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No. 986511

Moosechans unite.

No. 986524

I come to Lolcow to pretend I'm not Canadian, thanks

No. 986539

Finally. Lets fucking goooooooo

No. 986544

File: 1638769194150.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3464x3464, 35D4CDC0-AD55-4FB9-8D90-3569AD…)

No. 986635

My family were going to migrate to Canada but came to their senses.

No. 986637

Do Canadians store milk in bags? I've heard that they do. But like when I use a carton of milk I screw it shut and put it back in the fridge. It seems like doing that with a bag would be a pain in the butt.

No. 986642

this has been debunked iirc

No. 986646

They were in bags when I was a little kid (around 1999) but that might have just been one specific brand. There in cartons or jugs now thank god, cutting the tip of the bag off and trying to gently poor it into a cup with tiny little 5 year old fingers was a recipe for disaster.

No. 986647

I was subjected to powdered and evaporated milk.

No. 986649

Is the housing crisis that bad?

No. 986653

Lived in the same apartment for close to 10 years and have had my rent raise the maximum amount it can legally, paying just over $1000 for a shitty one room. Lesser renovated and smaller apartments nearby are charging $1650+.

No. 986706

We have a tent city, we've never had a tent city before.

No. 986707

File: 1638792333101.jpg (40.52 KB, 600x448, ytj1l8ylkxt31.jpg)

Debunked? We got milk in bags when I was a kid. The milk guy would bring it, and he brought us sippies too.

No. 986719

File: 1638794417943.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.72 KB, 235x442, 3f37f40ab5ccbf46bfa32ba7721ca8…)

I hate Canada. I have begun to unironically enjoy the boomer memes my dad sends me. We pay out the ass in taxes and get nothing in return. My family doctor is like a 40 minute drive but I'm still keeping her because I'll never be able to find a new one. I feel like we have Nordic-tier tax rates but American-tier social programs.

No. 986721

fuck canada

No. 986726

My goal is to move the fuck away from the Detroit of Canada and live in a small cottage way the fuck up north, where roads are inaccessible for months out of the year. With a small bit of property I will apply for a semi-restricted gun license and pretend to be an American. It's so quiet way up north, at night after my boyfriend falls asleep all I can hear are wolves. And seeing a shooting star every twenty minutes definitely boosts the happiness metre. That is our goal. We want a Misato skinwrap for our gun. Amen.

No. 986762

Yes. Chinese fuckers going overtime laundering their money with the housing market.

No. 986763

We still have milk in bags…

No. 986765

Last time it look literally a month to go to the Dr, and by then I solved it myself with essential oil shit. Groceries up literally 30% (and I bet it was fucking planned too, farmers were ordered to toss their milk and animals into pits a year before). Everyday interacting with Canadian system is "frog slowly boiling in water" tier. If my family didn't blindly worship Canada we'd have moved back home years ago.

No. 986767

Food is insanely expensive there you have to almost be a millionaire to live comfy. Just move to Alberta it's the Texas of Canada.

No. 986781

File: 1638802309006.png (154.58 KB, 398x355, main-qimg-7218940d1044648db0c1…)

(Not racebait ok) Anyone in Ontario notice a ton of Indian ppl moving in these past few years? Boomer family literally want to move away because "there's too many browns".

No. 986784

Not from Ontario but I feel like Ontario is brown, lots of Ontario Indian girls on TikTok fyp

No. 986789

yes kek theyre everywhere. my area is currently being infiltrated by all the rich chinese people, theyre the only ones who can afford homes right now as >>986762 said, but brampton is VERY indian (its also a shithole but thats another thing).

No. 986793

Even Alberta is going through hard times. I’ll never make the same money like I did in the oil field. It’s very unstable right now.

No. 986795

I’m a burger, but I have some friends who think they can just move to Canada when things “get bad.” I don’t have the heart to tell them how hard it is to get in and how you guys are economically not that much better off than us anyway. They work menial retail, there’s no way immigration will let them in, right? That’s if they can even save the money (doubt.) I feel sorry for all of us North Americans tbh.

No. 986799

Canada wouldn’t let them in unless they work desirable jobs or if they’re married to a Canadian (marriage is hard because your partner has to support you on 40k+). Then there’s also finding a job where in the last thread an immigrant anon said it was hard for her family members to find a job because employers only care about work experience in canada.

No. 986803

>desirable job
Kek unless you guys need retail grunts
They’re married to each other and have a kid, so.
I feel like they’re not the only delusional American 20somethings who have a “Canadian dream,” for lack of a better term. They really haven’t been keeping up with the news lately.

No. 986805

Nah, Filipinos got us covered for retail/fast food. I’m planning on moving away to America next year to be with my bf. I’ll make more money and I’ll be with the love of my life. I’d love to stay in Canada but there’s no way I’d be able to support both of us when his job is high earning.

No. 986807

Yeah as other anon said its pretty tough getting in anyway and typically immigration looks for high skill workers. It is not as great as they think it is here whatsoever. Economically we are in a similar boat, though I would argue we are even worse because homes are unaffordable and everything is expensive (even moreso than in the USA). I would switch places with them kek.

No. 986812

The home affordability in America is certainly not as bad as Canada right now. I live somewhere homes are barely over 200k and it’s a large city. The US is so vast, you can just move to a different state and get a different experience tbh. There’s some federal fuckery you’ll never escape of course, but some areas are extremely better than others. They just don’t tend to make the news. What do you guys think will happen to Canada in the near future? Are people saying the economy might crash or something?

No. 986825

At this point america has better economy, wages even for educated jobs have gone to shit. Housing is also way more expensive. The only pro is you won't go into debt if you break an arm, unlike america.

No. 986826

In 100 years no joke it'll become the next china, or go full Sharialaw. Rich Chinese are flocking here as a safe haven, and you're not allowed to criticize pedo prophet religion without being doxxed fired and assraped. Though most average ppl hate mooslims, even though they don't say it, so I think china takeover will be more likely. Especially since gov loves to spy on ppl just as much as china.

No. 986829

In the UK, we're worried too re property if Hong Kongers do really flock here. Although there's a little schadenfreude, because they'll want the houses and jobs of the type of people who derided us for being bigots for worrying about the effect of the Polish and Pakistanis etc.

No. 986832

God I spent a large part of my childhood in Brampton, I remember hating it even when I was a kid. It's such a shithole suburb, there's literally nothing to do except go to the movies or the mall. Endless suburban sprawl, new housing developments and strip malls. I got the hell out the there the minute I turned 18.

No. 986853

I'm a burger who wants to work in the film industry. Is Toronto as unaffordable as all the American film cities? I figure it would be less insufferable and fake than LA, less pretentious and expensive than NYC, and not nearly as yee yee as Georgia.

No. 986854

can't spell brampton without brap

No. 986855

I lived in Toronto for a little while and that's where everyone who is any race other than white goes.
Girls would talk about their amazing Indian culture nonstop and just hang with their own cliques. Someone once even told me they'd never seen blue eyes.

No. 986860

What effect has the polish had??

No. 986865

kek is the pedo religion islam?

good thing you left! the crime there is so bad there, i see something about a shooting there every few days.

ehh thats half true. there are rich white people if anything because it is so unaffordable. though, like everywhere in ontario nowadays the non-white population is definitely outnumbering the white people who live there. as a kid it was a cool thing for people to want to live there, but holy shit i would never want to live there, only visiting is good enough!

No. 986867

samefag but sorry for adding there so many times im on mobile in public so i didnt proofread

No. 986873

Same thing in Mississauga
Just as expensive, everyone hangs out in their own cliques and treats you like scum on their shoe. To get anywhere you have to be in one of those tribes.
Officially I'm not allowed to say or the brown police will run my door through.

No. 986875

Girl go to Vancouver where movies are being filmed.

No. 986890

>Implying that Vancouver isn't even more expensive that Toronto

No. 986892

People from other races who come to Canada are soo stuck in their own tribes, it's ridiculous. They literally refuse to integrate and shit on Canada. I literally heard it all the time from brown people I talked to. Not from Asian people at all.
I was on a haunted hayride and this annoying bitch kept saying "we're in India!!" "We're in the homeland!!" super loud and ruining the ride.
If you hate it so much here.. like.. go home to your shithole?

No. 986894

Obviously not the case for everyone but yeah.. I've noticed people from other places integrate so much better

No. 986913

(I swear if mods ban for race baiting) Canada is literally letting ~5 ethnicities conquer land and turning it into their homeland 2.0. Whole neighborhoods are just SEA, or Indian, or Polish, or Muslim, with their own businesses and everything where they only hire their own ethnicity. I wouldn't care, if they didn't act like everyone else is trash and their culture is superior, and the job market wasn't squeezing out qualified ppl bc ethnicities are giving jobs to only same ethnicities (no matter how qualified).
The Muslim girls I roomed with for a while literally said they wanted islym state in Canada bc everyone is a degenerate. Idk why they told me this though, did they think I was a degenerate?
Chinese exchange students literally flaunted that they had the answers for homework and tests from the TAs and nothing was done.

No. 986915

I don't know about integrate, more like learn to be quiet about their real thoughts and feelings.

No. 986923

I mean honestly, true

No. 986925

Influx of temporary unskilled and semi-skilled workers. Many people preferred hiring Poles because they'd work for extremely low wages and in bad, if not illegal conditions, not a living wage for a British worker, but the money could go much further in Poland ofc, where money is sent back to family. If anyone spoke out about the system and the need for reform (for Brits and Poles sake), they'd gaslight and try to twist it as it bigots being anti-Pole, which in the majority of cases was nonsense. Lots and lots of snobbery from ignorant middle class types about this issue who ofc do a 180 when they're the ones being shafted.

No. 986936

if white people worked as hard as immigrants do, we wouldnt need immigrants…. we need them because white people don't want to be bus drivers & elder carers anymore. if you don't want immigrants make white people get jobs. sorry, that's life.

No. 986950

Wtf are you talking about? 99% of elder care workers and bus drivers that I see are white

No. 986957

Thanks for your regurgitated twitter opinion

No. 986963

Why are people from countries like Canada and the states "privileged" for being white because the majority of us are white? We're a predominately white country to begin with. Just like India is 99% native Indians and China is 99% native Chinese, you don't hear them being called privileged. Race politics are retardation prove me wrong

No. 986964

One of my family breaks herself doing elder care and the Nigerian immigrants at her work do nothing and get away with it, bc the hiring manager is Nigerian too. I swear anons >>986936 have never been in a workplace once in their life.

No. 986971

"Whities discriminate!1" doesn't exist in Canada, except when ppl want to use it to play victim/gaslight about real problems in certain communities. The only ppl I think race still impacts is Native Americans.

No. 986974

Your picrel just took me back to every time I went trick or treating

No. 986986

Oh it definitely does
"Minorities" can discriminate openly against white people but the reverse will get you targeted for racism

No. 987042

Vid related, you

No. 987082

Montreal is still the cheapest if you want to work in film.

No. 987195

Canada is advertised heavily in China and India. Ontario has a new scheme where to save their failing college system they import tons of international students mostly from India who pay higher fees and in exchange they can apply for PR status after working for 1 year after they graduate. A lot of these students are told lies about Canadian life by recruiters in India and when they get here they regret it because they have to be roommates with 7 other international students and get exploited by their employers at minimum wage jobs. They can't go back because their family in India used up their life savings to send them here. And in the end not all of them get PR status. It's also bad for Canada because these international students just pick random college courses they don't give a shit about like hotel management just to get into the PR scheme. A lot of them can't speak English well enough and cheat and the college administrations force professors to lower standards and pass them. It ruins the experience for domestic students and makes Canadian education look like a joke on the world stage. I've heard that there are institutions like grad schools in the US who immediately throw away resumes from people who went to Canadian universities because they think Canadian education sucks. Now this college cash cow situation is going to make that worse.

No. 987495

You guys have a GP? Mine got arrested a few years ago for sexual misconduct and now I'm stuck with shitty walk in clinic doctors because of the doctor shortage. You have to call first thing in the morning and wait on the line for over an hour to maybe get a call back later that day or be told there all full and to call back the next day. And they don't see you in person anymore cause of covid so everything is over the phone. I had to get a broken knuckle "checked" over the phone so I had to describe the look of it to some rude scrote doctor that I could barely hear over the multitude of other doctors making their calls in the same room as him. When Americans use our healthcare as an example of a "good" system I wanna wring their neck. Canada is a fucking joke at this point, I can't wait to get out of here.

No. 987813

File: 1638890259291.png (80.81 KB, 804x198, Kamloops-indian-residential-sc…)

I believe the abuse, but resulting in death? I find this pretty convincing. Sorry, I know it's long. On Kamloops.

>To account for the 200 graves, there is no need to assume the high annual death rates put forward in Jeff Rosenthal's study, certainly not one out of twenty pupils.

>The school had no deaths at all during its first nine years. For the next fourteen years, it had an annual death rate of 1.34%—in line with the annual death rate of Canadian Indigenous people at that time. The gap between the school’s death rate and the Canadian average then widened. First, the school’s death rate may have risen to 1.7% because of the growth in enrolment and a corresponding growth in opportunities for infection. Second, and more importantly, the Canadian death rate fell dramatically during the early to mid-twentieth century. The gap then narrowed after the 1940s with the introduction of streptomycin and other antibiotics.
>To reduce the school's death rate to a level below that of the pupils' home communities, the school would have had to impose medical screening on incoming students, particularly for tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases. This was one of Peter Bryce's recommendations. However, a reliable test for latent TB would not be developed until the 1940s. Bryce also recommended increased ventilation of the dormitories, but that measure would have been possible only in summer. At that time, the most effective measures against TB were preventive: regular hand washing, daily bathing, no spitting, etc. Those measures took decades to inculcate into Euro-Canadians, and it would have taken just as long to incorporate them into Indigenous culture.
>Yes, there was a vaccine against TB, but it did not enter widespread use until the late 1920s and did not prevent primary tuberculosis infection. In hindsight, the best preventive measure would have been to cap school enrolment at thirty pupils, in order to reduce the number of possible hosts for TB and other infectious pathogens.
>The Kamloops Indian Residential School was not a death camp. The risk of death was about the same there as in the pupils' home communities. Nor was there a "mass grave." The burials took place over the eight decades of the school’s existence. The “unmarked graves” originally had wooden markers, which decomposed and disappeared over the years. The graveyard itself was abandoned with the closure of the school in 1969.
>The residential school system was wrong but it was wrong for other reasons.

No. 988153

NGL Kamloops was always a shithole. Idk why people want to live there when there’s better B.C. towns.

No. 988192

haha, canada is going to be exactly like america sooner than later. The govt will sell out all the native citizens out for cheap labor from immigrants and blame it on capitalism.
Fair warning to the black/brown canadians who've lived there for several generations, these people from other countries will attempt to replace and demonize you. Best of luck!!

No. 988194

if immigrants from these countries are so hard working why are their countries still shitholes anon?

No. 988222

depends really. living on the island is getting more expensive and the salaries hardly go up. most places request 40hrs a week, but the salaries are the same-ish preCOVID

No. 988268

How daft are you? Usually there have been political disturbances by so-called "peacekeepers" like Canada and NATO who fuck up countries because they're getting too "communist" or god forbid get better labour/economic policies that would prevent developed countries from getting cheap goods made from cheap, exploited labour. You're fucking stupid and you should feel bad.

No. 988489

Where are the best places to be in B.C.?

No. 988833

File: 1638986240600.png (573.79 KB, 1354x764, Untitled.png)

Is it true Sophie and Idris bang while Justin watches?

No. 989792

i think sophie and justin are seperated secretly kek theres many rumours about that. also sophie is an attention seeker, she does nothing except for randomly trying to catch a glimpse of the limelight. honestly, i think idris probably hates her since she apparently passed covid to him.

No. 989794

Is Ottawa as boring as they say? It was voted Canada's most boring city and one of the most boring cities in the whole world. Which seems a bit ott…

No. 989800

Yeah I heard this too. There was also a rumour about Justin being gay and their marriage just being for show

No. 989807

well, im not sure about in the whole world, but i went there for a few days and it was really boring yeah. the food sucked, i felt like there was nothing to do, and on top of that the people were weird.

i think that hes straight, but hes just a nasty dude. theres those stories about him sexually harassing ladies and i think a student too at one point, but theyre all brushed under the rug. hes just a shit person.

No. 989811

how are they weird?

No. 989819

maybe its because i was a kid, but there were lots of goth/scene people and around that time that trend was almost phased out. aside from that, the french people were pretty rude (also quebec accents sound weird to me)

No. 989825

Black people in Canada. Which part do you live in and what has your experience been?

No. 989848

bagged milk is an east coast thing

No. 989849

ntayrt but van island

No. 989862

Doesn’t PM Justin want to increase immigration by something like 450k every year? What is his mastermind plan on where to put all these people? isn’t there a huge housing shortage in popular provinces?

No. 989920

Interior B.C. I used to live in Golden and it was pretty dope since it’s surrounded by all the national parks. It’s also like 2 1/2 hours away from the Shuswap lake which is another great place to visit. Revelstoke has always been overrated and full of trashy people.

No. 990073

File: 1639090011178.jpeg (143.98 KB, 960x960, 90675B3A-A18A-4370-8E88-F1205E…)

What do you all make of Carrie Bourassa?
> For decades, Bourassa has identified herself as Métis — a group recognized as one of Canada’s aboriginal peoples, along with First Nations and Inuit. She also claims some traces of Tlingit and Anishinaabe heritage in her background.
> Bourassa was one of the most important indigenous health experts in Canada. In addition to her teaching position at the University of Saskatchewan, she was scientific director of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Institute of Indigenous Peoples’ Health, a federal agency that helps distribute millions of dollars in grants for indigenous health research in Canada.
> “When I was very young, I knew I was not a Caucasian person,I knew there was something very different about me.”
> In a 2019 Tedx Talk, Bourassa wore a blue woven cloak and held a feather as she introduced herself as Morning Star Bear, a spirit name translated from the Tlingit language. She said she grew up in a dysfunctional family that struggled with alcoholism and violence in the western Canadian city of Regina. Her only saving grace was the Métis grandfather she called “gramps,” who took her on excursions to tan hides, pick berries and gave her moccasins and mukluks
> In her personal narrative, Bourassa has long credited Clifford LaRocque, a Métis elder, long deceased, with helping her identify with the group when she was in her early 20s. She said LaRocque adopted her after he claimed to have researched her ancestry in 2002.
> “He did his due diligence. He didn’t just give me a Métis card,” she said in an interview with the Saskatoon StarPhoenix just a few days after the CBC News exposé was originally published. Larocque died in 2018, and this “due diligence” has yet to materialize.
> Family photographs tell a different story. Bourassa is pictured as a little girl with her white maternal grandparents, Ladislav and Gertrude Knezacek. Ladislav, who was born in Saskatchewan in 1928, his family originated in Hungary, and Ladislav appears nothing like the Métis “gramps” Bourassa describes in her speeches.
> a recent report by Canada’s national broadcaster, the CBC, raised serious questions about Bourassa’s heritage, the University of Saskatchewan announced last month that it had placed her on paid leave while it conducts a sweeping independent investigation into her origins.
> both CBC News and the New York Post traced her family ancestry to Eastern Europe, and her own colleagues have investigated with similar results. As Winona Wheeler, an associate professor of Indigenous studies at U of S told CBC News in October, “There was nowhere in that family tree where there was any Indigenous person.”

No. 990078

QC, and tame. I often get confused for a franco black like some African countries or Haiti.

No. 990090

For those of you who have lived in both Canada and the U.S. what were the differences and similarities? Anything surprising?

No. 990243

File: 1639103927927.png (435.77 KB, 565x377, 876544567.png)

kek just like Pierre and Maggie.

No. 990553

This is the first time I heard of her, interesting to know there's a Rachel Dolezal: Canada Edition

I think it would depend on where you lived in Canada, but when I came to the USA I noticed a lot of differences in terms of things being convenient/available all the time. Like you can go to pretty much anything on a Sunday. It might just be coincidence but I also barely ever get ID'd in the states compared to in Canada. In hindsight weirdly I think Canadian fast food was actually better, I don't get takeout a lot in either place but Taco Bell was for sure better in Canada, so many more options. Other than that things are mostly pretty similar, the biggest difference is of course healthcare and stuff but that's going to be so variable depending on what your insurance is like in the states.

No. 990579

File: 1639144210411.jpg (164.48 KB, 800x600, logs-at-moraine-lake-banff-nat…)

I'd love to visit your national parks. You're so lucky. Where have you been? What was it like? Make me jel!

No. 990740

Who else keeps getting spam calls from spoofed numbers? I'm getting calls showing the caller ID location as random rural towns
such as Rockglen SK or Trent Lakes ON multiple times per day.

No. 990765

i get these too and i always block the number after. its annoying because now im skeptical to answer my phone for any number that doesnt have caller ID and i've blocked a few actual callers lol

No. 990777

File: 1639155379818.jpg (149.04 KB, 860x561, 9J37KA907-8.jpg)

this is one of my favourite national parks to hike in. its so lush and green, covered in flowers in the spring and the lakes are crystal clear! i want to try hike it in the winter.

No. 990779

I've lived by/in Yoho, Golden, Glacier, Field, Canmore, Banff, Jasper and Rocky Mountain house. and they're very pretty. I'd say they all have their own charm and perks. Yoho +Glacier are very busy as it's on the trans Canada highway, jasper is slow driving and people stopping for every goddamn animal in sight. I think my favourite story is hearing about David Thompson Highway natives burning down the toll booths at the entrance. Can't say I blame them since our govt kicked out the natives from Jasper and sent them to Grande Cache to live. I'm that crazy person who swims in the Glacial lakes to show off to my friends. They're insanely cold and wouldn't recommend. If you come here, nonnie stay away from Lake Louise as it's full of dumb tourists now. It's so hard to get in to see the lake. there's lots like it.

No. 990785

File: 1639155621370.jpg (41.58 KB, 612x408, gettyimages-1294876379-612x612…)

another one of my favourites is pacific rim. the west coast is so beautiful

No. 991072

I live in Montreal and it's still cheaper than Toronto and Vancouver. It is getting crazy though. Ten years ago, I lived in a decent 3 1/2 in Hochelaga with 375$ rent. Now that place is probably around 950$. I really hate what the city is becoming.

No. 995056

File: 1639534385275.jpeg (317.65 KB, 828x1456, 706F0160-860A-43E4-B960-E04F6F…)

I’m not Canadian but why is Quebec this way? Is it just because of their French twist?

No. 995069

yeah pretty much. theyre very focused on looking french, the whole french pride thing, and speaking french/having signage in french. also hearsay but: quebec is kinda racist kek

No. 995287

they are very racist.

No. 995353

They do what they want and don’t give a shit what others think. They’re incredibly based, the other provinces should be like them.

No. 995521

Agreed, maybe them we wouldn't have Arab grooming gangs getting away scott free bc arresting them is "racist".

No. 995573

My favorite stupid thing Quebec does is that they insist on having “arrete” on their stop signs when even the real French just use “stop”. The insecurity is real.

No. 995803

File: 1639598908922.jpeg (38.38 KB, 567x565, 1606274113531.jpeg)

I'm Eastern Euro and have been dreaming about moving out to Canada actually. Is it really that bad? I work in IT but not qualify for express entry yet. Would Calgary be a good place at least?

No. 995808

Canada is fine. It seems like Canada sucks because people who hate it here are the ones who usually post. Pretty common thing everywhere. I think that where you live, where you work, and who you hang out greatly influences how you feel about where you live. If you can get a good job that pays well above minimum wage and has decent benefits, you should have a decent life. Personally I wouldn't live in Calgary because I don't like smaller cities and their weather, but I hear it is a cheaper city to live in compared to Toronto or Vancouver. If you like winter sports, you would definitely like Calgary.

No. 995810

SF, but also if you want an IT job, you might want to consider Toronto instead since it is the biggest city with the most tech/IT jobs. You'd have a better chance of getting a job in Toronto than others.

No. 995817

I would recommend Alberta for immigrants because housing is still affordable there and demand for tech jobs in Calgary and Edmonton has been increasing recently. Ontario and BC are having really bad housing crises including for rentals so I would avoid them until that gets solved.

No. 995821

Calgary should be good mainly because its still affordable. most jobs are in toronto but its so expensive here, you have to be ready with money bags to buy a house.

No. 995834

Thank you!!

Yeah that's mostly why I prefer to not go into these options. Would probably choose Vancouver if not the fact that it's so expensive. I just want to have stability + 'salary : real estate prices' situation in Calgary looks way better than the one in my country so it gives me some vision of the future.

No. 996958

Re: Quebec
What is their end goal? For France to take them back? What does France even think of Quebec? Do they want to be an independent country? Do they just want Canada as a whole to be more French like them?

No. 997022

Franco-Anglo tensions has been a huge theme throughout Canadian history. Many in Quebec see themselves as part of a distinct society and want the ability to self-govern. They have had two referendums to vote on leaving Canada, the latter of which nearly passed with ~51% voting no and ~49% yes. They were also the only province that never agreed to sign the constitution after Pierre Trudeau repatriated it from the British in 1982. As far as I know people in France just think Quebecois have funny/weird accents (vid related) but don't think badly of them.

No. 997039

As a french person, their accents are funny and Canada as a whole feels like the new American dream for us. Lots of people go there or want to, and come back with lots of stories on how it's so much different but so much better.

After reading all this, I'm wondering if it is still possible to move there as a french person and have an enjoyable experience. We do have extremely high taxes as well

No. 997071

I remember I met this one asian girl in my computer science undergrad (she was retarded so obv she flunked out) but she met my roommate and was like "omg you're so pretty you must be mixed!1 like Chinese and Japanese?" And then I was like "oh I'm half dutch" and she's like "it doesn't matter what you are. all white people are the same."
: D

No. 997075

This was at uoft btw

No. 997097

File: 1639703785136.jpg (96.17 KB, 1242x1216, 2c38130c6549b21609592349c15f71…)

so I go to u of t and they cancelled the last two days of in-person exams, and are making the first month of the winter session online. most people seem to think that all of next semester will be online and I am dreading that. I hate Ontario

No. 997104

anon please, I'm in QC and I'm BEGGING for it to be back online. On my knees begging Legault.

No. 997117

I'm honestly so, so, so glad I graduated way before covid. Good luck, my beautiful anons.
What I'm sad about are the restrictions put in concert venues due to omicron… I wonder if concerts will get cancelled (again) or rescheduled (again). I was just enjoying getting into the flow of going to shows, too.

No. 997118

Because theyre based. People talk shit about quebec all the time but montreal is very multicultural and people dont know thier history so they dont get why quebec people care about french lol its the most unique place in canada to me. I grew up in mtl and new york and mtl metro is a thousand times better.
Also religion is retarded pedo shit made for scrotes

No. 997120

Many want to be an independent country because its nothing like france or the rest of canada. Quebec pride is very big but keep in mind most people who want quebec to be an independent country are old people.
Also for me, french (from france) accents sound funny to me so i guess quebec accents sound funny to french people lol
Irl no one worries about any of this shit. Mtl is very diverse. Now if you go to some places nowhere in quebec it will be mostly white people

No. 997122

Canada as a whole is very racist except maybe vancouver

No. 997149

KEK nonny, did you really expect otherwise? u of t has to be one of the snootiest schools ever but on top of that, they arent even as lefty as york (where i went) but everyone i knew from there is very sjw-esque and still hate white people unironically (even my friends who went there, note: one was half-white but anyway)

fuck that person

No. 997150

samefag but im also glad i graduated just before it too!

where are you from? this is not true at all, especially not woke-tario

No. 997173

super subjective but you have to bear in mind with the polarized culture war rubbernecking nonsense that anywhere with an aggressively "woke" populace has an equally aggressive and deeply resentful reactionary underbelly. it is only even really a "crypto" tendency among a certain class background due to fear of ostracization; a number of people are quite overt and brash about it.
you know what they say about leftist men too. there are different subtypes of misogyny but it's still there. some of it is just viewed as regressive or impolite, so people have to approach it with disingenuous finesse.
similar dynamic with racism in canada, i think. we do have actual textbook white supremacist groups, and i don't say this as a hysterical twitter retard at all. we import a lot of distinctly american schisms and conspiracy-mongering too… completely incoherent in context. again, i don't have any stakes in this, just my observations as someone who can blend unnoticed into most groups because of being quiet and socially invisible.

No. 997368

Hamilton, Ontario has the highest rates of disabled people per capita in the entire country and it explains so much. No redeeming qualities whatsoever.

No. 997390

If anything asian mixed races don't matter like what are you so huffed up about your hair being a lighter shade of black? White genotypes are much more pronounced, at least they have variable hair and skin colors

No. 997409

Yet it's the 5th least affordable city in all of North America. I feel sorry for the people who lived there before including the disabled who can't afford to live there now. Soon there will be no where left for low income people to go.

No. 997412


sorry but what does it explain? ive never been but my bf tells me that whenever he goes he sees needles in common areas or even at mcdonalds

No. 997421

A lot of locals are leaving Alberta because of Jason Kenney/lack of work. The weather is unpredictable and if you drive you should take winter driving lessons.

No. 997446

Question from an American here (pls no bully), I'm considering accepting a job in Montreal and looking at apartments. They all seem so much cheaper than what I was expecting, for reference I currently pay 1.5k USD living in a "luxury" 1br apartment in a medium-size metro - not NYC/LA anywhere like that. There seems to be a lot of "luxury" buildings in what I think are pretty nice areas of town to live in around that price range. I'm a bit surprised that rent generally does not seem to be as astronomical as I was anticipating. Are there hidden fees or other things to consider in the costs that would make the rent actually be a lot higher? Or is cost of living in Montreal just lower than I anticipated

No. 997457

Seething snowflake lmao

No. 997521

I wouldn't rent one of the "luxury" apartments. They are usually filled with Air BnBs, they are also very cheaply made, also you would have to worst landlord (probably a chinese man that doesn't even live in Canada). Do not rent from hassidic jews, they are awful landlords and do not care about you or making the apartment liveable (I have made this mistake and many friends too). Also landlords cannot ask you for any deposit (no first and last month, pet fees, etc). The only thing you pay is your rent every month. The landlord can ask you to pay for the credit check but it is deductible from your first rent. Scummy landlords love to charge illegal fees to immigrants and anyone that don't know better. Electricity is only expensive during the winter, cellphone/internet services are crazy expensive, food is also more pricy now. Montreal only looks cheap to outsiders, rents have doubled in the last few years. We are also used to cheap rents so to us the new prices are not affordable. If you make around minimum wage/low middle class you cannot live alone anymore. For 1.5K here you can get a 3-4 bedrooms in most neighborhoods. Don't rent in Laval or Longueuil even if it seems like it's near everything. Also learn French if you want to move here. It is possible to only speak English if you stay near the downtown area (McGill/Concordia ghettos, NDG, Mile-End, St-Henri, Griffintown), but it is very dumb to not mix with the majority of the population.

No. 997601

Honestly in my experience some mid-sized cities in the USA can be just as expensive as bigish Canadian cities (excluding anything in Ontario or BC where prices are insane.) Depending on where you are looking in Montreal, especially if it's a place near the airport, it's probably just more affordable than you were expecting. Good luck with the hunt!

No. 997615

I'm going to join the train of everyone complaining about how expensive it is. I've been living on my own since I was 17 and worked primarily in retail for 8 years. So I was usually on minimum wage for the most part. I had management positions towards the end but I will say that in the last two years I have really noticed price increases. Maybe even just in the last few months. I have a 9-5 in the animation/film industry but I'm still not well off. Our phone plans are a joke when basically every other country has them for dirt cheap. I'm smart with my groceries but it still hurts everytime I have to buy them lol. There's no way I'll own a house either. I live in Vancouver and my friend and his partner moved all the way to Abbotsford. I get it's cheaper further from the city but I couldn't live in the outskirts of the lower mainland, I would shoot myself lol

No. 997746

Hey, americanon, you are welcome here. Rent laws differ from province to province, with some having stronger renter rights than others. I know that Quebec has strong rental rights, but where I live in Ontario, you need to be a bit careful. Thanks to Doug Ford, he made weird changes to rent control laws that only helped his rich, developer cronies. So. A lot of new fancy condos aren't covered by rent control if they've been built/occupied for rent on and after November 18, 2018. What happens is that some people get suckered in by the lower rent and nice amenities then get fucked over by greedy landparasites that increase their rent by 20%. It's not super frequent, but it does happen and you need to ask the landlord/rental company when it was first occupied or built. I will also add that white collar, big city Canadian salaries are lower than white collar, big city American ones so it might seem like it's cheaper but it all balances out.

No. 997938

I feel anxiety about moving out of Canada. I’m basically a mail-order bride to the states lmao but I think about what challenges I’ll have to face and I just start crying, I’m scared I’ll let my soon to be husband down if I can’t find a job.

No. 997960

Tfw when you're seriously considering moving to Mission

No. 998062

Definitely make sure you feel like you're making the right choice before you leave. Once you leave, it's a lot harder to go back. Not to be a pessimist about your marriage of course, I hope everything works out for you. But if you are already feeling insecure before moving to another country for marriage then please think carefully about what is best for you, it's a huge adjustment and will change your life even though Canada and the USA aren't too different.

No. 998162

Yeah, I've had a few years to think about it. It's not like we just met and I'm off to live there, kek. I just feel anxiety about starting a new chapter considering I wasn't doing well in Canada.

I couldn't find a job at all and I lived in a city. There was no way I'd be able to support him on my tardbucks if he moved here.

No. 998342

pretty much what this anon said. you can still get 4 1/2s in CDN for 900$. i live in a hassidic hood and it's fine, the landlords are part of the jewish mafia, my building is pretty run down (it's a common occurrence here). pretty much everyone will speak english in MTL, but it's easier for anglophones on the west side (CDN-NDG, any jewish neighborhood). what you can do to find a reasonable rent is to find someone subletting their apt. this way you'll keep the old rent. keep an eye on fuck no montreal, they have good rental tips from people around the city.

No. 998369

Gotcha, just with the way you said mail order I wasn't sure lmao. Job markets have been getting progressively worse in a lot of Canadian cities for a long time, I know that's an issue all over the world to some degree but in general imo you will have an easier time finding work in the states. Even if it were only a temporary thing until you found something better, at least where I am it seems like there are always lots of places hiring for entry level jobs.

No. 1000650

More shit closing downs, my frenchnonnies. I cannot deal with it anymore.

No. 1000761

Just in time for the holidays. I am praying for legault not to pull the curfew shit again

No. 1000766

nonita, i'm very, very worried. i traveled outside the country for a month to visit my folks for the holidays. i'm just crossing my fingers they don't close the border after the holidays, as i'll be traveling back on the first week of january. i've been following the news there and QC went straight to hell and i'm worried about another curfew, oof.

No. 1000792

I suspect I got the coof but there's literally zero testing spots open in Onterrible. You think they'd have sorted this out by now.

No. 1000801

kek dont they have free tests at lcbo? maybe try that or (this sucks, i know but) try looking if anyone is selling said tests on fb marketplace

No. 1000806

Omg same. My friend got a bunch of rapid tests from uni though so I'm picking one up tomorrow. Do you have student friends that you can get one from? I'm also going to wake up early tomorrow to try and grab a pcr test from a hospital.
Haven't you been checking the news?? LCBOs have basically run out unless you live in the middle of nowhere northern Ontario. Also, scalpers are gonna scalp. Fuck them.

No. 1000820

I'm worried too! I'm supposed to be traveling in the first week of January to see my boyfriend, I seriously hope they don't close the border. What's the point of it anymore?

No. 1000843

> I've heard that there are institutions like grad schools in the US who immediately throw away resumes from people who went to Canadian universities because they think Canadian education sucks. Now this college cash cow situation is going to make that worse.

please don't tell me that's a thing. I was planning on going to an American grad school

No. 1000846

ive been checking though i hardly believe half the shit theyre paid to say nowadays so i stay skeptical

No. 1000847

Don't listen to anon. Go to a school with a good program and do well. A lot of my friends and their friends ended up going to top twenty schools for their program. One of them got into MIT for their PhD but went elsewhere. You'll be fine.

No. 1000849

Yes, and it was a mistake to go to school here. A waste of youth

No. 1000854

Just chiming in to say that I love how many fellow Montreal anons are in here. It gives me hope.

No. 1001271

File: 1640108239489.jpeg (269.74 KB, 1000x913, C7sVNbeX0AEsOQo.jpg-large.jpeg)

nonas I'm supposed to travel from Ontario to Europe on the 26th and I'm so anxious that they will ban international travelling. what are your predictions?

No. 1001273

Shit’s getting all locked down everywhere, nonnie, if you go there, you will need lots of money to stay there for who knows how long.

No. 1001318

just sending good vibes, noni. i just got my third dose today, because the gob here rolled the third doses in october. i just keep on checking arriveCAN and the news in Montreal.

also, bonjour/hi to all monty nonas!

No. 1001327

but if i’m a canadian citizen don’t they by law have to take me back? everything i read is so confusing. i’m staying with family so i’m not too worried about being stranded

No. 1001360

File: 1640113036630.png (88.25 KB, 1737x548, travelguide.PNG)

nta but if you are a citizen they have to let you back in. CBSA site at this time is saying you will need to take a molecular test before returning.

No. 1001390

ty nona. I really doubt they will stop international travel at this point. I know a lot of people have cancelled their trips anyway, so why can't they just let the ones who want to travel, travel? its so ridiculous.

No. 1001407

File: 1640115434911.jpg (353.04 KB, 2048x910, Rectangle-36-1-2048x910.jpg)

Your fave?

No. 1001417

I like groundhogs. I dislike geese, those honky, ugly, rude motherfuckers

No. 1001435

Geese are my favorite

No. 1001471

where would you guys say the best city in Canada for young people is then?

No. 1001478

probably toronto but i think university life is overrated anyway

No. 1001484

Bad taste. You've obviously never been subjected to their behaviour during mating season. It's awful.

No. 1001486

i hate their green shits which go all over the sidewalk and the grass

No. 1001521

Montreal. Vancouver and Toronto are cool too but less so and they are more expensive

No. 1001523

File: 1640128031718.jpeg (231.98 KB, 1200x906, 435697A1-151D-4301-90E6-40AEDC…)

These little pricks. I love them.

No. 1001546

Curfew annoucement when?
C'est crissement rendu ridicule. On est exactement au même point que v'là un an. Legault arrête pas de nous mentir. Où est la ventilation dans les écoles? Il a fuck all rien fait pour améliorer la situation dans les hôpitaux et pour ses travailleurs. Il patine autant que Mélanie Joly depuis le début et en plus nous infantilise. Check le ben nous annoncer un nouveau défi 28 jours demain et après nous punir à nouveau parce que ses ostis de mesures ne changent rien à la propagation. En plus, avec les élections qui approchent, il va faire plein de moves politiques idiots et faire des promesses dans le vide pour plaire à la personne moyenne qui lit le JdM.

No. 1001661

File: 1640145373663.png (33.8 KB, 656x331, frenchufck.png)

Serieux! J'en peut plus. As-tu vu son dernier tweet? I'm sure he's gonna mention something among the lines of curfew, and how gathering will now be banned. I fucking hate this province now.

No. 1001664

Come to my place in Ontario

No. 1001728

File: 1640154690605.jpeg (258.83 KB, 827x1142, 2EC9D349-FCDD-4195-92EE-DA4C62…)

the 90-iq midwits populating this thread probably consider this woman to be “privileged” and “lazy” compared to the average middle-class white canadian. this country is so gay

No. 1001810

no. stop posting bait.

No. 1010016

good morning nonnies, we are heading towards yet another curfew. thanks legault

No. 1010045

if doug ford comes out one more time and says we need to do a lockdown over a stupid fucking COLD imn gonna rage

No. 1010258

I fucking hate him. Everyone should just go out after 9pm to protest. We have to get the printemps érable spirit back and fight against that shit. Every night people were outside protesting not giving a fuck about getting arrested.

No. 1010355

AND commerce closed on Sundays, leaving local businesses up the river without a fucking paddle all over again.

I was thinking about the printemps d'érable too. At this point a lot of people who previously supported restrictive measures are saying ça suffit, life can't continue this way, there needs to be another solution. Putain de Legault can't believe his approval rating is so high in QC.

No. 1010444

it's just ridiculous. while it doesn't affect me (with the exception of shops closed on sunday), the last time the police screwed up workers returning home from night shifts, taxi drivers, elderly care and healthcare workers. the curfew does nothing. people will find a way to twist it (remember the kids having dance-offs in La Fontaine last February?).

hope my local stores won't close during regular hours.

No. 1011063

Is Vancouver expensive to live in, but worth it? My sister (former freeaboo) is obsessed with Canada, Vancouver specifically, and wants to live there, like it’s a utopia.

No. 1011175

I think it's worth it if you love nature since you're so close to the beaches and mountains. From what my friends tell me, however, is that it's really hard to find good paying jobs there unless you find a remote US job. Do you guys have in demand skills that would pay well? Otherwise, personally I wouldn't live in Vancouver. All the good jobs are in the east coast in Toronto.

No. 1011325

Wow, she loves mountains and nature so Vancouver sounds lovely. She wants to be a nurse practitioner, I don’t know if that’s in demand. I wouldn’t want to live in Canada with the crazy laws atm, despite it’s beauty and cool culture. And if Toronto is on the coast, does it have the same bustle alongside nature that Vancouver seems to have?

No. 1011366

What crazy laws are you speaking of? Other than that, I feel like any nursing/PSWs jobs should be crazy in demand due to covid but also not well compensated despite working a lot of hours etc.
Toronto's nature is really shitty compared to Vancouver, but it's hard to compete when one city is located near mountains and beaches! Toronto does have some interesting landscapes but you have to go east in Scarborough for the bluffs. Kind of crazy that that kind of scenery exists in the GTA, honestly. Otherwise if your sister decides to get a car, she can drive to Tobermory or Algonquin or to any of the national parks. They are quite beautiful but they're neither beaches nor mountains. Camping, kayaking/canoeing, and climbing are huge if she's into that. Ontario has a ton of lakes too.

No. 1011433

File: 1640988383129.jpeg (63.53 KB, 540x960, EyZyMpBXIAE_Sxt.jpeg)

Well it looks like Douglas has given up on fighting covid. Good luck Ontario anons, let's see how long this takes to blow over.

No. 1011505

Huh, I guess Vancouver may work. She wanted me to move there too, and I guess she could easily get a job. It looks like Toronto is kind of an interesting city, although my dad said there was a little griminess (weed and sex shops), but the places you mentioned? Beautiful. Plus, closer to northern USA, that must be fun!

With crazy laws I mainly mean stuff like kids getting harassed by police for playing hockey because ‘le covid’ and weed being easily accessible. Maybe that’s a really sweeping opinion coming from a non Canadian, and a little inaccurate.

Regardless, thanks for such a detailed Canada review, I always wanted to know more about it and may your cheese gravy chips be fresh and cheesy in 2022

No. 1011587

> police for playing hockey because ‘le covid’
Oh, yeah, that was more true last year when covid wasn't really known. Now no one really cares if kids are out and playing on the streets.
>and weed being easily accessible
It's not that bad! I do have to say that there are way too many weed shops, and it's kind of ridiculous. It's a lot of weed shops, chain store fast food, and pharmacies (Shoppers, Rexall).
I do enjoy living in Toronto just because there's a lot of diversity and I don't feel too out of it since there are a lot of people of my ethnicity. The food is really great and enough musicians come here to play. The downside is that it's getting expensive even for some white collar professionals as no viable solutions are being considered by politicians. I think Vancouver has similar problems as well, with a bunch of foreign investors buying up a bunch of condos inflating rent and property prices. I think either the municipal or the provincial government tried to add some fees for foreign investors but I don't think it worked since Vancouver is still very expensive.
Glad I could help you. Enjoy Vancouver or wherever you end up in Canada! Happy new year, btw!

No. 1011677

Huh, Toronto does sound fun! And happy new year for two hours later! (Posting from 2022)

No. 1011712

what do u mean?

are you mad we dont have lockdowns

No. 1011719

Dude I saw a weed truck on every block in NYC last month. The weed shops in Canada aren’t so bad once you’re used to seeing them.

No. 1011721

Definitely not bad, but I'd rather see indie cafes, bookstores, restaurants etc than the ubiquitous weed shops, ya know?

No. 1011724

they are bad simply because you get used to seeing them everywhere…. thats literally the issue, its excessive

No. 1011733

In Ontario they aren't going to be giving random people covid tests, contact tracing or reporting the daily cases anymore. They basically gave up trying to stop this since Omicron will just blast through the population in a few weeks no matter what they do.

No. 1011768

yeah and thats a good thing. testing a bunch of people and raising the case numbers (which even the stupid public health finally admitted is a useless measure of how bad things are) is unnecessary. people should only be tested if they actually feel sick. also omicron is a cold, the more it spreads the better it is for us all because its weak and we can get natural immunity, its a win -win. i would suggest turning off fearporn24 and ctv

No. 1011775

File: 1641017827570.jpg (14.19 KB, 260x278, U8nJMff.jpg)

yes, we have milk in bags.

people place the bags in a pitcher prior to cutting it open.

No. 1011777

you do realize there are also white immigrants coming to Canada every year, right?

No. 1011783

Burger here, this reminds me of when my classmate was deported back to Canada because his family immigrated illegally.

No. 1011799

So do you think disability payments and housing are going to get better or should I just kill myself like the government wants. My dad says it can’t get much worse than it is now but I disagree, it can always get worse.

No. 1012011

Anons, what do? I no longer work Sundays because my job is closed on Sundays, and I really was using that to pay off my bills and debt and now I cannot. This fucking government I swear

No. 1012019

Atlanta isn’t “yee yee” but you seem too stupid to figure it out anyways

No. 1013407

What are the towns with the best art scenes in ON/QC? I'm assuming Toronto and Mtl, but is one better than the other? And is Kingston any good? I just know it's much cheaper but I don't know anything about the art scene there.

No. 1013594

if you live in manitoba and aren't rich, i'm so sorry.

No. 1014370

My sympathies nonette. It's mad that workers have not been offered a shred of compensation after having the rug pulled out from under them yet again. On another note, I feel really sad that we haven't been able to come up with an effective method of protest to the province's mismanagement of the pandemic and public health system more broadly. Writing an angry letter to the local MP or marching in the street is futile, we need to consider more efficient methods of action because at this point so many of us agree that the situation has become insoportable, yet we're resigned to feeling totally powerless about our situation. The last couvre-feu lasted 5 fucking months. I will be shocked and frankly disappointed in us as a society if the situation continues like this for another so many months. And I'm sick of this message of "just call a friend everyday or check in with a therapist if you feel demoralized by our situation," I'm sorry but no, that's not enough, I don't want to lament the disintegration of public institutions and public life anymore, I want to feel that we're serious about demanding change. I don't mean to sound melodramatic, I'm not calling for revolutionary action or something, I've played by the rules throughout the entire pandemic but we can't continue like this.

No. 1016158

File: 1641359311418.jpeg (443.8 KB, 828x885, 77C6B786-B36F-4ECF-899E-865AB5…)

its for your health!

No. 1016168

Canada has already destroyed its own legal cannabis industry with piss poor management and regulation, the black market wins again

No. 1017043

All the cannibas shops are just for money laundering anyway, funnily enough.

No. 1017427

not surprised. i feel like an overwhelming amount of properties (homes included) exist for money laundering here, it would be funny if it wasnt so sad lol

No. 1017539

Lots of Chinese launder their $ in Canadian property bc the regulations are so loose. It's common knowledge in Vancouver.

No. 1017769

yep! thats what i was referring to. the same in toronto lol

No. 1017935

in Montreal they just burn the buildings they can't purchase lol

No. 1018865

>religion is retarded pedo shit made for scrotes

No. 1019068

File: 1641565624926.jpeg (72.76 KB, 640x628, C5285DBC-81B5-4404-910A-645F17…)

mfw quebec annouces anything
i've always defended quebec slander but im at a breaking point. just announce that we need a 4th dose already and shut up

No. 1024402

Does anyone know any cheat codes for our healthcare system? Anything I could do or call or etc to possibly speed along referrals? Or general advice about making things happen. I have a mystery condition that's getting worse but isn't life-threatening at the moment and I don't want to be waitlisted until 2030.

No. 1024562

Sadly I don't have any advice for you but as a last case scenario a lot of Canadians make visits to the specific doctors in the States who can help them when our system can't.

No. 1025845

The curfew is supposed to be lifted on Monday. I can't wait. Legault is also becoming crazier and crazier. My tinfoil is that Harruda resignated because he doesn't want to be associated with all the new dumb rules.
I hate that he's probably getting reelected this year.

No. 1026039

ask to be put on a cancellation call list. anyone youre waiting in line for right now will call you in the order of the list when somebody cancels last minute. you might have to rush the appointment but sometimes theyll call and have a slot a weeks time from them.

No. 1026405

Hivemind, nonny! Starting on the 24th, we're going to be need proof of vaccination to go stores that are over 1500m2. Kinda crazy, non?

Curfew being lifted means nothing, but I do feel a lot more free.

No. 1026566

Dumb question but can you get your lenses replaced on glasses you already own? I got nice lenses a long time ago but the prescription was off…

No. 1026642

File: 1642135159144.jpeg (83.43 KB, 496x428, AACDE2E2-CC85-42C8-81E3-81BFB6…)

Any shortages in your area?

No. 1026715

I think it's more expensive, but you might be able to find a place that's cheaper. If you end up having to go a different route, Zenni has pretty decent styles with extremely inexpensive coatings compared to even going through with vision insurance.

No. 1029978

File: 1642371690370.jpeg (117.14 KB, 828x1266, b94n5563g2c81.jpeg)

With the news that unvaxxed truckers can't cross the border I'm waiting to see if there are going to be shortages.

No. 1030005

This is so bold faced it's cringe

No. 1030049

>gain access to tools and resources that are best suited for their needs
Sooo you say you're suicidal and the app adds you to a 3-year waitlist for a 5-session group CBT workshop? How can I gain access to resources that don't fucking exist?

No. 1030257

No. Not yet, anyway.

No. 1030294

storm is passin thru

No. 1030418

>you say you're suicidal and the app adds you to a 3-year waitlist for a 5-session group CBT workshop
This is the most accurate description of the public mental healthcare system

No. 1031065

File: 1642461309013.jpeg (187.8 KB, 1200x1200, 56FC44C6-972E-4F4E-B921-4143D5…)

My Canadian brother-in-law introduced me to Nanaimo bars. Thank you Canada for contributing this product to our planet.

No. 1031067

You’re welcome

No. 1031076

File: 1642462091566.jpg (269.84 KB, 1200x1200, Cornflake-Bars_EXPS_.jpg)

If you're American, thanks for cornflake cookies

No. 1031086

Have you made them yourself? They’re better than store bought.

No. 1031169

This looks heart attack inducing

No. 1031194

what? did we do this? i have never seen these in my life

No. 1031198

I didn't want to say anything, but me neither.

No. 1031202

That makes three of us. I have a feeling we didn't invent these.

No. 1031263

I’ve never had store-bought, but the homemade recipe I ate was amazing.

No. 1032127

i work in a grocery store and there have been endless supply chain issues paired with striking factory workers, dock workers and truck drivers. customers keep harassing our produce department and demanding to know why we don't have certain shitty processed foods on the shelves but the warehouses are just kind of unpredictably empty. shortages really depend on where it is sourced from and how it's shipped. sometimes i ask retail wagies in other stores if they have something and they just straight up tell me they haven't had it in a long time and don't know if or when they will again. we do rain checks in my store and i was instructed to let customers know we might never get certain things back in stock and that i don't know whether their product will come back in.
a lot of domestic products from out of province are up in the air too, depending where from. the big chains are trying to keep things well stocked and do some sneaky facing and layouts and i think a lot of the sales they do are sort of deceptive and placating because they can eat a certain margin without losing profit to maintain appearances. don't think major cities will become food deserts but prices are definitely going to go up more than they already have. guess we'll see how it goes

No. 1033021

I wish I had the necessary ingredients to bake some right now even if it would make me gain 5 pounds. I use the recipe from the Nanaimo website but double the chocolate on top.

I haven't been to a cabane à sucre in years. My boyfriend is vegan so I want to find a good one with both options. Any other Québec anon can suggest a good one?

No. 1033239

Dump your boyfriend, cabane a sucre is life and is missing out.
Where are you located nonnie? and how far are you willing to go for it? About half of them closed down iirc, so it's a lot more difficult.

No. 1033278

Anon should give me her vegan bf so we can be vegan together. Jk anon I really hope you can find a vegan alternative. Maybe vegans will set up an adjacent, vegan festival near the same date?

No. 1034195

(Preface for non canadians smoking & growing a little weed is legal in Canada). Where can you get heirloom weed seeds? I've been reading about ppl saying the weed they sell now is way different than the weed 10 years ago and I don't really trust the new strains.

No. 1034233

File: 1642698718676.png (394.45 KB, 1190x986, jashsh.png)

hate him or love him, this is a good article and i agree especially looking at the direction i see even hospitals going https://nationalpost.com/opinion/jordan-peterson-why-i-am-no-longer-a-tenured-professor-at-the-university-of-toronto

No. 1034284

I thought it was bc he's a hardcore drug addict who went to some shady euro country to go cold turkey and it leaked

No. 1034321

>shady euro country

No. 1034404

>Another useless Legault talk
Measures aren't being lifting, I guess I'm going to Ontario for a bit at the end of the month.

No. 1034455

hardly any better here dont waste your time

No. 1034481

Ford is gonna open up indoor dining and stuff soon, though:

Starting Jan. 31, a host of indoor settings will be able to reopen to the public with 50 per cent capacity limits, including:
>Restaurants, bars and other food establishments without dancing.
>Retailers, including shopping malls.
>Gyms and non-spectator areas of sports facilities.
>Movie theatres.
>Meeting and event spaces.
>Museums, galleries, aquariums, zoos and similar attractions.
>Casinos, bingo halls and other gaming establishments.
>Religious services, rites and ceremonies.

I just want to go to the gym, anons.

No. 1034498

Kind of ot but Ray Blanchard also teaches at UofT. I always found it funny how 2 of the biggest shit stirrers in the trans debate worked at the same uni.

No. 1034506

I'm in Montreal but we don't mind driving for a while. Any excuse to get out of the city is good. I know last year there was a lot that did deliveries and there was also vegan options but I can't find anything.

No. 1034525

still mandating the segregation passes though! this man gives us back the bear minimum and people cheer. its a little better, but its still not normal and i know he will try and walk back on this like he usually does.

No. 1034533

I mean, we're not at the peak yet and ERs are at capacity so I understand… I'll take whatever crumb I can get for now.

No. 1034537

you actually believe that shit? damn

No. 1034543

I mean, yes? When the Cons got voted in, they slowly kept on reducing funding to the public health care sector so they could privatize it for profit. Nurses and other medical staff have been working pretty much nonstop since the pandemic with virtually no raises or benifits. A lot are quitting just because they can't handle it anymore. What happens if there are less personnel? Less people to care for patients, more people waiting to be treated whether they're covid related or not…

No. 1034560

thats what i meant. the ER is always at capacity because we have never had proper funding. also: are you really trying to spin this as an issue due to conservatives? seriously? i get scared just thinking about how bad things would be (not happy with ford, but libs are 10000x worse always) if libs were in charge or the ndp kek these problems have always existed. the solution here would involve 1. REMOVING the mandates in health care because they dont make sense nor are they about health and they costed hospitals/long term care homes, etc. their workers and 2. opening up more clinics/hospitals… they couldve done that a long time ago whilst complaining about things for so long but here we go again, down an endless cycle of "we have to lockdown bc case #s and ICU is overfilled" then "okay heres your freedom back for a few months". putting bandaids that not only RUIN mental health of everyone, peoples relationships, their physical health, and more like mandates and lockdowns is not a solution nor can it continue.

No. 1034591

>not only RUIN mental health of everyone, peoples relationships, their physical health
Not to be tinfoil but isn't that the point. They don't give a fuck and if they can profit off ppl they'll literally poison and torture them.

No. 1034592

Any news on the truckers protesting mandatory vacs for everyone?

No. 1034595

Yeah, I'm putting the present blame on the Conservative government because they've always cared about profits over anything and well, they're currently the government that's doing the flipflopping of mandates and freedom. I do agree that the Liberals or NDPs wouldn't have done things differently, though I feel like they wouldn't have tried to privatize health care like the Cons (knocking on wood).
>1. REMOVING the mandates in health care because they dont make sense nor are they about health and they costed hospitals/long term care homes, etc. their workers
I'm not sure how it costed hospitals or long term care homes? Like you said, the ERs were always at capacity due to a lack of funds, so the mandates helped it keep it under control (for a lack of better word) compared to the States or India. Public long term care homes also benefitted since they were such a vulnerable group.
>2. opening up more clinics/hospitals
With the privatization of health care and the limited supply of underpaid and underworked health staff, I don't think it's actually viable. It's an obvious and correct solution but qualified personnel that never tire don't grow on trees. Ontario just doesn't have the funds and the manpower.

No. 1034612

It would be way cheaper to run if hospital equipment manufacturers didn't do planned obsolescence/banning anyone but them from repairing the equipment. Also pharma raising prices to infinity for certain meds and banning the use of cheap ones bc it doesn't fit their agenda (overmectin). They have all the tools and opportunities to lower the functioning cost of healthcare, they just don't want to bc muh profits. For god's sake they're literally firing nurses and psw's for not getting the pinch.

No. 1034643

exactly and anon is using libtard talking points to disagree, i had to exit the convo. its all about control & money, not health.

No. 1035084

I'm waiting for shit to hit the fan when the BoC raises interest rates soon

No. 1040037

File: 1643063590223.jpeg (73.49 KB, 863x835, E90F1672-9E8C-4538-BD95-713496…)

I’m moving nonnies! By spring I’ll be gone from Canada and living in the states. Selling stuff and moving via Canada post kek.

No. 1040040

Canada Post is gonna lose all your stuff

No. 1040080

File: 1643066921644.jpeg (177.45 KB, 1280x720, 29307D33-D2BD-4839-9AE9-C4BB64…)

I haven’t had a bad experience with Canada post (except for my mailbox being stolen a few times kek). Moving + custom fees are $4500 for one bedroom.

I couldn’t even use Pods because I live too far out of their service area. I’m in rural west Alberta but moving to a southern state.

No. 1040101

Congrats, anon! Good luck moving and having your stuff sent

No. 1040215

File: 1643075252321.jpeg (679.67 KB, 1024x768, BEE14570-0462-4FA9-90D8-D97E5B…)

Thank you!! I’m pretty HYPE.

No. 1040229

Why are you moving from Canada? Better prospects down there?

No. 1040230

Why are you moving to the States, anon? Congrats on the move!

No. 1040311

File: 1643083060977.jpeg (405.63 KB, 1169x1964, 4F236F8A-41FF-4F18-AF52-48937D…)

Make sure to get your opinions in

No. 1040340

canned potatoes? what????

No. 1040349

File: 1643085570690.jpg (55.78 KB, 570x738, yom.jpg)

I'm that "mail order bride" from earlier in the thread kek. My bf came over and we got mom's blessing to proceed with immigration. It's 99% for love and 1% for better job prospects.

No. 1040649

Oh, nice, I'm glad it's all working out well for you then

No. 1040846

I had a roommate that ate canned potatoes every day. I can't remember him cooking something that didn't include them. It's not like potatoes are expensive, hard to prepare or spoil fast.

No. 1048294

File: 1643672446745.jpeg (295.41 KB, 1280x887, 5AA8E0F3-06B4-4EEA-851D-52EA53…)


No. 1048347

im so sorry nonna, even if people support the convoy it must be an absolute pain to deal with irl HONKING

No. 1049218

File: 1643744716913.jpeg (63.84 KB, 680x478, 7DEE51AF-21C8-4F4F-919B-10144C…)

Won’t be long until the convoy eat their own. I’ve heard Tamara who organized the gofundme is MIA according to the other organizers kek. People were stupid to trust her again after she got the last convoy stranded in 2019. Serves them right.

No. 1049232

>$9,732,320 raised of $10,000,000 goal ● 120.3K donors
Wow that's a lot of money for a whole lot of honkers

No. 1049239

She either took all the money or the 1million that was taken out. Not sure but we’ll see kek.

I’ve been trolling their convoy Zello for the past few days. But man, listening to them speak so highly of themselves is so hilarious to me.

No. 1049240

Do you have a link to their channel? I can't seem to find it! I wanna hear.

No. 1049249

File: 1643747069543.jpeg (111.7 KB, 684x1280, E55110ED-A2EA-458C-BA09-570B5C…)

You just gotta verify your info in a browser. If you get booted just use a different phone etc.

No. 1049259

File: 1643747799785.jpg (205.55 KB, 1280x854, Capivara(Hydrochoerus_hydrocha…)

Thanks, babely anon!

No. 1049294

Yeah like that other anon said I imagine the disruption is fucking insufferable. I'm almost shocked that both law enforcement and the downtown population are just letting it happen. I heard the mayor and ottawa police chief say that they don't want to risk escalating the situation, ok I understand that, but at the same time it seems like they've done absolutley nothing to put an end to an untenable situation. So they're basically sending the message that the convoy can continue doing whatever the hell they want with little to no consequence.

No. 1049345

File: 1643755613464.jpeg (140.4 KB, 1170x1056, qcQY2z0.jpeg)

The blockage by truckers at the Alberta-Montana border right now actually has the potential to get a lot uglier than the Ottawa convoy

No. 1049360

I heard it got cleared out?

No. 1051109

File: 1643911551201.jpeg (249.7 KB, 1242x2208, not a happy goat.jpeg)

Provinces were going to lift mandates next month. This entire convoy has inconvenienced everyone.

No. 1051125

that place looks dirty (not even talking about tranny flag)

No. 1051157

File: 1643914401160.jpg (81.92 KB, 845x572, Screenshot_20220201-200207.jpg)

Do Canadians really sweetened condensed milk on cereal?

No. 1051225

I’ve never heard of this in my life

No. 1051294

No, sweetened condensed milk isn't really a popular ingredient here compared to some Asian/Latam/European countries.

No. 1051319

A French Canadian is spreading lies, then. I should have known.

No. 1051334

No anon some put it on poutine instead of gravy.

No. 1051645

kek you actually believed any of the gov's promises this whole time?

embarrassing watching people whine about people protesting against tyranny
whats with

No. 1051953

That last sentence ending abruptly… did the tyrannical gov 'dissapear' this anon kek

No. 1052324

File: 1644008072188.jpeg (38.83 KB, 320x569, et68ls1uhvf81.jpeg)

No. 1052357

"revolutions" aren't a cozy happening. crossing my fingers that y'all get your restrictions lifted next month.

No. 1052566

So fucking glad I'm not in downtown right now. Also, the "protestors" are so fucking embarassing. Why are they coming to Toronto for federal issues? Dumbasses.

No. 1052576

Because people called them stupid for going to the capital when vaccine mandates are mostly under provincial control. Now some of them have moved to provincial capitals and the same people are mad about it. Careful what you wish for

No. 1052608

do you feel this way about all protests or just this one?

No. 1052627

File: 1644036691430.jpg (40.31 KB, 500x338, right.jpg)

I fucking hate rednecks. I fucking hate truckers. I'm thankful the gofundme got taken down.

rest in piss, cunts.

No. 1052678

File: 1644043207627.jpg (137.14 KB, 745x1118, R9z6V1s.jpg)

anons i crave red velvet cakes regularly but can't bake them. any places to buy them in toronto you would recommend?

No. 1052852

No. 1052860

Lmao @ your government considering retarded restrictions and selling vaccinations as more important than your people getting food. Who am I kidding, this isn't exclusive to Leafland

No. 1052872

The anons who are okay with it here are as retarded as the restrictions themselves

No. 1053013

toot toot

No. 1055536

File: 1644248619273.jpeg (320.14 KB, 960x1214, 45164319-427E-4842-9AE7-D06821…)

Over the weekend there was an attempted arson attack in an apartment lobby downtown Ottawa. It was two men and one blatantly admitted to being part of the protests.

No. 1055546

Ah there we go. I've been waiting for the control opp to show up kek. The tone is going to change now nonnas, careful.

No. 1055554

Is your PM still MIA?

No. 1055570

File: 1644250500210.png (5.75 MB, 2048x1536, 3CA592C4-12D2-491F-8F0A-1482DE…)

The tone changed after the first week, nonna. Gofundme shouldn’t let any protests be funded on their platform.
Seems like every time a protest says “uwu we’re peaceful” is a red flag that shit is going to hit the fan. Remember when BLM said that? I do.

No. 1055726

They had to create something fast because counter-protestors were running over protestors in their car, throwing smoke bombs and feces at protestors, caught on tape having embarrassing meltdowns and being racist to protestors, an Ottawa teacher was caught on Twitter spaces threatening to take up arms against protestors while city councillors also in the space stayed silent, etc. Basically the anti-protest side wasn’t looking good so they had to come up with a distraction.

No. 1055767

Girl everyone at Ottawa rn is trash. They’re all acting like imbeciles. I have yet to see the fighting videos though someone send a link.

No. 1056021

When people pose with signs like this, do they realize how unhinged they look? Whether they support the jab or not, no normal person actually gives a shit if all the CEOs of vaccine companies are Jewish. What does that change?

No. 1056449

>prevent people from getting sleep for days
>o no why are they acting unhinged

No. 1056631

File: 1644298435080.jpeg (134.95 KB, 900x506, 866E35C8-FEC8-4C41-8A55-35CEB2…)

I’m surprised that it hasn’t gotten more violent tbh. The amount of time that has passed I’ve been expecting someone to just go apeshit.

I think the greatest rebellion against the Canadian Govt was the natives burning down the ticket booths on David Thompson highway. When Jasper national park was being established they banished the natives to go live in Grande Cache. Unfortunately after the booths were burned they recently built new ones. Such a shame.

No. 1056764

Thread pic needs updating
We found the ninth way to divide Canada

No. 1057049

I feel bad for the pets/kids/normal people dealing with it but wish the honking would go on forever only for the people with massive superiority complexes they lord over the rest of the country, that's how things got so divisive in the first place

No. 1057593

Detroit-Windsor border which is the busiest crossing is now blocked. $325 million lost each day they keep blocking it. I'm wondering if I should stock up on food now.

No. 1057724

Buy food and clothes from your own overpriced country instead of bawwing

No. 1059207

What is going on with my (QC) province's government? I actually cannot stop having schizo thoughts..

No. 1059617

I saw redditards saying that this actually isn’t a Canadian protest but a US funded and backed protest…what? Don’t you guys have enough of your own homegrown right wingers? Can’t tell if it’s just American Exceptionalism at work or if it’s serious. I saw someone say it started as a small protest of Canadian truckers but then was hijacked by the US alt right or whatever.

No. 1059621

It was full of extremists since inception. I listen to convoy Zello stations and yeah lots of Americans are in the servers. They sing the Canadian anthem poorly too.

No. 1059623

They say that because anybody in the world can donate to the GoFundMe/GoSendMe but they chose the US to focus on for some reason. Probably because people here are trained to think anything Canadian is good and anything American is automatically evil. It was pretty much confirmed American citizens were donating when GOP politicians started investigating GoFundMe after they shut the campaign down to force them to refund all donors in the states they represent.

No. 1059627

Samefag but I meant to write GiveSendGo which is the new platform they're on, I mixed up the name.

No. 1059662

What was the fund for exactly? What would the money have done?

No. 1059889

They were given 1million of the funds. It goes towards the truckers for food,gas etc.

No. 1061276

Probably for legal fees too

No. 1062103

File: 1644630171242.png (342.25 KB, 503x520, concert.png)


No. 1062107

I love it, good for them. Going to be hilarious to see their opponents try to paint this in a bad light (it will probably be ignored tho). Clown world just keeps getting funnier, especially that it's Canadians of all people

No. 1062122

Kek super based. I would love to enjoy myself with you guys, yet I'm comfy here in the warmth. Have a fun concert!

No. 1062154

They're not even Canadians, they're dumbass Amaricans. It's all fake.

No. 1062170

found the butthurt leftist. seethe elsewhere, theres too many of you in this country and i am happy to see this movement thriving.

No. 1062174

what the hell is a butthurt leftist?

No. 1062175

I’m so glad I’m moving away from Canada holy shit.
Why do you write like a scrote?

No. 1062178

lol have fun with your hearing damage retard.

No. 1062183

that anon and liberal/ndp/green party voters kek

how is this like a scote? pretty common terms

canada is huge, im just fine! ottawa is boring as hell anyway, they should be glad to get some business and some actual action for once

No. 1062191

File: 1644634314648.jpeg (46.52 KB, 589x714, 011DFDC5-47C4-4B9E-B3A8-4C910F…)

Who cares how people politically align. I just want more action between protestors and disgruntled citizens.
I’ve had an inkling for a while that this thread has scrotes in it. The smegma is close and I can smell it.

No. 1062192

>has a different opinion
>gets called a scrote
when will it end.

No. 1062194

nah, your general behavior is what makes you a scrote, scrote.

No. 1062199

this has happened to me too many times now kek do people ever question their beliefs though and realize theyre not the progressive, caring people that their political alignment supposedly stands for. especially now, you are cheering on people who are okay with complying because you dont like the noise. people have lost their jobs, been torn apart, and been segregated and treated like dirt because of their views on covid or being unvaccinated. cheering on the government isnt cool, but supporting rights and freedom for all people is.

No. 1062202

File: 1644635017350.jpeg (32.57 KB, 607x431, 1621709914008.jpeg)

You wouldn't feel the same if it happened in your city, unless you're an unemployed welfare case or criminal like most of the people in the rally.

No. 1062204

idk is it emotional immaturity or what? it was exhausting for me to keep up the pretense that the gov gave a shit about people like me.

No. 1062208

Listen I’m not calling people out for having a different opinion. Last two posts have me being glad I’m eventually leaving the chaos. Up until the convoy I mentally checked out from hearing Canadian politics lol.
It’s the terminology used in this thread is what gives me the doubt I’m talking to women.
I’m sorry nonna. I feel for the citizens held hostage by the madness. I do love the fighting but I also hope they leave your city.
Dude I’m autistic and have tardbux. My govt could give us more but they’d rather cut us back every now and then.

No. 1062212

this is an imageboard though, so idk most of us have weird terminally online lingo. at least that's the way i see it. I can only hope that the chaos is worth it. hey, i hope you enjoy your new place though!

No. 1062213

i would join in when i have time. people are genuinely have a good time, theres lots of kids too, why does it bother you if youre not there? also, you do realize if we all laid back and did nothing this all wouldnt end. im employed and many of the protesters are too (hence why the media jokes that theres hardly anyone there throughout the weekdays during the day) and those who arent employed often lost their job for refusing the jab. if theyre getting unemployment money, they paid into it while working so theres no problem especially when many people are trying to find work or are self employed now.

leftist? butthurt? ive seen those be universally used i still dont know how those are boy words. also where are you moving?
i dont know how people falsely convinced themselves that the gov are the good guys after screwing us (trudeau mainly, but doug ford has been a complete failure too)

No. 1062216

File: 1644635931101.gif (1.38 MB, 500x375, akagenoanne.gif)

Same here anon. I fucking love it. The irate lefties and Marxists screaming at the working class for rising up against the oppressor. It's a great litmus test for revealing fakers. I also sincerely hope Parliament gets wiped clean and there's a new, fresh slate.

No. 1062222

This is exactly what i mean! Leftists are always preaching about communism and rising up and talking about evil elites, but here they are showing their true colours! They dont truly believe what they say, its all about looking virtuous. Also, I wish parliament would be wiped clean too, but thats wishful thinking! Would be amazing for that to happen though, I think everyone is corrupted except for like a handful of people. I am happy to see someone agrees and I am tired of being called a scrote for not having the same beliefs.

No. 1062224

Besides being mad at them for rising up I've also seen tons of liberals and leftists calling truckers and farmers horrible things like ignorant, uneducated, rednecks, hicks, etc. A lot of them were surprised that truckers were competent enough to pull something like this off. It really revealed what they actually think of the working class they claim to want to fight for.

No. 1062257

You actually need a lot of requirements to be a trucker. 9 times out of 10 the truckers in the ditch aren’t white. The only thing I hate is the fact they speed like hell because their payment depends on how fast they get there. I wish trucker culture changed for that reason alone.

No. 1062262

Was about to say, I'd love to see the liberals and seething fags on reddit try and drive an 18-wheeler. Those things have like 32 gears and are stick-shift only.

No. 1062265

Yep. Easy for to people to say while they work from home comfortably. My least favourite insult has been "racist"/"white supremecists". I dont think they believe their own words honestly kek

No. 1062267

Did you see the counter-protests, anon? The ones in Ottawa were chanting "TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS". Not even fucking kidding.

No. 1062291

Nta, but now I’m definitely On the truckers side.

No. 1062298

Kek, set them off so they can be heard into one place and kept out of polite society.

No. 1062316

File: 1644643408892.png (966.63 KB, 922x882, we need a girl version.png)

I see this pic all over 4chan and I want a female one lol.
I'm the same anon as >>1040037 So far all of my packages have arrived safely lol. Only thing now is I can't say I'm moving there publicly because the US is concerned about Intentions. Wish I knew that part sooner because I found out last week. kek
ugh they also blast ram ranch as if that isn't a dated meme.

No. 1062333

AYRT. It's funny how they'll use Ram Ranch "against" them (doesn't seem to be causing damage from what I've heard), but be supportive of LGBT.

No. 1062835

Somehow this doesn't surprise me even a little bit

No. 1092523

Toronto and the GTA are way too crowded now. I don't do shopping or anything like that on weekends because I know it's going to be chaos.

No. 1092631

I'm sorry that you live in Toronto or the GTA anon, that sucks

No. 1093672

The Canadians in this were such tards idk why but they bothered me so much

No. 1093759

Sorry for being a clueless europoor, but what happened to those trucker protests? Did they get their vaccine mandates for trucks revoked in the end (that's what they wanted, right?)

No. 1093797

No, after Trudeau evoked the Emergencies Act the attention shifted from ending mandates to getting him to revoke the Act as soon as possible and free everyone arrested. Then the Ukraine invasion hit which conveniently diverted everyone’s attention and let him off the hook. However during the protests the provinces finally started making plans for removing things like masks and vaccine passports. The border vaccine requirement still applies but many Premiers and State Governers have sent letters to Trudeau and Biden asking them to remove it.

No. 1094096

nta but I'm glad that they're phasing out the passports at least, I wasn't looking forward to the hassle of setting one up next time I go back to visit my family

No. 1106370

As of today Ontario let us take the masks off and I had the best day I've had at work in two years… customer service is such a nightmare when people can't hear you. I think there's a decent chance they'll make us put them back on in autumn though. Hopefully not sooner I'd like a normal summer at least

No. 1106382

I'm glad you're happy, nonnie. I don't care if people don't wear masks anyways.
I was driving on the trans canada today and saw a lot of the "timbit taliban" aka truckers driving by. Had no idea they were still able to afford gas kek.

No. 1106406

You're lucky, we will probably be the last province to remove the mask mandate (Québec).

No. 1106419

>have glasses
>extremely bad prescription
i feel healed by not needing masks.

No. 1109434

File: 1648147190219.jpeg (606.96 KB, 960x1487, AE0FF15F-FD2C-4E5D-BC95-4E5754…)

This morning I was watching the Vancouver Olympics closing ceremony and felt visibly disgusted by Hedley performing. Fuck Jacob Hoggard and his basic ass music. He gave me creepy vibes ever since I saw him spend the day with “lucky” fans on MTV.

No. 1109780

I didn't know this about him, gross. I used to know someone who was like a Hedley superfan but I could never get into it

No. 1110614

Yeah they had to pull all their music off the radio. He’d be taking advantage of fans left and right. That show I’m referring to was 2 super fans winning the day to spend with them and he was flirting with the one girl on TV. It was fucking creepy.

No. 1110788

I remember when they cancelled a tour because of this and I would see young girls being mad on social media cause "how could he do this???? The girls are all lying.". I am never surprised when a member of a rock band that is targeted to teenage girls ends up being a disgusting moid.

No. 1118873

File: 1648761667613.png (359.46 KB, 590x633, canadaq4.png)

The U.S. is going to build a wall and make Canada pay for it

No. 1118893

hes been waiting trial since 2016 i think and i personally know someone who got his signature tattooed so fat lol to them if this ends how it sounds it will

No. 1123493

Fucking Legault that keeps pushing the end of the mask mandate date. I am so jealous of all the other Canada anons that don't have to deal with that anymore.

No. 1175743

I predict Libs will win the Ontario election

No. 1175752

Didn't know we had a Canada thread nonitas. Hi from Raincouver

No. 1175823

I moved to Calgary from Toronto to be with my boyfriend. Anyone have any suggestions to do over the summer? All we have so far is Lake Louise.
Also will learn how to ski over the winter/fall because my bf is a very good skier and I want to get good as him - lol I'm gonna be so embarrassed on the bunny hills with little kids, but I really want to learn how to ski so then our kids have two teachers!
I'd eventually like to move somewhere in BC. I'd prefer Vancouver Island but my bf wants to settle somewhere near Vancouver because that's where his family is. What are some nice places around Vancouver but not ACTUALLY in Vancouver? Vancouver housing is ridiculously expensive. Toronto's too, but that's our next option as my family lives there. We'd like to be near our families in the future! I don't think I could move away from them. I'd like our kids to visit at least one set of grandparents weekly.

No. 1175881

im making my husband take me to heritage park and calaway park this summer

No. 1175962

thanks nonny! I hope you have fun. I don't like amusement rides but Heritage Park seems interesting!

No. 1175966

Oh, there's also a beerfest happening sometime in July I think.
The most recent date I went on was to an All You Can Eat Brazilian BBQ house called Minas. Was really good, especially the endless supply of roasted meats. Some asshole went up to the dessert bar and blew his germs all over the food though. There are crazies at ayce places smh

No. 1177500

This CPC leadership debate is a shitshow. The journalist literally asked them questions about their favorite books and what shows they binge watched. This can’t be a real country.

No. 1178231

It's not, literal Chinese puppet country

No. 1178875

Just here to say fuck Quebec and fuck bill 96

No. 1178934

nooooooooon you cant insult la belle province like this filthy anglophone

No. 1179004

I agree, fuck Quebec

No. 1181688

Stampede is fun if you don’t find that sort of thing overwhelming, zoo is fun, natural parks are fun. Depending on where you live in the city you could probably just spend a day exploring near your place. Happy to know there’s another Calgary nona, I hope you enjoy your time here.

No. 1195699

Bill 96 passed today. Fucking loving seeing anglos seething.

No. 1195713

Why are people mad? The measures to preserve and promote usage of the language aren’t even that extreme.

No. 1195727

They're mad cause they have to speak French. Just move somewhere else in the RoC ffs. Only in Québec people get mad at having to learn the official language. Move anywhere else in the world and these people will call you dumb for not learning the language, except for Québec. We are the only French nation in America and we would like to preserve our culture and language but we are bad for thinking that way (just look at what happened to Louisiana, French is pretty much extinct there). I used to not be a separatist, but the more I grow old the more I think it would be a positive thing. I know a lot of people from the RoC that love our province and love that we speak French and would be sad to see us go, but sadly not everyone think that way. I hate the CAQ, but this is one of the only positive thing they've done. The only party that was against the bill was obviously the PLQ, PQ voted against cause they believe the bill was not harsh enough.

No. 1195733

Natives live in Quebec too. Fuck the québécois.

No. 1195736

What's your point?

No. 1195738

They have their own language. All this effort to preserve fucking French but meanwhile we almost wiped out the native speakers.

No. 1195750

I'm all for preserving the culture and languages of the native, this bill is not about them. This bill is about West Island/Westmount anglos and immigrants that refuse to learn a lich a French and that runs businesses exclusively in English. QS even mentioned that they want to do something more for natives. I believe the most used native languages should be thaught in secondary schools as an option and history classes should focus more on their history before 1492/1534. Do you think the RoC cares about their native population culture and languages? Cause they fucking don't.

No. 1195755

Another good thing is anglos who don't want to learn French won't move there anymore and your housing prices will stay more affordable compared to everywhere else.

No. 1195764

I think it's too late for that kek. I'm staying in my semi shitty 570$ 3 1/2 until I can buy a house in the forest somewhere in Gaspésie or Côte-Nord.

No. 1195799

Anon never ever move to BC. It's pretty but the housing market is absolutely hellish throughout the whole province except the uninhabited north. If you can't get a remote job you will spend 2+ hours a day commuting to work in order to live somewhere somewhat decently affordable.

No. 1196038

Kinda /m/ but I honestly believe the admin of this site hates leafs. Everytime I post from a Canadian IP, no matter where I am, I get an instaban.

No. 1196085

Is that even going to be possible? Are there more regulations on foreign buyers in Quebec or something?

No. 1196244

Foreign buyers is a part of it but it’s mainly people moving from other overpriced provinces to cheaper cities. People from the GTA have almost ruined Nova Scotia’s housing prices. I saw a lot of them talking about moving to Quebec City but now let’s see if this trend continues with bill 96.

No. 1196256

There was a program for rich people that would grant them citizenship if they lived in Quebec for x amount of time and invested money in the province. It ended up with rich chinese people buying a lot of land, pretending to live in Québec while they either fucked off to Toronto or Vancouver or just never actually officialy moved away from China.

These people won't have any fun when they realise that outside of the greater Montreal (also Hull/Gatineau and some small villages along the Ontario border), people can barely speak English. Most people in Quebec City hate foreigners and are not very good English speakers. It is also very conservative.

No. 1196718

>People from the GTA have almost ruined Nova Scotia’s housing prices
Oh anon, tell me about it. You're totally right, I didn't put together that GTA residents would be going to Quebec too because I always figured ON and QC were similarly expensive. Nova Scotia is absolutely fucked from it though for sure, completely rundown places selling for crazy amounts.

No. 1208031

File: 1654191105946.jpeg (175.42 KB, 1000x1126, 3B50127B-DA86-457E-892E-C7FB9A…)

Introduced my mother to Tiger Tail ice cream which she never heard of. Now it’s her favourite flavour and she always buys it.

No. 1208036

just looked it up and it sounds amazing. I've never seen it offered by me boooo

No. 1208056

Go to Golden, nonnie. I used to live there and it's fun when you're a tourist kek.

No. 1208190

I loved this as a kid, although we just called it Tiger and not Tiger Tail. I remember it being a bit more yellow looking, too, but to be fair I probably haven't had one in like 15 years.

No. 1208727

If you voted PC in the Ontario election, fuck you.
Also fuck Quebec.

No. 1208745

Sucky Ontario election. You already knew what would happen from the start. Party leaders were uninspiring. Platforms had bad messaging. I mostly heard about highways and covid not anything really important. Probably the lowest voter turn out ever, not many people seem to care.

No. 1208922

I'm so angry, nons. Fuck. Say goodbye to decent health care, education…. Welcome shitty privatization…..

No. 1208929

We’re really gonna have a conservative government for the next 4 years huh.. Ahh so disappointing…

No. 1211566

File: 1654382978604.png (334.75 KB, 641x489, dontcare.png)

I have to choose somewhere to live between Toronto/GTA and Eastern Ontario but everywhere seems depressing and expensive and I just want to save money for a while. The last place I lived before covid was cheap at the time but so isolating and boring that I ended up spending most of my time in Toronto and wasting money that way. I wish there were even one small to medium city with affordable housing and some secular local events that aren't just country and folk music. It's also difficult to discuss some of this without race baiting, I feel like people from Ontario and BC should be given more leniency on that. Everything about living here has become so frustrating and stifling tbh

No. 1214743

I'm a dual citizen born in canada but in the US pretty much my whole life, and I keep thinking about moving back to Montreal. But my french is pretty terrible - I can understand like 80% of slow spoken french, maybe 30% when people are speaking normally, I can speak haltingly, read most things, and write emails and stuff. So I know it would improve super fast once I got there. But I can't put that on a resume and don't know if I'm hireable with my current level. Do employers even care unless you're truly fluent?

Also if anyone has lived in Montreal and NYC and can compare.

No. 1214807

File: 1654576211218.jpeg (720.32 KB, 960x1234, CFA8AC48-C12D-486F-B352-81C87E…)


No. 1214811

Fuck Hedley

No. 1214814

I'm the same anon and Never Too Late is in my main playlist, sorry.

No. 1214822

Even at their “best” the music was still shit. Never liked them and they didn’t deserve to perform in the olympics.

No. 1214823

It was nostalgia at best

No. 1215240

As long as you try, people won't mind you not being great with French at first. Hang out with French people and tell them to not speak in English to you (I know we tend to do that cause we think it will be easier for you, but in the end it doesn't help). With the new bill, it is requirted to speak in French at work unless it is a very small business. The best way to be fluent is to fully immerse yourself. Montréal has changed a lot in the past years, I don't love it as much as I did when I moved here 15 years ago. It is becoming a very ugly city, all the new constructions don't fit with the beautiful old buildings. I wish they'd keep building triplexes instead of ugly condo towers that nobody wants to live in. I loved that Montréal was a big inexpensive city with a low population. Now it is becoming another Vancouver or Toronto.

What have we done this time?

It was fucking time, how long has it been since it came out that he is a disgusting scrote that likes teenagers?

No. 1215409

I wish we had more cities to choose from like the US

No. 1216990

Fucking clown world
>People who do not consider themselves men or women will now be able to legally check the 'X' box on official documents provided by the Quebec government, without having to go through surgery. People who identify as non-binary when giving birth to a child will also be able to identify themselves as the child's "parent," rather than the father or mother of their baby, if they wish.
Was more important than this:
>After protests from fellow legislators that there would not be enough time to complete the process before the National Assembly adjourns on June 10, the minister decided last week to withdraw two important parts of the bill: the rules of filiation and the regulation of surrogate pregnancies.

No. 1217002

I'm in ottawa and it's pretty good

No. 1217016

What really bugs me about (sensitive topic, please don't get upset) is that canada isn't taking in 400k+ immigrants a year for the benefit of us or them. It's for corporations. They want wage suppression, they want more consumers, they want to beat out the US thinking a larger population is a better one. Shit's becoming more divided than the south and north Koreans, housing is over capacity because we literally don't have the infrastructure to support so many people. Sorry it makes me seethe how corrupt our government is. Btw, I'm not against immigration but our country needs to half that number at least and try to boost citizen birth rates first.

No. 1217032

We are getting so many of them this year when people can't even find a place to live in major cities. This is ridiculous. I'm in Québec and when Legault announced the number we'd be getting I was like wtf?

No. 1217034

A lot of immigrants are sold lies about life in Canada in their country and then come here with the cost of living crisis and feel upset. I feel like it's actually pro-immigrant to be in favour of less immigration right now.

No. 1217068

I really don't know why the government has the stance that it does right now, both left and right..

No. 1218908

Legault wants a lot of immigrants because they are often willing to work jobs that nobody wants. It's easier for him to do that than raise minimum wage and work towards better workings conditions.
He also likes to demonize poc and get the boomer votes this way, win-win from his perspective.
I hate him so much.

No. 1220600

This was notttt not not my experience re: "just try and they will be nice to you!!11!"
I could not believe the fairly common responses I got when I was trying to improve my french while there; stink eyes, eyerolls, and even open mockery of my mistakes in the worst cases. Obviously this was not the majority of the experiences, but it became totally discouraging. I am an immigrant who truly wants to make an effort to integrate but it was such a horrible first experience in Canada– I moved west and never looked back.

No. 1230985

I love you cananons.

No. 1232635

I just realized that despite the flag being a maple leaf, maple trees aren’t even that common west of Ontario. Not really a good design now that I think about it.

No. 1232811

Canadians don't owe you anything

No. 1233352

where tf in ontario do you live? they're literally everywhere

No. 1233365

i'm surrounded by rightwinger white mutts, ukranians and every flavor of asian but they're always crying about how privleged first nations are. you white whingers and frenchies can have this racist native killing shithole then kek

No. 1233373

Belated reply but you perfectly described it. I worked with a few women who struggled a lot from this and I honestly can't see how the way things are set up now benefits anyone. I am not against immigration at all, it needs to be done in a way that is reasonable and not exploitative to either the immigrants themselves or the existing population when it comes to wages and housing costs. The people up top just don't care about either group sadly and try to maximize profit while turning us all against one another as a distraction.

No. 1233506

What I meant is maple trees aren't that common in the prairies, BC, and the territories. The maple leaf symbol mostly represents Ontario, Quebec and some Atlantic provinces. I understand the history but a maple leaf doesn't make sense to me as the current national symbol.

No. 1233519

When I move back home I'm going to settle in Ottawa. I like how there's a distinguished city yet lots of smaller suburbs around, but definitely a lot smaller than Toronto. I will say it sucks that most people in Ottawa speak French though, and a lot of jobs request literacy in French. I haven't worked in Ottawa though so I'm not sure if they actually need it.

No. 1238186

If C-11 passes I hope Netflix and Youtube will just pull out of the market

No. 1238272

Yea same. It's ridiculous that they would try to implement this on netflix and youtube. Canadian content sucks for the most part

No. 1238882

They just have to make more good content and people around the world will come. Like Degrassi, Trailer Park Boys, Kids in the Hall, Heartland etc. Make good stuff then the government won't have to force us to watch.

No. 1238945

lol canadians aren't extra specially nice like they make out and make their whole identity around. they are just average politeness at best but they are next to bottom of the barrel america so seem politer in comparison

canadians just love to make their whole identity around how ~different~ and ~special~ they are with the stupid provinces and fucking timbits and hockey and healthcare (like every other civilized country on the planet) and whatever other boring things they like to parrot to each other

in reality the only thing that sets them apart in a notable way are their nails down a chalkboard nasal as hell accents. no one in europe knows anything about canadian culture but canadians walk around going "ehhh hahahah" expecting everyone to get their lame inside jokes when no one fucking cares

fuck, i hate canadians so much

No. 1238952

and niagra is overhyped to hell. iguazu is a million times better and it's in the jungle and not some shitty town with a knock off walk of fame

No. 1239019

Kek something about this last addition got me, you're not wrong but it sounds like you had a bad vacation.

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