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File: 1472517609618.jpg (621.61 KB, 1233x1345, Screenshot_20160829-172658.jpg)

No. 297919

Our heroine Margo remains ensconced in her plywood cubicle at Tetris House in tokyo. She gets crunk with fellows hobos by night, and stalks venus at YouTube Tokyo Space by day.

Margo is out of copyright seizing options in regards to the venus angelic channel, but she did her best to make the fat beta vexxed do her dirty work. He brazenly spread margo's lies and sneeded at a decade sent by venus's management…

.. before having a VERY rapid change of heart today. Taylor has been hanging with venus. The lost keem army swarmed her comments, Taylor defended venus, and then vexxed showed up and acted like he never started this drama, and full of remorse.

Will margo run into venus in tokyo? Will vexxed issue a retraction and throw margo to the wolves, just as she did to him? Will the plywood palace of hobos light on fire, saving the world from a schizo narc? Join us as we follow the greatest jung wooman in japan on her quirky adventures!

Last thread:

No. 297920

*sneered at a dmca sent by management. Phones refuse to participate in dark humor.

No. 297923

Serious question… did he get plastic surgery to look "Asian"? Just like that one Brazilian dude?


No. 297926

File: 1472520185024.png (184.65 KB, 212x382, Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 6.19…)

I think he's just a really weird/ ugly looking dude. He looks a little fetal alcohol syndrome-y or downs/y around the eyes (lack of eyelid folds, weird head shape.)

He was likely bullied in school, and instead of never wanting to make someone feel like he felt, he decided he'd bully other people to be momentarily popular with a bunch of 12 year old edgelords.

He'd have to be "special" to believe Margo, and think he wouldn't get in trouble for violating copyright and speaking slander. He wants to keem? Well, what happened to him? Got sued to oblivion and run off YT, that's what. Careful what you wish for.

No. 297928

Lol I posted on PULL that he had to be on the autistic spectrum because there's no way for anyone to be this dumb and a mod got booty bothered to the max. Funny how my assumption about him being some kind of retarded by his behavior is probably true. Dude looks as you said… special.

This is why you don't listen to aspire to be Keemstar, kids! You get what you wish for–including all the negative!

No. 297930

So I wasn't the only one thinking he looks similar to that guy. But I think it's just that his eyes look tiny because of his wide head. Might as well be Brocks long lost brother.
Sage for rambling.

No. 297931

I totally think he's had surgery to look that strange. Reason? Look at those eyebrows! Damn son they must have taken some work to get them into the perfect door wedge shape. He's obviously vain. Wouldn't be surprised if he's done other cosmetic shit.

No. 297932

I doubt it, he appears to be a scrub with no money. But if so, he should sue the fuck out of his surgeon; he's an ugly dude.

No. 297936

File: 1472525702584.jpeg (91.35 KB, 640x720, image.jpeg)

It looks like he has this honestly.

No. 297937

Damn, that's spot on. Dude has genetic deficiencies.

No. 297938

File: 1472526428600.png (495.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-08-29-23-06-38…)


No. 297939


Margo takes a post sex selfie, posts it's online…. and then talks about Venus??

No. 297940


No. 297941

File: 1472526546948.png (482.38 KB, 920x592, Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.08…)

Here's the full message

No. 297942

"See how much i don't care about you, Venoos?? I don't care so much I think of you while having sex and then post naked selfies online and tag you! That's how much I don't care!!"

No. 297943

Full caption:
margaretpalermo Venus writes me in the morning: "Stop trying to hack me all night"
Me all night with my boyfriend lol No fucks given to Venus
#margaretpalermo #japanese #tokyo #apocalypse #paranoia #lol

Pretty much just "look venoos I'm not on computer all night like you I have sexes unlike u who is asexual slut"

No. 297944

Also: seems like someone is hyper sexual
From British fiances to sex parties in the dark to a new boyfriend. What is next for Margy marg?

No. 297945

Umm…are we seeing the post mating gloat session of the River Monster here?! If so this proves something that I kinda suspected, if she got laid she wouldn't give a fuck about booly Venus for a minute or two.

No. 297946

Genuinely thought it was two topless dudes she'd found online to pretend she'd been out to see male strippers or something.

And then I saw the titty and shit got wild.

No. 297948

Lmfao! What did I say? She was in Roppongi for some gaijin hunter dick. They probably think he can use her for money like one anon said, holy fucking shit, what a day this has been. I've had enough of this thread for the night!

No. 297949

This is probably the balding hobo dude she was tee-heeing about not being her boyfriend in her video.

And yes, MArgo thinks about how to fuck with her kid while getting laid.

As to what Margo said about Venus - if V actually contacted her, I fully believe that Margo's drunk ass thought she had the best idea ever, and tried to guess or reset Venus's passwords.

No. 297950

oh my god, this woman has serious mental issues. she's acting like a 14 year old jealous of her former best friend or something.

grow the fuck up you lunatic

No. 297951

Good old mags, forgets that many dudes will literally stick their dicks into anything. I hear they have that untreatable gonorrhea in Japan, hope her classy self gets her some of that.

No. 297952

Actually laughing so hard at her new IG post. She's actually going insane. She's trying to make Venus look like a liar but she's making herself look like she's lost the plot completely.

No. 297953

File: 1472528047128.jpg (20.38 KB, 640x480, Every day.jpg)

No. 297954

File: 1472528091704.png (22.1 KB, 301x127, Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.33…)

mimmii, of course, is all "YAAAS KWEEEN".

Guess Margo hit the top of her rage cycle again. No views on her videos; can't take Venus's channel down; vexxed realized he got scammed - nothing was going her way.

This isn't gonna help, Margo, I don't think your religious folks will send your allowance this month if you can't keep your tits off the internet, and your daughter's name out of your mouth.

No. 297956

Did she delete it?

No. 297957

Nope, still up.

>>Guess Margo hit the top of her rage cycle again. No views on her videos; can't take Venus's channel down; vexxed realized he got scammed - nothing was going her way.

Venus meeting up with Taylor is another likely contributing factor - how DARE she make a friend who doesn't care about the cycle of bullshit Margo's spent 9 months constructing?

No. 297960

File: 1472528933460.png (462.37 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160830-044753.png)

She was so smug about that post, she liked her own picture.

No. 297961

Let's hope this is not the capsule toy video dude.

No. 297962

Bitch is trying to hook some japanese dude to get married and a visa. How predictable… That's why she's been so calm lately.

No. 297963

Let's also remember where Margo is staying: unless hobo dude paid for a hotel, or Margo hooked up with a host, they're having sex on a triple stacked plywood bunkbed with a curtain separating them from their 30 roommates, and 60 housemates.

No. 297964

The poor poor unfortunate souls…

No. 297965

File: 1472529598411.png (57 KB, 307x361, Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.53…)

chu_face reappears. And the stans are gloating about how much this will show that Venoos - they apparently think Venus is constantly peppering Margo with accusations.

Venus publicly addressed the situation with her mom twice, both 8 months ago - AFTER Margo was harassing, blackmailing, and defaming her for at least 2 weeks. The only time I can recall Venus ever addressing her mother publicly since she moved in with Manaki is when Margo blackmailed her for a permanent $3k / month payoff; I think that was in May (3 months ago.)

So when does all of this imaginary harassment of Margo by Venus happen? Margo has publicly addressed / harassed Venus at least once a week for 9 months, and there is ample proof of this.

Margo stans, now's the time to crawl out of the woodwork. Let's see YOUR screenshots and proof of Venus's "harassment" of Margo.

No. 297966



Wasn't she bragging about being in part of Tokyo with all the host clubs and shit? Wouldn't be surprised if she;s whoring herself out.

No. 297967

congrats for the maggot if someone dared to give her the D (and my condolences for him) but this is just plain immature and stupid attention seeking. Let's hope she's actually prostituting herself, get caught and kicked out nipponland.

No. 297969

Someone mentioned on PULL that you can't see Margo's hair here. So this might be some rando photo she had saved up from the past. You know since she has the tendency to take posed photos for future use.

No. 297970

Place your bets anons, how Asslabyrinth is going to take this?

No. 297973

He was turned on by the whipping photo, but that didn't show Margo post coitus with another man, so who knows.

My fear is that she's trying to get knocked up. It worked once and it could work again to get Margo another kid to control, permanent residency in a foreign country, and child support payments back in her bank account.

No. 297974

File: 1472530249668.png (15.78 KB, 302x77, Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.10…)

… and we're off to the races! Margo is fighting in the comments.

No. 297975

File: 1472530286757.png (22.59 KB, 311x108, Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.10…)

Comment she was responding to, before Mags deletes it.

No. 297978

Idk why I bother to try to make her see reason because she posts shit like this to get these kind of responses.

No. 297983

File: 1472532242671.png (51.21 KB, 312x319, Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.39…)

Margo says it's not the guy from the video - and Margo's stans issue threats to someone who said they'd be mortified if their mother behaved like this, wished Margo well, and hoped she can move on with her life.

Mimii and chu_face are also already swarmed BOTH Venus' and Taylor's instagrams already. Margo had this shit timed for when her little lieutenants were present.

"It would a a SHAME if something happened to your PRETTY FACE, right?" Christ, these keyboard warriors are idiots. If their goal is to help Margo - who is insane and un-helpable - issuing harassment and threats to people who say neutral or benign things about her behavior does not help. But I guess they have to be as nutty as Mags to have stuck around this long. Good thing Jasmin got out while she could.

No. 297992

However, child support laws aren't the same everywhere. Any guy that knocks her up is going to run like the fucking wind before marrying that - imagine having to introduce penis nose to your parents?

With her decrepit Japanese, and her inability to get any lawyer-ish person to help her with anything, she'll be shit out of luck.

What do maggot's ass-suckers think the picture proves?

>be Venus

>get constant alerts from gmail and facebook, twitter and insta that "someone is trying to access your account from this location/ip in Tokyo"
>ask nutty cunt to cut it out
>nutty cunt lures her some cocaine addled hapless gaijin hunter dick
>be mimiii and chuface
>be seriously mentally ill or retarded
>porque no los dos?
>be like; SEE VENUS?! ur mom can't be hacking your accounts, she's having casual sex 24/7 as proofs!11

No. 297999


No. 298001

No one wanted to see your saggy kappa nipples.

No. 298002

Because Margo totally enmeshed with Venus, and is in a perpetual one person competition with her kid. Margo thinks that everyone else thinks just like her - so in Margo's mind, Venus thinks about her 24/7, and when Venus makes videos and posts photos, it's to shove it in Margo's face, not live her life and do her job. This photo is Margo participating in the one person competition which only exists in her head.

I hope it gets her allowance (kek) cut off; religious parents aren't know to approve of pornography, and Margo isn't supposed to be airing family business online. Zsu reads here, so Ferenc will hear about this tomorrow morning.

No. 298005

Looks like a cry for attention. Nude pics and bitching about Venus has worked in the past so why not combine the two.

Next up: flower pics

No. 298006

File: 1472539377414.png (559.21 KB, 667x526, jungboyfran.png)

Nah, I think Margo is lying and it's the hobo dude from the video. You can see that the person has a freckle in the same spot, just mirrored. The over all face shape is very similar too from what little can be seen. The guy just shaved though.

No. 298007

Margo is directing her little orchestra in DMs, too - now chu AND az AND mimii and several others are hitting up both Venus and Taylor's instagrams.

It seems like Venus hanging out with Taylor was the thing that got to Margo the most - otherwise, why would she be sending her stans to harass Taylor?

No. 298008

Agreed, looks like him.

No. 298009

good eye anon


>"mom gib me my monthly moniez or else!!! next time it will be me in a bookake contest"

since margo couldn't extort Venus, she's doing it to her parents.

No. 298010

- Reality: NO ONE has been commenting on poor marge's IG or watching her pathetic veedyos on YT. THAT'S half of why her psycho ass is so chapped: NO ATTENTION.
The other half, of course, is Venus getting out into the world, meeting people irl, making friends and thriving.

HOORAY for an oh so predictable psycho narc meltdown, lol. Feels like Christmas morning up in here!

No. 298011

This is by far the most pathetic thing maggot has ever posted. Or not, I don't know anymore.
I feel a meltdown is coming.

No. 298017

The current meltdown is here. That's not to say Margo won't BALEET EVERYTHING in the morning after she's gotten her attention fix and made Venus feel mortified by her mother's actions. At most this will last a day or two, before she convinces her parents it was just a momentary lapse due to the terrible stress caused by her ungrateful child, and Margo slips back into smug silence, until Venus seems properly happy again.

No. 298020

She deleted the "no fucks given to Venus" part of the caption, for whatever the reason.
god, how creepy and foul this creature is. And her 2 little helpers, foaming with excitement over having some "haterz" to battle again! lol all 4-5 of them (hey guys, guess what? No one cares, even now.)

What a spectacle…the dirty old Hungarian hobo got a fellow hostel-dweller to fuck her and just had to gloat all over IG about it. ewwwwwwww

No. 298024

File: 1472542848483.png (66.4 KB, 302x403, Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.3…)

Lord, they are dumb. "OBVIOUSLY it's a denial!!"

No, it isn't. In fact, Margo has never actually denied anything Venus has said about her.

- She has never said the words "I've never struck my child; I never threw a knife her her direction." Instead, she says "how dare you accuse me of abuse! This is bullying! Real abused children don't look like you!"

- Margo has never said "I didn't tell Venus I would destroy her if she moved out." Instead, she says "Venus could have left any time she wanted!!", followed by 8 months of harassment.

- After closer questioning, Margo didn't say Venus killed her hamster when she was a toddler - Margo said Venus had night terrors, and the hamster died. See how those two things are probably true? But the implication in saying them one after the other is to make you think the first thing caused the second - when in actuality, they're separate events.

Working with words in the way Margo does is how "healers", "mind readers" and cult leaders are able to make their followers feel that they just "know things" and to hand wave away their doubts. It's a simple but effective way to lie via bending the truth, both to others and yourself.

Margo gets to tell herself she doesn't really lie that much - there's a tiny kernel of truth hidden somewhere, and she rarely outright denies that truth.

No. 298025

File: 1472542907195.jpg (54.45 KB, 400x570, 1442082679771.jpg)

No. 298027

I can't shoop this asshole to be better looking. Can someone with actual skills give him a nice chin to see if there's hope?

No. 298029

File: 1472544334338.png (497.46 KB, 399x815, dramafag.png)


No. 298030

He's 'tarded, so no. His whole facial structure is off - eyes too high on his head, spaced apart oddly, nose too short for his face… the bones are just all off. He obviously has some genes gone wrong.

No. 298031

Not to mention looking as if he doesn't know whether to spit or swallow whatever he has in his mouth.

No. 298032

File: 1472547385868.png (431.98 KB, 456x403, nah.png)

The amount of editing it took just to get him to this point was huge. There's really no saving that face.

No. 298033

I think he is trying to do blue steel.

No. 298034

>the guy you're fucking

Margo pls.

No. 298035

I love what you did to his catterpillars.

No. 298036

even mirrored, the freckles don't match.

No. 298037

But it doesn't matter… it's similar, loser-type guy.

A hilarious aspect of this is she's telling the world it's the first fuck she's had since whatever bf she had in SKorea (a year ago). If she'd had any others she'd have bragged about them. Way to make it very obvious, Margo.

I'm curious to know what she tried to do to Venus' accounts during the night. For certain, Taylor breaking the ice by treating Venus as a person has triggered a night of aggression behind the scenes by Marge.

And hey Zsu, as you lurk here – why not tell your parents they are putting Venus at risk by paying Margo money to stay in Japan???

No. 298038

File: 1472549171144.png (321.91 KB, 381x514, freckle.png)

They do tho? It's at the very edge of the photo she posted, almost cut out.

No. 298040

This low rent, bargain basement, counterfeit manaki.

No. 298041

there's a red arrow over it now but doesn't the guy on the left have two freckles? unless that is an anomaly of your first pic.

it is or it isn't the same guy… but he's a loser either way and no fucking way is he "rich".

No. 298042

Am I only only one who's surprised he's thin?

No. 298043


Actually she did say she killed the hamster. It was Venus who mentioned the night terrors.

No. 298044

Oh come on guys he clearly has the same smile

No. 298045

The guy looks white to me

No. 298047

Haha no, me too. But he is not tuned, looks like someone in his early twenties

No. 298048

File: 1472550673268.png (608.14 KB, 523x496, 88.png)

I suppose he's not the most horrible looking, but the guy obviously has some issues if he's staying there and banging Margo.

No. 298049

Ewww. Do u think she wants to get pregnant? She is fucking alot of guys lately…

No. 298051


Honestly, I thought that would be her plan back when Venus left her. Find a guy (probably at dennys), make a halfu baby and score a visa.

No. 298052

Oh, man,I saw that and I knew you you you were right before I even saw his picture. Vexxed totally fits the profile. His facial features prove something is up with him.

No. 298053

File: 1472552169924.jpg (625.81 KB, 1877x1183, 2016-08-30 12.15.42.jpg)

No. 298054

File: 1472552259265.jpg (643.8 KB, 1873x1179, 2016-08-30 12.17.24.jpg)

What does that mean?

No. 298055

I think it's weeb for "fight"? I've heard Japanese people say "Fighto" before…?

No. 298056


I'm guessing she means "fight" but
in japanese pronunciation as faito.
Basically they use 'fight' as a word of
encouragement or something.

No. 298057

Faito is a wasei-eigo phrase taken from the English 'fight' but much closer to 'gambare' or 'go for it!' meaning. Not literally 'fight' like fighting someone.

No. 298058

To continue-
Frequently on Japanese variety shows featuring fluent English speakers they'll explain to Japanese guests on the show it doesn't actually mean quite the same thing in English and sounds more aggressive.

No. 298059

I'm guessing Venus is trying to say that she is tired but has to do her best.

Maybe magoblin is sending her nsfw pictures of her having sex with that hobo

No. 298060

Mebbe she is tired after putting up with Magoo's late night hacking attempts.
Some people spoon after sex, margo trys to wreck Venus.

No. 298062

File: 1472553422590.png (50.6 KB, 1049x547, fuckoff.png)

We're just misunderstanding guys. Being a cunt is just Demomargons outlandish ~style~

No. 298066

I do not want a poor child to have a horrible life… but the milk would be pretty awesome. So I'm torn. And honestly? She's crazy. She would try to get pregnant.

No. 298068

How old is she? 45-50? It's very rare that people get pregnant when they are that old.

No. 298069

no, i'm pretty sure she's 40 or 41, since she was 37 in 2012. it's not that rare for someone that age to get pregnant, not easy, but it can happen

No. 298070

Probably. Little does our dear MourgeRat know that getting pregnant by a Japanese citizen doesn't automatically give you a visa or permanent residency. Look at Sere.

No. 298071

>isnt focused on Venus
>caption mentions Venus unnecessarily

Even if she wanted to address Venys supposedly contacting her why do it with a photo of her in bed with a dude?

No. 298073

Haha yeah. The way vexed acts isn't like the usual internet asshole you see. Dude's personality screams there's something horribly wrong with his mentality but mention it on that cesspool? "I AM SO TRIGGERED BY THIS!! HOW DARE YOU!!" I saw he was posting and lurking on the thread so I figured, "Hey, why not call this shit out where he can see it?" I just call it as I see it and I see autism.

Dear god, I sure hope not. No one deserves to have to see their parents having sex. No one. I honestly wouldn't put it past Kween Krazy though.

Of fucking course Ass Laybrinth sees nothing flawed in Margo's crazy gross post. If she wasn't focused on hurting her daughter, then why would she feel the need to bring her up out of nowhere? She could very well have said nothing about the account hacking attempts because it just makes her look bad to anyone with a normal, function brain but for all we know she's probably making up shit again as she always does. And who in the hell takes a post sex selfie and tags their daughter in it? Who in the fuck plans that shit in advance? Maaaaaaagarit Palermow!

No. 298075

It's nice to see that Suzie lost weight!

No. 298076

I think she had Venus in her early 20s? So she's 41-42 now. Plenty of women in my country are having kids at this age. It's not easy, sure, but I saw a lot of examples.

No. 298077

If chu-face and mimii think that it's normal for "loving" mothers to reach out to their kids with post-coital photos, I don't even want to know how completely fucked up their moms are.

No. 298078

This is correct.

Another fun fact: I don't think it's possible to legally force a man to take a paternity test in Japan, not even if the mother is Japanese. She'll be told to fuck off back to Hungary regardless.

>In Japan there are no regulations that allow a judge to order one party to have a DNA test against their will. However, judges love to have DNA tests in recognition proceedings because the proof is simple and clear. If the man refuses to take a test, the judge will ask him why repeatedly, and may eventually decide that the man is not credible or honest. In some cases, a judge will even decide that this reticence to take a DNA test is indirect evidence that the man is the father. In that sense, refusing to take a test can backfire on the suspected father. Still, the burden of proof is on the plaintiff — the child or mother — to convince the judge that the man is the father.

The dude only has to tell the judge:

>look at her nose. that's a face only a mother could love.

No. 298079

oh man, maybe she'll get an std and become infertile. keep hoping on them dicks margo.

No. 298081

File: 1472559558377.gif (70.66 KB, 320x180, 56-320-180.gif)

No. 298086

az is just such a fucking sad person. he's on a board full of little girls, using numbered points to communicate. he should look at his life.

No. 298087

File: 1472563475392.png (26.07 KB, 624x300, vexxfag.png)

Vexxed's new tweet

No. 298089

Damn, he is hungry for that Venus attention.

No. 298090

"NOTICE ME SENPAI ;_;" is all I see here.

No. 298091

File: 1472563875564.jpg (28.28 KB, 640x346, LQ2gPsW.jpg)

He should delete the massive space between his fucking Splice eyes

No. 298092

Poor Taylor. I hope this doesn't affect whether she wants to continue a friendship with Venus or not.

No. 298093

Funny how Maggot belittles her son in law at every chance she has, but drops her ~super high standards~ for one night shaggings aka boyfriends and fiancees

No. 298094

They seem to have similar face shapes, but its hard to tell from the little bit Margo posted,

No. 298095

Classic reaction. I saw that happen to alot of other ytbers. People would “react“ to their vids and get 300.000+ views because the actual video was shown in the corner. Then they would claim it and the money earned before that would still go to the thief.

No. 298096

(deleted my post because it was the same screencap as the post above)

what does he even expect? that Venus will nicely beg him to delete it and apologise for the rightfull copyright claim? this guy is so full of himself, it's ridiculous.

No. 298100

1000 says he was crying and sobbing while writing that


how about no, you arrogant faggot?

No. 298103

File: 1472567223699.jpg (71.25 KB, 600x450, 67b.jpg)


FUCK this is just so gross damn this wasn't the thing I expected to see rn. She has to be so mad about venus getting attention and having a better life than her JESUS.

So glad that V is away from this hooker, I bet she already did this kind of shit when she lived with her.


This was pretty much my second thought and I bet petty much YES.

No. 298106

>So glad that V is away from this hooker, I bet she already did this kind of shit when she lived with her.

Oh, she definitely seems like she has been inappropriately intimate with men in front of Venus. She's so vulgar, she probably openly bragged about her escapades to underage Venus or let Venus hear her in the next room. It would add another explanation to why Venus was so uncomfortable about her own body and sexuality, and how Margaret was able to use those insecurities against her during those rage-fests.

No. 298107

He was rocked too close to the wall as a baby, too? It explains the connection he feels with Marghost…

No. 298109

No, Marghost. A client is not a friend. Getting money or hospitality is not friendship. Service for money or money for service, it's called a trade!

May your client have a good night with your old hairy skin.

>>Look Veenoos, my ooteroos is still fertile despite all my infections. I will soon do the same as with your vater Hans. I'll get pregnanto then I'll get visa&money. Hee hee hee!

No. 298110

I wouldn't be surprised if Margo was the kinda person to just walk around naked even with Venus around.

No. 298111

>>discuss/harass hate sites
>>they called me eurofag so I will support a narc for revenge!
Hi #brainless #eurofag #zombie #stan !

COMBO!!! Now she will support 3 more psychopaths for revenge! kek

No. 298113

iirc wasn't venoos on the background in one of her bathing suits pics?

No. 298115

He looks like an inbred child…

No. 298116

Getting pregnant won't guarantee her a visa, nor money.

To get a spouse visa in Japan, the Japanese spouse has to prove he makes enough money to cover the living cost of the foreign spouse (unless the foreign spouse has their own legal, stable job in Japan, that earns at least 3 million yen a year). That rando has no real job or he wouldn't be staying at Hotel Plywoodfornia, and maggot has as much chance of finding a stable job as a snowball in hell.

No. 298117

He's just Irish

No. 298118

He looks eerily similar to Ruaíri McSorley who is indeed an Exceptional Individual

No. 298119

But could she extort money legally from a japanese citizen if she gets pregnant?

No. 298122

How old is he? 15?

No. 298123

If she finds some gaijin worshiping dumbfuck maybe yes

No. 298128

No, see above. Japanese law cannot force anyone to take a paternity test. There's no way the relationship will last. If the dude is invested in the kid, Japanese courts will give him custody and still kick her out.

No. 298141

File: 1472578690666.gif (749.27 KB, 500x280, venussenpai.thumb.gif.37b49c40…)

No. 298142

Oh my gosh youre awesome!!!!! XD

No. 298146

are you a racist who thinks asian people are all alike so you can tell it's two different persons only by freckle/any-other-special-feature checking?

It's the same fucking face. Same chin, same smile, same freckle, only mirrored by instagram. The other freckle (the smaller, a very tiny one) could have been blurred out in the video due to its low quality.

No. 298152

She later changed her story, after her initial outburst. She doesn't often go fully off the rails into an outright lie, but she has done so, especially in the first couple weeks after Venus left. Margo corrected herself on the hamster / animal thing within a couple weeks, so it still implied Venus purposely hurt them, but no longer said so directly.

No. 298162

10/10 make this a banner please

No. 298163

Lol, he's gonna have to do it anyway, obviously his hand is being forced, with his total about fact yesterday in just 6 hours.

Venus Senpai will never notice you, dude.

No. 298164

File: 1472581166084.png (55.49 KB, 317x340, Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 11.1…)

Huh,according to this person - who talks to Grandpa Ferenc and Zsu on the regular via instagram, they're pretty close - says that not only has Venus not contacted Margo about anything non business related, they said that Venus has renewed contact with her family.

This may be a big part of why they've backed off from making public comments, out of respect for Venus's wishes.

(from the @gaming_ks account)

No. 298166

Mad isn't it? She's talking about her own daughter like that, I guess this shows how envious Margo must have been about the prospect of Venus having friends and boyfriends whilst growing up.

Margo belongs on The Jeremy Kyle show.

No. 298168

I want to believe that, but knowing Zsu, there's no way she'd share such personal details on their family with anyone who's being nice to her on insta. Judging by her comments, she seems to be a person who hates to make family things public (and I totally respect that).

No. 298169

She's DM'd with people who comment here and on her instagram, on the condition that her private comments will not be screenshot and shared. It does mean taking someone's word for it, but it apparently happens.

No. 298173

Dumblr logic. GTFO newfag.

No. 298174

Wish I could take credit but stolen from PULL

No. 298185

I believe hacking would be consider business related as it's Margoose attempting to hack Venus' business … And Venus saying "no, stop that" ..


How did these two hobos mate in a tetris cubical of a bed ? Made out of what seems to be plywood and would probably break…

No. 298188

neither newfag nor tumblr user
stay mad, quit being racist and pls kindly go fuck yourself tnx bye

No. 298190

>>I believe hacking would be consider business related as it's Margoose attempting to hack Venus' business … And Venus saying "no, stop that" ..

Venus deleted a comment where someone told her it sounded like Margo was trying to hack her, and gave the name of a password randomizer. Looks like she either didn't want a fake Margo story to be retold, is trying to ignore all drama, or she didn't want Margo's flying monkeys reporting back about particular protection programs.

No. 298194

Not that anon babe, calm down.
But your racism accusations were stupid af, that's all.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 298198

>doesn't understand face blindness
Please call all the black Africans racist, who couldn't tell us white people apart, when a group of us were at a shooting competition in Africa.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 298199

What was the deleted post?

No. 298200

Unfortunately for Venus, she used to do that. I remember there being a photo floating around of her dusty ass sitting naked in front of a camera while Venus was in the background editing one of her videos in iMovie.

No. 298202

the same screencap as >>298087

No. 298203


He didn't delete it, the OP did - they reposted it here a minute later

No. 298207

I think margoat's fortune teller is trying to trigger rage and fear in margoat's heart. She thinks that she will do a fatal error in those conditions. Really not stupid…

No. 298210

File: 1472595071014.jpg (62.94 KB, 960x960, 10551028_616725868442778_79690…)

You mean this one?

No. 298213

Margo is definitely the somatic narc mom who shoved her sex life in her kid's face. Doesn't matter the child's sex, either: if they have daughters, they want to have a one sided "Sexy" competition with the daughter, to prove to themselves they're the hottest one and definitely not aging, ever. With sons, they demand emotional incest; "isn't mom sexy? don't you think I'm beautiful? help me pick out a sexy dress!" and hate any girlfriend her ever has.

No. 298215

Stop derailing, sage your shit, you being a shithead trying to sick own the other anon isn't so important you need to bump the thread with it

No. 298216

There are just so many things wrong with this picture…

No. 298217

please, no further race derailment in this thread.

No. 298218

She reminds me those german women with those masculine muscles and large shoulders.

Jawohl jung Margaretto!

No. 298219

I googled somatic narc and found this
>The narcissist swings between his dominant type and his recessive type. The latter is expressed mainly as a result of a major narcissistic injury or life crisis.

Is this why Margo brags about her mensa level iq?

No. 298220

She's also at the exact ago most somatic narcs losing their shit. When their kids don't need them anymore, they're burned through multiple towns / friend circles, and they hit middle age and their looks aren't getting them things any more.

No. 298221

Internet's Agatha Trunchbull.
We should give her the outfit.

No. 298224

she has the same mentality as Kiki
fucking disgusting, ew, I can't imagine her having sex.

No. 298225

File: 1472601480316.jpg (77.09 KB, 1400x886, margo80.jpg)

I feel a great unhinging happening.

No. 298226

ha ha he's actually going to delete in response to the dcma shit going down… but wants to make it look like he retains some power in this situation.

No. 298228

that wasn't my point you raging idiot. you should have directed your ire to the person who posted pics to say they were the same guy in the first place.

No. 298229

Wtf, thank god I havent eaten yet

No. 298230

She's going to go batshit. Her terrifying levels of envy toward Venus are going to cause her to do something else to make a fool of herself, as usual. Venus uploads a cute video with her husband? Margoyle uploads one playing with a $1 toy with a fellow Tetris House hobo. Venus is having fun and finally has a nice friend? MourgeRat uploads a post SEX sel–WHAT THE FUCK!?

Those were my thoughts too. He's just trying to save face when he has zero power in this situation. When you try to be Keemstar, you lose!

No. 298231

This person is on the family accounts talking and supporting them a lot but we still can't take it all as gospel. Venus "has friends" - yeah she has new acquaintances, but "friends" is pushing it. Her time out with Taylor was clearly a first for her. Venus "doesn't even remember her mother exists" - I bet she does remember, daily. Those might be things Zsu has said in a DM but there's too much emotional colour to it to be fact.

No. 298233

So Venus clearly isn't safe to go back to YT space right now. I really hope she doesn't go there.

(Family Koncz: your funding dollars at work.)

No. 298235


Jeeeeezus, this bitch looks like a run-down dollar store ripoff of that chick who does commercials for Progressive.

Truly horrifying.

No. 298237

No. 298238

I missed the connection between those two, thanks!

No. 298244

Now I can't unseen it. Thanks for that.

No. 298249


Then don't. Why are you even trying?

No. 298251


Yup, I see it… Like if the progressive woman got hooked on crack and pimped by the Allstate dude… then fucked by the Geico Lizard.

No. 298252

not the anon you're replying to, but I do also see some similarities between morge and kiki mistaking being the booty call of that night for actual long term relationships.

is this bitch going to roam around Youtube Space 24/7 now?

No. 298253

I'm just glad Venus didn't end up like jonbenit

No. 298257


I caught that reference

No. 298264


I think DemoMargon should be in the next thread title - DemoMargon, the Upside Down Venoos.

No. 298265


No. 298266

LOL all that Meitu and she couldn't even fix her nose

No. 298267

Meitu only goes so far, but I, too, don't understand why she doesn't try to shoop her nose. She even uses their fake makeup settings (usually lashes, liner and brows), which look laughably shitty on everyone. So why not her giant schnoz? Even a narc has to know it's an unattractive feature.

No. 298269

Even after teasing her hair with the neighbor's vacuum and nuke her scalp & hair with 1000 volume products she seems to have as much hair as an old dry mummy… or a very sick creature.

No. 298270

Her nose is a penis continent. Even a burqa couldn't hide it completely!

No. 298271

I think that person is some sort of a psychological agent provocateur. He wants marge to follow her own negative self-fulfilling prophecy. Imo, he knows nothing or not much about Venus or her family, not more than us for sure.

But there's a chance it could work, so we could have more good milk from our whore cow.

No. 298272

File: 1472623211347.png (927.66 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160831-014853.png)

vexxfag's video is down, lol
please don't tell me the little worm is gonna claim he took it down voluntarily after Venus emailed him to apologise & beg his forgiveness.. bc we ALL know it was Fullscreen/YT that did it.

No tweets/screams of protest/defiance from his beta ass yet, in fact I don't see the tweet that was ss earlier saying he would delete IF..☺ Just a deafening silence from poor lil youtube boy.

Also, bravo Fullscreen for doing your job. Better late than never.

No. 298273

File: 1472623311456.png (1.76 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160831-013407.png)

And Venus keeps posting that FAITO caption on IG, this is like the third time in a row. Related? ?

No. 298274

Today is a good day. I hope Venus buys herself a nice steak dinner with his month of ad dollars - and then posts it on instagram so Margo can lose her mind while eating instant ramen in her plywood palace.

No. 298275

Hehee… KICK ASS, little sister!

No. 298276

She originally posted it on that photo where she's editing a video (egg with a face drawn on it.) I think it has something to do with her upcoming video.

No. 298277

One word: faito

No. 298278

File: 1472623719304.png (20.81 KB, 586x332, vexxed.png)

I doubt he'll say Venus reached out to him. He's trying to make himself the victim while still making Venus the bad guy.

No. 298279

File: 1472623783018.png (145.5 KB, 607x607, Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 11.0…)

Still trying to swing his microdick, I see.

No. 298282

Do they have security guards at YT space?

Looks like she bleached out all that green, she's lucky to have any left at this point.

No. 298283

File: 1472627211385.png (165.01 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-08-31-09-04-24…)

He's delusional af…
hope Venus didn't email this piece of sh*t

No. 298285

He's waving around his last scrap of hubris, pretending he had some sort of say in the matter, when in reality he pulled down his pants and asked "please sir may I have another" when Fullscreen's lawyers cornered him.

No. 298286

Venus's management informed you that your content was stolen, and that if you didn't take it down, all your YT money was belong to Venus. That's not asking, and it's certainly not Venus asking.

No. 298287

He took it down cause he wasn't making money from it and his counter-claim didn't go through, this tool actually thinks we believe this bullshit lie

No. 298288

He took it down because his 'tism was showing. He'd take keemstar's dick and gladly smile about it.

No. 298290

File: 1472631995457.png (11.35 KB, 501x72, lol sorry hehehe.PNG)

Who wants to bet Venus didn't send him anything, and he's just lying because he thinks he can get away with it since Venus won't acknowledge him whatsoever?

No. 298291

I will bet all the monies, ever, that this never happened.

No. 298293

And for such a ~~big time super cereal journalist~~ he sure seems to be dragging out Venus's name every ten seconds on Twitter now that he can't step onto her coattails with videos.

I'd also bet the agreement Fullscreen offered - i.e. take that shit down, hand over the ad revenue, and we won't bankrupt your life - also included a clause never talk about their client again on YT. Because all of this is on twitter, where dudebro has less than 1k followers. If he could say this things in a video, he would. But he can't.

No. 298294

Margo could possibly have secured rights to go there. Min is 1000 subscribers I think. So a security guard won't stop her unless she's just lurking.

No. 298295

>makes a poll that paints Venus as the bad guy
How fucking old is this dude. The fuck. Just admit you were wrong to try to make money off a family issue

No. 298297

It's hilarious how he tries to spin this into maybe getting some fanmail from his idol Keemstar.

No. 298301

Of course it didn't, LOL

No. 298305

File: 1472635376489.png (148.51 KB, 703x376, e25c3138-6d44-4bf8-8e9d-8576cc…)

No, you got it all wrong. Keem's AFRAID OF HIM!

No. 298306

Lol, he tagged V yesterday taunting multiple times… before 9am Monday morning rolled around in California, and shit got real for him (lawyers! Youtube! Fullscreen!)

And like Venus senpai, Keem senpai (ugh, why?) will never notice this retarded sped. I was going to ask who looks up the keem… but then I remembered. "Special".

No. 298310

Retardation is one hell of a drug.

No. 298320

lol Keem or anyone has nothing on him because he is not famous and no one cares.

No. 298322

scarce and keem didn't do a venus vid which surprised me in the first place.

No. 298328

New Venus video up.
I really like her look here.

No. 298329

Imagine Margo trying to fake a ransom note, the cops would read it and laugh, I bet.
"Ma'am this letter is written in the exact same way that you speak"
"WHAT? I SPEAK PERFECT (#Mensa #autodidact) someone is boollying me now my daughter is DEAD and they steal all my money"

No. 298345

File: 1472659114201.jpeg (160.78 KB, 750x1274, image.jpeg)

reuploaded again cause the first one got reported lmao

No. 298346

File: 1472659949695.png (22.7 KB, 313x275, crazymarg.png)


She updated the caption.

No. 298348

Wait, she's talking about herself and vexxed here

No. 298351

kek she mad fullscreen finally got off their asses and did something

No. 298354

>reason for uploading the photo
the reason for upload a post-sex pic of herself in bed with some guy is because Venus…has new accusations of her and wants to remove her from Earth?

lmao idgi

No. 298355

fucking lol I hope it gets removed again

She was right, the worst has yet to come. Next time it will be explicit crappy amateur porn kek

No. 298356


It'd be a terrible shame if the re-uploaded photo got reported as inappropriate by multiple people.

No. 298357

Can IG accounts be terminated by reuploading removed innapropiate contents?

No. 298358

The worst is that some people will believe this.

No. 298359

File: 1472663607566.png (69.59 KB, 545x294, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

facepalming so hard

No. 298360

I have the feeling she removed it herself just to reupload and blame Venus

I doubt Instagram would really give enough of a shit to remove that.

No. 298364

Actually vexxed used venus' videos under conditions of fair use.
Fullscreen does abuse copyright system.
They removed vexxed's videos tottaly not out of decency or caringabout Venus, it's just a case of broken ckock showing right time.

I'm more than sure at least one of your favorite youtubers suffered from fullscreen's abuse of copyright system.(derailing / baiting)

No. 298365

and vexxed abused the fair use to slander someone, so they're even I guess

No. 298367

It's never jusstified to ignore fair use.

No. 298368

Nope! His clips were over 25 seconds long, and used to harass someone. Nice try, though.

No. 298369

Fuck off, vexfag.

No. 298370

I'm all up for tying maggot to a Sputnik rocket. Shoot it up!

No. 298371

We can only hope. She'll make another account anyway, but will never have the same amount of followers again. Keep reporting it.

No. 298372

It doesn't matter. The fact that vexxed is a lying keemstar wannabe does not means fullscreen should be alloved to abuse copyright unchecked. If he is slandering someone wrongfully, then he must face legal consequencees.

No. 298373


Under that premise I'm going use a video where you appear,call you a whore dick gobbler and justify all of this as fair use. Sounds wonderful.

No. 298374

Won't work, you will be reported for harrasement, and then case will be handled by youtube staff.

No. 298375

I know, but my point is you just can't use someone's else material to slander them AND make money out of it trying to pass it as fair use.

No. 298376

His video is not fair use. It was not education or transformative. The length was too long and was used for harassment.If FullScreen didn't take it down, his actions/word in the video and on twitter was enough to get the video taken down as it targets/harasses someone. Just because Keemstar gets away with it, doesn't mean Youtube's ToS has changed. Unlike Keem, Vex is the owner of the channel and feels the effects of his actions.

No. 298377

Hey I think Marg deleted her Insta. It says the page is unavailable.

No. 298378

Nope. She blocked you.

No. 298379

No, it's still up

No. 298381

Shit…you're right, It's still up. I was hoping Instagram deleted that piece of shit's Insta for all the vile BS she puts up.

No. 298383

There are more conditions than just educational purpose and length.
Vexxed must be charged for harassement, not get his video taken down by copyright claim.

No. 298385

Again, he took a copyrighted video without permission for a monetized video.

No. 298386

He didn't need that in the first place.

No. 298389

Isn't there a screenshot where he says he did have permission … From margoat lol

No. 298390

Yep, I'm sure it's still on his Twitter. It's also been posted in the last thread, I think.

No. 298391

File: 1472671341653.jpg (42.27 KB, 590x572, 1417091332424.jpg)

>remove me from earth

Here we go again, meltdown incoming!

No. 298392

A nose that resembles the tip of a dick with gigantic nostrils and lips that are thin as paper. YEAH, TOTES ATTRACTIVE, MARGE! We can see how you had a fiancé, a rich old Japanese man propose to you and another boyfriend all in just 3 months!

We were right about her losing her shit after that retard's video got taken down. There will be less lazy dumbasses to bully Venus without that piece of shit video online. I bet she's going to try using someone else as the patsy for another slander campaign. You'd think people would realize that MourgeRot is a more fun person to target due to her fucking insanity. She's a real life Disney villain for fuck's sake!

No. 298393


after that post-fucking pic I expect a new nude any time soon. She will go cray again for sure.

No. 298401

What's wrong with you both?? Margo's insta account is a major source of information and you want to get it terminated for what reason exactly? An image of implied nudity? FFS, prudes and idiots, both.

No. 298402

the vid was 90-95% Venus' material. it was full-screen and he sped it up to fit more in. that's not "fair use" any way you slice it.

No. 298404

Just STOP. Stop reporting her insta over trivia and stop chimping about it here. This is tame for Margo anyway.

No. 298405

Maybe she'll do a new ASMR video where she flops around naked in the Tetris house while horrified Japanese people watch.

No. 298406

It's great to see justice being served at the moment.

No. 298407

I don't know. All the people staying in that hobo construct seem pretty nutty themselves. How soon could we forget the picture of a naked man whipping two other nearly naked dudes kneeling on the ground with his belt in the common room. She's probably their hobo-town pass around.

No. 298411

She wants us to believe that Veenoos has no life and is obsessed with her while in reality everybody knows it is the opposite. I love that paranoia. Smells like fear and hatred. Marghost feels so ignored she would say anything - even if she's ridiculing herself - to have sympathy.

No. 298412

Nipple (m/f) = violation of ig guidelines

Yes, it could be that.
>>Hey, look at me too. Veenooos is boolin' Vex, but shez boolin' me too! Haalp!

No. 298414

It's called opportunism and she's good at it!

No. 298417

Fear (of being ignored/NO ATTENTION, no power and no control over her little puppet,) hatred of said puppet for detaching itself and becoming independent and rage at having her free ride cut off… no more shopping hauls, international travel or daily Starbucks runs! Attention, Control and Power over their source are what every narc needs, like the oxygen they breathe.

And VENOOS thrives and lives RICH while she, margroat, the rightful YT Star and Queen, suffers. Oh the injustice! How could this be happening???

She keeps coming back to VENOOS wanting to KILL/DESTROY/REMOVE her from the earth because to a raging narc, having their N-supply cut off is just that. Her entire existence was Venus's YT career and the attention, fame, admiration, lifestyle and identity she sucked out of it. And of course, the $$. Without Venus she is nothing, an empty husk of burned-out hatred. It's every narc's greatest fear, facing that emptiness inside them. She really is being slowly murdered, in her sick mind. Having this video removed was just the latest blow.

No. 298421

File: 1472692126467.gif (488.71 KB, 500x254, image.gif)

Sigue Sigue reference – shut up, shut up!!!

No. 298422

File: 1472692151508.png (9.92 KB, 250x28, Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 6.07…)

Margo's stans totally believe Venus makes $15k a month, because stupid.


No. 298423

File: 1472692187055.png (16.36 KB, 316x73, Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 6.07…)

… and even agreeing with Margo is pissing her off right now.


No. 298424

But what about the killing?? I thought Venus left to kill Margo in addition to Venus "stealing" her own money from her own work, which Margo clearly deserves because Venoos came from her yooteroos?

No. 298428

Venus is a bully, thief and MURDERER! Margaret and Manaki are in DANGER! She needs to send $15,000 to a Nigerian prince in order to get HELP!

No. 298432

oh great she changed the reason venoos ran away… again

Last time it was because manaki brainwashed and kidnapped her, or because she got the spouse visa? I can't remember

No. 298433

I can't stand that attention-whore ugly as fuck nasty ass of hers! And her followers are just plain STUPID. To believe even half the shit Maggot spews out on social media screams IDIOT. And btw Maggot, rich Japanese men go for YOUNG AND ATTRACTIVE women. You are the opposite. Rich old man won't even pay for your ass!

No. 298434

No, it's because she's a psychopath abuser. Or at least, that's what it was a few months ago. Or was it "to make a drama"?

Funny how Margo is the only "abuse victim" I've ever seen stalk her "abuser" for 8 months, taunt them for attention, and get furious when the "abuser" ignores them.

No. 298435

Keemstar did do a Venus video. It was the thing that started off the initial hate against her, aside from Margo.

No. 298436

Yes, PLEASE stop reporting her ugly ass IG acct. That just feeds her attention craving & "boolied!" narrative. Just let nature take its course, as it already was. Let her sink into obscurity & wallow in it, that's what burns her like fire. Ignore, ignore, ignore.

No. 298437

Her followers are stupid as shit. Any sane rational person could take one look at Venus' social media and see that she's not engaging with her mom and yet, Maggot is the one constantly bringing her up. Since when do victims of abuse stalk and obsess over their abusers? Since NEVER.

No. 298438

nope, morgoth is forever jung~*

you're right, they think venoos is the one who should stop leeching off margaret >>298359

No. 298440

where is she even getting this bullshit15k per month figure from anyway??

No. 298441

It's some shit she came up with in May, right before she got the boot from Japan as her first visa expired. Remember, when she tried to blackmail Venus for a lifetime payoff of $3k/month, while Venus's channel was shutdown for the third time due to Margo making false claims? Margo said all her harassment would stop if only Venus would pay her $3k/month forever.

That was the only time since February that Venus said one word in public about her mom - she was freaking out because not only has Venus never made more than $5k per month (she makes roughly $40k each year, depending on the views), she'd been out of work since February at that point. Venus was distraught, because they were living on Mana's income, she didn't know when she'd get the channel back, and her mom was demanding more money than they even made in a month. V made an instagram post about it, but later deleted the caption.

Margo, delighted to have gotten senpai to notice her, shot back with a post that said Venus lives rich, makes $15k every month, lives in a penthouse, how can she be so selfish, Margo isn't asking a lot when Venoos has so much, etc, etc.

And ever since then, Margo has stuck to the lie that Venus makes $15k/month from her videos, even during the 7 months she was shut down, and had no views, and received no paychecks.

That's the story of the make believe $15k monthly income.

No. 298442

Lastly, Margo initially claimed that social blade says Venus makes that much, she's not lying, etc. When people told Margo that socialblade is full of shit and massively overestimates what people make, Margo switched stories and says she knows exactly how much Venus makes, because she was her manager and saw with her own eyes all this money.

Again, she's full of shit - but she may actually believe her own lie at this point. Margo's obsession with Venus's money and fame twists up any cognitive reasoning ability Mags ever had.

No. 298443

I don't know if I did this right, but I need someone to laugh with, so I'm trying. LOL! It's Margo's new video.

No. 298444

Morge does believe her own lies. She's fucking psychotic and lives in a fantasy world dreamed up in her twisted lizard brain.

No. 298445

File: 1472706274149.png (84.08 KB, 742x422, Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.0…)

The river kappa makes a horror movie. You can't make this shit up.

No. 298446

Correction: it's a video her middle-aged hobo ass tagged along with when she showed up at the Youtube Space event and someone had to take her in their group, and these 3 poor guys drew the short straw.

No. 298447

>House of the 1000 plywood splints

No. 298448

It's like bad community theater. It's still shots, like from security cams, and sometimes you hear their (Margo: "HellllOOOooh?"), and occasionally there's some Blair Witch / VHS fuzz filter put across it.

No. 298449

File: 1472706669315.png (12.57 KB, 192x39, Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 7.16…)

You don't see any of them until more than halfway through the video. It's literally a video of staring at walls until then.

Margo is wearing her sauciest leggings, the better to trap a very drunk man later.

No. 298450

File: 1472706737311.png (522.94 KB, 849x472, Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.1…)

shit, wrong cap

No. 298451

File: 1472706778484.png (498.29 KB, 842x466, Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.1…)

Margo stares right into the camera as she walks past. Stellar "acting" there, Mags.

No. 298452

File: 1472706836831.png (170.93 KB, 309x403, Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.1…)

Someone's a wee bit zaftig there, Mags. Maybe someone should weigh your salads.

No. 298453

File: 1472706971323.png (483.57 KB, 841x466, Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.1…)

Everyone else is STILL off camera, but Margo makes sure to get herself right in line with it.

(I think this is the Escape Room thing Venus filmed the other day, except with other famous YTers. Margo was desperate to get in on it, of course, so she made a dollar store version.)

No. 298454

File: 1472707040649.png (512.62 KB, 845x466, Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.1…)

Margo bosses them all around, gets them to sit in a circle with her - still making sure she's in the middle of the shot.

No. 298455

File: 1472707129854.png (408.52 KB, 841x467, Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.1…)

"Dead Girl" shows up, they all pretend to be terrified

No. 298457

You can drag the view from the camera around, which is kind of an interesting idea, but the video itself is kind of dumb. I like how she's trying to pass these strangers off as her friends now though. Sad.

No. 298459

It's a 360 video, you use the arrows in the top left corner to move around the video. You can see them throughout the whole video. In the end I love it, because Margo gets it. LOL!

No. 298460

File: 1472707407723.png (379.65 KB, 829x462, Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.2…)

Ah, that helps. Somewhat. Still, having the frame start from staring at a wall, instead of at the subjects, would probably be a better idea.

No. 298461

File: 1472708131224.png (501.37 KB, 926x586, Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.3…)

"So creative, Margo!!"

They are really, really dumb. She did not come up with this, idiots. It's a thing already set up at #TokyoSpace. Groups of people have been moving through this Haunted House thing for weeks, with the cameras set up by the people who work there.

No. 298462

To clarify, his video was never taken down, the only thing that happened is the money that Vexx was making on the video was (rightfully) given to Venus due to a third party claim. Vexx took down his OWN video cause he's a pisslord crybaby and didn't want Venus to make money from his video.

No. 298463

Guys, it's that Youtube Space event from a few days back that Venus posted pics of. Looks like anyone with at least 1,000 YT subs showed up, they split up into groups of 4 and each group made a "haunted house" themed video. Wonder if they drew straws or if they got to pick their groups, like back in junior high gym class where you had 2 team captains who picked members 1 by 1, and there was always a couple left till the very end that no one wanted. "Okay guys, who wants the old lady? You three get her."

No. 298464

God only knows how many leghairs that top is crawling with.

No. 298465

Oh god, it IS that top. She's got to smell absolutely foul at this point, she's been wearing it almost every day for 8 months, rinsing it with soap scum and the ever present leg hair.

No. 298466

Super amused by her gut here. I wonder how hard she tried to seduce any of these three dudes she was paired with? She seems a little touchy feely with the Japanese guy at one point.

No. 298467

Wise moves:
1) dim lighting, and

Can you imagine her fat ass, in those skin-tight leggings, lint-covered black shirt she wears EVERY FUCKING DAY, that face and that scarecrow orange-dyed hair? What must those young youtubers have thought of this old freak?

No. 298468

He might have been her photo co-star, if she got anyone out for drinks afterwards.

No. 298469

According to who? vexxfag?

No. 298470

Nah, it was sponge animal video hostel guy. Though could you imagine Margo trying to bring a guy back to her makeshift plywood coffin bed for sex?

No. 298471

The video was never marked as removed by copyright - it was taken down completely. If the copyright had gotten it taken down, the link would stay up with a grey square and the message. He "voluntarily" took it down in that he realized all the money the video made was going directly to Venus (95% of the video was long clips of Venus), and that he was about to get sued. If he'd kept it up, Fullscreen would have gotten it removed for harassment, AND Venus would get all the money.

No. 298472

File: 1472710003063.png (327.38 KB, 694x1024, f71e401d-042f-4e87-b63e-4f30c5…)

jfc, this old slut. how gross. how embarrassing.
Bet my bottom $ she doesn't show up in anyone else's group photo or selfie from that day, other than the obligatory one each group posed for, lol

No. 298473

got it, thx.

No. 298474

The sloping ass of a middle aged hausfrau. All lashed up in spandex jeggings, the mass holds together in a sort of shape, albeit a large one. But once the lashings release… the truth is revealed.

No. 298475

Yeah, ewwww
Don't forget, one washing machine for all 60 residents (& no dryer)

No. 298476

If you read the actual message from youtube about the copyright strike, it says it was claimed by Venus Angelic and she'll be making money on it instead. Fullscreen probably wouldn't have sued, all that would happen is that any money he makes in the future from that video would go directly to Venus, Vexx obviously doesn't want this and wants to keep the money for himself, so he'd rather just take it down than let Venus make any money from it. As the anon said, if it was taken down due to a strike, it'll say it on the video.

No. 298477

oh god… and she thinks she's SO HOTTT

No. 298478

Didn't part of this $15k a month exaggeration come from the one time $10K signing bonus Venus got from FullScreen? So Venus might have gotten $15K in a month just once due to that and now Margo is pretending that's been the norm so she can play the victim.

No. 298479

Nope, in the email Margo sent to Ferenc informing him (not asking) to wire cash to her acount, Margo made a big to-do and said she didn't want to connect with family again until "they" (she and Venus) were more well off. She claimed at that time that Venus was earning $10k/month for videos - but she was talking about that one month where Venus go the bonus. She wanted to brag about how well off she was, while demanding cash because she's broke and jobless.

So somwhere between Feb. and May, Margo went from exaggerating Venus's income to $10k per month (because once Venus got that first check, Margo assumed that was the new monthly income), to $15k when Venus called her out for blackmail.

Neither amount was true, but Margo has convinced herself each time that the lie is real, as far as I can see.

No. 298480

How does closed captioning work on these videos? I can't understand a damn thing she's saying and it only captions the guys.

No. 298481

Ok so a lot of people underestimate how much a youtuber makes, tbh it's not unrealistic to believe that Venus makes around $10,000 a month. You basically make around $500 whenever a video hits a million views, and you continue to make money from your older videos. This is gonna sound like self-blogging, but I'm a youtuber as well, I only have 60,000 subs and I make $2,300 every month. Now imagine Venus with around 100 videos and 1 million subscribers, she's definitely making a decent amount

No. 298482

First of all, fuck off with your blogging humblebrag.

Second of all, what you're describing is impossible. Margo gets 60k views some months, and when we last checked, she's clearing about $37 per month.

Third, YT takes a 50% cut of your money.

Fourth, your management network takes a further cut

Fifth, you pay taxes.

So fuck off with your bullshit.

No. 298483

I have no network, no one takes a cut, Youtube does take a fair deal of it (60%), so you're right, but I still earn that much. As I said you only make $500 when you hit a million views depending on length of the video, so you can divide that yourself to see how little money you make with 60,000 views. I know it's hard to believe, seriously, I get it,but this is the cold hard truth. Why do you think Vexx was seething that Venus claimed the video? That was a huge source of money for him(wow, unbelievable! how do we learn more??)

No. 298484

If you have proof of Margo's, Venus's or some other comparable YTer proof of earnings, or something to contribute that adds to this thread that's not "personal experience" that you expect people to accept at face value, please feel free to post it here.

As of now, your comment is telling us about this great opportunity to make $8,000 per month from home on your computer, click here now.

No blogging.

No. 298485

For a narcissist that's obsessed with her looks, she sure does have a flat ass. How tragic…

No. 298486

Dumb af. How desperate she is, following Venus' tracks everywhere. I guess next she'll make a video shopping at the same places and eating at the vegan cafe from Taylor's video.

No. 298487

ha ha so which of these guys did she fuck (or try to fuck).

No. 298488

wise words, mate!

No. 298489

Apparently there are no full-length mirrors at the Plywood Palace

No. 298491

For a narcissist obsessed with looks, she doesn't have any.

It's not just her hair. It's her nose, her jowls, her godawful fried hair, her unfortunate jaw, her even more unfortunate forehead, her manhands. If she's getting fat, she lost the only thing she had going for her, which was not being fat. Karma I guess.

No. 298492

sage for shamefagging: that first line was supposed to say "it's not just her ass."

No. 298493

Lol that is true. She's the second narcissistic asshole I've seen that was ugly as fuck. Like, I've never seen a woman who's fingertips, especially their thumb, look like fucking toes.

I hope she doesn't find it. With how unhinged Maggot is, she'll probably try physically stalking Taylor just because she's Venus' friend now. Unnerving shit. Deportation day can't come soon enough.

No. 298494

If this bitch goes out & buys some long polyester hair extensions & big hair bows I'm gonna lose it.

No. 298495

That way people would notice she's unhinged at one glance. Not a bad idea.

No. 298496

It's in the vid and likewise the names of shops they go to (sadly).

oh lord, shitty extensions can and probably will happen.

No. 298497

File: 1472720058777.png (70.25 KB, 314x498, Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.52…)

Margo busted out her old margaretpalermofan alt! And then argues with herself and mimii and invisible haters


No. 298498

File: 1472720108934.png (69.32 KB, 314x428, Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.53…)

wait, it's a troll: margaretpalermofanFAN


No. 298499

File: 1472720121167.jpg (198.71 KB, 1866x1400, margo81.jpg)

snap! posting anyway cause there's an extra one here

No. 298500

File: 1472720146098.png (61.23 KB, 321x404, Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.53…)


No. 298501

Lol, Venus got 700K views on a video in the past 5 days; the first video from 8 months ago of her explaining Margo's crazy has like 800k total, and the second from the same month got 450k. I think her new material is what she's making cash on, mimii.

No. 298502

Margo's super burned up about the running away and animal accusations videos by Venus… I've felt that's behind a lot of Margo's actions till now. Now she seems to be at a dead end with the DMCA claims and I guess she thought making the vid with vexxed would cancel things out somehow? The irony is one of those videos was made in reaction to the Keemstar fiasco.

It's disturbing how mimii's so pressed about it tho.

No. 298503

File: 1472720430788.png (31.41 KB, 325x232, Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.59…)

Lol, Mags is busy.


No. 298504

File: 1472720497408.png (51.84 KB, 309x316, Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.59…)

"I am truly the most victimized victim of all times, as confirmed by IRL forever. Thus, I must harass, accuse, stalk and hound my abuser, because that is what victims do to get away from the abuse!"


No. 298505

& you can learn how to too with 6 easy payments of $9.99

No. 298506

File: 1472720718937.png (29.31 KB, 313x172, Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 2.04…)

we got ourselves a lolercoaster folks

No. 298507

File: 1472720809336.png (12.87 KB, 304x43, Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 2.05…)

This is what's making her rage there, btw

No. 298508

File: 1472721806854.png (30.52 KB, 336x213, Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 2.22…)

When did she change this caption? It used to say "prepare for the worst". That would have been more accurate, because that video was boring, badly edited, had incomprehensible audio, and a shitty "plot", if you could even call it that.

No. 298509

omg did one of her stans really use the "they hate 'cause they ain't me" defense?

WHAT FUCKING YEAR IS THIS? And who the fuck wants to be a crazed, homeless, jobless, 41 year old who looks 55, child abusing, former stage mother, stalker, who can't understand that she's never going to be her daughter?

No. 298511

>virtual reality 360 degree short horror movie
All her videos can be described like this, except the 360 part.

>Losing a daughter to psychopathy is bad enough
Margos parents are the ones who are actually going through this, I wonder how they feel.

No. 298512

>is this real life
>or is this just phantasy?
>Weenoos lies
>Weenoos steals
>Weenoos psychopath!

Is there anything evil this lunatic WON'T accuse her daughter of?

I hope Venus has made peace with the fact that she never had and never will have a real mother. She's just been abused all her life by this vile swampdonkey wearing a human skin. That shit would hurt if she still loved that maggot even a tiny bit :/

No. 298513

More like "they hate me cuz they seen my anus shaving videos"

No. 298518

Closer to 800K views actually (797K)
little gf getting C R A Z Y YT views these days. Meanwhile I just checked mange's stats on Socialblade.com, and her min. monthly income dropped to $27/mo. hahaha

That's what the bitch is so chapped about, really. Venus's popularity & YT success is booming while she, the true QUEEN, is shunned.
Poor wretch and her loyal sidekicks can't even buy an IG hater to fight with anymore. One solitary soul shows up and they both pounce like a pack of wild dogs. Then he/she wanders off & they're left pacing the floor, waiting for the next one to show up.

Even the haters have lost interest.

No. 298520

Has Marghost gained weight? Her ass is 3x larger in the video.
And the sound has a disgusting quality. The only thing I heard is sims talk.

No. 298521

I assume her hobo diet of nothing but cheap instant ramen is catching up with her.

No. 298522

LMFAO! Is she trying to show off that "anaconda" ass of hers by wearing those leggings?? What ass? It's flat as fuck!

No. 298523

Found Vexx's reddit account and apparently before he did his Top 10 Youtubers and slander piece on Venus, he knew of Margo's abuse/manipulation/etc. He can't even play the victim who was blindsided by Margo's lying, he just wanted views from the controversy.


No. 298524

In other news: water is wet

No. 298525

Tbh, she is attempting to make good content. I can see where she was going for this, but audio was too low and was scripted poorly.

No. 298526

Christmas greetings video was quite upsetting. Venoos was all "thanks mom I love you you're the best <3 <3 <3" and margo was like "ugh shut up I only care about the presents".

No. 298527

not lying at all, anacondas doesn't have a proper ass kek

No. 298541

I bet she slept with that youtube space guy, not fellow hobo, to get into that short movie and be allowed to upload it on her chanell.

No. 298545

File: 1472756780171.jpg (1.18 MB, 1079x1735, Screenshot_20160901-120546.jpg)

Burn by venus

No. 298548

You act like she has any sexual currency, she's hideous and worthless.

No. 298549

File: 1472758146563.png (25.52 KB, 322x185, Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 12.2…)

Possibly mid-edit, because she dropped part of the sentence that made sense

No. 298550


you're acting like men won't fuck anything with a hole

No. 298551

File: 1472758391112.png (368.13 KB, 876x592, Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 12.3…)

Well well well, one day after Margo made a huge stink about how Venoos accused her of attempted hacking (but SEX PHOTO so HA! Proofs against hacking! Pr0n!), apparently the @gaming_ks account - which has followed and documented the Margo drama right from the first week of weird posts Margo made on Venus's accounts - was also hacked via password reset.

The owner now has the account back, but this can't be a coincidence.

No. 298552

You act like men aren't ageist and japanese men don't prefer a much trimmer figure than her trashbag body.
Maybe she'd have some sway in the rural south or some bumfuck town, but she is a 2-3 TOPS and that's being generous.

No. 298560

File: 1472761835919.png (110.24 KB, 435x187, Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.27…)

Wow, Margo sure is raking in the views. /s

More than half of them come from farmers,too.

No. 298561

OT but there are a lot of men out there that will take any opportunity for a fuck, doesn't matter if they think the girl is fat or ugly or anything, they'll still do it. Country doesn't matter.

No. 298563

File: 1472762119641.png (112.9 KB, 446x187, Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.28…)

"But Venus is raking in the dough from her boolly videos about her mother! She gets all those views from those 2 videos, and that's stealing!" - mimii

Fucking lel. Those 2 videos went cold months ago. In the past month and a half that Venus's channel has been back online, her 8 month old videos videos about her mom got maybe an extra 100k views combined.

Which is small potatoes compared to 1 million views in just the past week on her latest 3 videos (pikachu vid, un-pictured, has has 150K.)

No. 298565

You make a dollar per 100 views of an ad (full) you make more when people clicky the add less when people skip/Adstock plus as the others said youtube takes a cut and your network takes a cut.so youtubers make less than "news" sites claim they do! Most of their income comes from merch,sponsorships or brand affiliations(like when youtubers give you codes to get 10% off and they get a small commission wage(?) )

No. 298567

Shit, I've just noticed that she looks way too much like Margo in that living doll takes off makeup video preview. Poor girl.

No. 298568

OT wow I cannot type to save my life! I'm waiting to see what happens when mango runs out of money/gets kicked out of nipponland and tries to ask for money to stay
"oh venoos bolly me so I get kicked out of the nippon with the gurd stahbaks so I now need moneyz to see my hobo bf who knows venoos does the hacking"

No. 298569

Her nose is petite, though - and that giant dick nose is one of Margo's biggest facial flaws. Venus also has a nice heart shape to her face, with a very well proportioned chin. It may well be that she gets jowls like Mags later on, but half of that is Margo's nasty attitude, glares, and hard living / stress. Just look at Venus's Aunt Zsu - her skin is lovely and she's only 2 years younger than Margo.

Conclusion: even if there are many similarities in Venus and Margo's faces, I don't think Venus will look nearly as rough - and never as unattractive - as Margo does. Margo knows it, and it kills her.

No. 298570

Wow. Never thought she would write that

No. 298572

Marghost is in rage. We should enrage her more to see when she will begin to make her first mistakes. I wonder where is her breaking point.

No. 298573

Some men would just put a paper bag over her head and fuck her holes.

No. 298578

All the shit Marghost posts in yt and ig is like:
>>Hey look! I'm not alonu. I have a boyfurendo #boyfriend. I have new furendos #friendsforever. I have lots of fans, I'm a star #YoutubeSpaceAccess. I have a life #sex. And I am prosecuted by my psychopathen daughter #BOOLY and rich incontinent japanese perverten #idontcare.

No. 298579

Interesting conversation:

>>At the end of the day my job is to write essays and keep my fan base happy HEHE XD


No. 298580

File: 1472766876784.png (136.31 KB, 986x450, Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 2.52…)


Screenshots might be preferable.

"BUT MUH FREEDUMS!" - vexxed

If he ever ends up being properly lulzy, I suppose we could make a thread for him. As long as it relates to the Venus / Margo saga though, we can keep it here for now.

No. 298581

File: 1472766931811.png (79.25 KB, 887x335, Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 2.55…)

Lord, he really is a sped.

No. 298582

File: 1472767360977.png (28.44 KB, 320x214, Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 3.01…)

OMG he made his own subreddit

No. 298583

File: 1472767436363.png (17.61 KB, 272x123, Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 3.02…)

There are 4 members.

Bless him, he tries. It's always heartwarming to see the mentally disabled give it their all, even when they're still failures.

/end off topic shit about this retard

No. 298584

No. 298585

The kid should go to school instead of staying at home doing shit in the internet! What are his lax parents doing?

No. 298587

File: 1472767940988.png (103.18 KB, 636x354, pee-wee-herman.png)

vexxed in 20 years.

No. 298589

Haha wow man. That faggot is fucking sad.

Speaking of losers, MourgeRot and he may be at risk for YouTube's new what-the-fuck monetization restrictions they have going on. If your content is deemed "not advertiser friendly" you lose monetization on certain videos and may lose your channel, as Philip De Franco says. Those shitty videos where people are going after other YouTubers, talking about depression, have swearing (even if it's a little like "Hey you beautiful bastards) and of course, how to shave your ass are at risk. More and more people are going to have to get jobs.

No. 298590

this is not vexxed, it is a 'troll' runescape streamer known as allison quinn

No. 298591


forgot to add, while i was looking through his reddit posts, found out he is a 'runescape iceposeidon fanboy'/shitty memer. If any of you are familiar with 'ice poseidon' and 'cX' they are the lowest iq kind of fan boys who play an outdated game and harrass random people as a 'meme xD'

No. 298593

Oh my god that would be fantastic, Margo would go through the roof if her $27 a month and a portion of asspats were taken from her (she went off the rails long ago).

Oops, my bad. I'll delete this. Weird, they do look similar, as seen here >>298029

No. 298598

Huh, I was so caught up in Margo's Top Victim act that I didn't notice her reference to Taylor in her first comment here: "[Venus] hangs on new carefully chosen people to exploit".

Uh, Venus's videos regularly get 4x the views Taylor's do, and V has more than 4x the number of subscribers. The person trying to exploit others for attention is the old Hungarian kappa you see in the mirror every day, crazypants.

How much do you want to bet poor Taylor got a late night drunk email from Mags, informing Tay to meet Margo quick at the Denny's because their lives are in danger, pls respond now?

No. 298602

I'll bet half my paycheck on it. She and her stans are so stupid, so crazy and have no touch with reality that all they're doing is making the Hungarian Whore look worse. No one in their right mind is going to take Maggot's word for gospel truth when she and her stans are experts at incriminating themselves, verifying the insanity.

No. 298604

Ill take that bet because as soin as taylor mentiined Venus, Margo sent the hounds after Taylor on instagram so save her.

No. 298615

Her things about life video can easily be demonetized too.

No. 298616


Ffs Margo can't stop looking at her phone even while she's filming.

No. 298617

She has to address de haaters at all time, because she is boolied the most of all IRL, more than anyone.

No. 298618

File: 1472787943118.jpg (697.16 KB, 1402x1352, Screenshot_20160901-204258.jpg)

Everyone say it with me: poor margo

Buts she's pretty much over it guys, that's why she's been chasing down her dangerous murderous abuser for 9 months. Because she's over it.

No. 298620

The phrase "all people are objects even the mother" bothers me for some reason. Who refers to themselves as "the mother"? I figure its either her poor english or she is parroting the phrase. Considering her check list of psychopathy buzz words, Im leaning towards the latter.

No. 298621

The flaming fuck…? Is it me or are her stans becoming more and more unhinged as time goes by? Being infested by a festering Maggot is one nasty virus.

Remember, everyone! If you're a mother, that means you get an automatic free pass to be an evil worthless sack of shit!

No. 298625

Margo is using the cultural reverence for mothers as a pity point - venoos is cruel, margo knows, but won't someone thing about her loving mama?? She doesn't even care for her mama???

This is the same woman who blamed her child for childbirth; for existing; for not making margos husband stay; for not being "useful" until margo realized venus had an idea and talent that could be exploited to her own benefit; for all of margo's personal failings ("if only I didn't have a child, I would be successful! It's all because of you I don't have a boyfriend!"), etc.

But now when venus finally frees margo from the burden of her presence- and margo always made it abundantly clear that venus was a burden- margo is still pissed off. There's no way to win with a narc except not to play. Venus has left margo alone for the last 9 months, minus 3 days. And as margo says, it's killing her metaphorically, because without venus to blame, to deflect, and to slave, margo is, indeed, nothing. A homeless, useless middle aged abusive hag.

No. 298633

the absence or weird use of pronouns is usually a clue to someone bullshitting (disclaimer: amateur statement analysis)… no matter the language.

No. 298634

no it's not you, they're definitely worse now. only the worst of worst shitlord are supporting her now. I think mimii would personally like to hit someone tbh.

No. 298636

You're not kidding. It's like a freakshow, a la Barnum & Bailey/AHS. eek

No. 298638

It disgusts me so much to see that rotten shitugly piece of slime throw "gaslighting" in there as a buzzword. Gaslighting is fucking horrible and her flat fugly ass was probably the one doing it, if anyone. Fuck off and die already, maggotshit.

No. 298640

In another three months I am so up for a 1 Year Free From Maggot Anniversary Party for Venus.

No. 298643

So I don't know how youtube works all too well as I don't upload on it but Vex hasn't actually deleted his video. It's just unlisted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMRvhn83mKc

No. 298644

What a faggot. He even tweeted about counter claiming directly to Fullscreen today.

No. 298647

File: 1472817915659.png (69.04 KB, 1314x746, Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 13.0…)

No. 298652

It's not unlisted or deleted, but it is private. can't make money off it.

No. 298654

Great, well Venus will get his address, and seeing as how she's a "psychopath"… Don't worry Vexxy, I'm sure you'll be fine.

No. 298655

he obviously still wants to try it. idiot, this claim's never going to resolve in his favour.

No. 298657

File: 1472826022300.png (209.23 KB, 756x375, vexmaybe.PNG)

Anyone else suspicious that Vex is going on about how the evil Venus fans are trying to dox him and the only sign of that is a bad post that seems like the person has no idea how to post here? Could be me just wearing a tin foil hat but he's definitely shown he's desperate enough for attention to do it and enjoys stirring up the "psycho fans" just to have something to talk about on Twitter.

No. 298658

Definitely him.

He's sitting on the useless counter-claim, pretending he's deleted the video and then hopefully getting 'approval' from 'margaret' that he could 'reupload' it.

No. 298660

File: 1472826371970.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_2016-09-02-16-07-00…)

I don't know what's going on but I still can see the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMRvhn83mKc).

No. 298663

I'm going to fucking laugh my ass off if this faggot also does the same sue tour Maggot did

No. 298668

I just checked the reddit thread and saw that he recently deleted his posts there to hide the fact that he's a complete moron. Can it be that our little vexxed is afraid that we might dig up all the stupid shit he had said on the internet?

No. 298671

File: 1472834359120.jpg (370.54 KB, 1408x651, Screenshot_20160902-093604.jpg)

Thank you, kind fellow sociopath, yes, it is truly a trial no in3 deserves, when their child marries and moves out and only leaves you with 8 months of severance and an apartment which you promptly throw away to stalk her, in stead of a lifetime income just because. How dare she.

No. 298672

He's pretty clearly mentally disabled, so i, I truly don't think it ever occurred to him that he was breaking the law, or that his expectations that content ownership should be respected unless it's him that wants to exploit someone else's work, then he should get to to what he wants. I wonder how old he is, because from his writing he sounds like he's 12 or 13 years old - that's the intellectual level he has. I feel bad in that he's clearly very retarded, but not bad enough to not send that live link to Venus's lawyers.

No. 298673

he's actually 19, same age as Venus.

No. 298674

Wow, could he make it any more obvious? So pathetic

No. 298676

It's september. This means margo won't get more swissbucks.

No. 298680

Yeah I know, I was more pointing out how immature / unformed his thought process is; even though he's venus's age, he sounds much younger. He's like a 11 year old edgelord call of duty account come to life. Who is trying to "negotiate" with lawyers, and is genuinely shocked when his signature call out of "FUCK YOUR MOM!!" hasn't convinced the law to be in his side.

No. 298682

Venus is still getting dat money if it's still showing ads. I didn't click the video link so I don't know if it's still showing them or not. This guy is so fucking retarded. I'm betting it's either autism or the downs. Probably the downs with how disfigured he is.

No. 298691

Dr Phil would kill to get his hands on this situation since it's right up his alley. Could you imagine Marge on public television going on about her evil gaslighting narc psycho daughter only to have the tables turned on her?
She probably would if she knew she'd get a free flight and a free hotel room out of it, much less a chance to tell the world about how evil Venus is.

No. 298692

Manaki deleted his IG

No. 298694


I don't blame him with all those annoying kids in the comment section.

No. 298696

Didn't Venus post a bit ago that he wanted to? I don't blame him, especially when he didn't seem to be that into IG to begin with.

No. 298698

I'm sure it's better for his mental health- but I did love how insane it made margo, that manaki got 10k more followers than her in 8 months with like, 30 posts.

No. 298699

I've had this exact same thought so many times before. Marge and Forever Kailyn would be my two Dr Phil dream guests.

No. 298700

It's just too bad you have to be one of the parties involved to submit a request to be on the show. Odds are he'd probably do it since Venus and Morgue have already been on television before and Venus is considered a minor celebrity by some standards.

No. 298701

What I don't understand about Vexxed was at first he was trying to make it sound as if "they're both crazy nobody is right in this situation1!!!!1" but now he's completely sticking up for Margo?

No. 298703

The video is unlisted, you wouldn't be able to find it by using the youtube search button, but you can see it if you have a link to the video

No. 298704

It went like this: he was sympathetic to venus and totally understood margo is nuts per u is reddit account; decided to make money and get attention and asspats by giving margo a forum to further abuse venus, even though he knew what he was doing; knowingly stole venus's content for profit; gloated about his abuse furthering videos sucess; bragged when he got a dmca notice (even though he'd made comments in reddit about how stealing content was shitty, and how people should always take stolen content down); and tried to blackmail venus into allowing him to make money off her contetn, or he would cause her to receive more harassment.

He's not a smart man; he's a desperate retard. But he did know and does know exactly what he's done to venus (stolen from her, lied about her, harassed and attempted to blackmail her) and thinks it makes him a really cool dude. He also thinks there will be no consequences to these actions, which further illustrates his retardation. And not in a "internet gonna getcha!" way. Like, lawyers gonna get him, and it's all so stupid and pointless.

No. 298705

Because Margo sucked up to him while Venus refused to show him any attention.

No. 298706

Why does he sound like a bad copy of an American sitcom character?

No. 298710

File: 1472854634142.png (883.31 KB, 1024x820, eddb90a1-cd2c-48b5-a4ac-b24b3e…)

Venus responds to the freaks, psychos & trolls:


No. 298711

Wtf Anon are you high?

No. 298712

File: 1472854773955.png (703.71 KB, 1024x800, e6300ba1-773c-4e54-a418-b3f154…)

I got the cute
I got the $$
I dgaf

No. 298713

Is she calling v a "character"? Or is it part of the evil decisions she's referring to?

No. 298714

Stop, you're not edgy.

No. 298715

Hmm I think she is referring to Venus character traits. Although outwardly Venus only portrays a character - No one really knows what she's like as she's never broke character, even her running away video etc was scripted. Would be interesting if anyone spoke about first hand experiences with her, but that won't happen as she doesn't talk to anyone.

No. 298716

Being raised by margo, venus had to learn a very long lesson in how not to trust anyone. Margo kept venus in a follie a deux, and lost her shit when v stopped playing along. It'll take v a long time to trust anyone besides herself and manaki.

No. 298717

File: 1472855747923.png (1.2 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160902-182531.png)

Not high or trying to be edgy. You think Venus is sitting at home wringing her hands over marge's latest IG post ir what vexxtard might be planning, omg!!

Look at the big picture here. Look at her YT views. Look at her subs. Her fanbase is growing. She's getting out & meeting people and making connections and seems to really love what she's doing. She's engaging with her fans.

She's winning.

No. 298718

File: 1472855815319.png (311.07 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160902-182502.png)

Maybe planning a trip?

No. 298719

Maybe that's true. I can't back either side tbh, I can't trust V because she can't even show her normal self and personality online. It's all a big mess.

No. 298720

Tell me one time she has properly connected with fans outside of the Angelic persona? Not once. She is asking her followers what they want to see in videos as she wants to rake in the moolah.

No. 298721

What is going on? Do we have a vextard in this thread or something?

No. 298723

I was thinking the same. Either that or vex himself.

No. 298724

Not at all, just wondering why some people are licking Venus's arsehole when we really have no idea what she is really like. I'm on neither Margaret or Venus's side.

No. 298725

Probably. Ignore the bait.

"Two sides! Who can tell?? Full of secrets!!" Fuck off with your low quality bait.

No. 298726

Mate, not even baiting. Just because I'm not cheering either of them on y'all going loco.

No. 298727

Ah, thanks guys, so I'm not having a stroke or something and this really is weird.

vexxed confirmed

Anyway, any bets on what and when Margo's next chimpout will be?

No. 298728

>>Anyway, any bets on what and when Margo's next chimpout will be?

I'd say within the next two weeks. Especially as it looks like Venus is planning to take a european holiday soon-ish. To Margo, Europe is where she's repeatedly failed in life, and where she doesn't want to return; she also likes to pretend her homeless, unemployed state is a #japantrip. That illusion will shatter the moment Venus and Mana go on an actual working holiday where Venus makes videos abroad on their vacay. Margo will be stuck in Japan, where she's dug in to bother V - who is moving on with her life. That, more than anything, will infuriate Margo (Venus's happiness, leisure and success.)

Also, barring welfare fraud, Margo has no more SwissBux as of yesterday.

No. 298730

>>vexxed confirmed
Yeah I had a sex change and have turned British, yeah I'm Vexxed alright. Fucking spaz.

No. 298731

That would be great, maggot doesn't have the money to stalk her across Europe.

Apparently. His autismo retardation is intensifying. Is he going for an extinction burst?

If Venus and Manaki actually leave for a multi itinerary capitals of Europe honeymoon trip, maggot's spaz out will be beautiful. She'll be stuck at the Roach Plywood Motel, smack in the middle of Weeb Mecca, with no one to stalk.

No. 298732

Do not reveal personal information. No flaming / baiting.

No. 298733

File: 1472858936667.jpg (44.94 KB, 450x236, surejan.w1200.h630.jpg)

>>'have turned British'
>> Uses a word that's generally only used as an insult in the UK

No. 298734

What is she planning with this whole 'dressing up in frilly shit and touring historic places in Europe'. I thought she was taking a jibe at Margo the first time she mentioned it, but she is actually serious in the newer post. Do you think it will be a good change in direction or pointless?

No. 298735

Margo's parents will probably give her money for a trip back to Europe though

No. 298737

Margos father wouldn't give her money I don't think, as he knows she would be stalking V.

No. 298738

File: 1472859346836.png (380.95 KB, 922x585, Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 4.33…)

From the photos's she's posting while discussing this, which are all joke-y with derp photos, it sounds like she's going on holiday in Europe and making the kind of videos that are her new, adult normal - food, sometimes makeup, weird humor, clothes, vlog, etc.

No. 298739

File: 1472859516475.png (19.01 KB, 319x92, Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 4.37…)

gasp SNAKEY! You came back!

2 days after she releases her own n00dz, Megs is already feeling the thirst, apparently.

No. 298740

I think she needs a new video approach, her content is going stale as it's just the same video but different food over and over. I hope she uses the trip to do something different.

No. 298741

She literally is trying to lead the most notmal life ever nothing too exciting. She is just studying, trying to be good a wife, trying to make friends and now travelling to europe probably to meet up with her extended family. She is not sitting there thinking how am i going to fuck up my moms life she is just moving on.

No. 298742

File: 1472859661894.png (52.93 KB, 312x346, Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 4.38…)

A nude photo provides a 12 hour minimum alibi, as per section 420.whut of internet court.

Also, Margo can't stop, won't stop. Because her imaginary version of Venus in her mind is always taunting her.

No. 298743

I don't get it, just watched Vexxed's video and he sounds American. Idk what you are Sure Jan-ing at.

No. 298744

She's so extra. Really dragging this out for all it's worth.

No. 298745

He's Irish. And not relevant at this point.

No. 298746

Or maybe Margo is umpkying she was too busy having sex to hack. Sex all night long. For 12 hours.

No. 298747


You can still text/use your phone while fucking megs … Its called multi tasking. Thus you were probably fucking hacking.

No. 298748


Margo's so transparent with this shit - Venus said nothing about hacking publicly, but Margo went balls-out to deny it. Someone was getting paranoid. She's starting to edge into actual illegal shit again. Her current visa is almost half over, she's spent 9 months on the warpath, destroying what little professional rep she had.

No. 298749

these are too, right from the script: >>298719
>Who is she, REALLYYYY???
^ Fuck off, mate.
One person spent an entire afternoon & part of an evening with her, remember? Lunch, shopping, girltalk. All over Harajuku, for hours…way longer than planned, as I recall. Taylor didn't get home till 9pm.

Here's some quotes from the vlog about their outing:
• spent many hours together.
• talked a lot and had a lot in common.
• got along really well.

And this is how Taylor described Venus:
"such a kind, strong and smart person. She's really really smart, actually."

No. 298750

You're carrying on shit that doesn't matter. Chill your fucking tits fam, I'm not that lad. You all have such boners when you think someone is him you all attack full force. All I said was that V never makes videos as herself so I can't judge her character - simple.
I fucking hate all these people keep saying every anon who says something they don't like as being Marg, Vexxed or one of the twos avid followers. I'll end it here as I don't want to end up being kicked off the board for arguing against you being tosser.

No. 298751

Can she apply for another Visa or not till next year? Idk how they work.

No. 298753

File: 1472862668148.png (247.4 KB, 1906x992, batman-slap-robin.png)

there's a fucking Venus thread in snow you retard, go sperg there.

No. 298754

Idk why there are two separate ones tbh as they are both cringy af and closely interlinked subjects.

No. 298757

This has been explained multiple times.

This thread is to discuss Margo and her insanity, and Venus as it relates to Margo. There is a separate thread in /snow for those who wish to discuss Venus as her own lolcow / snowflake - how much you don't like her, if you find her cringe, etc etc.

Discussing how much Venus is cringe and disliked tends to bait and derail the Margo thread with a swiftness. Hence, 2 threads; two separate subjects; two different farming communities.

No. 298761

it's private. he's done this voluntarily to avoid further trouble so it's not the same as a forced deletion. he must be as deluded as margo if he thinks he can un-private it someday.

No. 298765

Let's not forget he met with Margo in person. My money's on her sucking his dick or at least implying she would.

No. 298767

They are giving her money. Her mum instigated it as far as we know but dad absolutely knows about it - it's his business that makes the money to give to Margo after all. He referred obliquely to all of this on his insta (the 'light at the end of the tunnel' post). The deal appears to be that she shuts up and she can have money. Never mind she's in Japan stalking Venus, that doesn't seem to faze them.

And yes they'll give her money to stalk Venus through Europe as well.

No. 298768

why are you so surprised that Venus doesn't show her 'true self' while doing her fuCKING JOB?

You realise that V actually gets all her income from her Venus Angelic brand, right? So of course she'll seem a little odd. She's not going to post about her period cramps, or her bad hair days, because she has to make money. Just like how she hasn't addressed her mother publicly in a while but it doesn't mean she isn't effected.

No. 298769

tourist visas are automatic on entry and last 90 days (this is only between certain countries). However, she may finally be using up the max number of them she can have in a year (two? three? I can't remember). So she runs the risk of being turned away at the border next time she enters.

No. 298772

>maggot doesn't have the money to stalk her across Europe.

That's what we thought last time she went to London…

never understimate mama margit's stupidity/naivety

No. 298774

>I was sooo busy giving handjobs all night long to some limp dick hobo dude to hack venoos accounts~

No. 298775

If Margo has a Swiss passport (in case she had the nationality, Hungary allows multiple nationality) she can decide if she wants to stay other 3 months, Swiss people can stay 6 months with a tourist visa in Japan.
Only a few countries have this option, Switzerland is one of them. The process is the following: you enter with a normal 90 days visa (about 3 months) just like every other country with such possibility, then before your visa expires, you have to go to the immigration offices and if everything is in order, they give you an extension of other 90 days. No need to leave the country or anything.
This is how Venus and Margo stayed for more than 3 months the first time they were living together in Japan.

No. 298776

I honestly think some down to earth vids would bring in a lot of interest. Remember when people didn't even know what her real voice was like? That video 'Venus Angelics real voice' a few years ago someone posted was a big hit.

No. 298777

Lovely imagery before going to sleep. Thanks Anon.

No. 298778

Margo never had Swiss nationality - she's Hungarian only. Venus has dual citizenship and was born in Switzerland. Margo gets automatic 90 visas in Japan as an EU citizen, but not a 6 month Swiss one.

No. 298780

Remember how Margo went off about ow Manaki wants to leech of Venus internet fame. I don't think so. Or he'd have liked getting thousand of followers on instagram.

No. 298782

I would LOVE to see Margo on tv getting a smackdown from Dr. Phil but I don't think he takes international guests. It's a shame though I think Margos insanity could earn her 2 episodes.

He thought he could get a huge boost as a drama reporter if he could have both Venus and her Mom dishing it out on his channel while he racked up the views. He contacted Margo and of course she jumped at the the chance to talk more shit about her kid while hiding behind someone who claims to be an impartial investigator. I think vexxed was hoping Venus would contact him and agree to do a video in response to those awful accusations from her mom. Venus senpai did not notice him in the way he thought she should have and instead went the legal route. This is why he's lashing out at Venus and revealing how profoundly stupid he is in the process.

No. 298783

How do you expect her to do that? It's like when someone walks up to you out of nowhere and asks you to tell a joke: it's harder than you think. Also even if she was being herself how would we know anyway? I feel like she has been being pretty much herself in most of her videos recently. That's the thing though because maggot had her grip around Venus' entire existance she probably doesnt even have an actual understanding of who she is herself.

No. 298784

We don't know for a fact they have a 'deal' w/morge about her shutting up in exchange for $$, that's all speculation. We're pretty sure momma margit is sending her poor persecuted daughter $$ tho based on morge sperging about "talking to my mom every day" and "so glad my mom is helping me!" and bc that's what fucking narcs do. Momma might have her own $$ from a pension or something tho, might not be grandpa ferenc's funds.

No. 298785

>>That video 'Venus Angelics real voice' a few years ago someone posted was a big hit.

That video was posted less than 6 months ago. The "big reveal" is that her voice… sounds exactly like her voice. She doesn't "do" a voice, she has a naturally high voice. The big reveal in the video was that she works really hard to have an "american english" accent even though she lived in London, because she think's it'll be easier to understand her. People often accused her of trying to sound Japanese, but her accent is Swiss-German-hungarian speaking english with an american accent.

No. 298787

I guess the only people that accuse her of faking a Japanese accent never hang around actual Japanese people, or they are not familar with how different Swiss-German accent is from High/standard German accent. This video really shows that. Combine that with being influenced by Margaret's garbled German and English and Venus' accent makes total sense.

No. 298788

Yeah her old videos had some pitching to make it higher but the way she said words wasnt all that different.
I think Venus's mouth is too small for her tongue and teeth so that can also be why she sounds the way she does.
I have sorta the smal problem and i know Margo probably never took her to a speech class.

No. 298789

If she was spending most of her time with Margaret instead of learning from hanging out with her peers, I think that also has to do with it. I agree with your small mouth theory, though. I am affected by that as well. Venus also said Margaret used to get angry at Venus for her mistakes, right? Yeah, definitely she needed a real speech therapist.

The more Venus practices speaking on camera, the better. I see improvement already without Margaret around. Meanwhile, is Margaret's English getting WORSE? Old clips of her were not this bad!

No. 298791

Everything about the old freak is getting worse. The toxic waste dump inside her is oozing out her pores and she's slowly dissolving into a puddle of slime.

No. 298792

If she'd just SLOW DOWN a bit it would help. I love her but her last video sounds like a chipmunk high on meth, jeez.

No. 298793

"Your leg is on fire."
"The cheese is in the stroller."

No. 298794

Venus honestly used to talk so sliw when there wasnt a voiceover. I believe Margo used to chastise her for messing up so thats why she speak slowly and do those weird mouth movements in her old videos.

Shes talking more and faster so she clearly more comfortable.

No. 298795

File: 1472887371851.jpg (110.45 KB, 1190x938, margo82.jpg)

You're right, we only have vague information. it came via Marg herself and also via Zsu. Here's a flashback to what grandpa posted when Marg started to sperg again recently. Even if money was sent behind his back before (for Marg to fly back to Japan) he knows about it now. When Margo chimps out publicly she is breaking some kind of agreement they have… not a contract, no, but maybe just an informal agreement to give everybody peace and concentrate on her own supposed career as a Youtuber. They're not exactly sending her a ton though - she still lives in Tetris house.

No. 298803

Who is snakey? And who is he talking to?

No. 298806

Havent seen much from snakey for a while now. Snakey leaves positive comments on Mags pictures and gives her a sounding board for her opinions. Probably a Margo sock.

No. 298807


I totally imagine her with this guy on top of her banging away while she's got one arm around him with her phone in her other hand, frantically trying to access V's accounts and typing "yes I am most boolied mother of all times" in Instagram comments.

No. 298812

Nah not talking about her video. Talking about the one someone posted years back of clips of her breaking the high pitched fake voice she used to do,when she met up with Ana. Like do you even read? I am able to distinguish between a month ago and a few years Anon.

No. 298815

Actually you can submit requests for the show from outside the US. I did look at the form to see if you could just tell the show "Hey, this is going on, you might look into contacting these people for ratings" and it did ask for phone number/address but had non-US options. I mean they've had some European people up there and then a bunch of "Here's your supposed boyfriend in Nigeria!" shows.
Theoretically someone could pose as a friend of either one of them and propose them for the show since it has options for if you're a friend/coworker and also if you're willing or not to be on the show, much like any other show like when anons tried to get PT on What Not to Wear a few years back when she was serious about getting a job.

No. 298819

Please tell me you're kidding about this "Let's get marge on Dr. Phil!" shit. First, no one outside here and PULL gives a fuck, second who would watch some weird middle-aged frau that nobody would even be able to understand what she was mumbling and rambling about and third, seriously? You know she'd be in narc paradise with this kind of attention, right? Not that it would ever happen bc of 1) and 2) but… WHY??

No. 298825

I'm not fully serious, I (and others) just really like the idea of it. Believe me, weird middle-aged rambling people are Dr Phil's usual. It's Jerry Springer with a PhD and we're all trashy and want to see the smackdown even if we know it'll never happen.

No. 298831

Jeremy Kyle would be more the thing for morge. He has a habit of stomping narcissist mothers into the ground. So satisfying.

But let's not apply for anything that would a) put money into the hands of the maggot and b) would force Venus to be in the same room. 19 years of hard labor for and abuse from that steaming pile of rat turds is enough.

No. 298832

Snake had been proven as a margo sock long ago; she's forgotten to log out as herself and responded with it before, thenot corrects her mistake by using her real account soon after.

No. 298833

File: 1472911659590.jpg (1.06 MB, 1431x2002, Screenshot_20160903-070607.jpg)

Margo used her standard saved meitu app on a cat, and called it a face swap. At least we get to see the full extent of the fuckery sheuses on her selfies - that thing doesn't even have fur in its face enymore, just blur.

No. 298834


No. 298838

Taylor posted a new video (the vlog from yesterday) and said she will hang out with Venus again today/ or did it.

Can't wait for another jealousy rage of mags about it lmao.


I wish this woman would stop harass cats. First the dogs and now cats.

No. 298842


No. 298846

Yeah they were at a Barbie Cafe and went shopping.

No. 298848

So we must expect another attention seeking nude from morgoth. This time a three-way I guess.

No. 298860

"I am not stalking yooou Weenos! I was busy learning shibari from famous teacher and a real model! #artisticexpression #traditionalart #artist #boyfriend"

No. 298906

Does anyone else find it incredibly fucking hilariously tragic the way the ENTIRE family posts every aspect of their personal issues online…? christ, what a familial trainwreck

No. 298907


I was thinking the same, I know Margo's entire family wedding pictures and shit I didn't even was expecting to see, Ferenc is like your classic old man discovering social apps so he has to post his entire family album there.

Zsu talks a lot about her life, and when someone says something nice about her she's like yes I know. Lol

No. 298909

File: 1472976527514.jpg (192.75 KB, 1079x1105, CXkC7iC.jpg)

Did you guys see Margaret's comment on that girl Cristy Ella's Venus video?
Not only is her comment pretty coherent(unusual as of late), but she proves she and Vexxed never met or had a genuine interview. Basically, as we already knew, she just emailed him the same crap she does to every 15 year old that kiss her ass.

No. 298910

File: 1472976586421.jpg (198.55 KB, 1079x1100, 96KMSuY.jpg)

No. 298911

Oh man, that's hilarious. Do narcs really provide this much milk or is it only aging bitches that can't live vicariously through their child and stalks them across continents?

No. 298912

she's trying especially hard her. it seems to be very important to her that this gal / any viewers see the points she wants to make. it's because she's lost the vexxed video.

No. 298914

File: 1472977710431.png (32.76 KB, 582x179, Screen_Shot_2016-09-04_at_12.3…)

I wonder if we'll go viral!

No. 298915

Lmfao this is fucking hilarious. She's still trying to push that whole "I TOOK ZEE VIRAL FOTO!" shit. Oh please, that was a shitty photo taken by the damn paper. "Many of you are underage and don't understand that there is a poor mother that was boolied and stullen from!" Yeah, no mags. A lot of us are of age and see what kind of fucking nut you are.

No. 298916

…does he not fucking realize that he's going to shoot himself in the face by making a video about both of these sites? DO IT, FAGGOT!

No. 298917

I think this plain faced 'tism looking fucker just wants attention when he isn't playing Runescape.

No. 298918

My god, this motherfucker is seriously retarded lmao

No. 298919


>teenage girls

but isn't he like 19 himself? So still kind of teenager?

No. 298920

Fucking lol. I like how he's making all of this about him.

Nobody cares about you, Vexxed. You're just a downsy nobody.

No. 298921

Sorry. I'm a mother, as are most of my friends and we all see right through your act, Margaret. I hate this "You're not a mom. You can't understand!" There are tons of families going through much worse, with genuinely mentally ill kids who cause chaos, are in and out of jail, are a danger to be near. Even when they have to cut off contact because their child is beyond help, those parents never stop loving their kids. They find no joy in blasting them publicly or having other people join in on harassment.

I know Margaret was capable of being loving and protective, because narcissists are not 100% evil and inhuman, but when narcs are not playing nice? They turn your world upside down and make you doubt everything they said before. They love you now and shower you with compliments and gifts, but yesterday they said you were a burden that ruined their life and they wish they never gave birth to you. When your parent talks in extremes like that about you as a kid, you believe every word. It destroys you. There is no way Margaret is in the right, even if Venus was mentally ill. Parents always have more responsibility.

No. 298922

Wasn't V's email in possession of Marg this whole time, or am I just confused? I'm pretty sure fagxed tried to contact V through that, and even if V had the email account back, why the hell would she respond to some random weirdo

He's really not too self-aware

No. 298923

File: 1472982072458.jpg (13.93 KB, 300x168, descarga.jpg)

hopefully we'll surpass the venoos video! I'm clenching my buttcheeks in excitement.

No. 298924


Didnt Keem already do this?

No. 298925

Awww, Vexxy.
Mistake. Big. Mistake. You have no idea what you have just done. :)

What a turd. I can't wait to see more of his Pulitzer-worthy "investigative journalism".

No. 298927

>those parents never stop loving their kids. They find no joy in blasting them publicly or having other people join in on harassment.

Very true, like that poor dad of the sack of shit Leah Albee. But maggot will stop at nothing to destroy Venus, she's completely lost the plot.

No. 298928

Venus made new one, and that's the one vexxy used. Venus rightly ignored him. Marg still holds the old one most likely.

No. 298929

I have my fingers crossed I'll get a quote in!

The downside, of course, is shitty traffic incoming. Vexxy's butthurt that the girls on PULL won't include him in their clique.

No. 298930

Make one about kiwifarms while you're at it vexxy. They'd love to get to know you. Kisses.

No. 298931

and I hope it's comments like these he'll be posting. right? right?

No. 298932

Lmao vexxed, I'm older than you. Pretty sure most people on lolcow are.

No. 298933

I would like to see that coupling lol

No. 298936

He'll probably be doing constant searches for his username as "research", so we should generate more name-dropping material.

Vexxed is a genetic enigma.

Vexxed has Oedipus complex.

Vexxed: King of middle school.

Vexxed's eyes had a major disagreement and are seeing other people.

I hoped that helps, Vexxed.

No. 298937

This fucking piss baby.
No one cates about you. Just mad cause Venus drama isnt getting you the fame you want.
How bout you build a youtube career instead of clickbaiting. That never works out in the longrun if you dont know how to work it.

No. 298939

File: 1472993586699.png (115.45 KB, 720x941, IMG_20160904_145239.png)

What happened? Her IG is privat

No. 298940


oh wow
the last thing she posted was about the video she deleted "accidentally", so she couldn't upload anything.

any farmer who follow her on Insta?

No. 298941


Yeah, but there's nothing changed on her Insta atm. Manaki has deleted his account, though.

No. 298942

File: 1472994503725.png (1.31 MB, 1440x2155, Screenshot_20160904-080447.png)

I went to check and she hasn't posted anything. Did find this though.

No. 298943

And this is up.

No. 298944

Aunt Zsu threw him the gauntlet.

No. 298945

She probably didnt want any comments about being in Taylor's video with her face showing.

No. 298946

It's really nice seeing them both laughing and seeming like they genuinely enjoy hanging out with each other. Venus is a bit shy and a bit awkward but after the shit she's went through in the past, it's honestly not surprising

No. 298947

Awww, V looks and sounds super uncomfortable in that video.
I'm glad Taylor seems like she is being patient with her since she is new to this social stuff.
Ganbatte, Venus!

No. 298948

File: 1472995471922.jpg (235.97 KB, 933x547, icon.jpg)

Zsu ain't taking none of your shit Vexxed

No. 298949


they're both cute, this is also the first time I have seen Taylor before. I like these hanging out in the city videos!

No. 298950

Venus looked so cute in Taylors new vlog i bet Marg will throw up from anger

No. 298951

margo is gonna flip big time, venus was all sorts of cute and seemed to get on well with taylor. this gon be good

No. 298952

i fucking love zsu. i really hope her and venus have some sort of connection behind the scenes.

No. 298953

They (Venus & Taylor) look just weird…troll faces

No. 298954


Maggot doesn't even have money for a Danny's Parfait and V can go out a lunch at a cute barbie cafe with a ~friend~.

she will be mad and after the post-fuck pic I expect everything now.

No. 298955

There is a Venus thread in /snow/ and a place to post about Taylor in the J vlog thread which is also in /snow/

This one is for Margo, unless your commentary about Venus has any relation or effect on Margs it's best to post there posting it here will just look like you have a hate boner abd are sperging all over the place

No. 298956


And it seemed like those Japanese girls asked Taylor & Venus to take photos with them. Margo will really hate that for sure, her evil boolly daughter getting attention from strangers!

No. 298957

absolutely brilliant of her.

No. 298958


I am waiting for a pregnancy scare which she will both use to go "See Venoos you are replaced this will be better child superstar from my uterus which will never abandon moother" and "I have no money to raise child it's all Venoos fault she boollied me so i had to prove alibi by having sex with Japanese hobo man and Venoos stole all money for condom.

No. 298959

at the very least another sexy selfie. and maybe a rich Japanese dude to take her to the barbie cafe.

No. 298960

File: 1472998104369.png (17.56 KB, 339x219, barbiecafevlog.png)

Looked in the comment section and saw this.

No. 298961


No. 298963

He ruined his name with so many people before he even went viral.

I mean Keem also has haters but his fame outweighs the hate.
Vexxed just looks like an idiot now

No. 298964

I'm so happy for Venus. Its nice that she had Manaki, but its good for anyone to have friends that aren't their SO. And Taylor has really impressed me with all this, I never realized how mature she was. (She is almost 30 kek)

No. 298965


A kind older sister-type to take her under their wing is exactly what Venus needed IMO. Taylor seems very mature and nice, I think it's great that they've struck up a friendship.

No. 298966

Aww im so happy for venus she is still a bit awkward but then again she was never allowed any other human interaction except her mothers. She will get better at socializing soon.
I noticed Venus and tay looks to be about the same height.

No. 298968

One more thorn in maggot's ass: Venus's week-old taking off makeup video blew past 1M views and still going strong.
suck. it. maggot.

No. 298969

File: 1473008128662.gif (679.46 KB, 250x192, laugh014.gif)

> Vexxed's eyes had a major disagreement and are seeing other people.

No. 298971

File: 1473012007099.png (831.78 KB, 1024x791, 7ccc7649-aa32-44d2-939b-c025ae…)

Can I just say how much I love that they went shopping at the Adidas store and each got an Adidas hoodie, Taylor's red and Venus's white?

Recall that it was an Adidas dress that morge tried on & "left crying haha" bc she couldn't afford it? Haha indeed.

Was it the same store, do you think? Just a coincidence? Or a burnnn?

No. 298972

File: 1473012392410.png (544.29 KB, 613x590, 2016-09-04 20_04_06-vexxed sur…)

>I can take cute purikura too!! with my best friendo vexxed!!

No. 298973


so this is margo with vexxfag?

No. 298974

weren't they just saying they never met? lmao

No. 298975


Omg ! haha, he looks like a inbred version of Spock, and what the fuck is Margo saying ? " nose surgery " … Yea, I agree. Vexx's nose is out of joint..

No. 298977

Lol, so much for never having met Margo, dude.

Hope collaborating with a homeless river kappa was worth the ten seconds of views you snagged off Venus's popularity, because your retarded face isn't going to get a second act. None of the other jvloggers will ever work with you, since you made it so abundantly clear that you and the truth aren't even casual acquaintances.

No. 298978

Btw, mana is back on instagtam, and venus's account is public again.

No. 298979

>And this is how a beautiful love story begins #boyfriend #friendsforever #japan #travel #thequestforthetruth #totallynotsuckedhisdick

Morgoth should adopt him and start a new channel called vexxus angelic.


No. 298980

What the fuck did he expect to happen? Did he just think everyone would forget what a little shit he has been?

No. 298981


It's really creepy the way he seems to be basically following Venus around on the internet as well. Why is he so weirdly obsessed with her? Senpai's not gonna notice you, Vexxed.

No. 298983

>LOOK AT MEE I'm famous! I have 2 forums GOSSIPING ABOUT MEE!
^^ Can you people stop talking about this pathetic piece of shit vexxfag already? Please??

No. 298985

Seriously, just STAHP. The little fag loves the attention.

No. 298986

hi vexx

No. 298987

What's the point? He's going to sic his dumbass fans on PULL and us, why not talk shit about him?

No. 298988

I guess Venus ignoring him is the most attention he ever got from a girl

No. 298989

If and when A Certain Speshul YT Wannabe Keem (lol) makes his video, we can make a "Welcome to the Farms" thread sharing the joy of his chromosomal challenges, the idiocy he's illustrated in comments and on social media, and link proof against his defaming claims. Until then, let's ignore his thirst, because lol wtf he's not a thing and will never be a thing.

No. 298990


agree, Farmhand-sama.

No. 298991

seconding this

No. 298992

The point is, the little piece of shit is trying to make a name for himself as the subject of ALL THE GOSSIP on ALL THE FORUMS like some kind of d list celeb or some shit. You all are just feeding into the little maggot's craving for attention & 'fame.'

And I use the word maggot on purpose. He's just a maggot jr.

No. 298993


No. 298994


Ignore the little shit. I G N O R E.

No. 298995

Back to our regularly scheduled crazy. Thanks for helping

No. 298997

I think, as he first was at Venus' side before changing to the dark side, that he made so much illusions thinking he could date Venus that when he realised she was not interested in him he just wanted to crush her like those obsessed psycho-weirdos do.

>>I love Venus and she dares not to love me, so I will crush her reputation so no one will love her!!!… and I will fuck her mom with my tiny penis!

#obsessed #psycho #weirdo #midgetpenis

No. 298999

>>You see? I love you Venus. So leave Mananaki and be with me. #obsessed #psychoweirdopath

No. 299000

#Vexxedsgirlynipples #oldfraufuckschild

No. 299001

Venus looks so unhappy here though…

No. 299003

Not unhappy. Just exploring her unused social abilities.

No. 299005

Nah, Venus reminds me of myself. New to the social scene so shes gonna be a bit reserved in public. Notice how she got livelier by the time they got to the barbie cafe. She just needs to get comfortable.

No. 299006

a still shot can always come out weird..(+being a bit socially retarded) it can be hard to remember to use your face

No. 299007

Everyone has a resting face. Vlogs like this arent Venus's style so she clearly isnt gonna be a pro at not looking derpy.

No. 299008

File: 1473021199757.png (931.46 KB, 848x596, capture-20160904-1vnm.png)

I couldn't help but think of this too. I think it was a little more of a coincidence, but still pretty funny!

No. 299009

I fucking love it.

Also, note how the daughter buys normal things, and the mother wants to dress like a soviet block hussie who got access to name brand shit from the West for the first time and has no idea how to not look desperate and trashy.

No. 299012

I was thinking the same fucking thing lmao. Aside from him acting like an autist downie hybrid, he's like one of those 12 year old boys that gets angry that the object of his affections is ignoring him. What the fuck kind of woman would willingly meet up with some creep from the net they don't even know for an "interview"??? Especially when she's a married woman? NONE! Vexxy's ass has been chapped ever since.

GOOD. I'm glad everyone is giving him the hate/cold shoulder he deserves. He's trying so desperately to get in with the J-vloggers but they're not dumb to fall for his toxic autistic shit.

This furthers my theory that Marge bribed him with blow and hand jobs to keep defending him. Fucking lol

No. 299017

File: 1473024585574.png (842.28 KB, 1024x803, 06985479-f042-4d88-9726-e8bc66…)

Yeah, that was in just one screenshot…I like this one better anyway. It's just onscreen for a second so it's hard to get a shot.
Plus, like the other commenter said - Venus has NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE. Seriously, the girl is 19 and she's literally never had a girlfriend to just hang with.

No. 299018

aw what a little dork

No. 299020

and LOL @ Taylor and those goofy glasses. (lolling with, not at)

No. 299021

this is hilarious and this would also show that IF Venus is doing it on purpose, she's following what her mother posts on IG.

No. 299022

Vexdog be like:
>>If I can't have the young, beautiful Binasu, I will fuck the old ugly one. Suck it Venus!

Marghost be like:
>>If asexual Weenoos isn't there to look at my gorgeous 20yr old body, I will fak with dat impressionnable virgin boy who is same age so she will be jealooos from my sexoooality! In ya face Veenoos!

Venus be like:
>>I don't care, gfy…

No. 299023

Lookie marge…ADIDAS…

No. 299024

LOL this photo is silly.

>Plus, like the other commenter said - Venus has NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE. Seriously, the girl is 19 and she's literally never had a girlfriend to just hang with.

And this just reminds me how sad the whole situation is… I'm glad that their friendship is genuine though. That's even more reason to expect an impending Margo chimp out. "Their frenship is BOOLIN ME!!!"

What will be Margo's modus operandi this time? Another naked mirror selfie? A post-sex selfie with Vexfag? STAY TUNED!

No. 299025

I prefer to think it's Taylor…she dangles that red ADIDAS hoodie in front of the camera for a good long time in the vlog. hehe

No. 299026

WAAAAAH #boolin #frenchips #steelin #moneez

No. 299028

File: 1473025640684.jpg (88.11 KB, 750x750, 14134587_1642550382741823_8981…)

No, no, NO you bullies are all WRONG! margo has many many frenz und GOOD TIMES, much more than VENOOS!

(uploaded at 1 am tokyo time cause it's VERY IMPORTANT for everyone to see how much fun she's having!)

No. 299029

Venus's uploading schedule is supposed to be Monday-Wednesday-Friday but she seems to only be uploading once a week.

No. 299030

She said on her IG that she was in the process of exporting a finished video and accidentally deleted the file :(

No. 299031


>Vexxed's eyes had a major disagreement and are seeing other people.

My sides

No. 299032

The chick in white in both pics looks so embarrassed.

No. 299033


I think she purposely deleted it because she didn't feel happy with how it turned out. She was very quiet and soft spoken in Taylor's video so maybe she was in hers aswell, and as a result she tossed it because it didn't fit with her usual high energy videos. I just can't understand how you "accidentally" delete something when it usually asks " are you sure you want to delete xx file ".

No. 299034


Eh, looks like she might just be considering the price tag. She seemed to have pretty good fun the rest of the time, being a bit awkward is to be expected since she wasn't really allowed to have friends under the Maggot Regime…

No. 299035


Lol, oh god, the girl who's in both pictures looks like she's smelling something terrible. That's the universal face of "Help, a stinky hobo is sitting near me and I can't escape." I see it every day on the subway…

No. 299039

File: 1473032759642.jpg (8.54 KB, 250x289, nUz1jeZ.jpg)

No. 299040

File: 1473032832530.jpg (9.32 KB, 250x340, 6B1ynA0.jpg)

universal language for "ewww who IS this creep?"

No. 299045

File: 1473037801929.jpg (59.85 KB, 1200x783, margo83.jpg)

Just tuning into Mag's feed this morning and these are hilarious. "I have friends!!!!!" Looking through the thread here I see there's no more Vexxed pic anymore and even though this one's older than the party pic, it's not here, so…

No. 299046

Do you think he'd stand so close to her if he knew what happened to that shirt?

No. 299048

literally just bailing a YouTuber up in the kitchen. what's a bet she's harassing people to do a collab as soon as she meets them.

>vexxus angelic
my sides

No. 299049

Margo is literal harassing legit youtubers to prove she isnt a homeless hobo.
I bet she saved up tons of photos and videos to do this.

No. 299050

She probably deleted it because she knew it'd kill any shred of credibility to her "As never met!!!" claims (not that she had any to begin with). Marge and Vexxed fucking in plywood, S-T-A-L-K-I-N-G

No. 299051

File: 1473041053440.jpg (31.97 KB, 480x270, giphy-facebook_s.jpg)

They can't be serious right now

No. 299052

ha ha ha well it's saved now, so good luck margo and vexxy

No. 299054

That one was on mange's twitter, not IG. So- not deleted? (idk cause the bitch blocked me on twitter, lol)

No. 299055

This is actually an amazing burn. I don't know how to feel.

No. 299056

I didn't notice that. I haven't checked the dick nose's Instagram in ages and just assumed. Woops.

No. 299057

File: 1473045857894.png (877.03 KB, 1024x665, a2091a29-5c5e-4e3f-ab79-c2e7dd…)

No. 299058

File: 1473045984196.png (762.12 KB, 1024x559, 6fab11c8-6d83-4b4c-8fb4-6b998a…)

No. 299060

venus looks like a turtle

No. 299061


I hope being around Venus inspires her to start wearing eyeliner again…


Kid looks like he just smelt fart …

No. 299062

File: 1473046671320.gif (1.47 MB, 350x196, naV33UyTF6YlYtizHrLw_Steve Har…)

why god

No. 299064

He probably just smells the filthy hobo next to him. 30 people to one shower! Washer but no dryer! …disgusting considering all the germs are killed from the heat in the dry cycle. Eww

No. 299065

This is adorable. They look like they will be good friends. Venus and Tay are both awkward shut-ins.

No. 299066

Vexxed is proof that white boys are little bitches haha I cannot wait for this shitstorm

No. 299068

Venus and Taylor are absolutely adorable. Venus is cute at literally every angle and in every expression. she's like a puppy!

I can't believe she came out of Margaret

No. 299071

File: 1473052458472.png (930.73 KB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160905-010546.png)

>30 people to one shower
Correction, anon: 60 people to one shower. One coin-operated shower. (2 bathrooms for the whole lot, only 1 shower)

I love it way too much, I know

No. 299073

^^ the face of a 41-year-old unwashed, possibly alcoholic, decidedly evil hobo in deep, deep denial.
She's getting that really unhealthy-looking alkie bloat.

No. 299074

Even fucking worse! LMAO

Maggot is a living breathing example why it doesn't pay to be lazy, evil and not work to support yourself. Pull a MourgeRot and you'll end up broke living in a hobo hotel in filth, stinking like unwashed crotch in summer.

No. 299075

a very happy turtle!

No. 299076

smelling like unwashed crotch, armpit stench , stale cigarettes & desperation.

No. 299077

++ leg hairs and soap scum

No. 299078

Good 'ole eau de Margaret: so authentic it'll leave you gagging and scrambling for clean air.

No. 299079

Thanks anon, I've only been looking at her insta lately.

No. 299080

could be 'shitty diet of instant ramen' bloat too.

No. 299083

Omg for a secon I thought it was a photo with her and Venus…

No. 299091

File: 1473063447232.png (511.85 KB, 926x588, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 1.14…)

lol, mags desperately re-posting the photo she used for My Strange Addiction. "Look! I am mama of famoos yootoober venoos! But mama alsoo a star, ja? Use thees as my headshot, ookay? Dee manager of talent alsoo send their headshot, I'm a big time celebrity manager."


No. 299094

Looks like we're headed towards another meltdown! Old hag can't stand not getting attention!

No. 299096

File: 1473069644960.png (744.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160905-115009.png)

No. 299097

File: 1473069729946.png (864.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160905-115938.png)


No. 299098


She certainly has the nostrils of a gorilla at least.

No. 299099

Venus does have a very unfortunate profile.

No. 299108

I know this pic has been edited to within an inch of it's life but she really messed and left that obvious indentation on her neck.

No. 299110

Is that a hair dye stain on her right bra strap?

Oh, geeze. Did she color an ash brown like Venus?

It's bulging veins from her constant state of internal rage!

No. 299122

I had to go lay my own eyes on it. My god. That tiny mouth is monstrous, just abnormal.

No. 299134

File: 1473075608148.jpg (102.46 KB, 540x793, IMG_20160905_133855_056.jpg)

No. 299135

File: 1473075999345.jpg (115.9 KB, 540x775, IMG_20160905_133828_449.jpg)

"We are not finished…"

No. 299136

Lol, how would Mags have any clue this was true? Margo invented a narrative where Venoos is an asexual robot who's sex-starved husband is always juuuust about through with her, while Margo is a sexy sexy sexbeast who can rope is all the mens, so there Venoos. It's just beyond Margo's comprehension who the perfect dolly virgin she raised to be sacrificed to the highest bidder could possibly have a loving sexual relationship with a man of her choosing.

No. 299137

Please tell me she's not discussing her daughter's sex life and seriously did not just mention "Well maybe she'll leave him without giving him a fuck"
Out of all the creepy shit Margone has done, this ranks right up there especially when you factor in her trying to stick it to Venus by flaunting her own sex life.

Also SBN can fuck right off, the jealousy is strong in this one.

No. 299138

Yet Venus is finished with her, and it's driving Margo mad (not that she wasn't already crazy before Venus moved in with her husband.)

Venus: bought an adidas hoodie while Margo couldn't afford a trash dress from the same store; hangs with a friend that the stans can't scare off when Margo worked all her life to date to keep Venus isolated; has a successful career that Margo has always wanted for herself; and is in a loving, mutually caring marriage while Margo has a hard time getting past a one night stand even with language barriers to mask her crazy.

I wonder when Mags will reach her final form. I cannot imagine what that looks like at this point.

No. 299139

She is. She is that low and creepy and disgusting.

No. 299140

The screenshots are from the "after-sex" pic

No. 299141

File: 1473077154241.png (52.8 KB, 311x309, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 4.59…)

She is so drunk.

And I love that she took down the original to jack up her makeup filter to 100+

Also, enjoy Margo being drunk with friends


No. 299142

File: 1473077171807.png (37.59 KB, 308x243, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 4.59…)


No. 299143

File: 1473077429623.png (542.06 KB, 818x586, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 5.07…)

This is what Venus posted at around the same time Margo posted her Portrait of a Thirsty Middle Aged Narc.

Mags - just because your kid keeps her tits covered in public doesnt mean she doesn't fuck her husband, you twit. I can smell your desperation (eau d'hobo, booze sweat, unbathed crust, and homeless bridge dude splooge)

No. 299144

File: 1473078852150.jpeg (151.99 KB, 750x828, image.jpeg)

We're all so racist!

No. 299145

Margo drunk, confirmed

No. 299146

Maybe we should start sending Vodka to the teris house.

No. 299147

They already appear to have a near endless supply of booze that they empty nightly, and it's been great for us. Even more so because her rage isn't getting her anywhere.

No. 299148

I have friends!! … I'm having sex!! … argle blargle …

No. 299149

Who do you think is flipping the bill for all this? If its Margs then that explains why they put up with her. But Margo is broke.

No. 299150

we believe it's Margo's mum (the other Margo).

No. 299151

For the booze? Probably the other travelers, the ones who are actually on a #japantrip and not homeless.

No. 299152

oops sorry, you mean who is buying the booze. she's living in a house full of travellers, they will come and go, and she'll get to drink some of their booze and eat the food they share or leave

No. 299153

yeah when you are only going to know someone a few days, and everyone's travelling, people get more relaxed about who they party with. Margo's parasite-ing on that.

No. 299154

That and booze is pretty cheap/accessible in Japan, and they love to drink, izakaya culture etc.

No. 299155

File: 1473081198040.png (987.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160905-151304.png)

No. 299156


No. 299158

Margo, you're LATE. We stopped talking about that ages ago.

No. 299159

Well considering her 'boyfriends' seem to change every five seconds, who's to say the foam animals guy hasn't been?

Seriously. She's mentioned 4-5 different men as being her boyfriend since she came to Japan the first time. The boyfriend that invited her, the boyfriend who took her on a trip, the boyfriend she turned down for marriage, etc.

No. 299160

… or he's another hobo from The Plywood Palace. Really, Mags, the secondhand embarrassment from your desperate need to be seen and young and sexy is overwhelming.

No. 299161


No. 299162

this does look like the guy from the fuck selfie to me. no doubt Margo tried to fuck the foam toys guy as well, but this is the one who's taken the bait.

so sweet, the two of them, a love story for the ages. he must be rich if he lives in a plywood cube bed.

No. 299163

$10 says he's a host she met for a night when she went out that quick trip a little while ago. No way a guy like that would stay in the Plywood Plaza or sleep with her without cash involved considering she's so mad at everyone suggesting she slept with the foam animals guy and he was way better looking than most guys you'd think would go for her.

You know how clueless old social media grannies are. They see something that's popular and latch on no matter if they don't understand it or it's already gone out of style.

No. 299165

oh yeah… stands to reason bc there's no way you're getting a good shot on a plywood tray/bed.

where the hell is she getting the yen for a host?

No. 299166

I'm sure that guy is pleased she spreads his face in social media, considering how Japanese value their privacy to a point they hardly even upload pictures of their faces on their own social media.

I think he is either A : A host or B: He's a really desperate gaijin hunter.

No. 299167

He's not a prize, y'all. He's most likely super trashed all the time like everyone else at Tetris House and made a very poor blackout decision to fuck the kappa, or he was trashed while out in Roppongi. I doubt she paid, it would fuck with her narcissism too much.

No. 299168

A divorced woman who has been the fuck'n'dump god knows how many guys for the last 10 years talking about marital duties, how cute

No. 299169

Where the hell is Marg getting the yen for anything she does? She must be staying at the hostel to save all her coins then using the savings to splurge on little travels to the trendier parts. I mean I have no idea where she's staying in relation to Tokyo but she's been to the Youtube space there at least twice (360 movie and Vexx) so she has to have enough money to travel instead of being flat broke as her lodgings suggest. So she might be able to afford a cheap host.

There is always the third option that >>299167 brings up with her narcissism. Isn't another cow/snowflake here famous for prosituting herself on some Japanese casual sex hookup site? Marg has already set herself up a dating profile for Japan and people have speculated in the past that she's been doing that sort of thing for cash to stay in Japan. I wouldn't put it past her to prostitute/sugar baby and then call all her clients her boyfriends. Explains how she can travel (since Youtube and her mum can't be paying much) and why she brags about Boyfriend taking her places or gifting her stuff. It might be something worth looking into.

No. 299170

File: 1473083189067.png (71.03 KB, 322x548, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 6.45…)


don't even JOKE about pregnancy, Margo

No. 299171

What can I say about these pictures?
- nostrils bigger than her eyes and with a jungle fauna in it
- dark stain on her hundred yr old bra strap
- she colored her hair in her dark soul dye again, that's why the stain on her bra strap
- #harambe shaved her #armpits to show us that she is #nothairatall or the opposite, #howtoshaveyourass reference
- #fighting or #howIcopymydowtah bc she has nothing to fight but want obsessly to fight her booly psysho dowtah
- and #important like a bike is important for a fish
And the image overall seems to scream I-am-a-cheap-hungarian-purosutituto-you-need-to-want-to-fak-so-I-have-something-to-teach-you-about-life-in-da-internet

No. 299172

I have trouble imagining her paying too. But she may be desperate enough for a fuck and to prove to Venus / the world that she's had a fuck, that she's paid a little bit or else promised him something: "I make you famoos yootoober".

No. 299173

New Venus vid

No. 299174

these children. they actually believe the words she writes, even when her drunkenness is obvious.

No. 299175

#mensa #autodidact #swingingdicks #courtesyofgrannymargit #TheBrain

No. 299176

I just see an enraged forever repeating monster parent, like a never forgiving ghost like in those japanese ghost horror movies. Are japanese not effrayed of her?

No. 299177

Soon available in iTunes


No. 299178

The beauty…
… and the beast.

No. 299180

File: 1473084550979.jpg (33.89 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)



the Tinder profile hasn't been confirmed as hers yet (not like someone sane would use a maggot's pic for catfishing either kek) but I wouldn't put past her walking the streets for quick cash

the ooteros is hungry anon

No. 299181


yes this is the kind of shit I expected after the Tay Video with Venus!
Yeah maggot, I can smell your jealousy.

This dude gives me honestly such Taku vibes, like all he wanted was to fuck somebody and that's all.


>venoooos look mama has friends and japanese people want pictures with me too!

No. 299182

File: 1473084986893.png (487.44 KB, 928x587, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 7.14…)


#besttimeofmylife #sotherevenus

God, it's making her fucking INSANE that Venus has a friend, holy shit.

No. 299183

>my roommate
So is she going to post a new roomate each day to show off because that's a good two months of material right there.

No. 299184

jeesus the desperation is real. Wonder if those random persons will ever know their faces are on the internet now courtesy of a deluded maniacal woman.

No. 299185

Notice her "friends" are all in school. They probably left Tetris after summer break so she's all lonesome except for the other true hobos who need a hotel to live, instead of just being students on a cheap holiday adventure at age 20.

No. 299186

This doesn't seem right, why would she have a selfie of a roomate? Did she fish it out of facebook or something?

No. 299187

Looks like it. It's a sexy filtered shitless shot. Posting on instagram strips exif data, which Margo likely knows.

No. 299188

He could be the President of the Chamber of Commerce Miki Co., Ltd. but I don't really care as their relationship will not last long and he isn't interesting.

No. 299190

it's odd isn't it. maybe margo got her to take it on her phone, by showing her retouching apps.

No. 299191

So since I wrote >>299148
>>299155 and
>>299182 have happened.
Now just waiting for her final descent into incoherence for the evening.

No. 299192

bc she's retouched to the nines

No. 299193

Those scary slit eyes…

Marge thinks casual hook ups are boyfriends soooo even this greasy terror is too good for an attractive middle aged woman. Marge even lost her decent body. She has nothing working for her.

No. 299194

He's… decent looking. Host, for sure. She's paying to fuck him.

No. 299195



No. 299196

I prefer Venus' twins. They are cuter.

No. 299197

File: 1473087925031.png (687.21 KB, 917x593, Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 8.04…)

V made another cross over post; prepare for Margo's #bestfriends #notastockphoto spree to continue.

No. 299198

It is all what awaits you now and in the future, Marghost.

No. 299199

The only people she can't befriend are people from her age.

No. 299200

or people who speak enough english.

No. 299201

People her age have a much better sense of when they're in the presence of crazy; they have more life experience. Also, people her age aren't such a mess and have their shit together.

No. 299203

wow. margo has seriously made me so sympathetic to venus because she's so horrible as a mom. I don't even follow venus for the most part but margo seriously makes me so mad for her. margo is just picking on her for nothing, making fun of any sexual hangups venus could have with strangers. I don't think it's ever hit me how unloving margo really is.

No. 299204


Now imagine the amount of horrible stuff she might said to Venoos when they were alone

No. 299205


this is the kind of shit I would love to have as a small kiddo which was into sailor moon.
But the missing thumbnail was kind of distracting me for some reason lol

solid video

No. 299207

This friend photo is now gone; the only comment Mags got was to ask wtf she was doing hanging out with such young people.

No. 299208

Here goes !arge implying that she can afford to see a doctor… Kek

Dude is ugly but who's really surprised? Marge is pretty hideous herself with her giant nostrils and paper thin lips in that shot. My bet's on it being a gaijin hunter that stupidly thinks that he can use her wrinkled ass for money. Him being a host crossed my mind since she took a trip down to Roppongi since I doubt you can have sex too easily in a plywood coffin, but I'm having a hard time imagining a narc who thinks she's hot shit paying for a prostitute.

No. 299209

I can hardly even stand to read Margo's bile. The fact that she has supporters after the millions of times she's proven herself to be scum is an exhausting fact to handle. I basically just check these threads to see if she's finally got herself completely stuck or went into the river.

No. 299211

File: 1473094342577.png (20.58 KB, 756x92, screenshot-www.youtube.com 201…)

>I-it's not like I wanted to be reelevant or something!!

margo and this asshole are perfect for each other

No. 299212

Well some of her expenses could be paid by other people, like the YT Space thing. She went with other people, they probably covered her. I imagine Vexx was quick to help because she has him wrapped around her finger. And I don't think she has the $$$ to drop at host clubs, or even get one to sleep with her.

I think the most likely scenario is a sugar baby, like you said. She doesn't have to do anything, just have sex with people and get stuff and its not actual prostitution.

No. 299213

If she is a sugarbaby I can only imagine what her profile would say that's managing to attract them.

No. 299216

I bet my ass that margo tries to become pregnant. Who else wants to bet their asses?

No. 299217

ass-betting is a dangerous and slippery slope, anon

No. 299218

I really don't want to bet on that. It would be incredibly sad, unless she comes back to her parents' home the child would grow up in absolute misery.

No. 299219

"Tries"… She may be infertile…

No. 299220

um no it would grow up to be the worlds next top kawaii superstar

No. 299221


Something like : " I weel suuck your deeck, and snort your cum with my vacuum like nose ". I weel bath you in my boody hair and shower you with my dandruff. "

No. 299222

Are there any pictures of Venus' father? Can someone refer me to any info on him pretty please?

No. 299223

File: 1473100722196.jpg (217.54 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

A weird direct translation? Margo is gonna jump on this for sure.

No. 299224

You say that but here >>298660
it shows the Venus video, before going private, had 1.1million views. Looking at his last 6 videos, other than the 'youtubers who are banned' video (which hit 6mil), they average about 200k views if that. Most are under 100k.

Most of his older videos barely reached 20k and the only ones which hit the million are clickbait ones. Keep dreaming of the day you go viral when you report Maggot in the river

No. 299225

Tbh this is fucking weird.

No. 299226

File: 1473102251708.png (162.57 KB, 385x598, vexx.png)


No. 299227

>"Little sister"
>His wife
Please no

No. 299228

A love being called a cyberbully by a cyberbully that wants to make a buck off another girl's suffering.

No. 299229

Not the way Maggot is living these days. She lives off instant ramen, no way can she afford to feed a child. I hope her eggs are as shriveled up as her heart.

No. 299230

>I reached for all members of pull and lolcow via email but nobody wanted to talk to me!!1

No. 299231

Do you think Margo brags to these people about her youtube channel? I can't help but imagine the horror on these peoples faces when they find out the extent of her fuckery online.

No. 299232

Yeah vexfag, go fuck with someone else's life. And don't dare to fuck with the wrong people, kid.

No. 299233

Well Venus calls him pet, sooo weird for me.

No. 299234

They aren't like a couple at all. He is very feminine and he molds himself to be like Venus. All a bit odd.

No. 299235

>>its not actual prostitution
Having sex for money/materials/services is prostitution. And I don't see any ethical problem if both persons involved are ok with that.
What concerns that dude who gives Marghost money for sex, he doesn't know what fate she reserves for him. That praying mantis is gonna eat his head off. Kek

No. 299238

Then please enlighten us how a "real" couple acts, anon.

No. 299240

So scare. He's going to call out a bunch of anonymous girls and insult a forum and chan when the members themselves bash said forum and chan on a daily basis. We have meta dedicated to making this place suck less and are constantly trying to eradicate shit posting. This guy has zero perspective.

No. 299241

It's so sad to see this FAS babby overcompensating for everything in his life by acting like a bad imitation of Keemstar on youtube.

No. 299242

Isn't his nose too big to have FAS?

No. 299243

The flat space between his eyes and lack of philtrum is giving off FAS looks

On another note, should we make a seperate thread for him? I don't know if discussion about him counts as derailing or not.

No. 299244

As the farmhand said earlier, we'll give him a thread in /snow/ once we can view his boolly video. We should probably stop talking to him in this thread until then.

No. 299245

Nose too big for FSA, forehead large enough to have been dropped repeatedly as a baby.

Him and Morge are perfect for each other!

No. 299246

Please make a separate thread to discuss this thirsty 'tard and his latest video; his was tangental to the Margo / Venus Saga but this is something different. I suggest linking all of the relevant info on him from this thread to the new one.

No. 299247

Thank you. I'm loathe to give this twat the attention he so clearly lusts after, but if people want to discuss it, a separate thread is appropriate at this time.

No. 299248

Not by calling your SO 'pet' or 'little sister' for starters.

No. 299250


i don't understand why it matters as long as no one is being abused

No. 299251

you know that affectionate names in other languages are different right?

No. 299252

Yeah but it's as cringy as that Daddy shit.

No. 299253

I get Pet in the sense of 'You alright Pet' But I doubt she is using it in that sense seeming as she never went to Northern England.

No. 299254

this. i've seen translations from other countries where saying things like "little sister" "big sister" to women is the norm, whether you are in a relation with them or not. same as some places calling a stranger who is older the equivalent to "uncle" or "auntie"

No. 299255

My "puppy" is a nickname Koreans give to SO or children etc in an endearing manner… so I don't see how "pet" is any different…

No. 299256

She seems to think those comments make her look "cool", while they just prove how absolutely mental and inhuman she us.

>happy to work on other shit
>which is why I keep obsessing with this

It's a joke. Young men are called oniisan (older brother) by people they're not related to all the time, like older men are called ojisan and women obasan, aunt & uncle

lol. But I agree with the farmhand, he really is irrelevant. Let him twist and turn in his own delusions.

Might have something to do with the manga/drama "You are my pet", it's a bit older but pretty funny. It's about a woman who finds a younger man in the street and takes him home to live with her as her pet (it's not even as creepy and perverse as it sounds). There's Japanese, Korean, and Thai versions.

No. 299258

So how the fuck is this not bullying?! She never stops talking negatively about Venus, mocking her with strangers and intentionally spreading rumors. Venus hasn't mentioned her Captain Olimar-looking fat ass in months. It's truly frightening how Margaret Stans enjoy participating in her hateful, twisted delusion based on no evidence of their own. They all some issue with their parents, or they are weeaboos that already hated Venus before everything went down.

Margaret genuinely has no capacity to love anyone more than herself. She will definitely try to get knocked up, but is so stupid that she doesn't understand that Japanese law will not be on her side.

No. 299259

>Captain Olimar
my sides

No. 299261

I don't even know what this video could be about besides "look at these posts that make fun of me."

Its not like he has any actual dirt on any members…

No. 299262

I was just saying on a more legal, its not a true exchange of money for sex depending on what the chick gets/ when she gets it. And chances are Marge will want to feel "morally superior" to actual prostitutes but twisting it to seem like she isn't whoring herself out.

No. 299263

File: 1473121964678.jpg (12.22 KB, 340x295, PJ1C6sj.jpg)

An exclusive photo of Margaret hanging out with azlabyrinth, Mimiimori and la_vie_en_ross.

No. 299266

yes there is a pic and it is here for sure but buried in old threads… you'd have to pay me a research fee to go digging for you, lol.

No. 299267

>Maybe this will teach the cyber bullies.
My. Fucking. Sides.

Vexxed rocked too close to the wall, confirmed.

No. 299268

I expect full credit for my eurofag comments vexxy!

No. 299269

they have a somewhat child-like relationship but it's mutual. it's not like one is submitted to the other - that's where real toxicity lies. they both seem shy and want to protect themselves and each other. this is not unusual for people who feel a bit afraid of what becoming an adult means. we can see all over venus' face when she's with taylor that this world of interacting with people as just 'you' is all new, and venus talks about her reliance on childlike things to feel better in that new vid with the sparkly wands. I don't see this harming either of them… sure it's better to grow up but not even 12 months have passed for them.

No. 299270

sorry farmhand, I just saw your posts upthread.

No. 299271

"I do anal"

No. 299272

File: 1473125194211.jpg (23.93 KB, 275x240, 1459411650551.jpg)

I'm going to puke ISTG

No. 299273


Nope, her ass is preoccupied by Vexx's head.

No. 299274

You mean her ass is occupied by Vexx's head…

No. 299275

whoa bruh, I call my husband my puppy as a joke all the fucking time, because he's excitable as shit and sometimes call him a dog is funny, similarly my friend calls her boyfriend oppa which means older brother because he thinks it is cute, like stfu

No. 299276

Even if it's cringey, people do it, all the time. My own fucking mother called my father Papi all the time, like dude why is everyone so fucking uptight about this shit, there are way worse things a couple can call each other or be into, but everyone sensitive person the internet is whining about what squicks them.

No. 299277

File: 1473126202352.gif (978.78 KB, 500x220, imdead.gif)

No. 299278

A touch OT but I've been checking out the Venus thread and feel it's basically a platform for people like mimii to spread lies mixed in with a couple of genuine users. We've felt their trollery in this thread before, now they have a place where it's open season. I wrote a typo-rilled rant about it in meta. If anyone else feels a way about this (any way), please contribute to discussion? >>>/meta/3311

I believe Venus discussion should be contained within the jvloggers thread, same rule as exists for Taylor.

No. 299279

Do you think they had nasal sex?

I would just like to refer to him as Dren from now on.

No. 299280

Do you guys actually think this man is ugly? His face is like a 6/10 and if he has a nice tall body he could be a 7 in my opinion.

Do I have low standards or something?

No. 299281

No. 299282

Uh, yeah, if I was being very kind, I'd say he's not ugly. If I was being honest, I'd say he's average/meh to LOL no. Control your thirst.

No. 299284


He looks like the Japanese version of a cave man/cave dweller, so yes, you do.

No. 299285

Is it even interesting what you think about him? He will be eaten by satanist Praying Margis anyways… who cares what a future corpse looks like?

No. 299286

You must also be a yellow-fever inflicted person… I mean that's fine. Everyone has their preferences and shit… but if you have shitty taste, don't impose it on others. lol

No. 299287

lel you're really asking lolcow if they find some rando japanese dude Maggot had her slimy hands all over attractive?

No. 299288

real talk can we spoil that op picture it's disgusting

No. 299289

So "oppa" is cool with everyone but you faggots can't handle a Japanese man unfortunately translating "imouto" directly, despite it being an acceptable pet name in Japan?

As a fucking joke, once? Relax.

No. 299290

NOT TO MENTION…. Since small-minded westerners seem to think the terms imouto/oniichan/oppa/unni/noona/etc are "gross" because in your limited romance language world, you do not call "close friends who are older/younger" "sister/brother" (except… you do… bro!). I mean ppl thinking the term is "gross" are the ones who are forcing upon Japanese/Korean cultures THEIR ideals. No one is calling their lover imouto thinking that the girl is their blood relative.

Build a fucking bridge and get over it.

No. 299291


If Maggot manages to get pregnant by this guy LOL man, will that be one ugly kid.

No. 299294

>nasal sex

I regret googling that

No. 299298

I don't, people here hate Margo so much that they go mob mentality against anything regarding her.
I don't like her either, but I like Japanese dudes, and this dude isn't so bad. 6-7/10.
Animal foam guy was a lot worse looking.
This one is not a model, but not a trash bag.

No. 299299

>Kimi wa Pet

OMG I love you anon! I loved the manga and had no idea there's a drama. Happyhappyhappy.

No. 299300

>they're bullies
LOL. Nice to meet you, pot. I'm kettle.

No. 299305

How about making a thread for the entire freakshow that surrounds morge like flies around shit instead of one just for vexxtard? I really don't think that loser is worthy of his own thread.

I'm talking about one thread for vexxtard, mimii/azloser/chu & the rest of the IG freaks (njm included.) None of these sad misfits deserves its own thread but a combo thread would work for me.


No. 299307

Wtf. Did you see Margaret reveal that her rent-a-dick is 26 years old, the same age as Manaki?!
So a skankier version of Manaki, with a 15+ year age difference. I'm sure she deliberately looked for someone in that age group.

No. 299308

I support that suggestion. "Friends4ever"

No. 299309

OMFG I turn my back for 24 gd hours and miss morge in complete & total psycho narc MELTDOWN MODE?? wtf????

WHAT was that all-caps HARAMBE rant?? And posting & deleting some girl's face claiming it was her ROOMMATE #BestTimeOfMyLife??

My head is SPINNING

No. 299311



>smelling like unwashed crotch, armpit stench , stale cigarettes & desperation.

>++ leg hairs and soap scum

>eau d'hobo, booze sweat, unbathed crust, and homeless bridge dude splooge

>"I weel suuck your deeck, and snort your cum with my vacuum like nose ". I weel bathe you in my boodyy hair and shower you with my dandruff"

I have tears running down my face right now dammit. ILY bishes!

No. 299312

This guy looks like a porn actor to me. An STD-riddled one at that. Which, given morge's associations with the porn photographer guy (who still hangs around her IG 'liking' her gross pics) & the naked whipping party dudes would not surprise me in the LEAST.

No. 299314


No. 299315

All this is true about maggot & her IG hate factory but you might be overestimating the threat here…don't forget that very few people still follow her at this point. As the kids say, 'no one's checking for you, mange." She gets more irrelevant every day, which of course is one of the things making her rage so hard right now.

No. 299316

Yep, that plus VENOOS getting fancy manicures and hair extensions and ADIDAS brand clothing(LOL) and eating at yummy restaurants and MAKING A FRIEND. Oh and the 1.1M views on her makeup-removing video is not helping either. hahaha

No. 299317

i think he looks super hot and i never even fancy asians

No. 299319

So I'm just realizing…she was sperging all over IG AND Twitter at the same time. ha!

Not a fan of little beady eyes myself.
not talking about the guy being Asian either. His eyes look reptilian and his facial expression screams PORNO. eww

No. 299321

when? where?

probably already has it kek

No. 299323

'shitlords united'

No. 299324

yes do tell us where you saw that?

No. 299328

Both of her "boyfriend" pics are now deleted

No. 299330

Lol she probably got too many unwanted comments bruising her ego about fucking a host.

No. 299331

File: 1473151551831.jpg (223.68 KB, 1079x1554, wCopCXO.jpg)

Sorry to leave you hanging, guys. It's on her armpit IG pic.

No. 299332

File: 1473151681471.jpg (219.7 KB, 1072x1552, vqKGttE.jpg)

Second part.

Trying to be random and edgey with someone who claims to be her age.

No. 299333

Poor Harambe died for this

No. 299335

These were already posted.

No. 299336

In this thread? There were screenshots from another rambling exchange with kpoopspoop, but these are different.

No. 299337

Yes, the '26 year old' one was posted already.

No. 299339

To be honest the problem with Vexxed is that people are mostly interested in him because he was Margo's lapdog for awhile but once his new video is discussed he will soon be irrelevant again.
We could also make a general shitty Margo supporter thread like some farmers have suggested, which would slow down the Margo thread quite a bit but would console all the naggers who dislike when there's too much azlabyrinth/mimii/njm(or whatever they're all called) posts.
Personly I'm fine with discussing everything Margo related in just one thread because I dislike thread hopping, but farmhand-sama will have the last word on this matter anyway.
sooo~ whoever wants to make a Vexxed/Margo stans thread go ahead, because I won't do it. (plus I'm too much of a terrible OP to do it)

No. 299344

aside from vexxed and hamburg jassy (who helped us so is off limits) we don't know much about them. we could have a kind of "rogues gallery"

No. 299346

a name and shame like they do in ali rapp's thread in kiwifarms

No. 299347

Talking about vexxed here is fine as long as it has to do with Margo (their catfight, her interview with him, them being besties at YT Tokyo, him taunting about the situation, etc).

If he becomes an actual thing outside of the Margo / Venus drama, he should probably have his own thread - particularly if anyone gives a shit about his crybaby "farms hurt mah feelz" video. Giving him attention is what he wants most, though.

No. 299348

Can we ban further mention of him in this thread? I understand if it can't be until after he posts his shitty video but I'm sick of seeing his fetal alcohol syndrome looking ass in this thread. It's always such irrelevant garbage. I'm pretty sure he was self posting early on, too.

No. 299349

File: 1473166272425.png (592.43 KB, 756x500, vexxedbullshit.png)

This desperate fucking nobody…

No. 299350

here we go again. We were just discussing about not discussing him anymore and he post this? what a coincidence~

No. 299351

Sure. Outside that one Margo interview video and goings on related to that single video, his other comments, photos, etc are irrelevant and off topic. He's just some random sped.

We should stop giving him attention, he's not anyone.

No. 299352

I suppose we should stop giving baby his bottle. He's clearly wallowing in any attention given.

No. 299354

Is it a 'misinterpretation' from me or is he actually calling his own video a 'fake exposed' video on his thumbnail?

Bc fake exposed sounds like unexposed.

No. 299366

But I want all of us to rip into his exposed video

No. 299367

And we did. Back when it was relevant.

No. 299373

agree he should be gone from this thread unless he's directly hanging with Margo (like in their recent pic together).

when he releases his lolcow / pull takedown vid he probably should get a general thread maybe, depends what's in the vid.

No. 299374

Why are you so upset over something like this? Calm down, jeez. I swear, I can't wait until school starts again

No. 299387

I mean the lolcow/ pull video. I want all us to sip wine and laugh at how he tries to make an exposed video about anonymous users.

No. 299390

Not either of those anons, but I'd say their sensitivity has to do with the pedophile and sexual deviant accusations Manaki received and how cultural misinterpretation of "little sister/imouto" can be used as another attack against his character.

No. 299394

I'm neither of the anons above but I see where you're coming from. Weirdly enough though people react this way because of something Margoyle most likely made up…

No. 299416

The anon quoted posts that didn't express judgements about Manaki at all, though. So they just assumed everyone was calling Manaki a "pedo"? The board has already showed scorn for the whole "calling your bf daddy" trend if we want to bring an example, it seemed more like an aversion towards the term itself rather than the person using it.

No. 299421

But. Calling. Someone. "Sister/brother". In. Japanese. Does. Not. And. Should. Not. Implicate. Pedophilia/Incest.

The fact that people point to the use of imouto/oniisan as some bullet proof evidence of pedophilia/incest is the issue that needs to stop. For lack of a better phrase, stop being ignorant.

No. 299423

Even if the imouto thing is weird, who would've expected her to be in a normal relationship? Aren't many people into kinks where one has a higher status than the other often endured by people who've struggled with abuse/daddy issues?

No. 299426

Well i have heard people call their Loved ones my pet or my little pussycat is it bestiality now. Also considering this is the year of calling your boyfriend daddy why is everybody freaking out

No. 299431

there is no freaking out, people here are just defending his use of little sister against the people who are calling it weird and gross. because in japan it is not a creepy fetish thing to imouto/oniisan

then there are people who have no reading comprehension who don't seem to understand the logic behind the defenders explanations or are completely misreading what they are saying, like you seem to be. like do you not understand that you are agreeing with >>299421 ??? you two are making the same point. which is "cutesy nicknames for your significant other does NOT imply a creepy fetish"

No. 299433

If you had any reading comprehension you would understand that i was agreeing with that person which is why i wrote my statement to ad to his or her point. That there isnt really anything strange with calling their loved ones that. Also there are people freaking out about it have you checked manakis ig

No. 299437

Funny coming from the woman who's fucking a 26 year old host boy she doesn't even know calling him her "boyfriend." Margo's brand of crazy is shit you can't make up.

No. 299438

…Except nobody talked about "proof evidence of pedophilia/incest". That's the point you keep missing.

No. 299439

Probably isn't even a host as other anons have pointed out, her paying for sex would be insulting to her but her being taken on a "date" in exchange for sex..
Well, Marge has to get her food some how since her friends at the plywood plaza seem to survive off alcohol alone.

No. 299442

Simply put the use of imouto does not imply paedophilia/incest. On top of that, the use of imouto is NOT weird or gross or whatever bad connotation of varying degrees you wish to place upon it.

No. 299443

How long can Magrot stay in Japan is she got a work visa for the hobo hotel?

No. 299444

I doubt she has a work visa since that place isn't even up to code. No way would they be approved for a legit business. I'm hoping she's booted out in October. That should be when her tourist visa is up.

No. 299454

I'm the first poster, not the 2nd one, although I can see how their reply made it look like it was me continuing. Don't know if that changes your perception at all, but I was just weighing in on what I thought was stupid and then I moved on.

But it's basically this. I'm pretty sure people (idiots) are still looking for ways to validate maggot's stupid jelly insinuations that he's a creepy pedo, and incidentally what he said isn't some indicator of pedophilia where he's from. And really? We're cool with letting someone go "omg Venus calls him ___" when she literally said it ONCE? That's disingenuous as fuck.

Funny these posts all pop up once Americans are awake lol

No. 299456

Yeah, it's lame. Like in their video together where she says "ooh, praise me more!" and he pats her head like she's a kitty, and the clueless hordes started shrieking 'OMG WHAT IS SHE HIS PET??!!?' all over the comments. Seriously, guys. They're playful with each other, get a fucking grip.

No. 299460

there's a venus thread in /snow

No. 299475

File: 1473223456993.png (1.29 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20160906-235814.png)

Yeah, but that discussion ties into morgrot's "he's a pedophile & she's a psychopath/crazy/lying to her fans about who she REALLY IS" line of crap she keeps trying to push so it's relevant.

Anyway, I'm bored.. so does anyone recognize what morge is drinking here? (the can with the skull & crossbones on it)

No. 299478

ot but I thought it was cute as hell, I dunno

No. 299482

File: 1473228905736.jpg (341.46 KB, 1432x1911, l_11919-1.jpg)

No. 299484

Everyone stop derailing re: "Venus calls Mana pet! He calls her sister! Incest! Nuh uh! Finer points of multilingual diminutives!"

It is not Margo milk, unless Margo herself jumps on that situation and makes a big to-do.

No. 299490

It was cute as hell. They're adorable with each other.

No. 299493

The Venes thread on snow is filled with the same stupid nitpicks and reaching. Venus has no milk.

No. 299498

File: 1473238503034.jpg (156.31 KB, 1200x767, margo84.jpg)


No. 299502

File: 1473240111901.png (33.67 KB, 151x147, nn.PNG)

her poor hair gets no breaks but at least she didn't bleach again

No. 299503

It's a wonder she has any hair left to dye. When it all falls out in clumps she'll blame Venus for that too.

No. 299505

>those stupid comments

I'm surprised she has any hair left to be honest. All that bleach and dye, ugh. I remember in that video she made where she was living in the filthy old Japanese house, her hair's porosity already looked seriously fucked.

Lmao no matter how much she abuses the filters, the dick nose remains. The app must be confused as hell and thinks it's shooping a nude.

No. 299509

he's on…

No. 299510

File: 1473246521341.png (228.25 KB, 484x469, pepe.png)

>she cares more about money than her reputation
gosh yeah what a bitch
>PULL & lolcows are dedicated to witch hunting youtubers
>everyone on PULL & lolcows are jobless 20-something females
I'm sitting here with a dick and everyone on this site hates NEETs pretty much
>they talk about inane shit all day
all his videos are about inane shit and proceeds to pick apart forum & chan posts about himself

he is so butthurt fucking hell don't make a thread about this loser he just wants to make money from internet dramu

No. 299511

Aw diddums, did we hurt your feefees?

No. 299512

Waa waaa stop hurting me bullies waaaaaaa. That's all I hear from this video.'look sniff you can't hurt me whimper you're all just jobless sobs stop it pls.'

No. 299513

Hey Vexxed

No. 299514

He's trying to get this on Front page of reddit like that's anything special

No. 299515

I just skipped through this whole compilation of butthurt to the lolcow part(3:55)to see which posts were quoted. I didn't made it, damnit! but I kek'ed a bit when he was telling "I messed with them by unlisting/setting to private the video every few hours". oh my, little Vexx is a real savage!

No. 299516

poor onision, this is terrible! someone save him.

No. 299517

"I know more about this situation that anyone else". Hmm, I suspect Venus knows more than you m8.

Why would he discuss the posts about him looking retarded? He's only going to draw attention to his tard face.

No. 299518

>I have full control over whether the video is public or private.
Yes of course you do - if you make it public again, the money goes to Venus. Fullscreen and Venus still stomped your ass.

No. 299519

wow that top tier trolling with the video listing. amazing.

No. 299520

Someone summarize the points of interest in this so we can avoid giving him anymore views.

No. 299521

I am very upset that he didn't quote me, but then I only said he was rocked too close to the wall.

No. 299522


>>They said I had FAS

>>They said I didn't do research but loook I found the thread and it's totally just a summary without receipts or proof
>>They made fun of my eyebrows
>>This mean twitter girl said stuff to me
>>They found my reddit

That's it. That's the cyberbullying.

No. 299524

Seriously that's it? What a crybaby.

No. 299525

In a nutshell, yes.
Some sperging about how he knows more than ANYONE and that he 'trolled' and sure showed us all by unlisting his video then making it private and it incited a war on lolcow.

The war being…3 comments going "It works for me?" "doesn't work for me" over the course of an hour

No. 299526

this is so pathetic it's not worth a thread of his own.

No. 299527

and we were just… shrug.

No. 299528

File: 1473249916270.png (100.39 KB, 1024x198, e3ce0b68-b036-492e-9676-72095f…)

Did this one make it in? It's my personal fave.
god, he's pathetic. I agree, no thread for the guy. Just let nature take its course & he'll die a slow death, like morge.

No. 299529

Yep, I knew it. She colored her hair almost exactly the same color as Venus AGAIN. It's so fucking insane how she never leaves that poor girl alone or lets her have her own identity.

Thank you, fellow anons, for summarizing this hunk of crap so the rest of us don't have to give him views. Vexxed, you embarassed yourself your again. Go back to doing your boring Runescape videos. That is the only area where you are competent.

No. 299530

I know he's hoping this will start a war and get views for his channel. But after seeing that video it's so pathetic that it makes me feel more sad for him than actually want to start a thread.

He doesn't even seem like an adult to me. It almost feels wrong, like making fun of a child with special needs.

No. 299531

A lot of comments on the video seem to agree with you.
Even his fans are saying "If you wanna report on drama, you need to be able to take the heat from fans of your targets"

No. 299532

And she tries to get pregnant… how irresponsible!

No. 299533

Granny haircut

No. 299534

I legit feel sorry that a lot of women and men on this site are employed with more stable and legit jobs that vexxxxx has to resort to baseless, empty insults about how the site users must be retarded. Also he will never be a famous, controversial drama analyzing bitch youtuber if all he can say about everything is how it is retarded.

No. 299535

I know at least 4 people who post in here and all have stable jobs, are married, have kids etc. Some aren't even…shock horror, female!
We are not a hivemind, we are not all identical female teenagers teeheeing over the unpopular kid and it's exceptionally naive to think so.

No. 299536

You forgot to mention how he totally finds it all hilarious and isn't at all upset by the insults.

That's why you made a 12 minute video about it, right Vex?

No. 299537

uh we don't actually know that. it's just something we say for fun and of course is possible… but not a fact.

No. 299538

it's the haircut you have when you can't afford a haircut.

prediction: she'll grow it long and get bangs to match Venus.

No. 299539

I predict cheap & buttugly extensions :D

No. 299540

Already did, arging it was due the ~stress~ of being left homeless and stolen and starving hah

Butthurt: The Video

No. 299541

File: 1473253462944.jpg (44.02 KB, 1200x271, margo85.jpg)

How does this make any sense? Title of your new vid is:
>How This Girl Forced Me To Remove My Video With 1,000,000 Views
then immediate restore said video. I guess he still wants to jerk off to the view numbers.

No. 299542

It probably didn't occur to him that a handful of posters are also lawyers. They must really appreciate how he pretends to know the complexity of American IP and copyright law.

No. 299543

oh god… they are coming.

No. 299544

Does he realize it doesn't help that he was using the Venus videos for defamatory, yes defamatory because not an opinion and they are false etc etc the prima facie, reasons?

No. 299545

This cringing little worm, istg
Has he taken a single look at what Venus has had flung at her since he jumped on that "EXPOSED!" bandwagon? Her YT comment sections are a nightmare cesspool and her IG comments were too, for awhile.

Idc how pathetic his ass is, I don't feel sorry for the guy. I fucking hate him.

No. 299546

Margo, being a professional beautician will of course do them herself.

No. 299547

Vexxed, seriously? Getting famous has bad sides, not only good ones. Have you really got only bad comments to make a pathetic video about your haters?

You are like:

>> OMG!!! People have negative opinions about me and some are even mocking me. I'm hurt! I'm CYBERBULLIED!!!

Let me explain you how it works:

Everybody has the right to compliment or criticize your work, even if you don't like it. And don't say that mockery was the thing that bothered you the most. You don't like when people have a different opinion.

It is time to get over it. If you don't like negative opinions about you, there is something most youtubers do: ignoring the haters. And it works well for them!

So intead of obsessly looking if your back is dirty because other people throw shit to you and whinning 'omg internet has a bad opinion of me, I am bullied, halp', why don't you just ignore and keep walking forward? Time will make fall off that shit on your back anyways.

Kid, you need to have a better future perspective than that victime card way of life you have to get famous. You make yourself ridiculous, and worse, you show yourself helpless bc of a simple negative comment.

Pull yourself together, kid, bc no one will defend you if you don't want to defend yourself!

I gave you a good advice, so don't mess your life like that anymore… or keep doing shit videos bc 'omg someone in lolcow responded negatively to my video again, help, i'm helpless!!!'

No. 299548

File: 1473254197946.png (86.74 KB, 755x1255, image.png)

Basically Vexx rn. He needed to make a 12 minute video to prove how #notbothered he is by our comments.

No. 299549

I'm literally howling at the fucking comment section.
>stay strong vexxy <3
>how those 20 something yr olds dare to be harass to you?
>they should get a life!
>how venus fanbase could be so mean :'(

oh the irony

No. 299550

No. I was the first one to say it. And it is a french expression to insult someone that acts like a retarded.

No. 299551

Let's make a banner with that one! Please!!!

No. 299552

We should collectively just ignore him. Just talk about Margo. It'll make the child angry he is getting no attention, but oh well… That is how it should be.

No. 299553

And the most hilarious ones

>vexxy-chan, may we go to their witch hunt sites and send hate to them? pretty please! uwur

Agreed, I'll shut up for now

No. 299556

Predictions for Maggot's next chimpout? Place your bets now. My predictions for this week: another video of her playing with Japanese toys, bleaches her hair again, posts another pic of her "boyfriend"

No. 299558

I meant about that guy, that it was the only insult I used aginst him. I realise you said it first about Margo (thanks for the country of origin).

No. 299559

she's probably hunting feverishly for those toy wands. maybe we'll even see hair extensions this week?

No. 299560

sad that this was up for a few hours before we noticed it. I wonder if a certain person had to drop it here himself.

No. 299561

the anon that dropped the video here. no vexfag though

No. 299562

phew. I'm glad of that.

No. 299563

We're all anons here he'd have no way of knowing anything about user demographics, he doesn't even know how many people are commenting ITT. He's just making assumptions and looking stupid.

Lmao, it will look as professional as the manicures she gave Venus.

No. 299564

No. 299567

Mod should auto replace 'vex' with 'fukboi' or something better.

No. 299568

OK, it seems the vid isn't getting anywhere so no need for a separate thread, but let's just clear on a few points:

- that dude is, indeed, chromosomally challenged / speshul / mentally retarded. He knows it; we know it; he's incredibly buttmad over it.

- Venus is going to get all that video money, and if her lawyers need to send just 2 more notices that are found to be valid after conterclaims, his channel will be shut down permanently. That is fair and right, because he stole her content.

- He didn't realize he was and continue to be used as Margo's little fuckboi to continue her copyright claim harassment. Dude: Margo stopped making claims because she's get her OWN channel taken down if she filed falsely one more time. You are doing bitch work for a homeless child abuser.

- making videos about how boolied you are because the chickens came home to roost after making multiple bullying, harassing and defaming videos shows exactly who and what you are: the special education kid who no one liked. You have no friends. You never will. You will die alone. That's just how it is, buck-o.

- He's bald faced lying about not being aware that Venus was abused by Margo, that the channel is rightfully hers, and that Margo has been the one instigating a 9 month harassment campaign against her daughter. He made reddit posts about it. And - Margo herself got Venus signed with new management, It's ENTIRELY MARGO'S FAULT that she isn't Venus's manager any more. Venus is an adult, and her mother no longer works for her company. Margo siphoned far, far more than a manager's fee from Venus's income as a child, and all Venus wants is to be left alone. She'd have a hell of a case to get her stolen money back, but Margo spent it all, and Venus is moving on with her life and business like a competent adult while her mom is homeless, drunk and posting nudes for attention.

And now, unless his video becomes an actual thing or he and Margo go back into cahoot, I think we can fairly go back to tracking Margo's insanity and her endless harassment of Venus.

No. 299569

>tries to make a living and a name for himself off of slandering famous youtubers
>sends his squad of mentally challenged cyberbullies to harass whoever the target of the week is
>publishes pure lies, one-sided stories and clickbait hit pieces
>acts like his targets owe him their privacy and personal time in an interview in order to clear up his lies and baseless accusations
>gets a few negative comments about what a piece of shit, wannabe-tabloid bully he is

What a cancerous piece of societal pollution. I wonder what his parents think of his "career" as a youtube bully.

No. 299570

Fucking banner material LMAO How the fuck does he expect anyone to feel sorry for him? He started a cyberbully campaign against a girl just because she ignores him. If that's not retarded then I don't know what is. He acts the same way an autistic idiot did when I refused to go out with him.

At least Venus is getting all the money and not his pathetic Frankenstein looking ass. I'm not even going to view the video because I already know that my comments made it. They were too mean not to get to him.

No. 299571

You're never going to be venus mag, just stop

No. 299572

I tried, but I just couldn't.

No. 299573

>don't make a thread about this loser he just wants to make money from internet dramu

this, i know its annoying that he keeps coming up in this thread, but he doesn't deserve anymore attention we already give him

No. 299574

I'm betting this week too. If she hangs out with Taylor again, she's going to have an even bigger meltdown than the last ones we saw over the past week. First she basically stayed quiet save for her minions trying to ruin her friendship with Taylor (the way elementary school kids on the playground would do), and then she posted a post-sex selfie for attention when she realized her minions are ineffective as fuck when the person loses see logic. When those two attention attempts for sympathy didn't work for the first time, next go round she posts a photo of her disease ridden fuck toy with her gigantic nostrils and paper lips in the corner to say, "SEE?! IF I CAN'T HAVE MANAKI, I GET ANOTHER 26 YEAR OLD!" Neither attempts really worked, it just proved to skeptics that she really is fucking insane.

No. 299575

File: 1473265237290.jpg (1.27 MB, 1386x2190, Screenshot_20160907-091958.jpg)

We have margos reason to rage of the week: cosplay

No. 299576

File: 1473265292956.jpg (1.14 MB, 1408x2203, Screenshot_20160907-092059.jpg)

V, you are an adorable dork.

No. 299577

Pls stop talking about the retard, even posts about it are boring. Adminchan please ban the topic of that idiot like was earlier discussed in thread.

She looks adorable, I was wondering why she never cosplayed prior.

No. 299579

You're welcome, anon.

No. 299580

I give him a 4/10. Looks slimy and sleazy eww

No. 299581


>she reminds me of PT here for some reason??

anyways, she looks cute

No. 299583

Could you even imagine what sort of horror Margo would have her cosplay as?

No. 299584

Venus did cosplay as Hatsune Miku when she was like 16.

No. 299585

Ignore vexxed and continue discussing Margo. He'll do anything for attention it seems so it's best we don't give it to him.

No. 299586

Can a farmer confirm if this IP is in Japan/is vexxed?

It'll be funny if it really was him and not "some dude got banned" on the forum

No. 299587


Oh god. Is she off down the cosplay route now too?


Cute but remember its just angles and a shit ton of filter/shoop. Not being salty and not jelly. Just saying the truth. Beauty plus is every weebs weapon.

No. 299590

This is cute. I remember she uploaded stuff to her IG stories that she and Manaki love Love Live!. MourgeRot will find some reason to sperg out about this because of the positive attention her daughter is getting. "She dress up because SECKS FETESH!!" "NO WAIT! SHE'S AN ASEXUAL VIRGIN!!"

No. 299604


Everyone likes that anime, Venus probably watches it to appeal to her 15 year old fans who watch it. Big deal.

No. 299605

Lmao how about 'be smart enough not to use claimable clips in your exposed video or she will copyright your video'.
This guy is fucking retarded as hell.

No. 299607

That would be the lips.

No. 299608

File: 1473285833893.jpg (51.61 KB, 300x100, vexxedisafag.jpg)

No. 299609

banner for ants.

No. 299610

No more discussion of a certain speshul faced wannabe YT dude on this thread. He's irrelevant.

No. 299611

Thanks anon.

No. 299612

File: 1473286559727.jpeg (12.59 KB, 125x125, image.jpeg)

"""middle aged""" women in their late 20's. I barely pay attention to penus or this guy but I never thought he was that bad looking. Personally I'd probably fug him but I take it back now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 299613

it's the normal banner size. Unfortunately, that is ant size

Sorry! I hadn't made it to the end of the thread, so I didn't see your post.

No. 299615

Control your fucking thirst. Unnamed retard is, well, retarded, especially in the face. Take it to /b/ if you want to make an "I fuck retards" thread.

No. 299616

You should let that pleasure to Marghost. You know, she loves to 'teach about life'. So please stop traumatising us, anon. Kek

No. 299617

I like how he said Youtubers name to garner attention.
Nobody even posts on Social Repose's thread, Vexxed just likes name dropping doesn't he?

No. 299618

I'm a bit confused on the whole copyright claim situation with the video.
Venus claimed it, won, and received the monetization from the video right?
So he took the video away/made it private to avoid giving her the money, but then put it back up to "fight the claims" from venus?
But the thing is, if the video were still being decided on it would show "this video has been copyright claimed by blah blah" and the monetization would be put on hold until youtube has decided who the video monetization legally belongs to.

But as far as I know, the video does not show the "this video has been copyright claimed by" screen. So he put the video up and all the money is still going to venus, correct?

Or am I missing something?

No. 299619

Venus continues to get all the money, and her management will continue to file claims. Once he gets 3 valid ones and refuses to cooperate, the video and channel will be removed.

No. 299620

A separate thread for Vexxed has been created in /snow/. If you want to discuss his new video, or any information that does not directly relate to Margo, please post in his thread.

He should only be mentioned in this thread from here on if it pertains to Margo in some way. Anyone who continues to constantly post about him here, will receive a temp ban for derailing.

No. 299624

Did you know:

'Lolcow' and 'Venus Angelic' are more google searched than 'Margaret Palermo' or 'Vexxed' last 24 hours?


No. 299627

I love how everyone just tells him that he's garbage and should get a life

No. 299629

Lol I read your replies and I think its funny how your all just pathetic Why do you support venus? Shes basically god of weaboos and you still like her..You know maybe syou should get a life instead of witch hunting a mom who didnt even do anything wrong. Shes misunderstood stop trying to ruin her life, Peace(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 299630

>nunya business~


No. 299631

Lmao you're stupid as fuck.

No. 299632

Go away Leah

No. 299634

Girl, no one here is witch hunting Marge. Stop your hysterical assumptions, please.

But you, I don't think you know the story better than us. We are following the whole story long time before you. We were even criticizing Venus at the beginning before we had informations that lead us to think that the problem wasn't her but her mother (maybe you missed that). So, please, research by yourself or leave, newfag. And YOU stop harassing Venus, her supporters, fans, friends and family.

Peace be upon you.

No. 299637

Lol, that's the cry of every child abuser: "I dindu nuffin! Child is ungrateful! I'm being abused by being ignored and left alone by my kid!"

If you get burned by Margo like some of her other supporters - which you can read all about in the older threads, Margo shows her true colors IRL within 24 hours - you can come back and tell us how stupid you were. If, like Margo, you're an abusive narcissist, you'll be forever alone but for your fellow assholes, because no one can stand you in the long run.

If you want to shut your mouth and open your eyes, start here >>>/pt/231331

No. 299639

Is there any actual way Venus could get herself out of this mess or convince everyone otherwise about her "wrongdoings"? maybe she should just kill herself at this point, vexxed will look like a piece of shit(bait / derailing)

No. 299640

>maybe she should just kill herself
what the fuck?

No. 299641

Could it be any more clear that Venus, unlike Margo and whats-his-face, is very convincing, which is why trolls and stans are brining cancer like this comment here?

No. 299643

File: 1473308805077.jpg (36.46 KB, 400x400, 02-home-protection.jpg)

brace yourselves fellow farmers, they're coming

No. 299644

made it 2 mins in. He sounds like such a whiny pissbaby.

No. 299659

I know how that film ends though!

No. 299662

yes we're witch-hunting Marge. she's a fucking witch!

No. 299672

That's insulting to witches, bae.

No. 299673

Please don't insult us. Marge is more like an ogre: they eat their own young. Plus they're ugly as shit.

No. 299675

sorry m8s. the ogre is a far better image.

No. 299688

No. 299698

I'm sitting here waiting for people to photoshop Margo's face on Shrek. That would make a nice banner

No. 299703

File: 1473364789769.jpg (1.12 MB, 1440x1940, Screenshot_20160908-125835.jpg)

#fleur #forgetaboutmyspaz #whatboyfriend

No. 299710

Well obv. she is way too busy to post on IG with that hot young bf taking her out to expensive restaurants and showering her with gifts and such, you jealous whore.

No. 299712

Sorry Marghost but:

blue roses = impossible love

Hope at least you had a good time with him… kek

No. 299714

She got ditched.

No. 299715

I'm betting she tried to pursue a relationship with her fuckboi and he gave her the impossible love flowers. Who the fuck would want to date a crazy, ugly old granny when they're only 26? Lmao

No. 299719

What the guy says:

>>Put that bag over your head so I can fuck you without looking at you!

What Marghost thinks:

>>Ach, ja. You luv me. Lets make a baby, marry me and give me a visa. Weenoos, you see? I have a sex life!!!

No. 299723

Gaijin hunters maybe

No. 299726

I hope she gets constipated for life.

No. 299728

She already is.

No. 299729

File: 1473371157402.jpg (15.91 KB, 330x300, toolow.jpg)

Back to the flower pics, at least she didn't compare them to vaginas this time.

No. 299731


Have a nice day, anon. kek

No. 299732

Probably just to say they fucked an old white woman but I can't see them being serious enough to marry one, especially the Mogre.

This feels like Kaka and Taco all over again. Taco gave Kaka money to get dumped, while Mogre's young fuckboy gave her blue roses as a "Bye, bitch." The Kirakira Princess from Mars' fling lasted longer. TOPKEK

No. 299735

there something wrong with menstrual cups?

No. 299741

looks like she took it in the florist anyway. guy prob just blocked her in some messaging app to "break up" with her.

No. 299746

Sure she did, getting their backs scratched by unsanded. chipped plywood

No. 299749

Margrog: I post peekchur of roses, they think hot guy gave to mee

lolcow: >>299732 >>299715 omg he gave her roses!

^^ god, you people are gullible

No. 299750

File: 1473389287644.png (1002.39 KB, 815x1024, 4500ebf7-cefd-46e8-b325-ccead7…)

Meanwhile, manaki is trolling the shit out of the trolls & the clueless on IG

No. 299752

I just figured out that Marghost's green ugly bikini dance was inspired by Venus' dance for that Fits commercial ad…
I suppose you already knew it.
Wow, that old woman is creepy!

No. 299753

yah venus entered the competition and margo did the bikini one at the same time because… Margo

No. 299755


Oh god, the fucking splinters that must be scattered across her ass …. They probably look like infected pimples or hemorrhoids by now.

No. 299757

I mean… creepier than usual.

No. 299758

This is so bad in a cute way

Margo's rendition is just… revolting

No. 299759

She already has ingrown bodyhair pimples from shaving her ass.

Why she just don't wax it so she could make mats she could sell? Or braid her butthair, let it grow and make hair and eyebrow hair implants against her baldness…

No. 299760


>> Q: Do you edit your videos yourself? What kind of program/equipment do you use?

>> A: Yes, I film and edit them myself. I make them using my webcam, an old Samsung photocamera and edit them with the free "Windows Movie Maker". Of course, if I can afford, I also want to have better stuff.

No. 299763

File: 1473395498004.jpg (3.72 MB, 3600x3380, MOGRE-venooosislikeanasexualon…)


Sorry for posting this twice, I don't know what happened when I saved it but one of the layers did'nt save

No. 299764

Amazing. We always knew it, but seeing the irrefutable proof that Margo desperately tried to steal the spotlight from her child - and, her client (way to manage!) - by hiding in their bathroom to copy Venus while wearing a bikini.

No one ever wanted you, Margo. They sort of put up with you for Venus's sake, but you dragged her down with your creeptastic, unprofessional and inappropriate behavior. No one's ever liked you.

No. 299765

Omfg! She sells her shit songs in amazon???


If ridicule could kill, the streets of Tokyo would be littered by corpses!

No. 299766

wonderful, anon, kek

No. 299767

God damn the narcissism is strong. Who in the fuck would buy this shit?! I'm (not) eagerly awaiting the day she tries to pitch merchandise.

No. 299768


>> Noo, that’s because of real problems like probably not being a able to pay and go to school, even though I’m a good student, or organising my day so I can study but also fulfill my wish of uploading 2 videos a week!

(Posted Monday, December 31, 2012)

How could she be worried about bills at her age? Wasn't it her mother's task to pay bills???

No. 299769

Marghost, you're an irresponsible lazy cunt. A chance that even your daughter doesn't give a shit about you anymore. Disappear into that darkness where you came from.

No. 299770

>>Wasn't it her mother's task to pay bills???

Lol. A narc parent makes you feel guilty for existing and needing things from the time you're verbal. Outgrow your clothes? How dare you. Hungry? Didn't you just eat yesterday? Want to go on a field trip? Fuck you, I'm not giving you $10 for the fee, you ungrateful little shit who thinks money grows on trees (parent proceeds to spend $100 at the bar that night), etc, etc.

No. 299772

I think this blog sounds more like Marges than Venus. Pitch for sympathy and cash.

No. 299777

Marghost has a nico nico account?
She looks different in the picture. Younger. That means she has now menopause and cannot have children to abuse anymore! Bc she looks very old right now. Everything is falling down on her body.

No. 299778

No. 299780

The account was created 5 years ago, and I'm sure she used an old and edited photo even then. Anyone know moon runes?

No. 299781

I remember that photo. Someone posted it here and it was promptly met with requests for copious amounts of eye bleach. It looked like something you'd find on the Brazzers website. She was in some pink Bodyline pajama set posed on a bed.

No. 299782

Nooo she is young, kawaii und sexxyyy you jelus BOOLIES

No. 299784

File: 1473404492588.png (1.41 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160909-025731.png)

Speaking of YOUNG and KAWAII, how long until margool starts to COSPLAY?

No. 299785

Lol, margo tried to get a bodyline gig, just like venoos? Oh my God, my fucking sides. The ride literally never endseen with margo. It has no beginning. It's circular and eternal.

No. 299790

Well of course she did. bc anything VENOOS does, margo can do BETTER (and sexxier!)

No. 299791

I remember that pic, it is floating here several threads ago. Eurotrash hooker aesthetic in all its glory.

No. 299792


>> Where does your name "Venus Angelic" come from?

I suggest you read yourself the answert bc the website blocks any copy attempt so I cannot copy-paste it here.

No. 299793

How much must Marghost pay monthly to own the websites www.venusangelic.com, www.margaretpalermo.com and the others she keeps selfishly for herself?

No. 299799

Where does your name “Venus Angelic” come from?
I chose my youtube username VenusAngelic in 2010 when I created my channel. Venus is my real first name and Angelic sounded not only soft, cute and lovely but it was also the real first name of my Hungarian grand-grandmother.

No. 299801

No. 299802

No. 299804

I don't speak German but I can confirm that Venus' songs appear in English but Magrot's don't. She doesn't want those dirty dollars and only euros.

No. 299805

Yeah if you listen to the preview none of those are actually Venus

No. 299807

File: 1473409980353.png (45.81 KB, 775x543, website.png)

We should sit on standby for that date to snipe it out from under Maggot

No. 299812

File: 1473410319197.png (65.57 KB, 789x455, website.png)

Actually even funnier, Maggots expires in 8 weeks

No. 299813

Her website is back up and includes a link to her store (selling her toddler inspired paintings) and an itunes

No. 299814

When I was looking/digging in web.archive I found out she lost sometimes the ownership of venusangelic.com. Is it possible that when she forgets to pay or is too broke for it we can snipe it out from her before she realizes it?

No. 299815

"13 unique IP addresses/6 years (6/2010- present)"
this bitch. part gypsy, part magpie, part ghoul/ogre. A walking, talking sludgepit.

No. 299816

Is that the margaretpalermo.com?

No. 299817

Not if you talk about it here.

No. 299818

Yup. Didn't mean to cut the address off.

No. 299819

I found their former spanish residence thx to V's blog and google's time machine.


Interesting… I should stop drinking energy drinks…

No. 299820

since my screencap doesn't want to play nice now, have a link and see for yourself

No. 299821

Thx anon.

No. 299822

Adeje is too nice for the maggot

No. 299823

Venus seems to have a japanese blog. Last post 2nd november 2015.

No. 299824

Those are not Venus singing but the original songs. Does V know she has something to sell in her amazon account?

No. 299825

File: 1473411612791.png (31.29 KB, 790x1024, 9b819482-855b-4d7e-a9e2-14e726…)

It's a beauty, no? Designed by MARGARET PALERMO, website designer and mensa member.
with links to her wildly popular(lol) YT channel and IG in addition to prev. mentioned "art" shop and iTunes store.
desperate much, mange?

No. 299826

No. 299827

File: 1473411668282.png (48.55 KB, 1079x210, Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 2.00…)

Oh Margo. She's still updating the VA.com about section, obviously.

No. 299829