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File: 1709179405702.png (1001.9 KB, 1302x1722, nobodylikesyou.png)

No. 1905883

Post 'em.
Link for (taking it to /meta/):

No. 1905887

File: 1709179675379.png (18.1 KB, 1515x134, IMG_0618.png)

The anon who got banned for not posting a cap of a winking asshole always makes me kek

No. 1905894

That was me. This remains the most surreal and retarded ban I have ever gotten, minus the recent influx in ban on very obvious sarcasm

No. 1905895


No. 1905897

I'm pretty sure I alogged in the appeal. Still cannot fathom being this retarded.

No. 1905903

Holy fuck, mods are so unbelievably retarded. As if we didn't have enough assholes of faggots being posted around here.

No. 1905906

All downhill from there. I posted an ugly pic of Ethan Slater in celebricows with the caption "unffff he's soooo babygirl" and I got banned for… hornyposting.

No. 1905912

Mods are genuinely incapable of understanding jokes, I wonder how they even function

No. 1905919

Kek nonny I want you to know your post killed me. I burst out laughing when I saw the redtext you got for that. I was gonna reply to your post but I didn't want to catch a ban for derailing since you were already banned by the time I saw it

No. 1905921

I posted a link to a video of a homosexual man prying his buttcheeks apart, banned for not posting a photo of it. I make fun of ethan slayter, banned for thirsting for him. I make a satire post about Jeffrey Dahmer making fun of another anon, banned for schizophrenia. They will never knock me down.

No. 1905931

Didn’t a farmhand confirm a bit ago that the janny team is full of autists? It explains some of the bans for obvious joking

No. 1905933

File: 1709181758442.jpeg (642.66 KB, 1083x1213, IMG_0624.jpeg)

Holy fuck was this you too? Nonna you are hilarious I want to be your friend

No. 1905940

File: 1709182399808.jpg (124.95 KB, 720x1106, 1708561323732.jpg)

This was me as well.

No. 1905941

yeah I admin said "all farmhands are autists" in meta but that was a joke. idk I'm starting to think lolcow needs to start requiring tone indicators for nonas' and farmhands' sake

No. 1905942

It didn't use to be like this. Moderation was actually funny. They had a uniform, dry tone that made redtexts amusing. Being a janitor came with the obvious implication that you needed to set yourself apart from the resident spergs, now its evident they are the same.

No. 1905960

This thread seems like it was made with an ulterior motive in mind and it seems to function as a centre for bragging about ban evasion as well.

No. 1905961

I'm sad to say some bans really look discord mod tier itt

No. 1905962

You must be so miserable oh my god

No. 1905965

when someone has the GALL to brag about BAN EVASION

No. 1905966

File: 1709186282366.png (299.75 KB, 496x648, you will never be farmhand.png)

No. 1905973

Cheers mate, is this the queue for the ban evasion centre? ’s snaking all down lolcow high street it is well minging!

No. 1905974

>Metafag camps in /meta and rejoices that Hellweek thread redirect brings more innocent nonnies to witness metafag's bait and infight antics and convince them to hate on the farmhands.
>Hellweek is over so nobody is going to /meta anymore and metafag is sad that the divisive antics aren't gaining more traction.
>Metafag increasingly baits in /ot to get rise out of people for funsies or whatever but it doesn't work.
>Metafag decides to make "retarded bans" thread even though all the bans in this thread so far are reasonable.
It's all so predictable. We get it, you want us to hate the farmhands so bad, you want us to be nasty to the farmhands, you want us to fear-monger about the farmhands. It doesn't work. Why can't you just get a hobby? Why continue to post here if all you do is shit the site up?

No. 1905979

Who is the metafag even

No. 1905980

>anon got banned for not posting a winking asshole

No. 1905985

there's been more than one anon complaining about farmhands though

No. 1905988

It's an imageboard. We have literally been posting pictures of botched neovags for years in /snow and other gross pictures as well in all boards. That's why the spoiler function exists. The winking asshole anon got a temporary ban for posting a link to the photo instead of just posting the photo. It's not that hard to understand. The more you keep harping about it the more deranged and obsessed you sound.
There is one metafag that camps all day to post retarded bait about "muh farmhands are evil," specifically about "unwarranted" bans. Sometimes the metafags antics inspire certain slow farmers to get pissy and complain about moderation because that's what metafag wants farmers to do: metafag wants farmers to turn against the farmhands to create a culture of distrust & disdain between site users and site moderators. It doesn't work for 95% of farmers because we can see through the retarded antics and bait.
You can lurk in /meta, specifically the initial Hellweek thread and the 2 most recent complaints and suggestions thread to get an idea of what's been up.

No. 1905993

Sorry but when are you going to put the last / at the end? It looks stupid without it and your posts stick out
As for the rest of the post, I see a lot of people complaining about moderation. I also prefer more moderation to none at all and I don't care if the jannies have autism but yes some of these bans are quite dumb

No. 1906000

>Some of these bans are quite dumb. The bans in questions:
A ban that's been thoroughly talked about already and riles up some farmers: it's been posted already in various threads to get anons to distrust the farmhands' moderation style. It is not retarded to expect images to be uploaded to an imageboard. Anons have been getting red text for this for years.
>"The farmers totally didn't understand my for real sarcastic joke that I made between an actual schizo ranting about how this site is filled with serial killers!"
This ban is not retarded: the post is retarded. How is anyone supposed to tell the difference between two anons ranting about the exact same thing, even if one is a joke? If you wanted to make fun of the schizo anon, there are better ways to indicate it like using greentext for example.
A weird sexual post about having sex with furries in confessions thread that got a permaban suggests that the user has a history with ban evasion and shitposts which makes sense given the IP included in the post is linked to a VPN.

No. 1906002

the farmhands don't need any help fostering disdain from the users and if you trust admin after the shitshow of admins we have had over the last 5 years idk what to tell you

No. 1906003

Why are you sucking them off so hard you freak. Are you one of the new ones? Explains so much

No. 1906004

Your autism is so painful. Like there's something deeply psychologically wrong with you.

No. 1906008

maybe we are all the samefag metafag camper tradthot schizo mommyposter moid

No. 1906009

>Doesn't take the bait to shit on farmhands for doing a service and keeping the site running.
>"Reeee you have autism and you're a farmhand reeeee"
It always comes back to this because certain anons just want to neg all day long and shit on admin for no real reason. Which was the point of this thread: to rile up anons to create infights and to shit on the farmhands. It's really not that deep that bans happen.

No. 1906011

File: 1709190596006.jpeg (809.77 KB, 1242x2293, IMG_1938.jpeg)

>Shitposts on a VPN
>"Ha! Time to appeal with a witty quip!"
>Appeals ban on a VPN.
Like c'mon.

No. 1906013

Everyone shitposts you stupid bitch. I even announced I used a vpn when I originally shared the screenshot–most people do. I was having a joking conversation. I'm sorry you're too autistic to understand that concept and even thought searching up a popular vpn IP was some kind of own. You've already proved you have some serosu mental issues so idgaf keep jerking yourself, weird bitch

No. 1906017

If you're that mad over someone using a VPN to post on lolcow you must be posting with your real IP address which is not just stupid and reckless but also implies you're tech illiterate kek

No. 1906018

File: 1709191337905.gif (554.51 KB, 220x220, 1000003064.gif)


No. 1906020

File: 1709191478985.jpeg (724.08 KB, 1242x1765, IMG_1939.jpeg)

>"Most posters use VPNs!!!!"
>13% of posts within a 2 week period are made by VPN users.
>"I was having a joking conversation!!!"
Talking to yourself and being retarded is not a "joking conversation."
It's moreso that I'm laughing at the thought of typing an appeal to a ban when you can just switch to a different IP at whim with VPN services.
>Gets called out for bait.
>Responds with the 100th variation of "No Fun Allowed!"

No. 1906024

File: 1709191758807.gif (3.59 MB, 640x480, 1000003066.gif)

Are you done?

No. 1906027

>Calls out bait.
>"Just like Chris chan!!!"
Okay then.

No. 1906028

tbh you're welcome to make a janny love thread, this thread is for retarded bans

No. 1906029

You are harrowingly autistic. You call anything and everything bait. You're either a man or the kind of autist that leaves the house once a month.(infighting across multiple threads)

No. 1906030

we can have a balance, like I agree some of the bans are rather egregious and kinda moronic, but we don't have to insult the farmhands, they are trying to maintain the site the best they can and I respect them greatly for that, as well as saving LC.

No. 1906034

>Calls out bait.
>"You're an autistic man!! Like Chris chan!!!"
Okay then.

No. 1906035

No. 1906039

The fact that you keep insisting upon yourself kind of seals it

No. 1906041

>I'm happy farmhands keep the site running!
>"You are an autistic retarded bootlicking retarded autist!!!!! You are just a bootlicker who is retarded!!!! Autistic bootlicker!!!!!"
Yeah this thread was totally made for posting "retarded" bans and not to infight, totally.

No. 1906042

File: 1709192283533.jpg (121.24 KB, 1080x1078, 456734436347.jpg)

if farmhands can call people retards and spergs in redtexts idk why we can't do the same. not to mention this is an imageboard as they so often like to say so, in the spirit of imageboard culture, no.

No. 1906064

No. 1906075

this thread would have been a retarded bans thread if you didn't show up to shit it up

No. 1906084

Its posts are all unsaged too, bumping the thread it hates for attention

No. 1906097

File: 1709194287453.jpeg (150.99 KB, 1242x386, IMG_3516.jpeg)

Anyway, I find the thought of janny rushing to type a redtext so quickly it forgets to check if it’s even a proper sentence funny

No. 1906099

I remember when redtexts used to be humorous. It's been a thousand years

No. 1906104

we don't wanna bring that degenerate culture here, we need some level of mutual respectability.

No. 1906107

You have terminal autism, like you should actually be taken out back and shot old yeller style that’s how bad it is.

No. 1906108

Most of the posters in this thread are newfags that have no experience with image board moderation and probably don't even know what mod.php is.

No. 1906110

File: 1709194717205.jpeg (446.78 KB, 1044x819, IMG_1941.jpeg)

>Sage posts on /ot/.
No, it would have been retards posting their deserved bans and complaining about being banned and expecting asspats, and then a bunch of other retards saying "oh your ban was so unfair these farmhands are evil!"
>Uses "janny."
>Uses "it" to refer to the "janny."
This post deserves to be banned. It's the first post of a thread and it's a shitpost with shit grammar.

No. 1906111

File: 1709194729461.png (188.12 KB, 2800x358, obvious-cowbait.png)

This was posted right after anons had literally been talking about posting made up autist traits to make jill/pixilocks steal them for her poorly done autism larp, it was such obvious lurking-cow-bait yet somehow even some anons bought it and started arguing against it lmao

No. 1906115

I'm a big fan of sonichu

No. 1906119

File: 1709195058276.png (500.8 KB, 2790x596, dont-shoot-the-milkmaid.png)

This nona got banned for not sage-ing when she was posting a new cow in the appropriate thread, makes no sense to me when she was bringing in new milk! But then again I've seen several retarded bans in the author/book community thread so she's not alone

No. 1906121

now this was kinda stupid.

No. 1906130

Wow this is a retarded ban. After several anons got redtexted for autism derails to indicate to others to drop the topic, and then to post this was obviously a brave act of rebellion against the tyrannical jannies! I can't believe anon got banned for this non-contributive post that adds nothing to the conversation except to confuse others, that's just crazy!
Wow, I can't believe anon got banned for posting non-contributive post that describes a gags bisexual woman getting barfs tattoos who changed her sense of humour, which is totally cowish.

No. 1906132

You are obsessed with replying to every single post itt. Loser

No. 1906134

I got banned for a year once for saying I prefer smaller dicks over bigger ones because they hurt me (posted in the UNPOPULAR opinions thread at that) because on lc if you don't worship big dicks at all times you're apparently a moid, everyone knows all women worship big dicks right??? barf

No. 1906137

I think anon is trying to bait jannies into red texting so they can post a "hurrdurr got banned in the red text thread, im so speshul!!!111!!"

No. 1906142

File: 1709195934627.jpg (78.8 KB, 828x786, 20240129_010245.jpg)

I feel like there is possibly more to this story

No. 1906143

File: 1709195974374.jpg (52.44 KB, 720x288, 1708337127045.jpg)

post more bans pls

No. 1906145

This is my post but I can't remember what it was responding to

No. 1906146

Samefagging loser.

No. 1906148

Two completely different anons. I'm beginning to think you really are retarded.

No. 1906167

Great thread OP. Don't let jannies take you down

No. 1906174

File: 1709198331648.jpg (177.69 KB, 1070x1404, Screenshot_20240229-202109_Gal…)

I feel like this was a little bit retarded

No. 1906178

no, you deserve it

No. 1906179

File: 1709198638253.png (85.35 KB, 1251x365, 1692162121192.png)


No. 1906180

Shut up autistic retarded Chris chan skinwalker janny bootlicker. Obviously she didn't deserve a ban for derailing the thread with talk of scrote anatomy. Why would anybody be banned for derailing a thread? That's tyranny. How does the rubber taste? The rubber from the janny's boots? Ha you were just owned.

No. 1906262

File: 1709203972550.png (664.5 KB, 743x1253, 1000021161.png)

KEK wtf I just screenshot the thread it was in, it happened 9 months ago. Why would it matter?

Reposting to add link to thread
Meta discussion

No. 1906264

File: 1709204263931.jpeg (664.6 KB, 1039x1138, IMG_1943.jpeg)

No. 1906266

It's a closing parenthesis followed by a colon, anon. But thanks for posting the context, since when I reposted with links and replied to your "zomg is that a 9-month-old screenshot," I forgot to write that it's a parenthetical with a colon introducing the video… not an "emoji" or even an "emoticon."

No. 1906271

How is this a retarded ban?

No. 1906272

This was probably automated (hate to defend them but yeah)

No. 1906276

File: 1709205793763.jpeg (852.4 KB, 1242x1606, IMG_1946.jpeg)

No. 1906281

stop posting your weird pedo meme.

No. 1906285

File: 1709206654481.png (9.15 KB, 1415x121, farmhands.png)

so farmhands are awake to post this childish vendetta shit but not to ban the sperg ITT that has been derrailing and infighting for 8 hours?

No. 1906287

File: 1709206693107.png (405.35 KB, 864x1456, 1000021171.png)

I wondered also, apparently it's not

No. 1906288

>More bait to encourage famers to shit on farmhands.
Can farmhands just delete this shit thread please

No. 1906290

>repeatedly bumping a thread you dislike for hours
lolcow is legitimately full of retards

No. 1906306

>hidden emojis
Are the emojis in the room with us right now?

No. 1906307

File: 1709208968846.png (336.73 KB, 1778x1391, 1707334009813.png)

How dare you discuss a screencap, in the screencaps thread, where everyone talks about the screencaps?

No. 1906308

All those bans were deserved.

No. 1906311

cant believe we have disgusting twitterfags into ''dabods(fat unkept moids)'' unironically.

No. 1906312

Old news who cares

No. 1906317

/g/ nonas have the most disgusting taste god

No. 1906319

it was a response to some weird sex toy in /g/. your post was clearly a joke idk how mods interpreted that as "bait"
can't that can be said for most of the caps here?

No. 1906320

There's been ten bans posted itt and not a single one is retarded
This screenshot is from /ot/

No. 1906365

File: 1709213701537.png (123.67 KB, 1693x445, 1707992687433.png)

the anon that got banned for reporting purple penis bait still cracks me up

No. 1906368

I never read the thread to see what this was even about, so the lack of context makes it funnier for me

No. 1906370

This was already posted in the funny screencap thread. Why post it here again?

No. 1906371

It's the bans thread anon

No. 1906372

because it's a retarded ban and funny for those who missed it the first time

No. 1906373

It's a retarded shit thread. We already have the funny caps thread for these kind of posts. We all already saw the purple penis bait screencap in the funny screencap thread posted a week ago. Why do we need to talk about it here.

No. 1906377

I am the poster featured in this image. I think it belongs in Lolcow's Own Screenshot thread. This thread is dumb.

No. 1906378

there doesn't need to be a we, anon, participation is voluntary

No. 1906384

File: 1709214932572.jpeg (313.3 KB, 2688x887, IMG_1949.jpeg)

No. 1906385

File: 1709215038253.png (23.23 KB, 1294x219, 1.png)

I can't believe this happened at least twice

No. 1906386

Are you just going through catalogue to try and find examples of this just to shit on moderation or did you have this already saved in your files for some unknown gay reason?

No. 1906390

ayrt there isn't more, I appealed the ban and got unbanned within like 24h becuase it was fucking stupid

No. 1906392

File: 1709215477961.jpeg (343.93 KB, 1242x586, IMG_1951.jpeg)

No. 1906393

File: 1709215515657.jpeg (680.72 KB, 1242x1064, IMG_1950.jpeg)

No. 1906395

File: 1709215538436.jpeg (305.04 KB, 1242x611, IMG_1952.jpeg)

No. 1906405

Shit thread

No. 1906410

File: 1709216664230.jpeg (219.72 KB, 1010x801, IMG_1954.jpeg)

Purpose of this thread: to call farmhands autistic retards and schizos.

No. 1906419

That's so embarrassing.

Have you considered hiding the thread?

No. 1906422

File: 1709217301995.jpeg (742.58 KB, 1129x1026, IMG_1956.jpeg)

>>1906419(spamming caps/infighting)

No. 1906425

Why do you keep selfposting instead of reporting?

No. 1906427

Kek if you think any of the posts are selfposts you seriously underestimated the intelligence of the average farmer

No. 1906430

kekkk this pic is golden

No. 1906431

They already call themselves autistic, everything else is just the truth.
Slow down on the bootlicking.

No. 1906434

ntayrt but i'm the anon in >>1906422 and >>1906384 and i have no idea why she's spamming caps from /meta/ here

No. 1906435

the fact you guys can't clock that as an obvious joke makes it hilariously hypocritical that you complain about the jannies missing sarcasm/jokes. starting to think opening this site just gives you autism

No. 1906438

Redundant thread

No. 1906441

File: 1709218355335.gif (308.33 KB, 400x300, IMG_1960.gif)


No. 1906462

i can't believe i saw the rise of this thread live, what's with all this dumbass shit?

No. 1906480

The whiteknights arrived and ruined the fun

No. 1906488

I swear this hairy man is a self poster on LC because I’ve seen multiple pictures of his body posted in various threads over the years. He’s got to be a 4chan /fit/ incel who camps out over here for validation. I hate him so much.

No. 1906500

That poster deserved a ban not for derailing but for posting that revolting pic

No. 1906653

>maybe we are all the samefag metafag camper tradthot schizo mommyposter moid
Don't forget yume fujoshi weeaboo hazbin enstar genshin husbandofag antinatalist blackpill nigel-haver pickme nlog radfem anon

No. 1906660

Maybe the real tradwife mommyschizos were the friends we made along the way

No. 1906760

I think this thread is good. Promotes transparency. No need to get your pussy in a twist because people make fun of janitorial ineptitude.

No. 1907095

File: 1709262323913.png (14.75 KB, 1830x118, Screenshot_88.png)

these bans are getting silly

No. 1907100

How is this silly? The post is derailing the thread and got red texted for derailing with a recommendation on which thread is appropriate for those kinds of posts?

No. 1907104

File: 1709262696284.png (1.22 MB, 1242x2688, IMG_3368.png)

No. 1907105

Nobody cares metafag. Stop bumping this shit thread.(infighting)

No. 1907109

Of course it's the /w/ anons coming to /ot/ to sperg about necessary redtexts.

No. 1907113

NTA but you are seriously sounding like the schizo "camper!camper!" anon from weeks ago going around calling random anons "the metafag" today

No. 1907120

Nobody here cares. We all already know that there's a group of sad lonely NEETs that spammed dumbass shit all day long pre Hellweek and now that it's on autosage they're bitching and moaning about it and they bait and infight until they get a ban and then they complain about their bans on some gay crusade against the farmhands. It's pathetic and the entire day they've been derailing threads with retarded bait in /ot/ to try and bait normal users to respond so they can catch a ban for infighting. It's honestly just really pathetic.

No. 1907124

idk most /w/ redtexts are needed but that one was a weird ban since the picture was original content and not a low effort shitpost

No. 1907126

hide the thread if you don't like it. and everyone please stop replying to this person, try to stay on topic.

No. 1907132

your complex multifaceted tinfoil is as impressive as it is retarded

No. 1907133

What are you even talking about? The topic is retarded: "Post pictures of random red texts and call the bans retarded to aggravate users and make farmhands look bad." Everyone in /meta/ is already talking about how dumb this thread is and how it's just a bunch of losers complaining about their deserved bans for asspats.

No. 1907144

File: 1709264402033.png (160.74 KB, 948x367, Screen Shot 2024-02-29 at 10.4…)

Went back to the thread and found the post, the ban was appealed and the redtext was removed. Why did you take a screenshot of a random ban and save it for 20 days? What's the point of that?

No. 1907150

20 days are needed for screenshots to ferment

No. 1907152

Why is there a petulant child in here, go away

No. 1907165

File: 1709265384022.jpeg (576.98 KB, 1103x1244, IMG_1971.jpeg)

Based Grandma-san called the dumbass thread sperg petulant child once and it has done such irreparable damage to dumbass thread sperg's retarded psyche that the retard appropriated it for use against others that notice their infight bait. Sad.

No. 1907167

grandmanon! it's been a while!

No. 1907169

That's not Grandmanon that's just a horrible imitation. Much like how krab meat is not crab meat. Don't be fooled.

No. 1907173

Alas, not grandmanon, this is the first time I've heard about her too. Just annoyed because I wanted to see retarded bans but got retarded infighting instead.

No. 1907174

it's fascinating to me that you genuinely believe you have successfully tied together all posts from a specific individual and even given your character a name and nickname. I've been seeing you go around talking about your theory for a pretty long time now and I honestly can't believe you're still at it

No. 1907175

Yeah sure baiter go back to /meta/ to see retarded bans you post them there all the time

No. 1907177

>You're like Sherlock Holmes!
No it's just painfully obvious and the entire site is tired of the theatrical antics.

No. 1907178

I've only been banned once or twice here for things that were my fault but sure have fun throwing a tantrum. Maybe people are bored and want to read stupid shit and don't lurk lolcow for hours per day so don't know what the fuck you're talking about. Just a hypothetical.

No. 1907182

File: 1709266216175.jpeg (58.78 KB, 800x450, IMG_1972.jpeg)

>"I'm bored and want to read stupid shit"
So you agree? You think this thread topic is stupid shit?

No. 1907186

No shit? I didn't know a thread titled "Retarded Bans Thread" was supposed to a ultra serious thread. My apologies to any anon I offended by calling the subject matter stupid shit, clearly looking over the thread again I realise this was not a place to mildly make fun of the farmhands but a support group for those traumatised by the farmhands' evil tyrannical tirades created by anons who also simultaneously are evil bitches themselves for daring to make light of the farmhands' couragous efforts, yes I see it now, all the anons who wanted to use this thread must be extinguished ex abundanti cautela.

No. 1907189

This is LC not the Napoleonic Wars it's not that serious.
>All the anons that want this thread must be extinguished ex abundanti cautela.
Retarded Ban Thread delenda est.

No. 1907199

>post something you feel is a confession
>mod decides it's actually a vent or an unpopular opinion
>when in truth most statements could go in any one of those three threads (e.g. "i hate cheese" is a vent, a confession, and an unpopular opinion)

No. 1907202

Nobody cares stop bumping the thread.

No. 1907208

quousque tandem abutere, nona, patientia nostra?

No. 1907215

See even the blessed nonas from the nunneries are telling your retarded dumbass baiting ass to shut up and schooling you in Latin

No. 1907226

excuse you those are roman references none of that newfangled catholic thing

No. 1907227

File: 1709270918829.jpeg (886.51 KB, 1242x1802, IMG_1976.jpeg)

Okay sorry I just assumed because I know LC is a catholic approved website but please keep hating on the baiter in Roman talk

No. 1907235

Nunnery anon, I may continue doing so but that would only give them sustenance. I do enjoy Latin, and I do also enjoy verses so I could also say of the baiter to "be sensible and keep your mouth shut. The words of the godly are like sterling silver; the heart of a fool is worthless. The words of the godly encourage many, but fools are destroyed by their lack of common sense." Proverbs 10:19-21, New Living Translation

No. 1907236

Based nona, amen.

No. 1907246

Nobody cares. Your comment is pointless.

No. 1907248

It's just micromanaging, I guess you could say confessions should sound more serious, but it is all arbitrary.

No. 1907249

Are the farmhands our managers? No. They are running and moderating an entire website out of the goodness of their hearts. They are not "micromanaging."

No. 1907254

>Unsaged post to bump the thread every hour.
It's not even subtle at this point.

No. 1907256

I intentionally chose the one that had a more straightforward meaning that couldn't be debated- the literal point of NLT

No. 1907257

Don't even worry about the retard you're responding to nona it's the resident retard that baits all day and all night because worms live in its brain.

No. 1907258

File: 1709273875471.jpeg (105.96 KB, 961x379, Screen Shot 2024-03-01 at 1.18…)

Baiter deleted the retarded comment to make us look crazy like we're replying to nothing so here is the comment we reply to for context.

No. 1907259

File: 1709274132738.jpg (296.72 KB, 881x2013, IMG_20240301_062349.jpg)

The top comment is moo at the clinic with a needle stuck in her arm what screenshots is the bottom expected to provide

No. 1907268

Nobody cares.

No. 1907277

Why do you camp itt and respond to literally everything

No. 1907280

File: 1709275458741.gif (148.23 KB, 200x194, IMG_1980.gif)


No. 1907281

You clearly care enough to respond.

No. 1907282

I'm not gonna take the bait to infight you have yourself a good day baiter.

No. 1907285

File: 1709275681977.jpg (258.98 KB, 1390x1880, 935fe1be67c6c1bab30a3901035b73…)

What the fuck was that anon supposed to provide? She's just voicing an opinion? Also I hope after this we can stay on topic.

No. 1907287

>Tries to copy Christian anons to make bait seem more believable but can't come up with a better verse than the one already mentioned.
>Continues to bait.
>Demands we "stay on topic" AKA posting mundane run of the mill red texts that are deserved.
Okay then.

No. 1907288

You keep spamming and then calling everyone that responds to you "baiter", go take your abilify

No. 1907289

>Doesn't take bait.
Okay then.

No. 1907409

guys i REALLY want to see more retarded bans

No. 1914349

File: 1709800542386.png (56.55 KB, 3516x335, autism.PNG)

well, they did say they were autistic…

No. 1914368

what a retard, 4chan lets you post uncensored porn, racebait, harbors millions of brain damaged coomer moids, talk about murdering women, and has a tranny board. might as well start doing all that too

No. 1914370

Bitch it's just the nose smiley. What is wrong with you

No. 1914373

It was being used as an example, are you dense? There’s a difference between the letter and the spirit of a rule.

No. 1914380

Her powerlevel unmatched

No. 1914384

are you? why would she bring up 4chan using emojis at all? i listed a bunch of things 4chan allows but would never, ever fly here. lolcow is nowhere near similar despite being an imageboard even if it was originally made because of a 4chan board, comparing it is completely retarded

No. 1914389

Some serious dickriding going on in this thread.

No. 1914393

Shut the fuck up that "emote" was used here for years and comparing it to poltards and pedos makes you legit retarded(infighting)

No. 1914400

That’s not the point- the point is it was being used as an example, not in earnest. It was in quotation marks, are jannies just completely tone deaf?

No. 1914795

File: 1709838777119.png (21.51 KB, 1802x137, ot Celebricows 101.png)

describing what mia khalifa does is "baiting" apparently. none of what was said is exaggeration that's exactly what she did, do farmhands not know about her?

No. 1928225

File: 1710646167850.png (38.22 KB, 1166x351, who the hell cares.PNG)

this place is getting worse than reddit with the micromanaging

No. 1928256

This isn't even micromodding, this is a basic part of integration

No. 1928347

this is not retarded though, the emoji seething i can understand but this kind of ban is normal.

No. 1928399

Get over it omg

No. 1928493

File: 1710669747736.png (32.9 KB, 1014x267, 1710483109559.png)

This is clearly a joke and a well known meme, why are the mods so autistic

No. 1928497

Mods are turbo

No. 1928770

Because it was the 100th post derailing a thread with talk about some fat guy even after farmhands posted a warning to stop derailing.

No. 1929058

it was the art thread and stonetoss is an artist

No. 1929130

File: 1710709654330.png (10.19 KB, 1198x108, IMG_80240301_.png)

This post was in reference to woke woc authors who make their ethnicity their entire identity and always give their protagonists white male love interests.

No. 1929135

I think it was also the emoticon that's against the rules

No. 1930320

File: 1710800356120.jpeg (292.53 KB, 1109x1752, IMG_3631.jpeg)

Did they really ban her for uwujak

No. 1930322

it says because she used emojis but everyone using jaks should get perma banned

No. 1930335

But there’s no emojis in the post? Did they edit them out manually?

No. 1930339

yeah they edit them out when they wan someone for emojiposting

No. 1930342

This is a sad question to ask. Proof this thread is inhabited by angry newfags that have a unnecessary hate for the farmhands.

No. 1930351

Oh my god that’s too funny

No. 1930357

Farmhands really weren't lying when they were talking about /ot/ newfags

No. 1930369

I’ve seen the punctuation ones stay up with redtext so I didnt think they removed them. It’s pretty funny especially because I know they don’t have an automatic filter.

No. 1930372

It's so annoying. They refuse to lurk or integrate, and then try to stir trouble and complain about the farmhands. Kudos to the farmhands for dealing with this bullshit constantly. I hate when this website gets mentioned on Twitter and then a flood of repressed normies go batshit here to experience the thrill of anonymity.

No. 1930382

People are allowed to complain about the moderation in fact there’s a whole board for it

No. 1930384

>There's a whole "board" for complaining about moderations.
>Posts complaints in /ot/.
I can tell that you are very integrated.

No. 1930395

I said it was funny they have to manually go in and edit each post. I don’t really care if you don’t think I’m hecking integrated, you’ll never know which posts are mine outside of this conversation. And yeah meta is a board.

No. 1930401

Why did you put board in quotes?

No. 1930406

Because there is a complaints thread on the /meta/ board. The whole board isn't dedicated to complaints like anon believes. I was ribbing on anon for confusing the one complaints thread with the board itself.

No. 1930474

Meta is not a "complaints board" lol

No. 1935324

File: 1711137626112.jpeg (60.5 KB, 951x359, IMG_3563.jpeg)

god forbid you’re not pitying royal parasites dying off

No. 1935331

File: 1711137747001.png (21.98 KB, 1875x158, canceranon.PNG)

lmfao, never forget

No. 1935599

i still think my favorite ban was when I had gone to some air Bnb for a friends trip and immediately after I made a post on here I got IP banned for some stupid shit that someone that stayed there before me posted.

No. 1945229

File: 1711916815749.png (5.98 KB, 718x134, not the ugly old men.png)

we cannot shit on ugly men in lolcow anymore

No. 1945237

This was valid.

No. 1945245

maybe it's because you already derailed the last thread with this topic. and posting "wah ugly men" to get more engagement once everyone else has already moved on does come across as baity even if you're not wrong

No. 1945250

File: 1711917613451.png (39.92 KB, 1062x218, oh fuck you too then.png)

so i cant confess to being the retard who always forced us to sing together? is the confessions thread supposed to be about serious stuff only

No. 1945255

More proof that this thread was created by dumbass shit thread spergs to continue sperging about dumbass shit thread.

No. 1945257

NTAYRT but dumbass shit was the thread that received the most traffic for what? A year? Obviously the absence is going to be felt and discussed.

No. 1945260

File: 1711918003590.gif (1.57 MB, 498x278, sure jan.gif)


No. 1945281

The "dumbass shit sperms" live rent free in your mind

No. 1945417

File: 1711925627520.png (99.44 KB, 1376x382, Screenshot.png)

this was super BS btw.

No. 1945457

I know the thread was devolving but she’s 100% right kek.

No. 1945521

I still believe in you and your confession Nonnie

No. 1949571

File: 1712197916301.png (113.82 KB, 1798x553, 41% farmhands.png)

Won't someone please think of the precious trannies

No. 1949589

not to wk for farmhands, but they have to ban a-logging, not to spare tranny feelings, but to prevent this place from turning into a honeypot for feds

No. 1949595

they ban alogging because “umm you’re going too far we only joke here” but those delusional trannies are always asking for it, seriously. their bizarre speech and behavior warrants a person’s normal-functioning amygdala (which these gendies typically don’t have hence gender dysphoria and too much tolerance) to slap the shit out of them. they clearly didn’t get their asses whipped by the belt as children

no woman would ever commit the same level of politically-driven crimes that 4chan/8chan moids have conspired and done. i don’t even care about that TIF aiden going on a rampage against innocent christian children at the school, she is not a woman she is a monster. aloggers in mtf are at least based as fuck, no woman is ever going to go that far. you should be worrying about the mods being trannies before you worry about this place having spy intelligence agencies invested into it, they’re all too busy being on kiwifarms and 4chan where it gets more traffic

No. 1949600

you just know a seething troon reported it too kek

No. 1950093

No, I did because I don't want this site shut down because people make violent posts like that

No. 1950802

4chan and 8chan regularly has posts like that and had literal school shooter posts yet those sites are still up (8ch just changed the domain)

No. 1952330

but the first one just says she wants something to happen. Not that she's going to do it. Those are different things. idk LC is getting weird about what alogging even is. As if a few years ago it wasn't "kys" and "rope" whenever troons posted here. No one takes these remarks seriously online, if they did, law enforcement would be hanging out in discord or in game lobbies all day and night.

before I knew what kys meant I thought it meant "kiss" btw. I found out pretty fast though.

No. 1958102

File: 1712754382493.jpeg (36.54 KB, 522x213, IMG_8808.jpeg)

No. 1958103

saw this too and immediately confused, keks are this policed? tragkek.

No. 1958105

its the ''not the x'' part that's unintegrated zoomerspeech

No. 1958106

Wtf that’s so tame though

No. 1958108

and? its zoomershit

No. 1958109

Its still zoomer speak and its easy to spot

No. 1958112

I know some of you would love to ban all zoomers from this site but “not the…” is such a common phrase in american english that’s such a terminally online and/or britbong take

No. 1958113

Oh my god not everyone who uses certain words that autists here deem as ”zoomerspeak” are zoomers/twitterfags. That is a very common thing to say these days. Can we have a list of bannable words then? I haven’t used twitter since 2015 and I had no fucking idea that’s what twitterfags say.

No. 1958124

It’s not “zoomerspeak” or whatever the fuck that made up shit is, you unfortunate idiot. I’ve vaguely used words that would be considered “Reddit/twitter” language (even cute reaction pics), I’m not a newfag and have never been banned for it. You people started memeing the jannies into self-induced schizophrenia and psychosis thinking normal paragraph breaks is reddit-spacing and that random strings of words are twitterspeak. The website is going to have newfags everyday, I don’t know why we keep borrowing the anti-newfag narrative from 4chan of all places, that place is a scrote shitheap that we shouldn’t be taking any mannerisms or etiquette from. Imageboard culture is downstream to normie culture and that’s just the way it’s gonna be. “Man I’m so cool I’m an oldfag and not like those lame zoomers, I’m a bitter person please accept me”, you are no longer cool, this is no longer 2009, and /cgl/ is dead so get a fucking grip and stop being a nitpicking sperg

No. 1958128

Anyone else feel like lolcow is becoming 2015 tumblr where you would get cancelled for saying “as fuck” or some other common shit because it’s technically AAVE, but now with “zoomerspeak” here kek

No. 1958136

I think that was a little different because you were being called out for APpRoPrIaTiNg AAVE or whatever. I'm not sure what's going on here.

No. 1958138

normalfags hate to see communities being gatekept, sad

No. 1958149

typing like this is also bannable fyi
>common thing to say these days
so you admit you're a normalfag who just spouts memes you see on twitter all day

No. 1958154

DA but I literally don’t have any social media accounts but I still might use that phrase because I’m not 100% cut off from the world and it is a common thing to say
>unironically using “gatekept”

No. 1958158

If you are bringing up gatekeeping, why are we not enforcing the culture around the site’s creation? Take a look at the old threads, you want that shit back? This place has constantly evolved and will continue to evolve.

No. 1958159

Except I'm not typing like that sincerely as a way to express myself or look quirky, I was using it to mock something. You don't understand the context in which typing styles like that became bannable. It's bannable because retards and underage posters will run around using glaringly obnoxious typing styles (eg. *~t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m~*) for attention. You just take all the nuance out of everything like a newfag who didn't see it develop over the years.

No. 1958162

No you're just a newfag. Posting like this to make fun of cows has gotten plenty of bans. It's the same as a tone indicator. Lurk more maybe

No. 1958668

there are mommy anons now, it's over

No. 1958729

File: 1712792731390.jpeg (251.76 KB, 1232x517, IMG_3797.jpeg)


No. 1958730

what makes you think the mommy anons are newfags and not just anons who have been here for a while and have kids

No. 1958733

the post i responded to didn't mention newfags but normalfags >>1958138

No. 1958760

I like to imagine gunshots after every redtext

No. 1958888

File: 1712814143780.gif (818.8 KB, 350x230, 1000023778.gif)

Would he be banned for moidposting, zoomerspeak, or just being ugly?

No. 1959330

I really hope this is a funny red-text, and nonna really wasn't banned over a joke post

No. 1961229

No, they legitimately got mad about the black cat in the video.

No. 1961240

they deserve the ban for racebaiting with cats. the cats don't deserve that. is nothing sacred?

No. 1961242

How was it racebait. No races were mentioned. A black cat = black person? Are you all on crack?

No. 1961253

NTA but she was joking I’m sure

No. 1961257

Mb then I had a janny moment

No. 1961278

pretty sure it's because of the audio in the video playing over each cat not just the black one specifically

No. 1965506

File: 1713224689464.jpeg (437.87 KB, 1242x840, IMG_3806.jpeg)

mods can’t read

No. 1969341

File: 1713460454275.jpeg (54.91 KB, 539x195, IMG_0037.jpeg)

I will die being right about this, tranny janny.

No. 1969503

Kek she should obviously posted a screencap of the file icon that shows up on file sharing sites, silly anon

No. 1969581

Saying this to a nona whos husband just killed himself and shes venting in a vent thread just shows how embarrassing you are. Its really pathetic.

No. 1972054

File: 1713579597557.png (147.71 KB, 1026x643, scrotal mods .png)

i’m not OP but i just watched this ban happen in real time and i gotta say it’s retarded as hell. I understand that nonny saying “mothers love their children” is an unpopular opinion here because there are so many nonnas who did not experience maternal love but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist kek

No. 1972056

if anything this sounds like something a troon would say to a grieving woman, someone’s projecting hard

No. 1972057

it was clearly bait because it was in response to a meme

No. 1972059

you can post a legitimate thought in response to a meme, not every word that’s spoken is mean for kekz or catching fish

No. 1972060

Maybe it's the traddy, holier than thou, "I'm better than you cause I have a baby" attitude that made it seem baity

No. 1972063

that anon was clearly baiting stop white knighting her.

No. 1972067

everyone was baiting or responding to bait, they all deserved bans.

No. 1972073

We are all fish in a sea of bait

No. 1972074

File: 1713580449774.jpg (43.68 KB, 582x582, d2ca37d33a3284c9fb320a9e5e0ae6…)

No. 1973620

File: 1713693417511.jpg (46.45 KB, 1370x134, capped987.jpg)

>Use moid
>Use bippie
>Use basically any other slur
Alright! You go!
>Use slur for muslims
Uhhmm we don't do that here

No. 1974054

File: 1713723979532.jpeg (441.54 KB, 607x907, IMG_0074.jpeg)

>mindtrick meme of jesus must be scroteposting because it has girls in it!!!!

god the farmhands are so retarded(ban evading)

No. 1974062

the ban was because it was posted in a thread about passing the bechdel thread. ie no discussing moids.

No. 1974063

Girl, do you know what the Bedchel test means? kek

No. 1974065

where tf am I supposed to post it when dumbass shit is gone and dead? I just wish they could bring it back so I can go back to random shitposting when it gets boring on /ot/

No. 1974070

You post it in the mundane shit thread and say something mundane about your life.

No. 1974072

kekk i just have to trojan horse it, thanks nonna

No. 1974073

No you are retarded for misunderstanding why anon got banned.

No. 1974075

Anon… Did you not read the thread it was in or are you just retarded?

No. 1974076

shut up I get it already

No. 1974087

File: 1713725425017.jpeg (402.83 KB, 1097x861, IMG_2058.jpeg)

Sorry anon who got banned I'm fucking crying

No. 1974089

Jesus would understand.

No. 1974090

NTA but that’s not what the post says at all? it just says you don’t understand maternal love until you experience it firsthand

No. 1974094

>ban evading
it's cringe to come here and post your own bans anon, take it to /meta/. this thread is for us dunking on the tranny jannys on other anons behalf

No. 1974096

It was the no talk about moids-thread. So those anons were either too dumb to see which thread it was, baiting or implying that Jesus was a troon kek

No. 1974097

she literally says she feels bad for anons who won't breed like her, that's definitely tradshit. you're the one who can't read

No. 1974098

The bechdel thread bans are always fucking hilarious, just read the thread description idiot anons.

No. 1974102

File: 1713725804752.png (389.13 KB, 445x470, img-2024-04-21-19-56-14.png)

new biblical lore just dropped, Jesus was a TIF? she does look pretty clockable in this pic. we can always tell

No. 1974103

She literally is looking a little clocky, I don't lie.

No. 1974106

File: 1713726059241.jpg (Spoiler Image,37.96 KB, 602x339, 1000015827.jpg)

That means the scars across her chest weren't just whipping scars, they're scars showing her sacrifice and growth into the """""son""""" of God.

No. 1974114

You know, if Jesus was really was a virgin birth then she has to be a woman, because without a moid she can't have a Y chromosome. Farmhands banned anon because they weren't ready for her truth.

No. 1974122

Jesus is an honorary lesbian to me

No. 1974127

File: 1713726933667.png (32.66 KB, 567x249, IMG_20240421_131227.png)

Ackshually Satan is a genderless fallen angel you dumb jannies!

No. 1974137

i don't know if i missed something, but what the shit is with everyone constantly calling having kids and being a mum "breeding"?? what the fuck has caused the uptake in this word because it is so weird and brings this uncomfortable vibe to the amazing blessing that is getting to become a mother and create the life that lives on this Earth..

No. 1974139

holy shit lmao

No. 1974141

That's just because He's the only man that is beautiful because He is the only man that's perfect and usually it's just women that are beautiful. Now don't disrespect God, He loves you and doesn't deserve all that hate and spite when all He does is welcome you to His kingdom and forgive you! Hope this helps.

No. 1974142


No. 1974144

There's a few causes. One is that "breeding" as a term is being used to reference any sort of penis-in-vagina sex (and penis-in-anus sex for some gay moids. I'll die happy if I never hear a gay moid say "breed my butt and get me pregnant" ever again. Another is that basement-dwelling incels fetishize impregnation because they'll never be within 20 feet of a real woman. Lastly there's terminally online bitter folks like r/childfree who have used "breeder" for years as a derogatory term for anyone who has children.

No. 1974150

it's another modernity ploy to further dehumanizing women and press them into porn categories

No. 1974184

Pretty sure he's a mtf tranny.

No. 1974218

Nah, that's only Baphomet from Satanism (faggot psuedo-religion), Satan is either a hot medieval eqivalent of a bishie or some horrid undescribable thing depending on your stance.

No. 1974306

>I pity the women who will never feel it.
Why are anons acting like this line isn't baity/trad sounding

No. 1974311

Yes. Satan is the OG medieval bishie.

No. 1974315

No u retard

No. 1974320

Dick-brained retards think the “good” feeling they get from being plunged like a toilet by a scrote’s cock is a superpower and definitely not the high they got off from being trauma bonded and connected to him indefinitely.

No. 1974337

Sick dog's nightmares.

No. 1974449

That post isn't about sex, anon..

No. 1974626

I will kill you and then myself

No. 1974631

File: 1713763717014.png (31.77 KB, 1046x201, What's_your_REAL_opinion_on_co…)

Not my ban, and not the first time these bans have happened but I still think it's pretty dumb because deleting and reposting takes waaaay longer than double posting, it's not like anons don't know how to delete. The "30" second timer is always two minutes long.

No. 1974634

File: 1713763923343.png (10.27 KB, 858x118, huh.png)

it takes like two seconds to click the delete button

No. 1974638

I'm not talking about the delete button, I mean the "flood detected" message. It always pops up when I try to delete and repost even after waiting 30 seconds.

No. 1974640

oh sorry i completely misread, maybe try asking in meta? i think some anons were having that issue even after hellweek, cooldown was 5+ minutes for me until they fixed it maybe last month

No. 1975044

The mods love to ban based on nitpicking, but this is pretty nitpicky on their part

No. 1975047

They haven’t fixed it. Normally I’d say this ban was deserved >>1974631 but the flood detection bug is infuriating. Cerbmin, where art thou!

No. 1975062

i hate this problem so much, this is the worst bug thats stuck around since the site update

No. 1990467

File: 1714836457957.jpeg (387.02 KB, 1170x922, IMG_2436.jpeg)

What even(ban evasion)

No. 1990471

That ban must've been for zoomerspeak. "And I oop" is some shit zoomers say on every normie platform, and modilinas don't like that.

No. 1990474

>and I oop
What has this place become

No. 1990489

>"and I oop"
You deserve that ban and more

No. 1990498

There's some dumbass defending the term "femboy" in another thread and you lot think "and I oop" is a problem? the absolute hypocrisy of this fucking site

No. 1990515

People can dislike two things at once anon.

No. 1990528

Yes it's a problem, and so is "femboy." Also, are you genuinely retarded? What makes you think any of us are in the thread you're talking about?

No. 1990980

File: 1714870099302.jpeg (114.75 KB, 750x891, 06D01C30-51BA-48D6-B890-A51718…)

kek, janny was way too stunned

No. 1990988

I'm the anon you/she was replying to and I was so heartbroken by the ban

No. 1995103

File: 1715177479001.jpeg (56.79 KB, 1035x399, IMG_3714.jpeg)

This was in reference to Barry Keoghan. Forgot that bullying moids is forbidden on lolcow now uwu

No. 1995109

Not to be a schizo but I am like 98% certain most of these random and retarded bans and redtexts are coming from one retarded and overly sensitive tranny janny.

No. 1995119


No. 1995125

The new /ot/ janny is even worse than the last one, this stupid bitch thinks she’s funny with her ban messages

No. 1995266

i don’t even see the point in complaining about bans when you can just evade tbh

No. 1995268

yeah, it's sort of like divine balance. comically easy to get banned yet comically easy to evade.

No. 1995290

it's not about the bans itself but the principle of it (and the retarded reasoning)

No. 1995392

File: 1715186482394.png (973.95 KB, 720x1107, IMG_20240508_103939.png)

Not a bad ban really it's just the typo

No. 1995440

>thinking we have only one mod or that we know when they leave/get replaced
What kind of newfaggotry

No. 1995454

>retarded tourist doesnt use any board outside of /ot/
If you cant keep up with farmhand milk then keep your mouth shut, stupid fuck

No. 1995455

File: 1715188946227.png (544.56 KB, 1388x702, ncnlznclks,xwl.png)

kpop was banned to avoid twitter fags but it's getting ridiculous. a kpop group was invited to the met gala ofc we're goign to discuss it ! this feels even more insulting because they were victim of racism during that night
the thread won't get posted to twitter for this

No. 1995460

based retard

No. 1995464

Nah that anon deserved it for trying to convince farmers her plastic kpop moid is handsome

No. 1995469

You shut up. We only know that one janny was kicked like a week ago. That still doesn't mean that there's only one /ot/ janny.

No. 1995518

no one cares if random kpop moids experience racism.

No. 1995552

just saw that clip and there was no racism. the reporters were just being dicks.

No. 1995794

File: 1715209076693.png (155.87 KB, 715x308, 1000014277.png)

What rule is even being broken here?

No. 1995800

Guess one of the mods made that retarded dating app kek

No. 1995801

which thread is this again

No. 1995804

Banned her for being right

No. 1995808

things you hate

No. 1995810

I swear to god it's just one mod having a schizo meltdown.

No. 1995832

uhh what there was an excommunicated mod? is there any thread i can lurk to catch up on that, that you know of?

No. 1995848

NTA but you probably should pop into /meta/ from time to time to see if there's anything going on

No. 1995850

Check the /meta/ complains thread or one of the other threads and and Ctrl f "## admin". In some thread a farmhand accidentally leaked someone's IP address and admin kicked them to the curb.

No. 1995852

check the complaints thread on /meta/. there's others in the past who've been kicked too by the way (the mod who banned an anon with cancer for venting in the vent thread, the one who exposed an anon's IP for samefagging some post about cat piss, the one who exposed manifesto-chan's post history [not maliciously but still], etc) the recent drama happened from the 'good moids' thread where random posts kept getting deleted and a mod posting some other anon's post had her mod tools and the anon's vpn IP shown in a screencap.

No. 1995911

I assumed it was an attempt to joke at the anon for writing "Sabdina"

No. 1995917

“Accidentally” you know they did it on purpose lol. Thank god it was probably a VPN ip address

No. 1995926

File: 1715215068926.png (10.78 KB, 514x132, image_2024-05-08_173743373.png)

this is probably my favorite ban even though it isnt retarded

No. 1996345

I tinfoil that the mod was never kicked, it was the same mod who engaged in the recent drama, and the mod is still on staff. I mean, that tracks with many things that go on here.

No. 1996361

What thread

No. 1996741

File: 1715283268335.png (185.78 KB, 645x416, baiting.PNG)

Any user who could be "baited" by this deserves the redtext.

No. 1996747

>jannies identify a joke challenge

No. 1998559

"Manifestation Thread" on /g/

No. 2004457

File: 1715802092392.jpg (64.19 KB, 770x309, Screenshot_20240515-213951.jpg)

Absolutely ridiculous.
Not even instagram the absolute peak of normie platform bans you for saying nigga. The absolute state of redditism in the farmhands is going too far. This is an IMAGEBOARD you fuckiny retarded FAGGOTS.

No. 2004461

Lmao this proves that they have legit low functioning autism. If the government is willing to send you disability bucks because you can't be entrusted to be a member of society that takes care of themselves you shouldn't be in charge of managing posts and banning people either.

No. 2004468

File: 1715802454819.jpg (237.07 KB, 911x725, Screenshot_20240515-214625.jpg)

another example of the autistic farmhand being unable to identify sarcasm, hyperbole and satire. A common symptom of this mental affliction.

No. 2004470


No. 2004472

implying the userbase of this website isn't genuinely retarded enough to start a 6 hour slapfight over that exact post

No. 2004474

You're so butthurt it's weird. This thread is always so embarrassing to read through.

No. 2004475

File: 1715803011661.jpg (34.6 KB, 480x480, pardon.JPG)

No fucking way

No. 2004477

Sorry janny, but of those bans were turbo-autistic

No. 2004480

No. 2004485

>"Reeee janny you are autistic janny reeeee I got a RED text I am so angry reeee now I can't post for an hour reeeeeee"
Boo hoo…. autists… on an imageboard… who would have thought??

No. 2004486

Neither of those bans were me, retard. >>2004468 is not alogging, and >>2004457
is not racebaiting. Never has been. How does your mouth taste after licking janny’s boots clean?

No. 2004489

No. 2004491

The ban is correct if you want to use the word go on kiwifarms or 4chan how the fuck you know the woman posting is even black I could larp as black and even say worse slurs

No. 2004494

File: 1715804087985.gif (2.35 MB, 220x124, IMG_0638.gif)

nigga nigga nae ninigga nay nigga nigga naeeeee nae nae niggga nae nigga nigga nae nae nae nigga nae yángguāng cǎihóng xiǎo báimǎ! ni-ni-ni-ni-niiiigaaaaaaah(autism)

No. 2004497

there was absolutely nothing inflammatory about what that anon said. I can only assume you and the janny that gave the ban are eurodivergents who have no understanding of contexts in which the n word is used or how frequently it’s used
>how the fuck you know the woman posting is even black
how do you know she isn’t black?
>I could larp as black and even say worse slurs
why larp as anything on an anonymous ib? who even cares?

No. 2004512

>boohoo let the American use whatever degrading slurs they want!!
>you must be a European not to understand this!!
>why larp as anything on an anonymous ib? who even cares?
Because they can,you're so close to understanding it's embarrassing kek how do you know I'm not black? Hmm? That's the point besides even euro racebait isn't allowed you retard

No. 2004520

i’m black and i don’t think nigga is racebaiting in that context, that’s just a cringe yt person quoting a cringier meme

No. 2004521

>how do you know I'm not black? Hmm?
I truly could not give less of a fuck what your race is
>euro racebait isn't allowed you retard
wait, are you saying “eurodivergent” is a racial slur now too? kek. your ESL is showing, btw. seems like I hit the nail on the head

No. 2004523

they gotta free my nigga nonny though

No. 2004525

File: 1715805104952.webm (686.13 KB, 1280x720, N.webm)

No. 2004528

>I truly could not give less of a fuck what your race is
>"wait, are you saying “eurodivergent” is a racial slur now too?"
>only stated that all kinds of racebait isn't allowed
Kekkkkk reading comprehension is not a skill the americans can ever have.(infighting)

No. 2004536

wtf is happening in this thread?? Now I'm starting to see that it wasn't the bans that were retarded…

No. 2004546

please get a better grasp on the english language before you try to accuse someone of lacking reading comprehension in their native language, esl-chan
>I truly could not give less of a fuck what your race is
yes, ma’am. like I said, I don’t care
>"wait, are you saying “eurodivergent” is a racial slur now too?"
>only stated that all kinds of racebait isn't allowed
I already directly quoted you, but you very specifically said “euro racebait.” did you mean to imply europeans are a race? I wouldn’t know, but that’s how your post reads lol(infighting)

No. 2004589

This song is so cute, thank you for posting this nonny kek. I just wish it didn't have those stupid electronic music drops/breakdowns or whatever they're called.

No. 2004624

File: 1715811928637.jpeg (267.1 KB, 1101x559, IMG_9192.jpeg)

Not my ban but this was in the Art Commentary Cows thread and I’ve been playing this guessing game to what the ban could’ve been. Can’t be the not saging on its own, can’t be the all caps as it’s a joke, this isn’t necessarily reddit spacing either so I’m at a loss personally >>>/snow/1994241

No. 2004634

they do

No. 2004761

File: 1715822270713.png (36.96 KB, 873x264, 1715800415628.png)

You can't kill someone with pimple pus lmao, how is this a-logging?

No. 2006760

File: 1715973136394.jpeg (455.12 KB, 1960x2481, IMG_9243.jpeg)

What’s with the crackdown on double postings lately? These are from the Ridiculous Photoshoppers >>>/snow/1995182 and Aggy StwabwewyMilk threads respectively >>>/snow/1995166

No. 2006782

As long as they’re not enforcing this rule on /ot/, I don’t care too much if it’s enforced on cow boards, though I agree it’s pretty anal

No. 2006807

I laughed so hard I tinkled

No. 2006819

>As long as they’re not enforcing this rule on /ot/
they are >>1974631. there's another one too but i forgot which thread

No. 2007416

lmao i posted this. feels weird to see some autistic anon accusing multiple bans of being from one person, and another anon defending me

i don't see why this was banned for racebait if that reply about the psyduck as the threadpic for the vent thread is fine (neither should be)

anyways the most recent redtext in the pixielocks thread for "autism" was completely unwarranted, and didn't even say anything new really. just condensed old info into one post.

No. 2010259

No. 2019326

File: 1716623542577.png (34.41 KB, 1796x153, IMG_433.png)

She did nothing wrong. I miss when alogging men was allowed (sometimes I even see bans for wishing death on pedos)

No. 2019823

>one person saying some pos scrote should have been abused more
this is alogging apparently
>multiple death threats to a poster in the unpopular opinions thread
but the mods loved this one

No. 2019831

right kekk and then the "derailing" on two random replies in the same thread was the icing on the cake

No. 2022944

File: 1716828407382.png (455.38 KB, 720x1239, IMG_20240527_103738.png)

1.I already knew that, I never liked k-pop and I already knew this.
2.None of the celebs posted in that picture are Korean. I'm only talking about k-pop in relation to western media, aka, western pop stars is the main subject here. The comment wasn't about k-pop but how much better western celebs feel in comparison.
3.I've never seen someone getting banned for expressing a minimal opinion, and a negative one at that, towards K-pop. Like I wasn't even sperging or posting idols, I didn't post the music or mention anything about it in particular, it was simply a passing by comment about western pop being better. I've seen people say "I hate K-pop" just fine on this website and everything is fine and dandy.
4.Overmoderation isn't good. It creates a boring website.

No. 2022947

Yeah I don't get why you were banned. Talking critically about kpop is not banned on this site, I see anons talking about it all the time. Only the kpop general and k-pop avatar fagging was banned.

No. 2022961

All discussion of kpop is banned

No. 2022965

That’s fucking retarded

No. 2022972

Don't get mad because your kpop bait post was redtexted just in the future avoid baiting about kpop

No. 2022975

I really wasn't baiting though, but w/e.

No. 2023641

File: 1716862813387.jpeg (305.22 KB, 1242x584, IMG_4004.jpeg)

Do these retards even read the posts before they ban them

No. 2025649

File: 1716950578871.png (13.56 KB, 683x233, dumb.PNG)

No. 2025676

File: 1716951625400.jpeg (381.96 KB, 615x743, IMG_0972.jpeg)

How is this dumbass shit posting? It’s the confession thread.

No. 2025709

File: 1716952846063.jpeg (66.5 KB, 524x194, IMG_0974.jpeg)

I didn’t know it was personalityfagging to be the one of a billionth random black person in the world. You jannies need to go to rehab for your crack addiction with these nonsensical bans

No. 2025724

Your post was too retarded for the farmhands I guess. Kek

No. 2025728

Cuz it's a shitpost. You've complained about this in /meta/ already it's not a retarded ban it's a retarded post.

No. 2025730

ntayrt but it reads like a confession to me, what makes it different from any other weird confession?

No. 2025733

If you can't tell that's a shitpost idk what to tell you. Good luck out there in the world I guess

No. 2025738

why do shitposting on an imageboard forbidden now??? what the actual fuck is going on kek

No. 2025798

Idk why anons are giving you shit. This is literally such a retarded ban. No more fun allowed on lolcor

No. 2025803

See, there's so much unironic cringe here why bother

No. 2025806

Mad you can't chatpost where it doesn't belong? Be more active on Twitter I guess because that's what a few of you are supplementing

No. 2025809

This entire site is chatting

No. 2025813

I got a bs ban from the confession thread a few months ago for "bait" cuz I guess they didn't believe my confession and now you can't even be goofy and real. Confession thread is the most highly moderated thread on this site

No. 2025821

This entire site was not made for you to rapidfire shitpost 24/7, adding no genuine discussion but desperate attempts to be screencapped. Mods are constantly deleting child porn, regular porn, gore, thousands of posts made by a creepy schizophrenic man and other creepy incels, and on top of that a majority of the posters are newer than the new mods even and cry all fucking day about not being able to use a public anonymous imageboard as their finsta. They aren't even paid to ban your shitty posts.

No. 2025826

>you can't even be goofy and real
Oh is that how you see yourself.. kek

No. 2025833

ESL? In that sentence it's clear that was referring to the anon I was replying to

No. 2025839

That post isn't mine, retard. You're shitting up threads right now with your inane ranting to a made-up boogeyman.

No. 2025840

I love how you deleted and added more
Oh, you newfags are nobody's boogeyman. You're just unfunny simple as

No. 2025846

Good. Love more of me sweetcheeks. I'll be here all night. The more you stare at my posts, the more I get turned on.

No. 2025865

You post like you are a 45 year old man in programmersocks

No. 2025867

Man are you the same person that told me I was only posting to be screencapped in Unpopular Opinions? Then you confused me with another person. I can shitpost and genuinely discuss at the same time you absolute minimod, that’s what I’ve been doing.

No. 2025881

And what are you going to do about it eh? You post like you're my annoying 45 year old wife.(infighting)

No. 2026213

File: 1716990218294.jpeg (201.94 KB, 1061x441, IMG_5555.jpeg)

They hated her because she was right

No. 2026227

How is that even blackpill, it's an opinion…

No. 2027689

a farmhand, or I should say farm throat, likes giving head obviously

No. 2027842

You must not have been around for the blowjob blackpill sperg's countless rants if you aren't able to identify her posts. But what do you expect from newfags that think "farm throat" is an appropriate insult and not just misogynistic trash.

No. 2027968

File: 1717098580728.jpeg (457.07 KB, 589x1045, IMG_1016.jpeg)

>defending men gets you banned
>hating men gets you slapped with the scary blackpill 2X redtext

Man what the fuck do these jannies even want from us? I can’t win for shit

No. 2027970

samefag not the anon who posted that, just venting about the bans amping up lately(doubleposting, integrate, read the rules)

No. 2027972

I’m stealing farm throat kek, that’s a good one

No. 2027976

letting yourself eat dick is misogynistic

No. 2027980

The one rule in that thread is not to defend men

No. 2027984

kinda deserved but that pic is hot

No. 2028000

if you actually read the OP post/rules for the threads you would stop being confused. lurk more.

No. 2028106

That anon types for like ten paragraphs, not everyone who dislikes giving head is her

No. 2029885

File: 1717206880825.jpeg (120 KB, 1170x316, IMG_2459.jpeg)

shit posting

No. 2029905

Retarded mods telling them to integrate when they’ve probably been using the website for a long time. I’m tired of these paint chip munchers being chosen as farmhands

No. 2029908

It means they're using the thread like its dumbass shit, not shitposting

No. 2029909

I've gotten two "intigrate" bans the past week for two very unrelated posts that were like a sentence long and I just appealed with "I've been on here longer than you heehee". Idc it's a small nuisance.

No. 2029913

File: 1717208245445.jpeg (361.7 KB, 966x938, IMG_2460.jpeg)

is it though

No. 2029916

It's the get it off your chest thread. The bans are correct. They are using the GIOYC thread like its the dumbass shit thread. I think you're the one with the comprehension issue here.

No. 2029924


No. 2029926

I’ve also been critical of the recent bans on /ot/, but this kind of posting could have gone in mundane shit and hopefully wouldn’t have gotten banned. It doesn’t make sense for these to have been posted in the GIOYC thread IMO

No. 2029928

go back to hexbear

No. 2029931

ntayrt i miss dumbass shit so bad and avoidable infights like this that can be prevented by just taking it off autosage have LC's morale in the gutter

No. 2029934

Don’t know what the fuck that is, maybe you should go back there kek

No. 2029935

Agreed. I’m tired of these repetitive infights and the resulting overmodding, even though that anon is acting like a newfag

No. 2029956

You're legit retarded, go seek validation for your button mashing on /tttt/ or something

No. 2029957

File: 1717211692722.jpg (194.95 KB, 720x1235, 1000003786.jpg)

No. 2029959

If that's meant to be sarcasm, it doesn't fully come across. It could easily be interpreted as twitter tourism.

No. 2029963

I was going to say “hot” until I realized that’s spunkbob. Oh hell nah

No. 2029969

Yes it does. It absolutely comes across. It's literally a meme used to make fun of the Jimmy fallon babygirl post. Fuck off kek

No. 2029975

I mean, if you see who the picture is, then you'd have to know it's a joke. Well, hopefully…

No. 2030224

janny probably got horny from it

No. 2030269

You're still seething over a ban from February? Damn that makes me feel weird. It's unnerving to share this website with people like you.

No. 2032119

File: 1717345610430.png (220.53 KB, 528x767, Screenshot 2024-06-02 092625.p…)

>calls people who think blonde men are feminine "terminally porn sick, fat, ugly blob"
>reports me for lightly poking fun at them
>proceeds to become racist toward me
it's not my fault that the blonde moid pickme is so insane and easy to trigger

No. 2032120

blonde men are cute

No. 2032124

I see nothing objectively incorrect about the message of those images.

No. 2032150

that's not it, it's the fact that there's this weird gay guy who constantly posts about how blonde/redheaded men. I am convinced that most of the time he's replying to himself, no one is autistic about hair color as males tend to be.

No. 2032158

i'm the one who made fun of them, i remember some blonde moid discourse on /g/ i think and i saw this person posting about it in an entirely unrelated thread on /m/ so of course i had to reply. they're obsessed lol

No. 2032188

this faggot flips out whenever someone says blonde guys are not as attractive as dark haired guys and starts calling other people scrotes whenever that happens

No. 2032239

now i'm just imagining he's a blonde guy who gets rejected on grindr because the gays he wants to fuck say "no fems" or something

No. 2032250

definitely a blonde scrote getting triggered

No. 2033121

I don't understand how /ot/ posts can be banned for derailing- even if it is a derail, they're not distracting from any cows.

No. 2033189

>weird gay guy
It's actually a weird annoying girl with autism

No. 2033435

File: 1717409299383.png (33.2 KB, 1766x123, IMG-9876.png)

Somebody thought this was a hornypost? Pretty sure the curling iron up the ass was meant to be a threat, I hope.

No. 2033440

That janny apparently took that as a hornypost is disturbing

No. 2033566

nah it's the joost nonas seething again

No. 2033613

File: 1717418366909.jpg (Spoiler Image,652.67 KB, 2396x2622, image.jpg)

Hm. I can only assume the mods checked the post history of the person spamming rape fantasies and detailed posts about eating their own fluids and found more weird degenerate posts they made. strongly suspect everything in my screenshot is the same poster but it could be multiple freaks I guess

No. 2034647

That might have been the same person who once scrotefoiled me for saying that eating your own discharge is weird.

No. 2034650

nah the one posting borderline cp at the bottom was 100% pakichan

No. 2034674

ok but the raping a redditor post is fucking hilarious. I vote that we should let lolcor be a sanctuary for the truly deranged woman poasters in this horribly controlling society.

No. 2034676

Shut the fuck up newfag.
You want to be a neckbeard so bad

No. 2034704

it has always been, newfags like to pretend it isnt but gossip has always been an unhinged woman hobby.

No. 2034705

Rape fantasies and obnoxious scrote copying violent nonsense isn't "gossip" retard

No. 2034714

>rape fantasies
Are you on the spectrum or just so joyless you can't identify an obvious joke?

No. 2034717

so, harassing and borderline stalking autistic women like pixy is ok and normal but writing obvious joke about fictional non existent moids is too unhinged for you? i think the average shaynafag is way more creepy and autistic that the edgiest /ot/ poster

No. 2034722

Men don't identify them as jokes. Summerfags don't identify them as jokes. Creepy autists with degenerate fetishes don't identify them as jokes. If that's what brings you joy, you are genuinely a loser.

No. 2034728

File: 1717474760449.jpg (33.29 KB, 632x615, Fu-YBFjagAAvPyE.jpg)

>you're saying I can't post about RAPE and TEENIES when these other posters are archiving SCREENSHOTS of people's PUBLIC SOCIAL MEDIA?!

No. 2034737

i think you just hate women if you think making edgy jokes about hypothetical men is worse than having 100+ threads calling women fat over and over

No. 2034741

You got pregnant after kidnapping a fat redditor, didn't you?

No. 2034745

>I just think you hate women
I think you're in your edgy phase and are too naive and lonely to think for even a second of the implications of what you do or say and how it attracts a specific type of person to this board. There's a reason it's always been banned. You aren't starting a revolution you fucking loser omg.

No. 2034746

Woah le epic based poast tuna

No. 2034751

we get it you love to bully women and want this site to go back to being only about bullying fat women

No. 2034756

Thanks! You can feel free to share it with all your friends

No. 2034758

File: 1717475207559.gif (4.02 MB, 220x140, angry-angry-white-woman.gif)

>you're all autistic and misogynistic for thinking my tryhard jokes aren't funny and do absolutely nothing except make this board a barren wasteland of spectrum-induced mouth vomit and samefagging

No. 2034761

Wow you really are just retarded. I love how you outed yourself as some short attention spanned zoomer transplant going ham with your newfound anonymity because the reaching here is astronomical

No. 2034765

mods need to start banning people that have never set foot outside of social media before. These newfags wouldnt last a day in old /cgl/.

No. 2034772

i am sorry anons posts are ruining le hecking wholesome vibe of the gossip imageboard made after bullying fat retards on /cgl/ got banned by moot for being too autistic and mean.

No. 2034781

>the implications of what you do or say and how it attracts a specific type of person to this board.
I'm not part of this fight, but I kind of agree with this part. once I started seeing that post in /g/ where someone was asking where to find 'adolescent' russian moids, that other post with some anon fantasizing about men fucking an anorexic girl's corpse, and that zoophilia post in the tmi thread I knew something felt off lately. Maybe it's just a coincidence and has no correlation but the timing of all this shit happening within a day is weird.

No. 2034783

Some of you are clearly new and missed the days of shaynafags posting their pancake tits to prove they were women after they started infighting about eating ass. If anything anons have mellowed out. Its been almost a year since any retard posted their nudes.

No. 2034784

old cgl was bullying but it wasn't weird sexual degen sperging 24/7. The /g/tards are so pathetic and can't handle being told so.

No. 2034785

Oh you are definitely new because those photos were AI and it was a male raid you fucking retard. That's how knew you are.

No. 2034786

that shit was way before AI, newfag.

No. 2034789

Bl**ne was posting male cp screenshots of discord servers he was in where they posted underage boys on swimteams etc and requested more of them. His posts got deleted but he kept putting them in the Hollywood csa thread. Wanting to sound like pedophilic males and think you aren't attracting them is so naive, it's too much.

No. 2034792

No it wasn't KEK, maybe when it wasnt available to you. the sign on one was even photoshopped terribly and it was such obvious exaggerated maleposting. Those weren't "anons", but you're desperate to believe it so. So naive.

No. 2034794

I remember that, that's still not on the same level as admitting to (or pretending to) doing something illegal.

No. 2034797

you are coping hard at this point. Shaynatard are insanely unhinged and way worse than the worst edgefag. Men dont care about shayna, only other autistic ewhores care about her to be this obssesed.
you cant even rape men kek you are so concerne don behalf of men that have never been at risk because the average scrote can sucker punch and break any woman's neck with ease

No. 2034800

if you like men who are adults you arent a pedophile. Considering you named him i am starting to believe you are self posting.

No. 2034807

I'm not talking about the reddit post, I'm talking about the ones that were redtexted for breaking the global rules.

No. 2034810

>where someone was asking where to find 'adolescent' russian moids
Where did that happen?

No. 2034812

No. 2034814

the cat one? how is that trying to sound like a moid? also how is that one comparable to obvious jokes.

No. 2034818

Nevermind found it

No. 2034820

what a retarded ban, she never said she wanted to talk to minors. 18-19yos are full grown adults and for all we know anon could be 18-25 herself.

No. 2034837

Maybe she shouldn't have sperged out about specifically wanting to be 22 years older than them, then?

No. 2034839

God you wish. If that were the case, I'd be defending you and pretending the fake nudes shayna raid was real womminz(infighting)

No. 2034847

where did she say that in her post?
i remember back when the shayna shit happened and no one brought up ai because it was still too bad to even be considered. You want this site to be hecking wholesome so badly but it has always been a site for autistic unhinged women, you are the one that doesnt belong and needs to go back.(infighting)

No. 2034898

File: 1717479371989.jpg (23.24 KB, 640x332, 642708708.jpg)

>retards posting their nudes are worse than making a cat lick your vag

No. 2034906

No. 2034917

all of this infighting and nitpicking sperging goes to show that maybe a lot of the retarded bans arent that retarded after all. Shut the fuck up you autistic retards.

No. 2035047

i think the main point the other anon was making is that too much /g/ tier freaky shit spread in multiple threads ends up attracting even more de/g/enerates and encourages more people to post like that. it's not about morals but being annoying/cringe.
yeah i actually feel bad for the farmhands for once kek

No. 2036965

Complain about censorship of cowballs HERE, not the caps thread.

No. 2036968

Stop acting like a moderator and mind your business you annoying faggot(infighting)

No. 2036969

they should take it to meta.

No. 2036974

just finished up with classes, eh?

No. 2036977

And then what? Taking it to meta does nothing, maybe just make the stupid autists jannies laugh at you for being stupid in their tranny filled discord channels. Take your retarded ass to meta.

No. 2037021

Not a summerfag or minor, been here probably way longer than your stupid ass who just hopped off of reddit nitpicking every little thing an anon posts(infight bait)

No. 2037025

how the fuck is this "infighting" lmaooooo

No. 2037028

that anon is having a melty and dragging infights across multiple threads and ban-evading. yes, that annoying ass behavior should get redtexted.

No. 2037031

you mean this thread and the thread she was referred to this thread from? what the fuck is this kgb style justification

No. 2037035

cry about it lol

No. 2037236

File: 1717617299553.gif (1.53 MB, 480x252, 1000017124.gif)

You alogged the mods? damn

No. 2037263

Kek wtf

No. 2038883

File: 1717709389015.jpeg (280.58 KB, 1290x2167, IMG_5595.jpeg)

not wanting to fuck some faggot is infight bait ig(ban evading retard)

No. 2038885

posting a screencap of one anons opinion from another thread to dunk on her is just dragging an infight across threads and it seems petty and childish. deserved ban. if a post affects you so much that you need to screencap it and post it in another thread to argue about it, it's time for you to take a break from the website.

No. 2038887

found the faghag

No. 2038888

You deserved this ban. I don't want to have sex with him either, but this is bait.

No. 2038891

>gets banned for infighting bait
>tries to infight again
so predictable kek

No. 2038936

you are ban evading to complain about women not wanting to fuck post wall men, pathetic

No. 2038938

kek this whole thread is pathetic to be fair.

No. 2039258

File: 1717732630401.jpeg (270.97 KB, 1069x550, IMG_4046.jpeg)


No. 2039277

everyone who posts a cap of there own ban is cringe, but this redtext is cringe too

No. 2039294

Got a very stupid ban but not posting it here. Mods are absolutely newfags is all I can say

No. 2039299

This poster that you posted has been banned 6 times in that thread for not integrating by not pressing space after entering. Their posts stick out like a sore thumb. I think the farmhand got tired and gave them clearer instructions.

No. 2039340

I would say that's reddit but even reddit isn't even this autistic so congrats.

No. 2039355

Oh wow, okay.

No. 2041427

File: 1717880484547.jpeg (76.16 KB, 609x223, IMG_1185.jpeg)

>no fun!!!!!

No. 2041428

File: 1717880522790.jpeg (93.32 KB, 600x261, IMG_1186.jpeg)

farmhands hate big asses on men. respect the preference

No. 2041429

>Shitposts are FUN!!!

No. 2041439

why is shitposting not fun

No. 2041448

There, there's the dumbass shit thread. Now you can go shitpost in peace in that thread instead of shitting up all the other threads on this board to get attention.

No. 2041466

It's a thread for your favorite lyrics. Theres literally already a thread for the stupid songs you attention whores make up. Are you really all juveniles now? Omg

No. 2045059

File: 1718111056121.jpg (133.66 KB, 924x421, time for revolt is now.jpg)

Nonnies must revolt

No. 2045062

go to 4chan or soyjak party if you want to post this shit, fuck off

No. 2045063

kek where was this posted?

No. 2045065

Go back

No. 2045067

Fetishes you're ashamed of
This is what men exist for. There's no reason we can't all enjoy their suffering together. Walk with us.

No. 2045074

File: 1718112394744.png (956.83 KB, 806x773, Screenshots_2024-03-19-14-13-4…)

literally in the rules don’t upload nsfw shit unless it’s related to milk? are you new?

No. 2045076

The rule is retarded, nona. Let's walk forward into a better lolcow.

No. 2045086

why are you even engaging with this troll? stop feeding them attention, they know the torture videos aren't welcome that's why they posted them. they posted three of them because they thought they could get away with more shit in the fetish thread but they couldn't even bother to integrate enough to pass as a genuine post, they had to spam.

No. 2045095

>they posted three of them
i didnt know this, thanks for letting me know nona!

No. 2045097

I’m sorry I fell for it

No. 2053057

File: 1718652603207.png (98.97 KB, 720x859, IMG_20240617_131628.png)

I'm sorry but this is the most retarded ban I've caught so far and I've been getting some very funny ones recently. I've posted reactions like these on the Jillian thread multiple times since 2017-2018 and I've never, ever gotten a ban for that. Not all of my post is in caps either, I'm not writing like a boomer, my tone is obviously one of mockery. Over moderation is so real.

No. 2053082

They get so autistic over caps

No. 2053168

File: 1718658155731.jpeg (378.13 KB, 613x827, IMG_1294.jpeg)

Proof mods are moids/trannies

No. 2053170

no, the rule of the thread is to not reply to other people

No. 2053175

It's actually despicable how many of you don't know how to read thread OPs.

No. 2053185

Newfags stop embarrassing yourselves and learn2read

No. 2053221

MUH RULES I FOLLOW DA RULES!!!!! Chill the duck out it’s just an imageboard

No. 2053222

Posts that belong in the cringe you lose thread

No. 2053406

File: 1718671142038.png (35.6 KB, 388x245, integrate.png)

>Use all-caps even though it's against the rules.
>Just to post a basic non-contribution type comment.
>While phrasing the comment like a Tweet.
>Just to get redtexted
>Ban evade to reee more at the farmhands in the same thread, then post ban itt to "own" the farmhands even more.
Why are you people so dense kek. If you don't want to get banned for non-integration… then integrate. Nobody else is posting in all caps. Why do you feel you should get a free pass at breaking rules? You're not different or special. Even if you were breaking the rules in a "mocking" way, it's still just breaking the rules kek. It's a one day ban it's not that serious I don't get why you all seethe like this. It's like that saying if you don't wanna do the time, then don't do the crime.

No. 2053419


No. 2053424

File: 1718671501282.jpg (57.87 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-1355071017.jpg)

We get it, you crave validation.

No. 2053503

Why don't you two just bookmark the dumbass shit thread and sperg out about this stuff there?

No. 2053611

You're in the thread for talking about bans that you feel are dumb. Nta.

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