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File: 1530130967505.jpeg (25.17 KB, 322x292, A933780A-D49E-4BED-A3D4-9253C4…)

No. 536864

When we last left our antihero, she was back pouting and plotting in her goshiwan basement room, having failed to:

>>make more than a few people think skeletal Venus was better off with mutti

>>convince people she suddenly earned a BSc in "Clinical Psychology", just as Zsu is due to graduate nursing school. The "awards ceremony" featured a nice Kinko's copy degree and a dollar store medal for some reason

Mags said she knew about Venus "throwing up for years", despite claiming total ignorance over this mysterious ED that just totally took her by surprise and she never knew about, probably all Manaki's fault >>515344

Everything Venoos does is ACTUALLY about Margo >>515345 >>515346

Venus turned to Center media to release her story about her WLS, releasing it to various outlets in the UK and the provinces via Daily Mail >>516029

Mags has fallen totally under 10k instagram followers >>516799

And picks clothing out of the trash >>516934 >>517129

And Mags freaks out as she learns how much of Venus's coveted cash has been dedicated to the WLS fuckup >>519092 >>519140 >>519141 >>519608 she kept editing the previous to get even better >>519618

But of course, all Venus's issues with body image only PROVE how much she needs her mutti, not some stupid therapy or supportive husband! >>519620

Lastly, Mags tried to add some more content to her fake wordpress "diyspace" 'web design company', complete with fellow employees who are stock images, starts here >>536316

We suspect Margo may be trying to a work visa rather than a student one; but if she's planning to use that fake ass website as proof she works, she might wanna get rid of all the lorum ipsum and un built widgets. And maybe make a portfolio. You know, do some work.

LAST THREAD >>513635

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No. 536869

File: 1530131177051.png (667.8 KB, 809x600, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 1.26…)

Runner up for the thread pic; it didn't actually show her face, but this hausfrau furry porn she thought was kawaii was a classic.

No. 536871

File: 1530131302765.png (328.2 KB, 929x592, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 1.27…)

Oh, and Mags doubled down on the jewish angle and bragged about going to the JEWISH HOUSE (because what even is temple?) every Friday night. Where she cops free food. Naturally.


No. 536872

File: 1530131322904.png (51.38 KB, 299x318, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 1.28…)

last old pic 2/2

No. 536873

>my daughter gets emotional

No. 536878

File: 1530132109171.gif (870.7 KB, 500x215, SOxgtie.gif)


>i'm not obsessing over food and room decoration

>nor do I get mentally ill from my basic needs
>next is she gets spiritual

Is it possible her English has gotten worse?

No. 536882

She must be feeling extra neglected if she's broadcasting where to physically find her ass and on the exact days. She's lucky she's not interesting enough to ween.

No. 536888

>Why would she use the website for a visa when she can pay 11.99 for another hypnotism course and a student visa?
Because to get a student visa she’d have to come up with tuition at an approved school/university (not some online hypnosis course) and she doesn’t have the cash. She’s always has Venus’s $$ (and possibly money from her family) to pay for tuition up till now but that seems to have dried up, leaving her with a tourist visa which has to be renewed every 90 days and I think she’s getting nervous about that. She needs something more permanent i.e. a work visa.

Just speculation but it fits. And then there’s her long history of scamming which also fits.

No. 536903

does she even have a home anymore at all? the more she keeps needing to go in and out, the more questions they're going to ask. she'll need to cough up something eventually.

No. 536942

File: 1530140644414.png (1.19 MB, 712x740, xyz.png)

seeing her wearing those dresses korean girls wear to look sophisticated and mature just make her look old, haggard, and out of times.

No. 536948

File: 1530140990626.png (102.73 KB, 606x408, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 4.09…)

Oh, and I forgot to put in the OP: Mags believes the aliens are here, and only her boyfriend Trump can save us from them with his magical #spaceforce

No. 536962

>does she even have a home anymore
She has a rented room, same as she always has. She’s an almost homeless transient. Only thing that’s different now is she has no excess cash to blow on daily Starbucks, constant countryhopping and shopping (or language school tuition.) No more Venusbux.

No. 537345

FYI, Venus made a middle-of-the-night crying video, saying she had to go to the hospital for antidepressants.

Let's see how long it takes Mags to crow about it. Will we get loving mutti who has a plan with her totemo legit "clinical psychology" degree to help, if only Venoos moves in with her asap and gives all her money to mutti? Or is this all Venoos' stupid fault and a psychopath game? Or is Evil Manaki at the back of it?

No. 537375


I will link it. I’m glad she’s getting medication, she needs it at this point. Ugh, gabatte Venus ganbatte.

No. 537433


Also tried to talk Venus into coming back to Korea so they can sue the doctor together and get a lot of monies for Margo I mean Venus.

No. 537867


Wow, that was a scary video to watch. She seems like she’s suffering very badly. I hope the medications works. It might just be that Venus is being much more honest on her social media than she ever was before, but I’m worried she’s getting worse.

Margaret, how could you do this to your own child? How is it even possible to be so heartless?

No. 537876


The result of a narcissistic parent really is awful and saddening to see. Margaret is truly a cunt and I hope the anti depressants help Venus. She's being more and more open about her personal life it seems.

No. 537923

When you leave your abuser/s, it can take years before you feel safe enough to have the breakdown you were never allowed to have. It takes feeling safe before you emotionally break down and start to feel all the feelings you had to stuff down for years, because you were in constant danger and needed to be alert at all times

What is happening or Venus is totally normal. In fact, she's hit the stage years earlier than many. She must feel very safe and secure in order to have these emotions now leaking into her life; it's actually a testament to how healthy her life is now

This stage is necessary to heal. It sucks, it feels worse than the abuse did (because you couldn't feel the feelings fully then), and you think you're going mad and it will never end. It does.

Margo, with her supposed "clinical psychology" degree, will call this a clear case if psychopathic (not even a term in use any more) manipulation, because she's a moron incapable of learning anything. I'm surprised she's stayed quiet about it so long.

No. 537933

there were moments I almost felt pity for marg (I mean, she IS braindamaged and unable to function like a normal person).. but then I see venus like this.
goddammit marg, even genuine sociopaths, autists and mentally disabled people manage to raise kids without fucking them up in every single way.

No. 537964

All this is true, but it’s painful to look at. I’m not sure that the majority of Venus stans understand this either, a lot of their messaging to her is pretty vacant. I hope Venus keeps pushing though and feeling her feelings, it’s very easy to shut off at this part and go back to being empty with the help of booze or ED or whatever. She needs a lot of support right now and I hope she’s getting it.

Has anyone seen, or does anyone know if auntie Zsu or Grandpa Ferenc have reached out to her? I think she’s in need of family now. Not saying Manaki and Mana-mum aren’t doing as much as they possibly can, just wishing that Venus had more people there for her. This is absolutely the hardest and most dangerous part.

No. 537981

File: 1530305909424.png (53.46 KB, 585x195, Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 1.57…)

Zsu deleted her first instagram account when she finally made contact with Venus; she said the account had served it's purpose and that was all she'd wanted. She later made the borzoi account to post her dog pics and keep track of the goings on with Mags and V. So yes, at this point, Zsu and Venus have some sort of private contact, so Venus has her aunt as well as her mother in law, husband and friends. No clue about Grandpa Ferenc.

Mags has been mysteriously silent about such a juicy video. Her only recent online activity has been to talk about her ~uwu goals boyfriend~ Trump, the world cup, and weird ass comments about American alt right stuff (considering she's a semi homeless benefits scrounger who has never lived in the US, her obsession with their politics and pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps philosophy is weird af)

No. 537984

File: 1530306197063.png (602.82 KB, 1113x433, Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 2.02…)

She's deleted her "Reaction to VenusAngelic's Illegal Weight Loss Surgery" video, but left up the one harassing her former MIL.

There's an archived version of the "Reaction" video here: https://vimeo.com/266354874

No. 537991

Hoping that Zsu at least has seen the video and can talk to Venus. I can’t imagine how she’s feeling and I’ve always heard that mental health care isn’t the best in Japan.

It makes you wonder how Margot is allowed to run around like a crazy lady, you’d think the Korean people would get tired of the lunatic and lock her up.

No. 538237

Maybe Venus' lawyer has been in touch again?

No. 538244

You guys aren't doing Venus any help by enabling her victimization status.

If she ever wants to move on with her life, she needs to stop seeing herself as a victim and getting mollycoddled by strangers on the internet.

No. 538251

lmao calm down bitter-chan. While Venus might still be a bit /snow/flakey, there's nothing mollycoddling about wishing she can finally rid herself of Marge's toxic influence.

And this is coming from an anon who's never particularly liked Venus. But I'm not gonna NOT acknowledge that she's been abused and needs professional help.

No. 538303

Nayrt, but how is Venus still under Marge's influence? She's been living with her husband in another country for two years now and doesn't have contact with her. The only way Marge can effect Venus is if V keeps up with her mom's crazy hobo drama via the internet and obsesses over it.

No. 538314

Margo's abuse will affect Venus for the rest of her life - even if it were over, which it isn't.

No. 538315

She was “raised” since birth by Margaret who has tried to live through her ever since. I think it will take quite some time to adjust with her new life. Imagine being alone in this world with no blood family or old friends since you’ve been sheltered by your sociopath mom your whole life. I hope she seeks a therapist and that Margaret goes back to Hungary and face the music.

No. 538317

Samefag but blood family I mean close relatives. I hope also that her grandpa ferenc(?) and aunt zsu are around for her, maybe even meet in the future would be good for Venus.

No. 538447

I get what you mean, but it's only been 2 years now. you have to keep in mind that venus never even knew a normal, ordered life, having her own feelings and opinions, being able to open up to others, etc..
she seems to be trying her best to move on (going out, socialising, studying the language, overcoming her ed), so I think it's ok for her to feel like a victim from time to time.

No. 538483

I agree with everyone else. It's been 2 years but compare it to the amount of time she spent under her narc mom influence.

My own grandpa was a narc and abuser and definitely shaped my mom and aunt personality, including worsening my aunt mental illness. Resentment and other lasting effects still persevere years and years, I'd say probably your whole life, even when the abuser is cut-off or dead.

It doesn't surprise me at all that Venus still deals, and will probably forever deal, with depression, body dysmorphia, stress and other things.

Marg forced Venus to work as an influencer, relying on her Youtube revenues, since she was barely a teen. Every family member that was sane was cut off, any friend made was bullied and Marg made sure to burn any bridge (Kelsey, Yukapon, etc)

No we shouldn't coddle Venus and enable her by pretending she doesn't have depression, eating disorders and that everything in her life is fine and she should fast, diet or do illegal surgeries. But understanding her situation without judgement and offering compassion is not enabling.

Again if you didn't grow in a dysfunctional family well good for you, but you'll have a hard time understanding why it's so hard for Venus and why she seems all over the place.

No. 538550

OT but you're a good egg, anon.

I love the BTS thumbnail. When even them can't bring Magoo any traffic, she done fucked up.

No. 538594

File: 1530401881718.png (406.47 KB, 932x599, 1.png)

new post

No. 538596

Gwanghwamun is the gate, not the palace. Oh genius Margo.

No. 538601

samefag but she’s standing in the free area right before the main area/gate to the rest of the place where you need a ticket to get in (2 or 3 bucks). Did she post anything else or was she too cheap to go in? lol

No. 538800


I did grow up in a dysfunctional family, more so in some ways than Venus' family, believe it or not, so I do understand. You seem to misunderstand my comment and then make assumptions.

And then people throwing the words "calm down" and "bitter" as if either apply, immediately getting offended. There's really no forum for discussion unless you 100% white-knight Venus these days. I just don't want to see her go down that road, speaking from experience.

Marg also made another "Manaki is evil post". I thought she has decided it was Venus finally, since she said something like "I almost fell for that Mankai is controlling stuff"

No. 538817

File: 1530425795798.jpg (91.33 KB, 540x775, IMG_20180701_081710_249.jpg)

No. 538833

Ok wtf weird. Does she know that's a slang term for having sex? And she uses it under a picture of her daughters husband.

No. 538834

I'm assuming most people that victimize Venus didn't have shitty parents. If we didn't know so much about her mom, people on this site would probably be treating her like an attention whore spoonie.
Having trauma doesn't make you poor little helpless victim that can do no wrong.

No. 538855

A snow thread for Venus has existed for a long time. >>>/snow/522225

No. 538856

It's a #meme though. Don't worry, Margo's got it in hand!

No. 538863

File: 1530440317442.jpeg (58.64 KB, 750x361, 2BE25EA6-5004-4927-80B3-39DAA1…)

Fucking hell thats cold

No. 538864

File: 1530441774521.jpeg (78.93 KB, 750x465, 6B2C5810-1651-4135-B66B-D0E732…)

Samefag but it’s just so fucking beyond me considering Venus saying she’s so depressed she considers taking her own life Marg just sits there haha funny epic meme #justforintellectuals

No. 538866

Mags is a narc who thinks she's smarter than everyone else. It might be the Marglish but deflecting problems with humor against someone who is ignoring her just makes her seem psycho.

No. 538870

File: 1530444923565.jpg (77.65 KB, 720x427, Screenshot_20180701-213430_Ins…)

When will Mrgo ever make sense?

No. 538874

This is true. For many people, the full force of the trauma, of what the abuse they went through as a child did to them doesn't hit them like a train until their late twenties/early thirties. Then they can finally start taking care of themselves and working through it. That's why you see many people write their stories only when they're in their late thirties, early forties. The horrible thing about child abuse is that when people are finally able to come to terms with the fact that what they went through is indeed abuse, and stop feeling ashamed or blaming themselves, is that it's usually past the statute of limitations, it's way too late to take legal action. The only revenge really is to live well, hope Venus can get to that point.

But the rest of us can hope that maggot dies alone and in pain.

No. 538875

We're making fun of morgrot for her bootstrapping bullshit and this is what you come up with?

Are you completely unaware of how trauma works? This bastshit insane harpy has had control over her daughter for most of her life, insanity is all the kid knew from an early age.

>you look good
Filtered to hell and back, and she still can't hide that her nostrils are as large as her eyes, but okay.

That kid was actually really cute, but we already knew she doesn't know the difference between fact and fiction.

Maybe she found a used electrical toothbrush in the goshiwon's trash, and she's going to town on herself with that, going through pics of Manaki.

Yeah, and she's also not behaving like a kid. The great thing about kids is that they grow out of that behavior, they learn from their mistakes, if they don't, then you gotta worry. Mags is over forty and still chugging along with her edgy arrested development comments, and she doesn't even notice it makes more and more people aware she's a sociopath not operating with a full deck.

No. 538877

fucking lol
she's back to attacking Manaki since no one cared about her selfies

No. 538878


So a psychos can't be a homeless loons or a poor person ? Can only be someone with money and a roof over their head in Margo's mind … ?

She must of been googling about how "rich people share a lot in common with Psychopaths". However, Venus isn't "rich" nor money obsessed as she isn't even really trying to make more money. Funny though, when she was with Margo she pounded out videos everyday, and was eating out or shopping everyday and even at one point begging for thousands of dollars for a fancy studio in Seoul. It was and still is very obvious who was money hungry one as they (Margo) are the only one still obsessing over money, and trying to prove they aren't the psycho.

I wonder if Margo will ever move on and find something else. Surely one day she has to realize she's in her 40's and has no career,friends,home or savings. She can't stay or live in Korea the rest of her life with no income.

No. 538880

I just noticed, but doesn't it look like she has bruising on the base of her collarbone?

No. 538887

File: 1530453882991.png (9.39 KB, 288x119, 1.png)

"Maggie" corrected herself once again: it was just 3 miles anons, not 5 or 10.

It's not Venus' fault your husband couldn't take you to the hospital you fucking cunt.

No. 538888

Nah it's probably just the shadow, made grainy by the filter/phone quality. Perhaps her face would be as grainy if she hadn't blasted the blur tool all over it lol.

No. 538891

File: 1530455026379.jpg (1.15 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180701_161718.jpg)

> Oh shut up! You're like a fucking kid wtf.
> @krnxcviii kids have light in their hearts and a clear vision, I could not receive a nicer compliment

Here you have the meme you asked for, marge:
Little Evil then and now. Feel old yet?

No. 538903

File: 1530457922078.jpg (351.07 KB, 1242x1815, nRauy74.jpg)

>What are you gaslighting here?

I’m dying. How is she getting DUMBER as time goes on? Years ago, she was just a manipulative asshole but seemed reasonably intelligent. These days, she doesn’t seem to be able to comprehend the most concise, plainly-worded responses and constantly spits out word salad.

Her thirst is real and disturbing. Afterall, she dubbed him “sexy boy” when literally no one ever called him that. It’s common for competitive narcissistic mothers to become sexually fixated on their daughter’s SO. I positive she has an entire folder of his pictures saved on her computer.

No. 538906

tbh venus is probalby sane enough not to read comments on lolcow anyway. If she did, then maybe she would wash her damn hair once in a while.

No. 538916

>I don't miss

I was gonna call bullshit, but I guess this is a half truth since she only misses the money.

No. 538928

>I wonder if Margo will ever move on and find something else
Nope. People with severe, extreme personality disorders like marge don’t get better with time. She’ll only get worse and more delusional and dysfunctional.

No. 538934

Her lizard brain has fixated on Manaki as the Evil One because he stole her prize possession (her cash cow) and is “living rich” off HER money. That’s all Venus was to her and all she cares about, the $$.

No. 538980

Even its a meme she keeps fixating on Manaki being an evil mastermind. She needs to move the fuxk on. Her posting this shit while Venus is openingly admitting she had thoughts about killing herself is not looking the best.

No. 538989

there's no way midge read keiras post. it was tl;dr no english plz

No. 539052

File: 1530489269139.png (11.89 KB, 301x171, 1.png)

We're just bitter cunts that can't understand Margo's deep, empathic and psychological sense of humor :'(

No. 539058

"It was also a joke when I threw a knife at venus and told her she looks fat all the time. you wouldn't get it, since you don't have empathy you psychopaths! I'm just ol' fun-lovin' marg over here."

No. 539252

File: 1530515903269.png (671.7 KB, 933x599, 1.png)

trying so hard at being funny

No. 539255

File: 1530516466268.png (13.31 KB, 289x184, 1.png)

the hunger games: venusangelic edition.

>Venus kills her mom and herself

>Manaki kills Venus
>Venus' fans kill margo
>Venus' fans kill Venus

No. 539266

File: 1530519294851.jpeg (188.19 KB, 750x756, 232D2B7B-924F-45A8-B41A-C098FD…)

Margo be like

No. 539425

stop whiteknighting venus. sound like autist.
venus and marge are communicating back and forth through social media. they are taking swipes at each other. they have for years. marge does something venus does it better. venus post something marge says its not enough.

the recap should be that venus and marge signed youtube deal. venus left and spent money on wls. wls backfired because she was already to thin and ana/bulimia. maniaki is worried about venus but venus does what she wants and wont take directions. she is marges daughter after all.

marge seems to be hooking with massage as a cover. she is lying about having degrees so she is probable trying to scam a business into hiring her. marge is an extremely dangerous predator. I wouldn't want to live in the same goshiwon as her. her Korean friends seem to leave after a few months. probably running away from her scams. also, when she is in school it looks like her "friends" do her homework.

my prediction is venus tries to find a younger/stable guy and leaves manaki. another path is her medical bills have become such that she needs too work more.

either way marge and venus have been right about the other. venus is really medically sick. marge has been saying this for years and venus finally is strong enough to admit it. marge helped shape venus but venus did all the editing work. we know this because mage cant edit her youtube clips but the same venus angelic "aesthic/vibe" is there.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 539458

are you okay anon?

if you want to discuss Venus here's her thread >>>/snow/522225

No. 539479

>venus and marge are communicating back and forth through social media.
what, subliminally? through secret codes? Venus has not acknowledged Margo's sperging. Margo is just a crazy, delusional narcissist who thinks everything is a "swipe" at her.

No. 539493

Yet you whiteknight Margo.

No. 539527

Hi, Cenk

No. 539553

isnt this how ikea food is served idk i have never been to one

also the ice cream/sorbet/?? looks like a lemon and its bugging me

tinfoil: she works in ikea kitchen

No. 539564

Yep this is definitely IKEA. Idk why for years and years she has haunted their stores no matter what country she is in.

No. 539565

>isnt this how ikea food is served

yes, she says it in the caption.

No. 539567

sorry what i meant was
shes not being neat, its just how the meal is served

No. 539588


the only thing i agree with here is

>my prediction is venus tries to find a younger/stable guy and leaves manaki

i don't think she is using manaki on purpose, but once she gets her shit together and does enough therapy/growing up/healing she will definitely move on from manaki possibly to another guy. i would say younger as well because she's so childlike because of marge's abuse she'll never really seem like her actual age so will always date or attract younger men

No. 539595

>so will always date or attract younger men
that's rich considering 1. that's never happened, and 2. Manaki is much older. Please don't pull things right out of your ass with no other source.

aside from that, I don't think she'll leave Manaki. anything can happen, but you'd think that she would have an emotional bond with him after sticking with her throughout everything, accepting the circumstances, and taking care of her.

No. 539599

i'm not saying she doesn't have an emotional bond with him, but she's basically in an extended childhood because of her abuse. he's taking care of her like a parent would, if she ever grows up she is going to grow out of their relationship for sure. if she stays the same forever, sure she'll stay with him but i highly doubt it tbh

No. 539603

Reminds me of Luna's whole shtick:
>i was conceeeeeeeived on the steps of a rehab clinic reeeee

No. 539604


The way that this anon types is fucking weird.
>sound like autist
>venus post something
>venus and marge signed youtube deal
>her medical bills have become such that she needs to work more

Deluxe tinfoil: it's the Lapras guy come to defend his mistress. (Not trying to "hi cow", mods.)

No. 539607

We can take this to the Venus thread, but you're confused. What Venus is doing is not infantizing herself or being in an "extended childhood", it's just being part of the kawaii culture that is perfectly common in Japan. Do you think they sell angelic pretty dresses in women sizes for people with mental problems? no, it's because there's a culture for people like her. Margaret's abuse made her have a lot of body image issues and maybe not know how to "adult" very well, since she planned to have her as an asexual mommy's doll her whole life. If anything what she needs most is Manaki's emotional support, but not to treat her like a parent would.

No. 539613

I am a Lolita. I have known about these two for many years. they both lie. they tell extremely detailed lies.
you had to have been following along to get it but they lurk on each others social media. if you don't know or cant figure it out that's your problem.
not wk but the venus wk are derailing the thread. they are so enraptured with venus that they are lying on margo. margo has milk but we cant get it cause of the fangelics.
don't know who that is
she is always allowed to roam the store for a long time. maybe she does work there. she used to do videos and photoshoots at ikeas all the time in many different countries. does she eat there so much they give her special privileges? like people said they thought she was napping at one.
nayrt. are you a man or a woman. just wondering. no, I don't think she has an emotional bond just because he took care of her. they burn people all the time. who is venus on good terms with? she has burned through tons of friends. its always over something backstabby.

she used him to get to japan. based on the medical timeline he has been taking care of her since a few months after she moved to japan. this is what marge does and I see venus does the same. she is gearing up to leave. she feels better now. she is reaching out more.
nayrt. I am from the Lolita community. you must be new to venus and marge. you don't know what you are talking about. go read the archives.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 539614

you sound autistic as fuck.
anyway take it to the Venus thread, this is the Margo thread.

No. 539615

marge was right about venus being sick. does this mean that marge and venus have been communicating. anon says they communicate through social media. venus told marge about her surgery. that's what crazy marge was sperging about. Margo yelling about Manaki killing veanoos seems to be about the wls.

No. 539616

we need a thread about fangelics. why are you so intent on defending her to the death. stop monitoring the thread. you are scaring away the milk.

No. 539619


make it then or take it to Venus thread and stop shitting on Margo's thread.
Plus no one cares about you so stop derailing.

No. 539632

Venus has her own thread in /snow/ >>>/snow/522225

Anons who derail over her here will be given bans.

No. 540320

File: 1530733722019.jpg (152.33 KB, 717x448, BeautyPlus_20180704191504506_s…)

Sorry. I forgot to share.
Marge posted this pic less than 3 hrs ago, at around 3 am her time, I think.

No. 540324

>netflixandchill hashtag used under a pic where it makes no sense whatsoever
>gaslight used wrong
>§it's a meme INTELLIGENT people laugh about it"
I noticed this before already but I think ol' Margle just uses the most random internet terms she read somewhere to be 'down with the kids' and has no idea what they actually mean and how to use them. And her "memes" are absolute trash. Onision level of bad.

No. 540326


another ikea video??

No. 540406

does ikea have free wifi? maybe thats why shes there so much

No. 540439

I think that girl is just really small. Venus is pretty petite too.

No. 540440

i just posted it in the venus thread.
i just sympathy cringe as someone with body dysmorphic issues

No. 540455

I'm not sure why Marge deleted this post already? Was she embarrassed? Or did she want to drop the video as a surprise?

No. 540969

File: 1530783049503.jpg (379.92 KB, 718x1323, Screenshot_20180705-181404_Ins…)

So it seems Marge is just trolling these days. She deleted this one too. My guess it's that even for trolling, it's just… sad

No. 540979

Well, at least we can get a new nickname out of this: Carbi/y-B.

So what is her angle posting all these oily, high-carb, cheap foods? Is it “Look, Venus! I eat whatever I want without guilt!” or is she just a pig? If she wanted to show off and stick it to Venus, wouldn’t it be better to post lots of nutritious, considerably more expensive foods to show how she is healthier and wiser about food choices than Venus?

No. 541003

Marge trolling on ig while V doesn't even notice her and marge losing follower hemorragicly… How funny kek

How do you call that? Forever alone.

No. 541006

Both, and probably being drunk at that moment too.

But hey,a level 3 trainer and nutritionist knows better than us, right?

No. 541018

File: 1530796589518.jpg (165.61 KB, 1036x485, Margo -tacky 'duchess' bag.jpg)

>So what is her angle posting all these oily, high-carb, cheap foods?
If you go back to the early threads she's always shared unhealthy food pictures, I don't think this is about Venus for once. The key word there is "cheap".

Margo has always been a materialistic cunt who wasted money on dumb shit, that pizza is all she can afford now. 2 years ago, she did regular trips to Denny's, Starbucks, and bought whatever she wanted (pic related comes to mind…). Now she goes to Dunkin' Donuts, and eats at IKEA.

The only difference is the price range, Margo needs to show the world that she has nice things, but she hasn't got anything to show off anymore. Anything of value has been sold, and she can't afford to get Denny's Parfaits anymore. I imagine she deleted that pizza picture because she realised it was nothing worth bragging over.

I don't know if we ever confirmed if Margit was sending her financial support, but wherever her incoming is coming from is clearly drying up.

No. 541019

samefagging to add its been a VERY long time since Margo showed off any clothing or designer items. The last piece of clothing she showed, she claimed she found it in the trash.

It's killing Margo not being able to live the high life, and she's annoyed she can't project how great she is onto the internet.

No. 541066

the funny thing is, she can just move to switzerland, austria or germany, receive like 900€ am month in benefits (+ very cheap housing), and afford actual food and nice things with some saving.

anyone else looking forward to it when her old notebook finally breaks (I mean it's in a moldy room all day long, and must have been drenched in cheap alcohol a few times already.. )?
Imagine the milky rage and begging bound to happen.

No. 541074

What is going on in the background of that pizza photo? I see a flat iron hanging and clothes strewn about, but can’t tell if that black thing is luggage or washing machine. And she appears to be on the floor.

It’s an amazing contrast to Venus who is spending a week hanging out and eating at fun places with a good friend who likes her.

No. 541272

she uploaded 2 original songs for venus and took them down and i'm absolutely devastated
the first she posted, i forget the name but she basically dissed venus and told her to kill herself lyrics that stood out were
"i grew up in the communism, I watched all my friends die"
she also deleted the one she made afterwards to make it seem like shes a good mother the 'panus angelicus'
if anyone has these and could post them that would be swell

No. 541597

From what you describe these sounds like old songs she released over a year ago. The first was over a video with Happy Tree Friends, and the second was of her in a red dress, correct?

No. 541631


If anyone had it they wouldve posted it long ago.
The only ones I know of who have the panus angelicus video downloaded are TTFvcker on youtube and another yt channel called "Margaret Palermo sucks ass" lol
Try and message them.

No. 541635

The first song was Hater Comments Song and the second was Panis Angelicus Vanis Angelicus. There are samples on Amazon but it seems no archived full copies of either song.

No. 541680

I like how she refuses to go back as if Switzerland were a third world country or something, even Hungary, I mean, come on. If she were from a very difficult country or a country in conflict I would totally get but seriously
She bothers me so much, I don’t know how Venus could stand living as her daughter, guess she had no other choice but that’s a very strong will to live to endure 19 years with a lunatic person like Margo. I really think she (Margo) has some SERIOUS mental issues, unfortunately she cannot see that herself and will keep like this her whole life I guess. Ew.

No. 541695

So in trying to search for those dancing videos, and I came across this on vimeo. Someone had uploaded this video, and it certainly isn't on Maggots channel anymore. It's basically her having a tantrum about one of Venus's videos, and she thinks it was for her birthday… Lol


Sorry if it's been posted here before, I just didn't know about it until now

No. 542027

I don't know about Switzerland but if you plan on staying in another EU country for longer than three months you have to bring proof that you can support yourself, otherwise you can face expulsion. And you have to have lived in Germany for five years before you're eligible for benefits.
I don't get how she is still in Korea. Hungary isn't a bad place to live and her family doesn't seem to be from a rural gypsy ghetto, any remotely sane person would have swallowed their pride and go the fuck home.

No. 542047

In margo's snobby mindset, anything that isn't Korea is a third world shithole. No matter if all she can afford is a dark smelly broom closet in Seoul and Ikea food, somehow she thinks that's way above the living standards of the average European resident.

No. 542116

Europe has all those nasty Mooslim immigrants that want to kidnap marge and force her to wear a burqa. She’s very anti-immigrant just like her idol Trump. Which is interesting since she’s an illegal immigrant herself, gaming the SK visa system but whatever. It all makes perfect sense in marge-world.

No. 542149

don't know about switzerland, but she must have had some sort of permanent residence permit to live in the eu for such a long time without working or doing anything. It was much easier to get back in the day and should be valid forever (I've got one of these myself).
she doesn't even really need one though. she can do it like so many hungarians and work in austria or gemany for a while, then LIVE RICH back in hungary.

No. 542188

She's an EU resident as a Hungarian national. She lived off child and spousal support in Switzerland and Tenerife, then worked for a couple years part time in London before declaring herself Venus' full time manager. So she has a stable income source (support or work) for a number of years and can legally live in the EU.

No. 542190

Samefag, It seems she didn't pay tax on her income as Venus' manager however, and she ended up in some trouble in the UK over it.

No. 542192

>she can do it like so many hungarians and work in austria or gemany for a while

sadly that's not happening anytime soon anon

I wonder if one of the many reasons she refuses to go back is tax evasion

No. 542293

She’s not qualified to do anything but waitressing or retail and she’d never stoop to anything so menial. Mensa geniuses don’t work at menial jobs, that’s only for plebes.

No. 542689

Waitressing and retail are far more decent than exploiting your daughter’s image online for money. I wish she were quietly doing her own life. It’s no shame restarting from the bottom. But I don’t think Margaret can think like this. If she ever find a job she will play the martyr for the fact that she needs to work lol.

No. 544350

File: 1531135370141.png (600.25 KB, 931x596, mold.png)

>toilet plunger

No. 544358

I don't get why she thought this was a nice photo? At the very least crop out the toilet plunger… And her whole self out of the photo too while she's at it

No. 544507

I think it’s 100% accurate. Her life is literally in the toilet.

No. 544534

Sorry, but is that a specific character or just something she made up by herself?

No. 545251

Funny how this hag goes for a new hairstyle as soon as Venus expresses her wish to change her hairstyle

No. 545257

File: 1531211556723.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-07-10-10-33-30…)

No. 545282

Barely knows him. No mention of being in love with him or having a legitimate relationship. Only a few years older than her daughter and two years younger than her “pedo” son-in-law. Third man in just a couple years who is so desperate to marry a homeless, jobless, talentless, badly-aging, emotionally unstable aunty who makes memes about her own child nearly dying.

Sounds legit, Marge! Every young Korean man’s dream. Venus will be soooo jealous!

No. 545327

just some guy being nice to an old woman for a bit and making a joke about marriage.. and now she will masturbate to this poor guys picture for the next year or so

No. 545329

It's already deleted

No. 545385

>would you guys ship us

OT but IRL shipping is so creepy and gross. A lot of celebrities, especially singers or idols, have mentioned being harassed by crazy shippers threatening their families and SOs. All because they're understandably not okay with people publicly posting fanfiction/fanart of "muh OTP". Why would you want something like that? IIRC even Brangelina never used the portmanteau themselves, it was coined by fans and newspapers.

Tinfoil: she's mad jealous of Venus pushing the "Venaki" thing and wants a ship name for herself. Because Venus can't have anything if Mutti also doesn't have it.

No. 545386

Maybe she brought up her visa situation and he joked about marrying her to keep her in the country.

What could Margaret possibly offer a guy like that? She hasn’t the money nor looks to boost his status. There are already plenty of young, foreign Koreaboo girls in South Korea if he wanted to “ride the white horse”.

No. 545397

bitch is really desperate for young asian dick

No. 545542

Whoa. She even mentioned his age to show how desirable she is. Marge is gross by Western standards and a 1000x more so by Asian standards. She's aging poorly, has big ugly nose that's too bulbous, too thick, sloppy jowls, undefined chin and small eyes. Margo doesn't even have Western features that Koreans like (such a tall slender nose) so she can't even be seen as exotic. Not even old business men that have a fetish for white women would want her.

No. 545590

File: 1531257996598.jpeg (146.57 KB, 485x623, D9854F97-7816-4EA9-874F-E31185…)

Don’t forget the massive eyebags and those stumpy chunky legs. Marge unfiltered and irl is heinously unattractive.

No. 545755

Venus and Manaki have a difference of only 6 years. Yet there are 18 years between Margaret and this guy. Why is she continuously going after guys old enough to be her son?!

No. 545794

Taylor got an engagement ring from her bf, made a video about it with Venus reacting happy.
Marge's reaction:
> Weenoos, mama does better. I get lots of proposals daily. SAY SOMETHING NICE TO MUTTI, BOOLY!

No. 545830

Not that I don’t believe it but is there evidence she stalks Taylor as well? I figured she was just monitoring the young, more vulnerable girls in Venus’ circle.

No. 545850

Suspicious how the photograph is taken too. In a angle where the guy probably didn't realize he was photographed. Could be some random tattoo artist she met in a tattoo salon and while he was drawing without suspecting the weird looking old lady had an agenda she snapped a quick picture and made up a story for IG.

No. 545900

File: 1531283529362.jpg (110.77 KB, 1242x943, GBmSA9n.jpg)

Oh my God. This bitch. MANY proposals, you guys! You hear that, younger, prettier, nicer, smarter, vastly more-admired Venus? MANY! 25 year old sexy stinky dudes are falling all over themselves to be with this leg hair sweater Goddess. She’s the total package. A mysterious package that ticks…

The only legitimate proposal made would have been by that Autistic Lapras guy or that creepy (already married) old man who always insults Manaki and Japanese men.

No. 545912

"got many since Venus left"?
Wow, Venus, see? You left, and mommy dearest can't keep the men away! Aren't you jealous? She's doing sooo much better without you!~

Sarcasm aside, she sounds like an obsessive ex girlfriend: "You broke up with me, and now mommy's dating again!"
The emotional incest is off the charts with this one barfing sounds

No. 545982

She probably stalks every person Venus so much as mentions.

No. 545998

I seriously think that she's just so poor, that on the rare occasions she eats something that isn't convenience store ramyun (mcdonalds, pizza, a waffle), she feels the need to photograph it for instagram, because she misses her #foodporn pics.

No. 546069

Taylor had that weird incident with the sticky tape across the door of her Japanese house. It was put at eye level so the person who did it wasn't too clever although they were trying to be sneaky. I would not rule Margo out as having done that.

No. 546114

What a good thing margii doesn't post videos anymore. Her videos are crap. She has no skill. And her youtube channel looks like an old useless crap museum.

No. 546115

Wait, what's the deets on this? Link please?

No. 546631

around 6:40
I don't think it was margo tho.

No. 546636

I just love it as a tinfoil though. Can you imagine Margo creeping around her place with sticky tape? She did try to beak into Venus' place "with tools".

Also the person left it at eye level so they weren't that clever.

No. 547550

I just can't see her being this sneaky and reserved.
she'd probably just hide in a bush nearby and jump out as soon as taylor arrives, screeching incoherent threats ("VEENOOS WILL KILL YOU TOO!")

No. 547637

True, true.

No. 547701

File: 1531494430828.png (655.7 KB, 933x600, 1.png)

that murderous stare tho

No. 547781


Ew, her face looks like she rubbed butter on it, and not even that blur filter can conceal her deep eye wrinkles.


>Just hide in a nearby bush and jump out as soon as Taylor arrives, screeching incoherent threats ("VENOOS WILL KILL YOU TOO!")

Fucking KEK !
I literally just visualized that and spat my drink out. Why is it also something I could actually see happening too.

No. 548349


No. 548408

She could have gotten a few from draft dodgers, there are some guys like that. They plan to drop her ass as soon as they get out though kek

No. 549298

maybe she uses vaseline as a primer (yeahh its a thing)
also it's cheap

No. 549379

she did the same to mr yang from bodyline. secretly records and films them then juxtapose it. he took them to dinner and she basically recorded the whole thing. basically she recorded the whole trip. that's why no one will work with her. she has the skill but no one trust her. she records everything.
sticky tape is used to see if someone has entered. wonder if taylor is paying her rent/dues. lol.

No. 549770

File: 1531773834688.jpg (46.22 KB, 754x169, BeautyPlus_20180716224317000_s…)

Poor marge was eating clay spaghetti until now…

No. 550279

while venus is LIVING RICH with HER money.
never forget.

No. 550644

File: 1531897997728.jpg (80.18 KB, 540x783, IMG_20180718_091043_084.jpg)

No. 550646

File: 1531898042191.jpg (85.97 KB, 540x713, IMG_20180718_091106_634.jpg)

Took her a while, but here it is…

No. 550686

Now Vina/Mikan is potential swindler in Margaret’s mind? Ha! I bet Margaret is so jealous that no one invites her over to their home because they WANT her company. She had to sell a pitiful story, but still got kicked out by Jazzy last time because she was so insufferable. Even in the fantasy scenario where Venus got kicked out of Mikan’s apartment, she still has a devoted husband, his family, and many new friends that she can stay with. She also has many more legal rights in Japan as the spouse of a Japanese national and the language skills to represent herself. Margaret has absolutely none of that.

No. 550691

>what is the English language

No. 550727

File: 1531921295752.jpg (67.46 KB, 333x231, BeautyPlus_20180718151545035_s…)

> loyal and honest
Keep stroking my ego, bish! No one believes you trust one single person. Be more persuasive, marge!

No. 550730

File: 1531921679563.jpg (61.09 KB, 326x224, BeautyPlus_20180718151708253_s…)

> the pills are a lie
> the pills are a lie
> the pills are a lie
> the pills are a lie
> the pills are a lie

No. 550742

What the fuck does mean the last sentence?

No. 550743

That means that whoever would want to move in with her must prove himself worthy of moving in with her.

No. 550754

This looks like a photo of room service. Anyone recognise the logo printed on the paper of the fries? Might it be the logo of a hotel?

No. 550769

>you agree with me
>you got a spine

>#yummy #margaret #fries #venusangelic

No. 550786

File: 1531929867753.png (588.58 KB, 591x592, Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 17.0…)

Good eye! The logo on the cake topping looks very similar to the Intercontinental logo.

No. 550851

Nice, thanks for the clarification anon! Who wants to bet that this is the hotel room of one of her clients? I think I see at least two sets of cutlery in that photo…

No. 550869

No wonder she’s getting fat, jeez.

No. 550952

File: 1531946562228.png (1.8 KB, 51x70, 5CF57E0F-5BEA-40FE-B316-7100E5…)

Samefag, the screenshot of Marg’s post on Kiwi Farms is better quality (how do I into instagram) and you can clearly see the print on the fries paper says ‘DELI’, confirming it’s the Parnas rather than COEX location.

No. 551238

File: 1531992089565.jpg (109.64 KB, 700x986, roomservice.jpg)

Is this what you're talking about, anon?

No. 551247

File: 1531998305119.jpg (69.12 KB, 800x401, BeautyPlus_20180719114014258_s…)

Marge has half of V's posts, has to follow 3x more people, but hasn't even a tenth of V's followers, she even can't keep her follower count above 10k.She doesn't understand how ig works.

She's such a failure.

She has to work in a job she hates to gain money to go to Närcon. She has no other life plan, unlike her siblings who have a good job, a house, kids, friends, still have husband/wife.

She has no success on social media. She brags about having many marriage proposals but not being interested in any of them, like those unsuccessful incel women no one wants.

No. 551249

> The pills are a lie
No, marge. Your birthday
cake is a lie!

No. 551257

Anyone got a link to the video from the banner of Margie dancing around like an idiot, pretending to be Venus or whatever the fuck she was attempting?

No. 551267

File: 1532004741134.jpg (45.22 KB, 540x448, IMG_20180719_145019_221.jpg)

Guess who's videos give more hints on micro-expressions. Hint: it's not V's. Margo is a moron.

No. 551269

So she's whoring? How does a disgusting old hag like Marge manage to whore herself out in Seoul to men who aren't completely bottom of the barrel and will even order room service for her? Is she part of an "agency"?

No. 551270

File: 1532006063803.png (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180719-111541.png)

That worktool on the picture ist amasing. Somehow wonderful. But interesting.

No. 551271

Does she buy followers, by the way? Because her follower count says almost 10k, but the likes on her pictures are almost nonexistent. I've seen accounts with 300 followers getting more likes.

No. 551287

Thats a fucking aggressive caesar salad, gosh…

No. 551289

File: 1532011317182.jpg (154.17 KB, 718x446, BeautyPlus_20180719162730329_s…)

Looking ridiculous needs physical and mental preparation.

No. 551293

that might be the hotel's gym, I doubt her broke hobo ass can pay for a membership just now.

No. 551366

she's not using freeweights.

No. 551399

I still love how all of a sudden she is jewish. Anyone alrdy found out what's that about? This must be made up, right? Whatever happened to her being 'satanist' anyway?

No. 551449


free food on Fridays.

No. 551453

discussion about margo's srs conversion/free jewish food here;


No. 551547

File: 1532043088540.png (658.05 KB, 1093x547, Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 4.30…)

Took a closeup for you

No. 551644

lol wait, this is the meal she was claiming to make? No one serves food like that to themselves. This bitch, I swear.

No. 551665

Is it possible that she is part of hotel staff, like housekeeper or kitchen crew? I don’t know how her visa would support that but she has to be on some type of employment open to foreigners in order to be staying this long in South Korea. I don’t think she is only doing hoing and outcall massage.

No. 551676

Idk anon… I don't think she would keep quiet about it, especially when doing such kind of exhausting work can give her a wonderful oportunity to victimize herself (Wenoos is LIVING RICH while I have to work at a hotel kitchen!!!1!)

No. 551705

mags is living in below low class conditions. she's not even supposed to still be in the country ffs.

No. 551787

Thanks guys. All I meant that the screenshot posted on KF is higher res than I was able to pull from Instagram (and better quality than the posts here) and from that the Grand Deli logo was very clear. Shoulda phrased it better, but the logo was already ID'd so…?

No. 551808

File: 1532089605780.jpg (200.68 KB, 683x911, BeautyPlus_20180720141904669_s…)

If it can keep her from being so irritated she should go for it.

No. 551819

wow what a bitter cunt

No. 552279

File: 1532204627658.jpg (152.56 KB, 590x589, BeautyPlus_20180721215653543_s…)

> divine plan
The divine plan is you swallowing clay mixed with crayon pieces and social quietness.
You suck too much to have the right to complain.

Your siblings have finished studies, a good job, worked hard to have a house, are still married, have healthy happy kids and pets, lots of friends, hobbies and you nothing.

Get integrated and find a job, immigrant!

No. 552329

Wonder if this is why she left satanism -besides not having free food fridays- victimizing oneself for asspats is frowned upon in it

No. 552569

She's genuinely starting to sound more crazy and delusional every time I see a screenshot of something she has posted. Divine plan? "Literally" hard to swallow? Is she crying while servicing her Johns?

No. 552609

Does anyone have the Panis Vangelic video? Can't find it anywhere on the internet (not even the older threads) someone had to of downloaded it right? There's a shit load of gifs so… someone has it.

No. 552644

This woman seems completely nuts and I'm not even amused by her anymore since she gives me the creeps. It's like I'm expecting her to murder someone at any moment at her levels of grandeur delusions and extreme hatred towards the other members of this society, ironically even her own daughter.She should be put in a mental asylum and never let free.

No. 553561

File: 1532525397869.png (668.79 KB, 935x599, 1.png)

New boring post
Just in case someone missed her nightmare fuel selfies

No. 553568

Does anyone know how she's still affording to stay in Korea? I know she's skirting around the visa thing by leaving for Japan or other countries a bit but she has no job, Youtube isn't paying her, how is she affording it all?

No. 553577

I mean the hotel food service pic pretty much confirmed in my mind she's a prostitute. Maybe she's just an overpriced outcall masseuse, but that sounds unlikely to me.

No. 553588

what is it with retards still believing the myth about temperatures causing colds…

No. 553613

because while they don't cause colds, temperatures in certain situations can lower your immune system making it easier for you to get a cold. all of asia actually still believes that though, and korea believes in fan death.

No. 553757

As someone who works with S. Koreans every day, I can confirm that they still have pretty antiquated beliefs. Even the highly educated ones. Hoping that Marloch succumbs to the insane temperatures currently flattening normal people. >>553568
1. It’s pretty easy to evade immigration in Korea. She’s only just completed her “study”, and it’s super easy to hop from one Uni to the other. 2. Maybe she actually does have some sort of shitty haegwon job there? 3. Some old ajyoshi could actually find her attractive and is paying her to “have English classes” with her.

No. 553791

She's jerking off guys and whatever else for money, and she must have a few regulars based on that cluttered apartment pic she showed and said she helped clean.

She has also offered language classes, massage etc. Hustling basically.

No. 553976

You guys keep forgetting that Venus told her Grandma that Mags sold off Hans' apartment. Crazy bitch post-poned her divorce for ten years and is a hobo in SK.

No. 554007

File: 1532618612710.jpg (46.6 KB, 309x192, BeautyPlus_20180726165646113_s…)

What is correct marge?
Your professional success? Your friendships? Your relationship with your family? Your success with pets? Your way of living?
Where's the correctness of your life?

No. 554161

How can one be so obsessed with her kid?? Every picture, every video is about V. She is just a bitter woman who cannot let go.

No. 554202

File: 1532651967948.jpg (298.75 KB, 924x593, BeautyPlus_20180727020137534_s…)

Marge's new ig post.

> Ich bin Starbucks!

We know, we know, megi! You didn't gain enough moneys for a flight to Sweden but you now have enough to binge-eating.

> To maintain satisfaction

She needs someone to maintain her satisfaction in another way…
… Opening a whiskas tin can to feed her!

> Your skin looks so glowy

It's not glowy but greasy. She sleeps in her food.

> I love your hair

Marge's hair is a copy-paste of Trump's hair. She loves to look like her adoptive vater.

No. 554203

File: 1532652050072.jpg (100.91 KB, 597x447, BeautyPlus_20180727020241109_s…)

New twitter posts.

Idk what she's talking about.

No. 554205

File: 1532652102496.jpg (148.91 KB, 689x690, BeautyPlus_20180727020338611_s…)

She says "no" but she loves tits…

No. 554207

File: 1532652136027.jpg (174.07 KB, 746x745, BeautyPlus_20180727020437914_s…)

… she even commented a second time.

No. 554212

File: 1532652449165.jpg (309.23 KB, 800x800, BeautyPlus_20180727022719887_s…)

Venus posted a new ig pic with a fan

> Venus interacting with people without marge's supervision

> Venus posting pics with the kind of people margii hates
> Venus @NärCon and margii-pooh still in Seoul bc not enough moneys

So many triggers… Ragefest is coming!

No. 554264

>tfw i know what she said

fucking help. i didn't want to learn a new language like this!

No. 554269

>People exercise before their office work because an't do anything without money and a good body

>She found a way to look both cheap and dumb with little effort

that's pretty rich coming from someone like you, Maggot.

No. 554271

File: 1532664328700.png (606.89 KB, 932x600, 1.png)


No. 554284

File: 1532665747648.jpg (22.76 KB, 462x664, oZNaEMq.jpg)


No. 554289

File: 1532666073313.png (728.01 KB, 750x1334, 1454809101412.png)

mmhmm… not cheap or dumb at all…

No. 554294

these fucking commentors tho man.

No. 554298


>sad people exercise before their office job

margo you lugged your weights with you across japan while sleeping in mangakissas

No. 554337

the comments make it seem so much like child abuse paired with the nude pic

No. 554359

File: 1532684936178.jpg (89.76 KB, 597x449, BeautyPlus_20180726170857925_s…)

A troll? Kek

No. 554398

File: 1532701502270.png (10.98 KB, 300x152, whew.png)

Margaret must be frothing at mouth right now.
I kinda feel pity for the underaged flying monkeys doing Margo's bidding in the comment section, I wonder if they're either too sheltered or living in a home where abusive parenthood is the norm.

Lmao I completely forgot about that. At least these sad people have a job, unlike Maggie.

Nah, looks like it's the same autistic farmer who posts here their unfunny edits

No. 554564


Wow, not one single period. This sounds more or less like a child with how they write. Shit head should be in summer school learning some basic grammar, rather than angrily clacking those fingers on a keyboard at someone they don't know.

Why are some kids so frustrated and angsty these days ?

No. 554742

File: 1532753291412.png (15.86 KB, 291x208, 1.png)

holy shit can you fucking not

No. 554817

File: 1532763538669.jpg (301.67 KB, 1242x1857, vpBAsAZ.jpg)

So this dude molested a parrot one time?
Woah, check the comments too.
If boys on the Internet can coerce him to do that, what is his “love” Margaret capable of? I’m sure he gets disability money from the government and his parents also support him, so I wonder if he would regularly send Margaret money.

No. 554850

How fucking disgusting.Birds of a feather flock together.

No. 554991

So one dude told another girl he hopes she loses her baby and margo is defending him?!

No. 555075

Yes. The funny part is that she has been leading a hate campaign against her own daughter yet she bitch and moan about people "~hurting others so cruelly~"

No. 555111

And this dude is Autistic and a complex sexual deviant. Two “bad” things that Margaret accuses Venus of being, even thought this guy presents those traits in a much more extreme, and very public, way.

No. 555209

File: 1532857579711.png (42.58 KB, 590x449, mayo.png)

she had a "date"…

No. 555210

>And just because one can type, it's not necessarily productive or helpful or true or makes any sense

well then, listen to your own advice Margo

No. 555212

File: 1532858858163.png (621.46 KB, 928x597, 1.png)

No. 555268

File: 1532879431099.png (9.62 KB, 312x115, 1.png)

>says the one who got pregnant with the sole purpose of trapping a man.
>says the one who exploited her underaged daughter online so she could quit her job and live the good life.
>says the one who abused the trust of one of her naive followers and ran away with stolen money.
>says the one who pretended to date some old geezer for the sole purpose of getting a free hotel room and a plane ticket to Japan.

No. 555279

File: 1532883729858.jpg (3.55 KB, 142x178, Clipboard01.jpg)


No. 555318

god, is there something medically wrong with her to make her feet bloat up like that?

No. 555355


Looks like a pigs hoof.


Maybe she had diabetes and edema is just one of the side effects.

No. 555388

Holy fuck, I remember this guy!! He tried to put the bird up his ass on cam because a bunch of guys told him to! Jfc.

No. 555490

Wtf! THIS is Margaret’s fan base! I bet there are skeletons in the closet of that creepy panther guy too. She attracts all the worst people.

No. 555565

Soooo…Margo condemns animal abuse only when it fits into her narrative? She's not going to call him a pet murderer just like she did to Venus? They truly are made for each other

No. 556322

Isn't it kinda sad that Margo doesn't have enough stans to make a thread in /snow/? Seriously, she use to have so many flying monkeys but now she's down to an autist who sticks birds up his ass and whoever she's tricking into dating her.

No. 556702

File: 1533216974913.png (683.92 KB, 935x597, 1.png)

Margrot goes to whatever supermarket is this to take kawaii selfies and terrorize dozens of unsuspecting shoppers

No. 556916

Lolcow bot…?

No. 557197

Her legs look like sausages

No. 557215

There is no definition at her knees…

No. 557218

the funniest part is the stark contrast between the pics of random young fit girls in the #hungariangirl tag and this sour faced cunt pretending to be hip and cool.

No. 557279

as above, so below. s0o edji satanism marge, gg wp

No. 557458

Is it edema causing her upper knee to be fatter and wider than her thigh, wtf is going on here with her leg?

No. 557697

I guess sleeping in a closet and eating garbage isn't a healthy life. Who knew.

No. 557713

Is this actual supreme she's wearing and if so, whatever happened to her being so broke because Venoos the booly stole everything from her.

No. 557871

File: 1533379536233.jpg (86.86 KB, 902x900, jung.jpg)

It's fake anon… That shirt is like SUPER counterfeited to the point where it's difficult to find legit pictures of it online. The supreme font looks off, Kermit should be wearing a white shirt, and I don't think the original even says SUPREME under the Kermit. Looking it up this shirt goes for fucking $1000, if she had $1000 to spend, I doubt she'd spend it all on one item, then not even mention how expensive it was.

Also she forgot to facetune out one of her eye-bags. Right hand side (her left)

No. 558070


Just to add, you can't even buy authentic supreme in Korea, because the counterfeit market is so huge that the brand chose not to sell there. You can literally buy fake supreme stuff for 10 dollars or less from every street vendor.

Highsnobiety even made a video about it.

No. 558236

I live in Korea and can get a legit looking “supreme” phone case for like 4 bucks. I doubt any supreme Margo is wearing is legit. Supreme is a hugely popular brand here (along with Fila) and everyone is wearing it, and i doubt everyone here can afford it.

No. 558327

File: 1533509320033.png (14.76 KB, 576x146, 1.png)

Margo doesn't have wisdom teeth or any other kind of wisdom at all.

No. 558338

>wisdom teeth is a mutation if your brain is too big for your head

I want to say she's not serious but I honestly would believe it if she thought that.

No. 558538

It’s actually a legitimate theory, supported by a study by Princeton University. The evolution of a larger brain caused a shift in jaw alignment, which allows less room for the third molar to form correctly.

However, Margaret is basically admitting she has a monkey brain.

No. 558547

Of course Maggot would completely misunderstand this theory, then use it to humblebrag about her big brain. Human brain size in general didn’t increase, just hers.

If anyone’s curious: https://www.livescience.com/27529-missing-wisdom-teeth.html

Signed, someone with a normal brain and no wisdom teeth.

No. 560443

File: 1534116119089.png (13.63 KB, 587x88, screenshot-twitter.com-2018.08…)

what the fuck does this even mean

No. 560453

It's what she's smoking rn, dishwasher soap.

No. 560477

She probably put the wrong soap in the dishwasher. If one puts regular soap in the dishwasher thinking it's dishwasher soap - and recall that Mags doesn't read or speak Korean, so buying the wrong thing was bound to happen - you cause a massive bubble flood in the kitchen.

Bet Mags is real popular around to goshiwan right about now.

No. 560491

More proof that Wenoos was the one who did the chores around the house.

No. 560623

File: 1534170730918.png (653.21 KB, 936x596, 1.png)

New post

>Just keeps looking younger and younger…..I wish I knew her secret.

is this dude actually a troll or her stans can't come up with credible compliments anymore?

No. 560798

Guyyyys pretty sure that’s Incheon intl airport behind her

No. 560964


How can you see that?

No. 560965

Judging from the windows behind her head, looks like the entrance of Incheon airport.

No. 561947

reaching but ok

No. 562068

Well I'm sure it's past time she took off for a short visa renewal trip

No. 562519

File: 1534372897358.jpg (817.24 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180815_234059.jpg)

When you brighten the photo up its not such a reach

No. 562899

Certainly not impossible but it might also be a shopping mall or whatever. How long since her last visa trip?

No. 563109

early December last year

No. 563498

File: 1534472169273.png (143.52 KB, 527x702, Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 03.1…)

Margaret has posted a few Q and As as if there were any people on earth that were asking her questions:



Also lol at Margo pretending to care about Aretha Franklin as if she wouldn't have made fun of her weight if she knew her

No. 563650

In her "what did I study" self ask monologue, shes magically gained a second year of radiology study (previously has always said one; everyone knows you need 4-6 to be qualified to do anything useful), and also now magically gained two years of university study in computer science. And then goes in to tell us she's such an autodidact that she takes online classes where she can print out her own certificates at home. Yes Mags how impressive. Too bad you left your printer in Hamburg and are a useless illegal immigrant qualified in nothing.

No. 563681

File: 1534476831472.png (36.39 KB, 661x459, tolerant.png)

Mags is being really tolerant and leaving the possibility of becoming a bisexual or lesbian open after trashing Manaki for being a tranny.

No. 563729

Sounds like plan b in case she can't trap a Korean male. She must be really desperate for that marriage visa.

No. 563833

After all that shit she said about gay, transgender and even asexual people, she’s now pretending like she has always been so open-minded and down with the “rainbow kids”?! It’s so disgusting that she is only doing this to copy Venus. What next? Find her own effeminate Manaki in Korea after bashing his looks and sexuality so obsessively?

She has all that “education”, intelligence and superior skill, yet being expected to find a real job after her daughter paid for the necessary tuition and rent to allow her to job search for several months was a MURDER and forced homelessness to her. What? She didn’t have employers falling over themselves to hire her based on her brilliant resume? She should have had her pick of any professional job she wanted, right? It’s almost like… her resume was less impressive than an uneducated trans factory worker.

No. 563909

File: 1534486274673.png (56.35 KB, 587x455, 1.png)

Lel nice backpedaling there. Didn't Venus physically assaulted you?

No. 563943

maybe that's what the bi thing is about. maybe venus sexually assaulted her so now she wants vag. kek.

No. 564271

Korea doesn’t grant visas for homosexual couples.

No. 565423

File: 1534693472146.png (91.55 KB, 631x775, 1.png)

I don't know which one is more pathetic: Margo pretending to be compassionate or that guy desperate for margo's nudes

No. 565433

it just looks like some thirsty indian guy

No. 565443

The same dude has been asking V for nudes, pretty sure he just has a thing for mothers and daughters.

Also, weird Indian dude, Mags already has three pics of her tits on the internet. Why don't you be less lazy.

No. 565582

D-Does no one have the link to this video forreal.

No. 565604

No one has it in its entirety, sadly. There's a clip or two on YouTube of the dance moves, and many gifs, but none of the song itself unfortunately.

No. 565884

Yeah.. I saw those. I knew I should've downloaded it when I first saw it..

No. 565914

File: 1534785570329.png (19.18 KB, 696x132, mp.png)

'Some (people) simply forget to take the fish with them after catching it. And that even annoys the fish.'

Sounds like she had been turned down by a man.

No. 566004


Manaki is a what?

No. 566022

maybe she means fish literally then in this situation.

No. 566048

She has repeatedly accused Manaki of being a crossdressing sexual deviant and even claimed he was raised as a girl when he was a child. Of course, she has provided not one bit of evidence.

No. 566575

File: 1534946118065.png (524.49 KB, 815x601, 1.png)


No. 566639

Her mouth is disgusting and creepy. In every single pic.

No. 566720

How to get a slimmer face 101 by marge:

1. Slap your face with tons of make up
2. Wear black
3. Duckface
4. Meitu and
5. Stretch the pic vertically

And voilà! But still have falling cheeks, dicknose and greasy face. All that just to show the world that she "lost weight" and she still jung and sportive.

> I might just do it

So she's gonna post a new video soon… if her computer doesn't explode again from filtering so much ugliness, she'll probably take 3-4 days.

No. 566927

File: 1534999113017.png (542.45 KB, 933x595, 1.png)

Cool story Margo

No. 566933

File: 1534999518790.png (18.27 KB, 581x132, 1.png)


No. 566946

I thought she was too busy shagging that guy to try and hack Venus' account that night? whatisthetruth.gif

No. 567012

File: 1535028233584.png (25.34 KB, 281x328, 1.png)

Fantasizing about Venuses death again

No. 567073

Venus came out as bi so Margo is acting like it was her genes. wtf… shes a homophobic bitch but she probably knows calling Venus ut wnt gain her any points. She has be a ~wonderfool tolerant mudder~

No. 567427

"Why would you go to a foreign country with your husband"

From the woman who moved to a foreign country at age 18; has lived in multiple foreign countries for the past 25 years, dragging her daughter behind;and who currently lives in a foreign country as an illegal immigrant. At least Venus has a reason to live in her foreign country, Mags. You're just lurking near your kid who hates you, and have to live places where no one can understand you so they don't discover you're crazy immediately.

No. 567453

Does she think using parentheses make it so people don't know who she's talking about?

No. 567474

>plus uses then discards helpful & loving people
Totally not a projection about burning bridges with her own relatives and supporters

No. 567495

Ngl she's got a point. What Venus did was totally irresponsible

No. 567555

Not at all. Removing herself from her toxic mother by this mean was likely the safest and most responsible way she could have went about it.

No. 567557

Why is she claiming venus cheated and left him?

No. 567563

For which part? Because Margaret wanted them to get married but then took Venus back to Korea to try and hook her up to a guy there instead (and then claimed she cheated to get Manaki to leave her so she'd come crawling back to mother).

As for the medical operation, yeah that was very irresponsible but she does have a mental condition so she can't really be blamed for being desperate to make herself thin. At least now she knows it was unhealthy and she's getting support for it.

The thing that stands out to me is that Margaret points out Venus "took the easy but illegal way of no work, no diet, no love etc to have everything" implying that instead of being horrified that her daughter has this condition where she's obsessed with being thin she's saying "Well if she'd just dieted and exercised.." which is really questionable considering we've all heard how mother dearest monitored everything in her life when they were together.

No. 567564

How do you suggest she was to go about it? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Venus’ worsening health and bad decisions afterward were bound to happen. I don’t think any of that would have been prevented if she stuck around longer and kept trying to negotiate something with her mother. It didn’t seem like Margaret wanted to compromise and from her own words, she felt entitled to income from all future videos because she felt Venus was HER brand.

Something weird happened in Japan where Margaret was suddenly claiming Manaki was unworthy of Venus and she posted all sorts of accusations, like he was poor, stupid, perverted and a alcoholic. It may have something to do with failure to secure visas in Japan because Venus went along with her mother to South Korea, but secretly stayed in contact with Manaki. Margaret claims Venus (drunkenly) kissed the best friend of Margaret’s Korean boyfriend, but there texts were released showing the man APOLOGIZING to Venus for that and wishing her a good life with her husband.

However, Margaret says that because of these situations, that Margaret actually put her own daughter in, Venus is cheater who is ready to leave her husband at any time. I’m not sure where the bullying accusation comes from unless Margaret is claiming Venus was the one posting those “poor factory worker” insults against Manaki, even though Margaret was posting the same exact things on her own accounts.

No. 567618

Venus thread is this way >>>/snow/522225

No. 567645

>>I’m not sure where the bullying accusation comes from

Margo considers the three videos where Venus speaks of her abuse or her mother ("I ran away from home"; the follow up to that; and the video where she says she wants nothing to do with her mum, aka the "garlic" video) to be "bullying" her "every day".

So every day the videos remain on YouTube, Margaret considers Venus to be bullying her afresh. Then again, Mags thinks every video Venus does contains some secret message to Margo, or is made with the purpose of hurting Margaret, or is released to coincide with an event or date that involves Margaret. In other words, Mags is a self centered crazy woman who thinks anything Venus does is related to her mother, because she can't handle the thought that Venus is moving on with her own life and doesn't think about her mom most of the time. That's the thought Margo is unable to face.

No. 567766

If the subject is solely about Venus, then it should be posted there but we’re talking directly about Margaret’s post as it concerns accusations against her.

In Margaret’s post, she writes specifically
“your husband who gave you visa but you cheated, lied, bullied and left him”
She is claiming these were offenses against Manaki. I guess this week, she is back to making Manaki the victim of “psychopath” Venus.

No. 568060

>> #pishing

No. 570487

File: 1536007260128.png (73.96 KB, 588x300, Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 21.3…)

Margo doesn't wash her hands + some typhoon shit

No. 570566

she ate raw onions with her hands lol?

No. 570621

i imagine her just sitting there eating raw onions like apples.

No. 570730

spoken like a true hobo

No. 571483

File: 1536250820984.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-09-06-11-17-44.p…)


No. 571502

File: 1536252684424.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-09-06-11-51-03.p…)

Good Jewish lady ~~~

No. 571506

Probably bc Venus posted a new video in which she prepared a surprise birthday party for manaki.

No. 571511

Jesus christ. Will there ever be a day where she’ll just fucking stop??

No. 571518


sure jan

No. 571523

File: 1536256271267.png (17.9 KB, 300x224, 1.png)

Her english is atrocious

No. 571524

File: 1536256344311.png (14.06 KB, 289x189, 1.png)

here we go again

No. 571561

Ugh, just when I was starting to enjoy the radio silence on her end.
Eating an onion straight up sounds like some Charlie from Always Sunny type shit.

No. 571576

Holy fuck her English is degrading so much. This is genuinely hard to understand, usually the Marglish is just humorous but still comprehensible

No. 571645

Here’s what set her off: Venus posted a video where she meets up with Taylor (trigger #1) and they go shopping for a birthday cake for Manaki (trigger #2) and mother’s day gifts for Manaki’s mom (trigger #3) who Venus calls “mom” … and no mention whatsoever of poor old marge (biggest trigger of all!) It’s like she’s wiped marge out of her life which to a narc is like death. She’s 100% predictable. Classic narcissist sociopathic nutcase.

No. 571656

File: 1536281146852.jpg (180.74 KB, 1069x494, Screenshot_20180906-174254_Chr…)

Marge made the first madpost at 1 am her time. She raged in the comments fully through 6 am, never having slept.

"You need help and to move on"

Mags: "what do you mean you aren't making any sense"

No. 571657

File: 1536281225744.jpg (95.1 KB, 1079x241, Screenshot_20180906-174229_Chr…)

No. 571659

File: 1536281400874.jpg (202.27 KB, 1079x569, Screenshot_20180906-174753_Chr…)

"What do you mean leave them alone, I'm totally not harassing them"

She is also 100%$ still convinced that Venus left manaki

No. 571660

File: 1536281520829.jpg (179.25 KB, 1078x464, Screenshot_20180906-174926_Chr…)

… to become a lesbian. You can't make this shit up. Mags has well and truly lost the plot.

What about Venoos being an asexual who wont do her "marriage duties" and is therefore a terrible person?

Shitty google translate of Mags attempting German:

"First of all, separate rooms. Secondly, she has also turned out to be a dear daughter. Third, sis has already mobbed him online, allegedly leaving and becoming lesbian for the room she's been given. Now tell me what to say. That's why I only correct data and extreme falsehoods"

No. 571670

Lesbian?! The fuck this came from?

No. 571682

I guess Margo is taking literally and out of context Wenoos and Mikan jokes about being girlfriends

No. 571708

File: 1536288271420.jpeg (93.39 KB, 750x563, 159C6791-DCDE-4FA8-96E8-19054B…)

Think the whole lesbian thing came from her tweets

No. 571740

This, and Mags jumps at anything she feels is not exactly as Mags wants it. V won't fuck Manaki upon Margo's command? Asexual. Sleeps next to a friend fully clothed, after Mags told him V was into him? Cheated. Went to visit a friend and made a joke about running away? Left Manaki forever. Makes tweets about girls being pretty, and liking feminine guys like her husband? Lesbian.

She'll pathologize anything Venis does for the bad, because she's being ignored and she can't stand it. No matter how many tantrums she throws, it's not working, and she can't process it.

No. 571776

Yeah,and it's even funnier because not long ago she was pretending to be a pro-lgbt open minded cool mom.
She's convinced that Wenoos became a lesbian in exchange of a place to live, while back in the day Margo had no qualms on shagging some random old man for a plane ticket. Projection at it's finest.

No. 571801

Did she just call herself a narcissist in this?

>narcissistic don't respect your boundaries

>how can a child protect her boundaries against a mom?
>it's especially cruel

Don't tell me she had a brief moment of self awareness.

And then it's gone again.

Leave it to Marge to think this means she used Manaki for residency and she'll leave him for a woman. She's obviously attracted to him and he seems to enjoy wearing makeup and crossdressing (since Marge likes to yell about that too) so they're clearly both fine in their marriage. inb4 Marge rants about Manaki being gay to which we can point out Venus has dressed like a man for him before.

Exactly. It's perfectly fine when mother does it but Venus marries a guy she's attracted to that mother approved of and suddenly Venus is a lesbian asexual psychopath sociopath married to a gay rich factory worker for his visa while he's poisoning her to wear her skin and become Venus Angelic because his mother wanted a girl.

No. 571821

File: 1536327460658.jpg (174.64 KB, 474x473, BeautyPlus_20180907152230236_s…)

New comments on her old ugly pic post

> date with a guy I didn't like and took a selfie when he went to the toilet

Sure marge…

Usually, when a person isn't interested in someone, that person pretends to go to the toilet and flies away

So just one question marge:
How long you waited for him to come back from the toilet until you noticed he left you alone???

Top kek!

No. 572023

File: 1536362956954.png (24.82 KB, 286x422, 1.png)

Plot twist: Margrot pretending her edgy satanist teenager phase never happened always was Jewish and Aunt Zsu(?) is actually an evil radicalized Christian crusader

No. 572027

She literally admitted to being into demonic stuff and astral projection/plains.. now she's suddenly Jewish? She's like a slightly saner version of Miranda.

No. 572369

File: 1536425304507.jpeg (340.93 KB, 750x869, 695332B6-692E-4EEE-878A-B527F6…)

Margaret, the educated Jew.

No. 572685

For morguerot to be Jewish, her mother would have to be Jewish. Mama Margit's family name is Angelic, this is not a Jewish name. Closest Hungarian Jewish names are Angel, Angelberg, Angelczuk, and Anger, and not everyone with those names is necessarily going to be Jewish either. Can't believe she's still defrauding those people at the Jewish House for free food. She's as crazy as she is evil, and there's really nothing too low that she won't stoop to. She's utterly shameless. If prostitution doesn't work out, try becoming Jewish!

No. 572771

Margit's last name isn't fucking Angelic, what are you on lol
even Venus' legal name isn't Angelic, it's just a random name she decided to brand herself with

No. 572777

Ferenc and Margit's last name is Koncz. Mags claims they are both Jewish, and only converted to Christianity when she was 6.

No. 572821

The name is Angelica and it's not a made up name, a lot of old ladies have it.

No. 572830

Angelica is not her name; her legal name is Venus Palermo. One of her maternal grandmothers was called Angelika, but this is besides the point. The point being made was, that's not Venus's legal name. Mags' family is called Koncz. Does anyone know if that's a jewish Hungarian name?

No. 572874

Koncz is Hungarian but there are zero Jews registered with that name, Palermo too is not a Jewish name, that's as Italian as it gets. Maggot's family has been Christian for generations, she's making shit up for free food and because she's a sociopath.

No. 572877

Palermo is just a name Margo made up / used because she thought it would be a good name for when her project child became famous, because that was always Mags' goal: make child profitable. That's why Koncz is the only name worth considering when trying to figure out if Mags is lying. Which it seems she is.

No. 573155

File: 1536561295262.jpg (10.29 KB, 349x261, FB_IMG_1536201829263.jpg)

OMG you are so dumb believing angelic is their last name I'm actually diying laughing OMG

How do you guys think maggot feels knowing Venus calls Manaki mother mom?

No. 573194

She probably bummed some smokes off her neighbors and lit them over the stove burner again to angrily chainsmoke over it.

No. 574336

File: 1536774128489.jpg (122.38 KB, 572x242, BeautyPlus_20180912193932004_s…)

When marge must take drugs, drink alcohol and eat clay to answer to a simple question…

> Jews aren't always jews, but I always was a jew inside me

No. 574487

Margo's mental gymnastics to justify her larping as a jew is amusing. She kept her judaism ~secret~ because society, but had no problem openly proclaming herself a satanist? Didn't she mocked religions at some point?
Just say it's for the free food Margo, you're not kidding anyone.

No. 574679

The people at that center can't have been subtle about telling her she cannot show up dressed like a two bit whore. Wonder from which charity she got those clothes.

No. 575200

File: 1536912172382.jpg (95.95 KB, 540x782, IMG_20180914_100151_453.jpg)

No. 575201

File: 1536912274421.jpg (52.2 KB, 540x450, IMG_20180914_100131_049.jpg)

She's so depressed…

No. 575208

>The river will end your pain, Margo

No. 575236

She's dead and yet she whines, what a shitty excuse for a zombie.

No. 575258

B-but depressed and sad people are evil pyschopaths Margo, don't you remember that from your fake clinical psychology studies? You even used Venus as example for it!

>whatever I think or want to say feels meaningless

And yet that doesn't stop you from making vitriolic remarks against your estranged family at every chance you have.

>and I don't know why I live

We wonder the same too.

No. 575294

File: 1536945296223.jpg (859.57 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180914_185906.jpg)

Answer, marge. When are you going back home?

Your family doesn't seem to care anymore. Your mother doesn't even like or comment your pics on facebook anymore since more than one year. Your father doesn't talk about you anymore on ig neither. And the only sibling that dares to talk about you doesn't seem to like you.

So do you even have a place to go back home?
No, bc you are stuck in the ruins of your asian dream bc of your own stupidity.

Good luck, marge. Enjoy.

No. 575603

File: 1537015988416.png (832.25 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-15-14-41-01…)

Auntie Zsu got her degree (a real degree) + champagne + luxurious gifts, while marge is back at her starting point and became a farmer again.

Zsu made her african dream come true long ago while marge's asian dream is crumbling and never got her spouse visa.

Zsu is still married, has kids, dogs, a home, marge is alone and homeless.

I love that big contrast between the two of them, like day and night.

I guess marge will never be invited to family BBQs until she achieves sth in her life. Kek

No. 575621

And look at her legs. She's so much fitter than "personal trainer" morgoose.

No. 575729

Go Zsu!

No. 576417

File: 1537220597348.jpg (520.92 KB, 800x800, BeautyPlus_20180917231954594_s…)

Venusangelic.com has changed again…

No. 576663

What is that nonsense supposed to mean? Looks like she purchased some Wordpress theme, but didn't bother to change anything and is leaving all the placeholder texts, etc. on the live site.

No. 578362

File: 1537651488979.png (780.77 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-09-22-16-23-47.p…)


No. 578395

File: 1537655427202.jpg (461.99 KB, 809x1343, Screenshot_20180922-143918_Chr…)

Yeah, she's on some kinda trip right now, since she's got someone else's house for a few days. Doing things she normally can't, like take a damn bath

No. 578396

File: 1537655495630.png (843.31 KB, 750x1334, F488E870-5B84-4B8E-838D-5C08BB…)

Wow she really is losing her goddamn mind

No. 578418


She deleted her two last posts two minutes ago.

No. 578427


Shit I forgot about her cringy tiger tattoo, it's such a korean Vicky Shingles shitshow.

This is airport nude selfie levels of embarrassment all over again. 1/10 did not get me out of my basement mood.

No. 578432

File: 1537663453000.jpg (46.46 KB, 534x96, BeautyPlus_20180923023626820_s…)

It's how ridicule you are marge.

Marge showing her legs just bc auntie Zsu got complimented about her thin legs!

And omg look at those deformed toes. And her toenail looks deformed too, does she have athlete's foot? Ewww

No. 578486

Maybe you should be working instead of following your thread, Margo. Maybe you wouldn't have reason to be insanely bitter over your sister. Especially when the comment that got you so angry is one of the most mundane criticisms i the thread. Angry about her great figure? Real degree? Or designer gifts? Everything you pretend to have, Marge.

No. 578520

File: 1537677593114.jpg (274.24 KB, 720x1161, Screenshot_20180923-074638_Ins…)

Before she deleted the post, she made this nonsensical reply. She was clearly under the influence of alcohol or a drug. Or maybe not, and this was just her normal everyday self…

No. 578548

Did she really have to show us, right after we saw Zsu's amazing legs, that she hasn't a hint of a thigh gap, or muscle definition, in spite of having
>perfeshunal fitness trainer credentials
>anaconda ass
These people she's cat sitting for will have so much regret. She probably raided all the alcohol in their house. Are we sure the cat is still alive?

Her legs and feet still look dirty in spite of being in a bath. Korea is full of public bathhouses where half-naked ladies (because it's hot in there, it's not sex work) will give you a full body scrub for not a lot of money. She's never had that from the looks of it.

Trump will never know her, her whiteknighting for him, and going from a nonsensical rant about Venus (Innocent Poison sounds like a Lolita brand, someone should trademark that) seamlessly into reeeeing about mexicans… the misfiring of the neural pathways in her brain should be studied, she's truly exceptional. Adding vodka to her usual insanity is hilarious, we should send her more bottles so she can keep this winning streak up.

No. 578604

How long until it's Hamburg Jassy's drama all over again?

no one cares about your troll account dude, stop

No. 578605

> How long until it's Hamburg Jassy's drama all over again?

Again? What are you talking about?

No. 578614

Read the old threads. A former fan named Jassy invited Margo to stay at her flat in Germany and lent her some money. Margo was a total cunt towards the girl and ran away with her money.

No. 578617

Do we have more info on these mysterious "friends" that are letting her use their house now? Is she really cat-sitting or is that just someone's speculation?

No. 578630

Why the fuck does she care about American politics?

No. 578632

File: 1537720137862.png (8.74 KB, 309x109, 1.png)

Do you need some more spoonfeeding or that's good enough?

No. 578693

File: 1537732300363.png (625.42 KB, 930x598, Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 20.5…)

Shit, no wonder Margo's hanging out at the Jewish House.

No. 578720

Margo's love for booze was bigger than her love for Satan.

No. 578750

File: 1537739546031.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-09-23-16-52-00.p…)

Oh jesus

No. 578759

what the actual fuck

No. 578773

my eyes

No. 578785

Omg she looks ugly… and drunk.

No. 578797

File: 1537743050436.jpg (74.12 KB, 1064x212, Screenshot_20180923-154952_Chr…)

Missed the caption, she's tee hee-ing and calling herself a jung girl at 7 am local time.

No. 578798

File: 1537743205389.jpg (525.9 KB, 1075x1348, Screenshot_20180923-154157_Chr…)

The MySpace pose. The glass eyes. The old gal is clearly raiding the bar while she's supposed to be feeding their cat, and using this "friend's" house to get wasted and take badly photoshopped semi nudes. Something tells me she's about to lose whatever social circle she managed to eek out of the Seoul temple she's been haunting.

No. 578799

jfc, imagine being the neighbor who goes to their window for a nice morning view and ends up seeing Marge's ass.

And for fuck's sake anon, plug in your phone, i'm almost as triggered by your battery as Marge's flabby hamhocks

No. 578814

My eyes hurt.
Seeing her last (deleted) posts, she seems in a euphoric phase. Is it the first time she's like that? Do narcs have euphoric phases like that? She's taking many risks.

I've never seen her behave like that since Venus run away with her own money, and even tho she never was that childish back then. Looks like the rarest fun a narc has, the more euphoric it gets and the more depraved it behaves.

I bet her return to reality is gonna be violent. Kek

Sorry for bad english.

No. 578816

The closest I can think of are the post sex selfies she took with the jpn guy.
Anyways, I secretely hope the owners have cctv cameras installed. They'd be thrilled to see how well Margrot was taking care of their pet /s

No. 579091

She left this one up on Instagram; I hope her friends from the temple see it and learn this hoe isn't to be trusted to do… well, anything

No. 579114

yes they do go through cycles for sure: http://samvak.tripod.com/faq43.html

No. 579121

It's gone now

No. 579205

Im a petsitter and I cannot imagine doing this at a clients house wtf every minute you pass there it’s to be cleaning the litter box, playing and giving the pet attention. I hope they have cameras.
Why she has to be so trashy in any opportunity seriously

No. 579244

Thx anon

No. 579696

Imagine your mom posting these on the internet.

No. 579763

File: 1537885633520.png (420.87 KB, 935x601, 1.png)

Margross kindly remind us she's petsitting, and totally not getting wasted and taking half naked selfies at someone else's house.

No. 579765

File: 1537885920745.jpg (10.48 KB, 236x213, rotting.jpg)

Funny thing is that she's been pulling this demented bikini "Jung huebsches trollein" shit since long before Venus high-tailed it out of there. Remember that Lotte bikini pigtail horror? http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm19608312
The gollum bikini pics? Lolcow Farm remembers. Living with her must have been constant terror and embarrassment.

No. 579771

Margot should just go full time cam whore.

No. 579775

I hear camversity has low standards, she could try that.

No. 583805


"I've never seen her behave like that since Venus run away with her own money,"

As much as I don't like marge, it's not her own money. If marge spent a few years investing in their youtube business, getting contracts, interviews, props, hair, makeup, clothing, lighting, scripts, editing, video ideas etc etc, and even quitting her job to do it full time (though that was more for her own self-interest I'd say), she IS entitled to that money, no matter how much of a narc asshole she is. She claims there were some videos where venus literally just got on camera and acted and the rest was her work.

Imagine you helped someone make a youtube video. You had a good part in it. Then they put it up and get millions of views and keep all the money for themselves. Part of that IS your money.

Same goes for marge. Venus left videos up that marge worked on. Some more than others. Margaret is entitled to some of that money (but only on the vids she worked on). Can't blame venus for leaving but why didnt she just delete the videos marge worked on after making a few more. That way, I wouldn't agree with marge on that one thing. But she's too greedy for that I guess.

Also have no idea what marge was thinking with those pics. there's like no logic to post them. was she just trying to get some followers cuz she's lost so many or what lol

No. 583817

Offtopic: but every time I see anything related to this woman, I still laugh at "Fried Hair Edition" so kudos to whoever came up with that because it brings me a lot of joy

No. 583823

this is sarcasm right? Maybe this would be the case except Venus was Margo's under aged daughter. There is no official contract that Margo is entitled to Venus's income for the rest of their lives and it's pathetic that Margo expects her daughter to support her lazy ass. Venus was a kid who didn't seem to want half the attention she got from being a "freak ish living doll"
As for Margo "helping" that has been debunked as well. Margo can't do shit looking at her own videos. She was just out of frame making weird poses Venus could copy like a weird puppet and kicked her ass when Venus didn't.

No. 583828

Did it completely fly over your head that Margo is an adult and Venus was a child? Do you realize that every single underage youtuber has their camera, clothing, lighting, makeup etc. bought by their parents? Yet you don't see those parents quitting their jobs and living off their kids. That's child exploitation no matter what way you coat it.

If Margo was worth anything, she would be making a living with her own videos. But she's dirt poor wearing clothes from the trash, that alone shows that Venus was the only one that mattered when it came to making them money.

No. 583830

Yes and Margo did get money. Venus fully supported them both once Margo ceased working, including Margo's travel and shopping addictions. And also left her with effectively close to $10K in goods and money, maybe even more, when she left. It's not Venus' fault her mother is fucked in the head and had no boundaries. Even if Margo had had a proper contract with Venus, she's more than been paid. Her woeful Youtube videos since show how little creative and technical skill she possesses. Margo's main skill was milking her daughter for cash and for narcissistic supply. If she's dying in a ditch several years after the fact, it's now her own problem.

No. 584275

File: 1538575013530.jpg (338.01 KB, 800x800, BeautyPlus_20181003154054738_s…)

Recent activity on twitter (1/9)

No. 584276

File: 1538575043175.jpg (292.2 KB, 800x800, BeautyPlus_20181003154121391_s…)


No. 584277

File: 1538575073072.jpg (253.62 KB, 800x800, BeautyPlus_20181003154159091_s…)


No. 584279

File: 1538575112007.jpg (151.22 KB, 595x595, BeautyPlus_20181003154224618_s…)


No. 584280

File: 1538575146094.jpg (215.46 KB, 800x800, BeautyPlus_20181003154320836_s…)


No. 584282

File: 1538575176798.jpg (243.82 KB, 800x800, BeautyPlus_20181003154339250_s…)


No. 584283

File: 1538575197777.jpg (127.94 KB, 673x673, BeautyPlus_20181003154408855_s…)


No. 584284

File: 1538575224564.jpg (242.31 KB, 800x800, BeautyPlus_20181003154440103_s…)


No. 584287

File: 1538575297103.jpg (138.43 KB, 593x593, BeautyPlus_20181003154523630_s…)


No. 584289

Marge's new booly

No. 584352


please don't ever have kids.

No. 584362

Marge, who has no one else to take care of all day, works as a prostitute, and who once sold her body for a plane ticket from London to Japan, some dinner, and a ride on the London Eye, criticizes sex out of wedlock, strippers, and gold diggers.

No. 585087

>And also left her with effectively close to $10K in goods and money, maybe even more, when she left.
This, plus language school tuition and house rent. It's amusing seeing anons wringing their hands over poor little Margaret as if she were some disabled elderly lady who needs to be taken care of.

Imagine having this lack of self-awareness

No. 585088

this is what pageant moms or moms of child actors say when they fuck their own kids over.

No. 585098

Marge tweeted and replied again.


Sorry I have not enough memory on my device to take screenshots.

No. 585150


So now she’s into alt right trash? Yet “Jewish” at the same time…

No. 585328

Nah she's just lusting after Trump or spending too much time on /pol/
Margo has not any identity on her own and adopts the ones from the people she's fixated in. Jamaican bf? Dreadlocks and occultism/voodoo aesthetics. A daughter interested in pastel vomit shit & married to a jp dude? Larping as a kawaii middle aged woman riding the yellow cock carousel. Donald Trump being a dick for shits and giggles? "I'm your next Melania notice me senpai! It's fucking pathetic.

No. 585383

File: 1538821002025.jpg (565.27 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20181006_120958.jpg)

> people forget that you're a human being too

Just look at her follower counter dropping. And where do you see negative comments? Everyone's so tired of her that she's not worth anyone's attention.

So no, people don't forget marge's a human being. People forgot her. Period.

No. 586035

File: 1538999402301.jpg (251.24 KB, 800x800, BeautyPlus_20181008133308514_s…)

Marge posted… again.

Follower counter dropping soon
Following counter raising again

No. 586036

File: 1538999502969.jpg (141.61 KB, 718x446, BeautyPlus_20181008133425029_s…)

Gangnam style still has success
While margo hobostyle is still incognito

No. 586037

File: 1538999547519.jpg (144.84 KB, 714x450, BeautyPlus_20181008133515977_s…)

Trying to look artsy

No. 586038

File: 1538999788675.jpg (306.02 KB, 929x596, BeautyPlus_20181008133640832_s…)

Swipe post

Now it's Manaki that's the one manipulating.

> DM me to tell me your opinion

Coming soon: "People booly me in DMs" in 3-2-1

No. 586040

File: 1538999983042.jpg (335.86 KB, 933x597, BeautyPlus_20181008133729700_s…)


2 pics of V in marge's control
2 pics of V free from her control
1 pic of herself dressed like a porn actress
1 pic of Manaki crossdressed

What's her point

No. 586041

File: 1539000137643.jpg (336.91 KB, 930x597, BeautyPlus_20181008133816623_s…)


> OMG!!! weenoos is eating a salad! u see?!! It's pedo manaki that weights my dottir's salad!! Ich bin innocento!!!

No. 586043

>I have no personality, tell me what to do

Not that she'll listen, she'll keep twitching aimlessly, like something from the walking dead.

>he is darkly stalking in the dark

She makes him sound so badass.

No. 586045

File: 1539003957150.jpg (89.79 KB, 468x278, BeautyPlus_20181008150536209_s…)

She barely got one comment on one of her 3 recent posts and already talking about boolys.


No. 586049

>I found this online, who did that?
Yeah, absolutely not you~

No. 586054

File: 1539008636714.png (30.56 KB, 296x387, well then.png)

>"gaiz I'm so sad tell me what to do with my life :'( "
>receives advice

No. 586056

It's really perverse how obsessed she is with Venus. Not as a mother worried about her daughter's well-being but just as an extension of her own existence that she needs to keep in check.

>Manaki, calm dark manipulative stalker in the dark


No. 586063

File: 1539011062351.jpg (1.16 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20181008_170532.jpg)

No one agrees with her kek

No. 586065

File: 1539011460734.jpg (14.45 KB, 461x84, BeautyPlus_20181008171342382_s…)

Already lost 8 followers in 3 hours.

No. 586068

File: 1539012745298.jpg (38.86 KB, 800x125, BeautyPlus_20181008172741394_s…)

That panther guy sounds tense.

I found a comment of one of marge's defectors in V's green dress and chopsticks post.

Reminds me that bolinam guy that doesn't comment in marge's posts anymore.

No. 586070

File: 1539013079694.png (14.76 KB, 292x225, -.png)

10/10 projection

No. 586073

That's a screenshot from a video Venus posted like 2 days ago. So there's proof that she still stalks every activity Venus has on the internet (not that we needed proof we been knew. still tragic. and psychopathic)

No. 586094


"the looks of a homeless with that hair and blanket" LOL

Ordering Pizza and playing games while looking nothing but ordinary on a day at home = Manaki is a manipulative psychopath with a calm voice who will never leave haha this is gold

No. 586104

Is she forgetting that's exactly what she looks like everyday? complete with leg hair ridden clothes?

No. 586593

so she posted a picture of her naked body so she can talk shit about her daughter holy fucking shit, surely there's some laws against this kind of shit

No. 586622

File: 1539094650277.png (544.05 KB, 933x600, -.png)

Venus the asexual slut hobo psychopath atheist.
She never misses an opportunity to talk shit about her daughter, eh?

No. 586798

File: 1539130777715.jpg (52.23 KB, 384x384, 2jrn8e.jpg)

Why does she take pics with food and alone when she's in a group/community?
No one likes her? She comes just to get feed for free? Is she searching for her next victim?

No. 586828

>Why does she take pics with food and alone when she's in a group/community?
Priorities, anon, priorities.

No. 586832

Wasn’t Margaret into Satanism during the time Venus would have had Bat Mitzvah?

No. 586846

Yes, somehow Satanism was the best way to hide her ~true Jewish identity~

No. 586850

Because obviously, the gestapo in London would have stopped any bat mitzvah Mags tried to have for Venoos. But somehow this is Venus' fault.

No. 587012

I CLEARLY remember Margo saying in some video she isn't religious as long as there are wars fought about different beliefs (what an immature thing to say but i wont go into that now)
She's just talking BS lol she never gave a fuck about Christianity in the first place so she never taught Venus.

No. 587183

venusangelic.com radically changed.
Is that the ''''proof'''' that marge wanted to show to the world?

No. 587311

This is from a “professional” web designer who charges $99 and up for their services? Not only does the layout look like it was created 20 years ago, but it further shows how she continues to be obsessed with Venus and her dead “living doll” brand. This old bitch will not let it go.

No. 587321

All of the links go to Venus' actual accounts - except for the email, which goes straight to the account Mage still controls, Venusangelic@gmail

Hope V still has that lawyer who got her back the facebook and twitter accounts, because Mags is acting as if she's still repping the brand

No. 587385

File: 1539235796949.png (131.28 KB, 1349x754, screenshot-venusangelic.com-20…)

Of course is another scheme to continue milking money.

No. 587396

File: 1539237175771.png (10.78 KB, 506x394, creep.png)

What the fuck is this quiz?

Also using her bulimic daughter's name to sell someone else's weight loss programs… classy as always Margo http://venusangelic.com/yoga-weightloss-home-exercise-no-sweat-6-steps/

No. 587525

dyipresence.com is marge's own webdesign fake company

No. 588165

Does/has marge ever had any friends?

No. 589446

File: 1539802679101.png (462.56 KB, 927x595, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 11.4…)

Mags has been counting the fucking DAYS since Venus moved out, and she sees the ~Stirrings Of DESTINY~ when one of those round number days falls on a holiday. Oh, and she also claims she was on her deathbed when she was forced to take those airport nudes and stalk Venus for months on end.

Uh huh. I often stalk my harassers for months, and take a multi continental world tour when I'm on my deathbed. Seems legit.

No. 589447

File: 1539802700735.png (55.7 KB, 303x352, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 11.4…)

No. 589448

File: 1539802723057.png (18.82 KB, 270x93, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 11.4…)

No. 589449

I wonder if she still thinks she can contact V on the astral plane?

No. 589451

>left back deadly sick ..

bitch u were not

No. 589466

that woman is out of her mind

No. 589483

File: 1539814019899.jpg (141.82 KB, 1016x384, Screenshot_20181017-150306_Chr…)

No, you don't understand! It's all Venoos' fault that she bought tickets to Japan, China, Canada, Germany, and England and stalked her daughter for 6 months instead of having surgery on a problem she didn't know about until a year later! She was d~y~i~n~g all those times she was at Denny's and getting drunk at the Plywood Palace!

No. 589484

'gonadal torsion'


No. 589485

"Everything in storage to disappear"? Didn't Manaki give her six months to clear her stuff out in Tokyo, and she took 17 boxes? And her whole Seoul storage hoard is in her goshiwan right now, shes been wearing Venus's old clothes for years from those boxes. She's also the keyholder for the Netherlands storage. The problem is precisely that none of her shit has disappeared - it remains firmly within the realm of the real, which is why she lives with a bunch of moldy boxes and has a monthly bill to pay for more of them.

Jesus she's crazy.

No. 589488

>That day was a gift, a pass to freedom knowledge and truth.
If it's such a ~big gift~ then why are you being ungrateful about it?

No. 589493

It's medical speak for a benign ovarian cyst. Mags makes it out like she was about to die of cancer or bleed out. When the cysts rupture it's certainly very painful, and if it ruptures and is really big it can cause damage to the fallopian tube or ovary, but you're not gonna die.

The cyst surgery was the most exciting thing that had happened to Margo in years, and she's been reading over her release papers again and again until she convinced herself that she barely escaped death and it's all Venus's fault. Narcissists often exaggerate medical conditions to elicit sympathy and guilt.

Remember when the crippling medical condition she was dying of and it was all Venus's fault was Marge's tinnitus? Or the terrible tummy ache in London where she went moaning to the ER, because Venoos was in the hospital and getting attention (for going septic and nearly dying), and it wasn't fair?

Mags is a relatively healthy 43 year old woman, so she needs to deeply exaggerate anything medical in order to paint herself as a weak victim who was cruelly left to fend for herself. We've seen her workout videos, she's fit as a fiddle - and way stronger than Venus ever was. The idea of 90 lbs Venus manhandling the muscular Margaret is hilarious.

No. 589494

File: 1539815761779.gif (607.1 KB, 320x180, 0wYjdp.gif)

totally dying guys

No. 589495

Doesn't really seem like it. She has had acquaintances for a while sometimes, like at the Plywood Palace or at the language school in Seoul. People she doesn't know well who have a language barrier, who aren't around long enough to see there's something wrong with her.

She has had boyfriends in the past, but they don't seem to last long either. She now claims this was all Venus's fault, but she's been "free" from Venus for almost 3 years and hasn't had a boyfriend since, only one night stands or a temporary 'patron' (i.e. a John) like the poor due who put her up in a London hotel and flew her back to Japan.

The last time she seemed to have some friends was when she and Venus lived together those last few months in Seoul, when Mags was trying to force her own boyfriend's best friend onto Venus (Venus herself mentioned her mother's friends talking badly about Manaki). When Venus made it clear she was with someone, those two dudes disappeared because who wants to be involved with people who cause drama?

Anyway, it seems like Margaret was having a lot of fun in that time period, and she's still pissed off at Venus for ending it. Venus was obviously wasting away and not happy at all, but what was that to Mags? And now she doesn't have a jung roomie to party with, just stacks of moldy boxes.

No. 589541

30 likes in 3 hours. Lol

poor old marge is circling the drain towards total irrelevance and (well deserved) online obscurity.

say bye, marge. waves

No. 589543

Nah she'll post another pic with/of Venus to keep people liking and commenting.

No. 589565

Does anyone know what was the “life-saving” medication she said she could only pick up in London? You can’t really treat tinnitus with a specific medication so what was her other oh-so-tragic(aka, common and manageable) condition that almost kills her every day?

No. 589606

That's got a severely diminishing rate of return. She used to get thousands of likes and comments. She's gotten ONE on the last post.

No. 589607


No. 589613

I know it's all her fault, but I feel bad for her. With all the things she has shown, she must be in one hell of a deep depression, and it's probably never gonna go away. And all these things she's doing; Crying everyday, following her online activity obsessively, literally counting down the days since she left, re-making a website with a collection of old news articles, flipping through old pics together.. this must be like self-torture to her.

No. 589616

yeah, but.. even if venus was still around, she had all the money in the world, and actually was an eternally jung, good looking woman, she'd still be miserable because she is mentally ill.

No. 589779

File: 1539911837885.jpg (522.67 KB, 809x1333, Screenshot_20181018-164841_Chr…)

Margaret tries to convince any young schmuck at temple that shes she's nice jewish girl. Unsurprisingly, no one has fallen for this act yet.

I'm sure the rabbi regrets evwr having allowed this kappa to be welcomed at services. She's like that old maid busybody at every church ever who wants the run of things and no one can politely be rid of.

No. 589805

Her face actually kinda looks okay here, but jfc her granny hands and that outfit…

No. 589847

Thank god venus got away from that crazy bitch! Holy fuck!

No. 589859

That sort of looks like… a genuine smile? Not the "oh i am jung pretty girl" mask for a change. But what kind of thing would make a monster like her smile?

No. 589875

I'm guessing she asked someone to take this picture for her and was having a laugh with them.

No. 589894

This is really the kind of thing that religious people should take offense to. She is not and has never been in any shape or form Jewish. Just because people hate her and want her dead, the way they've thought about the Jews for 1600 years, doesn't make her a Jew. That penis nose also doesn't make her a Jew, talk about offensive stereotypes. She's a fraud and those people are too nice to kick her out.

No. 589897

Narcs can wear a really great human mask when they have the right audience to play off of. Mags has been putting all her best lovebombing narc charms into this Seoul temple, worming her way into an expat community. She needs this, so she's echoing the real smiles around her.

She can't summon the same look into the camera because she doesnt have a human to copy.

No. 589898

Meaning, she cant make that look if she's talking a selfie. She can if someone else is taking it.

No. 590150

File: 1540013790628.png (683.01 KB, 937x597, -.png)


No. 590216

File: 1540034315384.jpeg (92.67 KB, 503x500, téléchargement (2).jpeg)

That pic is so perfect for making memes…

No. 590217

File: 1540034346454.jpeg (91.98 KB, 503x500, téléchargement (1).jpeg)

No. 590218

File: 1540034362942.jpg (88.26 KB, 503x500, 2kjjpz.jpg)

No. 590236

How retarded of me (on a scale from 0 to Margaret lvl) it’s to wish she really found her way in religion and that she can get real friends and help to have a normal life?
Deeply I wish that could really happen.

No. 590309

That's unlikely but I don't care if she becomes the jewish version of Mira as long as she stops competing with her 20-something year old daughter

No. 590651

Kek, this should be next thread pic.
A+ on this one
When is betrayal anniversary day anyway?

No. 590680

2/3/19 will be the three year anniversary. Mags was posting about it being 1000 days since Venus found freedom on 10/31, but I'm sure Mags will freak out I'm early Feb, too.

No. 590836

Venus isn't "free" dumbass. She's in a miserable relationship with a manchild. She's Margaret's daughter and defective in exactly the same ways.

No. 590837

Venus isn't "free" dumbass. She's in a miserable relationship with a manchild. She's Margaret's daughter and defective in exactly the same ways.(this is not a venus thread)

No. 590933

>Venus isn't "free" dumbass.She's in a miserable relationship with a manchild.
Unlike Margo who always have to leech on others to support herself, no one is forcing Venus to stay with Manaki, you know. She has the money to move out to wherever the fuck she wants. The only thing keeping her there is the kawaii weeb lifestyle.

No. 590937

>>miserable relationship
>>trapped by kawaii lifestyle

Dudes, she's financially independent and can live wherever she wants. She lives with Manaki because she wants to. She lives in Japan because she wants to. If she wanted to pick up and move, she is able

But she's still married to the same dude three years later, and making regular videos with him on her and his channels. Nothing seems forced except the concept that shes somehow the junior equivalent of Margo.

No. 590941

>has a job


No. 590984

Things Manaki has that Margo doesn't:
>>A job
>>A house
>>A family
>>Japanese residency

No. 591011

>Venus isn't "free" dumbass
>She's Margaret's daughter and defective in exactly the same ways.
These two statements are completely contradictory. Do you think she's a victim, or do you think she's Margo's evil spawn? Either way, fuck off.

No. 591023

>>Why do you guys
>>keep doing this
Learn to green text/quote properly and assimilate, you only need the one > to quote.

Just report and move on, they're derailing.

Didn't she even post a pic with some dude prostitute, naked, in bed, pretending she has a boyfriend too? She was totes dying.

No. 591118

There is a thread in /snow/ for Venus, use it and don't derail this one over her.

No. 591525

File: 1540391948962.jpg (90.81 KB, 503x500, 2kuff3.jpg)

No. 592170

File: 1540575793052.jpg (512.35 KB, 809x1348, Screenshot_20181025-204850_Chr…)

Mags briefly posted this incredibly creepy "bedtime!" selfie last night, tucked into her filthy bedding on a rented goshiwan mattress, still clutching booly Venoos' old plushie after nearly 3 years. Weird how she's still trying to tempt her murderous aboosive child back to her.

No. 592210

Literal nightmare fuel

No. 592399

Sleeping with makeup… no wonder she has explosive clogged pores and poop eye infection.
How disgusting is that?

And her balding 5-head and dicknose are glowing in the dark: she's her own Halloween costume?

No. 592472

I feel bad for whoever had to share a bed with her

No. 592639

she needs it to actually look more human, because she's just too bootiful like a doll

(she used to force venus to say shit like this with a straight face.. good times)

No. 592734

File: 1540776505762.jpg (310.32 KB, 809x1260, Screenshot_20181028-173708_Chr…)

The temple once again tiok pity on Mags, and let her "redesign" their website with a WordPress shell that looks ten years older than their previous website.

No. 592735

File: 1540776534580.jpg (64.43 KB, 1080x235, Screenshot_20181028-173831_Chr…)

Her latest pretend web design "company"

No. 592736

File: 1540776629919.jpg (219.58 KB, 1070x616, Screenshot_20181028-173654_Chr…)

And of course she decided the best thing to promote this would be ranting about how she's convinced her ex husband was schizophrenic. My my, how odd that everyone you meet is mentally or an abuser. It's almost like you can't get away from yourself.

No. 592737

Mags, he forbid you to brainwash or abuse his daughter in his presence because you don't have to speak the language to know when someone is talking shit or being an asshole.

No. 592739

looks like some 00's geocities tier shit

No. 592784

epic l33t speak margo!

No. 592800

File: 1540788226704.png (248.03 KB, 500x699, 20091026-01-todays-xkcd-geocit…)

Lol wut no it doesn't

Nitpicking her web work is pretty petty tbh, it doesn't even look bad at all

No. 592823

It looks terrible. I have no idea if you've been on a website in the past 15 years or not, but hers is pretty dated.

No. 592825

File: 1540796638879.png (288.45 KB, 1348x636, screenshot-www.jewishkorea.com…)

>it doesn't even look bad at all
maybe in mobile. In desktop browser looks like something your 12 year old cousin could do in their free time.

No. 592843

Hahahahaha fucking hell, she left the filler text for the text boxes in…?! That's like the easiest thing to fix if you're using Wordpress. Bitch isn't a professional web designer at all.

No. 592906

Lol even when he forbid her to talk in hungarian she left him when Venus was still so young, she wouldn't have any issues to learn hungarian but we all know Margo hates her family and therefore never taught Venus. She was too good for hungarian.

No. 592931

She does this on every single site she makes.

No. 592936

It's so annoying that she strips the theme source, takes credit for it, and then calls herself a web designer. This is a theme called Kale by LyraThemes. https://www.lyrathemes.com/kale/

She didn't even design the Star of David background; it's a stock image. I doubt she even bought it. Looks like she just scaled it down to hide the watermark. https://www.istockphoto.com/vector/jewish-star-of-david-blue-seamless-pattern-gm513134052-87483341

No. 592976

Remember that time she stole the entire legal wording from eatyourkimchi and forgot to remove Simon's name from it?

No. 594687

File: 1541237109747.jpeg (89.75 KB, 500x281, 3667C76C-38B9-4157-830B-26C0FC…)

No. 596312

File: 1541571267378.png (39.25 KB, 591x300, screenshot-twitter.com-2018.11…)

Once again Margo (who is totally not abusing tourist visa to stay in Korea nor used Venus to get swissbux) educates us about illegal immigration

No. 598080

File: 1541971870873.png (470.58 KB, 931x596, screenshot-www.instagram.com-2…)

Margo ran into a fellow homeless person and their pet bunny. There were a sign next to the cage asking to do not take photos… of course Margaret being the tactless bitch she is did it anyways.

No. 598133

Wait what she has a rabbit or is this a store or something?

No. 600065

Followers dropping and no new videos for months:
Marge's socially dying kek

No. 600516

File: 1542457450540.png (551 KB, 929x591, Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 7.22…)

I know she's trying to make a joke but it kinda fails when she could easily pass as a 75 year old without all that face tune and editing.

No. 600543

>ganging up on someone who was trying to defend you
Wow, classy as always Margo. No wonder why she's losing followers

No. 601496

She's assuming that girl is muslim, right? She's probably going knee-jerk at anything related not just because she is insane, but because she's upping her fake respectable Jew Hausfrau game. What laughs we shall have once the Jewish people at the center notice they've let a true psycho into their bath that's supposedly pure. Hope they find the leghair prewash vids.

No. 601497

File: 1542625890091.png (498.57 KB, 623x566, fake jew.png)

Same fagging excuses, just noticed she's got a new pic up. Faking that Stepford conservative Jewish lady image all the way to the free food bank.

No. 601670

File: 1542653978475.png (503.77 KB, 922x589, Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 1.58…)

Is she in a stairwell? God her life is sad

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