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File: 1460571133064.png (643.96 KB, 931x587, Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.43…)

No. 259462

Last thread:

Pastebin to early dramu:

Margo is still in homeless in Japan and unravelling fast. She's been on a cross country trip to find Manaki's parents and "explain the situation" to them. Margo also had the police do welfare checks on both Manaki's parents and Venus & Manaki (they told the police they don't want to be bothered by Mags.)

Yesterday she set up a timer on VenusAngelic.com - which she is still in control of - and announced that "all will be revealed soon…"; more insane "proofs" of MasterMind Brainwasher Manaki and psychopathic cheater Venus is forthcoming apparently. Oh, and Margo is pawning Venus's old shit for $$. Margo told everyone last night that she's living on someone's couch and hopes to return to the EU after her visa is up. Sorry. Europe!

Meanwhile, Venus announced that YouTube is working with her to reopen her channel.

No. 259464

File: 1460571224729.png (61.59 KB, 309x373, Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.1…)

Do we remember Margo saying she did get her stuff from storage?

No. 259465

Margo could try to sell Venus her old worn clothes to creepy Venus fanboys.

No. 259466


That's what Margo was attempting yesterday; see the last thread (she deleted the post when even her stand started being like, uhhhh…. you should sell someone else's belongs.)

Margo also said yesterday that part of her plan for venusangelic.com is to post not only her "many more proofs", but to sell VA's things.

No. 259467

I want her to come to Europe.
The EU wants all money where they can get it and this woman is known for tax evasion now.
Also we have a shit ton of refugees so it won't be easy for another middle aged jobless leech to get welfare and a living space like how it used to be when she went to the Netherlands and got herself and Venus a house boat.

No. 259469

File: 1460572014325.png (17.1 KB, 500x314, CE6qE_9UkAAPPl4.png)

I bet the "proof" she has will magically get deleted or something before she can post them and she'll still say it happened. Now we wait.

No. 259476


that snoring middle aged man who slept next to you isn't your friend, magoo

No. 259479


>inb4 margs stole a scarf from someone else's laundry and go hide in a refugee camp

No. 259481

>He overtakes and coordinates her whole life
>doesn't allow any contact
>he controls her
^^ More projection from marge. It's eerie.

No. 259483

Venus has announced this 3 times actually.

No. 259490

So let me see if I have this straight:

Venoos is a psychopath with no emotions who leaves her victims broken. She has had an evil plan for months to bully margaret into a breakdown, steal her money, lured her into a trap in Japan as a joke and plans to have all childhood photos & documents in storage discarded so she can eliminate all evidence of her past and sell a new 'abuse' past for $$ on YT. She is the top cyberbully on the internet. BUT:

She is brainwashed and controlled by the pedophile stalker mastermind Manaki who keeps her prisoner, allows no contact and distracts her with her own plushie room (he works slowly & persistently, starting with getting her to watch horror movies with him.)

The scary thing is, she really believes all this. And she's apparently had these paranoid delusions of people stalking & bullying her and stealing her money for years, according to prev. posts. Her mind is a dark & twisted place.

No. 259494

Has anyone written that to her in the comments? I want to see her confirmation of her own delusions

No. 259495


i was just thinking this.

No. 259497

I'd love to but she blocked my ass weeks ago.

No. 259498

But I don't see what that would accomplish though, since she's said it all multiple times.

No. 259505

File: 1460577295007.png (799.19 KB, 640x783, 5111da88-d598-4acd-bc6d-672fb8…)

grandpa Ferenc weighs in once again, this time with a Bible verse.

Yeah, THAT'S the way to get through to her! (also, she can't read Japanese dude. 0/10)

No. 259507


Well at this rate she could do with a little bit of Jesus in her heart. If she had a heart. Bitch is stone cold like a statue.

No. 259508

You have to tell that good ol satan wants that stuff. She'll probably listen more kek.

No. 259515

Fucking burn from grandpa ferenc. I like him.

No. 259516

This wise, wise old man. King Ferenc forever

No. 259517

ok, who did this. own up

No. 259518

he also captioned it in english…

No. 259519


No. 259520


No. 259521

File: 1460578868308.png (4.27 KB, 386x308, 1315613268001.png)

A true river. More Margo rivers

No. 259522

I don't even know who made this, I was literally browsing my subscriptions and this popped up. I don't know who you are (Or maybe I do?) but thank you

thank you

No. 259524


fuk I tried to delete the post but u saved the link u shit.

I wanted to make a funny for the lads and then realised that I didn't have Adobe Premiere reinstalled and that it was going to take 3 hours to download, so I saw Window Movie Maker and was like "the garbage will do". Then I got embarrassed and deleted it.

No. 259525

Don't be embarrassed, we love it, I love you

No. 259527

No. 259528


As long as the point was made, it's funny to us.

No. 259529

Aaw, I love it when our mutual hatred for something creates tender moments like this. Bless you anon.

No. 259530

Between King Frenec and that video today is beautiful and nothing hurts

No. 259533

If no one else has done it yet I'll do it, I got nothing to lose.

No. 259534


Go for it, she'll be sleeping for another hour or so.

I'd do it, but I got blocked back in February for asking Mags why she didn't just send Venus and Manaki her address and the money to ship her things to her from the storage (since they said they'd be happy to send her things if she sent a mailing address and the shipping money, according to Margo herself). Or why she didn't just go to the facility by herself, since Margo also said they told her they'd send her the key so she could pick up the things herself.

No. 259536

File: 1460581429937.jpeg (48.86 KB, 432x576, image.jpeg)

I fucking died dude this is the best thing ever oh my god

No. 259537

b-but she's a satanist, mr ferenc!

No. 259538


No. 259540


The proverbs are unrelated to Jesus, though. They're like a collection of oldschool sayings of general wisdom that got written down and tacked into what way later became the bible.

And that shit passed down by word for mouth more than 3 millennia ago is spot on about the situation Margo put herself in.

No. 259542

Yeah but still…marge hates religion, Christianity & both testaments of the Bible. As right on as it is it's like the LEAST likely way to get anything across to her.

No. 259544

You act like we're talking about an intelligent reasonable person who can parse things like that

No. 259545

Especially since she claims she 'had to' leave her family b/c they were in a "Christian cult." Come on, ferenc.

No. 259546

Margo doesn't hate religion, just the religon of her father. She's an edgy member of the Church of Satan . Ave Satanis~

No. 259548

File: 1460582917627.png (461.51 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160413-172738.png)

She's up!

No. 259549

Magoo never outgrew edgelord era, so she's perpetually 15 years old on the inside and hover at around 55 on the outside

No. 259550

"analysing" anally singing the situation sounds about right

No. 259551

File: 1460583064152.png (17.55 KB, 266x102, Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 2.30…)


Damn, Mags woke up in a shit mood, I guess. Milk all day for us!

No. 259552

File: 1460583149090.png (26.31 KB, 307x159, Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 2.31…)

Could these people just die already? Christ, the stupid burns.

No. 259553

>We analysed it together
Who's "we??" one of her IG defenders?

No. 259554


Can't tell if she's talking about the chats / "evil plan", or if she's continuing her tirade on Venus's marriage being only for a visa, and Margo says that Venus was in on the fake visa marriage plan.

No. 259556

Damn bitch if my only child was so desperate to get away from the clutches that she'd marry the first rando that would have her to get a visa to escape from me I would have to sit and serious reevaluate my parenting.

No. 259557

She's responding to @rainingrhiannon who was talking about the margaret warriors who say 'you weren't there, you don't know what happened' and 'do your research' in the same post. So 'we' must mean one of her defenders and her.

No. 259558

LOL Marge doesn't give a shit about being a good parent or evaluating her parenting, come on Anon.

No. 259559

1 day left on margots countdown!

No. 259562

File: 1460584226395.jpg (151.07 KB, 953x617, dsadasd.jpg)

Might be worth mentioning that Maggot has been editing Venus' site as far back as the 18th November 2015, and given that she obviously has no interest in "promoting" Venus, I'll be curious to see what she intends to reveal.

If the site it in Venus' name and it's a load of defamatory crap revealing personal and sensitive information, wouldn't Venus' have license to sue?

No. 259564

I timed her once during one of her manic outbursts–it was just 5 1/2 hours between her last post at night and the first one the next morning.

No. 259566


Mags said last night than that's got plans that include selling Venus's old stuff and posting her "proofs" and who knows what else, but it's sure to be a shitshow.

No. 259567

File: 1460584912807.png (165.62 KB, 380x477, 1.PNG)

The only reason someone would block someone for saying that is because they know they're in the wrong, but nah VENOOS IS THE BIGGEST CYBERBULLY AND STOLE MY THINGS :'(
Also done and done, this was her response.

No. 259568


Dude she already deleted her own response.

In the words of Ice Cube: today's gonna be a good day.

No. 259569


Margo's sarcasm detector seems to broken. Holy shit, she thinks you're on her side.

No. 259571

File: 1460585183241.png (57.29 KB, 329x315, Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.05…)

No. 259572


Dude 70% of people who participate on the internet are psychopaths, according to a study Margo just discovered inside her own mind.

No. 259573

:^) individuals with low empathy usually have trouble with sarcasm

No. 259574


I'm pretty sure at this point satan doesn't even want to lend her a hand

No. 259575

File: 1460585517155.png (48.22 KB, 313x318, Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.11…)

Still going

No. 259576

File: 1460585665282.png (62.56 KB, 315x416, Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.13…)

"She run away to make a drama" Content for our margo simulator for next year is coming along nicely.

No. 259577

No, her response is still there. And now Manaki is just someone who loves Venus & does what she says, not an evil brainwashing mastermind who controls her life and keeps her prisoner. Now it's all Venus, it's Venoos who is the mastermind and top cyberbully of all time.

okayyy, marge.

No. 259578


It was gone momentarily, I see it's back up now. She's all over the place. I don't think she ever went to sleep; just stayed up working herself into a frenzy.

No. 259579


No. 259580

I haven't participated in a ddos since 4chan went after Scientology in 2006. Does anyone remember how it works?

No. 259581

It's so frickin sad how horrifically jealous this middle aged freak is of her daughter's youth.

No. 259582

File: 1460586141737.png (49.96 KB, 309x319, Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.21…)

uh… is that a death threat? Margo need to "finish this one [life]" before she can start another?

No. 259583

She must have been up all night analysing via DMs with her 'research partner' b/c she was going on at length last night about Manaki and his slow, meticulous brainwashing methods…now suddenly he's just a guy who does Venoos's bidding. lol

No. 259584

In the meanwhile Manaki goes to work every day and takes Venus on romantic get-aways during the weekend, and Venus makes sure her room is perfect for new vids and polishes her bento skills.

They couldn't be more normal.

No. 259585

NO NO NO anon, Venoos spends her day bribing her fans to go after her poor defenseless mother who sacrificed everything for her! The evil plan…

No. 259586


I think she means when she's done trying to get Venus-senpai to notice her.

No. 259590

Okay Margot is switching gears and starting to gain some speed. Today should be a good day.

No. 259592


oh anon, how naive can you be? obviously venoos is plotting her mother's death, playing vodoo with the food she's making for their holiday bento boxes!

No. 259600

Dude is right. Margoyle spent all those years hanging out with venus and helping with her channel, had she not chimped out like this she would have a normal relationship with her daughter and could even visit.

But instead she chooses to be a crazy narcissist

No. 259601

>>But instead she chooses to be a crazy narcissist

To be fair, people don't choose to be born with cluster B disorders, and they really can't control their actions. But it doesn't absolve them of any consequences for destroying everything and everyone around them.

No. 259602

File: 1460591120590.png (75.24 KB, 457x233, lolcow prime.png)

Within cluster B, narcissists and sociopaths are often politicians and run successful companies because they are ruthless (they probably harm their families too, just look at how Ted Cruz' daughter reacts to him). The ones that concentrate on hurting the people they are most intimate with, like the maggot, usually have bpd. But what do I know, after all, Venus is paying me $$$$ to say all of this. The maggot really is the Kobe beef of lolcows, I almost love her for giving us all this milk.

No. 259604

File: 1460591298865.png (758.34 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-04-13-17-14-12…)

She bathe with her dirty clothes ….

No. 259605

Her different life will be when she fully immerses herself into the kappa lifestyle.

No. 259608

File: 1460591389374.png (1005.78 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-04-13-17-14-33…)

She shaved her legs and cleaned it in her bath ……

No. 259609


Yeah we saw. If you check the HD version of her mangakissa whispering video (if you're brave) you can see all the leg hairs stuck in her black turtleneck shirt from shaving her legs over her dirty clothes in the bottom of the shower.

No. 259610

File: 1460591451423.png (898.91 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2016-04-13-17-15-45…)

And then she soaked her face towel.in that dirty hair water and used it on her face …..I …..this is so gross

No. 259611

Oh yeah soapscum and leg hairs keep me nice and warm.

When's the last time Margo legit washed her clothes? And i mean with a washing machine, not while she herself is "bathing"

No. 259612

Is she a slob because she's insane, or is she insane because she's a slob?

It's marvelous that as soon as Venus got away from her, she got herself a sparsely decorated room that has a consistent style. Maggot's surroundings are always chaos, just like her mind.

>mfw her nostrils are as big as her eyes.

No. 259613


She tossed them in a wash machine after she… "prewashed" them in her soap scum and leg hairs. She claimed she did this because the washing machine sucked. Uh, yeah Mags, if you embed filth and leghairs and soap scum into your clothes before you use an old washer, it probably won't do such a great job.

Anyway, this is old milk.

No. 259616


>Manaki hoose is disgusting!

>cooker is filthy, he doesn't clean!
>their apartment is too small! Manaki abooze Beenoos!

No. 259617

Would someone PLEASE go on this wretched creature's IG and remind @suzettehannah & the other dipshits wringing their hands about delicate flower margaret being TRAUMATIZED by a bunch of teenagers telling her to die that this is a 41-year old woman who went on her daughter's IG on her 19th birthday to say, quote: "You dumb shit…you know what else was an accident? YOU." tagged @venus_angelic just to make extra sure she saw it.

And no, this was not just a single statement made in the heat of the moment. There are many, many more…stretching over WEEKS.

Pretty please??

No. 259618


Literally the only thing that comes to mind is this woman from Extreme Cheapskates except Margo is a bit more extreme than this woman in the sense of the showering with dirty clothes thing.

No. 259619


The vast majority of us are blocked. Anyone who makes comments like that get blocked pretty quickly (the one that got me blocked was just asking her to clarify something, which is apparently abuse and bullying.)

Anyway, the fact that there's still people arguing with Margo on her account at all is a testament to how many people dislike her, because she blocks people all. day. long.

No. 259623


With Margo on the move being her homeless sad self she should take this woman's advice on keeping clean on an extreme budget.

No. 259625


margo doesn't know the concept of cleanliness

I always suspected she had her dreadlocks done as an excuse to no buy shampoo. Probably Mr. Yan wasn't wrong at all with the BO thing.

No. 259626


Some kind of program loop that repeatedly calls up the website, IIRC.

No. 259627


The dreadlocks were part of her "white woman dating a black man" era.

No. 259628

File: 1460593485845.png (48.27 KB, 308x289, Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 5.24…)

Margo is insulted that her proofs are called a conspiracy

No. 259629

File: 1460593557846.png (32.5 KB, 313x178, Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 5.25…)


Here's what mags was responding to on the last comment

No. 259630

Kek we saw those chats too, have accurate translations, and there's nothing in there that backs anything she says up.

No. 259631


Yep. Margo and her flying monkey squad don't know moonspeak; they used google translate and misinterpreted the gobbledegook that came through.

I'm still wondering how Margo's request for welfare checks on the Okada family went. Some gaijin hobo who can barely speak english comes in spewing conspiracy? I'd pay top dollar to see that security footage.

No. 259632

She's a Trump supporter though. Probably spouts racist abuse while jilling it to interracial porn.

And it's disgusting how obsessed this dirty hobo is with her daughter's sex life while she was the one who tried to pimp Venus to Mr. Yan while Venus was underage. She shouldn't just die, someone should set her on fire.

No. 259637


I hope the Japanese authorities just laughed out of pity, I know I would. Her English is terrible, she's crazed asf and is literally penniless but thinks she will somehow get revenge her daughter and ruin her life despite that she's actually an adult now. Top notch comedy right there.


The cunt let her fly out to Japan all alone in hopes she would hook up with Mr. Yan there's no doubt about that. She probably thought that was their meal ticket to living in Japan even then, until it backfired and the whole Bodyline drama came to light.

No. 259641

You guys get that she's Euro, right?

No. 259642

dreadlocks can be washed, especially thin ones like that.

No. 259644

Margo, if you had any sense you'd come back to the UK and sign up for Big Brother.

You'll earn £££ and get a shitty name for yourself. It's what Sam Pepper did.

No. 259645

File: 1460594923209.png (535.62 KB, 631x790, a1efdf9c-decd-44a7-860f-221397…)

Is this the blue dress marge is trying to sell?
from when she was pushing Sexxy Venus
pretty sure Venus didn't pick that out for herself

No. 259646


Not the OP but I think what they were referring to is that Margo won't get a fucking job and tries to leach whenever she can. She was sponging off of Swiss governmental child support before Venus moved out (and may still be receiving it if Switzerland doesn't know Venus married; the Swiss child support goes until the kid is 25, marries or moves out.)

No. 259647

File: 1460594992987.png (490.84 KB, 622x804, 83bbc048-f761-419b-9608-68352f…)

Or this lil outfit with the stripper heels either

No. 259648

File: 1460595039761.png (695.26 KB, 626x806, 53c0126a-841a-44af-a10c-75674d…)

Or these over the knee stiletto boots

No. 259649


I think so, yeah. All of the stuff Mags posted for sale is stuff that Margo likes; it's not Venus's style at all. Since they shared clothes often - because Margo is like kawaii desu sister to Venus, no? - I'd say this stuff was bought by Mags. Venus is into sweet / pastel style stuff.

No. 259650


All that shit screams "Eastern European hooker" and is Margo's style to a T.(race derailing)

No. 259651

File: 1460595167412.png (685.09 KB, 640x877, 07828137-e963-4534-8478-353f1a…)

Or this one
I can just see marge coaching her on how to pose all sexxy- "like THIS, Venoos!"

No. 259652


Ugh, looking at these photos now makes me slightly ill knowing how awful Mags truly is. Venus was waring away to nothing, looking miserable, having to hide her misery and break up with her boyfriend on command. She got away just in time, I think. Another year of that shit might've driven her over the edge.

No. 259653


Looks like she's off to lurk around Akihabara

No. 259654

File: 1460595768940.png (63.25 KB, 167x350, ba778f71-f443-43c3-926a-6ddc91…)

Look at the fucking heels on these things
got to be 6"
total stripper heels
fucking margaret

No. 259657

I'm so glad Venus went back to her adorable kawaii pastel look full of floaty dresses, lace, bows and ribbons. It really suits her and she looks far more happier wearing it then what mother dearest suggest she'd wear.

No. 259658

It really is, she must be glad to be rid of all the junk she left with maggot, nothing but bad memories attached anyway.

No. 259659

lol based Mr. Yan.

No. 259661

Jfc what are those shoes. I hope Margo knows those were some god awful shoes to pick out. Work the pole in those things like gitdamn. Glad Venus left those behind.

No. 259662

JFC narcissist parents are terrifying.

Margo literally sees Venus as an extension of her own trashy filthy wannabe sexbomb self.

No. 259663

I got you anon

No. 259664

I don't think margs were aware of that

No. 259669

Holy shit I'm dead.

No. 259671

See this is why no-one needs to report margo for selling stolen goods. It's creepy garbage from Venuses old life.

No. 259672

Yeah I get that. I just think the refugee camp jokes are stupid. It's not sponging if you are entitled to it in your country. I know she's not entitled to the child payment anymore (I wonder if she still gets that) but the dole in an EU country- she certainly is.

No. 259673

tbh hers would probably have come out the second she did.

No. 259674

File: 1460599422738.png (71.9 KB, 343x397, Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 7.03…)

No. 259675


i want a brodyquest made with margendo

No. 259678


even tax evaders can have that kind of benefits? legit question here.

No. 259679

oh my god me too

No. 259680

(I meant, welfare and free housing, not child payment)

No. 259681

Just because somebody is searched for tax evasion in one EU state it doesn't mean the others know about it too.

No. 259682

wtf have i missed in the last 24 hours

No. 259683

Mayo is planning to sell Venus's left behind belongings on VA's old website to raise money.

No. 259684


Hit up the last thread >>257058
Margo spilled a river of milk last night and deleted a post she made yesterday after even her stans said that trying to sell Venus's old clothes was kind of a dick move. Lots of paranoia.

No. 259685


For real? some fucker from my 3rd world shithole got incarcerated and then deported from Spain for fraud, while (funny thing) justice never layed a finger on him while he was still living here. I thought EU was more strict about those matters.

No. 259689

EU hasn't been strict since they started letting Muslim refugees in by the millions.

No. 259690

yes even tax evaders. being entitled to a social welfare payment and getting prosecuted by the tax dept are two separate things (where a country has a such a social safety net). I'd love to see her getting hauled up by the NL tax dept though, and being in EU will make it easy and cheap for them to go after her.

No. 259691

margo had a super paranoid moment where she though Manaki was talking to her in IG comments.

also she's staying on a 'frikken couch'.

No. 259694

Where's the couch though? Thought she was sleeping in random places?

No. 259695

File: 1460603744990.jpg (43.61 KB, 600x323, 11695856.jpg)

No. 259696

Every waking moment for this freak is paranoid.

No. 259698

What's the actual deets on the tax evasion thing? I've seen it referenced forever but haven't seen the actual story about it anywhere.

No. 259700

Damn. Right next to the dumpster. Whatva perfect place for her.

No. 259701

*What a

No. 259702

File: 1460604968154.png (1.25 MB, 896x578, Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 8.35…)


Needs a river

No. 259706

File: 1460606264835.png (300.93 KB, 354x497, image.png)

Not sure if this was posted before here
But what a bitch

No. 259708

Is this new? I dont see it on Margo's instagram.

No. 259709

It's from the days following Venus' break for freedom. Margo goes on deletion sprees.

No. 259719

Margo's 'proof' that Venus was allowed friends is just as low quality as her 'proof' about beaten children.

No. 259720

It's before my time so I'd love to know too. Didn't Mr Yan report her or something?

No. 259774

That fact never fails to leave me in tears

No. 259782

I think this style in general looks great on Venus. She suits that model heroin-chic look very well. Much better than the kawaii stuff.

No. 259788

Interesting that she dropped it right away upon leaving Margo. Perhaps it was 'kindly forced' onto her.

No. 259789

Really? It screams ugly american whore to me. I guess to each their own.(race derailing)

No. 259791

Shall we meet in the middle and call it plain whorish? All in favor say "aye"

No. 259792

Well since she is hungarian (and hungarians can be batshit crazy christians) thats the only thing I think Margo is telling the truth. Perhaps she got traumatized by her christian parents.

No. 259793

Why cant all of you keep consistent? Are you all marge? First you all said marge made her wear kawaii clothing and now you all say marge made her wear western clothing?! I see we all got a little bit of marge in us I guess

No. 259794


Her family has made it pretty clear they don't disapprove of her for not being christian. They disapprove of her for being toxic, unstable, destructive and totally unwilling to change any of those things thus far in her life.

No. 259795

But Mayo is an old woman maybe her parents were extremists back in the old times.

No. 259797

I doubt it. What proof do you have that they were extremists? And margoyle whining doesn't count as proof, I'm sure she's lying

No. 259798


Marge just likes over the top shit, period (because she has no taste.) Now that Venus is on her own, you can see her wear very slightly dolly, pastel, feminine, conservative clothing when she's allowed to chose for herself for the first time. I think it's pretty clear who wanted the extremes in either direction (hoooker or dolly, mai venoos will satisfy all!)

No. 259800

Margo probably wanted those millionaires to know she was ready for the picking.

No. 259801

Tbh it's kind of abuse if the daughter doesn't want it but I personally wouldn't mind it if my mother was looking for a millionaire, not baiting. I mean I'd be thankful even. Sorry for the blog. Saged for shitpost and offtopic.

No. 259803

Yeah I don't think Wenus was looking to be a sugarbaby though.

No. 259805

Right. It was Margo's scheme for her.

No. 259810

Oh well, if Margo wouldn't make an ass out of herself on the internet I'd gladly be a sugarbaby for her. I mean I'm a poorfag and would love me some fame and money!

Perhaps if she deletes her social media accounts I'd even now love to be her new daughter! Anon Angelic!

No. 259812

learn to sage properly, learn the rules of the site at >>>/meta/ and don't shitpost here.

No. 259814

sage doesn't work if you write newfag bullshit after

No. 259815

File: 1460632330369.jpg (142.06 KB, 500x449, 141973763334390786535.jpg)

No. 259816

File: 1460632424221.png (25.73 KB, 548x66, sucks to be maggot.png)

This cracking me up (from the comments on Venus' latest cute pink nipponese foodstuff). She sucks as a mother, she sucks at life, and even as a satanist she sucks donkey balls.

No. 259817

Good thing maggot never managed to drag Venus to the middle East. She'd have sold her for twelve camels.

No. 259822

Yes, well, I find it strange I accidently saged properly the first time I attempted to sage :^)

No. 259825

No, the russian types in the middle east are cheap no jokes.

No. 259826

Aaaaand my comment was deleted along with another comment telling her that she lost and is never gonna get her stuff back. Maggot can't handle the truth

No. 259832

no you didn't, because you also wrote a title / name in the field. also shitposting in the first place. emojis.

why don't you try lurking for a while instead of coming in here to tell us how it's all done.

No. 259833

She'll probably block you if she hasn't already. I wonder if Margo knows people can just make fake accounts to comment on her page. Either way, she'll get shit from plenty of people whether it's from people on here or elsewhere.

No. 259836

Baiting or serious?…

No. 259837

This pics make me uncomfortable as fuck. Just imagine your mom taking pics like that of you.

No. 259846

>Not knowing :^)
>Not realizing that anon was clearly talking about sageing >>259801

Mr. Autism's wild ride never ends

No. 259853


Margo's concept of being satanist probably is badmouthing Jesus, setting churches on fire and using the Holy bible as toilet paper kek

And skipping Sunday services too.

No. 259855

She better fuck off if she wants to return to the EU, we don't want her. She should go live in North Korea instead.

No. 259857

Maggot's only redeeming quality is that she's not fat. Apart from that, there's not a single bad thing she's not. She's mean, haggard, greedy, hateful, obsessive, stupid, loud, lazy, cruel, rude, clingy, delusional, irresponsible, selfish, ugly, she's a liar, a slob, a pervert, a child abuser, a troll, and she smells.

No. 259858

7H left for VenusAngelic.com update! Hype!

No. 259859

>and she smells



She also doesn't say grace at the table either. Oooooooh so edgy Margo.

No. 259860

File: 1460643401200.png (53.79 KB, 607x433, 1.png)

Only 45 minutes left for me, now 44? What is going on, did she diddle the timer? Something's going down, the maggot is gonna blow!

No. 259861


That's super fucking weird. Mine says 14 hours.

No. 259862

Showing over 8 hours for me…

No. 259863

I got 13 hours and some minutes left…

No. 259864

Maybe it's different according to timezone? But that makes no sense. Am I actually going to see this shit in 39 minutes?

No. 259865

same here. Could it be revealed for certain time zones at a time or is that too complicated?

No. 259866

Assuming you're in Japan, you're 8 hours ahead of me (and my timer shows 8+ hours). Is this something messed up in the programming where it's set to be midnight, but not specifying the time zone? So the timer will vary by the visitor's location?

No. 259867

because if it's the 45 min one, it'd be midnight in Japan.

No. 259868

Wow she really has lost so much weight since her chubbyfuck days

No. 259869


I'm not sure, but as reference for everyone's time left/timezones I'm 14 hours and CST.

No. 259871

I get 15 hours kek…

Soon to be revealed…


I have a feeling this is going to be incredibly underwhelming. But margo's following chimp out never disappoints.

No. 259872

Tokyo time here, and yeah, this shit is going down at midnight. I am excited.

No. 259873

It was under 40 minutes for me a second ago, then it changed to seven hours? I think Margo bullies us.

No. 259875

Am indeed in Japan. Was going to go to bed, but since I don't have to work tomorrow, I'll sit it out for another hour and see what gives. If there's anything that I can see and you can't, you get caps. But she probably just messed something up and I won't be able to see shit even when the timer's done.

No. 259876

I imagine it will be revealed to everyone at the same time. The timer display settings are probably just not set up correctly.

No. 259877

13 hours and 35 minutes. Now I must wait.

No. 259878

She has the power now, anon! Imagine her cackling on her roachy couch outside the garbage collection shack.

No. 259879


ikr? Any random edgy 8th grader is most likely to grow out that phase hah.

No. 259881

True. It would be funny though if she actually messed up hard enough for some timezones to get access before others. I don't know how that would even work.

Anyway, if she posts something that's really gross and vile, here how to DDoS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jm5hhNQ1DLQ

Probably will be more impotent whinging and so-called proof that doesn't prove anything at all. Worst case scenario: it's boring.

No. 259882

File: 1460644416694.jpeg (260.82 KB, 750x948, image.jpeg)

She's awake and raging as usual. At least she's admitted she's not cute.

No. 259883

She is so hopelessly mentally unstable. I hope she gets sectioned soon and dies in the mental ward.

No. 259884

File: 1460644659757.jpeg (235.37 KB, 750x1059, image.jpeg)

Also her 'new' photo for posterity.
I wonder where she's holed up now since she's (presumably) no longer riding the rails.

No. 259885

File: 1460644924433.png (13.67 KB, 612x295, va.png)

I'm in Australia and my timer is at 0.
What a tease.

No. 259886

I am one of the Japan anons and it's still at 17. This bitch clearly has no idea what she's doing.

And lol at sb_lee4 still raking maggot over the coals for the satanist thing.

No. 259894

Timer is at 0 Tokyo time, still nothing. What an incompetent cunt.

No. 259895

Aw man, I was really hoping it'd be revealed at midnight Japan time. Slight anti-climax.

No. 259900

I agree anon, I think it made her look much more model-esque and more mature. Although if she didn't like it and Margo forced her to go ott with it, I don't blame her going back to her kawaii korner

No. 259905

>venusangelic.com Expires On June 08, 2017

I'd like to see maggot pay for the renewal. I hope everyone knows that if they buy something from there, they'll just lose their money and will never get the merch.

No. 259906


I almost can smell the rancid armpit odor through my screen

No. 259907


there won't happen anything I guess.

Beside that I still waiting for my maggot video which should have been out about one day ago!!1

No. 259909

File: 1460647280947.jpeg (195.02 KB, 750x688, image.jpeg)

Blackmail! Yeah, sure…

No. 259912

I'm loving this.

No. 259913

This is glorious, every action of every person ever who is not on Margo's side ist blackmail/abuse/bullying. Even god is a bully. This woman lmao

No. 259915

File: 1460647594252.png (26.25 KB, 671x64, 1.png)

Is this bait? Throughout all this, Venus hasn't kicked or screamed even once.

No. 259916

Hahahahaha based fullscreen

Wasn't there a screenshot margo posted where she was talking to a rep from fullscreen or something? Margo sounded awful to deal with, I bet they're rejoicing at the opportunity to 'blackmail' her

Fuck margo you're so mentally stunted you should be locked away

No. 259918

These people must also live in margos delusional bubble world. It's a shame it crosses over with reality, other than for lolcow value

No. 259919

If they really think Venus wants any kind of attention from maggot, they're as insane as she is.

No. 259921

> North Korea instead
Offtopic but I'm North Korean and I dont understand the hate against n koreans? People should just stfu about my country tbh

Also we dont want her

No. 259923


maggot sounds so jealous about the fact that venus has nice stuff, food and a place to stay omg I love everything about this.

No. 259924

no1curr about your shithole country.

No. 259925

Margo's claiming her next video will be up tomorrow, I won't hold my breath though.

No. 259926

She's a piece of work. Everyone defending her must have some serious mental damage too.

No. 259929

Geez she really sucks at trying to cover her own ass. She's not part of the channel at all anymore so idk why she can't see it. What's the blackmail though? A deep dark secret of some kind?

Kek what a joke.

No. 259930

Why do you respond then? Lmao

No. 259931

Let it go like a fart.

No. 259933

Why does no one realize that the ones who defend her just dislike venus? I dislike venus too but i also dislike her mother more but most here love venus now which might maybe wonder all of you why there are margo supporters but if you dislike venus you understand it I think.
>inb4 why do you dislike venus
We're on lolcow fgs we all have vendettas here some about dakota and some here about venus big deal hypocrites

No. 259936

I also dislike venoos as a youtuber, can't stand her videos. This whole drama made me grow some respect for her as person though. If she had the guts to cut ties with a toxic person, start a new life and still keep enough sanity to no react to her crazy mother statements then good for her and good luck.

sage for blogging

No. 259937

>guts to cut ties
Not to put her down, but she wouldn't have dared to do that without securing Manaki first. Or both would have been a couple of clueless women floating around in Japan.

No. 259939

This. Without manaki she wouldn't be anything.

No. 259940

There's not really any shame in taking help where it's offered. Especially when one is in an abusive situation. What other options did she have? Like you said, she'd be homeless too.

No. 259941

>see also: People who dont know how abusive situations work

She would never have run away on her own BECAUSE she was abused

No. 259942

Right, exactly my point. She needed someone to help her whether that was a man or woman offering her a place to stay. She can't be expected to have power to help herself in a foreign country with no steady income, or else she'd be no different than Margrot.

No. 259944

You're acting like this makes her weak or some shit. It still takes guts to get out of that, to swallow your pride and depend on someone to help you get to where you stand on your own two feet. Sometimes things are more complicated than just 'take some money to live on your own and leave your abuser', and just because she learned to depend on/fell in love with someone doesn't make her a bad person. How she treats that person might, but they appear to have a healthy relationship. It's usually those closest to you that want to pull you out of a bad situation, to get you help. I don't get where you're going with this.

No. 259947

They bragged about it at the interview with Bodyline when getting asked about how they afford their living.

No. 259949

this is old, i think i saw it in a thread weeks ago before

No. 259950

Well, if you define "weak" by not being able to help herself…yeah anon. She needed the help to get out of that. She was weak in that aspect, but not weak in knowing when she didn't want that life for herself anymore.
I'm not saying she's a bad person at all, but just pointing out nothing would have changed without Manaki. Didn't mean to upset you.

No. 259951

for me it says 15 days and 5 hours currently

No. 259954

Thanks for clarifying. Didn't mean to come off defensive, I see what you're getting at.

No. 259955

File: 1460651390170.jpg (330.19 KB, 1920x1920, Weenoos.jpg)

No. 259957

>You're acting like this makes her weak or some shit.
She is though

No. 259961

Because you seem to be unaware of how irrelevant you are.

No. 259963

Not that anon but stfu heaux and stay on topic.

No. 259964

Then sage your autism

No. 259965

Someone please DM her and try and get a screenshot of that Fullscreen letter. I knew this would happen, you can't just sign a contract with someone and then file a DMCA claim on the videos because you are butthurt. Margot will be lucky if they don't sue her for lost revenue.

No. 259966

I honestly don't even buy that they're North Korean because if they were they'd understand how shit their country was, unless they love their dictatorship/drink the koolaid and love their fat stubby manlet of a "leader". That or they're only North Korean by ethnicity and have lived in the west their whole life and are just an uneducated gross asiaphile.

So it can't be fucked up due to timezone, because unless you're a time traveller…

No. 259969

It might be by region/continent. Still, seems fucked up. I opened a tab on my pc and it was on 0 0 0 for an instant, then it synched to the same one displayed on my phone.

No. 259972


>North Korean

>internet access

Good one.

No. 259973

No thank you I love my cunt, just like when you dont like it when people insult you cunt 24/7 I dont like it. also mind your own business what does this shit have to do with you? I doubt you're even Asian to begin with so please shut your mouth. I wont even respond to that other anon because she is shitting up /b/ too with her sandy quality posts. Also I was responding to that anon who was cunt baiting, you're actually not allowed to be /pol/ here in the first place. I hope you understand what I'm implying here. Shut the fuck up about cunts because this is the margaret and venus thread.
Margo sucks as a mother, manager, satanist, youtuber, insta thot AND webmaster topkek

No. 259974

>implying I'm not scum diaspora

No. 259975

Please stop fighting and just ignore each other. You might get banned, it's for your own sake. Don't mind replying, please.

No. 259977

"Instead she says I didn't bring her stuff and she isn't too thin and I'm an abuser."

One of those is not like the others…
what has her not being too thin got to do with anything? why would she even say that?

No. 259979

Probably implies that Venus is frivolously (eating cake) overeating and blaming not being as thin on her. Which, even if true, would kind of be understandable on Venus's part. If my mom were a crazy bitch I'd probably gain a bit of weight too.

No. 259982

Last time I did anything (which was during operation payback) people used a LOIC to flood the website and over load it. I'm sure it could work now if some anons here were that serious.

No. 259985

>>259462 Even though people say Margaret looks like she's fifty or so, oddly enough everytime I see a picture of her my dick instantly gets hard. I used to do same for Venus but over the years, not so much anymore.

No. 259987


Gurl I made one post.

No. 259988


go back to your containment chan pls

No. 259989


"Male here xD"

No. 259990


idk but magoo sounds jelly as fuck of venus being able to cook/go eat out actual food, not sausages, denny's and kombini msg ridden crap.

And Venus still looks thin,so what's her point?

No. 259994

Jesus christ if you're going to do the fake Korean bullshit because you like k.pop you should have at least googled some things about the difference between north and south Korea.

No. 259995

No. 259996

Shit i forgot to sage that post an no not bait.

Maggot says venus does nothing but eat all day.. then complains she's too thin.
Does she even know what direction she wants to go with?

No. 259998

Tbh it only makes me uncomfortable because we know how Margo really is and how reluctant Venus must have been. If you have a pretty good relationship with your mom, it seems fine to say "hey ma, can you snap a pic of me? need something to put as my profile pic. thanks!"

No. 259999

File: 1460659508126.png (442.06 KB, 557x566, happyvenus.PNG)

I just love how happy Venus looks away from Margo.. knowing that Margo seethes seeing this while slowly forgetting the taste of her beloved sausages and sitting in stinking unwashed clothes.

No. 260000


>Maggot says venus does nothing but eat all day..

mags sounds hungry

No. 260001

I assumed it was an allusion to the ED accusations.

No. 260002

Are you retarded then? Or just underaged?

Also I'm concerned about her diet too, not because I think she has an ED but the fact she eats 100 chicken nuggets and unhealthy sweets all day. Shit can't be healthy…

No. 260005

The bento didn't look unhealthy tho. I know it doesn't prove anything but I don't think her eating habits are so bad.

No. 260007

Venus has said countless times for years that she LOVES FOOD and probably happens to be the type to not gain an ounce from eating so much. Margo probably played a role in the reason she took up so many diets and probably put her body image down. Now Venus is away from her she's being the foodie she loves to be.

No. 260011

The 100 nuggets thing was only once while they were trying go the mukbang route, the whole thing looked so miserable and forced I doubt Venus does it everyday.

If margaret is the health concerned mother she want us to believe she is, wouldn't let her daughter make that kind of videos in the first place? At this point maggro may backpedal and say she didn't recorded or edited that video, because that would be a direct accusation of her contributing to the "EDs" supposedly Venus has.

Agree with the sweets though, hope Venus keeps her sugar intake on check.

No. 260012

>but the fact she eats 100 chicken nuggets and unhealthy sweets all day
Which she doesn't.

No. 260017


Anon she did that once for a video. What exactly has led you to believe that legitimately consumes 100 chicken nuggets per day with a side order of sweets.

No. 260018

Everything in this age can be bad for her. Let her live a little. She's young.

I'm waiting for Margo to claim Venus is pregnant and a unfit mother. Then Margo tries to take custody

No. 260023

Venus used to be overweight (those pics taken in the garden when they lived in Wngland. Her hair was brown and in an updo…sorry, can't post a screenshot rn) She doesn't have a magic metabolism. I think she just learned how to eat sensibly. This is all typical Margo, passive aggressively suggesting that there is a problem

No. 260024

Venus looks smashable here.

No. 260029

File: 1460665506884.png (562.42 KB, 483x645, image.png)

is this what you're talking about?

No. 260030

File: 1460665557279.jpeg (385.56 KB, 701x619, image.jpeg)


No. 260031

File: 1460665581116.jpeg (258.51 KB, 701x566, image.jpeg)


No. 260032

File: 1460665601017.jpeg (365.8 KB, 701x671, image.jpeg)


No. 260034

No, her hair was in an updo and she was older. She was also wearing knee high boots. I tried googling but couldn't find it. It's probably on PULL

No. 260035

>Venus used to be overweight
Yeah, reminds me of an old video of her where she was very chubby; if I remember correctly she was wearing a red wig with a "goth" dress…and it was film in a cemetery.

No. 260036

No. 260038

That's overweight?

No. 260039

It was probably baby fat too though, considering that she was still pretty young.

No. 260043

Yeah, it's nbd. I remember the picture differently (got the hair wrong, for example). It is a big change from how she looks now. People change as they age, baby fat, etc.

No. 260044

She looks like an average weight there, honestly.

No. 260045

Hey thx for trying, anon. taking one for the team +1

No. 260046

Maybe Venus bought a new camera since she also bought a new macbook? You can even get some really nice HD webcams for a decent price these days…

No. 260048

File: 1460667457141.jpeg (75.16 KB, 333x500, image.jpeg)

Still looks normal

No. 260049


Yeah that's definitely not fat. Other Anon is nuts.

No. 260051

File: 1460667611648.jpeg (348.65 KB, 1200x1600, image.jpeg)

Oh damn. I forgot about this. How can magrot claim manaki of being a pedo (depending on her mood), while she was the one who took this pic and others

No. 260052

Am I the only one who thinks she's actually too skinny for this look? I think it'd look amazing on an hourglass shaped chubster.

No. 260053

File: 1460667663390.png (778.25 KB, 1280x658, tumblr_mofnv12slA1svkt81o2_128…)

This one? She removed that video in less than a week.

No. 260054


Poor Venus. This is child abuse.

No. 260055

This outfit screams margo. Also who thought it was a good idea to put a seam in front of that kind of pants? Looks like a mega camel toe

No. 260059

This is proof and evidence of venoos ed. Not conspiracy

No. 260061

she looks a bit chubby, but not fat at all here.

No. 260062

File: 1460668534234.jpeg (38.03 KB, 336x500, image.jpeg)


No. 260064


Her face makes me think of a drug addict here.

No. 260065

It really does look like Maggot's bad taste. It looks so trashy and cheap.

…it really is frightening how much she wants to be Venus. I remember when Delandra ripped Maggot a new one for that shitty Instagram post, she called her out for living through her own daughter and of course, this really set off her projection machine. "I do not want to be Venus. VENUS WANTS TO BE ME!!!"

No. 260066

Fucking spoiler warning that shit. I feel sick

No. 260067

That's called puperty, ever heard of it? You are acting like if Venus was someone 20+ and not 14 in that vid.

No. 260068

aarrrghhhhhhh fucking marge
wants to be a hot 19-year-old youtube star SO BAD it hurts
she lived her fantasy thru Venus. now V is gone and marge is burning up w/jealousy & hate.
Sick Fuck

No. 260069


No. 260070

So it's 6:22 am Japan time. margles was up till quarter to two in the morning raging & bitching on IG. how long till she jolts awake & grabs her phone to start again? hehee

No. 260071


God can you imagine Maggot showing up at Manaki's workplace like this?

>"Manakee-kun, it eez me, Beenoos Angelik! Now u pay bills and buy me drezz yez".

No. 260072

File: 1460669303625.jpg (7.95 KB, 245x197, 1454428315499.jpg)

fucking christ no why

No. 260073

Venus has a bangin body & cute photogenic face. She could model if she wanted to (don't think she does though.) Print, not runway- she's not tall enough & too roundfaced/cute to do runway.

No. 260075


Unless you know her diet off camera, you can't be too concerned.

No. 260076

best typo of the day. lol
also: >I love my cunt stop cunt hating
from N koreafag 10/10

No. 260077

File: 1460670374287.jpg (6.45 KB, 236x151, 0a11c9869783b81c5923a5e7b54e29…)

I've seen some shit but omg no. I can't live after i've seen this!

No. 260080

File: 1460670894680.jpg (29.76 KB, 600x450, emgn-Russian-Dating-Sites-3.jp…)

This reminds me of those embarrassing Russian dating site photos. Perhaps there where she's selling herself.

No. 260082

File: 1460671479057.jpeg (Spoiler Image,52.65 KB, 500x500, image.jpeg)

I just..wat

No. 260084

Omg just realised Venus is in the background.

No. 260086

O shit. I didn't see it before but now that I look I can see a foot in the background rofl

No. 260088

Margo promises to post her new video tomorrow. We get to see her couch by the dumpster by the river, hopefully (she said it on her last throwback Osaka post, on phone can't attach shot.)

No. 260089

she looks like a troll doll jfc

No. 260090


Delandra Johnson? what happened between her and sweet ol' Marge?

0__0 poor Venus…

No. 260091


*That's venus editing a video in the background, I'd say. Margo preens in the mirror while venus does the work; margo calls herself the content creator.

Margi, the only content you create is milk.

No. 260092


I remember finding a trolli gummy worm that was shaped like a Morolian from SC5. I kept that thing for years until my dumbass cousin ate it and I was well over 20 when I posted a cute pic of it. Like damn just because you get old it doesn't mean you can't like cute shit.

And I'm still catching up, but I'm surprised that no one has likened Margo's epic quest to find her dearest daughter to the Demeter/Perseph/Hades myth.

No. 260093

File: 1460672212506.jpeg (Spoiler Image,54.04 KB, 815x515, image.jpeg)

Wow. Spoilered cause creepy

No. 260094

No. 260097

File: 1460672506159.png (Spoiler Image,84.05 KB, 646x169, venusangelic-wow.png)

Who could forget the jailbait era of Venus, no doubt all down to Margo because she thought it was a genius plan lure in more creepy neckbeard fans.

Spoiler too because it's still disturbing asf considering her age at the time.

No. 260099

I never followed V and Marge before this whole saga. I want to read more about Marge's past freak outs/scandals. Any kind anons want to reccomend a good place to start?

Also lol at how she's salty about Full Screen cutting her off.

No. 260100

This was absolutely disgusting and proves how Venus has always been an object for maggot. A good mom would have defended her daughter in a different way, maybe even would have freaked out, but this? This shows how the maggot has never had any respect for her child.

No. 260101

She's snappin pics like that woth her daughter in the room? I'd gouge my eyes out if I were Venus.

No. 260108

Her face looks like my elderly fat aunt's here. Margo has horrible marketing skills. This was seriously the best shot of veenoos teets she could get?

No. 260109

Japan anon here, it's gone from 0 to 15 days, 16 hours. Bitch has no idea what she's doing or fullscreen "blackmail" (threat of legal action) scared her.

Yeah, someone pretend to be a law student and tell her you can check if there is any merit to that letter for her.

Me too. I wasn't a fan originally, but now I'm just rooting for Venus by default because I want to see maggot to go down in flames.

That is tragic. She looks like some tubblr whiny snowflake. Again obviously maggot's idea.

>ween00s wants to me me me!

Because every cute young girl wants to be trashy, ugly, forty year old.

No. 260110

Look at the bad photoshop at the bottom left. Makes me think that Margaret is the reason Venus lost weight.

No. 260111

File: 1460674444256.jpeg (797.58 KB, 640x1519, image.jpeg)

Found this and I'm surprised she responded so well and she's articulate which just proves to me that all those posts that made no sense were indeed maggot

No. 260112

This person is right. Why is Venus lying about the camera? Maybe she's lying about other things.

No. 260113

File: 1460674652835.png (335.95 KB, 500x500, igor.png)

Well, maggot probably thought that looks fine because maggot herself has the face of someone called Igor.(hilarious)

No. 260115

And do you also think competitive eaters eat 50 hotdogs every day? And that calories aren't real? Man you're dense.

No. 260116

What part about
1. There were multiple cameras
2. Maggot admitted she sold the camera V left in Korea
is hard to understand?

No. 260117

Can you please stop with all the lame russian jokes? I get it, you're another american who thinks communism is hilarious. It's cringe.

No. 260118


thank you!

iirc, not long after Venus made her 'hacked by my mom' video (the one i think was filmed with an iphone), she bought that new macbook and camera.

I think Venus just sets her camera on auto focus instead of manual focus, which explains why it does that.

No. 260119

File: 1460675041084.png (1.71 MB, 2001x1125, image.png)

Thought that was onions ex at quick glance

No. 260120

What are you on about, butthurt anon? Maggot doesn't have a soviet esthetic, it's got nothing to do with communism, her style is post-Perestroika trash, деревенщина быдло.

No. 260121


People are too fucking dense to even remember she did actually film on her iPhone briefly when Margo first hacked into her shit. She got new equip asap (about a week later) after that incident instead of sticking with the phone video idea because she probably knew the quality won't be the same for her channel.

No. 260122

"naughty chubbie-puppies"

No. 260123

Exactly. Maggot contradicts herself at every turn. Only trolls and other lunatics believe anything she says.

No. 260125


The fucking rugs on the wall get me every time. I know they serve a purpose but still. I'm a bigoted shit.

No. 260128

Can you please stop posting about how much you hate russians and get back on topic? Thanks.

Maybe I should start shitposting about how margo is narcissistic and insensitive like an American, to balance things out.

No. 260131

I'd pay $$ to see that Fullscreen letter that "blackmails" marge into "giving up her copyrights." b/c no, that's not how it works. I'm 99.99% sure marge never took out legal copyrights on anything b/c… marge.

Fullscreen's letter most likely said 'You have until __ to file a lawsuit in court or your claims expire and the channel goes back up.' Marg being the paranoid fuck she is sees this as BLACKMAIL, because everyone in the world is out to get her. Also as deluded as she is, she conflates 'it was my idea so I have the right to it!' with having it copyrighted.


No. 260132

Maggot just has no idea how anything works. Venus could claim trademark of the Venus Angelic name. I doubt she wants to interact with her mother at all, but it could be the only way to get the domain back, or have it terminated by the provider at least.

No. 260133

Oh plz. It's funny, get over yourself. There's equally funny shit about American culture that I'd laugh at as an American.

No. 260134

sage for ignore.

No. 260135

it's probably the same troll who claimed to be north korean, let's just ignore all butthurt "but muh nationality is insulted!" posts.

No. 260136

Her thinking is so distorted & disordered, and she has no one to interact with irl to give her a reality check. Like to her it's normal to be living like a broke hobo in a foreign country obsessing about getting revenge on her teenage daughter for leaving her (which happens ALL THE TIME, and normal people deal with it… normally. They don't drop everything to chase their kid to another country and wage internet campaigns to DESTROY THE KID.)

No. 260138

LOL this one actually said "I love my cunt" (shorthand for country I guess) SEVERAL TIMES. "Stop cunt hating!"

No. 260139

Anyway, marge is up & doing mass comment deletions this morning.

No. 260140

File: 1460677917392.jpg (39.82 KB, 336x500, 1460668534234.jpg)

She still doesn't know the internet is forever.

No. 260141

No. 260150

File: 1460680306027.png (257.05 KB, 640x685, 0e63e8d0-48a6-4b30-830f-9ff553…)

her opening salvo:

No. 260153

She's not a mom, she's a projector.

No. 260155

God, if margo could harness that crazy and have enough presence to use her obfuscation techniques on anything other than selfishness, she'd make a hell of a pr sprin agent. Imagine, mags, you could get paid to lie all day! You'd have to curb your chimp outs tho.

No. 260157

File: 1460682631332.jpg (483.31 KB, 537x500, 5c5KDQQ.jpg)

No. 260158


You're welcome to do just that bit it wouldn't faze me; I'm not an American.

Butthurt Ruski detected.(race derailing)

No. 260159


No. 260160

She found glasses larger than her nose, she should never take them off.

No. 260161

File: 1460683054825.jpg (22.21 KB, 375x500, rj6lnyw.jpg)

I thought this was Margo but it's an old pic of Venus

No. 260163

File: 1460683128362.jpg (106.02 KB, 316x316, bXbt7qc.jpg)

No. 260164

File: 1460683298662.png (742.64 KB, 627x690, image.png)

No. 260165

That's definetly Midge's Eurotrash style. Poor Venus.

No. 260166

File: 1460683371491.png (21.3 KB, 525x264, image.png)

But every one else is a bully

No. 260167

File: 1460683969842.jpg (25.14 KB, 640x242, 2wApydk.jpg)

No. 260168

File: 1460684045174.jpg (428.05 KB, 815x525, FAodd9l.jpg)

No. 260170

File: 1460684250514.jpg (44.43 KB, 375x500, eYoc4v0.jpg)

>I wish that I could be like the cool kids

No. 260171

> She meant everything to me
Money, fame, travelling, self-worth….

No. 260172

Venus used to be like any other embarrassing weeb her age, but maggot… I'm sure there's plenty of farmers here with embarrassing mothers, but the way maggot tries to trump her teen daughter is one of the cringiest things I've ever seen.

No. 260175

I saw venus's speak 5 languages video before her channel was taken down. Depending on how well her language skills are I hope she can get a job as a translator. Give her something to do once her and Manaki get settled after Margot gets deported

No. 260178

This maggot-creature was riding high on her daughter's coattails, wasn't she? SM queen, travel, "fame," the works. And dressing this kid up like a cheap eastern Euro hooker for pedo clicks…how vile. Disgusting and pathological and parasitic.

No. 260183

And she wasn't pushing Venus into Japanese culture for fame… How again? She has always lacked self-awareness.

No. 260186

File: 1460688902131.jpeg (1.01 MB, 640x2437, image.jpeg)

Just decided to cap these. Venus edits her own shit.

No. 260187

File: 1460689072599.jpeg (555.53 KB, 701x917, image.jpeg)

Another to show that v is more than likely interested in creepy/horror shit but maggot likes for her to play the scaredy innocent girl

No. 260189

And yet, she tries to pull the whole "MANAKEE IS FORCING WEENOOS TO WATCH HORROR MOVIES!" bullshit story.

No. 260190

Margo would've done anything to make Venus look 10000% pure for marriage. If she made Venus look all "oh nooooo horror n scary stuff" she'd seem even more innocent.

I showed my mom a pic of Margo to see what she would say. First words out her mouth: "She's fucking ugly as shit." Kek

No. 260191

I really hope so, she seems to speak them pretty well and it would help her branch out and possibly make new friends/acquaintances in the process.
That or an editing job, since she seems to do her videos so well and we all know she does them herself and not Maggot.

Not in disagreement but I also feel like Manaki might have influenced her to get into horror/creepy things as well if this was around a time when they started talking, this is purely speculation though and the fact that Maggot twists Venus' interests to appear more innocent is really gross. It just further shows how selfish she was and only doing this for her own benefit.

No. 260194

IIRC, a long time ago (years ago) Venus said a horror manga was one of her favs on her tumblr. I remember people thinking that was weird.

No. 260195

File: 1460692469651.jpg (65.14 KB, 629x317, UzN9nfu.jpg)

No. 260196

a lot of people into kawaii shit also love horror, this doesn't seem that unusual. Poor venus has to suffer because margo has some backward conception of what being "innocent" is

No. 260197

That is true. Marzia (PewDiePie's girlfriend) loves horror but she's also into cute stuff. I don't see anything strange about it since there's quite a few women like that.

No. 260199

File: 1460693437312.png (73.53 KB, 640x161, a70ffe48-53af-45ea-9f61-3f6343…)

The horror movies were part of Manaki's slow, methodical brainwashing technique (mango comment 2 days ago)

No. 260200

File: 1460693496931.png (266.8 KB, 592x604, dadcf873-e0ca-442f-a646-20e107…)

…followed by THIS, the next morning:

No. 260201

Manaki went from mastermind brainwashing control fiend to "just a guy who does whatever evil Wenoos says because he loves her" literally overnight.

No. 260210

File: 1460694833168.jpeg (866.66 KB, 701x1022, image.jpeg)

Did she travel back to where she was a week ago?

No. 260214

And now Fullscreen is in league with top cyberbully Venoos since they are BLACKMAILING marge. And YT must be in on it too…

I know, armchair diagnosing via IG, but seriously:

Schizoaffective Disorder symptoms include:

- Delusions (strange beliefs that are not based in reality and that the person refuses to give up, even when presented with factual information)
-Disorganized thinking
-Odd or unusual behavior

hello, marge?

No. 260216

She says Fullscreen is blackmailing her, but in reality it is probably something like "sign over the rights to the videos or we'll take you to court."

No. 260217

Oh my fucking god. She still thinks that she has a chance of getting Venus to drop a nice loving life and go back to one of abuse with mommy dearest. Maggot still wants to get a dowry in return for selling her own daughter's virginity off to a rich gross old man that'd just abuse her. Venus' well-being means nothing to her so long as she can get money. She makes me fucking sick.

No. 260218

Close but according to law (DCMA) it's "show us a copy of a valid legal copyright infringement lawsuit filed in court by you within 2 weeks or your claims expire and the channel is reinstated."

No. 260221

Nah, I think she just posting pic from her stockpile because she has nothing new.

No. 260222

..and she's back in a rented hovel somewhere sleeping on a couch.

No. 260225

Nope, maggot. Spoiler: kids who have been abused often love the horror genre, it is reassuring to them because in horror the evil is easily identifiable. Neither Freddie nor Jason pretend to be your loving mother.

And people with plushies have sex, really.

No. 260226

She's no where rented. I bet she's all out of money and relying on the charity of strangers who have no idea yet what a headcase she is. It's just a matter of time before someone calls the cops on her.

No. 260232

Why did Margot change the countdown?? I already had my popcorn ready :(

No. 260238

Ah man, I need new milk from margo, she just keeps spewing the same shit

No. 260241


porn site watermark needed

No. 260245

Probably sleeping on the lounge chair of another mangakissa and calling it a couch. lol

No. 260246

File: 1460702669122.png (309.58 KB, 335x562, 100 hours in paint.png)

No. 260247

File: 1460702974389.png (39.96 KB, 1366x653, screenshot-venusangelic.com 20…)

Soo… whatever happened to the countdown thing?

or we must wait until satanic leghair priestess Magro finds another mcdonalds to fix this mess?

No. 260248


marry me anon

No. 260249


Yeah, the countdown was meaningless apparently. But Mags did promise a video tomorrow! It's about 4pm there now, so finger's crossed for a midnight release of footage from her new crack den.

No. 260250

File: 1460703201377.png (1.08 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160415-024707.png)

In other news: Wenus is V V thin

No. 260252


Yeah, I can imagine being that being incredibly stressed out the last couple months (not to mention the previous 19 years) probably saps her appetite. Poor kid.

No. 260253

File: 1460703627314.png (79.05 KB, 327x540, Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.5…)

Mags keeping a tight lid on those comments.

No. 260254

Let's hope margo and her minions don't chimp about that small mark on Venus leg


No. 260255

Commenter ID's outfit as Liz Lisa.

So interesting to see her sense of style on her own w/o being dressed by insane mummy. She has a quirky lil style, seems to have a thing for plaid. Love this new Venus. She is realllyyy skinny tho.

No. 260256


She's a qt for sure.

No. 260257

I haven't been following this drama much, but did she get ahold of Venuss YouTube channel? I thought that was one of the few accounts Venus controlled

No. 260258

If anything, shaving her legs is a narcissistic trait. She is literally homeless and she is worrying about her leg hair of all things? It's not like she's walking around in shorts or a skirt anyways.

No. 260259

Homeless people aren't allowed to care about their appearance
Got it.

No. 260260


She sent multiple DMCA claims to youtube, claiming that Venus was using material that Margo holds the copyright for. First Venus was locked out of the channel, and after 3 claims by Margo YouTube automatically deletes the channel. Margo set fire to the very things she wanted most - the pathetic little ad revenue Venus makes.

Venus, Fullscreen and YouTube and working together now to get it back online. What's most likely happening is they filed a counterclaim, because Margo has 14 business days from when she filed the takedown notices to follow up in court with actual proof that she owns the content. After that time expires, the channel comes back online.

No. 260262

margaret lecter

No. 260263

File: 1460705184544.png (175.87 KB, 640x511, a800579c-72c8-4d30-959f-e263ef…)

Fucking NJM is totally creeping on Venus. She's commented on every single pic. UGHHH

And wtf is this "we??" And "people are contacting US??"

bet the old freak is salivating thinking about all the fetish videos she could make w/Venus.

No. 260264


Oh, and what's likely to happen when the channel comes back is:
- Venus gets put into the "protected" program of popular YouTube channels that have had issues with false takedown notices in the past. Instead of dealing with a bunch of chucklefucks shutting down everyone's moneymaking for 14 days automatically - which is necessary for the majority of channels, because vetting that shit would take forever - the protected group doesn't have automatic takedowns anymore.

- Fulscreen sent Margo what she calls a "blackmail!!1!" letter, telling her to "give up my copyrights for nothing!!" They most likely sent that daft cunt a cease and desist. There's no way Fullscreen didn't have a contract that outlined who holds the rights to the VA brand before they signed her (particularly since they were more than aware that Margo was a loony loose cannon.) Margo's misinterpreting being warned about violating a law or contract as blackmail. And I wouldn't be surprised if after the channel comes back up if Fullscreen also sues Margo for lost income and wages when she filed frivolous claims against their client. Not that Margo has any money to pay them back, but another legal problem makes one more country Margo can't ever go back to because of debt and legal issues. In this case, sadly, think that country would be the USA and not Japan, but hey, anything that makes Margo chimp out I'm a fan of.

No. 260265


From NJM to Margo: how to lose a stan in 10 days.

Yeah, NJM becoming a fanatical fangelic is unnerving.

No. 260266

File: 1460705617763.png (100.41 KB, 640x258, b098229b-468a-4c27-986c-deba63…)

old bitch wants to be the new margaret/"celebrity manager"

No. 260267

She's just a fucking loony as marge. Can't even make out what she's talking about half the time. "writing in the TUNnel"?? wtf IS THAT??

No. 260270

This woman is nuts. Venus had to deal with Queen Crazy for 19 years so I'm sure she's ignoring this one too since she knows the signs of someone who is downright deranged.

No. 260271


Interesting about the protected YT channels, I didn't know there was such a thing. It's reassuring to know the legal wheels are turning with both YT and Fullscreen engaged

Hey marge, it's not you vs Venus anymore…now it's you vs two major companies. And they ain't scared or intimidated by you.

No. 260272

Hahaha, marge blocked @camille.plushykins? She was one of her biggest stans. wth marge

Venus's comments are a riot, people are lmao'ing all over the place about being blocked by marge.

No. 260275

File: 1460707274462.jpg (60.87 KB, 480x726, 11036381_10152737598216765_737…)

No. 260279

File: 1460709673153.png (90.53 KB, 608x230, 5ad62ce1-ab65-42b1-9993-2b2240…)

This is seriously creeping me out right now. She's like a fucking predator. Like posing as a fangelic to sidle up next to Venus with all the "we" and "us" shit.

No. 260281

File: 1460709739486.png (64.68 KB, 634x265, b47e16e6-8864-4b8b-8183-308a79…)


No. 260286

I need to see the video that screenshot up top is from.

No. 260291

is njm a farmer troll?

No. 260292

That side of Venus is so much more interesting. Would love to see her talk about horror stuff or whatever instead of pandering to underage weebs

No. 260293

No she's a real person. 60 years old, lives in the middle of nowhere North Dakota, 100% crazy, was sued for internet stalking a professor where she went to school and she's a Talent Scout for the Adult Industry and proud of it. Used to give marge advice on makeup & hair for fetish videos & marketing advice too. She's as loony & obsessed as marge and fucking perverted as hell.

No. 260295

this creeps me out so much

No. 260297

File: 1460714668689.png (1.44 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160415-054648.png)

>if you know how to travel cheap
>travel cheap
LOL marge aka net cafe hobo

also, totally random comment as no one had asked about her travel expenses (or she deleted the comment she's responding to)


No. 260303

You get plushies when you're not interested in a man? What? Us she insinuating that plushies are a form of immaturity? Or that they're replacing manaki? Either way, crazy bitch.

No. 260304

File: 1460719825709.jpg (47.92 KB, 476x419, b011d0ec200c48cc2c39268c5ce821…)

This is Margo if that's the case.

The only cheap travel these days is free travel. Which doesn't exist. Unless you walk everywhere. Bet Margo is doing that instead of riding trains.

No. 260308

You're doing the Lord's work njm. Keep milking margo for us!

No. 260312

She's been ignoring marge ever since she watched some of marge's videos on her channel & was grossed out, lol. It's Venus she's creeping on now.

No. 260314

Would anyone else love to see Margot go the gamergate/social justice twitter warrior route once she runs out of money in order to try and redeem herself an keep the cash flowing?

No. 260326

She's probably already half way there lol. She'll probably not even succeed in that but it'll give more milk.

No. 260328

Why is this so high-waisted? Looks weird.

No. 260339

>Spoiler: kids who have been abused often love the horror genre, it is reassuring to them because in horror the evil is easily identifiable. Neither Freddie nor Jason pretend to be your loving mother.

This.. explains a lot about my life.

sage for blogpost

No. 260341

Because she bought it in japan so she is probably a bit too tall for it. asian clothes tend to look off on my long body too

No. 260346

fuck. so true.
saged for personal.

No. 260353

I'm so late bc I had to miss a day of checking in here.

Venus is so lucky to have this Fullscreen contract. Margo would have signed her rights away right back them I bet… Dreaming of that 10K bonus instead of reading the fine print. Some manager.

No. 260355

this is some Laura Southworth levels of crazy

No. 260356

She is thin, but if you look, the mirror is angled back a significant amount. It makes you look a lot thinner, and really elongates your legs. If you're taller than your mirror, you might always have to angle your mirror like that just to see your whole outfit/body.

No. 260357

Luckily Venus has a round chubby face so she can afford to be that thin and not look like a skeleton. I dunno, I think it's too thin, but it also looks cute. Plus, she looks the weight of most Japanese girls who are weight conscious so it's not a big deal.

No. 260358

File: 1460733287325.jpg (15.63 KB, 345x243, 7732953.jpg)

No. 260364

I have never actively rooted for another human being's demise the way I am for Magoo. She is just fucking vile, and she has no excuse for it at 40 years old. I can usually chalk up lolcow fuckery to being a dumb idiot in their 20's who will one day grow up and be embarrassed of their own bullshit. Mags is impervious to the smell of her own shit.

No. 260371

margo must be high on jenkem

No. 260372

Margo is jenkem

No. 260376

No new video from Margo today either, surprise surprise. I wonder what she's actually doing all day at the moment. The way she's rehashing photos makes it look like she isn't even wandering any more.

No. 260378

I hope her shitty dead end future has smacked her in the face. She has no end-game and her own hubris is delivery swift sweet lulz for us all.

No. 260379

That's a Samantha Vegas purse. You'd have to be a dumbass to put pins on that thing.

No. 260381


hillbilly NJM sure doesn't know shit about brands

No. 260384

File: 1460740269753.png (98.73 KB, 640x223, 8b77d263-95cc-4f30-a620-6a0d7e…)

Is Wenus trolling marge?

- Marge posts this, bitching about Venoos eating cake and buying plushies
- Venus posts pom pom pudding cake
- more cake just now

LOL Wenus

No. 260386


Venus and Manaki are spending money for whatever they want, trying to live their lives without Margo, and doesn't care about things she doesn't even want/can easily replace?

Bad Venoos!

No. 260392

I love how manaki and venus posts all these super yummy pictures of food while mags didn't went to Danny's since last month or so.

btw mags was/is talking about the "upcoming" video while I wonder how she would record and cut it? I really doubt there will be one but who knows.

No. 260401

We need screencaps farmers. Some people rely slowly on this thread for information.

No. 260405

File: 1460746808043.jpeg (680.98 KB, 640x1295, image.jpeg)

who tf is this

No. 260407

File: 1460746830031.jpeg (442.59 KB, 701x991, image.jpeg)

No. 260409

Looks like a leftover from Keemstar's special ed subscribers.

No. 260410

File: 1460747003967.jpeg (656.97 KB, 701x1022, image.jpeg)

No. 260411

File: 1460747125421.jpeg (792.04 KB, 640x1758, image.jpeg)

Why are they talking about beer?

Also on Vs pics she doesn't have a lot of awful comments but a lot of people seem to be butt hurt she posts a lot of food pics

No. 260415

>Do you know pizza?
>Do you know teriyaki?

There is no better way for a Japanese person to announce to the world that their English is still Engrish-tier. I'm not knocking Manaki for not being fluent, but this turn of phrase annoys the crap out of me. It's a direct Japanese translation.

No. 260416

He edited it! "It goes well with beer". He deleted that last part

No. 260417

He probably tried to do it without Vs input

No. 260418

Oh god forbid someone enjoys a beer with a meal! Some of these people need to get out more…

No. 260421

Venus's fanbase: 12 year olds and batshit 60 year old porn scouts.

No. 260422

Can't tell if this is legit. I'm being really obtuse rn.

No. 260423


Judging by her profile, she's either a child hence the "Beer's bad for you!!!" or really really dumb and immature.

No. 260424

>Do you know pizza?

never heard of him

No. 260425

Ah! Thank you anon, didn't catch that part.
Nope. It's true, NJM is a real person and not maygo. I think they found her commenting on youtubers years back and also I think a pic of her

No. 260426

>"Alcohol is very very bad. For children. But once you turn 21 it becomes very very good"

No. 260431

Why be butthurt about it? They should be glad she's even posting stuff again since everyone was so worried about her.

Ey, when will Margo out up this website of hers? I'm still waiting to see it.

No. 260440

It's legit. We found her fb and like >>260425 said, also her old comments from like 2013 defending prostitution.

No. 260443

best friends with dakota's DID stalker apparently

No. 260453


Why does it upset you that a Japanese person born in Japan who's native language is Japanese does not possess perfect English skills.

No. 260457

So it's another creepy schizophrenic angry that the young woman of their dreams won't notice them. Lovely.

No. 260458

>I'm not knocking Manaki for not being fluent

but thats what youre doing

No. 260459


I genuinely feel bad for Venus for this

No. 260461

>thread trashes Maggot's passable English
>gets pissed af when anon politely points out one of Manaki's mistakes

No. 260463

Unlike Margo, manaki does not claim to be a genius with nearly perfect english

No. 260470

Since when did we give points for trying?

No. 260472

that's not the point though. we don't trash it because it's poor english, but because it's margo-speak.

No. 260473

is it that hard to understand most people here hate margo but don't hate manaki, so we're going to look at their mistakes differently? lol

No. 260476

That was the point…
We could sit on our asses all day and argue about whether it's dumb to criticize lolcows for doing things just because they're lolcows.

Funny how the Manaki haters have apparently left though.

No. 260477

File: 1460766876513.png (41.8 KB, 476x232, Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 5.34…)

Oh, snap. Where mags at?

No. 260479


Granted, this was in the south of Japan; last we knew, she'd travelled up north.

No. 260480


Manaki has not done anything to draw our ire and thus far has only appeared to help and protect Venus.
If you want mindless, unnecessary hate then maybe PULL is the place for you with the rest of the scraping idiots.

No. 260482


Manaki doesn't claim to be a multi-lingual mensa member nuclear medicine doctor professional photographer.

Also, because Margo's engrish isn't funny due to errors; it's funny because she's insane.

No. 260484

File: 1460767354546.png (37.54 KB, 591x144, Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 5.40…)

Comment from mags' "morning routine" video. Promises, promises. Guess she can't find a sucker to let her couch surf so she can plug in her phone and upload her new video.

No. 260485

Manaki has always lived in Japan. Born and Raised

Margo has spend several years in countries like the UK where the main language is English.

No. 260490


I'm so confused, what's the story behind this?

No. 260491

That video would probably be her clipping her toe nails or something anyway.

No. 260497

Years ago someone photoshopped Venus' head onto some Asian girl's body and Margaret edited it so the breast size is "accurate." Another disgusting display of her sexuality G her own daughter.

No. 260503

Especially since magrut edited to make the boobs BIGGER.

No. 260504

ewww anon
with a rusty nail clippers found on river bank


No. 260507

>live on the fat of the land prosperity
I love engrish shirts

No. 260508

would watch tbh. after all we've watched her shave her legs.

No. 260510

>live on the fat of the land prosperity

I want to believe this is direct shade to Magoo, scrounging off the land like a hardscrabble hobo while Manaki prospers with Weenoos

No. 260520

If Margo made a video like that I would buy her a steak and some hygiene products.

No. 260540

File: 1460793319195.png (829.72 KB, 929x589, Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 08.5…)

More fucking flowers.

No. 260541

>Have you ever seen a bigger cyberbully than Venus?

Why, yes I have. They have even posed as Venus several times. Her name is Margaret Palermo, river monster kappa.

No. 260543

You, probably.
>Lol look guys I just happened to stumble upon this YT vid with 100 views WHICH ONE OF YOU CLEVER FUCKS DID THIS XDD

No. 260544

Her stockpile of travel photos must be running low. You'd think a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER traveling the length & breadth of Japan would have taken more photos than this.

No. 260546


i am dying laughing is that a river behind those flowers.

confirmed river monster margaret palermo 2k16

No. 260547

File: 1460800244167.png (88.08 KB, 640x194, 6d740ed9-ae47-4910-a5ac-313cd1…)

the marglob thinks filing a counterclaim only applies in cases of fair use, demonstrating yet again that she has NO CLUE.

No. 260549

File: 1460800595051.jpg (141.15 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Venus is looking tired but going strong.

No. 260551

I noticed that she always has this tired look on her face. Girl will def age bad sadly

No. 260553

She's been following the new trend of contouring under her eyes. It makes her look more tired.

No. 260556

Is she wearing dark contacts?

This is a trend, really? Painting dark circles under your eyes? lol

No. 260557

Yeah, Google Korean eyebags

No. 260558


I don't think it's Engrish. I read it like "Live on the fat of the land. PROSPERITY".

No. 260559


I made it but that Anon isn't me.
I posted it here but then deleted the post, but I guess they caught it before it went.

No. 260560


Looks like she just has dark circles to me. People get them you know.

No. 260561

I like it. I like her natural face, her hair, her lil sailor suit, I like it all. It's a really cute everyday look. 10/10 good work, Venus.

No. 260563

Is Venus at that level of applying makeup?

No. 260564

Yes, if you saw her last makeup tutorial, she talks about contouring underneath your eyes. It looks like she used a brown and maybe cooled down the photo to get this awful result?

I'm not saying it looks good, just that this is how she did her most recent eye makeup tutorial.

No. 260565

Venus just looks tired as fuck and who could blame her when dealing with all of this shit her mother is putting her through.

No. 260566

agreed, i don't reckon she's doing aegyo sai at all. if my mother were maggot i would be tired as fuck too, and it'd probably show.

No. 260569

Margo's new video HOLY SHIT SHE HAS LOST IT. This one is for us guys.

No. 260570

This is beautiful

No. 260571

I'm speechless…I honestly don't know what I'm feeling

No. 260572

File: 1460807723811.png (3.85 KB, 300x163, 1324676517001.png)

Kek what is this? What is she trying to accomplish? I'm dying now!

Well shit. If this ain't glorious I don't know what is. Keep giving us milk Margo. Great work.

No. 260573

Better than onision.

No. 260574

How did she find the time to make this. And where did she record it. And why did she record. And. just. why.

No. 260576


the mangot shows all those 12-year-old haters what's up, y'all. SHE DONTCURR.

You tell 'em, marge!

No. 260579

File: 1460808540957.jpg (11.24 KB, 224x225, feel.jpg)

Not entirely sure what to make of this. Like, she's been too much of a shitty person for me to feel any sympathy for her, even if some of these comments are, for lack of better term, spiteful.

No. 260581

notice how she leaves out the most relevant insults, about A) the river and B) what she's done. with that chorus it still comes off like a plea for sympathy.

I do admire her tenacity in editing all that material together though.

No. 260583

>grew up in the communism

what the fuck

No. 260585

she could collaborate with these lovely ladies

No. 260586

She's old enough for that.

No. 260587

Reading out her hate comments and missing out the sensible ones is kind of a smart move. It would be more convincing if she showed the comments rather than just cartoon clips, but still.

Quick, everyone report a copyright claim complaint because of the cartoons.

No. 260588

same anon here. if she's 41, she only lived approx the first five years of her life in communism. not as dramatic as she makes it out to be.

No. 260589

one cartoon at a a time… one after the other.

No. 260590

Marge got nothing but time, lol.

No. 260591

The closest option I can see is "infringes on my rights". What do? It's not like I personally own the cartoons. Will Youtube give a shit?

No. 260593

Definitely don't pick that, if we make completely not relevant reports all the time she might get asspats. If we can't get her properly it's best not to.

No. 260596


Soooooooooooo much fucking copyright, please let her channel get removed.

No. 260597

File: 1460810994221.gif (826.79 KB, 300x169, VlRkJ.gif)


this is my anthem.
This is better than anything I expected.

No. 260599

File: 1460811412630.gif (934.71 KB, 200x150, spanev8.gif)

marge sez:

No. 260600

File: 1460811511405.gif (830.54 KB, 240x228, ewww.gif)


No. 260602

Copyright infringement, she will lose her channel.

No. 260603

Please tell me someone has downloaded this video KEK.

No. 260604

File: 1460811883487.jpg (208.87 KB, 682x600, 1456883101441.jpg)

No. 260605

File: 1460812028419.gif (154.4 KB, 240x181, 1435174608080.gif)

Her voice. Holy fuckballs, I'll never be able to get that out of my head now.

No. 260606


yupp saved it!

No. 260607

File: 1460812227186.jpg (111.28 KB, 815x546, 1423419776170.thumb.jpg.eb4759…)

So i found this old image with some others and realized Margaret looks so…normal here, like a normal,kind mom. She looks like an old witch coupled with a kappa
Minus the way Margo is holding Venus hand in this pic.
Not gonna go armchair psychology but it makes it look like it's hard for her to leave Venus alone/let her go. And I think it shows she's always been like this (controlling and stuff) in a way maybe?

No. 260608

We talked about this dozens of times.

No. 260609

Ha ha ha omg, that's hilarious. Go Margo, you crazy nutbag.

She could almost be Julia Sawalha here

No. 260610

Nigga plz, her life isnt that bad to the point you develop dark circles, she has a happy life now as fuck. She just has shitty skin just like her shitty mum has.

Also wtf is that song lol

No. 260611

What a lyrical genius, poetic and meaningful.
Seriously she is off her fucking rocker.

No. 260612

File: 1460812828788.jpg (29.83 KB, 336x500, image.thumb.jpg.361b6e4e93ea3c…)

I'm so sad Margoyle deleted her "how to be kawaii" makeup video from years ago, it was hilarious. The tree half assed freckles on her cheeks killed me everytime.

pic related for nightmares

No. 260613

File: 1460812865697.jpeg (142.35 KB, 743x747, image.jpeg)

What's wrong with the way she holds her hand? I think it looks lovely. And she actually doesn't look like a kappa in that picture? Both look very cute in that pic tbh. I have always said it but Venus and her mother are very beautiful, not sexy but beautiful as in the russian type of beautiful.

No. 260615

>her life isnt that bad to the point you develop dark circle
I beg to differ. This girl has had her ass dragged in like four different countries on two different continents, never had any real friends (or shortly because Marg just scared them away because her venoos is hers alone and they are all fame suckers copycat bullies), don't have any diploma, her life is a mess (running away from "home" and her mother,abuse,..) she has no one aside from Manaki and she was with her mom and her mom only for years. Shit, she must be depressed and probably developped some trauma from all these years and she must be really tired and shaken still. I hope she gets therapy or something

No. 260616

File: 1460813373219.jpg (8.93 KB, 330x198, bruh.jpg)

Holy fucking shit she's really batshit insane.
I got shivers of disgust and fear from her voice,the images and the lyrics, we need to report her ass before she commits a murder.

No. 260617

It takes someone very special to be proud rhyming fridge with bridge, and bitch with… bitch.

No. 260618

File: 1460813457371.jpg (103.03 KB, 510x381, huehuehuehue.jpg)

No. 260620

>This girl has had her ass dragged in like four different countries on two different continents
Why do you think that would make someone unhappy? I traveled everywhere too because of my father's job. It was fun.

>never had any real friends (or shortly because Marg just scared them away because her venoos is hers alone and they are all fame suckers copycat bullies),

You are correct
>don't have any diploma,
Very correct
> her life is a mess

anyways even if her childhood was perfect she would still have dark circles, her entire family has the most shittiest wrinkliest skin I've ever seen, especially marge.

No. 260622

File: 1460813755034.gif (788.33 KB, 529x413, naniii.gif)

I don't even know anymore

No. 260623

dark circles are largely genetic and are due to thin skin in that are, rather than 'bad' skin.

No. 260624

thus bad skin right? Thin skin, dark circles, veins, discoloration etcetc are all bad skin to me.

No. 260625


No. 260629

When you have thin skin, there's not much you can do about it except hide it under tons of makeups. No care is going to make it thicker.

No. 260630

File: 1460816672046.gif (4.61 MB, 500x281, giphy.gif)

No. 260631


But your parents aren't deranged egomaniacs, that's the big difference.

No. 260632


wow margo this is so 2004

No. 260633

Report this shit. Copyright!!!

No. 260634

What is your point? I didn't say that she should care for her skin lol? I even said in fact that her entire family has shitty skin. I know it's purely the case of bad genetics.

No. 260636

File: 1460819335960.jpeg (556.17 KB, 701x1050, image.jpeg)

comments are just people giving her asspats
Unless she's deleting comments as they come up?

No. 260637

I think V is just not wearing much makeup thus when she's natural people claim she looks sick or some shit. She seems to be steering away from heavy makeup

No. 260639

Someone please comment about her copyright infringement on this video

No. 260641

File: 1460819611346.jpeg (860.69 KB, 640x1538, image.jpeg)

while v is going on dates with her husbando, maygo fights the Internet rofl

No. 260642

If your mother forced from from puberty on to slap on the makeup gun set to whore level makeup and clothing, I'm pretty sure your first act of rebellion with freedom would be laying off the makeup and switching clothing style, which is exactly what she's done.

No. 260643

I never noticed how ugly Manaki's nose is. If they breed her kid might get his nose and look like Margendo.

No. 260645

She still is (unfortunately) still wearing weeb clothing like always….????

No. 260646

r u kiddin lol. manaki's entire face is unfortunate looking. if they have babies they're gonna look very strange.

No. 260648

Venus if she is not trying to look asian looks like the prettier version of Margendo anyways but with Manaki in the blender…oh lord "it" will be recreated again. I hope Venus is asexual.

No. 260649

File: 1460820590240.gif (354.61 KB, 240x203, awkward.gif)


No. 260650

File: 1460820716892.gif (483.4 KB, 200x210, giphy (3).gif)


No. 260651

File: 1460820814916.gif (1.6 MB, 245x225, giphy (7).gif)


No. 260652


i think it's just clothes you find in japan.. they look more simple and have darker colours. i could be wrong but it doesn't scream 'weeb' to me, just local japanese clothing that seems more calm and mature with the colour and patterns

No. 260654

File: 1460821426612.gif (1.97 MB, 380x285, giphy (5).gif)

>mfw hearing mergles voice
just kill urself now plz marge

No. 260656

I disagree but even if it's true she is wearing the same damn clothing she is wearing since she was 16

No. 260657


Venus really does look totally angelic here. What an adorable child.
I could totally consider reversing my no-children policy if I knew my kid would come out looking like that.

No. 260658

Oops minus the she is wearing*

No. 260659


Maggot pls leave.

No. 260660

Jesus. Not you again.

No. 260661

File: 1460822130587.jpeg (445.09 KB, 701x723, image.jpeg)

She answered

No. 260662

File: 1460822282982.jpg (89.1 KB, 1080x1080, 12106022_1110991005628036_1785…)

I keep seeing some people talking about ugly Manaki is but I think he's very cute.
The fact that he appears to be caring, responsible and mature pushes him up the attractiveness scale, + good skin and hair indicate he's physically healthy. He's not an unattractive guy.

No. 260663

Fuck. I saw a comment say "there is no fair use on Japan is there?" And before I could snap it she deleted it

No. 260664

Margo plz are you hearing voices again? >>260662
He is not ugly for a japanese man indeed but Venus is not an oil painting herself so….

No. 260665

I love when she loses the rhythm and trails off at 1:26-1:37. But it took her so long to perfect this video that it was 2 days late.

No. 260667

Ouch, Margo seems like she is very impulsive and this is I think the main reason why she is doing fucked up shit. The nudes, song, the wandering in Japan, the urge to respond to all the instagram comments instead of just letting it go/deleting them/lock her instagram profile etcetcetcetcx8etc all indicates impulsive behaviour. She is a dangerous woman.

No. 260669

File: 1460823102990.gif (22.68 MB, 352x288, Tq8h6wH.gif)

No. 260671

I watched this 4 hours ago and I still have "kill yourself you weetch, I really hate you beetch" stuck in my head, fml.

My favorite part about this whole situation is that Venus just carries on with her kawaii life without acknowledging Margo at all.

No. 260673

Whoever made this into a gif is a sadist.

Mags is deleting comments that aren't asspats or hate cause she's leaving up all the hateful ones. She wants to present the image that she's innocent and every one is against her

No. 260676


Shit I don't care about Manaki's nose or Venus's clothing choices, they look adorable and I'm just glad they're out having fun like normal people…while the marghoul lurks in a roach-infested hovel with her phone glued to her face, groveling for praise from random internet strangers and plotting her revenge on VEENOOS.

No. 260677

>your body is like 25 but please dress your age

lol margo giving herself a sneaky compliment. her body's a good 40 just like she is

No. 260678

Her body is pretty good tbh she is just a butterface yuck

No. 260679

Do you think Venus will ever acknowledge Marge again? Serious answers plz! I think she will in 2 years lol.

No. 260684

He looks pretty average and a little cute even. He would look a lot better if he changed his hairstyle, but I can't really put my finger on what style would suit him. Maybe cutting it a little shorter and combing it back with a little hair gel? And maybe filling in his brows a little? But it's not like his hair is horrid, it just could be better.

No. 260686

Looks more like it was caused by the light inside the building.

No. 260687

thin skin=/=bad skin

No. 260688

He isn't my type because he is a manlet/twink but even I would find him average if he would lift. His face is meh and very feminine and will likely remain feminine even if he was /fit/ but a good body makes everyone look at least average. Oh and he should dress like people his age would. If he does all of this he'd be a 7/10

No. 260689

I think longer sides (the hair infront the ears) would be better for his wide nose as it slims the face as whole, many japanese girls do that for the same effect (they call it 触覚).

No. 260693

If I had time I'd make a video of the song playing over variots clips of margom

No. 260695

File: 1460825686381.png (150.62 KB, 328x398, 2a15faee-cc32-457a-9029-57ab46…)

That pic with the slab o'bacon hanging out his mouth would be disgusting no matter whose face it was. That said, Manaki looks totally different from pic to pic.. some cute & others he looks freaky. Overall he's not bad at all, seems like a genuinely good guy & really cares for Venus so he gets high marks from me.

No. 260696

Punchable face

No. 260698

When we used to only see him as rare overly filtered pictures on Venus' accounts I always thought he was a weird fakeboi fan. As >>260695 says he just looks different depending on the picture, but some of those filters do him no favors.

No. 260699


anon probably meant the eurotrash crackwhore clothes

No. 260700


Aww I chose the bacon pic BECAUSE I thought it was cute aha
I think he looks easy going and fun.

No. 260701

I agree some pics are better than others but overall I think he's cute and he seems to be a good guy to Venus. I was cautiously optimistic about him at first because she needs someone to help her and care for her, I'm feeling better about them together as time goes on.

No. 260702


I think he is very ok looking - def better than Kaka's Taku tbh.

No. 260704

he just needs a new haircut and he would be adorable in a puppy kind of way.

No. 260705

Which is perfect for v. She's cute too. I'd be even more weirded out if she ended up with a beefy bro. no thnx

No. 260706

Kota's Taiko wins tho

No. 260707

This would go down really well with the indie/pop-folk crowd, whens the album due?

No. 260711

I don't get any bad vibes from the guy. He checks out as good to me. You can't look at that guy and say "omg he abuses venus" like margo does.

No. 260714

He isn't bad looking

No. 260715

He needs a hair cut and to fill in his brows. Maybe even a little tan(but I know Japanese ppl hate the idea of tans). I think he'd look better.

No. 260718

I honestly dont think Venus would like it to see her fangelics giving her mother death threats, because even I feel bad for her. I know she was a bad mum yadayadayada but no one deserves to get raped just saying…

No. 260719

>fill in his brows
Please no, he already looks like a cute japanese girl

No. 260720

As a general rule I never give someone death threats. I just watch them and see how much milk I can get kek. If Margo died there would be no more milk.

No. 260721

File: 1460829953272.jpg (64.51 KB, 1088x172, HM4D747.jpg)

Old, but there is a lull in the drama and this made me lol. Wikipedia has had enough of Margo's shit

No. 260722

Old newsssssss

No. 260723

Even aside from moral reasons or even the unspoken rule not to interrupt in cows' personal lives…death threats are a criminal offense and if a cow was motivated enough, she could try and take you to court. Stranger things have happened after all

No. 260725

Venus doesn't have dark circles under her eyes, she just has deep set eyes. I know that because my eyes are pretty much the same. You can't really notice it when there's a good light source, but if it's bad like here >>260549 , she gets what you all assume are dark circles.

No. 260726

Those fangelics are underaged retards after all…not knowing that its better to Ignore her like their queen does atm (even the stopmargaretpalermo page realized it). And if they all ignore her, her view count and instagram comments will be zero and margo deletes her accounts. Gone from the internet and problem solved.

No. 260728

What is that even supposed to mean? Just sick of this inane argument about her style. Let. It. Go.

No. 260732

Jesus christ which video is this nightmare from?

No. 260733

No. 260736

File: 1460832684875.png (69.12 KB, 280x210, bth_eye_bleach.png)

My eyes anon.. my fucking EYES…

No. 260737

It's funny how personality can make so much of a difference. If I saw this video not knowing who Margo was I'd honestly not think much of it. Now I want to shove a fork in my eyes.

No. 260738

No. 260747


No. 260756

Hungary was under communist dictatorship until 1989.

No. 260757

I see what you're getting at anon and I agree. I think people just took it the wrong way and thought you meant that her thin skin is bad and therefor she should fix it, rather than thin skin just being unfortunate in the long run compared to plump skin.

No. 260761

I think venus ha gotten her confidence back hence why she stopped wearing makeup all the time and dont shoop as much anymore.

No. 260763

(She is still wearing makeup in most of her selfies though dont get fooled)

No. 260768


That is the most tramautizing thing I'be ever seen. Let me grab the bleach. A 700 year old baggy laddy would lool hotter than that

No. 260778

But she was living in Switzerland most of her life…

No. 260783

Queen Butterface
Tragic, really. She's not nearly old enough to have deep lines & eyebags like that. That's the consequences of smoking + an evil disposition → hagface.

No. 260791


To be fair he's an actor, he have access to professional beauty services and such because it's part of his job, hence why he definitely does look better groomed than Taku and Manaki. Without these advantages, Taiko probably would look like the average non-ugly japanese male

sage for OT sperging

No. 260803

Do you seriously think looks matter? Because it is all about status and money :^)
No for real he is a famous actor even if he looked like kikis ex dakota would still win

No. 260804

He has a serious babyface, which is polarizing.

No. 260807

Yeah, but she was born in Hungary, her family would have seen some shit or had to live in conditions that were hard and then moved to Switzerland for a better life. It still does not negate her statement of seeing Communisum first hand.

No. 260819

And Koots is definitely more "normal" looking than skelly Kiki and puffy, round face Venus. Don't get me wrong, I think Venus is a cutie, but she's not conventionally pretty. Dakota's basic, but she's got a good conventional quality to her.

I think Manaki is geeky looking, but he looks like an average looking Japanese dude. He's nothing to crush on, but nothing to hate on.

No. 260826

this thread is turning to cancer again. give a fuck if you all like Venus' face, skin, whatever, or not.

No. 260828

Communism ended in Hungary in 1989. Margo had early life experience of it but by the time she was a teen it was over. The aftermath is still going on in some places (e.g. Berlin) so it would have had an impact on her life. She studied in Switzerland so her young adulthood onwards was not impacted by it as much.

The line about friends dying sounds unrelated, she'd just like to think it is somehow part of this Communist life she experienced. I mean, she was fucking 5 or something. Grow up into adulthood and some friends will die along the way, that is life unfortunately.

No. 260832

Maybe she's talking about her boyfriend in England who died? Margo speak is always difficult to decipher.

No. 260833

yes could well be.

No. 260836

>I watched my friends die

Maybe she poisoned the Spanish cook and other residents, watched them die and then took over that old house as her hub.

No. 260841

File: 1460868535579.png (1.22 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160417-002959.png)

Savage night on IG, lol
Not even cute kitty in sweater can placate this crowd. Where's the love, marge?

No. 260844


>My friend's cat

Does this mean she has a new Airbnb place?

No. 260849

this poor cat seems to know it's being used.

No. 260850

she says she stays on a 'frikken sofa', so airbnb or literally, couchsurfing?

No. 260852

>posts cute kitty pic
>deletes pic
^^ LOL Poor margles
Big mistake to fuck with that YT channel, marge. HUGE.

No. 260853

More flowers! Quick!!

No. 260858

Do you think the channel will be back anytime soon?

No. 260859

It should be pretty soon because the first notice was put in by Margo on the first. Add a few days for further notices then the response from Fullscreen, then the 10-14 day wait for reinstatement.

No. 260860


No. 260866

Couchsurfing implys that there is someone willing to let margs sleep on their couch.

No. 260867

I wondering if she literally went on the website… is that shit free or do you pay people for a couch/crash spot?

No. 260868

No. 260869

The couchsurfing website is free, but generally you only stay for a few days. If Margendo knows how to use air bnb then I wouldn't be surprised if she knows about couchsurfing.

No. 260875

I was just about to say she's probably using the free couchsurfing website. There's a community of people who travel by couchsurfing for free, and they offer their couch up in return to others. I'm sure that's what margo is using at this point. She's just digging her claws in until that visa expires.

What I don't understand is why she needs to be in japan to fuck with venus. Margo could do exactly what she's doing now (posting furiously, sending claims) from anywhere. If she went back to Hungary she could at least sign up for welfare benefits until she figures out a new scam.

No. 260878

She still thinks there's a chance that Venus will want to talk to her again. It's not going to happen, but she's clinging to the idea of it.

Since the VA website is going to open just before her visa expires, I'm wagering it will be a last-ditch attempt to blackmail Venus into seeing her.

No. 260880

She enjoys being a physical threat.

No. 260884

So much this. She wants Venus to be in constant fear that Margo will come to forcibly take her back. She wants Venus to know that she's out there, waiting.

No. 260886

apart from comment wars under margos instagram pictures nothing is going on.

is it a new thing though that margaret deleted the satanic picture and her airport nudes? is she trying to hide her crazy lol

No. 260887

Last time she deleted the crazy it was just before she sent out her letter to jvloggers…

No. 260888

Yeah I have the feeling shit's about to get real again. It's too quiet, and the counter-notices will soon go through, leaving her nothing.

No. 260889

Satanic picture came down after just 24h - I think the reaction from her fans was a problem. I can't believe the nudes are gone! That must be recent? It's funny to scroll back to when she had all the parfaits she wanted.

No. 260892

she never looked truly happy in her pictures though, her face alway looks sour.
anyways it's funny how she deletes anything now that would make her look bad, she is really trying hard to have someone backing her up.

No. 260893


as much I remember she deleted the nudes at the time she send all these emails to Sharla and the entire jvlogger squad. I bet she wanted to looks sane and normal to be the next successful youtube manager etc etc.

No. 260895

OK hoping for real discussion here. What are Margos actual choices in the future? I don't understand why she is still in Japan.

I kind of feel bad for her, as evil as she is, if she is driven to absolute desperation, do you think she'd actually go in the river? I don't think it would be good for Venus if that happened :/

No. 260898

No way she'd ever kill herself. People as self-absorbed as her rarely ever finish themselves off, although they will not hesitate to threaten if they do not get what they want.

Margo has the mentality of a 14 year-old, that's why she has no plans for the future and no idea what to do with herself. The last 8 years or so she was working as "Venus Angelic's manager" living off of her teenage daughter's YouTube bucks and impulsively hopping from one country to another whenever she felt like it. She is still in Japan chasing after Venus because a) she cannot grasp the concept that her daughter is not her property and b) she literally has nothing else to return to. No career, no family, no home.

No. 260899

OMG this song is wonderfull parody material for making a Margo video compilation. Is there a bored farmer who is skilled enough to make this?

No. 260900


if you remember from venus' explanation video for some of the things her mother said, she was talking about how margo would always threaten to kill herself but never ever harmed herself! the knife she wanted to use to slash her own wrists she threw at venus.
She is way too narcissitic to ever harm herself

No. 260902

File: 1460887512499.png (54.53 KB, 301x390, Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 11.0…)

More ramblings in Margoese.

No. 260903

I'm probably laughing way harder at this than I should. Jesus Christ LMAO

No. 260904

It's funny how she thinks getting a Japanese residence permit will make Venus rich. They don't hand you a bonus at immigration when you get approved, silly maggot. And if she thinks anyone but her developmentally retarded hangers-on believes her, she's funny.

>they are somehow both not okay

Venus keeps mostly quiet on the situation because she doesn't want to make a complete ass out of herself now that she has that choice and maggot is not around to force her anymore. Manaki is making himself into a shield because he's witnessed maggot antics life and up close and knows what she does to Venus, but "not ok", okay then.

No. 260905

That cat's expression is similar to that of those dogs: they do not trust the large maggot.

No. 260906


m8 she is so butt hurt - I love it. But one thing that confuses me a bit is her story about the locked computer. Wasn't mags the one who locked the one of venus? And didn't mags had one in seoul too?? I know it's mags we are talking about but I don't get it.

I'm so sorry for this cat. Poor kitty.

No. 260909

I think she's saying that Venus accusing her of hacking is bs and that all she did was lock 'her' 'stolen' computer.

No. 260910


oh I see, this makes bit sense now.

No. 260911

yes venus said she left her a desktop mac and the 6000 dollar camera, which according to margo both is a lie of course

margo locked "her" mac when venus had it in japan and venus bought a new one. or manaki bought her one

No. 260912

Is Venus even capable of taking care of herself? She is pretty dumb, but people dont see it.

No. 260913


but now I wonder what happen with all this stuff? I mean maggot could have sell it or idk this makes no sense to me.

No. 260914

File: 1460889282305.jpg (143.48 KB, 507x1200, she-has-an-incredible-body.jpg)

this freak has made a few other comments about margo's attractiveness before this one.

No. 260915

maybe she even already sold it? that's how she could afford traveling around japan maybe

No. 260916

all this stuff might still be in SK, or maybe it's sold already.

No. 260917


>her photos are made with a very low hilarious quality

>margaret even took her photos that were displayed on newspapers

oh well…

No. 260918

What's the point of maggot staying in Japan.
First I thought it was obviously because she hoped she would catch Venoos but then she decided to travel to Nagoya, Osaka etc. We don't even know for sure if she is in Tokyo anymore.

Why doesn't she just go and stay go?

No. 260919

>margo is prettier than venus
But that doesn't make sense, they look exactly alike to me?! But Venus is younger looking (and it will not last long for her so she should enjoy it while she can) so wouldnt that make her even prettier? But no need to post the comments of both the retarded promayo and fangelics unless they contribute to the thread tbh because it will only derail the thread.

No. 260921

I reckon she's back in Tokyo.

Her reason to stay is >>260898

No. 260922

It's hard to tell where she really is since she doesn't really take a whole lot of pics of herself posimg anymore. She says one place, coupd be a pic she stole from somewhere or took days ago. She's still in Japan, I know that much though.

No. 260923

To be honest, most of what makes Margie ugly is her personality. As long as Venus is not like her, she'll never be as ugly.

No. 260925

she makes sure to say she's not there anymore. my guess is only the first half of the trip photos were timely.

No. 260926


>she's pretty dumb

She's obviously not Anon. How many languages can you speak? And she's handling this situation so much more maturely than I believe most people on this board would at her age. Even escaping from Margoyle the way she did took some smarts, not to mention guts.

No. 260929

>can't even post a cat pic without getting BTFO

No. 260934

File: 1460895859890.png (491.27 KB, 930x595, Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 13.2…)

Yet more forgettable photography and yet more brown nosing.

No. 260936

I can't wait until the week before her visa expires. I don't think that something special will happen now.

No. 260949

>is Venus even capable of taking care of herself?
Implying that Venus doesn't have her own room, cook meals for herself and her husband, film/edit/publish her own content without anyone's help, and can budget her share of rent/utilities while also having money leftover for weekend trips while the actual adult in this relationship is wandering Japan lost with 20kg of weights in her luggage without a yen to her name and singing about haters from a stranger's couch where she's sleeping for free out of pity.

No. 260953

I think people underestimate just how much Venus took care of herself while with Marge. Margo wants to act like she did everything for Venus, but I find that hard to believe tbh.

No. 260955

She's able to cook and clean after herself. She makes meals for Manaki and the house looks clean and in order. You just don't learn that a week after you're on your own. My guess is that Margo made her do everything in the house.

No. 260957

Margo even wrote some years ago (under some photo of Venus cooking) that Venus has to do all her own cooking, cleaning, etc. Margo basicly treated her more like a roommate than a daughter.

No. 260958

>Margo basicly treated her more like a roommate than a daughter.
That's a good way to be raised though, although that's how you raise someone to be independent, which Margo can't cope with Venus being.

No. 260960

File: 1460906111556.jpg (102.69 KB, 720x1112, _20160417_171202.jpg)

Oh yes, is this picture right? Someone asked if they have different tastes and maggot answered "yes and different diet".

No. 260970

I find it really sweet how homely Venus seems to be. Even if this is Margo's doing of probably making her do a majority of the household chores, but knowing she has someone in her life who'll appreciate her work now is nice. Especially her cooking, she seems to make some great meals which Margo probably didn't like judging from that past IG pic of Venus making dinner. Can picture the bitch talking shit about her skills already…

No. 260975

Chill as fuck tbh I want to make my own food but my mum wont let me

No. 260976

>Maybe even a little tan(but I know Japanese ppl hate the idea of tans)
This is actually only true for girls. All of my Japanese guy friends use tanning beds over the winter to maintain their summer tans.

No. 260977

This person talks like Margo.

No. 260978


No. 260979

>What are italian mums
Lasagne for f r e e is better than doing all the hard work anyways. Hnnnggg and its full of authentic love too.

No. 260981

To be fair, I'm 20 and my mother was so convinced I'd be a disaster in the kitchen that I only started cooking last year.

Turns out I'm fucking awesome and she missed out on some amazing breakfasts.

>inb4 'why u still living with ur mum lol'

because we don't abandon our parents at 18 and also it's free rent?

No. 260982

Anon, I'm sure your parents wouldn't consider it abandonment (unless they are like maggot). They want you to grow up and be a functioning adult. Stop sucking on the tit and at least pay them some god damn rent.

No. 260985

I'm also 20 and I pay the rent ocasionally when my mum is broke. anon is right that the rent is still cheaper than at some smelly stinky dorm & i just really suck at cooking and cant cook for my brother and mother. I tried it many times but it was simply disgusting.
also bitch my mum said im still her baby and i'll be her special snowflake forever she just told me this yesterday i swear

No. 260986

How do you know she budgets and actually contributes? I'm not saying she doesn't but that's an unknown.
She's not dumb but perhaps she doesn't have 100% of the knowledge required to make it on her own. Not many people do anyway (fuck, in America they don't even teach you how to do your finances in school). Anyway, what do you expect her to know? She didn't go to regular school and she has a shit for brains parent that she was primarily, if not mostly, exposed to for her entire life. At least she is able to adapt, plan, and be responsible from the looks of it.

No. 260987


I don't pay rent, but I buy groceries and do a lot of general housework. Thing is, my mother owns the house so rent isn't an issue. I help out with the water/gas/internet bills.

No. 260989

Then good for you anon. Save though. It's hard for millennials.

No. 260990

I would think it's common sense that she's at least budgeting her money to be able to afford things like furniture and trips without being unable to pay bills later on. Her husband is a factory worker so I don't imagine his salary alone could provide everything for the two of them so Venus has to be contributing somewhere. Even if Venus isn't really at an age where you could expect her to be fully mature, her husband would be and would know better than to take Venus out on so many trips if they couldn't really afford to do so. Especially right now when Venus' main source of income is on hold, if they weren't financially stable through savings and budgeting they wouldn't be doing so many fun things like traveling and going to amusement parks.

No. 260991

Yep. That's one of the reasons mum won't let me pay rent.

Anyway, blogging over. Back to Margo. I have a potato laptop and a shitty webcam, I desperately want to make a parody of her video. What's the instrumental she's using?

No. 260993

You assume too much. Not everyone knows how to budget, save, and spend their money reasonably. I know people in their 30s that take lots of trips and don't even have a savings account, a retirement fund, or a Roth. Sure they're not living paycheck to paycheck (or maybe they are?), but it's still not wise management of their money.

No. 260996

And that's what life lessons are for. If she doesn't know how to handle those things now, life will eventually make her learn. She does seem dense at times but I think she's going to be able to learn and move on. If not, well they'll be both fucked and they won't be the first or last.

No. 260997

Right, I had a very caring and involved mom who always wanted to do things for me. It's people like me who end up semi-incompetent non-adults, not the people with chimp moms who make ass shaving videos.

No. 261000

Same, anon. I didn't even know how to do dishes/ my laundry until I was in my 20s, and only because I had to teach myself since I was no longer living with my mom, who did everything because she spoiled me. Margo is not the type to spoil her children, despite everything she says.

No. 261001


well maybe this was maggot's "mistake" that she didn't venus spoil in this case but let her make everything so Venus knows how to do it now.

No. 261002

imho it seems obvious they're properly saving? Venus has still been mostly wearing older clothes and she doesnt show off the food she's been buying as much.

Savings and the such are taken more seriously in Japan so Manaki is probably helping Venus with that. Also he probably has quite a bit in savings from working so much (which is why he would have been able to drop the cash to go pick up Venus in Korea). They also furnished a new apartment (but obviously didn't splurge on anything too fancy)

Also when was the last time Margo had a job? They've been living off of Venus' youtube earnings for HOW long? Venus was probably responsible for the chores because I dont think Venus wanted her mom's pit/leg hair on her lolita dresses.

No. 261004

Of cours she didn't spoil Venus. Maggot seems like the type of mother who would do things begrudgly. I mean she did state that v was a mistake.
Also Vs tumblr is filled with posts of food V made.

No. 261005

so I commented on maggots post, nothing mean or anything just something along the lines of "hey didn't you use to wear Venus clothes? I thought they were cute! Especially that light blue Lolita dress from the interview you wore, so kawaii. I hated Venus in European clothes, she looked so sad." (Something along those lines) and she deleted it. Yet every comment talking about Vs clothes are okay.

No. 261006


>Also when was the last time Margo had a job?

Back in the UK as much I remember. Which been already a few years.

No. 261007

As a trainer right?

No. 261008


I read here somewhere she was a radiologist or something like that? The trainer part was just her full-time hobby with making videos about it and stuff.
But correct me when wrong.

No. 261010

‘As a parent you have to understand that, in some instances, if your child is determined to do something, they will find a way to do it no matter how much you forbid them. Besides, I don’t see any harm in it at all.’ - Maggot


No. 261012


The Daily Mail says she worked at an opticians, at the time of the interview. How long did she live in the UK?

No. 261013


It's Margo herself who said that on Instagram at one point. She also claimed having worked as a train conductor, but I find that rather doubtful. Probably just making shit up to make it look like she did not actually live off her teenage daughter for the last 6 years or so.

No. 261025

File: 1460919762699.jpeg (686.88 KB, 701x1052, image.jpeg)

what the fuck?

No. 261027

Who posted that? There might be gold at the other end of that IG rainbow.

No. 261028


where is it from? who said that?

No. 261034

Ukulele. But I doubt she made the music, just sung over some royalty free shit.

No. 261035

File: 1460920927953.jpeg (147.1 KB, 701x223, image.jpeg)

My bad, here's the poster, didn't want to give the Stan too much attention but the shut they spewed. Sounds so much like margo.

No. 261036

No. 261037

File: 1460921129132.jpg (26.9 KB, 909x507, unknown.JPG)

No. 261038

No such person exists. No last name that even remotely matches comes u ppo on a Google search. The English is too good to be margo. Its either one of her trusted lieutenants (like a certain Adelaide bint) or a farmer in deep cover.

No. 261041

Whoever it is made an IG account just for this and seems to be just as absessed as marge. Writing fucking novels on IG like this is …creepy. Don't think it's marge though, 1) english too good and 2) it's writing at 2-3 am japan time.

No. 261042

LOL typo: meant obsessed not *absessed. Funny b/c abcessed is pretty apt description of marge tho

No. 261046

Can't WAIT to see what she does when Venus's YT channel goes back up.. which should be about the same time her visa expires.

If she plans to use that VA website to post "proofs" & other slander she better be prepared for a cease & desist letter from Fullscreen along with a possible lawsuit if she keeps it up though, which would be bad for someone illegally overstaying a visa in Japan…

No. 261049


Oh, shitstains likes this are the best. Of course she doesn't want your unsolicited "advise" and opinions. People go around acting like it's such a crime to delete their moronic opinions as if it had any value in the first place.

Margoyle is the asshat who continually brings up drama then deletes comments that don't ass kiss her. Even then I don't think it's wrong that she deletes comments, just funny.

People are such entitled whores on social media. It's a fucking disease.

No. 261050

She already received a cease and desist from fullscreen, just a couple days ago. She thinks it's "blackmail". For real.

No. 261053

I am very curious about the website… The page title is 'Shop' so with the previous countdown and her posts about the stuff Venus left behind I was expecting it to be Margo selling Venus' belongings. Now it could be anything, Margo probably doesn't have a plan either, let's face it.

No. 261055

>It's wrong to want a better life without me :'(

shit margo, you act worse than a jealous ex.

No. 261057

I really wish Margo would have posted the letter. Cease and desist letters aren't necessarily written in legalese, but still contains a fair amount of legal writing that's most likely too advanced for Margo to grasp. I wonder how she interpreted it vs. what it actually said.

Instead of a cease and decease letter it was most likely a simple cover letter informing Margo of the counter claim and legal obligations/negotiations which she of course interprets as black mail. Ah, Margo! You love sharing TMI, post that fucking letter as well as the Counter-Claim docs!

No. 261059

>her videos are so poor, her photos are made with a very low hilarious quality


>she has a normal face and a normal body, everyday I can see in the streets prettier girls without all that shit edition in the photos

facepalming so hard at this. Because, you know guys, in this world everyone walk carrying a billboard with their selfies plasted on them so everybody can compare their real selfs.

>margaret is prettier than Wenus

getting off on middle aged homeless women is a different matter.

>dressed in baby clothes

still better than leg hair ridden black cloaks I guess.

No. 261060

Kek don't forget the soap scum in the clothes. They make a great combo with leg hairs.

No. 261062

>cease and DECEASE
^ 2nd golden typo of the day! I'm gonna start a list LOL

No. 261063

Yes marge, please CEASE AND DECEASE

No. 261066

She's also said she will post more "PROOFS" there. But who knows, it was supposed to go live once before & the countdown just started again, so-

No. 261068

File: 1460930767593.png (93.24 KB, 341x376, 5f195a6f-5a2d-4ff6-ae50-1d16cd…)

a bit of gold from my fave crazy @sb_lee:
>your grammar is terrible

No. 261070

About 2-3 years. They fled once Mr. Han reported her for tax evasion after the hilarious Bodyline drama that we'll never know the true story about what really happened. Midge was leeching off of benefits and had the nerve to shit talk the country afterward about how they don't want to help its own citizens (lol bitch, you're not a Brit), how hard it was to find a job (she was a fucking PT, and talking about the high taxes (which she never paid). I hope she can never come back.

No. 261073


Margo is everything anon, she's been radiologist,hobo, personal trainer, artist, photographer, manager, optician, why wouldn't be her British?

No. 261075

Don't forget celebrity manager! If you need someone to soak up all of your money while starting wildly inappropriate comment wars who will password change and camp on all of your hard earned social media accounts after you inevitably fire her for being a loon, marge is your girl.

No. 261076

Margo wants to be everything she can't be. She's the manager of a tree right now probably. Her and that tree will be rich one day.

No. 261077

I thought that as well. And we know MorgueRot isn't above making sock puppets.

No. 261078

Venus learned at a very young age, without maggot involved, how to do online vids. It's probably not the only thing she learned by looking it up online. If she's a better cook than the maggot, it's thanks to the internet. The internet is a gift to those of us who grew up with an incompetent turd of a mother like maggot (small blogpost: I had to look up how to blow out my hair, my retard mother doesn't know, she doesn't even know how to braid hair).

Everything Venus does, from making that bento box to decorating her room to running away from home is things she's had to research and figure out for herself, because maggot is as much "help & support" as you'd expect a lunatic river monster parasite to be. Venus is self-taught in pretty much everything. Sure, she's awkward and will be wrong about some things, but for someone who's only 19, she's doing pretty well.

No. 261080

*why wouldn't she be British?

sorry I can't English today



No. 261081

I have two cousins who work as train conductors. They barely graduated high school, they don't hire fully qualified radiologists for that. I don't believe for a second that maggot actually has any qualifications, she probably worked in the office of a radiologist once and was asked to push a button now and then. She was fired within a week because she's crazy and a troublemaker.

No. 261082

I wonder if this is the maggot itself. It really sounds like the kind of crazy shot she believes.

No. 261083

I get the creeps from people who obsess with her virginity. She's married, she's obviously not going to talk about her sex life regardless of what they do or don't do because she's not that kind of lolcow and never will be, pls shut the fuck up, weirdos. Typical that it's a maggot fan.

No. 261084

The grammar is too good. The account has no posts and the last name is totally made up (zero Google hits). It's either a stan with a second account or a troll enjoying the dramu. There are a bunch of weeby edgelord 12-14 year olds who like to swarm into this particular drama every couple weeks or so.

No. 261085


funny how they "forget" how margo let underage venus go alone to japan and BL creepos were hitting on her all the time? so much for a protective selfless mother

No. 261086

Lol wtf are these lunatic writings? Margo fans are batshit

No. 261087

Margo, it's almost 8 am on a Monday. I thought you did not need to put yourself an alarm clock to wake up at 6? Especially while couch surfing. Get your lazy ass out of bed and entertain us.

No. 261088

* off the couch, sorry. No beds for midge unless she's selling that old lady ass.

No. 261091

this person actually seems hot for Margo. I've seen prior comments but haven't capped them.

No. 261092

File: 1460935309744.jpg (51.75 KB, 660x432, noticemesenpai515.jpg)

here's that 15 (?) year old who knows the whole fam again. these are from Venus' Yokohama pic.

No. 261095

This kid makes zero sense in all of her comments.

No. 261099

Kids are so weird…why do they make up stuff like this

No. 261102

My guess is this one is lonely and sad, and makes up stories in the hopes that someone will like them and be interested in what they say. Low self esteem combined with neglect can lead to kids like this making up extraordinary things in the hopes that by exaggerating things, they'll at least get some of the attention and care they need.

Or they're just a trolly little edgelord who likes to poke the hive with a stick.

No. 261103

Yes. I used to engage in a little fictionalising for these very reasons when I was a child.

No. 261108

File: 1460943493040.jpg (15.04 KB, 283x137, Margo - i did good mistress.JP…)

Mags is up, and one of her loyal officers informs her mistress that she was a very good dog who fought ass the internets while Maggot slept it off.

No. 261109

* fought all, but Margo is an ass so maybe my brain did it on purpose

No. 261111

oh the cringe. Aves satanas master!

No. 261112

It's always the guys thirsty to get into maggot's good graces to get to Venus that white knight the hardest. It's disgusting.

No. 261113

these crazy-ass commenters on both V & maggrot's IGs are a trip.

So the hobolizard slithers onto IG. Wassup maggs? What's your plan? Share plz

No. 261121

File: 1460949076773.jpg (82.8 KB, 924x549, Margo - omg the river.JPG)

She's goint to the river, guys

No. 261123


Also: is this one of her old photos, or has her crazy train moved from Fukushima back to Gifu? If so, I guess she needed another pit stop in Nagoya for some reason.

No. 261125

Under What pic is this convo? Its hilarious. LoL

No. 261126

It's under Venus's pic of her & Manaki, lol. I love @sb_lee.

NJM's there too, still creeping on Venus. Pretending to be a fangelic with all the emojis. These loony commenters are almost worthy of their own lolcow thread.

No. 261128

Who the fuck knows with this nut anymore. My guess is she's been couchsurfing around Tokyo since her budget railpass ran out because where else would she stay? She's broke and butthurt that she's losing the #DestroyVenus propaganda war and the video she worked so hard on and thought would be such a hit bombed. She's doling out pics from her stash trying to keep up the pretense that she's on a leisurely sightseeing trip in rural Japan, enjoying the #beautiful #nature.

Someone please ask her what her plans are when her visa runs out in 3 weeks?

No. 261129

This is not the first time she's consciously used a stash of pics either. She did the same when Venus ran.

No. 261130

oh yeah, i wouldn't mind a NJM thread, i'd like to see more content from her outside of venus/margo shit, like just NJM commenting on some other random stuff

…now i wonder, if we have anas and fakeboi aggregated threads, could we also have one for general comment crazies? we could put there that schizo chris dude under some of dakota's pictures

No. 261132

Correction: 2.5 weeks

No. 261133

I can't wait. I'm so excited to see how much batshit insane she can get from here until May 6th. Will she be on the run from immigration while still chirping out about how her living ATM ran away from her? Will she make a video about being homeless in Japan? Really though. There aren't many videos about that so I do wonder lol

No. 261134

NJM thread would be good. She obviously has an interesting history, and hopefully she'd turn up too.

No. 261135

Question is… Would she be classified as a lolcow or a snowflake?

No. 261136

I'd say start in /snow and see if there's enough material (that hasn't already been mentioned here) for it to be moved to /pt.

No. 261137

May 6 is just the start, I wanna see what she pulls after that. She's a fucking goldmine and she won't gtfo SM unless she's incarcerated or hospitalized in a mental ward b/c she's a flaming narcissist and totally 100% ADDICTED to attention.

No. 261140

Does she even have money to get back to Europe? Maybe she'll just be a hobo in Japan until immigration catches her and sends her back.

No. 261142

/snow/ is the place for new threads if you want them to survive and not be moved.

No. 261143

hell no. she wasn't planning to go back anytime in the near future. she'll have to beg the embassy. my hope is for incarceration before that, but she's being sneaky now and not telling us where she is.

No. 261144

She did SAY she wants to go back to the EU (although that's a pretty broad destination) but only after she… something something. She wants to "finish up her old life" first, which, again, is a pretty broad goal.

No. 261145

want me to cook up a NJM thread in /snow/ then?

No. 261148

late to the party, but is the bitch seriously whining she saw communism in attempt to gain sympathy of the western kids? I'm from Russia myself, and even though I'm too young to remember anything about it myself, I've never met anyone old enough to witness it whining about how horrible it was. She's literally the first one who whines about it like it is a big fucking deal & she's been through hell and survived, while it was just a goddman regime, it was different from democracy, but not ~evil~ at all, ffs. But maybe communism in Hungary was somehow different? (which I doubt)

No. 261150


Since the 1960s, communism became more liberal and less harmful to the people in Hungary

I dont know Magro birthdate but I doubt she lived the Hungarian revolution of 1956, or at least is able to remember it

No. 261153

She's 41, so birthdate mid 70s
LOL Hungary in the 70s-80s, not exactly Communist Russia pre-Revolution. fucking margooo

No. 261154

I just found it funny that she tried to make it sound as if her living in a communist regime was also cause for her friends' deaths but I'm pretty fuckin sure she never saw anyone die for political reasons lol this bitch

No. 261157

Communist-upbringing fag here. Don't ask.

Pre-Revolution is the time in Russia before communism. After the revolution there was communism and the USSR.

Hungary voluntarily ended communism in '89. Life was not super fantastic in these countries under communism, people were much poorer for example. But they were told the opposite.

Anyway Margo's telling the truth but also exaggerating its effect on her. She got to study in Switzerland after all.

No. 261158

Considering Magoo's tendency to exaggerate things to extreme, I actually thought her neighbor who was a political extremist or sort of poisoned her dog when she was a kid.

No. 261159


Yeah, that's what I'm saying, the 80s and then Perestroika were pretty fucking far from spring break (should I mention literally empty grocery stores all over the country and vouchers for food?), however I've never met anyone baw'ing "I've seen communism and survived" like Maggot does. Most people i met were like "there were tough times, but there also were good times" etc. Most people I met were like "it just had a place, no big deal", and that's what I'm trying to say: no big fucking deal. Nobody ever baw'ed and acted like a victim of the evil communist regime. It really depends on a person. Mag is just being a huge NPD drama queen, making herself a victim of everything and hearing her baw'ing about communism is fucking ridiculous. Grow the fuck up, Marge

No. 261160

Poor Margs.
She had to endure communism and her Jesus cult family.

No. 261162

The whole song is such a mess, from the communism stuff, the dead friends, to the generic insults she selected out.

No. 261175

tbh I think the song was more a lame attempt at creating a meme song than anything else.

No. 261176

Venus' stuff is now on sale on Margo's revenge site.

No. 261177

No. 261178

That's not Venus stuff, she's just trying scalping people with overpriced vocaloid figurines; You can find the same for 10$ cheaper at amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Sega-Hatsune-Project-Arcade-Future/dp/B013N23D6Y
And they are probably even cheaper in japan.

No. 261179

File: 1460974351189.png (149.84 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160418-055222.png)


She has an email address for FANGELICS to submit questions, video suggestions and FANART to. To Margaret Palermo, who has publicly disowned and tried destroy Venus.

She's now trying to ca$h in on Venus's name??

I- I'm… speechless.

No. 261180

File: 1460974521627.jpeg (178.83 KB, 750x1122, image.jpeg)

She's a web designer too now! Ie: she picked some colors on a pre-packaged site.

No. 261181

Also an email address where SHE, Margaret Palermo, can be contacted for "interviews, invitations and usage of her intellectual property."

No. 261182

File: 1460974677651.jpeg (274.47 KB, 750x1163, image.jpeg)

She created a brand, anon! Duh.

No. 261183

What the hell is that almost-p0rny sleazy-ass image she's using to cash in on VA's name??

No. 261184

Of course it had to be some skeezy half-assed scam to make a quick buck. I don't even know why I'm surprised by anything this fucking bottomfeeder does.

UGH I feel dirty just looking at this shit.

No. 261185

she looks depressed af

No. 261186


Now she 'runs' the fan club… that's sick. What does she want with fanart?

I don't think fullscreen is going to be to happy with margo's 'management' contact. I mean what the fuck is she going to do, book Venus for something?

Lunatic confirmed.

No. 261187

Oh and what fucking lies "currently located in Seoul".

Currently sleeping on a couch in Tokyo, more like.

No. 261188

To fucking sell it, what do you think?

No. 261189

File: 1460976476893.jpeg (152.25 KB, 750x1207, image.jpeg)

She clearly copy and pasted all the store policies. What a moron.

No. 261190

Yes maggott, YESSS! Come through!!
LOL this is why she's been so quiet…she's been a busy busy maggot working on her latest project.

…aand batshit margoo once again surpasses ALL expectations for sheer WTFery **SlowClap

No. 261191

I see you, rpdr fan ;)

No. 261193

Anyone have some choice Margendo fanart to submit?

No. 261194

kek, the fail

No. 261195

File: 1460980595780.jpg (65.64 KB, 500x483, tumblr_m89aawODTN1ru0vy2.jpg)

No. 261196

File: 1460980760023.jpg (277.46 KB, 800x620, tumblr_m3a3jahdgu1rul2mio1_128…)

No. 261197

File: 1460980871453.png (501.28 KB, 1024x946, 1455092958220.png)

No. 261198

Are we expected to believe that Margs has been hauling these figurines across Japan with her? Take into account that and the weights… Its no wonder she didnt change her clothes, she didnt have any.

No. 261199

File: 1460981365330.png (273.45 KB, 999x351, tumblr_m3bxkrh0ON1rul2mio1_128…)

No. 261200

How the fuck is she located in California?

No. 261201

Through the magic of copy pasting seller information without reading and editing.

No. 261202

It's located in a river.

Can't wait to see how she's gonna screw this sup even more than she already has.

No. 261203

This is the weakest shop I've ever seen. It's just a bunch of figurines. If this is what Margo wasted her time on well damn that's sad.

No. 261204

Anyone remember what her paypal is? If we report her for selling pornographic figurines (relative, I know), she'll lose it.

No. 261205

SHE tricked a guy into knocking her up and SHE crapped out Venus, therefore whatever Venus does is HER intellectual property

No. 261206

Does anyone have any pics/posts of Venus ever owning these figurine?

I'm having a bit of trouble picturing Venus owning them but I'm having more trouble picturing Margs buying stuff to sell (coz she is broke).

No. 261207

kek report her for copyright infringement

No. 261208

She's updated the 'To Know' page and got rid of the CA stuff. The contact page still says Seoul while all the product pages say Japan Post.

She's slowly adding more products. Good old Margo, announcing the site before she'd even finished it.

No. 261209

I havent seen "To Know" used that way before.

No. 261210

She probably found a box that fell off the back of a truck. Or she killed her airbnb host because she couldn't pay them, and is selling off their collection.

I mean, I am absolutely sure they aren't venus' stuff, they weren't in the suitcase when maggot came to Japan because she's not Doraemon, but they must have come from somewhere.

I'll take "STOLEN" for $500, Alex.

Someone link this on twitter, hashtag フィグア泥棒 hashtag 盗品 hashtag 警察に通報 hashtag 殺人事件の可能性あり

No. 261211

Yep. In her emoji video they were all behind her. But I thought that they were manakis toys… God, margot ist creepx

No. 261213

How did she get her greedy kappa hands on them?

No. 261214

No. 261215

File: 1460984233115.jpeg (168.67 KB, 750x724, image.jpeg)

Which friend is this? The Airbnb host?
Also I haven't seen Margo apologise before.

No. 261218

the link does not work for me

No. 261220


She asked for Satan's help.

No. 261221

She's going to sell that shit, run with the money, and blame Venus.

>it's her site it has her name on it stupid buyers beware of veenoos, she is the biggest cuberbully larger than 4chan

>now I feast at denny's with your money!

See if she doesn't. I'll bet dollars to parfaits.

No. 261222

Doesn't work as I'm not on mobile, but I've reported her to paypal for: using the hacked paypal account called "YouTube VenusAngelic", selling stolen goods, and selling pornographic figurines of underage girls.

No. 261224

This is going too far. Wish Venus would sue her ass. I think we should report her to Paypal at the very least.

No. 261225

Dollars to parfaits is my new favorite saying.

No. 261226

The more of us report her, the better.

No. 261228

I gotta admit really enjoy watching retards fighting on Margo's comments. This chick arguing that the other retard is definitely Margo and then saying 'I WASN'T TALKING ABOUT U winkemoji lmao #peace #love" thinks she's so funny and smart. Even if the other account is Margo (the sentence structures don't sound like her), she just sounds like an idiot.

Sage because OT but these kids do give some basic milk too.

No. 261231

I bet she stole the figurines from the mangakissa

No. 261234

I want to buy the things and then send them back to venus tbh

No. 261236

She probably doesn't want them, they're stained with maggot cooties. Just keep reporting her to paypal.

No. 261239

not a good idea imo because it would directly support the maggot and she will continue to leach the "VA label" even more. Venus might loose a few things from her past life but that's just a small sacrifice for the freedom she gained.

No. 261240

I totally can see that

>I'M WITH MY FRIENDS ENJOYIN DHOSE FARFAITS DONT FUCK WITH ME VENOOS I SOLD YOUR THINGS TEHEE~ #travelcheap #japantrip #meetingfriends #overcominabusiverelationships #vengeancebestservedcold #manakiisapedobtw

No. 261242

it's a ms paint collage away from being the kaka's revenge site dedicated to Danny

No. 261251

File: 1460994642368.jpg (179.9 KB, 1279x922, dfsdfsf.jpg)

What the fucking FUCK??
This is VENUS' shit. Is this even fucking legal? HOLY SHIT I'M MAD THIS ROTTEN, EVIL CUNT

No. 261252

No. 261253

That's fucked up. Can she be reported?

No. 261254

I'm half expecting underwear to show up in this and I'm like "…please no. That's nasty."

No. 261255

How is it taking her so long to add things? I wonder if she's back at the Airbnb and taking photos or if they're old, stored images? So many questions.

No. 261259


where is the tabasco sauce??!

No. 261262

Shit, I'd pay big bucks for that valuable possession.

No. 261263


Love how you can get almost all of these figurines for 300yen in an ufo catcher and she's selling them for 50$ kek

No. 261264

This might be all fun and games to you now margo, and to be fair your broke cunt probably needs that money real bad, but wait 5, 10 years. Venus won't let you see your grandkids, she will never talk to you like she did before. You're shattering your relationship with your daughter. And that will be the lulziest milk.

No. 261265

File: 1460996481547.jpg (211.04 KB, 966x378, 2016-04-18 18.20.16.jpg)

Sorry for potato quality.
Why would a grown ass woman buy this shit? Not even I would buy that.

Look behind venus. It could be that her mother bought them but we cant know

No. 261266

25 dollars for shipping? Is that right? Margot wrote that.

No. 261267

I'd assume that Margo made Venus go over to a figure thrift shop and buy whatever boxes were 'kawaii' cause tbh the figures are all more Margo's speed especially if you compare it to her personal fashion sense >>260669

No. 261269

I believe manaki gave some figurines to venus as a gift because she had a collection of them? Correct me if I'm wrong. She has a lot more than what margo posted so far tho, a lot of them can be seen in some of her videos

No. 261271

Eh, I'm 28 and I'd buy stuff like that if I had room. I am also a massive weeb, sooo

No. 261272

I just want to know how is she going to ship these items? Are these the items she brought with her to Japan or are they still in her storage in Korea and she just had a "friend" take pictures for her of them? This bitch is couch surfing and in a few weeks she won't even be able to stay in Japan anymore, so how is an illegal immigrant going to run an online "store"?!

No. 261273

She updated everything to say it's shipping from Japan. On Instagram she says it's stored at her 'friend's place'. I think they're probably all at that Airbnb place, but lord knows how she's actually going to get them shipped out.

No. 261274

Is it possible that mags gets sued of FullScreen since she is using the "brand name" of them? I don't think they are happy about that. But at this point we know that maggot is broke af.

No. 261276

How much money do you think I could get if I sold my fangelics tumblr blog to margaret?

Implying she has money

No. 261277

Yeah the actual shipping thing is what I'm not sure about. If she has to go somewhere else/ ends up having to gtfo of Japan, what then? This seems so suspicious

No. 261279

kek at this crazy asshole jacking up the prices on junk and banking on the fact that someone will pau premium because weenoos owned it at one point. As if there is value in that.

No. 261280


Honestly Anon if you want to be decent just give the domain to Venus or hold onto it yourself so that Margoyle can't get her stinking claws in it.

No. 261281

You're talking about a hobo who thinks she's above any country's laws. She's already dug herself a hole by being a tax dodger, she doesn't give a shit about getting collared for anything else. That's exactly why I think she's capable of physically harming or even killing Venus and Manaki and anyone else who gets in her way.

No. 261284


Part of me is frightened that something like that could happen to Venus and Manaki.

I can legitimately see waking up tomorrow and finding lolcow going completely fucking batshit because it being all over the news that a "Margaret Palermo, Hungarian national of no fixed address, broke into an apartment believed to be the address of her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend, where she proceeded to stab the couple to death. Police have recorded that the young couple suffered 64 stab wounds between them, one of which was so forceful the knife handle broke off whilst inside her daughter's body".

Maggot needs a fucking section 3.

No. 261285


margo ended eating it

No. 261286


because margo's brand aka weenus owned them, that's why anon~

No. 261288

New to this drama. How did Venus meet her husband and get married if her mother was such a controlling bitch?

No. 261289

File: 1460999607271.jpeg (868.22 KB, 640x1672, image.jpeg)

Lol. I hate her and her stans

That bitch kalpana desu or whatever is all over v and manakis Instagram. She got upset because a girl was using google translate to give manaki and Venus some encouragement and cried like a bitch because she's been spending ~years~ learning languages. She's a big fucking weeabo too kek

No. 261292


online shops are taxable in Japan? it is even legal for tourists to have this kind of business there? I hope so, so this bitch can have more stains on her record

No. 261293

just looking at the shop she doesn't have much on there. Even if she sold everything she would make less than 1000 bucks. LoL its all crap Venus doesn't want anyway. It isnt like Marge is getting rich or anything. Haha! This is amazing.

No. 261294

She's broke more than anything. For maggot selling this leftover junk its not only gonna give her some Denny's money or money for a place but also as vengeance towards v. Still as a control method.

No. 261295

People always say these kinds of things but the government really isn't going to care about tiny shops like this.

Still a hell of a lot more than she has right now! I can't wait for an idiot to buy a figure and for Margo to waste the money on Denny's.

No. 261297

The little wins eh?

No. 261298

Agree. She will spend it on parfait and maybe a night or two somewhere to sleep. And then eventually have nothing left of Venus to sell. Theres only 9 things in that shop right now.

No. 261304


Manaki was a former fan of Venus and they meet at disney wold iirc. Margendo saw a free meal ticket opportunity and came up with the marriage idea, but she couldn't get a visa and her dreams of being a leech got crushed (official version is that Venus suddenly decided to not continue the marriage paperwork, but we all know that's not true).
The couple stayed in contact though and Manaki later went to Korea to pick her up and return to Japan.

No. 261306

I'm actually happy that Margoyle has stooped this low because for every single slight she only serves to further sever whatever ties remained to Venus. Hopefully Venus will never forgive her.

No. 261310

File: 1461002221755.jpg (122.13 KB, 600x450, barbie-varias.jpg)


oh wow, train conductor, personal trainer, optometrist, radiologist and now certified nutritionist? someone took barbie doll ads too seriously

No. 261312

It's stuff she left at a friend's in Seoul. I doubt the figurines are venus's, but mags does have a bunch of venus's clothes that she couldn't carry with her. You know, the ones she said she brought to japan. But are now stored with a friend.

No. 261313

She probably needs the money for a flight back to wherever she's going next, to be honest. She could have made more money selling this stuff anonymously through eBay or something rather than flamboyantly advertising it as Venus' belongings. Especially doing it through this domain, Margot is putting herself at risk for even more legal trouble.

No. 261317

If margo is claiming to still be able to book venus she is going to be in a world of shit with fullscreen. I just check and the only pages up now are the shop, the shipping and the "legal" section. Which is the most content filled of any page and where she claims to be not responsible for anything on the website, but also clams she owns the copyright to venus angelic.

No. 261318

Who the hell is going to buy that stuff? Assuming she does have the items, she'd probably be one of those sellers that say they ship withing a short time frame but really they take months to ship it out if at all.

No. 261320

It's because she's thinking delusionally and not logically

In margo's mind this is just part of what she's 'owed', a lawsuit would be unjust 'bullying'

No. 261324

haha the maggitt just now bid her fans goodnight, says she'll fix the shipping stuff in 5 hrs. It's 3am there. The magg is v v excited abt her new venture!

I see many possibilities here for the magg: how bout a shop selling VA kawaii sex toys? Pink dildoes, naked VA figurines, VA blowup dolls, all pink & white with glitter. P0rny VA fanart. Some of margg's fans consider themselves Artists (v v dark & 3dgy ofc) and don't forget Marge is an Artist as well, with pieces hanging in shops! customers could order customized pieces made to order. BOOM! big payday for the magg.

A naughty VA lingerie shop, like Frederick's of Hollywood but all pink & frilly & kawaii. Or videos, why not? Naughty kawaii girls doing naughty kawaii things, huge market there!

SO much potential, the mind boggles. It'll be Denny's parfaits EVERY DAY for the maggrut, bitches!

No. 261326


calm down njm

No. 261327

And MENSA member.

No. 261328

Sadly (or hilariously) anon, I think maggrut is talking about people booking HER for interviews. Wonder what her speaking fees will be? Someone please ask her this, in 4 hours when she wakes up. KEKKK

No. 261329

not njm, lol
It's just the obvious direction for her to go, don't you think? In her twisted maggotbrain that is.

No. 261331

Exactly. Margaret is not some lowly anonymous ebay seller, she is Margaret Palermo, Celebrity Manager.

No. 261332

I am still waiting for that tape with her daughter though it would be a hit in Japan I think and both of them would profit

No. 261336

$$ for marge, plus a fun opportunity to humiliate Venoos? Win/win!

No. 261344

I feel bad for laughing at this… but HAHA.

No. 261358

So does the maggster have owning the domain named VenusAngelic.com confused with having a copyright on all content on the VA youtube channel? I really wonder if she understands the difference, lol

poor maggs. I see a cease & desist letter in her future for soliciting $$ under the VA name (as she is no longer entitled to such or connected to VA in any legal sense.) Cause Fullscreen is part of the dark plan against her y'know

No. 261359

File: 1461011678802.png (802.68 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160418-155500.png)

Give it up for marge guys. Look at this amaazingg website she designed!

8 figurines and one wrinkled used sweater. And she thinks people will pay her for interviews & invite her to..things. I mean I was mad at first but now I'm just lmaoooo

No. 261361


for me it starts to look more and more depressed and hopeless for this person. kinda tragic.

No. 261363

I agree; she does think because she set up VenusAngelic.com - for her underaged child, whom she used to manage but no longer does - that she owns the copyright to the brand. She's already had a cease and desist from Fullscreen for her copyright claims; she has interpreted it as "blackmail".

The whole "contact" section is gone now (the thing that offered interviews, said she lives in Seoul, had emails from "management@venusangelic.com", etc). All that's left is the store and a section called "legal" in which she claims not to be responsible for a single thing on the site, but also claims the VA copyright.

No. 261364


She really is that broke then. KEK karma's a bitch. She should give up while she's ahead.

No. 261365


didn't she had more stuff? She made a post on Insta about some other stuff like the Skull Dress and stuff. Where is it?

No. 261367


Maybe they actually got sold…someone incredibly stupid gave her money. Or a blind fan thought that Venus still owns that site and couldn't believe their luck when some of her cute clothes went on sale.

No. 261368

Oops, I see she took down all the stuff about the fan club, business & press inquiries and subscribing to her newsletter(lolmarg)

Did *someone contact her to point out this was illegal?

Also the very long & detailed rules & procedures for returning damaged/defective items has been replaced with a simple "No returns or exchanges."

No. 261369

File: 1461013328874.png (126.2 KB, 640x906, 4da8e8e3-2f24-446f-b7e6-d1d012…)

All gone!

No. 261370

File: 1461013394350.png (122.49 KB, 1186x446, Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 1.45…)

Here's her "legal" section. The terms and conditions section is far too massive to make screenshots of; I have no idea where the fuck she dug it up, but it pertains to some type of message board where the site gets to track and keep and publish any info submitted to the site (which can't be done on a sale site - so which posting board did she steal this from?)

No. 261371

No. 261372

I wonder what she thinks an actual manager would be paid. My s/o is a working signed model in the US and they sign over 15% of all their earning to the big name model management company. Marge is not a big name and she would be dealing with scant amounts of money. She honestly sounds like she wants a pimp/ho situation where someone works for her and takes all the money.

No. 261373

File: 1461013682626.png (241.39 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160418-164047.png)

There's also this:

an email to send copyright infringement claims to (DMCA) aka: what maggs did to Venus's YT channel

No. 261374

File: 1461013840349.png (448.89 KB, 1903x4437, Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 17.0…)

No. 261375

File: 1461013848635.png (18.96 KB, 307x86, Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.08…)

Maggot back in Tokyo confirmed

No. 261376

Everything she did the Venus was almost exactly like what human trafficers do, minus the sex. The abuse, the constant moving, the controlling, the not letting her socialize and form relationships with outsiders, the promoting (pimping LBR), and then the taking of all earnings.

No. 261377


OMG she stole this from Eat Your Kimchi!!
Simon Stawski is Simon of Simon and Martina.

Margo wants you to contact Simon is you have any DMCA complaints against Margo.

No. 261379

File: 1461014175961.png (485.22 KB, 1334x604, Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.14…)

Stolen terms of use from eat your kimchi

Margo stole the legal verbage that EYK paid for.

No. 261380

No. 261381

File: 1461014198414.png (360.02 KB, 1351x622, Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.15…)

Stolen verbage 2 (you get the point)

No. 261382


So do we tell Simon and Martina that Margo stole a bunch of content from their site?

No. 261383

I am basically funnelling popcorn into my face. Has anyone attempted contacting them yet?? Margo is gonna get her ass in jail and/or kicked out of Japan forever at this rate it is goooooood

No. 261384


Here's their contact page; I'm buried in homework but I can try to make time later today to let them know margo heisted the legal language they paid for. If anyone else can do it now, just make sure to archive VA.com and / or get screnshots. And be sure to tell them it's NOT Venus and that Venus isn't involved in any way! (it'll be super confusing to anyone who doesn't know the story, since Margo is doing this on a site with her daughters name on it)


No. 261385

File: 1461015083999.png (73.31 KB, 640x295, 0d7016c3-6643-4017-b11f-7a6ade…)


THAT Simon? She really did that???
I'm dyinggg over here

The EYK guy is her Designated Agent for Copyright Infringement. Only there's no link to his email address since maggroo just c&p'd the whole page.


No. 261386

hmmmm if we buy the cheapest thing on here do you think the next picture marg will post on her insta will be food? probably.

No. 261387


Don't give that bitch money. Let her starve. And let her rip off her stans; you think she's actually together enough to handle sales stuff? That she's even in physical possession of those things?

If you're bored and want to meddle, report Margo's theft from EYK to Simon. Lolcows colliding is way more hilarious that Margo eating parfaits.

No. 261388

REPORT THIS BITCH. You can be an agent of karma.

No. 261392

She i ncreased the cost of tbhe sweater up to $20 (its now 59.90) while lowering everything else by just a couple of a dollars.

No. 261393

File: 1461016134467.jpg (64.95 KB, 600x401, 87600537.jpg)

Make it simp!e: email him & say Margaret Palermo has designated him as her Agent of Copyright Infringement and you are reporting her website. Include a link to her page.


No. 261395

here's the link: http://venusangelic.com/disclaimer-privacypolicy-termsconditions

be sure to specify you must click the tab marked "terms and conditions" to see where he is the Designated Agent.


No. 261397


His name is referenced on VA but there's no email ink. Go to the contact page on Eat Your Kimchi and tell Simon that he's the point person for issues with VA.com, and that you had to google his email address because his email link isn't working on VA.com.

No. 261398

Sorry if this has been posted before but holy shit, it's terrifying.

No. 261399

File: 1461016982381.png (78.42 KB, 310x537, Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 3.02…)

Margo's up after several hours of sleep; she's deleting comments so it looks like chu_face is just talking to herself (speaking of, does that stan ever sleep??)

No. 261401


Buy what on itunes?? There's no sound! And that same video is up for free on youtube. Margo is a weird ass bitch.

No. 261402

anyone email him yet? report back pls

No. 261411

Someone should plant the idea in her head to write an e-book

No. 261412

What in the hell is this?

Have her do that and see if she'll try to make a low low low low budget documentary as well.

No. 261413

I feel like if the universe was just and true, Onison would be Margles son. Two retarded edgelords who refuse to grow up.

No. 261415

File: 1461019189740.jpg (12.07 KB, 431x352, My sides are in orbit _abe69e3…)

goddammit margo
is there something you can't fuck up?

No. 261417


looks like those screamer sites

No. 261421


It is good to use the personal inquiry fields? or business inquiry fields?

No. 261423


I'd say business, since someone has stolen from them. It's also more likely to be seen faster.

No. 261427

Could possibly let Eat Your Kimchi know on Twitter as well. They're pretty active on there and keep in contact with their followers. Oh to see Margo fucked over would be beautiful…

No. 261428

100% the product of any wannabe dance major at a small liberal arts college

No. 261429

currently making a disposable mail

so, lets contact him via twitter or email?

No. 261430


Email, I'd say. Twitter if he doesn't answer the email. Email is more professional.

No. 261432

ok, to change the email address then, I put something silly

No. 261437

I really couldn't be bothered making a new email address on my phone so thank you for taking the reigns. Please come back with any milk! This could be damn creamy.

No. 261441

No problem anon

What I should wrote anyways? just a plain and direct report of margo's copypaste? Like hey there margaret palermo stole your legal section and a link?

Probably EYK are already aware of Venus not being able to access the website so I don't think there's need to clarify it

what do you think fellow farmers?

No. 261443


"Hi Simon,

I wanted to let you and Martina know that a woman named Margaret Palermo has copied large amounts of text from your website, and is using it on the website VenusAngelic.com (your name is listed in one of the contact sections, which is how I noticed.) I thought you'd want to be made aware of this.

Just a heads up: Margaret Palermo is camping on the VenusAngelic website and if the person who used your content. She's Venus's mother and former manager, and no longer works for Venus in any capacity (long story.) But I wanted to make it clear that Margaret has copied your content, and that your fellow YouTuber is not involved - Margaret relaunched the website yesterday with an announcement on her instagram. There should be a way for you to contact her privately via venusangelic.com.

(offer screenshots / archived link if necessary)


No. 261445

I just wrote:

Hello Simon,

You are named as the Designated Agent for copyright infringement claims on Margaret Palermo's website VenusAngelic.com.


(your name appears as Designated Agent under the " terms & conditions" tab)

I would like to report to you, as designated agent, that Margaret Palermo has no right to sell & promote merchandise under the VA name as she is no longer connected to VA.

Thank you,

No. 261446


You did awesome.

No. 261447

I like it, nicely done. Where the parenthesis are, provide the URL to the page but say you have screenshots you can send if the link isn't working.

No. 261448

Ah ignore me, your message looks great. Rubs hands together this gon' be good.

No. 261449

If you want to be formal, try something to the effect of:

"[Insert greeting],

My name is [____] (← optional) and I would like to inform you that an individual by the name of Margaret Palermo has directly plagiarized your Terms of Service from your website for her own purposes on the domain venusangelic.com, and additionally has currently listed Simon Stawski as the designated agent for copyright infringement claims. Margaret is the mother and former manager of youtuber Venus Palermo, also known as Venus Angelic, however she has been formally terminated in her position as Venus's manager, and thus her misconduct does not and should not reflect in any way on Venus. I felt you should be notified of this so you may proceed as best suits you.

Thank you for your time,
[Insert name]"

No. 261450


You guys are amazing

I'm sending >>261449 with additions of the others anon's letters

No. 261454

File: 1461024076176.png (407.21 KB, 1366x653, screenshot-www.eatyourkimchi.c…)


No. 261456

File: 1461024438244.png (244.2 KB, 395x382, Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 5.06…)

No. 261457

I have a feeling they will ignore the message as they likely wont give a crap about a crazy hungarian mum

No. 261458

File: 1461024806844.png (68.13 KB, 985x464, screenshot-www.yopmail.com 201…)


No. 261460

No. 261461


Unlikely really considering all the shit going down with Youtube to do with Venus's channel. Why would they want to be associated with someone who's this destructive and has no clue about copyright and all that legal shit?

No. 261462

Haha "Pretty fucking crazy" is an understatement for the things Margo does.

No. 261463


Today will be a wonderful day.

No. 261464


Oh, the milk is going to be rich, fresh, and sweet, guys.

No. 261466

Simon and Martina know who Venus Angelic and her crazy mom are. I can't remember where it was said, but they turned down Margo's offer to collab with them or something. Because they knew that something was off with the drama surrounding Venus and Margendo. Probably back when they were in Korea. Makes sense they'd care because they have an idea of the craziness already.

No. 261467

This gave me a joy boner.

No. 261469

Are they going to sue her? I mean i hope they will sue her but they will likely ask her to remove it and not much will be done
>inb4 marge gets sued
Y-yeah that would be great tbh

No. 261470

Damn, now I wish one of Margo's asskissers hadn't warned her about the copy and pasted. 'To Know' page including the part about being based in California, we could have reported her for that too. Oh well.

No. 261471

I'm hoping this milk will make the return of Venus's channel arrive more swiftly. Her mother is fucking tapped and Youtube should by now see that shit after this.

No. 261472


I'm sure they'll just ask her to remove his name and their content from the site first. If she refuses, they'll get their own management involved. But I doubt she refuses, she'll either copy the content from another site, or just delete those pages like she did the others.

No. 261478

That was quick!! Gonna be a good night.

No. 261489

Not a peep from the marglob yet.
She doesn't get online at 6am like she used to.
My guess: no free internet access wherever she's couchsurfing these days so she has to get up & slog her way to the nearest starbucks/internet cafe/whatever to get online..

No. 261491

She was also up past 3 am her time commenting on instagram and changing the website.

No. 261494

File: 1461028471727.gif (44.19 KB, 480x320, Zx5tOu4.gif)

Its happening

No. 261495

There's also the factor that maggot is so racist she never thought Weenoos would actually fall for him. She thought they could play it up as a mock relationship for laughs, youtube views, and $$$, but then Venus messes up maggot's perfect life by actually falling for the guy. Probably when she realized a random fan and so-called combination of 'stalker pedo' according to maggot, treats her a million times better than her mother dearest/very own Gothel.

No. 261497

File: 1461028847532.gif (492.98 KB, 500x275, swarovskis.gif)

She's probably going to be tie Manaki and Venus up and electrocute them while screaming about how her parents never got her ballerina barbie.

No. 261499



No. 261500

You left out WEB DESIGNER.

No. 261501

File: 1461029254771.jpg (4.41 KB, 249x203, images.jpg)

If he says something so Margo omg i bet she'll be apeshit angry.

No. 261502

No. 261503

I don't there'll be any fireworks about this, guys. maggrooo will just delete Simon's name from the site when she gets his email and that will be it.

Our cow will still provide plenty of keks though, never fear. I want to see what else she puts up for sale.

No. 261505


until now,we just wait.

Anyone knows if EYK is signed to Fullscreen? if so, they probably will let they know

No. 261511

It kinda looks like Simon handles the EYK management/content stuff on his own but this might not be correct.

No. 261514

File: 1461032158663.png (23.79 KB, 328x151, Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 7.15…)


Is Breaker Inc Simon and Martina's business name, or is it their management?

No. 261515

No. 261516

Its not just his name, the entire section is copy and pasted from their ToS which they paid to get written up by their own legal team. If she doesn't take it down then they could very well send her a cease and desist order.

No. 261517


Lol, I did right after I posted. It's their management company.

No. 261526

I'm pretty sure it's not illegal to copy/paste a TOS agreement. I mean, yeah, she screwed up because she didn't remove his name. But legal databases (like Westlaw) contain sample forms all the time that are slightly modified for individual clients. The main reason not to do it is because they're typically tailored for a the client's individual business model. Not because it's illegal…No one is going to sue Margo for the reasons discussed earlier (not worth the hassle, nearly impossible to serve her, she has no domicile/this is the internet which is a relatively new area of law so where da jurisdiction, etc.)

No. 261527

And she gets to complain about more blackmail. She's the victim of all the cyberbullies and Weenoos is behind it all!

No. 261528

It's just another embarrassing example of what a clueless dumbfuck margrob is, that's all.

No. 261529


The part they won't like is that EYK and / or their management paid lawyers to write that copy for them. It's plagiarism, and theft of their intellectual property. In addition, she's claiming Simon is an agent of her shady non-company. Even if she removes Simon's name, she still outright stole the copy.

No. 261530


Yep. I can see why EYK would be annoyed since they paid someone to make the agreement but I don't see what they can do besides bitch about it.

No. 261531


Margo isn't going to jail or anything, they'll just request she takes it down, and if she doesn't their management / lawyers will send requests for removal.

No. 261532

It's boilerplate language. It's not special.

No. 261533

Wenoos is the TOP CYBERBULLY on the internet.
Just look at how she is bullying margarot still, EVERY DAY.

No. 261534


Yet they had to pay someone to write it. You can't steal copy even if it's fairly standard stuff.

No. 261535

What EYK should do is contact the website host. The host is probably risk averse and not legally sophisticated.

No. 261538

File: 1461036962744.png (202.25 KB, 939x436, Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.34…)

Margo is selling this for $45 with economy shipping… meaning it's sent on a prayer and will take at least 6 weeks. I can get it for half price on Amazon within the week with free shipping.

No. 261539

File: 1461037050775.png (193.87 KB, 913x391, Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.37…)

She's selling this one for $54

No. 261540


"Venoos touched it so it's worth so much more!" I bet you anything that's why she marked it up.

No. 261541

File: 1461037225968.jpg (31.17 KB, 605x328, 111108_bill_clinton_605_ap.jpg)

>narcissists and sociopaths are often politicians and run successful companies because they are ruthless

Didn't Bill Clinton get accused of raping people?

No. 261542

Those are some surprisingly cheap figures. Aren't they usually like 100 dollars or something

No. 261543


Off topic, but yes, the vast majority of politicians are raging narcs. You think this dude lost one night of sleep over ruining an interns life? Not on your life. And I'm a huge fan of him as a politician / administrator of a country. But you have to think of them all as lizard people.

sage for off topic

No. 261544


Some limited edition / made of expensive materials ones can be. But all of the ones Mags posted are super cheap even in the states. The've got to be even less expensive in asia where shipping them is no big deal.

No. 261546

File: 1461037967391.png (33.61 KB, 308x174, Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.51…)

Margles! Trying to claim the prices are a "shipping problem". It wasn't a problem last night when you told everyone that a flat shipping fee of $25 was on each item.

No. 261556

Welp, Margo's been up for hours and Simon responded to our email in under 5 minutes before 9 am their time. I'm sure he or someone from their management company emailed her to ask that she take the content down, but nothing's changed. She's even been mysteriously absent from instagram excepting one comment about how she can't alter the shipping price. We know she's back in Tokyo, and she's couchsurfing.

What is she up to? Usually when she goes quiet, she's planning something.

No. 261578

File: 1461050399568.png (831.28 KB, 920x582, Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 12.1…)

More flowers, from her backlog of travel pics (she said yesterday that she's in Tokyo)

No. 261580

File: 1461050822109.jpg (68.3 KB, 614x164, 2016-04-19 09.26.10.jpg)

If she is good in arcade games then she just paid a couple yen for that shit

No. 261581

She lowered the prices of the figures, but she made a thing where you pay for shipping additionally by adding it to cart.

No. 261583

She deleted the ig pic. I am waiting for venusangelic.com to dissappear too

No. 261584

LOL Shipping is still $25 while the figurines are like $24.90 (how does she come up w/numbers like this?)
So people are supposed to pay more in shipping that the figure itself?? This lady is not right in the head.

The entire 'legal' section is now gone from the website too.

No. 261586

Ah, so she did get Simon's email! He had to have emailed her right away this morning and she waited allll day to delete their content. She must've been fuming, but she's not as brave when her target isn't her kid.

No. 261587

Also the product descriptions still say 'free shipping' but if you add one to your cart the shipping is $25.

lol poor marge. I'm starting to feel sad for her now.

No. 261608

>lol poor marge. I'm starting to feel sad for her now

Literally why.

No. 261613

File: 1461059723570.png (550.76 KB, 930x597, Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 10.5…)

She's lowered the prices drastically, to be fair, and added a 'Figure Shipping' product (and a new Insta post).

No. 261615

File: 1461059840247.png (473.07 KB, 925x596, Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 10.5…)

Plus all the scary fun of Snapchat. Sounds like she's bathing at least…

No. 261621

dosen't even cost that much with EMS shipping up to 1kg from japan…

No. 261622

Well at least she admits to looking like a monkey.

No. 261631

Nah. The monkey doesnt have a giant konk.

No. 261634

People who post these are usually horsing around with friends. Margo's just seems… sad. All she's got are her IG supporters and she doesn't even agree with half of them.

No. 261635

I've ordered stuff from Japan and that $25 is what I paid for a bunch of items, not one little figurine like what Margo has going on. She must really be trying to raise money to fly to wherever she's headed next.

No. 261636

She's got slightly over two weeks to raise some funds and get out of there. If she overstays she won't be just turning around and coming right back.

No. 261638


I'm praying she does overstay on her visa tbh.

No. 261641

The fucking hubris of cutting and pasting wholecloth a legal document, and not bothering even a cursory glance at it. There is so much work that goes into making a proper functioning site and business. She thinks she can just C&P her way to thriving. This woman is as entitled as she is a lunatic. Pls karma gods, get this witch.

No. 261645

Those are prize figures. Lower quality, come as prizes from arcade and lottery games. The expensive figures are scales.

No. 261647


>The entire 'legal' section is now gone from the website too.

It is still up, margo just deleted the link. You can access it from


No. 261649

File: 1461073117374.png (78.99 KB, 1349x690, screenshot-venusangelic.com 20…)

Also can access it using the search feature

>click "Copyright venusangelic.com" below "account" and "to know"

>This bring an 404 error page with a search bar
>Search "terms"
>voila, still up

lazy bitch deleted nothing

No. 261650

Her shopping website is a damn shame. What a hot mess of copy and paste.

No. 261653

Looks like she already sold a few figurines. Idiots.

No. 261668

File: 1461077454114.jpeg (436.62 KB, 701x959, image.jpeg)

Now she's claiming some stuff was hers not just Vs stuff she's selling. Also, I bet she'll delete the last comment asking for fullscreen kek

No. 261673

File: 1461078592201.png (197.08 KB, 885x664, is your phantasy.png)

>can't explain everyone that their phantasy is just phantasy

No. 261681

margo's hater song is stuck in my head
I wish I had a gun

No. 261687

More material for the margospeak generator

"Phantasy is just phantasy and means more rumors. I can't explain everyone WEENOOS"

No. 261688

I got halfway through and thought that it had to be a joke by some troll. How did she even put the video together? Who rhymes bleach with "shitch"?

No. 261690

The monkey filter looks hilarious most of the time, but with Margo it becomes creepy. Look at those freaky eyes

No. 261691

File: 1461082623553.jpeg (73.82 KB, 750x741, image.jpeg)

Saged for shitty oekaki

No. 261695

So has anyone reported Marge for selling stolen goods? I'd help but work has been killing me.

No. 261696


I think her paypal account was reported because of scam and selling stolen items.


late to the party but damn EYK should be annoyed of maggot by now since this isn't the first time that somebody wrote an email to them because stealing ideas and stuff. A while ago somebody on PULL did it when mags tried to make another scam with venus for this studio think in South Korea. The entire campaign idea was also stolen of EYK lmao.

No. 261698


No. 261709

File: 1461085710163.jpeg (610.1 KB, 701x1006, image.jpeg)

Soooo…does NJM have another account? The one who wrote a long message and called v a "baby Jane" (which has never been brought up til that blank account said it) and now it's brought up again.

Also in this cap >>261025

it says "and joking about eating bacon"

No. 261710

File: 1461085770729.jpeg (195.85 KB, 701x348, image.jpeg)

Found the original comment

No. 261713

Since when is she a satanist?

No. 261714

Check the last thread.

No. 261715

some people say they've known for years. I only Just found out weeks ago when Margles posted a satanic pride pic to her Instagram (it has since been deleted)

No. 261716


since foreveeer~

she used to scribble goat heads and inverted squares on her kindergarden blocks because, you know anon, margo never jumps into bandwagons.

No. 261717

File: 1461087154813.png (18.53 KB, 299x187, Untitled.png)

jesus fucking christ ewww

what an absolute creep

No. 261719

But Satan is not even real wat a dumb hag

No. 261722

I don't think that jaimie_treudlssen freak is NJM. It's not njm's style or M.O. I think njm just saw the babyjane comment & latched onto it.

Treudlssen troll whoever it is, is just as creepy in its own way. It also seems to have disappeared as suddenly as it burst onto the scene. This shitshow attracts some of the creepiest dregs on the internet for sure.

No. 261723

At least she's not creeping over Margo's feet. Guess NJM isn't seeing $$$ there.

No. 261724

File: 1461089076009.jpeg (215.82 KB, 701x442, image.jpeg)

Can an anon translate?

No. 261725

Awww, margrot deleted the monkeyface IG. Also I see she's sold one figurine, WOO MARGE!! That'll buy her a couple of Denny's breakfasts & a parfait!

I'd love to know what she does all day.

No. 261726

" Why can't you make your own website"

"I have my own website"

"Also, I wondered why you sell your stuff on Venus her website. And why did you close down Venus her youtube channel?"

No. 261727

I really wonder what kind of video mags will show us this week tbh. Since the Hate Song is everything possible.

No. 261729

You're right, the entire C&P'd 'legal' section is STILL there, she just hid it. She didn't change a thing, it even still has Simon's name in it.

LOL this devious bitch..she'd rather go to the trouble of hiding her stolen material than simply doing the right thing and deleting Simon's name.


No. 261733

Sorry if this has already been discussed. Is Maggot's German at all decent or fluent? Or is it awkward like her English?

No. 261735


I'm a germanfag and I have a hard time to understand when I hear her speaking german. Maybe because of her Hungarian/Swiss Accent. The way she writes is sometimes pretty weird too. All in one it's ok, but you get that she isn't a native german speaking person - in my opinion.

No. 261737

It's awkward and bad.

No. 261740

File: 1461092817189.jpg (29.34 KB, 446x435, doushio.jpg)


should we report it again or just wait?

No. 261745

Probably report it again with screenshots or info on how to reach it right?

No. 261748


Can you still get to it using a drop down menu or similar? If you have to use a direct link that's no longer on the website I'd say leave it for now. If there still a way to just click through to it on the page (like, not us who know it's there, just some regular person can find it by looking at the website) or if she makestays it visible again, we can let Simon know.

EYK already know margo is a loon who tries to copy their videos (and niw, their website copy.) They probably keep half an eye on her already. But if she does something else egregious we can always give them a heads up.

I'm more interested on whether reports have been made to Disney and whoever produces happy tree friends about margo stealing their content. Anyone here?

No. 261749

Since she's speaking Swiss German it's very different from "normal" German and may sound awkward to Germans altogether. I'm from Germany too and I can hardly understand her, but it's the same with other Swiss people as well, but maybe it's just me…

No. 261768