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File: 1525283627243.png (319.88 KB, 803x434, crap.png)

No. 513635

The latest drama:
Venus, under the care of a new therapist, decided to come clean with her fans and reveal that she did indeed have a gastric sleeve procedure in Korea in May 2016 >>508494
Video summary:
>>she gained weight when she moved in with Manaki and didn’t have a food nazi around any more
>>Manaki expressed concern over her binging and then starving for days when she first moved in (guess Margo never told her that's not normal)
>>she felt "unwanted" at the time, thought she'd be happier if she was thin
>>WLS was performed by Dr. Sehoon Kang, Venus contacted him in 2016 after moving to Japan
>>Part of intestine was cut out, stomach stapled, gallbladder & appendix removed for unknown reasons
>>Food 'fell' into stapled-off part of stomach due to pulled internal stitches & caused vomiting (couldn't be passed through digestive system)
>Was in hospital bc she was only 88 lbs / fatigued / heart issues / generally malnourished & vomiting 10-15x a day
>>Didn't tell them she had weight loss surgery
>>Fix was either remove the stapled part of stomach or attach colon to stapled part of stomach; opted for colon repair after self-reflection
>>Said she was binge-eating a lot more after running away from home
>>Got an infection after the initial WLS

As can happen, there was a grain of truth inside of Margo’s insane narcissist rantings: Venus DID reach out her via email after the procedure, and Venus and Manaki WERE fighting at the time, because Manaki didn’t approve of her wanting the surgery.

So Margaret made a “reaction” video >>509770 to gain asspats from this revelation, but the entire video was about how everything is Manaki’s fault, and how Venus is clearly being abused by him. She’s also pissed at Manaki’s mom, who fully supported Venus even after she lied to Manaki about getting the weight loss surgery: Manaki threatened to divorce Venus over getting the surgery, Venus did it anyway, she lied about it to him until much later when she was sick, and Mana-mama told him Venus must’ve felt incredibly lonely and scared to hide such a thing, and that his wife needed his love and support; Manaki forgave V and all is well. Margaret hates this outcome.

Margo claims she would have helped Venus if she could have >>509235 but she was unavoidably out of the country in May / June 2016… running away to China, then Vancouver, in order to sue Venus for the channel while she was down and out. Recall that this was her reaction to being emailed at the time (“I am more sick than Venoos is, why is she complaining! She’s just faking anyway! The money, the channel, the money, Manaki is stealing my MONEY! If she dies, he’ll get the money”)

Where we are now:
Margaret was riding high and smug >>510631, thinking Venus was coming back to her any day now and that her divorce was imminent (somehow she missed the part of Venus’s video where she said Manaki forgave her back in January and everything is fine now.) The video text is insane >>509810

In addition to ranting about Manaki and his family being ‘abusers’ by not wanting Venus to get WLS but forgiving her for it after initially being upset her harmed herself, Margaret made a most GENEROUS offer to allow Venoos to come back to her in South Korea and let Margo control her life again:
>>About Dr Butcherkang I have the idea that Venus you should come to Korea, you get a room in this house immediately, after we take something else, and I help you to sue him for compensation money and to keep him in jail longer. He butchered you while he was suspended from being a surgeon, and killed someone and got in jail just this year. He will get free next spring and will 99.999999% surely butcher again. To get justice for yourself, and to save lives, you should sue him. I know lawyers, studied Korean and organize your visa without further payments for school or such. And btw I organized the refund from the school we've paid for 2 years ago, that's in your account here in Korea. Even if you signed something, that doesn't matter because he was not even allowed to sign anything or put a scalpel on anyone, or removing your gallbladder just because he was fancy doing it.
For your mental health I plan certain activities for you, without me and without much talking, also inexpensively, througk certain activities. Sounds mysterious but it's safe and fun.

Aunt Zsu comes out for Venus, calling Margaret evil, Venus is Cinderella, and Manaki is her Prince >>510272

And Venus responds, essentially calling her mother a hateful bitch whose far beneath her notice >>511258.

Venus also jokes with her husband about wearing Lolita whenever she wants (their comments showing it a joke are on Kiwi, https://kiwifarms.is/threads/margaret-margo-palermo-venusangelics-mom.580/page-262#post-3309992) and Margaret takes off on a drunk rant about how abusive he is >>513503


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No. 513640

File: 1525283826843.png (24.53 KB, 292x120, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.4…)

Margo is on a drunk rampage following Venus's joke post about Manaki telling her not to wear Lolita dresses, initial instagram post these are made under >>513503

Mags claims she has "many unseen photos" of Manaki, like scraping photos of him being silly from Venus's chat logs are evidence of his criminal background

No. 513641

File: 1525283866140.png (20.15 KB, 303x84, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.4…)

Marge didn't exploit Venoos, that's what MANAKI wants you to think! Wake up sheeple!

No. 513642

File: 1525283916199.png (29.76 KB, 295x173, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.4…)

Margaret describes her own abuse of Venus, except she sees Manaki as the one doing it (and how is Venus still a child, and Manaki her parent? She's 21)

No. 513643

File: 1525283962931.png (45.24 KB, 309x245, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.4…)

Margaret says "NOH UH SHE STARTED IT" when told that her shit talking gets old, makes the first of several comments about "stinky" manaki

No. 513644

File: 1525283987898.png (27.77 KB, 296x157, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.4…)

What, ME be negative? Never!

No. 513645

File: 1525284005883.png (19.05 KB, 290x85, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.4…)

She must divorce!

No. 513646

File: 1525284041335.png (19.06 KB, 303x91, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.4…)

Two seconds later: Who said they should divorce? I certainly never said that!

No. 513647

File: 1525284104256.png (35.6 KB, 301x198, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.4…)

More of Margo's favorite new word, "gaslighting", which she doesn't understand at all. Claims Venoos will kill herself without her mutti to protect her from Manaki

No. 513648

File: 1525284180627.png (42.17 KB, 299x240, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.4…)

Margo imagines a conversation between Venus and her husband; claims SHE was always non judgmental with Venus (lol)

No. 513649

File: 1525284215177.png (22.82 KB, 291x109, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.4…)

Margo claims Venoos would "level up mentally" if only she was forced to live with her mutti

No. 513650

> Venus DID reach out her via email after the procedure

the email is written in Marglish, we know that Venus did reach out but that was not how she did it

No. 513652

File: 1525284467044.png (53.01 KB, 298x310, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.4…)

Venus posting jokes and truth is somehow Venus "losing credibility". Mags is deeply delusional if she thinks this is the beginning of the end for Venus, her channel and Instagram gain more subscribers every day.

No. 513653

File: 1525284508852.png (48.06 KB, 301x281, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.4…)

Mags doubles down on Manaki's stinkiness; funny how it took her a whole 3 years to come up with this schoolyard insult.

No. 513655

File: 1525284643235.png (54.12 KB, 302x293, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.4…)

Venus leaving her 2 years ago is just Venus having "sand in her buttcrack".

Uh, I think it's a bit more than that, yeah Mags? She's been gone for YEARS, and only contacted you once several months in because she was fighting with her husband and at that point, had no one else to turn to. Now she does. I kinda doubt this is a bout of teen rebellion… especially since she's not a teen any more.

No. 513657

Says one thing then the opposite… How many entities are in her head?

No. 513672

>all teens go through a phase where they start not to understand the parents
No, Margo. What happened is that Venus grew up. She started to understand you were sick in the head and got away to somewhere she'd be treated like a human being and not like a wallet.

No. 513676

You mean what you have been doing to Venus all these years Margo? Telling her she was fat and telling her she couldn't have friends other than you?

No. 513678

are these people retarded? Venus isn't a teen, she's a grown arse woman. They are talking about her like she's 13-14

No. 513681

Gaiz, it was Venus who was Jealous of Margo!!
And riiight, basic rights. You mean denying Venus a full meal and refusing to take her to a doctor? Prisoners had more rights than Venus did.

No. 513689

Let me get this straight: Venus is going to kill herself without mutti, but at the same time she wants to kill Margo, but at the same time Manaki wants to kill venus to taker her dresses and the channel revenue.

No. 513692

You got it in one. Except with Venoos simultaneously being the victim, and a psychopath.

No. 513855


Probably because she still acts and has a bedroom like my 8yro does. Unless you know she’s older, at first sight you think she’s younger than 16

No. 513905

He doesn't let Venus breathe for a second yet that video of her at their home shows Manaki was coming home from work when her stalker ass showed up. I'm sure she gets a lot of time away from him. She's so retarded.

If Manaki stinks through his skin imagine how bad Margo must stink from her rancid vagoo.

No. 513922


Is this like a narc thing ? When they don't like someone they just proclaim that they "smell"…. Like how Onion claimed Billie "smelled" after she rejected him.

This is the best insult she can throw at Manaki … Nothing about his looks, so I guess she does find him good looking.

No. 513929

Specifically, she called him “sexy boy” even though not a single person, fan or not, had ever said something like that about him.

Isn’t it also a narc mom thing to not only copy their female child’s looks and interests, but also try to seduce/lust after their child’s partners?

No. 513932

File: 1525318157299.jpg (45.68 KB, 640x641, 4493b0cd12c91b57a10f13638bdce1…)

lol holy shit you're right. it reminds me of lahey from trailer park boys always calling julian sexy/sexian

No. 513934

bitch has yellow fever. if mr yan wasn't such a pedo she'd probably have tried to bang him, she tried to sell venus to him pretty much.

No. 513940

File: 1525319380177.png (Spoiler Image,358.44 KB, 480x603, poorguy.png)

yeah let's not forget she fetched herself pic related just to prove us that she was too busy shagging strangers in her plywood cubicle to care about her ungrateful asexual slut daughter~

No. 513943

File: 1525319859050.jpg (120.53 KB, 736x548, sexyboy.jpg)

No. 513964

>I do have a teen myself

Why do Maggot and her stans treat Venus like a child? She is legally and mentally not a child anymore.

No. 513971

Denial and thinking she's mentally impaired.

No. 513975

Oh, yeah. And if not Manaki, she was hoping that Venus’ connection to him would snag her own stinky crossdressing sexy otaku boy.

Yes, that too! That was so gross. “Fuck you, Venus. I can get samurai dick too.” And then she never saw that dude again.. . 200% sure he was a gigolo. There are a lot of good-looking ones in Japan that regularly service old hags like Margaret as long as they get paid. They’ll even pose as boyfriends.

I also always thought it was weird how Margaret hooked up with a Korean boyfriend right away and expected Venus to do the same. Like, did she intend to swap them sometimes?

If we could talk to that teen, I bet they would tell you their parent is a loon too.

No. 513976

kek but also rip mr.lahey

No. 513982

Pretty common with engulfing narc moms, they’re unable to see past a certain point in their child’s development. Most little kids have a vested interest in keeping their parents happy, even healthy parents, but Margaret isn’t healthy. She wants the Venus who didn’t think for herself and who didn’t argue, much more than she wants a healthy or happy Venus. Nmoms prefer the memory of their children as kids or a teen, not as adults who are self sufficient. Interestingly, a lot of kids of narc moms in particular say they felt like they realized early on that they were going to have to run away/go low to no contact from these parents and escape both emotionally and geographically. The more successful kids of narc parents were also able to figure out, early on, that agreeing with an insane person like this is the safest and most self protective thing to do until they can leave the home.

Some mothers talk about daughters in their fifties as though they were still ten year olds. The good thing is that people are almost overaware of narcissists, it’s much harder for them to hide now.

No. 513986

>I also always thought it was weird how Margaret hooked up with a Korean boyfriend right away and expected Venus to do the same. Like, did she intend to swap them sometimes?

Yeah, it is fucking bizarre how suddenly Margo had no shame on pushing Venus into unwanted relationships; and that stems from Mr Yan telling her that the only easy way for them to live in asia was getting an spouse visa (since Margo loves evading taxes and let's be honest, none of them has any actual skill useful at a real job so bussiness visas were out of question), and that became her main focus. She only accepted Mana at first because she saw the oportunity to milk the kawaii japanese boifurendo schtick plus the visa. Once she discovered she wasn't included in the deal, we all witnessed the outcome of it.

No. 513993

Oh yeah, that MUST be it. We all know that all children with fuckin' sweet lives bail on their parents the first chance they get. How delusional can you get?

No. 513998

Advice from someone pretending to have a clue.

No. 513999

File: 1525329945446.jpg (112.6 KB, 540x776, IMG_20180503_084445_949.jpg)

No. 514000

File: 1525330162146.jpg (106.91 KB, 540x778, IMG_20180503_084509_004.jpg)

Full caption. Could she be studying psychology in Korea just like that?

No. 514005

File: 1525332468853.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-05-03-03-27-21.p…)


No. 514007

Aaaaand it's deleted

No. 514012


depressed? anxious? just don't!
have a mental illness that prevents you from being productive? just be productive!
not drinking enough water? drink lemonade or juice!

margo has no idea what depression is like. wew.

>"if your family is truly toxic and harmful and really nothing else is left because every contact ends harming you, you might want to break the contact for your own good"

No. 514015

File: 1525337862781.png (488.61 KB, 540x489, Untitled.png)

why does this read like some jonestown shit

'cure your depression: embrace death.'

No. 514021

Perhaps she realised the inherent logic problem in claiming her daughter is a psychopath who attempts to kill her, and claiming you attract psychopaths by being a flawed person. Can't call herself a flawed person.

No. 514023

Is this a known filter or has she just 'shopped them on because Margo.

No. 514028

i shopped it

No. 514029

This picture always made me laugh, mutti hires a rent boy!

No. 514031

She’s a narc and an edgelord and she’s clearly cycling rapidly through her delusional grandiosity and the feeling that she is completely unnecessary. Marge is in absolute hell right now, and it’s great to see her flailing around like a drowning rat.

No. 514039

Oh damn. She used to blatantly shop her brows on (or rather with an app) so I bought it.

No. 514047

is she pulling a Kiki now?

No. 514048

File: 1525355249904.png (160.36 KB, 500x661, when-someone-says-stop-being-d…)

>"Except if you're my cash cow! then no, you aren't allowed to leave"

No. 514052

Jesus no wonder Venus is a fucking mess. 'My thoughts on rewiring a depressed mind to a healthy mind.'

1. Practicing thoughts: Don't even think about the thing that's bothering you. You are a negative dirty girl for letting yourself think negatively. Suppress your feelings and your worries, distract yourself.

2. Can't fall asleep at night: Again, don't think about the things that bother you. At night it is very hard because you shouldn't be on your computer or eating.

3. Get up at 6am and shower: Have you ever tried not acting depressed? Wow margo is so good at helping. I'm at a loss for words how to properly describe the disrespect in this point.

4. Forget any words that say 'no/don't/can't': Things like oh idk. I don't want to go back to you. I don't want to talk to you. I don't want to dress like a cheap whore.

5. Take action: Be not depressed! Wasn't that easy?

6. Forget the word 'but': Like, but you aren't a doctor. But you don't have a therapy license. But you aren't my mother.

7. Forget the word 'try': Don't try, just do. This point sounds kind of gross to me because it implies that there is no safety with her. Like you can't try things out, you have to go 100% whether or not you're ready for that.

8. A focused mind is a happy mind: Guys have you ever just tried not being depressed or anxious?

9. Fresh air water movements: Venus you aren't hungry, you're thirsty. Also you aren't getting out enough, I would know what that's like since I live in a shoebox.

10. Whatever your parents did you don't have to do. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa When Venus is thirty people are going to ask her what made her not look at her mother ever again or any of her family she is going to straight up point to this video.

Wrap up: Oh she isn't a fan of medication. Poor Venus. I wonder how often she even got checkups. And now she's going on about how people just don't try to not be depressed. Mensa level here.

No. 514056

>I wonder how often she even got checkups

I don't have the screenshot here rn but margo proudly said the only time she took Venus to the hospital was to get a wound stitched when she was small. Go figure.

No. 514057


Probably because they would have picked up on bruising/abuse and taken her into care.

No. 514070

anon, she cannot even speak properly korean.
she studies as much clinical psychology as she "studied radiology". maybe she took some online course.

No. 514089

>Poor Venus. I wonder how often she even got checkups.

She never took her for anything but for something involving an injury when she was really small. I don’t have a screenshot of it, but she was going on saying that she never takes Venus to the doctor and instead uses “home remedies.” The only dumbasses that agreed with that were pull-tards. Her daughter could be sick with Ebola and she still wouldn’t take her to the doctor.

Mother of the century, everyone!

No. 514135

File: 1525377036500.jpg (319.29 KB, 810x813, Screenshot_20180503-124632.jpg)

What is it with abused daughters looking up to Margo?

Anyway, Mags now claims that while she didn't kick Venoos out, apparently EVERYONE could see in her eyes how she was suffering under Venus's iron rule.

Sure, that's why there's a million views and comments on the last interview you did with Venus saying the exact opposite: that Venus's face as you cut her down on television told the whole story. Lol, Mags even took down her reupload of it, because despite it getting views, she couldn't control the narrative and get people to agree she was anything other than a controlling moron.

No. 514140

There's no way that's not a baiting troll post, it literally tags a Rapunzel villain song.

No. 514141

No. 514155

>hard to handle
Fuck Margaret, a child is not something you should handle you dumb cunt. I hate moms like this woman, it's really disgusting how it can't get inside her head that Venus is a person of her own and not a part of Margaret's that must follow her abusive ass forever
Also, the Tangled troll would be perfect had she said she was kicked out in 2010 when the movie was released.

No. 514158

Interesting the amount of people defending Mother Gothel at the comments on how she was actually kind, just overprotective, etc
I guess it's so hard to see a vilain acting like your narc mother that you end up having to defend their acts in order to protect your childhood memories. No wonder Margaret still has "fans".

No. 514164

It's their personal account with a lot of history, if they are baiting. Might be a JassyRose type. Wonder whatever happened to her? Mags must've scared her off at some point.

No. 514165


that's a bit infuriating. gothel doesn't care about rapunzel at all. every time she says "i love you" or some variant of it she's holding rapunzel's hair. at the end she even kisses rapunzel on the top of her head where her hair is. she's overprotective of her hair and we saw very quickly in the movie that she would have just taken the hair if she could. she's nothing more than her hair to her, just like venus is nothing more than an income to margo.

No. 514184

well… not saying that venus is japanese… but for japanese standards it's probably still rather normal. I mean not the average kind of room and probably somewhat biased in the utaku/weeb direction but still not completely weird.

No. 514212

if she was so abused and suffered at the hands of Venus, why is she trying to get her back. an adult that she's finally free of obligation.

No. 514241

because this makes her the hyper-mother who is above anything her "child" does and will suffer every detriments and be the perfect victim

No. 514300

File: 1525397044937.jpg (Spoiler Image,1023.13 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180504_025132.jpg)

Marge's obsessed with her daughter like someone who's obsessed with her ex. It even sounds weird when she tells everyone that Venus should divorce and come back to her, like a couple.

Then she posts an old picture of Manaki with sloppy make up (and diffamates him again) after he posted a make up tutorial to ridicule him just bc he looks more handsome???

Looks like marge sees her son-in-law like a rival…

No. 514301

File: 1525397487039.jpg (1.4 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180504_024023.jpg)

… what about people do the same with her and talk about her past and actual weight?

She makes videos about losing weight with woo woo bloodtype diet but still obese and looks like a vitamin B12-deficient.

No. 514309

it's so weird how good they portraited a narc parent in this video. and scary how much mother gothel resembles margaret.

No. 514357

File: 1525405563840.jpg (441.47 KB, 1049x1076, Screenshot_20180502-222947.jpg)

THE HAND THAT CARESSED your daughter?! That's how you describe yourself???

Jfc Venus move to a different planet, your mom is officially the creepiest

No. 514358

File: 1525405599823.jpg (300 KB, 1064x835, Screenshot_20180503-204242.jpg)

Shit wrong pic

No. 514360

margo can't say "the hand that fed her" since we all know who was the breadwinner and the one who cook in that household (cook as in, actual food, no lemon slices for breakfast and lettuce leaves)

No. 514362


Why does it look like her forehead is growing?

No. 514364

Covert incest is pretty common among narcs.

No. 514368

nah it's the same anon who posted their shitty unfunny edits on the old threads

Didn't they even slept in the same bed? sorry for the reach but I really really hope this fucking bitch didn't sexually abused her daughter. Margo's behavior screams incest to me

No. 514369

Yes, they shared a bed in Japan and Korea

No. 514377

Can someone please get this bitch to stop using variations of “gaslight” in every other sentence?!

I wouldn’t be surprised at this point. The sad part is that it would probably be the kind that is not as easily recognizable as blatant sexual assault, so Venus would doubt her memories. The way Margaret simultaneously exploited her daughter’s body, then body-shamed her and tried control Venus’ sexuality is too disturbing.

No. 514478

File: 1525447673952.png (345.54 KB, 569x430, Unbenannt.thumb.png.1c940ce9f1…)

Your post just sent me on a very strange and uncomfortable spiral of reading about covert and emotional incest in narc parents and I really think that Mags has demonstrated a few signs that she has treated Venus that way. We can't really speculate what went on behind closed doors but here are some things I've noticed:

- Treating her like a spouse rather than a child
>"Divorce him and get back with me!"
>"We built this life together you can't leave me!"
>"She ran off from me to be with a man!"

- Forcing her to share a bed until she was 18 (i.e when she ran away)

- Making inappropriate comments about her body and appearance
>"I didn't abandon her for not being pretty"?? Something a partner might do but never a parent?
>Various creepy photographs she took of her when underage pictures, photoshopping sexy pics of her
>The old comments Margo used to make about Venus' boobs etc, pic related
>All those videos/thumbnails on Venus' channel from when she was young that are obviously pandering to perverts
>The fact Venus has never chosen to wear a sexy style of clothing since leaving her mother makes it seem like Mags chose those clothes for her
>She also has never worn stilettos since leaving her, that I've noticed

- Making inappropriate comments about her sexuality
>Feeling the need to mention that she was a virgin in a completely inappropriate context
>For whatever reason feeling compelled to mention her panties and high heels being in the case
>Deliberately leaving Venus' lace underwear on display in a picture
>Accusing her of being asexual
>Also accusing her of being a cheating slut and posting "proofs" of this to social media

- Generally making strange sexual comments towards her
>Telling her she will become a homeless prostitute
>Implying she wanted Venus to sell her virginity/stay pure for a rich man
>That one tweet she made from Venus' account where she said she would date her if she wasn't her mom?
>That entire Mr. Yan fiasco

- Being overtly sexual herself but acting as if Venus should not be sexual herself
>Posting nudes to show Venus what she is missing?
>That one picture where Mags is naked on her "boyfriend's" chest to "prove she didn't have time to hack Venus"

- Speculatively, that she probably made Venus take at lease some of those half-naked/underwear photos Mags used to like to post on her Facebook

No. 514486

Crazy Old Lady Margaret has always been very inappropriate with Venus but at the same time tried to control her exposure to anything romantic/sexual. Covering her daughter's ears during interviews, picking her clothes, molding her image between doll and Eastern European prostitute/mail order bride, and even trying to pick the men she's with. After all she approved of Manaki until Venus started liking him and then she had a fit about Venus not being with the Korean man she picked.

She wanted to be in control of Venus' sexuality from the clothes she wore, to the captions of her pictures, to her romantic/sexual partners.

No. 514495

Imo I think it is why she accuses Manaki of being a pedophile despite Venus being adult and he still loves her… Projection.

No. 514496


i'm pretty sure she accuses him of being a pedophile because he was a fan of her since around the time she first started her youtube channel when she was 13.

No. 514520

It’s not normal when you sleep with your kid well into their teen years. If it was a dad doing it everyone would be sus, and rightfully so. Even if no physical abuse took place there are serious long term ramifications when a mom does that to her daughter.

No. 514521

>biting the hand that caressed her

That’s an uncomfortable choice of words.

No. 514524


i have a feeling this is part of the reason manaki allowed venus to have her own bedroom and space. it might help her heal a bit

No. 514534

File: 1525459793427.png (12.8 KB, 578x98, Untitled.png)

Maggot also apparently had Venus clean her back when she was 15? I'm pretty sure that's a weird and abnormal thing to ask your teenage daughter to do.

No. 514538

Margo was inviting men over to have sex at their place that only has one bed and Venus has to sleep in it with Margo. So I put nothing past a creep like her.

No. 514540

This just gets worse and worse. Definitely covert incest and frankly Venus shows all the signs of having been abused. I hope for the best for her. Margaret can die in a fire.

No. 514542

Yep. It’s not uncommon for abused children to want a separate room for themselves, for whatever reason. Sometimes you need your own space.

No. 514549

It isn’t uncommon for anyone to want a room for themselves lol. You don’t have to want to be close to someone every waking hour.

No. 514553

why was this comment necessary at all

No. 514555

anon clearly needs more personal space

holy fuck, that makes so much sense… i always thought the sexual comments were a bit odd but when you lay it out like that, it really does seem like she's attracted to (or thinks she's in a relationship with) her own daughter.

what i wanna know is, why venus hasn't gotten a restraining order yet.

No. 514561

Jesus that's fucked. Major covert incest; dragging your 15 year old into washing your naked body - and USING THEIR ACCOUNT to tweet about it - is a narc parent trying to break down any boundary their teen might be trying to build around themselves for safety.

Somatic narc moms are notorious for this - either with sons or daughters. With daughters, it's to show off their body to them in a weird pissing contest ("I AM SOO MUCH SEXIER THAN YOU, DAUGHTER! SEE YOUR BOYFRIEND UNABLE TO LOOK AWAY WHEN I EXPOSE MYSELF TO HIM?"), and with sons, they use it to affirm that THEY are the most attractive woman in the world to their boy, that no one could compare to their sexy, sexy mommy.

It's totally fucked.

>>what i wanna know is, why venus hasn't gotten a restraining order yet.
Most abused kids just want to put it all behind themselves; court involves going over everything again and possibly seeing your abuser there. Same reason why many rape victims don't report - your body and mind becomes evidence and you get picked apart by the person who destroyed you.

No. 514562


Gross. Margo is really incompetent at something as basic as showering herself

No. 514565

No, it’s not, but I’m sure that if you went to a group for adult kids of narc parents who had also been emotionally or sexually abused, you’d hear that a common theme is wanting a separate room (sometimes just a cot or a bed) to sleep in. No matter how much you love your partner, even a king size bed can feel uncomfortable and too small from time to time, so it’s good to have another space you can go to.

I think it’s great that Manaki gives Venus the space she needs if/when she needs it. She really lucked out when she met up with him. Most people from backgrounds like that go through a few relationships that are the same as the one they escaped because to a narc, you’re basically wearing a KICK ME sign. Venus got Mana first try, and good for her.

No. 514586


She's also been very smart about it, and going to therapy. I'm amazed that she has that foresight.

No. 514601

Emotional incest is sick and I hope with everything, Margot NEVER sees her target again.

No. 514614

If you think incompetence is the reason Mags had Venus wash her back I have some bad news for you.

No. 514617

I’m glad that covert incest is being discussed both here and at KF. A lot of people don’t even know it exists and can never figure out why they feel so off or creepy or weirded out by a parent but go their whole lives blaming themselves. It’s horrible, but it’s cool to see people talking about it.

Yeah, she’s a lot more aware that things are screwed up than some acons her age tend to be. She’s trying really hard. I have a feeling that her relationship with Mana’s mum was and is likely a continual eye opener for her.

No. 514655

… incest? you guys are making your own milk now.

In other cultures kids share baths with their parents, it's not incest to wash your mom's back

No. 514658


You can also look up enmeshment. You’re welcome.

No. 514659

File: 1525478467057.jpg (21.73 KB, 630x461, 26231377_438387103243331_28928…)

in conjunction with all the other abuse, it very likely is- maybe not the bath specifically? but anons here have pointed out heaps of other instances of shady shit.

remember we're talking covert incest, which is mainly the emotional demands that should be reserved for a romantic partner, placed on venus

No. 514660

Trolling and derailing for the sake of starting a nice juicy infight is so exciting tho amirite, anon.

No. 514662

jesus read a psychology book at least once in your life

No. 514663

Narcs and emotional incest go hand in hand in all cultures. Sorry that your attempt to get everyone here infighting got called out so quickly, better luck next time.

No. 514665

I think it’s terrific to see Venus’ desire to be emotionally healthy. She has a husband, makes friends, and has in laws who seem to genuinely care for her. Considering that the ability to make and maintain positive relationships is a marker for good mental health in the eyes of a shrink, I think Venus is doing really well for herself, all things considered.

Margot I can barely talk about rn without wanting to sperg. She’s the lowest piece of shit.

No. 514669

Stop armchairing

No. 514670

This tweet is downright horrifying. It makes my skin crawl. Marglish mixed with the most grotesque Freudian slip ever. Moms don’t ‘caress’ their daughters, Margerat.

In hindsight, those tweets of her in bed with some rent boy are even more disgusting. See, Venoos? Mutti is fucking! Who even does that hoping…what? That Venus would see it and…get jealous? Miss mutti’s loving embrace? Like what is the end goal there? She’s beyond foul.

No. 514684

File: 1525485599058.jpg (Spoiler Image,481.96 KB, 920x592, Pg7oaZg.jpg)

Was this the same guy?
With original caption. She later deleted the “No fucks given to Venus” part but, ugh… Truly a loving mother, right?

No. 514716

File: 1525488415900.jpg (231.17 KB, 1242x1783, A4mSfba.jpg)

No, it’s very normal in every culture with young children who often can not wash themselves properly. Not TEENAGERS! The only exceptions are situations like communal baths or your parent is old/disabled. Margaret is just a fucking weirdo. End of discussion.

And here’s a picture Margaret tweeted 10 days later! Looks like they were in a hotel during that time frame. I’m sure at no point were they in a spa or large bath that would make scrubbing your mother’s back necessary.

Yuck. I feel like I need 10 showers now.

No. 514719

anon, first off stop derailing over OT and second, pick up a book from time to time or watch documentaries. In poor families living space is scarce and children or children and parent often end up together in the same bed. now shut the fuck up about it.

No. 514722

In those families there is also a higher rate of child abuse but ok.

No. 514734

>In poor families living…

Bitch, nobody is talking about families in poverty or third world countries! We’re talking about Margaret and Venus’ situation and how it is ABNORMAL for THEIR living situation, as first worlders living off YouTube income. How dense are you to even make the comparison?

Lol. “Read a book!” Yeah. Flowers In The Attic would be a good start.

No. 514736

In no culture is it normally for a 15 year old girl to wash her physically healthy mother's back (and for said mother to tweet about it on her kids account), in addition to sharing her bed when they have the means for their own beds.

No. 514758


i don't see how talking about covert incest is derailing either, its pretty common/plausible? just like claiming Margle or LGH's narc status. don't wanna push my luck tho

No. 514762

Agreed, plus Marggot's past behaviors towards her daughter have been very questionable and there may be a pattern.

No. 514790

Plus Margo was pimping Venus out, it's what makes her behavior incestuous. Right before or after Venus escaped, Margo posted a picture on Instagram of Venus and some old Korean guy laying in bed, and his arm was around her, claiming that Venus cheated on Manaki.

I didn't know that Margo made her share a bed, so now that picture has a new level of nastiness. Yall know that Margo didn't wash the sheets before crawling in there.
Do people in third world countries also sleep in the same bed their children have sex in?

No. 514813

Margo later admitted in a private message that was screenshotted, that it was Margo in the photo.

everyone here already knows this just need to set that anon straight

No. 514815


i thought it was determined that margo was trying to be sarcastic but the intonation was lost due to her mangled english

No. 514822

You’re right. She was trying to be sarcastic. She never directly admitted it.

It still has to be the most bizarre picture she has shared. So Venus, fully clothed, is “cheating” on Manaki. In a room shared with her mother, who also has a Korean boyfriend there. Mother just happens to have a camera to document everything. Even though the man is the one Margaret WANTED Venus to become involved with so she could divorce Manaki. Yet Margaret, who couldn’t stand idly by as sin was committed, says she needed to take pictures to send to innocent victim Manaki.

And she has followers that think this all makes perfect sense.

No. 514825

File: 1525510359755.png (712.39 KB, 661x867, 1454496083642.png)

Margo said Venus was a virgin after she escaped home, for whatever reason she felt that was relevant, pic related. That would've been after the pic with the Korean dude.

She also later said that what happened in the picture was "physical enough" to count as cheating, which to me sounds as if it didn't go much past cuddling. See:

No. 514832

File: 1525515268168.jpg (196.39 KB, 1080x1100, MRXTtYl.jpg)

She’s sure mad about Venus’ hymen not being auctioned off to a rich old man.

^Here is where she revealed that Virgin-whore Venus only kissed the guy. And not kissING, but BEING kissed while drunk, proving that she did not initiate it. Hence, we saw the messages where the Korean guy apologized to her for misunderstanding.

I can only imagine how Margaret would have treated Venus if she had ever been molested or raped.

No. 514864

File: 1525526738760.jpeg (47.26 KB, 468x298, DB676D48-B57A-478C-9D33-5D9EA7…)

Ot but i hate when people call cows obese when they are overweight or even in normal weight

No. 514872


What a pig. Back in the day she would have straight up sold Venus off to some old millionaire, counted that cash, and walked away.

Everything about this tweet is extra nasty. “Venoos! Sit in einen Mittel und look littel!”

No. 514874

What’s your problem, anon? What’s the argument you’re attempting to make, like, what are we missing that’s so important?

You saying that everything we’ve seen Margo writing over the years is a lie doesn’t change a thing. We all saw (and have proof via social media) that Margo wanted to pimp her daughter out to Mr. Yan, slept with her, weighed her fucking food for her, took over all of her accounts, tried to break into her home.

We aren’t talking about ‘different cultures’, or ‘poor people’, we are discussing Margo and Venus, both of whom have talked about the situation at length. I guess if you’re a Margo stan or just an asshole you might not see this as a mother whoring out her only child, as well as not allowing that child to set healthy emotional boundaries, but it sure looks that way to me.

No. 514881


“Venoos! Sit in einen Mittel und look littel!”

LMFAO I fucking died at this omg

No. 514908

File: 1525540025895.png (572.51 KB, 932x599, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

margo is browsing pinterest again

No. 515000

I love it when our anons speak Marglish. This was a good one, props to you this fine Saturday.

No. 515044

The ridiculous over reaction to me saying you might be overreacting and making up your own milk is probably a good sign that you're overreacting.

No. 515057

File: 1525557902276.gif (1.38 MB, 592x336, ECD46CBB-0746-4532-85F9-B20246…)

No. 515061

File: 1525559204821.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

No. 515068


I'm baiting you by telling you to calm down?
Just stick to the facts and stop making shit up just because Margo isn't busy

No. 515069

why wouldn't a narcissist like margroot who earned her lifestyle, trips across the world, on the basis her underaged daughter was sexualized because of a fantasy her mother had that she's a lolita not may also have done creepy, sexual shit to or in front of said daughter?

emotional incest is not unheard of happening with narc parents as they can't control and bend to their will as easily with adults than their own children

based on identifiable patterns of behavior its a valid speculation. look at how absolutely obsessed margroot is with venoos. like a spurned lover.

No. 515076

congrats on your thesaurus, but it is nothing more than speculation, you just said it yourself.

No. 515077

We know Margo controlled Venus' sex life so yeah, it qualifies as sexual abuse.

No. 515082

File: 1525563184011.jpeg (71.53 KB, 800x800, EBCA3022-FAD1-4DFA-AC53-6DFFEB…)

No. 515083

I give up, I'm actually trying to help you

No. 515086

Margo slept with Venus throughout her teen years: true or false?
Margo weighed Venus’s food: true or false?
When Venus was in trouble and asking her mom for help, Margo responded to Venus by being a cunt and posting pictures of her in bed with some dude: true or false?

The preceding examples are, collectively, a behavioral pattern displayed by narcissist parents called ‘covert incest’, also known as ‘enmeshment’: true or false?

Bonus goalpost-shifting round: ‘different cultures’, ‘watch documentaries’, poor families’, ‘overreacting’, ‘calm down’.

No. 515099

not that anon, but you do need to calm down lol. it's obvious you're samefagging with these bait memes and trying to force your opinion when other people reasonably argue against it.

people who live in a one bedroom flat often share a bed to sleep in, because it's the only bed they own. so i don't see why you should twist this into a deeper psychological meaning.

No. 515102

Onisions mom gave him a topless massage and was discussed. Marggot made Venus wash her back. Methinks there's double standards

No. 515150

File: 1525572200050.jpg (261.77 KB, 1059x651, Screenshot_20180505-170639.jpg)

"Manaki didn't know about the surgery tho"


Jesus she's crazy

No. 515151

File: 1525572270409.jpg (313.55 KB, 1057x770, Screenshot_20180505-170658.jpg)

Margo calls Venus crazy for lying in fear of losing her husband. That doesnt seem crazy to me.

No. 515152

And what exactly would she spill after all these years? We know she has zero self control and blows her whole wad whenever she thinks she has shit on Venus (when she got access to each storage, etc, there was never anything there)

No. 515153

File: 1525572383429.jpg (684.31 KB, 1071x1651, Screenshot_20180505-170717.jpg)


No. 515154

File: 1525572535246.jpg (307.63 KB, 1070x809, Screenshot_20180505-170736.jpg)


Margo thinks it was "interesting" that the daughter she isolated all her life has no one but her abyser to turn to, 3 months after escaping.

It takes time to build a support system. Which she now has. Which is why Mags can ruminate over the last time Venus contacted her like a jealous ex boyfriend, but shes not coming back to you, man. Move on.

No. 515159

kek exactly. No one with a pile of evidence would waste their time running their mouth and arguing with nothing to back it up.

No. 515170

What's interesting to me is that not long ago Margo had gone through a phase where Venus was dead to her. She was selling her belongings and either talking shit about her (psychopath, abuser, thief etc) or not mentioning her at all for long periods and trying to do 'her own thing'. Now she's desperately trying to get her to come back to her any way she can. Whether it's manipulating her that everyone around her is bad or random convenient excuses like "Venoos, I studied Korean, if you just come to me I can help you sue the doctor".

it's legit sad in a way bc it shows she never got over her. She must have convinced herself really well that Venus was an asexual doll and they would live together in isolation forever and has no plan B in life.

No. 515193

Did this bitch actually expected that a 40 yr old Wenoos would keep making stupid weeb videos to fund mutti's lifestyle or…?

No. 515215

Narcs aren't exactly known for planning ahead.

No. 515243

Or for impulse control. Which means "Manaki is stinky!" "This ees meine strungled toe! Proofs of abuse!" "I have totally saved proofs up and havent yet released them!" are all evidence of her poor flailing ego trying to convince her she's the greatest and absolutely never wrong and always honest.

No. 515272

More like she read a wiki page

No. 515293

If she could save money and move on instead of saving proofs and losing time…
I wonder why she now "defends" Venus and wants her so badly to come back to her? Did she find a stable job and her narcissism is hurting because of that? Kek
One thing is sure: she has now enough money to pay her electricity bills.

No. 515311

File: 1525614896052.jpeg (258.06 KB, 1536x1518, 3B7381DC-5AF7-4996-9105-CE9AC3…)

Is no one gonna mention the weird sexy stripper silhouette graphics on margo’s desktop?

No. 515314


I've always been curious about her videos. I remember Venus saying she left Margo a 5k camera to use and a laptop, yet Margo is always recording on her phone.

Did she on the down low sell the camera for funds ? Maybe on Ebay or something that anons didn't see ?

No. 515315

great catch anon

>I wonder why she now "defends" Venus and wants her so badly to come back to her? Did she find a stable job and her narcissism is hurting because of that?

nah, margo is salivating for the compensation money she thinks she'd get helping venus to sue the butcher.

No. 515316

File: 1525616708453.png (31.86 KB, 285x510, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

New post

Just imagine 6 yr old Venus telling margo she's hungry


No. 515317

File: 1525616961568.png (726.93 KB, 936x601, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

Oh and of course, still fantasizes with Venus' death. What a loving good mother!

No. 515335


did i miss who cassandra is?

No. 515336

a Greek oracle

No. 515344

File: 1525624261815.jpg (81.86 KB, 540x669, IMG_20180506_182801_657.jpg)

Claims again that Venus has been throwing up for years…

No. 515345

File: 1525624314758.jpg (58.7 KB, 540x526, IMG_20180506_182744_328.jpg)

It's always about Margo

No. 515346

File: 1525624352192.jpg (78.36 KB, 540x645, IMG_20180506_160844_522.jpg)

Always about her

No. 515348

File: 1525624493857.jpg (52.65 KB, 540x486, IMG_20180506_160901_779.jpg)

Answering questions? Not if it makes her look bad. Don't have to mention that she pretty much never looks good with what she's doing or saying.

No. 515351

>it’s a game
>she wants me to die
Someone should lock her up, she’s delusional.

No. 515359

File: 1525627042517.jpg (96.19 KB, 1068x313, Screenshot_20180506-100138.jpg)

No. 515360

Narc double speak; "whichever answer you assume is wrong and I can yell at you"

No. 515362

File: 1525627174083.jpg (409.14 KB, 810x954, Screenshot_20180506-100058.jpg)

No. 515377

Venus has an eating disorder so severe she got illegal and life-threatening surgery… But yes, it's a GAME just to KILL HER MOTHER!! EVIL DOTTIR!!!

No. 515379

I mean that's what Kris Jenner is going for in a sense, Margo probably thinks she's on the same level.

No. 515387


Seriously, why is she blabbering about a greek oracle. When she's the one that can "foresee" what's gonna happen to Venus. Is like she got self-consciousness for a bit and then projected it to V. What a loon.

No. 515388

"Did you seek treatment for your daughter?"

"SHE'S the selfish one with no love!"

". . .okay, so that's a no?"

No. 515413

>until she asks for help there's nothing you can do

Bitch, Venus emailed you asking for help and the first thing you did was mocking her and shut down the channel

No. 515429

File: 1525643065594.jpg (140.86 KB, 540x637, IMG_20180506_234320_987.jpg)

No. 515431

File: 1525643153927.jpg (100.1 KB, 540x544, IMG_20180506_234342_231.jpg)

Caption is about Sigmund Freud and Jews.

No. 515437

Wtf is up with Mags pretending to be a Hungarian Jew? Like, both her parents are pretty clearly and obviously some type of Christians. It's not a convert friendly religion. Least of all in Korea.

What's up with narcissistic aging lolcows and religious conversion? Mira is the most moslima muslim to have ever lived, kappa is the most Jewish Jew of all, I wouldn't be shocked if Grug ever took a heel turn as a christian youth counselor just like dear old dad - as a way to get access to fresh teens with his HONEST story of seeing the light.

No. 515448

>Wtf is up with Mags pretending to be a Hungarian Jew?

scoring all these oppression points she couldn't while pretending to be a satanist

No. 515449

This old woman really nerves me now. She is seriously addicted to harass her daughter, she is negativ, she is sick in mind! I have never seen a mother be like this to her daughter ever! Would you go back to your mom if she was saying bad things about you all the time? No-one would! I would not. Stupid woman!

No. 515487

doesn't Venus have an ED? maybe margo forced her to throw up her meals so she could get that sexy doll bod Margo believed Venus should have
but her airing it all on insta is definitely just trying to get under Venus' skin

No. 515488

How can any human being consider a single word Margaret has written beautiful or logical in any way?! Every sentence drips with poison and half of it is word salad. I’ve never seen a public figure speak so terribly about their own child.

Lol. That’s a solid NO. Venus has been dealing with this since she was just 11 years old and all Margaret did was tell her to work out and restrict calories. Disgusting.
>life threatening situation
Getting a job

Right now, Kris Jenner is looking like an angel compared Mags.

No. 515493


Marg acts like a horrible Jewish caricature with all her greed and spite. Maybe somewhere in her garbled Marg brian she latched onto the idea. Jews are persecuted, Marg is persecuted (at least in her own mind), therfore Marg is Jewish.

I liked it better when she was an edgy Satanist. It was more honest.

No. 515504

I recall some people speculated abou that during the mukbang phase, particularly after the 100 chicken nuggets video came out.

Which is funny because it clashes with her /pol/tard persona.

No. 515505

well yeah, she wouldn't have got that surgery if she didn't have one >>491918
but she had something wrong with her stomach anyway, it was too big and she never felt full >>509124

No. 515525

You’d think that if your young daughter was binge eating all the time, had fluctuating weight gain/loss and she told you she never felt full, you would take her to the doctor!

Like wouldn’t you first suspect there was something wrong internally, like cancer, diabetes or some injury, when your child experiences all of those things simultaneously? I also suspect Venus has battled depression and anxiety for a much longer time, so all this shit was happening in front of Margaret and she just made excuses. She made Venus feel like it was all her fault and she was whiny brat whose problems would never compare to long-suffering Mommy’s.

No. 515527

Sure. But remembah: "Venoos nevah had to go to the doctah wid meee"
"Great mother" never going to the doc with her child….ironie over.

No. 515536

>throwing up for years
but only now that Venus isn't in Marge's clutches
>she's probably going to get cancer. i could tell her but whatever
Mother of the year

No. 515544

yeah no margaret was too busy sucking cocks and screeching at other underaged girls on the internet to notice what was wrong with her daughter

No. 515547

As horrible as it is to say, it would be better for Venus if Margaret just died. Venus would surely be devastated but Margaret is too far gone. She’ll never stop until Venus is under her control or completely destroyed. She won’t live for anything else.

No. 515549

File: 1525663958378.png (403.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180507-133148.png)

Poor Venus really has serious mental troubles. Fuck Margo

No. 515552

why do they keep saying you can get cancer from vomiting

No. 515554

Tons of people turn to religion when all their other attempts to fix life fail.

No. 515569

This is a breakthrough, however sad. She learned to trust what her caring fans were trying to tell her and she read enough of their comments to know that so many of them are going through the same issues. I really love the example she used. All of Yamaguchi Tatsuya’s friends knew he was had serious problems, which even ended his marriage and lost custody of his children a couple years ago, but it was not addressed since he only appeared functional on the outside and continued to work. A lot of people are not diagnosed with disorders or mental problems in Japan until things take a turn for the worst.

No. 515576

>Esophageal cancer in a young woman with bulimia nervosa: a case report
>Prior reports have also suggested that chronic bulimia nervosa (BN) is a risk factor for the development of esophageal adenocarcinoma. Repeated microtrauma, due to vomiting, may contribute to the malignant transformation of the esophageal tissue. We report the case of a 27 year old female patient with a remote history of BN recently diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the esophagus.
Shit is dangerous in the long run.

No. 515602


any abrasions/scarring can become cancerous. repeated tearing/scarring ups the chances of cancer.

No. 515613

ok, so its not just crazy ramblings. thanks for answering me.

No. 515619


as with any of margo's crazy ramblings, there is a small grain of truth in there. it's not all completely fictitious. she's just really good at bastardizing the facts and creating her own narrative.

No. 515643

>When she stops caring for herself only.
>She never once bothers about what she does to other people

This is so insane, how could she believe this ? Venus has several people: a husband, his family, and friends that she demonstrates caring about. It makes me so sick to imagine if Margo was drilling this concept into Venus' head before she managed to escape the isolation of her upbringing, since back then Venus wouldn't have had anyone in her life long enough to show care and consideration to.
I've been following this drama years but this comment is the most concise & upsetting lie Margo's ever posted.

No. 515651

After asslicking Venus and putting Manaki and his family into the mud, she's now badmouthing her booly dottir again. I guess she's mad bc Venus still ignores her.

No moneys for marghost, top keeek

No. 515675

And all those new friends that have met and hung out with Venus, including her in-laws, have had nothing but praise for her. There is not a single person who has met Margaret in real life that has had a positive interaction. Even big supporters like German Jassy changed her tune within just a couple days of being around her!

No. 515699

>Did this bitch actually expected that a 40 yr old Wenoos would keep making stupid weeb videos to fund mutti's lifestyle or…?
nope.. still rotting away in that moldy goshiwan.

No. 515701

although I have wondered before if venus is actually bulimic.

An outstretched stomach.. teeth discoloration… weight loss even when eating tons.. obvious eating disorder…

It wouldnt be too far off.

No. 515704

I wish i could press "like" or "thumb up" by some of your comments!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 515769

Did you not see the last video? Venus had a prolapsed stomach and was gaining weight, but that freaked her out and she got botched surgery that was making her throw everything up. She also seems to have body dysmorphobia, but there's no evidence she was bulimic by choice.

No. 515794

Acid reflux can do the same, and it can be ‘silent’, i.e. no symptoms.

I’m glad Venus sees that she has an ED. Huge breakthrough for her.

No. 516023

sure thing. But where did the prolapsed stomach come from?
A bulimic person wanting to stop the binge-and-purge fest, could also wish to stop the behavior by getting their stomach size decreased. not saying she is a bulimic puker but it is not too far off after all we now know.

No. 516026

Her surgery scars are in her hipbone area, the only kind of stomach that can be found that low down in the body is a severely prolapsed one.

No. 516029

File: 1525767513638.jpg (49.78 KB, 634x951, 4BEFC75A00000578-0-image-a-1_1…)

wow what the fuck
the daily mail published an article about her with pictures that werent published by herself on her social medias. they also seem to have interviewed her.


No. 516030

> Mana-mama told him Venus must’ve felt incredibly lonely and scared to hide such a thing, and that his wife needed his love and support

Jesus, everything we've ever heard about Manaki's mother makes her sound like an angel on Earth. I'm so, so glad Venus has a mother figure like her in her life now - especially one that seems to be so emotionally intuitive and compassionate. And you know that the fact that Venus has a healthy mother-daughter relationship in her life now surely drives Margo completely bonkers, which is just the cherry on top.

No. 516031

Oh my god, I barely recognised her. Poor thing!

No. 516037


she's really mature, she's learned from her mistakes and has reflected on herself, she didn't even mention margo who is the main reason she's like this to begin with. margo would be so quick to point the finger at venus if the role was reversed

No. 516038

yeah, she's really proven her maturity and growth lately. I was pretty impressed when she admitted she did have an ED, and was going to take her fans advice

No. 516041

oooooh, her mutter is gonna be soo mad she was not mentioned anywhere once.

No. 516042


what the fuck
is venus behind this or did the DM or Margo do this w/o her approval? this is so brutal wow

No. 516047


How dare they?!

They wrote this article without even mentioning the true victum here, Margaret. Hopefully they make up for this slight by writing the truth. How all of this was an elaborate scheme by Venus to booly and strungle her mother.

No. 516048

It’s strange how it just popped up like this in a trash mag but I’m glad she is opening up about her story to warn her young fans. Poor girl. Seeing those pictures blown up in an article was even more horrifying than what she originally showed up.

Is it just me or do the quotes from her sound strange? Her English has been so good lately that it doesn’t quite sound like her. Maybe it was an unpolished phone interview rather than written correspondence.

Do you think Margaret will try to reach out to them and tell the “true story” of the psychopathic daughter who had the nerve to stop being her cash cow?

What about meeeeeee?

No. 516049

>Do you think Margaret will try to reach out to them and tell the “true story” of the psychopathic daughter who had the nerve to stop being her cash cow?

I wish she would bc people will take her apart in the comments section and it will be glorious.

No. 516050

File: 1525775762327.jpg (184.32 KB, 798x690, Venus.jpg)

I think it was Venus herself, as she even gives a message to everyone dealing with body image issues etc.
Margo would have made the story look more bad and Venus more insane.

Can't wait to see what margo's reaction to it will be.

No. 516063

>is venus behind this or her mother

those are full images from current time. I doubt maggot had access to those since everything points to venus blocking every attempt from her to contact her. In the article there are also quotes that look like she was interviewed from them. I hope she at least sold her story for some cash.
Also it is PR for her channel.
Since she opened up about it anyway it is kind of a good move career-wise.

No. 516065

Margo would certainly have mentioned herself and would have shown photos with her and her creation Weenos together.

No. 516066

File: 1525784567958.png (7.35 KB, 670x69, adas.png)

huh is this how it works?
apparently she sold the info and pictures to "caster news agency" and they contribute it?
I have no idea of how media works in this regard tbh

No. 516067

No. 516068

*caters news agency

No. 516073

File: 1525786041794.png (579.27 KB, 935x600, fellow kids.png)

New post

No. 516076

They may have approached her after her video to make a story out of it?

No. 516077

Love your style! Looking like death.

No. 516080

File: 1525786648155.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.31 KB, 606x812, 8c5ba22198dbb2e6a24485def6a5e9…)

wtf is wrong with her ankles

No. 516095


looks like she's wearing thick socks for some reason

No. 516108

Marge is right about suing if venus isnt lying. She probably cant have kids.

>>she felt "unwanted" at the time, thought she'd be happier if she was thin

Stop whiteknighting venus. Remember her and marge just signed a new youtube deal before venus conviently ran away! That weightloss surgery was for her new life and new channel.
Example. Manaki has a video with hot sauce. He tells venus stop he will try it first. Venus immediatly sneakly grabs it and drinks it. Manaki seems exhausted. I wouldnt be surprise if venus was just using this as an excuse for another surgery. Or she is doing this for manaki sympothy. I am sick you must put up with me!!!

I think it was venus cause the pictures are new. Thats why she made the hospital clickbait videos. Venus is a cow, never forget that. Marge and venus are both seperate cows. Dont let the whiteknights fool you.(venus has her own thread)

No. 516109


take it to the venus thread

No. 516110

File: 1525793486758.jpg (7.79 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 516117

you are cringe

No. 516118

>op literally quoted it from the video


No. 516122

Are you monstercenk?

Whichever Mags asspatter you are: I suggest availing yourself of the cautionary tale of Hamburg Jasmine before doing Margo's bidding from her DMs. Don't 'loan' her any cash, unless you can afford to lose it.

No. 516133

The closest she has ever been to having real friends.

>Marge is right about suing if venus isnt lying. She probably cant have kids.

This is an English-speaking board. What the fuck are you trying to say? Interesting fact for you: increased addiction to spicy foods, and adversion to dairy, is a common symptom of gastroptosis.

I hope this is just a really lame attempt at trolling.

No. 516142


It looks like she used a slimming effect that narrowed the leg on the left significantly but didn't alter the leg on the left at all.

Judging by the height of the left leg and the sudden ballooning at the sock her legs are at least twice as thick as the picture makes them out to be.

No. 516143

** narrowed right leg, left the left leg alone.

No. 516148

The yellow granny cataract glasses kill me. So jung und hip, just like Ethel down at the senior center!

No. 516160

They seem happy, I'm sure maggot is having a riot.

No. 516172

While I'm glad theyre happy (and kinky) this'll ignite milk in that Margo will shout "SEE I TOLD YOU THAT HE IS A PEDO!!" … completely forgetting that she also claimed they've never slept together. But somehow he's also a sexual deviant hellbent on forcing Venoos to be his Little, and that she's locked in her bedroom by him. Not for sex, just until he can kill her for her kawaii dresses and THE CHANNEL

No. 516180


Maybe i'm just wrong but her eyes and teeth are looking kind of unhealthy to me?

No. 516181

her teeth are looking stained again.

No. 516262

>Marge and venus are both seperate cows. Dont let the whiteknights fool you

>Extremely awful abusive human being and her horrifically abused victim daughter are BOTH cows, guys, I-I swear

10/10, I got mad

No. 516264

It would be no surprise if Venus is dealing with damage to her teeth, considering that she has spent the last ~2 years vomiting up to 15 times a day. Fixing them will probably be part of her medical journey over the next couple of years. I feel really bad for her because damage/decay to this degree is not easy to cope with, physically or socially. You can tell by the way she moves her mouth sometimes in this video and others that she is self-conscious about it.

No. 516272

>the last ~2 years vomiting up to 15 times a day
can we stop spreading weird stories that arent confirmed?
thats like
>mira is pregnant with a baby i saw her!!!111
she said she threw up for a month which was caused by her stitches losening and food piling up in her stomach that had no exit.
if it's something you assume, at least say so or 10 other anons will repeat this in a week believing it as fact.

No. 516279

No. 516280


No. 516293

Yeah the first thing I thought of was wow, she’s so ashamed of her teeth…get the fuck out, really.

No. 516307

File: 1525826700550.png (655.21 KB, 855x440, hamstertan.png)

I'm probably reading way too hard into this but it would be nice if this was a subtle dig at Maggot's stories about her killing a hamster.

No. 516319

File: 1525827443752.jpeg (259.6 KB, 1069x594, EE509C7F-B71B-4540-92D1-66E28D…)

Auntie Zsu weighs in, thanks to KF posters for the caps

No. 516320

File: 1525827460643.jpeg (89.23 KB, 1049x233, 347A7CA7-260F-4015-928E-23EB60…)


No. 516373

I don't think you know what armchairing means.

>Yeah the first thing I thought of was wow, she’s so ashamed of her teeth…get the fuck out, really.
Do you not see the way she keeps closing her lips in awkward/pinched ways and turning her face away from the camera because you have no ability to read body language, or are you being deliberately obtuse?

No. 516374

I wonder how Mutti feels about that vid. Probably green with envy. No one loves her or buys presents for her, even though she’s jung und zexy.

No. 516406

>jung und zexy.

god anon that got me good!

No. 516407


she probably thinks manaki is brainwashing her into a baby

No. 516419

Yeah, you’re seeing correctly. Manaki’s videos don’t have the filter that Venus’ usually has, so you can see not only damage from vomiting, but from the malnutrition she has experienced because of the dieting + surgery. She may not have been vomiting frequently before, but I’m sure vitamin deficiency from her strange diets and starvation methods affected her teeth as well. I do wonder if there was truth to the rumor that she was a smoker, even for a short time.

I’d like to pretend that Venus and Manaki are subtly trolling Margaret would these new videos.

No. 516436


i think it was also speculated in a previous thread that japanese dental hygiene products don't whiten as well as western products and that bad teeth were considered cute & childish for awhile, not sure how accurate that is or if it applies to venus

No. 516511

>bad teeth considered cute
I dont think yellow teeth full of cavities were ever considered cute.
crooked teeth and fang teeth yeah. but not yellow or unhealthy teeth.

No. 516527

File: 1525867714949.jpg (46.11 KB, 1040x585, BokuTomo135.jpg)

You're really mistaken.. Japanese basically like the snaggletooth look where one or both of the canines pop out, I've heard it being compared to like a feline, or like a child. You even see it a lot in anime. Nobody likes a mess of shark teeth. And the west (particularly the u.s) is famous for being overly obsessed with super white teeth, so it's not surprising there aren't as many whitening products in Japan.

No. 516548

Friendly aunt Zsu strikes again. Please take this advice, Venus. Even if your mother isn't on your side you do have people to reach out to for support now.

No. 516633


Is it just me, or do other people also get kind of shocked when Venus does something adult like this, or swearing, drinking alcohol, etc? Like, I know that she's 21 but it just shows how much she was infantilized by Mother Gothel.

No. 516642

I’m happy to see it. I hope that by the time she’s in her mid thirties she’s even more comfortable acting like an adult. You see glimpses of the person she could have already been without the infantilization and it’s heartbreaking. I think once she gets good and pissed off and allows herself to feel those emotions is when we’ll see grown up Venus. I think she’s doing remarkably well either way, given her absolute shit upbringing.

No. 516647


I agree. When I saw that angry post on her insta about Manaki not liking her dresses, I feel like she could have been much more assertive and almost a completely different person and it breaks my heart.

No. 516788

they don't have fluoride in a lot of toothpastes sold there though, so that is also a factor to less-white teeth than in the West.

No. 516799

File: 1525912772881.jpg (134.4 KB, 800x449, BeautyPlus_20180510014100816_s…)

Marge's followers number fell back to 9999 followers. Is ig deleting fake accounts?

No. 516811

wtf are you guys talking about. This is the video where she says "I'm a baby" and speaks like a baby and her bf buys her a toy from the toy store while she pretends to be a baby. Why are you calling this "something adult"? unless you mean because its for some sex roleplay shit

No. 516817

She's been losing followers for most of the past 2 years (and blocking anyone who disagrees with her, this reducing the number of die haaters plumping up her numbers).

She had about 8k before Venus left; rapidly gained to around 15k during the first few weeks of her sperg out and folks were in it for the popcorn; and her numbers have been dwindling down from her peak ever since.

Even with her latest spiel about being right re: surgery can't get her followers. This is the long slow fade into reality: that not only was she never the famoos one, she's a friendless old woman living in dire poverty as an illegal alien in a country where she doesn't speak the language. Hope it's everything you dreamed of Mags.

No. 516825

long slow fade into (well deserved) oblivion and irrelevance
she’s unattractive and boring. she’s nothing without her kid to leech off of and this just proves it
suck it marge

No. 516829


eh, idk anon. It might be reaching really far but going to the store to buy your Little a toy and stuff is something very common in that community.

No. 516833

There were some definite DDLG vibes going on. I don’t know if they’ seriously into it or trolling a bit, but I’m pretty sure it throws Margaret’s claim that “Venus is aesexual and Manaki barely looks at her!” out the window.

They’ve already made lots of kinky jokes and have a closeness beyond mere roommates. I don’t understand how other people can even question whether they are intimate.

No. 516852

but you remember that margs also claims that he's a pervert, a sexy pervert at that!

man i wonder what it's like inside that head of hers. (ironically i'm typing this while the banner is her "goint into the river" suicide note nudes, so i think i have an idea)

No. 516863

File: 1525928310010.png (308.36 KB, 477x761, 2018-05-09-23-51-42-1.png)

Can someone fluent in margoese confirm? I barely can understand what is she saying,something about literally dumpster dived that shirt she's wearing?

No. 516866

She's proud she can pretend to like living in her shanty SK closet and wants the internet to know it in order to show how she can be content without her Gaslighting Dotters Monneys.

No. 516893

File: 1525935396665.jpg (36.78 KB, 620x372, img201610162141705.jpg)

ironic how this is coming from a psychopath failure mother

No. 516895

nah it's cause she understands how they work since she is one.

No. 516896

Wow she's so childish,it's pathetic.

No. 516901

margarine is pretty old it could be water retention

No. 516904

A sexy, stinky(Margaret sniffing around in his sock drawer?) crossdressing pervert who even wanted to fuck Margaret, but supposedly he is perfectly content living in a sexless marriage and he doesn’t want to touch Venus. I guess Mags is insinuating that Manaki’s balls have already exploded because how could he last 3 years like that?

Oh, shit. She was literally dumpster diving. She saw it in the communal garbage area at the goshiwon, picked it up, washed it and is wearing it.

It appears the item still had the price tag so it may have not been worn, but still… Why was she digging through trash in the first place? I know some cities will pick up clean, used clothing and deliver them to secondhand shops/shelters but she is still tacky as Hell for just taking it.

No. 516915

Normally I wouldn't blame anyone to wear found/old/second hand clothes but coming from margoyle I know this is some manipulative shit again: "Evil bully daughter wears expensive lolita while poor mama has to wear garbage clothes" and "see how frugal yet happy I am while you're depressed and spending MY money" are the real message here.

No. 516934

File: 1525958400642.jpg (282.12 KB, 932x595, BeautyPlus_20180510152432403_s…)

No, i think she stole it. It still has the price tag on it.

No. 516935

My thoughts exactly

No. 516939

It’s unlikely, anon. The kind of water retention (? could just be bloat from being a fucking drunk and is the more likely culprit) you see on Marge doesn’t show up till you’re seventy or almost dead because you’ve got congestive heart disease.

We can hope for congestive heart failure, though.

No. 516959

Wouldn't be surprised if she stole it, she doesn't exactly have 28,900 won lying around to be spending on one shirt

No. 516962

that doesn't mean anything, anon. unless it has a magnetic sensor on it you can steal stuff with the tags on. it's actually smarter to steal it with the tag on, unless you're wearing it out.

No. 516972


They're saying it's unlikely someone would throw out a brand new top with price tags still attached so it's likely she stole it rather than dumpster dove for it, not that she couldn't have stolen it because the price tags are still on.

No. 516973

File: 1525970246632.jpeg (164.43 KB, 1126x1202, F582E369-A48A-486D-9144-238F66…)

Her fat ass can’t fit into Venus’s old clothes anymore so she has to go picking through garbage for clothes to wear

No. 517129

File: 1526003334821.png (10.15 KB, 296x154, phantasy.PNG)

Got it out of the trash confirmed.


> phantasy

No. 517133

yeah margo sounds legit

>Phantasy + aggression = smart.

what does that even mean? is she drunk again?

No. 517137

File: 1526004534677.jpg (685.08 KB, 1074x1850, Screenshot_20180510-220817_Ins…)

Whatever helps you sleep at night, psycho.

No. 517139

She just wants to see that sweet "new" shirt of hers.

No. 517143

So Mana's mom is cheap and horrible for buying vendor cookies from the street but she's a genius for digging a shirt out of the trash? Okay

No. 517149

remember when Magoo made fun of and called homeless some gyaru for wearing crocs?
Well, guess who's wearing slippers outside and homeless too

No. 517210

Wait. Wasn't the "gyaru" Barbie? When cows collide…

No. 517216

File: 1526015246176.jpg (274.69 KB, 1047x782, Screenshot_20180510-220008.jpg)

And I thought she was a jung, hip Fraulein? But no, she says "this generation" is sick in the head, and twists her words.

Margo: you grabbed the shit from the trash. You pixkes through garbage, and wore some. You could own it, but no, you have to pretend to be some fancy lady who would NEVER (despite clearly saying the shirt is from the garbage)

And you are super fat. Buy some age appropriate clothes that don't look like a sausage casing ready to burst.

No. 517219

File: 1526015569810.jpg (182.81 KB, 540x960, 1455610618319.jpg)

No. 517220

>this generation deliberately add any new phantasy to any story

Just like sexy stinky boy Manaki being a trans who hooks up on tinder dressed as a girl, right?

kek I had no idea it was a cow too, just remembered the screenshots of the exchange they had, thanks anons

No. 517227

Holy fuck! She is always insulting someone and accusing them of having a mental illness. The original question was not even harsh or overtly critical of her. The other commenter’s video suggestion was a good one too. Maybe she can’t offer money-saving tips besides dumpster-diving because she is still financially supported by her elderly mother.

Does Margaret have ANY redeeming qualities? She’s just so rude and bitter while not accomplishing anything on her own.

No. 517241

File: 1526021904500.png (13.75 KB, 297x167, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

is this another jab at venus?


No. 517245

her very existence at this point is a jab at wenus

No. 517262

Enter in the van, marge, put the lotion on your fat body, eat all the junk you want, no one wants your skin anyways and you know it.

But please, let the rest of the world eat free street cookies, corn, potatoes or whatever it wants and stfu.

No. 517266

Im on the contrary side. I have the feeling mother gothel always hypersexualised her even when a teen. But sexualizing in some kind of loli/pedo/forced innocence way.

I think she now can finally be her true self and has to find out what her true self actually is, so she is experimenting.

Although I found their video about Japanse Childrens Day kinda cute and in a sense of catch up on a childhood she never had there were undeniable DDLG vibes.. But maybe that was just them playing around… I hope so.

No. 517267

>Her fat ass can’t fit into Venus’s old clothes anymore
top fucking kek
i put my bet on this

No. 517268

>out of the trash
fucking eww

two things are to notice her. 1) she got fucking huge. even her stomach is popping out. 2) she looks like a legit hobo, especially with those tuna-style shoes.

No. 517302

File: 1526053824122.jpeg (30.84 KB, 428x403, 5893A18A-3FCC-4421-902F-643DC1…)

her feet are too fat for her shoes

No. 517303

File: 1526053857258.jpeg (41.91 KB, 715x423, AED32EA8-749A-456B-846B-58004E…)

time to get out the slippers

No. 517304

did she find these in the garbage as well? looks like it

No. 517322

that's some real stomping hooves

No. 517340

delicious, this is karma at work. Now she's a homeless lady wearing slippers. Also, is she still giving "messages" and meeting up with her "friends" and on night boyfriends? Or is she not even worth 5 bucks anymore? Because usually when she is out with a client she takes pictures of them and their outings.

No. 517341

No Mags, you look like you have edema.

How’s your heart doing? Good to know you keep up with your threads here!

No. 517346

when has she ever posted a pic of a “client” or “an outing”? She has no “outings.”

No. 517415


I think anon's talking about her Denny's era- always taking pictures of food and stuff at Denny's while claiming that she was "with a friend" but no pictures of anyone else.

No. 517418



She still works as a dodgy "outcall massage" girl, only accepting cash and PayPal transfers. The super shooped photo of her with long hair and describing herself as a university student never fails to crack me up.

She did change her operating hours to 10 am thru midnight, tho. Guess she got too many weird / kinky requests from shitfaced businessmen when she was running her operation from the afternoons til 4 am and gave that up.

No. 517427

>saw it on top
a brand new $30 top? i doubt it, marge

No. 517433

In her defence, it does look legit and she does have the quals and certificates. Sure she could do with refresher courses ect as they are 10years old.

No. 517435

why has she been in korea anyways? the only reason i can see is to be in a close proximity from venus and be able to hop over to japan when her visa expires. other than that, from what ive seen, she has no interest in korean culture and cant speak korean. its also really hard to believe she can make any sort of income from her "massages". id imagine shes selling herself. i cant imagine massages from her being relaxing. shes constantly full of fury and would probably be foaming out the mouth complaining about venus.

ot but i havent been able to go on pull all day. is it down for everyone else?

No. 517448

>>why has she been in korea anyways?

She's got itnin her head that Korea is where it's at in Asia, and the only place she can be happy. She said as much to Hamburg Jasmin during their brief in person friendship; Margo was focused on getting back to Korea despite having left to chase after Venus and her money.

However, she can't speak the language despite having spent money on at least two semesters of full time study. Learning the local language in whatever new country Margo decided her happiness depended on was always Venus's job. I don't think Margo's given up hope that she can lure Venoos back to her basement goshiwan, and expexts that once that happens Venus will just do everything for her.

I wonder why she doesn't give up chasing the idea of Venus coming back and paying for everything while being her emotional and physical punching bag. It would be much easier to put her efforts into trapping a lonely beta male who would allow himself to be led by the nose while he pays for everything. But she wants fame, and she wants Venus's life essentially. So she waits for Venus to return and hand it over to her.

No. 517464

>Guess she got too many weird / kinky requests from shitfaced businessmen when she was running her operation from the afternoons til 4 am and gave that up.

thats prob where all her money came from tho lol…….

No. 517512

>It would be much easier to put her efforts into trapping a lonely beta male who would allow himself to be led by the nose while he pays for everything.

Remember when she took advantage of some elderly tourist in London, pretending to date him with the sole purpose of getting a free ticket to Japan, then ditched him shortly after arriving there

No. 517545


WTF that's terrible. Where can I find this? Must have been so long ago if her and Venus were still in London.

No. 517549

It was more recent, when Marge ran to Germany, then Hamburg Jassy asked her to leave her place. She went to an airbnb (and filmed Penus Angelicus) then got on a bus to London to stay in another airbnb, toting a printer and leaving pizza crusts in her wake. Somehow she hooked onto a Japanese man and apparently went back to Japan with him, hung out with him for a short while then posted something cryptic about a hospital and disappeared again. She later bragged about him proposing to her. Good times.

Roughly here >>285276

No. 517552

In July 2016, so after Venus was free and Marge was on the rampage.

His name and photo were found. She was down to her last stolen 100 € from Jasmine, then met a lonely Japanese tourist in London (probably using her tinder account). He paid for he to stay in a hotel (instead of another shoddy air bnb), voight her a steal dinner and a ride on the London Eye (photographed on her Instagram), and then he bought her a plane ticket back to Japan with him. She stayed at his house in the cointry for a few days, he bought her a necklace, then she reappeared at the Plywood Palace (Tetris Hotel) in Tokyo, where she proceeded to live with hard drinking student travellers for a few months until she mysteriously disappeared from the internet from mid September 2016 through almost November, when she reappeared in Seoul.

During her wild months at the student hostel with an open bar, she claimed he wanted to marry her "but I didn't even eff him, loool". Yeah sure, we totally believe you that you scalpled a dude for thousands and went to live at his house, and you didn't suck his dick for meals, gifts and a plane ticket. You know exactly what that makes you, Margaret.

No. 517568

File: 1526106448368.png (652.79 KB, 926x587, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 11.2…)

Proof of her saying she refused a marriage offer

From Sept 16 - Oct 24 2016 she took a break from all social media, then came back with a post saying she was faking her own death to see if Venoos even cared. Of course, the fact that Venoos didn't have a break down and beg her forgiveness / wail to the heavens that mutti was most definitely dead was more proofs that Venus is a psychopath / s

No. 517576

File: 1526107200224.png (135.05 KB, 984x343, 1.png)

This one if I recall correctly? Talk about ungratefulness

No. 517583

>July 2016
How time flies! The Margo story was such a gripping one for a while.

No. 517695

File: 1526131189469.png (29.06 KB, 300x375, 1.png)

Hipocrisy at it's finest.
I bet this bitch was mentally making fun of that stan while typing that response.

No. 517747

Her is shaped like a butt, how is this even possible?(emoji)

No. 517782


Right? Aunt Zsu has a similar nose and yet she's much prettier. Being a crazy narc really does a toll on your appearance, doesn't it?

No. 517821

its more like a ballsack

No. 517822

File: 1526161400183.png (92.12 KB, 206x213, Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 2.42…)

Mags has been saddled with that schnoz (and large stick out ears) since childhood, and noses and ears continue to grow all your life.

Venus looks more like her aunties (Zsu and Noemi) than her mom, with a petite nose and ears.

No. 517837


I'm not about to spend eternity digging up that picture of Venus' dad, but as I recall, he had a petite nose as well.

No. 518033

Today is Mother's Day. How TRIGGERED will Margothel be over Venus still refusing to go back with her? :3a(emoji use)

No. 518035


you know that mothers day is on different days all over the world, right? it's come and gone in both europe and korea. i'm sure she likely won't care about american mothers day

No. 518083

Her big anniversaries have passed for now: the run away date, her birthday and Venus's birthday always trigger her. Besides her drunk rants, I think the next thing we have to look forward to is the anniversary of her attempted break in, December 7th.

Unless she scrapes up enough savings to ship the Netherlands storage unit to Seoul, then she'll howl about PROOFS!!1! for a bit as she posts baby photos of Venus, saying they clearly back her story that Venoos was an antisocial baby who only loved Margo for her milk making ability, and who didn't appreciate how good she had it. Did you know that baby Venoos was lazy and just slept all day, and cried when poor Margaret was doing other things? That was the sign she was a psychopath.

No. 518982


Venus does NOT have petite nose and ears. Her ears are literally the same as marge's in that they stick out kind of oddly. Her nose is similar just a bit smaller and will probs look like Marge's when in her 40s. Her nose isn't "petite" either. She has a large nose (med-large maybe).

Venus doesn't look anything like Zsu either

No. 519044


Don't forget the time when she sperged about "Venus shitting her pants as a baby" and how poor Maggot had to deal with that.

That was one of the most disturbing things to me. Like, really? You're blaming a baby for shitting in a diaper? Poor Venus.

No. 519063

when did it happen? missed that one

No. 519066

She said something about this in December, I think? Anywau, it's included on the threads whenever it was

Yes, Margo thought Venoos was a bad and selfish person from.babyhood, for crying, cruelly forcing Margo to change her diapers, and for being excited about getting fed and crying when Margo got bitchy about feeding her. Margo said something along the lines of "she looked at me like I was a big stupid milk making machine!" Well, that's because she was a baby, Mags

No. 519078


i've been here since the beginning of the drama and recently i've been reading back in old threads, gone back a year so far. i don't remember her saying anything like this. closest is anons joking about her possibly saying something like this based on the "proofs" she was providing at the time.

No. 519092

File: 1526454094568.png (574.79 KB, 1043x1516, 20180516_170041.png)

Venus really needs proper mental health treatment to address why she is so distressed over her weight.

No. 519105

oh, you just know margoyle is gonna milk this one hard

No. 519118

This all sounds very hard to deal with if she frequently feels sick and hungry and it's tied to how she feels about herself.

No. 519129


"see, mana is manipulating poor binasu, come back to mama!"

she might even go for the $20,000 spent on surgeries
"my booly doghter spent the money I needed for life saving surgery just to be skinny, she wants me dead"

No. 519133

ofc she will, it's not like she can resist money unless it's tax

No. 519140

File: 1526471643273.png (149.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-16-13-52-31…)

margot's response

No. 519141

File: 1526471688129.png (144.87 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-16-13-52-40…)

No. 519144

this is awful. i'm worried

No. 519145

I know Venus is in incredible misery but it’s really disturbing me how much she is bringing Manaki into this and trying to make him look like the bad guy when he is the only one who really cares to put his foot down and give her cold hard facts. Her behavior is starting to resemble Margaret and I’m afraid she doesn’t realize it. After all she has been through, pregnancy could very well kill her and the baby. Why do her stupid fans think Manaki is selfish and manipulative for not going along with any dangerous plan his mentally ill and injured wife proposes? He doesn’t want to kill his wife and kids! Not only has he been unbelievably strong in this ordeal, he works long hours, frequently takes her out and buys her things, supports her interests and has never said one bad thing about her in public.

Venus never indicated that more stomach surgery would finally end all her trouble or that she would be healthy again. It is just a quick solution and we don’t know the consequences. I think Manaki has talked with her doctors enough where he is terrified of what could happen if they start a family after she has more surgery.

What are with these creepy assholes asking a proven abuser and unapologetic narcissist asking her to rescue Venus? She has shown time and time again that she does not love or respect her daughter. Venus could be lying on the floor in a pool of her own blood and Margaret would try to make it about herself. Still going on about that stupid bag that only had underwear and hot sauce in it! Of course, she has to push “Venus is asexual!” angle when the reality is probably that Venus has intimacy issues due to body dysmorphia but she still gets together with her husband from time to time. Margaret’s the one who doesn’t have a healthy sexual relationship with anyone.

No. 519155

I'm still waiting for the day when it turns out all the mad shit margo has been saying was true and venoos was an evil manipulative psychopath. that would make a glorious story

No. 519156

I see some projective truth in what marge says.

> they don't get intimate

= mama has sexuality and knows better…
… Even if she knows nothing

> she's not allowed to have a baby

= marge has early menopause and wants Weenoos to have a baby for her and doesn't care about pregnancy complications…
… bc we all know that marge knows better

> Her period already stopped long time ago bc of not eating

= she knew about V's anorexia when she lived with her and never brought her to a gynecologist, a psychiatrist or a doctor
Best mom ever…

> plus for baby one needs S**

She's implying Venus's infertile but she wants her to make love with psyshopaten Manaki to have a baby.

Fucking logic of an invasive mother.

No. 519158

I don't see that, it just ties into her last video where she said he didn't want her to have surgery in the first place. I don't think she's badmouthing him, just trying to vent about her body struggles in general. If she wasn't in Japan Venus would really benefit from a psychologist.

No. 519169

Venus's face got pudgy, damn. This video is actually kinda cute though, looks like she's happy with Mana.

No. 519183


This is really concerning. At first, I was applauding her for being more open with her struggles and thought that it was a sign that she might be doing better. Now, I don't feel that way…

No. 519185

Wenoos' made another post clarifying she later talked to mana and mikan. Idk if this is a way to coerce Manaki to talk to her about x issue but I don't think it is a good idea to address them that way.

No. 519194

was the comment about her face looking pudgy really neccesary? Jesus, you know this girl has issues with her body image and it wouldn't surprise me if she read here…

No. 519195

You know that's the sort of thing Maggo would say to her. Especially since margo's face has always been wide and puffy.

No. 519204

If Venus is having self-esteem issues, she probably shouldn't be lurking on a site like this anyway.

No. 519218

It's not made up, whenever it was, Margo said something about stupid baby Venus only looking to her for milk and purposely shitting her diapers. It was one of those "oh wow you are totally insane" moments. Its was documented at the time.

No. 519235

Both of Margo's shitty self centered comments, and the comment that prompted them, are gone. Gueas she sobered up for a second amd realized it made her look bad (or was worried her allowance might get cut)

No. 519263


Eh, even when she's been away from her main abuser for a time, bad thoughts and unbhealthy behavior patterns won't go away that easily. Especially when she was raised by, well, Margothel.

No. 519359


can you find screenshots? i'm not able to find them

No. 519386

this woman had turned 180 recently and had been begging Venus in all kinds of ways to come back to her. Now suddenly this again?

No. 519395

Why is venus so hellbent on getting that surgery? Gastropsis isn't treated by cutting your stomach for gods sake.

It's like she's intentionally being melodramatic so her fandom (like they already are) start telling her "just get the surgery get it get it" and she can get what she's always wanted plus vindication for it.

I can't believe she'd consider doing it again after her first experience and that interview she gave about it

No. 519416

I don’t really mean she is intentionally trying to turn her fans against him but she is venting in a way she should only to close friends who already know her husband. She needs to remember most of her fans are too young to relate to where she is now and they have a superficial view of marriage. The last time she mentioned something he said when he was clearly upset, the comment section was full of the same immature kids who had no relationship experience, already pouncing on Manaki for not being a passive doormat. Poor Mikan is experiencing the same pressure to be Venus’ on-demand savior and being called selfish for expressing that she is overwhelmed. I was really disgusted by some comments on PULL against her. They really expect her, a busy student with limited money, to drop everything and be at Venus’ side whenever she gets depressed!

No. 519445

So are we just gonna ignore the fact thst Vebus wants children or isnt against it.
Plus im on Manaki's side. I would plan for a child if my wife's body is so unhealthy because she keeps getting unnecessary surgeries.
If Japan wasnt so ill informed in mental illness she could get helpgeTo talk about her issues. Like what else can they do physically. She doesnt have a stomach basically. At this point its all mental.

No. 519457

If she really has third degree gastroptosis, it is a pretty agonizing and frustrating state to be in and I can understand how she wants instant relief. However, all the literature I have read about the condition recommends physiotherapy and specialized exercises to strengthen muscle and ligaments because the surgery actually has a high relapse rate. I think the doctors told Manaki that her stomach could always fall down again so the surgery may be useless in her case.

No. 519516

There's nothing wrong with her wanting kids one day. If she does have them hopefully she won't repeat her own mother's mistakes

No. 519525

But third degree gastroptosis doesn't seem to cause what she is talking about. She may be in pain but what she said was that "she never felt full and could eat and eat" which made her gain weight. Everything that I've read about the condition seems to indicate the opposite. People who have are often nauseous, unable to keep food down, or absorb nutrients. The condition keeps them underweight.

No. 519542

is that surprising to you? Mana is right though, Venus pregnant sounds like a hazard with all her internal body problems.

No. 519608

File: 1526523590070.jpg (570.25 KB, 1080x1840, IMG_20180517_091729.jpg)

Margoos is saying psychopaths are sick bcs of genetics. So is she saying she is one as well? And.. I can't even too much material here

No. 519615

File: 1526523982329.jpg (610.05 KB, 1080x1821, IMG_20180517_092515.jpg)

Already edited again. Oh ALL THIS TIME it was me suffering not Venoos who almost died no it was ME and my money

No. 519618

File: 1526524173885.jpg (597.61 KB, 1080x1822, IMG_20180517_092836.jpg)

I'm sorry it just gets better

No. 519619

Holy projection, Batman!

No. 519620

File: 1526524418267.png (95.49 KB, 560x416, r.png)

Dayum. There it is again. She must have been super triggered by that little line about kids. What in the world made her so fucking mad about Venus' last post? Just the other day she like this. Now she's full-force ragey and hateful towards Venus again

No. 519626

No. 519627

File: 1526525195085.jpg (211.21 KB, 1080x744, IMG_20180517_094542.jpg)

No. 519628

Hey marge!
Keep shitposting in ig, Venus will NEVER talk to you again anyways! She ignores you and nothing you post will make her want to talk to you again!

No. 519639

Lol. Stupid bitch who doesn’t speak Japanese or had relationships with Japanese people trying to lecture about Japanese society again. No, a person like Venus would not get institutionalized and prevented from having children. Not even decades ago. If not for her IG, nobody would suspect (on the outside) that Venus had mental trouble and it would take a very extreme action to have child services investigate her. There are also many Japanese mothers living with depression, BDD, anorexia and EDs, etc and nobody gets involved unless there is evidence the kids are being abused or neglected. Like, as long as she functions in society and the kids are fed and going to school, the mom will be left alone, no matter how bad she feels inside or how she hurts her body. If you don’t get help yourself or contact services for assistance(there actually are many family services but they’re voluntary), you are supposed to suck it up and perform your duties.

If Venus got pregnant right now, nothing would be reported unless her obstetrician sees failure to gain weight, she becomes dangerously malnourished/anemic and/or the baby’s development is falling behind. If that was the case, there would be medical intervention and long-term monitoring in the hospital. Not instant institutionalization and criminal charges.

“I almost died(I.e., was extremely uncomfortable) in common, routine surgery! Venus is just showing off MY money!”
If her cysts were that serious, she would have had clear signs that something was wrong and she should have gone to the doctor right away instead of slandering her daughter online and eating clay. The symptoms didn’t suddenly come out of nowhere. Why did she ignore her health so long?

>Psychopaths want to be astronauts!

Wtf?! Even a common childhood dream is psychopathic to her because kids rarely persue it later in life? This fucking asshole. But “living doll” was perfectly fine with her when it generated income!

No. 519647

File: 1526527674880.jpg (764.57 KB, 1080x1804, IMG_20180517_102722.jpg)


No. 519649

File: 1526527796278.jpg (202.92 KB, 898x952, IMG_20180517_102905.jpg)

No. 519651

File: 1526528280360.jpg (20 KB, 224x341, allergic.jpg)

Why does she look like she's having an extreme allergic reaction to life?

No. 519658

might wanna pop a benadryl hun

No. 519664

>some very unstable girls will even die
>That should trigger a high income for her without working anything, and finish my life
lmao…..what the fuck. she's like turning into a paranoid schizo

No. 519669

That pic looks like it's saying:
> Hi, I'm Margus Alcoholic and I'm gonna teetch yoo about laif!

Biggest projection ever.

No. 519672

alcohol bloat? she looks awful
she’s losing her shit. good.

No. 519685

She has narc fleas and a pretty severe eating disorder. She needs better mental health care than she’s getting. It’s that simple and that sad. Frankly I’m glad Manaki is telling her no more surgeries. Venus needs to unlearn her mother’s abusive narratives, not add to her dysmorphia.

No. 519704

>If you're mentally ill you will not get kids

I mean, look at yourself.

No. 519709

File: 1526533610091.png (177.81 KB, 935x603, 1.png)

margo's on a roll tonight

No. 519712

File: 1526533947446.png (16.24 KB, 300x223, 1.png)

what the fuck does this even mean

No. 519714

No idea. Margo is such a wild ride.

No. 519717

>She cheated on her hubby
last week Manaki was the psychopath. now she's turned tables yet again.

No. 519736

File: 1526536664287.png (22.36 KB, 303x309, 1.png)

moreover, Margrot predicts their divorce (once again)

And somehow psychopathy isn't a mental illness anymore,despite claiming the contrary just a few minutes ago >>519608

No. 519737

No, marge. Oh come on! A serial killer and a pornstar? Seriously???

So your dottir is a serial killer and you are a pornstar just bc you made some nude pics when you where younger and married?

Wait! You make porn pics while you were married and dare to call your dottir a cheater??

Are her failing hormones making her even more stupid?

No. 519742

the cherry on top of the trainwreck is how she talks so much about psychopathy and how her dottir is being such an evil b00ly, yet she's been spending 2+ years? dragging her own daughters name through the mud while Venus has barely paid attention to her

No. 519749


Well. Marg would know because shes done this before.
Remember when she went radio silent pretending to be dead and no one cared?

Also, how is Venus not working and getting money going to kill margo? Did I read that bit wrong?

No. 519752

Oh no, marge. She won't leave him. You want proofs? Venus' and Manaki's ig and yt, those next days. And she won't come back to you, not even for your burial. You don't know how to cook, you shame! Who wants to eat crayons in clay and vaselin sauce? Crazy frau!

No. 519757

Margo has claimed in the past that the psychopathy skipped from Margo's dad to Venus. Poor Margo in the middle, being perfect!

No. 519759

if she "saw real anorexia" and knew very well about venus' eating disorder, then why the fuck didnt margo help her? take her to the doctor? get her some mental help? shes just making herself look like a shitty mom the more she rambles.

No. 519762

Serial killer is Venus and Porn is… Manaki?
Haha. God this bitch is insane and she looks like she drinks all day long.

Someone on KF mentioned that she posted these new anaphylaxis in the park pictures so soon after Venus posted her photos from the park. Do you think she is still doing this intentionally or is she so obsessed that she no longer realizes that she is mimicking her daughter?

No. 519774

Is this crazy bitch talking about Stormy Daniels or is she saying that Venus has multiple personality disorder?

No. 519777

Venus Angelic: asexual virgin porn star!

Dude, who knows what the Hell Margaret is talking about anymore. With her bad health and mental problems, I wonder if this old ho had a serious STD.

No. 519779

I don't know why so many of you don't understand this post, but all she means is that those women don't look "bad" even though they are(cuz she thinks porn stars are bad I guess), just like Venus looks like a good girl but she's a psychopath.

No. 519801

File: 1526562514227.png (13.42 KB, 296x175, wtf.png)

whew that post it's deleted now

anyways, bitch is still drunk posting. She might be loving the small attention she's getting because badmouthing venus is the only way se can garner any

No. 519802

She obviously posted it with two pictures of two different women who look mild or whatever but are actually a serial killer and a porn star, because I guess porn stars are horrible fucking trash people like murderers to this haggard bitch. AKA "These women look nice like Venus looks sweet but is actually a psycho!"

No. 519803

>I guess porn stars are horrible fucking trash people like murderers to this haggard bitch.

Yeah, someone seems jealous that a fellow sex worker earns more and lives better than her.

Margo's double standards about sex are weird. Everyone but herself are dirty sluts.

No. 519819

excuse you, asexual virgin cheating porn star.

No. 519820

all marge’s obsessions/grievances in one ragepost:
- Veenoos’ JP visa (marge’s #1 trigger)
- Veenoos STOLE me everything (her engrish gets more mangled the more agitated she gets)
- what about ME and MY life-saving surgery??
- Veenoos lives rich while poor marge barely makes it
- left her poor mother alone and helpless on the street!
- cheated on Manaki
- Veenoos is violent psychopath/ATTACKED her poor helpless mother!
- Veenoos’ Youtube income (she still gets 5M views/month. marge haates this)
- thief! criminal!!
- and her newest faves: #parasitic and #clinicalpsychology
cause she’s getting an advanced degree from Google University you know

So how exactly is Venus #parasitic again? She gets income from her Youtube channel where she records and edits every video herself. #parasitic describes YOU, marge. Perfectly. You leeched off your kid’s income for years until she broke free and took control of her life and her channel’s income.

Classic narc projection.

No. 519822

2 1/2 years later and she’s still obsessing about the same shit. And she’ll be doing the same thing 2 1/2 years from now/5 years from now/until she dies

No. 519827

If Margo is a proper Narc like we think she is the baby talk probably enrages her specifically because Venus's body belongs to Margo and Margo didn't allow that to happen. \
On top of that it would make Margo a……. grandmother.

No. 519829

I know it's kind of manipulative, but I don't blame Mana for saying these kinds of things. (don't get surgery, I won't have children with you if you do this new one)

He must be very frustrated he cannot help V, and that she's feeling this way in the first place. And besides, he doesn't fucking owe her children, or vice versa. That train of thought is so disgusting.

No. 519831

i think venus should fucking get off the internet. her fans are all 18 and younger weeb girls who probably don't even know anything about these difficult situations.

No. 519843

lmao the first thing I thought of when I read that!

No. 519861

File: 1526580513630.jpeg (182.41 KB, 680x889, 82828D0D-AD30-4687-A136-55070F…)

3am in Seoul and she’s still awake and obsessing on ig. How many hours has it been now?

No. 519863

After one of marge's kamikaze ovary twisted and exploded the other one goes on strike and gives her early menopause.
She's gonna stay fat, keep losing hair, getting more bloated, etc.

Ironicly she made a video about bloodtype diet and talked about eating clay, raw sugar and sheabutter mix, and her ig profile talking about gym…

Ovary conspiracy, keeek!!!

No. 519899

File: 1526584457499.jpeg (52.14 KB, 661x231, BDB2122B-1148-45E5-9722-99094D…)

16 hours later and she’s still going strong, responding to a comment she’s deleted. fucking nutcase.

No. 519904

Unfortunately, it's all she knows.

No. 519908

File: 1526586253547.jpeg (319.27 KB, 1255x1051, FD994210-73BA-4370-A546-3AF4D1…)

So what was it that set margo off on this latest rage binge? It had to be something in this post of Venus’s.

It says 3 things: she spent $20,000 on her surgeries, Mana told her he wouldn’t have children with her if she had another surgery and she was depressed and feeling suicidal.

It had to be the $$ that set her off. That’s always been one of her triggers.

No. 519918


It's def the fact that those 20k has been not spend on her lol. Who cares about the health of your only daughter when you could have the money and buy useless crap for it?

>tfw you came here for the lulz but now the entire story makes you just upset. From the way how Venus is doing and how margo is reacting to everything fuck

No. 519919

She specifically mentioned 20k, so obviously. >>519627

No. 519927

I agree it had to be the $$. She doesn’t gaf if Venus has children or is depressed and suicidal. That $20K is what set her off. The bitch is pitifully transparent despite her grandiose delusions of how brilliant and mysterious she is.

No. 519946

Wouldn't the thought of Manaki's mother being the only grandma her grandkid would know drive her nuts? Mana's dad hits on her and his mom crossdresses children and eats street cookies. Who is going to shame the child into taking care of Nana Mags?

No. 519956

I think all three of those things.
Margo somehow interpreted this as Venus bragging about money? Also reignited her old "she stole from me" anger.. again at just the mention of money.


This set her off too. Must be a control thing. She wants to control every aspect of V's life, and wouldn't allow this if she had the power to, so instead she comes up with bogus excuses like "Japan won't let you!"

>depressed and suicidal

Only thing I can think is that she believes this will generate a lot attention and shock (and in her mind this = money). So she even wanted the post to be reported and deleted so no one would see it.

No. 519963

File: 1526592528270.jpg (288.06 KB, 800x952, BeautyPlus_20180517232921411_s…)

New post from auntie Zsu

From left to right:
Zsuzsa, baby Venus, Hans, Marge

No. 519983

yeah, besides margo's always raving about Venus being an asexual little doll who should've save her virginity for some rich old man, as if they were some medieval noble family or some crazy shit like that. Now that V chose to marry a ~poor factory worker~ she feels her family line is permanently tainted

How can someone look so old at a young age?

No. 520004

is that venus' dad?

No. 520005

Yes it is. Poor guy.

No. 520007

File: 1526596715812.jpg (304.04 KB, 800x800, BeautyPlus_20180518003119188_s…)

Another post from auntie Zsu exposing marge.

No. 520071

I wonder sometimes what went wrong with Margo. If she was always a psychopath or if something happened to her. Doesn't really matter though, what she's done to Venus is disgusting and horrible.

No. 520076

A lot of personality disorders are just the facts of life. She was just born a narc. Plus with her daughter being prettier than her she started to latch on to Venus she she can add Venus's beuty to her own.

No. 520251

shit like this makes me think Zsu is aware of lolcow or has some idea about the extent of margos hate-following, like at the same time as being there for venus (like a decent human being) when margothel narc rages she always throws major shade and spills milk about her. it's delicious

its sad to think that growing up she had to deal with a sister like that. At least she made it through with minimal fleas from what we've seen

No. 520266


she is definitely aware

No. 520267

File: 1526628158538.png (12.22 KB, 300x164, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

so… is manaki evil or not? kek

No. 520269

>daughter has severe depression and an eating disorder along with physical illness she has to deal with to the point of her being suicidal
>calls said daughter ugly and says she will get uglier due to the unfortunate choices she made because of her mental illness

No. 520271

File: 1526629359827.png (357.58 KB, 640x627, stitch.png)

how to make any given situation about you 101

No. 520274

>She looks far worse unedited, in real life
This is a mother talking about her child that was recently hospitalized and suicidal about the way she looks. Even if Venus were everything she claims and worse, this would still classify her as a sociopathic evil bitch.

No. 520276

How is this supposed to make her daughter feel so much better that she'll come running back? Hagaret needs to seriously get a life of her own and seek therapy if she thinks that her tactics is going to bring her daughter back into her life. It ain't happening, you psychotic hag.

No. 520288

She's over that. She's flipped back to being anti-Venus.

>I almost fall for this "Manaki is bad" thing

she says this as if she was almost tricked into believing something somebody told her. When she was the origin of ""this Manaki is bad thing"". Weird how one of them always has to be the villain and the other the victim. Either Manaki is a psychopath manipulating Venus, or Venus is a psychopath manipulating Manaki.

No. 520298

what a surprising change of heart! I supose this has absolutely nothing to do with the 20000$ V mentioned! this is not about money guys!(sarcasm)

>she boolies me with her depression!!

but at least she isn't pretending to care about her daughter anymore which is a good point (so there won't be a chance that Venus contact her in a vulnerable moment of solitude).

No. 520339

File: 1526647283577.png (654.05 KB, 720x945, IMG_20180518_143950.png)

No. 520340

No. 520341

File: 1526647351555.png (352.47 KB, 720x811, IMG_20180518_143926.png)

No. 520342

File: 1526647378679.png (145.3 KB, 713x970, IMG_20180518_143904.png)

No. 520345

>my child who wasn't even legally an adult in my care wanted to be an astronaut PSYCHOPATH!!!

No. 520347

I am constantly impressed by how into all this shit she is without realizing she is describing herself the whole time.

No. 520351

Is this bitch bringing the astronaut thing because the infamous ear covering interview? At min. 11:33 interviewer asks Wenoos what does she want to be when she growns up and randomly mentions astronaut, margo butts in to laugh about the question and stops V from answering the question (as usual)

ikr. The lack of self-awareness never ceases to amuse me

>She made a young video putting to her thumbnail that she is 42, bought a doll so she is mother and has a daughter

bitch that never happened

No. 520353

File: 1526650492008.png (4.83 KB, 281x61, 1.png)

Hope this gem makes it to the next thread pic

No. 520356


sorry for samefag but forgot to say: one would think a mensa member would use any other medical literature than readers digest to diagnose a mental disorder on someone:


No. 520358

Says the woman working on her "thesis"

No. 520363

> Astronuts are psyshopaten!!!
Many people dream about being an astronaut and no one is buying it, marge. Nice try!
Your daughter still ignores you kek

No. 520368

File: 1526654315708.jpeg (73.86 KB, 1068x368, 1D63C825-6FB9-48B0-99B7-2BAB25…)

>>She made a young video putting to her thumbnail that she is 42, bought a doll so she is mother and has a daughter
She’s talking about this thumbnail for one of Venus’s videos

No. 520369

File: 1526654378963.jpeg (66.51 KB, 1046x336, E97AB1CD-D989-41C0-9ABC-91F9E7…)

and this video about the ball jointed doll Venus got

No. 520372

These 2 thumbnails are “evidence venus wants to delete” marge, you see. In marge’s twisted little mind.

No. 520374

Ig removed her serial killer post and her manazi post.
Eat that crayon-eating marge! Kek

No. 520375

Funny how she use a lot of "our" vocabulary ("gaslighting" "narcissistic") and arguments (like "20000$ is a fake number because it is too round") but turn them against Venus. I think she is lurking lolcow/pul a lot lately. She used to lurk before from time to time but recently she isn't getting much attention anymore with her insta-raging so she's getting her narc fuel here (a bit like that raven bitch).

No. 520376

Where's the video where she says she eats clay? Did she remove it?

No. 520379

File: 1526656322968.jpeg (69.47 KB, 1486x317, 5BAD53ED-E72A-43BD-A523-C15A49…)

no, it’s still up
sugar, clay and shea butter yum!

No. 520385

Clickbait title= psychopath behaviour?
There's a lot of psychopaths in Youtube then.
Stay mad Magroot.

No. 520392

File: 1526660645777.png (655.05 KB, 936x601, 1.png)

looking up articles in Readers Digest that can fit in your narrative isn't a degree, margo

No. 520396


I'm sperging out but why the fuck does she always #margaret? Does she think people are going to go through that hashtag looking for only her? Wtf

No. 520414


> Interviewer: So she's going to be 18

> Maggot: And then what?
> Interviewer: Well, she's not going to let someone block her ears, you know?
> Maggot: And then?

Prophetic. kek

No. 520502

I wish Venus would take a hiatus from YouTube and insta. She needs to learn to live life out of the spotlight. I know it helps her but the ‘fans’ are mostly kids who don’t understand adult shit that she’s going through and honestly the shit makes most people crazy anyhow, look at half the cows on this board. It keeps her too locked into this shit cycle with Margerat. She needs to break away, idk. I don’t know that any of this is helping her being played out in such a public way.

No. 520533

zsuzsa, you sneaky bitch, bless you

and bless this anon, following her

No. 520536

No one will help you, marge, bc no one cares about your "proofs".
And no one will delete you bc Venus is too busy ignoring you.
Look at the flowers, marge!

No. 520537

bitch is just crying over "her" precious money-cow money

No. 520538

>psychopaths will do everything they accuse you doing
top kek the irony in this one is so strong

No. 520547

File: 1526679510528.jpg (490.11 KB, 810x1184, Screenshot_20180518-140437.jpg)

The ride never ends

Now, Venus DOESN'T have an eating disorder, only psychopathy, according to highly revered Dr. M Palermo who has a degree from Readers Digest, tyvm

No. 520548

File: 1526679674371.jpg (408.2 KB, 1025x1056, Screenshot_20180518-140513.jpg)

She imagines Venus has said that Manaki is cruel to her every day, and Manaki is the an abuser again. I think.

She's just a ball of crazy and rage at this point, we could pretty much create a random Margo comments generator and no one could tell the difference between that and the real posts

No. 520565

File: 1526681635682.jpeg (178.8 KB, 661x923, 2A8790F8-27E5-4397-A51A-C29FB2…)

Now VEENOOS is organizing death threats against her mother.
Marge is verging on paranoid shizophrenic territory at this point.

No. 520569

I'm glad she's too broke to go over to Japan and try to break into her daughter's apartment and her only flying monkey now is an autistic furry. How the mighty have fallen.

No. 520578

>Marge is verging on paranoid shizophrenic territory at this point.
fo real. she's having literal paranoid delusions. Venus calling her grandmother = An intentional plot centered on making Margaret look bad, so that her followers will get so mad they will send her death threats, and scheduled for this to happen for her birthday. And this is just another of Venus' relentless attempts to "kill her mother".

No. 520581

and the obsession that Venus is “trying to kill her.” It’s downright scary how nuts the bitch is.

No. 520586

Knowing her projection she only thinks Venus wants to kill her because she would kill Venus the first chance she gets.

I remember that video where she was filming Manaki and he just came from work and he looked a bit scared. Then the time when she tried to pick lock their home. Seriously glad she's a broke bum. If anyone gave her money I would worry about Venus.

No. 520603

It's a good thing she is so incompetent when it comes to dealing with real life and it's a great thing that this break down has made her less able to hide her true nature from normal people and less likely to receive help from them. The psycho comes through even with the language and culture barrier.

Her desperation still makes her dangerous, the more desperate she gets the more she will be compelled to take higher risks and to ignore her own safety in order to achieve her goal of harming Venus.

I spent a year reading r/justnomil and the overlap between the crazy women there who went from mild bitchiness and gas lighting to attempting to murder their daughters in law once their crazy was uncovered and they got cut off and Margo is some scary shit.

No. 520610

Brrr, this shit right here. The scary crap with narcs is the insane amount of projection they do, and they never realize that what they’re really telling people is what they themselves think.

The inside of Margo’s head must be a hellscape.

No. 520619

>>She looks far worse unedited, in real life
"unlike me uwu"

her grandma looked better then than she does now

No. 520636


holy shit, Marge looks like her mom. Her mom is prettier than her though, here.

No. 520640

actually im always again and again amazed at how much the interviewer and the folks behind the interview just saw right into margo soul.

>see seems like an intelligent..

>she is!
>…young woman. But for a lot of people she is just like a doll. And dolls dont think.
>Why do you talk to her then? Really? Why do you talk to her?
>Well, I'd LIKE to talk to her, but Im stuck talking to you!

sometimes I think subconsciously margo actually really made her into a doll. An object she could control and that doesnt think by herself.

It's also fascinating while years ago I found the interviewer rather aggressive overall, now watching it, it seems rather he was severely frustrated that he realized what kind of situation Venus was stuck in and wouldve liked to give Venus a wake-up call, but only ever ricochet on margo's crazy

No. 520646

the funniest part about this video is still the part about my strange addiction when they proudly glance over how the were the only normal and sane people there and in the very next scene you see margo tiptoeing into the screen in her daughters dressed looking like a freak.

No. 520654

File: 1526694366794.png (2.87 MB, 1360x1536, Sin título.png)

>she said Manaki is a convicted child molester
holy shit margaret what are you smoking.
Speaking of which, found pic related of her doing mental gymastics to justify pimping her daughter. So, it seems just now bitch changed her own definition of pedophilia to fit Manaki in it lel

Honestly. Moreover let's not forget how much she publicly fantasizes with Venus' death and seemed so fucking happy about her being bedridden in the hospital.

No. 520656

It's too overwhelming to call out the amount of projection and lack of awareness. Everything she does to Venus she accuses of Venus. Mind blowing! I wonder how low Margo's IQ actually is. Because the purpose of the "astronaut" example is really misguided and inaccurate in the article. Well, I suppose in the medical field you wouldn't really use the term "psychopath" at all. NPD and Anti-Social Personality Disorder are what she's trying to accuse Venus of having I'm guessing? Interestingly, the use of "astronaut" and "ninja" in that comical article she's referencing has some grain of truth to it. Most personality disorders involve a great deal of lying, manipulation and hopes of grandeur. Interesting, they're more in line with Margo's Mensa claims, feigning degrees and overall exaggeration of academic achievements. It has nothing to do with being "grounded" and everything to do with a false sense of importance and an over importance sense of self coupled with using titles to find ways of manipulation others. I'll stop armchairing really because I don't even know if Margo would be diagnosed. She's mostly just a horrible human being.

Other than the obvious reasons why Margo is sperging already pointed out by anons, she seemed to have hit a low understanding that Venus's recent revelations do not mean that Margo has anything to gain. I'm guessing she realized that Venus will only gain views and sympathy and it doesn't mean the return of the prodigal daughter nor any kind of validation (i.e. Venus's fans turning on her) when it turned out Margo's accusations of Venus removing her stomach were true. If anything, fans seemed to be angry that Margo taunted Venus about getting organs cut and removed rather than being right.

No. 520659


IIRC Venus made a post about "someone very close to her" raped a girl on a train multiple times. I don't know if it was about Manaki, though, and she might have deleted the post since.

No. 520660

Didn't she have a rastafarian bf who smoked drugs? Maybe she still does drug Idk…

No. 520663

You're thinking about an April Fool's "joke" that Venus posted in bad taste, where she said Manaki was arrested for molesting girls on trains. It was deleted after a backlash

No. 520664

> I wonder how low Margo's IQ actually is.
Her IQ is 152 in centimeter scale.

And yes, it's how tall she is too.

No. 520667

File: 1526695580766.jpeg (538.71 KB, 1472x1199, 9783A913-9741-4D1D-9760-9BEFFC…)

This one:

Very unfortunate and quickly deleted attempt at an April Fools “joke”

I swear this kid has shit judgement sometimes. She repeatedly feeds the psycho troll that is her mother, over and over again.

No. 520669

stupid and crazy are two different things. Margo is crazy. Interesting how when Venus first ran away and actually made videos about Margaret, she didn't sperg out as severely as she does now for every little thing. Being alone with nothing but her own thoughts for so long must have actually driven her crazier. imo this means she can only keep getting worse, like others have said, it's good she doesn't have the money to act on anything.

No. 520670

yeah, alone and broke in a tiny goshiwan room for months on end now and no prospects for anything better is not helping her mental state.

No. 520699

Honestly I do feel for Mana sometimes, this is mental, not 'banterous' in the slightest. The crazy was definitely passed down.

No. 520713

tbf a LOT of the r/justnomil stories are by bored housewives who want to practice creative writing, and kill off the MIL when they get bored of writing

No. 520717

every single mil-in-the-wild story is a "and everybody stood up and clapped" fantasy

No. 520727

Don't get me started on the Order of St. Luis lady and her ~mysterious~ ability to attract crazies.

Venus was raised solely by Margo, her normal meter is WAY off. Japan's mental healthcare is so shit that the backlash from her fans is the probably the only confirmation that her judgement is off.

No. 520730

honestly i don't that that's something that comes from mental illness. Venus has dark humor and made a very elaborate joke for april fool's in bad judgment.

No. 520732


i honestly thought it was funny given that margo wouldn't stop screaming about how much of a pedophile he was for marrying venus

No. 520738

Venus has infact a very dark sense of humour. Understandable since trauma causes you to laugh at the weirdest things and humour is a valid coping mechanism.

No. 520782

File: 1526735545171.jpg (193.11 KB, 718x447, BeautyPlus_20180519150659858_s…)

Hush, marge! Good girl! Don't tell anything about your degree. Bc we all know what your doing…

…fantasize about someone else's degree in your family they are gonna have in 5 weeks.

Don't cry lil marge… you can always be an astronut whenever you want, with equipment, degree, everything kek

Look at the flowers, margi

No. 520783

File: 1526736148636.jpg (373.49 KB, 921x589, BeautyPlus_20180519152009745_s…)

First "minor" V must divorce "pedo" Manaki, now Venus is not a child and must face consequences. She changes so often her opinion… Marge, how many people are you in your head?

No. 520790

When is she NOT insulting someone or be a condescending shit?! There was no reason to be such a bitch to that person. This abusive personality is what Venus put up for 18 years. Imagine dealing with this shitty attitude each day and constantly having to walk on eggshells because you never know how she’ll twist every word into a attack. Nobody can walk away from such an unstable, nasty person without long-lasting trauma.

People have repeatedly asked this soulless hobo what she is studying and what the Hell she is doing on South Korea and she refuses to tell the truth! Is she capable of talking like a normal person?

The rest of that reply to @lisamarie12roses is really mind-blowing
>“I know that nowadays that it is a usual way of arrogance to give everyone rude, questioning and blaming comments as if anyone else knew better.”

Is this bitch really accusing that girl of these things or is she speaking of her belligerent self?

No. 520791

>we aren't even in same country but she is trying to kill me!!!

they shouldve left her in the fucking hospital

No. 520792

File: 1526739193947.png (20.88 KB, 300x283, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

>Saw the forces in her

hahahahahaha fuck off margo

no amount of buddhist sunday school will change the fact you're a shitty person and a shitty parent

No. 520967


> Marge got raised as a catholic

> She got Venus, saw an evil force in V's kawaii face and tried to exorcise her. It didn't work
> Converted to buddhism. Went to a buddhist temple with her to fight against that force with swiss shaolin monks. They were not precise enough and things got worse.
> They moved from country to country until marge met her jamaican rastafarian boyfriend, they converted to his religion and they tried to drug the devil away from her booly dottir.
> Then they met Mr Yan and things went worse. V went to Japan, got possessed by evil Zannkokuna Angel and her power grew stronger.
> V came back to UK, scared away her mom's bf and attracted thousands of pedo tax officier so they had to move to another country.
> Marge convert to satanism to negociate with the devil but got fooled and Venus run away from poor marge.
> Marge is now boolied, killed, stolen every day by dark magic.
> She converted to judaism hoping that evil force Venus will not discriminate her but she is getting desperate and sees psyshopaten astronuts everywhere.

I suggest she converts to People's Temple sect, it could help alot kek

No. 520983

>Man you're a mess in your head
Everyone but Margo.

No. 520993

Marge is fine, just fine. Perfect in fact and far superior to you. It’s everyone else that has a problem. #narcbrain

No. 521004

Do you know why she is focused on the word “astronaut”? Around 11:30 of that 2014 interview, the host asks about Venus’ future career plans and mentions astronaut as an example. Margaret lights up and said Venus had talked about that and Venus, while her mother doesn’t stop talking over her, says she was always interested in physics. So, child Venus liked physics and space science? Psychopath! Because a random, non-scholarly article mentioned “astronaut” in a situation that did not relate to Venus at all.

No. 521007

File: 1526785474849.jpg (175.24 KB, 719x450, BeautyPlus_20180520050718793_s…)

Looks like marge invited herself to other people's BBQ.
Margo hobostyle… Kek

No. 521020

Lol. Those strategically cropped pictures. Can’t even tell the quality or quantity of those dishes. The only way she would actually be invited to dinner would be if it was put together by the goshiwon management/tenants or it is with one of her Johns.

No. 521021

That looks like the Mongolian bbq station at every single Asian buffet.

No. 521036

nah, this is just a cheap korean bbq place. that meat looks like cheap shit.

No. 521056


Venus: [has an eating disorder thanks to Margo's narc parenting and is struggling very hard with it]

Stay classy, Margothel.

No. 521088

We don't see her eating. She's not even in those pic. Maybe she didn't even took those pics.
I think she's still eating clay, sheabutter, sugar, sand, grass, crayons, whatever, while sniffing other people's BBQ meat hoping some meat falls of the table.

No. 521103

tinfoil: this is where she works

No. 521191

This would be more believable if photos weren't strategically cropped. She doesn't lose the opportunity to drag others into her photos to show how much she lives life(remember Japanese hostel, Korean gym, and random people?).
She must have felt euphoric to the point she decided it's the most right time to treat herself.

No. 521205

File: 1526855857444.jpeg (22.66 KB, 381x134, A9F7D628-953C-4317-B554-206F46…)

that meat looks like she got it out of a dumpster

No. 521206

she gets her clothes from a garbage can, why not her food as well?

No. 521217

Venus posted a new video about thoughts on her weight. How long until Margo loses her shit again?

No. 521221

Poor marge must wipe her ass with her own hand, while Weenoos can afford luxury toilet paper, scented and colored, with her stolen moneys and uses it to send booly messages to her mom per sewer mail.

What a booly psyshoopath astronut dottir!

No. 521224

Yeah she's tired of eating clay all the time so she found free food kek

No. 521557

i mean it looks meh, it's steak and an oyster mushroom, which looks okay. but like it's not the worst. it's probably tough as hell tho.

No. 521624

File: 1526961770999.jpg (763.09 KB, 1619x921, c.jpg)

grandpa is commenting

No. 521634

tell me his English is just shitty and he didn’t really mean to say “YOU will miss US”?

on the other hand it does sound very margo style.

No. 521647

I knew some idiot would write this. YES his English is just shitty

No. 521674

Pretty sure he just means that Venus is going to end up missing out on whatever family reunion thing is going on in the summer because she's not going to be in Hungary. Nothing malicious seeming, just crappy English.

No. 521725

Fenric has posted things about how two adults and a pet isn't a real marriage right around when Venus got her hamster and dolls and posted about being a 'mommy' to her furbaby.

Odds are real good that Margo's parents would fly her out for a 'reunion' with her daughter or to low key kidnap venus 'for her own good.'

No. 521728

I'm a native German speaker and I think the comment is supposed to read like this:

"Sadly only 8 of our grandchildren will be with us this summer. Venus, you will be missed."

The last sentence is confusingly phrased, but in German, we express missing someone by saying that a part of us is missing; translated verbatim, this would read as 'you are missing from me'. So he's really telling Venus that by not coming to be with her family over the summer, they are missing a part of their family.

>Venus, du wirst uns fehlen!

>Venus, you will be missing (from) us!

It could still be passive-aggressive as >>521725 figured, I just wanted to clarify what went missing in translation.

No. 521733

He's not German he's Hungarian but it's also like that in French so who knows about Hungarian. It doesn't matter because obviously he means we will miss you. The idea that her 80 year old grandpa with (previously shown to be) wonkily, probably google translated English, would think to sass her with a subtly passive aggressive comment is just so fucking stupid. I hate farmers sometimes

No. 521735

I thought he spoke (Swiss) German because Venus spoke it in the phone call video, or am I confusing two relatives?

No. 521740

He's Margaret's father, Margaret was calling Venus's father's mother (but don't worry i got this mixed up too until I had to think about it just now)

No. 521787

That was Venus' father

No. 521841

It could also mean
You will miss [seeing all of] us

Like, literally miss them.

No. 521849

Imho Gramps Ferenc doesn't know a word of english and he just uses google translate to translate from hungarian to english.
It's a fail but at least he tries…

No. 521914

File: 1527035312513.jpeg (448.52 KB, 1634x1189, FB73F287-FA36-466B-BC08-F2EA55…)

the crazy came out this morning. VEENOOS is now a bisexual animal torturer who is killing her mother with stress via e-mail

No. 521915

Chill out

No. 521916

and she won’t stop UNTIL SHE IS DEAD

No. 521921

She really should be institutionalized.

No. 521923

hm can't show that email tho huh

No. 521924

File: 1527037680991.png (545.63 KB, 612x427, 1B74BE01-8870-4CD8-A951-18DDC4…)

Psych ward needs to come get margo

No. 521928

Must be lawsuit email. Or marge bluffing idk.

No. 521931

Long time lurker, long time fan here.
Seeing Margaret say that Venus is bisexual makes me remember Venus's video from a while back where she filmed herself talking about gay people and how it didn't matter. She looked sad and like she had been crying.
I wonder if, when Venus was living with Margaret, they had "come out" as being bisexual. From the way Margaret is including that now, it makes me think something like that happened, and it would've been a bad reaction.

Sage for speculation

No. 521933

I wonder if it was an e-mail from Venus’s lawyer? Whatever it was is set the beast off

No. 521940

File: 1527041429432.png (587.48 KB, 1146x1655, screencapture-instagram-p-BjGb…)

sorry for the absolutely hot trash paint edit, but marg posted a letter we've seen before, one sent to manaki "warning" him about venus, and manaki brushing her off–supposed "proofs," i guess?

in any case, in her previous post it seemed like she was saying venus was mentally ill, and now in classic margo form she's changed her tune to "no she's not! she's just psychopath b00ly!"

No. 521941

File: 1527042018401.png (98.88 KB, 247x248, 1448083395029.png)

>sent me a email to kill me by stress or suicide
>also wrote me that there's not reality
>she isn't done with me until I'm dead

No. 521945

lol anon please. Not being homophobic doesn't mean you're gay yourself. In that instagram post Margaret also called her a #murderer. Don't believe any word or label she puts of Venus.

No. 521946

File: 1527042652288.png (22.97 KB, 304x287, 1.png)

Suddenly margaret is very defensive and concerned about her mother and son in law, despite making fun and ridiculing them online

No. 521947

>So if someone steals you everything
Jeez! I remember Venus' runaway video where she said that she left her mom the big mac, so that she "wouldn't get too mad" about taking her laptop. Venus just took the necessities that she needed to survive on her own. I guess this woman expected Venus to leave with nothing but the clothes on her back and leave her the channel as well?

No. 521957

I wonder if this >>521624 triggered the old hobo.
Parfait pic + Ferenc mentioning family reunions

No. 521961

nah. she probably got a cease and desist letter from her lawyer for all that crazy rage, and in classic margo fashion interpreted it as Venus' latest attempt at "trying to kill her by stress/she wants me DEAD/#murderer"

No. 521966

File: 1527044259972.png (3.39 KB, 288x61, 1.png)

sorry for Venus' offtopic but margaret's inability to get the fucking joke never ceases to amuse me

>V's makes a gay joke


I wouldn't be surprised. Seems like the website is still under her control.

No. 521977

File: 1527045001354.jpg (270.46 KB, 1064x724, Screenshot_20180522-193728.jpg)

No, she expected Venus to leave naked with nothing because Mags considers supporting her 13 year old child's hobby initially (getting her a webcam and laptop in 2011) as Venus owing her the entire salary she makes for life.

So wheres the death threat fron Venoos, Mags? All i see is the same email you already published where Manaki blows you off as you invited him to live with you in London from two years ago.

No. 521979

File: 1527045025060.jpg (332.67 KB, 1068x1481, Screenshot_20180522-193713.jpg)

No. 521984

I want to see this “threatening e-mail” Venus sent.

No. 522006

Wait… Isn’t she talking about that letter Venus wrote her a couple of years ago, in German, that basically tried to explain to Margaret that her perception(Margaret’s) of reality is not real and in polite terms, trying to tell her to accept that they both see past events differently? I can’t find it right now but Margaret already posted it and totally misunderstood what Venus was saying back then too. She only focused on those words about reality not existing and applied it to Venus instead of herself. Also, refuting Margaret’s claims or telling her to accept that they will never see eye to eye: Killing her. Venus does not want contact with her and will run her channel alone: Venus wants to murder her.

Margaret has no proof of Venus blatantly threatening her. The closest thing she probably has is Venus telling her to just fuck off and live her own life. All these recent posts are just rehashing old claims and talking about emails we already saw. There is nothing new. She just keeps repeating the same things like a psycho.

Not only the video, but in the past, people have seen Venus following gravure idols, “liking”ero-lesbian(clothed) photography of girls in uniform and Lolita yuri manga(old Twitter or tumblr). Not hardcore stuff, but just enough that would lead many people to believe she is more than comfortable with such media. She also makes comments about preferring to watch and read only about girl characters and never talked about liking guys before. Doesn’t mean she is full-on bisexual but it wouldn’t be surprising if she fits in the spectrum. We do have to remember that Margaret’s wild claims always have a small grain of truth that has been twisted and Margaret is strangely very anti-gay and transphobic for some reason. Maybe Venus expressed sexuality confusion at one point or said gender didn’t matter to her and Margaret just ran with it. Margaret is always trying to shame the poor girl for having normal feelings and insecurities.

No. 522018

You're tin-foiling like hell. Venus likes kawaii uniforms, lolitas, and mangas with cute anime girls. None of that makes you bi/lesbian. Liking a clothed photo of a girl who happens to be a lesbian, or reading yuri manga doesn't make you one either.

>and never talked about liking guys before.

lmao she's married to a guy and wants kids with him.

No. 522021

I hope Venus is bi

No. 522030

Lol. Calm down. I’m not the same anon from >>521931. I’m just telling you why people may think she is Bi and what they have been discussing for a few years. It’s not a new theory.
>lmao she's married to a guy and wants kids with him.
You’re being a bit contradictory here. If enjoying erotic photos of other girls is no indicator of bisexual feelings, then how does being married to a man and wanting kids mean you are NOT bisexual? Being bisexual isn’t always 50/50 attraction and you can still fall in love and be monogamous in a heterosexual relationship.

Anyway… We will never really know until she tells us. She is going to make another askVenus video soon and several questions on IG are asking about how she chooses to identify. Maybe she will answer. What we do know is that Margaret had greatly warped Venus’ view of her body, sexuality and relationships. That’s not a healthy or safe environment to express your true identity, whatever it is.

No. 522048

The VenusAngelic.com domain name doesn't belong to you, marge. You will lose. You had a total of 81 domain names in your life and still have 12 of them.
Why you still want to keep your daughter's website?

And why do you keep kimonotime.com domain name and updated it recently?

No. 522055

>And why do you keep kimonotime.com domain name and updated it recently?


No. 522057

Once she learns about narcissism terminology these rants will become even more colourful.

No. 522071

What if she's saying Venus is bisexual because of Manaki? She was pushing her story about how he likes to cross dress and present himself as a girl seeking sex with men. If that's true (doubt it) Venus doesn't seem to care, she seems pretty encouraging of Manaki. I wouldn't put it past her to have some more lies about how Manaki is a girl sometimes and Venus likes that. Quite the change from someone who was claiming Venus was asexual before and that she and Manaki slept in separate beds. She can't keep her narc lies straight anymore.

No. 522073

If that's the infamous mostpeace91 email address, wasn't it debunked as one of margo's sockpuppet accounts?

No. 522082

“Kill me by suicide”

No. 522086

That was a response to you saying she "never talked about liking guys before". I guess Venus has never addressed her sexuality, so she could be. I'm just saying there isn't any real indication of it besides Margo claiming it for the first time in a post full of delusions that makes no sense at all.

>This will help her to continue her parasitic lifestyle by crying around while being contradictingly open minded, drinking, bi sexual, and up to all “fun” (including animal torture).

Deciphering Manglish: Venus puts on a show that she's innocent and cries for the camera, but in reality she's going around drinking, being bisexual, and torturing animals. Her fans are blind to this despite Margo trying to show the world her true evil colors.

No. 522087

File: 1527060047131.png (328.71 KB, 924x581, insta.png)

Germananons can we get a translation?

No. 522090

File: 1527060303444.png (16.67 KB, 301x223, 1.png)

No. 522091

Margo can't afford shoju anymore and now drinks denatured alcohol or…? Her captions and replies in the comment section are getting more and more insane tonight

No. 522093

> Bribing people against me
No. You simply suck.

> gaslighting my relatives

Wow marge is jalous bc V got invited to her family's BBQ and she not top kek

> Hacking?

No, you let all your personal infos public. No wonder everyone know so much about you.

> Letting me pay bills

YOU pay for what YOU wish for. You don't have money? Find a job, you lazy faulpelz!

Stop eating clay and smoking crayons, marge, it makes you see things that don't exist and you're B12-deficient (you're a cretin).

No. 522096

File: 1527061719645.png (23.99 KB, 292x309, 1.png)

Can you fucking stick to a single narrative? is Venus mentally sick or not?

>They just came after you

Yeah, they also spy on your cloud files,record your husband coming home from work, gets on a train wandering aimlessly to stalk your in laws,try to pick the lock and get into your house, religiously stalk every post you make on social media… hmmmm

No. 522097

Wish I could sage because minus ten contribution, but you missed a top chance for “germanons”.

Sorry, farmhands, I’ll show myself out.

No. 522098

Lmao the mention of "hacking" especially kills me considering the fact that she not only completely hijacked Venus' personal website to sell of old personal belongings, but also nearly cost Venus her entire YT channel during that Mac laptop channel drama. The list of this crazy hagraven's bullshit could fill a novel.

No. 522105

File: 1527065285264.jpg (179.65 KB, 1221x1151, kVnwHUL.jpg)

Venus is now officially graduated to opportunistic slut in the Margo dimension! Wow, quite a leap from claiming she was the aesexual virgin who did not perform her wifely duties. It’s amazing how Margaret keeps amping up each accusation and making every little thing Venus does an unimaginable horror.

Margaret is really obsessed with telling her followers that Venus doesn’t have mental illness. The only explanation is that Venus is evil and cannot be stopped!

That’s possible. She goes back in forth from Manaki being a nasty pervert who is corrupting and controlling naive Venus, to him being an innocent, sex-denied victim of selfish psychopath Venus. Margaret clearly has issues with her own insecurity about sexuality and hates that Venus attracts all kinds of people by hardly trying. I guess she didn’t expect that Venus would actually fall in love with Manaki and now it’s blowing her mind.

Wtf?! The message and her post have no relation at all! I like how she is trying to convince her idiot followers that she has a network of informants telling her all about Venus’ plans and activities IN Japan when the only people telling her these things are in her head.

No. 522115

>my relatives
She sees Venus so much as possession that she doesn't acknowledge they are Venus' relatives too.

No. 522120

From her other comments, the relative she is talking about is VENUS’ 92 year old paternal grandmother. So not Margaret’s relative at all and she’s the same old woman that she “pranked” in order to get back at Venus.

No. 522122


No. Margo's Father and her sister have taken Venus's side. Margo's father posted in one of Venus's instaposts that she would be missed at the family reunion.

Paternal Gma doesn't understand who Venus is exactly or what she does. Paternal Gma was under the impression Venus wanted to get the land the family lives on.

No. 522123

File: 1527074098714.jpg (288.17 KB, 1242x1827, WMRxetD.jpg)

Please look here. She specifically mentioned the grandmother being gaslighted by Venus’ phone call.

No. 522124

I was on Venus side the whole time, but now I'm having really mixed feelings about her stories.

No. 522127

Because of a bad joke? lmao fuck off margrot.

No. 522129

And your own parents and siblings abandoned you. What does it mean, marge? You are such a psychic person that you even suck at lying. No wonder they don't like you anymore. They invited Venus to family meeting and not you! Kek

No. 522130

You really think she grew up with a standard sense of humor? This is coming from someone who has a mother who called a gyaru walking to work a homeless person, called a guy wearing eyeliner a pervert skinwalker, and makes inappropriate jokes about her daughter's sex life.

Take it as a good thing that she realized it wasn't appropriate and deleted it soon after. She's only been out of Margendo's clutches a few years now and she's slowly relearning how to be a functional person, especially with her mental health issues that are going untreated.

No. 522131

File: 1527081809601.png (465.58 KB, 933x600, 1.png)

Do you see a pattern here guys? bitch chimps out then while she has the attention she wants proceeds to post a ~cutesy~ selfie or food pics.

No. 522203

Why you hold your face with your hand? Are you afraid that your mask falls? Kek

No. 522223

Trying to get views. She thinks she'll grab attention by mentioning Venus and creating drama then advertises herself. She's desperate for attention.

No. 522227

File: 1527106822728.png (548.66 KB, 935x600, 1.png)


No. 522230

I'm imagining all the poor people in the goshiwon and random cafes/bars saying these phrases after Margo drunkenly tries to blab her entire life story to them.

No. 522234

File: 1527107449626.png (138.07 KB, 1140x1417, dfipYC3.png)

Those are the things she's doing the days where she doesn't post on instagram.
Updating the domain names she owns, probably moving them to another server.

No. 522235

so now she’s claiming Venus is a narcissist abuser? O-kayy marge..

No. 522236

In case you were wondering what "bills" she's talking about…
And I finished the research yet…

No. 522237


I thought it was a Margo's side account but doesn't look like it. Still,so much second hand cringe.

can you fucking not

Were the kimonotime domains bought recently? I don't remember these ones from the past domain lists. Does she suddenly remembered the beef she had with kelsey or something?

No. 522238

File: 1527108448971.jpg (23.85 KB, 640x224, Y81zvF7_d.jpg)

Kimonotime.com, created in 2011, updated this 14th.
She moved it several times.
Idk why but she seems obsessed with young girls.

No. 522240

File: 1527108718193.png (69.59 KB, 1080x255, Capture _2018-05-23-16-48-15.p…)


No. 522242

It's her fetish kek

No. 522273

File: 1527114231365.jpg (345.14 KB, 1060x1220, Screenshot_20180523-144301.jpg)

Don't you know that setting boundaries is psychopathic, anon??

And that poor Margo is cruel Venoos' scapegoat?

No. 522275

She’s unravelling fast.

No. 522276


talking about being fanatic

she even registered websites with manaki's and his sister name.
is this even legal?

No. 522281

File: 1527115356816.jpg (24.23 KB, 640x529, 8hdRALi_d.jpg)

Marge's gonna fall soon, guys.
She already has hemorragic followers loss… Kek

No. 522282


only that this video was done when she wasnt living with margot anymore.

No. 522283

Isnt this from when she had a spat with Kelsey (formerly known as kimonotime). How many fucking years ago was that and she still has enough of a grudge to mantain a domain that Kelsey herself doesnt give a shit about?

No. 522284

Imagine being this petty

How long until she claims she's being financially abused by Kelsey too?

No. 522289

Yeah, this goes back to 2010-2011 in London.

No. 522290

File: 1527116368061.png (111.4 KB, 600x600, hampelfrau_template.png)

I made a template of the second hampelfrau pic she made.
I repaired her right leg but for between her legs I couldn't do a miracle so I just put a meme.
Use it as you want.

No. 522292

Website with his sister's name? Where?

No. 522299


No. 522301

minako is Venus’s Japanese name (allegedly)

No. 522302

I thought that was Venus's japanses name shw chose for herself?

No. 522306

File: 1527118707697.png (5.92 KB, 285x83, name.png)

didn't Margo came up with that one though? Venus stated she uses Biinasu for her documentation. I don't recall her ever mentioning that name Minako.

No. 522311

yes, I should have said that’s her Japanese name according to marge.

No. 522315

>Even if Venus is a bad person, it is fine with me

BASED Manaki.

No. 522374

Ready for a new episode of Margo talking about things she doesn't know of?

No. 522376

Narcs love bragging about being "empaths". No person with functioning empathy would even bring up such a thing.

Domain name registration is a form of ocd for Margo at this point.

No. 522377

File: 1527137332343.png (15.46 KB, 576x104, no thanks.png)

that'd be the only way to make bearable the incoherent babbling

No. 522383

I remember Venus talking about calling herself Minako sometimes because it's Sailor Venus's real name.

No. 522384

File: 1527139601806.jpeg (213.53 KB, 1184x1132, 2DA7F735-E1AA-4FCE-9C93-59B825…)

that video, omg

No. 522387

File: 1527140139517.png (437 KB, 933x600, 1.png)

then the kappa might have remembered that and pulled out of her ass a history about Wenoos changing her legal name to that, just like everything else.

how dare you to insult her natural beauty, you psycho gaslighting anon

No. 522389

File: 1527140222292.png (713.33 KB, 2512x906, Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 10.3…)

from "outcallmassageseoul.com"

No. 522390

besides the pic update, what's new in there?

No. 522391

lol'ing at the "university student"
even in that shopped pic she looks old as hell, dem eyebags are unshoppable

No. 522392

Is there any self-indulgent farmer who can to recap the marglish for us?

No. 522397

File: 1527142253134.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.32 KB, 532x382, sexyafmargo.jpg)

No. 522400


> You've all heard of the Korean brand Samsung, but what does the word Samsung mean to Korean people?

Margaret know what the people want. I've always wondered what Samsung meant!

(haven't watched the rest of the vid but that beginning made me chuckle)

No. 522409

Nice pic anon kek

No. 522413

File: 1527145739030.jpg (40.89 KB, 640x1156, 0ctGUaV_d.jpg)

Sorry guys. I forgot to post the second pic.
The first one >>522234 was the search made with her email address and that one is with her name.
Just a slight difference.

No. 522414

Same anon as >>522413
I couldn't find lots of her old domain names. I hope you don't mind.

No. 522415

this whole thread is a trip through the mind of a crazy person. my god

No. 522444

File: 1527160825006.jpeg (237.96 KB, 750x998, A441369B-A910-4914-9EE2-5A40A2…)

No thanks.

No. 522454


what an incredibly contrived use of a hashtag

No. 522460

File: 1527171975165.jpg (269.2 KB, 1212x1376, 7FBFmig.jpg)

Margaret has gone from dispensing her interpretations of Venus’ words to actually claiming that Venus really SAID that she won’t stop until Margaret is gone and she just got her warm up. Wow, those are some super villain-like threats there! Words that would actually would give Margaret a legitimate claim of harassment and be taken seriously by authorities. Margaret wouldn’t happen to have the emails of these such dangerous words, would she?(of course not)

So many people asking for proof of threatening emails and she either keeps telling everyone to wait or accuses them of being a hater. Bitch, just go to your email inbox and screenshot the messages to post immediately. It’s not like she has a job to go to or family to take care of all day.

No. 522461

File: 1527172291127.png (355.71 KB, 594x645, 1.png)

this post >>521914 is gone now

No. 522479

File: 1527183228064.jpeg (240.54 KB, 1370x1139, EEA36FBA-D963-4069-8F38-3C83C9…)

She looks like a demented witch

No. 522512

Sage if I could
Yellowing teeth, stringy and greasy hair, skin complexion of a corpse, looks crusty yet slimy at the same time? Lets not forget the rest of her body is bloated like she really did pass in the river for days.
In my opinion, she's already dead. She isn't really living a life, more like she's an angry spirit who obsesses over one person who is living life without her.

I mean what does Margo have to look forward to in life? The best thing that can happen to her is if she is put in the loony bin.

No. 522516

Just give her green skin, and you got yourself the wicked witch of the west

No. 522555

File: 1527190066620.jpg (140.11 KB, 1370x1139, wicked witch.jpg)

I had 5 minutes

No. 522559

The only thing that makes her look human is her ugly melting make up.

No. 522566

File: 1527190736622.png (26.78 KB, 620x199, samsung.PNG)

I clicked to a minute or so in, basically she's just reading Wikipedia. Pic related and what I saw in her vid.

No. 522567

File: 1527190861027.png (85.51 KB, 500x619, 鬩뒈-o-when-the-bell-peppers-and…)

No. 522569

File: 1527191273750.jpg (673.6 KB, 1280x1024, booly.jpg)

No. 522641

File: 1527203911125.jpg (311.4 KB, 600x600, kappa.jpg)

Kappa is watching you!

No. 522678

She is also deleting videos on her YouTube channel again. Always the same thing: sperg out then delete evidence. Just a coward.

Looking like a crack whore version of Jimmy Durante. And she has the nerve to insinuate Venus is so ugly without filters. Even when she was a near-death zombie in the hospital, Venus looked better than Margaret.

No. 522760

Looks like every other day she's losing 20 followers

No. 522828

File: 1527255885193.jpg (333.24 KB, 720x1247, Screenshot_20180525-233511_Ins…)

No. 522830

File: 1527256045329.png (554.55 KB, 940x600, 1.png)

All hail the Dr. Psycho Margo

No. 522831

She can't even finish a language course, how on earth does she expect us to believe she's obtained a bsc??

No. 522833

Can't wait to see Margrot put into use that ~BSc~ as an excuse to spew more bullshit on instagram

No. 522834

lol it takes like 4 year degree then 2 years masters to be clinical psych, not 6 weeks or whatever since she started posting about narcs and psychopaths etc.

No. 522835

File: 1527258767425.jpg (604.68 KB, 1024x758, 6276097495_da3c6a896a_b.jpg)

pic related the reverse side of that card. The medal etc came inside

No. 522838

Plus I doubt any serious university would accept thai massage certificates and unfinished radiology school as enough credentials to enroll students in a bsc, don't they?

No. 522842

> Many many congratulations!!! For being resilient and achieving your dreams!!!

Marge resilient?
… You believe in unicorns, dude.

Achieving dreams?
You mean illusions.

No. 522849

What's with the position of the stickers? C'mon Marge, show us your mensa level education kek

No. 522850

File: 1527265980632.png (497.5 KB, 935x599, 1.png)


No. 522852

File: 1527266530985.png (152.53 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-25-18-31-22…)

Are psychology studies in korea better than japanese psychology studies?

No. 522854

Fucking Kek

No. 522873

What kind of room is that? There’s a row of pillows lined up on the floor behind her, lol. Not buying this, marge.

No. 522882

File: 1527272830705.jpeg (139.51 KB, 1435x764, B1DD6A12-7D86-4661-BB3C-A2ED7F…)

see pic:
What “university” graduates in a room with pillows on the floor?

No. 522883

They're on a couch, you can see the top of the couch to the left in >>522830
Still a weird place to get the certificate though.

No. 522884

File: 1527272921593.jpeg (281.73 KB, 1296x976, 6314949F-D3FF-436B-82B6-00E914…)

the pattern looks kinda similar to the pillows she has in her room, just saying..

No. 522916

How bitter someone's life must to study a degree in psychology with the sole purpose of berating your family on the internet.

Nah, look closely these are quite different patterns

No. 522927

She's not wearing a robe and a cap, which, if she had really graduated from a university, she'd have. She would not pass up the opportunity to show off her wearing it. So where are they? Oh, that's right. Because this isn't really a uni, and that isn't a real degree

No. 522932

File: 1527284367250.gif (398.17 KB, 300x167, jake-no.gif)

no. just no.
I wont believe she has a bachelor in clinical psychology nonetheless from a korean university (in a second language!) finished in 2 years time!
I call bullshit big time.

until I see a clear photograph of that thing and a koreafag that confirms it.

no. just no.

No. 523042


Is it possible that she actually stuck with the language course and this is actually a certificate for some low level Korean course.

No. 523067

i can read on it
>Palermo Margaret
>Bachelor of
probably Science

Does anyone know a korean uni with that logo that's in the middle?

If she was actually studying for the last three years or whatever that's funny because now her visa will expire

No. 523095

The certificate ceremony from most respected korean language programs is more formal than this… with students renting hanboks just for the occasion, and held in an auditorium.

Her photo is too blurry so I can’t tell what it is and I don’t recognize the logo to be from any of the universities I know… this is probably just some shit half baked program.

No. 523116

Do Universities normally award big shiny gold medals on blue ribbons at their graduation ceremonies? I think not. This is laughable.

No. 523126

yeah, you can bullshit some more but unless you also put in the parts where you can read it and put the korean letters up which you can read I still dont believe shit.

>actually studying for the last three years

except that she didnt.

No. 523149

File: 1527301447769.jpg (39.48 KB, 874x212, effort.jpg)

here you go you fucking cunt. It's not in Korean. I'm not trying to convince anyone I'm just saying what I see. I don't think there even is a BSc in 'clinical' psych as that's a postgrad specialisation where i'm from. but squint at this/tilt your screen and you'll see it says Bachelor

No. 523169

It does look like it says "Bachelor of Science" with Clinical Psychology underneath it, like Margo claims. So that means it's a totally legit degree. Ignore that she's in someone's living room and conned a guy into slipping a medal over the crazy woman's head, Margo is now super smart and you're just jealous hater.

No. 523174

>reading words means u believe margo

r u for real

No. 523187

File: 1527306674023.jpg (81.92 KB, 1080x1080, 32121797_1816205445109356_3178…)

full size pics from Insta

No. 523189

File: 1527306756147.jpg (81.53 KB, 1080x1080, 32948219_174269813238666_72322…)

No. 523191

it does not necessarily need to be a Korean university, in fact she'd be unable to study in Korean. It's possible it's a branch of a western university in Seoul. This could explain the oddball award/graduation ceremony in a little room.

I must say I'm befuddled.

No. 523199

She could have ordered a fake diploma and stalked people at youtube space until she could find one that would give her a medal. Why else would she take the person's face out?

No. 523240

File: 1527314716479.jpg (24.77 KB, 481x223, imagesdfdd.jpg)

I spent half the day now trying to find a uni with the logo that looks like what i have recreated here. Nothing coming up and I went to kiwi farms where I read that they have been trying to find it as well also nothing

No. 523263

You can´t be a clinical psychologist with a bachelors degree. Just sayin

No. 523264

She's just a liar, she just wants an excuse to attack Venus. I'm not even on Venus side but omg, Margaret is so crazy.

No. 523291

Shot in the dark here but could it be a a romanian university?

Remember when marg was hanging out at medical conferences? Might there be any clues there?

No. 523347

idk if you're being sarcastic, but I can see it too. It does say PALERMO MARGARET with BACHELOR OF SCIENCE underneath. Though i'm p sure if it had the word "psychology" in it, she would have photographed it close up and blurred out the rest. That's how all of her "proof" is, vague and disputable.

No. 523355

I'd agree with you but she's also flashing what looks like student cards in >>523187 ?
Surely it can't be real though or she'd just show it.

No. 523386

>realising you can buy student cards
of course: http://www.verifiabledegree.com/supporting-documents/
not cheap enough for Margo though?

No. 523387

File: 1527337220846.jpg (88.47 KB, 640x360, buch.jpg)

sorry it's not milk but since i'm giving up for now i'll post my dead ends. There is a university in Romania that offers B. Sc. Clinical Psych- University of Bucharest. There is an arc thing in Bucharest, see pic related although I'm not sure if the watermark even is an Arc or more like on the right of >>523240
There is no uni I can find that has a logo like the watermark but the one of Bucharest does start to put the yellow underneath the other colors, and if you look real close up at margo's little paper slip corner it looks a bit like what's there. The question I am leaving uninvestigated is whether U of B offers that degree in English and off campus.

No. 523394

some courses are offered in English

quite a good narrowing anon, I wonder if that's it. I cant get the website to work to find out of they deliver online.

No. 523395

>romania flag with blue yellow red
>logo with blue red yellow

I kinda doubt that they would switch up the order of the colors from the flag.

No. 523396

(The deleted comment mentioned Hungarian) her degree has English writing on it it is possible that the degree language is not the instruction language. This made me notice the Budapest city flag is red, yellow and blue
but as with Romanian, yellow is in the middle. If I was her I'd want to take a degree in my first language if I could…
but the actual university's logo has yellow on the bottom. Not quite switching it around though

No. 523397

I think the logo is whatever is hidden under the diamond in >>523187
Or one of the two circles just to the left of it.
Maybe the darker of the circles with something white in it because it is also on the cards?

student cards makes more sense than what I was thinking. I thought they were little diplomas she could carry around in her purse so she could pull it out whenever she was losing an argument.

No. 523403

File: 1527339596006.png (217.73 KB, 495x365, Logos.png)

I was wonder what these logos are too, especially the darker one being on both documents as you said. The pic quality really is too shitty though.

Nice work. We'll crack it eventually.

No. 523426

I don't know why I did all that looking when it's got to be fake.

- Why would she cover the university's name? Unless it's to avoid trouble by claiming a real uni's degree

- 7 days ago she said on insta >
> 5 days more until my degree. If I can keep it up
That's not how university works. You finish exams and everything and then you graduate months later. Even without admin and the fact that there's a regular schedule they would still have to mark your work!

- This is weaker but it's too 'busy'. There's just too many fuckin stickers and words on it. Every other degree says the uni name, 'this is to certify that' student name 'in meeting the criteria is awarded the degree of' degree name. And the uni seal. That's all. I can't find any degrees on google images that have a watermark, five stamps/stickers, paragraphs of text.

- Showing your student card, if that's what it is, at some kind of degree awarding ceremony, is so gauche a thing to do, it's just not conceivable. A small child might think to bring that - or someone who was trying to prove some bullshit

- Didn't she only start hashtagging #clinicalpsychology a few weeks ago? Like it never occurred to her over her previous 3 years to throw the weight of her completed courses around like that?

No. 523429

You remember when Venus called her grandma and told her that Margaret sold the apartment her dad gave her? Tinfoil but what if she used the apartment cash to attend a diploma mill? It doesn't make sense that she would have gone visa hoping to the Japanese beach if she had a student visa.

No. 523434

>That's not how university works. You finish exams and everything and then you graduate months later. Even without admin and the fact that there's a regular schedule they would still have to mark your work!
True. There would be time to wait for the grades and then additional time of at least 2 weeks to wait until the diploma is ready to be handed out.

No. 523441

File: 1527349502886.jpeg (128.14 KB, 1033x839, BE922D56-E55E-4A83-8C32-3EE921…)

I think I found marge’s alma mater - the “Academy for Modern Applied Psychology.” It’s brand new, still in beta testing. Online only, no physical campus and definitely not a University.

Marge volunteered to be a tester back in Feb. when she posted this:

No. 523442

File: 1527349617372.jpeg (336.85 KB, 1536x1953, BB76D196-1F73-401D-BFA1-CD03A0…)

And now 3 months later she’s “graduating.” lol
Their website:
that’s all there is. as in, no website. As in, not a real school.

No. 523445

Thanks for going through it all.

Makes 1000x more sense that Margo actually applying herself.

No. 523446

File: 1527350407509.jpeg (555.28 KB, 2048x1536, BF89A282-C614-4A61-B614-379C1E…)

It’s run by this guy, a trainer/Life Coach “with specialized knowledge in the disciplines of NLP, CBT, Mindfulness and Life Coaching.”
No academic credentials, just a “Life Coach.”
That’s marge’s “degree.”

No. 523447

That’s why she’s covering everything with stickers. She doesn’t want anyone to ID this quack organization.

No. 523449

File: 1527351054554.png (644.87 KB, 1267x795, B68493C0-8614-41DB-8F04-9654F3…)

Here’s another course she “graduated” from - remember this? Certified hypnotherapist. Is it from the same online “academy,” I wonder?

No. 523451

Looking at the Achology (and related) site it's just online courses, no claiming that people receive actual qualifications. Yes, I know that Margo could and would easily twist one of these bullshit courses into receiving a 'degree', but there's no sign on the site of them giving out certificates etc, especially not a medal.

Obviously it's still some bogus document in the pic but I don't think it's related to the Achology/Kain Ramsay thing.

No. 523463

Not to mention the fucking big ass golden medal. What school (besides elementary schools) does that? And yeah, if it were a legit degree the first thing Margo would do is to flaunt where she studied, just like she does with her massage school.

No. 523465

This bitch is going to actually brainwash the next person who falls victim to her.

No. 523466

File: 1527354268561.jpeg (431.89 KB, 1964x1359, 6D74F8C3-8C58-4CDA-A90B-F572BE…)

Here’s one of their courses. A certificate of completion is included in the $9.99 course fee.

link: https://www.udemy.com/user/kainramsay/

No. 523470

File: 1527354700194.jpg (66.46 KB, 717x512, Clipboard01as.jpg)

their certificates do look nothing like that piece of trash she is holding in her hands.

No. 523471

No. 523475

The AchologyAcademy for Modern Applied Psychology is different from these other courses though. It’s something this Life Coach guy just started and it’s brand new. Marge volunteered to be one of their testers back in Feb.

If they give out certificates of completion for their $9.99 online courses I’m sure they also hand out certificates to the graduates of their “Academy.” And big shiny gold medals too, I bet.

No. 523476

File: 1527355263904.png (5.8 KB, 289x73, god help us all.png)

only if that person is equally stupid as her whole fanbase

Kek. I can picture margrot rubbing together her little sausage hands after signing up, planning the next stalking tour to hypnotize her former cash cow and take her back to her smelly goshiwon room

I think anon meant this course >>523449 not the clinical psychology one, but yeah seems like both courses definitely aren't from the same school

No. 523480

File: 1527355972468.jpeg (98.22 KB, 1204x523, 02DED788-5727-4E9E-992D-5E3A7F…)

They’re not from the same school, first there’s no “school.” It’s two different things from the same guy, this life coach/trainer guy. There’s the online courses he’s been selling for awhile now and then there’s this brand new online “Academy” he just started up. That’s what marge volunteered to be a part of in Feb. and what I suspect is where she got her recent “certificate” from.

Here’s where they announced their brand new online “Academy”on Twitter in Dec. 2017 and asked for volunteer testers.


Marge signed on in Feb. this year.

No. 523583

Achology.com i.e. the Academy for Modern Applied Psychology i.e. the source of marge’s new “credentials:”


No. 523657

File: 1527373549745.png (6.83 KB, 140x140, img_symbol6.png)

No. 523727

It's worth noting the reddish binding on the 'degree' as well as on her student cards. Also a medal is given for something like a 'first class' placing.

I can believe she considers herself a qualified pshycholigist purely due to the Achology stuff, but I don't see them issuing a formal bound document, university style, that has watermarks and looks like it has Bsc written on it.

I think she's used/misrepresented her past incomplete study to wangle something, partial credit or something? I have no idea what she completed but it might be only a bsc at some cheap euro uni where she could get a scholarship or something. And where she could do distance learning.

Or she just purchased the document but all those parts she has could cost up to $1K. Plus I don't find services offering medals, just gowns and such.

I am still befuddled.

No. 523736

They issue certificates of completion for their $9.99 online courses, why wouldn’t they give out fake documents to their online “Academy” graduates?

No. 523792

I wonder what she'll do with a bachelors in psychology. Maybe she'll fuck off to a country she can legally reside in and become the worse social worker ever.

No. 523799

File: 1527394429404.png (312.31 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-05-27-00-13-25.p…)


incoming: abt 12 pics

No. 523805

File: 1527394585151.png (300.52 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-05-27-00-14-46.p…)

No. 523807

File: 1527394636734.png (2.32 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-05-27-00-15-01.p…)

It's just a post of pics of venus, but I'll post them for archiving. (?)

No. 523809

File: 1527394681915.png (1.98 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-05-27-00-15-11.p…)

This pic was posted to venus IG last night. Marg be lurking hard.

No. 523810

File: 1527394709872.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-05-27-00-15-25.p…)

No. 523811

File: 1527394749915.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-05-27-00-15-33.p…)

No. 523813

File: 1527394789727.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-05-27-00-15-44.p…)

From a recent news article iirc.

No. 523814

File: 1527394823738.png (979.84 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-05-27-00-15-52.p…)

No. 523816

File: 1527394849638.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-05-27-00-16-03.p…)

Cheater cheater venus

No. 523817

did marge finally read that global mail or whatever article

No. 523818

My daughter is suffering, lemme mock her by posting her at her worst moments. see how better I am compared to her?

No. 523819

File: 1527394888077.png (1.87 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-05-27-00-16-12.p…)

p s y c h o p a t h

No. 523820

File: 1527394937689.png (2.58 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-05-27-00-16-23.p…)

1/2 Japanese text.

Any anon able to translate?

No. 523821

File: 1527394965551.png (2.49 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-05-27-00-16-32.p…)

No. 523828

>daughter gets married and goes to live with husband

No. 523835

I think we went over this before in the past but:

M: I care about your mother too… so I don't want to worry her.
We don't have anything to hide.

V: Then what should [we] tell mom?

M: I think you should just tell her how we feel about each other!

V: Mom replied,
"Your feelings are mutual."

There's a substantial gap in the conversation between these two. I believe this is the section Margo misinterpreted as a suggestion that they were trying to get rid of her, but here's what it actually says:

M: Well, it'll be fine if we just delete it/them right? ^^; [referring to messages or something of that nature]
Of course!

V: Thanks!

M: 100% secret

V: Thanks ^^

M: No problem! (lol)

And I'm not really sure what Venus is attempting to say in that last line. Sounds like it might be a slightly broken attempt at a "What have you been up to lately?" so possibly a much later message that day or a topic change.

No. 523884

No, marge. YOU should stop destroying your own life. YOU are taking the easy way, harming yourself, YOU stole your parents, ex-husband and in-laws, you caused attention in starting arguments with teens. What a poor mentality!

Everything without an effort: you spending your daughter's money and having no job, forbidding your daughter to go to school and forcing her to work in your place because you are such a faulpelz!

Venus is still married, has friends, and you, divorced and always alone in your pics. She has citizenship and is integrated, while you still don't know korean and have to visa hopping bc not a single man wants you, ugly one.

You can continue barking, rolling in rage on the floor, post sweet nothings, she wont come back, she doesn't read your posts, she doesn't even think of you anymore, and for many people, including your family, you're just a ghost from the past.

No one believes you. You are unconsistent, constantly contradicting yourself. You ridicule yourself so hugely your subscribers and followers count has social hemorragy!

I've never seen someone crazy ruin herself socialy and financialy, like you do, marge.
Let me expose you more if you think that I haven't said enough here. You'll be surprised!

No. 523885

So what is this week’s trigger? Venus going out clubbing with real life friends like a normal 21 year old, our united search to find out where Margaret got her scam degree or Margaret’s visa running out?

No. 523894

Margo loves thst cheating thing. Why is she so hung up on it. I dont condone it but if Manaki forgave Venus for whatever tht was (Venus really doing it or Margo trying to pimp oyt her daughter to a freind of her bf)then its all water the bring.

No. 523901

i think it's just a continuation of the previous rage.

No. 523904

I think it's a combination of seeing Venus happy with friends and doing normal social things like clubbing, the news article (that didn't even touch upon why she left Margo in the first place!), and her student visa running out. She's calling for people to write to Japan's immigration office. She can't stand to see her daughter being happy, at all.

No. 523909

File: 1527404753157.jpg (324.66 KB, 928x591, BeautyPlus_20180527084355248_s…)

Accusing you? No, marge. She didn't even mention you.

> Selling exclusive photos

Yeah, it's HER body. Didn't you make nudes photos of yourself when you were younger and silly? Why does it bother you?

> didn’t have a home

You still don't have a home while all of your younger siblings already have a house.

> I almost died in pain

No, you just went crazy and drank too much.

> UP NEXT: MY DRAMATIC DIVORCE FROM MY ABUSIVE TRANS HUSBAND right after she gets her JP citizenship

I have a better story: you stink and have poor hygiene, margit. No wonder you are repulsive to men, even one of your ovaries exploded.

No. 523911

File: 1527406106713.jpg (398.06 KB, 930x593, BeautyPlus_20180527091857832_s…)

> bills that i pay after Venus
Wait. Who's name is on those bills? Margaret Palermo. YOUR bills!
Date of transaction: march and december 2017. Why should your daughter pay for YOUR bills, faulpelz???! Find a real job and pay YOUR bills!

> Just in case you continue bashing me like brainwashed … If I make a vid with all proof

Wash yourself first. Your next proofs are like the previous ones: valueless, incoherent, senseless, like you.

> you would hate yourself for being such a flying monkey

Flying monkey? Didn't you say on your previous posts "Let's write letters to JP immigration" what makes that of you and your brainless fans?

No. 523916

Margo has so little self-awareness I can't stop laughing. Of course since her fake graduation posts didn't garnered much attention she has to go back to spew venom for her daily dose of asspats

>there was never a freaking word about abuse
Bitch, you controlled her social media.

>Let's write letters to JP immigration

Says the one who's been abusing student visa and evading taxes. Holy shit the butthurt is so real

No. 523918

And all that happened was a drunken kiss that was initiated by the other man. Margaret can’t stand that Manaki forgave Venus so easily and just wanted Venus to come back to him like she was supposed to. I think this is also why Margaret was posting all these gross fantasy scenarios of abuse by Manaki. She wants Venus to be hurt and punished. Meanwhile, Margaret is a messy, drunken whore who can never find a man like her daughter has and can never make her own relationships last.

I hope the crazy bitch is stupid enough to contact the tabloids with “her side of the story” now.

>Help! I need to pay my own bills when I chose to live outside my means and not plan for the future!
What a disgusting, lazy human being. It’s amazing how entire families all over the world experience sudden tragedies or are victims of natural disasters that literally destroy everything they ever had and yet those people try hard to get back on their feet. They ask for help, set up donation pages, go live with family/friends, get extra jobs, etc. Even when they were 100% not at fault for anything that happened, they don’t sit back and whine. Margaret is so unbelievably self-centered and irresponsible.

No. 523921

not selling nudes, anon, but the body pics for the article is what she means.

No. 523925

>mana wants me to come to japan but venus tells him not to care because I like korea more

ok so let me get this straight: did this bitch seriously think Manaki wanted her as a 3rd wheel in his marriage? And now defends him, despite making fun of his job, calling him a smelly tranny pedo and accusing him of robbing her and prostituting himself?

The mental gymnastics she's doing in the comment section are gold

No. 523928

Aunt Zsu if you're reading this, please tell your mother to stop sponsoring your nutjob sister and get her locked in a psych ward instead.

No. 523929

But marge thinks they're nudes.

No. 523930

We are not sure mother Margit sponsors marge. And Margit doesn't interact with her on fb since 2 years. Let her in peace.

No. 523931

How is Margaret’s page still up?! This is such aggressive, unrelenting abuse and she is publicly telling people to harass her daughter. Not only that, but posting private emails and information that does not belong to her.

No. 523933

Anyways, what could her stupid followers write anyways? "hurr durr pls deport venus she's being a meanie to her mum ;'( "? lmfao

No. 523954

In the real world, people don't get locked up for non-sensical rants on instagram.

No. 523955

The thing is, even if immigration wanted to check on this claimed "visa marriage" as Margo would see it, all they will find is a solidly married couple who share their lives in very aspect.

No. 523965

No. 523966


Who wants to bet Margo is peeved about not being mentioned, and is probably currently emailing them some half ass sob story about herself.

No. 523967

how is that proof in any way. why does she act like she has something when she is just posting stuff that venus sold to a news agency

No. 523968

File: 1527423235661.jpg (201.29 KB, 1298x873, Opera Momentaufnahme_2018-05-2…)

her rage is near-psychotic and so weird.
she never almost "died". She had a simple routine procedure to remove a small benign tumor.

btw, when checking for her "diploma" i stumbled upon this crazy caption on an old pic on IG
>she was the love of my life
thats spine-crawling.

No. 523971

File: 1527424685905.jpg (348.12 KB, 1242x1826, kPiQ4dJ.jpg)

^How difficult is it to simply answer “No, I did not say that.”? A great indicator of a liar is how they dance around the question and then start asking you questions as a distraction.

Exactly. There is absolutely nothing to tip them off that something is usual about the Okada’s marriage and authorities could even show up unannounced to the couple’s home and find plenty of evidence of how Venus is completely settled into their apartment. Then there are plenty of witnesses like Manaki’s parents and Venus’ friends that can back up the legitimacy of their marriage.

I thought about why she hasn’t gone to cry to the tabloids herself but then I realized that unlike a shithead “journalist” like Vexxed accepting her every word, any mainstream publication or site would do a background check Margaret and find out about all her heinous activity. This is also why she will never file a lawsuit or press charges against Venus: there is no way she would win.

No. 523973

She's insane. how has she never been to the hospital or dentist since being with margo? Probably because Margo is always dodging taxes and they also had no health insurance, i'm assuming.

This is a wild ride, fellow farmers.

No. 523979

File: 1527427189047.jpg (56.56 KB, 663x329, Margo2705.jpg)

She also posted on twitter.
Hopefully Venus will one day get a lawyer to make sure her mother can't rage against her anymore.

No. 523982

wait… so "all of proof" is the surgery pictures venus published herself and two innocent text messages? Are there at least some more of those "i want to weigh 45 kg" diary entries by venus? top fucking kek

No. 523985

What might get you locked up aren't the fucking rants but the source of them. Do you think at this point margo is a sane person?


No. 523987

File: 1527428736996.jpg (195.71 KB, 712x445, BeautyPlus_20180527154415311_s…)

> Apple never falls far from the tree.
> Genetically that tree are the 4 grandparents
Yeah, crazy one, of course! Everyone is a psyshoopass except you, marge. Keep going. You stink.

No. 523991

No I don't think Margo is ok. If she was in Tokyo, she might hurt somebody.

It's a common thing in threads for someone to call for the locking up of a cow, but unless Margo goes back to Ma and Pa's house in Hungary and they lock her in the cellar, it won't happen. Until she hurts someone.

No. 523998

File: 1527431239081.jpg (31.47 KB, 281x226, lmao.JPG)


she spend so many, many years on her psychology studies kek Sure thing!

No. 524004

No. 524005

Maggot just deleted this post >>523911

No. 524009

sidenote: Venus looks beautiful without all of the makeup, and not as much like her mother. She seems to have inherited more of her father's genetics (thankfully).

No. 524011

Totally a case of covert incest. Margot, I hope you rot. You don’t end up with a daughter with this level of dysmorphia unless you do something to cause that damage. She’s such human garbage and probably the most disgusting cow out there. She abused her daughter since birth with her narc crap, and now she wants the love of her life (disgusting) to return to her? I hope Venus never, ever acknowledges that her mother even exists ever again.

I still have a lot of hope that Venus will overcome all of this unrelenting bullshit that her so called mother continually throws at her. Living well is the best revenge.

No. 524012

Every time she uses the word proof or proofs I want to slap her. Does she think that if she keeps screeching about it that things will somehow change? I have news for her.

No. 524014

It’s funny how how all this would go away if she just disconnected her Internet and stop checking her daughter’s social media every minute!

Hm… Most people that worked hard on a REAL degree are not so ashamed to show the name of their alma mater.

No. 524033

Funny how "all proof" doesnt include the death thteat email Mags claimed to have received. She was asked multiple times to post it. And her response was to republish and email from Manaki saying he wasnt interested in hearing bad things about V.

Wheres the email, Mags?

No. 524036

>daughter regrets surgery, sells story with photos to warn others (and make money, that's life) - photos show her undernourishment and scars
>mother posts random nude airport photo


No. 524039

File: 1527449179167.png (445.7 KB, 936x599, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

Oh but you know anon, margo just wanted to show us that there were no fight marks on her~

No. 524042

I now understand what she means with "exclusive pics". She means those 2 pics out of the 11 posted with the article www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5699113/Eight-stone-blogger-left-close-death-surgery.html
Marge thinks she has rights on them because she took the pics with V photo camera bought with V's YT moneys.

No. 524056

lmao i either missed or forgot that part. it's hard to keep up with years of lies. midge should keep it all in a notebook, maybe shed be more consistent with them.

No. 524069

File: 1527454101491.jpg (418.84 KB, 800x866, BeautyPlus_20180527225225076_s…)

BAAM! In ya face, marghost!
Zsu and her fairy fingers repairs everything destroyed by marge.

No. 524070

Ha, fuck you Margo.

No. 524079

Maggot is going to have another huge meltdown in the next hours

No. 524088


No. 524090

>I have not trace of fight!
>Venus hits me!
Which one is it you stupid bitch.

Damn, that's really cute. It seems very special because reading this it doesn't seem Zsu was particularly in contact with this lady, I hope Venus sees this.
And margo of course, kek

No. 524095


Zsu is a goddess

No. 524099

I hope she was able to explain things while there in person.

No. 524114

File: 1527459966601.png (684.43 KB, 937x581, screencapture-instagram-p-BjTC…)

possible incoming "proofs" video from maggot

No. 524123

make your bets anon, the evidence will be everything we already have seen bonus a couple of cropped, out of context screenshots to flavor

No. 524135

No. 524139

>It’s funny how how all this would go away if she just disconnected her Internet and stop checking her daughter’s social media every minute!
True, but i suspect at least half of the reason she does this is to stay relevant and get people to talk to her. Without the drama of being "Venus' mom", she's a lonely middle-aged woman living in poverty in a foreign country with nobody to talk to and no future. Venus was and still is her only gimmick in life for better or for worse.

No. 524157

I want Venus to do the same because tbh I don’t think she’s going to be able to really get healthy unless she stays away from the internet. I want her to go be happy with Mana and learn that she can be a fulfilled person without the praise of twelve year olds. This isn’t a dis on Venus and it might sound like a UO it’s that I don’t know how anybody can be truly happy living life in a bubble and she needs stability and a ‘normal’ life imo.

No. 524163

Damn, fuckin’ Zsu, what an awesome woman. I swear I want to do a collection and send her flowers and a thank you note. Not going to of course, but having her in Venus’ corner so upfront, and trying so hard to fix Margot’s shit…I’ve got something in my eye, is someone cutting onions in here?

No. 524165

Its nice Zsu is doing this but Vrbus's father is to damaged by Margo to have a relationship with Venus.
I wonder if they talked about Venus at all. Did Zsu update them that Venus is married and far wmaway from Margo?

No. 524167

Wow, Zsu is so pretty.

No. 524227

How much is Margot going to lose her shit over this post from auntie Zsu? I can’t wait to see tonight’s drunken ramblings.

No. 524233

>I wonder if they talked about Venus at all. Did Zsu update them that Venus is married and far wmaway from Margo?
I bet my ass on it

No. 524284

File: 1527479810197.png (16.28 KB, 301x204, 1.png)

HOW dare someone to try translate the korean text on her bills!? Why people can't just be loogikal und praaktikal and accept her bs without further questioning!?

Bitch, people are asking what does it say because these could be anything (goshiwan, hospital bills, your fake ass school's payments or whatever) and you might try to pass these off as Venuses storage bills for the sake of stirring shit, as usual.

No. 524296

How is this proof of being robbed by venus when it’s outward remittance in EURO? … This isn’t even a bill… what is she trying to say?

No. 524297

A total of $7500 over 2-3 YEARS? But regular people pay thousands of dollars PER MONTH for living expenses and school! What bills are those anyway?

Why is she still exchanging Euro if Venus left her penniless? Where is that money coming from and why doesn’t she have a Korean bank to store money from “work”?

No. 524299

>loogikal und praaktikal

every time I read her posts I can hear her mangling the pronunciation.

No. 524303

It looks like maybe a money transfer to pay for the Netherlands storage unit. It's the only unit she still has and she birches about how Venoos ought to pay for it constantly, despite it being full of what margo refused to chuck and taken out while Vebus was a minor. This is like your parents demanding you pay rent on your childhood bedroom upon becoming an adult, despite you living elsewhere, because they bought a house big enough for you to live in and you owe them forever.

No. 524330

Oops. You’re right. It must be Netherlands storage. She is always crying about “Venus’ bills” without getting into detail what a then-minor could be LEGALLY be responsible for.

Child-raising requires you to spend money and Margaret alone is responsible for what was paid for by her own will and in HER name. She made the decision to jump around the globe, keep buying crap they could take with them, and storing those things in multiple units while having no plan to make a a permanent home BY HERSELF as her daughter was nearing adulthood. She really thought she was going to live with, and be financially supported by, Venus forever didn’t she? Manaki being Japanese doesn’t mean that she, who was barely 40 and able-bodied at the time, should move in with newlyweds! Japanese parents move in with kids only when they are much older or when it is necessary to help take care of grandchildren.

Remember when Venus spent her “honeymoon” in Paris… with Margaret? What the fuck was that about?

No. 524354

File: 1527490520342.png (25.16 KB, 301x316, 1.png)

I think you are right anon
Anyways, evil wenoos is plotting margo's demise once again, this time by forcing her to pay for a storage full of crap no one cares about.

How many storages they had? I recall the netherlands one, and japan one. I recall there were a Korean storage too, but it might be the hoard seen in the goshiwan room.

No. 524355

It's just more emotional incest on Margo's part, with the extra bonus that she'd wedge in between the couple she didn't like. Manaki's a good man, figuring out Marge was the problem and helping Venus anyways.

No. 524439

See, Venus doesn’t give shit about anything in any storage unit they have. So whatever belonged to Venus, Margaret could have easily sold a long time ago and gotten more than enough money to pay off whatever she needed to. Besides personal documents, momentos and clothing, WHY does Margaret need anything else that is storage if she is actually poor and near homelessness? What could there be besides furniture or random meaningless crap?

If Margaret had lived with them, they would never have private time, she would constantly judge them and she would definitely make notes or recordings of their personal life to use against them in the future. Somehow that thought is more scary than what is happening now!

No. 524463

For that price, she could fly to NL and sort the garbage out. Sell the fucking washing machine, etc.

No. 524469

Margaret's proof is right up there with Venus' old clothes she stole to wear, some washers, and old Frozen junk. There's nothing in the storage that's proof of whatever Margaret is trying to prove. She's already posted Venus' old photos, journals, and random crafts.

Hell didn't Manaki and Venus pay for her storage in Japan?

No. 524473

File: 1527507953588.jpg (100.75 KB, 357x338, BeautyPlus_20180528135041602_s…)

She changed caption

No. 524474

Nanaki did not want you to fucking live with them Margo. Honestly how did Margo plan on living in Japan. Do parents get visas as well? I doubt it.

No. 524475

Margaret didn't even want them married and took Venus back to Korea to separate them. How is it suddenly Venus' fault?

No. 524476

That would be the logical thing to do but we know Margaret operates on a different frequency! Even if her regular group of unhinged fans funded the trip and she didn’t have to worry about extra costs, she probably would not do it just to spite Venus. She would make up some nonsensical and drawn out excuses. Bullying and being murdered everyday by a transgender psychopaths across the ocean.

No. 524478

There are exceptions on family visa, like elderly and disabled parents. Legitimate cases where you are main caretaker and financial support. This 100% does not include child-exploiting narcissistic harpies who just don’t want to work. Margaret couldn’t even come on a work visa as manager or employee of Venus because they never established a company. I really don’t understand what she could have possibly thought her options were when she first publicly supported Venus’ marriage. Does she never think more than 3 months ahead?

No. 524481

Narcs are not really known to plan anything in detail, also not able to grasp any future timeline. Its all very vague.

No. 524483

File: 1527511647550.jpg (61.8 KB, 329x222, BeautyPlus_20180528145035161_s…)

Call the police!!! Kek

No. 524484

File: 1527511899380.jpg (Spoiler Image,18.85 KB, 223x223, 2at231.jpg)

No. 524496

>I liked Korea better
Margo did you just forgot you made a video dissing Japan and praising Korea? Your rambles about Wenoos not getting proper medical care and she'd better go back to Korea because the health services were so superior? That you choose to live in some broom closet in Seoul abusing your student visa and working ilegally there, instead settling in europe as you promised?
But yeah let's be logical and practical and just pretend you never did that.

No. 524497

yeah, there was the one in south korea. it was rumored she cleared it out, when months ago she suddenly had her goshiwan filled up with boxes. it'S possible though that she got another one to put her trash back in.

she thought she and venus would share a bed and room in manaki's flat.

>Margaret didn't even want them married
iirc Margaret was okay with them marrying for visa reasons.

No. 524501

File: 1527517723294.png (8.98 KB, 289x201, 1.png)

In other news, Wenoos gaslighted us into believing she lived in London, that never happened guys!!1! And how funny, I recall you did the same, selling the living doll shit to the news and magazines for profit.

>iirc Margaret was okay with them marrying for visa reasons.

She was at first, but upon realizing she wasn't getting a visa, she flipped her shit and dragged Venus to korea

No. 524507

File: 1527518775596.jpg (334.42 KB, 1280x745, tumblr_m5nw4acNs91qlkpdmo1_128…)

She's not saying it never happened, just got weirdly mad by the article saying she grew up in London when they only lived there for 2 years, and assumed this is Venus telling an intentional lie. Idk why that claim is so offensive or a big deal to her though? And speaking of selling-out to articles, what a hypocrite. during Venus' viral days, it was obvious Margo was taking the lead in everything she was featured on.

No. 524511

my bad anon, I legit lost idea of how much time they have spent at each country.

No. 524519

Ugh! She looks so insane. And all that drama because of a young girl like Xiaorishu not taking her shit. Remember: back then, it wasn’t psychopaths that killed her every day but cyber bullies and online crime rings of teen girls! Oh, and accusing one girl’s father of actually being a corrupt police officer who was in on it too. But it was never Margaret’s fault and she was the eternal victim.

When she realized she couldn’t stay in Japan with a valid visa, suddenly South Korea was soooo superior in every way. How was Venus NOT supposed to believe her when she was talking like that? I can’t believe she is lying about that too when we all saw the 180 she did. Margaret also claimed to have a Korean boyfriend at the time so it’s not like Venus would encourage her to move away from him. Weren’t some of Venus’ parting words to her mother about Margaret being able to keep a boyfriend since Venus would not be in the way anymore?

No. 524521

It's extremely sad that her daughter almost died and all she cares about is saying that she is lying in the article. This confirms in itself that Margo is a shitty human being. It makes me feel so bad for Venus. I can't imagine what happened that still has gone unsaid if she does this on the internet.

No. 524536

>daughter is dying in the hospital and scared. Mother is angry that she's the one who can't garner the sympathy.

>Oh yeah?! Well I'M SICKER, VENUS!

Fuck, Marge. When your kid calls saying they need you, it's natural they don't consider your fucking finances. How many people raised by struggling parents still reach out? A normal parent pinches pennies and finds a way to go visit their sick child OR regrets being sick because they couldn't be there for their kid. Marge's rants are always so desperate to victimize herself, but she always makes herself to be the biggest villain.

And how fucked up is it to post scarred child. Even if she did it to herself she butchered herself because she's mentally ill. Evil.

No. 524539

File: 1527526650159.png (3.75 KB, 291x53, are you kidding me.png)

Margo didn't even tried to post the surgery pics as a way to call out the butcher doctor on his negligence, but legit thinks Venus did it for profit (besides to ~kill mutti~). How self-centered and despicable.

No. 524545

But anon, this says Marge is from South London! When she's actually from Hungary! She sold out a lie!

No. 524546

File: 1527527967506.jpg (224.6 KB, 720x1203, 20180529_031847.jpg)

I officially love Aunt Zsu

No. 524549

File: 1527528140522.jpg (Spoiler Image,58.13 KB, 485x358, poisonpotatonose.jpg)

How is it possible that marge's the only ugly child of her family?

No. 524572

File: 1527534273287.jpg (60.36 KB, 497x558, ugly.jpg)

It's the whole "ugly thoughts" thing.

No. 524618

Brace yourselves fellow farmers, Margo will provide lots of milk in the next hours: Venus just posted selfies drinking beer.

No. 524683

File: 1527551591368.jpg (1.23 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180529_014216.jpg)

Those two pics of Venus taken by marge in London with V's camera and stored in V's computer 'til now; both cam and computer bought by V's YT moneys and pic copyrighted by Caters News Agency…

Are you pissed off? Kek

You just pressed a button, marge, but still think you own right of those pics.
Go brush your old yellow teeth, words that come out of your filthy mouth stink like hell.

No. 524699

File: 1527554011915.png (720.56 KB, 936x601, 1.png)

I doubt someone wants to touch that with a 10 ft pole anyways

No. 524722

File: 1527556828655.jpg (223.58 KB, 704x444, BeautyPlus_20180529032030807_s…)

She seems to have deleted a few comments.
And look at that rage face.

Inner ugliness shows through her skin. Eating clay didn't help kek

No. 524726

I don't understand her answer to either of these questions.

No. 524729

"riding the white horse" is a saying for wanting to sleep with a white woman, i think, and i guess she thinks shes better than that cus people have to pay to sleep with her

No. 524730

Loool no wonder she deleted this, she's a fucking moron. The phrase "ride the white horse" has referred to using heroin for the past FORTY YEARS, and she insists it means gajin hunters??

No. 524732

As you can see, another post that Venus has “liked”. I hope it really puts to rest whether they are in contact or not. Knowing how easy it is to trigger Margaret, keeping it private is the wisest choice. Even a future family reunion may have to be kept private. If they were to mutually interact in public, Margaret would be far worse than she is now.


An unfortunate coincidence but it seems Koreans actually do use this slang to mean hooking up with white people. But why is she against this when she had no problem with trying to marry off her daughter to a rich old guy or hooking up with random man-whores in share houses? It’s like she doesn’t WANT to be happy.

No. 524737

do korean men even know how to ride horses

No. 524739

File: 1527558296915.jpg (166.64 KB, 1070x562, Screenshot_20180528-184406.jpg)

Main meaning in english: shooting heroin

"Ride the white pony" means doing coke

No. 524740

File: 1527558385994.jpg (202.86 KB, 1048x1198, Screenshot_20180528-184428.jpg)

And apparently in Korea only this phrase can be used for fucking ugly white women

This is on Mags #bucketlist apparently. She'd have better luck with the heroin.

No. 524763

good thing she's not stupid :)))

You know anon, as the only one and true venus angelic, Margo became a virgin asexual full of virtue and purity, who never sleeps around or have boyfriends or posts nudes.

No. 524764

i think marg is saying she doesn't want to be someone's token white fuck or something, but we all know she does. plus she would fuck any asian man that came near her, even poor ones until she could sink her fangs into a rich bastard.

No. 524771

I still don't get it lol. What did she mean by "bucketlist" then? That it's something Korean men really want, and she's not going to give it to them? Or that they would only do it for the experience of being with a white woman?

No. 524796

File: 1527565224874.png (7.05 KB, 300x99, 1.png)

How exactly does this even work?

No. 524800

She might have sold the story to help pay for her last medical bills (to repair the damage) but if so, it would be because she wants to pay her own way. It's not selling out her family, just telling a cautionary tale so who cares? Margo's only mad because she lays awake at night thinking of Venus earning and spending money without her. I'm sure she's extremely triggered to hear $20k was spent on medical.

No. 524805

Margo is eternally hilarious though. As an adult, Venus fully has the right to plan something "behind someone else's back".

No. 524810

>Daughter starves, binges, goes on crazy diets, then finally has surgery that nearly kills her TWICE. Permanently damaged organs and future health problems. Continues to have suicidal thoughts and dysfunctional relationship with food and body image.
>Margaret: She’s not sick! She’s just lying to get my money!

How can you “lie and steal” yourself into having deadly sepsis, malnutrition and permanent organ damage? It’s so frightening how far this horrible woman goes to dehumanize her daughter.

No. 524817

Does this walnut think Venus told them to hold on to this story for a year?!
Thats the only way she would had used any money she got for this story.

No. 524831

She means she doesn't want to have sex with someone just to be a mark on their bucket list, nothing to do with her own. Which is probably like, skin Venus and wear said skin or something.

No. 524833

Margo specifically complained about the 20k and her own bills/illness, so yeah.

She probably means she knew she could profit off having the surgery done, hence finance it afterwards. idk she's esl as fuck and retarded, so sometimes it's hard to even try and connect the dots.

No. 524836

>Assuming questions can’t be responded properly

What the fuck does this mean and why can’t she understand what that person meant? She can never reply like a normal person or without being rude. She’s so attached to Venus because Venus was the only one who stuck around her the longest. Now she has no one and never will due to her overwhelming negative personality.

No. 524840

Japanese migration employees are going to have a field day with margo's letters reporting venus (if she ever sends one)

No. 524847

They'd probably not know what to do with them, due to poor language skills.

No. 524886

What a funny image: a bunch of foreign teenagers and perverted old men with no relation to Japan, sending letters in ENGLISH or bad Google Translate to immigration. What would these fools even write? Just verbatim accusations from Margaret with no proof? Link Vexxed video?

Immigration will only consider messages from Japanese nationals and residents of Japan. If the English letter/email does not come from law enforcement, government or lawyer, they will be completely ignored. Margaret is so unbelievably stupid.

It’s pretty bizarre to see her lifting terminology from lolcow and KF posters. She would never use “flying monkey” or “gaslighting” if she didn’t see it on these sites. Her mentality is so childish.

No. 524929

File: 1527588817699.jpg (176.89 KB, 717x445, BeautyPlus_20180529121340578_s…)

Omg look at that! Marge looking like a wannabe jung frau granma keek
Even her hair disagrees with her style.

> Like sisters

Yeah, more like two sisters with 2 generations gap!

If ridicule could kill…

No. 524932

File: 1527589297050.jpg (15.59 KB, 135x135, BeautyPlus_20180529122725479_s…)

That huge balding 5-head, poisoned potato nose, melting chin, falling cheeks, even her haircolor says "fuck you" to her ich-bin-ein-Berliner face! Top kek that pic!

No. 524939

File: 1527590607972.jpg (384.13 KB, 800x1067, BeautyPlus_20180529124015348_s…)

Kimonotime.com freshly updated yesterday!

Why so obsessing, marge? Bc you told once to that girl that "even one-leg people work" and a few years later karma came and pushed your nose into your own shit?


No. 524944

File: 1527591993448.jpg (60.7 KB, 317x216, BeautyPlus_20180529130137490_s…)

Who's losing hair, teeth, kamikaze ovaries? Certainly not V kek

And look at those thin wrists, V asking for food and marge like "nope! It's for me. You can eat clay!" She calls that healthy?

No. 524947

In every picture, even on her wedding day, she always looks like angry or holding in a fart.


>perfect mother-daughter relationship
Why does this gay kid keep worshipping Margaret when she is anti-LGBT? Self-hate?

No. 524961

Yeah, totally not frothing at the mouth looking frantically for more v's pics that could serve to your narrative.

fuck off margo no matter what you do venus is not coming back to you

No. 524997

I guess she means the person is assuming she feels lonely sometimes but she doesn't so she can't answer? she's so fucking weird

No. 524998

>>523987 >>523909 >>524114 are gone now

No. 525007

>had hair
It still looks better than when you were bleaching and re-dyeing it every single week, Margo.

No. 525008

She is really obsessed with her meal ticket not coming back isn't she? Venus may have fucked herself with the surgery, but lately she seems more like a real person and not a retarded puppet mirroring Margets "moves" off screen.

Finance your own life already Margo. It's pathetic to see a grown woman expect her child to pay her way in life

No. 525088

Omg people saying that she looked more healthy when she was with marge… Are their eyes covered in shit???

Venus has a yellow wig and her wrists look too thin in those pics! Her face is too anemic pale, red make up barely makes her look healthier!

Her nude face looks NOW healthier and she's treating her ED. ED large admited she already had when she was with her.

No. 525098

File: 1527625653646.jpg (16.65 KB, 125x125, BeautyPlus_20180529222838506_s…)

Marge's definition of healthy: bones.

No. 525107

File: 1527626861693.jpeg (375.25 KB, 976x1531, 96B94727-EDF3-4530-A4DC-4581DF…)

Yeah, Venus was the picture of health and happiness under margo’s “care.” Her ED and body dysmorphia was raging (encouraged and exacerbated by margo) and she looked like a fucking skeleton.

No. 525117

File: 1527628700368.jpg (Spoiler Image,23.09 KB, 612x285, IMG_20180529_231535_977.jpg)

We finally found out what degree she made!

No. 525122

File: 1527628836526.png (14.07 KB, 293x183, are you kidding me.png)

>hurrr venus never made suicide depressive posts under your care


No. 525147

File: 1527631145724.jpg (29.19 KB, 498x83, BeautyPlus_20180529132231723_s…)

> Hungarian
and rejected by family.

> In South Korea

bc nobody wants her back home, she's a shame!

> Venus' mom

no more contact, too, since 2016.

> Jewish

Taking advantage of an old stereotype to excuse her obsession with her daughter.

> Youtuber

No one knows her.

> Gym

Not anymore. Look how fat she got.

> Follow


No. 525148

This was just days before she ran away wasn't it? You can just see how tired of Margo's shit she's had in those eyes.

No. 525154

It costs lots of energy to be with a narc.

Probably at that time she was thinking about the dilemma "sacrify myself to stay with my mom to make her happy" or "go live with my husband to be happy hoping mutti understands".

Now that she knows the real face of her mother she doesn't give a shit.

No. 525288

So many people noticed her sad, sickly appearance and I could have sworn that after being questioned about it, Margaret publicly denied anything was wrong. Venus looked like the life was drained out of her right before she left.

In addition to admitting that Venus always struggled with ED, Margaret also claimed Venus self-harmed and hair fell out( and of course, Margaret too) WHILE under her care because of “haters”. Wouldn’t she, the perfect mother, have had it all under control and nothing bad could happened to her?

No. 525303

what does this bitch want? for 21 year old Venus to go back to living with her mother to be under "good care"? She's an adult and doesn't need to go back to being a dependent.

i wonder what's the motive for these people to be on Margo's side. i know at least one of them is a huge weeaboo who probably wished she had an equally weeaboo mother like Margaret to do kawaii things with and make her a youtube star. The other females might be old women who are narcs themselves.

No. 525430

File: 1527663141484.png (1.04 MB, 1160x742, fuck you marge.png)


>the uncomfortable love bombing begins

guys i saved a cat and have this unflattering photo of me i'm so humble and such a savior

No. 525444

Fat, dowdy Margaret actually looks nicer. I get the feeling like she was actually a good mother during this era but once Venus got on YouTube, something snapped and she reverted to her old ways . Like she figured it was her chance to be a “cool kid” and she just got weirder.

God, I finally started reading the Onision threads after ignoring them for so long and the similarities between his behaviors and Margaret’s is unbelievable! Comparing the two really drives home what a Narc she is.

No. 525450

rrright and what happened to Leo when you went on the lam like two years later? Back to the street?

No. 525461

yeah, and those two have similarities to irl narcs/bpds i know too. kekworthy that they think they're perfect and original when they're literally the horrible person stereotype and their behavior is predictable
a lot of the time

right? i want a marglet to ask what happened to him

No. 525480

Oh my god you know she's got some tinfoil story about how Venus murdered a cat because they moved and couldn't take her or something

No. 525516

How long until this wacko switch back to the WENOOS PSYCHOPATH MURDERER mode?

No. 525523

Right, it almost looks like she's going back to trying to entice Venus to come back to her with old childhood photos. not a single mention of "psychopath" in that post

No. 525544

She won't come back and she will never talk to you again.
Get over it, fatfrau!

No. 525587

Also her recent chimpout posts are gone. Bitch thinks she can delete shit and everyone including Venus will just forget about it.
It's rich coming from someone who always moan about her daughter wanting to ~erase the past~

No. 525603

>Part of intestine was cut out, stomach stapled, gallbladder & appendix removed for unknown reasons
Sorry to be so late to the WLS news.
Is handing out gastric bypass surgeries common in asian countries when the person has an ED and normal BMI?
Here in the states she would've had to have some kind of overweight BMI to qualify, and I doubt they would have performed the surgery even if she did because of her binge eating disorder. A lot of people who've had weight loss surgery but binge before their stomachs are healed 'pop' their stomach staples. It's very serious, and that's precisely what happened to her.

So not only did that doc give unnecessary surgery to a mentally sick person, he also didn't inform her properly of it and what the consequences are.

This girl is going to be on the edge of unwell for life. Removing the majority of her intestine to lose weight is called 'malabsorption' and is usually only reserved for morbidly obese people who need to lose weight rapidly.
She'll have to take supplements for life because her body will never be able to absorb nutrients properly from food alone ever again.

Sorry but I'm really fucking disgusted at the negligence and ignorance of what happened here.
I wish Manaki could have talked her down from that, what a horrible decision.

No. 525616


>I wish Manaki could have talked her down from that, what a horrible decision.

He did, even threatened her with divorce out of desperation but Venus carried on with the surgery.

No. 525624

I meant if he would've been successful in doing so, unfortunately not even the threat of divorce could overcome her low self-esteem. That's so fucked and sad.

No. 525692

read the threads

No. 525791

Could it have to do with being mass reported for abusive content rather than simply being a coward?

Venus contacted dozens of surgeons and the all told her “Hell no!”. It is definitely not normal in Asia, although there are many back alley doctors that do crazy things. This guy was the only one who would do it for her and she knew he had already killed a patient.

No. 525835

>Sorry but I'm really fucking disgusted at the negligence and ignorance of what happened here.

lol youre the only one here who isnt caught up dude. we know all this already.

No. 525883

I thought the patient killing didnt happen til after her surgery. Thats wjy she couldnt get her medical records for her hospitalization earlier this year. He was in jail for killing that other patient.

No. 525913

File: 1527744535818.png (7.98 KB, 296x134, 1.png)

I wonder how this dumb bitch managed to live in Tenerife

>It's funny because Venus always has to be in everything (as in, "everything you post is related to her")

>hurrr I'm her mother of course I have photos of her with me hurrr

No. 525921

news story -plus a related article- from the last thread if someone would like to read them:



>After Shin had died, Kang closed the hospital but opened a new hospital later and has continued his obesity metabolic surgery.

>The Ministry of Health and Welfare, after receiving complaints about complications and other problems from other patients, has ordered Kang to discontinue the obesity metabolic surgery based on Provision 1, Article 59, of the Medical Law

truly a piece of work

No. 526002

That's the feeling I get too, that Margo was never anything special until Venus was born, so she threw herself into being a mom so people could praise her.

No. 526006

File: 1527776551450.jpg (280.84 KB, 938x601, 1454555160746.jpg.da5dab40e6f8…)

was reading some old margo posts. remember when Venus had asperger attacks instead of psychopathy?

No. 526469

Let’s pretend that Venus did have “Aspergers attacks” and was indeed Autistic. Well, couldn’t all of Margaret’s claims of Venus’ “psychopathic” behaviors actually be compared to the symptoms of an Autistic adult? Of course, I’m exaggerating the relationship but failure to develop friendships, inability to empathize, social awkwardness, lack of impulse control, self-interested, odd communication skills, etc. Margaret attributed all of these traits to Venus. Remember when Margaret was once obsessed with “micromimics and microemotion” to explain that Venus did not have genuine emotions or facial expressions? Instead of accusing Margaret of completely making things up, it would be more interesting to accuse her of organizing a hate crime campaign against an Autistic person and see how she tries to weasel out of that spot.

No. 526470


No. 526475

>video is a year old, finally uploaded it
>sounds drunk
>can hardly speak english anymore
top stuff Margo

No. 526476

As an aspie girl myself I'd say that it could be possible that Venus is an aspie. Seeming to be immature to the outside, her childlike behaviours, hyper-focus on her special interests (hobbies), bad intuition, kind of naive, even the body dysmorphia could be a part of Asperger syndrome, she's making bad decisions due to problems with judgement (like the April's fool joke, saying/doing something assuming it would be suitable, problems knowing social rules by intention),… she's also very empathic but she seems to not know how to express her feelings in a moderate way (impulsive behaviour).

Autism spectrum could be an explanation, although I wouldn't make a diagnosis. her online appearance is all there is for outsiders to judge on, so, who knows.

No. 526478

File: 1527856833354.png (Spoiler Image,280.59 KB, 435x332, ohmargeno.png)

beautiful young woman not genuinely looking like shes in her 60s at all

No. 526484

i'm aspie as well and i thought it was known she was, apologies if i missed something- did she (venus) ever deny or refute it?

No. 526485

No, the reason Margo probably stopped calling her autistic is because Venus took an actual test for it and was proven not to be. She took a selfie holding up some sign with the caption saying something about "my mom always told me I had autism"

No. 526486

File: 1527857571199.png (539.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-06-19-04-45…)

here it is

No. 526487

She denied it, although I do not know whether there was an actual test or not. Venus just said she looked it up and couldn't match the symptoms.

No. 526490

either way she probably doesn't. if it only comes from Margo, then she has as much probability of having aspergers as she does of having psychopathy.

No. 526498


Watch if you want to see 30 min of Margs rambling incoherently to herself.

No. 526512

I really don’t know if she is on the spectrum, but I was just thinking more about how someone could make Margaret squirm by turning the tables on her by using her own words and claim that she legitimately studied clinical psychology. There have been a lot of studies examining the similarities and differences between psychopathy and Autism. The common topic is that an Autistic individual can be wrongly assumed to be a psychopath by untrained people. I’d love to see if “Clinical Psychologist” Margaret could explain how this happens and what the distinction between the two conditions is. She has only droned on about psychopathy and Narcissim, but seems to have zero knowledge of other psychological disorders that would be covered in her text books.

No. 526513

In what universe is any of this even remotely normal? It irked me so badly how she was filming people sleep, fucking weirdo.

No. 526515

Do we have any full body pictures from around a year ago?

Is this from before her surgery?

I'd love to know if her legs puffing up happened after this video.

No. 526516

Seems like she gets more manic and bold as she goes.

No. 526519

>full body pictures
there are plenty if you get your lazy ass up
throwback picture here >>386567
a few years ago and august 2016 >>390922
11 months ago at least her knees looked decent >>401979
5 months ago she stumped into the ocean in okinawa where she already had a deteriorated look >>472191
3 months ago her ankles looked visibly swollen >>490831

alcohol, poor living conditions, gaining weight fast .. maybe menopause on top.

No. 526565

I’m honest to god older than her and I look at least fifteen years younger than Margot, what in the fuck is up with her face? That’s some unfortunate shit going on right there.

No. 526675

She was too isolated to tell. And is only now becoming "normal".

Margo learned a new English word and changed her mind on what V was, she'll do it again. And again. Ad nauseum.

No. 526803

Venus doesn't have autism; she's just weird because her development was forcefully stunted by Marge. No siblings, so long-term friendships, no romantic relationships until Manaki, no real privacy (having to share a bed with her own mother!), no independence (what normal 19 year old refers to moving in with their husband as "running away from home"??), and an abusive, narcissistic, obsessive, vindictive, nutcase mother who treated her like a meal ticket and intentionally destroyed her self-esteem. All told, Venus is less childish and socially inept than one might expect, considering her circumstances.

She's aged 20 years in the past 2. Low-key Mother Gothel, aging impossibly rapidly now that she doesn't have her daughter around to keep her young.

No. 526808

actually I would say just 14 years you took care of her. Margo mentioned she made Venus cook dinner for the two of them at a young age and she started taking her daughters youtube money. So Venus was the bread winner and the home maker

No. 526836


Margaret said they each cooked their own dinner. it was in an instagram post where venus was wearing a pink apron i believe

No. 526837

Plus i bet margaret did most of the cleaning chores. also i remember a pic of her putting together some bookshelf or bed frame or something. clearly she did the handy work in that household, and as much as i don't like her, i'm not gonna make venus out to be some godly, hardworking saint that did everything when it's simply not true.

No. 526861

anon is right that she was the only bread winner though. the fact that margo is literally dumpster diving for new clothes now is evident that Venus was providing the roof over their heads.

No. 526869

Cute you think that.
https://www.airbnb.com.au/users/show/1273227 Margo's Airbnb profile
>Did a last minute booking. Although we allowed her to check-out an hour after the actual check-out time, she did not leave the room in a good state. She also left her pizza box and unwashed dishes in the kitchen, totally disrespecting our private kitchen. Apart from all these, she was OK

Let's also not forget her showering and shaving her legs with her clothes on the floor of the shower to 'wash them at the same time.'

Oh and that chronic pink eye she suddenly couldn't cope with after Venus left her.

As for her handiness… I refer you to her recent 'ringlight' video where she attempts to make a ringlight by gluing small shitty LED lights to a plate in a such a way that the batteries cannot be replaced.

No. 526912

Daughter has an ED since 11 years old. Margaret: I know! We’ll just cook our meals separately instead of me monitoring her nutrition!

I’m sorry. As a mother, this insane to me even without he ED. Excluding situations where long work hours would make it necessary for children to make their own meals when parents are not home, it’s not something you should prefer. Especially when kids that age can naturally be picky eaters and don’t make the healthiest food choices. How did Margaret think that was better than learning to cook things they would both like?

No. 526913

Judging by her morning routine video, I really hope she was not in charge of cleaning.

No. 527057


Why am I freaking out that we have the same bedsheets? D:(no one cares D:)

No. 527067

Venus isnt some sort of perfect saint, but Margo's good reviews on airbnb for being clean stopped when Venus left (and most of the reviews mentioned her quiet and polite daughter). The last place Mags stayed in London even wrnt so far as to give her a poor public review, which hosts genetally avoid doing in order to appear genial. They don't give bad reviews unless you are an exceptionally poor tenent. She left the room a mess with garbage, and used their private kitchen without asking and also left that a mess.

So based off this; the fact that she lives in filth since she's been in her own, and the fact that Venus' own house seems pretty clean from what we've seen of it, it appears that housework was Venus' responsibility. Without her, Mags can't keep a place neat.

No. 527119

Looking at the reviews, seems like the spanish chef didn't even left one

No. 527124

Wasn't the spanish chef the one where she swore flirted with her? Itw as extra awkward because he was married.
Can you picture that? Your air bnb guest is giving you bedroom eyes and apologizing to the wife like "Sorry, but your husband is attracted to me"
Like a Peggy hill. She did the same to Manaki and his dad too.

No. 527154

And her daughter still ignores her and has a normal life with friends and family.
BBQ with Granpa Ferenc, Daddy Hans, Auntie Zsu, Manaki discovering family's Oktoberfest and eating Bratwurst.

While marge alone doing "massages" to unknown people in a foreign country, talking in marglish english that no one understands.


No. 527166

Isn’t that another crazy narc thing? To think everybody wants you?

No. 527186

Narcs can be erotomaniacs.

No. 527263

>BBQ with Granpa Ferenc, Daddy Hans, Auntie Zsu, Manaki discovering family's Oktoberfest and eating Bratwurst.

Ooh, this is new to me. Has Venus actually connected with her dad other than the shitty phone call to grandma where she said her dad was at the market?

No. 527266

Who is actually to diagnose Venus with any mental illness or aspergers and whatever if not a Doctor? But wait! She was never taken to a doctor by Margl so its a diagnose out of the blue! WE GOT YOU BABE! Your daughter is totally normal but you made her feel sick! If she was diagnosed she would have had a process by different doctors but pls no duagnose by mummy, Marg is surely not a doctor! Lol

No. 527270

Gotchu fam - Margl is a Clinical Psych!

No. 527272

yeah what.. when has she bbqed with dad?

No. 527297

I think they were imagining what could happen. Like wishful thinking. There is no evidence yet that Venus has met up with any of her relatives.

No. 527301

yeah I think that anon got confused with Ferenc's post.

No. 527306

File: 1528035708586.png (722.93 KB, 933x600, 1.png)

That's a funny way to spell "complete strangers minding their business whom I harassed for a photo of their pet"

No. 527351

coming from a person that doesnt even know what gaslighting is, i know it certainly is just another way of degrade people around her and put them down so she can feel superior.

No. 527387

File: 1528054578335.jpg (459.59 KB, 800x1200, BeautyPlus_20180603213938062_s…)

Another post from auntie Zsu?
Marge apparently already liked asian culture at that time. Poor Hans wasn't asian enough for her…

No. 527517

that explains a lot

No. 527532

A white woman in an Asian dress? Someone call the police, that's cultural appropriation!

No. 527713

I don’t think that’s the point. Margaret is trying to paint Venus as this pathetic weeaboo who only wants a visa to be Japanese but it’s actually Margaret who has always been the asiaphile. She was totally onboard with Venus indulging in everything Japanese and used to aggressively defend her when people made fun of her or called Venus an appropriator. When Venus cut ties, Margaret started pretending like she was the rational, non-fetishizing one and wanted Venus to be publicly lambasted.

No. 527717


lol Venus does look like a psychopath here. PROOFS!

No. 527721

She looks like a veteran on her fourth tour of Iraq. She'd probably already seen some shit going down between junges delusional fraulein and farmer/hiker Hans-Peter. Morgrot likely accused him of not giving her a glamorous life. Now she's living the dream in a goshiwan, and it's roach season soon.

No. 527812

File: 1528136171713.jpg (309.52 KB, 930x591, BeautyPlus_20180604201849169_s…)

> To understand the fly, one must become the fly
… Or eat shit like the fly
Bon appetit, marge

No. 527818

File: 1528136910276.jpg (15.82 KB, 149x149, BeautyPlus_20180604203039735_s…)

Margo hobo style

No. 527823

where does a saggy spinster living out of a cramped goshiwon get comme des garçons shoes?

No. 527824

File: 1528137366497.jpeg (25.17 KB, 322x292, A933780A-D49E-4BED-A3D4-9253C4…)

old bitch looking extra haggard these days

No. 527827

File: 1528137482314.jpg (Spoiler Image,59.29 KB, 500x460, 2bllcg.jpg)

No. 527828

Those look like bargain basement slippers to me.

No. 527830

Yeah. Venus was set up to be a weeb from the start because of Margo's and apparently auntie Zsu all have.a love of culture thats not their own.
So its funny Margo wants to blast Venus for being one when she clearly has those same issues growing up .

No. 527832

wow, she's gaining weight fast

No. 527833

out of the trash or stole the from another goshiwan person

No. 527868

File: 1528145634105.png (149.26 KB, 1140x2059, domaintoolscomrevhist1.png)

I found more old domains that were under her name…

No. 527869

File: 1528145707523.png (143.43 KB, 1140x1417, domaintoolscomrevhist2.png)

… and her email address

No. 527871

File: 1528145873900.png (Spoiler Image,46.41 KB, 762x663, onemoreproofbitch.png)

And origin of V's ED: margaret palermo

No. 527873



No. 527875

The new ones I've found are:
> asoulinseoul.com
> dollhouselife.com
> heroinesofhistory.com
> mp3pottery.com
> okmantv.com
> thelondonpeople.com
> thinkpinkeatgreen.com

> Why?


No. 527878

Same anon as >>527875
Sorry, with "new ones" I mean NEW discovery of OLD domains

No. 527915

Loads of fakes are sold in Korea, there are entire documentaries about it. Everything trendy is fake. And like the other farmer said, she salvaged them from the trash.

Because she's a narcissist who thinks domain squatting gives her some sort of power over whoever's name she's squatting on. Dirty witch probably has a scat fetish, but that aside: she does it assuming she can blackmail money out of them by domain squatting: Gibme the $10,000 a month and I'll let you have your domain, ween00s! Like every other harebrained idea she has, it's ridiculously incompetent and ineffective, just shows how petty and money hungry she is.

But none of those affected care, because most people these days get their e-fame through insta or YT, no one needs their own special URL. Imagine how much money she's spent on this shit, all down the drain, pissed away, and she'll still blame her brain rot on V.

No. 528032

File: 1528170847397.jpg (Spoiler Image,144.81 KB, 1059x1080, _20180604_235337.JPG)

yikes, around 28:11, you catch a glimpse of someone walking past naked in the right hand mirror.
I'm sure all the strangers appreciate you trying to record them while in a locker room, margo. I'm also pretty sure this is reportable content.

No. 528036

Nice hot spring thingy she has there. Would be a shame if someone who knows Korean had her banned for filming other patrons naked.

No. 528059

I wonder, if someone did report this to that spa, would anything actually be likely to happen?

No. 528062

File: 1528183328878.jpg (91.44 KB, 540x779, IMG_20180605_092126_326.jpg)

No. 528063

File: 1528183365135.jpg (152.87 KB, 540x780, IMG_20180605_092045_284.jpg)

No. 528065

File: 1528183381909.jpg (78.32 KB, 540x532, IMG_20180605_092020_074.jpg)

No. 528067

File: 1528183466294.jpg (76.33 KB, 540x774, IMG_20180605_091942_397.jpg)

Answering without actually answering

No. 528068

File: 1528183521785.jpg (91.1 KB, 540x766, IMG_20180605_091922_857.jpg)

And back to being the "nice friendly youtuber"…

No. 528073

what the hell is she talking about?

No. 528074

Look at those arms… Look at those baggy clothes.
She could wear curtains as well to hide herself… Curtains would even look better, I would say, they hide her completely.

No. 528076

Shit, I'd totally forgotten about that, yet another of Margo's short-lived projects. For old time's sake: https://www.facebook.com/TheLondonPeople/

I love that she tried to sell a page that never even hit 350 likes.

No. 528079

Last post: february 28th, a link to achology.com