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File: 1473600682144.jpg (72.87 KB, 1200x1204, mp.jpg)

No. 300170

Still valid: Our heroine Margo remains ensconced in her plywood cubicle at Tetris House in Tokyo. She gets crunk with fellow hobos by night, and stalks Venus at YouTube Tokyo Space by day.

In the meantime Venus is getting on with her life and enjoying a budding friendship with Taylor.

It turns out Margo did really have a fiancé (or at least a boyfriend) in the form of a 60 year old Japanese man, he being the driver of the blue Lexus. Signs point to them getting together in London (post Margo’s pizza slice airbnb hobo incident), then flying together to Japan and spending time together between points in Nagoya and Mt Fuji. Something happened to end it and then began Margo’s hobo life at Tetris House in Tokyo.

But signs are the Japanese dream is ending for Mogre, she’s soon to return to Hungary, the prodigal daughter. >>299924

Meantime, Vexxed earned his own thread in >>>/snow/172043

Last thread:

No. 300171

The blue Lexus man:
Evidence of his being in London and the same sites as Marge on the same days:
More probable connections between them in Japan:

No. 300172

File: 1473601277897.jpg (81.06 KB, 1200x770, margo88.jpg)

Another night, another hustle. One week left to find a new fiance Margo, otherwise it's home you go…

No. 300173

theres a few people in the previous thread trying to relate ferenc's hospital pic with marge. wasn't that pic taken around the time venus was in the hospital?

No. 300174

Not exactly. We were freaking out thinking it had to be Venus, but she lives in Yokohama so why would she be there? We also tossed up ideas of grandpa being there or even Margo!

Grandpa was never in Japan, he gave us the Japan image and the hospital image but then showed us the map of his travels around the world with japan noticeably not on there. He was telling us he had not been to Japan. But… the situation was very confusing and we all had to leave our conjectures where they were.

The finding of the blue Lexus man unlocks a lot of things.

No. 300175

File: 1473601790784.jpg (122.88 KB, 1200x408, papaferenc.jpg)

papa Ferenc's map

No. 300179

Possibilities here:

- Spanish Chef dude invited Margo out / to his work again (because she's leaving soon?)

- Margo is spending her last installment from the Koncz's uber responsibly.

- Finace-san is back in the picture as Margo desperately tries to avoid leaving Japan at all costs

- New sucker enters the arena.

No. 300180

File: 1473612392220.png (25.16 KB, 315x166, Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 9.45…)

Margo's back to less than 10 comments per photo, having lost the bump from her various nudes within… well, the space of any nude posted. The popularity doesn't last beyond that.

She's still as salty as ever.

No. 300184

How dare Venus leave her mother, she's Marg's only source of income! Truly a psychopath.

No. 300185

Aaaand it's all gone. Mags with the itchy trigger finger.

No. 300188

What about the new guy she was posting post-sex photos with? Seems like she's trying to coerce him into… something. Be it marriage or just plain cash.

Do we have a estimate for when her visa is up this time?

No. 300190

She was on a plane 7/12, and appeared in Japan sometime between 7/12 and 7/16. At the most conservative estimate, thats 58 days in Japan so far.

That should give her until around October 16th on her visa, but that's only if she has enough money to keep living there. Margo got her free ticket back to Nippon, she's been living more hand to mouth than we've ever seen, so it's pretty clear her joyride fund is long gone. Ferenc said she's headed back home September 18th, but never underestimate Margo's ability to scam more cash from somewhere. Her SwissBux do seem to be at an end, however, so she's left with money from her parents - which seems to be in small increments and given with conditions - or running the hoe game.

No. 300192

She probably stupidly thought she could get a spousal visa through him. lol

No. 300207

Ferenc did NOT 'say she's headed back home Sept. 18.' Would you please stop confabulating speculation into facts?

No. 300209

Okay. Ferenc made a post saying "the prodigal daughter returns home" which included the date of September 18th, along with the train station name and a map to their house. Does that satisfy your autism?

No. 300210

Doesn't mean she'll go, but it's pretty clear they expect her.

No. 300211

ferenc has a habit of dropping the truth. whether margo makes that date is another matter.

No. 300212

Haha, more CLUBBING aka desperate old narc on the prowl for some D. If, IF her days left in Tokyo really are winding down to the final few, she's not going down without a fight, by god.

Ending up back in Hungary would be such a failure for her. Being able to live in Japan seems like a way for morge to prove to the world and especially to VENOOS that MARGARET is still in the game and MARGARET will not just disappear and go away like VENOOS planned. So anyplace but Japan to her = VENOOS WINNING. Despite the obvious fact that Venus doesn't give a damn where her ass lives as long as she leaves her the fuck ALONE.

No. 300213


could "the prodigal daughter" be venus? she was taking a trip to europe soon wasn't she?

No. 300214

Ferenc posted the hospital pic on the same day morge posted her first pics on the "beach" in Shizuoka (really just a narrow strip of gravel around the bay as later anons located it) on July 14. Venus had come home from the hospital earlier, on June 19 or 20.
And that hospital pic was a Japanese website, not taken by anyone from the family. It was another of Ferenc's cryptic IG 'statements.'

No. 300215

>In the story, a father has two sons. The younger son asks for his inheritance and after wasting his fortune (the word "prodigal" means "wastefully extravagant"), becomes destitute. He returns home with the intention of begging his father to be made one of his hired servants, expecting his relationship with his father is likely severed. The father welcomes him back and celebrates his return. The older son refuses to participate. The father reminds the older son that one day he will inherit everything. But, they should still celebrate the return of the younger son because he was lost and is now found.

it's not Venus.

No. 300217

Yes and Margo was privately sending them updates at the time. This is why he posted the Nagoya cocktail pic - it was Margo on a date with her fiance.

This is why I think either the blue Lexus man (or Margo) got treated at the hospital. Margo would tend to sperg about her health issues and suffering so I am more inclined to think it was the man. And no, they are not a psych ward.

No. 300219

Very much doubt it.

No. 300221

File: 1473641226486.png (47.01 KB, 311x270, Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 5.44…)

Margo's STILL harassing that 18 year old weeb who asked about Margo's dick nose. Someone nicely explained that Margo's nose really does look like that, and Weeb Girl says something nice. They were both incredibly polite and actually COMPLIMENTING Margo.

Margo deleted the nice explanation and then said she's not vindictive, still using her sock account.

Sure, Jan.

No. 300222

eh I think they are backpedaling actually. Margo is successfully psyching this kid out.

No. 300223

samefag. actually, didn't Margo have a little chimp about a nervous breakdown and going to hospital? I wonder what the timing of that was.

No. 300224

Margo did claim to be having a "nervous breakdown" caused by Venus's Evil Plan while she was in London, where all the doctors told her she was so brave and nearly died from a terminal case of Ungrateful Child. Coincidentally, this happened at the same time Venus was hospitalized for sepsis, an actual life threatening illness. Margo claimed Venus was making it up for attention, then claimed to be in hospital herself, then wrote and published those insane emails as "Venus" claiming Venus had plastic surgery.

Since Margo's story was only missing everyone in A&E standing up and applauding, and the doctor - who was moved to tears - being Named Albert Einstein, I think we can assume it never happened. But she did claim it.

No. 300225

Thanks, and it seems to pre-date her arriving in Japan. I wonder if she dragged her man along to the ER.

No. 300229

Meaning that I do think she probably went. She'd have an EHIC deal where she could go to the ER there? And reporting with a case of nuts-itis in response to Venus' hospitalisation is not unlikely.

No. 300230

I would bang her silly I don't care of her shit personality

t. totally not a man(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 300231

I'd say love yourself more, but I really don't care.

No. 300232

triggered :–DD(:–DD)

No. 300234

File: 1473648937240.png (53.25 KB, 316x396, Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 7.53…)

Well, I appreciate the effort, Stephanie, but your troll game leaves some room for improvement.

It did get Margo to say that if she abused Venus, it doesn't count because Venus left her. MargoLogic!

No. 300235

File: 1473649244960.png (45.51 KB, 312x268, Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 7.56…)

az is still running to his princess's side, purposely misunderstanding what's being said. Yes, az, we know Venus is doing okay financially right now. It's because she has a job, and is no longer having her bank account drained by her abusive mother. She lost all of her income from ages 13-18 to her mother, who believes children should pay their parents to allow them to live at home. And then also pay their parents all of their income after they move out, too. Funny, because Margo also expects HER parents to foot her bills - shouldn't Margo be working and sending all of her income to her parents, by her logic?

No. 300236


So did anyone read this comic that was posted in Pixy's thread? Because the entire time I just kept thinking "Maggot and Venus". It's only 31 pages long, but it's seriously like an AU where Margo got her way.

No. 300237

Yeah, it's been posted in the older threads.

No. 300238

Do we really need to see every stupid comment on margo's instagram??

No. 300239

Oh, please. Do you really think Ferenc would post a map to their HOUSE on instagram??
It looks to me like a flyer advertising a lecture or a bible study class or something, with a map to wherever it's being held. I mean, come ON.
It's addressed to Christians of Miskolc across the top and it invites them to an 'event' titled "History of the Prodigal Son," which ferenc crossed out son and wrote in daughter. HISTORY of, not Return of.
Get a grip, anon.

No. 300240

File: 1473655039836.png (54.79 KB, 625x626, don't fall for it.png)

No. 300241

>>an 'event' titled "History of the Prodigal Son,"

If you have a full translation - not "it looks like this to me, so everyone is wrong and I am right" - that would be most useful.

That's kind of what this thread is for. Perhaps you need to have a lie down, this seems overwhelming for you.

No. 300242

File: 1473656392511.png (252.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-09-11-21-37-05…)

Azlabyrinth directing Margoose on how to run her instagram.

No. 300243

Margo's down most of her support. Chu and mimii seem to only show up for the big nude photo release campaigns.

No. 300244

Yes. Haven't noticed chu or Mimi in a while. Someone called j.oz who has some connection to Mimi(saw this before all IG went private) posts occasionally now.All nudes seem to have disappeared from Mags IG.

No. 300245

j.oz_ whatever is the troll formerly known as bbyjuhina who was queenjuhina before that. Persistent little bugger.

>the big nude photo release campaigns.
Lol ^^ yep. What was the last big event, where they all came swarming out of the woodwork to comment all over Venus's IG? I don't remember what triggered that but it was quite something to watch.

No. 300247

The usual garbled Google Translate says:

Christians of Miskolc
We cordially invite you Testvergyulekezet
many occasion of the open, where the subject:
History of the Prodigal Son (crossed out w/"daughter" written in)
date: Sept. 18
place: address

Seriously. Ferenc is not going to post their address and a map to their house on IG. pls

No. 300249

It was Venus' friendship with Taylor that drove Margaret and her stans insane. That shit was funny as hell since it made them all look like idiots. lmao

No. 300250

now that she's not engaged anymore, az resurfaces.

No. 300251

Margo's trying to land a rich old Japanese man, and after-sex pics with young hosts don't help. With the older ones (airport, spanish chef's place) she deleted them when she did her fullscreen signing push (writing letters to all the jvloggers).

No. 300252

Thanks anon. The person who posted it first time made it sound quite different. Excuse the OP I made, it was based on poor info that I did not question.

Margo probably isn't going anywhere… but at least we know she's looking for a new man, and that our blue Lexus man info is correct.

No. 300253

Of course it wouldn't be their adress, but it could be a place where they agreed to meet.
Most stuff Ferenc posts is related to margo. What else could he be talking about? Like, giving a free lecture to sensitize people on the importance of properly raising your children because all that insanity is due to her not being a proper catholic or something?

No. 300254

It's not 'history', it's just "the prodigal son returns", fyi

No. 300255

certainly the 'daughter' bit is related.

No. 300256

He's using a biblical reference to make a statement about his "lost child" and being sad about it, like he's done many many times before, ffs.

nope, the translation reads "history of the prodigal son."

No. 300257

File: 1473669855758.png (83.63 KB, 1439x1173, 20160912_093709.png)

No it doesn't. It reads the prodigal daughter stories.
Know your parables: prodigal son takes their inheritance/father's money and leaves for a worldly adventure abandoning their parents. When they eventually run out of money, they return home, tail between their legs, and are humbled at how they are warmly welcomed back by the father despite how they treated him.
Margo badmouthed and treated her parents like shit, has taken their money and using it on a hobo-nippon adventure. If Ferenc is hinting that she's following the parables tale, she will return home and be warmly welcomed by her parents despite her actions.
The whole point of the story is that the Prodigal child returns home.

No. 300258

Google map the address and it shows you the church mentioned. I assume that to be their local parish

No. 300259

I did the original translation and as shown via the screencap here >>300257
The translation says stories.
Történelem is Hungarian for history and is very close to the word used (torténeté: but in the context, stories is correct.

No. 300260

File: 1473672572206.png (22.73 KB, 1024x223, d8cb5d9c-ddba-4149-a2a7-e9e2a6…)

Your translator says one thing, mine says another. The original said "History/story/whatever of the prodigal son" in Hungarian and Ferenc crossed out "son" and wrote in "daughter," so to say this is him announcing on IG that Margaret will be returning on Sept. 18 is ridiculous.

No. 300262

File: 1473672992459.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160912-052223.png)

This the actual post.

Like I said, it looks like a flyer for a talk or a class or something, and ferenc saw it & it reminded him of his 'prodigal daughter' so he wrote in "daughter" and posted it with a crying emoji.

It says "Christians of Miskolc" at the top, then "we invite you to the occasion the subject being: History of the prodigal son" then a date, time & location (apparently a local church.)

It's pretty obvious what it is.

No. 300266

Noone says she is definitely returning home but you seem to be missing the entire point of the parable: the son/daughter RETURNS home. That's the story. It's the story of a reckless child returning home and being loved/welcomed regardless of their actions.

No. 300267

you guys look like idiots passionately defending your google translations like they're the end all be all of translations and words don't have multiple meanings/possible translations.

No. 300268

…try putting in the correct accents.

No. 300270


Why are you so mad over a flyer? Chill. Whether you think it has something to do with the maggot's return to Hungary or not, we will see on September 18th.

No. 300272

no we wont. the poster is about a play / movie / event at a local church which takes place on the 18th. that date has nothing at all to do with margot, its just people jumping to conclusions, wanting to be the first to have figured out "THE CLUES!!"

grandpa crossed out son and wrote daughter out of wishful thinking / hope that one day margot will learn her lesson and come home.

No. 300277

If you actually Google map the address it shows its a house not a church. With a hotel 2 doors down from it

No. 300278

Yes, that's all I've been trying to say. People read way too much into grandpa's posts. I remember when he posted about an egg rolling out of the nest people were like "omg the family has DISOWNED MARGE!" just stop

No. 300279

so youre saying granpa made a fake image about a fake church meeting, crossed out the word son in MSpaint and put in daughter, to cryptically tell people when margot is coming home? what the flying fuck?? listen to yourself.

> implying church groups can't meet in private homes

No. 300280

All this squabbling, jeez. The 18th is in 6 days, I think we can all hold our horses until then.

Worst case scenario she's still in Japan and going nowhere fast just like she has been for months. If she doesn't go home then her visa runs out and she's booted anyway and goes back to Korea to mooch off her friends there since it's superior country according to her.

No. 300285

File: 1473697873465.jpg (91.45 KB, 540x800, IMG_20160912_182619_808.JPG)

In the meantime margo is back to telling people Venus wants to kill her…

No. 300288

File: 1473705353722.jpeg (189.71 KB, 1268x1254, image.jpeg)

She's constantly going on about how Venus wants to kill her and she looks dumber and more insane each time. Venus hasn't mentioned her psychotic mother in months and just wants to get on with her life, just like any other independent person. The only way for her "VENOOS WANTS TO KILL ME!!" shit to make any sort of sense is that it kills Margo to know that she won't be able to steal anymore of Venus' hard earned money. Time to go back to Hungary and get a job, hobo. Hoeing it in Japan doesn't get you far when you're pretty damn haggard.

No. 300289

To a narc, it feels like they'll die if they don't get what they want. So if you have the thing they want and aren't giving it to them, you are forcing them to feel this way. Ergo, you're killing them.

They also feel this same "oh my god I'm going to die" feeling if they're being ignored. Because they never learned (and are incapable of learning) to self-soothe, or to have self identity, and they need other people to reflect their feeling back to them, it also feels like death to be alone. Funny thing is, that's how most of them end up, because they're so toxic.

No. 300290

>> implying Ferenc and Margit can't have a church meeting in their home about a subject very pertinent to them right now, and are seeking support from parishioners.

Let's just wait and see, guys. The 18th is in a few days; and Margo's visa will expire a few weeks after that. She's gotta go somewhere.

No. 300298

>inb4 "venoos is texting me death threats nonstop!!1!" kek

No. 300299

Why the ban though?

No. 300300

You were given a reason at the time; it will have shown up when you tried to comment.

If your memory is truly that short, it was for making shitpost tier comments and using retarded emoji.

No. 300307

Great explanation of a perplexing dynamic, thanks anon.

The trigger time is coming soon no matter what, because ultimately her visa expires. I await with interest.

No. 300310

Sorry I won't shitpost again

No. 300317

Sage posts like this

No. 300343

that FAACE, glrrgggg
back before she discovered the wonders of IG filters..

No. 300351

File: 1473775862059.jpg (102.5 KB, 1200x784, margo89.jpg)

Background confirms the hobo dream continues at Tetris House. Lol at someone in the comments thinking Margo actually has a job.

No. 300354

Has she lightened her hair again?

No. 300355


this is what I thought too. Maybe an old pic or she fucked up her hair again.


btw what the hell is she doing with all the free time anyway? the entire week is full with fridays for her anyway …

No. 300356

Margo wearing a fedora. Now we've seen it all.

No. 300357


No. 300365

I feel bad for whoever wore that fedora after this

No. 300370

File: 1473783627373.png (229.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-09-13-12-19-30…)

More crap she's selling

No. 300372

File: 1473784726147.png (538.8 KB, 1000x470, Manic Panic, genuine Atomic Tu…)

wtf, she's selling used hair dye

No. 300373

File: 1473784953902.jpg (169.48 KB, 958x753, hase.jpg)

my heart hurts. shes selling her daughers bunny plush if im right. for 90 doller!!! all other items have normal prices only venus precious plush costs that much. shes so evil

No. 300374

File: 1473785850875.jpg (129.64 KB, 972x674, eh.jpg)


Jesus.. You can buy a new jar for almost the same price. What crack is she smoking? (Pic is from Sally Beauty supply)

No. 300375

File: 1473786478502.png (1.13 MB, 2560x1600, Screenshot_2016-09-13-19-06-04…)

She is selling the rings from the kids make up box lmaoooo

No. 300376

File: 1473786579607.png (1.09 MB, 1863x1194, 2016-09-13 19.09.42.png)

Kawaii boyfriendu desu~~~~

No. 300377

I honestly thought that was Manaki

No. 300378


me too and it makes this whole thing even creepier that mags fucks a manaki-look-a-like


maggot needs the money so bad jeez

No. 300379

File: 1473787649245.jpg (266.38 KB, 968x354, 1429851959548.jpg)

>2/3 full

I'm dying over here.

No. 300380


Y'know, I don't want to be all ARR JAP ROOK SAME but I also thought this was Manaki.

No. 300382

secretely Margo wishes it was him hah

No. 300383

gasp she's selling one of her precious Swarovski?? Guess someone's allowance ran dry.

Also, using Venus's website is gonna get her in trouble with Fullscreen again. She must be too pissed off to care right now.

No. 300384

File: 1473788214104.png (204.23 KB, 915x399, Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 10.3…)

She's also selling the kids makeup box, and some fucking stickers. Did someone leave the stickers behind at the Plywood Palace, mags?

No. 300385

That pissed me off too. Hiking up the price because it used to be Venus'. You'd think she would want a memento to remind her of her only kid whom she's completely alienated.

No. 300386

she knows!! that some fans will recognize it and want to buy it. or that venus might want it back so she can make good money with it for 89 dollar. thats so so mean.. im feeling for venus because i have a precious blankie

No. 300387

That's why she specified it was unwashed.

No. 300389

Man, she must really be desperate for cash if she's trying to sell used plastic children's rings and used hair dye.

No. 300391

File: 1473793836880.png (22.27 KB, 320x120, Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 12.1…)

"No used makeup"

Selling a used jar of hair dye.

No. 300392

File: 1473793920313.png (16.1 KB, 306x77, Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 12.1…)

Maggot is OFFENDED anyone noticed that she's doing her best to copy Venus's husband with a hobo version.

No. 300401

How many post-sex photos has she stockpiled? Just when I though Margo couldn't get any more disturbing, she found a fuckboi that looks like Manaki.

Oh Marge lol. She'll never be Venus.

No. 300407

File: 1473798926881.png (63.27 KB, 312x382, Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 1.33…)

Margo bristles at being called an illegal immigrant, and ignores the bit about her deleting multitudes of photos to say she's explained everything about Venus leaving in photos that are still up.

No. 300408

I always knew her stans were too stupid to understand how Japanese immigration works. All talk but no research before believing everything this crazy bitch says.

No. 300414

>>muh swarovskis

Guess she got them back out of storage eventually, somehow.

No. 300415

:( she has no heart at all. God that's heart breaking. Really shows her for what she is. I know if I fell out with my mother, she would still cherish my favourite childhood toy… man… this is so sad.

No. 300416

Lol, she always had access to that storage; back in Feb. Manaki told her she could have the key, OR they'd ship her stuff if she gave her address and payment for shipping. Margo clearly gave in about demanding V meet her there, and took the key offer way back in April when she first added a fuckton of her and Venus's belongings on VA.com (while claiming that she'd brought Venus's clothes with her from Korea all along.) But Margo continued to claim they'd stolen all her shit.

Then she made a huge stink about Manaki reminding her that she needed to get her shit out of the storage unit - a unit Mana and Venus paid for - by June 1, like they were being needlessly cruel by paying to store her hoard for 6 months while she ruined V's income, and stalked, slandered and defamed them.

Wonder what happened to her precious ~genuine swarovski~ belt and ~designer handbag~ she was trying to hock last spring.

No. 300420

File: 1473809191043.jpg (124.89 KB, 1000x750, 935212.jpg)

Tetris House party

No. 300421

Well doesn't Margo look thrilled! Lol, she is fat, and at least 15 years older than everyone else there.

No. 300422

Where'd you score this photo, btw?

No. 300423

Wait are those the guys she did the 360 video with? The one in the back with the round glasses deinfately looked like one of them.
I always assumed they were randomly assigned together at the youtube space. (Maybe i just never noticed them before?)

No. 300424

Good eye. It does indeed look like the guys from the 360 video. This raises so many questions.

No. 300425

We have farmers in Japan, why has no one gone to stay in the Tetris house for some guerilla style reporting?

No. 300426

Because why waste time like that and even farmers have standards.

No. 300427

They don't want to risk getting attacked by a deranged river monster!

No. 300429

After her sudden turn to hatred for Manaki and her lying that both he and his father wanted her, I always got the feeling that it wasn't judt Venus' new independence that angered her, it was also jealousy over Manaki. And not just because of the visa, but Venus married someone who basically worships the ground she walks on. Margaret has NEVER had that kind of man or probably experienced mutual love.

No. 300430

so there was never any cease and desist. she just feared internet vigilantes reporting her… which she still should.

No. 300431

to be real, some here and at Pull talked about buying it. she knows it has value / is a power object. that's why she pulled it from sale and toted it around. 'unwashed' thanks for the creeper detail Mogre.

No. 300432

she is illegal actually - she's on a tourist visa which is for tourism only, yet is working in the YT space Tokyo as well as running this shop from right there in Tokyo.

No. 300434

If she had those boxes she put away with a "friend" right now, we'd be seeing all those clothes back on sale. I think this Swarovski is right off her wrist.

No. 300435

Venus never took it (and she did take things with her). I don't think it's as precious to her as it is to us spectators, and because of that, to Mogre.

No. 300436

lol at the guy with the bottle. on the run from the law?

No. 300437

Every man secretly wants Margo more than they would ever want Venus (or their own wife /partner). Mogre logic.

No. 300440

Margaret said it was a newer toy. I think she go it around the time they lived in The Netherlands. So maybe there's no direct emotional attachment to it.

No. 300441

A group of travelling young people having the time of their lives…

and a middle-aged, jobless, friendless Satanist who lives to destroy her daughter.

No. 300442


This is actually embarrassing. She looks haggard as all hell and could've birthed any one of these kids in the room.

No. 300443

>in preowned, unwashed condition
still trying to sell venus off as a fetish

No. 300445

File: 1473817463314.png (239.11 KB, 536x360, freethebunny2k16.png)

Will Bunny-san finally be free?

looool at maggot gaining weight. Since you know all the details about it, maybe you could use some gut removal surgery.

I don't think farmers there have that much self loath

Just imagine the smell of being sitting for months inside margo's suitcases

No. 300447

Suddenly I'm reminded of the time she was acting as the matchmaker for the Korean guy with the "big you know" that will cheat on you. Someone asked her if this guy was promised Venus as a wide to which Margo responded, "No one wanted to marry Venus."


No. 300451

I was the anon you replied to - thanks for clearing that up! I was always curious about storagegate but magoo talks so much shit it was hard to decipher what was going on. I'm surprised she even had swarovskis and it wasn't just made-up to make Venus look like some kind of evil jewel thief.

No. 300452

Where'd you get that pic, anon??

Those are the guys from YoutubeSpace. morge must have invited them over for a lil get-together, lol. How awkward for them to show up & find it's basically a plywood warehouse/storage room.

So she's DETERMINED to keep up this "I have everything VENOOS has!" front for the world. VENOOS will NOT WIN as long as she, Morge, continues to live in the promised land Japan and does everything VENOOS does. Look, she has good times with "friends"(cough*fellow hostel dwellers) and a YOUNG CUTE 'BOYFRIEND!' And now she's trying to worm her way in with the Tokyo Youtubers so she can be in the same Youtuber group as VENOOS and be a Japanese Youtuber just like VENOOS.

Only catch is that darn visa thing. Oh and the no $$ thing too. Oh well…it's ALL ABOUT THE IMAGE for these malfunctioning units.

She is getting hella pudgy tho, kek

No. 300453

I don't like roaches and don't want lice. Also don't like the smell of unwashed rabble.

I'm still amused by maggot's letters to the j vloggers.

>you watched me have a public freak out online for weeks

>I'm obviously psychotic, but that aside
>it would be an excellent idea to give me a cut of your profits
>and give me access to your SNS accounts, where I pick fights with people and make you look like an unstable, dangerous lunatic too
>what could go wrong?

Also loving Zsu's recent IG pics. She has such a fulfilling life, while maggot had two sets of worn clothes and neet dick.

No. 300455

The black guy looks like he doesn't want anyone to know he's there.

No. 300456


Found it here: http://e-guest.jp/en/detail/index/tokyo/1602/

I don't think they are from YouTube Space. You can bring people with you to collaborate as long as they fill a form. They are probably Margo's roommates.

No. 300458

File: 1473826362553.png (20.71 KB, 511x144, Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 9.12…)

Who wants to be Margo's been hustling up referrals to the max?

No. 300459

File: 1473826673642.png (228.63 KB, 452x270, Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 9.16…)

May as well get all the Margo photos on here.

Those dudes she brought to YT Space are totally other hobos who pay $300 / month to live in a plywood cubicle, packed 30 to a dorm.

No. 300460

File: 1473826687281.png (202.79 KB, 357x272, Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 9.16…)

No. 300461

>other hobos

C'mon anon, they are obviously just the regular sorts of young people one would normally find in similar hostel-type hotels. Margo stands out as the exception.

No. 300462

Sure, some of them are. But remember there are two separate Tetris House facilities: one for travelers / short term, and the other for monthly / long term stays. Margo's house is for those who pay monthly. Now that can include students on a semester abroad, foreign interns / foreign workers on a short term assignment, etc. But this place is a step up from a mangakissa, so it's gonna collect other hobos as well.

No. 300463

File: 1473828983764.png (25.7 KB, 297x131, Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 9.51…)

Someone wants to buy the plastic case from Toy R Us (whyyyy)…

No. 300464

File: 1473829058795.png (24.77 KB, 300x138, Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 9.51…)

… and Margo is still trying to convince people that the shipping is totes legit and worth it, as she did back in March / April (when she first had this "genius" idea)

No. 300471

Am I the only one who thinks $330 a month is kind of steep for what it is? Sure it's cheap, but I've paid about that much for a nice apartment for a month, not a tiny plywood cubicle in a place with one tiny bathroom. Aren't there any other places somewhat around the area that could be temporarily rented for around that much? Seems awful.

No. 300472

It's Tokyo. It's not NYC / London / San Francisco rent levels, but a studio apartment will set you back $1500+ a month. A shared 2-3 bed apartment with roommates will be slightly less, but you should still expect to pay maybe $1k / month.

And, when you rent an apartment in Japan, you have to pay Key Money and Gift Money. Key money is a deposit you get back, but it's typically a large sum, like $10k+. Then there's the gift money, which is a literal gift for your landlord, which you give them for allowing you to rent the place. As it's a gift, you never see that money again.

So yeah, $330 / month is dirt cheap living in Tokyo.

No. 300473

She's also trying to do a model post. Hand on hip, butt out and facing toward the camera, looking over her shoulder… She no doubt thinks that her sad, fat ass is sexy.

No. 300474


Damn, this is some redneck-garage-sale-level shit. "$5 for this empty Triscuit box! It was ~~limited edition~~."

No. 300475

Meth head sidewalk sale, or shit they brig down to the pawn shop; "how much for this broken radio?? what about these paper plates??"

No. 300479

Looll, the girl far back is her "roommate"

No. 300480

Ha, you're right! The one Margo lamented had to go back to school, because she doesn't have anyone to play with. Too bad for Margo she cant just isolate her little friends like she could with Venus.

Even with the language barrier, she's got to be incredibly creepy after a bit. I'd LOVE to her from one of her Tetris roommates.

No. 300481


We all know the outcome of those parties cof half naked guys whipping each other cof

No. 300483

Nah it's one for tourists, one for Japanese. Margo is at the tourist place (Jujo) , where you can pay nightly or monthly.

>I run 2 TETRIS House in Tokyo - Jujo and Asakusa. Jujo's house is guest house for tourists. Asakusa's house is share house for Japanese residents.

No. 300484

Margo needs the itinerant life that Airbnbs or in this case, a shitty hostel, offer. She's drawn to it. That's one reason why she didn't stay in Seoul despite the way Venus set her up there (apartment, tuition, visa).

No. 300485

Margo is at the long term residential one, there's no restriction on who can stay there - just that you pay monthly versus nightly / weekly.


Margo's in these photos. The site is promoting the long term residential one. Many people are Japanese, but not everyone. They don't have a residential or racial requirement to stay at the monthly house.

No. 300486

File: 1473845827329.png (522.49 KB, 1059x571, Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 2.35…)

Margo deleted the "boyfriend" photo - too many people said he looked like Mana.

She also put more shit up on the site.

No. 300487

File: 1473846068096.jpg (26.22 KB, 552x414, FB_IMG_1473845986796.jpg)

Don't think this has been posted here yet.

No. 300488

File: 1473846081175.png (645.27 KB, 1065x581, Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 2.38…)

Totally new! Definitely never worn by Margo in a video where she dances like a maniac, sweating in said dress.

Glad to know Jasmin's money went to such a good cause - like buying Margo a temp dress only to have her (attempt to) fence it for more cash.

No. 300489

File: 1473846388118.png (493.73 KB, 1182x537, Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 2.45…)

And look who's trying to fence a brand new necklace.

Do we think it was left behind by another guest? Or was this a gift from Yukio?

No. 300490

File: 1473846486602.png (287.65 KB, 1309x340, Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 2.44…)

Mags is also selling her goth gear. I cannot believe she lugged this shit around with her on her 7 country multi continent tour with 2 suitcases. Between these and the 20kg weights, it's no wonder she only has 2 shirts.

No. 300491

File: 1473846762846.png (515.07 KB, 1092x564, Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 2.49…)

WTF? First, this doesn't even look like turquoise. Second, you can get an overpriced turquoise bead bracelet for $30 on etsy - and that's etsy, you can buy that same shit for $3 on ebay.

Where does she even get this ugly shit?

No. 300492

At the time when the video came out there was some discussion about if this dress was second hand. The weird tab on the back made it look like it was too big for her and she had it pinned back to make it fit.
But, looks like we were wrong, Its a "Totally new dress".

No. 300493

Her taste is so schizophrenic and demented.

No. 300494

>selling an opshop dress you've already worn as 'new'

No. 300499

File: 1473849891739.jpg (261.57 KB, 582x572, BFFs.jpg)


My guess is gift from Yukio. This pic is from Margos mini holiday. Its the only pic I've seen where shes worn it.

No. 300501

when margo first started selling venus' stuff I scammed one item from her. She sent it, I made a claim that I didn't get it, got my money back + the item. whoops. not even sorry.

No. 300502

this dress is iconic!

No. 300503

"blue stones" thanks for the detail mogre

No. 300504

Margo's the type of woman to drag a fellow into a jewellery shop asap.

No. 300505

So someone on PULL bought the bunny. Azabyrinth states he was going to buy it too with the 'intent to return it to Venus'.
Why don't people get that it's not some childhood treasure. It's a stuffed rabbit she got, iirc, in South Korea. That's it.

No. 300506

If Venus wanted to keep it, she would have taken it with her.

Its suprising Az would say that. Caps?

No. 300507

Buy it, aye… to get Venus' address so his goddessu can stalk them all over again.

I'd say it's too stupid to believe, but then he swallowed Maggot's story so idk

No. 300508

Is there any kind of definitive timeline compiled for this shit anywhere? I've been gone for a bit and no longer understand such terminology as "MARGOS PIZZA SLICE AIRBNB HOBO INCIDENT". Where can I find the omnibus?

No. 300510


This incident was a negative air bnb review from Mags' breif trip to England. She left pizza boxes behind and was generally disrespectful.

I agree, we need a timeline.
Any anons willing to wade through all the threads and make one? Pretty please?

No. 300511

>Sam & Farzana
>Did a last minute booking. Although we allowed her to check-out an hour after the actual check-out time, she did not leave the room in a good state. She also left her pizza box and unwashed dishes in the kitchen, totally disrespecting our private kitchen. Apart from all these, she was OK
sauce: https://www.airbnb.com.au/users/show/1273227

I'd be interested to contribute (if it's needed or wanted). But I can't be the prime author as I'm knee-deep in real life drama.

No. 300512


You can only fit so much in a boot of a car though so she would have to leave some stuff whether she wanted to or not

No. 300515


aahh she is selling that ugly, tacky necklace with the heart-shaped pendant.

she really needs that money and that gives me the vibe that she def won't return home at the 18th and wants to stay the longest she can until visa runs out.

No. 300516

stop projecting about the rabbit toy. venus might not ever want to see it again, has that occurred to you? buy it yourself and post it to her. my money's on it going in the trash immediately.

No. 300517

I still can't get over Margo dragging those weights around with her. As often as this woman has moved around the globe you'd think she would've learned how to pack by now.

No. 300519

his intent was most likely to make himself a sex toy

Well actually genuine turquoise comes in several shades of blue, the peacock green blue is the most commonly seen though


No. 300520

Forgot to add, dyed howlite often used as imitation so yeah there's still the posibility that bracelet isn't genuine turquoise

No. 300521

fighting the good fight, anon

No. 300523

tbh I for real thought I wouldn't get it since it took forever and she was flying all over the place and then just didn't see a reason to give the money back to the Kappa. HA

No. 300524


what did you buy?

No. 300525

Obviously not gonna tell so she won't get receipts here. Don't want to get in trouble.

No. 300526

Did she rage out on you when you got the money back?

No. 300527


>Pearls and crystals

KEK. All I see is plastic beads and…larger plastic beads.

No. 300528

LOL this really doesn't look like turquoise, more like ceramic.

>>Second, you can get an overpriced turquoise bead bracelet for $30 on etsy

To be fair, that's probably not real turquoise (for those size beads). Most 'turquoise' is imitation as >>300520 said

No. 300529

>>$330 per month can get you an apartment

Where is this magical place?

No. 300530

flyover states in the middle of bumfuck no where im sure

No. 300531

File: 1473871151844.jpg (391.74 KB, 900x600, pr_img_105_collar1_img_0065.jp…)

I'm still learning about gemstones and minerals so I might be wrong but, it also does look like larimar stone to me. There's a bunch of fake larimar in the market anyways so Morge's bracelet beads could be anything.

No. 300532

>>I run 2 TETRIS House in Tokyo - Jujo and Asakusa. Jujo's house is guest house for tourists. Asakusa's house is share house for Japanese residents.

Can you explain how you get into running Tetris houses? Sounds very interesting.

No. 300534

File: 1473871861777.gif (2.04 MB, 271x379, 1466821057631.gif)

>Totally new dress
Totally! I just had to repost this pic.

No. 300536

damn it looks even more cheaper in the close up pic

also, what pearls?

No. 300540

File: 1473877016356.png (46.88 KB, 315x307, Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 11.1…)

Margo will write you a certificate of authenticity to "prove" one of her new new random plushies was previously own by Venus (lolwut) and is pissed someone called her out on the "new" condition of the dress.

What the fuck does "new" mean to you, Margo? To other people, it means "never fucking wore it, never took the tags off; has no odors or stains or wrinkles or any kind of wear".

No. 300542

File: 1473877180366.png (53.6 KB, 307x340, Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 11.1…)

Oh my god. 41 years old and bragging about getting free VIP seating at a club (which, lets be real, is Margo sitting alone in front of a Moet advertisement display.) She really has no idea how pathetic she is.

No. 300543

File: 1473877815166.png (290.22 KB, 373x500, Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 11.2…)

We got a nice long shot of Tetris House in one of Margo's photos of The Red Dress.

Wonder if those boxes in the background are part of her hoard (the infamous 17 boxes she left in Venus's storage for 6 months - cruel Venus, only paying: one month's rent, one semester's tuition, 6 months' storage fees, leaving behind her mac desktop and $5k camera for Margo, and likely, the remains of her Korean bank account. Truly cruel.)

No. 300544

for maggot new condition means no noticeable dandruff and leg hair all over it

No. 300545

I don't think she currently has access to the stuff she got from Venus' storage. A lot of those things that were up for sale originally aren't now. Like her swarovski bag and belt and I'm sure she didn't sell those things. Did she leave that stuff in Korea while she's been traveling around?

No. 300547

>>Did she leave that stuff in Korea while she's been traveling around?

That stuff was in Japan; I'm pretty sure she left it behind when she went from Korea - China - Canada - Korea - Germany - England. My guess is she went to storage, photo grapher the shit to sell, then putzed around, shifting things from box to box (as hoarders do - they're always "busy organizing" but somehow the piles just get shifted about) until she had to leave and the storage closing deadline came. Then Margo acted like Manaki was throwing all her belongings away with no warning, like a maniac - neglecting to mention that he paid for her storage for 6 months, and told her up front the unit would close by June 1st. She put off doing anything about it until her last week in Japan, when she found some suck to come pick up her 17 boxes and store them for her.

No. 300548

I vaguely recall she wanted someone to pick up her stuff at one point and possible ship it to her. I think this was after she had to leave Japan and was in Korea although I don't know if anyone actually did send her stuff to her. To be honest her whole timeline gets so damn confusing when I try to pinpoint where in the world she was at certain points, you might be right lol.

No. 300549

It's in the threads, but Margo definitely left behind her shit in Mana and Venus's Tokyo storage. Margo's last visa was up around the end of May; Margo's last few days in Japan were spent storming Venus's apartment; and it was only after she went back to Seoul that Margo began to cry publicly about Mana reminding her of the June 1 storage closing deadline. Margo'd had 4+ months to clean it out and never did it, and she asked instagram for someone to pick up the boxes, as she was no longer in Tokyo. Hamburg Jasmin confirmed that someone DID go get the boxes for her - but that since Margo stole 100 euro from her, she very much doubted Margo would be able to pay back the person who picked up the boxes, or keep her promise to send shipping money.

No. 300550

what are the chances Margo's mum paid to have the boxes shipped and/or stored?

No. 300551

So what's the story with Hamburg Jasmine anyways? These threads are such a shit show and fast moving that I totally missed that ordeal and can't find receipts.

No. 300552


In short: Margo returned to germany aftr her last SK trip and a too kind person on Insta offered Maggot to sleep at her place because she felt sorry for her. Maggo went there and used Jasmine to sleep there for cheap. She also borrowed 110 euro (?) from Jasemin, which she couldn't return (of course) because she was broke. So she Jasemin said that maggot wanted to give her the used matters and an old printer. Jasemin didn't wanted it and maggot said she was bullied by her and after that she traveled to london.

>Sorry when I forgot something ..

No. 300555

Also marge said she was feeling abused because she did some cleaning and feed her pet wile staying at Jassy's place

No. 300558

You're right!
I assumed that everyone in the teams at that Youtube Space event was a youtuber but no, apparently they could bring friends. How funny that ol' morge just showed up with 3 hostel-mates and they let her make a video, lol. No wonder I couldn't find any of them anywhere on Youtube!

Venus was teamed up with 3 actual Japanese youtubers tho.
this girl: https://www.youtube.com/user/3ulove

and this guy: https://www.youtube.com/user/mymen0601

and this guy: https://www.youtube.com/user/benriwaza

none of them has posted the video from that day tho. oh and btw, morge's video has like 5K views, hehee. Such fun to watch this vile creature fail so hard.

No. 300559

Margo was also rude to her. She made comments on her appearance and called her fat. She did that to someone who was letting her stay for free and lent her 110 euros.

No. 300560

Here's the link to when jassy came here to spill about mange. And she pretty much stole that €110 euro.


No. 300561


wow, I am amazed that she lent her that money. Anyone know if Margo paid it back?

No. 300562

no, she told Jassy to take an used mattress and a old printer as payment

No. 300563


and presumably she felt Jazzy should have really been paying her for the privilege of being able to help the glorious margoat.

She does kind of fascinate me, because she is completely without shame. She's so obnoxious and egotistical without a hint of awareness, it's almost admirable in how absolutely self-centered she is. All hail the nietzschean superkapa.

No. 300565

There's some new research out on how parts of the brain of narcissists is underdeveloped. She's quite literally mentally disabled. But I don't feel bad for laughing at her, she's way too vicious for that.

No. 300567


This makes me worry about what she capable of though.

No. 300572

I'm half tempted to buy this and find a way to send it back to Venus, but at the same time I don't want to give margo any money.

No. 300573

People went through that in the last thread but it seems pretty established that if Venus wanted it she would have taken it. It's not like it takes up sooo much space. I personally wouldn't bother, you're just giving Margo your cash for nothing.

No. 300574

Apparently someone already foolishly bought it. There's really no point to it since Venus is wise to never give out her address to some random stranger on the Internet. The buyer foolishly lined Maggot's hole filled pockets.

Ass Labyrinth wanted to buy it so he can "give it back to Venus" when we all know that all he intends to do is get her address so he can give it to the river hag.

No. 300575

>Ass Labyrinth wanted to buy it so he can "give it back to Venus" when we all know that all he intends to do is get her address so he can give it to the river hag.

I never even thought about that. Creepy.

No. 300576

File: 1473901304982.jpg (11.31 KB, 295x92, bunny.jpg)

It's officially sold, the hobo is now $90 richer.

No. 300577

File: 1473903730158.png (1.41 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160914-205141.png)

I don't see how that red dress could be anything but a used thrift store item. Where would you find that thing new? What store??

She might have a few boxes of crap at Tetris house (pic attached) but who knows what happened to all 17 boxes. On her old site she had shoes, bags, sweaters, dresses, all sorts of bulky crap for sale and I really doubt she sold much of it. Now it's mostly just her old crappy jewelry and the cheap crappy jewelry she picked up in Korea.

Speaking of tetris house, I don't see how it's legal to run a place with 2 bathrooms for 60 people. Don't they have health regulations over there? Aside from the fire code issue that's been brought up before.

And even if it is legal, how do people live like that?

No. 300578

>> I don't see how it's legal to run a place with 2 bathrooms for 60 people.

It's also not legal or up to fire / earthquake codes to triple stack 30 sleeping capsules made of plywood in a single, small room. This place is just being run under the radar. God forbid, if there were a fire or an earthquake, people in the place would be fucked.

No. 300579

File: 1473904240433.png (149.75 KB, 893x373, 1461306056687.png)

Please forgive me but curiosity got the best of me and I had to go through the older threads to see how much she was charging for the bunny originally.

I'm surprised she's not selling those little sponge animals.

No. 300580

This dress is straight out of 2005 at the earliest lol. I can't see it going for more than $15-$20 but hey, this is Midge who thinks everything is worth more because she wore it!

No. 300581

I've thought of reporting it but didn't because it's nice for us to know where she is. Otoh, if the milk grows stale and having that place shut down puts her in a tight spot where she starts screaming about boolies trynna kill her, that'd be fun too.

If we report it, chances are the authorities will give a fuck because in the run up to the 2020 olympics it would look really bad to have tens of foreign citizens killed in a hovel fire.

No. 300584

File: 1473908512928.png (21.74 KB, 324x125, Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 7.57…)

Margo confirms once again that Venus's bunny was sold - for fucking £90 - to some pulltard in the UK. The tard claims to be going to Japan later this year and intends to bring the bunny with for Venus.

Venus doesn't care about that bunny. The bunny was bait. Someone gave $180 usd to an abusive sociopath. I guess it remains to be seen whether Margo actually sends it - she's been offering it, taking it down, claiming it sold, and re-offering it for months, hoping Venus herself will bite.

No. 300585

File: 1473909655056.png (78.71 KB, 327x508, Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 8.19…)

Look who further confirms the Yukio story - expect she's ADAMANT she never fucked him. Whatever, Margo.

I went back a ways to her "what if I told you…" photo, she apparently continued the convo.

No. 300586

File: 1473909667785.png (47.82 KB, 322x275, Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 8.19…)


No. 300587

Classy. She sounds about 15, if that.

No. 300588

>no guy is worth fucking for stuff like cars…unless ur like homeless

Lmao! Is this spacebunnynews person a booly or a clueless follower?

No. 300589

>he saw me and asked for marriage on the first day!
Yeah bullshit. You are not that great of a catch, Margoat. The only way a man would propose marriage to her that quickly was if she sought him out specifically for it. I mean there's no way these two met by sheer chance, is there? There had to be some sort of arrangement/sugardaddy site involved for a rich older man with disposable cash and a nice car to get involved with her of all people.

No. 300590

Right? She's go the emotional maturity of a 12 year old. No one care what you do with your nasty old cooch, as long as you keep our retinas safe from it, and keep it away from your kid.

Clueless follower. And Margo got so incredibly smug about this while thing - like, because spacebunnynews was fawning, it only inflamed Margo's ego to the point Margo started ragging on the very person who was being complimentary to her ("oh, YOU'D fuck someone, huh??")

The hilarious thing is: Margo was and is homeless. She fucked this dude so as not to be homeless, because she won't get a job. That comment must've gotten to her.

No. 300591

In London, of all places. He was ther on holiday and she was desperate for a ticket back to Nippon. Arrangement sought, arrangement made: one week of her time for one ticket to Japan. Her "companionship" wouldn't cover shit - anyone who's met her finds out real quick how nasty she is - so there's only one way that worked.

And it ended with her leaving for Tokyo and posting a photo of flames superimposed over a house with some rant. Hmmm.

No. 300592

No. 300593

is she implying she has some kind of work, bringing people into some club in return for a commission? interesting…

No. 300594

File: 1473910801019.gif (1.04 MB, 290x189, image.gif)

>no guy is worth fucking for stuff like cars…unless ur like homeless

No. 300595

File: 1473911007009.png (810.8 KB, 925x592, Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 8.36…)

Flames photo for reference, right before Mags left her "companion" gig for Tetris House.

So, do we think she pulled a Left Eye Lopez?

Agreed. Sounds like someone's been hostessing, which has been the guess all along. Or, her young, pretty roommates are hostessing, and she's being dragged along as the discouraging mamasan / deflective bait ("heloooo, I am real mama of real Venoos Angelic! Come to my yooteroos, not in this young girl! I need visa!")

No. 300596

The photos are all being shot in Tetris House. You can see the tatami, the plywood table surface and the background as in >>300543. These are not old pics from the storage.

No. 300597

Manaki and Venus closed the storage and gave Marge a deadline to pick up. Marge put out a call for a friend to help store 17 or so boxes urgently in Japan. She was in Korea at the time and soon to leave for Germany. She couldn't leave the boxes with the Spanish chef because his house was 'being demolished' (lol I'll bet). A commenter hilariously suggested one of the jvloggers to her: Micaela or Sharla, I can't recall.

An anon from here got into a conversation with Margo about the deal. Margo wanted to store the boxes for several months and to be able to pay later, at pickup. While Margo didn't follow up with that person (who asked for payment in advance) we can assume she found another mark.

If Margo had access to the storage box hoard we'd be seeing all the clothes and toys from it on sale now. She doesn't have access right now, probably because she hasn't paid the person and has probably argued with them.

No. 300598

Yes, I know the current photos of objects are shot at Tetris House.

We're talking about the last batch of stuff she put up for sale. Those photos were not taken at Tetris House, because they were posted when she still lived with the spanish chef dude.

No. 300600

wow that is someone's hoard.

No. 300601

as always the truth is spilt from her own tongue. he bought your airfare confirmed, his name and location confirmed, thanks Mogre

No. 300602

That hoard has been in the background of several of Margo's photos. I doubt she got the 17 boxes back because she won't have been able to pay the person for them, but I don't doubt she had another hoard somewhere. Or that she didn't pick up one of her hoards in Seoul or London and bring it back with her. Narcs are bad enough, but narcs who hoard are unbearable - they shit they haul around, and they're not in the least embarrassed about it, like a regular hoarder. They expect others to pay for it, too.

No. 300603

>do we think she pulled a Left Eye Lopez?
ha ha ha ha no.

but maybe he had to go into hospital and that's when she dumped him?

No. 300604

jesus she's been toting a printer around so this does not surprise me.

No. 300606

No one went to that fucking hospital in Japan for godsake. That pic was just another random IG post by grandpa Ferenc that people here jump all over & take literally, like the egg rolling away one meant THE FAMILY HAD DISOWNED MARGE! and the prodigal daughter one HAD to mean marge was coming back to Hungary on Sept. 18!!

No. 300607

File: 1473913930445.gif (1.24 MB, 520x375, no need to be upset.gif)


No. 300609

File: 1473919007391.png (1.15 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160915-014528.png)

She revised this post a week or so ago to embellish her "I turned a rich old guy down" story. This is the original caption, from 8/28:

Interestingly, that's the same day Taylor posted her first 'lunch with Venus' vlog & marge's IG crew was going nuts all over Taylor's comments. Timing of this shit is always interesting..

No. 300610

File: 1473919720600.png (932.72 KB, 1100x1760, HNqmXqm.png)

And the new & improved version, revised about a week ago when a brand-new fan named 'spacebunnysomething' popped up to chat w/marge about it. Spacebunny appears to be a fake acct, created a few days prior to this with a bunch of scenery pics all uploaded within a few days, no real followers, the usual m.o. It's now private.

No. 300611

So what prompted this revelation? We didn't put the pieces together until a few days ago - and we id it without seeing her spell in out in this old, dead comment section.

And more importantly for a narc like Margo - how does she think this makes her look good? Margo wants to brag about conning a dude - but it's so apparent that she paid for a ticket with a week of sex. And even if she didn't fuck him (which she did), how does it make her look good to con an old man?

Seems like she's feeling very icky about what she's been doing. Shoving her Bizzaro Manaki one night stand into everyone's faces has been part of her trying to justify what she's done for money, I think.

She's escorted for at least a week, and not for some young handsome guy. If she is out at a "VIP area", she's likely hostessing. Her reality of being a homeless sex worker is starting to collide wth her fantasy of herself as jung, sexy, free spirit, world traveller.

No. 300612

File: 1473920368156.png (375.57 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160915-012726.png)

Comments on the post had died down, then up popped spacebunny, giving morge the chance to get her version of the story out. Another timing note: this happened right about the time someone posted poor Yukio's FB pic w/the blue Lexus here.

So now Morge turned down a lovesick suitor after getting him to pay her airfare, without even touching the D (eww.) I suspect she knew we were going to find out about the poor guy so she got out in front with her version of the story.

I'm about 99.9% sure it was poor Yukio who dumped her ass once she got to Japan.

No. 300613

It's an old sugarbaby line, anon: "I get all these Louboutins & Chanel bags from my old bf and all I do is go out to dinner with the guy! No sex, just my sexxy self."

No. 300615

can't wait to maggot turns into a even more failed and haggard version of sere

No. 300616

Ol' girl knew someone would post this shit on PULL as soon as it appeared on her IG, which of course someone did. She wanted to get her story out there lest anyone think it was her ass that got dumped when her mark got a whiff of her crazy. It was hamburg jassy 2.0 and marge doesn't want that out there.

LOL. She thinks she's slick but she's as transparent as a pane of glass.

No. 300617

I totally agree, something's up with all the #Roppongi #clubbing #VIP parties and hot young stud IG posts lately. But with that face AND all the weight she's gained, how much $$ could she be making? Apparently not much since she's selling hair scrunchies and opened jars of hair dye online and still living at tetris house, lol

No. 300618

File: 1473921473056.png (26.53 KB, 325x142, Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 11.3…)

Someone's reading through here tonight. She confirms that she shoved safety pins through that "NEW" dress.

Also sounds like she's feeling sensitive about being a fat fat fattie.

No. 300619

It won't be too huge for you soon, Margefat

No. 300620

She's probably not even making $70 per client. Really, we've seen her face without filters, has a dick crowning out of the middle of her face, small beady eyes, she has sausage hands with fingers that look like toes, she's getting tubby and her legs look grotesque. Fuck, I bet even Sere with her monster deformed fake tits had an easier time than Midge when she was in Japan as a prostitute.

No. 300621

File: 1473922867884.png (115.75 KB, 189x342, d868073b-44b1-4243-a294-ae970b…)

Those short chunky legs were gross even before she put on the weight.

No. 300623

File: 1473923178628.png (1.26 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160713-214852.png)

And we know what that unfiltered face looks like. idk, maybe she could hook some old men in a very, VERY dimly-lit bar, but..it's NOT gonna be big $$.

No. 300624

Don't forget the HAIR.
And that aroma of stale cigarettes & booze that likely emanates from her crusty carcass.

No. 300625

And leg air / soap scum crust. She's been sharing a single shower with 59 other people. One that you have to wait for, and pay to use. Chances are she's not washing herself often, and her clothes even less.

No. 300628

This is really random but today I was thinking maybe Margo uses Venus to get laid. I know i sound high (partly cause i am) but hear me out. I was thinking Margs may s ay things like "I'm the reel mutha of the reel Venoos Angeluc" to guys she meets. Maybe she even promises them; like the one from the after sex selfie to help him to inet fame or some shit. I just can't wrap my mind around why else any guy would want to get close to her stinky ass cooch.

No. 300629

She's used V as bait for years. Narc moms use their daughters as bait all the time - but also see their kids as sexual competitors. They want the daughter to be pretty, because OF COURSE they made a pretty daughter, and, they need to be prettier than her. So begins a lifelong one sided competition where the mom tries to be younger and prettier than her daughter, which is impossible, which makes the mom hate the kid/s.

Venus used to say some sad, strange shit about her mom's last boyfriend in London, the rasta dude. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Margo promised any man who'd stay with her dibs on creepy shit with V. Including her "boyfriend"'s best friend in Seoul, who seemed genuinely shocked in those texts that Venus wasn't going to get with him. It was pretty clear he'd been promised otherwise by someone - and since Venus was polite but firm, and he was surprised, it had to be Margo. That would be the dude Margo claim's Venus "cheated" on Mana with. The one Mags published evidence of Venus politely rejecting.

No. 300630

I don't know how narcs work but how does Margo get young bucks into bed when she no longer has her daughter to entice them with? I suspect alcohol is involved but who would hire her as a hostess?

No. 300631

sorry for sounding like the sperg-chan from the venoos thread, but I doubt V is that well known among the average hostess bar patrons.

No. 300632

Venus probably doesn't play into anything but her sob story these days - or her tale of a future payday. She's been telling people V makes $15k usd / month, and that it all rightfully belongs to her. Some young host hustler might fuck her if he thought she'd become his sugar mama (which would all fall apart when he finds out she's another full of shit hustler).

In regards to customers - well, there are older gaijan hunters who get desperate. Margo's last dude was 20+ years older than her, not attractive, and apparently very lonely. Combine those things with booze, and she's got herself a small market. Not a very glam one, which is what she wants, but she can get by if she's willing to lower herself.

There's also the dudes who like to be degraded. Getting fucked and yelled at by a haggard, ugly, fat, homeless, old soviet wooman is pretty degrading.

No. 300634

Alcohol and dim lighting, anon. VERY dim.

No. 300635

Okay, I need to hear from some anons w/expertise in this area. What sort of place would hire her old saggy wrinkled ass? Anyone from Sere's thread? I'm weirdly fascinated and horrified by this. I NEED TO KNOW. Help me, someone.

No. 300636

Simmer down anon. unlike the egg and sept 18 images, the hospital pic was never explained. I'm saying "maybe" so I'm not even asserting it as fact.

In the meantime, feel free to come up with your own explanation of why he posted a pic of Shizuoka Mountain Hospital, a hospital town where Yukio lives (or is close by to) and where Marge was staying with him.

No. 300639

A lot of sex workers are very ugly without filters and a truck load of make up, because if you're pretty, unless you're a complete trainwreck in other ways (meth addict &/or completely retarded) you'll always be able to find other work.

For many men, a warm hole is a warm hole, that's why rapists rape everything from boys over goats to grannies.

No. 300641

Not familiar with the logistics of hostess places just with the pop culture of it but I'd imagine anyone desperate for a cut of her cash would hire her. Hell her ode to Venus dress looks the hostess dresses you see in dramas all the time. I did wonder how she got a dress that was too big for her if she shopped for it herself. Doesn't seem like something she'd do given how she likes her stuff skintight.

No. 300643

I figured it was too big because she got it second hand and she picked out that one because its "elegant".

No. 300644

Given that there's two bathrooms for sixty people, it would be an excellent idea to send tetris house a bucket of sugar free gummi bears.

Maybe he went to the hospital because she broke his penis with her manhands, all thumbs as she is. #JusticeForYukio

No. 300645

they probably dont know who she is but i'm sure margot shows guys pictures of her "cute famous daughter" on her phone, or shows them her videos and points to the millions of views like "see how popular she is? im her manager"

No. 300647

It's not that hard to get into the VIP section of a club if you have basic social skills. She probably met someone in the smoker's area and went to hang out with them. The biggest thing about clubbing is paying for alcohol at its huge markup.

No. 300648

yeah but she says she gets in for free and can get her friends in for free. whether that is called 'hostessing' or she just gets a pathetic kickback for bringing hostel guests in to the club, she's working it seems.

No. 300649

>all thumbs as she is. #JusticeForYukio
kek, anon. mystery solved.

No. 300668

Sooo who is this woman?
I don't follow her(lurk more.)

No. 300669


are you serious

No. 300670

>And more importantly for a narc like Margo - how does she think this makes her look good? Margo wants to brag about conning a dude - but it's so apparent that she paid for a ticket with a week of sex. And even if she didn't fuck him (which she did), how does it make her look good to con an old man?

Because if she told the truth, that she's just banging someone for gifts, plane tickets, etc. It's not really any different than banging someone for money (i.e. Whoring)

But this way, (in her narc logic) it makes her seem desirable. "I'm so hot that guys just shower me with expensive gifts and trips just so they can be near me.."

That's why she has to stress that there was "no sex" because then she's just a whore, and that too much like reality for her.

No. 300671

if you are for real, then there are more than one thread to read through to get your own info

No. 300672

If you'd really like to know, scroll back in the catalog for 1 year and start with the thread called "VENUS ESCAPED".

We stopped putting the main intro in after 8 months of threads; but even if you go back 3-4 threads there will be a pastebin link in the OPs explaining how this woman's daughter, YouTuber Venus Angelic, moved in with her husband, which made her mom and former manager (Margo) go completely out of her mind. Margo is still going out of her mind 9 months later, stalking her daughter in Japan.

No. 300673

>9 months later

I can't believe its been that long, and Margo is still at it. I thin kthe only way for her to sort of chill the fuck out if she is perma kicked from Japan.

No. 300674


yeah it will be soon a year when shit hit the fan. I couldn't believe what the hell was happening. Such wild ride.

No. 300675


If she's hostessing though, she's working illegally right? Even if she's working for her stay at the Tetris house she won't have a visa for that. Could someone report her to immigration?

No. 300676

Immigration won't give a fuck unless she commits a violent crime, at least for now.

She works illegally / dodges taxes, which will cause them to care eventually - especially in the run-up to the Tokyo Olympics, but that's 4 years from now. For now, we just have to wait and see whether she gets back in after her current via expires, which should by around Oct 15th. She has to go somewhere, and we know she can't afford any more plane tickets on her own. So she'll need to hustle cash from a john before then, or from one who's taking a business trip and agrees to let her come along. It'll likely be another quick turnaround trip to Seoul, but those are the most suspect to Japanese immigration (because it's super obvious what you're doing with 1-2 day trips to Seoul every 90 days.)

No. 300677

Seems like not long ago was the day we all realized shit got real when Maggs showed up at Venus' door demanding to get inside.

No. 300678


It happened with Sere, I can't wait till it happens with Morgue <3

No. 300679

That's actually the last time Venus spoke of her mother publicly, and it was because Mana posted first, incredibly freaked out (he was the only who had the actual face to face, Venus wisely didn't answer the door when she couldn't see who rang on the video comm.)

Margo wails about how Venus torments her daily with harassment, when their entire interaction since January has been:

* 2 insta posts explaining why her photos / captions were changing (she was still trying to get Margo off her accounts) and what happened at the airport
* 2 videos responding to the vitriol Margo lobbed at her; Venus completely stayed out of Margo's rage for the first 2 weeks.

* 1 insta post about Margo's blackmail demand of $3k/month and how neither she nor Mana's family could afford such a thing, even if she wanted to pay Margo
* 1 insta post about Margo storming her apartment

That's it. And for the last 4 months, not one word has she spoken about her mother, even in the face of the vexxed interview (Venus asked for contributions of an explanation vid of her own, but didn't mention Margo and wisely dropped it and let the stupid die down.) Apparently, Margo considers Venus's 2 videos about leaving home and being hacked by Margo DAILY CONTINUOUS HARASSMENT!!1!!

But basically, Margo considers Venus ignoring her and living her own life to be a fate worse then death - being ignored IS death to a narcissist, they have no sense of self without someone to praise them, or a person to take the narc's abuse.

No. 300682

Regarding the whole Margoat being a possible hostess thing, other anons have said she has a bad habit of accusing Venus of things she herself is actually guilty of?

Didn't she accuse Venus of being a hostess with an oddly specific location included saying that's how Venus made her money?

No. 300683

Yes she did accuse venus of being a hostess back when this all started.

No. 300686


Is that true? I remember from the old days of LJ EGL when Ro-ren worked in Japan as a hostess, when Japanese authorities realised she was working on a teaching visa as a hostess she was put in a detention centre for a while, deported and has since never been able to return to Japan. I have heard of other cases related to hostessing where they do deport people for working illegally too.

No. 300687

did margo delete all of the photos on her instagram?

No. 300690

No, she's deleted or blocked you.

No. 300692

>Apparently, Margo considers Venus's 2 videos about leaving home and being hacked by Margo DAILY CONTINUOUS HARASSMENT!!1!!

Yes, she does. She said on one of her instagram comments that her videos still being up count as daily harassment because they can be viewed daily. (Margo logic)

No. 300707

Yeah, NO SEX and SHE dumped HIM. Those are the two things she wanted to get out there, before someone ferreted out Yukio's info.

No. 300714

File: 1473981682684.png (473.12 KB, 934x593, Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 4.19…)

Looks like Mags will have some more rage fodder shortly. Maybe we'll get to see Hobo Manaki again for her next veedeeoo where she teeches us about liiiife, specifically: how to be a homeless sex worker living in a filthy plywood squat.

No. 300733

It's been 2 weeks since the #Youtuber's last video. Guess she's been busy w/her new line of ~~work.~~

No. 300738

I'd figure Margaret would work at a blow job bar or oppai bar before hostess club. Blowjob bars often employ older, fat and not-so-pretty women. Besides, part of the appeal of a hostess is the conversation and charisma that keeps customers coming back. Margaret can't speak Japanese and is barely understandable in English. What could she possibly offer that a younger, prettier and more fluent woman can't?

No. 300743

Sere had an ex-husband who reported her ass though.

No. 300744

Yes, they will definitely care about working illegally. However, we don't have the name of the club or the title of the role she's in. A vague statement on insta is not enough.

No. 300745

She's selling an open jar of hair dye. I don't think she's earning anything really through this hostessing gig. Just some crumbs for taking a few marks to the club.

No. 300746

If she would be dedicated about sucking dick she's probably make out fine. But narc-logic tells her she's too good for that.

No. 300748

Marge is way too young and HOT (in her twisted lil mind) to stoop to such a thing, for sure.

No. 300847

Why though would she resort to demeaning herself like that when she could teach English as a second language (you don't always need qualifications to do so)/ It would surely be a better life than jumping from bar to beds.

No. 300848

marge the riverhag teach ESL? You're trolling, right??

No. 300849

File: 1474110560099.jpg (261.22 KB, 250x138, cnpHyMd.jpg)

>when she could teach English

Asslabyrinth, is that you?

No. 300851

File: 1474113572021.jpg (51.48 KB, 549x620, ghyt.JPG)

Nice find, I see they have extra photos from this. They actually have the foreigner's rooms separate from the Jap's rooms kek.
Margo is getting desperate to meet the 33,000 ~ 33,000 yen/month to keep living there.

No. 300853

That was my first thought too, lol

No. 300855

Yeah, times are tough in margeworld. That $59.99 red polyester thriftstore dress with the plastic crystal trim hasn't sold yet, nor has the $9.99 opened jar of hairdye or the $1.79 hair scrunchies. I can't understand why, shipping is only 18 bucks.

No. 300856

100%, has to be

No. 300858

I wish maggot would make another morning routine video in her current hobo shelter place. This would be interesting to watch tho.

No. 300859


lol "you don't need qualifications" for it?

yes she could teach the Margoese dialect because no one fucking understand her atrocious english

No. 300860

ikr? And German-speaking anons have said her German is shitty too. Hamburg jassy said she couldn't understand what she was saying half the time.

No. 300862

She was teaching Yukio the language of lurve, so she's qualified.

No. 300863

I p sure even the most lax places demand that you're a native english speaker. I think it needs to be your first language kind of thing so mogre doesnt have a hobo peg leg to stand on.

Also I'm p sure that you have to be able to speak/write a certain level of english or everyone would work as an english teacher there.

No. 300865

Me too, I loved the awful royalty free music in the first one.


No. 300866


No. 300870

that crusty toaster oven.

No. 300884

LEGHAIR. Then she washed her face with it. I'm scarred for life.

No. 300892

this time would be featuring a naked host dude because she has to outdo whatever Wenoos does.

>yoo're meeking veedoes wiz oor hoosban? I'LL DOO THEM WIZ MY TOTALLY NOOT FAKE BOIFREN

No. 300894

I just listened to a podcast about Joan Crawford constantly trying to outshine her adopted daughter. At one point the daughter got the flu while starring in a soap opera, so 60 year old Joan Crawford insisting on playing her 25 year old daughter's character. Reminded me so much of Maggot donning Venus' clothing and doing those horrendous dances. She's so fucking embarrassing.

Saged for some slight OT faggotry but the shoe fits, Narcs are forever.

No. 300895

That's the dynamic exactly - except that Margo's never been famous or talented. From the very beginning, after Venus has a couple viral videos (no help from mummy, Mags) Margo shoved her own gigantic nose in front of the cameras on the premise of "managing" her daughter. She was so, so convinced that if people just saw her, they'd drop interest in Venus in a hot second. It's always been, and still is, inconceivable to Margo that anyone could find Venus prettier, smarter or more interesting than her. You'd think she's learned after the years of seeing evidence to the contrary, but no, Margaret has to double down on her delusion each time.

The Joan Crawford situation was horrible because the mom did actually have talent and beauty, which was wielded like a weapon over her kids - they'd never be as good, but they'd be punished for not trying. And then have their efforts ridiculed. Margo has every bit as much hubris as Crawford did - but with no substance behind it.

No. 300898

And now I want to watch Mommie Dearest but I've been putting that off so I don't draw anymore nightmarish theories about how mad Marge might've been in private if she's this vile in public.

No. 300901

ha ha but who do we remember, Joan! or really, Faye Dunaway overacting as Joan.

No. 300902

it's a camp classic anon, totally overacted. do it for the absurdity.

No. 300905

Do it. It's on Hulu.

No. 300906

I've heard Whatever Happened to Baby Jane mentioned as well in reference to Marg. Should I add that to the list? And I had forgotten about Hulu.

No. 300907

Sure, that's great, too! Baby Jane is an aged former child star, whose beautiful sister became a successful adult before having a terrible car accident that left her paralyzed. The beautiful sister is doomed to be "cared for" - and abused by - the ever more deranged Jane, who cannot let go of her youth.

Maybe we can set up a movie night on this thread - Baby Jane, Mommy Dearest, and Tangled would all be great.

No. 300911

Baby Jane is another camp classic. Mental.

No. 300913

File: 1474175799473.png (44.71 KB, 317x269, Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 10.1…)

LOOOL Margo's now claiming that the hair dye - which she herself listed as "2/3 full" and used in a fucking video that she posted - is not "used" it's "open and that it's totally worth it to buy her used Manic Panic for $10 plus $20 shipping because Manic Panic costs $27 in Japan.

My fucking sides.

No. 300914

Maggot should know it actually costs only 21 dollaroos in Japan, maggot. Bought it for 2100 yen at Tokyu Hands. Amazon Japan has it as low as 1777 yen, and no one sells it used and opened, because no one is that disgusting.

No. 300915

File: 1474176847009.png (320.17 KB, 813x490, Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 10.3…)

Yep, it's STILL LISTED as opened and 2/3 full. Which makes this product used, Margo. Because you used it. In a video.

Like, how does she just decide that words have entirely new meanings, and then demand that other people also use this previously unknown definition of words like "new"?

Same with the red dress - her wearing it while dancing in a video, and pinning up the straps, is somehow also new and unworn. She wore it; and danced in it; and filmed herself wearing it and dancing in it; but somehow, it's never been worn and is new.


No. 300916


I didnt watch the video but didnt she dye her hair green? So, some other hair dye.

Still, this is opened, therfore its used. Eiw.

No. 300917

She tried to dye it blue using this dye- but it came up green because her hair is a brassy mess. Yellow + blue = green.

No. 300918

Perfect Blue as well. We need this playlist to happen.

No. 300919

It's got the damn finger swipes in it. Margo pls.

No. 300920

And where the fuck did the other 1/3 of the product do if it's opened, but not used??

No. 300921

File: 1474178589662.png (262.28 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-09-18-07-58-39…)

Nope, she used the same hair dye she wants to sell as open but unused.

No. 300923

Can you share a link to this? Like I got genuinely interested in what the sleeping capsules really look like….

No. 300924

Expedia shows them at their grim best.

The place is pretty new - built last fall - but those unfinished plywood boxes absorb liquids, grime and smells. They and the unremovable nailed in cloth curtains have got to be sodden with filth at this point.

No. 300925

margo's mental olympic games be like


No. 300926

oh my god it's even worse than I thought. everything seems so dangerous

No. 300927

For the anons who doesn't speak spanish, there's a translation of a story named The incredible and sad tale of innocent Erendira and her heartless Grandmother.The Grandma reminds me of Marge in several ways

>obsessed with the money their descendants "owe" them and not going to stop until they pay the very last cent

>travel around carrying large amounts of useless stuff
>emotional abusers extraordinaire
>narc lunatics who refuse to let go their withered youth
>want to live lavishly without raising a finger

among several other things


No. 300932

So it's the 18th Sep. No new pics on maggot's Insta account but I doubt that she will go home.

No. 300936

It would be kind of hilarious more than tragic if this lunatic's grand odyssey ended in an epic burn, like a barbeque accident.

No. 300938

File: 1474195594817.jpg (1.32 MB, 1430x2074, Screenshot_20160918-204504.jpg)


No posts, she probably got food poisoning from her raw fish, sorry I mean totally legit and very expensive sashimi

No. 300943

of course nothing is going to happen on today because its the fucking date of a church group meet up and has nothing to do with margot or her family in any way shape or form. the old man just found an image that mentioned the prodigal son and put on the word "daughter" because he wishes margot would come to her senses and come home. the fact that any of you really thought it was some cryptic message about her coming home on the 18th boggles my fucking mind.

No. 300949

Did she not post this before and delete it? Back when she had food with that porn photographer?

No. 300956

Nah, that was ramen.

No. 300958

I like how she seems to be shifting the blame onto the hair dye. Manic panic is trash but anyone with a basic knowledge of dye or just color theory could have told her it was gonna turn green. But it was obviously the dye's fault! But wait it's in perfect unused condition now gimme $$$ for it

God, the mental gymnastics are exhausting third hand. I can't imagine living with this woman.

No. 300962

Settle down there, sally. Margo's been very quiet for 3-4 days. She may not being going home right now, but she's def. not proud of whatever IS going on. Otherwise she'd be shoving her #japantrip in our faces 24/7.

Venus and Mana made another video together, which out to cause some fireworks as soon as they release it.

No. 300972

I'd rage myself into an aneurysm if I lived with Mad Marge. She's too stupid to deal with. Top that off with a huge helping of crazy? NOPE! I feel sorry for her roommates.

No. 300985

I think the wacko is just on a downswing in her behavioral cycle & going into a semi-depressive phase, she cycles up & down like the crazy mf she is. Although she could well just be flat out of money and on her way home to momma margitka too, if anons here are right about her child support $$ ending. I can't see margitka supporting her life in Japan on a long-term basis, surely even an enabler like her has some limits.

No. 300986

Meanwhile back on Youtube, Venus hit 2M views on that damn washing my face video…4,000+ views ago.

No. 300990


That sounds like fun honestly

No. 301025

I was chimping out about sticking to facts in these threads and I got a caution, basically (I think there's a bit of bleed between frequent posters and farmhands in this thread at times). So when I was making this OP I thought, what the hey, I'll lighten up and take something on face value. Turns out it wasn't based on any fact at all. Live and learn.

No. 301069

File: 1474326431861.png (68.56 KB, 321x523, Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 3.55…)

Saged for slightly off topic: Do we still have that anon in Margo's "insta friends advice group"? I don't recall ever seeing this commenter be an active stan, but they made comments on 2 separate photos about how they're unfollowing her, and mocking Margo's use of slang.

I wonder what happened. However quiet Mags has been this week, I;m sure she's still working away in messages.


No. 301070

File: 1474326445990.png (70.15 KB, 324x534, Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 3.55…)


No. 301087

Ass labyrinth making a tit out of himself as usual. This sounds like the incoherent ramblings of a child.

No. 301089

I thought that group fizzled? I remember that anon saying it was dead. Margo probably formed a new one with the hardcore group of psychos, asslabyrinth, mimii, chuface, queenjuhina.

No. 301091

It's mainly Az, j.oz_(formerly juhina) and a new crazy le_Vie_en_Ross. Az has been rambling over on PULL.Mimi and Chu don't seem to check in much but follow each other plus le_Vie. Az is hilarious with all his shit.smh

No. 301093

Ass Labyrinth doesn't understand shit about how citizenship works: in Japan or his country, oh my fucking god.

No. 301095

Maybe the Maggot flew back to Hungary, becoming what she predicted for her daughter: a homeless prositute?

No. 301096

I kinda doubt it though. She will be dragged back there kicking and screaming from her cool hobo dorm lyfe as a jvlogger.

No. 301102

Huh. No posts at all from Margo for 4 days - this is pretty unusual. If it wasn't for her insisting that her crackhead sale items are shipping via Japan Post, I'd say we should give the "Margo going back to Hungary" idea more credence.

Certainly she's brooding, whatever she's up to.

No. 301147

Passed out drunk somewhere would be my guess.

No. 301150

Or another transient Tetris hobo stole her phone and without Venus' $3000 ~ $15,000 income she really can't afford a new one.

No. 301151

OR SHE'S DEAD. Hallelujah!

No. 301152

This sounds kinda evil but if she's dead that would be better for everyone involved. Her family don't have to deal with her, Venus can live in peace without Mags airing dirty laundry and nudes online constantly, nobody stalking Venus… And she won't harass random strangers or lonely 60 year olds anymore… She's a lost cause, it's for the best.

No. 301153

File: 1474462783898.png (193.99 KB, 1439x1019, 20160921_135834.png)

Seems she probably is in Japan as this person bought stuff from her. Could also have gotten one of her 'friends' to have shipped it though

No. 301154

Doesn't she have a laptop for editing the videos though?

No. 301155

Doesn't she have a laptop for editing the videos though?

No. 301156

Not if that got stolen too. It's all speculation right now, but she could have been kicked out of tetris house for covering everything in leg hair. I hope she has to sleep on convenience floors again. It's September, the roaches are at their largest size.

No. 301157

>It's September, the roaches are at their largest size.
so poetic

No. 301158

File: 1474467738682.jpg (71.2 KB, 676x166, capture-20160921-101027.jpg)

Meanwhile… azlabyrinth is leaving helpful, almost 'friendly' comments in Venus' IG.

No. 301161

Margo sent chu_face and mimii to do the same (leave nice comments for V) around 3-4 weeks ago, when Venus dyed her hair. But it was more obvious, they were both love bombing V, telling her how much her mother loved her, and how her mom said her hair was "such a beautiful ash color" and why is she dying it, etc.

After Margo fried Venus's hair every month for YEARS like a total schizo, like she does to her own hair now.

No. 301166

Why the fuck would anyone buy anything from her? Serious question

No. 301167

I hope Grandpa Ferenc took away her internet access.

No. 301170

Okay so here is my theory! What if grandpa said yes to give Margo shelter but she had to follow HIS rules like no internet for two weeks and something…

No. 301171

that sounds like a 40 year old being grounded

No. 301172

marge probably just ran out of credit. if only she could sell that open jar of hair dye.

No. 301173

Peachpie bought the bunny.

No. 301174

Oh, I hope so. My friend told me about what it's like to be homeless in Japan. If she's sleeping on the streets, she'd be deported in an instant since she's an obvious foreigner.

No. 301175

Peachpie had just joined PULL and didn't realize that that was a giant fuckup.

No. 301180

I love how the morgue rot tried to pass off her family as some sort of fundie redneck deliverance types.

Her parents obviously have enough money to send her some at an age where she should be ashamed of still being dependent, and Hungary has a much lower average income than Japan. Zsu obviously has a great life, as well as a job, education, and a family she takes responsibility for, and Noemi is a classical pianist.

No. 301200

yes a macbook, but her editing skills are shit anyways hah

Let's hope this bitch gets the boot, after all she hated Japan, right? Unless she tries to pull the concerned mom visiting her rich ungrateful married daughter sob story

No. 301231

Well, Peachpie got a bunny but not the one she expected. She got a black bunny(battery not included). Did anyone screenshot a black bunny?

No. 301232

No she didn't. Go actually read the post.
Gitayui got the black bunny they ordered and stated it smells bad. Peachpie hasn't responded since they deleted the proof of posting.

No. 301233

File: 1474582123681.jpg (912.94 KB, 1073x2181, 20160922_230804.jpg)

No. 301234

So what margo is saying. The hair dye is not used, but this black ass bunny is???

No. 301238

My bad. I didn't realize more than one on PULL was buying Mag's shit. WTF

No. 301240

So… This person paid ninety pounds for a used plushy that's NOT Venus's pink bunny??

No. 301241

No. I didn't read the name right. Peachpie bought Venus' bunny but hadn't received it yet. Someone else on PULL bought the stinky black bunny.

No. 301242

>it smells bad

Let me guess, unwashed scalp,armpit and crotch bouquet from sitting inside maggot's suitcases for months?

No. 301250

File: 1474591715691.png (315.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-09-22-17-44-19…)

Says washed but it doesn't describe how. Wonder if "stinky" just means like cigarette smoke.

No. 301259

Washed in a solution of leghair and eau de Madge juices. Congratulations on your purchase, peach!

No. 301291

this person is legit retarded tbh. who sends Margo money for random shit? they deserve all the leg hairs and bad smells they get. this was left behind by some dorm-dweller anyway.

No. 301313

Why the fuck would anyone buy random stuff from Margo like this? For $90 too, wtf?! That PULLtard deserved to be ripped off. A fool and their money are soon parted.

No. 301332

$90?! Jesus this girl is fucking stupid.

No. 301336

the PULL user who bought the black bunny says it smells like sweat. So yeah, you pretty much nailed it.

No. 301338

If i had spare money…
…i'd get that pink venus bunny.

No. 301342

Why tho? It's just a stuffed toy Venus has probably drooled on in her sleep. Not worth $90.

No. 301345

Good thing it was in washed and very good condition lol

Imagine how awful the used unwashed pink bunny's odor must be then.

No. 301347

But it has vintage Venus drool dna. Totally worth it

No. 301351

can you two not read? It's $19.99
I wouldn't buy it from margo if it was $9.99, but ffs.

No. 301352

Sorry b0ss. I didn't read the screenshot and just went off of Anon post. I feel a bit spazzy now.
Agreed $19.99 for a fusty cheap toy yikes. Go to a second hand shop or a car boot sale and get one for a dollar.

No. 301355

Peachpie who claims she bought Venus' pink bunny says it has a funny feel. I don't think she read the part about it being unwashed. Also it smells.

No. 301357

File: 1474682621587.jpg (343.27 KB, 957x634, 20160923_190309.jpg)

Can YOU read? The PINK BUNNY and BLACK BUNNY are different items, and both were purchased by PULL users. The PINK one is 90 bux. Can you stop misleading other people and insulting them because you haven't read the thread?

No. 301359

Both posts I replied to were in direct response to a screencap of the black bunny, and the user who purchased. If you wanted to make a comment about the fact that someone paid 89.99 for the pink bunny, then you should have done so up thread when it was first mentioned.

Apparently you're the one that hasn't been reading the thread.

No. 301366

>>301357 this mix up all started because >>301231 can't read and noone paid any attention to the person correcting them.

Peachpie claims they've bought the pink bunny but hasn't posted proof and ignored requests for it (they pretended to post it then 'took it down to scratch their details out' 2 days ago and haven't addressed it other than to say it has a weird texture. This same person also claims that $90 is only a small fraction of their allowance and implied it's essentially pocket change to them so either they're lying or their a dumb rich brat. They've played the whole 'I'm returning it to Venus when I go to Japan' shtick.

Gitayui bought the black bunny for $19.99, posted proof of receiving it and said it smelled disgusting. The packaging appears to show 2816/20/9 as the shipping date but with no comparison signature of Morguerots, there's no way to 100% confirm she's the one who sent it and not a friend (logic dictates though that as she doesn't have any friends, it's probably been her)

No. 301374

cmon, stop sperging about who posted what about the bunny prices.

both bunny purchasers are raging fucksticks.

No. 301395

>Peachpie claims they've bought the pink bunny
>They've played the whole 'I'm returning it to Venus when I go to Japan' shtick.
wow that's so pathetic. yes I'm sure Venus will want to meet this creeper and get this dirty, likely unwanted toy back.

No. 301399

This so much

I don't get why these people are so adamant about a smelly stuffed toy that has no sentimental value anymore for it's ex-owner, it is to play the savior or something?
It's not like Wenoos can't get all the cute plushies she want with her own money and treasure them.

No. 301402

plushies etc. can be an own personal treasure. my very old plushie has a meaning for me and no other plushie could replace it. i know that many people who got a plushie for example in their childhood can agree with me. i think thats a nice gesture and they just want to "help" venus. i dont know if thats a good idea or if venus really treasure this bunny but just wanted to say that..

No. 301404

the euro is close to usd right now idiot.

No. 301405

I understand your point anon, but given how margo literally took the bunny hostage and tried to play games using it to hurt Venus,no matter how much she liked it I doubt she would want it anymore, it just could bring her bad memories (and a skin rash)

No. 301406

I'm starting to wonder if Margo can't pay her cell phone bill, and / or if she's truly homeless now. A week is a huge hiatus for her to take from posting.

No. 301415

Grandpa took the internet away from her. Margo was bad and she is grounded even though she's 42 or 41?

No. 301417

Yes we get how that works, but for the hundredth time: Venus packed her own suitcase and if this bunny was a true personal treasure it would have been in it. Anons here and at Pull started projecting about the bunny when it appeared in the shop and that's why Margo suddenly thought it was important, pulled it from sale and began to drag it around the world with her. It only means something to Margo. Seriously, does this Peachpie child think Venus will meet her… or even want to touch that thing now… that's crazy.

No. 301418

how does he do this with her living in Japan with a Japanese SIM?

No. 301420

okay, youre maybe right, I didn't read the 100 posts about that but that makes sense.

No. 301421

Her visa is way over and she no longer has swiss bux, only one place for her to go now. I hope Venus' planned European trip takes her to her dad's farm and he can show her something cute like how to milk cows since Momma Mags always provides vitamin D fortified milk.

No. 301425


Yeah I'd like to think Venus is way too smart to accept something from a stranger that's been in Margo's possession for so long, even if she did want it back (which I doubt). There was a case in Japan a couple of years ago where a girl from an idol group was sent a teddy bear by a "fan" with a GPS tracking device hidden inside it.

No. 301428

Agreed. If Venus cared she would have taken it with her when she left. Margo tried to use the bunny as an excuse to meet up with Venus and give it back(posting a picture of it). Then anons started putting their own feelings on the bunny. The idiot who bought it got "got" by margo.

No. 301453

Quick correction: Margi arrived in Japan this go round sometime between July 12-16. This means her current visa expires in a couple more weeks. She has, however, been massively abusing the tourist visa limit so the next time she leaves, she may not get back in for a while.

She did lose her swissbux though - the last cheque should have been august 1st, and besides the $25-50 a month she gets from her YT videos, she's had zero income since that cheque almost 2 months ago.

Since she's been offline for so long, my best guess is one of three things happened: she had to go back to her parents' home; she isn't able to afford even Tetris House any more and is couch surfing / officially homeless; or she had to beg Yukio to take her back (or find a different sucker to support her, and he's not a drunk young host she can brag on). In any of those cases she'll be deeply embarrassed and won't come out of hiding until she finds a way to spin her story in a way she thinks is advantageous. Even when she had to sleep in the convenience store, she posted because she wanted people to attack Venus in outrage because Margo is too lazy to work. But she's not even doing that right now, which tells me she's REALLY ashamed of her situation. Or, the situation she's in is dependent in her good behavior and not making insane internet posts (I.e. with her parents, or with a boyfriend / John who wants colete privacy.)

No. 301455

Run away, Yukio! I hope he has a friend that speaks English and has found Margo's insta.

No. 301489

maybe she's in prison.

(let me dream)

No. 301491

… actually, she may have done something to get herself deported, knowing her. It looked like she was hostessing, which means she was working illegally. Do they boot you out for that, or actually jail you before booting you out?

Or she could have lost her temper on someone. With her current strained circumstances, it wouldn't take much for her to lose her shit on someone and lash out physically. She's been without her punching bag (emotional and physical) for almost a year, and now she's had to keep her human face on in front of 50+ other people for 2 months straight. That's a long time for her to hold it together IRL.

No. 301494

Immigration have to know about it (what / where) to act on it. There wasn't any specific info for us to run a vendetta from here (or from PULL), so I doubt that happened this time.

Yeah, I believe it's a financial crisis, probably coupled with an anger / interpersonal issue. Agreed she's in some situation where she must behave right this minute.

He's probably publicity-averse so even the slightest hint of tomfoolery on his social media might send him running, lol. Unless he is frail or malleable and she already has control of his accounts.

No. 301498

If she was "hostessing" and sucking dick somewhere and there was a raid, she could be. It would explain why she hasn't been online. Personal freedom and food is total shit in Japanese prisons, fingers crossed.

And her IG isn't overrun with negative comments, just goes to show that no one cares about her as long as she's gone.

No. 301501

> probably can't pay her cell phone bill
I was thinking the same…

No. 301502

I was wondering the same… but tetris house doesn't offer WiFi for the guests?

No. 301507

That's the best thing of all–no one gives a shit about her. That's a NPD's worst nightmare.

No. 301510

I really doubt ol' marge had any kind of relationship with poor Yukio that she could beg him to "take her back." More like a hookup in London where she thought he might be visa hubby material and conned him into taking her out a few times and maybe/probably paying her airfare to Japan. I think he dumped her ass once he got a whiff of her crazy, just like what happened with hamburg jassy. She can fool people short-term but it doesn't take long to figure out what a narcissistic creep she is. Remember the FLAMES on insta? That wasn't her rejecting him, that was her getting dumped and her plan falling apart.

Btw Yukio is back visiting his hometown of Mishima, Shizuoka per his FB. And Venus & Mana are at Kamakura where there are beaches & temples & stuff.

No. 301512

Margo herself confirmed yukio bought her ticket, but you're right about him ending it I think - the flames photo shows some shit went down. And after a few weeks she'd built herself another narc palace of lies where she rejected an ardent rich suitor and bragged about it.

No. 301521

>Margo herself confirmed
But margo LIES, so not really "confirmed." I mean it's possible but far from "confirmed." That was part of the whole "dude proposed marriage on day 1 but lol too old and btw I never even had to touch the D" narrative she typed out like 2 weeks after the initial post, so..

No. 301525

File: 1474792204347.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, hubby.png)

I found Mag's ex-husband.

No. 301531

The flames photo was the open fire on the evening of the date at the lake. How does it signify 'something went down'?
>With friends at the beach
>Camp fire is romantic. It's at the lake, complementing the previous photo.
Note 'friends. Yukio must not have taken her there alone.

No. 301532

It may have been a 'meet as we're looking with the intention to marry' type of thing and of course, we know how Marge spins things. Where would we find Margo listing her ass for a Japanese marriage (besides Tinder?)

No. 301534

File: 1474809691330.jpg (145.07 KB, 1080x1080, 13703208_255481118165600_12320…)

That flames photo didn't look like an outdoor campfire at the time, more like a fire inside a storage shed of some kind. Actually it really looked like she had photoxhopped flames onto a pic of a storage room or shed, it wasn't just a straightforward 'campfire at the lake' photo. It seemed more symbolic at the time of what has happening in her life at that point (i.e. her plans going up in smoke as opposed to a representation of an actual event.
flames pic attached:

No. 301535

Yeah but it was just some kind of shed thing at the lake, either in front of it or inside it somehow (open roof?). I looked around for it but lost interest. Sign in the background is a ye olde sign for the lake. It's just a closely cropped pic and looks odd until you resolve the space in your mind.

Margo actually added commentary to the pic due to the chimping out here about photoshopping the flames.

No. 301536

the pic signifies nothing except the end of the daytrip to the lake with Yukio plus whoever went with them in the Lexus ("friends")

No. 301540

No. 301548

File: 1474828586590.gif (1.71 MB, 245x167, tumblr_inline_nr1fbrQwaQ1qeou2…)

I hope maggot doesn't pulls a kiki and vanishes for a v long time because I got used to her daily lulzy shit and this one week without any update is killing my curiosity.

No. 301556

Anon, I feel you. I'm the same.

No. 301574

Honestly, I hope she stays gone for a long time, forever would be ideal. The way she's constantly trying to destroy her own daughter through mentally retarded people like Vexxed the Virgin and always sending her flying monkeys like Ass Labyrinth, miimii the Eurofag and chu_fuckface after her is sickening. Bad for the milk but it'd be better for everyone else in the long run. Narcs not receiving attention is like death to them.

No. 301583

Same. It's really what we hoped for Venus anyway. peace and a chance to get on with her life. Wouldn't it be nice if Margo just disappeared for a while. But with it comes worry.

Margo not going to let go right now, because she's already shown us what a brain-damaged narc she is. Even that recent shit where Venus went to YT space and a day or two after Venus publishes the pics, Margo is there day after day until she realises Venus isn't coming back there. The copying of the hair colour, fucking a 26yo etc. Margo's constant need to change and to follow, one-up, replicate and try to meet Venus isn't going to diminish even if Yukio took her to some nice castle. She doesn't even have the goal-setting abilities to keep a relationship, marry him (although he probably did approach her with the proposition) and make a life for herself in Japan to then achieve the other things she wants. She's a walking disaster with no plans for the end of her visa or paying her dorm rent beyond another call to her mother.

No. 301584

Well, just because she isn't chimping out publicly, doesn't mean she isn't doing it to Venus.

No. 301587

That is true, but she wants attention more than anything else (other than control over Venus, of course). She's well aware of what her public chimp outs do.

No. 301608

Can't find it so I will say it (sorry can't make a screenshot):
Venus just uploaded her video, saying on insta that she's sorry but a lot of things were going on - maybe something with the Marge?

No. 301609

Venus looks much healthier weightwise in her newest video, Margo definitely restricted her diet to be a skelly…

No. 301612

Well, if anything is going to get Margo to break cover right now, its a revenue generating video of Venus being happy with her husband being published.

No. 301613

File: 1474870882743.png (2.63 MB, 1439x1683, 20160926_022036.png)

Here is said post.

No. 301616

Would love her forever if she got midge arrested or deported. Por que no los dos?

No. 301624

She put a laughing emoji on the post so doesn't seem like it's anything bad, whatever it is.

No. 301628

Laughing but also sweating so it could mean good or bad things. I'm sure we'll find out eventually either way

No. 301630

So I've been out of the loop for some time. Can anyone give ma short summary of Margo-drama? Is she still in Japan hunting for Venus and money?

No. 301631


She is possibly still in Japan. Her visa is about to run out, and she appears to be out of money, so there is some speculation she is either in Hungary or on the way back. She has not been heard from in a number of days. So we're just all waiting for the shoe to drop: is Margo back in Hungary with her overly enabling parents? Was she deported? It is all very mysterious.

No. 301648

It's deja vu all fucking over again. this bitch has nine lives though.

No. 301649

File: 1474898941247.png (800.9 KB, 501x956, lace kappa.png)

She might be in the river?

No. 301654

Hoping that Grandpa or Zsu give us some sort of hint

No. 301668

Margo disappeared off the radar 8 days ago. Right before she ghosted, an anon pieced together that a sad old Japanese tourist is the one who paid for Marge to fly from London back to Japan, story above. Prior to that, she was bragging on clubbing and showed off a nude post sex selfie with what appeared to be a host. She said he was her boyfriend, and bragged on all her friends / posted photos of them. A few days later all the photos were gone along with any mention of a boyfriend - I think her one night stand and roommates at Tetris found out she'd been posting them without their permission.

Margo should be fully out of cash at this point, and her current visa expires in a little over 2 weeks.

No. 301669

FYI, Margo has been on her instagram within the past day or two, because she deleted two comments on the first photo ("unfollowing" "bye af"). So she has or had some wifi access and checked her account.

No. 301686

Whatever she's doing, she probably hasn't had a big moment of realisation that's made her stop.

Hopefully her hostessing (depending on where she was doing it) hasn't landed her in trouble with the yakuza?

No. 301710

she's a brain-damage-level narc, realisations are not really on her agenda. BUT, there is something in her circumstances that is making her act this way, either out of shame/dependence, or maybe compliance (to parents? to yukio? another potential husband?). only something in Margo's external circumstances can change her behaviour.

No. 301719

Also possible that she could be ill, I guess.
Though how ill she'd have to be for it to stop her campaign of terror, I do not know.

No. 301720

Yeah, no "realizations" are happening here. She was still going full-bore with the Venoos is TRYING TO KILL ME/Venoos lives off MY WORK comments on IG as of a couple of weeks ago. On her 'my hot 26-year-old BF' post on 9/5 she commented "We are NOT FINISHED" and flogged the old VENOOS STEALS AND BULLIES for gain line that she's been fixated on from the start once again, p!us threw in a plug for vexxed's video "it was REAL PROOFS." She's just as obsessed and delusional as she's ever been, that shit doesn't just go away.

No. 301729

Pure speculation, but what if some legal procedure is going through that has her have to bite her tongue?

No. 301731

oh that's right, when she was up all night trying to get control of some of Venus' accounts, lol.

she would, if she thought she'd get a pile of money. but who would be doing that? Venus is just ignoring her.

Lol, I wonder if she's been trying to get money out fo Vex!

No. 301734

Guys, you keep going back to poor Yukio like he's still a figure in her life (begging him to take her back, or he's why she's been quiet, etc.) I really don't think that's the case, any more than hamburg jassy is. They are both just marks that marg the narc was able to con for a very short while. I think Yukio dumped her and moved on just like jassy did.

No. 301746

File: 1474983464114.png (83.89 KB, 1024x332, 4c39d4f0-4076-4052-92e0-c5c7b0…)

Someone mentioned Venus's latest video making marge break her cover– is this her? (attached)
This one stood out because there are hardly any troll comments on this video (they've lost interest as predicted,) just a lot of "you look happy/we're happy for you/cute couple!" which would have pissed her off, plus of course seeing Venus happy with Manaki. It sounds like her and it's exactly what she would say (videos with interviews and PROOF!)

No. 301748

it's definitely in Margo voice and she has a shit ton of youtube socks which she's used for the purpose of praising herself, among other things.

No. 301749

yeah, I think there's not much chance of a backtrack, but I don't want to strike him off the list - he might be soft enough to take her calls. hopefully he's smart and cut her off.

No. 301752

The english is way too good to be margo

No. 301777

she can concentrate sometimes. she de-rages and tries really hard, but she can't output much like that.

No. 301783


>after 5 days of marrying him

^ that sure sounds like margoese

No. 301790

Definitely sounds like the festering maggot poking it's head through a dead horse. I fucking wish she would stay gone but we know it's not going to happen. She's going to keep harassing Venus for the rest of her life. Look at the shit she did to her ex-husband since that shit got dragged on for over a decade.

No. 301798

and margo's so proud of that, too

No. 301809

Just looking at the IG timeline, it seems like morge started unraveling about a month ago, right around the time Venus started going out in the world and looking more successful and happier. Morge just got increasingly more bizarre until she suddenly ghosted.

Venus posted the first video with Manaki on 8/19, then the pics of her & Mana at Youtube Space a couple of days later, followed by trips to the salon for hair & nails, then Taylor's 1st vlog with Venus went up 8/28. That really seemed to trigger morge's ass & that's when she started to lose her shit. She started off trying to one-up Venus with her own Youtube Space pic with "friends 4ever!" 6 days after Venus posted hers, then the hat pic with the "refused to marry rich old Japanese guy" caption was posted the same day Taylor posted that 1st vlog with Venus, 8/28. Then the shit really hit the fan on 9/5 when Taylor posted the 2nd vlog with Venus at the Barbie cafe (where they posed for pics with fans and bought those matching Adidas hoodies, lol) Morge posted the hot 26-year-old bf pic captioned 'Venoos says I try to hack her lol no fucks given this is me & my bf all night!' pic the very same day. Then she really went over the edge with the "VIP clubbing" and that awful photoshopped semi-porny sexxy 'Harambe' shot. It's like she got more & more agitated then just flamed out. She re-opened her "shop" on 9/13, then just went poof and disappeared.

No. 301815

When you match it up like that it's perfectly right. Whatever she's up to right now, she's certain to be raging even if we can't see it.

Also, I'd love to be a fly on the wall with the conversations she's been having with Vex about revenue from the video, or even expecting him to support her welfare in some way.

No. 301817

hahaha, good point. I hadn't thought about that.

No. 301820


what did she do to her ex husband?

No. 301821

Dragged out the divorce for 10 years.

No. 301822

Still makes me feel worse for Venus than for her dad. He stuck his dick in crazy, and she had to live with the consequences. He should have fought tooth and nail to get full custody. There's so many men who have this romantic image of motherhood, and they're like

>she's insane

>she's a complete bitch
>she's a fucking nightmare
>she's evil and the worst thing that ever happened to me!
>but she wouldn't hurt my child, all mothers love their kids!

Newsflash, morons: if she's a complete horror show to you, she won't treat your kid much better behind closed doors.

No. 301826

>she won't treat your kid much better behind closed doors.

this, especially if the children are seen just as meal tickets by their mothers

No. 301881

I had an account like this reply to a nice supportive comment i left Venus on an older video of hers.
It was a comment with this same bullshit
she's playing you all,
go look at her mothers video to find out what she did to her poor mother. etc

I left a comment in return about how her mother is a lying hobo cunt too lazy to get a job herself.
I went to look at it now to see if it was the same account and they deleted their comment.

I really do think it was the same person since it was a similar ''smashed my forehead on the keyboard twice'' name

i wonder if it's Margo.. the english isn't shitty enough

No. 301895

Yeah, really. With how bad they treat you, what makes you think they'll treat your child any better? He should have fought hard to get full custody of Venus. Maggot's family doesn't think I'll of him so that just raises so many questions as to why didn't he fight harder to be Venus' sole guardian. We all know Maggot is fucking nuts. She's so proud of dragging that divorce out for over a decade and yet, she's angry that he was able to move on with his life and start a family of his own.

Thinking about it now, the crazy hag wanted to hurt the guy by brainwashing his only daughter against him and making it so he couldn't legally marry again until that nightmare of a marriage was legally ended. We all know how much that old brain damaged whore loves to hurt those around her.

No. 301900

Does Venus have any contact with her dad?

No. 301959

No. Margo left him when Venus was 2 - she moved them into a thai temple in Switzerland, then proceeded to keep Venus from her father and drag the divorce out for 10 year (and wondered why Venus became a weeaboo).

Margo told Venus her whole life that her dad is a terrible, physically abusive psychopath. Hell, Venus didn't even know her dad's real name or the fact that she has half siblings until Venus moved in with Mana and Margo freaked out and flung all this shit at her.

So: Venus's dad still lives in Switzerland; Margo told Venus he's a psycho abuser; and Venus has no living memory of her father. They have no contact.

No. 301965

I was just reading this from some lawyer firm website

>1. A spouse who takes ridiculous child custody positions that are not consistent with the children’s best interest.This includes cases that involve false allegations of domestic violence or child-abuse, parental alienation, or the children simply being used as leverage for a variety of reasons, including trying to punish the other spouse or financial reasons such as child-support. Sometimes, we also see parents who have no business asking for the custodial time to which they “feel” like they are entitled. That is when common sense leaves the door.

that's totally something that margo would do

>2. Divorce cases that involve self-employed spouses sometimes drag on.That’s because either the self-employed spouse is playing games with his or her income and underreporting it or the other spouse claims the self-employed spouse makes a heck of a lot more money than he or she really does.

Anyone remember when she started to work at whatever she claims to be?

No. 301968

well I would not go to that 'lawyer firm' with my business
>makes a heck of a lot more money

No. 301977


That's awful. I grew up in a abusive home with social services involved at various points, but we did have other family looking after us at various points. The most horrible part of this is how Margo isolated Venus from everyone else, it's so manipulative and makes me wonder what horrible things she was up to, what isn't Venus divulging to protect her cutesy image. Maybe I'm projecting here but I know that pattern of behaviour all too well.

I really hope Venus makes contact with her family, she deserves some normalcy for once in her life.

No. 302016

File: 1475154623717.png (5.76 KB, 320x45, f0f4edb8-0cf9-4d6c-bd8b-76faf3…)

Manaki posted a pic of himself in a wig & circle lenses on IG and this was Venus's comment:

No. 302262

File: 1475200190549.jpg (374.49 KB, 1424x758, Screenshot_20160929-184555.jpg)

Hmm. Az claims he's not been in contact with Margo in a week either; this is from a troll slap fight in the last post.

Either Mags sent him out to defend his queen, or Margo is indeed gagged by some circumstance (her parents, lawyers, homeless, sugar daddy with strict privacy rules, killed by yakuza while hostessing for refusing to give head, etc.)

No. 302269

File: 1475200627483.jpg (1.14 MB, 1440x1841, Screenshot_20160929-185148.jpg)

Meanwhile, V and Mana are really into their cosplay lately. She's found a good niche; her age and marriage work for her in the adult cosplay and jvlog scene. Its a good direction. Wonder why she slowed down her video posts, though - she said she had tons of material from her 7 month hiatus, and she's only posting videos like every two weeks.

I wonder if there's a connection between Venus not posting as much and margo being out of pocket. If so, things seem to be going Venus's way, because she seems happy.

No. 302303

he still has time for grammar corrections so maybe he has an idea where she's gone.

No. 302304

>Wonder why she slowed down her video posts, though - she said she had tons of material from her 7 month hiatus, and she's only posting videos like every two weeks.

Maybe all the videos she posted since she ran away from Margo was all the material from her 7 month hiatus or she is running out of ideas?

No. 302305

What's a little strange is she hasn't corrected her schedule. Maybe she still has hopes of getting back to it. I'm sure life's hard for her despite the cheeriness she obviously works on.

No. 302340

File: 1475208831133.png (221.36 KB, 446x431, 657c7590-f9a4-4dc5-b29c-9c7eac…)

I really think we can cross "sugar daddy" off the What happened to Marge? list. She's not getting any SD's with THAT FACE, come on. Customers, maybe. SD's? N to the O.

No. 302348

She did go quiet on IG and YT around the same time morgue reopened her online shop and ghosted. I was starting to wonder if the crazy bish had overdosed or something and was hospitalized with Venus forced into holding vigil but I guess not. I do wonder what the "a lot going on" is all about but she seems happy so hopefully it's good things.

No. 302349

The content she was mass posting from that hiatus period was all pretty crap and most of the comments seemed to reflect that. Maybe she just decided to scrap it and work on her recent stuff instead?

No. 302356

excuse you, she turned down a proposal from a rich japanese man and she's fucked a 26yo.

good point, maybe working out new things.

No. 302369

>and she's fucked a 26yo.

No. 302407

Manaki is really feeling that wig & lenses, lol. Got quite a lil fanclub going on IG too. He had no online presence at all and seemed pretty isolated until Venus moved in and got him on IG, so I kind of love it.

No. 302449

It's oddly cute to me. That and him joking around with crossplay with Venus. I really hope they start going to cosplay events together because it could be a good opportunity for her. Don't companies hire models to promote their series/games with cosplay?

No. 302459

During maggot's next outburst I bet we'll get pictures of her fucking someone in cosplay.

No. 302615

you called it

No. 302618

File: 1475293399433.jpg (104.56 KB, 578x384, capture-20160930-233632.jpg)

This is from a few weeks ago, but I thought it was funny to think that Margo may be back in Hungary and has been grounded by her parents.

No. 302628

the foreshadowing

No. 302651

So is that IT? THAT was the final flameout and now she just disappears?? How fucking feeble, marrrgge. I was expecting more

No. 302660

Pls no, for everyone's sake I'd be happy if she'd just disappear.

I'm scared Venus gave in & has some kinda deal with her arm.

No. 302675

You mean like giving her $$? I doubt that. Why would she "give in" and make a deal now, after all this time and after marge has already become powerless and irrelevant?

No. 302677

File: 1475339915206.jpg (24.58 KB, 154x216, bagomilk.jpg)

I really hope that all of the wonderful milk that Margo has been providing isn't all dried up.

No. 302678

Mags online shop is still up. I thought she would take it down "because of travelling"or some shit. I wonder what kind of address she would write on it if somebody would seriously buy something of her at this point … anyways.


hope the same

No. 302681

If someone wants to waste their money, sure. All the stuff she's selling is highly marked up and most of it is junk.

No. 302687

Someone should buy that opened Manic Panic. What a bargain, I can't believe it hasn't been picked up yet.

No. 302691


don't worry anon, she's too busy shagging some low tier host to update her insta

No. 302707

I doubt it's over in the sense that Margo's mind will never stop working the way it has. It's just going to take time to find the reason why she had to go offline.

No. 302714

I'm betting on the rules related to her "allowance" having turned to "holy shit just stay off social media completely, you have embarrassed us for the last time."

Mags always drags out her visa until the last second so I'm betting in her still being in Japan for another week or two. Shell resurface as soon as she gets extra drunk again and feeling sorry for herself.

No. 302715

supporting herself via hostessing attempts and selling items in the store have barely worked at all. she has to pay her monthly rent somehow, so it's coming down to this as you've described - or "prisoner of the yakuza", which is the more far-fetched option.

No. 302718

Nothing in her shop has sold since those 2 stuffed bunnies the PULL users bought, it's had the same 45 items for days now.

No. 302752

Maybe… She's being really careful her channel doesn't get taken down. I'm betting that Marge puts a claim on every new video and once you have 3 at a time, poof. So maybe Venus waits for one to run out before putting up a new one.

No. 302756

I am half-tempted to ask her dad on his instagram where she is, but then I feel bad bothering him just to satisfy my own curiosity.

No. 302758

If Margo was claiming them, the individual ones would be down. She's not claiming any right now

Margo did two big blocks of claims. I tend to think Margos knows if she did a third, even just a single video, she'd lose her own precious channel when the counter-claims go through. You expose your own channel to termination in the claim process and I'm guessing the third time's the charm. In Margo's mind of course her own channel the the most important one, she can't bear to have it terminated.

No. 302761

^my typos are shit, sorry.

No. 302763

Guys…I hadn't checked Margos youtube page in awhile and today I noticed there are some older videos I had never seen before. Maybe they were private or something? This was uploaded nearly 6 years ago so we get a glimpse into her ideas on what's kawaii…that she then pushed on Venus.

No. 302764

And this one uploaded in February 2011. I hope I'm not posting old stuff that everyone else has already seen.

No. 302765

Hahaha the like/dislike ratio

No. 302766

From December 2011:
>I filmed a squirrel and made a short movie about as a silent film.

No. 302770

File: 1475413522500.jpg (21.51 KB, 513x265, mags.JPG)


This was so surreal to watch. At the end she looks like she dressed for ageplay or something like that.

>such yoong wooman

No. 302772

desperate even for a dollar she could make from them

No. 302774

what a mess. and she really expects people to believe she was in charge of the make-up, filming and editing of Venus' videos?

No. 302781

I tried to look for her doing something right in this vid, nada. That eyebrow application tho.

No. 302808

I know, what was with her color choices? D-did she underdraw her bottom lip?!

No. 302816

Lol, she's trying SO HARD to emulate the pitch of Venus's voice. Margo, you sound like a truck stop hooker who's been smoking for twenty years, and look worse. Stop trying to be a thing. You'll never be a thing.

Guess Mama Margo was jeloos right from the start that Venus was getting views.

No. 302850

For one brief moment I thought our jung sexy woomon had returned to us.

No. 302885

She did look better than she does now. Her mental illness made her age 15 years in 5.

No. 302903

Even just in 2016, the hard living, constant hoboing and screeching at everyone has taken her down. Go home to mama, Margo.

No. 302926


Or its from constant alcohol abuse and chain smoking …

No. 302941

high levels of cortisol, fucked sleeping patterns etc do it too.

No. 302945

The infamous kawaii makeup video I've never got to see… Holy crap, this is terrible. It's just basic bad beginner's makeup with some drawn on black lines that makes it all look like age play.

She just looks like a chavette. Nothing reminiscent of Japanese beauty and fashion at all about this look.

Thanks, Margo. I needed a good laugh today!

No. 302952

Diet of cheap junk food and a hateful disposition too.

No. 302953

File: 1475461594422.jpg (13.03 KB, 350x320, w9VR60A.jpg)

idk, she's looked shitty and haggard for awhile now. It's not just in the past year.

No. 302954

Yeah, she's always used blown out lighting if possible in videos; she didn't learn to use filters and YouCan makeup filters apps until later. And she couldn't control those things in the media appearances she shoved her giant nose into as "The real mom ofh da real Venoos Angelic!1!!".

She's looked haggard at least since her 30s began.

No. 302959


Poor Venus … This is 50% of her gene pool.. Lets hope she doesn't age as piss poorly as Margo has.

No. 302975

Well Venus doesn't smoke or have an evil toxic soul so that's two major factors in her favor.

No. 302977

If she's lucky she'll age like Aunt Zsu.

No. 302979


ugh videos like these make me believe everything wenoos did back then in the ~KIUT KAHUAEE DOOL~ phase was 100 margo's idea

No. 302980

File: 1475470795264.jpg (40.05 KB, 657x388, 0004983661.jpg)


sage for samefagging but the freckles in last part reminds me of this 70's mexican actress kek

No. 302984

Margaret looks like what would happen if La Chilindrina and Quico had a baby.

No. 302986


No. 303077

Someone posted Margo's address and phone number on Pull… Holy fucking shit..

( Though I question if its real )

No. 303081

I don't see what they're whining about over there. If that address is real, she's a fucking transient hobo, she won't be there for long. Same with the phone number. Fuck her, fuck PULL.

No. 303093


is it the same one which was already posted here some threads ago?

No. 303099


Not sure, its was a DMC notice the person got from Margo and it had her personal info on it. Its possible as they claim they've held onto it for a while.

No. 303101

Haven't we already confirmed her address at the Tetris house? They are such babies. Who gives a shit, no one is going to go fuck with her musty ass. If that was going to happen it already would have.

No. 303105

File: 1475525680784.png (95.6 KB, 815x383, 09704304.png)


She's likely not even in Japan anymore or even using the same number. Either way I snagged it before it was gone.

No. 303112

GJ anon. I refreshed just as they deleted.

No. 303113

I'm sorry, but is the email she made up for this claim "MARGARET P RICH"???

No. 303139

>June 1

No. 303154

was that the spanish chef / photographer's house address? it rings a bell.

what an odd letter though. do youtube actually do that, go through your video and say, oh it's okay, don't worry, we don't think the claim is real. it seems almost made up. also why is it so fucking low res.

No. 303159

spanish chef / photographer's house confirmed. thanks PULL for delivering very old and stale milk. street view of the address in the letter, which we know to be his house: https://goo.gl/ZpH1lj

No. 303160

File: 1475538058164.jpg (116.4 KB, 1003x1200, margo90.jpg)

and cap (as if we needed it). old milk 100% confirmed.

No. 303520

File: 1475575031135.png (12.81 KB, 312x295, image.png)

Holy fucking shit!!

No. 303553

um, I hope you're joking, because
>>303139 and so >>303159

No. 303554

why do you think they posted slowpoke.

No. 303728

ha ha, I try hard to ignore pokemon in all facets of life. sorry for not getting the gag.

No. 304512

First, there's no news about maggs.

But I'm about 95% sure that mimiimori is actually Kikikannibal, Dakota's sister (if anyone follows her.) Remember sperg-chan, the crazy who kept spamming the entire site to protest Taylor's thread being closed? It's the same person who was obsessed with bashing Taylor on the Taylor thread and Admin revealed today that person is confirmed to be Kiki.

I've suspected that for awhile but hearing this made me pretty sure. Mimii's thing was always more about bashing "those hate sites" (PULL & lolcow) and bashing Venus than defending marge. She used to go on Venus's IG to spread marge's b.s. about Venus too. The other thing is just before mimii went private she posted some very elaborate fanart of Kiki and Dakota which piqued my interest, and this was right around the time Kiki came back with her new IG. Mimii was also sperging about "hate sites" and "cyberbullying" right before she went private. The last thing that made me suspect it was Kiki is when mimii posted that selfie of her lower face with a note saying "it's me" to prove something to those bitches at lolcow (don't remember what exactly) it looked exactly like Kiki's mouth & chin. I even compared it to Kiki's pics when I first started to suspect it was her.

Anyway it makes sense that she would have a hate boner for both Taylor and Venus. She recently had to go back to live w/her parents in Fla. so her dream of marrying a Japanese guy and living the dream in Japan has been dashed, and Venus & Taylor are of course living that dream.

Don't be mad at me for bumping the thread pls, I just had to share.

No. 304514

File: 1475837935653.jpg (89.19 KB, 1400x1039, mimii-cerises.jpg)

I did not save that damn selfie (well that I can find right now anyway) and I'm kicking myself. That is possible though with the shape of her face that I saw. Her hair seemed a tad fuller than keek's iirc, not so thin and dangly, and not a wig either.

Mimii is quite mad but then we have confirmation that kiki's quite mad, so… Mimii seemed rather one-dimensional in her interests and very thin-skinned about the internet. She couldn't seem to compute the world outside of protecting Margo.

Can you explain the bag of cherries with the French-language label? Also she had bad english and raged at being called 'eurofag'. These don't rule kiki out, just things to note.

No. 304515

Post the selfie comparison because I think we're in a bad place to buy into conspiracy shit after the Gurg thread shit.

No. 304518

I read in another thread that kiki's post will be revealed, right? we have confirm of mimii here. I'll dig that up and link here.

I am cherry anon and don't have the selfie. top of head was missing. gallic-looking face, red lippie, possible match for keek's jaw. however she didn't have kee'k thin hair or same clothing. also didn't share keek's pathetically grainy filtered-to-fuck selfie style.

No. 304520

I'm a linguist anon and if I could have the exact wording of about ten of mimii's comments I could probably confirm with a good amount of accuracy if it's kiki or not.

No. 304522

here is a page with two >>288552
looking for another time she visited

No. 304523

File: 1475840815108.jpg (191.2 KB, 1600x804, mimiimori.jpg)

insta ranting sample

No. 304525

ha ha mention of Kota's parents… my god you may be onto something.

No. 304526

post where I aggregated a few things, her english appears* to break down etc: >>291263

*nothing being as it appears, lol

No. 304527

File: 1475841347916.jpg (36.17 KB, 1200x851, margo76.jpg)

post by mimii attacking venus

No. 304528

File: 1475841459709.jpg (40.81 KB, 1200x769, margo74.jpg)

another attack on venus, this time about the bruise, which venus herself never made mention of.

No. 304529

File: 1475841590736.jpg (250.67 KB, 1291x1800, margo73.jpg)

this is all I can find of her face right now. there was a fuller one but I've misplaced it. Kiki experts please advise whether you agree with anon at >>304512

No. 304530

Thanks! Will see if I can work with it.

No. 304531

File: 1475842176178.png (1.14 MB, 1197x1201, mimii-Screen-Shot-2016-08-04-a…)

this one is highest res and date stamped. it is filtered / pixellated to fuck, a la keeks. I'm starting to buy the possibility at least.

No. 304532

File: 1475842333174.jpg (111.91 KB, 1200x779, mimii-Screen-Shot-2016-08-04-a…)

now I need to know who she is…

No. 304535

Looks just like kiki with an overdrawn cupids bow. I reckon it's her. Also she likes "mimi" as a name, she used to go by Kiki Mimieux on one of her shit CDs packed with stolen music.

No. 304538

The more I look the more I buy it. Would be good if farmhands can confirm or deny the 'sakura' anon connection (although she may have changed ips that time. I personally jousted with and dislike mimii very much. I notice she mentions herself here as well… >>304523 fuck she is unhinged. I wonder if it's her mental health she gets the disability for.

No. 304539

let's say it was her… she was pm-ing with margo, jassy and the rest. she was conning them all.

No. 304540

imagine if Margo was Kiki's manager tho

No. 304543

this is a nuclear cow partnership

mimii knew at this time we were all watching her. I wonder if anyone at PULL archived that earlier (and a bit more revealing) selfie?

No. 304545

>>nuclear cow partnership

kek. kiki is desperate for nipnop fame, and she's unhinged enough to take margles up on that offer. it would be great.

No. 304549

someone has to tell margo she's been had by kiki (if we can get confirmed).

I'm not a kiki expert (well I guess I know more than I thought I did), is mother ostrenga a raging narc like margo? I noticed mimii felt an abnormal affinity with margo, going to the trouble to attack venus in a way that was quite personal and collusive, see >>304528

No. 304557

File: 1475848841322.png (1.12 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20161007-094215.png)

I remember the lower face selfie she posted, it was narrow like Kiki's and the mouth looked the same too. It was more similar-looking than the one with the fan at >>304531

Mimii was pushing the "Venus was never abused" and "Venus CHEATED" stories pretty hard as I recall. Also "Venus is a liar and conning her fans."

She's still internet bffs with Hamburg jassy, they bonded when they were both posting on marge's IG. The mimiisnow account still 'likes' most of jassy's pics on IG. Remember I said mimii posted the fanart of Kiki and Kota on her page just before she went private? She sent jassy one too (attached) and this all was right around the time Kiki appeared with her new IG. That's when I really started wondering if she was Kiki, when she posted those portraits of Kiki and Kota out of the blue. I was like WUT?

No. 304558

I missed the fanart thing (and it wouldn't have pinged my radar) but definitely noticed jassy and mimii got back together, friendship-wise. this is my first kiki experience. here I thought I'd been arguing with a girl called mimii while a bunch of other anons talked about kiki's forehead and how boring she'd become (assuming we can prove the connection).

No. 304560

anyone have kiki/kota's photoshoots by the beach to compare the sand?

No. 304572

No. 304600

I figured there was a good chance the sperg who posted the Venus thread soon after V became friends with Taylor was sperg-chan (who I strongly suspected was Kiki and now we know. Hi Kiki.)

No. 304624

File: 1475881104856.png (290.26 KB, 976x417, kakalol.png)

I'm pretty sure it's kaka. Look at compare. Even if the lips are slightly larger on the left, they're almost identical in shape, distance from the nose, even the philtrum is the same (though filtered like crazy). Also, similar hair color.

No. 304626


No. 304636

it ,looks nothing like her lips tbh

No. 304670

Eh, I dunno. Has Kaka ever done her lips like the left pic before? Does she even know how?

No. 304683

File: 1475887708277.jpg (35.38 KB, 1200x777, mimii-000.jpg)

Well well. mimii's unlocked her account and is broadcasting us signals.

Milk video (still)

No. 304684

File: 1475887791712.jpg (56.4 KB, 1200x777, mimii-001.jpg)

and more languagefag foolery. is she french, is she japanese? is she neither? the mysteries of this crazy bitch

margo's nowhere to be found mimii, we have time for you.

No. 304685

What is that? One of those electronic dictionaries for Japanese? I'd say if she has that then she isn't Japanese.

No. 304687

File: 1475887988732.jpg (57.09 KB, 800x400, lips.jpg)

Here is a comparison of the lips. The thing is Kiki's lips are constantly changing. It's hard to say if she is Mimi.

No. 304694

yeah I'm joking about it. there's often french labelling in pencil cases too. she's fucking around here.

No. 304695

If mimiimori turns out to be Kiki as well as sperg-chan, then she must know it's just a matter of time before we find out about this too.

With that in mind, this really looks like a desperate attempt at plugging a new identity for "damage control" so that she looks like she has a purpose outside of hating on Taylor and living in her thread for a year.

Firstly Keeks, you actually need to know Japanese to translate anything - plus we all know you don't have a job. Your version of creativity is stealing others works so those pencils must be pretty useless.

>>if mimiimori is someone who isn't kaka then ignore me but… I've got a hunch

No. 304697

the implications are staggering for margo if it were confirmed- she either got majorly catfished or no, so I await with interest.

I don't think all these photo forensics can help us, but maybe the IP masking will link 'sakura' to kiki, then we will have our yes or no. interesting times, or a dead end?

No. 304698

I've got my popcorn ready, anon. Can't wait to see the great reveal of what personal shit she revealed in other threads.

No. 304700

File: 1475889675505.jpg (102.3 KB, 1200x1000, mimii-002.jpg)

so many deletions. there's not much left of her.

No. 304701

that alone will be amazing…

No. 304705

File: 1475890297449.png (425.38 KB, 1022x518, mimii.png)


Has it been this all along or recently changed?

No. 304720


These are Prismacolors. I have the exact same set.
I live in Brooklyn.

Not saying Prismacolors can't be gotten in Europe, but they're pretty common here in the States too. And those would definitely be bought for a spoilt child to ~enhance her creativity~ since they're expensive as fuck…mine were a graduation present.

No. 304726

she trashed it heaps before she last went private.

No. 304733

cross posting this mimii fuckery.

mimii is dropping us a 'sakura' clue, also referencing some things discussed in the new kiki thread (about why mimii cannot be kiki), see >>304669 for the reference.

this is the relevant still from the video.

long haired (?) figure in darkness. japanese music plays. a single white sakura flower drops down. note the caption. mimii is getting around.

watch to also hear with the music: https://www.instagram.com/p/BLSI6cUDzb8

No. 304735

she used 'mom' in comments often enough that in hindsight my calling her a eurofag was hasty. sure got her going though.

No. 304741

Just because it felt relevant a bit and I figure some may not know, the music playing is also called Sakura Sakura.

No. 304755

Admittedly this is a huge reach, but her top lip looks filled in at the top like how Kota does her's. I think Taylor does the same too actually? There's a line where it's lighter.

No. 304759

thanks for explaining that

No. 304765

I also noticed the lip detail,cupid bow looks like a lipstache

No. 304771

aww, mimii (or mimii-kaka) went private again. that sure was interesting.

No. 304786

I guess the only way to know for sure if mimii = Kiki would be to have admin check the IP address of mimii's most recent posts.


No. 304790

I believe it will happen. I sent the exact posts in to ask if they fit with the other IP-masked posts of Kiki's.

But if you read the town hall update they drastically cut back on mod numbers and powers for a minute. We have to wait. Afaik a major reveal is coming of all Kiki's posts on the site. I hope as part of that we'll get a yay or nay on those three Sakura posts.

No. 304797

I should have capped this earlier when I had the chance but she added a caption to this one. It was something about enjoying her (coconut) milk with ice. That she had to specify a vegan type of milk made this all the more Kiki like. Pretty odd that there were new posts today after this account was inactive for weeks, hmm…

No. 304799

not odd at all anon. she saw us talking about her. she read the new Kiki thread and referred very specifically to a post in it.

on the Kiki side - the Kiki account became active at the same time and she posted a vid of her winking and blowing a kiss.

No. 304802

what I mean is, she follows us in real time and dropped clues for two hours until we finally paid attention.

No. 304808

she's obsessed by lolcow and pull… whenever she wrote to me on insta she talked about how lolcow is obsessed by her although you could see it was the other way round…

whenever she unprivatizes her account it's on purpose imo

No. 304810

It's amazing how much both Margo and Keeks project.
>Margo: Venoos is an abusive narcissistic psychopath!!
>Kiki: the hate sites are full of insecure bitches with no lives!!

No. 304811

yes. I went to look bc I thought with all the talk about her she might do it… voila.

No. 304812

soul mates

ps. aaah flood detection. thank you kiki for your legacy.

No. 304813


No. 304814

Well kiki isn't wrong judging by the posts on /b/

No. 304841

I know she's gone private now, but can we have a Mimii thread? I'm so curious who she is. If she's not Kaka she has to be someone else.

No. 304844

there is literally no material on this person aside from a bunch of dipshit comments. Having a thread on her would be even less lucrative than a thread on asslabyrinth.

No. 304885

That lolcow obsessed psycho has no milk. She's just an attention whore.

No. 304921

we don't have enough on her and she's 100% attention whore. plus if she were proved to be Kaka, she would simply be discussed both there and here as usual.

the implications would be amazing for Margo (and Jassy too) if this turns out to be Kaka.

No. 304922

>long haired (?) figure in darkness.
Correction to my post. I looked at the vid with some filtration. It's not a long-haired figure. It's a dark towel or a cloth draped across something. Fingers appear at the top and drop the sakura down. This is not an important detail except I want to correct any perception that there was a long-haired figure in the image. Also, it was levels-adjusted to fuck so darkness may have had little to do with it.

No. 305112

Until maggot resurfaces, my headcanon is that Kiki, as mimii, somehow lured midge to florida and made an umbrella out of her skin.

No. 305121

omg or she still has marge in the basement, using the lotion…

No. 305129

File: 1476001912167.png (535.14 KB, 738x434, venus091016.png)

I wonder what's going on…

No. 305131


I already wondered about Venus being so silent just shortly after margo went offline. Wouldn't surprise me if she still makes troubles behind the scenes.

I want to know so bad what's up with margo in these days.

No. 305132


My bet's on Mags having done something to get herself arrested and poor Venus and Manaki having to play clean-up crew.

No. 305134

Unfortunately that's highly plausible. If Margs only got deported there probably wouldn't be any need for them to get involved, but she might have done property damage or something that they have to pay for since she can't. Since she had their address they were fucked.
If they have to pay for something they might have asked for the rest of the family in Hungary for financial support.

No. 305136

I doubt that it's got something to do with mags gotten arrested and Venus & manaki having to take care of it.

Venus has been out of her regular schedule for a while now so guess it's nothing that has happened just now.

No. 305146

I was thinking along those lines too, that or maybe the loon got herself hospitalized somehow and Venus as next-of-kin got dragged into it. (OD? Suicide attempt? Psychotic break leading to psych hospitalization? She was unravelling pretty fast in the days leading up to her disappearance.) ughh

No. 305147

My theory is that Marge's hobo lifestyle somehow got her put into hospital via some nasty infection or a pickled liver or something

No. 305149


Yes she could have been sectioned (or Japanese equivalent) for dangerous/self destructive behaviour. I'm guessing she was abusing alcohol to a degree as she was looking a lot more bloated then usual.

No. 305150

this has to be something that had multiple steps / stages to it. margo's last appearance online anywhere seems to be this? >>301746 12 days ago.

hypothesis: perhaps she got put out of the tetris house due to no more money for rent payments and things got crazy with her screaming and the police… take it from there. naturally, venus and manaki cannot take her in, things get complicated. there would have been a lot of back and forthing. if this is what happened, my prediction is margo is in some kind of detention, or has been. the question is, could venus even have paid for margo's rent somewhere at this point - would the police even accept that., and would tetris house take her back. or is she going or gone back to hungary by order of the japanese authorities. all hypothetical but interesting to think about.

No. 305152


What if Margo isn't in jail or hospitalized and actually took legal action against Venus ? ( Or the Taxes caught up with Margo and there just investigating V now too )

But then again who's to say it isn't a emergency on Manaki's side ?

No. 305153

If midge could, nothing could stop her from sperging online. If she has absolutely no internet, she's either in prison - and oh fucking gooood I would love it so much if legal action by either V's management or V and manaki as a couple had put her there - or in a psych ward. Gosh golly. That makes me smile. I hope she's not making too much trouble for Venus, she and Manaki are putting up a happy face in spite of being busy behind the scenes.

No. 305154

margo can't even afford to keep her jar of hair dye = no lawsuit is likely.

the taxes thing is minor, they work that out when you do your tax return in future, not by an international manhunt or chasing a 19 yo who was a child at the time.

No. 305155

I agree. Also, it would be great for Venus and Manaki if maggot had an arrest record of some stupidity she's committed in Japan, the Japanese police cares a lot more about that than some taxes in Holland.

With an arrest record, as soon as she gets deported, she can't get in for at least five years. Joy!

No. 305157

If anything, they should go after maggot, she was the one who evaded taxes and even can be accussed to coercing a minor into signing a contract

No. 305158

sorry I meant to quote >>305152

No. 305163

She probably just can't afford her cellphone bill anymore.

No. 305165

yes but why >>305129

No. 305169


What I mean by investigating Venus is that her and Margo 'shared' an income so they may ask for clarifications from Venus on some of the information. Who knows what Margo would tell them to try and avoid resposibility .. " My daughter ate my taxes"

No. 305172

My booly daughter ate my taxes then had her intestines removed to shit them away #booly #venusangelic #japantrip #taxevasion

No. 305183

File: 1476033081826.png (266.99 KB, 720x879, Screenshot_2016-10-09-10-08-12…)

Another new post, but in the comments Venus says she is just being contemplative.

No. 305184

File: 1476033269116.png (89.98 KB, 719x512, Screenshot_2016-10-09-10-12-03…)

Her response and other reactions to the post.

No. 305186

Sure, but there's free wifi everywhere. Lots of people use free wifi service from their phone or laptop when their data plan gets low - and higher class hobos do it all day long instead of work.

There has to be something preventing Margo from freaking out online physically, like a total inability of access. Margo's visa would have ended next week anyway, so it's possible she's in Hungary, stuck in her parent house, and they won't give her the wifi password.

But Venus has mentioned personal stuff causing delays for her twice since Margo "disappeared". It's got to be Margo related. We just have to wait and see how.

No. 305190

Guys, maybe Margaret died…?

No. 305191

She probably threatened or in threatening suicide; it's looking more like a temporary sectioning of Mags happened when she did something mega dramatic. Somatic female narcs threaten suicide of the regular. They aren't usually inclined to make an attempts, buy when they do, they're almost gurenteed to fail (because they don't want to die, they think they're great) while also being the most dramatic fashion possible. Think locking themselves in a bathroom, smashing things up, and swallowing like 10 paracetamol before making themselves puke of the floor. None of it is going to kill them, but it will sound awful from the outside and guarantee them a little vacay in the hospital while their victim cleans up the mess.

No. 305192

it's more likely she did a half assed suicide attempt and is in a mental hospital now.

No. 305194


Venus said it herself, Margo always threatens with "suicide" but doesn't do it.. Just throws a knife at poor V's head.

No. 305197

File: 1476039863609.png (1.1 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20161009-150029.png)

Hell, the margster has "threatened suicide" herself publicly on IG more than once.

No. 305198


kek, now she makes fake hate accounts,websites and videos about her daughter. The irony.

No. 305201

Hospitals have free wifi? Is it not the case if you get sactioned?

No. 305202

Margaret's comments on her IG photos have all disappeared / aren't showing? Or is it just me?

No. 305203

If you are sectioned I think you are under strict supervision so no phone/wifi initially.

No. 305205


Even her own sock poppet account comments ? Even asslabs ?

No. 305206


nah, I still see all of them tho.

No. 305207

File: 1476041274630.png (119.05 KB, 281x500, IMG_3560.thumb.PNG.711a1410847…)

She's been thinking lots of deep thoughts lately. Attached is a quickly deleted IG post from a couple of days ago:

No. 305209

Ahh I mean the comments under Margarets photos on Margarets IG account?

Maybe she just blocked me lmao

No. 305212


yupp they are still there, even the comments of herself. I checked a few posts and she deleted nothing.

No. 305213

File: 1476041750992.png (1.04 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20161009-152924.png)

And today she quoted Nietzsche (sort of) in her IG caption. (The actual quote is "if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.") So I guess she really has been reading some philosophy, otherwise how would she have known about the quote? I think there's a lot more to Venus than meets the eye.

No. 305214


It makes me sad to know that she never had the chance to visit school like a normal child and go for her interests than making money for her mum. She seems to be a smart girl who likes to discover things and herself but sadly never couldn't do it.

No. 305219

File: 1476044286698.jpg (183.38 KB, 1365x585, came from my uteroos.jpg)

Just found something mildly amusing.

No. 305227

Lmao you mean that one thing every pretentious asshole on the internet can quote? Very philosophy, such impress.

No. 305230

File: 1476046692904.jpg (70.01 KB, 932x390, ss (2016-10-09 at 09.56.32).jp…)

Zsu is still offering Venus her support.

No. 305233

>mentions death
>don't worry!

No. 305234

I agree, no way has Margo's compulsion to speak gone away; no way has she had a 'realisation'. something's going on in her actual circumstances because that's how Margo works.

No. 305235

not the same anon, but she could just be taking photos of her ass. she at least tries with the humour.

No. 305236

do narcs ever get truly suicidal though?

she may have been more misbehaving, being unhinged, and then the authorities didn't / don't want to let her go because of that. being a tourist with no money in your pocket and attracting the attention of either mental heath professionals or the police = bad look, even if the incident was in passing.

No. 305240

No. It's a manipulation and attention tactic only for them, but it's a regular go to for female somatic narcissists in particular. They're also not above using it to get out of something where they don't see any way to save face. Ex: "You can't be mad at me / expect me to work / call me to account for this situation I just caused, I'm going to kill myself and I have to go to the hospital! You're a monster if you don't back off! Now apologize and feel extremely sorry for me or I'll have to do it again."

No. 305242

Thanks, so yes she could do this in London at the ER without repercussions, but doing it in Tokyo she's gotten herself in trouble.

I still lean toward her making a big scene at Tetris House, mainly because she's grown so familiar with the management there and would expect them to accommodate her even if she no longer had the rent. She would be listing all the favours she did for them etc. She did that with Jassy even after only what, a week? What I would have given to be a fly on that wall.

No. 305260

File: 1476053481112.png (137.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-10-09-18-40-56…)

Did anyone else see this by Manaki…? Makes what Venus is saying seem more worrisome to me…

No. 305262

Well, whatever is affecting her is affecting them both. It could be problems between them, or problems caused by Margo, OR problems between them caused by Margo.

No. 305266

it's gone

No. 305267

I'm leaning to the latter

No. 305268

it would have been a 'story' right- how long do they last? not really deleted I guess.

No. 305276

Yeah, it is still there. They last 24 hours, and I think it was new.

No. 305277


No. 305282


Maybe Mags' silence IS a coincidence- it could be that one of Manaki's parents died or is ill, which would be very sad. Venus knew them, right? So that might explain her posts as well.

No. 305284

Yes, Venus seems pretty close with her in-laws - who also told the police to get lost when Margo was using them to harass the family (Margo had hoped the harassment would get the Okadas to think Venus was nothing but trouble.)

I'm sure V will give us a heads up when she can. It's hard to wait because we're so used to Margo spilling top quality cream 24/7 for months on end. But Aunt Zsu and Grandpa Ferenc don't seem worried about anything and are posting regularly, so it may well be that the issue is with Venus's in-laws and that Margo is sulking back in Budapest on a tight leash.

No. 305289

Manaki has been posting regularly and seemingly happily on IG though, more so than Venus.

No. 305295

File: 1476068769883.jpg (59.83 KB, 927x575, coconutmilk.jpg)

And here it is, she unprivated.

No. 305296

File: 1476068895229.png (768.5 KB, 918x595, lol.png)

And Mimi mocking our comparison pics…

No. 305301



No. 305306

stupid bitch does make me laugh, though.

like for how paranoid she is, she may as well be Kaka. she projects that back onto us but we're just bored, bb.

No. 305319

This girl is just whoring for attention. If you stop bringing her up she'll shit up. She's only going to play along as long as anons keep making their conspiracy theories.
I'm wondering if the girl started the "mimii is kiki" rumors herself.

No. 305323

she seems a bit too belligerent to be that subtle. it's been a very regular anon here, IMO. our answer will come definitively and soon though because the three sakura posts are for sure mimii, so they are either Kaka or no. we can kick back and wait.

I agree, scouring this mimii account is presently a waste of time- unless you are a psych major who needs it for your thesis.

No. 305325

No, that was me. (NOT MIMII I swear)

No. 305330

Kaka's banned anyway, she's not starting anything

No. 305339

How does this not count as derailment? Can we have enough of this shit already? It doesn't mean anything, it's boring af, and this bitch is just an attention whore.

No. 305354

Yup my best friend is a psychiatrist working on an inpatient ward, BPD and NPD patients do a lot of threatening suicide, taking half a packet of pills and then ringing an ambulance or a friend. It tends to be a yo-yo thing with them becoming reliant on being admitted to hospital once they have exhausted the patience of family and friends. Some of them will self-harm as soon as being discharged is brought up so they can stay in. Basically anything to not be given responsibility for themselves - they want to be under the care of someone.

No. 305355

I agree it's gotten too much; an answer is coming and we can shut up about it till then. If Kiki catfished Margo we do want to know… but we have to wait.

No. 305409

This. I'm actually feeling second hand embarrassment over you people bringing her up. She's a nobody. Please stop.

No. 305497

Zsu's posting cheery photos so whatever has happened with Margo behind the scenes, it's not death or a serious medical issue.

No. 305502

seeing their instas, it's hard to believe they're siblings. Zsu is studying a legit career, has a loving husband, a home full of cute puppers while Maggot has to resort to wander homeless,fuck whoever dares to put it in her and scaring random dogs on the streets for a selfie.

Karma (or whatever you guys want to call it) is wonderful, isn't it?

No. 305520

Does anyone know how or why morge ended up living in Tenerife? I had always assumed it was like just off the coast of Spain but I looked it up and it's this tiny island 200 miles off the coast of Africa, out in the middle of nowhere and nowhere close to Spain. Who drags a 7 year old kid off to live in Tenerife ffs?

No. 305522

I don't know how it is in other European countries, but here in the UK (where I know she has lived), the canary islands (of which tenerife is one) are a VERY popular holiday destination, to the point where for some people here the canary islands are some of then only places abroad they visit. They're very "touristy" almost tacky places to visit though, but to Margaret I'm sure that seemed very glamorous.

No. 305551

If V went to school like a normal child, she'd be amazing. She taught herself to edit, taught herself several languages, and does seem to have a mature taste in what she reads/watches.

I can't believe this whole fiasco is what caused her family to reach out to her, but I really hope that she at least meets with Zsu one day. She seems like a lovely, healthy woman. I am still a little sketchy about her grandmother so I don't think she should meet with them, assuming they are still married.

Narc 'suicide attempts' are taking too many painkillers for headaches. Slow liver failure is in their future. They also may say things like 'today I was going to jump off a bridge, but then ___ stopped me'

No. 305554

Lmao that's like onion's suicide a attempt story.
Sage for ot

No. 305559

Totally OT but when I was a kid panadol (for kids) tasted SO GOOD that I kept sipping it when the bottle broke. My mum obviously freaked and I had my stomach pumped at 6 y/o.

I've had lots of dramatic 'friends' that have taken, or will take, 'panadol overdoses' and i just straight up told them that they will die a slow death of liver failure.

No. 305566

>Who drags a 7yo to live in Tenerife
A mother who wants to alienate their child from extended family, to make sure she will never ask for her father, to feel her own culture, to disconnect them both from everything and just generally distract her: "look at this beautiful resort life we're living, no complaining now". Ausfag here and I'm embarrassed to say I also didn't know just how far it was, oop.

No. 305584

>>305213 I don't know anon, you can read that qoute quite often. It was also mentioned in the simpsons

No. 305616

German anon here: many people go to one of the canary islands for vacation. Nowadays mostly to Gran Canaria or Fuerteventura.

I guess living there was something she had been able to brag about. Margo was never really interested in what her daughter really needed, at least that's how it seems to be.

No. 305617

Considering that until Tenerife, Margo kept Venus sequestered in a Thai temple in Switzerland from ages 1-7, Tenerife felt somewhat like freedom to V.

And it's no wonder she grew up to be a weeb; Mags instilled "East Asia is Superior Culture" into her head before she was verbal.

No. 305618

* probably felt, sorry

No. 305653

Grandpa just posted a pic of Tokyo women's prison. Aunt Zeus is like omg nothing to do with the family case!

Wtf is going on with that maggot?

No. 305655

File: 1476231889581.jpg (122.57 KB, 931x333, ss (2016-10-12 at 01.23.59).jp…)

No. 305658

>nothing to do with the family case

wtf why would you post this though

No. 305659

Grandpa is weird…

No. 305660

Another cryptic ferenc post, then Zsu jumped in several hours later to comment. Of course it's about your 'family case' girl. To me this says marge is not back in Hungary with them like we all thought and this is his way of saying she ought to be in jail. Like when he posted the Japanese hospital pic right after she showed up in Japan this last time was him saying "you're sick, get help." That's my interpretation anyway. Ferenc does this when she does something that makes him angry and he wants to let off steam without revealing anything specific. Something's happening behind the scenes with this bitch and I'm afraid it's affecting Venus, from her posts about "a lot going on" and recent silence on SM and YT. Damn you marge, you toxic shitstain.

No. 305664

either that or he just loves stirring drama

posting cryptic messages and saying "don't interpret more into it" is like offering a cake and screaming at you for accepting the offer

No. 305669

Could be nothing, could be something. Is there a way to look up inmates in Japan? I doubt she's in jail, but it is interesting he posted that considering how quiet Mags has been.

No. 305674

Yes, she has a pathological compulsion to make a spectacle of herself online. If she could in any way access the net, even with someone else's phone and wifi, someone she just met on the street, she would. Maybe she's not in prison, but I still believe she's detained or contained somewhere.

No. 305675


He's starting to piss me off with these cryptic ass messages. I get that he's old and he doesn't have to explain anything to randos online (us), bUT either say what you mean or keep shit private.

If he wasn't so old I'd say he does this shit for attention or something.

No. 305678

Whatever his motive might be, it makes me think morge is still in Japan. Her visa would be just now expiring, maybe he's hoping she gets picked up & detained?

No. 305680

I really wish she'd just die. She'll never get any better and she'll cause misery and stress to her family as long as she lives.

No. 305681

That's right, she has four days, was it?

I really hope Venus and Manaki aren't put in a position where they have to help this crazed cuntwaffle with anything.

No. 305687

Yeah, she arrived in Japan around July 12. And I'm thinking V & M have been sucked back into her vortex of misery somehow. Fuck this bitch. Venus must be at the end of her rope by now.

No. 305689

>prison image while we speculate about possible encounters with the law
>japanese text (?)
>no problem though!
grandpa like to engage in a bit of light trolling. I get it will be intended as some kind of metaphor, but like the very specific hospital image from Yukio's town… it's not exactly helping if they want to quell the speculation.

No. 305690

likes ^

No. 305696

Lonely old people do shit for attention all the time. At least he's not clogging up the ER with "chest pain" like the rest of them.

No. 305703


You know its Kiki cuz she had to compare herself with two characters that are elves cuz she is an elf goddess of the earth. There is a high chance it is her, however you guys are forgetting a major factor… Kiki photoshops heavily. Can't really compare it to mimi

No. 305715

he's not lonely surely, he's married and got some of his fam around, and even the ones 'away' are not estranged except for Margo. he just has old man ideas of what constitutes "funny".

No. 305722

I really think it's his way of venting. Morge has momma margit wrapped around her finger, she's 100% team margo and he's 100% NOT so he's probably a bit frustrated.

No. 305731

I can't see Aunt Zsu's comment any more. Did she delete it? Or maybe G'pa deleted it?

No. 305732

Why does this thread keep getting bumped? There's literally no milk…

No. 305736

Yes, it's gone

No. 305739

Hmm, interesting that he deleted Zsu's comment about the Japanese jail pic NOT having anything to do w/their family (of course it does.) Grandpa is standing his ground on this: it's his statement & he's standing by it. He wants Venus and the world to see it.

Last time he did this (the Japanese hospital pic) it was deleted almost immediately, I think that was Zsu's doing. She's stressed about grandpa drawing the internet into their family affairs. Ferenc must feel pretty strongly about this one.

No. 305741

I know we don't have much information to work from but that's some heavy projecting.

No. 305745

Heads up: there's someone spamming CP, if it's kaka, might be a good idea to sic the FBI on her disgusting ass.

No. 305749

File: 1476270987279.png (833.47 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20161012-071258.png)

Aunt Zsu just posted this:

No. 305750


didn't kaka posted some uncensored rape video of some girl waaay before on twitter in one of her DANNY ABUSEEEED MEEEE!!! rants?

No. 305751


not saying it's her in those posts, but she has done that kind of fucked up stuff for her own gain before

sage for samefagging

No. 305752

Does this mean she's in contact with Venus outside of Instagram now?

No. 305753

do you think margo is kill

No. 305762

You mean dead? No.

No. 305766

Wonder what she thinks she'll gain if the FBI shows up and arrests her for distributing CP. Her and her crazy mom too.

I hope so.

No. 305769


I wish she'd encourage her father to do the same tbh

No. 305770


yesss I was waiting for this kind of post! Is it possible that maggot could be in jail for abusing the tourist visa system so much? Or do you get deported right away?

No. 305790

Hmm. With Venus not posting and having personal drama, Margo's visa being just about up, and Ferenc's jail post (that either she's in detention or should be): I wonder if, being unable to stay on at Tetris House, Venus told Mags she could crash on the couch for the few weeks until her visa is up, if she completely gave up posting online. That would be a huge source of stress, and ample reason why Venus isn't able to make posts or put up videos.

Even then though, I don't think Margo would be able to hold her temper and contain her thirst, and not get any online attention. Even with her best emotional punching bag back. which leads us again to Margo being someplace where it's utterly impossible to post online.

No. 305833

anon there is no way in hell that after working so hard to get away from her mother, even moving house, that Venus would just "let her mom crash on the couch for a few weeks". Lord knows if she invited her in for even a second that they couldn't get rid of the bitch even if her visa expired.

No. 305838

and also, Margaret's visa is up wherever she stays, I don't think Venus would jeopardize her husband's job or her own life in Japan, knowing M's parents would almost def fund her ticket back to Hungary.

No. 305840

I'm guessing you've never cut one of your parents out of your life. It's hard. Most people eventually falter and give their parent a second chance… and then a third… and then a fourth…

It doesn't matter how abusive the parent is, or how much they'll screw up your life should you let them back into it; it's incredibly difficult to accept that you will never have a healthy parent-child relationship. Love for your parent tends to trump logic.

It's pretty amazing that Venus has kept herself away from Maggot for so long, though I guess it definitely helps that Maggot is constantly spewing her awfulness on social media, so Venus is just a click away from being reminded that Maggot really is incorrigible.

No. 305847

I think you're being a bit presumptuous. I'm not the anon you're replying to but I agree, there is no chance in hell venus let margo crash in venus' place.
You're forgetting that Venus has tons of people reaffirming that Margo is no good (manaki, manaki's parents, even aunt zsu and grandpa all deterring her from initiating contact). Venus also makes sure to never even bring her mother up or speak about her… She's pretty obviously done with her.
Also, I bet manaki would never allow it, he's done a pretty A+ job so far of protecting Venus from Margo's attempted contact, there's no chance he is randomly going to be like "oh yes she can stay here!" after everything margo has done to not only his wife but to him too.
It's far more likely that margo has done something to get herself in trouble and managed to somehow drag Venus and manaki in to the mess. She's probably in trouble with the law somehow, my guess would be immigration.

No. 305881


I'm wondering if she somehow found Venus and Manaki's new place and showed up there again, and they (or a neighbor) had to call the cops on her because she was creating a disturbance. That would certainly cause a good deal of stress for both of them. Perhaps even between them if Manaki was the one who had to call.

I was originally thinking that Mags might've been picked up for vagrancy or public drunkenness or something, but then how would the cops contact Venus? From what I thought, Mags didn't know the address of the new apartment…

Just my speculation, though. I'm in the dark like the rest of you.

No. 305885

Do you think benis will ever be a normal girl after living with marge and having no friends?

No. 305893

If Margo is deported/in jail and far, far away from Venus, I think Venus could handle just living her life and being a stronger person. She's been doing pretty well on her own for a while, and she has a pretty good head on her shoulders.

No. 305913

the real question here is, Maggot will grown up finally?

No. 305914

No. 305925

Are you havin' a laugh, mate?

People like maggot aren't fundamentally damaged and never grow up, get better, or become less of a flaming nuisance. They can't even kill themselves right. That poor river has been waiting forever.

No. 305934

You mean <<ARE>> fundamentally damaged, right?

No. 305944

File: 1476400946536.jpg (23.31 KB, 540x540, inside.jpg)

I miss Margo's milk so much…
I know it's better for Venoos and everything but I really miss her semi nude jung wooman pictures, her tantrums, etc. It was such a good milk back then, I was not ready to say goodbye so suddenly.

No. 305945

I know, fellow farmer. I feel the same. But I'm sure she will come back with a HUGE BANG.

No. 305947

Yes, oops!

Me too, anon. Her compulsive spergery was endlessly entertaining. But they can't keep her locked up forever. They can however deport her, and they will, and the force of her pent up rage combined with her retard levels of lack of self awareness will bring a tsunami of milk. I have my popcorn ready.

No. 305985

Caption from Venus's latest IG:

venus_angelic I put Chika as my phone wallpaper because she never gives up no matter what and that is really the inspiration I need right now! ( i _ i )

Swampbeast is definitely fucking with her somehow, behind the scenes. Grandpa ferenc knows and he's pissed, hence the jail post. Damn this bitch to hell.

No. 305992

Just guessing here, but
>Ferenc makes prison post
>Zsu says it has nothing to do with their family
>post stays up, Zsu's comment is gone

Maybe gramps told her it's just semantics, and that a nuthouse or a detention center is the same as a prison.

I'm still convinced maggot is being detained somewhere, there's just no way she could be stopped from making a fool of herself online.

The way we know her, if she's going down, she will try to make sure that Venus goes down too. So, while immigration is trying to make up the paperwork to get her kicked out, she's sperging the fuck out in the detention center, telling anyone who will listen

>WEENOOS is in a fake marriage

>she cheated on him

Maybe immigration officers think "what if", and now Venus and Manaki have deal with the hassle of having to prove their marriage is for real? It should work itself out soon enough. Immigration officers aren't retards and will figure out they are being played by this lunatic.

No. 305995


>And Venoos paid mana for the visa… oh no wait mana wanted to be her manager…and btw manaki is transexual!!! no no wait, now I remember Venoos was woorking as a hoostees because mana foorces her but he also forces her to stay at home watching horror movies… THEY'RE RICH… NO NO WAIT THEY HAD A GAS STOVE he's a transexual factory worker And they also stoole MY MOONEY AND THE PROOFS!!! ON THE STORAGE… but now that I remember, my friend took the 18 boxes from the storage

I feel sorry for whoever have to deal with her crazyness

No. 306000

This info probably isn't important, but the text says "Tokyo Women's Prison." If you google image "刑務所" the same picture without the text comes up. There was a Japanese article with it about prison in the UK. So I reversed imaged searched the picture and a documentary for HM Prison in the UK came up.

No. 306002

Nearly everyone knows that quote

No. 306005

She normally responds to IG dms super quick and she hasn't seen mine I sent 4days ago. I do think something has happened to her.

No. 306010

You're talking about Margaret right?
Maybe she's trying to cause up a stir on purpose by being MIA. It might also fit into whatever lies she's telling Venus and/or her family.

No. 306011

This is the most plausible explanation of what's going on right now. Well done anon. If it isn't this, then I'll eat my hat.

No. 306022

File: 1476472402747.jpg (96.36 KB, 281x500, 25fc6790afb5b376.jpg)

Her recent IG posts have been about believing in herself, never giving up, and not liking fights. I wonder if it's all related or not?

No. 306027

I really, really hope she doesn't let Margo back into her life through some fucked up circumstances.

No. 306030

I don't think it's related to be honest. Not this nor any post she makes.
She is so young and is living in a foreign country, married, I mean, her life changed so much so suddenly it's normal she's experiencing a lot of fears and dubious feelings.

About Margot I honestly think her dad accepted her back with the condition that she may accept mental treatment and colaborate with it. I don't know if it works with narcs though. But I sorta believe she is in some kind of intensive therapy.

No. 306042

Therapy doesn't work with these people because they have no concept that there's anything wrong with them and no desire to change. There are no meds that can treat them either, unlike other mental illnesses. They're basically just irreperably defective.

No. 306043

>>About Margot I honestly think her dad accepted her back with the condition that she may accept mental treatment and colaborate with it

Therapy doesn't work on narcs; and they refuse to go unless it's to manipulate a partner or child in family therapy (to fix THEM for being the problem, of course.)

And, I think her family is well aware that she's not fixable. Even if she was back home with her parents, there'd be no way to keep her offline for this long. A narc in that kind of rage can make very, very short term agreements to behave, but they're break it at the first opportunity and blame everyone else for it. Just the week before she disappeared, she was posting drunken post sex nude selfies for attention and screeching that it wasn't over between her and Venoos. With any kind of access to the internet at all, she's never made it past a week without attacking V (and even then, she still posts and interacts with her stans.)

No. 306068

Ditto. No person in their right mind would have a long discussion with this woman and come out with the conclusion that she's sane, but maybe immigration thinks that she's either crazy, or it might a language barrier/cultural difference problem and all Hungarians use that communication style. Feel bad for Hungarians if thanks to maggot they get the impression that lunacy is part of the national character.

Absolutely, what the anon here says. >>305354

Many mental health professionals actively but usually anonymously hate patients with personality disorders. People with mental illness like depression, schizophrenia, bipolar and such want to get better. People with personality disorders want to make life for everyone around them a living hell. They think they're the only normal ones in a world full of total suckers they can manipulate on one side, and unreasonable assholes that won't respond to their manipulation on the other.

If you put them in a mental ward and don't isolate them, they have fun jerking around the people in there dealing with mental illness.

This is really insightful, Venus should read it: http://www.continuingedcourses.net/active/courses/course075.php

No. 306094

There's more than one personality disorder. Don't lump them all in with narcissists and antisocials.

No. 306098

i think margo went bald after a failed dye job and is too embarrassed to show her ugly mug lol

No. 306112

The article was discussing "cluster B", the personality disorder it seems therapists do not like because you can't help someone who doesn't understand they are the problem.

No. 306116

The kind that maggot has can obviously be lumped in with cluster B. It's a cluster for a reason, not something I came up with just because maggot's antics are outrageous.

No. 306117

She has a habit of posting old pics to keep people wondering, I don't think it would stop her from posting.

No. 306120

Therapy can work on narcs when they realize that sth is wrong. Just a tiny bit of selfdoubt is enough

No. 306121

Narcissism is seen to be on a continuum. You can have some narcissistic features(most of us do) or you can be a fullblown malignant one which is possibly where Mags falls. Malignants are not self aware and cannot see they have a problem no matter how much it is pointed out they do.

No. 306123

Exactly, as she has demonstrated repeatedly oner the past 10 MONTHS, right up until she ghosted.

No. 306131

No. 306139

Just for entertainment purposes while we wait, Arrests in Japan -

Arrest Procedures: The First 72 Hours: https://japan.usembassy.gov/e/acs/tacs-7110b.html
Under Investigation: The Next 20 Days: https://japan.usembassy.gov/e/acs/tacs-7110c.html
Daily Life At The Detention Prison: https://japan.usembassy.gov/e/acs/tacs-7110e.html

(info is for US citizens but works the same for all)

Margo is approximately 18 days since that last sighting in the Youtube comments.

No. 306141


lol sounds like a fun time for mags right now.

No. 306144

She deserves it. Fingers crossed that that is where she's at.

No. 306149

Exactly. She'd post some amazing flower photography. Or steal a wig and take some selfies while rambling about how she's so hip and down with the kids.

No. 306150

Do people also have to pay to charge their phones at those "stations" in Japan or something?
All I can think is she has properly run out of funds for everything possible
I'm not sure I can wrap it up to her getting put in a detention centre just yet. But perhaps she could be anyway.

No. 306151

lmao she said she created the music herself when Youtube identified and credited the freesource music she used

No. 306153

idk, if mange is in detention why would Venus be as stressed out & preoccupied as she seems to be? It doesn't make sense. I don't buy it, I think the old swampmonster has figured out some new way to fuck with Venus.

No. 306154

Someone on Kiwi is speculating that Margo chimped out , either at Tetris House or Venus's place, and when the cops got called she managed to make them question Venus and Manaki's marriage , so Venus and Manaki have been dealing with immigration interviews even though Margo might be in prison (but this is all speculation)

No. 306158

If anything Margo being 'permanently' gone would easily create a hole in Venus' life. It's basically Stockholm where venus is so used to the stress and insanity from her mother not only is the fear of her popping back up constantly haunting her but also she's now able to stop and think and worry about other things. She has lots of stuff thrust on her now even with Manaki's help like paying for all the bills and dealing with actually being an adult.

There are a million reasons why Venus, a young adult who just moved in with her husband in a different country, with one friend (Taylor) that she gets to sometimes hang out with would be anxious. IDK how marriage immigration goes in Japan but there might still be forms and things that she's filing.

No. 306162

Yeah, trying to fuck with Venus's visa is something she'd totally do. Because if she can't live in Japan VENOOS must not be allowed to either. That would mean VENOOS WON, in that shriveled blighted reptile brain of hers. Marge might be going down but she's gonna do her best to take Venus down with her. That's been the single minded focus of her life for the past 9 months: Destroy Venus. Make her PAY.

No. 306163

There's a silver lining: if you've been arrested in Japan, she's probably not going to make it back in for at least five years, and hopefully longer.

By then she'll be chimping about around the globe so much that, who knows, she'll get arrested somewhere else.

No. 306164

*If she's

Anyhow, venus and manaki will have no problem to prove their marriage is legit. They are going on dates all the time, they have documentation of these dates, his parents will back them up too, all of that has much more weight than the rantings of some drunk, homeless whore like maggot.

No. 306170


Lo, Mags has like 2 sets of clothes with her, and those have been washed in leg hair in the bottom of communal showers for 9 months. She's got to be in rough shape by now.

>>Until they are convicted, suspects wear their own clothes. Laundry facilities are normally available only once a week, so suspects should make arrangements to have sufficient clothing to stay clean.

No. 306175

>>While the many rules and regulations at the prison may seem petty and mindless to you, they are in fact part of the overall security plan which creates a physically safe environment for the detainees.

The rules include the manner in which the inmates SIT in various rooms, in addition to a fuckton of other rules. It's a place that nearly guarantees a narc meltdown because they aren't getting their own way. If she is indeed in detention and flouting the rules, she'll likely be tacking onto her sentence. Since family is also supposed to bring you clothes and money, I'm sure Margo is calling Venus nonstop for cash and personal items. That's stressful whether or not Venus has done these things for her mother.

No. 306183


the time frame matches perfectly when V said 6 days ago that "a lot of private stuff going on" and that she wants to return to youtube in 1-2 weeks, when the days in jail of maggot would be mostly over.

No. 306186

Don't Japanese courts have a super high conviction rate? It's something in the 90%'s iirc, most people are given a guilty verdict. Margo is definitely in some serious trouble imo.

No. 306189

Yes, and there's no such thing as bail for foreigners, pretty much (the number of cases that are bailed isn't even a percentage.)

And, in order to speak to anyone (lawyer or family) she has to wait for an officer who speaks her language. She can use an English interpreter, but her accent is pretty bad and I can see Margo switching into hungarian / swiss german / spanish (equally poorly accented) thinking she's being clever and getting away with something (i.e. threats to Venus if she doesn't pay money and help her.) Which only makes them crack down more on her privileges.

This jail saga could go on for a while, until they deport her. And apparently, the detention centers are worse than the jails.

No. 306229

The real question is tho, why would Margo get arrested?

Maybe Venus reported her to the police for harassment or for overstaying her visa?

No. 306230


Vagrancy, not having the correct visa, working without the correct visa, soliciting (she was often bragging about getting into VIP areas etc, she could have been working as an escort) or perhaps fraud - she has conned several people on her travels out of money and used people for material gain, I'm sure that could have caught up with her. She's also selling stuff online from Japan which contravenes her visa.

No. 306231


Totally enjoyed this article imagining Margo under boot camp conditions. I would definitely watch a reality TV show of prison life for Margo, she should pitch that to some network and become a million times more famooos than Venooos instantly

No. 306234

If she was working as an escort/hostess, she may have been busted that way. It's illegal for foreigners to work in that industry without very specific visas (you pretty much have to be married to a citizen I believe) because of human trafficking (it's easier for them to just not allow anyone to do it to avoid girls getting brought in for that reason). Yes, people still do it but if they get caught, they get deported.
If the club Marg was working at got busted, she'd be taken into custody. You can try to appeal it, but eventually you either get deported or you can choose to leave voluntarily. You then get slapped with a 5 year ban from entering Japan.
My guess is Marg is holed up in the detainment center trying to appeal. Eventually they'll either forcefully send her somewhere or she'll just get tired of it and agree to leave.

No. 306250

So many reasons and ways for Margo to get into trouble. My fun theory is she went nuts at Tetris House, maybe vandalised something, made a scene screaming, acting odd, wouldn't leave etc. At some point her money had to run out and she would have had to leave, so… what if she didn't leave when asked?

Other theoretical situations abound.

No. 306279

My pet theory–Yukio and/or his family turned her in.

No. 306286

That's what I was thinking too. Maybe she had a meltdown and they called the cops or they found out about the fucked up shit she's up to.

No. 306288

I love that one too. But these theories only work for me if she's going 2007 Britney with the umbrella, l-o-l.

No. 306299

That vengeance would be so sweet.

>boolied a desperate old man into buying you airfare to Japan, maggot?

>you find out for a few weeks what it really means to be booooooliiiiiieeed!!!11

No. 306334

I'm starting to miss Maggot. Looks like she really hit rock bottom this time.

No. 306342


same, anon. I check here every day to see if mags has returned. We can only hope that she will talk about the past few weeks when she has the first chance to go online again. I would love to hear what happened and how much venooos boolied her.

No. 306440

Today is the 1 month anniversary of the swampbeast's last IG post. Wherever it is, I hope it's miserable.

No. 306451

holy shit this margo thing seems to either be happening really quickly or really slowly. I remember when I first came here in december last year to read about the bs, and that feels like years ago, but it doesn't feel like a whole month of silence.

Really curious as to what's happening with her. I doubt she's just staying somewhere with no wi-fi because starbucks, but I dont think she could seriously be in jail.

No. 306467

according to this >>306139 at 72 hours plus up to 20 days, plus sentencing and awaiting deportation, the timing is quite okay for her to be in jail.

last suspected sighting 20 days ago >>301746

No. 306484

you can leave immediately if you pay for your own plane ticket out. if you have no money, you have to wait for your home country's embassy to pay for you, which can take weeks. if nobody is willing to bring maggot the money for a plane ticket out of japan, she's stuck there until the government decides if japan pays for her ticket or if the country of her passport pays for it.

that is assuming she isn't trying to contest the deportation sentence, which in that case can take up to 45 days for the minister of justice to review her case and make an official judgement with or without her admittance of guilt, and then plunk her ass on a plane by force.

No. 306485

>>if you have no money, you have to wait for your home country's embassy to pay for you, which can take weeks

And, if you're Margo, and you've previously told the Hungarian embassy in Tokyo that your married adult daughter has been kidnapped, and they have to follow up on this threat to one of their citizens only to find that daughter safely living with her husband and requesting to be left alone by her mom, and after that continue to send insane emails to the embassy saying they need to cancel said daughter's marriage because her permission is rescinded - said embassy is NOT going to be inclined to hustle the repatriation process along.

No. 306491

Yeah, NOBODY wants this miserable bitch.

No. 306495

I know it'll spoil the milk, but I really hope Margo is detained, gets sent back to Hungary, and gets the 5 year ban from Japan so Venus is safe and can move on properly.

No. 306496

Hmmm, now I'm wondering if grandpa ferenc's prison post was his response to the swampbucket contacting momma margit at her first opportunity to beg for airfare. Someone at kiwifarms said it's like 3 weeks before you're allowed to contact ANYONE if you're in detention in Japan and that would fit the timeline perfectly.

No. 306499

And I'm sure that in addition to asking her parents, Margo is demanding that Venus - who LIVES RICH - pay for fines, airfare, commissary and anything else she can think of. Of course, Margo doesn't have any money to pay for stationary or calls, but she's adept at causing pain and misery through whatever channels she does have access to (her state appointed lawyer and the Hungarian embassy.)

The bright spot in this is in Zsu's latest "goodbye, internet" post, one of her comments said she no longer needed her instagram to stay in touch with her niece. So it sounds like Venus has some level of communication with the Koncz family at this point, so Margo can't isolate her as a target if they all talk to each other about how to handle Margo.

No. 306502

Assuming you committed a crime, you can't leave immediately if they have you on a 72hr hold, or are investigating you for 10 days, a further 10 days, sentencing you etc. You can only leave immediately after all that is done but not before. It is only at that point you can start begging your embassy / your parents for money.

Much depends whether she committed an outright crime or just got busted for something immigration-wise.

No. 306513

File: 1476699815305.png (100.99 KB, 720x1170, IMG_20161017_122124.png)

Was this already posted?? Margs using venusangelic as her profile name so venus can't take it anymore. The app is snow

No. 306605

Oh well, Venus got around that during the time her mother owned her Twitter.

I miss the milk, I hope she comes out of the river soon.

No. 306625

File: 1476739184452.jpg (426.05 KB, 750x750, koncz_ferenc-1476739029315.jpg)

What does that photo grandpa ferenc posted like an hour ago mean..?

No. 306628

Oh shit, he was already married? Lol so much for your future husbando begging for your hand in marriage, Mags.

Grandpa Ferenc is bringing the fire!

No. 306631

>Already married
The cake says a date in october 2016, so it seems he recently got married.
I wonder where the photo is from exactly. Does grandpa ferenc have mad stalker skilz?

No. 306635

It says Yukihiro, not Yukio. (Both extremely common names.)
Most likely a random wedding cake picture that Grandpa uploaded.

No. 306636

Look at the date on the cake though, it's current.

How would grandpa get the date on the cake, a photo of the cake? Margo's name is not on the cake. So do we think this is the actual bride's name? or is it some total random other person's cake. Whyyyyyy? Grandpa Ferenc is the master troll, because he has Hungarian old man logic on his side.

I could see Margo trying to get back to see Yukio when she was shit out of cash but as he was looking for marriage, he'd be onto the next one. When will we get the juicy details of what trouble (or situation) she's in?

No. 306637

trolled again by grandpa

No. 306639

>>Well, Yukio put his instagram on private.

What's his insta?

No. 306649

There is a woman's name on the cake, something Misae, which would be the bride. If the family is now in touch with Venus, maybe it's someone on Manaki's side of the family that got married and granps, all about family wanted to share the joy.

No. 306650

tbh grandpa pisses me off.

No. 306651

Get a grip.

No. 306655


Grandpa is not funny old man. He's a huge source of irritation.

No. 306657

Looks like Hisae (a woman's name) and Yukihiro (a man's name.) NOT Yukio. My guess is it's a random pic he googled, who knows why? Wishful thinking maybe, like when he posted Venus's pic captioned "maybe I will be a great-grandfather soon?"

Me too This old guy is killing me.

No. 306659

"Yukio" is a nickname for "Yukihiro", just fyi

No. 306677

Yeah me too, his posts are so vague..

No. 306694

and they would put the proper name on the cake, right…

No. 306708

So are you saying you think that's Yukio's wedding cake on grandpa ferenc's IG? I doubt that. Yukio updates his FB every week or so and there's been no mention of an engagement, let alone a wedding.

No. 306711

All I've ever seen on Yukio's FB is the car pic and multiple pics of a bus on his London misadventure otherwise it doesn't look like he has any interest in FB.

No. 306713

Grandpa published a pic on his IG from when Margo and Yukio were dating (the cocktail pic). We thought it was him in Japan for a minute. The caption for that image was from Margo's communiques with him, not from her insta.

So grandpa does have form in this regard. And we know Yukio was looking for a wife, without a long get-to-know-you period.

But, to publish Yukio's actual pics, he'd have to get them in the first place, suggesting he became friends with Yukio. Yes, that could happen. On the other hand, grandpa could just be googling for things. The name is not a coincidence, he might only be trying to say Yukio's moved on, not "here is Yukio's actual wedding". Who the feck knows with grandpa.

No. 306720

wherever he got that pic from, a reverse image search had 0 results…

No. 306727

That is such a stretch. It's like you have a fixation on Margo and Yukio being an item to the extent that you interpret everything as supporting that fantasy.

Yukio updates his FB regularly with pics of his travels and interests, for example he's been to Numazu and Kyoto recently. I'm pretty sure if he had gotten MARRIED there'd be some mention of that.

No. 306729

Huh? that's other anons who worked out they were dating.

No. 306730

and wtf, you are the one following his social media. poor guy had the misfortune to meet margo is all. I'm happy to say I don't have that shit memorised.

No. 306732

Well whatever motivated ferenc to post the Japanese wedding cake, it's deleted now.

No. 306733

That's exactly what I've been saying. Poor Yukio was just another mark who was temporarily conned by the morge, just like hamburg jassy.

No. 306736

He's a jackass

No. 306950

Total bullshit, how do you even come up with that? Yukio is a name in its own right. See Mishima Yukio 三島 由紀夫 vs. Nishimura Yoshihiro 西村 喜廣.

No. 306951

He deleted the prison picture too

No. 306955

If Venus wants an extended family maybe she should prepare herself to meet her father. There's a chance he's not as fucked up as the Hungarians.

No. 306956

File: 1476775292438.png (393.58 KB, 512x384, N1lx7db.png)

I love how Grandpa's posts always get the conspiracy anons making wild connections.

Yukio is not typically a nickname for Yukihiro, it's an entirely different name. Stop pulling things out of your asses.

No. 306962

Also, why is a moonspeak cake in English?

No. 306966

Good question. Wtf is up with any of this? It's confusing as all hell. That cake is so seemingly random.

No. 306967

Generally speaking, a lot of Japanese wedding cakes use either English or kana because it's hard to do Kanji nicely with chocolate and the like.

No. 307006

Ok, but for a wedding cake? I've never seen a wedding cake with tacky writing like that, resembling a basic birthday cake. I would buy it if they were some poor ass farm folk, but isn't that guy supposed to be rich?
Grandpa is a fucking troll.

No. 307023

he's just an old man posting pics he's found online that he feels are relevant to whatever old man logic he has. the only trolls are you people trolling yourselves by thinking he's got some sort of master plan and going crazy over stupid theories like the guy is fucking kojima or something. calm down on the grandpa shit, nothing he's ever said or posted has had any real significance to anything.

No. 307044

Anon, you need reading comprehension. I'm not arguing for grandpa tinfoil hat theories not him having a master plan. Either way, it's obvious the family follows this thread and probably knows more rumors than the factual situation with marge, so he spews a bunch of stupid shit that relates back to these threads.

No. 307118

Yo, hello, that's why it's not THE GUY. At least two posts in this thread pointing out that Yukio and Yukihiro are distinctly different names.

It's someone else's cake and unrelated to the old guy maggot duped. On top of that, Japanese formal wedding receptions have set times; they run from like 14:00 to 18:00, there's speeches and a menu as well as a tiered cake cutting.

After that there's a less formal party called nijikai, for which the bride and groom chance, it's usually for friend, older generation family and work superiors do not show up. This second party has fun games, snack food, and sometimes a cake like that.

Still NOT YUKIO's wedding, it's Yukihiro's wedding. Granps is perhaps friends with random peeps on facebook and thought it was a nice pic.

No. 307119

it would be healing for both of them. I hope she's able to do it sometime when she's ready, for her own sake.

No. 307146


No. 307148

The fuck is happening to this site? He's just another source of milk and potential info. He's not there to entertain you. Contain your autism.

No. 307187

Well, wherever the maggot might be she's been online today busily deleting IG comments…all the trollish ones speculating she might be in jail are gone, leaving only the "margaret, where are you? I'm worried!" ones. Is she scrubbing comments to make it look like she has legions of people who LOVE her(gag) in preparation for staging a Big Comeback? Who ARE these few misguided souls who give a fuck about her miserable carcass, anyway?

If she's still in Japan her visa is EXPIRED.

No. 307259

the kraken awakes! it won't all be deleting, there will have to be some chimping, and soon.

No. 307260

sage for samefag

No. 307281

Anons are just desperate for milk and perceive grandpas autism as taunting, which in turn flames their autism.

No. 307304

Indeed we are. While we wait and still suspect morgrot is in a detention center, some more info on the life there.

>Japanese Immigration runs 3 jails for foreign prisoners. One in East Japan for 700 persons (Ibaragi prefecture, Ushiku City), a second one in West Japan for 550 persons (Osaka, Ibaraki City) and the third one for 700 persons (Nagasaki prefecture, Omura City). Prisoners are separated from their families, men and women are put in different buildings and children are kept in children's homes.

She must be in the one in Ibaragi prefecture. It's like nothing but farmland, forever.

>People arrested are immediately sent to jail without time to look for their belongings and apartments.

Goodbye swarovski crap.

>The rooms are either 10 persons to a 10 tatami room or 5 persons to a 5 tatami room. There are also narrow single rooms for those unable to be together with others. There is no privacy and all they receive is 5 blankets. They get up at 8:00 AM and have three meals in their rooms – the food is given through a small window in the door – and are allowed to do some exercise for 30 minutes in the playground. During the day, at fixed times, they move to a common room and are allowed to have a shower in the afternoon. At 4:30 PM they have to return to their rooms again.

No more Manaki look-alike yung junkie dick :(

>People in such circumstances usually enjoy only food. This is not the case. The meals are just lunch boxes with fish or meat and since they distribute them to more that 400 persons they are usually cold. There is no consideration at all regarding likes or religious customs.

It's not exactly $3000 a month worth, is it, maggot?

>People living in the same room feel sleepy, but they cannot sleep because others are talking. They fight together because of the TV programs they want to see, or the order given to make international phone calls, the space to dry the clothes, the cleaning of toilets, etc. People get sick because of the food and pressures of life in jail.


>Due to insomnia and stress, sometimes people become also mentally sick.

Short trip.

>Some people remain in jail for more than 3 years. In other prisons there are opportunities to learn jobs or to get some income out of one's work. In jails for foreigners there is nothing to do. The reason could be that, such people are not supposed to be in Japan and to offer them 'jobs' is to recognize their presence here.

Our kappa might as well not exist.

>The few windows of the jail are of frosted glass and nothing outside can be seen. Is it needed to keep the prisoners as if they were animals in a cage?

In maggot's case, probably yes.

No. 307310


she's not in a detention centre. she's been deleting instagram comments.
also we can google this kind of thing, does not add anything to the thread.

No. 307312

It might be someone else deleting those instagram comments. She isn't allowed to have her stuff there, so maybe Venus and Manaki got it from tetris dump until maggot gets shipped home.

There is just no way she would not make an ass of herself if there was any possible way she could, if she wasn't locked up. And besides, her visa is officially expired.

No. 307315

What actua evidence do we have that she's in a jail?

No. 307316

File: 1476885545435.jpg (23.7 KB, 504x518, 0b595371350746d12b95431a91522a…)


do you really think venus or manaki care enough about marg's public image that they would comb through her comments? literally the only person who would care is marg herself.
i know you all want justice on margo but you're kind of grasping at straws. there's little reason to believe she's in jail at this point.

No. 307319

what if going in active was just an experiment to see if Venus would get worried and contact her. funny how everyone's first reaction was that something bad must have happened to her since she's too addicted to attention to go this long without showing a presence online.

No. 307324

She's just too desperate for attention to have disappeared of her own accord, you know? But the fact she's combing her Instagram comments says that she does have some form of self-control on the Internet - something we never thought possible.

I used to think she was being detained but now I'm really not sure. I wonder if she went crying back to Venus and Manaki after her breakdown and begged for forgiveness or something. The reason she made such a twat of herself on the Internet in the first place was because her cash cow ran away.

Venus was the one thing she wanted back, and I feel if Mags got her foot in the door with V then she'd do anything to stay in her good books (eg. if Venus told her to lay off the Internet while she gets back to normal).

No. 307325

Samefag, but what I mean by Mags "going back to normal" I mean "stop being a freak online". We all know Maggot will never be normal, and if V has stupidly given her a chance to redeem herself then she's made a grave mistake. Nothing can help this entitled narc.

No. 307326


there is no way mags would let venus have any semblance of power over her.

No. 307327

Even when she quite clearly hit rock bottom? Not a shred of an apology?

Sorry, it's just hard to imagine anybody being that cold.

No. 307329


ok but consider this:

No. 307330


in margo's mind she has hit rock bottom as a RESULT of venus. she believes venus is the one that owes HER an apology.

No. 307333


You must've had a sheltered life. I've known several people that cold

No. 307337

File: 1476891160791.gif (1.84 MB, 350x236, image.gif)

I love when people try to defend an abuser like "b-but no one can be all that bad!!"

No. 307338

I feel the same. I dont think Margo is in prison and I genuinely believe she is trying somehow to get her shit together. Kiki also lives for attention and spent a year in the shadows (perhaps we may have a new sperg chan soon). I also believe she is with her mother perhaps and she will remain lowkey until she got a good plan to fuck with Venus again.

No. 307340

File: 1476892506578.jpg (39.51 KB, 600x750, IMG_2371.JPG)

Go back to PULL you fucktard. Please fucking stop with all of your theories, you're only shitting up the thread.

No. 307355

I wasn't defending her, it's just as a human being it's difficult to comprehend that someone with this utterly selfish mindset actually exists. There's no glimmer of self-awareness… it's just so strange.

No. 307357

here's something to fuel a dumb conspiracy theory. the last several posts by venus on instagram have a slew of hashtags, similar to how marg captions her pics.

No. 307361

File: 1476896177931.jpg (51.63 KB, 540x537, IMG_20161019_185453_406.JPG)

Mags is definitely alive and has access to the internet. Or had access 15 hours ago

No. 307371

File: 1476902384848.gif (903.1 KB, 425x239, wildride.gif)

IT BEGINS (again)

No. 307416

She's always tagged stuff like cosplays etc, I looked back at some old stuff to see. It seems she only doesn't tag her derpy photos and personal posts. It also might have been suggested to her to tag things like her username a bit more often. I strongly doubt it's the Mogre's influence.

That being said she'll never have control of the whole Venus Angelic base of operations ever again; she's past that point. She wants Venus dragged through the mud so she can be worshipped. We would know if she got control of Venus' social media because it would either be deleted or flooded with crazy people shit.

No. 307472

yeah but it's like a kind of brain damage anon. she literally can't see the world any differently. her lack of insight shown at any time means she's not the best candidate for getting better via therapy. best for people to just get the fuck away. sage for late.

No. 307491

Fantasy Man GIF gives me life.

No. 307509

Venus finally released a new video. With the vid release and Margo lurking insta again, I suspect the hiatus of Margo's rage will end soon.

No. 307513

Sometimes I suffer through watching one of her margo era weeb videos and then watch the new one she puts out and the contrast is so crazy. The lack of obsession with perfection in the persona is so refreshing. She just seems to be fully enjoying her life now.

No. 307516

File: 1476985872525.png (1.27 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20161020-100511.png)

Nothing earth-shattering here, but it's really good to see her getting out of that apartment and having fun. Wonder if the swampthing has seen it yet?

Also Taylor was one of the early commenters so yay!

No. 307518

Yeah, the video style is much more like the way Taylor does her vlogs, I was wondering if V had taken so advice from Taylor on switching up her style to be more adult / real / relatable.

No. 307519

I think it's sweet Taylor is befriending Venus.

No. 307520


Nice to see Venoos going outside and having fun by herself for once.

No. 307540

Yes and it's nice to see there's one jvlogger who's not a backstabbing little bitch.

No. 307567

I hope she keeps making videos like this. They're actually enjoyable unlike a lot of her old content.

No. 307644


this video was pretty cute, couldn't help but smile a bit at it.

No. 307646

It's not like every other vlog out there, a bit eccentric like Venus. Hopefully she keeps this up because it's better than watching her eat puddings or whatever, and you get to see some real Japan.

Margo's probably camped outside A-Cos as we speak.

No. 307647

jk, she's probably having to live in Hungary right now

No. 307664

Thanks anon for making it clearer. Damn, some people are just beyond fucked aren't they? Wishing everyone on lolcow a nice future where they don't descend into human slime in their 40s/50s <3

No. 307684

wow, she is really coming into her own. I never cared for her style before but that video was entertaining, watchable, and she looked cute and seemed like she was having fun and felt comfortable. I also like that she has a bit of a "subtle/casual" style of vlogging, she must look adorable walking by.

No. 307696

I think she always had it though, even when young. She's apparently been a problem for others all her life. That's why the fam is rooting for Venus too.

Fortunately, turning 40 isn't enough in its own right to send you crazy. Margo's getting worse because she invested her entire ego into controlling and bashing Venus, in her mind she still gets to do it. But the reality doesn't match up…

No. 307708

not sure if that's just a popular nail trend in Japan, or if my friend who lives there gets her nails done at the same place as V…

Anyway, this vlog is super cute, I really do like how energetic she is and informative. That outro is really cute, too. No sign of maggles in her videos yet.

No. 307711

I also love her new outro. The eye makeup could have been a bit cleaner but it was cute.

No. 307858

You mean in the comments?
It's been out for 48 hours now and still nothing but love in the comments. Usually by this time the trolls are out in full force. Either they've all moved on to the next target or they literally have nothing to pick on here (thank god Venus is FINALLY JUST SPEAKING NORMALLY!) I hope she'll take heart from this and keep going because I really think she's talented. And I love that the swampthing no longer has the satisfaction of seeing her daughter ripped to shreds in her YT comments.

No. 307867

God her makeup is so jarring in this thumbnail. It's not even that bad on its own, it's just that it looks completely wrong with that strawberry blonde hair.

No. 307873

The makeup is horrible, the wig is alright

No. 307877

File: 1477152911903.png (711.02 KB, 935x536, ferenc.PNG)

Didn't ferenc upload a photo before of his daughter and her oriental girlfriend? Maybe they got married?

No. 307933

lol what, Margo's youngest sister is married with a guy, anon

No. 307936

WTF, Noemi is married to a dude and that's their baby. The girlfriend is just that, a girl friend of Noemi's.

No. 307937

My bad, I always get confused by the 'girlfiend just a friend' thing.

No. 307949

I don't think grandpa ferenc would be that cool with his daughter being a lesbian, anon. Or gay marriage in general. Because THE BIBLE.

No. 307979

I was just wondering if any contact lens experts have any idea which ones she's wearing? Or any recommendations for similarly nice brown ones? I've been looking for some brown lenses for a while but I don't just want flat dark ones. These are cute, as are a few others I've seen but don't know the name of. Thanks in advance if anyone can help! Sage for OT.

No. 307989

If you're that bored that you want to gossip about the lives of Margo's family members (that she maybe hasn't seen in years) step the fuck outside for a bit. You look like a crazy.

No. 308105

Chill anon. It was just speculation because a load of people assumed it was margo getting married.

No. 308193

So many nice comments on her latest video. And not just the usual mindless "kawaii!" drivel but people who are genuinely happy to see her thriving after breaking free from her psycho mother. It makes me happy, anyway. I hope it does the same for Venus.

No. 308195

that idea was dropped pretty fast

No. 308210

If you're looking for nice brown lenses, try the Geo Bella series from Pinky Paradise. They blend really well with your eye color and look very natural. I think I've seen the exact lenses Venus is wearing on PP as well.

No. 308301

File: 1477320559695.png (268.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-10-24-10-48-06…)

Here we go boys

No. 308303


No. 308304

>tremors and vomiting
You mean alcoholism.

No. 308305

File: 1477321881013.jpg (9.72 KB, 184x184, 5a0b8e9b6568ae3a07fcff92f4deb4…)

No. 308306

File: 1477321890441.gif (1.91 MB, 268x268, tumblr_inline_of81l7X9sJ1qebw9…)


welcome back, mags!

No. 308307

File: 1477322092204.gif (972.86 KB, 500x242, r4wkdrN.gif)

>Hey guys I faked my own death

No. 308309

File: 1477322294870.jpeg (284.55 KB, 750x959, image.jpeg)

Aaaand she's back to deleting any non-positive comments.

No. 308311

File: 1477323155999.gif (457.67 KB, 500x300, giphy.gif)


No. 308314

>broken-heart syndrome
>numb left arm
>chest pain
>disturbed gut-brain connection

Is…is Margot a spoonie?

No. 308318

>I tried to fake my death to see how my daughter would react
Who the fuck does that lmao. She's beyond repair.

No. 308319

someone who once again proved that she's all about manipulating other people…

No. 308321

That bit about Venus cheating with "the best friend of my bf" is new isn't it? Guess she had some time to polish her shitty lies.

No. 308324

Nah, she's made that accusation before. Obviously it was Venoos' fault that Margo's boyfriend broke up with her! It's never Margo's fault!!

No. 308327

>faking your death to see how someone would react

this fucking psychopath

No. 308328


I wonder if this was the reason why venus and manaki got do busy with "privat stuff" because they got the message that maggot wanted to kill herself/or was dead idk??

I'm so curious where maggot is right now. I want a selfie - she sure looks like a mess.

No. 308329

Ptsd… she went full tumblr there

No. 308332

File: 1477325632432.png (598.43 KB, 918x594, Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 9.12…)

Anon, you missed the most important part of the cap: is she at Denny's??

No. 308333

I don't want to defend mags (never!) but even narc's can have a ptsd (at least that's what the internet says).
Venus breaking free without mag's permission, not being able to spend lots of money she gained by using her teenage-daughter,… sure has caused some "trauma" I'd say

No. 308335

Also, the caption has been updated from before. She now claims she didn't PURPOSEFULLY try to make Venoos think she's dead.

No. 308336

"Venoos! I do so well without you look at my boyfriend and my fiance and my world trip."

"Venoos.. help.. I am dead without you I am so traumaed.. "

No. 308337

I know, it's a weird combination… just wanted to say that ptsd CAN also happen to a narc. although it could also be just a way of manipulating

No. 308342

Might the fake death thing be a lie to cover her being imprisoned or deported or something of that nature? Can't imagine that a narc like her would actually take time away from her attention source without anything very bad happening. Something must have gone down.

No. 308343

>>Can't imagine that a narc like her would actually take time away from her attention source without anything very bad happening. Something must have gone down.

Oh, it's total bullshit. Ferenc, Zsu and Venus were and are super stressed out by something going down with Margo. She'd never voluntarily give up that much attention, nor be able to contain her anger for so long.

No. 308352

Is she still in Nipponland? I'd love to see her ass caught for overstaying right now. Is that Venus' fault as well?

No. 308353


I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if she has Munchausen, since it would net her attention.

No. 308354

File: 1477330419701.png (428.21 KB, 720x1115, Screenshot_2016-10-24-18-29-47…)

She IS at Denny's.
Eating their pancake with purple sweet potato from Southern Kyushu and black sesame.

No. 308356

I fucking knew it!!

Wonder if it's an old pic, or if she's actually back to haunting the Denny's by her old house? Her visa is expired by now for sure.

No. 308357


so still in japan, if this is a recent picture.

No. 308358

Satan bless her crazy, Denny's craving ass

No. 308361

Forgot to add that they changed to a new dessert menu on the 18th of this month, so Marge's picture dates from the 6th of September until the 18th of October, (when the Kyushu Produce Campaign started and ended).

No. 308362

File: 1477331059937.jpg (37.04 KB, 540x405, tumblr_o8l199Mf9D1vv7zlvo1_540…)


of course Venus doesn't care about you anymore after all the horrible things you did and said to her

No. 308365

Does Denny's in SK serve this, or only Japan? She could have run back to Seoul.

No. 308366

As far as I'm aware, just the Japanese one. (Makes sense, seeing as it's promoting Japanese produce.)

No. 308367

File: 1477331591818.gif (813.41 KB, 320x240, beba place.gif)

I love fresh milk as much as the next heifer, but GODDAMNIT
Just when I thought the storm had finally calmed. Why can't we ever have something nice for once?

No. 308368

Now that I think about it, I don't think Denny's operates in SK anymore. (Apologies for samefagging.)

No. 308369

nope I'm pretty sure they're gone?

No. 308370

Swampthing is pulling out one more classic NPD manipulation move: "LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME! I COULD DIE!!" (See: "I go into river now.") I'm surprised she hasn't done it before this, actually. 100% typical and totally unsurprising, it's been my suspicion for awhile now.

She can't be happy about the reaction so far though…no one is hating on/attacking Venus which is of course what she wants. Even hardcore stans are asking why she doesn't just MOVE ON, lol. We'll see what happens when mimii and chuchu show up. hehee

No. 308374

>they changed to a new dessert menu on the 18th of this month, so Marge's picture dates from the 6th of September until the 18th of October
That's right when her visa expired. Hasn't she always skipped countries when her visa expired before, or am I wrong?

I'm surprised/skeptical she had the discipline to stay offline for over a month. That plus her sad tale of tremors and vomiting sounds like she went through drug and/or alcohol withdrawal and detox somewhere…which would correlate with Venus having "a lot going on" for awhile now.

No. 308376

File: 1477333534806.png (804.65 KB, 928x597, Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 19.2…)

Stay tuned for more groundbreaking photography!

A tiny part of me wants to believe that she's no longer in Japan.

No. 308382



I'm so here for it

No. 308383

92 followers unfollowed margoat in ig last 30 days… Congrats marge! U sabotaged yourself! Happy to see you as miserable as you should be.

No. 308390

So she's probably just posting the photos now that she had saved up while pretending to be dead.

No. 308392

inb4 margles start posting papercuts in her wrists tagging them as self harm kek

>WEENOOS MADE ME DO DIS #suicide #self harm #cutter #japantravel

No. 308407

> how venus would react when she thinks I died

Ah Margi. Good to have you back.

No. 308411

What was the date that people said she had to be out of Japan by due to expired Visa ?

No. 308418

Yep, 'trauma' is different for everyone, but I highly doubt Margo actually has PTSD, she probably just googled the symptoms of being unable to find more alcohol and came up with it.

No. 308429

Should have been the first or second week of October (arrived in Japan sometime between 7/7 and 7/12)

No. 308445

Thank you! I ordered a pair from there 2 days ago so we'll see how they go. I usually only get cosplay lenses from them.

Except that's not how PTSD works. You can't get PTSD over your daughter moving out no matter how much it upset your fucked up grime filled slug brain.

No. 308448

wtf is disturbed gut-brain connection?

No. 308449

In people with legit PTSD, you can get IBS and severe stomach pains triggered by stress. Once those reactions are cued, it's nearly impossible to detangle one from the the other.

Margo does not have this. She is enraged and wants attention.

No. 308450

I never thought I'd be so truly happy to see someone as vile as Marge return to us. It's like Christmas!

No. 308454

I think that's the Korean guy she was fucking. The dude she set Venus up with was that guy's friend.

Anyhoo welcome back crazy lady!

>A ton of #throwback #photos will #follow over the next days, some are from the #summer etc.

No way was she not locked up somewhere. And is she even in Japan anymore, that Dennys could be old from back when she used to be able to afford it.

No. 308455

What the fuck did anyone do to give Mags PTSD. Maybe she should stop flying nostop around the world, getting trashed and fucking randoms, and stalking her daughter.

No. 308456

her visa is up though. I doubt she'd just be released into the wild.

No. 308459

According to a post further up, the Dennys photo is definitely old.

No. 308461

thanks, I had missed the post at >>308361 confirming the menu change. thank Satan.

the bitch is holed up in Hungary I bet. we'll be getting dreamy Japan flashback pics all summer because she can't deal with the shame of her reality.

No. 308467

File: 1477356438618.png (659.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-10-24-20-46-56…)

No. 308468

Right under your dick nose. :^)

No. 308472

Lol, she did end up buying shit at Adidas. Same hoodie as V.

No. 308475

I wonder if she talked to her parents at all while shes been off social media.

Even if venus hates her she could easily go to her grandparents and ask them if they had heard from maggot.

Didnt we decide shes intouch with them because of something aunt Zsu said?

No. 308476

>>Didnt we decide shes intouch with them because of something aunt Zsu said?

Yes, Zsu said she's shut down her insta because the sole purpose was to connect wither her neice, and now she doesn't need the account (implying that they're now in touch via non public channels)

No. 308480

File: 1477359735624.jpg (Spoiler Image,101.58 KB, 890x1030, 61PgaYF.jpg)

Sorry to dig up a dead subject, but I saw this weird vegan weeaboo hanging around Manaki's Instagram. Her profile gave me suspicions. Am I crazy for seeing a resemblance between her lips and mimiimori?

No. 308481

The kiddy compact blush stacked with meitu filters is doing her zero favours.

No. 308482

they look too full?

No. 308483

fresh back from death and a brain-gut connection issue!

she looks awful actually.

No. 308485

What's her account?

No. 308487

File: 1477360698920.png (144.9 KB, 640x554, IMG_2360.PNG)

Maggot, blaming her absence on Weenoos as expected.

No. 308491

She looks like a monkey

No. 308492

"Same Adidas hoodie as Venus"?
How can you tell it's even an Adidas hoodie from this? It could be any old gray hoodie.

No. 308495

Not that anon but the tags on that picture say "adidasoriginal" so maybe?

No. 308496

Perhaps you're right. She just doesn't seem to be a fan of Venus or Manaki in the first place, while she follows all the snowflakes, adores Taylor (she brought up Taylor in Manaki's comments), and was in Japan in September. It just gave me weird vibes.
These "dark kawaii" vegan Instagram girls are all so similar!

Her Instagram is kawaii_miau.

No. 308497

Claiming to have broken heart syndrome… Bitch, please. People only get that when they actually love someone and lose them, not from losing your narc supply and losing your living ATM.
>trying to see how Venus would react if she died

Mogre is once again proving to the world how fucking manipulative she is. I don't get how her stans can defend a bitch this visibly evil.

I feel the same, anon. I love milk, but this is the one cow that I don't want it from.

No. 308498

File: 1477361841443.jpg (98.42 KB, 445x250, 1470751387_358_pict_img_14.jpg)

>the tag says Adidas so it MUST BE ADIDAS
Oh pls, it's the same old grungy gray hoodie she was wearing in the "party at the house o'plywood" pics. How gullible ARE you, anon??

No. 308499

she's got photos of herself all over her insta. she's blatantly not kaka.

No. 308500

he he he I love the re-opening of the Margo saga

No. 308510

I was not implying mimiimori was Kiki. That was another person pushing that theory, hence, the old comparison. My post was considering similarities of kawaii_miau to mimiimori.

Everyone following this drama, even Venus and family, knew Margaret was deliberately hiding because she was planning something shitty. How does her silence indicate a possible death, or Venus would assume so, if everyone is saying "Margaret is up to something. She'll come back like she always does."?

Margo logic: No income from daughter= death. No social media attention and praise for a month= death. Having almost a year to find a job and support your damn self = PTSD and eventual death!

No. 308518

dammit sorry I missed your point there. yes the matched interests are disturbing. having seen the other selfie too I'm not convinced they are the same girl.

but anyway, those ass and titty shots, the nudes…!

No. 308519

>not convinced they are the same girl.
I mean, this girl and mimii.

No. 308520

she's not lying at all, I mean, she cannot control the urge of shitting on someone else's life

No. 308522

File: 1477366201771.png (842.28 KB, 1024x803, 06985479-f042-4d88-9726-e8bc66…)

She's posting old pics from early Sept, when she made that video at YoutubeSpace and Taylor posted her vlog with Venus at that Barbie cafe (9/4,) just before she dyed her hair back to brown and totally went off the rails. I really think that vlog was the final straw that drove her over the edge.

That random #AdidasOriginals tag on the selfie cracks me up…Taylor and Venus in the Adidas store buying matching Adidas hoodies must have REALLY stung, hahaha. It's still rumbling around in her lizardbrain after all this time. god, she's so fucking twisted.

No. 308525

File: 1477366921208.jpg (48.09 KB, 750x750, 14063334_1102916773120633_7727…)

pic attached from 8/30. Same hair & makeup. She's posting old pics from almost 2 months ago.

No. 308526

This pic makes me sad for Margo. She's a beautiful woman, physically speaking, and she could have a nice life if only she weren't so crazy.

No. 308529

I can kind of see the resemblance. If you look at mimiimori's picture a different way, it kind of looks like her hair could be purple. (Reminds me of "the dress" photo that went around) I could be reaching but whatever. These conspiracy theories are my guilty pleasure.

No. 308530

>>She's a beautiful woman, physically speaking, and she could have a nice life if only she weren't so crazy

… have you seen her unfiltered face and saddlebags? Her grody hair and eyebags?

No. Just no.

No. 308531

lol?…. No.