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File: 1458787429907.jpg (152.24 KB, 871x559, Margo - new caption birthday p…)

No. 252056

Last thread reached it's limit

Our favorite nightmare momager is still stalking her daughter around the Shibuya / Harajuku neighborhoods of Tokyo, hoping to snatch up her daughter and rescue "her" macbook full of 50 youtube videos and maggot's original songs.

No. 252058

Cant wait til the boring maggot slimey milk is over, I hope venus will produce some delicious milk out of her legal titties

No. 252059

Here's a link to the pastebin with a transcript from Margo's latest video of "truth", plus the caption she write for it:


No. 252060

>You know you can delete your double posts, yeah?
Since you care so much you could also just refresh the page to notice I have already immediately deleted the double post the moment it happened, yeah?

No. 252062

File: 1458787706315.png (86.33 KB, 341x529, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.21…)

Mags is currently in her insta comments, telling people of her ungrateful child and her damaged hair (because she's a stupid cunt and can't buy toner - johns don't pay top yen for jacked up middle aged hookers, Margendo. Get with it)

No. 252063

Wait why did you reposted this

No. 252064

File: 1458787733873.png (98.96 KB, 349x530, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.16…)

No. 252065

File: 1458787745576.png (108.92 KB, 351x531, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.17…)

No. 252066

File: 1458787755603.png (99.54 KB, 337x552, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.17…)

No. 252067


… because it's a new thread, and it gives a synopsis of where things are at without writing a novel. People may not want to trawl through the old thread to figure out where things are at.

No. 252068

Fuck why the fuck is everything reposted?

No. 252070


The last thread hit it's post limit right after I posted these last 2-3 pics. I started a new one with them. If you're talking about the cover photo, as long as it has Mag's ugly mug in it, it doesn't matter when it's from, yeah?

No. 252071

You know that you could have put all the photos from the previous thread in one fucking post, yeah?

No. 252077

Not the op. But I thought you could only post one pic per post.

No. 252084


You are correct.

No. 252088

Her new hair colour looks like she's attempting a Scully cosplay and failing miserably

No. 252091

please stop being a salty piece of shit

No. 252120

No. 252133

No one is buying her shit. NO ONE. She's getting her ass handed to her all over the comments of her last 2 videos and on IG.

And yet…

"Time is on my side." Okaayyy, maggs.

No. 252141


It's a sick, sad day when Margo turns out to be the least insane commenter on an Instagram post.

No. 252144

File: 1458793974393.png (102.79 KB, 347x551, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.30…)


Well, ALMOST no one. Never underestimate the number of whack jobs out there, looking for solidarity in stupidity

1/2 of some of magoo's asslickers, who have, according to mags, restored her faith in humanity

No. 252145

File: 1458793984963.png (101.12 KB, 343x544, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.31…)

No. 252148

the capacity of dumb people to project is astounding.

No. 252151

Hahaha the margarrhoid on IG aka her Happy Place where she can block the haterss: "I'm BULLIED and she lives happily ever after using what she STOLE from MEEE!!! waaahhhhh…"

No. 252154

OP, Maggot just bleached her hair before the last thread ended. Why post this old pic, it's boring as well as out of date. /end grumble

No. 252155

i love all these names
is there a list compiled of them?

No. 252158

File: 1458796934199.png (80.46 KB, 323x556, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.2…)

Uh, when the hell did Venus "confirm her bmi of 16", Margendo??

No. 252159

Her engrish sucks, she probably meant that weenos "admitted" this to her or something.

No. 252160


"And the worst part is: my child is living HAPPILY EVER AFTER! It's a mother's worst nightmare!"

Honestly, she can't even keep her "loving mother who gave everything for her child" persona up for 5 minutes running.

No. 252161

Is repeating the same thing over and over what we do when there is no milk?

No. 252162

that or personal blogging, or copy-pasting diagnostic criteria. ugh.

No. 252172

"Weenoos is HAPPY! How dare she??!!"
>Just wait Weenoos. I get even
>Posts pic of restaurant lighting fixture hashtagged #restaurant

No. 252173

File: 1458802394208.png (603.69 KB, 914x593, Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.5…)

"I eat at fancy restaurant, Venoos!"

Totally not an escort.

No. 252174

Notice how mags is never, ever allowed to take photos of her "friends" faces when she goes to these fancy hotels and restaurants. Hmm.

No. 252175

They are her mind friends.

No. 252176

Oh a lamp? Glad you told us, Margs. We may have though it was some aliens in their space craft come to take you away.

No. 252178

>We may have though it was some aliens in their space craft come to take you away.

one can always dream

No. 252180

This made me cringe so much
I prefer Margo to be the cow, I hope Venus can just go on being a normal human now

No. 252183

File: 1458804094482.png (74.54 KB, 320x536, Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.1…)

Mags got a few shots in on her way to her outcall date. Now mags is not only convinced Venoos is a "psychopath" from her "micromimics" in the video where she explained her abuse - magro says anyone with enough life experience can see that VENOOS IS LAUGHING AT MAGS, not chocked up. If you pause the frames just right. And smoke crack.

No. 252186


Just a side note; people like this @chu_face person? They become abusers because to them, whatever was inflicted on them was worse than what they're doing to you, so you can't complain about it, ever.

No. 252188

>my abuse is worse that your abuse
It's a constant pissing against the wall competition with these types of people. We have all had fucked up things happen to us, there is no need to compare notes JFC

No. 252189

>police and cut records watches micromimimcs

Also! Aliens on the astral plane. Lizard people.

>time is on my side

I'm a busted forty year old with no job, no prospects, and no real friends, stalking my teen daughter. But it's okay, time in on my side!

No. 252190

But it's ok, we are a bunch of Farmers stalking Margo stalking Venus. We just need Venus to start coming to Lolcow and the circle will be complete.

No. 252192

Omg, yaaaaas someone on mag's "not final form" pic linked her to an estranged parents article. If y'all haven't visited an estranged parents forum yet, it's where narcissistic abusive parents wail about their cruel children to one another. They're both brutal and fascinating. Like thousands of mags all competing for the bottom of the parenting heap at once. I don't want venus to get killed, but I do like when mags is spurred to pour milk. Conundrum.

No. 252194

How the fuck are we stalking Margo if all we do is read the shit she publicly posts online? News flash, if you publish something, people might see it and talk about it.

No. 252195

Yeah, I love all these nicknames given to her too. From my memory, there's: Mags, Margo/Margroo/MargOs, Maggot, Margroot, Margendo.

No. 252198

come on man don't leave out my little special, Margoyle

this reminds me of that song

>Time was on my side when I was running down the street, it was so fine fine fine

>Yes you were born, born, borrrrrn

>Bohn to be alive

i wish she would make a cover of it lmao

No. 252201

File: 1458811229656.png (52.68 KB, 307x315, Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 2.18…)

Well, Mags saw the link to the (accurate and useful) article for estranged parents. But you see, none of this applies to magoo! Her case is special; there was a master minded plan months in development against her, which she solved piece by piece like the fucking FBI. Even though she can't read or speak Japanese. But she KNOWS it was a plot.

No. 252202

Persecution complex much?

No. 252203

I call her Margles sometimes too.

No. 252204

yes it was a plot margo, a plot for an adult family member to be happy without you.

No. 252205

ok just read that article. it's pretty useful for Mags, but no no no, it doesn't apply. your daughter left you Margs, you are exactly who this article is written for.

No. 252206


Maybe it was all a plot by njm to get margo into the sex industry?

No. 252208

I can't wait till she connects the dots. They all lead to camming or the river, Margs.

No. 252209

The EVIL PLAN is back! And now we learn that it was hatched for MONTHS.. in SECRET MESSAGES.. but the plot has been uncovered by brave and ever-vigilant Maggot…who will now reveal it to the world! And when the world finally knows the TRUTH all will rush to her side, and Veenos will be RUINED..and justice will at long last be served.

This is how the maggot comforts herself in her darkest moments, on the floor of the communal sleeping room. Sweet revenge.

No. 252212

What about camming IN the river?

No. 252215

white water camming

No. 252220

njm needs to advise on the river monster fetish market

No. 252221

File: 1458818871351.jpg (98.74 KB, 312x504, Satanist.jpg)

Does Marg not get sarcasm?

No. 252222

what part of 'satanist' does she not understand? Marge's english skills are disappearing with her peace of mind.

No. 252223

waiting for her to pretend to have a degree as a psychologist or profiler.

No. 252224

Margo presents herself as a free spirit type (magical thinking, thoth tarot, binarial beats etc). Like a edgy teenager, she probably associates "satanic" with "cool" and takes it as a complement.

Meanwhile I did a bit of googling, apparently you need empathy to get sarcasm.

Ive been waiting for her to post caps of these perceived micromimics on her insta

No. 252225

File: 1458821262806.jpg (63.14 KB, 815x611, satanicmaggot.jpg)

Didn't she claim a while ago to be a satanist? kek

No. 252227

If she did, I missed it.

No wonder she got on so well with her Jesus-Church famil.

Then she sucks up to her Dad when she needs the money.

Classic Margo

No. 252229

That at forty she's still as terminally edgy as a thirteen year old is just more proof she has a slew of undiagnosed personality disorders.

No. 252232

People who statistically score low on IQ tests also have issues detecting sarcasm, parody, satire and irony.

No. 252241

I doubt Margles has a low IQ. it's her emotional intelligence that is fucked up.

No. 252242

>need empathy to understand sarcasm

Not entirely I'd imagine, since socio/psychopaths can understand sarcasm (for the record I'm not trying to armchair imply margo is one - I'd argue she's not)

Though I do agree margo is low in empathy, I think her misunderstanding comes from her various delusions/language barrier

Even as someone who is familiar with practicing mental gymnastics, people as delusional as margo never stop being interesting. I wish we could better understand the method to her madness - is there an initial denial that manifests into these delusions? A lie she tells til even she believes it? Or does her mind never, at any point, conceive reality, never really twisting it - but viewing it in this distorted fashion to begin with?

I wish venoos would lie and tell margs she could have everything if she'd get prof help. Then not let her back in anyway and spill the diagnostic deets on us

No. 252246

Agree, she's not as stupid as a rock, she's just really crazy. And therefore all the more dangerous.

No. 252256

She's so deep into looking for clues that she'll deny the greater reality which is her daughter has left her, for good. The kind commenter who provided that link is brushed aside bc Margo's denial is so strong. People who go that deep into denial aren't rational about what they do next…

No. 252266

And another thread has become an instagram livefeed of a lolcow producing barely skimmed milk. This slowly is becoming a fansite.

No. 252271

Yeah, Margendo is just vomiting the same shit she has been for weeks now. Nothing new has really happened, and even her truth videos were a snoozefest.

No. 252283

I really hope it will get lulzy again when maggot has to leave japan or overstays her visa. At this point she will lose it again, but right now she is just craving for attention and asian dick.

No. 252289

What if she marries?

No. 252294


well then I hope she will spill some quality milk again.
Imagine she would gets preggo by some random japanese dude.

No. 252334

As Maggot loves to diagnose others, I may do the same for her and it just struck me that she could very well be paranoid schizophrenic.
My grandmother suffered from this and I really see some (most) of the traits fitting Margo like a glove:

"People with paranoid shchizophrenia may have mistaken beliefs (delusions) that one or more people are plotting against them (…)"

"difficult or impossible for others to convince them they are not target of a plot"

"(…) spend a lot of time thinking about how to protect themselves from the person or people that are trying to harm them"

Becoming social isolated
Feeling tense, suspicious
Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance (grandios delusions)
Having unrealistic feels of jealousy (delusional jealousy)

No. 252341

lmao, no.

ps is often distinguished by how bizarre the delusions are

try looking at videos by "effectsofmaledominance" to get a better picture. she tries to record her hallucinations.

vid very related

No. 252349

Nah it's not the same for everyone. As I said my grandmother had it and she "only" was paranoid about that everyone is talking behind her back. for that reason she didn't leave her flat anymore and no one was allowed to visit her, even her own family and the grandchildren, a toddler and a 8 year old were suspected of gossiping or conspiracing about her.
It doesn't need to be especially crazy or grand. Sometimes it's just simple like that. Nowhere is stated it has to be "crazy" - where does "crazy" even start?
Not saying Marget is, but she very well could be. Not severe yet, but that can change too

No. 252350


No. 252351

i forgot to add that she later blogged about how he was coughing AT her, to somehow imply that her vagina smells?

while it's true that margoyle is very delusional, not all delusions are schizophrenia symptoms. the shit about micromimics, venus plotting, etc etc are very similar to paranoid symptoms and have Some bizarre quality to them but not in the same way that it is expressed in those with ps, all this leads me to believe it's just convenient for her to throw around these buzzwords. her claims and vernacular just aren't colorful enough. i'd also recommend gail chord schuler's videos/wiki (? the page has since vanished)

im not good at articulating this as it has been a while since i read the article, its interesting to note that what constitutes a "bizarre delusion" has changed since, close encounters and alien abductions were a common theme but it isn't like that today.

i think it would be best to take this to /b/

No. 252354

>she is nearly laughing

Dat paranoia

No. 252356


In that video Venus is so clearly ready to cry, gets choked up, then makes a cut edit so no one sees her actually cry. The cognitive dissonance Marge has between what is actually going on, and what maggot sees and interprets, is astounding.

Same with the "Evil Plot" messages. V and M talk about how Margo is important to Venus, and how they don't want to hurt Margo's feelings? EVIL PLOT AGAINST MARGO. I'll bet the whole thing was in code; thank god Margaret caught on in time.

No. 252363

File: 1458848053276.png (1022.59 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

Venus is still a weeb and still an ita.

No. 252366

Water is wet. What did you expect anon? Her to magically changed into a normal person with better fashion sense? Everyone already knew this.

No. 252379

File: 1458851284720.jpg (109.54 KB, 914x598, arthoe.JPG)

maggot could just sell some of her ~brilliant~ art to get some money since she is such talented painter.

No. 252382

For a contemporary point of view - her art is reasonably good.

No. 252383

What it looks like inside Margos head

No. 252384

Same fagging but if she tried to get into a proper university course and studied Fine Art - she would have a chance to exhibition her work and she would probably pass easily; especially seeming as the Teachers love things like her Cthulhu video, a show by her would probably be quite interesting.

No. 252388

This is a mess.

No. 252389

I like it tbh

No. 252390

lol, why are we believing that it's actually her art? we know she's a flaming liar

No. 252391

I thought we were going to give up trying to diagnose the maggot via internet? It can't be done. That said it's clear that she has 'issues' and that they are getting worse. Her obsession and fixation, delusions and distorted perceptions and thought processes are obvious. As are her actions…chasing Venus to Japan and still being there 6 weeks later. She's batshit. No need to pick a diagnosis unless you're a doctor who has evaluated her in person.

I'm just waiting to see what she does next. Sorry if you're bored with her, some of us are not. I love an internet crazy.

No. 252394

Even IF the painting is hers - and that's a big maybe - having something in a cafe or someone but a piece once isn't a big deal. I've had multiple art shows and have pieces in collections from high school and college. It's not a big thing, and people normally pay under $100 us for such things. She's acting like she's fucking Picasso (and that piece is a blatant Picasso/ expressionist rip off).

No. 252396

Jesus marge are you turning against yourself? Your painting is pretty good.

No. 252397

Agree. Its not that hard to get your painting up in a cafe or bar. All you have to do is ask the owner. its that easy.

Is that a signature in the lower left? I wish I could see it better. Plus honestly the painting isnt that great and I dont mean because its abstract, but I can see its blotchy, and that the artist was having trouble with making smooth curves. I like the concept though.
sage for useless art critique.

No. 252398

so, anyone feel like asking her if she has any plans to marry now that the oh so evil and picky venoos isn't there bullying and denying her men anymore?

maybe one of her 'friends' could set her up in a group date! so japanese!

No. 252400

I think NJM suggested marriage/catching a man a while back. Since this Maguro Art has emerged I think Margs should paint her recent experiences as a kind of therapy. It could be the exhibition of the year in art circles - while I was in Tokyo a few years back I met a guy there scouting for artists who do crazy shit.

We could have:
Denny's Parfait
Venus With (My) Suitcase
I Would Walk 15kms
My Friend With No Face (Spanish Chef)

No. 252403

But I would walk 9,321 miles
And I would walk 9,321 more
Just to be the woman who walks a 9,321 miles
To fall down at my daughters door ??

No. 252410


When you go will you send back
My suitcase from from Akihabara?
Take a look up the river
From Shinjuku to Shibuya

No. 252413

typical bedlam art style

No. 252414

Contemporary art anon here. It's resolved and complete but it offers nothing of substance. She's capable but wouldn't get that into anywhere credible. Cafes and foyers are the best she can aspire to.

I studied the art of the mentally ill when I was younger and have also been to the outsider art museum in Paris. It's giving me very that. Not psychosis or disability, but mental disturbance. Those acid trip faces like I see in the middle tend to come up a bit.

Anyway, like her wedding dress I don't really doubt her story. Margo seems quite intelligent and capable of creating. She's just not good at life and realtionships.

No. 252415

ha ha there I was trying to dance around the point. it's very bedlam.

No. 252417

Anyone notice that "the PLAN" that started out as "the DARK plan" is now "the EVIL plan"? She's escalating.

No. 252418

There is this vibe about her of picking up/collecting things then discarding them when she is bored or something else comes along. Like, she can sew a wedding dress, she can create passable art, she is a qualified radiologist and fitness instructor. She has also moved countries continuously like she is looking for the next thing to take her fancy.

Venus up and leaving has upset Margo to no end because Margo hasn't decided to end it, someone else has.

No. 252419

Now waiting on the Nefarious Plan and for Manaki to be referred to as Number One Henchman

No. 252424

yes, like she has this creative energy and intelligence but she hasn't found a positive direction in life, and it's everybody else's fault. she has channeled this energy into negativity.

No. 252428

Geez now I feel sorry for her.

No. 252434

Supervilluans usually have a shitty backstory. Margo is an adult and has the resources to make correct decisions. She chooses not to because it's too hard. It's far more easier to blame everything else. Holding up a mirror to ones self and looking into it critically is difficult but it is how to improve as a person. Margo looks in the mirror the mirror and believes the lie that she is the fairest of the, all.

No. 252435

Putting everything aside, it's quite sad to see an intelligent, capable person discard things continuously like this. So much wasted potential. Her being insane just makes this sadder, IMO. Like when earthquakes destroy historical monuments.

damn it magoo you could have had it all

No. 252436

Intelligent? Capable? Creative? Where are you seeing this?? Who are you people and what are you smoking? LOL

No. 252437

I honestly don't think Maggot is intelligent at all. She can't even master one language, even though talking them for years (decades)

No. 252442

I'm just going off the other post's hypothesis that Margo actually made her wedding dress/can paint/is a radiologist/fitness trainer/yada yada (and didn't half ass any of these things, even though she probably did) and is telling the truth about it. I don't know why but I don't think she's that stupid, just crazy and delusional. She's extremely calculating, a dumb person can't live the life she led so far.

No. 252444

Margo is stupid because she's driven by her emotions rather than reason. If she wants to be a cunning bitch, she could at least not continuously incriminate herself. That said I do respect the fact she was able to emigrate to so many countries and make a living there.

…but still. If she had only been silent since Venus left, maybe she would have actually been to sway public opinion better.

No. 252448

Her incriminating herself has a lot to do with emotions, which is something she can't into it. Like admitting to collecting blackmail material on her daughter, on one side it's pretty cunning, on the other it's monstrous. She twists the truth and ends up contradicting herself, but has she ever lied? Like flat-out made up something? I can't remember.

No. 252455

I'm one who said that and it's not a white knight. These adjectives are neither positive or negative. Hitler was intelligent, doesn't mean he was a good or sane person. There's not a necessary correlation between intelligence, niceness, or sanity.

The anon who started this is trying to imply Margo has a low IQ. Please. I'm not saying marge' is a genius, just that she's not some unintelligent fuck up like Mira (low IQ) or Kailyn (even lower).

Being a mentally ill fuck up with zero emotional intelligence will not get you far in life, even if you reached Mensa level with your intelligence.

Creativity is a basic human function, anyone at a certain level can achieve something creative and technical, like sewing a dress (Kailyn couldn't do that but she's not normal). It is no great achievement in life to paint one or two average paintings, but it is more than some can do. Creativity is not artistry.

Don't get your knickers in a twist about it. Trying to insist Maggot is retarded only makes us anons look stupid.

No. 252456

Problem is, we can't know lies outright since none of us know either her or Venus irl. But I guess there are inconsistencies. The airport thing comes to mind. First it was Margo meeting Venus at the airport, but only this month she claimed Manaki was there too after all. For someone so forthright with all the smallest details of this shitty situation, it's weird she withheld that detail. She only brought that up around the time she also claimed Manaki is being the one abused by Venus. Which also makes no sense considering she started off claiming Manaki was abusing Venus.

No. 252457

I'd label that 'lazy' rather than dumb. If you are just going through the motions of something to keep your visa current you aren't going to be invested in it. Why put effort into it when it is a means to an end and you'll be moving on in a year or two anyway?

No. 252458

I'm not suggesting Maggot is a) an artist or b) a genius.

Assuming she could not possibly make an ill-fitting wedding dress using a dress pattern, please.

No one is going to convince me she's Kailyn-level.

/ saged for additonal rant

No. 252459

"able to emigrate to so many countries and make a living there" "make a living" really? Living off her daughter's Youtube $$ = making a living = admirable somehow?

No. 252460

Locking up the laptop containing all her "years of work!/art/photos/songs" to spite her daughter: NOT INTELLIGENT.

No. 252461

Yeah mooching might not have been the most impressive things to do, but I've moved around countries myself - even besides work, shit's tough.

No. 252462

Has she ever lied? LOL
the bitch's lies are too numerous to count. Let's start with this one- "Veenoos bullied other Youtubers!" It's been documented that maggot is the one who did this.

I can't believe I'm having to argue this shit.

No. 252463

Cunning and intelligence are two very different things. Maggot is cunning like a street rat. Not intelligent.

No. 252464

Her story was Venus and Manaki "grabbed" at her bags. Then V was the only one to meet her. After Margo held Venus security came and Venus ran off to join manaki in a car.

Shes been anti Manakifor a while. It was strange because Manaki was being polite towards her at the time.

No. 252465

I guess in Margo's mind it was done whilst logged into Venus' account, so while Margo may have written the words it was 'Venus' who said it. That way Margo can 'technically' say it was Venus making those statements and no one can prove otherwise. To Margo it's not a lie. It's one way nut jobs like her twist the truth to deflect blame and fault away from themselves.

No. 252466

File: 1458879482774.jpg (77.64 KB, 595x303, Mensa.jpg)

Your post reminded me of this.

No. 252467

she should go back to using that twitter photo, better than anything she has now

No. 252468

Margaret Palermo, PI

No. 252470

File: 1458881940954.png (475.38 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160325-005211.png)

Not intelligent: email popular Youtubers in Japan with identical clueless message begging to be hired as "celebrity manager"-
have them post your emails on Twitter and laugh

No. 252473

File: 1458882253770.png (563.41 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160325-010041.png)

Here's the one she sent to Micaela. Apparently under the impression Micaela has her own "network."
Very intelligent (not)

No. 252475

File: 1458882361761.png (824.36 KB, 923x596, Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.0…)

Mags, let your crazy flow. We're bored. Stop shooting #flowers and lose your shit on an asian john who learns too late that his euroMILF (ugh) is a bag of crazy.

No. 252478

File: 1458882921049.png (81.59 KB, 339x476, Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.1…)

Oh, and nicejewishmama is hitting up Venus with her "business opportunities" now. Do we have consensus on whether this… person is a troll, or a very fucked up individual in their own right?

No. 252481

Same pattern: lose her shit/unleash the crazy → post some "look at the pretty flowes/scenery!" pics.

No. 252483

NJM plz

No. 252487


she shouls try painting some river scenery

No. 252489

in watercolor

No. 252491

I used to believe NJM was an undercover farmer trolling margo, but now I start believing it is some Laura Southworth-tier loon

No. 252494

I wonder how it makes Maggot feel when she sees njm courting Venus now instead of her. LoL

No. 252497

Idk if yall are NJM or if yall are stupid but NJM is definitely a farmer and I think she is a weaboo muslim african american either pretending she is a jew or really think she is a jew, either way, it doesn't matter, she is trolling, I can spot black trolls from miles far as I used to be one. Also for anyone who found her username funny (I did) it is not unique as I see she got inspired by a video. Case solved, so no margo will not enter porn nor will venus. Their manager will not be NJM at least as she does not exist.

No. 252500

Meanwhile on IG- the evil mastermind/pedophile stalker Manaki has posted an evil pic and is clearly evil.

No. 252502

File: 1458891309356.png (189.41 KB, 302x300, metoo.png)

me too, man

No. 252503

Weather or not njm is a farmer or not, from Maggots perspective njm was a supporter. And now she is giving her daughter attention instead. That's all I meant.

No. 252508


What if Magoo has been doing some plotting of her own and is using Njm to get Venus' adress?

No. 252509

If so, margo is just as stupidand run by her emotions as she's always been. Venus has a management company to vet business opportunities; she's not reliant on Internet randos for viable income opportunities. Only unstable whack jobs like mags are interested in the kind of overtures NJM makes.

No. 252510

Side note: venus got 1,000,000 views on her "real accent" video in a single week. Methinks her momager was straight holding her back. DAMN.

No. 252511

Wow, I had to check because I thought that must be a typo…1M views! That's insane.

No. 252516


If Venus was stupid enough to give her address to an internet troll who wants her to do porn, she wouldn't be alive right now.

No. 252517

Am I the only who thinks that her videos are shitty? All of them. She cant focus the camera and everything is filmed in this weird angle ._. She cant even vlog.

No. 252519

You're not the only one.

No. 252521


I don't understand why she got 1Mil views. It wasn't such special video?

But on the other side I'm happy because I know maggot will hates to see her shining without her.

No. 252527

I can hear the sound of margg's gnashing teeth from across the ocean. LOL maggottt

No. 252529

"Fat is just a feeling, most of you probably don't need to lose weight" is she trying really hard to hide her bulimia?

No. 252530

15 seconds in and I can tell she's gonna troll.

No. 252532


I never heard about the warm yogurt thing? sounds a bit ewww

No. 252535


What irritates me is that she probably does have some kind of ED and in a years time people will start feeling sorry for her. Shouldnt her superhero Husbando Manaki be helping her? I cant wait for all the white knights to jump in and defend her.

Still not a fan of her even if she has ditched her cunt mother. Yes yes anons, i know, go away if you dont like her videos. But whatever people can have opinions.

No. 252537

What proof of her having an eating disorder do you have?

No. 252540

Pixielocks just commented on her video (she liked it.) Is this a good or bad thing?

No. 252541


screenshot plz

No. 252542

File: 1458915532778.png (705.41 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160325-101708.png)

Good? bad?

No. 252544

Its apparently a japanese thing (?)

No. 252545

Jillian will ride anyone's tail to get a tiny bit of spotlight. She also always tries to grab the most attention for herself out of someone else's situation/success/drama/ANYTHING, so Venus should be advised to ignore her.

No. 252548

File: 1458916955549.jpg (55.99 KB, 337x367, 1311626491256.jpg)


>I think she is a weaboo muslim african american either pretending she is a jew or really think she is a jew

No. 252554

>"Eating a cookie won't kill you. Stress will."
That was a really good thing to say, though. Young people need to hear these kind of things.

No. 252581

File: 1458927886994.png (67.46 KB, 333x596, margo2.png)

Has this been posted before?

No. 252582

File: 1458928153242.jpg (25.98 KB, 262x228, NA-BU806A_DIABE_D_201301271648…)

No they don't, fatty.

No. 252598

>Fat is just a feeling
It can be, but most people are in denial now a days about how fat they are. They'll say chubby when they're closer to obese range. I think Venus does have an ED though and hope she learns to eat properly and work out to stay in shape, not starve her body.

No. 252609

No. 252610

No. 252611


I don't think it's her. Someone is trying to set up some kind of alt. account.

No. 252612

Sure it is her. She posted the link under her latest video ._.

No. 252615

Anon said a cookie - not 20 cookies every day for 10 years. One occasional cookie will not make you fat. Your reading comprehension must be shot from all that starvation, anachan.

No. 252616

File: 1458930645311.jpg (45.07 KB, 856x474, links.JPG)


she could have post these links in the comment section of her newest videos.

No. 252617

Jillian had anorexia a few years ago.

No. 252621


I'm glad she went ahead and got new accounts and wore a MUCH better blouse than Wednesday's video. I've never heard of warming up yogurt to make the bacteria more active and it actually sounds really gross to eat warm yogurt. Is her teeth looking whiter to anyone else than in her other videos?

No. 252622

People with a healthy relationship to food can eat cookies without being obese or freaking out about muh calories, sorry ana-chan.

No. 252627

It's too bad that the majority of the western world obviously doesn't have a healthy relationship to food, as evidenced by their astronomical overweight/obesity rates. No one needs encouragement to eat junk food, and saying that doesn't make you anorexic, just realistic.

No. 252633

File: 1458932878355.jpg (2.66 KB, 160x160, AbeOik6.jpg)

Can't you sperg about the decline of the west elsewhere?

No. 252637

Wouldn't warming up the yogurt kill the active cultures? Seems counterproductive to me.

No. 252642


I know if you cook something up to a certain range of temperature, it'll kill bacteria. I don't know about microwaves or how the certain bacteria in yogurt would react to heat.

No. 252649

Ah yes, leave the jew part out I clicked way too fast on new reply lol. She is a convert weeb muslim african american, and I know this 100% sure because she liked videos only blacks and muslims would like. Anyways it doesn't matter people here only talk about her when there is no milk which is just stupid just dont bump the thread.

No. 252656

Easy for her to say fat is a feeling when she's skinny lol

No. 252662

I hope she didn't make new accounts because of that "buisness" lady (the Jewish one, cba to scroll up)

No. 252666

So she is one of those Nation of Islam people who worships Malcolm X, Farrakhan, etc.? (Sorry, don't know much about this)

No. 252680

Heat is going to kill off any probiotics in the yoghurt.

This is a pretty accurate assessment of Jillian. Even when she leaves to do her own thing it is just a mash up of a whole bunch of stuff everyone else is doing.

Nah, I think Margs had the passwords for the old ones so Venus made new ones. If it was Margs that had been updating them all this time it makes sense that Venus wouldn't have bothered with it until Manaki updated his and she thought of having her own.

I don't think Venus is going to take NJM seriously. No one should.

No. 252682

Confirmed Margo fucked her hair up; she's thanking her supporters for liking her "blond" hair. Bitch, YOUR HAIR IS NOT BLOND. Your hair is not strawberry blond, either. It's fucking orange because you used box dye to make it black, and used bleach and no toner to attempt to get the black out.

But Margo is an expert self trained cosmetologist who don't need no instructions.

No. 252683

File: 1458939344651.png (87.54 KB, 319x520, Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.52…)

Dropped the pic, sorry

No. 252684

Strawberry blonde is orange……..

No. 252687

It would literally have to be boiling hot to kill off bacteria. A certain degree of heat actually assists proliferation.

No. 252693


… did she say strawberry blond? No, she said blond. She thinks her hair is blond. It is not.

No. 252697

I'm pretty sure she tagged at one of her pics as strawberry blonde.

No. 252698

in a previous photo she tagged her hair as strawberry blonde. I'm sure she still means strawberry blonde. Who cares anyways its still so much better than the black. Pale skinned people should never have black hair, ever.

No. 252706

just did a simple google search and found out the heat kills off the probiotics in yogurt, so what she's doing isn't really helping her at all. sounds like some sort of old wive's tale tbh.

and i dont think i'd ever take any diet advice from venus. idk if she has an ED, but i have a feeling she just very fortunate with her metabolism, which allows her to eat such shit all the time and still be skinny. she does no work, and its going to catch up to her as she gets older

No. 252709

File: 1458944565577.gif (546.82 KB, 244x164, raw.gif)

No. 252710

get a fecal transplant if your trying to get more healthy gut bacteria. Or leave the yogurt out on the counter for an hour? Idk

No. 252711

No. 252712


Eating it as is should be enough.

No. 252713


Here is one in more laymans terms, though it is a dotcom. Ive incuabted way to many smelly bacteria cultures to let this slide.

No. 252720

That link is for a study on a heat killed bacteria strain which was dispensed in a pill form for the study. We are specifically asking if microwaving yoghurt destroys the probiotics contained within.

Wake up Margaret! Give us something to argue about besides yoghurt. Flowers, parfait, long walks by the river, whatever

No. 252725

It would be really funny if in 5 years she's actually living in a van down by a river.

No. 252726

>Does heating yogurt kill good bacteria?
Here's an article talking about it but I'm not sure if livestrong is a reputable site…

No. 252727

sage for OT
but, surely the bacteria should survive over 37'c, or else the bacteria will die while we're digesting it. Heating it in the microwave may kill the outer parts, but the inside would still be cold - stirring it so it's luke warm. As long as it's not hot, logically it should be fine.

No. 252728

Well eating a cup of yogurt in the morning will hardly kill you or make you fat but i agree she hasnt made the wisest diet choices when she was younger

No. 252730

I don't mean the yogurt, I mean all the other shit she does like eat sweets and 2-3 cups of ramen and 100 fucking chicken nuggets in one sitting.

Besides the yogurt thing she doesn't think about her diet at all, and as far as I know does not exercise or very little. Its fine now since she's young and has such a high metabolism (or bulimia hue), but thats going to crash at some point.

No. 252731

No. 252737

>and 2-3 cups of ramen and 100 fucking chicken nuggets in one sitting.

lol she did those things once for a video, you act as if this is her daily diet, as if she's some Tess Munster with gud juhneticks.

No. 252738

You sound retarded AF. Do you also believe she doesn't brush her teeth cause you've never seen her do it nor has she ever talked about it?

No. 252743

Margo, you'd better crawl your ass out of your john's bed and entertain us. The farmers are getting restless and starting to turn on one another.

No. 252752

She got featured by youtube so a lot of random people watched her video and hated her. I believe it was a tactic by Fullscreen to get her more subs.

No. 252755

I've seen them anon, I follow Margo like you do. She is not Kailyn or Mira level intellectually retarded. Margo's capacity for good judgment is limited by her mental and emotional problems. Those letters to youtubers represent poor judgement, not low IQ. Learn the difference and stop posting your 'proofs' here for me to read.

No. 252762

Venus is an idiot and I would never take nutrition or diet advice from her.

No. 252764

No. 252773

I saw what you did there, anon

No. 252780

Can someone please reply to her that she looked pretty chill when talking to the tattoo artists, that it only was when she spoke to Margo or was next to her that she looked really intimidated?

I don't have IG sorry

No. 252781

there's lot's of anons who've been saying good clear things to Margo. Don't worry about it - she won't pay attention anyway and nor will her rabid followers.

No. 252783

File: 1458996262013.jpg (135.14 KB, 960x1280, image.jpg)

So I was kicking around Instagram and Facebook looking for signs of life from Margo and found pic related

No. 252787

Do you guys think that maggot is so damn silent because time isn't on her side and slowly getting damn nervous about her current situation?

No. 252789

Maybe she is packing up and moving to another 'friends' house? Maybe she slipped over at Denny's and bumped her head on a table? What if she really is in the river?

No. 252791

I bet she is busy searching for a visa-husbando

No. 252793

>I need to keep the color for a while to not damage my hair further

Umm… Maybe I'm reading too far into it, but isn't this basically the same thing Venus said in her recent hair dying video? It's just kind of weird to me that Margo would make the same decision so soon after her daughter did

No. 252797

File: 1459010531535.png (1.61 MB, 935x596, watisexposure.png)

She's still around, nothing lulzy though. She's repeating the same lines about what an accomplished photographer she is.

No. 252802

Margo's present fantasy probably involves becoming a 'better' Venus

To show her daughter/the haterz she was the true star all along, that she is the real success

It's a last ditch narcissistic attempt of self justification. Even if it doesn't come true in reality, as long as it seems 'true' in her head that'll be enough

That's my guess, anyway. Might be wrong and have to admit a bias; I have a cluster B myself so I could be projecting to some extent. Can't imagine I'm too far off, though even I can't conceive Margo's magical thinking

No. 252804

File: 1459013891719.png (1.85 MB, 750x852, dj.png)

Also, for completion's sake, there's a video version of >>251372 on Facebook with the chef (?) playing music.

No. 252810

Venus probably just restricts so she's still taking in low amounts of calories daily. I don't believe for a second she eats whatever she wants (and that's junk food) just because she used to be chubby. She definitely wants to project that image though since eating junk food without caring and having a high metabolism is associated with youth and super kawaii.

No. 252815

File: 1459019231769.jpg (12.51 KB, 251x200, descarga.jpg)


Venus-senpai doesn't notice her

No. 252817

There are a shitton of people that eat whatever they want without becoming fat and a lot of people are chubby while in the prime of their puperty.

No. 252820

File: 1459020655180.jpeg (20.77 KB, 186x205, image.jpeg)

Are you old and fat? Do you have bad "genetics" that made you fat when you were young? Her metabolism hasn't slowed down yet, she's pretty young—what is hard to understand about that? Her mentioning the "one cookie isn't gonna kill you shit" should give you the impression that she's not binging on junk food. Occasionally eating them in her videos doesn't mean she eats like shit all the time. Do you even realize how retarded you sound?

No. 252823

Also eating "a lot" in japan isnt the same as eating a lot in europe or other western countries. Im sure she eats all she wants but limits the portions. Like she said "one cookie"

No. 252847

What viral photo is she talking about here?

No. 252859

File: 1459035931161.png (125.69 KB, 549x392, Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 4.42…)

Margo is being lame, but @nicejewishmama left her first name and email address for Venus. Apparently JGM has been feverishly working on a "marketing plan" for Venus and it's urgent.

Are we sold on troll still or nah?

No. 252862

did papa ferenc send her Euro, that's what I'd like to know.

No. 252863

Maggot really goes on about her modest accomplishments doesn't she. had a picture published, has a painting hanging in some office building…. Very Successful Person.

No. 252864

go away, eating-disorder-chan

No. 252865

I'm kind of fascinated by nicejewishmama, and how fascinated / obsessed she seems with both Margo and Venus.

No. 252867

…Guys, are we sure she's not Margo?

No. 252868

Why does she type like that? Why so many emotes? It's almost Aly levels of bad.

No. 252869

I don't think so, the syntax is all wrong. Margo's general insanity matches up with this comment though.

No. 252871

The woman who owns NJM.com seems to be fairly established online, so I doubt it's Maggot. Found her fb and a couple comments from 2013 on sites defending prostitution. Looks like she got sued by a professor of hers for sexual harassment/stalking like 10 years ago too.

No. 252875

Sounds like a stable, sane person.

Eugh, venus attracts these crazy bitches like flies.

No. 252878

Lol. Professors deal with shitloads of weird students and let a lot slide. She must always have been OTT crazy.

No. 252879

Venus was borderline overweight all through her teens until she hit 18 and way after she hit her adult height. Then she became underweight.

All this anger because I said Venus purposely controlled/controls her intake and doesn't just have a kawaii fast metabolism. I miss Venus threads before all the Margo drama and the influx of complete retard white knights.

No. 252881

well according to the articles she got kicked out of the college, so yeah I'd say so. she went online and called a pedophile and other shit. he ended up with a $3mil judgement against her.

No. 252882

What's with the random capitals? she sendin some kinda code?

No. 252883

Hahaha…meet njm aka Cara Cohen, Business Agent and Talent Recruiter for DAMES Dial a Model Entertainment Services. Brand new Facebook pages for both. Eagerly giving out marketing advice to other Facebook sleazeballs (in this case one Bill Zucker):

NiceJewishMama Bill-time for you to make a public figure page and to hone your traffic. I just put mine up. NiceJewishMama. I will now send 3K customers your song! If it were (subjectively) on your FAN site, those would be number. Let's party.

Told you guys she was real. She glommed onto marggs for obvious reasons but WHY Venus???

No. 252884

No. 252885

No. 252887

No. 252889

What if it is? What if NJM is working for some sort of underground ring?

No. 252891

Thanks! and omg, she's a total loon…besides stalking this professor she has a dozen domain names registered to her- including phatjewishmama.com, kristykremes.com, beratemycock.com, girlsontractors.com, dialapuss.com…on & on. She made a website that published fake "articles" about the university & professors after she was kicked out, called undnews.com or something. She's nuts & obsessed.

She's a 'former madame' who runs a phone sex service for the handicapped(?) according to this article from 2007:

Glenda Miskin, a former madame who has recruited hundreds of paraplegic women to perform phone sex from farmhouses across the Midwest, sees adult images someday restricted on the Internet and elsewhere.

"In 20 to 30 years, we'll see parents protecting their children full-on from pornographic and sex-oriented businesses," said Miskin, who runs Dial A Model Entertainment Services in Crookston, Minn.

"Now they look the other way. Their kids go online. But there will come a day when this business will be absolutely delineated - with porn on one side and absolute abstinence on the other."

DAMES Dial a Model Entertainment Services. LOL

No. 252892

No. 252893

Pretty sure I had her fb cover photo as the background to my lumpy windows 2000 computer

No. 252894

Hahaha, how much you wanna bet she already has Margoo signed up for something? Remember the 'new project' maggs wanted $$ from daddy Ferenc for?

No. 252895

lmao she types like a pokemon npc

No. 252896

File: 1459051391620.jpg (5.97 KB, 200x200, 431077_2974940088898_169780577…)

she's 60 years old

No. 252897

Wow, good sleuthing! If NJM keeps her crazy train rolling, we might consider making a thread for her in snowflakes so we don't cross the milk streams.

In the case of NJM going after both mags and venus to do some kind of sex work (with NJM ad manager), it is possible that our jikes about mags being an escort might actually be a thing in one capacity or another. I very much doubt ferenc or Margit (mags' parents) gave her any cash, they seem to be fully cognizant of her crazy. And even if mags was inclined to lower herself to a job, she can't legally work almost anywhere. Phone sex would keep her face out of sex work, so it's a possibility. But the hotel / restaurant dinners with "friends" look like out call dates for sure.

No. 252898

impressive work anon/s.

No. 252901

I'm really disturbed that NJM is trying to rope Venus into sex work. That's basically the shit that maggot tried to do to her by selling her to a wealthy old man for money. Thankfully, Venus isn't anywhere near as dumb as the maggot is. Plus she has Manaki to keep her grounded while Maggot has no one. I hope she's able to make some friends while in Japan too.

No. 252902

there goes the NJM being a weaboo muslim black pretending to be a jew anon's theory lmao

No. 252903

It was >>252871 that broke the story. bless you Anon.

here's part of a review NJM wrote for a documentary about young girls getting into the sex trades, on IMBD. She's quite the expert-

A good agent books 3-5 gigs a day and goes WITH for the 10% and protects the woman like high-end merchandise. Especially if she is hot and does anal. The movie research says that 40% of Amateur Teen Porn is exploitive. i.e., having dildoes shoved down their throats until they puke for $300. (More money in turning a trick with a good Escort Service and not "Filmed.") Women are paid 100K a year. They book as many shoots a year as possible to keep their Twitter numbers up.

..in this Miami agency of 8 live-in women. The agent is age 22 and is renting a home.. A better agent has better women and the gigs pay more.

I have been in Adult Industry for over 40-years. As an agent, I know and check out who I send women to. I do not hire women for cam or for porn that are under age 26. This is a decision one must live with for a lifetime. Men record women who do cam and women are often shocked to see their cam session on a paid site. Only WS high court has ordered these removed. Otherwise, they are out there as your history.

The money is in BBW's or Curvey women with a little age. I learned that in the 80's.

No. 252905


also this. I feel pretty bad for Venus having to deal with two crazy middle aged women at once now

No. 252906

link to the full review. she wrote it in late May 2015

No. 252907

This is repulsive.
But women in the sex industry are totally liberated, right?

No. 252912

File: 1459055941207.png (56.9 KB, 1024x101, 11a3fd68-ca16-477d-bc70-45062b…)

Meanwhile, poor margo is STILL being bullied and victimized by venoos, that heartless monster.

No. 252913

File: 1459056035896.png (58.17 KB, 1024x110, e21b8ad4-6a9b-4417-b46e-356019…)

No. 252915


I cammed when I was 22 years old in 2011. I couldn't get a job anywhere and I never thought I'd have to resort to doing something so awful. I hated myself endlessly, and still to this day I try to forget that part of my past. I fear every single day that I was recorded, and millions of people are viewing me do what I did. I have no idea what to do with myself. Sometimes I think of undergoing a total facial reconstruction so that I'm unrecognizable and that nobody will know what I've done back in time. I have even considered suicide.

No. 252917

I was just curious who the hell owned the site and boom, payload. I've had it work before (how I found out my boss knocked his side piece up), but I wasn't expecting some crazy ass pimp lady. Now I want to know who that Cara person is. Maybe it's her using some old promo photos and a pseudonym?

I've been pretty sure Maggot's prostituting since she let slip she's got two phones. Couple that with all the other shit and I really just don't doubt it. Hell I still think that supposed photo of Venus in bed with that guy is Maggot with a client.

No. 252918

File: 1459058166821.png (102.87 KB, 510x348, Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 10.0…)

I'd assume that Cara is the name NJM / Glinda uses for clients. Most women in sex work don't use their real name.

Our NJM / Cara / Glinda has been all about Margo basically since the beginning of Margo's freakout, NJM made a comment on mags' facebook with her personal facebook profile more than a month ago.

No. 252919

File: 1459058509411.gif (1.51 MB, 250x250, what011.gif)

holy shit I wonder what other comments she's left Maggot and Venus then

No. 252921

she's giving me Asha-level rambling

No. 252922

How did you find out that she owns those domains?

No. 252923

anon this is not the end of your life. be kind to yourself.

No. 252927

No. 252929

Madonna did a similar thing, back in the day before she was famous. Anyone who holds it over you is an arsehole. Don't let one choice define your life.

No. 252932

Chill your titties dude it's not that big of a deal. Regretting doing cam work is totally valid but like tbh you will be forgotten in the sea of 19 year old girls putting two dildos in their ass while fucking a glass tentacle.

Ruining your entire life mentally because you flashed your bod online one time is dumb. You're worth more than the secrecy of your body.

No. 252933

>hundreds of paraplegic women to perform phone sex from farmhouses across the Midwest,

ngl, I'd watch this movie. It sounds a thousand times more interesting than this Batman vs Superman dudebro manpain angstfest.

>I have been in Adult Industry for over 40-years.

And you still don't have enough money to retire? That means you're doing something very, very wrong NJM.

It'll be fine. Your face will change and with make up and a change in hair color and style you can look completely different from how you looked on camera. It's probably cheaper to legally change your name, and less painful than surgery, if your old camming account was ever connected to your real name. Put it behind you and live for the now and the future.

No. 252934

Sage for not maggot & Venus related, but I imagine this is the kind of woman that falls for the kind of schemes Cara sets up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq3ZULfct-o

No. 252936

Really? You just sound like a retarded PULLtard wth all your speculations. You're trying to make synthetic milk. At least get some proof first. You're opinion of her previous body size isn't one.

No. 252937


Thanks you guys. You really made me feel better.

No. 252938

NJM sounds like she's trying to be a pimp or a sugar momma. Hell, should she have her own thread with all the shit that anon's digging up on her?

No. 252939


I'm sorry, but this isn't a "muh tragic story" thread.
But seriously, like anon said, the people who watched you will/probably did forget when they found another camgirl to masturbate too. Camgirls don't get crazy amounts of recognition because there's hundreds and thousands of camgirls in the "business"

No. 252940


Yeah, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to change the topic. Whenever I see stuff about the adult industry I get really emotional and think back. I didn't mean to shit up the thread.

No. 252946

Anon there are probably millions of sex videos floating around the web…the chance of someone who saw one recognizing you irl is like 0.0001%. And it's not even some super awful horrible thing anyway. Stop beating yourself up.

No. 252952

File: 1459071021557.jpg (141.33 KB, 1200x1004, I can be ur new daughter.jpg)

this bint appears to be serious.

No. 252953

File: 1459071983288.gif (1.88 MB, 250x308, 1449326519013.gif)

serious or not that's creepy as fuck

No. 252956

File: 1459073691714.jpg (16.02 KB, 251x235, why001.jpg)

No. 252960

Oh god. Venus is thin because she doesnt eat so much. She burns more kcal than she takes. Gosh, there is nothing like a fast metabolism. She just doesnt eat so much

No. 252961

pls stop

No. 252963

She's right though

No. 252964

File: 1459077933739.jpg (75.94 KB, 307x250, Fed up.jpg)

Did margs have a drink between these two posts?

No. 252965

So much projection lmao

Midge really is like herpes.

No. 252967

File: 1459078586270.jpg (131.06 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


No. 252968

File: 1459078749892.jpg (117.5 KB, 315x404, It will not stop.jpg)

I dont think these comments of margs have been posted here yet. Its found under the first round of hairdye pic.

No. 252969

This pic makes mags look like an old lady.
Think she splurged and got a professional to do it?

No. 252970

yes but can we not hear about anyone's metabolism anymore.

No. 252971

definitely old lady. late 50s I'd say. that lippie colour doesn't help.

No. 252972

chu_face is the next jassy.

No. 252973

looks like she's made a clean sweep. it's all gone that I can see.

No. 252977

File: 1459080570946.jpg (10.38 KB, 190x244, image.jpg)

No. 252981



No. 252982


it looks so bad. I have a hard time believing that she is 41 years old. Really prefer her with dark hair. And she needs to fix her eyebrows ….

No. 252984

Does anyone else think she went blonde so she would seem more exotic to her Japanese clientele?

No. 252985

someone needs to delete perfect365 from her phone

No. 252986

Cannot unsee. Kinda surprised Margo hasn't been married as many times as Gail.

No. 252989

wow she shows it off like so proud but doesn't she realise she looks like a grandma with that "blond"? (More a mixture of green and grey)
I'll shoot myself if I look like her in my forties…

No. 252992

HOLY SHIT – dafuq did I just watch? That poor dude!!

No. 252994

I have a hard time feeling sorry for any guy who wears an aloha shirt outside of Hawaii

No. 252997

Margo Thatcher

No. 252999

We gotta look out for our fellow Farmers. Take care.

No. 253001


So maybe we will start to see more pictures of flowers given by "good friends".

No. 253002

She goes missing from social media for 24 hours and comes back looking like this? WTF Margo. Did it take that long to make a nest of bile and newspaper so you could transform?

No. 253004

tbqh I bet it's a joke but she looks uncannily like a drunk rendition of venus

No. 253011

File: 1459091060819.png (481.78 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-27-11-02-44…)

So Venus hit Margo and she has proof of it in the storage

No. 253012


>face to face with psychos should be avoided

that's why V avoids you

No. 253013

I don't think that Margo will ever be able to leave Venus alone. As of now Venus hasnt really said anything on social media (unless Im wrong?) aside from those two videos a lil while back. And Margo responded with two vids of her own. But I don't think she will ever stop going after venus. At least until her visiting visa is up.

No. 253014


Thanks, anon

No. 253015

How will immigration know her visa is expired unless she attempts to leave? She will probably overstay.

No. 253023

Tfw you post a comment kissing maggots ass for info and she ignores it.

No. 253024

>Manaki is abusive and controlling!!
>but but Venooos is also an abusive psychopath!!!

Shine on you crazy diamond

No. 253026

I wouldn't be surprised if one of the anons in Japan reports her.

No. 253028

File: 1459093838663.png (27.48 KB, 160x200, syd.png)

No. 253032

File: 1459095201475.jpg (144.87 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

She should have stayed in the river.

No. 253034

wtf her swimsuit has a hood?

No. 253036

Her legs, I can't.

No. 253037

File: 1459098650935.jpg (37.06 KB, 200x266, jvsf100-1.jpg)

Looking at the loose material, I doubt it is intended as swimsuit but one of those nightclub gogo dancer pieces.

No. 253043

are those workout lines

No. 253044

File: 1459103761646.jpg (50.27 KB, 720x960, 1372896430666.jpg)

you must be new. Margo is a lot of things, and fit is actually one of them.

No. 253047

Spoiler this

No. 253049

File: 1459107021057.png (534.42 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160327-150148.png)

The maggot's full late night hate-filled paranoid rant. 1/4

It's always the same pattern with this freak. Lay low for a few days, brooding, anger building up until she blows like a volcano.

No. 253050

File: 1459107073519.png (447.86 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160327-150219.png)


No. 253051

File: 1459107139406.png (496.26 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160327-150237.png)

3/5 (not 4)

No. 253052

File: 1459107185186.png (486.37 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160327-150259.png)


No. 253053

File: 1459107432418.png (504.15 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160327-150454.png)

She's getting more paranoid & obsessive with time. Constructing these bizarre plots against her in her mind. Delusional & disordered and getting worse.

No. 253054


>I think that needs a video

so another one is in the making?

No. 253055


Most of these texts were already posted, but i didn't see this bit - the part where Mags calls venus "already dead" and "not human". Christ, if maggot actually runs into V at some point in stalking V around her neighborhood, I fear for Venus's life. Maggot has convinced herself that her daughter isn't a person, which will make it that much easier to seriously harm her.

No. 253056

…followed up with one final "Look at meee! I'm pretty, right? PLEASE TELL ME I'M PRETTY!!" pic. 100% malignant narcissist whackjob.

No. 253057

I know, I just wanted to put them all up in one place, to get the full picture of her insanity (she really is bordering on insanity these days.)

No. 253058

Do you guys think that she will have a meltdown at some point? It slowly turns from funny to surreal scary.

No. 253059

Margo is 9000% a delusional, narcissistic crazy but fuck how stupid/sheltered can these commentors be?

>she's family

>forgive each other
>family before everything

No?? That's not the reality for a retardedly high amount of people in the world. Blood means nothing when your relatives are total whack jobs. Even if margo was a sane, functional human being no one has an obligation to be around her - 'family' or not

Just blows my mind these megatards think the end all be all of fixing problems is kiss and make up, cos you're 'f a m i l y'

Ignorance must really be their bliss

No. 253060

The statement of Venus "not a human being, and there fore not alive, just a thing that does things" sounds like Margo is gearing up to kill Venus, like for real. Mags is justifying any actions against Venus, and I wouldn't rule out anything.

No. 253061


… is this not already a meltdown?

No. 253062

looks like she's got a dick in there

No. 253063

I can't believe she doesn't shoop those eyebags. Her damn feet are bizarre af, too.

No. 253064

>"She will only stop when I'm dead believe me. She already told you guys it's what she wants."

Margo plz

No. 253065

She keeps saying Venus is doing this for attention but the only one who goes on and on and on about this is her lol

No. 253066

Yeah wtf is up with that left foot? Looks like a flipper.

No. 253067

File: 1459109527017.png (705.7 KB, 922x577, Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 1.09…)

Meanwhile, Manaki took Venus on a day / weekend holiday to Enoshima Island. Smart move, it keeps her far from Margo and gets her mind off shit.

No. 253069


it would be cool to see a vlog about this trip.

No. 253071

Margo is projecting like crazy, this is quickly becoming scary as fuck. God I wish someone would just shoot her in the middle of the street.

No. 253073

Holy shit anon, you may be right. Thats exactly how narcs justify killing other people.

No. 253074

I hope she wont do vlogs about their dates. These two never really had a chance to be alone, go on a proper date and do all these little nice things people do when they are in love, it wouldn't be right for her to spoil this experience for both herself and Manaki by trying to impress her fans.

No. 253076

oh gosh anon, you're freaking me out, it's slowly going from just a crazy lolcow to a full on creepy murder story. I was wondering why she was obsessively tracking Venus, and now it feels like she's tracking her with a knife in hand

No. 253081

The way she always goes on about studying 'micromimics' or 'psychopathy awareness' make her sound like some alien that's just landed and is trying to understand those crazy humans. She's really out of it.

No. 253082


Answering my own statement, with the screenshot at the top link for context.

In addition to objectifying Venus as a "thing who does things, not a human" mayo said Venus is already dead. Since Mags' engrish is poor, I'm not sure if she meant to say "dead to ME", or whether Margo actually considers her to be all of the above" inhuman, a thing, and an animated dead person. With all of that projection plus Margo's paranoia about the "evil plan" she thinks she's uncovered, I do really think Margo's plan goes beyond ruining Venus's reputation.

No. 253084


Margo is projecting; I've known other narcissists who are CONVINCED that the people the narc is abusing are actually abusing THEM, and that they are the narcissist.

What's interesting to me is that Margo isn't projecting narcissism onto Venus; she's projecting psychopathy. I know, internet diagnosis and all that. But I think it's an important distinction in this case. Just getting attention - like a narcissist craves - might not be enough for Margo in a full rage.

No. 253085

File: 1459113312527.png (72.11 KB, 317x510, Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 2.14…)

Is mags up, or is this from last night?

No. 253086

she looks like a raw chicken

No. 253087

File: 1459113414417.png (83.23 KB, 330x551, Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 2.16…)

"She is cyberbullying me every day" Holy fucking paranoia. Margo, your daughter hasn't mentioned you in over a month.

No. 253088

But if the videos are up!!! Pay attention anon! Venus' videos are bullying and they TRIGGER Margo every second they're online, while Margo's vids are pure truth and need to be seen by everyone.

No. 253089

Wow… That is Brandy Bunch old lady blonde.

No. 253091

My best guess for why she projects psychopathy is

a) she sees it as a bigger insult/convincer for her crowd

b) being a narcissist, she refuses to admit her one true flaw; her narcissism. Even when projecting. Or being a narcissist, she might see her own narcissism as a strength instead of a weakness - so she wouldn't project it as a weakness. Quite possibly she just lacks this awareness all together

Whatever margo is (though I whole heartedly agree with the narcissist potentially comorbid diagnosis), she isn't a psycho or even sociopath. Different breed, different thought process and different methods

No. 253092

File: 1459115224882.png (686.56 KB, 922x588, Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 2.46…)

Margo throwback. Maybe she could take her own advice.

No. 253094

I think she sees anyone who isn't in defense of her as a fan of Venus, and as fans, they are extensions of Venus, and so Venus is cyberbullying her. Kind of like how she sees Venus as an extension of herself. Venus's successes are all hers, etc.

No. 253095

Just….no. She just sounds like an idiot, not a fucking murderer. Jfc what is wrong with you people.

No. 253098


It could be Margo's engrish, but dehumanization of victims as in actual thing, and it seems to line up pretty closely with what Margo's saying.

"The mechanistic form [of dehumanization] occurs when features of human nature (e.g., cognitive flexibility, warmth, agency) are denied to targets. Targets of mechanistic dehumanization are seen as cold, rigid, interchangeable, lacking agency, and likened to machines or objects. Mechanistic dehumanization is usually employed on an interpersonal basis (e.g., when a person is seen as a means to another's end)."

No. 253100

She's dehumanizing her own daughter, and has thrown a knife at her before. That's serious, scary shit.

No. 253101

Couldve been a butter knife for all we know.
Ha, "Engrish", cute : ^ )
Just stfu and stop flying off the handle. English is not her first language and she's obviously trying to say that she disowns her.

No. 253102


Saying her daughter is not human, not alive, and just a thing reads as "I've disowned her" to you? Maybe the part about her being dead is meant to express "she's dead to me". But the rest is straight up dehumanization, and in context that dehumanization is clear.

>>Couldve been a butter knife for all we know.

Minimizing someone's experiences of abuse is a shitty thing to do. None of us was there for that particular incident, but it's undeniable that Margo was and is abusive to her daughter, just based on the psychological abuse she's still hurling Venus's way.

No. 253104

You really are retarded. I'm not minimizing her experience. I am saying that their grasp of English is weak to moderate, therefore a knife could be a butter/butcher's/bread knife. Calm the fuck down.
I also didn't argue that her statements were not dehumanizing, so learning comprehension, pls. Either way, dehumanizing someone does not equate to by hem being on the verge of murdering them. Stop with the slippery slope fallacy.

No. 253105

…she really is a river monster.

No. 253108

So… If not for the crazy stalking, dehumanizing and projecting, then what is maggot's plan for when she finds Venus? It sure as hell sounds dangerous if not murderous to me,

No. 253109

So… If not for the crazy stalking, dehumanizing and projecting, then what is maggot's plan for when she finds Venus? It sure as hell sounds dangerous if not murderous to me,

No. 253111

Marry me, anon. Please.

No. 253112

Have we seen 'Dear Zachary' people. It will give you the willies. /saged becuase scary

No. 253113

>she is the top cyberbully on YouTube
top kek

No. 253115

sorry about you/your boyfriend's tiny dick anon

No. 253117

>Those fucking brows

No. 253120

Oh god, it's gonna be like Judith Barsi

No. 253135

Y'know even IF Margo was telling the truth about Venus being "abusive" and "bullying" her, what kind of sad fucking loser failure of a mom lets themselves be bullied by their 5'1" daughter to the point where they feel they need to reach out to strangers online? What a fucking joke she is. Go into river ffs.

No. 253136


And if her "proof" of this is in the storage place that's about to be repossessed - which is the one maggot is talking about as it's about to get repossessed, or "thrown" in maggotspeak - it's in the Netherlands. Venus wasn't older than 11 when they left there. So she's claiming to be beaten up her her pre-teen child.

Also: remember those photos of Mags being super ripped / she hulk? How did bodybuilder mags get thrown around by an 11 year old? Why would she not take a child like that to a doctor for treatment? So many questions, so many more lies to enjoy.

No. 253137

first it's all lies.
second nobody is a piece of shit for being abused.
third it's all lies.

No. 253138

'proof' in the storage, yeah right. if papa will just send money…

also Maggot, unless you show your face bruised and beaten like those children you posted, we will know it's not true. because that's how abuse works right???

No. 253140

Anon, you confuse Switzerland with The Netharlands as they were living in the later when Venus was 17 and before they started the whole thing with Manaki.

No. 253141

A parent who lets themselves be abused by their kid so they can turn around and blame it on the kid years later instead of dealing with their kids problems with therapy is a piece of shit for sure and should not be considered a victim.

No. 253142


They lived in the Netherlands between the time they lived in Switzerland and the UK. The storage unit that Margo hasn't been making payments on is in the Netherlands (the address is even in the email Margo sent to her father)

No. 253145

They lived in the netherlands after uk in a houseboat they broke

No. 253147

They lived in a houseboat? Which they broke?

No. 253149


I know they took an extended Europe trip before they moved to Japan the first time, they were in Hungary as well as the Netherands. But I think they also lived in the Netherlands between when they lived in Switzerland and the UK (Margo's wanderlust is hard to keep track of.)

No. 253150

>Margo is a lot of things, and

Golem is one of them.

No. 253151

A butter knife is still a fucking knife. I wonder how you'd feel like if I threw a goddamn, real life knife at YOUR HEAD. The type of knife doesn't matter. Where do you come from that throwing knives at your daughter isn't seen as trying to murder her?

No. 253152

>Couldve been a butter knife for all we know.

And your rapist could have had a small dick for all we know. What's your point? Throwing butter knives is okay?

No. 253153

Margo is originally from Hungary, them moved to the Switzerland to study, when Venus was like 11 they moved to Span (Tenerife), then they moved to the UK for a modeling contract with some agency Margo ruined with slander in the media, then they fleed to The Netherlands after Mr. Yan from Bodyline reported them for tax evasion, then they went to Japan after they were unabel to pay back the dept they made with ruining a houseboat, then they moved to Southkorea after the visa renewal for her mom failed and then it was like how it is now.

No. 253154


No. 253155

You guys sure have a way with going full retard. That statement doesn't imply that. I never said it was ok. You morons act like you know every real detail about the situation despite never being present. Pop the kids dick out of your mouth already.

No. 253156

Margo made some nice video wearing almost nothing and smearing ketchup all over it's bathroom for a contest.

No. 253158

She's always been completely insane. Poor Venus.

Shut up, crazycakes.

No. 253160


Got it.

No. 253161


Did Venus get a modeling contract in the UK? I'd be shocked if Margo had, but V was just a little kid then.

No. 253162

Sure, but it won't I solve you of all that autism you're spewing.

No. 253163

Yes, ad child model for clothing but Margo then slandered the agency when they didn't pay Margo when they had some internal problems. I will try if I can find some posts about it.

No. 253165


Such a great celebrity manager, our Margo. Burning bridges, slandering clients, missing meetings, and demanding quintuple pay and airtime for herself since 2008.

No. 253166

File: 1459133259853.png (133.84 KB, 500x464, tumblr_m4ni2qHneR1rul2mio1_500…)

Yeah, just search "Lethal Models Venus" and you can find plenty of posts regarding the drama, it was a modeling company owned by Aletha Shepherd, Miss Guyana 2010.

No. 253167

File: 1459133678098.jpg (102.27 KB, 677x471, fakelethalmanagementC6QZ0.jpg)

And like how Margo did with that one YouTube sponsorship company, she also wrote fake mails in the name of Lethal Models.

Whatever, old milk but shows that Margo has been like this ever since she got internet access.

No. 253168

I love that someone graded this paper. Although 'endeavour' is correct spelling for UK English.

I haven't been around long enough to know this story - was Margo also doing the 'cyber bullying' using sockpuppets by chance?

No. 253169

>no important company uses bias reeee reeeeee!

Someone hasn't seen the SONY leaks.

No. 253170


And a management company would never "take strong action" against some fucking commenters, and they would never address this anyway. The most you might get is a denial IF you're from the media. Margo really is an emotional child in the body of a 40 year old woman; her thoughts are not formed like those of an adult at ALL. This sounds like it was written by a 12 year old imagining how adults handle something.

Sage for personal, but my mom is emotionally childish like mags. It's terrifying, because there's so little you can do to keep them from hurting themselves or others as legal adults. Jail works for a bit though. Kind of like grown up time out. It made my mom reel her crazy in a tiny bit, maybe it would chill mags out.

No. 253172

>search 'Lethal Models Venus'
Lol I found all the old Tumblrs from back in the day that were calling out Margs and Venus for being shitty human beings. I remember the drama from as it was happening but reading it again was a good laugh.

Margo has definitely been doing the crazy-paronoid-I'm bullied routine for years. Going back and looking at it, Venus hasn't been completely nice - but how much of this is a mix of Margo posting on her behalf, Margo's influence/instruction or Venus being young & immature.

No. 253173


Seeing as how we now know that Margo held all of the account passwords on multiple phones which she controlled completely, and that Venus hasn't caused a whiff of trouble for anyone commenting on her pages since she left home - even with Mag's and Keemstar's armies being brats - I'd hazard to guess most of the problems, drama and bulling came straight from Margo, who is under the impression that's how you build a brand.

No. 253178

Pretty much, it was regarding the whole Xiaorishu drama.

No. 253192

I'm really enjoying catching up on things I had just heard fragments of.

It's interesting how people have been onto to Marge for years. Also Marge has said the 'bully' word too many times to count.

Zero change in Marge I think. She's always been this mad (just a little sadder now).

No. 253193

Here's Xiaorishu talking about this email and what preceded & followed it, in an interview from 2012:

Xiao: Well, Venus’s agent sent me an email. She said that Venus cherishes her fans, she never blocks people, and that I should join them in an anti-cyberbullying campaign. Man, that’s like me joining a cyberbully [laughs]. Right after I replied to them, I got an anonymous text where they knew what I wrote in that email somehow and they tweeted it. That same anonymous person leaked my phone number and my location, and also called me a “chink” and “gook.” How could this anonymous person know what I wrote to the agent, and then Margaret posting to her Facebook saying that she could read all her agent’s emails and stuff. So I’m like, “Oooh, so it’s you, Margaret.”

So yeah, maggot has been a fucking malignant creeper, stalker & internet bully for years. Interesting that now she's accusing Venus of doing all the shit that she's been doing herself all along.

No. 253194


>>and also called me a “chink” and “gook.”

And for someone who is so set on living out her kawaii dream in glorious nippon, Mags certainly has… interesting feelings about asians.

So. much. cognitive. dissonance.

No. 253195

link to the entire video:

Xiao talks about the fake accounts, anonymous abusive comments/posts and various internet fuckery she & other Youtubers were subjected to…some anonymous and others under Venus'name. Sick, sick, sick. (But Veenoos is the biggest Youtube cyberbully ever you guys!)

No. 253196

link to interview, not *video

No. 253197

Thanks for the timeline, anon.

No. 253198

File: 1459143094787.png (469.01 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160327-183533.png)

"the top cyberbully on Youtube!" (IG comment from today)

No. 253200

I'm glad your crazy ass mother went to jail, anon. Most of the time these crazy cunts get away with their antics for decades.

While Venus was underage she can't really be blamed, having to live with that nightmare of a mother, and not being allowed any kind of close relationship other than mother Gothel. Maggot was probably typing all that racist shit, and every time Venus tried to protest maggot would be like Oh no, Weenus, these people are a threat to our popularity and deserve everything I send to them. Mother knows what's best, Weenus.

And the thing with Manaki? Maggot went along with it initially because she is such a racist piece of shit she doesn't view Asians as even human. And since she sees Venus as nothing but an extension of herself, as a piece of property really, she could never have imagined that Venus would actually go for him and wasn't just fooling around for more views.

No. 253201

lol. We should create a brand new troll account and become maggot's no. 1 cyberbully on YouTube, 4chan/anonymous style. Problem? Ain't no one got time for that. Even Venus can't be bothered with her river monster of a mother anymore.

No. 253204

File: 1459146125335.png (97.54 KB, 346x548, Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 11.2…)

Oh dear god no. No, Glinda / Cara /NJM, Venus is neither taking your suggestions or having a psychic connection with you via your instagram comments.

What IS it with these menopausal freakshows and VA??

No. 253208

that's so so messy.

No. 253209

> What IS it with these menopausal freakshows

If you don't get your periomenopausal hormones on track, like use hrt if you need it, it's really bad for mental health. not sleeping for five-ten years will really send you over the edge. in Glinda's case, it probably made an existing mental health issue worse. /saged bc female trouble

No. 253211

Damn @ this slimy freak trying to ooze up next to Venus..

No. 253212

WHAT is she even talking about???

No. 253213

I think she commented before about Venus needing twitter/facebook because not everyone uses instagram. Now she thinks Venus is listening to her because she set up new accounts.

No. 253214


Venus got a new twitter weeks ago; it's in her YouTube bio. But it's not verified - Mags still has control over Venus's verified facebook and twitter accounts.

But NJM is convinced Venus has done something she's suggested. Yeesh.

No. 253219

jewishmama has got to be a troll

No. 253220


Yeah, no. Read through the thread above. The bitch is both for real, and absolutely insane. Court cases, powername and everything.

No. 253221

Nope, just a crazy old bitch. See >>252887 & >>252903

No. 253222

See above comment.
njm is a 60 year old nutcase. She got kicked out of the University of North Dakota when she was 44 for stalking and spamming one of the professors with sexually explicit emails & phone messages. She went nuts and set up a webpage called UNDnews.com where she published fake "articles" about the University and this professor, said he was a pedophile, the university was racist etc. etc. She was literally obsessed, this website was so elaborate. She wrote a small novel called "the kinky torrid sex adventures of a randy physics professor" or something, detailing the guy's sexual fetishes & perverted practices and posted it on the website. The prof sued her for slander & won, the jury awarded him $3M in damages.

Plus she's a "Talent Scout and Agent for the Adult Industry" and operates a phone sex business called DAMES-Dial a Model Entertainment Services, and has a long history of recruiting girls for porn films & prostitution. No troll. No bueno.

No. 253225


>history of recruiting girls for porn films & prostitution

not sure if I want to see mags in porn or nah.

No. 253226

File: 1459160252610.png (38.66 KB, 409x153, vintage Margo.png)

vintage Mag from 2012, but it could have been posted yesterday.

No. 253229

No. 253230


this will be maggot in some trashy stripper club in tokyo very soon again when money runs out lmao.

No. 253231

Dont forget that it was for a gum contest… where everyone else dressed up in cute outfits and margo dressed like this.

No. 253232

What kind of mother does that? Maggot is the trashiest trash that ever trashed.

No. 253235

imagine though if she had won the contest… and become the face of said gum.

No. 253236


OT but what kind of gum brand was it?

No. 253237

Lotte Fit's

No. 253238

and the dance she was supposed to do but ignored:

No. 253242

In other news; margs has changed her instagram profile pic to the awful old lady pic because she is so proud of her new hair.

I dont think she has posted anything yet tonight. Probably because shes at work.

No. 253245

Margo's got so many fangirls telling her she looks great. I wonder how many of them are wishing for her to manage them? Margo can't see the wood for the trees.

No. 253249

I can't wrap my head around that! Tne only explanation I can think of is they all have to be trolls encouraging Maggot to be even more of an laughingstock than she already is. She looks like a fucking grandma with that "blond" hair

No. 253251

some of them will be, but some of them have to be real.

No. 253268

What in the world gave her the idea that anyone would want to put her ass on TV?

No. 253271

Some of them might be being genuine but in a way that would really piss Margo off. Where I'm from, dark hair is considered too "severe" for an older(55+) woman, and going for a lighter colour or accepting grey hair is a way to age gracefully.

Her face is really weird, she looked 40 when she was a child, and she could easily pass for 60. The colour change has kind of changed her from looking terrible for a 45 year old to looking alright for a 70 year old. With this hair colour and softer makeup she could actually look quite attractive but like an elderly woman.

No. 253275


I always thought that this kind of hairstyle was the best she had. It looks her age and those long hair gave her a nice frame compared to her face but maggots knows best I guess.

No. 253277

If you squint a little, Margo kinda looks like a dark-haired Pam from the office. At least to me.

No. 253279

Yes, but I also think that's a wig…

No. 253284

File: 1459187993232.jpg (65.37 KB, 929x596, flower.JPG)

new flower pic

No. 253286

LMAO yes it was a wig. You can see it clearly, she didnt blend it with her real hair

No. 253297


Posted at nearly 1 am her time. Does margles have the sad lonelies? Is no one is awake at your hostel and they said they'll kick you out if you keep disturbing the other guests when you get bored? Or did you a have rough night with your client?

No. 253299


Ugh I HATE seeing Mags' ugly, smug mug in EVERY ONE of Venus's interviews. You don't have to fucking supervise her on camera; a manager might be on set, but YOU are not the one anyone cares about. Mags makes the whole thing cringey every time, and Venus is always terrified of her.

No. 253302

maggot is thirsty for fame & attention, always has been. What's killing her now is not losing her daughter, it's no longer being a 'powerful celebrity manager.' She's just beginning to realize that without Venus she's just another bitter lonely broke-ass middle aged woman.

No. 253303


Cackling at "WHERES THE DENNYS PICS" lmao was that someone here?

No. 253308

File: 1459192977045.png (286.06 KB, 950x355, 43ff7575-c02d-4aaf-b067-146cbe…)

Gahhh @ the maggot spouting the exact same shit back in 2012 that she's spewing now. Playing the same games, not learning anything. Only now she's screeching that it's VENOOS who is playing a game. Fucking whackjob.

No. 253309

yawn, it's always the same pattern:
>crazy meltdown
>deleting everything & hiding
>flower/parfait pics like nothing happened

No. 253318

I kinda have some morbid curiosity.

No. 253329

I think if she went through with it she would be like a old lady version of Meg, from the camwhore thread. Just a shit personality, super tryhard edgy, racist bitch.

She was already like that with her butt pic "you can kiss it too" or whatever the fuck she said lol

No. 253349

She should go for it, she could become a famous GILF

No. 253356

Gendo I'd Like to Fuck?

No. 253358

Yeah the number of older 'blondes' in my city is huge. They have highlights and stuff though so it's at least believable.

No. 253363

File: 1459208600032.jpg (106.96 KB, 500x386, laugh016.jpg)

No. 253371

That was me. Idk why the hell she is obsessed with muslim and problack videos then. Perhaps because she hates them? Maybe she loves black muslim cock? Idk, but I really couldnt believe it that she was real.

No. 253373

That is the most telling thing about this "manager". For someone who claims Venus had all the freedom in the world, Margaret always shoe-horned herself into every single appearance and photo. I think the only time that goblin wasn't included was in Venus' bodyline shoot and with Anastasiya.

No. 253374

>obsessed with muslim and problack videos

there's a stereotypical Jewish person (assuming NJM is actually Jewish) who is far-left and sympathizes with the "oppressed", such as blacks and Muslims, to the point of violence/terrorism

No. 253378

Well, we know mags is creeping around instagram; she deleted all the jokey comments on her latest flower picture.

No. 253379

On my phone so I can't take a shot, but she also just replied to someone on the flowering tree photo about how venus is the one who wants this to continue because sheshe the bully, mags won't stop until venus does, etc.

No. 253380

Margo as cow is at the point of where you would put a real one to sleep as she is unabel to produce actual milk anymore due to her illness.

No. 253382

File: 1459213562676.png (93.56 KB, 334x570, Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 6.05…)

No. 253383

The fact Weenoos exists proves she is bullying me!!!

No. 253385

Will maggot's visa last until the end of April? If anyone can geolocate her, I'm so tempted to go and see her eat a parfait.

No. 253391

she can't afford parfaits anymore anon. just wander the laneways looking at flowers…

No. 253392

Oh, maggrot wanted to let it go but it was WENOOS who wouldn't stop. I SEE IT NOW. Thank you maggot for clearing that up!

LOL @ "babumm!"

and "what Youtuber makes CLICKBAIT VIDEOS?" um…all of them?

No. 253403

Even Margo herself got plenty of clickbait videos…

No. 253408

Why is she suddenly against clickbait, anyways? She constantly made Venus' videos pedo bait, with titles like 'They're so huge!' followed by a suggestive picture of Venus. At least from what I remember.

No. 253423


No. 253424

File: 1459229793958.jpg (15.24 KB, 320x320, 10570033_1001606799932465_1689…)

This freak looks like an evil ferret.

No. 253453

holy…she looks much older with that hair color

No. 253456

File: 1459240503640.jpg (476.91 KB, 929x589, Shinjuku.jpg)

No. 253463

Maggot, that intersection was an exciting, exotic concept in the 80s. But thanks for opening our eyes with your photography.

No. 253464

Hey, she's a famous #travel #photographer. Have some respect.

No. 253465

Having lighter hair as an older person is supposed to make your features look less harsh, which is great news for mayo's conkster, but it does nothing for her skin. It looks slightly pinker, but still dead, and that's some starter pack turkey neck she has going on.

No. 253466

I'd love to know what godforsaken seedy part of Tokyo that fleabag hostel she's staying at is in. and how long it takes her to get downtown on the train.

No. 253467

My favourite commenter so far:

"fayefayexxI would love to visit Japan!! Is the ramen good over there"

Faye, they fucking invented it. It's probably good.

No. 253469

She looked like someone's grandmother before but she looks 10x worse now. Bitch looks like a fossil in their early 60s.

No. 253478

When will her visa expire already?

No. 253482


HA. Savage. Maggot fans are usually mentally retarded, this further helps it.

No. 253487

never. River kappa visas do not expire in an effort from Japan to get them to return to the kappa homeland

No. 253489


Anyone tried scouting for cheap hostels that match margo thatchter's disgusting pics? I tried looking at what airbnb has but couldn't find anything.

No. 253493

Part of me wants to believe she's honestly just being a burden to 'friends' who aren't very well off to be supporting her

Though I can see why she would need to protect her ever narcissistic ego from reality, I'm surprised she wouldn't into 'a bloo bloo venoos is bullying me I now stay in hostel'

No. 253494

I had a sticky beak at hostels.com and the ones on there are nice, clean and looked after. Nothing like the horrifying crack den Margo has taken photos of. She could be in a super cheapo one not listed on a website or one of those tenement style buildings they rent out to foreigners teaching in Japan.

No. 253505

File: 1459264273605.png (529.26 KB, 900x489, shithole.png)

I can't believe I got this lucky.


No. 253508



btw does it mean there is maggot's Airbnb account somewhere??

No. 253510

File: 1459264601433.jpg (37.2 KB, 658x345, spanishchef.JPG)


samefag but her "friend" is only the host lmao

No. 253519

It'd be funny if one of us could go there and see how much of a creep she is

No. 253523

Holy shit

No. 253525

>unlike weenus I have friends!
bwhahaha that lying bitch

No. 253526

Accommodates: 1
Bathrooms: 1.5
Bed type: Real Bed
Bedrooms: 1
Beds: 1
Property type: House
Room type: Private room

She shares a bedroom with…. the owner??

No. 253527

Judging by the approximate location on the listing, I'd hazard a guess that Margo had a love affair with the Hatagaya Denny's. It's been a while though, so I doubt JP anons will bump into her there now.

No. 253530

This is literally right in my area. The general area airbnb gives is literally like a 10 minute walk from my dorm.

I'll keep my eyes peeled for Margo for you guys!

No. 253531

Er, I'm pretty sure that refers to the guest accommodation (ie: one room available to rent), not overall.

No. 253533

oops sorry for being redundant lol

I have no plans and have to get out of the house tomorrow so I'll see if I can actually find the street that's shown in the pics of the airbnb…

No. 253534

Dare you to go up to her if you see her and be like "Omg ur a celeb I love uu can I have picture?!"

No. 253536

Listing says 'Bus stop in front of door' so maybe look at bus routes and work it out using that?

No. 253540

With some change to her facial features, she looks just like my 70 year old grandma.

No. 253544

File: 1459266244846.jpg (110.38 KB, 938x625, Nakano DIs.JPG)

No. 253547


Well, we know she takes a lot of night walks and takes either the train or bus to Shibuya / Harajuku on the daily to creep for Venus. Maybe you'll get a sighting!

AND - know that we know where she is, we have an address to report when she overstays her visa.

No. 253549

I'm going through the area on google maps now so I have a better idea of where to look and the bus seems to only go through Nakano-dori so it really narrows the area down, but I went through street view a tiny bit and it seems like most of it is a very busy street and not "serene" and quiet like the one picture of the street view up on the airbnb

No. 253556

There's also one that runs down another street

I've been looking around the area on Google for a while now, but haven't found anything similar to the street view on Airbnb.

No. 253557

I just saw it when I noticed the Denny's! I'm going through street view on that street right now~

Even if I don't find much I'll walk around the area nearby the Denny's in person anyway tomorrow!

No. 253559

Mags is getting a 20% discount on the room if she paid for monthly rental; it's about $1000 US for the month.

Since she's not eating out anymore unless she's with so-called "friends" she's not working with a lot of cash, and she's probably in this place so she didn't have to pay gift money or deposit.

She's got to be an insufferable roommate; I wonder how long until this couple gives her the boot.

No. 253564

File: 1459267001897.png (336.06 KB, 373x503, Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.56…)

Ah, the exotic backyard shed Mags was so enamored with.

No. 253565

Even though the listing says there's a bus stop right out front, I feel like it's def a side street instead… There no proper street like on the main roads where the buses actually stop.

Maybe I'm just not looking carefully enough at the bus route because I'm so excited and amazed that Margo is so close to me

No. 253566


If it helps, it looks like there's some sort of business across the street from the photo; there's a sign and a parking lot.

No. 253569

Found a side street with at least one bus stop there so I'm going through it right now!

Trying my best to find that green thing!

No. 253576

No. 253578


I'll be goddamned. Anon, I salute you!

No. 253579

Anon you are my god. I honestly wish I could just give you a box full of your favorite snack/food.

I'll check this area out tomorrow!

No. 253583


Looks like the house is to the right of the place with the green awning? It's got the double sliding doors and it looks like the black paper screen pattern is a powergate that can be pulled across. The address to the green awning place is 38 (if the little green nameplate is right)

No. 253588

I was thinking that but it doesn't look like there's a sink thing/wide area right next to the door?

No. 253589

Anon's detective abilities are both amazing and scary

No. 253590

Can you imagine all the crazy shit Margendo is spouting to that poor host? All of the weenoos bullying tales and how Manaki is a cross dressing pedophile

No. 253592


According to his description, he's out almost all the time. That probably helps tone down the overall effect of living with a low empathy person in the midst of a meltdown period.

No. 253594

I wonder if she's starting to panic as the money is dwindling. The sense of impending doom is going to push her to do something violent I'm afraid. Someone should let Venus know they've located where her crazy mom is and to stay clear of that area.

No. 253595


Won't matter, I don't think. Margo is already haunting Venus's general area every day, and Venus seems like she's sticking close to home anyway.

No. 253596

File: 1459268876385.jpg (443.49 KB, 939x1192, 2016-03-29 18.26.28.jpg)

There is something creepy about her whole family… I dont know what

No. 253597

I don't want so sound mean, but when we learned one thing from the Kiki/Taku thing, then better don't contact anybody because it will just people scare.

And I guess since PULL users like to check here, they will post it asap on PULL and maggot will see it anyways that people found out about her stay..

No. 253599

Yeah, I wish I'd included that with my posts about the location but I got too excited.

Anons, don't fuck it up by contacting the host. Let Margo milk her damn self. It's not that long until her visa expires.

No. 253602


And with an address, if she overstays - it'll be fairly easy to point the authorities in her direction.

Stalk mags? Sure! Bother her roomies, who have surely suffered enough? Nope.

No. 253603

>Angelic Palermo
Tfw you don't even know your granddaughter's name but somehow still feel compelled to post shit about her.

No. 253604


I honestly can't wait until the end of April when her visa expires - it could be so interesting to watch mags going full cray because no place to stay.

No. 253605

That's unbelievable!

No. 253608

Um…he (assuming this is Ferenc) also lists his mother and grandmother as "Angelic (last name)". I'm pretty sure he knows Venus's name.

No. 253616

Venus said she calls herself Angelic because of her grandmother's name tho

No. 253622

Not sure what you mean. I was responding to the other anon who said that Ferenc didn't even know Venus's name.

No. 253625

I had a totally different point for that pic. He seems so obsessed with her. Everyone seems obsessed. Margo, ferenc, her aunt….

No. 253632

No, sometimes the owner lives around the corner/nearby.

No. 253645


?? The ad says he lives there, and the room that's rented is the spare, I thought? Plus Margo was obviously sitting in the living room / kitchen with the chef and his gf in her photo.

No. 253648


well from my AirBnB experience I guess that the list says what you use when you are there. Sometimes you get an entire flat/house or just can live in a part of somebodies place.

So I think that it's his house and he has his own personal room/bedroom and mags stays at her guest room.

No. 253651

The air bnb host's calendar is blocked out through May 12th; maybe Margo used the key money from their Seoul apartment to pay in advance?

It's $31 USD / night with a 20% discount for monthly rentals, so it would only be $2200 USD to stay from early February through early May. The key money from an apartment is Seoul is anywhere from $10k - $40k, and since Venus left without getting that money back, Margo probably swiped it.

When did Margo get to Tokyo, around January 20th? If she's planning to stay in this place until May 12th, she'll have overstayed her visa by almost 4 weeks.

No. 253652


what about the 8th April?

No. 253653

The first line in the airbnb ad is

>this is a old japanese style mansion.

So it's probably a big house where the host doesnt really see her daily.

No. 253654


Yeah, I saw that. It's possible Mags is scheduled to leave there the 7th and someone else has the block after that.

No. 253655


I have an air bnb account; I don't think you can see other members' profiles unless you rent from them.

No. 253658

No. 253659


Well, shut my mouth, there she is!

No. 253662

File: 1459280928008.png (65.11 KB, 776x279, Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.4…)

"Venoos was so cruel and hurt our roommates dog in Seoul!"

No. 253663


I love you anon.

No. 253665

Margo's got a shitton of good reviews, calling nice / clean / respectful / humble, etc. She's a lot more cunning than we give her credit for; she's capable of turning on the charm when she wants, apparently.

No. 253668


samefag but does it mean we know where maggot will go from now on? I mean we can track down all her places she will go?

No. 253669

its not that difficult to get a positive review from a host, especially if your host is nowhere near you and you at least bother not to leave the place looking like a crack den (I did this for a music festival where i cleaned up and had neighbors to answer to or hosts that lived near by).

No. 253670

anon, how can anyone know beforehand where she will decide to go?

No. 253672


I don't see how we'd be able to track her planned rentals unless she posts photos of the house again; the reviews are done after the guest's departure.

No. 253673


maybe I worded it a bit weird but when she stays somewhere she will def post about it and we can check her account etc etc ignore me

No. 253675

we can check once she books, but not before. either way, who is keeping tabs on when her shit expires?

No. 253676


I'll probably be glued to this saga, so I'll do what I can around the 7th or 8th (see if she posts new apartment / neighborhood views and try to match to air bnb tokyo for under $35-$40 USD a night).

No. 253693

You anons are got damn AMAZING. I bow down to youu!

eta: re all the +reviews-"so nice" "charming" "friendly" etc. etc…narcissists/sociopaths/whatever PD she has..are master manipulators, con artists and can be v charming & engaging on the surface. This is one of the hallmarks in fact.

No. 253694

>>narcissists/sociopaths/whatever PD she has..are master manipulators, con artists and can be v charming & engaging on the surface.

Yep, totally agreed. The outstanding thing to be was that from what we've seen of her, Margo has never displayed her charm (she's overbearing, cold and pushy in interviews with Venus, harasses people online via puppets or her own accounts, etc). But I guess when she's not around Venus, who triggers Mag's shitty inner self, she's capable of manipulating others through her false public face.

Side note for personal, but my dad does this also. It's extremely offputting to watch him change around other people, it's like he's crawled into someone else's skin suit. It's really creepy, and just as disturbing as his real (angry / cruel / controlling) self.

No. 253695

Yep, I was reading a post on RBN earlier about how no one would ever know how horrible their mother was because she was so damn charming. Anyone who did manage to figure out her game was immediately cut off and had horrible rumors spread about them.

No. 253698

no i think he means apartment. in japan "mansion" doesnt mean large house its just what they call small flats

No. 253702

File: 1459291161707.png (406.54 KB, 474x563, c7913177-2986-44f9-8d29-6feae9…)

"Old Japanese-style mansion" bnb where maggrut is holed up.

No. 253712

File: 1459292290783.jpg (144.31 KB, 510x500, c3a74abd-0078-476d-bdfa-47521c…)

listing says: NO SMOKING

Suitable for Events → crossed out
Smoking Allowed → crossed out
Handicap Accessible → crossed out
Elevator in Building → crossed out
Indoor Fireplace → crossed out

^^ from listing under 'Amenities'

No. 253713

Such a rebel, our margendo.

No. 253714

File: 1459292844692.png (126.18 KB, 889x254, fr.PNG)

No. 253716

Doesn't matter anyways as we already found out ages ago that she lurks cow.

No. 253720

Obviously she only smokes when she can bum them, thus, non-smoker! /mayologic

No. 253733

horror movie setting

No. 253734

I noticed that too, kek

No. 253735

He wouldn't get in trouble for hosting her after she has overstayed her visa right?

No. 253738

If she's still a Hungarian citizen, she wouldn't be on a visa for a 90 day visit. I really doubt her host would get in trouble. She would though, and there's no doubt she's planning to overstay if she hasn't already.

No. 253739

She probably thinks having blonde hair will help her be more appealing to Japanese men and be taken in so she won't be homeless or be forced to leave when her visa expires. At least that's my theory.

No. 253740

Ausfag and slept through all this but holy fuck anon. Well done.

No. 253742

tourist visa is 90 days. she has a long way to go on that and will likely be kicked out of this place before then.

No. 253743

technically it is still a visa, but it's automatically granted when you enter the country: tourist visa 90 day.

No. 253744

Samefag here. Interesting that the place shows it's booked to May 12. I don't expect Margo thought she'd need multiple months of accommodation when she started out. I wonder if she did a deal with him since arriving.

No. 253745

She's either booked until April 7th or may 12th, there's a gap on April 8.and her visa should expire around April 20.

No. 253747

File: 1459300017067.png (431.9 KB, 615x683, 194f0482-9d61-49f8-a921-4395bb…)

Denny's Hatagaya is @ intersection of 420 & 431 (red dot)

No. 253749

I'd be fucking terrified.

No. 253751

Host a small "LEAVE VENUS ALONE!" demonstration in front of the house?

No. 253756

Nah, send margs some "leave venus alone" flowers. Mags loves flowers, she'll probably post a pic on instagram.

Wait, no, a leave venus alone Denny's voucher. Or a single cigarret. A pack of sausages?

No. 253758

File: 1459301454383.jpg (255.74 KB, 480x640, margennys.jpg)


Looks like it’s this Denny’s:


If you look at the photos, the booth has the same flower pattern as the one Margo goes to.

No. 253760

please make it a voucher for a Denny's parfait!!!

No. 253761

ah interesting, thanks anon. if there's a gap that may signal her departing.

No. 253762

File: 1459302181761.jpg (333.92 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

Am I reading her feedback right in that there are several short stays in Budapest? I know she was born in Hungary but can't think of a reason she'd need to pop back. Also, what is Zoltan going on about?

No. 253763

File: 1459302479213.jpg (473.99 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

Pretty sure we have talked about this before but
>my friends invited me

I am pretty sure it's your host's restaurant, Margo you freeloader.

No. 253765


Visa renewals require a visit to your home country, so that'd be my best guess. Margo had an actual job for a while in the UK (at some type of gym / personal trainer thing) so she might have had a work visa there. Work visas need to be renewed in your native country every 1 or 2 years, if I recall.

Who the fuck knows what "unforeseen circumstances" are, but it must've been sudden / weird enough for him to mention it in the review.

No. 253766



Margo following her host around. From his other reviews it sounds like the chef has a pretty active social life and is happy to invite his guests to come along. But odd how we haven't seen anything from her hanging out with him lately, olny in the first week or two and she's been there at least a month. I'd assume hanging with margo gets old / exhausting / weird after a while. She's more than likely overstayed her welcome to glom onto his friend group.

No. 253782

I stayed in an AirBnB right near Margo next to Hatagaya Station and the hosts always wanted me and my bf to tag along with them even when we were being antisocial.. They would try and take us to meet grandparents/friends etc. I went to the girls uni with her and sat in on a class as she was very persistent that I should go with her whenever she left the house.

Nice people but seriously annoying when you are there with your bf to do young people sightseeing. I guess this is part of the reason you rent your house out, to meet different people.

No. 253783

Lol Maggot and her "friends." We all figured it was either a couple she found through Airbnb or some of her Johns. Turns out it's a mixture of both.

No. 253788

Would it be bad if we contacted the host about this? I'd be pissed if a tenant smoked in my house if I didn't allow it

No. 253789


Leave it alone, anon. It looks like she's out of there in a week, anyway. And if she isn't out in a week, we want her to stay where we know her address so she can be reported for overstaying her visa. If she gets kicked out, it's unlikely we'll get so lucky as to match her photos to her air bnb again.

No. 253797

Dye job, hair cut, perm or japanese straightening, a change from/to glasses/contacts and makeup and physique changes should keep you in the clear.

No. 253799


Let's hope Magoo doesn't proclaim herself as ~manager~ of her Spanish host's chef career or start dancing half naked in front of the patrons kek

No. 253800


>Venoos has put me through so much stress I became a smoker now!!1!

No. 253810


This photo is especially poignant to me now. Mags moves in with a chef who hosts new roomies constantly, parties whenever he's not at work, and makes close friends with those ever changing roomies, inviting them out according to his many reviews. Mags hung out with him and his friends for the first week she was there. Then the going out photos stop; she takes down the 1-2 photos of her "friends" excepting the creepshots she took of them in the house (that allowed up to identify her location.)

Mags has her birthday a week and a half after she move in with Spanish Party Chef. She spends her birthday completely alone, with a single cigarette she bummed off him. By this time, no one wanted her company any longer than necessary.

That's a special kind of toxic.

No. 253813

Or some cocktails. Drunk marg makes best milk.

No. 253816

it's kind of petty and dumb.

anyway he may have even given her the smoke and permission to light it at the stove.

No. 253818

don't forget, she also had to ask her dad for money and her letter to him got published online. woeful.

No. 253824

POIGNANT?? That's like the furthest thing from my mind looking at that or any other of her pics.

Also lol @ the "house party" video & pic she posted, consisting of host guy & his gf semi passed out on the floor.

No. 253825

^ Someone said it looked like she was nodding out, and that's exactly what it does look like.

No. 253827

Yeah, for a "new project" she thought of to "get back on her feet," but needed *help with.

No. 253829

I thought it looked like she was trying to block out an obnoxious person who was bothering her.

No. 253834


sight seeing??????

No. 253835

Sounds better than stalking and wandering about aimlessly at night.

No. 253836

That's what it looked like to me too. Like she didn't want her face to be recorded.

I'm wondering if these guys know she doesn't have a job or has any real business being in Japan. That could explain her walks too. She could be pretending to be "out at work" when really she's out to meet Johns and roaming the streets for her daughter. Geez she's really pathetic.

No. 253840

Almost time for Wenoos' next video release…sometimes that triggers the margg to lose her shit & sperg. Also, nighttime is the right time for maggot to rage.

Come thru marg!

No. 253841

pray someone gives her a glass of wine.

No. 253844

Or a bottle. Or two.

No. 253853

So any update?

No. 253857

venus no

No. 253859


She looks like she's in her 30s…

No. 253860

>ohh it's so so thick yeah it's so so thick and lovely like youuu waaaaah
>baby voice

No. 253861

An over-exaggeration and a half.

No. 253862


Wow. That was a lot of pudding.

Also a side note: her finger nails are much nicer than margs'

No. 253863


Maybe, but her make up in this makes her look older and not the good kind of older.

No. 253864

my birthday is on the 7th and if you can get margo booted out of japan it will be the greatest gift i have ever received.

No. 253865

I think it's more the lighting than the makeup personally. The lighting in that video was particularly shitty tbh.

No. 253866


It was, maybe that was it.

No. 253868

ugh. Venus is actually pretty charming when she isnt being a weaboo faggot.

No. 253875

I just watched a girl eat a pudding for 7 minutes. I need to get out of the house more.

Can't wait until Manaki comes home from work
>Tadaima Venus! What did you get up to today?

No. 253884

Actually, Ramen is a Chinese dish. That's why it's usually written in Katakana, not Hiragana.
Japanese noodles are udon.

No. 253885

what a horrible video

No. 253889


her face looks so swollen idk she doesn't look good here. And why does she east the entire pudding even when the producer says you shouldn't do this. Why Venus??

No. 253891

oops very good point.

No. 253892

I'm very into this texture an type of pudding, but the sheer quantity she eats is disturbing. I guess it's a little kids' fantasy, to be allowed to eat the whole thing. She's not a kid though.

It's terrible that she has a brand built on what her mother made her do. And now she might just perpetuate it on her own. I hope she breaks out and finds a new direction.

No. 253894

I didn't even catch that the first time around, so I watched it a second time to see if she really said it.

WTF Venus.

No. 253897

Eating pudding dressed in seifuku with Japanese character plushies in the background isn't weeby?

No. 253898

I think anon meant that venus can be super okay when she isn't doing and wearing the kind of stuff she is in her recent video.

No. 253901


3 of my favorite things:
>puddi puddi
>tiny girl eating too much food
>undertale music

No. 253902

I know that this is ew and not sane but tbh I wouldn't mind binge eating that giant pudding myself if I had it (but I probably wouldn't be able to finish it). At least it's less disgusting than the chicken nugget challenge I guess?

No. 253903

the puddi mix ones aren't that great. given their better than real egg flans since they're agar-agar based. they have a gross texture to them since you don't heat it up.

No. 253945

>It's terrible that she has a brand built on what her mother made her do. And now she might just perpetuate it on her own. I hope she breaks out and finds a new direction.

I think this has rather to do that this is what most of her fans follow her for, everytime she tried something new she lost a shitton of subs.

No. 253956

Basically. She's stuck being kawaii uguuu if she wants to make money from YT.

No. 253971

Bingeing again, ughh. I don't like it.
Also, that blurry filter and the pink-and-white little girl shit needs to go. She needs to get out of that stupid room with the white sofa, take better photos and why not wear some cute normal age-appropriate clothes? She did that right before she left SK and it was a nice change. And do something with her hair, those raggedy ends are terrible!

Come on Venus, get it together girl. You can do so much better.

No. 253978

KEK does she watch her videos before she uploads them?

No. 253979

or at least she genuinely feels like this is the only thing she can do to make any money and has no clue how to approach other options like vlogging. I imagine if Margo was picking setting up the videos (even if Venus was the image) that means most the research into the best approach for the video was done on Margo's end. She could easily do a vlog on visiting jfashion shops and her fans would eat it up. She could talk to shopstaff and ask permission to tape for youtube, but she doesn't seem to be up-to-date on fashion trends or anything. I almost feel like I want to drop her a ton of recs for age appropriate magazines. She had the clothing idea for her fans, but dropped it, and the designs were pretty shitty. As terribad as tumblr is, I wouldn't mind seeing her set up another one just to maybe see what's in or what's popular because the larme would be ideal for her to dabble in and keep fans.

No. 253980

File: 1459367575291.jpg (34.92 KB, 506x261, image.jpg)

There's something unsettling about seeing these two videos side by side, like I'm expecting the next one to be like an anon had said a few threads ago where weenoos is in a hospital bed weakly talking about her kawaii eating disorder

No. 253988


this makes me so sad.

No. 253997

She would be a perfect setup to have an ED, given her age, gender, focus on appearance (being the breadwinner for the family for most of her life, based on looking cute) and especially her fucked-up life courtesy of whackjob mummy.

I've read that EDs stem from a need to control that one aspect of life (their size) when everything else in their lives is out of their control (hello, insane life with maggot.) Plus the whole ittle-girl kawaii thing she's trapped in & seems to clinging to…wanting to keep that tiny childlike body. Seems like a perfect storm for an ED to me.

No. 253998

File: 1459374235806.png (540.17 KB, 852x473, Noooo.png)

I paused the video and she looks so much like Margo here holy shit.

No. 253999

Her skin is especially shiny in this one, just like magoo's.

No. 254000

Control is a big aspect of EDs but its used as sort of a catchall or buzzword to explain away a lot of other complex and varied factors. Venus does make a good textbook ED candidate given her bizarre and shitty family dynamic but its a bit presumptuous to put it all down to control.
Polite sage for sperg.

No. 254001

binge eating video reminds me of Kinoshita Yuka

No. 254012

God, my inner binge eater wants this so badly.


No. 254021

Ew to that texture. I wonder what eating 3kg of agar and powdered pudding mix does to your bowels?

No. 254022

Damn. I hope she can change it.

No. 254049

why are young women even making these overeating videos. smh.

No. 254050

yeah, not good.

me too. that video made me cringe.

No. 254054

Is it typical to shower and shave your legs on top of your clothes in Japan??

New video

No. 254055

FYI, the woman in the video that you're referring to is a professional competitive eater.

No. 254056


A 40 year old woman sleeping in a little girl babydoll dress, and making an 80s german techno morning montage.

Maximum cringe, holy shit. But maybe she's realize that her "venus truth movement" is never gonna be a thing, and she should stop trying to make it happen?

No. 254057

Sweet Lord, that disgusting bathroom.

No. 254058


That direct light at the end is NOT kind to her jowls, holy fuck

No. 254059

oh god, I didn't need to know Margo doesn't wear underwear.

No. 254063

What a shit hole!

No. 254064

I love that you posted this here so quick.

Look's like Maggot is getting on with her life, even just a tiny bit. There were a lot of crotch shots in that video but hey, whatever gets her clicks/customers, right?

No. 254065

>shower and shave your legs on top of your clothes

Squicked me out, why make them dirtier before you wash them?

No. 254066


I like how this video makes it more apparent than ever that Venus did all of the video work herself - Mags has zero clue about lighting, editing, cuts, interesting shots, angles that might flatter her, etc. The opening shots had some canned filter on top of it, but that was it. And a 10 year old can do those.

No. 254067


IKR? It's not even about saving water or anything, it's just weird and gross.

No. 254069

File: 1459395115938.jpg (148.09 KB, 1200x674, maggots-morning.jpg)

No. 254070

The rhythm of it is okay (video anon here) but it doesn't have the polish it needs.

But correlating the toilet with the shots of the coffee cup actually turned my stomach.

No. 254071


Mags is a nasty bitch and proud of it. Wants to drive it home that she has morning poops and gets leg hair in her dirty, stepped on clothes before she washes them. Vital info that draws her into a personal relationship with her viewers.

No. 254073

Is it weird that these are the types of things I like to see from people? Like, daily life, what their house looks like, what happens in their country. I preferred Margo shaving her legs to Venus eating 3kg of pudding.

I thought it was some hand washing your clothes whole you travel but then she used the washing machine, so who knows.

That Air BnB room better be really cheap because that's the only reason I would want to stay there. It's a hoarders crack den.

No. 254074

>>That Air BnB room better be really cheap

For a month to month rental in a major world city, it's dirt cheap, around $2200 USD for 3 months with the 20% discount the host offers to monthly renters.

No. 254075

anon, I also preferred this to the bucket of pudding. it was at times gross but it was entertaining. plus I've never lived like that so it's good insight. that toaster oven is the stuff of my sharehousing nightmares but still I could not, not watch.

we have a times suggested Mags find something to do with herself and maybe now she will. good news for Venus, good news for us viewers.

No. 254079

is she expecting views just because she has a regular morning routine in a JAPANESE house?
also lel at the showing off of her Chanel eyeshadow
>still uses a sponge applicator

No. 254080

Did you see the toaster in the kitchen? Roach mountain right there, ew! I can't believe she would put something she eats in there.

No. 254081


And film herself preparing food in it. Like, you CAN clean that shit Mags, you don't get street cred for using your roach motel "as is".

No. 254085

File: 1459398498530.png (158.88 KB, 819x651, Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.27…)

… she actually thinks she's making the clothes cleaner by "pre-washing them" in her leg hairs, soap scum, and morning funk.

No. 254088

Did anybody catch the part where she wet her washcloth in dirty sweat leg hair laundry water and USED IT TO CLEAN HER FACE?

No. 254089


Hurk. Yeah, just between that, the many references to her taking multiple shits, and the toaster oven that makes its own penicillin, it's no wonder bish can't keep a man. Or a kid. Or her family. But then she has to be crazy on top of it all.

No. 254091

That is pretty cheap. I'd put up with the roach toaster for that price.

No. 254092

5-7 cups of coffee a day

Mmmh, between 3 and 5 small portions of coffee a day actually helps your liver, but more than 5 risks making you psychotic. And she's already crazy.

>i wash my hair everyday

Not a good idea with that wispy thin middle european hair. It leads to an unending cycle of greasy thinness.

No. 254093

she really shouldn't shampoo her hair everyday when she just bleached it like crazy

No. 254094


No shit. Marggles l-o-v-e-s to pretend she's a fucking expert in every known subject: waking up early, doing acrylics, shitting, home hair dyes and extensions, video making, nuclear medicine and trains, etc etc. But she's ill educated and chock full of hubris, which makes for a good cow.

Anyway, she's stripping the shit out of her natural hair oil every day, and that shit is already fried to it's limit. I'll bet it's so porous it gets stretchy when it's wet.

No. 254095

she's saying it's very weak though. the phrase 'weak as dishwater' is what she's reaching for.

No. 254097

Also the toaster nukes itself regularly. Feral but not completely unhygenic.

No. 254098


Doesn't really matter if you drink 7 cups of it, until you get diarrhea. Maybe she means it's not espresso, like how American soldiers needed their european coffee thinned with water and milk because it was too strong? Anyway, whatever kind of coffee, if you reach 5+ cups before you leave the house, you have issues.

No. 254100

I really like how this was posted right after anon found her airbnb, basically solidified her location

No. 254104

I really want Margs to become the frontman for AirBnB. She could do morning routine videos at each house she stays in. The Tagline could be "hosts are friends you just haven't met yet" and she could do videos where she follows her new "friends" around the city promoting shit. It would be terrifying and hilarious.

No. 254105

>too much coffee
>hoarder house

It's getting like gomi in here at the moment tbh.

No. 254109

So she really thinks the world needs to see alll the details of a 40-year-old woman shaving her legs and soaking her clothes in dirty shower water? Fuuucckkk now I NEED SOME EYE BLEACH

No. 254113

So she isnt a fan of using many chemicals but she washes her hair every damn day?
>I have to be careful with too much color and basically just cover blemishe, and high light my eyes.
She forgot to mention she puts on the brightest lipstick she can find.

No. 254115

And she contours her cheeks, but not her conkster.

No. 254120

New vid every wednesday… hmmmm just like some other youtuber I know… hmmm

No. 254121

Margo thinks her wed release 500 view non Venus related videos are going to really stick it to her former daughter

No. 254122

>"So thick and wobbly like–kyuuuu! Waaahh!"

She's just being kawaii desu

No. 254123

File: 1459409468735.gif (1.61 MB, 280x296, 1454278938271.gif)

>that intro
>that music
>those close up shots of Margos crotch
>that whole showering scene
>that house
>margos face
>this whole fucking video

No. 254124

Even if you put the fact that it's Margo aside, the video starts kinda normal and grows progressively creepy.

No. 254125

File: 1459410404564.jpg (68.79 KB, 800x600, Pob02.jpg)

All that morning exercise isn't doing much for her. I'd expect to see her more toned.

> a little girl babydoll dress

Nah, that's an ol' lady nightie. I've seen the laundry at the local care home, and loads of the residents wear that style.

Margo's face shape always reminds me of Pob (img).

No. 254129

(same anon) Okay, just started watching Weenus eating pudding video. She's kinda looking like Pob too atm.

No. 254138


Can she start side channels for the flexibility of more experimental content?

No. 254147

File: 1459411650551.jpg (40.34 KB, 342x298, 1453090777567.jpg)


I'm not 100% sure of what I just watched.

No. 254148

honestly she could get some nice feedback with videos like these if she wasn't fucking crazy. like a different view of japan + older lady going around could get popular. she should drop everything related to venus and do her own thing.

No. 254151

>washing her face with bar soap

No wonder she didn't age well.

No. 254155

I don't understand showering with your dirty clothes around your feet. Like, she has a washing machine so what the fuck?

It was also gross that she scrubbed her face with a loofah full of soap and didn't show a moisturising scene afterwards. It makes it look like she just put makeup on her dry-ass face.

No. 254159

Wow the part of her in the shower, shaving her legs on her clothes made me cringe.

Also where she was cooking looked sooooo dirty. idk she could buy a little oven paper, to not cook her food on that dirty little oven.

I love how her make up is sooooo expensive tho. Just the NARS blush alone is 30$.

No. 254160

I'm jealous it's warm enough to go for a run at 7am like she does.

No. 254162

Not just bar soap, but the exfoliating sponge. Every morning. Combined with smoking, no wonder her skin looks dead.

No. 254163

Nothing but the best for hobo obasan.

No. 254164

>straightening that flimsy hair
>that gross oven in that she put her white bread

Oh Marg.

No. 254170

why wouldn't you wash mushrooms that shit is dirty unless prewashed

No. 254171

Sorry for being OT, but not washing mushrooms is gross. My room mate cooks them up, dirt and all!

No. 254172

Kek, right? I was like 'that's some quality make up this bitch is sporting' while the toaster/cooking place's mad dirty.

No. 254174

I cant wait for margos next morning routine video:
Margos morning routine, homeless edition.

With hightlights including:
Marg sleeping under a bridge
Marg making her bed (cardboard box)
Marg drinking cold river water with instant coffee
Jogging and yoga
Marg washing fully clothed in the river (may as well wash her clothes at the same time)
High class makeup (shes gotta look good)

No. 254176


aka Venoos stalking


I read this in the most annoying voice tbh

this woman is fucking scum

No. 254177

The mushrooms soak up the water, making any dish less flavourful. Depending on your dish it would add extra moisture to cook out making a soggy meal. Mass produced mushrooms are grown in dirt that is practically 'sterile' so only mushroom spores grow in it so you won't get anything from eating the dirt. Generally you should just wipe mushrooms over to prepare them, no need to wash or peel.

No. 254180

I fucking love vlogs like that. Like, I hate pewdiepie but I love watching whenever he vlogs because he's not as insufferable and it's cool to just see him doing things in life. Julien Solomita is one of my current faves because it's really just him filming his everyday life, not making every vlog about going out and doing some special thing (also his editing is top notch)

I think it's really weird but it's my love for the slice of life genre just except applied to real life lol.

sage for OT

No. 254181

What an annoying hag

No. 254183

Did anyone see latest Venus' post?
She deleted it but it said she felt alone and her heart was aching and it will end soon.
What do you think she meant? :/ I'm confused

No. 254184

Those leggings are so unflattering and why are close-ups of her crotch necessary? The pattern on the leggings makes it look like it's pulsating. God I feel sick.

No. 254185

Those leggings are so unflattering and why are close-ups of her crotch necessary? The pattern on the leggings makes it look like it's pulsating. God I feel sick.

No. 254186

File: 1459421171001.jpg (159.74 KB, 1000x1000, red02-mushroom-brush-1000-1.jp…)

You don't use a mushroom brush?
It's all you need to get rid of the dirt.

No. 254187

besides the creepy as shit pandering she did, i thought it was kind of interesting to see all the old appliances and how they worked

she's still fucking insane tho

No. 254193

Urgghhhh. I mean, I'm not an obsessive about cleanliness or anything but that house is fucking disgusting. And there's a hair on the face cloth, is that from her legs? Her straightening that straw hair made me cringe, especially in the unflattering light in the kitchen where you can see all the frizz.

On the other hand, I agree with some other anons that these everyday vlogs are kinda interesting and the angle of an older single woman in Japan is fairly unique. She could have some success if she wasn't fucking nuts.

No. 254194

Double dose of fresh milk every wednesday makes me a happy little farmer!

No. 254195

Also I noticed how she keeps all her expensive makeup for herself, while Venus for her tutorials used just cheap makeup you can find on ebay for 10$. lol

No. 254197

and that expensive makeup was paid for by Venus.

No. 254198


Imagine how that must have felt. Maggot gets all this expensive department store counter shit with Venus' income, and is like, "For you dollar store make up is good enough, Weenoos. Mother needs this. Don't get fresh with me, young lady, or I'll throw another knife at your head, you abusive bully!"

No. 254199

The pallets look also pretty grubby. Weekly cleaning her beauty supplies and washing her brushes? Not for maggot, queen of roach motels.

A little dirt never killed anyone, Weenoos.

No wonder she ran off. Manaki may not be the handsomest dude, but he probably has better hygiene.

No. 254201


No. 254202

That hair was too long and thick to be a leg hair…

No. 254203

Yeah, exactly that.

No. 254204

and storing her belongings in her huge nose so she can run from the cops faster

No. 254205

I thought the same…

No. 254212

I thought she was somehow getting hot water from the dishwasher. I should remember everything she writes is is margoese.

If I drank that much coffee I'd be peeing every ten minutes. I don't know how she does it. Maybe they are very small cups.

No. 254214

The Chanel eyeshadow is roughly $60. I didn't catch what foundation she's using, but Maggot sure likes to spoil herself.

No. 254217

given what we saw her do with her clothes in the bath, putting literal dishwater in her coffee is not that far fetched.

No. 254218

I know right. She's European, she should have a clue about mushrooms and not to wash them.

But then, after that shower / bath / clothes trample it's clear Margo is a sloven.

No. 254221

Nice to know she spends $$$ where it matters

No. 254222

"Alton Brown did a mythbusters-type episode on food myths, and he talked about this. He soaked mushrooms in water for longer and longer periods of time, and weighed them before and after. He found that they soak up very little water, and that amount doesn't increase over longer soaking periods. It's also the same if they get a "shower" or a "bath". "

No. 254224

Unless it's cheapo counterfeit, she might as well use cheap brands because she doesn't look any better for the extra cash she spends if it's genuine Chanel/Nars.

No. 254226


She's quite well versed on shitting though, especially in other's lives.

No. 254227

That's pretty interesting! I guess it's an old wives tale/old chef's belief then?

No. 254228

Let's suggest she make a video of her going out on the town, showing us some night life. See how she parties. Hopefully get a drunk rant.

No. 254229

File: 1459435723965.png (396.19 KB, 966x815, Venus.png)

No. 254230

No. 254235

i'm in japan and now i kinda wanna go stalk the marg. i really wonder what tf she does in here since she apparently isn't doing a very good job in tracking her daughter down.

No. 254237

I've still yet to go out to her airbnb… hopefully soon…(nope)

No. 254238

lol let's do a meet under marg's place with other people who have no life. it would actually be funny, but it sure would seem suspicious to see too many people there… exp since she lurks(wow so edgy)

No. 254239

No. 254240

If you went, she'd probably make a video about how you must be stalking her for her amazing looks and shit

No. 254241

I wouldn't want to actually go up to her! I'm Asian anyway so it's not like it'd be entirely obvious why I'm just chilling out in the area lol

I'm sort of curious to see her in real life and see what she does besides going to Denny's/staying at home.

No. 254242

Gunna git famous

No. 254243


No. 254244


I really don't know how I should feel about this because everything just looks so dirty like damn I saw that this place is pretty cheap but m8 I couldn't live there or even EAT in this filthy place DAMN

And this fricking shower part jeeez

but I can't wait for more gross maggot vids tbh.

No. 254245


Given how hot it gets in summer and the state of that bathroom and oven toaster, that place has a lot of roaches, I guarantee it. You need to keep stuff really clean and keep constant vigilance to keep them at bay.

No. 254246

File: 1459439551210.jpg (28.62 KB, 821x218, surejan.JPG)


samefag but saw this

No. 254248


and yet margo dared to judge Manaki's stove lmao

No. 254249


She's a slobby snob, the worst kind of hypocrite.

No. 254250

she'd rather live in filth than do something "nice" even though it would benefit her? i hope she aint staying long because wow how long can you go without cleaning??

No. 254251

Neither of you will go there, you're bluffing for attention. Shit or get off the pot.

No. 254252

?? why wouldn't I? It's like a 10-20 minute walk from where I live lol.

No. 254254

Sure, if that's what you want to do with your time but that's retarded af.

No. 254255


She's been there since the beginning of February. So she has elected to live in others' filth for 2+ months, just so she can stalk and slander her daughter at the same time. She could do her slander from anywhere, but Margo chooses to do it in person while living like a teenage boy (cheap flophouse, buncha roomies, no one cleans in a "you did it, you clean it!" stand off.)

No. 254256

It's spring break and I don't have jack shit to do so lol. It's down the side of Nakano-dori I don't go down so some fresh air and exploring doesn't sound too bad actually.

No. 254257


and this is something I don't understand. Mags should be thankful about the fact to stay there for such long time. And I mean when you live there for so long you should move your jobless ass and clean something idk

also kek at the part in this video when she said she doesn't need an alarm clock because she wakes up at the same time every day - sure mags that you sleep until noon because no reason to wake up.

No. 254264

dishwasher coffee..? Please tell me this is a horrible translation error.

No. 254265


She's mistranslating a metaphor; the phrase is dishWATER coffee (and no longer in common use in English, very old-fashioned phrase). The idea is that instead of being rich, black european coffee (espresso) the coffee is thin and looks like dirty dishwater (eww), with milk thinning the non-espresso coffee further.

No. 254267

Well, you should go now and post pics.

No. 254269


It's the middle of the night in Japan.

No. 254270

>Mass produced mushrooms are grown in dirt that is practically 'sterile' so only mushroom spores grow in it so you won't get anything from eating the dirt
well ty anon. As someone who hates mushrooms but loves to cook, you've solved a riddle.
I'll still boil the mushroom I give to my fish tho, since it always smells like dirt.

No. 254273

I repeat: shit or get off the pot. Either post your field report or stop going on about how you're going to visit the area.

No. 254279

I didn't even know that she had spelled it "dishWASHER" until this l, my brain just autocorrected it to "dishwater".
Do they not have this phrase in the US? I kind of like the discussions that the special brand of Palermo ESL brings up.

No. 254285


The use of the phrase "dishwater" as a description for a non dishwater thing is something I heard as a child in the 80s, from my parents a bit but more from my grandparents, and I haven't heard it used in at least 2 decades. Mousy brownish hair used to be called "dishwater blond" (again: eww). I'm assuming Margo learned the phrase from a secondary school english class in the 1980s - foreign language books are always so behind on current cultural trends - and is using it like it might have been used pre-1960s in the US.

No. 254295

File: 1459447360243.png (600.52 KB, 920x585, Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.0…)

No Spanish restaurant with city views for you anymore, Margo? Just wandering around your block at midnight, taking photos by yourself? Not even your wacky world traveller adventures party roomies want to hang with you?

Say it with me: quelle dommage, you fucking bitch.

No. 254297

I can hear from here the poor japanese weirded out by the foreign lady, roaming at night, terrorizing children.

No. 254298

What?? Does anyone have a screenshot??

No. 254300

I didn't take a screenshot of it because I'm dumb -_-
It was a pic of flowers.
First it said "My heart aches and I feel alone" or smth like that.
Then I refreshed it and it said the same message plus "but it will end soon".
She deleted it quickly. There were many messages asking what happened and many supportive messages aswell.

No. 254301

a camp of flowers actually **

No. 254302

I would feel like this too if my mother was doing all the things Margo does, it is hard to ignore when your fans always come to you with it.

No. 254304

Well, Margo's visa is ending soon so there will be no more irl stalking.

No. 254307

File: 1459449972660.jpg (259.17 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg.61b476e4ec2291faf026…)

Found a screenshot on pull.

No. 254308

'it'll be over soon' could well refer to Margo's visa expiring, I don't know why people are panicking.

No. 254309


this sounds more hopeful than anything

No. 254311

That sounds more like she knows it won't last and she'll be able to just focus on herself and Manaki again when the Maggt ride ends

No. 254314

Hang in there, kid. If mags isn't gone voluntarily after mid april, shes gonna get the boot after anyways. And then you can get back to being just a cringey weeb and not part of your mom's sideshow anymore.

No. 254315

File: 1459454334612.jpg (15.78 KB, 666x96, rules.JPG)


I was re-watching the video and remembered the house rules …

No. 254318

You just know she's a legitimately famous figure in her own mind.

>I share to you this window in my celebrity lifestyle

No. 254324

Same, I bet that thing haven't got a good scrubbing since it was bought

No. 254325

Anon hope you're watching the video embedded here and NOT giving her YT view$!

No. 254327

>read the news in hungarian, german and english

that's a funny way to spell "Venus instagram"

No. 254349

Seriously, no. We observe the lolcow, we come here and talk about the Lolcow. We don't milk the lolcow lest we become one ourselves. Standard Lolcow Operating Procedure. Refer to Pixy and Kailyn for people who didn't follow that. They stopped milking themselves and went away and we all got sad.

If one of my air BnB guests decided to clean up my house or touch my trash hoard I'd be pretty annoyed. Scrubbing everything would be rude and imply that it wasn't to a good enough standard of cleanliness. Best to leave it and just clean up after yourself to save any arguments. I've lived with chefs and they are pretty messy and don't care.

No. 254352

Kek, yeah that's the best part of it. She feels there are people out there who genuinely want to see those kind of lifestyle videos, morning routine work outs etc, and not just to laugh at her but because they're curious about their "favourite celebrity" or something

No. 254356

agree, cleaning up would have to be done discreetly and over time so as not to come off as offensive. the owner might actually be relieved though. although if he's like my former flatmate, he might like his toaster oven to stay filthy, thankyou.

No. 254357

Maggot's clever though. Even hate traffic is traffic. She must be desperate but she has worked out a way to put these hate views to use.

No. 254358

Maybe Venus knows something we don't. Maybe she hears from her aunt now… just hypothetical of course.

We still don't know the outcome of Maggot's conversation with her dad. Magoot suggested she planned to come home to Hungary, of course this was bs, but maybe she'll have to anyway.

Stay strong Venus!

No. 254359

File: 1459465076580.jpg (103.42 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)


No. 254362


So much for maggot giving up on the Venus Harassment and focusing on her own "celebrity lifestyle". I hope Fullscreen sues the everliving fuck out of Margendo for this.

No. 254363

Unfortunately, the thing about this is, if Margo actually filmed these - which the general consensus seems to be that she did - then it's not a false claim. Models and actresses don't own shit, everything always belongs to the person who took the photo or video. Unfortunately most of "Venus'" content actually probably legally belongs to margo.

No. 254364


I disagree. It would be impossible for Margo to make claims on any video Venus has made in the last 2 months, and the vast majority of her videos before that were filmed with a webcam or tripod. People make specious copyright claims all the time to fuck people over. Any "proof" of her claims is going to be just as nonsensical as Margo's "proof" of venus's "evil plan, planned for many months".

No. 254365


And Margo doesn't own the Venus Angelic charter; if she did, the Fullscreen contract would have been with Margaret, not Venus. She can argue that she helped create it, but she's already taken fees / cuts of the profits, and she's no longer involved with the "Venus Angelic" brand in any way. Margo worked for her daughter, not the other way around. If I work for a film studio and I direct a film, the film does not belong to me, it belongs to the company / brand.

No. 254366

File: 1459465740821.jpg (128.57 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

>"Call the police

No. 254367

Way to go maggot! Show the world what a bitter psycho you really are behind the facade!

It'll backfire on her though, like every other stunt she's pulled. Fullscreen doesn't want their revenue from Venus'videos cut off so they'll move quickly to cut maggot off at the knees & get this reversed…but the damage to the maggot's credibility & reputation will be irreversible. So..good job maggot! Keep up the good work!

No. 254370

Yes I agree. They could need to fight this out in court and come up with a proceeds sharing agreement. Could take years, like an ugly divorce. Maggot has already had a lot of proceeds from them too.

Venus' new videos since leaving are not Maggot's though, so locking the whole channel is fucked up.

The best thing to do is to clean slate, using only the new videos since the running away one. All those old videos represent their abusive relationship and, even though Venus earns money from them, just let them disappear. That way Maggot earns nothing too, and she can't afford a lawyer to sue.

Fullscreen should really do something about this!

No. 254371

Yeah but a Youtuber I watched called IHE (for short) had his claims automatically taken off when the person who set them couldn't prove why/didn't respond to his appeal.

Venus has the option to argue against this claim and if Margo doesn't have a reason or a response to her appeal then it'll be automatically removed.

No. 254372

The thing is, you dont get your channel locked "so easily". You get 2 strikes before they lock it. So this might already be the second attempt of margot to copyright her vids :(

No. 254374

Disagree all you like, the law is the law. The person pressing the shutter on the camera owns the material created by the camera. This law is so absolute that a man had to take wikipedia to court over a selfie a monkey took using his camera, wiki lost only because the monkey wasn't a human being. Whether or not she owns the character is totally irrelevant.

>If I work for a film studio and I direct a film, the film does not belong to me, it belongs to the company / brand.

That's because of the contract worked out prior to the creation of the film. Also, in this analogy, venus is an actor, not a director. Actors and models have no claim to what they're filmed doing.

That process involves giving her address and contact information to youtube, who then pass it on to the party filing the DMCA. This is actually quite a clever scheme.

No. 254375

I really like how Venus tagged maggot on the caption so people can go easily to her account and shit on her.

No. 254376

But isnt the video where we can see Venus's period spot, a video where she is alone her mom isn't even there? Like, that might be the case with a lot of the videos, right?

Like, Margo might have come up w the idea maybe even edited, but there's no real proof she videotaped or hit 'record' on most of those videos, and she needs to be able to prove it? Or so you'd think.

No. 254377

File: 1459466427506.png (482.64 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160331-191532.png)

The fans strike back! on maggot's latest IG pic →

No. 254378

>>254376hm? No, it is the video where she tried out jap candy. If I remember it correctly it had over a mil fews

No. 254379

I wondered about the address thing. She's been trying to get it since she left, wouldn't surprise me if that's literally the only reason she filed.

No. 254380

File: 1459466537186.png (489.84 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160331-191548.png)

The fans strike back! on maggot's latest IG pic →

No. 254381

File: 1459466571519.png (502.31 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160331-191617.png)


No. 254382

File: 1459466601331.png (501.83 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160331-191634.png)


No. 254383

I don't understand. Her channel isn't locked, I just checked. Looks totally normal.

No. 254384

File: 1459466628519.png (484.62 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160331-191645.png)


No. 254385

File: 1459466713973.png (516.44 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160331-191726.png)

6/6 (before maggot deletes)

No. 254387


Margo can't prove shit on her claims. She would have to prove, definitively, that the materials were all recorded by her. While it's possible that she MIGHT have filmed some of the videos, Margo has no proof of this.

Since she's filed a claim she has no proof for, the claim will be considered false and in bad faith (intended to harass) which is perjury.

Here's a little legalese about it: http://www.newmediarights.org/business_models/artist/what_are_penalties_false_copyright_infringement_claims

No. 254388

She can log in but she isnt allowed to upload any new content. She cant comment, she can change anything. The channel will still be up.

No. 254391


Would the counterclaim be filed by Venus personally, though? I don't doubt this has to do with getting Venus's location in addition to fucking with her income / sanity, but I would think that fullscreen's address would be used (her business address.)

No. 254392

someone should copyright claim all of margos videos and block her out of her youtube channel and she how she likes like seriously what a psyco

No. 254393

>But isnt the video where we can see Venus's period spot, a video where she is alone her mom isn't even there? Like, that might be the case with a lot of the videos, right?

Yeah, could well be. If Venus has access to the raw footage of her videos and they prove this, then she would have a strong case against marg.

>and she needs to be able to prove it? Or so you'd think.

DMCA requests are a little weird in that they always assume the person filing the claim is in the right. The hosting websites are legally required to comply, and it's part of what keeps the company out of hot water legally for hosting material that doesn't belong to them. If you ever use streaming sites, (Like ones that host TV shows) you'll notice a lot of them have really clear, easily accessible dmca forms.

Yeah, she'd have to prove it if she ever went to court over it, which Venus would need to counterclaim and therefore hand over her address for. Margo really has the upper hand here.

Just look at how many times the Ostrengas got away with this shit.

No. 254394

Margo was listed as the director for 'Venus Angelic LTD' in the UK. Not sure if this gives her any rights to the you tube channel or if it still counts since the company has since been dissolved.

I wonder if she has registered the company in other countries? Her AirBnB shows short visits to several countries where she could have registered it in order to protect the 'brand'.

No. 254395

>Would the counterclaim be filed by Venus personally, though?

For everything before the fullscreen contract, yes. They have nothing to do with the videos created before their contract, the dispute there is between Venus and Margaret personally.

No. 254396

>>That's because of the contract worked out prior to the creation of the film. Also, in this analogy, venus is an actor, not a director. Actors and models have no claim to what they're filmed doing.

Mags can make that analogy all she wants (which she's been doing for months; i.e. "She was just the body, I was doing everything." This is patently false, because Venus started the channel on her own and produced all the content on her own for at least 2 years before Maggot glommed onto the project once she thought she could benefit from it.

This is a huge pain in the ass for Venus, and obviously distressing for her, and mega shitty of Marge, but I hate to give anything Margo says about being the brand maker any heed. I think it's clear she was not only a detriment to the brand; the entire "Venus Angelic" thing is Venus's intellectual property.

No. 254399

Margo, you sneaky, sneaky bitch. Yesterday it looked like she was turning over a new leaf, moving on and doing her own thing then BOOM EAT SHIT WEEENOS

No. 254401

>>If Venus has access to the raw footage of her videos and they prove this, then she would have a strong case against marg.

I'm guessing that the data is on: the macbook Mags bricked; some of the many external hard drives margo has; and possibly also on the Mac desktop Venus left behind with Margo. I doubt Venus was thinking about legal proceedings when she ran out the bathroom window with a single suitcase to escape Margo's insanity.

>>For everything before the fullscreen contract, yes. They have nothing to do with the videos created before their contract, the dispute there is between Venus and Margaret personally.

It's a grey legal area for the things before Venus's 18th bday; even if Margo has the content stored on her hard drives or the Mac desktop - which she'd presumably use as proof of ownership - it will be impossible to detangle whether Venus or Margo owned the files, as a minor cannot purchase things with a credit card, and leave a paper trail. And even if Margo purchased the materials, a parent doesn't own the files a child creates or downloads just because they own the computer legally.

Anyway, point being: this is a huge legal mess either way. Margo decided to throw a nail bomb in Venus's vicinity just before Mag's visa expires because she can't stand the thought of her daughter being happy.

No. 254402

Margo not being able to prove she took the videos is not proof that Venus did. For this to go anywhere in court, the party making the positive assertion needs to be able to definitively prove what they're claiming, i.e. one of them needs to have proof that they definitely, physically pressed the shutter to start the camera recording. If neither of them can prove this, then they're just both going to be stuck in legal limbo forever. It's a he said she said Mexican standoff.

And again, unless Venus counterclaims, this wont even go to court and Margaret will effectively "Win" again, see: Ostrenga history of false DMCA notices.

No. 254404

This would be impossible to litigate and it will not go to court. Venus will have to go through YouTube grievance policy. Thankfully, Margo has given her plenty of evidence of harassment so her story will likely be believed.

No. 254407

Lol but…where is Margo domicile? Which court will have jurisdiction? Who is going to have the money to go to court just to determine these issues? Nopoint in doing a legal analysis here…

No. 254410

File: 1459468913053.png (277.6 KB, 932x592, Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 5.01…)

Christ, another fucking delusional Margo stan. It doesn't look like a sockpuppet, either

No. 254411

That was kind of the point of my post anon, did you not read the last line?

Venus wont counterclaim, even if she did it's not a guarantee that she'd win in court as anons seem to think, margaret may actually be on the right side of the law here for at least some of these videos - anons seem to think that just because they don't like her it makes her the guilty party 100% of the time.

No. 254412

Fullscreen has a team of lawyers who deal with this shit ALL THE TIME. Plus they have a financial interest in keeping the youtube channel running.

Maggot has…herself. And Google. Who do you think is gonna win this?

Maggot will lose not only the case but whatever shreds of reputation and support she still has.

#bye maggot

No. 254413

You're talking about who has ownership. My point is that the procedural issues alone will make it so that they will likely never reach the issue of who owns the content because Margo will be dissuaded when she realizes all of the obstacles that are in her way (especially the lack of money she has to fund this quagmire).

No. 254414

File: 1459469541196.jpg (35.7 KB, 814x600, yikes.jpg)

>Manage meeeee, Margendo

No. 254416

The final sticking point here is Margo's lack of money to pursue a case for a management cut, which it could be argued she's already received.

All she really has available is free methods of harassment, being internet drama, and that's what she knows best anyway.

No. 254417

Do you think margo got the idea from all the "Where's the fair use?" videos?

No. 254418

You are right anon. Something interesting to note, the video were (apparently) uploaded to Venus' account. In effect, Margo may have already transferred her copyright in that one action; depends who owned the account all along. We know Margo had her devices linked to it and was able to use it, but it would be useful to know whose name it was under, Venus', Margo's, or both?

Anyway, Margo's a turd.

No. 254419


April Fools?

No. 254420


she's a fucking psycho

No. 254422

are either of you lawfags?

No. 254423

Margo learnt a thing or two from Cathy I guess

No. 254424

operating a camera or editing a video does not grant you any copyright. you can still be performing a service and not the creator.

the real question is in the credits, who was it credited to - and who owned the YT account.

YT should not allow such frivolous claims so easily. they've been trolled by Margo.

No. 254425

not me, just a spectator. but it's good to try and separate the facts out with these internet dramz?

No. 254426

No. Youtube is legally obligated to side with the person filing the request, they don't mediate copyright claims and all the person filing the request has to do is repeatedly claim that they own the copyrighted material to youtube. They don't have to provide any evidence of this claim, and youtube will not take into account evidence provided by the person who uploaded the content.

The point is that Margaret does not have to take this to court to win. Venus does.

for the third time, if this is so easy to fix, why has there never been a single instance of someone winning against the Ostrengas when they pull this shit? Every time this has happened in the past, people have had to resort to creating multiple accounts to post stuff they 100% had the legal right to post (Parody/critique laws) Which is not the case in this instance, there is a possibility that at least some of this content does legally belong to Margaret.

No. 254427

how terrifying

No. 254428

I'm not, but I have had to file tons and tons of DMCA requests for a photo of mine that was stolen and got kind of popular on tumblr originally. (Only 3k or so notes, but you have to file for each blog individually) So I know my shit when it comes to how biased this stuff is in favour of the person filing the claims.

No. 254429

>for the third time, if this is so easy to fix, why has there never been a single instance of someone winning against the Ostrengas when they pull this shit?

As other anons have mentioned, it's mostly the contact info you must supply to counter a claim. The Ostrengas were dying for identifying info they could use in lolsuits. Few people wanted to give that over freely.

No. 254431

>operating a camera or editing a video does not grant you any copyright. you can still be performing a service and not the creator.

Yes it does. Editing doesn't, but operating the camera does. Copyright is bestowed to the person who creates the image as soon as they create it, in terms of photography this means whoever pressed the shutter. An edit is considered a derivative work of an original, but you still own the changes made.

For it to not belong to you despite you physically creating it, there has to be a contract in place prior to the creation of the content stating that you forfeit your rights to it.

No. 254432

>operating a camera or editing a video does not grant you any copyright

Agreed, it's like saying cameramen at movies studios own the contents

No. 254433

You're seriously retarded…

No. 254435

Tell that to the anon(s) saying that by pressing the rec button it does

No. 254436

anon, please explain why operating the camera automatically grants copyright, instead of calling us names?

YT is not a cottage industry anymore, real world rules apply as far as I know.

No. 254437

I'm actually the anon who posted that information originally and so far have been the only person to mention it in the thread.

The point I'm making by citing the Ostrengas that is unless it gets taken to court, the person filing the claim has the upper hand. Venus has exactly a 0% chance she'll come out of this on top unless it goes to court, and it will likely not go to court.

No. 254439

Lawfag here. Copyright laws are different in each contry. Stop assuming every country has US. laws.

No. 254440

Because, as I've stated five or six times, it is written into their work contract when they agree to work at the company that they forfeit the right to anything they create. How is this so hard to understand?

No. 254441

Internet law is where the server is located. That's why admin has our server in bumfuck nolaw land somewhere. Youtube is US owned, and their servers physically reside in the US. US law applies here.

No. 254442

People sometimes work without written contracts too (say on friends' projects) but it doesn't mean they can successfully claim copyright.

Margo and Venus will have had verbal contracts with each, that probably changed at times. The roles were probably very muddy. Whatever the roles, it's not advantageous costwise for either of them if this goes to court.

No. 254443

>People sometimes work without written contracts too (say on friends' projects) but it doesn't mean they can successfully claim copyright.

What do you mean by "Successfully claim copyright?" Margo has already done that - she's filed a DMCA request and claimed the videos belonged to her, and they have been removed from youtube. People do that to one another all the time on collaborative youtube projects. Unless you mean successfully prove that they own the material in court, in which case, again that relies on one of them being able to prove they created the content. Which as we've established over and over, is nigh on impossible in this specific instance.

No. 254448

You keep saying "Venus has to take this to court" blah blah blah…

This is not Venus vs Margaret. This is Fullscreen vs Margaret.

Fullscreen is a huge company with a legal team that deals with this shit all the time. Margaret is…margaret. LOL. What are you not getting here?

No. 254450

I'm gonna greentext the issues here because people don't seem to get how shit this is for Venus and how likely it is that she will be completely fucked by it before we even entertain the possibility of going to court;

>Youtube will always side with the person filing the DMCA

>Youtube does not review or consider evidence
>The person filing the claim gets to see any evidence submitted and review the validity of their claim.
>You can appeal this decision
>This involves the person filing the claim being given the opportunity to review their claim again
>If they "Review their claim" And again state that it's valid the account with the material receives a strike against their account
>one strike per piece of content
>3 strikes and your account is shut down
>In order to reverse this, a counter claim must be filed
>To file a counter claim, contact info, name and address must be given

Some more background reading:

tl;dr despite this guy being able to prove he owns the copyrighted material in question, and getting the parent company (A huge company just like fullscreen) who he bought the licence off to corroborate this, he was unable to restore his content to youtube because they. Always. Side. With. DMCA. Claimants.

No. 254451

please see;
Who has to go to court is largely irrelevant at this point, the point is that Venus' account, and only source of income will be shut down if it receives three claims against it, and she will have to supply her real, legal address to Margaret in order to fix it. This will not get to court at all unless Venus submits a counter claim. Fullscreen can't do this on Venus' behalf, because they don't own any of the content that Venus made before she signed up with them, so them submitting a counter claim would be false, which they're not going to do because they're not idiots.

Oh, and by the way, if the content it monetized youtube redirects all of the revenue to the claimant whilst they believe the claim to be true. And they always believe the claim is true until a counter claim is submitted.

No. 254454

If the video is down, howdo they redirect profit? Is it the profit the video has made all up?

No. 254455

The vid goes down then a couple days later it is back up. And from this point on the money is redirected to margo. She wont make so much money out of it, because the video is old and the most views come on the first week of the release.

No. 254457

Yup, Margo is attempting to take all the money from the videos, that's what happens. She may have contacted fullscreen to do this honestly (since she did have a direct line to fullscreen), but Venus just needs to appeal to fullscreen and everything will be good again. It also isn't too difficult to counter-notify, it just takes a bit of time to eventually go through. I hope Venus is taking the appropriate steps and wasn't so heavily managed by her mom that she doesn't understand this.

No. 254459

So, Venus has a couple of options with various pros and cons:

1. Let Marg have this and make a new account
>Loses all of her fanbase
>Marg can just file a DMCA against her new account
>Loses revenue from all of her old videos

2. Let Margo have this and disappear from the internet
>Forfeits her only skill and source of income
>Will have to start living in the Real World in a foreign country with no qualifications to get by

3. Counterclaim and give Margo her address and form some kind of contingency plan for her safety.
>Youtube will likely honour it, reinstate her content and remove strikes against her account
>But Margo will have her address and contact info
>This could be what she's actually after, and will move onto harassing/stalking Venus
>Her content will also be down and the money will go to marg for the time it takes to do this

4. Give a fake address when counterclaiming
>Once a counterclaim is filed, the original claimant can serve the person legal papers
>If Margo calls her bluff and chooses to do this, Venus will have committed perjury (Which there is no excuse for in the eyes of the law)
>Who the videos actually belong to is basically impossible to prove, Venus will be worse off legally because Margaret actually has some validity to her claim over these videos, especially if she's smart enough to claim to want a share for her work that she was denied rather than claiming to outright own them

In short, she is going to suffer regardless of the path she chooses.

No. 254460

>>she is going to suffer regardless of the path she chooses.

Well, that's all mags is after, really. The money and attention are just a bonus to her (or, more likely, what she feels is rightfully hers and then some.)

No. 254461

Fullscreen is just a company that operates via youtube, they have nothing to do with how youtube handles DMCA claims. Appealing to fullscreen will do nothing, because youtube handles this all internally and cannot let channels randomly interfere. They're not affiliated with one another, so as far as youtube is concerned fullscreen is just another channel using their service. Why would they care?

No. 254462

This. And she silences Venus as well, by cutting off her voice (her videos talking about Margo). Margo can't bear to have the accusations out there.

No. 254464

I wish there was some way the community could help her take care of this. Margo is seriously psychotic. Her videos seem like she's "above" this drama, but she's instigating everything then placing the blame on her daughter.

I feel so bad for Venus - imagine growing up totally isolated with only this woman for company. Madness doesn't come out of nowhere… I think the scariest thing is how justified Margo thinks she is in her behavior.

No. 254467


Those videos Venus made about Margo actually belong to fullscreen, so if anything, those are the ones that'll go back up.

No. 254470

Could Venus set up a PO box for her business needs?

No. 254476

Fucking Margo mentions she's going to be uploading videos every Wednesday and then gets her daughter's account suspended. And when I thought Margo couldn't out-cunt herself, she surprises us all. I swear we might be seeing Margo wearing a human suit made out of Venus's skin if she doesn't get deported.

No. 254479

If Venus gets an attorney or someone from Fullscreen's legal aide to represent her, she could get all mail sent c/o of her attorney. As for Venus's address in any court documents, she could get that redacted or sealed by the court. Not exactly hard, but I'm a lawfag. I won't comment too much since I don't work in an area of copyright law.

No. 254481

Is the address requirement for service of process? Why do they ask for an address?

And yeah, like the anon above said, she could designate someone else to receive process/use her attorney's address for communication. It's hard to imagine that fullscreen will do nothing, especially since this can't be an uncommon issue among youtube account holders. I'm sure this will work itself out.

No. 254482

Idk if you can do this at the UPS stores in Japan, but in the US at UPS stores you can get something like a P.O. box, only better because you can get more useful features.

No. 254484

Fyi: kiwi farms just went down, and the creator left a message saying it's gone for good. No idea if it's a troll, hack, joke or serious, but there was an active maggot thread so if there are any refugees: welcome to being anon. Mags is a cunt. Over and out.

No. 254485

This probably won't go very far. Gendo doesn't have any real claim to copyright and Youtube will free up Venus' videos after they have someone look at the claim.

No. 254486


April fools?

No. 254491

It's very obviously an April Fools joke

No. 254492

Ah. Totally forgot it was today / tomorrow. Carry on.

No. 254493

Ha ha Null (?) comes out as a transwoman. Very definitely April Fools.

No. 254504

Nooo… the channel is still up, all videos viewable. Venus is not screwed, maggot is.
We shall see how long this maggot-induced block lasts, won't we? My guess: NOT LONG.

No. 254505

Oh fucking HOORAY

No. 254506

In a just world we could GFM a Yakuza visit.

No. 254507

All right, then Fullscreen will have their attorneys take it up with Youtube. Venus' videos are a major source of $$ for them, you think they're gonna sit there & let the maggot shut it down? One of Venus' recent videos has over 1M views. Get a clue, anon.

No. 254508

Venus has not been "silenced," genius. All videos are still up & viewable.

No. 254509


No. 254510

Hahaha, Venus put the bitch on blast! Yes Venus YESSSSSS

No. 254511

lmao someone please send this cap to her host.

No. 254512

I have been able to view all videos on the channel since Venus posted. Is it just affecting new videos she is trying to put up?

No. 254514

If I wasn't so against interfering with the cow's lives I'd agree

…too bad Venus doesn't give margo some 'bullying' and do it. I sure as hell would be reading sites like this and sneakily using the info against margo if I were her

Crazy already thinks venoos is out to get her so might as well

M. Night plot twist: venoos photoshopped the copyright infringement to thing to actually send fans after margo

How fucking delicious would that have been? One can only dream

No. 254516

okay but Venus says it's locked, and shows that screenshot - is that only visible to her? didn't someone explain upthread that it stays lock for 4 days? I'm going off those two things.

No. 254519

Samefag - woops, I see Venus is only 'locked out of her channel'. Earlier I assumed the channel was locked, different I know.

No. 254520

And wouldn't that make the proceeds go to maggot in the meantime? Someone above said that the revenue starts going to claimant until the claim is countered (if it's countered.)

No. 254522


something seems off about that. it seems like it would be way too easy for some rando to claim copyright and earn profits from any video.

No. 254523

I was wondering how that works too

Same with the address thing. If I was some crazed fan couldn't I just make a bunch of claims to force them to give me their address?

How is this system feasible? What am I missing?

Venoos should use manaki's parents address for the counter claim, since margo presumedly already knows it/has been there before?

No. 254525

Fullscreen have direct contact with YT. In the short term anyway, they can probably sort it out.

No. 254527

I thought she used that makeup because of sponsorship deals?

No. 254528

Now that we all know where maggot lives, it would be a real pity if a rabid Venus Stan with an axe to grind would show up on her doorstep.

No. 254529

Agree, that system is ridiculous. It means YouTube would be handing out addressed to crazed stalkers left and right.

No. 254531

File: 1459486712123.png (27.86 KB, 600x132, sb_lee4.png)

unfortunately the real psychos are grouping to Margo's side.

No. 254532

When you claim a video, you also get the claimants address (so Venus has Margo's address right now), I don't know how helpful that will be to Venus besides her knowing how close her crazy mom is to her.

No. 254533


Silly sb_lee4, as a satanist, Margo loves Satan

No. 254534


Remember Margs six o'clock deadline followed by angry "proof"? Venus should already have had Margs adress.

No. 254535

That sucks then, she's screwed unless she goes through Full Screen to remove this strike.

No. 254537

If she has any intelligence at all, her very first move would have been to contact fullscreen. You don't handle anything on your own if you have a branch above you. If she doesn't go through FS then it's her fault.

I'm still tempted to contact Margo's host and tell him that she has been slandering him on the internet to get her thrown out. Too bad that would mean we wouldn't know where to say she's staying.

Still, I think her visa runs out after she
is apparently leaving the hostel, which means it can't hurt. None of the anons supposedly living in Japan are doing anything after all.

No. 254541

Has she said anything other than she's not cleaning other people's shit that was like that already though? If I was in her position I wouldn't either.

Margo will fuck herself up. There is no need for anyone to dob her in for shit.

No. 254545

I feel like reporting all of Maggot's videos for child abuse.

No. 254546

why would this host care about some internet drama. he has his money for the room.

No. 254548

Besides, Marg has probably pulled her charming concerned mother routine on him. If anyone were to tell him anything, marg would tell him its the haters making stuff up.

No. 254552

of course when someone tells you they have a bunch of internet haters, it's probably best to back away.

No. 254553

Idk in this screenshot she's agreeing with is basically being disgusting >>254246
You're probably right, they more than likely already hate her, but they won't kick her out because $$$

No. 254554

Lol. If you have any sense you'll stay the fuck away from her host.

First or all, we are not YouTalkTrash. There is no point in harassing random people who have like nothing to do with Venus' and Margo's personal problems.

Also, a host is not going to give a fuck if she had a falling out with her daughter. All they care about is whether Marg is polite and whether or not she is going to damage their property.

She pretends to be a poor concerned mother who followed her child to Japan to make sure she is safe and is now being "bullied" by her, whatever that means. Do you like not realize you would actually give that story some credibility if Venus' supposed fantards/supporters came after her and tried to get her kicked out of her accommodation for completely unrelated reasons?

No. 254555

So, since she considers these Airbnb hosts "friends", do you think the images she posted before of her other "friends" are other Airbnb hosts?

No. 254556

Maggot doesn't seem to have too many choices from here though right? Assuming Venus/Fullscreen did the counter-notice already (or are doing it), Mags has to initiate a lawsuit before the claim expires, or the claim gets dropped and the strike is removed. Am I correct? Mags has no money for a lawyer as far as we know. Shit is hitting the fan for her: visa, money, this bullshit.

No. 254557

>tell him that she has been slandering him on the internet

pull your head out of your ass, maybe you'll learn to read if you do.

No. 254561

Yes, yes and yes.

No. 254563

Ashley detected. hun. deluded dragonskinned buck-toothed self-poster

No. 254564


fuck off mira, honey.
scaly fat-assed vile pedo

No. 254566

omg what a salty chubby attention whore

No. 254567

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No. 254571

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No. 254572

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No. 254575

The wrinkles

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No. 254577

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No. 254578

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No. 254579

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No. 254580

Wow look at the wrinkles.

No. 254581

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No. 254582


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No. 254583

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No. 254584

Holy shit look at her muffin top

No. 254585

She's a fucking cow

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No. 254587

Omg look at the fivehead

No. 254592


you should have been aborted.

No. 254593


Hahahahaha nice one

No. 254595

No. 254597

I detest this girl.

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No. 254598

i'm dying look at those nasolabial folds

No. 254599

File: 1459498943049.png (Spoiler Image,9.08 KB, 794x91, lolcowsimulator.png)

Jesus christ look at her oily hair

No. 254602

Whore sad scum

No. 254606

she's a wrinkly thicc catty instawhore

No. 254607

File: 1459501691810.jpg (39.84 KB, 500x556, pokemon001.jpg)

Holy shit look at that pit hair

No. 254612


Wow ok you disgusting fucking quasimoto

No. 254614

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No. 254616

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No. 254620

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No. 254622

File: 1459505326053.png (76.17 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160401-060648.png)

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No. 254623

nice blog u fucking tumblrina ;^)

No. 254624

Lolling at her nasolabial folds

No. 254627

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No. 254628

File: 1459508755843.png (3.66 KB, 233x204, umadbro.png)


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No. 254629

she's a brain damaged weeby cancer

No. 254632

File: 1459510547368.jpeg (2.21 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

Hi ember, fatty chan

No. 254636


you're a grimey redditor

No. 254637


You fucking saggy titted fatty-chan

No. 254638

File: 1459511245603.jpg (95.44 KB, 480x720, bina&mana.jpg)

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No. 254640

File: 1459511380954.png (11.18 KB, 282x51, 1.png)

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No. 254641


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File: 1459515890215.jpg (199.46 KB, 959x1280, image.jpg)

Wrong, check my ip

No. 254656

File: 1459516405020.jpg (244.18 KB, 959x1280, image.jpg)



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No. 254659

you're such a fucking newfag.

No. 254661

File: 1459517475306.jpg (189.26 KB, 480x720, E4Fr6h1459517420.jpg)


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No. 254665

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No. 254688

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File: 1459533832273.png (318.04 KB, 1440x2560, tmp_28814-Screenshot_2016-04-0…)

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File: 1459534236478.jpg (15.71 KB, 300x300, tmp_28814-PicsArt_145953419912…)

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No. 254732

File: 1459534472300.jpeg (108.81 KB, 640x630, image.jpeg)

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File: 1459534572090.jpeg (191.43 KB, 640x855, image.jpeg)


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No. 254736

File: 1459534820874.jpeg (82.2 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)


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No. 254739

File: 1459534945978.png (166.86 KB, 500x334, tumblr_nachkjr8471t4dfn8o1_500…)


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No. 254741

File: 1459535296068.jpeg (81.55 KB, 750x1027, image.jpeg)


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No. 254746

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No. 254751

File: 1459537005380.png (318.82 KB, 608x590, Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.5…)

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No. 254818

File: 1459551177406.jpg (720.27 KB, 1080x1646, magooo.JPG)



No. 254828


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No. 254838

File: 1459553365967.jpg (204.35 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

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No. 254840

File: 1459553435821.png (542.8 KB, 1024x768, 52c.png)

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No. 254841


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No. 254843


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No. 254872

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No. 254879

damn samefag


No. 254889

She looks like dakota

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