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File: 1515043079695.png (375.29 KB, 642x579, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 9.16…)

No. 479422

Margaret continues to live a hobo sex worker's existence in a student goshiwan in Seoul, surrounded by her hoard of cardboard boxes. A visa run to Okinawa in early December 2017 seems to indicate that she no longer has a proper student visa, and has returned to abusing back to back tourist visas.

Over the month of December, Margo once more began to ramp up her campaign about Venoos and her Evil Plan™. Late January 2018 will mark the second anniversary of Venus's escape from Mutti Margo, and of Margo's insane quest to find Venus, wear her skin, and finally show the world who the REAL VenusAnglic is.

While December 2016 marked Margo's last known attempt to break into Venus's apartment, December 2017 brought us increased rantings, and Margo can't decide if Venus is faking an illness for attention, of if she's being poisoned by Mana, so she claims both are true. Margo is furious that Venus isn't making videos any longer, as this means there's less money for Margo to covet. Margo considers Venus promising videos and not publishing them to be proof she's a psychopath.

Margaret is adamant that Venus will divorce Manaki in early 2018; if this doesn't happen, milk ought to flow as Margo copes with her fantasies not coming true.



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2. >>231331
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No. 479423

File: 1515043258759.png (26.71 KB, 302x143, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 9.19…)

Did you know that Mensa Margo can predict anything, including her boyfriend Trump getting elected, and the stock market prices?

No. 479424

File: 1515043409089.png (25.3 KB, 300x111, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 9.19…)

Who could possibly be lying? The mentally ill sex worker who never shuts up about different conspiracies, or the person who hasn't talked about any of this stale shit for two years?

No. 479425

File: 1515043552979.png (56.2 KB, 304x349, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 9.21…)

Mags can't figure out the answer to her own conspiracy, so she wants her audience of crazies to do it for her.

Narc technique: sow endless seeds of doubt, but always in a way you can deny later; "I never said that was the truth, I only said MAYBE".

/slightly stale milk, the old thread was kaput and wanted to make a new one before she gets on a late night drunk rant again

No. 479426

File: 1515043617689.png (62.87 KB, 324x421, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 9.19…)

Oh, last import from the old thread: Margo's claim that Venus is being poisoned

No. 479436

Best thing of 2018 so far: Margot coming out of the woodworks to bring some milk. Bless her crazy Lunatic heart.

No. 479458


Lol. This crazy loon would delete any sad post that Venus posted on instagram, so its no wonder that we've never seen or heard of her being sick. I even recall Margo posting pictures of what looked like Venus lying in bed crying hugging a stuffed animal, and just labelling it "tired".

Crazy bitch couldn't let V even have 5 mins to cry to herself.

No. 479468

>Manaki defended himself against me when I showed up uninvited to their house!
>My precious Weenos looked confused when I banged on the door trying to get in after making lies about her online!

No fucking shit, Marge. All her ridiculous stories is just her throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks. Is Venus a bully? Did she try to kill her mother? Did she get her intestines removed? Is she being poisoned? The truth is whatever Marge can force feed you into believing.

No. 479475

>I even recall Margo posting pictures of what looked like Venus lying in bed crying hugging a stuffed animal, and just labelling it "tired".

Which picture was it? I can't remember as I wasn't informed about Venus or Margo at this time.

No. 479477

>well happy new year
I laughed too hard at that..

No. 479478


Its was on and off while Venus was still with Margo. I do recall the most recent ones being while she was in Korea. You'd have to do some serious back tracking thru the threads to find them as most have been deleted. No doubt probably by Margo when people questioned if Venus was alright in them.

I hope for 2018 Venus does a tell all video. Burns this ham back to hell.

No. 479491

I couldn't find it. I looked on PULL. The Margo thread on lolcow started with the runaway, which I think, doesn't include the picture.

No. 479494

What do you mean by seeing what sticks? What Venus will admit to or what marg’s followers will believe? What would any of that even prove?

Trying to understand the crazy here

No. 479499

Not the person you asked, but I think they mean Margo comes up with a hundred different things to see what bad thing she can get people to believe about Venus.

Like from the first day, when she threw out "VENOOS IS ALCOHOLIC AUTISTIC ANOREXIC PSYCHOPATHIC VIOLENT PUPPY KILLING MOTHER HATER THEIF HUSBAND CHEATER VISA SLUT ASEXUAL!" She threw anything at her audience, trying to cover every negative base as punishment for Venus leaving to live with her husband, and taking her earning powers with her. Narcs pepper spray you with accusations and negative insults, hoping you'll respond to one of them, and then they'll pounce on that bit of attention and attack you for it.

Margo has thrown everything she can think of at Venus to ruin her reputation. What Margo settled on as the story that got her the most attention, was Venus "stealing" money, the channel and her personal belongings from Margo; Venus "cheating"; and Venus "abandoning me to homelessness". The secondary stories Margo uses is that Venus makes up her illnesses, or is being held hostage in some way by Manaki. The rest of the garbage she spewed out on day one didn't resonate enough with Margo's audience, so she runs with what does get her a small amount of attention.

No. 479530

Yeah, what I mean by "seeing what sticks" is what Marge can get people to believe.

No. 479548

I haven’t kept up with Margo in forever. I’m just wondering, is the overall consensus that she’s just insanely jealous of Venus or that she has some sort of mental issue? I’m genuinely curious as to how a mom can be this extreme and go so far to defame their own child.

No. 479551

Both actually. Most anons think she has narcissistic personality disorder or a similar problem, which leads her to see her child as property/an extension of herself and be insanely jealous of anything she has that Margo doesn't (youth, attractiveness, attention, Internet presence, a devoted partner etc.) To Margo, Venus is not supposed to have these for herself because she's a tool to provide them for her mom, out of gratefulness that Margo gave birth to her and raised her. But instead she ditched her and is acting like an individual, so Margo is off the rails living in a perennial tantrum like a 3 year old denied a toy.

No. 479552


Thanks for sharing, really interesting read. I remember one time Margo was claiming how she was a beautiful doll just like Venus back in the day except they didn’t have cameras. Her tone made it sound as if she was apparently even prettier. Smh…

No. 479565

File: 1515150484434.jpg (235.39 KB, 1242x1129, 4Z5kDZ8.jpg)

Typical Margaret supporter, who thinks everything Margaret has done is perfectly normal. So what kind of “mommy” is this girl? The type that posts a collage of her fresh self-harm cuts with the caption “What you’ve done to me”. I guess TW if you decide to click her profile.

All of Margaret’s supporters are screwed up people who romanticize stalking the one you (supposedly)love and blame others for their own abusive behavior.

No. 479570

let's all take a moment to let it sink in that this is an adult woman

she belongs in a mental asylum

No. 479579

File: 1515170884667.png (1.35 MB, 1000x550, 9LFTD2p.png)

She's more than likely got mental issues. She went from one of those pageant moms to basically exploiting her daughter for money. She saw Venus as at least being her cash cow (since she admitted in an interview she wanted them to live off Venus's earnings) and if she's as crazy as some of us think, she sees Venus as being an extension of herself.

She's worn Venus's clothes, tried to make herself the face of the Venus Angelic empire, called herself the real Venus Angelic, etc.

Whatever it may be, she definitely can't handle Venus being independent. If she can't have Venus then she'll ruin Venus until she comes crawling back.

No. 479591

File: 1515180332338.gif (864.63 KB, 450x242, e230a3431ea99ddfec3cdb57b647f6…)

It's basically an IRL Perfect Blue.

No. 479600

kek she's insane. Margo has been ugly since forever, there were a childhood pic of her and one of her sisters floating somewhere in the past threads and has same buttface minus a couple of wrinkles.

No. 479606

File: 1515189656127.png (564.81 KB, 600x389, Untitled.png)


and Zsu is such a fabulous contrast.

No. 479608

it's really amazing to look at old photos of venus and realize how terrible she looked when maggot controlled her. she really did make her into a mini-maggot.

No. 479609

File: 1515189880298.png (442.86 KB, 597x420, ha.png)


although I am fond of this subtle Ferenc burn.

No. 479637


No wonder why margo is so bitter about everything. Looks aside, each one achieved something meaningful in their lives instead leeching someone else off.

No. 479640

File: 1515203985558.png (637.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171221-153311.png)

Venus' old pictures terrify me, thinking what she could have been

No. 479642

File: 1515204088989.png (686.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171221-153149.png)

Another one for no reason

No. 479643

Man those days were awful. She either looked like a mini-Margaret or a cheap hooker in the clothes that got bought for her.

No. 479658

maggro’s always had the face of a nasty sneaky ferret, even as a kid.

No. 479665

New video from everyone's favourite neurotic swamp hag.

No. 479666

Is she in a closet?

No. 479667

Why the fuck is she DEFENDING Paul Logan? Holy shit I would have had sympathy points for her but now it's just reaffirming how much of a lack of a moral compass she has

No. 479668

But she's a COMEDIANT!

No. 479669

Excuse my ignorance, now I just realized she tried to make this "satirical", which I still wasn't able to detect because I did not find her humor funny at all. I don't know if she's just doing this so people could flame her or just find her humour edgy but this is horrible content.

Either way this is a mess. Also, is she in a closet?

No. 479671

File: 1515220591895.png (61.71 KB, 1880x148, Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 1.35…)

Here's a hooktube link if you want to watch without giving her views:

Video description:

>Please have some empathy with Logan Paul while in Aokigahara. Every human has reasons and goals. Some people have wrong reasons and wrong goals. List 5 reasons why Paul Logan can be understood.

>There is a thing we must wonder, if it was suicide or murder. Near the parking lot, the to-be dead person hang himself shortly after arrival. On a spot where he could have been seen during business hours. Time is money, let's make it quick and not search long. Pillows are handy, but Logan Paul did not sleep in the forest Aokigahara. Why carry pillows if you don't sleep, bro? Rucksack was near the dead body. The suicide person was young. His feet touch the ground, hanging was determined yet the spot, timing and style of hanging looked interruptible, undetermined. He could have been hung after being suffocated by pillows. He did this this morning, Logan Paul says. That means the person had to sleep overnight near Aokigahara or arrive by car as Aokigahara Suicide Forest is in the countyside beside Mount Fuji. This is just a playful, entertaining, parody, educational and satirical idea of a youtuber, me. I studied psychology, radiology, information science and interested in criminal / forensic investigations.

>1) Logan Paul is not a weeaboo.

>2) Logan Paul is a journalist.
>3) Logan Paul is a comedian.
>4) Logan Paul might have been under shock in Aokigahara Suicide Forest
>5) Pewdiepie says Logan Paul is a sociopath, it could be true

>I'm sure though that the guy who killed himself would kill himself again after seeing Paul's vlog.

No. 479676

Wow! Why am I not surprised she's defending him?
But Logan Paul a journalist? Seriously?!

She's probably squatting that closed gym she instagrammed once.

No. 479677

edgelord + hoping senpai notices her

No. 479684

File: 1515234977444.jpg (143.49 KB, 1024x576, Dracula_Bram.jpg)

Maggot on her wedding day

No. 479720


Why you don't hate Logan Paul
1. He's not a weeb and sucking japan's dick. If he was you'd say he was culturally appropriating Japanese shit. But Japan hates outsiders so… there's no way for him to win? Might as well be a cunt about it I guess is her point?

2. The journalist thing… I guess she's saying that journalists show suffering and so since he showed a dead body he must be a journalist. But then says that journalists are respectful and don't put themselves in the center of the video? I guess this is the joke?

3. Comedians make you laugh because they are gross, inappropriate, provocative and dumb. I don't understand what she's saying about 'the truth being funny because you don't want to accept the truth.' Like I think she needs a little bit more workshopping with this line…

4. Maybe Logan Paul didn't realize it was a working suicide forest and not just a tourist attraction. Then she does some weird equivocation about how the suicide guy wasn't a good suicide so maybe it wasn't real.

5.PewdiePie says Logan Paul is a sociopath and the guy would have actually killed himself if he saw the video.

No. 479721

Is it just me or is her affect really weird in this video?

I can't tell if she has an axe to grind or miserable bitch is just her base setting.

No. 479722

File: 1515268223310.png (73.22 KB, 924x417, 1234.png)

A weird thing is that she basically reposted part of the video description as a comment under the video. Does she usually do this?

No. 479723

File: 1515268243278.png (94.57 KB, 692x850, 1235.png)

No. 479732

>if it was suicide or murder

I really was expecting a Venus jab in this description.

>my psychopath daughter is strong to lift an adult man and do such thing

No. 479786

>and my son in law is poisoning her. But the fact is…Venus once chased me around the house with a chainsaw when she was 2 yr old. She wants me dead.

No. 479842

File: 1515341032908.png (654.73 KB, 1920x959, screencapture-instagram-p-Bdo0…)

marg met some famous korean body builder

i think he might have something to do with the gym she posted before, but idk?

No. 479843

File: 1515341124451.png (656.81 KB, 1920x920, screencapture-instagram-p-Bdpt…)

maybe it's a gym opening event or something?


with your chunky body? i don't think so, marg

No. 479845

File: 1515341314773.png (755.56 KB, 1920x920, screencapture-instagram-p-Bdpw…)

No. 479846

File: 1515341338285.png (637.8 KB, 1920x920, screencapture-instagram-p-Bdpw…)

No. 479847

File: 1515341440047.png (727.78 KB, 1920x920, screencapture-instagram-p-Bdo9…)

from the bodybuilders' insta; margo left a comment on it:

"margaretpalermoKk I’m there @margaretpalermo Nice to meet you ?"

No. 479848

>that pose
>those suspenders

No. 479855

Look at her sponging drinks again. She's a real pro.

No. 479870

So much second-hand embarrassment here; she’s 20 years older than all these people she’s posing with and thirsting after. What a pathetic old fame whore.

No. 479871

I know this could have been a public event. But it really looked like she wandered in and started touching some poor body builder in a personal manner to pretend she knows him. Poor guy looks like he's just tolerating her

No. 479872

Looks like she's trying to be 'manager' to someone else. She tried the same thing with her Hello Kitty AirBnB hostess.

No. 479880


You're not the only one thinking so, the Korean comments are mentioning her "bad hand" and "chest touch" as well.

No. 479887

File: 1515367434953.jpg (Spoiler Image,186.72 KB, 1242x1874, LHgkS3G.jpg)

Wearing Venus’ clothes again. Why would you want to wear something that was worn by your psychopathic, bulimic potential murderer? lol

No. 479893

Nice catch! Wearing clothes from the Seoul hoard again. Funny how she could never wear any of the things she purportedly brought with her to Tokyo for Venus, and instead could only fence belongings once she had access to the Tokyo storage she was supposed to be emptying. And still somehow had 17 boxes of random hoard left.

No. 479894

After years of living in Asia, Mags still has zero sense of what behavior is considered rude or inappropriate (in addition to being unable to speak either Japanese or Korean fluently).

And good god what she must look like before the editing - they even advertised the photo editor on the post.

No. 479928

I know nitpicking but #fitgirls
Margos thighs being 3 times the size of all the other girls.. Being in Asia where most people have fit figures, and posing with girls who look like models doesn't do her any favors.

No. 479929

excuse you margaret is a beautiful jung fräulein

at this point the poor guy probably was wondering why they let this bitch in

No. 479935

It's a horrible B horror movie
>Chulsoon thought he was big and strong enough to take care of any problem.
>Little did he know the horror he let into his gym.
>He gave attention to a desperate, skinwalking, malignant narc, kappa who was in desperate need for narc fuel.
>She came to find new victims to manage. She stayed for the free booze.
>Will Chulsoon be able to exorcise his gym? How far into her 40's will Margo keep going with the Kawaii crap? What sort of lies will she come up with next?
>Stay tuned as the story unfolds on Instagram.

No. 479949


This is beautiful

No. 479950

Gonna translate his discription:

>My bros didn't come;; Israel, Hungary, Russia .. Insta(gram) is scary

#strong women from the early rush #they drink really well

No. 479958

File: 1515422780581.png (217.57 KB, 311x423, Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.39…)


Did.. Did he edit this to make Margo look younger or at least slap 10 filters on it ? Her face looks more v-line shaped and and everything is very blurred on Margo's face. Like he felt ashamed for letting a 40 yr old women touch him and sit so close.

No. 479959


sorry to samefag, I didn't notice this till after posting the picture.. But is that loose hanging skin on Margo's arm ?

No. 479960

it's me or the photoset was deleted?

No. 479961

No, it's from the bodybuilders' IG, not margos.

No. 479962

File: 1515423858003.png (641.86 KB, 1366x647, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

my bad, I thought it was on margo's.
but still, the pic seems gone from the bodybuilder's insta, there's only this one

No. 479967

File: 1515424536671.png (128.21 KB, 298x317, Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 10.0…)


Probably from all the negative comments about Margo touching him. I wonder if Margo will sperg about it, or can she even read Korean after all those lessons ?

Man, if the skin gets any looser on her arms she might just be able to fly.

No. 479968

huh, interesting.

I might as well translate his discription there as well:

I ran for 16 hours with no break.
I feared for my life.
Even with your busy schedule you found time to come, so I would like to say thank you to the people who made me fear for my life (/to the people who were threatening me).

#kleanfit #opening #thank you #elders and youngsters

No. 479969

No. 479971

Not all, there’s one still there. It’s the very last one if you scroll through all of them.
Also the event was the opening of a gym according to the guy’s instagram caption. Ol’ marge saw an opportunity for free drinks and slid right in, dressed like a 15-year old and probably creeping out everyone else there who look like they’re early twenties.

Her comments are gone though, lol.

No. 479979


What does he mean by " I feared for my life" ?

Is he referring to Margo with that ? ( Has she been stalking him during her downtime on social media ? )

No. 479980


Good God, I can only imagine how many times she harassed this dude to take some pictures. I feel sorry for everybody (specially him) that had to spend some time with her.

She prob couldn't stop telling him that she used to work as a fitness guru in London, that made videos about getting an anaconda ass in clubbing clothes and ratchet red wigs.


I love this

No. 479982

Nah,it has nothing to do with margo. I think he's talking about working hard in order to open his gym.

No. 479984


Just to add:
In the first picture he posted he joked about none of his friends coming and that's why he was hanging with foreign women who saw his invite to the opening on instagram.

He deleted that and posted some new pictures saying that he worked hard to open his gym and tanking his friends for the support.

No. 479989

thanks anon

>She prob couldn't stop telling him that she used to work as a fitness guru in London, that made videos about getting an anaconda ass in clubbing clothes and ratchet red wigs.


No. 480006

And the bodybuilder guy was totally hitting on her too (in her imagination.) Cause she’s such a hot young thing you know (also in her imagination/delusions.)

No. 480025

no no anon, he actually proposed to her. But Maggot ditched him because she's totally independient and doesn't want to live at expense of others~

No. 480059

File: 1515488014519.jpg (108.76 KB, 540x779, IMG_20180109_095212_972.JPG)

Nothing really new regarding the content.

No. 480061

File: 1515491269576.jpg (254.49 KB, 1242x1649, h8kILGC.jpg)

Also this^
Margaret surely met her narc supply quota today! Damn, her enablers can’t see their nose in front of their face. Yeah, Margaret’s insulted and belittled her adult daughter nonstop for nearly two years but (fucking grown up and independent) Venus needs to go back “home” to mommy until the end of time!

Manaki does not look or act like a human being? Wtf?

>extremely manipulative, persistent and with a hidden agenda.

Sounds like a certain vagabond we know. Lol. This bum projects SO HARD. And now she flipped again and Manaki is once again eeeevil. But who is more evil psychopath now: Venus or Manaki?

No. 480075

Crazy Marge can't decide whether Venus is the victim or even worse than Manaki. How can anyone possibly believe her when in the same sentence she can say "Venus is being used by Manaki, he's poisoning her.." and then "..but she's a cruel person, even more vile than he is!" and then top it off with "If she was back with me she would be healthy and loved by her mother!"

It just boggles the mind.

No. 480076

>she doesn't have any friends that's weird probably because of him

She didn't have any friends when she was with mommy dearest either. At least with Manaki she has someone roughly her age group who will take her on holiday and do silly videos with her. Marge just pimped her out and spent the cash on herself and her tacky overpriced purses.

No. 480081

why would venus want to steal your purse? it's not like you carried anything more valuable than toilet paper and a couple of candy wraps in it.

>Also I've never heard someone calling a husband boyfriend

Still better than getting pregnant to trap a man.

>She will come back to you
As ifffff

No. 480082

>inb4 "They're poisoning each other!!!!1"

No. 480084

File: 1515505738607.jpg (22.95 KB, 520x250, 3cImQMY.jpg)

^I was reading this due to my own experience and this article describes Margo to a T. https://wehavekids.com/family-relationships/8-Signs-You-May-Have-a-Codependent-Parent
I guess calling her codependent, is a little kinder than raging narcissistic psycho.

Venus has been hanging out with a good amount of girls, plus Manaki’s female relatives, which is a great improvement over her life with her mother. In fact, Venus struggled a bit when Manaki asked her to make female friends. The person who forms no real connections with anybody is Margaret. Besides boyfriends and one night stands, has Margaret ever been seen with a regular friend? It’s like all her pictures are with randoms and uncomfortable kids.

No. 480134

This is from the last person who was Margo's friend >>283073

No. 480140

>Ive never heard of someone calling a husband boyfriend….

Maybe because Margo is 40s and only knows older people. I know a ton of people who accidentally call them their boyfriend or feel a bit strange because they recently got married after being together for 9 years, so theyre just so use to saying boyfriend. In venuses case as well as others case where they only get legally married to stay with their long term spouse when they get relocated for work but dont have a big party with family just yet, feel more comfortable still saying boyfriend.
Plus with venus, shes young and caters to young weebs so saying boyfriend is just more natural.

No. 480250

File: 1515623565634.jpg (84.76 KB, 540x803, IMG_20180110_233156_982.jpg)

No. 480257

Why does this nut think this is a good angle? She’s posted the exact same pic before so she obv. thinks it’s cute.
You could go spelunking in those nostrils. Gross.

No. 480272

Isn’t it sad that the only friend she had was simply someone who felt sorry for her? Like, nobody really likes Margaret for who she is. There are two groups of people who support her: 1) people with a savior complex who think their kindness and attention will make a difference in her miserable life and 2) People who project their issues with their own abusive/manipulative relationships onto Margaret’s situation and they literally replace the person who hurt them with Venus.

I don’t see anyone praising individual qualities she has or saying they relate to her beyond “I was a victim too!/ I wish my mom were still alive!” Oh, and random pervert guys.

I would be absolutely shocked if someone met her in real life, became friends and talked about hanging out and having NORMAL conversations with her. It’s like if she can’t hate on Venus or whine about her life, she has no reason to create lasting relationships.

No. 480389

It helps the app cover up her jowls.

No. 480552

File: 1515746927803.jpg (85.44 KB, 540x753, IMG_20180112_071710_027.jpg)

No. 480553

File: 1515746966222.jpg (88.35 KB, 540x744, IMG_20180112_071805_202.jpg)

No. 480554

File: 1515746984387.jpg (90.38 KB, 540x733, IMG_20180112_071736_149.jpg)

No. 480559

File: 1515750877720.png (170.52 KB, 442x265, psychopath.png)

No. 480568

>she's a psychopath
>Manaki made her into a sociopath

Given what you can find on Margaret's instagram in 5 minutes compared to what you can find on Venus's instagram in 5 minutes, it's obvious which one is mentally unstable.

No. 480573

I like how she's claiming Venus wants to deceive her fans when the letter probably said 'Look, you can talk shit if you want, I'm going to tell them my side of the story and then that will be it. I am not fighting about this with you. You are dead to me now.'

No. 480609

She’s projecting on the whole ‘narcissists can’t be fixed’ thing.

No. 480610

File: 1515780021936.jpg (21.54 KB, 351x351, nya.jpg)

Spoiler that shit jesus christ, where is that pic from anyway??

No. 480619

File: 1515785780327.jpg (60.58 KB, 540x675, IMG_20180112_203551_577.jpg)

To sum it up:
Margo's writing a book and Venus' hair is more important than her health…

My guess: that book will never be done or out to be read.

No. 480630


Welp, Venus' hair was the one aspect of Venus' looks that Margo was the most controlling over. It never actually seemed like V wanted blonde hair, seeing as she's been rocking dark hair since escaping Margoose.

No. 480632

Margo made Venus change her hair as often and as schizoid-like as Margo changes her own hair. It's pretty clear that Venus's personal hair preference is some shade of brown, with either extensions and highlights done by a professional, or just to use a wig and save both the money and damage that dye and extensions cause. Margo has had to take our her manic hair changing whims on herself in the last two years, which resulted in back to back home perhaps plus bleach on top of the perms. It's no wonder Margo's hair is roughly 4 inches long.

No. 480636

No. 480640


Wouldnt be surprised if she were in a closet. I remember she made some demon summoning video with her sitting on the closet floor in the dark with candles lit. I think it was a call to Cthulhu or some shit. I think it was a video from 3 yrs ago. Looks like she took it down.
Did anyone else see that weird ass shit?

No. 480666

Can't forget that one, unfortunately.

No. 480677

>her hair is like a series of accidents
Says the woman who home-permed her hair TWICE.

No. 480680


I remember there was a while not long after Venus escaped when her hair looked very greasy in her photos, and she confirmed that she was having to coat it heavily with hair oil to try and restore some moisture and condition to it. I think Margo's home bleach/dye jobs really messed up Venus' hair for a while.

No. 480701

that's anything but relaxing
btw fitting trips

No. 480931

I'm disappointed that she hasn't ranted about Venus's newest post yet.

No. 480944

Don't forget the dreads. Actually, i think it's impossible to ever forget the dreads…

No. 481021


Any ideas why it was removed?

No. 481032

Copyright infringement or some other action by Logan paul? Although it’s hard to see why they’d bother with a nobody like marge who gets maybe 2K views per video.

No. 481270

File: 1516181953922.jpg (205.48 KB, 1168x754, Margo1701.jpg)

and she's back to selling stuff via her own and venus' homepage…

No. 481271

How's she selling shit she picked up in Okinawa?

She sells she shit by the seashore,
sea shore shells sells she,
and the sea shells she sells on the sea shore are from a visa trip,
Are sea shore outcalls massage.

No. 481275

kek, both http://venusangelic.com and http://margaretpalermo.com say at the bottom that they were designed by Margaret Palermo, but Venus's site is actually a WordPress theme by Themeco [https://theme.co/x/] and Marge's is by pipdig [https://www.pipdig.co/shop/wordpress-theme-culture-shock/].

As a web developer, this kind of little shit drives me nuts.

No. 481277

File: 1516185178180.jpg (16.2 KB, 271x379, 13532990_977978528984175_88400…)

Anyone wanna grab the iconic Panis Angelicus dress? Now's your chance—a steal at only $24.95!

No. 481292

Before she would re-sell cheap Chinese/Korean merch. Now its back to selling her last crap. Sad really, wonder when she breaks.

No. 481303


feel free to mock me for this, but unless you don't know or can forget that it's made by margo, it's not a very bad "creepy-unexplained thing happening" video.

No. 481325


Using the name of the “psychopath daughter that wants to kill her but it’s being poisoned by her psychopath husband/boyfriend” so daintily and unashamed. This woman is such a huge wtf.

No. 481335

I actually agree. If youre into Cthulhu or chaos magick then this video really isnt that bad.

No. 481370

The jewelry listed there looks so dirty and I'm 100% sure that the clothes are not any better, all must smell like armpit.

No. 481372

File: 1516214514521.png (150.05 KB, 1366x647, canyoufuckingnot.png)


No. 481375

What in living hell is that thing?

This narc specimen won’t ever stop to amuse me (and creep the fuck out of me). Ever.

No. 481465

That would be two years old cake decorationsade by Venus under Margo's supervision, which Mags chuckled in one of her million boxes of hoard when she closed up their Seoul rental, instead of throwing it away like any more.all sensible person. Oh, and she paid to store it someplace for all that time, then blamed Venus for her shit decision making skill. And now she's trying to hock a finished DIY kit of mouldy paper and plastic on stale cupcakes for full price.

I can only imagine what random crap she left in Tokyo and the Netherlands, since her Seoul and OTHER Tokyo "proofs" turned out to be garbage no sane person would box up and pay to store.

No. 481476

but it was “made by VENUS” though, so
def. worth every penny

No. 481497

B-but anon, all that junk are invaluable memories and more important, PROOFS of Venus psychopathy and that Venus is evil and was never abused ever kek

I wonder who would buy that crap.

No. 481500

So far no one has bought anything.
I’m waiting for someone to grab that used bellybutton piercing though. Straight from her crusty navel to your front door for just $179 plus $28.75 shipping, who could resist?
(shipping is more than most of her items cost, btw. lol)

No. 481598

A farmer bought something of hers before so us, apparently.

No. 481618

I really want to buy this so I can parade around my house and sing the Venus came from my uterus song.
This is something much more than just a dress.
This dress is an amulet.

No. 481622

File: 1516291275873.png (137.91 KB, 1366x647, canyoufuckingnot2.png)

I'd buy this masterpiece instead

No. 481625

I was literally just about to post this pic.
Margo could at least got a cheap dollar store frame to put it in. Cut off the ragged edges or something. Laminate it. Fucking anything. Just make the fucking art presentable at least. This drives me crazy as an artist. I could go on and on about whats wrong here.

No. 481627


Same thing with the cupcakes. Margo coudlve used a display case like the one they keep bug specimens in…instead of just selling some loose old ass cupcakes.

No. 481628


i'd like you remind you to that you're talking about a lunatic who claims that her daughter is a psychopat who's trying to kill her while simultaneously trying to cash in on her e-fame by selling literal trash her daughter left behind while she was running away from her.

No. 481632

Don’t forget the nutcase is selling these items from a website named Venusangelic.com and her SM bios all describe herself as “the real mom of Venus Angelic.” Trying to destroy her daughter while simultaneously cashing in on her name is the ultimate in sick fuckery.

No. 481633

Even a lunatic trying to make money should know how to make a product somewhat visually presentable. She obviously takes pride in "designing" her website and making it presentable. Whats hard about laminating some paper?

No. 481639

This really creeps me out. Selling off random remnants of your daughter’s childhood, even unfinished sketches. What next? Her baby photos? A lock of her hair? Her birth certificate?

No. 481643

Yeah she cashes in on the photos too.
She gives access to some old pics and "physical momentos" on her website if you donate to her storage issue.
I kinda wanna give her $1 so I can access the curiosities.

No. 481644

Do it Anon! And make sure to post the pictures here.

No. 481645

>gives access to some old pics and "physical momentos" on her website if you donate
I took that to mean IF she raised the $$ to get the storage contents shipped to her, then those who donated would get access to the stuff.

No. 481650

… you know what that drawing tells me?
That margo has been hoarding Venus' life and keeping treasure troves here and there because she thought it would be collectible.

This bitch thought her crotch fruit was destined to be the next international icon because of her parenting. Fucking Picasso's childhood sketch books right there.

No. 481652

After reading this off her website, I believe you are right.

"How can people help?
- People can help by donating the amount for the TRANSPORT of the belongings. The Transport of 12m3 costs 3800USD. If less or more, it will go into paying storage warehouse fees both before and after arrival of the boxes. I put my own money into it. I will publish all photos to prove the true life story.

How will you thank to the people?
Everyone who donates will have access to all photos and even to physical mementos."

No. 481666

Yes and since she raised a grand total of $35 (I think) that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

No. 481674

What if we promoted her website to so we can get quicker access to those pics? evil hand rubbing

No. 481688

How about no, let’s not.

No. 481689

… such a devious plan, anon, to send thousands of dollars to a hobo sex worker whose life ambition is to capture her daughter and wear her skin. Truly this would be the greatest troll ever.

Margo will eventually pay for the shipping herself because she's that crazy, or she'll get booted from Korea and have to slink back to Europe, and show everyone her garbage "proofs" then. Giving Mags cash to be sad and hilarious is like giving Chris-Chan money to "troll" him.

No. 481691


I'd rather her storage shit to stay where it is and rot. What if it has some serious diaries or hurtful things of Venus' ? I'd rather not see Margo have the luxury of using anything of Venus' belongings to profit from or use as slander.

No. 481730

I really hope Venus destroyed and personal journals. It’s really sickening to imagine how Margaret would jump at the chance to publish humiliating or disturbing entries.

No. 481737

No. 481758

>Just make the fucking art presentable at least. This drives me crazy as an artist.
are you for real? that's taking this 4 minute scribble way too seriously. it's not even a "bad drawing", it's just Venus scratching on notebook with a pencil out of pure boredom, not even caring what she's doing. If somebody spends $25 it'll probably be to shove it up their assholes from how obsessed they would have to be with Venus to buy that.

No. 481777

> If somebody spends $25
Don’t forget the $26.75 shipping.

No. 481887

Inthink it just shows how fuck desperate she is to cash in on Venus. Shes been living in mold house after mold house. She willing kept this shit. Old ass shit sketches. Dollar Cupcake deco. All this shit. She doesnt want to get a real life. She too fuckong obessed with her daughter.
It also supports thVenus's probably taking all of Venus to dupport her tacky ass crystal.

No. 481918

I'm late to rejoin the insanity here but I remember that video, it's two years old. Margo put the fucking cakes in storage!? Nothing surprises me about this bitch I guess.

No. 481955


>muh mementos!!1

No. 481974

If Jackson Pollock can make it, so can Venus.
I could see a "real" Venus fan buying that shit if it were in a frame or something…not just one sheet of loose paper.

No. 481976

same fag

To add, Im just saying….. If Margo is gonna sell something as "art" them fucking present it to me as if it were a piece of art.

No. 482065

>inb4 this bitch start selling wenoos' entire personal journals (the ones that doesn't contain any significant ~evidence~, for that matter)

No. 482092

File: 1516399641711.jpeg (624.32 KB, 1284x1935, 54EF5F3C-ADB9-4D03-87BA-339079…)

The human slimeball literally tried to auction her kid off in 2015, shortly before Venus escaped. $1000 for a day with Venus.

It was written under Venus’s account but you know it was scummy marge who wrote it.

No. 482103

No. 482104

I wonder why Morguerot's English seems less shitty in that cap than on her instagram account's.

No. 482110

Seems pretty consistent with her usual shitty Engrish to me

No. 482160

It’s so obvious Margo wrote that but it’s unsettling how she would try to mimic Venus’ cutesy way of speaking. The only thing we can be sure Venus wrote back then were her old blog entries.

Imagine if your mother not wrote online posts impersonating you, but probably sent private messages to rivals.

Oh, shit… what if she wrote to Manaki AS Venus to find out personal details? She was claiming he was a cross-dresser, raised as a girl and abused. I don’t see him or his parents ever revealing those details to Margaret(or anyone), so how else would she know? Venus could have told her in confidence, but it’s more likely Margaret could have been intercepting Japanese messages she did not understand. Just like when she exposed Venus and Manaki’s tame, easy to translate conversation, but misunderstood everything they wrote because she is an idiot.

No. 482170

>what if she wrote to Manaki AS Venus to find out personal details?
Or how about she just made all that shit up?
Seriously, the bitch barely speaks any Japanese, you said so yourself. How’s she going to communicate with Manaki in Japanese? You’re really reaching here.

No. 482171

Yeah, marge trying to be cute is pretty repulsive.

No. 482176

I didn’t mean she always wrote him in Japanese or started the conversation. But her Japanese was beginner level so it would not be impossible to write a short, misleading message on LINE or another app she had access to. I just don’t put it past her to mess with him like she did with other people under Venus’ accounts.

Anyway, we already know that everything Margaret states is based on some truth that has been completely twisted or exaggerated. There was nothing she made up out of blue. She always creates her stories from something else. So where do YOU think she got “trans-Manaki” from?

No. 482180

maybe he did a half assed cosplay or put on a wig. I wouldn’t give it too much thought.

No. 482181

Margo is just like these tumblrinas pulling incoherent headcanons out of their asses

can't decide which one is more ridiculous: trans manaki or asexual slut venus

No. 482369

File: 1516446010429.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180120-115944.png)

Nothing she wrote is ok

No. 482370

File: 1516450038642.jpg (71.92 KB, 936x569, 1464195936852.jpg)

>My booly daughter is in hospital but I'm suffering too! I know everything, even medical professionals need me! btw her husband still poisoning her but we're both going to die anyway

No. 482373

Okay someone has to say this because everyone thinks Margo is selling actual old moldy cakes and cupcakes. She's a lunatic no doubt, but these aren't actual edible items. These type of decoration cupcake/cake sets are popular toys in Japan. The cupcakes and cake itself are made of plastic and the frosting is some type of paste that hardens, I think it's something similar to clay. These are things to make and use as decorations not to eat. You can even see in venus video where she makes them it's not actual food.

No. 482374

File: 1516452783229.jpeg (95.43 KB, 540x721, 67D52A96-4B29-459D-B3D5-6DC950…)

>implying they will die cause they’re separated

No. 482375

>“Me too! Don’t forget me, young kawaii children! Look at my pajamas that I bought to copy her! Venus may actually die but I am “dying” because I don’t want to get a job!”

This fucking, soulless cunt.

No. 482378

File: 1516454057487.jpg (70.83 KB, 540x653, IMG_20180120_141055_360.jpg)

And of course margo knows exactly how one should behave and build a life (not)!

No. 482379

File: 1516454217783.jpg (73.31 KB, 540x658, IMG_20180120_141158_617.jpg)

Being separated kills them, but obviously being not separated won't have a positive outcome either. Margo should decide what she is actually against or fighting for. Otherwise she won't get rid of those contradictions…

No. 482380

File: 1516454367604.jpg (87.07 KB, 540x690, IMG_20180120_141136_666.jpg)

But obviously her followers don't care about those contradictions for whatever reasons…

No. 482381

File: 1516454576930.jpg (55.52 KB, 540x559, IMG_20180120_141118_800.jpg)

And to sum it all up:
Venus should take responsibility for her own mother, the person she raised and gave birth to,…

uhm, no, there's definitely something fishy about that conclusion

No. 482382

Margaret’s range of emotions is seriously like an alien who has been observing humans for a few months. Should Manakii and Mizuki have tears in their eyes? Exaggerated, worried expressions? Wtf, Margaret… They’re trying to cheer up concerned followers.

Gotta screech at her flying monkeys that Venus is still a psychopathic bully, even though the fan was trying to butter her up. Same script, over and over. If Venus were to actually die, Margaret would still be accusing her of robbery from the grave.

No. 482389

File: 1516457760387.jpeg (76.2 KB, 526x500, 0A2BE15E-347F-4A20-AC66-03E3E4…)


Lol, this again ? She left Margo the large Mac computer and a MacBook as well as the expensive camera and the old bank account. Venus didn’t even take all of her belongings which now this snake is trying to sell.

Also I found this gem which is both sad and funny to look at.

No. 482395

I never wish death upon someone but hope margo is the only one who kicks the bucket

We know anon, we watched the video.

Of course! Satanic jung fraulein train driver optician radiologist life teacher gym instructor talent manager professional masseuse knows better than the ignorant doctors.

>Margo in charge of criticize other's lives

No. 482396

File: 1516460508749.png (248.75 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-01-20-09-59-06.p…)

No. 482397

File: 1516460652178.png (289.27 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-01-20-09-59-51.p…)


>she never tried to be a doll



>she behaved strange

Well duh. I'd behave pretty erratically if my mom I hadnt wanted to speak to in a year came to a whole ass other country to try and kidnap me or whatever her motives were.

No. 482400

File: 1516462381275.jpg (20.92 KB, 462x157, iJDcByX.jpg)

Yeah, Margaret only provided nutritious food and healthy atmosphere for Venus’ eating habits

No. 482402

File: 1516462495937.jpg (19.82 KB, 583x115, 9iLiu2s.jpg)

Venus never had such problems before she ran off!

No. 482405

File: 1516462564817.jpg (21.91 KB, 594x114, fjYIR37.jpg)

No. 482411


Although I don't think Margo is the reason why Venus got a eating disorder, she definitely encouraged it and even worsened it. Also, who the fuck considers 2 frozen lemon slices a healthy breakfast for their kid ???

No. 482416

File: 1516466650729.png (277.12 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-01-20-11-40-33.p…)

This just in: Manaki is.. Killing venus for an easy income..?

No. 482418

File: 1516466755277.png (295.8 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-01-20-11-41-10.p…)

Marge be marging

No. 482419

File: 1516466803559.png (286.93 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-01-20-11-41-26.p…)

No. 482420

File: 1516466822966.png (295.72 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-01-20-11-41-48.p…)

No. 482421

File: 1516466892420.png (284.03 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-01-20-11-42-14.p…)

Can't afford to fly around all the time. :^)

No. 482422

File: 1516466911498.png (263.09 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-01-20-11-42-28.p…)

No. 482423

File: 1516467136231.png (270.83 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-01-20-11-51-24.p…)

She updated the caption

(sry for so many caps?)

No. 482430

sees a pic of your kid looking sick and with a tube in the neck
I never took my daughter to doctor for 19 years and I knew she had a eating disorder but she’s sick now only because she went away from me but ok we’re both going to die
she stole from me
Look at us side a side I look better lol


No. 482441

She’s a fucking idiot. A neck catheter does not mean kidney failure and dialysis is imminent, you moron. They’re used for long-term IV access for intravenous feedings, among other things. Kidney failure from poison? Imminent dialysis? Nope.

No. 482445

Well this is a long overdue spergout but she’s making up for lost time with the sheer lunacy of it all. She really can’t bear to be upstaged by her kid getting so much attention and sympathy, can she? This loon is transparent as a pane of glass and predictable as clockwork despite her conviction that she’s a super special unique genius and better and smarter than everyone else. Margo’s nothing more than a garden variety malignant narcissist right out of a textbook.

No. 482471

On a lighter note she’s added a bunch of stuff to her online shop (including a set of used hair curlers for $0.99 plus $26.75 shipping, lol this idiot) but as far as I can tell she hasn’t sold a single item. Which is no doubt adding to her foul mood.

This is almost as much fun to watch as her failed indiegogo fundraiser.

No. 482473

Can you imagine this bitch at whatever consultory she worked at?

>sorry sir your eyesight is deteriorating we'll need to gouge your eyes out…have you considered your wife has been pouring acid on your eyes when you're asleep?

the gist of maggot's post in a nutshell

No. 482474

Is she going to invoke the power of Satan in order to heal her child? Margo is so deluded and such a victim that it might be worrying if she knew where Venus lived.

No. 482475

God, she's now up to a full 13 pages of complete tat and rubbish. Though that does include 44 seashell listings.

Totally makes me want to donate money to get all her shit out of storage! It must all be so valuable.

No. 482483

Margo exemplifying the old proverb that it's better to keep your mouth shut and be thought of as an idiot, than opening it and proving it to the world.

Dialysis is only one of many reasons to need a central line.
You can't even see enough of the line to tell if it's a standard central line or a tunnelled one, but guessing from the exit site it's just the standard one.
Maybe she needed dialysis temporarily in ITU, but more likely she either has very poor peripheral IV access so they went for a central line, or she needs TPN which in most cases can't be given peripherally.

Going by previous comments about stomach problems and removal of parts of small bowel, it's possible she has Crohn's with particularly nasty flares needing TPN in hospital. Most common age of onset is 15-30y so it's entirely possible that she never showed symptoms (or at least not yet as severe) while still living with Margo.

No. 482516

All this plus the central line in her pic is not even the type used for dialysis. A dialysis line has much bigger fatter tubing and they have double ports; Venus’s line is just a regular line with skinny tubing and a single port like they use to give fluids/antibiotics and/or TPN (total parenteral nutrition or intravenous nutrition.)

Margo is a fucking uninformed idiot.

No. 482517

File: 1516485891060.png (27.69 KB, 288x192, 18B7BE2B-2F41-4EB4-831A-73E4C1…)

Wait…so now Manaki is “making the sexy boy”? What the fuck does that even mean and since when is he “sexy”??
hahaha, the old lunatic is losing her entire damn mind.
Oh and now Manaki the “sexy boy” is poisoning Venus so he can get her channel and run off with her friend Mizuki. Seriously. She really said that.
This is fucking hilarious.

No. 482520

And btw the girl in the pic, her friend, is not a “Youtuber girl.” She’s just a private person with a personal instagram account and no Youtube channel. I think poor old addled marge has her confused with Venus’s other friend, Mikan. Poor thing really is losing her marbles.

No. 482523

>since when is he “sexy”??
ayy margo's thirst must be really bad

No. 482525

>everyone is using people to make money!!
I love Margo's total projection at all times.

No. 482589

Things that are driving margo crazy right now:
1) Venus is getting all the attention
2) she can’t get any hate going in Venus’s instagram comments. Venus is getting hundreds of well wishes instead.
3) Venus has rl friends (and a husband) who visit her in the hospital. margo had no one.
4) no one is buying her used shit in her online shop. Not a single item has sold
5) Korean bodybuilder gym guy she’s been drooling over doesn’t want her. he was only being nice cause it was his gym opening, being nice to people who showed up was his job.

I’m sure there are more but that’s the gist of it for now. lol marge

No. 482608


I don't think she's losing her marbles … I think she was born with out them. Batshit from the start.


I didn't really believe some anons theories about Margo viewing Venus as competition, and secretly hoping Manaki would chose her over Venus.

No. 482615

>instagram shoutout $150
yikes. real Venus gives free shoutouts even to shitty artists who draw her.

No. 482623

The way she deals with Venus' rejection is so childish. It's obvious by these "the separation will kill us both" and her constant demonizing of Manaki that she badly wants to be reunited with Venus and go back to being just the 'mommy and me', but at the same time she tries publicly smearing her in a way that will do nothing except push her away whenever she gets angry.

No. 482645

File: 1516502474487.png (15.03 KB, 303x55, Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 6.21…)

The kappa awoke pissed off:
Margo responds to being told she's not a doctor (when did you work in a hospital, you dropped out of radiology school after only 1 year, it's at least a 4 year degree, sometimes plus 2 years grad school)

No. 482647

File: 1516502573597.png (31.8 KB, 306x174, Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 6.21…)

Mags reveals that she was the one who created Manaki's first instagram account for him, and she was super pissed when he deleted it. Seems she was trying to do the same "account password sharing" thing she did with Venus, with her boyfriend. Margo is confused at Manaki saying he only agreed to it to make her happy - whaddya mean, 10k followers didn't make you happy? It makes Margo happy, it MUST make you happy.

No. 482648

File: 1516502669288.png (16.28 KB, 302x67, Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 6.22…)

Finally, someone called out Mags' inconsistent storytelling, where Venus is both lying for attention, and she's on death's doorstep after being poisoned by Mana for control of the precious VA channel. Margo's response? Venus is a liar. Great explanation, Mags.

No. 482650

Oh, and she bought those "manakiokada.com" and "manasenpai.com" accounts AFTER Venus left, not before.

She could not project her own intentions onto Mana any harder. He's got little interest in being a big social media star, but Margo is convinced she's somehow got his number and she knows what he's up to, because it's exactly what Margo would be doing in his situation: poison Venus and steal the channel.

No. 482663

This heffa woke up to find Venus closing in on 15K likes and 350 “get well soon!” comments on her instagram and zero items sold from her online ‘shop.’ She’s understandably a lil bit cranky. lol

No. 482673

She's just trying to save her psychopathic, aspergers ridden, asexual, slut, murderous, anorexic daughter from her tranny, pedo, poisoner husband. Margo is always going to think that she's the hero here.

No. 482679

Will someone please inform this halfwit bitch that “working in a hospital” does not magically impart medical knowledge on a person. Lots of people “work in hospitals,” scrubbing floors, taking out the trash, shooting X-rays etc. An unskilled job in a hospital doesn’t mean you know shit about medical matters (like central venous catheters.)

No. 482686

Seconding possible Crohn's disease

No. 482687

"Last time I was there she was so insane"? The last time you were there, you tried to break into her house, and had to be escorted off the property by the police. I don't think Venus was the person whose sanity was in question on that day.

No. 482690

I agree, Crohn’s or something similar; some disease process and not an ED. They don’t give out central lines without a good medical reason and they don’t give them out to people with EDs - they get feeding tubes, not central venous catheters.

No. 482692

It’s common for women like Margaret to see her daughter as sexual competition and act inappropriate with their significant others. Margaret is not in love with Manaki but so jealous of his relationship with Venus that she is fixated on him. If given the chance, she would fuck him and dump him just to make Venus feel like shit.

Agreed. That CVL is not typical for ED patients. I genuinely think this not simply side effects of ED but a disease, especially her bout with sepsis and the intestinal scarring she had.

No. 482699

File: 1516512474560.png (36.64 KB, 306x214, Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 8.46…)

Margo's on a roll, I'll just post a bunch. she's got anew sucker on the line and is eating. it. up.

No. 482700

File: 1516512597961.png (49.41 KB, 310x290, Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 8.47…)

Venus being hospitalized with a CVL for weeks on end is apparently what Margo calls "throwing a tantrum". I can only imagine how kind Mags was when Little Venus had to have her appendix out; "Why don't you be quiet! Your stomach doesn't hurt that bad, stop crying! I won't take you to hospital, you're just making a drama!"

No. 482701

File: 1516512625335.png (46.57 KB, 303x259, Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 8.59…)

No. 482702

File: 1516512674467.png (25.95 KB, 302x142, Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 9.14…)

"She just needs to start doing the right thing by giving me all of her money. Then she won't be sick anymore."

No. 482703

File: 1516512716532.png (19.59 KB, 297x85, Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 9.14…)

Margo calls Mana fat. Gee, I wonder how Venus ended up with body image issues.

No. 482704

File: 1516512746104.png (30.16 KB, 295x162, Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 9.14…)

Oh sorry, this is the one where she calls him fat.

No. 482705

Do we really need to know every. single. one. of her batshit comments?

No. 482707

does it bother you that much? Margaret thread is going to have Margaret content.

No. 482709

Does that mean you must post every single one of her comments, really?

No. 482713

These people are so fucking insane….

Venus will be 21 in February and they keep saying she is supposed to go home” with Margaret, as if she were a small child.

Margaret, with the physique of a sack of potatoes, has no place to call anyone fat. I already knew Manaki used to be chubby but I have no doubt she must have shamed him into losing more weight or pointed out whenever his weight fluctuated.

I remember she also criticized a YouTube/kawaii girl(anyone remember her name?) about her eating habits right in front of her face at some function they attended. She watched the girl eat and remarked that she was very skinny, making her uncomfortable. Margaret has always body shamed other people.

I personally enjoy seeing anons post them here instead of having to go to her IG. She might delete some later, so it’s good to save the weirdest ones.

No. 482721

File: 1516515639312.png (20.72 KB, 308x104, Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 10.1…)

What the fuck is she even talking about? Manaki has one sister and no brothers, she was in a photo Venus took while they were on family holiday.

Margo knows nothing about Manaki's family. She met his parents exactly once, and they clearly didn't like her enough to ever invite her over or even give her their address, because she went on that insane road trip to try and track them down without knowing her destination.

No. 482735

Let’s guess: she saw a family photo of his sister or cousin at the beach, the family joked it was Manaki and she believed it? There is no way a family would admit something like that to someone they just met. For all we know, Venus, or Venus and Manaki, could have been trolling Margaret and she just didn’t understand they weren’t serious.

Manaki: Sexy boy, fat, mixed-race, transgender, emotionless, pedophile, poisoning otaku with mind-control powers.
Did I leave anything out?

No. 482736


agreed, anon. Probably the same person who has been doing it from the beginning over at KF. All of margo's comments start to blur together and most of the ones posted aren't milky at all.

No. 482740

you forgot 'poor factory worker' and 'hostage holder'

No. 482744

Oh, that’s right!
I also forgot: high school dropout and MILF-hunter.

Wow, that Manaki is a multitasker.

No. 482753


Or a stress ulcer. Because god knows that poor kid has had to put up with so much shit from Kappa. Blog and no1curr but I got a couple my freshman year of grad school and lost 20 pounds in like a month and a half because I could barely eat or drink anything.

And besides, if it was an eating disorder, no way would Venus voluntarily go to a hospital and possibly wind up with a feeding tube. Whatever's wrong, I hope she recovers soon, she looks terribly ill. :/

No. 482771

Never forget the night she had to sleep in the 7-11 because she was wandering some town with her luggage and rambling to herself about finding Manaki's parents to make them get the kids divorced.

No. 482783

Yeah, exactly. Do we need to see the millionth “psychopath VENOOS stole lied and wants me dead “ comment from this nut? How about editing just a bit to exclude the ones that we’ve seen a million and one times before?

No. 482796

Exactly. Always projecting. And given how hard she projects, all her “venus tried to kill me/wants me dead” and now “Manaki is poisoning Venus to get her channel” obsessing makes you wonder how often she thinks about killing Venus or wishes she would die. Scary bish.

No. 482807

File: 1516562606473.png (22.07 KB, 301x101, Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 11.0…)

I think you got it. Sounds like Mana's mom was making a joke, and Margo, in her autism, insanity, and lack of Japanese skill, took her at face value (or seriously misunderstood what was being said.)

No. 482812

File: 1516563059444.png (24.05 KB, 298x125, Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 11.0…)

Margo accidentally chose a doc who got stripped of his license as the person who performed Venus's mysterious bariatric surgery, but now claims that Venus simply wen't to that doctor AFTER his license was stripped.

I'm sorry, but exactly when did this surgery supposedly take place, has she ever specified? Was in while she was under Margo's care? Because Venus never disappeared from public view long enough for this trip to Korea for surgery and back, not until long after Margo made these claims. It would have to have been between February and May 2016, because Venus was ill and in hospital in June, and that's when Margo first made the "intestines removed" claim.

No. 482818

Pretty much this. We all witnessed how she twisted what the canadian(?)man at the interview show was asking to them, so it's not far fetched this was the case too.

No. 482819

And she has a far better command of English than she does of Japanese (not that her command of English is all that.) And narcs tend to twist shit around when they hear things anyway, it's like a brain filter they have that makes everything sinister. Between low empathy people having trouble with regular people humor, a language Margo doesn't speak, and her fantastic ability to play a single-player game of telephone, it sounds like Mana's mom cracked a joke about only wanting girls and Mags ran wild with it.

No. 482884

There it is! Wow, pretty much what most of us figured out. I wonder what his parents would think about Margaret running with the joke as evidence of gender manipulation? I’m thinking the other story about “Manaki was abused!” may come from him being bullied at school as a shy, chubby kid and not some crazy situation at home. Manaki has revealed he has issues with body image and self-esteem before, so he may not have had it easy when he was younger.

This loon can not understand humor or how to tell a proper joke. What is wrong with her? Since she accuses Venus of being autistic like it is the most terrible thing, incidents like this and so many other times where she misunderstands facial expressions/body language of other people make me think Margo is on the spectrum instead.

No. 482899

She once said, she has aspergers. I'm too lazy to search for the picture, but I'm sure, she said it once.

No. 482905


Wait, is this the old bullshit accusation that Venus had half her intestines taken out for weight loss ( yet actually gained weight before getting sick ). The doctor she was speaking about was banned from doing any surgeries, so what is she saying ? That this Doctor cut Venus open is a dodgy basement under Margo's supervision. These types of surgery require a lot of down time which she never really had durring her time with Margo, nor did she take any time off after that.

I wonder if this loon keeps a note book full of every crazy accusation she's ever came up with… and just adds to it when she's feeling pissy.

No. 482914

File: 1516585777092.jpg (307.72 KB, 1242x1520, bX6HFO3.jpg)

Was it this tweet?
She looks like she is trying to make a joke about awkwardness but not confirming she has it.

No. 482918

File: 1516586381264.png (22.98 KB, 297x119, Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 5.49…)

>>That this Doctor cut Venus open is a dodgy basement under Margo's supervision

That's exactly what people are asking her. Margo got snotty and said no, she did it after she left. But again, that would mean it Venus went to some Korean back ally / basement for surgery sometime between February and May 2016. With at least a week or two of recovery before she could fly back to Japan, she'd have been off the radar for a while. I think she was posting to instagram at least every day or so during that period, and making videos when the channel wasn't down. There wasn't time for this to happen.

No. 482931

Lol. Why would Venus return to SK just as her mother started raging and making threats? Margaret makes no sense.

No. 483079

File: 1516623468999.png (117.63 KB, 970x688, 20180122_131407.png)

Previously she said it was Manaki that attacked her, but now it was Venus after she asked her to go for a coffee.

No. 483084

I think this was at the airport where Venus went to check the belongings, noticed it was mostly Margaret’s stuff mixed into the suitcase, and I believe Margaret grabbed Venus’ arm(please correct me if I misremembered) to prevent her from running. Wasn’t the small suitcase filled with random, unimportant items like underwear and Tabasco sauce?

No. 483086


You know how Venus said she was making a really tough video before she got sick…

What if she actually filmed some of Margo's narc fits and attempted break ins. Wouldn't that be something.

No. 483089

I really hope the video is an hard exposé of Margaret’s deeds. But maybe the stress from that is what made her become so sick.

No. 483113

Sorry but no, it wont be that. "I'm working on a really personally difficult video" is something Venus has said before when she's been behind on her promises and last time it turned out to be like, some pointless recollection of her channel's history mixed with rambling about how it's all thanks to you guys and i'm so grateful - literally nothing.

Venus history of escalating promises about videos with increasing delays - well it basically is very familiar to me from some other Youtubers I follow my own excuses in other areas of life - it basically boils down to either not feeling like doing the thing and/or being depressed, which leads to feeling guilty that you're not delivering against some real or imagined expectation, which leads to more depression which leads to more delays, more guilt.

No. 483122

File: 1516638287726.jpg (20.51 KB, 640x559, 1467871828664.jpg)

>called the police saying there's a foreigner begging for money

that's the only true thing maggot has said ever

No. 483131

Judging from the illness Venus has plus the narrative MArgo has constructed I think Venus probably did get a surgery that essentially removed part of her intestine, but I'm pretttty sure it was because of something like Chron's Disease.

It's called a partial bowel resection. It cuts out the restricted or decayed part of the bowel out and reconnects the two parts. That's why she did better after the surgery and then relapsed.

Margo is spinning her wheels over diet surgeries and eating disorders and poisoning because she can't comprehend that normal food is a poison to Venus. It's a disease that's hard to diagnose even without whatever personality disorder Margo's got.

Venus should come to the US and get herself diagnosed.

No. 483139


is she obligated to talk about margo, tho? she isn't. you're acting as if she was.

No. 483141

File: 1516647425205.jpg (192.13 KB, 1024x433, Screenshot_20180122-102404.jpg)

Venus is the one obsessed with money, not innocent Margo-chan! Why, Venus wanted access to her own money in the back after Mana told her it's not normal for your mom to keep your PIN, can you imagine?

No. 483142

*in the bank

No. 483144

File: 1516647587687.jpg (101.56 KB, 1025x273, Screenshot_20180122-102335.jpg)

Manaki is the psychopath currently, and he will kill Venus before she gets the coveted Japan citizenship as a joke on her, Margo tried to warn her…

(It's definitely not Margo who wants that visa so bad, and wishes death on Venus for getting her precious)

No. 483148

The only one whose "entire life went down the drain" after Venus lived with her husband is yours, Margaret. Because you were a leech on our child, not a "startup founder" or "celebrity manager" or the brains behind the operation or whatever you like to tell yourself. You found the best scam of your life and you're pissed Venus got wise to your confidence scheme.

No. 483149

>The only one whose "entire life went down the drain" after Venus lived with her husband is yours, Margaret.
lmao exactly, that was so ironic. margo is the one looking like a crazy homeless woman inside of ikea stores, wandering aimlessly and talking shit about her daughter nonstop to any stranger that'll agree with her that she is a psychopath.

No. 483153

>>wandering aimlessly and talking shit about her daughter nonstop to any stranger that'll agree with her that she is a psychopath.

When they can't even understand her, and just nod and smile so the crazy woman goes away. "Oh yes, Venoos' landlord explained me that she is a prisoner and agree she never sleep with Manaki". Sure, Mags.

No. 483155

Here she's talking about when she broke / tried to break into Venus's house last December; this is when Venus had to call police and apparently told them that her mom's quest for YT bucks caused her to do this (Margo wailed about this at the time.)

"She attacked me violently and the police just removed me from her house!" What was she supposed to do when she caught you trying to jimmy the door lock? Bake you a cake and hand you a cheque?

No. 483157

File: 1516651559257.png (40.71 KB, 296x238, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.5…)

Who are these people? "Oh Margaret, you are the jungest and most beautiful fraulein of them all! Tell us your secrets!"

No. 483159

File: 1516651642154.png (161.64 KB, 357x346, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 12.0…)

This is your young faced idol with only half her usual filters on. The real thing is terrifyingly alt und hässlich.

No. 483160

was ist so schlimm an alt sein?

No. 483168

nichts, wenn du nicht eine narzissistische kranke Hexe bist
not to mention she's pretty much confirmed to be selling her body/questionable massages for income, which can't be easy when you look 55 and ten times more worn out than any other girl you could pick up
I'm pretty sure foreign language talk is discouraged by the rules though, so maybe stick to English

No. 483171


Anon, I'm aware it likely wont be a tell all video. Venus has never had a spine to do shady things to people even if they do deserve it. Her mother could light her house on fire and kill her hamster and she'd still not have the spine (courage ) to drag her.

Venus will likely never drag her mother no matter how awful Margo is to her. She's a soft person, and seems to avoid drama/conflict. Which is good, just means we wont ever know.

Anons can only dream.

No. 483181

"Try to have some morals" says the 42 year old hooker who previously lived off child labor. She's like a real life Miss Hannigan.

No. 483194

that last sentece sounds suspiciously like your own marriage, margo

No. 483199

Nothing is wrong about it, but it's anathema to a narc mom like Marge to age. But unfortunately for her, she's aging like milk and looks even older than she is. Yet she uses every meitu and line filter she can go make herself look younger than her daughter, because Venus isn't a person, she's Mags' sexual competition. And stupid fans apparently can't tell that Margo's face is made of pixels, that she looks nothing like the photos she posts.

No. 483203

Well the last few days have proven once again that nothing sets this lunatic off like 1) Venus getting tons of attention and support while being ill and 2) Venus having irl actual friends. Now with both triggers at once she’s really losing her shit. It’s so predictable you could set your watch by it. Her delusions and paranoid fantasies are getting more bizarre by the day.

Ever notice that the more agitated she gets the more fractured her English is?

The one thing that reallykeeps her rage going is that she’s utterly powerless to do anything about it. All she has is her instagram comment section, that’s it. She can’t hurt her kid or impact her life in any way so she stays glued to instagram every waking hour like the obsessive freak she is. She can’t even recruit flying monkeys to harass Venus like she used to in the good old days; her few ‘supporters’ just can’t be arsed any more.

No. 483206

hahaha, this fool still hasn’t sold a single item from that sad little online shop of hers. You’d think a few of her loyal (so-called) fans would want to help poor heartbroken marge out but no…not a single one gives a shit. So when will she figure that out, I wonder?

No. 483219

Margo had gotten a surprising fresh wave of support due to Venus's latest illness; Mags has new stans busily telling Venus on her instagram to go home to her mother, and spreading rumors she had bariatric surgery and / or is being poisioned by her husband (eho is a pedo somehow), and that she deserves her pain for leaving her mom. This new wave of marge fans is even loonier than the first batch, they hang on her every word, the more salacious the better as far as they're concerned. Marge is in heaven, the only thing that could be better from her perspective is if she got that channel income back, or if Venus actually died so she could scream "I TOLD YOU SO, NEVER LEAVE YOUR MUTTI"

No. 483233

One: those flying monkey commenters on Venus’s instagram are very few in number, very halfhearted and wander off quickly when told off. It’s nothing like she used to be able to generate, not even close - which I’m sure is a big part of her foul mood these days.
Two: Besides being few in number and halfassed, this new batch can’t be bothered to patronize her online shop which despite all her hype hasn’t sold one single item. That has to sting. I very much doubt she’s feeling gratified these days, she’s hella broke and no one gives a shit to want to help.

No. 483241

Marge’s Instagram commenters are fine but they don’t pay her bills. And what good are they if they don’t harass her kid and make her life miserable? She used to live for that shit, seeing Venus get trolled and cyberbullied and now she’s got nada. Marge got nothing to feel good about these days.

No. 483258

To be fair, Mana started pursuing Venus when she was like 14-15. So the pedophile moniker isn't really a stretch, lol.

No. 483267

tweeting and being a fan is not 'pursuing'. there's proof in the various capped convos somewhere that he was not comfortable with Margo pushing them together even when she was older.

No. 483284

It’s hardly what I would call “a wave” of flying monkey commenters on Venus’s instagram, more like an almost nonexistent slow drip.
So when margo obsessively clicks on Venus’s instagram hoping to see flying monkeys berating and trolling her all she sees are hundreds of messages of well wishes and support instead. You think she’s feeling good about that? I don’t.

No. 483285

Uhhhh, it can be. He's obviously sexually attracted to her since he married her and they make sexual jokes on youtube all the time.

Even if he said he's not comfortable (proof, btw?), he's still like 7-8 years older than Venus is and entered a relationship with her right after she became legal. Pedophile or not, it's still questionable.

I don't see why anyone would insinuate Margaret is "pushing them together" when her behavior indicates everything to the opposite.

No. 483289

I remember seeing screencaps of a conversation between Venus and Manaki where he’s questioning margo’s urging marriage on them and saying something like “slow down, we’re not ready for that yet” from right before Venus left margo.

No. 483292

She damn sure was pushing them together back in 2015 when she thought it would get her a Jp visa.

No. 483295

>>I don't see why anyone would insinuate Margaret is "pushing them together" when her behavior indicates everything to the opposite.

Maybe you weren't around for the start of their relationship, but before the fallout, Margo herself pushed Manaki marry Venus ASAP, and he was like, uhh isn't Venus young to marry, and also, shouldn't we ask Venus what she wants? It was all in an email Margo published as part of her "proofs" when Venus first moved out. Why Margo thought that was evidence of Manaki being treacherous is anyone's guess, but it showed Margo to be the driving force behind the rush for Venus and Mana to marry.

Once Margo realized that only Venus would gain a Japanese visa via marriage - and that Magro herself would not get one - she whisked Venus away to South Korea, announced to Venus's fans that they'd broken up by changing every video title with Mana to "My EX Boyfriend" and pressured Venus relentlessly to divorce him. This included getting her drunk her with Margo's boyfriend's best friend on NYE 2015/16 in the hopes that they would sleep together, then telling Manaki she slept with him anyway to get Mana to dump her. This shit was the straw that broke the camels back and shook Venus enough to leave shortly thereafter.

But the point is - Margo IS the one who pressured them to hurry up and marry nownownow, and then was equally adamant for them to break up once she realized that she was losing her total dominance over Venus. And now Margo hates him because he's the one who got Venus to see that she was being abused, and encouraged her to run away.

No. 483299

I always got the impression that she shared that as proof that he was pretending that they hadn't been planning to elope.

No. 483302

They didn’t need to elope, they were married in Japan in 2015 just before margo yanked Venus off to SK

No. 483304

File: 1516671628595.jpg (219.4 KB, 538x835, 2q17NwP.jpg)

This is one of them. Margaret put pressure on him to marry Venus. Likely because she is an idiot who thinks Venus would sponsor her under something like a Specific Activities visa. The thing about that visa is that it is intended for elderly, dependent parents. Or possibly, she thought Venus would expand business in Japan to give Margaret a work visa as her employee. Whichever visa she thought she would get, I am confident she did manipulate the couple in order for HER to stay in Japan.

No. 483312

wow, I didn't know this. this woman is such a wild ride. the best example of a narc mom I've ever seen

No. 483316

A failed narc cut off from her n-supply and spiraling rapidly downward. Like she’s literally almost a raving lunatic with her wild delusions and accusations. An entertaining specimen to be sure.

No. 483439

That's why she's such a wrinkly mess. Her nasty behavior overrides all of her fasting from not having enough money for food and walking endlessly around Korea and Japan in search of Venoos and customers

No. 483444


Mental gymnastics off highest order! She is really something..

No. 483446

nominated OP pic for next thread lol

No. 483464

Fasting, are you kidding? This heffa not fasting. Have you seen her fat ass and chunky lumpy thighs recently?

No. 483468

File: 1516730144418.jpg (266.67 KB, 1065x641, Screenshot_20180123-094455.jpg)

Margo insists that Venus will die because she put herself in a victim situation where she isn't an equal partner like she was with her mother.

Margo's script flipping never ceases to amaze, holy shit.

No. 483470

File: 1516730349168.jpg (318.17 KB, 1067x746, Screenshot_20180123-094511.jpg)

Margo insists that it's VENUS who lives on in a fantasy land where she looks for anything to support her false beliefs. Again, the projection is outstanding as a always - although this new idea of Margo's that Venus was here equal partner and will die without Mutti taking all of her decisions is a new one (usually it's Margo being killed by Venus via being ignored.)

No. 483472

>Margo controls daughter's accounts
>controls her website
>controls her social life
>speaks for her during interviews

Yeah, totally equal value there. At least Manaki lets Venus leave the house without an escort.

No. 483482

File: 1516733779217.png (888.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180123-195600.png)

Just give up

No. 483483

People who say shit like
>All mothers love their children! I'd never cut my mum out no matter what they did!
are the fucking worst people. It's bad enough to have to cut out your family because they're mental, without having other people stick their noses in and judge you for it. Particularly with mothers. If you don't speak to your mum it's almost always assumed you're the problem, where as if you don't have contact with your dad it's generally assumed he's an asshole and you have a good reason.

No. 483485

Oh right, margo is the most joyful person ever. Just brimming over with joy she is.

No. 483486

Unfortunately margo’s gossip, speculation and accusations will continue to run rampant as long as Venus stays silent about what is causing her illness. I’m not saying it’s right or the way things should be, it’s just the reality of the way things are.

No. 483487

"Dont overdo anything, that's my motto!" Stalks her daughter for 2 years and counting because she moved out to live independently; has to be escorted away from her kids place by the cops because she can't stay away; won't stop obsessively talking shit. Never over does anything.

No. 483488

Not to mention she posted this at 3:30 am local time. That’s not overdoing anything, not at all. Seriously, does this psycho ever sleep these days?
hashtag #obsessed

No. 483519

I dunno why Margo is suddenly sperging and freaking out. I guess she is no longer getting an allowance from her parents to shut her mouth. But her supporters are equally insane. Venus's channel is about Venus. No one watched because of Marge. Venus herself is the product everyone wants to see.

But what I'm guessing is Marge is just kicking Venus while she is down and away from social media and youtube. She isn't a mother. Just because you spread your legs and shit out a baby doesn't make you a mother

No. 483524

She’s sperging and freaking out because her biggest triggers are happening simultaneously- Venus being ill and getting tons of attention and support and Venus having real life friends supporting her. Both these things have triggered her massively in the past and they are now as well.
Plus Venus’s birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks so expect more narc raging to come.

No. 483540

>>venus's birthday coming up

Followed quickly by Marge's own birthday, her 43rd. I believe this week marks the two year anniversary of Venus's escape, and Margo is no closer to getting control over Venus's income (Margo's primary goal, as stated again in the last few days - mags doesn't care if Venus lives with her and won't make her divorce as long as Margaret is in charge of the channel, Venus' social media and the money. Plus a public video apology and saying she lied about Margo abusing and hitting her. Such a generous offer /s)

So Venus is turning 21, has her husband and friends by her side in her time of illnesses, lots of public well wishers, plus Zsu and Ferenc being kind to her. Margo is passing further into middle age alone, every day less chance of trapping a new man with a baby and down one ovary, probably experiencing some early menopause because of it (ovaries pump out estrogen, so she's likely growing more facial hair and things like that), and her hair is less than 4 inches long all over after the past couple years of nonstop fuckery. She's unattractive IRL and knows if, and it makes her even morw furious at Venus. Venus is ill, and her being offline for the most part allows Margo's rumors to spread like wildfire among retards, which always thrills Mags as it feels something like having power over V once more.

Margo's confident prediction that Venus was planning to divorce Manaki ("used him for visa, just watch!") come the new year didn't pass, so now Margo insists that Manaki will get rid of Venus by killing her, because Margo needs to comfort herself with the fantasy of Venus suffered one way or another for the crime of leaving mama… which makes Mags' statement about Venus being the one living on castles in the air even more worthy of an eye roll.

No. 483558

These walnuts claiming its manki's fault venus is sick are so fucking dumb. Dieases like these if she does have Cohn's. He can do nothing about. Its like getting mad at a husbamd because his wife has cancer. Shit like this is out of our control. Manki is working and making sure his wife has the means to even get treatment.

Nit everyone was a loveless marrige. Venus has a husband who cares for her unlike Margo who had to trap one.

No. 483571

>She's unattractive IRL and knows it
Do you think?
I think in her delusional mind she’s a hottie MILF and more kawaii than VEENOOS

No. 483577

She's alright and would be able to pull in a gaijin hunter if she dressed her age but she's 42 and still wears clothes that belonged to her daughter at age 17.

No. 483578

I'm rolling my eyes when they wail about Venus clearly being being all alone in the world, lost in a fantasy land, and how if only she had her mama all would be well. Uh, her husband and two or her close friends are literally at her beside, and she's being cared for in the hospital. Margo has said outright she would never take her kid for medical care. So what do these morons think will happen if Venus is ripped away from Japan and back in Margo's care, she'll just magically be well? (Oh of course, it's poison, so the second she reaches Margo she can get right back on making videos like a good girl, because the channel is obviously of paramount importance.)

No. 483580

“Alright”?? Have you ever seen her unfiltered unretouched pics? She has the face of a mid-fifties goblin complete with massive eyebags, deep facial lines and saggy jowls. Not to mention her pasty doughy gross body that she crams into her kid’s 3 sizes too small clothes. Those chunky thighs in those overalls look like overstuffed lumpy sausages.
“Alright” my ass.

No. 483581

Well of course she just wants to save venus. Manki is trying to kill her for youtube. Who cares if hes not interested or has a real job. Everyone wants to use venus because of her channel. Exceot her manager i mean mother. Who never used her or her fame.

No. 483583

she is projecting so hard. she would totally kill venus at this point if v ever gave the channel to her and came back. scary

No. 483585

>all alone in the world, lost in a fantasy land
Pretty much describes margo to a T right there.

No. 483589

The fact that Mags even has antifreeze picked out as the poison of choice is pretty chilling, she's put a LOT of thought into this. Mags must be kicking herself for not thinking sooner of poisoning Venus while she had the chance. Clearly, just controlling all of her passwords and bank account and never leaving her alone for more than a few minutes and not allowing her friends and making sure she only shared a bed with mama wasn't enough.

No. 483594

Actually I recall one of her idiot followers coming up with the antifreeze story awhile back, that’s where she got it from.

No. 483772

It sounds like she's hoping to get Venus back just to poison her and blame it on Manaki

No. 483780

>Nowadays she might be confused, thinking falsely and being sick, but maybe it’s not too late for her to open her eyes to reality
what is this supposed to mean? realize that she needs to drop manaki and go back to mama?

>10 seconds later: "she's a bullying psychopath who tried to strungle me!"

No. 483808

File: 1516801728497.jpg (155.14 KB, 1242x879, 3ZXF5Zx.jpg)

Lol. Korea will heal her! Japanese doctors don’t value life! Wasn’t it a Korean doctor that Margaret claims injured Venus?

Comparatively, Japanese and Korean healthcare systems are not that different and during the times I have been hospitalized in Japan, I received great care. The system itself is not perfect but Japan consistently ranks in the top 10 healthcare systems in the world. You don’t earn that distinction with subpar doctors and patient care. Japanese doctors will not be any less attentive that Korean doctors.

Did any of you other Japan anons notice that it seemed Venus had a private room? Unless there are almost no patients in that wing, or it’s a small specialized clinic, a separate private room (in my experience)costs extra in regular hospitals since many rooms are shared. Anyway, the facility she is at does not look like a rundown house of horrors. They kept her for several days, so I am sure they were carefully monitoring her.

If Venus returns to Margaret, there will be a re-enactment of the hobbling scene in Misery.

No. 483814

lmao this fucking bitch comparing a cyst removal to whatever illness venus has. It's amusing how margo talks trash about everything related to Japan yet she was willing to live there at expense of her daughter.

No. 483841

File: 1516814942577.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-01-24-12-28-14.p…)

No. 483842

I liked to dress up as a kid so my mom made me a costume from a cartoon I liked and this bitch makes her daughter a foil dress.

No. 483848

Wait, so now she’s gone from VENOOS the violent psychopath liar thief booly to poor Venus, helpless confused victim of the evil mastermind Manaki who is poisoning her with antifreeze to get her Youtube channel and run off with her friend after she’s dead.. did I get that right?

lol this fucking loon. What will she come up with next?.

No. 483850

See what a good mother I was, all Venus’s claims of abuse are clearly LIES I was the best mother ever and these pics prove it!

No. 483851

So she’s up posting at 3 am again and apparently editing a video too. This nut is on a manic roll these days.

No. 483855

Ah, every abusive parent's favorite technique: dig up the family photos where things looked normal for a few moments and screams "see how happy you were??? How dare you call me abusive!" Abusive families aren't a pit of misery every single second of your life; kids aren't typically covered head to toe in bruises, with black eyes, every moment of their childhoods. How would the patents ever get away with it if so? And even the wicked need a test for their labors of making everyone around them terrified and sad. But of course some smiling photos prove that all was well to the abuser, that's how they write their false narrative.

Now we wait for the new video. Does Margo plead for Venoos to come home? Or is all this action clickbait so we all watch the REAL VenusAngelic?

No. 483868

File: 1516824411522.jpg (168.12 KB, 1029x486, Screenshot_20180124-115632.jpg)

As a follow up to this, did you know that apparently in Japan no one can discuss your diagnosis with you?

Margo has the weirdest understanding of Japanese laws and culture - according to her, no foriegn woman can file a rape charge there; doctors will let you die rather than diagnose you; and a mother in law has every right to enter your home at any time. What a place Margo-land is.

No. 483889

I get the feeling that when she Visa hopped she was constantly talking about her own sickness and not a single person gave a shit.

No. 483945

File: 1516832602353.jpeg (80.19 KB, 709x663, B10CB756-6EDF-414F-AAF1-66293C…)

All the filters in the world aren’t enough to hide this craggy mess

No. 483947

File: 1516832643832.jpeg (151.06 KB, 938x964, 4CA5FBDC-59B8-4E60-9D4A-2DC02A…)

Come home to mama, WEENOOS

No. 484011

oh lord in her new video she quotes a backhanded complement comparing her fried ass hair to chicken feathers.

No. 484017

That's quite a spook you gave the front page there, Anon
That's the face greeting you in a dark alleyway offering "professional" massages at a discount

No. 484028


Her face/head looks bigger… Fatter.

How does a hobo gain weight ? Are the Koreans throwing bread crumbs at this feisty pigeon cooing at them.

No. 484031

most likely eating cup ramen everyday
that kind of cheap food has a lot of salt and carbs

No. 484036

>“You will never feel pain again, Venus”

Who the fuck would feel safe returning to this woman? She just emanates an aura of malevolence. A two year campaign of hatred, will suddenly end if Venus just apologizes to her? I just can’t understand how anyone can think her actions are that of a kind, loving, mentally stable mother.

No. 484040

Did she say this somewhere (that everything will be good if Venus just apologizes)?

No. 484042


>>that everything will be good if Venus just apologizes

AND gives mutti control over the channel and money (i.e. control over the bank account) again, and takes down her videos about being abused, and makes another video saying she's a liar. Then Margo will consider stopping her crazy.

You know, totally normal stuff a 21 year old married woman does for her mom. Margo says she'll even allow Venus not to get divorced and live with her husband, isn't she generous?

No. 484071

Give ne money and ill let you contuine doing the thing you are currently doing. Arent i nice.
This walnut needs help. How anyone can side with Margo is beyond me.
But im not surprised. Venus is sick but isnt givibg details, which she is not obligated to do.
But folks will turn to any source. And Margo who admits to not even having contact with her regularly is the only person they can turn to because she speaks passable english. And they cant harsses Manki or her friends.

They are throwing their own selves into apanic,Margo especially. Just like that time folks used hidden meaning tosay that one girl was kidnapped and held against her will. But didnt that turn out to be fake aka she wasnt and folks are idiots.

No. 484083

I just pictured that and kek’d a little thanks

No. 484228

Yeah, keyword: mentally stable. Margo is obviously off her rocker, and has been for years.

No. 484229

You cracked me up lmao. Why did she even do her hair and makeup like that. What’s wrong with her omg.

No. 484230

Booze + cheap salty food = bloat

No. 484234

File: 1516878622988.jpg (551.28 KB, 1044x1287, Screenshot_20180125-030813.jpg)

No. 484235

File: 1516878679688.jpg (209.85 KB, 1030x608, Screenshot_20180125-030830.jpg)

I'm eagerly awaiting our river monster waking up to this.

No. 484256

Her face looks so skinny, like the step before starting to spoop up… Hope she's going to be fine soon, so River Kappa will stop gaining stans from her daughter's illness

No. 484257

File: 1516894492171.png (1.54 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-01-25-10-29-58.p…)

Good morning.

No. 484258

File: 1516894541761.png (782.85 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-01-25-10-30-06.p…)


No. 484259

File: 1516894904068.jpg (96.82 KB, 540x677, IMG_20180125_163917_414.JPG)

No. 484262


Heres a crazy theory : With Margo so dead set on it being " Venus was poisoned", maybe she was. Maybe it is actually Margo who poisoned her. Crazy loon said the last time she visited Venus she brought her chocolates. How do we know she didn't send Venus something poisoned in the mail as a "truths" seeing as how much she claims to know about poisoning. ALSO with her claiming that Venus would get better in her care is because she knows what is poisoning V and could set the doctors on the right treatment.

This angry cooing pigeon is projecting.

No. 484263

File: 1516897659929.jpg (43.79 KB, 540x363, IMG_20180125_172240_066.jpg)

I don't think Margo poisoned her. She's spreading rumors and making stupid accusations like she always did.
She even admits (without actually realizing it) that the "surgery" in korea isn't a confirmed thing.

No. 484273

She’s getting more and more agitated and desperate for attention the longer this goes on and Venus continues to ignore her. She keeps posting those old Venus pics begging for instagram likes because that’s all she has in her empty life, strangers on instagram.

No. 484280

File: 1516902777570.jpg (128.62 KB, 1079x322, Screenshot_20180125-093707.jpg)

Margo even tells these fools she had zero contact with Venus, so why do they believe anything she says about her kid?

No. 484281

Mags can't resist a self-compliment. You see, inferior Venus just runs away from her problems. But Margo is a fighter who will beat the living shit out o– no wait, shes just a fighter and so emotionally strong yeah that's it.

No. 484282

File: 1516902921351.jpg (235.55 KB, 1070x633, Screenshot_20180125-093643.jpg)

Dropped pic

No. 484284

Whatever happened to small and soft Margo, set upon by angry and hard Venoos in an autism rage? Now Venus is a weakling who runs from her problems and Margo is the fighter?

No. 484294

She is so off her rocker she's going to attempt to contact Venus when she's active on social media like "come back to mommy so I can heal you forever"
Thankfully I don't think Venus is that dumb to walk into an obvious death trap and now Venus has the support of her husband and her irl friends to make sure she never goes back to mommy dearest

No. 484318

Dear god, she can’t even keep a story straight for 12 consecutive hours.

First she says Venus got a bad surgery by an unlicensed doc in Korea, then she says it’s a land full of ~good Mentality~ where Venus will surely be healed.

No. 484333

So now it’s “IF she had surgery in Korea”?
She really can’t keep her stories straight.

And yeah, “nodding and smiling, pretending and fantasy” is how Venus managed to survive all those years trapped with this lunatic. Classic coping mechanisms used by children of malignant narcissists like margo.

No. 484340

It's slightly more kooky than that; Margo has never stopped her DM campaign,and has gotten a lot of traction with this "loving, worried mama" angle. She's sending flying monkeys to Venus's instagram to tell Venus she needs to call her worried mama. Mostly because Venus blocked Margo from her account shortly after she got back to Japan so Margo cant leave insane comments, but also because Margo seems to think if she makes enough public uproar, Venus will feel obligated to answer her.

When in reality, I'm sure Manaki screens Margo's email messages for Venus, and the most Margo is going to get out of them is another email from Manaki that says "okay, thank you for the information." God, that made her crazy last time, it was amazing.

No. 484371

She’s not getting that much traction if you’re going by Venus’s instagram comments though. The flying monkeys there are very few in number and don’t stick around beyond leaving a single comment then disappearing, and they’re quickly squashed by Venus’s followers. Margo doesn’t have the chops she used to when it comes to flying monkeys, not even close. At this point it’s only a very few that believe her insanity and most of them don’t give enough of a shit to go harass Venus, so.. poor marge. She doesn’t even have the satisfaction of seeing Venus get trolled and cyberbullied these days. All she has left is her own instagram comments for comfort.

No. 484400

>Venus doesn't fight
>except when she's violent with Margo

No. 484436

Yeah, I think if you go on Margaret’s page, you will see a lot of new people on there encouraging her and aggressively adding onto her delusions. It’s very frustrating because they are more likely to make up their own stories rather than just simply agree with their termite Queen. But on Venus’ own page, the amount of crossover is much lower than before. No more swarms of 13 year olds from Vexxed. Even her old supporter AzLabyrinth has become significantly more critical of Margaret and is more sensitive to Venus now. I think most of the original Margaret Stans are gone.

Margaret’s followers are either more cowardly this time around or they are already blocked on Venus’s account. As long as Venus doesn’t check what her mother is writing(and Venus fans need to stop reminding her!), she is not being harassed as much anymore.

No. 484498

I don’t think Venus blocks people (other than her crazy mother.) She’s pretty passive and hands-off when it comes to that sort of thing. The sad truth is marge just can’t summon anyone to give enough of a shit to go harass her kid any more. Those good old days are gone. Too much time has passed and she’s too obviously insane to attract new flying monkeys these days. Which is part of what’s driving her rage atm: being powerless and impotent. Narcs hate that. I love it though.

No. 484538

Why does she pretend that mental illness and ED are treated more seriously in South Korea? They’re actually as bad as Japan at addressing it, especially suicide, and despite there being more eating disorder clinics in SK, the rate of ED is going up and Korean women still have high rates of body dissatisfaction. Does she think SK being plastic surgery Mecca has nothing to do with that? Japan has higher rates of anorexia, but South Korea is even more critical of overall physical appearance. Just look what is expected of their pop idols and actors compared to Japanese entertainment. Venus would just trade one insecurity for another.

No. 484655

Why does she do anything? She’s fucking crazy.

No. 484836

I know right?
because Korea embodies now everything nice and positive for the sole reason margo lives there and Venus doesn't. Even if margaret went to live in the middle of nowhere of the most undeveloped country, it would be still the same.

No. 484878

Im like 100% sure that everything edible that margo would sent to venus would get thrown in the trash right away.

No. 484879

I wonder if venus screenshots her childhood photos so she has some at least

No. 484880

she is in hospital for nearly 2 weeks… ? What kind of illness would justify that? She was already in hospital in the beginning of december saying she couldnt even drink because of vomiting.
or do you stay in the hospital longer in japan?
I only know standards in europe and here you get "thrown out" as soon as it's not eagerly necessary to stay in.
Glad to see that she at least does seem to have a good insurance, seeing that she seems to be in a big single room.

No. 484898

File: 1516964530373.png (781.48 KB, 1140x527, podcast.png)

Quite a few of them?
And as for the room I think it's less to do with insurance and more to do with severity of your reason for visit plus what hospital you go to.

Some hospital rooms look like little hotels.

No. 484899

>if she really made a stupid surgery in Korea
But Margo, sweetie, you've been telling everyone that's exactly what happened and you have PROOFS of it.

Seriously though, it's a wonder she hasn't stalked Venus to her hospital to heal her with some crystals and Cthulhu music.

No. 484919

There was a study I read from decade back that said length of stay in Japan is 2.3 times longer than the USA.

This article shows average hospital stay in Japan is also longer than in the UK, with more tests and check ups done. https://japantoday.com/category/features/health/hospitals-uk-vs-japan-length-of-stay-language-birth-kids-and-pain-relief
So expect to stay double the time in Japanese hospitals than in USA or UK.

Relating my own experience in Japanese hospitals:
For comparison, when I gave birth when I lived in the USA, my total stay was almost 2 days. I had return home weak and exhausted, with no family or friends to help me while my husband worked long shifts. Not ideal for my situation. When I had my second child in Japan, it was 6 days with nurses regularly checking up on me and other mothers’ physical and mental state. We were also given charts to fill out that tracked the babies’ diaper changings, feedings and weights gain. If baby was on track and you were in good health, they let you go around 5 or 6 days. Very thorough. This week long round the clock care and assistance was a huge relief and helped me to recover faster than with my first baby.

Anyway, since this is Venus’ 3rd(?) time in the hospital with intestinal problems, they were probably running more tests and keeping her under observation as a precaution. Perhaps she had a bacterial infection or tissue damage. According to her last IG post, it seems like they have identified what her medical issue is.

No. 484931

File: 1516977600463.jpg (86.12 KB, 540x786, IMG_20180126_153838_910.jpg)

Latest pic

No. 484932

File: 1516977685990.jpg (122.55 KB, 540x776, IMG_20180126_153852_123.jpg)

And the caption.

I'd say, it's not Venus who can't handle the 2nd year anniversary.

No. 484933

why would she?

God she'd totally do that if she knew where she is.
>Weenoos, mutti has come to heal you~ drink this herbal potion I made for you~

Because seeing your childhood photos posted along stupid captions by your psycho mother is always uplifting, right?
>self and our betrayal
>healthy mind healthy body
can you fucking not?

No. 484934

File: 1516978668283.png (25.86 KB, 304x352, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

then you wonder why your daughter won't talk to you anymore

No. 484943

What does sg mean in this context?

(stopping sg, starting sg)

No. 484950

I think it means ‘something’
also known as “sth”

No. 484951

File: 1516981471034.jpeg (441.01 KB, 1259x1894, 0E6BF966-A19F-41C5-AFEC-21EFA9…)

>no new pics mean she’s getting worse, about to die!
Check her instastories you halfwit bitch. New pic today.

No. 484967


She's probably blocked and only using an internet browser to view V's instagram. Which doesn't show you the IG stories.


Though reading this .. Wow she sounds fucking drunk and belligerent.

>You sound liberal hhhhhhh

>don't but do have opinion
> "WE" will not ignore how a public person with a public problem quite publicly dies, OK ?

Who the fuck is this "we" ..

No. 484973

File: 1516984990733.jpg (207.67 KB, 1058x528, Screenshot_20180126-074137.jpg)

More from the rant; holy shit she freaked out when a suplorter mildly suggested insulting Manaki might not help Margo reach her goal of getting Venus back. So, she really can't handle even the slightest implications that she's behaving immaturity. It causes Margo to have a massive, childish tantrum.

No. 484975

File: 1516985026628.jpg (181.77 KB, 1066x463, Screenshot_20180126-074349.jpg)

No. 484976

File: 1516985059547.jpg (135.25 KB, 1080x351, Screenshot_20180126-074451.jpg)

No. 484977

File: 1516985076532.jpg (199.1 KB, 1078x525, Screenshot_20180126-074510.jpg)

No. 484978

File: 1516985290547.jpg (365.69 KB, 1019x966, Screenshot_20180126-074648.jpg)

Someone thinks Venus would be best off living in Europe, and that asian medical care and culture aren't good for Venus. Margo doesn't like Superior Azn Life being insulted and says no way, as long as she lives with me she was fine no matter what country, no health problems ever.

Did she forget about when Venus weighed like 80 lbs in Korea and was binging on her channel every week for YT shekels? Or does that not count as long as Margo gets all the money? What about her claim that Venus had an ED for years?

No. 485101

File: 1517003188307.jpg (181.92 KB, 1061x452, Screenshot_20180126-131724.jpg)

Margo says that when fans defend Venus against her mom's minions on her instagram, they're really just haters who laugh at Venus later on their hate sites.

Hi mags! Damn you're butt mad, lol. We spend quite a bit of our time laughing at you, not so much at V. She's not that crazy, and this is a place to laugh at crazy people who need attention.

No. 485102

"Found out by coincidence" about the sites means she tried fighting with people on PULL years ago

No. 485103

File: 1517003274184.jpg (270.46 KB, 1049x690, Screenshot_20180126-131734.jpg)

No. 485104

File: 1517003334559.jpg (195.92 KB, 1059x486, Screenshot_20180126-131806.jpg)

3/4. Venus can't be abused unless she has a bad heart, so if she was ever abused, it's all her fault.

No. 485106

File: 1517003459275.jpg (197.63 KB, 1061x508, Screenshot_20180126-131839.jpg)

4/4 Manaki somehow brainwashed Venus so badly, that when Margo tried to break down her door last Christmas Venus wouldn't come along quietly with mama like a good girl.

No. 485126

Venus hasn't mentioned her mother in a year. The only time she brought her up was when she tried breaking into her home. She sounds fucking insane and so does her stans. Why would a married adult woman go back to her homeless mother in her mold-infested box? That isn't going to help Venus with her illness.

Speaking of illness, it seems Venus has GI issues. Venus only went to hospital a lil after escaping from her mother because Margo never took her to the hospital. Manaki probably saw Venus was in pain and losing her appetite and took her to the hospital like Margo should have done. Manaki is just fixing the neglect Venus went through

No. 485128

how sad is her life that Margo tried to make posts for a few months without Venus but she got no attention? Now she's using Venus's old photos to get some kind of attention. She is still using Venus to this day. Pathetic narc

No. 485139

>why would she
so she has some childhood picture of herself at least?

No. 485150

File: 1517004736132.gif (497.08 KB, 450x261, wrongabout.gif)

good lord she reminds me so much of gothel the "mother" in tangled.

No. 485152

File: 1517004867911.gif (984.77 KB, 500x310, gretel-ella-smith-mother-gothe…)

>our betrayal
ffs mayo she neither betrayed you, nor did she betray herself. she simple moved out against your opinion.

No. 485154

>you dont have an opinion but have one
she must be drunk again

No. 485157

… Venus should return to her mother so she can get the physical photos of her abusive childhood? Uh, how about no, Margo will post them all eventually for attention if Venus wants them she can just wait for Mags to post. But abused children don't look back on their childhood photos with the same rose colored glasses their narc parents do. Margo looks at those pics of Be us smiling and sees PROOFS of her amazing parenting. Venus probably remembers the screaming and hitting before and after those photos were taken, when she sees them.

Abusive parents adore old family photos, because to them, if you smiled at all during your childhood it couldn't possibly have been bad, so there. In reality, there are perfectly normal moments in between the madness. The parents don't stop and take photos to document when theyre in a rage.

No. 485161

I think Mags is trying to cozen her latest stans into feeling one with her, like they were ALL betrayed by ebil Venoos when she chose to live with Manaki and not make so many videos any more.

No. 485163

can you fucking chill?
the convo was that i wondered if she is taking screenshots of the photos margo posts. so she has photos. in japan. where she should stay. not return for them.

>But abused children don't..

>margo looks…
>venus probably..
yeah nice post. it's still your personal opinion only.
there are even abused children who like to have some photographs of their childhood at least.

No. 485197

seconding!! that movie portrayed a perfect narc mom. i always think about it with Margaret.

No. 485198

>she behaved insane so I left


No. 485203

Right? That's a weird way to say "I was escorted off the property by police". Margo herself said Venus called the cops on her. Now she just left of her own volition?

No. 485209

Since Venus has shown no interest in paying for any of the storage bills Margo has accrued over the years, nor for paying for those items to be shipped to her, despite Margo threatening that everything will be thrown away including all her childhood pictures, it seems safe to say Venus isn't interested mementos of her childhood. Margo has brought this up repeatedly in order to make Venus look uncaring. It doesn't seem logical that she would fly to Korea and put herself in danger to get some family photos, after 2 years of demonstrating the opposite.

No. 485215

File: 1517009291780.jpg (45.24 KB, 594x596, magooot.JPG)


yeah, that one time when maggot left and cried her eyes out because venus took her own stuff to be able to live her own life ….

I swear, the longer is sick, the more this old woman will loose her mind because she thinks it's finally her time to shine.


No. 485229

File: 1517010450633.jpg (318.82 KB, 1051x819, Screenshot_20180126-154138.jpg)

Lol, from that video: even right from the jump, Margo was all "this is a plot to steal my precious storage unit in Tokyo!!" and bringing up the size of the unit like it matters. And then crying more later because it turns out neither Venus or Mana wanted the garbage she stored, and told her she had 6 months to clear it out because they'd stop paying for it after that. It's always about those precious storage units, the channel, and the money with her. And it's never stopped.

And now that Margo has 2/3 of those storage units either hoarded in her room (or in 17 boxes, rotting someplace else in Tokyo), she somehow can't fence any of those "valuables" on her website because no one else wants a bunch of cheap useless crap.

No. 485303

Do you think she has a goal of some kind with all this frantic instagramming and DMing she’s been doing? Like does she think in her demented brain that VENOOS will come to her senses and come home to mama and everything will be like it used to be (with mama in control of that sweet YT $$ and Venus her little trick pony)? If so, exactly how is all the instagramming and DMing supposed to accomplish this?

Or does she wake up every day and just blindly obsess all day every day because she can’t help herself (and of course she has no life and absolutely nothing else to do with her time)?

I’m leaning toward option B.

No. 485314

She could care less what happens to to Venus as long as she somehow could manage to own the YT channel with its income, and as long as she gets plenty of attention. Since the chances of Margo ever getting the money back is nil, she just wants as much of the attention as she can sponge off V's reputation. Margo is fueled by hatred, jelousy and her personality disorder, there's no logic. She only wants the channel so she can fill more storage units up with useless cheap crap using the profit; having Venus around to control and lash was convenient, but she can always find others to be her audience. But a somatic narcissist really cant stand being left, and they will punish their ex forever if they leave them. Even coming back isn't enough, you will always have betrayed them at some point.

No. 485323

File: 1517018881994.jpeg (484.73 KB, 1452x1417, D43A4B36-E710-43A4-8639-AA85D2…)

So it’s really just all about the $$ and “Look at ME!” then?
In that case this must really sting:

No. 485326

814 views, lol
instagram might compensate for now but she’ll run out of pics of Venus to post eventually and sink back into the oblivion that her own face gets her.

No. 485346

>”Let’s hope she doesn’t die~^ ^”

What in the everloving fuck?! That damn smiley. I didn’t think I could be more freaked out by her but here it is. She really thinks her daughter deserves to die.

Venus needs to return to a woman who clearly hates her, with no home, no job, no husband or family, and just a temporary visa? If Venus’ medical problems continue, how will it all be paid for? They are not eligible for South Korean healthcare plan without valid visas. In Japan, Venus has both spousal visa and a husband that works full-time. She also speaks Japanese well enough to negotiate healthcare on her own behalf and has Japanese relatives and friends to come to her aid if needed. She has none of that support or rights in South Korea. If she dies, it would be better to do so surrounded by family and friends in Japan that tried their best to help her rather than be crushed by tower of boxes full of garbage with a jealous, bitter mother looking on.

I love this so much. Manaki called her out on her narc bullshit, set down firm rules and made no exceptions when it came to protecting his wife. She calls him dangerous and psycho but this is what any dedicated man would do if faced with someone toxic like Margaret. Margaret never had a man stick by her like that. No wonder she hates him.

No. 485349

Shit, she's even trying to copy Venus' mannerisms now with that thumbnail for the Fun Holiday video.

No. 485374

File: 1517023502951.jpg (973.52 KB, 500x282, VgNnYU2.jpg)

No. 485378

She did it all throughout the video too.

No. 485393

File: 1517025053931.png (1.54 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-01-26-22-49-12.p…)

Caption to follow

No. 485394

File: 1517025105020.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-01-26-22-49-34.p…)


>it will suck and rude things

How drunk you is Marge?

No. 485415

Uh…where are these “debil forums” where they laugh about how Venus is going to die? Someone help me out here please?

No. 485420

Interesting. This confirms she’s been following every comment on Venus’s instagram like a hawk and probably keeping count of her supporters’ comments there too. Is she disappointed by how few there are I wonder? I also wonder if she still reads PULL, or what the hell “debil forums” is she ranting about?

No. 485428

I’d guess her (few) stans are reading here, PULL and/or lolcow and reporting some nonsense back to her (what they think she wants to hear) because all 3 forums are 100% pro-Venus and have been for some time now.

She sure doesn’t like it when people respond to her monkeys’ instagram comments and call her out for the hateful toxic abuser she is, does she? Spoils the momentum she’s trying so hard to get going.

No. 485435

why is she @-ing Venus in all of these? it's getting on my nerves, the last thing Venus needs is to read her insane bullshit that's obviously directed at her equally insane followers that are all against her.

also it's creepy how she's obsessed with death and constantly mentioning it. I also don't get the point in LYING that anybody on any forum ever said they would laugh if Venus died, whattheverloving fuck. Then again I get the sick feeling she's saying this hoping V will read it and think the whole world is against her, even her fans are haters in disguise, the forums want her dead, and the only good person in the world is mama.

No. 485440

probably because she thinks venus is weak right now and she has a better chance of getting to her with the @'s

No. 485441

>hoping V will read it and think the whole world is against her,
Pretty sure Venus knows otherwise from the 800+ messages of support on her latest instagram post. I also don’t think she follows margo’s instagram, I hope not anyway.

No. 485444

Nobody laughs at Venus on “debil” forums. Wtf? Everyone, even the ones that think Venus is a cringey weeaboo with an ED and visa husband, thinks Margaret is a psychotic asshole. Margaret’s followers are the only people enjoying Venus’ health crisis and she rewards them with praise when they do it.

So now she is retaliating against her critics by linking their accounts and expecting her asslickers to go after them? I wonder how much time she has left on her tourist visa.

No. 485445

Yeah, that whole “debil forums” thing sounds like wishful thinking from ol’ marge. They don’t exist.

No. 485458

File: 1517032339694.jpg (132.17 KB, 1190x564, qygggwd.jpg)

This exchange is crazier if you include who she is talking to: a bizarre “kawaii” transwoman(Margaret is no friend LGBT) who thinks she is an expert on psychology.

No. 485460

File: 1517032655359.jpg (59.82 KB, 1242x401, zzY9RKM.jpg)

You see the same cognitive dissonance with the followers that screech that Venus is an immature weeaboo who just wants to live an anime life in Japan. All these people are weeaboos or wannabe “kawaii” YouTubers themselves. It’s like they wish they were Venus and Margaret was their mother who would indulge them.

No. 485470

File: 1517033335457.png (1.75 MB, 1827x905, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 1.06…)

>Venus is the one that needs to grow up she's living the immature weeaboo life
lmao holy shit this is actually hilarious.

No. 485480

I’ve noticed this too. I saw a girl going after venus in her comments one time, calling her a weeaboo and accusing her of “disrespecting her husband”… I checked her page and she was a haggard looking white weeb with a fat asian bf she was desperately trying to show off.

No. 485509

So Margaret followers fall under these categories:
•Jealous weeaboos who are more embarrassing than Venus
•Abused people with Stockholm Syndrome
•Women who had manipulative, gas-lighting exes who stole money and lied about them
•Ex-Wild Child and rebellious types whose parents died before they could make amends
•Insecure gay and transgender people who still don’t understand Margaret doesn’t care about them as people
•Libertarian, Trump-supporting, conspiracy-theorizing older men(found through Trump and conservative pages?)

No. 485597

My God who is this ugly cunt with a bed full of pokémon plush? Get plastic surgery asap.

No. 485662

100% option b

No. 485693

Who brought up Venus is dyiing? Margo right? She thinks if you are sick enough to be hospitalized its must mean you are close to dying? That explains why she never took her to the doctors. 'if you arent bleeding then you are fine.' surprised she isnt more fucked up.

No. 485716

How low from marg to point out people who send nice msg to V as Venus haters.
> Go to their ig accounts and haras them, my flying monkeys!
Her father is right about her: high IQ but poor 5yr old emotional intelligence…

No. 485717

File: 1517086975551.jpg (111.75 KB, 612x1088, IMG_20180127_193210_765.jpg)

And she changed caption not once… (1/2)

No. 485718

File: 1517087035891.png (595.67 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-27-22-00-45…)

… but twice.
What is she trying to do?

No. 485719

File: 1517087827398.jpeg (282.76 KB, 1176x498, 85F03D6F-50EE-4C22-A58F-6C36C5…)

Updated caption in pic attached-
basically she wrote down every account that responded to her flying monkeys on Venus’s instagram and tells them to block those accounts.

My explanation for why is this: if you block an account they can’t see any of your comments, so she wants her monkeys to be able to harass Venus without certain people responding with the truth, i.e. pointing out how abusive and hateful ‘poor grieving margaret’ really is.

Seems like she’s trying to get a trolling/harassment campaign going on Venus’s instagram like the good old days with Vexxed’s followers and she doesn’t want it interfered with.

Keep in mind this is a mid-forties woman doing this shit, not some bratty 13-year-old. It’s almost comical if you stop to think about it, how pathetic and pathological she is and how empty her life is that this is how she spends her time.

The best part is that so far anyway, her plan is a big fail. No more flying monkeys are showing up on Venus’s instagram to do her bidding (and no, I’m not blocked by anyone because I never comment, only read. So I can see every comment.) Long story short: yet another failure for poor old margo. I’m sure she’s seething about it too.

No. 485727

>seething about it too.
Or she will be whenever she wakes up and goes to Venus’s IG hoping to find lots of harassment and hate.
Get ready for another Venus post from her soon. She really wants to get the hate bandwagon going. And of course, more attention for her using Venus as bait.

No. 485738

Margo was insisting yesterday that she can just tell the photo Venus posted a day and a half ago is actually 2 weeks old, therefore, Venus isn't actually better, she's now dying. Guess Venus looking better pisses her off right now. Margo has banked on this "Venoos being poisoned, needs to come home now or she will die" angle, after her dire prediction that Venus would divorce Manaki this month didn't come true. When Venus goes home and improves, Margo will come up with a new story for attention.

No. 485739

And what Mags is going to find when she comes to todayis that Venus hit over 20,000 likes on her latest photo where she asks for questions for a new video. While Margo can get a few damaged crazies to listen to her briefly, her posse pales in comparison to the amount of fans Venus has. Cant wait for the freakout when V goes home.

No. 485743

Well, it was an old pic from early in her hospitalization though, taken by her friend Mikan in her instastories. I wondered myself why she used an old pic with that post. It wasn’t two weeks old but it was not a current pic. Venus just seems to play right into her mother’s hands sometimes.

No. 485761

>death threats against both of us
is she legit crazy or knowingly making this up? I seriously can't tell. and she needs to stop pretending she cares what imaginary forums say about Venus, when nobody on the internet has said anything worse than what her own mother has said about her.

No. 485763

File: 1517113497295.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-01-27-23-23-18.p…)

No weird ramblings?

No. 485764

File: 1517114270133.jpg (98.01 KB, 540x686, IMG_20180128_053608_456.JPG)

Is she referring to pull?

No. 485766

File: 1517114294840.jpg (139.48 KB, 540x775, IMG_20180128_053636_971.jpg)

And the caption

No. 485767

Lol this bitch stays glued to Venus’s instagram comments every waking hour like the obsessed nutcase she is. This is fun to watch. She’s fuming because not only are her flying monkeys not showing up like she asked, but the Venus supporters she keeps tagging are showing up in force. Even her sister Zsu has joined in, telling people to just ignore crazy margo. She’s gotta hate that. And the haterz are not being blocked or reported like she asked either. What’s she gonna report them for, saying shit she doesn’t like? Sorry but that’s not a violation of Instagram’s TOS and she’s gonna get nowhere with this. Too bad marge. Keep stewing in your moldy little room, you stay losing.

No. 485768

More stellar projection here. “Obsessed stalkers” lmao that’s exactly what margaret palermo is and has been for years, going back to 2011 when she got caught obsessively stalking and harassing Xiaorishu, Beckii Cruel and the other weeb Youtubers she thought were Venus’s competition back then. I love that she’s coming up with this now.This just gets better all the time. She’s totally coming unglued.

No. 485769

>Get ready for another Venus post from her soon
Did I call it or what? She’s so predictable it’s comical at this point.

No. 485770

File: 1517117961938.png (88.47 KB, 972x335, tumblr_o27yue6tzQ1ujrafmo1_128…)

>basically kill Venus through stress. They have no respect or any good intentions.
this hypocritical bitch.

No. 485773

File: 1517119101187.jpg (428.77 KB, 1242x1771, bGRcVkU.jpg)

Lol. Is she talking about working with Kiki or Mira here? It’s definitely about taking down PULL, though. I thought that was mostly Kiki and her mom who did that.
Well, too bad for her. All her craziness is archived and can always be uploaded again and again.

Also, hi, Margaret Palermo! Good to know that you check all these forums, PULL and lolcow, and personal profiles every hour!

^Margaret stans claiming all that Mother Gothel is doing is sweetly posting childhood photos(ignoring the bitter, insulting comments she follows up with) while Mags pulls out this amazing piece of insanity:
>”And I don’t think that someone so sick in hospital needs that kind of comments plus it’s straight up bullying”

What the fuck? Am I hallucinating? This abusive, evil woman actually wrote that we who support and want to protect Venus are the ones causing her distress and bullying her.

No. 485774

Yes, that’s a screenshot from PULL. She’s apparently been lurking there as well as on Venus’s instagram. Someone please remind me, when exactly did she manage to “take it down” as she claims? This poor sad creature wants to feel big and powerful so bad when she knows deep down inside she’s the opposite, and she haates that.

Oh and all those mean haters on PULL and instagram need to be reported and “taken down” because they’re causing VENUS stress? Bitch, please.

No. 485775

File: 1517119892514.png (638.67 KB, 1760x624, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 1.09…)

yes, the ostrengas were the only ones who did all the aggressive reporting, threatening, and "legal" activity to take PULL (+tumblr, lolcow, everything else) down. there's even e-mails to lawyers in their archive to prove it. Margo taking credit for it should be hilarious, but it's just another piece of eye-rolling insanity from her. and her hypocrisy is fucking sick. she even got that barfbag manboob boy (forgot his name) to make videos against Venus that caused A LOT of ignorant people to attack her. How the FUCK would something like this not cause her "stress and bullying"????

No. 485776

We haven’t had luck reporting Margaret’s IG page for bullying because it seems that Venus herself needs to have the final say in that(when we report on her behalf) but now that Margaret has made accusations against several people and linked their profiles, couldn’t those people mass report to Instagram that Margaret is inciting harassment? I figure there’s a lot more weight in their words since they are direct targets rather than fans trying to help Venus.

No. 485779

It’s mind-boggling that this psycho from hell is claiming to be concerned about instagram commenters causing Venus stress after all she’s done over the past 2 years. Truly.

No. 485780

Those users would have to be harassed first and I see no evidence of that happening. Marge would like to think she’s capable of such a thing but sadly (for her) she’s not.

No. 485809

File: 1517150467151.jpg (446.25 KB, 1242x1838, xgDSMqU.jpg)

What “death thread”?

No one is allowed to say horrible things and destroy Venus’ psyche except Margaret! There she goes with calling anyone who disagrees with her psychopathic. She has called so many people psychopaths, only once changing it up when she called Beckii a sociopath. I would love to be a fly on the wall if Margaret ever sat down with a psychotherapist. It would be amazing. Perhaps she would turn on the therapist and call them a psychopath too.

Countdown until Venus’ birthday. Y’all know Margie has something planned.

No. 485818

>I wish I had a mom like you

Go ahead sweetie, Margo's alone now and she will be delighted to have someone else to exploit for yt shekels

No. 485824

She can report all she wants, nothing has come of it and nothing will. Venus’s supporters are still out there commenting, not blocked and not shut down. And the few loser stans margo dredged up this last round have all disappeared, poof! Gone. You know she’s mad about that too. The (formerly) all-powerful margo is now feeble and impotent, can’t even get a harassment campaign against her kid going anymore. Too bad.

No. 485825

>they attack Venus
No one’s attacking Venus but you, you fucking nutcase. I wish someone would ask her to specify who is “attacking Venus” and where, which forums she’s talking about. Because we all know there are none.

No. 485840

File: 1517170895766.gif (7.15 MB, 600x338, ezgif-2-1cbb0f29d4.thumb.gif.e…)

ehh none of this matters lol Venus knows who the real psycho is and is never going back to this wacko no matter how many baby pictures and delusional hypocrisy she spews

No. 485842

While she's raging on twitter she's also still offering massages through CL. Last one posted today.

She also posted another add yesterday. And friday.

She must be pretty desperate.
Life ain't easy working illegally in in South Korea.

No. 485843

File: 1517171361636.png (76.71 KB, 1334x424, Skærmbillede 2018-01-28 kl. 21…)

forgot picture.

No. 485845

She’s raging on Twitter?

No. 485848

Instagram, sorry.

No. 485852

I see… How much till she get her ass kicked back to Europe?
Hopefully once she’s there she will finally get help. Mental help.

No. 485858

Oh she can keep this visa scam up indefinitely. They don’t seem to give a shit in SK. And no, she’ll never get mental help because in her mind she has no problems. It’s everybody else that has the problem. Margo is fine, just fine. And better and smarter than you.

No. 485921

No. 485923

>Chipmonk voice

who the fuck would enjoy that

No. 485928

File: 1517227349493.png (1.45 MB, 1830x786, margo'smuffy.png)

holy shit that's horrible

On other news, why is she in a hotel? This is clearly some hotel lobby She says it's near Sindorim.

That's a Sheraton hotel, is she hooking again?

No. 485931

File: 1517228182437.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-01-29-07-15-42.p…)

No. 485937

The BRAINS behind Venus Angelic can’t be bothered to fix a simple editing mistake and as usual, her video quality is awful. Lord, she looks incredibly old and that lighting sure doesn’t help. Even with the altered voice, I could not watch her drone on without skipping forward multiple times. Very depressing.

How sad. Buys a whole cake and eats it alone in a corner. Guess all those gentlemen callers and hip young friends were busy.

Holy shit… That’s Margaret?! She looked pretty and healthy. How did the youth drain out of her so quickly? I know deep in her heart(yes, it’s there), she misses Venus and is scared for her but her ego and delusions are much too huge. I wonder if there will ever be any hope for her to get professional help.

No. 485945

No. 485946

I'm confused too… that doesn't look like margo to me, she's always been butt ugly and big nosed. Her sisters are the prettier ones.

No. 485947

D-did she run this through an editing app?

She looks better than old candids and venus looks fucking weird as a baby in an almost uncanny I tried to shoop her cute way

I sincerely think this narc loon put this through fucking meitu or something

No. 485948

File: 1517242830921.jpg (44.73 KB, 350x313, 677da35cc563749f27b86aa2ba3d79…)

Seriously though baby venooses eyes are the same size as Margos in the photo this is fucking weird looking

Sorry for the double post I couldn't resist pic related

No. 485949

Looks like she’s moved to yet another cheap goshiwon/rented cubicle, the third in the past year. This was Venus’s life until she booked out of there. She’s lived in the same apartment for two years now which must seem like heaven after the drifter chaotic life she led in margo’s grip.

No. 485960

>>Buys a whole cake and eats it alone in a corner

Correction: says she normally never eats cake because cake is for fats, eats two slices and the decorations off it, and stops. The woman who filmed her daughter eating 100 chicken nuggets with mayo and buckets of ice cream and how many other major binges, and I'm sure as soon as the camera was off, Mutti was like, "Venoos you are a fat person now, I hope you feel ashamed, I will train you tomorrow."

And Margo blames Manaki for Venus binging and restricting; how could she have learned such a thing with her beloved mother around?

No. 485961

Yeah, that is definitely not her scrotum nose. Edited for sure.

No. 485972

>inb4 margo puts the half eaten cake on venusangelic.com

No. 485988

stories have been visible on browser for like a month now, she's probably just too stupid to check for them on a silent alt instead of her main

they're here. nekoragdoll at least is one of the accounts that responds to the margarine exposed accounts that were created by other farmers, and speaks a lot to auntie zsu on her personal page

No. 486001

File: 1517261216490.png (491.84 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-01-29-16-23-46.p…)

"Parents and children in unity in love life" (?)

No. 486004

It looks like a gmail email to Margo and Venus. What the fuck, Ferenc, don't try and force Venus to converse with her mother while shes in the hospital. Just leave her alone.

No. 486007

Samefagging, but he's already deleted it. I wonder who told him that post was fucked up first, Venus or Zsu. Dont try and publicly shame Venus into speaking to Margo for the sake of "omg, family, you have to love each other and stick together!" When Margo hasn't spent the last two years harassing her daughter and spreading rumors, maybe V will think about it. Until then, leave the girl alone if you can be supportive without an agenda.

No. 486009

And what do her brother and two sisters think about her?

No. 486017

What do those japanese caracters mean?

No. 486020

Her sister (Zsu) has been posting crap about how much she misses her sister who is now gone. She’s no better than Ferenc with this shit.

No. 486021

No I mean where are the forums where marge claims people are making fun of Venus and laughing about how she’s gonna die. Those forums.

No. 486023

She seems to be taking about PULL and the Venus thread on /snow/. While some people find Venus annoying, I haven't seen anyone with her death / laugh at her illness. The only one doing that is Margo, but her mind twists her own actions and projects then onto others.

No. 486025

Maybe the PULL and lolcow threads of the past but there’s been nothing but support for Venus on PULL for a long time now and even the lolcow thread is full of people complaining it’s turned into a Venus fan page. Margo is delusional as always. Fucking loon has no clue what she’s talking about.

No. 486026

She's referring to PULL and possibly the Venus thread on here. However if anyone actually read through, especially after Venus ran away, they'd clearly see that the majority of people posting were supportive of Venus. But then again it's not exactly a secret that sometimes the posters on PULL can be pretty retarded and nitpicky and jump to conclusions, like when they accused Venus of fabricating the whole thing for publicity stunt or whatever, must feel stupid now lol

No. 486027


She use to post on PULL back before anyone knew Venus wasn't the at fault for any of the harassment/bad judgement/choices. People use to shit on Venus when she originally started doing mukbangs, and talk about how cringey her videos are.

I almost wonder if Margo hasn't been back on PULL since those days, thus why she thinks they still think poorly of Venus. ( Margo's loopy ass always took being disliked as a "they want me dead" even then)

No. 486030

How did she (or Kiki) get PULL taken down? Like in >>485773 Is she going to become spergchan 2.0?

No. 486031

She’s been lurking on PULL recently though, she posted a screenshot from her thread on PULL complaining about “debil forums” and threatening to “take it down”(lol) So she must know there’s nobody there making fun of Venus, not for many months anyway. So who knows what she’s on about. The woman is delusional. She’s conflating Venus supporters as being “haters” and trolling Venus and causing her stress. Somewhere inside her twisted brain this all makes sense I guess.

No. 486032

Mags is delusional. It was proven conclusively that the Ostrengas were responsible for PULL's brief downtimes; Margo hasn't done shit. So the threat is utterly empty, she's got no ammo. She has no idea how to do anything but throw a temper tantrum and send reports. Admin-sama and the owner of PULL couldn't care less if she complains to them, these sites aren't like YT or Instagram. Shes just mad that she can't stop anyone cataloging her crazy, so she tries to convince her new stans never to look at the information, or talk to people who might educate them.

No. 486036

>aren't like YT or Instagram
Lol instagram doesn’t care either. She’s tried to get her few sad followers to mass report certain instagram commenters and it hasn’t done shit, they’re still commenting away. Poor old marge, not only defanged but toothless as well these days. Can’t do shit.

No. 486040

File: 1517274671809.jpeg (251.74 KB, 1438x1120, B21F34B1-3A58-48B6-BFB3-E4B687…)

Shoveling cake in her mouth in her little rented cubicle.

No. 486041

File: 1517274856253.jpeg (276.45 KB, 1421x1120, D6422B75-7ECD-4D89-85C6-AAF9BF…)

taking a brief break from instagram and lurking in online forums to film a badly lit out of focus 29 minute video of herself eating cake. old girl’s looking rough.

No. 486043

351 views, y’all. #Youtuber #margaret #genius #celebrity

No. 486050

The true talent behind the channel!

No. 486070

Didn’t the admin(or was it a moderator?) flee while the site was taken down? Like the Ostrengas doxxed her and blackmailed her?

No. 486078

File: 1517306510076.jpeg (274.13 KB, 640x897, 74C396E0-214D-4203-8C4F-41D30B…)

Does anyone have a screen cap of what Zsu posted before?

No. 486084

File: 1517313302972.jpg (16.25 KB, 350x397, fwUKEOc.jpg)

They managed to catch it at Kiwi farms.

No. 486085

File: 1517313500227.jpg (42.63 KB, 350x412, qfBxk7B.jpg)

I guess some people saw it as Margaret’s family adding too much of their own drama when it’s Venus that needs the most support. I really don’t think Zsu’s post was that bad. Like Venus, she saw good parts of Margaret too, so it makes it pretty devastating when you’ll never see that side again because she is so far gone.

No. 486088


Personally I don’t find what she wrote to be bad. Sage for blog post, but I have a crazy parent too, and it’s pretty important to mourn the mother you didn’t get to have. I can absolutely understand where Zsu is coming from when she talks about losing her sister. Cutting someone out of your life is really, really hard.

No. 486090

she looks totally done in

No. 486101

It’s fine to be sad and boohoo about the sister you lost. I find it sadder to think of all the harm she’s caused to her daughter over the years and still does to this day. That is the sad part for me. Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn about Zsuzsa’s feeels at ‘losing’ a sister. That sister is not dead, she’s very much alive and still causing pain to her daughter every day.

So cry me a river, Zsu. I don’t feel your pain and I don’t care.

No. 486104

File: 1517331640817.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180130-180026.png)

No. 486105

File: 1517331655703.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-01-30-11-59-34.p…)

She uploaded this abt an hour ago but deleted before I could cap. Then re-uploaded I guess.

No. 486106

Maybe she is only doing so many Venus pics because she finally looked through her boxes and found a photo album. But she still comes off as having a mental breakdown and plotting to either kill Mana or Venus.
If her family was so concerned about Margo they would attempt to bribe her home and get her some mental health. Every time Margo even sees Venus in person she has attacked her or tried breaking into her home. Scary

No. 486111

This bitch is relentless and obsessed. It’s like 2 am where she is btw.

No. 486116

she has never got so many likes since she posted pictures of venus. now shes the caring, loving mother.. does anyone remember the instagram account where someone took screenshots of her posts about the so "bad" and "mean" venus?

No. 486117

No. 486120

Thank you!

No. 486121


Fucking hell what a ride

I always get so excited when Margo showers us with milk but then I'm reminded of shit like this. She's so twisted that I can't even laugh anymore, just watch in horror. Only cow that gives me the genuine creeps

No. 486122

We're so close to Feb 3, the actual anniversary of the Great Escape. Followed by Venus's birthday, followed by Marge's 43rd birthday. The ride never ends, should be an entertaining month.

No. 486129

File: 1517341157468.png (27.71 KB, 303x159, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 11.3…)

Margo awakens, promises that Venus will be broken one way or the other, she must awaken to this truth! Or else Mags will break her? As an act of love, of course.

No. 486131

Yikes. That is exactly what margo has been trying her best to do for two years now, break her kid. Pretty chilling to see her admit it openly like that. With Venus in the hospital and virtually absent from SM for so long now marge smells victory, like a shark that senses blood in the water and moves in for the kill.

No. 486147

File: 1517356268059.png (21.61 KB, 306x103, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 3.37…)

So, the anniversary of Margo's break-in attempt was the start of this most recent wave of crazy, which has now been picking up steam ever since December 6.

What's she building up to? Another Japan trip once Venus returns home from the hospital definitely not dead?

Anyway, this is an older comment, but in light of the fact that Venus had no access to any of her accounts at age 18 (bank, PIN, email, YouTube, Fullscreen, and all social media accounts) and Margo kept those passwords on 4 separate phones to prevent Venus from ever getting them all and leaving her, it's funny to hear that Margo considers her to have had "all freedoms" back in the day.

I'll bet Margo is kicking herself for not taking Venus's passport away when she had the chance.

No. 486157

File: 1517364606687.png (1.48 MB, 1200x866, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 9.09…)


Ahh yes, the anniversary of the big sperg out.

No. 486171

File: 1517375423860.gif (2.24 MB, 290x189, q4JK_f-maxage-0.gif)

>and photoshops her jaw line

No. 486174

And Margo did, always, photoshop her kid's jawline, when it was Mags who posted in the VA accounts. Venus doesn't have a prominent jawline at all, but Margo seemed to think it was V's most monstrous feature, to be hidden at any cost.

No. 486177

No. 486197

Lol don’t forget it was Margo this whole time that was the mastermind behind Venus and her content anon!!! She made all of venoosess videos and did all her pictures and therefore she herself photoshopped venoos jawline and should be paid the 247 million dollars her booly daughter stole from her!!!!11

Give credit where credits due lel

No. 486219

File: 1517402837618.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-01-31-07-47-01.p…)

z o o m

No. 486228


The only thing these photos show me is that Margo has been making V pose for the camera for a very long time. Does she literally have no pictures of Venus with friends or other family members ? They're all pictures of her standing against a blank wall with a prop. ( Cookie, barbie, tooth, teddy,tinfoil suit ect )

No. 486231

Ugh creepy.

No. 486232

Don’t you love how she tags #venusangelic in every post, this bitch is so desperate. Her posts are losing their impact with repitition though. She’s getting fewer and fewer comments as people get bored and start to lose interest in her and her Venus childhood pics.

No. 486233

Yeah, she’s about as #cute as a heart attack. She’s overflowing with fake sweetness and #cuteness these days in her latest iteration as happy cutie-loving mama. She won’t be able to keep up the facade much longer though. She’ll drop the mask and reveal her crazy hatefulness and obsessions like she always does.

No. 486236

As more time goes by, Margaret realizes Venus won't be crawling back to her and maybe Manaki and her have a real thing going. She's probably just putting another desperate scheme to get her cash cow back.

No. 486239

I wasn't saying that, anon. I'm saying there's a pairing difference in the way Venus shoops herself, and the way Mags used to shoop her. Once she left home, those weird super narrow V-shaped face pics stopped. V's style of shoop is different, Mags was always doing some weird shit to her jaw.

No. 486241

Nope. No family, no kid friends, no mom friends. No one except them, alone. Smile, Venus. Mama bought you something.

It must've really been a struggle for Margo to have such a cute kid. On the one hand, Margo made her, so that's only to a narc mom's credit, necause obviously she can only be like her mother, beautiful. On the other hand, Margo has never really been traditionally attractive, and it eats her up inside that her kid is attractive. That's how you get Margo claiming she was so unbelievably beautiful and doll-like as a child, more than Venoos, only there were no cameras in Hungary then (as actual claim of hers.)

No. 486242

Is that thick eyelashes + low res photo or is she wearing make-up here?

I know Margo stuck her in child pageants but it'd be sad if she was giving Venoos make-up on a regular basis. I hope it's just the photo…

No. 486244

>It must've really been a struggle for Margo to have such a cute kid
Not when Venus was little, having a cute little kid got margo lots of attention which I’m sure she loved. It was when Venus started to grow up that margo saw her as competition and tried harder to keep her isolated (no school no friends) and under her control. margo started to change her image into a more sexy one hoping to sell her off to a rich husband (but one chosen by margo, of course.) Remember back in 2015 when margo started dressing her like an eastern european hooker in stiletto boots and revealing clothing with provacative come hither poses? She was using Venus as bait to catch a rich husband for Venus and to secure her own financial security for after Youtube.

No. 486245

It sure does look like eye makeup on 6 year old Venus in that pic. Venus said in her responding to haters video that margo started dying her hair at age 6 too. It seems like she was already grooming her kid to attract attention (for herself.) I wonder if she didn’t have a long-term plan to make Venus a celebrity from her childhood on so she could live off Venus when she got famous.

No. 486251

File: 1517427834142.jpeg (492.73 KB, 1245x1426, A0F755D3-2157-4958-8F9D-FEFEDF…)

No, Venus still did the same weird edits after she left evil margo:

No. 486252

File: 1517427920201.jpeg (429.17 KB, 1269x1464, D786CD6C-4A7C-408A-9036-572443…)

And here. She actually looks like an alien in this one.
Can’t blame margo for everything.

No. 486258

>a mother who groomed and isolated her child isn't to blame for this behavior
>the child should have magically done away with a lifetime of conditioning in a span of a few years on their own

So, are you gonna reply with


upon being asked why you think reality works that way?

No. 486259

Exactly. Especially if Venus hasn't had therapy for all this shit. Nobody is saying ~venooose~ is entirely innocent but people need to take into account that children brought up in traumatic/unsettling environments with abusive and emotionally manipulative parents tend to carry on traits with them that they were conditioned to behave or carry out throughout their childhood. Tad o/t, and a bit extreme example but it's similar in the case of children who have been sexually abused especially if it was a family member and they're conditioned to think depraved stuff is normal or whatever, it's very common for them to have compulsive sexual thoughts later in life similar to the abuse they suffered.

No. 486263


But um so does Manaki? It's the fucking filter, she didn't just shoop herself.

No. 486285

Manaki looks like himself, Venus looks like a japanese baby alien. It’s almost Dakota levels of photoediting.

No. 486288

This, I think some Venus fans have only seen pics and videos of her she’s uploaded herself where he looks more hafu/asian than white. Irl she doesn’t look Adam or mixed at all.

No. 486290


What the fuck.

No. 486291

Both their faces have been slimmed down equally by filter. Manaki just isn’t exaggerating his expression the way Venus is, so he looks more normal. His real face is rounder.

No. 486294

Margo is an astrology-fag, who knew

No. 486295

File: 1517451900316.jpg (529.96 KB, 1059x1299, Screenshot_20180131-180630.jpg)

No. 486296

File: 1517451930688.jpg (653.76 KB, 1044x1626, Screenshot_20180131-180518.jpg)

No. 486297

File: 1517453041966.jpg (118.9 KB, 653x1024, margosballoon.jpg)



Looks like a little red balloon.. Floating away like Margo's sanity.

I knew she was a child eating battshit crazy clown.

No. 486298

Oh right, she’s choosing to live in harmony with the celestial vibes of Shambala. Definitely nothing but peace and harmony for marge.
Lol this halfwit bitch and her dimestore mysticism. Give me a fucking break.

No. 486362

I woke up in a cold sweat because I had a dream that Margo was actually the one poisoning Venus and trying to frame Manaki to get her away from him, and now I'm realizing that this is a very real possibility.

No. 486363

How could Marge possibly poison Venus from South Korea? Unless you mean she started early on when she took Venus to Korea away from him and that’s why she sick now, but if that were the case then I think the hospital would be able to test and see when she started being poisoned.

No. 486366

I honestly don't know what to say to this. They are both filtered to fuck and back.

No. 486367

I love celestite tho can't lie.

No. 486378

couldve just went on to some "Free to do in korea" sights and saw they had a miffy display. Cute things get likes.

No. 486504

File: 1517579571661.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-02-02-08-50-38.p…)

Good energy? To the psychopathic little girl who robbed you blind and murdered her hamster? Someone's having a change of heart.

No. 486516

>change of heart.
Nah, it’s just her latest angle. Playing the loving worried mama, trying hard to ingratiate herself and gain peoples’ trust and good will. She won’t be able to keep up the facade much longer. The mask will slip and her crazy will come spilling out. It always does. She just can’t help herself.

No. 486518

>I hope manaki abuses you
>You are an accident

>Please everybody send good energy to Weenos uwu~~~

this fucking hypocrite bitch

No. 486522

Don’t forget
>let’s hope she doesn’t die
with a smiley emoji
Not just once but several times

No. 486557

She’s in major facesaving mode right now, trying to play the loving worried mom. This will last until her next angry rant. The bitch can’t keep it up for long.

No. 486585

I think she has received warnings on her page, either from Instagram or her parents(her bank), and she is just trying to cover up all the horrible things she wrote. Like, “Oh, I was just upset before! You’re mistaken! Look how much I love my daughter!”

No. 486588

I doubt instagram has done anything, they don’t give a shit. She’s just stumbled on something that gets her lots of likes and attention (Venus childhood pics/loving mama b.s.) and she’s milking it to the very last drop she possibly can.

No. 486609

File: 1517649894396.jpg (70.97 KB, 540x746, IMG_20180203_102345_464.jpg)

No. 486610

File: 1517649973661.jpg (142.36 KB, 540x774, IMG_20180203_102405_610.jpg)

And the caption…

No. 486614

File: 1517651155955.jpg (87.94 KB, 540x679, IMG_20180203_104219_001.JPG)

First comment is margo's

They are still spreading vexxed's video, calling it "proof". Maybe proof of margo's insanity or of what she'll invest to damage her daughter even more.

No. 486619


"Plz guys, send Venus some good vibes and also SHE IS A MONSTER BECAUSE TWO YEARS AGO SHE WANTED TO LIVE HER OWN LIFE and Manaki is a psychopath but good vibes uwu"

Also, already two years ago when all that happened, it feels like it was yesterday when lolcow blew up with the news that Venus escaped. Happy Anniversary Venus!

No. 486631

File: 1517659146363.jpg (282.63 KB, 1242x1591, tEyxedB.jpg)

What the fuck is she doing? Win what? Killing Venus faster?

She is really obsessed with Manaki being a cross dresser. Maybe she is still projecting a kink she has.

No. 486634

She has some legitimate mental issues and I’m honestly worried for Manaki and Venus.

No. 486638

File: 1517668014826.jpg (64.02 KB, 619x503, Margo.jpg)

And she thinks Kim Kardashian would care about her problems.
This 2nd anniversary must be really hard on her, kek

No. 486642


Wow, she's calling it an "anniversary" of Venus doing what most kids do .. Grow up and move out of their parents house/care. I guess this means every time its:

>a) Venus' brithday

>b) Margo's birthday
>and c) "the anniversary" of Venus moving out

we can expect great spergs from Margo. In other words we're getting milk x3 a year from Margo, and Venus gets harassment x3 a year from her. I hope Margo finds someone new to hate on though, I enjoy laughing at her tantrums but enough is enough. The milk isn't enjoyable when its her harassing her hospitalized daughter. She needs a new enemy, preferably someone as nuts as her. ( I would pay to watch her and Onision go at it )

No. 486646

No. 486649

File: 1517672991783.gif (1.72 MB, 341x237, putin-laughing-gif-5.gif)


ngl, I'm having a good chuckle over this lmao
What is happening why is she talking to Kim Kardashian

No. 486651

>why is she talking to Kim Kardashian
because she thinks she’s a “celebrity” too (celebrity manager actually so that qualifies her to speak to real celebrities like she’s one of them)

No. 486662

Jesus, isn’t 8 years old really young to have bleached hair? It seems really dangerous, to expect an 8 year old to be able to sit still long enough for the bleach to do its thing. What if she’d rubbed her face and got bleach in her eye or something?

No. 486668

Not for a narc mom! Cory Feldman's mom started bleaching his hair when he was about that age, so he'd look cuter and get hired more for jobs. He's given interviews about how little his mom cared for his actual person, and how she'd sacrifice his well being for more cash any time.

Even before Venus was on the YT stage, Mags was a stage mom. Dying Venus's hair when it wasn't officially blonde any more due to growing older, insisting that she WAS a blond tho (she still does this, despite V saying her hair turned dark brown like her own mom's when she got in her teens.)

No. 486669

Next step is e-begging to celebrities like cathy did lmao

No. 486673

File: 1517690080579.png (668.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180203-213425.png)

Cant hide her insanity anymore

No. 486675

wow, it's really eating her alive that her living piggy bank is living her own life

No. 486676

She's talking like Venus is already dead wtf?
and 20 years of love? She left 2 years ago and for 2 years you have done nothing but torment her

No. 486677

she's drunkposting again

No. 486678

Karma, I guess…

No. 486679

File: 1517691215674.png (9.04 KB, 284x119, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

Lo and behold
maturity is for the old farts

No. 486680

File: 1517691799203.png (8.07 KB, 291x91, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

>the korean bf that would've let me be the third wheel in your marriage, that's it.

since the childhood pics are losing their initial impact bitch is now ~making memes~

No. 486681

File: 1517693920536.png (990.81 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-02-03-16-38-11.p…)

Margaret palermeme


No. 486682

File: 1517694033229.png (675.79 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-02-03-16-40-16.p…)

The memes start coming and they don't stop coming

No. 486683

File: 1517694127049.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-02-03-16-41-47.p…)

No. 486685

File: 1517694247694.png (658.46 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-02-03-16-43-57.p…)

No. 486686

>with no evidence

whatever helps you sleep at night

No. 486687

File: 1517694342780.png (816.19 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-02-03-16-45-07.p…)

No. 486688

File: 1517694478830.png (553.32 KB, 1366x647, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

>says the one to got pregnant to trap a guy for marriage

No. 486689

No. 486690


No. 486691

File: 1517695182084.png (5.23 KB, 260x64, maybe you really should try as…)

Let's just hope margo doesn't start giving parenting counseling online.

I feel really bad for the poor toddler

No. 486692

Margo is losing her damn mind. First she tries to send "positive energy" to free or destroy her daughter and now she's drunkenly forcememing. How long before she puts on her daughter's wig and pajamas and tries to prove that she's cheating on Manaki again?

No. 486693

File: 1517696228389.png (352.68 KB, 919x549, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 2.08…)

Welp, we called it: the Nice, Kind, Worried Mama act has shattered. All that's left is bitter, ill thought out "memes" Margo's been making to console herself for MONTHS. which she is all posting now.

1/ 7 (I think?)

No. 486694

File: 1517696240142.png (316.95 KB, 926x440, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 2.08…)

No. 486695

File: 1517696254085.png (519.84 KB, 931x453, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 2.08…)

No. 486696

File: 1517696308393.png (324.49 KB, 925x437, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 2.08…)


"I try to sell her off to marry an old rich arab and people thought I was terrible, can you believe it??"

No. 486697

File: 1517696340346.png (468.29 KB, 927x444, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 2.09…)


Mags is acting like a spurned ex husband, not a mother

No. 486698

File: 1517696381649.png (494.02 KB, 929x515, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 2.09…)


My bad, it was 6 new memes, not 7

No. 486700

File: 1517696444394.jpg (17.6 KB, 286x134, marge1.JPG)


w h a t does she try to say here?

No. 486701

That Venus and Manaki's looks cover their CRUEL EVIL PLANS

Someone is hella jelly she's always been plain-to-ugly

No. 486702

That and Venus’s Japanese visa. She’s incredibly jealous of that. Haaaates it. Because all she has is a shaky Korean tourist visa that could fall apart and get her ass deported any time now.

Meme that, marge.

No. 486703

.. do you ever use the refresh page function, or scroll down to see if things have maybe been posted previously?

it's her trying to be deep and edgy about how they're actually rotten and eeeeevil inside and hurt poor mama so badly

No. 486704

It's the 3th and last time I post it
But marge is getting mocked in ig.
That's why she's mad right now.
Hope you like the milk.

Sage for sameposting but previous sameposting from other anon made it unnoticed.

No. 486705

That account was made 2 hours ago. I doubt margo has seen it.

No. 486706

File: 1517698657565.jpg (8.96 KB, 171x28, zsu.JPG)


but her sister zsu has seen it. She liked the newest two posts.

No. 486708

sage is disabled from /pt/ anon

btw the posts in it are as unfunny as margo's

No. 486709

Anon, it's fairly obvious from you posting it 3 times that you created this account. It isn't funny.

No. 486710

could you make it any more obvious that you're self posting? there's no way she or anyone else could've seen any of that, with 0 followers, 0 hashtags or tags of her and 0 likes (as of like 20 minutes ago). if you need your attention fix so badly go get it somewhere else

No. 486711

Ouch. Tough crowd.

No. 486713

Your posts are as pathetic as margo's.

No. 486715

File: 1517702333112.jpg (93.62 KB, 540x775, IMG_20180204_005725_568.jpg)

Guess she knows very well that her stories are contradicting, kek

No. 486716

Holy shit it's like she's making fun of herself

No. 486718

This woman is seriously mentally ill.

No. 486720

Agreed. She needs to get off social media, go into therapy for like two years and then try to be a decent fucking human towards Venus.
I'm surprised none of her family has attempted that? At least that I know of; they've mostly just sort of whined about her behavior.

No. 486730

You can't force an adult to go to therapy unless they've been judged your adult ward. And even if they made therapy a condition of her money from Margit, Margo would just lie and say she went. Or feed the therapist a bunch of bull, narcs are good at that. Therapy doea nothing for them.

Margo has a personality disorder. She cannot be helped. She will only get worse from here on out. Venus's best bet is for Margo to find a new source of narc supply, like a boyfriend or husband she can fight with and obsess over. But typical narcs lose their ability to charm as time goes on, because they get to impatient and angry (theure better at it when theyre younger.) Only some narcs are highly successful; most of them are too sick to sustain the act they need to in public all the time.

This latest freakout followed the longest period of Margo's "loving mother" act we've seen in two years. She could keep it up, online only, for about one month. Thats not enough time to really bind new people to you properly, ones who will defend you thru thick and thin against all your enemies.

No. 486731

Can’t force a 43 year old adult into therapy unless they’re a danger to themself or others which as sick as she is she doesn’t meet that threshold. Especially when the person in question doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with them. She’s just fine, perfect in fact. It’s everybody else that has a problem.

Her family could, however, tell her she’s cut off financially until she stops harassing Venus and tagging her with the harassment. That would work.

No. 486732

I still maintain the belief that Margaret has a twisted sexual attraction to this dude. “Sexy boy”, as she addresses him. That or sexual competition with her daughter. I bet she looks at his photos a lot.

She really treats Venus like a ex-lover who wronged her, rather than her child. The attachment and desire to control Venus’ sexuality is so inappropriate.

Insert “How do you do, fellow kids?” gif here.

No. 486733

I wonder if mama margit knows what her devil spawn margo is doing to her daughter online. Because you know she’s supporting margo financially as well as emotionally with their daily chats. Enabling this vicious freak like she is doing is just horrendous.

No. 486734

Would it even work? You're talking about someone who traveled to Japan and slept in convenience stores and cybercafes while manically trying to find her daughter's in-laws. At least by sending her money she gets to stay in a cheap goshiwan an entire sea away from Venus.

No. 486735

Yeah I think it would work. Keep harassing and tagging Venus and you’re cut off. Simple as that. I don’t think she could pay her rent without mama’s $$ so hell yes it would work.

No. 486744

>I still maintain the belief that Margaret has a twisted sexual attraction to this dude. “Sexy boy”, as she addresses him. That or sexual competition with her daughter. I bet she looks at his photos a lot.
>She really treats Venus like a ex-lover who wronged her, rather than her child. The attachment and desire to control Venus’ sexuality is so inappropriate.

I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking that. It's so creepy. Just imagine if they allowed her to live with them, she would try to sleep in the same bed with them.

No. 486752

If she lived with them, she probably would keep a journal detailing their marriage to use as future blackmail. Maybe she would regularly put her ear against the wall near their bedroom to listen into their arguments or intimate moments.

There’s no way she could ever live with them as a normal mother-in-law who understands privacy and boundaries.

No. 486761

Omg is Venus fucking dead? No so why the fuck is this walnut off her rocker.
Probably Venus's birthday is on thursday and she still wants nothing to do with Margo.

No. 486762

Margo planned to live with them, and I suspect it was to continue to prevent Manaki from "soiling the goods", so to speak. In the same way she purposely fucked up the marriage paperwork and whisked Venus away immediately after the wedding in order to keep the upper hand (because narcs think everyone thinks like them), IF visas had somehow arrived for both Margo and Venus to move to Japan, Margo would have have continued to plot and plan to sell Venus to a different bidder.

Remember Venus saying how Margo told her middle eastern men would pay top dollar for a European virgin? There's no way Margo would give that up without a fight. She'd have refused to allow Venus to move in with Mana without her, and would have insisted he keep away from her. She must have thought a dude who works nights would be easily kept at bay by her for two years, and then she could tell Venus to pull the plug and walk away with that precious visa.

It wasn't Venus's plan to divorce Mana in January 2018; it was Margo's.

No. 486763

Margo would have no way of knowing if she was. She's throwing the biggest fit she has in ages, and Venus is still ignoring her completely.

Narcs hate being ignored more than anything. They consider it torture and punishment, and come up with everyone more insane insults and rumors (poison! Dead of flu! Husband killed her and is cross dresser here is a photo proof!") to try and force you to respond.

V is doing exactly the right thing.

No. 486764

>and I suspect it was to continue to prevent Manaki from "soiling the goods", so to speak.
i think the reason is much simpler than that, anon. Margaret pictured herself living with Venus forever and had no plan to ever live apart from her.

No. 486765

>Remember Venus saying how Margo told her middle eastern men would pay top dollar for a European virgin?

I don't, but sounds gross nonetheless. So that's what >>486696 is referring to?

No. 486767

Interesting theory.

No. 486775

The emoticons incest is strong with this one.

>Covert incest, also known as emotional incest, is a type of abuse in which a parent looks to their child for the emotional support that would be normally provided by another adult.[1] The effects of covert incest on children when they become adults are thought to mimic actual incest, although to a lesser degree.

From wiki.

No. 486782

>Venus is so stupid for not choosing the rich and intelligent Korean boyfriend… but he was also the one Venus “cheated” on Manaki with, so Venus is bad and I took pictures to show everyone how horrible she is!”

Damn, bitch. Make up your mind. She should have stayed with him, but when she supposedly accepted his advances, she is still wrong and you wanted to expose her?!

Pretty sure the Korean “boyfriend” was the guy who wrote to Venus apologizing for misunderstanding her situation and making the first move, then saying he was happy that she was reuniting with Manaki because he didn’t want her to be lonely. Suspiciously, Venus’ previous reply in their message exchange was cut off by Margaret, where you can make out Venus telling the guy something about setting limits and she hopes he understands.

No. 486783

Sorry for samefagging but Venus posted an Instagram update that she is allowed to go outside of the hospital for about 3 hours a day and today Taylor R. came all the way to visit her and give her an early birthday present. Maybe Margaret got wind of Venus’ slight improvement(strength to walk around by herself) and she is trying to distress the poor girl again.

No. 486785

You're not funny, stop.

No. 486787

I wonder if this is the last, desperate attempt of a bitter old woman to try and ruin her daughter's life. She's tried stalking her, trying to physically take her back, tricking her back, smearing her online reputation, and now she's broke and in a goshiwan furiously making memes in MSPaint like she's a celebrity trash magazine you see at the grocery store checkout aisle.

Maybe this is a sign that Margaret is actually and truly broke and will have to go home soon so she's doing one last push to ruin Venus.

No. 486797

File: 1517749365006.jpg (98.63 KB, 914x584, vinsta.JPG)


yeah and taylor got her a new, nice Westwood bracelet. Old broke Marge will sure not be delighted about that.

No. 486798

File: 1517749551876.jpg (106.5 KB, 918x587, taytay.JPG)


also loving tays caption on her insta in context with margo.

Glad to see that Venus can surround herself with supportive people after living most of her life with the crazy witch.

No. 486800

anyone else catch how it’s a rapunzel card? could that be a reference to Venus’ evil mother? or maybe I’m reading too much into into it

No. 486801

I love this not only because Venus has support with whatever illness she has (I doubt it's ED at this point otherwise Taylor wouldn't be so insensitive as to mention her throwing up) but it'll make Margo seethe with jealousy.

No. 486802

File: 1517753526829.png (650.41 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-02-04-09-10-53.p…)


No. 486805

I don't get it either. I think she's losing it?

I saw a documentary about psychopaths last night and she comes so fucking close to how they discribed them that it creeped me out for real.

No. 486807

>but at least I can go outside to see my friends and family
>friends and family

This must burn Margo’s ass so bad. Not only does she have good friends now, but Venus really has embraced Manaki’s family as her own. Margaret lost the only family she ever had(by choice) and she will always be alone as she continues on her warpath. And she still can’t make a single friend in real life, or find her own substitute Manaki. She’s like a ghost.

This is very sweet and it’s reassuring that a lot of people have stayed in her life and continue to support her. Taylor seems like a big sister to Venus and I’m sure she has has been a much-needed confidant.

I’d love to imagine Taylor intending that, but I sure it is more about Rapunzel achieving freedom after being isolated. I don’t think Taylor would ever call out Margaret directly or indirectly. She’s been very tactful about Venus’ situation.

No. 486808


No. 486813

i thought that was really coincidental too. maybe they've talked about rapunzel/mother gothal thing, and it's like an inside joke to them.

No. 486821

File: 1517757939151.jpg (101.02 KB, 428x680, Margo0402.jpg)

that's how little she is capable of showing emotions or sympathy if they are not centred around herself. SHE is having fun, therefore it can't be bullying. SHE is enjoying all of this, not caring about what her daughter or manaki might possibly feel

No. 486822

File: 1517759152646.png (145 KB, 380x270, Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 10.4…)


I wish I could see her constipated stare as she angrily taps on the phone writing all this.

No. 486824

holy shit margo must be foaming like a rabid dog right now


this, all of this.

No. 486825

She sobered up and deleted all the memes. Sad old drunk with no life outside the internet.

No. 486826

hahaha, too late marge. Everybody saw your crazy. Can’t put that toothpaste back in the tube, old girl.

No. 486828


How is she even affording alcohol ? Is it cheap in Korea ?

No. 486830

Soju is around $1.50 USD at 20% alcohol a bottle

No. 486831

marge binge drinking is speculation, but based on her behavior patterns, history and physical appearance it’s very likely.

No. 486832

Aww. Good for Venus to have this kind of support. Knowing Margo she would have let Venus suffer for gods know how long.

My main question is when did this walnut make all these meme? Like she musta had these saved up and to unleash this many she must spend her days just fucking making them. Thats so fucking sad.

No. 486833

Lmao yes. My fave part is that she watermarked them all.

No. 486834

All of that plus the fact she accused Venus of being an alcoholic and we all know how much Margo projects.

No. 486837

>when did this walnut make all these meme?
Seriously? This old hobo got nothing but time, all day long every day. When she’s not wandering the streets of Seoul or loitering in shopping malls and ikea stores she’s sitting in her rented cubicle glued to the internet. That’s her sad pathetic life.

No. 486838

>we all know how much Margo projects.
Good point. That too.

No. 486839

This is like when she got drunk and selfie-d lighting a cigarette on a stove burner and bragged about bumming a smoke off strangers.

No. 486852

What do you think is making marge more crazy right now, Venus’s new bracelet or that she got it from Taylor as an early birthday present? That’s two major triggers for her right there: she’s broke and alone and will remain so on her birthday when it comes around next month. Oh and Venus’s line about visiting with friends and family, that too. That’s two more things marge doesn’t have.

The only thing Venus left out was mentioning her Jp visa. That would have been the trifecta of triggers.

No. 486854

This woman never ceases to amaze me. From caring mother to crazy psychopath in 24 hours.

No. 486855

She never was a caring mother, anon.

No. 486857

10 bucks she kinda hoped Venus would somehow give in and actually received yet another email from manaki saying "ok, I will inform Venus"

No. 486862

The tangled themed card though! Lmao. You can think of Taylor what you want but that is hilarious.

No. 486863

Maybe spent by her "customers"

No. 486865

>I’m having fun
>I see the comedy in life
Yeah, that margo is just a laugh riot all right. Just a fun-loving gal. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of ol’ margo: FUN.
(Margo, you’re about as much fun as a heart attack. Just stop.)

No. 486899


Its glorious. Poor venus but Margot providing good milk.

No. 486908

Manaki has such a creepy fucking face. He looks like a toddler that went through plastic surgery.

No. 486913

Good to know I'm not the only one who thinks so

No. 486914

Has anyone seen some comments which leads margaret to delete all the memes? I've only read one comment which says that he or she believed margaret for beeing the worried mother but after the memes she doesn't believe her anymore und that its terrible to make fun of venus

No. 486916


yes, one person said on the last posted meme that she is a sad and pathetic old woman that depended most of her life on her now young adult daughter and that her life is just sad. Some other people replied simply with "bc you are a dick" and other things. Those memes made a lot of her followers think different about her after the ~loving mother~ posts and that she needs seriously some help. But I guess the posts of Venus and Taylor are the reason why she deleted everything because Venus is still alive and Manaki def didn't poisoned her or some shit like that.

No. 486917

okay. I didnt know that she deleted the memes after she saw venus post. thank you :)

No. 486924

Marge blew it. She was starting to build some support with the fake loving worried mama b.s., then she slipped up and let the crazy out and even her most ardent supporters (few as they may be) were creeped out. Now they’ve ghosted, poor marge. Deleting her shit was too late, once it was out there the damage was done and can’t be undone. (We all knew this exact thing would happen eventually, that she couldn’t keep up the pretense for long.) This old freak is 100% predictable.

No. 486929

>marge blew it
well, crazy can only mask the crazy for so long.

No. 486988

File: 1517928502207.jpg (19.61 KB, 540x229, IMG_20180206_154639_549.jpg)

That's a new one, her daughter strangled her with her jacket. Sounds very true… not.

No. 486994

She’s such an abnormal mother it makes me cringe. Venus even said in her video that Margo told her she’d end up being a prostitute and also that rich men would pay a lot for a virgin -the list goes on. Margo never denied any of that in her response, so what does that tell you… the cringe, god.

No. 486997

File: 1517932795072.jpeg (154.56 KB, 540x774, 8FF84830-F012-4B34-BF68-F4CF11…)

She’s been on a major cleanup spree. I just noticed she deleted this caption from her latest instagram pic.

No. 486998

She’s so dumb. Does she really believe Venus will come back to her after this kind of nonsense she casually posts? Smh.

No. 487000

She’s dumb enough to think that deleting something magically makes it like it never happened. Sorry but that’s not how the internet works. People remember this shit, you dumb hag. Even your half-witted supporters have memories (the very few that are left.)

No. 487001

File: 1517936410503.png (28.33 KB, 275x95, 486E7DE0-3F27-438F-8A28-8E219A…)

Venus resurfacing with pics of her friend who travelled from Hong Kong to visit her seems to have knocked the wind out of Margo, for now anyway.
Venus’s birthday is tomorrow (in Korean time.) Wonder if Margo will have a special birthday message for her this year?

No. 487002

File: 1517936433153.png (998.89 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-02-06-12-00-03.p…)


No. 487003


She updated the caption with #abusedparent

Holy crap

No. 487004

What the fuck is the thing on the right

No. 487005

Guess I spoke about 5 seconds too soon. What the actual F??

No. 487006

what the fuck? is this in reference to venus? Honest to god I hope and pray margo gets fucking hit by a truck and completely explodes in the most disgusting way possible. i fuckign truly hate her.

fucking psycho. I know some of us who share this opinion sound like broken records but god I feel awful for venus. I hope she truly knows deep down to the bone that margo is fucking whack and an absolute cow and that venus never ever feels bad. this is fucking degenerate behaviour.

No. 487007

LMAO this has to be the peak of the past 2 years, nothing can top this, we have won
can't wait for going into the river 2.0

No. 487008

Is … that’s a photo of a crusty bloody nipple next to her ????????

No. 487009


oh my god, what is this lmao? Is she drunk and totally wasted in this pic?? l m a o



No. 487010

File: 1517936790461.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-02-06-12-05-53.p…)

Sorry for the screencrap lol I got too excited. Looks like a fingernail???

No. 487011

comments on the post have been limited

No. 487012

She either got drunk and fell down or one of her ‘customers’ hit her. Fucking loon.

No. 487013


it's a fingernail with a bloody crust under it?

(the top is the nail with some glitter star and some crust at the bottom)

No. 487014

File: 1517937068591.gif (1.48 MB, 485x363, F05BEF85-D97C-41CC-ADCD-158B6C…)

Oh Margo.
Thank you so much

She’s blaming a broken nail on someone she hasn’t seen in years

No. 487015

Looks to me like she’s been on a prolonged bender/crying jag. Would explain the past few days of silence.
This ‘abused parent’ is a new one, lol. Poor little margo.

No. 487016

what are you talking about, she's been posting memes and incoherent bullshit on the daily

she's piss drunk, it's obvious from how uniformly swollen she is

No. 487017

The real reason she's crying? She doesn't have a new bracelet.

No. 487018

>blaming a broken nail on someone she hasn’t seen in years
No anon. It’s obvious, Venus the violent psychopath escaped from the hospital, travelled to Korea and attacked poor little margo. Won’t someone save her from this #abuse??

No. 487019

I mean, those hashtags aren't wrong, she's fucking mental

No. 487021

Holy shit this woman is scary. I feel like I am watching the exorcist or some other horror flick!

No. 487022

File: 1517937781878.png (599.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180206-182253.png)

Added more

No. 487023

>posting memes and incoherent bullshit on the daily
She was absent for a day or so, even left some negative comments up on her instagram. Must have just now come out of a drunken stupor is what it looke like to me.

No. 487024

File: 1517938050413.gif (201.57 KB, 500x284, 1506043017302.gif)

>she crushed my toe AND strangled me!!!!one1!!
Does she really think anyone believes this shit?

No. 487026

File: 1517938189872.jpg (35.41 KB, 291x352, comments.JPG)


loving the comments on this.

No. 487028

Fucking Mad Marge

No. 487029

is she crying? has it NEVER occurred to this woman to be the one to apologize? she sold her daugher out to tittyboy Vexx and caused her a lot of cyberbullying with a now 2million-viewed video called "expose venus", at least apologize for that if admitting to exploiting her is too much?

No. 487030

>"Happy birthday to my only daughter Venus, my gift is slandering you on social media and trying to make your life worse!"

Are those neck folds supposed to be "proof"? Give me a break.

No. 487034

Drunken loony.

No. 487035

File: 1517942434304.jpg (45.78 KB, 289x338, marge.JPG)


more rambling in the comment section

No. 487036

Isn't this an old comment? I remember her saying this

I hope Venus doesn't see this. She doesn't need this extra stress in her current state

No. 487037

File: 1517942505480.jpg (24.8 KB, 283x160, margew2.JPG)

No. 487038

She is projecting again.

No. 487039

I legit jumped. Holy fuck.
Is she talking about the computer she blocked? Can't she just access it from another device?

No. 487040

and she got rib surgery while she was a it too, anon!!!1! (some dumb margo stan was telling venus also had rib removal lmao)

>A feeding machine
weighting salads =/= feeding your child also didn't you bragged about Venus cooking her own meals everyday lmao

No. 487041

File: 1517943767434.jpg (33.03 KB, 282x241, marge3.JPG)


samfagging but

>she is still stealing and bullying me through her videos Every Day.. she didn’t stop…

when was the last time when Venus posted a video? October 2017?

And it's like 4 am in SK right now. Being a drunk mess again.

No. 487042

>calls you a murderer

lel that never happened

No. 487043

She was the only one calling Venus a murderer. This woman is just too far gone.

No. 487044

File: 1517946782835.png (24.55 KB, 320x289, hulk venus vs poor tiny frail …)


No. 487046

She says the evidence is gone since 2016 so how did she get the pictures? She makes no sense

No. 487047


So it took her a year to get a bruise she could photograph and blame on Venus. The photo of her crying may actually be older, because her hair looks longer than it does now. But if she'd had a brusie to show anyone, that wouldn't come out LONG before now.

She goes on to ramble about how all her proofs of abuse were on Venus's laptop - but this happened a year after Venus left, so how could Venus have that proof? Which means: you held onto your evidence for more than a year, which is pretty strange, or you're making this up because you now have some sort of minor injury you're trying to pass off as you being "strangled" (Mags claims V stepped on her toe and strangled her "with a jacket", hence why she only has a bruised toe and not a bruised neck, I guess? In her mind)

So Mags stubbed her tow in her tiny goshiwan bathroom; starts crying; and an idea forms: THIS is the evidence! This is what Venoos did to me! [posts immediately after taking crying selfie]

No. 487060

This is not even fun or entertaining anymore. It’s just sad to watch the mind of this mean woman degenerating. She needs to find a psychiatrist. Urgently. Wtf

No. 487061

File: 1517951677540.png (662.72 KB, 927x597, fuck off back to hungary margg…)

Caught you out in your lie bitch, there is absolutely no way her hair grew that much in a week, which is how long after this haircut she claims she got the swollen eyes.

No. 487064

>stubbed her toe in her tiny goshiwan bathroom
You mean got drunk and stubbed her toe. She’s been on a bender, it’s obvious. Now she’s nursing a wicked hangover and up all night rageposting, most of which is incoherent. She done lost her entire damn mind. Venus’s hospitalization + being ignored all these weeks + Taylor visiting her + Venus’s birthday is all too much for her tiny lizard brain to handle. So it just exploded. Lol

No. 487065

File: 1517952462347.png (320.66 KB, 389x601, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 1.22…)

Sorry, that photo is so exploitable, this may be dumb but I couldn't help it

No. 487066

Nice catch!

No. 487067

File: 1517952491427.png (312.25 KB, 388x596, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 1.23…)

No. 487068

File: 1517952510271.png (316.24 KB, 390x597, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 1.24…)

No. 487069

File: 1517952539984.png (311.58 KB, 387x593, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 1.25…)

No. 487070

Nice catch, anon

No. 487071

I vote this for the next op pic

nice catch anon!

No. 487073

I wish there was someway to report her to the korean authorities for visa violations etc, getting her deported back to her parents could possibly be the only way to stop her endless cycle of abuse towards Venus.

No. 487074

Same, anon. Sadly I doubt they'll ever do something about it as long as she stays within the 90 or whatever days limit.

No. 487075

File: 1517954697010.png (45.11 KB, 583x180, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 1.06…)

Being deported wouldn't stop her from having online tantrums, or from stalking Venus electronically.

I would dearly love for her to go back to Europe for many reasons though, including seeing the next batch of "proofs" from the Netherlands; we could see how cruelly abusive Baby Venoos was by purposefully spitting up on her mother, photo evidence is here of poor innocent Margo as Baby Venoos's milk slave! Yet still Margo didn't kill her or leave her to die of exposure, instead she raised Venoos herself, only kindly forcing her to show the world what a perfect living dolly Margo made.

Anyway, here's the tweets Margo made around 10-ish (when she went out?) and again around 2-ish (when she got done at the hotel with her john?). Margo's crying post was up by 4, so Margo must've gone to pick up some booze for herself after walking home in the cold feeling sorry for herself, and a couple hours later we get that drunken mess of a rant.

No. 487076

File: 1517954891308.jpg (100.81 KB, 1030x621, IMG_2424-b-1030x621.jpg)


Do we have any Korean speaking anons who can report her?


The massage website is still up, I've just been lol'ing at her "testimonials" - aka screenshots of private messages from customers.

No. 487077

>we could see how cruelly abusive Baby Venoos was by purposefully spitting up on her mother

The abuse started way before that dear anon, don't you remember how Venus made poor abegnated Mommy Margo walk dozens of miles in the snow just to give birth to her? How cruel.

No. 487078

File: 1517955572461.png (38.12 KB, 302x223, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 2.06…)

Margo is still up; its 7 am local time.

She believes that forgiveness isn't possible unless the other person begs you for it and makes it up to you.

Weird how Venus has been able to move on then without either, right? Must be because she's a psychopathic booly, not a much healthier person than her mother.

No. 487079

repair damages as in divorcing manaki, handing over the channel earnings, phones, computers,bank accounts and a monthly 3000 usd bonus. That definitely doesn't sound like extortion.

No. 487080


My take on what happened :

>She massaged the wrong asshole. Got pink eye in both eyes.

> Went to social media to see that Taylor visited V and got her a fancy VW bracelet. Frustratingly kicks her plywood bed into rubble. Fucks her toe up.

>Realizes she now has to sleep on the floor. Its Venus' fault, cries about it.

No. 487081

File: 1517957823560.png (104.31 KB, 312x258, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 1.40…)

Lol, toe photo is totally from a stubbed toe, which is all Venoos' fault, agreed.

While it's clear from the evidence that this photo >>487010 could not possibly have been from 7/12/16 due to the length of the hair, it also can't be from yesterday / today - Margo's has cut her hair quite short again (she fucked it up pretty good, recent photo attached.)

It looks like a photo she took long ago, possibly even when Venus first left, definitely before she home permed her hair twice.

But it most certainly isn't a photo of her from 7 Dec 2016.

No. 487082

File: 1517957913812.png (Spoiler Image,270.3 KB, 465x657, since margo loves memes.png)

but I thought Venus wasn't with her? Or if this was before the run away I thought Venus was a perfect angel who showed no signs of running away until evil Manaki took her away.

Honestly it just looks like she took a pic of her infected toe nail and blamed Venus

No. 487084

File: 1517959352734.png (62.35 KB, 311x360, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 3.02…)

Margo never says the photo on the left is from 12/7/16, only the photo on the right.

She's very carefully only implying that the crying photo is after Venus attacked her. Margo says that Venus used to attack her; that Margo would take photos of herself crying after these alleged attacks; but the only places Margo kept these photos for some reason was their shared Mac desktop (which she says Venus wiped, but Margo was left that fancy desktop to sell) and Venus's personal laptop.

Clearly Mags just posted an old photo of herself crying with longer hair on some other day to let everyone know what a broken hearted mama she is, and finally had some sort of bruise she could take a pic of and blame on Venoos.

Also notice the reference to Venus's "new mom". Margo is super fucking jealous of Venus having a relationship with her in-laws, but not with her.

No. 487086

>7 Dec 2016
Wasn't this the day Margo tried to break into Venus' apartment 'using tools'?

No. 487087

yes, this is Venus' birthday message, the first birthday after she ran.

No. 487088

Margo used 'find my Mac' as she had wangled the laptop under her account, and then she activated the option to wipe and lock the device. This deleted all data and made it inoperable. First, she spied on Venus' photos of her new place. Venus just bought a new laptop and moved on.

No. 487089

oooh bitch

No. 487091

Yes, the day Mags tried to break into the Okada's house using tools. She's saying that this is "evidence" that Venoos attacked her on 12/7/16, leaving this bruise on her toe.

Funny how she wouldn't post this until now then, hmm?

No. 487092

If Venus really stood on her toe, good on her.

No. 487095


If she really had, I'm pretty sure M would have called a fucking ambulance, the police and a lawyer on the spot.

No. 487096

File: 1517961836480.png (56.34 KB, 310x348, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 3.55…)

Precisely, do think she'd ever take that kind of lip from V? Margo ruled Venus's life with an iron pimp hand, from weighing salads to keeping her account passwords on 4 different phones to prevent Venus from ever getting control over her own life.

Change of subject, but holy shit does Mags have this little Hungarian gaywad snowed. I'm sorry, but how could you do anything BUT ignore your mother if she behaved like this? He's a dramatic teen gay, so of course it makes perfect sense to him that if someone won't pay attention to you, you must get louder and more hateful and dramatic until they give you what you want. That's only sensible! It's what you're owed!

No. 487097

File: 1517962011446.png (394.26 KB, 474x586, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 3.56…)

He's an Hungarian Japanophile who's also obsessed with Lady Gaga, and he's been a staunch stan for about 2 months.

Hey monstercenk, feel free to check out some of our earlier threads, you can find out what Margo does to her supporters. Hope you like giving her permanent "loans" while she crashes at your house gratis and implies you're a fatty.

No. 487098

hahaha fuck you monstercenk. Margo isn't disabled or elderly woman. If you worry so much about this slut hobo why not welcome her in your home?

No. 487099

I speak Korean, but I think that without any solid proof of her staying illegally and without any knowledge to where she is living right now, they probably wont take any report seriously.

No. 487100

I think he’s Turkish and he’s been margo’s loyal stan for much longer than 2 months. He’s about the only long-term supporter still left besides one other guy and of course asslabyrinth who still hangs out on PULL and stans for her to this day. Oh and that Cyrillos Kyrillus guy. Everyone else has bailed on poor abused marge.

No. 487101

File: 1517963745803.jpg (179.36 KB, 1242x1879, ODjv9dV.jpg)

I’m judging off the length of her hair and acne pattern so I think the crying photo was actually taken between February 4th and 7th. This still is from the crying video she uploaded on February 4th, after Venus left.

No. 487102

this guy sounds like a basement dweller who's never left his mom's house.

lol this. i'm glad Venus and friends like Taylor know what she's all about. i hope she gets comfort from them as they watch Marge's insanity unfold. maybe that's what the rapunzel card was all about.

No. 487103

File: 1517963990192.jpg (196.61 KB, 1242x1872, bGOEtD2.jpg)

This is from the Japanese airport confrontation on February 7th. You can see the same acne pattern on her chin. Same hair length.

No. 487104

Yep, that’s when this latest crying pic is from all right. She had it saved all this time just in case she needed “proofs” of abuse.

So she gets drunk, stubs her toe, takes a pic of it when she comes to the next day and thinks “now would be a good time to use that pic I’ve been saving for 2 years! I’ve got VENOOS now!” How far gone do you have to be to do shit like this at 43 years of age?

No. 487105

lol why do they keep placing emphasis on Manaki's occupation as a factory worker? It's such elitist, snob bullshit. Do they even know the specifics of his employment? He could be a factory worker for a company that requires employees with a certain set of skills and level of Intelligence, working in Sony for example. Are they trying imply that one working this occupation is shameful?
One cannot be shamed who works hard for their living, unlike fucking Margo and this cocksucker.
Factory worker or not, he has accomplished a more stable life than this 40+ mature aged woman who should know better but still can't get a handle on life.

No. 487111

This is also the same job that he has supposedly had since he was 18, so not only has he proven to be a trusted worker, I’m sure he must have higher pay, greater responsibilities and greater benefits than when he first started. I don’t get where she thinks a blue-collar worker can’t easily provide for a wife and family. This woman has never held a regular job for longer than a few years. She is always changing, picking up and leaving.

No. 487113

I bet this kid is an unemployed leech just like marge.

No. 487114

He works for Panasonic; hes clearly a skilled laborer, because he owned both a motorcycle and a car while living in one of the world's most expensive cities, before he married Venus (so they weren't purchased with her money.)

Since Mama is around 28, he's been working at the same place for almost ten years. He's a traditional company man even if hes a blue collar worker, and can clearly provide a stable life and income for his family (Venus), unlike her mother, who is a useless leech on society.

No. 487115

*Mana, no Mama

No. 487116

also isn't it like Panasonic or something? a prestigious enough manufacturer, not some sweaty workshop.

No. 487117


It's fucking hilarious coming from a lazy slob who never was able to keep a steady job for at least 15 years. Remember when Margo was making fun of their "poverty" for having a gas stove? and 2 years later she can't even afford to get a single burner one lmao

No. 487120

>never was able to keep a steady job for at least 15 years
Working is for peasants and peons and common factory workers and shopgirls, anon. Margo the mensa genius autodidact would never stoop to anything so menial. Please do not insult her superiority with such a suggestion.

No. 487129

I love that Murlock is fucking around in my old stomping grounds in Seoul which is even more hilarious since it’s the least seedy place imaginable in all of Seoul. Like I’d expect her to be in Mappo-gu at the very least but she seems to circulate mostly around the Jogno area fairly religiously. There’s a kind of seedy area in the outer district of Jogno tho where there were plentiful “love hotels” where I can see Murlock lurking (ironically next to a small river). There’s a Filipino market there on weekends, and it’s a couple miles to Hongdae. Since it’s also an area rife with university (Sungkyunkwan being where she seems to hang around most) people mostly don’t give a fuck if they see you in the forest/parks.

There’s also a pretty treacherous path at the very top of the Sungkyunkwan campus leading down a really steep mountain which I pray she slips on and falls. Like seriously. How has she avoided not falling to her death in such a mountainous country surrounded by… well, people. Anyone witnessing her crazy firsthand would just tip her off from sheer embarrassment.

No. 487132

we get it. you know korean names.

No. 487135

The old girl made her last comment at 7 am her time; it's now just before 1 pm so we can expect her to awaken either hungover and furious that Venus hasn't responded to her yet; or she'll Delete Fucking Everything and post a photo of flowers instead because otherwise Mama Margitka will cut off her allowance.

No. 487137

She’s not gonna be happy with her comment section either. I’m showing 62 comments but only 33 visible meaning she’s already deleted half of them and the remaining ones are half her responding to comments and a quarter of what’s left is repeats from the same 2 or 3 people. Long story short—she’s not getting much of a response at all. And maybe 2 flying monkeys max in Venus’s comment section too, the rest of her 500+ comments are happy birthday wishes (which poor marge won’t get on her birthday.)

No. 487139

Taylor’s visit and birthday gift is what seems to have pushed marge off the deep end this time, and Taylor’s gushing about how tiny but brave Venus is. It’s always interesting to me to watch this old narc’s responses to events and what triggers her rages. Venus hanging with Taylor has been a huge trigger for marge from day one, that Venus has an actual real life friend and a popular Youtuber at that seems to be more than marge can handle. Especially with a nice birthday gift of jewelry thrown into the mix… epic narc meltdown ensues.

No. 487141

It’s like watching the death throes of a narc whose former victim cut it off and is moving on in life without it. It’s too much for the narc’s brain to handle so it thrashes and flails about ever more wildly and desperately. Don’t they call this an extinction burst or something like that? And I say ‘it’ purposely because I think of her as an ‘it.’

No. 487143

File: 1517978643664.gif (1.96 MB, 360x203, raccoon.gif)

>mfw youre casually checking lolcow and this happens
oh my fucking god what is even happening

No. 487148

The "bullies me EVERY DAY thoifh hwr videos!" hysteria refers to the two videos Venus made in Feb 2016 that explained why and how she left home, and what it was like to live with Margo. They were the only time she ever addressed the situation. Margo considers the fact that these videos are public to be Venus bullying her every minute of every day.

I wonder how often Margo watches those videos. Probably every day, from how much she obsesses over them.

No. 487149

but to just highlight it agian for farmers new to the old hag:
this comment is around 2 years old and was posted shortly after venus moved out

the old hag is textbook narc.
leaving is on the same page as killing to her.
while everyone else around her is always an offender and she is always and only a 100% victim.

No. 487151

>bullying me everyday
venoos "bullies" her through pure existing?
Witnessing the old hag seems like only a hint of what went on with them through two decades. Not everyone comes out of something like that alive or even sane.

someone should ask her about the venus angelicus video. maybe she is drunk enough to put it back up

No. 487152

File: 1517981653191.jpeg (219.05 KB, 1251x678, 84688B98-39EC-471A-B594-09BB31…)

Don’t know about the video but the dress is still for sale in her online shop Venusangelic.com. Just $29.95 plus $29.25 shipping and it’s yours. That shipping always cracks me up, it’s more $$ than most of the items cost.

Come on, won’t someone buy something from this poor abused mother? A used lint-covered dress? Her used navel piercing? A dirty shell she picked off the beach on her visa run trip? Anything??

No. 487155

>worn 1 hour inside the house
top kek
margaret, maybe someone wants to buy it if you advertise the dress with your music video ~

No. 487156

The funniest thing about the compact stove is that it is the standard type in many Japanese apartments, and you’ll see them even in nice houses. I have only met one friend who had a full, Western-style oven set and they had to have it specially installed.

I think the steadiest job she had before becoming Venus’ ”momager” was working at gym in London. Then it seems like she lived off the Swiss Bucks, odd jobs and eventually Venus’ income. She mentions she went to university where she had a best friend named Venus. She must have dropped out when she became pregnant with Venus and she never graduated.

No. 487158

>>She mentions she went to university

She brags on her personal and 'professional' website that she attended one whole year of university to be a radiologist as proof of her tote professional medical knowledge. . . which requires a 4 year degree at minimum.

She did indeed drop out after purposefully getting knocked up by a man 9 years older than her (which always cracks me up when she calls Manaki a pedo for being 7 years older than Venus), to force him to marry her. Her own sister said Margo planned to get a baby to trap her man, and Venus was the result.

No. 487160

oh fucking yes

also top kek anon
this is pure art

No. 487163

I needed several hours to comprehend that this is the kind of evidence margoat continously foams about. top fucking kek

No. 487168

File: 1517991695330.png (40.45 KB, 861x248, lel.png)

I apologize for the tinfoil.

So I just saw this and made me suspect that the toe pic might be the result of a self practice accident. It can be anything of course, but found interesting the timing.

No. 487183

I do believe that Margaret received the toenail injury on the day she try to break into Venus apartment. Not because MMA fighter Venus charged and “strungled” her, but because Margaret probably jammed her foot in the door and tried force her way in as Venus closed it. Venus struggling to keep her out seems a lot more likely than Venus going outside of the door to assault Margaret in full view of the neighbors.

No. 487185

By her own admission at the time, she barely got to see Venus through the door

No. 487187

This also seems the most probable scenario to me. She ‘barely saw Venus’ through the door because she was probably busy on the other side trying to keep psycho mom out of her home.

No. 487193


yeah, he's turkish and rather than a basement dweller, he's probably just very self-absorbed and ignorant like most weebs (and young people) his age in turkey. he seems to be from a family of some means based on the fact that he's been in japan and in geeky events in two different cities. he's probably really coddled. interesting though, his ilk usually doesn't follow international drama and comment on it because their english sucks.

made me kek he follows some of the worst cosplayers in turkey and that he shared a picture of his TV screen because he was featured in the news in his shitty costume.

No. 487196

>I do believe that Margaret received the toenail injury on the day she try to break into Venus apartme
Then why wait til now to show her “proofs” if she’s had it all this time? Not buying it, sorry. If she had it then she’d have shown it long before now, she’s been trying to sell this ‘VENOOS attacked me!’ story for months already.

No. 487203

She isn't. She's definitely getting desperate and when the "good mom" routine didn't work she's pulling this shit out of spite and drunken rages.

I definitely think it's Taylor that enrages her. For one, she's an actual friend of Venus and one more piece of support network if Venus's relationship with Manaki goes South. And two, she's rich. Margo knows she would have milked that friendship to get whatever she could out of Taylor. It would have been dreamlike for Margo to third wheel into that friendship and use Taylor's name, contacts and personal monies. Meanwhile, Venus just appreciates a visit and gets a cute bracelet. Probably kills Margo because of the potential and the fact that Venus gets an expensive gift while Margo's memories of wasting Venus's channel money was 2 years past.

No. 487204

File: 1518019715808.jpg (56.66 KB, 741x174, lolmargo.jpg)

Unrelated to any of this milk, but I thought it was pretty funny.

I emailed margo inquiring about a penile massage. I made the email address, name, address, and message incredibly legit, complete with reasonable grammatical errors. I was respectful and not blatantly trolling.

This was the response I received.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 487206

How is it funny?

No. 487216

File: 1518023992429.jpeg (601.15 KB, 1272x1464, D35DFF96-8194-4524-AA48-93A306…)

I know they self posted here and all but you gotta admit this is pretty good.
#strangledtoe #potatonose(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 487217

did you not fucking get the hint about nobody wanting your irrelevant account here?

No. 487219

It is relevant and I’m not them, honest.

No. 487221

dude.. someone who wants to have a "penile" massage wouldnt request that in an email like a 12 year old

No. 487224

It's a joke; I didn't realize everyone here had such a ~~~~quality~~~~~ sense of humor. Sorry to offend you in my boredom-induced antics. If it's not funny, ignore it.

No. 487229

File: 1518029595479.jpg (950.85 KB, 1080x2937, Screenshot_20180207-115150.jpg)

I thought this dude died

No. 487230

File: 1518029650821.png (977.08 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180207-115202.png)

Don't bully some kid for having autism but tell everyone your daughter has it in a demeaning manner

No. 487231

Lol Margo tells everyone to leave him alone because he's crazy, but when Venus ignores her for the same reasons? HOW DARE U

No. 487232

File: 1518031082017.png (37.24 KB, 301x209, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 11.1…)

dropped pic

No. 487233

File: 1518031251756.png (44.65 KB, 307x263, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 11.1…)

blah blah blah: my storages full of junk, how could she! if you she got my blessing, I would gladly have let her go!

bullshit. you tried to move in with her on your "just a birthday visit, I swear!" trip, there's zero chance you would have ever allowed Venus to live with Manaki without you there to interfere.

No. 487234

File: 1518031362483.png (31.74 KB, 308x171, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 11.1…)

Margo doesn't like when people minimize the amount of time she's spent stalking her kid (someone was like, "hasn't it been a year of this, why don't you give it a rest?")

She also doesn't like to be told to move on: "like VENOOS moved on after she left me?? Only a psychopath can move on from such hurts!"

No. 487235

Yes. Margo we are asking you to move on. Its what ppl do. If you have any soild proof of vdnus's wrong doing then sue her. A good lawyer can subpoena the storage for the so called evidence.

No. 487236

File: 1518033531842.png (8.84 KB, 289x115, how about no.png)

Venus should be thankful to be a meal ticket baby, got it.

No. 487239

File: 1518034892037.png (37.61 KB, 307x196, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 11.3…)

Please remember that it's just after 5 am right now in Seoul; Margo has been drunk posting after "work" again.

She promises her anger will NEVER expire

No. 487241

File: 1518034946394.png (24.81 KB, 311x126, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 11.3…)

Anyone who has an ED is "machiavellian" according Margo

No. 487242

File: 1518035004163.png (31.13 KB, 308x161, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 11.5…)

Anyone who supports Venus in the comments is trying to "brainwash" her.

But how can a psychopathic mastermind booly be brainwashed, Margo? Wouldn't it be the other way aroung?

No. 487243

File: 1518035079835.png (34.12 KB, 299x178, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 11.5…)

All of Margo's supporters a sane and decent, but all of Venoos' are evil and sick.

Guess that's why Margo has an autistic dude in a fursuit doing her bidding.

No. 487255

>I thought this dude died
Nope, he’s back harassing Venus in her instagram comments again. Egged on by marge in DMs I’m sure.

No. 487256

And marge is trying to position herself as some anti-bullying champion of this poor disabled guy when he’s the one doing the harassing and people are (rightly) calling him out for it.

No. 487257

>saying 'well done' to your child is brainwashing
You're just the best mama, Margo.

No. 487258

>Margo has an autistic dude in a fursuit doing her bidding.
And that’s all she has doing her bidding, one mentally deficient autist. Which is why she’s mad right now. She used to be able to gin up waves of flying monkeys back in her heyday. Now not so much and that makes margo one angry narc.

No. 487274

>Don't bully some kid for having autism but tell everyone your daughter has it in a demeaning manner
He’s not even a kid, he’s 29 years old.
So Margo’s not getting much of a response to this latest move, unfortunately. Just 6 supportive comments. Guess this creep doesn’t inspire much sympathy even from her cretin supporters. I’m sure she was hoping for many more people to jump on this #supportautism bandwagon (and some major blowback on Venus and her mean fans) but alas, she has almost zero influence anymore.

No. 487287

to be honest, after witnessing maggot for the last 2 years Ive grown more and more impressed that venus managed to escape that gothel and was able to stand grounds about it

No. 487289

omg anon, she has proofs! lots of proofs! see!! >>487022
how on earth can you still not believe her?!

(for any dumbwits it's called sarcasm)

No. 487296

Yes, just look at that strangled toe! Proofs!! >>487010

No. 487302

File: 1518075081962.png (48.2 KB, 303x299, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 11.3…)

Margo either woke up, or is on her way to a hotel, because she deigned to soothe some of her little flying monkeys. Nothing too milky yet; Margo uses the famed "YOU DON'T KNOW ME" defense, but somehow despite not knowing Margo themselves, all of her little fans know she is a most loving mother who would never lie and is incapable of harassing her kid.

No. 487303

File: 1518086528083.png (956.28 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-02-08-05-41-34.p…)

No. 487318

Guess she’s run out of Venus’s childhood pics to milk for instagram likes.

No. 487319

File: 1518109024488.png (157.35 KB, 750x1334, 7D520DF1-8BC8-4B80-88AB-5F2A8F…)

Which is really sad in a way, since she’s Venus’s mom and should have tons of pics of her only child. But I guess that’s not how you parent as a Narc.
>see how cute this extension of my uterus is?

Also screenshottied this and top fucking kek @ the duality.
>evil abusive booly dotir boolies autist man
>don pick on my pet autist lapras he gives me good feeling in my narc center
>;) age is just a number (excuse me while I trowel 1” makeup over my increasingly wrinkly and puffy face due to alcoholism and badly aging hahahaha)

Also her “breath is a lolipop” pic made me shudder (bc knowing Murlock lolipop-> penis-> her “massage business”-> earning a few thou won for tired ajoshi oral sex) but hey it seems like Margo is turning over a new leaf- she wakes up in the morning and the first thing she thinks is earning money!

No. 487320

The only harassing going on in Venus’s comment section is from that lapras creep and maybe 1 or 2 other flying monkeys (at most.) Marge desperately wants there to be more and that’s what she’s trying so hard to achieve but sadly for her she just can’t get it done anymore. No one gives enough of a shit to fly over to Venus’s account to harass her. Which leaves marge a powerless and impotent old narc, and narcs HATE that.

No. 487321

Thinking about it, it’s nice that V is finally having a birthday that’s not being entirely ruined by her Narc mother. I mean the Crohn’s/colitis bit sucks, but she’s even got Jlogger friends and not least of all her husband supporting her through it.

I mean, she can’t be feeling super amazing awesome, and she more than likely feels quite a bit of guilt abt having a nice bday w/out mommy dearest ruining it, but I hope she’s on the healing side of he curve and is getting better.

Admittedly, I am p excited to see what Murlock’s bday is going to pan out like and if her ~age is a number~ mentality holds up or if she’s going to have a huge Narc explosion.

No. 487322

>finally having a birthday that’s not being entirely ruined by her Narc mother
Is she though? If she’s at all aware of marge’s instagram then her narc mother is definitely ruining this birthday. If she’s totally ignoring marge and her instagram (hopefully) then maybe she was able to have a nice day for her birthday and just not feeling obligated to share it on instagram. idk but I suspect the former.

No. 487323

File: 1518112515870.png (586.05 KB, 836x444, Untditled.png)

gurl… you cant have it both, a thriving youtube career and trying to fool people about your look with vaseline on the camera

No. 487324

Imagine being in the crown jewel country of affordable, top notch, totally transformative plastic surgery and still looking like the photo on the right.

No. 487325

you think this yoong beautiful frau needs plastic surgery?? never!

but really though i don’t see that happening, not only because i doubt she thinks she needs it but she also probably can’t afford it

No. 487326

In her delusional mind she actually looks like the filtered photo on the left though. Young and radiant and all the men want her. Don’t forget who we’re dealing with here. She’s not right in the head.

No. 487327

>probably can’t afford it
She can barely afford rent and Starbucks is a distant memory. She’s flat broke.

No. 487328

File: 1518115114718.png (56.75 KB, 313x355, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 10.2…)

Lol, Mags is trying to convert people who wish Venus well via DMs again.

Venoos is cruelly running up big hospital bills with all her many riches, while poor Margaret has pain and tumors, what a booly! And why does Venoos get all the attention when Margaret is MUCH sicker than Venoos is?!

Holy narc mom, she really can'y help it. Margo has to be the jungest, the more beautiful, the more rich, the most sick, in the most pain, and have way more friends that Venoos ever can, or else Venoos is a psychopathic booly trying to kill hr.

No. 487330

>inb4 margrot shaves her head and fakes cancer

No. 487331

She might not have to shave it, with the way she treats her hair. She's got about 3 ragged inches left all over from the looks of it, however much she tries to pull it back and act like she's wearing it up.

And this kappa had the nerve to say Venoos' hair "is like a series of accidents"

But yeah if Venus has something serious like perforated ulcers or stomach cancer, you can bet Margo will show up with shaved head and a GoFundMe for her "worst case of cancer any doctor has seen, ever, more serious than Venoos' cancer, tho Korean doctors are so far superior that I will be more beautiful than her while sick" fund.

No. 487332

>why does Venoos get all the attention when Margaret is MUCH sicker than Venoos is?!
This is exactly what this loon did last time Venus was hospitalized, in 2016. Made up some story about going to the ER with the worst pain ever and the doctors all said she was the bravest best patient they ever saw and where is her support, why did no one care about HER?!??
Also made up the story about VENOOS getting her intestines removed for weight loss back then. Carbon copy of now. She’s a pathological basket case of crazy playing out on the internet for all to see. I have to say she’s an interesting specimen.

No. 487334

Which post is this under?

No. 487335

V's last post about Taylor and Manaki visiting

No. 487336

>>Made up some story about going to the ER with the worst pain ever and the doctors all said she was the bravest best patient they ever saw and where is her support, why did no one care about HER?!??

Of course, this was after Margo endured an 18 hours bus ride from Hamburg to London with money "borrowed" from a former supporter - only Margaret could have survived the journey with all that pain, in order to get free A&E services for her "pain and PTSD stomach problems and tinnitus!" after seeing Venoos in the hospital with her fancy insurance, showing off!

And I thought Margaret was now 100% because of the far superior Korean doctors, who did her cyst surgery perfectly and now she's all better, no need to act like a baby and stay in hospital for WEEKS, Venoos, Margaret is fine from her surgery so you must be fine from whatever you have, too.

But now she's on her deathbed again? How convenient.

No. 487339

I've accidently bruised and cut myself on my bed post bad enough to complain abuse multiple times in a year and this is all she can come up with, a poorly lit and croped photo of a nail? ?

No. 487342


This bitch could have probably easily got money from fans and Venus if she just didn't pull the shit she did. People genuinely felt bad for her in the beginning when nobody knew about the emotional/physical abuse she put Venus thru. Which nobody would still even know about if this fucking loon didn't come up with crazy accusations, which Venus was then backed into a corner by and responded with the truth. Truth that wouldn't even be out if Margo didn't make accusations towards V.

Venus still even now doesn't want to shit on her mother or drag her. I wouldn't even be surprised if there is some part of Venus that still sees good in Margo. If Margo just stuck to being the upset mother that her child left, and actually tried to be some what dependant. I'm sure Venus' fans and even Venus herself might have financially helped her. Being out of work and having zero skills in any field is hard to get a good paying job. Especially when you're older, it just looks bad to be 40 and haven't had a real job in 10 years. Venus still cared about Margo in the beginning and shown remorse for leaving her so abruptly. All she needed to do is conceal her crazy, and stick to a simple sob story with zero accusations thrown about.

No. 487345

This bitch could easily get a job waitressing if she wanted to (and lived in a country where she could legally work.) She doesn’t have a job because she doesn’t think she should have to work like the common people. She’s above all that, you see.

No. 487346

Oh no anon, you are confused; that wasn't your bedpost, that was Venoos! A Venoos is a monster who lurks about in search of innocent mothers and children to rob and bully. A sure sign of being visited by a Venoos is a bruise or small cut on your toe - this is where she tramped on you, while trying to strungle you with a jacket. Did you leave a Mac book lying around, or any happy childhood photos? These things will lure a Venoos to you for sure, especially if there are any YouTube views under your bed that she covets.

To protect yourself from a Venoos, you must give all your money to your mother immediately, and make sure she has all of your social media passwords! And give her your passport too, this is a very effective way to prevent being stolen away and locked in a plushy room to be brainwashed by her horror films.

I hope you found this Guide of How to spot a Venoos and Prevent Being Strungled By One helpful.

No. 487348

Beware of VENOOS the psychopath toe strangler

No. 487351

I think another trigger for Marget is when Venus's fans telling Marg that it is impossible to know anything about Venus because Venus hasn't directly spoken to her mother in over a year. The best people who know Venus are Manaki, in-laws, friends (Specifically Taylor).
Marg will be screeching up a storm when/if Venus returns and becomes active. Just like she lost it when Venus didn't divorce Manaki after 2 years like Margo planned.
But Margo's worst nightmare is if Venus doesn't care about her online appearance anymore and just lives a happy life with friends and family. Cuz Marg only has a life on the internet. In reality, she is just a bitter drunk.

No. 487359

A definitive list of Things That Trigger Margo:

triggers related to Venus:
- Venus happy
- Venus meeting with / having friends
- Venus going on holiday to Manaki's family
- Venus being ill and / or in hospital
- Venus receiving well wishes
- Venus getting gifts
- Venus staying married / her progressive anniversaries
- Venus' birthdays
- the anniversary of Venus moving out
- Venus's Japanese spousal visa (every stage / progression)
- Venus having health insurance
- Venus's income (both it's existence, and that it is not shared with or given to Margo)
- Venus's apartment / not having access to the inside

triggers related to Margo:
- Margo's storage units
- Margo's birthdays
- having less money than Venus

triggers related to Manaki:
- Manaki joking around with Venus (i.e. "making the clown and the sexy boy", in Marglish)
- Manaki having a YouTube channel
- Manaki getting more views than her
- Manaki not passing on messages to Venus when Margo emails him

Did I get everything?

No. 487364


Oh shoot, I forgot yours for the Venus list:

- seeing Venus online
- NOT seeing Venus online (Margo perceives this to affect 'her' channel income, and Margo doesn't know what Venus is doing otherwise)
- Venus not answering her emails

No. 487366

A tl;dr list:

>Venus existence in general

No. 487367

File: 1518135177293.png (49.72 KB, 316x284, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 4.09…)

Venus had surgery; looks like she needed a lot of steroids because she's super duper bloated like you get from steroids.

No. 487368

File: 1518135204361.png (623.36 KB, 601x595, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 4.13…)

No. 487369

Strong work anon.

No. 487374

Add Venus having major surgery to the list of things that trigger marge. She’s gonna lose her shit big time over this.

(how do I know it was a major surgery? From the amount of edema she has in her after surgery pic. You get massive amounts of IV fluid with a major surgical procedure and a lot of it ‘leaks out’ into the tissues causing edema. This only happens with big, major surgeries, not smaller ones. It’s called ‘3rd spacing.’)

Cue marge spergout in 3…. 2……….

No. 487379

>looks like she needed a lot of steroids
Not necessarily, you can get a lot of edema after a major surgical procedure (see >>487374) just from all the fluid they need to give you during and right after the surgery.
Also the facial puffiness you get from steroids doesn’t appear overnight, it’s more gradual and only happens with long-term steroid use. And Venus’s puffiness isn’t just in her face, it’s generalized all over her body (hands too, you don’t see that with steroids.)

Although it is possible she got steroids at some point, just this pic doesn’t prove she did or didn’t.

No. 487380

I can already hear her angry screeching


No. 487381

Yep. And she’ll keep it up until Venus explains what she had and why, and probably even after that.

No. 487386

Added to this, another reason for oedema could be due to inadequate nutrition and developing a persistently low serum albumin - happens a lot even with TPN & dietary supplements. Wouldn't be surprising as she's been unable to eat properly. Loss of normal oncotic pressure plus aggressive IV fluids postoperatively can lead to significant widespread oedema and fluid overload.

Doubt it's steroid related, would not expect to see cushingoid features in a relatively short space of time. Unless she was given an unholy amount of a potent steroid like methylprednisolone or dexamethasone , but to be honest I've no idea what the Japanese guidelines are so I could be wrong.

sage for medfag crap.

No. 487388

>Unless she was given an unholy amount of a potent steroid like methylprednisolone or dexamethasone
Even then you wouldn’t get that steroid moon face from short term use though. That’s a chronic steroid side effect. Agree in this case she’s puffy from interstitial fluids and possibly low protein like you said.

No. 487389

It would actually make a lot of sense; I’ve heard a lot of gastroenterologists rx powerful steroids to counteract the effects of illnesses like Crohns and ulcerative colitis (which can make you puffy in a short amount of time). And since V has said she needed surgery done to her lower body, I think we can safely assume it was for a digestive tract illness. I’ve heard the “intestines of Venoos was removed!1!1!1” and it may actually have a kernel of truth to it- if certain diseases like UC progress to a certain point, parts of your colon/intestine will no longer be viable, and so they’ll have to excise the dead part and sew the heathy parts back together. Do it enough times/if the disease has progressed too far, eventually the person will need a colostomy bag. Hopefully, this won’t be the case with Venus. She seems pretty upbeat, and being told you’ll have to walk around the rest of your life with a sack of your own shit with you would definitely be depressing.

No. 487393

Nope you don’t get that steroid moon face literally overnight (she didn’t have it 4 days ago in her pics with Taylor) no matter how high a dose you get. It just doesn’t happen that fast. That’s not to say she’s not on steroids, she may be, but that’s not what’s causing her puffy face.

No. 487396

>>I’ve heard the “intestines of Venoos was removed!1!1!1” and it may actually have a kernel of truth to it- if certain diseases like UC progress to a certain point, parts of your colon/intestine will no longer be viable, and so they’ll have to excise the dead part and sew the heathy parts back together.

I think you may be onto something - narcs are notorious for taking a kernal of truth and bending it so badly it bears no relation to reality any longer. So maybe Manaki or Venus did the courteous thing and have Margo a basic update on what had happened - Venus turned septic due to UC or similar and needed to have a small piece of colon or intestine removed - and Margo stitched together a fantastic voyage of back ally Korean bariatric surgery.

If so, that's probably the last time the Okadas bothered giving her any courtesy updates, and why Margo is so royally pissed off that she doesn't know what's going on. God knows it can't be her own fault she doesn't get even the most basically of emergency updates any more.

You know shes gonna go ahead and claim that Venus had her entire digestive (and reproductive too, what the hell) system removed in order to be a tiny kawaii pedo child for Manaki forever.

No. 487398

Well this post has been up for just 3 hours and many of Venus’s friends have already commented to wish her well: Mikan, that Apricot girl, her instagram buddies Tsuruko and Ikuraz from down under and Taylor (among hundreds of others.) Knowing how rabidly marge stalks Venus’s instagram comments she’s gonna be extra triggered whenever she rouses from her latest alcoholic stupor and sees all this. I’m expecting major salt to pour.

No. 487400

>You know shes gonna go ahead and claim that Venus had her entire digestive (and reproductive too, what the hell) system removed in order to be a tiny kawaii pedo child for Manaki forever.

Let's just hope that bitch never stumbles upon deep web creepypastas or she'll start accussing manaki of turning Venus into a human sex doll

No. 487447

So what is this, a shocked silence from the kappa? Oh guess you don’t need surgery if you’re being poisoned with antifreeze now, do you?

No. 487454

File: 1518194697999.png (723.71 KB, 750x1334, F9E7CDFB-3897-4391-9D61-68602B…)

Hmmmm it seems deceptively innocent… why would she post something so innocuous? #dontpanicyourdaughterisdoingbetterwithoutyou

No. 487456

Uhhhh witaf? It’s gone now? Why?! I have a feeling Margo is revving up for some black stuff…

No. 487458

She’s busy stalking every single one of Venus’s instagram comments, which we now definitively know she does. (If you’re keeping score that’s 500+ comments and 0 flying monkeys, 18 hours later.)
Marge stays losing.

No. 487460

File: 1518199870410.jpeg (97.35 KB, 313x355, 22AE6A8E-4E38-403B-8A40-1A5A6F…)

Plus by now she’s seen the comment pictured, being the obsessive stalker she is, and she’s probably highly embarrassed at being busted DMing random Venus commenters.

No. 487463


Margo doesn't have tumours or cancer, she is literal cancer/tumour.

I wonder if Margo cycles thru Venus' comments to also block anyone that comes off as a super fan of Venus' that couldn't be swayed to her side.

Also what happened to her favourite asslicker that went as far to join PULL and defend her ? Asslaby or something ?

Taylor also posted a vlog today in which she said V was getting better and predicted to be getting out of the hospital in a couple of weeks. She also said V was talking about making a video about why she was hospitalized for so long, blah blah. So it sounds like Venus is indeed getting better finally, and needed the surgery to correct w.e was wrong.

No. 487467

File: 1518204986042.png (13.72 KB, 296x179, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

awww poor thing

No. 487468

>what happened to her favourite asslicker
asslabyrinth still hangs out on PULL to this day, defending his gf. Why they tolerate the creep is beyond me.

And yes marge does block random Venus supporters who don’t even comment on her instagram but just suppirt Venus, people have said as much on PULL and elsewhere. She’s a fucking middle aged woman with the mentality of a 12 year old and way too much time on her hands.

No. 487473

Two weeks is a long ass time to keep her even after a major surgery, especially considering she’s already been inpatient for a month now. Normally people are discharged within a few days even after a major surgery. What in the fuck is going on with this girl? Also I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for another video from her once she does go home. She’s been promising videos for months now. Yeah, I know she’s been sick but she’s had intervals where she’s felt well enough to go out with friends. I’m just sick of her and this whole thing. She needs to either say what’s going on with her health or just stfu about it already.

No. 487476


They're probably keeping her until her weight and health are backup enough, and the stitches/internal wounds are considered safe for her to return home. She might of had surgery to correct the problem, but it doesn't mean she's really well enough to leave. What ever it is thats making her sick has had her in and out of the hospital enough times, and they already tried sending her home which she just ended up going down hill from.

However, she might not even be in the hospital that long. This "information" Taylor shared is what Venus told her prior to the surgery. For all we know they told Venus if there is complications she may need a few more weeks, and she took it as face value. Some people look at the extremes more then positives, and maybe Venus convinced herself she's going to be there longer. idk though. Nobody will really know till she actually announces it.


He's still actively defending Margo ? Even though she's been caught in multiple lies… LOL

No. 487477

If she had very tiny part of her intestines removed, then yes, she could be in and out in a few days.

But what if she required a transplant? If she required a new organ (say, a colon), she'd have to be in hospital until one became available, and would need to stay in hospital long enough to get pumped full of immunosuppressants and see if she'd gonna reject it. She'd require parenteral nutrition (i.e. the weird chest IV thing for food) before and after, until the new colon or intestines got working.

A transplant would also account for the extreme edema she had post-surgery (like she'd been under for some time.)

It's just a thought.

No. 487478

It's not her obligation to make public every little detail of whatever medical problem she has just to please you, you know.

Also some anons pointed in this thread or the past one (I don't remember) that the stays at japanese hospitals are often very long.

No. 487479

>He's still actively defending Margo?
Yep. To this very day.

No. 487480

Fine, so she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. She should stop promising one then. That’s all I’m saying, either explain or just shut up about it.

No. 487485

Imagine being so self important that you really think that because someone's timeline of offering up the details of their life doesn't match up with what you think it should be should just "shut up" about what could very well be a life altering medical problem. Go to the river with Marge anon.

No. 487490

Wow.. this turned from funny to sad real fast. This genuinely makes my heart ache. Venus never had a chance with her mother. She was merely an extinction of her mother's ego. But being something other than that? No. Being somehow better, better off or having something when she has something better or simply more of (like getting care because of being sick)? Venoos you böse bully dooter how dare you hurting your beloved mutter!

It's honestly saddening. She wasn't able to be a person on her own. Marge is totally nuts.

No. 487495

>I think you may be onto something - narcs are notorious for taking a kernal of truth and bending it so badly it bears no relation to reality any longer. So maybe Manaki or Venus did the courteous thing and have Margo a basic update on what had happened - Venus turned septic due to UC or similar and needed to have a small piece of colon or intestine removed
Makes no sense at all because the intestines removal myth from Margo refers to a timeline when Venus lived with Marge in sk.

The only thing that makes me think there is something slightly true about this story is the story with Venus "abscess" a few months back were they also already needed to operate in Japan. Maybe she first had an abscess or whatever issue in sk with Marge first and Marge being the psycho queen she is made a hole fucked up sorry out of that.

Related to this story - I wouldn't know the medical issues name, especially not in English, but I remember an acquaintance who had an issue with her inner organs too. It's not really a disease but more of a issue with the.. tissue and happens after trauma like operations or accidents. It's due to the belly and organs tissue not healing accordingly but somehow growing all over the place and sticking together causing all kinds of issues and sometimes needing follow up operations which can cause new tissue-connections. If Venus had an abscess and operation on South Korea first, second operation after, now third..could be an explanation. But at this point merely speculation.

No. 487499


can the girl get out of the hospital and have some time to recover first? Sheesh.

No. 487502

Well… the problem with the issue I was talking about, referring to the “intestines removed!!!” Narc blowup is something that keeps recurring. It’s an inflammatory bowel disease (not to be confused with the much more popular and not an actual problem IBS or irritable bowel syndrome) and is a systemic problem; it keeps coming back. So when she was sick in Korea, and also sick a year ago and the doctors had hoped she would just get better (which it did), and sick now is all the sameness issue, and it doesn’t have a cure. You can only treat the symptoms and try to keep the disease from killing the patient ie sepsis, tissue necrosis, and eventually removing the affected bits of dead tissue. Problem is, you only have so much colon/intestine you can remove before it become unviable, and the afflicted person has to have a colonostromy bag attached.

And it’s not an outpatient procedure like a colonoscopy/endoscopy, which is barely an outpatient procedure itself. You’re going to be held and monitored until the doctors are sure your body can handle having part of its internal organs removed.

No. 487503

oh please it would take about 5 minutes of her precious time to type out what is going on with her health on instagram.

No. 487504

> - I wouldn't know the medical issues name,
Are you talking about adhesions? That’s when excess scar tissue forms at the site of a previous problem and if it’s in the bowel it can cause obstruction with accompanying pain and vomiting. I don’t think that was her problem though because she would have had a naso gastric tube hooked up to suction if she had an obstruction from adhesions.

No. 487506

what part of posting your dumb weaboo antics =/= having to post your whole private life is so hard to understand anon?

If you're that desperate then go visit her at the hospital or something.

No. 487507

>the intestines removal myth from Margo refers to a timeline when Venus lived with Marge in sk.
I thought it was from when she was hospitalized with sepsis in Japan in the spring/summer of 2016, that’s when margo claims she had her “weight loss surgery.”

No. 487508


Seconding this. You have the correct timeline here, anon. The intestine removal myth was when she experienced sepsis in 2016.

No. 487511


the girl just had major surgery, i know you're probably a low empathy autist but ffs

No. 487512

Well, regardless, IBD is still recurring, meaning whatever she has (if it is an IBD that is) will keep coming back. It’s non curable, your immune system swing part of your own body as a foreign object and attempting to expel it. You tend to lose a lot of weight bc you have a lot of problems with absorbing nutrients; your body will keep rejecting whatever you’re eating because it thinks it’s a dangerous substance you’re ingesting.

No. 487513

"much more popular and not an actual problem IBS or irritable bowel syndrome"

Whoa whoa whoa anon. IBS can cause major medical issues, and even result in surgery, especially if it's IBS-C (constipation). You can get complete intestinal blockages and ruptures. IBS is not just farting and shitting a lot, it can be debilitating.

No. 487520

Do either of these two (IBS or IBD) cause you to vomit constantly/not be able to keep anything down for weeks at a time though?

No. 487526

No, IBD (which includes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis) does not cause vomiting. It involves the lower GI tract and the symptoms do not include vomiting.

No. 487527

This isn't completely true. During a severe flare up, the intestines can wind up blocked for a variety of reasons. Vomiting is basically inevitable as the waste has to go somewhere.

Here's hoping for big milk, I want to be distracted from speculating about what's up with Venus.

No. 487528

> During a severe flare up, the intestines can wind up blocked
Not for weeks at a time while inpatient in the hospital though. She couldn’t keep anything down the whole time she was there before her surgery. If she was obstructed they would have put in a naso gastric tube to suction her stomach out and they wouldn’t allow her to drink or eat anything (like when she went out with Taylor and had shaved ice.) You’re not allowed that if you have an obstruction.

No. 487529

Marge is slipping. Only 12 comments on her latest instagram post (the mega filtered glamour shot.) She’ll either have to dig up some more pics of Venus or sink into (well deserved) oblivion.

No. 487532


I have severe Crohn's and vomiting can in fact be part of the symptoms. Crohn's can affect any part of the GI tract from the mouth to the anus, but most commonly the small bowel.
When mine was not being properly treated (when I was around Venus' age in fact) I had enormous difficulty in keeping solid food down. I vomited very frequently.

No. 487534

Yeah, I’ve seen comments about this theory too and it seems plausible. Someone on Insta described their previous Chron’s symptoms and they matched Venus’. It makes a lot more sense to me then the pregnancy rumours etc.

No. 487535


Yes I can confirm - I'm on steriods currently after a bad flare of ulcerative colitis, moon face here as well. I've suspected Venus had IBD for a while and it comes and goes, I can eat "normally" for years and then a bad flare will wipe me out. From her stay and what she has said so far it wouldn't surprise me if she's had a section of her bowel removed - does that mean Margo is essentially right about one of her bonkers claims? Obviously for completely different reasons than she stated!

No. 487543


It takes a lot of time and mental energy to process having a lifelong, incurable condition, disclosing it publicly can have repercussions for work, travel insurance, even getting a mortgage. She's not even left hospital yet, she has her psycho mother twisting every scrap of information about her life into some crazy conspiracy about her husband, I think we can cut the girl some slack on this one.

No. 487553

>inb4 dense anon comes up with "buuuuut weenoos doesn't work and why would she get travel insurances and mortgages uwu uwu uwu"

Place your bets for the next post:
>sex selfie
>butt selfie
>cutting or frying her hair
>more ~proofs~
>another store video

No. 487570

>more filtered to fuck and back glamor shots (because she so sexy)

No. 487591


I'm rooting for hair frying. Let the cunt go bald.

No. 487616

I know this a broken record, but it's amazing how the first line definition of a narc parent defines Margaret. even the more i read, the more it paints a perfect picture of her
>Typically narcissistic parents are exclusively and possessively close to their children and may be especially envious of, and threatened by, their child's growing independence
for someone who dishes out "diagnosis" for literally everybody including people who comment only once on her instagram, she should be able to self-diagnose herself with this if she only read 30 seconds of the descriptions

No. 487631

>takes a lot of time and mental energy to process having a lifelong, incurable condition,
IF she even has one.

No. 487633

3 days later and a grand total of 12 comments on this post. And less than 200 likes (half as many as her Venus pics got.) This poor loser can barely get any attention on her own no matter how many filters she piles on.

No. 487691

File: 1518398134691.jpeg (605.56 KB, 1457x1182, 9F6C1B05-672D-4297-B24E-AF7638…)

>Place your bets for the next post:
and it’s none of the above but a

>look how unbothered I am

pic. Her legs are so Fing gross. getting thicker and more deformed looking all the time.

No. 487763

File: 1518451791436.png (515.57 KB, 1366x647, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)


>I'll just pretend idgaf about Venus anymore :^)

No. 487766

Such a carefree fun-loving person! Who could possibly say mean things about her?

No. 487789

jfc of course she's in gay, gay Itaewon! That's where all the fun/new/edgy kids meet! I'm hoping for some drunken rambling in the near future about how Venoos destroyed her youth/life/finances, and she's obligated to at least give her mama a place to sleep.

What are the chances that she's actually moving on and trying to sink her claws into a Korean gymrat and have him schlep her gross ass around? I mean, Venus is her daughter, so you'd think she wouldn't forget about her so easily, but then again, Narcs have trouble thinking about anything other than themselves.

No. 487815

I’m sure she’d love to but she’s too old, too ugly and too crazy to snag a Korean spouse visa.

No. 487820

File: 1518477323568.png (841.54 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-02-12-18-15-02.p…)


No. 487824

It's already gone

No. 487827

She’s mad that her dreams have all been shot to shit and she’s living an almost homeless nightmare, barely scraping by with no future while her daughter has everything she wishes she had: a marriage, friends, a visa, financial security, health insurance and a life. #letitout marge, you’re a massive failure.

She can’t keep the crazy in check for more than a few days at a time.

No. 487841


Margo also posted a video on her channel with random memems (including this >>487820 and all that have been posted on her Instagram and deleted right after and much more) but it got deleted for harmful content and now she acts like it's all the haters hating on her and it was just "a good laugh therapy :))"

>I wanted to post it here but I couldn't and now it's gone …

No. 487852

Since the site was down I downloaded it, where should I upload it?

No. 487853

File: 1518563945101.jpeg (95.09 KB, 350x476, BD3006F1-EB0A-497E-A1DD-63ED75…)

She’s now claiming she voluntarily made it private because of “hurt feelings.” Nasty old lying hag. Like she’d really voluntarily do that.

No. 487854

File: 1518563973634.jpeg (91.73 KB, 350x480, BAB1B798-DEB4-47D8-B69F-74117F…)

No. 487856

File: 1518564039958.jpeg (88.82 KB, 350x348, 289A6DE3-0D89-43C3-B831-EE9876…)

No. 487857

File: 1518564077376.jpeg (38.28 KB, 350x243, 9DFAC396-C247-41BF-BF26-D6C93A…)

No. 487858

File: 1518564159991.jpeg (103.26 KB, 350x457, 23A149EC-DC90-44F2-98AD-0CD7EE…)

No. 487860

File: 1518564348811.jpeg (95.06 KB, 350x451, DAD25AD2-6AEE-4F68-BC12-896A91…)

She’s so bitter and envious of Venus and Manaki it’s eating her up inside. She must have spent hours putting these lame memes together, all alone in her little rented cubicle. What a sad waste of a human.

No. 487861

File: 1518564474550.jpeg (47.49 KB, 350x210, 24B39395-E388-473F-8712-F1DBD8…)

VENOOS removed her intestines to lose weight

No. 487862

File: 1518564588888.jpeg (41.43 KB, 350x236, 6B8C7AE1-1552-4003-B8D8-505466…)

and the latest one she’s glommed onto: VENOOS gave up college to live in Japan. Bitch, please. Like you ever gave a shit about Venus’s education.

No. 487865

File: 1518564805072.jpeg (56.54 KB, 300x224, 1C0F2F28-9AF0-44A3-8614-38D0BC…)

No. 487866

File: 1518564825117.jpeg (49.6 KB, 300x330, 8AAB023C-39F9-45C9-8A7E-F91D89…)

No. 487867

File: 1518564848689.jpeg (46.31 KB, 300x296, 6FE37114-1754-4B85-8E6F-273F20…)

No. 487868

File: 1518564873828.jpeg (82.34 KB, 300x412, FA7DF8C5-E3A0-4DD7-AE4A-A4E5D1…)

No. 487871

are these all the memes from Margo's video, or what?

No. 487874

They are all from marge’s video, yes. There were more but I didn’t screenshot them all.

No. 487875

Is she actually fucking retarded? Most of these are doing it wrong and I'm pissed it's not there for everyone to fucking laugh at her retarded broke brain monkey vocabulary where she thinks she speaks English but really doesn't.

No. 487878

d.tube or vimeo please

No. 487880

I hope this works: https://vimeo.com/255657917
I've never uploaded anything before so I'm sorry if I did anything wrong!
The music she used makes this video kind of unsettling..

No. 487886

>kind of unsettling
ya think?
It’s unsettling with or without the music. The woman is fucking obsessed.
You did good with the download though.

No. 487889

>I'm pissed it's not there for everyone to fucking laugh at
In the short time it was up there were twice as many deleted comments as the ones she left, so a lot of people agreed with you.

No. 487892

File: 1518575054083.png (111.41 KB, 542x534, potkettle.png)

Is this suppose to be about Manaki? Does she forget that she tricked youtube into giving her Venus' address and tried to break into it with tools?

No. 487894

Yeah this is ironic coming from Marge the master stalker of Venus and Manaki for two years.

No. 487900


WoW margo u So rAnDum xD!!! You just discovered knowyourmeme, right?

Oh dear anon! but she was trying to rescue poor Venoos from brainwasher evil trans Manaki! Means justify the ends!

yeah not a single one of these makes fucking sense.