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File: 1483641798512.png (594.12 KB, 918x975, Maggot image.png)

No. 333243

Margaret continues her descent into madness.
With the anniversary of Venus' escape looming on the horizon, the sperging has been kept to a minimum as she continues to fester in Seoul, churning out 'savage' videos about current affairs, educating us sheeple on the ways of the world

Previous thread: >>309511

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/margaretpalermo/
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/margaretpalermo
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MargaretPalermo

No. 333244

>>Yes that is truly a WEIRD VLOG ABOUT MARIAH CAREY'S NYE FAILURE IN NYC and her O.P.I nail polish REVIEW I also cover the connection between the things and how Mariah makes money, why you shouldn't give a damn as long as you look good and why hIllary Clinton laughs. IT IS FREE MEDIA COVERAGE just like in case of Donald Trump. Too much? I say NOT ENOUGH.

No. 333246

Transcribe of the Trump/Obama/Hilary…rap

>>Hi, I'm Margaret and I am teaching about life!

Today I am teaching you in form of a REGGAE SONG. A real SAVAGE reggae song.

I'm mixed, half white
that makes me full black

you're a racist
if you don't vote for me

Orange is the new black
but I want back my black

I'm not insane, that's called confidence
in 4 years Michelle will run, she will win
and I can move back to the White House again

No regrets Hillary, no regrets Michelle,
I'm Hussein Obama and I would have won
Useless to think about
8 years are over, deal with it
America is not a dictatorship

Ship Ship, I totally ship president elect DJT
but honestly I would have beaten him.
Americans would choose me over
Hillary Bush Cruz Rubio and Trump.

I like to think about useless things
Like impossible choices and the past
I'm also very funny, people love my every word.
Dark Gentleman, your new neighbor.

It's nothing personal, I'm just pissed
Hey kid, Russia, I take away your bike,
No TV and sweets for a month, and no bike ride.
Be home at 10 and don't play with the computer.

In an interview released Monday, President Obama expressed confidence that he would have won the 2016 election had it been possible for him to seek a third term.
"I am confident in this vision, because I'm confident that if I had run again and articulated it, I think I could have mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it," the president said.
White House announces retaliation against Russia: Sanctions, ejecting diplomats. "Russia's cyberactivities were intended to influence the election, erode faith in US democratic institutions, sow doubt about the integrity of our electoral process, and undermine confidence in the institutions of the US government," a White House statement said. "These actions are unacceptable and will not be tolerated."
We came, we saw, he died.

No. 333255


>Mariah knows how to make money,she has to sell stuff. She knows how to sell stuff.

Yes, its called having a job … something you still don't have Margo.

>Like look at me, I'm… I'm like perfect, like really. Like my voice or my looks and personality, but when you see me failing like when I skate board… I fall and that makes me really human.. Sometimes, like once in every 5 years I cum like maybe two minutes late.. heh, so yea, uum that makes me human. Thats why people love me. ADMIT your mistakes. (Mariah clip ) …


>And laugh about them, just like Hilary Clinton.It worked.It sound perfect ?? and people supported her and she laughed about her mistakes. HERE comes a very important message, these mistakes were just too many. She just couldn't stop laughing and to the poeple she became too human. The people perceived less and less perfection …..

Fuck it.. Thats as far as I'm transcribing … I love how she harps on "people not owning up to their mistakes" which is something she never does.

No. 333267

Can't wait for V's 1 year anniversary of escaping this crazy woman. It was late Jan/Feb I think? Those pics of V at starbucks before she left where she looked so sad.

No. 333268

I honestly couldn't watch 'til the end. Her rambling is as insane as her personality.

>>I'm perfect…

no, you're not even close to being good… gosh

No. 333270

File: 1483647787241.jpg (22.55 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

For a moment I thought she was wearing this dress

No. 333273

>my pussy color

anyone fluent in margoese can translate? does she mention something about a fiancee and private parts between 2:50-3:00 or it's just me?

No. 333322

She looks like her breath would stink.

No. 333331

yeah, she's referring to female private parts and that in her opinion the colour of the nail polish is supposed to have the same colour…

but she's not talking about a fiancé.
the colour of the nail polish has just a weird name

No. 333360

File: 1483655631906.png (781.04 KB, 1439x924, 20170105_222823.png)

New pic, distinctive background if anyone feels like tracking her down.
She was last suspected to be in Itaewon but she could be staying literally anywhere in Seoul as she's (whether intentional or not is unknown) leaving very little clues as to her location. If this is intentional it could be she doesn't want people to find her, or more likely, she's embarrassed about where she is.

No. 333361

…what the fuck am I reading
She is actually legitimately insane. This doesn't make one ounce of sense

No. 333362

She's most likely staying in Sinchon.
It's an area she usally postes a lot from when she's in SK. Itaewon doesn't have a lot of goshiwons, but Sinchon does because of the 3 universities places in the area.

No. 333373

File: 1483657431005.jpeg (81.71 KB, 1440x960, 44ecb990_original.jpeg)

No. 333384

what is a halfwig? does she mean extensions? also, her wing looks more like a tail.

No. 333402

File: 1483659515321.jpg (353.94 KB, 800x800, 3-4-Half-Wig-Human-Hair-Silky-…)

It's what it sounds like.

No. 333403

>its really been almost a year.
God where does the time go?

No. 333417

>>#savage #intelligent #freecourse #lifelessons

These hashtags in particular: just wtf?

No. 333461

I've read this twice now and I still can't comprehend it.

Those tags, why?

No. 333479

I think this video got me high. I'm having a bad trip. What the fuck is she calling the packaging a coffin for?

No. 333487

She sucks at make up. And we can see it even after she edited her photo.

And did she a nosejob or are my eyes on drugs? Looks like she has a scar on her nose…

No. 333489

what is going on with her crotch wtf mags

No. 333493

it's the good old butt nose

No. 333494

Is it just me or is she somewhat mimicking venus in her videos in this? Like just mannerisms and things like that

No. 333495

Must be her enormous labia.

No. 333497

I thought that too but then she started talking about pussy colors matching nail polish and erased doubt that she's just completely batshit insane.

No. 333500

Nice find!

No. 333502

File: 1483675498150.png (25.71 KB, 342x78, Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 8.03…)

… the hell is she getting $900 / month for rent?? Surely you can find a shared apartment in Seoul for less than this; you can find a bedroom in a shared apartment in NYC for this amount.

No. 333533

She's probably just in a random goshiwon which is much cheaper than that.

No. 333572

The editing on this is so bizarre. She literally cuts out one or two words at a time and splices them together to make a sentence. So, so many jump cuts.

No. 333599


she could also be in a cheaper room, without the kitchen

No. 333629

I've not kept up to date with Margo's antics since just a few months after Venus ran away to start a new life last year. She's completely lost the plot, what the fuck is her new video? It's like watching something from a cult.

No. 333638

File: 1483703801099.png (967.5 KB, 1439x915, 20170106_115539.png)

New video on instagram. That manic look

No. 333681

>you look so much like venus here
Oh that's going to piss her off so bad.

No. 333683


well imo i can see it, when she was on the floor and stuck her tongue out it did kind of resemble venus, but the rest was uncomfortable to watch lmao can't she cut the awkward end off?

No. 333759

She speaks like someone who has made hours of gym. But I am sure she barely begun. Her clothes aren't even soaked with sweat.

No. 333765

She has now a few compliments about her vegeta ass in ig. Looks like she found the place to find clients.

No. 333796


I definitely think she's mimicking Venus. After mentioning the "pussy colour" nail polish she giggles and pretends she's embarrassed about what she's talking about "n-not my pussy colour though! okay let's move on now…" it sounded like something Venus would do except much, much more vulgar. Margoo is trying to sound all cute and innocent but in reality it's extremely forced and really vulgar.

No. 333821

Oh god she looks so weird what is thisss

No. 333828

seconding. Seems like a failed,gross Wenoos parody.

No. 333829

File: 1483748665186.jpg (350.11 KB, 1140x1140, IMG_2017-01-05_23-22-13.JPG)

Guys, this is not the place she's at. The wallpaper is similar but if you look more closely it's not exactly the same… the flowers are a different shape and color (marge's on L, anon's goshiwon pic on R)

Good effort though!

No. 333844

The color is different (massive saturation boost may be a factor–see the intensity of the yellows and green in >>333373) but the pattern itself is the exact same. Leaf patterns are identical (both in placement and the oval veins within the big leaf). The color on the left makes it hard to make out, but the flowers have the same petal silhouette and placement stamens. Plus the similar placement of alternating directions of each flower.

No. 333851

why are we keeping track on which hostel she staying at again?

No. 333874

for shits and giggles

No. 333875

Because we're autistic stalkers

No. 333886

It's what Margo deserves. She stalks her own child after all.

No. 333887

I've noticed some of these places use a different pattern in each room. So it could be a different colour way of the same pattern. It's not just an image saturation difference at any rate.

No. 333891

Speaking of stalking, is Margo going to be able to go back to Japan now that it's a new year or do we think she's banned?

No. 333893

According to Mags, she as just there last month. So who knows.

I'd suspect her cash (for rent. gym, etc) is coming from her parents and that's what keeps her quiet. So whether that's enough long term to harness her crazy against V is anyone's guess.

No. 333908

No, that's not just color saturation…that doesn't get you from pale pink to deep red, plus the petal shapes are different too. I don't think it's the same wallpaper.

No. 334062

File: 1483824081092.png (500.08 KB, 775x791, Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 4.14…)

Nope, it's the same wallpaper. The combination of saturation/reflective light of the yellow comforter makes the lower rows of flowers redder. Here's some color swatches to compare, at the bottom–it's the same range of tints.

Lowered the saturation of >>333373 to match the leaves (the greyish tone is neutral so the color matching isn't influenced by hue) and used perspective warping to compare flower shapes on a flatter plane. Each row is an alternating design, but the designs we can see in Margo's selfie are identical to every other row in the promotional picture.

No. 334066

Nice work!

No. 334067

We have the best goddamn autists <3 Excellent work

No. 334068

>>We have the best goddamn autists


No. 334165

It's entirely possible more than one goshiwon have the same wallpaper. Any other anons here that have lived in or seen a few different ones would know they all look the same. Especially in female only ones.

No. 334166

Yep, there's a whole load of cheap places with the same or very similar wallpapers. It's all about the ₩

Plus the bathroom doesn't match Margo's pic.

No. 334174

File: 1483847008241.jpeg (76.48 KB, 587x587, faqohnex.jpeg)

Was Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane her inspiration for this look? Because it is fitting as FUCK!

No. 334189

Oh my god that cameltoe

No. 334205

File: 1483862834239.jpg (157.69 KB, 1197x803, IMG_0023.JPG)

No shit, ewww
Fucking old freak.
And wtf is up with them nails??

No. 334206

Hey now, those are the nails of a #mensa #autodidact. Perhaps your IQ just isn't as high as Margo's, that's why you don't understand how great both she and her ratched ass nails are.

No. 334208

Bitch looks like she has a dick.

No. 334209

She looks dirty, like old unwashed clothes and crotchrot.

No. 334229

File: 1483883154357.jpg (37.64 KB, 442x464, 1396036396673.jpg)

No. 334244


it's the crotch tiger demanding to be feed

No. 334279

File: 1483899128066.png (208.13 KB, 564x151, whatanuglymug.png)


is that… is that margo in the second before and after slider?

i'm leaning towards no, but on the off chance it is…

No. 334288

Definitely looks like her, down to the shitty makeup application. Is there a date?

No. 334293

i can't seem to find one, unfortunately

one would assume this was when she was in london (as in, while she still lived there with venus,) though i'm not sure how her hair looked during that time

i suppose it could have been also when she went to london more recently for those "life saving drugs," after ditching hamburgjessie, but where maggot would get the money from for tear trough fillers is anyone's guess; i don't think she'd have the money then, and i don't think mama-margrit would really front the cash for cosmetic surgery

No. 334316

File: 1483905993517.png (192.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-08-12-55-24…)

No. 334317

File: 1483906258559.png (240.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-08-12-57-20…)

This was posted on PULL a about an hour ago. Vexxy trying for that viral vid again? Sorry it's in parts. Hope I get them in order.

No. 334319

File: 1483906373110.png (209.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-08-12-57-50…)

No. 334320

File: 1483906443625.png (196.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-08-12-58-06…)

No. 334327

Of course there's a lot of proof of Margo being co-owner of the channel, but that doesn't mean she actually did everything she claims she did for the channel. Anyone with 2 neurons can press a record button.

No. 334332

Venus started her channel when she was a kid, Margo would have to be a co-owner. Where else would she make all the Denny's money?

No. 334350

>Of course there's a lot of proof of Margo being co-owner of the channel
No, actually there is ZERO "proof" of this. But please feel free to enlighten us as to whatever "proof" you have.

No. 334354

Uh, dud she was listed as a co-owner; Venus was 13 years old when she started the channel, and Margo made a Venus Angelic LMT company in the UK once it became clear that she could sponge off her kid. However, Margo also let that company name lapse within a year.

A minor who is a YT partner must have an adult on the channel. However, it's more than abundantly clear who did all the actual work - just look at both of their videos, and see which one of them look like Venus's old videos (editing, etc.) Venus left Margo the $5k camera, too, so she can't claim it was equipment that caused the discrepancy. Venus did the work; when she turned 18, Margo should have relinquished her paper ownership of the channel; Margo should never have sponged off her kid, she's the worst kind of stage parent.

Anyone who works with Margo is fucked up. Holy shit if you cannot see the abuse she's lobbed at Venus I can't even.

No. 334355

This is a good point.

No. 334358

File: 1483911288034.png (41.31 KB, 872x114, Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 1.30…)

Also, MARGARET HAS HAD CONTROL OF THE 'OFFICIAL' VA EMAIL SINCE EARLY FEB 2016. Venus had to get a new business email address; she said it on her first "ran away from home" video and you see it on all her accounts. She made it clear she no longer could access it, because it was going to fuck up her business relationships. Any email sent from that address after the first week in February 2016, is Margo.

Fortunately, everyone on PULL has called out the charlatan for what they are: another bottom feeding opportunist.

What it DOES tell us, is that Margo is still skulking about the comments of any YT video about Venus, and meeting with the channel owners to spread poison about V. Wonder if Ferenc knows this… maybe her allowance can get docked.

No. 334359

File: 1483911966386.jpg (72.54 KB, 540x623, IMG_20170108_224332_640.JPG)

I'm not sure, but I think she still has those bags under her eyes in this video

No. 334360

Even in the "after" photo, the woman still had bags. If it is Margo, it looks like wasted money.

No. 334361

>What it DOES tell us, is that Margo is still skulking about the comments of any YT video about Venus
Yeah, seems she's on a mission to rehabilitate her (deservedly shattered) reputation all of a sudden.
LOL. Too late, psycho.

No. 334389

This reads exactly like the shit vexed posted while he was making the video. As he regularly "trolls" the girls who hate him, he's probably just trying to re-incite views for the Venus artack video. We know she gets the money from it but I think the view numbers are still a matter of pride for him.

No. 334390

It DOES sound exactly liked vexxed; who else is both located near Margo and interested in giving her an interview? I'd be curious to know if it was him; the mods there (thankfully) got rid of the self promotion bullshit pretty quick.

No. 334415

Margo took the role of manager and legal representative at some point of the career due Venus being underage. Of course, she did piss poor job at it, that's why I said not because she was listed as co-owner means she did everything she was supposed to do.

No. 334416

No. 334435

File: 1483924603108.png (269.62 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-08-18-10-32…)

I thought it sounded a lot like vexxy, but it looks like this Margo Stan actually used her instagram. Here's image of post before mod edited it out.
Tried it and there's no vid. PULL banned vCat7 but she keeps checking the site. Looks like she's from NZ.

No. 334436

She is banned and not checking PULL.

No. 334437

File: 1483925012646.png (22.39 KB, 320x149, Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 5.22…)

She's got a whopping hundred instagram followers, and apparently, unquenchable thirst.

She said she met up with Margo; was this trick in SK or Japan recently? She was in Hong Kong 5 weeks ago, and she's clearly not from NZ (her friends post in moonspeak, I'm assuming she's from SK or Japan.)

No. 334440

File: 1483925214743.png (579.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-08-18-25-40…)

Maybe I misinterpreted this post.

No. 334442

Oh you're right, it looks like she lives in NZ now. It just seems that she's not from there and returns to Asia periodically; I just wanted to see if her visits matched up with Margo's location/s. Margo met in person with Vexxed, and this trick claimed the same.

No. 334443

Maybe just some random Margo convinced with her tale of woe?

No. 334446

On second glance it looks like she already knew about Margo and maybe was in SK and DM'd her? She appears to be Asian.

No. 334455

honestly who are these people that "side" with Margo? We know vexx isn't too bright, are they all that way? Or just desperate for the attention/views?

No. 334463

Narcissists are very good at making you believe their "reality" is the only truth. Margo could probably even pass a lie detector at this point. If you don't have experience with Margoat's level of insanity, you're gonna get taken in.

No. 334470

Someone on PULL said this vCat7 just copy and pasted vexxy. What a pos.

No. 334481

>Narcissists are very good at making you believe their "reality"
Oh definitely. Just ask Hamburg Jassy. The psycho likely has momma margitka totally conned too, it's what they do. Poor ole maggot just isn't very good at it, unfortunately for her, because anyone who's not a teenager or her mom catches on to her within a few days and kicks her old ass to the curb.

Yep, it's pretty much word for word. The poor cuck is desperately flailing those mobs trying to keep milking this for view$.

No. 334493

File: 1483937758925.png (546.59 KB, 927x594, Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 8.55…)

"Woon't anyone watch my veedeeoo??"

No. 334494

Also note the comment about her "flawless skin"… on a video still that shows her using skin smoother editing software.

No. 334496

>those filters


No. 334500

47 'likes' in the 3 days it's been up.

No. 334515

why does her face look so bloated?

No. 334546

File: 1483951534161.png (684.47 KB, 931x447, wpyt.png)

Well, that might explain the sudden deluge of salty assholes spamming Venus' IG with "GANG GANG" and bitching at her for being a big ol' meany head to her totally innocent mother.

No. 334586

File: 1483968988820.jpg (52.68 KB, 750x422, IMG_6136.JPG)

… I'm gonna guess she means hat? Urgh.

No. 334588

someone re-uploaded the vexfag video…

No. 334597


actually, anon, it seems to be coming from this instagram page–looks like this person wrote up a rant about venus and cultural appropriation; referencing her old geisha make-up video and the 'how to look japanese' one while also talking about make-up trends (aegyo sal, straight eyebrows)

the first two videos are valid points, but also really old news and venus hasn't done much like that since, as far as i know? the make-up complaint is kinda… silly. venus lives in japan, so of course she's going to adopt the same make-up trends seen there? it's not even like they're exclusive to japan, either–aegyo sal and straight eyebrows are just as common in korea, and to a lesser extent, china. fashion make-up isn't cultural appropriation at all.

brings up venus and margo as a 'duo' and how they "blackmail and lie about others who go against their ideologies" (lol wut) and calls venus a fat shamer (also what)

"She steals ideas from others (like her merch store) and when people call her out, she always points the cold finger as if she was attacked." i don't know anything about this–anyone else know what she's getting at?

No. 334598

Looks like all this account does is pick fights and stick their nose where it doesn't belong. I'm just going to report it for harassment and be done with it, mostly because of how stupid going on someone's IG and spamming "Gang Gang" is.

No. 334608

Sockpuppet accounts?

No. 334610

Ein Hut = a hat
She makes those typical errors in english like german speaking people do.

No. 334611

Yes, an that person has just 1 video in his channel. Suspicious kek

No. 334612

> "She steals ideas from others (like her merch store) and when people call her out, she always points the cold finger as if she was attacked." i don't know anything about this–anyone else know what she's getting at?

Sounds marglish to me.

No. 334632

hahaha, ole girl can barely break 150 IG likes these days. Poor dat

No. 334633

Oh, "blkgirlsclub"…it's the blacklivesmatter gang doing the GANG GANG on Venus, lol. A "Haitian Creole biromantic bitch" with 3400 followers running the show, seeking out and DESTROYING CULTURAL APPROPRIATION on the internet with GANG GANG spam. hahaha

No. 334635

Wtf is Gang Gang?

No. 334639

Because spamming someone's posts with Gang Gang and expecting them to know the context and reason for the spam is totally going to stop cultural appropriation…what kind of backwards thinking is that?

No. 334640

That's the funny part, no one has a clue wtf GANG GANG is or wtf it means. So…FAIL FAIL

No. 334643

best answer ever to respond to them

No. 334704

File: 1483994315372.jpg (53.15 KB, 702x121, IMG_9614.JPG)

The "biromatic bitch" claims to be Japanese

I kind of want to spam "GANG GANG" on this shitty Instagram any any people commenting on their pics but I'm lazy

No. 335281

every person that posts shit harassing someone else accusing them of "cultural appropriation" claims to be whatever they think that person is targeting and tbh I never buy it.
Like that one weirdo who was so coincidentally half Japanese half Korean going after weeaboos and koreaboos. lmao sure buddy

No. 335303

Actual japanese people living in Japan don't give a fuck about cultural appropriation, neither does Koreans.

It's an american thing, made up by snowflakes screaming ''b-b-but it's muh heritage''

No. 335306

Dis bitch right here. IRL she's not Japanese. Not even a little percentage.

No. 335336

People in Japan or Korea probably don't care cause they don't have to Deal with it lol.

No. 335338

I watched a few videos before on this subject.

Apparently Japanese people don't care. They feel happy that some people are willing to learn and take interest in their culture. The only people who are offended are people who aren't even native or not even 1% Japanese.

No. 335341

Venus is a eurofag so she can scream at "cultural appropration" too.
About maid uniforms (inspired by French maids) Lolita fashion (inspired by Rococo, Marie-Antoinette and "La Comtesse de Ségur")…etc..etc
These SJW stuff are just annoying and stupid.

No. 335342

File: 1484030291039.jpg (134.46 KB, 619x960, IMG_20170110_002854.jpg)

Sorry for samefagging but I noticed they started the GANG GANG thing on Manaki's Instagram too… I couldn't find the Venus thread but while we are on the GANG GANG subject, I thought it was funny.

No. 335343

File: 1484030529492.jpg (47.8 KB, 1358x225, IMG_0034.JPG)


Just as I've suspected for awhile now, the psycho's been working those DMs. This toxic obsessed fucking bitch..

No. 335344

"I have veedeo of my evil dotter STEALING and BOOLYING me! Will you help me pleese??"

No. 335356

I want to think these delusional nuts argue they have japanese/korean/whatever heritage just because someone closed/slanted their eyes in a old family portrait

How sad, DM'ing Venus followers while some old greasy businessman fucks her hah. Nothing to brag about lmao.

No. 335364

File: 1484035321668.jpg (141.68 KB, 930x594, nah.jpg)

I can't believe this cunt is anything other than a troll deliberately getting SJWs riled up so they'll be her personal army.

The silver lining of Maggot's awfulness is that her obsessive narcissistic insanity is self-damaging. Normal, happy, well-adjusted people don't act like her. Maggot is miserable.

No. 335421

How tf can Manaki be culturally appropriating anything when he's actually an Asian from Asia? I think these "SJW" bitches are just salty that they don't have a kawaii nipponese husbando like Venus.

No. 335423

they just search for accounts to do their "gang gang" bashing. when you scroll through that blk-whatever girl's account you see that she tells people to do the gang thing to any account she wants. It's more of a showing off thing and pretending to be cool and (well) "gangsta-style"…

No. 335426

But they WOKE tho.

No. 335427

No. 335428

it's sjw for red pilled but instead of being woke it usually means they're just commies waiting for handouts.

No. 335432

gang gang just sounds like something a pokemon would say. they could've come up with something marginally less irritating

No. 335436

File: 1484076275486.jpg (144.44 KB, 960x640, pTJEaej.jpg)

What a bunch of retards.
Pic related, this is what comes to my mind

No. 335438

It's black lingo for "aware of racism/racial bias" or some such thing. You're woke if you're hip to RACISM (and a really cool dude/chick)

No. 335522

File: 1484099892745.jpg (12.47 KB, 250x325, Nose-Twerking.jpg)

No. 335855

File: 1484175321232.jpg (105.71 KB, 1925x506, IMG_0057.JPG)

maggot has def. been working those DMs. She's on a mission to drive her kid off Youtube, even now, ONE YEAR after Venus left her crazy ass. How scary is this? This bitch is a fucking NIGHTMARE.

No. 335856

File: 1484175402790.jpg (254.61 KB, 983x1448, IMG_0056.JPG)

DM with the person in >>335855

No. 335859

Huh, interesting to know she still has flying monkeys; there's not too many comments on her photos any more, and she's shed the long term supporters who were the most vocal (azlabyrinth and mimmisnow, in particular.) Wonder what she did that scared them off. But clearly she's found new sympathetic ears after a determined 3 months behind the scenes campaign.

No. 335861

And as a follow up question, what made her go underground, so to speak? She's never been shy about her opinions or reluctant to fight with people, so I can't see being called a lying, abusive narcissist shaming her off of public commentary. If anything, it fuels her.

All signs continue to point to her parents having put some ironclad stipulations on her allowance, and not getting caught back in the cycle of Margo offering two weeks of good behavior followed by a week of batshittery and still handing her allowance over when she shuts back up.

No. 335862

narcissists can also be very charming. Her being silent on the surface might be to look like a humble, well-mannered victim of abuse. To manipulate her followers to think bad of venus. That's just a guess and I might be completely on the wrong track…

No. 335864

Flying monkeys is actually a term used in abuse recovery communities in exactly this way - people drawn in by the abusers lies and pleas for sympathy who attack the abused/anyone who disagrees with the abuser. Margo can just never stop ticking off a damning checklist.


No. 335866

AZLabyrinth is still supporting her but he's not so brazen about it.

No. 335867

Oh shit - poor little Margo

No. 335868

She didn't even pick really bad comments - she picked softballs so she can act sassy. None of the comments about her abuse, of course.

No. 335874

File: 1484177672485.png (142.97 KB, 389x336, Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 3.32…)

While Venus lucked out on not inheriting Margo's horrendous dick nose nor her stickout ears, she did inherit Margo's weak chin, as we can see from the original here.

Margo's still using 50 facial filters that blur the fuck out of her hands every time she waves them. She definitely got forehead botox, though.

No. 335881

what's with the 7 head and trying to pull a Vexxed pretending to be amused and make fun of the "bad" comments

No. 335910

What "comments" is the psycho talking about? Bitch hardly gets ANY comments anymore. She's lucky if she can hit 150 likes on IG. She's fucking irrelevant. Her 15 minutes of fame is over.

No. 335937

I thought she went quiet to fake her death and then say SEE??? VEENOOOS DIDNT CARE

No. 335966

She is using the rings that she is selling in her online shop.

> But they are nyooo! I used them just once… at the time… I think. Anyway I have not sweated enough to make them rust so the jewelry is nyoooo!

No. 336206

Is she… is she trying to mimic the whole Venus leaving her arc?

No. 336224

That half wig isn't helping that forehead big enough for a plane to land on. Oh my fucking god, how does she thinks this looks good?

No. 336270

She is balding. Early menopause?

No. 336295

No. 336298

Poor Kappa :/ she's losing hair because she's suffering from ANXIETY and DEPRESSION because veenos is a boolly!! Don't you internet trolls have any sympathy for the poor jungwomn??

No. 336349

god the way everyone types her accent just gets me chuckling every time

No. 336376

lmfao good point

No. 336464

File: 1484344638067.jpeg (35.16 KB, 430x240, image.jpeg)

Kappas are bald though

No. 336545

for a moment I thought that that kid was supposed to be Manaki

No. 336573

It is, and he's coming on to her, can't you see?

No. 336629

File: 1484426084406.png (611.37 KB, 925x584, Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 12.3…)

Thirsty ass dude is trying to get Mags to DM him

No. 336635

File: 1484427153609.jpg (49.99 KB, 560x560, 14695530298i04z.jpg)

every time i see the op pic of this thread, i think of this

No. 336684

File: 1484444451177.jpg (140.88 KB, 1063x1286, IMG_0073.JPG)

It's this guy again

No. 336687

he is genuinely obsessed isn't he? and read his bio where you'll see he has a gf, and then look at her account. she's obsessed with adam lambert. what a pair of autists.

No. 336755

This is the face of r/incels, a real-life basement dwelling neckbeard. It's too perfect. Fucking maggot and her lil band of freaks & misfits.

No. 336766

Dunno man, incels tend to be better looking. Margo should just ask for a Paypal deposit from this guy, looks like he'd keep paying up for butt shots.

No. 336838

lol and here we thought asslabyrinth was cringy enough

thirsty-kun sounds just like a creepy random arab/indian dude desperate for a western wife

No. 337049

File: 1484573707676.jpg (41.22 KB, 720x720, 16105943_168938416923855_50663…)

No. 339974

new video

tl;dr she wants to make more youtube videos but she's too busy turning tricks to pay for her swarovski crystal storage. she also mentions her half wig, and that she had one before but 'someone' took it

No. 339977

File: 1484841245475.png (9.06 KB, 824x192, BOOLLLY.png)

the video description, she ofc has to mention her EVIL BOOLY VENOOS, but didn't mention her by name in the video which is interesting

No. 339978

File: 1484841293006.jpg (239.88 KB, 1113x711, sexy margles.jpg)

also uploaded this to her ig, which i assume she thinks is v sexy

No. 339982


the way she tries to talk like venus is just so bad and annoying. Get your own personality. Also, if she had a proper job she wouldn't have such problems - of course.

But IF she would make more Vlogs, like actually going out and such things, then it would be interesting in what kind of areas she likes to be. But doubt this will ever happen.


looks drunk af.

btw, how long is mags now in SK? It's been already a while and how long is it possible to stay there.

No. 339986


are we supposed to feel bad for her because now she has to have a job to support herself like everyone else??

No. 340001

actually she didn't mention a job at all… she just talks about not having time and having to save money to pay for the stuff in the storageS

imho that video is just a way to arouse pity and to get at venus. If she'd attack more directly she might lose those followers who feel sorry for margo.

No. 340066

File: 1484851179055.jpg (58.35 KB, 640x834, marilynmonroe1.jpg)

She's like a cheap chinese sweatshop version of Marilyn Monroe

No. 340099

So…does it say why it "doesn't have time?" As in what, exactly, it is So Busy with?
(not gonna watch, can't bear the sound of its voice)

No. 340179

nope, she doesn't

No. 340272

Maybe she talks like Venus because you know, she spent time with her since she was born? In lot of cases, mothers and daughters sound very similar.

No. 340523

File: 1484876509840.jpg (156.82 KB, 750x704, IMG_6145.JPG)

Margo seems to have a hilarious running joke (??) going on Twitter

No. 340555

she doesn't have a home and she's not planning to get one. her dedication to these storage units 'round the world is touching.

No. 340557

it will be a three-month stay but if she really went to Japan around Dec 7 (the alleged Venus encounter) she'll have ages left.

No. 340565

All those paid comments calling her hot/beautiful/sexy.

No. 340930

I know she's mentally ill but these tweets come off especially creepy out of context, like she's completely unaware no one finds this funny.

No. 340931

File: 1484891356925.jpg (46.17 KB, 600x816, 802.jpg)

>I'm struggling financially while trying to keep up with the boring and tasteless videos waaaah

No. 341117

Well it was exactly a year ago today that Manaki showed up in Seoul for a surprise visit/rescue mission, setting in motion a chain of events that led to the fall of maggot's house of cards and months of torment for Venus. Wonder if the old slut will do anything to commemorate the occasion? A yummy Denny's parfait perhaps, for old time's sake?

No. 344025

File: 1485335948134.jpg (1.25 MB, 1076x2832, 20170125_091658.jpg)

No. 344070


I still to figure out if this is just a shitty joke because she can't be serious with ALL that shoop lmao

>Blurring your face must take time I can believe that

No. 344251

Greasy hair…yuck!

No. 344258

She isn't afraid to get a lawsuit for diffamation against her.

> You should do an unboxing video.
Seriously?? People really think she gets gifts from her fans? Except money/services from her prostitution she has nothing.

Even her 'friends' who proposed to get her storage things back fled away from her. She can't open even her own boxes kek

Of course. Bc mensan and eternal victim. It'$ a good and legitimate reason to be supported by others.

> Blurring your face must take time I believe that
Comment deleted in 3-2-1… keeek

No. 344261

Her nose looks more like an asscrack every selfie.

No. 344278

KEK it really does. I see it

No. 344317

Still can't get no 'likes' tho, and they're dropping every day. #irrevelant #no1cares #venusgets6Ktho #suckitmaggot

No. 344393

Sad truth keek

No. 344405

Marge has a new website created the 19th of this month.


Oolala… I wonder what it is about? Keek

No. 344407

Holy shit. Sex work confirmed?
Even if she's not jung and attractive enough to do the work I bet she's trying to scrounge up some poor down on their luck girls to play Mamasan to and try to take their money.

No. 344409

Holy shit hahaha can't wait to see the posts

No. 344415

File: 1485445641379.png (Spoiler Image,830.96 KB, 1164x937, seoul.PNG)

Well, we all know how massage parlors operate
Nothing screams "professional" like Wordpress website forwarding.

No. 344418

She could be a madame claude like NJM but I think she uses it for herself.

No. 344419

Just in case someone doesn't know what a massage parlor is:
>A massage parlor (American English), or massage parlour (British English), is a place where massage services are provided. Some massage parlors are fronts for prostitution and the term "massage parlor" has also become a euphemism for a brothel, to the annoyance of professional masseurs.

No. 344432


Now who's the one who ended being a prostitute in a foreigner country, Margo?


This. My local yellow pages got their shit together and made a separate section for erotic massages. Legit masseurs (especially female ones) got tired of being mistaked for hookers.

No. 344442

Won't she need massage license, business license, table, oils, towels, etc. And how is she gonna cart this stuff all over Seoul? She must have talked Mama out of a tidy sum.

No. 344458

File: 1485458539702.jpg (402.63 KB, 1197x1823, PSX_20170126_140814.jpg)

Yeah, what's the deal w/that? Operating a business on a tourist visa? Isn't that like, illegal?

Dying @ ole girl turning to "offering massages"(hahaha) in Seoul, though. Sweet karma, maggot! You've ended up in the gutter, right where you belong.

Meanwhile, Venus is happy in Japan, riding her bike to the beach and for shopping, and studying, cooking and going on dates with her husband. And having first-world problems:

No. 344459


Not if she's doing out-call. Most will just use the client's bed with some towels laid down. She just brings some lotions/oils and condoms if she's one of "those" providers she's good to go. As for a license, police would have to catch her first.

No. 344461

omg, "Genuine Outcall Massage"?
Here's what that is:

What is Outcall?
"Outcall service simply means the massage therapist is going to the client, instead of the client coming to the therapist. Outcall service may be provided in the client's home, an apartment or townhouse, a hotel, a resort area, a business office or some other location."

lmaoooo maggottt

No. 344464

But…it's "GENUINE" outcall though. Far superior to those other common ordinary outcall services, as one would expect from a genius Mensa member/Celebrity Manager/famous Photoographer, you plebes.

No. 344484

It's margo, we can't expect anything done lawfully from her

No. 344501

The back of your car
The alleyway behind your favorite dive
Or why not try the ditch I crawled out of?

No. 344503

Someone needs to send her on a call to meet in the river

No. 344510


Not only is margo breaking the Korean law in many ways (wrong visa, no korean businesspartner, possible prostitution), but she's also a cultural retard.

But if she is going to work as a hooker she should know that most disgusting old korean men who use massagepalors are already married and have no where to go other than the fucking palor. They can't do it at work, obviously, they can't do it at home because of their wife and why would they pay for a hotelroom in addition to pay for her shit sexual services.

No. 344514

Excuse you, she's seeing hot guys in their 30s because she's such a sexy lady. Also, it's less easy to get caught if she stays on the down low.

No. 344541

"I had a half wig before but…someone took it." I assume this is a jab at Venus, jfc she still feels the need to torture her in literally every video and Insta, get a life Maggot.

No. 344567

Anon you are a superstar! Thank you thank you thank you bows down

No. 344574

Gotta say, I'm surprised. I never thought she'd stoop this low, I figured she'd get into p0rn instead.
Hook up with a low-budget p0rn filmmaker or photographer (like the creep she hung out with last summer in Tokyo, Isao whatever) or maybe a fetish website or camming.
Remember how proud she was on instagram that she "never had to touch the D" talking about that poor old guy she scammed in London? She must be hard up, her 'clients' are gonna all be gross old men like the one whose "D" she never had to touch.

No. 344590

Same anon as >>344405

No thx needed. We must sometimes check her internet activities.

No. 344601

I wonder if there is a correlation between the other websites marge created in 2015 and a possible public quarrel they had that year. Narcs are always triggered by something. And I think it could help to understand how she works in her head and to predict more easily her next moves.

No. 344613

Not the same anon but I also appreciate you checking this. We were pretty much certain based on the insta messages from the 3 men, but this brings 100% certitude. Also, she's keeping a lower profile so it's not always top of our minds to check on her.

I still wonder if Margo might have second insta for her sex business, or does she handle it all through PMs on her current one? She seems to have let go of the need to publicly chimp out at least. I'm sure Margo sees her prostitution gig as something elevated and not the low life she threatened Venus with. Margo's projection onto Venus as usual was spot on - when one loses one's Youtube income one must turn to prostitution. So shall it be. She will make a hell of a pimp too.

No. 344618

I think that she uses her gmail to msg her clients but some of them have found out she has an ig imho

No. 344672

File: 1485487990942.jpg (424.07 KB, 1284x1935, IMG_0159.JPG)

She's always been a pimp, a scammer, a hustler and a con artist. She made her living pimping out her kid for Youtube view$ since Venus was 15 years old, this is nothing new for her.
Pic attached is the flash sale/indiegogo scam she tried to run from Seoul last fall, shortly before Venus lit outta there. It's written by her posing as Venus on Venus's SM but it's transparently obvious it's marge. She's pure toxic scum.

No. 344718

You can literally get Venus herself for $250 or $400

No. 344723

I think that she means the venus gift box

No. 344729

So I just googled 'outcall massage Seoul' and … wow

No. 344731

$1000 gets you karaoke & BBQ with Venus.
Wonder what else maggot would offer under the table, so to speak, for the right price?

No. 344776

Don't escorts have fake names? I mean, what if someone decides to tip off the officials about her website? Her full name is there in her email and everything linked to the site. If she was doing this, you think she'd be a little more discreet.

No. 344780

It's just a domain name registration; people buy them as speculation, even. It's not proof in legal terms of her running any business. It's proof enough for this thread, of course.

What I'd like to see is an escorting profile somewhere. She certainly has one.

No. 344813

Also bragging on yt comments about the lots of action she gets hah. Nothing wrong with having sex often but it's hilarious coming from someone who supposedly doesn't need to touch the D to get money and stuff from men lol

No. 344835

Venus mentions maggot showed up at her place again and tried to open the door with tools holy fucking shit

No. 344838

I know she's trying to let her hair go natural but she looks so much like a little Margaret that it's unsettling. Also timestap on the attempted break-in thing? I was going to watch the whole thing but it's 30 minutes long.

No. 344840

I think it was somewhere between 5-7? She mentions it in the first 10 minutes. Margo is fucking crazy.

No. 344844

I found it. It starts at 6:30.

>Just three weeks ago my mom showed again up here where I live and tried to open my door of my home using tools.

No. 344845

I know Japanese laws are shit against stalking but… what about burglary/home invasion/whatever it is called in english?

No. 344848

I want to believe it's a jab at maggot… the swamp creature tried to impersonate Wenoos before

No. 344849

Considering Morguerot lives in Seoul it might be pretty hard to get her arrested for breaking and entering unless they arrest her before she scurries back off to her sewer hideout.

If that's why she's done it then I support it. Clearly she must know how much she resembles her like that.

No. 344852

I cannot imagine having to deal with a crazy mother trying to break into my house, so bizarre.

No. 344854

someone should report her in Korea for 'working' illegaly

No. 344855

Man, it's oddly gratifying to hear Venus curse so much.

No. 344857

ugh, its so creepy.. Seeing Venus write all her own stuff these days its so obvious how much of 'Venus' stuff from the old days was actually written by Margo. Seeing that sudden jump from cute sweet to "Its getting bloody cold though" is so not Venus its actually jarring.

No. 344858

Venus is actually doing her mom a favour by not talking about what happened, but I understand that she dosent want to share her personal life. I feel bad for her.

No. 344872

Wow. Maggot will be furious.

No. 344873


Poll time
Who does it better, anons?

No. 344877

Venus. Even with that look the only ugliness to it comes solely from the resemblance to Maggot while Maggot is just straight up ugly.

No. 344888

new video

No. 344894

File: 1485535347484.png (358.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-27-17-39-55…)

That guy again

Alors, Maggot trying to be sweet and cute is the biggest joke

No. 344916

>margo giving away her only beauty secret

No. 344928

reminds me of hedwig and the angry inch

No. 344935

That's offensive to Hedwig.

No. 344939

File: 1485545848685.jpg (25.91 KB, 300x221, TheUglyStepsisters.jpg)

Isn't it crazy how her awfulness manifests on her face? She's a dead ringer for Cinderella's evil stepsisters :/

No. 344980

Venus would have to press charges against Margo. She's had opportunity to do so before - grabbing at the airport, harassing her at her home - but has chosen not to do so. This time she called the police, but the police can just tell the other person to go. They ask you if you want to press charges, and it's up to you whether you do so.

However horribly Margo behaves, Venus doesn't seem to want to put her in jail. She just wants to be left alone.

No. 344983

In Venus' new video, she tells at 6:35 that her mom tried breaking into her place with tools.

No. 344985

Sorry for double post. She said she tried breaking in 3 weeks ago.

No. 344987

Venus probably made this video last month; Margo said she went to Venus's "to explain things" on December 7th.

No. 344989

I wonder what "explain things" meant to her. What was she going to do if she managed to break in is my question.

No. 344991

>>What was she going to do if she managed to break in is my question.

Hurt her. Try to take her away.

Also, Venus continues to discuss Margo at 15:15 in the video, when someone else accuses her of leaving Margo with nothing. States again she left Mags with a $5k video camera, because Margo was always saying it was Venus's fault she wasn't making good / popular videos.

No. 344995

File: 1485555242748.png (79.98 KB, 332x539, margo breaks in.png)

Here's the specific thing she said

No. 344996

File: 1485555340032.png (37.33 KB, 326x250, dead fish ice rink video.png)

And here's the post about the video she made addressing her attempted break in - sorry, her "visit". Which she decided not to publish.

No. 345001

>Margo said she went to Venus's "to explain things"

reasons to give 15k monthly to dear mommy margrot is most likely one of these "things"

No. 345002

Yep. Even Margo said something about money >>344995 It was in the context of denial, but obviously it was a monetary dispute

No. 345008

>Hurt her. Try to take her away.
There is no doubt in my mind this is what she intended.

Does the time frame overlap with that guy thanking Margo for a nice trip together I wonder.

No. 345010

And margo knows Venus is alone at home most of the day. Imagine coming back home from running errands, or hearing strange noises outside only to discover a rabid beast trying to force open the door. And then wonders why V called the police on her. She's fucking crazy.

No. 345012

Mama sleeps in the day, I think (he works night shift, and comes home in the morning.) Hopefully he was home, and asleep in the living room. But Margo knows he works nights, so I wouldn't be surprised if she timed it while he was out (he takes the car to work, and I don't think Venus drives.)

No. 345013

* Mana

No. 345014

You're right anon, I was thinking it was the other way around. Anyways, how does margo keep finding her? if I'm not mistaken, they moved to another home after the first incident.

No. 345016

We don't know if she moved; it was speculation I think

No. 345046

> showed up 3 weeks ago and tried to open my house door

Oh, Marge. You hobo-queen want to squat in your 'abusive' dowtah's house? Is that what you where doing during those last months? And is it why your 'massage' website is registered in japan? Prostituting while knocking with your stubborn head against your daughter's door… tsss… How pathetic from you! Get a life.

No. 345051

>Just three weeks ago my mom showed again up here where I live and tried to open my door of my home using tools.
Holy fuck this bitch is a literal deranged obsessed stalker demon.

No. 345057

Her fan/client cody campbell showed up in the comment section of marge's video. Keeek

> I wanna wear your skin, oh Margaret!!!

No. 345058

And again bla bla bla. Just stop margit.

No. 345059

Wasn't Venus the one who mentioned it? Then she showed a new view from an apartment building. But maybe she was faking Margaret out.

No. 345060

He's on rotating shifts I think? Which is how he came home right when Margo was stalking Venus that time.

No. 345061

Wait. The image with the flying witch granpa Ferenc posted was about marge trying to contact physicly V? Is he aware of the situation? Could it be?

No. 345063

Yes. It was at the time Margo went to Venus's house in December; Margo posted a "throwback" photo of herself on a plane (when she'd flown to Japan from Seoul a few days before) and he responded with the flying witch photo.

A couple weeks after those photos were posted at the time of her "visit" to Venus's, Margo made the post (December 20th 2016) about going to Venus's house, when cruel Venus called the police on her for absolutely no reason /s

No. 345079

At 22:30, she reads a comment accusing her of stealing Margo's channel. She states emphatically that she made the channel herself at age 13, and made every single video by herself.

No. 345087

holy fuck that's horrifying

No. 345128

She made the "Reacting to hater comments" video a week ago, I found many of the comments she used for the video and many of them are from last week.

No. 345130

File: 1485597433686.jpg (13.32 KB, 320x320, margo.jpg)

So, maybe the physical encounter happened, then the break in later? Or maybe someone's fuzzy about the dates.

Meanwhile Margo's avatar has changed and is rather terrifying.

No. 345133

She is very serious in that moment. I think it's great that she chose to include some of the genuine vitriol and not just "cancer" jokes. Shows strength, and she got to sneakily tell us about Margo breaking into her place as well without making a drama video about it.

No. 345137

Now this definitely looks like a witch that'd try to break in their daughter's home.

No. 345143

She's tryna seem all big & scary. She gets off on that, feeling powerful and people being afraid of her, like everyone was last spring & summer when she was rampaging all over Japan & Europe & Canada, flush with cash and on a manic high and constantly shutting down Venus's channel with new copyright claims. People were like OMG WHAT'S SHE GONNA DO NEXT?? and she was loving it.

Except now she's broke and out of ammo and followers and power and basically irrelevant, but still striking out in her impotent venemous malice. She's a literal walking talking toxic sludgepile.

No. 345145

That length of hair looks so much better than the long half wig thing.
Problem is, even with improvement, she's still mediocre

No. 345171

go back to the white cat margo, you're scaring the kids

No. 345204

So Margo tried to break in around Christmas? Ouch.

No. 345208


I like that she cleverly dropped in on a serious note of what her mother did. While you're watching the video you're getting her funny reactions toward the hate comments then suddenly her persona changes & switches to the Margo trying to break in incident, making you think WTF before carrying on with the other comments. Well played.

But fucking hell that's scary.

No. 345309

Suppose I was going to take Margaret's side in the best way:

Even if Venus was the mentally ill/unstable one, Maggot walked into this situation. She was trespassing, and it wasn't the first time. 'She hit me to get rid of me', yes, because you were at her home without permission. I'm also wondering how much damage can be done against swol supa fit marge by her petite asian wannabe kid, who also had time to call the police. Meaning Margaret stayed long enough for V to get inside, call the cops, and for the polite to arrive.

It makes no sense, Margaret can't even paint herself as the good one in her own narrative.

No. 345312

I always thought the same and wonder how people can be sooooo f stupid to believe hobo-queen margo 1 second…

No. 345325

same, and what kind of parents do these people have that they dont even stop to think margo is out of her mind? talking about her own daughter like this just isnt normal..

No. 345391

Except nobody's even agreeing with her in the comments though. In fact she barely gets any comments at all anymore.

No. 345583

File: 1485738041260.png (4.54 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_1010.PNG)

So, the old scammer's prostitution website outcallmassageseoul.com is currently "under maintenance, coming soon.."
lmao maggot

No. 345586

imagine if she starts selling her trinkets on there

No. 345592

More probably her sextoys
> I used them but I scraped all the shit away from them and washed them with my holy antibacterial saliva. So they are as good as new seytoxs and the batteries 95% full so you don't have to buy no ones. I sell them for 99$ bc I'm da real Weenooos Angelicum! BOOLYYY!!!

No. 345612

>Venus angelic came from the vagina these exact toys were inserted into!!!!!!!!!

No. 345615

Omg. So she's genuinely becoming a prostitute. After trying to pimp out her teenage daughter to strange men, this is so satisfying. Deserved, bitch.

No. 345638

She is one already anon. It's what she's been doing in SK.

No. 345644

I knowww right? She's become exactly what she told her kid she would end up as if she ever dared leave mama: a homeless prostitute in a foreign country.

No. 345649

Holy shit! Sorry for latefag but wow! Delicious karma in action. HA. Meanwhile Venus is living with Mana being a cute couple and enjoying life together. What a happily ever after (provided Magoo doesn't come banging at their door again and trying to prise her way in with tools, like the fucking psycho she is).

No. 345669

Interesting, but how can you be so sure it's magos page?
whois.com says:

Administrative Contact
Name: Domainmonster.com Privacy Service
Organization: Identity Protect Limited
Street: PO Box 795
City: Godalming
State: Surrey
Postal Code: GU7 9GA
Country: GB
Phone: +44.1483307527
Fax: +44.1483304031


"Identity protect limited" is used by scammers as well.

Couldn't it be anyone who registered outcallmassageseoul.com?

No. 345671

No. 345673

ok, I missed that one… thx

No. 345703

File: 1485777113141.png (201.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-01-30-12-48-44…)

Who the hell created the fake Instagram account 'outcallmassageseoul'?

No. 345704

oh great, ruined our watching.

No. 345707

Great. Now she has to make a new website and be sneakier than ever. Good going, person.

No. 345710

It's either a newfag or a pulltard

No. 345711

I blame Null for closing KF

No. 345719

>spoiling the milk

why do people do this

No. 345722

Wow, what a fucking retard. Good job there with ur lulzy ebin trolling

No. 345735


NOoooo you fucking IDIOT

No. 345769


No. 345770

What's with the weird pink bring wall she added to her room? And good god does her "half wig" extensions look ratched.

No. 345771

She went through the garbage at her latest hobo shelter for cans to crush in this veedeeoo. She has to go through bins for video accouterments.

No. 345772

So far it's literally just seven minutes of her not really talking, and crushing garbage with her hands.

No. 345782

Those MS paint thumbnail skills though

No. 345791

I-is this a fetish thing?

No. 345793

yet tiny frail Venoos managed to beat the crap out of her? kek

No. 345797

Mags obviously didn't make the thumbnail, haven't you seen the wonderful work she did on Venus ANGELIC yootoob channel?

No. 345801

omfg you idiot

No. 345802

maybe yes? women crushing things with their feet is indeed a huge fetish community but I've never heard about doing it with their hands. Weirdos get off on the most strange stuff.
Anyways, these women usually dress nice for their videos. Margo look like she just came home from garbage picking.

No. 345819

Maybe she's finally stooped low enough to take career advice from you-know-who.

No. 345824

Women crushing things, especially animals in heels is a fetish in more Asian countries.

No. 345828

Strong hands & powerful suction

No. 345831

> Loook Weenoos. Remember mah powerful hands? Dis is how i'm gonna kill you after having powerfully raped the lock of your home door with mah sausage fingers.

No. 345832

>margo look like she just came home from garbage picking.
Anon I'm sure she did. Like I picture her waking up every day and scavenging thru whatever flophouse she's currently at for cigarette butts and leftover pizza, then going out to dumpster dive and pick through the gutter as wrll.

No. 345857

It took a second for me to remember, but I just gagged because I've seen some of those vids back wen they were shock sites.

I wouldn't actually put it past maggot to bring herself down to the level of animal cruelty. craxy cnt has zero morals.

No. 345860

Its so disgusting. Why is that even a thing.

No. 345873

unlikely,supposedly satanists aren't allowed to harm animals for no reason.

>implying margot actually complies to the guidelines

No. 345894

this wasn't meant to sound like some sjw censoring btw. Sorry.

I literally just looked up the eleven rules or whatever, and the only one I can see her obeying is "If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy."

I wouldn't put her above animal abuse if one pissed her off. We have seen her taking photos with uncomfortable animals all the time, after all, and everything else is pretty much being a good human, which Maggot is not.

No. 345916

"Your LAIR"

No. 345917

File: 1485835805988.jpg (22.72 KB, 623x172, IMG_1048.JPG)

A vexxfag follower speaks.

No. 345918

File: 1485835867858.jpg (52.52 KB, 1442x167, IMG_1051.JPG)

He's TEN.

No. 345922

It's a girl, and she has some shitty video up about Venus as well, which I won't embed here.

No. 345924


No. 345944

did anyone watch this? what's it about?
also, doesn't youtube ToS say age limit 13? we could probably get the account shut down, it's obvious the kid has no idea what she's watching/is trying to meddle in fights someone that young really shouldn't be in

No. 345946

I googled that already fam; I have no problem reporting the kid but it seems there's no way.

This probably rates a mention in the vexxed thread rather than here though.

No. 346041

Please don't. We don't need to add attention to this retarded shit. Put it in the vexxed thread if you must.

No. 346062

where are the parents

No. 346103

File: 1485902299161.jpg (389.05 KB, 2045x1084, IMG_1063.JPG)

Socialblade.com Youtube statistics for marge the Youtube Star and genius Celebrity Manager solely responsible for the success of Venus Angelic:

No. 346109

That $13 Youtube check will get her a Denny's parfait or 2 tho.

No. 346147

Oh marge already reached the no-one-cares yt status.

No. 346193

Still with Fullscreen. they must be loving it.

No. 346762

Contracts are a bitch.

No. 346806

New video

No. 346810

She really loves mentioning her half wig, which btw looks cheap and ratty af. Also love how the video is called "how to CUT your OWN HAIR" capital "OWN", and she cuts her wig lol

No. 347002

Maybe she'll hit $15 this month.

No. 347010

File: 1486165558606.png (211.35 KB, 750x732, j.png)

She looks like Eggman in this

No. 347016

Well it is her OWN wig. All hers! I hope a cat pisses on it.

That thumbnail image. She looks like she should be climbing out of TVs.

No. 347023

to be fair, she admits that her scissors are shit, and it is easily her most bearable video to date. Can't you report videos for clickbait titles though?

No. 347031

I wish she'd just get a whole wig with bangs. Tired of her balding ass self.

No. 347085

File: 1486195165960.jpg (84.15 KB, 540x773, IMG_20170204_085743_398.JPG)

Oooooooh, poor thing… not
karma is a bitch

No. 347086

File: 1486195397094.png (525.29 KB, 935x598, Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 12.0…)

We know she's a heavy meitu / line camera abuser, but do we think she used some of her WhoreBux to get face injections? Her eyebags and jowls have been looking slightly less dire.

No. 347087

File: 1486195918140.png (220.05 KB, 440x368, Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 12.0…)

After a year of nothing to do and so slave to edit veedeeoos for her, she did learn how to use the built in video beauty / skin editors, and she's way more cautious about allowing her real face to be seen (we used to get some thumbnails that she's forget to add the filter to, back when she was in the Plywood Palace and had 24/7 access to an open bar.) Her heinous eyebags still exist, but they look less horrific than they did. I think she's "unable to buy warm clothes, boo hoo!" because she's had to fix her face.

No. 347089

File: 1486196161195.png (329.6 KB, 568x432, Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 12.0…)

Just adding a few more thumbnails from recent videos to compare. This shot is obviously heavily filtered, but she looks less droopy than before to me.

The instagram photo from today >>347086 is pretty sharp on her face, which is unusual; it's usually obvious that she's not only used the beauty editor, but that she's added her makeup via app too. It looks like she either got a new app - one that can properly apply a makeup filter and fix her face while keeping the image sharp - or, she got some work done.

No. 347090

And all of that is your fault. If only you keeped your sausage little grubby hands quiet, you'd be enjoying now a job and a comfortable life somewhere in Europe or Asia and be welcomed in Venus home everytime you went to visit her.

No. 347092

I think it'd take a long time for V to welcome her at all

No. 347119

File: 1486214855548.jpg (114.88 KB, 750x473, IMG_6169.JPG)

No. 347124

And yet, Margaret, you're still not married nor will you ever have a man as devoted to you as Manaki is to Venus.

Damn. This bitch is so jealous of her own daughter! She will never move on and get her own life. I just know she is planning something to ruin Venus' upcoming birthday.

No. 347125

Oh please. If she really had a marriage proposal she'd hop right on it to outdo BULLY WEENOS and get her free ticket to money, a house, and permanent stay in Korea.

No. 347132

I am concerned about venus safety.

No. 347134

Was she trying to give warmth and positivity to V when she tried to break into her house with tools?

No. 347154

Maybe she wanted to light fire under Venus… lol (sry couldn't resist)

And in the meantime grandpa ferenc posts on insta that they invite all of their grandchildren to spend some relaxing time with them, Venus and Mana icluding…

I think so, too. Hope Venus stays safe and sound…

No. 347164

This is my first time coming to a Margaret thread and jesus christ….

Is this a mother who lost her daughter and now she's trying to live her life like she's a fresh 18 y/o???? That's so sad and cringy god.

No. 347168

She didn't lose her daughter, she drove her away. She basically went "Yeah sure you can marry this man because he's rich" and then changed her mind and tried to break them up (including calling her daughter a cheater with PROOFS PHOTOS) and then lost her mind when her now married daughter went to live with her husband.

No. 347184

File: 1486239433804.jpg (222.58 KB, 1202x964, IMG_0169.JPG)

See, the scary part is that in her mind she IS a fresh teenager. Actually more like 14-15, I think, because look how she writes. Marge IS Venus at age 15 and has been since 2011 or so.

No. 347200

Well, I'd be in no rush to hop on a plane to Hungary to visit bible-thumping grandpa ferenc and grandma margit aka supporter-in-chief and #1 tool of maggot. Nope.

No. 347219

You just sound like Kiki, Margo.

No. 347220

Just wait to read the past threads anon, this bitch is totally deranged.

No. 347249

It's It's so depressing argue that is like this
she's a beautiful woman for her age
she should move on from Venus start her own thing and maybe even be successful?

No. 347254

File: 1486249155987.png (252.13 KB, 931x593, Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 2.57…)

Just as a reference point, about Venus and Mana having moved once Margo maxed out her takedown requests to YT (because a few of us were trying to confirm whether they'd moved and I'm sure this is buried many threads deep.)

Margo claimed in August that Venus had moved to keep Margo from having her new address… so the place she tried to break into was Venus and Mana's new place. Photo take from the gaming_ks insta account that tracked Margo's crazy in real time; the caption is from the insta post Margo made with Manaki's email address.

FYI There's also another insta account that's linking Margo's various crazy posts with the dates they were posted (https://www.instagram.com/therealmargo.p/).

*disclaimer I am not affiliated with either account, they're just both good sources

No. 347264

If you study up on narcissists, they are usually stuck at the emotional age of 13 or younger. So yes, in the Maggot's mind she is "young Venus".

No. 347267

Skip back to this time last year when they lived in SKorea together, then read forward. It's a mindblowing journey.

No. 347270

I know right … lol

No. 347271

>she's a beautiful woman for her age

the only thing margo has done right is not getting fat

No. 347285

File: 1486257840932.png (35.69 KB, 1403x446, mag.png)

Could this be Margaret ?
It mentions a KakaoTalk just like some of her tweets. Plus the "english speaker european female". Don't know if she ever went to Thailand but he could be one of her lies.

Found it on seouls craiglist.

No. 347286

Didn't Venus win a Beauty contest in Thailand?

No. 347287

File: 1486258110439.jpg (199.23 KB, 619x960, IMG_20170204_192804.jpg)

Sorry for samefagging.

No. 347288

- She is to broke to put better quality extensions (with / without clips) to her hair.
- She can't afford a hairdresser despite prostitution.
- She put a carpet behind her like a curtain bc broke hobo.
- In the comment section, lots of immature kids and satanists like her, audience of kek.
- She said she has no time for videos but tries to do as much videos as Venus.


No. 347289

Didn't they live in a Buddhist temple at some point in the past? If it's her add she's probably just embellishing her stories as usual.

No. 347290

Hairloss = early menopause

No. 347291


OK, she definitely went to a Traditional Massage School in Thailand.

No. 347292

File: 1486258287569.jpg (69.09 KB, 591x662, IMG_0423.JPG)

>she's a beautiful woman for her age
Have you ever seen her real (unfiltered) face?
2017 Instagram marge is a fantasy character anon. That ain't what she looks like.

No. 347294

They lived in a thai temple in Swizerland

No. 347295

Even with a paper bag on her head we can see ugliness through. So face injections will not erase her wrinkles valleys neither.

No. 347297

Between all this, plus the "magpie" username, all signs point to this being Margo.

Kek at the "this is totally legit massage don't call me a whore!!" part.

No. 347300

Yes margo, marry yourself. And for the magic part, look yourself in the mirror at least once in your life!

No. 347301

File: 1486258840691.png (31.72 KB, 720x334, IMG_20170205_023802.png)

Went on Kakaotalk for additional proof. That's her.

No. 347302

File: 1486258920056.jpg (65.84 KB, 960x448, IMG_20170204_194132.jpg)

I went back to Venus Facebook post.
Beauty contest was in a Thai temple in Switzerland. Then spent time (4 months I do believe) in Bangkok, where her mom went to a traditional medical school. Apparently.

No. 347303

File: 1486259279580.png (1.16 MB, 613x841, bangkok_venus.png.a37cb9962cca…)

Also here's a better resolution pic to see what Venus said.

Looks like this might be what Papa Ferenc was talking about?

No. 347306

File: 1486259641191.jpg (13.84 KB, 580x300, Inquisitive-Batman.jpg)

No. 347309

Great, that's her anon. Good work

No. 347319

File: 1486260436209.jpg (142.71 KB, 731x960, IMG_20170204_200457.jpg)

I looked up the Wat Po medical school Venus mentions. It in fact is a massage school.

No. 347336

on one hand it seems pretty cool she grew up being able to live in places like this but on the other hand… Margo. So it probably wasn't all that fun

No. 347348

She's really full of herself these days..

anon you're GOLD.
Someone find out what she charges for a genuine "massage," please?

No. 347355

File: 1486267081615.jpg (321.91 KB, 1656x889, margolol.jpg)

looks like margos keeping herself busy
looks like >>347285 already found it but heres some extras

No. 347360

Lol, from what German anons have told us, her German is even less comprehensible tan her english.

Also, kek at her having "just arrived from the States". First of all, she was in the US for maybe 2 days, during her batshit frenzied trip to the states via Vancouver, when she planned to storm the offices of YT (which is in the San Francisco Bay Area, like a 2 day drive from Vancouver.) Second, what would her her being in the states have to do with her ability to teach German?

No. 347361

As a follow up, those MAYBE 2 days in the States took place in May of last year, she wasn't JUST anywhere except for Japan, performing a breaking & entering crime.

No. 347367

Both her and Venus' German is noticeably Swiss but Maggot adds a layer of thick Hungarian accent and wonky grammar on top of that. Certainly not the person you want to teach you German, she should stick to her upcoming outcall hooker business.

No. 347368

Jacked up high heels at age 11. Margo (Magpie, now?), I don't think it needs to be said any more, but: you are a shit parent.

No. 347377

Wait a minute..magpie gonna "teach" German to Koreans and CHARGE for it?Bitch can barely speak German (German-speaking anons have mentioned that here plus Hamburg jassy said she had trouble understanding what she was trying to say) and I doubt her Korean is much better.
Busted old bitch. lol

No. 347378

This is the reason she needs "can crushing" strength hands.

No. 347379

So what did the rest of the comment from 6/2015 say?
"Keep in mind she's not a teacher nor qualified to be an instructor in…"
rest is cut off.

No. 347382

It looks like this was something Margo was doing at one of the "language schools" she and Venus were always at; looks like they're saying she doesn't work for the school (in our program, maybe?) or isn't certified.

No. 347396

Ha ha I looked for that or something like it a lot of times. Well done. Of course it's her - even the title matches her website.

No. 347397

File: 1486284751025.jpg (836.89 KB, 1080x2751, Screenshot_20170205-085155.jpg)

Found more

No. 347399

File: 1486284929586.png (454.05 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170205-085253.png)

Take note that she mentions she lives near Seocho station. Time to start trawling the area for Plywood Palace the Second

No. 347400

The irony here is she's finally working.

No. 347407

Just because she learned three years ago, doesn't mean she has three years experience. God, just imagining the old crow's talons digging into skin makes me feel ill.

No. 347416

It sounds like, it's getting better?

No. 347422

Not really better: she tried to break in to Venus' house using tools in December. She's crazy as ever but her own mother's probably not giving her money anymore. It's likely to be a choice of Hungary or hustling on the streets of Seoul.

No. 347426

Yes, I heard from the incident too. But now, she tries to make money with her own services and without using venus. Maybe, just maybe, she is really only giving massages and not erotic services as she pointed it out BOLD.

No. 347432

File: 1486303756631.gif (726.11 KB, 300x168, 1411277220775.gif)

well, at least she's trying to earn some money on her own.

Still illegal, but ..

No. 347433

She's only settled down/got quieter on the outside.
She still tries to get at her own daughter, she still tells her shitty lies about being bullied by her own daughter,… only a few weeks ago she tried to break into her daughter's living place.

This woman hasn't changed at all. She's kind of earning her own money now, or at least that's what she says she does. Who knows what she will do with that. Buying another plane ticket to Japan?

No. 347444

File: 1486306042710.png (343.67 KB, 416x341, ferenc_inviting_venus_picture.…)

No. 347445

File: 1486306095924.png (11.43 KB, 277x112, ferenc_inviting_venus.PNG)

No. 347455

We have 3 empty apartments and 7 grandchildren. We invited all grandchildren to spent a week in Miskolc to get some rest(to spent a calm week)

No. 347480

Here's to hoping that Venus goes secretly if she accepts. It'd be terrifying if Magpie showed up there.

No. 347482

The 8th february is her birthday.

No. 347490

I don't think she takes it seriously. She doesn't introduce herself by her name, just by her kakaotalk username. And didn't she already found a job in a fitness room?

No. 347492

V's or marge's birthday?

No. 347495

That's Venus' birthday, Margos is sometime in March.

No. 347502

tbh I hope she doesn't go at all. Margit's enabled so much of her daughter's fucked up behaviour that anyone with any sense at all is going to wonder if she's going to tattle to Margo/pay for a plane ticket home to Hungary if Venus goes.

Also, who wants to smile and be nice to the woman who made it possible for your cluster B poster child mother to try and break into your house on multiple occasions?

No. 347508


I used to hope that she would connect with the Hungarian family, as aunt szu seemed lovely and a genuinely fun/decent person who was concerned for Venus.

Since then though, Ferenc seems slightly insane judging from the instagram posts and I don't understand what he is doing, is he trying to rile Margo, is he trying to show support for Venus or just show he knows what's going on so Margo doesn't think she's got away with it all? Either way, he's not getting involved in a particularly helpful or responsible way and that coupled with, as you say, Margit being definitely on Margos side, she would rat out that Venus was coming and Grandpa F couldn't be trusted to be sane in a difficult situation.

I think Venus would be wise to meet up with them on her own terms and in a neutral space if she ever decides to, and it's whether she wants to risk that at all, having grown up without family maybe she doesn't need the support network and would find it claustrophobic (I relate to that).

No. 347529

Yeah, I'd stay far, far away from Hungary if it was me. Grandma margit's 100 conned by maggot the narc, she's got poor margit wrapped around her evil little narc finger. Plus they're bible-thumping "FAMILY IS EVERYTHING" weirdos.
I do wish she'd connect with Zsu though. She's in Switzerland far away from the bible-thumpers and I trust her, she seems really cool.

No. 347532


You can see the world of difference between her and Margo just to their attitude to parenting on social media. Zsu, rarely mentions her boys but when she does it's in very sweet, respectful terms and no photos without permission. Margo, literally and figuratively trying to sell her daughter to the highest bidder, possibly even using her as a cam girl for cash. As a parent myself, I can't even begin to explain how gross that makes me feel.

what the fuck happened to make Margo such a nutjob?

No. 347533

> what the fuck happened to make Margo such a nutjob?

The answer is already known:
> Baby margo was rocked to close to the wall.

No. 347540

Our river rat got a rainbow highlighter.

No. 347544

It probably runs in their family tree - Margo inherited it, Zsu did not.

No. 347546

I see a shower and a bed in the same room? Am I seeing things wrong? Also, horrible makeup. Rainbow is not her colour

No. 347552

File: 1486341334946.jpg (49.16 KB, 518x319, snu3-room3.jpg)

what time? she's most likely staying in a goshiwon, which makes sense since she's got no money

goshiwon's are tiny little holes in the wall that essentially just have room for the shower and the bed.

they usually rent for $200-$400 a month, but they don't have the same crazy deposits you need for regular apartments in korea (they can be up to $10,000 for your deposit)

pic related

lord i'm going to be staying near seocho station this summer. maybe i'll take hngarian lessons from margo

No. 347561

Not that anon but at 4:56 you can get a good view of her shower head in the mirror.

No. 347574

Make up hobo style. Incorrect use of brushes, no skills in color choices, thinks that 1 rainbow palette can do all the make up.

Please margo, don't waste the little money you have and our time. Eat your unicorn poop palette please and don't show up again!!!

No. 347577

>margo the 40 year old jung fräulein

that's not how you use highlighters

No. 347784


No. 347802

So what's this neighborhood like, Seocho Station? Lots of students I'm guessing. You know marge likes to be around her fellow young people.

No. 347806

Considering how much she loves AirBnB, I found one of these in Seoul for like $18 a night so she's living super cheap but it's a step up from the Plywood Palace.

No. 347813

File: 1486348981368.jpg (122.54 KB, 722x457, Scary Korean Aliens.jpg)

Seocho is pretty close to Seoul National University and even closer to Seoul National University of Education, so it's probably filled with goshiwons and students who lives in them. But Seocho-dong in general is pretty boring, and students of SNU isn't really known for being the partying crowd.

At least she's close to Gangnam, so she can pretend that she's a Gangnam-frau along with all the plastic koreans.

No. 347859

her brows are so uneven.
That being said, this is her best video to date. Not in terms of the actual content, but her attitude is so different and upbeat. It's not hard to see how she has conned people into liking her.

No. 347866

there are cheap airbnb's in seoul, yeah but those are usually like rented rooms and shit. she wouldn't find one where she's staying for that price for a few reasons

like >>347813 said, it's close to gangnam & the rodeo drive of korea so air bnbs in that area tend to go go for at least 1000k a month, and that is including private rooms.

No. 347867

jesus christ that's horrifying

No. 347871

She's in a goshiwon and those never cost more than 600 a month.

No. 347876

Glad you're such a fan. Be sure to leave some love in her YT comments now.

No. 347878

hell no I left a dislike on the video out of my own personal spite. don't know how you can think I was a fan after referring to her conwoman skills.

No. 347933

dislikes also count as engagement btw. better to leave no feedback.

No. 347987

No. 347998

She has another kakaotalk id : mtuite. The guy from Meetup.com shared it (https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/SeoulVillage/events/223410912/?eventId=223410912&chapter_analytics_code=UA-57434596-1). I still don't know why she created two kakaotalk accounts since she doesn't seems to use mtuite that much but who knows…

No. 348030

Dying at "anti-CELLULITIS massage."
this poor creature

No. 348072

I don't get this meetup.com guy's note dated 6/30/2015 saying "Margaret just artived from the States to Korea for a teaching job…" and listing the Seocho station location for the "teaching."

They were living in Tokyo from 12/2014 to 8/2015, then in 9/2015 they left for London and Paris, ending up in Seoul from 9/11/2015 on.

No. 348088

They're meeting at a German bakery by the station, it says so in the listing and comments.

No. 348251

I know they are now, I'm talking about the message in >>347355
dated 6/30/2015 saying she "just arrived in Seoul from the States." They were living in Tokyo in June 2015 and had been there from 12/2014 to 8/2015.

No. 348656

"mtuite" must be an old id so. I just don't understand why she keep the same id for her massage services and language teaching. I mean, if I was looking for a teacher for my child or was just willing to learn german I would have made some research before going to a meeting. She will always surprise me.

No. 348663

Margo is the sexy MILF German hometutor every school child in japan need

No. 348681

but maybe dad also sees her advertisements and she can service two members of the same family. enterprising.

No. 348683

Narcs think they're smarter than everyone else, always, in any field, in any situation. She either thinks no one will check; or that they won't figure it out; or that they'll believe whatever she tells them about her various "careers" if they do ask her (but I guarantee she's convinced herself it's not a problem she'll ever have to deal with.)

No. 348691

File: 1486466392713.png (116.65 KB, 391x351, goshiwon.PNG)

No, I did actually find a few cheap goshiwons in Seocho for under $30 a night.

I was curious to see if once again she had booked her stay through the site like she did her last hostel.

Pic related, an entire month runs her around $650

>신구’s home is located in Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea

>Features:Residential · Affluent · Music And Arts · Wealthy Households · Rich House Wives · Suburbia

No. 348696

it's more comprehensible but she still fucks up her grammar really badly at random times, and her accent is very strange (and I don't mean the Schwiizerdütsch bit)
would never ever allow her near any kids though, and would never ever try to learn something about languages from her

No. 348713

>students of SNU isn't really known for being the partying crowd.

lol what? They party, but they go near Sillim station for that shit. I'll bet thats where margo goes because there are tons of 'Kiss rooms' or other prostitution places there kek

No. 348762

We found the one she's been staying in, based on the wallpaper (that's why she's using the weird carpet background); it was actually listed for almost $900 / month.

No. 348826

Sorry, I must've missed that! Damn she's paying that much? It's a wonder she can afford it if she's stooped to craigslist spam.

No. 348914

File: 1486509117109.png (162.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-07-16-05-57…)

Looks like the competition is pretty stiff. Wonder if Magpie is working much.

No. 349032

No, someone found one with the same wallpaper but: the rest of the backgrounds in her pics & videos don't match so no. You're also assuming there's only one rental in Seoul with that wallpaper so again, no.

No. 349035

Correct. There are many options of places to stay and many of them have similar elements or decoration to each other. https://goshipages.com/search/true/356/Seocho%2520Station

No. 349048

itt: people who don't know goshiwons

They all look the same. Female only ones especially as every room has some variation of floral wallpaper.

No. 349256

the point is, she's staying in a goshiwon, which is answering >>347546's question about why the sink and shit can be seen from her bedroom

No. 350201

Venus posted a new video 1 hour ago. But it is unavailable. Margo did shit again?

No. 350203

File: 1486634471189.jpg (26.68 KB, 540x183, IMG_20170209_075754_300.JPG)

I don't know about the video, but I guess mags is referring to v's b'day here

No. 350224

What was the video about?

No. 350228

File: 1486645711784.png (73.71 KB, 591x200, venus_january_video_thumbnails…)

I have just found out, that the video she uploaded before the new video was the same video but just longer. She cut one minute of the video.

No. 350383

I watched the deleted video before she uploaded the re-edited one, and she removed outtakes.
For example, when she showed her toothpaste - Venus repeated her sentences about 3 times before moving on, probably to pick the best cut, but forgot to edit out the mistake sentences.
It seems that was the purpose of reuploading the video.

No. 350402

New vid, new towel.
Who the fuck shaves their forehead? Her face is horribly red by the end.

No. 350403

>> I don't use expensive makeup

Can't afford that useless markup channel powder any more, huh, Mags?

No. 350404

>>Who the fuck shaves their forehead?

She shaves her ENTIRE FACE. No wonder her skin is so rough. She must be really hairy, because I've never seen a woman shave every part of her face before.

No. 350406

>shaving forehead
>moving razor up and down on face like she's trying to exfoliate with it
>shaves HER NOSE

I'm so baffled by this. I have to shave my cheeks/chin/neck because I have an issue with thick dark facial hair and it makes my skin worse from the irritation. She's doing herself no favors and it's not doing much to take the dead skin off. She'd be better off just using a scrub every morning if she wants it done that badly.

No. 350407

Yeah, if she had thick, dark facial hair she'd be giving herself heinous ingrown hairs with that shaving "technique". She might have the light kind of facial fluff women get as they get older, but it also looks like she's trying to exfoliate with the razor, you're right.

No. 350410


sage for off topic but whats the full image? the image behind the text is the logo for holiday world in indiana so why is margo using it…

No. 350416

File: 1486672759095.jpg (61.1 KB, 709x437, mergg.JPG)


>I have a verrry healthy skin

Yeah, that's why you look older than you actually are. Damn, this was painful to watch. Poor skin. Why shaving the entire face for removing "dead skin"? Why not using an exfoliation? So many questions

she know this skin routine sucks because she disabled the like/dislike section.


here is the link https://www.instagram.com/p/BQGMcSFjtmc/

No. 350418

It's a horrifying home microdermabrasion thing. Why pay for a professional when you can take a drugstore razor to your own face.

No. 350421

she probably read about dermaplaning.

No. 350437

File: 1486680922588.jpg (300.29 KB, 2048x1514, IMG_1125.JPG)

Did this old freak really upload a video on facial hair removal for women literally 7 hours after Venus's video mentioning her fave method for facial hair removal went up??
Yes. Yes she did.
Fucking psycho.

Oh and this "oh poor me, I just needed a hug on your birthdayyy I'm so saad" shit on Twitter?
I remember your birthday greetings to your kid a year ago, maggot. You sick freak.

No. 350441

Margaret must forget about all the filters she uses to make her skin smooth.

No. 350458

Omg… daily face skin agression = more wrinkles.

Individually, all those skin cares aren't bad for skin. But shaving + scrubing + mechanic blackhead removal + etc in the same day is risky bc your skin will stay red for several hours or, worse, get eczema if sensitive skin, and you don't want to look like a tomato when your go to work or shopping.

Oh… I forgot. Marge has no job and only shops online her cheap crap.

No. 350459

Yes, that is really sad.

No. 350468


Poor marges I'm really sorry for you, after all any lazy talentless person would feel down when their living ATM runs away too. Oh wait, but Wenoos wasn't trying to kill you? why would you want a hug from her?

No. 350474

File: 1486687848415.jpg (58.22 KB, 1403x156, IMG_1132.JPG)

Don't forget this too…her evil daughter left her BROKE and stranded with NO MONEY and now a year later she's still HEARTBROKEN with no warm clothes or even shoes to wear and she just wants a hug!
Bitch is working the "poor abused me" angle hard these days. Too bad it's not working out so well tho.

No. 350475

#sobrave #poormarge

No. 350486

Jeez anon, don't you dare to insult the booutiful and fresh skin of the 40 yr old jung teenager wooman, you sound salty.

She should try to exfoliate her neck with the razor, maybe around wrist area too.

>inb4 margo does a diy microblading video

No. 350523

There are SO many English language Korean beauty bloggers with tons of great information about how to care for you skin the right way. She's in the land of great affordable products with all this information at her finger tips and she insists on aggressively failing. It's infuriating.

No. 350532

Aggressive. That's the word that best describes the way she treats her skin. And despite the stupid narc she is it hurted me to see how she treats her 'healthy' tomato face. It was to me as horrifying as those videos of eyes surgery. Yuck!

No. 350559

It's pretty common in Japan and Korea to shave all the little hairs off of the face, it helps makeup and skincare apply better. But not for exfoliation, jesus christ if it irritates your skin that much it's not a good idea like good ol margo seems to think it is

No. 350627

not on the fucking forehead and nose either, lmao
in the states waxing your stache is becoming fairly popular too from what I've seen, so it's not just an asian thing but again, no one other than margarine is retarded enough to go over her full face

No. 350660

Depends. People can have lots of baby hairs. I once watched honest to god fine, thin, pale hair off a girl's entire face, from her moustache to the apples of her cheeks.

Remember that, once you shave, the hair grows back feeling thicker (because it isn't tapering naturally, but growing back with a flat top). Margo may have shaved her whole face once and then found that it feels 'smoother' afterwards because she is turning all her hair into bristle-brushes, hence the illusion of exfoliation.

No. 350679

She's literally triple exfoliating. Triple! The shaving, the exfoliating cloth (which is exclusively for your body skin only, not the delicate facial skin) and that prescription cream is a chemical exfoliant. She is truly, clinically, causing premature aging to her skin via irritation. I'm delighted to know she's suffering at her own hand through her ignorance and aggressiveness.

No. 350687

Worst skincare video I've seen in a while,I cringed so hard at the shaving exfoliation and the comedone extraction (best way to enlarge your already fat pores margo)
Sometimes I wish it would be legally forbidden to upload crappy skincare tutorials on youtube(thanks god no one is following her "beauty" tips)

No. 350712

did she bring up the face shaving because venus mentioned in her new video that its common for girls in japan to shave their faces when she was showing the nose hair trimmer thing?

No. 350924

No. 350937

No. 350984

I believe on of the jvloggera a while back talked about how Asian girls shave their arms and often face for exfoliations. There was a video of someone doing it for a week too. Idr if it was a jvlogger, buzzfeed type channel or random girl though

No. 351190

Jeez! She needs some viagra pills for her nose instead of all that vain face masturbation. Everything is falling down.

No. 351209

File: 1486874578181.png (25.11 KB, 588x87, Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 04.4…)

>I'm poor and HOMELESS since Venoos STOLE ALL MY MONEY!!!!
>buys lottery tickets

No. 351259

Of course she's a gambler…

No. 351285

File: 1486906885230.png (1.05 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-12-08-39-08…)

Looks like midge is nostalgic today.

(Where does she get these pics from? I thought weenus stole all her computers and hard-drives lmao)

No. 351287

File: 1486906951453.png (676.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-12-08-42-10…)

No. 351290

She's so thristy after Venus-attention! This woman…

No. 351293

File: 1486909376123.png (766.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-12-09-21-19…)


No. 351294

File: 1486909453134.png (488.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-12-09-23-27…)

…and they're gone. Tried my best to get them all, there were about eight. Sorry guise.

No. 351296

you can be hit by your mother and still try to love her. Venus thought it was a phase, or something that wouldnt happen again.

No. 351297


Seriously what Mags? Even though she shit herself? I hope you jump out a window, soon.

We've been overrun by sociopaths. And Margaret has such a punchable face. What a cunt.

No. 351299

how easy it is to tell whenever maggot is hitting the bottle again

No. 351301


Shit herself AS A BABY.
Like all babies.
Keep reaching for that bleach, Mags.

No. 351303

shit herself as a baby LOL I think that's her way of saying "oh venus isnt as perfect as you seem to think she is"? she's really losing the plot

No. 351304

Has Venus' birthday just been or is it coming soon? Margo's celebrating by drunk posting.

No. 351306

Ya, Magpie must be hitting the bottle again. These are her proofs Venus wasn't an abused child? I imagine every narc parent has pictures like these. Magpie the narc doesn't seem to think there was anything wrong in her behavior towards Venus. A few nice pictures doesn't prove anything Mags. Can't wait to hear her spin her story, though.

No. 351307

It was her 20th birthday on Feb. 7.

No. 351317

One of the Korean beauty gurus got ahold of that Margles face care video and posted it in a skincare facebook group. Everyone was flipping out about how awful she was treating her skin and expressing disbelief about her only being in her early 40's. It was crazy seeing Margo outside of the context of lolcow but top kek.

No. 351322

mags must really hate this. Her mother never took her out bowling.

No. 351354

V looks so sad. All her life with that crazy biped marge. I'm happy she is having the happiest birthday of her life this year. Far away from that old cheap whore.

No. 351362

Friends made, friends lost. Everything bc of marge's egoistic ambitions. A good thing she got away from her egocentric mother. V has now new friends and still has them.

No, marge. You lost that game. You lost everything and bc of yourself.

Marghost knows she can't win.

In marge's poor mind: shitting babies = bad babies

In your face marge! HAHA

No. 351363


Good job digging up these pics while you can.

I am legitimately creeped out. #sociopath(kilks)mother? I know mags is crazy as all fuck but this seems kind of…dark. I can only imagine what it was like for Venus growing up.

No. 351368

I want to see. Can you pls post the link, anon?

No. 351375

This video was so cute. I'm glad Venus is finally able to go out and have fun with a friend for a day like a normal person.

No. 351379

I'm so happy for Venus. She looks happier and happier everyday.

No. 351400

It also makes you wonder just how young Venus was when her mother stopped seeing her as a burden and more of a money making opportunity to sell to the highest bidder.

No. 351405

Please share the link, we'd all love to see this

No. 351411

File: 1486931530652.png (139.03 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20170212_0006.png.1e1d7d…)


Checked PULL and somebody managed to capture this …

No. 351412

File: 1486931557324.png (530.07 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20170212_0002.png.0cf766…)


.. and this

No. 351414

goddamnit we missed a good old fashioned drunk mags freakout

No. 351415


samefag, but nice to see that maggot is still the same piece of shit. She was too quite at V'Birthday and expected something like this.

So happy to see Venus having such nice Birthday with Taylor and her husband. Finally she is surrounded by people who really like her tho.

No. 351425

Marge is in her 'look, i'm thinking of Weenoos and share pictures of her bc i'm a gute mutter'-phase …

… with some 'you booly, you don't understand, Weenoos is eviiil'-control loss moments that betray her 'good mother' first impression

And that pig doesn't shame about that bc she found the public for that. #enablers #toxicpeople

No. 351427

Are those nudes available?

No. 351430

Yes, check the old threads. Margo posted nudes of herself at the Tokyo airport in early February last year "because cruel Venoos forces me to live at the airport!" (aka Margo abandoned the free rent Venus paid for Mags in advance in Seoul).

And then in late August of last year Margo posted nude post sex selfies to "prove" she couldn't have tried to hack Venus's media accounts because she was too busy having sex all night.

Now she claims her nude posts were to prove she didn't self harm (?) so Venus's claims of being physically abused by Margo must be false, according to MargoLogic. If a single photo exists if either Venus or Margo without bruising, according to Margo, abuse can't ever have happened.

No. 351433

Lol somehow Wenoos managed to take pics of this old hag's pasty ass to post them in margo's insta? Wenoos faked a copyclaim twice to shut down her own channel for weeks despite money loss? Weeenos singlehandledy offered her a 3k monthly allowance? seems about right!

btw her fucking english is atrocious, and this coming from an ESL anon.

No. 351434

Well dayum. I was wondering why tf ole marge was so happy these days (won the lottery! I love to photograph flowerss!) then she goes on a lil ragefest and reveals her psycho side once again…then deleted it all to resume the "happy fun Youtuber" facade.

"sociopathkilksmother"?? Yep. Still psycho.

I think Venus's birthday pic with the 15,000 'likes' and 1,600 HAPPY BIRTHDAY comments set the old slut off…and maybe V's latest video w/Taylor? Did that come out before or after her chimpout?

hahaha morge. Stay mad you miserable old hobo.

No. 351438

Oh, so now Venoos ORDERED poor marge to Tokyo? That's a new one.
okayyy, marge..
She's cycling again. And not happy.

Her attempted comeback fizzled out, the new batch of flying monkeys she cultivated flew away when the real marge was exposed in V's Youtube comments and her IG likes and Youtube views are both in the toilet, the kid she vowed to destroy is thriving and happy while she is failing. Hard.
Seethe, margo. SEEEETHE

No. 351444

I think it's Venus's 'Responding to the haters' video that set marge off too, or more specifically that it pretty much shut down the floods of hate comments she'd been getting up till then. I think marge got a great deal of satisfaction from reading them and I think she's pissed they got shut down. That plus therealmargo.p instagram account shut down all the "you STOLE from your MOM!" flying monkey comments too (she worked hard on that, remember that fake video she got people to repost here, on PULL and who knows where else?) So yeah, she's losing big time and she's PISSED.

Wonder if the fam cut off her funds too? Lol.

No. 351445

I think it was the combo of: Venus's videos continuing to do well; her subscribers increasing; Ferenc inviting Venus and Mana to visit; Venus's birthday being happy without Margo; and Venus's 'hater comments' video shutting down a lot of criticism, while revealing what Margo had a actually done on December 7th.

All of these things combined are making Margo blow her cool. She's just working to keep it much quieter than she used to, and deleting her drunk rages much faster. I think she's still getting support from her parents, or else there would be no reason for Margo to keep her rages off line.

No. 351456

File: 1486942408983.png (47.18 KB, 283x219, Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 3.31…)

A couple more of Margo's deleted comments, scraped the person on PULL who took screenshots

No. 351457

File: 1486942421238.png (20.62 KB, 273x95, Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 3.31…)

No. 351459

>my child wouldn't let me have friends
>my child wouldn't let me date men

You know, if her life with Venus was so awful she'd be glad Venus moved away and let her live her life.

No. 351461

What I get from this:

- Margo encouraged / "kindly forced" Venus to say bad things about Mana to trigger their first breakup. This doesn't sound like anything she'd naturally say. And we know from Venus that Margo talked bad about Mana all the time, and got her friends to do the same, which really upset Venus.

- Venus wanted to move to Japan alone, to be with her husband. Oh the humanity.

- Venus somehow prevented Margo from having friends or a boyfriend. But she has friends and a boyfriend anyway. But now she has none of those things, even though Venus isn't there to stop it, and that's Venus's fault, too.

No. 351463

File: 1486943421581.jpg (395.54 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_mtn2uqOQgR1r76gowo10_12…)

>that's Venus' fault too
Pretty much everything is Venus' fault.

Margoyle living in plywood palace living it up with friends and booze? Venus' fault.

Having to date men to get dinners? Venus' fault.

Having to walk MILES WHILE PREGNANT? Venus' fault.

Can't afford two designer bags and having to choose just one to buy with daughter's money? Venus' fault.

Having to stalk your daughter and try to break into her house because she's scared of you? Venus' fault.

No. 351471

>…and maybe V's latest video w/Taylor? Did that come out before or after her chimpout?
^^ nvm, I looked it up. Taylor's video w/Venus was posted 11 hours ago, exactly when maggot's IG chimpout started. $100 says that was the final straw for the psycho. Remember her massive chimpout when their first vlog together came out last summer, complete with flying monkeys raging all over Taylor's comments?
That's the one thing maggot can NOT stand, Venus being with/having fun with friends. Or being accepted by people, especially other Youtubers, after how long and hard she worked to trash her kid's reputation.

No. 351480

Wasn't Margaret dating a few abusive, scummy men at the time? Venus had written before about how she hated a bf because he was using or cheating on her mother(something like that). Marge even wrote about lying bfs and breakups, so I don't doubt she was hanging out with unsavory men and creepy friends that made Venus genuinely concerned.

No. 351482

I'd like to see caps if they exist.

I fully expect that Margo pulls in some grade A dangerous crazies; anyone who would want to stick around for more Margo would have to be. And god knows Venus having feelings of any kind, including "this man makes me uncomfortable", would be considered abusive by Margo, and reason to lash out at her. Like, they shared a bed for most of their time on the run from country to country. That alone had to be terrifying, then add in the randos Mags brought home to fuck.

No. 351483

This is what I used to always say,
if she was so abused and so repressed in her life with Venus, why is she actively trying to get her attention, meet up with her etc??

No. 351502

That's why margo has lost the majority of her fans and her shit since more than a year. No one buys her shit anymore. And those residues that stay her fans are as toxic as her or 'i wanna a mom like that' delusional lil teenage kids.

I really wish that her fans meet her personally, marge moves at their homes for a year and they get abused by her. And then when they open their eyes and can no longer bear her presence, they run away from their own homes, leaving marge alone, broke and with bills to pay. Knowing that they will get prosecuted and diffamated by marg and her flying monkeys til the end of their miserable lifes.

What if I try to convince some of her stans to host her to see if we can convert them in another hamburgjessys?

No. 351506

If anything, Maggot and Kiki can be chimp out buddies this time. Just imagine both watching their "rivals" getting along and enjoying a day out.

No. 351533

File: 1486965210454.jpg (340 KB, 1237x1475, IMG_1116.JPG)

This might have been part of the buildup to her mini meltdown too:
maggot hates that they're becoming friends.

No. 351590

Valentine's Day is tomorrow. For sure, Manaki and Venus have something romantic or fun planned. What kind of reaction can we expect from Ol' Maggie?

No. 351614

> ..with my life I know actually what I'm doing, more or less

no maggot, you have no idea

No. 351619

File: 1487008712377.jpg (41.72 KB, 571x423, cleverwitch.jpg)

>No one can steal your money if you don't have any.
>You can't be refused at a job application if you never apply.
>You can't disappoint your family if never made them proud in the first place.

The jokes write themselves fam!

>Your ex can't stalk you online if you delete all your social media accounts.

Fuck off Margo your kid doesn't need to delete her accounts how about you just get a life?

No. 351629

jesus christ she looks like a blob fish

No. 351632

This got me laughing. Mags thought the guy was Eddie Murphy, but it is Kayode Ewumi(may have spelled last name wrong). Someone in the comments corrects her—it's AzLabyrinth, always looking out for his queen.

No. 351649

Well, at least she isn't using a meme that's 5 years old for once.

No. 351662


No. 351689

She calls them MEE MEEs

No. 351690

File: 1487021117211.png (70.09 KB, 247x151, Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 1.24…)

The final missing comment from her rant the other night: Margo felt used and that Venus was an ungrateful baby.

No. 351691

This is exactly why it worries me that just about anyone can have kids. Poor Venus. I genuinely feel bad for the girl.

No. 351692


She needs to chill with the filters.

Fucking looks like we're staring thru a jizz covered lens.

No. 351706


>milk-cow idiot who provides


kappa-chan, you so meta!


anyone with half a brain and experience with narcs knows just how 'fabulous' wenoos' childhood was.

No. 351707

And how quickly a narc is offended by their own child when they reach the "mirror stage" of infancy - as soon as the child recognizes that it is a different person from the mom (i.e. they look in a mirror and can see that they are a person that's different from mom, controls their own hands and face, etc). Once that happens, the love spell the narc is under shatters and they hate the child for being "ungrateful" or "needy" when they crave love, comfort and support. The narc resents every moment the child needs something, because it's a moment the child isn't giving to them.

Margo is such a textbook malignant narc it's almost unreal.

No. 351710

So 8 hours later, her latest (HILARIOUS!) video has:

No. 351712

So, margot. Your family never was proud of you? Interesting. It says a lot. You always relied on others to achieve success and made other people guilty from your own failures. And they always told you.

No. 351717

Asslabyrinth aka mike kent, margo's superman.

Wtf! What shocks me the most isn't the way she pronounces it but she trying to speak like a teenager. Get your children far away from her. She really tries to bait teens. It's horrifying!

No. 351753

She's the REAL Venus Angelic, folks!

So where are those brilliant ideas and expert editing techniques she said she was responsible for? Did Venus steal her talent too?

No. 351781

Veenoos has stolen not only her talent, but also her fans, money, computer, husbando and jugend.

No. 351782


Margot is absolutely textbook. It's funny to watch them in action (when it's not so damned sad for the scapegoat) because she is honest to god, follow the steps level easy.

Venus is honestly lucky (well, I hope) that Margot never put her hands on her in a sexual manner; it's a growing trend in malignant Nmoms to sexually abuse their scapegoated daughters which just adds to the overall shittiness of these people.

I know a lot of people think borderlines are bad but for real, I'd rather deal with them than a narc.

No. 351787

>middle america

No. 351794

You have to wonder why she even bothers at this point, I mean she gets so few views. It has to be embarrassing especially since she sees herself as the genius behind ALL the success of Venus Angelic. lol.
Then again, she literally has no life and nothing else to do with her time, so..

No. 351847

>I'm margaret palermo and this is my channel

no need to remind us that maggot, the difference between yours and Venus' channel are pretty obvious, no matter how much do you try to impersonate her.

No. 351867

No. 351872

Sweet. Suck it margo keeek

No. 351878

It's amazing how much healthier Weenus looks since she's been out of Margo's clutches.

No. 351885

Who watches this shit though?

No. 351886

It makes me laugh how gaudy venus looks without angles and filter tbh

Taylor is no better

The standards of some popular foreignersin Japan are so low

No. 351973


Venus's thread is here.
Taylor's thread is here.

This is a thread about Margo, not Venus or Taylor. Stop posting irrelevant shit.

No. 351988

>how gaudy venus looks
do you know what that word means, anon?

maggot's vid: 742 views (30 hours later)
Venus's vid: 16,000+ views (7 hours later)
me: lmaoo

You know she's seething SO HARD.

No. 352044


Yea thanks for one dead thread and one broken link

No. 352056

It's amazing how few people seem to know how to crosslink. Correct links:

No. 352068

Hahaha anon don't waste your time in Margo's thread, it is Venus' official fan base, and the president of the fan club is a flat earth believer with a narc mom so she's self projecting, basically a cow is the president of this fangelic club. Just read and laugh.

No. 352074

>aaw, fuck it, I'll ship them.
there, I've said it. Their videos are kind of cringy but endearing at the same time. Taytay is one of the biggest margo trigger ever (number 1 is Venus beeing taken care of in a hospital I think) The incoming margo meltdown will be soo delicous!

No. 352087

Girl, just give up.

Flat Earth believer? Huh?

Maybe Marge will film another awkward collaboration with random tenant in that hovel she staying at.
Is it possible that she has even one friend(not mere acquaintance) in SK? I can't imagine her as anything more than a tag-along that some people occasionally take pity on.

No. 352090

>Is it possible that she has even one friend(not mere acquaintance) in SK?

well she mentioned "Mrs Park" (>>350203) who is probably some old cat lady, kek.

No. 352092

Yeah just google "flatearth_nurse" and check out the results, girl is insane, someone made a video about her.

Sage for off topic.

No. 352099

I vaguely remember someone on maybe one of Magpie's vids try to link Daphne Rimmel to Venus. Blew it off a bullshit from the mind of a 12 year old. Apparently that person has decided to pop on over here.

No. 352103

Lol this reeks of self post. anyway… What video? screenshots please?

I found her channel bc someone in PULL posted one of her comments in V's channel (probably a self post) and checked out her content, it was full of rants, some of them about narc moms, among other things (aids is a hoax, the earth is flat)

No. 352104

File: 1487126117535.png (76.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-14-19-33-14…)

Is that you pretending to be an"anon" Vexxypoo?

No. 352105

Lol Not Vexxed. Sorry! You posted your own channel in PULL. Admin sama can you check if this person is from Colorado?

No. 352108

Someone's triggered.
Maybe we need a Daphne Rimmel thread

>Harassed a doctor for days on IG trying to prove aids is a hoax

>Believes the earth is flat and satellites don't exist
>NASA is lying to us about the earth's shape
>Science books can't have art on them!1
>old fat bitch ranting about Freelee because she gained weight with her diet.
>obsessed with her narc mom

You could be a great cow!

No. 352112

Ya,figured you weren't Vexxed, but what's your point. Don't see any association except with planet venus, narcs and looks like she follows Venus and the Magpie. Does she have some delicious secrets? Also not from Colorado.

No. 352119

"delicious secrets"? More like delicious milk, half of the cows and flakes here have less milk than "Daphne", she's fat enough to provide nutritious milk.

No. 352121

out of the loop anon here, can I ask who the fuck is that Daphne Rimmel person?

No. 352122

How about, "no one fucking cares" because none of this has anything to do with Margo.

Make a thread for this other person in snow if you think they are a cow.

No. 352127

A big fat old cow very pissed off now. She's self projecting here because she has a narc mom and believes Venus is like her. That old fat bitch always loses her shit every time someone disagrees with her, here and PULL.

No. 352133

Uh, what's her PULL name?

No. 352143

"SoPink", that was the girl who posted a screenshot of her comment "Oh look Marge is attacking other youtubers!!1" so I checked her content and i lol'd.

No. 352144

Sometimes I forget that we could be interacting with people that could be cows themselves. She has a thread in /snow/

No. 352145

>>She has a thread in /snow/
Then people should take all this to that thread, or link the thread here, then take the convo there.

No. 352147

well at least I understand now why some people are mad when I sympathise with Venus here sometimes (but I leave her thread alone and don't argue with her haters very much, so leave me alone,k?)

No. 352162

File: 1487141374949.jpg (63.3 KB, 1718x274, IMG_1185.JPG)

Daphne Rimmel is how marge got busted messaging people on IG trying to spread her sad story about being BOOLIED by Venoos, back when she also got people to repost that fake Vexxed 'exposed' video here, on PULL and who knows where else (remember?)

She DM'd Daphne and Daphne commented about it on one of Venus's videos:

No. 352167

>but I leave her thread alone and don't argue with her haters very much, so leave me alone, k?

So it's you after all, huh?
And lol "I leave her thread alone" no actually fangelics lose their shit everytime someone says something about Venus here.

Leave me alone~ maybe you should leave people alone.

And how do you know this exactly?

No. 352168

File: 1487142180057.jpg (161.89 KB, 700x1076, IMG_1182.JPG)

Then I DM'd Daphne asking about it and pic attached is what she said:

Don't know why these youngsters
are so salty about it though.

No. 352169

>>fangelics lose their shit everytime someone says something about Venus here
It is derailing. There is a separate thread for Venus.

No. 352173

>Daphne Rimmel is how marge got busted messaging people on IG trying to spread her sad story about being BOOLIED by Venoos,
? How is telling your side of the story to people on IG while the other part is doing the same something forbidden?

>back when she also got people to repost that fake Vexxed 'exposed' video here, on PULL and who knows where else (remember?)

You have to understand that not everything coming from Margo is completely fake. Venus lies a LOT too, her story has a lot of flaws as well. Don't trust everything she says.

Daphne also harassed Margaret (because I can't use a differenr word even if you don't like Margo) and normal girls on her instagram the other day using her personal account and was self projecting:

"My mom did the same to me, this is why I understand Venus" Self projecting much Daphne?

Your abuse story =/= Venus' story

Who the fuck knows what really happened, Venus lies a lot too.

No. 352174

>>Who the fuck knows what really happened, Venus lies a lot too.

Some people say this, and proof is always lacking. And, take it to the Venus thread. Christ.

No. 352178

Evidence is not lacking, you just prefered to believe only one person and demonize the other.

Like anon here pointed out before, Venus thread is dead.

No. 352179

Make a thread. Put the proof there. Stop bumping this thread with random salt that could easily have a home elsewhere.

No. 352220

Lol isnt this a sob story too?

rule #1 : don't interact with the cow.

"I left her one innocent comment calling Margo an abuser and offended girls who told me to fuck off and then that evil Hungarian demon dared to DM me!1"

Omg listen to youserlf… you are so full of BS Daphne, in fact you are a narc too.

No. 352222

>>Omg listen to youserlf… you are so full of BS Daphne, in fact you are a narc too.

I have been told that she has her own thread on snow. That would be the appropriate place to discuss her.

No. 352231

Omg.I knocked myself
out with allergy meds only to wake up and find this Daphne bs still going on? wtf

No. 352280

Wow, the last few hours this thread was way more autistic than usual. I am so confused…

No. 352281

Why 'autistic'?

No. 352335

Where's the margot milk? I see many blabla, don't understand a shit last hours. Am I in the wrong thread? Where's the margaret palermo cow thread? I'm lost!

No. 352343

Because an anon who rants here and directly harass Margo and people on IG using sockpuppets is actually a loon and got exposed, so now she's mad.

No. 352344

I think it's the other people who got mad at her. And, for the 11th fucking time, take it to the snow threads about these subjects.

No. 352354

Ooooo a new Margo stan. Or are you labyrinth?

babydoll you need to pull Margo's dick out of your mouth. You might have had a crowd here if you hadn't gone so hard with how much of a poor boolied victim poohr ooold mahhgrooo is

No. 352356

Haha triggered.
Be mad! Monumental cow.

A stan? Nah, when you go and attack the cows using your personal account you are exposing yourself too.

No. 352358

File: 1487187265380.png (776.27 KB, 720x1118, Screenshot_2017-02-14-20-21-18…)

I just don't buy this Margo is Satan and Weenoos is a victim shit.

No. 352362

Yeah cause one picture proves a lot/sarc. Margo and venus probably had good times but overall margo was using her and treating her like a puppet. Loads of people knew before this went down that there was something off with margo even the rest of the weeb crowd (beckii cruel, keekihime, etc) confirmed this.

No. 352363

You always arguing, it's only a picture, I didn't use it as evidence.

In fact Venus is a loner and there's nothing wrong about that, she has posts saying she likes to sit alone and that she's an introvert, she's naturally like that no one forced her to be alone. She has 1 year in Japan but only has 1 friend, a girl 10 years older than her, do you think that's Margo's fault too? Obviously she likes to be alone and has other things to do.

Oh and it was Beckii who refused to work with Venus, not the other way around.

No. 352364

what is not to fucking buy? their drama hasn't benefited either of them, margo is one john away from living on the streets and venus barely even mentions her, much like people who truly want to escape their shitty past. just because they took a pic together 2 years ago looking happy doesn't mean no abuse was happening.

No. 352370

File: 1487189978813.png (744.24 KB, 720x1028, Screenshot_2017-02-14-20-21-00…)

Then you can't use Venus' pictures where she's skinny and pretend that's also evidence of the abuse like many did.

Oh look poor Venus was very skinnyll!1 it's all Margo's fault!!!1 Bitch please she made a perfect body challenge video and has like 5 videos explaining her "diet".

No. 352372

File: 1487190184451.png (128.68 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2016-02-07-08-38-34…)

This is a well adjusted woman who would never behave inappropriately with her daughter.

No. 352373

Admin-sama where are you?? Help.

No. 352374

Don't twist my words. No one said Margo didn't act wrong too.

No. 352377

Everyone has the right to come and discuss. So Discuss, don't cry.

No. 352379

File: 1487190701987.png (71.26 KB, 233x275, 1456565711118.png)

"I hope Manaki is going to abuse you so you know what's it like. Your fuckin liar face."

I don't know what you're talking about Stan, Margo was definitely the one in the right.

No. 352382

File: 1487190931765.png (178.69 KB, 281x500, fenric.png)

Man Margo is such a great mother. Fostering such a close relationship with all that extended family.

No. 352383

File: 1487190996574.png (122.7 KB, 281x500, fentic 2.png)

No. 352384


The TeamMargo want pics of Wenoos beaten to a pulp and bleeding like a lynching victim to get themselves convinced that their beloved Maggot is actually a crazy and shitty parent rofl

No. 352386

I am having the hardest time finding that screen cap of Margo telling Venus that she wishes she never had Venus. On Venus' birthday.

Can anyone help me out?

No. 352387

Suddenly Stan has other things to do.

No. 352389

literally itt: >>350437

No. 352396

I know the caps don't worry, it's nothing new.

No. 352402

Ah JoniMulroney is Daphne too btw. One of her sockpuppets, all documented.

No. 352404

Oh good, is that on the Daphne thread then?

No. 352406

Oh shit. I kinda liked Joni.

No. 352408

Not yet, maybe later. Be patient.

No. 352410

Yeah because she was defending Venus and acting nice and supporting every anti-Maggot account out there but it was a crazy old nurse who believes in every single conspiracy theory behind that account, she literally believes she's like Venus.

No. 352417

>I hope Manaki abuse you

stay classy margo

No. 352418

Does sorta sound like AzLabyrinth and his bullet point way of explaining the mostly garbage thinking going on in his flying monkey brain.

No. 352420

Shut up Daphne. Kek I'm dying.

No. 352422

Can we stop with this Margoteam/Venusteam? those two encouraged people to take sides.

No. 352429

Not Daphne, just not an admirer of uneducated tools.

No. 352433

Then you should watch her videos, she believes that public education is lying to us about the true shape of the earth!

No. 352436

So where is the "documented proof" that Daphne Rimmel = Emma Wright = Joni Mulroney = So Pink from PULL who is "harassing margo with sockpuppets" and also is anon posting here? This was EXPOSED as all being the same person? Where?? I seem to have missed that somehow.

And who is this demented marge white knight who's suddenly appeared riding to her defense? Someone's literally losing their shit because she's been shut down and squashed like the maggot she is, apparently. Do we have a new sperg-chan? Who are you and where did you come from?

LOL. Love it.

No. 352437

Is it your jizz that blurs up Margo's videos?

No. 352440

Margo white knight? I'm a normal anon here. Lol is that your way to make everyone believe you? Calling everyone who disagrees with you "Margo stan"? You always make me laugh

No. 352441

Nope, Daphne knows what I'm talking about.

No. 352444

Sage for off topic. Daphne if you want to defend your flat ass, use your thread.

No. 352445

This Stan reminds me of nicejewishmama

Very disorganized logic, but capable of putting full sentences together and posting pictures. A++ truly a TopMind


You might as well tripfag since you're the only one interested in hate fucking this chick/chicks.

No. 352446

Use your thread.

No. 352447

What thread are you talking about stan?

No. 352449

"Stan" you are so childish LOL. You know what thread, you are a big girl go find it yourself.

No. 352451

Do you think lolcow is your personal army? Do you think everyone should support you because you are calling an anon "stan"? Wake up no one cares. USE Daphne Rimmel thread.

No. 352453

I literally don't know shit about this person you've been hate masturbating yourself about. Where's that thread, I love a good cow. Link me faggot.

No. 352454

No. Stay mad.
For the last time:
sage for off topic.

No. 352455

NJM is upset VA is an adult now. She can't keep writing pedophile fanfiction in Margo's comment sections.

Now she's here trying to make a new conspiracy and offering up just as much 'evidence' as she did when she was leaving comments in their extended family's IGs

No. 352469

And the same 2, possibly 3, people who have shit up the threads with a VENOOS LIAR!! angle periodically over the past year. They have a Venus thread, then bitch because it dies because it's the same 2 maybe 3 people talking about nothing. Then they get mad and come here to try to "show us the truth", with the same nothing to back it up.

I reported some of the off topic posts and infighting to admin, and I really wish they would come in here and at least give a formal instruction to use the threads in snow to sperg out in with their personal vendettas (including the spurious "unmasking" of Joni, NJM's public enemy #1), and stop bumping this one.

No. 352479

What truth? Why are you talking about Venus? I think you don't get it, this is not about Venus.

No. 352481

Daphne take your discussion to your thread. Hahaha

No. 352484

No personal vendettas, this is just for fun.

No. 352485

Some of the sperging is about some chick on PULL. And some of the sperging is about Venus, see:

And, all of this sperging is happening on a thread that has nothing to do with the subjects being spergged about. They have their own threads, and people can discuss there to their hearts' content.

Also, how did how did all these spergs unlearn how to sage when discussing things off topic?

No. 352495

>Ah JoniMulroney is Daphne too btw. One of her sockpuppets, all documented.
Where? Where is this "all documented?"

> Loads of people knew before this went down that there was something off with margo even the rest of the weeb crowd (beckii cruel, keekihime, etc) confirmed this.
Here's a link to Kelsey Ellison (Kimonotime's) blog from 2012, where she talks about her encounter with marge at HyperJapan and marge's subsequent harassment of her, complete with screenshots. Keep in mind this is a 40-ish woman obsessing and harassing a teenage girl, going back to 2011-2012. So yeah, there's definitely something off here (more like an obsessive delusional batshit crazy old bitch to be exact.)


No. 352497

Hahah Daphne be mad! Take your discussion to your thread

No. 352498

Who's defending Margo exactly?

No. 352499

Also I have documented that thing with NJM , that old woman YOU harassed and doxxed and posted it everywhere. Yeah Daphne get a job, but away from Hospitals PLEASE.

No. 352513


Defense of Margo, guaranteed trolling material:

And, for the I-don't-know-how-many-th-time, please:

- make a new thread in /snow/ to discuss… whatever it is people are trying to discuss that is not Margo. Feel free to post the thread link here so any interested persons can join that discussion.

- sage off topic comments

This makes the threads more cogent and easier to read.

No. 352515


NiceJewishMama confirmed holy shit. Are you off your meds? Your rant isn't even relevant for the quoted post?

No. 352518

Saying sage in your fucking posts doesn't magically sage shit you fucking retards.

You need to type it in the email field jfc.

No. 352529

I remember yet another weebgirl, what Margo used to bully back in the days. http://newmediarockstars.com/2012/05/the-xiaorishu-interview-comedy-racism-and-cyberbullying/

No. 352531

Psycho, why did you quote me? There is no possible reference to Bitch Tits or that nobody Daphne anywhere in my post.
Wtf… Is it same person or two people shitting up this thread?
I'm having the hardest time finding all those old call-out blogs documenting the Palermo antics. Specifically, the mrsangelic tumblr account seems to have been completely scrubbed and the notsoangelicvenus hasn't been updated in years. Margo's crazy had been documented for a long time, with only a fraction of drama being directly linked to Venus.

No. 352556

> only has 1 friend, a girl 10 years older than her

Who are you talking about?

No. 352560

No. She isn't.

No. 352562

Agree. It's an anti-margo thread. Not a margo vs venus thread. Get the hell out of here!
Make your own thread instead of trolling here.

No. 352567

File: 1487216323855.jpg (219.32 KB, 1624x1402, IMG_0115.JPG)

Here's some of her crazy, from her FB in 2012 when she called the cops to report a "crime group" that was stalking her. The "crime group" was Xiaorishu and the other Youtubers who had just exposed her as being the one who had been stalking and harassing THEM via fake Twitter accounts and anonymous comments, for months.

No. 352568

How many blowjobs does margo to afford 3 meals/day? I'm wondering.

No. 352569

File: 1487216678581.jpg (295.65 KB, 1458x1006, IMG_0153.JPG)

She was still obsessing about it in 2015, talking about "the Vietnamese girl" (Xiaorishu, who is Asian but not Vietnamese lol) who stalked her and she's still so BOOLIED her hair us falling out and she might as well just hang herself from a bridge etc. etc.

This is what Venus grew up with.

No. 352570

She's projecting like she always does, everything she says the "crime group" did (fake accounts, fake websites etc.) is what she did while stalking and harassing them back in 2012.

No. 352571

link to Beckii Cruel's blog from 2012. She talks about marge calling the cops on her, Xiaorishu, DNH and the rest and how marge leaked their private info (phone #s, etc.) using fake Twitter accounts and harassed them via FB (her current fave vehicle for harassment, Instagram, didn't exist back then.)


No. 352580

File: 1487219885871.jpg (68.68 KB, 750x422, IMG_6174.JPG)


No. 352582

Hobo queen feels concerned. Top keeek

No. 352586

Jvlogger Taylor R reached out to Venus when no-one else would. They've gone out together for a few videos and are now friends.

No. 352608

I think she has more friends than that. What we don't see is not necessarily unexistant. And she probably hasn't just youtubers as friends.

No. 352610

I can't speak for other friends Venus has. I'm just answering anon's question about the 10 years older friend.

No. 352632

She's also pretty close to Tsukoro(?) on IG, once they posted pictures of eachother of their accounts.
(Caps are on Venus' /snow/ thread)
Venus definitely has more friends, I'm sure.

No. 352644

Even when she was homeschooled, she has found friends.

No. 352646

I'm not trying to be funny, but could be that Margo had an actual mental breakdown that led to disability in different aspects and makes her be this..retarded? Like, I really wonder how someone can take such huge steps back from development. It looks like she went from a normal adult (from way back at the time when she was young) to one somewhat crazy mother, to a batshit crazy women-child. I always think of this when I see that op picture and how awful her makeup is. Because she used to be better at makeup/ taking care of herself, but now she draws on her face like a kindergartner and looks just like an old sad clown most of the time. And she even speaks like a disabled child and behaves like one. This cannot be normal.

sage for rambling

No. 352650

She's not turned retarded or so, somewhere on her way she started blocking out every piece of criticism or advise given from other people.
During this "I'm the best in everything" route she lost touch with reality, so to speak. She can't admit being bad at doing make-up and therefore she would have a hard time improving her skills.

No. 352651

I don't think she's intellectually disabled, more like she's delusional and the delusions are getting worse. She might genuinely believe she's doing great and it's everyone else who's wrong. There's no internal criticism and like >>352650 said she's also blocked out all forms of external criticism, so all she has left are her delusions of grandeur.

No. 352664

Marge has narcissistic personality disorder and always had it. She probably developped it during early childhood. Her parents were too lax or too harsh with her (+ life's random coefficient) and boom! she developped npd. Her 2 sisters seem to be mentally healthy but what concerns her brother idk.

The way she speaks about her parents, we can see resentment through her. They were her first victims and her siblings maybe too to some extend. She then became adult studied a bit, worked some time, falled in love, became pregnant and married with her lovely Hans. Venus was born.

Their marriage did not last long. She made his life a hell and divorce lasted longer than her marriage. She forbid Venus to talk to her dad.(jealousy?)

After some time she then began to travel with Venus. Everytime V made friend or/and has tax issues they moved out to another country.

When V began to have success with her yt channel she decided to milk the money from her daughter and later give her daughter the responsability to pay bills etc.

Marge has since her early childhood npd. It's NOT some mental illness that came over times. She always had abused her daughter for egoistical purposes. And she will not get better with age.

And about marge's make up skills, she was better at it when she was younger bc she is now seeing her body / face changing and thinks
> maybe if I invent or use together all beauty tips I know plus I do make up like Weenoos used to do in the old times, I will steal back her youth.
In other words, completely delusional like you said.

No. 352665

just for the sake of completeness: you can't diagnose a personality disorder before the age of 18.
The developmenet of a disorder and its symptoms might have started in early childhood, but she didn't have this specific disorder right from the beginning of early childhood

No. 352676

> just for the sake of completeness
You can't diagnose anything either if the subject doesn't want to be diagnosed.

Anyways everyone agrees that she has npd and that she's fucking bitch.

No. 352677

never said she couldn't have npd.
and yeah, you need a thorough examination to get diagnosed.

No. 352710

For timeline and clarity.

Margo was pregnant before she was married. Margo posted a picture of her wedding and said Venus was 3 months old and being held by Margo in it. Odds are great Venus has no father on her Birth Certificate since Venus only needed Margo's permission to get married before the Age of majority.

Also Narcs can not fall in love. She likely got pregnant for the security/mobility marriage offered her. Venus has never not been an extension of Margo for Margo to get what she wants.

No. 352711

And Zsu said that Margo got pregnant on purpose to get Venus's dad to stay with er / marry her. Venus was a pawn from day 1 as far as Margo is concerned. She also wasn't unplanned - she was planned by Margo. Just not by both parents.

No. 352747

Reading this made me so sad.

No. 352798

Used from the moment Margaret found out she was pregnant. That is depressing.

No. 352807


Through Venus, Margo had some degree of fame, a meal ticket, and an emotional (and sometimes physical) punching bag. For nearly 2 decades, Margo had someone she could freely use and abuse.

And now that's over.

And not only that, but it's got to be pretty ego-shattering knowing that your one and only child, who should have a deep familial love for and devotion to you, has rejected you. Now imagine being a mega-narc and going through that.

Margo is a loser whose own kid wants nothing to do with her. Her narcissism can't handle it. Everything she's been doing has been in line with that.

>Odds are great Venus has no father on her Birth Certificate since Venus only needed Margo's permission to get married before the Age of majority.

As long as Margo had full custody of Venus, she's the only one whose permission was needed, regardless of whether or not Venus has a father listed on her birth certificate.

>Margo posted a picture of her wedding and said Venus was 3 months old and being held by Margo in it.

>Margo got pregnant on purpose to get Venus's dad to stay with er / marry her

This assertion has always bothered me. It takes 2 people to make a baby. Does Zsu have any sort of confirmation that Margo lied about being on birth control? Because if not, it means neither we nor Zsu really knows that Venus's dad wasn't just an irresponsible idiot. Sure, it's totally plausible that Margo would gleefully consent to unprotected sex in the hopes that she'd get knocked up, but can we please not treat Venus's dad like an unwilling participant that tripped and fell into Margo's vagina?

Sorry, I just hate this assumption that if a woman takes advantage of a pregnancy, it means the man couldn't have possibly chosen to stick his bare dick in a woman whom he either knew wasn't, or had no reason to assume was, on birth control.

No. 352815

Was Margo just freaking born a haggard old lady?

No. 352822

New video - she is JUNG

No. 352823

- look at mai fun, jung DIY necklace project!
- most YTers are 28, or 31 (?)
- I've don't YT for 7 years, mostly behind the scenes, but that's another story
- follow your dreams, blah blah
- admits to being 42
- keeps talking about age, I think her b-day hit her pretty hard this year.

No. 352824

File: 1487320457182.png (333.51 KB, 837x459, Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 12.2…)

She showed this chart, over and over again, because people her age internet, so therefore she is jung and good YTer. Okay?!

No. 352825

File: 1487320620463.png (568.42 KB, 838x471, Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 12.2…)

Necklace project. She strung up a bunny on a chocker. Much DIY.

No. 352826

>- follow your dreams, blah blah
She talks about "follow your dreams," really? REALLY??

No. 352841


I mean, being Venus is her dream and she keeps stalking her so maybe

No. 352844

How metaphorical.

No. 352849

so, sucking cock on the streets of Korea is a dream of sorts I guess.

No. 352857

Damn… The difference between Margo and Zsu is baffling. Are we sure she wasn't adopted?
She has the same exact face she has now and this is really creepy

No. 352861

File: 1487347329001.png (69.73 KB, 421x152, twits-6.png)


it's like you can see her real personality in her facial features. Hideous.

No. 352916

File: 1487370501542.jpg (179.43 KB, 400x595, IMG_2626.JPG)

No. 352920

Living the broke ass deadbeat 42-year-old hobo dream, y'all!

No. 352954

That poster looks sweet compared to margo's face. Bc there's something more than wrong with marge.

No. 353156

Is it possible to buy marge's website at its expiration date?

> Domain:margaretpalermo.com

> Registration Date:2010-11-07
> Expiration Date:2017-11-07
> Updated Date:2016-11-05

No. 353157

Same anon

Has anyone tried?

No. 353160

It depends on the registrar. Some registrars hold the domain for a while to give the person a chance to re-buy it, then they add on a fee for that. No harm in putting the dates in your calendar then snatching them up. Personally, I will not be spending 1c on Margo. The domains aren't stopping Venus from doing anything she wants business-wise. The only thing that tempted me was buying the half tub of hair dye, just for the keks, but then I didn't want to fund Margo stalking Venus even slightly, and the postage was atrocious.

No. 353294

File: 1487535068546.png (616.55 KB, 928x593, Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 12.0…)

Anyone know where there's a fake eiffel tower decoration in Seoul?

No. 353303

There is a little Paris park near immigration in Omokgyo but she doesn't seem to be outdoors

No. 353325

Looks kinda like trees in background just beyond a post. Could it just be they built something to cover it during winter?

No. 353326

Nah, there's a big column; I think it's potted trees, and it's all inside of a shopping mall of sorts. Not familiar with Seoul though so I couldn't place any of it.

No. 353369

Can Margaret even speak/write Korean that isn't run through a translator? Ms. Genius IQ has been living there for such a long time and never communicates in Korean. You'd think she would jump at the chance to upstage Venus in the language department, especially since she bashed Japan and praised South Korea in one of her videos.

No. 353372

We know where she is: in Seoul sucking dicks.

No. 353646

I think you're right, it has new clothes on.

No. 353698

File: 1487644421617.jpg (74.15 KB, 696x944, IMG_1344.JPG)

"It" has new clothes? Lol
That's how I think of her too btw, "it."
And it is so fucking ugly it makes my blood curdle.

No. 353737

Not sure if anyone has ever noticed this or posted this, because I rarely browse Margo's threads but she reminds me SO much of Frau in Austin Powers. They could be twins.

No. 353747

That cheap 'ich-bin-Nutte' face! It looks like those cheap old hungarian prostitutes. It can scent lots of money from rich pervs.

No. 353749

>looks like those cheap old hungarian prostitutes.

No. 353751

God, that awful fucking leer when this creature tries to smile..

No. 353774

File: 1487673106213.jpg (47.82 KB, 425x319, IMG_0094.JPG)

Could also be that they both have fucked up european accents.

No. 353775

Frau is a much better mother.

No. 353777

Good news from Venus. Margo triggered in 3… 2… 1… keeek


No. 353778

No. 353784

Cue imitation pics from Margo as soon as she can corral a "friend".

No. 353807


I'm glad she's getting out there and is still committed to making friends. You go Venus! And suck it, Kappa.

No. 353937

No sign of maggot being triggered yet but there are some salty as fuck wannabes in Venus's thread that have been chimping out since yesterday. kekkk

No. 353970

The narc's satellites. That's how I call that. Margo's ones are teen who want her to be their momma bc she lets them do what they want. They think that marge's right and Venus wrong. So they want to please her. And that pig doesn't even say 'stop' to them bc she's aware of it and finds it so complacent.

She finds it so comforting to have minions to do the dirty work in her place. All the fun for her without any responsability. Narc's favorite delicacy.

But if Venus shows no negative signs, marge will probably be more agitated. Stay strong Venus!

No. 354018

New ig post
Marge be like:
> Look Weenoos. Mama does bettah. I'm a TV staah. Sak it u booly psychopathen dowtah!

No. 354028

Only Marge would find it exciting to be on a security camera feed.

No. 354034

Margo, most of those people are just watching your freakshow to see weird narc antics.

No. 354052

and she can't figure out how to make some money or views out of this audience. sad!

No. 354153

File: 1487802276263.jpg (1.1 MB, 3824x2151, IMG_1382.JPG)

Venus went to a fashion show in Shibuya.
maggot wanders around some crummy shopping mall in Seoul looking like the vagrant she is.
Say #bye marge

No. 354161


Praying Venus doesnt get scouted by this brand or ever end up in Larme

I cant stand her sorry

No. 354170

she has her own thread in snow where you can get your feelings out

No. 354186

File: 1487809635237.jpg (244.92 KB, 1113x1464, IMG_1386.JPG)

You mean this brand?

No. 354187

File: 1487809777235.jpg (281.15 KB, 1180x1478, IMG_1387.JPG)

10K+ likes disagree w/you, boo. :-(

No. 354188

File: 1487809894517.jpg (68.9 KB, 600x800, vic mignogna margaret palermo.…)

Vic Mignogna cosplaying as MorgueRot

No. 354194

Lord, please spoiler that monstrosity next time.

Take it to >>>/snow/254982 if you'd be so kind.

No. 354201

File: 1487815766484.jpg (202.48 KB, 1325x1245, IMG_1384.JPG)

ole girl lookin ROUGH

No. 354203

like, bloated and puffy. I think she's been drinking (again.) She got that alkie face going on.

No. 354213

That's Vic? From the lack of upper lip, thought it was gurg.
Either way, good marg cosplay.

No. 354236

not a Venus thread.

No. 354246

She looks like Eggman

No. 354252

She looks like an old drunk, which I suspect she is these days.

No. 354274


Marge be like
> Notice me booly Weenoos. Remember when we went to Paris with my stolen money? We took pictures with my stolen cam and my stolen fans commented them. I was so famous. I miss that time. WHY U NO MISS ME, BOOOOLY!!!!

No. 354277

I've been trying to find this thing for days now via Google. All I found was a miniature park, Paris Park, and Petite France.

No. 354310

Margo is getting saltier than ever.
> No Weenoos, u don't have the right to do what u want! Come back to mama with my money! BOOOOOLYYY!!!

No. 354341

A little OT but I don't like comparisons between Margaret Palermo and Gendo Ikari. Gendo isn't THAT bad of a parent.

No. 354383

>Margo is getting saltier than ever.
> No Weenoos, u don't have the right to do what u want! Come back to mama with my money! BOOOOOLYYY!!!
What does this have to do with the video you posted?

No. 354499

>I've been trying to find this thing for days now via Google.
It's probably just some basic shopping mall in Seoul where she goes to kill time during the day. We already know where she is, around Seochi station.

No. 354513

> shopping mall
> kill time during the day
that's so hobo

No. 355486

File: 1488245279483.png (544.23 KB, 931x592, Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 5.27…)


No. 355487

Also, for future reference: Venus got her dollfie and made an instagram for her. If she gets more followers than Margo we may get ourselves a Margo strop: https://www.instagram.com/tomori_nasuko/

No. 355540

No one cares.

No. 355644

Speak for yourself. I'd chuckle heartily if this doll got more followers and interaction than the Kappa.

No. 355655

I agree, no one cares.

No. 355663

Do you aspie weirdos not understand that not everyone is a Venus follower or fan and this thread is the sole source of information for all things that either do or could potentially irritate this cow?

No. 355666

THANK you.

Christ, it was "something to keep an eye on" because in the past, Margo was triggered something fierce when Mana's instagram caught up with hers within months (and then surpassed it by more than double). As in: we'll see how this new account affects Margo in the coming weeks.

No. 355681

Two "no one cares" so far and you already mad and giving explanations. Relax, do some yoga or something.

No. 355682

File: 1488311609168.png (70.49 KB, 325x588, Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 11.5…)

Here's some comments left for Margo to soothe everyone's salt. Will she delete or get pissy?

(I got curious how there were 8 whole comments… but two are hidden, 3 are Margo and la-vie kissing each others' asses. She's got to be starving for attention.)

No. 355706

I'm just waiting for mags getting mad about the fact that Venus got some nice clothes for this BeautyBond thing, while she has - nothing but this depressing "ikea" candy.


Venus changes the name of this account, it's https://www.instagram.com/nasuko1612/ now.

No. 355762

Those last 2 comments (your daughter ones) are deleted. That leaves just old faithful la_vie_whatever and one other, haha. It's been almost 2 weeks since her last video too, poor old morge's circling the drain.

>No one cares
Speak for yourself, salty-chan. I'm loving this.

No. 356150

File: 1488429802842.jpg (168.2 KB, 995x867, IMG_1724.JPG)

She's upping the ante in her craigslist ads.. now it's FULL BODY massage for ALL genders.
Oh and now she's studied massage for 3 YEARS and has 6 YEARS experience.
Business must be slow.

No. 356173

Is the whole sex worker thing still just a theory at this point?

sage for asking possibly retarded question

No. 356183

my god could you imagine ordering a massage and then having maggot show up and rub your body down with her scaly old hands and dirty fingernails

No. 356184


No. 356199

theory, but…
as someone who used to work in a shady, sex work massage parlor, the likelihood of margo not offering extras is slim.
men looking for massages on craigslist are looking for one thing. if they wanted a legit massage, they would go to a legit place… they wouldn't scour craigslist for ads. margo's ad looks a lot similar to what a girl in at my old parlor would post to get extra work when the shop was slow.
all she's missing is a headless body pic in cheap lingerie lol.

sage for blog

No. 356204

Let's also recall that two (or was it three?) "clients" were id-ed. I recall the Korean guy who she went on the motorbike date with and also the guy who thanked her for the fun trip. She's hookin'. She's probably just getting paranoid about being caught is all, or her narcissistic pride about not being seen as a poor Hungarian prostitute has kicked in.

No. 356207

Her 90 days visa has got expire soon.

No. 356230

Does it mean she will go back to Japan to "renew" her tourist visa? I knew a girl who did that (to stay in Japan) and the Japanese immigration gave her a 1 month tourist visa instead of 3 months after like the 2nd or 2rd time. I mean, it must be clear to the Korean and Japanese immigration that she's renewing her visa every time, I don't understand how she hasn't been caught yet

No. 356233

I'm not sure Korea is as strict as Japan, actually.

I know a girl in Korea who has been visa-jumping for at least 1.5 year. Last time I heard that customs are aware of her, and talked to her about it but still let her in.

No. 356302

File: 1488481087248.png (74.42 KB, 322x592, Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 10.5…)

I don't know how Margo hasn't blocked koka yet, but she did edit the comments to seem more sympathetic to her. Someone else is trying for a reaction, by the looks of it.

No. 356303

File: 1488481449498.png (25.1 KB, 323x187, Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 10.5…)

Wonder what Morge is up to. You know she hasn't stopped her obsession with V, and hooking not going well won't improve her mood.

Perhaps this connected to Margo's shortly-to-expire visa? Margo was in Japan on December 7th to attempt to break into Venus's house, which would leave her at day 85 of her Korean visa today is she went back to Seoul that day.

It's possible Margo is currently in Japan.

No. 356322

She deleted the second comment by koka, i.e. edited which comments we can see - it says there are 10 comments but only 6 are visible right now.

No. 356323

wait, that koka account is obviously trolling Margo.. what if that koka person was the one who deleted the comment? Isn't Koka's second comment something Margo would like to see in her comments?

No. 356325

Margo does not want people to wish for she and Venus to reconcile, or for Venus to return to her no. In the past she has fought with people who have said such things. Now, she deletes the comments rather than argue for whatever reason she's keeping a lower profile.

These are weird points to get hung up on.

No. 356326

And yes, the account is obviously trolling Margo, hoping to get an angry response out of her; it has no followers or follows.

No. 356330

>Margo does not want people to wish for she and Venus to reconcile, or for Venus to return to her no.

I have to disagree with this. I think that's what Margo desperately wants, people telling her that they should be together. And we don't know who deleted the comment.

No. 356332

I'll see if I can dig up the caps again, but I know for a fact they're on the old threads - while it does seem like Margo denies what she actually wants, which is for Venus be under her control so Margo can have money to indulge in shopping for Adidas gear and fine starbucks dining, she has publicly replied to these comments with vitriol in the past. Usually it involved calling Venus a psychopath again and saying she wouldn't ever want her back because of it.

No. 356337

>And yes, the account is obviously trolling Margo, hoping to get an angry response out of her; it has no followers or follows.

When will people learn to just watch
It takes a second to block troll accounts.
It's useless.

No. 356341

obviously troll accounts wanting to get information or hoping to get an angry response are capable of manipulating the situation too (deleting their own comments, for example) their plan isn't that brilliant. It's better not to trust the activity of troll accounts.

No. 356465

What maggot wants is for Venus's reputation and livelihood to be destroyed. That's what she's been working desperately on for the past year.

No. 356475

>Is the whole sex worker thing still just a theory at this point?
"FULL BODY massage"? Come on now.
I think she just tacks on the "not an erotic service" part to throw off the cops.

No. 356482

And outcall, too. Anyone who wants a legit massage is going to go to a spa, or use the hotel's on call or recommended therapists. The only people using craigslist massage page are people looking for hookers.

No. 356483

File: 1488520227496.png (58.26 KB, 328x394, Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 9.39…)

DISCLAIMER: this isn't posted to ride Venus' dick, it's context about Margo.

Venus tells her fans that she made her channel when she was all alone, and that she's going to move further away from what seems to be an eating disorder. Interestingly, she says she now understand "what's good and what's fair", further indication of the kind of Margo brainwashing that took the better part of a year - along with the ED - to wash away.

Happy Venus means more angry Margo. We'll see if she shows up in Japan with the imminent expiration of her current South Korean tourist visa.

No. 356485

I think the "left alone with all my thoughts piling up" refers to her recent IG post about feeling sad and alone with no one to talk to, not when she started her channel.

But either way she sounds optimistic and hopeful which is a good thing.

>Happy Venus means more angry Margo. We'll see if she shows up in Japan with the imminent expiration of her current South Korean tourist visa.

Maggot's birthday is coming up next week (42) and no one's gonna give a shit, and she's probably brooding and seething about that (plus everything else in her life going down the toilet too.) Venus's 16K likes and 1,600 happy birthday! wishes on her 20th birthday post no doubt added to her rage. Plus she's salty that the internet hate machine in Venus's comment sections has been pretty much shut down, so she doesn't have that to comfort her black soul anymore either. So yeah, that plus imminent visa expiration #65,876 might lead to…something.

No. 356647

Have any farmers tried messaging Mags on Kakaotalk as a potential massage client and asking her how much extra it would cost for a "happy ending"?

No. 356648

I'm guessing any negotiations of that nature are done in person, but someone else is welcome to try I guess. But if she changed her kakotalk name due to trolling we'd have to search for her new one…

No. 356649

File: 1488588388961.png (29.11 KB, 405x134, Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 4.44…)

As of right now Margo is still in Seoul (for those of us wondering about her visa situation.)

No. 356650

File: 1488588490269.png (20.01 KB, 695x59, Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 4.46…)

And it does look like the same 90 day stay is in effect for her. If she returned to SK right after the cops talked to her in Tokyo on December 7th, she's right around 85 days right now.

No. 356651

all EU citizens get 90 days tourist entry each time they arrive (barring being kept out for violations). discussed many times in relation to Margo.

No. 356658

>>discussed many times in relation to Margo.

Discussed many times in relation to Japan; was confirming that this is the case for South Korea as well.

No. 356666

for Korea also. It's been discussed for both

No. 356680

She's been visa-hopping for how many years now? Not even a big deal at this point, she'll just hop on a quick $100 flight to Japan & back like she's done so many times before. She's a pro at it by now. Doubt the bitch even gives it a second thought. Rinse & repeat.

No. 356681

I know; I was trying to figure out if she was in Japan right now or not. Her ads tell us that she is currently still in Seoul.

She has been careful not to overstay her visas in the past, lest she risk not being allowed back in to [whatever country]. She'll go back to back as many times as she can get away with it, but she's usually careful to avoid an overstay.

I was interested to see if she'd gone back to Japan yet, to see whether this coincided with Venus's stated depression.

No. 357108

File: 1488741368022.png (623.67 KB, 930x591, Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 11.1…)

Oh jesus that angle. That lipstick. Everything.

No. 357110


you can get lost in her nostrils.

No. 357111


No. 357338

The poor cat has a red smudge. Poor thing, to be kissed by Margo.

No. 357339


New video. Don't give her views in youtube.

No. 357340

She really doesn't get so many that it's a big deal anymore, just leave your adblock on

No. 357341

File: 1488777603094.png (260.9 KB, 485x432, Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 9.19…)

She's going out for noodles at 4 am. Because hooker, I presume.

No. 357343

what the fuck is this

No. 357344

Oh my god, whatever 4 am noodle shop of horrors she goes to: they had either porn, or a REALLY SCREECHY Korean drama on and top volume, and she's trying to do her ASMR voice over it and had to add a piano track as "fine dining" music but the audio is just a hot mess.

No. 357347

She looks like she has the bleary drunk eyes.

No. 357349

She keeps pointing out that she hasn't slept yet. Doesn't sound drunk but it sounds like she might cry at one or two points actually. I can't tell if it's her doing the ASMR growl voice thing + her engrish + hooking and no sleep, or if she's actually having a rough time.

No. 357351

File: 1488779481114.png (32.28 KB, 601x126, Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 9.47…)

She's back with an updated website too; I just sent it to archive and update


Nothing in the shop yet, but she's got plans to make more videos about her life as a jung wooman in Korea

No. 357352

File: 1488779542675.png (109.29 KB, 686x364, Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 9.51…)

As you can see, SHE is the Venoos now. SHE is the living doll.

No. 357353

Wait, MARGO just posted this??

No. 357354


Yeah, 35 minutes ago

No. 357356

File: 1488780033519.png (31.43 KB, 822x120, Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 9.56…)

Says it's a "mistake" yet hasn't deleted it…

No. 357358

I'm going to sleep now but someone should stay watching her instagram, we could get some classic Maggot milk tonight.

No. 357372

>small but oho

German phrases don't translate 1:1 to english, Margo, how many times have we talked about this by now?

No. 357377

> kissed the cat
No, she tried to eat its head. Omg her nostrils are bigger than her eyes!

No. 357379

Wtf is going on @3:30? Someone getting raped? And margo with scissors having fun with her imagination. Scary…

No. 357383

Eww, she has her old yesterday's make up on. She's disgusting!

No. 357384

> give me attention!!!

No. 357387

No. 357390

How can you have lived in Korea for that long and still not be able to pronounce 'annyeonghaseyo' just kind of properly?

No. 357392

File: 1488792148732.jpg (206.56 KB, 1212x1368, margo.jpg)

Well that's interesting. Margo doesn't quite get how Pinterest works, she's using it exclusively for her own image uploads. Hotel lobbies, hotel bathroom… It's just confirmation of her hooking and maybe she even points guys to where to meet her using these?

No. 357393

File: 1488792269129.jpg (306.95 KB, 1512x1124, margo-hotels.jpg)

No. 357395

>Let's have some macarons and English tea together
Yeah this is really what I'm seeking from a 42yo woman. I know she's brain damaged pretty much but what market is this even for?

No. 357400

The content of this video is some of the most normal for Margo, but the actual video is so odd. She does seem on the verge of tears through the whole thing and it does sound like porn in the background at times… Margo is incapable of making a normal video.

No. 357409

If anyone asks, let's translate this as "small but a ho"

Is she obsessing that she may have breast cancer or something? We can only hope.

No. 357411

This is the first vid of hers I've watched in a while. I guess she's trying to do a cute friendly vlog but yeah, she looks tired and why does she say she needs to get up soon? Doesn't she have a bed to go to? That Korean drama with the sobbing did sound like a wild porno in parts, lol.

No. 357448

4 am noodles, 24 hour spas… did she get kicked out of her goshiwan, or is she just trying to wash off the sins of last night still?

No. 357449

File: 1488822021291.png (694.66 KB, 928x597, Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 9.39…)

dropped pic

No. 357453


Those saggy legs are nightmare fuel.

No. 357455

File: 1488824299288.png (250.47 KB, 582x268, Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 10.1…)

Margo privated the "accidental" video of her and Venus; but it's still accessible via https://youtu.be/ivZ92oucwu4

No. 357456


this video was actually super depressing to watch. Not feeling bad for her, but it gives a nice view of her current situation. I want to see more of it.


those clothes look like she found it at the thrift store, I mean that's clearly man clothes. She looks miserable.

No. 357457

>>those clothes look like she found it at the thrift store, I mean that's clearly man clothes.

If the same rules apply in SK as they do in Japan, you can't have visible tattoos in a bathhouse (and she got that giant tiger on her leg as well as the ones on her back). She might be in loaner clothes they have at the front desk for those who didn't prepare to cover tattoos?

But yeah, she's living rough right now between clients.

No. 357458

Never saw this one before

No. 357460

Wow. She ruined that hair

No. 357461

Never forget

No. 357462

Context: Venus talks about her life before YT and how YT changed her life by allowing her to interact with other people for the first time (should be cued up past most of her ad sponsorship stuff). Seems to be describing disassociation - her "daydreaming" and states of total non responsiveness she describes are hallmark features of being raised by a narcissist.

To get past the #spon, start at 2:45 (starts talking about her painful aloneness there). At 6:40 she describes only wanting to make the other person happy when speaking.

No. 357464

God that rats nest hoard of makeup.

Also: She was READY to jump on Venus's shine immediately.

No. 357466

Nice one, armchair psychiatrist. Her inner fantasy world and her not caring about talking about herself to people isn't dissociation which is quite a terrifying experience. It doesn't even count as day dreaming. She didn't say she was literally unresponsive or constantly thinking about her fantasies in a social environment.

No. 357468

Her nose looks like a bulbous penis.

No. 357476

I disassociate. It sounded like it to me. Not everyone has DID.

No. 357485

I disassociate as well and thought the same! Or maladaptive daydreaming. Spending her time in her own head because she lived with an abusive psychopath.

No. 357492

All spas/saunas in Korea hand you clothes you have to wear. Dragon (hill) spa is the name of the sauna, and it's a pretty famous one in the youngsan area of Seoul.

No. 357504

Does anyone know what job she had in London? It's one of the most expensive cities in the world and they had some sort of flat that would at least cost a good £700 per month. Was she a personal trainer? Even then I doubt her income would have covered their lifestyle.

No. 357506

She worked at a gym - don't think she was a certified PT, just that she was allowed to teach classes and such, probably trained in house.

Margo also had Venus's SwissBux in addition to her job. They moved to London from Tenerife when Margo got 12 year old Venus signed to a shady London modeling agency; her first "$10.000 USD stolen!!" story was when the agency fell apart and Margo didn't get the signing bonus she expected. So Margo was already acting as Venus's "manager" at that point and expecting that Venus would be the breadwinner. When the initial plan fell apart, she worked at the gym, Venus started her YT without Margo, the channel caught on, and within 3 years of moving to London Margo was depending solely on Venus for income (welfare plus YT money.)

No. 357515

You know anon, you could be a writer, maybe you can write their biographies.

No. 357531

>dissociation … is quite a terrifying experience.
speak for yourself. it can be a learned tactic in an abusive environment and one which soothes.

No. 357532

>That Korean drama with the sobbing did sound like a wild porno in parts, lol.

sage for completely unrelated blogpost but I still remember this one night I went to banpo bridge with a friend and we had to go through a tunnel, we heard some weird moaning/screaming…??? idk sounds… coming from further down the tunnel, and we both looked at eachother horrified and slowly progressed (we were heading home so we couldn't really turn back)… turns out it was just some Korean girl and a guy playing Rock Paper Scissors and the girl kept making those noises whenever she lost… relief but still… geeze lol

No. 357590

What is going on with her ankles?

No. 357592

I recall sometimes people that just didn't/couldn't go home for whatever reason would spend their time at 24 hour spas. I wouldn't be too surprised if she ran out of money and can only afford the spas now for a place to sleep.

No. 357594

Wait, she put bleach on her scalp??? Marge's 152 IQ seem to be more like 15.2 IQ in this video

No. 357598

And isn't that terrifying to rely on dissociation to soothe your feelings when in an abusive relationship?

No. 357637

You feel great while dissociating. It's just when you're jerked out of it that suck (when you get yelled at again, when you walk into traffic for the umpteenth time because you were in your own world and nearly got hit, when people get angry when you don't recognize them, etc etc).

And until you know what's been going on - you just think you're forgetful, or honestly, just don't think about it at all - you're just fine and dandy so long as no one's yelling. It's when you know what's happening (that you're losing a lot of time) that it becomes terrifying.

No. 357638

In other words: it scares other people more than it scares you.

No. 357686

A little bit off-topic, but Venus' most recent instagram story is of her new Laduree makeup. Now that shit is expensive, and I'm cackling at the idea of how hopping mad Margo is going to be when she sees that. Venus is living the high life and Margo is stuck where she is.

No. 357730

File: 1488934460151.png (670.35 KB, 1117x977, asaaa.png)

So what do you guys think happened to the Goshiwon? Did all her customers dry up, so she can't afford to stay there? Is she trying to save money for something?

Margo definitely looks like she's been prowling the streets recently.

There don't appear to be any major updates to her website, but her about is pretty amusing. The line "I appreciate a modern, elegant lifestyle" got me, it reads like a bio on a sugardaddy dating site.

Polyglot my ass, bitch can't even speak 1 language correctly.

No. 357731

Don't forget "autodidact" and "broken hearted mother"

No. 357743

File: 1488935983144.jpg (213.42 KB, 969x798, IMG_1790.JPG)

> Margo doesn't quite get how Pinterest works, she's using it exclusively for her own image uploads. Hotel lobbies, hotel bathroom… It's just confirmation of her hooking
Those look more like stock photos she uploaded from the internet than pics that she took herself.

That "spa" is a public bathhouse where $10 USD admission lets you hang out for 12 hours during the day and you can sleep there for $13/night. pics attached are some reviews of the place.

No. 357748

File: 1488936370007.jpg (342.54 KB, 980x1168, IMG_1791.JPG)

It's a cheap place for her to hang out when she gets tired of wandering the streets and hanging around seedy malls. She might even be sleeping there these days, like last spring when she was an internet cafe hobo (remember that?)

Old bitch is basically a street person, at 42 years of age (her birthday was yesterday btw…and no one gave a shit)

No. 357751

Out of all the pictures she chooses that one.

No. 357754

"artistic relevations" LOL
And "elegant lifestyle"?? She's a fucking drifter, living in rented cubicles and one step away from sleeping on the street and eating from garbage cans. The delusion is REAL.

No. 357811

Reverse image search them, they aren't stock images on her Pinterest. They look like stock, sure, but they are Margo's.

No. 357812

>"elegant lifestyle"??
Margo could look into adopting Yumi King.

No. 357833

> Her Birthday was yesterday
Is that why she was crying? Bc Venus didn't give her any anwser? Plus nowhere to go. Her video didn't change anything and she hang around alone in Seoul's streets.

No. 357873

I'm sure she had a lovely night walking around then kipping in the communal nap room at the spa because she didn't get enough johns to keep her in a goshiwon. It's about what she deserves, may she have many more of them.

No. 357919

Do we think she uploaded that video with her obviously trying not to cry for sympathy?

No. 357960

If she wanted sympathy, I think she'd have gone off on her "ungrateful daughter, I am broken hearted mother, stolen laptop!11!"

If she knew that people could tell she was nearly crying and that wasn't her intention for us to see, I don't think she'd have put it up. When she's been in dire straights before (sleeping in a mangakissa [sp?]) she's made sure to tell everyone about it and how it's Venus's fault. So she either can't tell people it's Venus's fault (for the same reason she's stopped railing against V publicly, i.e. money from parents) or she's embarrassed at what's happening to the point she doesn't want it known. She wasn't ashamed to tell people she was alone in her apartment with a single bummed cigarette last year - but she also had a house, and someone to bum a smoke from.

With her sleeping in a 24 hour bath house and wandering the streets all night, along with her many photos of hotel lobbies, bars and bathrooms denoting her hooking, she may have actually reached a point of shame as to her situation. I'm sure she still thinks it's all Venus's fault, but something prevents her from saying it. If she's that short on money, and Ferenc and Margit aren't kicking in due to their disapproval, one would think the restriction on her Venus rants would evaporate. We did get her "broken-hearted mother" bio on her newly revamped website but that's it.

Anyway, all we can know is that she's hooking, broke, and alone, which is exactly where she should be. But I'm still wondering what's preventing her from railing at Venus, because as we know from her attempted break in 3 months ago, she's not in any way over Venus breaking free.

No. 357976

See >>357730
> broken-hearted mother
She didn't stop making her daughter responsible. She is always implying that it's V's fault in comments, pm, videos, descriptions, etc.

Idk, Narcs are excellent actors. Or maybe she was hoboing around and got raped. Homeless women tend to get raped unfortunately. She could be too ashamed to tell that she got raped because she's a hobo. Granpa Ferenc should take her back home and make her seek treatment.

No. 357980

>>We did get her "broken-hearted mother" bio on her newly revamped website but that's it.
Yeah I know she said the "broken hearted" thing in her bio. So if she wanted sympathy in the video for being on the verge of tears, she would have said that in the video. So I don't think the video was an appeal to sympathy in itself.

No. 357991

File: 1489029022964.jpg (118.22 KB, 648x573, IMG_1800.JPG)

>we know from her attempted break in 3 months ago, she's not in any way over Venus breaking free.
That plus her lil meltdown a month ago (Feb. 12, 5 days after Venus's birthday)

No. 357992

File: 1489029178808.jpg (294.41 KB, 670x1555, IMG_1801.JPG)

She's every bit as delusional, obsessed and full of rage as ever. She'll never be over it.

No. 357993

>all we can know is that she's hooking,
MASSAGE, you boolies!
Legit, Genuine, Professional Outcall MASSAGE, for all genders, studied for three years! Quit boolying this fresh jung wholistic health polyglot autodidact appreciator of a modern, elegant lifestyle, omg

No. 358001

Some bleaches are safe for on-scalp application, anon. But I wouldn't necessarily trust margo to buy the correct one.

No. 358018

File: 1489043904730.png (529.5 KB, 928x596, Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.1…)

More latergrams from the cat cafe.

Yesterday was her 90th day in Seoul, did she make it to Japan in time to renew?

No. 358019

File: 1489044482927.jpg (305.46 KB, 1402x1651, IMG_1812.JPG)

>Venus' most recent instagram story is of her new Laduree makeup. Now that shit is expensive, and I'm cackling at the idea of how hopping mad Margo is going to be when she sees that.
Oh, I was wondering what that IG stories thing was. I thought it was a little jar of rose petals or something. Good eye anon! So that's blush and it goes for 10,000¥ or around $100 USD, little girlfriend has expensive tastes.

And yeah, if marge saw it she was pissed. That's the kind of shit she used to splurge on all the time, back in the day when she was rolling in those Venus YT bux. hahaha

No. 358020

So the old freak got a hairstyle & color just like VENOOS. That's not creepy at all…

No. 358044

These LINE stickers look uncannily like Margo


No. 358053

I somehow suspect margo for trying to make Venus bald jalously bc of her success and bc jung frau is da real VA.

No. 358055

Is it possible to make a map of the places she went chronologically. It would give us a clear vision of what's going on with her.

No. 358056

Venus has good taste while marge is proudly hoboing in SK/Japan.

No. 358057

Marge with cheap kids' make up

No. 358058

Yes, AGAIN. If Venus makes a hair color change, Margaret soon follows. It's so bizarre.

No. 358103

Margo's selfies began to look less ghoulish when she switched from meitu to line; she's been using it since she got back to SK. It's likely she's using the stickers.

No. 358155

File: 1489102138251.jpg (206.58 KB, 1275x1601, IMG_1832.JPG)

Look who's shown up in marge's IG likes: momma margit.
Guess when she showed up? Feb. 12, same day marge had her little (quickly deleted) IG meltdown. Cause her heartbroken daughter needs momma's support, you know. Ol' marge been pushing the "HEARTBROKEN MOTHER" scam hard lately.

No. 358174

Good find!

No wonder it ended so quickly though - betting she had Margit on the line and sending $$ for her poor little broken hearted Margaret right quick.

No. 358210

Momma Margit should take marge back under her roof. She should take responsability of the monster she created instead of feeding it at distance with money.

> Take mutter's money, margaret, so everyone thinks I'm a good mother but stay away from me, you heretic tochter!

Why her family doesn't take advantage from marge's depression to take her back and put her in a mental health institution? Because they are not worth more than her!

In their shit mentality, Venus is the one that should sacrifice her own young life and mental health. And at the same time they give money to obsessive marge so she can fly back to Japan to harass her daughter.

That's why Venus doesn't speak with them. Bc they are not worth more than her mother. Pathological people!

No. 358220


>Momma Margit should take marge back under her roof. She should take responsability of the monster she created instead of feeding it at distance with money.

>Why her family doesn't take advantage from marge's depression to take her back and put her in a mental health institution?

Her family can't do either if these things against maggot's will. She's an adult, she doesn't think there's ANYTHING wrong with her and she sure as shit doesn't want to go back to Hungary. Momma margit is a gullible soul who is being manipulated by a narc, maggot's pulling her strings like a puppetmaster. "Family is EVERYTHING, how can a MOTHER abandon her DAUGHTER" and all that shit. If she is still sending her $$ that's despicable though.

No. 358242

> Margo doesn't quite get how Pinterest works, she's using it exclusively for her own image uploads. Hotel lobbies, hotel bathroom… It's just confirmation of her hooking
>Those look more like stock photos she uploaded
>Reverse image search them, they aren't stock images on her Pinterest.
I still think that Pinterest is pics she downloaded from various websites. Reverse image search from the US doesn't cover what's available online in South Korea (I don't think) plus those places look way out of this cheap whore's price range. If she is meeting 'clients' in hotels it's not upscale ones like these, but more like whatever SK's version of Motel 6 is.

No. 358264

Someone's not gonna be happy about this. That dark ass dollar store foundation was painful to look at, but I digress.

No. 358269

the scraps mother used to allow me to use vs. what I can now buy for myself

No. 358286

Narcs only accept to go to a mental health institution when they're in big trouble or highly depressed. Margit and Ferenc had an opportunity.

No. 358290

Margo is gonna be jealous as fuck. Venus spending $1000 on makeup and she eating sausages everyday, >Vinusss you are so ungratefullll.
Can't wait for her breakdown on Instagram or Youtube

No. 358303

There's Venus thread here >>>/snow/254982

No. 358312

Yes, but this video is most likely gonna piss Margo off, cause a reaction from her and therefore probably can be discussed here so people know what caused her next break down kek..

No. 358313


this excuse is made every time something about venus is posted and margo has a break down that seems to be in direct relation to it like 1 out of every 15 times. can we just post about margo and then if she DOES have a melt down then maybe we can figure out the root cause at that point.

No. 358358

File: 1489174912265.png (68.87 KB, 630x395, Untitled.png)

It doesn't seem like Margo's up to much, it's not like they're shitting up an active thread with completely off-topic stuff.

Didn't see it mentioned here but it looks like Margo's back on her twitter account. Crossover from Jamie Leigh Fischer, who's an up-and-coming lolcow

No. 358380

LOL isn't that the girl/tranny? doing her "social experiments" in PULL and Kiwi?

No. 358385

That Jamie is a massive attention seeker, ignore her.

No. 358401

I am hoping for that outburst too. I bet the thing that will make her seethe with impotent rage is the la mer creme. That stuff has caviar and gold or something in it, and someone like Venus is way too young to be desperate enough about aging to pay through the nose for it. There's a bunch of evidence that this creme isn't better than olay or even nivea when it comes to preventing aging, and Venus is also completely blase and meh about it. And she spent more on that gimmicky (cute but impractical) rose petal blush than maggot can afford to spend on a hotel. It's probably not an intentional provocation, but to maggot any breath Venus takes is boooling.

No. 358402

Attention seeker or not, good for her! Spread the word, girl…esp since ol' maggot's out there pushing that heartbroken abused mother b.s. story as hard as she can (without losing those mama margit bux) recently.

No. 358424

Hi Jamie

No. 358430

She was banned from PULL recently.

No. 358432

From kiwi as well, I think. At least, she was ridiculed relentlessly for about a day before no one cared about her.

No. 358485

File: 1489208075667.png (657.2 KB, 926x598, Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 8.52…)

Um, travel card? Mags telling us she's on the move?

Also: looks lime Mama Margit send some birthday money if Margo can afford a Western style continental breakfast.

No. 358487

Travelcard could mean back in London: https://tfl.gov.uk/fares-and-payments/ways-to-pay/travelcards

Or her world traveler pass.

No. 358494

>>Western style continental breakfast
I hope you're being sarcastic because it's a fucking DunkinDonut coffee and donut

No. 358497

Dat "modern, ELEGANT lifestyle," hahaha…Dunkin Donuts coffee & donut. The old hobo's glory days of daily Starbucks are but a distant memory. Wallow in your misery, maggot. #KARMA

No. 358500

If she's in Seoul, a donut and coffee at Dunkin will cost slightly more than local food, IIRC. That was my point - that this is a bit of a "splurge" for her (and a sad echo of her former daily Starbucks trips)

No. 358517

Does anyone know what this key could be for? Appartment? Storage?
Is "Ashin" a company of some kind?

No. 358519

I was thinking motel room maybe? Low low budget motel room.

No. 358520

She may have been able to afford a goshiwan against after a few nights sleeping rough. Or her parents gave in and paid some rent again.

No. 358526

By travelcard she could mean the seoul transportation card

A donut in Seoul costs between 1500-1700 won and a cup of coffe like that no more than 3500. It's not exactly high class expensive living

It's key for her goshiwon room.
Source: I had the exact same type of key when I lived in one.

She's still in Seoul unless she's latergram'ing

No. 358528

Ashin is a small Korean lock company.


No. 358529

Exactly. You're looking at about less than 10 bucks total for a Dunkin Donut. Even hobos can afford that shit.
Not exactly croissants and freshly brewed espresso "continental breakfast"

No. 358577

File: 1489257302645.png (313.46 KB, 1351x614, outcallseoul1.PNG)

So I've just caught up with this thread today and when I clicked the link to maggot's massage site it was up fully.


No. 358578

File: 1489257493297.jpg (171.17 KB, 1030x1030, mags_massagecerts.jpg)

Also apparently she did get certified in Thailand. But does anyone know if those are considered legit qualifications for a massage therapist or not?

No. 358594

File: 1489263726281.png (310.44 KB, 1024x615, Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 12.2…)

One of her reviews


No. 358595

I see she lists her 2 years of radiology study as somehow relevant to this- with no program completion.

No. 358598

Someone here said it's a real thing - but it wouldn't qualify her to work in other countries. You have to get licensed where you live, too. A cosmetologist has to re-take the exam in a new state if they move, for example. You're given a grace period in which to take the exam and work, but it's not 9 years.

No. 358600

If she's learning korean at a language school she could have a d-4 visa, but how the fuck would she be able to afford it?

Not only classes, but you also have to be able prove finacial ability and submit proof of having at least 4000euro in your bank acount when applying for the visa.

Also kind of related: if she actually has a d-4 visa, her working is illegal iirc.

No. 358662

Of course, we know Margo has no ethics but how is screen-capping private messages okay? Testimonials are obtained by asking the client's consent.

No. 358663

eh, she's giving happy endings regardless.

No. 358674

>if those are considered legit qualifications for a massage therapist or not?
I looked up the massage school (Wat Po Thai massage school)

You can see in one of her "certifications" that it's for a 120 hour course (20 days.) She basically took a series of short courses at the school, one was 26 days (165 hours,) one 20 days (120 hours) and the rest were 4-6 days each, for a total of maybe 3 months of "study" (NOT "3 years" as she claims.) She got a 'certificate" for each little course but I doubt she'd qualify to be licensed, even if she could work legally in SK (which of course she CAN'T.)

I have to laugh at her catfishing with that hugely filtered photo and claiming to be a "University student." Always the scammer. What few "clients" she snags must be quite taken aback when the old beast shows up at their door.

No. 358678

File: 1489280045695.jpg (78.46 KB, 550x595, IMG_1948.JPG)

>What few "clients" she snags must be quite taken aback when the old beast shows up at their door.
Smelling of stale cigarette smoke and unwashed clothing. "Hi, I'm Margaret Palermo, jung University Student!"

No. 358679

File: 1489280517848.jpg (27.86 KB, 188x395, IMG_1726.JPG)

"I geeve you massage now."

No. 358682

The whole "university student" thing has always been a joke - she continuously bragged that Venus was in "university" at age 16, neglecting to clarify that she considered a language school to be a "university".

Makes me wonder if Ferenc and Margit paid for more semesters of language school to keep Margo in Seoul on a student visa. Would they be able to use their bank account as the proof needed that Margo had access to 4k euro in a bank? She used Venus's account last time.

No. 358695

File: 1489282604386.jpg (301.11 KB, 594x1264, IMG_1952.JPG)

U vant I poot on sexxy outfit 4 U?

No. 358698

What a minx.

No. 358700

File: 1489282883315.jpg (53.63 KB, 446x482, PSX_20170311_202814.jpg)

Ve haf so much fun doing ze "massage," hahaha!

No. 358703

File: 1489283660612.gif (2 MB, 240x180, IMG_1954.GIF)

Client be like

No. 358708


Lol, are these just screen caps of Margit talking to herself ? Like we know that she carries more then one cellphone on hand ( Venus exposed that in her videos when she was leaving ) This hag is probably sitting in a corner texting herself.

No. 358711

Even if they're her actual clients - she didn't get testimonials, she copied their private conversations. She hasn't learned anything since Venus left - that people's private text messages aren't something you publish.

No. 358726

>If she's learning korean at a language school she could have a d-4 visa, but how the fuck would she be able to afford it?

>Not only classes, but you also have to be able prove finacial ability and submit proof of having at least 4000euro in your bank acount when applying for the visa.

>if she actually has a d-4 visa, her working is illegal iirc.

Does SK even give a shit about enforcing their immigration laws tho? I mean we're pretty sure the maggot has been denied entry into Japan at least once and possibly deported as well, but Korea has never posed a problem as far as I can recall. Plus there's that whole thing with their president having just been impeached and rioting in the streets atm too, so..

No. 358786

Nah she's just saying it. Venus paid for her school and visa, even a new term's worth which Margo threw away. Margo's working more on the hustling for a place to sleep level these days. Saying she's a student makes her seem a bit more respectable, she did actually study the language so she can make it sound plausible if she needs.

No. 358833

Sleepless night how? She uploaded this at 8pm their time.

No. 358835


Sorry, I forgot about the time zone situation lol.

No. 358916


If she doesn't have a visa and is staying illegally they def. give a shit, but they might not notice it before she tries to leave the country and see her entry date in her passport.

And they would never give her the visa if she wasn't able to prove financial stability.

She's either staying and working in SK illegally and then she's not able to attend school.

Or she's attending language school, have a visa and apparently a secret fund somewhere.

No. 359026

So…option A is go back to Europe where you can work legally, get a real job and a real place, maybe even go back to school & work towards an actual career, or option B: stay in Seoul (because.. why? it's #goals?) drift between cheap air bnb rentals and scrape by with illegal Craigslist scam "businesses."

Sure. Good choice, maggot.

No. 359071

option B brings the chance to maybe break into your daughter's Tokyo apartment

No. 359091

File: 1489372149200.png (47.02 KB, 327x596, Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 7.27…)

Uhh… that commenter is one of her regulars from what I recall; not a troll.

We'll see if she deletes it. If so, Mags is possibly in Tokyo.

No. 359173

>We'll see if she deletes it. If so, Mags is possibly in Tokyo.

Lol no that could mean it's just a troll too.

No. 359174

>Uhh… that commenter is one of her regulars from what I recall; not a troll.
Hahah try harder. It's not a regular one.

No. 359193

Not to mention that in Europe it might be somewhat easier for her parents to keep tabs on her and make sure she behaves.

No. 359197

I'm not the same anon but click through to his account. He's in the same demographic as AZ and all the other guys we've seen getting in touch with her. I don't know his motive asking her this, maybe he's just chatting while they line up a "job" (handjob that is).

No. 359198

well unless the whole thing's a troll by someone with an autistic interest in cats. anything's possible in Margo land.

No. 359206

>Uhh… that commenter is one of her regulars from what I recall; not a troll. We'll see if she deletes it. If so, Mags is possibly in Tokyo.
Are you talking about that cyrillis_kyrillus guy? LOL
He's an instagram creeper/freak. He started his account to follow theFitVeganGinger around (remember her?) He was one of her regulars, he'd comment adoringly on every one of her crazed selfies. He follows Aly (the ana from Italy) too. I laughed when he showed up on maggot's insta a few months back to join that little band of defectives because it was so perfect.

I think he's Greek, one of the first accounts he followed was a Greek Orthodox priest. Anyway, I doubt the freak has a clue where maggot is and I wouldn't read anything into his random comment.

No. 359207

He follows Ashley Isaacs the ana queen too. Lol maggot and her little band of freaks and pervs. Sad thing is how few of them are still around.

No. 359212

I've seen another troll account who follows Ashley Isaacs and it's one who hates Margo… troll accounts like koka say nice things to Margo just to make her think it's a supporter, also because she can block them…

No. 359213

why do you take screenshots of these troll accounts poking the cow, anon?

>He's in the same demographic as AZ
How convenient.. a troll account similar to Az kek try harder.

>and all the other guys we've seen getting in touch with her.

What other guys? Please tell us.

No. 359215

No. 359220

Yes, this one >>356302

No. 359227

I'm not sure if you think I'm trying to justify this guy's existence or something? Calm down. Since you asked, there was the Korean guy (something Park) who messaged her publicly about a date and we caught it here. They guy who thanked her for the good time in Japan… I think there was a third who publicly commented / messaged as well but tbh I don't keep as close track of Margo's life as I used to six months ago, so I can't name him. When I say "same demographic" they all look kind of 30-ish to me, all lust after Margo.

I am only the writer of >>359197

If we expand to the online guys there's that autist who was asking for pictures of her ass all the time and that legend, AZ. I'm kind of just assuming this guy is one of this latter group and I'm kind of, eh, who cares about him?

No. 359228

I mean he's obviously in Europe so it's not like he's part of a story about Margo

No. 359269

File: 1489419523116.jpg (89.31 KB, 913x597, ewww.JPG)

No. 359275

> Faky
> I'm not love
I suppose that mno08w is a 8yr old arabic girl spam commenting marge, top keeek
Margepie has a very mature audience for her outcall massage, I already see her bright success shining through her bubble mask! (sarcasm) kek

No. 359279

Venus posted a video about weird japanese masks 2 hours ago.

Marge, wtf! Really? You are as "smart" as the copy-paste fonction of a 30yr old pc.

No. 359290

Christ she looks like the elephant man.

No. 359293


>I look like a swollen potato face

i mean she has a potato face all the time but sure

No. 359296

it looks like mold

No. 359309

Venus made a video about facial masks AND she also made a joke about potato face at the end. Margaret is so creepy!

Oh, God…
the tip of Margo's nose in that picture looks like the underside of a scrotum.

No. 359315


She's just starting to rot on the outside like she is on the inside. Though, this literally looked like black mold.

No. 359328

>Venus made a video about facial masks AND she also made a joke about potato face at the end. Margaret is so creepy!
Obsessed fucking psycho stalker. Bitch makes my blood run cold, not even kidding.

No. 359341


No. 359344

I find it funny, that Margo described Manaki as the psycho stalker althought she is actually the psycho evil stalker which Venus has to fear.

No. 359347

Margendo projects onto others like it's the only thing keeping her alive.

Her family is crazy, ManakI is a stalker, Venus is a psycho thief, etc. She even claimed Venus made her money as a hostess.

No. 359391

One of the masks Venus tried was a Kappa mask.Made me smile.

No. 359394

>She even claimed Venus made her money as a hostess.
Where did she claim that?

No. 359400

Back in March or April 2016, on instagram, in her comments. The messages were capped and posted on one of the threads.

Basically, Margo implied Venus was doing sex work ("I hear she's a hostess in [neighborhood] now") at the same time she was implying that Venus never fucked Mana, and that Mana was keeping her locked up in a "plushie room" because he's a pedo.

That was when we started suspecting Margo was the one hostessing, because whatever Margo is up to, she accuses Venus of it.

No. 359405

Yeah I thought Margo was the one doing it because she was pretty specific about the neighborhood that Venus supposedly was hostessing in. Wasn't that also around the time Margo was posting pictures of VIP sections in bars she was getting into off her jung wooman looks?

No. 359406

File: 1489437287581.png (116.45 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2016-06-03-03-19-58…)

Double post but I googled and found the screencap.

No. 359407

>>Wasn't that also around the time Margo was posting pictures of VIP sections in bars

Yep. As she does again now, with all her pintrest photos of hotel lobbies.

No. 359430

For what it's worth, I'm 99.9% sure those are stock pics of the Four Seasons in Seoul. I work at another FS location and got to visit last Summer, I recognize the lobby and some of the rooms/decorations. Not sure what Kappa-chan is insinuating by pinning these since I'm sure if any team member saw someone as suspicious and run-down as Margo haunting the lobby they would get her out of there ASAP.

No. 359446

>Not sure what Kappa-chan is insinuating by pinning these since I'm sure if any team member saw someone as suspicious and run-down as Margo haunting the lobby they would get her out of there ASAP.
She's insinuating that she's living some kind of high-end "elegant" life. And people like
fall for it every time. "oh look at these hotel lobbies she hangs out in, they're totally her own pics that she took herself!"

If this old bum is meeting "clients" in hotel lobbies it sure as shit isn't the ones she's posting.

No. 359453

File: 1489447544486.jpg (218.07 KB, 1235x978, IMG_2023.JPG)

This is more maggot's speed

No. 359454

File: 1489447657208.jpg (246.12 KB, 1350x1362, IMG_2024.JPG)

Def. not this, are you kidding?
only in her dreams

No. 359465

I know we've all seen articles and websites describing Narcissistic Personality Disorder characteristics a million times but I don't know how anyone can read a list like this http://www.melanietoniaevans.com/articles/narcissist-behaviours.htm
and not see Margaret. The sections about gaslighting techniques and Narcissistic Partner's addiction perfectly illustrate what a Venus has to deal with. Especially this part, that addresses those people who keep telling Venus to just get over it or claim she should have been stable by now:
>Many people who are narcissistically abused suffer profound depression and even severe physical deterioration. Frighteningly, many victims of narcissism don't recover their sense of self, even years after the relationship has expired.

No. 359467

File: 1489450731802.jpg (244.25 KB, 1856x1028, potatoface.jpg)

No. 359469

Okay sweetie, Daphne, whoever you are. Reverse image search them - surely that's an easy way to prove me wrong and I will accept if so. I'm the one who found the Japanese beach Margo was sitting on so I'm no slouch.

Btw the earth is round, sorry bout it.

No. 359475

Oh and samefagging to say I would love to know what goes through your mind that you need to drag other consistent contributors to these Margo threads.

No. 359498

That spergelic is arrogant af.

>Btw the earth is round, sorry bout it.


No. 359506

Marge has the weirdest looking thighs I've ever seen. I've seen bowed legs, but her thighs are bowed…?!

No. 359515

File: 1489459824084.jpg (50.27 KB, 720x960, mp.jpg)

It's thigh muscle and an unflattering angle on her other leg. Margo used to be really fit.

No. 359516

Sage for off topic but:
Venus' channel is claimed by fullscreen again?

No. 359517

omfg shemale Vegeta with kappa face!!! Kek
She should work in a hungarian circus.

No. 359518

Marge is working something new in VA's website?

No. 359519

No. 359523

It needs a beard.

No. 359525

Also they have a natural thigh gap.

No. 359529

File: 1489462770256.png (151.3 KB, 300x398, beard.png)

No. 359542

fucking kek, anon

Huh, so she's making a site for endo radiology (which is radiology for endodontics / mouth and face stuff)? Weird. Maybe Ferenc and Margit are shelling out for her to finish her degree in radiology? There's no way she'd be able to get into a proper university is Seoul, though, Margo's never properly learned other languages to a university level.

And, did she actually release all of the domains she camped on with Venus and Manaki's names? Or just re-register them under another email? If socialblade is correct and Venus is with Fullscreen once more, I'm sure they'd be want the domain camping came to an end.

No. 359546

>2 years of Radiology Assistance
2 years of what, a four year degree? and how many years ago… what kind of shit is she trying to pull.

No. 359547

Yeah, it's a 4 year degree at least, and her training is 20+ years out of date and everything's changed since then - it's all digital imaging now.

No. 359548

Thanks anon.

No. 359549

I can't see how she could possibly start working in the field unless she's planning to fake some credentials. Or maybe South Korea doesn't care too much about what credentials a "radiology assistant" has.

No. 359551

Endoradiology.com bc marge wants to scam her massage clients and wants to look enough cultivated for rich sugar daddies. What else?

No. 359552

French people have a saying:
> Education is like jelly: the less you have, the more you display / spread.
Marge, everyone knows are worthless. Just stop.

No. 359571

Okay, sweetie, keep fantasizing about margo meeting clients in high-end hotels and falling for the shit she posts just like she wants you to, and do go on tinfoil hatting that "Daphne" posts here too. Lol

No. 359588

Which address is outcallmassageseoul.com under? I don't see it on either her new or archived domain list… maybe she put the missing sites on the same account as the massage place?

No. 359589

File: 1489476051801.png (68.42 KB, 1224x451, Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.1…)

Legit massage company: only operates late at night, outcall only.

Super legit.

No. 359595

>and do go on tinfoil hatting that "Daphne" posts here too.

Hi Daphne, the earth is round.

No. 359597

Whoever you spergy tweekers are:

I went through Margo's pintrest and reverse image searched a large sample.

They appear to be her original photos; she has uploaded them all to pintrest (not shared / repinned); I checked 9 of them altogether - there are no hits on google reverse image search, excepting that artwork of the faces on plates she photographed; the reverse image search on that one photo shows other pieces by the same artist.

No one thinks she's a fancy lady with an elegant life; the likeliest explanation is that she visits clients (sex or massages, whatever) at hotels and these are the result. As many people of her age who grew up in the Soviet years, I think she's got this kind of post-Soviet "dictator chic" idea of what "elegance" is, and to her it that the kind of decor you find in Trump hotels, and she likes to pretend she fancy by taking photos when she's allowed inside.

But she didn't take the images from a stock site, and appears to have uploaded them herself. Please feel free to check for yourselves.

Carry on, friends!

No. 359601

>As many people of her age who grew up in the Soviet years, I think she's got this kind of post-Soviet "dictator chic" idea of what "elegance" is,

LOL ok. Omg this thread makes no sense anymore.

No. 359605

>appear to be her original photos; she has uploaded them all to pintrest (not shared / repinned); I checked 9 of them altogether - there are no hits on google reverse image search,
Thank you for taking time to also verify this fact. I myself checked the upload info for each photo, then reverse image searched most of them (not all) ~ before I posted about them here.

Ha ha those outcall hours. "Deep tissue" my ass.

No. 359612

Her outcallmassageseoul is now on a dutch server. She is doing sth illegal in SK and don't want the autorities to know imo.

I found out that the host server ip is the same that hosts an unstarted website called http://www.kelseyellison.com
That among other websites like pseudo pull website: http://prettyuglylittleliar.com (http://domainbigdata.com/

They all have something in common with outcallmassageseoul: they were all transfered the same day to webhostingserver.nl

No. 359613

> deep tissue
Yes, deep tissue, anon. Penises and vaginas have deep tissues, too. Very deeep tisssues!

No. 359614

> http://domainbigdata.com/
Omfg! She's obsessed! WTF!
> venusangelic
> venusisabellepalermo
> kimonotime
> kelseyellison
> prettylittleliar
> …

How many does it cost to keep all those websites? Where does she have all the moneys?

No. 359617

it doesn't cost much to register a domain name, she would have done a lot of them when she was feeling more flush

No. 359618


On her Radiology degree, section: ausbildungphase I:

> Absenzen: 18.5 Tage

"Non-attendance: 18.5 days"


No. 359620

And how much does it cost to transfer them all to dutch servers?

No. 359622

She has bad taste, that's it. There are a lot of people in the world who like tacky shit, you don't have to explain it away as some weird post-Soviet mentality.

No. 359624

Blocking out all mention of your surname on your business website screams legit.

No. 359649

I feel bad for Venus. No one deserves that kind of childhood, living under the thumb of an abusive, narcissistic, and fame-hungry mother. Reminds me of those pageant moms, who treat their daughters like objects, living through them vicariously. Love from one's mother should be unconditional, not something to be earned through beauty contests and celebrity.

No. 359655

new video. Looks like she is still in her cheap place in korea.

No. 359658

She had pink eye, which is caused by fecal bacteria. Top fuckin kek right there.

No. 359669

As much as I dislike her, you can get a pink eye from almost anything.