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File: 1477844203910.jpg (270.57 KB, 750x751, IMG_5857.JPG)

No. 309511

After 5+ weeks of radio silence, Margaret popped up again claiming she didn't mean to scary anyone but she did want to see how Venus would react if she died. Cue another predictable rant about how Venus' boolying is making poor Margaret ill.

Since then she's only been posting throwback photos - where is Margo? Just how bad does the kappa look now? And, most importantly, what was the real reason for her disappearance?

Previous thread: >>300170

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/margaretpalermo/
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/margaretpalermo
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MargaretPalermo

No. 309512

I have so many questions but starting with why is this in USD and who took the picture for her? The only time she's been to America is her brief stint in California for suing Venus.

No. 309513

It's from her stint in Canada, dunno who took it though. Self-timer and camera on shelf?

No. 309514

I don't know what's weirder to imagine. Margaret speaking in broken English to a clerk to take her photo with a deli sub or being a regular customer and walking into the deli to get dinner and see some middle-aged mentally ill woman posing with food for a camera stuffed onto a shelf alongside the dinner rolls you were going to buy.

No. 309515

Doubleposting but I just noticed there actually is someone standing to her side witnessing the whole thing. Jesus Christ..

No. 309519

maybe the canadian airbnb lady? they could have go shopping groceries together

No. 309523

what's up with those pics where she hides her faces?

No. 309525

But then the canadian lasy wpuld have travelled to the usa with her which seems weird to do with a stranger.

No. 309526

Margo said the photo was taken in Canada. It's CAD on the price sticker if that's what's throwing you.

No. 309527

There's three options:
1. She's doing it to hide her haggard face but still show IT'S MEEEE, THE REAL VENUS!
2. She's imitating Venus' style like with Venus' lollipop eye vs her Queen bear photo.
3. She's just crazy and thinks her face has to be in everything FOR PROOFS that she experienced it but with her limited camera skills it just comes out that way because there's only so much room to put stuff in a selfie-photo.

No. 309529

ah ok, I thought it was USD. Definitely probably Vancouver airbnb lady then.

No. 309534

File: 1477854436340.jpg (391.96 KB, 1180x664, sobeys.jpg)


She's in Sobey's grocery. I can tell by the very small "s" symbol on the price tag.

No. 309535

File: 1477854913035.png (272.85 KB, 436x384, Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 3.13…)


Sorry to samefag. Sobeys/Safeway. Both have a wonky S symbol.

No. 309541

I live in Vancouver Canada and my local Safeway's layout looks exactly like that…

No. 309542

File: 1477857783489.jpg (306.28 KB, 599x595, capture-20161030-155935.jpg)

I think she's trying to show us that there are some things in this world that are slightly bigger than her nose?

No. 309551

Is she back in Vancouver? That looks like the Safeway by my house

No. 309553


nah, she still posts throwback pictures. And wonder for how long she plants to do it.

No. 309554

It's Safeway. You can see at the bottom of the sticker it says "Thank you for shopping at Safeway". Every Safeway I've been in has that exact same layout/color scheme/signs.

No. 309565

hilarious OP pic

No. 309566

Margo's posting throwbacks, she can't afford anything like this kind of travel anymore.

I tend to think she's presently in Hungary, scheming how to get back out to Japan, Korea, wherever. She's not going to show us something that puts a dent in her pride; and if she were in Japan she would show us street pics, dog harassment pics, or new flower shots (her visa's out for there anyway). Ofc Margo is quite unpredictable so my theory could be wrong, I await clues with interest.

No. 309569

I believe she's somewhere with limited internet access and she lost her phone or was obliged to give it away for some reasons and the pics are saved on her external hard drive or cloud storage.

No. 309575

Hmm, interesting. Margo had several phones, right? Probably most/all of them work in Europe.

Perhaps mama has given her the most bare-bones of prepaid sims, and they may not have wifi everywhere at home (this is assuming my theory she's home with mama right now is actually true…).

No. 309598

She could still take a pic & post it though, couldn't she?

No. 309599

File: 1477883540167.jpg (314.62 KB, 1200x1435, PSX_20161030_230735.jpg)

WEENOOS says Happy Halloween!

No. 309618

the leaf pic has dubious origins - it could be that she just did take a pic and post it.

but I doubt she's going to post from her life in Hungary - she won't want anyone to know she's there (if she is).

No. 309627

No #Hungariantrip? LOL
Poor creature literally has NOTHING and still can't stay off SM.

No. 309628


See, this is actually making me wonder if she managed to stay in Japan somehow- if she's there illegally, she'll probably be on the downlow about it at least for a little while, because she has to know there are plenty of people who'd report her kappa ass.

No. 309630

that's a reasonable theory. what makes me wonder though is we think she was likely detained somewhere, somehow. and you'd think a visa close to expiry, they would want to send her home. I wonder… just imagine if she's 'on the run' in japan.

No. 309641

Just imagine her living in the forest in Japan… no Denny's though.

No. 309643

File: 1477910724142.png (696.97 KB, 928x595, Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 10.4…)

This may well be from when she stayed with the Canadian artist lady too.

No. 309644

File: 1477910927030.jpg (79.74 KB, 490x741, NzEwf5s.jpg)

ha ha ha ha I can actually imagine this. she has to walk two hours to get free wifi which is why she can't post much. the leaf pic is actually from her new forest home.

No. 309645

yes, super likely

No. 309648


undoubtedly canada with the spelling of "colouring", she probably went with her artist airbnb hostess.

No. 309650

How crap I didn't recognize her! I wonder if she and Mana went to the big Halloween parade.

No. 309704


No. 309754

Alas, the glory days of #yummy Denny's parfaits and Grand Slam breakfasts are a distant memory for the swampbeast.

No. 309786

No oishii purple potato pancakes either, have to make do with scavenging from campsites now.

No. 309835

All joking aside I really wonder if this might be accurate. She was already semi-feral ptior to her sudden month-long disappearance so it would just be the next stop in the downward spiral of her life to be sleeping in doorways and picking through trashbins at this point.

No. 309882

What bothers me the most about Margo is, that in all that time she could've gotten job and support herself without leaching off other people. What's so difficult? I don't get this woman anymore…

No. 309897

she's the most bullied woman in the world anon; far too busy and important to be getting an actual job.

No. 309899

Yes, whatever are you thinking? "Jobs" are for plebs. morge is a genius-level Photographer, Celebrity Manager and Philosopher.

No. 309903

Not to mention radiology train rider and exposed artiste.

No. 309905

Also, wouldn't getting a job mean she'd HAVE to give in and go back home, or somehow manage to get a working visa (which I feel wouldn't be easy for her)?

No. 309931

File: 1477986566465.jpg (420.31 KB, 1200x1507, PSX_20161101_034202.jpg)

So Venus is editing her newest video now. Looks like a makeup tutorial.

sigh She KNOWS she's gonna get slammed for "trying to LOOK ASIAN." Why does she keep doing this shit? It's like she's baiting the fucking trolls, like throwing a piece of raw meat into a den of hungry wolves and yelling "COME AT ME BRO!" I can't with this girl anymore, I just CAN'T.

No. 309932

Relax, farmer. The tape under the wig trick is how older women smooth out their wrinkles.

She's not trying to look Asian, it's just more BOOLIN Margot.

No. 309933

>>309931 looks more like a drag makeup attempt

No. 309934

Or the 'what I hate about Japan' vid where she's stuffing her face with junk food the whole time for no apparent reason, ruining an otherwise very interesting video about learning Japanese. Why?? She must know it's just gonna trigger the "BULIMIA! OBSESSED WITH FOOD!!" trolls all over the fucking comments. I don't even know anymore.

No. 309935

idk, it looks like she's deliberately pulling her eyes & eyebrows up in some kind of Asian parody to me. The "YELLOWFACE!" trolls are gonna go fucking nuts.

No. 309937

I hope it's just a way to do her make up, maybe it's just for the eye shadow.

>The tape under the wig trick is how older women smooth out their wrinkles.
Ok Venus is 19, she doesn't have any wrinkles yet and I don't think she's teaching that, it's probably a technique for that eye shadow, but I hope she's not doing one of those how to look Japanese/like a Geisha. Those are topics she should stay away from.

I thought the same when I saw it, and she KNOWS it.

No. 309938

File: 1477989277703.png (1.42 MB, 1520x852, Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 08.3…)

I'm pretty sure it's to look more asian…

No. 309942

Even if she isn't trying to look more Asian, some idiots are going to interpret it that way. It's silly to bait the trolls that way.

No. 309944

I don't know what's her video about but she didn't take off the tape, some people are going to interpret it that way.

Yeah exactly. But it's a sensitive topic for some so she shouldn't be doing that with her eyes imo.

No. 309945


Didn't she wrote that she actually wanted to upload the make-up tutorial for this >>309599 one but deleted it for some reasons? I guess it's just a very rushed idea to have something to upload.

No. 309947

That was my first thought since so many drag queens do this. But it's also very common in Japanese cosplay in general to achieve small face, tsurime, dekame, etc. for characters. You will almost always find this tape at cosplay wig shops. http://www.assist-wig.com/detail/007909

I think this is where she coming from…hopefully.

No. 309950

It's actually more akin to what >>309947 is saying. Since she's been getting into cosplay more she'd definitely pick up on the tape method since her face in >>309938 looks a lot like it does in her LoveLive cosplay photo. It's not to look "more Asian" but instead is used to give your eyebrows more arched into the typical anime style and make your eyes bigger. It's actually really popular with FtM crossplayers so I was actually pretty disappointed to see that she was just using it for casual makeup assistance. I was hoping she'd be making a video with her and Mana swapping costumes or something since he's got no issue crossplaying as well.

No. 309956

I hope you're right. It's just hard to believe she's clueless enough to post this >>309931 and have no idea how much it'll enrage the (already enraged) WEABOO/TRYING TO BE ASIAN! troll squad. It just makes me tired, is all.

No. 309957

i thought we were going to keep these threads about margo. if you want to talk about venus you should start a thread in snow

No. 309963

They tried. It was so crappy it was moved to /b

No. 309964

I'm sure she can be discussed as one of the jvloggers in the group thread.

No. 309965

yeah she accidentally deleted the footage.

No. 309972

I think it's pretty obvious it's for the sake of having tsurime, especially considering she started cosplay.

No. 309975

> My psychopathen dowtah is revealing my beauty seecrets and everyone is laughing at meh. BOOOOLYYY!!!

No. 309976

I think so too. The way the tape is arranged looks like most tsurime make tutorials I've seen.

No. 309977

Our favourite grandpa is giving us a clue


No. 309981

File: 1478009899944.jpg (298.8 KB, 1200x989, PSX_20161031_192300.jpg)

More Biblical wisdom from Ferenc…maybe inspired by morge's pic of the giant loaf of bread covering half her face. He seems more chill this time, not angry. Almost like he sorta just doesn't give a shit.

Makes me wonder if she's really back home or not, if she was, why would he need to keep posting IG commentary like this?

No. 309987

She found a job in a supermarket thanks to her brother ferenc in canada and gramps is now happy?

Ikd, just a theory but it is hard to believe…

No. 309994

is it totally irrelevant that he posted a picture of a korean bakery…. is that his old grampa humor again or

No. 310001

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God”

That old man and his clues, there are many ways to interpret that. this is what I found:

Physical nourishment is not sufficient for a healthy life; man also has spiritual needs

It could mean he wants Margo to join his church or that she needs God.

No. 310007


more like they need to perform an Exorcism on mags than joining some church.

No. 310009

File: 1478019226879.png (715.2 KB, 934x599, Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 16.5…)

Wow, a color changing fountain… how exciting.

No. 310010

Asian mall? Still posting old shit I guess

No. 310011

To Margo, that's some high class, fancy shit. Like her obsession with #adidas, Margo is stuck in this permanent Cold War mindset where anything trashy is fabulous.

Trump appeals to poors with airs like Mags because he puts solid gold faucets and big tacky brass lettering on everything. He was born rich, but acts like some schmoe who just won the lotto and is bound and determined to spend himself bankrupt buying tacky, useless shit for the next whole year. This is exactly what Margo aspires to.

No. 310013

File: 1478021268531.jpg (171.75 KB, 1036x485, IMG_5886.JPG)

No. 310021

I hope no one is desperate enough to pay such a sum o.O she definitely is in need of money

No. 310025

Old pic, the point was about Margo's trashy tastes.

No. 310029

venus has her own section so why are you talking about her in here?

No. 310030

because seeing Venus happy and do well enrages Margo

No. 310041

this bag looks like something my little sister plays with

No. 310043

Honestly, He could just have been clueless and thought the Korean bakery was a Japanese Bakery.

No. 310045

sorry for samefagging,

Or he is actually hinting that Margo is back in SK, since I'm pretty sure that's a mall in Seoul.

No. 310046

everything grandpa posts is irrelevant

No. 310050

File: 1478032987181.png (428.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-11-01-16-42-02…)

And a pic of a Safeway sandwich. Wasn't this where Margo took the bread pic?

No. 310052

I wonder if gramps reads here

No. 310057

Grandpa is annoying, those clues and hidden messages are really weird, I'd be really pissed off if I found an old man using my pictures so anons can find more, like Yukio's stuff and that wedding cake.

No. 310058

File: 1478036338874.png (676.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-11-01-17-38-12…)


No. 310060

Ehm… does that bag not sound familiar to you?

No. 310061


the beginning looks like an intro to some weird fetish porn tho.

>look at my trash in my hideous tacky bag

No. 310062

Does she have any videos with a like ratio higher than dislikes?

No. 310063

I actually thought it was really funny. It was interesting to see different types of snacks and it kind of felt like she was having a conversation with someone at lunch.

No. 310064

I think he's trolling margwich… and reads often here to get info. Maybe doesn't know as much as we thought.

No. 310065

Grandpa has indeed been here. Hi just posted your pic.

No. 310067

If he is reading here: just post the truth. The silly messages aren't interesting, it makes you look unreliable.

No. 310068

Huh? Anon was just posting an example of Margo's trashy taste, like the post they quoted.

No. 310070

Whenever she asks her fans for video ideas, she gets a lot of requests for Japanese snacks and mukbang. I think that is what she was doing.

No. 310073

oh, god…this creature trying to smile and it literally CAN'T. Looks like it bit into a lemon instead.

No. 310087

wtf am I looking at
holy hell

No. 310094

A classic in tales from the uncanny MDNWTF crypt series.

No. 310097

i thought that she was somewhat trolling the people obsessed with her food intake

No. 310109

>Rare item, not available now
Thank christ

No. 310110

Not necessarily. He posted the cocktail picture from Margo's date with a message about her date plans for example, information that we could not get elsewhere. It's just that it's not all significant, or that obvious what he means.

No. 310130


They probably stopped making these after realizing it was a huge waste of fine leather

No. 310131

That is speculation (about it being from margo's "date")

No. 310168

She may or may not but it's more likely she's doing it for the popularity of mukbang. Mukbang sort of gets a bad wrap for being "those videos with binge eaters" because of how much some people eat but its popularity comes from viewers that are lonely and don't have anyone to share meals with. It started in Korea but it's well known in Japan as well so odds are Venus knows all about it and how it'll get her some extra views. Not that I'm saying she's doing it solely for that, it's just that the video format is more leaning towards that route more so than "Haha trolling you and your rumors!"

With Mana working a different shift than her, she probably does the same thing where she'll eat by herself and either watch TV or browse Youtube/work on videos while she does. I think it would be cute to see a lot of viewer-interaction videos from her where she takes you places or eats lunch with you.

No. 310190

I could be wrong, but I think the video was about how she disliked that some Japanese people talk with their mouth full. Instead of just saying it, she showed it.

Or she could just be messing with people. I mean,there's going to be people calling her a fraud, weeb, and reminding her that she's not Japanese etc anyway. Might as well have some fun with it. I wouldn't be surprised if she's become desensitized by it from the Keemstar, Einshine, Vexxed situations where they basically had their fans go after her.

No. 310211

>I could be wrong, but I think the video was about how she disliked that some Japanese people talk with their mouth full. Instead of just saying it, she showed it.

Talking with your full mouth in Japan is considered bad manners, they dont usually speak with food in their mouths thats actually disrespectful. Never in my experience and I just asked a Japanese person to support this. If someone did that in front of her well that sucks but she cant generalize. I don’t know why she did that in her video tbh, it was so random.

No. 310216

Thanks for clearing that up, I wasn't sure. It might just be her sense of humor. She also randomly started fixing her makeup during the video. Or like I stated in my previous post, she might be messing with people. If she wanted to get a reaction out of her viewers, she succeeded.

No. 310264

I like this bag in a tacky photoshoot way, but I'd never wear it out

No. 310401

If that's the case I think she should focus in her content instead of messing with people and see their reaction after all the drama because that is big bait for trolls, she has been through a lot, I don't think she wants more trolls in her life, she should be more careful with her image imo.

No. 310413

I feel like it may be a way of making herself more "cute" and "relatable". ie. 'Hey look, Venus is just like a regular girl friend, we're having a casual conversation over food + fixing makeup!!'

No. 310430

Anon let's be honest, do you think that was cute? If so well that's your opinion and I respect it but I think most people don't find cute when someone talks with their mouth full. I liked the topic and her opinion, I agree with her in many points but please Venus don't do that again, be more careful with what you do now that you can have a fresh start, just my opinion tho.

No. 310439

I'm getting tired of seeing posts like these. In the end if she keeps doing stuff that might get her hate it's probably that she doesn't even care about the hate. There are too many people here who think Venus should listen to them and be exactly like they want her to be. She probably doesn't want to listen to anyone.

No. 310441

It's like a bunch of women trying to groom her into their ideal Jvlogger/Japan commentator, but they're forgetting who her target audience is: young teens and nerds! She's not suddenly going to abandon who made her famous in the first place. Just look at how many kids ask her for more makeup tutorials, when WE know her makeup skilks are limited.

No. 310443

If Margo is in Van again ….. i swear if i see her i will smack the shit out of her…

No. 310444

You are the one bulling margo!

Also, does anyone remember that video that Margo recorded of Venus crying and saying that Venus is crying because of the bullies? Do you think there is a possibility that Margo was abusing her, but took the opportunity to film it?

No. 310449

So maggot is getting a new tattoo!!

No. 310450

File: 1478164146335.jpg (68.61 KB, 921x599, tatttoo.JPG)

No. 310452

Lmao, its just one thing after anon with this crazy bitch. Who's dick is she sucking for tattoo money?

No. 310453

Ofc she's getting it for free. Also tattoo artists always offer some pieces for free to build their portfolio but she thinks she's helping a "friend".

No. 310454

Maggot being held prisoner by the Yakuza confirmed? (joke)

No. 310457

No more wood or tatami floor anymore? Eww, her toes look miserable. And those jodhpur thighs… kek

She should post that kind of picture more often so that 100 more people unsubscribe in ig each month.

No. 310458

That angle is all over disgusting. If she has such friends, why doesn't she have anyone who will take a pic at a flattering angle? #ProfessionalPhotog #radiologist #trainpilot #socialmediaguru

No. 310460

I wonder what that is?

No. 310461


her 6th tattoo I guess?

No. 310466

Do tattoo artists really do something so large/labor intensive for free just to fill their portfolios? Also I'm surprised she's getting a tattoo that looks straight off a Yakuza given how much she hates Japan.

No. 310467


it could be from someone who's still practicing. as in Japan it might be difficult to find someone who wants to walk around with such a big tattoo, anything is possible.

No. 310468

oh good point

No. 310470

This kind of makes it apparent she's in Japan still. I know you can get Japanese-style tattoos elsewhere but this is too much of a coincidence.

Where did she disappear to? If she's still in Japan it's either because she overstayed, or she really did go home / somewhere else and get to return. Where tf does she get money from?

No. 310472

If she's still in Japan just imagine how crazy that makes her. Refusing to leave a country after you're technically banned just because your daughter is living a happy life there and you just can't have that.

No. 310479

Doesn't look japanese to me but much more like a euro trash tatoo. I saw the exact same one here in europe. I'm guessing that she is either in london or hungary. She had an hungarian friend in london who was a tatoo artist

No. 310482

500 says she's gonna pull a biglottes and start filling her emotional voids with meaningless tattoos

No. 310486

Oh thanks for that info. My first thought was 'London' but then I second-guessed myself. If she had to go to Budapest as first port, she could have taken off from there to London to doss with this "friend".

No. 310488

Googling, I did find contemporary, American-style tattooists in Japan, some of whom do this style. Not like the full on Yakuza artisanal stuff, more accessible and foreigner-friendly. But I like this London theory. Sage for samefag.

No. 310491

Maybe she still has contact with tattoo dude from london?

No. 310495

At 1.42, she shows him what appears to be the same tattoo she's getting now; they discuss positioning it on her thigh. Instead she chooses another design to go elsewhere.

I think you found her anon.

No. 310496

File: 1478181881696.jpg (153.09 KB, 1600x1025, margo95.jpg)


No. 310498

well we can't be 100% sure she really returned to this studio but London would make sense, she returned there the last time she went to europe, so she must have some "friends"(aka people she can leech off) there.

No. 310503

Remember when she said to V sth like:
> In Hungary, people like you become prostitutes! Ungrateful brat!

No. 310508


she's finally getting it done now that she have more thigh


which is funny because maggot is the one who's closer to become one (or already did)

No. 310522

File: 1478190169036.jpg (431.64 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_5892.JPG)

Does Margo not know what private parts are? Or does the tattoo go much further than in the photo?

No. 310563


at this point she has to post a pic of the finished product.

No. 310581

Anon, please! Even if she pierces her private parts with a tree trunk nobody wants to see how it looks like!

No. 310595

No. 310616

File: 1478206328362.png (59.93 KB, 310x287, Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 1.50…)

Mags confirms she got her cooch tattooed.

She just touched her friend and breathed deep, everyone. That's how she gets free tattoos.

No. 310619

Everyone knows free scratchers are high quality shit.

No. 310623

File: 1478207671989.jpg (441.67 KB, 2000x1684, margo96.jpg)

I took these when anon posted the vid but I was too tired to do anything with them.

Of course, any tattooist can do this, it's not that she had to get it done by this guy right now. However, she is actually friends with this tattooist and has discussed this same tattoo with him before. I suspect she's saying she's so famous that the tattoo will be worth his time - just like the premise of that shitty video. And she might be sleeping in the back or something, like a true hobo ("helping in the studio").

Given her proven track record of running to London before, I would still lay my money on: troubles in Japan (legal, immigration or medical); getting sent to Budapest; hightailing it to London (after all she got pretty lucky in London last time).

No. 310625

Doesn't she owe taxes in the UK? I could have sworn she hightailed it wih Vinoos a while back because of taxes.

No. 310626

Yeah, but she won't get caught for it until she either works, or tries to apply for the dole. She's unlikely to do either of those things, she's looking to party, mooch off dudes, and get that Venoos.

No. 310642

What's with her hair? It looks like she was too lazy to get dreads but wanted to look like she was electrocuted?

No. 310645

Her hair isn't the right texture for dreads, all white girl dreads look like that.

No. 310657

File: 1478213535916.gif (1.23 MB, 1678x1600, Yakuza-Tattoo-Sleeve.gif)

It looks Japan-ish, but not as if it's done by a Japanese tattoo artist. There's millions of weeb tattoo fiends out of Japan who wish they were Japanese tattoo artists, and who ink other idiots with bullshit they assume looks Japanese.

Agree. There's so many people with that pseudo-Asian crap on them, it's cringy. And it's supposedly a tiger, right? That's more Chinese than Japanese anyway.

Not that they never use tigers, but Japanese yakuza tattoos are more often masks, koi fish, snakes, dragons, women, demons, chrysanthemums and other foliage.

I would very much enjoy if she made her skin look as disorganized as her mind, and picks up a disease along the way from some amateur who doesn't disinfect his needles.

I'm still convinced she was detained by immigration for at least three weeks, and she can't be in Japan any longer.

No. 310659

Yeah, I doubted myself for a minute and thought she was in Japan, but anon posted this >>310491 which suggests she could be with this guy again in London (and makes heaps more sense).

There are western-style tattoo studios in Japan doing shitty faux-Japanese tattoos on foreigners, I found some. Not the same as the high-end stuff. I even saw tigers just like this. But there's not logic to her being in Japan now.

No. 310668

Was she actually "friends" with this London tattooist or was he just the guy she went to for the tattoo? I just think there's a lot of reaching (it's gotta be the same tattooist cause it's the same tattoo she wanted back then! She's back in London for sure! He's her sugar daddy!) going on here.

No. 310677

People are taking this bit of info (the tattoo being one she showed a pic of to the London guy back in 2013) and running with all sorts of speculation, as usual. Same pic does not = same tattooist or that she's back in London. And someone on kiwifarms is even going with "I BET HE'S HER NEW SUGAR DADDY!"

Come on, if the beast was back in London she'd be flaunting pics of London and #Londontrip all over her IG.

No. 310679

I'm only using words like 'suggest' and 'maybe'. >>310659. The kiwifarms thread just takes what we post here and adds commentary. It's the worst thread there imo.

We all know how margo defines 'friends'. It's likely just someone she knows minimally.

No. 310681

Good point. The one place she would never post pics of is Hungary, since then she would have to admit defeat.

If she has the design from the London artist in print or as a photograph, she could ask a rank Hungarian amateur to reproduce it.

It's anyone's best guess where she is now, but if she doesn't flaunt her location, it's very possible she's ashamed of it.

No. 311230

Exactly. WE all know this which is why it's kind of annoying when posters here >>310623
say stuff like "she is actually FRIENDS WITH this tattooist"

No. 311235

She does have a photograph of the tattoo, it's the one she showed to the tattooist in London as shown in >>310623
and on the basis of this one thing, people are embellishing and running wild with all sorts of speculation that it MUST BE the same guy/she's totally back in London/he must be her new bf.

No. 311242

Y'all. Pretty much everything here is prefaced with "what if" and "maybe" and "probably". Speculation is part of the fun. Derailing is against the rules, but speculation is not.

Cheer up. Have fun. This isn't serious business.

No. 311252

I don't mind speculation, obviously it's pretty much all we have most of the time. I do mind speculation posted as fact, as in >>310623 saying "she is actually friends with this tattooist."

No. 311253

Mate, I mean "Margo friends". Settle down.

No. 311254

More speculation:

Doenst Margo have to go back to England to get "Life Saving meDs" anyway? Otherwise she might die. Poor Margo.

No. 311255

Yeah, apparently it's the only place she can get her tinnitus meds for free for some reason. #lifesavingmeds

No. 311257

I see the sugar daddy thing you're referring to on KF and I get the frustration. I'm not taking it to that level but trying to play-act mostly; have some fun with it. I'm sorry if it reads obsessive or serious. I'm not the anon behind all of it although I am the anon behind >>310623. Much of what I post is tongue in cheek, but I also enjoy factfinding things like seeing the very beach in Japan she sat on. I can often be found disputing the assumptions others post here as "fact", but admit I can be a little irresponsible myself (usually for my own amusement).

No. 311261

I can't decide what is most disgusting about this pantsless pic: the pasty fat thighs, the bare feet splayed out on the tile floor or the dirty-looking hand pulling the shirt down so it (barely) covers her dirty old cooch. GAG

No. 311264


Shame, you'd be doing the world a favour you absolute nutcase.

No. 311267

This old slut is not living in London with her sugardaddy/bf, she's couchsurfing somewhere very, very unglamorous, like the dirty broke old psycho she is.

No. 311274

go back to kf

No. 311276

hmmm sankey…or snakey?

No. 311277

Swampcreature changed the caption on the disgusting thigh tat pic. Now it's "A gift of friendship of a great artist." Lolwhatever, maggrot.

No. 311282

File: 1478244704007.png (1.22 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_20161104-032445.png)

Offtopic but can anyone identify the pink substance in the bowl here? For some reason it's bothering me. I assume it's something pickled or fermented, bc that's how they roll over there?

No. 311283

Looks like cured meat to me, some meat have nitrite added to it to keep the colour pink and "fresh" It may also be undercooked meat or heavy instagram filters.

No. 311284

It's sliced roast beef with a dollop of grated horseradish. These kind of salads are a staple at most conbini and supermarkets in Japan.

No. 311285

Thanks, anon. Seems like an odd thing to serve with "all u can eat crappy pizza" but whatever. Everything she eats is weird, junky +/or borderline disgusting so this fits right in.

No. 311289

She goes to a lot of family restaurants that have a big variety of items for reasonable prices, as well as regular discounts, coupons and members cards. These places are often open very late. Actually, the seasonal promotions and exclusive regional items are pretty exciting sometimes. Margo also had a love affair with Denny's.

Sage for Japan foodie-sperg

No. 311293

She's not a "Japanese foodie" though, she's an American junk-food foodie. She eats at McDonald's, Outback, Baskin-Robbins and 7-11. Anyone in Bumfuck, USA can eat like she does.

No. 311295

File: 1478253006850.jpg (103.62 KB, 921x593, tattoo2.JPG)

Tattoo is done

No. 311299

>>311295 peek-a-boo vag lip

No. 311300

#lifeofADVENTURE, y'all!

No. 311301

looks like shit

No. 311302

"adventure" well that's one way of putting it. Guess being a broke-ass hobo can be seen as "adventurous."

No. 311305

Holy fuck, the tattoo looks so bad, just look at the weird angle on the tigers tail and all the shitty details. This is clearly some beginners work.

No. 311306

the outer detailings look quite nice compared to the tiger's outline and the stripes… also, where is the tiger's head? Is it hidden by her leg/vag crease?

No. 311308

It's in her "private parts."

No. 311312

Absolutely fucking awful. The shading is fucking terrible and there's barely any saturation to it. It looks like someone has just taken a soft shading pencil and rubbed it on her leg. The tiger's head is all squashed up and looks like it's been ran over by a steam roller. As does the paw on the top left side. Considering they used a stencil, this artist has zero skill at all.
Don't even get me started on those awful rocks and flowers in the background. She's ruined her leg.

No. 311314

If you look reeeeally closely you can see the head squished where the panties start. It's really small compared to the rest of the body

No. 311315

Yes, that's why I only wrote Japan, as in the restaurants here. Just showing how these type of places are VERY popular, especially among younger people. I'm not praising all her food choices, but she's in good company among the native population. Ha. That's why Japan is getting fatter!

That line work is bad! It looks like damn marking pen.

No. 311316

File: 1478257845802.jpg (142.29 KB, 921x593, 1478253006850.jpg)

Outlined the face for those who can't see it. It's eyes are literally on top of it's head despite the shape of the body implying otherwise.

No. 311317

maybe it's supposed to look better when she spreads her legs, kek.

No. 311318

omg I see it now…it looks like a GD deformed salamander head. What the actual fuck

No. 311319

I think you're actually right about that, awful as it is to even contemplate. This fucking old loon got a (really shitty) tattoo of a tiger literally CRAWLING INTO HER VAG.

No. 311321


Think is she is trying to push the idea she is still in Japan?

No. 311329

that fucking shading
that fucking wiggly lines


No. 311330

definitely designed for spread-eagle

No. 311333

it's funny that when she wanted to get the tattoo the first time the tigers head wasn't supposed to get in her vagaga but then she had the terrible idea to mirror the design.

No. 311334

The placement is so awful.

No. 311335


This looks like one of those basement tattoos that a friend of a friend gives you … Free and shitty. Poor dude probably should of charged for all the prickles and Vag cheese he had to surf thru …

No. 311374

Pussy smelling pussy.

No. 311379

This is going to age horribly. Pretty soon it'll just be a big grey blob.

No. 311393

That is a fucking terrible tattoo.

No. 311432

Noooo, it's "a gift of friendship of a #greatartist!" Don't you people recognize #greatArt when you see it! That leg doesn't look a bit like it accidentally fell into a vat of black slime or has a necrotizing skin disease of some kind.

No. 311535

File: 1478301033208.jpg (244.39 KB, 1800x771, margo97.jpg)

This is not PROOF, but just to say it's not impossible that she could be in London.

A similar shade of green wall appears in her pic and a few of the Plan 9 facebook pics (it's either an actual green wall, or a colour cast from a light).

No. 311539

And even if it were decently done, it doesn't go with her other tattoos at all. She's such a mess, inside and out.

No. 311549

Pretty sure its a standard white wall and its just the general lighting making it look greenish. It could be any white walled tattoo parlor

No. 311553

did you even read the caption? both things you mention are stated.

No. 311554

honestly, all 6 maggrot tattoos are equally hideous. So they go well I guess hah

No. 311568

I'm more creeped out every time I see this monstrosity. Beyond the overall shitty quality it looks fucking deformed, like a mutant microheaded striped lizard that got run over by a steamroller and pasted on her thigh with its head in that dirty unwashed cooch. NEED EYEBLEACH. NOW.

No. 311570

The anatomy on that tiger.. the paws definitely match the fucked up paws on the lion on the right.

No. 311571


I wish Venus were laughing her ass off at this right now but she's busy doing more important stuff

No. 311583

File: 1478315153601.jpg (164.25 KB, 921x593, sweet baby jesus.jpg)


Uh… You guys, I think the tiger got more fucked up than we thought. It could just be unfortunate inking, but it looks like the scratcher either messed up on a first version of the head, or was halfway done with it when Mags went, "WAIT!! I NEED THE HEAD TO POINT TO MY YOOTEROOS!! BOOLY!"

I outlined where it looks like there's a less-detailed head. There appear to be ears, eyes, a nose, teeth, whiskers…

No. 311585

Getting tattoos, "traveling" a lot… seems like typical midlife crisis stuff.
Then again I never really understand why people get tattoos for making a point they're still young. I think they make you age even more. Especially low quality ones like this. Though I do think the tiger doesn't look as hideous as people here make it out to be, it was probably meant to look like that since the overall ""aesthetic"" they were going for was probably ukiyo-e, in which the characters and animals always have kinda weird looking faces, anyway.

No. 311586


Are you dumb? lmao
The part that you are calling "whiskers" is the striped part of the other paw. The artist may not be that great, but no one is that stupid.

No. 311597

Margo is having a hell of a midlife crisis

No. 311602

Ukiyo-e, really? Tigers that look more like deformed road-kill lizards? Where??

No. 311603

>>311316 Look at the sketch in >>310623 it's not a second head, you're reaching too far. The tattoo artist was also either the one who drew the sketch or wasn't the one who fucked up the paws. 50/50 london?

No. 311604

linked the wrong post like a moron, meant to link >>311583

No. 311620

File: 1478323447553.jpg (107.11 KB, 479x700, 9mPCGwC.jpg)

If you google yakuza tiger tattoo you can see it's on the first page of picture replies.


If the tattoo artist is the one who sketched the original art then he just decided to throw out most of the detail and fuck up the design.

No. 311621

God, hers is so shit. And apparently, picked off a poster at the shop.

No. 311624


how can someone fuck up the tail tip this bad

No. 311630

File: 1478328437384.jpg (657.83 KB, 1140x1140, IMG_2016-11-05_02-38-05.JPG)

haha, nice find!
side by side detail to further illustrate what an absolute shit job this "artist" did:

No. 311632

go crawl back under your rock now, magrot

No. 311634


Thankyou for finding this anon.

Oh shit. That background is supposed to be water. Lol.

Maybe Margos "friend" let an apprentice do this to her. For the practice.


Im wondering if it might be a case of the resolution being shit in this photo. But that can only explain so much.

No. 311639

That's part of it, sure…but even making allowances for that you can still see the incredibly shitty detail of that wretched excuse for a tattoo.

No. 311640

It's like the 'artist' thought that the black tip was meant to be a 'tuft', like a lion's tail.

No. 311642

oh, that foot looks terrible

No. 311644

File: 1478332480161.jpg (1.47 MB, 1396x2122, Screenshot_20161105-005120.jpg)

More throwback pics

No. 311646

>once upon a time I had money, places to go and things to do

No. 311649

EVERYTHING looks terrible. Look at the background, the flowers, the details of the water…just heinous. All of it.

No. 311708


Even imaginary creatures can afford a gym and better tattoo artists. Isn't it sad, Margaret?

No. 311823

Or maybe the tatooist was good but margles couldn't stay still.
> Ma'am, please stop moving.
> BOOLY! Stfu and keep tatooing my jung skin!

No. 311833

I more image her getting turned on when he reached for 'her privates'

No. 311874


No. 311901

Part of what makes the "head" look so deformed is that it's in her vag fat/crotch crease area. You can see where the flesh is creased from the position of her legs and it's deforming the tiger's head. I don't know why she didn't take the pic straight on with her legs in a normal standing position, instead of squished together.

No. 311918

File: 1478423474688.jpg (1023.46 KB, 1080x1644, Screenshot_20161106-011012.jpg)

Mags talkin' shit on the plywood palace

No. 311920

Either she's still mad that she didn't get the job after the trial period, or she was eventually thrown out.

No. 311921

she claims after posting many, many photos while in there, with the other people, and staying there for weeks.

Definitely sounds like she got kicked out. Maybe she refused to leave/pay and the landlord moved her shit out while she was gallivanting around 100Y stores for her newest video.

No. 311937


I wish there would be a chance to talk to somebody of this hobo shelter who lived with mags together just to know how she acted there and why she left.

No. 311943

ha ha I hope they called the cops on her frankly. I bet she was a complete ass by the end.

No. 311963

File: 1478436216805.png (2.51 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2016-11-06_11-41-05_PM.p…)

Venus posted 9 hours ago, Margo posted 4 hours ago. Coincidence? I think not.

No. 311964

Obviously Magrots picture is a throwback but conveniently a similarly posed photo to the one Venus posted. Otherwise why post such an unflattering photo, especially if its only to complain about how living in a dorm sucks.

No. 311966

it might not even be that conscious for her, just and urge she feels

No. 311967

No. 311976


But Anon, none of her photos are flattering ..


Looking at those photos side by side makes me visualize Venus as the juice box if she never left Margo's side. Sucked dry and empty.

No. 311982

what? didn't you make some #amazing #friends and some wild action with your #koibito at the plywood palace?

No. 311990

I think the wanted so much being the center of the attention that she tried to create confusion in the plywood group but got uglily caught. They reported her manipulatory behavior and she got kicked out.

That's why she isn't talking about Venus lastly. She felt more humiliated from the plywood hotel kicking her out than from Venus.

Let's see how long her plywood-hotel-badmouthing phase will last. Just that, it sounds like good milk.

No. 311999


Aaaand it's gone

No. 312011

flared nostril penis nose eeeuugghhhh

No. 312108

File: 1478485749550.png (513.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-11-06-21-28-19…)

tags include #margaret #2016

No. 312133

Blurred to the max, lol. Someone that isn't blocked pls go on her IG to respond to the poor fool asking for her skin care routine – it's called FILTERS/BLUR TOOL, idiot.

No. 312156

I will never understand these people who have seen her real, unfiltered face and body, who compliment the obviously tweeked beyond all reason version.

Also: is this still a throwback, or do we have a possible location?

No. 312161

You still look like a haggard mess even with all that make-up and holding your evil snake eyes wide open, maggot

No. 312168

I haven't seen that background before so I think either current OR maybe really old? It's def. a different look.

No. 312171

The desktop behind her looks like it might be a shared one, air bnb or hostel still?

For a minute it looked like the setup they had in their old London apartment - but Venus was working at a Mac desktop, not that PC unit.

No. 312172

Well wherever the creature is, it seems to be on a more even keel than I've seen since before Venus left. That coming after the month-long blackout makes me think she had some kind of meltdown/breakdown/psychotic break and maybe got on some meds? I know there are no meds for PD's but I'm pretty sure morge had other shit on top of that given how bizarre, paranoid and totally delusional and out-of-control she was. Maybe something along the lines of mood stabilizers or anti-psychotics?

No. 312174

I think she is being accurate with her tags (at least for now). There's no #throwback tag on this one or the leaf one.

It's giving me very 'job search office'.

No. 312179

The warping between her boob/thigh is so obvious, and in a hilarious attempt to be NOT SHOOPED, she's left the fat near her elbow because warping would fuck up the computer (even though the computer is already slightly bulging from shrinking her bicep), so she looks like she's got a forearm attached to her forearm.

No. 312181

File: 1478499087815.png (297.13 KB, 404x399, picture.PNG)

terrible illustration of the third arm courtesy of my phone

No. 312195

File: 1478505213329.jpg (192.76 KB, 1079x1741, PSX_20161107_015516.jpg)

That quote is so random and makes no sense at all. What's she trying to convey here (besides trying to sound 'deep?') That her reality is exquisitely horrible beyond words? That's nothing new, morge.

Anyway that room doesn't look like a private home, more like a hostel/hotel or some kind of public space. First, there seems to be a handwritten sign on the door at right– maybe in Korean or Japanese? Can anyone make out the language?

No. 312196

File: 1478505264478.jpg (36.72 KB, 381x487, PSX_20161107_020342.jpg)

closer up view:

No. 312197

File: 1478505486642.jpg (139.24 KB, 657x999, PSX_20161107_023243.jpg)

Rest of the room looks pretty institutional as well. Could it be a room in a psychiatric or detox facility?

No. 312198

I have a screencap as well and I have looked at it close as I can. I couldn't even say whether it's English characters or an Asian language. It's not clear enough.

No. 312199


Is this a doorway behind the desk? Ime having a little trouble figuring this room out.

Anyway, in the centre of that picture with the bird I can make out "OME". So it probably says welcome.

No. 312200

File: 1478505926604.jpg (99.05 KB, 489x995, PSX_20161107_020658.jpg)

The art on the wall looks vaguely Korean/Japanese/generic Asian? And the fan attached to the wall and computer & desk def. has a public or institutional feel to it.

No. 312202

File: 1478506319952.jpg (92.87 KB, 589x492, margo-wall.jpg)

Yes, that's a doorway behind. Good decoding of the sign behind, I can see the four letters. I keep thinking it says "HOME" because of the bar across the first letter. Pic is my (slightly) clearer version.

The fan on the wall would suggests a hot place, but that doesn't definitely have to be so - it could just be a room that doesn't get air.

No. 312203

The problem with these items is yes, they can be Asian, but you can buy them all over. Perhaps that's because I'm Australian and we have all that shit here too, perhaps it's not too common an aesthetic in the Americas but elsewhere, sure. The wall fan is the thing that looks it can be Asian to me.

No. 312204

I'm pretty sure it's not English, it's characters of some kind.

Looks like a sliding door to a closet or something behind the desk more than an actual doorway to me. That's definitely a white door on the right though, with the sign on it. Maybe to a bathroom? It's not like a room in a private home, whatever it is.

No. 312205

You're right about the bird pic, now that I look again it doesn't look Asian at all.

No. 312207

It looks like a small room and if there is more than one computer it would get pretty stuffy.


At first glance I thought it was one of those Australiana pieces with a Kookaburra in the corner. Problem is none of those flowers look like natives. So… Country Chic?


Could be ALL CAPS. Its really hard to tell.

No. 312208

I had a Kookaburra moment too but the flowers / leaves are not right for that at all. It's not really a Kookaburra, just a bird with a fluffy head.

This is an old house door >>312195. This door suggests to me and old European house or building.

No. 312209

I think the yellow part with the sign is a hallway not a closet - because of the sign hanging in it. US-style closets (walls with doors) don't really exist all over (and we know she's not gonna be in the US).

No. 312210

No. 312214

File: 1478508418059.jpg (428.23 KB, 826x1917, marg-loc.jpg)

All of the architectural detail in this area (from the door to the newel post) says run-down, old house. there's no reason she can't be in London, or maybe another Euro city.

No. 312217

I reckon another European city. Unlikely in the UK because of the fan.

No. 312245

Agree, not likely UK. Hungary maybe? The little square sign on the door next to the doorknob is puzzling. Where would you see an old door with a sign like that? It almost looks like a permanent part of the door, like embedded in it, not just stuck on the surface.

No. 312246

Oh lord she's in an internet cafe.

If you go to cheap internet cafes they look like run down church reception halls.

No. 312251

It's probably a former letter box that's been sealed up. Some old buildings get converted into hotels and hostels and instead of replacing the door they just seal up the letter box. There's one in Glasgow I stayed in a while back that did that (not that I'm saying she's in Glasgow but that shit would be hilarious as I live there)

No. 312254

File: 1478520743664.jpg (103.29 KB, 750x596, IMG_5894.JPG)

Margo's up and retweeting random things. Does she even read before RTing? She'd love that level of attention.

No. 312256

fucking mango would love ANY attention. How ironic she chose this "nobody likes being HARASSED" thing to RT tho, since that's exactly what she was OBSESSED with doing to her kid for damn near a year, like a fucking bat out of hell.

No. 312258

are you able to see when the activity begins? it could be interesting to check against time zones.

No. 312276


her eyes creep me the fuck out here. This entire photo looks so damn strange.

No. 312301

You mean like a room with lots of computers? Seems plausible.

No. 312306

File: 1478530723104.jpg (84.13 KB, 931x594, mags23.JPG)

new pic

No. 312307


samefag, but lmao at this wonky background, specially around her hips and legs.

No. 312323

>all that shoop
lol stay crazy mags

No. 312324

File: 1478535402275.jpg (14.67 KB, 268x105, video.JPG)


aaannd mags said that there will be a new video this week.

No. 312330

Def. looks both institutional, and European. The newel post and curtain and hiding a staircase maybe? Door is old fashioned Europe / american style. The first extinguisher is strapped to the table, like ones that have been ordered by a fire inspector in a business.

And the shoop is egregious.

No. 312334

I've never seen a private room with a fire extinguisher in it and that door in the back is really odd.

From what i can make of it, it's a sliding door that leads out into somewhere. If she had the door shut, the two panels would make a complete picture of the bird+flowers so judging by the spacing of the letters and the symmetry of the design it probably doesn't say "___ Home" and I'm not even sure it says "Home" at all.

I've got some time on my hands so I'll search around and see what I can find. Given the fire extinguisher and the computer set up, it's likely either an AirBnB or a facility.

No. 312339

File: 1478538990101.png (572.69 KB, 484x563, why.PNG)

Samefagging but if Marge didn't get her tattoo from this shop judging by the 'quality' of their designs, I'll be shocked.

No. 312349

That's the only shop in the world that does shitty work? I'm gonna need more than "does poor-quality work" to pin down where she got the shitty work done.

No. 312354

File: 1478543532349.png (51.84 KB, 501x446, plan9.PNG)

Just going off what's been said here and what little I could find, it's entirely possible.

1. The owner of the shop has worked with her before and consulted on the tattoo with her.
2. She said it was free for helping out her tattooist friend. Which means either she did some work for them or she was a guinea pig for practice.
3. Going off #2, there's only two artists in the shop but they've been advertising guest artists from mid-Oct to mid-Nov and they're also opening a second location. I'm guessing either Marge was a guinea pig for a guest artist or she's been helping them with their second shop doing free labor in exchange for her tattoo.

No. 312356

This is like two tube stops away from me.. should I pop down for a possible wild Margo sighting?!

No. 312358

dooooo eeeeet.

Do it for the farms! For science! For milk! Plus knowing her location gives us something to work with. But stay safe, bitch be cray.

No. 312385

Surely Mags wouldn't pass up a grand opening of her Hungarian friend's second shop since she's such an attention whore.
Maybe she'll be displaying her tats..

No. 312427

Looks like it's run by Hungarians so it makes sense that Marge would go there

No. 312440

it's interesting to see it in context and realise the bird thing is some shitty cutout panel covering the door/window.

No. 312441

Good work anon. I am still on the London train as well.

No. 312442

yes it is run by Hungarians, with guest artists coming over from there to work as well.

No. 312444

Go use a computer at the Newlight Computer Solutions & Internet cafe (144 Ealing Rd), it's the one closest. See if that room's out the back, lol.

No. 312497

or do some half naked ~ASMR very artistic~ performance hah

No. 312506

We don't "know her location," ffs

>Maybe she'll be displaying her tats..
or her tits

No. 312530

Work those cheap filters on them thunderthighs, mags! #BodyAcceptance #autodidact #websitedesigner #TrainAutoPilot

No. 312535

When we find out the date of the opening, I'll head on over

No. 312581

File: 1478616144921.jpg (85.17 KB, 473x1273, PSX_20161108_092906.jpg)

hahaha, she stretched em out to make herself look like a long-legged supermodel too.

Hey magrot, here's a tip: if you're gonna shop your pic to filth, DON'T HAVE VERTICAL STRIPES IN THE BACKGROUND.

No. 312589

Also her shooped to hell and back full body shot is getting several comments from grown men…she's probably all aglow….

No. 312596

That's what she wants. #attentionwhore
Her caption is practically begging anonymous internet people to TELL ME I'M PRETTY!("should I post more like this? teehee") Fucking 41-year-old raving narcissist.

No. 312597

Not really, lol. A couple of teenage boys and a couple of middle-aged men is all, the rest is clueless teenage girls - and just 27 total comments. Not much to show for 24 hours. poor morge

No. 312603

File: 1478627861017.png (511.93 KB, 925x595, Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 9.56…)

We've returned to #throwbacks

Posted 10 hours ago. Zero comments.

No. 312640


maggot seems to be in a really, really ugly shithole since she is so damn secret about her current location. Or is paranoid as hell.

No. 312683

She went from homely mom when V was tiny to prostitute looking train wreck when V was first making a splash on YouTube. What look is she going for now? Miss Mental Asylum?

No. 312701

Fire extinguisher strapped to the table, computer bolted to the wall… She's not somewhere private, that's for sure.

No. 312771


Her legs look like strangled sausages in those jeans.. How does a hobo gain so much weight ?

No. 312793

lots of sodium in hobo junk food

No. 312807

File: 1478671261374.jpg (219.85 KB, 750x1005, IMG_5897.JPG)

Margo's rambling all over Twitter. Wonder if she just woke up in her Hungarian novel?

No. 312809

File: 1478671384186.jpg (143.55 KB, 750x739, IMG_5899.JPG)

Also, great reading comprehension as always.

No. 312844

File: 1478684654672.jpg (69.15 KB, 812x595, gym.JPG)

new pic at the gym.

No. 312846


What is going on with her hand?

No. 312850

File: 1478687693525.jpg (86.96 KB, 750x457, IMG_5901.JPG)

Is this a garbled quote from something or just Margo insanity?

No. 312855

Sounds very… Marglish unless she's talking about how Japanese currency is dropping now thanks to Election Day.

No. 312857

File: 1478690161682.jpg (97.79 KB, 750x422, IMG_5903.JPG)

>thinks logically
>not aggressive

top kek

No. 312862

one narc identifies with another, what a surprise

No. 312863

File: 1478693443443.jpg (108.4 KB, 1858x400, fitness.jpg)

there's a URL on the wall in the background but I can't quite read it.

No. 312864

There is a gym called "Center Fitness" in Budapest. Looking for pics now.

No. 312867

Samefagging: It seems it's not an unusual name and spelling for gyms there ("fitness center"), and it's not used as a term in the UK. My money is Margo is in Hungary, likely Budapest.

No. 312884

Wherever it is it looks more like a warehouse than a gym. Industrial lighting, looks like a cinderblock wall to the left and I don't see anything that looks like usable equipment here, more like random parts scattered around a factory floor or something. Doesn't look like any gym I've ever seen.

And why is this Hungarian hobo all over Twitter & insta gloating about fucking Trump? Tweeting @CNN for fucks sake and arguing with people online? The idiot is not a citizen, has never lived here and has no stake in US politics. What the hell

No. 312891

Look at the glass partition behind her (it's facing the other way so is reversed) it says "Fitness" and "Center" and it has a logo. There are pictures of gals working out all over it. It's a commercial gym. A lot of gyms in Budapest are in buildings of this era, it's just that eastern Bloc concrete brutal thing. I know because I've looked at a shit ton of them in google maps just now. From what I'm reading, there's a gym in every shopping centre, they're very into fitness there.

No. 312895

File: 1478708221931.jpg (9.42 KB, 152x113, gym.JPG)

Different anon here
The women working out on the wall looks generic in all honesty and the actual logo itself is a little too difficult for me to work out even when zoomed in at 200%
Pic related

No. 312896

Maggot is a complete idiot! Of course this narcissistic dumbass is for Trump! Hillary fans aggressive and can't think logically? Trump supporters are quiet?? Everything that spews out of her brain is illogical garbage. Fuck you Maggot. No one gives a shit what you think.

No. 312897

Cali detected

No. 312963

Waiting for hashtags:
#job #working #earningmyownmoney
#notaparasite #shoopedtohellandback

No. 312978

File: 1478728638614.png (43.32 KB, 301x250, Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 1.56…)

Hella marglish on her "yay trump" post, any germans in the house? Google translate doesn't help much between her shit german and crazy.

No. 312979

File: 1478728764374.png (43.94 KB, 311x289, Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 1.57…)

No. 312981

File: 1478728948326.png (63.11 KB, 321x425, Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 1.57…)

No. 312982

File: 1478729073591.png (60.3 KB, 315x370, Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 1.57…)

No. 312983

File: 1478729118216.png (6.04 KB, 64x48, logo.png)

This makes it slightly clearer but I can't make it out.

No. 312984

File: 1478729226079.png (49.25 KB, 320x290, Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 1.58…)

No. 312985

File: 1478729377091.png (35.42 KB, 312x195, Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 1.58…)

No. 312987

For the anons that were worried that Venus was doing another "how to look asian" type video, it ended up being a cosplay tutorial video.

No. 312988

British people spell "center" as "centre", so it's unlikely that she is in the UK based on this image. She could be anywhere else where US spellings are the convention for English though.

No. 312992

Yes, that's why I believe this is Hungary, where they use "Fitness Center" as an actual term >>312867. In the UK not only is it spelt "centre" but they use the terms "gym" or "fitness studio" instead.

Thanks, I was staring at this into the night.

No. 312995

This looked alright except the crazy blush. I know it's meant to be an OTT animu look but that just looks bad.

No. 313010

>he doesn't have bad intentions

See sees Trump like an innocent buffoon, just like her to be infantilizing that narcissistic twat. She probably imagines herself patting him on the head.

No. 313018

… Unless her phone is set to auto correct to American English?

No. 313020


Ignore me. I am retarded and didn't read up thread.

No. 313033


>anneleinliebling Well, I thought you are against Racism, Homophobia etc.

Maggs: Well words get twisted in trumps mouth (her german is bad what)


>anneleinliebling: Are you sarcastic right now?

Maggs: No why?


>Maggs@bbygal94: He is what you call clever and no bad intentions. He knows what to do. He looks forward and has a lot of insight into human nature. He worked four decades forward this. He understands the Internet, is healthy etc.

This is pretty rough to translate, because as a native germanfag I have a hard time to understand what she is talking about.

No. 313034


*has no bad intentions

No. 313040

>he understands the internet

What does this even mean??

No. 313046

That his collections of rare pepes is without peer. This qualifies him to be the leader of the free world, because crazy speaks to crazy.

No. 313073

who tf is 'us', she's not American. Just stupid.

No. 313084

it's also fucking tiny, you idiot

No. 313097

File: 1478736505950.png (84.12 KB, 771x390, logo.png)

Here, this picture is larger

No. 313128

would an inversion on PS help or something?

No. 313138

>where did you hide your 7 horcruxes


No. 313144

Trump is such a virile billionaire for ballsucking Marbroke-as-hell.
> Mah future husbando Donad Trump and I have so much in common. I hate my black ex-bf and so does he, too. I hate Japan because mah dowtah lives there with mah japanese ex-future-husbando she cheated on and so I can ask Donad if he cans bomb Japan for me to make 'merica greato again. And we both have lots of BOOOOLIES!!! And he loves east european jung wooman so I think he will divorce that stupid Melania to marry me.

No. 313151

Are we all Kiki now?

No. 313164

File: 1478741278269.png (819.71 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5721.PNG)

Could be totally wrong but I found a gym in Budapest called Holmes Place that has similar lights to the one in maggots picture.

No. 313169

Good find, I was combing through gym pics to find that blue light w/o luck. Is it too high up, though? The ceilings didn't look that high in Mags' photo

No. 313174

I was looking at Holmes place too, but it looks like they call themselves a 'health club', not fitness center.

No. 313189

Ya, we all kiki

No. 313195

File: 1478742601839.jpg (22.58 KB, 513x259, invert.jpg)

I don't think it really helps much

No. 313218

blargh, www.pa or pu m?… yeah i give up

No. 313225

File: 1478743951763.jpg (14.64 KB, 513x259, maggot.jpg)

Tweaked it a bit more from previous anon. Maybe someone can make this out?

No. 313237

Is it a bug or is lolcow on meth? Every anon seems to be named after our goddess of baldness kaka

No. 313240

Admin dropped the proof of kiki being spergchan


No. 313263

I tried deciphering the text but it's too hard.

But I kept seeing that blue light in the back, I've been googling fitness centers, so far I've come across one in kiev that has a similar aesthetic (in my opinion)


No. 313266

Gym's website name starts with a 'p'.
I'd be more focused on finding something that has the same running silhouettes in the background than looking for blue lights.

No. 313273

Google turns up a ppfitnesscenter.com in Finland. Do we have any definite clues to where Margo Santiago actually is?

No. 313274

Nope. The only non-throwbck pics are her getting that tattoo, and the gym photo. Those are all we've got to go on. She knows people in London and has family in Hungary, and has previously lived in Switzerland (and Zsu also married a Swiss dude/ lives there.)

No. 313284

File: 1478748067345.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3057.PNG)

This looks close to be honest. If you look at the picture maggot posted, the glass has an image of runners in it and it looks similar to this advertisement on the pp Facebook page.

No. 313289

Doesn't look like runners to me, looks like fitness models in various poses, i.e. the woman in shorts and a sports bra has boxing gloves on. >>312844

No. 313306

File: 1478750879726.jpg (550.21 KB, 1420x967, Screenshot_20161109-200618.jpg)

… Trump has never, ever been a joke, guise. He is super cereal. You are joke - m. palermo

No. 313337

It's not pp, I think it's p-a-m or p-u-m, but I could be wrong. Also the ceiling at that gym is white, and maggot's ceiling is dark.

No. 313407


Jesus, I get that she's a fan and that he is really president now and everything, but it's delusional to act like he's not controversial/polarising outside of the US.

No. 313564

latest commentary from grandpa F. Can anyone translate?

No. 313587

File: 1478797483210.png (418.6 KB, 813x602, ferenc proverb.png)

I assume this is the picture you're referring to. It's the Bible verse Proverbs 14:12 which says:

"There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death."

Kind of spooky.

No. 313668


she's half right, though. He's polarizing, but ya gotta take him seriously

No. 313731

>way that appears to be right
>it leads to death

Well we all know what way Marg's tiger is leading.

No. 313879

This made me fucking kek

No. 313988

A joke supporting another joke kek
> Veenoos I found a rich, serious husbando. Just wait for the bombs. You BOOLY PSYCHO DOWTAH!

No. 314008

>when your dad insinuates on Instagram that your pussy carries a deadly disease

Truly, mags has it made. Our very own bargain basement kartrashian. Impressed by Ferenc figuring out all that Japanese religious stuff. Brucelyn would never.

No. 314063

Yes, that's the one. Grandpa obviously knows more about the maggot & her current condition than what she posts on IG, since she stays in touch (manipulates/leeches off) momma Margit. He can't just spill bc his wife would go ballistic but apparently can't control his need to share his feels on IG, so he drops these hints. Maybe it's just outrage at his 41-year-old spawn posting pics of her tattooed 'private parts,' or maybe it's something more, who knows… but he's definitely not happy with ol' maggs right now.

No. 314086

Sage and apology for newfag. I've been following since Mag content claimed all of Venus' videos and I'm lazy. Is there proof of Mag's alcoholism or is it just her posting what looks like 3am texts because of Marglish?

No. 314108

File: 1478860187593.jpg (1.03 MB, 1419x2036, Screenshot_20161111-212725.jpg)

Stay classy marge

No. 314111


for once? She already posted nudes from behind - there is nothing new to see lol also edited her ass again lmao

Does she tries to sell herself these days or what is going on with her and those pictures about her "sexy yong bodeee"??


It's just maggots way of writing and speaking. It has been always super weird and got even worse the past months.

No. 314116

funny how her ass is so big from this angle and so slim in those jeans. she was in much better shape back when she posted her airport and airbnb nudes.

No. 314133


Her hair is such an awful mess. Not only does it have no discernible style but it looks unbrushed and in need of a good wash in this pic.

No. 314138

She must think she's high class now with an actual tiled bathroom and no coin slot on the shower.

No. 314144

oh my GOD
hashtagged #myass
Who was just saying something about the kartrashians? This old slut thinks she's kim kardashian for real. I don't think I've ever wanted to laugh and throw up at the same time before.

No. 314153

#myass because she just shaved her ass and was so proud of it kek

No. 314164

Could be pum, afaik pum pum is Jamaican slang for… arse, was it? And there's heaps of em in London

No. 314166

its Jamacian for vagina

No. 314174


Kek, then probably washed her dress in that asscrack hair infested waters.

No. 314176


Um… Given that it's a gym, I think it's more likely that it's the start of something like "pump" (as in "pump iron") rather than a Jamaican slang word for a body part.

No. 314200

Yes, there is. In addition to her late night / multiday rants, she posted photos of herself surrounded by booze and nonstop wasted at Tetris House.

No. 314245

File: 1478889956144.jpg (868.63 KB, 2048x1152, 20161111_122125.jpg)

If I weren' blocked on Instagram by her I would've sent thus to her with a "Wish you were here" message. Anyone else see something everyday that immediately makes you think of Margles?

No. 314264

That #mybathroom tag. Is she trying to say she found a place to stay and isn't in river?

No. 314273

File: 1478897048404.png (586.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-11-11-15-42-52…)

She's back in Korea?

No. 314278

I was going to say something about her saying 'tonight' when it's nearly 6am Saturday in Seoul, but Margo's English is never exactly accurate.

No. 314291

File: 1478900733114.png (701.42 KB, 926x597, Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 21.4…)

It's Fountain Itaewon if anyone's wondering.

No. 314296

It's fucking London, anything is possible
Coulda been pumpernickel for all we know

No. 314299

Itaewon is so gross.
She would be there.

No. 314300


checked Itaewon on Google and Red Light District just popped up lol so I could guess how she gets her money.

No. 314301

Maybe she wants us to know which color is her shit so she'll know if we watched her videos where she 'teaches us about life' and poop. Today it is green shit and that means that she gave head to shrek.
Am I right Margreen? Are you proud of us learning about life thanks to you?

No. 314314

it's proof she was drinking a lot, like problem drinking obviously. not proof of alcoholism.

No. 314319

She once "projected" Venus was an alcoholic. She's a narcissist so there's a high probability of addiction. Btw are you asslabyrinth?

No. 314324

ha ha ha ha fuck no

but if she has past form with it, also the projection, that adds to the idea she could be. I'm just saying the tetris house stuff is not proof in itself, and it's a leap from 'problem drinking' to 'alcoholism'.

No. 314331

Everyone probably assumed she wore thongs, but I didn't need the proof. God, her mullet hair just adds to the trash.

Probably meant 'last night'.

I'm actually inclined to agree. An alcoholic is basically someone who can't really function without drinking, a problem drinker is someone who drinks, in excess, regularly, but can survive. Margo would never be as active on social media if she was an alcoholic.

A drinking problem doesn't always equate to alcoholism.

Actually, since we're talking about the state of her body, part of me is curious as to whether she has shown past signs of excessive drinking when she and V were still living together and her body was much more slender and fit. Has the lack of 'her' money really driven her to problem drinking levels? Because it's clear that she has let herself go.

No. 314333

Okay. For now F10.9 alcohol use, unspecified. Doesn't really matter because even without the alcohol she is a horrible human.

No. 314339

yeah she hardly needs alcohol to be an ass

anyway I'm fascinated to know if she herself is in seoul or is just reposting.

No. 314387

File: 1478922746171.jpg (256.65 KB, 1157x1752, PSX_20161111_221359.jpg)

Sounds like she is back in SK from her #hashtags, and it's not something she's proud of or flaunting. Makes perfect sense that she'd go crawling back there after being kicked outta Nippon, that's always been her pattern.

Meanwhile VENOOS is going clothes shopping, haha. Remember those shopping sprees you used to go on with your daughter's $$, morge? Those daily Starbucks runs? When was the last time you saw the inside of a Starbucks, morge?

No. 314390

adding to her dating profiles I guess

No. 314412

>Margo would never be as active on social media if she was an alcoholic.

As someone who comes from a family full of alcoholics (including my mom, who weighs 115 pounds and has, on at least one occasion, had a 0.4 BAC while seemingly tipsy), I can attest that this is laughably false.

Maggot might be an alcoholic, or she might just be a party girl. Her presence on social media - or lack thereof - definitely isn't proof one way or the other.

No. 314416

File: 1478931661995.jpg (30.71 KB, 337x355, PSX_20161112_011707.jpg)

Lol @ marge partying hard in Seoul with dat 41-year-old ass hanging out on full display. Seriously tho, what price range we looking at here, with that FACE? I mean, we all know what she looks like irl (and keep in mind, pic attached is several years old.)

Any expert opinions? Cause I'm at a loss.

No. 314418

She's fending off marriage proposals from rich men, you booly!! But seriously, aren't they looks-obsessed in SK? or is that only younger people.

No. 314421

But she shaves her ass and legs daily. Does it not make her look younger? Plus her 10 lbs dragqueen make up. And she shits rainbows out of her anaconda ass. Such a jung frau!

No. 314422

Seriously, don't you have to be like… pretty to be a hostess? Being white is a p!us from what I've heard but aren't they also pretty youth-obsessed over there? Plus there must be a ton of competition from young, pretty girls too. Idk, I just can't see this worn-out haggard old beast making big bucks (or any bucks, really) escorting - but hey, I have no clue.

No. 314434

making she's making those gilf sheckles

No. 314436

oh lord, I never knew this was even a thing. Now I need mass amts of brain bleach, thank you SO MUCH.

No. 314437

same fam. gross.

No. 314440

Yeah, but even 10 lbs of spackled-on makeup can't cover those eyebags, jowls and deep lines, you know?
I'm leaning more towards porn videos, pics and/or a website of some kind, a la what NJM kept trying to push as a possible source of $$ for the beast. Maybe a fetish site or fin dom? That would be right up her alley…something that can be PS'd and filtered to fuck because I'm sorry, she's just too GD ugly for anything else.

No. 314449

File: 1478949815164.jpg (22.19 KB, 302x169, mags.JPG)

maggot keeps promising a new yt video

No. 314460

File: 1478957241866.png (Spoiler Image,3.77 MB, 2372x826, Untitled.png)

I remember we had suspected Margo made Venus diet/Venus has been losing weight due to the stress of living with her, and I can't seem to ignore thinking that venus might have put on some weight living with Manaki. I think this shows more of how much Margo was dangerous for Venus, she was getting sickly thin and was becoming obsessed with food (making the 100 nuggets challange for example)
I've added a photo where I compared some of Venuses old picture with new ones. maybe I might be a bit exaggerating, but I think you can really see she gained weight by her wrists. I guess she gained around 8kg? she stated she weighed 45, gaining 8kg will make her 53. (I'm doing those wild assumptions because I'm the same height as Venus.) I'm not saying it's bad she's gained weight, I'm just terrified by how fast she went downhill living with Margo… do you think she would have become sicker if she didn't decide to move out? P.S. I'm really sorry for my terrible editing skills.

No. 314463

She's definitely gained weight, and it is a positive thing. Getting away from Maggot helped her a lot in a lot of ways.

No. 314464

It's hard to see with pics alone, and Maggot obviously wanted to keep Venus as young looking as possible, and one way to do that was to control her diet and make her really skinny.

Stress can cause intestinal problems, which may also have contributed.

Never forget, farmers, the ugly diseased hag literally wanted to sell her daughter's virginity to a dirty old rich man. When Venus refused, the rotting maggot threatened her with the life of a homeless prostitute in a country where she doesn't speak the language.

And this is why we need a party when maggot croaks.

No. 314479

I never really doubted that Venus had weight problems but with this mess. I believe Margo started it 100%. She wanted to control her daughter to the point Margo can be a couch leech in the home of Venus's billionare husband.

No. 314484



"The Korean grandmothers who sell sex"

If there are old SK men paying literal 70 year old grandmothers for sex, Margo will be able to find someone to pay for her services.

No. 314549

Remember when maggot made venus post those creepy pictures of her boobs? No wonder she wanted to get away from her asap. Shes a crazy old witch

No. 314597

plenty of weird Korean guys in Seoul will go after anything white, no matter how fat or ugly. I know I watched it happen for 2 years lol

No. 314603

Just popping in to say that I've eaten significantly more sandwiches over the course of the past 2 weeks than what I normally do because of the OP pic

No. 314622

Hope they were better than the one Mergles was holding. A personal thing,but I don't care for the Safeway hoagies…the bread isn't too good IMO.

No. 314636

Taylor R mentions Venus is her vlog today; while out shopping with Sharla at H&M, they find a t-shirt that says "unicorns are real" and Taylor comments that the shirt was made for Venus. Sounds like they're still hanging out! Wish they'd do another video together to make Margo rage and break her cover.

No. 314697

File: 1479009975584.jpg (75.43 KB, 1200x771, skorea.jpg)

Topical, so it's pointing to Margo really being there in SKorea. 1) How the fuck did she get the airfare to go? 2) How the fuck can she afford to live, even in a dorm?

No. 314699

the protest referred to happened Saturday, and the note reads like it was written before (although it could be a mistake in the translation).

No. 314703

File: 1479010924442.jpg (71.98 KB, 1200x561, craigslist.jpg)

posted for entertainment purposes only

No. 314704

File: 1479011106786.png (913.38 KB, 935x599, margospotting.png)

I am bored and have nothing better to do than scan Instagram crowd photos of places where Margo could have possibly been and pretend I have found her
>Hungarian Where's Wally?

No. 314707

holy shit

No. 314711

her hair looks shorter at the sides, more hacked in the green dress ass pics. but still…

No. 314718

Nice work!!

No. 314726

Lol, they're all like 18-22… and there's Margo. Her unfiltered, hanging jowls and sunken eyes will only look worse under overhead flashing lights. But when dudes are wasted, they'll stick their dicks in ANYTHING.

I really wonder how she got back there. Did Mama Margit say she could keep her allowance as long as she left Tokyo (and didn't come home)?

No. 314799

Airfare from Tokyo to Seoul is only $150-$200 USD. And I'm sure the old slut is living off a combination of momma margit $$, whatever other measly income sources she might have and sponging off gullible marks. Seoul makes perfect sense, it's her pattern to go slinking back there when she has no other options…it's the poor woman's Japan, cheap and easy. She'll never go back to Hungary, she hates it too much and it would be an admission of total defeat. In Seoul she can keep up a front on IG but Hungary would be totally humiliating.

So I guess we can finally give up the London speculation?

No. 314824

The spelling of "fitness center" points to Hungary. Not only to there, but it does point there.

I still think it could go like this - trouble in Japan > deportation > Hungary > I'm a free woooman! > Seoul as of Friday-ish.

No. 314826

agree London isn't too likely.

No. 314832

File: 1479038955760.jpg (50.26 KB, 512x288, image.jpg)

So, using SK as a starting point, Google shows up a gym with very similar lighting to the one in Margo's fitness photo. A nice man has even given us a video tour of the interior.


No. 314835

Are the green dress and the fitness outfit new? Has Margo come into a bit of money? (or vis versa)

No. 314836

the lighting is right, the name and signage isn't though.

No. 314837

yeah, about ten bucks by the looks of it.

No. 314867

File: 1479050146024.png (765.95 KB, 720x1056, Screenshot_2016-11-13-07-09-59…)

More random club scenery from Marg.

No. 314869


Looks like halloween decor

No. 314905

Everything looks filthy

No. 314931


It's probably Itaewon, place of disgusting clubs, fat, sex-deprived American soldiers and surprisingly enough - delicious food.

No. 314967

A million florints to the anon who finds her profile on a SK dating/hooking/sugarbaby website. What's the one that Aussie chick Lorena uses? That might be a good place to start.
This new incarnation of margo as middle-aged clubslut/hooker in SK is giving me LIFE

No. 314979

swans with black paint smeared on them

No. 314997

File: 1479076873891.jpg (180 KB, 668x1328, details.jpg)

As Margo has deleted this pic, perhaps there's something she thought we would see in it? Here are the background details:
>Oriental Massage illuminated sign behind
>Bus stop
>partial sigh with -ACH visible (maybe -EACH?)

No. 315012


Maybe she's illegally working at the massage place ? Giving some dirty old Korean men a tug or two.

No. 315015


>Street with a bus shelter on it

>Large concrete or stone pavers (not brick)

No. 315063

File: 1479084819898.jpg (176.12 KB, 1916x492, PSX_20161113_185621.jpg)

Margo answers your question via an edited IG caption:

So >>314837 nailed it.

(also– #kimkardashian)

No. 315083

File: 1479087633836.jpg (296.37 KB, 1608x594, LUB YOO LONG TIME.jpg)

She's definitely in Itaewon, I guess. This is right outside the train station.

The store is "North Beach" and you can see the exact bus stop here on Google Streetview:

The signage on the massage place has changed since those pics, but there's an up to date Google Streetview here:

No. 315084


No. 315092

Bless you anon. I love this level of sleuthing.

Now what dorm is she living in, lol.

No. 315093

Margo is very predictable. The hostel will be near to this pic I think.

No. 315122

File: 1479094324327.png (23.38 KB, 355x744, margorant.png)

MAgs had another little rant about Venus. Misinterpreting Venus' instagram posts into marglish as usual.

No. 315126

margo: "I have MANY SKILLS."
me: "hahahahahahaaaa"

No. 315128

oh, the old bitch is following Venus's every move on IG, fuming and seething furiously. Bet the recent pics of Jill Stuart makeup, salon trips for lash extentions and new hair and clothes shopping are triggering the fuck out of her… those were the old narc's favorite things back in her glory days (of spending Venus's $$)

No. 315155

Is that "left with $1,000" bit new? I don't recall seeing that particular figure before. How pitiful that she's STILL flogging that ludicrous "poor helpless lil me, left all alone and BROKE by my evil teenage daughter" line to any gullible fool that will listen though.

No. 315157

jesus fucking christ so she really did just jump to korea again.

margrot GO HOME.

No. 315162

>apartment rent paid three months
>new course paid
>student visa renewal paid
>expensive items (camera, mac)
I wonder if vexxed cares that she lied to him? She talked about being left homeless and starving and failed to mention the $1K.

No. 315163

yes it's definitely new info.

No. 315208

I think my fav about this is in the earlier screen cap it says #partydress but now it's for sleeping…
Slumber party? Huehuehue

No. 315216

>literally wanted to sell her daughter's virginity to a dirty old rich man

Does anyone have proof of this? I'm not saying it didn't happen, but I can't find evidence beyond people saying it did.

No. 315218

>implying vexxed ever cared about facts
>implying vexxed's sole goal wasn't to get as many views as possible

No. 315225

aaaand morge changes the sob story again. Didn't Venoos left you with 0 money and only the clothes in your back?

No. 315230

Margaret said to Venus that "millionaires want pale virgins", implying that Venus is destroying her own sexual/romantic appeal and wasting her virginity on Manaki when she could snag a rich husband instead.

It was mentioned in V's video about running away, people started taking that quote as 'Margaret is selling her daughter's virginity' and we all kind of ran with it.

No. 315236

Since she's back I wondered where was her nars rage. Here is her badmouthing again. Welcome back, hysteric marge!

No. 315245

File: 1479114859793.jpg (75.24 KB, 930x595, club.JPG)

new clubbing picture while being poetic.

No. 315247

I like to imagine they didn't let her in and now she stares through the window into the club

No. 315283

File: 1479123911581.jpg (170.97 KB, 750x987, IMG_5921.JPG)

Sounds like the hobo's in a dorm again. Margo is totally one of those people who always takes advantages of freebies like this and never gives anything back.

No. 315287

Wow what a busy and happening place to be /sarcasm

No. 315304


No. 315313

#hostel #living

No. 315315

If I were her housemate I'd tamper with that pizza. She shouldn't trust people so easily.

No. 315337


which is funny, because Margrot's first impression (or second, actually) of Mana is that he was a rich boy, and telling by the screenshots,she was pushing on him the idea of marrying venus asap.

No. 315341

Alright so she's confirmed in Itaewon but now we need to figure out what hostel she's in and how the fuck she's paying for all this. I'm still betting on sex work because why else would she pick Itaewon and not a more glamorous area of SK?

No. 315350

It's possible that she doesn't live in Itaewon. The picture of the bus stop was taken between the Fountain Club she keeps posting pics of and the train station.

No. 315352

same here anon, even the last posts from Japan scream hostessing. Maggot loves easy money and attention so why not

No. 315356

I still doubt it's sex work, Margo seems too proud (in an odd sense, I know) for that. I reckon she gets a most of her money from her mom.
I also think she's realised hostels can be preferable as she can take advantage of other guests.

All speculation, of course.

No. 315357

On her old airbnb profile she had added a Japanese café to her wishlist, one where you work and get a place to stay for free. Perhaps she found a similar arrangement in Seoul.


No. 315359


This is the place she stayed in Japan, but had to leave for whatever reason.
Also, her AirBnB Profile says that her current location is Seoul.

No. 315364

True, she may very well be making the trip to Itaewon to find her next target.

One of her gym tags said "crossfit" so I tried to find all the crossfit gyms in Seoul but couldn't make a match. Similarly, it's almost as impossible to find the room she posed in unless you comb through every cheap hostel/dorm in Seoul.

No. 315368

File: 1479142236379.png (415.09 KB, 747x475, venusroom.png)

Meanwhile Venus shared a short video of her cute tiny princess room.

No. 315385

>such nice people
I lived in a goshiwon and literally everyone does this. They just leave whatever they don't want in the common area or the shared kitchen.
Actually one time I left two whole boxes of tea bags thinking people would just take it as they want it. I returned to the kitchen not even 5 minutes later and both boxes were gone.

No. 315456

She actually asked for permission from the owners to film, I can respect that.

No. 315459

Look at that, Venus living her life and enjoying herself while Margo rots. Sometimes there is justice in the world.

Also Venus' hair looks 1000x better than it ever did while she was under Margo's control.

No. 315492

>how the fuck she's paying for all this.
Seoul is cheap relative to Tokyo so "all this" isn't much. She's eking out a subsistence in a dirt-cheap dorm with momma's $$ just like she did in Tokyo only now her expenses are even less. The old slut is one small step up from sleeping in doorways and eating out of garbage bins, despite her sad attempts to portray a life of #clubbing and #partying.

>I still doubt it's sex work, Margo seems too proud (in an odd sense, I know) for that
^^ There are other kinds of sex work besides hostessing/escorting, namely P0RN. I agree she thinks she's too good to fuck old men for less than big bucks, which is all she could hope for as a hooker (sure, she could reel in the occasional drunk young guy cruising the clubs but thay're not gonna pay for her old ass.) I'm still leaning towards her doing p0rn, either photos, films and/or a website or 2. That would be right up her alley, especially given how much that shit can be photoshopped & filtered… she could pose and fantasize about what a sexxyyy beast she is, feeding into her delusions. Look at the lowlife creeps she hung out with at the Tokyo hostel, that p0rn photographer guy and the party she posted pics of with the naked guys slapping each other, and the semi-naked pics she's posted publicly. I think she's been going in that direction at least since the early days in Tokyo.

No. 315527

She strikes me as a dominatrix type..

No. 315539

>model's face on the background at 5:05

I guess this is proper way to do the Kooterz lipstache thing

No. 315640

File: 1479168328332.png (232.87 KB, 1010x424, 6d9f3a77-df32-4b68-800b-c22732…)

NJM agrees.

No. 315642

File: 1479168423635.png (245.75 KB, 1024x400, e80b05a0-7952-4710-a756-2ace1f…)

Lots of marketing ideas for morge

No. 315652

The pity pizza n coke to a wrecked hobo sitting in front of the club entrance.
> Look Weenoos, I have friends, too, you BOOOLY!!!

No. 315665

Are you kidding? She likes it when people put drugs in her pizza. #freedrugs #bcfriendseverywhere


Madame claude should hire margoth for her porn website.

And here is she again imagining V in her old porn fantasies from the 70's.

No. 315694

File: 1479175625155.png (324.24 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160805-090333.png)

These comments are old, from April I think. NJM has pretty much fucked off from mange's IG for months now. She (or should I say It) still shows up in Venus's IG comments occasionally, using its fake IG account (pic attached.) Nothing controversial, just generic sucking up.

No. 315754

can we not bring up old caps and njm?

No. 315835

agree, she gives me the creeps and if she's not active anymore…

No. 315837

Is njm legit mentally ill? Bitch needs her own thread fuck she's crazy.

And then there's that lawyer guy she's been stalking for years. Why did she pick Venus to be creepy about?

No. 315842

she must be. I kind of assume schizoaffective from her writing.

No. 315871

That top left paw is killing me

No. 315940

File: 1479239707826.jpeg (88.63 KB, 640x952, image.jpeg)

laughing so hard, feels like major jab at morge

No. 315944

File: 1479240796108.png (843.38 KB, 738x493, margesnewplywoodpalace.PNG)

For whenever she gets kicked out of her latest dorm and can't find a 7-11's floor to sleep on.

No. 316017

holy shit that is vicious.

No. 316018

hope she saves this >>309644

No. 316021

I love it when Venus' true personality shines through and she's sarcastic. It's refreshing.

No. 316085

File: 1479268151121.jpg (1.24 MB, 1425x2139, Screenshot_20161115-194634.jpg)

Margo: "remember when I briefly suckered a dude into buying me shit so I didn't have to live off common room hobo leftovers, before I scared him off? I 'member" #throwback #friends #rich

No. 316101

shoulda said yes to that proposal, Margles. you could be eating real food!

No. 316113

There only "proposal" that took place was the one that in morge's reptilebrain IG fantasy life (the same one where she's a sexxyy international partygirl.)

No. 316142

b-b-but she didn't touch his dick, anon

No. 316184

File: 1479295627457.jpg (279.45 KB, 1200x1068, PSX_20161116_061830.jpg)

She didn't get no proposal either.

Anyway, Binasu looks happy and cute as hell and that almost warms my cold dead heart.

No. 316212

File: 1479306160727.jpg (184.05 KB, 750x759, IMG_5938.JPG)

Margo, you are not one to talk when it comes to taste.

No. 316213

I'd rather wear those than Margo's "rare designer" purse

No. 316231

Don't lie margo, you'd be the first (and probably the only person) to get these if you had the money to afford them

No. 316246

her attempts at memes never fail to crack me up

No. 316250

She could be staying in a jimjilbang. That will only cost about $5 to $9 a night. You sleep on the floor, but considering her total lack of income, it seems plausible.

No. 316326

good point, and this could be why we are having another 'throwback week'.

No. 316335

File: 1479336738018.jpg (61.91 KB, 778x508, PSX_20161116_172124.jpg)

Wherever she's holed up, it's rock bottom cheap for sure.

The old hobo just can't stop looking at shit she can't afford to buy, lol. That ugly Adidas dress she tried on, those Yeezy shoes and now this. Poor ol' morge was a champion shopper back in the day as I recall… clothes, shoes, jewelry, and makeup hauls ALL THE TIME, happily flaunted all over IG (along with those daily Starbucks runs.) Now all the old freak can do is go through online pics and pretend she doesn't care (ha!)

Wonder what the hag thinks of Venus's latest salon trips for new hair color, nails and lash extensions? New shoes too… and wearing them, not just posting pics of shoes.

No. 316356

This one was pretty boring. Wonder if Manaki works too much

No. 316384

It's Japan, everyone works too much

No. 316426

>weird prizes from UFO catchers
I would watch an entire series on this.

No. 316427


is it just me or is her english improving? maybe from hanging out with native english speakers like taylor?

No. 316448

I hear it too! I believe she is improving and becoming more relaxed. Didn't she mention before that she started to video chat with somebody else(Tsukuro) too?
The subtitles are a nice addition.

I hope she covers some of the ufo catcher-exclusive foods and snacks. I saw potato chip flavored cola at my local Namco arcade!

No. 316574


staying away from margo's mushmouthed jarring english does wonders

No. 316761

Venus is improving so much on her video making. Shes no longer a stiff board with a kappa breathing down her back.

No. 316764

As well as not talking through her nose. I bet Margarine made her do that so she'd sound like a squeaky dolly

No. 316766

File: 1479438752134.png (631.92 KB, 927x600, Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 7.10…)

She must be in very dire straits - back to posting throwback photos; she went out to one club one night and that was it. "Remember when I was in JA-pan??"

No. 316770

The cat that needs to be tripled to fit in the square and the margoo that needs to be choped in 3 parts for a third of her to fits into a square.

I'm not good at maths but I think that marge is as fat as 9 fit cats.

No. 316771

Or as fit as 9 fat cats… (same anon)

No. 316780

TheStreetSlimThreeFitSquareCat just rolls off the tongue. New band name.

No. 316784

Lol. wth is the loon even trying to say with this >TheStreetSlimThreeFitSquareCat line? Is this a thing? Is she trying to make it a thing? So confused.
Also her new favorite hashtag seems to be #voyage, like she's an intrepid explorer or something. Whatever, morge. We know you're nothing but a hobo.

No. 316785

Margo fancies herself an artist - writer, musician, painter, photographer, actress/performer - as well as a genius. I think TheStreetSlimThreeFitSquareCat is her idea of a brilliant title for a clever art piece.

No. 316817


Is she salty that this homeless cat gets to stay in Japan, but her homeless ass doesn't.

No. 316859

New Venus Vid!
As cute is it is, it made me notice that she has some really nice looking extensions which I actually thought were her hair.

No. 316996

How much does it take to heal after a rhinoplasty (nosejob)?

No. 316999

No. 317000

It seems like that anon thinks Maggro had some work done and that's why she doesn't have new pics.

Is it "good-bye" penis nose?!

No. 317002

it really depends on how extensive the surgery is. Most moderate-severe corrections can take at least a week to heal enough to leave the house without drawing a ton of attention. But it usually takes up to 6 months for everything to fully heal and swelling to completely subside.

No. 317031

It wouldn't take that long, brusies would be gone by a week or two. Ofc the nose will still be a little swollen for months (a year usually), but it looks fine.

No. 317034

Margo can't afford one, don't worry anon.

No. 317044


She can't even afford food right now .. Hence her living on freebies, heh.

No. 317060

the delusion is real. most likely she can't even afford a hostel. plus Margo will see herself as perfect anyway.

No. 317198

File: 1479581118279.png (714.72 KB, 923x595, Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 10.4…)

Hmmm. Did Margo find herself another "date" so she doesn't have to live on common room leftovers? Or is she just taking a photo of a street vendor's setup?

No. 317199

File: 1479581184417.png (604.36 KB, 923x590, Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 10.4…)

And dawww at this photo of Venus and Mana. Their stalker is finally gone and they can live like normal people.

No. 317232

I love this!

No. 317271

>stalker is finally gone
Eh she's only in Korea. but I'm happy for them that they can relax.

No. 317375

I saw this in my feed and it really warmed my heart. She is so much happier, with a man that supports and adores her. It does scare me that Margaret is only a ferry ride away, waiting to snap. God. I hope Mags finds a poor Korean loser to distract her instead.

If we take their word for it, Venus and Manaki might be having a proper wedding ceremony soon(1 year anniversary). Imagine Margaret dramatically bursting in on the ceremony, like a telenovela.

No. 317412

File: 1479630013564.jpg (288.48 KB, 1200x1686, PSX_20161120_031401.jpg)

ngl, I love these two, strange as they are. They've come so far since this time last year when Venus was being dragged from one air bnb Seoul rental to the next with margo, making mukbang videos (eating 100 chicken nuggets was one year ago this week) and looking deathly thin on IG and Manaki was the creepy pedo stalker who Venus married then ditched in Japan.

No. 317415

If she is around Sinchon, like the last time, she'll be able to find korean bbq for around 2-3 dollars pr serving, so not necessarily.

No. 317434

As weird as their first meeting was, they're actually a pretty cute couple and it's obvious he truly loves her and wants her to be happy otherwise he would've ditched her the moment crazy mama came knocking at the door and tried to frame him for assault.

No. 317438

Oh definitely, that's been obvious for quite awhile now. I was referring to what everyone thought he was this time last year.

No. 317447

File: 1479650083036.jpeg (134.06 KB, 532x600, 600_433482080.jpeg)

All i could think of was Mags be like in the pic related
#fabulous #bbq #hobolife

No. 317454

hahahahaha I thought the same

No. 317611

File: 1479705407270.jpg (286.85 KB, 1200x1561, PSX_20161121_000901.jpg)

Venus is at a photoshoot of some kind right now. This selfie is annoying as hell but I'm intrigued..

No. 317612

File: 1479705547158.jpg (201.51 KB, 1192x1806, PSX_20161121_000749.jpg)

Screenshot from her instagram stories just now. Looks like a pretty professional operation. What could it be??

No. 317652


Venus is doing modelling now ? Funny how she finally gets jobs as soon as her batshit crazy mom is out of the picture. ( Margo must of always scared them away )

No. 317653

File: 1479730818476.jpg (183.28 KB, 700x1100, p202-2.jpg)

never forget.

No. 317654

I don't think they'll be 'married' for another 2-3 years, in the eyes of their relationship. V is just learning that she can have friends and do as she pleases. Mana clearly likes her, but he also clearly likes her enough that he's happy to give her the space and time she needs.

No. 317656

Oh, yeah. I'm just going off what Margaret had claimed. But you're right! They have more time to plan and there is no need to rush, if they decide to have a ceremony at all. A Venus Angelic wedding is a cute image, though.

No. 317658

Yeah Venus said she calls him boyfriend because they're both young and they don't really feel like a married couple. I think it'll be a while until she starts referring to him as husband, and I honestly think that's totally fine. I mean I can't imagine being married at that age.

No. 317660


No. 317661

incorrect. This was Mr Yan's touch

No. 317672

Honestly? I like that they're both taking it slow. The marriage was rushed just to give Venus an escape but I love that they're genuinely happy with each other and don't seem to want to rush anything. It's just really cute to see that kind of innocent love with them going out on dates and vacations together. Margarot must be seething with every happy photo they post.

Hoping Venus' career as a model takes off as well. Bodyline at least got her foot in the door but she looks like she's finally getting professional gigs that I hope will be longterm or at least lead to better opportunities.

No. 317745

She showed the set on IG, it seems to be of a house, there's a really cutesy kitchen and bedroom, but she doesn't mention what she's there for.

No. 317771

>Mr Yan's touch
creepy. also before my time, pardon my innacuracy

No. 317777

Venus has been on a photo shoot and Mana announces he wants to make YouTube his new hobby. Can we expect a MASSIVE chimpout soon,Mags?

No. 317779

File: 1479771531734.png (502.34 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-11-21-16-33-26…)

No. 317783

>margo's face when

No. 317788

This is so cute, though!

No. 317799

File: 1479778304682.jpg (277.85 KB, 1184x1783, PSX_20161121_202558.jpg)

more screenshots from the photoshoot-kawaii kitchen

No. 317800

File: 1479778334757.jpg (175.33 KB, 1200x1818, PSX_20161121_202625.jpg)

No. 317801

File: 1479778471218.jpg (180.74 KB, 1200x1809, PSX_20161121_202644.jpg)

kawaii bedroom

No. 317803

File: 1479778633254.jpg (167.56 KB, 1161x1818, PSX_20161121_202730.jpg)

Will we ever know what this was??

No. 317804

Girl needs to clean up. Looks junky and gross.

No. 317810

isn't this a set though?

No. 317815

I don't think it was actually her room

No. 317816

It's a set, not her house.

No. 317829


No. 317834

>not even reading a handful of posts up
Go home, you're drunk.

No. 317836

No. 317839

>unable to identify difference between a bedroom and a professional studio

No. 317840

Thank GOD she's no longer using that cringe ending for her videos.

No. 317841

Margo is screaming somewhere right now. It begins!

No. 317842

It's just a light-up Furby that comes in a shell. Do grown adults like Venus actually think these are worth buying over retail and having? Lol

No. 317850

Apparently these things are the #1 hottest-selling must have toy this year. They're sold out everywhere and selling for 3x their sales price on ebay. Venus's 12-year-old fans are going nuts.

No. 317852

She was like 14~15 when she wrote a whole blog of her experience buying a bra and how she refused to grow up… so Venus playing with furbys at age 20 is something you can expect from her.

this was gold kek

No. 317854

Yeah, another video about a cute child's toy shot in her pink princess bedroom, BUT: she's FINALLY learned to look INTO the camera lens, not off to the side, after this being pointed out to her about a BILLION TIMES. So…progress?

No. 317855

after like …6 years? Lola progresses faster.

No. 317856

Well, the girl was not allowed to have anything even faintly resembling a normal childhood when she was growing up…no friends, no school, nothing. Yanked all over Europe, pimped out and put on display like a performing animal since she was a young teen, so she does seem to be clinging to the life of an average 13-14 year old with the pink bedroom, stuffed toys etc. now. It's the life she was never allowed to have when she was that age.

No. 317858

Except that you can see all of the bonds. Look where her hair is parted/pulled back, you can see the attachment points for the extensions.

No. 317860

I know but it's still PROGRESS.

No. 317862

I'm confused, I know she was homeschooled at some point but she also has a video talking about people in school recognizing her from the videos?

Margo is nuts but I don't think Venus didn't have an opportunity to make friends or take her own decisions? If she met and dated Manaki then I don't see why she didn't hang with other girls for example.

No. 317863

She got pulled from real school at age 13 or 14; she's been attending "language school" since then because if Venus didn't go to school, Margo didn't qualify for the SwissBux disbursement.

No. 317864

File: 1479791423091.jpg (252.58 KB, 1419x1070, PSX_20161122_000714.jpg)

Those are tape-in extensions that I think are recent. She got some really nice bonded extensions back in August but they need to be replaced every 2-3 months, so I think she went back to the salon and had them replaced with these (less expensive) tape-ins. She got lash extensions and new nails at the same time (pic attached) and she goes to a pretty high-end salon in Harajuku.

No. 317865

>so she does seem to be clinging to the life of an average 13-14 year old with the pink bedroom, stuffed toys etc

But she has a lot of stuffed toys, childish clothing and pink stuff in her old videos.

No. 317866

>If she met and dated Manaki then I don't see why she didn't hang with other girls for example.
Because Margo thought she would somehow also get a ticket to stay in Japan but when she realized that it was only for Venus she dragged her living bank account to Korea thinking she could stay there longer. How new are you???

No. 317867

Those actually look like flat bonds rather than tape-ins. Tape-ins are longer (usually 1-2" sections). I used to have the type of extensions that she has and it's difficult to disguise them when your hair is pulled back, but they look very natural when your hair is down.

No. 317868

File: 1479791910993.jpg (46.17 KB, 540x960, 1e71a2a3d21e85156d8c1e2c6009be…)

Dropped my pic. These are flat-bonded hair extensions…

No. 317869

File: 1479791941583.jpg (41.1 KB, 396x369, how-to-wear-the-tape-in-hair-e…)

And these are tape-ins. Sage for no contribution.

No. 317870

I see, thanks anon.

But anyway I think she always liked that kind of childish stuff, I don't think it is because Margo didn't let her have that life before lol actually I thought she was going to act and look different now that she is married but everything is cringe as always. I think the only time I saw her acting and dressing her age was when she was like 17~18.

No. 317871

Yeah, back when she was a young teen but she was living this bizarre life going from one air bnb rental to the next, totally isolated from her peers and family and living with a crazy cunt. Now it's like she's 'stuck' in that stage and not progressing past it. It's like her safe zone that she's stuck in.

No. 317872

Maybe it's just what she likes though?
I mean you could say the same about 90% of the lolita community but most of them are normal adults who just like the kawaii aesthetic, is it really so farfetched that Venus is one of them?

No. 317874

aaagghhhh I have flat bonded extensions and the look of tape ins makes me cringe… Like… Big roof shingles of hair.

No. 317875

Yeah most likely. And I think she is just annoyed of the whole situation not traumatized.

No. 317877

Agreed. People are too harsh and creating odd scenarios about how ill-adjusted Venus must be. There's (currently)no proof that Venus has an unhealthy preoccupation with childish and cute things. Liking those types of things is not inherently bad or weird. We see her amped up persona in videos, but we also know she likes casual dress, bike rides, horror movies, psychology, dinner dates with her husband and travelling around town by herself. I don't think she is emotionally regressed. She's much more mature and forward-thinking than her mother, that's for sure.

No. 317879


maggot tried to inculcate her twisted views about human beings in V, males= either marriage prospects and money or abusive assholes and females except mommy=jealous backstabbers, that's why every girl trying to befriend Venus gave up.

No. 317881

Anon she has internet, you can make friends and stay in touch with them and still be best friends even if you move to a different country.

No. 317883

Yeah, no. Internet "friends" that you never meet irl are not the same as real friends you hang out and interact with, not even close.

No. 317884

Taylor actually described her as a smart girl, but you are basically saying she can't because Margo was a bitch so she is a bitch too. Actually I like more my version of Venus than yours, I would rather call her a loner, a weeaboo than a traumatized bitch who can't make friends because every girl "gave up"

I never said internet friends, read again.

No. 317886

not with a psycho mother who has the passwords of your social media and basically hovers over you 24/7

No. 317888

I agree, this is a fact, Margo had her passwords.

No. 317889


uh, I never said Venus is a traumatized bitch, re-read my post again please:

>maggot tried to inculcate her twisted views about human beings

As you can see, I said Maggot tried. Tried to make her believe that all women (except mommy Palermo, of course) are backstabbers. Anastasya and the other chicks got tired and cut ties with V thanks to Margaret always being nosy and parroting stuff such as those girls were coattail riders, oportunists, etc.

No. 317906

In Japan having stuffed animals or lots of cute stuff is pretty normal. otherwise there wouldn't be so many "kawaii videos" on youtube. Lots of Jvloggers ramble about it. Even here in Germsny you get almost only cute stuff in japanese shops. It's annoying if you're not a big fan of that…

Venus hasn't that much experience in making friends and keeping them as well. no matter if she's a loner or not, making friends now that she's free hasn't gotten easier just because she's free. there's a lot to learn for her

No. 317925

Venus openly refers to it at 5:39 in this vid.

No. 317928


Margo had access to her accounts and they were living in the same room together.

Like shit how many margo chimp outs have happened on a Venus account? How many times has Venus had a good social interaction with a vlogger or company only to have a weirdly edited video or series of posts that clearly didn't come from Venus herself?

Venus probably has more experience politely turning down old men than having any kind of sustained relationship with ANYONE.

No. 317934

Seriously, how new are you? You honestly think someone like Marg would allow Venus interaction with girls her own age or any women for that matter? Marg had access to all her online stuff, they slept in the same bed at one point and likely did for every AirBnB they traveled to, and Marg made sure everyone know that she and Venus were BFF and all each other needed.

Venus' only female relationship was with her mother until she got away. The only people Marg let her actively interact with were men like Marg's boyfriend's friend who she tried to pimp Venus out to and then cried YOU RUINED MY RELATIONSHIP when Venus turned the guy down.

Venus spent her life being used as leverage against her father, an income check for her mother, currency for her mother, and basically groomed to be sold off to the highest bidder so Marg could live comfortably. She didn't have a normal childhood at all, much less the freedom to make friends that weren't Marg-approved. Hell, she was only friends with one girl because Marg allowed it because the girl was popular online and could make Venus more popular.. until Marg ruined that.

No. 317936

>Marg's boyfriend's friend who she tried to pimp Venus out to and then cried YOU RUINED MY RELATIONSHIP when Venus turned the guy down.

I'm new to this and I really wanted to see this one tho, where the sauce?

No. 317940

has anyone ever thought of taking up the task of editing venus's encyclopediadramatica page? many of the disparaging things about venus have since been revealed to be the fault of margo. or do people just not care about encyclopediadramatica?

No. 317941

If someone combines those points, sure I can edit them in.

No. 317948


We talked about it several threads ago, look it up in the catalog

>Last year (around october iirc) Margo got upset after learning that marriage visas doesn't work the way she thought they worked (aka a permit to stay in Japan for free and leech the newlywed couple)

>Margo ragequits and drags Venus to Korea
>Allegedly, there were a mistake in the documents and Venus decided to not continue with the marriage paperworks.
>Margo hooked up with a Korean dude and tried to get Venus involved with her bf's best friend and get them drunk, but Venus politely turned bf's friend proposal down, texting him she was married to Manaki, etc.
>Drama ensues, both guys distance themselves from the Palermos, Margo bitch and whines about how evil Venus destroyed her relationships etc.
>Later (after Venus finally ran away) Margo posted the convo where Venus friendzoned bf's bff and the infamous pajama pic as ~proof~ of Venus being a serial whore cheater!!1!

No. 317968

And with how frequently Marg and her stans use that photo to claim VENUS CHEAT ON HUSBAND!! and by how freaking coincidental it was that a camera just happened to be positioned directly in front of the bed to capture it, you know Marg was behind it all.

I doubt we'll ever fully know why she did it though but my guess is to either blackmail Venus into behaving or to show to Manaki in the hopes he'd divorce Venus.

No. 317969

Doubleposting but don't forget she tried to make it up to her boyfriend's best friend by trying to find him a replacement bride on Instagram a few months ago.

No. 317973

>>to show to Manaki in the hopes he'd divorce Venus.

This is exactly why she did it, she's said as much. And somehow none of her stans find it fucked up that Margo got Venus drunk, then took a photo of her fully clothed sleeping next to a friend in a purposeful attempt to ruin her marriage (if it is indeed Venus; you can't see anything but the woman's back.)

No. 317979

File: 1479843263198.png (523.54 KB, 1440x2560, 1464176882352.png)

It was margaret all along

No. 317984


that's right, the guy who was a womanizer but had a generous dick lol

Just imagine all the garbage Margo kept saying to her daughter
>Yoo see, Wenoos? yoo shool totary mary this man instead manaki, he's rich and has a big coock,that's what all woomans want! Oh nvm I forgot yoo are asexual!

No. 317990

Half of me wants to believe she's just stirring shit but the other part of me thinks she'd actually confess so blatantly given the evidence of how staged it was.

I wonder why Marge was so hellbent on getting Venus to be with that guy. I mean, everything Marge does is for herself so what would she get out of it? She was already dating her boyfriend at the time so it wasn't as if it was conditional that Venus had to date the BFF for her to get herself a man.

No. 317997

I remember that oh god

No. 318016

> a camera just happened to be positioned directly in front of the bed to capture it

Even if it was Venus, this behaviour is still unacceptable from a mother. Wasn't there a skype log where she admitted it was her?

No. 318017

I need to learn to read the thread, sorry.

No. 318019

Bravo anon. Well said.

You seriously underestimate the extent to which margo ruled and controlled this girl's life with an iron fist. Venus was more like a captive performing animal than a child to this manipulative psycho. And besides the control and enforced isolation is the emotional and psychological manipulation that a sick twisted fuck like margo can inflict on their kid on a day to day basis, year after year. So gtfoh with all this 'Venus was totally FINE/no problem here' b.s.

No. 318062

This. Venus was literally a nose ring and a chain from being like a circus bear. She was margo's maid and breadwinner. It's funny how the airbnb positive reviews about both them being clean guests ceased since Venoos left.

No. 318074

No. 318075

File: 1479863958306.jpg (495.86 KB, 1320x1973, PSX_20161122_200431.jpg)

In that vein, attached is a translation of a message from marge to papa Ferenc, sent in March in response to Ferenc wishing her a happy birthday (or something) where she basically demands that Ferenc send her $$ immediately. Ferenc briefly posted the message in someone's IG comments (I forget whose) and deleted it almost immediately, but someone got a screenshot & translated it.

Note where morge talks about how she "achieved getting out of poverty using little Venus…"

That says it all, and it's chilling as FUCK.

No. 318076

File: 1479863999525.jpg (214.21 KB, 1229x908, PSX_20161122_200541.jpg)

2nd part of message

No. 318079

We all know Margo is a psycho, but can we pull up proof of the original message? Thanks.

No. 318080

The original was posted to the @stopmargaretp instagram account in its original form, and someone translated (which is the comment you're seeing.) It's still up on that account I'm sure, from Feb 2016.

No. 318097


ugh everything in this post is revolting

>they transfer money monthly even if she doesn't make a video that month

lol maggot that's not how yt works, no wonder why was hellbent insisting venus was making massive bank during the time the channel was down

>nobody poor uneducated half japanese guy


No. 318101

File: 1479866976838.jpg (156.95 KB, 1360x2048, 11115612_929436967136262_87061…)

She really did lose a lot of weight and looked extremely pale at the end of margos rule(unfiltered pic from korean school facebook). I'm glad she looks a lot more happier and healthier now.

No. 318116

This picture makes me sad, look how tiny she was! Is that an engagement ring she's wearing on her pointer finger? If so, that shows she still cared about Manaki while in Korea.

No. 318117

So she admits she was "trying to get out of poverty" by USING Venus, and how dare she leave (which is fully within her fucking right to do) and take away her income.

Get a job, maggot.

No. 318120

I think it was just a decorative ring, but she sure wore the Hell out of those plaid shirt(s) that looked just like Manaki's. She really missed him and was distressed. I'm so glad to see her turnaround.

No. 318128

It's always good to have a reminder of what POS Margo really is. I hope she ends up a poor prostitute in Hungary, just like she threatened her daughter with.

No. 318130

Ferenc was gold for posting this. He even redacted the bank info.

No. 318131

that doesnt look like an engagement ring, it's her index finger, and if it were, shed use it more often.

No. 318132

Well they probably do, based on old views / ads on old vids. But everything she says here is so greedy and so evil.

No. 318133

she was living in 9 square metres with her mother, sleeping in the same bed.

No. 318135

Seeing this flashback posts reminds me what a wild ride it has been. I remember I used to get up in the morning, my timezone, and watch Margo have a fresh chimpout in Japan/Korea timezone. How we used to rotate in shifts basically because Margo was going off around the clock.

No. 318190

File: 1479883518229.jpg (217.74 KB, 1435x698, PSX_20161123_013933.jpg)

Not only that but moving from rental to rental every few weeks. pic attached is #AnacondaAss morge's IG from Dec. last year: they had just moved to a new rental in SK

No. 318192

File: 1479883729949.jpg (222.43 KB, 1135x1574, PSX_20161123_013958.jpg)

and from the same time, morge was marketing her lil moneymaker into a 'Victoria's Secret Model' while Venus looked like death warmed over.

No. 318193

File: 1479883753420.jpg (143.94 KB, 822x1368, PSX_20161123_014030.jpg)

No. 318195

>not sure if you can figure out the address
why would you even say this

No. 318196

oh god, I'm glad this is gone… Her eyes look so bad

No. 318197

File: 1479883890076.png (374.55 KB, 1080x1920, 1448802174033.png)

…and morge had launched an Indiegogo fundraiser, posting as Venus: (1/2)

No. 318199

File: 1479883990783.png (257.74 KB, 1080x1588, 1448802261874.png)

2/4 (sorry)

No. 318201

File: 1479884105778.png (21.31 KB, 263x275, 1448802231600.png)

(yeah, this is totally ALL Venus)

No. 318202

File: 1479884238771.png (1.31 MB, 1242x2208, 1448825803676.png)

More of "Venus's" posts begging for $$

No. 318203

File: 1479884317762.png (53.68 KB, 637x380, 1448830443657.png)

but "Venus" had to disable comments because of BOOLYING!

No. 318204

Fun times 1 year ago in SK!

No. 318206

File: 1479884791729.jpg (304.85 KB, 1200x1502, PSX_20161123_020245.jpg)

Oh looky, #AnacondaAss is back flaunting dat ass on IG.
Someone pls explain that #imyourmother hashtag to me. I'm at a loss here

No. 318207

LOL, looks like everyone's comments about her fat drunk body finally got to her. She must've also found a new source of $$ for gym fees. Either Mama Margitka gave her a raise on her allowance for being a good girl and keeping away from causing family drama in Japan, or she is indeed plying her new trade in Seoul.

No. 318208


Better get your ass out on the corner earning, Mags. You know, because you chased off the merchandise and now you have to earn for yourself.

No. 318212

she probably wants Venus to care for her again, like send her money and stuff and that she will "punish" her if not

> I'm your mother, today, not tomorrow

No. 318214

"I'm your mother" as in…?

No. 318225


The right sort of looks like the proportions you'd get if you were wearing one of those 'wacky' upside down costumes

No. 318232

all together it says "I'm your mother today, not tomorrow"

No. 318237

>not sure if you can figure out the address
why would you even say this

Because the bitch is a paranoid delusional fucking nutcase, that's why. #stalkers #BOOLIES Everyone's out to get her.

This is the bitch who called the cops on that group of Youtubers in the UK back in 2012 after they exposed her as the one who had been stalking, harassing and threatening them with fake Twitter accounts, DMs etc. for MONTHS… Xiaorishu, Beckii Cruel, KimonoTime/Kelsey Ellison, Dansanohimitsu, abi pop, they all had run-ins with the psycho and her stalking-and wrote about it. I think it was Beckii she actually called the cops on but I'm not sure.

link to a tumblr post about it…it goes on & on and involves many people:


Anyway, morge's been a fucking psycho troll for YEARS.

No. 318247

Nice Freudian slip by Margo. Indeed it would soon come true.

No. 318257

>plaid shirts that looked just like Manaki's
I may be remembering wrong but didn't she take one of his shirts back with her? I think it got mentioned once or twice that she was wearing his clothes.

Those were beautiful times. I hope they come back soon but I could do without part 2 of the day Lolcow stood still when she showed up at their door.

It's a wonder they changed Korean residences so much considering in SK you have to give key money which is a huge sum to the landlord and you don't get it back until the lease is up. Knowing Marge, I doubt she was that patient.

It's that same gym too but I don't think anyone could figure out where in Korea it was.

No. 318263


Oh, is that a little shart stain I see on her crack line in the bending photo.

I thought for a moment someone posted a picture of a man.

No. 318265

she has that ass clenched so hard.

No. 318270

File: 1479908617777.jpg (Spoiler Image,635.69 KB, 700x873, 6T9WHbS.jpg)

No. 318273

margo change your pad

No. 318274

Manaki has a small build so I do think it was his actual shirt. She wore it so frequently. I wonder if Margaret knew it was his?

No. 318276

I think she's trying to leech onto the movement where trans people get pseudo parents who are 'supportive'. Aka, she's looking for a new trend to leech off.

No. 318278

Maybe she was just this skinny at that point because korean food is so gross

No. 318284


my theory is that she is trying to make venus jealous, like saying "i'm your mother and i have an ass like this"

No. 318285

Yeah, I thought it was Vegeta from DBZ, too. Hi, tomboy marge keeeek

No. 318286

What is this

No. 318287

Venus posted it. A new funny post. She looks… beautiful kek

No. 318289

File: 1479914247323.jpg (79.31 KB, 799x597, venus.JPG)


lol I didn't recognized her omg

No. 318290

I just saw this on Venus's IG! Lmao! I love it.
Is the Dolly officially dead?

No. 318291

No. 318295

these "facts" about Korea are wrong…
I only know one person that paid that much for a deposit and they were ripped off because they're not too smart. Everything else legitimately that price is way more than maggot would have needed.

No. 318299


god you can really tell these were margo's words and not venus's.

No. 318301

>3 million forints are roughly 10k$

Again with these magic numbers. I really doubt Venus ever made that much monthly at any point of her YT career.

>some nobody mixed, poor and uneducated nobody

>they're spending OUR money

I still can't get over what a venomous cunt marge really is. Disgusting.

No. 318309

Her video was fun, I didn't recognize her, and I like how she looks without bangs.

but there is still something that she has not progressed at all, can't keep her promises, where is the learning tips video? where are the videos she promises, she accidentally deletes those too?
Same old, same old.

No. 318310

I wouldn't trust any promises she makes for years.

All kinds of anxiety and avoidance are pretty normal when you break free from your abuser. I'm surprised she's still doing videos at all.

No. 318313

Na, same old.

lol anon, if she robs a bank tomorrow, you will say she is innocent and she was just anxious.

Sorry but she ain't no queen, we have a real queen, Her majesty Queen Sarah.

No. 318315

Holy shit looking at >>318270 I thought it was Chiara Ferragni. Also, it looks like there's cum in her face. Really weird picture

No. 318318

*on her face

No. 318320

lol @Anon thinking makeup tutorial promises are meaningful.

I guess you were jonesin for more Halfu-Jappu and how to put on yellow face content.

No. 318338

File: 1479930260224.png (950.14 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2016-11-09-00-41-07…)

Just pointing out she can't keep simple promises. What does she do all day?

>I guess you were jonesin for more Halfu-Jappu and how to put on yellow face content

KEK last time she said it was to make her eyes look bigger, they actually looked smaller and weird, it was a disaster. Orange contouring? kek

No. 318341

she is shit at makeup

No. 318343

You do realize there is a Venus topic in /snow/ where you can put your shitposts, right?

No. 318346

so whenever venus is brought up in this thread people have to comment good things otherwise they need to fuck off? better not say anything about her anymore; even if i like her, which i do, not every little thing she does is great, amazing and oh so ~kawaii~.
also, other anons posted in her thread yesterday iirc and people told them to post in the "new thread" but what new thread? can you share it please because if theres really a new one i am too stupid to find it.

No. 318347

You do realize that anons keep posting her videos here, right?

Weenoos is beautiful!!!

Do you allow our comments now, anon?

No. 318348

anon probably has Weenoos waifu pillow in her bed.

No. 318350

Yeah, what new thread anon??? are you seeing things? Do you want to slap anons talking mean things about your sorry ass queen?

Wait for the rampage, wait for it.

No. 318353

can you all grow up and fuck off or at least sage jesus christ

No. 318355

sage what? you lied twice to protect weenoos.. new thread? kek

No. 318356


get out if you don't know how to sage

No. 318360


As you said:
>can you share it please because if theres really a new one i am too stupid to find it.


No. 318364

it's been moved to here: >>>/b/109867

No. 318369

Yes and anon there cried when anon "bumped" it with a nice comment kek you fucks don't want people to talk her AT ALL, it's lame.

No. 318372

Well, she finally got a job, good.

No. 318373

File: 1479936714109.jpg (42.98 KB, 540x445, IMG_20161123_222937_470.JPG)

Repost of the comment
(forgot to crop it, sry)

No. 318375

Ha, she finally went back to working at that gym chain? Amazing.

Sucks to be you, Maggot!

No. 318377

BTW, whatever happened to "video next week!" from Mags? She too busy at an actual job.

Based on her #THROWBACKWEEK caption on the prior photo, I'm wondering if this might not be part of that. Is this an old pic from London?

No. 318380

What do you prefer, anon? Margo working her ass and earning her own damn money or Margo fighting with Venus and asking for loans she will never pay back?

No. 318381

I'm just reveling in how furious Margo must be, having to work like a regular person. I'm thrilled.

No. 318383

Maybe is progress. But Lola and Claire progress faster than Venus and Margo tbh.

Few weeks ago lil Claire kneeled, fucking kneeled in the coach! she is a complex genius.

Meanwhile, Weenoos contours with orange and Margo finally got a job after a damn year.

No. 318385

if that is the current venus thread, why the fuck people were saying there is a new one two days ago? like anon said, you fucks don't want people to talk about her at all. anyway, that thread needs to be revived so you cunts will stop complaining we talk about her here when you themselves bring her up.

No. 318391

Don't listen to those anons obsessed with Weenoos anymore anon, they are just annoying. If someone posts one of her cringe videos and you have something to say, just say it, fuck off those anons. I'm sick of anons censoring everything.

Taylor has less milk than this weeb and still has a thread, Tay-stans even allow discussion, but here? How dare you!???

No. 318403

Because some of us anons like to figure out where she is based on her photos. Shes just acknowledging it.

I like a bit of Venoos discussion on the Margo thread. I imagine that Margs reads how well Venus is doing on MARGO's thread and gets pissed off about it.

No. 318422

take this to the snow > jvloggers thread. this thread is for dragging Margo.

No. 318423

Margo can see V's instagram and YT directly and get pissed off wihout reading here ?

Anyways, we have cows with all kinds of fucked up backgrounds: Anorexics, girls with microcephaly and dwarfism, our princess Keeks and her Majesty Sarah, many of them with messed up parents, even Taylor, even Bii lips receive more attention, but no one cries.

So… what's so special about this weeb? What do you think anons, do you think this cow deserves special treatment for running away from another cow, to live with another cow in Nippon? Kek

Cry, I don't care.

No. 318424

if you'd actually paid attention, you'd know how this works.

No. 318426

also see the jvloggers thread at >>>/snow/186467

No. 318429

Margo worked at Fitness First in the past. She's just bragging in that she has the quals. I doubt she is actually working right now.

No. 318433

Taylor is not discussed in Jvloggers thread anymore, so Weenoos is irrelevant there, she is not friends with anyone from that group. Also, anons only allowed comments about her friendship with Taylor and comments like

Wenoos is perfect!
weenoos is beautiful!!!!

No. 318442

The samefagging here is honestly embarrassing

No. 318451


No. 318454

>boxing teacher
>b-but venoos bite her fingers


No. 318455

File: 1479946891067.jpg (210.29 KB, 1023x682, depositphotos_12123039-stock-p…)

No. 318459

So that's why anons are going to say what they want right HERE.

No. 318465

Vexxy, dat you? And posting in your own thread right now?

No. 318470

File: 1479948014703.jpg (27.64 KB, 387x380, images (3).jpg)

>Vexxy is that you~

No. 318481

I smell a sperg-chan

No. 318488

Seems like a certain someone is mad that Taylor got a new BFF.

No. 318489


>318346 is mine, but all the other posts you highlighted are not. Like I said previously, I don't dislike her. I follow her and have been watching her for years. But fuck, you guys don't let people say anything remotely bad about her. She's a popular youtuber and this is lolcow. people bring her up all the time, so why not discuss what we think about her? two days ago people posted in her thread and were told not to do that.

If you want to kiss her ass endlessly go to her private social media accounts and do that there, where you are less likely to find haterz.

No. 318490

shouldve pressed enter after >>318346, my bad.

No. 318496


it doesn't matter what happened in the other thread. THIS thread, the MARGO thread, is not the appropriate place to shit talk venus

No. 318498

okay so next margo thread you pls write in the description that no one is allowed to criticize goddess Venus, no matter what happens or how shit her makeup videos are after others anons post them.

No. 318500

This is a thread about Margo. If you want to discuss Venus, take it to her thread in /b/. Ignore other Anons derailing. It's as simple as that.

No. 318506

File: 1479955750190.jpg (183.17 KB, 1187x1143, PSX_20161123_213252.jpg)

Okay, one last comment to answer this–
>So… what's so special about this weeb? What do you think anons, do you think this cow deserves special treatment for running away from another cow, to live with another cow in Nippon? Kek
^^ There's just a tiny bit more to Venus's situation than that. Where have you even been for the past year, in a cave somewhere?
Read pic attached and imagine this was your mother, on your instagram page, on your BIRTHDAY, then come back here and ask that ridiculous question again.

(sorry farmhands, don't ban me pls)

No. 318508

OMG that woman is DISGUSTING. Glad she's admitted she's homeless though. She deserves to be homeless. wtf calling her own kid a "stupid shit"… so nasty…

No. 318520

On Venus' birthday no less.

No. 318521

She wasn't really homeless when she wrote this. Venus had just paid for a new apartment for them in Seoul, new language course, new student visa. She left Margo with money, pricey camera, imac. Margo threw all that away to start running around japan like a headless chicken, and she deserves what she gets.

No. 318557

>these "facts" about Korea are wrong…
of course they're wrong, it's fucking margo lying her ass off. As always.

>Sorry but she ain't no queen, we have a real queen, Her majesty Queen Sarah.
no one's trying to make Venus "queen," sperg-chan.

>Ha, she finally went back to working at that gym chain?
If the creature is living in SK she can't work without a work visa though, right? No gym would/could hire her ass without that. And it does seem like she is in SK.

How difficult is it to get a work visa in SK, anybody know?

No. 318563


she could be paid under the table

No. 318565

I guess hostessing/escort places do this but a gym?

No. 318570


any place could do this if there's some benefit to them. they could be underpaying her or their might be some advantage to having a white trainer (i'm not too sure about korean culture in these regards)

No. 318577

Seriously, would be nice if the drain bamaged spergs just pissed off.

No. 318581

I know very little aside from my friend going to SK for a few months so I can only speak through her experiences and the work visa girl she stayed with but if you're white and can speak English you can get hired places without needing a work visa, they just pay you on the sly. I don't know if this applies to all field types like with a gym, but I know it happens a LOT with foreigners who want to earn some cash by tutoring kids in English. You just have to know someone and Marge does seem to have connections so there's every chance that if she couldn't get a work visa or was too lazy, she could earn some cash anyway by working on the sly just using her trainer experience alone.

No. 318639

File: 1480011935333.jpg (Spoiler Image,216.09 KB, 1280x1024, 15110535_1265148980173738_2866…)

I thought this was Venus for a good 20 seconds

No. 318659

Discuss Weenoos in /b/ or start a new thread in /snow/ because that one is old.

No. 318665

What is old? That picture? It's from literally two days ago it's some girl arrested for murder in Oklahoma.

No. 318668

Not the picture you dummy,
Weenoos thread is old.

No. 318863

File: 1480064978795.jpg (354.31 KB, 1199x1734, PSX_20161125_040240.jpg)

pic attached is from morge's IG, 6 days ago

Weenus has a video clip of something (bacon?) on a grill on IG stories just now…background noise sounds like a restaurant. She's totally fucking with morge, lol. It's not the first time either.

No. 318883

I really don't think so. Venus and Manaki were at a yakiniku(basically like a K-bbq) restaurant, which is just as popular as they are in South Korea. It wouldn't be strange if Venus went few times a month, especially when lunch specials can be really cheap and Manaki loves red meat so much. It's likely a coincidence.

No. 318972

File: 1480117318102.jpg (386.17 KB, 1180x1337, PSX_20161125_183308.jpg)

>We all know Margo is a psycho, but can we pull up proof of the original message? Thanks.
^^ attached is a screenshot from Kiwifarms explaining where the post came from:

No. 318974

File: 1480117629070.jpg (414.31 KB, 1117x1728, PSX_20161125_182400.jpg)

and the translated posts from the stopmargaretp insta (1/3)

I can't find a copy of the original email (n Hungarian) that ferenc posted in Venus's instagram comments tho.

No. 318975

File: 1480117668485.jpg (321.45 KB, 1183x1711, PSX_20161125_182528.jpg)

No. 318979

File: 1480118829861.jpg (252.92 KB, 1007x1563, PSX_20161125_182629.jpg)

No. 319073

File: 1480146058038.jpg (40.31 KB, 540x367, IMG_20161126_083900_435.JPG)

Margo, the fortune teller…
Such a skilled woman she is…not…

No. 319077

Ah yes, I had forgotten about Margo and her astral travel claims

No. 319079

She's also an expert in MICROMIMETICS, don't forget. Oh and psychology/psychopathy too!

No. 319125

File: 1480179616406.png (329.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-11-26-11-58-13…)

#hatersgonnahate but I'll love myself by liking my own post. :^)

No. 319138

Wow, top trolling there, anon.

Don't do this shit, it's pathetic.

No. 319171

anon isn't the random commenting, they're pointing out that maggot liked her own post. lern 2 read gud

No. 319199

optician, radiologist,box teacher,painter,ASMR artist, train conductor, tarotist… damn margo, why are you even a hobo coachsurfer if you have such ~talents~?

No. 319215

>>319199 don't forget video editor and celebrity manager!

No. 319217


Yeah, it's like Marge can do anything, except find a legit job..

No. 319281

File: 1480235635521.jpg (1008.36 KB, 1404x2063, Screenshot_20161127-003238.jpg)

"I melted most of my hair off. #hairdresser"

No. 319291

That haircut makes her look even more like a grandma

No. 319294

That ain't no #hairdresser haircut. More like $9 walk-in at #Supercuts (or whatever the SK version of that is) Poor old broke-ass slut, what a comedown.

No. 319303


Looks like she just put a bowl over her head and went at it. Guess she's a hairdresser now..

No. 319304

Semi-OT but her eyes are actually very pretty. I feel like if she got her nose shaved down, some fillers in her lips, grew her hair out to about shoulder length and kept it nicely washed and straightened and dressed for her age (in clothes that were properly cleaned jfc it's not that hard to go to a laundrette) she'd look good.

I don't think I'm alone in saying that none of us here would judge her for getting some kind of surgery on that nose.

No. 319306

File: 1480247888251.jpg (532.44 KB, 1080x1080, margo.jpg)


I took me a while to dig this edit up from all those maggot threads in the past which some anon here made

>the milk was great a few months back BUT

this shows how much just a little change in her face would make her look so much better tho.

No. 319313

there's nothing wrong with her nose. seriously, you people are obsessed with everyone having the tiniest, thinnest nose imaginable.

No. 319314

She's got a honker that is 1/3 of her face

No. 319316

File: 1480257487818.png (Spoiler Image,607.97 KB, 923x589, Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 8.16…)

Oh wow that's incredible. That's exactly what I envisioned. I think the thing that pisses me off the most is that she refuses to perform basic self care things (get a good haircut, wash her clothes in water that doesn't contain leg hair, keep herself looking clean in general) but on top of that brags about her lifestyle as if it's glamorous or something. Even if she did the basics she'd look a hell of a lot better but the pic you posted is genuinely lovely and so within her reach. Like if you knew you could look like that instead of a homeless person wouldn't you do everything in your power to do that?

Um idk if we're looking at the same face but her nose is awful. Maybe you haven't seen it without her ~kawaii filters~ but it's really bulbous and has a huge indent like a butt at the end. Like seriously, how can anyone think this looks good?

No. 319317

Agree and I'm someone who hates the nitpicky/super petty stuff on here.
Her nose kind of looks like she used that mirror effect on Photo Booth at a weird angle.

No. 319328

her nose has a better butt than she does lol

No. 319330

i legit laughed out loud

No. 319332

imo her personality is so ugly that her looks aren't even worth mentioning

No. 319333

That's the thing though, if she was a good person with a good personality, all of those flaws could be overlooked. Since she's so heinous it makes her flaws seem that much worse (and they are already really bad). Kind of like how they always draw the wicked witch, evil step sisters, or other bad guys as overly exaggerated caricatures of ugly. Which, she is.

No. 319334


to me its like if there was this machine that killed babies and everyone is going "wow we need to stop this machine, it's killing babies" and someone says "yeah and it's also a really ugly shade of green."
her looks just seem irrelevant to me given her personality.

No. 319342

I personally enjoy mocking her looks because she's a shitty person. I know it bothers her because she thinks she's hot shit.

I love knowing she's practically homeless now because for so long she leeched off of her own daughter for so long. It's perfect justice.

No. 319359

File: 1480279694193.png (146.83 KB, 270x342, Sin título.png)

I beg to differ. That's a literal butt nose

No. 319382

File: 1480289985250.jpg (13.03 KB, 350x320, w9VR60A.jpg)

> if she got her nose shaved down, some fillers in her lips
um…it would take atiny bit more than just that, anon. You seem to forget those giant eye bags and deeep facial lines around the mouth.

Some people have a short memory apparently, and think morge's heavily filtered face is real. That flawless smooth skin is not what she looks like, dears.

Then there's the frozen leer that happens when the creature tries to smile…there's no fixing that.

here's a lil reality check for you (and she's a few years older now too)

No. 319386

File: 1480291396063.jpg (46 KB, 303x330, PSX_20161127_185807.jpg)

> the pic you posted is genuinely lovely and so within her reach.
Yeah, no. You're living in the same fantasy world as morge.

No. 319414

Is it all the filters, or has she actually had fillers around her mouth/nose?

No. 319416

Filters. She uses YouCam or Meitu, because she also frequently uses an auto makeup filter that gives her eyebrows, eyeliner and fake lashes in addition to filtering her skin.

She can't afford having work done now; no idea why she didn't do it while she still had access to all of Venus's money.

No. 319419

I thought that was some voldemort shit with the face on the turban going on in the mirror behind her lol

No. 319420

Oh, I know she uses tons of filters, they just really do a number on those ugly lines. I agree, though some people have pointed out that she probably thinks she's too perfect for plastic surgery, and given that she hasn't had it yet, I'm inclined to agree.

No. 319436

if she was having fillers back when these were taken, they wore off long ago. bitch has no money.

No. 319645

V's new vid

No. 319647

She already addressed this in a video - it must not have stopped the comments

No. 319649

Honestly, girlfriend and boyfriend suits younger couples more, in general. I have a friend who is 24 and always refers to his partner as 'my wife', and oh my god, does it sound sooo formal. He barely refers to her by name, too, or if he does it's 'my wife, ____'.

Honestly, though, I'm glad that V and Mana are taking it easy and not being too serious about it. I don't want to sound like I've got a tinfoil hat on, but I do think that their marriage was one of necessity, to get V away from Maggot, but their relationship looks like it's going really well, from V's attitude and the videos that Mana is in.

No. 319723

To be honest I know a couple who do the same even at 28 so it never seemed too odd for her her and manaki to do the same. They do it for similar reasons as well, and planned on having an 'actual' large wedding when they were more mature and ready.

Venus might do the same. They never actully had a weddding did they?

Sage for blog

No. 319724

nope, just the formal "signing the papers" and stuff

nothing like a ceremony or party or so

No. 319737


She could just refer to him as " my hubby" or other nicknames that wont confuse people. Or even easier just call him by his name and not just "my boyfriend".

No. 319742

or she can call him whatever she wants because it's their relationship and their choice? god i hate this stupid derail

No. 319743

Hubby is one of the most vomit-inducing words ever, so no thank you

No. 319771

Wifey is right up there too qith hubby

No. 319774

What's up with her crazy old hag persona? A jab at Maggot? Or is it just something she's doing for fun?

No. 319819

it's like a gypsy woman from - there's some type of old european stories where gypsy women know things… I can't quite remember

No. 319921

Role-playing that poor Hungarian prostitute Margo threatened she'd become.

No. 320053

File: 1480533945831.png (724.96 KB, 925x593, Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 11.2…)

Filters can't stop those jowls, Mags

No. 320054

File: 1480534010792.png (643.05 KB, 923x598, Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 11.2…)

Who are these idiots who can't tell that Margo uses a makeup app that adds eyelashes? Half the time, the lashes and liner aren't even lined up properly on top of her eyes.

No. 320076

>no umbrella for u?
Sadly, no. Sunlight doesn't kill her nor water so despite not knowing exactly what Marg is, we can rule out vampire and witch.

No. 320090


Insulting and burning starbucks hurts her ..

No. 320201

She's just the Mogre.

No. 320204

Swamp creature. <<shudder>>
I have to say, considering how fucking unhinged and insane she was for so long, I never thought she'd end up slinking off to SK and just quietly fading away.

No. 320216


>using her own name as hashtag

No. 320231

I just don't believe she can stay silent, so this is really surprising to me. I guess we just wait for her next incarnation i.e. the next time she feels 'on top' in life.

No. 320248

After a nosejob, even the craziest narcissist goes silent. See you a few months later, penis nose monster!

No. 320255

Nose jobs cost money so I doubt it. Margo will have have to land a rich Korean guy with the nose she already has.

No. 320367

File: 1480608051028.png (661.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-12-01-10-59-05…)

Don't tease us, Margy!

No. 320392



no mags, don't go away again!! I want hear that song!!

No. 320397

Dead fish ice skating ring in japan? wut?

No. 320401

No. 320412

File: 1480619870239.png (749.86 KB, 933x600, va.png)

Fuuuuuuck I really hope Venus has talked shit about her mom on lolcow. Maggot deserves to be dragged, but Venus can't do so publicly or else it will "prove" she's the scummy bitch Maggot claims she is. Imagine having this terrible piece of shit as a mother and not even being able to defend yourself openly. Having an anonymous place to let it all out would be amazing.

No. 320414

anon, I love you, but a picture of Venus drinking milk with a cow emoji sometimes is just a picture of Venus drinking milk with a cow emoji

No. 320423

Anon, you're cringey AF. Stop this tinfoil nonsense.

No. 320436

Lol Oh no anon, she better stays away from another scandal. It's just a stupid theory.. but it's funny that you mention that, I saw other anons saying something similar. Anyway, sage for unimportant detail.

No. 320462

File: 1480630405123.png (552.62 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-12-01-15-11-58…)

She changed the cow.

No. 320463

Dn't the emoji just change based on your phone carrier / browser?

No. 320465

Lmfao its because you guys have different phones/browsers

No. 320470

No. 320472

No. Yesterday I saw the cutesy cow and thought Hmmm? Today it's more like a lolcow. Definitely changed for me. But I can see your point about different browsers having different emojis.

No. 320478

It's still a cute cow for me, and I just checked.

No. 320483

Oh my god is that her teeth? So freaking yellow

No. 320490

File: 1480635439824.png (879.09 KB, 892x597, Teeth uG capture-20161201-1831…)

If you watch the video, you'll see that she does something to make her teeth look gross, just like the rest of her face.

No. 320530

let the tinfoil go anon. she isn't posting here.

No. 320533

File: 1480647217158.jpg (13.03 KB, 455x323, images (7).jpg)

No. 320540

No. 320543

Only anon here >>320412 knows why, discussion of this picture is in Weenoos thread.

No. 320545

My guess is anon was trying to link the Venus post to the Margo thread using only the slenderest pice of tinfoil.

No. 320546


No. 320574

knowing marge words on "speaking the truth", it's safe to say she's somehow going to link that story to venus "skating over her mother's frozen corpse" or something

No. 320585

I am ze feesh, trapped in ze iiiice (gyrates).

No. 320608

You can't "change the cow", lmao. There's only one cow emoji of a full cow (the other is a face). Different carriers have different emoji. The cow is you.


No. 320629

ugh, that's awful

No. 320678

File: 1480705815276.jpg (25.28 KB, 411x419, 1471599272057.jpg)

Shameful display.

No. 320779


I'd much rather hear a song about the river Kapa's life under a bridge.

No. 320807

it's cooold here, under zee breeeedge, feeling like a fish under ice with Penus skating over your soouull.

No. 320839

File: 1480775116841.jpg (26.65 KB, 467x503, 1477588228943.jpg)

I would pay Marg $25 in Denny's coupons for this.

No. 320872

File: 1480786564507.jpg (195.47 KB, 1199x1661, PSX_20161203_122744.jpg)

Ferenc just dropped a bombshell, petty much confirmed everybody's suspicions about the creature & how she's getting by.
Go Ferenc!
I do wonder what pushed him to finally do it tho.
Psycho is busted!

No. 320882

Aw jeez, not this shit again. Papa Ferenc is sick and annoying for keep posting his vlues and shit. Venus is doing better and even Margo is not doing much lately but he continues adding dramu. I'm sick of this shit.

No. 320893

Somehow I dont think that Grandpa Ferenc realises how many people see what he posts, if he's anything like the elderly people that I know.

No. 320898

He interacts with people who follow the Venus saga, he knows people watch.

Git it, Ferenc!

No. 320900

Oh, obvs Ferenc and Margitka are a little fucked up; parents of narcs are usually narcs themselves, or total enablers.

No. 320910

it's not like maggot is a 13 yr old kid. I mean, she acts like one but whatever she does isn't Ferenc's responsability anymore. She's a grown ass woman already.

No. 320915


So…. This is what she means by gym trainer ? and the kind of workout she offers ? Bluue Jabs and ooterus swirls ?

No. 320924

File: 1480800792565.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161203-213010.png)

Venus uploaded this picture on IG

No. 320926

I like this, it's better than the "super kawaii" look she usually goes for

No. 320939

File: 1480803973841.png (667.66 KB, 926x594, Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 2.25…)

Fuck you for making me think about your rotten clam, Margo.

No. 320944

Seeing her say "fuck" is so weird until you realize just how infantalized she was by the whole "living doll" shtick

No. 320955


Its weird but sorta satisfying to see. I wonder if Margo would censor Venus from swearing when she was in control to push the living doll thing even more.

No. 320957

> Ferenc is sick and annoying for keep posting his vlues and shit.
Um… that's what people DO on instagram. It's not "sick," lol

No. 320968

>A lot of sex contact
^^ Morge prostituting confirmed? Remember, ferenc knows the real deal via momma Margitka, who has regular contact w/the creature. I suspect mange has been working momma over with lurid details of her life to ensure momma's continued emotional & financial support, and ferenc is not only NOT buying it but probably pissed off at the continued manipulation and emotional blackmail of his wife as well.

No. 320970

easily the best looking photo that she's put up. Edited to hell and back, but surprisingly nice save for the 5head.

The theory of V talking shit about Margo does belong in the Margo thread. However, this is just her drinking milk.


While I think what he's doing is fine now, you've also got to imagine him going it forty years ago. Maggot was obviously brought up in a religious environment that probably wasn't as free as it could be. Rebellion combined with mental illness probably only loaned itself to her pig-like attitude. Maggot keeps posting about Venus on her IG, and Ferenc keeps posting about Maggot. The only sensible family members are Zsu (who stopped) and the ones that know, if there are any, and yet keep their mouths shut about the clear problems in the family, like V.

This isn't a Venus thread, god.

She would never admit to prostitution. She probably says she has lots of boyfriends. Margo is a narc and thinks she's above everyone else. If men are having sex with her and giving her gifts afterwards, it's because she's the best woman they have ever been with.

No. 321098

So, is it safe to say everything Margo says about V was just her projecting things she has/will/wants done ?

- Prostituting in a foreign country
-cheating on boyfriend
-abusing significant others and family
- animal murder/abuse hamster and puppy
-stealing money off of family
- constantly lying
- Alcoholic/ alcohol abuse
- Marry for visa
- attacking/slandering family on social media

I mean if all is true above, she's officially doing what she said would become of Venus and thats prostituting in a foreign land (?) while abusing alcohol. Meanwhile humble bragging about marriage proposals for Visa's while constantly lying/attacking family via social media. Leeching money off her mom and doing nothing but laying on her back sipping on stale star bucks. I'm incline to believe that old photo wasn't just her in the picture, but was also actually her cheating at the time. While other days forcing strange unfortunate animals to take pictures with her causing irreversible emotional damage on said animal.

No. 321134

No-one murdered a hamster anon, it just died and Margo used that fact to torment a child with. The puppy wasn't abused, just dropped by a child.

>So, is it safe to say


No. 321164

File: 1480903462444.png (156.25 KB, 1386x1494, justaprank.png)

upload it please marg, I love reading the tags you use

No. 321165

#sexy #prank #funny #negativecalories

Oh Margo, never stop sounding like the eastern european scammer you are

No. 321209

File: 1480909155268.png (781.16 KB, 930x592, Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 7.35…)

In the past week, Margo has finally lowered herself to eating local cuisine; no more paying extra for western food from the local Dennys.

Some local dude is thirsting and sending DMs, too

No. 321213

tfw she bought that meal with her body…

No. 321220


she finally could afford a decent meal after like 10 or 15 bjs

No. 321264

File: 1480938149890.jpg (98.62 KB, 1176x1192, mrpark.jpg)

Interestingly Margo (or the guy) has deleted the post asking for a dm. He's either an existing friend or he's a client, right?

No. 321265

I like venus a lot, but please stop posting her pictures in this thread, this is about margarineface

jesus christ how horrifying

No. 321266

relevant thread, relevant post

No. 321268

#anaconda #anacondaass #mybutt #ass

No. 321300


I read #AnacondaAss and all I can think is .. DickButt since in Nicki Minaj's video refers to Penis as Anaconda …

No. 321327

File: 1480963361304.png (61.33 KB, 753x196, Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 7.35…)

His name, for future reference if need be.

No. 321351

V's usage of cursewords is a byproduct of leaving M. She's finally acting her age, and therefore it's not actually irrelevant. Most of the Venus posts in this thread, however, are.

the thread actually relevant to V is in snoe or B. Venus posts should be limited to what is relevant to margaret, as this is her thread. Venus stopped being a cow almost a year ago.

No. 321352

>>Venus stopped being a cow almost a year ago.

As soon as Margo didn't have control over her social media accounts any more. Margo was always the real cow, it just wasn't totally clear how little to not at all Venus was responsible for the lolcow behavior until she moved out.

No. 321365


And to think that if Margo actually knew how to stay quiet she might have never been put up as one (cow). People almost felt bad for her when she released that first response to Venus leaving, which was her crying about it, but also accepting it.

No. 321368

That's exactly the reference Margo is making. The tags are from her gym / ass pics. I think she is advertising her services discreetly in the ass pics.

No. 321370

File: 1480981290276.jpg (133.33 KB, 1200x1543, ass.jpg)

Given that she could be talking with a "client" through insta, it puts these ass pics (and their tags) in a different light.

No. 321371

>shart/period/whatever stain
>bulky black thong w/light colored dress

stay classy maggot

No. 321376

I'm always simultaneously impressed and disappointed in Margo when she posts pictures of herself like this because she looks so fit but also so trashy.

No. 321377


Anal specialties is the vibes I'm getting from all this…


I'm so happy I'm not the only one to realize the shart stains… #SpittingCobraAss

No. 321380

Now I remember, didn't Maggot blamed Wenoos of her erratic bowel movements or whatever it is called?

No. 321383


Yea, disturbed gut something .. Its her newest bullshit she came back with after her break away from IG.

No. 321384

>>Maggot blamed Wenoos of her erratic bowel movements
>>disturbed gut something

And the real cause all along? Selling that booty. Maybe use your vag and not your ass, Mags, and then you wouldn't have so many "gut" problems.

No. 321385

First she wanted to marry a rich man and was bragging that she was still a fertile jung frau. Now she's like 'one sodomy a day keeps the visa away'. Is she prostituting to non-rich desparate old ugly men? And using ig to make appointments with them. And she hasn't posted a single recent picture of her bratwurst face for months.

No. 321388

File: 1480991593629.png (22.11 KB, 306x131, Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 6.31…)

Lol, Margo, you never finished school.

"I am a MENSA autodidact train engineer personal trainer nuclear medicine tech artist celebrity manager becoming a psychologist, but no one believes me!"

No. 321391

If she is doing anal… it could be she can't get sex work without offering what other girls don't want to do

No. 321398

> amyandthemaths, I walk down the street in Seoul. But nobody believes me bc everyone is jealous of my jugend. #sexpositive #analconda_ass #weenoospangelic #BOOLYYYY

No. 321403

I hate that you can see her thong in the bottom photo. So fucking sleazy.

It's not the reference she's making, she's referring to her ass as one similar to the ones in the videoclip of Anaconda. Margs doesn't have the comprehensive capacity to get 'fuck my ass' out of it. A quick look at instagram shows it is, in fact, a very infrequently used tag for general whitegirl butt pics.

Pretty sure she finished some vocational stuff. Dental tech and x-ray assistant, right? Those are in the same umbrella, or even the same course (x-raying jaws). But she's baiting this person into saying 'i'll believe' so she can say she went to some ivy school or something.

No. 321405

>>Pretty sure she finished some vocational stuff. Dental tech and x-ray assistant, right?

She started studies to be an x-ray tech but never finished; she met Venus's dad at that time and trapped him with her pregnancy according to Zsu. Margo's whole education was that unfinished vocational training, and possibly a training course to work at a gym. She's never had a job other than the one at the gym in the UK, she dragged her divorce out for ten years (alimony / child support) and collected SwissBux on Venus's behalf.

No. 321406

Huh, I was sure she actually did the dental and x-ray stuff. Thanks for clarification anon. PT courses are very easy and don't even require you to be fit. Considering she can't do squats right, I doubt that she paid much attention anyway.

No. 321407

She's also claimed that she trained to be a train driver, but she certainly never worked as one, and we've only got her word for it. But it's an odd thing to claim so maybe she was trying to get a job for a transit system at one point. That's the best benefit of the doubt I'll give her.

No. 321409


and optician

No. 321411

There are some things that you could do for an optician with a medical assistant certificate. Maybe that's what she had? Out of all her claims, it seems like that's the most likely thing that she studied. Doing that also probably doesn't require a person to finish high school, and can be done online through some shady website with little checking on whether you're competent. I'd wager that she did that and then had to job-hop because she's a lazy cow who can't be bothered to put any effort into anything and probably loathes having to follow anyone else's orders (like an optician, dentist, or doctor).

If she did tech assistant stuff, maybe she could have been the person that flips tracks over or whatever? Most jobs she has claimed to have involve operating machinery.

No. 321442

I don't think she actually trained for that job. She was referring to some psych testing, which she passed with flying colours of course.

No. 321443

whether she get's the exact reference or not, she's trying to make a sexual, hip reference and she's advertising her ass for sale.

No. 321444


No. 321580

As she has been relatively quiet on this insta, it makes me wonder whether she's also running another one (fingers crossed, one full of saucy captions).

But I'm not on insta so I can't peruse her full list of likes to check into that.

No. 321589

File: 1481071066055.png (668.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-12-06-17-29-51…)

Anyone know what this is on Taezun's instant?

No. 321598

Hangover reliever.

No. 321600

A night with Margo reliever.

No. 321609


No. 321618

If they take her from behind, they dont have to look at her face.

No. 321620

But they do have to look at her shitty back-tats.

No. 321625

I wonder where she gets her clients. Is there an equivalent to Tokyo Adult Guide in Seoul?

No. 321649

OMFG! The way she looks at him with scissors in her hand…

>> I'm gonna skin you, chop you in small pieces, bath in your blood and make lots of panties with your skin that I will dress everyday thinking of you.


No. 321652

File: 1481118906441.jpg (328.62 KB, 750x1132, IMG_6016.JPG)

Those cankles…

No. 321653

Looks like she misses the places where she was travelling… is she stuck at her parents or in a mental institution?

No. 321667


Oh god, can't unsee this ….. Those shoes look like they're 2 sizes too fucking small for her… Maybe they're a pair V left behind and Margoose thought " I'm a small doll too", and squished her hammy sausages into them.

No. 321685

They just look like thin, shitty quality Chinese loafers to me.

No. 321686

As of 2-3 weeks ago, she was definitely in Seoul. Living more hand to mouth than ever, but definitely in Seoul. It's very out of character for her to be posting so little, and when she does, post so little about her current situation.

No. 321687


Well, if all of the above is true, then I don't blame her for being so quiet … She used prostitution as something to slam and frighten Venus with, so I doubt she'd want to give off any indication of where she is knowing so many are still watching her every move.

No. 321759

Who's the person who takes the picture? The one she chopped the hair/head off?

No. 321766

File: 1481159151946.jpg (63.39 KB, 667x673, PSX_20161207_195836.jpg)

What about that greasy shiny face? That awful leer when this creature tries to smile, ughhh

No. 321769

File: 1481160523902.png (369.06 KB, 933x596, Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 5.26…)

Margo is feeling earthbound and posting old photos of flights from her "rage on multiple continents" 2016 tour.

Why she thinks #margaret is gonna be a hashtag is beyond me.

No. 321770

File: 1481161522555.png (115.75 KB, 189x342, d868073b-44b1-4243-a294-ae970b…)

idk what's worse, those gross sausage legs or the fact that this 40-year-old freak insists on dressing like a cute teenager. (She loooves that lil skirt, lol.)

No. 321771

The hair pic is her with a fellow resident at Tetris House in Tokyo.

This is a Seoul train station pic, she probably just asked a passerby to take it.

No. 321773

File: 1481163282180.jpg (144.05 KB, 792x898, PSX_20161207_210422.jpg)

>Looks like she misses the places where she was travelling
Feeling very nostalgic for her glory days of globetrotting, shopping hauls and daily Starbucks on her daughter's dime. boo hoo, morge.

The old slut tried to sell it on her venusangelic online shop:

No. 321794

ha ha ha ha ha reduced to wearing the shit she couldn't sell #margaret #minimalism

No. 321810

>cutting my friend's hair
Wait isn't this the same guy she said is her boyfriend back then in Japan? I could be wrong since I can't see much of him , but I remember him as well having slightly curly hair.

No. 321813

Why does one ankle look so much bigger than the other?

No. 321814

>tfw skinny and young but have legs like Marge

No. 321820

yeah it looks like him, but it's a throwback pic anyway.

No. 321855

File: 1481227761208.png (585.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-12-08-15-06-57…)

No. 321856

omfg that stupid meitu eyelash app - she abuses the fuck out of the auto makeup settings

second, it amazes me how narcs are utterly unable to see what they don't want to see - like, that the right photo is shooped to fuck, and that she looks like her old haggard self on the left, where she's clearly not wearing the same makeup.

Last, we have a current facial photo, finally. Does TaePark have a motorcycle?

No. 321857

File: 1481228579160.png (776.03 KB, 926x594, Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 12.2…)

"So beautiful! #seoul #photographer #imthebest"

It's a giant red ball plopped into the regular garden, lady.

No. 321859

I think this is the first time I've seen a genuine smile out of her… and it made me also realise how much Venus looks just like her. Yikes. Guess she's spending Christmas in Seoul, too.

No. 321860

>>how much Venus looks just like her. Yikes.

In some ways, yes - the mouth and face shape especially. However, Venus got lucky in that she was a petite nose (unlike Mags's gigantic dick nose) and is not a psycho.

No. 321861

hey that helmet suits you maggot, you should wear it 24/7 with a black visor

No. 321864


HAHAHA ! She should put her fucking glasses on when applying those lashes. They're not even aligned with her actual lashes, more like they're on her eyelid folds.


Admiring some large balls I see.

No. 321879

posted 5am ish… post "date".

No. 321881

She got a ride home from her "date" instead of having to pay cab fare… so I guess you could say things are going pretty good for Margo /s

No. 321883


No. 321917

File: 1481253787217.png (259.36 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-12-08-20-18-26…)

Grandpa again.I at least get this one.

No. 321929

File: 1481256743483.gif (1.28 MB, 250x198, 1481207117736.gif)

No. 321935

This is gold!!!

No. 321981

This just further proves to me that Margaret can't let Venus go and wants to live Venus' life. Manaki has a bike

No. 322068

How long will last Marge's silent phase. She's silent for so long I've forgotten what her drama was about. Probably next year I will forget her name and who she is. I should replace her with kaka. Marge became as interesting as watching a dead fish floating, to me.

No. 322069

>Manaki has a bike.
Lol retarded. reach more.
Margo is a moronic POS but just because she's taking a bike ride that doesn't mean she's doing that because of Venus. Next time taking a dump and drinking water will be copying venus too.

No. 322070

File: 1481329770559.png (191.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-12-09-17-24-38…)

Can anyone get this street sign clear enough to read(or want to)?

No. 322071

It says SOMETHING Entrance. Which is not helpful at all. Where are you getting this from?

No. 322076

File: 1481330845650.png (718.07 KB, 690x398, mag.PNG)

석천로입구? Looks like the place. Same umbrella and street sign. Not sure why it's relevant, though?

No. 322077

It was part of Margo's latest insta pic. Guess it's not much help to location.

No. 322079


No. 322080

Her location is Seoul. I'd be more interested to see her hooking profile tbh, but I don't know where to begin.

No. 322081

Nice find!

Oh god I would love to see this.

No. 322082

Me,too. But las pic #kleinaberoho so maybe Taezun is BF?

No. 322119

Boyfriend, nah. she'd tell us, she'd make a huge deal out of all their fancy dates at least. Also, he wouldn't send her an anon-sounding request for a private message. My best guess is she meets clients through some platform, sends them to insta to check out the goods (this is why the random ass pics and the excessive youth-izing she's doing to her face) and then they can meet.

No. 322151

united states?

No. 322183

Hellotalk is pretty widely used in SK, maybe she has a profile claiming to be learning Korean

No. 322455

File: 1481487940700.jpg (79.4 KB, 929x594, mirror.JPG)


No. 322469

Ugh, that queer "queen of hearts" lipstick - WHY?? It's so incredibly unattractive.

No. 322548

I didn't even notice the lipstick because I was so overwhelmed by how awful her fucking hair is. Most hairstyles can be pinned down by at least roughly the decade it was popular in. You can't even begin to do that with her choppy helmet. Her hair isn't even a style, it's an embarrassing accident.

No. 322575

The 50's granny with her huge penis nose and falling dog cheeks finally shaved enough leg and butt hair to put it around her neck. Watch out internet, Marge's ready for cold winter.

No. 322586

It's hobo hair, can't afford a real haircut hair. Of course, we know Margo is the best home hairdresser in the world so she hardly needs a hair cut…

No. 322593

File: 1481505586936.png (676.83 KB, 933x588, Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 5.18…)

Also the best manicurist in the world. Love how Mags used to make posts on Venus's account, complimenting her atrocious gel nail creations

No. 322621

that's literally stickers and green nail polish

No. 322624

No weonoos, you may not go to the salon. Margo knows best.

No. 322644

Does Venus have toe thumb?

That "manicure" is so bad, her nails aren't even filed down. T

No. 322645

I think the fake nail shape is just blunted / broken / ill shaped

No. 322650

Why she doesn't edit or delete those posts now if she didn't write them?

No. 322651

My best guess is that she just doesn't want to think about it. Margo has always been a prolific shitposter, going through thousands of posts only to be reminded of someone she'd rather forget seems like an exercise in senseless harm. She's got better things to do, like make her videos, go to school and learn to live w/o her toxic parent (alllll speculation)

No. 322687

and she may just accept it as part of the deal. like, it happened. personally, I think it would be therapeutic to go back and clean her accounts of Margo-ese but it's also a really overwhelming task if you think about it- a real can of worms.

No. 322691

I think deleting all of the evidence may cause more harm than good if it ends up setting Margaret off. I really can see her going on another "I made you!" tirade and talking shit about Venus all over again.

No. 322699

That's implying that she even has anyone to hide from aside from her Johns and Venus/Manaki if she's planning stalking visit #2.

No. 322823

I know this is probably old news by now (as in, someone figured it out) but I live in Korea and there are p cheap hostels you can work at and live rent free in Itaewon, she could be staying there. Wanted to put my two cents in.

No. 322846

She's scummy as Hell but I buy this theory better than Margo working the street corner. Cleaning toilets instead of…you know.

No. 322902

Playing catchup.

her ankles only look fat because she didn't shoop them like her thighs.

What is it with old people, specifically, where they never really smile (eye bags, but margo filters the fuck out of her skin anyway), can't look at the camera, and open their eyes as wide as possible? Mags would only be endearing if she posted natural looking photos like the right only. If I didn't know how psychotic she was, I'd have just thought 'good on you, having a fun time'

>>321859 >>321860
Something something Roald Dahl thing.

She looks like an old woman invited to a 50's themed party who made a poorly executed attempt at Hepburn.

T-thanks anon. This colour actually really suits my skintone.

I don't believe margaret is hooking, I think she has a too-high opinion of herself. Letting men take her out to dinner and having sex with them, sure, but not blatantly exchanging sex for money. I think you are probably right.

No. 323052


No. 323071

Fucking lol. Edna. Mode.

No. 323548

File: 1481790528776.jpg (51.36 KB, 250x250, heh.jpg)

Oh god I didn't see this

No. 323995

File: 1481863661676.png (635.95 KB, 923x592, Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 8.46…)

The ass inquiries continue, as does Margo's longing for #JAPANJAPANJAPAN

No. 323996

I'd be more interested to see client messages like the last one might have been. This particular autist is obsessed with Margo for some reason but he's still boring as fuck.

No. 324076

That looks like a bowl of worms. Served on a plastic tray, lol. #klassy

No. 324077

File: 1481882487230.png (185.18 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lqx9xmRPSt1qfy2kdo1_500…)

maggot eating some #yumyum

No. 324078

are you retarded?

No. 324087

Don't mean to be that person, but damn you're uncultured.

No. 324103

We all know maggot is a despicable cheap bitch but come on anon have you never seen japanese food other than sushi?

No. 324121

when you try to roast someone but end roasting yourself

No. 324136


Oh god, the comments are killing me. This is what her IG has came to, randoms posting pervy inquiries.

No. 324295

I don't remember how many items marge had in her VA shop but it seems like no one buys her shit.
And her shitty paintings aren't available anymore in her MP shop/website. Sold? Removed?

No. 324296

VA twitch account made by margoth?

No. 324298

Huh. Mags DOES like to camp on any possible accounts with the VA name. Venus does like gaming, so it's possible it is her and she's thinking about streaming. Or Margo knows V wants to stream and is trying to crush it before it starts.

No. 324833

account follows one other gamer. vexxxy is another possibility here too, or just someone who wanted to camp on the name for (possibly eventual) money reasons.

No. 324875

FFS, the site broke or something and my posts would post so I shut the page… come back to find it posted four times. Same seems to have happened all over. Sorry anons.

No. 326630

venus is livestreaming on her youtube channel

No. 326693

She seemed so happy and more natural, compared to the shit-fest that was the Afreeca TV stream with margo making her stuff her face

No. 326858

File: 1482221827238.png (400.19 KB, 1435x1837, Screenshot_2016-12-20-09-11-39…)

So…I'll leave this here.

No. 326859

7 Dec, just two weeks ago. So Margo went to Japan?

It kind of reads like she ambushed Venus.

No. 326860

Margo's follow up:
>margaretpalermo@itzely_14 Thank you. I think it's funny how the guy gets away with all of this while most people hate on me and I was robbed and hit by both of them. Time is ticking though

Will we see an explosion of Margo milk in what remains of this year??!

No. 326870

wtf the lameass video vexxed made "exposing venus" is getting recommended

No. 326871

>who hit me without reason when she saw me
lmao i'm actually laughing. can you imagine Venus randomly spotting Margo and swinging at her out of nowhere?

>calls the police lying. I showed the police that I have money

so even the police was called. it was probably her who showed up at her house, indeed asked for money, Venus refused, margo hit at her, Venus called the police.

No. 326873

I'm guessing Venus was minding her own business then troll charged at her and started ranting like she did with Manaki, so Venus pushed her away in fear. Just like the last time she 'hit' her at the airport.

No. 326881

Margo was probably watching the livestream too ugh creepy.

No. 326887

File: 1482238472180.jpg (302.61 KB, 1079x1686, YYF5hey.jpg)

Isn't Venus and Manaki's anniversary coming up, where she said she wanted to have a ceremony? I think it was around Christmas that they registered.

What a coincidence, Mags. Ugh.

No. 326895

I feel like for it to have gotten physical, Margo would have to be grabbing or getting in her space first. We know from the airport incident, Margo was the one doing the grabbing. In the stalking video with Manaki, Margo is the one being aggressive about space.

No. 326898

sad but true

No. 326899

this ceremony (when it happens) is going to trigger Margo into oblivion. Margo's description of this recent physical / police incident is disturbing. time for the river, Margo!

No. 326901


Wait, what ?

Since when did Margo have money of her own … Bitch has no job and probably gets only small amounts from her mom.

Is this prostitution money from Seoul ?

No. 326905

File: 1482243996060.jpg (1.45 MB, 532x352, awJrm2o.jpg)

I definitely think she arrived in Japan in hopes of ruining any their plans(if they were making them). And their Christmas too!

>For her I only show up for money
>She robbed me and says I'm there for money.

Ho, that's what you've been telling everyone for a year! When not insulting her, you talk about the money.

Ew… Margon probably meeting up with Vexxed again. Knead those moobs into a frenzy.

No. 326915

you know she doesn't actually have money, she probably just flashed the few bills she had in her pocket at the cops while screaming "SEE IM NOT HERE FOR MONEY!!! I HAVE MONEY!!"

For sure this incident was Margo grabbing at Venus, demanding to be paid back what was 'stolen' from her, and Venus had to push or hit her to get her to let go, just like at the airport. Poor Venus.

No. 326919

No wonder why weenoos went back to record videos indoors. Just imagine talking to the camera and the crazy cunt approaching from behind.

No. 326938

Margo has a history of doing something and then saying that Venus does that same thing ("She's abusive! She's a psychopath! She steals my hard-earned money!!"), so I wouldn't be at all surprised if MARGO was the one who hit Venus and either Venus or Mana ended up calling the cops.

Also, this part of Margo's post:

>I cried telling them that it's my daughter who hits me, not me hitting her

makes me think that the only one getting violent was the kappa.

No. 326940


I'm pretty sure the police will be able to read the situation as well as we can - Margo looks bonkers, Venus is obviously in a stable relationship and is clean, groomed and has a house. Venus has no reason to hit Margo, it's not in her interests to threaten her position in that way. Margo however, has nothing to lose. If they haven't given Margo's name to immigration/kicked her out officially then I'm very disappointed in JP authorities.

No. 326943

At worst, Venus may have moved Margo's foot to close the door or pull away from her or something (like the airport, where security had to get Mags o release her talons), because you know Margo would try to shove her way into the house or grab Venus while walking home.

So, Margo shows up in Japan, ambushes Venus, demands money (notice how Margo doesn't deny she was there for money - she just says it wasn't the ONLY reason.) Hoping to ruin Venus' wedding planning and holiday.

We'll have to see what Ferenc says about this - does this coincide with her plane photos and Ferenc's flying witch post?

No. 326944

File: 1482257189609.png (31.7 KB, 297x165, Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 10.0…)

Always screencap, anon

No. 326945

They got married in Sept last year, before she went to Korea. It's Margo who kept claiming her marriage wasn't "valid" until Christmas (Mags may have not submitted the paperwork on time, what with all her embassy email shenanigans.)

No. 326946

Looks like she's returned to stalking Venus and she sounds very dangerous and threatening, especially towards Manaki. Wonder where she is now.

No. 326947

If Maggot really went back to Japan, I'm curious about how she managed to do it this time and if this debunks the theory of being detained. Either the bitch bribed someone, used fake documentation or did something else.

That was she meant with this post? >>322455

sage for tinfoil

No. 326949

I think she's talking about the last time she went to the house to film Manaki re: him "hitting" her - when he walked towards her with hands palms forward, defensively, and trie to move the phone out of the way - this is her "Mana HIT ME!!" claim. Remember how she started wobbling the phone around crazy to make it look like something happened, when there was not a sound?

It sounds like she managed to ambush Venus alone this time, outside, because Venus has a video monitor on her doorbell and checks before answering the door (per Margo's last ambush of Mana.)

No. 326952

File: 1482258383826.png (29.55 KB, 304x190, Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 10.2…)

This is going back a week or two, but christ her engrish regressed over this year of crazy. You can HEAR her insane ranting and mouth full of marbles just looking at this (and is she saying a single subway ride in Japan costs more than an entire month's budget in Seoul - or is she actually talking about the chain restaurant Subway, and lamenting how expensive her beloved western food like Denny's can be?)

No. 326953

File: 1482258510804.png (594.6 KB, 921x593, Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 10.2…)

And no wonder she ambushed V- look who can only afford her coveted Starbucks but once a year as her Christmas present to herself?


No. 326954


Her gross sausage fingers make this image unappealing …

No. 326958

File: 1482259801521.png (37.33 KB, 326x250, Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 10.4…)

The scrapped "Dead fish" song and dance number was recorded around the time of her attack as well (check the time, should have been within a few days of the attack)

No. 326969

Crazy hobo rambling

No. 326973


fuckin lol margrot, tell your johns to stay quiet and low

No. 326974

Good catch!

No. 326986


this entire thing is so sketchy. I still wonder how she could go to japan (which money?) and why isn't she all over the place about being back (?) in Japan? What is she planning?

and I'm prob reaching here but the Tay&Venus Video in Disneyland was around 2 weeks ago as well. Jealous again, mags?

No. 326987

>>and I'm prob reaching here but the Tay&Venus Video in Disneyland was around 2 weeks ago as well. Jealous again, mags?

I noticed this as well. It might have been a "lets get you out of the dumps" girls day after the attack, too.

But I think Ferenc's flying witch photo was related to Margo's recent trip. There's got to be a way for Margo to sneak in to Japan from Korea; what if she didn't fly? Is there a day ferry or something? With less security than an airport?

No. 326989

I appreciate how retarded they are

No. 326998


…I'm guessing this is also why Weenos couldn't attend Tay's birthday?

No. 327002

Ohh yeah, maybe.. Because all Taylor said was that Venus couldn't come because something happened, she didn't give any specifics or even a hint

No. 327008

When was her birthday? I don't read Tay's thread at all but, if they announced which shop they were going to visit beforehand, Margo would show up too and pull one of her stupid stunts

No. 327009

File: 1482264651178.png (246.48 KB, 911x170, Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 12.1…)

Looks like the 14th, or shortly before?

No. 327010

File: 1482264743735.png (194.05 KB, 926x201, Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 12.0…)

The shopping trip took place before Tay and V's Disney trip and the shopping trip was closer to the 7th.

No. 327012

so what >>326987 said could be accurate?

No. 327015

Possibly, yes. Not sure if the Disney trip was already planned though - Taylor has a very tight filming schedule for December; she calls it "vlogmas" and vlogs and posts every single day all month.

It looks like the shopping trip was closer to the time of the attack - where Venus was absent - and the Disney trip was shortly after the attack, with Taylor's birthday party being a few days after Disney.

What we don't know is how long Margo was - or is - in Japan for, or how many times she's been contacting or trying to contact Venus on her visit. The "something" coming up for the birthday party could have been a different Margo incident (or literally anything else.)

No. 327022

File: 1482267116684.png (123 KB, 891x230, Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 12.5…)

As a reminder, Margo's story on her last attack on Venus was identical to her current story; "she called the police on me for doing nothing and said I want money!" Margo, she calls the police because you're unstable and violent, and what she says about money is true.

No. 327023


>I had chocolate for her

Yep, most likely poisoned.

No. 327024

"I had a box of chocolates in my bag, and therefore they were a gift, therefore my hiding from the video doorbell and attacking Mana and beating on the door until the neighbors came running was just a polite social call, Venoos!"

No. 327060

File: 1482274298914.png (46.38 KB, 303x287, Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 2.49…)

Waiting to see if Margo rises to this bait, or deletes everything.

Tokyo and Seoul are on the same time zone so wherever she is, it's almost 8am - so she should be awake, if not responding.

No. 327061

I'm not convinced that the hitting incident actually happened. I mean, isn't mags the kind of person who would make a picture of her "injured" body parts, telling the whole world what a mentally sick person her daughter is?

No. 327062

Oh I doubt Venus has ever hit her, and yes, Margo would be the first to post an injury photo or video proof. This is the 3rd or 4th time Margo has ambushed Venus with a physical attack, with the authorities having to be called to help Venus, where Margo accuses Venus of being the attacker. It's part of her standard delusion.

No. 327092

(I do anyway)

it's the third we know of since venus went to Japan.

No. 327102

Three house ambushes, one in the airport

- airport ambush: told Venus her suitcase was in an airport storage locker via text, Venus realized the stuff wasn't hers and tried to run but Margo stormed in, accused Venus of stealing, and wouldn't let Venus's arms go until security made her.

- house ambush #1: Margo claims to have slept outside the apartment in the ran because she missed her train and Venus wouldn't let her in (when Margo lived with the Spanish chef)

- house ambush #2: Margo rang the bell while hiding from the video cam - so Venus didn't answer the door - then waited for Mana to come home and filmed him.