanese guy.

No. 692030

She's in Switzerland but that's all we know so far. No idea how she got a place or with whom (if anyone) she's living with. Also, I'm surprised she didn't delete the comments about the immigration detention centre from her youtube tbh, especially after parading how she had such a marvelous summer and all.

No. 692100

File: 1566376261648.jpg (1.66 MB, 1926x2111, 19-08-21-10-27-20-875_deco.jpg)

I scrolled through her older insta posts before there were beauty filters and skin softener apps lmao look at this, she looked so rough a few years ago. I'd pay to see an untouched new photo

No. 692130

Pepperidge farm remembers Maggoo cosplaying a jew for free food.

No. 692132

She wanted to stay in Korea because it's as close to Japan as she could get and she wanted Venus to feel constantly threatened. Because maggo is above all a piece of shit.

That doesn't look like the curtains of a wealthy man. Then again, some wealthy men have zero taste and live in squalor.

No. 692226

File: 1566419814490.png (651.64 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190821-163414.png)

Oh boy

No. 692230

I can't tell if she thinks this looks good or if she's trying to do a salt bae meme. Her facial expression looks like she just smelled her own fart.

No. 692234

Dat wig lol

No. 692236

File: 1566423079686.jpeg (78 KB, 561x747, CD2705D5-64A9-45A7-A3C7-608311…)

Old bitch looking chunky as hell. And that face, even with filters. Ouch.

No. 692237

File: 1566423383993.png (52.53 KB, 1440x412, Screenshot_2019-08-22-06-35-39…)

What is this mobile operator? "T"-shaped logo in left upper corner. It is not Korean provider

No. 692238

T-Mobile, they’re American

No. 692240

Looks to be T-Mobile. I'm not sure if they're outside of the states, but it's definitely a phone carrier here in the US.

No. 692241

The headquarters is in Germany, and is active in the Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Poland as well as the US. So not too surprising she'd have it.

No. 692242

T-Mobile is available in 210 countries including all of Europe.

No. 692254

File: 1566426519965.jpg (10.46 KB, 196x250, MI_204111100000.jpg)

Can confirm she is in Switzerland. Can identify the carton of heavy cream and the box of corn flour on the table as local brands. Also the room/furniture looks quite Swiss.

No. 692258

File: 1566428501711.jpg (151.49 KB, 800x800, MAI1001_9.jpg)

Forgot to add that August 1st is Swiss National Day. People light fireworks and there are many bonfires (bonfire image on her 'amazing summer' insta pic).
Also those kind of bunnies are kept on many farms in Switzerland.
That and the pic posing in front of a corn field in a bikini makes me think she is staying at a farm or at least a more rural area. Maybe she made up with her ex mother in law? (Ex husband is a farmer, it is common that all the family live together on farms in Switzerland, sometimes grandparents will even have their separate house or apartment)

(pic is corn starch)

No. 692261

Huh, interesting… are Sprint, Verizon and AT&T available outside of the US?

No. 692265


Even though ingredients-anon has basically now confirmed that Margo is no longer in Korea, it's worth noticing that t-mobile doesn't operate in Korea either.

If she was in Korea she would be using SK telecom, KT Olleh or LG U+.

No. 692270


Yes, agreed.
The kitchen shown in Margoyle's pics is unlikely to be in her sister's home. On Zsu's insta she has some images of her dogs taken in her kitchen. The tiles are matte brown and slightly larger than the red ceramic (?) ones in Margle's pic. Also her cabinets are brown and not white as Margo's.

No. 692272

Yeah that doesn’t look like Zsu’s house to me either. I think it’s some easy mark she conned into taking her in, like Hamburg Jassy.

No. 692297


She legit looks like a villain straight out of a Lemony Snicket novel.

Also kek at that dramatic-ass filter being unable to do anything about that lightbulb of a schnoz

No. 692306

They are US telecom providers that can use 'roaming' ie. other provider networks while overseas. Why does this matter to Margo?

No. 692326

File: 1566445518753.jpeg (307.43 KB, 1763x1139, 609F0FB6-7A80-4EDE-B7FE-0EFBF3…)

>>She legit looks like a villain straight out of a Lemony Snicket novel
How about this one?

No. 692330

File: 1566445760216.jpeg (327.96 KB, 2016x1146, ACEF173F-9953-4CA6-A9B1-87CDB1…)

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most kawaii of all

No. 692332


With a little distortion and a crispy filter, this could be a very very cursed image.

No. 692343

She wants to wear Venus' skin so bad, it is unnerving.

No. 692360

File: 1566451148884.jpeg (339.08 KB, 2044x1146, 6E905464-81F3-4027-9CB5-8B8C1E…)

She’s gotten fucking huge.

No. 692381

It took what, 3 weeks out of prison for her to pork up?

No. 692384

File: 1566463919092.jpg (369.65 KB, 1936x1164, a83N6pI.jpg)

A poster from Kiwi Farms captured this lovely image.

Dear, lord. I know people like to point out how Venus resembles her mother but this old bat doesn’t realize it doesn’t work the other way around. She looks like she’s about to lure two plump children to her gingerbread cottage.

No. 692386

File: 1566466655165.jpg (5.69 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_4352.jpg)

What the fuck is she doing with this egg? She then goes on to crack it 'normally' into the measuring jug. She is so broken.

No. 692388

Forty year old mom trying to be kawaii… I can't

No. 692390

she's still trying to be Wenoos, lmao. the fucking wig.

No. 692391

Is Korea-anon still itt?

No. 692392

Probably not since she just wanted Margo off her turf, and she got it.

No. 692398

Why it matters?

No. 692402

I switched to another field about a year ago. Since Margo left Korea I don't know what she's doing, can only guess, so can't be helpful anymore. Now i just like to watch this milk
Big thanks for everyone's help btw

No. 692406

Vid is up, she baked a cake because the majority of her viewers are young women. She looks so haggard.

Weird discourse I guess? but like anons said it's tmobiles logo. I use Google fi but I'm currently on t mobile towers and I use an app to show me, I guess it's why it's in a weird place.

No. 692418

I was wondering if you were able to post the updated screenshot of >>663737

No. 692422

wtf is she wearing? this looks like a cosplay.

No. 692427

If she left in this month, it will be up in next monthly report but I'm pretty sure that there's nothing interesting. They will not say in who's house she's staying or what she is do for living etc. Too busy and lazy to dig it sorry
Maybe will check out next month

No. 692435

Thanks. I was thinking more in the likes of it would be possible to see when she left Korea and if it was possible to see if she has been banned from entering SK for a certain amount of years etc.

No. 692437

File: 1566486300525.jpeg (302.63 KB, 2048x1151, 24A44880-2FDD-44B1-A5B7-2AAD4E…)

She’s grown a double chin too.

No. 692439

File: 1566486518738.jpeg (56.37 KB, 566x522, F043C00D-34C4-4A97-AFFB-BAF2BF…)

No. 692458

With the shitty wig, the chalky make up, the wurst fingers, and her warped idea of what a jung fraulein looks like, she is starting to resemble an AGP troon.

No. 692482

she has to be aware she looks like a demon right? And not the sexy kind either. Stuff of nightmares

No. 692552

File: 1566512328849.jpg (53.61 KB, 500x500, 38nqva.jpg)

Don't have time to do a better quality one but I thought you farmers would like this.

No. 692579


She's cosplaying her daughter, and since she can't physically wear her skin, this is the next best thing. Deranged.

No. 692604


oh absolutely. she's gonna get triggered tf out when she can't handle it any more and the classic margo shit will come out

No. 692608


Wait how do we know she's in Switzerland? Are we assuming that's where Korea deported her to? Anyway she is not in Korea any more, probs not with Zsu.

No. 692609


ignore, am idiot, page updated and saw recent posts

No. 692693

Dear lord, she looks almost exactly like the creepy lady from the new movie Greta.

No. 692709

life in a cupboard in SK followed by a prison stint have not been kind to Margo

No. 693287

File: 1566654158669.jpg (157.64 KB, 566x522, BeautyPlus_20190824105835814_s…)

She could be on a horror movie poster. She'd be a good ugly vilain.

> I'm heere too violate ur soul with my kawaii veedeos, boolys

No. 693391

Nah no white knight shit over here but you don’t think Venus is a little bit well slow?

No. 693535

This entire conversation confuses me, the T was on the anons phone who posted the photo in the first place??

No. 693567

T logo was on Margo's photo which she uploaded to her IG.

No. 693574

File: 1566690920040.png (7.82 KB, 275x79, 1566423383993.png)

No. 693875

File: 1566717562766.jpg (43.88 KB, 1280x720, margo.jpg)

she's already a villian in Austin Powers bro, didn't you know?

No. 693988

File: 1566749372377.jpeg (373.83 KB, 1920x1920, 9F7A883D-2FED-41CC-A3F5-4C55D2…)

whew that was a lot
Love how her virtual make up didn’t know what to do half of the time either

No. 694286

Someone pretended to be a marge fan and got some milk from her

No. 694290

Yes I'm doing hair now, this whole massage thing is really tiring. Preparing for Internationally recognized hairdresser's license so can also work overseas. Good summary! I had a developers, who did all SEO work for me but stopped a few months ago. And of course, I don't need another domain anymore.

No. 694313

Are you Margaret?

No. 694314

Nope I'm not.

No. 694320

That’s not exactly milk though.
She‘s been saying that it’s a green card marriage and that Venus’ cheating on him etc ever since she ran away.
Imo for something like that to be milk there has to be proof for any of her claims.

No. 694393

>moslem invasion
I think we found her fetish.

No. 694569

Yeah lmao, i cropped out the part where she talked about muslims since it had nothing to do with venus or the massage stuff.
I asked after she said ''moslem invasion'' if there are muslims where she lived and she said something like thankfully no but she had bad experiences with them in other countries.

No. 694575

That's very interesting, thanks for sharing. How about bonus things?

No. 694584

Ill share them after venus's livestream.
Most of the bonus stuff is boring with me just kissing ass,since i was scared of her blocking me (she still ended up blocking me)
ill end up also posting a gif screen record for the super skeptical anons

No. 694622

how about nobody cares

No. 694670

Wow can't believe I'm going to say this, but I actually agree with marge (if she's telling the truth). Korean anon seemed really obsessive here earlier. It just didn't add up. I don't believe her about the deportation thing though. I thought it was odd how korean anon had her reported for "lewd" massage using what she claimed were her instagram posts to make the connection (seemed like a reach), but I still think Marge was deported. Was there ever proof she was on a humanitarian visa? It would coincide with the whole chabad and jewish ancestry test and therefore she would have been working illegally and hence deported. But if she was still on a student visa, then it's possible she chose to leave. Though I highly doubt that.

also why tf did she get a psych degree if she can't find employment? you usually need a masters for that, so why tf doesn't she get it? and if she wasn't ever planning to, then why study it in the first place?

No. 694677

Believe it or not, Margaret left and seems not to be happy about that

No. 694684

…she was posting on the korean version of craigslist, anon. (basically an online want ads site)

No. 694688

File: 1566880969106.jpg (47.41 KB, 480x610, IMG_20190827_063808_282.jpg)


No. 694691

File: 1566881104495.png (79.63 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20190827-062842.png)


No. 694694

File: 1566881279842.png (96.15 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20190827-062846.png)

No. 694697

File: 1566881428942.png (82.41 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20190827-062857.png)

No. 694699

File: 1566881625389.png (83.91 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20190827-062931.png)

No. 694702

crazy shit that Margo believes is not the milkiest

No. 694705

Venus had a pater ad which stated she wanted to be a manager under the job/goal part which she later revealed publicly, indirectly validating the ad as hers. Pater is a sugar daddy website. Venus was always as money-hungry as Margo. Not as crazy as you might think. Also, Marge, since you read here, most weeb j-vloggers are hoes. They all want a free ride in Nipponland. It's not something the "haters" make up, they find actual evidence of it.

No. 694718

Yes and there's a Venus thread for that. Margo's word on the matter means nothing since she's delusional as fuck. For the sake of this thread it doesn't matter how lost Venus is, Margo caused it by being an evil bitch anyway.

No. 694777

File: 1566914309633.jpg (67.28 KB, 480x859, IMG_20190827_063920_784.jpg)

I know that's not the milkiest,I'm posting this because someone previously asked for ''bonus'' things we talked about. If you want milk you can look at the imgur where she talks about her beef with that Korean who tried to get her deported.

No. 694798

True, though you could say the same for Margo. I don't like the old hag and don't mean to defend her, but if her daughter gets vindication for everything she does because Margo was the mom who raised her, then what of Margo herself? You don't just become a narc being raised in a loving, supportive and nurturing family after all. Also, curious, is there definitive proof Margaret was on a refugee visa or did Korean anon just say she was? Because if she was, then she is 100% lying about the deportation.

No. 694799

Yes that's a funniest part. Especially "who tried to get her deported", you are a genius

No. 694803

I added a streamable link in the imgur proving that i did talk to her. (she blocked me after thats why it says no posts lol) https://streamable.com/89zal

No. 694822

It's too fast, i couldn't read well what she's talking about but ok. My first website i created in one day from a scratch, then another one and after that hired people who can do all the work on distance, and they did until now. So i could save time for much more important things.

No. 694826

its all on imgur where you can read it https://m.imgur.com/a/ch5HCbc
I just posted the streamable link to prove i talked to her.

No. 694922

Margo was 100% deported. Korea-anon posted the receipts in the old thread. How many "Hungarian women who runs an outcall massage website" do you think there are in Seoul?

No. 694926

I already saw it yesterday, there's nothing interesting

No. 694952

So are you happier now

No. 695046

No. 695098

No. 695130


I so see that woman adding "fashion designer and founder of international fashion apparel brand©®™" to her long and delusional (bogus) CV.

No. 695156

As can be seen from conversation with this shitty person from PULL, Margo's saying that she left Korea "voluntary" is actually true. In sense that she finally decided not to refuse and agreed to leave on her own wish without handcuffs. So she could prepare and keep her wig and other belongings. It was right decision because now when Korea's biggest national holiday is coming, they want to get rid of human garbage to reduce maintenance fees.

No. 696448

No. 696454

Video is obviously directed towards Venus

No. 702872

File: 1568459529660.jpg (265.33 KB, 720x960, BeautyPlus_20190914131111148_s…)

Japan again… that obsession

No. 703592

Nobody cares

No. 704250

This was actually a really bad "video". She probably thought, oh it's long 1hr that must mean it's a good idea, but it's really not. People cared about Pewdiepie vs t-series or pewdiepie reaching 100 million. No one cares about Pewdiepie surpassing the Japanese population. And at the very least, she should make it a 24/7 live counter then. Some of her videos are actually ok, but this is just rubbish. Did she run out of ideas for Japanese related content?

No. 709191

totally random, but why on earth would margo make her instagram pfp a picture of her holding a loofah? a loofah for gods sake. she always picks the worst pics.

No. 710537

File: 1569616483839.jpg (434.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190927-223318_Chr…)

New post on ig

No. 710749

It’s so weird how Margaret is calm these days and her daughter a tragic mess. Was it Venus’ total downfall that brought her satisfaction or the fact that the Venus Angelic brand and channel is officially dead? To put it another way, was it actually her daughter or “Venus Angelic” she wanted to see destroyed? She doesn’t seem concerned about Venus’ terrible drinking habit, sexual pandering or rumored sugaring at all. It’s like Margaret was content once the divorce was confirmed.

No. 710801

Her ego is fed by watching Venus flounder in life. It's the best she's felt since she had Venus under her thumb.

No. 713929

File: 1570190112940.png (827.13 KB, 1087x733, marg.png)

I wonder if they're exchanging homeless tricks

No. 715612

So I know this is old news, but do you guys think Marge really got deported, or that she voluntarily left due to beef with the korean anon?

Korean anon claimed she was running a lewd business PLUS working while on humanitarian visa without providing any proof (just claimed she "wrote about it in her statement" and that was it from what I could find searching the thread). The only semblance of proof we had was Marge's sudden interest in the chabad. Korean anon also claimed immigration labelled her business as "lewd" using her instagram pics as proof, which does not make sense nor seem professional.

Marge claimed she WAS taken in for claims of running a lewd business but that they weren't able to prove it and let her go. I can see her lying about this due to pride/shame, but I can also see it as true, if she was NOT on a humanitarian visa. If she was, she 100% was deported. Marge surprisingly admitted she stayed in Korea to be near Venus [and not just because 'she liked it there'] and claimed she left due to fear, which could also be believable as korean anon was planning on suing her and seemed dangerously obsessed with ruining her in any way they could.

Any chance she wasn't deported?

No. 715794

File: 1570506061614.jpeg (459.93 KB, 1094x1651, 14B0E853-BA6F-48FD-B998-BAEDEC…)

Korean anon posted lots of info about Marge’s detention like her room # at the facility and correspondences with Korean immigration among other things. I think she was deported.

And Marge has surfaced - in the “magical city” of Basel, claiming to be enjoying a great life “with friends” (probably meaning fellow residents of whatever hostel she’s crashing at, like her “friends” at the Plywood Hilton aka low-rent hostel in Tokyo.)

She creepily hashtags the post with #birthplace, even though her birthplace is of course Hungary. Guess who was born in Switzerland though? The object of her never ending obsession, Venus.

This is beyond fucking creepy. The bitch may be calmer and less agitated than she used to be but she’s still a fucking psycho.

No. 715884

maybe the direct flight departing (deporting) from the korean city to switzerland goes to the BMF airport in Basel and so she is just stuck now there with no money

No. 716696

Basel is also the city in german speaking region of Switzerland where's each year an anime convention event, Fantasy Basel.
Marge obsessively hopes finding Venus.

No. 716697

That’s quite a stretch, anon.

No. 716737


There are anime conventions all over the world. Even my small hometown in podunk nowhere has their own anime convention.

No. 717073

Yeah I think she was deported too, but Korean anon never posted any proof she was on a humanitarian visa, amidst all the proof she was detained. Margo also admitted she was detained for allegations she was running a lewd business but apparently got free. If she wasn't on a humanitarian visa, I can't see her getting deported unless they somehow were able to link her massage biz to hooking. The only evidence I have towards humanitarian visa is marge's sudden interest in the chabad. That's why I asked, as I couldn't find any proof of the HV while browsing the thread.

No. 717184

I think the deal was she had applied for the humanitarian visa and was waiting to be approved (or not) and whatever visa she was on during that time did not allow running a business or working (because she’d need a work visa to do that.) So she was busted for illegally working and detained, and played the process out as long as she could but in the end her ass got kicked out for visa fraud/violation.

So of course she won’t cop to that because her ego won’t allow it so she claims she “left voluntarily” and is now living a great life with many friends in magical Switzerland when she’s most likely holed up in a homeless shelter (where she met that “homeless by choice” wise bearded man) or hostel, barely scraping by just like in Korea.

No. 717252

Oh, did she admitted? When?

No. 717520

>> proof she was on a humanitarian visa,
It was confirmed that she had applied for a humanitarian (religious refugee) visa. She was waiting for a decision on whether it was approved when Korean anon reported her to immigration (for running an illegal business in violation her visa) and she was detained.

Marge pissed off the wrong person, lol. Korean anon fucked her UP.

No. 717732

If waited a bit longer, Margo could finally get an asylum like Angola person Lulendo, who appealed and lived in airport since last year. He win court fight and got a refugee status. Recently many of high-ranked officials were replaced so process is easier now(offtopic)

No. 717746

Angola is not Switzerland (or Hungary)

No. 717812

She never would have gotten asylum, that claim was ridiculous.

No. 725160

When was it confirmed? It was confirmed she was detained and she even admitted that in dms which an anon here shared (scroll up), but where does it say she was awaiting the humanitarian visa? I wasn't able to find it browsing here (korean anon shared proof she was detained but I didn't see anything about a humanitarian visa, just their word she was on one). Genuinely curious.

No. 725161

File: 1572776582333.png (99.55 KB, 766x920, 554434234.png)

Also, (old news) but according to Marge's LinkedIn profile, she got her psychology degree from IUFS or International University of Fundamental Studies, a Russian private international institution, if that profile is legit. She's apparently still doing "web design" for a company that happens to be located in Basel, Switzerland.

No. 725195

I guess it's just her own little website. It doesn't even contain any terms & conditions, except for the page named terms & conditions.

Her psychology degree must be as legit as her radiologist degree…

That woman won't change.
It needs insight to be able to change and that's something she doesn't have.

No. 725257

It's def not her own website, but it doesn't seem like an accredited school or anything (it's in Russian). Also, did she say she has a radiology degree? lmao. Her profile says "radiology assistant" which is a community college level program, not university. When she says "degree", I assume years of study but she only did a one year program or dropped it.

No. 725269

File: 1572822132627.jpeg (515.29 KB, 1510x1840, 8E4E2027-9F12-4CC0-BA3C-1FA671…)

No. 725274

Thanks, but is there a link to the Korean Immigration site korean anon posted that talks about her visa status? Because that's just Korean anons word, with no proof, and like I said, Korean anon posted actual proof Marge was detained but nothing on them discussing her visa status (from what I could tell). I assume korean anon was being honest though (why make that up?), but was just double-checking.

No. 725292

The thing is, the timeline checks out. Marge started claiming to be a Jew and hanging around Chabad House in Seoul out of the blue last fall and everyone was wondering what that was all about, then Korean anon started posting about Marge applying for refugee status and being busted by immigration 6 months later. It all made sense at that point, why she had been Jew LARPing. And like you said, why would a random Korean anon make that part up?

No. 725333

it was linked here in a thread, but the public can't login anyway. koreaanon filed the complaint so they personally were able view updates on it - just like Margo was given their name too. it doesn't really warrant tinfoil, koreaanon was very consistent with their information over time and margo was indeed imprisoned then deported.

koreaanon was a competing masseur at the time of going to war with margo, since she left her name in one of the screencaps she posted at kf it was very easy to see who she was.

No. 725371

I got a kick out of Korean anon and her English. The email where she told marge to “please go out from Korea” was the best.

Korean anon kicked ass. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of her wrath. She was relentless in her pursuit of marge’s downfall.

No. 725603

There is no more proof and even if there any, i wouldn't post it anymore. So yes maybe it wasn't humanitarian visa. I do not want to be involved in discussions anymore so do your own research and kindly let us know, on which type of visa she stayed until deportation. Good luck

No. 725883

File: 1572998168303.png (2.52 MB, 1988x784, diploma.png)

>International University of Fundamental Studies

Diploma mistery solved I guess?

No. 726548


I don't expect much from this dumb cow but that university is almost definitely a diploma farm. #17111 in the world and #926 in Russia. Any qualification from there is practically worthless and won't save her from her miserable, homeless life.

No. 726746

Wish there would be someone like in japan for lorena/sere in japan

No. 727265

File: 1573271855222.png (340.56 KB, 1080x2108, Screenshot_20191109-125703(1).…)

No. 727307

>2014 - 2018

well, that's a lie

No. 727758

Almost all she told about me the other day (scroll up) is a lie.

No. 727908

a bit late to the thread, but i'm russian so i could tell a couple things about this so-called university. it's a pretty notorious establishment that has been giving out diplomas to politicians, celebrities and religious folks for "significant contributions" in whatever line of work. no defence necessary, just come and get your regalia and become a phd. there have been some investigations done by journalists because many russian politicians claim to hold degrees from this shady school, which has allegedly even been sued before. its location (at least at the time of 2016 investigation) was registered at an office on the third floor of a completely unrelated organization in st petersburg, and people working nearby claimed that they seldom saw anybody present there anyway. oh, and they have had a history of offering degree programs in various pseudoscience fields, inlcuding the asian breathing practice. hope thiz clarifies things a bit.

No. 727975

Thanks anon.

I wonder why/how she was able to get a "degree" from a Russian University in South Korea. It's really weird.

No. 728066

They are claiming themselves "non-profit" and "non-commercial" organization, it's hard to investigate since they are not selling drugs or whatever, and also not hurting anyone

No. 728106

>I wonder why/how she was able to get a "degree" from a Russian University in South Korea
for fucks sake, you just replied to a post that explained that it's not a university it's a sham. you just pay and they mail you a degree

No. 728116

Well i emailed a week ago, still no answer. By the way there is no faculty name "Clinical Psychology" on their homepage. A reason why Margaret covered it up with stickers might be because it is not Psychology related major at all

No. 728150

Bachelor of Science, it looks like?

No. 728199

File: 1573485651162.png (3.42 MB, 1080x2269, Screenshot_20191112-001502(1).…)

I double checked and unfortunately, there is nothing close to "Clinical Psychology" both in English and Russian version of IUFS.

No. 728213

(same russian anon) yes, i checked too and while they seem to offer separate "courses" in clinical and abnormal psychology (which is what marge claims her specialization now), there is no program with that name and there isn't even a separate website for it, hence no way to figure out how the heck you apply for admission or how it even functions

No. 728390

File: 1573516987684.jpeg (345.34 KB, 1400x1431, B92FA0C8-CF05-4E6B-BC95-926B09…)

I’d love to know where her make-believe “graduation ceremony” took place, lol. It looks like some office or apt. And who is that little guy in the pic? Supposedly (according so an anon on KF) the founder of IUFS visited Seoul in late May 2018 (marge’s “graduation” was dated 5/25/18 on her ig.)

No. 728404

My guess is their services are targeted to mature people who mostly have no experience with interfaces like Online application or so, because all students looks like retired old folks.
Their speeches sounds like to be written by mentally-ill people, i can't believe that famous celebrities got any degrees from that so-called "University", but it's true.

Wish I could call there directly and check, how much Marge paid for her degree

No. 728434

File: 1573520145658.png (1.32 MB, 1080x2237, Screenshot_20191112-095358(1).…)

No. 728439

File: 1573520297675.png (193.01 KB, 1076x1955, Screenshot_20191112-095425(1).…)

It was about ₩ 2,901,637

No. 728475

So she paid around $2,500 USD to a "school" whose dean has been associated with human trafficking.

Wonder what her scam is in Basel. Has anyone checked around for a new massage website?

No. 728560

on the IUFS website (at least russian version) it said that at the time of marge's graduation they went to seoul to sign some kind of partnership agreement with a korean school

No. 728582

That says master not bachelor of clinical. I think you guys are wasting your time doing this in depth research without even paying attention to details.
I think simply a fake degree certificate for $20. why would she spend 2500 for something that's worth nothing. especially when she would never have 2500

No. 728584

File: 1573533363115.png (425.28 KB, 1080x1248, Screenshot_20191112-082158(1).…)

Hungary is included in eligible countries list for Silk road scholarship and Kor.Gov-t Scholarship Program, which allows to stay legally on student visa, fully covering tuition fee, giving monthly allowance, medical insurance, free boarding and meal. Marge could enroll and easily ge3r credits just for being "white", or even could teach about how to run YouTube channel and get paid for that. Could get Venus back and live on campus together, sponsored by Korean government. Not saying about degree from Korea top university, and also could apply for permanent residence after getting a degree. She lost more than just occasional massage business

No. 728588

i agree, there's no point trying to scrutinize how she got her degree. 1. it's a sham school, period. 2. she claims it's b.sc. (more like B.S. tbh), but her diploma says it's a graduate degree. no matter how much money she spent if she could even afford it, we know all too well it's a scam that amounts to nothing, and that's all that matters

No. 728590

>Could get Venus back and live on campus together


No. 732255

Well she’s still alive—she deleted every video she made in the past year.

No. 732317

There still some old videos. She aged a lot in recent months

No. 741441

No. 742288

So far so good. Worth it just for the pronunciation.

No. 742302

File: 1577028944630.jpg (110.52 KB, 763x552, margoreplies.jpg)

I've found one reply, she just can't resist getting her word in after all this time.

No. 742304

File: 1577030296279.jpg (202.46 KB, 768x623, margorepliesagain.jpg)

Found another one, I had to skip a bunch of replies in between Margos was further down.

No. 742306

File: 1577031108454.jpg (28.91 KB, 690x199, margonoapology.jpg)

BTW this is her real youtube account, I checked.

No. 742308

File: 1577031534745.jpg (195.08 KB, 783x751, ohnomargo.jpg)

The oldest replies I've found so far. She's acting like she knows all about her daughters marriage, that's a laugh.

No. 742309

She put it all back on her YT channel just yesterday

No. 742321

File: 1577038811905.jpg (98.69 KB, 790x865, batshit.jpg)

No. 742350

Primink - The Youtuber Who Was Forced To Be A Doll | Venus Angelic: The Living Doll

videos are usually meant to be embedded

No. 742352

Consequences of badparenting, why does she complain? Is she stupid?


> I never became anorexic or bulimic

> I got one week where I almost didn't eat

> Each sibling is different

Indeed, you have beautiful siblings but you marge look like you were adopted

> Personal trainer and nutritionist

And internet celebrity manager and teacher and radiologist and psychanalist and programmer, etc.
Marge got lots of qualifications, experiences, studies and degrees, never got time to raise her daughter but now has a lot of time to complain…

She has no projects for her future, she wastes time complaining and lives in the past.

No. 742409

Wow ol’ Marge sounds every bit as incoherent and mentally unstable as ever, just not as agitated (before this video came out and stirred her up again.) Rambling on about “impeachment hysteria” (what tf does Trump have to do with anything? lol) and Xiao and “people giving their children hormones” … still looney as ever. Never change, marge.

No. 742481

>Indeed, you have beautiful siblings but you marge look like you were adopted
At least sage this shit before you attempt to whiteknight venus
t. patrols both the spergelics and margofans

No. 742482

Yeah I was wondering already how it's going with my favorite crazy bitch but then I realized that I shouldn't bump threads I don't contribute in.

No. 742508

File: 1577135848899.jpeg (608.5 KB, 1823x1171, F62F22D5-777E-4515-A061-EFD15F…)

LOL poor marge is so triggered. She’s STILL furiously commenting on that video. This one is from yesterday.

No. 742510

File: 1577136184398.jpeg (337.84 KB, 1531x1226, FA251C8E-127C-4840-A902-F48525…)

her comment is in reply to this one from Venus, where she thanks everyone for their kind comments. Marge is haating this.

No. 742511

that escalated quickly
>my daughter is a grifter and ingrate
>but jews survived even hitler, I'm fine

No. 742515

HUMAN TRAFFICKERS from Uzbekistan tried to sell her?? That’s a new one, lol. Also ‘Veenoos is WORSE THAN HITLER.’
she’s really working herself up.

No. 742682

It is Christmas and Marge is not posting, seems she's deep into playing Jewish or her financial situation is really bad.

No. 742696

Was this comment deleted?

No. 742698

No. 745347

Everything about her spergery is hilarious. The human trafficking bit from Uzbekistan is fantastic, pure comedy. Sort of insulting to the Uzbeks to imply that they having a lucrative market for bloated, ugly, washed up old whores.

No. 745421

Venus' reply is so fake though and she acts as if she never did anything wrong (and shamelessly uses the video to promote herself). Although I don't condone Margo's behavior, I can see why it would trigger the fuck out of her.

No. 745432

So you made it up then? You made a claim that she was on a Humanitarian visa, without proof, which lends credence to what marge said in her dms about the situation. obviously "you don't want to talk about it anymore" since you just admitted to making a claim up without proof.

No. 745532

I don't care on which visa she stayed and I also feel kind of pity of her so if she had any discomfort during deportation, my apologies about that. I wish her all the best in her new homecountry.
No point to dig it all now again, calm down

No. 745534

don't feel sorry for her discomfort, she had i coming for other reasons. what you did was disproportionate, but it worked out fine anyway since it's a punishment she well deserved, just for other reasons.

No. 745536


No. 745538

so you did everyone a favour, including Margo even though she would't agree, and you delivered Karma.

No. 745546

Many locals are willing to leave, but they have ties, loans etc. here so it's impossible. Marge left with zero loss
She win

No. 745554

She had to leave Asia and go to Europe, this is a big sacrifice for her, mentally.

No. 746541

>> Marge left with zero loss She win
Zero loss because she had nothing to start with, lol. That’s not ‘winning.’

No. 746665

If she hadn’t frittered everything away she had, that would have been different. But Margs historically has a habit of unwise spending.

No. 748923

File: 1579202549602.jpg (288.81 KB, 720x1081, BeautyPlus_20200116202153594_s…)

New post on marge's ig 1/2

No. 748924

File: 1579202583958.jpg (282.5 KB, 720x720, BeautyPlus_20200116202111901_s…)


No. 749377

File: 1579299613523.jpeg (360.66 KB, 1095x1639, 7976174C-47FF-44F5-8E77-324344…)

Not only that but she’s finally accessed those STORAGES with all the PROOFS that Venoos is a PSYCHOPATH. Aka the storage locker in the Netherlands that marge has been paying for for the past 5 years..

No. 749378

File: 1579299712054.jpeg (222.35 KB, 1098x1103, 977CC9B0-33E2-4E66-9EE6-3C09B2…)

The contents of which will soon be up for sale on marge’s website (that she OWNS), Venusangelic.com.

No. 749417

Literally a bunch of garbage

No. 749485


She's just as bad as her daughter. Just gotta drop in that guilt trip line about living "happily ever after" for pity points. What a shitty pair and what a load of tat that's been in that storage unit all this time.

No. 749509

Does anyone remember that thing Mags put on her website were you pay for access to a special venus memorabilia for like a dollar? I remember in one of the old threads an anon was joking about paying for it.

No. 749519

So she paid monthly to hoard some plushies and what looks like half the Bodyline catalog? At this point she can't even sell the Bodyline off unless she's going to claim Venus wore it to some pervert fetishists.

No. 749568

Tbf as a poorfag I'm kinda pitying her with the whole "paid for the storage alone for the last 4 years". Yikes.

No. 749577

Did anyone hold a gun to her head and force her to “pay for the storage ALL ALONE for four years”?

No. 749585

"As" bad? When did Venus have a daughter, use her to create pedobait, give her a shitty education and no life skills so she's set up to fail, and cart her around from country to country in pursuit of becoming an internet celebrity in Japan?
>unless she's going to claim Venus wore it to some pervert fetishists.
She probably has been gambling on the chance that Venus' pedo audience will still pay for her crap despite aging out of their affections

No. 749593

>give her a shitty education and no life skills
Nothing is stopping Venus from doing just that (she's had YEARS to do so) but she doesn't want to. Venus has no interest in either of those so that's not really on maggot.

>cart her around from country to country in pursuit of becoming an internet celebrity in Japan?

That was literally penus' dream, she wanted that so you can't use that as an argument as if she didn't want to. Venus is a covert narc. She's just as bad, only better at hiding it.

Surprised she stored the clothes tbh. I mean, if Venus left those behind when they went to korea, then surely she a. had enough clothes & b. didn't want those clothes, so why store it? Most people sell their crap before moving. Aside from photos and some sentimentals, marge was dumb to pay for ALL that stuff.

No. 749624

>>why store it? Most people sell their crap before moving.
I don’t think there was enough time to do anything but throw all their shit in boxes and stuff it in a storage room. Marge’s moves were always pretty last-minute, chaotic and rushed.

No. 749625

File: 1579395555324.jpeg (372.3 KB, 1104x1639, AA82AECB-CA9C-4A09-9965-C46531…)

Marge wants y’all to know her Ebay store Venusangelic_items is up and running. Complete with actual pics of Venusangelic wearing some of the items because she (margaret) OWNS the name Venusangelic, see.

No. 749627

File: 1579396008476.jpeg (129.05 KB, 1949x402, D7444C70-F3AE-4406-9018-91C3F6…)

Also, these items were BOUGHT by margaret who also PAID THE STORAGE fees for five years.

No. 749734

You didn't do anything to demonstrate that Venus is as bad as Margo, just that she was totally asking for it as a kid
Is that a portrait of Venus in Thai garb? Creepy.

No. 749790

Imagine having a child, and selling their clothes, that they wore while underage, to some perverts, just for revenge. Jfc.

No. 749805

And in her twisted demented mind she’s finally getting justice for all the sacrifices she made all those years for her ungrateful bullying psychotic daughter.

No. 749808

And she has EVERY RIGHT to use her daughter’s name to help sell her stuff because she OWNS the name AND the venusangelic.com domain AND she’s the one who bought the stuff in the first place.

it’s all totally justified in marge world.

No. 749887

The only item of any value is the Metamorphose skirt because collectors like those old things

No. 749936

File: 1579494833852.jpg (959.7 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200119-202914_Ins…)

wow, after all these years margo finally realized that no one gives a shit about her daughter's garbage and filthy worn clothes from 2009. and she kept whining about having to pay for storage. if she wasn't such a delusional narc and acted like the adult woman she is, she could have thrown out all of that trash years ago and actually used the money wasted on storing it in a more productive way.

No. 749941

Wait, I thought the accusations that Manaki was a pedo came from Marg, posting under Venus' name. But here, Marg is accusing Venus of saying those things… is Marg just being manipulative here?

Also, it's fucking hilarious and pathetic that she's trying to say she's going to wind up homeless because Venus moved away. Makes no fucking sense, crazy bitch

No. 749971

>we all know venus wants me to die
Dude wtf that is so unhinged

No. 750114


Same anon from >>749509 here. I guess this answers my question. Maybe there never were any photos to share. Probably just a bunch of shitty baby pics of Venus. Nothing we havent seen already.

No. 750183

Fuck, she really is my most fave crazy bitch lmfao.

No. 750218

File: 1579561749901.jpeg (118.91 KB, 828x566, 7D63F574-C5B7-45EB-AAA5-52B2A3…)

>> Does anyone remember that thing Mags put on her website were you pay for access to a special venus memorabilia for like a dollar?
I remember this. It was around the same time she was selling Weenos’s stuff online the first time around.

Marge talks about it in her recent ig comments

No. 750236


for what exactly does this loon expect 'appreciation'?
literally NOBODY cares about venus' old dusty dresses. venus is just a messy weeb now and not some famous celebrity.
any normal person would have dumped the hoard ages ago, but not Margo the Guardian of the Mystical Treasure lol

No. 750241

File: 1579563967780.jpeg (100.3 KB, 790x463, D991A917-7D4C-4D3F-A3E9-420C0C…)

In the continuing adventures of marge the broke-ass hobo, our heroine makes the 450 mile trip to retrieve her ~storages~ by BUS (that’s an 11 hour trip each way.) And she only got what could fit in 2 suitcases for her two day saga (no room for plushies this time, guys!)

What happened to that European train pass she claimed to have? Oh yeah, that would be…another lie, I guess.

No. 750245

File: 1579564276999.jpeg (126.24 KB, 808x602, D688305F-2D31-4048-B09B-043499…)

Her ig comment sections are a gold mine of psychotic delusions and self pity.

Veenoos tried to strangle her! And steal her bag!

No. 750246

File: 1579564418805.jpeg (105.77 KB, 794x692, F7169B2C-D44C-4690-AAAA-92D3D5…)

And if the psychopath Veenoos ever tries to travel to Switzerland, Marge will have her ARRESTED and thrown in jail the minute she steps off the plane!

No. 750282

I don't follow lolita anymore, but something tells me that 99% of old Bodyline is absolutely worthless. And anything with elasticated parts has dry rotted by now, and there will be mystery stains if she didn't dry clean everything first.

No. 750294

I feel so bad about this. Regardless of what bad things Venus may or may not have done (mostly to other people), I can't imagine what it must be like to have an evil, toxic mother who hates you and wants to destroy you. AFAIK her father isn't in the picture, so the one parental figure she does have only damages her life. The whole situation is just too fucked up. Marg is such a terrible fucking person.

No. 750347

ya, the only people who could possibly care about this stuff are gross old pedos, but venus has lost their appeal even to them lmao

No. 750391

>> anything with elasticated parts has dry rotted by now, and there will be mystery stains if she didn't dry clean everything first.
Not to mention creased, wrinkled and musty from being crammed into boxes for the past FIVE YEARS.

No. 750395

>Venus wanted me to die homeless

When the items were still fresh and she was going crazy with her hateful memes and “Venus is dead to me” rants, she could have easily sold off the Lolita items. Of course, at a greatly reduced price but she could have gotten at least enough to buy groceries and survive. Same with any furniture and appliances. Instead, she drew it out as long as possible, baited followers with possibly giving them a peak of the garbage then tried to sell them for ridiculous prices and shipping cost. That is what someone does when they’re on the edge of death? Think about maximum profit instead of enough for their next meal? Now she’s whining again and charging prices that no one would ever pay.

And where’s the scary medical documents and additional damning evidence confirming Venus is a psychopath? That was really the only thing from storage that people actually wanted to see.

No. 750431

we all want you to die homeless, Mago.
but he thing I want to know most about is the fate of the stored washing machine!

No. 750588

And the ~proofs.~
I wanna see the PROOFS,marge.

No. 750826

yes the goddam proofs, the psychopathy test

No. 750882

No. 751109

she looks somehow better than Venus here.

No. 751358

Pff okay

No. 751359

Just me or has her English gotten worse? I can't understand half of what she's saying

No. 751600


No dude. It's not just you. I'm having a harder time than usual understanding her.
I guess she's lost practice with her english after not making any videos for a while.

No. 751639

She does look better than she did living her hobo life.

She says that applied to bodyline as a model. Kek.

No. 752992

File: 1580169477211.jpeg (322.28 KB, 1095x1647, 91DA05AA-6C72-46F7-8834-287687…)

She’s had delusions about being a MODEL for years, since she was in her 20s. And a couple of years ago she had some kind of a “rooftop photoshoot” for Fashion Nova. Which is hilarious because Fashion Nova specializes in cheap thot wear for twenty somethings, NOT creepy middle aged Hungarians.

No. 754830

File: 1580674252150.jpg (256.62 KB, 720x960, BeautyPlus_20200202210947202_s…)

No. 754831

File: 1580674281124.jpg (251.23 KB, 720x960, BeautyPlus_20200202211010081_s…)

No. 754832

File: 1580674313211.jpg (258.89 KB, 720x960, BeautyPlus_20200202211030387_s…)

No. 754833

File: 1580674371662.jpg (206.44 KB, 720x960, BeautyPlus_20200202211048630_s…)

No. 755690

No. 756343

Not to be outdone by her daughter posting birthday pictures, Marge posts pictures of the “magic” moon for tonight and talks a lot about purging relationships. Still a little sore, Marge?

No. 756473

marge’s Magic Moon pics were posted before Weenis’s bday ones though.

No. 757353

File: 1581625098078.jpg (425.19 KB, 2111x625, Screenshot_20200213-211616_You…)

So primink just uploaded a new video and halfway in he mentions that margo is trying to sue him kek.

No. 757354

>>757353 Samefag its around 5.19 he mentions it.

No. 757438

I'm surprised she hasn't mentioned it
But I haven't checked this thread in a minute

No. 757532

oh Margo, dreaming of $10000 from Primink's fat* bank account

No. 757660

>>my* channel that was illegally taken from me
>>my* work
Still delusional, obsessed and seething, 4 years later.

>>get his legal name and address

Watch the psycho show up on his doorstep like she did with Weenus last time she got an address from some Youtube document.

No. 759001

"black hut technique" - kek.

No. 760490

File: 1582747406585.jpeg (463.36 KB, 750x1097, CD89BA7A-184F-41B9-94EA-05AA8D…)

Looks like Margot has indeed ended up in Switzerland…

No. 760560

We’ve known that for months, anon.

No. 760798

:( I’m always late to the party. Also for some reason, I thought there was confusion as where exactly she was? Idk(:()

No. 761526

File: 1583199228096.jpg (513.95 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200302-173157_Ins…)

why, put them up on ebay, of course. but tbh this is fucking gross and totally something to be expected from marge the creeper

No. 761527

File: 1583199256585.png (1.41 MB, 1194x1188, Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 8.33…)

Sooooo, is nobody going to talk about how Margo is now selling Venus's HAIR and TEETH on eBay??

No. 761529

That's repulsive, do you have a link? I can't believe a mother would sell this kinda stuff

No. 761532

What the fuck guys. This is some straight up horror movie shit. I thought ebay had a policy against selling any sort of human body parts.

No. 761541

She will probably keep these or else they would already be on ebay. Imo she's only posting them to hurt venus or see if anyone would offer to buy them at a high price

No. 761547

this is on her insta. she hasn't posted them on ebay yet, so idk what the other anon is talking about. i don't even understand why someone would keep TEETH from their kid for years, let alone post that shit online

No. 761550

Keeping your kid’s baby teeth isn’t really that weird of a thing. Or at least it’s a commonly observed custom in multiple places.

No. 761552

Looks like this post was deleted. But she posted a framed photograph of Venus 3 days ago. Seems like she's back to missing her again. ngl sometimes I feel bad for Margo. Just the poverty, lonely, dejected aspect of her life. Of course she is the sole reason she's in this situation and has done nothing but continue to show she hasn't changed, but she also must have gone through some pretty extreme depression and it makes me pity her.

No. 761553

I'm not sure where you're from but especially in the germanic parts of Europe it's really common to keep the teeth and sometimes a piece of hair. I'm not too sure about the hair, but the teeth are kept because if someone else might find them, they can get absolute control over you and your body through magic spells. At least that's what people used to believe and that's why this tradition keeps staying alive

No. 761561

So why don't Margo and Venus get back to each other now they're both broke lolcows?

No. 761646

Because Venus doesn’t fancy being a slave to a skin walking hag. I reckon she’d rather prostitute herself than have Mommy Dearest pimp her out.

No. 765774

File: 1585247086658.png (74.92 KB, 986x342, mothercowtalksaboutdaugghterco…)

from the venus thread.

No. 765775

File: 1585247123248.png (40.24 KB, 766x156, milkymilka.png)

No. 765776

File: 1585247234767.png (43.39 KB, 508x356, damnbutchillwiththeparagraphs.…)

No. 765783

you mean hitting her?? She's 23 now Margo, wtf is she imagining? Despite these messages being mostly insults she still manages to sound like she's trying to convince her to come back and be like before because she ~knows how to take of her and put out quality content~

I wonder what causes these 3 times a year random sperges where she goes from silence to rage hating Venus all of a sudden. Maybe when her life goes downhill somehow and she blames Venus for it.

No. 766301

Does anyone have a link to the new Venus thread? I can’t find it

No. 766381

Just scanned the boards and couldn't find it. Guess it hasn't been created yet?

No. 766662

Damn can somebody get on that already? She’s posting new videos and still no thread.

No. 766950

There was a link to a livestream on Marge's YT scheduled for today. Did the live stream already happen or did she cancel?

No. 767161

Who is starting an Onlyfans first? Margo or Venus

No. 767526

I expect margot to get a page on murderpedia before she sells any nudes. She would have to give them away for free.

No. 767544

Can you post the actually url link itself if the thread number doesn’t by work?

No. 767547


new venus angelic thread is here >>>/w/87867

No. 768418

turns out the answer is Venus

No. 768485

this aged well

No. 768952

File: 1586799564028.jpeg (264.93 KB, 2048x1144, 1CE307A1-262B-44D8-AE9D-5A1D0C…)

Screenshot from the video at >>755690
showing more of the hobo’s latest hovel. She seems to be holed up in a storage closet or cubicle which is currently stuffed full of boxes from her ‘STORAGES.’

Pic attached is 2 months ago

No. 768953

File: 1586799749886.jpeg (344.26 KB, 1099x1590, 867AD41B-A789-44E9-9119-B3C3AF…)

And this from her IG, 6 days ago

No. 768954

Still no PROOFS of Weenus’s PSYCHOPATHY though (Marge has claimed in the past that there were police reports and other PROOFS in the storages.)

No. 769291

File: 1587043088334.jpg (714.1 KB, 1242x1958, GRAU4Z8.jpg)

Margaret is sperging and back with new milk! Sorry for my bad cropping.

No. 769292

File: 1587043158700.jpg (374.92 KB, 1242x1275, XetjP5c.jpg)

No. 769293

File: 1587043257501.jpg (333 KB, 1242x1281, Aw4HLkE.jpg)

No. 769295

File: 1587043381989.jpg (397.04 KB, 1242x1302, mcPjn6S.jpg)

No. 769296

File: 1587043520547.jpg (461.95 KB, 1242x1467, ary3u3R.jpg)

Last shot of info. The other pictures Margaret posted were just of the South Korean guys they partied with and screenshots of Venus’ Ken posts.

No. 769311

I have been following her for years but I dont really get what she is on about now. Venus ex husband is a pedo or what?

I kinda wish for her to find closure but I guess now sitting at home she has more than enough time to sperg.

No. 769312

File: 1587051654072.jpg (393.15 KB, 1064x1447, Screenshot_20200416-174006_Ins…)

Margots repliew

No. 769313

File: 1587051801667.jpg (453.78 KB, 1072x1653, Screenshot_20200416-174321_Ins…)

And 2 more

No. 769314

is margo claiming that Venus killed Manaki? I can't understand her sperging

No. 769342

Yes she is. Damn she really is unhinged though. She will keep talking shit about her daughter until the day she dies. Margret's fans are stupid though. Just because a handful of her lies out of hundreds were true she thinks she can spout anything and sell it as truth. So anyway, lemme translate Margo speak:

Margo is claiming there is no way someone who had 40k followers on social media would just delete his account. She thinks that Mana wanted to divorce Venus, but Venus wants her visa and a place to stay. So she killed Mana and is now parading around Japan pretending to be him. The "proofs" is that Mana's new account is a fake account run by Venus and Mana's family is somehow in on it with Venus. She's claiming Venus personally contacted her about it and is asking mommy dearest if she gets caught, should she plea insanity.

Also throw in the fact Venus is molesting a family members kid? But yuh, Margo thinks social media silence means you're obviously dead.

No. 769352

The only thing in there that I can see being potentially even partially true is maybe Venus contacted Marg for some info on the family's medical history? I wouldn't even give any credence to that were it not for the one time Marge was telling the truth about V sending an email regarding the illegal stomach surgery.

No. 769354

Venus might have contacted her mother due to her ex-manager possibly suing her for pedo allegations

No. 769380

That manasenpai acc looks really fake

No. 769382

uhh weren't there pics of manaki attending some venus party/event? not long ago?

also lol at the storage boxes probably full of dusty rubbish items and she's hoarding and transpotting them for YEARS

No. 769424

It's funny how she just escaped living in a tiny room stuffed full of cardboard boxes, and she has already recreated the same miserable hoarding situation. She's a straight up hoarder, a normal~ish person with junk problems wouldn't have let herself immediately go back to hell.

No. 769458

>Venus talked bad about Manaki to me, and me to Manaki
>Finally she cheated on both of us!!

That's… wow. That's incredibly creepy and not a mother/daughter relationship at all.

No. 769461

Lol. If Manaki had died, it would have been in the Kanagawa crime news, which would then be spread to Japanese national news that would eagerly jump at the chance to post “YouTuber Venus Angelic’s Japanese husband dead”. Venus, with her stellar reputation, would have immediately been under investigation or arrested.

It’s amazing how she can just attack someone’s reading comprehension when she can’t even piece together a coherent sentence, much less understand what she is replying to in the first place. That word salad mixed with condescension is infuriating.

I think this is very likely. In legal trouble because of her irresponsibility and impulsivity, not because she murdered someone. Ken seems to have been an entertainment or nightlife type of business man(makes sense, at least), so why would he let Venus get away with her public accusations?

There is also another possible scenario: Venus is trying to get a visa extension or leniency from a judge because of the divorce and is trying to use pre-existing mental health problems to excuse her behavior during the marriage. Maybe that’s really why Manaki currently has no social media presence and no one can reach him. He’s protecting himself during the legal process and staying quiet while Venus is out there acting like a fool.

No. 769520

If Venus had contacted Margo for -Anything- you know she would have put screenshots of it. Yet Venus contacts her for something as radical as pleading insanity in a court and…no screenshots? Just her word?

Nothing happened whatsoever. Margo is just having an episode.

Tbh it’s really easy to fake Instagram DMs, there are even websites for it. Marge hasn’t discovered that yet, but she seems really desperate for any level of drama to destroy Venus and make her look “evil”. I’m calling it now that she might do this in the future.

No. 769710

>but I cannot send what I don’t have.

Wait… I thought Margaret’s valuable storage contained tons of proof related to Venus’ psychopathy? She literally said she has documentation from a doctor and she taunted that she was going to reveal all once she got all that musty crap out. Where are those psychological assessments with the big “psychopath” stamp on them?

Venus has contacted her out of blue a few times when she is in the middle of mental crisis. It’s not uncharacteristic of her. But we were only shown the stomach surgery email and that email about how their different interpretation of events were because Margaret was too dumb to understand what Venus was trying to say to her. I’m sure she does not post any other messages because they do not support her crazy theories of murder and blackmail.

No. 769806


"cheated on both of us"


No. 769859


As much as Margo may be a disgusting individual, let's just note this is her typical Marglish we're dealing with here. She probably just means sth like 'backstabbed' or 'betrayed', not 'cheat on' sexually lol.

No. 770083

>Margo thinks social media silence means you're obviously dead
that's because she's used this logic before to manipulate her followers on social media. every time she is not posting for a while, she will come back saying how she wanted to let people think she committed suicide. not surprising that this is the first thing that came to her mind when she noticed manaki was not posting lol

No. 770092

Venus said she emailed her though in an instagram post

No. 770093

Completely agree. It's likely related to Ken, her visa or marriage/divorce. Maybe she pissed off the wrong sugar daddy? But Marge is going to speculate she murdered Manaki? Literally the dumbest thing she could have said. If she talked about legal troubles from Ken or her divorce or whatever else, it'd be more believable. She looks like a fool for posting and wording it the way she did.

No. 772191

She deleted the post about Venus and Manaki….(emoji)

No. 773199

Just here to say that I pity margo, and that I’m sorry for the venus stans. Just saw the penis tits.
sorry margo for booolllying you and I mean it.

No. 773935

Has she seen her daughters titty pic yet?

No. 774270

I will not be surprised, if Marge is supporting her daughter's OF. That is why she's so quiet now

No. 774278

File: 1589243474039.jpeg (272.62 KB, 1436x1315, 5501E5D6-5254-4369-94B6-928A80…)

She deleted (or privatized) all her Youtube videos except 3 - two interviews with her and Venus and one promo of a reality show they were on in 2013.

No. 774375

YouTube deletes channels or videos that don't make the platform enough money.

No. 774454

Fuck off WK, Margo deserves no more pity than the monster she raised; Venus learned by example, after all. The apple doesn’t fall far from the psycho.

No. 777847

File: 1590945504595.png (3.57 MB, 1125x2436, 3EE27275-ABEC-4341-ADEF-9D1568…)

This was the post related (sage for double post)

No. 777849

File: 1590945756812.jpeg (349.84 KB, 1125x1782, A34E302B-CF9B-4BA5-93C2-1B715C…)

Just caught her having Instagram arguments about racism

No. 777866

File: 1590947201246.gif (932.25 KB, 253x197, 73B73738-D7A4-4DD7-AFB7-E42AB2…)

What the absolute fuck is this word salad

No. 777867

>I myself am 12% black
how can you type something like that and think it's appropriate to post online i just don't understand

No. 778008

File: 1590983944678.png (308.22 KB, 810x1755, 1.png)

Finally, she commented about her daughter's OF business

No. 778117

she is kinda right at the ''effing business'' part. Venus has a history of failed projects with other companys.

No. 778118

I would have never thought that we would be agreeing on anything with margo a few years ago, specially on anything she said about Venus. What a wild timeline we are in.

No. 778675

The world is burning, there's a global pandemic, riots in the streets… and yet Margo delivers unto us a masterpiece.

No. 778677

File: 1591276261118.jpg (212.32 KB, 578x1265, margolyrics.jpg)

Here are the lyrics so you can try to understand what she's "singing"

No. 778691


She's still using Venus' clothes and wigs huh
It's so weird

No. 778726

File: 1591293475201.png (807.92 KB, 1359x758, margo angelic.png)

It turns out that Margo was the ultimate living doll all this time

No. 778731


grimes will never archive this level of artsy-fartsy.

No. 778732

I am literally losing it. Not the slut drop the second the beat drops. This woman is a legend

No. 778738

Does she even have money for new costumes

No. 778739

They have water softening devices in Switzerland too you braindead narc drunk

No. 778744

She’s lost weight since she went off her meds but her legs still look like overstuffed sausages.

No. 778746

this is truly amazing. i'm in awe.

No. 778765

This is so weird considering she's using all of Venus' clothes and wigs…

No. 778822

oH yOuR sHoeS ArE pINcHin

No. 778824

I hate that I love this.

No. 778827

This is what Venus should do instead of OF. Just 100% cringe, throw all caution to the wind. Margo always has the better ideas as usual.

No. 778846

This is awful but I can't stop listening to it. It's addictive lol

No. 778850

what you seem to be forgetting is that Margo created the venus character. She was behind the ideas and cringe for venus until 2016.
That's why Venus's content drastically changed after 2017.

No. 778852

The viral summer hit 2020 deserves.

No. 778938

>>778731 i sadly also instantly thought of grimes, lowkey the same vibe with the wigs and shit.

>>778744 anons she could be in way worse shape considering her age lol not to wk

No. 778939

To be honest her shape is fine and there are younger women who look worse but her face is pretty bad, she's totally a trashy older slavic woman trope

No. 778940

Samefag, yeah to be honest i liked how retarded this was, very candid and honest, she's completely off her rocker but it came across pretty well and grimes wants what she has in terms of genuine insanity, creative insight and generally giving her all to the art

No. 779102

Ok I keep listening to this, I lowkey love it lol. Srsly Marge, keep doing stuff like this, you could def go viral in a good way.

No. 779121


if she actually managed to produce this all by herself I'm somewhat impressed

No. 779154

Not even this helps to understand…
This is cursed to the level of "important videos" playlist.

No. 779157

You’re not alone anon. I’ve listened to it in loop lol.

I can’t say much about her face, but her body looks much better than before. I prefer these curves over Venus’ anachan body. Marge seems like she got in shape.

She might be a bit unhinged, but she has the better ideas as the above anon pointed out. With her large following Venus didn’t gave to resort to doing slimy fetish porn on onlyfans, she could have banked on cringe content but she ruined her life.

No. 779158

The video has the exact same energy as that Venus desu video they made years ago. The song is catchy af tho lmao I like it

No. 779168

Ok but this song isn’t that bad hahaha.

No. 779249

so many young ppl are making cringe content. this is only funny because marge is like 40 and doing this. if venus did stuff like this, i would just cringe and it'd be boring because she'd just be the next young person trying to be viral off cringe. for instance, her 'you're my honeybunch video' was cringe, in the bad way. still beats sex work though i suppose.

No. 779320

when she has the black thing on you can see the girdle underneath, but her legs are a really good shape

Will she open an onlyfans to further compete against her daughter?

No. 779590

>margo desu

No. 779891

File: 1592013894206.jpeg (279.5 KB, 1690x1152, F1DAB3A1-A04A-4285-AD18-B7CA3A…)

>>her legs are a really good shape
What? Her legs have always been weirdly bulbous and bloated and that is NOT improving with time.

No. 780128

File: 1592164682579.jpg (118.36 KB, 720x1283, Eaf00LPWAAAaoMu.jpg)

No. 780129

File: 1592164765703.jpg (99.44 KB, 720x1293, Eaf0xKYX0AANZUC.jpg)

No. 780130

File: 1592164811096.jpg (89.13 KB, 720x1098, Eaf0wrYXYAA-mc6.jpg)

No. 780132

File: 1592164861871.jpg (97.59 KB, 720x1240, Eaf0wPHXYAI4CMy.jpg)

No. 780133

File: 1592164942228.jpg (108.15 KB, 720x1244, Eaf0v0GX0AoIOEG.jpg)


No. 780144


Grit is a nasty, soulless creature. End of story.

No. 780148

File: 1592170975470.jpg (492.39 KB, 1080x2634, marge patreon.jpg)

Margaret started a Patreon! Highlights: for $75 she will create a video on the topic of your choice, and this crazy af bio.


No. 780264

what's up with all the clinical narcissists claiming their "empath" nature? also the fact that she has to mention her iq kek

No. 780271

>MENSA member
>cult survivor
>astral travels
>I saw portals and can feel their doors
>the weight was put on me to teach humanity
Kek what the fuck. Margo is L. Ron Hubbard?

No. 780311

Margo isn't even obligated to 'save' Venus. Venus is an adult and therefore, should take responsibility for her actions, so like…Margo can just sit there, sip some tea while watching her daughter slowly become a wannabe uwu owo japanesu desu prostitute.

No. 780329


I can never truly support Margo knowing that she's a horrible abuser, but this is still pretty entertaining. Her biggest crimes were against Venus, but now that Venus is out of her grasp Margo seems a lot more harmless. I'd much rather see her make her own cringe content instead of controlling her daughter's.

No. 780394

I didn't know what she meant by MENSA, because that means idiot in my language, but upon searching it, seems like an organization for people with high IQ, which is very ironic…

No. 782737

Margo has uploaded a video full of Venus' early childhood pictures.

>I'm Venus Angelic's mom and have been able to save and rescue these photos from our storage unit. It was definitely not easy! I scanned the photos in high quality and blurred out any people or possibly offensive items

Oh wow she finally conquered that storage unit obstacle! Also her blurring abilities are pretty sloppy as you can see most of the people when the pictures move. She put a tiny little blur dot at the end of the gun barrel to not offend anyone of course.

No. 782742

>save and rescue these photos
Lmao she got a box out of a storage unit. She's wording it like she single-handedly rescued wild animals after an oil spill.

It's absolutely pathetic to share pictures of someone who wants nothing to do with you, especially fucking baby pictures where the person obviously had no say in it.

No. 782744

Why not just scribble over the pics with paint or something, THEN make the video with them? This shit depresses me, they could have had at least somewhat normal life.

No. 782747

Weird timing that Venus is now full on doing pedo baiting abdl shit and Margo shares pics of her.. as an actual kid?

No. 782776

I know Venus is shit but Margo is still a parasitic parent trying to get any amount of money and attention from her run away ATM.

No. 782797

So these are the long awaited rescued PROOFS about venus being psychoopath booly since toddler age…?

No. 782890

But did you even see the pic of her cuddling that large cat? She was probably plotting ways to harm it obviously. But in reality Margo thinks these pictures will show that she was a great mom and that Venus is ungrateful.

No. 782963

Margaret used to squawk about how she desperately needed to get her things out of storage to prove her innocence with all the proofs. What happened to that? She said she had medical information and other evidence that Venus is a psychopath bully but has not produced a single paper. In fact, when she said Venus recently contacted her about sending medical information, she claimed she had nothing like that.

No. 782993


The woman is a bully and a control freak. Seeing people in the comments saying how this proves what a good mother she was and what a good childhood Venus had, makes me so angry and sad. I know how pictures can lie and a child can look so loved and well cared for in pictures but be abused behind the scenes.
Venus was being constantly trotted out and shoved in front of a camera to be filmed, from a very young age, no wonder she grew up to think that was all she was good for.

And also maggot lying about no she never bleached her young daughter's hair. No hair would lighten that much in the sun, and apparently Venus doesn't even like the sun that much as it affects her, and i can't see her being out in the sun that long to bleach her hair like that, and in Switzerland? It's not like it was the South of France, or anywhere where they have really hot and intense sunlight. What a vile mother.

No. 783236

She claimed she had police reports in the storages too, as I recall. Proofs of VEENOOS’s psycho physical attacks on her poor boolied mother.

And yes, these pics are PROOF that Margo was the best mother EVER (in her delusional mind) and NOT ABUSIVE.

No. 783593

lmao you realize switzerland is only like 500km from southern france? there is no difference in "intensity of sunlight"

No. 784108

Didnt she have the video of yukapon peeing? Isnt that cp?

No. 784174

genuine question, can Maggot actually do that? Upload photos of an underage person that is now of age and (presumably?) has the right to to the images? Especially if the video is monetised.


No. 784186

as stated above Marge is not below showing child porn to smear someone. I'm surprised she got out of the Yukapon situation by just moving countries.

As for Venus's pictures, no she can't go to jail unless baby Venus's genitals are out, she's next to a naked adult and so on.

No. 784227

As far as I know, there is nothing preventing this.
There probably will be in the future. Think of all the kids posted everyday on SM by their parents. When these kids get older, there will be nothing they can do about the invasive nature of their entire childhood posted online. Information that can be used for grooming or identity theft and more. Sorry for the sperg, it's a huge pet peeves of mine and nobody seems to consider it.

No. 784334

Nayrt but you're right anon, dumbfucks need to stop posting their vulnerable children all over social media as props, it's gross and those parents are total idiots

No. 785813

So hold up. I thought she was in a detention center waiting to get deported and I haven't checked the thread that often. Did she get out somehow?

No. 785822

She already got deported, anon. She’s now in Switzerland I guess?

No. 785823

back in switzerland, she was trying to hide it at first but later started admitting it via pictures.

No. 785824

Ah, thank you for the clarification. Guess it's been longer than I thought since I last checked in.

No. 788568

>Venus was being constantly trotted out and shoved in front of a camera to be filmed, from a very young age, no wonder she grew up to think that was all she was good for.
Don't like marge but do you know how ridiculous and melodramatic you sound? All parents take a shit ton of pics of their kids. Mine did too. Some were spontaneous, some I posed in. Jesus fucking christ you guys try to make every little thing some heinous crime. Marge is shit but not for taking pictures of/with her fucking family and child.

No. 790389

File: 1597357639219.jpeg (247.76 KB, 1124x1273, 6B2E5231-12F8-4140-9798-70AE44…)

So this is what Margrot says to someone telling her that her child is in danger…

No. 790390

File: 1597357665248.jpeg (162.26 KB, 1124x934, B174C9EA-91C9-4783-B1BE-DEC9ED…)

No. 790392

Well Marge, trade illegal surgery with a transient homeless lifestyle and it does explain your sickly looking condition, so spot on.

No. 790430

>All parents take a shit ton of pics of their kids. Mine did too. Some were spontaneous, some I posed in.
Did your mom also quit her job to
rely solely on the income from the pictures she took of you, beat you, restrict your meals and try to marry you off to random men? Venus is a fucking train wreck atm but I don't think it's entirely her fault. I think margo contributed to her current self image.

It's sad as hell it's been like 4 years since venus ran away and she's still schizoposting like this

No. 790468

Well everything she says in her 2nd comment is true though.

No. 790537

Regardless of whether it’s true, it displays an appalling lack of compassion and empathy for her daughter. Margo is still as mad as a jilted ex for Venus leaving her.

No. 791462

>Did your mom also quit her job to rely solely on the income from the pictures she took of you
Margo didn't even rely on income from her daughters baby pics. You're just making stuff up now. And she helped build the channel and put work into it so she's not "living off someone elses income.". No idea about the other stuff. Also, according to Venus (if it is true) Margo worked 12 hour shifts at some point in time with Venus, what a leech. Margo is shit, but not for posting some baby pics. And she's still bitter and upset.

She also recently claimed she could drop a huge "truth bomb" but of course she didn't say anything more. Annoying, either spill the beans or stay quiet, Marge

No. 797239

From what I remember speaking with her in Japan at a share house is she was a very strange woman. I remember asking her why doesn’t she just leave her daughter alone and forget about everything she said she couldn’t do that and she needs the money to pay for some storage in Norway? Or something. Always found that strange anyways surprised this thread is still up!

No. 797240

Also I want to add to this I’m in my 20’s and if my mom came looking for me in Japan that would be extremely embarrassing idk how it is in Hungary families(no1curr)

No. 797520

File: 1601166821364.jpg (394.38 KB, 1080x1507, 20200927_023404.jpg)

She contacted Xiaorishu, a youtuber they had drama with nearly 8 years ago.

No. 797696

She's selling feet pics now lmao

No. 797714

She’s embarrassed because Xiaorishu posted her DMs on Twitter, publicly told her to fuck off and blocked her.

No. 797769

File: 1601292649448.png (1.82 MB, 1423x854, Untitled.png)

jesus christ, I'm not posting the other 2 pics of her feet.

Anything Weenus can do, Margo can do better!

No. 797814

I'm not even surprised. She will keep trying to be her daughter until she dies lol. Give it a few months and she'll be doing nudes too.

No. 798043

I'm gonna throw up

No. 801259

File: 1603265038460.png (455.63 KB, 1080x1803, Screenshot_20201021-162219(1).…)

Officially homeless and broken, finally.

No. 801268

It’s absurd how this loser’s post mirrors her loser daughter’s recent “I was feeling bad but I’m getting better now(for the 100th time!” post. They just write the same bullshit over and over for YEARS. I wonder what would happen if both Margaret and Venus’ followers just mass unfollowed them. Would they change at all? Ms. Autodidact super genius IQ with sexy body could have secured a real job or a spineless husband in the almost 5 years that have passed.

>literally being a Japanese citizen and multimillionaire

Wtf?! Does she actually believe this? Venus is a mentally ill wandering prostitute and she would never be able to get citizenship in a hundred years. Even when Margaret cries about being tortured by an evil daughter, she stills has to build up her progeny as unique and special.

No. 801273

interestingly she mentions manaki being dead again. where are your PROOFS margo?

No. 801281

The one funny thing I have noticed about Margo is that a lot of her delusional ranting ends up having a grain of truth, for example Venus's weight loss surgery and her being a raging alcoholic. I'm wondering if she is referencing Venus's old sugar daddy here, and if something really did happen to Manaki. Too bad she's too fucking insane to just come out with it

No. 801346

I guess:

Not giving attention to marge = bulling
Care about her = give her all she wants

Stfu marge, find a job in a fastfood, and pay YOUR bills.

No. 801416

Yes, SOME stuff she’s tells there’s a grain of truth because even a broken clock is right 2times a day
Come on…
Venus not just murdered someone and got away with it, she can’t get rid or hide period blood on her panties, imagine a full murder scene

No. 801442


How many more years will go by before she gets her shit finally together. She's a grown-ass woman still REing on the internet. Starting over is hard and sucks but I've never seen someone drag it out for years.


The first thing that came to my mind when reading that bit was Venus is still in touch with her. Like V is trying to convince her mom she's doing well and with a millionaire. Like she tried convincing the internet she opened her own business and was a "boss babe".

No. 801462

>would never be able to get citizenship
Margo claimed manaki's family literally adopted Venus and I think that's why she's saying Venus can stay in Japan. Does anyone know how something like this would work in Japan? Could it actually be possible that his family adopted Venus years ago? I have no idea how it works but that's what Marge has been saying and she never provided anything proof about it. Venus has done a lot of stuff that could endanger her visa status so maybe she does have some type of residency and isn't worried?

No. 801562

I live in Japan and am married to a Japanese. When you marry a Japanese man, you are considered part of his family and you are noted as such on most legal documents. It is mostly a cultural belief and expectation rather than solid legal status. However, it does not count as legitimate adoption and this social status does not increase your chances of getting citizenship. Only the nature of your marriage, social reputation, work status and personal income are relevant to apply for citizenship.

Adult adoption is actually the most common form of adoption in Japan, but it is done for completely different reasons than Margaret thinks. The people being adopted are 98% male. For example, a childless/without sons business owner wants to pass the company to his most trusted executive to “keep it in the family”. He can legally adopt his successor and that man will inherit the owner’s company/money. The second most common form of adult adoption is done by gay couples, since gay marriage is not legal and gay couples do not have family rights.

Adopting an adult FOREIGN female is completely unheard of in Japan! For the process to even be attempted, Venus would have to be a citizen first. But there is zero financial or family benefit to the Okadas to go that extra step. The marriage alone would have been enough to keep Venus in Japan, so adult adoption in the middle of a valid marriage makes not sense at all. Either Margaret’s imagination went wild when police told her that she has no right to track down an adult daughter, or Venus deliberately fed Margaret misinformation to make her crazy.

No. 801587

>> the nature of your marriage
Nope. publicly stating she’s “getting divorced” and (also publicly) living apart from her husband. Not to mention lying about and slandering him all over SM.

>> social reputation,

Again, nope. That whole porn thing, for one.

>> work status and personal income

Strike three and four. No job, never had one, and no legit consistent income source to support herself.

Guess Wenus is out of luck as far as citizenship/PR goes, huh?

No. 801625

Yet Margaret has convinced herself that a child of her loins must be so special(and devilishly cunning!) that Japanese immigration completely threw these standard requirements out the window. What’s more interesting is how Margaret stays afloat in foreign countries.

No. 801630

File: 1603456436121.png (124.74 KB, 1080x658, Screenshot_20201023-202813(1).…)

She just survived and didn't get trafficked etc lol

No. 801638

Is “get trafficked” slang for “get a real job?”

No. 801682

>Venus is a mentally ill wandering prostitute You mean Margaret right? She's the one saw multiple men for money and attempts at visas.

Didn't she try to traffick her own daughter though? There's those infamous pics of Venus when she was underaged being dressed like a hooker and then Margaret trying to set her up with older Korean men (and taking that infamous pic of them in bed?).

No. 801769

File: 1603544369715.png (93.94 KB, 882x492, Screenshot_20201024-215538(1).…)

So she is still in contact with her parents

No. 801866

Marge crazy enough to call a man she divorced like 20 years ago "her husband"

No. 802194

Probably living in shared apt and working as "web designer" from her room. At least she registered her business.

She states that street address on her website from her last insta post herself.

She likes running "companies"

No. 802917

“Web designer” will soon become and onlyfans account.

No. 802923

Nuenschwander is her ex husband's last name… and she's using it again? Or trying to fuck with him since Venus is out of her reach?

No. 802962

That registration is from 1994, when she was still married to that Neuenschwander guy.

No. 802964


Nah, the second one is an expired entry from a long time ago. Should have clarified, sorry. What I meant to say is that historically she seems to have always liked to run some sort of "business".

In all honesty, I was surprised to see her using the name we know her under (she seems to also have gotten a Swiss driver's license). I would have assumed that she would try to kind of cheat and slightly sneak her way into getting identification under a slightly different name to avoid being found out easily online (by a potential employer) - e.g. using some slightly altered version of her first name (origibally Margit, now Margaret > Margret, Margrit, Margot, Margarethe… you get the point) and maybe even starting to use her maiden name again.

But I guess she's just bumming around in some rented room in Basel and living off of money from social aid. Switzerland is a paradise for someone like her who is good at abusing the system. Good choice in getting herself deported there rather than Hungary.

No. 803022

>Didn't she try to traffick her own daughter though? There's those infamous pics of Venus when she was underaged being dressed like a hooker and then Margaret trying to set her up with older Korean men (and taking that infamous pic of them in bed?).
Pretty sure Venus wanted to act thotty though. I don't believe her when she says she dreamed of it since she was a very little kid, but I think Margo thought it would get them more money and Venus didn't give a shit as long as she got more money (we've already seen numerous times venus is an unethical sellout willing to do anything for money), so why should we believe Margo forced that sexy crap? Could have even been Venus' idea even. Also, I'm pretty sure Margo got Manaki and Venus in contact because Venus HERSELF wanted an easy way to Japan (visa fraud), which is probably why Margo found dudes for Venus at all.

No. 803024

She claimed she almost got trafficked in korea once. Probably something to do with her shady massage biz

>she's just bumming around in some rented room in Basel and living off of money from social aid
She said she has a boyfriend, so if true, my guess is she's living for free in his house. She's def upgraded from her shitty goshiwon. She's probably also on social aid though.

No. 803051

However Marge still can be deported if social workers will know about her another, unregistered source of income. That's why she's so sneaky and cautious about running a "business". What's next destination then

No. 803073

Her story is so unclear she’ll be deported on that alone.

No. 803075

File: 1604328633429.png (158.36 KB, 1504x908, margo.png)

She tried to contact Kiwifarms hosting company about her thread, not knowing that Null owns the hosting company as well.

No. 803098

>killing homosexuals


No. 803166

So marrrge avidly follows her KF thread. Wonder if she reads this one too?

A Korean anon is the one who got marge busted, detained and deported from Korea. She was a rival masseuse in Seoul or something. Marge sperged about it on instagram, accusing this person of being involved with the Korean mafia and all sorts of shit.

She still follows Marge’s every move online. Marge picked the wrong person to fuck with.

No. 803169


Start from 2013, 7 f*cking years. No way for this thread to be shut down

No. 803253

File: 1604419867483.png (236.81 KB, 1080x1366, 1.png)

It works with VPN connection

No. 803884

For some reason Margo reuploaded this ancient clip of herself dancing in one of her daughters dresses.

No. 803918

Marge needs to make another weird plinky talking song.

No. 803919

This is such a classic

No. 804730

I wish she reuploaded the 'venus angelicus came from my uterus' song

No. 805377

File: 1605738989568.jpeg (263.27 KB, 1069x1627, 45D2663B-EE44-4EAD-BD4C-291CFC…)

Marge’s latest on instagram

No. 805379

File: 1605739713454.jpeg (571.94 KB, 1101x1549, 015C8988-D47C-4BA3-9E00-24409F…)

The caption:

Her delusiona and paranoia are in full swing. In her disordered brain VEENOOS is a diabolical evil multimillionaire bully with ties to the Japanese mafia who killed her husband and tried to kill her poor boolied mother. (And Marge wasn’t stalking Veenoos after she ran away, she was “staying nearby in case Venus needed her!”)

I would love to know what the Swiss police said when crazy Marge reported her evil boolying daughter. Probably the same as the police in London when she reported the “criminal gang” (Xiao and her fellow Youtubers) and the Japanese police when she called to report that evil Manaki was holding her daughter hostage! —politely humoring the crazy lady.

Marge is the gift that keeps giving.

No. 805418

That’s really vintage I forgot she had that phase at all. Really speaks to the psychology of parents who force their kids to do stuff.

No. 805505

I'm the anon that got tagged by Margo. The woman is absolutely fucking insane, I'd rather be a street hooker than having to live with someone like that and I can't even comprehend the mental damage inflicted to someone that had to live their entire life with someone like her.

She lied about me wanting to commit suicide because of Venus. Just another narcissistic tactic, where she said that to make it seem like she is concerned and a good person while sending her followers after me.

I messaged her and I was very nice to her but I tried explaining how what she has done to Venus has made her be the way she is now and she called me a drug addict etc insult after insult. Tried to convince me that Venus killed Manaki, that she is constantly harassed by bullies that are Venus fans. That Venus is involved with Yakuza and that if she tells the Japanese authorities that Venus killed Manaki she will be murdered. It is not even paranoia at this point, shhas no compassion, she only cares about herself and not hurting her own ego. I think she should not be let free. Absolutely mental. The levels of manipulation and e is just excusing her lies.

This woman pathological lying in this woman. She just cannot face the truth that the way she has brought up her daughter was very wrong and abusive.

Reminds me a bit of gypsy rose blanchard case. Classical example of narcissistic mother, only using their child as a mean to gain money and fame.

No. 805536

I'm dying to have this recording. How did no one save this video? Iy was comic gold.

I also want the hater song

"I grew up in the communism and seen my friends die" or something

No. 805602

File: 1605915526734.webm (2.1 MB, 600x600, vanus.webm)

A gift for you, beloved Anon

No. 805627


Sure Marge is a mental case, but you should post caps of your convos, otherwise we can't tell who's lying

No. 805709

File: 1605988243905.png (476.25 KB, 936x550, 1343345.png)

I like how she mentions Jenna and Marzia. Jenna left because she did sketchy things like Shane and didn't want to end up "exposed" or "cancelled" like him. Marzia is an awful covert narc (her guru gossiper thread has evidence of what she's done so it's not just unsubstantiated claims) and left after they were planning on making an exposed video, which if you're going to do shady stuff like steal art and be an ass but pretend you're a saint, you have a right to be criticized. Marzia deleted all her vids without any regard to fans. Marge is dumb. Looks like she got into drama with Xiao again. I'm surprised she's defending her sister. Her sister and father made multiple public jabs at her on their instagrams, (Zsu seemed to initiate it too), and even continued making jabs on her new account – such as saying only "cows" are seen in the fields collecting mushrooms when Marge first got to Switzerland and thumbing up someone who said alpacas suck when Marge made an alpaca post. Very interesting she'd defend her, since her sister seemed spiteful and immature. Marge seems to be a sucker for her family, no matter what they do (even if she claimed they abused her). She's really losing her shit over this.

No. 805735

Marzia who? If its a cutiepie one then Gossip Guru threads are actually nothing but people blogposting (with heartfelt admits that they are jealous for the sake of karma on website) and barking at every little thing like in SimplyKenna PULL threads. Its the most pathetic thread on GG. Cringe

No. 805741

File: 1606001008671.jpeg (442.1 KB, 1107x1745, 3F09728C-DE89-439B-AB9C-E25853…)

Here’s the instagram post with the full caption. So is this pic supposed to ‘prove’ marge is Jewish, in her deranged mind? Is the highlghted man in the yarmulke her father? It appears to be a stock photo (with watermark) of a group of Jewish people. What exactly does crazy marge think it ‘proves’?

No. 805742

File: 1606001938306.jpeg (437.91 KB, 1082x1570, C3CCA853-D420-4F1C-8771-17E375…)

And this is the “last pic” she refers to- a screenshot of a post on Kiwifarms from last night that seems to have triggered her.

The one thing it ‘proves’ is that marge avidly follows her thread on KF. She posted the screenshot just 12 hours after it appeared there.

No. 805743

>> the highlghted man in the yarmulke
Correction: the man highlighted isn’t wearing a yarmulke, he’s just sitting in a group where some people are. Still don’t know who it is or why she posted it. I guess it makes sense in marge’s fevered brain.

No. 805783

this man looks like another Ferenz Concz, he is likely public figure or something like that.
No relation with Marge's family

No. 805790

I'd watch a movie about yakuza heading out to the Swiss boonies if she's still there, just to murder a complete raving lunatic because of reasons. Featuring zombie!Manaki.

No. 805833

File: 1606074083101.jpeg (335.85 KB, 1547x1157, 8666A1B0-C41B-4EBE-82E2-A578B4…)


Here’s the stock photo she found on the internet and posted on her ig, lol. The watermark says ‘Holy Crown Radio’ and ‘Pure Hungarian Voice.’

What a nutcase.

No. 806726

Marge isn't stupid. Lawmaker and a former Member of the National Assembly Ferenc Concz was a big public figure and belonged to the elites. He died in road accident about six month ago, so she knows that nobody will punish her for using his private picture.


No. 806732

How crazy does she have to be to try and pass off a picture of a fucking fidesz MP acting in a political role as proof that she has a Jewish muh heritage? Is she deteriorating?

No. 806863

>> Marge isn't stupid.
Actually she is.

No. 806864

I think that what Maggot did (forcing her underage daughter to pose for risque pictures in adult womens' clothes), definitely messed with Venus on a psychological level. Those were her formative years, when her brain was developing. M didn't let her have friends her own age, and that definitely messed with her development, imo.

No. 806928

i dont't think he's the same ferenc koncz

No. 806992

went to grab a screenshot this morning from her instagram stories, but it's gone now. anyway, marge has been posting anti-vaxxer content. not sure why i feel surprised, but she's just all kinds of crazy

No. 807104

File: 1606885353636.jpg (145.93 KB, 500x282, 905sVRA.jpg)


No doubts why Weenus turned out that way now.

No. 807999

That was fast

No. 809329

thank youuuu

No. 809627

She didn't force her and Venus actually interacted with kids her age, Margo even shared pics. Venus wasn't isolated. She only started claiming that after reading PULL. Not saying Margo is a saint, she's all kinds of messed up, but the story Venus sold is bullshit.

No. 814224

File: 1610127778473.jpeg (264.8 KB, 1074x1156, 054B621A-1EC9-43DE-949A-49437B…)

VEENOOS publicly accuses marge of attempting to extort 100,000 from her (100,000 what? dollars? euros? Yen? only VEENOOS and marge know) or marge will “ruin her life.”

No. 814228

File: 1610128132647.jpeg (262.9 KB, 886x1402, D9B08F5C-E652-46A4-AD30-2CCE05…)

Marge answers, in her instagram comments. Doesn’t deny it and vows to “publish everything she knows.”

No. 814244

>tfw marge has been hoe'in herself out longer than venus
Kek. I really hope they have a stupid slapfight.

No. 814310

im sorry, my margese language comprehension is not very good, is she trying to imply venus killed manaki? lol

No. 814359

Anon, have you seem how plainly awkward she is around literally anyone?? Like, maybe she played with kids once or twice but considering the amount of times they moved, how she was homeschooled for most of her life and how she was such a weeb since very early I simply doubt she had any actual friends at all.

No. 814556

You know…. if Marge had all this proof like she says, wouldn’t she post it already? I mean she posted everything else including a nude selfie so…. what’s the holdup?

She could easily prove Venus is lying if she’d only post the emails on instagram

No. 814667

File: 1610310144279.jpeg (324.86 KB, 880x1326, B8650B31-B45B-4071-8D53-EAE084…)

>> is she trying to imply venus killed manaki?
Yes, in marge’s paranoid and highly disordered brain Manaki deleting his instagram = VEENOOS murdered him!

And her latest delusion is VEENOOS might be renting a Manaki lookalike to cover up her crime!! Lol she gets loonier every day. It’s hard to make out wtf she’s even trying to say, she’s so agitated and messed up.

No. 814678

Is she actually this unwell or is she pretending to be in order to be relevant?

No. 814682

File: 1610314441185.png (458.21 KB, 935x602, Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 21.3…)

Honestly surprised it's taken Margo this long to latch on to some pizzagate/adrenochrome bullshit to send conspiracy theory flying monkeys to attack Venus.

Dr Eric Berg is fucking chiropractor.

No. 814688

File: 1610316661569.jpg (895.53 KB, 972x2010, Screenshot_20210109-164042_Chr…)

Marge responded by posting one of Venus's Only Fans photos - because of course it's totally normal to sign up for your daughter's nudez - and another rant (before the latest "malnutrition = LSD = schizophrenia = psychopatthen!" one), because she's majorly jeloos that (a) Venus is able to cash in on the hoe game whilst Marge's own prostitution business went under because no one wants an old and ugly hooker, and (b) that she isn't collecting any of Venoos' cash as her mother-pimp like Marge feels she deserves for life.

No. 814689

File: 1610316757192.jpg (220.03 KB, 976x998, Screenshot_20210109-164216_Chr…)

Part 2

And, did you know that Marge is such an awesome ~celebrity manager~ that Anderson Cooper himself begged her for an interview? Funny how she's never taken him up on his offer so she could share her PROOFS far and wide…

No. 814704

Lol isn't Anderson Cooper gay?

No. 814745

File: 1610337683817.jpeg (232.41 KB, 862x1155, BB959020-B2E7-4E33-BF50-417D1E…)

Now she admits to extorting Venus, but in marge world it’s only just and totally reasonable that she gets “a small part of what she stole” in exchange for shutting the fuck up.

Uh no, marge, what you’re doing is the definition of extortion. Look it up.

And apparently “ruining Venus’s life” means posting her past OF photos and some fucked-up instagram posts she’s made (that everyone’s already seen.) Still waiting for marge’s PROOFS.

No. 814746

the "on meth" part was Venus referring to her current medication so margo is just reacting to that, she knows nothing and is pulling up 6 month old photos of her that she probably got recently from a thread of leaks, she doesn't have anything to extort her with at all

No. 814748

Yes, marge really is that unhinged. Venus “renting a Manaki lookalike to cover up her crime” is a new low for her though.

No. 814765

She's still butt hurt her living atm isn't giving her cash?

No. 814771

I think Margo put aside a lot of prospects from her own life to focus on building Venus' youtube fame, so I kind of get why she is so butt hurt about everything.

I strongly dislike Venus, so I really want Margo to be more believable haha. But the "Venus hiring a Manaki look alike" thing is not helping

No. 814776

>I think Margo put aside a lot of prospects from her own life to focus on building Venus' youtube fame

And that is on Marge, and only Marge. It's one thing wanting to support your kid when her YT channel took off, but it is one entire different thing to have her be your only source of income from then on (and sometimes borrow her clothes and do embarrassing ~kawaii~ dances so you can be just as uwu as the daughter you want to skinwalk).

No. 814816

Why isn’t she just trying to get better and focussing on a new path? She can even get rid of her mental issues and make a new baby that she won’t try to exploit. They’re both so weird.

No. 814835